Ames High School - Spirit Yearbook (Ames, IA)

 - Class of 1924

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Ames High School - Spirit Yearbook (Ames, IA) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 134 of the 1924 volume:

A ,Q. .,,QQ,Q,, ,,. , ,,, "' "' -QI? Jam. -,-,mf:1.p1,1 P-,f-P:.i,,.:z--21' "' :,' .rgf-N' if cw PP " ' P- L-xx rv 1-PL ,,. 1--.Q gP.P-A 1- ---7 ,. t-hw., P. . f,w,f .Q P A 3 QP f-?g'PAQ.P PQI., :- P ,JNPQNQ-sf' Q.- - , -- ff: 2-.4--s f f - W -, .. eff: .,el., 'i,, -Q. '- 'f Zxfflifi''P-.Qi'?'1T..f-??.,J'rg, .-'- ' ..1- ,- , ,.,, 1 .1,P. M -1. , 1- .Q- gv:-:sh Nye, ww- Q pP- 4- ff 11,5 Q-Q.. Q Y , ,-3,-PQP. , -, ,Q. gQ, , .-mg. fv Ma- 1 if XM 4 fx- we y G P .--Z, ff is - . ,M .Q .,q,.,- -, P, .. , , :N .QP .,,.P - ' 1... ,. .4 -' nf' 'h 1. V NL. .4 , f. - TTY . 1-rv .Y -5 gi-5 fr- YY 1 , .Q . 13,1 Q ffpf-7 -Q, ' - 3 , Say.. , in fg . , f f -- 'W-Q!-QQgi:,?f4' Q51 '-if-5,13 - V 4 fi-7 j, 'n -Qff, " ?J"L'S' .. , -FR.-1 ,X - ,P , 5 , si . gw P, ,Qi 4?-u .ig It ka Maxx' +'v,5f " 11 ,0- P' - -Q HSS' A as , , A. , f., 1 'ff f-"1 -Q 'Q P , :1 QQ- J , ,:f.Q ., ,, K. .HQ 45, . --Q LQ .1 7QQ,,155,y,,.,g,,:r QV 5 ,, 5.-:Q -qw if , ., .. .Q --,W . . P ,, -. . - 7 ,Pm . . M .Q , 24- . . - 5-. Q P17151-fP:'i " 'f' LL," :fftsfygff- P ,. P ' 37 , Q , , P-fu, L y- P , I , P :,Q11Q- . fy ' ' wg Q, . ,'.iQ'5'-gf .Q Q-1-,,:?-, ggi,"-34'-, 2- M-,--QQ. -- 'Q , . F. If-Af :Q-f.4 .f-f ' ,P'.F'pff'4j,-if-Q34-1'f.1 1 ..:,'1fg P.:-f , 1' . -7 --TP-.P:, P+ Qi--,gr-E. QQ -P arm--P,.,'2e?f -- 5. PP .,:.4,,' 2 'Sa rx, , ff.-2--Q ,- 1--Q-:ff QQ -E-A -- . :.-. -L -,J , .3 ' 29. "" 'V' . "'f P, Qf - j-t',,P,. "ff , . .Q in 4,5 " '5'K gi,i1g-a,g,jf ' "6fgQ' 1 14,1 'Q QQ," 5 14" -iff" Q. 1 ' f., . Q- -' wwf, - .wa 4 fi .Mfm 4. - , :' - . . L... 4, -'-1:6 1 , ' -f . , Q .fw- fQ1 ', ,. Qq'5:Qga. - 3331 E 5 4,3 L fy Q Q-mi" ff-QQ, 1.--F11 ,Q , 1.5 5- .A Q f - , P- Pfw P Q. ','5iL:-' Ag'qu ..ll.'2'y"'g1' 5 - - . " 'P 1.:ff1esf4- -' ,':'-fr:'-iQf QV,,- A Q: Q1-Pa' gif -'xi QI ,Qf.Q.M555-.Q . Q QQ -- -P jf , X' X J A 5 I . QQ , Eff' ,Q " 2 9 fr .- ' - 493 W- 0 '33, 4 '., --Ping LQ .H' ' - -nv-Q -'l.Q,- . A I ww,-. , " -'hh 35:-" .JfQ: K ... ii .2 JN 7-' , viilf- ' ,-Pf.-n new - 4 , Pg,Q,g1j,Q".Q 4:-2 .1 1- ' me " 1- -'va aff'-, 1.24 41 5,-i ftp- ' .Q-55, . - -,,'e "--1' 'v' if If ff- : ,Q J :WH 13 Ha, Q 15Qg'," -'Fig-P, If 2.5 ,7-1- .-. 21 Z ' .B JM: f 2 R,pr-'B '93 1 uw 4 fm, 5 ,RF .. ,za W Q- w f- ,if 1 P P. P' -. 'A' Pm- f f fwv 4 ' , . - QQ 3 5-V-,QQ Q: l53fn:.r - QQ.-mf., -,.1, ,,QQL' 1, Q '-: :,,,,w vig -5"5 'w:5'1..-41-. '35 Q -A-,.,, - ..Q., . ,PP P 1 -P ,.,,--f- , ,.-r .1 . M . ,- V..-- wa.-, P.. -, . . V 'M , EQ .1 MQ, jf . QQ.-A - iffx- ft' ., -Sgt, -J.-W Ha y fEZ4w 3 P P P. .ffff -,P-,qw - " P- "- ff ' -' , . 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' -5 " ' L -A-. fh -' P P '-P-Q -. 2 P .5 AP .rw 3v4'1Pf-Jw ,Q , fb asv ' Az ' if 4,0 , ,., :+f.t:a',g,Q, -2- 5 -s-5,-, ,., 2 ' mf . gQQPj'Q :X ,,. gm fm iff- -'f'gQ".5,' ' P' 'fG'r A 'I' ' nw ,Q 'r1-4P,1f Vg-Q?1L ,, " 'ff 1 Utij- ,1,i"'gf1'ff its-' 'lklif f e' gi? li . ' X .. Q 1 1 ff N"'..i .1 'falfli -23' 1 ':"n: 'FS ..,."L3Q51"' f7i.Si'2fQ- 214' ,i f f -' Q -.11 .M 33415, 5 W! gr 1-f .ffhm-Q., -.,. .. '. . .,. , . :MA-,..:..2.!,.,,, ,3.?wgk?Q, "-P'-Q'-5-:551g,:...,,1: 1115 Nm: 1m..,- e. -55-2-:,f? , ' - Yfffkdg' 'Q - 'il ?.J YY5' pr: 1 n CDEDIQATION Mr. Wljgdllt came to An1esHi8l1 with the present Senior Class in nineteen hun'- clrecl twentq and has remainecl with us through all four gears of our High School Career. For his untiring efforts in our behalf, we sincerelq dedicate this Senior number of the Hspiritn to our Friend and Prin- Cipel. H.IImH1mmmnlminiHminInHml1..I.HI.HumnHHlmImmm-ni-nnnuu .mm FOREWOFRD To classmates, facultu and friends, we present this volume of the Spirit as a memorg hook of Ames High. Years hence when the olcl Ames spirit returns to us, mag we take this annual ancl renew those joutul memories cluster- ing around our associates of the claus gone bg. In looking over these pages, judge them hu gout own stanclarcl ot what a hook ol this kind shoulcl be, overlooking its defects and admiring its virtues. J N335 FTHESFXHIT dime MR. C. E. XVYGANT Franklin College, B. S. Degree: Fourth year here-Principal of High School. "VVork is my recreation." LUIS. GRACE ELLIOTT Graduate Ames High School 19193 Fifth year here-Secretary to Mr. Bodwell. "Ready, reliable, cheerful." MR. E. J. BODVVELL Dartmouth College, B. S.Degreeg Sixth year here-Superintendent of Schools. "Not fearing toil, nor length of Weary days." BOARD Ulf' l'1IJlIl'ATl0N 'l'. R. Age A. 'l'. l+l1'wi11 F. ll. Mann VV. H. Meeker Vhas. Reynolds Purley Sheldon Frank B. Howell ' we Tl-lE1if'lFilT time MISS RUTH HIGALD Cornell College, A. B. Degree: First year here-Biology. "Many call themselves thy friend: Thou art loved by many." MR. G. BI. CAMPBELL Cornell College, B. S, Degree: First year heref,Xthletic' Coar-h, "A leader does not always march :it thc head ol' the procession." MISS MARJORIE LYNCH Penn College, A. B. Degree: Third year here-English and Public Speaking. "A vigorous, various, versatile mind." MISS PAULINE DAVIS State Universtiy of Iowa: First year here-Gymnasium. "At whose sight all the stars hide their diminished heads." MISS RENA SCHUT Grinnell College: Iowa State College: First year here-Mathematics. "She's pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, and pleasant to think upon." MRS. FERNE MAUN Iowa University, A. B. Degree: Third year here-Civics and Advanced Arithmetic. "A noble type of good, heroic womanhoodf' NIISS ETHEL YOUTZ Iowa State College, B. S. Degree-Librarian. "I am but a gatherer and disposer of other men's stuff." M3352 THEASPXFUT jgfmwg I MR. RALPH MAYO Graduated Ames High School, 1920: Third year here-Mechanical Drawing. "He is the best what is." MRS. D. F. ANDERSON Parsons College, B. S. Degree: Chicago University, Post-Graduate: Fifth year here-General Treasurer: Dean of NVomen: Mathematics. "A perfect woman, nobly planned. To warn, to comfort, and command." MISS EVELYN ATXVOOD Parsons College, A. B. Degree: Third year here-English. "Her Ways are the ways of pleasantnessf' MRS. FLORA MILLER Indiana Universtiy: Gregg School of Commerce: First year here-Commercial Department. "Her voice was ever soft and low-an excellent thing in woman." MISS DOROTHY MCCORKINDALE Iowa University, A. B, Degree: Third year here-History. "The sweetest name that mortals bear were best befitting thee' MISS GLADYS EVANS Grinnell College, A. B. Degree: First year here--English. "A quiet dignity and charm of gentleness are hers." MISS FLORENCE McKAY Iowa State Teachers' College: Third year here-Commercial Department. "Oh! I am so sick of the men of the present day." MR. HERBERT STEVENSON Iowa State Colege, B. S. Degree: First year here-Chemistry and Agriculture. "Bright, accomplished, spirited and blonde." ws in-Us 5j:'lFllT Sass: , MRS. ANNA YOUNG iowa State Teachers' College: Gregg Commercial School: VVaterloo Business College: Drake University: Second year here-1-lead of Commercial Department. "NVho can express thee, though all can approve thee?" MRS. ELIZABETH MILLER Northwestern University: Fourth year here-History. ' "Nature was in earnest when she made this woman." MISS AURELIA ST. CLAIR Des Moines College, A. B. Degree: University of Chicago, A. M.: Second year here-Latin. "I have heard of the lady and good words went with her name." M R. PAU L BARKER Purdue l'niversity: First year licru-N ocational Agriculture. "A proper man as one shall see in a summer's day." MR. J. F. SHULTZ University of Nebraska: First year here-Physics and Mathematics. "1 never dare to sing as good as I can." MISS EDNA BOXVER James Mill l'niversity: Simpson Conservatory: First year here-Music. "XVho you tinks it vas dot lead dot band?" MISS LUCILLPI MCDANNELL Grinnell College, B. A. Degree: First year here-French and English. "You hold all sunshine in your glance, all sweetness and all light." MR. J. S. YANDERLINDEN State lTniverstiy of Iowa: First year hero-Dean of men: Mathematics. "He lives his best, acts his best, and thinks his best every clay." OH, TEACHER, DEAR TEACHER. fVVith apologies to NValt Whitmanj I. Oh, teacher, dear teacher, I fear 1ny brain is gone, I study and study and nothing else gets done, Exams are near, loud groans I hear, The teachers are exultant, While follows on the steady grind, on and on and on, Oh, mind, mind, mind, The gray cells are exhausted. My books lie open on the desk, My feeble hopes are blasted. II. Oh, teacher, dear teacher, lVhat are my grades, do tell? A ninety! I'll serve you very well, For you bouquets and candies, for you the pupils shouting, For you they eall the noisy kid, their sad spirits mounting. Here teacher, dear teacher, Your seold rings in my ear, You saved me from an awful death, My school mates could not bear. III. My teacher does not hear me, she is obdurant still, She does not heed my pleading, it goes against her willg The awful exam questions, their voyage safely run, From fear and trembling Ild be delivered if were my eause but won. lflxulte ye teachers, ring your bells, While I with mournful tread Will walk the floor where my dear hopes Iiie frozen cold and dead. MAR4sAR1-:'r LEXVIS, l25. L.-f-f' ,,.,a' - J J IDA BONNELL "Ronnie" XY. '22g Girl livseiwvs '23 '21, Iowa State College. 01114115 ROE "Duke" Football '21, '22, '23, '2i: "A" Ulu Basketball '22, '23, '2ig Senate '21 Drake University. "I Cannot llllfil'l'SiI 1XlAll.l0IlIl'l CHAS IG Y. XV.. '21, '22: Chorus DANIEL MCLEOD "Bell Bottom" Dramatics '2l: Forlmsic '21, Yell Iowa State College. 1 KICIUXIIT DO DDS Iowa State College. "One uf those terribly, awful, quiet I '21, '223 llccla vw THE SPIRIT gms llonnellson H. S. '2l: Basketball '22, X "She is more beautiful than day," b '23, '243 XJIKYQ-1'l't!SlCiC!llt "A" Club md: 1 low-." l tory '23g Dramatic-s '23. Iowa Stan- College. "Ho light of foot, so light of spirit. heat '23, '2-1: Senior Class President '2'i: Jun ior Class Play '23: Student Council 24 "You fly your thots like kitesf m3 wiser THE SFXFUI saw i FAYE CARTER Chorus '21, '22, '24, Declamatory '21, '22, '23, '24, Basketball '23, "A" Club Secy'- i Treas. '24, Junior Class Play '23, Y. VV. '22, Girl Reserves '23, '24, Iowa State College. "From her lips smooth elocution flows." V HELEN KALLENBERG 1 "Honey" Bloomlield High School, N. J., '21, '22, Class Vice-President '24, Basketball '23, '24, Dramatics '24, Girl Reserves 1 '23, '24, Student Council '24. , lowa State College. "An open-hearted maiden, fair and true." W i i GEORGE DALE Nichols 1-1. S. '21, '22, Boys' Glee Club '24, Hi Y. '23, '24, Orchestra '24, Hi Y. ' Cabinet '24, I Iowa State College. "A modern gentleman of statliest port." i SARAH ALLEN Chorus '21, 22, Glee Club '24, Y. VV. '21, '22, Girl Reserves '23, '24, Dramatics i '23, '24, Orchestra '23, '24, Basketball i '21, '22, '23. 2 Battle Creek, Michigan. "As gay as any." HARRY BOVVMAN "Turkey" ' Hi Y. '21, '22, Football '23, '24, Iowa. State College. 1 "The long' and listless boy." M3535 THE SFXFUT foam DEAN FRASCHE Football '23, '24: "A" Club '24: Basket- ball '23, '24, Spirit Staff '24. VVisconsin University. "Talk to women as much as you can: This is the best school." MILDRED MARONEY Spirit Staff '24, Iowa State College. "The blwrfk-blue Irish hair and Irish eyes." NORMAN GRAVES "Grubb" l Football '22, '23, '24: Captain '2-1: Spirit Staff '24: Club :22. 23. '24: Presi- dent "A" Club '24: Student Council '2-X: Class President '23. "There are two things he does not care for-ai woman and a dress su1t." DOROTHY THOMPSON ..Dot.. Junior Class Play '23. Iowa State College. K i H1 will know if there be any faith in man." JOHN CARBERRY "Deacon" Football '21, '22, '23: Basketball '23, '249 Boys 'Glee Club '23, '24, y Notre Dame University. "Cold, high, self-contained and passion- less." ' 24 will 'THE EFXHXT Sat' TED INIACY Forensic '20, Basketball '24: Tennis Chain- pion '23, Track '23, '24, "A" Club, Spirit Staff '23, '24, Basketball '24, Vice-President "A" Club. Iowa State College. "A youthful face, imperious, and of haughtiest lineamentsf' ISABEI, LITTLE iilzzyn Red Oak High School '21, Chorus '22, '23, Dramatic Club '23, '24, Vice-l'rcside-nt Dramatic Club '24, Class President '23, Junior Play '23, Declainatory '21, Girl Reserves '24, Spirit Staff '24, Columbia, Missouri. "lVith her glossy locks and her eyes of blue, And that saucy turn of her head, She won the heart of all her class, So all her class have said." JOHN S HAVVLEY "Johnnie" Forensic '20, Hi Y '20, 22, '23, '24, Orches- tra '24, Spirit Staff '23, '24, "A" Club '24, Manager Class Play '23, Basketball '24, Class Basketball '24, Football '24, "A" Club, "Pep" Orchestra. Oberlin, Ohio. "XVithout a sorrow, without a c-are." FRANCES LARSON "Frank" Slater High '21, '22, Huxley '23, Girl Re- serves '24, Basketball '24, C. C. C. C. 'So sweet a face, such angel grace." DONALD ACHESON "Prof," Class Treasurer '23, Hi Y '22, '24, Debate '23,.Spirit Staff '23, '24, A "Club" '24, Assistant Business Manager Class Play '23, President Student Council '24, Iowa State College. "I 'am Sir Oracle, and when I open my lips let no man bark." ef-WPS? THE 51:'l1'llT SS W . z " ' - I CLARENCE ALLAN 1 1 "Oscar," . Allison H. s. '21, Football '22, '24- ' Band '22, '23, '2-1, Orchestra '24, Bas- , ,h' - 1 ketball '22, '23, '2-1, Track '23, '24, "A" f X 4 Club '24, 'i , l Iowa State College. 'ZX king' to bu-Is he not nobleZ"' Al.XliJOIlIl'l PKICIG Chorus '21, '22, Gloss Club '21, Y. XY. Y Iowa State College-. "A rosy blonde." l ' 1 X l X, X IlOl,L.XN1l ll.Xl,l5ASCH , ' "Box liar" fag, . .' I-li Y. Cabinet '21, '22, '24, Hi Y. I 1 ,f President '21, Junior Play '23, Football ' '22, Student Council '2l. I Q .. - Iowa State College. , I "Loyal, faitiiful and ever true J To A, ll. S. and c-apital You," X! , -I - 'I"1l.XNL'l'IS FISH 1 Class President '22, Spirit Staff '23, '2-1, g 1 Girls' Glue Club '21, Y XV. '21, '22, Girl at ' ' Reserves '23, '21, ' A- I, ,, ' I , ' Iowa. State College. "Her blush is beautiful, kifgiif -1 But sometimes inc-rmvenientf' A , l NVOLl'0'l"l' S'l'lCELE "Bill" Class Basketball '23, '21, Basketball '21, Class Semw-tary-'l'1'easure1' '21, Hi Y. '23, '24. lowa. State College. "lf silence is golden, he is twenty-four carat." V G ...SQ IV'-WF? THE SFIRXT :Sea GERTRUDE XVELKN1 Y. VV. '2l: Girl Reserves '23. Drake University. "Shy was she, and I tho't her cold." VIVIAN SNO CK "Snooky" Chorus '21: Orchestra '21, '24: Girl Re- serves '24. Iowa State College. "Pretty enough, very pretty." HASCALL MCCUILIJY Gibson High School '21, '22, '23g lli Y. '2-15 Basketball Trainer '24. Iowa State College. "In spite of all the learned have said, I still my own opinion keep." PHYLLIS YVHITE .iphylu Y. ZXV. '21, '23: Chorus '22, '23: Glee Club ' 4. Iowa State College. "It is the tranquil people that accom- plish much." HERBERT SLATICR Orchestra. "Surely I shall be wiser in ii year." 7 'Z - ' gwB5?,TljYllXj4"ll'llT Seam V-.- CLEO DUCKWORTH "Ducky" Wisconsin University "He seemed all perfect, finished to the finger nail." MARIAN HAGEN Y. VVR '21, '22, Girl Reserves '23, '243 De- clamatory '23, '24g Dramatic Club '23, '24: Chorus '21, Spirit Reporter '23, '24. Iowa State College. "If I were going to be a weed, 1'd be a smart weed." THELMA CONWAY "Connie" Girl Reserves '24g Declamatory '24. Cedar Falls. "She is a woman who does her own thinking." MILDRED DAVIS . Y. W. '21, '22, Girl Reserves '23, '24g Glee Club '24: Declamatory '22g Dramtics 233 Basketball '21, '22, '23. - Iowa State College. "VV.isdom personified and sawed off." JOHN N. THURBER HJ. N." Franklin, Ind., '21, Spirit Reporter '22, Orchestra '23, '24, Ge-neral Treasurer, '24g Football '23: Basketball '243 Dram- atic Club '24: General Manager of Car- nival '24g Student Council '24. Iowa State College. "Sodmake thy manhood mightier day by ayy. V'-4359 THEwjf'lElT :Semis FRANK ADAMS "Linn," Iowa University. "Much allowance must be made for men." ELEANOR YOUNGERLIAN "Junkie" Logan College, Russellville, Kentucky, '21 '22 '23 Chicago and Iowa State College. "If I ever have gray hair, It will never be from cure " GEORGE THURBER ...Ioan Football '23, Band '21, '22: Basketball '23, '24, Junior Play '23g Hi Y. '23, '2-1: Track '24: Dramatics '24g Osage High School '21. Northwestern University. "I have been wild :md wayward, but you'll forgive me now." THELMA NVOMACYC npeggyn Chorus '21. Though you're a bit audacious. And your hair and eyes are bright, Though you're saucy and Hirtatious, You're all right." ROBERT IRVVIN ..Bob., Iowa. State College. "I seem half ashamed at times to be so tall." ELOISE CONNER Chorus '2lg Y. XV. '21, '22: Girl Reserves '23, '24. Iowa State College. "Dark my mother was in eyes and hair, and dark in hair and eyes am I" fl. iv-KB 'Hi' SDMXT S82-if MARIAN LITTLE Forensic '21: Y W. '21, '22: Girl Reserves '23, '24g Y. W. Cabinet '22: Chorus '21, '22: Spirit Staff '24. Iowa State College. "Her open eyes demand the truth." KENNETH BRONVN "Bolivar" Madrid H. S, '21, '22: Indianola H. S. '23: Hi Y. '24: Debate '24g Declamatory '24. Iowa State College "Behold the child, by nature's kindly law. Pleased with zu rattle, tickled with :A straw." ICDYTH BUNKER Gray Consolidated '21, '22: Girl Reserves '23, '24g Glee Club '24. Drake University. "Meek and mild like at day in March." PAUL EDVVARDS Cegngtral High School, Omaha, '21: Hi Y Iowa State College. "Silence is wisdom, I am silent then." BLANCHE HOFFMEISTER Class Treasurer '22: Y. VV. '21. C. C. C. C. "Her eyes are homes oi silent prayer." LINA MICHELS Chorus '21, '22, Y. W. '22, Girl Reserves '23, '24, Dramatics '23. St. Paul, Minn. "Tho' modest and gentle, she rules her x own mind." GLENN RABUCK Band '23, '24, Orchestra '23, '24, Football '24 Annapolis, Md. "The climax of his age." DOROTHY H. ALLEN Marengo H. S. '21, '22, Glee Club '23, '24, Orchestra '23, '24, Girl Reserves '23, '24, Spirit Staff '24, Declamatory '23, '24, Dramatics '23. Iowa State College. "A nice little maid With golden hair NVith laughing eyes and face so fair." 'CHARHES GUTHRIE Hellas" Hi Y. '24, Chorus '21, Dramatics '24. Iovva State College. "Climb not, lest thou break thy neck." RUDOLPH J. SGHROEDER Chorus '21, '22, '23, Boys' Glee Club '24, Hi Y. '24. Orchestra '24, Athletic Treas- urer '24. La Salle University, Chicago, "They say he's dying all for love, but that can never be." ess? THE SPXFUT ,ag-effigy Sf-12? 'HI' SFXFUT dffww LOTTIE VVINTER "Tell 1116, pretty maiden, are there any more at home like you?" LYLE B. PORTER North Grant '21, '22: Judging Team '23: I-li Y. '23, '24: Cabinet '23, Football '23. Iowa. State College. "Ah! NVhzxt shall I be alt iifty'?" EDITH IXIILLER Y. NV. '21, '22, Girl Reserves '23, '2-i: Chorus '23. Iowa State College "Faithful and gentle, good, Wearing the rose of womanhoodf' WILLIAM BATTELL "Bill." Hi Y '23, '24. , Iowa State College. "Narrow foxy face, heart-hiding smile, and gray, persistent eye." CARRIE LARSON North Grant '21, '22, Girl Reserves '24, Gregg College. "Quiet-unlike most girls." SPHSSF2 THE 3F'llfil71,dS-392.4-QQ GEORGE WILLIAMSON ..BuggS,. Ho-stein High School I2I, '22, '23, Hi Y. Iowa State College. "And such a cute little fellow, too." I WINIFRED CONNER "Teddy" Y. XV. '21, '22, Girl Reserves '23, '2-4: Chorus '2I: Dramatics '23, '24, Declam- I' atory '23, '24, Iowa State College. "I know my words are wild." ELLEN DAVIS North Grant High '21, '22. Iowa State College. "There's many a black, black eye, they say, but none so bright as mine," MARIE KING Milford Consolidated '21, '22. C. C. C. C. "Modest and gentle, the trait of rural maids." LYMAN EELLS "Beans" Football Trainer '23, Class Basketball '23, Track '24: Hi Y. '22, '23, '24, Vice- President of Hi Y. '23: "A" Club '24. Iowa State College. "I am a sad man, and serious." THE ff 1' i ' If ' WX' W, I ,D 'O gy , 5' lf. I fri K , - ' I ,I- , , - QR ef.. ' ' 4 I 2 I . fs., 1 , . V,lL D. I . ' II I l , . I VIVA h SPIRIT Seam VERNON RANIJAU Build 'Z13 Orchestra '23. I Leland Stanford. "Genius is um-upactiy for avoiding hard work." UIYHTIS RICHEY "Curt" Iowa. State Collvgt-. H "I"0r lll1', l thunk the saints. 1 :lm not great." DONALD IJIYNLAI' "Red" Iowa University. "XVomlurfully blest with the gift of gall." AL MARTIN "Amiel" Captain Class Basketball Team '21, '24: Vice-President Class '2lg Football '21, '22, '23, '24: Track '22, '23, '24: Basket- ball '22, '23, '24: "A" Club: All-State Second Football Team '22. Iowa University. "Victor he must ever bel" JEROME MILLER "Romey" Iowa State College. "I never saw his like." of 'wi THE 5F'lFllT seas ROI-il'lH'l' lil ,MO EA Il L Y Forensic '21, Chorus '22, '23, Male Quartet '23, Glee Club '24, Hi Y. '21, '22, '23, '24, Picture Operator '21, '22, '23, '242 Debate '24, Iowa State College. Drake Bible College. "You, yourself, will smile at your own self hereafter." LYUI LE BIILLEK Y. XV. '21, '22, Girl Reserves '23, '21, Chorus '23. Iowa State Teachers' College. "I have the jewel of a loyal heart." inw1,1Nm HUN'r1ca "Polly" XVebster City High School '21, '22, Girls' Glee Club '2-4. Iowa State College. "Blue eyed and fair of face." MARGICRY LONG Y. XV. '21, '22, Treasurer '22, Girl Re- serves '23, '24, Treasurer '23, President Girl Reserves '2'1: Spirit Staff '2l. '22, '23, Chorus '21: Class Treasurer '21, Class Secretary '223 Carnival Treasurer, '22, Basketball '21, '22, '23, '24, Ath- letic Monograms '22, '23, Forensic Club '22: Debate '23, '24, "A" Club, Student Council '24. Iowa University. "She could not be outniannefl-no, nor outwomanvdf' EINICR JENSEN North Grant, High '21, '22, "Ag" Judzzine Team '23: Hi Y. '23, '24: Class Basket- ball '23, 'ZL "A" Club '24, Boys' Glee Club '2,1. ' Iowa State College. "Happy are they that are silent, for they shall never be quoted." 0.-IQ DNB " ' SFXFUT MAQQFA MARJORIIC NORDSTROM "Nordie" "She puts her worries in the bottom of her heart, shuts on the lid and smiles." HERBERT STILES "Herb" Iowa State College "I never felt the kiss of love, Nor maiden's hand in mine." FRANCES JONES "Dimps" Charles City High School '21, Y. W. '22g Girl Reserve Cabinet '23, '24: Chorus '22, Dramatics '24g Declarnatory '22, '23, '24, Basketball '23, Debate '24. Iowa State College. "They call me cruel-hearted. but I care not what they say." ' CHESTER IDE "Chet" Assembly Committee '24g Hi Y. '233 Boys' Glee Club '2-1. Iowa State College. "Ruddy and White and strong on his legs, he looks like a man." JOSEPHINE FOSTER MJD.. VVcst High, Des Moines, '21, '22, '23: Bas- ketball '24, Dramatics '24g Spirit Staff '24 . Iowa State College. "A maiden whose knowledge is perfectly terrific." M33 THE f""HlT dial? DOROTHY SMITI-l ..Red., XV,est High, Des Moines, '22, '23, Girl lie- serves '21, Dramaties '24. Chicago. "When, in the course of human eve-nts, it becomes necessary to bluff, let us bluff." CLEO LOCKVVOOD Chorus '21. Iowa State College. "One praised her ankles, one her eyes, And one her lovesome Y'lllCll.H LNLXBICI4 LAYKULER Chorus '21, '22, '23, Glee Club '24, Has- ketball '21, '22, '23, '24, Orchestra '21, Debate '24, Junior Class Play '25, Dramatics '23. Simpson College. "There is none like her, none." 1'EAlil,lfI LARGENT Basketball '20, '21, '21, '23, '24, Captain Basketball '21, '22, Dramaties '20, '21, Declamatory '24, Forensic '20, '21, 22, Y. YV. '20, '21, '22, Girl Reserves '24, Glue Club '24. Battle Creek Normal School. "1 carry the burden of the world upon my shoulders." ' MARTHA VAN PATTER Girl Reserves '23 Iowa State College. "Quiet in class, but powerful loud in grades." HAZEL RICHARDSON Y. W. '21, '22, Girl Reserves '23, '24, Girls' Basketball '21, '22, '24. Iowa State College. "She never talks except all the time." S'-+3 " " 342111 ... 1218.543 ARTHUR JOH NSON "Art" "Kind like a man was he: like a man, too. would have his way." FRANCES BICDONVELL "Mickey" Dramatics and ljrnmatic Club Play '22: Basketball '2l: Booster Club: Y. NV. '21: Girl Reserves '24: Class Vice-President '23: Student Council '241. "The prettiest little d:-inise-l." ELMER ADAMS lli Y '23, 'Zig Cabinet '23: Sec. Radio Club '21, '22: Dramatic Club 'Z-lg Spirit Re- porter '24. Iowa State College. "A iiourishing' young gallant." IDA MELDRUM Chorus '21: Y. XV. '21: Tustin High School, Calif., '223 Girl Reserves '23, '24g Junior Class Play '23: Glee Club '2-1. "Never woman meant so well and fared so ill in this disastrous world." IVA DE LLE DIXSON Y. XV. '21, '223 Girl Reserves '23, '2lg Chorus '21g Glee Club '24. Iowa State College. "Can one love twice?" swat THE SHED: as-was HISTORY OF CLASS OF '24. For centuries before the advent of the class of ,2-L, the world had waited in awe and wonder for the coming of the ideal class. From the very dawn of civilization famous classes strove to be that perfect class, but none had been successful in the attempt. It yet remained for the mystery to be solved-for the world to be shown that such a class was not an idle dream, but a possible thing. Un a beautiful September morning just four short years ago, the dream came true when nearly a hundred girls and boys gathered to worship at the feet of that marvelous armless Goddess in the second tioor corridor. Ames High School trembled in anticipation, the second wad of gum to the southwest on the north- east corner of the second seat of the fifth row of the study hall fell from its perch to the tioor, where it was swept up some time later by Mr. Fisher, some even went so far as to say that Minerva herself humbly bowed her head. This version, however, was not credited by the upper classmen. i A pleasant, prosperous year followed for the preps. As S0011 possible, with the aid of Miss Britton and Miss King, plans for the year were mapped out and the following officers chosen: President, Jerry Morrissey. V ice-President, Al Martin. Treasurer, Margery Long. Secretary, Cleo Duckworth. ' The big events of the year were the class party, where our various teachers were impersonated, and the carnival, where we showed our skill as cooks at the hot lunch counter. Then came vacation, with all the joys of freedom, in which we forgot dande- lion digging, snubbing and other trials that belong to the l"reshmen. llowever, in the fall we were glad to get back to the seat of knowledge, no longer little insignificant preps, but as Hirtatious Sophs. l'nder the able super- vision of Miss Atwood and Mrs. Gantt. we organized immediately a11d elected the followng officers: President, Frances Fish. Vice-President, Donald Innes. Secretary, Margery Long. Treasurer, Blanche Hoffmeister. The first thing we did was to have a real Hallowe'en masquerade, where we discovered what a tlirtatious eoquette of a girl Donald Kennedy could be. The second party was a track meet, where Mr. Mast won tirst prize in racing tdownb pie. Then, closing the year, came a picnic at the Bluffs, with story telling around the fire in the twilight. For further particulars ask lsabel Little. Only one thing marred our happiness. That was the loss of one of our best loved members, Mary Sloan, who passed away after a short illness. At the beginning of our Junior year, we were given as advisers, Mrs. Maun and Miss St. i'li1ll'. From the first we laid plans for a happy, peppy year, elect' ing the following to help us carry them out: President, Isabel Little. Vice-President, Frances McDowell. Secretary, Floyd XVilliams. Treasurer, Donald Acheson. V33 THE ,SPXRXT diese-e We were well represented in everything. It was at about this time that Mar- gery and Donald began to show their marvelous ability. How Mr. Wygant, ever managed the sehool properly without- them is a cause of mystery and wonder. VVe elosed the year with the Junior-Senior banquet. NVelll let the seniors tell you what a success it was. On September llth we gathered for our last triumphant year at dear old A. H. S. At the first opportunity, with Miss MeCorkindale and Miss Evans to help us, we chose as leaders the following: President, Daniel McLeod. Vice-President, Helen Kallenberg. Secretary and Treasurer, NVoleott Steele. The first big event we decided o11 was a barn danee, but owing to our guiding powers-namely, Mr. VVygant, Mr. Bodwell and the School Board-and our failure to get a barn, a hard time party in the Gym was given instead. We had always suspected Miss Metlorkindale had an attie, now we knew it. Another interesting feature was Miss Evansls new NZD dress. The evening ended hap- pily with an auction sale and doughnuts and cider were served. lt is not ours to know the future of our beloved members, but we ean aeeur- ately eonjeeture, without thought, of disappointment, that this budding elass of '24 will blossom into VVhittiers, Websters, Lineolns, VVillards, Nightingales and Roosevelts in the summer and autumn of life ahead, and that these will in no way break faith with their springtime fellowship. 'Tis thus we are ealled and we step forth into the smiling world without hesi- taney, earryng fond memories of the past. So we depart. IVVINIFRND CONNER, 'Q-1. SENIOR CLASS WILL. VVe, the Senior Class of 1924 of A. H. S., the town of Ames in the state of Coma, being of unsound mind and decomposed memory, knowing that the time of our death as a gang draws upon us, even as the shoe to the foot, do hereby make and publish these, our latest NVilliam's Test-a-mint. fWrigley's latest produetj. lst. NVe suggest that our debts and bills Choncst and otherwisej be paid in Alpha-betiekle disorder. 2nd. NVe give and besqueeze to Charles Ernest NVygant 281000.00 for the pur- pose of a broad gasping station that the world may prophet by his most honored and highly respected Qnot inspeetedj announcements. 3rd, The following do hearby make the following settlements of their prop- erty, merits and defects: Daniel lXIel'herson Mt-Leod, ringleader of afore mentioned mob, gives, with all rights and privileges attached, his bell-bottoined trousers to Hffaeklel' Sherman. He bequeaths his yell-leader ability to Marion Rapp and to Ida Calhoun he leaves his Seottish dialect. Elmer Adams leaves Isabel Little-Never! ! ! l Uleo Lockwood and Cleo Duckworth leave A. H. S. and are mighty glad of it. John llawley wills his Alberta peach to Louis Judiseh. "Red'7 Dunlap leaves 'iDllllIJlCS,, t'hittenden-at her door. Dorothy Thompson and Dean Flrasehe will their eorridor privilege to Hob vas? THE .siaair sew Hansen and Grace Virginia Browning, who will share it with Ethel Davidson and Howard McGriff. Donald Acheson leaves all of his hats, which are now too small for him, to the preps. Joe Thurber wills his brillianey in Public Speaking this conversation with Melba ineludedj to Francis Maroney. Orrie Roe wills a pint of milk to Art Ruggles. that frail, pale, little chap, for his health. Eleanor Youngerman leaves her quiet-boy-hating, home-all-evening, stay-away- from-the-dances-temperament to Dorothy Pasley. Margery Long wills her bobbed hair to anyone who can find it. John Thurber leaves his car-right out in front. HMoco" Porter wills his "daily dozen" program to Charlie Barr. "Herb" Slater leaves his secret of being popular with the girls to Dwight Clark, who needs it! ! i Dorothy Smith leaves the brilliancy of her crowning glory to "Poole" Jame- son. Gertrude VVelke, Martha Van Patter and Lucille Miller leave their quiet ways and modesty to Anita Sill, Frances Cole and Lillian Nelson-who can make good use of them. Mildred Davis leaves her curls to Fred Welsh. Joe Thurber and HAmiel,' Martin leave their gum to Miss St. Clair Cshe has first chancel and Elizabeth Anderson, second. Frances Larson wills her alluring eyes to Gwen Gaston. HCurt7, Richey leaves his loud talking to 'fChappyl' Rapp. "Oscar" Allen and "Bob" I1'win leave their studied indifference to the weaker sex to HI-Bobl' NVilliams and Tom Carberry. Ted Macy wills his power as a shiek to Marion Alexander. Einer Jensen wills his stylish way of dressing to 'fBob,' Sloan. Carrie Larson leaves all of her 'tWhizz Bangs" Ccomplete file for three yearsl to Marie Snyder. Pauline Hunter leaves her luxurious amount of freckles to lvan Everndeen. Frank Adams leaves Ruth Clay to A. H. S for three or four more years. Frances McDowell leaves Arthur J ohnson-in the cold. Sarah Allen wills her cunning ways with George VVilliamson to Alice Duitch. "Avogardo" Battell surrenders his way with women to A. J. Graves. Ida Bonnell wills her black, glossy hair to Frances Reis, so she will not have to use sage tea. Marjorie Chase bequeaths a stepladder to Marjorie Neal to be used in future dates. John Carberry leaves his ability for getting dates to Quinton Carey. ' Kermit Dodds, Lyman Eells, Herb Slater and Jerome Miller bequeath their collective looks to the Arrow Collar Company. Edyth Bunker, Eloise Connor, lvadelle Dixson, Blanche Hoffmeister and Mabel Lawler leave their ability cooks to every lower classman who needs it. Rudolph Schroeder leaves his good opinion of himself to Louis Judisch. Josephine Foster leaves her ability to hook men to those who lack this femi- nine art. Helen Kellenberg leaves her nickname and her Ford to Dorothy Paselyg she doesn't like her name and there are other cars in the world. Hazel Richardson does not need her formula for keeping thin, so offers it to Lucile Penfield. Thelma Conway leaves the crank to her mouth to the silent Freshmen. Vile hope they lose it. Sf'-W' THE SPIRIT 1282-ae Bill Morgan is growing a beard, so presents his razor to John Hughes. H Boxearll Ilolbaseh discards the Hi Y. and willingly turns it over to Vie Flick- inger. May it have a reforming effeet on him. Elmo Early has deeided to beeome a shyster lawyer, so leaves the ministry to Rodney Fox. .Every bobbed hair girl leaves her shorn loeks to the man she left behind. Those who have long hair gladly desert it at the Main street barber shop. Margery Long leaves her ineffieieney to the next offiee girl. Ida Dum Dum leaves her shy way to Elizabeth Anderson. Glenn Rabuek leaves his forwardness to the entire world. .He has plenty for everyone. ,Phyllis VVhite and Martha Van Patter bequeath their "Last nite on the baek porehw to the shy Freshmen girls. Lastly, We appoint NVilliam Jennings Bryan perpetual eandidate exeeuter of this, our last. William 's Testa-a-mint. hereby invoking, revoking all wills ever made, being made, or to be made by us. Done this .............. day of June, 1924 A. D. QSignedD R. S. V. P. D. Q. CSealD Announcements. Witnesses: CU The rite humble president of England and the King of Franee. Q25 King Vooeooloonia tSomewhere in Europej. CLASS PROPHECY OF '24, Iowa State Veishea of 1939 on the State Field for experiments on insane hornets. "Graeious, here I am, Ellen Davis, baek to Ames for a short eourse so I ean teaeh my raneh donkeys how to sing Sl'1ubert.'s 'Serenadef and I find the Annual Veishea in full swing and no elasses-I wish Elmer Adams were here. he's so apt. to fall off a preeipiee or something while I'm gone. Well, what's this? Oh! Midway, and over there! 'My Goodness! That looks like Dorothy Thompson and Marjorie Priee walking that rope. Oh, they ,ll fall! "Ohl I beg your pardong I didn 't notice you,', she bumped into a bald-headed man in a dress suit, strangely familiar. 'tMy word, Glen Rabuek, and what o11 earth are you doing here? Leading I. S. C. Symphony Orchestra? How inter- esting, and what is John Thurber doing now? Heaving eoal for the Kelly Lum- ber Company? You don 't say, and the eompany is owned by Isabel Little? Whold have thunk it? t'But then, you never ean tell. Whom do you suppose I met on my way East? Clarenee Allan and Eloise t'onner, happily married and touring the country in the interests of the Bolsheviki--Oh, yes, and you ean see Lyle Porter's manly figure on most any billboard, he 's doing a marvelous strong man stunt in Paris vaudeville. I ran aeross Al Martin about a month ago, rather he ran in. He's painting you know, his western seenes are quite the rage just now. 'tYou say Martha Van Patter, John Hawley, Pauline Hunter and William ltiattell are instruetors here, teaehing eampus Lab-but they had so mueh ex- perienee they ought to be good. And Elmo Early has a pulpit in Ontario, assisted in his work by his good wife. Eleanor Youngerman. l repeat again, you never eau tell! " But where are we now? Oh, must you go? Nvell, I'm going to drop in here. assi THE :starr Seas I always did like to have my fortune told, though usually itls just nonsense." "Dear me, it's dark in here. NVhat's that? Uh, it 's one of those crystal balls you hear about. I can see something! Oh! It's Dorothy Smith and Chester Ide dancing and thercls Danny McLeod. XVhat on earth is he doing?" HHe's leading yells at Yale, you know, and he married Gertrude Welke." It was the fortune teller speaking, a voice at once familiar and still strange, but she went on: "Frank Adams is there, too, has the chair in Physics, but his wife. Vivian Snook, is running him grey with her gay society life. Come. let 's look in the ball and we'll find others you may be interested in. Therew+it's Roland Halbash, he edits the fliadies' Home Journal'. Frances Fish writes the Good Looks page and Helen Kallenberg is a generous contributor to the Impractical House Plan section. I heard from her not long ago and she tells me that Lina Michaels, VVard Clark and Sarah Allcn are doing good business in their movie syndicate. Just now they are featuring Arthur Johnson and Frances Mc-Dowell, none too ably supported by Rudolph Valentino." t'Therels Dean Frasche. He and Marian Ilagen are happily NZD married and living in Greenwich Village. Bill Morgan, Pearl Largent and Frances Larson are there, too, but I can't tell what they ,re doing." "Ubi I know, we heard about it out our way. Bill and Pearl are married and he is a lawyer now, defending Frances Larson in her latest divorce case. I've seen Rudolph Schroeder, Marjorie Chase and George Vfilliamson, too. They're on the Chautauqua stage as lligh Class Musical l'1ntertainers. Gracious, there 's Thelma VVomack and Lyman lflells in an airplane. Are they running a taxi service?" Hllh, nog theylre establishing a pole to pole mail route. There's Don Dunlap and Jerome Miller. They 've changed a lot. I-Both of them are attending Vhicago Theological Seminary. Those girls dancing? That 's Lucille Miller, Faye Carter and Edith Miller. They're instructors for Einer Jensenls Follies. Quite the best. in New York." "There's Orrie Roe. He hasnlt condescended to visit Ames for a long time. He's president of the National Milk Dealers, Association and just engaged to Josephine Foster. 'I HGracious, how they do spread out. Therels Thelma Conway a11d Ralph Taylor running a harness shop on the North Pole, while Herbert Slater and Mildred Maroney, Cleo Duckworth and Carrie Larson have built up a profit- able business in the exportation of banana, peelings from VVakiki. Then here 'S Ted Macy, married to Ida Bonnell illlll acting as chief flunkey to the Emperor of Japan. Harry Bowman stops there once in a while. He 's captain of a tour- ists, liner and they he's a jolly good fellowf, "But there are interesting cases that never got outside of Ames-Margery Long and George Dale are married and living on the royalties from Dale's latest invention, the fur lined syrup pitcher. John Uarberry and Leo Thorsen have improved their radio. They talk any time to Kermit Dodds and Edyth Bunker, who are living on Mars. Kermit engineered the building of a canal from the earth to Mars. Here you can see Mildred Davis and Vernon Randau. They are living on a farm, where, with the help of Norman Graves, they have trained their pigs to do all the work. HAnd this is interesting. You know, we all expected such great things of our old Spirit editor. NVell, Don Acheson and Mable Lawler-Oh, yes, he divorced his first Wife-with Bob Irwin and Marian Little are managing the old Coney Island Cafe. but Don writes love stories on the side for 'True Story'." "Then Charles Guthrie, Curtis Richey, Dorothy H. Allen and Hazel Richard- son are still in Ames. They own and operate the Ames Beauty Bob Shop. Marie King, Russell Daubert and llerbert Stiles are manufacturing red hot vm? THE EFXHIT Sears frost bites ,and have a very profitable trade. They even have a stand here on the grounds." UBill Steele, Lottie VVinter and Phyllis NVhite didn 't wander far. They're running the Milk White Laundry in Slater. H "You remember Ida Meldrum, Marjorie Nordstrum and Ivadelle Dixson? VVell, they are conducting a tDating Agency' on the campus with themselves as principal clients." t'And have you heard our latest scandal? Joe Thurber was arrested this morning by Cleo Lockwood. He was charged with parking his airplane on Main street. He was arraigned before Judge B. Hoffmeister. We hope to see Blanche on the Supreme Fourt bench soon." UYou'll be interested to know that the picture at the tAmcs' tonight is 'Why Cats Grow Whiskers,' Paul Edwards, latest production, starring Winifred Conner, Warren Nelson and Kenneth Brown. They are quite astonishing on the screen, as you 'll see if you go." t'Oh, yes, I know you, Ellen Davis, one doesnyt become a fortune teller in vain. Really, we 'vc looked up most every one. ls there anyone we have missed?" HI don't believe so. You see, I met Glen Raibuck and he told me of many of them, but, let's see, do you know anything about Hascall Mctfurdy and Shirley Gord?" HDid I forget them? Well, you see Ha.scall is a common occurrence with me. We 're married and l've supported him for the last te11 years. Shirley Gord has been my handy man, .Hascall not being inclined that way. I could go on at length about my family troubles, but I know you're anxious to see more of the show, and, as for myself. talking to you won't earn Hasc-all's daily bread." Ellen left the tent, Frances Jones stepped back among her draperies and the crystal ball shining in the darkness seemed to smile. GEORGE THURBER, '24, FRANCES JONES, '24. SENIOR VLASS PLA Y. On May 21-22 the Seniors presented the play, t'Green Stockings", to a full house. The cast was well picked and, under the direction of Miss Lynch, made the play a huge success. CAST Admiral Grice Cretired seadogj ............ ...... W m. Battel VVilliam Faraday Cfashionable old manj ......... Ted Macy Colonel Smith Cdignified and 405 ........ .... G eorge Thurber Robert Tarver tempty headed swellj .. ...... Daniel McLeod Henry Steele Qyoung man of 305 .... ......... N Volcott Steel James Raleigh fHenry's friendj ....... .... 1 ieorge Williamson Martin Cfamily servantj ................ ........ t lrlen Rabuck Celia Faraday Cunaffected woman of 305 . . . ....... Faye ffarter Madge, Mrs. Rockingham ................ ......... I da Bonnell Evelyn, Lady Trenc-hard ...................... ...Dorothy H. Allen Phyllis tyoungest sisterj ........................ ...... I da Meldrum Mrs. Chisholm Faraday Cquick tempered womanj . . . .... Isabel Little Director-Marjorie Lynch. Business Manager-Paul Edwards. Assistant Business Manager-Harry Bowman. Stage Manager-Charles Guthrie. Assistant Stage Manager-John Thurber. 9 MM K fn if 5 Mig 49' C SS CLA UN IOR J award? THE EPXFUT Sansa A NAUGHTYtcalj TALE. CThe Log-Book of '25D 1. On September 4, '21, when all preliminary work was done, We sailed in the good ship A. H. S. When our friends had wished us all success As good green gobs as ever sailed, we willingly took all that it entailed. After much thought and arguments too, "Peele,' was chosen as "Captain" of the crew, Harriet King came next as first mates do. George Sherwood took charge of funds for the trip, The log-book lirncstine kept for the ship. The gobs then lined up for inspection one day, To Misses Easter and Morning their talents display. NVc entertained other ships and made 'em start laughin', By putting on scenes from Hllncle Tom 's Cabin". But came thru safe at the end of the semester. One day in a most terrible storm, VVe assembled on deck tin very poor formb. They handed ont grub from a large paper sack, VVhich was filled with fruit, meat a11d hunks of hard tack. We passed service test for official promotion, And spent a three months furlough from oft' the ocean. 2. On September 13, '22, headed by the chosen few, NVC embarked. as is our custom to do. NVe got together and as captain chose Anita Sill to lead war against foes. Frances Cole as first mate was to steer us thru fogs, Keith Queal kept the money, Alice Belknap the logs. Admirals Wilscmn, and Atwood kept us safe off the rocks, Then we had a t'Big Stir" to forget all hard knocks. All at once without warning we bumped with a Wham, On a monster whale called Semester Exam. Then we assembled on deck for sports out-of-doors, And in the Carnival stunt, we surely weren't poor. 3 And then when the fall came 'round again, 'We thought it was just about time to begin To go back and remember what we had learned, Although for vacation we always yearned. But now we were classed quite high to be sure, And past thoughts of green gobs we could hardly endure. First we had to have leaders, as we usually do, And again we chose the Captain of the crew. Bea Iler was Faptain and Paul Aplin first mate, As treasurer Ernestine did first rate. Also as log-keeper she was not behind far, And the play, "Just Like Judy", was much above par. we THEQFXHXT Saas A 'tround-up" was held one Saturday night, The iirst part . . . but the Heats" were all right. And all through this year, if the boat sought to dip, Mrs. Young and Miss Atwood righted the ship. MAGG BIMG '25, JUNIOR CLASS PLAY. The Junior Class showed the other A. H. S. students and friends that they had several very capable actors in their midst. when, on Friday, December 7th, they presented their annual class play, entitled, "Just Like Judy". The story centered about the affairs of HPut-it-off Peter", who was cured by his supposed enemy, Judy. Judy decided to show him the danger of postponing his wedding to Beatrice for the third ti111e and, while she was successful, she lost her heart to Peter, and he, who didn 't know her true identity, in turn lost his desire for everything save Judy. Many complicated scenes ensued, which caused great merriment to the audience. Of course, all ended well, as nice plays should, and everyone went home very well pleased and well satisfied. All the players were particularly well suited to their parts. The work of Beatrice Ilcr as t'Judy" was especially commendable, and Victor Flickinger as "Peter,' ably supported her. Lillian Nelson deserves praise for her part as "Bcatrice". These, with the splendid efforts of the rest of the cast, made ttJust Like Judy" one of the best plays ever staged in A. H. S. A great deal of the credit for its success belongs to Miss Lynch, the coach. The proceeds of the play are used to defray the expenses of the Junior-Senior banquet, which will be held in the spring. This class will not be Hhard hit" for money then, because t'Just Like Judyw was a great success Hnancially, having netted them f19152.l0, as compared with the 5116.25 made last year. So let's have three big cheers for the Juniors! The following is the east of the play: t'Put-it--oft'-Peter" ................. . . .Victor Fliekinger "Judith McCarthy" CJudyj ...... Beatrice Iler "Hugh Crawford" fArtistD .. ..... Dwight Clark "Jimmy" Draycottn ....... . . . . . . . . . . .... . . .Robert Willia,ms "Mrs, Draycottu .......................................... Lois Robinson Beatrice" and "Milicent,' Cher daughtersj . .Lillian Nelson, Clamie Chittenden "Trixie O'Farrell" fArtist,s Modelj ..... ............... E lizabeth Gernes Dr. Walpole" ...................... ..... F rancis Morrissey Director ................. . . .Miss Marjorie Lyneh Business Manager .......... ........... P aul Apli11 Assistant Business Manager . . . .... Arthur Orning St2lg'C Alilllilgel' ............. ,,,,,,, J QSSQ C0113 Assistant Stage Manager .. , , ,Ivan Everndeein QQ , ? ASS CL ORE OM SOPH ef-aaa? THE SFXHIT diese SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY. ln the fall of nineteen twenty-two, on September eighteenth, ninety-six of the present class of Sophomores entered Ames High School verdant Freshmen. Thirty would-be Freshmen were detained at Welch to inaugurate the first Junior High in Ames. At Welch, the class officers elected were: President, Edna Mortensen. Vice-President, Fred Welsh. Secretary, Opal Tripp. Treasurer, Robert Sloan. At the High School the following class officers were elected: President, Robert Spears. Vice-President, Frances Reis. Secretary, Helen Alm. Treasurer, Gale Allen. Never will be forgotten that exciting and wonderful morning, that long looked forward to day, when we were embarked upon the higher sea of learning. As we go back in memory we can picture ourselves as we stood in front of our stately High School edifice, being gawked at by the dignified seniors, jeered at by the pompous Juniors, sneered at. by the boastful Sophomores, and pitied by the worldly, sophisticated Faculty. Luckily, the Freshmen escaped undue notice from the upper classmen by en- rolling several days in advance and this was no little source of joy, for there seemed to be someone watching their every movement, and to have had to wait, in long, endless rows, file after file, rank after rank, would surely have caused heart failure to be prevalent among our members. Un January 12th, the first Freshman class party was held. As a reward for the largest number of members enrolled during the P. T. A. membership drive, an extra class party was operated. By much labor and hard Work, the Fresh- man class won the party, and enjoyed the banquet they were given. Ernest McFarland won the trip to Des Moines given by Mr. J udiseh for the best work in first year civics. ln the year nineteen twenty-three, ninety-five students thirty-nine of whom were boys and fifty-six girls, new known as 'isophisticated Sophomoresf' re- turned to their accustomed places in the High School. At the first class meet- ing the class officers elected were: President, Gale Allen. - Vice-President, Noel Larson. I Secretary and Treasurer, Louis J udisch. At our Sophomore class party on December seventh, several of the girls staged "Bluebeard'l, with Dorothy Duckworth the notorious and murderous husband. The boys enacted "Little Red Ridinghoodn, with Ernest McFarland as the innocent and unsuspecting heroine. The Sophomores were represented in athletics by Gale Allen, Arthur Ruggles, William Martin and Byron Cory. We hope to grow in body, ,mind and spirit as other sophomore classes have grown, so that in nineteen-twenty-six Ames High School will be sorry to see us leave. OPAL Tmcr. ERNEST MCFARLAND. ASS CL AN FRESHM V vas? THESPXFUT Saas FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY. As the fleet, A. H. S., was preparing for its 1923-24 voyage, a great din was heard in the distance and Admiral Wy'gant, shading his eyes with his hand, saw the good ship 'tPreps" approaching. The ship soon settled into place beside the other ships, 'tSeniors", 'fJuniors,' and 'tSophs", and started to work with her usual pep and enthusiasm. The crew, about eighty-five strong, was an unusually talented and intelligent bunch. On shore leave, they attended the annual "Mixer" about a week after the voyage began, and three of them showed their ability by winning prizes. Miss Ruth Heald and Mrs. Elizabeth Miller were appointed pilots to super-- vise the new addition to the fleet. Under their direction an election was held and the following officers were elected for the voyage: Ethel Davidson, Captain, Howard Chase, first-mate, and Robert Hansen, keeper of the log-book and cus- todian of the money. Grace V. Browning and Milton Buffiington were chosen to write up the ship 's activities for the "Spirit", The crew had a masked Hallowe'en party on deck on the night of October 6. There were many beautiful and original costumes worn and everyone had a wonderful time. Several Freshman sailors were on the second fotoball team and one of them reached the debating team. In basketball, they lost all of their games, but it was due to lack of experience and practice rather than to lack of spirit and ability. Several Preps also went out for declamatory. The crew put on a pep stunt for the rest of the fleet and even the upper class- men had to acknowledge that it was a success. Three Freshmen were in the Ag Festival, which was a huge success. According to the usual custom, the Preps were given charge of the HHot Eats" department of the Carnival. The 'KPrepl' ship has survived the storms and gales of the first year without any serious mishaps and will soon be ready to start. on the second year after a few months rest in Vacation Harbor. ETHEL B. DAVIDSON. NIILTON W. BUFFINGTON. ww THEEFXHIT swag WELCH JUNIOR HIGH CLASS HlSTORYfWl'llA 'I l. Vvhen, during the sunnner of 1922, it wus rumored that in the following year there would be 21 ninth grade alt. Weleh. there was weeping :ind wailing among those who had looked forward to the days of prepdonn. But that was two Years algo and now the ninth grade ut Vlveleh has lmeeome :in estzlblished institution. Though hnndiezxpped by the burning of our building and by our temporary lodgings in Engineering Hall. we, with the uid of our elziss sponsors. Mrs. Tague and Mrs. Van Cleve, held our first eluss meeting und the following oftieers were eleeted: President. Boyd Young. Yiee-President. Ruth Wagner. Seeretary and Treasurer. l9'rnnees Middleton. Always full of pep and enthusizisni, the elzmss celebrated ll2lll0XV0,0l1 with El ninsquerade that eaused even the nioon to sit up and take notiee. At l'hristn1z1s time our sponsors gave us a Christmas party and during the snowy season eoast- ing was popular. At the beginning of the new semester. these offieers were elected: President, Ruth Raymond. Vic-e-President, Gladys Miller. Seeretziry and Treasurer, Frzinees Middleton. Aided hy these new offieers, we hope to make our first your of lligh Sehool life highly profitable. RUTH RAYMOND '27, V353 THE ESFXFUT 121011.10 111 1111111 As 11111s11 w1111 5111111011 1111- "S11i1-11" 111111 w111.1 1111v0 wo1'k1111 1111' 11 0111111 your 2l1'C 111111' 11111 111 11111 111111111 S1ilI'11I1Q' 111111 1'2lI'1'j'1llgI 1111 Ulilllj' 1111110 011101'p1'1s0S. 11 is 111115' 111111111 111111 11l'1JI111l' 111111 W11 s111111111 1111 1111111'0s11111 111 NV11111 they 11110 doing 111111 show 11111111 111:11 1111108 1111111 1111s 11111 1'111'g111111111 11111111. 11 is 11111111Ss11110 111 11111110 1111 11111' 21111111111 1111110 111111 s111110 1111x'11 11111 11111111 111111111111. NV11 1111110 111111 1111 11110 will 110 111- 1011111111 if his 11211110 is 11111 11111111i11111111. T110 1111111111110 111 1'1:1ss '23 111'11 il111'l11111ILI 1. S. 11' 311l1'1l11l 11111111. 11111. S1'i. 1111w1'11111'11 11111s. l'. 1'1. 31f'1'U1l How, 11111. S111. 11111111 11'1111111', M. 111. B11l1'Qf2l1'l'1 131111111111, 111111. V11111111 A111111. 111111. IP1111is 1,I'2l11. 111111 S111. 11i1l1l'21 11111i1111. 111111. 11111111 1311110 1-311111153 111111. 1+'1111'011110 1'111'11111s. 111111. 1111111111 1111'X11'lllll, A. 1'1. 111l2ll'1OS Ri111111y. 11111. S111. 1112.ll',Lf211'O1 1'1111111w111, 11011. 1010111111111 xV1'11.2,'111, 1100. 1101111111 1'110, V01. 1121XVI'01l1'O xV110l'1'j', A. 11. 11111111011 1'111's1111, 111111. Ray 111111, A. 11. G101111 S11v111's1111, 111. 111. T110 f111111w111g' 2ll'C S11'll11Q'l'ZlI11ll'l'S 111 1. S. f'. 1X1'111s 112lVC'1'1y 51111111 11111111111 V1V11ll1 111111111111 1'1s11101' S11v01's1111 111111j111'111 l1:11'1'111:41111 '1'1111s11 11111111111 :11'11 111111111110 1111 1'1lI'II!S 1111111' Ames: 131111111111 11111111111 1'Z11Y1ll '1111l1IIl11S111l 1'111y11111 Sl'11ll11Z 011lC1'S 1111 11111ss 23: 11111111111 Haugf, 11. E. 1'1:11'0111-0 111011. 11111. S111. 112111105 H111si11gg01', 11111'1. F1'1111111s May, 111111. 1'1. 1-101121111 E1'10ks1111. F. 1'. K S. 1101113011 S111111111111, 11111. S111. R11111 M111011, 1100. 11011111 1301111011. M. 111. 111i11'QI111'0t 111CQf1lOl'll, 1101-. G111'11'u1111 1'01'f11. 11111. S111. 11Ii11'QZ11'Ct iX1121I11S, 1100. 1711111011 1111-1'11y11z1. 11111. S111. 11111112111 S1111111, H00. V111111111t Roup, For. G111111111 C111101:11111. 11111. S01. Lyle I'1?lVC1'1y, C011 111. Leslie NlJI'11h111l11. A. H. F1'1111110s P1111011. H00. L1111110 Fi11111111111 1311111011110 G1'11v0 A1100 1i11'1-1111f1' 1110101 H1111 11102 1111ss1111g C'110s1c11 S11v01's1111 112111111 T1111111:1s 1101111 11111's1111 11111111111 .11111g10 111111 11111111111 Yilll N11-11f1'11s1 Q'1'2l11l11lt0 s1u110111s 111 A. 11. S. vw THE SFXRIT Saas Beryl Spinney and Margaret Proctor-Students at Milwaukee Donner. Earl Carberry-Working at Ellers, plans to attend Iowa U. Loran Bower-Employed at Ninth St. Grocery. Mildred and Florence Barr-Taking la business correspondence course. Grayce Stevens-Vamping the patrons of the Story County Bank. Sherwood Stokka-Waiting on customers at French's Grocery. Martha Groth-Dr. Budge 's office girl. Arthur Davis-Attending Western Union Telegraph School in Missouri. Bevier Spinney-Attending Iowa U., also showing Dorothy D. a good time. Eben Howell-Manager of the Olsan greenhouse at the college. Ralph Morris-Mike is a carpenter, so we hear. Glenn Foster-Still working for Lew Cole. Helen Cupps-Des Moines, attending Drake and having a good time. Hazel Thoreson-Working at the Tribune office. Margaret Batman-Dr. Bush 's office girl. Herbert Paulson-Clerk in the Union National Bank. Dale Stoddard-Los Angeles, playing in an orchestra. Paul Halloway-Texas, selling hosiery and the book, "Circle of Knowledge". Ralph Connor-Studying violin at Calif. U. Lois Grimm-Employed in office of the Ames Laundry. Beulah Powell-Employed at the Fair Store office. Paul Downey-Des Moines, attending Des Moines University. Herman Colz?Back from a trip to California. What other Alumni of A. H. S. are doing: Leslie McWilliams '21, New York City,, attending Columbia University. Alfred Carleton '21, Oberlin, Ohio., studying for ministry. Meryl Van Epps '21, Ames, attending I. S. C. Howard Gore '21, Ames, working at Nelson Commission Co. Emmet Carberry '20, Ames, attending I. S. C. Bernice Posegate '20, Cedar Falls, lowa, attending I. S. T. C. Carvel Malcome '21, Ames, attending I. S. C. Neva Spence '21, Des Moines, Iowa, attending Des Moines University. Rufus Hoon '20, Ames, working at Highway Commission. William Tanner '21, Ames, working at Tilden Mfg. Company. Gertrude Reis '18, Charles City, Iowa, teaching. Burton Olson '22, Ames, attending I. S. C. Marvin Sogard '18, Charles City, Iowa, coaching wrestling. Hassiltine Mettlcn '22, Ames, working for Dr. Snyder. Norma Haverly '20, Ames, working in President's office, I. S. C. Robert Potter '18, Ames, working at Story County Bank. Lowell Mattox '20, Ames, working at Gus Martin 's. LeRoy Apland '19, Ames, attending I. S. C. William Frasehe '20, Ames, attending I. S. C. Chevileer Adams '19, Ames, working at Adams, Henderson Co. Josephine Maroney '21, Ames, Alumni Assoc., I. S. C., stenographer. Edward Judge '18, Ames, working at Highway Commission. Ellis Scovel '20, Chicago, attending Northwestern U. Maurice Smith '22, Ames, attending I. S. C. Irwin Douglass '22, Monmouth, Ill., attending Monmouth College. VValter Sogard '22, Ames, attending I. S.- C. Joe Anderson '20, Ames, fullback I. S. C. football team 1923, attending I. S. C Alvin Thornburg '20, Ames, attending I. S. C. Clinton Adams '21, Chicago, attending Northwestern U. vw THE smart ew.,-Q X UF .AVY BARUNE iS SUBSTlTUTl+1. . At five minutes of six in the factory room of one of our great eastern metropo- lises, time dragged interminable. At three minutes of, a feeling of suspense permeated the grimy room, and at exactly six by the foremanls worn gold watch, pandemonium broke loose. From all parts of the city the ear splitting shrieks of the factory whistles only partially drowned the agonizing grind of the giant brakes as they were crashed down, their work for that day complete. As the last blue-clad workman tramped out into the snowy night, energetically slamming the heavy door, Joe Barone, aged night watchman, entered the dimly lighted engine room, accompanied by Bartlet Mcliean. McLean was only seven- teen, but in the brief time that he had worked in the factory, he had formed for himself a reputation for being honest, loyal and brave, in all ways what every one called a "good felloww. At the present. moment he was vaguely won- dering what Joe Barone could possibly want of him after hours. He was soon to discover. t'McLean," said Barone without preliminaries, Hllm in a tight place. My wife and kids are all sick and unless you will wateh the rooms tonight, be my substit.ute for a, few hours, I can't get home." The suddenness of the proposal almost took away the boy's breath, but he answered enthusiastically, HSay. sir, that would be fine. Could I have a gun?" HCan you use one?" 'tYes, and well, too,l7 'grinned Bartlet with boyish cgotism. 'WVell, I'll give it to you, but you won 't need it, nobody has bothered me at night for twenty years. No, you won't need it, unless, " he added with a sudden thought, 'Lunless Benzetti should take tonight to fulfill his threat." Nearly six hours later, 'Bartlet McLean sat drowsing in the dusty office, he thought of l3arone's last words, and laughed. Benzetti, with his clique of sullen confederates, had been discharged the week before because of overheard plots against the factory. Every day since then had come anonymous threats of vengeance if they were not put back immediately upon the payroll. And so the boy laughted, but nevertheless he could not help looking nervously, from time to time, out into the giant machine room, where in each shadow seemed to lurk an enemy, and where each sound was magnified and mysterious. An hour later Bartlet awoke with a start, conscious that some unusual sound had aroused him. Wlhat he had secretly dreaded had come about, a tired body had overcome a strong will and he had slept, but now he was wide awake, with everynerve tingling with suppressed excitement. All was still now, but a sixth Sense warned him of the presence of others in the next room. Silently turning out the light, he gripped his revolver and started resolutely toward the door, the U35 THE SPIRIT isis darkness giving him a feeling of safety. It lasted but a moment, he had slept too long, for even as he passed the threshold he found himself struggling with invisible antagonists. Bartlet, fresh from High School training, fought savagely for freedom, but the odds were too great and tight as he would he was soon bound securely and tossed into a corner. Panting, but helpless, Bartlet lay and watched the masked forms as they lit a dark lantern. Benzetti's men. He had feared as much. Benzetti, leering with savage delight over the anticipated revenge, stood directing the men. It would be a neat job. A stick of dynamite, a long fuse, a quick get away, and a dead man who could tell no tales. Lying in his cramped position, McLean thought bitterly of his carelessness and even more bitterly of its probable consequences. The men had all left now but Benzetti, and as he applied the match to the double length fuse he muttered, f'Three minutes, plenty of time to disappear." Once more left alone, Bartlet stared, fascinated and, with deadened nerves at the tiny spark which was slowly eating its way toward the dread explosive. Half a minute gone, and the boy 's sensibilities snapped into concerted action. He must act now or never. A momen't fierce straining revealed the fruitless- ness of trying to free himself, but the movement had sent him rolling down the small pile of waste upon which he had been thrown, and his brain grasped at this suggestion as its last hope. Alternately contracting and relaxing his mus- cles, he forced himself to roll over and over toward the fuse. It seemed miles to the tired boy, though it was in reality only a few rods. Two and a half min- utes passed. One-half a ,minute and all would be decided. VVith one last effort Bartlet dragged himself up and fell forward. unconscious, his clothes smothering the flame which in a second more would have brought destruction to a great building and a plucky substitute. JEAN GUTHRIE '27. THE MISSING GOWN. Mrs. Stuart was giving a. Week-end party at her famous home on the Hudson. John Smith, football star and wealthy New Yorker, was a guest. That night John watched, bored, while the others danced. At last he strolled out onto the moonlit lawn. He had wandered as his fancy dictated, and he pulled out his watch. By the brilliant light of the moon he could readily tell the time. An hour had gone swiftly by. He turned to go back to the house. As he rounded a bush he stopped, startled. Leaning against the trunk of an oak tree was a girl so beautiful that he felt he must be dreaming. Her hair was black and waved into a roll at the back of her head. Her skin looked like velvet and was unusually white for a brunette, and her eyes! No one could have described them. They were large and black and reflected swiftly changing moods. A long silver gown fell to her slender ankles. Her thoughts were very evi- dently far away. John recovered his composure. "May I inquire if you are rea1?,' he asked. He was not answered. He re- peated the question louder and this time the vision slowly turned and looked at him. John advanced a step closer. The girl gave a little gasp. "Please, won't you go away?" John bowed then, and walked away through the trees. After he had gone the girl threw her arm across her face and hot tears came to her eyes. She too turned and went back to the house. John spent the remainder of the evening looking among the crowd to see if he couldn't find the girl in silver. At last he gave it up and at midnight went to his rooms. sfass THE sexier saw As he closed the door and turned he was struek by what appeared to be a heap of silver in the middle of the floor. Closer inspection, however, showed it to be the girl, bou11d and gagged. Quickly John untied the cloth that bound her and removed the gag. She was so very beautiful that he helped her to her feet, he leaned over and kissed her. The girl gave him a frantic push, broke away from his arms and banged through the door into the hall. By the time John had recovered enough to follow her, she had disappeared. is ilk it 'lk ilk Pk The grandfather clock in the hall ehimed the hour of two, as a small man, neatly dressed, slipped down the stairs into the library. He switched on the lights and turned around. His mouth fell open. Seated on the library table and swinging her legs was a we-man. The lights danced on the waves in her hair and emphasized a gleam in her eyes that boded little good. A silver gown fell, to her slender ankles. The man, however, merely glanced at her, and his eye came to rest on a small Chamois bag she held in her hand. 4'VVhere'd you get that?', he asked in a cool tone of voice. The woman was even cooler as she replied shortly, HI saw you put them in the drawer here when Mrs. Stuart entered so quickly. I've waited an hour for you to come and get them." The man looked at her closely and decided that she was a match for him. "VVell, count out half and give 'em to me," he demanded. The woman poured out the jewels on the table, but her hand closed over them as the man reached for them. UNO, you don't," she said. MI thought I was to take the whole bunch to France." HI-I've decided it was too dangerous,', the ,man stammered. HXVhat you wanted was the whole bunch for yourself," the woman accused him, Ubut you're not enough of an actor to get away with it. I should have had more sense than to go i11to this with a coward!" As she spoke the woman had withdrawn her hand from over the jewels. The sight of them maddened the ma11 and he made a grab for them, a11d got the jewels in his hand at the same moment that the woman's hand closed upon them. The ensuing struggle was noisclcss. lt lasted but a few minutes. The woman, with fury in her eye, paused as she went through the door. "I'll get you for this, I swear it," she said, "and 1'll get my share of those jewels, too." The man merely laughed a short laugh and began picking up jewels that were scattered and he laid his revolver on the table. At three oiclock that morning the household was aroused by a terrible scream. Everyone rushed into the hall. Mrs. Stuart inquired loudly as to what the matter was. She se11t the dazed butler to investigate. IIe returned in a short while to say that there was a man in the lilorary, murdered! By noon the next day this was the sum of the elew. The man had been shot through the head by somebody outside the window, and as he had bee11 killed instantly it was not he who had se1'eamed. That he had been 1l1lll'dC1'0d by a woman, for a bit of silver lace was found clinging to a bush outside the window. A search revealed no silver dress that had been torn. And here the detectives were at a standstill. When John heard this he wondered if a certain slender finger had pulled the trigger. In his imagination he could see a slender silver figure standing by the win- M'-HFS? THE SFXFUT Qaaae dow. What, he wondered, could have been the motive for this murder? Who had put the girl in his room? The day passed and John spent a sleepless night, for the woman in the ease had not been found. In spite of himself, John was almost convinced that the ,murderess was no other than the girl in silver. Of course, though, she must have had a good reason for killing him. Then he remembered her eyes. A 'girl with eyes like that would never murder anyone, he thought. Then he turned the whole train of events over in his mind again. The evidence pointed at one person, but John felt that she was not guilty. There was some one else some- where. Vklho? He was not going to say anything about the girl in silver. By Jove! VVhere had she come from and where had she gone? After a lot more questions that arrived at nowhere, John gave up and fell asleep to dream of a girl in silver who always eluded him. By noon of the next day the best detective in New York had arrived nowhere. He had questioned all of the servants, but although they were frightened, their stories held together. Only one of them had seemed uncertain. She was an elderly maid, invaluable because of her efneiency. She was ealled again. After a time Detective Dean discovered that pleading and remonstranees got nothing. At last exasperated, he said, UIf you don't tell all you know, Illl send you to prison for concealing a criminal." At that the woman broke down. "I can 't bear to think of Marian doing it," she sobbed, Hbut she or-she had the silver dress," the woman finished. L'Spill your stuff,'? Dean commanded. f'Marianls father placed his fortune and his father's on VVall street and lost it. His wife ran away to France with a. rich man and an hour later Marian 's father shot himself. Her grandfather raised her, next door. He was afraid that she 'd grow up to be like her mother. I used to be her nurse. and when I saw her on the lawn, looking so wistful, I asked her in to try on my mistress's silver gown. She wanted one and I wanted to make su1'e that it would fit. Marian asked if she might go out on the lawn and imagine she was one of them. And that was the last I saw of her." Dean received a description of Marian and started to go next door after her. Sk 3? SF S? SS fl? That day John wandered out to the old pool, Ile looked up suddenly. Sit- ting on the bank and dangling her fingers in the water was the girl. She sprang up quickly as she saw him and turned as if to flee, then paused and slowly faced John. 'AI suppose you are wondering how I got into your room?" she asked. HDid you murder that man?" asked John. HMurder!" she cried. "I didn't ,murder anyone, I just borrowed the silver gown." HMaybe you'd better tell me all about it,', he suggested. "Maybe I had, but I hardly know what to sayf' at last she started slowly. 'AI had slipped over into the other yard to watch the people, when Beulah went by with a package. She saw me and said, 'Wl1a.t luck, child, you're just the size.' She wanted me to try on a dress she had bought for her mistress in a hurry. I tried it on and it. fitted perfectly. It was simply beautiful and I asked Beulah if I might go out onto the lawn and pretend I was one of those people. t'When I returned, Beulah was gone and the other girl told me to take the dress upstairs. I decided to wear it. As I went down the dark hall, someone grabbed me, bound and gagged me, and after searching me, left- me in your room." sf-what 'THE SFXFUT game She stopped and smiled. HI think I had better go," she said. UNO you don't,l' John exclaimed, placing llimself in her way. "Now that l've found you again I'm never going to let you get away again." And he kissed her once more, and this time she did not object. "YVe,d better go right back to the house and clear this mystery up so that we can go and get married," he said. '4Why," she Whispered, "you hardly know me at all." He effectively stopped her protest. They met Dean half way. VVhen Beulah went upstairs, she met her mistress coming down the hall. Beulah stopped her and coldly said, HThey know who did the murderf' Then she went on. The woman turned and watched Beulah down the hall. Then she retraced her steps. When Beulah led Dean upstairs, she knew what they would find. The woman had shot herself and left a full confession on the table. The last line was: HI burned the silver gown.'l BIURIEL Ace '25 A MODERN FINDER ELLA. t'Billy" Mather tlew down the steps two at a time, bolted out the front door of the sorority house and ran into the arms of a young man standing on the porch. "Oh!" she gasped, H0-O-ooh!" "I beg your pardon,'l said a deep voiee, "but ca11 you direct me to the Phi Kappa Fraternity?" "R-right over th-there," stammered Billy, motioning across the street to a large brick house. , '4Thank you," answered the deep voice once more, and thc young man was gone. Billy turned slowly back into the house, her important errand forgotten in her meditation. 'tAnd I had to have on ,my old dress, my hair was all mussed up and I just looked terrible. And he was so good looking." It was characteristic of Billy that she never did anything when she was sup- posed to and then, in her haste to get things done later she was always getting into trouble and regretting it. "Hoo-hoo, Billy," called a voice. Hllight here," in a weak voice. The door opened and Sylvia Van Seoy stood looking at her questioningly. "Billy Mather, how could you have so much nerve to hug a young man on our front porch, and right in broad daylight, too?', ' "Well, he shouldn't have been standing right in front of the door i11 every- body's way. I guess if you had forgotten to get your dress from dow11 town and you simply had to have it tonight that you would be in a hurry, to. And now-Ilvc forgotten it again ! " "Never mind, I knew you would forget it, so I brought it home with me." t'Oh, you darling! You're a regular life saverf' 'iVVell, donlt muss me all up about a little thing like that. Oh, Billy! What. do you thinkfl' "I donlt think anythingf' U35 THE SFXFUT dgasae "I'll bet you'll think when I tell you that the frat that Bob belongs to is go- ing to give a ball, and we-'re invitcdf' "Honest truly?,' cried Billy, her brown eyes dancing with delight. f'Oh, won't that be nice? Wliat shall I wear? Hm-let-me-see-I know, Iill wear my new satin slippers and ,my fluffy white dress. No o11e has ever seen the slippers and they will do very nicely." At last the great day arrived. Billy flew around, trying to get ready on time, but the other girls were gone before she knew it. HI don 't see why they couldn't wait a minute," and then she stopped-for she had given too quick a pull at her slipper and the button had come off. Getting a needle and thread, she gave two or three hasty stitches and then hurried downstairs and aeross the street. Almost everyone was dancing when she arrived. The reception hall was empty except for a figure in a domino. Billy took off her cape, gave two or three hasty pats to her skirt and, adjust- ing her mask, ran downstairs. The figure in the domino approached her. f'May I have this dance?" asked a deep voice. Billy jumped with surprise, it was her front porch man! Would he recog- nize her? She would just have to go home before time to unmaskg she could never face him again. After the first dance, Billy was kept so busy that she didn 't realize how late it was. Then, it was the last dance and she had it with the figure in the domino. As the music stopped, Billy stepped in front of a porch door. NVhile her partner 's attention was elsewhere, she slipped out doors and sped across the lawn. But too late! The domino saw her and started after her. She ran as fast as she could, but when she saw him gaining on her, she whirled and slipped behind some shrubbery. It was all done so suddenly the man did not see when she disappeared. He looked all about him and then his attention was attracted to a white ob- ject on the ground. It was a small white slipper. 'fBy George," the man said softly, 'fI'll bet she recognized me and she is afraid to meet me. I'll meet her face to face yet, or know the reason whyfl He turned and started back to the house. After several long minutes of wait- ing, Billy crept from her cover and sta1'ted home. She started to cross the street and then stopped in consternation. It was all right to cross a muddy, wet street. with slippers on, but it was different when you had only one. How could she get across? "I'm not Sir Raleigh," said a deep voice, 'tbnt I will do thc best I can." And without so much as 'fby-your-leave" Billy was picked up, carried across the street and set down on her own front steps. "I hope you pardon me,', the voice explained, Hbut it was really my fault and I had to help you. My name is Richard Langford and I have been waiting to meet you for some time.', Billy looked at him and she knew that all remembrance of the past would be forgotten in the contemplation of the future. The next night there was another meeting-but the moon knows more about it than I do. IIIARGARICT GOOSMAN IQ5. vw THE 542112174 as HIAVVATHAIS WOOING CA Revised l+Idition.D 4'As unto the bow the cord is, So is wisdom unto mankind, Though in search it often bends him, Still in after days it aids him, Ifseless one without the other!" Thus, the youthful Veeil Uopley At his battered desk in school sat, Mueh perplexed by mingled feelings, Listless, longing, hoping, fearing, This time not for tests and lessons. But for something far much greater In his feeble estimations Than mere thoughts of books and study. Aeross the sehoolroom. lined with blaekboards ln a seat near to the window, Sat the 1-harming Margaretta, Alive with tossing eurls and laughter, Smiling, glancing at another- He, who from her one time favor Wanton l'eeil had excluded. Rankling with his indignation, Ceeil in his heart fell pond'ringg Thought. he: "O, thou fiekle maiden, Soon shall you repent your folly, Soon shall I dethrone yon bully, Shall reclaim what rightfully mine is. Ah, that I could rout him, crush him, Joyful, happy then would I be!" VVhile the Weary sehoolday dragged on, This thought Ceeilis mind did dwell on. Finally the hour approached, when Ile should free from school and eares be. Midst the trestle of the hallway, Cecil met the surly Ralston, Constant and relentless rival, Object. of his rage and hatred. "Ili, there, wisel'-ug,H Ralston 's voiee "Beat you to it, didn't I, smarty?" Thus retorted ready Veeil. t'NVait till I get through with you, sir!" He flung himself without the doorway, Trod into the warming sunshine, lXIutt'ring things beneath his breath, and Planning to defeat his foeman. Dusky shadows brought the night on, Deeper, deeper grew the darkness, Light was waning in the westward. Sunlight sank below horizon. Still upon the porch Vet-il, In his mind revolving sehemes, and Plans to reinstate affections. sneered M353 ,TTWFSFWUT Qsaw Presently he rose and sighing Stepped across the ,darkened threshold. .'Mong young' Cecil's few attainments, ?wi1r1ng idle while: accomplished, as a vio in s in onement, Squeaky in its imperfection slightly faulty in its measures. 'et he issued forth at eveninv, Instrument and music bearinfgf, And set forth upon a journey To remote pars of the village, Till at last through screens of bushes Showed a larffe and quiet residence Home of the :false Margaretta, 7 garkenes, iavle a lonely wknflow 1. h rom'w ie s one a ray o amp ig t. Qlinking ,the whitewashed gateway, QEOSEIIT? swgtly? thrkolliglihi tthe yagd, he toot tlree y nea a i win ow. giolin from case removing, nder chin he promptly placed it, And prepared to render on it A most beautiful selection. From the instrument a wail came, Then a ery of mortal anguish, VVhile the air was rent by squeakings That a mouse would fear to utter. Clamor reigned while tune was ended, Till the hopeful artist, Cecil, Sweating underneath the window Thouffht his efforts were in vain to VVakeC response from Margaretta. Lo! the sash above shot upward! Irate features then protruded. Angry voices' minrfled laughter- Swirling delugges ofl water Y l Fell upon astonished Cecil. ' Thus it was he journeyed homeward, Thus it was that Cecil Copley To his home returned at midnight, grenched agd shivhgiri, cold :Eid dripping. one were reams o l arware a, Gone were thoughts of futjure pleasure 5 Gone were all his hopes of friendship, Like the fading of a vision. . PAUL M. HEFFERNAN ,25. sfwfai 'THE SFXFUT :game A PROPHETICT ANNOUNt"l'lMENT. CVVith apologies to Bryant.j Stranger: "XVhere among the jostling erowd, Whieh glows the last light of clay, Where, with this bustling erowd do you pursue Your impeded way? "Vainly l have tried to rea:-h That doorway over there For erowds are waiting in the street For the Ames High Varnival Fair. Ames pupil: HI eame to seek amusement, Amusement full of fun, And teatsl whieh sellers ery out, As 'hot dogs' with a bun. "There are lots and lots of things, stranger, A goin' on over there, Eats, minstrels, games and fortunes, At the Ames High f,'21l'l11VE1l Fair. "For hours the erowds have waited At that door to pay their share, So they ean seek admittance To the Ames High Carnival Fair. t'But soon my troubles will end, For I shall soon be there, A-havin' a good time with all my friends At the Ames High Varnival Fair. MWell, so long, the erowd is moving And if you have time to spare, Take my advice, get in early For the Ames High ffarnial Fair." MARGARET FOR THE HONOR SYSTEM. Ames High, spare those rules, Break not a single one, I've long been interested in this sehool And the system by which it is run. Of all the systems worthy of test, The Honor System is surely the best. And itfs up to us to make it Better than the rest. RIILTON W. BUFr1No'roN '27. GOOSMAN '25 Y we THE NSWT :few A TETE-A-TETIC. CVVith apologies to nobody but the readerj A Freshman eoy, and a Senior fat Side by side on the front steps sat. 'Twas half-past twelve, and what do you think! Neither had paused to eat, or drink! The old sc-reeeh owl and the green cheese moon Stared at the pair who dared presume To sit so close in the murky gloom. CI wasn't thereg but this avowal NVas started tirst by the old screech owl.J The Senior fat asked, HKiss me, dear?l' The Freshman eoy replied, '4 Yes, herelil The yard was filled tor three minutes or four VVith wondrous sounds, and squeals for more. VVhile the green cheese moon in the starry sky Grinned. and winked one yellow eye And envied the pair on the front poreh steps. CNoW don't you say such things won't go, For the green cheese moon insists it's so.j The old sm-reeeh owl grazed on the pair And screeehed, "My land, he'll muss her l121,ll'i77 But the Freshman eoy and the Senior fat, NVh1spered this thing, and giggled that, Never have softer words been heard, And the way they said them was too absurd. And Oh! how the kisses and love words iiew. CThis news is straight, for ne'er a fowl E'er spoke such truth as the old screeeh owl.j Next morning where the two had sat. They found no sign of Htfoyw or 4'Fat.H, And gossips claim until this day That bad men took that pair away, But the truth about that flirt. and sheik NVill ne'er be found by those who seek, For the naughty pair just plain eloped, CThe green cheese moon it told me so. And that is how I came to know.D JEAN GUTIIl2lI4I i27. ON THE HI Y. So long as Hi-Y boys shall be in school, There will be tasks for them to dog Some way for them to show their worthg Each day shall bring its problems new. And each year they'll dream of mightier deeds Than ever the Ili-Y's have done before- Bnt there always shall be human needs For them to work and struggle for. v MMS? 'THE SFXRXT SS-as THE MYSTERY OF AN ANSVVER BOOK. The day had dawned--a wintry day- Upon a boy who was not. gay, His eountenanee carried a troubled look, For he was in need of an answer book. His face was innocent, his fingers long, He took Miss Sehutls book, and knew it was wrong. The sixth period algebra class had begun To have their forty-tive minutes of fun. Miss Sehut was plaeingg' on the board Some problems, over which they would hoard, "The answersfl she said, "I shall soon Place on the board this afternoonf, And when her little dears had gone, She went to put the answers on. The answer book eould not be found! She looked on high, she searehed the ground. "l 'll find that book," she at once did roar, "l,ll seareh this building o ler and o'er! 77 And when the eighth period did come round. For that book her pupils searched the ground. "Someone,', she said, "I think did take That answer book, now, by mistake. l will appoint. a deteetive this day, To bring that book around this way." She did appoint young' Johnny Jones, VVho is noted for the Hheadw he owns. He was the one who had taken the treasure, NVhieh added greatly to his pleasure. And when, next day, he went to Miss Sehut, His knees shook, and did nothing but. His heart heat fast, his toenails dug Into the border of the rug: His faee was tlushedq his head bent lowg No kind of a report did he show. "l Cannot stand this any more,'7 And from his breast the book he tore. IJOXYARD R. CH.xs1c '2T. UA RNI VAL. The Carnival was a sueeess, At least in the matter of dress. The shows were so funny They hauled in the money. And all had a good time tl guessj. 4 M333 THE SFXFUT dimes CARNIVAL. CApologies to YVallace Irwinj To Miss Kiku San, Deerly Beluvcd freind, which are so like wild life of America that boys are scared much to do solid silver spoon with her, by golly. Have heard about superfluous Car Nival which has happened in our school this year? C1924.j It are better than any Car Nival which has happened before in Hames Sigh School. Most Hon. Chas. E. Wlygant say so. I go with ezkort Nashura Hoki 8: have very special and fine time. At twelve C123 oiclock we go witness enlarged parade walk down Main St. which function are to drawn Hon. towns people from homes to see enflated show ik to draw American 34 S4 216 from pockets like huje magnet. Parade fortel events in big show with swelled brain, like Hon. Miss Heald's debates with Elmo Early on the snubject, i'VVas Darwin Right," in order to obtain nomination for president of U. S. on VV. C. T. U. ticket. A In evening, friend Nashura Hoki SL me go to see show. We go to Barnum Sa Baily Circus Xa see Hon. Jerry Feroe sitting upon back of Hon. Bob Sloan, race with Hon. Barney Google SL most illustrius horse, Sparkplug. Also, we behold wild man 85 wild woman. Wiltl woman are Ilon. Mable Lawler who have just had her hair bobbed. Swiftly enormus bulk loom on our horisen Sa submarine voice require us to accompany Hon. Officer Orrie Roe to outer office. We go Sc dishcover that we are convicted of propelling large ball of snow down Hon. NVy'gants neck while he was making big speech in auditorum some wks. previous, lVe were fined ten C105 admistions Sz instructed not to be seen in company of each other in halls again. Let your illustrious brain dwell upon that. Please to reckolect Hi-Y Sz Girl Preserves which always hock iced cream cones Sc candy on Ist 8: 2nd floors. After we have eat large amount of such fodder, we go to Tomb of Hon. Tut, king of Eecgypt in days when Hon. Noah built sport modle ark. VVhen about to emerge from winter home of Hon. Tut, a sound smote our honrable eardrums, which sound darnly like big dragon. Fall on knees we holla in onion, "Oh please Mrs. Dragon to let us go in pieces as wcare two yung two die.', No reply. Still mighty noise assail our ears. Noting scenery, I see lIon. Rudolf Shroeder serenading llon. Miss D. H. Allen. To erase such onhuvnan treatment from our honorable ears, we go to House of Mirth. Such Mirth as we see I are enable to write as my pencil get laugh too much to make letters. Nextly we go to Audy Torium to observe mellow dramatic stroggles of Hon. Juniors 8: Seniors. XVe dishcover Ilon. Lillian Nelson -S Hon. Dwight Clark Victor Flickinger, having muchly drama in HA Fan Ss Two Candle- sticks". Also to say much good shaking of Hon. feet S: voice, in the Jinnistan. Most of voice shaker arrive from Hon. Dorothy Thompson 8: her girls of I-Ion. Follies Fore Us. Also some of Senior Boys make good Japanese fireman, by golly, as they sling their selves muchly in air and on stage. Then comes a Grand Climb Max the Persian Ballay Core Us in gorgeus customs. Then we repair to the French Garden, where we eat lots of fine things for the appitite served by some French girlies we know darnly well are 'tPreps'7. Then we go to see the Hon. Radio. As we enter his house he say Roarr Sqaw-w-k Ri-i-p VVhoop. Bang. Yes, we have no, Fordson tractors will undoubtedly be used as motive powr of the Ft. Dodge Des Moines Southern this Mama loves Papa, Papa loves Mama. Roor-r-r. I feel deliciously decomposed. Hoping you are the same, Fuigi San. K Q Top Row-Acheson, Macy, Hawley. Second Row-Williams, Flickinger, Clark. Third Row-- Duckworth, Frasche, Iler, Gernes. Fourth Row-McFarland, Little, Ruggles, Fish. Fifth Row-Allen, Mayo, Maun, Goosmzm. af wa 'n-ng g5iflElT semi HISTORY' OF THE SPIRIT. Twelve spooky "spirits" all shiny and white, Rose with slow, writhing motions at 12 one night. They 'had slept long weary months in the Spirit room there. One came from the cupboard and sat on a chair, Another crawled out as fast as 'twas able, Still others came out and sat 'round the table. The first spooks were small and skinny but few, But the last ones-fat and fatter they grew. First spoke 1911, a "spirit" so small: "We had hard enough time getting started at all. First we had a debate in that famous year, And what 'they' said to each other 'tis best you don't hear, They debated so long whether or not I should grow, That is the reason l'm so dwarfed, don't- you know." The rest spoke and sighed as their turn came QAnd really I'm sure that they weren't to blamej, But when it came '23 's turn to speak, A "spirit" arose that was quite a freak. 'tI'm part a newspaper and annual, see? And lllilt-,S how a freak was made out of me." Then, when the Hspiritsn all had spokefnj, They all disappeared in a big cloud of smoke. Yet an invisible t'spirit" said, t'What about me?" Then looking around he gasped, "Oh, Gee!" And '24 went as the clock struck three. HISTORY OF' THE "SPlRIT". '4Oh, dear," sighed the assembly room clock. "Some of these 4Spirits' that float around here go so fast that I 'm bound to confess I can 't keep track of 'em. " HOh, never mind that. You don't have half as many worries as I do. Just thinkof it, people have carved on me, written on me and nearly ruined me," mumbled the nearly wrecked desk in the corner. 'tYes, but think of it. back in 1911 the original 'Spirits' were forever watching me, just the rest have done. I heard the faculty talking, When the 'Spirit' was trying to come to life, and believe me, they didn't have much faith in those Seniors. But like most things when we work for them, the 'Spirit' won. Let 's see, the editor was Paul Storm, Ada Cameron was literary editor, Leon- ard VVallis, art editor, Clair Taylor, business manager, Glen, Muir, assistant manager, and all the rest of those smart people-. HThe 1913 people just about ended the 'Spirit' career, but the 1914 class was determined to see it through, so they started it again. My memory is rather poor for so many years of constant ticking, so I don 't remember the other staffs. All the years up to 1923 were a success. The 1924 class had quite a time of it., but finally were permitted to publish an annual. "It remains to be seen whether we have any more Annuals or not. I think- there! Mrs. Maun and Mr. Vtlygant are looking at me rather suspiciously, so --tick, tock, tick-" BEA ILER '25. ww THE Swim ww First lViOWff,ll!lflWil'l, Allen, Kingq, .Xl'ltl15l'SOH, XVilli:1111s, hll'lA:'Ofl. Sltf'0lltl HOW-ller, Long, hlvllowell, If!ill0I1b0'I'ZL1', l3llf'liVVOI'lll, lmviclsoii, S:1Wyv1'. Thircl ILOW-lloe, VH2lllJIlSf'll, Fliek- ing:,'e1', Yuiiderlilirleri, Thurber, .xcliesmr STUDENT tfOUNtlfIL. The Student Uouneil is 21 new o1'g:1nizz1tio11 in Ames lligh. 'cllther schools have it, why Slllbllltllllf we 'Vi was the zxttilude token by the Girl Reserves and the ,lli-Y. Several students ,made 21 trip to Des Moines and visited the schools there. As 21 result, the proposition of :11 Student Vouneil was iiitroducell before the entire student body, and it is needless to say that it melt with very great approval. The Student ffouneil is representative of every 0l'g'ZllllZ21ll0ll in school, includ- IHQ' the two study halls which are eomposed of the people who do not belong to either the Girl Reserves or the lli-Y. The editor-in-Chief of tl1e Spirit, Donald Aeheson, was Chosen president of the Student Council. He is ably assisted by Ethel Davidson, viee-presidentg ,llanel McLeod, secretary, and John Thurber, treasurer. The Student Council has hacked and helped to ezirry out the honor system, which was introduced just before the Student Council was formed. lt i11tro- duced il Code for Ames High, and it. was the Q-hief advisory committee of the Curiiival this year. In order to keep our Student Council up-to-date Donald Aceheson and Daniel Mclleod made il, trip to XVest High to observe the work done by the Student fifouneil there. Hy way of eoinpzirison, they have eoneluded that o111' Couiicil has done splendid work durinpg the short time it has been in operation. Wa fTHEfPF1H1T iw QQ First ROWgM:1tlier, XVic-kham, f.2lIk'1ll, U. Allan, l':1rberry, .M-lieson, Hells, Porta-r. Svc-ond How -AH:1Wley, l4'r:ische, Long, Jonson, fl'll'tA'I', AlOI'g1kll, G. Allen. Third llow-Cory, Many, L. Allen, Martin, Roe, I"lin'kim4m-r, Jameson, Thurlxor. UAH l'liUB. The "A" Vlub, with NOl'IIl2ll1 tlrziyes :ind Orrio Roe suveessively :is its presi- dents. assisted by the vivo-president, 'l'od Mary, and the sec-retary-trc-zisurer. Faye Vzirter, and its twenty-six live, poppy incinbers. did grrezxt work this year. Une of the lJig'g1est things it put across was the Grade Sehool 'll0l11'1l21lllOllt. A banner was egiven to the winning team in lmsketbnll et fifth und sixth grades, and of seventh und eighth grades. ot the different schools in town. The "A" Club boys voziehed the younger fellows :Ind did some Very fine work. The objeet is to train these younger boys so that when they reueh High Sf-hool they will be interested and know S4iIllCfl1illQ' about athletic-s, and will be ublo to nnike better teains. The HA" Plub was also very :ic-tive in sponsoring' other 0l',242lI1lZ3llOllS, such as liebzitv :ind Devlznnatory. The ineinbors also had t'll2ll'Q'C ot tivket szlles for the different activities during the sohool year. . The HA l' Ulub had two initiation nieetingfs, and Uh! the paddles. They inzide the lIl0Qfll1,L1'S lively, alll right. Mr. Cannpboll, Miss lflvzins, Miss Lynvh, Miss Svhut :ind Mr. Stevenson are sponsoring' the club. vw 71415 51111111 :sims First ll0VVfStl!Vl'IlS0ll, B11'l'lilI'l1ll1fl, .l11rtis0l1, Mc-1l1'i1'I', lhlgglvs. SQ'f'Ullfl llCVV--xYIlllilC1', l'lli4'lilIU.1'x'I', Clmsv, xv2ll1ll0l'll!Nl0l1, 1l1':1x'1-s. HI-Y. Tllilll rolls its Coasclcss f'Olll'Slt lllltl 11s thc days illlll 1111111tl1s pziss by it l11'i11gs to C2lf'll 11110 111' 11s new thoughts z1111l 111111' ideals, hut, thi-y clo 1111t 0l'2lSC f1'c1111 o111' 111i11cls thc' 1110111111105 whim-h 21111 most 1l1':11' to us. 01111 of thosv is tho Ili-Y 111'uj:111iz111i1111. wl1ivl1. hositlos hvihg' El 11lQ11sz111t llltllll- ory, has hccn ot' lllltlllll l,1011c-lit to thc buys. Ill :ill its 11111l01'tz1lii11g's. lmth sowizil 111111 i11t0ll0c-t11z1l, it has 1111011 111z11'k01l by the Ulll? 11'111'1l-S110c0ss. It, too, has g'1'c111'11 i11 111Q111l1c1'sl1i11, likv tho Girl llOs01'x'0s, Zlllll has haul so1110 spl0111li1l ziclvismws, 01111. M11 Sl1z111', 11 il'ilK'llCl' i11 tho Sclioul lzist j'02ll', still i11t01'- Ostenl lll the hojvs, Hllll l10l11i11gr :is 11111c'h as possible. Many lllffll l'l'0Ill tho 4-11110110 :1111l l111si11Qss 1111111 of th0 town have z11l1l1'0ss01l the boys at thoii' v111'io11s 111c0ti11g's, Zlllll the boys have also hail il cc1't:1i11 1111111- ber of vo011tio11z1l talks th1'0ug'l11111t the yvz11z About fivv boys l'CDl'0Slllll0tl Amos High :it 11111111 l4'11ste1' lust SlllIlIllCl'. illlll SCVQTI, 11:-1-4111111211116-ml hy M12 Y:1111l01'li11cl1'11. z1tt0111lv1l tl10 i'0l1fOl'l'l1t'P at lflt .llonlgrv i11 D0l'0IlllJCl'. I-Soth w111'0 011j41y1'1l by tho boys who 2lll0llLl0Cl, z1111l thcy l11'c'1ugl11' hawk i11to1'esti11g' 1'0po1'ts to tho tll,llOl' 11101111101-s. For 01'01'y hwy. thc- Ili-Y l1z1s 21i'i'll!Il11llSll0ll its 1111111080 :111cl wl101'0x'c1' hv is lvil 111 lilv. he will llOi1l' the o11l111vs 111 tho things it has tz111g'l1t l1i111, fxllll 1111113 its 11111ttf1fttl'i1'0:1t0 ,11111i11t:1i11 211111 1-xtoml high s1z111cl111'1is of f4lll'lSlli1ll K'll2ll'2lC'l0l' tl11'o11g'l1o11t thv 1-111111111111it3'." Zlllll "Spirit, Mimi Iilltl I-wily." Thu 11H1c'01's 2ll'0 as t'11ll1111's: Rtlllllltl I'I2lllb2lSI'll, P11-si1lo11t. 11511111111 lflellst Vic-0-l'1'vsi1l1-111. ltllllltll' Amlz1111s, SM-1'0t:1 ry. lfOIlll1l'li YVz1ll:11'11. 'l'1'11z1s111'01'. J. 24, V:111clv1'li111l011, A1lvisv1. WEFTHI5 3451517 ifftw First Itow-Davis, Long, lim-is, Irwin. S1-cond llow-Ilvr, flziston, ,lofi-H. All-An, llrillith. 'l'hix 1'i0wf--th-r'rit-s, Atwood, Amtvrsoli, llwilti, Glllli IHISICIQYES. Only att tho vztrnvst solivitution ol' nijv trivmls tio l voiisvnt to giw lim-rv 11 lirii-i' rccoril ot' thc Girl lioswws. for nt this stzxgi- ot' its vzirocr it sm-ins :almost snywr- Huous to writv ainytliingl' l'0LYZ1l'lllll2' its illustrious work. To ClllllIl61'21i0 :ill its mcinlmors this your would pi-two :in 4-nilloss tzislt. In that licginning of thu your tho good jlltlQ'lI!CIlt' ot' the orgainizzition wzis shown in having M:1i'gvry Long for its prositlvnt. Thi- trolivs liziw lwvn lllIlll0l'tIllS. along with tho spluntliil iiiwtiiigs, hold l'l'f.l'lllZll'lX now. thirti iwrioil 1-aivli Wvtliws- clay, instcud of after sc-hool. They were proud hostossos of that Fzivulty :it at "gt-t aicqtiziiiitoml party" in tho "g'y1n", :it wliic-h ovvryliotly forgot thivr wires :nrl trials :intl fvlt young' onvu more. lint ahozul of ull, zissistcwl hy tho Ili-Y. thtw 1-:ii'1'iwl out tho ,lligh Svliool Mixer-ai good time whivli will lit' l't'lllCllllPl'l'tltl by alll. It has been 2lt'lillUWlL'tlg10ll that this your hzis lwtin that .x 1-:ir in whit-h sc-hool spirit rt-ally hzis Ill'0tlUIIllll2lt0ll. This is vzisily shown hy thc splonmlitl work which was tlonv in liolping' plan :intl 1-zirry out thv honor systwni in lligh Svhool. Also hcvzitlsc thv tiirl lhismwvos airv loyal supports-i's of till sitlilttit-s. Many of their host workors, iiwliuliiigi tht- prosiilvnt, zirv svniors. .Xltho tlitgx' :ire llzippy in tho fzicft thzit tlivy lizivv zilmost wzic-lit-tl thv top ot' tho lzithlvr. tlii-5' are QIVRIYI' :it tht- thought ol'l0z1vii1g1:i plziw :intl gi-oilp whivh lifts lit-4-omit' tlt'tlI' to them. :intl wlicrv imniy hzippy thoiigfhts :intl iivwls will lingt-r. 0f'fivvrs :irc us follows: 3laii'gi0i'y liongf. l'rvsitlt-iit. l'll'2lllt'ttS .lon0s. xYlt'0-l,l't'Hl1l0lll'. Lola tiritlith, Ht't'l't'ti1l'j'. Bt'2lll'lt't' llvr, 'lll't'2lSlll'l'l'. Ailvisors: Miss Atwoml. Mrs. Anclcrson. Miss lli-nhl. f Y. - - V455 THF 5471117 t fmt? 1JHAMA'l'Iti' f'l,l'l3. 'llhis your the Dlillllilllt' Clnlm, nnmlci' tlio tlirvc-tion ut' Miss liynvli. lms on- ,iffyml :1 silvvcssflil tcrin. 'Pho 1-nrnllinvnt was liil'Q'Ul' this yilill' tlizin 'lt lms lwcn in the past few j'l'3tI'S. The lliuniizitiv t'lub niot, the tliirtl poriml ovvvy l+'i'itlziy. At tliv lwggiiniing ut tln- fivst scinostvr, tlw following' ut'lic'0l's wtlrc Qlcwtc-tl nnnl linw livltl ottiw :luring thc Qntirv your: PVcsitlont-Dorothy Duc-kwortli. Vic-Q l'i'0sicl0nt-lsalmvllv llittlv. 'lll'0tlSlll'l'l'-wlvlllllil'0Cl 11411111012 Svc'1'ott11'y-Joe 'l'lnu'lwi'. Sinvv llllx first lIl00llllgf tlic IllUlIlllCl'S liznvv boon pi'ivil0f1wl to oiijny ntainy intel'- vsting- pi'ug11'miis. Sum-h innnbclrs :is tli-annattic' l'0tltllllj.l'S. ropnrts on ztntlim-s' lives. ln1n10i'uus :intl lll'2llll21lli' "stunts", synopsos of lmulas Zllltl plays znnl vwn nnisir- zmr smnv of tho things on ouch l4'l'idz1y7s pi'og.r1':1111. Onlv at sinnll pow-Qiitziu'v of tliv invinlwrs :n'0 Soninrs :intl with tlw znltlitinn of lllt'OlHlIlQ' "l'1'0ps" next j'0Lll'lS vlnlm shunltl lic own nnn'o s1n'v0ss1'l1l tllznn tliv lust. rv'-W' 7fHE51:1F17Q 15111219 1!1'11w11i11g', 1jI'ONV1l, A1111 1.f1'11K'1l, 1lo11i11i:o11, 111111 '11,-U1A'1'U1iY. '1'110 0111110sfs 11r0 1111. NVO sway f'1-11111 l12l1l'11l111' 11O1'VO1' 111 111'11111111i1' 101l1IlS. 13111111 1l'2l1'S 111 12l11Q'111C1'+Alll0S is W1lIlI1llg'1 Y0s1 111 1110 F111111 11111110 1-1ll1l10S1, F011- 1'11ill'j' T111, 11111s 111111i11s1111 w1111 Iirsf 111 1J1'11111111i1', 11011110111 1ir11w11 first 111 1,1171- 1U1'11'il1 211111 1111'l1K'l' V11'gi11111 Browning' firsf 111 1111111111'011s. 111 1110 1lll2l111'1ll1QfU1il1' 0111110s1 111 1311111112 1'1V1Jl'11211'j' 15111. Lois 111111111s1111 Wllll s01'111111 1111100 111 1110 11111111- 11111- 1,'111ss. 111 1110 1I'12l1lx!f111211' 1-111110s1 l101w01-11 S1111'y 1'11y. N01111111 111111 AXIINXS, 11111' 1'111110s111111s 215111111 1-111'1'0111 01111 1w11 firsfs. 111 1110 O1':1111r11'111 111111 1J1'11111111i1: t'12lSSCS. Ill Z1CC01'11Z11lf'0 wi111 its 1'11S10111, 1110 111111111 N111i1111111 B11111: ZU1'111'110l1 11i11s 111 11111 W11lI1C1'S. The big' 00111081 wus s111gc11 1111 T11OSl111j', April 15. A1 this 111110 11111'1i01p11111s w01'e 0111011111 fl'Oll! B1111110, Newton 211111 QXIIIOS. T110 1101111 111 1110 11l'211iQ 111l1V01'- s11y 0x111'essi1111 1'111ss0s w11s critic 111111 ju11g10. 11111'1Hg' his 1111!'0L1111'1Ul'j' 111111, 1111 111111 111 F1 few w11r11s 111s 111011 of how 11 11111111-st s1111u111 110 ju11g011. " 1511 11111 0011111 1110 0l'1'O1'S of 1110 SIJ1'il1i01'.H 110 s11i11. "11111 j1111g'0 111111 1111 111s 111111111 111 1'2ll'1'f' you 11w11y 111 fhe 1111100 W1l0l'0 1110 story 1101'u1's, 1111 111s 111111i1y 111 111110 111s I11lj'S1C'1l1 1111- I1l'I'1.0C'11011S 111111 i11111011i1110111s 111 his s11001-11. After CXIJ11111111lfJ,' 11is 1110111011 of s1-11ri11g'. 110 2lW21I'L10L1 firs1 11111110 111 1111111111' 111 1111100 V11'g111111 131'11w11i11g of Amos, fi1's1 ill 1311111111110 111 Nl'11'11ll1 111111 first 111 Ur11t111'11-al 111 B1111110. D01'121IT111101'j' w11s w0l1 s1111p111'10.1 1111s y0111'. 31011119018 111 1110 "A" 1-11111 s11111 1i1'k01s 111111 S1H1I1S01'1'11 11 111 11111101111. 111111' s1111111111 1111115' 111s11 111101111011 111111111 11111r0 1111111 111 p1'0v111us y011rs. pf-as p T HE SFZHI T ima First How-Il:u'i41so11, Long, Ilnllinpzton. l.ilXYl4'I', Jones. S.,-wond Ilowr Hrown, X':11nl.-1'lindol1, lintly, DE l 3 A T141 In spito of tho fuvt that dispntos. disvnssions nnml dohzxtos hnvo fnx'nish0d tho strive of lift: and Ctlllvtlfltlll tln'oug'hont alll agvs, Amos oonld not l't'2llly boast of il high sc-hool dvhnting tcann lwforo lnst yozxrg :ind lwttoi' still vould they boast ot' one this your. Soon aftoi' tho l't'f1'lSll'i1llll11 in Sm-ptoinlror. sovwzil ,IIlttCtl11gIS were Oallvd, the sooond of whit-h was most snwosstnl. .Xt this nn-otingf at lurpro llllIIllJCI' tnrnod out fox' tho dolmtiiig it'2lIIl. The try-outs wow hold soon znttci' this. and six Soniors, ons- Junior and one Froslnnzxn nindc tho tvznn. 'l'ln- At'til'mz1tixo toznn was ooniposod ot' dl21l'QOI'j' Long. vziptning Konnoth Brown :ind Mzxhol 'llnwlolz Tho Nogutivo toenn was t'UlllIJOS0tl ot' l'llI110 ltlurly, 1-uptning 3ltll'Q'Ill't'l lhlvidson and l+'r':nn'0s Jonos. Milton linftington was altcrnzxto for hoth teams. The suhjovt of tht' tltxlliltt? wus, "R0solx't-d. that tho tfnitod States Should Fur- flltll' Restrict 1IH11llQ'l'2lil011.ll ln the dnnl Qontvst with Nvwton, 1'lt'lH'l1tl1'y 14, the negative toznn lost, 3 to 0, and tho 2ll'lll'lI1ZlllYt? :also lost, 2 to 1. They both had very hard teams to debate zngrzninst, liowovor, tor Newton had won from four towns lncforo they dvhzltcd with Amos. tlur svoond dehuto was 11 ll'lZlllg'Ul2ll' z1t'l':1i1'. lioonv, hhv2lltll'ltltl and Amos Illttl 0ilf'll othor. 'Phe negative tvznn wus dotozltod, 2 to I, hy Boono. Tho :1ft'i1'1nativo tvzun took thc trip to Wzltvrloo :und wzls mlofozltvil tln-V0 hy tho sumo nlnjority. Our dosirt' now is thot tho voming olnssos will look npon tho work ot' thoso mluhutcrs as nn lllf'OllllYtt for thorn to follow the oxannplo sct. znnl vontinnt- in win- ning' rc-nown for A. ll. S. liven thonuh tin- toznns wow ilotbzitm-ml. thoy tool :ls though thoy lmvo spent lll0ll't1IIlt' Villllillllj' :ind protitzxlrly. Tho lliuh S1-hool ns 21 wholo has profited hy those debates and has :stood holnnd thc twin innuh hottt-1' than in forinoi' yozirs. 23551 THE 31311117 1213? Ifirst 1111wf2--I11111111-115411, K111111, RI:1111u1', xV1l'1i1lH111. 811-11111- 51111. Jl'1JG1N11 'I111lAM. . . . . , . 1 . gxll 1111111'1w1i11r 211111 111111 111'Q21111x21111111 111 11111 111,111 5111111111 w1111'11 1121s 11121410 12111111 I11'1lQ'1'1'N9 21111112 11s 11111-s s1111111 121s1 .Y1'2l1'. is 11111 ju11Q111g1 11-21111. I1 1s 1'11111- 1111s1111 111' M:11'i1111 1il111ll, 112111111111-11 M21111111' 211111 11111'111s K1llQ'S1?111'f', 211111 11111 21111115 1121111. 1'I211'1 11111l11'l'112'11. T11115' 1111111 111's1 111 g1'21111s 111 11Y1'1'f' 1-111111-st 111111 s1-11111111 111 111'11s1111-11. 111115 2211111112 11111'111211111111 1111ss1-QS11111 111. 11111 11111 111'1'111'1'11 115' 11111 S121111 11111111 -11lL1f.l'1llQ,' 1XsS111'121111111. '1'1111 1'11s1111s 211'11 1211'g'c11' 411111 111 11111 11'2l1Il11lg' 1111 11111 111z11'11111's, 1111111 121s1 y11211' 111111 1111s, M12 .1111111 S11IlNX' 211111 B112 S10'.'1'11s1111. T111- j1111g111g 11'2l11l. 21ss1s11111 111' 11111111' llll'lll1Jl'11'S 111 11111 1111511 S1'1111111. put 1111 21 1110s1,s111'1'11ss1111 5111lS1l'l11 S111111' 211 11141 1111111 S1-1111111. 1'1l'111'lUl1'f' 2. Il1111g.g'111's, IIi1'11:11'11f:1111, 1fll1lll. 111RI1S'J1'1711lN11 'I'1'IAM. T1111 111111111 1'I1'11111111111's girls 111111 1111111 112111 111 11111 ,1lIi1,2'1llQ' 1-111110s1 211 1110 1-11114311 111 JI11l1l211'Y W1'1'C' F1'21111'11s R11g1111's, M2111 1111-11211'11s1111 211111 1D111'111hy Kuhn. 'Fhcy 111111 s1'1'111111 111211111 1111- ,X11111s 111211. Sf'-HB5 THE SFXFUT 'Suas GLICE VLVB. The Vhorns of the A. H. S. needs no introduvtion. It has for several years past been El supporting pillzlr of our lligxh Sm-hool. This yenr it has been mlivirlml into three tllee f'lubS-two girls' vlubs and one boysf Une girls' club meets after svhool. the other two vlubs meet fl'lll'll periods. our-0 :1 ywvlc. .lliclwilig from the sounfl. they are inuking the most ot' their o 1 mortunities. Zlllll 77 I . 1 llllklfll' tho gunl:xm'0 ot Bliss Bower, :intl by the loyalty ezlvh III0llllJ01' has shown, they are going to turn out some good lll2ll0l'lZll. The operettzi. "Syly'iz1". was given by the Glee Vlubs on April 19 in the :infli- toriuni. Sylvia, :1 lmlv :it court. was O11L!'Pl"0fl to nmrrv 21 oct :intl she lonffezl . 1 , A PN . P' uw..-. 3 to .,g..lllf .1 rounlry lzul. Betty, on the other hand. was 21 eountry lass. engngeml to il tziiwner box' il ntl she wished to live at vourt The two vounff ladies niet ln '1 . ' ' ' . rw ' 1 hay fielrl :intl by il iilzlgrlezxl flower K'll2l11,Lf0ll l1ll0 each 0ll1Cl'lS l1liCll0SS. Then their lovers Celine an-xl ear-h spvnt fl tlay with the other's lLlEl11i'0. At the end of the clay. meh wus disgusted with the life zinrl were very willing to get their own kinml of people. Sing 3 song of Glee Clubs. A progruin full ot' songfg Anyone who keeps 21 tune, ls weleoinexl in the throng. When their songs are ended, NVQ wzlnt to hear some more, So they often eoine right back And give us an c-neo1'C. QV M51 TW? 5111517 1 if-fi Ifirst Il1'1W-XY11'k1121111, XV.11I1:1111s, S121tQ1', Akm, 112119, 1l2111s11n. II21w11-y, S111-ond Row-J2111111s11n. I1111'11w111't11. I1. .X111-11, V1-1111-, 1,IlVV1t'I', K11ig11t. Thirfl How-I.0ng'. S. AX111'!'l, S111111k. H2111112111. XYi1'11l121111, t111ttt'i'11'11. l1'11t11'ti1 1l11w-11111111xx-1111, C. Allan, 'f11LlI'1M'I', R:111u1'k, I1:1ug, CJl'I11IU.f. ORCHIGSTRA. 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T110 11tl.YS 111'111 111111 I't1Q'l11iI1'lf' 111111 11111'1111s11y 111111 211't' 1'l'2lt1j' 111 21111 111 11111 High 811110111 "11l1Sll '1'1111y 1111111 1w1111'11 111A llltxil' 11111 1111111111111's 1111s yt'211' 111111 11111 111111' 111111s. V w 1 ' 11111 11111111 s lllS1l'11111t1ll15117118181 111- 111111111 1-1111'i11111s, six 11111'11111s, f11111' S11Xt11J11t1I1CS 111111 11111'11111111, 111111 11'tlll11Jtl1ltx, 111111 1111ss 511111 111111 C11'lllll. 1 . 111 11111 1 111'111111 1,2l1'1lt1t' 1110 11211111 1111151111 1111 i11111111'111111 11111'1. All 11111 1111y1'1111 w11s 1lI1t'1111t1 1111111 N111'111's s11111111s1111' 111111 111 1his 11111 13211111 1111ys 11111 thc 11111'111111. '1'1111 11111si11 1111s S11I'171'1S111Qflj' g111111. Zl11llt11lg.fl1 11111 1311111 l11'11k11 11111111 111111 1111111 111111 111 1111 1111s111111 111111111. N11x1 1111111 1111 111111 11x11111'1 111111111 1'1'1'1111 11111' 11111111 flll' 1111 11111 1111111111c1's will 111 11x11111'i1'111111111. 1,1111 1-111111111 li111lW 1111111 you 11111113 1111w 111111111 1111is11 11111' 111111 1111111111 A1111 11' 11111'1-1111111111 y1111 111111111111 11111113 Y1111'll Sily 111111'11's Sl1l'l'ly 1111 111ist11k11 Who 111'11 1111 11111111111 11111111f. you ask? -11151 1-1111111 111111 visit 11s s1111111 1-iily, '1'11 1111s11'111' you will 1111 1111 111sk. W111111 tl11i'1l1gf11 s111111111 11111111 1111gi11s 111 1112152 D 41 ID SQ E TH swat THE .SFXFUT seas 1923 FOOTBALL REVIENV. As it is already known. it seems needless to say that we had a good football team this season. Although we did not win every game this year, we finished with an excellent percentage. The team proved its ability to play football by being defeated only three times. It was no disgrace to get beaten when playing against odds in weight- and experience. Ames played against some of the best teams in the state. The team played good, clean football, proved themselves to be good sportsmen and although facing defeat never stopped fighting until the final whistle blew. Mr. Campbell. the coach, is a graduate of Cornell College, where he played three years on the football squad. He has had a considerable amount of ex- perience in coaching in addition to attending a coaches' school, made up of the best coaches in the country. M1'. Campbell was assisted by J. S. Vanderlinden, who has turned out an excellent second team. The new coach arrived in Ames on September 10, and started practice with thirty candidates. XVhcn school opened, the squad increased to over forty, five of whom were letter men. The men were light and inexperienced, which ae- counts for their poor defensive showing. Competition was strong and the men had to tight hard for places on the team. Several changes were made after the first game of the season. The following lineup was picked to play against NVest High in the First game: Ends, J. Carberry and Hawley, guards, Ruggles and C. Allan, center, Gravesg halfbacks, Martin and Flickingerg fullback, Frascheg quarterback, Thurber. VVEST HIGH With only two weeks regular practice. the team journeyed to Des Moines on September 29 and were beaten by VVest High, 37 to 0, playing in a sea of mud. Al Martin. starting his fourth and last season for Ames High, was the only man who could gain ground against the VVest High eleven. Orrie Roe at left tackle was a tower of defense on the line, but the heavy NVest High aggregation was too strong for the inexperienced team. NEVADA Nevada came over with the intention of repeating their last year's victory, but were forced to return with the short end of a 14 to 3 count. The first touch- down came as a result of straight football and two well executed passes brought the second counter. Nevada scored a dropkick in the third quarter. The work of Martin again was outstanding in the backfield and Roc showed up well in the line. The work of John Carberry and Hawley was excellent. MARSHALLTOWN The Cyclones were again forced to taste defeat by Marshalltown by a 27 to 0 score. The fast, heavy Marshalltown backs smashed through the lighter Ames team for four touchdowns. Strong defensive playing by Roe and J. Car- bcrry again featured for Ames. Due to injuries, several of the players were not up to their form. NVEBSTER CITY A 0 to 0 tie at Vilebster Vity was the best score the Cyclones could get, despite the fact that they outplayed their opponents in every department of the game. Martin failed in several attempts at dropkicks. The game was slow and neither team showed its usual form. Cory and Bert Allen starred in this game for the first time, along with John Carberry and Martin. U33 THE SPXFUT Swami INDIANOLA Coach Campbellis sc-rappers smashed, passed and ra11 rings around the heavier Indianola team here on October 27, winning a 26 to 0 game, The best football of the season was shown in this game. Outstanding in the backfield was the work of Martin and Frasche and the splendid interference of Flickinger. T. Carberry, inserted late in the game, made several brilliant gains and showed great promise of developing into a good man. On the line, J. Carberry was again the star. The punting of Bert Allen was remarkable, averaging forty-five vards. STORY CITY A 6 to 6 tie was the final result of the game at Story City. Fumbles and over- confidence cost the Cyclones the game, as they -were able to gain consistently against the Swedes. Ames scored in the first few minutes of the game and sev- eral different times were in a position to score, when they lost the ball on fumbles. Martin circled the ends and Frasehe plunged through the line for long gains. Clarence Allan, at guard, played well in this game. JEFFERSON Ames again met defeat when the heavy Jefferson team won with a 20 to 0 score. The Jefferson team outweighed the Ames team fifteen pounds to a man. Martin played his usual good game in the bar-kfield, while Hawley and Flickin- ger played well in the line. ELDORA Ames won her game with Eldora Training School on Nov. 17, by the close score of 7 to 6. The touchdown came in the first. quarter after Roe had smashed his way to the 8-yard line. Gale Allen carried the ball off tackle for a touch- down. Allen kicked his own goal. Eldora showed up best in the third quarter, when, by a series of line smashes, they scored for six points. They failed on the try for goal. Frasche played quarter for Jameson, who was out with a broken foot.. George Thurber was in Frasehe's place at fullback, while Gale Allen was in Al Martin's shoes. The Ames linemen played their steady game, which has characterized them throughout the season. AMES 22-vBOONE 7. Ames High defeated Boone in their annual clash at. Boone by a 22 to 7 count on November 24. The field was slippery and prevented either team from show- ing a good brand of football. Several regulars were out of the lineup on account of injuries and their places had to be filled by inexperienced men. Boone got the first touchdown by steady line smashes, but Ames came back and by straight football soon scored two touchdowns. Boone's failure to catch punts lost the game for her. In the second half Boone threatened to score several times and only by the excellent. showing of the Ames backs in blocking passes were they kept from this. Boone was weak on catching punts and passes. This resulted in defeat for them. The Work of Gale Allen in the baekfield was outstanding, both on offense and defense. The two ends, John Hawley and John Carberry, played good in the line, along with Orrie Roe at tackle. A great amount of the credit for winning is due to Lyle Allen, the Ames punter. I fs we 'diff Y Y ,L . , Bt'-M155 THIQAEFXFUT Swami liEl'l'll QFIGAL MR. t'A3Il'BEllL. "Squeak " HSqueak" was one of our trainers this year. He was out every night, ready for work. During the season he doetored up everything from a sprained ankle to a bloody nose. At the end of the season, Keith was awarded a standard trainer's mono- gram. "Squeak" travelled with the second team men. Next year Queal intends to go out for football. llis experience as train- er should stand him good. MR. VANIJIGRLINDEN. H Stetson. ' ' HStetson" coached the second team boys this year. During the season his men serimmaged the first string men on an average of twice a week. He- sides this, they had time to defeat the Marshalltown seconds 12 to 0, the Boone seconds 6 to 3 and the Nevada seconds T to 0. Mr. Vanderlinden also teaches lleonomies and Geometry. ' ' 4 'oach. 1' ' Voach Vanipbell arrived in Ames a stranger. XVithin a month he had whipped into shape a squad that de- feated some of the best teams in the state. "Coach" was on the field in a foot- ball suit nearly every night, ready to give first hand knowledge of tackling, blocking, etc., to the boys. Besides this. a weekly Hehalk lee- ture" was held. At this time various plays were worked out for the benefit of the team. Yve hope to see Mr. Campbell back next year. LYMAN EELLS. 1' Heansf, t'Beans,' was our second trainer. During the season he followed the team to every game, where he helped doctor up injuries and also helped keep np the team's spirit. Hur trainers were new this year, but they soon learned their stuff and were a great help to the coach. sms THE 51211211 sew ORRIE ROE tTac-klej ' ' Duke ' l 'WVateh Roe" were the words of nearly every team we met this year, but even this did not stop Orrie from outplaying every man he 111ct. Tl1is was Orrie's third year and he showed what experience can do for a football player. HDuke" was immovable even in the smother of interference that he met and yet, with extraordinary speed could be placed in the backtield, when he was needed to smash the line. Orrie has received honorable mention for All State Teams for three years. NORMAN GRAVES Qtdenterj ' A Grubby " Captain 'tGrubby," playing his second year for Ames High, was chosen captain, and everyone will agree when We say that he was the man for tl1e position. He was light but shifty and always got the jump on his opponent. His passing from center was nearly per- fect, and he was i11 every play 011 de- fense. The team never worried about what "Grubby's,' man would do. HAROLD JAMESON QQuarterj :AI-,cclyn HPeely", with his pep and good generalship, was an outstanding quarterback. He was a heady player and could always make a few yards when they were needed. He was a 'good safety man and a sure tackler. 1-lis pep and enthusiasm kept the spirit of the team up. In the last two games, he was unable to play on account of injuries, which he received in the Jefferson game. A bone in his ankle was broken. LYLE PORTER tGuardJ 'tMoco" This was Porterfs first and last year of high school football. lle showed up well at guard and alternated with Ruggles at this position. Porter was the heaviest man on the team and, with his weight, stopped many line smashes. Porter was always able to open a. hole for our backtield men. During the latter part of the sea- son, "MocoM showed up to best ad- vantage on offense, when he literally fell on the opponents' men. ef'-Wd? THE EFXHXT Sammi JOHN CARBERRY fEndJ 'A Deacon" "Deaeonl' played an excellent game at end this season Zllld proved to be a valuable man. His ability to break up interference O11 e11d l'Lll1S was uncanny. He could catch passes equally well and on many line plays threw the oppone11ts for a loss. This is "Deaeon's', last year and he will be greatly missed next season. John received honorable ,mention for the All State Team this year. DEAN FRASCHE Clfullbackj 'tGa1-lien Dean was a hard man to stop when carrying the ball 211111 was a good man to back up the line. He was fast a11d could l'Ull interference as well as carry the ball. He always played hard, with lots of fight. Dean's playing featured i11 the l11- dianola game. VI UTOR FLICKINGER Cllalfbackj GLViC77 'tVic's" regular position was half, although he could play almost illly position on the team. His excellent work i11 running interference and 011 defense was his mainstay. He always tackled low a11d nearly always 'got his man. 'tVie" played a good game against Indianola. Vie will be out 11ext year and with his weight, plus speed, he should make either a good guard or baektield Ill 3.11. . BYRON COBY mmap KlC0ry?, Cory's work at end this Year was remarkable. His size made it pos- sible for him to break up ,many end ru11s. He was fast and was a sure taekler. He will be heard from m0l'6 next year. NVe hope Cory will keep his speed and at the same time add weight, for we 1lCClii a fast, heavy end. Sfmt! THE SFXFUT Sexes ALPHONSO MARTIN Cllalfbaekl LLAIY3 UAV' finished his fourth year on the football squad this season. ln his second year he made the All State Team and in his third and fourth made honorable mention. UAV' is an ideal football player, being able to pass, kiek or run with the ball. Ile can grab passes excellently and re- turn punts for great distanees. lle was handieapped part of the season by injuries. CLARENCE ALLAN CGuardj 'Oscar " Allan was a dependable player in the line, being able to play either guard or taekle. His consistent play- ing, along with weight and lots of fight, won him his place on the team. He always got his man, even when he was playing against some of the best men in the state. This is "Us:- earls" last year. LYLIC ALLEN QTac-klej ' ' Bert ' ' "Bert', was 0rrie's mate at. taekle this year, and he not only deserved the place, but was also able to fill it. He was powerful and aggressive, both on offense and defense, and he knew the game as well as any man on the squad. This was "Bertls" second and last year. He was ealled back from the line to do our punting and was quiek at getting them off. His punts were aeeurate and long. THOMAS CARBERRY Cllalfbaekj "Tom" ttTom" played in four games and beeause of his speed was able to make good gains. He will undoubt- edly be on next, year's team. llis playing in the lndianola game was good. Tom's speed should land him a berth as half baek. NVQ hope he will gain weight and keep his speed. 'Sf'-W e- THEEFXFXT- 1233?-4? PAUL APLIN CG uardl "Guinea H t'Guineay' is a UUUIIIOIJY and will probably play next year. lle played in the NVest High game. YVith his weight, Aplin should get a place as guard, opposite Ruggles, A little speed is all he netx year. lacks to make a taekle. "Guinea" has had lots of experi- enee as a substitute. GEORG E TH URB li R QQ uarterj ssJ0C!7 Thurber is another baekfield man who had unusual ability. "Joe's" ex- cellent open field running and end runs were helped out by his ability to pivot while running at full speed. He filled "Peely's" plaee whenever he was needed. His playing was good in the Boone game. 4 GA LIC ALLIGN Q l lalfbaekj "Gale ' ' "Hale", playing his iirsi year on the varsity, was a player of Al Mar- tin's type. Ile was good at both ear- rying the ball and at running inter- ferenee. ilis touehdown, followed by his kiek for the extra point, wo11 the lflldora game by the narrow margin of one point. llis dropkieking is ae- eurate and his kieks are gotten off quiek. JOHN 'l'lIlflil3l'1lZ Cfluardj H Goopy " 'l'hurber played in several games this year and showed up well. lle laeked the experienee to make an outstanding player, but when he got a ehanee he did his bit. This is 'l'hurber's last year in High Sehool football. veg' THE SFXFUT issue HIRAM ROE Q'l'aeklej KAHi77 HHi" will be ready to fill his brother's shoes next year, having been substituted for him several times this season. With a little more weight 4'Hi" will be a wonder. He will be heavier than Duke by next year and has almost as much speed, so we may expect a great taek- ler when Ili goes out next year. DNVIGHT CLARK Kfenterj HDon Carlosw Clark, like Graves, is light, shifty and consistent. He filled Graves' place against Boone and played a good game. Clark plays an excellent game at center. He almost always gets his man on otfense and on defense is just as good. SELDON CAREY tTackleD cat-wareyar Hffarcyn only got into one game, but was ready on the sidelines if he should be needed. He is a fast man and has got the fight, so that next year he ought to make a berth for himself on the first team. JOHN HAVVLEY CEndJ John came out this season With practically no experience and made the team. He had the ability and was willing to learn. These are two things that every football player must have. Hawley is the kind of fellow who believes in the saying, Ulf anything is worth doing, it is worth doing well." He was fast to get down under punts and was good at catch- ing passes. www? THE SFXRIT dimmer HARRY B4 JXVMAN tlindj "Harry " Harry was a dependable end, hut as we had a large supply of ends this season he got into only two or three games. He was a good offensive end. and was another one of those fellows that should have gone out for football sooner in their high sehool eareers. This is Harryls last year in A. H. S. ARTHUR RUGGLIGS Qtluardj li-AA .rt 73 Ruggles was only a sophomore this year and had had very little experi- enee, but this did not hinder hini from making the team. Opposing teams found that they eould not gain through hixni and they never tried again after being thrown for a loss on several plays, "Art" played his hest in the West lligh game. DANA HOXVICIAIA Cl"ullhaekj "lJana'l Dana was a good line plunger and passer. but beeause of inexperiena-e eould not niake the reguiar teain. He played in all the Boone game. lle will he hack next year to give his support to old A. ll. S. and with his speed and ahility to start quiek he ought to niake a good man in the haektield. JESSE COLIC Cllaltimaekl "Jess" Jesse was another haf-kfield man who made the first string nien step to hold their plaees. lle was good at running interferenee. Next year Jesse will he haek on the team and with a little more weight he should develop into a good end or Imaekfield man. ww 'mls Sljllflll' Q-lag Martin, G. Allen, '1'llUl'lP0l', Cory, Steele, lflaek, Hawley, l'01H'll l'tl1HDlOC'll, llnggglvs, l'1ll'berl'y, C. Allan, ll, Allen, Roe, Daubert, Neal, Martin. 'Il HE B A S li lil TB ALL RE V I IC W The 1923-24 basketball season was. as you must already know. a marked sue- eess. The team. although handicapped ill the lltlglllllllllg' of the season by tl basket shooting jinx, showed that they had the loyal Ames lliggh spirit when they ealne baek ill the latter part ol' the year with live straight yietories. llO2lt'll Campbell introduced an entirely llew system of play in the long' pass, WlllI'll, after being' perfeeted, was used to great 2lKlV2llllllQl'. YVith this the loeals used the tive man defense, ill wllieh tlrrie Roe and Gale Allen iignred largely. llaubert, along witll Flack and Lyle Allen, led the attaek. So great was the enthusiasm over basketball that over eighty men reported for basketball the first day. From this number the eoaeh picked a tirst and a seeond team. These squads praetived at lligllt and the l'0Il1tlllllllQ1 eandidates in the afternoon. AMES 4YNl9lVADA 18. The Cj't'lOll0S, playing' their first game, lost to Nevada on the home floor by an I8 to 4 C0lll1l. The Ames players had not found their eye for the basket. while Nevada had played foul' games and had learned to work well together. MARSI I Allll'l'tJNVN 29-AM ICS 19. Although ilnproving greatly sinee the first QillllO, Ames High was unable to Wlll from the 3l?lI'Sllt1lllOXVll quintet 011 their opponents' floor. .l. t'arl1erry was high scorer. Wllllt? ti. Allen and 0. Roe played a good defensive Qllllltl. vw THE SPIRIT diaries TOLEDO 18-AMES 15 In one of the fastest and evenest games ever staged on the Toledo floor, Ames High met defeat at the hands of Toledo High. Carberry was again high scorer. MISSOURI VALLEY 2-I-AMES 8. Due to the basket shooting jinx which has handicapped the locals since the beginning of the season, Ames High met defeat before the fast Missouri Valley five. The whole Ames team played consistently and fought hard in this game. GRINNELL 16-AMES 11. Ames High lost their fifth game to Grinnell on the Grinnell floor, 16 to 11. Ames, as in preceding games, showed excellent teamwork, but were handi- capped at the basket. Al Martin showed some excellent dribbling in this game. BOONE 30-AMES 6. Playing without two of the strongest men on the squad, Ames High again met defeat at Boone by a 30 to 6 score. O. Roe and L. Allen played well in this game. AMES 18-GRI NNELL 12. 1Vith the breaks of the game in their favor, Ames High won their first cage game of this season by defeating Grinnell on the home fioor, 18 to 12. Close guarding, along with the sensational work of Daubert and Miartin on offense, featured for Ames. Daubert led the scoring with 11 points. Amis 22-sronv CITY 8. The Vyclones grabbed an easy victory from Story City on the home floor by a 22 to 8 score. Story City was held to one point in the second half. The of- fensive playing of Daubert and Flack featured in this game. AMES 27-XVEBSTER CITY 11. On February 8, Ames High continued the comeback that they had been stag- ing for several weeks when they won a 27 to 11 game from Webster' City. Ames entirely outclassed their opponents both on offense and defense. The Ames free throw work was greatly improved in this game. AMES 27-GILBERT 16. The local cagers at last proved that they had rounded into form when they de- feated the fast Gilbert team, 27 to 16, February 9, on the Gilbert floor. O. Askel- son, the star basket shooter for Gilbert, was held to one Held goal by the stellar guarding of Gale Allen. Daubert scored seven field goals. AMES 9-BOONE 7. In one of the hardest fought games ever played on the Ames High floor, the Cyclones won over Boone High, 9 to 7. The result of this game was in doubt until the last minute of play. Flack at center was probably the outstanding player for Ames, although the whole team played well. Flack not only out- played his man on the floor, but he got an even break at the jumping position. AMES 15-STORYCITY 13. Ames High added another victory to their list, when they defeated Story City, 15 to 13. on February 22 at Story City. Throughout the first half the Ames High five were the aggressors, but in the second half they seemed to go to pieces on offensive work. V55 THE SFXFUT Saas AME S 12-GILBERT 15. After playing rings around Gilbert in both basket work and floor work, the luck of the locals changed and they were unable to score more than three points to Gilbertfs eight in the final period. It was on long shots that the visitors finally Won in the last period, with a score of 15 to 12. AMES 10-MARSHALLTOVVN 14. VVith two lucky shots in an extra period, Marshalltown defeated Ames High, 1-1 to 10, on the home floor. The game was tied at the end of the game, 10 to 10, but in the extra period Marshalltown was lucky and scored four points. BASKETBALL PERSONNEL ORRIE ROE CtOrriel'D Captain-Guard Orrie was elected honorary captain of the team at the end of the season and everyone will agree that he has the man for the place. He had the "never give upn spirit and was steady and consistent in his playing. This is Orrie's last year in Ames High and he is leaving with an ath- letic record to be proud of. LYLE ALLEN fHBert'lj Forward Bert started at guard this year, but after playing several games at this position he was shifted to forward. He played a strong game this season and although he was unlucky at the ring his floorwork was excellent. 'tBert" will be missed greatly next year. ALPHONSO MARTIN CHAll'j Forward "Al's', excellent dribbling and floorwork won him a well deserved place on the team this year. He was handicapped by injuries during part of the season. HAP' showed up well in the Grinnell and Toledo games. VVe surely wish he would be back 11ext year. CLARENCE DAUBERT "1Ioney', Forward 'tHoney,' did not become eligible until the second semester, but when he did he sure tore things up. He was a fast player and one who caused his opponents much worry. He had a knack of slipping through the op- ponent's defense and scoring short shots. He will be ineligible next year on account of the eight. semester rul- ing, which goes into effect in Septem- ber. ' LEON FLACK f Center Flack is another man who did not become eligible until the second se- mester. He was good in floor work and was accurate on both long and short shots. His jumping at center was also good. He played a. big part in our victory over Boone. We are expecting big things from him next year. GALE ALLEN Guard Gale was one of the strongest play- ers on the team this year. He played an excellent defensive game and on offense he also gave a good account of himself. He played best in the Gil- bert game, when he held their star forward to one short shot. He will be a valuable man next year. HONORABLE MENTION. Other men who were good players but did not win their letters were Cory, J. Carberry, G. Thurber, Haw- ley, Steele, NV. Martin and C. Allan. Of these, Cory and VV. Martin will be back to strengthen next year 's team. vw THE SPIRIT Sass TRACK. At the beginning of the track season it looked as though Ames would not be in the running this year because tlory, weight man, a11d Macy, 440 and 880 runner, were the only last year's letter men that were back. However, fifty-nine men responded to the call for tracksters and through their hard work and the much needed help from t'oach Vampbell a track team was organized. As in former years. an inter-class track meet was put on. It was well sup- ported and all the events were run off in fine style. This meet gave the coach a good idea of what material he had and what they could do. On May 5, Ames had a dual meet with Marshalltown at Marshalltown, in which we did not do so bad when we consider it was the first competition in a real track meet for most of the fellows. On May 17, Ames entered the Iowa State tfollege invitation meet. Our 1924 track sason cannot be called a huge success and still it was not so bad considering the the lack of experienced material. Next year Ames will have a more experienced track team and ought to show up well. TENNIS. Following the usual custom. Ames High staged a tennis tournament this year. Heretofore singles were all that were put on, but this year we also had a doubles tornament. Another change in this year 's tennis policy that was greatly appreciated was the abolishing of the entrance fee. Twenty-eight of the best players in school entered the tournament. The school presented a gold medal to the winner of the singles tournament and silver medals to the winners in the doubles. From those that entered the tournament, a team was picked which represented Ames at Marshalltown on May 5. Two single matches and a double match were played. On May 17 the same team ente1'ed the singles and doubles at the Iowa State College tournament. They also entered the slate meet at Iowa Pity. This is the first year that Ames has had a tennis team and has given letters for tennls. Many good tennis players will be in school next year, so it is hoped that Ames High will have a strong tennis team. SPRING F1 JUTBALL. This year, for the first time, Ames High had spring football practice. The workouts were light, consisting mostly of passing, kicking and learning the fun- damentals of the game. There were several scrimmages between the team which will probably represent Ames next year and this year's team. Judging from these scrimmages, it looks as though Ames High will have a real team next year. The letter men who will be back to form the nucleus for the Little Cyclones of 192-L are: Flickinger, Jameson, G. Allen, Ruggles, Cory. Other men who ought to show up good are Clark, T. Carberry, H. Roe, Aplin, Howell, Carey, Cole. Graves and Erickson. 4 v21B5 " E ECFXRIT -AQSEQ Miss Iizuvis, Allen, Illi'llI!l'liSU!l, Long, Mclluwi-ll, Lzxwh-r. l,:l1'g's-nt, liollcnberg, L'zu'ter. lmvis, l.:lrsou. GIRLS' l2ASKl4l'l'HALL. The Senior girls wzvllcefl off with the girls' lmsketbnll tournznnent on l"t'lll'l1ill'Y Zli, 27 unil 28. Tliey l'2lSll.V flefeziteil tlu- Freslnnen :intl Sophoinores in the pre- liininnry rounds. 'l'lu- linnl ginne with the Juniors was at no time in doubt zilvoui' tlie outr-oine. The finnl score wus 18 to 6. The Seniors outelnsseml the lower 1-lzisses in teziniworli nnil bzisiiel shooting. The seores for tlle whole turna- inent. were ns follows: Juniors Tltlg Freslnnen 3. Seniors IT: Soplioinores 0. Juniors 233 Soplionxores 0. Seniors 335: Freslnnen 3. Seniors 183 Juniors ti. l':1pt. liellei1lJerg"s worli wus eolnnienilzilmle on defense, while hong and Allen workeil well nt torwnrel. linrson :intl Davis nlso did 0i'iill'lGlli work for the Sen- iors. The teznn. us an whole. wus niuc-li nliove any of the lower elzlss teams. llurinq nsseinlzly. :lt ai lnter flute, tln' Seniors were nwzzrcleml their nunieruls. W i , my UWBUWENQ ZZEUQHM bggm WWBMVOL 93302 ESOOZA owning QSEEE Emma ECU Magid 550m 2 LEMCOMWWME HEC:-Bk? 25,55 GENE ASEE: wo SEQ BORN EEZ 5 E EW-Cmgdm :wnaocm P05062 M276 'HSCOUOBQ USE Eigm WWUCOBSQ :az WVOEHCQ-ay? ram ,ZVBEUOW W-ucmwgg .LE wt? 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NEW A-QQFS REQ -Nam bg' SEEK N24 :WQNAHYH ztrh :LQZBHW H -an :QE :ow :3O:0h wig? amz Am he IMEY-COA E-H :hung Uwwam NEED: w-'COO M300 2: :Ek :wks :EWU N ww: gcc-1:1 zoosmm wang 202 .How wh-QU :cw :PA tr Lawson: H :Bam he ucow Q HOU QP! :Asa-:W we Ewgm mga L-on Nmgmm mixmpnm a-Hmmm :OSMOWUCOA Um OH wcdwg um wick, so-Hz H: rw BSWJ E50 :H ,swam E umm Mo tm Q-:WA N -M9559 :MUEUEHH Argo--Gm UOOU 2:05 5 mkwm Lok --Wmam wgm Nnnnm :ggi N335 :WBWOL Q2 ,warm H-:QQ :DEREK 5 :airs P-swam 4 QADIEOZ C305 O-:MA 5 :H :USM-QEMQ Eohm 7:0 1 :gg Zugam Iwieoz pagan :DOH CASE AN pm'-:Mm 0-HE' i EWEEMCSSF Scam'-E xgwgpg WWETEVH SHED? UCEJ comsxzzpr wwlhomwc 9:55 WM-TASAH Ox-F5 255,55 'Stan EN? 53.52 32,539 EAS' P21355 25005 comgoga OUA COMQEOHEK NEELOQ LOENYH :Emi mggm HEC-:Sm w-Ummm :OE-UP, vagm EE? r-:Em K?-HOQHOQ Lgim 81523: 320.50m gg-Oggm gm 250 COQESEM ggdwm zwggm 26,50 :SF-mm COEMWP xgdpmm E55 wotm EAEEQE QF-MZ vast? 'THE SPXRIT defame HIGH SCHOOL CALENDAR. Forralled us for our first heat ....... Hi Y. and G. R. stage big mix-up ........ Big swimming meet on West Hi field .... Spirit Staff started functioning ......... . . . . . . . . . Were naughty to Nevada on State field ................... ....Sept. 17 ....Sept. 22 29 ....Sept. 31 ....Sept. ...On-t. 6 The football team drove over to Marshalltown-for the ride... . . .Oet. 13 Won 0-0 deeision over VVebster t'ity ...................... "t'ow-puneliers" and Mr. Stevenson journeyed to Zearing. . Preps hold first annual baby show in gym ................ Played ring around the rosy with Indianola .............. Seniors held a barn party in the gym .......... Sophomores went for a walk in the woods ........ Teachers received some edueating at Des Moines .... Beat Story City 6-6 ......................... Surprised the natives with big "pep' meeting. . . . They raise good football teams at J efferson ..... Got our pretty new musie box ............ Team walked on Eldera ........................ Demolished Boone ............................... Only one day 's relief, but we're thankful for that Look for the stubborn people for Debate team ....... Juniors make their bow in "Just Like Judy" ........... . . Senior boys eapture inter-elass ehampionship ............ Nevada an 8-1 Begin prosperous basketball season by giving Spend a week listening for Santa f'laus .................. Got homesick and eame baek .............. Marshalltown plays mean basketball ...... Missouri Valley isn't very niee about giving up, either... Grinnell is selfish, too ............................. Teaehers find out how inueh we don 't know NVe beeome our own boss ................. Boone gets smart and we eome home ....... Got real peeved and beat Grinnell Our vietim was Story f'ity .............. . "Kow Klassesy' stage "Kew Karnivall' ....... ., Free eoneert for sehool ehildren at College Gym .... Viebster City treated us very nieely ...... Gilbert wasn't. even polite, so we lieked 'em . Newton eertainly has a gift of gab ............. Deelamatory team wins the eaetus powder puff ..... Showed Story City how to play elassie basketball. . . Gilbert eame en masse and got what she eame for .... Senior girls play keen basketball ............... Marshalltown got lueky ................. First vaeation for thrift .................. World's Fair has nothing on H. S. t'arnival . . Seniors run gauntlet for Senior play ......... Spring houseeleaning ........................ Resolved that Debating is rather a ueei . . . . .Oet. lead ...... Der-. . . . . . . . . . .Mareh 20 2 6 .. ...Oet. - . . .Oc-t. . . .Oet. 26 27 . . .Oet. 27 A .... Oet. 31 ...Nov. ....Nov. 2 ....Nov. 9 1-2 ....Nov. 10 ....Nov. 12 ....Nov. 17 ....Nov. 2-L ....Nov. 29 ....Dee. fi ....Dee. 7 ...........Dee.1-1 21 22 ....Jan. 2 ....Jan. 11 ....Jan.18 ....Jan. 19 . . .J2ll1. 21-22 22 25 26 ....Feb. 1 ....F'eb. 2 ....Jan. ....Jan. ....Jan. ....Feb. S ....Feb. 8 ....Feb. 9 14 20 22 ....Feb. 23 ..Feb. 27 . . . .Mareh 1 19 21 ....Feb. ....Feb. ....Feb. . . . .Marc-h . . . . . . . . .Mareh 25-26 .Marc-h 31 -April 5 , v 1 q ' game ...................... April 10 Glee Clubs exerelse their lungs for the benefit of the publie. . . . . .April 19 was THE fzexaxr gsm Seniors come out in 'iGreen Stockings". .. ...May 23-24 Seniors meet their Waterloo ...,.............. .. .May 27-28 Juniors get generous and feed the Seniors ........ .... lt lay 31 Seniors harken diligently to the words of the wise. . . ..... June 1 llnder-classinen display their ignorance ......... ...June 3-4-5 Seniors receive the fruit of four years' labor .. ..... June 6 Tin-i END SCHOOL DICTIONARY. ABSENCE-heavenly relief from one days' work. ASSEMBLYkusually a. place to make up for last night is loss of sleep. AUDITORIUM-a place to meet. your date. BLUFF-an attempt to make the teacher believe you have studied your lesson and that you know everything. lt will usually succeed in getting you a 'grade of not less than zero. CASE-mumps of the heart. CLASSROOM-a room consisting of four walls, a ceiling, a floor, desks and a teacher, wherein silence is supposed to reign, and wherein knowledge is supposed to be absorbed by the students. COLD-a term applied to a girl who, instead of Hfalling for a boy" at first sight. tries to find out how far he will follow her without any encourage- ment. VORRIDOR-a place where couples stroll. VONDITION-the result of the indecision of a teacher as to whether she has any affection for you or not. t'UT-absence without an excuse. EASY-something that. a teacher never is. FLUNK-the height of a teacher 's affection for you. tShe wishes to have you another year.J HARD-that which a teacher always is. JUNlORMa student who is more interested in dates than in studies. LOUKEYR-a place where it is sometimes more convenient to meet people than the auditorium, and wherein books and wraps are kept- as a sideline. LOVE-an ecstatic sensation which renders the unfortunate victim absolutely destitute of common sense and good judgment. NUT-applies to most any one in Ames High School. lt is a creature with two legs, two arms and vacuum placed perpendicularly midway between the t.wo shoulders. PASS tnounj-a slip which enables the bearer to go to any part of the build- ing tif he is clever, wherever he wishes to goj, sometimes, even to our most honorable Mr. NVygant. PASS tverbj-that which we all hope to do some day. SUANDAL-SHlflET-that which we like to put others' names in, but what we want. to keep our own out of. SENIOR-one who fails in his attempt to act. and look dignified. SOPHOMORIC-a cross between a hyena and a grasshopper. STUDENT-a poor creature who is generally over-worked by a teacher. STUDY-HALL-a place where you are supposed to study, but where you usu- ally visit, write letters or read jokes. TEAVHER-a personagc whose chief delight is to kill off as many students as possible, by working' them to death. but who is so different outside of school that you would be scandalized if you knew all I do about them. i wwf? 'THE SPIRIT diese ra ra o n o n rw juliUi"1Ui'1i"'i"-f"l" gvlnlf'1"ini010101-vioioloioz,:, Il N ll u l ll GIFT5 THAT Q "MEMORIES" ll , ll li LAST l 5 F d e u rame Pictures Q u u E f Preserve Them ll Make the Best Graclualion Presents A R T U Q U Pictures and Frames E H Evenjtliing in Jewelnj at E ai U n l Q U Duckworth Art II . II , Q C. W. DUDGEON C u Q Shop U II Jeweler Q II U H H 128 MAiN STREET Q Ames, Iowa S Pictures Beautify the Home E T. 2 U 2 50"l4'T-Uinf-1'2'Diva-Hiviola1011120in:,niu1.:iniu-ininfgrig-Luiniuini 1 21 .5 Q PICTURES TELL THE STORY ll 0 " -..Q , , ll N, fl P Fake "Snapshots" of your H H pals now. for your memory book. Memories of school life U .e ,s v will be precious in years to U U gift . : 'mfglo' come---and pictures will tell ll ly '-H ,W c: x n H 53 -z, This ir ff- tht Story best' ll H "Spezdex" :Y xe fg Q A S Ask us for "Ansco Speedex FllmSH---ll f:llS the light. E l ll li !! H Reynolds 6 Iversen ll ll Ames News Stand H ll 3 .-...iii1-1--.11--11-11-1111 K U ., ,...g. SWS THE SFIFIIT Seam A Few Epifaphs. Hllere lies the body of James BI. Lake CTread softly as you passj, He thought his foot was on the brake. But it. was on the gasfl "Lies slumbering here, one James A. Searle, Ile drove with his arm around a girl. " "Here lies the body of Norman Grave, He died maintaining his right of way. He was right, dead right, as he sped along, But he's just as dead as though he were wrong." "Here lies the body of NVillie Ilainesg Muddy roads: no ehainsf' 'lk its 'lk Jerome: "What would you say if I were to throw a kiss at you?" Madaline: t'I'd say you were the laziest man I ever met." il' if fl? D. Clark: "I fell last night antl struek my head on the pianofl B. Vllilliamsz 'tllurt yoursell"?' D. Clark: UNO: luekily l hit the soft pedalf' ik 'lk 'IF Pinky: HNo, quaek-grass is not duek feed. I I -- --------------1 ----r-I--o-n---u-n v 4- .....---..,,- 5011- -1 - - - - - -.- - ..,:, g ll E SER woe.-. QUALITY .I H . It 0 I l up 5 Q Phone 47 ll D E U 5 U Q U Q AMES 3 Il Q Q LA UNDR Y g ll 5 H U l l II G " We Use Sfjt Wafer U Only" I 2 0 glll-gillllgq 54 1-1.....---.--1-.7103 Miss Evans: "VVhat does woe mean?" Uharlotte lloonz H Ilhat is what you say when you want to stop horses." Pl? 36 16 Y "Is your father home, litle boy?" "No, he ain't been home sinee maw eaught Santa Vlaus kissinl the eookfl fl? 'Ks its It is not eonsidered good table man- ners to blow on your eoffee to eool it. You had better pour it in your saueer. M., .g.,..,-0.-.,.-f.-f.-.- - -Q.. ... - .. .. .. - - -.- - - f... - Brunswick Phonographs and Records Adam Schaaf Starr ,lessie French Pianos I ' R. S. Player Rolls E Sheet Music i Musical Merchandise ENESS MUSIC HOUSE 5 EVERYTHING MUSICAL i Radio Is a Specialty With Us g iu1u1.z1111111----- -.2 1- :.,:.,:.,:..:.,:u:..:u:.l:t,:s:..j. in ew-at 'THE SPIRIT 12-ww znzuzezuznzczoznzcz .1 :nz ,E BRANNBERG Sz HUBBART Q 5 Footwear Q COURTESY .:. SERVICE Lynch 8: Ash Building l 317 MAIN STREET Q 2 : :..:.,:.,:.,:..:..:.,:..: :,--.:. 111111111111 4.q.1n1n1n1n1n1n1n1n1n1 1.1 1.1, 2 ! HERBERT SPENCER SAYS: s There in a principle which is a bar against S all information, which is proof against all ' argument and which cannot fail to keep 0 man in everlasting ignorance. ' That principle is coademnalion before Q investigation. ' You should know why Chiropractic i brings HE.-XL'lH when other methods , have failed. ' DRS. LYON 8: CRAVEN NVE XVONDER NVherc HPeelc" acquired his vocal training. Vtlhore Paul Edwards got his brains. XVhere Mildred Davis gets all her questions. Xvhcre Cleo Duckworth gets his Al- gebra. XVhere Isabel Little and Dorothy Al- len get their Hvampishll ways. Vvhat makes Marjory Long so busi- ness-like. NVho the A. Il. S. llcartbreaker is Qinquirc room 1015. Why Miss Mctforkindale is so fond of the Literary Digest. Where Dwight l'lark gets all the "Star-omb" for his hair. YVhere Mr. VVygant gets all his an- nounccments. Vllhere Miss Mc-Kay gets all her chew- ing gum. NVhy the girls like Gale Allen's locker. YVho can make Ted Macy smile. What makes Mr. Vandcrlindcn so absent-minded. lVhy the High School boys Hnd Room 4 so attractive. VVhy Donald Dunlap seems to be absent-minded nowadays fund does t'Dimples" have anything to do with itj. XVho the boobs are who wrote this bunk. Who concoets all the successful peti- tions to our new Student Council 1? ,lk Blk Miss Davis: dumbbells to get color on their cheeks." Helen N.: "Yes, a11d a lot of girls use color on their cheeks to get dumb- bcls." "Lots of girls use 'lk 13 'KK D Miss St. l'lai'r: t" Why, class, this is the worst recitation llve heard in a long ilIIlCQ live had to do most of it myself. ' l '1-: 1-uioioir:-nlazn--r::5-61.-. HARRY F. BROWN 0101 Northwestern Mutual ! Life Ins. ! VSGQ 5 PHONE 340 i .. - - I ---1------11:10, In-o-o-c-c-o-r-n-o-c-u- 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I" E 5 ar' ro 9 F5 FV- FP rn E' 9 rl.- D.. na 65 T' o 8 5-Ei-I ibm UD T' o rc 01 ein: r Wl.'1itl1'ld1l,S and Foss' Chocolates 1 1 1 1 11111110101 1 1 1.1 V Q1 7 ef A WLTl'VI5 5471117 ,L Sew .g.,:.,:t,: :U-0: : ,:.,:f,:0:..:., I o II 3 Our Eye SGYVICQ H Careful Examinations ll Correct Classes U Dr. F. E. Robinson U Exclusive Optometrist U AMES, IOWA Il U U AT U GRADUATION TIME U The appropriate gift can be found U here. In fact gifts for all occasions. II ., ,, , Q Codard's Cift Shop U 210 Main St. Ames. lOWil U 3 Service and Atmosphere 5 with Quality Foods E Add to the Q Pleasure of Eating at Q the II II H oRANFoRD l Correa ll l - H sHoP i . 5 Private Rooms for i Banquets li H PICNIC Luncues i G Phone 1S45W - 2408 Lincoln Way o 5' iuiuiuiiriivl-nmiuiiri iuzoio .g.,:.,:.,:r,:..:.,E.,: ...:.,:.:..-.1--fr.-... CALL 43 rfoiz Quality, Service and Price Nelson Electric Company 1 1-101411-oiuiuiui 1- 11: , qw:-f2.,:.,i.,::.,E,..:..:.,:-0: .,- .1 :-., SE-MA CREAM lieaulifies the Complexion, keeps the skin soft and white, removes lrlackheads, freckles, sunburn and pim- ples. Cagwin's Drug Store . vp -.,:U:v:U20202020-:uri-:UZO , 05111 1n1u1o1o1u1u1n1n1 11 ..-1111-111i11 MELBURG BAKE SHOP FANCY CAKES AND PASTRIES A SPECIALTY 136 MAIN STREET Phone 178 2510 LINCOLN WAY Phone 187 1 1 1 10111141101 1 1 11 .'.-.--- ..- --- 3 , 1.11 1 .- -in -- -- 1 1 -.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1-arumvepuinans 11111so11r1m'4 bf'-11551 THE EFIFUT ffism-iQ '1":fiIoznzcznznznzfzczizfzcz4- Said Atom 1'lllf0 Molly fll1lC, ' , I "NVill you unite with mo?" Browns Hand Laundry I And Molly Vulv did quick 1'Qto1't. i 'ATllCl'0,S 110 z1ffi11ity." ! t'l 1111i f l"0.'.'i 1 . 1121- i . . C ng, -1- is Hi' ml L i l3011ez1th thc Cl0Ctl'lI' light plant B p.111111g ' -N i shade, , Poor Atom liopocl hell 1110t01'. 2-L26 I,iu1-11111 Way ! But she Qlopoml with z1V1':1sc'11l base , Phoug 1330 I Allll hor 11111110 is 11ow Sziltpotro. A - - - - - - -A - - U -n - Seen i11 0110 of our soda li0HllfHll1S 5 - -' - - - " - - -" -'-'i' tlow11tow11: llot Drinks ! I Hot i'l1oColatv l1'01l T021 1:1:1::1:11c1.:1a1a1:1c1fr1o1::1:x11:1o1o:1::1a4E, 600110101 n A II : il ll 2 ji I' " 5? ll ll 3 ,E Eg 'U 11 ll' : E5 11 H E I I E' 3, 3 il U H " E Q- QE, -U Q ii 11 QQ U "1 7' Q 11 I W O 3 FE' E "l 1 H G i 0:0 1o1u:o1u1o1u G U. I W I H 5 D9 U ' cn P7 C F' -1 W 4 1: E P-4 11 -3: pg ,..- S 3 :U SL S- Z H 2. I11 '4 O '-' ' Pr- "" 9, il 1 Ei 5, D' E 9 gd 'U H 'D U P1 " V "2 II A .E 5 3 CD Z 11 sijif 1 ' ll EEE? 1 ll 3, 34' 11 5 225 1 2 9-E wwf? THE SFXRIT diana 6 157i0-in-Uilf-i'T -T0-'1 -' 1T1T1T11T1TT1TT "1 T THE UNION NATIONAL BANK and UNION TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK C ll 3 Ames., Iowa Q C ll g S. A. Knapp, President Q Geo. Judisch, Chairman of Board Q Q Geo. ludisch, Vice-President Q Q A. J. Martin, Cashier Q Q M. C. Fowler, Assistant Cashier Q Q II ll Q LARGEST BANK IN AMES AND STORY COUNTY l r Q Checking Accounts Solicited. Start a Checking Q Account Today U It ..s.:.: I I :..:..:..:..:.s.,:..:.,:, - is ..s. ,al goin: 1 11:1-111014 10101011 111111:-oi11:ui1:11111-ifwinirnioicirri ,i 1121? W H AMESONIS H O O U U l Q Home of Hart-Schatlner Sr Marx Q l ll I Q We handle no seconds, no imperfects, no sub standards, Q Q or job lot merchandise of any kind. Q If at any time you are not satisfied with anything pur- U chased at jameson's, regardless of when you bought lit, or Q Q what you paid tor it, we will make it right. Q I Q II Q You--BE--THE--JUDGE Q II ll Q ' U Q W. H. .IAMESON . Q 2 8 1' 'I-I" Weir I 5' '-ig' I AZ .v v A t '85 'IQ AMES HIGH PERSONALS TIIAT 'PII1'-D:'2:":":":c: 1 I-:CIC-1 Q'- AIN'T. 5 V ' Q! 'I ll Miss Melforkindale stays in town U . every week end. H H Dean Frasehe and Dorothy Thomp- II e son quarreled the other day and D BUY MATERIALS aren't on speaking terms yet. 5 HERE Ted Macy broke all his rules of eti- Q quette tlIe other day by bursting into Q jg uncontrollable roars of laughter in . . 0 Algebra class. Q This IS the time of year ii Something terrible must have hap- H when ygu Should put your U pened because Martha Sloss never house in Order. smiles any more. Mrs. Young established a 11ew rule U ll this year, which is as follows: You U may bring all the gum to typewriting H L M unn c-lass you wish, providing: you stick ll ' ' it under the typewriter or behind , your ear during recitation period. Lufnber CO. Mrs. E. Miller chewed gum so hard Q H in history elass the other day she eouldn't answer a question which one PHONE NO. 2 of the Sophomores had asked her. H 2 Mr. W'ygant politely walked up to '52 : :JIQL-0: :.,:..:.,: :-:::..g. in, 1ocp1.1n-.o1n...c1o1n.v in.. , .4 1 I ,y "BE sAFE I II .. E NOT SORRY" ' ii RELIABLE INSURANCE Q ii ALL LINES I' n H . . . i ii Auto Liability and Prop- H ii erty Damage, Fire, Light- E ning, Tornado, Work- H H men's Compensation i H E H ' II E. H- Graves II ji PHONE 295 li 3 if ------1--..--1,110.0 George Thurber the other morning and told hinI to take his hat off in the school building. The funny part of it was that Mr. VVygant had his own hat on. On the last day of sehool the Stu- dent, Council will favor you with the selection, "The Flatter the Plate the Fewer the Soup." HDad" Fisher walked up on the platform in assembly last Friday and sang a song entitled, "I Got a Cross- eyed Mama, But She Looks Straight to Mef' Sie 'lif SKK Dorothy Smith: 'llow do you like my new dress?" Geo. Sherwood: Hltis ripping!" Dorothy Smith: "Heavens, call a taxi." 9? ii Bob NVilliams Cin the postoffieelz "What is that bad smell?" Ernest McFarland: "Uh, that 's a dead letterfi r2'f'f-112? THE SFIFQIT 1251? Said tho 1'h11111'f11l. 0111 110111' 111 1110 zoo: ':"::':":":":":":": :":": "I never have 111110 to 111111 1l1llCQ ! If it boros 11111, you know, ! 'I'o w111k '111 Zllld fro, ! I 1'C'YC1'S0 if, 111111 walk fro 111111 to." ' lu' 11 11 C 110017 HATS ! GOOD I'RIf,'l+1S "My best fI'lOl1d Il121I'l'1CL1 IIIY girl. 1 -M Xvllilt shall 1 give 11111111 for il w111l11i11g ! P1'0SC11t?H 1 111111 Us A Tm' "A 1111t ir1111 111111 il 11l1ZC1l rolling I Ill11S.H 'S'-111 1 1 1 1 1-1111 1 -D P114 411 21? .g.1..1,-1,- 1.--1.14-.1-1,-.1-1,-1,-0 THE A1 'Cl DENT. To get 1111 1111111 for the Spirit. First of 0ours11 you 11111 To l11'111' 11. A1111 11101151111 uso your 1-111111-11st IY1ll'l1f4. IQVOIIOIIIIS, 1111j01'1ivcs 111111 v111'11s. 'I1l1011 after 1111111y hours of 1111112 You 111111 you 111111111 1111- 111111111- 1111112 rhyme. 111111 what 21 joy runs up your t111'o111 To 111111 you 1111y1' 1101-1111111 il 111101. VON111111 S'1'Ex'1:1vs11N '27 -5- - 1 1 - - 1331 A121111 St. i 1: 3 Bosworth Drug Co. CInc1 ! 4'ill'1',Y 21 1'ull 11110 of drugs 1 ! 111'lIQ'1S1'S s11p111i11s 111111 1111111 Sl701'12ll1X of 1'I11s11111111 Iifll 1 111111 111111T11g1'11p11 s1111p1iQs 1 S111'1'w111-NYi11i11111s Paints 1 hri11'111S1I1'h 111111 SI11'2lV1l11.f II 1 . - i l'12l1S. 11,111 Q 1111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 0:0111 1 - 1 1 11 1.1 1 'QTHE F IRM u 11 JACOBS-vAL13NT1NE 1311. 1 U 11 1 THE BEST QUALITY AT THE LOWEST PRICES 11 o P,4-------------'-1-1:11------1 --- 111111111--1-1 1.-1,11u1u31111111- ,L BHK 0 Q3 IO Q klx Pill ,f ox' 1, A :,.:".k'. f,- L iii Off? ? -I 1. .4 D na .- 'J 11 5121252 THE SFXHIT Q-saw o.o:111-11:-11:-111:1x1-1110:1111-11:211111:U-11,111:.1111111,111:w:1u.-:a:1rinin1-n1-1u1-n I 1: e c u 1: e -1 1: u 1: 11 1: u c L: o 1: 1: ll U :Oo ozo v 2 u u 1: u u Lv 1: 1: 1: 1: 11 1, 1: 1x 4: 1: 1: 11 3 DELICIOUS ICE CREAM AND SHERBETS COME FROM O'NEIL'S DAIRY We have been delivering the goods here for seven years. It is our ambition to make our name stand for the best in Ice Cream. We have a stock of bricks and Sherbets on hand at all times. CALL 62 FOR DETAILED INFORMATION O'Neil Dairy Company 1 1u1u1u11r1o1u1u1u1u1n141101 11111 1 111 1:1 1 1 1 1 1. uade Studio Students' Headquarters for High-Grade Photography at Reasonable Prices C. R. Quade ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHER Established 24 Years 417 MAIN STREET : : : PHONE 28 1:1::ui1:.:1:11:1-41211111111:-..-1:.--igrn: ....-1.-.r, erm as .T. 51: ,-m-11:11-1-1111111-11:-11: o 0.1 U l U ! U U U U U U u :I : ll . Il 0 ll l 5 II i - - - - - - - - - - - - - -1l-1-.-.,--1,-,-1,-.-1,-.,-.,-t,- -5-,,:, Q fi !I 5 l U l U U ll ll ll U l ll U ll U ll 3 : ..g. 2v-1-- 1 - - 1 - - - -1:-1- - -11-1:-111 - -fm-n-1111: - Z ,tying ,o, . vw? THE SPIRIT diese -11111111 1111 000: 1. 1n1c1o1o1n1n..u1n--n1o1n1 ! g 1UsT RECEIVED Some New A. II. S. Rings They Are Very Niffty DR. R. R. WILLIAMS Osteopath PHONE G98 9 io Q24 Office in l. O. O. F. Bldg. 01,3 0:41101-11 U il Q ll In ll 3 I ' F II U 2 - . Q U - U ? ' " 4 Il U fs f-1 Q u Y 'i U A 2 - U H Q H II :s , Q II U F ' I H ...U...,...,..0..,......,-.-.g. :info c c e e e: use . ioioiuznuiniuzoic ll' you would have good fellowship And loyalty that 's great, Then you'll confess Old A. H. S. The best sehool iu the state, She may he small iu numbers, But her spirit's ever trueg Ready to fight, Always for right lu all she tries to do. llei' teams may not he strongest, yet NVQ eall them mighty line. 'I'l1ey'1'e ever fair And true and square, They break right through the liue. And if they bring us victory, Ol' eome home with defeat. None the less ls A. H. S. A school that eau 't he beat. We'1'o proud of that old school of ours, 010101 I r l GILCHRIST COAL SL FEED CO. 0 5' in 2 IT iiii T Www I Q . IJON"l' TAKE LIFE Too sERlol's Q! Those PARAMOUNT and FIRST NATIONAL Pictures That Have Been Seleeted for the ' o Q 5 Princess and Twm Star 2 g VVILII ALNVAYS Plll4lASl'l YOU AND YOUR FRIICNIJS Q o of B' 'WW jlglfl T Swim The tl1i11g's for which sl1Q st:1114ls, And for suvcess To A. H. S. W0 plmlgo our hcz11'Ts 1111cl l1:1111ls. l'l'1'H 11:14 DA V um DN 727 q.1::1,-0:11:11-:Q 1, .. .1 F Q II SERVICE u Pl? 2? Si: A i l. "So YOllll'O il S2llQSIll21l1. ll'O ws? .lEal3f1.t17fl11 you sc1l?7' Plumbing 1. 'Al ,111 El sulf sollcr, loo." Heating 2. "Sl12l.liC.H Electric l 25? Sli ii U 'WVz111t to buy lwo flft0Q11 111111 E Y W 7 1'ic'kets?" E "What f111'?'l C ' "'l'l1i1'ty vents, you llllIllllllOll.H Q Madison II " 5 Company "My girl is sT111lyi11,Q' to lm 2111 1111- ISU, A U PHONE 1001 " Does sho Pillllf well?" "lN01ll' c-vor 0211110 off 011 lllO.M 5.2 E :.: Z I : : : Z 2 gonioli'-111211111-L-1111117-Zil-111.11 ll 3 HENDERSON FURNITURE CO E ,.1. 2 Dealers in X 1 ', ll HAI ' gf? H , R .. tm.:-.2-.-..f.14t'. -:.-.1..:-2 u if 2 f "' 11 g and ' Q X X A 3 D1St1I1Ct1OH I lu..-o.t ..- 1 .1 1 .1 1 1 -1 1 I . n k f ww THE fseaimr Swag 34-1:rzu10:0:01--,101-sro:-izsznz-izfizfi1 1-w.:u:-0:-::.f,.:u.:n.:n.:n1c1-01-0:E, U P N H HO VV MUCH IS YOURS Q l ' U " II ll 3 l . . U H What portion of the money you earn is really yours? Spend- Il E ing all you earn means an endless circle of futile effort. ll Q One dollar in every ten you earn belongs in a bank account Q to grow with compound interest. E II . Q Q You can o en an account here for weekl de oslts of 361.00 II Il P Q E 01' THOYQ. i 3 " S C l d 9 U tory ounty rust an H II 0 U ' ll g Savings Bank E i AMES, .- IOWA ll ' II ll 3 5011111 1 1iilllllirllnllnlirlnlolgol lnllvlnllliirl lninl 1 .il-,.i l 11 Sprlngtime Is Dress-Up Time ll 5 0 l PRoTECT1oN! ll fa .X young' inun has znlclecl n very good E U X5 one to tho long list oi' good reasons for H ll X ' M Wi'2ll'llljI two-trouser suits. D II yl ll Sniml he, "Since 1 got cziuglit in ri fire 3 H l l ' .1' X, , one night, when l haul sont nly suit out 5 H NNW , fill, to luv pressed. I lrrivm- 2ilW2lj'S C'2ll'l'lGll an ll H A , lb! oxtrn Ivrir of l"l'0qllSl'lA'S'Wlllfi ine." E ll 5 S f A Wfty 'xnil hc mloosn t li no to Ho to lied to ' C I 'hx ff ' 5 l I 'A A - A f f n f ll f3f--QM 'o ,- llfw get his punts pressed any more. oltlnwl E ,v,2 ' 1 ,lull 'ly f i ff' l- D ll 14 "ff Ill, ff!llllVm1 ,11,1, Jm111c1,s ll jf ll "" lf-M ll 1 sn mrs' H l - ,J A 1 1 A A 2 A G ' 'f if 0' i it M ll filly F F II II A 'lr 'V 5 "xy, rl22::,0ll to :le-lH,:m0 3 II 'l X341 Down GUS MARTIN Campus U , A Vi Town Ilown i llli 1 Xy H l lllllllllllllllll llllllll H fi-l -- K - TWO STORES E U 2 L in 7 efi-Wir THE 3471117 I Sixties :m14r1n1tu1n1n1n1u1o1n1t:1n KING PRINTING COMPANY :za vt: :tc Representing in the Printing Industry the THREE PPP Prompt I 'tivulztr l't'intt-rt: 2: Qt The SPIRIT From Our Presses 0-,..---,l-1111 1,1 1 1u1o1u1o..,o,.n.. 1 .gm We Sell You STYLE and QUALITY FLORSHEIIVI SHOES TRY US FIRST Trueblood's Shoe Store CAIVIPUSTOVVN 1:1 1a1o1n1o1u1u-0101 1 0 54 3 U ll 3 Q a a fa u Q Q Q Q Q u 1 ,Q .. .ou Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q II Q Q 2 Q .. ww. 5: 1. 11015.-o 1 :lawn-1-014:-10a-np.. 1 I-1. o-1-n1:.i .:.,:.Q:.Q:.,.-ne.-ft: ,20:n:n:f--ft: Moody Motor Company "THE HOUSE OF SERVICE" 326 Main St. - Phones 39 and 98 Paige, Jewett and Gray 0:11-101:11o1u1o1u1u1n1u-1-oxw SlVIlTH'S IEWERY STORE FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD IN JEWELRY FINE WATCH REPAIRINC Roy Smith, Watchmakcr 1-.--01111-1-ummm1031-n4uru1o1u1u .1 .11 v ego: 1 rv 1 0 11,111 1 rn.-14:1-o-11,1-v1-v-f-011: Little Brothers Curl L. Little Ed. E. Little Real Estate and Insurance Properly Near College Z1 Flyer-ially Farm Lands : City Property PHONE 196 322 MAIN s'rREa'r Ames, Iowa .f.u.'w,,,1! 10-,,1,,1l,l,,-ug ,- 1, L 0 r.o of 's-JTBEF THE 5 qu - 05412.15 .MZ :..,:.,:-.,:.,:n2.... E " took took She took 5 W. A. TRIPP Silt n FXFUT 1215243 A TAKI NG GI RL. may hand iu sheltered nooks, my eziudy and my books, that lustrous wrap of fur, ! TRANSFER Q She took those glows bought for her. ! II She took my words ot love and 1-are. ! Phone 438.J She took my ffowers, rich and rare. ! E Sho took my ring with tender smile, Q Sho took my time for quite a while. ! PROMPT U She took my kisses, maid so shyv !.-A- -1- - - - - - - ll QShe took, l must eoufess, my eyel- ' -J-0-Jvo-U-0-U-U-3-023:i:"" She took wlmtevel' I would huy, Aml thou she took another guy. ! . Miss 3ICf'0l'liillll2ll0Z " Ivadelle, you ! vault. repeat 21 word of this history. ! II Iliil you study your lesson?" 1 lvadelle: "l xliclu't think it was S 5 m-c'ess:1i'y. 'l'hey say history wlwzits 5 itselff, ! PHONE 256W 2 2816 WEST ST. U T ! il "Roth, Duualp: 'ilu our yard. i "Come and Try US" we have 21 lilac bush titty teet high." Q Hllillllin Morrissey: "Neel I wish .g.:3:,:iE : : 2 2 :az :.:,:,,:, I eould lilac thatf' i !! ii -L -J U li U U Think what the word means! Every great and good thing ever done has back of it a home. E I 0 Q We are in a position to furnish you plans for that ll U new HOME of yours,-or remodel that old one. ll 0 E . . Q Q Let Us Flgure Your Bllls, Large or Small tl Q ii !! H PHONE NO. 10 ll i U i U 5 S. HANSON LUMBER CO. L! ii THE HOME OF QUALITY l 2 ..u-.,-.,- 1 ln- 2 N.. ifl,:,5,,.:1,.--,,..-kwa.,,-..-.,,3,,,i,,-:,..... 4 1 0-,,3011,-,:-.,-Q sfwsi THE SPIRIT 12-sr1s.aQ DRIGSSINU ROOM WIIAT NOTS. " Isn 't he the cutest thing"?" 'L Donlt you think hm-ls tlez1r?'7 "Shes 1-rzizy about him, dou't you think?" "When heis 2,tl'OlIIltl, she's nezirf' UNOW, who on ezirth has got 21 eoinll ?' HxVll0l'Cytl my compact go?" "Has any one 2l1'OlI1ltl here got 11 pin?" I "Marie, docs my rouge show?" " ls11't n1y dress 2111 ziwtul sight?" "Move over, will you, please?" "Dorothy, give ine lllj' I7OWtlOl'IJIll.l!,H "My, I'm about to t'reexef' These are tl few ot' the things you hear, Made up into Il rhyme. And if you c-are to hear any more. Just listen in illlj' time. Lonnuxic GROYIAI '2tS. v o,4114111111111111e:' U Q ROUP'S sHoE 5 3 sHoP E 1 1 1 Q 5 u u o Q shine them. E E SHINING AND REPAIRING E Q ll Roup's Shoe tl 1 2 Shop S. 1,011.1 -. -1 ..0,..u,,,,1,:0, .-,.3 11-111111 11.1-0 Our expert shoe repair- Q i ing is sure to satisfy. O Bring in your old shoes II and let US repair and 1 mzniuznininiini-ol-0111101 HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS OF TODAY WILL BIC Bank Customers 'rononnow Start, your Savings account now at the Commercial Savings Bank. This D01'SOI1'll Connection will be your anchor when you start your business journey. COMMERCIAL SAV- INGS BANK o 5411.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '111111111111 0,0111 1 1n1n1n1u1r1t,1,1 1 DU PONT AUTO FINISH The Du Pont Auto Finish line is il complete one. It comprises all the necessary products to renew the tinish on the used car, from top to tenders. The type of Hnish obtained by Du Pont Auto Finish is much superior to the effect of ordin- ary automobile or carriage paints. Pi? is A. H. HAGEN HARIJVVARE . Q 311.-.1D1...u::,0.:,.,.s.-,. .D 1 1 1 L ,, Tw? THE 54:1 WT fag?-'S 4-'oi5iZu:uqs.,.n.iZ-1:mga.:-,E-,101-1up E-nirvana.:ML-U1-0.10-pn: f1f,1-.i..-i1-ii-- ..f-- ,:, 4 ri 5 ll ll Menls Clothing E Boy's Clothing ll H ,Furnishings ll E Hats U E Sporting Goods Q H 'J H n l U l U :founded 1809 H A A Q Women's Apparel U Q Dry Goods ll Q Drapery Fabrics l U Rugs U I Millinery 3. - -- -.,.i,.rl..,..,..,1Q.,,,.i.,,,,,,,,r.r,,e,i,.,..,3-1.J 1 ,....,,i,.i,..i,:.,:u:0: ,- S E.,2150:U1-U:.,E.,:.,.fm:..r....:.,:.,-2.i9.,m.,Q,-,q,.,:0:Q:c:0...1:.,:n.:.,:0:0:.:I Q c H The Bank W here You Feel ii as U 5 at Home 3 3 H Y ll U ll U This a J rlies to ounff reo rle of Hiffh 1 II l l Y C 1 l U L Q School ages as well as to older persons. H TRY IT C ll i We 3 II S T U AMES NATIONAL BANK II rw ii AMES TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK l 2 o ,O Lu: 1- .E iiiiuzliiu-frriiiiifi-:ai,ioin:ii-51114-mv-L-41511-L-013-U101111141 1 1 1 z- 'Q seek? THE fn' 'l Stew A l.l.l..lL'T'1 all ,,.f AQHHEEEVEWQENH' The goal of every ambmous man and Erm IS typnied m the rapxd growth ofthe jahn G' Ollncr Engmumg Company the um versal esteem mwhnch thenr art and plates are held by the large natnonal adverusers and the envrable reputatxon for prompt delxvenes whxch they enjoy Delxvcnng thls same hugh qualxty and careful ersonal supervrsron to schools has bun t u for us the largest college and hxgh sc ool annual engraving bust ness m Amerxca 4oo books yearly Thirty thousand square feet of floor space 14 iloorsj and ovcr two hundred and Efcy skilled employees are requu-ed to meet the constant demand for -15.30 commercial photographs art color process places and photo engravxng fone complete floor is devoted to color process work . lntellngent supervisionofallwork bymany skillful office service men eliminates your troubles. Sales service menscntcvewwhevc J.-hlllls Bild 0lLlER ENGRAVING C0 iifllivf cfhllnlm' 077961 llllllfkhflo vw? 'THE SFXHXT Seas llet us now sing a song entitled- i"""': I I : 1' I E : 2 :':r':'i' THAT FATAL SEVl'lN'l'Y-FOUR ! . . McCURDY'S H U, we studied in the lII01'lll1IQ', ! And we studied at nightg ! II U, we studied, how we studied, ! BARBER SHOP II To set our grades aright. ! But we llunked thenl, ! Yes, we llunked them, 300--B..Main Sf, 5 At that fatal seveiitiv-four, U Tho we studied, yes studied, i Il As we never studied before. 'fee-10: : I : I I : Z :':::"3' 0, we studied on Sunday, 40:1:0:n:n:h:.,:,.:.::.,:.,:0: :Q And we studied in ehureh, l And we studied at prayertinie. Hut. were left in the lnreh. But eruel teaehers, our ernel teaehers Refused to hear our eriesg They gave us, yes, they gave us, Not quite the seventy-live. And when we go to heaven. St. Peter at the gate NVil1 tell us, yes, tell us, The saddest ot sad fates. ll U II II S Wig Q U 25 : 11' II 2 3-ri E n D' Q 3 c 2 E C U fb fl! I fn . ll ll II ll D C U C C C 5 ,....g. v iniaioioiuzoioic l DAN PARSON'S 5 310 Main SI. Ph0rle 721'-W 4, na-U-U---------1.- 1::1 1 .1 1n1n1f:1n:1n1. 1 1 1 lfl V0 NOMY is the foundation ot' SUCCESS ! Leather Is the Foundation of Q Good Shoes Our Shoes Are All Leather and Our Prices Lower l A L M 81. S O N i By the Princess Theatre . -4:11-.,:.,:.,:0:0:Q:0:Q:o:.,: .:..g. sim THE NEW SPRING T, "CLUB CLOTHES' SUITS i FINE ALL-VVOOL FABRICS ATTRACTIVE MODELS AND SKILLFUL TAILORING E 0101 .5--..-Q ! ll Q c H535 U23 law Q U29 an UE'-92? Il qw O new Q :gg Us-o ll U ':'1:1o1u1 H i He 'll tell us, yes, tell us, That we niust to hades go, Where welll nieet them, thu' eruel team-hers, In those burning depths below. HAVA HAR'r. Miss Met'orkindale: A'lVell. I see that Mr. Stevenson has forgotten his uinbrella again. l do believe he ld lose his head if it wasn't fastened on." Miss Meliav: "I dare say you're right. l heard him say just the other day he was going to Colorado for his lung.5s." A question about the moon eanie up in one of the sophomore English classes. Miss Evans asked Dorothy Dunlap to give a deseription of the inoon. After due deliberation, Dorothy an- swered, "XVell, it's a toe-nail in the sky." E 2 L E'- nho-1m1n1n1u1n.1.n1-U1 1 1 1,111 1 1 1 1 1,1 1n1o1a1o1n1o1c1 H U HDHLKC CREANI is l Q n Q e :x u awww 'THE SPIRIT dime ,1n1n1o1n1n1-r1n1rx1n1u1Q1n1010101111n1c1::1n1c1c1o1c1c1c1 c u u o 1: o u c u u E U n cw a : u 3 TI LDEN MANUFACTURING COMPANY AMES, :-: IOWA Manufacturers of felt and leather goods, memory books, school and college hats and caps, athletic blankets, laboratory aprons, trophy banners, and T M C LAUNDRY CASES. fAsk your dealers for prices on our goodsj ,4 -. :- z II 010101 14101 n 1101 ew 1: u rv 3 9:0 1 -1 1 1 101014-1 1u..1o1o1u1u.1 1 1 1::1:11a14-11.1 11-1 l l i C U i !- !r Ros BRoTHERs ti O'Neil's Pasteurizecl Milk and Cream PHONE 62 QUALITY SERVICE 1u1n1:11n1u1:x1u1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 1.1 1 1 1s1u1n1o1o-1: .4 .1 Q1 "Hr fP'FXT lg I Sf -'AB 1 4: .V l 1 'sa ae """ :""U:":":C:":":"' I I HYes,,' sighed Mable Lawler, de- scribing the illness of Z1 friend, "she Sl'lAMl,O0ING was taken suddenly siek with panto- MARCFILLING H mime poisoning and four doctors eame to the house and insulted about ! POOLE BEAUTY E her and diagramed her ease very ., closely. They decided that she had SHOP eaten some fish or something that had ! Tildeu Suu-0 paragraphs in it and so they gnve her PHQNE 17 ll lIyDOC1'lt1l"ill mgeetion of 21 serial that would destroy the easiliea, but it ' I Z I :,,:t,:,,:.,:.:,,: I :,::,,:. didn 't seem to help her, and she was soon in a state of ehromof' FIU: :.:n:0:U:n:n:n:C: :Da 1928 QA Prophccyji BUTTER-NUT Arriving at the hotel, the traveling il man Cwho bore FL very close resem- BREAD N blanee to t'Honeyl 'Daubert of 19247 H was asked hy the porter how many The Quality Loaf O trunks he had. 3 "I havent' anyfl he repliedg HI sell l7I'Ell11S.H Bate5 Baking C0, ll 'WVell,'l replied the porter, "you I are the first, salesman I ever met that .g.,:.: :,:,:,,:,,:,,:l,:.,:.,: :,.,,:, didn't carry samples." 53211: :n:n:n:n:C:f:0:C:0:n:.:: :n:n:c:.:n:.,:c:tf:C:c:c:.: :c:,i, ll . -I 0 ll H Sh pl -P d C p Q 1 ey e ersen om any ,, ! Dry Goods-Ifffrlrlyj-illado Gfzrllrenfsvllillincry-E11m'yfl1,ing For The Iligh Selzool Ilraflzulfes. ll - DRESSES, SKIHTS, BLOIVSES, l SILK IIOSE, SILK GLOVES, WAISTS, SILK UNDER- l HANDBAGS, NECK- H THINGS I WEAR ETC. ll . -- " ' YQ- ll ll l H ii mmf ,irm-lm !l C 'T ll sg Eru'0 I'ou'rI1?r Toile! lVa'tor Z H F1100 C7"I'IH1lS of All Kinds H Slulmpoos H and Lofimzs 1 'QS H l - - 22 AT Low PRICES 3 "' ' it i ei U --,--, ------- - W- - -,-,--,-,-,-,-A-.3 1,1 ,ioicz1--.V-..---Y-.-1--..1.o.4 af-1.1115 'THE SFIHIT genie ICNGLISIIQ V. 'I'0Il 1110 not i11 111o111'11I'uI iz111g11:1g.fQ Oi' the OXZIIIIS Illill I must take, Ilzlvo 21 IIUEIVI' :md IIIZIIIO tI10111 easy, Ilsc LIISf'I'0IIOIl, for gootlimss sake. "Only tour., the t0z1r'I1or :111sw1'1'c-ml. Just eight hours yo11'Il sit i11 tI1-111gI1t. 'IiC.2l4'IIlII' said she 11'o11Im'i II12lIi0 them easy, Hut l tI1i11k she plum forgot. A1111 now that the CXQIIIIS are over, A1111 llly 2IVOI'2lLl'C just SIXtj'-IIIIIC. Mziylw tezlcflwl' will feel sorry And Illillill tI1c111 easier 1IQXt ti1110. Doms S1114:11111,1N '25, lxIZII',jOI'IQ Prim-0 Cwho has just pur- vlmsetl il Slillllllb llilllglllillyi "Oh, clear. must I put this Slillllp O11 1115'- self?" Postal Vlerk: "No, miss. not 1101'- esszirilyg it will p1'oI1:1I1Iy ilf'l'OlI1I7IISIl more 1f you put it 011 the letter." 1111---1--A-14 -.1 0,01 11 1111 111,101.5 og 2 ----- 2 II !! 1 II 1 HEDRICICS 1 U - I E CAMPL S gg C I 1 ToeoE11Y H 5 U 1 - 1 I I Q 1'11-'ro-11A'r1f: 1f'1f11N1s11- 3 Ixos Fon 1'o11NG H ij 1111N U E I 1 M 1 1 H II fi 5 CAMPUSTOWN lj I I , .g..,1..1- .., 11 1:11-. 1- -.:.- :....-..g. v.1,11111,-11111 0001... 1,.11o1n1n1 1 1.1 1 .. Sl'l4IC'lAI1 GRADIIATION SHOES At P11003 'I'l1z1t NViII Surprise You THE FAIR 1 1 1:1-1o1u1n1n:-.01 1 1 1 1. 1n1n1n1n1o1o1n1o1.c1c1 SANDWICH SHOP CIOIITP I11 :111d See WI1z1t It Is XV EST STIIIG ICT 1. 1o1u1n1u1u1u.- 1 1 1:11101:1u-1n1n1n1c1n1o1o Dodge Brothers Cars FOR Economy and Service 192-I ICIGIIT MOIJIGIIS 192-I H. L. MINERT AUTO COMPANY PHONE 905 AMES, IOWA A V35 THE SPIRIT :Seam .w o fzzaz :':C:":":C:C:C:': I "Z' WE DONT SEE OURSELVES AS VVIQ WISH TO OTHERS SEE US. E E TheUSe11ioi's,s:iy Eye are ziubuneh ll ,. Ol goofy looking students, And that we ,re lac-king in our age, N f01' YOUI' D1lf1'011a80 ill U19 DUST, U As well as in our prullenve. and invite you to continue' mak- U ' h r Y ing our mm, Candy Store your H The Juniors claim we think we ro I i V . 1 0 smart, ll headqurmels tm And that we have no reason H HOME MADE CANDY For entering any High School sports i ll At any time or season. ., SALTED NUTS H H ICE CREAM AND COLD The Sopholnores think we are liolll. H v V fl And not the least lull polishemlg II DRINKS Tlu'-y want that our relzitionship ,F JK Sk Be pi'z1Qtic':illy zilmolislieml. O ik A FF T ii XVe may be "goofy" looking. Yes. ' Our years may still be lziekingg NVQ may he all you vlaiiin we are, CLjNFEC'f1QNERY But yet we have good bac-king. 2... I : : I I I 1. : : :.:t,,,,i Rlfssiilii, KlN'1'zLL:Y '27. ii cc 97 U SAY IT WITH FLOWERS in ll ! For Commencement ii ! n ll A H as as in ' I U ALWAYS A COMPLETE LINE ll U U Flowers Fresh From Our Greenhouses Every Day ll . H E We Also Carry a Full Line of Vegetable and Lawn Grass ij E Seeds U ' ll II A 5 SE ES ig " ll II -1 ii F. I. Olsan Sz Sons ll Q E PHONE No. 8 ll I ll E as 11-1 1 -1 1 1-1 1 1 1-1 1 1:-110' v.--- ------s--1-- 1.111,.,,,-,.-1..,.1,1.. wwe THlfMjl:'lFtlT sms S0 Qlllfllflli. I wrote some lines onee on a time. By order of Miss liyneh, Whieh proves how foolish folks eau act lVhen they are in a pinch. They were so queer, so very queer, They would not rhyme at allg I tried and tried and tried- tMy pride did have an awful fallj. "I must sueeeedf' l wildly eriedg "I eannot eoneentratel" I thought and thought and thought, and in despair Seratehed furrows in my pate. Four days and nights, with sleepless eye, I thoughtfand thought in vain. l'll never try in all my life Such an awful thing again. 01010-010101 ,v, . 11. 101111 1n1t:1u1u1u1c1o1o Chas. C. Alm Life Insurance Counseller PHONE 400-W ! 5 Ames, Iowa ! A HAPPY DASH 010101010191 The man who strides along in a pair of HBOSTONIANSH is as conscious of perfection as the own- er of a Rolls Royce. A rugged Spring brogue, youthful in design, and comfortable as a set of B1-tloon tires. Ask to see the new "Glen- garry". Youlll like it. Ames Bootery EDNA Lixnp '25 rio-11 -e1c1r1e1n1c1 - 1:1 NORRIS it P ll GRUCERY gg ll 'We believe the things we ll eat are important and strive Q to always handle the best oh- H tainahle at the priee you wish to pay. ill if ill ' ll A. NOYI' IS II "The Ilousr Qtmliliy I3ttt'It" Pnonn 311 FREE DELI VERY H Forner Main and Douglas 2 Q 0:4 1 1 1'1n1a1o1u1o1u1o1 11:14:24 SMOKE. 'tlf you'll smoke two hundred of these eigars," a salesman told Mr. Vanderlinden, "and save all the bands, you 'll get at phonographfl " It I smoke two hundred of these." was the reply, HI won 't need a phono- graph. I'll need a harpfl Miss Iiyneh Cto Miss Mc-Kay, at the elose of at teaehers' meetingj : "NVhen is Miss Mef'orkind:1le thinking ot' get- ting married Q?" Miss Meliay: "t'onstantly. " Mrs. Jones: Hweston, have you seen that Seymore boy kiss lf'ranees?'l lVeston: "Mother, l ean not lie, 'I'hat's how I got my radio set." Miss Atwood: "Francis Morrissey, if you can get along without that gum for a while, I would enjoy itf' ww 'IQHE Sezmij ww 9 fT::11n:n11-101010101010111202 Qi ig 11" ----- 1 1 H- - -QD- E 9 I' U U DoN T AMES U U PANTORIUM 2 ' n n g Forget to U Q Q N Q Q U S4 FK Pl! Q V1S1t Q1 U u Q MASTER E The Fountain at the CLEANERS Q E U H H Q REXALL STORE U u . u c v 3 f e in Phone 231 5 n no . E n .. Q Lowry Sz The1s 3 n 408 MAIN ST- 3 U Q ! - 50110: 1 :Q-51,3111ozoznzazuznininiuioieini 1-nie:-0iu:n1n:.i Iwi Q ' u gg THE WH1T11 CAFE U U . . U Q 132 Mozrz .Street Q . 3 We Serfve Wlzofefome Food Properly Cooked and in Generoux Portions an 9 n 3 .fmt ez Good Plezee fo Ea! 5 H U C .- u E J. M. HUWELL, Prop. Q in Q 11111,-11111111111..11-i-g-2124:-49.0 M3335 THE 5H:'lFllT diana BUSINESS DIRECTORY Keep this Directory handy so that you may patronize these advertisers, who show their appreciation of the Ami-s High School Annual. Art Duckworth 6: Son Bakeries Bates Baking' Co. Melburg's Bakery Banks Ames National Bank Commercial Savings Bank Story County Bank l'nion National Bank Barbers McCurdy's Beauty Shop Poole Beauty Shop Book Store Ames News Stand Chiropractic Lyon QQ Craven Cleaning and Pressing Ames Pzintorium Coal and Feed Gilchrist Coal and Feed Co. Confectioners Chocolate Shop Howard Adzinis Dalries O'Neil Dairy Co. Roe Brothers Department Stores The Tilden Store The Fair Store Drug Stores Athletic Drug' Store Bosworth Drug Co. Cugwin Drug' Store .ludisch Drug Store Lowry 85 Thies Electricians Nelson Elec-trio Co. Entertainment Ames Theater Co. Engravers Juhn-Ollier Florists Olsan Kc Son Furniture Henderson Furniture Co. Garages Minert Auto Co. Moody Motor Co. Gift Store Goddard Gift Shop Grocers Norris Grocery Hardware Bullock Hardware Hagen Hardware Insurance C. C. Alm Harry Brown E. H. Graves Little Brothers Jewelers C. XV, lludgeon Smith Jewelry Store L. C. Tzilman Ladies' Wear Shipley-Pedersen Laundries Ames Laundry Brown's Laundry Leather Goods 1'.urson's Lu mber Hanson Lumber Co. Munn Lumber Co. Manufacturing Tilden Manufacturing' Co. Men's Furnishings Ames Clothes Shop Hedrick's Campus Tog'g'ery Jameson's Gus Martin Music Eness Music House Opticians Dr, F. E. Robinson Osteopath Dr. R. H. XVilli:uns Plumbers XV. G. Madison l'lun1bing' Co. Photographers Quade's Studio Restaurants Cranford Coffee Shop Sandwich Shop NVest Gate Lunch NVhite Cafe Shoes Alm Ak Son Ames Bootery Brannherg' 8: Hulilmrt Fair Store Shoe In-purtment Roup's Trueblood's Transfer XV. A. Tripp Fl N15 ,. , ' 655 - 7 wg WJ, 'ff :ff If I T I ' Q fmfqr of , K I XI ff Q M g Eg , E R F ah WU 4 Af' . X K 2 -. . -4 , X 1 wt A 56 . , " 1-5-' -:Q-41,115 .1 ' 35, 1: ,f , -a fl 5 AH, , 0 4, N ' ol ,H I 1 k ! p ,r i V 1 i e 11 F I i F r I

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