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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1940 volume:

AMES 'QW'-'-1--.-. X ffxf i.,,- T4 if-.. 'b X 5 Q.. N N ' ,TNQ 'ax -"- Y- X, Ns 1 -,- Y - . .li 'xv - A in j V , ' :gil X K , X 1 if " -- lx 2- - -li '-,X -,-I' Atjwj r' ,Q '11, - -44. ' -33-X. ' fag- '- X 5' Y '-, ' , gg, ,, Ng ' 1, ' -ff ' '- yfffff-'.. iv- - an X-7?.?.1 ,X i XI . X .. . 'L ' W 'JXQF A vfiig- , ,X X -4 +1 XE5?,.XfX:.,,gf5f5N .1 . . 1 X ,Lil ii. W-2 ,V 65,5-.,i:,:.,4x5-VJ, . X yr I H fm X mg. '--..N , Y, , H ' K t '.Q,E5.'.-.X .44 'X 2,54 5-af I-Xf-'1' 4 ' -C.. - in fm - . 4Y,5'7.- H 1' 12:11 1 1- - -. Y., 91, -X: WX: it 11-15 -ay. ' .. -- 4 , --rr -qgia.-11 "'-f X M4--X 'EN 'in-. -- '- :,:-+5754 ' 'fill' .!X:fa1' 'N-up -. . -X, 1---.ll Xi, .X - ' - . ,y.fX,,,. ,f':J.,,.e'::. X 1 3:51.31 29, - , , rg gfsfg 5 f31?J,g:..f5E-325-X-A X- 51 rf!XX111ff - gf - ' Xb X1.11XX fg. . V -:..j,:.4.',f,,:1!.Q3,4v '1 ya-.14-X . XX 111:11 - X XXX: ' 1 .mg - X- XM,-ffgngin-g2L+4:3Xs.fXffgm X X 1 'Xp 1iX?X?.:74:vpg?fggXy's:g5EhX A X ' -2- 1 rl Muff-170-H5',.'1'52i-31594523-3? .XL ,X iJf7,z,,,.,XvE,':F,5:,.:3,FA.. -:B , um. if'gQy7b-el,-::.,f's3g55:x '-wc-4 X '1X!X11 45,535-,X,Xf'f,1XXsffaf!2g:713w f -- .Li X I4 7111.ya,,.E0Kfgi3FE"?igS,'s55s'Kf'tX'lkGZ:,-, ' if--, -- l X X 15+ 31.4-aww f4fXsXfX15s:,m.. N2 X X ,X ,XX . .X ,, 1 gif X 5- , tip?-?XrS',4.a-.X+,.v,af,x3.,f X , - 1 K ' '-5' X X 1 X 1 1' X X. 1 ,- X I E171 71, 15 5, . MQ,-.v,lx.w .:1wqf!.k,,-, .yLyX,p.fg15,,,,. X.. X X ' X1 X,f,-,.- X-kg?-.j :Q-egg-jXg:,j,gX?,, wg? X- 1 -- l 1X X -,ig .Xff-.-,sfwyN'--4.QJL-f'YZ..eW.X'u,Q-Xg.,,' - -1, :L W , . JXV 1 Eh: - LY.. -lv, e 1:-53,3 4 -:wig - '.-,Lti-1ta,jF-:f:.X2,-:gh Milk X 1 xg ' 115 -rife '21 - -.. . - 4 , - X-ww:-1: 'XX A Mais -as '4 5,5-Xe-:fXw-'11-X--ws-.., -- 'f ' Wig- my 'gzhbgag--Xjgf. ,,X,,A.kE.,X,y,:gX:,. :.:X..5g.f.X-pf'.,gfX:5:XgX1:X-,-13-1, X ra 0 f " 1 1 "M 1, --211.1 smilwz'-S z-fm-. - - ' , . nil .W Emi: -f::1'XtS:Xf,g:i5f!.- an fi:'XgJ,5m:j-1g'j.e',-:,3-Q,-1, -- Q ,B P X H-Xi, Xifievtzfi 1 -1, X -has X , 1' f., ff I, X., X -gig -335.3 5,jg:p,f,'?igg.X:ig - 5,535- 1 X1 X- X, '- X X gym rg -Ag-3--' -5-:fbi .6-1 Xgfixrz-:.1:X-4'::,-.pygq:gu'S:,251,p, ,fyhga-, ' 5 . ' f 1' "I1Ja"'F" ' X Ev.:-'0:'kSg,-fdq11'5' X 21- 'gi-gia'3f::71 :1X4f'Tr?' '-FREE., b.fgS-,:'-eS.aIe.j-xgf-.F x i 1 - -Xrzffv :- f' +.-1-q:. 1-,, ,aw--Xp XX.,-X. '-'X-, ' 'XI -A-Q 5 X '255111 -1-X .95 11- -ww 'if 45 g":'2iF'H 11- vzifs-11411-xX::f.fXfX':Lf.':- HQ ' 11,5 7 fra, 593,-,Tae 1- Xe-3353 ' 1, X --. . .,-2: .gi .X - -1 1:1 '-34-5-.j 12-HX.: '-'Q-11331.-7f':.,fX,f ,-51,-"L:-, -,l . 4 -.ff X X Q Q. Xpwsg-:X -:42:Xp?ufaf4Z-wi--,:,-,, 'R,.. E . Xl E X Vi 55 ,XXMQQES a,gpi:,,XX.5.,,,Xf,.pgf,,:Xgf.565, ' X 1 f-7 X - X 4F-f.4'f:g-2-Q! f.935f,fsf:X..-If.-X 'Q55.1113fx?-.-Wfwgysfagaifg, X 11 ' 1 - -143 '5 . X- s-L.'1X4- as--X :X . of X-, X' I X X . ' ' ' Rh, ' '51,-ffizf-'? wil:-as11-'iff-:'fdQ:?X-sX"5'X-gb X - Sw 1.15 -11,55f. X1-Xq -QQ' 11:9-,-...vw gpg ysvdgg' .,5g,Xg.'114g:5-y.,f',f 19754.52-yi-I X X I -'MX X, 'mx 1' ,Q::33f:.:1s3'-.fX- ff.-5-'X'i2-1'-X15'f-X1 X f Xp-55541 - W ffm me 1 : ' "1-eva-:eww-z-'QYX - 91,5-'gf-'-'Lg-' .'1-'1fn5"2X'S:-La: - I X X ,xg 51.4,--.aj-,X, - -1.-1. 1... . rf--p,X.f.XX1.X- 4 ,TH-:X ff- fp -.fyff-w I-A-X X -'aff 1 E-f3fyX'?9.z:'4m:-TQ!" -. IFI-'ff-. 1-s 'Q --'-'lr-agiw-1H',:'.'2l L.12c",:-,g':3?"n1X1 '-'vg:rX.f.4XQ:,'-:L-:.5.- 'X A 1 fl" -X Xgpaeggg, g.fg:4:XXXr11,5w51:5s 5331:-:EX:.f15X.:X 3 X :XX X X- - A :wan ri XXX5qg51g:zg,:5:5::- J-,gf X- U X X 1 ,gi-g,5F:Xg:ZX - nffgggpfsggrffx-Jg.-, X -1- X ..,1eaX.X wpyshgejy-955511-6zf2,::q.:, ' ,L -:l-X314 553:25-3-X: 1-:Xff - X1 1 XX AX- XX.,.ig,:-3-3-.YgXfli421 in A+ X 1 1 ' 39,11 G"-1:22 1- X X V ' N W' W W " -r - 'E 21 '1 -In 1 '1 .f:. ' 1 1 .. X 1 X 1:5-iw ,.. Q 1 ' 5 Q ' 1-':f'ff":XAX."'f'j'vgI,2'I,j'SiW. ,'.?L"i'ff'.X I ' 'V ' 1' 15633 'gf'-'r''-1-"J"F"f-f"'f25Tf:'f'5fX1,f,v Y X X 4 ui 1, Pg 1-:rpm-zu 1, gms:,Ly-Xaftg,44f?5,q.-715-1if 55731-X-"gc .XX-Q, - .XX - aff:--Zmfj ' ' 'X 1 , - ' -3-,Si :fm X1 :fbi-'lip '-f-4-Rugs:-"'5:g:44gXg:s3s4ig- f -X: - - 11 ' 1 + f - '-FJ., , - 5-5-5,133 :Un my .prgafy .X -,--...X .Jia-ff X-A-.,,-1y5A, .-,1 ,X ,qt X4 ' I - I -V 'X '--1A X a5j,65.Jg1f5p35f,C4!i yjffgisgs, 111565, f-Xi5:Lg3g1.3g2,.53-:gg':X-1.-1-Ln -1 , gf: -41 1-,F 1 4-11: :gm-11 5.1.1 :l.a,'1-- '1.-.- 1 ,-:- 159.1-1-Xa.-,X yur,-an - I .- -. . P..-'-.1 Q 3 E J: 4 ,,-, X,7.4,- .017 - gy, ,a .-gmt'-.1X Xq,XXXf- .-X-1. , . 1, -.St L as 3f,:,,,5gf'X,:! 5 :XX-jk. 3..:i.-:ga:7 .r,' - i ga ' Xigwe. S-XX:jXfX?3:irS Xggagrgsyjf-., MNZXQQQLQFXL-1y95Xf,15y":X--54,1 J'-f 30551, ii., icdiggfjgirflP'-'i74Q':f'.1'f,-.':MEL 'if .2 X "'f'-f:, Xi'-"-.5 f,'-gl. ' I L- 5. "Q--+IjX-i.f.-'gq-zg-,L,f , 15 55! fijsifylff ?v'f--ff-SL? "1-cf-1f5ff5g4Xf?f9.9?X. --1 f- r , 9. 9 av :L'.i-1.5-M-ggffwy,-vi: igg-,41X'?g,':: "5-Xfwifgii-gk" :-'- Y -0 D ,fl --' iLf:'f5af7Xff5L w1f5C.Q?'41,'fy 1"G4:5g,' 1-. 1' ' '-"1"f"?zfl7w .Xen -Iii X -X1 N' ff "-4:1311 1 , X ' "gGI2X:,ff-f ,vb--flgugfifg ' -3, : ,I Q. .,4- l'1'?!'7Hi,Xt:X3L5Zf5 "" -7- A - X' f' 1 , 7 XN 1, Qagaf-gjgfgrug - . '-1-J: XN I X X F- 1Xr3J:jf'f' .-L. F: 1 ' "1-.-1, --L, X'f.X1'-za 1221 1 nf mg P,A':..g-.l.,!g,- - X X .:Fp,:g1fg: 7:.1L yQi7?5,7,f 1 11 X X11 Xalwfg---ffm X11 X fic! 'XX X 'X 1 md 'YW XX -1 5 X-'fif-:Xp W I X XB X XXX 1 X ' -N: prllwym X X, ,XJ XV. X X1' ,XX ' - NL 5 , 5:f:iX,'1. 1 XX X XM 1 U XI1 X --L X- -A "gg X X, .1X 1X XX X X ' If X-X -.e W1 :ii-l I 1 41 1 'X :rl Q 1 X' 1 1 XXX .'5f1s:1g---XM '-,RX T 'X X H15 X X " .. 1 1 X 1 :E-HX... X -2:2-fag-g:..4f,1: J- '--fs 1 1 '9-X -11:-, .- X:1.3'1,-E-1:24, U ,. 1 1 XX -1 FX 1''iF"'?.:,: :E1'.w',.-,531-L'11.45,-ef? X 1 4 n"ix9'f2:-1.5:-fffa-'fQ'33Qf:i"-'-1 l X X lX'X -'fffr15X,1-,gp-rX11-1-zzafg'-: X I 1XX XX -.a,gff.3p,.:..sisX,--pai,-5.5,-X,-X. Xl X U' 1' 1 X '1gQ1-,E-?2fs55iQ2f5.f!:g14.51-2-,EI '15 Ml I 1 'TS' 3g':sJ?z:-g-"SiGT'.-QQ'.:t-Q41-Q 1 1..X mjgrsr-.f,-X... .g..5.,,4gX:,-:3. X Q ' LLM l :1'-115-14521i'EvLi3?QQ':.5iXyfZ-L'51:fI: 5 XXXX' Xl 2' ."','--'NL '-,H'L..Tw' QL. 3:- l XX GX 21:135-555. X35-gras: X - 1,4f,,X:,-w.,5-gg-g.,:.-X. I lu 1'1r'I2:5:.1f"T:Xga55fe11 I 5 X ,XX ,3,5:Eggg:gE,i 1' ' f W ' X X 'M 7-E' I U xl I' ' 1 X WX 5 Y ' I 1 X X i X I ' ' Xi XX Y X111N 11 XXXXXXXN KN XXX W XXX WQXXXMXXXXXJWX 3 Q1 1111 X 1,1lKMwXJ1:!HXJQMXXV M 1. XXX X 1121 1'XXX1!XX'X'XXX1fX11X1'X11X1X1X1XWXXX X J1!ul1k1hXNNQE WV XM", X IX ?g,3f:'1FN2' ws Aw H Q1 uf, we N an milk HU N Q mg v Q. gs D 1 ,M L' XA ,7h Hgh ml, fw- F w an rr gf U . ' xx I er. 1 ' V V.-.zff ' if af jk LIf'Llf I9-40 1 xx lr ' f M LNe?'Ii.z.A.? !f'1'ig2?f.,,.., 4 A- ...,.. ... .. gk Q Q .. a"1 I lull II, lllll I I t 'll li". Wll- I " I I ll I , , . Auditorium Entrance we Soirif Ar f940 East Entrance EDITOR PAT GALLIGAN BUSINESS MANAGER MARJORIE RUPE fr I 'dv-I I' ADVERTISING MANAGER DONALD WILKINS ADVISER MR. JOHN HARMS tl'l1I1C6 UAQ MULIWAOOA of ,!y0fL815 SAOOZ East Side New Surroundings HE shining modern cafeteria pro- vides warm, thrifty lunches for noon stayers. Complete with heating table, dish-Washer, refrigerator unit, and range units, the cafeteria has facili- ties to serve 130 people in 20 minutes, ac- cording to Mrs.. Annabelle Danskin, cafeteria manager. Everything from mashed potatoes to ham salad sand- wiches is served each noon to hungry students, as they discuss the day's events. Assisting Mrs. Danskin is Mrs. Grace Hunter, who manages the heating table during the noon hour. The high-ceilinged, quiet library is presided over by Miss Alice Thutt, Miss Eleanor McElyea, and library club members. Oak paneling and high book- cases add dignity to the atmosphere. Conference rooms, oak tables, and com- fortable chairs make the library a popu- lar place for reference work, reading, and consultation. Built-in trophy cases house the school 's collection of medals and athletic awards in the east lobby. Eye strain in the classrooms is at a minimum with venetian blinds curtaining the windows. An electric eye regulates lighting in the study hall. The auditorium, with its spacious lob- bies, comfortably upholstered seats, and acoustically treated walls and ceiling, is the high light of the new building. A massive switchboard backstage operates the 12 spotlights in the top of the audi- torium, and the smaller spots on the stage. The graceful beauty of the pros- cenium arch framing the stage is only one of the architectural triumphs in the auditorium. The Library The Auditorium Students Use New Equipment MES HIGH has one of the most complete high school auditorituns inthe country. It was not designed in a few minutes, but required hours ofre- search and planning by Superintendent Jordan Larson, Speech Director L. Wayne Smith, and the architects. The main iioor of the auditorium seats over 700, and the balcony almost 400, the combined seating capacity providing for an audience of 1,100. The seats themselves are an outstand- ing feature, the backs being finished with the highest grade of mohair, the seats of imitation leather with box springs. Every seat in the auditorium faces the rear center of the stage, so that all may see equally well. There are no beams from the tloor to support the bal- cony, thus eliminating all obstructions. Slightly curved walls of the acoustic stone seemingly bring the stage closer to the audience, and acoustic ceilings in- sure perfect hearing in all sections of the auditorium. The auditorium is provided with an excellent lighting system. Eliminating the use of footlights, twelve 1,000-watt spotlights, all on dimniers, are located in the ceiling above the stage. These can be set beforehand, and provide a great deal of variety in color effects. The switch board and curtain ropes are on a balcony, 10 feet above the stage, to allow more room for the stage crews and actors. A three-way telephone con- nects thc switchboard, projection booth and box office. Prof. W. H, Meeker, member for 29 years Dr. R. D. Feldman, president School Board Members See Progress NOW the comfort and convenience of the student is one of the vital factors in the new modern high school . . . then, in 1912 when the old building Wa.s built, this was not taken into con- sideration. The student 's general health is consid- ered in that the air is heated to the cor- rect temperature and the proper amount of moisture is circulated. Although thermostats have since been installed, this was not a feature of the former high school when it Was first constructed. Twenty-live years ago an auditorium such as ours wouldn't have appeared in a dream. Also unthought of were the green blackboards, an eye-saver, and the inter-communication system. To protect the eyes of students, a pho- to-electric cell turns the lights in the study hall on or off as they are needed. To further promote good lighting, all classrooms are equipped with semi-indi- rect lighting and venetian blinds. In the old building the lighting in some cases was insufficient. At a time when physical education wasn't even a part of the regular cur- riculum, the old gym, in which all bas- ketball games were played, provided room for only 100 people in the balcony. There were no seats and everyone had to lean over the edge of the balcony in order to view the game. According to the rules of the game then, the referee was required to announce the score at the half and at the end of the game. In contrast to this, the new gym has a seat- ing capacity of 1,700, including the new type of folding bleachers. Other fea- tures of the gym are the electric score- board and the acoustically treated fold- ing partition, electrically operated, which divides the gym into two separate entities. The two school buildings offer as great a contrast as do the old two-cylin- der, open door, phaeton type car and the modern, stream-lined, 1940 model. School Board Meets Frequently HE school board of Ames, which is the legislative body of the school sys- tem, determines the educational policies for the community i11 its meetings held on the second Monday of each month. During the building program of the new high school, the board met as often as twenty times a month, sometimes spend- ing eleven hours in session. Board meni- bers are Hiram Munn, treasurer, Frank Howell, secretary, N. J. Brintnall re- placed P. G. Robinson, who had com- pleted his third yearg Dr. R. D. Feld- man, president, and R. M. Vifquain, both in their ninth years, David Ed- wards, serving his eleventh year, and W. H. Meeker, who has given twenty- nine years. Superintendent J. L. Lar- son carries out its policies as an admin- istrator. Prof. Meeker is being honored this year for his twenty-nine years of service on the board. This gives him the dis- tinction of having served a longer term than any elected member of a school board in Iowa. Prof. Meeker was first elected to the school board in 1911. He has been reelected every third year and has been president of the board during the third year of each of his terms. He has been on the board during the build- ing or remodeling of all the present Ames schools. Because Prof. Meeker thinks only of educational value in school matters, he has been very helpful in planning the new building. Prof. Meeker might be considered, according to Supt. Larson, as a "liberal conserva- tive." He is to the school board what former Senator Borah was to the United States Congress. Supt. J. L. Larson, Mr. Dave Edwards, Dr. R. D. Feldman, Prof, W. H. Meeker, Mr. P. G. Robinson, Prof. R. M Vifquain, and Mr. Frank Howell. Gnfenfa ,!46!IfIfLilfLi5 Lllfcafiolfz Jdcfiuified Jfkdfm Yffmlmfwmm jlmom Zafwreo zgofminid Ifmfion MR. YOUNG Bromlcasts Illornfing Announcements . l OCIAL life of Ames High teachers this year featured an old- fashioned costume party l1'1 which the dignified faculty 1110111- bers Were suddenly transfornied into unruly school. cliildren of the 1900 's. In direct contrast with this occasion was the faculty spring party. Also the Ames High Teachers celebrate annually with a picnic at the Boone "Y" Camp. Serving o11 the social co111111ittee were Miss Hadisli, chairnian, Mr. Lorenz, Miss Welnlner, Miss Boyd, Miss Kenning, Miss Martin- son, Miss Caimnack, Miss Fellows, and Mr. Sinalling. Mr. Young a, s at K 1 . O Harms Expe1'i111e11ts Examines With Pride R HE Vocational Education program, with Miss Hartsook as sponsor, was divided into three sections. The first was a general introductory course designed to tell the seniors hovv and why to choose a vocation. A proiile chart was used to help each person decide for what vocation he is iitted. The second section consisted of a series ot vocational forums. Senior Forum Commit- tee selected subjects and secured speakers. The third section was the apprenticeship program, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. Those seniors who wished to do so Worked at their chosen occupation Cvvitliout payj that they might gain experience in that Work Which they intend to follow. Mr. D8l3.Sl1l11'L1tt, General Treasurer, at Work Executives Testing MES teachers keep in contact with state legislation con- cerning education by having a legislative committee. The pur- pose of this comniitteeis to dis- cuss vvays which the association can serve teachers and a means by which teachers can promote the cause of education through their state association. Some proposed ways are: higher standards for teachers, a minimum Wage law, certification of teachers, and a teachers annuity system. Miss Lelah Spatz, chairman of this committee, is a delegate to the State Teachers convention. I 1 .hu I Q 3- , 'I . I -ig ? ,- qf 'QV IFI . E K 1 . " ' '-' 'W' . W . 'P -- 554 ' V .W A + h, N L -.g Q 1 fl sig .. QQ 'Y L " ,: ' Q , . . IV- g sg 1, . 1 'I:jiiTI' ,, l SUPERINTENDENT JORDAN L. LARSON To THE CLASS or 1940: Greetings and best wishes to the class initiating into service the new high school. The standards you have set in leafl- ership and in educational achievement will serve as a challenge to those who are to follow in these interesting en- virons. For them, may they ever strive to match your aceomplishments. For you, may life begin in '40, JORDAN L. LARSON, Su perii11,tm1icZent PRINCIPAL VERNE M. YOUNG To THE Cmss or 1940, GREETINGS: Twelve years of striving and learning have brought you to one goal of your life-graduation from high school. It is not an end, it is a beginning, a gate- way to new visions, new ventures-how truly commencement! As you go forth, you will always be representatives of this fine school and its uplifting spirit. Whatever may be your lot in life, may you often remember, HAmes High Aims High"! VERNE M., YOUNG, Prmcipal Page thirteen Superintenclenes Qtlice and Nurses Qdice 'ff' RS. ELLIGTT, secretary to Su- perintendent Larson, has been Connected with Ames sehools for eigh- teen years, and Miss Sayre, Working for the superintendent 's office and for the Board of Education, has been here for nine years. Records for all Ames schools are kept here. During the summer, state and federal reports are made, the report of the superintendent and the budget are prepared, and supplies for the next sehool year are ordered. Page fourteen Grayee Elliott and Laura Sayre j Miss Gronlid our school nurse. R. ARMSTRONG and Miss Gron- lid, sehool physician and nurse, are in the school health office every morn- ing from eight to nine. The school health department Works to control spread of eommunieable dis- eases, gives routine physical examina- tions and medical advice Where adjust- ments are required to meet the need of individual children. Tonsillotomy elin- for indigent pupils, dental elinies, and vaccination and immunization clin- ies are held by this department. ID I gather all tl1e attendance slips D? Did I deliver all the passes? Oh, why Cl0GSl1,I that phone stop ringing until I l1ave time to answer it?', These are Ollly a few of tl1e many things which run through the mind of an office girl f'll1'Ol1gllOUf the day. Besides gatliering tl1e attendance slips imnied- iately after the tardy bell rings, deliver- ing passes just before the elose of a period, and answering tl1e telephone, sl1e eheeks tl1e attendance slips and Writes down tl1e absentees, gathers up tl1e pass- es at tl1e close of six period, Zllld tends to the switeliboard. After eaeh matinee dance, elass play, basketball game, or any other sehool aetivity, it is usually one of her duties to till out financial re- ports for eaeh l1Ol11G1'OO11l. Then, if she has any time left, she may do so111e typ- ing, run some material oif on the ditto, or tile some cards or papers for Trimble. ' Perhaps this sounds like a lot of tire- some tasks to you, but to the office girl it is so interesting that she illO1'Ollgllly enjoys every part of it.: Principals Utlice Force Mrs. Trimble Helen and Doris Marjorie and Mildred Helen, Mary Lou a11d Evelyn ,Page fifteen Page sixteen LEIIAND BENZ Iowa State College INDUSTRIAL ARTS EDNA BOWER Simpson College MUSIC MAIJ.xLENE CANVIN Grinnell COMMERCIAL RICHARD DAY Iowa State Teachers! College BAND, ORCHESTRA KIQITH DELASHMUTT Iowa VVeSleyan MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE EIENRIETTA GRONLID Minnesota University PUBLIC SCHOOL NURSE HELEN I-IADISH University of Iowa FRENCH, ENGLISH JOHN HARMS University of Iowa SCIENCE FERN I'IAR'I'SOOK Coe College COMMERCIAL SYIIVAN KR A M ER Simpson College SOCIOLOGY ROSCOE LORENZ Iowa State Teachers' College ART ALv1R.x LVNSFORD Simpson College GIRLS ' P. E. FLORA T. INIILLER Indiana University COMMERCIAL 4 CHARLOTTE NELSON St. Olaf College ENGLISH, JOURNALISM BLANCHE OXBORROW Iowa State Teachers' College SOCIAL SCIENCES EVER ETT RITLAND Luther College LATIN IRAYMOND SMALLINC Iowa State Teachers' College BIOLOGY L. WNAYNE SMITH Iowa State Teachers' College SPEECH, HISTORY LELAH SPATZ University of Iowa HISTORY IIIARY STOAKS Grinnell ENGLISH BERNARD SWEDELL Knox College MATHEMATICS ALICE TI'IU'1'T University of Michigan HISTORY, LIBRARIAN IIIARCIA TURNER University of Chicago HOME ECONOMICS KENNETH WELLS Iowa State College ATHLETICS, P. E. EVA WHITE University of Iowa MATHEMATICS EDNA WIIJCOX University of Iowa ENGLISH Page seventeen Top Razr: Sather, B. Stafford, Byrnes, Pin- ney, Buck, C. Lind- strorn, E. Butler Jlirldlr' Row: Merrick. Erickson, Donelson. Bauer, Shugart, Ma- hone, Taft Bottom Ifozr: N. Nich- ols, W. Wierson, Miss White, Leffler, Rey- nolcls Student Council HE Ames High Student Clouncil, which is a legislative body of repre- sentative students, is composed of the presidents from all of the eighteen homerooms. The five different committees organ- ized to care for the business under their jurisdiction were the Assembly, Social, Citizenship, Publicity, and Service. These committees are composed of Stu- dent Council members and also repre- sentatives from the three classes. The Social Committee took charge of all the dances and also helped with the successful open House held on Novem- ber 8t-h. The organizing of a welcom- ing committee for visitors in the new school, keeping bicycles in their proper places, and gathering material for next Ames High Handbook, were the tasks carried out by the Citizen 's Committee. The publicity group advertised school activities and co-operated with the local Chamber of Commerce on the finger printing project. During the school Page c'iyhtee11. year, the lost and found department and sales for unclaimed articles were under the management of the Service Com- mittee. The Student Council was again host for the animal State Leadership Confer- ence in April held at Iowa State College. This is one of the most important of the Council's projects for invitations must be sent out, good speakers secured, and housing accommodations, entertainment and meals must be arranged for the many visitors. Owen Leifler and Kenneth Donelson, presidents of the Student Council dur- ing the first and second semester respec- tively performed, among other duties. that of presiding during assemblies. YVesley Wfierson and Peggy Rushing were the organization 's vice presidents. Lynn Nichols and Mary Sather as secre- taries gave reports of what the council was doing over the public address sys- tem. J oe Reynolds was appointed treas- urer for all year. Top Rout R. Miller, E. Morris, Collins, Gilman, D. Wilkins. Douglass, Paulson Bottom Row: Hum- mel, Schlick, J. Ar- rasmitli, Caine, M1'. DeLaslnnutt, Sore- ghan, Rupe, E. Wal- lace Student Treasurers HE faculty feels that it is the duty of the school to provide experience in the earning, safe-keeping, and spend- ing of money. In keeping with this poli- cy, the iinances of all extra-curricular activities have been placed in the hands of fifteen student treasurers. Selected by election and appointment, this group includes the treasurers of the Student Council, Hi-Y, Girl Reserve, Dramatic Club, the instruinental and vo- cal music groups and various other or- ganizations. Responsible to a faculty member, Keith D6L21Sll11lLltl-, who is the general treasurer, these students handle an av- erage of EB10,000 a year for the organiza- tions which they represent. All the money for extra-curricular ac- tivities is kept in one bank account, and the various activities draw on this ac- count and deposit their receipts through the general treasurer. Duplicate cash books, showing every transaction, are kept for each activity by the general treasurer and the respective student treasurers. Witliclrawals are made in the form of checks written by the gen- eral treasurer. An organization may se- cure a check by presenting to him a req- uisition signed by the student treasurer. the activity 's sponsor, and the principal. Receipts are handled in a like manner. Largest volume of money on the gen- eral treasurer's books is in the form of the various athletic funds, since all gate receipts and expenditures for equip- ment are handled through him. During the past year Patty Soreghan and Ruth Miller have assisted Mr. De Lashmutt in the more functional phases of his Work. The group is not knit into a formal organization. Rather, each individual carries on in his own sphere, guided by his sponsor and the general treasurer. Meetings are held only when special in- structions are needed. Page nineteen Top Row: J. Foster Weagley, Quist, Rey- nolds, W. Wierson Rozr: Vogt, Taft. Vifquain, Douelson. Sather, Light Huzr: - Sehlick, Bliss. Mr, Ritland, Miss Nelson, Hub. Ruggles, H. Hein Senior Senate HE Senior Senate, the governing body of the Senior Class, is composed of oiicers elected from that class at large, their homeroom presidents, and a representative elected from each room. This group had charge of the many important activities Which make up that masterpiece in every senior 's high school life, HSenior lfVeek." This year, as last year, the peak of all the functions was the Senior Class pow-wow, lasting all day, held at the Y. M. C. A. camp near Boone. Leaving the school building at 8:30 a. in., the class was transported to the camp, practically "en masse," by buses. Besides eating the generous and appetizing supply of food, which would satisfy any hearty appetite, the group participated in informal games and dancing. Senior l7flvl"Zif3ft0S were pre- sented at 4:00, making a big hit with everyone. The group left the camp at 5 :00 p. ni. to return home. The Senate also helped select the an- Paye twenty nual senior class play, "'Tl1c Kind Lfztflyf' which iinanced t'Senior YVeek." It proved to he as great a success as any of those in the preceding years. Both the well-chosen cast and the large audience enjoyed it tremendously. Each senior was expected to sell tive play tickets. Ten cents from each ticket went toward his personal contribution toward Senior lVeek activities. For each ticket not sold, he personally contributed ten cents. Another duty of the Senate is to de- cide if there are to be any class colors or a class iiower. Both of these customs were dropped last year. Various other plans concerning the seniors were carried out, and they all helped to make this year a happy mem- ory. As president of the senior class, Hu- bert Ruggles presided over the Senate, with Dick Bliss as vice president, Har- riett Hein as secretary, and Dorothy Schlick as treasurer. Top Row: J. Arra- smith, M. Rice, J. Martin, G. Brown Bottom Roar: Firkins, . Miss Thutt, Miss Ha- i dish, Dudgeon N unior Executive Council AINING a place of importance for the first tiine was this group of hard working juniors. Each officer, except the treasurer, was chosen from nominees by popular ballot of the Junior Class. Bruce Firkins was elect- ed president, while Eileen Dudgeon and Mary Jane Rice were elected vice president and secretary, respectively. Jean Arrasinith received the position of treasurer. In order to have representa- tion from each homeroom not already represented, Grace Brown and John Martin were elected to the Council by their respective hoineroonis. Miss Ha- dish and Miss Thutt served as class sponsors. The iirst activity of the Council was to choose a class insignia. After a design of pearl on black onyx was chosen for the class ring, models were placed in the show case for display. Many juniors purchased from local jewelers the ever- popular class bracelet. A new feature, specially liked hy, the girls, was a lava- liere on a chain. 'Phe Junior Executive Council super- intended the business and advertising of the Junior Class play, The Nut Farm, presented February 19. Norina Baur and Patsy Shearer were ap- pointed business inanager and publicity nianager, respectively, with small coin- niittccs of the Council working with theni. The excellent Work of these peo- ple resulted in one of the highest box- oifice receipts for a class play at Ames High. Aniong the other activities, the Coun- cil niade plans for the J unior-Senior Frolic, Aines High 's ever successful seini-formal spring dance, held in the Meinorial Union, May 28. It was also the duty of this group to provide decoration for the Baccalau- reate and the Coinnienceinent services of the seniors. Page twenty-o'ne Top Row: Ron. Tay- lor, Collins, Busby, Forman, Beresford. Dudley, Lewis .Uiddle Rolf: H. Mor- rison, Malione, Well- l1 o ii s e , Mahannah, Posegate, Rob. Tay- lor, Maritz Boltnm ff0ll'I Reed, Williams, Sills, Miss Spatz, F, Smith, J. Martin, Lefflei' Fire 1 Squad HE first year i11 tl1e new l1igh sehool necessitated inany changes i11 the Fire Squad. First, beeause of the larger building, tl1e squad l1ad to be enlarged. One new 111Q1lllJCl' was ehosen froni each of the junior and senior classes, and the nuniber of sophoniores selected was o11e more tllilll has been tl1e eustoin, bringing the total nuniber to twenty. Another change was inade by selecting one girl from eaeh P. T. class to assist in getting tl1e P. T. elasses from the building. The third change was tl1e sponsorship. Since Miss Maekin, the first sponsor of tl1e Fire Squad, was no longer on tl1e teaeh- ing staif, this position was eapably filled by Miss Spatz. The first day of sehool showed the old n1e111bers at their posts in their eapacity as hall nionitors. This duty was contin- Przye twenty-two ned througliout tl1e year, and i11 addition tl1e squad kept students out of the build- ing until 8 :15 a. 111. Zllltl helped elear the building after sehool. The iirst iire drill of tl1e year einptied tl1e building i11 0110 minute and te11 seconds. In View of this reeord tiine andthe good chances for ini- proveinent, the Fire Squad set its goal at forty-live seconds. This short tiine, however, has not quite been reached. Mum-h credit should go to tl1e squad for its efficient tire drills and tl1e work done i11 supervising the extensive hall systeni. Ralph Sills was the head of tl1e Fire Squad this year with Lloyd Mahone as his assistant. During tl1e year, pot-luck dinners held by tl1e Fire Squad gave tl1e inenibers opportunities to discuss plans for squad iniprovenient. Mr. Puratli and ' M1'. Ullestad Mrs. Hunter Mrs. Danskin Cafeteria and Maintenance HE responsibility of keeping Aines High clean falls to Mr. Purath, Mr. Ullestad, and several high sehool stu- dents who Work on N . Y. A. VVork of the two custodians begins at 6:20 a. in. and ends at 6 :00 p. in. HTliere is a mighty friendly lot of teachers and students here at Aines High. I enjoy Working every minute," Mr. Purath said, "and it is a real pleas- ure to keep sueh a fine building clean." RS. DAN SKIN , dietitian for the Anies High cafeteria, and Mrs. Hunter, eook, have been efficiently feed- ing an average of 130 people eaeh day in the lunehrooni. Witli four student as- sistants, all are served in 15 niinutes. "The inanageinent by the school board and the niodern equipment are far above average and help to inake our work in- teresting and enjoyable," states Mrs. Danskin. Page twenty-three Faculty Snaps has pa Page twenty-four Q, Eg - 'W . E 2 . i 325. F k ,Mig 1 , "5 ge all "Good morning! " Miss Oxborrow Miss Wilcox Miss Nelson Home economics boys entertain Mr. Wells xdcfiuilfiegi J OHNNY'S home 'work YG' HE school year of 1939-40 saw an increase in The nuniher of extra-eurrieuiar activities offered to Ames High studenfs. Siudent Uouneil, governing body, also direefed hack-fo-school night for parenfs. Senior Senafe niade plans for Senior Day, Senior Class play, and Senior XVeek activities. The Junior Execu- tive Council planned the Junior-Senior Frolie and Junior Class play. Varsify Cluh greeted the boys earning 'rheir iirst A's. The student treasurers took care of the iinaneial affairs of student organizations. Mother-Son Night Debate Team F '1,+.. , . ' 5, .-4 NM ,-L , 7, 5 tg IBRARY Club checked books, kept the library in order, and arranged thc display case. The vocal music groups, Boys' Glee Club, Girls' Crlee Club ,and Mixed Chorus. provided gypsy music for the fall play ROIl6"ll'ljJfIlI1l'I, and gave the Christmas pag- eant. Concert Band, Concert Orchestra. Theater Orchestra, Pep Band, and ing Band had their parts in the musical life of the school at football and basketball games, assemblies, and the Junior Pro- gram series. Swing Band played for matinee dances. Cubs Club this year had charge of the VVeb issued between semesters. Honor Society and Quill and Scroll recognized outstanding students in general school work and journalism, respectively. Shep and Harold Scene from The Nut Furnz, I-Y and G-irl Reserves activi- ties were climaxed by the Friendship Conference with Dr. Harold Lancaster. The members of Dramatic Club successfully carried through a magnificent production of Rf'- defnzlption. Tournaments were the main events of the Debate Club. Pep Club and Cheer Squad presented a colorful array at sports events. Intramural managers were in charge of the basketball tourna- ment forthe non-varsity boys and also inaugurated a bowling pro- gram. The Spzirzft staff was absorbed in the making of a "bigger and better 1940 Spivdt. 5 -..-.--,- ' ' ' i I I 1 I 1 ,kr-, "H, 5-.S R Nx, J ibm E -l I im , i 'N' - '- -H V' U, ff-3 1 331 . . 1 53- ,. 1 ' J I - ji , x , 2: ,f45.,fT": I ry . ' 7 ' Yi . ...4 fjiffgfx -:fy ' ' me L+! .,, Q 1 Z- n f Q Q fg ' "'W -3 -E- s 3 -1 Wi! 'WNW 1,5351-if 1 4 T019 Row: B. Green, Berry, C. Iverson, Gil- key, Otopalik, D. Lush .llfirlflle Row: Kerekes, V. Dixon, Borgnieyer, Midgorden, Carter, D. Knight .Botlom Row-: Grant, Dyas, Miss Nelson, G. Brown, Benton, Dudg- eon Looking them over Cubs at work Future journalists Planning their issue Cubs' Club UBS, Club is an organization coin- posed of sophomores and juniors interested in journalism. Phases of journalism were presented by nienibers of Quill and Scroll or Miss Nelson in Cub meetings. Cubs' Club published the n1id-sen1es- ter edition of the Ames High Wrekly lfVeb with aid of journalism students. The staiii for this issue was chosen by a competitive test in news story and inter- view writing. Cubs took part in the Quill and Scroll contest for feature story and headline writing. Meetings of Cubs' Club were called by Miss Nelson, club adviser, when there was something of importance to the 1-lub. The nieinbers were allowed space in the Ufeb, if their articles were of suf- ficient Inerit. Page twenty-'nine l Top Row: Hub. Ruggles, Gorlfrey, J. Elliot, Mc- Guire, Shoen, Reynf olds, Collins .llirlrllv Hour: E. Morris Rupe. Galligan. Hel- ser, Sclilick, Caine. Fulmei' Bofhnn. Razr: D. Wil- kins, Bailey, Miss Spatz, Miss Wilcox, Donelson, Evans Peg and Erl smile as Bar- by speaks Honor Society initiation l Honor Society nien l i Another View of initia- tion l l ational Honor Society ELECTIONS for iueiiibersliip are made 'rliree times a year. Only jun- iors and seniors in the upper one- fourtli of their class and outstuiicling in service, CllEl1'ElUlfC1'., SCllOl2l1'Sl1l1J, and leafl- ersliip are eligible. Under the Supervision of Mies Spuiz and Miss Wilcox, faculty advisers, the organization annually proinofefl the Junior Red Cross drive. Herini Bailey Page thirty was presicleiitg Don Vlilkiiis, viee presi- dentg Jennie Evans, seereiuryg and Ken Donelson, treasurer. The oath of the Society wliieli new niembers give at their initiation is: I plwlgw nzysfdf to uphold tim high pzcrposcfs of H10 society fo zvizzfclz I lzalve been elefcfed, sfrivifizg in every way by zrorif and deed fo nzalfc its 1'de11l.s H10 idefds of my school. Top Row: Rupe, B. Iv, son, H. Hein, Helser Alexander Bottom Rauf: Bailey Caine, Galligan, Rey- nolds Evans, Fuliner Initiates Iverson, Rupe, Schlick receive certifi- cates from Secretary Evans . Sponsors and officers at initiation Tea for two plus three Tea line uill and Scroll ANDIDATES for nicnibership in Quill and Scroll, national high school honorary journalisni society, must do outstanding work on the Srnzrr or the Vlfeehrly 'Web staiif, be scholastical- ly eligible, reconunended by the adviser of their journalisin activity, and have their Work approved by the national ex- ecutive secretary of Quill and Scroll. Selection of nienibers is made twice a year and a forinal initiation is held. Meetings were held every two Weeks. Receptions were given for the Sruur Staff, C'ub's Club, and journalism elasse es with a speaker from the Journalism llC1l2l1'lAlQl1Glll of Iowa State College. Officers for the year were Joe Rey- nolds, president, Pat Galligan, vice president, and Jennie Evans, secretary- treasurer. Miss Edna Wilcox is the fHCl1lty spon- sor of this organization. Page thirty-one erson, Schlick, Donel- Top: Fox, B. Cushing, Paddock, L. Nichols, Shearer, P. Stafford, Dudgeon, M. Taylor Third: Coover, Sore- ghan, Wilson, Schlick, Clyde, B. Blosser, Gal- ligan, Wallace Second: J. Bretnall, Severeid, M. McDon- ald, Miss White, Miss Steaks, Rushing, Bauer, Dorchester Bottom: Merrick, Mc- Cormick, A. Miller, Helser, Evans, Caine. M. Blosser, R. Miller Cabinet at dinner Miss White and officers serving themselves Another view of diners Girl Reserves NE of the highlights of Girl Re- serve Was Friendship VVeek with Dr. Harold Lancaster of Ottumwa as leader. Assemblies were held each morning and Dr. Lancaster conducted class forums. The Mother-Daughter Tea and Parents' Night Were held at this time. Social events were the New Students' and VVoodcutters' Parties, and the Big Pal-Little Pal picnic. Projects of the Page tlrirty-ttvo year were Thanksgiving baskets, Christ- mas boxes for the county home, redecor- ating of the Girl Reserve lounge, and the sale of pencils and holly Wreaths. Officers for the year were Peggy Helser, president tirst semester, vice president the second, Jennie Evans, vice president first semester, president the second, Barbara Caine, treasurer, Anne Miller, secretary. Miss White was Girl Reserve sponsor. Top: S. Greene, Shoen, J. Elliot, Bob LaVelle, Hixon Jlidrllcz J. Martin, D. Wilkin, Bailey, Ful- mer, Firgins, C. Mar- tin, D, Wright. Bottom: E. O'Nei1, Don- elson, Mr. Swedell, Mahone, Buck Lloyd, Bob, Joe, Carl, Camera shy-Shep, Bob, Lynn. Corner of the Cabinet "Timber" l-li 'Y O CREATE, 'lI1CLZ:'I2.-Zfttill, and csvteml tltrouglzfofztt the school cmd comwmm- ity high stcmclcwcls of Oll7'2iSlf7:l.LI'?, clz.r.w"c1,c- ter is the pledge of this organization Which includes every boy in high school. Of ranking iinportance are their iire- sides and the Friendship Conference. Five boys were sent to the Eastern Hi-Y Assembly, at Cedar Rapids. The projects of the Hi-Y Were inan- ced by the sale of candy at athletic events and by voluntary pledges of the ineinbers. Officers for iirst semester Were Ken Donelson, president, Eugene O'Neil, vice president, Hernii Bailey, secre- tary, Don Williiiis, treasurer. For the second seniester, Lloyd Mahone, presi- dent, Bill Buck, vice president, Bruce Firkins, secretary, Carl Martin, trea- surer. Bernard Swedell and Ray Snialling were the faculty advisers. Page tliirty-three Top: Grider,Gillha1n, Kimler, Reed, H. Mor- rison Bottom: Douglass, Gotl- frey, Major, Gilman, R. Davis Tickets please! Don Nichols, Dick Goll- frey, and balls Godfrey hangs Jim Foster and Don Athletic Managers HIS organization was cornposed of three groups: trainers, ticket sell- ers, and ticket takers. The trainers Worked the whole school year, taking care of the needs of the players in all sports. They kept the players in shape by giving rub-downs, taping ankles, and fixing niinor cuts and bruises. They kept track of all the ath- letic equipment and also individual rec- Page thirty-four Wilkins ords of the players in football and bas- ketball. The ticket takers and sellers arrived an hour before the football and basket- ball games to prepare for the coming of sports enthusiasts. This year they worked at the county and district bas- ketball tournanients held here. A niem- ber of the faculty was placed at each door to assist the student ticket takers. Top: Tice, Benton, C. Nutty, Warren, Dar- ner, Dempsey, Hal- berg, B. Comstock, Teeter, Koontz Midrlle: D. Peck, E. McGee, E, Barnett, M. Sliockley, R a f cl al , D e c k e r, Rosemary Taylor, Hall, Turner, R. Davis Bottom: B. Jones, Hel- mick, Briley, M. Grif- fith, Miss Thutt, Cole, Yocum, Passmore Over the counter Dictionary duty Women at work More scholars Library Club IBRARY Club, under the sponsor- ship of Miss Thutt and Eleanor Mc- Elyea, had complete charge of all library Work. Special projects of the year were classifying and cataloguing of new booksg taking inventory of all booksg complete revising of shelf list catalogue and pamphlet fileg introducing of a pic- ture fileg arranging material in hall show casesg and making a scrap-book of clippings on all the activities of the Ames schools. Officers of Library Club for first se- mester Were Marjorie Griffith, presi- dent 5 Betty Jane Briley, vice president g Helen Yocum, secretary-treasurer5 and Joan Cole, social chairman. Officers for the second semester were Betty Jane Briley, presidentg Eloyce McGee, vice presiclentg Jean Griffith, secretary-trea- surerg Betty Ikercl, social chairman. Page thirty-five Top Rout: B. Wien-son, Mahone, Dilts, D. De LaHunt, Gilman, Van- derlinden. Bottom. Row: Wick land, Schlick, M r. Smith, R. Robinson, L. Young, D. Lush. Spence speaks Rosajune and Dorothy in class Debate Class Mr. Smith Debate Club NDER the direction of L. lVayne Smith, the debate squad played host to five schools at the first invitation- al meet to be held in Ames for several years. Arguing the question: 44Resolved, that the Federal Govemnnent should own and operate the railroads," the Ames squad, composed of Dave Gilman, Don DeLaHunt, Lloyd Mahone, and Ed Wfiekland, swept the tournament With Page thirty-six six wins and no losses. Attending this tournament were Mason City, Perry, Clarion, East VVaterloo, and Newton. The Ames team attended the annual Perry Tournament Where they ranked sixth among the twenty-eight schools en- tered. At the District Debate Tourna- ment, Ames won eight out of twelve de- bates, permitting them the right to en- ter the state tou1'nament. Tap Row: C. Miller, E. . Rim Pl 'ir All- l , ii ips, , baugh, Morrison, E. l Hixon, Dietz, Hausrath, l D. Dixon, Rinehart ' Fourth. Row: B. Peck, Patten, Mize, C. Camp- bell, Carter, Sather, V. Dixon, Alexander, Rupe Marshall, Merrick, O. i Peterson, Robertson l Tlzfircl Row: Gustaffson, Copeland, Steele. Speck, Spratt, M. Lush, Tur- pin, Hummel, B. La.- Valle, Hewitt, Brecken- ridge, Queal Second Row: Lawlor, E. Butler, Stewart, E. Todd, Mr. Smith, Hel- ser, Geiger, Skerry. E. Mitchell, Claryce Cra- ven First Raw: Kenfleld, Tee- ter, M. Shore, D. knight, A. Willis , lierekes, Anton, Gaes- sler, E. Andersong Mc- Conkey Top Row: W. iVierson, B. Stafford, J. Foster. M. Young, Wellhouse, McGuire. Beaty, Lynch, Eldridge, Cunningham Tlz.-ird Row: King, Ken- nedy, Alcott, Hiland, Kroesen, Myers, Col- lins, Firkins, Knudson, Krajicek Second Row: Ikerd, L. lVilkin, Taft, Shearer, Perry, B. Robinson, B. Iverson, Christofferson. M. Larson, Hill, Hiem- stra First Row: Penney, B. Clarke, L. Brown, B. Dunlap, Steinberg, Mr. Smith, Swearingen, D. Christiansen, R. Miller, Lorch . 1 Dramatic Club N DER the direction of L. Wayne Smith, the Dramatic Club joined the vocal and instrumental groups in the presentation of the Russian play, Reclemptfiou by Tolstoi. This was the first high school play to be presented in the new auditorium and was attended by a larger audience than has ever be- fore witnessed a high school production. In addition to the play, the club worked on several new projects. Shakespearean works were studied and scenes from Romeo and J ulfiet were memorized. A Christmas program written by the students was given over the radio and recordings were made for VVOFS voca- tional programs. During the second se- mester one-act plays were studied. One play was presented in assembly. Page thirty-se-ven Top Row: Duilgeon, Rice, Borgmeyer, E. Ander- son, J. .X r 1' a sm ith , Quanclahl, Leland, M. Hein. Bauer, Hill, Cox. Fourth Row: J. Bretnall, P. Stafford, Galligun. ' Hemlrickson, Rosemary Taylor, Shearer, Knud- s M"l 'l C .on, ugoiien, . Liuclstrom, M. Mitchell Third Row: B. Clarke, B. Butler. M. Bretnall, K. McDonald. S e v e r e i d , Betty Cushing. D. Cole, E. Zim ni e r ni a n, B. Blosser. Hensler, Utter Seann-fl Row: Krajicek, Hansen, Dunlap, Por- ter, Al. Taylor, G. Young. M. L-Zlosser Taff, Norris, Grant First Row: P. .Xmlerson Twogood, Yoder. Ryn- lc i e xv i t Z , Sureghan, Sauvain. Light, H. Tai'- lor Top Row: Horde, J. Clark, Y. Dixon. Cope- land. Friley. M. Lush. Conroy, Stouffer, J. Grifllth, 1, ei n in H e 1'. Remley, Hiiblmrd Third Row: Kerekes, G. Miller. NVI'ight, Eliz. Hixon, Y. O'Neil. R. Jones, Cliristofferson, M. Arrasmith, Turner, Dyas, R. Miller Second Row: M. XVillis Halstead. Quinn, H. Van Ylack. Kater, A. Chrlstensen, M. Smith, Yetter. D. B e c t 0 n , Kirby, Hutchinson F i. r s t Row : Maddox. Richter, K. Hein, Mc- Kibben, Miss Bower. G. . Brown. Fox, Caincron, i Erslanul Girls' Glee Club ITH the largest number of girls in its history, the Glee Club took part in several programs this year. They sang in the Dramatic Club play, Rw- IZ6'lMjJfiIJ'lZ, and gave the candlelight ser- vice before Uhristinas, featuring inany soloists. They also took part in a Twi- light Musical given by vocal groups in the spring and shared in the Tri-City Music Festival held at Aines in May. aye tlL'i7'tQU-8'l-Uhf .Besides their regular study, the girls had individual help and Work on niusic fundamentals. studying key signatures, and the forming of scalesg and, as a class projeet, they tried writing nielo- dies based on words given to them. Officers elected: Margaret Taylor, presidentg Gretchen Young, vice presi- dentg Harriet Porter, secretaryg Mary Blosser, librarian. T079 Row: Otopalik, L. Moore, H. Knight, Tripp, Erickson, S. Greene, J, Perry, Sampson, Lowry, Cun- ningham, H. Morrison Tliirrl Row: Farni,-C. Martin, Feldman, Whitfield, Elbert, C. Iverson, E. Morris. Reed, K. Anderson, W. Bourne Second Razr: P, Nichols. Pinney, Haugen, P. Van Vlaek, Forman, Gilkey, D. Carey, Berry, J. DeLaHunt First Row: J. Iversen. Richard Taylor, Quist, Posegate, Miss Bower, Bliss, Leffler, G. Peter- son Mixed Emotion's Sing Open Wide All's Quiet Humorous Song View of Singers Boys' Glee Club HE Boys' Glee Club niet twice weekly under the direction of Miss Bower. Members learned the funda- mentals of music, and became acquaint- ed with musical literature. The Crlee Club sang music by well-known com- posers, but its selections were of a light- er type and were usually secular, four- part songs. Many boys were chosen from the club for Mixed Chorus, which used more advanced and complicated music than that of the Crlee Club. Boys' Glee Club was often asked to provide the program for Various organi- zations in the city, and one concert was presented. The club joined other Vocal groups in presenting concerts and pro- grains. Oiiicers elected were: Bob Posegatc, presidentg Bob Quist, vice president, Dick Bliss, secretary, and Owen Leffler, librarian. Page thirty-nine Top Row: Otopalik, Ful- mer, S. Larson, Bliss. J. Perry. Forman, Cannon, D. Carey, Likely, Hub. Ruggles, B. Green Fourth Roar: Hansen, Cox, Hummel, Lind, Leffler, Williams, Pin- ney, Haugen, Rey- nolds, DeVries, J. Bretnall, E. Mitchell Third Roar: E. Butler, C ol e, Hendrickson, Quandahl, LaVel1e, P. Stafford, G. Young, M. Rice, Leland, K. Mc- Donald, M. Taylor Sf-cnml Rolf: A. Miller. Bauer, Helser, Porter, Posegate, S. Greene, Malione, M. Hein First Row: C. Grant, Rupe, Betty Cushing, Severeid, H. Brecken- ridge, Coover, Allen, Rynkiewitz Miss Bower Morning Session Harriett and Clauson between scenes of Re- demption. Ames High on the air More Mixed Chorus , Try-outs Mixed Chorus NDER the able direction of Miss Bower, Mixed Chorus enjoyed a very successful year. The iirst few weeks were spent in voice training and learning to sense pitch. In November, the dramatic, mu- sic, and instrumental departments gave Rcrlcm ptioiz by Tolstoi. Early in December, Mixed Chorus gave a broadcast from the new studios of WOI. A Christmas pageant was pre- Page forty sented by the high school music depart- ments and the grade children of Ames. Spring activities of Mixed Chorus in- cluded participating in the Nevada Mu- sic Clinic, presenting church programs plus the spring concert, and acting as 1 hosts for the Tri-City Music Festival. Membership in Mixed Chorus was in- creased to fifty-three, making the organ- ization larger than it had ever been before. Top Row: Mr.-Day, Mm V Taylor, R. lVoocl, Lein- ingcr. Kater, P. Ritts. Carr, K. Nelson, De- lmrt, Chesling, Buck Third Row: B. Jackson, Lauer, E. Dunlap, Yo- der, B. Merrill, McKel- vey, Hutchens, Riggs, N. Shellito, Hewitt, D. Busby, Swartz, Sjolan- cler, Wimr, B. Sills, Quist. Dixon, D. Mitch- ell, J. Elliot, Edenburn Second Row: A. Miller, V. McKibben. M. Camp- bell, E. Lindstrom, Clauson, lflliz. I-lixon, Baustian, V. Busby, Busby, Reynolds' D. McKibben, E. Wallace, G. Paulson, Meacls, B. Grant, Lawlor, M. Lush, A. Gilman First Row: Dorchester, M. McDonald, P. Pride, D. Merrill, M. Larson, Baker, Midgorden, J. Jackson, L.. Young: Flute section Watching the Music Anne and her violin Fiddlers three Bass section Smiles from Mary Lou and Scotch Barbara and Lillian Mr. Day l g Concert Qrchestra NDER the baton of Dr. Horace Jones of the University of Colora- do, the Aines High orchestra participa- ted in the Tri-City Music Festival with the Boone and Fort Dodge high school orchestras. The sixty-three piece concert orches- tra had an unusually large string section of thirty-six pieces. The concert band and orchestra gave an annual spring concert to a full house on March 29. The theatre orchestra enjoyed the new or- chestra pit' in the auditorium, and of- fered inusic for plays, Junior Programs Baccalaureate, and Uonnnencenient. Oificers elected by the organization were Mary Lou Dorchester, president, John Martin, vice president, Ennna Vlfallace, secretary-treasurer5 Eugene Lindstroni, librarian. Page forty-one Top Row: A. Paulson, Darlington, Fin n i e, Price, M. DeFore, C. Campbell, Sutter, Car- ter. M. Taylor, P. Ritts, Vance, K. Busby, Clem- ens, .-xllbaugh. Beres- ford, Carr, K. Nelson. Hiflyrs, D. Dixon, S. Lar- son, Burke, J. Martin. Elliot, Likely Third Row: S. Morris. Mahannah, Hester, S. Lewis, Diehl, Fulnier, Mclntosh, Fla u li e r, Huck. J. Rice, Burton, Slindle, Eldridge, B. Ma- hone, K. Lewis, Heg- gen, A. Hausratli, Fore- man Second Row: Brouliard. Vllestad, H. Shellito, Hewitt, Utter, Geiger, Wing, Sills, Quist, Pel- ham, W. Bourne. G. Bourne, B. Grant, Law- lor Firsf Row: Swartz, D. Busby, B. Bl'ECli6Ill'lilgE. D. llausratli, XVallace. M. Heads, G. Paulson. Y. Busby, Reynolds Druin section Hard at work A little brass Oboe Joe Big blows Legs Band HE Marching Band this year added a gloekenspiel, new white gloves, and cap lighis. This hand played at all honie football gaines and also went To the Boone-Ames game at Boone. The Pep Band played ai all hoine basketball games. The Concert Band of sixty-iliree nienibers instigated sonic-thing new this year in a very successful exeliange con- Pafle forty-two cert program with Fort Dodge instead of the usual contest participation. The annual honie solo contest was held with students pariieipaiing. Another annual affair was the Dance Carnival held io help raise funds for the Band and Orchestra. Officers of band Were Bob Fuhner, presidenig Don Heggen, viee presidenig Gertrude Paulson, see- refary-treasurerg Joe Elliot, librarian. A Elliot, Beresford, W. Bourne, Busby, K. Nel- son, Flauher, J. Rice, Buck, J. Martin Benny swings Dorothy Brass section Flauher takes a chorus Santa converses with Wanda Nelson at the Drums Maestro Martin and his boys Swing Band TIIE Anies High Swing Band was organized this year again for its third successive year. Its organization was altered this year, however, because of the absence of a facility ineinber as a player or leader. The personnel of the band is as fol- lows: Bob Flauher, John Rice, and Bill Buck, cornets, John Martin, troniboncg Bill Mahone, Dwight Busby, and VVa.yne Bourne saxo iiliones- Ken Beresford 7 7 7 brass bass, Kenneth Nelson, druinsg Joe Elliot, iiano- Mariloras Kennedv Pe '- - 7 .1 7 gy lflelser, and Nornia Bauer, vocahstsg and Carl Martin, leader. The Swing Band played at matinee dances, at spe- cial occasions, and for dancing at the Band Carnival in April. The Band was received enthusiastically in its general programs and special performances. Page forty-three Top Row: Coover, W Evans, L. Nichols, M. Blosser, Helser, G. Young, K. Hein, H. Hein, Dunlap, B. Iver- son l"o11rtla How: R. Mil- ler, O. Peterson, Mer- rick, Mezvinsky, Rupe, Galligan, Bauer, Rush- ing, M. Taylor, E. Wallace, Light Tl!-ll'!I1f0ll'I Duclgeon D. Christiansen, C. Linclstroni, E. Mitch- ell, E. Butler, John- ston, McCormick, L. Wilkin, D. Olsan Srmwirl Ro-u': Skerry, A. Miller, B. Wilson, Clyde, Miss Hadish, Miss Lunsforrl, Taff, Soreghan, Caine First How: B. Butler, B. Blosser, Kroesen, M. Kennedy, Helmick v At the game Pep Club octette During the half "A" for Ames l Pep Club and Cheer Squad NE of the outstanding features of Pep Club this year was the new or- ange and black jackets. After several years of wear the old jackets were dis- carded, and the new jackets were pur- chased. Being a little sentiniental about the old jackets, the Pep Club 's adviser, Miss Alvira Lunsford, had thein ent and inade into a rug. As before, the Pep Club Was eoinpos- Pcage forty-fam' ed of eighteen seniors, twelve juniors, and six sophoinores, all of Whom were elected bv popular vote from their re- spective classes. Marjorie Taft, president, Janet Clyde, vice president, Beth Wilscwii, see- retary, and Patty Soreghan, treasurer, were the officers who directed the activi- ties for this successful year. Miss Helen Hadish was the Cheer Squad adviser. Bailey J. Bretnall Caine Clyde Cort D. DeLaHunt Dudgeon Evans Firkins Fulmer Galligan H. Hein Helser Johnston Kerekes Mahone Major J. Martin McCormick A. Miller Rupe Schlick Soreghan D. Wilkins Williams 'I Spirit Staff AT Galligan, editor, supervised and assembled the annual. Assisting were Janet Clyde and Lloyd Mahone. Marjorie Rupe, business manager, Was assisted by Hugh Cort and Don DeLa- Hunt. A record advertising campaign was conducted by Don Wfilkins and as- sistants Eileen Dudgeon and Bruce Firkins. Barbara Caine, organization editor, was assisted by Charles Major. Responsible for the senior Writeups was Peggy Helsaer, senior editor. Jennie Evans was feature editor. Harriett Hein, art editor, assisted by Ann Mc- Cormick did the art Work. Editors of boys' and girls' athletics were Herini Bailey and Julie Johnston. Bob Ful- nier, snapshot editor, had the assistance of John Martin. Junior editor was Roger Vifilliannsg sophomore editor Frances Kerekes. Proofreaders and typists were Jean Bretnall, Dorothy Schlick, Anne Miller, Patty Soreghan. Mr. Harms was sponsor. Page forty-Jive B. Green, D. Carey, Mr. Smalling, C. Martin Reaching high IL's ill! Julilping for it lntramural Managers NTRAMURAL basketball i11 1939-40 was orgaiiizecl by Ray Slllillllllg, with the assistaime of Three student ll1f1'il- 111l11'2ll 1'll2l1.12lgG1'S. Each llU1110l'U01ll had a foam, and elmse a Oillilillll f1'0111 its 1l1G11llJC1'S. -The l1llfY2lI1111I'Zll council, which took mare of all matters 1J61'l'Hl11l11g to The league, was eouiposed of Mr. Slllkllllllg, Page forty-sim the l'C2l111 captains, and the i1'1t1'Z'l-I11l'l1'2ll maiiagers. A l'Ull11ll-1'0l'Jl11 St'l1GCllllG was made wiih ifiliill Team Plilylllg at least once a Week. The g'2ll'11GS played every Monday and Friday were refereed by boys play- ing 011 The varsity or second teams, or Those boys O11 the approved referee list made by the l11l1'3.111l11'3.l eo1111eil. fgzfkifm DICK BLISS Athletics Persouified Lantz bowls 'em over NTRAMURAL bowling took place every Tuesday evening after seliool at the local bowling alleys. Teams of fOl11' were niade up a1'bit1.'arily and competed for approxiniately two hours. l3C1'IlZ11'l.l Swedell acted as sponsor of this l11t1'El111ll1'Hl group. The ladder tournament was used in l11tTE'L11'lllI'Ell ping pong of which Mr. Snialling Was in eliarge. By this plan a player of lower status challenges a contestant in a hi ghei' plaee for the latte1"s posi- tion in tlie lOll1'I1El11lG11JE. Boys not in varsity sports competed in the l11f1'2l1l1l1l'E1l prograni. Tournament basketball team REDIT for athletic successes goes to the caliber of boys in A1nes High. Ames places boys on conference and all- state teams. Another reason forthe school 's victories is its coaches. Although letter Winners are lost each year, Kenneth 'Wells, Ames High's coach, and Ray Smalling, assistant coach, come back every year with Winning' teams. The coaches deserve considerable credit for the Winning' combinations. The third reason is the Ames Hi,9,'h spirit. Every boy competing in athletics has developed a will to Win that is hard to beat. Ames comes back to do the impossi- ble, and such victories have resulted from tl1e spirit of the Ames High team. The Extra Point Ames Takes the Tip NY boy who vvasn't on the varsity or second team bas- ketball could participate in intro- mural basketball. Each boy in in- tramural basketball represented his own homeroom. The captain of each homeroom automatically became an intramural manager. These managers met once a Week to appoint referees to discuss bas- ketball rules, and to settle dis- putes arising from games. There were as many teams competing with each other as there are home- rooms in tl1e school. Ray Small- ing headed this division of intra- murals. I'El ZZ- 76! fini I 2 Xi M All LAL , P ' IMEMWRHII 1 1 f i' 'F ' N 'f b 21.1 - 43,7 ? f tf M 3 5.g I ' Q X -Q '4', , 'v-' ,M , W, ' f 'izi' ' 1 ' Qi-11 L--1 ' I ! l,9 'i5l,Wi W . ', l I1 - N' ,,l1 .ga elm :fry L- -4 um' E? l?' 'f' COACHES Ames High's coaching staff consists of John Harms, golf coachg Ray Smalling, assistant coach of football, and coach of second team bas- ketball, Kennth Wells, coach of football, basket- ball, and track: Bernard Swedell, tennis coachg and Everett Ritland, coach of second team football. Under t.he careful supervision of Ames High's splendid coaching staff, student athletes have added, since March of last year, this large display of trophies to the school's show cases. These beautiful trophies are symbols of good sportsmanship and many hours of hard work in Honorary Selections H F O O T B A L L CENTRAL IOWA CONFERENCE FIRST Tl-IAM Hubert Ruggles Full Bar-In Ben Ross Half Buck Bob Vifqnain End Dick Bliss Tackle slccoxo 'rmn Eugene O'Neil End Burton Shoen TKICICIC Bob Posegate Guczrcl IIONORARTJC MEN'FION Harold Shugart Tackle Don Heggen Gzmrrl John Erickson'r ' Dean Carey Ozmrter Buck Art Bates Half 131107: Ed Morris Half Burk IOWA DAILY PRESS SECOND TEAM-Ben Ross, Half Brick Timm TEAM-Dick Bliss, Tackle HONORABLE lNIlEN'I'.l ON Bob Vifquain, End Burton Shoen, Tuclclc Hubert Ruggles, Full Buch: BASKETBALL CENTRAL IOWA CONFERENCE rnzsr 1'EAn s1scoNn'r1cAM Dick Bliss Ken Donelson GIEHIWI Guawl Romaine Woodward Center Bob Vifquain Don Weagley Foruvarfl For1,4:ard SECOND TEAM-Dick Bliss, Guard Fnxsr TIEAM-ftOH1Zl.i1'l8 Woodward, Center Bob Vifquain Fmsr TEAM- Slicfomn TEAM-Dick Bliss, Gtuarrl Fnzs'1' Tm M- Don Weagley, , Forwurrl Romaine Woodward, Ccntrzr Slcooxh TEAM-Roniaine Woodward, Center Sixru TEAM-Ken Donelson, Guard Page fifty-.0116 Ooops, he missed Fumble The captains meet before the game Top: Herb Ruggles, DeHoet, Shugart, Friedrich, Williams, Griffin, P. Nichols, C. Martin, E. O'Neil, Vifquain Jlirldlcz Godfrey, Coach Wells, Bates, Hartman, J. Foster, Posegate, E. Morris, Shoen, E. Comstock, Erickson, Hub. Ruggles, Coach Smalling, H. Morrison. Bottom: R. Davis, Heggen, Bob LaVe1le, J. Anderson, Blackburn, Fries, R. Cook, B. Ross, Byrnes, Sills, D. Carey, F. Barnett, D. Nichols First Team Football AMES13, NEVAD.A 0. Ames defeated its first foe of the season, showing promise of a strong defense. AMES 6, NORTH EIIGH or Moines 0. Ames snapped North High's three-year Winning streak, relying on the defensive play of the Whole team, with Ruggles, Sheen, and Erickson stopping the ag- gressive North running attack. AMES 14, Nnwrron O. Ben Ross played the star role as the Little Cyclones Won their first conference ganie this year. Page ,fifty-t-wo Ames 13, NIARSHALLTOXVN 14. Mar- shalltown rolled up a fourteen point lead in the first half. Stunned by the loss of 'Ben Ross, triple-threat half back whose arm was fractured early in the first quarter, Ames Was unable to threaten for three periods. Then behind vicious blocking, lVIorris and Bates rannned across two touchdowns, but Bates' see- ond conversion was blocked. Although it was the iirst game lost since 1936, there was victory in defeat, because of the comeback staged in the iinal quarter. Q .- , . Aims 13, OsKALoos.-x 0. In the second quarter Byrnes scored from the four yard line. A pass into the end zone, Rug- gles to Vifquain, clicked for another six points. Ames' pass defense succeeded in' holding down the Osky aerilalattaek, with Shoen consistently knocking down passes to Jack Feree, all-state end. Aixnis 6, PEIIIRY 0. There was a great- er difference between the two teams than the score indicated, but Ames lacked the scoring punch necessary to turn consistent gains into touchdowns. 1 Aims 7, GRINNELL 0. Playing top defensive ball, the Ames line stopped the Pioneer running attack. Hub. Ruggles, who gained 104 yards from scrimmage, plunged from the 2-yard lineto score. Aims 13, BKJCDNE O. Ames downed its traditional rival and retained possession of the green jug for the fourth consecu- tive year. The play of underelassmen in this game gave promise of another excel- lent grid inachine in 1940. . Burton Sheen, tackle, and Hubert Ruggles, fullback, were elected honorary co-captains for the season. Individual Snaps Ruggles Eddie Red , Andy Ray Posey Burt Pops Wells Jim Big Joe and Herbie Bliss Burns Little Cyclones work out Fred Oley K Pty ft he ew fi Page fifty-tlwee Smear 'em, fellers Boone gets off a kick Toreadors around left end Prmye jifty-fam' Football Snaps 1. ' x I yx .K lj F g I V .u N n 111 41... f I l I Top: Ballard, D. Smith, H, Barnes, Lynch, L. Moore, E. Wierson, Beman, Coy, Strain, J. Peterson, Dar Kephart 7 .llidrlloz Coach Ritland, Cort, Keenan, Norlin, Nicliolsoii, Haugen, B, Wallace, Graham, Ritts Bottom.: C. Neff, B. Green, L. Willson, Monahan, Armstrong, Bill Cushing, Farni, Otopalik, West Second Team Football MES HIGH'S second tcani coni- pleted a seven ganie schedule with six victories. Their only defeat was to the Marshalltown reserves, by the nar- row niargin of 13 to 6. Coach E. G. Ritland's boys overpow- ered North High of Des Moines 20 to 6. The Little Cyclone seconds showed marked iniproveinent as the season pro- gressed, Winning from lVebster City 7 to 0, Nevada 26 to 0, and Jefferson 10 to 0. Following the o11ly loss of the season at Marshalltown, they trounced the Boone reserves 13 to 2, and beat East High of Des Moines 13 to 0. This team aniassed a total of 106 points to their op- ponents' 15. Dwaine Sniitli, Louis Moore, and Maurice Ballard led the .scoring with 24, 24, and 25 points, respectively. Dar Kephart, drop kick ace, was successful in six out of seven conversions. Several individuals gave proniisc of developing into future iirst teani niate- rial. Duane Sniith proved liiinselt to be an excellent punter, While Maurice Bal- lard is a strong candidate for the block- ing half position. Pam: fifty-fi-ue Sec-o'n,d Ro 10: Bottom Row: Page fifty-sim Nevada gets a rebound Tip it, Vifqnain Top Row: Feldman, Kester, B. Wierson, Armstrong, Nicholson, Byrnes, Otopalik, Berry Third Row: D. Nichols, Bates, Norlin, Ballard, L. Moore, Beman, Mulcahy, Godfrey Mr. Smalling, Firkins, Donelson, Shugart,E. Comstock, Beresford, J. McCarthy, Busbv M1 Wells Bailey, E. O'Neil, Bliss, Vifquain, Woodward, Weagley, B. Nelson Basketball First and Second Teams SEASON RECORD TOURNAMENT RECORD Ames 19, Creston 20 SIEGTIONAL Ames 28, Perry 16 , . r 3 Ames 29, Nevada 21 A311105 golf, ll 08 Ames 24, Marshalltowl ' mos "' 1 mlm a ' Ames 43, Newton 25 DISTRICT , Boone 26 Ames 32, Ames 28, Ames 25 Ames 29 I A mes 26, Ames 26, Ames 27, Ames 39, Ames 32, Ames 34, Peoria 26 Grinnell 19 Oskaloosa 30 Marsh alltowi Roosevelt 23 Newton 13 Boone 29 Grinnell 23 Oskaloosa 20 Ames 31, Lincoln High of Des Moines 19 Ames 31, Roosevelt High of Des Moines 24 Ames Marshalltown 20 suuvrlc RECORD Ames 22, Albert City 10 Ames 39, Creston 14 Ames 34, Holstein 14 Ames 30, Mason City 41 FTER losing four out of their first nine games, Ames High's Little Cy- clones began a winning streak of 14 games which brought them to the final round of the state tournament before they were defeated by the all-conquer- ing Mason City five. The close of the conference schedule found Ames in see- ond place with seven wins and three losses. In the section tournament Colo and Nevada were beaten, setting the stage for the district meet at Ames. The Little Cyclones were victorious in this tourney also, pushing aside Lincoln and Roose- velt of Des Moines and Marshalltown. Meeting Albert City in the first round of the state tournament, the Ames five was victorious 22-10. Then Creston, the defending champion, was beaten by a 39-25 count. This victory erased the de- feat which the Panthers handed Ames in a previous game. Holstein's pre- viously unbeaten cagers then bowed to Ames 34-14. The Cyclones were stopped one step short of the Iowa prep cage erown, as they fell before the Mason City Mohawks 41-30 in the final game. Basketball Individuals Vifquain Donelson Shugart Bliss Nelson P Woodward Bailey One the Bobcats Woodward goes up McCarthy Weagley didn't get Page fifty-seven Top: D. Wilkins, E. Taylor, H. Knight, Sheen, Feldman Jlidrlle: Bailey, D. Carey, Bliss, Woodward, Berry Bottom: Morgan, Major, B. Jones, Blackburn, Byrnes Track Ifllll tive letterincn returning and a iine group of sophomores re- porting for practice, the track teain of 1940 found itself with quite a track tra- dition to uphold. Last year, under the coaching of Kenneth lVells, Aines won the Central Iowa conference crown for the third consecutive year. The Little Cyclones of 1939 finished second in both the Hainpton Relays and the district nieet at Fort Dodge. They finished fifth in the state outdoor track nieet. Individual Aines High track rec- ords fell in 1939 when Bob Mulhall threw the new light-weight discus 1.23.5' in the district nieetg Vernon Mat- sen ran the ha.lf niile in 2:O1.8 in the state nieetg and Dick Bliss put the shot 48' 8 1-Z", also in the state. Major letternien in 1939 were Ran- Page fifty-eight dall Trotter, Vernon Matson, De Vere Carey, Bob Mulhall, Roinaine VVood- ward, Dick Bliss, J ini Paley, Harold Knight, Don VVilkins, David Blackburn, Maynord Taylor, and Dick McCarthy. At the end of the season, Vernon Matsen was elected honorary captain. IV ith Blackburn, Knight, lVoodward, Vlfilkins, Bliss, and Bailey, niinor letter winners, returning for the 1940 cani- paign, the Aines High tracksters en- tered the state indoor track nieet at Iowa City, the Teachers Relays at Cedar Falls, the Grinnell Interscholastie at Grinnell, the Drake Relays at Des Moines, the district ineet at Fort Dodge. the Central Iowa conference nieet, and ended the season in the classic of the year, the state outdoor nieet at Ames. Top Row: Dillon, J. Rice, E. Morris, Mahone Bottom: B. McCarthy, J. McCarthy, Beresford, Donelson, Gilman Tennis HE tennis team looked forward to its spring season with hopes for an- other successful one. Number one sin- gles man was Kenneth Donelson, who Won the 1939 Iowa state high school singles championship, and who has lost only four matches in two years of high school competition. He was elected hon- orary captain at the end of his junior year. Another two letter winner is Dave Gilman, who as a sophomore was on the doubles team. He saw little competition last year because of sickness early in the season. Bud McCarthy, who won a minor letter last year, was back in an attempt to earn a major award. Other returning candidates who played in some interscholastic matches were John McCarthy, a senior, and Lloyd Mahone, a junior. Kenneth Beresford and Don DeLaHunt, both juniors, and Ed Mor- ris, a senior, also participated. The sophomores who showed greatest prom- ise were Charles Dillon and John Rice. The schedule included dual meets with Fort Dodge, Roosevelt of Des Moines, and Boone, all these meets be- ing held at Ames. Also matches were played with Boone at Boone and Lin- coln High at Des Moines. The tournainents in which the Little Cyclones competed were the Teachers, Relay meet, held at Cedar Falls, the conference meet, which was held at Grinnell, the district tournament, and the state high school tennis tournament which was held in Ames. Page fifty-nine 'Q Top: Otopalik, Kroe- sen, Quist, B. Wierson, W. Wierson Bottom: Rinehart, Jim Anderson, Vifquain, Lantz, Firkins Dwight and Ed sight the cup Bruce and Guy ignore the weather Harvey lends a hand to Dale Firkins solo Golf HE Little Cyclone golf squad began the season with one minor letter winner returning and seven other candi- dates who had been in interscholastic competition. Participating were Wfesley VVierson, Bob Quist, ob Vifquain, Ed Collins, Dwight Busby, J im Anderson, Harvey Lantz, Guy Rinehart, Bruce Firkins, Dale Kroesen, Bruce WVierson, and Browne Otopalik. Page sixty The golf schedule included the Boone dual meet, Ankeny dual meet, Roosevelt quadrangular meet, at Des Moines, Ce- dar Rapids invitational, the Fort Dodge invitational, the Central Iowa Confer- ence meet at Grinnell, Newton dual meet, and the high school state golf tour- nament. The administration of Ames High and the golf squad take this op- portunity of expressing their thanks for the use of the Homewood golf course. Top Row: Godfrey, Erickson, E. O'Neil, DeHoet, F. Barnett, Woodward, Bliss, Bob LaVel1e, Shoen, H. Knight zllfiflfllfr Row: Blackburn, C. Martin, Hub. Rug- gles, Heggen, D. Carey, Posegate, Shu- gart, Byrnes, J. Ander- son, Herb. Ruggles, Bottom Row: Weagley, Vifquain, D. Wilkin, Mr. Wells, Donelson, D. Morris, Gilman Big Brutcs Jim and Don give with a smile The fellows leading cheers Dean, Dave, Kenny admire trophies Varsity Club AJ OR letter winners in basketball, football, golf, tennis, and track are eligible for inenibership in the Var- sity Club. Coach Kenneth lVells is the faeulty leader. Varsity Club activities included ush- ering at home football and basketball games, awarding intraniural inanagerls rnonograins, and sponsoring the "A" Club, which is eoinposed of graduating seniors who are awarded "A" certifi- cates listing seliool activities in which they have partieipatecl. This year, in addition to its duties, the Varsity Club sponsored social func- tions. Most important this year was the traditional piciiie held on Memorial Day at Lake Coinar. Varsity Club officers were Don Wil- kins, president, Ken Donelson, vice president, Ed Morris, secretary-treas urerg and Bob Vifquain, historian. Page sixty-one G. A. A. HIS year under the direction of Miss Alvira Lunsford, the G'.A.A. Council sponsored tournaments in bas- ketball, volleyball, ping-pong, badmin- ton, and deck-tennis. Any girl in high school Who is inter- ested may heconie a 1llCllllJG1' of this or- ganization. She niust earn 100 points before she becomes an active nieinber. The Council is composed of three jun- iors and three seniors elected in the Page sixty-two Top Row: R. Miller, Wilson, M. Taylor Bottom Ifmr: R u p e. Miss Lunsford, John- ston Put it over Basketball-girls' style Mary and Jean jump for it , Volleyball winners Council spring of the preceding year. The election of officers is held in the Council itself, and the following were elected: Marjorie Rupe, presidentg Julie Johns- ton, vice presidentg Ruth Miller, secre- tary-treasurerg Beth lVilson and Patsy Shearer, point-recorders5 and Margaret Taylor, social ehairnian. Council ineet- ings were held on the last Friday of every month at which time activities were planned. we :'l' If 1 ! ,la LAY for all, all for play is the slogan of the Girls' Athletic Association. The aim of the club is to afford every girl in high school tl1e chance to develop physically, mentally, morally, and so- cially. Class and inter-class tournaments were held this year in basketball, volley ball, badminton, ping-pong, deck tennis, tennis, baseball, and track. The juniors, captained by Bernice Le- land, smothered a senior class rally to clinch their Volleyball championship. Sophomore captain was Frances Frileyg senior captain, Marabeth Paddock. Basketball winners Miss Lunsford inspects Parade day Mary Jane A. A The seniors, captained by Myrtle Sev- erson, Won from Mary Jane Rice 's plucky junior team in an overtime per- iod and snowed under the smaller soph- omores to win the basketball round- robin tournament. Minor "Ais", major 'tA's", and pil- low tops in orange and black, the school colors, are awarded to active members who earn a certain number of points. These points are given in five divisions: leadership, skill tests, organized activi- ties, health charts, and unorganized ac- tivities. Page s-iavty-three Ames seconds vs. Nevada Upsadaisy Don't fight, boys And tipped to Donelson Page s-iavty-fam' Athletic Snaps 5 R. MORRISON, D. HAUGEN, L. BROWN A Dramatic Scene from the Junior Class Play ZJVLCJQIWC M0145 lf1fLQlfL , 1, . 5 -H Rehearsal O Hugh Cort, moving is fun. Hugh should know because he has moved seven times and has lived all over the United States. Chronologically Hugh has lived in Oklahoma, Maryland, the Ha- waiian Islands, VVashington State, Oklahoma Cagainj, Kansas QLeavenvvorthj, and Ames. V Another of our roaming Students is sophomore Peggy Skerry, who has livedein Texas, New York'-'City, Kansas QLeavenWorthj, VVashington State, Oregon, and Ames. Peggy says that one gets used to moving and she too likes it. Sophomores lunch in cafeteria ILEEN Dudgeon, Vice-president of the Junior Class, besides being noted for her piano playing, has the distinction of having been born on February twenty- ninth. At present she is four years old and when her friends are sixty-four, Eileen will be but 'tsweet sixteenf' 'Bobby Clark has had many experiences the last three years working with ventrilo- worked with "Jer1'y,'l a dummy which he quism. Until he bought 'tLarry," 'Bobby made himself. Last winter Bobby and Larry appeared on the Iowa Barn Dance Frolic and for the last two summers they have traveled with this same group all through Iowa and the surrounding states. H6I'8'S looking at you! Practice session N outstanding athlete among among the underclassmen was Ray Byrnes, the only sopho- more to play on the varsity foot- ball team. As tailback, Ray play- ed six games this year. Romaine VVoodward, a junior this year, was the only sophomore to play in the district basketball tournament at Marshalltown last year. This tall center was one of the two Ames High players chos- en on this year's All-Conference first team. "VVoody', was also out for football, but because of an injury early in the season, he did- n't continue. I I f I, , ..... If fm W5 7- 5' -JH A f - il ' - Q. 'QS . L, - 4 M- . A 1 .bv gf-' f,-.ttf We. n,.. -M--.ll ill' ' ,-L' 2. V F' ' Y ,if 4 ' :4-:ff-424 f f ' -Qld'tg"-:rr:r::::::::-:-:-::gm--f--H 5-4444. xl -I ,if A , IM' -. -'a...............-.-:.............-.....,.. -I ww, V . ,ATL :fig M.-,gi!:'s1'::.-er:r:m::e:L"'.:'L':'.:'4..'1.w.-e.-.4-r.--..s::f -A ,N , V swim 5 vi-:rmgigzfjhe -1:9-11. , .Q i T ,A ,X -. .1""'7 f Ab' ing "-E N slim l J I Evmirmii ' ff' Ray Byrnes-0 our outstanding Sophomore athlete Top: R. Cantonwine, J. Anderson, Bourne, Buck, Brandner, Allbaugh, Berry, Cliesling Jlidfllcz Burton, Blooniberg, K. Anderson, Beman, Byrnes, Armstrong, Ballard, Barnes, Boyd Bottom.: Borgmeyer, E. Butler, B. Butler, P. Anderson, E. Anderson, Cassady, A. Becton, Breckenridge Top: Clarence Craven, Douglass, Craig, W. Cunningham, B. Clark, P. Clark, L. Dudley, Dillon, D. Dixon, John Cole, R. Davis Illicldlcz Dietz, J. DeFore, J. DeLaHunt, DeHart, J. Cameron, C. Downs, C. Coy, R. Davis, K. Clark, D. Dickinson, B. Dilts Bottom: M. Copeland, Clauson, E. Davis, Claryce Craven, B. Clarke, Decker, Dunlap, M. DeFore, V, Dixon Sophornores EVERAL days ago Mr. Sn1alling's biology class was studying the eye. Most unexpectedly he philosophized thus-'4Confucius say, 'Teacher like I keep pupil under lashl' " Dona Sauvain-She was only a book- store keeper's daughter, but she didn't spend her evenings at home reading. Elizabeth Hixon-She was only a chemist 's daughter, but can she blow up. Janet Yoder-She was only a pro- fessor's daughter, but you couldn't teach her anything. THEME SONG OF THE CLASS OF 1942 The more you study the more you know, The niore you know the niore you for- get The more you forget the less you know, The less you know the less you forget So, Why study? Page siasty-nine Phil Armstrongff our new poetic humorist Top: Dahl, Giese, Gilkey, Forman, Fry, Hausrath, Farni, Fye Jiididlez Greene, Feldman, Ers1and,Fen1'ey,Hovde, Eliz. Hixon, Geiger, Harriman, Graham Bottom: Hendrickson, Gaessler, Grant, D. Hill, Hackman, Hummel, Hutchinson, Halstead, K. Hein Top: Lowry, C. Iverson, B. Jones, A. Jones, J. Iversen, Eschbach, S. Larson Middle: Kester, Warren Keigley, D, Knight, Kenfield, D. Lush, Keenan Bottom: Betty LaVel1e, M. Lush, R. Jones, Lind, Kerekes, C. Lindstrom, Leininger, V. Lowman Sophomores ICKEYH LINDSTROM came into English Wearing one of her origi- nal necklaces to which the velvet letters N I C K E Y were fastened. After star- ing at it for a short time, Miss Hadish suddenly exclaimed, "YNouldn't it be awful if the N came off !" Spring! Spring! The birds are on the Wing. YVhy, that's absurd- The Wings are on the bird. F NVE are to believe Ed Farni's story, The Three Little FVishes came to a bad Page seventy end. He insists that Boop Boop Dideni Dot 'em, W3tl,G111 up and Coo Cl,6Il1. Earl Feldman, trying to decode his Latin assignment, "Now I see why they niurdured Caesar I " LANDMARKS: Browne Otopalik's orange and black spotted shoes. BeverlyAnn Dunlap 's Culver bracelet. "Wi11cly" Wi11loeli's military trou- SGPS. Mary Elizabeth Lush 's red wool skat- ing outfit. john Rice -- Romeo of the sophomores Top: Murnm, H. Morrison, Mulcahy, C. Miller, Nicholson, Norlin, L. Moore, MCEll181'l1Q, Wilbur Keigley Middle: Mai-itz, Monahan, L. Keigley, Mize, Marj. McDonald, McConkey, C, Neff, Ed Mitchell Bottom: C. McGee, C. Nutty, K. McDonald, E. Mitchell, Midgorden, Mallory, McCoy, Maddox Top: J. Rice, Otopalik, Rod. Paulson, Roberg, J. Peterson, E. Ritts, D. Routh, Pinney Middle: Perry, Roland Paulson, E. Plagmann, R. Ross, Passmore, Ohl, C. Robinson, N. Paulson, Reed Bottom: M. Osborn, O'Brien, Patten, Robertson, Quinn. Queal, Penney, Quandall Sophomores LTHOUGH a far greater part of the sophomore class is composed of former Welcli and Central students, sev- eral pupils have come here from other towns since last September. Among the new pupils listed when school started were Dick Fye-from Sigourneyg Pat Hovde, who hails from Sioux City, Bon- nie Clauson, lately of WVaterloog and Virginia "Ginger" Halstead, who last year lived in Madison, Wiscoiisiii. At the end of the first semester Bettylou Vifright left to live in Washiiigtoii, D. C., but to make up for the loss there are three new students: Betty Duncan of Portland, Oregon, Betty Donaldson, who comes from Gilbert, and Betty Sandwich from Roland. The sopho- more class is losing two of its outstand- ing members when Peg Skerry sails with her parents in June to an army post at Manila in the Philippines, and when Claryce Craven leaves for Kear- ney, Nebraska. Page seventy-one We're all sorry Peggy Slcerry's leaving ..., . Top: Tripp, Siberell, Tague, E. Swartz, B. Stafford, C. Shockley, Ron. Taylor, Sampson, D. Shockley Midflle: Teri-ones, B. Swanson, Rosemary Taylor, Shellito, J. Thomas, Skerry, Sauvain, D. Smith, Soma Bottom.: Stouffer, Stewart, C. Smith, M. Smith, B. Truman, I. Thomas, Turpin, Twogood Top: Zang, Wetteland, E. Wierson, West, Wood, Whitfield Middle: Woosley, E. Uhl, Zenor, B. Wierson, Wendell Bottom: M. Wright, Yoder, Wessell, A. Willis, Zimmerman, Yetter, H. Van Vlack Sophomores WICE this year Sophoniores have been called upon to ehoose home- room presidents, who represent them in the student council. The iirst semester they chose Ray Byrnes, Nieliey Lind- stroni, J ack Pinney, Bill Buck, Eliza- beth Ann Butler, and Bob Stafford. For the spring semester and next fall, Car- rold Iverson, Herbert Gilkey, Keith Berry, Bill Giese, Dean Dixon, and Browne Otopalik were elected. The members were equally divided be- l'a,ge .seventy-two tween fornier Central and VVele.h stu- dents and of the twelve, only two were girls. If one should ask their classmates what they associate with these students, one would probably get some such re- plies as these: '4Niokey? WVell, I'll never forget the time one of the boys brought her some sweetpeas in seventh grade," or "VVay back in third grade Browne was an enthusiastic Republi- ean, so all the girls wanted Hoover for president too. " I Kingkade is declared l-ladislfs IX b e te noire lllzddlr Bottom D Cantonwme Bildslixw Buidick Benton Al1'l.Sl11ltll L Blown Anfenson Abbott Bauei B'I1Cl G Beig D Bfnnett C Campbell E Andeison B Beihow, G. Brown, M. Bretnall Top: Alcott, R. Allen, Jim Anderson, Arnold, Cannon, Burk, Beresford, Bates ,I ', c ' ',- . ' , 4. c ' K, . c , . ' , . ' E Top: fldredge, Bill Cushing, Connolly, DeLaHunt, E. Comstock, DeHoet, F. Cody, Cort., Clennnens, R. Cook. Middle: E. Crump, Cox, Combs, M. Cook, Darner, Deal, Dempsey, Clyde, E. Cody. Bottom: Conroy, J. Clark, B. Comstock, J. Cole, D. Christiansen, Carter, D. Chase, A. Cliristenten, M. Cooper. uniors HIS year's Junior Class, numbere- ing 219, offered to school life the J u- nior-Senior Frolie and the annual Ju- nior Class Play. Their class play was a light comedy entitled The Nut Frzrm. Robert Morri- son and Betty Lou Knudson, the leads, had an excellent supporting east in Ruth Miller, Dick Haugen, Louise Brown, Dale Kroesen, Olin YVC-llhouse, Lynn Nichols, James Lynch, and Guy Rine- hart. The story of the play centers around the Barton family who move from Newark to Hollywood to buy a nut farm. There Helen Barton goes Holly- wood, deciding to become a movie star. Instead of using the money of her fiance to buy a farm for the family, she invests it in the production of a movie in which she stars. Stark drama becomes a screaming farce under Helen 's crude acting and the antics of Director Barton. Page seventy-three Firlcinsu I jirterbug ot the Junior class Top: C. Green, Friedrich, Erickson, Fjare, Dirksen, Flaliive, Elbert, Flauher Jlirlfllez Grider, Farren, Gowen, Dykes, Dyas, Engeldinger, Firkins Bottom: Gilchrist, Dudgeon, V. Foreman, Gerdes, DeVries, Flogstad, Dora Griffith, Doris Griffith Top: Malione, Kroesen, Haugen, Kirnler, C. Martin, Lantz, Kingkade, J. Martin, K. Lewis Jlidclle: B. Hall, Krajicek, Lawlor, Kator, Hansen, M. Hein, Gross, McCormick Bottom: LaDassor, E. Johnson, Kulow, Knnths, B. Jones, G. Hain, B. Kellogg, Koontz uniors HE Junior Class oificers are elected by secret ballot and each junior has a vote. Bruce Firkins was president of this yearts class. The vice president, secretary, and treasurer were Eileen Dudgeon, Mary Jane Rice, and Jean Ar- rasinith. This group, headed by the Junior Class sponsors, had charge of publicity for the Junior Class play and planning' of tl1e J unior-Senior Frolic. They were also responsible for decorations at the Page seventy-fom' baccalaureate and coniniencenient exer- cises. The Junior president and vice president lead the graduating seniors to their seats on these occasions. This yearas Junior Class the biggest in three years. This growth may be at- tributed to the niany transfers which canie during the tall and winter of 1939 and early part of 1940. YVe Welconie these new ,juniors to the class, and hope they enjoy being with us as niucli as we enjoy having theni. Phillipsn 'T it pest of the tire squad Top: Matsen, R. Morrison, D, Mitchell, Madson, Madison, Hartman, J. Moore, B. Olive Middle: Earl McCoy, C. Ray, Knudson, S. Hill, B. Leland, McHone, G. Peterson, Dar Kephart Bottom: Manning, Mezvinsky, S. Morris, M. Nl0l'1'lSOH,M. Martin, Deloris Kephart, Elizabeth McCoy, M. Mitchell Top: Moye, Riggs, R, Paulson, Peck, Major, Morgan, Lynch, E, O'Neil Middle: P. Nichols, O. Peterson, L, Nichols, B. Nutty, Rafdal, B. Neff Bottom.: A. Osborn, G. Olson, H. Olson, McKibben, R. Miller, Lorch, G. Miller, Norris uniors NE of the two grea.test social events of the school year is the Junior- Senior Frolic. It is the annual dance given by the Juniors for the Seniors. The dance is financed by the profits of the Junior Class play. This year's dance plans were directed by Miss Hadish and Miss Thutt, who were the Junior spon- sors. They were assisted by the officers of the class. The dance this year was held on May 28 in Great Hall at the Memorial Union. It featured the inusic of Tonnny Swanke and his orchestra. Refreshments were served and games were offered to those who were foot weary. The dance was of senii-formal type with all the newest styles being displayed in both fellows' and girls' attire. The grand march, an- other of the Ames High traditions, was led by the officers of the junior and se- nior classes. Page seventy-five 1 l Carl Martin-f voice with a smile Top: J. Shore, Strain, Roche, Rodgers, Spurrier, D, Taylor, Shugart, B. Taylor, B. Nelson Jfiflflllil Riley, Rinehart, Spratt, Ramsey, Steel, Speck, R. Robinson, M. Sliockley, E. Smith, Phillips Bottom.: Rushing, Shearer, M. Rice, Steinberg, Rynkiewitz, G. Swanson, V. O'Neil, Remley Top: B. Wallace, Woodward, Whattoff, D. Young, R. Williams, D. Wright, Sailsbury, E. Taylor, Trueblood, Wil- liby, W'iCkland illidclle: Wall, V. Foster, Utter, Teeter, Tice, Warren, Woosley, Wearth, Wellhouse, Westwick Bottom: Zea, Shelton, C. Wierson, Ullestad, E. Todd, M, Willis, K. Thompson, M. Taylor, Wortinan uniors ACH class is attempting to leave good impressions. Some of the ini- pressions left by the Juniors of 1940, as quoted by faculty members, are as fol- lows: Miss lViloox-It's a good class. Miss Spatz-Very good class. It has good spirit. Mr. Harms-Swell bunch. Higher than average. And from -the Junior Class sponsors: Page seventy-six Miss Tliutt-A grand group. Did very Well on play. Miss Hadish-A very fine class and a good group of workers. Everyone would like to know where our ingenious Swing Band leader gets his loud shirts, 1-ould be it's the 531110 place '4lVoody" gets his. The Juniors would like to Wish the Se- niors all tlie luck in the world, and the best of good fortune to everyone. , eniom HUBERT RUGGLES Senior Class President ERTAIN students stand out in any class, some for qualities of leadership and personality, some for athletic prowess, some for talents in the fine arts. The Senior Class has its share in all these. Showing qualities for leadership are Peg'Helser, Jennie Evans, G. R. presidents, Kenny Donelson, Student Council presi- LlG1lJf, state tennis singles chainp, and ace basketball guard, and Hernii Bailey, Honor Society president, and all-around athlete. Pat G-alligan deserves bouquets as the hard Working S pfirit Editor. Joan Helniiek, Mariloras Kennedy, and Bettie Blosser, were our peppy eheerleaders. Mary, Barb, Emma and Banana. Tunnel trip 7 ENIORS prominent in the fine arts group are Marjorie Ann Rupe who has unusual dramatic and dancing talent, and Betty Ann Iverson who handles the paint brush Zlllfl pallet with finesse. Instrumen- talists of note include Joe Reynolds, oboe player who Won second division rating at State Music Contestg Marilyn Meads, iiut- istg Lillian Young, cellistg Mary Lou Dor- chester, violinistg Kenny Nelson, popu- lar drunnnerg Charles Likely, tronibonistg and Joe Elliot, pianist. Exceptional vo- calists are Betty Severeid, Shep Greene, Harriet Porter, and Bob Posegate. Bob Euhner with his camera and Hash bulbs certainly deserves mention. Dave learns how "Vif', pays off at mid-winter dance AVE G-ILMAN and Spen- cer Vanderlinden should be listed for their enviable reputa- tion as debatersg Ralph Sills has been a competent Eire Chief this year. The outstanding athletes who led Ames High to Conference football. honors and runner-up in the State Basketball Tourna- nient have proven to be so nu- merous that tribute cannot be paid to all. Diek Bliss, an all- round athlete, has been invalua- ble, as well as Dick Godfrey, whose Work as a t1'ainer receives a vote of thanks froni all the ath- letes. l -gl , 1. I W I X + 1. 2 I KL 1 I xif 3 dy : I, V y Xkx-il Ifefx- I: I X., I X41 .g1'yw"-,P . ' I X I. wr-, 5 .-'nf 5 if i if- w . ' 11 if M 152 - -Zi H I R ,. I , b.-V .'fl'II If 7 4 i N ggi I ' ' M445 'ff . J Mig .-23 T ' Elia iii . w ' 1 , , 5- ,f Jdp p jmmvmi fi., 1' ' --.i,5i'Ej:.',.f - -':1:,1-'f' HELEN ALEXANDER-quick wit. A member of Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, GAA Council 3, G.R. 1, 2, 3. Likes to ice skate, dance, and swim. "Alexi' took a commer- cial course in school g hopes to be a journalist or secretary. HEIIEN ALLEN-quiet manner. Mixed Chorus 3, Girls, Glee Club 1, 2, Dramatic Club 2, GR. 1, 2, 3. Was in the cast. of Be- gimwr's Luck. Helen is inter- ested in applied arts and interior decorating. Ray ANDERSON-quiet, tall, and blond pal of Dick Anderson. Was a member of thc Hi-Y Club 1, 2, 3. VVhen summer comes he spends a good many hours in the swimming pool. Likes to drive his ear around. JOHN ANDERSON-came to Ames from Belmond. His work in amateur radio and photogra- phy prepares him for what he hopes to be, sound-recorder in the movies. He belonged to Hi-Y 2, 3, the Hi-Y Camera Club. DICK ANDERSON - good-looking and blond With a swell smile. Hi-Y member 1, 2, 3. When he isn't busy with school work, he likes to pursue his favorite hob- by, driving. Likes all sports. He will be a landscape architect. GRETCHEN ANToN-interest lies in sports. She served on GAA Council 1, 2, 3, and won major and minor A's. A member of G.R. 1, 2, 3, and Dramatic Club 3. Her aspirations are to be a private secretary. lllARJORIIC ARR.xsMI'rH - likes sports and served on GAA Coun- cil as point recorder 1. Her fa- vorite sport is skating. A mem- ber of Girls, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, and GR. 1, 2, 3. She hopes some day to do secretarial Work. HERMI BAILEY-Of the punning trio of Bailey, Ruggles, and Don- elson. Assistant editor of the SPIRIT 2, Athletic editor 3, home- room president 2, 3, Hi-Y secre- tary 2, 3, Honor Society presi- dent 3, Quill and Scroll 3. FRED B.xRNE'r'r-the quiet type but on the football field he does all right. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. The fu- ture holds a job in engineering. Well liked by everyone but he doesn 't find much time for the weaker sex. ED I3Ea'I"1'Y -actor supreme. Came to Ames from Nevada. Here at Ames High, Ed belonged to Dramatic Club 3 and Hi-Y 3. Was in the cast of Redemption. Has lots of friends even though he's been here just a year. Donornx' BEGTON-quiet and in- dustrious. G.R. 1, 2, 3, and Girls, Glee Club 1, 2, 3. Einbroidering, sewing, bicycling, and dancing till Dot 's sparc hours. Interior decorating or nursing is thc pro- fession she will follow. FRANCINE BECTON-f01l11d time for GR. 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 23 GAA 1, 2, Art Club 1, 2, and Library Club 1. Frannie likes to read and dance and hopes to make dress designing her pro- fession. E1.soN BEHNKE-L1UlGl' but you always know he's there. Hi-Y claimed him as a member 1, 2, 3. His favorite sports are baseball and football. He hunts and traps a lot. Dairy industry is his plan for-the future. DAVID BIi.xeKIsURN-He served as Activity director for his home- room 1, and was in Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. As sports were Blackie 's interest, he played football and was a track star. Blackie wants to take up coaching or dairy industry. Page eighty-one Page eighty-two 1ii.ox'n B1...xCKsToNn-a quick friendly smile. His chief inter- ests are basketball and track 5 has unusual hobby of collecting traf- fic tickets. Vilas in Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. As to his future lite, aviation is his ambition at the present time. Dick Buss-an all-round fellow. Stars in football, basketball, and track. Vice president of senior class, homeroom president 2, Student Council 2, Senior Sen- ate 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. BETTIE Brossnn -one of the Blosser twins. Bettie came as a junior from Marshalltown. 1Vas in Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, GR. 2, 3, Cabinet 3, and a member of the Cheer Squad. Bettie likes basketball and swimming. MARY B1.ossI-:R-other Blosser twin. At Ames High she was in GR. 2, 3, on Cabinet 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, and Pep Club 3. She always has a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her lips. JEAN BR1afrN.u.1.--always a good sport. In GR. 1, 2, 3, cabinet 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Glce Club 1, 2, 3, SPIRIT Staff 3. Jean keeps scrapbooks, likes to read. and is quite interested in pho- tography. Br:'r'rY JANE BRILEY-f1'iC11Cllj' with an infectious smile. A mem- ber of GR. 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3, vice president 3, and GAA 1, 2, 3. She hopes to be a swimming instructor or a stenog- rapher. 'DOROTHY BURDICK--l161' favorite hobby is collecting match folders. A member of G.R. 1, 2, 3. She likes to play baseball, basketball, and tennis. Wlieim she finishes high school, she wants to be a telephone operator. DWIGHT Brsny-one of the ever present fire squad. Served on the squad all three yearsg Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, director of hobby group 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, and Band 2, 3. Wants to be an engi- neer. DEAN HU'l'l.1CR-21 tall blond an- swering to Swede. Out-door man who enjoys a game of toot,- ball or basketloall, boxing meets, and hunting or fishing. 1Vas in I-li-Y 1, 2, 3. Swede hopes to take up dairy industry. B.xnn.xR.x CMXI-2-sweet and neat. Bobbie Ann was on GR. Cabinet 2, treasurer 3, Srnzrr staff National Honor Society Pep Club 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2. Likes dan- cing, football, and basketball. RIILDRED C.xMPnn1.i.-lias never been known to look sad. Music is her interest. Was in Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, li- brarian 1g G.R. 1, 2, 3. Millie hopes to do secretarial work or dietetics. DEAN C.xRnY-whose sole inter- est is in Marshalltown. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, homeroom activity direc- tor 1 5 senior intramural manag- er 3: Hi-Y l, 2, Hobbies: foot- ball, basketball, swimming. BIAXINE CAREY - q u i et an d charming. 'Was in GR. 1, 2, 3. She likes riding, bicycling, and hiking, Out of school, most of her time is spent collecting pho- tographs and old coins. Her chosen field is secretarial work. Ania-rr CHRISTENSEN-quiet and industrious. She belonged to Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, GR. 1, 2, 3. She likes basketball, ping-pong, skating, and swimming. Arlet is serious- ly thinking of being a librarian. BEVERLY lvlaa CHR1STOFFERSON- a sweet girl with a nice smile. She belonged to Dramatic Club 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. She likes dramatics, music, roller skating, skiing, sew- ing, and decorative cake baking. DOROTHY COLE-lll0lll.l hair and a soprano voice. Caine to Ames from Roland. Here she belonged to Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Glee Club 3, Girls' Trio 3, GR. 3. Her hobby is music, but she likes reading, too. Enom Co1.1.1Ns-fire squad. Hi- Y Cabinet 2, Dramatics 3, De- bate 1, National Honor Society 3, Art Club 2, Fire Squad 3. Likes photography, model mak- ing. In Vncle Tom 'S Cubin, Be- ginners Luck and Redemption. Bois Cooraa-knows and prac- tices jitterbugging. Boys' Glee Club 1, Art Club 1, and Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Gets- enjoyment from play- ing basketball and watching foot- ball. Plans to take up landscape architecture in college. h,l'ARJORIE Coovna-little, like- able. Margie was Junior Class treasurer 2, in Pep Club 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, G.R. 1, 2, 3. Likes to ice-skate, swim, and watch basketball, Hopes to make Journalism her life work. Lowlsm. CRAIG-quiet with dark hair and a friendly grin. Be- longed to Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Is inter- ested in sports, likes to play and watch baseball, basketball, and football. Collects sport Pictures. Hopes to take up dairy industry. DoNA1.D CRUMP-a good guy. Donald was a member of Student Council 3 , vice president of his homeroom 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. He especially likes the intramural basketball games. May enter the cleaning and pressing business. BETTY CUs1-HNG - spends her time on music. Was in Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, G.R. Cabinet. 3. Plays the piano. NVants to take home economics in college or teach civics, history, or economics. H1c1.1cN DAIJQY-little and always smiling. She belonged to Library Club 1, 2, 3, and GR. 1, 2, 3. She busies herself with skating, dancing, and playing the piano. Hopes to have some kind of busi- ness ca.reer. ARTHUR DAVIS, JR.-interested in ice hockey and baseball. Mem- ber of Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. VVhen he isn't busy with school work, he likes to go hunting or camping. After high school he plans to study mechanical engineering. IQENNETI-I Davis-another of the big silent type. Always walks as if he had a deinite goal in mind. Was a member of Hi-Y 2, 3. Has a hobby of collecting pistols, ma- chine guns, knives, and explo- sives. llfIARGIE Davis-blond and alive. Margie was homeroom activity director 3, secretary 1, G.R. 1, 2, Her ambition is to be a dress designer. Would like to take some work at the Vogue Design- ing Sehool in Chicago. RUTH Davis-small and blond. Ruth belonged to Library Club 1, 2, G.R. 1, 2, 3. She likes to save poems and crochet. Ruth likes to go bicycling or hiking. Hopes to be a secretary or a stenographer. KENNETH DoNELsoN-in pun- ning trio. Hi-Y vice pres. 1, 2, president 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, Stu- dent Council pres. 3 , Senior Sen- ate 3, Honor Soc. 3, homeroom pres. 3, Quill and Scroll 3. Rage eighty-three NIARY LOU 'DORCHESTER-small dark, office assistant. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, president 35 G.R. 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 3. Pet hobbies include poetry and reading. Belonged to string quartet. Likes to play tennis and skate. 7 ISABEI. Donorur-a good sense of humor. In GAA 1, 2, 35 Art Club 25 GR. 1, 2, 3. An inter- esting hobby of keeping a scrap- book on things of world-wide im- portance. Is considering dietet- ics as her work. Burris DUVAlil,-SYI100tl1-l00kl11g girl. Came to Ames from Roose- velt High in Des Moines where she was active in sports. Spends time playing tennis, basketball, and swimming, or looking for scottie dogs for her collection. JOE E1,l.Io'r-good musician and a smart fella. In Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 National Honor Society 35 Swing Band 2, 3. Hopes to enter some line of engineering or teach- ing. BERTHA ELLIOTT-k11OW her, like her. Came to Ames from Cam- bridge, Iowa, where she spent her sophomore year of high school. In Ames she belonged to QR. 2, 3. Reading and music occupy her time out ot' school. ILxRI.IzY EI.I.Is-tall, blond, called Ql'rnder-Hom. Intramural manager 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Has hobby of collecting antiques. Came here from Leon, Iowa. Fu- ture work includes engineering, exploring, and writing. JENNIE Ev,xNs--smart and wit- ty. G.R. cabinet 2, president 35 Junior Class president5 home- room president 15 SPIRIT Staff 2, 35 Quill and Scroll 2, 3 5 National Honor Soc. 2, 35 Pep Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2 Dorf FIELDS-tall, dark and handsome. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. When not hunting or ushering at the theatre, he likes to play football or box. He was in Uncle Tom's f'u.lJz'An. Doc wants to be a chiro- practor. JIM Fos'r1zR-liked by everyone. Was on Senior Senate5 home- room activity director 25 Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3, Art Club 25 I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3: Hip Van Wiozllfle and Begzfomezds Luck. Is inter- ested in engineering. PEGGY Fox-peppy and friend- ly. Came from Sioux City as a junior. At Ames she was in Dra- matic Club 35 Art Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 35 GR. Cabinet 3. Was in Rellemptimz cast. Is in- terested in medical technology. S'r1cyE Fimmsos-goocl guy. A member of Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 home- room intramural manager 1. Likes sports, particularly foot- ball, basketball, wrestling, box- ing, swimming, and track. Is interested iII dairy industry. Boa FR.xzII2R-dark, easy-going guy. He was a member oi' the Hi-Y 1, 2, Pet activities out- side of school are dancing and playing pool. Is interested in journalism and hopes to make it his future work. JIM Finns-good-natured and friendly. Belonged to Hi-Y 1, 2, Likes the out-of-doors, par- ticularly hunting and fishing. Vilas a member of the varsity football team. He plans to take up wild lite conservation. BOB FITLMER-illld. his camera. On SPIRIT Staff 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Boys' Glee Club 25 Band 1, 2, 3, president 35 Or- chestra 15 National Honor So- ciety 35 Quill and Scroll 35 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. PAT G.xLL1G.xN-always smiling. Sruur 2, editor 3, Honor Soc. 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Class secy. 2, Pep Club 2, 3, GAA council 2, Dramatics 1, Glee Club 2, 3, GR. Cabinet 3, Stu- dent Council 2. Joi-iN GILHAM-01106 went to lowa City Brain Derby. Came from Nevada. Hi-Y 2, 3. Will be remembered because his grin was seen behind a pile of dishes in cafeteria. Likes photography and bowling. DAVE GILMAN-g0Od guy. Faith- ful member of Debate squad 1, 2, 3, homeroom secretary-treasurer 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, athletic manager 2, Varsity Club 2, 3. Likes to play tennis. Hopes to be an elec- trical engineer. DICK GODFREY-quiet but always dependable. Belonged to Dra- matic Club 1, 2, Debate Club 1, 2, National Honor Society 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, trainer for track, football, basketball 1, 2, 3. Likes photography, stamp collecting. DICK GOULD-tall and dark. Often seen driving his car. Be- longed to Art Club 1, 2, treasur- er 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, Likes track, football, basketball, and swim- ming. Makes model airplanes and will be an aeronautical engineer. SHEP GREENE--tall, dark and witty. Belonged to Mixed Chor- us 1, 2, 3, president 3, Boys, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Vilas a member of the cast of the Junior Class play. EARLE GRIFFEN-quiet but swell to know. During his sophomore year, Earle went to Central High in Duluth, Minnesota. Here he became a member of Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Mechanical engineering is his interest. J EAN GRIFFITI-I-SWCOT and neat, but quiet. Vilas a. member of Li- brary Club 1, 2, president 2, Girls' Glee Club 3, GR. 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, 2, 3. Hopes to be a sec- retary or filing clerk after grad- nation. LIARJORIE .. Giuriurn - smiling, dark haired. Member Library Club 2, 3, secretary 2, president 3, G.R. 1, 2, 3. Belonged to GAA where she played basketball. Other sports are tennis, golf, swimming, and dancing. IVETA :HALBER-G-11106 smile. Li- brary Club 2, 3 , and GB. 1, 2, 3. Costume design her unique hobby. Another hobby is collect- ing pictures ot' movie stars. Likes to watch a good game of basket- ball. C.xR1..YLE H.u.r.-reserved but jolly. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Plays foot- ball and basketball, goes ice skat- ing or roller skating. Likes foot.- ball and basketball games. In- terested in an auditing or busi: ness managing career. Gisnrnunn I-Ianicsiuxn-bloiid and pretty. Came from Marshall- town. At Ames High she was a member of Girls' Glee Club 1, and G.R. 1, 2, 3. Gert hopes to do library work or beauty cul- ture. DoN :HEGGEN-11100 red-head who blushes easily. Belonged to Band 1, 2, 3, vice president 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Valuable member of the football team and likes to play. Prefers to watch basketball and baseball. H.xnR1Er'r Hsin-known as Sissy or Hefty Lou.. Senior Class sec- retary, Pep Club 2, 3, Srmrr staff 2, art editor 3, Senior Sen- ate, GAA Council 2, Art Club 1, Dramatic Club 1, GR. cabi- net 2. Page eighty-five Page eighty-sim Jo,xN l.IISI,MlCK-IJQDIU' blond cheer leader. She was on Cheer Squad 2, 3, Debate Club 1, Li- brary Club 3, GR. Cabinet 2. Loves to watch football. Has beeII interested in medicine ever since she can remember. Pinter IIICIISER--DCD and puns. Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Honor Society 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 35 CLR. Cabinet 2, president 3, SPIRIT 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Girls' Glee ClIIb 1, 2. Nomtix l'IENSliER-SlTlllll1g, viva- cious brunette. Came to Ames from Portland, Oregon. Here she was in GR. 3. Plays the harp. Gets exercise from swim- ming, dancing and horseback riding. XCVONNE HIcwI'1"I'-quiet with pretty eyes. Vilas in Band 2, 3g Orcliestra 2, 3, G.R. 1, 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 25 Dramatic Club Her hobby is playing popular music. Plans to take up home economics. HAZICI. fIIl5IlNlS'l'RA - unassuming and reserved. Came to Ames from Los Angeles where she at- tended Polytechnic High. Dra- matic Club 2, 3, CR. 2, 3. Speuds spare moments reading mystery books. Wants to teach. Bon HZILAND-lUl0NV11 as Dewey. Belonged to Art Club 1, Dra- matic Club 2, Hi-Y Club 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 2, Worked on produc- tion staff of all the plays. Likes football and basketball. Inter- ested in medicine. l+lIzNEs'I' HIXON-tall, blond and nice. Belonged to Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 3, Dramatic Club 3. His hobby, and a very odd one, is glassblowing. He wants to go into some kind of engineering. I P.xIfI. Hot'IiM.xN-Iiice guy with a nice smile. VVas in Hi-Y 1, 2, Il. Has two 'favorite pastimes outside of school, one is going to movies, the other is driving a car. llopes to take up engineer- ing. M.xn.IonII5 I'Il'BB.XRD-I1lCC-l00lG ing brunette. Member ot' Girls' Glee Club CLR. 1, 2, 3. ls an- other of the clan ot' scrapbook collectors. Plays tennis, swims. and ice skates. NVants to be an air stewardess. l'iETTY IKERD-C'l1lG little red- head. Was in Library Club 1, 2, 33 Dramatic Club G.R. 1, 2, Pastimes are dancing and roller skating. Has fun playing ping- pong. Secretarial work is her aim. liiE'I"l'Y ANN 1VERStlN-2l1"IlSllC2ll- ly inclined. Student Council 1: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Art. Club 1, 2, GR. Cabi- net 2. Hobbies include sketch- ing, painting, reading, and studying journalism. DON Joi-INs-tall, nice-looking but retiring. Member of Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Pet pastime is hunting or fishing. NVlIen high school is over and gone, he would like to enter some kind of business. MARX JOHNS-Smilll and dark. Was a member of GR. 1, 2, 3. She likes to watch football, and swimming appeals to her. De- partment store buying is the pro- fession which appeals to her most at present. JULIE JoHNs'I'0N-a swell girl. SPIRIT Staff 2, Pep ClIIb 2, 3, GAA Council Dramatic Club 1, 2, and G.R. Cabinet 2. Is a good ping-pong player. Wants to take up institutional manage- ment EVERETT JOY-short, ever-smil- ing blond. Hi-Y claimed him as a member 1, 2, 3. VVhen it comes to sports, Everett likes to play and watch basketball and base- ball. May take agricultural en- gineering. PATRICIA ICIGITH-ltlll blond. She was a member of Girls' Glee Club 2, GB. 1, 2, She likes to play basketball in which she ex- cels. Nursing is the line of work she hopes to follow after she fin- ishes school. EVELYN lCEl.l.0titi-DCl'lt0 and blond. Belonged to 'Library Club 2, CLR. 1, 2, 3. She likes to dance, and collect pictures of movie stars. She is taking a com- mercial course preparatory to doing secretarial work. FIEIAEN Knlmooo-quiet but nice to know. She came to Ames High from Tama. Here in Ames she was a member of GR. 3. Helen spends her time reading and sew- ing. She hopes to do secretarial Work. M.xmI,oR.xs liENNI'IDY--C1ll'9, pep- py, little. In Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Dramatic Club 3, GR. 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Cheer Squad 2, 3, Library Club 2, GAA Council 1. Hopes to follow some line of dramaties. M 1 1: I A M ICINDERMANN - tiny, dark, smooth looking. Came here from Roosevelt High in Des Moines. Weis in GR. 2, 3. Known for her artistic ability. Likes to watch basketball games. Her friends call. her Mike. BIARY ICING--SITl21.l.l, dark, and Winsome. Came from Butler, Missouri. At Ames she was a member of G.R. 3, Library Club 3, and Dramatic Club 3. Spends time on photography and read- ing. DOLORES IQIRBY - very sweet smile. Member of Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, G.R. 1, 2, 3. likes to paint in her spare time. Dolores enjoys trap-shooting ice-skating, and basketball. May do secre- tarial work. HAROLD KNIGI-rr-Aines High 's Daniel Boone. Homeroom presi- dent 1, Boys' Glec Club 3, Art Club 1, Hi-Y Cabinet 1, Ritlle Club president 3. His hobby is exploring and he hopes to make that his life work. JEANNE KNIGHT-came from Wi11teI'set. G.R., Girls' Glee Club, Dramatic Club: and Mixed Chorus there. Was in G.R. 2, 3 here. Likes to collect poetry, play tennis, and go bowl- ing. W'ants to be a stenographer. MARY KURTZ-swell smile. Mem- ber of Library Club 2, president 2, G.R. 1, 2, 3. Enjoys movies, dances, and basketball games. Took a commercial course in high school to prepare for secre- tarial work. MARY LARSON-lJl011d and sweet. In Orcliestra 1, 2, 3: played with the college orchestra, a member of the high school string quar- tet, belonged to Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, and G.R. 1, 2, 3. Romsivr L.xRs0N - blond and rather quiet. Came to Ames from North Grant where he played basketball. A member of Ames High Hi-Y 2, 3. Likes to spend his spare time fixing his ear. Hopes to be a. mechanic. Doa L.xVEI.1,E-tall, dark, true sportsman. Homeroom presi- dent 2, Boys' Glee Club 3, Dra- matic Club 2, Debate Club 1, 2, Hi-Y Cabinet 3. Pet hobbies are skiing and swimming. Interested in economics and banking. Page eighty-seven Page eiyllty-eiyllt OWEN LEFFLER-always laugh- ing. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, Student Council president 3, Senior Senate 3: Hi-Y 1, 2, Likes to watch radio broadcasting and wants to follow this line of work. LEVOHN Lioi-rr-e ut e l it t l e blond. Was on Senior Senate, in Pep Club 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, and GLR. 1, 2, 3. Has the odd hobby of collecting little boxes and wishbones. Enjoys playing tennis. CH.xRLns LIKELY-11100 guy. Be- longed to Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Band 2: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Likes to collect house plans. Other hobbies include hunting and fishing, and collect- ing post cards. Etjoismc Lmosreom - scientist supreme. Belongcd to Debate Club 2, Orchestra 2, 3: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y Science Club and Rirlle Club. Likes guns, radios, collecting maps, music. lVill en- ter held of research science. l7ERN LOWMAN - an eternally smiling blond. Vtlas a member of Hi-Y 2, 3. Came to Ames High from Denison, Iowa. His pet hobbies are hunting and fishing. VVill study agricultural engi- neering after high school. RICHARD l1CCARTHY-lilll, blond s e i en c e laboratory assistant. Came to Ames from Mason City, lVashington. Belonged to Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. lVants to take two years of college after high school and then enter the navy. J oHN MeC'.xR'1'Hx'-bloiid half of Weagley Sa McCarthy, lnc. A member of Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Johnny likes to spend his time playing basketball, tennis, or football. Hobbies include stamp collecting and fishing. VVell-liked by all. DON MCCORD--swell smile, ae- eompanying liarby Caine. Came to Ames from Lawton, Okla- homa. Nllhile at Ames High he was a member of lli-Y. Spends spare time modeling airplanes and hopes to enter aviation. MURIIGI. BICDONALD--lJl'lll1Cl vio- linist. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, presi- dent 2, GR. 1, 2. 3, cabinet Hobbies include stamps, music, preferably the violin, and danc- ing. Likes to swim, ice-skate. Her tield is retail merchandising. HELEN MeDowic1.i.-tall and dark. Member ot' Girls' tllee Club 1, 2, G.R. 1. 2, 3. Her pet hobby is playing the piano. lee- skating and bicycling are her favorite sports. ls interested in dramatics and nursing. E1.oYeE MCGEE--efficient office girl. NVa.s a. member of Library Club 1, 2, 3 and G.R. 1, 2, 3. Eloyce likes to watch baseball and football. She 's taking a com- mercial course to prepare for secretarial work. Kimi BICGITIRIC-iilll, blond, niee guy. Belonged to Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, National Honor Society 3 5 SPIRIT 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, Hopes to enter medical profession. VVILBUR Melxrosi-i - school 's brain-trust. Debate Club 2, Mix- ed Chorus 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 2: lli-Y 1, 2, 3. His hobby is anything his curi- osity or love of beauty gets him into. LYNN ilI.XH.kNN.XH-blOl1d with a nice smile, Was a member ot' Band 1, 2, 3, Fire Squad 3, homeroom president 2, Student Council 2, Junior Class Execu- tive Committee, Hi-Y 1, 2, WVants to be a forester. W.NNDA M.xRsHAI.t.--sweet, neat, and pretty. Came to Ames High from Des Moines where she at- tended St. Joseph's Academy. Dramatic Club 3, illld G.R. 3. Likes dancing, basketball, swim- ming, Is interested in dietetics. BERNICE M.v1"rox - a swell girl with a friendly smile, dark, curly hair and laughing eyes. Came to Ames from Geneva, Nebraska, where she attended Geneva High. In Ames she was in GR. ls interested in secretarial work. V1-:l.n.x M.xr-short and sweet. Belonged to Art Club 1, 2, GB. 1, 2, 3. Her two pet hobbies are keeping a scrapbook and draw- ing. Wants to take up nursing or interior decorating after school is over. M.uul.YN Minus-plays a tiute well, and likes music a lot. Vilas a member of Glee Club 1, 2, Baud 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, G.R. 1, 2, 3. Is interested in journalism or buying. ANNE Mu.I.ER-sweet, petite and pretty. VVas in Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 2, 3: Pep tllub 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Spirit Staff 3, CLR. Cabinet VVas in Beginners Luck. ED fella. In Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, home- room president 1, 2, National Honor Society 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. His hobbies include ping-pong, science, hunting. Interested in electrical engineering, achealogy. JIM BIEYERS -target shooter. XVas in Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, and Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Has served on the production staff of every play presented during the time he was in high school. Wants to take up engineering. KEN NEIISON - Ames High 's Gene Krupa. VVas in Band 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3 , Dramatic Club 1 , Debate Club 1, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Wants to be a professional dance band drummer. Plays in the Swing Band. BETTY NlCP1OI.S - usually in a hurry. XVas a member of GR. 1, 2, 3. Enjoys all sports either as a participant or a spectator. Her friends all call her Gadget. Is interested in the field of avia- tion for girls. DON NICI1tJl.S-f1'illl16l' par ex- cellence. Was in Hi-Y I, 2, 3. Pet interest is sports. Trainer for basketball, football, and track. Enjoys football, basket- ball, and track. Spends his spare time stamp-collecting and hiking. JOHN ODEIJ.-illld his blue ja- lopy. Member ot' lli-Y 1, 2, 3. Spends his time on automobiles and collecting stamps, John likes to play and watch football. Is interested in following dentistry or being in U. S. Army. DICK O,IJONNEIiI,--0111110 to Ames High from Colo. There he participated in football, basket- ball, and track. Here he be- longed to Hi-Y 3. Likes to hunt and look after livestock. Vtlants to be a farmer or a veterinarian. Dems OLSAN-Slllilll, sweet, and quiet. Belonged to Girls' Glee Club 1, Pep Club 3, GR. 1, 2, 3. Likes to spend her time read- ing books and playing tennis. Wants to take home economies. HELEN OLSON - writes poetry. Was a member of GR. 1, 2, 3. She likes writing and singing a lot and spends much time study- ing them. She is taking a com- mercial course to help her pre- pare for secretarial work. Page eiglity-uma Page ninety HELEN O'NEAL - short and dark. G.R. member 1, 2, En- joys watching a good game ot' football, swimming, roller skat- ing, and dancing. llas several lines of work she'd like: areonau- ties, designing, or salesmanship. Ginximys OvER1..xND - a student returned. Left Ames her junior year to go to North High in Des Moines, but returned to finish her junior and senior years. lie- longed to GR. 1, 2, 3. Wants to be a beauty operator. hLxn,x1sE'1'H P.xDnoCK - pretty redhead. Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Dramatic Club 2, GAA 1. 2, 3, GR. Cabinet 3. 'ltlnjoys skating, swimming, and dancing. Torchy is her nickname. Wants to be a designer or textile chemist. .DICK PAN'rENBURo - a happy smile. Curly hair which is the envy of a goodly number of girls. Was a Hi-Y member 1, 2, 3. He goes in for sports more than any- thing else, particularly basket- ball, football, and golf. GERTRUDE PAULSON - with neat hair and a piecolo. A member of Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, G.R. 1, 2, 3. Likes to knit, play tennis, and golf. Vlfants to take up merchandising or home eco- nomies. liE'1"l'E PECK-IClllG girl. She belonged to Dramatic Club 3, Library Club 2, 3, GR. 1, 2, 3. Likes to spend her time outside of school reading, going on hikes, or taking trips. Vllants to take up nursing. M.x1zo.xRE'r fan. Came here from DeWitt, Iowa. NVl1ile there she belonged to Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, Library Club 1, 2, Rifle Club 23 GAA 1, Here GAA 3. Ytlants to be ' an air stewardess. RosEI.L.x PERRY - opinions on anything. Vilas a member of Dramatic Club 1, Library Club l: GR. 1, 2, 3. Enjoys wood- working, dancing. swimming, golf, tennis, stamp collecting. Will take geology in college. GALE Pi..xoM.xNN-tlie fella with the motorcycle. lielouged to Hi- Y I. 2, 3. XVhen he isn't work- ing with his motorcycle he is hunting, or fishing. Thinks that after he has graduated from high school, he'll be a mechanic. H.1ItIilET PORTER-nice eyes and a grand voice. Definitely inter- ested in a music career. ln Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, GR. Cabinet 2. 1Vrites poetry. Collects programs. climbs trees, and eolleets sayings. ROBERT Posrzoivrn-singing tire squad member. Belonged to Mix- ed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, president 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, intramural manager 3. lnterested in radio and electri- city. Vllants to be an engineer. ROBERT Qlusr - reddish-haired fella. Boys Glee Club 2, 3, Hand 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, homeroom president 2, Senior Senate: I-Ii-Y 1, 2, 3. Spends his time target shooting, tinkering with clocks and on photography. JOE REYNOLDS - with oboe and Emma. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Senior Senate: National Honor Society 3, Quill and Scroll 2, 3, president 3, SPIRIT 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. B.xRe.xR.x RICHTER-Slllilll, dark- haired. Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, Art Club 2, Library Club 1, G. R. 1, 2, Spends her time play- ing the piano and dancing. Wants to be a stenographer or take home economies. lliLXRGARE'I' Rirrs-a nice giggle, and a bass viol called Gadget. Member of Band 3, Orchestra 2, 3, G.R. 1, 2, 3. She likes to do wood-burning, knitting, embroid- ering, or go ice-skating. Inter- ested in interior decorating. Birrrr JEAN ROBINSON-lJl0l1dC with the nickname Bejc. Was a member of Dramatic Club 3, Girls' Glee Club 2, GR. 1, 2, 3. Spends her time reading, and playing golf. ls interested in textiles and clothing or teaching. BEN Ross-fiery red-head. On the Junior Executive Council 2, homeroom president 1, Student Council 1, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Likes dancing, parties and Varsity Club. Plays swell football. In- terested in airplane designing. HERIsER'r .Ruoonics-big smile, everybody's pal. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, football team 3, trainer 1, 2, Varsity Club 3. Thoroughly en- joys parties of all kinds. Will take veterinary medicine. Half the famous Ruggles twins. HUBIQRT Rnoonns - one of the famous Rnggleses. Senior Class president, Senior Senate, home- room pres. 1, 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, football captain 3, 'National Honor Society 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y Cabinet 1, 2. RIARJORIE RUPE - black curly hair. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 2, 3, Honor Society 2, 3, Quill and Scroll 3, GAA Council, president 3, homeroom presi- den 1, 2, SPIRIT 2, 3. llIARY SATHER - ever-smiling Homeroom president 3, Senior Senate 3, Dramatic Club 3, GA A Council 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, G.R. 1, 2, 3. Likes to watch and play basketball. Plans on being a dietician. DoRo'rHx' SCI-IIJCK-GfflClG11l and intelligent. Debate 2, 3 , Library 1, 2, G.R. Cabinet 3, SPIRIT 3: Senior Class Treasurer, National Honor Society 3, Quill and Scroll 3. Hobbies: reading and collecting Artie Shaw records. Br:R.N.xRD SCHMIDT - quiet, re- served and called L. B. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Dramatic Club 1. His in- terest falls ou photography. He enjoys watching basketball and playing golf. Would like the United States Foreign Service BE'r'rY SEVEREID - pretty red- head with a swell voice. Belonged to Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Madrigal Singers 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, G. R. Cabinet 3. Is known for singing in assemblies and she had many encores. lldYRTLE SEVERSON - tall, blond with famed basketball ability. Was in GAA 1, 2, 3, Council 2, G.R. claimed her membership 1, 2, 3, Likes to read in her spare time. Myrt likes to watch bas- ketball games, too. BIIRTON SHOEN-big, blond fel- la. Vice president of the Junior Class, National Honor Society 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, Cabinet 3. Was a valuable member ot the toot- ball team and was elected co- eaptain 3. Interest is aviation. fkNNA MIXIIIE SHORE - swell smile, swell gal. GAA 3, and G. R. 1, 2, 3. Likes to spend time stamp collecting, reading, ice skating, roller skating, dancing, and swimming. Wants a secre- tarial or business career. BIARJORIE SHORE-dilfli, smooth looking. G.R. 1, 2, 3, and Dra- matic Club 3. Likes to dance and sew. Has fun swimming, bicycl- ing and watching polo games. Was in the east of Rcclemptiofn. Hopes to be a nurse. t i Page 'ninety-one I Page ninety-two Enwiim SHORTEN-DHlS call him Dutch.. Game to Ames High from Prairie City. I-Ii-Y 2, 3. Likes hockey, ice skating, base- ball, basketball, football, boxing. and roller skating. NVants to go into engineering or aviation. RALPH Sims-best known as chiet' ot the Fire Squad. Was a member 1, 2, 3, chiet' 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: intramural manager 1, 2. Likes to play football. 'Veteri- nary medicine is his chosen field. Fhoyo Smrrn-artist in earnest. Fire Squad 1, 2, 3, Art Club 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Likes draw- ing, painting, collecting pictures, swimming, track, football. VVants to teach fine and industrial arts. P.x'1."ri' SOREGIIAN-y0lll1Q,t3Sf in class but suffers no handicap. Pep Club 3, treasurer 3, SPIRIT Statt 3, Glee Club 2, 3, GLR. Cabinet 3. Plays piano and pipe organ well. Interested in music or stenographic work. Pnooy Snirroan-ln'eezy indi- vidualist devoted to George B. Pep Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 3, G.R. Cabinet 3. Likes hiking and swimming. In- terested in interior decorating or teaching kindergarten. MZAXINE SUT'1'ER-0211116 to Ames High from Lakewood, Ohio. Here she was homeroom secretary 1, drum major for the Marching Band 3, G.R. 1, 3. Was in Girls' Glee Club 2 at Lakewood. Vilants to bc a nurse. WYIRGINIA SW.xRa'z-love mc, love my clarinet. Band 1, 2, 3, Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, GAA 1, 2, 3. Ras- ketball, ping-pong, and tennis are pet recreations. Wants to enter the field of medicine. Pnvnus Swmuixcex - petite, ingcnue actress. 'Dramatic Club 2, 3, Art Club 2: and GR. 1, 2, 3. ln Bcgri'n1zcr's Luck and RP- flcmpfion. Thinks swimming fun but would rather watch bas- ketball. Likes to read. M.xic.1ouY T.XFli'-CZlI'1'j'111g on family tradition. Homeroom president 3, Senior Senate Pep Club 1, 2. 3, Girls' Glce Club 31 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, GR. 1. 2, 3. Wants to buy for a department store. Hi-:Lex 'l'.xyi.oR-chemistry is her nemesis. Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, GR. 1, 2. Likes to knit, hike, dance, go hunting, watch basketball games, play ten- nis. Ytlants nursing career or to be a psychologist. lloRo'ruY Toon - hair neatly coittured no matter what. Li- brary Club 1, 2, GR. 1, 2, 3. Her hobby, photography. Thinks golf, tennis, ping-pong, basket- ball fun. Designing or interior decorating is her chosen field. Minion TRUMAN-qlllei, blond. Came from Colfax, NVisc., where she was in band, declamatory 1, 2. Vilas in Ames High G.R. 3. Likes to dance, go roller or ice skating. Interested in nursing or beauty culture. J.xN1a:'r TURNER -hair blowing and Ilara you licardf From St. Joseph 's Academy in Des Moines. Girls' Glee Club 3, Li- brary Club 3, G.R. 2, Read- ing is her avocation. Home eco- nomics, entomology her choices. Minniziin Urn.-chums all call her Kokey. Belonged to Art Club 1, 2, G.R. 1, 2, Plays the piano and accordian well and likes to skate, sketch, and bicycle. Plans to take applied art in college. SPENCER VANDERIJINDEN - brisk walk and high powered salesman- ship. I-Iomeroom president 1, SPIRIT Staff 1, 2, Debate Club 1, 2, 3, intramural manager 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Likes inechanics and fishing. Interested in law. PH11.i,IP 'VAN X7LACK-SCI'lOllS face with contradicting twinkle in his eyes. Dramatic Club 1, 2, Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, Debate Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Spends time outside of school playing the piano or basketball. ICLE VELXCLL-H nice red-head. Belonged to G.R. 1, 2, 3. Her pet pastime after school is dan- cing. Also included on the list of outside activities are skating and hiking. Icle wants to take up beauty culture. Boa VrIFQUAIN-lJl0l1d tower bc- side blond Anne. An all-round athlete, Varsity Club 2, 3, home- room president 1, Student Coun- cil 1 , Senior Senate 3, Dramatic Club 1, I-Ii-Y Cabinet Inter- est: mechanical engineer, army. WILMA Voonr-small blond usual- ly dressed in pastels. Member ot Senior Senate 3, G.R. 1, 2, 3. Sports interests include roller skating, ice skating, and watch- ing football games. Wants secre- tarial work after high school. EMMA vVALLACE-Pl2lj'S Hute to Joe 's oboe. Gained fame for her cherry pie baking. Came from Marion, lowa. Band 2, 3, Or- chestra 2, 3, secretary-1'reasurer 3, Pep Club 2, G.R. Cabinet 3. Interested in applied arts. DON VVE.xoI.EY-B. Ann keeps him in suspense. A member of the Senior Senate 3, homeroom vice president 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Likes to play football and bas- ketball. Sports are his main in- terest. EI.o1sE WHEELER-smart sport clothes. Member of G.R. 1, 2, 3. As far as avocations are con- cerned, she likes to take pictures and to travel. Along the sports line, horseback riding is her one interest. Enrrn WmRsoN-a quiet, digni- fied manner. Belonged to G.R. l, 2, 3. Spends her time outside of school bicycling, ice skating, roller skating, or dancing. Pho- tography her hobby. After school wants to be a stenographer. Wnsiinv VVIERSON-lQ21VOl'll'G of committee chairmen. Homeroom president 3, vice president Stu- dent Council 3, Senior Senate Debate 1, 2, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Cast of Rip Vufn ll'Y'i7lkll?. Likes golf particularly. L.xUR.x XVILKIN-DOYS whistle when this office training gal en- ters a room. Pep Club 3, Dra- matic Club 1, 2, 3, G.R. 1, 2, 3, Cabinet 2. Likes to knit, hike, play tennis, and watch football and basketball. l7oN,u.n VVTLKTNS-l'Cd hair and arguments. Homeroom presi- dent 1, Student Council 1 , Band il, National Honor Society, 2, 3, vice president 3, Dramatics 1, 2, Hi-Y Cabinet, treasurer 2, 3, SPIRV1' 2, 3. Interest-medicine. BETTY WII,StlN1SftS to half of Ames High. Pep Club 3, secre- tary 3, Library Club 1, GAA Council 3, G.R. Cabinet 3. Likes to make clothes, play tennis, swim, skate, dance, and play bas- ketball. IIELEN Yocnm-quiet better halt' of tire chief. Library Club 1, 2, 3, G.R. 1, 2, 3. Likes to watch basketball. Spends her spare time collecting poetry. Is inter- ested in doing secretarial work or being a stenographer. Page 'ninety-three Page ninety-four - GRETCHEN YOUNG-a cheerful administrator. ixtiixt-ti Uliorus 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, vice president 3, Pep f'lub 2, 35 GLR. 1, 2, I-3, Cabinet 2. Likes sports and music. Institutional man- agement is her goal. 1 .LUil4l.XN YouNc:-a pile of sociol- ogy books and a cello. 01-eliestra 1, 2, 3: Debate f'lub 1, 2, 3, G.R. 1, 2, 3. Likes musie, debate, and football and basketball games. Wants to do social service BIARSHALI. Yotfxo -truly nick- named Sluts, Dramatic Club 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. Is interested main- ly in horseback riding, football, and basketball. On the produc- tion stalii ot' Ht'dI'lll1lf'li0'l1. NVants to be mechanical engineer. RlT'l'll ZlMiVIERMAN-YQ1'y de- pendable. Dramatic t'lub 1, 2, GAA f'ouneil 15 GR. 1, 2, 3. Likes to read. play basketball, watch football games. Produc- tion staff of Rip Vu-n Winkle. work. Shes interested in journalism. Ki5NNt2'1'H INMAN -short, dark, T and a slow smile. YN as a mem- ber of Boys' Glee t"lub 15 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3. He gets fun out of play- ing and watt-liing football and basketball games. He wants to take up accounting. Additional Seniors DON.XI.D 1lII'l'CI'lELL--tjlli6l' but nice fella to know. Came to Ames from flliarles City and Mu- son City. Here he was in Band 3, Hi-Y Hasn 't decided yet what he wants to beg says he'1l decide in college. Roi..xNo BARNLB-lI19IIlb91 of 111- Y 1, 2, 3. Spends most of his time indulging in his favorite hobbies of driving, playing bas- ketball and baseball. He takes life in a leisurely fashion. Pro- fession of medicine interests him. 4 l l C... flea fzfww MARJORIE RUPE in ll SCVIIC from Redemption I 1" , r. is fi fm JVj1 Um I W 1 Q' wi! VE, :A 't E I 4. , ...ALW 1, . -w, . W ' i'iUff'l',, 1 1 ffiggjg.. Q 511 ff ' ii , -f- 'x,fL: :'+ . 5,7 1 -if N A . . .i1.-L3',.gH?r .H E ig' I .43 14:2 ' H M V! . 'm ixli , , 531. , Fi l, 1NJQ'A'f ' 2 111-4 ,lal fiisg . W E-1 Y L,,4 L W LJ' 5 5 1-za- 1 , . I , , I 4 u Snaps X.f Dish washers Hc-lon sm-czes Typist Margie Si11g'O'l.'S Scveu Page ninety-seven Professional Directory PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS W. B. ARMSTRONG Ames National Bank Bldg.-Phone 246 B. D. ATCHLEY 307 Kellogg-Phone 323 BEN G. BUDGE 405W Douglas-Phone 107 E. B. BUSH 21515 Main Street-Phone 321 JULIA COLE 313 Main Street-Phone 2421 JOE G. FELLOWS 405953 Douglas-Phone 107 A. I. HAUGEN Hamilton Bldg.-Phone 33 G. E. MCFARLAND, Sn. 313 Fifth Street-Phone 906 G. E. MCFARLAND, JR. 313 Fifth Street-Phone 906 J. E. MCFARLAND 313 Fifth Street-Phone 906 LEE E. ROSEBROOK 40515 Douglas-Phone 107 EYE, EAR, NosE, AND THROAT H. L. JOHNSTON 240815 Lincoln Way-Phone 884 O. L. THORBURN 213W Main Street-Phone 430 ATTORNEYS H. O. I-IEGLAND 13415 Main Street-Phone 531 HIRSCHBURG ASLD REYNOLDS 315W Main Street-Phone 578 LEE AND WALSH 32315 Main Street-Phone 1070 H. C. NICHOL 316Vz Main Street-Phone 64 C. A. SMEDAL ZOSMZ Fifth Street-Phone 126 SMITH AND SMITH I. O. 0. F. Bldg.-Phone 397 age rriuety-eiy71.f Dirksen 65 Samuelson PONTIAC SALES 8: SERVICE 412 Douglas Ames, Iowa Brooker Drug Score Hotel Sheldon-Munn PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Be Sure To Have Your Feet Fiflecl the Brannberg 61 Aim way. Then you are assured of com- fortable feet and shoes that are style right and quality right. Good shoes cost less, too. Brannberg 64 Alrn FAMOUS FOOTWEAR Downtown Ames Headquarters for HAMILTON ELGIN N , XVALTHAM EMPIRE Iaverythlng made of Leather Watches D. E. PARSONS Charles G, Ray Luggage and Leather Goods JEXKYELER 310 MAIN STREET 220 Main St. Phone 22-OLW WEST GATE LUNCH KIST TRANSFER AND STORAGE Formerly 1 D1'3,gl7ll11 Transfer and Storage 209 North Sheldon Company Congratulations Class of'4o ' Hichafdson 23105. . M M , 1 9 f 409 Douglas Ames, Iowa I ale nmefj n n 24 Words Worth Reading . . . be too busy building a bank account of your own to envy the other fellow with plenty of dol- lars . . . he saved 'em . . . do likewise . . . speaking from Ames Trust and Savings Bank Campanile Garments Band Uniforms Class Coats and Academic Garments TILDEN MANUl"AC'TURINCl COMPANY Ames . . . . Iowa WEST STREET Jack Sprar Food Score 2902 west sm. Phone 2705 Javk Spml Foods Frosted Fruit Vegetables cr I, , , ,, ,rx Helpms of Sabmb Meats Fish Poultry Lumber and BUILDING MATERIAL Hanson Lumber Company 212 Duff Avenue Ames Wholesale Fruit and Grocery Company Strive af Th is Slorc Phone 85 Page one h1md1'ed E ,. 2 .ai 1 ' ,E-wg A K UE fgsxxg. . , ,lx Q THE PAIR TREE Caine-MCC01'd Iverson-Weagley Miner-Vifquain lvlatseu-Sluith Robertson-E1'ickson Nichols-RMS Reynolds-Wallace Rushing-Ruggles MCCHVUW-Blossel' Galligan-Bailey Serving the jewelry needs of Ames people for over a quarter century has made sat- isfied customers by the hundreds L. C. TALLMAN REGISl'ERElJ-FEIER mrmcm crm socim Phone 685 WALSH'S AMES, IOWA Furniture Window Shades Linoleum Carpets School Supplies Toilet Articles Prescriptions Stover and Wl1iill1Zl.l1,S Candies Judisch Brothers DRUG STORE Phone 70 Free Delivery On the same street lived the two Miller families. On the some day one Mr. Miller departed for rt fr-ip and the other died. A day or so later the widow Miller, tln'0u.gI1 nf misz'r1J.'c in Hao mail dclfircry. r0cc1fi'0d this note. Hfil'I"?il'0d snfcly. Terribly hot." SILIJY DTLLI ES 1. Screwy moooy-crazy cow Horsey eoursey-ruc'e track Zzmy Crainy-dope Serappy blueky-negro prize fighter Urocky eloeky-clock not keeping time Svanny danny-boy stzlring' at pretty girl Spitty kitty-eat ehasetl by dog Illotto for rmglers: Bait and soc. Superior Barber Shop Ames Hi 's Favorite Hair Cutters We rinnft out them all but we cut the best 3163 Main FINEST FABRICS come from Stephensoifs Opposite Campus Page one hu-'ndred two Education Means Work Ames Lubricale with Milk IOWA GUERNNSEY Fr . . WM Building 64 Loan Association Best Electric Co. EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL 130 Main Street Ames Iowa " The Home Folks ' ' Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1940 "Dependable Sifncc 1869" 7 s Paj nl ME Wish to express our appreciation to the stu' Clents ancl the faculty of Ames High School for their kind ancl gen, erous cooperation. Photographs in This Annual Made by HART STUDIO Snaps Eloyce McGee and Betty Ikerd -In Myrt Severson '3 ...r Switchboard and Bob Flauher Boys' Home Economics Bottoms up Page one I1-Qmdred five W ,Y X Bengston Super Serviqe Washing, Polishing and Greasing Tires, Repairing and Accessories Phone 1807 L. Way fc Kellogg My middle name is: l. Paramount 2. Tracy 3. Shepard 4. Elmira u' Serena G. Judson T. Milum Do you know the rest of my name? Cllefor io Page 107.1 Elverafs Beauty Shop Glo-Tone-Duart-Eugene Permanent Facials, Scalp Treatments Hair Cutting and Styling Enviaim RIICMAN, Mgr. BEMAN CLEANERS sl LAUNDERERS Two-Hour Dry Cleaning Shirts Laundered 10c I PHONE 1876 12915 Main Phone 1741W S E N I O RS A , ar out ' May your path of life he rflgal' in and Ye N as successful and happy as your high school days . X Heating i Automatic Goa nd . mOl'3 a 6 . will SWG acts J: c05t You e Viv-f S l1V"g if S1 .... ... N0 Coal Han uldels SHOES DRY GOODS READY-TO-WEAR with Coal How ' 0 Edwards Coal Co. Page one hmulred six r, i l 1 A womzm's brafioi. weighs almost as muclz ns the hfmnzm brrmhi. 1. Ed Morris 2. Hermi Bailey 3. Guy Greene -l. Eileen Dudgeon 5. Jennie Evans 6. Bruce Firkins 7. Mr. Young CIt's the Kings seeret.j Ames Service Grocery 64 Market --West Ames- Equipped To Serve You Well Wreck Rebuilding Spray Painting CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales and Service W. H. NUTTY GARAGE H. E. Moomfx, E. G, HART, Phone 35 414 Main St. Manager Proprietor Enjoy Sand and Gravel Dglicigug F0051 Sand .... qdelivei-edu 251.50 yd. Pit run gravel . fdeliveredl 51.25 yd. of Rock . ....... . 31.50 yd. , I Blacl' Dirt Suitable for Your American and Chinese Dishes X ' Lawn, 31.00 yard at the RAINBOW COFFEE SHOP DOWNTOWN AMES Prompt delivery can be made from either the river pit or the pit on Highway 65 Lew Cole Sand and Gravel Company 522 Crawford Phone 2871 Page o-ne lmmlred seven Typewriters Are Different G I Muchines look' vely much allke. They have about 1 K t. h- Cgal 61 Pggd CQ, 183315 331 ff touch is different. COAL FUEL OIL FEED Try one at HAY Reynolds 54 Iversen 238 MAIN STREET L G TI IONS HORN ESLLSIHIIEQPBTEAEHERS FLEXIIRILITY-H01-11 folding partitions pc-1-111iT quick Uhilllgjt' from J 'io 2 gyms. CAPAC1'1'Y-Hot-11 'folding blozu-hors permit maximum use ol? gyxu i'o1'physic-:ll education. Hom Nlanufacturing Co. Page one lmndz ed ezjht Snaps Frances Friley, Mzu-abeth Paddock, Frances Kerekes Jennie Evans, Peggy Helser, Ruth Lorch and Betty Knudson Marjorie Rupe, Pat Galligan, Gretch Young Helen Gowen, Eileen Dudgeon, Mary Elizabeth Lush Page one lmmzlred 'nine P-upil: "T71nf1's fl pretty clrexx you're wearing. ' ' CHIIIIDLIS Grocery Teacher: "Oh, I'm so glad, you see, I wear it to tens." 125 Welch Pupil: ffufllomrf Phones 68 and 69 TYPING NATIONALLY ADVERTISED PRODUCTS FEATURED Vapituls, spasures Knobs, erasures Be,f"f,j Qbxt TYPI NG "Your Telegraph Florist" FLOWERS, PLANTS, SEEDS, BULBS BIRDS, FISH AND SUPPLIES 208 Main St. Ames, Iowa LATEST HAIR STYLES FROM , . .- -- ,.g: .V -, ai521,iy7,r v S N -5 R .N HOLLYWOOD This is your assurance of well - groomed appearance Fields Beauty Shop Phone 1069 SEE US FOR Q Artist Materials Q Poster Colors Q Scenery Paints IRVINE PAINT Sc WALLPAPER STORE 320 Main Page one hwmdrefl ten Iowafs Most Economical Food Stores '-xvr' Hawkeye V Laundry LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING SERVICE Phone 9 West Ames Allan Nlachine Shop Iron, Steel and Woodwork Electric and acetylene Welding A "ll 3, . . fe- - 'Z J5'F'f52wz4-,-. ' r ig . A w w.: . -'gg .rg 4:-L , .-.. l, N ve in flee: H, x lfZ'e,5.'i'Q " ' ' . 4f4"eiMi?v. , , l.,i,1Ar?:3j,:g,l?, --F 5 a 3 alll,-.f,94p' f' l I y l A ' KA 'Lrg ve H' Y--QL ll. rv e.w,,L. AMES, IOWA WE. SPREAD TO PROTECT I-I. F. Buowx-F.xuw11:L1, BRUVVN 224 D ff Pl 529W u lone Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Schoeneman Bros. Standard Gil Conlpaljy P1'OClllC'CS I Lumber Coal Building Materials . I O " S11crwin-Willimns ' Paints" Service on All Cars West End of Main Street at Phone 264 BRINTNALIQS O' N' Johnson' Manager 5th Sz Burnett Phone 418 Page one lL'l.t'll,d1'6d eleven Ames Cold Storage YOUR CHOICE FOODS PRESERVED FOR FUTURE OCCASIONS 116 Kellogg Phone 326 GIVE A GIFT THAT IS LONG REMEMIZERED See our latest. creation-The Dream Air-Spring Filled Mattress Use our Lay Away plan Always factory prices to you Ames Mattress and Furniture Company 119 Kellogg For Prompt Service Stop at Athletic Drug Store Ice Cream, School Supplies, Drugs and Magazines 2816 West Street Ames Tourist Court "A Home Ausny From Home" East Edge of Ames Highways 30 and 65 BUS. Ph. 538J RGS. Ph. 603W Ames Body Company J. G. Sorta, Prop. COMPLETE AUTO BODY SERVICE 402 Main Street Ames, Iowa We Recommend Your High School Try Uur Products and You Will Recomiiientl VS AMES GRAIN 64 COAL CO. 213 Duff 1 hone 6 l 7 aye one Im-nrl1'ecI twelve Excerpts from a Students Diary September 11-School starts in the new building and-students sign away their liberty for nine months. September 21-New students honored by a party at Lynn Fuhrer Lodge. September 22-Little Cyclones down North High ot Des Moines. ti to 0. September 28-New sehool building is dedicated: Governor VVilson was the speaker. October 6-Our first football loss sinee '36: Ames 13, Marshalltown 14. Oetober 14-We win :from Oskaloosa 13 to 0. October 19-The first. matinee danee is held in the study hall. October 20-It's homecoming, and the Ames eleven takes Perry 6 to O. November 2-3-No sehool! Teachers' Convention. November 8-Open houseg our building and classrooms are open for public inspection. November 9-The Hi-Y feeds the toot- ball team at Lynn Fuhrer Lodge. November 10-lqittle Cyclones end toot- ball season by downing Boone 13 to 0. November 15-It's another matinee danee, "Twilight and Turkey." December 22-The Girls' Olee Club gives animal Candle Light Service. January 24-We all danee to Tommy Swanke and his boys at the mid- year evening dance, "The Snow Carnival. " February 12-16-Annual Friendship XVeek, one ot the liighliglits of the school year, is led by Dr. Harold Laneaster of Ottumwa. February 21-VVe stagger through the "Sweetheart Honey Hop" and cele- brate the King's birthday, all in one afternoon. Mai-eh 1-2-Ames wins from Colo and Nevada in the seetional basketball tourney at Nevada, and advanee to the district. March 7-9-The Little tfyelones win from Tiineoln and Roosevelt of Des Moines and down Marshalltown in the finals. Ames goes to the state! Mareh 14-First' round of state tourna- ment: Ames 22, Albert City 10. March 15-Little Cyclones roll over Creston, champions of '39. March 16-Ames wallops Holstein's previously unbeaten tive, then loses to Mason City's Mohawks 41-30 in the final game. Mareh 19-Junior Class presents its annual play, The Nat' Form. March 27-State basketball tourney sportsmanship award given to Ames. April 19-20-Representatives from Iowa high sehools meet at lieadership Conference. April 19-High school vocal music groups present spring eoneert. May 8-Fort' Dodge and Boone musie groups meet in Ames for the an- nual Musie Festival. lXiay-11f'I'ennis and traek teams eom- pete in district meet. May 17-Senior dramatists present Klint! Lady. May 25-District winners in traek and tennis enter state meet. May 27-Seniors forget their dignity while attending Senior Pow Wow at the Boone HY" Camp. May 28-The Juniors and Seniors have their final fling together at the Junior-Senior Frolie. May 31-It's the day for report eards, and for the Seniors' diplomas. June 1-Golfers in state golf finals. Page one Inmrlrezl tlzfirteen Moore Bros. You crm IIZIUCUIS fall az senior, By the cure f rm uw-y hc's flrosscd You. can always fell rz j zmior, By H10 way he swells his clrf-xl. You crm rzlzmys fell zz sophomore, Dalry By his lJ8'll'1-ZIICITKZ look and .such You cfm frlufuyx fall rr- teacher, QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS But, you can 'I foll liar muclz. Phone 369 423 Fifth On llw bus Ilzc homely mrlidmz stands And sltmfls, and stands, and stands. Vilmek Bakery Congratulates AMES SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL on the First Year in its New Building INIJI-:i'lcN1mN'l' Gkotflsus' AI.1.1ANClc OF AM1cR1t:.x Nationally Known Foods at Budget Saving Prices Qa fz b , H it I Q7 ' 7 1 Rushings Food Mkt. "Your 1.G.A. Grocer" 323 Main Street Five Phones Call 353 Pa-ye one lzvzmdrefl fotcrteen National Cash Register Company 1019 Walnut Street Des Moines, Iowa Figure with Max Duiteh on your next automobile BUY A DODG E and save your money BEMANS BARBER SHOP HAIR CUTS 35c Under State Cafe VVQ work all year long so you can have Chicken and Noodles for Special T1'CfllS Rood Hatchery Superior Cleaners Odorless Cleaning-Sav-press Garments hold their press much longer 212 Main St. Ames, Iowa See The new HIGRCULES BIKE Easy Running and Speedy Built in Birmingham, England Guaranteed for 50 years The Nlorgan Store 213 Fifth After that important date take her to Maid-Rite Sandwich Shop "For the Best Hamburgers in Town" 107 Main Phone 1892 Fall Oil Company for Modernized Lubrication Fall lnn for Good Food KIMLER SERVICE for Qualily Coal lce Refrigeration Automatic Heat with STOKOL STOKERS Kimler Coal and lce Company Phones 241 and 833 Page one lmmulred fifteen YRESHMPLDUCT H INCINEULTOIS. - I T u I I . Mmlm 'AA X. TN'-Af PLRNUM LLLNDM " -:X YL, 5 - ., .,,1m: Ul um I 1:-in - i I ' - FAN Loom Qgmsf- .fNcxCAvAm . . , BAND Loom wow AM. STQAAGL -A CL 'STl PIACJZN ll I E BASEMENT PLAN TUNNEL UNDEL STFSEET TO JUNIOIL HIGH SCHGIVL :"' L SL F-iii" 1 - .- , Pmnvhm-erw-3 'Z . . , ' 7 XXX ' ' N-715 L X X L A L : ' 1 ff,-1 L I -lf KI , nuza I L ,XXL 'L Sli' "Q::g"iO1B'ffG3 , '5AF'H'5W4'l f ff XL X L ., 7 'WALL' ,'7 ' 'I ,lil N ' I A A A A A 'YN ' Lom FAN DafrLn,vALT 1 . . ' nm OLSLAGL LEW? STOUGE ULPLA LAAT or GYMNASLUM 1- Q! MEN IGIRIIS LISA MJ i T T - VSA N ,, 3, is ,J Q LDS DW " J ' - p,wi.!U1fA' WOML ' I. ' - f f ' - - iow il fEgifnl1i Gigi' 'Q Sm 1 fsncww nw KM .L-L L YIPSFAID ora "yi LW+Dl1-- 1 D Li!-.iii lv A-L NFLET 1 . IE. . L - Em L'-L: ' E we+e fw 2Ti - - L i ' ' ' 4 F .-' ' GIKLS LOCKEKS STAGE ENGLISH EEXELCISE LQOL STOLUEL Svcs LECFUKEKM A + AUS LM - - 'L H W Ll , 3 A A SPLLCH I BOYS IOCKERS A I QQ N' ' HLALLNLN , ENGLISH L l U A L F I H- l S 1' "" ' " my LM ET ' TOWEL W LLANGUAGLSQ J . H 1 SNOWLLS V15-TEAM Q ENGLISH I A A , Q-A-SS 'STUDENT f- E, , - - .L SHGWDT D LACTIVITIES -4 I 1 if , gig :il ' .l 0 I+ 2 gm! BOY S SOCIAL SCIENCE Ag 3 L 1 L ' H, S V SOCIALSCIENCE SOCIAL. SCIENCE LMS Q ' JOULNALLSM 15500 l X-'4u.L ,X ' J- ...D L 'TZFKTZZXIIIZZZZII' Tm LS.. 'IL Dngldxl rm ' W N ' -, h ' 'L L RK , 4, f BIOLOGY 1' SCIENCE LAB, om 1 LIBRARY STUDY HALL ONE f' . - -i-'- ---- -- -J---J-+- - -1:--A --- Page one I: IMLIZTU cl sixteen S ECOND FLOOR. PLAN xg. ,f , K X PAMUNG SPACE. I WJ? , ,I III. JL I I 2 ' Y ' " W ' ' ' If ' " "H" - --I.5T-,J-n.. STOKAGE Q STOLAGE N11 'X I I I . I I XWN IT, "' I 1 rcinrnof ,nLmcQmr,s I i U' , xg I fWMXNIx'XIX INN U ..,.,.,,.L, ,,,, ,1,,,,,,. I... .,.. ,.,,I. ,,.. l M" NH, , .. "' , , If V1 4 , I r MW I I I I N WIIIIIII II I. l- 1 r I STAGE ! II IL? ,I I I I gwssv 1 . fXGHMN,4f1UM A, .I III IJ , II T I- ww II ,x I I fry KI , I iff It I I I '-fsAsxmnA1.ifLr:uv.T amz' - I ff ff! ,' If UI I I I ,IH 4 3 J' W I I fix! If fm OFF, fuwvu-,---.,'1-W-. iiffviiiu lic 'lil " v I I I 1 I - W I Pdnwmc ,5l.sAcnmLs 4 - ,, . , NUMB I I I 1 I I I . . U' -I I- - f- iv- , vp, Y .N X I I V, M sToLAGe z srouoa Im IL NQII 'H U , . ,A A Siam vocm. WTICH j MEQH. OW VM, I HOME X5 DILAWING .- fl:-:lug -A--,-f --I me-'lf' 4 MAKING? ! I FACULTY I M FINA I S I LUNCH Q EEFK mf. ICAFETELIA A Q. PT I I OFREQWI 1 I COUPJ' fl ' A 1 X, - ' INDUS1 KIAL I ART ' ul ARIS HOME T Y MAKING '-lv' 1 S11 , , f , f . P , ,QI f T Q f MATHEMATICS j S , I f I IKIQMNIM HOL BOYS 1 MWWMA-HCS w TEACHERS Icarus E II gags ' Loman 1 ,,Q I wld, mfg. MN - ' mm IIIIIIIIEII ' To - J I STOI' V -I I I 3 IF I Ml' , Ezzrvvmzrrrrxlnnm ljzmnnmwtnj.. F Efilunnuxrl mu.-numrnn mn "1 'T'-4-1' LOIHY BH- I ' VAULT STOIL I VAULT 'Q I M., IBOALD KM 'i COM!-IEILCIAL MCH COMMERCIAL c:omM5ns:1AL I -if sm 4 " ' W ... .. PILINCIMI. sum I: U ve s1'mULL vwon' ADVI sons VW OH- Z- Y - A- 1 , , 1-1 1: :n:x 1 - - , if -firm-:gn-1 i-249-4 -JE?-'l A If I LSI If LOCDIQ PLAN S-JQLN F. SENIGR HIGH SCHQOL BUILDING 'AMES IOWA TINSLEY MCISILOOM AND HIGGINS APLC!HITE.C'I'S'DES momns IOWA I I I .- 1 , , ,, , i ,,-,.,,,,W-w..-,,.---..3,.,-f CLARK. AVE., Main Floor Prwc unc Ill!-7'LC17'lKI seventeen I ! S XTH STILEET IDEAL AMES HIGH GIRL I-I rt rs I I Cadqua 6 I'IiII1'-IXDH BICCOl'IT110li for l'lyes-Barbara. Caine Figure-Donna Sanvain Sportswear Brains-Eileen Dudgeon S1 'mkq Personal it X--G1'0IPl1Cl1 Young c L lflamls-I'Ia1'1'ieT Hein Jackets Clotlles-Miriam Kindermzxn Suits Smile-Peggy Rushing Leos-IN'larv Gilchrist S .t x U ' Wea ew Voice-Betty Severeid Hats Complexion-Beverly Ann Dunlap Enggnadag VDlTl1DlGS-GIYICC BFOWI1 TWO-Somes Nose-Olive Peterson Poisc-Janot Clyde Anklets "Put sal! along your leftuco rows for , , I slugs," rzd'm'.ses rzl gcn'dcnin.g note. MENSNX LAR Conmmmf: Notlzing doing.: let thc lifile bligllfcrs cat the xfujff 'llf7:HI01lI. UN eil UNITED FUQD Dairy Company STQRES "The landing brclruls for sold at refzsonable 26 YEARS f"'m" our Products have been sold in Ames THE COMMUNITY knows UN eil Products We Appreciate Your Patronage DOWNTOWN WEST AMES E. G. HART, Owner Page one Im-ndred eighteen IDEAL AJIES IIIGII BOY H air-Ben Ross Eyes-Ilrrmlfl S11 ugurt Felgurc-Bob Vifqzwivz B 1'f11fn,.s'-E11 Col lists IJC'l'S0'lLCll7:fjl-IfIliJC?'f Huggies Hfm1d.s-Ilcrmi Bailey Uloflvcs-Don. McCord Smile-R0mni'ne lVoocZu'n1'fZ Legs-John Rice Voice-Churles Likely C'omple:zfi01i-H11gli Cort D-imiples-Bi'-use Firh'e'n.s N ose-K eitlv, Berry Poise-Spmzccr VCI-'l1d0l'l'Ii'lldC7l' A teacher is one who has n, special desk in every classroom and to whom students come every day to receive as- signments. CONC! RA TULA TIONS and BEST WISHTIGS To Our New High Schoo1's First Graduates Runyzufs DfX Service Open 24 Hours Lincoln Way and Duff Phone 597 L.xmn Hsnms SAM Sixrrru, Our Congratulations Harris 64 Smith BARBER SHOP SAM lVIl'l'c.1-ncr.L V1 RGIL Wm-:Ks HE welfare desks in the ClZ1SSl'0OITlS and study hall in the new Ames High School represent the latest development in school desks. P0lf'C3l3lC PCClES'C3l' I Y C 7 design peruiitting niiniinnin space i"equii'en1ents, adds to classroom effieieney. Adjustable fezitures for both the pedestal and the desk top perinit the fitting ol? the desk to the student for eonifort and correct posture. Welfare Engineering Compan VV A UK EG A N, Il LIJINO IS Page one lzfundrerl inineteen Ames Machine Shop Automobile and Machine Repairing Prompt Service 820 Second St. Ames, Iowa Phone 983 A gurgoylc 'l'S'SU7llFHI1i'Plg you swallow u'l1c'n you 7111170 U .wore flzroclf. A seliool is a building, usually brick, lo whivh siuclents Come every day, ex- c-ept S2llll1'ClE1j' and Sunday, io sit' and chow The rag. Fricmls uni anyone 'who will lend you nmnoy. Myone Beauty Shop "Over Don Beum's" 31515 Main .I 1cANl':'1'T1c DALE, Mmam, Lfxcrz, Proprietor Operator Phone 527 "If 'it's Insuruzme or Real Estate, we have it" Fire - Automobile - Vacation Accident and Personal Effects- Accident and Health- Central Life Policies for all Ages A. 1. MARTIN MUNN ELECTRIC CQMPANY 311 Main St. Phone 500 Allan Motor Company CHEVRO LET and BUICK Always Crood Used Cars Phone 103 5th 8: Douglas Page one lmmtlred twenty A pep club girl is ii femaile who wears an off-color orange jacket and who zit- tends every game and makes it impossi- ble for other observers to hear wliaizls going on by continually singing songs 01' yelling bloody threats. QMemb0rs of this group often assault people in the halls and force them with Threats of sziboteige 'fo buy tickets To games they clidn't wanna see anyhoW.j JAMESONS DOWNTOWN COLLEGE for YOUNG MEN 'S WEARINGS APPAREL Community Grocery and Market "A Wide Variety of Groceries and Meats at Recisomible Prices" 114 Duff Phone 52 Gczrnients made to your ilidividiial measure and giiamnteed Men's Suits ...... 823.95 up Ladies' Suits ...... 521.95 up Pants, Ladies' Slacks . . . S 7.90 up Lawrie the Tailor 216 Main St. G-OOD FOOD H. L. Munn at K R Lumber Co. LIIKZ estaurant 308 Main 24-Hour Service Established 1891 DEVOE PAINTS Repairing, Refinishing and Upholstei-ine GLASS All Types of Chair Caning and Fiber Rush Seating INSULATION johnson Furniture Shop 165 02111112115 Main at Duff Phone 2 Phone 1635 Ames, Iowa Page one lmmclred twenty-rme Snaps - ,.. ,gi -:mfr N . . , ,.,.,..---rv K- . Page one lnlmrlred twenty-two Helen Olson and Grace Berg Girls' best friend Drinkin' men Kenny Ruggles property Phil and Bob in Refle mp t-ion IT'S FU . . . we like To print 4... when- ever a specially nice job comes along such as the SPIRIT. We fuss among ourselves deciding who will get to work on it. . . . then when it is all clone, we get as mueli kiek just tilting back in our chair and beaming' at it, as you do yourselves. Coiigratulations on a fine SPIRIT. I ,453 TRI B U PUBLISHING Co. Phone 180 Ames, Iowa MCDOWELL INSURANCE AGENCY 316 Main Phone 51 Ames, Iowa LIFE ACCIDENT AUTOMOBILE Dunlap Motor Co. Sales--OLDSMOBILE-Service Ames, Iowa .... Phone 813 Official AAA Garage FLORENCE LIANGFORD GIFTS Masonic Building For that "Well-G1'oon1ed" Appearance Patronize Edna l3arber's BEAUTY SHOP 3005 Main St. Phone 809W Page one lrzmdred twenty-ilu ee Insurance FIRE LIFE AUTOMOBILE Seaman A. Knapp Phone 109 ' Masonic Building 108 Hayward Avenue Palmer Plumbing Co. PLUMBING AND HEATING ELECTRICAL HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES Phone 1091 Ames, Iowa lf'A.ll0Z'S LIST WORDS Ralph Sfills: Happy jirecirill. Ilcrbie Iiuggles: Hoy, Pcggy! Jlurjori0 Rupe: Fw los! if. Miss While: I u'011dm'. Mr. IIarms: I spool! all Idsf period frying fo fi-nd HIC Third floor in this In za iloling. Mr. Krmncr: I do-n'f even cure 'if you 120717 came fo dass. . Emma Wullncc: Gosh, I fwl silly! Bcfly Ann Il,'6l'S071,.' If's ll secret. Willmr illclizffosh: Tmclmr, wlvul you .wifi his 9101 True. Peggy Ilclser: I had Nm u'0irde.sf drmm lust 'lllTfjIII. A Singer Sewing Machine Co. Our coinpany-compliments the local school officials for choosing Singer Sewing Machines in equip- ping the Home Economics Depart- ment of the Ames Senior High School. We welcome the mothers of all students to visit our Dis- tributoi-'s shop at 302 KELLOGG AMES, IOWA Ames I-ligh's Favorite Rendezvous Steaks Samlwiclies H2ll'llIJIl1'g'Ql'S Fountain Sci-vice ARTS By the Collegian Page one hzmclred tfmveoity-fam' Au ucqllailmlllce is one who has lout you money. A fire squad boy is U -malc who ufnrm-.S fl rod sfripv 071 his arm and 'zrlzose 'main purpose in life is loo .sac Um! all Hua lights in Hzc Ymlls are off, ilrus omrlriozg ?Jl'7"Il.'0f'll class fl'1Il'UZ prnciicrzlly cz S1lI.t"lf!ZIIl propo- saflion. fTl10yfp1'0babl.ll halve ll clcnl ou 106171 11- flush Hgh! C0'Hl11lHl'1j.7 CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS Eschbach Music House BALDWIN PIANOS DUDGEONS Matllison JEWELRY Motor REGISTERED-JSEWEER CO. AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Established 1893 Ford - Mercury - Lincoln Zephyr AMES-NEVADA De Luxe Drink a Bite to Eat Cleanefs and , at Laundry - 'f0"., 5 0 -Lf -'NJ 4, WRAQQAR-Q., ,. AMES LAUNDRY 218 Fifth Street K AMES, IOWA il 11 cl Page one huudrecl twenty-five K Snaps Page 0'i7,97!,1l'7lCl7'6CZ twenty-six Ames defeats Creston Packin' it in Four reasons for victory The final game XF X .IAHN AND OLLIER AGAI N I L. ... Repeaied accepiance by discriminating Year Book Boards has inspired and sustained the Jahn 8. Ollier slogan that gcfhers increas- ing significance with each succeeding year. Page one lmnrlrefl twenty-semren Look In the Mirror . . . Then take care of the person you see in the mirroi Start a Bank Account Now at the Union Story Trust 64 Savings Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Capital and Surplus, S125,000.00 Mr, Harms: HDO you know that a fool van ask more questions than ai wise man can answer if f' Pupil: "Yes, sir, thats why I failed in that test yesterday." Assign-ments nrt complficriivd plans for u lol of urork 'wlriclz crazy sfudcnl copies buf, if lin his riglzit mind, never looks at after leaving school. Student Supply Store South of Campus Headquarters for ' Wright and Diston Tennis Rackets and Sporting Goods When you are ready to start that vueation trip, just liavv il little talk with our INTERSTATE TRANSIT LINE Bus Agent at the SHELDON-MUNN HOTEL. Let him tell, you about our AIR CONDITIONED SUPER-COACH SERVICE, our ECONOMICAL RATES, and CONVENIENT and FREQUENT SCHED- ULES. No mutter how long or short the trip call on this agent or phone him at 1900. Sample Fare Sample Frequent Schedule OMAHA DES MOINES 582.50 One VVay S 110 A.M.-10 :30 A.M.-1 :3U P.M'. 3100 RM. 344.50 Round Trip 6:15 RM.-7 110 RM.-10:25 P.M. Interstate Transit Lines Pav ge one h'u.nd1'ecl twenty-eight This glamour stuff Is all the bunk, I x wlzat I tlzink, Bccuz, A glamour girl Is 1l,'I1f1l I r1i7L'l And 1071 ni I 'wislz I u'-ue. Swing is organized disorgnnizution. , HQ5 4 ff ' 71,8 X90 AUGE 41,5 CO QU' , vi as is A iq 4 . ' xx S' 9 e! LaGrange Insurance Agency General Agency Washington National Insurance Company Life-Health-Accident- Auto-Fire-Compensation Nights, Sundays, Holidays Call 2128 Carr Hardware Bldg. Phone 763 WEST GMES F. T. TALBERT JEWELER Ames' Newest JEWELRY STORE First, Door East of Montgomery Ward B.6zW. INN Across from Lake LEl'VC1'1l GOOD HAMBURG 'ERS Always the best for less in Drugs and Sundries at DIXGNS Cut Rate Drug Store Page one IL'lb'ILd7'9fl t'1uenty-nine Snaps Page one lmmdred tlrirty Snowball Fight Johnny and Ellen dance Miss Guard smiles Nut Farm publicity 1 ,G ,l.,,U Corbin Locks Philco Radios Lennox Furnaces Lowe Bros. Paints Speed Queen Washers G. E. Ref1'igerato1's Sheet Metal Tin Shop More than 16,000 Different things in this store for youx' convenience CHINAVVARE COMPLETE TOY DEPARTMENT Carr Hardware Co. Phone 124 College Savings Bank VVEST ANIES Beef burgers e Conie in and Try Theni The Iowa Cafe 105 Welch American Theatre Supply Company of Sioux Falls, South Dakota is happy to have iiistzillcd the stage equipment in the ult1'a-n1od- ern nuditoriuni in Amos High Congratulatioiis to the Class of 1940 and To the student body of AMES HIGH Ames Reliable Products Co. School' Ames Iowa P11410 one h.mulrcfl-tlzfirty-o'ne Q lVlcCurdy 64 Briley - -le' BARBER SHOP -Qgggqgj-7 'li Our Pride: 1 20 years' service to Ames student? 4 . 1' -in - Umlfr Ames Bzlilding K Loan, Flowers For All Occasions GOOD FOOD Corsages Our 'iSpeciz1lty" at An Autllorizud Telegraipli Delivery REASONABLE PRICES Florist Two Shops Downtown College College lnn 2426 Lincoln NVay Ben Cole and Son Building Materials and General Contracting PHONE 83 Page one lmmulrccfl t7L'i1'ty-tivo r .LE-f u 1 X F sri -.-1. J If P -K,. :ASX 2WgxT 5 ZX . :fr::- . I if 255 ' mffwqh, 1 I N Ji . P 'ni' i H K Q lA l 2 If N-I nl 'I 5 ':3,' --- - ' .... 'I ll-l LI l iii'--1 5 1- . N N -- -.,.. , .. A xxx ----.... Em bf QQ W TM' "" ' "f-air'-4-rg'r"'E-.. 'V-' ""'ll-1" IZYI ff5CHOOLf '-Qi.

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