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PEDERSEN BARBARA PENNEY ARLENE PETE . BARBARA TAYLOR JOE TAY ELNORA AHRENS BOB ALLEN ARLENE ANDER TED BATEMAN MARGARET BATES HAROLD BEF GAYLE BLACKSTEN SEDALIA BOWMAN JIN FLORENCE BYRNES BETTY CARTER JOHN C MAURICE CHRISTENSEN GEORGE CLARK OR REX COUGHENNOWER EUGENE COX GERALDIN BARBARA DAVIS: EARL DAVIS VIRGIL DAVIS ВС REYNOLDS EMERSON LOREN ENKE RICHARD FARNI VIRGINIA FRAZIER MARY ALICE FRIED WILLIAM GALLOWAY EDALEE GASTROCK E GIBB DONALD GILCHRIST JEAN GILCHRIST RU EVELYN HARVEY MARJORIE HAAS VINCENT JAY GRACE JONES BILL KAIGH RALPH KELI KING FRANK KING GENEVIEVE KIRKPATRICK 1 —LASEUR HERBERT LIGHT MARIE LINDQUIST MSHONE MILDRED MSILRATH ARCHIE MADISO! ELINOR MILLER MARY MINOTT JIM MITCHE MORGAN RICHARD MORGAN MARY MORRIS: NELSEN CAROLINE NELSON GWEN NETCOT i NICHOLSON DON OLSON GEORGE OLSON EL PRUITTDON RADCLIFFE ROGER RAY POLLY JAN CHARLES RICE ADELAIDE RICHARDSON. GENEVI ROBERT ROBERG ED ROSS AL ROTHACKER LEON LEROY SCHEUERMANN MARY SCHWEIGER Mil . SHIPP BILLY SHOCKLEY THEONE ЭНОЕМ . STEPHENSON NYALS St) eee TY SWEAR ` е; í g I ` Cé e d ort = ا‎ 4 ( í 5 ) j Е ° x |» І " m ae Be TS м j Е Р Yes " : ж " % к dte v | | A - р , 4 „у , Ф e — Ns Ee: DN D — x | A | Wi ` a à | LA EE: A Te € Be xa Y | | | | ; ES ҰС ۸ X BI оры Ки | е | эг ТА) | =, муч әм у, | | 7 d b 27 LN | ч | A H ч e = h £ v uo vi | | | , | qu MILLIA i I “ . ™ Le ` | zin жы. e? 2 | і š ° у " d ! ° f т.т ` к чү А " p EL » 1 x= Gen, ! j ` Г a k i i - " I І г ү ! r { а Ç I I | ` I I “ | à - Ah r I Ат CU Í ` ж l í “ . š $ bu, Ar и см Pr ` d bk wx D Ё 4 2 š —— ИШ I 4 E " 1 y ? ы EB: EE. UV P e Ké % Е b 5 " 4 : ` " mm I = ` X ` 12 Ge e em i Й j Ge Е; - A | 2 f ' Ғы” x 58 7 en | " » “=. " k Е: i d ' 7 4 | M A Av А e ! ! ( ‚ чч - ; “ D A s FS A dr dr gn dr A 7 27 | | | E АРЬЕ TÍ . | ` | a К , “Ж 4 A қы”?! L M I м Q Et | AV 11 | KA к= А җе = " 5 " жн Sa РЕ Ру ато C IE ! I l | | | GL: OR © “” h i Е 4 = | т x + Ce i Je I І Қ. ja I l Ú 2 1 =. I ' 4, i 4% Ë | D - - = — i 4” ` u - w l ww ! E ң - e В А e Lei — — —— D E LINE s Ta A wu ГИН =—A Ч . — —— x p U w مف‎ — E " n 57 ———— D m h ah ‘ í ' D і 1 | 3 tie Е о UR r. Fin 2 ' ж L] Ad | | oe a DN oe u ath) eo. 3 w Wée, | ` к” Е zk, ` TE 725 P La e X. p gi ч . خش‎ — “ Se Yy | BoB ASH WINNIFRED ASKEWART BARKER Í RUTH BECHTEL RANDI BERGE BOB BEST CK BERTHA BURKHARDT ESTHER BUTLER DS BETTY CHRISTENSEN CLARKE CHRISTENSEN LARK GORDON CLYDE ROMA JEAN COOPER РЕОМАМ JIM CUE DOROTHY CUNNING HAM DEMING JUNE DUDGEON MILDRED DUNNING ©. KICKSON DALE ERWIN MAXINE FALL HELEN H WARREN FRIEST NORMAN FULMER ` | GEIGER LURA GERDES DICK GERNES ALLAN IGILMAN ARLYN GRINSTEAD NOBLE HAMILTON PRICK HOWARD HUG DICK HUMMEL JOHN R BETTEJANE KERN DWIGHT KESTER ANITA ERED KNUTHS MARY JANE LANNING HARVEY INNE LOOMIS PHYLLIS MSDOWELL VIRGINIA EX MASON NORVELLA MENTEN DON MINERT VALLACE MITCHELL WILMA MOORE MARGARET IN MORRISSEY KENNETH MYERS MARGURITE. IMETT NEWBY HELEN NICHOL FLORENCE ОК OLSSON JOAN O'NEIL BOB OTT NORMAN ‘DN DORIS PLAGGE NORENE PRATT DOROTHY 1 EDDY MARY JANE REED GENE REYNOLDS RICHARDSON JEAN RIEDESEL DOROTHY RIGGS IGGLES DALE SALISBURY CHARLES SCHAFER ED SEVERSON ROBERT SHEARER THELMA I SMITH MARIE SPRATT JEANE STANGE МАХІМЕ EN ELIZABETH SWEENEY DOROTHY SWENDSON IN NS с СС Y JESSI IE WALLACE DOROTHY WALLER d WIL СОХ БАГЕ М WINKLEPLECK DOROTHY " m E " г ` B E E © e ki ы” Жж А - жщ u А r Е ret aT сыс THE SPIRIT. 1938 Ames High School, Ames, lowa í EDITOR " 2 we e 2. Ruta GILMAN BUSINESS MANAGER . . Doris PLAGGE ADVERTISING MANAGER . CHARLES Rice Sponsors . Miss Canvin, Mr. Harms | wë Rem UT ETT 21 7 BT ANT HIE. Fm OF BES AE EDD TW SEN LA Oe 8 BO EES EE SOU Un anm 5. ЧАЛ) — —r тет ақыр тыл D SERGE -Sap تیف نمی ا‎ анаан wa 2 Oo a m VAR mo ct n m = T қ а ы ` g «эб 3 LE» 7 y = TE тт к і x ACTIVITIES Li aer am ЖУУ AM IA | ж” Y Е à е É. KR “ be. he -- Р Zei x | Back Row: M. Anderson, Mary Taff, O. Clark, C. Hein, Wellhouse, Park, A. Anderson, Kildee. Second Row: T. Johnston, Cunningham, Bowman, M. Bates, Mcllrath, Stange, Wallace, Vanderlinden. ront Row: R.Ross, J. Taylor, Mathison, Plagge, Gilman, Rice, R. Shearer, Fischer. Opivit Statt = = EDITOR : 2 š , : š š , RUTH GILMAN AssISTANT EDITORS š : : KATHLEEN KILDEE, CHARLOTTE HEIN BusINEss MANAGER : ң ; 2 š š : Doris PLAGGE ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGERS . ) . MURIEL PARK, RONALD Ross ADVERTISING MANAGER А CHARLES RICE ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGERS ; Mary Tarr, Dick MATHISON ART EDITOR š З . . - . À JEANE STANGE ASSISTANT ART EDITOR s . š ; ARTHUR FISCHER ORGANIZATION EDITOR , , 1 MARIE ANDERSON FEATURE EDITOR . , ; , , ! . MILDRED McILRATH SNAPSHOT EDITOR М - i и А WiLLIAM WELLHOUSE SENIOR EDITOR . š š н . RoBERT SHEARER JUNIOR EDITOR . š š : ; ¿ , . TED JOHNSTON SOPHOMORE EDITOR : e J , SPENCER VAN DER LINDEN Boys ATHLETICS EDITOR . ; i : : aor S. (ОЕ DLAYLOR GIRLS’ ATHLETICS EDITOR қ d : ; DOROTHY CUNNINGHAM TYpisTS . ; . ARLENE ANDERSON, SEDALIA.BOWMAN, JESSIE WALLACE PROOF READERS : 5 1 А . 1 MARGARET BATES, ORA CLARK SPONSORS š : А : : š d Mr. Harms, Miss CANVIN Back Row: A. Richardson, Geiger, R. Shearer, L. Ruggles, O. Clark. Second Row: Sweeney, Berge, Fall, Nichol, Kern, R. Gilman, Friedrich. Front Row: Cunningham, Byrnes, Miss Spatz, Miss Mackin, Plagge, J. Taylor. Back Row: В. Паук, Plagge, Gastrock, R. Gilman, Mary Taff, M. Anderson, Front Row: R. Shearer. Miss Wilcox, McIlrath, Miss Braunwarth, Rice. Honor Societies NATIONAL Honor Society continued this year taking its usual active part in school affairs. Supervising the school's annual Red Cross drive, the organ- ization achieved remarkable success. As a Christmas project, the club acted as the Junior Red Cross agent, collecting toys, magazines, and candy to send to the Soldiers’ Orphans Home in Davenport, lowa. Membership in this national organization is based on four cardinal objectives: Character, scholarship, leadership and service. Officers are: Joe Taylor, president; Doris Plagge, vice-president; Florence Byrnes, secretary; Dorothy Cunningham, treasurer. Miss Helen Mackin and Miss Lelah Spatz are the sponsors. о 25 Doris PLAGGE, - —— CYUILL and Scroll is an international honorary society, founded to reward worthy high school journalists. Students of Ames High may enter the local chapter by their outstanding work on the Web, or the Spirit staff. Officers elected by the organization for the year 1937-38 were: president, Bob Shearer; vice-president, Fdalee Gastrock; secretary-treasurer, Marie Anderson. Bos SHEARER, 28. Twe — Glee (olubs — X LTHOU GH the Boys’ Glee Club is the smallest of the three vocal music groups ot Ames High, it is a very active and versatile organization. The group participated in the production of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin, " and in the March concert of all vocal organizations. The officers are Bill O'Neil, president; Bob Crosley, vice-president; Charles Speck, secretary; and Kirk McGuire, librarian. BILL O’ NEIL, 39. " THE Girls Glee Club, turning aside this year from its previous program of concentration on contest work, has given much of its attention to individual training. One of the highlights this year for the Girls’ Glee Club was the impressive Candlelight Service, given the afternoon before Christmas vacation began. A successful program was given on March 25 in cooperation with the Mixed Chorus and Boys’ Glee Club. Officers were: Bettejane Kern, president; Dorothy Samp- son, vice-president; Thelma Shipp, secretary; and Mary Lou Springer, librarian. KATHLEEN KILDEE, 39. Back Row: E. Morris, D. Carey, McGuire, Pugh, Friest. Second Row: Donelson, ХУ. Waters, Розерате, R. Tripp, Speck, Truesdell. Front Row: Crosley, A. Tripp, W. O’Neil, Miss Bower, M. Ross, Polhemus, Inman. = — — Back Row: F. Becton, Dudley, N. Gilchrist, Helser, Pallas, Paddock, Hill, Arrasmith, Shipp. Third Row: R ood, Glazebrook. D. Downs, Stuhlsatz. М. Morgan, A. Richardson, Nicholson, Porter, Springer, F. Mitchell. | Second Row: Brooker, Ringgenberg, Marg. McDonald, Firkins, Giese, Hendrickson, Runnells, Kildee. D. Becton, A. Christensen. Front Row: M. Morris, H. Taylor. H.McDowell, Kern, Miss Bower, Sampson, Levine, C. Hein, Yeomans. Three Back Row: M. Ross, D. Carey, E. Butler, F. King, G. Reynolds, B. Jones, W., O'Neil, Mulhall, R. Tripp, D. Stafford, G. Coover. Third Row: Dunagan, Menze, McIntosh, A. Tripp, Crosley, Donelson, Himmel, Posegate, Likely, Greene, Leffler, Hubert Ruggles. Second Row: A. Christensen, Dudley, Glazebrook, Rupe, Levine, Hendrickson, Sampson, Cunningham, C. Hein, Dudgeon, Cronan, Yetter. Front Row: M. Coover, Waller, Riggs. Ringgenberg, Nicholson, Miss Bower, Porter, Byrnes, Whirüeld, Yeomans, Park. Mixed, (chorus Ee UIDED by Bill Jones as president, Charlotte Hein as vice-president, Mary Hen- drickson as lıbrarian, and Dorothy Cunningham as secretary-treasurer, and in- structed by Miss Edna Bower, the Mixed Chorus of 1937-38 was destined to become a superior group. The first six weeks were spent in voice training, and in November the music and dramatic departments presented " Uncle Tom's Cabin. " The combined music organizations sang negro spirituals and modern music of that character which lent a little more realism to the southern plantation setting. The second performance of Mixed Chorus was the annual Christmas program given at the Methodist Church, which scored another success for the group. The new schedule brought difficulties in practicing, and because of the many conflicts, participation in contest had to be omitted this year. To replace this yearly thrill, new robes were purchased for the members, and to pay for these, a benefit concert was given in March. The County Festival and several church programs brought the season to a close. And so, with a successful year behind them, the seniors bequeath to the under-classmen their treasured instructor, a library of beautiful music, and a name they may be proud to carry on. 38. JUNE DUDGEON, Four | i t | ў i м an " we. uw лы, —— - Өл ы» nr a ETT urn Back Row: Foster, Mathison, Schubbert, G. Olson, McGuire. J. Myers. Second Row: O. Clark, В. Taylor, Plagge, Helser, Nichol, Sweeney, McElyea, Front Row: Galligan, Mary Taff, L. Wilkin, Caine, Mr. Smith, В. Iverson, Кире, В. Davis. ‘Dramatic (olub R EMINISCENCES of slavery, negro spirituals, the villainy of the heartless Legree, the cries of Eliza as she escapes over the ice, and the dramatic activities of Ames High are under way with the perennial favorite “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” Under the direction of L. Wayne Smith, a most capable new staff member of the dramatic department, the play was produced with great facility and finesse. The cast, numbering two hundred, was one of the largest ever assembled for high school production. Not only was this an assemblage of a great cast, but it was attended by a very large audience. The production was supported by unusually capable technical crews and an active publicity department, as well as talent from the music division. The ofħcers of the club for this year are as follows: president, Dick Mathison; vice-president, Ora Clark; secretary, Barbara Giese; treasurer, Kathleen Kildee; make-up manager, Mary Taff; business manager, Marie Anderson; publicity man- ager, Doris Plagge. Judging from the success of these plays, one may look forward to any of Mr. Smith's productions. Dick MATHISON, 739, Га e e re E EE ES xod. adi амы” s Sat س‎ n Back Row: D. Thompson, D. Wilkins, Van Vlack, Mr. Smith, Wellhouse, T. Johnston, Schmidt, Second Row: Carty, Kildee, Mezvinsky, Riedesel, Dunagan, Giese, Evans, Olive. Front Row: M. Taff, M. And erson, Waller, Wallace, Cunningham, H. Hein, J. Johnston. Five Director: Richard Day; Drum Majors: Campbell, Weeks, Knight, Mahannah; Head Drum Major: Brooker; Clarinet: Puffett, G. Buck, G. Richardson, Mahone, Kuck, D. Wilkins, Ullestad, Himmel, R. Thompson, T. Heggen, Satre, Busby; Cornets: DeHart, B. Fulmer, B. Buck, J. Rice, Beach, McIntosh, Flaugher, D. Stafford, Hummel, Kress; Saxophone: Lapp, Leininger, A. Grinstead, Carlson; Trombone: Likely, B. Grinstead, M. Burk, Martin, J. Elliott, N. Fulmer; Bass Horn: J. Taylor, E. Butler, Erwin, J. Buck; Drums: D. Carr, Cady, B. Stafford; Bass Drum: Braun: French Horn: B. Sills, Quist, Eichling, Fischer; Baritone Horn: D. Heggen, Morlin, K. Beresford; Bassoon: Clyde; Flute: Meads, Kirkpatrick, Vance; Bells: Baird; Oboe: McCracken; Bass Clarinet: Forman. ‘Band HE Ames High band has made fine improvement this school year. Our aim of a more perfect instrumentation and better music has been more nearly accomplished this year than in any other year of Band history. Our aims are steadily advancing, and we are enjoying our work and recreation. The concert band is composed of sixty members and five substitutes. Forty-five of these are in high school. The officers of the band this year are: Norman Fulmer, president; Bill Eichling, vice-president; Ellis Butler, secretary; and Richard Thompson, librarian. The marching band played at all home football games and demonstrated many new formations. In the fall we secured new drum majors uniforms and on Armistice Day went to Boone for the Boone-Ames football game. The Pep Band played for all home basketball games. Since the first of the year, the band has rehearsed in the music pavilion. The Dance Carnival, spensored by the Band and Orchestra Parents Association, helped raise money for the new uniforms which we plan to secure next fall. The concert band received an invitation. to play for the State Teachers’ Convention in Des Moines, November, 1938. The Third Annual Home Solo Contest was very successful with forty par- ticipating in fifteen divisions. The concert band entered the state music contests. Our masterwork this year was “Egmont Overture” by Beethoven; we also have quite a variety of numbers in our repertoire. This year two small groups were entered in the state music contest: the French woodwind quintet and the brass sextet. In April the concert band presented its annual spring concert. Many of the band members participated in the Story County Music Festival. We are looking‘ forward to a better band next year with the fine foundation which we have built up this year. Six BILL ErcHLING, 39. Ames High Swingsters and Orchestra — ата T HE Ames High Swingsters’ organization came into being this year under the direction of Mr. Day. In return for playing at the matinee dances, the swing- sters were furnished with music by the school. In addition to playing at the matinee dances, the band played at a theater party for the football team at the Collegian theater on December Ach, and at the Band Parents’ Benefit Dance on February 4th at the Fieldhouse. ELLIS BUTLER, " An. NSTEAD of dreaming during the last dramatic moments of the three high school plays, orchestra members busied themselves finding the next piece. We gladly overlooked this inconvenience, however, due to the excellent seats given us; a one- fourth cut in the proceeds was not the least of our many advantages this year. Other appearances were made at Commencement and Baccalaureate. The Ames High Theater Orchestra differs from the All-School Symphony Or- chestra of former years in that it plays a lighter type of music and is made up only of high school students. GENEVIEVE KIRKPATRICK, 38. E. Butler, Г. Воск. H. Hug, Sorenson, Dorchester, La Seur. mt Row: Kern, Lapp, T. Heggen., Mr. Day, Crosley, Flaugher, D. Heggen, Stafford, Taylor. Director: Richard Day; Violins: Dorchester, Mur. McDonald, A. Miller, Larson, Campbell, McCormick, McCoy, LaSeur; Flutes: G. Paulson, Meads; Cellos: L. Young, Whitfeld, Derby, Yetter; Oboe: McCracken; Clarinets: Swartz, Kuck; Bassoons: Braun, Clyde; Cornets: D. Stafford, Hummel, Beach; French Horn: Quist; Trombone: Elliott; Drums: Flaugher; Bass: J. Taylor; Bass Viol: J. Buck, КігЕрасгісе; Piano: Baird. Seven in АЛ” on k? EEN Back Row: Мг. Donels, Radcliffe, 'G. Coover, Wellhouse, Mulhall. Geiger, Mr. Wells. Front Row: R. Morgan, Minert, Hummel, Willcox, B. Jones, West. Hi-Y — 2 ITHE Hi-Y this year had as its purpose the idea of creating friendship between boys and girls and the goal of helping others. Meetings held during the vear were very successful in many ways. Firesides were held for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. At these firesides the boys had entertainment, meetings, and food. The turnouts for these firesides were fine, and the purpose of the Hi-Y was being established. А few of the Hi-Y cabinet had the pleasure of attending the state Hi-Y Convention in Davenport, for the purpose of learning new wavs of betterine our . с Hi-Y and gaining friendships. While attending, those present went on a tour, attended classes, and went to a football game. In all, a very fine time was had. Many activities were carried on this year by the Hi-Y, including candy sales at all football and basketball games, firesides, a vocational fireside, a Father-Son banquet, and the traditional " Big Brother " aid to new students. This year the boys again cooperated with the Girl Reserves in holding the Friendship Conference with the Rev. Mr. Feller of Sioux City as speaker. Of all the works of the Hi-Y, probably the finest are the giving of Thanksgiving baskets to the more unfortunate of Ames, and the preparation of Christmas gifts for the inmates of the County Home. The boys agree that they derived as much pleasure from the gifts as the recipients did. The students this year enjoved the opportunity of hearing а “С” тап from Des Moines. He was a very able speaker and an inspiration to all high school students. His fine ideas should have been a " push " for every student who has hopes of going the right way. The success of this year is due to the fine help from the students and teachers and the aid of the sponsor, Mr. Wells. With such fine backing it is hardly possible for a group to do anything but go forward. Мг. Wells has been here but a few years, but with his help and the aid of Mr. Donels, the Hi-Y realizes the importance of fine men in young folks’ activities. Officers for the first semester were Milton Willcox, president; Bill Jones, vice- president; Dick Hummel, secretary; and Kenneth West, treasurer. During the second semester, the officers were Bill Jones, president; Kenneth Donelson, vice- president; Bob Christensen, secretary; and Harry Skerry, treasurer. MiLTON Wirrcox, 38. Eight | | | | =S Zx ua. ui Re dien AE. A3 MH CHA +. Lë Girl “Reserve ЕЕЕ " I will do my best to honor God, my country, and my community, to help other girls, and to be in all ways a loyal, true member of Girl Reserve” is the goal of every true Girl Reserve. Following initiation. of new members into Girl Reserve, which was held at the Methedist Church last fall, Girl Reserve began a very successful but broken-up year because of the new school program. At Thanksgiving time Girl Reserve and Hi-Y sponsored the annual Thanks- giving basket program in which each homeroom was assigned to provide a Thanks- giving dinner for one unfortunate family of Ames. Many beautifully decorated baskets, “filled to the brims, " appeared on the stage when they were given to the Junior Chamber cf Commerce to distribute. The Woodchoppers Conventicn at Lynn Fuhrer Lodge—How every member of the Girl Reserve and Hi-Y cabinet looks forward to it! The fellows went out early in the morning and began to chop the wood. Later the girls came out with the dinner. After dinner they all gathered around the fireplace to discuss and plan the Friendship Conference which was to be the week of February 15-19. Later the speaker was selected by representatives of Girl Reserve and H1-Y. Not only students, but also parents, enjoved the talks by the Rev. J. E. Feller of Sioux City. His theme for the week was “Life Questions.” Friendship Week was very inspirational. for the students. The Dad-Daughter party and the Mother-Daughter tea were highlights of the year. For a Christmas project, boxes were made up by individuals or groups who wished to do something for the old folks at the County Home. Selling holly wreaths offered the eirls a fine way of making money for the organization. It proved to be an excellent means of satisf ying the public as well as helping the girls. Through the untiring efforts of Miss White and Miss Stoaks, the Girl Reserve organization has again come through a very successful year. Officers for the first semester were Helen Nichol, president; Elizabeth Sweeney, vice-president; Barbara Penney, secretary; and Adelaide Richardson, treasurer. During the second semester Elizabeth Sweeney was president and Helen Nichol was vice- president. HELEN NICHOL, 738. d Р T K Cé 4 UN a L 2 т % Back Row: M. Anderson, Магу Taff, Plagge, M.Severson, M. Bates, Stange, Levine. Third Row: Riggs, Wallace, C. O'Neil, Pruitt, Mcllrath, Riedesel, Dunagan, Park. second Row: B. Taylor, Giese, J. Hug, R. Gilman, Sampson, V. Frazier, С. Hein. Front Row: Baird, Penney, Nichol; Miss White, Miss Stoaks, Sweeney, A. Richardson, Farni. Nine Back Row: Richter, Bowman, Stange, Swendson, Schlick, J. Griffith, Marg. Nelsen, Fenley. Second Row: A. Peterson, G. Richardson, Browne, Reinberger, Nichol, Menten, Riggs, Groth, M. Griffith. Front Row: Briley, Penney, Harvey, McIlrath, Miss Damman, Pruitt, Friedrich, R Library (olub --%9-- [BRARY Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Damman, has complete SE of all library work: filing and checking out of books and magazines, referenc material, and bulletin boards. Because of the change in schedule, several readjustments were necessary. Many books were put into dead storage to make room on the shelves for Central’s library. Special projects completed this year were taking of inventory, cataloging of books, checkup of classification and accession numbers, and the reshelving of books. An outline of instructions drawn up by Miss Damman and distributed to all student helpers at the beginning of the year gave directions for carrying on the work in the library. Each of the thirty-two members is required to work two periods a week in the library. There are two girls stationed there every period of the day. Credit toward graduation is given on the basis of work done and regular attendance at all meetings. A scrap-book of clippings on the Ames schools from the Des Moines papers and the Ames Tribune was kept. Short meetings were held after school hours for special instructions. Regular meetings, taking the form of pot-luck suppers or picnics were held for both recrea- tional and business purposes. Officers of the Library Club are ]еапе Stange, president; Mildred Mcllrath, cretary-treasurer; and Helen Nichol, program director. " MILDRED MCIÎLRATH, 38. Ten n AA iG. Cte con tir me л À wÑ om, m aD = е w Kaf m Art Glub (о HARCOAL smudged noses, paint bespeckled clothes, multi-colored fingers— = the members of Art Club, though totally sane and rational, are quite a fantastic looking group when delving into the mysteries of expressing ideas by pictures. But regardless of the humorous appearance made by said smudges and splatters, the paint brush wielders have a serious problem: to learn the intricacies cf expression In only Two classes a week. The club, under the guidance of Mr. Lorenz, now works as a group on assıgned projects instead of on subjects and " masterpieces " of their own choosing as tormerly done. By assigning a particular medium of expression, Mr. Lorenz feels that greater versatility can be acquired. Another recently inaugurated program is the requirement of thumb-nail sketches to be done outside of class, and woe to the lackadasical lad or lass who dreamed of evenings free from assignments. Contrary to most suppositions, being able to copy sketches and paintings is not the main test of an artist's talent. Instead, his originality. should be worth more than the ability to " just draw. " Following this method of reasoning, Art Clubbers are seldom allowed to copy; most of their work is " inspirational. " Wash drawings, pen and ink sketches, charcoal portraits, chalk, and crayon work, all number in the routine of the Ames-hi-would-be-artist together with the old stand-bys, oi and water colors. Like so many sheep surrounding an obstacle placed in their path, art students mill around the supply desk as a typical lesson begins. Girlish giggles, boyish chuckles, talking and chattering like a convention of magpies, finally settling to careful concentration and then to a scratching or swishing as work gets under way. Theres a whisper here, a comment there, a sigh from one corner and a yawn trom another. A chalk is snapped in two, a jar of water frolics to the floor, a moan is heard, a feminine squeal, and the future artists draw blissfully on. The group is not organized as a regular club with activities outside of class. Thus office-holders have merely an honorary “job.” The chief paint splasher (president) is Mary Minott. Second in rank comes Gene Reynolds as vice-presi- dent, followed by Edalee Gastrock as secretary and Genevieve McCarthy as treas- urer. EDALEE GASTROCK, 38. Back Row: Bob Cooper, Behnke, G. Reynolds Rothacker, Kooser, H. Knight. Third Row: G. Uhl, B. Nichols, Hiland, Whatoff, Bateman, Gould. Second Row: Hartman, C. Nelson, M. Bates, FH. Hein, С. McCarthy, Osborne. Front Row: M. Uhl, B. Carter, Minott, Mr. Lorenz, Marie Davis, Мау, Bell. Fleven Back Row: Evans, M. Taff, M. Cue, L. Cox, Helser, C. O'Neil, C. Hein, Geataganas, Dudgeon. Third Row: Levine, M. Kennedy, M. Olson, Quaife, Sweeney, Nichol, A. Richardson, Berge, Little, Friedrich. Second Row: O. Clark, Shipp, Reddy, Plagge, Carlson, Riedesel| V. Frazier, M. Reynolds, A. Anderson, Farni Front Row: A. Miller, M. Anderson, VanScoy, Miss Hadish, Miss Lunsford, Kern, Mary Taf, B. Davis, Penney. Cheer Squad: E. Lindquist, Gernes. ‘Pep (olub and Gheer Oquad V ITH " Ish-piddley " and ' " A-m-e-s " ringing in the ears of 1938, this ER Pep Club disperses. Матеа опе of the peppiest groups to wear the orange and black, the club made a name for itself, not only in Ames, but throughout the state. At the end of each year thirty-six girls are chosen, eighteen seniors, tweive juniors, and six sophomores. They are selected for their pep and school spirit and make up the Ames High Pep Club for the following year. This year fhe girls performed between halves: of the football games. During the football season in сше ыс n with the marching band, the club did formation marching. Basketball season saw not only boys’ basketball but also a demonstra- tion by Pep Club of ih: cage game played by sirls. The social side of the club was monopolized by а joint party of the Varsity Club and Pep Club. This has now become an annual affair. Cheer squad was composed of Jean Van Scoy, Marni Reynolds, and Dick Gernes. Pep Club and Cheer Squad are under the advisership of Miss Helen Hadısh and Miss Alvira Lunsford. The following girls were officers of the club: president, Jean Van Scoy; vice- president, Marie Anderson; secretary, Bettejane Kern; and treasurer, Mary Taff. ` BETTEJANE KERN, 38. T welve | ü 4 3 š ; | j w " Аш. — » E " ka " ca -— -s алтыға u a — —ÓÓ——————— ed) ‘Varsity (olub " | HE Varsity Club is an athletic association composed of major letter winners in football, basketball, golf, tennis, and track. The sponsor of the club is Mr, Donels. Officers are Joe Taylor, president; Jed Johnson, vice-president; John O'Neil, secretary-treasurer; Don Smith, historian. There are many Varsity Club activities. In the fall was held the initiation of new members of the club, thirteen football players, and one track man. There is now a total of thirty-six members in the club. Pep Club and Varsity Club held a joint party, skating until supper. After supper they attended the Collegian theater tor a double feature motion picture. Another initiation of new members taken from the basketball, track, tennis, and golf squads, was held in the spring. On Memorial Day the club will hold its annual picnic at Lake Comar. Each member is allowed to bring one guest. The Varsity Club secures its funds from club dues, intramural finals, and the basketball game between the 736 state basketball champions and 738 varsity squad. From this game the club received $51.50. The money is spent for many different projects, such as the upkeep of the recreational skating rink. Thirteen dollars was spent for labor on the ice, fine hockey sticks, two pucks, and an ice broom. The basketball and wrestling in- tramural monograms are bought from these funds. The trophy which will be given at the invitational tennis meet, May 7, was also provided for. Forty-four “A” club certificates were given to the seniors during an assembly for winning major letters last year. These will again be an expense this year. Тһе “А” Club also awards the “A” pin to the person rendering the most distinguished service to the school throughout the three years in Ames High. Don SMITH, 738. Back Row: R. Ross, Merrick, J. Taylor, J. O'Neil, Ash, Best, Geiger, D. Smith, Erwin, Third Row: D.V. Carey, J. Cue, A. Frangos, 8. Егапров, Canady, G. Johnson, Pedersen, Willcox. Second Row: Mr. Donels, Mason, D. Grimes, Flogstad, Paley, Bush, Hamilton, Mr. Wells. Front Row: Enke, Matsen, Underwood, Kaigh, La Seur, Trotter, Mulhall, R. Shearer. Thirteen Back Row: Radcliffe, F. Collins. K. Nelson, R, Ross, Steinberg, W. Wierson. Second Row: Vanderlinden, LaVelle, Eichling, T. Johnston, Van Vlack. Front Row: Wellhouse, Helmick, Mr. Smith, W allace, D. Gilman. " Debate Club —$— HIS year found debaters all over the country arguing over the ever-important question: " Resolved, that the several states should adopt a unicameral system of legislation. " Members of the Ames High Debate Club were not exceptions. The financing of the club was taken care of by the members’ acting a: the pub- licity squad for the school play " Uzcle Tom's Cabin, " and receiving a share of the profits. This was the first year the club has participated in an activity of this kind, having formerly received funds from the sale of football programs. The first trip of the year was made to a conference at lowa City. The main purposes of the conference were to familiarize debaters with the question and to instruct them about debating. Representing Ames were Don Radcliffe, Ronald Ross, Richard Steinberg, and Spencer Vanderlinden. Newton was the second city to be aware of the presence of the Ames debaters. Those on hand were David Gilman, William Eichling, Ross, and Vanderlinden. Cut of sixteen. debates, Ames won ten victories. Carrying the banners for Ames High at the Fort Dodge tournament were Eichling, Ross, Steinberg, and Vanderlinden. With over twenty schools partici- pating, Ames ranked third by winning six out of eight debates. Ronald Ross was awarded the " A " cup for being the outstanding speaker of the tournament. With well over one hundred debaters contending, he won it, according to the judges’ ratings, by a good margin. At the sectional tournament at Oelwein, our representatives were Eichl:ng, Dick McCarthy, and Vanderlinden, with Ross and Steinberg filling jointly the fourth position. Losing out in the last round of this tournament, Ames was ruled in- eligible for the state tournament. During the year we were glad to have as guests the debate squad from the Eldora Training School and four teams from Newton. Non-decision debates for practice were held with these schools. The latter part of the year was spent in the study of the theory of debate and in discussing the question for the following year. RICHARD STEINBERG, 39. Fourteen 1% NOT s ç = 4 в вет н а дечет “ “ Suis: — 5 Жатса ыт aem MIA. қарарын peto a АВЕ С Giels Athletic Association --- --- A " EXACTLY 100 girls have participated in the activities sponsored by the Girls’ Athletic Association of Ames High, which is a member of the state organization, Any high school girl may participate in the activities, but to become an active member she must have earned at least 100 points. She is then entitled to wear the С.А.А. pin. A minor " A " is awarded to the girls who earn 500 points as specified. То receive a major “А” she must have earned a second 500 points. [f she is still active and shows interest in G. A.A. after the major award, she is awarded a pillow top. In the volleyball tournament the seniors won a hard fought battle in which a determined junior team almost dashed the hopes of the seniors. The sophomores showed great promise and we do not care to predict what will happen next year. VOLLEYBALL SCORES Seniors 21 Sophomores 7 Seniors 22 Sophomores 20 Seniors 22 Juniors 20 Seniors 17 Juniors 21 Seniors 2] Juniors 7 Juniors 2] Sophomores 5 Juniors 18 Sophomores 21 Juniors 21 Sophomores 0 The added year's age and experience made the seniors again victors in the basketball round robin tournament. A great deal of reserve strength was shown bv the junior second team when it defeated the second teams in both classes. BASKETBALL SCORES Seniors 19 Sophomores 14 Seniors 12 Juniors 8 Juniors 20 Sophomores 18 The officers for the past year have been: Mildred Severson, president; Jean Hug, vice-president; Bettejane Kern, secretary-treasurer; Marjorie Ann Rupe, social chairman; Lucile Cox and Marjorie Arrasmith, point recorders. Under the guidance of Miss Alvira Lunsford, sponsor, the G. A. A. has had a most successful year. May the coming years be even better than this one. DOROTHY CUNNINGHAM, 38. Back Row: Rupe, Arrasmith, Kern, Cox. Front Row: Mildred Severson, Miss Lunsford, J. Hug. Fifteen Back Row: Steinberg, D. Gilman, G. kauffman, »wanson, Schater, Hedrick. Front Row: Van Vlack, R. Iversen, Mr. Swedell, H. Zimmerman, Vanderlinden. Athletic Managers and Intramurals — “Ë, ADMINTON started the 1937-38 intramural season of Ames High. As badminton and ping-pong were played by ladders, and no tournaments were held, champions of these intramural sports were not crowned. Homerooms 104, 101, 105 and the faculty met in the first semester playoff in basketball, the flashy faculty team led by Mr. Ritland and Mr. Donels emerz- ing as victors. As half-day schedules were introduced in the second semester, the afternoon P.T. classes were turned into intramural leagues. The winners of these leagues were Christensen's Wildcats, O'Neil's Midgets, and Keltner's Wildcats. Boxing, wrestling, and apparatus were also introduced into the second semester intramural program. This is a new group at Ames High and met with much success. A special wrestling tournament was also held in connection with this group. We wish to coneratulate Mr. Swedell, as intramural director, and Bob Iverson and Howard Zimmerman, as intramural managers, on their fine work in making the 1937-38 intramural season the most successful one in the school’s history. JACK SWANSON, 39. Sixteen ль т carin Eat n ж» @ 44 ыы = eap = " mw mat s= $ 3% 1.2 age Pat EL — = M A dr: el mem ` " a ж- i Ca 4 = A „—=А A. ; Da Г ж” hr vn р š A A OH EAR лә ; - H 17 Í! G —— n en So phomore (olass г " d be KT? T3117» Back Row: D. Butler, Bailey, Behnke, Barnett, Blackstone, Burk, Bliss, KR. Anderson. Second Row: Blackburn, Berg, F. Becton, Alexander, H. Allen, Caine, D. Anderson, R. Barnes. ront Row: Arrasmith, Anton, Campbell, Bretnall, Briley, D. Becton, Bell, D. Burdick. Back Row: R. Cooper, Donelson, A. Davis, Elliott, K. Davis, Crump, D. Carey, E. Collins. Second Row: R. Duvall, A. Christensen, Christofferson, Marjie Davis, Cook, Carlson, Cushing, Craig. Front Row: R. Davis, Dorchester, Dennis, Dorothy, M. Carey, Daley, Cody, M. Coover. Seventeen 1935 СО р ho more (o lass | ' bai 5 M . Ka Ë ги 4 £ 1 he $e Back Row: Gould, R. Fulmer, B. Frazier, F. Grimes, Field, Hall, Greene, D. Gilman. Second Row: Godfrey, Foster, H. Hein, Helser, Evans, D. Heggen, Fries. Front Row: J. Griffith, Halberg, Groth, L. Elliott, M. Griffith, Glazebrook, Helmick, Galligan. Back Row: H. Jensen, Hockman, D. Johns, G. Kauffman, Howarth, H. Knight, Hixon, Hiland, Second Row: Inman, Kellogg, D. Kirby, H. King, G. Kauffman, Keith, B. Iverson, J. Johnston, M. Kennedy, Joy. Front Row: Kirkendall, Juhl, J. Knight, M. Johns, Hewitt, Hill, Hubbard, Ikerd. Bighteen ; | | | y = e a MOi mory т T TE Sophomore (lass | fa KN Im. сол сеи. Oa ам інінде v Ne Мс» Po E LE Ca NET Ae NM NE IE `. w K u a r r mR n en erg | 5 3 DT DEE a SE EAR насаа M Back Row: Kooser, J. McCarthy, Mahannah, B. M cCarthy, LaVelle, McGuire. Likely, E. Morris, McIntosh. Second Row: Marshall, Leffler, Lindstrom, Kurtz. McLaughlin, Мау, J.Myers, Н. Madison. - Front Row: McCracken, L. Light, E. McGee, Meads, A. Miller, Larson, Muriel McDonald. H. McDowell. Back Row: J. Reynolds, K. Nelson, Odell, Posegate, Quist, D. Pantenburg, Pugh, Plagmann. Second Row: Ruggles, D. Nichols, O’Neal, G. Paulson, Pallas. Ritts, B. Robinson, Richter, O’ Donnell, Peel. Front Row: Сз. Overland. Olsan, Pierson, H. Olson, B Nichols, Paddock. Porter, Peck. Nineteen pum Sopho more (lass Back Row: Schmidt, R. Sills, F. Smith, F. Taylor, B. Shoen, Hubert Ruggles, B. Ross. Second Row: Rupe, Slater, H. Taylor, P. Swearingen, A. Shore, Myrtle Severson, Taff, Sather, Severeid, M. Thompson. Front Row: Swartz, M. Sutter, Scott, Schlick, P. Stafford, Soreghan, M. Shore, Todd. Back Row: Van Vlack, D. Wilkins, W. Waters, M. Young, Wall, Weagley, Vifquain, W. Wierson, Second Row: R. Worden, R. Zimmerman, M. Uhl, E. Wheeler, E. Wierson, D. Wheeler, G. Worden, Vanderlinden. Front Row: Vogt, Yocum, L. Young, G. Young, Waterbury, L. Wilkin, B. Wilson. Veach. Twenty 2 cr 5-4 - — ie ie АЛӘ اد | ' Back Row: Second Row: Front Row: Back Row: Second R ow: Front Row. W. Buck, Burham, Brouhard, Cassady, M. Cue, Derby, Junior Glass ———— rt E nn m ——À— rn nen, nn سے ا و سد حص‎ m ane we o -- + Васоп, M. Anderson. o - w e Bush, Canady. A. Carey, Benbrook, D. V. Carey, Alfred, Abbott, Braun, E. Butler, Beresford, R. Bates, Brooker, Baird, G. Buck, O. Barnes, Browne, J. Collins, G. Coover, De Hoet, Carty, Cole, Deal, Dunagan, I. Downs, D. Downs, Dudley, Coy, J. Duvall, (Cameron. R. Christensen, Crosley. Clements, L. Cox. B. Cooper, Marie Davis, Chitty. Twenty-One Junior (lass у MS e ж 0 Poo a EN Rack Row: A. Frangos, D. Grimes, Fischer, Eichemeyer, Flogstad, Eichling, Flack. Second Row: Т. Нерреп, R. Ellis, N. Gilchrist, Ferguson, Р. Frangos, B. Grinstead. Front Row: М. Frangos, Giese, Harrison, C. Hein, Hartman, Geataganas, Fenley, — Firkins. Back Row: Lange, R. Iverson, T. Johnston, Kelso, Lapp, Himmel, G. Johnson, С. Kennedy. Second Row: Kuck, Koontz, D. Johnson, W. Kirby, Kresie, Linder. Front Row: Leininger, A. Jensen, Hendrickson, Little, Levine, Hunter, J. Hug, Kildee. Twenty-Two duniov Glass — ` " ` Ww — m ``. —— s — - — ы ` ПЛА 3 М j po а ы d Е £ 4 қ ane GZ | w Back Row: K. Olson, Second Row: D. McCarthy, Menze, Mize, Kress, H. Morgan, F. Mitchell, M. Olson, M. Galloway, G. Miller, W. O'Neil. Mathes, G. McCarthy, Newhouse, McElyea, Olive, C. O'Neil, Mezvinsky, M. McDonald. D. McGee, Front Row: Back Row: Second Row: Rınehart, — en AAA m mm cos e m m t met en Te aun att UB wl CR, a OR m RR Dm AUR e m c e صد — ص سے‎ Ñ s oe ———— — — zi ә n aft Matsen, B. Jones, Mulhall, Mathison, Schubbert, Overgard, Quinn, Osborn, Paley, D. Peterson, Polhemus, Runnells, Reinberger, Ronningen, M. Ray. E. Pantenburg, Front Row: Park, Ragsdale, Overland, Rood. — Ke u e i KUU бый еі 5 aod ee O е ` ` eh Jim O'Neil, E. Robinson. Ringgenberg, M. Reynolds, Quaife, Sampson, Osborne. Twenty-Three Junior Glass ы Av. TE AS Back Row: Skerry, R. Tripp, D. Stafford, H. Shearer, Steinberg, A. Tripp, Sexauer. Second Row: D. Thompson, Speck, M. Taylor, Snow, Sorenson, D. Sills, Swanson. Front Row: Strain, Springer, O. Shockley, Wortman, Stuhlsatz, Mary Taf. Back Row: Ullestad, H. Webb, Trotter, F. Williams, ZR. Warren, R. Wilson. Second Row: Yoder, Truesdell, D. Webb, G. Uhl. Front Row: Weeks, M. Williams, Whitfield, Yetter, Yeomans, E. Waters, Wood. Twenty-Four ELNORA AHRENS HAROLD BEACH BOB ALLEN RUTH BECHTEL ARLENE ANDERSON RANDI BERGE BOB ASH BOB BEST WINNIFRED ASKEW GAYLE BLACKSTEN ART BARKER SEDALIA BOWMAN MARGARET BATES JIM BUCK | | : zo tm mc cu ندا‎ -——— ESTHER BUTLER ORA CLARK FLORENCE BYRNES GORDON CLYDE BETTY CARTER ROMA JEAN COOPER BETTY CHRISTENSEN REX COUGHENNOWER CLARKE CHRISTENSEN GERALDINE CRONAN MAURICE CHRISTENSEN JIM CUE GEORGE CLARK DOROTHY CUNNINGHAM BARBARA DAVIS LOREN ENKE EARL DAVIS KICHARD ERICKSON VIRGIL DAVIS DALE ERWIN BOB DEMING MAXINE FALL JUNE DUDGEON HELEN FARNI MILDRED DUNNING VIRGINIA FRAZIER REYNOLDS EMERSON MARY ALICE FRIEDRICH ле m МЕ w eS n ae Ue e RT: D d ш 43 " eg ` i ы WARREN FRIEST ALLAN GIBB NORMAN FULMER DONALD GILCHRIST WILLIAM GALLOWAY JEAN GILCHRIST EDALEE GASTROCK RUTH GILMAN EARL GEIGER ARLYN GRINSTEAD LURA GERDES NOBLE HAMILTON DICK GERNES EVELYN HARVEY VINCENT HEDRICK BETTEJANE KERN HOWARD HUG DWIGHT KESTER RICHARD HUMMEL ANITA KING JOHN JAY FRANK KING GRACE JONES GENEVIEVE KIRKPATRICK WILLIAM KAIGH WINIFRED KNUTHS RALPH KELTNER MARY JANE LANNING کت 2 سے gë‏ " o ah ou d HARVEY LA SEUR ARCHIE MADISON HERBERT LIGHT NORVELLA MENTEN MARIE LINDQUIST DON MINERT JEANNE LOOMIS ELINOR MILLER PHYLLIS McDOWELL MARY MINOTT VIRGINIA McHONE JAMES MITCHELL MILDRED McILRATH WALLACE MITCHELL - WILMA MOORE MYRTLE NELSEN MARGARET MORGAN CAROLINE NELSON RICHARD MORGAN GWENDOLYN NETCOTT MARY JANE MORRIS HELEN NICHOL JOAN MORRISSEY FLORENCE NICHOLSON KENNETH MYERS DONAID OLSON MARGUERITE NELSEN GEORGE OLSON ELEANOR OLSSON DOROTHY PRUITT JOHN O’NEIL DONALD RADCLIFFE ROBERT OTT ROGER RAY NORMAN PEDERSEN POLLY JAYNE REDDY BARBARA PENNEY MARY JANE REED ARLENE PETERSON GENE REYNOLDS DORIS PLAGGE CHARLES RICE ADELAIDE RICHARDSON LEON RUGGLES GENEVIEVE RICHARDSON DALE SALISBURY JEAN RIEDESEL CHARLES SCHAFER DOROTHY RIGGS LEROY SCHEUERMANN ROBERT ROBERG MARY SCHWEIGER ED ROSS MILDRED SEVERSON AL ROTHACKER ROBERT SHEARER THELMA SHIPP NYALS SUTTER WILLIAM SHOCKLE Y BETTY SWEARINGEN THEONE SHOEN ELIZABETH SWEENEY DONALD SMITH DOROTHY SWENDSEN MARIE SPRATT BARBARA TAYLOR JEANE STANGE IOE TAYLOR MAXINE STEPHENSON KENNETH TAYLOR КЕММЕТН ТЕЕТЕК WILLIAM WELLHOUSE ( ОҢ GE TH ОМ PSON KENNETH WEST GEORGE UNDERWOOD MILTON WILLCOX JEAN VAN SCOY DALE WINKLEPLECK JESSIE WALLACE DOROTHY WOOSLEY DOROTHY WALLER DOROTHY YOUNG JOHN CHILDS HOWARD ZIMMERMAN ë RR RK С n М 24 М EYES i = G= y NU Rara umay ay aj : | ж „а ЕЕ be Шалқан сты w OH ee 2 ñ Sa — — Lë AN Жер u — — € 2м % tie P. S AY — v. ауа ww —À3 сау amm TED EUGENE EMMETT BILL ROBERT BATEMAN COX NEWBY TICE TROW Oenior Activities — — AHRENS, ELNORA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Art Club 1; Library Club 2, 3. ALLEN, BOB— Liu-Y 1, 2; 3: Band 2 ` -. ANDERSON, ARLENE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 5; Cabinet 2; Girls' Glee Club 1, 2; Pep Club 2, 3; G.A.A. 2, 3; Student Council 1, 2; Spirit Staff 3; Homeroom President 1; Secretary 1. ASH, BOB— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 1; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Track 2; Golf 2, 3; Student Council 1; Senior Senate 3; Homeroom Presi- dent 1; Activity Director 2; Senior Class Secretary; Junior Class Play Cast. ASKEW, WINNIFRED— Stockport 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3. BATEMAN, TED— kho TE 2 33 Arct Glub i, Z. BARKER, ART— Ні-Ү 1, 2, 3; Homeroom President BATES, MARGARET— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; G.A.A. 2; Art Club 1, 3; Spirit Staff 3; Web Staff 5; Homeroom Secretary 3. BEACH, HAROLD— fearing 1; Hi-Y 2, 3; Orchestra 2, 3. BECHTEL, RUTH— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1. BERGE, RANDI— Chicago 1; Girl Reserve 2, 3; Pep Club 3; Student Council 2; National Honor Society 3; Homeroom President 2; Vice-President 1. BEST, ROBERT— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 2, 5; Basketball BLACKSTEN, GAYLE Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3. BOWMAN, SEDALIA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1; Library Club 2, 3; Spirit Staff 3. BURKHARDT, BERTHA— Clarksville 1; Charles City 2, 3; Girl Reserve 3. BUCK, JIM— bh-Y 1 2, 3. Band 1. 2. 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 7 2; track 3; Intramural Manager 1. 232 oie track 22 33° T hirty-Seven BUTLER, ESTHER— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Debate Club 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3. BYRNES, FLORENCE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 2; Dramatic Club 2; Debate Club 1, 2; National Forensic League 1, 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Student Council 3; Senior Senate 3; National Honor Society 2, 3; Cubs Club 1; Web Staff 3; Homeroom Vice-President 2; President 3; Junior Class Play Cast. CARTER, BETTY— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Art Club 1, 3. CHILDS, JOHN— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3; Varsity Club 2, 3; Library Club 3; Student Council 1, 2; Homeroom President 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3. CHRISTENSEN, BETTY— North Grant 1; Girl Reserve 2. 3. CHRISTENSEN, CLARKE— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Boys’ Glee Club 1, 2. CHRISTENSEN, MAURICE— ЕПСУ 1) 22 АР” Art Club IS Homeroom Activity Director 2. CLARK, GEORGE— | North Grant 1; Hi-Y 2, 3; Intramural Manager 3; Senior Senate 3; Ноте- room Vice-President 3. CLARK, ORA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; National Thespian Society 1, 2, 3; President 3; Mixed Chorus 1. 2: Girls’ Glee Club 3; Pep Club 2, 3; Student Council 1; Spirit Staft 3; National Honor Society 3; Web Staft 3; Homeroom Vice-President 1; President 1; Junior Class Play Cast. CLYDE, GORDON— ЕЗУ: 1, 2. 5: СаБіпес 2: Вапа 1; 22 9: e Orchestra № 5 Web Staff 5; Homeroom Secretary 2; National Honor Society 3. COOPER, ROMA JEAN— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls Glee Club 1; Library Club 3. COUGHENNOWER, REX— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Football 2; Homeroom Vice-President 1; Activity Director 3. COX, EUGENE— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Boys’ Glee Club 2. CRONAN, GERALDINE— Hampton 1; Girl Reserve 2, 5; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 2, 3. CUE, JIM— Eh-Y 1, 2. э; Varsity Club 3; БостраШ І; 2; 5; Student Council 2; Homeroom President 2. CUNNINGHAM, DOROTHY— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 2; Dramatic Club 3; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3; Gre Glee @lub И 2 3 САА 1 9: 3; Connell ele spat Staff 3; National Honor Society 2, 3; Homeroom Secretary 3. DAVIS, BARBARA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 3; Pep Club 3; G.A.A. 1 , Art Club 1; Quill and Scroll 3; Web Staff 3; Нотегоот Secretary 2; Junior Class Play Cast. DAVIS, EARL— Hh-Y 1 2.3. DAVIS, VIRGIL— En-y 1-2: 2 DEMING, BOB— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Boys’ Glee Club 1. DUDGEON, JUNE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 2; Dramatic Club 1: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 5; Girls’ Glee Club 2; Pep Club 3. Thirty-Eight Pr gm ыға e | — · «ысты eben Wu = DUNNING, MILDRED— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1; G.A.A. 1. EMERSON, REYNOLDS— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Boys’ Glee Club 2: Student Council 3; President 3; Senior Senate 3; Homeroom President 3. ENKE, LOREN— Ні-Ү 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Varsity Club 2, 3; Golf 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Vice-President 1; Activity Director 3. ERICKSON, RICHARD— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Football 2. ERWIN, DALE— Carlisle 1; Hi-Y 2, 3; Band 2,3; Varsity Club 3; Football 3; Homeroom Activity Director 3. FALL. MAXINE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 5; Orchestra 1; Art Club 1; National Honor Society 3; Homeroom Secretary 1; Activity Director 2; Vice President 3. FARNI, HELEN— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Pep Club 3; G.A.A. 3; Library Club 1, 2; President 2; Student Council 2; Homeroom President 2. FRAZIER, VIRGINIA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. Council 2; Student Council 3; Senior Senate 3; Homeroom Presi- dent 3; Secretary 1, 2. FRIEDRICH, MARY ALICE— Gur Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls Glee Glub 1; Pep Club: 2, 3; САА. 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1, 2, 5; National Honor Society 3; Web Staff 3; Homeroom Activity Director 3. FRIEST, VARREN— Lh-Y 1, 2, 3; Boys’ Glee Club 1, 2, 5. FULMER, NORMAN— Lh-Y 1, 2, 3; Boys’ Glee Glub 3; Band 1, 2, 3; President 5; Orchestra 1. GALLOWAY, WILLIAM— LEY 1. 2, 35 ` ‘Cabinet..3. GASTROCK, EDALEE— New Orleans 1, 2; Girl Reserve 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Web Staff 3; Editor 3; National Honor Society 5; Art Club 3. GEIGER, EARL— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 5; Varsity Club 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 3; Intramural Manager 2; National Honor Society 3; Homeroom Activity Director 2; Fire Squad 2, 3. GERDES, LURA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1. GERNES, DICK Hi-Y 1, 2, 3;. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; National Thespian Society 1, 2, 3; Cheer Squad 2, 3; Junior Class Play Cast; Tennis 3. GIBB, ALLEN— Ehe 2,3. GILCHRIST, DONALD— Hi-Y 1, 2, 5; Homeroom Intramural Manager 2. GILCHRIST, JEAN— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; G.A.A. 3. GILMAN, RUTH— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Spirit Staff 3; Editor 3; National Honor Society 3; Quill and Scroll 3; Web Staff 1, 3. GRINSTEAD, ARLYN— ELEY 5,2, 22 Вапа 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2; Varsity Club) 2; 3% Football’ 1, 2,3; T hirty-Nine HAAS, MAR JORIE— Union 1, 2, 3; Girl Reserve, 3. HAMILTON, NOBLE— НУ. 125 Varsity Club 3; Football 3. HARVEY, EVELYN— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1, 2, 3; President 3. HEDRICK, VINCENT— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Intramural Manager 1, 2, 3; Art Club 1, 2; Spirit Staff 1. HUMMEL, DICK— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; President 3; Art Club 1; Student Council 3; Senior Senate 3; Homeroom Secretary 1; Vice-President 2; President 3; Fire Squad 2, 3; Chief 3; National Honor Society 3. HUG, HOWARD— ВЭУ 15 203: “Bandi T. JAY, JOHN— Buffalo Wyoming 1; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Student Council 2; Web Staff 3; Home- room President 2; Secretary 1; Fire Squad 2, 3. JONES, GRACE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 5; Girls Glee Club 1, 2. KAIGH, BILL— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 2, 3; Cubs Club 1; Track 1, 2, 3. KELTNER, RALPH— North Grant 1; Ein 25 8. KERN, BETTEJANE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 2; Dramatic Club 1; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3; Girls Glee Club 2, 3; President 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; С.А.А. 1, 2, 3; Council 5; Spirit Staff 2; National Honor Society 2, 3; Web Staff 3; Homeroom Secretary 1; Activity Director 2: Vice-President 3; Junior Class Secretary; Ames High Swing Band 3. KESTER, DWIGHT— Huron 1; 2; Hi-Y 3; Football 3; Basketball 3; Senior Senate 3. KING, ANITA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1. KING, FRANK— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Homeroom Vice-President 1; Activity Director 2: Vice-President 3; Web Staff 3. KIRKPATRICK, GENEVIEVE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1, 2; Band 1, 5; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Web Staff 3. KNUTHS, WINIFRED— С Reserve | 22355 СЛАА Т 2535) Ате шх Web Staff 3. LANNING, MARY JANE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; Art Glub ІП 2 5: LA SEUR, HARVEY— | М Ш 22 3: Orchestra 15 2: 95 President 2; Varsity Club 3; Football 1, 2, 5; Homeroom Activity Director 2; Fire Squad 2, 3; Ames High Swing Band 3. LIGHT, HERBERT— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 2. LINDQUIST, MARIE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1. LOOMIS, JEANNE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1. MADISON, ARCHIE— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Intramural Manager 2; Dramatic Club 3. MASON, REX— Varsity Club 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3. Forty u - ner کے‎ dp e RE — —e o = — di e ww oo H = - EN ES м Tx ir ... m . McDOWELL, PHYLLIS— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls? Glee Club 1. McHONE, VIRGINIA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Library Club 3. McILRATH, MILDRED— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Girls Glee Club 1: Art Club l, 2; Library Club 3; Student Council 1; Spirit Staff 2, 3: Quill and Scroll 3; Homeroom President 1; Web Staff 3; National Honor Society 3, MENTEN, NORVELLA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1; G.A.A. 1, 2. 3; Library Club 3. MILLER, ELINOR— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Girls’ Glee Club 1. MINERT, DON— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Dramatic Club 3; Football 2: Homeroom Activity Director 3. MINOTT, MARY— Gub Reserve d. 2,32 GAA 1, 2: Art Club Jee MITCHELL, JIM— EDN Із 25 3 MIICHELL, WALLACE— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Art Club 1; Homeroom Secretary 3; Fire Squad 2, 3. MOORE, WILMA— ` Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3. MORGAN, MARGARET— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 2. 3; Orchestra 1, 2: Art Club 1. MORGAN, RICHARD— Ні-Ү 1, 2, 5; Cabinet 3; Football 2; Track 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2, 5. MORRIS, MARY JANE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1: Girls? Glee Club а 3: Senate 3; Web Staff 3; Homeroom Activity Director 1. MORRISSEY, JOAN— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3. MYERS, KENNETH— Hh-Y 1, 2, 5; Web Staff 3; Track 2. 3. NELSEN, MARGUERITE— Fort Dodge 1; Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Library Club 2, 3: Senior Senate 3; Senior Class Treasurer. NELSEN, MYRTLE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3. NELSON, CAROLINE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2; Girls Glee Club I5 Art @lub 2. 3; NETCOTT, GWEN— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1: Pep Club 1; Art Club 1. NEWBY, EMMETT— Evansville, Tennessee 1, 2; Hi-Y 3. NICHOL, HELEN— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 2; President 3: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Library Club 3; Student Council 2; National Honor Society 2, 3; Homeroom Activity Director 1; President 2; Junior Class Play Cast. NICHOLSON, FLORENCE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1, 2, 3: G.A.A. 1 203% OLSON, DONALD— Ні-Ү 1, 2, 3; Library Club 2. OLSON, GEORGE— Ні-Ү 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3: National Thespian Society 2, 3; Intramural Manager 2, 3; Homeroom Activity Director 3: Junior Class Play Cast. Senior Forty-One 6 j ° OLSSON, ELEANOR— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Web Staff 3; Woodward 2. O'NEIL, JOHN— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2; Student Council 1; Senior Senate; Homeroom President 1; Treasurer 2; Senior Class President; Track 1. OTT, BOB— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Tennis 2, 3; Intramural Manager 1; Football Manager 2, 3. PEDERSEN, NORMAN— Hi-Y 1, 2, 5; Varsity Club 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 5; Art Club 1. 2; President 1; Student Council 2; Spirit Staff 2; Homeroom President 2. PENNEY, BARBARA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1; Pep Club 2, 3; Library Club 2, 3; Senior Senate 3; Web Staff 3; Homeroom Vice-President 1. PETERSON, ARLENE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; G.A.A. 3; Library Club 2, 3; Junior Class Play Cast. PLAGGE, DORIS— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Debate Club 2; National Thespian Society 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1, 2; Girls’ Glee Club 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 5; Spirit Staff 2, 3; National Honor Society 2, 5; Quill and Scroll 3; Web Staff 1, 3; Homeroom Activity Director 2; Junior Class Play Cast. PRATT, NORENE— Spencer 1; Girl Reserve 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3. PRUITT, DOROTHY— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Dramatic Club 1, 2; Debate Club 1; Library Club 2, 3; Homeroom Secretary l; Junior Class Play Cast. RADCLIFFE, DON— Belle Plaine 1: Hi-Y 2, 3; Cabinet 5; Debate Club 2, 5; Quill and Scroll 5; Web Staff 3. RAY, ROGER— Hi-Y 1,2, 3; Cabinet 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Golf 1, 2, 3; Student Council 2; Spirit Staff 2; Homeroom Vice-President 2. REDDY, POLLY JAYNE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3: Cabinet 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; С.А.А. 1, 2, 3; Art Club 1; Web Staff 3; Homeroom Secretary 2. REED, MARY JANE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 2, 3; Art Club 1, 2; САЖ Т. REYNOLDS, GENE— Hi-Y 1. 2. 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Boys’ Glee Club 2; Golf 1; Art Club 3. RICE, CHARLES— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Spirit Staff 2, 3; Quill and Scroll 5; Web Staff 3. — + RICHARDSON, ADELAIDE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Girls’ Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 2,3; G.A.A. 1, 2; National Honor Society 2, 3; Web Staff 3; Junior Class Play Cast. RICHARDSON, GENEVIEVE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2; Library Club 2, 3; Web Staft 1. 3% САСАС 9 RIEDESEL, JEAN— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Dramatic Club 1, 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1: Band 2, 3; Pep Club 3; G.A.A. 2, 3; Homeroom Secretary 2. RIGGS, DOROTHY— Mussoorie, U. P., India 1; Girl Reserve 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Library Club 3; National Honor Society 5. ROBERG, ROBERT— Castana 1, 2; абе 3. For! y-T wo | | | | | | | ды س‎ ج = i š | k ' ——— tis TOÀ EX, es T, " e - р = " е ROSS, EDWIN Fh-Y L 2, 3; Varsity Club 3; Football 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Golf ho 2 35 reek 2; 3. ROTHACKER, ALFRED— Hh-Y 1, 2, 5; Varsity Club 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3; Art Сп 25 3: Ттаск хз. RUGGLES, LEON— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; Intramural Manager 1; Student Council 3; President 3; Spirit Staff 2; Senior Senate 3; National Honor Society 3; Homeroom Secretary 1; Vice-President 2; President 3; Junior Class Play Cast. SALISBURY, DALE— Kelley and Rodman 1; Hi-Y 2, 3. SCHAFER, CHARLES— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; Intramural Manager 1, 2, Aer Club 1; Web Staff 1; Homeroom Treasurer 2; Activity Director 1; Track 1, 2, 3. SCHEUERMANN, LEROY— ЕП-Ү 15 2. 33 Basketball) 15 2. SCHWEIGER, MARY— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3. SEVERSON, MILDRED— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Debate Club 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; President 3; G.A.A. Council 3; Library Club 1, 2. SHEARER, ROBERT— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2; Boys’ Glee Club 2; Varsity Club 2, 3; Golf 1, 2, 3; Spirit Staff 2, 3; National Honor Society 3; Quill and Scroll 2, 3; President 3; Web Staff 3; Homeroom Vice-President 1; Junior Class President; Junior Class Play Cast. SHIPP, THELMA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2; Girls’ Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Pep Club DART GAA 1-2 2::3. SHOCKLEY, BILL— Ең-у Б 2 3: Dramatic Club 1, 2. SHOEN, THEONE— Gub Reserve 1, 2; 3; (G.A.A.-1, 2. 3. SMITH, DON ELh5Y LAE 3 Varsity Club 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Activity Director 1; Intra- mural Director 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 3: National Honor Society 3. SPRATT, MARIE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Debate Club 1; Band 1; Orchestra УСАА ПЕ SIANGE, JEANE— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3: Art Club 1, 2, 3; Library Club 2, 3: President 3; Spirit Staff 3; Web Staff 3. STEPHENSON, MAXINE— Girl Reserve 1, 3; G.A.A. 1; Hawthorne, Calif., and Silverton, Ore. SUTTER, NYALS— Kellev 15 2: HEY 3: SWEARINGEN, BETTY— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3. SWEENEY, ELIZABETH— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; President 3; Cabinet 2 2; 2, 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Council 2; Art Club 1: SWENDSEN, DOROTHY MAY— | Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3: Girls’ Glee Club 1; С.А.А. 1.2.3. Library Club 1. MU = + Dramatic Club 1, 3; Pep Club National Honor Society 2, 3. Fort y-T bree TAYLOR, BARBARA— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 5: GAA. ? 3- Art Club 1; Homeroom Vice-President 1; Secretary 2: ср WO err | ; | or ry 2; Junior Class Play Cast; National Honor Society 3. TAYLOR, JOE— ЕЦ-Х 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 25; Band! 1, 2, 3% Orchestra 1, 2 Va @ 2; 3; President 3; Football 2, 3; Student Council 2; Spirit bag ae eee Senate 3; National Honor Society 2, 3; President 3; Web Staff 3; Eine E Vice-President 1; President 2; Track 2, 3. TAYLOR, KENNETH— Е-е 15-22 55 - Бобвера 15 2: TEETER, KENNETH— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2; Art Club 1; Homeroom Intramural Director 1. THOMPSON, GEORGE— Hı-Y 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3; Football 2; 3: Basketball 1. 2. 3; Art Club 1; Student Council 1; Homeroom President 1. TICE, BILL— ЕНСҮЗІС 223: Dramatic Glnb Т. TROW, ROBERT— Hi-Y 1, 2, 5; Homeroom Activity Director 1. UNDERWOOD, GEORGE— Hi-Y 1,2, 5; Cabinet 2; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Homeroom Secretary 3; Junior Class Vice-President; Track 1, 2. VANSCOY, JEAN— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 2; Girls’ Glee Club 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; President 3; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Council 1; Student Council 2; Senior Senate 3; Homeroom President 2; Senior Class Vice-President. WALLACE, JESSIE— Muskogee, Oklahoma 1; Girl Reserve 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Dramatic Club 3 Debate Club 3; Girls’ Glee Club 2; Spirit Staff 3; Homeroom Vice-President 2 Secretary 3; National Honor Society 3. WALLER, DOROTHY— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 5; Girls’ Glee Club 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 2 90” САЛАСЫ 27 932 WELLHOUSE, WILLIAM— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Cabinet 3; Dramatic Club 3; Debate Club 3; Band 1, 2; Student Council 2; Spirit Staff 3; Homeroom Vice-President 2. WEST, KENNETH— HX 1, 2, 3; Boys’ Glee Club 1; Homeroom Activity Director 1; Vice- President 3; Junior Class Treasurer 2. WILLCOX, MILTON— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; President 2, 3; Varsity Club 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Basket- ball 2, 3; Student Council 1; Homeroom President 1. WINKLEPLECK, DALE— ЕПСҮ: 1: 22 35 Еоосва 2. WOOSLEY, DOROTHY— Blairsburg 1; Girl Reserve 2, 3. YOUNG, DOROTHY— Girl Reserve 1, 2, 3; Library Club 1, 2, 3; President 2. ZIMMERMAN, HOW ARD— Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Boys’ Glee Club 1; Intramural Manager 2, 3; President 3. we we Porty-Four d د چک‎ mm, ee ee сәй ú p ей Back Row: Byrnes, ||, Taylor, Penney, Emerson, M. Morris. Second Row: G. Clark, Mıss Hartsook. Hummel, Miss Canvin, Kester. Front Row: V. Frazier, Ash, Van Scoy, John O'Neil, Marg. Nelsen, L. Ruggles. S Back Row: E. Robinson, Bacon, B. Jones, Vifquain, B. Ross Second Row: Menze, H. Knight, Canady, Vanderlinden, | D. Wilkins. 7 Front Row: Evans, Hummel, V. Frazier, Miss Damman, L. Ruggles, Byrnes, Emerson. Student Government س‎ HE executive body of the senior class is the Senior Senate, made up of class of- fcers, senior homeroom presidents, and one representative from each homeroom. The following senior class officers served as officers in the Senate: president, John O’Neil; vice-president, Jean Van Scoy; secretary, Bob Ash; treasurer, Marguerite Nelsen. Sponsors, Miss Hartsook and Miss Canvın. Duties of the Senate include the solving of problems concerning the entire class and appointing committees to plan for commencement. It must also select the class motto, song, flower, and colors. FLORENCE BYRNES, 38. (O FFICERS of the Student Council for the first semester were Leon Ruggles, president; Virginia Frazier, vice-president; Jım Merrick, secretary; and Florence Byrnes, treasurer. The Council carried on its regular duties such as “Open House” and Leader- ship Conference. Officers for the second semester were Reynolds Emerson, president; Dick Hummel, vice-president; Maybl Olson, secretary; and Florence Byrnes, treasurer. REYNOLDS EMERSON, 38. Forty-Six =: Superintendent Larson. Mr. Vitquain, Mr. School Board س — Mr. Feldman. Mr. Robinson, Mr. Edwards, Meeker (President), Mr. Howell (Clerk) JORDAN L. LARSON SUPERINTENDENT VERNE M. YOUNG PRINCIPAL Fort y-Seven MR. LELAND BENZ MISS EDNA BOWER MISS ALPHA BRAUNWARTH MISS MADALENE CANVIN MISS BONITA DAMMAN MR. RICHARD DAY MR. RAY DONELS MRS. GRAYCE ELLIOTT MISS HENRIETTA GRONLID MISS HELEN HADISH MR. IOHN HARMS MISS FERN HARTSOOK MISS HELEN HUNTER MR. ROSCOE LORENZ MISS ALVIRA LUNSFORD MISS HELEN MACKIN MRS. FLORA T. MILLER MISS CHARLOTTE NELSON MISS ROWENA QUINN MR. L. WAYNE SMITH MISS LELAH SPATZ MISS MARY E. STOAKS MR. BERNARD SWEDELL MR. J. FRANCIS TURNER MR. KENNETH WELLS MISS EVA WHITE MISS EDNA WILCOX H 1 “- Ж = | “. o 555 ж d ! Zei 6. ый " г 2 в ” - 1 « ' 0 | . AP у t Р 7% 4 MES, 4, N a 4 йыз ыы f La . ' E i | | x x - 1. 3% «dim $ % - ' » ` қ ғ d 4 d = W Е d d je | x E nds. d E a в, 4 | | ‘ 4 C» | Di: AAL x " mV ym : » p | | 5 4 ! а , | ғ P е , (pem 3 m pe Ch Ae reg? а р » sur ient ad oor meee ` : ce y t sr toes | | Ja s, CO афа: sue rst um UT a mS e ve M aueh Ms PRI 8 — — — — —À — EEE EEE CS yet Back Row: Kaigh, Erwin, J. Cue, Geiger, Underwood, J. Taylor, Canady, D. V. Carey, John O'Neil, Quinn. second Row: Herbert Ruggles, Mr. Donels, Hamilton, Wettland, LaSeur. Ash, Mulhall. Mason. A. Frangos, Mr. Wells, Rinehart. Front Row: S. Frangos, G. Thompson, Trotter, Flogstad, Bush, D. Grimes, Wiilcox, E. Ross, Best, Merrick. First “Team Football (o HAMPIONS of the Central Iowa Conference, undefeated and untied in eight games, Ames Highs 1937 football team compiled an enviable record during Ray Donels’ last year as coach at the high school. Starting with nine lettermen and a bright outlook, the squad improved and showed signs of real strength when they came from behind to trounce otherwise undefeated East Sioux City. Surviving a mid-season letdown, the team fought its way past a Perry power- house and climaxed the season with a wild victory over the arch-rivals, Boone. On a hot September Saturday afternoon the team journeyed to Des Moines to open the season with a 37 to 0 victory over Lincoln High. A much-improved team initiated night football into Ames with a 59 to 0 win over Eldera Training School. East scored first in the game played under the lights of the Stockyards Ball Park in Sioux City. Ames, however, lost no time in making up for this early lead. George Underwood gave the large crowd a thrill when, aided by perfect blocking, he crossed the goal line untouched on a 75-yard punt return. A steady drizzle didn’t keep a large Ames following from watching the Little Cyclones while Marshalltown lost on the Bobcats’ field 6 to 0, in a night game. Ames squeezed out another narrow victory in the second home game, defeating Oskaloosa 7 to 0. In the home game of the season Ames outfought a mighty Perry team, 14 to 7, before a capacity crowd that included many Bluejay fans. Grinnell came and went, 51 to 0. Boone and Ames alike jammed the Boone field Armistice afternoon to watch the Little Cyclones finish the season in a blaze of glory, 52 to 0. Milton Willcox was elected honorary captain after the game. Forty-Nine — س‎ — € ьа —— 1935 NAME Bob Ash Bob Best John Bush Jım Canady Devere Carey Jım Cue Dale Erwin Cal Flogstad Angelo Frangos Steve Frangos Earl Geiger Dorwin Grimes Noble Hamilton Harvey LaSeur Rex Mason Jım Merrick Bob Mulhall John O’Neil Ed Ross Al Rothacker Joe Taylor George Thompson Randall Trotter George Underwood Tom Wettland Milton Willcox 1937 Football Oquad — - POSITION Tackle End Center Fullback Halfback Fullback Quarterback Center Guard Guard Halfback Center Tackle Guard Tackle Quarterbac k End Quarterback End Fullback Halfback End End Halfback Tackle Guard YEARS EXPERIENCE 3 Léi Fi N = N N N e N Рә к“ “9 кі кә кі кі кі кі ы ار اسر اسم‎ ыы — سم‎ “Major Letter Winners — CLASSIFICATION Senior Senior Junior Junior Junior Senior Senior Junior Junior Sophomore Senior Junior Senior Senior Senior Junior Junior Senior Senior Senior Senior Senior Junior Senior Junior Senior Fifty Ash Best Bush Canady Carey Cue Erwin Flogstad A. Frangos S. Frangos Geiger Grimes Hamilton LaSeur Mason Merrick Mulhall O'Neil Taylor Thompson Trotter Underwood Wettland Willcox WT. 183 151 144 143 143 +63 140 155 151 165 145 150 170 175 165 154 169 164 144 161 170 177 158 148 191 163 f — | ! І | Back Row: Croslev, Fischer, LaVelle, D. Sills, R. Christensen, F. Williams, Lange, DeHoet. Second Row: Mr. Ritland, H. Shearer, Blackburn, Hubert Ruggles, E. Morris, B. Ross, R. Sills, Linder, Kester, Barnett. Front Row: Vuitquain, B.Shoen, Leffler Truesdell, С. Kennedy, Posegate, W. Buck, T. Heggen, D. Pantenburz. Second “Team Football — S ECOND team football is promoted at Ames High in order to build for future years and to give the younger boys in high school a chance to play. A schedule of games is arranged to give them actua l game experience, so they won’t be quite so green when they begin first team play. Very few boys have made the first team without first having played a year on the second team. The second team learns some of the first team plays and formations, but is primarily to teach the boys the fundamentals of the game. Winning second teams are a habit at Ames High, and the 1937 team was no exception. After losing the opening game to Colo High’s first team, the seconds went on to win four out of the six remaining games. One of the two losses was to the Marshalltown seconds, 6 to 0. The other, a 12 to 7 battle with Boone’s second team, was later avenged, 7 to 0. Several boys showed promise of becoming good first string material next year. Russ Truesdell was said to be the “fifth man in the opponent’s backfield” all year, constantly breaking through and spoiling the opposing team’s plays before they got started. Burton Shoen and Bob Posegate presented a stone wall to any defense. Bob Vifquain and Warren Buck looked good as ends, as did Charles Speck at tackle. In the backfield Hubert Ruggles gave indications that he would either take over the quarterback’s job on the first team because of his blocking ability, or the full- back’s because of his plunging power. Ed Morris stood out as a deadly open-field tackler. Ben Ross was the ball carrier, and a good one. Dick Bliss was the blocking half. SEASON’S RECORD Ames Seconds 0 Colo First Team 12 Ames Seconds 13 East Des Moines Seconds 7 Ames Seconds 1% Jefferson Seconds 6 Ames Seconds 13 Perry Seconds 7 Ames Seconds 0 Marshalltown Seconds 6 Ames Seconds 7 Boone Seconds 12 Ames Seconds 7 Boone Seconds 0 Fifty-One Back Row: Bailey, D. Smith, Kester, D. V. Carey, Alfred, Paley, Geiger, B. Ross. Third Row: Donelson, Rothacker. John O’Neil, Ash. J. Taylor, D. Grimes, Bliss, Vifquain. Second Row: Mr. Donels. Willcox, Canady, G. Thompson, Trotter, Mulhall, Eichemeyer, Mr. Wells. Front Row: Quinn, Pedersen, F. Ross, Best, R. Wilson, Linder, Herbert Ruggles. Basketball — | HE 1937-38 basketball team at Ames High qualifies, without doubt, as опг | of the two best teams in the history cf the school, the other being the 1936 champions. Winning 21 out of 23 contests, they shared the Central Iowa Con- | ference title, rolled through sectional and district tournaments, and wound up in | third place in the state finals. | An early season setback at the hands of Marshalltown forced the Little | Cyclones to share first position in the conference with that team. Ames, how- | ever, avenged the defeat in a later game. On the following night Roosevelt High of Des Moines was held to a single field goal in the second half ot a 26 to 14 game. Judd Thompson was elected honorary captain at the close of the season. SEASON'S RECORD Ames 34 Webster City 24 Ames 31 Grinnell 25 Ames 32 Nevada 16 Ames 25 Marshalltown 8 Атев 1%5 Alumni (36 Champs) 17 Ames 26 Roosevelt 14 Ames 29 Newton 20 Ames 47 Newton 25 | Ames 18 Marshalltown 20 Ames 38 Oskaloosa 17 | Ames 44 Oskaloosa 15 Ames 54 Grinnell 21 Ames 27 Boone 24 Ames 24 Doone 10 STATE TOURNAMENT | Атпев 26 Boone 2] Ames 44 Ankeny 19 Ames 49 Colo 1] Ames 37 North Des Moines 23 Ames 37 Roland 21 Ames 40 Marshalltown 21 | FINALS | Ames 38 Bennett 18 Ames 21 Diagonal 26 | Ames 30 Burlington 19 Ames 2j Ida Grove 12 Fifty-T wo É | 1 sc a m m Um» 1% Honovs --)-- Football CENTRAL IOWA ALL-CONFERENCE SELECTIONS First Team Second Team ВоЬ Аѕһ .......... ек Heft Tackle John O’Neil ........ | Quarterback Milton Willcox Left Guard Joe Taylor .......: 25 , Right Half George Underwood ............ Right Halt Dorwin Grimes 5 е One George Thompson ....... . Left End Bob Mulhall ............... Right End Honorable Mention а en ага John Bttshs ж зе . Center Angelo Frangos ................. Guard Jin бо ота Back Кек “Mason: аа: Гаске Jim Gue и E Back Во ee Ee ee End Earl Geiger EE oes BAR e E Back Ба етек REGISTER AND TRIBUNE ALL-STATE SELECTIONS First Team Second Team George Underwood .. ... Halfback БОБ АНУС O Tackle Milton Willcox ...... E Guard Honorable Mention Joe Taylor .............. ar Haltback Bots Mulhall У End George Thompson ....................... End IOWA DAILY PRESS ASSOCIATION ALL-STATE SELECTIONS First Team Third Team George Underwood ..... E Jalfback BOD RASH а en ee nt aun Tackte Honorable Mention Milton Willcox ................... Guard George uhBhompson s ces End осиу ar Halfback Rex Mason ........ аске БоБ Best) на: = . End Steve |Brangos 1.1. 1, Guard Bob Mulhall ............ | End John O’Neil..................... Quarterback = basketball CENTRAL IOWA ALL-CONFERENCE SELECTIONS First Team Second Team Norman Pedersen .................... Forward George Thompson .................... . Guard Milton Willcox ................ Guard REGISTER AND TRIBUNE ALL-STATE SELECTIONS First Team Second Team George Thompson ...................... Guard Norman Pedersen ........... are Forward Honorable Mention Во MODAL LIE A ee borward Milton Willcox ............... Rm S Guard IOWA DAILY PRESS ASSOCIATION ALL-STATE SELECTIONS First Team Honorable Mention Norman Pedersen ................... Forward George Thompson ...................... Center Milton WIllcax d XE ey ee Guard Fifty-Three e La | 2 4? 7 К zx Back Row: Blackburn, D. Smith, Trotter, R. McCarthy, Kress Matsen R. Sill Third Row: Willcox. Ott, Jim O'Nei, Childs, J. Taylor, Mulhall, Mr. Wells. Second Row: Menze, R. Ray, Enke, B. Jones, R. SEEN R Wilson | E Sw с Front Row: Donelson, E. Butler, Skerry, Мг. Swedell, В. nes D dans ut 5, . Gilman, Juinn. Opring Oports HE 1938 track team at Ames High promised to be the best in the history of the school. The season was opened with a first place in a quadrangular meet with Marshalltown, Fort Dodge, and Oskaloosa. Then, in spite of an accident which put out Norman Pedersen, who had won four events in the first meet, the team went on to place fourth in the state indoor meet. The remainder of the schedule included the Valley Relays in West Des Moines, the Drake Relays, the State Teacher’s College Relays, the Grinnell Interscholastic Meet, the conference meet, and the state outdoor meet. — į Ñ MES High presented a well-balanced golf team in the spring of 1938. Іп the first meet cf the season, а tr iangular affair with Fort Dodge and Boone, Ames finished second to the exceptionally strong Boone team. The remainder of the schedule included dual meets with Fort Dodge, Ankeny, and Roosevelt of Des Moines. The golfers also played in three quadrangular meets, one with Teacher's High at Cedar Falls, East and West Waterloo, another with Boone, Fort Dodge, and Lincoln of Des Moines, and the third with Grinnell. Eldora, and Roosevelt. The conference meet completed the schedule. --%-- ENNIS prospects were quite promising at Ames High in 1938. Ronald Ross, who won a letter as a singles player last year, and Kenneth Donelson, a sophomore, promised the “38 team two strong singles players. The schedule ın- cluded dual meets with Boone, Fort Dodge, East, North and Roosevelt of Des Moines. Ames also played ın a quadrangular meet with Teachers High at Cedar Falls, East and West Waterloo, in the conference meet, and in an invita- tional meet with Boone, Fort Dodge, West Waterloo, Teacher's College High, Fast, North and Roosevelt of Des Moines. Fifty-Fowr PER LURES d " М у eg . - D в p А ы " т.с ағ Г.С Rt o —— cl v z. С fen ZE D CHACO, Ai i ED RUN QR E ылайық ы be, Ae AE A " wf. E ی امام کات‎ NL S Aq Kerg " al Kei AA, Zem ы Бы september 13—School Opens. Today our vacation has ended. Another long year has begun. A year filled with hours of study, But plenty of chances for fun: The pep club, and football, and glee clubs, The matinee dances, and plays, (With a liberal sprinkling of classes) — Nine months of the busiest days! October 29— Homecoming The Homecoming crowds jammed the bleachers: They cheered and they hollered and yelled While a championship Ames High eleven Made scrambled eggs out of Grinnell. Our fellows played rip-roaring football. They proved they could pass, kick and run. And their blocking marked this on the records: Grinnell, nothing; Ames, fifty-one. November 11—Boone Game The game was the last of the season; The day was both windy and cold. The Rotary trophy went traveling, And over to Ames High it rolled. The Boone team was watchfully waiting For a chance to win over all. But while they were watching and wait- Ing, Ames High ran away with the ball. November 19, 20—Uncle Tom's Cabin We flocked to the Field House to wit- ness L. Wayne's first production in Ames. The " drayma " was " Uncle Tom's Cabin” With a cast of familiar names. There were Eva and Tom and Topsy And sneering old Simon Legree. Choral readers furnished the background, And the orchestra helped musically. November 24—Thanksgiving Assembly We observed the Thanksgiving tradition Of both Girl Reserves and Hi-Y: We piled bushel baskets with good things— Cranberries, turkey and pie. Then we presented the baskets, In assembly, to the Jaycees Who gave them to those who don’t have As much to give thanks for as we. Fifty-Five December 23—Christmas Program We all know the beautiful story Of the very first Christmas day, But it never is just quite so lovely As when told in the musical way. By the light of flickering candles, With both soothing and joyful songs, The glee club set a reverent spirit To last the whole season long. January 20— " Caribbean Cruise” We forgot for a while about winter, And sailed for an evening of fun— A cruise to the bright Caribbean, Those islands of warm, sparkling sun. While turtles and gay-colored fishes Swam about in the tropical seas, We danced to the strains of sweet music, Borne by a balmy breeze. January 24— )o0000000b! We were waked by the scream of alarm clocks, Long before breaking of day; We staggered to school in the darkness With lanterns to help light the way. Our stcmachs were empty (no break- fast) ; Our eyelids were heavy (no sleep). Up before six, classes “til noon— What terrible hours to keep! February 14-18—Friendship Week The Hi-Y and Girl Reserve conference, Our annual Friendship W eek— Was built on the theme of “Lite Ques- tions. " Reverend Feller was chosen to speak. His talks gave us new inspiration, New ideals, mew hopes, and new thoughts Though he may have been little an stature, His ideas were certainly not! March 10-12—Sfate B.B. Tournament We crashed through the sectional and district. Expectations were running sky-high When the fellows went on to the finals. (We may not be champs, but we tried! ) We cleaned up on Burlington, Bennett, But Diagonal just couldn’t wait Before sweeping on to be champions. But we're still the best team in the state! Fifty-Six — — Ç ть —— 9, Ioa ы e i 4 — = ee =. — " ш: April 29—Band Concert With a flash and a flourish of bugles— Make way for the band— here they come! With the bold, brassy blare of the trumpets, And a rat-a-tat on the drums! The masterly twirling of batons Displayed by our drum majors three, And the trio of cornets were features Of an evening of “Rhythmic Rhapsody”! May 6—Conference Track Meet The boys took their best track suit with " em They hoped it would help them to run. And they wanted to look at their nicest, It their pitchers were took, if they won. They ran with precision and rhythm. They took proper galloping strides. They floated o’er hurdles and cross-bars. They may not be champs, but they tried! May 9-10—Every Pupil Tests Who was the eighth king of Lapland? How many legs has a flea? At sea level, what’s the air pressure? What is a hyperbole? We scratched and we squirmed and we erunted. Those tests were so hard—and SO long! But we pulled a joke on the teachers: We wrote all the answers wrong! May 25—Jun:or-Senior Frolic A whirling pageant cf color! The girls, in their flower-like gowns, The boys, in black coats and white trousers, Went whirling gayly around. Music to set your foot tapping, " Neath romantically soft-colored lights-- The last high school dance for the seniors-- And did we make the most of that night! -JLIIO May 22,27-—Senior Week This last week is crowded with doings: The breakfast, the senior class play, Impressive Baccalaureate service, And the final Commencement Day. For the solemn and serious seniors Dressed in their black caps and gowns, This was their last week in high school. Next week they'll be out on their own! Fifty-Seven ENJOY DELICIOUS FOOD | | of American and Chinese Dishes | at the The Silent Smith Corona Can help you to better | | | grades in school and college RAINBOW Reynolds Iversen | Coffee Shop Backers and Supporters of Ames High School Activities = Е | EVE HT “Your Telegraph Florist” | | FLOWERS, PLANTS, SEEDS, BULBS | BIRDS, FISH AND SUPPLIES x 208 Main St. Ames, lowa (rue мес жж желт: бг x а А —— Ж | ате WIEGNER MOTORS | SHOP | | Iron, Steel and Woodwork | OLDSMOBILE | Flectric and Acetylene Welding | E E | | | SALES and SERVICE | Ames, lowa і | 224 Duff Prone 529W Phone 813 | | ت ےو‎ WE de ee. Don و‎ Ere E E " Fifty-Eight I © س ق г.‏ а. وی‎ — ¬ qo” æ y òs eee LDE wish io express our арргестайоп io the slu- denis and faculty of Ames High School for their kind and generous Photographs in CT his cooperation. Annual Made by HART STUDIO Fifty-Nine 1935 bEST OF LUCK SOME PEOPLE ARE NEVER | to SATISFIED | CLASS OF 1938 Getting this thing out is no picnic. If we print jokes, everybody knows | апа funnier ones. | If we don't, the staff is called a | ЮО МТ RG: GE? bunch of old fogeys. If we don't print contributions, we Good Things are accused of not having proper ap- preciation. To Eat If we do, the book is filled with junk. [If we publish original matter, it's at stuffy. If we publish stuff from other an- nuals, we're called lazy. Like as not you think we swiped ART'S P another book. Super Coaches For Greatest Comfort, Convenience, Safety SAVE TIME AND MONEY New York Los Angeles Chicago Portland | Detroit Denver | Philadelphia Salt Lake City Service to Any Point in the United States BUS DEPOT—SHELDON-MUNN HOTEL Phone 1900 Ames, lowa Interstate I ransit Lines = x | | Sixty Ж a siga , —o - m —. ———— ние " Кесіре for a ‘Perfect Teacher —)— Take one part each of: Mr. Turner's informality. Miss White's way of making you feel important Miss Hadish's net. stockings Mr. Swedell's tendency toward procrastinating argument Miss Mackin's " human chatterbox " way of speaking Miss Wilcox's indestructible calm Mr. Harms' poker face Miss Spatz's giggle Miss Canvin— " ' All of Me, Why Not Take All of Me? " And equal amounts of: Mrs. Miller's motherly attitude Mr. Donels’ man-to-man air Miss Stoaks’ ability to be persuaded Mr. Benz’s way with the ladies Miss Braunwarth’s stance (hand on hip and jaw outthrust) Miss Hartsook's “Timid Soul " Miss Lunsford's whistle (through her teeth) Miss Hunter's tomboyishness Miss Nelson's little-girl look. (for the benefit of all male students.) Mr. Smith's charm (for the benefit of all female students) Mr. Wells boyish, bouncing exuberance Alternately bake and freeze in a poorly ventilated school building Serve six periods a day for nine months. Sixty-One mW um [.umber Co. Establisbed 1891 Main at Duff Phone 2 ALLEN MOTOR COMPANY CHEVROLET and BUICK Always Good Used Cars Phone 395 sth Douglas Sixty-Two 24 WORDS ` WORTH READING . . «. be too busy build- ing a bank account of 1 | your own to envy tbe | other fellow with plenty of dollars he saved ет ... do likewise. . . . speaking from Ames [rust and Savings Bank | " HELPERS OF SAVERS " | fe a €——— IDEAL LITERATURE TEST True and False— 1. John Bunyan invented Blue ]ay corn plasters. 2. Robert Burns entered the cigar business after he graduated from col- lege. 3. Uncle Tom's Cabin is a fishing lodge in Minnesota. 4. King Arthur was the leader of the Knuts of the Round Table. 5. Homer wrote the Oddity. 6. Alexander Pope wrote mainly in heroic cutlets. 7. Three tragedies by Shakespeare are: Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Twelve Nights in a Barroom. 8. Robert Stevenson wrote “Travels with a Donkey” while on his honey- moon. 9. Robert Burns had one son whose name was Hoot Mon. 10. Tennyson suffered from gout and therefore wrote all his poems :n iamb:c feet. ! i 1 i | ! ч i I ( | 1 1 у ‘What We “Don't Know Never Happened We know: What the King and Judd Thompson were laughing about so hilariously in the office on a certain Tuesday in March. How Hermi Bailey does it. The name of the person who put that wad of gum on Supt. Larson’s seat at the state basketball tournament. That Supt. Larson knows the same person by several other names. What Milt and Thelly were doing in the back row of the Collegian last Saturday night. Why Mr. Harms finally let Elizabeth Sweeney pass a chem. test. A man who won a bet on the Diagonal-Ames game. What color of nail polish Al Rothacker prefers. What Helen Nichol said when she discovered that snap of a certain portion of her anatomy which is displayed so publicly on page 70. What well-known track man was seen pushing a baby carriage around the Field House track one day last spring. Hut 4$ ы We would give six bits to find out who put the soap on Mildred Mcllrath's shoes when she did her tango at the " Cruise " . — PA | sk Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1938 — MER .. EE а — Sixty-T bree TW DENM. S " Dependable Since 1869 " — ————————— — - — а Forensick. Gwine Ë heaven. 7938 Willie, the Winchell, Triple threat men. Hams. Also еште P heat еп. Beating arou nd the Bush, Three minute eggs. Ai Boone game. | Walch the birdie. | x | | " - — s el - m fe, $ y s — me NL i. LLL — — KNAPP MARTIN | General Insurance | Phone 109 | | Ж---------------::::-----------% ү Serving the jewelry needs of Ames people for over a quarter century has made satisfied customers by the hundreds L. C. TALLMAN Jeweler and Optometrist .a—— ——asSu - —m KIMLER SERVICE for | Quality Coal Ice Refrigeration | É E? Automatic Heat With Stokol Stokers dla Kimler Coal and Ice Company Phone 241 Uptown Office 833 ню о 26с Every Day is Bargain Time For ALL HI SCHOOL STUDENTS COLLEGIAN - NEW AMES | 21с--САРІТОГ--21с | ` ——O—R——————————————————————————-—— ы Тм туым ee EE و ااا The Ames Building Loan Association 9 —F:twmwcm—Twmúm aC 24 years of SERVICE 24 years of SAFETY 24 years of DIVIDENDS Sixty-Five р S ei ө There are meters iambic, 7938 Brannbers Alm And meters trochaic, And meters in musical tone. | FAMOUS FOOTWEAR But the meter that’s neater. Completer, And sweeter. CORRECTLY Is to meet her by moonlight alone. ACCURATELY FITTED | | All you who think these jokes are bum Assure a Life of Would quickly change your views, Happy, Carefree Feet [f you'd compare the ones we print With those we do not use. Let us Fit You We thought that the heavens were falling Brannberg Alm So loud was that horrible noise, But we found 'twas just Joe and his Downtown—Ames tuba Developing volume and poise. Corbin Locks Philco Radios Lennox Furnaces EH Ames Wholesale Speed Queen Washers . G.E. Refrigerators Fruit and Grocery Sheet Metal GI: Company More than | | 16,000 Different things in this store for your convenience SAVE AI THIS CHINAWARE STORE HOME FURNISHINGS Carr Hardware Co. Phone 85 PHONE 124 Ж Ж == = s Sixly-Six 4 | : — clTc X mE DRE faq ui LI e ipn. uu gy Wt patro um ан WW, P PCR C minm mem meom TR (о ee De -—— d ge ga Am e ed We. gi vr " r š T | cotessional Directory HIRSCHBURG REYNOLDS ATTORNEYS AT LAW 31$ MAIN PHONE $78 DR. F. E. ROBINSON OPTOMETRIST Over Ames Building Loan DRS. BUDGE FELLOWS PHYSICIANS 40512 DOUGLAS PHONE 107 LOUIS JUDISCH ATTORNEY AT Law 408!2 DOUGLAS PHONE 269 —-—-—-——-——— 11 БЕ PEPPER Congratulations from ` O. R. Harber Shop Зог а fine appearance BEST ELECTRIC CO. Everything Electrical 130 Main St. Ames lowa | | | | | KEEPS ENERGY UP! | | ` В н. чхкккокккккс жәе ats ch, І Sixt y-Seven |: — a r rs 76 35 We Recommend Your High School and You Will Recommend Us | | | TRY OUR PRODUCTS | Ames Grain Соло. Во = Бове 5 | COMPLETE AUTO BODY SERVICE T Ames Body Company | |. С. Soma, Prop. | | | 402 Main St. Phone 538 | | Ж = ص‎ pa ي‎ | | | | — Ol | Archer Hose for Lovely Women Paradise Shoes Elanbee Bags gr Eu N a ie Sixty-Eight | | Standard Oil Products | | | | | Service On All Cars at | BRINTNALLS | Sth Burnett Phone 418 | | | | GET GOOD FOOD | —at the— | | CAMPUS CAFE | 2512 Lincoln Way West Ames —— Se | | | Brooker Drugs | | | | THE CORNER DRUG STORE | Hotel Sheldon-Munn | | | k P ` pk ana NEE ZEN ST EET TDA | EY ЕС Ee D E vm EE e RG PD ART Te ry aot vr " om Ma as t= = чаб. даа d PA s e EH e w — e " C——T ә-- --е-- ——V MPX —— ——. = = чч == g —‏ س ROYAL ORDER OF WOO PITCHERS Қ ЗЫ Founders: Adam and Eve Colors: Red and yella (catch a fella) Motto: Amo te (Je vous aime, ich liebe dich) Yell; Take your girl out every night! Hug 'er, kiss 'er, hold 'er tight! Rah! Rah! Smack! Ummmmmnm! Sixly-Nine Pedal appendages Left to right: Thelma, the snake, Mincri' “With arms like rubber bands.” ( ell Block, Gay deceivers. Half Nelson. Pavlova Pedersen Keg. Keyn 15 071 the right. | Simone Simun Legree. Ames High Library Daddy Long Legs Other Wise Man Les Miserables Jungle Book Little Men ....... | The Gorgeous Hussy Amateur Gentleman .......... SO RE Ts Three Musketeers ES. Gone With the Wind ..... Petticoat Court Uncle Tom's Cabin Ме БЕ nz Much Ado About Nothing Gullivers Travels ............... Scarlet Letter The Five Little Peppers and How! ............ JEWELRY STORE Corner of West and Hyland JIM’S BARBER SHOP | x IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL | | e | E FE TALBERT x JEWELER | | Ames Newest x First Door East Montgomery Ward ж „5. ————————————————————————— e mg sg geg оо ооо оо ооо о ооо ооо 9 " € " wee eee ETE James Buck ...... Hermi Bailey edu . seventh period geometry text .. Ruggles and Rinehart . Barbara Kresie . Reynolds Emerson A . Gordon Clyde .Ash, Ott, and O' " Neil . State basketball championship 2-2. Girl Reserve cabinet 90% of the student body .. George Underwood Don Minert . Moke's motorcycle ооо ооо ооо оо ооо = k ñ k F . . . bk . . k 4. . э = eee eee report card gosh, I don't know but it sounded good sg eg sp sg eege gg ge geg sp Sg gg gg sg ps gg e e WATCHES DIAMONDS FINE WATCH REPAIRING | | | CHARLES G. RAY JEWELER 230 Main St. Dixon Drugs + |. —— — ------- AFTER THE BALL IS OVER —TAKE HER TO— ANDY'S Seventy-One 1935 — - ——— а -------------------- -------------------------- nn ж DeLuxe Cleaners and Laundry Ames Laundry 218 Fifth Street Ames, lowa ж- COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS WALSH Furniture Hardware Breathes there a boy with soul so dead Who never to himself hath said: Wow!! Some ankles! Would she believe it if I said were out of gas? [11 push his teeth in if he tries to cut in. I think . my arm . would . just . about .... reach ..... Seventy-T wo рар FLOWER SHOD Sheldon-Munn Hotel Building Breathes there a girl with soul so dead Who never to herself hath said: The fclks aren't waiting up for me, I hope, I hepe, I hope. Umm! I look sorta classy in this bath- ing suit if I do say so m'self. What's she got that I ain't got? Should I let him? Let Me Repair Your Next Pair of sboes Shoes Dyed, also Polish and Laces Collegiate Shoe Service H. Castner, Prop. 2524 Lincoln Way ж —————— C+ m — x DRAGOUN TRANSFER STORAGE COMPANY „= — s ; MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Of All Kinds Eschbach Music House We Will Save You Money World Wide Travel Service WATER - LAND - AIR E All Continents - All Seas All Arrangements — ——— E. S. ALLEN, JOHN H. HARMS Telephones: 1493], 233W - м A. H. SS СЕОМЕТКҮ Given: a lover Prove: loved one will love a lover l. I love you. | am a lover. All the world loves a lover. You are all the world to me. " . You love me. " A uv fo FRANK THEIS DRUGGIST 217 Main St. Ames, lowa AMES VENETIAN BLINDS —a product of— ORNING GLASS AWNING COMPANY | | Ames, lowa Phone 538W For Estimate ee TEN LINDQUIST'S for Cleaning and Tailoring Phone 1700 120 Hayward Seventy-T hree SENIORS May your path of life be as successful and happy as your | high school days атласы = CH “ә SHOES DRY GOODS MILLINERY READY-TO-WEAR ж fo ааа, 3: DUDGEON'S JEWELRY Established 1893 REGISTERED JEWELER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY ж Б а 30118 OSBORN'S DRESSES FOR ALL OCCASIONS ers Seven! y-Four — e , —— —À— a ———— — fa ® MOORE BROS. DAIRY QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 369 428 Fifth FLORENCE LANGFORD GIFTS Masonic Building School Supplies Toilet Articles Prescriptions A Good Place To Trade Judisch Bros. Drug Store Phone 70 Free Delivery | Ee ое U EEN, l'aculty |. 9 To prove how bright and brilliant our faculty is, we asked them this question: “What is the difference between slander and libel?” These are the answers we got: Mr. Young: Slander is when a girl has a nice figger, and a libel is the paper wrapping on a can to tell what's inside. | Mr. Wells: Slanders are what you have left from the coal you burn in your | furnace, and Libel is Don Minert’s brother. Mr. Harms: Slanders are little sort of vermillion colored lizards, and libel— Well, I don’t know what that is, but if you'd asked me what a doorbel is. I coulda told you. Miss Mackin: Slanders are sort of shoes without any toes in them, and libel is And he'll say that the first thing he notices about a girl is her head --and that soft, lustrous waves wın his vote. | RINGLET THE AUTOMATIC | )COAL BURNER PERMANENT WAVE $3.50 i sort of a wave, or flood that the moon brings in along the shore. Ask Any Man we SELL AND SERVICE THE FAMOUS IRON FIREMAN Licensed Zotos Operators | EDWARDS FIELDS | ` COAL COMPANY ` | BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 20 | Phone 1069 № — — en — - —————M — ——— eH —— — `i- + —— Tr n FF. a—VrF rp нии ` Se ——— — 4 Seventy-Five IF YOU ARE WELL BRED— You will not curse or swear in a loud voice during assembly. If you do not like the speaker, confine yourself to such remarks as “Phooey” or “Казр- berries. " You will not throw a girl out of a seat in the bus in order to sit down yourself. Neither will you sit down on her lap without first removing your hat. You will not murder an acquaintance whose personality is distasteful to you. Knocking him down and caving in his slats will be sufficient evidence of your displeasure. If you do this with an automobile, you can recount the act tersely by the conventional “I ran across an acquaintance today.” In reaching for food at a formal dinner, you will keep both feet on the floor. At a private dinner, one foot is considered sufficient. x LUMBER and Building Material Hanson Lumber Company 212 Duff Avenue Seventy-Six MATHISON MOTOR СО: SALES - Ford - SERVICE Ames—Nevada GILCHRIST GOAL FEE D) GO: COAL GRAIN FEED HAY Coal Stokers — m — n[-. ЧЕ е лы ы-ы эы Loy Td AMES HIGH WEAKLY WEB “АП the News Summer ——— Volume 1, Number 1 Ames, Iowa Principal Recommends Students Use Leisure For Social Activities " The inviting spring weather is a temptation to students to neglect their studies for more enjoyable activities out-of-doors. My advice to them is to yield to that temptation, " said Principal Verne M. Young in an in- terview Monday. “The years when they are in high school are the happiest time in the lives of young men and women. They should be savoring their youth to the ful, instead of aging prematurely over books. " " The most vital part of a young person's education is not academic learning, but learning to associate with his fellow men. The lessons in co- operation and successful social living gained through pleasant activity with those of his own age are invaluable. " " I know that the faculty will agree with me that strict preparation of assignments should be placed second to the students’ pleasure in picnics, rides, or parties. " Robert Ash Injures Thumb Robert B. Ash, Ames High tackle, was seriously injured in an accident which occurred at his home at 419 Ninth street Wednesday morning. Robert was peeling a grape for his lunch when his thumb slipped. The accident resulted in a badly sprained thumb, which will be in splints for two weeks. Get Your Dates Now For The Frolic Git, We Prin? " Published just this once “Moke” To Raffle Motorcycle Rides To gain funds for new tires and a tenor siren for his motorcycle, a raffle has been inaugurated by Maurice “Moke” Christensen, owner of Ames High’s only streamlined velocipede. Contestants are to enter guesses on the number of yards of string “Moke” has saved. The ball of cord will be exhibited in a glass case at the west door. Tickets may be purchased from the attendant stationed there, and guesses entered on ''Moke's " books at any time. The two contestants whose guesses are most nearly correct will receive free rides on the motorcycle, complete with goggles, siren, and 45-degree turns. Winners will be announced Friday, Мау 27. | SOCIETY | ж Ora Clark Entertains Club Members Tuesday Miss Ora Clark entertained the mem- bers of the Beginners' Division of the Eager Equestriennes at a combined party and business meeting at her home at 222 Divine street Tuesday evening. Following a short business meeting, games were played. Decorations were tastefully carried out in a color scheme of black and biue. Refreshments were served from the mantel. Guests were the Misses Peggy Hel- ser, Mariloras Kennedy, Helen Nichol, Doris Plagge, and Edalee Gastrock. Seventy-Seven How did that little one on the end get in? Bird CURE “Take My Advice” in the first stages, Jennie Evans. ten pounds auo. Periodic Wrangle in Ames Portrait of Concentration. Or is be asleep? “жы x . FEDERAL EMERGENCY ` ! AMES mûr SOODE | ee. e This is a picture of Miss Helen Hadish. Peek Ruggles go-cart “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” We don't know who this is. Do you? — e- Skohl and Prosit Jawrg B. OUR OWN PULITZER PRIZE WINNERS Mr. Harms (during fire drill): George, you hold the door open and the rest of you pass out. Ora Clark: I missed à golden opportunity to sell programs and peanuts at the fire at Margaret Hall. Don Radcliffe (after being asked how he was doing in civics): Oh, I’m Mackin my way. Genevieve Kirkpatrick: There are two kinds of culture—material and immaterial. Mr. Donels (after the metal wastebasket had been upset): Who kicked the bucket? Jim Merrick (when asked in study hall if he had something to do): Yeah, sleep. Unknown (viewing the ruins of Central): Looks as if there had been a pre- view showing of " The Hurricane. " Unknown: What foos we mortals ` :—r r IY= wm AÜD@ HAWKEYE LAUNDRY Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Phone 9 West Ames + 3 $ 109 Hayward Avenue PALMER PLUMBING COMPANY Plumbing and Heating Electrical Housebold Appliances Phone 1091 Ames, Iowa Rec eure mei. рола t Tilden Manufacturing Co. Band Uniforms Class Coats and Academic Garments Ames lowa ж М Shalzesp 30. + + HEADQUARTERS For Everything Made of Leather D. E. PARSONS Luggage Leather Goods 310 Main St. Phone 721W — McDOWELL INSURANCE AGENCY 316 Main AMES - - - - Iowa | Phone 51 x ne + DIRKSEN SAMUELSON Pontiac Sales and Service 400 Main St. Ames, lowa = == = ( Seventy-Nine m. м THE MIRROR ... Then take care of the person you see im the mirror. START A BANK ACCOUNT NOW AT THE UNION STORY TRUST SAVINGS BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation O’NEIL’S VELVEI ICE CREAM A TASTY, TEMPTING HEALTH FOOD AND DESSERT PHONE 62 Eighty EQUIPPED TO SERVE YOU WELL Wreck Rebuilding Spray Painting CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Sales and Service W.H. NUTTY GARAGE — cme ee i M am ee —— —ы—— — ES Т. n Phone 35 414 Main St. AMES HIGH TERMS DEFINED Assembly—Something that always in- te:rupts valuable study periods. Seventh Period—Formerly, the dread of every student’s existence; now obso- lete because of half-day schedule. Web—A stinkaroo published every Wednesday; contains nothing worth reading except some bum Corridor Chatter. Debaters—Brookside bums. Siudent Council—A bunch of stuffed shirts who get excused from classes every Monday to sit and chew the rag. Spirit—Two bits worth of paper, a few pictures, and some lousy jokes; cost, $2.50. a | n Am Dna ` = Е = rn - —— ---- --- — The “SPIRIT” was printed by The Milepost Sherm s Shop “THE HOME OF GCOD PRINTING” We acknowledge helpful and intelligent co-operation of the “Spirit” staff. “Jahn Ollier Again This slogan has prospered under the discriminating patronage of more than 300 Year Books that subscribe to our inter- pretation of cooperation, quality and satisfaction. Jahn Ollier Engraving Company Photographers, Artists and makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Colors Engravers to America’s Better Year Books since 1901 817 W. Washington Boulevard Chicago, Illinois Telephone Monroe 7080 We do not sublet any art or engraving — 29 Eighty-One 7938 Financial Statement of the 1938 Opivit — — DEBIT Replacement of broken chem. lab. eoupment $86.43 Wieners тогоп Белай паса ад ух ул EE EE Blue pencil for editor ЭМЕЛЕ yp S as E RM .05 Phonograph record of " Bei Mir Bist Du Schon " ns AR LE m EAE 10 double dip ice cream cones from Moore Bros. .........................« depot oe New. “minnie Hor sHapShOolU editor enn n n ос | 7.34 Bilm Торе впауштпас ей о О TE нды р As EEN .78 Beefsteak for snapshot editor's eye ады Данара eger E ee REO Season tickets for basketball tournament...... КИР ОҚИЫН тет; .... 26,50 Repairs on Mr. Harms’ typewriter (the old Maxwell) ................................... 13.22 Staff " sets 'em up " for office girls ME meme s Mirzzle «for " advertisin? manager " озушу әли ЛИ Уз Сору ӨР “G one -With the: Wind эшне кета сар тен I 50 gallons midnight oil u да EE Bail for staff members after Boone game .............. N A ае. ТҰРАН) 1 box Blue-Jay corn pads and 1 bottle A-ro-ma wave set — special bargain offer ......................... ET OD Accident and Life Insurance for feature editor ....... ...... И И SSES a PR Paid to the owner of a certain snapshot on page 64 ......... ue ee 10.00 Subscriptions to " Goat Breeder’s Journal” and “Езашге ...................... 6.00 Erreraxine ПОР SPILL A о ОО Be es! M E RR ee 18.78 Printing MOL ерін s MCN AN TUE 9.50 ВОР ОЕ Spit met un ҒЫ МАМЫ ПС Қ Сы 6.25 2 Xcansmrubber CEMENT E Ses MU UE LA SS t UE .89 Poster paper uuo ches dedos Ces ee Е 20 2. bunches rubber bands Е. НОС ТИИ я .10 бар ven; ne A ee РА ЛС Sas 137.64 Sales Жах „жузе р. еМ EDGARDO ELS oue BR 114.29 Total ыы ЧАН лы АҒ а ОАА ЛЫ ЛЫН ЕТТІ NE DENEN 5563.66 CREDIT WERI the аск ро Ес КК ыы ы А СС 528.75 Refund on editor’s income tax .............. E ааа о Стр .19 " Seabiscuit " comes through at 3 to 1 . 52 ы: usa ONE cC PEN d Coe 6.00 Mr. Harms’ old age pension ............... 5 de Ы WO eat Mic any ES Pr 30.00 Sale of waste paper and scrap 1гоп ........................ ланы уты ees BE UM 3.57 Prize in " Ma Perkins " radio contest ....................... EE е 6 boxes Oxydol Sale. of V Spirits: serge ceperit SS RES E 16.25 Advertising ............... SS EH дека and А 3.85 а Сы С ER И 6 boxes Oxydol and $88.42 С ее eee. а на с E д DC п 5475.24 Eigbty-T wo Ames High Hall of Fame --%- RICHARD BRAUN Because he has perfected a masterly system of quick trips to the joint across the street, and practices his sys- tem more consistently and more suc- cessfully than anyone in schecl. DON RADCLIFFE Because he never allows study hall restrictions to dampen his buoyant spirits. PEGGY STAFFORD Because she has dimples ın her knees. GEORGE UNDERWOOD Not everybody with brains is includ- ed here. But because he is so supremely conscious of those he has, we give this bit of space to our " Galloping Ghost of the Gridiron.” Апа also because he believes himself to be the ultimate ambition of the feminine population of the Midwest. BILL LAPP Because he can do more tricks with that sax than Popeye can with a can of spinach. JEANNE KNIGHT Because, within two weeks after her arrival, this charming stranger had ap- propriated our Leading Athlete. DON WILKINS Because the feature editor has a secret passion for red hair. BARBARA DAVIS Because that little voice and those neat ankles are an efficient disguise for an astonishing amount of brains. HERMI BAILEY Because he has consistently upheld the traditions of male superiority. HAROLD KNIGHT Maybe you don’t know who he is, but he thinks you do, so we put this in to help him out. HERBIE RUGGLES Because he is Ames High’s little fairy. BARBARA GIESE Because those amazing eyelashes are actually her own. JIM MERRICK Because he is so experienced that he’s just a little afraid of his own wicked- ness. DON MINERT Because he needs a little publicity. DOROTHY PRUITT Because she has a double-jointed in- step. (Get her to show it to you). CHARLES RICE Because, if you asked our feminine students to name the handsomest senior, іп one breath would they chorus: " Charles Rice! " MARY JANE CUE Because any girl who can look as frail and dependent as she does, and then turn around and smack out a couple home runs deserves all the credit she can get. GEORGE B. COOVER Because of his heart-stirring perform- ance of the gardener in “Tons of Money”, and because his sparkling wit helped to brighten the meetings of the first semester social committee. BOB VIFQUAIN Because this sophomore is a young man on the make. BILLIE BROOKER Nuff said. RICHARD STEINBERG Because 8976 of the student body and 86% of the teachers are just a little in awe of him. MARY AND MARJORIE TAFF Because they have so nobly carried on the old family traditions set by Awee and Jeanne, Eighty-T hree Group Index — Arte Club: ug EE EEN ê 11 Mixed: " Chorus іс ee 4 Bande € S. ee сл a 6 Orchestra Л en NY. Basketball. сие 52 Pep) Glub —. eee 12 Gheer. Squad. -...— E 12 Quill and Scroll 2 Ређағе Са 5. ан 14 School! Board see ло . 47 Dramatic: Club Я $ Keng, EIER: Nee ass 37-44 Football e Os 49-51 Senior Class ne ӘС oo 26-37 Girls’ Athletic Association. ..........——.— e 15 Senior. Senate «Jl. EE 46 Girl Reserve SN У 9 Sophomores ES 17-20 Glest Clubs: л SER O RL RS 3 Spirit: Stall: u. rese En EDEN ERES 1 Golf еН пча уа 54 Student - Council... EE EE 46 HEN Аза Ғы ть 8 SWIDgsSteLS: ее дана венка сей 7 Honor; Societys УИК ЫТУ 2 Teachers | а олана ае 48 Intramural! no SCORE EE EE 16 Тепп . au au yuta ЛЗ 54 Junior Lea т с А ТАРЫ Le ле 21-24 Track: ¿22 Қы cere 54 Library, аль 10 Vanity Clib S.A u ua ess ARS 15 Eighty-Four Abbott, ]lim—21 Ahrens, Elnora—26 Alexander, Helen—17 Alfred, Jack—21, 52. Allen, Bob—26 Allen, Helen—17 Anderson, Arlene—1, 12, 26 ç ` Anderson, Marie—1, 2, %, 9, 12-2] Anderson, Raymond—17 Anderson, Richard—17 Anton, Gretchen—17 Arrasmith, Marjorie—3, 15, 17 Ash, Bob—15, 26, 46, 49, 52, 59 Askew, Winnifred—26 Bacon, George—21, 46 Bailey, Hermi—17, $2 Baird, Helen—6, 7, 9, 21 Barker, Art—26 Barnes, Opal—21 Barnes, Roland—17 Barnett, Fred—17 Bateman, Ted—11, 37 Bates, Margaret— 1, 9, 11, 26 Bates, Rose—21 Beach, Harold—6, 7, 26 Bechtel, Ruth—26 Becton, Dorothy—3, 17 Becton, Francine—3, 17 Behnke, Elson— 11, 17 Bell, Mildred—11, 17 Benbrook, Kathryn—21 Benz, Mr. Leland—48 Beresford, Ruth—21 Berg, Dick—17 Berge, Randi—2, 12, 26 Best, Bob—13, 26, 49, 52 Blackburn, David—17, 51, 54 Blacksten, Gayle—26 Blackstone, Lloyd—17 Bliss, Richard—17, 52 Bower, Miss Edna—3, 4, 48 Bowman, Sedalia—1, 10, 26 Braun, Richard— 6, 7, 21 Braunwarth, Miss A:pha—2, 48 Bretnall, Jean—17 Briley, Betty—10, 17 Brooker, Billie—3, 6, 21 Brouhard, Maxine—21 Browne, Josephine—10, 21 Buck, Guyola—6, 21 Buck, Jim—6, 7, 26 Buck, Warren—21, 51 Burd:ck, Dorothy—17 Burham, Gladys—21 Burk, Marion—17 Busby, Dwight—6 Bush, John—13, 21, 49 Butler, Dean—17 Butler, Ellis—4, 6, 7, 21, 34 Butler, Esther—27 Byrnes, Florence—2, 4, 27, 46 Caine, Barbara—5, 17 Cameron, Betty—21 Campbell, Mildred—6, 7, 17 Canady, т— 1$, 21, 46, 49, 52 Canvin, Miss Madalenc—46, 48 Personnel Index Carey, Alice—21 Carey, Dean—3, 4, 17 Carey, DeVere—13, 21, 49, 52 Carey, Maxine—17 Carison, Myrna—6, 12, Carter, Betty—11, 27 Carty, Jean—5, 21 Cassady, Francis—21 Childs, John—36, 54 Chitty, Phyllis—21 Christensen, Betty—27 Christensen, Bob—21, 51, Christensen, Clarke—27 Christensen, Maurice—27 Christenson, Arlet—3, 4, 17 Christofferson, Beverly—17 Clark, George—27, 46 Clark, Ora—1, 2, 5, 12. 27 Clements, June—21 Clyde, Gordon—6, 7, 27 Cody, Evelyn—17 Cole, Charlotte—21 Collins, Edgar—14, 17 Collins, ]lim—21 Cook, Maxine—17 Cooper, Betty—21 Cooper, Bob—11, 17 Cooper, Roma ]ean—27 Coover, George—4, 8, 21 Coover, Marjorie—34, 17 Coughennower, Rex—27 Cox, Eugene—37 Cox, Lucile—12, 15, 21 Coy, Vivian—21 Craig, Lowe.l—17 Cronan, Geraldine—4, 27 Crosley, Bob—?3, 4, 7, 21, 51 Crump, Donald—17 Cue, Jim—13, 27, 49 Cue, Mary Jane—12, 21 Cunningham, Dorothy—l, 2, 4, $2027 Cushing, Betty—17 Daley, Helen—17 Damman, Miss Bonita—10, 46, 48 Davis, Arthur—17 Davis, Barbara—2, 5, 12, 28 Davis, Earl—28 Davis, Kenneth—17 Davis, Margie—17 Davis, Marie— 11, 21 Davis, Ruth—17 Davis, Virgil—28 Day, Mr. Richard—6, 7, 48 Deal, Lois—21 De Hoet, Guy—21, $1 Deming, Bob—28 Dennis, Ruth—17 Derby, Dorothy—7, 21 Donels, Mr. Ray—8, 13, 48, 17 49. 52 Donelson, Kenneth—3, 4, 17, 522, 334 Do-chester, Mary—7, 17 Downs, Dorothy—3, 21 Downs, Irene—21 Dorothy, Isabel—17 Dudley, Pauline—3, 4, 21 Dudgeon, June—4, 12, 28 Dunagan, Dorothea—4, 5, 9, 21 Dunning, Mildred—28 Duvall, Bob—17 Duvall, Juanita—21 Eichemeyer, Jordan—22, 52 Eichling, William—6, 14, 22 Elliott, Mrs, Grayce—48 Elliot, Joe—6, Z TZ Flliott, Lendora—18 Ellis, Ruby—22 Emerson, Reynolds—28, 46 Enke, Loren—13, 28, 54 Erickson, Richard—28 Erwin, Dale—6, 13, 28, 49 Evans, Jennie—5, 12, 18, 46 Fall, Maxine—2, 28 Farni, Helen—9, 12, 28 Fenley, Sannas—10, 22 Ferguson, Charlotte—22 Field, Donald—18 Firkins, Miriam—3, 22 Fischer, Art—1, 6, 22, 51 Flack, Jim—22 Flogszad, Cal—13, 22, 49 Foster, Jim—S, 18 Frangos, Angelo—13, 22, 49 Frangos, Mary—22 Frangos,Pauline—22 Frangos, Steve—13, 49 Frazier, Bob—18 Frazier, Virginia—9, 12, 28, 46 Friedrich, Mary Alice—2, 10, 12, 28 Fries, Jim—18 Friest, Warren—3, 29 Fulmer, Norman—6, 29 Fulmer, Robert—6, 18 Galligan, Patsy—5, 18 Galloway, Maxton—23 Galloway, William—29 Gastrock, Edalee—2, 29 Geataganas, Dorothy—12, 22 Geiger, Farl——2, 8, 13, 29, 49. 52 Gerdes, Lura—29 Gernes, Dick—12, 29 Gibb, Allan—29 Giese, Barbara—3, 5, 9, 22 Gi'christ, Donald—29 Gilchrist, Jean—29 Gilchrist, Norma—3, 22 Giiman, David—14, 16, 18, 54 Gilman, Ruth—1, 2, 9, 29 Glazebrook, Wilma—3, 4, 18 Godfrey, Dick—18 Gould, Richard—11, 18 Greene, Shepard—4, 18 Griffith, Jean—10, 18 Griffith, Marjorie, 10, 18 Grimes, Dorwin—13, 22, 49, 52 Grimes, Frank—18 Grinstead, Arlyn—6, 29 Grinstead, Bob—6, 22 Gronlid, Miss Henrietta—48 Eighty-Five Groth, Winnifred—10, 18 Hadish, Miss Helen—12, 48 Halberg, Iveta—18 Hall, Carlyle—18 Hamilton, Noble—13, 29, 49 Harms, Mr. John—48 Harrison, Mary—22 Hartman, Geraldine—11, 22 Hartsook, Miss Ferne—46, 48 Harvey, Evelyn—10, 29 Hedrick, Vincent—16, 30 Heggen, Don—6, 7, 18 Heggen, Ted—6, 7, 22, $1 Hein, Charlotte—1, 3, 4, 2, 125 722 Hein, Harriett—5, 11, 18 Helmick, Joan—14, 18 Helser, Peggy—3, 5, 12, 18 Hendrickson, Mary—3, 4, 22 Hewitt, Yvonne—18 Hiland, Bob—11, 18 Hill, Ellen—3, 18 Himmel, Bob—4, 6, 22 Hixon, Ernest—18 Hockman, Paul—18 Howarth, Ren—18 Hubbard, Marjorie—18 Hug, Howard—30 Hug, Jean—9, 15, 22 Hummel, Dick—6, 7, 8, 30, 46 Hunter, Miss Helen—48 Hunter, Ruth—22 Ikerd, Betty—18 Inman, Kenneth—3, 18 Iversen, Bob—16, 22 Iverson, Betty—S5, 18 Jay, John—30 Jensen, Anna Marie—22 Jensen, Harold—18 Johns, Donald— 18 Johns, Mary—18 Johnson, Dorothy— Johnson, Jed—13, Johnston, Julie—5, 18 Johnston, Ted—1, 5, 14, 22 Jones, Bill-4, 8, 23, 5 Jones, Grace—30 Joy, Everett—18 Juhl, Dorothy—18 Kaigh, Bill—13, 30, 49 Kauffman, Gladys—18 Kauffman, Glenn—16, 18 Keith, Patricia—18 Kellogg, Evelyn—18 Kelso, Bob—22 Keltner, Ralph—30 Kennedy, Charles—22, 51 Kennedy, Mariloras—12, 18 Kern, Bettejane—2, 3, 12, 15, 30 Kester, Dwight—30, 46, 51, 52 Kildee, Kathleen—1, 3, 5, 22 King, Anita—30 King, Frank—4, 30 King, Helen—18 Kirby, Delores—18 Kirby, Winona—22 Kirkendall, Frances—18 Kirkpatrick, Genevieve—6, 7, 30 Knight, Harold—6, 11, 18, 46 Knight, Jeanne—18 Knuths, Winifred—3@ Koontz, LaVon—22 A с Eighty-Six Kooser, Philip—11, 19 Kresie, Barbara—22 Kress, Bob—6, 23 Kuck, Keith—6, 7, 22 Kurtz, Mary—19 Lange, Kenneth—22 Lanning, Mary |апе-30 Lapp, Bill—6, 7, 22 Larson, Mr. Jordan—47 Larson, Mary—7, 19 LaSeur, Harvey—7, 13, 31, 49 LaVelle, Robert—14, 19, $1 Leffler, Owen—4, 19, 51 Leininger, Medeia—6, 22 Levine, Thelma—3, 4, 9, Light, Herbert—31 Light, Levohn—19 Likely, Charles—4, 6, 19 Linder, Dar—22, 51, 52 Lindquist, Marie—31 Lindstrom, Eugene—19 Little, Betty—12, 22 Loomis, Jeanne—31 Lorenz, Mr. Roscoe—11, 48 Lunsford, Miss Alvira—12, 15, 4% McCarthy, Bud—18 McCarthy, Dick—23, $4 McCarthy, Genevieve—11, 25 McCarthy, John—18 McCracken, Elaine—6, 7, 19 McDonald, Margaret—3, 23 McDonald, Muriel—7, 19 McDowell, Helen—3, 19 McDowell, Phyllis—31 McElyea, Eleanor—$5, 23 McGee, Dwight—23 McGee, Eloyce—19 McGuire, Kirk—5, 5, 19 McHone, Virginia—31 Mcllrath, Mildred— 1, 2, 9, 10, 31 McIntosh, Wilbur—4, 6, 19 McLaughlin, Sylvia—19 Mackin, Miss Helen—2, 48 Madison, Archie—31 Madison, Horace—1 9 Mahannah, Lynn—6, 18 Marshall, Harold—19 Mason, Rex—49 Mathes, Phyllis—23 Mathison, Dick—1, 5, 23 Matsen, Vernon— 13, May, Velda—11, 19 Meads, Marilyn—é6, 7, 19 Menten, Norvella—10, 31 Menze, Keith—4, 23, 46, 54 Merrick, Jim—13, 23, 49 Mezvinsky, Dorothy—S, 23 Miller, Anne—7, 12, 19 Miller, Elinor—31 Miller, Mrs. Flora T.—4$ Miller, George—23 Minert, Don—$, 31 Minott, Mary— 11, 31 Mitchell, Florence— 3, Mitchell, lim—31 Mitchell, Wallace—31 Mize, Harold—23 Moore, Wilma—32 Morgan, Harold—23 Morgan, Margaret—), 32 سةد һә‏ ЕЈ мә nra 23 Morgan, Richard—%, 32 Morris, Ed—3, 19, $1 Morris, Mary—3, 32, 46 Morrissey, Joan—32 Mulhall, Bob—4, 8, 13, 23, 49, 32, 99 Myers, Jims, 19 Myers, Kenneth—31 Nelsen, Marguerite—10, 32, 46 Nelsen, Myrtle—32 Nelson, Caroline—11, 32 Nelson, Miss Charlotte—4$ Nelson, Kenneth—14, 19 Netcott, Gwen—32 Newby, Emmett—37 Newhouse, Lenore—23 Nichol, Helen—2, 5, 9, 10, 12, y Nichols, Betty —19 Nichols, Burton—11, 23 Nichols, Donald—19 Nicholson, Florence—3, 4, Odell, Tohn—19 O'Donnell, Dick—19 Olive, Betty —5, 23 Olsan, Doris—19 Olson, Don—32 Olson, George—$, 32 Olson, Helen—19 Olson, Kenneth—23 Olson, Maybl—12, 23 Olsson, Ееапог— 33 O'Neal, Helen—19 O'Neil, Catherine—9, 12, 23 O’Neil, Jım—23, 54 O’Neil, John—13, 33, 46, 49, 52 O’Neil, William—3, 4, 23 Osborn, Dick—23 Osborne, Virginia—11, 23 Ort, Bob—33, 54 Overgard, George—23 Overland, Gladys—19 Overland, Marie—23 Paddock, Marabeth—3, 19 Paley, Jim—13, 23, 52 Pallas, Jeanne—3, 19 Pantenburg, Dick—19, 51 Pantenburg, Edna—23 Park, Muriel—1, 4, 9, 25 Paulson, Bernita—23 Paulson, Gertrude—7, 19 Pearson, Dorothy—19 Peck, Betty—19 Pedersen, Norman—135, 35, $2 Peel, Jack—19 Реппеу, ВагБага--9, 10, 12, 33, 46 Peterson, Arlene—10, 33 Peterson, Delbert—23 Plagge, Doris—1, 2, 5, 9, 12, 53 Plagmann, Gale—19 Polhemus, Martin—3, 23 Porter, Harriet—5, 4, 19 Posegate, Robert—3, 4, 19, 51 Pruitt, Dorothy—9, 10, 33 Puffert, Willard—6, 23 Pugh, Bill—3, 19 Quaife, Dorothy—12, 23 Quinn, Miss Rowena—4$8 Quinn, Tom—23, 49, 52, 54 Quist, Bob—6, 7, 19 Radcliffe, Don—$, 14, 55 دیا г‏ Ragsdale, Darlene—23 Ray, Maynard—23 Ray, Roger—)3, 54 Reddy, Polly Tayne—12, 33 Reed, Mary Jane—33 Reinberger, Evelyn—10, 23 Reynolds, Gene—4, 11, 33 Reynolds, Joe—19 Reynolds, Marjorie—12, 23 Rice, Charles—1, 2, 33 Richardson, Adelaide—2, 5, 9, 12, 34 Richardson. Genevieve— 6, 10, 34 Richter, Barbara—10, 19 Riedesel, lean—5, 9, 12, 34 Riggs, Dorothy—4, 9, 10, 34 Rineharr, Bob—23, 49 Ringeenberge, Ruth—3, 4, 23 Ritland, Mr. Everett— 51 Ritts, Margaret—19 Roberg, Robert—354 Robinson, Betty —19 Robinson, Ed—25, 46 Ronningen, Vick Rood, Mary Ross, Ben—20, 46, 51, $2 Ross, Ed—34, 49, 52 Ross, Merl—3, 4, 23 Ross, Ronald, 1, 13, 14, 54 Rothacker, Al—11, 34, 52 Ruggles, Herbertr—19, 49, $2 Ruggles, Huberr—4, 20, 51 Ruggles, Leon—2, 34, 46 Runnells, Frances—3, 23 Rupe, Marjorie—4, 5, 15, 20 Salisbury, Dale—34 Sampson, Dorothy—3, 4, 9, 23 Sather, Mary—20 Satre, Gayle—6, 23 Schafer, Charles—16, 34 Scheuermann, Leroy—34 Schlick, Dorothy—10, 20 Schmidt, Bernard— 5, 20 Schubbert, Bob—5, 23 Schweiger, Mary—34 Scott, Bonnie—20 Severeid, Betty— 20 Severson, Mildred—9, 15, 34 Severson, Myrtle—20 Sexauer, Edgar—24 Shearer, Howard—24, 51 Shearer, Robert—I1, 2, 13, 34, $4 Shipp, Thelma—12, 35 Shockley, Billy—35 Shockley, Orla—24 Shoen, Burton—20, 51 Shoen, Theone—35 Shore, Anna Marie—20 ь б. 2 S - Sp , 2 - Shore, Marjorie—20 Sills, Dick—24, $1 Sills, Ralph—20, 51 Skerry, Harry—24, 54 Slater, Marion—20 Smith, Don—13, 35, $2, 54 Smith, Floyd—20 Smith, Mr. L. Wayne—S, 14, 48 Snow, Herbert—24 Soreghan, Mary —20 Sorenson, Earl—7, 24 Spatz, Miss Lelah—2, 48 Speck, Charles—3, 24 Spratt, Marie—35 Springer, Mary Lou—3, 24 Stafford, Dick—4, 6, d. 24 Stafford, Peggv—20 Stange, Jeane—1, 9, 10, 35 Steinberg, Dick—14, 16, 24 Stephenson, Maxine—35 Stoaks, Miss Mary—9, 48 Strain, Mary —24 Stuhlsatz, Sylvia—3, 24 Sutter, Maxine—20 Sutter, Nyals—35 Swanson, Jack—16, 24, $4 Swartz, Virginia—7, 20 Swearingen, Betty—35 Swearingen, Phyllis—20 Swedell, Mr. Bernard—16, 48, 54 Sweeney, Elizabeth—2, 5, 9, 12, 35 Swendsen, Dorothy—10, 35 Taff, Marjorie—5, 12, 20 ТаН, Магу--І, 2, 5, 9, 12, 24 Taylor, Barbara—5, 9, 35 Tavlor, Floyd—20 Taylor, Helen—3, 20 Тауіог, Joe—1, 2, 6, 7, 13, 55$, 46, 49, 52, 54 Taylor, Kenneth—36 Taylor, Maynard—24 Teeter, Kenneth—36 Thompson, Dick—$, 6, 24 Thompson, George—36, 49, 52 Thompson, Mary—20 Tice, Bill—37 Todd, Dorothy—20 Tripp, Aubrey—3, 4, 24 Tripp, Robert—3, 4, 24 Trotter, Randall—13, 24, 49, 52, 54 Trow, Bob—37 Truesdell, Russell—3, 24, 51 Turner, Mr. J. Francis—48 Uhl, George—11, 24 Uhl, Mildred—11, 20 Ullestad, Harold—6, 24 Underwood, George—13, 36, 49 Vance, Virginia—6 Van der Linden, Spencer—1, 14, l6, 20, 46 Van Scoy, Jean—12, 36, 46 Van Vlack, Philip—14, 16, 20 Veach, Icle—20 Vifquain, Bob—20, 46, 51, 52 Vogt, Wilma—20 Wall, Fred—20 Wallace, Jessie—1, 5, 9, 14, 36 Waller, Dorothy—4, 5, 36 Warren, Robert—24 Waterbury, Janet—20 Waters, Evelyn—24 Waters, Warren—3, 20 Weaglev, Don—20 Webb, Darrell—24 Webb, Harold—24 Weeks, Shirley—6, 24 Weilhouse, William—1, 5, 8, 14536 Wells, Mr. Kenneth—8, 13, 48, 49, $2, $4 West, Kenneth—8, 36 Wettland, Tom—49 Whatoff, Merle—11 Wheeler, Doris—20 Wheeler, Eloise—20 White, Miss Eva—9, 48 Whitfield, Marian—4, 7, 24 Wierson, Edith—20 Wierson, Wesley—14, 20 Wilcox, Miss Edna—2, 48 Wilkin, Laura— 5, 20 Wilkins, Don —5, 6, 20, 46 Willcox, Milton—8, 13, 36, 49 522 54 Williams, Frank—24, 51 Williams, Mary—24 Wilson, Betty—20 Wilson, Bob—24, 52, 54 Winklepleck, Dale—36 Wood, Zelta—24 Woosley, Dorothy—36 Worden, Glenna—20 Worden, Ralph—20 Wortman, Ruth—24 Yetter, Verna Mae—4, 7, 24 Yeomans, Betty—3, 4, 24 Yocum, Helen—20 Yoder, Wayne—24 Young, Dorothy—36 Young, Gretchen—20 Young, Lillian—7, 20 Young, Marshall—20 Young, Mr. Verne M.—47 Zimmerman, Howard—16, 36 Zimmerman, Ruth-—20 Eighty-Seven 7938 The The The The Englishman says “СһҺеего”; Frenchman says " Adieu " ; German says “Auf Wiedersehn”; Spirit staff says “Whew!” , XT —— o Üo AM ж. ---- ТЕ D BATEMAN MARGARET BATES | НА AROLD BE GAYLE BLACKSTEN SEDALIA BOWMAN Jl FLORENCE BYRNES BETTY CARTER JOHN C MAURICE CHRISTENSEN GEORGE CLARK Of REX COUGHENNOWER EUGENE COX GERALDI . BARBARA DAVIS EARL DAVIS VIRGIL DAVIS f REYNOLDS EMERSON LOREN ENKE RICHAR FARNI VIRGINIA FRAZIER MARY ALICE FRIE! WILLIAM GALLOWAY EDALEE GASTROCK GIBB DONALD. GILCHRIS T JEAN GILCHRIST A EVELYN HARVEY MARJORIE HAAS VINCEN JAY GRACE JONES BILL KAIGH RALPH KEL KING FRANK KING GENEVIEVE KIRKPATRICK LASEUR HERBERT LIGHT MARIE LINDQUIST MSHONE MILDRED MSILRATH ARCHIE MADIS¢ ELINOR MILLER MARY MINOTT JIM MITCHE ‘MORGAN RICHARD MORGAN MARY MORRIS NELSEN CAROLINE NELSON GWEN NETCOT ` NICHOLSON DON OLSON GEORGE OLSON E PEDERSEN BARBARA PENNEY ARLENE PET PRUITT DON RADCLIFFE ROGER RAY POLLY JAI CHARLES RICE ADELAIDE RICHARDSON GENE ROBERT ROBERG ED ROSS AL ROTHACKER LEC LEROY SCHEUERMANN MARY SEONE SHOE! A SHIPP BILLY SHOCKLEY IE = SHOE! STEPHENSON NYALS SUTTER BETTY SWEA —. BARBARA TAYLOR JOE TAYLOR KENN IET H TA - TICE BOB TROW GEORGE UND ERM NOOD JE, WILLIAM WELLNOH SE KE NAET | WEST MI EN BOB ASH WINNIFRED ASKEW ART BARKER F RUTH BECHTEL RANDI BERGE BOB BEST MUCK BERTHA BURKHARDT ESTHER BUTLER IDS BETTY CHRISTENSEN CLARKE CHRISTENSEN ÍCLARK GORDON CLYDE ROMA JEAN COOPER ` ` JCRONAN JIM CUE DOROTHY CUNNINGHAM ` ÍDEMING JUNE DUDGEON MILDRED DUNNING ` WRICKSON DALE ERWIN MAXINE FALL HELEN {Н WARREN FRIEST NORMAN FULMER ЧЕ GEIGER LURA GERDES DICK GERNES ALLAN {DRICK HOWARD HUG DICK HUMMEL JOHN R BETTEJANE KERN DWIGHT KESTER ANITA T ERED KNUTHS MARY JANE LANNING HARVEY WNNE LOOMIS PHYLLIS MEDOWELL VIRGINIA ` HEX MASON NORVELLA MENTEN DON MINERT ` WALLACE MITCHELL WILMA MOORE MARGARET WAN MORRISSEY KENNETH MYERS MARGURITE ` JMMETT NEWBY HELEN NICHOL FLORENCE NOR OLSSON JOHN O'NEIL BOB OTT NORMAN ФОМ DORIS PLAGGE NORENE PRATT DOROTHY REDDY MARYJANE REED GENE REYNOLDS i: RICHARDSON JEAN RIEDESEL DOROTHY RIGGS WIGGLES DALE SALISBURY CHARLES SCHAFER RED SEVERSON ROBERT SHEARER THELMA T SMITH MARIE SPRATT JEANE STANGE MAXINE EN ELIZABETH SWEENEY DOROTHY SWENDSON X KENNETH TEETER GEORGE THOMPSON BILL bw scoy JESSIE WALLACE DOROTHY WALLER 1 WILLCOX DALE WINKLEPLECK DOROTHY ‘a HO RD ZIN IMERMAN M Ж. FH d. HAT o d ës | 3 e Жүзе % JE) Аа 5545 4 TAL 7 м + | " | = i Eu ле == CG CN di i rs kaa — a | . f GILMAN ARLYN GRINSTEAD NOBLE HAMILTON ` “ИНА CM i; 9 P | A N KE КЕТ CH WI Ch TN VOA LN » 35250 ых u MÉI D = 3%: f, De d ec $ed ee ШУ e SC — а QUAE | E Lip ара у DIOS e ns is ЧАЛУ, rj M DA Kë М T Cem а уы e, WE %- Қ. да г SC se D VE з ' Noes News Vs uum e ms o TNT шы ds OW Bez SE E SUN " Yen d CH 1 D neck, SZ er A MI C TAN B . — ы A va E Ser Man TER | Ф " e P Эм d 11 NEY " m " ` Se Weed $ = Wr REN Pi = ER ME 2743 ҒА T Mas е us е СИ J “Жа A P " Ме a жел Gre | n С Ai қ. E Ben РА. Sp 41 Жж Их Е, M, 2 (A са Аб Е у ias " T. 12 Ў ' GR ж Ж те; T» Tnm TN ч VP CW Ka Ch Ko a T NN S № е жо NUES Um Л NY td af a ке) d м z же” ға” AE Ab: RAN, LS Т: m x M t e a ii 147 , dë y, CR ХА EN 2%, LUN A A 5 I D ` « +: í vi. " a Р 1 Tw ET L Ge ‘ d ы? M je М 4” Ж H L MY A AAA W dk, Ké NM X OE OWN ғұ» ж D erch GE EE put. Zee IT АУ, A TM Poll REL Kl p D MA, Ж Zéi Oe, | " bh Zu CW | ` A ZE улын " ieu ead ЛАМ АД Т A й у tn ` bat A SN ғы - ммм rM E d э ч LA Vy a 1 Же u [1 id n K aa Kee s ore ج‎ - N NN Am T 4 ғ РУ o a RELA 3 Ze 74 As %

Suggestions in the Ames High School - Spirit Yearbook (Ames, IA) collection:

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