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. XX V M Qywvkxzfffy WWW WW MJUWMW dv f 'S ? NO y fxiy WffHXfAejXS 72 rj ' 'll vw My ,W ,g W Nfywgpwwwm fwim W WW W M WW1NWf1w,5l55i'ifW J ww MAN jjjdi-fydngi EFQQSQWM W f S SS NS ix RgXRX W N 2? af Xfw, , d:::fMfff wwwfdwkm W pfjffligf . wwf ,ff WWWWW WU MW mfw YW . U ,WW i 6 M w . ' ,ltffjyjg ff WW! ZW? tfgffffffw M W My M EX LIBRIS Jane Graff MwQ-vv.nff-u-fm3- W-L W-M' Q-""'NG'Q'-'Gi 'L U5-""kA og Rl '-Mffl 8153.12-nf-IM-bQ-'-LfJ'V"k"'1"'yKi'x p,o,.,,.,,,d.,Cn9.w2". ow-Wim 00-A 12012-NN'g- ug-Run. 3-D ww-i. .9..Lvf7-'- snowy- w,,,.,,,.,L Kwqwwm Q31 ,JBA- LM Zfl,K'C.1,,,,, 5vvA.14,,.,..g 'Ov-1-l"C97u.Nx. me-rw-ffgiff od ' C Qo,,'mr,Qivbgi!,A g,,.v-ofyysdgy-,ing LA6.0.Jw., WML 9 I TheKSPlRlT of Mgmgggs 'Wu "'-""L""M' 01.4, x ' fffvxx . . Harriet Barnes, Editor Bob Sevey, Advertising Oma Jane Lidell, Business Manager W. H. Bartlett, Adviser 'TT The 1 I SP 'ff' af 'ifineten u reid, 2?-iffegrpvzo "J-, 555?2f51ff!v+wif59VX3?WfijQ?'Fi Wfkff ififfwwffgjfwffy ' 'W Wwffiyawf if KXQXSQYH 0 " 79' W ,xfgfpjfjg wfjf'f0fS'ef!3VaC'f'jyQWf9ff fm yi, KAJHJWW WW Administration Classes Grganizations Athletics . School Life . Contents L24 "T22:k7" Q. Ziff C-ff',.,,-1 M ,-J' ,ff MM 64"-IJ5-L., '4"4"1-QR 'doffffw' ,, if 'nf - '1 -.1i.1,-,-l.-.--- Administmtivn Behind the Scene Supt, Marvin Nodland, Mr. N. J. Brintna1l,Dr. VV. G. Murray, Prof. W. H. Meeker, Mr. Frank B. Howell, Mr. Frank Adams, Mr. David Edwards EEPING the nine sehools of Allies runningg normal, in spite of the war, has been the chief aim of the Ames Board of Education this year. ln the eapable hands of the sehool board the problems of re- placing teachers, who have gone to other positions or entered the arm- ed form-es, has heen solved and the schools of IXIIIUS have operated this past year with a complete faculty. ln Mareh of 1945 Professor YV. H. Meeker, president of the hoard in 1944-45, completed thirty- three years as a member of the Board of Education. During these tliirty-three years he served six- teen times as president. Professor Meeker deserves special recogni- Six tion for the tine work he has done in helping promote education in the puhlie schools of Ames. Mr. Ray filllllllllgllillll was elected to the hoard to till the vacancy cre- ated hy expiration of Professor Meekers' term. Mr. David Edwards eompleted fifteen years of serviee in March of this year. Other members of the Board and their period of service are as follows: N. Ji. Brintnall, tive years, lVilliam Gr. Murray, four years, and Frank E. Adams, one year. Mr. Hiram Munn is treas- urer and Mr. Frank H. Howell is secretary of the Board of Educa- tion. The Board meets regularly on the second Monday of eaeli month. Mr. Adams IVING full lmeking fe every selmul zlefivity, P1'i11eipalHe1'- berf Admins, f01'II121lly of Le Mars Iowa. eonclueferl his initial year in Ames Iligh Selmel. Every stu- 7 dent seen eensiclererl him il real eounselm' and friend. ellis genuine interesf in young' people was shown in his 0l1il1llSl2lStlC support in estab- lishing The Cyclone Center. Mr. odland THING his lllillljIlll'2ll year, lllzlrvin 'l'. Nmllziml, superin- tendent ef selieols, took an zu-'five interest in Ames llighls students and zietivifies. A nieniher of Ames' eivie eluhs, Mr. Nlilllilllll z1i'1'z1i1,Qgefl lll2lll.V H1110- ly lll"0g'1'2ll1lS for pulmlie ferunis. 'llhe new Sllll0l'll1il'll4l0llT lmeezxnie lllllllllill' with all sfuclents mul pair-- enfs with whoni he Pilllll' in eunfzu-T. SEVEN Toe Row: Brandt, Hartsook, Bartlett, Adolph, Hartt, B0'l"l'llIXl Row: Kaplan, Canvin, Beattie, Firth Guiding Lights MHS started the sehool year with lllillly new teaehers and a new administration hut all posi- tions were ahly iilled so that the school standards might continue to he high. Even though students are perpetually protesting' against long 2lSSlgIllllll'lliS and surprise tests, they know that the high seholastie standards maintained at Annes Iligh are a result of a pa- tient and understanding' faeulty that teaehes thenl. Eaeh fiwlliij'1l10lllilO1' in addition to teaehingr duties sponsors one or inore organizations, a elass, or aetivity sonletinie during the year. Ifiyhf 1"l0I'l'lIl'I' .lrlolplf-instruets the fel- lows and girls in the art of better living. Harriett limffie-entertains with voeal talents and makes better e i t i Z e ll s. IVl'SII',lj lir1rfIetf-stru,9g- gles between making chemists and putting out a yearbook. Ed 11 rr I3ou'er-trains niusieal aspirants in- to exeellent voeal groups. Edith If ru In y-genially drills ambitious violinists. 1"r1u1lf Brumlf-directs plays, takes entrants to speeeh eon- tests, develops puhlie speakers, .i'IllliI'll.lll' f'ru11'z'11-drills iirst year eonnnereial students on funda- nlentals of shorthand and typing. Hiram I'ovffy-establishes traek and 111-111s k111111 l111ys lbllj'S11'2lllj' lit. I1'1'1'l11111'1l 111111-i11sf1'111111111fz1l 11111s11-111 i11s11'111"1111' for Amos s1-1111111 sys'11-111. la'l1'211111'il1 ll1'1'lf1f11s1111-i ll t 1- 1' 1' ll 11 t s 111111111 1l11Ti11s '111 11-111111 s1111l11111111r11 l+l11g'l1sl1. Ifnsa' livlllillf-11'2l1'l1l'S F1111- szir 111 s111-111111 ,V11z11' 11211111 sT111l1-111s. .ll111',1f111'11f l'11.I'fflsSl'll11l'l121 Firtli 11111l1ls lfl1flll'0 S11z111isl1-si111111111111 1li11l1111111fs. l1'1Qq1'1111 1'll'I'IlllfMl112lli0S 111111111 111111111 lIlillil'l'S 411: 1113111 S1-1111111 girls. 12. fi. Ilrlrl1-1l111111111sTrz1111s 1'111li11 111111- s11'111-111111 111 Tl1ir1l Sl'1llt'S11'l' 1Illj'Sl1'S s1'11111'11Ts. l"1'1'11 ll111'i.w1111lr-l111l11s st111l1111ts T11 flllll f1'1111 v111'z1'1i1111z1l 111- 11-rvsts. lfNflIl1I' IflljlfllH-ll1Jl'2ll'l2lll :is w111l as 11-z11'l111r 111' A111111'i1'a111 111s- '1111'y. 111111111 lx'1'sf1'1'-f11T111'11 artists got 1111-11' start 111 11111' 11l111111'11'1111'y art 1'lz1ss. ,1lIIl',Ij ,1I1'.Y11l1y-li1-1111s ii- 11:1111'11s 11f s1'l111111 1'111111i11g' s1111111T11ly as wvll as 1111111111131 w111'l11 wisc S1111- i111's. lmfu .ll1'.1l111111-g'iv11s girls z11lv:1111'1111 1-111111111111-1:11 f1'z1i11i11g' 111111 1'x11111'i11111'11. .111'I'I'I.ff 1ll1'lI11'1'g-1'1111- 1l111'ts 1-lassvs for s1111l1111'1s 111111 111l11lts 111 i111l11striz1l 2ll'iS. Hull: .1lzfl11'1'-s11l11l g'11111111-'11'y, z11lvz1111'1111 2llQ,'0l11'il 111111 1i1'11 Sllllilil z11'11 ll111ll'l' 11111' g'11i11i11g' 11z1111l. l1'l1111'l11l1'1f .Y1'ls1111 -s111'v11s as z11lvis111' f11r girls 111111 s111-- 1-vssfiilly z1i1ls .111lll'll2lllSlll st111l1111ts. l,11z11'.w' lfufla-1livi1l11s Ti1111- 1111111111111 111111111 1l11Ti11s 111111 liL'01J11lg.!,' girls 11l1ysi1'z1ll.1' 111. l1'1'll1'11111 Sl111'1-!11f1'l- 1'1-v11:1ls 111.Vst111'i11s 111 1111111111-1-11 lllilill T11 Trigg' s1111l1111'1s. UI111' T1'l!1'1'- 1-112111111-s 11z1sk1-1111111 11111111 111 M1111- lHl1l2llS 111111 lll11lilil'S 1111s1'11z11l T111111. ,1flIl'1'I.ll 7'111'111'1'-111-111s l1111' girl 11111111--1-1' sT111l011'1s l11:11'11 ways f111' 1-111111111-ti11,g' s111'1'11ssf11l l11111111s. lfffllll 11'1'11'11.r-si11111s111's Girl RfL'SL'1'X'l1 lll- 111'Tw111111 A111111'i1-1111 Lit. 1-l:1ss1-s. lfsflfffl' 1V1'll1'11m.s-1'11rr1-111 1-vviits as wcll as past 11is'1111'.v z11'11 l11z11'111-11 lll 11111' 1-lussos. T111' Row: Wilcox, Covey, Mvlhiirg, Slaichert, Miller B11'r'rm1 Row: Ruth, K1-ster, McNally, Nelson, McMilli11 Xillf? 1 l ir Tuberculosis test for High School students Victory Through Health R. K. C. Piercy and Mrs. Sadie Dempsey conducted an ex- tensive health program tl1is year. Their program aimed to keep Ames lligh students as physically tit as possible. Following the established cus- tom, all students who were absent because of illness for more than three successive days were requir- ed to receive an admission slip from the health office before re- entering school. . x .Besides their regular program of checking eyes, ears, and teeth, a tuberculin testing program was conducted by the health office. All positive cases were given chest X-rays for further examination. Special funds were used by the T671 health office to provide medical attention to those who Were not capable of paying the expenses. Complete physical examinations were given to all sophomores and juniors. This enabled them to bet- ter tell if the students were able to stand the increased strain of high school physical education. This department Worked in close connection with the health office to have more healthy students. lVith the completion of this year's examination sehetltife. all of the high school students had been ex- amined. It is planned to examine each incoming sophomore class so that every student will have the benefit of these physical exami- nations. Serving Humanity HIS year for the first tiine, AlllL'l'll'illl Red Uross aetivities in Ames High were earried out through the work of a Junior Red Cross Founeil, under the direction of Miss Esther lvilllillllli. The work of the eouneil was organized by Elsie Brown in eon- neetion with the county ehairnian, Mrs. Martin Fritz. At Lake Min- netonka, Elsie was prepared for this Work in a Junior Red Cross camp last sunnner. During the Junior Red Cross drive which was held last fall, a total of more than eighty-seven dollars was eolleeted, a new reeord for our school. One hundred and twenty-five boxes were packed by higli sehool students to he distributed to lnen on their way overseas on Christ- n1as. Also during the 0lll'lSi'lll2lS season, eopies of favorite earols were typed by advanced eonnner- eial students and prepared for booklets to be given to serviee nien. Miss lVillianis, Elsie, and the reniainder of the eouneil deserve special eoniniendation for their inauguration of this fine program. Tor Row: Swanson, Bradish, Rothaeker, Armstrong, Loomis, Schultz, Willis Timm Row: Daugherty, Graff, Pyle, Wunderle, Starbuck, B. Martin Slceoxn Row: E. Brown, Clemens, Bretnall, E. Vifquain, McCormick, Butler Bo'r'roM Row: D. Severson, Porter, Miss Williams, Blanchard, R. Knnths Eleven -lr Mrs. Elliott 'A' Miss Sayre ir Cogs of Superintendenfs office Command Headquarters S THE hub of a Wheel the superintendant's office served to coordinate the An1es School system. Staffed by Mrs. Grace Elliot and Miss Laura Sayre this office sent out bulletins of information enabl- ing all the schools to Work more efficiently. In addition to this, their duties include assisting Mr. Nodland in ordering and distributing all the text books and supplies necessary, selecting and supervising the teach- ers, and preparing the budget. As part of their program, also, came the arrangement and conduct- ing of the adult education program and the city forums. Among the forums held during Twelve the year Was a talk by Major Ken- neth M. Brown Who spoke on HD- Day and After with tl1e British Forces." Earl Hall from Mason City gave a talk on his experiences in Europe in HA Roving Editor Speaks." 'tT'he Critical Period, 1945-195O," was the title of tl1e ad- dress given by Robert Norton to the forum audience. Dr. Hans Simons, noted lecturer and author- ity on World affairs, discussed "The Future of Europe" with special emphasis on what to do with post- war Germany. The budget is prepared during the summer and the superin- tendent's report is given. The at- tendance record for every student is also found in this office. The Assembly Line EEPING ol10ok ou four lum- drvd and lifty-four students and twenty-11i11o faculty 111CIlll7CI'S appeared to bo a fI'ClllOIlClO11S task, but to Miss Erma Zi111111er111a11, it was "all in a clay's work." In the pri11oipal's olTivv, all tlio l1igl1 school aotivitios woro ooorcliiiatcfcl so that tl1v building lim-z1111v a Slllllflfllly 1'u1111i11g lllllf. The s0l1o- lastiv aucl 2lff0ll4l2llll'0 1'o1-orcls wore co11'1pil0d l101'0. A daily bulletin was sm-ut out from lilll' offivc to each tea0l1er, thus, all ll0Il1O rooms wore kept lIlf0l'IYl0ll as to the clay's pro- ceediugs. Miss Zlll'lII1l'l'I1l2lll, iuoro g2,'Cl10l'2lllj' known as NljI'lIl2l,H liall duties Wl1icl1 ll1l'l1lfl6fl givi11g' offivial ap- proval to all passvs, approving. or it Mrs. Sovewsori supe-rvises library lllS3pIll.'0Vl11g all excuses for ab- SOI100 or tardivs and supervising tl10 offivc training of ilClV2ll1I'0 com- lIlOFl'li'll stuclvuts. 'l'l1P responsibilitios of these girls were the Qf?ll'l191'lI1g up of atten- rlamro slips, the rloliveriug of pass- vs a11rl lll0Il10I'2l1l4l2l to tlw tcavlivrs, taking tolcpliouo calls and clis- tributing the IIIUIIPTOIIS SOVl'Ill'll period slips. 'l'o Mrs. Itllllilllfbl' S0vv1'so11 fell the cluty of supervising llll' library. She sorved as a sponsor for Libra- ry f"lub aurl was i11 vliargrv of tlu' Elllllllill vliec-k of all thc library books. lt was also bor fluty to L'Ill01'l2llll EI'lllZl,S sovc-11tl1 period guests who wcrv assigned to tl1o library. if Erma keeps high school office runniiig smoothly I 7'I1ir11'z'11 Pace Setters Toi' Row: Sjurson, Sowers, Angle, Schmidt, Downs, J. Smith Mllllll.I'I Row: Gill, N. Vifquain, B. Weber, Bretnall, Jacob, L. Day, Schultz, Allbaugh B0'l"l'0M Row: Brahms, Miss Hartsook, Ricketts, McKee, A. Martin EMOCRAUY of the United States is carried through in Ames High School by the 'student council. This body is composed of the presidents of the eighteen home POOIIIS. Seven committees, a noon hour one having been added the last semester of 1944-45, are ap- pointed each semester to handle the important services of the school. - Tl1e publicity committee has charge of seeing that all school events are well publicized. Or-- ganizing all of the matinee dances and working during open house were among the jobs of thc social committee. All of the programs presented for the student body were planned by the assembly committee. Keeping "Lost and Found" running was the job done F01t7'f6E?7l by the service committee. The citizenship committee sold stamps and bonds as Well as checking on the parking of cars and other school rules. Every person who re- ceived an award was first consider- ed by the awards committee. Added to its many war effort activities, the council this year has, along with the new administration, been working toward improving Ames High School. The Council had charge of Open House and has sponsored special assemblies. Officers first and second semester were Don Ricketts and Art Mar- tin, presidents, Art Martin and Gerhard Brahms, vice-presidents, Pat McKee and Mary Lou Butler, secretaries, Gerhard Brahms and N o r v al Armstrong, treasurers. Faculty adviser was Miss Fern Hartsook. Budget Wizards MES lIigh's monetary system is handled by this group of student treasurers. Every member is responsible to Miss Mary Mc- Nally, general treasurer, and Elsie Brown, 11er assistant. Duplicate cash books are kept by both tl1e general treasurer and by the students and are checked once a month so the few errors made were readily corrected. All money is kept in a general check- ing account. To make out a check, the treasurer must write outa requisition, sign it himself, have the sponsor sign it and get Prin- cipal Herbert Adams' signature. This accomplished, Miss McNally makes outgthe check for the amount specified. Every activity operates on a budget, which it is supposed to follow as closely as possible. Activities which have no visible means of support are aided by or- ganizations showing a profit for the previous year. Much credit is due to Miss Mc- Nally and the student treasurers for the success of their excellent financial system. l Toi- Row: H. Price, Merrill, Fincham, Brahms Sm-oxn Row: Lidell, Johnston, McKelvey, Wunderle Bo'r'roM Row: Wilkins, Miss McNally, E. Brown, Moody - Fifteen Tor Row: Edwards, Rothacker, Gore, S. Arnold, Halden, Sowers, N. Vifquain, Aleock, A, Ballard, R. Knight, Mallam Tulum Row: R. Arrasmith, Aldinger, W. Peterson, Bechtel, A. Bourne, Akin, Schultz, Max Wilhelm, Duvall, J. Smith Slf:eoNn Row: Hixon, Hansel, Long, Downs, Merrill, Maney, D. Harper, Allbaugh, Borgnieyer, N. Brown B0'l"I'0M Row: Platt, Thomason, Suudall, Buck, Miss Miller, Holl, Brahms, Seversike, R. Bourne In Case of Fire NDER the able sponsorship of Miss Ruth Miller the tire squad earried out its duties very sueeessfully the past year. 'Keeping the halls elear of ob- struetions sueh as waste paper, odd books, and stray students, eonduet-- ing tire drills and guarding the doors of our fair sehool before legal hours kept Fire Chief Jerry Gal- vin and his eohorts on their toes at all times. Refusal to obey these upholders of law brought many pink and blue invitations from lQI'I112l,S outpost. Sehool aetivity tiekets were given to tire squad members as a reward for their serviees. Among the year's aeeomplish- ments was the addition to the re- Simfeen eord books of a forty-nine seeond tire drill in which live seconds were slashed from the old time. 'l"he tire squad deserves eom- mendation for its tine work in ear- rying out its thankless tasks. Boys are ehosen for their de- pendability and their willingness to eooperate with the faeulty and students. The squad was so eon- seientious about their duty that they gave themselves seventh per- iods for being absent or late to duty. They are nominated by the faeulty illlll voted on by students. Members are on duty every other week and ou early duty every few weeks. 'l'hey hold a meeting week- ly to diseuss improvements to keep things running smoothly. 1 44' wk, of "' ""fff..f'f' f-fffffgvif ff ,wfiififfdfff "7v' ff Class s Leading the Way Tor Row: Gill, Galvin, Angle, Ricketts, Sjolander, A. Martin lvlmnmv: Row: Brahms, McClelland, McKee, Mr. Hartt, E, Bo'r'roM Row: Tilden, Holler, Buck, Miss Beattie, Fineham HOUGHTS of graduation sent chills through some seniors and excited others as the last days of their last year approached. Senior Senate, governing body of the senior class, is composed of four class officers, six homeroom presidents and a representative from each senior homeroom. David Arrasmith Worked on the "Senate7' in place of Homer Gill who left at the semester. The group formulates and pre- Eighteen Seversike sents to the senior class plans con- cerning senior Week activities. Members of the senate had charge of games, food, transportation and features of the picnic. The picnic was held at the Coun- try Club with one hundred and fifty pounds of chicken being the feature attraction. s Outstanding individuals of tl1e class achieved honor. Jerry Galvin, all-state football guard, shared the spotlight With Elaine Vifquain as Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae, at the Mid-Year Dance. Tl1e sophomore elass of 1943 proudly watched Jim Buck climb from his varsity posi- tion then to being made captain and an all-state forward in his sen- ior year. Twenty class members were lost to tl1e armed forces or colleges. The army called Frank Ferguson, Charles Genaux, Don Moore, Phil Dietz and lValter llottrill while Bill Biewin and LeRoy Mitchell reported to the navy. Clarence Brooker entered tl1e Drake pharmacy school, while Bill Merrill, Homer Gill, Maynard lones, Roger Roberg and Ann Genanx entered Iowa State College. Sammy Mitchell and band rythmically jazzed up several matinees and an assembly, during the year. The class and all Ames owes n1ncl1 to Roger Roberg who did so much to promote the Uyclone flenter. Lois Jean Jewell and Mary Jean Bond went to the state speech eontest. Lois Jean was enter- 'A' Do they eat too much, Elsie and Lucille? ed in the oratorieal elass and Mary Jean in interpretive read- ing. Harriet Barnes accepted editor- ship of the SPIRIT, and Barbara Berry was honored as t'Spirit Sweetheart. ' You C'r1n't 'llalfe If TVHI1 You, a sparkling comedy by Moss Ilart and George Kauftman, which fi- nanced the senior pienic was the iinal dramatic effort of the class. Previously as juniors they had presented fllzosf 'I'1'r11'n by Arnold Ridley. Climax of the year came when Ames High 's basketball team secur- ed the state championship. Senior members of the basketball team were Jim Buck, Jerry Galvin. Don Ricketts, llnd Gibbs, and lslruce lloll. Otticers included Bob Tilden, president, Jim Huck, vice-pres- ident, Peggy Iloller, secretary, Jack Fincham, treasurer. Miss Harriett Beattie, Mr. D. fl. Hartt and Miss Florence Adolph sponsored the group. 7 -A? l-Iome Ee Class Nineteen BETTY ABBOTT MARJORIE ALLEN MARJORIE AMME BETTY M. ANDERSON ELMER L. ANGLE MARJORIE HOPE ANTON CARLOTTE ARNOLD DAVID D, ARRASMITH HARLAN H. BAKER HARRIET BARNES RUSSELL BATMAN ELIZABETH BEAM JAY L. BECKLEY BARBARA BERRY MARY JEAN BOND RICHARD W. BOURNE BONNIE M. BOWERS GERHARD BRAHMS CLARENCE BROOKER ELSIE M. BROWN JIM BUCK MARGIE BURK LAUREN BUTTERS RUTH L. 'CARLSON MARY LOU CHRISTENSON HAROLD E. CLEVERLY ROBERT D. COMSTOCK WALTER COTTRILL BETTY ABBOTT: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: representative 3: Dramatic Club 1 .... MARJORIE ALLEN: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3: Dramatic Club 1, 2: Girls' Glee Club 1, .secretary 1: Student Council 1: SPIRIT staff 2: Homeroom president 1: Junior Executive Council: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, secretary 3 . . . MARJORIE AMME: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 1: Homeroom secretary 3 . . . BETTY M. ANDERSON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3: Dramatic Club 2: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, vice-president 2: Cubs' Club 1 : Pep Club 2, 3: GAA Council 3 ELMER L. ANGLE: Hi-Y1, 2, 3: Student Council 3: Homeroom president 3: Varsity Club 3: Senior Senate 3 . . . MARJORIE HOPE ANTON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3 . . . CHARLOTTE ARNOLD: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3:- Library Club 3 . . . DAVID D. ARRASMITH: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 3: Orchestra 2: Student Council 3: Senior Senate 3: Homeroom president 3 HARLAN H. BAKER: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Homeroom vice-president 2 .... HARRIET BARNES: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 2: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: Orchestra 1, 2: Stu- dent Council 2: SPIRIT staff 2, 3, editor 3: Cubs, Club 1, 2: Homeroom president 2: Library Club 3 . . . RUSSELL BATMAN: Hi-Y 3: Cheer Squad 3 . . . ELIZABETH BEAM: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Homeroom secretary 2 JAY L. BECKLEY: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2, 3 .... BARBARA BERRY: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 2, vice-president 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 1: SPIRIT staff 1: Homeroom secretary 1, vice-president 2: Pep Club 1, 2, 3 . . . MARY JEAN BOND: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 2, president 3: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, president 2: Junior Class secretary 2: Pep Club 2, 3: GAA O0l1110ll point recorder 2 . . . RICHARD BOURNE: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Boys' Glee Club 1 - BONNIE M. BOWERS: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3 . . . GERHARD BRAHMS: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Boys' Glee Club 1: Student Council 3: treasurer and vice-president 3: Homeroom pres- ident 3: Fire Squad 1, 2, 3 . . . CLARENCE BROOKER: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3 . . . ELSIE M. BROWN: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 1, 2: Homeroom secretary 2: Library Club 2, 3: vice-president 3: assistant general treasurer: Junior Red Cross Council JIM BUCK: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Student Council 1, 2: Senior Senate 3, vice-president: Home- room president 1, 2: Yarsity Club 1, 2, 3 .... MARGIE BURK: Girl Reserve 3: Mixed Chorus 3 . . . LAUREN BUTTERS: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . RUTH L. CARLSON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Service Committee MARY LOU CHRISTENSON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Homeroom secretary 3 .'. . HAROLD E. CLEVERLY: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Home- room vice-president 2 . . . ROBERT D. COMSTOCK: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . WALTER COTTRILL: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 Twenty-one DOROTHY DAILEY: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, Library Club 2, 3 . . . HARRY R. DAVIS: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Swing Band 2, 3 . . . SAM M. DIETZ: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, Student Council 2., Home- room activity director 1, president 2 . . . JOYCE EDGAR: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabi- net 3, Dramatic Club 1, Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, vice-president 3, Or- chestra 2, SPIRIT staff 3, Senior Senate 3, Cubs, Club 1, Homeroom activity director 2 BLAKE ELLIOTT: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . DONALD D. ELLIOTT: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . JACK G. FINCHAM: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Senior Senate 3, Homeroom vice-president 1, Junior Class president, Senior Class treasurer, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . . NANCILUE FISHER: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, Homeroom secretary 2, Cheer Squad 3, Library Club 3 M. JERRY GALVIN: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Student Council 1, 2, SPIRIT staff 3, Senior Senate 3, Homeroom president 1, 2, activity director 1, Varsity Club 2, 3, vice-president 3, Fire squad 1, 2, 3, chief 3 . . . DAVID GARFIELD: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2, secretary 2, Homeroom president 1, 2, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . ANN GENAUX: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Student Council 1, Homeroom president 1 . . . CHARLES GENAUX: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom president 1, Band 1, 2, 3, librarian 2, president 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3 C LYNN GERDES: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . BUD GIBBS: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, secretary 2, 3, Student Council 1, Homeroom president 1, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3, president 3 . . . HOMER GILL: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Homeroom president 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3 . . . JANE GRAFF: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, Junior Executive Council, Dramatic Club 3, Mixed Chorus 3 - KENNETH E. GRAVES: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Mixed C'horus 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, vice-president 1, 2, president 3 . . . T. ROBERT HENDRICKSON: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, MURIEL HOHENSHELL: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, Homeroom activity director 3 BRUCE HOLL, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, vice-president 1, 2, president 2, 3, Debate Club 1, SPIRIT staff 2, Homeroom secretary 1, vice-president 1, 2, Fire Squad 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . . PEGGY HOLLER: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, Senior Senate 3, Homeroom vice-president 2, Senior Class secretary . . . KAY JEBOUSEK: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3 . . . LOIS JEAN JEWELL: Girl Reserve 1, 3, Dramatic Club 3 JOAN JOHNSTON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 2, treasurer 3, Dramatic Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, SIRIT staff 2, Cubs' Club 1, Homeroom activ- ity director 1, secretary 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3 . . . MAYNARD JONES: Band 1, 2, Or- chestra 1, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . DOROTHY KELLER, Girls Reserve 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2 . . . RAY KINCHELOE:i Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3 Twenty-two X14 DOROTHY DAILEY HARRY R. DAVIS . SAM M. DIETZ JOYCE EDGAR BLAKE ELLIOTT DONALD D. ELLIOTT JACK G. FINCHAM NANCILUE FISHER M. JERRY GALVIN DAVID GARFIELD ANN GENAUX CHARLES GENAUX LYNN GERDES BUD GIBBS HOMER GILL JANE GRAFF KENNETH E. GRAVES ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON T. ROBERT HENDRICKSON MURIEI. HOHENSHELL BRUCE HOLL PEGGY HOLLER KATHERINE JEBOUSEK LOIS JEAN JEVVELI. JOAN JOHNSTON MAYNARD JONES DOROTHY KELLER RAY KINCHELOE JAMES C. KLEECII LOIS JEAN KLEIN RUTH E. KNUTIIS JAMES A. LARSON VIRGINIA LARSON BARBARA LAVELLE FRANK C. LECHNER OMA JANE LIDELL MORNA LYNNE CATHARINE Mr'CLELLAND MARY LYNN Mc'CLURE LAVONE MVCOLLY ROBERT C. MvCOY M. MARGARET M1'GA V RAN PAT MVKEE MARTHA MVKELVEY BLOSSOM Mm'LAUGH PEGGY MALMBERG DORIS MARKT ARTHUR H. MARTIN SHIRLEY MARVIN VIRGINIA MASON VVILLIAM MERRILL ALYCE MILLER CAROLYN MITCHEL LEROY MITCHELL SAM MITCHELL ROSEMARY MOODY LIN L W KX,j.,l Q' ,AL-61,1 7 0 ,M fwfzfff-11 JAMES C. KLEESE: Hi-Y 3, Homeroom officer 3, from Hammond, Indiana .... LOIS JEAN KLEIN: Girl Reserve 1, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 3 . . . RUTH E. KNFTHS: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Glee'Club 1, 2, SPIRIT staff 3 . . . JAMES A. IARSON: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Home- room vice-president 1 VIRGINIA LARSON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Cubs' Club 1. 2, Library Club 2, 3 . . . BARBARA LAVELLE: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, SPIRIT staff 3, Homeroom vice-president 2, activity director 1, treasurer, Pep Club 2, 3, GAA Council 2, secretary 3, Library Club 2, 3, president 3 . . . FRANK C. LECHNER: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom secretary 2, vice-president 1, 3 . . . OMA JANE LIDELL, Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 2, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, SPIRIT staff 2, 3, Cubs' Club 1, Homeroom activity director 3, Pep Club 2, 3, GAA Council 2 MORNA LYNNE: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Homeroom secretary 3, Pep Club 3 . . . MARY CATHARINE MCCLELLAND: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Band 1, 2, 3, secretary 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Senior Senate 3, Cubs' Club 1, Home- room activity director 1, vice-president 3 . . . MARY LYNN MCCLURE: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3 . . . IAVONE MCCOLLY: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, representative 3 ROBERT C. MCCOY: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom secretary 3 . . . M. MARGARET MCGAVRAN: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3, treasurer 3 . . . PAT MCKEE: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, Student Council 3, secretary 3, SPIRIT staff 2, 3, Senior Senate 3, Cubs' Club 1, Homeroom activity director 1, secretary 2, president 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Cheer Squad 1, GAA vice-president 2 . . . MARTHA MCKELVEY: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, secretary-treasurer 3. BLOSSOM MCLAUGHLIN: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3 . . . PEGGY MALMBERG: From Stanhope, Iowa end of first semester junior year, Girl Reserve 2, 3 . . .DORIS MARKT: Girl Reserve 3, Homeroom representative3 . . . ARTHUR H. MARTIN: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, vice-president 3, Orchestra 2, Student Coun- cil 3, president 3, SPIRIT staff 3, Senior Senate 3, Homeroom president 3, Junior Class vice-president, Varsity 2, 3 SHIRLEY MARVIN: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 3, Band 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Cubs' Club 2, Homeroom vice-president 1, 3 ...' VIRGINIA MASON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3 . . . BILL MERRILL: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3 . . . ALYCE MILLER: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Cubs' Club 1, Homeroom secretary 1, 2, Pep Club 2, 3, GAA president 3 CAROLYN MITCHELL: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, SPIRIT staff 3, Cubs' Club 1, 2, Homeroom activity director 3, Pep Club 3, GAA social director 3 . . . LEROY MITCHELL: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom pres- ident 2 . . . SAM MITCHELL: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . ROSEMARY MOODY: Girl Reserve. 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Debate Club 1, 2, treasurer 1, 2, Cubs' Club 1, 2 Twenty-five DAY MORRIS: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom activity director 1, Varsity Club 3 . . . RARRARA MORRISSEY: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, representative 3 . . . BEA MORRISON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, representative 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2 . . . DON E. NELSON: Hi-Y 1, 2 3 ROR NOWLIN, Hi-Y 3 . . . ANITA OHLSON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2 . . . COLLEEN OLSON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, president 3, Homeroom acticity director 3 . . . LUCILLE E. PARKER: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, representative 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Library Club 1, 2, 3 BETTY JO PENNA: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Girls, Glee Club 1, 2, 3 . . . CELESTA PICKELL: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3 . . . TOM PLATT: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . PHYLLIS M. PORTER: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, president 2 BILL PRICE, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . BARBARA RAGSDALE: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Home- room secretary 1, activity director 2, Library Club 2, 3 . . . DUANE RAVER: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, president 2, Orchestra 1, 2, SPIRIT staff 2 . . . EVAYLEEN I. REICHARDT: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Cubs' Club 1 DON RICKETTS: Moved from Zearing 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, Student Council president 3, Sen- ior Scnate 2, Homeroom president 2, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . . MARY ALICE RIGGS: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, secrretary-treasurer 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, president 1, Orchestra 1, Student Council 2, Homeroom president 2, Jun- ior Class treasurer . . . ROGER ROBERG: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, treasurer 2, Homeroom activity director 1, vice-president 2, president 2 . . . BETTE JEAN RODGERS: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, Homeroom vice-president 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3 WILLIAM H. SCHNEIDER: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . CARROLL L. SEVERSIKE: ,Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Senior Senate 3, Homeroom vice-president 2 . . . ROBERT W. SEVEY: Moved from Iowa Falls 2, I-Ii-Y 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, Band 2, Orchestra 2, SPIRIT staff 3, advertising manager 3, Homeroom secretary 3 . . . MARY JEANNE SH-EARER: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 2, secretary 3, Dramatic Club 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, sec- retary 3, SPIRIT staff 2, 3, Cubs' Club 2, Homeroom treasurer 1, secretary 2, vice- president 3, Pep Club 3 ALYCE SHOCKLEY: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Homeroom representative 2 . . . ERIC SJOLANDERz Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . R-OBERTA STARBUCK: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cab- inet 3, Dramatic Club 51, 2, 3, Cubs, Club 1, Library Club 3 . . . VELTA STEPHENS: Moved from Lake City, Iowa 3, Girl Reserve 3, Homeroom representative 3 Tw enty-six DAY MORRIS BARBARA MORRISSEY BEA MORRISON DON E. NELSON BOB NOWLIN ANITA OHLSON COLLEEN OLSON LUCILLE E. PARKER BETTY JO PENNA CELESTA PICKELL TOM PLATT PHYLLIS M. PORTER BILL PRICE BARBARA RAGSDALE DUANE RAVER EVAYLENE I. REICHARDT DON RICKETTS MARY ALICE RIGGS ROGER ROBERG BETTE JEAN RODGERS NVILLIAM H. SCHNEIDER CARROLL L. SEVERSIKE ROBERT W. SEVEY MARY EANNE SHEARER ff.?uAf1'f ALICE SHOCKLEY ERIC SJOLANDER ROBERTA STARBUCK VELTA STEPHENS ROBERT W. STEWART ORETA REA STEWART SHIRLEE SUMBURG KENNETH P. SUNDALL FREDERICK C. SWANK NORMAN E. SWENSON LOIS THOMAS VELVA THOMAS DARYL L. THOMASON MARY .IEAN THOMPSON PHYLLIS 1. 'THOMPSON RONALD THOMPSON FRANCES THURMOND HERBERT E. THURMOND ROBERT C. TILDEN IONE ULLESTAD ROBERT E. VAN VOORHIS ELAINE VIFQUAIN MARGARETTE E. VOG'T VVILLIAM HAROLD NVALL MARY VVHITLEY JOAN VVILKINS JOHN WILLIS WINONA M. VVOODARD WAYNE WYMORE TED ZANIAS ELSIE H. ZEA ART ZOELLNER ROBERT STEWART: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . ORETA REA STEWART: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, representative 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club I, Band 1 . . . SHIRLEE SVMBERG: Moved from Boone 3, Girl Reserve 3, Dramaie Club 3 . . . KENNETH D. SI'NDALL: Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1 FREDERICK C. SWANK: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom vice-president 3 . . . NORMAN E. SWENSEN: Hi-Y 2, 3 . . . IOIS THOMAS: Cirl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, robekeeper 3, Homeroom vice-president 1, secretary 2, treasurer 2: Pep Club 2, 3, GAA secretary-treasurer 3 . . . VELVA THOMAS: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3 DARYL L. THOMASON: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1 .... MARY JEAN THOMPSON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, representative 3 . . . PHYLLIS I. THOMPSON: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, vice-president 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, SI'IIu'1' staff 3, Cubs' Club 1, 2, Homeroom vice-president 1, Pep Club 3, president 3 . . . RONALD THOMPSON: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom activity director 3 FRANCES THURMOND: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1 . . . HERBERT E. THITRMOND: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . ROBERT C. TILDEN: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Senior Senate 3, Cubs' Club 2, Senior Class president 3, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3 . . . IONE ULLESTAD: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1 2 3 'F-I ROBERT E. VAN VOORHIS: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, robekeeper 2, Band 1, 2, 3 . . . Z. ELAINE VIFQUAIN, Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, vice-president 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, SPIRIT staff 2, 3, Cubs' Club 1, Homeroom vice-president 1, activity director 2, Pep Club 1, 3, Cheer Squad 2, Senior Senate 3 . . . MARGARETTE E. VOGT: Girl Reserve 3 . . . WILLIAM HAROLD WALL: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom activity director 1, secretary 2, Cheer Squad 2 MARY' WHITLEY: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Student Council 1, SPIRIT staff 2, 3, organization editor 3, Cubs' Club 1, Homeroom president 1, Junior Executive Council 2: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, vice-president 3 . . . JOAN WILKINS: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 2, Girls' Glee Club I: Orchestra 1, Rand 1, Student Council 1, Homeroom president 1, secretary 2, Pep Club 3, secretary 3, Cheer Squad 2 .... IOHN WILLIS: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1 . . . WINONA M. WOODARD: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3 VVAYNE WYMORE: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, president 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, Homeroom president 1, Varsity Club 3 . . . TED ZANIAS: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . ELSIE H. ZEA: Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3, representative 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3 . . . ART ZOELLNER: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom secretary 1 Twenty-nine Bewildered Preps -A' Breckenridge twins ir Sophomore-s use High School facilities OPHOMORES have at-quired a reputation of typifying the meek, the down-trodden, and the unsure in Anies High, but this yearis elass has, at least in part, repudiated its bad nanie. Take, for instanee, the athletie prowess of some of its more stal- wart youth. Ned Vifquain, Max Sowers, and Stan De La Hunt each made the varsity football teanig '1'I1i1'fy Max again starred in basketball. Our pride and joy, VVillie All-- baugrh, Went far in the state speech eontest as a radio commentator. And as iinal testiinony to the absolute strength and integrity of this upstanding 4-lass, witness that statistics show there have been fewer illnesses during the dissec- tion of frogs in biology class this year than in any previous year! Sophomore Class 1xlll0S lligli 11218 il 110w 2111r1i1io11 1o 1110 ASOVOII wo111101's of 1110 XV01'lfl., 11 is P010 l3l0lI1,S 02112 illllilt is using' 1110 wo1'11 1'0211"' loos01y. 11s 11121111 1'l1ill'2l1'l0l'1Slllf is 1110 1'211110. 11110 11o0s 11o1 0v011 110011 1o look 1111 1o s00 who is t'01l1l1lQ'. This 1111s fo1'111011 2111 OVQI'-1'02ll1Y 0x011s0 for P011-'s 12110 0o111i11g for 110 02111 211- XVELVS 131211110 1110 02112 S111110 poople l121v0 q110s1io11011 218 to W11211, CX2l1'llY, was l1o111i11g 1110 Pill' 1og'01l101', 11111 il 1-los0 look will 1011 yo11 111211 i1 is o11ly 1101-2111s0 of lov0 for P010 Toi' Row: Bo1'g111ey01', N, Browii, D. B211l211'd, C211'ty, B21k01', A. B0lll'Il1', 1110111 31111111.15 Row: Bil1'l', Allb2111,ul1, l'll1'2lI101' B1'00k0111'irlg0, B0z11'ri, D. AT'lflPl'SOll, R. AI'l'llSIllllll, Allllllgvl' UlD'I"I'0Xl Row: B211'110t1, BlZlI1f'll2ll'l1, Bell, B11t,l01', C211'101', V. B21lI211'rl, Estl101' B1'0Cli6Il1'lf1,Lft' fl .7 Q' 5, "' ...1 121 if Tor Row: D2111gl101'ly, Cl11'isti21I1so11, Cole, E0k01', D0 I.21 Hunt, Cook, Cl0211'y, Clllllll lflllllihl-I Row: Ed1112111cl, Clark, Dl'y'Pl', Cody, Dodd, Dillllth B. D21l0y, I.. 1J21y, A. IJi01z I3o'1"1'ox1 Hows B. C1'21ig:, M. Craig, D. Clapp, C00. f'l121111h01's, M. l'lI1,L1Zll', Dyus T11 if'f,1f-1111: Toi' Row: Il. Harper, Elwvll, Hainer, Egenio, Harlt, Grothf, Ernst., Ijlwooml lwlllllhli Row: Gore, Halcion, C. Haugen, F. Fitch, M, Ifowlvr, Grinstezul, Green, Ihnery B4VI"l'0Nl Row: Gross. J. Gould. G. Gfrulcl, A. F4-1'g:,i1sP11, L. Finch, Eschhach, P. Fovsyth Q 1 i. JYXI l l l in l S. I, i 1 Ton' Row: M. Hines, King, Jackson, Hippaka, Howard Jensen, Kooser, Iverson, Harris Jensen 1 l Ho e C. Knuths, Kershner, Honsinger, Holland, D. Hines, MIlllbl.l'I Row: E. Johnson, Heg ant, us , J. Kniglit, Bo'r'roM Row: E. Johns, A, Hotchkiss, Kyle, Jacob, D. Jones, J. Jones, Inman 'fhai 'rho Thing clovs not just ,qivv up 'rho sfrugglv. Only onvc- in a great whilc mloos a Tc-ani ll0l'0llll' hasckvthall state vllainps, hui whon a nu-nihcr of Tha? ll"2llIl is a sophoniorc if is really IIUNVS. Max Sowors hall This honoi' hvsfowvcl upon hini This yoar. Max aniazc-rl 'rho spm-4-'rators all during Vlllllff-ll-fIl'1l The svason as a stellar guarml. llv was not 4'0I1li'lll' to ho just an omli- nary lllilyill' hut showml suvh skill and Ql1lllU'iUll'Q lhaf ho was ono of Two playors 'fo play 'rho full llllll' of all 'rho final stato lUll1'll2lllll'l1l' QQZIIIICS. You van soo Max as an all around aflilcio whon you know that ho playwl a 1'osv1'vc- position on the varsity foothall squad and was also a llltlllllltll' of thc haschall tcani. "Any 1'csc111hlc11vc to pcrsons living' or th-ad" might wcll hc his motto as Bill Allhaugli works as Stllllltl-0l:ft't'l'S lllilll at Iowa Statt-'s "Radio xV0l'liSll0ll.,, Ainoug' sonic of l3ill's past sounds arc thosc licarcl i11 Tom Srfzfjffffi' prcsciitccl hy thc lVtb1'liSl10lJ. Bill docs not limit his raflio work to just sound cticcvts for lic Wt'lll' to thc Statc Spcccli contcst as a 111c111hc1' of thc lV1'llou'- plufv vast and as a radio l'Ullllllt'll- tator. lVllt'll sound cigfc-cts gt-t' rcally good i11 thc flll'l1l'0 wc will all know that it is lD0t'2lllSl' Bill has tinally attaiiictl his goal. Tor Row: B. Martin, Lawlor, Moore, Mcliaiiglilin, llflllllll, Mollcston, C, Litchtlelfl, M. Larson. J. McClure, Lake MlIDlll.l'I Row: R. Morris, McNeil, Mock, Marklcy, Light, Loflden, li0l'l.0I'1, Matters, MCNlll.l., MCI'l3l'l2llltl Iiorroxi Row: Morford, Myers, Livingston, D. Litchfield, McCor111ick, McDonald, McCann, V. Miller v0"x Sv-Q-1 Toi- Row: Parriott, Ryan, B. Smith, Polhemus, Shipley, Schultz, Sowers, W. Peterson lvlllllblli Row: P. Smith, G. Nctcott, Scvdc, Rothacker, P. Scvcrson, Rorabaugli, Nicliolson, T. Smith Pierson, Charlotte Olsan Bo'r'1'ox1 Row: Nctcott, D. Scvvrson, Rcmbold, M. Powers, Nichols, Rushing, P. Price, Soreglian 'l'llirfy-tlurvl v NVNVL' alll lll'2l1'fl tales of innom-Ont soplionioros but 'rlicso top all. Iniziginc Miss N0lson's Olllllilf- l'ZlSSlll0lll' wlwn :if opon lionso in Toi' Row: J, Taylor, Vore, Wyatt MlllIll,l1I Row: Winslow, W Terrones Borrow: Row: Thornton, Swiirwr I l The fall slio askvd Sian D0 La Hunt 21 quvsfion. lVliz1T was his reply? "You clicln't Toll us wo were going: To lmvv that question." K. Taylor, N, Vifquain, Twret, Weaver, Howard Tlllll'lll0Ilil, Stahl, alker, Turner, Myrna Willielni, Tliorburn, Stvplienson, R. Taylor, Ulil, Tor Row: Daijme, Alain, A. Ballzircl, ll. Arnold, Arnistrrznjr, Alcock, Breon, Borhow Miimm: Row: R. I Brown, S. Arnold, Andrus, Bzltos, Bizidisli, Beckor, Burgzgor, Braun B4l'l"l'0Nl How: J. Allen, Bowers, Borg, Burnliznn, Brotnzill, llurrott, l. Brown 'l'lrirtj1-foul' Junior Class Westervelt, N. Wilson, Younians, Townsoncl, R. Stock, IJ, Taylor, 1...- 'l'o1- Row: N. Forsyth, Duvall, Denby, D. Fitch, Downs, Cliristofferson, M. Davis, E1lw11r1ls Ml11111,11: Row: Chosling, Erickson, Fitz, Ersland, Fenloy, Dobbe, Cox B0'l"l'01I Row: Coy, Chase, J. Fowler, Caldwell, Clemens, Ellsworth, B. Finch 1 V1-ill' How: 1.12l.l'l'1Sllll, Gllllllilll, Hanger, Horn, Hzinigl, R. Hinos, Il, Hotclikiss Nlllllilli How: Hixon, Jllllflllll, P. Gibbs, G11skill, Ililllllllflllfl, Lois Jolinson, Hooker U0'I"l'0Nl Row: J0illlIl1I10S, G. Jolins, l5Zll'lPll0 Jones, Ilukill, Irving, lF12ll'lZ1ll, A. H1111p:1J11 l,1'11s1-11t111l 11s soloists with thc' tirst1'l111'i111ftwitl1tl11-l1111111. ll1-1' llig'l1 St'1l0011'0llt'01'1 11111111 1ll1Sj't'2ll' solo XVEIS l"1111t11.w1'11 fI'0lIl I1'1'y11l1'll11. w1-1'1- Astrid Kllll1S11ll 111111 J111111t S11v111'11l A11111s lligh st111l1-11ts lloijf. Astri1l, who is il ,i1111io1'. 11111'ti1-i1111t111l i11 tl11- st11t11 11111si1: 1111151111 711111 lf1'11ssl111pf11'1' IIIIIIIT. 1-o11t11st. ixllllbllg' tl111111 w111'11: 1x12ll'- S1111 is il 1111-111111-1' of 1'1l0ll' 111111 21 tl111 31l'Kl11X'tlj', violing t'11tl111ri1111 s11111ll vo1-111 groiiim 11s woll 11s 1111151 M1't'l11ll11111l, tl11t11 111111 1111-1-ilog ing 111 tho l70l't'l1SSl0ll s111-tio11 oft1111 Gloria Go11l1l, l111s11 t'12ll'lllt'1Q .I11111-t l111111l. .l111111t, 111 11i11tl1 Q'l'2l41l',l112lYS llotf, H-tl11t 1'l11ri1111tg Silvia Dily, 7'l1i1'f,11-fi1'13 Tor Row: Nass, Perry, H. Price, D. Olson, Nortmn, D. Peterson Mionuc Row: R, Olson, Overland, M, Peterson, Nolta, Pyle, O'Neil, Nowlin Bo'r'roM Row: Przitlier, Purkliouse, Prelun, Odell, S. Powers, Neff Toi- Row: Lfintz, lvlullani, Lzinde, B. K'1uths, R. Knight, B, Mason, Loomis, XV. Morris Minomz Row: Long, Maney, Knutson, Minott, Magill, Mueller, Mzirrs, Mather Ilorroxi Row: J. A. Larson, McKinley, Kauffman, I.. Miller, Loving, J. I., Il2l.l'S0ll, lvlclfllyozi oluovg Konnotli llzlrtt, Fl'Ullt'il horn, Arstriml Knutson, piano: Max llincs, sux 3 Mz1i'gg,'z11'0t E1lg'zii', violin. 'llliroo pzlirs of itll-iitiml twins :intl tliret- pairs of lirotlior :incl sis- ter twins zlttomlt-fl Ames High during tlic- your. Junior twins were llevorly and l3z11'liz1r:1 Wzu'roll. 'llliey found that tllo main llllSf0l'illlll' of lit-ing twins '1'h if-I if-six was tiutling' vlotlios ulilio. iiillllllllil zincl Honzilcl Olson worm' twins IIQWV to Amos lligli tliis your. Sooliomores lilstln-1' zlncl iiiillillllll' l31'eck0i11'imlg'o enjoy lu-ing' twins iJ0l'2lllSO of the 1-onipunionsliii1. Howard 21 11 ml iIi2l1'l'lS Ji-iiseii 1-'laini that they arc- twins only in looks for tlioir interosts are varied. Elizzllietli and Robert llenclrivk- WQAQNS' . son i12lVO a 0losc f1'i011dsl1ip which i110l111l0s H10 ,ioinf 0VVll01'Sillll of a l'2ll'. Ruth and I210il0l'i' K1111'fl1s l1av0 1liff01'011'r i11f01'0sts but f00l that i'il0.Y 2ll'0 11111011 0los01' for illllllg fwins. 'iiilll book 1'011o1'i 11111111041 i11 by a ,i1111io1' g'av0 IIS This i11f0ll00i11al g'0111. "My 0o110l11sio11 f1'o111 1'C2liilllgI tl10s0 fl11'00 books was that a pilot 11111st know how to pilot a plana-. 'iillllll Tl101'0 was T110 H1110 that Phyllis S1111111101's l'Ol.ll2ll'iiOfi 'fo a 1'i2lSSlll2li0 that Sill' l1at0rl to fake sl1ow01's Zlfiill' IIE. XVI1011 quest- io110d as 'ro wliy, sl10 said, "Oli, tl10y '1'0 so w0f." Mo1'0 flc-'rails of fill' ,i1111io1' vlass lif0 lllilj' bv found Oll H10 110Xt pago. Toi' Row: J. Smith, Rufio, Robbins, Ray, M. Smith, Sclinlidt, Reynolds M11111114: Row: Scott, Thivl, I.. Rodgors, SllHl1ll9l'S, Sjurson, R. Ross, Swanson B0'l"I'0M Row: E. Stock, E. Smith, B. Ross, Scha11cl10, Ste-v011s, Robinson, Stoaks i in 0 , dw, 44 1' Toi' Row: K. Wallace, Z0no1', M. Zoellner, D. Wilson, Max Wilhelm, Ulle-stead, D. Zoa Mllllll,l'I Row: Wright, B. W9bel', Wundei-10, Wilcox, Wetteland Bo'r1'ox1 Row: White, M. Wallace, VVEll'l'e11, Barbara Wa1'1'elI, Beverly vVill'l'9li, Webb, M, Wobbei' Tl1i1't11-sermz I p Tor Row: H. Robbins, Knight, Wunderle, Alcock, Marrs Bo'1"roM Row: Miss Canvin, J. L. Larson, Mr. Covey, Robinson, Miss McMillan AJBORING under the niiglity hand of tlie senior elass, the juniors soon over looked all bar- riers and obtained a reputation as enthusiastic Ames High leaders. In order to baek the inaebinery Working sniootlily, exec-utive duties of the elass were bestowed upon Rolland Knight, presidentg Herb Robbins, viee-president and Jeanne L. Larson, secretary. Problems too large for the students to eope with were eapably executed by elass sponsors, Miss Madeline Can- vin, Miss Leta MeMillin, and Mr. Hi Covey. Other nienibers of the Thirty-eight exeentive eouneil included Jack Marrs, Rosalie Robinson and Dick Aleoek. The eooperation of every junior was neeessary for the sale of tiekets for the Junior 1-lass play. The Junior class Went Oriental to present as their play Lost Hori- zon, by Janies Hilton. 'l"l1e play involved llllllfll Work for a large stage crew beeause of the aniount of seenerv involved. Representing the Junior Class in the east Were: C711 ll ng ...... Dick Arnold H clan .... Marian Cliesling Mr. Bflrnard . . . Bob Loomis . . Bob Long .llallinsoiz . LoTs1'12 . . . TI'lN'fIU1 Guards ,lliss lfl'Z.l1b'l0H' fl0H1l'II,lj . . ,lzf lling . Trish 1' . Myra . . 1a'l1'z1rhrlf.' . . I?1ft!u'1'fmvl . llyjjlllllll . . . 'Illw High Llama . Lew Andrus . Ellen Stock Jack Marrs Charles Denby . Betsy Ross . Harry Priee Pauline Gibbs . Arba lVl1ite Jean Harlan . Jane Pyle Harold Gaskill . Bob Norton Juniors and seniors dane ed aboard a pirate ship at their prom held on May -l. llomplete with a low hanging ceiling. a treasure map, and pirates' eave the gym was magieally transformed. Red. blaek and White. typieal pirate eolors. were used. The prom was finaneed by proeeeds from the junior elass play. Prexy "Rolly" Knight is given xi' Junior Class play much credit for sinking an impos- sible basket to enable Ames to de- feat Nevada early in the state tournament. Harry Priee worked as assistant to Mr. D. G. llartt. athletie man- ager. in keeping tl1e finances of the athletie department straight. It was his job to distribute eheeks and to aeeount for all expenditures. The originality of the junior elass Was shown during the adver-- tising for tl1e prom when they pre- sented a melodrama sponsored by "Hurly-Burly chewing tobaeeof' Paul Sjurson gained mueh at- te11tion for sheer determination during the basketball season. George Duvall Was seleeted on one of tl1e all tournament teams as Well as on Jack North's first basketball team. He was one of two players to play the entire time during the state tournament linals. 'A' Do they balance, Harry? Thirty-nine t Gossip is at vivious thing, girls if 'kB0hz Flyvs for 111011 other only, Lynn and Jun intl June putronizv Millie in stump lmtth 'A' IJru111z1tic's, no doubt .Xnws lligll Fttllfllll' it 'sts t'ztt'1'iwl on uutvh as usual this your with ilu- "gossip svssimtsf' HSJf021lll0S,7, llmbll limu' 4-rzunntittg for that Zlfflllk- umm test, plays, and lutlpiugg thv wzu' 0iTm't by buyi 0 bonds. nag stzuups and Forty 'A' 1 51 Mn Juniors use study hall at noon ff-if 7"Z.3',f-T -w',f I X "'3'f,j'w"V' Vw! ...N M'-A -v' 'yor-"lv-f', rf" 1...-ff" Organi ations Presenting the Staff assisting ARFH 0211110 i11 like a lion, Zlllil the thirty I11OIIll7QI'S of SPIRIT staff worked faithfully to meet the copy deadline o11 tl1e iifteenth of March. Harriet Barnes, Orna Lidell, and Mary XVl1itlev spent Illillly "late sessions" assembling write-ups as tl1e typists POI1llCI'CCl weak and vvearv over lllf? revised eopv. lVe all sang tl1e praises of Har- riet llarnes, editor, who despite tl1e seeniingrly lllSl1I'lllOllllfZllJlC dif- iieulties, guided us through a sue- eessful vear. 'llhe advertising staff devoted itself to an all out effort and sold a reeord breaking 1111ll1lJOI' of year- hooks. More advertising' Was sold than i11 any previous year. Bob Sevey l1eaded this staff. VVe kept out of tl16 tired" due to tl1e tireless efforts of Orna Forty-two -Ar Editor Harriet, and assistants Marian and Dick Norma and David 'A' 0n1a keeps books balanced with if Sponsor, Mr. Bartlett Lidell. As business nianafrer, she was i11 eharge of tl1e hooks, and had tl1e unpleasant task of l1ou11d- ing students until their eontraets were paid. Bill Merrill obligingly continued to eorne to HSPIRIT period" QVCII after he enrolled at Iowa State, until all art Work was eolnpleted. The task of keeping tl1e staff in line Ellltl approving all copy fell to Mr. NVQ-sley Bartlett, who served if Artists Bill and Ruth ir Advertising layouts, Joyce and Harold t Entertainment by boys athletics, t Wayne, Advertis- ing, Bob ir Funny copy, Carolyn and Elaine? 'lr VVornout from SPIRIT work Pat and Barb t Girls' athletics, Mary Jeanne l Shearer as sponsor for his hrsf yearbook. WI Mary lVl1ifley fook vliarge of Mfg! assiguiiig and collecfing all copy J as well as vonipiliiig the index. 'A' Class representatives, Millie, 'A' Photographers, Dave and Bob Mary, and Phyllis t Featuring what, Jerry t Mary and Jane busy Organizing and Duane? 1 Forty-three 'A' Mary Jean t Phyllis if Charlotte t Jerry Aspiring Reporters 11141 111s1 1111111110 11011110 1110 1101111- 11110 is 111110011 Z1 1101111110 111110 111 9 1 1'1111111 -211 j111111111111s111 0111ss1'1111111 111111 g2,'0l10l'2l1 1l02l11qll2ll'101'S 1111' 1110 s1111'1 111, 1110 ilnzrfs 1111111 11'01'lfly 11711. ,1+11111111's, W1111 11s1111113' C11S1l1i1Y 0X1'll1ll12ll'y 01111111101, 11111'0 110011 t Bob, C11tl1111'1110, Na111:il110, Jillle, Bill, Joyce 1ill0VVll 111 10111' 11lC1I' 111111', 11110 111011' 1121118 111 11g1111111111, 111111 1111101'w1sc 1101111v0 111 Vl'l'y 1111s001111y f11s1111111, w11110 1110 Sfillcf 1111s110s 11111111y 111111111 1111111 1110 1ylWWl'11l'l' 111 Miss 111liIl'- 111110 N01s1111 111111 1li11'1i. 11111 111 s11110 111 1111 1110 1ri111s 111111 1'1'11ll11E1- 111111s 111: 1111111 s111111s111' 111111 812111, 1110 2l1:f2l11'S 111' A1111-s 1111111 11111ss11111011 f111'111 111 1110 11111 0v01'y V1"ll0S112lY 111 1110 1111108 11111111 'I'1'1'In1111', 111111 1111 T1ll1I'Sf1HY 111 T110 .1l1'l1'posf, 111 1'0- g'1110 111111 011110111- 011 11111 1'01111111g' 1111111112 '1'1111s0 S0l'V1llgI 11s 01111111's were R11s011111 ry Moody, Peggy H1111111' 111111 Phyllis T11011111- son. t Rosemary, Shirley, Harriet, Roger, Bob, Roberta Fczrty-fnm' Junior Journalists HOSE aspiring journalists in Ames High who, because of their sophomore or junior status, were unable to take journalism found an outlet for their abilities in Cubs' Olub. Miss Charlotte Nelson has sponsored the group since 1938. but this is the iirst time i11 several years that it has been organized. Officers were elected to take care of administrative duties, while committees handled social func- tions, programs, and publicity. The more ambitious of the group hopefully turned in copy for the school weekly, the writer's name blooming forth in print over each article of his that was published. Several zealots who had ten inches of eopy or more accepted were re- warded by having their names ap- pear o11 the masthead of the lVcb as cub reporters. One of tl1e principal activities of the Cubs' Club this year, as al- ways, was editing the "between semesters" issue of the lVcb. Also members learned many valuable things about newspaper work from guest speakers, lectures by Miss Nelson, Elllil keeping notebooks. Officers were Rosalie Robinson, president, Phyllis Summers, viee- presidentg Margaret Wlallaee, secretaryg and Barbara VVeber, treasurer. 7 Tor Row: Long, D. Harper, Schultz, N. Vifquain, Loomis, Horn, Rothacker, Walker, Borgmeyer THIRD Row: M. Powers, Eleanor Breckenridge, Esther Breckenridge, Robinson, McElyea, Wright, Butler Smcoxn Row: Hukill, Barnett, Lodden, M. Wallace, B. Weber, Summers, L. Day BoTToM Row: Myers, D. Severson, D. Taylor, Miss Nelson, M. Edgar, A. Ferguson, N. Wilson Forty-five Seeking the Best -lr Proxies Barb and M. J. with Friend- ship speaker, Rev. Rogness AUICD by 'thc 01121111-iigc uf ai new year, the Girl Rose-we-s rose 2lIiil'lil'iliJiy To every om-zisioii. Soviaii events of the your were the iii-wvoiiiors pziriy, the iiioiifhly lmiiilidziy pziriics, zi dues party. and H10 Big' Pal-Little Pal pimiic. Frioiidsliip XV 0 0 k, piwsoiiivcl umivr H10 joiiii spoiisorship oi' Girl Rc-s0i'vv and Hi-Y and holly Fu rf!!-sir: ft M01 Iiei'-Dai1,f.riitei' Tea ir Newcon1er's Party wrezitli sales fliiriiig i'ill'iSilIl2lS Vilviliillll liigliliggglitml The full svlicd- iiiv plziiiiiori by The c-zibiiici. The offivcrs for the yvzir were Mary .loam Bond, piwsiclviiig Bar- lizlrzi 131-rry, vim-0-prvsidoiiig Joan Joliiisioii, 'rr0as1ir0i'. Spmisors for the oigzliiizaiioii were Miss Edna XVilvox, Miss f1il2ll'i0i'i0 Nelson, and Miss Ruili Miller. l'l'lI 11 l1lllldI'0ll P01'00l1lT 1116111- b01'sl1ip, Hi-Y started its busy your of ziviivitics by liclpiiig' with The ll0VVl'Ol1lC1'S, party, spou- soriiig' the illlllllill football bz111qu0'r held at llyllll Fulircr' and H10 lllI'i'U class iirosidvs. lllll'lllg' the f'l11'ist111z1s s0a1so11 The boys l'0llt'0l1fl'2ll0ll fl10i1' offorfs o11 Sidlfllllg' V-lllilll i'l11'is'r111z1s lcffvrs fo foi-1111-1' Amos High studouis i11 H10 sc-rvic-0 :md vollvctiiig' gifts for H10 111011 uf the vounfy l1011lC. The second SCI110StQ1' found Hi-Y busily coop0ra1fi11g with G. R. in spoiisoriug Frio11dsl1i11 Wlcvk. Officers for the first and sc-voud SOIl10Sl0I' were Bruce Holl and Paul Sju1'so11, presidenfg David M2lIlL'y Zlllll Ned Vifquain, Vllff'-lJ1'0Sld0l1tQ Bud Gibbs and J ack Murrs, scorc- taricsg Bill Merrill and Ken lla111ge1', tI'02lSllI'0FSQ and Frzuik FO1'g'llS01l and Ji111 Smith. pub- lii-ity dirovtors. Fam-ulty advisor is lVilliz1111 Slaiolicrt. Toi' Row: Higgs, Stzirbuck, IZ. .Xndv1'sor1, Mcliolvvy, I'. Thonipson, J. I.. l.:11'son, M. Alix-n 'I'l11l111 Row: Hollor, l'll'Sl2ll11l, Clivslinygi, Graff, Mitchell, xV00llXYHI'4l, 0'N0il, Hzminiond Slccoxlw Row: I'o1'to1', Marvin, Miss Nolson, Miss XVilCox, Miss Miller, IC. ll1'IlilI'iK'kSUD, AlCfjl0ll2ll"lll, li. Tll4!lllZlS l:0'l"I'0M liow: Moody, Sllt'2lI'Cl', Bond, l30I'l'Y, Johnston, .I. ICdg:11', A. Miller I TOP Row: Maney. Norton, Merrill, Minott Bmvrom Row: Huck, I.. Gibbs, Mr. Slaichert, Holl, F. Fe-rguson Forfy-seven 'Toi' Row: A. Miller, N. Forsyth, Andrus, Sjolander, Merrill, Schanche, D. Arnold, H. Price, Gaskill, F. Ferguson, B. Ross Timm Row: Odell, P. Gibbs, Starbuck, Robinson, Clemens, Graff, Smuthers, M. Allen, J. L. Larson, White S1-zcoxn Row: Shearer, M. Wallace, Nolta, Harlan, Marvin, Jewell, M. Peterson, Holler, B. Weber, Moody Bo'1"roM Row: E. Stock, Neff, Chesling, Bond, Mr. Brandt, R. Stewart, Summers, Lidell, Knutson Straight fr rn Broadway .HIS year an entirely new idea in the field of drzuna was brought to Ames High When the Draniatic Club presented Thornton Wilclerls play Our Town on an entirely bare stage. V This is the story of the Gibbs and the lVebbs, neighbors in a New Hanipsliire town. The cast which included both members of the :ulvanced and beginner's clubs Was: Stage Manager . Frank Ferguson Dr. Gibbs . . . . Bill Merrill Joe Crowell . . . Ted Schultz H ozrie Nezrsome . Bill Allbaugh .ll1's.G1'bbs . . Phyllis Summers Forty-eight Jlrs. ll'1fbb . . Mary Jean Bond Norman Forsyth Ihfbw-fl Gibbs .... Jane Odell Wfrliy lVebb Emily UYFIJII I'rof1'ssor lVzfNar17 . Eric Sjolander Mr. Webb .... Harry Price lVomun in Bulfrnzy Alice Ferguson dlllll in rlzuiiforiunz . Ted Schultz George Gibbs . . . Joe Daugherty . . . AlycclVlillei' lmrly in ,'llllZI.f'llC'I' . Marian Neff Simon Sfimsovrz . . Dick Arnold JI rs. Soames . . Marnie Wallzlrfcz Hnzsfnble TVavrrr'n . VV. Peterson Si f.vl"lHl.'l'N .... Ted Schultz Don Peterson Bill Cody Sam Craig . . Sain Dietz BIIWSFZNIN Players . Joe Stoddard . . Homer Gill Marian Neff Marion Chesling Diana Kershner People of Ton'n . Pauline Gibbs Astrid Knutson Alice Ferguson Jeanne L. Larson The show was a great success and much of tl1e credit for this goes to the various crews made up of other members of the two dra- matic clubs. - Before work began on the Senior Class Play, tl1e draniatic club had some demonstrations on make-up, eostunies, and lighting. The Senior Class Play was Yon Con't Take I 1' llfitlz You by Moss Hart and George S. Kauff- 111an. lt was presented two nights because all of the tickets for one performance were gone soon after sales started. The Junior Class went Tibetan on us this year and presented Lost Horizon by James Hilton. The play concerns the passengers of the last plane out of Bakkul, India, who are stranded in the llaniasary of Shangri-La. For the play Lost Horizon the dramatic club purchased two effects machines: one for light, billowy clouds, and the other for dark, storm clouds. . During rehearsal of the Junior Class Play, the advanced Dramatic Club began work forthe Iowa High School Speech Association 1945 Prelinlinary Contest. Entering in the field of Declaina- tory were: in tl1e dramatic class, Arba VVhite, who gave Trial in Tom BcIel1er's Storey in the ora- torical class, Lois Jean Jewell, who gave For Hole' l'zTNon's,- and in the humorous class, Jane Odell, Tor Row: Cody, W. Peterson, D. Harper, Vore, Rorabaugh, Allbaugh, Dodd, J. Knight Mlnnu-1 Row: Eschbach, Thorburn, Myrna Wilhelm, Esther Breckenridge, F. Fitch, M. Fowler, Eleanor Breckenridge, Barnett, N, Wilson Bo'r'roM Row: A, Ferguson, McCann, V. Miller, Mr. Brandt. Kershner, P. Forsyth, Livingston Forty-nine -12112111 2, 1 1 'X U. A 1, If .5 x J 'Lax 1:11 Q I 11 -A' The 1ll'010,fI1lE if 11191001119 111 Shzmgri L11 lmsf fI01'I.,?0ll 'If The baseball team if After choir practice Our 71Ull'I1 W1111 QQZIYQ' Jlrs. 1l,1l.Ij'lj,!'H Tl'llE.IIS H111' Hrrwrl. f1Il1j' 111111 111'l'S11ll f1'1blll A11111s 11111'111'1p1111111 111 1111' 1111111'11111'1111V11 1f102l11111j2f, 111111 111111 was Mary -1111111 1111ll11, W1111 1111111 TI111 1V1'lI of I'l1111'l11s l,1n111.wl111r1',11 111111 I'pl11'l1. A11111s 11111111'1111 111 11111 01111-A111 1,12lj' 111visi1111 111111 g111'11 11111 1V1'llo11' l'l1111' by Ry11rs1111 111111 1'11111111111s. 'l'1111 1'11111'11111111's w111'11: Fifty 1'1'1111111'1y 512111, Harry P1'11111: 1'11i11g 11111 152111, H111S01l12ll'j' M111111yg 111111153 111111 P11, 13111A11l11111g11g11111 11l'21Qf1b11, 1111-11 1Xl'1l1l1111 '1'1111 111'11111-1r1'11111- g'1'11111-g'1'11111-g1'11111 11 1'11 1111 111 111 111111, M111'11111 1V1111111111g 11111 1112lIl112ll'11l,S 1311115' f11l2ll'11, 1V11.1'1111 1'111111's1111. A11 111 11111 11111111 11111111 by 11111 11l'2l1ll2l111' 1'1ll1tS 1111s .Vl'211' was 111111111' 11111 1111111111111 of 1111111111 141. 13l'2l1lf11, s1111111'11 1111111111111 111111 111'11111111111 1f11111111. Literary Lights NIJICR the eo-sponsorship of Miss Esther Kaplan and Mrs. Eleanor Seversnn, the twenty-two ll'l0l1lll0l'S of liiln'ary Vluh kept the library running smoothly tl1is year. besides preparing attiaetive hul- letin boards and the display ease at-ross the hall tronl the library. hlaeh girl worked two periods a Week, after sehool, before sehool or at noon doing these things. But sinee all work makes Jennie a dull girl the vear's soeial ealendarf i,n- eluded potlueks, pienies, dessert suppers. and a breakfast. it i llarhara LaVelle was eleeted president and Elsie Ilrown viee- president the tirst semester, with the otfiees being reversed the see- ond semester. Ann ltlaugen, treas- urer and Margaret Meflavran serv- ed as soeial ehairinan. Every lVr'I1 published luv the ,iournalisin elass is kept on tile in the library. 'llhey are elipped and pasted in a serap hook hlv liihrary Vluh ineinhers. 'l"his reeord also ineludes outside material whieh did not appear in the sehool paper. Keeping the display ease at-ross tl1e l1all tilled with things ot inter- est is another liilmrary Vlulm job. Our allies and our enemies were both represented in displays as well as National Book week and a f'l1l'lSf1ll2lS showing. f'lll1ltlX of liihra1'.v Vluh events was the guest pienie to whieh all ineinhers and their guests were in- vited. lt was a grand sueeess. Tor Row: D. Daley, M. Wallace, RllSlllI1,'.f, Robinson, R. Olson, LaVelle, L. Miller Mllllllilii Row: C. Arnold, Fisher, E. Brown, Miss Kaplan, Mrs. Severson, Magill, Nowlin Borrow Row: MeGavran, V, Larson, Parker, Barnes, Charlotte Olsan, Ragsdale I"ifty-mm Toe Row: Wymore, Lantz, Molleston, S. Dietz, Halden, R. Hendrickson, Reynolds, M. Smith, Van Voorhis, Gill, J. Smith, Marrs 'Tlllllll Row: Burneson, Eschbach, Sjnrson, Horn, A. Ballard, Denby, Alcock, A. Martin, Mallam, IJ. Arrasmith, Johnston, Mitchell SICVONII Row: Porter, E. Hendrickson, Burk, Srhanche, ,Coleen Olson, P. Thompson, V. Mason, Christenson, J. L. Larson, Wilcox, E. Vifquain, Myrna Wilhelm, Carter, Caldwell Bo'r'i'oM Row: A, Miller, Wright, F. Thurmond, Beri'y,' Fisher, Miss Bower, Whitley, Riggs, L. Thomas, McClelland, Joannides W Harmonious Melodies IIE newly organized A Capella Fhoir, under the ahle direetion of Miss Edna Bower, eonipletecl a sueeessfnl year and firmly estab- lished itself in our sehool life. Fifty-one of the most experieneecl voic-es in sehool blend to make Hlistening' 0ll,l0ylllOl1lH from both secular and saereil mnsie. 'llhe ehoir arose to all oeeasions anfl this year prepared progranis for elnireh eongregzgations. eivie eluhs, ancl a spring eoneert. A speeial prograin of saerefl nnnihers, presented during the lienten Sea-- son, was arlclerl to its aetivities. lfiffy-two Members of this organization eonstitutecl the haekhone of the group which represented Ames in the Tri-City Festival, held at Boone on May ninth. Great effort and valuable time were spent in pre- paring' the numbers used in the festival. - 'l"he offieers of ehoir Were: NVayne XVYIIIUPC, presiqlentg Phyl- lis Thompson tirst semester and Elaine Vifqnain, seeoncl semester viee-president, Mary Aliee Riggs, seeretary-treasurerg Dorothy Joan- nimles. librarian and Lois Thomas, rohelqeeper. IXED CIIOFIIS is 001111108011 of sT11d011fs who EITC i11'r0r0st0d ill S00lll'iHfI El i11'oz1d01' 11111si0:1l foun- dzifimi. If has long 110011 1'00og- 11iz04l as 1111 il1't'0lllIJliSil0d Ul'g2j2ll1iZ2l- H011 ill our svliool 111141 0o1111111111ify. 'Ill 114111111011 To i'0ll1'Y'iblIfillg' To svlmol 111'11g1':1111s, Mixn-fl f'11o1'11s was 1'0p1'0s011'r0d at H10 'l'1'i-City I+'0sfiv:1l. Tm' Row: Hr00n, M. Him-s, Kimsvig Munn, I'UHll'llIllS, THIIH1 Row: Ifllwumi, J. A. I,:11'son, lflsthvr Igl'0C'kQ'l'll'iIi I'. Smith. H. Knuths, M0l'Ily0:1, D. .incivrson IM- l,:1 1:41, IZ1 Girls' GI00 Vluh. lllilillfilillillg its 10112-OStElbliSllOfl l'0lDllf2lJfiO11, Took part i11 H10 111'og1'z1111s pre- Slxllftid by H10 vovnl dOlD2ll'flll0llf for H10 school. If was 1'CSl10llSiblC for H10 llliljlll' Il01'fi0il of H10 11111111211 f'll1'iS1'l112lS 1121111110-ligllf S0rvic0. F111111 H1is 0l'gI2ll1iZZlfi0Il su1110 uf H10 popl111' Girls' S111z1ll Vocal G1'o11pS z1r0 1-u11111us0d. Iic111i. l.m1111is, IJ. Hutviikiss. xYJllkl'l'. N. Ilrfvwn, I 0t11:1ll, fI1':1fi', S11liItht'I'S, l':ll'!llllll' RI'l't'kl'Y1I'i1liIl', Xi 'x SICUUNII Huw: XYilkins, i'i01'snn, .l. l'4'0XYIl'l', .X, Din-tz, Cl1:11'l11tt0 Olszun, J. .I41114-s, I:llUl'I', lfl'l'Sllllt'!', lilsim-i1:11'1l, .lzu l"ml111:1r1mi I'1'0I1111 I20'I"l'ox1 Row: I.. lluy, IR if'u1'syti1, l4Illswu1'ti1, Shl'2ll't'I', Miss I:UXXl'l', ii:111111111111i, Nlvllunrilcl. 0110, .l. Hflurli' Toi' Row: Butlor, AlC'f10l'l'IliCk, Kle-in, Rretnall, Vi'und0rle, Coi00n Oisfm, Cl1a111b01's, IG, H0nd1'ickson, XYil0ux, li. NVeber THIRD How: XYrig:i1t, Pivrsun, McDonald, Townsemd, M. VVAIIQ100, M. NV0bb0r, A. Hotchkiss, Mcllllymx, J. Fowlm' Sl-:COND Row: I'1'0h111, P0nna, R. Stock, Caldwell, i'ld111z1nd. Picks-II, M. Edgrzar, 1700, Kauffman, ldllsworth BOTTOM Row: Vllvstsui, S. P0w01'S, Jacob, VV00dNYPlI'd, Miss Iinwor, l,iving'st11r1, Hz1111n1c1nri, IC. Smith, Dyas Fifty-three Holiday for Strings Tor Row: Knutson. Mr. Day, C. Genaux, Raver, Lodden, Thorburn, Allbangh, Wri,-.rlit,, James Larson Foi'n'rn Row: Sjnrson, Armstrong, Comstock, D. Cox, Vanvv, Elwell Tlllllli Row: I. Brown, McClelland, Hoff, I.. Day, Myers SICFUNIY Row: E. Stock, Braby, Sjolander, Beckley, Hartt, S. Day, McCann. Reynolds FRONT Row: McKelvey, M. Edgar, Chase, E. Robbins, R. Stock, G. Gould MES Iliglfs Orvlivstra. with lioont' illlll Fort Dotlgiv, pill'- tivipatwl in tin- 'l'ri-City Fostiyal on May nintli. 'l'lni instrnnivntal nlnsim' was nnflx-r tliv 1li1't-vtion ol' Mr. llvnry Pc-nsis. notcwl llvlgian i'Hllllill'lUI'. In traflitional niannvr, ll"ll02ll'l'l' Ort-ln-slra. whose- iiioiiilnwsliip is . . 1-oniposwl ot stnmlvnts lroni Or- vlivstra. prvsc-ntc-fl nnisic at Hao- i'2ll2llll'02llO anfl I'1iiiiiiic-im-iiwiit and llnl Svnior l'lass Play. Uliarlt-s llvnanx was atti'a4-toll at sviiwstvi' tinn- liy vollt-g't'. lint illivk lic-ynolcls vapalily lillvtl liis slioc-s. 'l'l1o 1-oyvtwl position of von- Fifty!-frmr 1-1-rt master was awartlc-cl to Martha Mf'Kvlvc-y. Many nic-nilwrs of tln- orvlioslra also play in tln- liantl. Gloria flonlil. who took first for bass vlarinvt in tlni statv vontc-st also plays first 4-ollo in illl'1l1't'l10Sil'2l. Gloria slionlcl lw nnivli amlinirwl for ln-ing: willing to 1-arry around two snvli vinnlwr- sonic instrinnonts. Mr. Rivliarcl Day is voiitllivtoi' ol? tln- orvlwstra. Offim-rs for tliis yvar yvviwlz Vliarlvs ilvnanx, plwsillc-iitg llivk Hvynolcls, y'i4'cl-pwsiclt-titg Martha Mt-Kvlyvy, Sl'f'l'0l2ll'Y-ll't'2lS1ll'0l' and liolm Hnnstot-li, lilirarian. March Masters S'l'.XNllIXtlI Mr. Day, C. Gvnanx. Allhaugh. Cook, Il, B1'0w11,Rave1', Jaines Larson, Lorltlvn, 'l'hoi-hui'n C2ll'it'i' Ihvif How: Loomis,D.IIa1'1wr,Deinhy,Rot-lofsvn, Wriglit, T. Johnson, Lank, D. Cox, l,aGi'ang+- Vanvv, Elwell, Martin. Wyatt, B0l'j.fIll9YPl', G. Peterson 'l'uiim Row: Picker, Light, Honk, 'I'wff-Pt, G. Gould, Van Voorhis, Comstock, Al'IllSll'0Il,L'f, Sjurson Dv lla lliint, P. Smith, Ullostatl, Max Wilhelm, Moi-ford, D. Hotchkiss, Alrlinfzvr, McCann Reynolds SICVUNID Row: Myers, P, Larsvn, Adams, Ryan, Ilrahy, Sjolander, BP0klPy, Hartt, M. Hinos. H Robbins, S. Day lf'icox'r How: Ilot1', Il. Day, P. Arnold, Jackson, Marvin, l. Brown. Mc-Clollziiitl R.XtltlINtl filt'lllSt'iVt'S from tliwvtoi' for tlwst- oi'0'anizations. ?" tht-ii' warm lwtls and triitliring' S wvial lllirilf wzivtivt-s wt-rv . P wvarily to tht- lmantl room wort- thi- lioltl in lbl'0lP2ll'2lTl0ll for t'tlll1'0l'iS I'aitlit'iil lIll'lllilt'l'SUi'filt' Ainvs High on B13ll'4'il 9 and Marvli 223. This liantl, as thtgv pi't-pziiwl for t-ight yt-ai' mort- popular iiiiisif' was play o't'lot'k i'vl1vz1i's:1ls. ml on tho ri'o0'i'ain with tho inort- P" l"i'oin t'oiivci't llannl. voiitliivtc-tl tiliiiviilt ova-i'tiii't-s. 'Pho lmantl pai'- liy R. ll. Day, in-in lvantl, lizislwthzlll Tivipatt-tl in tho Jillllltllj' paiwi' liai14l,an4l 2lSSt'lllili.V liaiul arv torin- lllt'ii-Ill! for Ainos. ml. 'l"lit- pop hand plzxytwl at all Oiyfit-ws for this yt-ai' wow: pop im-1-tiiigs. as did tht- lmaskothall Iluanv Raw-1'. lll't'Sitit'llT2 Art Mai'- lmaml for all lioinv lmaskvtlmall gainos, tin. Yit't'-lIl'tlSitil'lliQ lhigggggy llollt-i'. Holm t'oinstoi-k, t'tb1'lll'f, was stiult-nt Stlt'l't'f2ll'.V-fl'U2lSlIl'C1'. I"iff,u-fi i-Q if Harpist, Mzirilyii Miwllvi' 11121l'11j'll 1X11ll'1101' T111'i11c11 1101 1is1011v1's with 111-1' 1lill'1I l'l'llt11- 'fimis i11 zlssc-111111y, 211 11111 "MuT11c-1 :111c1 1J2lllg'1l1l'l' '1'vz11' 211111 f1U1lt'l'l'1 f1l'1'1lt'S11'2l. 1121111141 1112111 211111 'F1111115' 13z111:11'11 211-11 S11HWll 111 21 svviio f1'0I1l El 11011 2lSSt'lll1b1j' skit 1l0'1:UI'0 21 fm1T11z111 11211111-. 1:2ll'1D2l1'2l NV1'ig11t s01'voc1 as Q1 10llt10l" for 1110 M2lI'l'11ll1Qf 13211111 which pm-i'fo1'1111-11 i11 foofba11 smi- SOIL Fifty-six Villain, Hzirold if Fair beauty, Tlibhy N -A' St,i'utt,ing high, Barb? X . X X ' fm S .1- Nwwmww-Nvwm-.N,.N........ X..,.....'....N.W......... . G x...,.,, aww 455,54 'Hx xx. X ff' f2 52f4q KM -Q Q XYX yawn "nk 'WRTQ 'X R sf" 'xx 21, 'X 'X .QQ , f N - . iff f hw .. - ,. 5?- .. . .K . K K .. L . - . lwif X Aw W 5 '- Athletics Memories Might if All-state Galvin SPIRITED Little Cyclone Z-33, thus winning 7 out of 8 of their football tozun this yoar rolled ganiosg losing only one to Marshall- iip 174 points to tlioir opponents town who was rated as tho best Tm' Row: ll. Mason, R:-ivcr, McCoy, Sowers, Sjurson, Kleen-se, .l. lidwards, De La Hunt, Peterson, Morris F0l'k'1'H How: Akin, Wilholm, R. Thompson, J. Smith, Knigsglit, Schmidt, Wilson, Duvall, Fi-nley, H. Robbins, Ross THIRD Row: Sovoy, ll. Hnkor, Cliristofforson, Hansel, Arrusmith, Tildon. NV:ill, Leclmor, Holl, Morris Si-:COND Row: Mr. Tiller, Bourne, Breon, Brahnis, Anpxlo, Martin, Swank, l-iickutts, Yifquain, Mr. Covey Iio'r'1'ow1 Row' l"lY'lClHllll, Garfield, Galvin, Buck, Gibbs, Wymore, A. Ballzird, P. Dietz Fifty-eight team 111 11111 S121111 1111s y11211'. B11- s11111s 11111 11'a11i111111211 1111111 211111 111'iv11, 1h11 s111111111g was 111111 111 11111 use of 1110 'I'-f111111121111111, i1111'111111111111 by 1111s y11211"s 1111211-1111111 111101, Mr. Olav T111111' 111111 2lSS1S1211ll' Mr. 111 l'11v11y. R1111211111 K1llg2f1l1 111111 A111011 1'l'111111yj 11211121111 w111'11 1111111 111- j111'1111 111 11111 111ssl11 W1111 11111 111211'- sl12111111w11 1111111'211s. '11l1111JY w 21 A 11211111 111 11111 11110-1111 211121111 11111 R111- 1111 was 11112111111 111 play f111' 11111 S021- SDH. A1-1-11111111111 111 11'21111111111, 21 1121111111111 was g'iv1111 f111' 11111 111111112111 11121111 11111 11111111 11111111111 11111 1311111111 532111111 211 Lynn 1'11101l1'l'l' l1111g'11. A1 111211 1111111 J111'1'y 11211vi11 was 1'1111s1111 115' 11111 11121111 as 11111111 1'2l111fl11l. B11si1111s Xvllllllllg S1111111111 111211-11 111 11111 111111f111'11111111 11111 squad 111111111111111 an all-S121111 5111211111 111 .I111111y Galvin, W1111 was 11111111111 1111211111111111s1y 115' 1111111 IDPA 211111 11211111 N10I'l11. Vigor- 1111s1y s11111111111111g 111111 W01'11 1-1 111111111 IIIHJOI' 111111111 W11111111's 11111l1111111g: David f12ll'11l'111, A111011 112l112l1"11. 1-11111 Gibbs, VVHYIIC VVy11101'e, Jim Buck, Max Sowcrs, N 1111 Vifquain, D1111 R111l11111s, A11 M3l'f1I1, Elmer Angle, Dale li1I'COI1, Malcolm S11l1111i11 1, .1a1111 F1I1C1lH1I1, 211111 G01111g11 Duvall. A11111s 28, R1111s11v1111 0 '171111 1511111111 11111111 f'y111111111 11121111 111'11v1111 1l111111s01v11s 115' s11011211111111gI the ROllg'11 R1f1L11'S. G'i1111s S1-1111011 111 11111 S1111111111 play of 11111 ga11111, s1:111'- iug' S1111 ilgillll 11111 11111 111's1 q11211'101' 211111 12111111 2111111111 Zl s21f111y. 112l112ll'41 s11111'1111 1wi1'11 211111 111111'1i 11111111111 11111 1w11 11X11'a 11111111s. JXIIIOS 0, M211's112111111W11 113 T110 11111111 1'y1-1111111s 1112151111 11111 1111s1 2111-211111111111 gilllll' 111211 111535111 W1111 1V111ar11 Shaw of 11111 B111111a1s s111111i11g' 1W11 1111111111111w11s. 132111211111 was 111j111'111l 211 11111 11111511 of 11111 f11's1 half 11111s 111'i11111i11g 1110 A11111s 11211111- 110111, 11111 11111 llllglfllff' f111'w211'11 W2111 11111 i1s111f 1111111111. if B.x1'11F11c1,11: Gibbs, Buck, Ballard, Wym111'11 'A' L1N1':: Vifquain, Martin, Galvin. Garfield, B1'11on, Angle, Rickatts Fifty-nine t Good kick, Jim -lr Franklin game, Clyde Williams Field Ames 20, Newton 0 A rainy night and a slow game typiiied this contest. Ames tried to score innumerable times and iinally, late in the fourth quarter, Buck scored and made the con- version. Galvin and Martin spot- liglited the defense that night. Ames 20, Oskaloosa 7 Ames High started out slowly a11d allowed Oskaloosa to score 7 points in the second quarter. Later in the third quarter, Max Sowers scored on a beautiful end sweep. Following this Buck scored two more, and De La Hunt made the conversions. Sixty Ames 21, Perry 6 Putting on a show on their home iield, the Little Cyclones made three touchdowns. Ballard scored in the second quarter, Sjurson in the third, and McCoy caught a touchdown pass from Sewers in the last. Ames 40, Grinnell 7 Ames trouneed Grinnell badly on their home field as Gibbs, Buck, Sowers, Ballard, and Ricketts shared scoring honors. Ames 38, Boone 0 The little green jug remains in Ames another year. Galvin play- ed an all-state game as did the rest of the line, thus permitting Gibbs to score twice, once by a lateral from Galvin who intercepted a pass, while Ballard, Bourne, and Ricketts scored once each. Bourne and Ricketts both made passes from Sewers good for scores. Ames 20, Franklin CC. RJ 0 In a post season game played on November 11, on the Clyde VVil- liams field, Gibbs scored twice and Ballard once, thus defeating a heavier Franklin team. This year's successful football team was marked by exceptional defensive and offensive line play, as well as speedy and deceptive work in the backiield. Backing the varsity, was an exceedingly prom- ising bunch of spirited and able reserves. Scrubs Scrabble HE sophomore football squad ' finished this year's season with an even reeord. Mentored hy 'Mix .Ili Covey, the teani won two gaines. lost two, and tied one. 'l'he sernhs triumphed over Boone and Jeffer- son, bowed to Newton and Story City, and played a stand-off ganie with Boone in the first try. During the first part of the season, two ahunni eoaehed the sophomores, Jini, Morris and John lironhard, hoth elass of '44, 'lf'hree sophomores this year play- ed iinportant spots on the varsity, Stan De La Ilunt, Ned Vifquain. and Max Sowers. if Who is on the bottom of that pile? if Get, clear with that ball Tor Row: Rothacker, Jack- son, House, R. Morris J. Taylor, Brouliard, J Morris 'flllkli Rows Hartt, Litcli field. W. Smith. D. Hines Nicholson, Elwood Sl-zeoiw Row: Meek, King Clapp, R, Daley, Dodd M. Hines, Molleston Bo'r'roM Row: Brown, D Baker, Blom, Green, Mc- Farland, Grotlie .,. -Of' Niffjl-0111 Tor Row: Sowers, Wilhelm, Knight, De La Hunt, Fenley, Akin, Holl, Maney B0'l"l'0M Row: Duvall, A. Ballard, B. Gibbs, Ricketts, Galvin, Buck, Sjurson Trophy Snatchers HE Little Cyelone basketball team enjoyed a sueeessful sea- son by winning eleven games and losing four, three to eonferenee opponents, thus taking seeond plaee in the eonferenee. The team with Uoaeh Olav 'l"iller at the helm started out in fine fashion by deal- ing four straight defeats to Perry. Nevada, and eonferenee eousins Newton and Marshalltown. 'llhen disaster struek the Little Vyelone eamp when they journeyed to Mason tlity. The Mohawks gave the team its worst defeat of the year. Nevada, Grinnell and Oska- loosa then fell before the Little Clyelones before disaster strnek Starry-two again. Boone, Newton, and Mar- shalltown then handed Ames its three eonferenee losses in a row. The boys eame baek to defeat Grin- nell, Oskaloosa, Boone, and VVeb- ster Fity, a strong non-eonference team to end the season in fine style. Foaeh 'Filler employed several teams tliroughout the season. Buck, Galvin, Gibbs, and Rieketts, sen- iors, Ballard, Knight, Duvall. and Sjurson, juniors, and Sowers, sophomore, were used during the year. lndividual seoring for the sea- son was very even with J im Buck, l05 points, leading for the second straight year. 'llubby Ballard was 11111 N111 1x1 wi1h 11123 1111i111s. 111111111 112111 11111 1111s1 1'1'1111 11ll'11XK' 11111'1-11111:1,Q'11 xx1111'11 was 77.93 Ri11111111s 112111 1111.51 . - , 11111 11z11v111 1111.9 11111' 1'11111. 111111111 :11111 11111 11111s1 11111's1111111 1'111l1S. -11 1 R1111c1111s I1l2l1i11lg' 2351. .Xa 11111 11121111 111111 11111111211 11N N111111s 111. 111i11g g'111111 :11111 111111 :11111 1111111 g'111111 :1g':1111, 1'1'NV 11111111111 g':1v11 1111111U' I" 111S 111 s1z1111 111111'11:111111111 11111 11l1l1'1l1'1l1l41111'1'1l11111l. 11111111 t4l1ll'11 111:11 111111 .X11111s is 1111111 111 11111s1111'. 1111111121111 41'l1'11111 w1111111111' 1v1111 N11111 'N 1111111'111111.1111111 111111 111l111l111'111N1X1'1'1' 11111111111' 11111 111' 1111' wz1.1's11111. S11 11111 11111111 XV111l 111111 111l11x .15 1.1111 if 111111, W11111 1111 f1l1'11llQ,'1l 11111 111Q11'11'1 1 1 S11v1'111's s1111111s 21 11111 11111111 1-s1z1111 '11111 1111:111,1' 111 11111-1111111 s1:111- 11mm1"" AX11111 111'11l1l1'11 214 v, V ,X11111 11s14:111111s:1 27 A S Rmimm A1110 1111111111 C111 .X11111s 1'111'1'.1' 28 .VX11111 Y1'XV11l1l 2111 .X11l1'S Y111'z111z1 15 A11111 , Bl:11's11:111111w11 47 .h1111'S , N11w11111 19 .X11111 , 111'11l111111 2321 A11l1'S , K1Zll'S1l2l11111W11 127 .X11111 , 11s1iz111111s:1 3111 A11111s z1s1111 1'i1y 411 A11111 1311111111 25 A11111s . N1'Vil112l 222 ,h1ll1' 10, 1V11l1s1111' 1'i11' '98 l1ll1YlIl 111118111 I111' 111111 111, his 112111111118 1921115 if Rivketts 111z1k11s 14111111 .I -lr M1'. Tiller APTAIN Jilll 1'311t'1i, wiH1 0x- 11111110 pois0 111111 11o11011z11z11100. st011p0c1 to H10 fr00-Hirow 11110 111111, 1'Q1lliIF1i111g 'fo 1111 OIJDOIIOII1. iiHl'I'C' goos your 112111 Qjilllllhw sank H10 f1'00-H1roW 111211 WOII H10 S1310 Has-- k0H1z111 f,1112lIlllb1011S111IJS for A1110s. T110 crowd, 11lOS11y A111118 fans, VVO111 if Max Sowers 'A' Jim Buck wild 211111, XV110I1 H10 51211110 was over El f1'z101io11 of il s00o1111 1:11013 Hood- 011 UV01' H10 Hom' To t'0I1gT2l1l1121t0 -9: G001'g0 Duvall H10 011z1111ps 211111 io s00 111211, H10 11'0lJ11Y was saf01y 1101iv01'011 to 13l1l'1i. T110 To111'11z11110111 112111 was 11111153111 for A111115 11ig11 by John P1'2l11lL'1', 0i1y 010111, for 589,000 XV01'11l of war bonds. 11111011 fo11ow0c1 11 w00k of rejoic- Basketball Sixty-four . f ii :L XX Xa jx f . Q ff . S E vi I I ' ' t Jerry Galvin ing :incl vi-loln'z1tiun ln-:ull-al ln' 21 pzwznlo on Mmnlny ln' :ill tlmv stnmlont lmmly. 'llllll A tm-:nn was fvtml nt nlnnv lmn- "' B"lngl1lg home 'lm' Tmllhy qui-ts flll'0llQ,'ll0lll' tln' vity. Many illl-Siillt' lmn- ors worn zlwzliwlvcl tln' tvznn. Jinl l'ill4'lilll2l1lt' lirst I.ll.l'.A. :ill-Stzitv toznn and J01'l'j' Gal- vin tllv sw-mul. Gvorgv l,llV21ll was pivkcil lirst toznn by Jack North and llnvk on sovmnl to il n1 3 21 l s +1 tln-so two vvvrv zlwzuwl- ml positions on the all tmnnnnwnt lirst tvznn with Max Suwc-rs on sovoinl tvann. Galvin, Ricketts, Suwvrs, Knight and llzillzml also rvvvivocl 4-111111111-iirlzltiuii by various znitlioritios. t Rolland Knight NOV2lll2l 2lllll0Sf mnlvml tllv 1945 liittlo Vvvloiivs vlinin-vs at tlw title- by stopping Ainvs lliggglil uffviisc- :incl liiwzlliiilgt tlwii' tlc-tc-iisv. lVitli Nc-vzuln zlln-:ul in tln- lnst lllllllllll uf tln- 'A' Don Rivketts Champion Si,rI1l1fiVr' -A' P11111 Sj111's0n 11211110 111111111111 K111g'111 11111 1110 111111. 111011 1101111011 f111' 1110 1111sk01 111111 1-111101-1011 El 111- 110 s1111'1111s1 f111' 111111511112 '111111 11111110 01111- 011 232-1 111 32 fm' 1110 Cy1-111110s. Og'11011 1011 110x1 111 21 s111w 11111110 0111111111 w1111 21 s1'111'0 111 36 111 14. A1 D11W1111g1110 110x1 w00k A1110s 116102112011 'A' J111111 Fenley N 1.1-1,14-11,1 1111 1111110111011 111111 fav-- 111'011 NV111111 1011111. '11111- 1111211 s1'11r0 was 40 111 19. 111 1110 s1111--S11110 1111111s D1111 R11-k011s, 1-1111001011 15 11111n1s 111 110111 1110 L11110 Fy- 1'111110s'. 111 1111w11 1'1'0s- 11111 W1111 21 S1-1110 111 41 111 22. 111 1110 111101111113 ,Q111110 of 1110 1111111s WWI ak Bud Gibbs 1111110 Fy- 1-111110s w01'0 0VCI11Y 111211011- 011 211111 1110 s1'111'0 s1111w011 11 1111'1111g1111111 1110 g'111110. 13111 1110 MllS1i1l1S w01'0 10211111112 111 1110 1111111 1111111111-. F11111. 111l1'1i 11111110 21 fr Champ cake cut at 1110 Cyclone Centm' A1110s 1111w11011 111111'- 01'1y 1110 1101:C1111111Q 1'11111111111111s. A111011115' Jl'1'1'Y f1Z11V11l,S 110- 1111111111111g 111111' w01'0 111110 111 1111111 1110111 111 just 11211f 1110 s011s1111,s 11v01'11g0 s1'11r0. S011100, A1110s 25, 1V21V01'1Y 18. T110 110X1 1112111 A111118 1111w11011 f'01111'111 111 Sioux 1'11y, El 11111, 111111g'y, s1111r11-s1111111111g.1 1011111 35 111 27. 'l'110 M11S1fi1111l11 Mus- k10s 111111 1110 A1110s 110111 1311111 111 110 11 1111 211111 111011 1-11111111011 11 W1111 21 111-0- 1111'11w. 1111111111 'F11101' 110s01'v0s 111111-11 1'1'1-1111. 'A' T11bby Ballard Cage Protege P E E D Y and exeeptionally promising was the sophomore basketball squad as it finished a sueeessful season. 'llhe SUllll0l1101'0 eagers were defeated by the Ames High reserves, Nevada reserves, Marshalltown sophomores, and the Nevada varsity. The latter game ended the squad 's run in tl1e eoun- ty tournament. Mr. Hi Vovey guided them to wins over Perry, Oskaloosa, Marshalltown, Story City, Nevada reserves, and two victories over Boone. 'llhe sophomores played the Ne- vada varsity in the eounty tourna- ment finals, but bowed to them and eame l1o1ne with the runner-up trophy. Stan De La Hunt was high seorer for the team, but received able help from Gore, King, Litch- iield, Vifquain, Green, and others. Max Sowers, sophomore, played regular guard on the varsity tive. These boys promise to add mueh to the strength of the varsity squad next year. Several games throughout the season saw teams composed of the sophomore squad and reserves of tl1e varsity squad playing together. 'llhe reserve team also defeated Zearing in one game that was played during the season. Vom- posing tl1e reserve team were lloll, Sldlllllflt, Fenley, Maney, YVilheln1 and Akin. Toi' Row: Rothaker, Munn, De La Hunt, Halden, N. Vifquain, Sowers Bo'rToM Row: Green, Hines, Schultz, King, Gore, Litchfield, Dodds Si.rt1l-sm-en Tor Row: Alcoek, Sundall, Gibbs, Schmidt, Sewers, Ricketts, De La Hunt, Sevey '1'nuur Row: Hotchkiss, Sjurson, Akin, B. Mason, Angle, McCoy, Van Voorhis Sm-oxn Row: King, Ernst, Harrison, N. Vifquain, Rothacker, Meek, Edwards, Turner Borrom Row: Mr, Tiller, Herb Thurmond, M. Wilhelm, Duvall, Fenley, E. Ballard, A. Ballard, Bourne, Mr. Covey Three Strikes. You're Out NDER careful cultivation by Mr. Olav Tiller and germinat- ed by the encouraging rain in the shape of the successful Junior Legion baseball team of last year, baseball again bloomed and took root in the fertile soil of An1es High. Of that Legion team which Went to the state baseball iinals last year, Richard Bourne, Albert Bal- lard, John Fenley, George Duvall, Max Willlelni, Bob Mct'oy, Elmer Angle, Paul Sjurson, Stan De La Hunt, Don Ricketts, Max Sowers, Sixty-night Kenneth Sundall, and Herb 'l'hur- mond will be eligible to play for Little Cyclones. Twice as many potential ball players are expected to report. Because Principal Herbert Adams, who deserves much credit for his cooperation in this Ames High baseball inauguration, and the coaches could not start sched- ule proceedings soon enough, tl1e Little Cyclone ball team played only neighboring towns consisting mainly of class B teams. Hi' Hurdlers Tor Row: Halden, Munn, Shipley, B. Knuths, M Smith, Ray, Vore, D. Ullestad. Schmidt, Sowers De La Hunt, Scott, Egemo, Christofferson, Marrs, Lake, J. Taylor Sl-:coxn Row: H. Robbins, J. Smith, D. Baker, Akin, Gutman, D. Hotchkiss, M. Wilhelm, Cooper, Berhow, Payer, Litchfield, Rothaker, Daine, Davis, Schultz Timm Row: Mr. Tiller, Jackson, Ernst, Everts, Sjurscn, Duvall, Harrison, Blom, King, Denby, Fenley, N. Vifquain, Molleston, H. Thurmond, Hines Bo'r'roM Row: Gerdes, Green, Long, D. Breon, B. Gibbs, Galvin, Ricketts, Morris, B. Mason, E. Ballard, A. Ballard, Maney, Forsyth, J. Edwards, Mr. Covey HE unattached portion of the Little Cyclone track squad be- gan enthusiastic workouts in the college indoor track at the begin- ning of the second semester. Wliile waiting for the finale of basketball, thus permitting participation of the remainder of his squad, Mr. Hi Covey coached his team from afar. Determined to make track a major sport, Coach Covey received satisfying response on the part of potential track men and the student body at large. The power of the track team was enhanced by these returning lettermen: A. Ballard, Cr. Ballard, Mason, Armstrong, Alcock, Gibbs, Galvin, Maney, and Knight. The schedule included the Val- ley Relays, a. triangular meet in- cluding Webster City and Boone, the Drake Relays, Ames Invita- tional, and the district, conference and state meets, the last two held in Ames. Sixty-nine - Tor Row: Lantz, Van Voorhis, Payer, Norton Bo'r'roM Row: Turner, R. Morris, Buck, Kincheloe Tllden Swank Holl Fore LTIIOUGBII brightened by the return of four senior letter- men, the future of this yearls golf squad still seemed dim in view of the shortage of golf balls. However, all will indubitably turn out for the best when letter- men Jim Buek, Bob Tilden, Bruee llioll, and Ray Kineheloe, eaptain. along with Dave Lantz, Fred Swank and others go through a tough sehedule under the direction of Mr. lVeslev Bartlett. ...Hoping to break the two year reign of Ottumwa as state cham- pions in golf, the squad worked out on the Homewood course. The Seventy series of ehallenge matehes were used again this year to determine the live boys on the team. The season was opened with a triple meet with Boone, East Des Moines and Ames, held at Boone. The sa111e three teams played the next week on Grandview eourse in Des Moines followed by a dual meet between Boone and Ames at Ames. An invitational meet was held at Allies on May 5 with Roose- velt, East, Valley and North of Des Moines, iVest iVaterloo, Boone and Lineoln. In addition to the regu- lar sehedule the eonferenee, district and state meets were held. They Also Serve 1CSl'1'l'111 1110 VVQII'-111110 1111111- l0111s 111' 11'1111s11111'1111i1111 211111 011111111110111 1w0lv0 A1110s 111g'l1 11011 111011 111111 110q11i1'011 E1 110011 Sllll 11111 f1'11111 111111101'1111s 1111111's 111 111'111'111-0 111111 s0v01'111 11101-1s 111111 01111011 by M11y25. '1'l11'00 l01101'111011, 1111011 Flll1'112l1ll, C10111'g'0 11llVil11, 111111 131111 1'11111s1111-lc 1111111011 1110 HI11Zl1'1i01001'S,, 11l1'0llQj11 1111 l1l1llSllil11Y 1111113511 s0l101l1110. P11111 Sj111's1111, w1111 saw 110111111 11111'111g 1110 '44 Cillllllillglfll, was 1111 l111111l, 11s was Vvllllillll Al1l11111g'11. f111'11101' ,1111111111 1115211 1100. Also 1111ls101'111g' 1110 811112111 was 111111 Kl00s0, 11-1111is 1011111112111 1111111 II11111111111111, l111111s1111111. 'l'l11s .Vl'2l1'S 811112111 0011111111011 1110 1111111 s111111l111'1ls S01 115' past 1101111011 102lVl1lg' fl 15111111 1'01-111'1l fm' 1110 '45 SOEISUII. 1V11l1 Mr. D. fi. 1121111 11s s111111- S111-, 1110 1011111 ll12lj'l'l1 111001s 111 F1111 1J111lgg'0, 1C11s1 170s M111110s, 1V0s1 1V11101'11111, 211111 110111 1111 111v1111111111:1l 111001 Wi1l1 LIZISOII F1153 11111s1 110s M111111-s, N1ll'111 110s 1N1U1lll'S 111111 11111111 111111110 2111Olll11llg.1'. '111111 111S- 11101 211111 s11110 111001s w01'0 110111 s11111'1ly Zlffixl' 1110 1'0g111111' Season 111111 1'111s01l. T01' Row: Tilden, Allbaugh, De-nby B11'1"r11M Row: Kleese, Lecl11101', Comstock, Duvall, Sj111'so11 A MES A511191 , in 11 Seventy-:me Athletic Perfectionist Toi' Row: M21110y, IilHC1lP109, Flllffllillll, Tilden, A1'n1st,1'0ng, Alcock Nlllilllild Row: Co111st,11ck, B. Mason, Mr. Till01', R. Knight, Duvall, A. B2l11Zll'f1 Ro'1"1'1111 Row: E. B21ll211'1l, G211'li0l1l, L. Gibbs, Buck, A.MZll'l111,Hfl11 1 . . , 11141 VVllllllllQf ot H10 1'oV0t011 l1l2l,lU1' HA" is t110 21111bitio11 of lll'2ll'1j' 0V0l'y boy i11 11ig11 s1'11oo1. 'F110 "All 1-2111 b0 W1111 11ll'0llg2,'1l 21t1110ti1- 111'ow0ss i11 2111 sports 211111 for st1111011t lll2lll2lgIOI'S. Soon Zlflltl' t110 wi1111i11g of H1011- Als t110 boys 21r0 1-2111011 011 to wago Zllltblllixl' batH0, but H1is ti1110 to 110011 it. 1Ni0l1lllO1'S of t110 fair s0x 21r0 211so Olll for t110 Eltllltxtlt' Sylll- bols, 1110111111 by f11lT0l'0l1l' 1111-2111s. 'l'110 boys 11111st lllillitx tl v0ry 1121r1l 1100isio11, but following t110 saying that "faint 11021rt 110v0r VVOII fair 12111y," t110y l'011lltllllSll0tl H10 Ofilllgll' 211111 ll1il1'1i 10tt0rs Ollly to start El r0110at IlOTf0l'l11illl1'0. T110 111ost llllllllfllllll of t110 211'tivi- ti0s 021rri011 1111 by t110 Varsity Club is H10 i11iti21tio11 of 110w 1110111111-rs. SP1lP7lf1l-H470 'll1ll'ln0 211'0 two 1111112111011 1101'1o11s, t110 first 2lf1Cl' t110 football s021so11, H10 S0f'Olll1 following' t110 s111'i110' 2"1 F1 sports. 14121011 YCZII' H10 football i11iti21t0s play 21 b21s1i0tba11 glilllli' with t110 1110111111-rs of P011 Club t1llI'lllQf t110 11211f-ti1110 of El l1o1110 b21sk0tb2111 Q,'2llllO. T110 boys arc 012111 i11 ltbllgf llllI101'VVG2lT 211111 boxing g1ov0s. '1"110 10tt0r W1llll0l'S for bas1c0tb2111 211111 t110 SlJ1'll1QQ sports 21r0 i11iti21t0s at H10 21111111211 Varsity lilllll 11101110 t1121t is 110111 ill t110 11o1110woo11 Golf l'o11rs0 111 t110 spring. At t11is ti1110 H10 i11iti21t0s 21r0 v0ry l'l'l'0ll10lll0llS- ly 11111111011 i11 t110 Skunk Hiv0r. Varsity filllll oFfi1-01's for this y0211' W0r0: 131111 Gibbs, 11r0si1l011tg J0rry Galvin, V100-11r0si11011t: 211111 Art Martin, s00r0t21ry-t1'021s111'01'. Spirit Personified Toi' Row: LaVelle, Johnston, Bretnall, Rushing, P. Thompson, McKee, B. Anderson, Schanche, M. Allen, J. L. Larson, E. Vifquain Foi'ic'rn Row: Lidell, Mitchell, Bond, Ersland, Neff. J. Jones, Chesling, O'Neil, M, Webber, Mueller Timm Row: L. Thomas, Lynne, Berry, L. Day, Eschbach, Carter, Shearer, Wilkins, Hammond Sleeoxn Row: A. Miller, Barbara Warrell, Beverly Warrell, Miss McNally, Miss Firth, Whitley, B. Rodgers, Dolores Jones Bo'l'1'oM Row: Fisher, Jacob, P. Forsyth, Butler, Nowlin RO UDLY 'tcheering the orange and the black on to the victory" were the thirty-six pep club girls, cheer squad and student body. Pep Flub girls were kept lousy throughout the year selling season tickets, providing entertainment between halves at games, and pass- ing out basketball programs. Miss Margaret Firth and Miss Mary McNally, sponsors, cooperat- ed with Phyllis Thompson, pres- ident, Mary VVhitley, viee-pres- identg lllarjorie Allen, secretary, and Joan Willziiis, treasurer. Displaying exceptional vim and vigor, the cheer squad aroused the students at many original pep as- semblies. .Pat MeKee, Joan lVil- kins, and Robert W'alker were weleomed onto the squad near the close of this victorious season. The quartet of McKee, VVilkins, Forsyth and Wlalker attracted mueh attention to their enthusiam at the state meets. Seventy-th ree Muscle Men t Intramural managers Seversike and Jackson ITH all the boundless enthu- siasm and friendly antago- nism peculiar to home room rivalry in Ames High, intramurals were played to the hilt in a rough fash- ion. Under the much needed and often over-worked guidance of Mr. Hi Covey, the teams completed two rounds. Much credit for the successful season also goes to flar- roll Seversike, student manager. Homeroom 235 and 237 tied at the end of the first round with room 235 copping the Senior League trophy in a thrilling play- off game. Bob McCoy, captain of the 235 squad, was the "A" league's high scorer with 108 points for the season, followed closely by Ken- neth Sundall of 237 with 105 points. In the "B" league, 113 dropped Sei: enty-four only one game to take undisputed tirst place. Arnold Bates of 111 scored 74 points to be named high point man of the Junior league. All the sophomores bowed to 108 forthe scrub league title. Room 108 lost only one game, but 236 came close with two losses. William All- baugh of 108 and Ronald House of 208 shared scoring honors with 82 points apiece. WVrestling and boxing intra- murals excited more interest than usual and a Monday night wrest- ling class resulted. 'lihough not connected with the school ls intramural program, a pro- gram of interest was the Monday night city league basketball tourna- ment. It was composed of teams representing groups in the city. BACK Row: Mueller, Anderson, Webber FRONT Row: Thomas, Miller, Mitchell Feminine Herculeses TRIVING to enable each girl to improve physically, mental- ly, morally, and socially, the Girl's Athletic Association promoted re- lations among all the girls of the high school. The organization is operated on a point system with points being awarded in live fields: organized activities, unorganized activities, skill tests, leadership and health charts. After reaching the first one hundred points, the member- ship requirement, a girl may earn a minor and major letter and a pillow top by acquiring additional points. Every high school homeroom participated in this yearis intra-- mural to represent each room. They Worked With Mrs. Louise Ruth, G.A.A. sponsor, in organ- izing the program. ' Added to the G.A.A. program this year was instruction in golf and tennis. A soft ball tourna- ment was also held during the spring. A picnic and an initiation party were part of tl1e years' program. Officers in addition to Mrs. Ruth Were Alyce Miller, president, Bet- ty Anderson, vice-president, Lois Thomas, secretary-treasurer, Mar- jorie Webber, point-recorder and Marilyn Mueller, social director. Seventy-five' Vim, Vigor and Vitamin Pill EHIND the scenes on every team are the "get 'em ready- pateh 'em up" boys, tl1e athletic managers and trainers. Taking care of minor injuries is only one part of their job. They also check uniforms, tix equipment, and in general prepare the squad for their battles whether it be on the grid- iron, basketball iioor, track. or the other fields of athletic competition, During' the game the trainers duties include having water and towels on hand and the all important job of charting the game, which con- sists of making a record of tackles, yards gained, baskets, or as the case may be. Other unsung -heroes who con- tribute to a team 's success are the ushers, ticket takers, and guards. Mr. D. G. Hartt, the financial man- ager and Harry Price, student treasurer have the unpublicized task of paying referees, making financial reports of the games, and handling the monetary side of athletics. Athletic trainers are rewarded by a minor "A" with a "T" in the crossbar, while the manager re- ceives a major "A" with "Mn in the crossbar. The banter that flies back and Seventy-sim forth between players and trainers is sometimes quite humorous. An athlete comes dripping out of the shower yelling, "Towel!, hey gimme a towel." From behind a hastily barred window tlies a very small, very wet and very dirty piece of cloth hit- ting yon athlete in the region im- mediately between the eyes. Mur- der fills the air and things are going line till a coach steps in whereupon serenity returns. There is one task which Ames high trainers took care of the past year which isn't usually thought of in connection with tape and iodine. That job was taking care of the sack of oranges. These oranges were bought by Mr. Tiller and given to the team after each game. Superstitions are silly so it must be a coincidence that the boys eating the oranges after a small game with Muscatine were not o11ly Ames high basketball players, they were State Champs. The student manager this year was Day Morris. His trainer's squad included Bob Sevey, Bob Van Voorhis, Richard Ross, Ron- ald Becker, Harris Jensen, Robert Walker, Robert Morris, and Robert McFarland. S, -if 'fa f flirt K ' KPN c ool Life HE SPIRIT of 345 proudly presents Miss Barbara Berry, ehosen as SPIRIT sweetheart by the student body. This is the first year for Anies High to have a SPIRIT sweetheartg but the eleetion niet with sueh unanimous approval by the student body that it is expected to be eontinued next year. Barbara was picked from a field of ten finalists ehosen froin the student body by popular vote. The finalists included Mary Jean Bond, Jo Ann Ersland, Joan Johnston, Delores Jones, Jean Larson, Onia Jane Lidell, Morna Lynne, Alyee Miller, and Elaine Vifquain. At the SPIRIT Stomp which was Seventy-eigfht Spirit Sweetheart held in the study hall on November 15, Barbara was presented as sweetheart and giyen a earnation eorsage along with the best Wishes from the SPIRIT staff. l l Mid -Year Dance -Ir Daisy Mae Vifquain ai S USUAL after The eleetion for the llllil-YOHI' rulers, There were those ever-present rumors as fo who would be crowned King and Queeng but as usual they were wrong. On fllaf never-To-lie-ffur- gotten night of January 17, Elaine Vifquain and Jerry Galvin fall- stafej saunfered onto the danee floor at 'the llll01'lIllSSl0ll of the Mid- Year danee dressed as Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner. ak Li'l Abner Galvin Elaine was dressed in a stunning brown hurlap dress while Jerry wore boots, overalls, and shoulder pads. 'llhe couple was presented wifh ration stamps for a pair of shoes Csoniedayl. Musie was furnished by lVilliam Allbaugh who played records over The seliool public address sysfem. Iiee f'I'C2ll1l was served at intermis- sion by Miss Kaplan and Miss Nelson. Seventy-nine 'A' Bobby, Joe, and Pat, inspect frog while Art and Harry study radio General Class s I'l"ll a i'orv.'a1'cl look at niili- tary serviee and stilfer ,ioh eonlpetition, Anies lligh students put new vigor and seriousness into their studies the past Year. Al- though niany of the teaehers were new and totally unfainiliar with the hundreds of new students they were to teaeh, hoth teaehers and pupils did eonnnendahle jobs in their respeetive eapaeities. It was obvious that Anies High had its eye on post-war world af- fairs as it undertook the mastery of world geography and inter- national relations, both taught by Miss Harriett Beattie. Also along world wide lines was Miss Mary lvliglh ty MeNally's world literature eourse, Whieh not only gave a good out- line of the literature of foreign eountries hut taught us the atti- tudes and eharaeteristies of foreign peoples. 'llhe usual groans, sc-rateliings on heads, and other sounds of learning drifted under the door of 110 as Mr. xvllllillll Slaiehert explained the workings of the niost interest- ing subjeet of trigonoinetry. Every- thing froni functions to niantissas was eovered in this semester eourse. Uheniistrv this year was taught by Mr. XV. H. Bartlett, one of Annes High's new teachers. This enlightening eourse switehed from -ni -A' Better grooining discussion, perhaps leeture periods to laboratory work, frequently giviiig the pupil a ehanee to iind for lll11lS0lf 801110 answers to tl1e deep mysteries of 0l10llll4'2ll equations. 'Po enable all boys to be better iit for the future, tl1ey were also re- quired to take either hasie lllllill or algebra ll. Both of these eourses were under the guidanee of Miss Ruth Miller. The whys Zlllil ll0VVS of eireles a11d squares reeeived a thorough going-over i11 Miss Ruth Miller's geonietry elasses tl1is year as this course prepared pupils for 111Ol'C advaneed ll12lill01112lill'S. All SOlll01' boys found theni- selves square 11p against a SCIIIQS- ter of iirst-aid tl1is year, a11d 111ost of tl1e111 found tl1e eourse interest- ing' a11d helpful. Altliough IIIZIHY of us thought there was son1e exeess banging 'D if Mr, Hartt shows principles of physics eoining from the shop during the sehool year, Mr. Merritt Melbergis auto-nieelianies boys were really preparing themselves for the ini- mediate jobs as Uncle S21lll,S help- ers and later post war 1l1Cl'll2llllC2ll jobs. Again this year ll0lllO Eco- noniies was offered to boys of the .lunior illlil Senior elasses. The eourse was lllllltll' tl1e direction of Miss Florenee Adolph and inelud- ed 111211111913 and eooking asiwell as learning how to take eare of their elothes. More edueational guidanee and eareer preparation than ever was oifered this year. Pupils were i11- strueted why all tl1e suhjeets they were taking' were neeessary for later learning and livingg a better understanding as to the "why" of it all was reeeived. A Vocation Day was held to help High ty-one if Are your cues all set, Jean and Bill? students decide about careers. 'llhe program was under the direction of Miss Fern llartsook and a stu- dent committee headed hy Gerhard Brahms. Speakers were brought in from all over tl1e country to tell students what careers in their par- ticular tields had to offer. Students were given an opportunity to ex- press their occupation preferences so that the desired speakers could he arranged for. Every tield from medicine to FBI work was repre- sented. Seniors were given tests to help determine their vocation interests and aptitudes. 'llhe program was under the direction of John Holmes from Iowa State Vollege. Upon completion of the tests each senior was given a personal interview hy a memher of the personnel depart- ment of the college to analyze and Etjlllfjl-f1l71I l 1 i -A' More lab., Chem this time advise them upon the results of the tests. . For the second year in Ames High a third semester physics course has been offered. This course is concerned with the fundamentals of radio. It offers the boys enroll- ed an opportunity to construct radios as well as to learn why they work. This course, as well as first year physics was taught by Mr. D. G. Hartt. Intermingled with ttda-dits" from radio code room and the snap of typewriter keys from the commercial rooms, the sounds of a busier year than ever faded into the distant rumble of a world at war and the classes for another year were swallowed up by time. What to do with Germany -A' Dick, E102111111', R1111011, M211'g211'0t, C. B. KPl'l' HAT S111111111 130 110110 1Vi111 1'11s1-NV211' f101'1l1311Y,,, was 1110 Sll11,1l'1'T 111 OSSZIYS w1'i11011 115' s111d0111s of 1110 l1l1lO1'11'2l11 11is1111'y 211111 111111-111 11is1111'y 1-121ss0s for 1110 21111111211 A11101'i02111 110g'i1111 ESS213' 0111110s1. Fi1's1 1112100 wi111101's, E102111111' f11121s0, j1111i111', of 1110 girls' divi- si1111, 211111 R111101'1 1i01'g2Q11l0j'Q1', s11p1111111111'0, of 1110 1111ys' divisi1111. 2lg'1'00l1 111211 G01'1112111y 11111s1 110 111'- 1'1111i0d 211111 0111111'11110d. E102111111' w1'1110: "To i1111i1f1 1fl'1101 211111 11211's11 p1111is111110111S O11 1116 1121151011 W1111111 110 10 110115' 1110 very 111-1111-i111eS for w11i011 W0 211'0 iig111i11g, 11111 W0 11111s1 11111 f111'g'01 111211 W0 go as 1'4111l1l101'0YS, 11111' 101 11111' 0111-111i0s f111'g'01 1111s. R11110r1 said: '1T110r0 11111s1 be 1-11111111010 211111 01111111 11is211'111211110111 of 2111 G01'1112111 A11111011 f111'00s. A11 111i1i121ry 1r21i11i11g 11111s1 110 11is01111- 1i1111011. 'I7110 01111q11ere11 12111113 S111111111 110 1'01111'11011 111 1110ir 1'ig111f111 11w11- l'1'S.,, M211'g:111'01 F11w101' 211111 Dick Rey- 1111111s VV011' S00111111 1112100 wi111101's. '17110 W1'i101's 111? 1110 fOlll' wi1111i11g 0ss21.Vs, s0101'1011 fl'0l11 186 01111'i0s, w01'0 111'0s0111011 111011211s i11 il s1101:i211 2lSSOIl1111Y 115' Dr. C. B. Kerr, 131121i1'- 1112111 of 1110 1110211 1101111111 1-1111111111100 1111 lXl11Q1'11'Rll1SH1. I'.'i!lII I 11- 1 I1 we t Mary Jean and Bob ai' Jean and Max t Andy and Rick l'fl!lllf,ll-ffllll' Sea rcely Ever Together tB0bby and Harold if Elaine and Jerry 'A' Phyllis and Sammy Summary of Year MES High has struggled through another war year. In spite of shortages of teachers, equipment and all, the same old standards have been maintained. VVith many of the old faculty mem- bers in service, and the boys all aware that they might be soon, we have all been very "war conscious. " Perhaps before this book is out the war in Europe will be over. Our thoughts and prayers are ever with the boys "over there" as they push across Germany. We realize the severe fighting that will be neces- sary in the Pacific with the hor- rors of Iwo Jima fresh on our lips. Still we have not forgotten that we are high school students and must maintain standards left for us. For the first time since 1936 our boys have captured the state basketball tourney. We gave them a really rousing reception to show how we felt about that. Why, we have even had boys on both first all state teams, Jim Buck placed as forward in basketball, and Jerry Galvin at guard in football. Jerry really did himself proud by also being made forward on the second all-state basketball. Even though the stepped up pace of the times, we have found time for dates and the traditional "steadies." The "Cyclone Cen- ter," new recreation center, was launched and proved very success- ful. VVe'll always remember Elaine and Jerry with their everlasting banter over any and all topics. The dark and light have attracted again for Andy and Rick. Every head turns as they approach. The endurance displayed by the music organizations astounded us all as they prepared for the Spring Festival at Boone as well as giving their regular spring concerts. Something new was added in the concert in the use of scenery. The glee club girls were clad in peasant shirts and white blouses and stood behind white picket fences covered with vines. On the sides of the stage were trees. The mixed chorus sang in the informal atmosphere of a gypsy camp. Each member was dressed in a gypsy costume. Their pieces included several gyp- sy numbers. Attending the tri-city festival were Boone, Fort Dodge and Ames. Noble Caine conducted the vocal music group and Henri Pensis the instrumental. The festi- val was held in Boone. The spring program was also given for a high school assembly and at Welch J un- ior High. Yes, with the school year nearly completed we would be making no brash claim to call it highly success- ful. Eighty-five gli Ol? I2 5 8 4' 1: 765 4 G w ffzy 2 , - if A viz" 5 1 ?r',3 ' .4 ,Z ,I ,A In ZZ: 1. o 2 1- 5 9 ,- gg E 2 12 ' Qty E i L- Q31 v Q 3 1 5 S e ' " , 3:4--55 f " XX f 24 - 1-ME wk iv : ' j,?2ri"? 1 V " ' ' mt: gf F ' 1 f 'INZL' fi 23 , -v':-1' xx' Q3 QE rf: Q M 'El jg. U ,,, QQ smug! f 5 X W 44 7 - '-4 rvgtcf- P4153- X ff! Z3 'Fx PRINCIYIDL f NN Q ' FRIVRTE. "gQ- 0 Q 6 " X L' ii W X Q P 4 9444 ff 1 2 1- .r sg JD Q' xg Z5 ' f 0' X f f' Y fy I ff ' kg f q Pm f' 4 Q T? I ,K Q 'P K Y ug. 7 FOXHOLE 141 ALLIED FIGHTING LINES SOMEWHERE OVERSEAS DEAR Kms: It seems hard to realize, now, that I was strolling through the hallowed halls of old Ames High a short time ago. Now in- stead of sweating out uneasy moments in "death row" I must remain in a foxhole. I even remember the time I spent in lab, both Chem and Physics, and then stayed up all the night before notebooks were due, because I was too lazy to do it the easy way. It makes all of us over here glad to know that school affairs are going much as usual. Of course there is nothing unusual about being state basketball champs. That sounds like a really super demonstration. There was a time when my main job was to keep the bench warm, but I imagine even these fellows were tired after that Muscatine game. Now I know the way I could get a ride on that fire truck. I have always wanted one. Everything must be very different there what with the new faculty and all. I'm glad the new principal has made such a hit. Well, its getting a little dark to write, now, so I'll sign off. Remember to keep home just the same because that is what we want to have when we get back. . Yours, OLD GRAD 3 Eighty ir The cherished Green Jug i' Ames beauties t Can you see your face yet, Dorothy? School Calendar N SEPTEMBER 5 the doors of Ames High were swung open to welcome the Hood of re- turning students. From bewilder- ed sophs to mighty seniors the day was marked as one of the most important of the year. Held in the gym this year was the traditional Newcomers' party on SEPTEMBER 15. The event was highlighted by the number of teachers as well as students who were new. Long awaited by all the students the Cyclone Center opened its doors for the first time on SEP- Eighty-eight TEMBER 28. The iirst after-game dance was held following the Mar- shalltown game on SEPTEMBER 29 with the crowd literally rocking the floor. Held as a night game instead of the traditional Armistice Day, the Boone-Ames battle was fought on NOVEMBER 2. Boone guests were entertained at the Cyclone Center following the game. Giving Ames a new dramatics experience was the Drama Club presentation of Thornton Wilcler's Our Town on NOVEMBER 17. The traditional Girl's Candle- light service was enlarged to in- elude chorus and ehoir as Well as Crlee Club on DECEMBER 21. As a final send off to the old semester the Ration Stamp Was held o11 JANUARY 17 with Jerry Galvin and Elaine Vifquain pre- siding as Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae. Reverend A. N. Rogness gave ad- viee o11 how to lead a better life during Friendship Week from FEBRUARY 6-9. 'llhe traditional Mother-Daughter Tea was given during this Week. The oriental presided during the presentation by the junior class play Lost Horizon on FEBRU- ARY 9. Cn MARCH 7 An1es started on the road to victory in the district meet at Boone. The most talked of event in sehool life happened for Ames on MARCH 24 as they defeated Muscatine to beeome State Basketball Champions. Comedy was the keynote for the senior class as they presented You Urm't Take It W'zTfla You as their play on APRIL 27. ir Harold Gaskill posed as model for one of the photographers to be used in a Svmrr advertisement. When it was not possible to use the picture in the ad we decided that in deference to Harold and the photographer we would paste his face here. Eighty- BACK Row: John Taylor, Roger Roberg, Rolland Knight, Jack Fincham, John Angle FRONT Row: Nancy Neff, Marian Chesling, Mrs. Boyer, Jean Jones, Joyce Edgar Cyclone Center TRAINS of "Tuxedo J unc- tion," clamors of 'tOne Black and lVhite," and sundry other ex- clamations of joy, sorrow, or what have you, issue forth from that only place of its kind in the state- the Cyclone Center. Through the hard work and ef- fort of Roger Roberg and the thorough cooperation of all Ames High and the backing of the Whole city, cleaning, painting, redecorat- ing and management was ably man- aged by student help. The "Center" is a Working democracy Within itself. Mrs. Lowell Boyer acted as the super- visor this first year. Working With Mrs. Boyer is the governing board composed of nine students Ninety and nine adults. Each student is head of a committee with an adult as adviser. The committees pro- vide supervision on such matters as Employment-Workers for the Center, Policy-deciding how mat- ters Will be rung Membership- enlargingof House-set rules on how students should act, Finance- Working for contributions and keeping track of expenses. To aid in the financial status a paper drive was held which netted 95250. Membershipicards and con- tributions from interested persons enabled the program to be started. The Cyclone Center is open to all members from high school and from ninth gradesf in the junior high schools. ' Adult Education -A' Mr. Tuthill relearns mechanics HE Ames Public Schools of- fered iive different courses in the Adult Education program this year as a service to the people of Ames and vicinity, thus providing townspeople an opportunity to learn new subjects or brush-up on old ones. The program proved satisfactory to both pupils and teachers. The iirst semester got under way with enrollment at 7 :15 the evening of November 1, 1944. The class fees were two dollars for the eight week session. One hundred and nine persons registered in the five classes and met every week on Wediiesday nights in the class rooms of Ames High where in- structors awaited them. Typing II was designed for those who desired 311 opportunity to re- gain or improve their skills. Miss Canvin was the teacher. Instruction in hand woodwork- ing, machine woodworking, and Wood finishing was given by Mr. Merritt Melberg in the Woodcraft class. For those interested in making attractive and useful novelties such as aprons, blockprints and stencils was Mrs. Lucille Everds' class in applied design. Nineteen were en- rolled in this course. Of special interest to business and professional girls and young married women who are doing their own cooking was the course entitl- ed "The Supper Club." This group of twenty-six was taught by Miss Florence Adolph. Ninety- COLLEGETOWN STUDIO "0yj'1iciaI Plzofographers for the Bomb" HIJll0t0gl"!lIllIS of Distinctflon have made us official photographers for the Iowa State College Bomb Make an appointment for your "Plwfografphl of Distinction" COLLEGETOWNt STUDIO F. L. Huntley Velma M. Maxheim Owner Manager and Photographer 109 Welch HHN U Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1945 ' I 3 -, f . O14 FH IAL PHOTOGRAPHERS f 'rl SPIRIT SiI10C1936 UHJU Nineiy-four AMES- Home of Champions t 'A' 'A' Tilden's congratulates Anies High and it's Basket- hall Team for proving again that here in the heart of Iowa we have the finest people and opportunities in the world. Iowa is the best state in the nation. Ames is the best eity i11 Iowa. Let 's all remeniber that. Far-away iields may seeni greener, but they rarely are. From where we stand, they never are. Be proud to live in Anies, the finest homegcity in Aineriea. i' i 'A' TlLDEN'S FOFNDED 1869 Established for T6 Years on the Fonfirlenee of Our Patrons Ninety-five Cqngratulations to the Class of 1945 and Best Wishes for I Your Future 63:2 TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO PRINTERS OF THE 1945 SPIRIT PI-ICNE 180 s of a sz' -0 if sms -s sig me 'evo amy, f N ,vp e Q32 MQ? sigvwsxetsvffgiifs i33msfsQ'eJ'XSfs'0w?Cf5 JEQQL weak fr JC' 8:2 cl-5 you not cle: dc' I' 689 Q3 534 qw 99? :D ? 5552 agum ix Q! 6 S' 4 f ' Cv' eg 3,15 'a C0 law 2602 gf? 332 ,Pg 4251 Q32 2 t t t og, he l-lere s he po o op 1 9 f ly? When you Hi-Teeners are looking y W for the clothes that are strictly 5th mg Avenue . . . then come to Younkers 5515 Ames Store. Here are the grooviest 35" no fashions . . . your sharpest clothes, Qc: K' 55 designed with neat lines. Q Wo Q00 Sw 3 - 35 For fellows . . . all the latest "reet" W Q90 . . u 0 will sportswear and suits. For girls . . . Aiwa a - . 6,55 super-solid styles for all day long. For it family and the gang . . . super-duper Q gifts that will really send them out I7 of this world! UZ Q 232 52 dwg, l 9 can rr. Q V U N K E I2 S Q 'iii Q 232 we AMES STCDRE ol' 338' 'W . Q: 322 Main Street Q ' o 235 ANG We 0 GMQ Cv we NG ,M we ff www: 'rf who owes its Qllv 'Jie QSNQ QU 523341 sais as effkfgob 02615 92 Q Q 2262352 READ THE HIGH sCHooL's OWN NEWSPAPER "Ames I-Iigh Weekly Web" Printed Each Tuesday During che School Year in the AMES DAILY TRIBUNE 16 THOUSAND ITEMS For your convemfence if Be it some small item-a screw-a tack or a bolt Or a complete heating plant for your home We Want your patronage and try to conduct our business so as to deserve it. ff PAINT - STUVES - FURNACES - CHINAWARE - TOYS RADIOS - REFRIGERATORS - WASHING MACHINES COOKING WARES AND HOUSEVVARES OF MANY KINDS CARR HARDWARE CD. Phone 124 tu ght 1 Flozivvrx can conirvy so well 7'lmuVgln'.w you do so zum! in 1011 IJSllI'f"ifIN'lf in cusvs ll'1IOI'6 You, uvmf fo slzou' you I :willy Carr That is why he chose- a corsage from COE'S FLDWER SI-ICPS Sheldon-Munn Hotel Phone 111 A 1lf'1f0T"liZ!'d Ellfvnzbvrs Floristiv Twlffgraph Df'li17f'T1l Assn. To a Secure Future . . . ' VVv are :ill working for thc Ovciituail victory. To sovuro this dream many boys from this and other Q high schools have given their lives. Tho Lvast NVQ Hvrc Fan D0 Is to I-sri' 1 aoNns and STAMPS HANSON LUMBER CC. sown DUFF AMES, 10W A Ninety-nine HILIJS STUDIO Commercial and Portrazt Photography if ff if Congratulations to the Class of ,45 Ames High School i i i 2530 Lineoln Way' Phone I3 K lndivicluality in Good Furniture g FURNITURE sToRE I-IGVERSTEN Admiral Refrigerators The famous Ostermoor and and Radios i Sealy Mattresses 3619.50 - PF-19.50 Armstrong and Nairn Floor Uoverings i i We carry one of the largest stocks of Inlaid Linoleum in Also Firth, Alexander Smith and Story County Mohawk Carpeting PHONE 66 412 MAIN AMES, IOWA hand d Prehm Transfer 64 Storage Co. i' lVe Specialize in Local and Long Distance Hauling 'A' SHIPPING-PACKING LIGHT BAGGAHE TRANSFER FUMIGATING SERVICE 420 Main Phone 2700 SEN IORS - JUNIORS - SOPI-IMORES - FRESHMAN You are all out for the best grades possible. This of course is largely up to you, but the help you get from having the right supplies is important too. A good note book in whieli to keep your work, a good fountain pen to make 'writing easier and better, at typewriter for home use to type notes and praetiee typing, all are important. Our job is to furnish your supplies. We are continually trying to give you the best available at the lowest cost. REYNGLDS 64 IVERSEN one hundred on WITH BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS AMES HIGH SCHOOL 1945 Xesxlildtly if 9 Sys' six-9-.s1xXw.1wW' "Sf, 5 PRHLEE NW, Maggy.. sr ,, X mg HI is xv 5' 1 , S,.,...T , fafffiggi .Just South of the ' f' Tracks on Kellogg Sovereign Grill 4'Linc0ln Way and Hayward" 'A' 'A' 'A' Congratulations to the Class of ,45 Ames High School sovERE1GN GRILL Opening Hour 3:oo p. m. Because of shortage of help and food rationing TOM'S GRILL now opens at 3:oo p. m. Come in then and enjoy our always ECONOMIC!-XL PRICES. 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"Drink a Bite to Eat at 10, 2, and 4" one hundred three IaQ5:iQz'a.j'inl4QeQ1i4i.5'I'H 'IiiQ.LLiigiQw MUNN LUMIZER COMPANY 107 E. Main Phone 2 SCHOENEMAN BROS. LITMBER CO. Lumber--Paint-Coal West End of Main Phone 264 Candy THE CANDY KETTI E Home Made Candy and Confections 2412 Lincoln Way Phone 2063 Clnlropractor - DR. C. B. KERR Chiropractor 501 Main Street AMES DENTAL STUDY CLUB wW"'5flQLgQjiQig'"""""' BROOKER DRUG STORE Hotel Sheldon-Munn Prescription Druggists DIXONiS Cut Rate Drug Store Ames, Iowa JUDISCH BROS. PHARMACISTS Whitman's and Mrs. Stover's Candy Phone 70 We Deliver PETERSON DRUG CO. "IIN" """"""""""""""" "Drugs etc." Cleaners and Laandere rs 2816 West Street Phone 2865 AME S LAUNDRY SPRIGG 'S PHARMACY Phone 47 The-Rexall-Store Professional Laundry Servic West Ames Phone 1030 AMES PANTORIUM Quality Cleaning, Repairing, Alterations Dry Goods 410 Douglas Phone 231 THE FAIR HAVVK E YE LAUNDRY Dry Goods-Ready to Wear-Shoes Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service AITIGS. 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TALBERT, JEWELER PHONE 820 Lawyers HAROLD O. HEGLAND 314175 Main Street Phone 531 CONOCO MOTEL Modern Cottages - Locked Garages East Lincoln Way 'HIRSCHBURG 8a REYNOLDS 30055 Main Street Phone 578 one huhdred flue LOUIS H. JUDISCH 20956 Main A Plumber Ph - one 268 - PALMER PLUMBING CO. H t. 1 P b. , . . SMITH sl SMITH, LAWYERS ea mg lumpgioieqlggfric Appliances IOOF BUILDING PHONE 397 ""' 'A'A' "'A""'A'A"'A'A"'A'A'A'A""'A"" """"""P" ' ' I """" ' Restaurants A Leather Goods CYCLONE GRILL , A1 G d F d D. PARSONS 2gxOiyiiI123lI1Wgg' Luggage and Leather Goods 31015 Main '-'-I-I-'ff-IfH'ff-I-I-I-'-'f-I-'-'-'-'-'-'-P'-If-'-2 DAIRY LUNCH , . Men 3 Olothtws THE BEST PLACE TO EAT DON BEAM MENSVVEAR HOSTETTER'S RESTAURANT FOOD AT ITS BEST JAMESON'S . - Young Men's Wearing Apparel L-WAY CAFE College Downtown Delicious Steaks 2418 Lincoln Way JOE,S MENS SHOP 2 ' f Y ' Cl h r Comm te L5222oLi,,'I,2T,i,,1fffns Ot QS MAIDEITE SANDWICH SHOP HIT"-'A'C:III'O'A'Aix'-'L'O'A'A'M'IO'IAII"O'A'IA "F th B t H b ' T " Muszeal Instruments or e es am wager m Own ESCHBACH MUSIC HOUSE C0n'Q3:f3Q?nI'1Ligr:5Qents 2812 West Street SCOTTY'S CHICKEN INN Sandwiches, Steak, Ice Cream 3332 Lincoln Way Phone 1831 JENSEN OPTICAL CO. HIGH GRADE LENSES - TROWS DR. L. C. TALLMAN Optometrist 309 Main Phone 205-J VARSITY CAFE -'--of--I-I-A P--P-I-I-A-P-ff--'-I-A-'ff-I-I-If-P-of--I-'-'-I-H By the Campus Osteopalth 2508 Lincoln Way DR. J. H. HANSEL WAYSIDE INN Osteopath After School It's Mickey's for a Coke 505 Kellogg 405 Main Paint - Glass - Awnings Service Stations IRVINE BRINTNALL 'S Paint and Wallpaper Store Standard Oil Products Artist Materials 416 Burnett Phone 418 ORNING GLASS AND AWNING CO. FREEL Quality Mirrors and Awnings Complete Auto Service General Glasswerk 2602 Lincoln Way . Phone 95 One hundred six FALL OIL CO. FALL INN GUI RUNYAN'S D-X SERVICE Always Dependable" 'm7'tiil6l-W LAWRIE THE TAILOR 302 Kellogg Ave. Suits Made to Order Lincolnway 8: Duff Phone 597 I I v I I I W I I I I YATES SERVICE STATION , K 1 u one Stgp Service Colleglan - New Ames' - VHFSIIQ' - Capitol 327 5th Phone 58 Theaters of Ames ,,,.,,,,,,. ,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,.,,,,, Joe V. Gerbrach Phone 101 Shoes ' ""'A'E'E"" ' - Transportatzon BAUGE SHOE STORE 204 Main Street Supreme Shoe Service MIDWEST TRANSIT LINES Serves Ames High Daily Phone 1326 BRANNBERGHS Properly Fitted YELLOW CAB COMPANY 317 Mam St' Sheldon-Munn Hotel Ph 116 EMERHoFF's Dependable Footwear 219 Main Women? Apparel TRUEBLOOD SHOES LILA B. FROMM Good Shoes Ready to Wear and Accessories 2544 Lincoln Way Phone 1004 313 Main Phone 830 Abbott, Betty . . 20 Auringer, June . . 20, 40 Adams, Mr. Frank 6 Baker, Dean ..... 31, 61, 69 Adams, Mr. Herbert Adolph, Miss Florence . Akin, Charles . Alcock, Richard Aldinger, Karl . Allbaugh, William Allen, Juanita . Allen, Marjorie Amme, Marjorie . Anderson, Betty Anderson, Dick . Andrus, Lew . Angle, Elmer . Anton, Marjorie . Armstrong, Norval Arnold, Charlotte Arnold, Richard . 14. 16. Arnold, Stanley . Arrasmith, David Arrasmith, Dick . . . 5,7 . . 8 58, 62, 68, 69 Baker, Harlan . Ballard, Albert . 16, Ballard, Don . . . . . 20, 58 34, 52, 56, 58, 59, 62, 66, 69, 72 . . . . . 31 34, 38, 52, 72 Ballard, Eugene 68, 69, 72 16, 31, 55 Ballard, Velma . . 31 54, 55, 71, 82 Bappe, Bob . . . 34 . . 34 Barger, Dale . . . 34 47, 48, 73, 88 Barnes, Harriet . . 20, 42, 44, 51 . . 20 Barnett, Dorothy . . 31, 45, 49 47, 73, 75, 84 Barr, Bob . . . . 31 . . 31 Barrett, Winifred . . 34 . 34, 48 Bartlett, Mr. Wesley . 8, 34 20, 58, 59, 68 Bates, Arnold . . 34 . . 20 Batman, Russell . . 20 54, 55, 69, 72 Beam, Elizabeth . . 20 20, 44, 51 Beard, Elizabeth . . . 31 . 34, 48 Beattie, Miss Harriett . . 8, 18 . 16, 34 Bechtel, Dave . . . 16 20, 52, 58 Becker, Ronald . . . 34 16, 31, 53 Beckley, Jay . . 20, 54, 55 one hundred seven Bell, Darlene Berg, Pauline . Berhow, Dick . Berry, Barbara . Blanchard, Alice Blom, Peter . Bond, Mary Jean . Borgmeyer, Robert Bourne, Alvin . Bourne, Richard Bower, Miss Edna . Bowers, Bonnie . Bowers, Shirley . Boyer, Mrs. Lowell Bradish, John . Brahms, Gerhard . Brandt, Mr. Frank Braun, Roger . . Breckenridge, Eleanor Breckenridge, Esther Brebn, Dale . . Bretnall, Milly . Brintnall, Mr. N. J. Brooker, Clarence Brouhard, John . Brown, Elsie . Brown, Imogene Brown, Norman . Brown, Robert . Buck, Jim . 16,18, Burk, Marjie . . Burneson, Shirley Burnham, Wilma Butler, Mary Lou . Butters, Lauren . Caldwell, Nancy . Canvin, Miss Madeline Carlson, Ruth . Carter, Shirley Carty, Jim . . Chambers, Dolores . Chase, Elinor . . Chesling, Marion . Christenson, Mary Lou Christianson, Ernest Christofferson, Floyd Clapp, Dorothy . Clapp, Richard Clark, Marjorie . Cleary, Richard . Clemens, Pat . Cleverley, Harold , Cody, William .' Coe, Ramona . Cole, Bruce . Comstock, Bob Cook, Frank . Cooper, Louis . One hundred eight 31 . . . 3-1 . 34, 69 20, 46, 47, 52, 73, 78 . . 11, 31, 53 . 31, 61, 69 20, 44, . 14 11, 14 20, 47, 58, 36, 39, 46, 47, 48, 50, 73 16, 31, 45, 55, 83 . 16,31 10,20,5s,6s . . 52,53 . 20 . 34 . . 90 . 11,34 15, 16, 18, 20, 58 . . 8, 40 . . 34 30, 31, 45, 49, 53 30, 31, 45, 49, 53 34, 58, 59, 69 34, 40, 43, 53, 73 . . 6 . . 20 . . 61 11,15,19,20,51 . 34,54,55 . 16, 31, 53, 61 . . 34, 55 59,62,64,70,72 . . 20,52 . . 52 . . 34 11, 31, 45, 53, 73 . . .20 36,46,52,53 . . 3,38 . . 20 31,52,55,73 . . 31 . . 31,53 . 36,54,s3 42,47,48,73,90 . . 20,52 . . 31 36,58,69 . . 31 31,61 31 . , 31 11,36,48 . . 20 . 31,49,50 . . 31,53 . . . 31 20,54,55,71J2 . . 31,55 69 Cottrill, Walter . Covey, Mr. Hiram Cox, Mary . Coy, Dorothy Craig, Betty . Craig, Mildred A. Bailey, Dorothy . Daine, John . Daley, Robert Daugherty, Joe . Davis, Harry . Davis, Marvin . Day, Lyla , . Day, Mr. Richard . De La Hunt, Stanley . 31, 53, 55, Dempsey, Mrs, Sadie Denby, Charles . Dietz, Anita . Dietz, Phil . Dietz, Sam . Dobbe, Herbert . Dodd, Charles . Downs, Don . Dryer, Bob . . 9, 38, 57, 58, 14,31,45, . . 36, 58, Duvall, George . 16, 36, 58, 62, 64, Dyas, Mary . . . . Ecker, Peder . . . . Edgar, Joyce . 18, 23, 42, Edgar, Margaret . . 30, Edmand, Caroline Edwards, Mr. David Edwards, John . Egemo, Robert Elliott, Donald . Elliott, Mrs. Grayce Ellsworth, Arlene . Elwell, Joe . Elwood, David . Emery, Ronald . Erickson, Harold . Ernst, Robert . Ersland, Jo Ann Eschbach, Phyllis . Everett, Bud . Fenley, John . Ferguson, Alice Ferguson, Frank Finch, Betty . Finch, La Nette . Fincham, Jack . Firth, Miss Margaret Fisher, Nancilue Fitch, David . Fitch, Faith . Fitz, Robert . Forsyth, Norman Forsyth, Pat . F'owler, Jane . 130 . 36, 58 . 15, 18 53 62 52 31 68 44 31 16 32, 62, . 23, 40, 44, . 36, 40 11 36 54 67 55 23, 49 14 69, 47 45 36 32 32 36 36 49 66 32 41 23, 51, 58 48 49 41, 32i 9 1 1 r 20 69 36 31 31 31 51 69 61 80 80 69 73 55 69 10 71 53 58 8-4 36 67 36 31 72 53 55 90 54 53 6 69 69 23 12 53 55 61 32 36 69 73 73 69 69 49 43 36 32 90 73 73 36 49 36 69 73 53 Hammond, Norma . Fowler, Margaret Galvin, Jerry 18, GarHeld,David Gaskill, Harold Genaux, Ann Genaux, Charles Gerdes, Lynn . Gibbs, Lauren . 23, 43, 44, 58, 59, 23, 47, 58, 59, Gibbs, Pauline .... Gill, Homer . Gore, Bruce Gould, Gloria . Gould, Janet . Graft, Jane . Graves, Kenneth Green, Don . Grinstead, Ted Gross, Barbara Grothe, Leland Gutman, Jack Hainer, John Halden, Frank 11, ,35, 38, 58, 62, 65, 72, 90 Hanger, Kenneth . Hansel, John . Harlan, Jean . , Harper, Dean . Harrison, Fred Hartsook, Mis Fern Hartt, Mr. Kenneth Hartt, Mr. D. G. Haugen, Ann Haugen, Charles Hegland, Richard Hendrickson, Elizabeth . . Hendrickson, Robert . Jebousek, Kay . Jensen, Harris . Jensen, Howard . Jewell, Lois . . Joannides, Dorothy Johns, Eleanor . Johns, Gloria . Johnson, Everett Johnson, Lois . Johnston, Joan . J ondall, Betty . Jones, Darlene . J one , Dolores . Jones, Jean . Jones, Maynard . Kaplan, Miss Esther Kauffman, Ruth . Keller, Dorothy Kerr, Dr. C. B. . Kershner, Diana . Kester, Miss Florence Kincheloe, Ray . King, Thomas . Kleese, James . Kline, Lois . Knight, Jack . Knight, Rolland . Knuths, Constane . Knuths, Robert Knuths, Ruth ' . Knutson, Astrid . Kooser, Ray . Kyle, Virginia . Lake, Jim . Lande, George . Lantz, David . Hines, Donald . Hines, Max . r Hines, Robert Hippaka, Bill . Hixon, Raymond . 32, Larson Jeanne A. . Larson, Jeanne L. Larson, Jim , Larson, Max . Larson Virginia Hocker, John Hohenshell, Muriel . . Holl, Bruce . Holland, Chester Holler, Peggy Honsinger, Edith 16, 17, 23, 44, . . . Horn, James . Hotchkiss, Alicia Hotchkiss, Donald House, Ronald Howell, Mr. Frank B. . Hukill, Virginia Inman, Marjorie Irving, Roberta Iverson, Myron Jackson, Norman Jacob, Phyllis . 14, La Velle, Barbara . Lawlor, Conrad . Lechner, Frank Lidell, Oma Jane . Light, Barbara . Litchfield, Commodore Litchfield, Dorothy Livingston, Barbara Lodden, Dolores . Long, Bob . Loomis, Robert Lorton, Deborah Loving, La Donna Lynne, Morna . Magill, Diana . Mallam, Edward . Malmberg, Peggy 23, 48 32 . 32 . 23, 48 36, 52 32 36 32 . . . . 36 15, 23, 46, 47, 52, 73, 82 . . . . 36 . . . 36 . . . 32, 73 32, 53, 73, 82, 84, 90 . . . 23 . 8, 51 . 35, 53 23, 88 . . 83 32, 49, 53 . . . 9 . . 23,7o,72 . 32,61,67,68,69 . 24,5s,11 . . . 24,53 . . . 32,49 . . . . 32 . 35, 40, 69 . 11, 24, 42, 53 35, 48, 54 . 32,53 . . 32 . 33, 53, 69 . . . 35 . 35, 43, 52, 70, 81 . . . 35, 53 35, 38, 47, 48, 52, 73 . . 24, 54, 55 . . 33 . . 24, 51 . 19, 24, 43, 51, 73 . . . 33 . 24, 58, 71 . 15, 24, 42, 48, 73 . . 33, 55 33, 61, 67, 69 . . 33 . 33, 49, 53 . 33, 49, 54, 55 . 16, 35, 49, 45, 69 11, 35, 39, 45, 53, 55 . . . 33 . 35 24, 73 . 35, 51 16, 35, 52 . 24 one hundred nine Maney, David . Markley, Caroline . Markt, Doris . Marrs, Jack . . Martin, Arthur . 14, Martin, Bill . . Marvin, Shirley . Mason, Ben . Mason, Virginia . Mather, Richard Matters, Betty . McCann, Josephine . McClelland, Catharine . McClure, Jon . . McClure, Mary Lynn . McColly, La Vone . McCormick, Mary McCoy, Bob . McDonald, Janet . McElyea, Joan . McFarland, Bob . . McGavran, Margaret . McKee, Pat . . McKelvey, Martha . McKinley, Marjorie . McLaughlin, Blossom McLaughlin, Douglas McMillin, Miss Leta . McNally, Miss Mary . McNeil, Don . McNutt, Franklin Meek, Keith . . Meeker, Prof. W. H. Melberg, Mr. Merritt . Merrill, Bill . . Miller, Alyce . . 24 Miller, Lois . . . Miller, Miss Ruth Miller, 'Virginia Minott, Glenn . Mitchell, Carolyn . Mitchell, LeRoy . Mitchell, Sammy Molleston, Jerry Moody, Rosemary . Moore, Owen . Morford, Shirley . Morris, Day . Morris, Jim . Morris, Robert Morris, Walter . Morrison, Beatrice . Morrissey, Barbara Mueller, Marlyn . Munn, Fritz . Murray,Dr. W. G. . Myers, Mary Jo . Nass, Edwin . One hundred ten 16, 35, 42 18, 24, 52 . 24 . 35 18, 24, 44 14, 18, 15, 16, 24 41, 47, 48 24, 43 .15 . 35, 40, Neff, Marion . . Nelson, Miss Charlotte Nelson, Donald . Netcott, Gloria . Netcott, Janice . Nichols, Wanda . Nicholson, Jack . . Nodland, Mr. Marvin T, Odell, Jane . . . Olsan, Charlotte Ohlson, Anita . Olson, Coleen . Olson, Dean . Olson, Ramona . O'Neil, Rosella Overland, Karen . Parker, Lucille . Parkhouse, Beverly . Parriott, Richard . Payer, Don . . Penna, Betty Jo Perry, Robert . Peterson, Donald . Peterson, Mary Lou . Peterson, Wayne . Pickell, Celesta Piercy, Dr. K. C. . Pierson, Marilyn . Platt, Tom . Polhemus, Tam Porter, Phyllis . Powers, Mary . . Powers, Sally . . Prather, Mary Virginia Prehm, Darlene . Price, Bill . . Price, Harry . Price, Phyllis Pyle, Jane . . Ragsdale, Barbara Raver, Duane . Ray, Marlowe . Reichardt, Evalyeen . Rembold, Doris . . Reynolds, Dick . . Ricketts, Don . 14,18, 27, Riggs, Mary Alice . Robbins, Evie Lou . Robbins, Herbert . Robinson, Rosalie . Roberg, Roger . Rodgers, Betty Rodgers, Lester . . Rogness, Rev. Alvin N. Rorabaugh, Leroy , Ross, Betsy . Ross, Richard . . 37, 42 58, 59, 62 Rothacker,Mark . 11,16,33, 9, 35, 30, 16 11 15, 43 52 65 38 38 37, 61 48, 73 45, 47 27 33 33 . 33 33, 61 5, 6, 7 43, 48 51, 53 27 52, 53 35 35 47, 73 . 35 27, 51 35 33 . 69 27, 53 35 50, 58 35, 48 49, 50 27, 53 . 10 33, 53 16, 27 33, 53 47, 52 43, 45 35, 53 35 35, 53 27 39, 48 33 35, 50 27, 51 55, 58 37, 69 . 27 . 33 55, 83 69, 84 47, 52 54 58, 69 48, 51 44, 90 27, 73 . 37 46 33, 49 40, 48 37, 58 68, 69 Rude, Eugene . Rushing, Marylee . Ruth, Mrs. Louise A Ryan, Kenneth . Sayre, Miss Laura . Schanche, Dorothy Schmidt, Malcolm . Schneider, Bill . Schultz, Ted Scott, Ronald . Sevde, Richard . Seversike, Carroll . Severson, Mrs. Eleanor Severson, Paul . Sevey, Bob . . Shearer, Mary Jeanne Shipley, Richard . Shockley, Alice . Sjolander, Eric . Sjurson, Paul 14, 37, 52, 54 Slaichert,Mr. William Smith, Bill . . Smith, Elizabeth Smith, James . Smith, Marvin . Smith, Pat . Smith, Terry . Smothers, Mitsi . Soreghan, Phyllis . 14 11, 14 27, 55, 58 14 Sowers, Max 14, 16, 17, 33, 58, 62 Stahl, John . . Starbuck, Roberta Stevens, Dorothy Stevens, Velta . Stephenson, Bill . Stewart, Robert . Stewart, Oreta . Stoakes, Phyllis . Stock, Ellen . Stock, Rita . . Sumberg, Shirley . Summers, Phyllis . Sundall, Kenneth . Swank, Fred . Swanson, Bob Swenson, Norman Switzer, Delores Taylor, Donna Taylor, John . Taylor, Keith . Taylor, Raymond Terrones, John Thiel Dreston . Thomas, Lois Thomas, Velva Thomason, Daryl Thompson, Mary Jean . . Thompson, Phyllis . 28, 43, 44, 47, . Thompson, Ronald Thurmond, Frances Thurmond, Herbert Thurmond, Howard Thorburn, Virginia Thornton, Annabert Tilden, Bob . Tiller, Mr. Olav . Townsend, Marilyn Turner, George . Tweet, Benhart Uhl, Edward Ullestad, Don . Ullestad, Ione . Van Voorhis, Bob Vifquain, Elaine . . 28, 58 . 19, 28, 52 . 28, 68 . . 34, 69 . 34, 49, 54, 55 . . . 34 . 18, 28, 44, 58, 70, 71, 72 57, 58, 64, 68, 69, 72 . . 34, 53 . . 34, 68, 70 . 34, 55 . 34 . 37, 55, 69 . . 28, 53 28, 52, 55, 68, 70 11,18,28,43,52,73,79,82,84 Vifquain, Ned . 14, 16, 34, 45, 58, 59, 67, 68, 69 Vogt, Margarette Vore, Herman . Walker, Bob . Wall, Harold . Wallace, Keith . Wallace, Margaret Warrell, Barbara . . Warrell, Beverly . Warren, Alene . Weaver, Donald . Webb, Lillian . Webber, Marjorie Weber, Barbara . Westerveldt, Marion Wetteland, Connie Whitley, Mary . White, Arba . . . . 28 . . 34, 49, 69 . 34, 53, 45 . 28, 56, 58 . . . 37 40, 45, 48, 50, 51, 53 . . 37, 73 . 37, 73 . 37 . . . 34 . . . 37 37, 40, 53, 73, 75 14, 37, 40, 45, 48, 53 . . 34, 53 . . . 37 28, 43, 52, 73, 88 . . 37, 48, 50 Wilcox, Miss Edna G ..... 9, 47 Wilhelm, Max . Wilhelm, Myrna Wilkins, Joan . Willcox, Evelyn Williams, Miss Esther Willis, John . . Wilson, Duane Wilson, Nancy Winslow, Robert Woodard, Winona Wright, Barbara . Wunderle, Alita . Wyatt, William Wymore, Wayne . Youmans, Pamela Zanias,Ted . Zea, Dale . Zea, Elsie . . Zenor, Warren . Zimmerman, Miss Irma . Zoellner, Arthur . Zoellner, Mercier . 37, 55, 58, 62, 68, 69 . . 34, 49, 52 . 15, 28, 53, 73 . 37, 52, 53 . 11 . 11, 28 . 37, 58 34, 45, 49 . . . 34 . . 28, 47, 53 37, 45, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 11,15,a7, . . 34,55 2s,4s,52,5s,59 . . . 34 . za 37 28 37 . 13 . 28,80 . 37,61 one hundred eleven 'A' 'A' 'A' This is your bookg We're finally tliroiighg If yoifive got a kick coming TVe'll give it to you. . W 'A' 'A'

Suggestions in the Ames High School - Spirit Yearbook (Ames, IA) collection:

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