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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1934 volume:

d M sl а Жл шашы 7 = ү 4 I А " n | A hy е) $ A 4 ч ғ Y ыл oa e У d i ка. Z 4 b " 4 | : | М П i | LX Ее: B " . А '- f. ә 3 = X | 4 E = m 4 || Р Ps 4 — MALUS. | 4 et і әт н p ê b А n Ls Р L d РД - D A М у p и | | 4 ® gy: ыы” 4 F — О А 6 4 |: Ta TOt Er FAT | 4 zm " P om M LI ‘ LI - Е LI Ы 2 - LI Г " Ju ` y v + ЖАТ ы | = — — Принс ج ڪھ ۽‎ 0-0-8 — ra 5 N TEE t ы Б СА і Уа РА НИЦУ Jg du aer Ре Ди @ | Қ ' 4 ` E oS » ; | THE SFIKIT ‘The Ames Senior High School | Year Book EOS do AMES, IOWA VOLUME XXIII NUMBER ONE (eed id A p‘ HIGH SCHOOL STAFF ` FOREWORD - -ө------ж- d = " ду = Imm Vita M ІШІ ШИТІ BED ty | АМУ wp [Ir | (с ажа пүт ішім А іші һ 1 BOISE evan — — e A T МАЛИ arm ШІ) My | " mnm mem TET Ш қ | КҮ ҮШ | ІШІ ud | Papi it mme " Mil b. ІШ mh PE HT T 1 iL Wi ————— —Ó— .- ні XIYTT Г ж- 2 2,4 ay nai ЙИ КИЛ. Fg ШШШ | 9 ТІМ ІШІ E Quim | Т Mo. PIT o MOD Wi DOR IT А ІШ toa | ү! ШШ ЧЇ ҮЛП i AM ш ШЕЛІ (in пи (йн m M ТЩДЩ لاا‎ ШЕШІ —9— (ПШ) mm ibm! nou) dlc Au wn goat f IU || m ие | T i (NAT ЇЇ | | ii | " ши HIN | | ДН (ШІН | n ШЕ ШІЛІК!!!) " n — — — —— | — — кА. -———— BT ІШ | 4! ыса TT. 1 ui — — — — Foes AMES HIGH— AIMS HIGH | | | THE -SPIRIT - OF- AMES - HIGH Ü | | Тће 2 pure t Staff | 5 | EDITOR . ; ; : MIRIAM RICHARDSON | ASSISTANT EDITOR . 1 і : . MARY ELLEN LYNCH ASSISTANT EDITOR : З JOHN EDWARD VANDERLINDEN Business MANAGER ; RicHARD OLSAN ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER . : ; : . PauL MORGAN ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER е ; : а IRVIN ANDERSON ADVERTISING MANAGER Р ; ! A CHARLES REYNOLDS ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGER i а ; : KENNETH HEDRICK ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGER . ; . JAMES SNEDECOR ORGANIZATION EDITOR . а К а ; › MARGUERITE KNUDSON SENIOR EDITOR . А 1 ROBERT BLIss JUNIOR EDITOR . 3 ; : : : : . JANE CLEMENT SOPHOMORE EDITOR : 4 2 FRANK SNYDER FEATURE EDITOR . [E TE . . BETH CUMMINGS ART EDITOR . A А ; ; Е . PHILIP NORMAN ASSISTANT ART EDITOR , es . . MARGUERITE ROOT SNAPSHOT EDITOR . - | 5 . BARBARA BusH Boys’ ATHLETIC EDITOR . | - : . CHARLES VILBRANDT GIRLS ATHLETIC EDITOR . ; . MARY JANET MACDONALD PROOF READER . ; - ; : . . HARRIET GRAVES PROOF READER . ; - : : . HELEN CUNNINGHAM Proor READER . - - - : . VIRGINIA QUAIFE TxPISTA қ c А . MARGARET BUTLER EXPS 2 : . eu À я . LEONA GOODMAN TPIT E : : : ; . Lors DORCHESTER FACULTY ADVISOR ; —— ч i қ : Miss CANVIN FACULTY ADVISOR . E : . MR. Harms FOUR THE-SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH | А t " e - i ed v Е 4 у wr е ар Iw 4 Е 7 Е d $ c 2 ? c А е, MEN T. к | $i + „ " P та Ж с - b 2 LI . " d А = Wee = Й | AicAardsen.. 4 " = — — ` —— — ص 4. Miss. Canvin М4 МФопа)а. С. у брата. of Vanderlinden — — L. Goodman Ahderson Kenneth Mid rick waa f. CunninaAam L. Dorchester a N Butte. V Quai: ‘ft, Graves. 4 И nen —⸗ — ТНЕ - SPIRIT ЈЕ - AMES - HIGH I: C) ВА и По -%- That this Spirit of 1934 may, in the years to come, recall memories of Ames High activities, we have at- tempted to portray the work, organizations, associations, ` friendships and inspiration which constitute the stu- dent's life through high school, as one of the many short voyages on the high seas which make up the great voyage of life. ж ”” ۲ 7 — f Жж” ] | | 1 ћи | 7 MM BM I " % Ж Uy , 4 ' . = Ж j Yj М Му " s Y f jh i | My. 11 Ж ІН! | 1 Р " ІІ, МУ أ‎ | LU uà Ы И " | - P d | TN | 1 N | | і 7 " II SD, - E ! је | T f 4 | | | | a ы LI! UE LUN Jin ud ete 23 Ld bafe an THE -= ӨРІКІТ - ОЕ - AMES - HIGH M. G. DAVIS V. M. YOUNG SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL — I 2 2 2 22226 2 Ж Board of Fducation -%- К. M. VirouAIN, PRESIDENT DaAvib EDWARDS W. H. MEEKER R. D. FELDMAN W. H. Roor F. B. HOWELL, SECRETARY HIRAM MUNN, TREASURER LLOYD SHADLE, SUPERINTENDENT OF GROUNDS EIGHT LIME = SPIRIT - OF AMES - HIGH MISS HENRIETTA GRONLID MINNESOTA UNIVERSITY School Nurse MISS EDNA BOWER SIMPSON Music MISS MADALENE CANVIN GRIN NELI. MRS. FERNE GAUNT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY English, Speech Commercial MISS GRACE CURTIS GRINNELL MISS HELEN HADISH IOWA English, Journalism French, English R. D. DAY ја 1, С. Band, Orchestra J: H. HARMS IOW 7 Д2 МІ55 ҒЕКМ НАКТ5ООК COE COLLEGE Latin, English, Bookkeeping R. O. DONELS | IOWA STATE Physical Training Athletics, Biolog y NINI THE - SPIRIT - OF - -AMES - HIGH A. H. HAUSRATH IOWA STATE MRS. FLORA T. MILLER INDIANA UNIVERSITY Agriculture Commercial R. O. LORENZ P. W. MITCHELL 1 « ТІС: IOWA STATE Art Manual Training j L. V. LOY C. S. ROBERTS IOWA Physical Training, Athletics IOWA STATE Matheniatics Commercial Geography MISS HELEN MACKIN MISS ELEANOR SELBY | IOWA GRINNELL | Social Science — — қ , ; Le " MISS HAZEL McKIBBEN IOWA STATE COLLEGE MISS ELIZABETH SHERBON KANSAS UNIVERSITY Vocatio? ! С X a ocational Home Economics Girls’ Physical Training TEN T HEB -SPIRII -QRE--.4MES.-HIGH MISS LELAH SPATZ 1 о | А MISS EDNA WILCOX IOW A English Social Science MISS EVA WHITE IOWA MISS ADA WOOD 125: Т. С. Mathematics Library, Social Science MRS. GRACE ELLIOTT Secretary Superintendent's Office MISS ROWENA QUINN Secretary Principal’s Office | er e М2 ELEVEN | | ң " EE — — ` 2 аа —— -- — — | THE - SPIRIT - OF - -AMES - HIGH Ín “Memoriam RORERT WRIGHT EDWARD LODESTEIN Mr. B. F. SEYMOUR TWELVE | ey - MARY ABBOTT " In youth and beauty, wis- dom is but rare.” pe] Girl Reserves 1, 2, A pfesi- dent 3; Studen 16 ncil 1, 2 —vice presid 3) ?- volleyball одају onê Socicty 3; ifit 4; Gbarm Scbool іс Club 1, 2, 3— 2; Pomander Walk 157252; JEANNE ACKLIN ‘God’s rarest blessing, after all, is.a good woman. " Rockwell City (Iowa) High Scheél 1, 2; Girl Reserves 3; Qwill Scroll 3; Declamatory 3. Drake Press convention 3; Dramatic Club 3. ROBERT 2. 3: " Вапа 1 harm School 2; Dramatic Club 3; Intramural athletic director 3. VIRGINIA AKIN “The most manifest sign of wisdom is continued, cheer- fulness.” V! Girl Reserves 1 —secre- ary 3j ouncil 1; Basket : Volleyball I. 2: n Ае“ А: DS president 2; Pep Club 3 e ж Ko? - c ROSEMARIE ALLEN " A sunny temper gilds the edges of life's blackest cloud. " Girl Reserves 2, 3 —cabinet 3; National Honor society 2, 3; Web 3; Dramatic Club 3 —Mignonectte; Girls! Glee Club 3; Home Room Activity director 5, THE-SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH GEORGE ARNOLD " Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.’ sketball 1, 2, 3; Tennis : Вапа 1, 2, 3—presi@fnt estra 1 librae; Nati Honor ay " 2, 3—presi Web ditor; Spirit advertis- wig manager; Qyufll Scroll , Е-ггезіде 3; Charm | atic Club 3— —lowa City tour- Intramural athletics 1, ome Room secretary I; N.S. P. A. convention 3; Drake Press c nvention 3. JAMES ASH " Of casy temper—natural- ly good.” 3—cabinet 2, 3; asketball 2, 3; ntramural ath- Home Room of- с ЛОМА ficer 1, 2. KENNETH BATMAN “Power shows the man.” —cabinet 2, 3; 2, 3; Basketball 1, in 3 4ylome Room —— — 1, 2, 3—sec- retary-treasurer 3. HELEN BEARD " Tbe longer you know ber the better you like ber. " Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3—-cabinet 3; Student Council 1; 2—sec- retary 2; Volleyball 1, 2, 3— captain 1, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3—Radio Mystery 1, Pomaider Walk 2; Mixed Сћогиз И, 2, 3; G. A, A= 1, 2, 3—council 3; Operetta 1, 2; Pep Glub 1, 2, 3. EVELYN BEN DEF РА ARAS heart with ' friends.” CR Reserves 1, 2, 3—cabinet 3. Volleyball 1, 3; Baseball Basketball 3; Art С. АЕ АЗ І Ертс Glub 1523: 3% TOUR TEEN T HE = SPIRII ОЕ A M Е 5 ғұ HIGH EVELYN BERG | " As quiet as ai mti die be. " Girl Reesefves, 1, 2, 3: Art Club 3. ROBERT BLISS “In spite of all the learned bave said, «I still my own opinion keep. " Honor news t 3—-senior editor: Scroll 3: Charm™%School 2: Dramatic Club 3=—Mienonette; Intra- mural athletics 1, 2, 3; Ex- tempore 2, 3; Varsity Club 3; Drake Press Convention 3}. JOSEPHINE BROWN " It's nice to be natural when you are naturally , 3—cabinet School 2; Girls’ 1, 2—librarian 2 oom secretary 2; eñior Senate 3; Awards Com- ittee 3; Operetta 1, 2; Pep - % ЈАСК BURDICK “The manly part is to do with might and main whal you can йо.” Hi Y 1, 2, 3; Student Coun- cil 2: Football 1, ж; 3“ Bas- ketball 1; Track 1; Intra- mural Athletics 1,2, 3; Home Room officer 1: Varsity Club 2, 3—president 3. BARBARA BUSH “Friendship is the highest degree ој perfection.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Volley ball 1; Baseball 1, 2; Basket- ball 1, 2; Thespiags 1, 2, 3; Spirit 3 « editor; Dramatic )—R a dio Myster Walk 2, tour- ctivity Де t FIFTEEN MARGARET BUTLER “True worth needs no in- ter preter.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Spirit 3; Charm School 2: Girls’ Glee Club 1, 2; Mixed Chorus 1; Art Club 1; Operetta 1, 2. HOWARD CARTER " T bere's music in his soul.” Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; National Honor Society 2 с lee Cl tette Ра-4 3: lub 1: Ндте Қақ |: Decla 1; Operetta 1,2 HALLYVERN CLAY " My treasures are my friends.” url Reseryes 1, 2, 3; Dra- matic Club 1, 2—Radio Mys- fery; Home Room Secretary 3; Pep Club 2, 3. te — | д.” E | D. | | = GLEN CLEM “My heart is true as steel.” Hi-Y 1, 2, " 3; Intramural Athletics 1, ка а Ноте Коот »ecretaryetreasurer 1. BRUCE COUGHENNOWER " Never troubles trouble Zill trouble troubles bhim?” Hi-Y 1, 2; Intramural Ath- 4 letics І, 2. 3. | IM = 75-2 | | | | | THE- SPIRIT =O re HIGH y y DELORUS CONN “Not a ford spoke she more than negessary.” Gir] Reégerves 1, 2, 3. у |] У y zh School Reserves 2, 3; Band 2, 3: Orchestra. 3; Web. 3; Girls’ Glee Club 2, 3; Home Room Secretary 2; Operetta 2. BETH CUMMINGS “Wit is the salt of con- versation.” | Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Volley- ball 1, 2, 5; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Thespians 2, 3; National Honor Society 2-201: Webs. 3 — advertising manager; Spirit 3 — featüte editor: ӨЛІ! Scroll 35 Dra- maticy Club 1, 2,,4 Mystery 1, Children of the Мроп 1—lowa City tourna- ment 3; Hóme Room Activ- ity Director 1, 2—secretary- treasufer 3; G. A.A. 1, 2, 3 —president 3; © Declamatory 1; 23 wPepisGlub. 1,.2, 3; N. S. P. A. Convention 3. CHARLES DAMON “Blessed is the man who has the gift of making friends. " Hi-Y 1,2, 5; Track 2; Intra- mural Athletics 2, 3. i-o LA 2 Y CHARLES DIXON “Silence is one great art of conversation.” Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Charm School 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3—Skid- ding 2, Mignonette 3; Art Club 1, 2. SIXTEEN LOIS DORCHESTER " If you want work well done, select a busy woman —the other kind has no time. " y Si Reserves 1, 2, 3; Web 3; V Spirit 5; Girls Clee Club 1, Й " 0 ox Ao c TE LCORERT DUCKWORTH کر‎ )be one bond of friend- hip i: confidence. " Ims l. 253; Web 3: Charm ramatic Club 1, ystery 1, Child- Toon 1, Pomander іс 2, Mignon- ette 3; lowSeGity tournament 3: Mixed rus 1; Intra- mural Athletics€Y, 2, 3; Oper- etta 1; Cheer L SUC. 3; Drake Press ConvVentiga® 5; Varsity Club 1, 2, 15- torian 3. 2213 ren of Walk 2, : PAUL DUITCH ‘Perseverance keeps honor bright.” НІЛ, 525037 E FA National Forgas! ciety 2, 3 onal Honor Society 3; , 33 Quill harm School 2: lub 2, 3—presi- dent 5; Myifed Chorus 1, 2, 3; ar 1, 2, 5; Dramatic ome Room Officer 2; lub; $ : 7255 2; Operetta 1, 2, 3; Drdke Press Convention 3. RAYMOND DUITCH " For СН the mind that makes the body Hh-Y 2. 3- otbal Debate i SiC Soci Web and Scroll Boys’ Gle - editor 1; adveftising afm School 2; Dramatic Club »—Radio Mys- tery 1, SRidding 2; Intra- mural Athletics 2, 3; Ex- tempore 2. ZAC DUNLAP “There is po ereater delight than bd Ponscious of sin- сету Hi-Y 2 Football. l, 3—cabinet 2, 3; 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3: JCharm School 2; Mixed Chgrus 1, 2, 3—presi- dent 5; Junior Class President 2; Varsity Club. к а. но T C e e ee ee T HE - SPIRIT - OF DOROTHY DYER " T be very pink of perfec- tion.” Т Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3—cabinet 2: m School 2: Art Home Room AX'tivit ctor 2; Senior CROSBY ELDREDGE " А cheerful femper joined with good-natured wit.” Hi- Y 1, 2. 3: Ноте Room Secretary 3. DORIS ENGSTROM " Shy but charming.” Kenosha (Wisconsin) High School 1, 2; Girl Reserves 3. j З У ауз AO, JOHN ENGSTROM " Men of few words are the best men.” Kenosha (Wisconsin) High School 1, 2; Hi- Y 3; Intra- mural Athletics 3, С t + » JOHN FARBER " Slow but steady wins the race. " Hi-Y. 1, 2, 29; Web 3; Intra- mural athletics 1; 2, 3}: Home Room vice-president 1—secre- tary-treasurer 2. SEVENTEEN AMES = HIGH SARA FOSTER “She has the rarest sense of all—common sense.” Gir} Reserve 1, 2, 3—cabinet 2, 3—“wice president 3; base- ball 2 Nacional “Нопбг 5осі- ety 2, 3; Web Ay Charm School 2; Dramatic Club 2; Pomander Walk 2: Home Room vice-president 1—secre- tary-treasurer 2. PHYLLIS FRASCHEE Blessed is she who has the gift of making friends. " Girl Reserve 1, 2, 5; Charm School 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3: Mignonette 3; Home Room of- ficer 3. " DONALD FRIEST " А friendly, cheers per- sonality.” КА PY 2 A M WILLIAM FRILEY " Hard work batb made bim lean. " A. and M. Consolidated High School ( Texas) p: Hi- Y 43 —cabinet 2. 3; Student Coun- cil 2: Intramural Athletics r uw + 94 7 wl ELSIE FRONSDAHI " Опе with a cheerful coun- tenance.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Volley- ball 1, 3: Baseball 1; Basket- ball 1: Charm School 2; Dra- matic Club 1, 2; Pomander Wale 2 АУА, 1,4-3: ; | | | N X | | | | THE -SPIRIT - OF - ЯМЕЗВ- HIGH HAROLD GREEN " Ап honest man’s the nobl- FLORENCE GILCHRIST “Worthy toby known.” Basket- est work of God.” 3; Web Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Intramural ath- G. A. A letics 1, 2, 3— director. 3; Home Room Secretary 3. V a Р7 2 22 2 H aak E VIRGINIA ĢILCHRIST “Sincere Pplain-hearted, hos- pitable’ and hind.” GirLiReservég l, 2, 3: Volley- рн neger 2; Basketball 1; 3) " Dramatic “Club (24 ler Walk 2; Mixed 1; Home Room vice- esident 1; Pep Club 3; Drake Press Convention 3. MARGARET GRIFFITH " А dark haired whimsical maiden with a will of ber own.” Girl Reserves 1, 2,3; Web3: Art Club 1, 2, 3. WILLARD GILREATH " А jolly good natured fel- low is be. " Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2. JULIA HAIN " Very studious and very good; Always does just what she should.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Baseball V Ах А123 Vy RP AN Р A 4 4 Si iy pin Eh OT CB ИКСИ) ЖАУУ. Р —â LEONA GOODMAN " Her eyesa bashful brown.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3—cabinet 3 Art Glub 2 3: Y ” Nt оле” молла, ы. мире “ — — — Mns - УДА ж ЯШ? “А 2 ULEI JS LEO HANSEN “A man of affairs was be. " Hi-Y 1, 2, 5; Web 5; Charm School 2; Intramural athletics 3. DONALD GRANSON " Life fo bim is just onc Ж NE HANSON She bas no faults. or no — | good game after another.” y. " 25 А - Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Intramural ath- Girl Rese 2, 3; Student letics L, 2, 3; Home Room ib 1; Girts—Glee Club 2 vice-president 1, 3—secretary- ХИ Нопог treasurer 2. 3; orus | secretary-treasurer; Girls’ Sext : Class сгеавигег 2--рг 3; Sen- ior Senate 3; Operetta 2. EIGHTEEN АЕ LUTHER HARVEY " If at first you Suc- Hi " bool 2: KHON- etti ment; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3; Art Club 1, 2,; Operetta 3. LOIS JACOBS " Without pleasure this life would dreary be. " Vi Girl Reserves 4, 2, 3; Charm School 2:Dramatic Club 1. 35 Home Room Ofhcer Es Pep Club 3, , MILDRED JOHNSON " А quiet dignity and charm are bers.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3—cabinet 2: Student Council secretary Web 3; Quill and Scroll 3; AGirls’ " Glee Club 1, 2, 3—vice president 3; Mixed Chorus 3; Girls’ Sextette 1; Home Room secretary 1; Senior Senate 3; National Honor Society 3; Operetta 1], 2, 3. STANLEY JOHNSON " Life is a jest and all things show i5, [ thought so once and now [ knowl.” Hi-Y 1, 2,. Y —calyrfet 1, 2; | l'oo Бај ла — ball До Дуж: Tratk; 2; 3; Charm | Sc bowl 7. ramatic Club 3— | léwa Ci Tournament 9: Owirtette 1; Mixed Chorus 1, 2; Home Room secretary 3; Operetta 1. PAUL JONES " A clean, modest football hero—that’s aul. ent Council Football 1,2,? in 3; Basketball 1,2, 5; ity Club 1, 2, 3—vice- president 3; Athletic Manager 1. - SPIRIT - OF - МІМІТІГМ AMES - HIGH JEAN KEFFER " She hay winkable, blink- able, vip twinkable, sim nkable eyes. " 2, 5; Charm School 2; Girl's " eee Club 1; Dramatic Club 2, €— secretary 3; Home Room ر‎ rector 3; Operetta 1; ep Club 3: Drake Press Convengon 3. CATHERINE KELLEHER " Pretty to walk with and witty to talk M T : Student бир D € 122. ы — Charm lub 1, КЕСЕК Кобу activity di- rector 1: ср treasurer 3. CLEO KNUTHS " A face with gladness over- spread, Soft smiles by buman kind- NESS spread.” Girl Reserves 1, 2 ,3— cabinet 1; Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; С, А. А. 63 2. 7 е0 " The worl er for yor шау.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, : 1; Spirit 3—organizatic or; National Honor Society 24 Charm School 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3 — librarian 3; Girls’ Sextette 1, 2, 3; Art Club 1; Senior Senate 3; Operetta 1, 2; Drake Press Convention 3. JAMES KRAFT “This is a goodly sort of fellow.” Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Intramural Ath- letics 1, 2, 3. А. J ? е, PAUL LAYMAN “A gentle boy with thought- ful mien.” North Grant High School 1; Hi-Y 2, 3; Intramural Ath- letics 2, 3. LYLE LEININGER ‘Resolved that worry 15 work. " HEY TL 2 3 Band 25635 Orchestra 1, 2, 3. OPAL. LEININGER Much study is a weariness of the flesh.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2; Dra- matic Club 1. MELVIN LEVINE " Ал Ђртбт to the ‘class of ү: Е К ы | 4 У ЈЕ Basketball 2. 5; Band 15:27 ibrarian 2; Orchestra a 1, e2 Intramural Athletics 15525 LEONARD LOGSDON | " My only books were one | girl's looks And folly's all tbey've taugbt || те.” e president 3. | : TEE Le 34 % „уно Коот Му 2b N V med Chorus 1; » THE -SPIRIT - OF AMES - HIGH MARY JANET MacDONALD “She is so free, so apt a disposition. " Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3—cabinet 3; Volleyball 1, 2, 5; Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3—cap- tain 1; Spirit 3—Girls’ Ath- letics; Charm School 2; Home Room secretary 1; Class vice- president 2; G. A.A. 1, 2, 3; Awards Committee 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3—president 3. WILLIAM MEIER " A serious minded fellow who speakspdirecW to the роті " . а ү, - 4 7 — Hi-Y ЈА 3% Intramural Ach- і гіс 32 letics 17 2, 2 у У ВЕАТКІСЕ МІ?Е " Quiet, modest, and useful.” Girl Reserves 1,42, 3; Art Club 2, 3. MARGARET MORGAN " Her words are trusting heralds to har mind. " Girl Reserves 1, 3: Web 5; Girls’ Glee Club f1. 2; Mixed Chorus l; Operetta 1 2 LESLIE MORRIS " He knows difficulties only by name. " Manchester (lowa) High School 1, 2: Hi-Y 2, 3. | | | FIXE, SETDRIET- - CER = AEG Tt MIRIAM MOSES “Her face the index of a feeling mind.” North Grant High School 1; Girl Reserves 2, 3: Web 3: Quill and Scroll 3; Senior Senate 3. OY rom. IM odet 04 HAROLD NEWHOUSE “He knows whats what and that’s as high 45 теѓарру sic „ " m e can fly. " 2, АҢ (Бал4 y 2, 3: 3—librarian. RE RUTH NICHOLS " A good heart and a level bead. " Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3: Volley- ball 2; Ceérls’ Glee Club 2, 3. J кш ли У " ا‎ " 2 LIP NORMAN " A good natured artist.” Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Student Council 3—president; Track 2; Web 3; Spirit 2, 3— Art Editor; Quill and Scroll 2 ,3—vice-president 3; National Honor Society 3; Athletic Manager 2; Charm School 2; Art Club 1, 3— president 3; Home Room Act- ivity Director 1—vice-presi- dent 2; Class Secretary 2: Senior Senate 3; Awards Com- mittee 3; Drake Press Con- vention 3. RICHARD OLSAN " Yea, verily, a man ој many talents.” Hi- l, i 3) 4277 — ры 0 ⸗ (га- кл СА 1: . 3 есем om тате Manager |: ‚ 5, Р. А. Convention 3, TWENTY-ONI CARL OLSON " Still achieving, still bursu- ing, learn to labor and to ша.” Hi-Y 1, 2, 5; Web 3; Mixed Chorus 1; Intramural Ath- letics 3. LEO OLSON ‘It’s a wise head that makes a still tongue.” Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Intramural Ath- letics 1, 2, 3— director 3; Home Room secretary-treas- urer 2. а уље“ LOUISE OLSON “With countenance demure and modest grace.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Or- chestra 1, 2—president 1, Na- tional Honor Society 2. 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Oper- ettas 1, 2 . А) ARCHIE OSBORN " Tbe greatest truths are the simplest; so are the greatest теп,” For 2. EVELYN PARTLOW “Nobody knows what she thinks.” Newton (Iowa) High School V 1; Girl Reserves 1,2. 3; Girls’ Glee Club 2; Operetta 2. Аы ewes A eie s ad ON rt rep — 7 s o. - = ж, v) — — THE = SPIRIT = ОЈЕ ТОМЕ THIGH MAXINE PEASE “Maidens should be mild and meck Swift to hear and slow to speak.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3. Maju Feart KATHRYN PEEL " As blytbe a maid as you could see om a spffng boli- day. " Girl 1 eb 5; Char» 7. Dramatic Club 1 4, 3—Radio Mystery 1; Pomander Walk 2. PEARL PETERSON 4 te Artless, ПА ансар Thus Jougseém and thus you d Gir eserves 1, 2, 3. DORIS PETTIT " Her face doth always have a smile.’ Girl 5 , 3: Charm 5 ОҒ : ic Club 1, 2, 3; Ноте Кдот secretary ІЗ 5%; | VIRGINIA QUAIFE “She speaks and acts just as she ought?” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 5; Student Council 3 — vice-president — president; Web 1; Spirit 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; National Honor Society 3; Senior Senate 3. TWENTY-TWO CARL REHNBLOM " Every man bus a fair turn to be as great as he pleases.” Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Football 2, 3; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. CHARLES REYNOLDS “He was a man of honor, wit, and intelligence. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Spirit 2, 3—ad- vertising manager 3; Dramatic Club 1— Radio Mystery 1; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3—wice- president 3; Intramural Ath- letics " 2 ,3; Operettas I, 2; 3; N. S. P. A. Convention 3. MIRIAM RICHARDSON " Our Editor! Is mot that enough?” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 37 Student Council 2; National Honor So- ciety 2, 3; Web; spirit 2, 3 —]Juntor EdyKr 2——Editor 5; Quill and Scroll 3; Charm School, a Girls’ Glee Club 1; Drame Club 1; Operetta 1; М; WS. " P. A. Convention 3; Drake Press Coivention 3. ROBERT RICHEY " Has bis own opinions and always expresses tbem. " Hi-Y 1, 2, 5; National For- ensic §ociety 1, 2, 3 — presi- dent 3 з; National 1, 3— | : Oud] and 540] School 2; 2. 3—Radio Mystery Iv Children. of tbe Moon 1; Pomander Walk 2; Drake Tournament 1 — [ома City Tournament; Extempore; Debate 1, 2, 5. MILDRED RIEDESEL " Quiet and retiring but a girl of true worth.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3—cabinet 3; Web 3; Girls’ Glee Club 1 ,2, 3—-secretary 2; Operetta 1; Music Appreciation 1. THE DONALD ROBOTKA “Cheerfulness and courtesy are rungs in the ladder of success, " Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Boy's Glee Club 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 3; Quar- rorte 2; Senior Senate 3; Oper- etta 2. RICHARD ROUPE " | love my books. " Hi-Y 1] ,2, 3—treasurer 2, 3: Student Council 1—treasurer be Web 33. Spirit 1, 2; Dra- matic Club 1; Radio Mystery 1; Boys’ Glee Club 3; Mixed Chorus 2, 3; Class Secretary 3; Extempore 3; Senior Senate 3 —secretary; Operetta 2. JULIA SAWIN Modest and retiring.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Volley- all I, 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2: asketball 1; Band 1, 2, 3; harm School 2: Dramatic Club 2; Home Room vice- president 2; G. A. A. 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 3. FREDERICK SCHNEIDER “Great things are expected of small men. " Hi-Y 2, 3; Student Council У; Orchestra 1, 2, 3— secretary 3; Home Room Activity Di- rector 3; Senior S ” MARY SCOLTOCK " Loyal and friendly and firm in. ber conyictions; " i br mes | Volle af Basketball {© 1,24 3; Charm Sol 2; сіну S С 1,72 75 —vice- presidept |; Web 3; Mixed о) ye P. » Girls! Sextette r Tiexmarie: Club 1; Home $e Secretary-treasurer 2; G. A.A. 1, 2, 3; Operetta 1, 2, 2. SPIRIT - OF - AMES TWENTY-THREE HIGH HELEN SCOTT " Her looks a sprighily mind disclose. " Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3—cabinet u Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Baseball ; asketball 1 3g Girls“ cit TUM Chorus 1, 2, 5; Girls' Sextetre 1; Home Room Activity Di- rector 2; О. А. А. 1, 2. 3-— council 1; Operetta 1, 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3. NORMAN SEVERSON " А бе ек fellow you could not find. " Hi-Y 1, 2, 5; Debate 1; Z5 3 —vice-president 2, president 3; National Forensic Society 3; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3; Extem- pore 2. " Tbe morning Пері is in ze bair, Phe Pe I ber cheeks.” жан gl, 2, 3;Charm sa 2; i tic Club 1; Radio Mystery 1; Girls Glee Club 1 P. 3 — presidénr 2; Mixed € horyus L..2, 3—presi- dent 3; Girls' Sextette 1, 2; 3; Operetta 1, 2, 3. DARLENE SILLS " I'm positive that care is an enemy to life.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 5; Volley- ball 1, 2, 5; Baseball 1, 2: Basketball 1: Girls’ Glee Club Ist Ey. Air Ау, Лес 3 KA Club 3. CLAUDE SMITH " Possesses a winnify ality; A firm believer was not alone. " mca |—cabifhet 3; Foot- , 2, 3; Basketball I, 2, 3: ennis T 2: Dramatic Club 1, 3; Radio Mystery 1: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3— secretary 2, vice-president 3; Mixed Chorus 1, 5; Quartette 1; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3; Declamatory l, 2, 38 ‘Operetta , 0,..2, M Varsity Club 1, 2, 7, THE = ӘРЛЕУ СЕ МЕ - ЫССЫ ELMER SORENSON For dry wit this man has no equal. " Hi-Y 1, 2, 5; Student Coun- cil 2; National Honor Society 2, 3—treasurer 3; Web 5; Athletic Manager 2, 3; In- tramural Athletics 1, 2, 3—di- rector 3; Awards Committee 2: Basketball 3; Dramatic Club 3. Elmer kore nao JOHN STOUDER “A friendly, generous man of courteous mic... Hii-Y 12-3: Tis 1, 2 Band 1, 2, 3—librarian 1, 2; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Intramural Athletics 3. TOM SWEARINGEN " Hes plucky, loyal and hard-working. Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Track 1, 2 ,3; Web 3; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3; Home Room officer 2: Varsity Club 1, 2. 3. LUCILE THOMSEN “Neat, not gaudy.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Art Club. 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1; С. ДУА OS и - NOTA VENA TONEY " Tbe only way tq have a friend is to be а Girl Reserves Council 3; B 3; Ch bool 2; DYamatic omander Walk 2; Óm vice-president 2; GAVA, a, TWENTY-FOUR DONALD TRIMBLE “He stoops to nothing but the ceiling and all look up to him.” ' -Y 1, 23 3—cabi | 3: : , „ Glee Club horus 1, 2. 3 3: Intramural 1, 2; Awards Com- mittee 5, ALICE TROW " Possesses. stik - fo - ifivenes and energy—qualities tayt mount fo succe Girl Reserves 1, ball 1, ae Эр olley- - Baseball al Л. 2. 3 Awards Com- BEATRICE TRUEBLOOD “Blest witb a promiscuous optimism about. everything in particular.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Жеђ +; Mixed Chorus 1; Dramatic Club 1: Home Room officer 1. NORMA VAN SCOY “There is no genius in life like the genius of energy and activity.” Girl Reseryes 1, 2, 3—treas- urera Student Council 2; fflevball 1, 2, 3—captain 3; Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3—captain 2; Charm School 2: Girls’ Glee Club 1; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3; Home Room secretary-treasurer 1; G.A.A. 1, 2, 3—-treasurer 2; Operetta 1, 5; Pep. Glub 2, 3. VIRGINIA VIGGERS “Content of tomorrow's fate.” Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3; Volley- ball 2: Basketball 2; Home Room vice-president 2, 3; G. А Ас do Pre: т.‏ تست — — — ТНЕ - 8РІКІТ - ОЕ - AMES - HIGH WILLIAM WALATKA " IPs great to be a booster.’ Hi-Y 1,2,5; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3. ۴ MAX WILCOX “Trustworthy and loyal; а тап to be relied иро all limes. " Hi-Y 5; Student Уаш! d I ROBERT WERKMAN " He only lacked some vice to be perfect. " Hi-Y 1, 2, 5; Student Coun- cil 3; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3; Class vice-president 3; Senior Senate 3. GRACE WILLIAMS “Silence is a true f never frays. 72, 3; Basket- captain; Baseball Volleyball 1, 2, 3; 1 2) : d не Glee Club 2,3: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3; Operetta 2. end who CARROL WHITAKER “There is no aristocracy ex- cept the aristocracy of in- dustry.” Hi-Y 1, 2, 3; Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3; Operetta 2, 3. FRANCILE YOUNG " On their own merits mod- a oboe be CE eserves 1, 2, 5: Charm Scbool 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2. Е С KENNETH WILCOX “He makes himself known nol by words but by deeds.” Hi-Y 1, 2, ¥; Student Council 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3—captain 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3; Awards Committee 3; Varsity Club 1,74, Р CLYDE ZIMMERMAN “Steady going and painstak- ing in everything be does. " Hi-Y 1, 2, 3: Web 3—business manager; Intramural Athletics l, 2, 3; Drake Press Conven- tion 3. dé TWENTY-FIVE ТНЕ - 8РІКІТ - ОЕ - AMES - HIGH Senior (lass H story -%- UT from the Junior High dry dock, through the Sophomore shallows, and past the Junior storms has the good ship " Class of '34 " proceeded on its way, bearing a crew of more than one hundred forty on toward the object of the voyage, the shore of. graduation. Although proud of its achievements both individual and collective, this year's crew claims no other distinction than being an average class of Ames High School, honor enough in itself. For Junior officers the class selected Zac Dunlap, Mary Janet MacDonald, Richard Roupe, and Nadine Hanson—president, vice-president, secretary, апа treasurer, respectively. The Senior leaders are Nadine Hanson, Robert Werkman, Richard Roupe, and Katherine Kelleher. | Misses Neil and Wood were class advisers for the Junior year, and Misses Spatz and White acted in a like capacity during the Senior year. The class presented “The Charm School” for its Junior play and a double cast presented the Senior play. June approaches and another voyage in Ames High history is ended. ROBERT BL Iss. CLASS Morro The path to honor lies open to all. CLASS FLOWER White Rose . CLASS COLORS Royal Blue and Silver TWENTY-SIX amr " w ме” g ж” ле — и Wario r %- uy ` e ху —— — —— Me ces ет ЖАТ,» vut m 1 s. я Фо УША „Ҹу, уә», re, А oe. УДА ене v лема“ мы ЛУ уу " , — УШ ОО РОР? Ж Ж м H 4 г А, = men y. — т o. . 7 3 АТ» m ser ы и тела» RÀ DE aeg AA l AO DOD, — — — o + в att — —єЇ[Ї. -— a =. — к ж-ш лл т» :ا‎ ТНЕ- ӨРІКІГ- ОГ - AMES 1 HIGH 2 hd NE же Back Row: Bob Craig, Norman Dunlap, Ben Blanchard, Helen Cunningham, James Arrasmith, Lloyd Christensen, Donald Boland, Charles Durham, Willard Allen, Donald Briggs, Russell Cooley. Third Row: Rowena Bechtel, Alice Donelson, Evelyn Deal, Juanita Cox, Margaret Doggett, Margaret Jane Dailey, Ruth Bates, Joyce Davis, Llewella Blair, Glenola Baughman, Jane Anderson, Clara Cue, Helen Anderson, Betty Bates. Second Row: Cleo Blacksten, Barbara Churchill, Jane Clement, Marian Davis, Opal Buttolph, Corinne Dawson, Helen Crane, Theda Bowman, Mary Ann Bender, Martha Burk, Ellen Cole. Front Row: Jack Chase, Jim Davis, Irvin Anderson, Parry Dodds, Walter Barlow, Robert Cannon, Harlan Carlson, Robert Anderson, Carl Bennett. Back Row: John Hamilton, Robert Erickson, Billy Hewitt. Lowell Ghrist, Alvin Escherich, Ordin Flogstad, Jack Foster, George Jeffrey, Donald Fleming, Ralph Grove. Third Row: Helen Jobe, Jean Hendrickson, Margaret Kooser, Charlotte Jones, Josephine Jones, Doris Edwinson, Margaret Kimball, Barbara Jones, Martha Jean Koos, Harriet Graves, Phyllis Hobbs. — Second Row: Karl Engeldinger, Allen Gilchrist, Jane Helser, Ruth Kunerth, Gwendolyn Griffith, Lois King, Bernice Kauffman, Penelope Freed, Billy Horn, Claire French, Howard Jewett. Front Row: Kenneth Hedrick, Robert Johnson, Ellsworth Jones, John Hostetter, Lewis Mott, Dean Knudson, Marion Gardner, Clifford Knoll. TWENTY-EIGHT и Ли Ба и о TURTE SPIRIT + OF - AMES -HIGH Ћ I i " 14 | = " = | Back Row: Wayne Osborn, Merrill Mather, Donald Marsh, Raymond Minott, Dean MacDowell, Ellen Gay Pickett, Louise Pfautz, Mary Ellen Lynch, Dorothy Perry, Wanda Moore, Ardath MacDonald. Third Row: Caroline Palmer, Kathryn Parks, Mary Martin, Margaret Maitland, Caryl Pratt, Idena MacDonald, Lucille Long, Bonita Joy, Neva Lee, Alberta MacDonald, Virginia Nowlin, Barbara Nelson. Second Row: Phyllis Parkhouse, Lenore Leland, Genevieve Ohl, Betty Pfunder, Ruth Mitchell, Ethel Loper, Anna Marie Nosback, Mary McNabb, Eda Peterson, Alberta Newman, Janet Melhus. Front Row: Paul Morgan, John Miller, Eldon Olson, Paul Moser, Byron Morris. Dell Pierson, George O'Neil, Robert Jones, Marvin Nichols, Norman Linder. Back Row: Charles Ruth, Donald Smutz, Max Strain, Wyman Wilson, Forrest Stillman, Charles Vilbrandt, Leland Roberson, George Snyder, Arthur Rudnick, James Speck, Donald Whatoff, Earl Wright, Douglas Sexton, Robert Welke. Third Row: Margaret Smith, Helen Theis, Margaret Woodrow, Theda Van Patter, Gladys Randau, Arline Yale, Betty Swartz, Frances Rodgers, Gay Starrak, Jean Zumwalt, Dorothy Reynolds, Marguerite Root, Edith Swink, Dorothy Schubert. Front Row: Harold Swanson, Tommy Trow, Harold Skeers, Noel Taylor, George Scarborough, James Snedecor, Harry Shupe, Glen Uhl, Max Waterman, Russell Whitfield, Clyde Shugart, Leland Sherman. TWENTY-NINI “ — 7960 THE =- SPIRII - OF - -AMES - HIGH ‘The dunior Class History -%- HE Juniors have sailed a steady, even course into midseas and soon will be reaching their port. During their first year on high seas it took them a surprisingly short time to get accustomed to the routine and duties on the ship where they were out- standing in many ways. The past year has been an eventful one for the Junior passengers. After some weeks they chose Jack Chase as captain, George O’Neil as first mate, and Dorothy Reynolds as purser. With these worthy officers at the helm, responsi- bilities concerning student government, social, citizenship, and service pears have been satisfactorily accomplished. The names of many second year seamen excelling in studies were found on the ship’s log every six weeks. The Junior sailors have also done much in helping to entertain the passengers on the liner. They have several officers in the dramatic club and were represented in the dramatic club play “Mignonetie.” In many of the interesting debates that were held, some of these sailors were allowed to argue. There have been numerous musical entertainments on board the vessel and stops were made at various ports to present programs. The girls’ glee club gave a Christmas program over the wireless. Many of the Junior musicians showed their ability either by singing, or playing musical instruments. Athletics were an outstanding amusement for the passengers and some of the Junior mariners were active in the football, basketball, and tennis games, while the remaining passengers provided the pep. Girls participated in G. A. A., inter-class basketball and volleyball games, and Pep Club. All passengers belonged either to Girl Reserve or Hi-Y. The help. and inspiration they received from this is not to be forgotten. Everybody aboard the ship was especially entertained on January 12, when the Junior seamen presented their annual play, “The Youngest,’ coached by Mrs. Gaunt. The Junior class owes its pleasant voyage to the cooperation of its members and to the helpful leadership of its officers and sponsors, Miss Hadish and Miss Selby. JANE CLEMENT THIRTY т зге = me 2 — i ж — “, EN | жы SS — ES .o-w ь “% “ “ӘМ THE -SPIRIT - OF = AMES - НИСИ Back Row: Everett Alber, Louis Champlin, Charles Briley, Edwin Allen, Herman Arrasmith, Duane Alexander, Wendell Allen, Jack Canady, Stanley Clobridge, Jack Coy. Third Row: Chalice Carey, Maurita Bourne, Helen Antram, Virginia Birney, Northa Glee Cooper, Betty Ames, Mary Louise Cliff, Mary Bush, Mary Lois Arnold, Maxine Anderson, Carroll Berry. Phyllis Bryan, Gertrude Coy. Second Row: Lois Baker, Geraldine Buck, Margot Bacon, Patricia. Cooney, Barbara Bates, Edna Anderson, Mary Connally, Patricia Bruce, Laura Bell, Jeanette Berg, Joy Bence. Front Row: Donald Beresford, John Blumenschein, Eugene Armstrong, Jerral Carlson, Maurice Cox, William Bliss, Edward Cox, George Baker. Back Row: Donald Dahl, LaVerne Elding, Frank Graves, Raymond Hewitt, Harry Harrison, John Fischer, John Fuller, Robert Hoffman, Rex Gilchrist, Merle Daley, George Harrison. Third Row: Dorothy Erickson, Genevieve Green, Mildred Deal, Katherine Dodds, Jean De Vaul, Bernice Gates, Marguerite Dunning, Barbara Hostetter, Maxine Gammon, Maxine Hayworth, Merle Hartman, Donapear! Dixon, Dorothy Delamore. Second Row: Margaret Grimes, Florence Grubb, Miriam Faber, Barbara Fritsch, Vera Drake, Lucille De Fore, Irene Foy, Alice Ersland, Freda Holm, Caroline Downey. Front Row: Charles Hain, Thomas Eness, Dick Dearinger, Donald Farber, Donald Erickson, Leone Ferguson, Richard Graves, Charles Auld, Benjamin Helmick, Max Daley. THIRTY-TWO | oo» A ws: ta, — Lie = SPIRIT =: OCF = AMES = HIGH Back Row: Philip Omspach, Robert Menze, Benjamin Knudson, Richard Miller, Ralph McConnell, Alex Jeffrey, Willard Madden, Wilton Madden, Boynton Knapp, Charles Jackson, Lawrence Owens. Third Row: Bernadine Kingkade, Thelma Inman, Mary Gillmore, Eula Mae Hiland, Ruth Hendrickson, Celia Miller, Gladys Keltner, Helen Inglis, Mary McNutt, Anna May Kirkpatrick, Mildred Inman. Second Row: Thelma Knuths, Wanda Mecaskey, Chrystal Meier, Mildred Mitchell, Maxine Norlin, Betty Jones, Gertrude Mann, Jean Osborn, Frances McClure, Vera Miller, Alice Mettlen. Front Row: Lloyd Nelson, Edward Lodestein, Richard McLaughlin, Kenneth Lebo, Art King, Bob Illeman, Junior Knouse, Walter Madison, Theodore Marsh. Back Row: Wayne Steele, William Winton, Robert Schreiber, Millard Peck, Ira Redlinger, Robert Shedd, Jack Smith, James White, Homar Young, Richard Young, Joel Zander. Third Row: Leah Ruth, Anna Marie Taff, Maurine Park, Margaret Taylor, Julia Nell Shipp, Frances Sutter, Sylvia Stettler, Ramona Rullestad, Eva Strain, Maxine Swearingen, Tone Thomas. Second Row: Ivan Sheahan, Junior Vifquain, James Stephenson, Paul Skarshaug, John Siberell, Evelyn Vogt, Pauline Wheeler, Eleanor Posegate, Leafa Fisher, Agnes Olson, Orland Peterson. Front Row: Charles Patenberg, Herbert Plagge, Orville Parker, Hilary Ryan, William Stahlman, Raymond Taylor, Maurice Smith, Frank Snyder. ҮНІКТҮ-ГНІНГІ —— ьн» “- = = = THE - Б5РТК1Т - OF.- -MMES - HIGH Sophomore Class History -%- ITH sails billowing as the breeze caught and filed them, their ship sailed | slowly out of the harbor of registration and on into the open sea of Ames High School. Thus the Class of '36 set out on a three-year voyage on September 11, 1953. The days which followed were trying ones for all on board. The crew was inexperienced, and once the ship nearly floundered on Geometry Shoals. Then again, a storm struck her and for a moment it seemed that everyone would surely be either drowned—or which was far worse—be stranded on the terrible island of Latin! Good fortune was with the young adventurers, however, for these and many other dangers were passed in safety. Awards were given to many seamen who distinguished themselves in athletics. A large number of the crew went out for other activities—dramatics, music, Hi-Y, and Girl Reserve work. | The ship had been well manned during the year 1933-34, and as a reward practically every. seaman on board was promoted to the rank of junior, and, as a special bonus, all hands were’ granted a three months’ shore leave. Thus ended the first leg of the voyage and consequently the history of the Class of '36 as Sophomores. Two more years of hard sailing, however, lie between them and their goal, the Port of Graduation; may good fortune accompany them for the remainder of the voyage. FRANK SNYDER. = — THIRTY-FOUR | ИЕ. | | | | | yj ||| i М . | E 8 Шы d ` | 3 — a = LE Á. — Die - SPIRIT - OF - AMLS - HIGH E — Back Row: Pierson, J. Arrasmith, M. Bush, K. Dodds, L. Ruth, Cooley, Werkman, Center Row: Toney, McNabb, W. Blis, Кипегіһ, Barlow, Cliff, Kelleher. Front Row: Quaife, Norman, Miss Curtis, Blumenschein, M. Johnson. Otudent Gouncil -%- Second Semester VIRGINIA QUAIFE KENNETH HEDRICK MARY ELLEN LYNCH MAURINE PARK First Semester PHILIP NORMAN . PRESIDENT VIRGINIA QUAIFE . .. . VICE-PRESIDENT MILDRED JOHNSON SECRETARY JOHN BLUMENSCHEIN . . . TREASURER... . HE Student Council, the governing body of Ames High, is composed of the presidents of each of the home rooms. These representatives make known the suggestions and desires of the members of their home rooms and in this way help to solve the problems of the school. The meetings which are held once a week are presided over by the president and supervised by Miss Grace Curtis. Through a very well-organized plan of elections, there are always some experi- enced members in the Council. The sophomores select their representatives in September, to serve until January, at which time they elect for the succeeding two semesters. In the mid-junior year, delegates are elected for the term from January to June. Then the juniors elect persons to serve all during the senior year. To this capable body of eighteen members is entrusted the task of keeping " Ames Hi's Aims High. " Louise Pravurz. THIRTY-SIX У —À. a 2 THE - SPIRIT. - OF - -AMES - HIGH Back Row: Quaife, Norman, M. Morgan. Center Row: Schneider, Brown, Robotka, M. Johnson, D. Inman. Front Row: Dyer, Werkman, Miss Spatz, N. Hanson, Miss White. Roupe, Kelleher. Senior Senate -%- РЕЕЧРЕМТ : i Р NADINE HANSON VICE PRESIDENT н RoBERT WERKMAN SECRETARY . . RICHARD КООРЕ TREASURER | ; ; : KATHRYN KELLEHER HE meeting has come to order, " though sometimes the order is very noisy for a supposed-to-be dignified senate. In Miss Spatz’ room, usually on every Tuesday night, the Senior Senate holds session to discuss the numerous problems which confront the senior class. The senior affairs are entrusted in a group consisting of class officers, senior home room presidents, and one representative from each senior home room. The Senate decides with the class such matters as class flower, colors, motto. assembly, and appoints committees to make plans for commencement exercises, and, although it is composed of comparatively few members, it tries to express the views of the whole class. VIRGINIA QUAIFE THIRTY-SEVEN — — ШЫ... ы. ¥ 5 Ба = — ті B ў 2 А ab DIONE —— — ЕД А 7 y 7454252) " м — — - ым» 2 s —— TESTE, -аж — Е = — VÀ MÀ а... T I sm ча " E 5% - س‎ е Гу; ета ; — NP; и „а УУ DIRT dot Oi Mig, %% MELEE Р % ae Ж ажы “ . m м 7x MI IM EN ә г У E — — тда ауу 3 са ا уг ы‏ ж о 3 Р . - 6 2%. -- T HAE - SPIRIT = OF AMES. ШІЛІГІ J © ¢ 2% 8 — ДО — d — NW MS Хе NN N W Back Row: Carter, Mr. Loy, M. Richardson. Center Row: N. Hanson, D. Moser, Miss Wood, R. Allen, S. Foster. Front Row: L. Olson, Miss Spatz, Sorenson, G. Arnold, Miss Mackin, Cummings, ‘National Honor Society -%- PRESIDENT ; ; : GEORGE ARNOLD VICE PRESIDENT , Е ; BETH CUMMINGS SECRETARY Miss SPATZ TREASURER : ; ; ELMER SORENSON HE. National. Honor Society is an organization united and bonded -together - by ideals of high scholastic attainment, leadership, character development, and willing service. Members are selected twice a year. Fifteen per cent of each class is allowed membership, five per cent at. the end of the junior year, and five per cent at the close of each semester during the senior year. | The society has carried on its activities this year with the monthly pot-luck suppers, business meetings, and also by presenting an interesting playlet in the assembly. At our business meetings the discussions centered around current problems in regard to our activities, higher scholastic achievement, and development of character. We, as a national group, are united and have set up standards for the best, which we pass on to the succeeding members, trusting that they will keep our torch flaming and hold it high where all may see and benefit by its light. LOUISE OLSON THIRTY-LEIGFHT 4 НА £a » ж-ы. . ж — — — ГНЕ - 5ВІКІТ - ОЕ - ЯМЕ58 - HIGH Back Row: Moses, P. Duitch, M. Richardson. R. Bliss.. М. Johnson. Front Row: Miss Canvin, Norman, Acklin, G. Arnold, Cummings, Richey, Miss Wilcox. Quill and Scroll PRESIDENT - GEORGE ARNOLD VICE PRESIDENT | ; PHILIP NORMAN SECRETARY , ) Е MIRIAM MOSES QULL and Scroll, international honorary society for high school journalists, is the ' goal of every ambitious writer on the Web or Spirit staff. To be elected to membership a student must be of at least junior standing and in the upper one-third of his class scholastically; he must be recommended by his supervisor as having done outstanding work in some phase of journalism; and he must have an example of his work accepted by the national secretary-treasurer, The Ames chapter of Quill and Scroll was organized in 1928, two years after the national society was organized at Iowa City by a group of journalism instructors interested in improving the standards of high school annuals, papers, and magazines. Through the medium of the Quill and Scroll Magazine new ideas and improvements in school publications are exchanged among the more than 800 chapters located in all parts of the United States and foreign countries. Various contests in different fields of creative work are sponsored by the organi- zation with the purpose of encouraging and rewarding individual efforts in journalism and allied fields. In these contests the Ames chapter has taken an active part this year. MiRIAM Mosrs THIRTY-NINI —Ni . — Nom А i | — 717 | — — UE — пла ТНЕ - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH — — — — ұм” = — — , PT. A чәй РРА — — " 77 7 ч ur n: Vi An, ng YOM 2 v Ж Ж w Ы 0 ‚л " m » — E Back Row: Severson, Richey, P. Duitch, R. Duitch. Front Row: Vanderlinden, Mrs. Gaunt, R. Blis, Durham, Vilbrandt, Mann, Barlow. | National Fovensic | eague — — (77 4 . ж и Л -%- ROBERT RICHEY ROBERT BLIss Pavur DurrcH PRESIDENT . : : : : VICE PRESIDENT - SECRETARY- TREASURER — Mr РО РРА 5% - — a Cr m IN ATIONAL Forensic League is an honorary organization which rewards effort in the following types of speech work: declamatory, debate, and extempor- aneous. In order to provide a constant incentive for further forensic effort even after membership has been earned, there are four degrees of attainment which may be gained: the Degree of Merit for 10 points, the Degree of Honor for 30 points, the Degree of Excellence for 60 points, and the Degree of Distinction for 100 points. | Norman Severson and Robert Richey have the Degree of Distinction, and Paul Duitch has the Degree of Excellence. The key, which is the pin of the club, is jewelled according to the degree held —an emerald for Honor, sapphire for Excellence, and ruby for Distinction. FORTY THE = SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH Back Row: Richey, Briggs, К. Duitch, Blanchard. Center Row: Cunningham, Lynch, B. Bush, Buttolph, Clement. Front Row: Helser, Cummings, Root, Starrak. National ‘Thespians -%- O National Thespians, a dramatic honorary society, are elected students who have shown marked ability in dramatics. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate better dramatic work in high school. Five dramatic club members who have the highest number of points are elected to this club each semester. Points are earned by participation in three-act plays, one-act plays, tournament plays, and assisting in the presentation of any one of these. Many of the alumni attend the meetings which are held the second Wednesday of each month, and the reward to every dramatic student for his faithful and deserving work is admittance into this honorary organization. FORTY ONI | —— e а а ASS NIS 22l Mansit at e P ‚е, кдл. 4» жақ); и и K TTN " У Lg 7 ы ИМА —— AUIS 4 %6; Vo VAM MU LL OLLIE: P EV T А — АА Lae WAY LS No AO УЛУУ ЖАП АУ» THE - SPIRIT - OF = AMES = ATGH س Back Row: Beard, Woodrow, Root, Riedesel, R. Allen, Kunerth. Center Row: Brown, Lynch, E. Bender, Goodman, Cunningham, MacDonald, Doggett. Front Row: V. Akin, Abbott, Miss Curtis, Miss White, S. Foster, М. Уап 5соу. G іе Reserves -- GIRL RESERVES PRESIDENT . MARY ABBOTT VICE PRESIDENT SARA FOSTER SECRETARY . : 1 . VIRGINIA AKIN TREASURER ; ; NorMa VAN Scoy HE Girl Reserves started out the year on their search for the better and nobler things of life with the theme, “The Ideal Girl.” As an effort to encourage friendliness the girls in the high school drew the names of ninth grade girls for their " little pals " whom it was their duty to befriend in order to make their way as smooth as possible. At Thanksgiving baskets of food were sent by the Girl Reserves and Hi-Y to twenty-five needy families, and at Christmas time a party for the less fortunate child- ren was given. The Girl Reserves and Hi-Y Friendship Week in which Reverend Nightingale, President Hughes, and Reverend Stolen addressed the students, and the Mother-Daughter Tea held during the week constituted the most important part of the year’s program. SARA FOSTER FORTY-TWO edd SQ b unc o oor OU eee —— — i TERRE - ӘРІКІТГ - OF - AMES - HIGH g amm CO 0 545 - — а жо-” E -p E T Дубље 3 — —ñ—i Back Row; Linder, Batman, Ash, P. Jones, Roupe. Center Row: N. Dunlap, Friley, Z. Dunlap, С. Smith. Front Row: jarlow, Mr. Loy, Trimble, Mr. Donels, 9%. Johnson. — — д Ж - A he r 3 DÉC ж ж ч ORC, NE. — ——— — “То” ы Prey : — У e UO Newer — M— — =» = — — — — PAUL JONES — . PRESIDENT . NORMAN DUNLAP | NORMAN DUNLAP .. . WICE PRESIDENT . j . WILLIAM Вг155 LAG DUNLAP r ; . SECRETARY . Y | ROBERT CRAIG RICHARD RouPpE . . . TREASURER . . ELLSWORTH JONES HE Ames Hi-Y, the largest in the state, is one of the most valuable extra-curricular activities in the Ames High School. The meetings, planned by a cabinet of twelve boys, are held every other week. The business men of Ames and the professors from Iowa State College contribute a great deal to the club by their worthwhile talks. At Thanksgiving and at Christmas the Hi-Y cooperated with the Girl Reserves in contributing many baskets of food to the Ames Social Service League for distribu- tion to the less fortunate. During the summer twelve boys represented the club at the Des Moines Y. M. C. A. camp, and last fall fifteen boys attended the state's Older Boys' Conference, which was held in Cedar Rapids. Our club has won a good reputation throughout the state because it has been successful in creating, main- — — — — . oam и. — — — — taining, and extending throughout the school and community high standards of || Christian character. ў WILLIAM Fritey ) | | FORTY-TIIREE " æ — њи , У uero) n ОМУ уоран лу лор fi уе HD 7 жаа аа ИТЕ ЕРТЕ ЕКІ ҮЙ” ; 4 АОН о У daane Р жм, yy ® м 7 И tsp ТТТ Ж” Аа tenes! % 2 7 % — ж рта У Рта а tht шы, Т?” — : У " — i riy Mia! P0097 PRII TII Cup РГ) Bd tine — | G | š а ja R FN — " Онер THE -SPIRIT-- OF - AMES - HIGH Back Row: F. Gilchrist, Richey, Sorenson, C. Olson, M. Richardson, К. Bliss, Carter, Riedesel. Third Row: T. Swearingen, R. Allen, B. Duitch, J. Farber, Duckworth, Dorchester, Mize, T. Kennedy. Second Row: Moses, M. Johnson, Peel, V. Gilchrist, Acklin, Abbott, Keffer, A. Craig. Front Row: P. Duitch, Miss Curtis, G. Arnold, C. Zimmerman, Cummings, R. Duitch. Web Staff -%- “| HE whistle blew! | The Web for 1933-34 had made another touchdown; but not without skillful playing. The team, editor, business manager, advertising man- ager news editor, and many assistants, coached by Miss Grace Curtis and supported on the sidelines by the entire school, had many difficulties to overcome—lack of news, indifference among students, finances, and inexperience. | However, with splendid team work and those needed cheers, the Web was more peppy and interesting than ever, filled with news of coming events, humor, sports, gossip, activities, and numerous other articles. Representatives from both the Web and Spirit staffs were sent to the National Scholastic Press Association convention at Chicago, and the Iowa High School Press Association convention at Des Moines. The greatest honor for the students having shown unusual ability was membership in the National Quill and Scroll. ALICE CRAIG FORTY-FOUR IAE = SPIRIT OF - " 4MES -.HIGH (0o 0 ——— 0 ——— Se ee. Back Row: Vanderlinden, Severson, Barlow, Siberell. Front Row: R. Bliss, Durham, Mrs. Gaunt, Mann, Vilbrandt, Richey. Jebate Olub —-$— PRESIDENT Е : NORMAN SEVERSON SECRETAR Y : WALTER BARLOW TREASURER . 2 | . CHARLES VILBRANDT PUBLICITY i | ? ROBERT RICHEY N the Debate Club this year the competition for positions on the first team was keen, and several non-decision debates with other schools were held before a team was chosen. Early in December the Ames club was host to teams from about fifteen other schools throughout western and central lowa, who gathered for the annual non-decision tournament. Ames debaters attended a similar meeting in Fort Dodge earlier in the season. For the second time in as many years, an Ames team tied for first place in the Central Iowa Forensic League. The position was gained by virtue of two decisions over Lincoln High of Des Moines and one each from Roosevelt and North. How- ever, each of the latter schools managed to win one decision from the Ames team. But this was only the beginning of the season. The team then settled down to intensive work for the Drake tournament and State League finals which climaxed the season. ROBERT RICHEY FORTY-FIVI Back Row: Third Row: Second Row: Cliff. Mann, S. Foster, L. Smith, M. Mitchell, Vanderlinden, Siberell, W. THE -SPIRIT - OF =- AMES - HIGH M. Davis, Clobridge, Duckworth, Chase, G. Arnold, Briggs, Theis, Stange, L. Ruth, Melhus. Pfautz, Buttolph, B. Nelson, Leland, Yale, M. Bush, Abbott, Freese, Nowlin, R. Mitchell. D. Reynolds, Taff. Front Row: B. Swanson, Nosback, Kunerth, Morris, R. Johnson, J. Foster, ‘Dramatic Olub Officers PRESIDENT . : PAUL MORGAN VICE PRESIDENT : - Jack CHASE SECRETARY , ; ; RuTH KUNERTH TREASURER. - : | ЈАМЕ НЕГЗЕК BUSINESS MANAGER . . Doris PETTIT STAGE MANAGER RAYMOND DuvuITCH ELECTRICIAN À ; RORERT RICHEY PROPERTY MANAGER ; ELLEN Gay PICKETT PUBLICITY MANAGER HELEN CUNNINGHAM MAKE-UP DIRECTOR ; ; Е CHARLES DIXON COSTUME MISTRESS . : BARBARA BUSH Art DIRECTOR , ; | MARGUERITE ROOT FORTY-SIX Beard, Madison, Maitland. ILE ӨРТКГР - ӨЖ с «ЖМЕЗ - ИТГСН 1 1 А — — m Em = — “= te... — — » ы - a Nm. жа = Sh. ere coe -— — — — — Ov. ` nani " Back Row: Sorenson, Ames, Jeffrey, Harvey, R. Bliss, D. Knudson, W. Jones, Cooley, Blanchard, г. Griffith, Dixon, R. Duitch. Third Row: Faber, M. Swearingen, Ghrist, Fleming, J. Fischer, Armstrong, W. Bliss, Snedecor, R. Allen, Cue, Richey. Second Row: J. Dale, Dawson, Koos, Kelleher, Crane, Acklin, Mrs. Gaunt, V. Gilchrist, Peel. Jobe, Starrak, Hobbs, J. Knous. Front Row: Pettit, Cunningham, Fraschee, Clement, P. Morgan, Picker, Keffer, Lynch, Helser, Root. Dramatic Olub -%- НЕ Dramatic Club has drawn the curtains on another successful year. Тһе club of almost one hundred members has produced two three-act plays, occasionally sponsoring a program over WOI, and frequently presenting one-act plays. The three-act plays and the one-act plays were very successful, maintaining and enlarg- ing upon the splendid reputation of our popular and capable sponsor, Mrs. Ferne Gaunt. Not only has the club been active at home, but also in state intramural com- petition, presenting a drama in the state contest at lowa ity, and one at the Drake contest in Des Moines. Probably the greatest incentive for the displayed enthusiasm on the part of the members is our excellent point system, and the goal toward which each member strives is the well-known dramatic honorary society of National Thespians. Jack CHAS) E ® | f е | E | т FORTY-SEVEN THE -SPIRIT --OF --AMES - HIGH Back Row: L. Thomsen, Goodman, Fritsch, Root, A. Olsson, Pfautz, Darlington, E. Bender, L. Fischer. Third Row: N. Lee, Newman, Rogers, Sills, D. Erickson, M. L. Arnold, J. Dale, M. Park. Second Row: M. Cox, E. Berg, P. Bryan, M. J. Reed, Knoll, M. Taylor, Mize, M. Griffith, Parkhouse. Front Row: Shupe, Tony, Norman, Mr. Lorenz, H. Young, H. Martin . Art Glub -%- PRESIDENT : PHILIP NORMAN VICE PRESIDENT і Norta VENA TONY SECRETARY . : : Е . Harry SHUPE TREASURER . - HELEN MARTIN HE first semester the advanced art club members worked on the projects in which they were most interested, but a course of study of face proportion was completed by the primary art group. The parts of the face—nose, mouth, eyes, and ears—were drawn from printed copies and the different kinds of shading were done. » Near the close of the semester each member attempted to draw a picture of a - face in some newspaper or magazine, and made sketches using different art students ЈЕ as models. ii Gothic and Roman lettering were the interest of the advanced members during || the first few weeks of the second semester, and when this was completed they made i monogrammed book-ends and ornaments for purses, which were very attractive. A || VLRGINIA DARLINGTON = - — —— — Š | Taare ary — 5. — V FORTY-EIGHT ІНЕ - ӨРІКІГ = OF = AMES +; HIGH — — — — — — — — — —— — — ——— Back Row: J. Hendrickson, К. Dodds, C. Smith, Blumenschein, R. Craig, Trimble, Miss Bower, Roberson, P. Duitch, M. Knudson, Kimball, N. Van Scoy. Third Row: Helser, Cunningham, Palmer, Kooser, Burke, Beard, Nosback, Siemers, М. Hanson, B. Nelson M. Johnson. Second Row: Robotka, C. Reynolds, Whittaker, M. Nichols, Z. Dunlap, Carter, Grove, D, Marsh, Barlow, Roupe. First Row: M. Martin, R. Bates, McClure, Doggett, Quaife, Lynch, Scott, Scoltock. Mixed. Ghorus A Zac DUNLAP . PRESIDENT . — ELSIE SIEMERS ELSIE SIEMERS . VICE PRESIDENT . . CHARLES REYNOLDS NADINE HANSON. . SECRETARY-IREASURER . NADINE HANSON MARGUERITE KNUDSON . . LIBRARIAN . . MARGUERITE KNUDSON M IXED Chorus is perhaps the most idealistic organization in Ames High. The fact that it is visited regularly by old members who exhibit a keen interest in its work testifies that its inspirational value is indeed high. Not only does it provide an emotional outlet in the present, but continues to make its power felt in after years when it is only a memory to those students who have graduated. It would be hard to imagine anything more uplifting than interpreting the works of the great masters: Bach, Beethoven, Sibelius. In the pages of their superb masterpieces members of the chorus find a common interest and a common heritage. Numerous programs are given by the Mixed Chorus during the year, and its work is climaxed by the state contest at lowa City in the spring. Future choruses have a goal to achieve and a record to uphold in the standard set for them by their predecessors. RICHARD ROUPEF gVORTY-NINI — - m —— » кут» eum | P — TE ' — — E, UN Per % جاده , 4 оу " G 4. 7) ху, “ж, CÓ -4 77 % — CREE » РИ ОФ ts GE” TRIE? copes —⸗ ft ДА — | і | UN $ 3 = IM A x = i 3 % E pop АУ” VIN а Ум f и, 7, Ж ree У 4 У ? | А VAIL d 1% y " Ж МУ (7 th 7 a PPS ПР Med WE iy Жоу А — Уы” , VL ee Ја! ЖҰТУ УУ, ў А. vu. { И pns Mia py p py pu y p f P E aa, p РР ve THE -SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH Back Row: J. DeVaul, Pfautz, R. Allen, A. Donelson, J. Hendrickson, Kinsella, Miss Bower, С. Williams, Scoltock, Siemers, Burke, E. Cole, L. Olson. Third Row: V. Terrones, Edwinson, J. Davis, Joy, McClure, Doggett, Shipp, N. G. Cooper, Parks, Kingkade, A. Craig. Second Row: M. Inman, B. Kauffman, M. J. Reed, M. Johnson, R. Mitchell, M. Richardson, C. Miller, D. Sherman, М. Hanson, Scott, R. Nichols, Strain. Front Row: Carey, Stettler, Riedesel, Bourne. R. Hendrickson, Jacon, Pratt, Acklin, B. Van Scoy, Koos. Girls Glee Olub -%- | | PRESIDENT . р | . MARGARET DOGGETT VICE PRESIDENT , : Mary SCOLTOCK SECRETARY и : À BERNICE VAN Scoy LIBRARIAN l ; VALERIA [ERRONES HE Ames High School’s Girls’ Glee Club, with its thirty-seven members, has completed another year filled with work and play. The first part of the year was devoted to becoming familiar with glee club music and making friends among the members. Combined with the grade schools and the junior and senior high vocal groups the Christmas story in song was pre- sented at the field house. The second semester the senior high glee clubs and chorus presented a musical, and the remaining time the Girls’ Glee Club spent in preparation for the state music contest, the winning of which is the aim of the organization. zach member of the glee club will agree that again Miss Bower has given some- thing to the organization which cannot be found elsewhere. MARY SCOLTOCK FIETY THE -SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH Back Row: Waterman, Roberson, N. Taylor, Trimble, R. Anderson, Blumenschein. Center Row: Schreiber, B. Knudson, D. Marsh, Miss Bower, Grove, D. McDowell, T. Marsh. Front Row: Horn, O. Peterson, Plagge, P. Duitch, C. Smith, R. Young, Carter. Doys Glee ( n ub -%- PRESIDENT . | à ; PAUL DurircH Vice PRESIDENT . CLAUDE SMITH SECRETARY И HOWARD CARTER LIBRARIAN | ; . : BILLY Horn UE to the interest and enthusiasm exhibited by the twenty-five members of the Boys’ Glee Club, their second season, under the direction of Miss Edna Bower, can be termed a benefit, not only to the members, but to the great number of people who listened to their programs at various times. Two meetings a week enabled the Glee Club to prepare a Christmas program, selections for the city and county music festivals, a black-faced minstrel, and various other programs either by the entire club or by select groups. For the first time this club entered the state music contest sponsored each year by the State University of lowa. This club has provided a valuable opportunity not only for students to discover and develop their vocal talents, but also to show them how to discriminate in their selection of musical entertainment. HOWARD CARTER FIITY-ONE THE - SPIRIT - OF = AMES - HIGH — — — — — — — — — — Back Row: Newhouse, J. Hamilton, L. Christenson, Stouder, Mr. Day, Whitfield, Waterman. Center Row: L. King. Gammon, Churchill, Schneider, Snyder, J. Cox, Gillmore, French. Front Row: ЕЁ. Gilchrist, I. McDonald, Kirkpatrick, L. Leininger, Skarshaug, Deal, A. Craig. Orchestra -%- m — мə. ж” — ⸗— ô 1—s— — . w VA r AVES, D. ЖА ДЛ, e v vore NAK: ‘mar ESAS OD 2 i pas cop tpt 9 do, MD. III, p — иш a 5% лу, УТ ТОАШ —— | PRESIDENT . Max WATERMAN | SECRETARY. . | . FREDERICK SCHNEIDER $ LIBRARIAN - : : HAROLD NEWHOUSE | ға LTHOUGH the Ames High Orchestra did not appear in public during the first | semester, the time was well spent in finding suitable music to play and preparing ЈЕ for the City Music Festival. I This year Mr. Day organized a violin quartet consisting of Frederick Schneider, | Max Waterman, Barbara Churchill, and Juanita. Cox. (n As usual the orchestra made its annual debut appearing on an assembly program ІШ which was appreciated by all that heard it. In addition, it played for the bacca- laureate and commencement exercises and was also represented at the County Music | Festival. ЈЕ As half the members of the orchestra were new this year, it failed to become || noticeably active in school activities, but within the group it was felt that marked E development had been made considering the limited instrumentation. FIETY-TWO ТҮМӘР- ҰРПІҚГТ - ОН - AMES = ГЕН Back Row: H. Swanson, W. Bliss, Long, R. Thompson, Hoffman, R. Bliss, M. Nichols, R. Adams, Rudnick, Merrill, Skarshaug, L. Leininger, Jack Buck, Mr. Day, R. Grinstead, R. Sawin, J. Sawin. Third Row: A. Craig, B. M. Davis, Stouder, A. Fischer, Hamilton, R. Nowlin, A. Grinstead, E. Allen, N. Fulmer, H. Hug, M. Smith, Elumenschein, R. Fulmer, R. Anderson. Second Row: Eichling, J. Hug, T. Trow, Newhouse, Wentz, Vanderlinden, D. Heggen, E. Butler, O. Leininger. Front Row: M. Levine, T. Heggen, M. Gilmore, R. Miller, Hickok, F. Snyder, El Wright, G. Arnold. ал | d — — - PRESIDENT . ; : RonBrRT Briss SECRETARY-TREASURER ; RUTH SAWIN LIBRARIAN i | | JOHN BLUMENSCHEIN DRUM MAJOR . ; . MARVIN NICHOLS IFE, pep, and activity characterized the band this year. Besides playing at all the home basketball and football games, the County Basketball Tournament, and making trips to Boone and Marshalltown to support the team, it led two football pep parades through the business district, a new feature in Ames High activity. In previous years the band has entered the State Music contest i n the marching band division. This year for the first time it entered the concert division. There were only six letter men back this year: Ruth Sawin, Robert Bliss, George Arnold, Melvin Levine, Arthur Rudnick, and Robert Adams, but all worked under the leadership of Mr. Day to close a successful season. JOHN E. VANDERLINDEN FIFTY-THREE | | | f І = — — ecd » w zm ЖЕР, ә) — ж — Tos cee — — — — — — — — — — — Я THR.SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH г амина ыша тысе f — —— — = کے کے کے ہک ےر روو rm. ——‏ е”‏ - DER . = | с. Back Row: Clobridge, Ames, R. Bliss, G. Arnold, Theis, Morris. i Third Row: Starrak, Buttolph, W. Bliss, Blanchard, Armstrong, Mann. 5 Second Row: W. Madison, R. Mitchell, R. Allen, Pfautz, M. Davis, Maitland. Front Row: Cunningham, Chase, Clement, P. Morgan, Mrs. Gaunt. | M ugnonette -%- % MIGNONETTE DEARDON . . . JANE CLEMENT ІЗ КОЗЕ ПЕАКрОМ . . . . JANE CLEMENT ГЕ Davip FRAMES . . GEORGE ARNOLD | E ) | E JUSTIN HOLLIDAY . i ; . PAuL MORGAN ue Tuomas Mirris . . и . RoBERT Briss || JONATHAN MILIs . . JACK CHASE i MamMmMy Lou . . HELEN CUNNINGHAM | «М IGNONETTE, " written by Arthur Jearue, was presented at the Public Schools’ ү field house, November 18, 1933, and proved to be an outstanding success. 1 | The story was southern in setting, the acting unusually fine and set off by beautiful ГЕ costumes. || The plot, quaintly romantic, used Thomas Mills to part Mignonette and her 1 lover, Jonathan Mills, but reunited them in death. After the death of Jonathan, her guardian, Rose was free to marry the man of her choice, Justin Holliday. The | dual role was excellently portrayed by Jane Clement, and this production, as had || its sister play, “Smilin? Thru,” proved to be one of the most spectacular performances ever presented by the Ames High Dramatic Club. | | (А | | | FIFTY-FOUR a) ЯҚАА (“да сы уы — Ly ) dil жағы» mA ы | LHE- SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH Back Row: Koos, Pickett, Wright, Starrak, Dawson. Front Row: Vilbrandt, Rudnick, Mrs. Gaunt, Cooley, Vanderlinden. “The Youngest” -6- IHE YOUNGEST RICHARD WINSLOW | ? RUSSELL COOLEY NANCY BLAKE? i - CORINNE DAWSON Mrs. WINSLOW ; Р ELLEN Gay PICKETT ALLEN MARTIN Р EARL WRIGHT MARTHA WINSLOW . ; . MARTHA JEAN Koos OLENER WINSLOW . i . CHARLES VILBRANDT Mark WINSLOW ARTHUR RUDNICK AUGUSTA WINSLOW GAY STARRAK MEADOWS . yo а JOHN EDWARD VANDERLINDEN М January 12, the Junior Class presented a hilarious, fast-breaking, three-act comedy at the field house. “The Youngest” concerns the trials and tribulations of Richard Winslow, the brow-beaten youngest member of a large family. His life is a terror until Nancy Blake, a young society debutante, comes to the Winslow’s and tricks everybody, Richard included, into giving him his right of self-assertion. “The Youngest” afforded the majority of the cast their stage debuts, and the story was so typical of every normal family that each one in the enthusiastic audience which witnessed the production—especially " The Youngests " —found something with which they were in common ground. EARL WRIGHT FIETY FIVE Тёре. MP Pr nis n Ме УНИ ——— ы свиле 2 4 4 Ени ————— — — — — — — e — | “ж! 2 УЕ. i fc + oe и " . d i { a , ——— — wt x ў 4, = қ - а — — ——— Еу ТЦ Фб о ME " s — Ри — n " 2 а “ " = — 2 — — ТУУ " а. УҢ = م‎ sett 27” " ПО. еч a ж”; Уы” ж» tA км д» желу „лей ром“ УЗ «2 75 ju » apes APO! MIO AIEE SL уым po pap f AP COE PPP), pro E — — IPM op " — ana — — — үтү. на р. и а | " 2. а Tle Fae — tag = | f THE -SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH --------- ------- — —— — — — —— — — — — — 1 Back Row: Kunerth, Helser, Cummings, Beard, Quaite, V. Akin, L. Ruth, J. Osborn, M. Swearingen. Third Row: V.Gilchrist, B. Nelson, Abbott, D. Reynolds, Mann, N. Van Scoy, Cliff, Lynch, R. Sawin. Second Row: Dawson, Brown, Jacobs, Mettlen, Miss Sherbon, Buttolph, B. Bush, Clement, Clay. Front Row: Melhus, N. Hanson, Keffer, Freese, MacDonald, G. Grithth, Scott, J. Sawin, Fraschee. Pep Glub -)- PRESIDENT Mary ЈАМЕТ МАСПОМАТО VICE PRESIDENT s : GWEN GRIFFITH SECRETARY- TREASURER SYLVIA FREESE UNDER the capable leadership of " Sister " MacDonald and Miss Elizabeth Sherbon, the Pep Club has had a highly successful year. With a membership of cighteen seniors, twelve juniors, and six sophomores, the aim of the club is to promote school spirit throughout Ames High and enthusiasm at the games. Divided into three groups, each cthcer having charge of a group, features were presented between halves at the football and basketball games. The 1933-'34 Pep Club extends to future Pep Clubs its good wishes for highly successful years, hoping that all will remember that the biggest qualification for membership is good sportsmanship. The sight of these thirty-six “peppy” girls in their orange and black jackets which they wear on Fridays and at the games has become a tradition. | Long may they live! Ames High! Aims High! JOSEPHINE BROWN JEAN KEFFER FIETY -SIX ГЕНЕ С ӨРІКНКІК | OF - AMES | HEGH Back Row: P. Jones, Shugart, H. Ryan, Durham, R. Bliss, Batman, Z. Dunlap. Center Row: D. Inman, Т. Swearingen, Linder, |]. Wilcox, C. Smith, Duckworth, Burdick. Front Row: Ghrist, Dearinger, A. Gilchrist, J. Arrasmith, W. Jones, Mr. Donels. " Vavsit y (olub -%- PRESIDENT | , . JACK BURDICK VICE PRESIDENT , р RUDOLPH KLINGSEIS SECRETARY- TREASURER KENNETH BATMAN HISTORIAN. } . ROBERT DUCKWORTH Ñ MID the thwacking of many paddles, the reading of oaths, and other initiation “ ` ceremonies, the Varsity Club, Ames High's honorary athletic organization, added nine new names to its roster this ycar. Due to the nature of the organization, membership is highly prized, and only boys who have won one major or two minor awards in the field of interscholastic athletics are eligible. The aim of the club it to uphold athletics, create better feeling between athletes and the student body, and to further a more intensive athletic program for boys who do not participate in interscholastic games. The club annually provides “A” Club certificates for senior members and the " A " pin which is given to the best all-around student in Ames High. This year the club realized many of its aims, sponsoring a free throw contest, providing a trophy for the intramural contests, and hopes that future members will uphold their high ideals. TOM SWEARINGEN bli TY SLYEN а чәчү = " . ғ 5 T cm —— — у ЖШ да Wer asy Aw а А 5 — 7 Ж sth Ж 72 АҒА 25 дина T етуу, pP» Жо? Уы ЖЖ Не”, 7 ““%”; че; 7 2 “АА, е, У O, Os spn ee por hh) A — M A AP. @ АРУ”. 2 увели ТОЙ. — pags и А Ж 4. асау 10727195 О УГА f i | ) í Е . — — — — — „Ў - THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH — Walatka, Fuller, IC Anderson, Snedecor, J. Back Row: Front Row: Morris, Athletic Managers -%- HE athletic managers аге divided into two groups—the trainers, and the boys Durham, P. Vifquain, Sorenson. Dodds. Hedrick. who help with the financial part of the athletic program. The trainers check out clothes, keep attendance and weight charts, There are injuries, carry water, sympathize or congratulate as the case may be. usually two for football and two for basketball, and one trainer is taken on each In this way he feels repaid for his work. Тһе second group takes tickets at the games and needs a lot of self-control and Both groups take a great deal of criticism and do many they are awarded with manager embiems athletic trip. tact to do it successfully. thankless tasks, but, if they “can take it,” at the end of the season. БІГТҮ-ЕІОНТ | К | Ж ig 1 2 | л, — | EONA — на ы hh aa лаа. а њем И —— — ——— — — u————À ——— OS ысу з Фа " е с== - у жы: —— — THE = SPIRIT = OF = AMES ALEC H — — — — — — — — c " + ьт v ” pat | z ә M e. 4 AN. IB - 3 | " Ф» қ - “ 25412 В | ) 3 = | | = " қ 5 x . P Ел BTE ла И УЗ ПР — — а Back Row: B. Morris, Coach Donels, K. Batman, H. McMillin, J. Ash, R. Mason, J. Davis, H. Ryan, Coach Roberts, K. Engeldinger. Center Row: L. Owens, A. Gilchrist, N. Dunlap, T. Swearingen, J. Burdick, MH. Jewerc, J. Linder, C. Rehnblom. Front Row: R. Dearinger, C. Shugart, W. P. Jones, P. Jones, С. Smith, L. Mifflin, J. Wilcox, J. Arrasmith, Z. Dunlap. Football Oquad SIXTY -%- Player Position Years of Competition Class Jim ARRASMITH QUARTERBACK 1 JUNIOR JiM AsH TACKLE 2 SENIOR KENNETH BATMAN FULLBACK 3 SENIOR Jack BURDICK HALFBACK 2 SENIOR NORMAN DUNLAP HALFBACK 1 JUNIOR Zac DUNLAP GUARD l SENIOR jm Davis TACKLE 2 JUNIOR Dick DEARINGER TACKLE 1 ЗОРНОМОКЕ ALLAN GILCHRIST HALFBACK 2 JUNIOR RALPH HAGEN QUARTERBACK 1 JUNIOR W. PAUL JONES END 2 JUNIOR PAUL JONES CENTER + SENIOR Jack LINDER GUARD l SENIOR RICHARD MASON CENTER 1 FRESHMAN HILARY RYAN END 1 SOPHOMORE CLAUDE SMITH QUARTERBACK 3 SENIOR CLYDE SHUGART TACKLE 1 JUNIOR TOM SWEARINGEN HALFBACK 2 SENIOR Таск ХУпсох Емр 4 SENIOR Howanp JEwrTT GUARD 1 JUNIOR ІШЕ - ӘРІКІТ - ОҒ - AMES = HIGH 1933 Football Review AMES—13 PERRY— 0 Yards from Scrimmage Yards from Passes Total Yards Gained First Downs Punts Average AMES—0 FORT DODGE 7 39 Yards From Scrımmage 133 26 Yards From Passes 27 65 Total Yards Gained | 160 | 4 First Downs | 8 | 30 Punts Average 35 | AMES—6 SIOUX CITY—7 n3 Yards From Scrimmage 1: Yards From Passes 32 | Total Yards. Gained 154 | First Downs $ Punts Average SIXTY-ONE THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH 173 75 246 15 42 200 19 219 38 1933 Football Review AMES—0O Моктн Нісн—0 Yards From Scrimmage Yards From Passes Total Yards Gained First Downs Punts Average AMES—6 MARSHALLTOWN- —0 Yards From Scrimmage Yards From Passes Total Yards Gained First Downs Punts Average AMES—7 OskK ALOOSA—0 Yards From Scrimmage Yards From Passes Total Yards Gained First Downs Punts Average SIXTY-TWO 61 38 T HE - SPIRIT - OF - -4MES - HIGH 1933 Football “Review AMES—20 NEWTON-—0 309 Yards From Scrimmage 108 15 Yards From Passes 20 324 Total Yards Gained 128 12 First Downs $ 32 Punts Average 29 AMES—20 NEVADA— 0 306 Yards From Scrimmage 32 25 Yards From Passes 18 331 Total Yards Gained $0 11 First Downs 4 39 Punts Average 27 | AMES—6 BOON E—7 | | Yards From Scrimmage 12 Yards From Passes $6 | Total Yards Gained 65 | First Downs | Punts Average 33 SIXTY-THREE THE = БРТКТЕГ ОБ – СЉМЕВ = " НТОН Back. Row: J. Hostetter, W. Friley, E. Wright, C. Briley, P. Dodds, J. Smith, W. Madden, W. Madden, O. Peterson, O. Freel, R. Cannon. Center Row: H. Young, K. Lebo, H. Arrasmith, W. Allen, I. Sherman, R. Gilchrist, D. Farber, W. Winton, R. McLaughlin, M. Cox, L. Ferguson, M. Gardner. Front Row: H. Shupe, R. Vifquain, H. Carlson, J. Foster, Е. Jones, L. Christensen, I. Nelsen, L. Sherman, J. Carlson. Second “Team Football -%- HE Ames High Second Team had a very successful season this year, upholding the fine record of the Ames Seconds. For the past few years Ames has had one of the most powerful second teams in the state. In order to develop material for varsity football, a second team was first organ- ized in Ames High School by Coach Campbell in 1927. Actual experience in second team games is invaluable in preparing the boys for first team competition. The best prospects for making the first squad next year are Maurice Cox, Jack Smith, William Winton, Lawrence Owens, John Hostetter, and Marion Gardner, al- though more boys will undoubtedly make the grade. SCORES Ames Seconds 6 North High Seconds . 0 Annes SECONDS Е 0 Eldora Training School Seconds . . 6 Ames mecenasa A . .- 25 Boone Seconds . . . 0 Ames Seconds . 413. «36 Maxwell Firsts . . . 6 SIXTY-FOUR CHAE -SPIRIT = ОЈЕ = AMES = HIGH — Back Row: Coach Roberts, J. Arrasmith, F. Stillman, J. Ash, G. Scarborough, R. Craig, Coach Donels. Third Row: Z. Dunlap, K. Batman, H. Ryan, W. P. Jones, M. Levine, E. Sorenson. » Second Row: N. Dunlap, S. Johnson, P. Jones, G. Arnold, J. Wilcox, J. Linder, C. Smith. ” Front Row: ]. Hostetter, L. Owens, R. Vifquain, R. Menze, P. Moser, W. Bliss, G. O'Neil. 1933-34 Dasketball -%- НЕ conference basketball season of 1933-34 was a rather mediocre one, characterized by in and out playing on the part of the Ames High quintet. — The team went into а Бай slump in midseason and failed to pull itself from the mire before the regular season ended. However, in the sectional and district tournaments Ames made a very creditable showing. Starting the season with four victories gave indication of good material. Тһе season's first set-back was at Marshalltown where Ames dropped a hotly contested battle to Marshalltown in an overtime period. However, the Orange and Black came back to wrest a victory from the powerful Oskaloosa aggregation. Losing to Newton, Grinnell, Boone, and Marshalltown marked the low ebb of the season. The Little Cyclones gained a bit of glory by again defeating the Oskaloosa quintet. Following this was the defeat at the hands of Newton in the closest game of the year. In the last two games of the regular season, the Ames High cagers met defeat at the hands of Roosevelt and Grinnell respectively. At the county tournament Ames captured class A honors by defeating Collins in the first round, and Nevada in the finals. At Boone, in the sectional tournament, the Ames team gained victories over Boone, Grand Junction, and Madrid, which made them sectional champions. In the district tournament Ames beat Chariton and Adel, but lost to Roosevelt High of Des Moines in the finals. Thus ended our basketball season, in which Ames progressed further in state competition than ever before. SIXTY-FIVI c .-- -- ята а " р Те” — — —— — a Bee. A ME i S e mas ج‎ — i m T кн и —— — Sige THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH i 1933-34 “Basketball Scores i 26. ARES a E не. Story ШУ”, = 7% Жата, 9 175 2 7129 Fort Dodge . . 18 Ames Бе Stee. eee Nevada |. 2% » Б " Ames. чәл! o 19 Bonne бше, eo. 14 {р " Armes Кл т лел Le Marshalltown j 19 his, ATES ec EN M A ui Oskaloosa . .. 22 | | Ames . A 5 15 Newton . . 723 Al Ames: tan =: 3. - XIH Grinnell) а ата | | Ames нг сов Boone: Мене плива | | Arnesa et. wah ties oZ Marshalltown . 23 | Ames € Xt oW БА Oskaloosa j ; 15 | Аре E 17 Newton . Д у Ames foe) eae wk el Roosevelt 34 | ATES Se 8 Grinnell . zx 1935 COUNTY TOURNAMENT Ames o x. à 30 Сопы. пе иу Ачпев | ДНА. 25 Nevada + 1 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Ames : : ; 24 Boone А А : 17 Ames 90 Grand Junction . 23 Ames . A : 23 Madrid Те DISTRICT TOURNAMENT FATES rue sa cee 36 Chariton ы , 13 Amnesia N door rne DT Adel А 1 16 A DOES E E RES Roosevelt, Des Moines 30 HIGH POINT MEN Field Goals Free Throws Personal Fouls Total Points Jones 55 21 20 131 Геуіпе 26 21 37 73 Куап 27 8 30 62 Batman 20 15 36 $5 Wilcox 15 8 24 38 Ames’ Total Points—487 Opponents —438 SIXT Y-SIX | | | | : THE -SPIRIT - ÖF -AMES - HIGH Second Team Basketball -%- “| HIS year's second team was one of the strongest that Ames has had in years. The boys won all of their games. This fact gives indication of excellent materia for next year's first team. Let us hope that they carry the record of undefeated to the squad and make next year the best season that Ames has ever experienced. SECOND BASKETBALL TEAM SCORES — 1933-1934 АПИС как a ЕҢ Story icy. + и 5 Ames. еа 72 41201 Kort Dodge . . 10 AMES + с. А [21' 39 Marshalltown à 16 INES v o В Sliter- o 12 Ames . i ; 21 Newton . ; 4: 712 ATTIESI da He Pag ыс 2% Marshalltown i 10 OTE лауа ag Roosevelt . - 17 SIXTY-SEVEN THE- SPIRIT -OF - -AMES - HIGH Intramural Athletics R UNDER the able supervision of L. V. Loy, the 1933--34 intramural athletic program experienced a successful year, having for its aim participation in sports for all students, with emphasis on sports which will always prove practical recreation. Badminton was played during the fall season and the winter season consisted of ping pong and basketball tournaments. At the close of the ping pong intramural tourney, the six high teams were chosen to play a final tournament. The victors were Room 102-Z and 5. The basketball tournament was divided into a sophomore, junior, and senior league. At the end of the season of keen competition, the two highest teams in each league participated. in a final round robin. As a result of this tournament Room 3, a junior team, and Room 204, a senior team, were tied for first place. In the final playoff. Room 204 came forth victorious. | A soft ball series in the American and. National leagues, with a playoff between the league champions at the close of the series was on? of the events in the spring intramural program.: Tennis and track were also electives for participation. INTRAMURAL HIGH POINT MEN Player Room Field Goals Free Throws Total Points C. Smith 1 30 - 64 L. Owens Aud. Z 20 13 | $3 B. Coughennower 202 25 1 51 H. Mullica 2 20 9 49 W. Walatka 204 19 10 48 PING PONG RATINGS Singles Room Doubles Room W. Wilson 102Z Gardner-Cooley 5 D. Sexton 5 W ilson-Snedecor 102Z R. Jones 3 W alatka-Kraft 204 W. Waltaka 204 Anderson-W hitfield 3 Anderson 3 Schreiber-Beresford 101 SIXTY-EIGHT THE:- SPIRIT -OF - AMES =- HIGH — — — — in Back Row: Bruce, ( ummings, В. Van Scos і Park. | ront R. W ; Peard, Miss Sherbon, Melhus. GAA E PRESIDENT . | : . BETH CUMMINGS VICE PRESIDENT Р BERNICE VAN Scoy SECRETARY- [REASURER . , . Maurine Park SOCIAL CHAIRMAN . н . JANET MELHUS POINT RECORDERS i . HELEN BEARD, PATRICIA BRUCE HE letters G. A. A. stand for the Girls’ Athletic Association. Іс is open to all girls in high school who are interested in sports. This year the Ames organ- ization has joined the lowa Girls’ Athletic Association. Each year G. A. A. sponsors tournaments in volleyball, basketball and baseball between the classes. The awards given are an A for 500 points, a major A for 1,000 points, and a pillow top for those who continue to earn points after having won a major A. To earn the awards the girl must keep a health chart. The main requirements of the health charts are: nine hours of sleep, at least one-half hour of exercise a day, three good wholesome meals, a bath or shower every day, and no eating between meals. The points are won in various ways. Being on a team or manager of it earns several points. Every hour of exercise such as hiking, swimming, tennis or golf earns two points. It is indeed an honor to receive an A, and the major А and pillow Cop show exceptional merit, SIXTY-NINI THE -SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH (lass Basketball -%- HE annual class basketball tournament was held during the latter part of Feb- ruary. This year, as in the past, the con- tests were received with a great deal of enthusiasm and good sportsm anship, and all the games were exceptionally well played. Competition was decidedly keen in all three classes. In the first game the seniors defeated the sophomores. The juniors then defeated the sophomores. Per- haps the most exciting game of the tourna- ment was the final contest between the seniors and juniors. There is excellent material in the sophomore class and they will afford much competition in the future years. The results of the games were as follows: Seniors 51 Sophomores 24 | Juniors 29 Sophomores 19 Seniors 30 Juniors 24 SEVENTY THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH Glosa ТОЙЫ ҚОЙ ct — — — — -%- | “THE girls opened their season with the | inter-class volleyball tournament. The exciting games aroused much enthusiasm. In the first contest the seniors were victorious over the sophomores. The sophomores were again beaten, in the second game, by the juniors. The seniors proved themselves cham- pions by defeating the juniors in the final game of the season. Results Senior 49 Sophomore 29 Junior 49 Sophomore 27 Senior 34 Junior 30 Intramural Volleyball -%- The girls’ physical education classes this year had a volleyball tournament. After elimination by contests within each class, games were played between each winning team. Ас the close of the tour- nament, the " Scorpions " proved champions and the " Fighting Irish " were runners-up. SEVENTY-ONE 4 EPIRIT -OF -AMES -AICH TOHE LI ИЗ уђу A ибн и деді © p r — — Rr aere. الہ Ж انت‎ Е ПУЧА dist Гь ТРОХУ «5 5 Қ (CS (СЕС ҰМ СЕ —— — — — — SEVENTY-TWO — — “ “Uf, А EE 4; m M XD " а 4 5), ы 4 4 7 Ы A | | 7; 5 - | Ж. ТК 4 V ч Ж». “у: | S a ү 5 | tA r ға i | = ==; UN d | FAT 3 А Ања. 9 У THE -SPIRIT - OF - -AMES - HIGH Ship “Program -%- ЗЕРТЕМВЕК | ІНЕ S.S. Ames weighs anchor from Vacation Harbor at 8:15 a. m. $ 16. Passengers organize football teams. Ames team defeats Perry group 14-0 З | on Perry Field Deck. 21. Passengers parade Main Deck with ship's band playing and flags flying. 22. Ames team plays Fort Dodge team on Ames Field Deck. Dodgers fight through to 7-0 victory. The Girl Reserve Cabinet, Student Council, and Hi-Y Cabinet entertain alien passengers in Lynn Fuhrer Parlor. 30. Central mates from Sioux City, Iowa, defeat Ames again, 7-6. — " o OCTOBER North Des Moines boys manage to hold Ames team to a 0-0 tie. Due to passengers’ enthusiasm over football, the matinee dance held in the girls’ recreation room was called “The Kickoff.” Ames team again plays off home deck—this time on Marshalltown field. Score: Ames, 6; Marshalltown, 0. Pep meeting held in ship’s salon for football game the following day. Ames players gain 7-0 victory over Oskaloosa in Homecoming game. Great banquet given in evening to honor members of previous voyages on 5. 5. Ames. | Newton boys suffer from seasickness and drop game to Ames, 20-0. NOVEMBER Ames again wins, this time from Nevada. Final score 20-0. Teachers on board meet for conference in salon on Des Moines deck. (When the cats are away, the mice will play.) Ames took heart-breaking 7-6 defeat from Boone team. This ends first lap of voyage and also ends football games. The socially-inclined sponsor “The Turkey Trot’”—a Thanksgiving festivity. Iowa journalists gather for conference and dinner-dance in reading rooms. On Saturday, the active Dramatics group present the touching three-act play “Мірпопегте”?. Much enjoyed by all travelers. Basketball teams having been organized, the Ames and Story City teams play, Ames flashes through to gain a 17-2 score. Two days’ shore leave for Thanksgiving begins. DECEMBER Shore leave for Thanksgiving ends. Boys from Iowa hold Hi-Y Conference in Fort Dodge room. Ames team conquers Fort Dodgers, 29-18. Girls go ashore at Boone and hold Girl Reserve Conference. Ames continues good work by beating Nevada boys, 29-16. Passengers begin Christmas festivities with a Holiday Hop in ballroom. Musicians present beautiful Christmas pageant. Ames boys beat Boone rivals, 19-14. Shore leave for Christmas holidays. SEVENTY-FOUR E m Gu. ee lS A, THE -SPIRIT - OF -.AMES = HIGH rr ee eee EE ee ee 10. b 19. 26. 14. 6-7. 25. — 28. 29. 30. 31. ЈАМЏАКУ Matinee dance marking end of first lap of voyage held. | Named appropriately the " First Semester Final. " Ames cagers weaken before Newton's attack and lose by score of 23-15. Junior passengers present amusing play “Тһе Youngest.” Summary of first half of journey given to each passenger. Grinnell team defeats Ames boys, 17-11. Boone gains only slight edge on Ames but enough to win the game, 29-28. FEBRUARY Ames again proves the principle of the good loser in a game lost to Marshall- town, 23-12. Matinee dance, this time “the Valentine Varieties,” enjoyed by many. Musical assemblies held afternoon and evening. The local boys make good in contest against Oskaloosa, defeating them, 24-15. Newton and Ames boys play close game, with Newton receiving benefit of 18-17 decision. Girl Reserves meet in Des Moines Y. W.C. A. rooms. A fast Roosevelt team beats Ames team, 34-21. Ames in bad form and finds rough going in Grinnell game. Score 25-8 favor- ing Grinnell. MARCH Sectional basketball tournment with Boone boys serving as hosts. Ames team comes through the fray smilingly victorious. AGS a! 24 Boone n UA ЖҮПЕ x. 34.0 Grand Junction . 23 ӨТПЕЙ eco A3 Madrid . | i 15 АТПЕН 7672 5-7. 36 Chariton | mun Ame zo. 221 Adel . 3 16 Ames 15 Roosevelt, Des Moines 30 Loyal Irishmen and friends attend the dance entitled “The Shamrock Shuffle.” APRIL The ship’s officers play the passengers from stateroom 204, in exciting basket- ball game. County music tournament held on board. A great number of music students visit ship for this event. Another successful matinee dance staged in recreation room. MAY A Baccalaureate service was held for those finishing voyage. Seniors present play as farewell to other passengers. Well-liked senior play presented again. Memorial Day observed and homage paid to America’s heroes. Junior passengers give Seniors a lovely dance in the Memorial Great Hall. JUNE Parting ceremonies held for Seniors. They depart on Tour of Life with a wistful backward glance at the good old S. S. Ames that carried them so safely through the stormy High School Seas. BON VOYAGE! SEVENTY-FIVE == p лыр ПР л — Be — — РГ eC, THE -SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH National Scholastic Press Gonvention -%- OR the first time in the history of Ames High School a delegation was sent to represent it at a National Scholastic Pre ss Association Convention held in Chicago, Illinois. Five student journalism leaders along with the two publication advisors entrained for the convention on October 12, 1933, for a stay of two days. Many leaders in the field of journalism either spoke or led round table discus- sions. Among these were H. F. Harrington, director of the Medill School of Journal- ism, Northwestern University, and Llewellyn Jones, editorial writer, Chicago Herald and Examiner. Several points of interest in the loop of Chicago were visited by the students in their stay. The last afternoon and evening were spent at the World's Fair. Those who made the trip were Beth Cummings, George Arnold, Miriam Rich- ardson, Richard Olsan, Charles Reynolds, and the two publication advisors, Miss Grace Curtis and John Harms. GEORGE ARNOLD Homecoming =з СЭЕР — а parade — the big game — and a banquet, but this is only the outline of Homecoming. The details were provided by the students and alumni who opened the festivities with a pep meeting, bonfire, and parade on Friday evening. Another detail, but a big one, was supplied by the football team which registered a 7-0 victory over Oskaloosa the next afternoon. After the game came the banquet—and it was a fitting celebration with which to climax the annual holiday. | ROBERT RICHEY SEVENTY-SIX T HE.- SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH lowa State Press (Sonvention — — (ONE of the most interesting interscholastic meetings of the year was the Iowa High School Press Convention, held in Des Moines, on November 17 and 18 1933. George Arnold, editor of the Web, won first place in the advertising soliciting contest, securing a high rating for Ames High, in addition to an attractive trophy. The contest was one of six to determine the outstanding students in each phase of journalism. Among the interesting highlights of the two-day convention were a banquet and dance, many round table discussions, and several tours of places of interest in Des Moines. Those who attended from Ames were George Arnold, Jeanne Acklin, Robert, Duckworth, Paul Duitch, Jean Keffer, Robert Bliss, Virginia Gilchrist, Mary Ellen Lynch, Miriam Richardson, Marguerite Knudson, Philip Norman, Charles Vilbrandt, and Miss Grace Curtis, journalism instructor in Ames High. Раџт. Оштсн Girl ‘Reserve Oonference -%- N December 9, a large number of girls from Ames High attended the Sub-area Girl Reserve Confere nce at Boone. After the opening services, the delegates were conducted through several places of interest in Boone. Lunch was welcome after the last trip which was through a coal mine. The afternoon was given over to discussions and an initiation service presented by the Ames girls. A lovely tea concluded the conference. The Des Moines Area Conference was held February 17 at Des Moines with eighty- three Ames delegates attending. The morning discussions and forums on vocations open to girls were followed by lunch and a visit through the Smouse Opportunity School. The representatives returned to the Y. W.C. A. and held a sing and review of the morning’s discussions. This conference was brought to a close by a tea. JANE HELSER SEVENTY-SEVEN e f ы -----”.. E . ..-% 4 eee “ت‎ pem иу oe - V —— » THE = SPIRIT: = OF = sAM ES = HIGH lowa State Older Boys Conference —§- HE twenty-seventh annual State Older Boys’ Conference was held this year in Cedar Rapids, December 1, 2, 3. This conference is held under the direction of the State Y.M.C.A., Des Moines, lowa. The Ames Hi-Y was well represented by a group of sixteen delegates headed by Paul Jones, president, and Ray Donels, sponsor of the Ames club. The speaker of the conference was the Rev. Rolland W. Schloerb, pastor of Hyde Park Baptist Church, Chicago University. Rev. Mr. Schloerb gave four addresses during the conference. The main theme of these addresses was " The Call of the New World. " There were three discussion groups open to all delegates. The first, led by Mrs. Mildred Morgan of the University of Iowa, had for its topic “Boy and Girl Re- lationships. " The second, under the dir ection of Roy Sorenson, secretary of the National Council of the Y. M. C. A., had for its theme, " How to Better the Hi-Y Club. " The third, led by Dr. C. H. McCloy, of the University of Iowa, discussed “Sports and Sportsmanship.” The entire Ames delegation thoroughly enjoyed the conference and many ex- pressed themselves as being genuinely benefitted by the addresses and discussion groups. The general opinion after the Conference ended was that it had been a success, and it is hoped that future conferences will be equally beneficial. | WALTER BARLOW ‘The Holiday Пор — HE first all-school evening dance ever held at Ames High was given at the field house, December 16. The roof of the field house was covered by green and red streamers tied to a ring in the center and then to beams at the edges. A fire place with two huge stockings made things seem even more Christmasy. Many games and a ping-pong tournament progressed while dancing went on on the main floor. The committee had provided various things to make the evening more successful. Confetti flew everywhere and sifted through people’s hair and down their backs. Serpentines wound around persons’ necks and balloons popping lent additional merriment. The climax to all this fun was the lowering of the ring in the center, thus letting all the streamers down among the dancers. SEVENTY-EIGHT HIE = SPIRIT = OF = AMES = HIGH Girl Reserve - Hi- Y Friendship (oonfevence سلا س ST HE annual Friendship Conference began this year on February twentieth. The Reverend Nightingale, Methodist minister of Valley Junction, and at one time a missionary in the far north, addressed the student body at three general assemblies and conducted class forums following each. On Thursday evening he gave his final talk at a meeting of parents, discussing " The Passing of the Woodshed.” President Hughes of Iowa State College was the speaker at the regular assembly on Friday, and in the afternoon of the same day a colonial tea was held for all Girl Reserves and their mothers. The conference was drawn to a close by a vesper service on Sunday, at which time the Reverend A, W. Stolen, of the Lutheran Church, spoke. MARGUERITE RooT ‘The “District Music Gontest -%- HE North Central District Music Contest was held at Ames, April 6 and 7. Fifteen hundred students from schools all over this district flocked over Iowa State campus for these two days. Ames was represented by Boys’ and Girls’ Glee Clubs, Mixed Chorus, two solos. Concert Band, and a String Quartette. The results were particularly satisfying. Ames again proved its worth as a school—small but able by winning the following ratings: Elsie Siemers—soprano solo . . . .. Excellent Howard Carter—tenor solo . . . . Superior СОНЕТ Те v ULTIO жое е " ПНЕ BOS: лер 55045,4 YY CU hn рейді наға СӘКЕ 2,4. 25525 % 4 борепов Goncete БАЛА ЕЕ 7, овои ЧОУ UDO SPE ОМАБЕЙЕ ГС 2-2 o COLE The groups who participated were coached by Miss Edna Bower and Mr. Richard Day, and they owe their success largely to these capable coaches. SEVENTY-NINE — — = - — — -. ee Ер нр = с” -- - — — — — SS — G , - — — L. о 7 = — — | " оте - — - у= " Ф - w — uie = ои THE-SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH The Storm -%- JouN EpwaARD VANDERLINDEN The hot, dark air is full of darkness; Not one thin beam may pierce the inky void; The still foreboding skies oppress the earth with silence. I think and dream of deeds long dead: From out the musty past strange memories crowd, I see, I hear, I do things long forgotten, Lonely and fearful, I watch. Through madly swaying tree-tops, groaning, The charges of Aeolous, wild, unbound, Foretell the dreaded coming of their kinsman, storm. I cannot help but listen to their moanings Echoing airily 'cross the flats beyond; These ghostly friends and comforts are my comrades in the storm, Lonely and fearful, I watch. The distant lightning, ushered in by roaring thunder Lights up the sky for one short and golden second, Then, its power spent, is gone. A few drops fall and spatter on the grasses. Suddenly the angry clouds lose torrents on the scene below, Lonely and fearful, I watch. Ere long the moon shines clear and bright, Betrays the empty, fleeing clouds; Her mellow beam, more powerful than the blast Sooths and heals the wounds inflicted By the fast receding rage. A whippoorwill calls gladly from her ledge, while No longer lonely, no longer fearful, I rest. EIGHTY THE -SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH ‘Ballad of an Ancient Truth | -%- " If all the tears since time began That womankind has shed for man Were gathered into one great sea Gosh, what a tidal wave there'd be! " TI would drown the women one and all; They’d sink in salt beyond recall! The men would somehow keep afloat Each in a dinky little boat. “With shirts for sails and arms for oars They'd paddle off for other shores. And land unhurt serene and brave And cause another tidal wave! " Ochool Daze -%- JANE HELSER Oh, Monday is a horrid day. It starts a week of study. It ends the week-end and it brings The blues to everybody. Now Tuesday isn’t quite so bad, With Chorus and Dramatics. But if the grind won't let up soon, We'll all be school fanatics. So now, let’s take up Wednesday, Like Monday, it is bad, Except it’s nearer Friday, For that thing I am glad. Well, Thursday is the next best. I’m over feeling blue. For it will soon be week-end, With lots of things to do. And finally it is Friday, That blessed happy day, On Saturday there'll be no school, Just play, and play, and play. EIGHTY-ONFE ж-“ " а ан - - а а | «2 THE -SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH Spoils of Conquests Jeanson Trophy Simpson College Basketball Tourney Kelley Basketball Tourney Drake Relays, Class B State Music Festival I. M. A. A., Class B, State Championship University of Iowa State Music Festival Story County Association Ames, Nevada, Story City Tourney State Music Festival State Music Festival Industrial Arts. Display Story County Story County Championship Story County Mile Relay State Music Festival, Class B University of Iowa Academic Meet University of Iowa Academic Meet Iowa High School Athletic Association Iowa High School Band Iowa High School Athletic Association State Music Festival, Class B State Festival, Class B Story County Athletic Association Story County Basketball Tourney State Music Festival, Class B -%- 1916 1919 1921 1923 1925 1925 1926 1926 1926 1927 1927 1927 1928 1928-29 1928 1928-29 1928 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 EIGHTY-TWO Seniors Second Place First Place Two-mile Relay Girls Glee Club Girls’ Glee Club Second; Girls’ Glee Club Second: Mixed Chorus Donated by E. J. Stout Track First; Girls’ Group Second; Boys’ Glee Club School Shopwork Half-mile Relay Basketball Track First; Mixed Chorus Second Place District Contest Second; Wrestling Fourth Place Sectional Basketball Chorus First Place Track Runners-up Fourth; Boys’ Glee Club THE -SPIRIT - OF - -4MES - HIGH — — — ل Industrial Arts Display Iowa High School Agriculture Contest Iowa High School Agriculture Contest lowa High School Agriculture Contest Industrial Arts Display University of Iowa, Academic Meet Central Iowa Conference University of Iowa, Academic Meet Story County Championship lowa Teachers’ Relay University of Iowa, Academic Meet Story County Championship lowa High School Athletic Association lowa High School Athletic Association Drake-Kendall Drama Tourney State Music Festival Home Room Champions lowa High School Press Association Central Iowa Conference Story County Championship Drake-Kendall Drama Tourney lowa High School Press Association Story County Championship lowa High School Athletic Association Story County Championship lowa High School Athletic Association EIGHTY-THREE 1929 1929 1929 1929 1930 1930 1930 1930 1930 School Shopwork First; Judging Wheat Third; Judging Oats Fifth; Judging Farm Crops Second; School Shopwork District, Class A Football First Place Basketball Half-mile Relay Third; Every pupil’s contest Basketball District; Wrestling Sectional; Basketball $50 in Gold Second; Chorus Basketball; Room 202 First Place Football Basketball Ames High School Dramatic Club Farquhar Editorial Prize Basketball Sectional; Basketball Basketball Sectional: Basketball СЕЗОНЕ 7. b NO» Sea 10. THE - SPIRIT. - OF - AMES - HIGH e ‘Ten Commandments —§- When invited to partake of a sandwich never order a whole meal. Never call a boy “cute” to his face. For some reason boys never seem to like the word. Never talk about the " swell time " you had the night before or expect to have the night after. It doesn’t interest the boys in the least. Don’t keep your escort waiting too long. There is a limit to all patience, no matter how much he loves you. If your partner dances abominably bear with him; he wants to learn. Suggest that you sit that one out. If your boy friend has straight hair never remark how much curls thrill you. It freezes him. Always use indelible lipstick. It saves worry and embarrassment. If you’re riding in a Model T, and a Cadillac roadster passes you, all comments will fall on unheeding ears. Never hint for a fraternity pin, class ring, or the like. If he wants you to have it, he'll give it to you. Avoid flirting any more than necessary. One fellow at a time should be sufficient. EIGHTY-FOUR THE - SPIRIT - OF - ЯМЕ58-НІСН и ل‎ ——— N 22 л A 10, Boys’ ‘Ten (Sommandments If you take a girl to a dance and she is “cut” often, cut back; you paid for her ticket. Never hand girls a " line " ; they see through it, so watch out or they'll hand you one back. If your girl looks nice, tell her so. Why keep it to yourself? Don’t be afraid to ask a girl to go out. Тһе most she can do is say, “No.” Don't palm your sister off on any of your boy friends “sight unseen,” if you value their friendship. Try being gentle. Girls love it. Remember a wave costs a dollar, and ought to last for 2 or 3 dates. When at a party kindly refrain from throwing candy, peanuts, " gedunked " napkins. It not only ruins the rugs but also the girls’ sweet dispositions. Try looking respectable in school as well as on dates. — It will be appreciated. Candy and hamburgers tend to increase weight; bring flowers. Never tell your girl friend that another member of the fair sex is good-looking. Shell think you have bad taste. EIGHTY-FIVE Cu. ae 7. -.- س‎ THE - SPIRIT СЕ - AMES = HICH " Ihe Ideal Girl and Boy Girl Mary Abbott Gert Mann Kathryn Parks Elsie Siemers Miriam Richardson Barbara Bush Kitty Kelleher Ruth Kunerth Mary Ellen Lynch Mary Janet MacDonald Norma Van Scoy Janet Melhus Jane Helser Dorothy Sherman Dorothy Dyer Josephine Brown —§- hair eyes smile voice brains profile complexion disposition personality physique athletic prowess dancing clothes line car sense of humor EIGHTY-SIX Boy Robert Werkman Herman Arrasmith Jack Foster Howard Carter George Arnold Stan Clobridge Paul Morgan Paul Jones Zac Dunlap Jack Wilcox Keg Batman Sandy Gilchrist Junior Vifquain Stan Johnson Jack Stouder Bob Bliss THE “SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH Advertising Directory — Allen Ames Ames Ames Ames Ames Ames Motor Company .................... Glass Body Company ........ Grain Coal, Fuel Kings Laundry Pantorium Storage Battery Cd e Trust Savings Bank " » " » 595 9 R Bauge Shoe Store ... Brannberg Alm . Brooker Drug “С Carr Hardware Club Cafe — Colonial Tea Room Dahl Iire Shop ........... Dragoun Transfer Co. Dudgeon Jewelry = Rix Edwards Coal — Everts Florist Fair Store SE: Hanson Lumber Co. a Е Interstate Transit Lines Travel by Bus бегссгесгквз іғве гц 44. б еее... Judisch Drug 26 100 TEUZ 93 102 97 . 100 97 26 10$ 59 104 104 95 -%- е ҚС аянаа ааа я а -М - Mathison Motor Co. ...... McDowell Jacobson Ins: Dessen Milepost “Home of Good Printing” Montgomery-Ward Co. Munn Electric Co. Munn Lumber Co. — Nutty Garape- Шет За С). О. К. Barber Shop Olsan Florist “Say it W iib Flower. ors? O'Neil's Dairy S Palmer Plumbing Co. Реппеу, Т. С. Со. RES Reynolds Туегзеп EC Schoeneman Lumber Co. Soda Grill x superior Shoe Shop TUS Tallman Jewelry Theis Drug a T.M.C. Specialty Manufacturers Tilden ЗОГ. «Кесел есі”) ‘Dependable Since 1869” ZU Vickery Barber Shop .... VE Waterloo Engraving Co. тесе в г дее вет» EIGHTY-SEVEN 26 . 100 115 108 . 102 112 ... 106 100 94 108 94 . 105 96 ли ШАЉЕ . 100 90 97 THE «SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH What It Costs to Publish The Opirit — One pair pruning shears for Editor 27 caskets (ordered for May 1) $7 yards of red tape Cough drops, 2 bushels Pain Killer, 1 barrel Subscription to Police Gazette Telephoning to Milepost One date book for R. Olsan Gasoline for Harriet’s car қ Charles Reynolds Personal Account Mr. Harms' good nature To the Engravers TOTAL Rece upts Hush Money Hold ups . . From Web writers for hot news Picture bribes ze SORAN E Expected for sale of books TOTAL EIGHTY-EIGHT $852.50 $ 25.00 310.00 200.00 185.00 $720.00 32.00 $752.00 THE-SPIRIT - OF - -AMES - HIGH Hank McMillin to Charles Ruth: Heads we go to bed, tails we go up town, and if it stands on end we study. " -%- A Scotchman's wife was reported dy- ing, but unfortunately he had to leave the house for a short while. At the foot of the stairs he called up to her: Annie, if ye feel yourself goin', blow out the candle. " -%- Babe R.: Would you call for help if | tried to kiss you? Maxine S.: Do you need help? . —————— а... —ñ— — —ñ—— .. EVERTS F. T. D. FLORIST CUT FLOWERS PLANTS BIRDS FISH SUPPLIES SEEDS BULBS 208 MAIN STREET ЕІОНТҮ-МІМЕ To the C Lass of 1934 “You are the men and women to whom the world will look for leadership in the future.” “We have watched you grow up. We know the kind of stuff in you. We believe it is in you that this State and Nation finds greatest promise for a happy and prosperous future.” “We welcome you to the ranks of those whose privilege it is to work for the up-building of our country. We will be proud to share with you the responsibilities of citizenship.” EBEA S " Dependable Since 1869” ah 3 tm — м - - We 5 — =- x җи? ЈЕ — — 2 4 an. к J " al ان بوت کنا ےن ہو‎ wai- “4. Lu d) . w | = 4 Ss “ У — TOR кы = Y У fx Ne 2 $ %7 x — — аны, ae - мА ОТЫ » d A, УТ Tt ж drama. DA Us ПАРИ Whe d A еее та POV ре Ху % у“ gr " AM eer н o ESS em : x CS „= чугу Үз) Е — — === ы mn ann и“ ‚ж ОУ, Ж. YR E mero D AES ыы м — s — سے‎ g, е — о = | U Py т 2% h Т e E Г . ” THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH A ‘Tea Party - - The Gonnoisseur Recommends For For For For For For For For For For For For For For For For CAPS and GOWNS Class, Band, Orchestra, П АЕНА РС Го е propinqui-tea ühe " wedder-- у Кы Uu CERTE fel the ‘scientist == 7 the American. ; Г. . .-. iber-tea the.priest «eo boc 7 Н Б ЛАН ССГ the business man. . =. . . .« untegri-tea the maiden i не а Ge modes-tea Іле би , iq Еа е. 2202 Sbrivi-tea the jueslep Е САО Еа the newly-wed Ml Mut NT Xa АЛЫ ee ЕЕЕ СРЯ the man in trouble; . m = SS -equanimi-tea the ssinner meon oe Ке Гу ЖЫ ШАН ГАРД the judse ОО ЈЕ impartiali-tea the атпарвеа ни ни не . indemni-tea theetoolish е УТ . Sagaci-tea the banker. sie Іс Xr EL SESEDESCOIHEIERÓ Club and Sport Wear Coats and Jackets Athletic Blankets Ames TILDEN MANUFACTURING COMPANY Soft Ball and Baseball Uniforms Academic and Special Garment Manufacturers NINETY Е. m | Е Е " " n A Sew 900 yae ғ = 1 re СЕ —M inui Merle Ир сс ес = ПИ а " — — — 4 bv â е - 5 нн s a — ' ” И Ги “б.а = н " ПР у жершщ ина, THE -SPIRIT - OF - -AMES - HIGH I—Lois Jacobs. 2— " Raggitt " and " Koosie " , 3—Claude Smith. 4— " Bugs” Arnold. $S — Louise Olson. 6—Bethie and Miriam, 7—Viggers. 8—Scarborough. 9—Norm and Al. 1 9— " Phil " Ргазсћее, 11—Ganyg at Boone game, I12-—-]o Brown and dog. NINETY-ONE РОВЕР чь — Oe сум THE- SPIRIT - OF - -AMES - HIGH Paul J.: What would you say if I were to throw a kiss to you? Barbara B.: I'd say you were the laziest man I ever met! -6- My love has flew He done me dirt I didnt know He was a flirt. To them unschooled O let me bid To not be fooled Like I was did. -%- Know how to be sublimely happy; know when to be deaf, when to be dumb, when to be blind. | -%- Early to bed, early to school Makes a wise student out of a fool. -%- Miss Selby: Tom Swearingen, name the 13 colonies. Tom: Shall I name them in order or shall I skip around? Miss Selby: You'd better stand still. -%- Friendship consists in being a friend not in having a friend; let's all be friends. NINETY-TWO ТЕСЕ: --ӘРІКІГ - ОЕ - САМЕВ - НЈОН A GUIDE TO THE MAGAZINES A singer should be accompanied by Harpers’ An auto racer should stick to The Century The sailor should study The Aflantic The widower should look for The Housekee per The tired man should ask for an Outing The sick man should cling to Life. LOWE BROS. Paints and Enamels CORBIN Locks and Hardware NORGE Electric Refrigerators PHILCO Radio Sets and Tubes LENNOX Warm Air Furnaces SPAULDING Golf and Sporting Goods DRIVER Home Workshop Tools 16.000 Items For Your Selection Carr Hardware Company TRAVEL BY BUS Through buses to all Pacific Coast points. Also direct service to Chicago and all the East. You're sure of a safe, certain trip when you choose this dependable system. Interstate Transit Lines SHELDON-MUNN HOTEL UNION BUS DEPOT | Kellogg and Main St., Sth and Grand Ave. AMES, IOWA DES MOINES, IOWA Phone 1900 Phone 4-3188 (ДЕ „=ч ннан нн а нан р а ан анаан нан на А ы н н у нан на нана нн анараа аараан е — — — — — — — — ————— — — — ——— — —— — —— ши NINETY-THREE a 5. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — = E ... “. THE.- SPIRIT - OF - -AMES - HIGH E GI LCH [2] 51 | Potassium iodide sulphur, under COAL FEED CO. slight pressure, give an exceedingly in- teresting result, as follows: KI plus 2S equals KISS COAL This experiment is dangerous, as the GRAIN | above result may not be accomplished FEED and instead the action may be very viol- HAY ent. Therefore this experiment should be tried in the absence of light, and when do Каб. Pt at few (usually two) are present. I Day, to Shop а! | | enney s | BUILDING MATERIALS E Now — as always — Penney is able to save money for you LUMBER | —How? — Why? — Because, above all else, we know how COAL | : to operate retail stores eco- | nomically. Our years of ex- STOKERS | perience have taught us what is essential -— what is non-es- sential. The savings we pass along to you. | Schoenenian Bros. (a: O. N. JOHNSON, MGR. Now — as always — Penney sells for less because it costs us less to sell. Our operating costs are: the lowest of any West End of Main Street department stores we have ever heard of. | The diff erence is PHONE 264 directly reflected in the good- ness of our merchandise and the lowness of our prices. NINETY-FOUR = чта РГ THE - SPIRIT - OF - -AMES - HIGH ғ. 1—Bea Trueblood. 2—The Wilcoxes. 3—Phyllis Parkhouse. 4—Belleeee!! Duitch. 5--Магу McNabb. 6—Jim Ash. 7—Pin Quaife. 8—Paul Duitch. 9—Elsie Siemers. 10— " Nay " Dorchester, 12—Maxine Anderson. 13—-Dot Dyer. 14—-Al and Bobby, 16—Milly Johnson. 17—Jane, Kim, and Connie. 18—Jinny Nowlin, Hanson, 11—Lois 15—Corinne Dawson. МІМЕТҮ-ГІУЕ -— —— тараға 7 rs 3 —— — ут V тоф nf. тж = ху там „ВА ر‎ aile — t — — THE SPIRIT - OF = AMES = HIGH WATCHES SILVER FINE WATCH JEWELRY REPAIR DIAMONDS | DUDGEON Established 1893 „ .. ee OSE ы FORD SALES-SERVICE MATHISON MOTOR CO. 329 Main - Phone 37 Шы v D У a SUPERIOR SHOE SHOP BOB WILLIAMS, PROP. | 228 Main Street AMES, Iowa KNAPP MARTIN, rnc. Insurance Bonds Investments AMES, IOWA “Oh,” exclaimed one physician, “we doctors have many enemies in this world.” " Yes, " agreed his friend, " but you have more in the next world. " -%- “Just one more glass, boys, and then well all go home, " said the dishwasher as he laid down the soap. -6- B. Knapp: Did you known that Caesar had an Irish sweetheart? Miss Hartsook: No, where did you find that? B. Knapp: It said in the book that when he came to the Rhine he proposed to Bridget. -%- And there's the absent-minded profes- sor who slept through his own lecture. -%- Sib Freese: I’ve sent back your letters, presents, and your ring. Is there any- thing else I can do? Jack Wilcox: You might return my love. MUNN ELECTRIC COMPANY 311 Main AMES, IOWA NINETY-SIX THE “ӨРІКІТ - GEL SMES - HIGH Tokus J.: Why is a classroom like a Ford? Stan J.: Because the crank sits in front! Here is one of the latest obituaries we have found: " May he roast in peace. " The end of a golfer's lament: " Fours are made by guys like me, but only God can make a three. " The light was dim, They were so close together, O, so close, Those two peanuts in a peanut shell. If you can't smile at the joke of the age, smile at the age of a joke. School is just like a washing machine: You get out of it just what you put into it—but you'd never recognize it. -%- Mr. Donels: When do the leaves begin to turn? Dean Knudson: Night before Christ- mas. % a — €—————Á—————— — - - — — — — | | Good Luck to The Class of " 34 | | LES VICKER Y BARBER SHOP East Main Street — — — — — — — — NINETY-SEVEN РҮ 2 e — — — — — — 22 Е DRAGOUN TRANSFER STORAGE COMPANY I ASTE WELL BALANCED | APPETIZING FOODS | HOME COOKED AT THE COLONIAL TEA ROOM AMES GLASS AND BODY CO. COMPLETE AUTO BODY SERVICE Awnings, Tents and Covers Phone $38] — Main Street AMES, IOWA | Manufacturers of | There Is No Substitute For a | SAVINGS ACCOUNT | In Building a Reserve | | AMrEs Trust Savincs BANK QUALITY COAL ICE SERVICE KIMLER COAL ICE CO. 132 Grand Ave. - Phone 241 | — — — — —— — а he | e | — — " ЕР " a аш у " CNET ww E E E су чыча” yg è — | = B е | а £ С , а - 7 z (2 ЕН м - 2] 7. Z ` Marooned THE -SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH р " x. . — zm, ИУ лл лай... виа — mm АР, == —— — — Мы” 1 — — " 2% — — — = 2. VIAL Ра Dr- -- “4” nam а... ыш - — a e — iu При € =» — — ste — — — и ти = ч | — — — — THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH oe „а : s = ee — — NT 3 = ст хене – E эү — “тте — Е a met Um — — AW AA See ae в — лі а лр — ж” — E d 2. ER | — Та como салы ee ee МИ t No Help Needed Bu МІМІТҮ-МІМІ THE-SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH к= وج ڪڪ ڪڇ‎ Mr. Young (to negro porter): You haven't made much of a job cleaning my trousers. Have you tried ammonia? Negro: Yas suh; dey fit great. BRANNBERG ALM D mo FAMOUS FOOTWEAR 6 — — е AMES, IOWA Even a homely girl can live long i enough to be a pretty old one. х ate -6- FEDERAL TIRES Gwen Griffith. (noticing a large 7c Sweeps beyond all previous sign on the bus): That looks reasonable, standards of Tire Value guess Pll buy it. Improved Line Of DAHL TIRE SHOP -6- Say, this is a pretty town, wasn't it? FRANK THEIS DRUGGIST 217 Main St - Ames, Iowa -$- " We burned up $6,000,000 worth cf | Janet M. (speeding through Nevada): churches in the last 2 years. " " Holy smoke! " ve e х; + РНОМЕ 1091 We Invite You To Drive PALMER PLUMBING CO. the 1934 CHEVROLET PLUMBING HEATING 108 Hayward Avenue ALLEN MOTOR COMPANY | Ames, lowa Phone 395 5th Douglas КА AMES PANTORIUM " Onality Cleaners? AMES LAUNDRY A COMPLETE CLEANING SERVICE 218 5th St. - Phone 47 FROM GOWNS TO SLIPPERS Phone 231 410 Douglas Ave. ONE HUNDRED tHe ““БЕТКТГ - ОЕ -«ЯМЕЗ “НГСИ | — 4 ЖЕ „р P 1—Don Briggs. 2—Musketeers. 3—Paul Morgan. 4—Oh, Sibby! %--71се7. 6—‹ Пу”, 7—Grace Williams. 8—Tommy—Where’s Judy? 9— " Јате“. 10— " Puppet " . 11—Bill. Walatka, — 12— Betty Ames, 13—Gang O' Gals — 14— Yea, athlete! ONL HUNDRID ONI ste = ж” » = THE-SPIRIT - OF - -AMES - HIGH BROOKER DRUG 22$. MAIN STREET Make Our Store Your Store OTK: BARBER SHOP C. V. MC GRIFF Five Chairs 221 MAIN STREET L. C. TALEMAN JEWELRY STORE Everything in Jewelry and | Repairing Established in 1890 CEUB САВЕ Special, Sizzling, Hot Steaks Home Made Chili Good Coffee Cream Waffles at all Hours YATES NICKLESON Mgrs. McDowrrr JACOBSON INSURANCE 316 Main AMES - Phone 51 IOWA 4; и " + ————————————————!— ананан .- х . “ ——M———————————————— a M SPRING ARITHMETIC It was the busy hour of 4, When from a city hardware store, Emerged a gentleman who bore 1 hoe, 1 spade, 1 wheelbarrow. From thence our hero promptly went Into a seed establishment, And for these things his money spent: 1 peck of bulbs, 1 job lot of shrubs, 1 quart of assorted seeds. He has a garden under way And if he’s fairly lucky, say, He’ll have about the last of May 1 squash vine, 1 egg plant, 1 radish. ONE HUNDRED TWO THE -SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH ]—Phil. | 2— " Y " Camp Gang. 3—Sandy. 4— [ack Wilcox. $ — " 'Eukie " , 6—Bobby and Jane. 7— " Bea” Devore. 8—Pauline Wheeler, 9—Tsk! Tsk! Rudnick and Kooser. 10—Kim!! 11—Bosses. ONE HUNDRID THREE THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH % Mary Ellen L.: I want some consec- |. bard E rated lye, M Clerk: You mean concentrated lye. А DIS GN NET Mary Ellen: It does nutmeg any differ | ence. That's what I camphor. What B W. H. NUTTY GARAGE i= does it sulphur? Y Clerk: Fifteen cents. | PHONE 35 Mary Ellen: Well I should myrrh, myrrh, though I am only a good gallon rps PE AIV Оу,» her last legs. % 5 bi 2 ӘУ X з = SS А у % S + = 2 v ` ч : Sy t — — ç — ç —— — — — — M——— Vw и и У S N | = 328 ш 5 SS BS X 5 | ж TS Se EN S + | | | || | CONGRATULATIONS Repair We hope the years to come 1 | о | | ; А | | | will bold as many pleasant memories as those of your Reroot | school days. | Your problems are our problems—let us hel p | a 22 | | ДУ ۶ | you always. | д e | | | | Hanson Lumber | | | Company 212 DuFF AVENUE | | ONE HUNDRED FOUR THE SPIRIT -OF = AMES HIGH Bu$ine$$ Manager’$ $ong How dear to my heart 1$ the ca$h of $ub$criber When the generou$ $ubs$criber Pre$ent$ it to view, But the one who won't pay, | refrain from $ub$cription For perhap$ gentle reader That may be you! you! you! Dick Olsan: May I kiss your hand? Pin Q.: Yes, but why stoop so low? — — — —— EDWARDS Coal Co. س — —— — PHONE 20 D — — ———uá х — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Тап аа таалаа танаа ан: = tah ita Dp 2. іоы»2от M Th Soda rill The Best Place to Meet. The Best Place to Eat. Superior Fountain Service AMES STORAGE BATTERY Co. " Sand y " Brintnall ith Br ONE HUNDRED FIVE irnett - Phone 418 | | | | N SSS eT —— при و‎ = — фи THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH =f ге + (INCIP ICE CREAM You can always tell a Senior, He is so sedately dressed. A You can always tell a Junior, TASTY, TEMPTING By the way he swells his chest. HEALTH FOOD. : You can always tell a Sophomore, and By the timid look and such. DESSERT You can always tell a teacher, But you can’t tell her much. Phone 62 FOR ALL AMES HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES ORDER CARBON KING COAL And You'll be a Booster for Our Products . FEEDS. = SEEDS - FUEL OIL — COAL | Aic; i К 52 Е 213 Duff - Phone 6 Med W e Are Boosters ONE HUNDRED SIX ] —''Whimmy " . 6—Singers? ?? DeVaul, 11—Boone Game. [2—— THE-- SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH 2—At Y Camp. 7—Norm and Squirt. 1 " Chuck " , к B p h . 4—Hally and Milly (the youngsters). 8—-Parade (front line). 9—Ooof! What's here? Marguerite ( all dressed up), ONE HUNDRED SEVEN $ — " Cleo " , 10— Jean THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH A MODERNIZED HOME Will Bring DIVIDENDS In Satisfaction H. L. Munn Lumber Co. AND WHAT A TYPEWRITER! It will be your best friend when there’s work to be done. Notes, themes, reviews--any thing that must be written, can be done quickly and neat- ly on a typewriter. It will help your grades too. See us about your favorite machine. Reynolds Iversen Typewriters For Sale or Rent. M Isn't it funny? A ruse is a blind, a blind is a shade, a shade is a shadow, a shadow is a ghost, a ghost is a shade, a shade is a color, a color is paint, and paint is rouge. Therefore, by Euclid, axiom one: rouge must be a ruse—and curiously enough, it is true. -6- You know, I can't think of a better name than the Roosevelts for Tom and Judy. | He's always rough and she's always ready. . . NX Montgomery Ward Congratulates The Class of 1954 ONE HUNDRED EIGHT THE - SPPRIT - OF - ЯМЕ85- HIGH There was a youth who loved a maid, His name was Alexander; He wanted her to marry him, A ring did Alex hand her. So later they were truly wed. And when folks the paper read, Referring to the twain they said, “Why there goes Alex and her.” Observant Youngster: “Oh, look at that funny man, mother! He's sitting on the pavement talking to a banana » skin.' == Miss Spatz: Cleopatra is one of the most remarkable figures in all history. Bob B.: Is, or had? - -%- Miss Curtis: Use the right verb in this sentence: " The toast was drank in silence.” Keg Batman: The toast was ate in silence. -%- " He did me wrong, " wailed the Alge- bra problem, as Charles Vilbrandt handed in his exam paper. ONE HUNDRED NINE THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH Irving A.: “My girl took part in у рјау last night, and she’s so hoarse today that she can’t talk.” Paul M.: “Zat so? What was she, lead- ing lady? " Irving A.: “No; she was the prompter.” == " S'n'owl! " " S'not nowl, 's 'neagle! " " S'neither, " s'parrot! " -6- Miss Selby: This is the third time you've looked on Phillip's paper. Jack Stouder: Yes, — he doesn’t write very plainly. -%- The annual is a queer invention: The school gets. all the fame, The printer gets all the money, ће staff gets all the blame. ao i stole a kiss the other night My conscience hurts, alack; | think Pll go again tonight And put the blamed thing back. ONE HUNDRED TEN . T HEB: - SPIRIT « OF - -4MES - HIGH pu " — — = ји ъъ б LI М о I—Arlene, 2—Elmer Со, 3— " Molly Katie " , " Logan " , etc, — 4— Maxine Swearingen. §—Ninth Graders. 6— " Andy " . 7—Gilly and Ralph. 8—Paul Duitch . 9—Carter. 10—Pals. 11—4At Chicago. 12—Martha and Ellen. ) ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN THE-SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH Dedicated to Charles Durbam Scuoor Books A green little chemist, SCHOOL SUPPLIES One bright summer day, STATIONERY Mixed some green chemicals In a rather green way. - The green little chemicals Gave off green smoke And the green little chemist Began to smoke Judisch Bros. The green little grasses DRUG STORE Now tenderly wave PHONE 70 O’er the green little chemist’s 2 Green little grave. Sao) DE Ар. Еол етае ШЕ [ур Shop A complete line of fresh flowers from our greenhouse every day. -%- SHRUBS, SEEDS, AND LANDSCAPING " Ames Telegraph Florists” PHONE 220 ONE HUNDRED TWELVE THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH ]—Raggitt, 2—Cheer leaders!?!. 3-——Tough Teacher. 4--Місе guys! S-—Gjert Awee, 6 Four $11108, 7 — Parade. $— " Football " huddle. 9— Jane Anderson. I 0— Homecoming. ||-- | гаттег, ONE HUNDRED THIRTELN THE-- SPIRIT - OF = AMES - HIGH " She may have a line, but there's no 52 hcok on the end of it, " remarked Har- riet Graves as one young lady crossed the auditorium. -%- Love is like an onion: We taste it with delight, When it's gone we wonder Whatever made us bite. -%- Mr. Duckworth: Do you know that I started life as a barefoot boy? Ducky: Well, I wasn't born with shoes on myself. : THESE ENGRAVINGS WERE MADE BY THE WATERLOO ENGRAVING SERVICE CO., Inc. | ARTS enu BUILDING | WATERLOO, IOWA ONE HUNDICD FOURTEEN WEEB = SPIRIT -OF -AMES = HIGH НЦ ER Punctuate this sentence correctly, and it makes sense: That that is is that that js not is not is not that it it is. PE Norman D.: Darling, Гуе а question Гус Бееп wanting to ask you for weeks. Jane H.: Go ahead, I've had an ans- wer ready for months. The mosquito is lik e Ray Duitch: When he stops making noise, you know he’s getting into something. ће Spirit Was Printed By Sherm’s Shop " THE HOME OF GOOD PRINTING " -%- We acknowledge helpful and intelligent co-operation аннан РЬ. ЬЬ — — — — — — س سىس‎ — — . = — — — — —— — — — — — — — — ——M—————— A ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN THE - SPIRIT - OF - AMES - HIGH ‘The 1934 Әрісі -%- Published by Spirit Staff Ames Senior High i 1 Ames, Тоша -%- Note of Appreciation The 1934 Spirit Staff wishes to express its gratitude to the following who by their cooperation have facilitated the publication of this annual The Students and Faculty The Milepost The Griffith Studio The Waterloo Engraving Company The Advertisers ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN THE - SPIRIT - OF - -AMES - HIGH Ohipmates -$- AL AI) Жаға 2. Е | “7, 7 Lit sa S. L K ау С — | | | i 4 ( “7 g (Ре vL. S td И A A Я ) P lt oret А = с " ЖЕ | | D 6 5 | ) Ayane 3L Lu Ж. „ — 7 » — РА 7747: pos РУ”, LC. ж.” У | bu ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN ТНЕ = SPIRTI = ОЕ - AMES Ship mates = 5- ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN HIGH THE -SPIRIT - OF - -4MES - HIGH —— — — — Ohipmates -$- ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN Hopefully we embark,—ship of life,— From this peaceful haven into seas of care and strife, On waves that rise, on waves that fall, | On sands of time our names to inscrawl, Й We needn't fear our voyage to sea If the crew be The Captain, and you, and me. HAROLD NEWHOUSE v — — — U “ - - — — — ———— e mmn = = - ац ——— — —— — | P ay " UN m 4 Бл - ЖІ. sds oe a E Г ETT, ү, M МЖ К ' ы " Жү. у

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