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fipwf b 14L,++ 1,m bmbsb1+ HM 'IWW' V , 2 I N A ,. A : :Y V uqbn ,qNw.,..x, ,,. . k ' ' . :-'- 'TWH 4 rin: " J V- K A - 521-' ii? V fx - ' .N 5114- .-V -1' ' I ' ' .31 .ff ' ' ' - ' . - f ,f, ., . . 1111111211 E 1 5 IQ SPIRIT FOR1 EDITOR :: EILEEN DUDGEON BUSINESS MANAGER :: PAT SHEARER ADVERTISING MANAGER :: DON DE LA HUNT SPONSOR::JOI-INHARMS f f :lv We, the Stude t Body, singing sweet songs, both old and new, present F HE SPIRIT in Nvwmn HWY-UNE 'HE YEARBOOK OF AMES HIGH SCHOOL AT AMES, IOWA "oE THESE WE sg QPR AISIN G its hopeful voice in song, looking ever toward the future, youth has furnished the inspi- ration for this record of high school life. We dedicate it to Democracy, the guiding note of our generation. Long may it strike the chord of harmony among fellow men! J ff w QF .HN at i 0 Qf X -41 is f B www W1 Hmm ADMINISTRATIQN SPQRTS SENIQRS ACTIVII IES UNDERCLASS SNQOPSHCDTS i sf 1.1-mmmmf - .fum -fn nu- f u.vL1-Nz., ,W-fm mm 1.z.u-mm --mm "O'ER THE RAMPARTS WE WATCI-IEDM ff 15 1' "-' ffiul! I2 H o H New Superintendent Finishes First year ERMINATING his lirst year as superintendent of the Ames School system, Leonard A. Steger has already introduced ideas which are in keeping with the progressive times. VVe Wish him all success in coming years at Ames! Page 8 V. Nl. Young Serves Ames for 'IO Years RIEND of all-partial to none--de- serving the admiration of students and teachers-is how We pay tribute to Verne M. Young for ten years of out- standing service as principal of Ames High School. 511111. l.. A. S11'f.fPl', Prof. W. H. Meeker, David E11WZl1'11S, Dr. A. D. Fe111111111n, N. J. B1'i11tn1111, 111-111. R. M. Vifq1111in, .1'1I'21ll1i B. Howell. Ames Senool Boarcl Allocates 120911481 Annually 1or Maintenance o1 Nine Schools 111: 11111 y1'111' 1941. 11111 131111111 111 111111l- R. D. 11l1111l1111111, 111'11si1l11111g IMIV111 11111- 1-11111111 1111111111111'i111111l 1142119.42-11 111 11111 w111'11s,V11-11-111'11si1111111g 111l'2l1l1i 11. 1I11w111l, A11111s 1'11l1li1- S1'111l111S flll' v111'i1111s lll11'- s111-1'111111'yg 11i1'11111 11111l1l1, 11'1111s111'111'. 1111s11s Sl11'11 11s 111111111 111111 1IlS1l'll1'1111llil1 0111111' 11111111l1111's 111'11 N. J. 11l'1ll11l2111,1q. s1111111li11s, 111111111 111'111111111i11s. 111111 111x1- M. Yi1'111111i11, 111111 XV. 11. 311'1'1i1'1'. '1'l111 l11111l1s. '1'l111 11111111131 11111' 111is 111111111111 s111-1'111111'y is 11111111i111111l l1y1l111 l111111'11 111111 111111111 11ll1lQ'1'1 is 11111-11i1'111l 11-11111 1-115' 111x11s 11111 11'1111s111'111' is 1'1111'1l'11. 111i11'1l 11111111l1111' 111111 S1i111'1ilX1'S, 111111 1S1'2l1'1'1cl111j' 11ivi1l1111 is1'1111i1'11111111111111111-11111111i111111111111 s111'1'11s 1.1b1'l1S1' 211111111Q:1111' S1'll1111lS. 1111 111111111111'. '1'l111 1111111 1-11111111i111111s 111'11: 'l'l111 111121111 1ll1'1ll111'l'S 111-11 111111-11111 111' 21 1111il11i11g', 111'11l1ll1lS, 111111 .11111i1111'sg 1111- Q,'1'll1'l'2l1 1-115' V11111 f111' 21 11'1'lll 111: 1l11'1111 1111111111 S1111111i11s 211111 11'11l'1'111lSil1g': j'1'2l1'S 111 1111 111111-111111 l1S1l21llj' 1111111 in '1'11111-l1111's1111111'11111's11111'S11111y. 1112l1'1'1l. 11 1111s s11 11111111 111'1'1111g1111 115' 11111' 11l'5I1112l1' 111111111 11111111i11gs 111'11 1111111 11111 111111 s1111111 11111 lIl1'l1ll11'1'S will 2l1WZlj'S 1'1'- s111'111111 M11111111y 11111-11 11111111l1, 7:3111 11. 111. lllillll 111l111l111I111 1l1'XV1ll1'1l11l1'1'S11l1'1'1'1 illi- 11111111 131121111 111111111 21111111 1111111 S1-111111l, 1'11i1's. 1l11'i1'111's 1.111' 11111 .Y1'2ll' 1941 111'11: 11111 11111111 11111111 21l'1' s111111i11l 11111111i11g's. Page 11 Supplies Qrdereci, Clinics Sponsored ARGEST of the jobs of the superin- tendent's office is tl1e ordering of supplies for the sehools. During the summer, the budget is prepared, and the superintendentis report is given. The attendanee reeord for every pupil in sehool is also kept here. Mrs. Elliott, seeretary to Superinten- dent Steger, and Miss Sayre, who as- sists her and Works for the Board of Educ-ation, are the prfneipal workers in the office. CHOOL physician, Dr. Armstrong, and sehool nurse, Miss Henrietta Gronlid, who are in eharge of the school health department, give medical advice and examinations every morning from eight to nine. Dental, vaeeinatiou, im- munization, and tonsilleetomy elinies are also eondueted by this department. A student who has been absent for three days or more must have the eonsent of the nurse and the doctor before being permitted to return to school. D Page 10 o Mrs. Elliot and Miss Sayre look over some reports. 0 Dr. Armstrong and Miss Gronlid conduct health service. 0 Aiiiuiulzx, Virginian mul Grzuw- 0 Rowi-nu tzlkrs dictation 0 W0 wmule-r if Ji-an says, hunk orc-r 1-iirrent l'l'i'0l'1lS. frnni Mr. Young. "Ile-110, kid, how arf- ya?" 0 Two :iiul two niuki- four, 0 Slunwing various and 0 Seve-ntli period for Jim- ill'I'0l'fllll1L In that nieu-liine, suiulry officl- duties. He-'s been iarcly 4 times. Qllice lssues 5,000 Slips in dl Veer ORIG lliznn lim- tlumsziiul pzissm-s 2ll't'lSSlll'llllj'llll'Ulililvl'1llll'lllQQUll0 X't'2ll'. 'l'lu-s4- slips Ulllllll lllllll'l' Tllrm-0 ll'2llllllg.i'S- -" l'lX4'lIS1'4l l'rum iwuniiif' " Ex- 1-uswl zilmse-iu-4-," :uul "A1li11i'riz1iu-e- slip." 'l'lu- lzislq ul' gzitlu-ring' up flu-sv slips - Q lrmn llu- V2ll'l1lllS rfunns :it ilu- 4-lusv ui ilu- sixlll pi-ruul l'2l4'll llziy is mu- nl ilu- mlulii-s ul' llu- girls wlun wurlq in flu- nf- lu-4-. lil - 4 ilu- liiiflx lull llllfls fllulxs ilu .lien -- ' . - -1 4 i-'- i-1 i, . bl, i -simli-s mill:-vliiig' ilu-sc-, Tlu- millim- gj,'ll'l gzillu-rs ilu- :1Tlm-iul:1iu'i- slips :mill-r flzuuw- zniul wrifm-s flown flu- zllisc-im-vs, zinswm-rs flu- 'rm-lm-plumlu-, mul lzllic-s vzirl- ol' ilu- swiT4'liluvz11'ml. Finzliu-izll rc-pnrls zirc- iillm-ml mil for c-zu-li lumu-rluini illiltll' nuisl svluuwl zu-livi- lu-s, film-s ul' l'2ll'1lS url- lypm-cl. 1-lv., for Mrs. 'llrimlili-. Offim- lrziining is rc-- quirm-ml fm'g'1'zul11z1liuii in ilu- 4-uinnu-ri-izil llc-pzwl-ilu-iilg tlu-rv is always sl-nu-Tliing llllt'l'l'SilllZQQZlllillliH1080 1ll1ll0S,2ll1ll c-vi-ry girl liiuls 1-zwli luiiir spm-nl in ilu- uliii-0 1-iijoyzilmlc-. Page- 11 ll N' warji-1 figmfv lil MM L. VVAYNIC SMITH SYINAN ICRAMI-:lc ,'r: 'I'nI"I"l' Iowa State Teachers' Vollege Simpson College l'nivel'sity 0fllIli'lllQilI1 ,x1x1bLK1CAN HIs'1'o1:Y, SPEECH CIVICS, soclomox' I11sTo1:y, I.IBR,XRI.XN Il1.xNc'HH Oxlsoultcm' Il1c1..xH Slxvrz Iowa State Teaelters' College Vniversity of Iowa Iivoxomcvs, Civics. 1,.xw mswolzx' IGDNA XVII.CoX flH.XRI.O'I"I'E Nmnsox Iioxlx K1:.w'1' I'niVel'sity ot' Iowa St. Olaf Vollege Iowa State Vollege 12No1.1sH .1oI'RNA1.IsM, 1-:No1.1s11 Hows I-Ik'ONOMIl'S BIARY llICN,Xl.l.Y M.A.RCl.x TVRNI-:xc Grinnell Follege Vniversity of Chicago Exomsu HOMIC I+Ii'0NOMIl'S Roscolc Lomcxz Rlclulan DAY II1cl,1':N Ihmsu Iowa State Teachers' Vollege Iowa State Teac-Iters' Uollege I'11ive1'sity ot' Iowa ART INS'l'RI'MEN'I'AI. Mvsle I"RI'INCIl,I'1NliI.ISII IGDNA Bowtcu I'IvRRm"l' RV1'l..x ND Simpson Vollege IAIIIICI' Vollege Yoon. MVSIC L.v1'1N Page 12 llI.x1x,u.r:NE CANYIN Ar.v1R.x ImNsFoRo Grinnell Follege Simpson College c'cmM1-:m'1,x1. o1m.s' PE. Fl-iles II.XR'l'SO0K F1.oR.x T. Mn,1,11:R Foe Vollege l'nivel'sity of Indiana l'0MMl4IRi'IAI, COMMERCLU, A R'1'11l'1e tlowax I.P11,,xNo BICNZ Iowa State 'l'ez1m-lu-1's' Vollego Iowa State C'olleg0 4-1-:m1r:'1'lc',', c'oNsI'M14:1:s' SC'Il'INC'1'1 INDI'S'l'RI,XI. ARTS lil-1rcN,um Swlcoum, lim vVHl'l'l-I lllV0l'Sllj' ol' Volorado l'niVe1'sity of lowa M lv1'l114:M,x'1'lcfs M.vrH1c1w1.x'1'lc's lhvmoxo SM.x1.1.lNo HENRII-:'1"1'.x GRONLID Iowa State T0il0lll'I'S' College l'11ive1'sity of Minnesota mol,oox', AliRlCI'l,'I'I'RE, P. lc. l'I'l5l,lU scuool, Nvrzsr: Kr:NNl':'1'll XVI-II,l,S .loux lluzms lowa State Vollege Vniversity of lowa 1'1b.XK'll,llIOI,lNiY,l'.lfI. SCIICNCIC i Page 13 Council Supervises Student Activities Toi' Row: B. Otopalik, B. Peterson, C. Iverson, H. Gilkey, T. Ronningen, B. Giese, D. Kephart. Minnuc Row: P. Vance, D. Dixon, M. Dodds, J. Harlan, A. McCormick, C. Riggs, M. Smith. Bo1"i'oM Row: J. Arrasmith, K. Berry, Miss White, G. Hartman, F. Manning. TUDEN T Council, the legislating body, is composed of the presidents from the eighteen homeroolns. The council, divided into groups, manages the necessary business. These committees of Student Council mem- bers and delegates from the three classes are: the Assembly, Citizenship, Publi- city, Service, and Social. The Social Committee arranged for all dances and helped with Open House. Planning parents, night and revising the handbook Were the main duties of the Citizenship Committee. The Publi- city C0111l11liflfGC handled advertising. The Service group managed the Lost and Found and sales of unclaimed arti- cles. Page 14 The Student Council was again host for the annual State Leadership Con- ference held in April at Iowa State Vol- lege. This is one of the most important of the Council's projects, for invitations must be sent out, and housing accom- modations, entertainment, and meals arranged for many visitors. Five dele- gates were chosen from Ames High to represent us. George Hartman and Dar Kephart were presidents during iirst and second semester respectively. Keith Berry and Lloyd Kester were the vice presi- dents. The secretaries were Frances Manning and Ami Mcfworinick. Jean Arrasmith was appointed treasurer. Student lreasurers l-landle 512,000 l4lAIiI1Y 2512.000 El y0211' is llillltlltlll by tl1is grmip of st1ul011t t1'021s111'- 01's. 'l'l1is is llfll il t'111'11121l 111'g'2111ix21ti1111, but l'Vl'l'y fl'l'ilSlll'lll' is 1'0s11011sil:l0 to il f2l1'llli'V llll'Illlll'l', Miss Blvxilll-V. lViH1 its S.YSiC'lll 11i'1l1111l1l0 l'll01'liS, A1110s lligl1 llElS 11110 uf flll' l10st 1110H1:11ls ul' H1121111-i11g l'XfI'2l-1'lll'l'lI'lll2ll' 210tiviti0s i11 lllll st21t0. '1'l10 ll'l'2lSll1'L'1'S 1'0p1'0s011t tl10 Ijfillllilllt' fllllll, D0l121t0, St11cl011t 01111111-il, Girl R0- s01'v0s, lli-Y, tl10 i11st1'11111011t21l 2111cl V11- 1-21l pg1'111111s, 21H1l0ti0s. 211111 41ilIl'l' 111'g:gz111i- z21tim1s. Si111'0 cluplif-21t0 4'ZlSll lmulcs 211'0 k011t, l111H1 by fill' g.!fK'llt'l'2ll t1'021s111'01' 2111cl by fllfl st111l011ts. tl10 f0w 111ist21k0s llliltlil z11'0 02lSllj' 1lis001'1104l. All llliillttj' is lillllt lll 0110 lfllCf'lilllfl' Rl'f'0l1Ill. To make an OX- 110111lit111'0, tl10 fl'l'2lSll1'0l' l111lSf write 21 1'0q11isitio11 for il 01101-li, sign it l1i111s0lf, l121v0 tl10 s111111s01' sign it, 2111cl g'0t Mr. Y111111g's Slgl12ltlll'l'. 1Xfll'l' tl10 01101-lc is w1'itt011, it is tl10 l1'02lSll1'Cl',S job to s00 iillill llllt 0l100k is 4l0liv01'01l 21111l tl10 P011- uisitimi is sig'110cl l1yH10 l'0l'0lV0l'. l+lV01'y 211-tivity 11111-1'21t0s 1111 il l111clg0t. wl1i0l1 it is s1111p11s0rl to follow 21s 0los0ly EIS pus- sil1l0. Vlllll' 210tiViti0s wl1i0l1 llilV0 1111 11102111s uf l'lll2llll'lllg'll10lllS0lVOS 2l1'l' l10l110cll1ytl1os0 111'g2111iz21tic111s Wl1i0l1 show il Y02ll'lj' 111'11Ht. 'l"l1is is 1111110 flll'0llgIll tl10 0iTi00 I+'11111l, wl1i0l1 t21k0s tw011ty 1101' 0011t of 0211-l1 l321l21l11'0 21t H10 l10g'i1111i11g of H10 sm-liool YO2l1'. D111'i11g this y0211', Ruth Miller illltl fll3WSOI1 0211111011 aitlt-cl Miss llrIt'N3lly in H10 fll11l'tlOI12ll 11l121s0s of this work. Tm' Row: C Martin, K. Berry, D. Lush, H. Gilkey, A. Hausrath, D. Pride. Slcvosiv Row: R. Mille-1', J. A1'1'as111itl1, P. Sll9Lll'9l', V. O'Neil, M. J. Rice. M. Tzlylor. Il11'1"1'm1 Row: V. Mcliihben, A. lVICC0l'I'IllCll, Miss McN21lly, L. HllIIlII1Pl, D. Kepart. Page 15 T1111 R11w: HZll'f1lKl Morrisrin, Henry Morrison, A. Riley, D. Sills, O. Wellhouse, K. Beres- ford, J. H2ll'l2ll1, J. Mz1rtin. BKIIIYIILIC Row: W. Reed, H. Willcox, R. Williams, NV. Forniari, M. Jones, T. Ronningen, A. Caine. D11'r'r11x1 Row: L. Willson, K. Lewis, L. Mahone, Miss Spatz, I.. Dudley, B. I1Ia1'iTz, R. Taylor. Circular Badges Nlarlf Squad Members 0 1'1111lz11-e Tl1e Trz11liTi1111z1l red and l1la11-li Fire Sqllud 2l1'lll l1z1111ls, The 1lisTi11g'11ishi11g' lll2ll'li whieh has been 11s111l si111-e The 11rig'i11. iT was 1le1-i1l111l To ll2lY0 Slllilll l1lz111k and 111111115111 lJ2lllQQCS lJL'2l1'l11g Tl111 w1.1r1ls, 'TA111es High Fire SC1llilll.H These 11ew l'J2lflQOS are s111z1ller z1111l 111111'e easily lillillll 1-ure of. Fir11 1lrills were held Elllfllli 11111111 a 1111111Tl1 Tl11'1111gh1111T Tl1e year. The l1esT drills llll1'lllg2,' t'l2'lSS 11e1'i111ls llSllEllly 1111- 1-1111ie1l z1l11111T 111111 111i1111T11 and five see- 11111ls. To vary Tl1is r1111Ti11e 111'11ee1l111'e, drills were l1el1l z1T 111l1l Ti111es sueh as The l10l'l0il l1eTwee11 1-lz1sses when Tl1e Sill- 1le11Ts were in The halls and had 1111 spe- 1-iiie 01'1l01' i11 whieh T11 eXiT. Page 16 111 The 1'z111z11'iTy ol' hull 1111111iT111's. The Fire Sq11z11l s11e11T111z111y llUll1'S. The iirsle ll10llllJ01'S 1111 1l11Ty 11111-h day were z1T The 11111'Tl111z1sT 111111 Si1llilll'ilSt 1l1111rs z1T 8:00. AT 8:15, half Tl111 sq11z11l wus 1111 hz1ll 1l11Ty To 1l1'CVOllf lilSil11'lJZl11COS. AT 12 :30. Tw11 1ll0llllJ01'S wer11 again 1111 1l11111' 1h1tyT11 z11h11iT sT111le11Ts wiTl1 passes, z1111l z1T 12:45 The hall 1111111iT11rs were z1T Their sTz1Ti1111s. T11 11111l Tl1e day, 111111 11111111- l1er was always 1111 duty f1'11111 23:45 To 4:00 T11 f'l02ll' fllll halls. Fire Squad 111eeTi11gs were held ez11'l1 Friday 11111111 1l111'i11g' Tl1e year, wh111'11 1111sTs were z1ssig'11e1l 11111l 1llOlIlllQ1'S gave 1111i11i1111s as T11 how Tl1e squacl and iTs 1111- Ties 111111l1l he i11111r11ve1l. s-5 7 5 fg S P 0 R UP uk X xx ,H NXQX , 'XA "GN TO THE 2 J vlC-To-Rv X kg Y RAH! RAI-I! RAI-I!" x 5 W 1 l Tor Row: Coach Wells, B. Nicholson, C. Monahan, B. Nutty, D. De La Hunt, B. Otopalik, L. Willson, R. Williams, W. Smith, W. Cunningham, R. Brynes, D. Kephart, E. 0'Neil, Coach Smalling. S1-:Comm Row: D. Mitchell, B. Clark, D. Dirksen, Il. Wallace, J. Ballard, H. Shugart, E. Farni, J. Erick- son, L. DeHoet, C. Green, V. N01-lin. Timm Row: G. Hartman, E. Comstock, R. Cook, J. Anderson, B. Friedrich, C. Martin, J. Lynch. E. Wier- LITTLE CYCLONES' ALL-OPPONENT TEAM son, M, Beman, J. Engeldinger, P. Nichols. Bo'1"1'ou Row: W. Keigley, A. Bates, J. Kline, R. Woodward, C. Riggs CENTRAL IOVVA CONFERENCE STANDINGS w L T PCT. Oskaloosa 4 0 1 .900 Boone 2 1 1 .625 Ames 2 2 0 .500 Grinnell 1 2 0 .333 Newton 0 1 0 .000 Marshalltown 0 3 0 .000 Gridders Named on Honorary Teams HONORARY SELECTIONS CENTRAL IOWA CONFERENCE FIRST 'rr:AM Shugart, turfklff s14:c'oNo 'rucAM O'Neil, vml Erickson, center IIONORAISLIC LII-IXTION Hartman, and Byrnes, back DeHoet, tackle Anderson, back ENDS Fl'IliRl'Il'Z, 0.skuIooSczg HoR'roN, Des Moines I O W A D A I L Y P R E S S TAK'Kl,l'2S M B N P THIRD TEAM HONOR nom. rims oonc' . ICIIOLSON. crrz . 0 ' ' 'I Shugart, tackle O'N9l1,8l2d GUARDS EDWARDS. Oslmloosrzg H.XRT, Dowling Martin, guard Erickson, rfwzlffr Byrnes, bunk f"3N'1"'3RS Woodward, back Sw.xNl':x', Grinnffllg xVISl'ICl'I', Boom' J A C K N' 0 R T H 1s.xc'Ks BALL, flIfll'ShtlUf0lt'llQ Sul-r.11:'l'oN. l'crryg CVMMINGS, THIRD TEAM HONOR ROLL Boone, C.xMI'1:14:1.L. Oskzzloosug B1c.xsL1cY. Shugart, fllfflflft Erickson, cmztcr North Des Moines Byrnes, back FOOTBALL -- HOT vw 1 ho, 0 o 1h'1t's 2 1 had place To Wood " o Come to papa! Shoot thopigskin to 0 This shows that there him, Byrnes, boy. were people at Bo the one-Ames game! THE G RID Page 19 Tor Row: Erickson, O'Nei1, Shugart, Woodward, C. Martin, SI-ICONIJ Row: Bates, X-Lynch-X, Byrnes, Hartman, Anderson. Tnmo Row: DeHoet, Kephart, Friedrich, Comstock boots one, Farni. Eorron Row: Wierson, Green, Cook, squad cheers. Qutstariding Work Wins Letters For Q9 BIAJOR Browne Otopalik Dar Kephart George Hartinaii Eugene LVN eil Ray C0011 Aft BMCS Roger xXYllll21I11S Junior Conistoek Harold Sliugart lfeonarcl Del Ioet MINOR Clyde Greene Maurice Ballard Paul Nichols Dwaine Snliiih Carl Mg11'fi11 DLJ11 DQ L3 Hiuit Bob NlffllOlSl'J11 Bob lVHll21CC Bob Friedrich Jl1l1Ly11Cl1 John Erickson Eugene NVierson MANAGERS Ray Byrnes Ed Farni Jim Cline Glenn Riggs Jim Anderson Roinaine VVoodward Warioeii Keigley Page 20 Squad Wins Four, Loses -I-Wo, -lies Une AMES 7 DOWLING 0 N a game which showed breaks for each team and unusually rough play, the Little Cyclones opened their season on the local field. Ames scored midway in tl1e second quarter on two passes, and tl1e pass for the point was good. Dow- ling drove goalward in the final minutes of play and when the gun sounded they were on the Ames half yard stripe. Ames showed a varied offense and the line looked good for the initial game. AMES 8 NoRTH 6 By virtue of superior blocking and alert pass defense, tl1e Little Cyclones came through with a win over the heavier Des Moines eleven. O'Neil blocked a North punt in the first quarter, and North recovered in their end zone for a safety. Later in the initial period, North scored from the Ames two yard line. In the third quarter, Byrnes counted from tl1e North thirteen for tl1e winning touchdown. AMES 33 MAnsHALL'rowN 12 The Ames Eleven took vengeance on Marshalltown for tl1e 14 to 13 defeat they took last season. Ames ran through the Bobcats for many long gains, with Anderson scoring three times, Byrnes once and iVoodward once. OSKALOOSA 34 AATIES 12 Ames suffered its worst defeat in many years at the hands of powerful Oskaloosa. The Osky line opened wide holes in the Ames forward wall and the backs had little trouble gaining yard- age. Ames' attack got going smoothly only duri11g tl1e third period when they pushed over two counters. Anderson, Martin and Woodward were injured in the first half, and saw no action during the final period. AMES 6, PERRY 6 The Little Cyclones and Perry fought to a standstill in a game which showed Strong line play and two sensational touchdowns. Ames counted in the ini- tial periods on a pass, Bates to VVood- ward. Bates missed tl1e kick for the poi11t. Perry scored from tl1e Ames'47. The plunge for the extra point was smeared. GRINNELL 7 AAIES 0 A driving Grinnell offense combined with the injury of several Ames regu- lars spelled defeat for tl1e Little Cy- clones. The Little Pioneers scored in the third quarter after recovering a bad pass from center on the Ames 15. Ames clicked in the final quarter on a series of passes, but an interception stopped the threat deep in Grinnell territory. Hart- man, Anderson and Shugart were hurt and their steady play was missed. ALIES 7 BOONE 6 Showing plenty of fight and determi- nation, the Ames squad ended their 1940 season with a hard fought victory. Ames scored in the first period on a pass, Bates to Wcizidwarcl, and Bates kicked tl1e point which proved to be the margin of victory. The Ames eleven held off the powerful Boone line until tl1e final period when the Toreadors Scored from the Ames 4. The plunge for a point was stopped. Page 21 Tor Row: Coach Ritland, R. Davis, J. Kimler, J. Nutty, D. Ross, B. McClain, B. Sehliek, J. Galvi11, K. H. Davis, E. Larsen. SICFUNIJ Row: J. Barnes, B. Hammond, D. Sadler, F. Bender, T. Maney, M. Kurtz, B. Graham, H. Morri- son, B. Ross, F. Soreghan. Tnnzn Row: B. Mahone, T. McElherne, J. Dietz, E. Feldman, A. Caine, P. Vance, E. Carry, B. Green, T. Garfield, K. L. Davis, J. NVest. B0'l"l'0Il1 Row: M. Ellen, W. Douglass, H. McClintock. Seconds Promise East Des Moines 24 Ames 6 Colo 21 Ames 13 Boone 232 Ames 6 Marshalltown 19 Ames 6 lVebster Vity 0 Ames 13 Although not a team that Won most, of its games, the Ames sec-ond team did have a sueeesstnl season in that many prospects were found for the varsity next year. The laek of a good passing attaek made way for running plays aid- ed by good bloeking. A surprising seor- ing puneh was shown by the 'tQ2llllg onee within the twenty, they were hardly ever stopped. Most of the points seored against Ames were made in the last half due to tl1e weakening of the line. Page 22 Strong '42 Squad One of the most thrilling plays of the year was executed by little Bob Graham, who stole tl1e ball from a mass of Colo players and raeed 65 yards for a, touchdown. A few of the outstanding players for next year in various departments are: pass defense-Floyd Bender, blor-lier-- Paul Vanee, pass reeeiver-K. ll. Davis, line bueker-Ed tlarty, open tield runner-t'Red" Davis. kieker- Earl Feldman, taekler-Bob Green. de- fensive lineman-Joe Galvin, diagnosti- eian of opposing plays-llruee Me- Ulain. If the season had been longer, the team might have l1ad a better ret-ord. 111111111 1111 1 111 1 Vouive Got lt NOW Keep lt---the 136131 ll 11 1'I'1' 11 11 111 N, 1l111111111,i1111" 111111 111l1'1'1' s1111z111 i111'l111111s 1'11l'i111111' li011 "'l'11'l1.1-M"1-1111111111 111 11111 1'2ll'F111i 1i11111, 1,211 S1111z11'111', Kz11111111111 ll11l111lll1S111l 1011 ilS111l1'111'1l11' l111s1 s11:1s1111s 1111111111. A111121 Kzxy N111'1'is, lCliz111111111 K111111:11'1, I,l'flll1l1l1'll1 i11 111111, s1-1111111 s11i1'i1, :11111 2l1l11l'1111i111S. S1 11111:11's11i11, 1'1-11 4111111 is 1'11l1lIl11S1'11 111. Miss .X11'i1':1 1.1111s1'111'11:11111 Miss 111111111 11ll11.YAS1X girls 11ig'111111111s1111i111's.111'1111'11 11z111is11 :11111 S111lllS11l'S 111' l'1111 1'111l1 :11111 11111i111's.:11111s1x s11111111111111'11s. 111l1'l'1' 8111111113 1111111 Ni1111111s is 111'11s1 1'1-11 1111111 11111111-111111 11111'i11g' 11111 11:111'11s. 11111111 Mz11'.1' 11111111 1111-11, 1'i1-11 111'11si1111111 11111 l1l21.Y1'11 :1 l1:1sk111111111 Qilllll' :1g1z1i11s1 111111111 Mi11'111111, Hl'1'1'1'12l1'j'Q A1111 M111'111 1111 Y:11's111' 1'11111 i11i1iz1111s. 11111-14,11'11:1s111'111'. 1111- 111111: 11. 1111111-11, .1. Xll111'1', N, l,1l111S11'111ll,.1, l'ly1l11, li l1llSl11115L, M. 11111111s, 11. 11k'll1, 11'. l1'1'1111y, 11. 1,11111s11'11111, 11. M111111'. , x 1 111111 111111: 11, 1,fl1'11'l', Y,,111211I114'1', .1. '1'1111111a1s. M. f.2111S1, 11. 111'1111'11, M. 1111i11, 13. llllllllllb, IC. l11l1lL'1' 11 1'111'is1i:111s1111, 11', M:11111i11g, i ll:11s111:111, 11, I'1111-1's1111, 11111: M, M1-x1'i11s11y, 11. 1111111111, 11, S:1111':1i11, M. 'l'2lj'lIll', .1. 111'i11111:111, M. 11i111l11'1s1, M. M11111'i11k, Y. 1 11111: 1'. All111'1'Sllll, lu, M11111111I1, 1.. IN11111111s, Miss l1l11lH1111'11, Miss 11:1111s11, B11 1111111, A. M111'111'11111111, N. 1131111-1', 111. 1111111411011 111111111 111111: .-1. N111'1'1s, lu. l11111I1:11'1, 1'. S1l4'111'1'1', 11,.l1111s, 11, 1111111l11S111, lu. lx1'1111.1111. 11111111 1-1-11s 111 11111 1111- 1-1-11-1-111- :1111I."Y11:111 'l'11:1111".1'I11 111:111s 11111111 211 .111111 111' 11111 11111' 1i11111s 11111111 111111 .111s1i111- 11111I1s 111s1411s11111. 1'llE'1'1'S K11111. 111111111111111g:1111e. l'11111 1111111111111 11111 g:1111P. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEA r ' X- -f -V Tor Row: H. Shugart, K. Beresford, R. Woodwardxslg. Nicholson, E. O'Neil. Minnuc Row: M. Ehen, V. Norlin, E. Comstock, G. Riggs, K. Kroesen, R. Byrnes, J. Cline. BOT'l'0lNI Row: B. Wierson, B. Otopalik, I.. Kester, M. Beman, B. Firkins. Squad -I-allies 'IQ Wins and 7 Losses HOWING some spurts of fine ball playing, an inconsistent Ames High basketball team completed a successful season, winning twelve tilts and losing seven. After winning the State Sectional Tournament l1eld in Ames, the Little Cyclones were ousted from further play by Nevada in the District Tournament finals. The Ames eagers finished their Central Iowa Conference competition in third place, splitting with Newton, Boone, and Oskaloosag winning both games from Marshalltown, and drop- ping two eontests to Grinnell. Page 24 The Little Cyclones scored a total of 617 points during the 1940-41 season, averaging 32.5 points per game. Ames opponents counted 504 points for an average of 26.5 points per game. Ro- maine VVoodward led the Ames team in individual scoring with 193 points in 18 games. He finished second in confer- ence scoring with a 102 total. Other high season scorers for the Little Cy- clones were Shugart with 123 points and Kester with 88 counters. At the close of the season, the mem- bers of the squad chose Romaine VVood- ward as honorary eaptain. DURNEYS 664 MILES 4'1m-Kxvlsli, S'l'.KIl'I'lNll l'x'l'l-in 1.171-"r l'IINl'I'IlZ 0'Nvi!, lien-sl'm'cI. Utupzllik, Kvster, Kl'0l'SlXll, BUIIIIHI, Fir'- Iiills, Hj'l'll4'S. l,II1"I' i'l.xl'l-1:1 NNu:'mlwz11'1l. IQl4all'1'l'l4.xl'1-1:2 SllllS,ill'I. 1 RUHSUVUIT 19 X Page J ASV I .XIIIUS 29 A111vsZl4 1111108 4111108 A1111-S 4XlllUS A1111-s AIIIUS 4111108 1Xlll0S 'J 2.1 40 34 332 44 18 95 18 1111108 28 1111108 137 A111118 238 Xuws 29 4xllll'8 42 ff Isml 1l,I'l'Ul'f1 Pcf1'1'V '73 Nvvzulzl 22 NvVs'To11 16 lI2ll'S1lil111'UW1l 34 X1b1'111 25 Oskzlluoszl 41 110011043 1112111101122 Nm-wfoll 215 Fil' Sw-01111 Sw'lzfmm1 7'nurnunu'nf A111118 41 1101211111 ll 1Xl11l'S 47 S'm1'y1'1Ty 20 IlI.Nfl'l.I'f TUllI'I1llIIlIlllll 111108 137 1112ll1131'Ulb1i 28 Xmvs 21 Nl'V2l41il 23 I10llUl'!ll'1'I'S 1101111111 Iowa 11HllfUl'01ll'l' ' sf VFCHIIIZXV4Nlf1VVZll'l1, 1'Hl'XV2ll'l1 r1wl'2ll11fS1lllg1'2ll'1, 1'1il'XV2l1'l1 Ollill' Hull- II Hy1'llK'S, Qll2ll'l1 1Xl2l1'S1li1111'UXY1l26 Uslczllsmszl 19 ISUU111' 43 411111111111 131 15011 Umlgv 2513 Kl'81l'1', 511121111 Ifnm Ihfilyf 1'rw.w.s flmlol'11'oU VXY4b4l41XVilll1, cw-11Tv1' 81111112111 111121111 o XYfJflC1Vv'21l'f1 rings 'ihe bell . 0 A little ll1Ol'P push, 0'Nelil. 0 Rc1z1cl1111g for the stars. 0 Nice lGbOllllC11llQ, fellas' Seconds Win len and Lose Eight Games ' QV' Hl0"'fl' 'W Tor Rowq B. Myers, B. Ross, B. McClain, D. Sadler, F. Bender. Slceoxn Row: H. Willcox, K. H. Davis, B. Mahone, J. Galligan, A. Caine. Borroiu Row: P. Vance, E. Carty, B. Peterson, T. Maney, D. Shockley. MES Higl1's sophomore team, coached by Ray Smalling, partici- pated in an 18 game schedule and came through with a season record of ten wins and eight losses. In the second team conference race, the Ames team finished in a tie for third with Oskaloosa. Strong sophomore teams were found in the com- petition which gives promise of a strong race next season. Several individual stars were found, but like the first team, the soplis weren't too consistent, the defense and offense being below par. The team represented Ames in the county tournament held at Nevada. They were victorious over Roland and Maxwell in first round games, but fell before Nevada in the finals. Ames 21 Perry Ames 26 Nevada Ames 36 Newton Ames 22 Marshalltown Ames 32 North Ames 25 Oskaloosa Ames 23 Boone Ames 33 Grinnell Ames 28 Newton Ames 25 Roosevelt Ames 30 Marshalltown Ames 19 Boone Ames 2 Grinnell Ames 17 Grinnell Ames 13 Napier "' Forfeit. t Reserves COUNTY TOURNABIENT Ames 23 Rola11d Ames 25 Maxwell Ames 19 Nevada 13 28 16 23 23 26 21 7 17 31 31 38 Ox- 201' 12 17 22 37 Page 2 rlxlll' Row: IC, F111111ll21ll, F. U9I111E1l'. K. H. Davis, 13. fNIy1-Vs. W, Slll111I. IC, 1'111'1y. S1:1'11x11 111111: W, K1-igh-y, II. 'Wilc-ox, I.. 13111111-y, B. B11'f112I11l, I-I1 l11llIlE111l1'1i, II. S1lllQ2ll'1. 15, llllllllll. 111111-11111 R11w: 11. H111-11112111, K, UQ1'1'y, 1'. M11j111', R. NY111111w111'11. 1'. 111l1'11ll, P. lu1Dl'L2lIl, 1'. N11-hols. 0 This is 1111- 1111111 f131' s0111e-11111- o K1-ith. 1.1-1111111 1'11111111i11g O This is 11111 11141 11111 lll2lIl, 11111 111 1lI'11 111'. "A1111111i1111, lX11Jl'1.12l1l.H 1111- 11111111 111 1411111-1 1,:1111s, :1 1i1ll'1l'2l11 11I'.11l1'1i 1'i11111-y. Nme Lettermen Return to -1-1dC14 Squad 1'1'11 1-1g111 1111111111 211111 11111- 11l1ll111' 11-111-1' VV11l1l11l' 11f11'1q. 1i1'111-1- xl1'411I1111. 1 11-111-1'1111-11 1'1'1l11'1l111g.1', 1111- 1111111- s11111111111111'1-, 1:4 21 111'111111s111g 1l112l1'111 1 v1'111111- 1l'211'1i 11-11111 11i1P1il'11 1'1i1'XV21l'11 111 111111-1' XV1l1l SUNY 51111111 1'X1111l'1111l1'1' w1111 1111 1 9111'1'11SS1'111 15111 1'2111li!il1Q1l. '1'111- A1111-s 11-11111 111s1 S1'21r41111. 11 l1'1iS111l'S x1'1-1'1- 11111 1:1 illl1l1'X 1111-11' .X 1'1111 S1 111-111111- 1'2l1'1'11 1111- s11111111 511111 11l11l'11l 1-1111s1-1-1111v1- 1'111l1'1'1'l'1l1'1' 11111-. 1111-'V 1111111151-11 111 1-f1111111-11- 11111111 S11l11' 111 11112111111 1Y111111w111111, 111-111'g1'1- 11211'11ll2ll1, 111111l'1ll1'1'1,11l1'YZI111'-YR1'1il'YS.1119111021111 1 11111'11-s A121a111l', 1321111 B111I'f2,'2l1l, 211111 1,3111 1-1' R111E1'YS. 1111- 1Jl'2l1i1' 111-111ys, 1111- 11l'1Il X11-11111s, S1-111111's, 211111 K1-1111 1:1'l'1'j', 11111'- 111-11 11111-1's1-1111111s111-, 11111 1-111111-1'1-1111 IX 112ll'1l1'S, 211111 1JNV2l11l1' S1111111. ,1l1Il111l'S, 1111-1-1, 1111- 111s11'11-1 1111-1-1. 111111 1111- s11 1l'1' 1111- 1'1-1111'11111g 11111,1111' 11-111-1'1111-11. 1111111111Jl' 1'1Z1SS11'. P1111 Al'1llS1l'11llQ'. ,1111l11l1'. Wi1S11l1' lll11l1bI' Vue 28 Tennis Team ll Contests i I: n our Matches U.X4'lI" Swwlvll lm-:lm-ml IIQZIIIISI IUZIIII lllI'l1liWI'S 1'w'c-iw-ml John Alvlflllill III1'I'I'IIl'l',Y4'IlIIIl'IIl1.1'2lliIIHI'lII'0A mgv, I'I'UIll Wvst XV2lfl'l'l1Nl1 .lim :mal Dun 1lIg.fI1llIS2IllX'I4'l'. " Kwp tlw Qiilllllx in youu' llv L21 Illmt, l:l'III'l' Russ, HI'Hl'Q'U l'v1c-1' lu-:ul :ns W1-ll 2lS'V'PlIl'lH'2l4l in tI1vgz111w!" sun, Dun Illvnmll, llulr Jumlzlll. mul 'l'In-sv 1N'f'1l :ifnml p1':w4-I'Irs znml fI'I'I0tl John liif-:Ixw1'4-axlsmm1111-twmn. luring I'rl1i1. Im' Hnlvln Swwlvll is rvgu- Mznfvlu-s WWI- IPIEIYUII with Ilmnlv, I2ll'l.Y l'1-wzlwlm-II lay SII1'1'I'SSI'IlI Tc-suns. Fnrf llmlggv, liufvsvvvli, mul NYINI XV:1'f- III-I'1 lay ilu- 'Iii squzul wvra- nm- Illiljtll' I-rlnu. lligllligllis ui' tlw 'vc-:lr wnnsistm-al Il'11l'l' winm-V, Kvn l:1'I'USI'HI'Il, illlil Iwo Hffllt''l'l'2l1'll1'l'Sqf'Ulll'Q'l' Rvlalys 'lYUIll'II2I- mil1m'l1-H1-I' winm-rs, Vllllvli llillml zlml IIIUIII, llistrivf 'l'm11'l1z111w1It. zlml Tlw IIIIIWI Nlzullfnu-. N111llllsizlstia-:ally 'flux f1Q'IlIl'2II Iuwzl I'm1I'v1'vIIm- 'l'm11'l1z1111m11. I lem: I'.IlilIm1,Ir,I?vI.:I IIl111l,Ii, I2v:1'sI'm'Ii,I3, IIOss,.l.I'v I.:1 Ilunf, II. .Inn4I:1II. UIIIINI Iluwi I., Nlulmnv, J. Him-, Mx: Swvflvll. G, I'vt4-161211, II. lII9m:m Page 29 Golfers participate in Eleven Meets UIDED by Coach John Harms, the Ames High golf squad played an eleven meet schedule. The Little Cy- clone team met Newton, Ankeny, Boone, and Roosevelt of Des Moines, and played in the Cedar Falls, Cedar Rap- ids, and Ames invitation meets, also in the Central Iowa Conference, the State District, the Spring State, and the Fall State meets. The Little flyelones were led by let- termen Guy Rhinehart Elllil Jim Ander- son. Dale Kroesen, Browne Otopalik, Bruce Firkins, and Bill Giese were others who had seen competition. The golfers held practices twice each week, using a system of challenge matches to decide playing positions. All practice sessions and l1on1e matches were played on the Homewood course. Toi' Row: B. Giese, D. Kroesen, B. Otopalik. Bo'1"1'oM Row: H. Lantz, J. Anderson, G. Rinehart, B. Firkins. Cl i 0 Hiding behind that 0 Bruce and Dale decide 0 Amazingly, Guy sunk o Friedy shows Bus big hat is-Browne! that it's a golf club. the putt, too. how it isn't done. Page 30 7: pf'- 4 1,Al-Illlll, XX. lxs-1:11-5, NIV. blllillllllg, ll. Olsson 0 llll-N llmlar. 0 Ullvluf Will SlllIll'4llIl'O l,l4my4l xYSllI'll4'S 0 Iluue-1' slr:-Allis. llmvll with 0 'l'lu-v'1'm- l'1'llllY ll s ill :NIX1-mu-:ll 4:41-I ull my .11-11' Ium ll'S 111 lll', .lim rifglll :1l'l:-1' him. llll'v1lll'lllltllll-illlll one-. Two lmtre-mural Crowns Go to Qoom Q06 l'llXlDl'Ill lynx' 4'1v:u'l1 Huy Snlaxlllng' :us Vllzlllupimlslnip lA'2lg.1'lll' king. liluml annul llmw- Slll1ll'lll nlxulzlgl-lx, am 277 Wlbll llu- llumu-rup l,m-:1g'lu- Iitla-. :uul 1'Xl4'llSlX'1' inlrzxlnullrnl :n1lnl4-lu- lll'4lQl'2llI! ll-uml Qlllill llunli ilu- S1-mln lA'2lQ'lll' lm' lulys is 1-:nl-ru-ll Ull in Anu-s lligla. 1-llxxnlpumslllp. 'l'x-npllu-s W1-W 1lXY1ll'4l1'll I+lx'1-uv Iuyx' llthl 4-ligilllv lm'x':11'sil'x'4-Univ l1rllll'1'llElllllPlHllllllllll'l'4l1rllISll.Yllll' lu- lu-Iilum nuulx' mln- Inari in ilu- YIll'lHllS Ia-xmlllrzll lltlllllvll. .Xll-stan' It-illlls wvrs- :u-livilu-s. pu-lu-ll mul llu- Sl'lllHl' ll'2llll wun ilu- .Xl!4Illl llill lurys lHll4ll4'lllIlll'4l lll Illl- Ivl2l,X'Hl'l'. Iuuslu-tlmll lil'HQ'l'Illll :mul 1-zu-lu lumu- 'l'l1ll-ty lulys hulk ll2ll'l in Ilu- luvwling' Numa wsu l'1'lll'1'Sl'lll1'1l in mu- ul' Ilu- pl-uglzllll wllu-ll nu-I 1-:u'l1 ww-li ull Ilu- llll'1-1' l1'ilQ'll1'S. lhufm Zllli was v1-mvlu-ll .lxlll1'Sl:HXYllllQ'f'llllbillll"YS. l':1u1- SEI Juniors lake Basketball -i-OUffldfTl6fllI BAM: Row: N. Shellito, K. McDonald, B. LaVellP, I. Turpin. FKON1' Row: C. Smith, B. Pickell, Capt. Hein, NV. Geiger, E. Uhl. fViezvinsi4y,s Eowlers Win Round Robin iY3'l'.XNIlINllf N. Sliellito, P. Pride. SI'l"l'INGZ C. Dodds, Capt. Mazvinsky, E. Kephart. EARLY 125 girls oujoyccl partici- pation in G. A. A. af-tivitics this year. The aim of the Girls' Atlilotic Association is to afford ovary girl the ifhaiic-Q to develop physically, nioutally, morally, and socially. Any girl may ,join and is coiisidcrccl an ac-tive l110l11lJC1' after earning 100 points. Ac-tivitivs were planned by the G. A. A. flflllllvll, made up of three juniors and three soiiiors who were Qlvcted last spring. Officers cliosf-11 at the first coun- vil iiicctiiig' of the yvar Were: Martha Brotiiall, pre-sidciitg Boniiie Butlcr vice- presidciitg Dvloris Kephart, sevrotary- treasurerg Edith Uhl and Mary Jane I25 GIRLS PARTICIPAT Page 32 l11i1'1-, 11111111-1-1-1'111'1l111'sg 11111111 112l1'SSIl'l', s111'i11l 1'l111i1'1111111. Miss Alvi1'11 l11111sf111'11 s111111s111'1-11 1111- g'1'111111. All 1-li111i11111i1111 111111'11111111-111 i11 lmslivf- l111ll 111-11v1-11 NlI1'1'l'SSI'IIl I'1lI' 11111 ,1llIlI41l'S. Y11ll1-.V-111111 1-111l111si11s1s 1111131111 ll2lI'fI i11 21 1111111111-11I1i11 1411111-sl. 'l'l11- 11111111-il s111111s111'1-11 111111'11111111-111s i11 l1111l111i1111111, 11i11g'-111111543 111-1-I1 l111111is, l111s1'l1111l 111111 11'111'k, 11111 1111- 11111st lltllblllill' 111111 11111s1 1111111111 111' 111'1ivi1y w11s 1111- 111-w 1111w1i11g llI'111L'I'2lIlI. 'l'l11- A11111s liuwliiig 1'l1111 111- lvys was 1'1's1'1'v111l 1'111' 11111 girls 0Vl'l'j' 1V1-11111's1111y 1'1'11111 1'11111'111 six 11'1'l111'k. 14111- 1IIllSlilSlIl XVZIS s11 151-11111 111111111 1111111 sixty g.1'i1'ls11111l1 111111 i11 This sl1111'1 1111111111 111111 T1111111s w111'1- 1'111'1111111, 111111 11111 girls 11111'v1111 21 111111111-1'11l1i11 111111'11111111f111. M111- 1111 M1-zvi11s11y's l111wl1-1's 1111111 11111 l11111111's. M11,i111' 111111 Mi11111' "A's" 111111 11i1111w 11111 11w111'11s w111'1- 111'11s111111'11 111 111'1iv1' Il1l'IllIll'I'S wl111 11111'111111 21 1'1111111i1111ti1111 111' 1111i11Ts i11 l1'1111111'sl1i11, skill, 111'g1111iz1111 g1111111s, 1111111'g'1111iz1111 g1111111s, 111111 1111111111. 0 I'11ss I1111Iu111111 III I1JIl'1f 1' 0 I,1111l1s like 21 t'1111I t'1'11111 I11-111, 0 Move 111'1-11', I,11lIy, W0 1'1111't, V , sw wI111's sl11111ti111:! S'1'1x111x1:: IC. l I1l, Il. fIZI1'FSIl'I', I1 Ix1'l1I1111'1. S1'1"1'1N11: Il. I1Il1lf'I', M, I!1'1-t1111l1, M. 111111. 9 1I1J111Is 1111! G. FI. A. ACTIVITIES Page 33 11111 Row: Il. F1'ie111'i1f11, Ii. Wie1's1111, R 1V1111'111l S1c111x11 Huw' F F' ' . C s, E. C0ll1St0C1i, I,, I'!11H11e1, IG. 0'N11il, J, 11j'11I'1l, H. 11llll1Z. U. 1. r1l'111, C. G1111211. R. Byrnes, J. AXlll'1P1'SOI1, G. 1l1I191lZ1l'1, D. De 1.21 Hunt, P. M111'g:111, IX. B111"111111m11I1111i: K. BPl'0Sf0l'i1, C, Major, G. H31'II112ll1, H. S1llI5LZll'1., C. M111'ti11, P. Nichols, K. B91'l'y. 0 Varsity 1111112111-s luke 0 Round 0110! 111111521-1.011 0 V211-sity 4lf'f1K'P1'S take 21 11x'1A1' fm' za 1'11111'11s. bowls them over. 22.Z1llI10l' with 11111111-1'. Major 1.ettermer1 Comstltute Varsuty C1115 M1418 11ig11's Yil1'S11.Y 1'11111 1'1111sis1s '1'1111 1111'11111111's 11111111111-1 1'111'111:11 111111 111' 111 111z1,1111' 11-111-1' wi1111111's 111 11z1s1i11t- 1'111'111z11 111itia1ti1111 1-1-1'1-1111111111s 111 1'1-1'1-iw 111111, f1h11T11i111, 111111, t1111111s, 111111 11'2l1'1i. 1111w i111t1z1t11s. 'l'1111 11111st 111111111'tz111t 111' K1111111-T11 1V1'11S is s111111s111', 211111 Huy T111' S111-1211 1lll'1'11l1g'S is t1111 1111-11111 111-111 S111:111i11g is 2lSS1S121111 s111111s111'. 11111-11 M11111111'1z11 Day :lt 11z11q1- f'11111z11'. xY211'S1T'Y 1111111 111-tivitivs 1'i11'1'1L'11 1111 NY211'S11'V 1411111 1111i1'111's 1'111' 11111 past 11111'i11g' 11111 Y1'i1l' 1111-1111111 11s11111'i11,Q' 211 y1'z11' w111'1- 11z11'11111 S1111g1z11't, 111'11si1111111g 111111111 151111112111 111111 11a1s1i11t11z111 1-1111t11sts, 111131111111 QVN1-11, V111'-11l'l'S111l'1l1'1 111-1113111 ilXV2ll'l11llQf 11l111l11Q,'1'il111S t11 11111'z1111111'z11 1121l'1ll12l11,SO1'1'0121l"V-11'l'215111'l'1'3311111 RH- 1ll2l1l2lg2fl'1'S, 211111 s111111s111'i11g 11111 'HV' 111z1i111- 1V111111VV21l'11, I1ist111'1z111. f'11l11. 1211111 34 kg!! LJ!! L-NW-qfjlfff X., El5xzX?D X gd My J 'SHQULD AULD Z ACQUHINTQNCE BGFQRGQT' 5 E N 1 0 3 .as-gk Senate Formulates plans tor Seniors sf sglf or ss Toi' Row: F. Manning, D. Kephart, D. Pride, V Dyas, A. Norris. Minnmc Row: A. McCormick, M. Gilchrist, Mis Nelson, Mr. Ritland, J.Al'l'iiSI11ltil. Bo'r'r0M Row: G. Hartman, L. Nichols, H, Sliugart, E. O'Neil, V. 0'Neil. ENIOR Senate, which is the legisla- tive body of the senior class, is com- posed of oiicicers elected by the class, their six homeroom presidents, and one representative elected from each of their homerooms. This group had charge of the numer- ous activities which climax every se- nior's career in high school. These V21- ried functions make up What is known to all "eagers" of the graduating class as "Senior VVeek." Seniors, leaving the school in buses at 8:30 A. M. were driven to the Y. M. C. A. camp near Boone for an all-day picnic. Commit- tees of the senior senate were in charge of the day which included games, dancing in the lodge, and many sports Page 36 which were played all day. The annual class play, "Spring Dance," proved to be a huge success due to the fine acting of the carefully se- lected cast and the expert direction of L. VVayne Smith. The play was a light comedy Written by Philip Barry, the author of "The Philadelphia Story. " This play financed Senior VVeek. Each senior Was given tive play tickets to sell, but personally contributed ten cents for each unsold ticket. Presiding chairman of the Senior Senate Was Harold Shugart, president of the senior class. Other officers were, Eugene O'Neil, vice president, Lynn Nichols, secretary, and Virginia O'Neil, treasurer. Class ot 'l94'I ls Largest in History mu SovHoMonE: So you want to know how to be a senior. Well, we're graduating now, and we still don't know what it's all about. We too started out as an un- united sophomore class and grew and prospered under Ames Hi Aims High. Eleven have dropped by the wayside, but two hundred and seven seniors set a new record as the largest class ever to graduate from Ames High. Glaneing back, three years ago seems like ages. That was way back when we were in the old building, and the tardy bell rang at seven-thirty. Our pride and joy was Romaine Woodward, the only sophomore on the basketball team, and Norma Bauer arrived from Cedar Rapids. Then we became juniors and moved into the new building. At first we were a little dazed by the maze of halls, but after several embarrassing experiences we learned our way around. Bruce Fir- kins was president, Eileen Dudgeon, Mary Jane Rice, and Jean Arrasmith were vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. They had charge of the Frolie that we gave for the seniors. Financing our class activities was "The Nut l"arni," a light comedy which was a huge success. So passed another year. After a summer of rest We came back for the grand iinale with that custom- ary senior attitude whieh makes them unbearable to students and teachers alike. Superman Harold Shugart is our presidentg Eugene O'Neil, our vice- presidentg Lynn Nichols, secretary, and Virginia O'Neil, treasurer. To be a successful senior you must have an ideal. We have our ideas, so we'll pass them along to you. "A" stands for academic and that essential in passing, apple polishing. Eileen Dudgeon and Clawson Cannon are mas- ters in this art. "S" is for science and those two chemists, John Martin and Lloyd Mahone. Pray that you still have a building left, Sophomore. "E" stands for eager. That's the way we feel about getting out of here. "N" is for a newcomer, John McElhinney, who would be an addition to any senior class. "I" is for ingenuity or that ability to think up original excuses when one is late. Betty Lou Knudson can do it every time. "O" stands for oratory and that gift of gab our de- baters, Don De La Hunt and Ed VVick- land, have. "RH is for romance. Guess who we saw at the Frolic the other night. Peggy Rushing and Woody were together, of course, and Olive Peterson and Dick Haugen. Our vice-president, Eugene O'N eil, was seen with Ruth Mil- ler, while our hardworking Spirit Edi- tor, Eileen Dudgeon, celebrated with Gi. Sherman Rinehart. Pat Shearer and Roger Williams looked as if they were having a good time. but the surprise of the evening Was Mary Jane Rice a11d Clawson Cannon. It's a long hard grind to the top, but don't be discour- aged, Sophomore, it's not as bad as it sounds. We Wish you the best of luck! Sally and Sammie Senior Page 37 Bm: ABIBW1' E1mI'1'1 1 BAIICR l3lc'1"1'Y lllclcuow f'1..xws0N VANNON CII.xl'N1'EY .X1,1'o'1"1' I'1I.,XlXI'I I3.xRNlf:'1"1' Fluxvls Illulmslnxw Dux l'AxN'1'oNw'1Nr: lCV1cl.x'N gxNDl'IRSON ART I3.x'1'r:s M.xR'1'HAx I31uc'l'N,xI,I, XvIRHINl.X i',xR'l'ER JIM ,XNDICRSON IXIORINIA l3Axl'1c1z lllucflc BROWN DORIS VIIASIC K1f:NN1f:'1'11 ,XNFI-INSON Jmx B1+:N'rox l.0I'lsIc IJROXVN A nmxlu i'Imls'l'If1Ns0N JOHN ,X1cNcmaY.LQ44J fl! KENNlmi f11+:1e1cs1vu BIARION TSVRK IDmm'1'11x' l'lluIs'r1,xNsoN Jinx .X1zR.xsMV1'11 GRACE Bums f'Ax1eo1,x'N f1AMl'l5lCI,I. Jmx l'1,.x1eK Seniors for Nineteen Forty-one Bob Abbott, Hi-Y 1, 2 3 . . . Edith Baier, G. R. l, 2, 3 . . . Betty Berhow, G. R. 3 . . . Clawson Cannon, Hi-Y Cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 1 , Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, President, 3, National Honor Society 3. Chauncey Alcott, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Elaine Barnett, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2 . . . Francis Bradshaw, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Don Cantonwine, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Evelyn Anderson, Dramatic Club 2, Art Club 1, G. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Art Bates, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Var- sity Club 2, 3 . . . Martha Bretnall, G. R. Cabinet 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Vice President 2, G. A. A. President 3 . . . Virginia Carter, G. R. Cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Srmrr Staff 3. Jim Anderson, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Vice President 1, Activity Director 2, Secretary 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . . Norma Bauer, Homeroom President 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, SPIRIT Staff 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Secretary 3, Quilland Scroll 3, Pep Club, 2, 3 . . . Grace Brown, Dramatic Club 1, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Vice President 2, Homeroom Vice President 1, 2, Junior Executive Council 2, S1-IR1'r Stat? 3, Pep Club 3,Quill and Scroll 3, National Honor Society 3, G. R. Cabinet 3 . . . Doris Chase, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 3, Art Club 1. Kenneth Anfenson, Hi-Y 2, 3 . . . Jean Benton, G. R. 1, 2, Library Club 1, 2 . . . Louise Brown, Girls' Glee Club 1 , G. R. 1, 2, 3, Debate Club 2, 3,Dramatic Club 2. 3, Junior Class Play, National Honor Society 3, Quill and Scroll 3 . . . Amanda Christensen, G. R. 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Glee Club 2. John Arnold, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Kenneth Beresford, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Fire Squad 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, Dance Band 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . . Marion Burk, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 3, Intramural Manager 2 . . . Dorothy Christianson, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Homeroom Vice President 1,Sec1'etary 2. Jean Arrasmith, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Librarian 3, Student Council Treasurer 3, Junior Class Treasurer, Homeroom President 3, Senior Senate 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 3, G. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Grace Berg, G. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Carolyn Campbell, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Band 1, 2. 3 . . . Jean Clark, G. R. 1, 2, 3, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1 , Girls' Glee Club 1, 2. Page 39 Seniors lor Nineteen Forty-one Harold Clemens, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1 . . . Betty Lou Comstock, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2 . . . Katherine Cox, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3 . . . Doris Dempsey, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3. Janet Clyde, Horneroom President 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, SPIRIT Staff 1, 2, G. R. Cabinet 2, President 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Secretary 3, National Honor Society 3 . . . Ellery Comstock, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Art Club 2, Varsity Club 3 . . . Elinor Crump, G. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Hollis Duecker, Hi-Y 3. Fred Cody, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Denise Conroy, G.R. 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2 . . . Bill Cushing, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 3 . . . Louise De Vries, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus il, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Jo Ann Cole, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3 . . . Dorothy Cook, G. R. 3, Girls' Glee Club 3 . . . Avis Darner, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3 . . . Duane Dirksen, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1, 2, Honierooni Secretary 1, Dramatic Club 2. Virgil Cole, Hi-Y 3 . . . Mary Cook, G. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Thelma. Deal, G. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Eileen Dudgeon, G. R. Cabinet 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Vice President 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Junior Class Vice President, SPIRIT Staff 2, Editor 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 2. 3. Treasurer 3. Kenneth Coleman, Hi-Y 3, Rand 3 . . . Ray Cook, Hi-Y 2, 3, Homeroom Activity Director 2, Vice President 3, Varsity Club 3 . . . Leonard De Hoet, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Vice President 3, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . . Virginia Dyas, Dramatic Club 1, Girls' Glee Club 2, Hornerooni Sec- retary 2, Vice President 3, Senior Senate 3, G. R. Cabinet 2, SPIRIT Staff 3. I Mary Jean Combs, G. R. 2, 3 . . . Marilee Cooper, G. R. 1, 2, Library Club 1 . . . Don De La Hunt, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Debate Club 1, 2, 3, Hozneroorn Activity Director 3: SPIRIT Staff 2. 3, Varsity Club 3 . . . Marilyn Dykes, G. R. 1, 2, 3. Page 40 ll.xmnAn1'l,1-:Ml-:Ns l:I'1'l"I'Yl.Ul' f'UMS'I'U4'li lx ,X'l'lIl'1RIXI-I Vox llums DI-IMl'NI1IY .l.xN1c'r f'l4Ylll'I MW! l'1l,l,l1:nv f'HMS'I'UK'li ICl.1xm:4'1:1'x1l' 7 C i EQ v l"lu11lm Vum' v L IH-:Nmc Vuxlcm' 3 I Illl.n,1'u's1llx1: l,m'1s11: llrcX'1m-:s .In Axx f'1lI.l'I llmmwm' Hmm .Xws IMRNI-11: l,l'XNl'f Imcxsllzx Yllilill. 1411111 Blum' Muni 'l'lll1II.FXl.K lim , ICH i I x I f KI'INNl'l'I'll f4UI.l1IMAN lhv Muna LM l1l'IHN.XliIJ Illc llum' LA!! VIRGINIA Ihtxs M .xlcv .I lax N 11051138 3l.xlcll.r:l4: 1'1mm-in lmx Ihr: l.,x ll1'N'r M.xl:ll.x'x llylulis , ,J . ,Int Wfff . ,. X .5 N Y J V rw Y. 9 XM V QYVVW '1'11O1x1Axs EI.I3I'IK'l' , Jwlq F1..x11m-1 Ilfzmzx GUXYICN C'O1:,-,L IIANSON Pun, 1'1I.IJICl'IIJG1-I 13013 F1.AxI'll1cR K3 X UIAYIJIC HICICICN 115 XEJ , O X1 GRUICGIC lI,x1e'1'M.x. 0 JOHN ENmc1.1m1Nf:1+:R INOKIO FlAOOs'1'.x1J G1-1O1zmf1 HRIIJIGR QL Dlmi H,xI'Ol':N JOHN lfllclvusox Y1cN1+:'l'.x 1+'OmcM.xN Dolcls ullllfl-'l'I'Il M.u:,1Om1-1 IIEIN K'u.x1cl.O'1"1'1f: Fuculfix BOB Fulrzlmlzlvlr M.x1:O.x1z1c'1' GROSS DICLURIS JOHNSON l5RI'Clf1 FIRKINS Lr4:O'1'.x Glclzln-is G14:1:'r1cI'11lc HAIN l'1x'14:m'N JOHNSON 3111.1-'Olav 1+'.1Am: AIARY Gll,c'l11els'1' 13.xR1s.xR.x IIAL1, Ln.1.I.xx JOHNSON Seniors For Nineteen Forty-one Thomas Elbert, 1Ii-Y 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 2, 3 . . . Jack Flahive, Hi-Y 2, 3 . . . Helen Gowen, Dramatic Club, 2, G. R. Cabinet 3, Homeroom Secretary 2, Pep Club 1, 3, SPIRIT Sfatt' 3, Quill and lcroll 3 . . . Coral Hanson, G. R. 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3. 'hil Eldredge, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3 . . . Bob Flauher, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, Dance Band , 2 . . . Clyde Green, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 3 . . . George Hartman, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom leerctary 1, Vice President 2, President 3, Student Council President 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, Na- ional Honor Society 3, Senior Senate 3. 'ohn Engeldinger, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Ingrid Flogs-tad, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1 . . . George Grider, Ii-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Dick Haugen, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glec Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 2, Dance Band , Homeroom Vice President 1, President 2, Junior Class Play. 'ohn Erickson, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, President 3, Homeroom Tice President 1, President 3, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . . Veneta Foreman, G. R. 2 . . . Doris Griffith, F. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Marjorie Hein, G. R. Cabinet 3,Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Librarian 2, Girls' Glee llub 1, 2, Art Club 1, Homeroom Vice President 3, Pep Club 3, Senior Senate 3. lharlotte Farren, G. R. 2, 3 . . . Bob Freidrich,Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 3 . . . Margaret Gross, l. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Deloris Johnson G. R. 3. lruce Firkins, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Hi-Y Cabinet 2, Secretary 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Boys, Glee Club 1, Homeroom President 1 , Activity Director 2, Junior Class President, SPIRIT Staff 2, 3, National Ionor Society 2, 3, President 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3 . . . Leota Gerdes, G. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Ger- rude Hain, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Secretary 2 . . . Evelyn Johnson, G. R. 1, 2, Iilford Fjare, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1 . . . Mary Gilchrist, G. R. Cabinet 3, Homeroom Secretary , Vice President 3, Pep Club 3, Senior Senate 3 . . . Barbara Hall, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club , Library Club 2, 3, Vice President 3 . . . Lillian Johnson, G. R. 3. Page 43 Seniors lor Nineteen Forty-one Peggy Kater, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glec Club 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3, Band 3 . . Betty Lou Knudscn, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Junior Class Play, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, E . . . Delores Landers, G. R. 3, Girls' Glee Club 3 . . . Ann McCormick, G. R. Cabinet 2, Secret tary 3, Homeroom Activity Director 1, Secretary 2, President 3, SPIRIT Staff 2, Senior Senate 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, President 3. Betty Kellogg, G. R. 2, 3, Homeroom Activity Director 3 . . . Darlene Knuths, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Ari Club 1 . . . Harvey Lantz, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . . Earl McCoy, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Lucille Keigley, G. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Mary Beth Koontz, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Library Club, 2, 3, Secretary E . . . Margi Lawlor, G. R. Cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3, Orchestra 1, 2, E . . Elizabeth McCoy, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, Library Club 1. Dar Kephart, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Senior Senate 3, Homeroom President 3, Varsity Club 3 . . . Phylli: Krajicek, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3 . . . Bernice Leland, G. R. 1 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 . . . Marjorie McHone, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Gler Club 1, Library Club 1. Deloris Kephart, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, Homeroom Activity Director 3, G. A. A. Secretary 3 . . . Dale Kroesen, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Junior Class Play, Homeroom Vice Presi dent 1, 2, Secretary 1, National Honor Society 3 . . . Kenneth Lewis, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3,Boys' Glee Clul 2, Fire Squad 1, 2, 3, Rand 1, 2, 3 . . . Vict0riaMcKibben, G. R. Cabinet 3, Girls' Glee Club 1 2, President 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3, National Honor Society 3. Courtney Kimler, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1 . . . Betty Kul0W, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Secre tary 2 . . . Ruth Jean Lorch, G. R. Cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, Homeroon Activity Director 1, SPIRIT Staff 3, Pep Club 3 . . . Jchn Madson, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Presi dent 2. Bill Kingkade, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Debate Club 1, 2 . . . Juanita LaDassor, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Library Club I . . . James Lynch, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Junior Class Play, Varsity Club 3 . . Lloyd Mahone, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Vice President 2, Debate Club 2, Homeroom President 1, 2 Band 2, 3, Dance Band 3, Fire Squad 1, 2, 3, SPIRT Staff 2, Hi-Y President 2, 3, National Honoi Society 2, 3. Page 44 1 I'l:4gm' If.X'l'I'lI fl, AMI' ' Y All I III-IIAIIIICSILXXIDICIIS kj ,Xxx M11 IUIIRIIVIQ I11:'l"1'x' lxr:l.l.mz4z IMI cmzxnc Iixvrus II.xm'14:x' I,.xN'rz I'I.XIiI. BI1'l'uY IIl'4'lI.I.I'1 IXI'II1iI.IiY Mx IMI: D lcv I5xc'rl1 Ii1mN'rz AIXRHI IAXVIMII l'11.lz.u:l-:'1'l1 AIm'4'm' 1 0m Ixl-1l'H,xlc'l' I :urns IXR.X.III'ICIi Illclcxlvll: I,I'II.,XNl1 NI.XIC.IllIIII'I Nlvlluxlc Illmncls Ix I-:x'1l,xl:'1' II.KI.l-I Ixlrmlsl-LN KI1lNNlG'l'Il In-:wus V , i ' X l4"l'ul:x.x BI4'Ixu:l:l':N I Ul'R'I'NI'IY lxm1.l1:l: III"I"I'Y IX I 'I HKS' IIl"1'll ,Imx Imrzvll .IUIIN Nlixnsux IZll,l. IXINIZKMIII .ll'.xxl'r.x I,.xIJ,wsm: I.XNIl1fNI.YN4'II IIIAIYIJ Nlumxrz J 4 Q 2 Sr, fx N XS X uf yl . .2 f'l1Ax1z1.1f:s M.x.mR" QQ fi BIINNA BIICZYINSKY 3III.l,ll'l BIORKISON I'.xI'1. NIUIIULS 1"ImNc'lcs BIANNING llwrixnmvx BIlI,I,l'IR Rolslclvl' BIHRRISON ANNA KAY Nmcms Y lixm. M.x1e'1'1N 3 Y IQVTII Blllmzlz XJ' Jxlfli Movie BOB NI"r'rx' JUHN M.xR'1'lN Dow AII'I'l'l'lI-ILI, ,,, lJM'l1wMI'MA1 rift Bos U1.1v14: Q MAIN' M.x1c'1'1N BIARIAN 1II'l't'III'1I,I. B011 NI4II-'If' 4i1,.x1n's ULSON EIYSICNIC AI.X'I'Sl'1N P.xI'lA llommx lima NELSON Illcmzx Omox 3I,xm',xNN Allclculvli ' SH11a1,1f:v BIORRIS S LYNN Nl1'H01.s X XA El'4iICNl'I 0'N1cll, XX x. , , . Q' fkifhi Seniors for Nineteen Forty-one Charles Major, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Srmrr Staff 2, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . . Minna, Mezvinsky, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 3, Pep Club 2, 3 . . . Millie Morrison, G. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Paul Nichols, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, Homeroom Vice President 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Varsity Club 2, 3. Frances Manning, G. R. Cabinet 3, Homeroom Vice President 2, President 3, Student Council Secre- tary 3, Pep Club 3, Senior Senate 3 . . . Gwendolyn Miller, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Dramatic Club 3 . . . Robert Morrison, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Junior Class Play, Home- room President 2, National Honor Society 3 . . . Anna. Kay Norris, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, G. R. Cabinet 3, Homeroom Vice President 3, Cheer Squad 3, Senior Senate 3. Carl Martin, Homeroom President 2, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Intramural Manager 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, Hi-Y Treasurer 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3 . . . Ruth Miller, G. R. Cabinet 2, Presi- dent 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Junior Class Play, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Homeroom President 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. Secretary 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, Treasurer 3 . . . Jack Moye, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Bob Nutty, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, Debate Club 2, 3, Homeroom Secretary 3. John Martin, Hi-Y Cabinet 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, President 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Vice President 2, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Fire Squad 1, 2, 3, Homeroom President 1, Junior Executive Council 2, SPIRIT Staff 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Vice President 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Vice Presi- dent 3 . . . Dow Mitchell, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . David Mumm, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, . . . Bob-Olive, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Activity Director 1, 2. Mary Martin, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, Band 3, Homeroom Secretary 3 . . . Marian Mitch- ell, G. R. 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Homeroom Secretary 3 . . . Bob Neff, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Gladys Olson, G. R. 1, 2, 3. ' ' Eugene Matson, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1 . . . Paul Morgan, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Vice President 2, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . . Bob Nelson, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Activity Director 3, Var- sity Club 2, 3 . . . Helen Olson, G. R. 1, 2, 3. Maryann Merrick, G. R. Cabinet 2, Dramatic Club 2, Homeroom Vice President 1, President 1, 2, Pep Club 2, 3 . . . Shirley Morris, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3 . . . Lynn Nichols, G. R. Cabinet 2, Dramatic Club 1 , Junior Class Play, Homeroom Vice President 1, President 2, Pep Club 2, 3, Presi- dent 3, Student Council Secretary 1, 2, Senior Senate 3, Senior Class Secretary, National Honor Society 3 . . . Eugene 0'Neil, Homeroom President 1, Hi-Y Vice President 2, 3, Senior Senate 3: Senior Class Vice-president, Varsity Club 2, 3, Vice President 3. Page 47 Seniors For Nineteen Forty-one Virginia 0'Nei1, G. R. Cabinet 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, Homeroom Activity Director 1, Secretary 2, Senior Class Treasurer, Senior Senate 3, National Honor Society 3 . . . Dick Pride, Hi-Y Cabinet 2, 3, Homeroom President 1 , Senior Senate 3, National Honor Society 3 . . . G. Sherman Rinehart, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Junior Class Play, Homeroom Vice President 1, 2, SPIRIT Staff 3, Senior Senate 3, Varsity Club 2, 3 . . . Marjorie Sadler, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Girls Clee Club 1. Aileen Osborn, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3. . . Dorothy Rafdal, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Library Club 11, 2 . . . Rosajune Robinson, G. R. 2, 3, Debate Club 2, 3 . . . Robert Sailsbury, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Ralph Paulson, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2 3 . . . Charles Ray, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . John Roche, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Eileen Sevde, G. R. 3. Jack Peck, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Joan Remley, G. R. 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3 . . . Dick Rodgers, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Pat Shearer, G. R. Cabinet 2, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Secretary 3, Homeroom Secretary 1, 2, G. A. A. Council 2, Cheer Squad 3, SPIRIT Staff 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 3. George Peterson, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Librarian 3, Mixed Chorus 3 . . . Mary Jane Rice,.Dramatic Club 1, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, President 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Robe Keeper 3, Junior Class Secretary, G. R. Treasurer 3, G. A. A. Council 3, Homeroom Activity Director 1: National Honor Society 2, 3 . . . Mildred Romsey, G. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Leila Shelton, G. R. 1, 2, 3. Olive Peterson, G. R. Cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, Homeroom Activity Director 1, Vice-presi- dent 2, Art Club 1 , Pep Club 2, 3, SPIRIT Staff 3 . . . Carl Riggs, Hi-Y 2, 3, Band 2, 3, Homeroom President 2, Senior Senate 3 . . . Peggy Rushing, G. R. Cabinet 2, Dramatic Club 1, Homeroom Secretary 1, 2, Vice President 1, President 2, Student Council Vice President, Pep Club 1, 2, 3 . . . Marilene Shockley, G. R. l, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, Library Club 2. Bob Phillips, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3 . . . Arthur Riley, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Secre- tary 2, Fire Squad 2, 3 . . . Betty Rynkiewitz, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3 . . . Joe Shore, Hi-Y 1.32, 3, Art Club 2. Page 48 1 X111111x11 H Nl-1II,1 X lJ11'14 l1c111 X 12.81111 rn, ' . 1' Mu: 111111-1 S.x111.11t1c X11.11:1-Lx H01 HSHURN CU'I'llY li.x11'1a,x1. I!ns.x.11'x111 lKo111xs11N H1 ll!!-INT S.XIl,Sl!l 'RY Hx11'11 I,Xl'l! ' . ,. Hx 4'11,x1:1,11:s lim' , w .I1111x lm1'1111: lu'14 I'I11.11:1-:N 8111111111 l,I"4'K HHN lI11:A11,1:x' Il11'1x H1m111111:11:-4 I'x'1'H1111:x1111,1: H1.u1:11111 l'111'1'11:11s11x NIA HY ,l.xx1-1 Hl1'l'I NI11.111:1-11 li11x1s1-iv I.11:11.,1 S111-11,'1'ux 01,1111 l'111'1'11111sox P 1,11 :1.II11:11s ' N4 l'11:11m' I.1's111.'1 Nl.x1:11.11:N1-1 S111w1Q1.11:Y 'ms I'1111.1.11's X1:'1'111'1c lC11.11:x' I i11:'1"1'x' Iix'x14111:w1'1'z .lr111:H11o1:11: KW lI.x1m1,1m S-Ill'uAx1:'1' GRAC14: Swxxsox Ros1c'l"1'.x Time J.xM1cs W.xRmf:N Huwl N SM rm EVIQR lf:'r'1' 'I'n'1.o1c E1mY'1'u1f: Tonlm DIVK NVE.xR'1'1I KlcNN1':'l'1i SMITH M,xRu.xR1f:'1' T.xYl.o1z DAWID TRI'1c1s1,0oD ULIN XVI'II.I.Il0I'Sl'1 Lome.xlN1c SPEVK R1c'H.x1m 'lfxvmn l+ll,mNmc Ivl.l,I'IS'l'AD .I A M las VVlcs'1'lc1zx'1cl UoRo'1'Hx' Sme.x'1"1' ROBINXRT 'l',xx'1.o1: ,XNN lv'l"l'ICR lI1c1u1.1m VVl'lS'l'VVIK' IIAx1m11u'1' S'l'l'IliI, lvox '1'Ic1c'1'1-:H Klux: W.x1.1.Aw1f: RI"l'lI W1f:'1"l'r:1e A1.m:1:TA S'l'HlNx:rf:ma If.-Vl'lII,lClCN 'I'mmM1'suN D0l:0'1'Hx' XVARRICN Mvm. W11,vro1f'14' Seniors For Nineteen Forty-one Harold Shugart, Hi-Y Cabinet 2, 3, Homeroom President 1, 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, President 2, Art Club 1, Senior Senate 3, Senior Class President . . . Grace Swanson, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Library 2 . . . Rosetta Tice, G. R. 1, 2, Library Club 2 . . . James Warren Hi-Y 3, Dramatic Club 3. , Ervin Smith, Hi-Y l, 2, 3 . . . Everett Taylor, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Edythe Todd, G. R., Cabinet 3, Debate Club 1, Dramatic Club 2, Dick Wearth, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Kenneth Smith, Hi-Y 2, 3, Boys' Clee Club 2 . . . Margaret Taylor, G. R. Cabinet 2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Secretary 1, President 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, G. A. A. Council 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3 . . . David Trueblood, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Olin Wellhouse, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3. Lorraine Speck, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 1, Library Club 1 . . . Richard Taylor, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2 . . . Eleanor Ullestad, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 3 . . . James Westervelt, Hi-Y 3. Dorothy Spratt, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3 . . . Robert Taylor, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, Boys' Glue Club 1, Fire Squad 1, 2 . . . Ann Utter, G. R. 2, 3, Band 2, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Dra- matic Club 3 , . . Gerald Westwick, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Q Harriet Steel, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, Art Club 1, Homeroom Secretary 3 . . . Ivon Teeter, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1, Dramatic Club 2, Library Club, 2, 3, President 3 . . . Bob Wal- lace, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Ruth Wetter, G. R. 3. Alberta Steinberg, I 1. R. 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2 . . . Kathleen Thompson, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1 , Band 1. 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, Homeroom Secretary 1, Cheer Squad 3 . . . Dorothy Warren, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Library Club 2 . . . MurlWha.toff, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Page 51 ED VVICKLAND 1' ROGER WII.I,I.xMS lloM.xINi: ARD DON Yr fNG CURINNIJ WIERSON KEITH WIIILIBY HEIIEN VVORTMAN lllARJORIE ZEA BOB CLARK BIARIAN WIIIIIIS DICK WRIGHT 1 LYLR RAY 1 1 1 Ed Wickland, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Debate i'lI1b 1, 2, 3 . . . Roger Williams, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Robo Keeper 3, SPIRIT Staff 2: Varsity Club 3, Fire Squad 2, 3 . . . Ro- maine Woodward, Hi-Y 1, 2, 31 Homeroom President 2, Varsity Club 1, 2, 3 . . . Don Young, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Corinne Wierson, G. R. 1, 2, 3 . . . Keith Wil1iby, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3 . . . Helen Wortman, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Activity Director 2 . . . Marjorie Zea, G. R. 1, 2, 3. Lyle Ray, Hi-Y 1, 2, 31 l'1OI1lU1'00111 Activity l2ll'Qt"0l' 2 . . . Marian Willis, G. R. 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 3, Girls' Glee Ulub 1, 2: DI'vnIatiI- Cllub 3: Homerooiu Secretary 3 . . . Dick Wright, Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Cabinet 2, 3 . . . Bob Clark, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Drziiiiuiein- Club 1, 33 Hoineroom Activity Director 1. Seniors For Nineteen Forty-one X I Nw Q, N! f N f , I .6 Q , X Xf -f W "EvEs2vBoDv's Dorm' IT" X 5 25 MEMBERS OF SPIRIT STAFF SPEDII o Must be funny, judging from the smiles of Tass, Eileen, and Jady as they look over snapshots. 0 Don tells Dona and Browne just how to "sell yourself" before selling an ad to a custonier. PPROXIMATELY 1,300 hours were spent by the staff nienibers led by Eileen Dudgeon, editor, in pro- ducing' the 1941 Spirit. Eileen was us- sisted by Kathleen Hein and Janet Yoder in niounting' pic-tures, editing copy, and writing headlines. Mr. Hzirnis served as sponsor of the stuff The Spirit publicity ussenibly held in Noveniber started the 1941 Spirit sales Page 54 0 Nickey, Bill, and Pat prove that good, efficient business people are supposed to be able to write. 0 Dick and John put the Iilni in there, treat it, pray, and the picture comes out here. C'l'hey hopej eaiiipaigii. A skit patterned after at radio brozldezist, in whieh all the stuiif took part, was followed by short talks by the editor, business ll1illl2lg.IOl', senior editor, and the introduetion of the staff. Slogzin for the super-salesmen led by Patsy Shearer, business niniiziger, Nic-key lgindstroni, and Bill Buck, her assistants, was "'l"l1z1t's the Spirit, Buy the Spirit." BOUT I,300 HOURS ON ANNUAL l,ll'l'1'llllQ 1l11- :11lv1-1'tisi11g was lltlll l1ilz1 lxlill' ll111111111-l, lll'l' ilSSlSl2llll, eltlllll .lJ1- lm lllllll, z1ssisl1'1l l1I1' II111111 S:111x':1i11 Nl2ll'llll, s11z11Nl111t 1-1l1Tz11', z1111l aissistzuii :1111l lil'41Wll1' Utupzilili. 'l'l11- 111'g1z111izz1' llivlc l"Iv11. M111'l1 1111'fsi1l11 w111'li was 1'1'- li1111 1-1li1111', N111'111:1 liillll'l', :1111l nssistzliit, 1111111-1l lll ll111s11 1l1-1111141111-iils. l"1'z1111'1's lil'l'l'lil'S, gm 1'1111Ix' :1111l l1-Q1-111ls lNI:11'Iv flillll' Rim' was girls' :1Tl1l1-111 l'111' gi-111111 lll1'llll'l'S. l+l1lit111's llfll' Tl111i1' 111liT111', z1111l lil'llt'l' l"i1'lci11s s1'1'v111l i11 ll11 1'1-syn-1'1ix'11 1-l:1ss1-s W1-1'11: ll1-l1-11 liHXVl'll, Sillllt' 1-1111111-ily lltll' l111Ivs' z1Tl1l11ti1's. 1il'2l1'l 51-11i111'g vlllllll lii1'1-, ,i1111i111': .l11sli111' ll1'11w11 was I'11z1l111'11 1'1li1111'. lil'llllllilll, s1111l111111111'1-. l'1'1111l' l'l'Zllll'l'S lltll' 1l111 illlllllill w111'1 ,, I . I ,. I. . , I I I . I , I l11- 1-x11111s1v11 :11'1 w111'l1, 1'z11't111111s. :1111l N ll'g.1llllil 1 z11T111, 51-111111. :1111l lllllll .I1-2111 s11:111sl1111s ll11'1111g'l11111l 1l11' y11z11'l11111lq l1111'1'l1. 'lfvivisls W1-1'11 Vi1'gi11iz1 llyzis 111111 NYl'l'4' 1l111111 lay Olin- l'1'T1-1's1111, Zll'l 111li1111', Huy lii111-l1:11'T. 0 Guy f'llllI'lCl4'S uvvi' Yi1'pi11i11 I1yz1s's 0 Hllllllll you tl1i11l1 llllll lllllx sl11111l1l typing, 1llIll lflllll .I1-1111 1'I11'r'ks with l1ecl1:111g111l'?" Olivv sislis Allll' Vi1'14i11iz1 4':11'!111' :1l11111l 'il111 111'1u11I'. as llll'y rlisvuss s0111111':11'l:1o11. 0 "Al 11:1:+1+" 111ig.Ll1l l11- Ihe 41111111111 lllill 0 I11t'111'111:1lly IllSI'1lSSlIl!l llI0il'C'01ij' wc- 1-1111l1l lllll 11111l1-1' lliis 11i1'l111'11 111' 111'11l1l1-111s 111 Spirit 2ll'l' l+'1':1111'1's, Mary .l:1111-, f:I'lll'l', Zlllll 131111-11. Nlll'IIl2l, .I0l111. .I11sli1111 llllll Helvu. Pzigrv 55 C1115 Sponsors Record Red Cross Drive T11z1 111111: Cf. M:11'1i11, R. M1:1'1'is1111, 11. H:11'1,111z111, D. K1'1111sC11, I..M211101111, D, P1-11111. S1i1'11x11 111111: P. f11191ll'l1I', 11. NiC1111Ls, M, J1 Ri111'1. V. O'Ne11, J, C1y1111, V, 1Nl1fK1bb1111.G. U1'11w11,.I.A1'1'11s1111111. 12111111111 111111: II. 1111f1g11f111, N, 1311111113 J. N12I1'11I1, Miss Wii1111x. Miss SIIELIZ, H. F11'ki11s, R. M11l111', I1. I31'11w11. o 1111111 looks 11111 111111111111 1111s111ss as o 1331 SPVYPS as 11011 o 11111111 111111 Mr. Y11111111 1111111111111111111, 1111111'ge 111111s 111s 1111111111011 S1l11l1. -111111.16 111 1'11'1'11lJll. 111111 Vi1'gi11i11 1'111111s 21 1111e111. A'1'1UNA11 11111l11l' S111-11115' s111111- N11w 11111111l1111's w111'11 11l1112l11'11 1w11-11 s111'1111 il 111111 1'1'11ss 111'1v11 1'1111l'1'1111Q 11l1l'1l1g2f 11111 .v11111' 211 11111111111 1-111111111-11g111 "1'11l1.111 111111 11111'1111111g' 5-18 s111111111 1111111 1'1'1'l'1ll111111'S I11'1'1'1'111111 115' 11l1'11l'1ll2l1 11111- 11111111118 111 11111 v1ll11111l' 111111 1'1111ss. 1l1'l'S. '1'1111 1-11111 s111111s111'1111 il 1ll111'1i 1111111- S1111111111s 111 11111 1111111111 111111-11111111 111' 111111 111 N11v1111111111', XV11111111 12l1i1Il1J,' 11111 11111111 1-111ss il1'11 1111g'111111 1111' 1111s S111'1U1j', 1l1il,111l'11'j'. 111111 11111111111-11s 111'11 1'1l1lS1'l1 115' 1111'1111.1' f11:111'111'S w111'11, 111'111'11 1'11l'1i1llH, 111'11s1- 1111111111111's 211'1'111'111llg111 1111111111's11111, s1111111- 11111113 11111111 1X12ll'111l, v11'11-111'11s11111111: S1l1I1, 1111111'111-11111. 111111 111l1S12l11111l1Q s111'v- N11l'1I1i1 1111111113 S1'1'1'1112l1'.VQ 1211111 311111113 111' 111 1111111' s1-11f1111. 1l'11ilSl1l'1'l'. Miss 111111111 S11111z 111111 Miss 111111111 NV111-11x 111'11 11111 s111111s111's. 1 11111 36 Society Recognizes Journalistic Ability ll.Alil0l'S i11l'm'm:1l initiufimis Tlui worlil, lll4'lllllUS SfllllUllTS wlui hmm lkilluwi-fl hy num- liHl'lll2ll 4'l'l'l'lllHll- ilmui UlllSi2lll1llllQ' work Ull flu- Spirif in s wi-rv lu-lil iwiw hiv Quill mul Sm-will Anu-s lligh NVQ-1-lily Wa-lnstz1i'i's zllul :lim llI1'llllN'l'S1llll'lllQjllll"V1'2ll'. in ilu' lllllwl' 0110-l'Ulll'ill ul' llll'll' 1'l2lNN llll4ll'l' ilu- l'zu-lilly siunishrsliip nl' 'lllui lIllll2lll'S 2ll'l' zllnluluu-ml in siuu-izlllx Nliss lfliliizi lVih-wx, ilu- liwzll u1'g:111izz1- 1-zlllufl ilSSl'IlllJlll'S. fum 4-01141114-in-il huuiiiiigs l'Vl'l'j' Uflllll' Oiiivws of flu- s4u'ui'fy XVl'l'l' gxllll Mm 'Xlmulziy :1I'1i-riuum. l'm'i11ivli, lll'0Sllli'lli2 .Iuhn Martini, vui 'l'lu-siwii-1.V.:1ll iiilc-i'11:11im1z1l ,l0lll'll2ll- pm-siiloiiig .Iznu-T Vlyilv, SL'l'l'l'iill'.V2 ax Mil- lunun':u'y, with 2,500 vliziptm-rs in liilm-miIJ1ulg'c-im,t1'i-:mix-v1'. Tm' Row: l,. llrnwn, N. Banu-r, P. SllU2ll'1'l', J, A1'l'21SIYllfll, G. Ikrown, II. Gowvn. ll0'I"Iitl1l Huw: Il. Firkins, A, Mc'Cm'mick, J. Clyclv, Miss Wilcox, J. Martin, E. lllulgeon. 0 lnitizntvs Ilvlvn, Normal and 0 "SxvPe-I Adeline" 0 "Yum Yum" thinks Helen with JUZIII wvzu' pzuwr pins. chirps Nf3I'IIl2l. hex' tongue in hm' cheek. P2121 GA Page 58 Girl Reserves and Hi-V Tor Row: M. Mezvinsky, R. Lorch, J. Yoder, L. Speck, L. Hummel, N. Lindstroni, M Bretnall, D. Sauvain. SIGCHNIP Row: 0. Peterson, E. Butler, B. Dunlap, V. McKibben, J, Al'l'RSlllltll, G. Brown V. Carter, E. Todd. Tumn Row: M. Willis, M. Lawler, M. Hein, Miss Thutt, Miss White, M. Gilchrist, V Dyas, F. Kerekes. B0'l"l'0M Row: H. Gowen, V. O'Neil, M. Rice, A. McCormick, J. Clyde, R. Miller, A. Norris Tor Row: D. Pride, W. Forman, J. Martin, J. Lynch. S1-:voxn Row: J. Rice, J. Pinney, C. Iverson, B. Otopalik, W. Cunningham, C. Martin. B0'l"l'0BT Row: J. Galligan, B. Buck, Mr. Swedell, L. Mahone, B. Firkins. ICVIGRICND James J. Davies of Ft. .Dodge was the speaker for Friend- shir NVQ-ek an im rortant event s won- 7 sored jointly hy Girl Reserves and Hi-Y. Assemblies were held ezufh morning in addition to elass forums. Girl Reserve soc-iul events were the New Students' Party, the monthly hirthdziy parties. at dues party, and the llig Pal-liittlel'z1l picnic. Otlic-ers for the yezir were Janet Clyde, president iirst semester, vice- president seeondg Ruth Miller, vice- president first semester, president see- ondg Mary .lame Rive, treasurerg Ann Met 'ormiek, sec-retzlry. Miss lVl1ite and Miss 'l'hutt are sponsors. IIE Ames Hi-Y is one of the few in the state in which every boy in sehool is a member. Its aim and pledge is fo werlte, llllllillfllllllv, 11.1111 e.1'ff'n1l I1 iyh stand- urrls of 1'lulrr11'ter. Activities of the Hi-Y are the Friend- ship C'onferenee, tire-sides, and Parent- Son Night. Officers for the iirst semester were Lloyd Mahone, presidentg Bill Buck, vice-presidentg Bruce Firkins, seere- taryg Carl Martin, treasurerg for the sem-ond semester, Bill Buck, presidentg Jerry Gzilligzlii, viee-presidentg Keith Berry, seeretaryg Jael: Pinney, treas- urer. Faeulty advisors are .B01'll2l1'll Swedell amd Ray Sinalling. 0 Ruth Miller looks longingly 0 Miss NVhite and Miss Thutt o Prexy Mahone carries at Mary June Rice's place. 0 Chefs suprenie, Firkins and Gilkey toss up some hot dogs at the Boone game. partake at cabinet supper. Does it look good, Ruthie? 0 Mr. Swedell and Smalling survey the new cabinet. 0 Carrold and Carl tie the county home boxes. on. Behind those other smiles are Bill and Bruce. o More boxes for the home, but this time, Bev. and Ruth take over. ..? P2126 50 GIQZ Clubs Appear At Toi' Huw: II. .Inc-ksun, Z. l.oinin,u'vr, ll. Xun X lurk. Il. West, S, Lvwls, .XI Dmlqls, II. Nic-huls, S. Dunzigrzm, li Bll'130Il2ll1l, Ii. Millvr. Toi' Iiow: TZ. Dunlap, Ii, I'ivkoII, IS. . INIUSIIPIH, M. Rico, Il. Quunrlzihl, R. . Alimlgpiwlvn, C. Iflonclrickson, Ii. LQ- Izinrl, A. Vttvr, I.. Dc-Vrivs. Ill. .Xn- dvrson. IC. Zimmvrmnn. Srzvoxp Row: Ii. Wood, IE. Vzlllinv, I.. Slccoxn Row: D. Martin, D. Iizirnvs, Iiolwrg, M. Quist, H. McCoy, IZ. I'z1t- H. I '3l'0Clit?I1I'lllg'l?, I'. Ilowlrf, K. Mc- tvrsun, VV. Otto, BI. Griffith, M. link- Donald, M. IZo1'g'lm'zyel', N, Ymlng, ur, C. Tliurntun, A. Turner. 'I'H11:1w Row: G. Ando:-sun, D. Couk, .l. Tlinmzxs, J. Hrintnrill, D. Quczll D. Hamilton, D. Matson, XY. Gvigor, R. .Xnmls-rson, IG. Konfix-III. BOTTOM Row: R. XVetter', D. IXIcKib- bvn, C. Smith, Y. Curter, Miss Ilmv- null vr, N, Rotliucker, M. Larson, I. .:Xl0X?lI14lt5l', Y. Kulow. Page 60 li Tziylor, J. Romlcy, I'. Krsijicek, I! Clarke, A. Gilman. Tiiiizn Row: A. Shipp, I. Knuths, II. , I-iynkivwitz, K. Boland, G. Brown, smith, Il. I,:1V0lle, I. Turpin, I-1. Iinudson, B. Butler, F. Kcrokes, C I' J. Aim frzint. IZOTTOM ROW: D. Porter, I'. O'Don- , M. Hretnull, G. Lind, Miss Bow- mi K Cox, IG. Duclgeon, A. Norris, H. '1'Wog'0ml. Union, present Program For Mothers Toi' Row: AI. Sumu, IG. Cox, IX. Raw-ml II. Mzilionv, XY. l"'OI'III2lI1, IG. Matson Ii. Taylor, C. Martin. S. Sjursun. SECOND How: K. III-Il, D. Ycmnuns R. Paulson, T. Elbert, R. XN'oml, G I'utesrson, H. Morrison, K. Ilcrry, 13 Firkins. THIRD Row: IE. Mzmkvstml, C. Monu- Iian, I.. NVillsun, S. II. I.:lrson, IC. Kauffman, H. Jonllull, IC. Kitts, 1'I 1-+'elfImzm, unirlontitiunl. I3o'r'roM Row: W. Cunninglumx, 1: Tripp, C. Iverson, Miss Iiuwcr, .I lllrickson, G. XVhitf1ulml, 1'. Yzmue. J o l"l'0lll the zlltos, Cox :mil 0 Glee Clubs D9l'f0l'lll at the 0 McDonald zllld LaVelle liutler zulfl their bit. Hotel for the Rotary Clllb. l'ZllSf' the pitch. 0 Ann Utter zlnrl llorrltlly 0 Boy's double quartet VVZll'lllS 0 More volves join the l'nrtvr sillg second. up il hit before going oll. chorus. llilllS' tllee t'lllhs plw-sm-lltc-rl il V011- 1-1-rt fur the lVnllll-ll's fllllll :lt the llllltlll Ull ll01't'lllllt'l' ll. 'l'he t'lllllS pur- flt'lll2ll't'tl with lifltlllt' Ellltl Fort Dmlge Ill thc- 'l"l'i-t'ity Fvstivzll hc-lcl alt litbthllll lll Many. 'l'hl- girls lllvt tll1l'lllg' the week, with Nliss ltltlllil llmvm-l', stllclyillg lllllsil- lillll- flzllllvlltzlls, lllllsif- 2llllll't't'l2llltllI, illltl the l'nl'lllillg ol' smiles. 'l'wu sextets Zllltl Rl triple trio were l'4ll'lllt'tl :lllcl t'1ll'llislle1l lllllsil- lor t'lllll't'll :lull st-llmml lll'tbg'l'illllS. tlt'li1'vl's we-rv: Sw-mill l'eriml tlleu Vlllll - liflllll Nlvllflllillfl, lll'l'Sltlt'lll'Q lfllllll Wmnl, Vlt'l'-lll't'SltltllllQ Joyvv 'l'llulll:ls, St't'l't'lZll'.VQ Zllltl lJtll'2l MvKih- lwll, llhl':ll'l:lll. Sixth l'c-riml tllw t'lllll-Mary .lzlllo Hive, lbl't'Sltlt'lllQ lllileoll llllclgw-ull, vice- ll't'Sltlt'IllQ fllt'0ll0 fl1'2llll, sevl'etzll'y: lit'2lll lxl'l'2lSlllllll, lllll'Zll'lilll. S il flc-llzll'tlll'e fl'tblll the llSllill typo ul' twgzlllizzltiull, Boys' tilee Club mtl-fl not to take ll2ll'l ill pl'ugl'zlllls als 21 holly tllis 'V0ill', hut to he l'0lll'0St'llft'tl hy Slllilll vm-all QPOIIIPS Zlltillll. lt was llc'- viflccl to Slllg' ll1'llll2ll'll.V ful' Ull,ltlj'lllt'llf ill the t'l2lSSl'0tblll, llsillg four ll2ll'l sollgs Sllt'll as Negro Sllll'llll2llS, ligllt vlzlssivs, fllll sollgs, zllltl tolli snllgs. For tlwso who wisheml to go l'2l1'lll0l'-- to lllllbl'0Vt' their sillgillg Zllltl ll2ll'lll'l- paltl- ill Ill'0Q,'l'2llllSflllt'l't' were lllilllj' up- lml'tllllities, Slllt'0 buys who were ollt- Slillltllllg' ill tllw fllllll were t'llUSt'll for Mixt-tl fllltPl'llS, VVlltll'0 they Silllg' lllUl't' zlclvzlllvml lllllSlt'. Utlim-1-l's elwtell were: eltlllll lCl'i4-li- stall, lbl'0Sltl0llfQ t'z1l'roltl lVt'l'S0ll., vice- lll'l'Sltl0lllQ Keith llvrry, S0t'l't'l2l1'j'2 illltl tlvol'gv ljt'l01'S0ll, llll1'2l1'lilll. The clllll lllet twit-0 weekly lllltltll' the tll1'0t'fl0ll of Miss Etlllil l3ow0l'. Page 61 Band and Qrcbcstra MES High 's orchestra, With Boone and Fort Dodge, participated in the Tri-City Music Festival held at Boone under the direction of George Dasch, conductor and composer. Directed by Mr. Day, the sixty piece orchestra presented its spring concert, a high school program, and a NVOI broadcast. A new oboe and bass viol were added to the instrumentation. Many students participated in the home solo contest. The theatre orches- tra played for Baccalaureate, plays, and Commencement. String, saxophone, and cornet quartets were organized. Officers of the organization Were Rob- ert Allbaugh, president, Peggy Kater, vice-president, Victoria McKibben, sec- retary-treasurer, Norma Shellito, li- brarian. Give Spring Concerts EADING the marching band doW11 the field were the drum major and tive tiashy twirlers with new uniforms. Besides playing at the home games, the marching band made a trip to North High in Des Moines and thrilled the fans there With their formations. The 62 piece concert band gave its spring concert in the auditorium on the evening of March 28 to a capacity crovvd. The high school students en- joyed an assembly given by the band in the spring. A VVOI broadcast was given, and the Thursday night summer concerts in the municipal music pavil- ion were opened by the band in May. Concert band officers Were: John Martin, president, Bill Buck, vice- president, Margaret Taylor, secretary- treasurerg YVayne Bourne, librarian. 0 Eldredge and Lewis beat it 0 Playin' on the big horns 0 Hepcats Mahone and Shel- out eight to the bar. are .Allbaugh and Beresford, lito on the clarinets. o Marching band sits one out 0 Lloyd and 0 Ken Wing plays 0 Martin and Burk lead at the Boone-Ames game. his drums. his horn. the "slush-pumpersf' Page 62 ' fv I 1A v " y ' vw-- v lm' Ihm: .I. Xmla-xg LI Lush, BI, l:1x'I1u1'. I., .InImsm1, II. Iulllut, A, I.v111l1l'191'. I. Ix:1I1-V, I.. hl:ulm'1I, I.. 1 1 ' f 1 1 1 1 ,XIlIv:nl1gIl, I1 1:1l'1'. NI I1Il'Ii, .I. NIIIVIIII, II, IKl'I'SIIIIl'l4, In, C 1111241-, In. hlovli, Iuxn lhm' I', I'111In-, I3.1'I:1lIe1fl1, I1,IIi'1lI1l.AI. I,uxx'.1n', II, l'II1'sl:14l. N. Shvllilu, .I, I!1'n1lI1:l1'1l, II. Xlxxhmw , . . . , . , . . , , .l. Ilulme-s. Ia. S-lllllklllll V, 13. S1II::, Ix. NX.l1f1, II. V1 zlllf II, U, Shzulvl. Il. l:lll'Ii. ll, T5I4'I1'III.'I'. In lIZlIlI1II,f IZu':m1In"u', In. Ivlmlzlp Inman I:1m1 Il I.zll11-LII.5I1"1'iI'.?.I.311-z1:Is,I!.I'I4le'l1Iwm11, Ii. Ala-t'IvII:'n:I, I! limes, II. IIRIIISVIIIII, II.NI1'IiiIw Inn, XY. XYIIIIIIVU, Y. Iluwlmy, Il. UIIIISIIZIII, NI. Riggs, If. WN1-il, XI, M1-Iivlu-y, IUIIHXI Iimxi Y, Mvliilslvrlu, II. .Izu-Izsvn, .I. .IIlI'IiNlIl. .X. Gilman, II. AIIIIfIlII'lIl'II, RI. Ilaxlwr, II, Vlmixsv. AI lZl1rk,II, XX4'HIl'I'Xl'II. lm' Ibm: I,, K1 sl.-I. .I, l'cv1l'., Il. XYIIIIUIIV F. FRIIIIIIIIVII, M. AIHIAIIII. II. rliII:1, l,, NIz1Im111', l'. li2lI1'I', I' Y:m1'1-, .l. I.zlz's1v11, II, lY1'll2lI'I, Il. .XIIIw:u11uI1, Ii. I:l'I'I'SI'UIlI, M. 'l':1ylr11', Il. l':l1'1', NI. lIe'l"m'0, IE. I'1i1'1'. Y 1':nul1r, II. .XI:ml:-nn, NI .Im11's. NI. Iiuvlc, l'. Higgs, .I. Mzlrtill. NIVIIXII II mx: IC. l'II1-slzul, .X. I':ll1Is"11. S, Nlrwris, Il. YUUIIIZIIIS, II. Iizxgsnlillv, II. SWZIIISVII, II. l"I2IllIIUI', I! ,- 1, 1 - 1 1 , , 1 - - Ilnvli, .I. Inv:-. II. NIVIVIIIUI, H. HIIIIIIIU, In. IIIIVIUII. II. Klznzllwstzlml, II. I'0lm'1's1111, I'. IuI1l1'z'4I4v, Ix. Imwls ' I n - Il Imnmy, XX. I.11111111-, I1. l.1':1nI, Nl. IIZIWIIIV. 1 IIIIIIII Itmvz .I, Iluwlllluzlul, II. IU-ymmlels, I.. IH1-III. IG. II:11'Iii1glm1, .I IIuI1m-s. IG. Sjwlzlmlvr. Ii. Wing. 1, Nlmm-, .I. Ix'vr's4'11, H. Ilrrllme-, X. II:111s1':1II1, NY. I"Ul'IIIllII, W. XYj'IlllII'l', Y. Ihlslvy. I'm'mxl Ibm: Il. NIZIIIHIIV, N. SIU-Iliiw. .l, HZIIIIQEIII, Il. Ross,I.Iiavlmlxl,II.I!1'1'a'Iwl11'i1lg1-.l1,II:uls1':1II1,II Nlvlii I,Iwn, A .. 'I I ' o Row: K. Beresford, J. Martin, B. Buc X ' Sleie er. 'l"l'0lNI w: L. Mahone, W. Forman, V X ' - ' en, G. Bourne, B. Mahone, D. Hauge' 'J 1 X MES High Swingsters swang out at the matinee dances once a six weeks. The twelve ,jivers Were John Martin, trombone, Lloyd Mahone, pi- ano, Kenneth Beresford, bass, Bill Ma- hone, Gerald Bourne, Jim Iverson, lVayne Bourne, lVallaee Forman, saxes, Bill Sleiehter, Bill Buck, John Rice, eornetsg and Diek Haugen, drums. The rugeutters eapered at the Pig- skin Pranee on Oct. 3. Chaperones were Mrs. J. S. Dodds, Mrs. R. D. Feld- nran, and Mrs. N. J. Rrintnall. Page 64 'f 9 0 Mid-year dance shots show the crowd with Ann and Bill in the spotlight. x 0 x o Mary and Kim smile, and Bob tells Margaret how he caught that big one. On N ov. 13, the Belated Ballot-Bo Brawl was held with Mrs. C. A. Iversoi Mrs. R. F. Carter, and Mrs. T. I Vance as ehaperones. Prizes Were given to the boy and gil holding the lucky ticket during the ir terniission of the Holly Follies, Decent ber 18th matinee dance. Mrs. J. Ii Hansel, Mrs. L. Cl. Arrasmith, Mrs. E M. lValton, and Mrs. J. L. Spurrie were the ehaperones. At the Semester Fiesta, January 25 the niid-year all school evening dance xll wfllt nhl X xx Xxsx R 1. 'gilliil l7zu'irr, snplummrm-, NVilSl1iUll0l lrnis 4111114-ul fu Ray 1 .f f um 'Amcs ll1g'l1's Dl't'2llll Gll'l,M21Illl Ilill'- X Sllllgiaxrt, "Arm-s lliglfs Suprr- am." Vlnznpmwnws xvrn- Mr. :xml Mrs. P M. llirlism-ll, Mr. :xml Mrs. .lulm Ilzlr- . A .m.:1ml Mrs. 'I'. .l. Mum-y. 'l'ln- lim-11 In-itvl' Ilzly l,2llll'l' was llc-ld nn Fl'lH'll2ll'j' 215. l'l1z1p1-rmws wr-ro Mrs. ll. XY. Mitf-lwll, Mrs. li. M. XVz1l'm11, Hrs. fl. M. Kllluw, Mrs. XV. l'. Nim-lmls, Mrs. NV. U. il:u'sslm', Mrs. XV. 141. Halli- ln. Page 65 IP"""' Fitty-three Voices Join in Chorus Toe Row: B. Green, B. Otopiilik, S. Larson, G. Tripp, W. Forman, G. Peterson, B. Cushing, J. Erickson, J. Iversen, G. Whitfield, B. Firkins. Sxceoxn Row: H. Twogood, D. Porter, H. Breckenridge, B. LaVelle, J. De La Hunt, P. Nichols, L. Mahone, W. Cunningham, B, Leland, B. Rynkiewitz, G. Lauer, V. Manning. Tnncn Row: C. Hanson, E. Mitchell, A. Christensen, I. Turpin, L. DeVries, B. Quandahl, C. Hendrick- son, M. Hein, M. Taylor, E. Ande1'son, K, Cox. FUI'I!'l'lI Row: E. Butler, M. Rice, P. Shearer, J. Perry, Miss Bower, C. Cannon, K. McDonald, R. NVil- lianis, C. Grant. o Carols echo in the halls as o Coral and Ellen o Official performance-robes chorus sings Yuletide songs. vocalize a bit. and all-at the hotel. lF'l'Y-THREE nienihers partiei- pated this year in the only Anies a eapella group, Anies High Mixed Chorus. The iirst seinester ehorus worked Illillllly on seales, liarinony, and singing teehniqne: The seeond semester they prepared and presented programs. Ten new inenlhers were added seeond senies- ter to give a more halaneed group. Page 66 Direeted hy Miss Edna llower, the ehorus presented Sunday niorning serv- iees at various elnlrelies. On May 15th, the group took part in the 'l"1r'i-City Fes- tival Whieh was held in Boone. Chorus also gave an Easter vesper serviee at the Meniorial Union, April Gth. Oftieers were: Flawson Cannon, pres- identg Jaek Perry, viee-presidentg Pat Shearer, seeretary-treasurer. Cubs publisli Une Edition ol Web IiUlll'4'lX1l llu- lu-Iwi-1-ii se-ilu-sic-i"s l'l'i-pzl1'z1T1-ijvToflu-iriiiiil-yn-211'wlitii-ii 1-ililifni ul' ilu- .Xnu-s lligrli XY1-1-lily ul'1lu- XVQ-lu, illlllS liziiuli-il iii iiulivinliiz Wulf was ilu- llllllSl 4-liilfs liig' Il1'H,l04'l' si-mpluu-las, wliii-li sc-i'vm-ml :is si 1-uiiiiu-fi nI'1lu-.iw-:ni'. Bliss Xl'lSfbll,1'lllll2lllYlSHl'. tivm- 1-xc-i'visv fm' stall zissigiiiiu-nts ii zns pw-si-iili-il llu- nu-4-liziiiii-s nl' writing llu- NVQ-lm. Ullivi-i's wi-ri-: llruwiu- Ulu iu-ws, l'i-:iliii'i- stf-ru-s, ziiul liiiiiu-i'. lu lu-- I-zllilc, pri-sicli-iilg Ki-ifli l:l'l'l'y, vu-1 giiiiiiiig' iiiiiim' ziiul snplmiiiniw- ,l0lll'll2ll- pre-siili-iil-g l'll'2lIl4'US lim-iw-lu-s, S01'l'l'lZll'f isls lm- lliiw- .Vl'2ll'S. ll'02lSlll'0l'. 'l'ul- limit Ii. lim-sslf-i', K, Us-i'i'y, ll Iiiisli, A. Ilziiisnlli, T. Rlllllllllflvll, II. Utnpulili, V. Ifmlcl. Siu-xii limi: I", K1-iw-lic-s, II. 'llVVflQO0Il. .I. l:l'llllIl1lll, A. llllCl3.lOl'flfl1, M, Lush, A. Vviiimi, M. Wzillu-V, I.. Sli-wzirl lllllllllb Huw: A. Willis, li Iiiiulslmiii, M. Quisl, M. Dmlmls, J. lXlc-Dmiulrl, M. Rotlizu-lu-i', M. Iiukz-i', V. Kiilow. Iiwrmxi Huw: l'. l'i'i1l1-, IS. B2lllSll2llI, A. 'I'ui'm-i', Mis Nelson, P, Allflt'l'SllIl, VV. Gs-ige-13 I-I. lllil. 0 l'iil:s look uve-V 1-xc-Iiziiiu-s, 0 ls that :in iiits-iw-still lrtnli? 0 lumuisz- llrnwu giws :ulvii-0 Page- 6 Tor Row: D. Kephart, E. Zimmerman, J. Cole, M. Angle, B. Cassady. SICVUNIP Row: A. Passmore, J. Nutty, A. Darner, D. Dempsey, B, O'Brieu, C. Nutty, T. Hutchison. Borroxr Row: J. Laljassor, M. Koontz, Miss Tliutt, E. Mclilyea, I, Teeter, B. Hall. o Here lies the Ames o Letfs see, which High Weekly NVebs. comes first-R or S? o Those must be very o Funny jokes in iuterestilig books! popular mechanics? Library Houses Q,500 to 3,000 Rocks PPROXlMA'l'lCliY 2,500 to 13,000 books are housed iii the Ames lligli library and liaiirlletl by the Iii- ill'2ll"V Vluli, uucler the spoiisorsliip of Miss 'Fliutt ami lilleauor Melflyea. Lim- itefl to twenty members, these student ilill'ill'lZlllS are eliosen ou the basis of i11- terest iii lilmrar,v work, attitude of serv- iee, and seliolastie rec-ortl. Flaeli girl works about two periods a week in the library. Page 68 The projevts elioseii lay the eluli for the year were the elassifying' and eata- loguiiig of new liooksg ill'l'ill1glll4Qf mater- ial ill show eases, and making' a st-rap book of elippings of all aetivities of tht Ames seliools. Oliif-ers were Ivon Teeter, presitleiitg il3arbara llall, Vive-presicleiltg Mary- lietli Koontz, sec-retary-treasurerg and Delores Kepliart, soc-ial eliairman. Lines, Light, Make-up are Actors, Tools -I ,, 1 ,Nw 1 - f ,rw ,rv -,x '- lol limi. J. Mr-flaw-, IE. Myllls, lu. I,:ll'srlll, I3 N-llllt'k,.I. lX:1l'l'eli, I. Mlllily, I, lllllllllligell. 0. XX 1- llltrllsll, .I I llil-lx, M. Ifltllll, ll. Illlllvrtsllll, XV. ll0lIQ.lIlHS. Qlllnll limi: IG. Mitt-Iwll, .I. Sl0lll'l'L'I', M. Slllllll, M. I3l1l'l'iv, J. tlzllvili, J. II:ll'T:ill. J. liilllll-:', ID, Qllvlll. C Yvtter, Z, I.:-illillgl-l', II. Nilfllols., ll. Mviloy. . , . . I'llllcll Itllw: I. Iilllu-l'tsrlll, .I. Nlltty, li. IIIXIIII, Il. I':Ilt'IIlJlII'lI. IJ. Ix0ll9I'Il, M. I olllls, S. lillllllflllll, A. XUVINIII I.. lllllllllll-I, .I. Nlf'f'lUll1IIlIl, U. Nllfly, l'. l'l'illv, ,VIH Il'I'II Rllw: li. We-ttvl', M. Willis, V. JIIIIIIIIIIQL, ,A 'Tlll'Il0l', IE. GIJIIIUS, A. llirksell, IE. Ilyriws, C. 'l'lilll'li IUII, IS. Mrmlw-, V. '1'llVVII, ll. llzlll. lilllulml lillw: II. Mlllllly M, 'I'lllllll:ls, .I. Kyiv, M. 1u1'll0l1illtl, M. Rlltllzlc-lu-l'. A. l'2llllSOI1, V. IQIIIUXV, I'. All ll0l'SllIl, II. I'Il'il'lls1lli, M. fJSllUl'Il, I'lll' ltllw: II, Illlllllllllllll, R, Plllllllls, T. Ilzlrtlllzln, J. Lyncli, NX. 120611. ll. Nlllllocli, J. l'0l'l'y, ll. l.llsll, C Millvr, Ii. Alllllllllgll, li. Mrll'l'isl:ll. Ql ulxll Huw: II. Willwlx, I.. lllsowli. l', 0'l30IlIIPll, C. Czllllplwll, V. C2Il'l0I', M. IIllSll, D. lilwlvsvll. G Iiilltl Illlrt, Il. Iilligllt, IS. Mize-, II. Wooll, A. IIllllSI'1llll. I'lllllll Row: W, Ill-ilgelg M. BOI'I.flIlf'y4'I', IB. Zulltlillgllll. V. Ilzllstvzul, Il. Kllllllsllll, R. Blltlllly V. lI2lllVVl2 Il. Cllzlrke, ll. Gzlllssle-l', I'. Hovllv. IIlll"l'ml Iimv: A. llltvr, P. Ixlulglt-4-k, J. Mull, lx. BOZIIIII, Mr. b-lilltll, IJ. 1w2ll'llIl, ll. lllllll, Q. fl'2lV8Il. N Ilixsoll, -1-112 S1"IOVN! 6068 OD. 0 Leading 111311 Robert 0 Winlock pulls l1is "gat" 0 C1l2ll'1PS Miller 1lons l1is MOl'I'lSfJH calls for 119111 0 Wellhouse gets Winlock 1111111111111 fm' the C1lZll'8C19l' at an exciting point. to talk. part of 11111 l101'111it. ll EVEN K1-ys 111 112l111112l1077 was 1110 lu2l11 111ilY 1111150111011 by 1110 Dra- 111z1111' f11ll11. '1'h0 play, il 1110111111'11111z11111 1'i1l'1'0, was Wl'111Cl1 hy 110111450 M. 1,11111i1ll, 2lllT1111l' of s0v111'z11 111'11z111wz1y 1111s. '1'110 s'1111'y 011111-01'11011 T110 1111V0111111'0s of El 111z1yw1'1g111 W1111 1z1k0s 21 11z11'1- 111 w1'110 E1 1111v01 111 11110 1111y. 110 1'0111'0s 111 il 11111130 1111 1321111112110 111111111'1z1111 s11 111111 110 1-1111 1-11111'01111'z110 1111 111s Work 11111 i11s10z111 is 111101'1'11111011 211 vz11'11111s 111111-s by 1Q11111101's, 21 110ws11z11101' w11111z111, 1lOl'l1111, 111111 11111011s. 'I7110 play was 1i11011 with s11r111'is0s, 1101s of V11110111-0 211111 1-x1'11111g si111z11i1111s. Page T0 T110 1-asf, 1111'1-1-1011 111' 11. XVEIYIIU Smith, Was: 1111111111 Qll1lll11y', Guy 1111110- 11z11'Tg Mrs. Ql11lll11j', 1101111'0s Kll1g'111g 1V111i11111 1h12lg'C0, 111111 M111'1'1s1111g .1111111 1312lllf1, 131111 1'11111i11sg BIZIFQV NvU1'1'11l1, 111111 Y1J11"1iS0l1Q Mrs. R1111110s, 111111 51210 11llllllllC1Q P0101's, 1110 1101'11111, f111ill'1OS Mi1101'g Myra '1'11111'1111111, l101"11'11110 L1l1l1gL0ll11'12lX, 131111Vi11l111-1cg.1i111 11111- 22111, 111111 1V011111111s0g T111111111s 112lYI10l1, 131111 l1111l2lllQj1lg .1ig'g's KL'lll1l'i1j', Jack POP1'yg T011 11Ell"1lll2lll 111111 XXYZIYIIO 110011, 1111111'0111011g 11w111-11 111 112l111112l1i', A1 H21llS1Qi111l. H1111k111111101', 13011y K111111- s1111. VNIURf'lz1ssp1'1-s1-iitwl"'I"lu-lmtc ing, was plziywl hy 111-l11i'1-s Kiiiglit. 75 Y lllll'lSlHIblll'l' lit'2lll 1111 l'l'lll'll2ll'.Y 25. Susan lluggn-H, El Ill'l'llj' gii'l11l'11i111-T1-1111 "l'hi'is lil'2lllH wus 21 l111i111111' wluisv was lil2l.Vl'll hy Yll'QllllEl llzilslvzul illlll mwlcs pi-im-1l 111 lui Villllillblt' :1l'f1'1' his lllll' sislvr, A1lz1 llzigggvll, with hzlhyish 1l1-:11h. N111 1-:1i'i11g' lllll1'll lm- 1'h1'is,1lu' irrvftiiuiss illltl hz1li,vlili11 1111111111113 wus llziggvll liillllllj' haul lliimwii 111' Ql'lVl'll plziycul hy lh-ttyi'l111-lu-. li1Tli1ip:1i'l1ml' znwny :1ll l1is imiiiliiigs I1-lt :if lluiii' SllS2lll,S hwy frioiul, llui villalgv lbilllllbl' lunisv. Wluiii llu-Qi' l1-:1i'i11nl'tl11'i1'v:1liu1, ziiul 1111111-1' l1:1i1g11-i', XVEll'l'l'll l'1'11z1i1i1-i', llll'-Y try 1ll'SllUl'2lll'l,Y 111 l'1'll'll'V1' tlufiu, was lll'2lll llixmi. illbllllllllllllgllll'1'2lSl ig'11111'i11g1 tlulii' l'z1ithl'11l i11:1i1l whfm is gms- was lluh Allllilllglll 11s lllilllillll, .lzu-lc ing' :1w:1,x'. l'llll2lll.Y ilu-,V 1lis1'1w1-1' lhzii l,l'l'l'y EIS liusvii, Zlllll lY:1'v111- Viiliiiiiigw Alnhy was i11:11'1'i1-il 111 Vhris, lhzil :ill llil mas Muxwvll llZlVUlllNbl'l. ilu- pzniiuiiigs lu-lmig 111 lu-1'. ziiul lllill 'l'lu- sviiim' 1-hiss play, pi'11s1-1111-ml 1111 ilu-ii' s1'lIishiu'ss1li1l iunt lu-iu-lil lllt'lll. May lli,w:1s HSIll'lllQ' ll2lll1'l',H hy Philip llilzn lxlill' llilninu-l plziyc-rl tlu- ll'ZllllllQ liill'l'.V. 'l'lu' play was il light. frnlliy wh- ul' Alnlny, ilu- swl-1'tlu-:1i'! ul' lllll l:1l1- 1'1n11111ly 1-m11'1-1'iu11l with llui low lifv ul' 1'l1i'isl11pli11i' li4'illl. ,Xhhy was ilu- svrv- 1'11i'tz1iii Ah-X llviisnii wlunsc- girl lll'll'llllS illll girl ul' llr. llz1g'g1-ll. plz1y1-il hy Tzilic- lIlillll'l'S iiuu lluiii' uwii ll2lllllS mul 4'l1:11'l1-s Millvr. Mrs. llziggmlll, whn haul l'HllSllll'l' lu s111'111'1' Sami Vllllilvlltll' fm' flux zissiinu-il 1'11i'l:1i11 ziirs in 1h'11ss illlil luizir- szulzllulh1'wil1l1'l'1'1l Ah-X. 1 l 0 flllljJ,t'l' zuul ll4'illl i11 il 0 The Hziggvtt Family t'1'1m111 1'u111:1i1Ii1' sw-111-. 1hv .I1111im' Class Play Pzigv Tl CidSSfOOm Cidtf2f UNIOR English classes, taught by Miss Wlilcox and Miss McNally, studied English and American litera- ture, and English grammar. Special work was covered by use of the Reader's Digest. Miss Nelson's journalism class published the Ames lligh lVeekly lVeb and made an extensive study of propa- ganda. Junior French classes studied French Qffilllllllilfg the senior class read French novels and prepared special projects each semester, under the direc- tion of Miss lladish. Second year Latin students, tutored by Mr. Ritland, studied Caesar's commentaries on the Gallic campaigns. o Well, it's only the sixth time that Bob has begun the test. 0 Parlez-vous francais? first and second year French represented. Page 72 0 That's a queer gadget that Al and Frances have there in Physics. 0 Peg and Mary Jane back 0 "Power of the press," or to nature in Girls' Industrial Arts class. Physics and chemistry classes, in- structed by Mr. Harms, combined nearly equal a111ounts of textbook and laboratory Work during the year. Studying the essentials of geometry, sophomore pupils were under the super- vision of Mr. Swedell and Mr. Gowan. lnstructed by Miss lVhite, second year algebra proved to be an especially popular subject for students who wished to take up engineering or an al- lied course in college. Biology students, under the direction of Mr. lVells and Mr. Smalling, perused the book 'tl3iology of Today," a study of all living things. 0 Meg and Virginia figure out the geometry problem by marking a chalk globe. Paul helps Leonard out in Boys Home Ee. class. anlialpadrine, see?" explains .Iolin Harlan. Justine a few hints about Latin f.'Il'iIIllIll2ll'. 0 "'l'liat bone is a liyso- 0 Iowa's on the niap, even though we aren't an old Greek relic. 0 Mr, Ritlanrl gives 0 "Push here, pull there, slap here, and blow hard," says Archie Lon. 4' 0 "If it explodes, don't, forget to record your breakage," Jack advises. 0 Milton tries to take a bit of finger in that deal while in shop. NIICRIVAN history elasses under Boys' and girls' industrial arts Miss Spatz, Miss Tllutt, and Mr. Sniitli, studied, in addition to their regular textbooks, 'illenloeraey and Its 4'onipetitors." Fivies elasses, taught by Miss Uxborrow and Mr. Kranier learned liow our federal and state sys- tems oi' government work. First year eonnnereial students, su- pervised by Miss Vanvin, learned the fundainentals of shorthand writing and eonipeted in two eontests based o11 sliort- liand legibility. Senior girls, under tlie direetion ol' Mrs. Miller, worked for speed and aeenraey in typing and sliort- liand. 'I'yping to niusie was used to promote rliytlnn of toueli in non-eon1- niereial elasses under Miss llartsook. Miss liunst'ord supervised the two types ot' pliysieal edueation offered to all girls, rliytlnn, and sports and games. elasses, taught by Mr. Benz, were devot- ed to Woodworking, nletal working, eleetrieity, and plaster easting. Mr. Lorenz ls art elass did projeets in elay, pastels, eliareoal, silk sereen, pen- eil sketeliing, and studied art appreeia- tion. Boys' l1on1e eeononiies elasses dis- eussed personal grooniing, seleetion oi' elothes, nioney nianagenient, manners. learned eooking and sewing. and planned and presented several dinners during tlie year. Miss Kraft, assisted by student teaeliers from Iowa State Vollege, direeted their work. Girls' lionle eeononiies elasses under Miss 'Pur- ner, assisted by student teaeliers, studied foods, sewing, faniily relationships, per- sonal grooniing, and the seleetion of elotlles. Page T3 Council lnaugurates Noon Hour program OON 1l0111' 1'Gl'1'Q2l110I1 was begun 111 Ames High early 111 Deee111ber. The 1l1'0gT21111, 111111111011 by t11e Student f10ll11l'11, student g'0VGI'111llg' body, was desigiied for st1111e11ts who eat at s1f11oo1 111111 wish to I1ZlF11t'11JHt6' 111 some type of 1'l'1'1'0Zl110I1 f1ll1'11lQ,' the 110011 1101112 The IJ1'Og'I'21ll1 i111f11111e11 11Ell1t'1I1ZQj, 111ov- Stu- ies, 111ftive 111111 111111-tive g'11111es. dents 111111111111 twiee il week 011 the 1111111- to1'i11111 stage to 1qOt'01'l1S fl1I'111S1lQC1 by those who 111111 1-111'1'e11t favorites. '1'11e movies, 1+0111e11ies 111111 e11111'11t1o11111 pie- tures, were 111s0 S1IOVVll 111 t11e 1111111- t0P1111ll. Active g'11111es were volley ball, shuf- He board, ping' pong, 1J2lf1I111ll1Oll, deck tennis, box 1101ekey, 111111 b11sketb1111. In- 111'tive g'2l1110S 1111-111111111 1f11e11ke1's, 1'1l1111i0I' 1'11e1'ks, 111111 130111002117 golf. 8111110111 1-o1111111ttees were: Movies, 1VZ111211'Q Fo1'1111111, 1'1111i1'1111111, Betty 11011 Kl1ll11SiJ11, 111111 IJ2lV1f1 L11s11g 1J2llll'1llg2,', D111e K1'lJt'SQ11, 1'1111i1'1111111, N11-ky 1111111- strom, 111111 Guy R1111l'1l211'1Q Aetivo f111111es, Louise Brown, l'11Zl11'Il12lll, Mar- 1ilI1 M1t1f11e11, 111111 James D11-tzg 1ll2l1'11VC Gaines, M31'1211l 1V1111s, 1'l1111r1111111, 11111'- riet Steele, 111111 J111'k Perry. 0 Howard VVillcox was 011 0 Janet and Carrold 0 Ed and Louise shuffle take the spotlight, off to a few points the receiving end of but Ed gives his all. during El hot game. Louise's smash hit. o The object of their 0 Louise Brown, again, 0 Butz swings Ricey game is to end 11p with but this time she while Ruth and Ted all parts present. makes quite 21 racket. look a bit frightened, Page T-1 Debaters Named 1'1i311-1131111411153 5192514215 QI, 13""f '- '1'11I' Row: Il, XY1t'I'Stlll, II. Willluvk, J, I'111'1'y, 13. Ililts, IS. Nutty, II. II11 1121 l1llIII. S11-11x11 111111: IG. Xv1t'1i12IIII1, I.. II1'11w11, Ii, R11I1i11s:111, tl. I.i111I, 1.,S1t1W2lI'1' IV. 1.lIS1I. II111"1'11x1 111111: IZ. N12It1t11LIilII, IJ. II11111iIt1111, M11 Smith, tl, 1111111-1', Y. I.111Iwi,u. 0 'I'1111f1111t1'I1 1111111111-rs 0 111'1lZl1l' 1-I1111 I1e111's 0 l1l1I'1I'IIt1l1 shflws how 0 11t7111lIIt1 M11 Smith I twtv I1 llYt'I' s111'111'I11's. il 54111111 111'g4111111111t. 111 1111111 1111 11111Ii1'111'11, h11v1- ll 113111-11-t0t11. 11ti1'1Xt1 t1111 11111-sti1111, "1i1-s111v1111, 1V1II1ibt'1i, t1111 t1-11111 W1111 1111- 1Y11t1'1'11111 t111- 1,tIXVt'l' 111' t1111 1'1l't1l'1'21111tlYl'1'11- IIlt'l'1 with 1111111111-1' Ill'l'1't't'1 V111-111'11. 111' 111111t 3111111111 111- 1llt'I'I'2lSl't1,H11lt1t1l'1IiI1l' XV1114'11 1111111 NNv1t'1f11l1111 was 11w111'111-11 II t1 llll, 1-1111sisti11g 111' 131111 1111 1.11 11IlIII 1711111114111 s1111111'i111' III i1111ivi1111111 1'111111- 11111 1I:1v1- 1111s11, t111- :11'1'i1'11111tiv1-, 111111 14111 ings. 1'111:11111,1!i11 XVi111111'11 2lIIt1 131111 llilts, Ut11111' t11111'11111111-11ts 11tt1111111111 w111'1' 11111 t111 Ill'jJf2l11Vl', 1l12lt't't1 t1111'11 111 1111- Nvw- 1list1'i1't :lt 1V11t111'11111, 11111 St11t1' 111 111w11 t1111 t11111'11:11111-11t :11111 sw1-pt t111' 1'1'1'1'-V Pity. 111111 t111' 11l'2l1il' 111Vit11ti1111z11 311114. 11111-t with six wins 111111 1111 Iussvs. At t'I11si111: 11111 S1-11s1111, 1111 1111 1111111 111111 1,lI'I'.V, 111- 11:1 1111111 was 11111111-11 1111111 1Vi1-111111111 t1l'1I2l1t1t1 Zl 11-11111 1'1'11111 1,l'I'I'y 1.11111i11g' s111111k111'. II11l1111i11g wit111111t 1Dl'1.tIl'l' t111' S1Ilt1l1II1 1111115' 4111 1112II't'1I I-1. Page T5 Managers punch 1090 Season Tickets 1'N1'11INi1 11111 1,090 s1111s1111 111111015 w11 111111 111: 11111 ,111I1s 111' 111111111111 l112lllilQ,'l11'S, XV1l11'1l 111111 11 131' 1 11111 11'11111111's, W1111 w111'1q 11111 w1111111 S1-1111111 j'l'2l1', 111i1j'l'l'S 111 s11111111 111' 1111111111 11111i111s, 11111111- 11111' P, 1111111111 1ll,1lll'11'S, 111111 gl'1Vlllg' 11111111' 1111111 W111111 111111111111. '1'1111 1-111111 111 il 1111111 11111111111111111 is 111111-1111 111 1111111' 11111111s P111fs1111111 1'111-111'11s 111 11111 11111111111s 111'1 111111111 115' 11111s11 1111ys. 'F1111 111111111 1111i111's 111111 s1111111's, W1111 ill' 1'1v1111 il 1l2l1f 1111111' 11111111111 11111-11 g1111111 111111111 11X11111 XV1Jl'1C 111 11111 s111-111111111 1111s- 11111111111 111111'111111111111 1111111 11111'11. A 11111111 11-11 w111'11 S11111 1111s y11111' was j11s1 111111111111s 11'11111111's, 111111111 s1111111's, s11111's. 'ill' 11111 1111s111s1 111 11111 Q,'l'11ll1l 111'11 l11ll'11lQl,' 1111 s11111'1s. '1"1111y 11111111 11111 1111111' 111 1111111 11111 S1111111111 111111111 1'2l1i0l'S T1111 Row: J. B111'1111111111, M13 G11wa11, MV. Swedell, M12 Benz, 11112 1q1'i1lll01', A. HilllS1'l!11l. l3111"1'11M Ruw: M, S1111111, W. R12-911, C. M11j111', G. G1'i11e1', R. T11yl01', zz. 11 U.1. 1 , 1111151511111--1 11' F. 1 1 5 Page 76 0 CklI'1, George, 111111 Jack will 0 D011 gives it the l'2lS1JbGl'1'l9S accept 110 bribes, thank you, while A111an1l11 looks cone?-1111111. 11 11111- Q 11111' 111 11111 fil1'll11j' was 111111-1111 111 11111-11 Q23 4-Sl' SOX S A-" UIWDERCLHS M if u R ' Class of 1942 HE bricks in the Smith house were popping in and out like the valves in an eight cylinder engine. The Smith twins were going out tonight. Bill was in front of his mirror povvdering his face. Dot was in front of her mirror povvdering her face. But their purposes were opposite. Bill had come to a serious realization. The years had caught up with him. He must shave. Dot was povvdering a serious realization, too. Her nose was shiny. This is just one proof that the juniors are taking on responsibilities that they had failed to realize were theirs when they entered the doors of Ames High for their first time as fresh and inno- cent sophomores. A great machine, this junior class, but a machine requires "cogs." The Junior Executive Council, or "trans- mission," consists of John Rice, presi- dent, Jack Pinney, vice-president, Frank Kerekes, secretary, and Herb Crilkey, treasurer. The "drivers," to Whom we owe our sincere thanks were Miss Cxborrovv and Mrs. Pinney. "The Late Christopher Bean" was the title of this year's junior class pro- duction. Mr. Smith supervised and presented a superb show. Charles Mil- ler and Lila Hummel played the leads, the supporting cast consisted of Dean Dixon, Jack Perry, Delores Knight, Bob Allbaugh, Virginia Halstead, Betty Clark, and Wayne Reed. Junior Executive Council Tor Row: J. Penny, H. Gilkey, R. Byrnes. BOTTOM Row: J. Rice, Miss Oxborrow, Mr. Gowan, F, Kerekes. Page 7 8 ' 11111 II111'11 1-1111111 11111 11l11y 11111- o 1 lll1L1'I' 1'1111111s 11111s1- l111111s 111'1.Ul1' 0 Jllll 2 1111- 1.11111 1'111'is1111111111' 111'1lIl." 1'P111ls, with 1'11111111issi1111, 111' 1'11111's11. 0 Il1:11 11111-Il111'I11:1l 1111111 lllllS1 111- 0 'l'l111s11 1111- I11':11'11 s111il11s, 111Z-A1111 1 111-I1i1114. 211111 I311v111'Iy. o lust 1'Jl11 us llziisy AIZIG, 111111111 0 Jl111y puts 21 111111 111' 11111111 1111 s1111111 11ly1'1' :11111 Nivky, z11l1'111'1isi11g' 1'111' 11111 play. ' . . . 11's Alilj' first, 111 11111211 111111. 111' J11111111' l+lx111'11111'11 1'11111111i1. N11l111e 111111'1:1I 1vll11Dll, S1-1111-1'111'111:11 :11111 11's 1i11ss's 11211111 1'lll'1l1S1ll'11 11111 H,11Yl'H :11111 11.11111 111111111 111 111- sw1111! 1111w 111111111 'H11111 .11111i111'-S1111i111-" 11z1111'1111. li 77 W1- 111111111 g1-1 111111'111'111111D111l'1'l'1111111' l'S XY11 saw 111:11 1'111111w W1111 111s s 111l111111111111 1'2l11, 11111' XV1' 1i111iVV XV1l2l1' 1111111111 111 11111 11111111111 111' 11111 111111111 1111- 2l11SXV1'1' was. N:11111'z111'1' S1111 w11111. 111:11'1'11. 11111 S1111 I1:111 :1 11111111 1111111, 11111, 11111 11 was S.1'111111y111s: 11111' 11111111 11111 -111111111'-S1-111111' 1'1l'H111', 1111g'11111111'1-11 13111 1'11:11'1111111 Juniors l 'if Tm' Row: R. Czxnlonwine. M, Iflllllilll, R. .AAl!l6l'lll2lll, R. Alllmnglr, C, Rl'Hlllllllll', IC. Blll'l0ll, NY, limrnle-, K. Berry. SICVUNIP Row: R. Byrnes, P. Arnistrong, B. Buck, J. Amlerson, M, Bzrllzml, K. Amie-rson. H. U2ll'll0S. B0'I"I'0M Row: B. Books, A. Bectrm, B. Butler, M. B0r'g.f111Py01', H. Br'ecliPn1'irlg0, E. Amlerson. J, Cunn- vrun, P, 1'x11IlUl'S0ll. Tm' Row: D. Dixon, C. Dillon, R. Dilts, C, Craven, J. DP La Hunt, J. Dietz, R. Davis, K. Clark. SI-1l'0Nll Row: C. Coy, J. Cole, K. Craig, B. DeHart, J. DGFOVP, L. Chesling, B. Clark, W. Cunninglizun. Bfl'l"l'lPXl Row: M. DeIf'or'e, E. Cody, V. Coleman, B. Clausnn, C. Craven, B. Clarke, M. Deeker, E. Davis. Helen Trygstad Arrives from Madagascar Juniors Mfr W Z i u ,Q K f L-- fl , .. v v , r 1 w V 1 1 w V 1- w lm limi. lu. liurrii, ln, lwlilmsiri, XX. lfmmurl. I.. Iirrrlie-y, l.. Ifry, Ii, lfyv, II. mllwy, U. t.i':rIiz1r11. Srrnxrv Him: I5.1liv:+v, W. liorrgluss,l3,G1'vv11. IE. Ilrrnlarp, I". l"l'ilQ'fv', W. Klvipxvr, W. I':Si'llllZ1l'il, IS. llzlr- rrrrraui. lSrrri'r'mr Huw: It. 12:11-salem .I. tlrrstzilkriri, U. Imvvns, ll. I':l'Sl2lllli, V. liixsr 11. U. Gl'1ll1I, Y. llarlsrvaid. Ii. liririulrlsurr. Tm' Rim: W. Iiviglvy, A. Jrirws, I.. K1-sler, A. llzllisrzltlr, W. Kzurffriizlri, S. l.z1i'sm1, C. lwrsorr, J. lx'vr'svl1. Src:-uxli Huw: ll. Iinirglit, lr. Hllllllllvl, l', Ilovrlv, G. Liurl, II, Ilill,G..Iul111sm1,B. I,z1Vi'llv. l!m"r'rnr ltmv: M. llrrr-Imrnrr, N. I.iudslr'u111, IC. Ii4'llfil'ltl, F. Kvrvlies, K. Ilviu, T. IIllll'lliS0ll, IC. Nixon, R. .Irim-s. Janet Yoder is District G, R. President Juniors rv x Tm- Huw: J. Rim-. E. Kitts. J, Pl'l'l'y, J. 1'01111y, NV. Reed, IC. PIZILLIIIHIIII. S:-:mxn Iiuw: N. Paulson, R. Pzullsou, I.. Patton, D. Ohl, R. Pxxulsou. I3u'l"I'0Al Huw: P. Quinn, W. Penny, IJ. Rathbrmuo, M. Ric-lnzmls, IE, Qllzlmlulll, IJ. Queul, A. I'zlss111m'e, I. To Rolwlisml. I' Huw: C. luibllilllilll, U. Murifz, R. Lowry. H. EuUl'l'iS01l, IS, M1111-ally, IJ. Lush, T. Mc'I'Illw1'11v, U. Miller, 13. Nicllulsmull. Nzmxn how: X. Norlm, Ix. Mvlmlmlcl, E. Mxtvhell. L. Nutty. J. Moore, N. I.owma11, M. Lush, A. Llxllllll' pw, J. Lyons. Bll'I"l'llNI Huw: I.. Mzlfldnx, IJ. Mc'C0y, TE. Miller, R. lNIiIl,20l'fll'Il, 13. Mixv, A, Mallory. G. HIL-Gm-, ll. O'I31'iv11. srf' Byrmes and Kester are Stendout Cegers Juniors sniff I I lm' Hem: li, Sie-ivluln-r, Ii, Sllllllbtllbll, V. Slum-kh-y, IC. SNVZIVTZ, Il, S1:r!'t'm'rI, Il. 'l':lyIrm1', S. Silww-ll, li. Russ umm Ihm: .l. Spl11'1'iv1',I'. Illvhiusmx, Il. lllll1IIl,D. Smith, IS. SWZIIISUII, ID. Smith, II. Soma. I . . - 1 . -s -v - - I - r 1 . - w - Immun Imxx: Nl, Flllllll, I.. sts-xxzurt. .l, hlulltlvr, IN. wlwlllto, L, 52lllllWll'Ii, 5. Ninth, Il, SZIIIYZIIII, lm' Ilmv: I.. Willsml, H. Whiiilvlri, li, 'l'1'iIrIr, I'I.NYiex'su11, Ii. Wvlldvll. li. Wmul. Il. Wivrsnll, .l. Wvst. , , ,f1, 1 ,,. . . rw v vw fuxn hun, I.. liljlfll, In. AlIIlIlIl'I'IIIZlIl. ll. Nam Xlzrvk, J. Ihumus, J. Xmlvr, Il. lwugmmnl. A. XNIIIIS, M XX'wtt1-Izmd. lmmxl hmm. I, lunpm, Il.. lI1l,4., Xvllvr, IN.Av11fwI,M.NX1Il1.1ms, II. lugstzul, I. Nkvssvl, I. llumms. Lila Hummel Masters Role in 3 Days PXILQ Su I' Soplwomores Tm' Huw: A. Cainv, I". Bt'll4lF'l', G. llonrnv, J. Buchanan, S. Arnold, K. D1-ll, II. Alltkkllsflii, I". Ballard, SICFUNII Row: B, Books, IG. Bates, H, Anderson, J. llriiitnall, D. Barnes, M. Baker, l., 4XlGXill1ll1'I'. l3o'r'1'oM Row: M. Carlson, K. Boland, B. Barr, B. Byrnvs, M. Angln, M. Barrie, Il. 139171, G. Ainlm-Vsnii. Tcw Row: E. Cox. H. Elliott, M, Elie-n, K. H. Davis, E. Carry, D. Dickinson, J. Clinv, K.bI.. Davis. Sicvoxn Rmv: C. DQVOVQ, B. Edenburn, B, Duncan, M. Dodds, G. l"ja1'G, R. Conlon, V. vCayVe1', N. Davis BU'l"l'0M Row: C. Dodd, D. Carr, E. Elliott, H. Erickson, B. Cassady, C. Fitvli, A. Dirksen, S. Dnnagian. Jim Kimler Spenols Christmas in Mexico Smsphomores if-JI -.7 I Ii f Iul' I:-ru: I.. Ifmizm-, IL Ilm-Imizrri, Il. III'II'I'l'Ilv 'I'. II4ii't1iiznri, Il. Illorimli, II. II:1111rmri1iI, N, Ilnmiltmi, L. IIIIIIL rrixri Him: NI, 4lriII'iIIi, .I. Ilzilligzrrr, 'l'. Ilzrriii-1rI,.I. II:1II. .I, II:i'x'Ii1, II. Iloppiiis, II. II.r1'zIwi'g, I . I 1' . 1 . 1' v- v w u 1 - ' x Iriiiirxi Iirixi. II, liilmrii, I. Ilzum-I, A. I:IIIIIIlII. .I. I'.,ZlI'l'. In Irustvr, Ii.4.r'1ir1r-s, IH, IIZIIIIIIIUII, II, Ilo ' I t . . . ' ' . I. , "1 , I.. 1 , +I, ,z 14011, ,I. IiIIIIIt'I', II, KIIIIIISUII, II, Mi'- Im lim XI Ixiirlf Nlilxirr Irmrs I XIIIIIIII I IririrI1II I Ilr f'IiliIm'II. rrixri Hum: Ii. Lint, Y. Iililrrw, II. .I:1r'Iisrri. S. Imwis. I., I.:1lIiv1'nw, Nl. I.1lI'SOII. , , , , . , , . . , , I:il1rI. Virginia Varter Chosen as Dream GirI I . Iriiiini Ilimf .lr Ixylv, In, Ixv1iIr:ir'I, Ii. I,iiirIst1'rmi, II. IwII4'5. N. IIZIIIWIIL, I. Ixi1uII1s, 1.4 I.:u1v1', .I,M1'l'III Pzxgx Soplwomores Tm' Row: R. Muulwstzul, D. DIOYQ-'l', W. Myers, B. lllilllflllfl, l3.lXIye1's, 'l'. Mauvy, H. NIIll'l'lS0ll, I'.Mi1r'l1s-ll Slzumxlr Row: J. MUGQ-9, D. Martin, D. Merrill, R. Moore, li. McCoy, D. Nlllllfllglllll, J. Mz11111sl'l11'vr'k. l!4l'lX'1'uAl Huw: D. Matson, R. lXIcDo11:1lcl, D. McKibhf11, Y. lllillllllllgl, J. lXIcD0nzxlrl, K. Mullin, H. M1-llmm G. lllvlllv. Tm' How: M. Potee, D. Nelson, G. Ovewlanrl, 4.1. Risljlli, B. P0l0l'SlDll, R. Olson, J. Nutty. bl-imuxn Row: I. Rugsdale. N. Rilfllill, W. Otto, B. Privv, M. Quist, P. Pl'lllP, P. Ovllfllllltlll, A. l'2llllS1lll HUI"l'UM llmv: U. Pattvrsoll, D. Peck, M. Qllilflfx, M. Oslmornv, ll. Nichols, J. Nutty, D. l'o1'1vr, N. l'z111l. Arm Dirksen has Major Qole in Fell play Soplwomores N.. N XS? E 5 'I'wvl' Ibm: NI, Slflliliil, Il, Hwzwix. I", HllI'l'LLlHlIl, I"I'1'1ll'Il' Ihvluwgg, IF, Sluwliley, 'I'. IUIIIIIIIIQVII, M. SUIIIII, S. Siu wma. SIIUXII Ibm: IPA Hmkllzu, W, Sf-Iulivk, IJ. Ssullvr, KY Slllllll,1',"l'lIOIll2lF, Il. Runs. II. Hills, II. Iiolwrisnll. Ilmwnl Hun: NI. Smith, A. Shipyv, Y, Sills, NI. Ilmilzlvlu-r', l"l'z111ws Ilulwrgx. II. Ilulseru, M, 'I'I1m11:1s, G. FIIIIIII. 'llw Ihm: Ii, Winn, Ii. YIHIIIIIIIIS, Imn Wzlltmm, W. 'I'n'i114l:lI, II. Willlewla, II. Will-ox, IT:1x'i4I Wzllrml, I'. Vzlxnw. SIIUNII Iimvi Il. YJIIIIIIV, A. Yl'l'Illlll, N, YUIIIILZ. ,NI. u'2llliUI', N, Walton. l:IlI"IUXl Iimxi .I. xYllllJlf'I'4', Ii, 'I'Iw1l11rsm1, Y, 'l'uwl1, .X. 'I'llI'IIl'I'. Il, Wood, .I, Wulf, U, 'I'llUI'IlIOIl. II. Wwsl. Gilson, Wendell lrom Abroad Join Class I':lg'v M 131111, Bus 11111110, 1D21V1' S11111+k10y, 111111 Class 01 1943 LAS11! S111110 111 0111' s111111111111110s 2ll'1' 1110111y s111-11-1111 11101, 1J111'21 111111'- K11111011 211111 '111111 1111111111111 1110 s11 s111'k 1110y f1'11 111111 11111110 1111111' 111111s. 1311111011 110111'1s 1111v0 111s11 1101111 s1-111101011 111111111. 1.111s1 f'112l1', Rosy L11111s1111111, 1,11l1'1!1'11y 1'111'101, Mary D111111s, V11'Q,'1l1121 11211'1C1', -111s11110 ,111l'1111ll2111, 111111 M011 Q111s1 w0r0 111111'11'11 111 W1-111 1110 0I'i1I1QQ1' 111111 111111-1: J W,1211f1iO1S 11s 111011113013 111 1 011 1111111. 211111 111 110111 1'1lO1'1' 1110 111111111111 111111 1111sk01- 111111 111211115 1111 111 V11'11P1'y. 1111 111 V11'11J1'y W0 1111v0 5111110 W1111 s111'11 1J1i1Y111'S 11s .11-rry 11i11112fl,'2l1l, B1111 P0101- lllillly 1l11101'S. HA's'1 XVCFO w011 111s11'111111011, 11111 1111181 111 1110111 111 g'11 111 P11115' ,PF11112 11111l'12l L111101, 211111 111110 K1111111s. 131'il1112l111' 1'11111, 11100 1'11111, 211111 11111175 10111111 EITC 1111011 W1111 S1J111l1b1ll11l'11S, YV1l11 1111110 111211111 g111111. Mary 1J1D1111S, 111111111 11111101, Xy11'29,'1I1121 M111111111g, 111l1'U111y P111- 101', P1111y O,1J1l1ll1011, 111111 Al1111' 11111111111 .111Z11i1' 1111 s111111111111110 s0x101. 1J2lI'1110!l 13111'110s 1s 111 g'111's s0X101 211111 1121I'1J2lI'21 131111s111111 is 111 1111110 1I'11b. S11 11's 1'1-1111111 111111 VV1'11'1l 11lQ,'1'1'1l1'l' 111 lll211i1x 1110 s111111111111110 1-111ss! 11111111- 111'10s 111 11Zl1'11-f1ll1g2,'111 11111110s 1lElV11 111s1111- 1101111011 211111 1'A1110s 111 1111118 f111g3,'111, is 01114 1110110 0 Thor demonstrates how to 1112111 ca T113t'S a lovely smile for 0 A Hash of pearls-Justine in one comfortable position. Latin class, Polly. with Einy beside her. 0 Comparing notes, Bxuce Ross 0 Bus war s Mary not to linger 0 Kenny Wing does overtime and Jerry Galligan. in the s Ci says hereb. in n1ecl1a11ical drawing. Page 88 im K W YQ? N ff X X4 H 'W ESCRQYTHE K fX TROUBLE I see KN x SNCDOPSHCDTS SCHOOL BEGINS Back to our studies again we went, After three months of rest. On search of knowledge we were bent, And we were out to do our best. ' x ,X lil I I lg 1 I f ff 'ff TEACHERS' CONVENTION 2 For two whole days we did enjoy, Ju From giudy to refrain. sf' Ounteiiehers tramped oft' to Des Moines, i L' More knowledge there to gain. 'I Q X-ll Z X 71 P I N Xl! ,ll I BOONE GAME The Boone High game, though once At last was finally played. We won the coveted blue-green jug, By the seven points we made. FIRST SCHOOL DANCE Students frolicked here and there, At the first aiair of the year. It was an extra special dance, They called it the Pigskin Pranee. OPEN HOUSE The open house was a great success. The crowds were not meager, Our parents traveled to our school, And met Superintendent Steger. postponed, X. a l GI C? 6" l L AME5 I-HG H ,E tzee WN U 2 CD 'FX 1 V ilgi v, QQ: h xxi: A I E rx gl 'li Ne 3 Qu x W ulll.w',,Z. , ,ff ,y U . rf' Q I e A Ci? 43 f in " JAY' IX A 6. ,. X i lx N 3 3 "CX - 4 4+ 5 , ii' DRAMATIC CLUB PLAY Seven Keys to Baldpate was the Dramatic Club play, Mystery was the keynote-to the cast a big bouquet. All the kids played wonderfully, each and every one, The lead in this fine episode was taken by Morrison. GIRLS GLEE CLUB ASSEMBLY The Christmas assembly was led by Miss Bower, The Girls' Glee Club performed. They sang Christmas songs and seasonal chants, To which every student 's heart warmed. MID-YEAR DANCE t On January 22, students enjoyed a brief siesta, And with great joy and merriment they attended the semes- ter Fiesta. Ray Gray and his orchestra swung out in a merry way, And Ames High celebrated with a Mexican Holiday. FRIENDSHIP CONFERENCE Providing enlightening speeches and giving food for thought, Friendship Conference gave us something that can't be bought. Our speaker presented a very clear picture of scenes across the sea. He was, as you 'll remember, Reverend James J. Davies. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The junior class entertained quite a crowd, Their play had quite a theme. Directed by L. Wayne Smith, 'Twas called The Late Christopher Bean. Automobile Agencies 62 Dealers ALLEN MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet and Buick Always Good Used Cars DUITCH AUTO EXCHANGE "Buy a Dodge" 323 Fifth Street DUNLAP MOTOR COMPANY Oldsmobile Sales and Service MATI-IISON MOTOR CO. FORD-MERCURY-LINCOLN ZEPHYR Automobile Bodies-Repairing AMES BODY COMPANY Complete Auto Body Service Downtown Aioiiiiigs ORNING GLASS Sz AWNING CO. Venetian Blinds, Awnings Automobile 8: Plate Glass Bakers ' PURITY BAKERY Bread-Rolls-Fancy Pastry 136 Main Street VILIMEK'S PASTRY SHOP 223 Main Street Phone 2202 Banks AMES BUILDING AND LOAN QUICK, EFFICIENT SERVICE AMES TRUST 8: SAVINGS BANK 240 MAIN STREET COLLEGE SAVINGS BANK WEST AMES UNION STORY TRUST at SAVINGS CAPITAL SURPLUS S125,000 Barbers B E M A N ' S BARBER AND CILIEANER SUPERIOR BARBER SHOP Ames Hi's Favorite Haircutters 316V2 Main Street Batteries AMES STORAGE BATTERY CO. 416 BURNETT AVENUE Bicycles AMES CYCLE COMPANY Dealers in Harley-Davidson's Bicycle and Cycle Supplies B owlirig AMES BOWLING CLUB A Good Sport and Recreation Ph. 476 400126 Main Book Stores STUDENT SUPPLY STORE South of Campus-Ph. 164 Sporting Goods Bottlers AMES DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO "Drink a Bite to Eat at 10, 2, and 4" Page 92 I- ON mm Ilmix' RUf'l'P2lll0I1f?j f'1'his is at posed pi Il'1i cturtxj . icly man S-vvwlvll will 4-vvn hold the lights. A ' pm fvct pict :1 ' " ' urs- of dm-spzlii' 5 Axis looks ovvt' thv stack. 0 Little mam vm ' lut ut , ive go ' lmrii. Spf-ziliiiig of th th 1 t a 0 "Book of e Month." 0 Cllzirlottv tluw for . . up a the Gaim- " ld. bit Page 93 L91 tiii 'W f Ames High Alphabet Romaine Woodw Athletic Helen McElhinny John McElhinny Bashful Amanda Christensen Ted Hartman Clever Dorothy Martin Carrold Iverson Dashing Mary Jane Rice Carl Martin Energetic Dona Sauvain John Engeldinger Fastidious Janet Clyde Eugene O'N eil Glamorous Peggy Rushing Dale Kroesen Humorous Lynn Nichols Phil Eldredge Intellectual Lois Stewart Bruce Firkins Jaunty Helen Gowen Bill Cushing Knowing Mary Martin John Rice Lazy Frances Friley Dick Haugen Masterful Lila Mae Hummel Dick Pride Nice Annabelle Vernon Clawson Cannon Optimistic Pat Shearer Winny Douglas Peppy Ruth Miller George Hartman Quiet Margaret Quist Don Cantonwine Radical Louise Brown Marion Burk Sleepy Jean Benton Charles Major True Lolly Bretnall Don Budge Unaccountable Virginia Dyas Guy Rinehart Vivacious Nicky Lindstrom Harold Clemens Witty Eileen Dudgeon You Guess X We Can 't Paul Vance Young Virginia Kulow Bill Kingkade Zealous Norma Bauer I There s Always a Song for I t Can't We Be Friends John Martin and Eileen Dudgeon Faithful Forever Cim and Lolly How Can I Ever Be Alone Mr. Young I Got Plenty of Nuttin' Three-fourths of the student body I 'rn Getting Nowhere with You Ed Farni to Eleanor Kenfield I'm Home Again Don Budge I 've Got My Eyes on You The teachers Man and His Drum Dick Haugen Oh, You Beautiful Doll Rosemary Taylor Please Don't Talk About Me When I 'rn Gone Maryann Merrick Too Romantic Bubbles Cushing Page 94 'UAH N 3. JAHN 8: 0 A01-xlN'j . L 1 1 i 4 :Avmc cn s C 1 Biiildirig Materials AMES BUILDING Sz MATERIALS CO. Building Materials and General Contracting HANSON'S LUMBER COMPANY 212 DUFF-PHON E 10 SCHOENEMAN BROS. CO. Lumber Paint Coal West End of Main Ph. 264 Cigars 62 Tobacco HOON'S CIGAR STORE 221 MAIN Cleaners Si Dyers HAWKEYE LAUNDRY LAUNDERERS-DRY CLEANERS LINDQUIST CLEANERS 120 HAYWARD-PH. 2800 TAYLOR 'S CLEANERS Quality Dry Cleaners 136 Welch 2800 Clotlzing Mariiifactiirerrs TILDEN MANUFACTURING CO. 208W FIFTH STREET PH. 100 Coal AMES GRAIN 35 COAL CO. Try Our Products and You Will Recommend Us EDWARDS COAL COMPANY "Complete Heating Service" Phone 20 GIL-CHRIST COAL 8z FEED CO. Guaranteed Coal and Fuel Oils Call 323 KIIVILER COAL AND ICE CO. Kimler Service Phones 241 and 833 Corifectioners HOWARD ADAMS f'The Candy Kettle"-2412 Lincoln Way Homemade Candy-Salted Nuts Dairy Products IOWA GUERNSEY FARM Grade A Dairy Products 300 S. Kellogg Ph. 737J MOORE BROS. DAIRY Quality Dairy Products Phone 369 428 Fifth O'NEIL DAIRY COMPANY Excellent Service and Products In Ames for 27 Years Driiggists BROOKER DRUG STORE Hotel Sheldon-Munn Prescription Druggists D I X O N ' S CUT-RATE DRUG STORE 74' JUDISCH BROS. PHARMACISTS PHONE 70 WE DELIVER Driiggists-Mariufafcturing ARKAY FOODS, INC. Arkay Mineral Food Arkay Vitamins Page 96 1 B 'B hm:-.N . XQQI '. .' L, . D Q' 'x-Ymsf ff 'xv A IJAY IN 'I'III'l LIFE 01" AN AMES III GIIZI, IAIIIIIWII'II0I'IIlIl'IiJ M 0 TIIIU Iimls our 1a1'mIige-v 0 TI-Ira :mul Iwvzllifzlst 0 8:15. Sho rushes out just wuliinpg IIIL is unmlvr wily. H10 I'I'0III clnnr. o Study Hull gut in gvt 0 Lum-hr-an die-I nt' 0 4:1HI---Ann finds fresh that histury, SIPIIIZICII and history. air VYPICOIIIQ. 0 "Ami my d1-ur, lnuw' you 0 .lust il duh In-rv, 0 Aftm' H10 QLIIIIIP, 21 Iwnrli " and an puff tlwrv. dam' COIIVIIIIIQS hm' dzly. Page GY Y ' Wm... VVhen you are ready to start that vacation trip, just have a little talk with our INTER-STATE TRANSIT LINE Bus Agent at the SHELDON-MUNN HOTEL. Iiet him tell you about our AIR CONDITIUNED SUPER-COACH SERVICE, our ECONOMICAL RATES, and CONVENIENT AND FREQUENT SCHED- ULES. No matter how long or short the trip call on this agent or phone him at 1900. SAMPLE FARE SAMPLE FREQUENT SCHEDULE OMAHA DES MOINES 552.50 One Way 8:10 A.M.-10:30 A.M.-1:30 P.M. 54.50 Round Trip 3:00 P.M.-6.15 P.M.-7:10 P.M.--10:25 P.M. Interstate Transit Lines Page 98 LBERT HUBBARD, the sage of East Aurora, is said to have asked three employees in his famous Royerofters print shop, the same question: llwhat are you Doing?" Said the first, "Setting type." And the second replied, "Making six dollars a day." But the third answered, "Doing the finest piece of printing that can be done l" We like the SPIRIT as well as you do-that's why we enjoy printing it. TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COIUPHDY FIVE WAYS TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS IN AMES HIGH 1. Always laugh at the teacher's jokes tif we may call them jokes.J This comes under the head of apple polishing and will prove very helpful to the average student. 2. Always speak and play with fellow pupils during class time, especially when the teacher departs from the room. This makes for the de- sired informality which all teachers appreciate. 3. Never take books home. The teacher see- ing the books will think you are merely trying to influence his opinion of you. 4. Always raise your hand when you are ob- livious of the answers. The teachers only call on pupils who do not raise their hands. 5. Never agree with the teacher. Many an hour of regular classwork can be avoided by a good argument. -l. DAFFYNITIONS Plump-Contraption used to get water out of a well. Snack-A reptile. Garret-A vegetable. Dock--Family physician. Flit-A coquette. Gong-A group of friends. Buif-To deceive. -1.1 He saw her home, The hour was late 3 They paused a bit, Just at the gate. "I'd like a kiss," He shyly said. She ran-he got The gate instead. Olive Peterson reminds us of Mussolini, be- cause she is a Dick-take-er. "Does your dog chase cows?" "No, he 's a bull-dog." Girls are like a bit of gold, Hard to get and hard to hold. Boys are like a bit of snuff, Just a bit and that's enough. A line is something well baited which is thrown out by a girl, caught by a poor fish, commonly known as a sucker, who is eventually cleaned and boiled. Do you sea what we mean? Little drops of powder, Little drops of paint, Make little Ames High Juliet, Just what she ain't. GUESS WHO? Answers on Page 101 1. Itch 2. Dis 3. Bubbles 4. Fish 5. Slug 6. Smiley Then there's the basketball enthusiast who handed her ticket to the boy at the door and said, "Here, put some punch in it." Page 99 Page 100 Dream Girl Carter and Superman 0 Shugart-tl1at's Carrold on the right. g He has nice legs, doesn't he? Stanley Benz, magician, per- o forms for students. Bill looks a bit under the weather, w0uldn't you say? "Hallelujah" by Roger, Don, Jim and Ed. Don Moyer demands his change from the cafeteria cashier. FAMOUS QUOTATIONS "You know, you 'rc glamorous in a hideous sort of way." 66 You children . . . " . "Mon Dieu ! ! !" "Come into my office." "Well, I'm working on him." "But Courtney . . ." CK I was in love once, for two whole days." "Now my little girl , . . ' Winfred Douglas to Ruth Miller Bruce Firkins Miss Hadish Mr. Young Mary Jane Rice Mary Gilchrist Carl Martin Mr. Harms PSALM OF QSCHOOLJ LIFE LOUISE J. BROWN Tell me not in mournful letters, High school days were meant to dream, For the red F is a fetter, And will wreck my little scheme. School is real and school is earnest, But the grades are not the goal, Dances once, to books returnest, Was not spoken of the soul. In the school's broad field of battle, In the study hall of gloom, Be not noisy, haughty senior, Resign yourself to silent tomb. Let us then be up on doing, With our hearts on triumph set, Still romancing, still pursuing, We will get diplomas yet. ANSWERS TO "GUESS WHO?" on Page 99 1. Phyllis Anderson 2. Harold Shugart 3. Bill Cushing 4. Virginia Dyas . Ted Garfield . Leonard DeHoet 5 6 l-.i Paul Nichols: "You Know, this Civics is cer- tainly a well-rounded subject to me?" Coral Hanson: "In what way?" Paul Nichols: "Well, it 's got me going in circles." Little Jack Horner Sat in a corner, Eating his Christmas pie. He stuck in his thumb, And pulled out a plum, And said, "What a gory mess." Peter, Peter pumpkin eater, Had a wife and couldn't keep her, He put her in a pumpkin shell, Gosh, I'll bet it got stuffy in there! Little Boy Blue come blow your horn, The sheep are in the meadow, the cows are in the corn. But where is the little boy who tends the sheep? He 's gone to the movies to see Dick Tracy. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, All the king's horses and all the king 's men, Were taken over by the Nazis. il.. Questions From the Editor: Woody-Are you always Rushing some place? Dona Sauvain-Does a certain person 's antics ever Byrnes you up? Beverly Dunlap--Is your favorite food Rice? John Roach-Do you like Taylored clothes? Justine Brintnall-Would you rather ride in a Bus or on a train? Dick Haugen-Are you partial to ripe Olives? Charlotte Nutty--Is wax Sleichter than ice? Betty Grimes-Is John Nutty? Lloyd Mahone-Are you afraid of Fleas? Page 101 Dry Goods Gift Shops S T E P H E N S 0 N ' S FLORENCE LANGFORD GIFT sHoP Opposite Campus Famous for Fabrics 413 DOUGLAS PHONE 55411, COMPLIMENTS OF TILDEN'S Ames Fashion Headquarters Grocers Since 1869 Eleetnc Supplies AMES VVHOLESALE FRUIT CO. PHONE 85 REST ELECTRIC COMPANY 130 Main Street "Everything Electric" MUNN ELECTRIC COMPANY 311 MAIN STREET PHONE 500 Five Cents-One Dollar Stores MCLELLAN 5c-81.00 STORE MAKE McLELLAN'S YOUR STORE Florists PAUL COE, FLORIST FLOVVERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS E V E R T S "Your Telegraph Florist" Downtown-Campus Furniture RICHARDSON BR-OTHERS FURNITURE 82 FLOOR COVERINGS REMAN CROCER-Y AND MARKET 2422 KNAPP COMMUNITY Grocery 85 Market 114 Duff Ave. 5 Phones-52 RUSHING FOOD MARKET "YOUR IGA GROCERH NINTH STREET FOOD MARKET Quality Foods at Reasonable Price West Street JACK SPRAT FOOD STORE 2902 West Street-Ph. 2705 Hardware CARR HARDWARE CO. 16,000 Items for Your Convenience I nsuranoe Agents SEAMAN A. KNAPP General Insurance Garages Masonic Bldg. Phone 109 W, H. NUTTY GARAGE A- J- MARTIN "If It's Insurance or Real Estate WEI1IJ,, We have It" Page 102 5 WA! if fs' . li fi fix i N' You Walk By . . . El'Hl'lNl'l U'Nl'Ill, I gn glamorous 14'l1011 ll10 girls 'uvllk lng, l2vSlN'f'l.lIll.lj llms0 from Nrruflu lliglv. flrul I'1l go hulf u'ug uvrnss llu' muy, lusl for u rlulr will: ll 00rlr1i11 Supp. LIAJYIIJ Kl'1S'l'l4Ili All ilu' girls 'wlm uvrll' bg m0, ,'lr0 jus! lun old us gou frm sw. l'll lukf' minr, us fin :lugs gouw lag, I"r0sl: from llrw runlfs 0fvlll7I1'UI' Iligll. lil'S i'Al,Nl'l lizfuuliful u'nm0n, ul: llflllllllflll 1lrrm0s, .fll m00li11g llu's0 crrulurrs is 'll'lIlll I elim. u"llf'7l llufg uvlllf bg, I'm p0rso11ulilgplus, lliul b0lu'00n gou amd 1110, I g0l sorlu fuss0d.J IIARULD SIIVQIAHT I2'I'l'I'jl girl from Jlurg lo Vi, Tlziuks l'm rcullg quil0 H10 guy, Su u'l10n llwg uulk lug 9110, umuz0fl, Tl10g'r0 1110 0110 llu1l's in 1110 rluzf. .IOIIN Pl'l'1'l'IRSON ,Yof muvzg girls lmllwr mf, l'1'0 mudv llulm simply l0l om' 110. liul mg l10url slzifls rlglll 'halo lllflll, Wl10u u Srzullwru 11000111 suunl0rs bg. JERRY GALLIGAN Wlzmz H10 girls go 'll'fIllfl'Hf1 bg, I guz0 ul ll10m 'll'lllI 011011. 0310. Willl ull of ll10m I r0ullg rulv, 191-011 flmugh I r0fus0 lo duff. A BIT OF PHILOSOPHY It's not the menu that makes a good dinner, It 's the men u sit next to. Appearances are deceitful. Practice makes perfect. Empty wagons make most noise. Absence makes the heart grow fender. A little nonsense now and then, Is relished by the best of men. Clothes make the man. A little learning is a dangerous thing. None but the brave deserve the fair. A It is never too late to learn. A poor excuse is better than none. Two heads are better than one. Laugh and grow fat. FINANCIAL REPORT SPIRIT OF 1941 Any AHS girl Janet Yoder Typing students Bob Wallace Butz Cook Bruce Firkins John Engeldinger You know . . . Harold Shugart Teachers Oifice Mahone Kc Martin Wally Forman DEBIT Fake fingernails for editor ....,..................,............................ --.-, 3 -10 Potato chips for staff during gruelling session ..........................................V.V. ----- . 20 Settlement on breach of promise suit against John Rice ............................. - 4-37 Bottle of cologne used to freshen up chemistry room for SPIRIT period .... .. 1.00 Funny books for Firkins and De La Hunt ......................................................... -50 Laboratory breakage fBauer and Gowen againj .... ..g.. 3 -97 Body guards for snapshot and feature editors ,........... .---. 1 93-62 Bribes ............................... ............ , .... ..............,.........., -----4----,.--,-- ----e 6 1 - 22 TOTAL ............. S 264.98 CREDIT Advertising ...,..........,Y.r,....r.,r,,r,,,,.rr,.,r,.,,.....,,,,.,r,,....,. ---Y--Y 3 88-83 Bequest from Editor's uncle in South Africa ...i.,...................i...............V.......... 4...A.--------. 7 7-02 Fire truck won in Happy Hank 's contest .............,i.........................if................................ 0116 fire 1GI'11Ck SPIRIT Business Manager matched pennies with Student Council Treasurer .... .... ..4-.--.---- - 0 7 Actual Sale of SPIRITS .............,.........,.... ........g.........I..................,.,................... .... ...........- ----. 9 2 - 0 0 TOTAL ,.,,,,......., S 257.97 Page 104 4-one fire truck I ee Cream MONTY'S FOR TASTIES West End of Main Street-East of the Underpass Phone 1667 Jewelers DUDGEON'S JEWELRY 206 Main Established in 1893 CHARLES G. RAY, JEWELER Hamilton Waltham Elgin Watches FRANK T. TALBERT, JEWELER Next to Montgomery Ward Phone 204W L. C. TALLMAN J EW ELER 8: OPTOMETRIST Laundries AMES LAUNDRY DELUXE CLEANERS Lawyers H. O. HEGLAND 31415 Main Street Phone 531 HIRSCHBURG Ka REYNOLDS 31555 Main Street Phone 578 SMITH 8a SMITH, LAWYERS IOOF BUILDING PHONE 397 Leather Gooels D. E. PARSONS Luggage Sz Leather Goods 410 Main Machine Shops ALLAN MACHINE SHOP Iron, Steel and Woodwork Electric 8: Acetylene Welding Menis Clothiers DON BEAM MENSWEAR JAMESO'N'S Young Men's Wearing Apparel College Downtown Musical Instruments ESOHBAOH MUSIC HOUSE Conn Band Instruments Baldwin Pianos Office Supplies REYNOLDS 85 IVERSON'S Typewriters, Metal Cabinets "See Them All Here" Paint I R V I N E Paint 8a Wallpaper Store Artist Materials Photographers BOYER OOLLEGETOWN STUDIO Manager-Paul F. Myers Distinctive Portraits Plumbers PALMER PLUMBING CO. Heating, Plumbing, Electrical Appliances-Phone 1091 GEORGE PUFFET Your Downtown Plumber 214 5th Street Page 105 1 1 A A festcvda 6' 7 X H Q' ws X 5 ,. 'fb Y mf' , SQ X , A 4 QQ , T X W xfox . Q , -" I ff ' X ,fy ,Q X -I. X f l . - f J W Q O "f 'Liv W ".ggbNM"' Those Were the Good Qld Days! l,I'IIlIt rw Hfmrx 0r:o0000004lova004oa40000o:ca0aao00000vv00000lv0 '00"0V'0""""""Nl'lN" 094001 Nluilr l,.Xll.I. 5IIIII. NIIIIII. QUI NIJIIII Sllvvi ., , I , , "IIN ' IX I'I'I1I II'I' SIlIlI't'IIll' Slum- S1-rximw 1'.XIJ'I'I11II I'III'ISS I1IC,XNNI1I'IlI4J Ik .XI.NI I'IlIlIIlI" l'Iln"I:uxl1I Nilullwnv If I'IllIlIUllS lf'fmIxxv:1s lQ'. XX-III: XXIIIIII' ZZIT,XIz1il1 , . , . I. mlm hr I'I'lrf 0000000100000000000lOOOlll000lSOIlONlll'Nvl NOI'00O 1'XXII'I S ICXllI4I1'HNII',XNY f,I'.'l1I 'IIIII Qu- XII: IIN xXI :II HI I.I.IX'ICII'S IIYIIIU SI'1IIN'I1'IC "IIln' II.IIIIIu Ilm'IlII" I'I1v Ill' NI" lflfff IZNIIIII 0010000OOOIOOOSOIOOOOOOOOIOJOOXOOOCOOXOIOOIIIQC :A XXYN III! A 'I'ISII'I.I'I'I"I' ISIQXI. ICSI X'I'I'Q Num 'IIII I ' I-.xxlluw IZMIIII Illnlv. III1 II1' . lf: NIIIIIIAIIIIIN OOO IOOII 0Ollllsll'OOO-0fIvIll0IIl0'0O00l'l0'00lNII0I0dbl IlI..X1'Ii A XYIII'I'I'1 INN X1'I1lf-:-IIIIIII Ifxlw I.:IX'Ix11w IMI' :1ll4I Ilywl I'HI.I,I'I4lI'I INN lIl1rw4I I"1m4I :II III .l-xm1:nIrI1- I'r1w-I .NINIIJ III'I'I1I NXNIIXYIVII SIIIIII Im IIN- III-:XI II:1mIluI:u-Irs III 'I'mx11" ILXINIHPXX'I'1mI1'I"I'II-ISIIUI' XIII.-'Ir-'nz :IIIII f'II1II:--.v III--I1n'-- 'I'III'I'II1I.4 N IIVS SIII PICS Hamm! 5II'I4"- ,III I.IIIi'4lIII XXZIX I'Iu I-IIII Sflm' ,ff lull'l'1'Hv4f rlfll0r0000wlOvNlfI0m0w I I.NI SIIUIC IIICIYXIII SICICYIVI 4jIfXI,I'l'Y XYUIIIXNI XNSIIII' .N'fm1'fl'lly1 lfnmfx 000: A :al rvftvslvvrtxvwsl 1'Yl'I.HNI41 Sl'1vII'I'lN4Q mnrlws :cv-I riraovwv VIINIIYXNY 'l'fr,rIurfns YI'II,I,1INY l'.XII I'lIXII'.XNY 5Ill'IlI17II'lIlIIlIl llulvl I'Imm' III? IIIHIIVJINI Vrlm px ON'59iYl :www-rvvratvrvvv: .XNIICH 'I'Hl'IIIH'l'4'1bI'II'I' "X Ilnmv XXI: x ,um II:'1:w 0 iw Congratulations and Best Wisnes to tlme Class ol 1941 M plwotograplms in tlnis Annual Made by , . Q ,. ,. .s .sms Nl l,,1-:1l'I.x'l:1sl l.1lll,2llIlllllll.X'S1'lIlHl'Sll'1llll'4l l'll'lQ'llll'lll'1l :nl lu'1' luml1liu'ss, slu' 1lis:lplu':ll'1'ml pmiiluiiislyflmvuilu-1-iii-riilmsullllil .Xi1u's lil'1lIIl vivw ul' ilu' ll2lll1lNUlllK' NK'Ill0l'. llul om lliuln Wi' sli:1ll will Iliis Sl'lllHl' 1':1rl. lm' lalvla lll'l'4l, iuil giving' up luwlu', wiwluul vailiamtly 10 ul .llljllllllg 4-lsc' lu will liim. llm' lHIllSl'1l in 1lu' will ilu' -Yllllllg' Q'll'l.S lu':1l'l. 'l'iiiu' p:lssi'1lsxx'il'lly li ull lu xx nlvll ilu' llllllIlll'l'lllL1' lu-nl QU lay. Wliilc' l'4u1'tlu'1-ullplo, :nul 1lllK'1l2lj' 1':1l'l lIl'l'X'l'll liimsvll su illllllg, liis l'1lYlllQ'Q'lillII'1' lunlrlwiu-fl In full mi illlfl z1ppi'm1c'l1m'1l -l:1l1u'. livzuliiig' in liis litlli 1 sm.ull suplmixum' wnlliiiig mluwii ilu' lizill. Ili- lnl:u'li luumli, lu' mlvvimlnul llult ilu' l'2lYl'-Illilll llW'll iuwvzitlx' ilu' liltli- mauiilvii, wi' sluill will lu'i' iliqlu' wus ilu' lu'sl lu lisi' un tllis SlM'l'lIll0ll, su l muy lm' lxivli ul' anuytlriiig' lu'IIm'1', louluwl up lu'11Il1'i'i'mli11:i llDll1l.Ll'llll4'I'ill x'uii'1'."lluw :ilumut llll4l1'l' lu'i' lung, silky luslu-s :nul Nlll'Yl'.YK'1l Hlll' za wulu' mlsiim' ilis i'x'1'niii' z1l't1'i' svluuilfm Jziiiin' lum. .Xs ilu- prmul ymiiig' luwuuhx' gum-ml up, izllwu lmvli lu' tlu' Iml'sluu'ss ul' liis 1mu'. kiuwx our lu-rn lllll'l'1'1l, ill il luiu' lu'1i':n5'iiig luis l'm'm'l- Nll1'1l1II'l'l10l il1'l'y Ulll' ll1'l'H sn slu' l'm'plu'4l uu'm'kly IIIQN lm' ll4'I', Hlliyu li:ilu'f" In wliivli Jziliim' rv- HU. li.. llule-li." 'l'l1us l'll1lS 1lu' story ul' 1lu 'ilu il lliyai ll2lll1lSHIlI1'.u volu-ilnlm'ul'.l:1iiu':iiulFurl. Pupil' 100 Page 110 oNe xt to nothing eat J , we like t ,- ohn and B' 0 B, " 0 iuce. uk Row: Nicky, .lady D F1:0N'r Row: Milk Shi , ona. , sandw' lg and C ' a ich. all should be in dental advertisenient. O This is a picture of Miss Ruth Miller. "Just, pull this little lever, see?" suys Dean. Wh0's getting all that recognition, iWIill'ii9P? Professional M en DENTISTRY AMES DENTAL STUDY CLUB Physicians and Surgeons--M. D. DR. G. E. MQFARLAND, SR. 313 FIFTH STREET DR. G. E. McFARLAND, JR. 313 FIFTH STREET DR. J. E. MCFARLAND 313 FIFTH STREET Osteopathic Physicians DR. J. H. HANSEL Osteopath 505 Kellogg Chiropractor DR. C. R. KERR 501 Main Street Phone 102 Optometrists DR. F. E. ROBINSON Optometrist I Over Ames Bldg. Ez Loan DR. O. li. THORBURN 213W Main Street Phone 430 DR. M. A. UKENA Orthodontist 312W Main Ph. 1667 To miss a kiss Is more mniss Than it would bo To kiss at miss 5 Provided that The kiss you miss The miss lzerelf Would never miss. But if you try To kiss a miss With whom o kiss W oiild be amiss You'd better always Miss the kiss. For students who are worrying about graduat- ing, remember, the easiest way to get out of high school is to Pass Out. Principle spelt Cplej means a rule, but Princi- pal spent Cpalj means just plain rule. li. AMES HIGH Listen, my children, and you shall hear Of a very large school that 's new around here. In it you 'll find every kind of a thing, Teachers, and pupils, and even a King. The leaders of seniors-the greatest of all, Is none other than Shugart-handsome and tall. The juniors all follow Romeo Rice, Cute as can be and awfully nice. At nine in the morning all the week days, The students arrive in various ways. By a taxi, a bus, a Buick or bike, While others drive flivvers or even hitch-hike. All the day long they 're happy and gay, Learning and yearning to pass time away. At the end of the day the dread of them all, Is an additional period in dear study hall. But in spite of it all, it isn't so bad, For if we didn 't have it, the world would be sad. So let us enjoy it, and learn while we may, Make the most of Ames High School in every way. -Virginia O'Neil Page 111' We-f ya x 4. w ,1 Hi LH H4 H1141 Hi H4 Hi H4 4 R 4 '52 Q Wg: ,Tv -f - fi JL5A. ,, .-4. . . 1 . .--nv I' ' vi 1 I , - sr M Sir zrff, Q 5 , - F , E Q1 F T c 5 5 , i .vi P, Q J.- 'T bm L14 LH 1,44 1,14 1,14 an wr an H1 B14 1,14 LM .gf .., ai, , f

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