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Text from Pages 1 - 114 of the 1921 volume:

| M E E П A у Yii I t 4 4 RI 1 “ e j d І 5 ae “ TUM 9 ДИ Tit А “4‏ کال t. v a ЖУ. 4 P‏ 7 ۱ D ` p ' h ۱ fF 4 m lr. B E JM Ë - à ٦ 3ھ‎ ' р %; l š i ы д ‚ e ' y ТРУ 2 h ; PES А А CR “асы Ж Т ۴ “ A É 1 ғ . дымы Е 5 Жы Қ, т ۱ | . Я Кя 8 - К n r d і WE “ремет ар ны FN INS 1 ” 4 Í Г 7 1 ' , 7 Г 7 ” ы 5 ” 4 Б: SX-LIBR a “Q ry Anew 0ے اد‎ wage AJ E دپ e A: ed „лу ' Че куу ч m Pm anh os کے اص‎ WG ч fes ms he A Im SUR T. | Я : | i 06 қала МЫНЕ لو‎ 1 - LN EDITION DE LUXE Three Hundred and ‘Twenty-five Copies of This Edition Have Been Printed, For Sale in the United States, of which this is No. ДЕ?! 0 0 330+ Just a minute! Before you further explore this book may the members cf the staff have just a word. Our book, the Spirit Annual, the joint product of student and faculty co-operation is in in your hands. Imperfections it has in plenty, but remember—an annual is not the work of the editors, but the workmanship of the editors on the material furnished by the students. Roast the Annual, pick out its faults, if you as one of the student body did your share in creating the book. If you did not do your part, go ahead and edit an annual of your own of which you do ap- prove. There have been difficulties to overcome, largely because of the increased cost of printing and eneraving. Our financial affairs have been hard to keep above water level but we have done so by reducing the number of pages and by using all available funds, and here is your Annual. We hope you like it. May it always be a pleas- ant reminder of your days here. Hoping to receive your charitable Judgment the Senior Class of 21 presents to you this “Spirit Annual.” 00076 1. = U 0 01 LLL ERR tt w — - SYMPTOM = Бер Бына ци сыер цу и зра с باجہ ور‎ ٤ ۔ی‎ .. THE SPIRIT ANNUAL Published by the Senior Class of Ames High School 74 HNN NNNUNN INN EE E Ames High School Vol. 10 Ames, Iowa, May, 1921 No. 15 In Memoriam Harold Griffith, 21 Morn April 25, 1902 Airù September 26, 1920 — ах чи м к ٠ a ee a Ф2—— x uw— —— ).وت‎ STAFF - — n... First row—Houser, Art; Murray, Ed.; Wagner, Bus. Mgr.; Larson, Asst. Adv. Mgr.; McWilliams., Ex- change; Olson, Asst. Bus. Megr.; Howell, Rep. Second row teed, Literary ; Armstrong, Steno.; Van Epps, Athletics; Gernes, Rep.; Beam, Contest; French, Organizations. Third row-—Lonzg, Rep.; Smutz, Rep.; Houghan, Alumni; Spence, News; Olsan, Steno; Gray, Organizations; Smith, Rep. Fourth row—Stoddard, Adv. Mzr.; Wilcox, Jokes; Miss Taylor, Adviser; Smith, Asst. Ed.; Parsons, Jokes, McCarthy, Society. eee eee CONTENTS ORDER BOOK ONE “THE SCHOOL’ BOOK TWO “STUDENT ACTIVITIES” BOOK THREE “HUMOUR” 10 71 MABEL R. HILLER In our appreciation of her faithfulness, her high ideals and gentle nature, we, the Class of 1921, dedi- eate to her this Senior number of the SPIRIT. LEN ЕН a لپن‎ l Z T HE un йр N ЖЛ | TLE 4 ` ee 117453 A So بداو 4ے‎ Z ` : C EHEH TELAN x ЕНН Е We S b v. وب اب‎ LECHE WANN اہ رس سیت مت اا و‎ di en SEES UR AOR қ A 1 | ۲ T ` ү кар. اکر ہد‎ ча = N ۱ м х iV ` | : TAE TTR ЧЄ : 8 : = T A ` ۱ р ”» ` z ы a КЗ ` N r ٦ ч М ۱ À 7 А . i. ٦ . ` е “ N 14 | . — ғ + T 7 Е - “ ` A ۱ с 0 f Е Ir ғ : ы 2222 Ne SESS АМ ы ШТ! ТІ i ) 7 ) f | f 1 у f f f f Н T ИҢ чнч | % E G СА Т E Е م‎ 7 سسا ر ر — | NNR 2м: Т)!!! NY NS —— —— t S | NN SV‏ نے X - ` --` 1. ` к — ` LES lh e«t - وك‎ “2 жу 6۸ ° ғ ⁄ R 2n » SU , RJ мм я. Пр ч AA ‘ile 7 ALL] 1 HA jt Ў қ h Ш یں‎ ` eu ویمسسیے‎ е а атти ———9u — — سے‎ T. Taata oom Am k... |, РЬ گے اج رک ماگ‎ ———PIIAIamlaMaass سب و و و و‎ raise, - m Page 8 'The A. H. S. Annual v‏ س BOARD OF EDUCATION С. М. Soper Secretary of School Board Mrs. Semmons Eleeted to School Board in 1920. J. M. Munsinger Elected to Board in 1919. Professor A. T. Irwin Elected to Board in 1919. Professor Meeker, President Member of School Board for Nine Years. ТУЕ, Aog Elected to Board in 1921. ( Became a member of Board too late for us to obtain his picture.) The A. H. S. Annual Page 9 yr ІТ) LA i= 8 = Г Ys Г 42277, m : АСЫРЫ) emm 222 EHD وہہ‎ ۹0ء وک ظ0 وی‎ ۷ c o d P A- LEE. ИХ у 27 Ali Gi у Ж “ау 0 A Al J E £ | % alj A А re CE Ki =Ñ - - He £ The A. H. S. Annual ——- —— — سا‎ — uum ug | | ' | | The A. H.S. Annual Page 11 BAGULETY PICTURES Left to right First row Nue luit ink ETT ۵0 ее Physieal Training Miss Kelley ............. аб Bok Вв сла Ameriean History Miss Mildred Clough -................. Boa Ee pe ee Son fon ne at Physical Training MASSEN Ino REA ene ha ا اا ت‎ Biology Second row Miss Britton .....-.. аа т ешын бы .- дз PS m ue o MAL ut oe es 6٭‎ MESSEN QWPIS: ONE T Ear а. EAS te br eim rx Udi = Sae OR А Enelish И ом fom ЖЕК V анд School Nurse Third row к. Омен аи: РБуЗ1С5 MEASTAL Ll le E E ہہ‎ ae ere Musie Mrs. Anderson ...... M ear mE ie ne re Me: MENTI. mm Commercial MüsseEbllepS ا‎ «а. m M en у. iz Capra ee ede ри Enelish Fouth row Мт. Мауо 1. M Ee es و سو‎ 06 ......Assistant Manual Training سر چک راو رو ہج اوہ‎ A SEE ہرس‎ а AAA RE а ولا‎ Mathematies Mr. Melaas ...................................Mathematies, Commercial Law and History Miss Taylor ........ Я. 5а t CREE ee IN DT MN CT эу ae وو ا‎ PE English Fifth row Maas dune Miller ۷۶75089 Е о И. French Miss. Rayburn -—— —-.... И о а Баана С И ая, Latin dr OTA EY os جآ ا‎ 7 History and Advanced Civies NTS Cee eee E, شر‎ Sue LR وت او ری ناس‎ Manual Training The A. H. S. Annual | LE ж 5 m + Uy BUQUE б ہد مرک‎ s i л MY. $. ' 4 | I m ae 7 ا اد و‎ i ۱ d S А 57 e же) к es LE 7 Ж 5 : 574: - ү, МУ ۳ m . Fok zs. 5 ا‎ 2 | i Tee Ух “А-Қ - Bst m - қ - ME ҒА н 7 = D ۶ m ` go р 5 ری رس 5 یہ 01ک‎ JI n 1 Lm ore MS d - . ` М 0 y Lm J ғ. ” $; QN | MISS GRACE IDEN Office Secretary MR. E. J. BODWELL Superintendent of Schools МВ. С. E. WYGANT Principal жерле үз Е J S Азы Ы I . Miss Bodwell, Commereial Subjeets Mrs. Berg, Commereial Subjeet | Miss O. Miller, French | тч йы Ux aeu Ly ue The A. H.S. Annual Page 13 — nF —————————— = EA | | ү N J у 14. 24. |) 2 | So ` . K. AG ee ` of اوت کے MN‏ Ha‏ سس ار م M‏ 1” E ec E 554 | Pas. 2 j — PAS S T ر صر کا | шы‏ ЕГ, c Ow a ہے‎ — NG Y | ра Q ПД TR 76У E. A c cec o 9 a қ Ц: I n i $ ' ! ‘ --- = т = = ....- The A. H. S. Annual MARJORIE BELL BEAM Y. W. C. A. Cabinet '20, '21; Forensic Club '900: Chorus '20; Dramatic Club 720, 21; Basket Ball '20; President H. S. Senate '21; Booster Club '21; Spirit Staff '21. Here's,to the girl that’s good ; But not too good, as the good die young. lowa State College BEN WAGNER “Benny” Northwood, Iowa, H. S., '18, '19 ; Spirit Staff Bus. Mgr. '21; Annual Staff '21; Booster Club 915: Y- M. C. A 720) 221 Pres. of Class '21; Band '20, '21; Orchestra '21; Basket Ball '20; Declamatory ’20, '21; Dickens’ Xmas Carol '21. “T never felt the kiss of love, Nor maiden's hand in mine. Iowa State College ETHEL M. ARMSTRONG Dramatic Club '20, '21; Basket Ball '19; Же W. C. A. 118, 119, '20, '21; Forensic '20; “A” in Gym '18; V. Pres. Class '291; Royal and Underwood Awards; Booster '21. An Industrious maid of gentle manner.” lowa State Collere BRICE GAMBLE Forensic Club '20; President Forensic Club All good boys love their sisters, So good have I grown That I love other boys' sisters, As well as my own. Iowa State College ROBERT MURRAY “Bob” Orchestra '18, '13; Band '20; Forensic Club '19, '20; Spirit Staff 20, “21, Editor-in-Chief 1: Dramatic Club '20, '21; Music Board '19, Class Treasurer '20. “There lies a great deal of deviltry beneath that calm exterior. Northwestern “U” The A. H.S. Annual Page 15 —— —Tw— R scwssssKnn r rr ٣ THELMA HOUGHAN Orchestra '18, '19, '20, '21; Y. W. Social Service '18; Forensic Club '20; “А” in Gym ‘18; Basketball 715, ‘19; Underwood Award: Spirit Reporter '20; Annual Statt '21. “Thelma had a little rat, She put it in her hair; And everywhere she went, It came peeping out, here and there. CHARLES KNAPP Farmington H. S. '18, '19, '20; Pres. Radio Glub ТРОЕ ЕМГ О А: Е My tongue within my lips I reign, For who talks much, must talk in vain. Iowa State College tt ۱ ۰ تی۰‎ | | BARBARA WENTCH STANTON г Dramatic '20, '21; Chorus '19, '20, '21- Y. W. Program Com. '21: Y. W. C. A: '18; 19. '90. ‘21; Booster Club '21; V. Pres. Class '19; Sut- ) ter Union H. S. last semester 719. | From the crown of her head to the sole of ۱ her feet, she is all mirth. AGNES BARCLAY NOBLE Chorus '18, '19, '20, '21; Declamatory 719, '20, '21; Forensic '20, '21; Dramatic '20, '21: Y. W. Cabinet '21; Operetta '19, '20, '21: School Afairs Com. 718. She's a woman who does her own think- ing.” lowa State College PEARL. NUNAMAKER Y. W. C. A, :18, 719, 720, 421: Orchestra '18, 19, 720, '21; Forensic Club '20; Declamatory ЖАУ» ТЕР; Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.” Page 16 The A. H. S. Annual EDNA M. ARMSTRONG Volley Ball '18; Basketball 19; Forensic '900: Pres, Y. W. C. A. 21; Y. W. Cabinet ‘20; Dramatic Club '20, '21; Underwood and Royal Awards: Spirit Staff and Annual Staff ‘21; H. S. Senate '21; Booster Club '21. Just a good friend to all. Iowa State College ELIZABETH SCOV EL “А” їп Сут '18; Orchestra '20; Booster Club '01: Chorus '20; Underwood Award '20; Royal Award '21. Elizabeth had a big tall man; He was her steady beau, And everywhere that Lizzie went Her man put up the dough. ALBERT TESDALL Tennis '18; Radio '20, '21. “For he loveth many a fair maiden.” RUTH PARSONS Clarinda High School '18; B. B. '19; Y. W. С. A. '18, 19, 20, '91: Forensic '20, '21; Dramatic Club '20, '21; V. Pres. Dramatic Club '21: Chorus '20; Annual Staff '21; Uke- lele Club. Nevere idle a moment but thrifty and thougntful of others. Iowa State College MILDRED PORTER v W. C. A. 718, '19, '20, '21; Booster Club 21; Operetta '20; Chorus '20; 40 word Award on Royal. It is her brain that works, not her tongue. Iowa State College The A. H. S. Annual Page 17 LOREEN RAGSDALE Chorus '20, '21; Operetta '20, '21; Y. W. C. “Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice: Take each man’s censure, but reserve thy judg- теп.” TONES 3294995 уе 2 0 9 9 ٤7 каар, 37 EDITH SPEERS Y. W. C. A. 718, '20; Membership Com. '20; Booster Club '21. “True to her work, her word and her friends. жғ-, ыт 152! 301 EMILY MELLOR HUON | 8 ч | У. М. С. А. 718, 7119, '20, '21; Booster Club = nin mw F '21; Dramatic Club '20, '21; Christmas Carol ) AN “... ë 20. “To teach the heathen is my only desire. Des Moines “U” | ORLEY RYAN Shipley High School 18, '19; Chorus 721; Booster Club '21: Typewriting awards from Underwood, Royal and Smith '21. “I dare not be flirted with, no not I.” Simpson College HAZEL MORRISON Gilbert High two years; Dramatic Club '21; т Chorus '21; Y. W. '21; Christmas Carol '20: h Declamatory '21. She doesn't laugh, she giggles, | | And her giggles are her own: { But she has so many giggles, , She has giggles she could loan. ! lowa State College J DER х! 3 j | Page 18 The A. H. S. Annual ЗА” a —— MYRL GARRETSON horus ’18, '19, '21: Orchestra 48. ‘19 ГЕО, Pres. of Orchestra '21; Music Board '21; Operetta '19; Y. W. Program E РАЗ кө '00: Y. W. C. A. '18, H. S. Senate '21; Com. '21; Declamatory '19. 20, '21. Glow but sure in seeing a joke. LETHA SEYMOUR Y. W. ‘18. '19. '20, '21; Booster Club '21. In manners gentle; in affection mild.” Drake University REX L. WHITE Keosauqua High; Two and one-half years '91; Chorus '20, Band '20, '21; Orchestra '20, '91: Y. M. Cabinet '21. “Ts all the girls he tips his hat, How can we slam a boy like that.” Iowa State College -w m cmm e cmm GRACE BENTLEY '19. '20, '21; Chorus ‘18, Booster Club '21. ideas, and always tells w W. Go А: 716; '19. '21; Forensic '21; Has many bright about them.” Iowa State College MARJORIE FRENCH 20, Garden Grove Hig h 718; Когепв:с ‘19, '21; Declamatory 20: Debating '21; Y. W. Cabinet '21; Spirit Annual Staff '21; Y. W. C. A. '20,.'21; Booster '21; Basketball '20. To gain my end I pull many, strings, And keep them all guessing how I do many things.” Iowa State College 50 — vemm E y Ww 7 waqa Y, s. жаша I ! ) The A. H.S. Annual Page 19 ——FF-[hmrn—sssmn:tm-:tt IT пх ELEC EE UR. у Pw е0 ت‎ TP ` 1 B пе? Yw: Ë ` ““ - | . ` sy بر‎ т — ч 4 ws 28 P ere ۱ + +56۵8 ٠ پت مور ری‎ i w Sane | I D £ 22%, GERTRUDE E. MURRAY Pasketball '19; Dramatic '20, '21; Senate '21; News Reporter '21; Y. W. C. . Membership Com. '21; Y. W. Social Scrvice '20; 58 Word Royal Award; 47 Word Underwood Award: Booster Club 721. Pleasure's delight it is that holdeth man from heaven’s delightful bliss.” Iowa State College VERNA NELSON Dramatic '20; Chorus '20, '21: Y. W. C. A. ‘19, '20, '21; Basket Ball '20; Volley Ball '20. Fair to behold is this maid of seventeen summers.” lowa State College Е HARRIET ALLEN |! 1 Booster Club '21; Forensic '21; Chorus '21; 8 Y. W. C. A. '20, '21; Social Service Com. '21. Ж Knows a lot but says little. lowa State Colleze VIOLET LEONA TRIPP Spirit Staff '19; Sec, Treas. Dramatic 720: Pres. Dramatic Club '21; Y. W. Cabinet '21: H. S. Senate '21. “I was henting, I am hunting and I am go- ing hunting.” Chicago ''U. eae) `. Ы ` n €. e X у SS SS . E | | | | 7 77 7 , if u P C m b “ 2 C» i. 8 ж. ٹک‎ AU -- ”. n -— — BERTHA LAWSON Wa Ws СА. 18: 719. 20: 721. She was always busy. “- w =, — p -— EN n = = т“ x | b Г Ена Ж... Page 20 The A. H. S. Annual 2 Sg ls ae o S ADA ROBINSON Dramatic '20; Forensic '20. Occasionally she studies hard ; Occasionally does not; She doesn't like her lessons much iut she does like Bill a lot.” CLEMMA GERTRUDE JOHNSON Monticello H. S. '18, 19, '00: Y. W. C. '91: Booster '21. “Since brevity is the soul of wit I will be brief. A - American Conservatory of Music. RUTH E. CONFARE “Patsy” CG A. HS, 719%, 55А% да Gym '18; Basket Ball 18. °20, '21; Dramatic Club '20, 21: Chorus 18, '20; Royal and Underwood Awards; Order of Gregg Artist; Booster Club ‘21. “She does things and without much noise.” Iowa State College . GEVERNA ADELE ERICKSON Y. W. C. A. '18, 19, 720. 21; Forensic '20, '1: Dramatic '20, '21; Declarnatory 20 0 Booster '21. My only ambition is to instruct the children.” Cedar Falls FLORENCE SPEERS ү ү С. А. 18, ’21; Penmanship Certifi- cate; Booster Club ”21. Her level best and nothing less. IEEE s а C G —n — Uu 0 — — = = — ABD жк c | The A. H.S. Annual 115.7. | „- ma ПЕТЕРА 211٤6 : x Fiir n T i iria i n nmi tî бәле” Rite и tee ttre 173% — —‏ ہہ - ہے ے- ٭ ( = = =s N P Page 21 NEVA E. SPENCE Steve Operetta '19; Chorus '18, '19: Orchestra 18, '20, '21; Eand '18, '20, '21; Declamatory 20; Social Com. '19, '20; School Affairs '21; Y. W. Program Com. ‘21: Spirit Staff '20, '21; Assembly Board '21; Senate '20, '21: Annual Staff °21. I never dare to write as funny as I can. lowa State Colleve LOWELL HOUSER Skinney Class Pres. '19; Dramatic '20, '21; -Forensic 19, '20; Spirit Staff '19, '21: Annual Staff '19, '21; Assembly Board '18, 719. With an eye for business—at 919 Clark ave. [owa State College MILDRED GHRIST “Mid.” Pasket Ball '19; Forensic '19, '20; Dramatic '20 '21; Booster Club ioe Vee We С А. 18, 19, '20, 21; Y. W. Social Service Com. '19, '21; Chorus '21. In spite of all the learned have said, | still my own opinion keep. lowa State College SAM BATTELL Radio '20, '21. As idle as a painted ship, upon a painted ocean. MARY W. WASSER H. S. Senate '21; Chorus '20, '21; Operetta 20, '21; Basket Ball '20, '21; School Affairs Com. '20; Y. W. Social Service Com. '21:; Finance Com. '21; Volley Ball '20; Booster Club 21. “Ability to bluff thru your courses is rather to be chosen than great brains. Cornell Colleze Page 7 0 - = The A. H. S. Annual MARIE JOHANNA RAYNESS Spirit Reporter '18; H. S. Senate '20; Y. W. Social Service Com. 20, элә Assembly Board '20; Pres. of Chorus '20 ; Music Board '00: Dramatic Club '’29, 01: Y. W. C. A.; Booster Club '21. “Although this child is never bad, She is what’s worse, forever зад.” Iowa State Colleze GLADYS ALLEN У М С. А. ’20, '21; Booster Club '21. True as the needle to the pole Or the dial to the sun.” ANSON D. MARSTON, Jr. Debating Team '20, 721; Forensic '20, '21; Dramatic Club '20, '21; Radio '20, 21; Christ- mas Carol ‘21. A boy who is a whole encyclopedia of facts.’ towa State College ERMA OLSAN Underwood, Royal and Smith Awards ; Rooster Club ‘21: Spirit Staff ‘21; Annual Staff '21. ‘А saucy lassie, with a twinkling eye. Iowa State College BERNIECE WOODWARD . Declamatory '19; Volley Ball 19; Forensic 19: Dramatic '20, °21; Booster Club 21; Y. W. C. A.; Royal and Underwood Awards; O. G. A. Certificate. “When she approaches, dull care doth fly.” The A. H. S. Annual Page 23 AGNES IONE McCARTHY Y. W. C. A. 19, '20; Spirit Staff '21; An- nual Staff 721: Dramatic ‘20, 721; Forensic 7220 721: “Бепіогв” '21; School calendar 721; Christmas Carol Cast and Com. 721; “А” іп Gym. '18; Booster '21; Senior Class Play Com. ‘21; Senior Carnival Com. 721. Loyal, faithful and ever true, То А. Н. S. and capital Y-O-U. [owa State College TED B. KOOSER “Teddie” Chorus '20; Forensic '21: Dramatic 1 : Operetta '20; Ass't Coach and Cast, Christ- mas Carol '21; Carnival Com. 20: Booster Club '21; Penmanship Certificate. “Some day, if I wait, she'll come to me. lowa State Colleze €» EDNA COE Y. W, C. A. 'I8. '21: Forensic 20, '21: Basket Ball '21; Pooster Club '21. ‘There is only one man for me—and his name is Jack.” EARL BROOKS Long Boy Football '20, '21; Track '18, '20, '21: Basket заП '21: Y. M. C. A. 21: H. S. Senate '21: Athletic Board '21. Much wisdom often goes with the fewest words. ; : FAYE ORA GR IFFITH p Forensic '20, '21; Dramatic '20, '21; Chorus , ‘19, '20, '21; Operetta '19, 20. °21: Music Е Treas. '20; Y. W. C. A. '19, '20, '21: Booster р Club '21. Napoleon was little, so is Faye.” T= a ( гер Sehi TI J | | Page 21 i 1$ АА H I l i 4 P The A. H. S. Annual L ——— M y a iLADYS MARIE GROTH ү үу. С; А. 718, 719, °20, °21; Volley Ball '18: ' A in Gym ‘18. “What is more charming than sweet, spiced with submiss:venezs once іп а while. lowa State College WM. FLOYD SCARBOROUGH “бсагЬ” Forensic 20; бес. Forensic '01: Y. M. C. A. '19, '20; Booster Club '21. His stride is his pride. HARRIET STEWART SLOSS Dramatic '20, '21; Sec. and Treas. Chorus 19: Chorus '18, '19, '20; Booster Club '21. “Wanted by Dove: Information on how to become a Gamble(r).’ MERLE VAN EPPS Football 20: Spirit Staff 217: Annuzé Stall 91 “Tell me more—are women true?” Iowa State College MARY M. REED Y. W. G. A. 19, '20. '21; Y. М. Cabinet ‘291: Chorus °19, '20, '21; Operetta '20, 721; Spirit Staff '21; Annual Staff 721; H. S. Senate '21; School Affairs Com. '20; Senior Social Com. '21; Dramatic '20; Forensic ‘21; Declamatory '19, '20, '21; Orchestra '21; Basket Ball, '19; Booster '91: Underwood Award; Seniors '21. Here's to a girl that's strictly in it, Who loses her head not for a minute, Plays well the game, and knows the limit And still gets all the fun there is in it. Iowa State College The A. H. S. Annual Page 25 GRAYCE JOHNSON Dramatic Club °20: Chorus Operetta '’20: Chorus 7421: “А” іп Gym ‘19; Basket Ball ‘19, 20. Let your own discretion be your tutor. ELMER MALMANGER Y. M. C. A.; Radio Club '20. '21; Booster '21. Developing an eye for the fair sex—es- pecially a blonde. lowa State Collere | ۱ I ф | . | ۹ “ч 2 v ч - | JANE GANS 1 Connellsville, Pa., '18, '19, '20; Booster '21; | ү) Y. М. С А 2 I don't care how you pronounce my name. | i I'll change it some time anyway. ! | ARNOLD LIVINGSTONE Fat Forensic '21; Dramatic ‘21; Booster 721; Operetta '20, 21: Chorus '20, '21; Christmas Carol Cast and Committee. A joke in time saves nine grouches. [owa State College LOIS LAWLER Life is one continual playday, balls, mas- Guerades and shows. cà к- к жо ж ж ж. The A. H. S. Annual MARGARET E. MACY “Marna” Franklin H. S. Seattle, Washington. '18; Chorus '20. '21; Forensic '20, '91: Dramatic '20, '01: Y. W. Membership 721; у СА Rooster '21; Operetta '20, '21. “Tf she will do it, she will: and that's the end of it.' Bryn Mawr tra Ent‏ نار ی۔۔-۔ ٤ h š‏ 720 7 HOWARD GORE Basketball; Football; Captain of Basketball Team '21; Captain of Football Team EIS “He can kick a ‘pig-skin’ and he can toss a ball, But best of all, he likes to talk To Violet in the hall. DOROTHY CRAVEN Davenport High 718, 719, 720; Basket Ball, Senior Capt. '21; Y. W. C. A. '21; Booster Club '21. T «ant what I want when I want it. CLINTON ADAMS God bless the man that invented sleep, So Sancho Panza said and so say I. CHARLINE WOODS She came from Los Angeles. I spend each night in happy dreams, About the night before, When I might be with him right now, Gee! this life makes me sore. The A. Ы: S. Annual Page | ! $ =] MARIE SHERMAN Forensic Club '21; Y. W. C. A. '18, '19, '20, ‘21; Shorthand and Typewriting Diploma; Booster Club '21. Modest and quiet, but useful. .. titiro bitte dat Ee b ٦7 MAE ADAMSON Y. W. C. A. '18, '19, '20, '21: Booster 721. Mistress of herself, tho ‘China’ fall.” NEVA E. GILBERT Y. W. Cabinet '20; Dramatic '20; Booster '21. Romance from the pen doth fly. С СА ©: © BLANCHE SHAW Oskaloosa High '18, '19, '20; Booster Club d LL So what care I, though death be nigh, ГІ live for love or die. ETHEL DAWSON Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die. The A. H. S. Annual Page 28 Mini» š ыу; А А i Li 7 ٦ o 5 pr A 2х | “ . DOCS | Е ҒА LOR e ۹ б asks 5 T - 29% VE E LESLIE O'BRIEN no, tis woman.” me delights “Man = h oe -— m o omo m —— — =... т т سس‎ ЕЕ ----- ке — к. w“. .... ULOW K K 2; RAN Е Basket Ball l. M 20, У 8 д © ge - m bi 22 4 9 % 9) a = 7 je ° 2 = о ng کے پل‎ IITH N MYRL S 1. 2 questions, , '20, 19; Chorus Ask me I'll tell you no fibs. no HAROLD GILBERT š I try to do, at home or at matter what my school, Always the very lea O “N —R‏ ای c X A PEL Seats х si my binding rule.” is -4 t 22 д. ا کیہ ores ,‏ EH a o =e — خر — SS `‏ SEIN‏ ,= = SS کت w 2v» vee М 21. Football '20 719, 18, AYTON MERRILL D Okla. “He talks and talks and talks and talks, Tulsa, `. е 24 T B ` ЕЕ -€- ae 2 2 AE 82 МӘБ 2 2 And then he smiles triump Till Mr. Wyga nt gets And talks and talks м Page 29 The A. H.S. Annual BARTLETT PROCTOR Class Football '18; Football '21; Basketball 19. '20. '21 XML G. Ас 719: 720; I am slain by a fair cruel maid. LILLIAN SORENSON Forensic А Chorus 720, Ae Booster Club aic Declamatory als ا‎ W. G AEA Pena manship Certificate '20, Here's to those who love me, And here's to those who don't; A smile for those who are willing, And a tear for those who won't. LESLIE MeWILLIAMS “Еске” Spirit Staff '21; Annual Staff '21. “We cannot understand at all, this most pecul- He unica hard, and seldom flunks And never gets in bad.” California “U.” ‘ ) | | HATTIE BALL “True words need no interpreter. SIDNEY DAVIS Sid Delmar H. S. '18; Band '20, '21; Orchestra 21: Football '21; Athletic Treas. 721: Y. M. C A. '21; Radio Club '20, '21; Pres, Radio '21. He may turn out all right yet, he is still young.” Iowa State College 'The A. H. S. Annual Page 30 GEORGE ROSENFELD У М. С А. 20 2L. Like a pond, still and deep. lowa State College ISTEY BEMAN‏ ا “Like powder, I am for girls. JOSEPHINE MARONEY Penmanship Diploma; Royal Award; Basket Pall ”20, 721: Ү. УҮ. С. А. '18: Booster Club '21. What shall I do to be forever known, and make the age to come my own. Northwestern ''U. سی e e‏ ا اس ا ا ا ا | | | THOMAS B. CLARK WM OG, А: 718: SIN; 720; 721] :5Y Ous Cabinet '19. '21: Pres. of Y. M. C. А, '20; Spirit Staff '90: Booster Club '21. One girl and only seven nights a week to be with her. Iowa State College HOMER TOSTLEBE “Jake” Pres. of H. S. Senate 20: Editor-in-Chief of Spirit '20; Spirit Staff '19; Football '19, '20, ‘21: Basket Ball '18, '19, '20, '21; Track '19, '00; V. Pres. of Class of '18, '20; Pres. of Band '19, '20; Orchestra '’17, '’18, '19, '20; Pand '18, '19, '20, '21: Assembly Board 721; H. S. Social Com. '17, '18; Music Board '21. “Lizzie’s big, tall m an. Iowa State College The A. H. 5. Annual Page 31 VERNE ADAMSON X. M. G.-Az 18. 719.. 20. 791- Our friend and a hard worker. WILLIAM TANNER Spirit Staff '20. Happy am I, From care I am free, Why aren't they all Contented like me? RUTH MILLER She has a head to contrive, A tongue to persuade And a hand to execute any mischief. ACKLEY BEMAN ““Бей іс the light for which he lives. CLARENCE GODARD Shrimp' Orchestra '17, '18, '19, '20, '21; Forensic Sec. and Treas. ’19; Band '20, '21; Booster 721. “The deed I intend is great, but what it is I know not. — The A. H. S. Annual Page 32 VEN Tema er a EARL DOWNEY Basket Ball '19, '20; Class Basket Ball '18; Football '21; Class Football '18. “This lad named Earl J. Downey Is wise beyond his years; He gains the maidens’ awed respect By wiggling both his ears. BURNICE HUBBART He goes to Nevada quite often to see— the Court House.” NELL TAYLOR Timber Lake, S. D. 718, ‘19, у= үз И Membership Com. '21; School Affairs 21:; Dramatic '21; Declamatory '20, '21. With shining hair and winning smile, To be her friend is worth one's while.” FRED H. STODDARD Columbus, Neb. '18, '19; H. S. Senate 720; Class Pres. '20; Spirit Staff '21; Annual Staff '21; Band '20, '21; Orchestra '20, '21; Chorus '20, '21; Operetta '20, '21. Of all the arts, great music is the ert to raise the soul above all storms.” EBER SHERMAN Class Football '18; Basket Ball °20, 721; Track '20, '21; Y. M. C. A. 718. In childhood still I roam.” Iowa State College LI DEED s 5 sv “..., 1 The A. H.S. Annual Page 33 poas =з Кы цс v ей Су” ter ЖЖ” КУ وہ‎ ж J у. PES SRN 44, SECO A AN Y ET ENS OUTRE УУ Курт. سح‎ NUR a s en, у ا سوہ‎ M w ANC T i St ы” T £M хы CE CUN Ora AM. Сож : хн Sh ae eS, i4 u Қ í . . ٦ 4 KATHRYN SMUTZ Katie Fairfield H. S. '18, '19; Dramatic Club '20, ‘21; Basket Ball ‘20, '21; Booster Club 721. “Oh the light that lies in a woman's eyes, and lies and lies and lies. BURNEITA BURTON Assembly Board '21; Pres. Music Board '21; Dramatic '20; Operetta '20, '21; Chorus '20, 21; Senate '21. --- 222 жж н та а o = x ее тор. m oom oon Never reacy, always late, but she smiles, and so you wait. Wisconsin “U.” - zzz o «VY „+ ` ار‎ 4 ۹ NT ۰۱ Е ` ۰ Yw Z Y. Уы йт; - ub مر‎ y RP WM Er S VAN ae vs. | 4 کر ان لی ا ла‏ ہو ہد یہ М‏ بے وع aT‏ 5 LJ‏ хе 07 1 “А x. Ў Ӯ РЕКСҮ САКЕҮ A sense of duty pursues us ever » LANs 54 n. t s E ee же ہے ہو ے و тел‏ کھت » CC. ух m و‎ S 4 Py سر‎ et E K 3 71 чар m. F AN S x 4 TO oe SS eee, 675 K | HI ) | УЗ ETE SEA 4 а 4. EDITH RUGGLES She knows a lot, but strange to say, Ain't ruined by the fact. ت0 7 ља 8 дя д ` i 1 IRMA ORTNER Declamatory '21; Forensic '21; Chorus '21: Eooster Club '21; Y. W. C. A. '20. Woman's tongue keeps no Sunday. lowa State College асу car 4” i SENIOR WHO'S WHO AMBITION pg 88 жа. و‎ —— — —— , NAME Clinton Adams Mae Adamson Verne Adamson Gladys Allen Harriet Allen Edna Armstrong Ethel Armstrong Hattie Ball Sam Battell Marjorie Beam Ackley Beman Estey Beman Grace Bentley Earl Brooks Burneita Burton Percy Carey Thomas Clark Edna Coe Ruth Confare Dorothy Craven Sidney Davis Ethel Dawson Earl Downey Geverna Erickson Brice Gamble Jane Gans Myrl Garretson Mildred Ghrist Harold Gilbert Neva Gilbert Clarence Godard Howard Gore Faye Griffith Gladys Groth Thelma Houghan Lowell Houser Burnice Hubbart Clemma Johnson Grayce Johnson Charies Knapp Ted Kooser Frank Kulow Lois Lawler Bertha Lawson Arnold Livingstone Agnes McCarthy Leslie McWilliams Margaret Macy Elmer Malmanger OCCUPATION Getting in bad Being with Edith Reciting in History Driving a horse Making clothes Reading the Bible Hairdressing Wearing curls Warming radiators Looking pretty Sweeping out Olsan’s Hall Chewing gum Squealing Running to school Standing at West door Arguing Raising pop corn Wearing a diamond Wearing long dresses Kidding Miss Clough Stammering Flirting Standing at Locker 94 Being thin “Gambling” Having a date Seeds Driving a Ford Skipping school Posing Caring for Donald Shooting baskets Stenographer Combing her hair Toddling Bluffing in Physica l'ussing (7) Riding in a Ford Solo dancing Chewing gum Washing dishes Studying Dreaming dreams Knowing everything Reading Exchanges [паш їп in “Spats” Blushing FAMOUS FOR Great? undertakings Cutting a big figure Avoiding girls Giggling Rosy cheeks A twin Swimming like a brick Shorthand transcriptions His nose Her “uke” Edna Bright remarks Her smile His hair Joshing 7ء‎ Politics Having a girl Spit curl Curly hair Making a hit Blue eyes and freckles Perfume “I,” “me” and “myself” William Green Hill Ladies’ man Beauty Asking questions Rich Carpenter work Proposals His hair A “Violet” Speed Being quiet Ear puffs His giggle Nevada Green Middy Blondness His crowning glory Housewifery Sleeping in class Curly hair Aminbility Avoirdupois Rosy cheeks Jack-in-the-box Many suitors Mildred OUGHT TO BE Merry-go-round owner Canary bird warden Honor student A hairdresser Senator from lIowa Black haired A Hawaiian More friendly Douglas Fairbanks In Paris A little older In Kindergarten A manikin A good brother A good vamp A policeman A prize fighter Beauty specialist A good chaperone Dancing teacher Orator Smaller President А farmerette Less frivolous A vamp Wise Shorthand teacher Brilliant student In the movies Solo cornetist in Kelly band Florist Court reporter An actress Hula girl Minister Girls Gym. tencher Physics teacher Ventriloquist A matinee idol Julian Eltinge More careful A nice girl A butterfly Reducing A Hawaiian island queen In California Dating every night A valet Grand opera singer A deaconess Collecting cocoanuts Run a cafeteria A missionary Life-saver at Minnewashta Examining false teeth A nurse A huge success An artist's model A home of his own To be popular Rock of Ares Cultivate a loud voice Dodge Miss Rayburn Party boss Be a millionaire Be a Mrs. Preacher's wife Swim across Atlantic Winter in Ames Run a toy shop Champion ear хш ег Fall in love Own Harriet Quit powdering her nose Scallop potatoes Chief adviser to president To be a perfect man “A skin you love to touch’ Nurse man Mayor Private secretary to Mr. ۷۹۰۹1 Nurse Chiropractor “Faro” banker Explore Australia A manicure Movie Queen To make candy Section boss Minister to Cuba To travel Librarian Train caller at Gilbert Manager at Woolworth’s Usher at Twin Star To get home “early” To learn to dance jenuuy S “HV L NAME Josephine Maroney Anson Marston Emily Mellor Ruth A. Miller Hazel Morrison Gertrude Murray Robert Murray Verna Nelson Agnes Noble Pearl Nunamaker Leslie O’Brien Erma Olsan Irma Ortner Ruth Parsons Mildred Porter Bartlett Proctor Loreen Ragsdale Marie Rayness Mary Reed Ada Robinson George Rosenfeld Edith Ruggles Orley Ryan Floyd Scarborough Elizabeth Scovel Letha Seymour Blanche Shaw Eber Sherman Marie Sherman Myrl Smith Kathryn Smutz Lillian Sorenson Edith Speers Florence Speers Neva Spence Barbara Stanton Fred Stoddard Nell Taylor Albert Tesdall William Tanner Russell Thompson Homer Tostlebe Violet Tripp Merle Van Epps Ben Wagner Mary Wasser Rex White Charline Woods Berniece Woodward LE” or vr |. W . Q V ly ree oom w Š puet e l Cn OCCUPATION | Driving a Hup | Reading the dietionary Falling in love Flourishing her hands Making malted milks Flying into a rare Looking intelligent Blushing Office girl Hammering the piano Tickling a typewriter Bumming with Lillian Laughing Living in town Rivaline Searb Going to church Looking sad Getting 100's Having a steady | Living up to her name | Living Getting acquainted Looking soulful Dashing dots Wearing a pin Looking out for Gladys Going home Driving a milkwagon Appearing hard boiled Chewing gum Going to dances Powdering Kidding Mae Being obliging Rounding up news Standing at Locker 94 Getting advertising Going Bob—ing Driving an Overland Hunting Nothing Rushing Elizabeth Actress Scuffling his feet Sassing Agnes | Turning her ankle | Hunting a girl Dancing Talking fast FAMOUS FOR Clothes Bie words Brenking hearts Small talk Being with Verna A song about u fly A gasleas Ford Spit Curls l'rench Big eyes Wearing out piano benches A jolly good fellow Pink cheeks Black hair Never being alone His Paige 117? Pretty writing Mrs. Scarberry” Literary ability Squeaky voice Her size Local color Reed ing Tall men Hier height Hair do His grin A wordless woman Gushing Fairfield boys Her laugh Sweet and simple Transcripts Her 'some-day' house Childish ways His opinions “Peg O° My Heart” Manly beauty | Going to Nevada Speeding Slang Style shows Football write-ups Orations Removing screen doors His motorcycle Phi Gams Pig tail OUGHT TO BE Plumper In college ain kindergarten On the stare | More studious With Westley | | ۱ More hopeful Less prim A mountaineer Having «a good time “Of sterner stuff’ А critic Coy An English shark A Clark Somebody's steady A kewpie An artist Seen and not heard More considerate of the fountain A city guy Less brilliant More popular | Cannibal king | With mother | Sunday school teacher An athlete (iovernor More frisky A dressmaker Older Bashful Flirtatious Less excitable A reporter Out camping Dancing teacher “Pet of the Plains” Gentleman of leisure More sociable A nice good boy A little longer At Minnewashta A rood mixer A good hubby Loved, honored and obeyed A chauffeur Less sophisticated Nurse maid AMBITION Have a date Fall in love To shock “somebody” lo meet her equal To have long hair To chaperon an Okoboji party A poet ‘To make a patent mosquito trap Play a Uke He busy Piano tuner Chemist Have pretty clothes A French teacher То hoe pop corn Run a garage То be more demure То talk louder To learn telegraphy To hang on to a Bill To sing To grow tall Be out of school То juggle butter To know ‘em all To зее-шоге То be willowy 'To post bills To be graceful To be cheerful Nothing Counting ergs To be beautiful To talk fluently To be an old maid Go swimming in April Sousa the Second Teach country school A lady’s man To race Break his record A Quack A high diver To sit still To be an E. E. To grow thin To sing Go back to California Chief Justice Ienuuvy `S `H `V UL The A. H. S. Ann Ad Ruth Parsons ic To, ( % - t- - ъё „меа س‎ L : 2 ta а The A. H.S. Annual Page 37 47. Sopnomore JE SR. Freshman JUNIORS Page 3 a —— ==‏ سس 8 Allen. Melvina Barnard, Ronald Ball, Mildred Barger, Theron Belknap, Blanche Beman, Maxwell Bissell, James Carberry, Grace Caul, Faye Chambers, Josephine Clark, Alice Coe, Roland Cole, Gladys Cole, Lula Cole. Madeline Corbin, Frank Dodds, Galen Douglas, Irwin Dove, Ralph Karly, Durward Edwards, Gwen Ellett, Garnett JUNIOR The A. H. S. Annual Ewing, Juanita Field, Violet Gaston, Thelma Gernes, Mildred Gray, Doris Grogan, Anna Ruth Grove, Lucille Griffith, Louise Hanmer, Greta Haverly, Lyle Hawley, Elizabeth Hibner, Donan Hoon. Lester Hunter, Earl Huntley, Francis Hussong, Ralph Jensen, Holger Johns, William Kingsbury. Velma Knight, Gladys Kulow, Geneva Larson, Leshe The A. H. S. Annual Page 39 Lewis, Lawrence Schulz, Howard MeCoy, Ruth Seott, Helen Matlack, Margaret Smith, Helen Maulsby, Velma Smith, Maurice Meredith, Cleo Sogard, Walter Mettlen. Hasseltine Sorenson, Camilla Moore. Agnes Steele. Katherine Morris. Clare Stevenson, Esther Nelson, Laura Stenerson, Leonard Noble. Mable Stokka, Sherwood Ochampaugh, Edna Thompson, Pauline Olson, Burton Van Oosten, Wallace Peterson. Ines Van Patten, Margaret Robuck, Glen Walker, Ruth Roberson. Rose Warren. Frank Robinson, Leone Wax, Ella Rodgers, Helen Welke, Gladys Rodgers, Vera Welsh, Cleve Schroeder, Mildred Wilcox, Alice | PRIZE POEM YOUR FEELINGS When vou re feeling sort o' blue, And you don't know what to do, And evervthing about goes dead wrong; Just east away that frown, Lay all your troubles down, 3race up, and show the world that you are strong. When vou re feeling sort о’ Јалу, Everything is dull and hazy, And the other feller can’t do nothin’ right: | Forget about your ills, And the little winter chills, Or the other chap is sure to win the fight. 5 wT Sen, eee? = When you re feeling bright and cheery, Light of heart instead of dreary, And all the world about you is in rhyme ; Just wear a pleasant smile, | Yon ll find it is worth while, For a smile will bring the sunshine every time. —Fay Griffith, 21. t The A. H. S. Annual سس س س JOPHOMURE. The A. H.S. Annual Page 41 SOPHOMORES = з г CONT! m ст cone em ee ene Senne | 77 EE ei IY NUBE SIVE URS HT X — — t e g J ма ажа. 77 6 жие”; ——a —— —-—-—-— € Ip o -—— —— — و‎ Adams, Margaret Cure, Maybelle | Allen, Lyle Davidson, Paul | Baldwin, Margaret Davis, Arthur | Затт, Mildred Downey, Paul | zarr. Florence Dragoun, Dorothy Batman, Margaret Dyrland, Ruth Battell, Richard Elhott, Ashley Bower, Loran Elliott, Frances Brooks, Pearl Elliott, Laura | Bulloek, Dorothy Erickson, Donald jurns, Burrel Erickson, Lester x Carberrv, Earl Fincham, Lucille Carberry, John Garretson, Marjorie Р Carpenter, Naomi Goodwin, Margaret : сат Vesta Gord. Shirley 'arr. Vina р hase. Orlo Clark, Ward Cleghorn, Margaret Cole, Eva Cole, Herman Copeland, Gordon Cupps, Helen Graves, Norman Groth, Martha Grove. Florence Griffith, Mona Griffith, Vivian Hall. Violet Haverly, Ardis Haue, Harold Page 42 The A. H. S. Annual نم ہہس ہہ سس سس кии‏ Hoke, Marian Holsinger, James Howell, Eben Hussong, Inez Iden, Clarence Iler, Rav Judge, Kathryn Kirehoff, Alice Kratoska, Milo Kuehl, Jeannette Largent, Pearl Lockwood, Cleo MeCauley, Dorothy MeElyea, Clinton Macy, Ted Miller, Ruth E. Morris, Ralph Morrissey, Bernard Morrissev, Vincent Morrison, Clarence Nelson, Eugene Osborne. Russell Parsons, Wayne Paulson, Herbert Perkins, Florence Person, Mildred Peterson, Ear! Peterson, Earl P. Pettit, Margaret Powell, Beulah Prall, Doris Proctor, Margaret Randau, Vernon Reis, Lawrence Rew, Myron Richey, Charles Roupe, Vincent Sehulz. Clavton Sheelev, Robert Shepard, Mabel Sills, Blanche Sjostrom, Pear! Smart, Aubrey Smith, Marian Spinney, Beryl Spinney, Bevier Stevens, Grace Stoddard, Dale Textrum, Lorren Textrum, Vernon Thomas, Ralph Thompson, Calvin Thompson, Dorothy Thoreson, Hazel Thoreson, Leo Van Nice, Rachel Wherry, Lawrence Winter, Ruth The Corridor Club is quite a popular ring, And it seems to be worse now during spring ۹ We all know the old saying is very true And it seems to be now—with a certain few. Some new ones have joined, you probably know Among them are Anna Ruth and Bud Coe. Some old members have left this terrible peril These were Charline Woods and Red Merrill. But yet there are some who still stand by the door. Ackley, Red, Violet and Howard Gore, Who seem to be standbys and never will eare For anyone else, no matter how fair. The A. H. S. Annual Pare 43 ——-—-—-—-—-— — — — — — —є——-— ња Darten merrill TRESHMAN. Page 44 'The A. H. S. Annual سے FRESHMEN 1920-1921 Adams, Elmer Karly, Elmo Adams, Franklin Eells, Lyman Acheson. Donald Elliott, Albert Allen, Sarah Eness, Eugene Allan, Clarenee Fish, Frances | Ball, Leona Foster, Glenn Battell, William Fuchs, Ruth Bowman, Harry Gavin, John Burns, James Guthrie, Chas. Carter, Faye Hagen, Marian Chase, Marjorie Halbaseh, Rolland Conway, Thelma Hoffmaster, Blanche Conner, Winitred Ide, Chester Conner, Eloise Innes, Donald Davis, Mildred Irwin, Robert Davis, Ralph Johnson, Arthur Dixon, Ivadelle Kennedy, Donald Dodds, Kermit Kinekade, Francis Duekworth, Cleo Knapp, Raymond Duckering, Chas. Knudson, Vera Dunlap, Donald Lawler, Mabel Dvrland, Blaine Link, Lon The A. H. S. Annual Little. Marian Logsdon, Clarence Long, Margery Loughran, Edmund Lovejoy, Florence MeDowell. Frances McGee, Dorothy MeLeod, Daniel Maroney, Mildred Martin, Alphonso Meldrum. Ida Merrill, Barrett Merrill. Margaret Miehe!s, Lina Miller. Jerome Miiler. Edith Miller, Lucille Morgan, William Morrissey, Jeremiah Mudd, Lueille Nordst rum, Marjorie Obere, Wilbur Osam, Clifford Patten, Helen Patter, Ruth Price, Marjorie Page 45 — r F sta? k sr r r Pettv, Edith haesdale, Mattie Richardson, Hazel Richey, Curtis Roe. Orrie Schraeder, Rudolph Seymour, Ray Sherman, Doris Shockley, Nina Sloan, Mary Smith, Dorothy Smutz, Pauline Snook, Vivian Starkey, George Steele, Wolcott Stiles, Herbert Tanner, Clyde Tavlor, Ralph Thoreson, Lorraine Van Patter, Martha Van Seov, Byron Welke, Gertrude White. Phyllis Williams. Flovd Winter. Lottie Womack. Thelma Tell me not in truthful accents Every girl can have a beau, For there are many who ean t find them Though they hunt them high and low. Life is real, life is earnest, Matrimony is the prize, Yet there are many who can t gain 1t Though they re witty, gay and wise. In the world’s broad field of battle. In the busy whirl of life None wishes to be single, Each would rather be a wife. | ) | | Let them be up and doing, Watching, watching for a man, And the first who comes to woo you, Charm and catch him if you ean. (With apologies to Longfellow. ) Page 46 S 77752 l i=: The first elass was graduated from Ames High Sehool in 1880. This class was composed of five girls. High Sehool then was Central Building. One of them is Mrs. Lillian Berlin who lives near Maxwell, Iowa, and the other four are scattered in all parts of the United States. ALUMNI 0 Kathryn Maroney. First class steno. Working for the Highway Commission. Helen Freed. Helen was going to Iowa City but later decided to attend ES U Blanche Noble. ‘‘Just loafing.”’ Lyla French. Attending I. S. © Па French. Attending І. S. С. and taking ‘‘ Hee.’’ Hazel McKibben. Attending I. S. C. Marian Smith. First quarter at- tended I. S. C. but second quarter staved at home. Earl Elliott. Worked in the Var- sity Shop until Christmas, then en- tered I. S. C. Egbert Stone. Attended Columbia University until Christmas and then returned home. lura Woods. Attending I. S. C. Alford Carleton. Moved to Des Moines and attending Oberlin college in Ohio. Harvey Fitch. Moved to Texas. Norma Cole. Stenographer for Ames Tribune. Not married. Marguerite Conner. Attending I. S. C. E Lee Stevens. Attending Jk S. C. Earl Noble. Attending TI. S. C. The A. H. S. Annual % Lorena Cure. Going to I. S. C. and also with Sam. Perey Adams. Moved to Califor- nia but has returned and is at his old job at the Twin Star. Merrill D. Hunter. Going to I. 5. С. George Dunlap. Working for the Fort Dodge, Des Moines and South- егп. Franeis Emmett Carberry. Attend- ing Iowa State College. Alvin Thornburg. Going to 1. C. and attending all the dances. Sam Carter. Attending I. 8. and Kelloge avenue at Ninth St. Norman Corneliussen. Living 1р California and cashier in a bank. Harold Loughran. Married in Des Moines and making his living there. Harold Giebelstein. Attending I. 59 (O. Ralph Mayo. Working at the Manual Training Annex for Mr. Singer. Not married yet, but soon. Alvin Nelson. Attending T. 8. C. [da Harper. Living in Vinton. Went to Cedar Falls last summer. Hazel Taylor. A music teacher and taking musice at I. S. C. Joe Anderson. Driving a team of mules with Peck. Barbara Wentch. Goine to I. S. C. and winking at all the good looking men. | Jonas Tesdall. Workine on the farm. Donald Hunter. Going to college at Ames. Bernice Eller. Stenographer at lowa State. Lillian Kelso. Goine to Nurses’ Training School at Chicago. o m E - pcne ж. ж t uu) wide Ro ء٤‎ — = The A. H. S. Annual Joan Parsons. Attending І. 89: 10 Glen Durrell. Attendimne 1. S. С. and. also courting the girls. Mildred Jack. Lives at Jefferson, lowa, and 1s a stenographer for the Farm Bureau. Myron Textrum. Going to LS. С. Norma Haverly. Working at Col- lexe Book Store. Kenneth Parry. Living at Oakley Towa. Grace Vickery. A working steno. Ethel Rayness. Going to I. S. C. Donald Durrell. Going to Iowa State. Josephine Wilcox. Working for the lowa Telephone Company. Ruth Johnson. Attending I. S. C. Fat as ever. Lois Ross. Attending I. S. C Ruth Hall. Going to lowa State. Helene Dean. Studying at Iowa State College. Gladys Ross. Also studying at I. S. ©. [da Thoma s. One of the college stenographers. Viola Rahe. Livine in Des Moines. Kathryn Logan. Has returned to her home in Montana. Howard McColly. Going to Iowa State. Irene Dewey. Attending I. S. C. Merna Lee. Stenographer at the ( 'ollege, Winnie Hill. Workine as a ste- nographer at I. S. C. Mildred MeCauley. Going to school in Michigan. Myrna Gray. Stenographer at I. Sr (Charlotte Judge. ‘‘Loafine’’ at home. Dorothy Miller. Attending I. S. G. Esther Stevens. Attending college át 1-8, G: toy Bennett. First quarter at- tended college and loafed the rest of the year. Fern MeCleary. Staying home. Carvel Caine. Goine to Grinnell and taking Business Administration. Page 47 Earl Rayness. Clerking at Lowry’s Makine malted milks. Emil Rathbun. Workine in Win- ner, South Dakota. Naomi Eaker. Moved to Nevada but 1s a stenographer at L. S. C. Edward Rutherford. Going to I. D: ©. ALUMNI 719. Russell Barker. Journalistic work at Northwestern University. Wayne Cupps. Shoveline cement. Zoe Van Meter. Stenographer for the City Hall. Marie Mortenson. Ames (Iowa State College. ) [уаде] Elwood. Married—Mvrs. Gibbs. Minnie Lindauer. Stenographer at the Registrar’s office. Ted Jones. (топо to [б S. С. Julia Arrasmith. Married. Now is Mrs. Ted Hanna. Working at tke Tilden Manutacturing Co. Lyle Griffith. Attending I. S. C. ' Extender'' in the Extension Bu- reall. Naomi Britten. Attending I. 8. C. Lucille Nickels. Stenographer at Ag. Hall. Veronica Morrisey. Attendine col- lege at I. S. C. Nordica Stokka. Stenographer at Ao. Hall. Grace Iden. Still working for Supt. Bodwell. Carolyn Crosby. Playine with the money at the Story County Bank. Margaret Sloss. Attending I. S. G; Florence Snook. Stenographer for Dr. Bush. Manning Howell. Going to I. S. C. Fern Grover. Attending school at Oberlin. Ohio. Florence Godard. Traveling with the Grinnell orchestra. Harry Williams. Attending T. S. 60 | Gertrude Reis. Attending I. S. C. Verna Clark. Attending I. S. C. The A. H. S. Annual Page 48 S l a ee t Dan McCarthy. Attending I. 8. Waldo McDowell. Going їо І. 8. 0: C. Ermina Beman. Still helping Bill Harriett Tilden. Studying at l. in the store. S. C. | Richard Beckman. Going to І. 5. Eleanor Murray. Going to I. š. C. C. Gordon Pohlman. Attending |. 5 Lydia Tilden. Attending Monti- C. cello Boarding School. Priscilla Dodds. Attending I. S. Estella Sill. Stenographer at Ag. C. Hall. Grace Pohlman. Attending I. S. Dorothy Gruwell. Attending I. 5. C. C, Elizabeth Gleason. Attending I. 5. Dorothy Oliver. Nurses’ assistant С. and going to Nurses’ School in Chica- Edith Sunderlin. Attending I. 8. oO, C. Loraine Caul. Attending school 1n Raymond Byrnes. Working, sells Ohio. men’s clothing. Robert Potter. Attending college Chevalier Adams. Attending |. AN LSE E S. C. Neva Snook. Stenographer for Dr. Myrtle MeCannon. Stenographer. 3udee. Is not married (yet.) “THE POWER IN A PEA ” By ORLO R. CHASE .. James T. Hoover was a very mean man. Не was so tight he'd squeeze a niekel till it perspired. He was also very wealthy. He owned. several farms, lots of cattle, horses, sheep, hogs and chickens. And last but not least, he had a nephew. Не thought he owned him. Maybe he did. کت‎ маек” Hoover was feeding the hogs when J. T. came home. ‘Go eet them colts,” he growled. Nick went. At least he went as far as the gate, where he pulled a small wooden whistle from his pocket. In the bowl of this whistle was a pea. Nick blew a shrill blast. After a moment's walt a croup of ‘two-year-olds’? came racing over the hill. In the lead was a nimble full-ehested coal-black mare. | Nick gave Blue-Bird a lump of sugar and led the colts to the stable. “What’s the big idea?’ he demanded of J. T. IDhere's a fellow going to buy a couple, so brush them up a little,” replied his unele. | The A. H. S. Annual Page 49 Niek did as he was bid, but seeretly hoped that Blue-Bird would not be sold. Fate decreed otherwise however,for at two o'elock Tim O'Loran five he left, leading Blue-bird and Tiny. This was in June. During the next two months Nick and his uncle’s jockey ‘‘Toad’’ worked a couple of J. T.’s horses, preparing them for the annual races at the county fair. I'he day of the races arrived. James T. gave Nick two dollars and twenty cents. Nick then went fairward. After paying the entrance fee, buying ham- burgers, ice-cream cones, merry-go-round rides, ete., he didn’t have much left. Some time later after a ride in the Ferris wheel he heard a cheer from the direction of the race track. ‘ Guess I'l] go to the races,’’ he thought. Arriving at the entranee he started to enter. “Ticket please? ' They don t charge, do they ?’’ asked Nick. “Sure, wata y'u think this is, a free for all nursery show ?”’ Nick gulped and nervously put his hand in his pocket. He drew out the contents, a button, a dime, a pocket knife and a small wooden pea whistle. How much is it? ' eagerly he asked. Fifty cents,’ the man replied uninterestedly. Nick crawled in thru a hole in the Тепсе alongside some other ‘‘brokes.’’ The races had already started and the half mile was nearly up. Nick was in love with racing. Here was excitement! Неге they come! Nick grows ex- cited and pulls his whistle from his pocket—puts it to his lips. The people are velling. Nick blows his whistle. Then he recognizes the leading horse as one belonging to his unele. He nervously puts the whistle to his mouth and blows a shrill blast. A nimble, coal-black, two vear old is forging ahead. Now they are even. No, the black is ahead. Nick blows his whistle again and again. And Blue-Bird wins. Nick ran to cer ouf of the Way ot the blaek colt- brt the former pet insisted on eatehing him. So Nick stopped and caressed her. The owner, Tim O’Loran, eame up to Nick. “I see whv mv horse—or rather yours, won.’’ Nick smiled, ‘ Yes I blew the whistle and Blue-Bird heard.’’ Blue-Bird nothing. I call her Minx. I don't see anythine blue about her. Nick was shocked. ‘‘Why she’s blue bloodea.’’ Oh. ves, I see, but Blue-Blood. or Blue-Bird, I see vou and the colt are pretty well attached. I made enough out of the race to make vou a present of her. Take her, she’s vours.’’ Nick took. SPRING TIME Oh. spring is come, Oh. snrine is here. And now. the days are full of musie, And most of the birds ore back avain In the meadows and in the (тее-Торя, See them flying in the sunlight, Hear them sing, loud and sweet, Oh. I know they love the spring time Because it is the sweetest time of all the vear. —Holger Jensen. SE „эъ ссе س‎ The A. H. S. Annual PRIZE POEM ‘MEMORIES. When you wonder each evening O'er the annual all alone, And you look upon the faces Of all the class mates you have known; When the school days come before you And you look with eager eyes You will see the lads and lassies Who were happy, gay and wise. Wandering o’er life’s shadowed path They slowly wend their way, And gaily reach the home shore, At the closing of the day. Again you see the teac ‘hers With their kind and pleasant smile, The ones you always liked the best Because they helpe d vou all the while. When school w ork would be difficult And a vacation on ahead They always knew you couldn t do Just ev verything they said. Still with eagerness and longing All your visions you revere, And greet the living presence Of the ones you hold so dear. —Mildre d Se 'hroeder. 29. PRIZE POEM ODE TO MISS RAYBURN Twas the first of September, And all through the room, There was silence and weeping; We had gone to our doom. Before us sat Rayburn, She made us all sigh. We could tell by he ir looks That trouble was nigh. But behold, she arose, And, it seemed to be joy To say ''Equo' means horse And 'pueri'' means boy. We learned conjugation And all kinds of junk, But before we did; know it She made most of us flunk. She would sit there as stern As a judge on a bench, Her eyes shone lke fire That no water could quench. She took us through torture Without our permit, But before she had finished A few of us quit. But since it 1s over Things sure have been bum. She has kept us for hours For just chewing gum! Miss Rayburn, have merey, Pray do not offend; Let's hope in the futiz'e, Our troubles may end. —L. Link. — مسج وی۲۰۔م“۔‎ - ٦ — k. | v i i | m f LI | | А m m 5 = . р L C í r eF | | 5 е! 4. k Y Р 4 » ж 2% | 4 ۱ 2 I Е E» . 4 š, т , .- | | И E BOOK TWO STUDENT ACTIVITIES ' XD ٭‎ - š. 1 í КА, Mg 7 7772«47 973 The A. H. S. Annual š CC e ا‎ EA Ше сре s ۱ 0۷ - 77s f А. ГА r 3 = аҹ 7 - Р х . ` - AANG bN Á | m وو وو‎ ы 1 wam x — 2 | ! i 1 | ды 9 pt x سک‎ im ри The A. H. S. Annual Page 52 FORENSIC CLUB First row—Gamb!e, Scarborough, Barger, Miss Hiller, Spinney, Macy, Kyle. Second row—Kingsbury, Griffith, Rodgers, Gaston, Noble, Allen. Third row—Sorenson, Matlack, Knight, French, Stenerson, Kuehl, MeCoy. Fourth row—Ortner, Parsons, Reed, Noble, Hawley, McCarthy ` First row—Coe, Livingst n, Dove, Marston, Kooser, Groth, Kerchoff. Second row—Moore, Macy, F. Griffith, Allen, Bentley, Elliott. Third row—Smith, Prall, Ewing, Welsh, Edwards. Gernes, Bullock, Fourth row— Erickson, Miller, Little, V. Griffith, Proctor, Largent The A. H. S. Annual Page 53 FORENSIC CLUB kach member of the Forensic ( lub is required LO appear upon the elub pro- erams in alphabetieal order. Sometimes a modern author is discussed, some- times à new invention, and sometimes live topies of the day. Most interesting programs are presented bv those members who are talented enoueh to be able to eive us eomie readines and impersonations. Several informal debates have been held. it was suggested that the club be made a debating club exclusively, but the members did. not vote to do so for two reasons: first, because it 18 the only liter- ary elub 1n sehool so it should include all the different forms of publie speaking ; second. but not least, the elub would not he able to eet very many members it debating only was studied. The club 1s only three years old but it has accomplished a great deal and is worthy of the support of every student in A, H. S. Will we boost for it next vear? Yea Bo! Officers: Brice Gamble, president; Ralph Dove, vice-president; Floyd Sear- borough, secretary ; Theron Barger, treasurer; Miss Hiller, adviser. DRAMATIC CLUB LX а First row—Armstrong, Sloss, McCarthy, Parsons, Marston, Gilbert, Mellor, R. Murray. Second row— Burton. Smutz. Griffith, Ghrist, Confare, French, Armstrong, Rayness. Third row -Stanton, G. Murray, Moore, Livingstone, Woodward, Tripp, Miller. Fourth row—Erickson, Beam, Noble, Miss Hiller, Kooser, Macy, Hou:er, Caul The Dramatie Club is an organization of about thirty members, with Miss Hiller as adviser; Violet Tripp, president; Ruth Parsons, vice-president; Edna Armstrong, secretary. The clab meets every Tuesday, the third period, in Miss Eille: ’s room. The club has helped clear part of the debt left over from last year, by having two candy sales. Both of these sales were very successful, and a good profit was made. The first part of the year Miss Hiller gave lectures on the development of dramatic art and the stave in several of the foreign countries. These were very interesting and all those who heard them will be more able to appreciate the different forms of the drama which the various races have developed. The A. H. S. Annual Page 54 DEBATE First row—Douglas, Barger, Miss Hiller, Olson, Marston. Second row—Robinson, Ewing, French DECLAMATORY CONTESTANTS First row—C artes [AVIS Miss Hiller, Wagner Mettlin. Second row—Gray, Scott, Noble, Moore, Miller, night. Third row—Caul, H. Rodgers, Erickson, Roberson, Nunamaketr — - — C... À —— —— = == ` چ-‎ The A. H. S. Annual ا‎ 1 Zt DEBATE The state question: Resolved, ‘That the shop committee plan of Industrial Management should be adopted by all industrial plants which employ more than two hundred men. The question was unpopular with many of the schools in the State League and Ames was not alone in her withdrawal. We wish to thank our coaches and supporters and to add that debating is a very excellent combination of fun and work. DECLAMATORY CONTESTS Ames High is proud of the number of students who took part in Declamatory work this year. The work was arranged in a series of three preliminary con- fests, in which about thirty students were judged. The declaimers winning places in the three preliminary contests were again judged in the semi-final contest, and the very best of these appeared in the final contest February fourth. The winners in the final contest were: Ben Wagener, first; Helen Rodgers, second—Oratorieal: Nell Taylor, first; Rose Roberson, seeond—Dramatiec: Ge- verna Erickson, first; Agnes Moore, second—Humourous. The first place over all went to Nell Taylor, who spoke Pee O' My Heart’’ and won the hearts of her entire audience. ORCHESTRA š 5 س ——F———‏ - - 00 9ت7 -پ--سسٌکس‌‌پس‌ِ:ك 0+ته+]+ 9‪.‪‫.].“پ ج نی تتپپج. ——үҥш -—— ,‏ - ہے ————— — —-— — —— n —n — ——‏ ا First row—F. Stoddard, Parsons, Hibner, Tostlebe, Elliot, Shepard, White, Sheeley, Smith. Second row— Dove, Adams, Cole, Maulsby. Goodwin, Nunamaker, Walker, Allen, Grogan, Smutz. Third row—A. Elliot, Seymour, Elliott, Knight, Houghan, Gray, Miller, Snook, Reed, Fourth row—-D. Stoddard, Morrissey, Godard. Wagner. Roupe, Spence, Garretson. L. F. Stoddard, Director, Page 56 The A. H. S. Annual BAND First row—Erickson, F. Stoddard, Elliot, Tostlebe, Hibner, White. Second row—Seymour. Warner Smith, Shepard, Spence, Sheeley. Third row—D. Stoddard, Davis, Person. Roupe, Prof. Stoddard, A. Elliot We have a very fine band this year and lack of space alone keeps us from ve1ving them ihe praise that's due. They have eome thru the year with a lone list of achievements to make us proud of them. They led the Carnival parade, and advertised it nobly. They backed the football games and played with real A. H. S. spirit. The band is proud of their instructor, the instructor is proud of his band and the high school is proud of them both. ORCHESTRA The orchestra has won praise for many reasons this year. They have re- sponded to every call. We needed music for pep meetings and now we have two peppy pep orchestras. They have even concerted outside of Ames, goine to Story City last winter on a memorable trip. Every Monday and Friday our loyal orchestra furnishes musie for the High School picture shows. Proud of them? Yes—and we have reasons to be. The A. H. S. Annual Page 57 ASSEMBLY BOARD First row— Smith, Burton, Gray. Second row— Miss Bodwell, Mr. Stoddard, Spence TO THE SENIORS Oh Seniors! You're going to leave us. You are joyful, happy and gay. You are thinking of what is betore vou, The beautitul golden way. Will I win? ‘Tis the thought of the future. Have I won? Tis the thought of the past. You will fight life's battle forever, And work until the last. There are many vou leave behind vou, They are sad you have gone to stay. You have taken a chance at life’s gamble, We hope you will go the right way. And when death has smitten vour worries, When all your trouble has gone. The words you have spoken when living, Are the words the world will pass on. | —] Link. a. = amne? | | The A. H. S. Annual oC Page 58 HIGH SCHOOL SENATE | ee u Ment تم‎ BUE катан a g ` opos «жи «г. cos ae ome Tom E ST First row— Olson, Larson, Morrissey, Roe, Howell. Shulz, Stokka. Second row— Wagner, Dove, Bullock, Gore. Third row—Sloan, Murray, Tripp, Spence, Wasser, Reed, Brooks. Fourth row—Jurton, Garretson, Beam, Smith, Gray и CARNIVAL The Carnival certainly lived up to the prophecy in last year’s Annual. It was the biggest and best Carnival of which A. H. S. has ever boasted. From the minute the doors opened until after midnight not a dull minute passed. The “Junior” and “Senior Stunts,’ the ''Minstrel Show and the Spanish Danee ' and Vaudeville were hugely enjoyed. The most striking feature about these were their originality and pep. Between aets everybody bought lavishly from the stands. These were under the supervision of the best salesmen in the Y. W. C. A., Y. M. C. A. and the Freshman Class. It was a baek-to-childhood movement and Seniors and kindergartners en- joyed the “Shoot the Chutes.’ My! How thev swarmed around for a ride. Anglers were also attracted by a fish pond near by. To show the wide field of entertainment furnished we mention the Honey Moon Trail on third floor where an electric moon shone dreamily down on a long, long trail through the Chemistry, Physics and Biology laboratories. ‘“ A commendable and wholesome entertainment,’ ‘ Bigger and better every year” are some of the admiring remarks that were overheard. Those who took part were amply repaid when fovr hundred and seventy five dollars were placed on the profit side of the High School books. As a High School we thank those who و‎ the Carnival and express our appreciation for the co-operation of the faculty and students. | We're looking forward to another like it next vear. Yea! Carnival! The A. H. S. Annual Page 59 First row—Dove, Elliott, Clark, Mr. Emmert. Second row—Halbasch, White, Douglas First row—Reed, Beam, Miss Miller, French, Tripp. Second row—A. Noble, Rayburn, Armstrong, Hanmer The A. H. S. Annual Page 60 eS t —— سم‎ сыл ` FOOTBALL TEAM a ———ÓM —ÓToáÓm Ps $$ € As — —T- ` - - —————— First row— Proctor, Oberg, Olson, Tostlebe, Emmert, Brooks, Van Oosten, Downey, Howell. Second row— Carberry, Gore, Martin, Kingkade, Van Epps, Hunter. 'Third row—Holsinger, Allen, Roe, Douslas, Davis, Nelson WINNERS OF THE A Most High Schools and Colleges now follow the custom of awarding, to those most worthy of the honor, a monogram which represents the school. Ames High of course follows this time honored custom. Heretofore sweat- ers with letters were given but this year only the monogram and armbands were awarded. The letter ‘‘A’’ and armband (one ‘‘stripe’’ for each year of service in that particular sport) are orange in color and worn on black sweaters. All the boys who have won at least one ‘A’’ are eligible for membership 1n the “A Club. —' —————————É————————— رل‎ The A. H. S. Annual Page 61 BOYS’ BASKETBALL TEAM — ae ` — — — ы шы — —— First row— Allen. Smart, Brooks, Tostlebe, Coe, Morris. Second row—Coach Emmert, Gore, Kulow, Proctor HONOR ROLL. 1920-2] Football Basketball Howard Gore Homer Tostlebe Franeis Kingkade Aubrey Smart Burton Olson Howard Gore | Alphonso Martin Roland Coe | Merle Van Epps Ralph Morris | Irwin Douglass Karl Brooks Eben Howell Bert Allen Earl Hunter Earl Brooks Earl Carberry Page 62 The A. H. S. Annual FOOTBALL REVIEW The past football season of the year nineteen hundred and twenty may justly be called a season of ' hard luck. Our coach, Mr. Emmert, was hampered in various ways from turning out a winning team. In the first place he had a light and inexperienced bunch to work with. Secondly the squad was broken up in the fore part of the season, making it necessary to practically rebuild the team—everyone will agree that this was no easy task. However, through the combined efforts of Coach Emmert and the determin- ation of the members of the squad coupled with the experience they had gained in the former games, Ames was enabled to win the last two games of the season. After ail, experience is the best teacher, in football as in life. It is exper- lence and football brains, not weight and brawn, that wins games. In comparing our total scores of the season with those of our opponents we find that we have amassed a total of 35 points compared with our opponent's 164. Our schedule included games with: Webster Citv. West High (Des Moines) Newton, Perry, Boone, Nevada and Denison. Marshalltown was on our sched- ule but the game was cancelled on account of the weatherman’s disposition. With but four of this vear’s eleven in line for their sheepskins, prospects for next fall's team look mighty bright. To be sure Ames would have liked to have turned out a winning team this year as in former years. Under the cireum- stances it was impossible so the next best thine was done. Someone always has to be the loser and remember too—that it takes a better sport than it does to win. FOOTBALL “A” MEN Carberry, left end Earl played a fast game at end this year. His breaking up end runs and nailing the man with the ball was the feature of his playing. Weight 144 pounds. First vear. Brooks, left tackle Earl's height and reach broke up plavs that were aimed at the end. He was as good a man as there was on the team on the offensive. Weight 147 pounds. Last vear. Hunter, left guard When Tissy ’ was going good he made a good guard. He had plenty of weight and ability but lacked. experience. Weight 160 pounds. first vear. Howell. center One of the lightest men on the team and playing one of the hardest positions was Eben's role. He vsed his head and played good football. Weight 135 pounds. First year. Douglas, right tackle Irwin has played at both guard and tackle this year and shows up well in either position. He used his speed to advant: ige in getting down under punts. Weight 144 pounds. First vear. i ص‎ лл -E LLL ar arn aa wav wss rwnIrm — — — SIR Ss ы т ww y р: سک -| —àa-. The A. H. S. Annual Page 63 Van Epps, right end Showed improvement as the season progressed. Played better in the Ne- vada game than in any of the other games. Weight 146 pounds. Last vear. Martin, quarter “АТ,” too, lacked experience but he is a little whirlwind on his feet. He is a fast open field runner and a good passer. Weight 132. First vear. Olson, fullback It Burt didn't have an off day he was a defensive bulwark. Offensively he was our best line smasher and at times showed ereat abilitv at bloekine. Played a good game against West High. Weieht 149. First vear. Kingkade, left half “Curly” had a good eye for picking holes in the opposing line. He also de- serves much credit for the way in which he returned punts. Weight 128 pounds. First vear. Gore, captain, right half Сара у fillmg a captain’s shoes, Howard played clean football and asked the same from the opposing team. A good man on the defense and handy at pulling down passes. Gore was a valuable man. Weight 138. Last vear. ,ںوہ BASKETBALL REVIEW Basketball this vear was similar to our football in that the coach had for the most part, an inexperienced squad from which to choose a team. Another similarity is that the Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors have gained exper- lence that will be of value in future years. A total of sixteen games were played by the first team, seven of which were tucked away as wins for Ames High. A total of 219 points for Ames and 314 points for her opponents. The Ames seconds were kept busy. The second string was composed of: Holsinger and Adamson, centers; Proctor, Martin and Innes forwards; Roe and Warren guards. A game with Nevada’s second quintet resulted in an Ames victory besides their contesting in the Annual Kelly Tourney. In the tourna- ment they took second place being defeated only by Gilbert High Sehool. BASKETBALL “A” MEN Gore, R. F. (Captain) Howard proved to be as able a captain in basketball as he was in football. He is a good all around player. Gore also did most of the free throwing for Ames. He led the team in goals from the field. Last year. Smart, L. F. The floor work of ‘‘ Aub’’ was probably the best on the team. He is a good dribbler and a fair shot at the basket. As to the quality of his defensive playing —it takes a pretty good man to get around him. Second year. Page 64 The A. H. S. Annual Tostlebe, C. or G. The old jinx camped on ‘‘ Jake’s’’ trail during the football season prevent- ing him from earning his letter so he set about to earn one in basketball. Homer played the first half of the season after which he left school. Last year. Сое, К. С. ог ( ‘Bud”’ started out the season in the guard position but later was switched to the pivot berth. Not so good at advancing the ball down the floor, Coe makes up for this with his pep and close guarding. First year. Morris, L. (+. “Mike” played the baekguard position and played 1t well. Although handieapped by his laek of height it took a good forward to outwit him. First year. Brooks, €. Brooks is not as good on the basketball court as he is on the football field. He earned his letter through hard work rather than through natural basketball ability. Allen, G. ‘‘Bert’’ eot his letter this year because he stuck to the game and always tried. First year. GIRLS BASKETBALL Miss Clough started us out with physical exercises, then relay races, base- ball, and most important of all, basketball. We were promised an inter-class tournament and it was towards that end that we put forth our every effort. About two weeks before the tournament the different classes elected their captain and each one, with the help of Miss Clough, picked the team which was to represent the class. The girls who were judged the best players, of course, were chosen, and those who were not chosen, showed their good sportsmanship by coming out and playing against the chosen ones. It was practice they needed and it was practice the second team eave them. All too soon the tournament was at hand. Excitement ran high and interest was keen. In the preliminary games, the Sophomores ran away with the Preps, and the Juniors defeated the Senior s, even if it was only by a bare margin. ‘‘A miss is as good as a mile.” The next night was even more important, because the championship was to be decided. There was more excitement, more interest, vells, et cetera, if that was possible. When the whistle blew at the end of the second half. the score board said that the Seniors were victorious. Then came the real game, the Jun- ior-Sophomore conflict. From the time the whistle blew at the start to the time when it blew at the finish the game was fast and furious. The Juniors took the lead and held it, coming out of the eame, the Champions,” of the girls teams in basketball. Later, in assembly. they were presented with basketball emblems, whic they are now wearing on their sweaters ‘ Vietory’’ seems to have taken a ECDL for the Junior class, because the winners of the tournament, both this year and last, were the Juniors. he A. H. S. Annual c л Page GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM | | | | | | First row—Miss Clough, Ellet, Chambers, Wilcox. Second row Walker. Belknap, Mettlin. Third row—Sorenson, Stevenson SPRING TIME List to the murmuring brooklet, Rippling upon its way: Hark to the song of the robin, And the meadow-lark’s sweet lay. The winds bring the trees a message ; The rain comes pattering down And tells the grass and, flowers To awake, from their sleep in the ground. The bie round sun comes smiling Up, from another world. What can be prettier than Spring-time With its deep blue skies unfurled ? Page 66 The A. H. S. Annual We hear the laughter of children And, then a school bell rings, And we eateh the whispered wishes That ‘‘there never was such a thing Outside, the birds were calling ; Inside, the school-ma’am’s whip; ut. e'er before they knew it Their hearts to spring would slip. The Master of the Artists Revealed to us His powers, When he painted the beautiful picture Of Spring-time’s sunny bowers. 17? The vears roll on forever; This pieture fades away ; But. when winter’s work is finished The Master artist again holds sway. He paints the faded colors Of winter’s hoary blast, Into shades of brightest Spring time Forever in our mem ries to last. —Irma Ortner. JEA ЖОГУМ ! rM RON 3». а | а م‎ ` “ . - - AUT sg دہ‎ 3 ? 9 » v zx y ` : ` AS E - ے2‎ «2 ) 4 — WV A M سب‎ = 8 М = Ñ Ñ , x 1 — е» ` ү“ ٦ М ` N N ۹ — o سے‎ | 5 ` e - ` x қ Nis ¢ Эс Dive N تجا‎ a , | с i} v f L За ۹ “. ыу в АЯ - TT م‎ | ш г | | г ' nores Miss H | | 7 MISS 1 ч Miss Towels MISS | dV lor Jow Amts Hich Teachers Dre $5 The |n Hai R - ы q. w... ` “ A چے ہے“‎ - ғ%- м io. نوا ہے ہے‎ — - “Í. wl A. کے‎ чэ reda. - » чи n — текте QA bs s رجہ‎ ж = й - d iw = fx) а T - ٠ СО О = m aeaa a A r a a x | i The A. H. رہ |І ap‏ Fr‏ S. Annual . v --—. 5.) % ғады. е m a 0 AW. , ЕЙ ET La =. 1 т‏ لہ Лум `‏ sN — — =‏ е | 0‏ DANNS RN LN 0 E ats AN مم‎ ATLAS AA ہے‎ ۷ ж e. ' T E 2: “. — ` A Ux 1 n m Td = Я al ج .ری | millwa”‏ ШЕН L ہش Qs Page 68 The A. H. S. Annual س CALENDAR “SEPTEMBER, BRIGHT SEPTEMBER” 13-18 Registration—Everybody greets Mr. Wygant for the first time. 22 Miss Clough is taken for a Prep nine times this noon. 21 New diseovery—Ames Hi's popularity is proved by new scholars coming [rom coast to coast. 29 No news—Country still dry. OCTOBER BRINGS FOOTBALL 2 First football eame at Webster City. (7-0) Нага luck for Ames. 8-9 Vacation—Teachers get taste of school life at County Teachers’ Institute. 16 Played West Hi there. Beat us 48-0, but that’s not as bad as 72-0. 22 New ''Spirit out. Hurrah! New staff is working fine. 23 Newton played here and won (14-0). Nuff sed. 29 Sophs have Hallowe’en party in Gym. Oysters, toboggans, “neverything. Juniors have moonlight picnic at Sunset Rock. BLEAK NOVEMBER HAS COME 8 Dramatie Club Candy Sale. Good? Umbhu—ask ‘Red’’ Merrill. 10 Mouse in study hall. Were the girls afraid? Nothing lke that. They just sat on their feet and became petrified. 11 Armistiee Day. Everyone celebrates and eats so much that it is quite an exertion for some of our ‘‘sleepy’’ boys to get to school on time Friday, but oh—that new tardy rule brought them around all right, all right. 13 Ames-Boone game. Score (55-0). Don’t forget those swell chicken sand- wiehes the ‘‘Spirit’’ staff made and sold. 16 Members of Dramatie Club rejoice with $35.00 in the bank while the Forensic Club tries to sell tickets for Reading Recital. Rayburn leaves Tears. 22 Blue Monday. Mr. Bere gives us a fine violin recital tho. 25 Turkey day! One whole day vacation. Ames-Denison Game (9-6). Our victory. 26 Boone ganz return to school. Guess they decided Ames was beaten after all. ‘‘Spirit’’ puts $36.40 in bank from peanut and Hershey sale. Helps some. CHRISTMAS COMIN’. WHAT’S SANTA CLAUS GOIN’ TO BRING YA? ] We all resolve to grow up to be real men and women after hearing Miss Rice’s splendid talk. Yea Bo! 4 seniors win P. B. Class Championship. Hurrah for °° ‘2l-ers!” 15 Oh my, oh me—report cards again. Many groans registered in office. ] 7 Seniors stage ‘‘Pepless’’ Pep meeting. B. B. monograms awarded, the Seniors. 2] Senior party. Was it a success? Yea Bo! Even Santa came and every- one got a present. 23 ' Spirit out, Xmas Carol (one grand and glorious success) and SCHOOL'S OUT! Good-bye and Merry Xmas to you all! 27 Think! One week (five school days) of vacation. Only 10,000,000,000 things to do. 25 Advice—Listen, girls! Only three more days left in Leap Year. You must hurry or wait four long years. ZA NU RN RS 11 gp A poe RN The A. H. S. Annual 16 2] =) 5 °› 2 ۲ 29 5 10 Page 69 ا س‎ A 1921. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Tis true Leap Year's past but everybody ’s makine resolutions. Fat Liv- ingstone resolves to reduee bv using an excess amount of ‘vanishing eream. Thmk! We beat Missouri Valley 11-7. Hurrah! Spirit’ plans dance. Won’t it be an easy way to make money ?$ ?$ ?$ ? ` Spirit” dance buried. Why? heasons withheld. Who wants to know ? Girls’ B. B. Sophs, d3. Preps, 6: Juniors, 13, Seniors, 11. Nevada beats us 25-5. Sad ? Yes indeed. Boo hoo! Junior girls win B. B. Championship. Have you met Mr. Boo? Boo Who? ' (boo-hoo) “Tm sorry I made vou erv. FEBRUARY. “WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE? Sausage day (ground hog,) 'Phe sun is shineine briehtly so here eomes SIX more weeks of winter. | Everyone is reminded to bring baek report eards. One day late now. Valentine Day. Literary issue of “Spirit. 7 Everyone enjoys Prep Assembly program. I guess the women could run the courts by 1950 anyway. Dr. Whiting told us all about Korea. Watch out or the Japs will get you. Carnival. Yea Bo! Girls, eats “neverything. MARCH WINDS. HOLD YOUR HAT. Another Public Speaking assembly program. Great! Triangular Declamatory Contest. Newton won. Tears! W. Waterloo— Ames debate. “APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY FLOWERS.” School house burned. April fool. Ha, ha! Every Senior takes an oath that he will love, honor and obey the Juniors! April Fool! MAY—YES, MAY BRINGS FLOWERS. Annual Out. Absolutely the best one yet. Junior-Senior Reception. Who’s all right. The Juniors are. Who said so? The Seniors. Senior Class Play. Senior Class Play repeated. JUNE—COMMENCEMENT AND VACATION Kid Dav. After all the Seniors aren’t so dignified as you might think. Extra!—Extra! sig Horse Sale of French and Physics Thoro-Bred Ponies. Going Cheap. Ask Seniors. Baccalaureate. Class Day. Commencement. All’s over for the Class of '21. Seeret of the '21-ers ' success. Listen! Early to bed and early to rise, Love all the teachers and tell them no les, Study your lessons that you may be wise, And buy from the men who advertise. Page 70 The A. H. S. Annual me ee ee p 0 — f g a s ú — 6 £ — u v — v ú — ( — d v — خج و‎ M ú — | a M o — o —À S — К К y Ga 1 س‎ — | Benjamin George Dyer, M. D. | - C. WILSON | Practice limited to Eye, Ear, Nose Dentist | and Throat Union National Bank Bldg. | Masonic Temple Phone 312 Phone 182 | pine Se Gta eet Cee Cd لت‎ st € n. E Pl GE мне rt т. (ee Gee | Dentist Dentist HOW WE FEEL ABOUT IT The “‘Spirit’’ staff feels that gratitude and thanks are due to a number of people who have helped in the publication of this book. Our engravers, the ‘Jahn Oller Engraving Company,’ have done our work well and promptly. Our photographer, Mr. Quade, has been unfailing in his courtesy and patience, has been reasonable in his prices and excellent in his work. Our advertisers who have made this book possible, have backed us loyally even tho the financial outlook is rather depressing. Our subseribers, our advisers, our printers, The Tribune Publishing Company”’ and everyone who contributed to the contents of this annual—to each and all we extend our thanks: E. N. BEAM 1. СЕ; WORLEG Bi Dentist Dentist 202 Main Street 211% Main St. Phone 1226 JAMES E. ADAMSON, M. D. GA ROS а СЫН ESEI; Physician and Surgeon Physicians and Surgeons Ames National Bank Bldg. —€——————————————————— =” وووسے ووسے ووے‎ css ан ен нео ао оа ДО det im I ms Be sm F n M Rm انا سس لال سس لاک‎ д Денем» 1 Б елес» Ң бони И Кинь n E m Rn ge — x — £ — - ( —— н UR v x —— , n —— (r M Go py V 6 е |, 4 «ммм» |) | «кемем» ( Ң «ме C — С. As APLIN LAWRIE, THE TAILOR ٠ وت‎ 2 Homeopathic Physician Ladies' and Gents' Suits to Order 202 Main St. Fine Alterations Our Specialty Union National Bank Bldg. Phone 49 306 Main St. i Y —FY y aa aaa ер = — The A. H. S. Annual Page 71 —a—rrsv J s. سس زا سس الا سس‎ ee m B m Qm Qn A aao G an g рань ань To The Seniors We thank you for the very liberal patronage you have viven us. We sincerely trust that our work will merit a con- The Quade Studio 417 MAIN STREET Also dealers in Edison Phonographs and Edison Records ea. ee a — -—— s —— w —— r -— wa —— na -— ہے وھ‎ e —— مل وھ‎ d ——— 9 وه‎ 0 $«— | + | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | tinuance from the class of 2 | | | | | | | | | i | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ж سس یں —— سی سو‎ ао ае | | | Page 72 The A. H. 7%; Annual 1 VON er» otn NT 82777 54 diu КТ. 3 өз ете prem 0×71 o-u y KOE | Brice Gamble ` CONO MM JN AD a MG Ке. ہیں‎ » d a mA. . 4 {у E | ||| ا ا‎ px ч У pA Сы ам 5 e DO 0“ ает УТЕС ТИСИ i | | ۱ I = H Í E - - — - --- I Z і À M ` - ۰ ы .. وس‎ . 12 ы Ҹу —— aska və ۱ O - š = 1 t . —s ریم‎ их d H -. 7 -% T Ár - Е рт 555355 | ғ. қ ” і — ж 4. f ۱ M š -”. Е 1 - а LI i ` š “an Фь 4 | бы) j i | А - c € e£ г... Г F - | — І Р I r A 7 : ” u g n , ۴ ul ا0‎ s ы”. у ы , p к | ы ۔‎ қ I | 7 7 a i м 7 M : ы Е E p I g : У - 4 .. 2 7 I . ۲ É =. Y. f- Jeg A 2t . bp? دک‎ = Р „ш . , 1 ۹ . - ° - X а = Е : - 2 P І x Е i | » ' Е LS e. e ` 1 ° СЕСЕ) : ЕЕ | DS ” ) l I a T ё? Кезде Е а Mr T es 4 LE PA е | | URN Er “picture | - - The A. H.S. Annual Annex Cleaners and Tailors Don't break your BACK! Don't wear out vour TEMPER! Don’t wear out those RUGS! LET US CLEAN THEM; IT'S OUR SPECIALTY We solicit your patronage for fine tailoring, clean- ing, pressing and repairing SERVICE AND QUALITY Phone 294 Phone 369 р ни нна нн a nO س‎ M M ——— الہ ہر ا‎ E 4 — — IM C ———— И и ——— Н —— MO —— M — te ent ال ا فاو‎ И И tt МОЦ ee امه س چو ار‎ Page 74 The A. H. S. Annual FOUNTAIN PENS FANCY BOX PAPER PENCILS PENS TABLETS TOILET ARTICLES KODAKS AND CAMERAS GO TO Judisch Bros. Drug Store — DF Rp } Чоор 4 “ә SUPER), TEN £c Š ЖК 4, wt 4 AN ATTEMPT TO SPEND SOME MONEY E. Loughran The A. H. S. Annual Page 75 +. ax s. c» es e es .. an Qa A k —: , — u ú ——“ «кен ( | «неме» v ñ — |4 8 — n x — a n ———— y mne (i ee И ú — |Н a |Ң (6 «жәнее» |Ң — سے نا زا‎ q ç — g ú — p 9 — 8 BUILDING MATERIAL LUMBER, LIME, CEMENT, PLASTER AND BRICK Our Service is Best SPAHN ROSE LUMBER CO. O. G GRAY. Manavcer Phone No. 264 ست و »مس وه و اوهو س وو ل و وا ي ا وق Po‏ -- 9% + | | | | | | | | | + T | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | س ا س ا н‏ لاا ل ا وم Pretty Footwear, at Modest Prices, lor Graduates How thoroughly the young lady, who soon will grad- uate, appreciates pretty white shoes— shoes that em- phasize every graceful line of the foot, and add a final touch of smartness to her graduation costume. Nor must she forget the other joyous affairs of these happy, final weeks of school, for she will need pretty shoes to wear with her party frocks. AMES BOO TERY سا سے ا راو nee MM‏ ےپ — наа ние 4 €————————Ó— — —a— + Ea oe г Sho] 1 Pr: o 6 W he re are t he Oe a aM سس از‎ end ы Haverly Transfer Co. Salesman: “Хо demonstrations AUTO TRUCK SERVICE on Thursday. E. S.: “Not even a special sale.” S.: ‘‘Special sale on bath tubs, but no demonstrations. Draying of All Kinds and House Moving He: ‘ What did you pay for your dress suit.’ Haw: “Fifty cents an hour. Phone 145 216 Dutt + “nl i س س اوس ا س وو س ارس‎ dl عم 8—0 н‏ وا س ا of‏ he س ا )ا سے ل ا سے اا ا سس | 1 سس ۳۷ وج سس‎ О о Орд n n یل ا اس وا ا‎ ERN ERE а OUR ANNUAL MESSAGE BUY YOUR COAL EARLY YOU GET BETTER COAL FOR LESS MONEY GILCHRIST COAL FEED COMPANY — s —s—s—rFxua—s $ о n سس زا و‎ | в ra Hut m ا سسہ ا‎ и 0 E но не ne о $9 a GÀ cm mm) c ено ú — ú — ee ee n k Page 76 The A. H. S. Annual MABEL HART PHONE 186 HART BEAUTY PARLOR FACIAL AND SCALP SPECIALIST Shipley-Black Store AMES + | | | | | | | | | | | | | “I hear you have a new baby over at your house.’ ' Heavens, ean vou hear it that Гат?” Hat Cleaning and Blocking at 9 Brown’s Laundry 2426 Lincoln Way Phone 1330 — — Solieitous Old Gentleman: Hello, Willie, how is your grandpa standing the heat?’ Smart William: 'Haven t heard from him yet. He's only been dead a week. Б в на оч Фф سو ا سوس و س اسو OB i‏ | | | | | | | | | | | | | ор р р рр h о р و س‎ —r—Hrs——..—U—ÑiWUA -- -- Young People’s Clothes | ——at IHE FAIR ú — 88 = + - - - + They are made right and priced right. = Young Men’s Suits, half silk lined at $27.50 na all silk lined one $25.00 ú —— gç —— 6 6 «кене ( 6 «кене» | Қ «кке» 6 6 «кекке |) Ң «кекке 6 6 «кке»‏ سے زا زا — ag a ú £i‏ سے 008 سی | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Young Women's Coats, all | | wool Velour, nicely immed P 14.75, $19.75 | š | | | | | | + The A. H. S. Annual Page 77 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | + Columbia Grafanolas Brunswick Phonographs and reeords and reeords ENESS MUSIC HOUSE EVERYTHING MUSICAL Adam Schaaf The Gulbransen Player рр wn — a —— 4 —— ww ищо ےھ ہے‎ рә اس‎ жа = B ——— l — — 4 ——— O49 —— ° —— h e —— жа ж T | | Kimball Q. R. S. Player Rolls Bush Gerts Sheet Musie Pianos Musieal Merchandise Бе یش شش‎ = е а ee a eee + и. | 215 Main We bob children’s һа any style you like We sell the “FLORSHEIM SHOE” College Shoe Store O. C. Trueblood, Proprietor South of Campus C. V. McGRIFF en er e a — $ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | + iia‏ وم N ن سس‎ ٢ سے اا اا سے‎ pi t س | وس )ا اا سے‎ | и MÀ | БСД سسس‎ з بی‎ n The A. H. S. Annual H. L. Minert Auto Co. Buick, Cadillac and Dodge Brothers Cars White and G. M. C. Trucks Kelly- Springfield and Goodyear Tires Phone 905 - LINCOLN WAY AT DUFF AVENUE р سے اا اا سے‎ И рожки ا(‎ Г ll |) || ----- Н fl | a جا‎ A mm 1 — | — — — + —t gn ,—ssa sc gə—nsssnaaa—s ss snTrns omo QU mm Qmm amo cm em M cmo o Qn B s Qm رلاکس واواھ پزؤاڑسس‎ ns سے وج‎ QU cm e E em mg cm UR qiio The A. H. S. Annual | me TT w—CFC IMMM—ÁÉUIIC (———— AÁe—————————— ا‎ -Z- —— — — Ft қ И ` Е + m упчу 14 hose ت‎ — w a 1. ra “ ۰ء‎ 4 Е . , (% м - “۰۶ ق۔‎ = c е ма + 7 ر‎ an » ینوٹ‎ n К ol n a e a d a. аьа y a mo, نا‎ š Мл. 248 э тшу G ood Sport ES “Btack 1 2 2% к تچ 7وس ‎ ʻi CON 2 š SS VU a EA IZ Gm u A MÀ AG ULP — + — (bE -p Т .ا‎ E ty € we nero Қ š 8 —————— ———————M - — Page 80 The A. H. S. Annual O’NEIL’S Velvet Ice Cream Is Made in a Modern Factory WE HAVE THE BEST OF EQUIPMENT MADE AND THE RESULT IS A RICH, SMOOTH BRICK ICE CREAM IN STOCK AT ALL TIMES ASK US TO SHOW YOU PHONE 62 и о و سس وایاسے پوااست وو سے وو٘ٔسے وو و جع سے وواسسہ‎ иии ee a he me eB‏ وم | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | + | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Ф... ہرد رر‎ MÀ MÀ uM iae — ú —— n —— ass 99 —— аи ЕК CREDIT ana POWER Many of our most sueeessful men aseribe their start ın life” to the day they opened a bank ac- count. Credit and pòwer can be wielded in the commercial world by means of a Bank Account. We invite you to begin one with us. STORY COUNTY TRUST SAVINGS BANK AMES, - - IOWA Om mm a ee ee em mm = “р | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ےس سس سے‎ ——scwm Nr д нк RII r FO — = تج‎ The A. H. S. Annual Page 81 fo a n ttt tt te eee ee eee “Ames Quality Chix” OUR SPECIALTY THE AMES HATCHERY COMPANY 123 KELLOGG AVE. oe 0-- е -- е-- a E —— 1 — : —— x ; —— + xz —— |) | —— x: ——— r 1 —— r -.----- 2 2 -.--- 49 -.----- 4% ----- 4; --“-- o gf —— mse ےا مس‎ — aaa a idle If the TWIN STAR was closer I'd go four times a day! She: 'How does it feel to have whiskers on your face?”’ He: “Sorry, but I just shaved.” Why are sehool teachers like Ford ears? Because they give the most service for the least money. The librarian was greatly puzzled when asked by Grace Stevens for Margaret Deland's “Тһе Brass Woman.” At last her intuition or something told her that it wasa wom- an of a different metal who was re- quired: 1. е. ‘Тһе Iron Woman. JOIN th» College Boys Club” at the DEPOT LUNCH The ''Cafeteria track team ” is certainly a speedy organization. When your best gir] sits upon your knee, clasps her arm about your neck and gazes into your eyes with a look that just forces you to pro- pose, isn’t that an act such as our lawyer friends would term ‘begging the question ?”’ م س There must have been war in the cooking and sewing laboratories ac- cording to the account given out by the chief instructor: ‘‘ The vinegar’s mother is dead; the needles lost their eves; the heads of all the pins were taken off; the eggs were beaten; the eream whipped: and it brought tears to the eyes of the potatoes when the peas were shelled.” I’ve got two bits and I’m going to the PRINCESS ois oo o a [ (n ru roD RIGHTLY FITTED GLASSES Correctly fitted glasses means careful adjustment to your nose, The eenter of lenses and eye- balls must be in perteet align- ment. An important factor in our expert optical service L. C. TALLMAN OPTOMETRIST = 2 m | = = = | - з = = - - 2 = = | m 3 - | ъ pii I I a a a a a a i Áo a ee ee ee سد روا‎ ہاو مہہ 61 و ہس کے مآ‎ l l ا ا ل | | س رو‎ MÀ M — — r | Hf fe A ا س 0۱۱ میلست وا وا س‎ Page 82 The A. H. 5. Annual Princess and Paradise Candy Co. Where do all the fellows buy their confections? the Princess because it's fresh. It's made in Ames. ice Cream Fruts Candies | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Why, at the Paradise and | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | + The A. H. S. Annual Page 83 + | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | - —— AND REMOVE THE CAUSE Pressure on hose interferes with the flow of water. Pressure on nerves interferes with the flow of nerve force. THINK IT OVER LYON CRAVEN CHIROPRACTORS AMES, IOWA لز زز m E‏ إز سسسہ إ لا سس غ و سس ئ زا سسے Ң «кек И — ИҢ ER m He RE m Û Û‏ | جن سے لاق OE‏ ا نا ےر ہنی ig a a i 6—0: фе‏ ا اس ا ے مه | - | | a | ә | € | | ч | | | 2 | z | = | a | a | u | ` | = | | ч | c | | o | P | s | t | s | 2 | a | Two things a girl likes—Candy and the “Movies”—make it the PRINCESS To quote from Billy Sunday: For Sale: An oak table by a lady ‘Hers are getting so expensive with carved legs. that tried eggs will soon be used for For Sale: A eane by a man with hat trimming.’’ a round head. “Why not? I think that effect For Sale: A mahogany table by a would be ا‎ lady with a varnished top. - к. T ra me ee PP ЫЛЕ m. is eee E The TWIN STAR always pleases the majorıty— Iry 1t T D — 0 0—0‏ — سے مہ DRUGS, PAINTS, KODAKS and PHOTOGRAPHY SUPPLIES Bosworth Drug Company 134 Main St. 5 س س ا ن — ив — I‏ 8—8 ا سے اا سے 1 He: ''Is that you darling? She: ‘‘ Yes, who is this?” He: ‘‘For two cents I would kiss vou. he She: ‘ Can vou change a nickel?”’ He: ‘“‘She’s some clever girl. Got brains enough for two. Him: ‘‘Just the girl for you, why 227 don't you marry her? 2) epei eM M — e — a et tt i i ee i t Page 84 CF Le | me The Union National Bank Union Trust Savings Bank George Judisch, S. A. Knapp, President Capital, Surplus and Profits On Ime — ا ا اا ا ااا اا ااه و ور ا وا وو اا ووا ا‎ r n- Chairman of Board Assistant Cashier M. E. Fowler, CHECKING ACCOUNTS SOLICITED START A SAVINGS ACCOUNT TODAY The A. H. S. Annual A. J. Martin. Cashier $220,000.00 В ва ии ВИ en —— à E е В 0 I ua — a — سس و و‎ 8 u — a M 8h ar lh ЬЕ Б --- -—s rt it a tt ts a — +‏ --- --- -- --- سا --- ہے سے )سے ل سے Prepare for a week of laughter—Charlie Chaplin in “The Kid,” is coming May 21-22-23 Laundry advertisement: ‘‘ Don’t kill your wife, let us do the dirty work.” ' See here, Casey,” said Pat to the tax assessor, ''shure an' ye know the «oat isn't worth eight dollars. ’? “От sorry,” responded Casey, but that is the law.” And produc- ine a book he read the following passage: All property abutting on front street should be taxed two dol- lars per foot. C4 Brilliant Ag: ‘You should plant potatoes wrapped m tissue paper. ' Engineer: ‘Why that?’ Ае: ALO keep the dirt out of their eves so they can see to grow.’ Miss King: ‘‘Now Ralph, what kind of plants thrive best in excessive heat.'' Ralph: “Ice plants.’ Surprises! 1. Anson Marston made a mis- take in Physies March 4th. 2. Vern Textrum recited in Chem- istry yesterday. 9. Sidney Davis walked down the halls so slowly that we had time to speak to him. 4. Fat Haverly recited in History. 5. Max Beman arrived at school before the tardy bell rang last Fri- day. [ 6. Ralph Dove stayed awake 7th period, Study Hall, April Ist. Say, Bo, don’t you like to hear that PRINCESS ORCHESTRA The A. H.S. Annual j m b ce mom pe | All the latest fabrics and 08 newest models, double and single breasted, two and three button. | Quality Best Prices Lower Buy early so as to get what you want PAY LESS DRESS BETTER - y — v, — Y, x —— سے |[ ا‎ ú + — y ú —— ú ú —— ú ú ——? v u —— s a —— u s ——T- ¿n ——' u —— Úx, —— 0 — wu —— 4 — اا ا‎ J — u —u u — i — u — ux — اا‎ || u — — un a — u а ,00ء ا‎ та а а а 0 = as ий .. i DUM MEL Duo a یکسرک ہد سے رقاب‎ ЕТЕНЕ ТИГУ eee Page 86 The A. H. S. Annual THIS BANK Is Growing Every Day Are you growing with us? There will be big things to do tomorrow. Will you have a part in them and thus a part in this community’s success? It’s up to you. A growing Bank Balance paves the way. Д е mes National Dank AMES, IOWA TT Sg gw و و و‎ r r w و و‎ m я 7n o o Lu Wo ت‎ ж . s j — c عة ے کے ےھ‎ s ИШ. —- ست‎ ee —— M — س‎ The A. H.S. Annual age S7 “two's à مت‎ ” “ w ( ww we: + r f. 54 P” “м V oS š ` ےہ‎ 1 y . iW - Ж Sanat f тем. т? - godant E зр - + Se ұ. 2» Qavertisémaen А ave. АЕ a жым dad x g 4%, E 4 E e | ¢ ie x l nt г = . 4 , . — r mm k;‏ 356 کر Wireless f‏ © р к‏ lass E‏ “ E. “. d S € ben Gao 2 coil уы, а m Page 88 The A. H. S. Annual Lincoln Candy Kitchen is the only place in the Fourth Ward that makes all kinds of Fancy Sundaes and Fancy Drinks, Punch and Frappe. Drop in to see us when you visit the Fourth Ward. Phone 1128 2504 Lincoln Way F. J. Olsan Sons Florists and Seedmen See us about your seeds for the garden. Als o a full line of eut flowers, pot and bedding plants Say it with Flowers for Commencement Phone 8 А Phone 417 m a mmu NECS.) але ад. T i w wj w w wwc cWvw—sssYTss TsssFsaWáAUuAC (НИНЕН НЕНЕН ыы. жыл Азы ә Ж. SRE وع‎ 3 C а — — —- —- — А -—— = The A. H.S. Annual +: — z p —— (ú —— ¿a — + — h p — سسہ وو‎ 1 — Q x + —— س ا ا‎ ¿1 — + —— اا‎ 0 MÀ x —— y a —— a n —— u إا ا س‎ —— n ú — . ú x — u n —— ú ú — س از از‎ s ú — rn q — سے وو وج‎ | a —— a — n . . HÀ M UR HM I a me ee a лл---в..---и.---- в. ---а.---..---..---..--- “и---с»---ы.---ни----“..-..-...--.---...--‏ سے وو سس وج سس وو سس و یڑج Ames High Leads the Way The Tilden Manufacturing Company has absorbed enough of the Ames High spirit to become a leader im the list of manu- faeturers making sehool and college specialities. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the largest dealers are depending upon the Ames company to furnish the latest and best articles. At a time when there are many who are inclined to be pessi- mistie about business conditions, the Tilden Manutaeturing Company is going forward as usual with a 1921 poliey eontorm- ine with the following sentiment: “Тһе thines that haven't been done before Are the tasks worth while today. Are vou one of the flock that follows, Or are vou one that shall lead the way ? Are you one of the timid souls that quail At the Jeers of a doubting crew, Or dare you, whether you win or fail Strike out for a goal that’s new?” ادس Беке 6 «келед | «кене 0 о q j — t 8 «кене» И «кене И ано o M n И m m Qm uu tss m‏ ووووسے ووسسے ووسے باوےے dem te TMN — rr. pr hn i —UU + The A. H. S. Annual 90 age р now w MS. l Е Г aov | ۱ ( Vx. ж. as + a I 72 1 = x Playwriter = № جانا AEM ` 020 m wi X Ted the جیا‎ ind Rex tne Speeder 3 Rob” ntch L5ssie с 1 v. у y СА у р“ i. $carb ' SKinneu Shrim de? Three little girts ine $choo “у ۹ „ 4 at's | д ж ‚ n ` С Й м 4 ы ad 2 € ےہ بے ہم‎ Crristmes Dinner | w here's The A. H. S. Annual Page 91 Die Goods, Ready: To “Wear, Millinery, Groceteria, Beauty Parlor We are always ready to show you the Very Best Styles in Suits, Coats, Dresses, | Waists, Skirts, Middies, Corsets Silks, Dress Goods Silk Hose, Gloves, Underwear SHIPLEY-BLACK CO. My Shopping Place Opposite th e Sheldon-Munn Ames, Iowa Page 92 The A. H. S. Annual Say it With Flowers x F.J.OLSAN SONS ` FLORISTS | Evervthine in Cut Flowers, Pot and Bedding Plants Corsages a Specialty Phone ныи ии иии и си иы —+ | | | | | | Кош Shoe Shop | | | | UP-TO-DATE | | SHOE REPAIRING | |. d NE d Howard G.: “What kind of powder does your егі пе?” Cleo D.: “Gosh, I don’t know; taleum I guess.'' H. G.: “Mine uses ‘Love Me.’ І ask her what kind she uses every night and it gives me a peachy chance.’ Homemade Candy, Salted Nuts, Bunte’s Fancy Candies Ice Cream and Cold Drinks — + | | | | | | | | Make our little store your shop- | | | | | | | | | | | u | Resolved: To save pennies for a T | | | | | | | | | | pine place | | | | | | | | | 1 Big Ben. Emily M. The A. H. 4. Annual Page 93 AND IN FORDS | |J WEDEAL ' Si« | | | |, Dunlap Motor Co. e | | | Shampoo, Massage Electrolysis Manicure Chiropody Hair Goods Toilet Articles MARINELLO COMFORT SHOP ADA E. HEDRICK dee eee Phone 1252 for 30015 Main Street, Appointments Ames, Iowa и 1 — ون‎ 0а p l وج‎ 8o 1 1 و سے 1 و کے‎ MT] o MÀ T 1] س 1 1 کے‎ ٠ ] سے‎ | 1 G ee 6 2 «меке ہہ ور‎ 0) И ۱ا سدہ‎ анаа iiss aa — o o M MÀ вн (1 1 — M d — Pleasing Low Prices on Groceries Your opportunity to save many dollars on high grade GROCERIES to be obtained at BEAMAN SONS' CASH GROCERY Phone Black 1087 2516 Lincoln Way nt tt tt tt a a tt a pn tt tt r À — ..Y + ————————— نت‎ t | | “Тһе BANK for All the People'' | | COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK | Corner Main and Kellogg | | Ames, Iowa | | We offer Every SERVICE consistent with SOUND Banking. | | Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent Start a Savings Account | ا‎ ME ہر بت یہ‎ ос | Page 94 The A. H. S. Annual | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | b, حر‎ S. Ochampaugh ЕШ ШИЛЕП OCHAMPAUGH CHILSON PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS Phone 55 Ames, Iowa + س سے مر سیت مم سے اا س ا وا ڑا —— T — s v ——— w‏ شی۹ی ے , , کب ه ‏ ۱ گے لڳ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | FARM MACHINERY AND COAL Ames, Phone 143 Gilbert. Phone 13 | LOUGHRAN MACHINE CO. + | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | AMES SHINING and SHOE REPAIR SHOP 212 Main. Telephone 606 Your old shoes, plus our experience and up-to-date Goodyear equipment, means NEW SHOES FROM OLD ONES WE CLEAN HATS AND DYE SHOES WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF SHOE STRINGS, SHOE POLISH, CREAMS AND WHITE CLEANERS Open Hours: Та. m. to 8 p. m. Ames Shining and Shoe Repair Shop ede р нн وو س وو س و س‎ aaa is uelle š | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | + | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | The A. H. S. Annual 2500 Lincoln Way ee s fb Him for 10:30 Night: ‘ ‘While you were stand- ing in the doorway telling the sweet young thing good night did 1t ever dawn upon vou— `` Owl: 'Oh, I never stayed that late! A note found on the floor read something like this: “My dear Peter: You don’t know how much I love you, sweet bunch of onion tops; a whole handtul.'' —B. What is the seeret of success? Push,” said the button. ' Never be lead,’ ' said the pencil. “Take pams,” said the glass. ‘Be up to date, 'said the calendar. ‘Make light of everything, said the fire. ' Keep your eves open,’ needle. ‘Bind a good thing and stick to it. said the glue. said the 'The Mirror. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | КОШЕ FONIANELLE The BEST of CANDIES, ICE CREAM, DRINKS, CIGARS SERVICE Phone 798 YELLOW HOOD TAXICAB CO. SAFETY OM un x da | 107 Kellogg Avenue Phone 116 Page 96 The A. H. S. Annual | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | + BATES BAKING CO. BUTTER-NUT BREAD ee ы.‏ وو مث و مس مل T | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Quack: ‘‘What is a dry dock?” + Doe: “I should say a thirsty Redlinger Grocery physician. '' H. A. REDLINGER Pre-Medic Joke = --4 | | | | ! | Ralph D.: ''Say Ham, ean I bor- | | row that tie vou wear for Pep meet- | Groceries Bakery Goods | ings? | Notions Meats | Ham E.: '' What for? | | : | 112 Duff Ave. | i + + — — اا لے )سے )سے سے لل اسل اسل )اس اس Ralph D.: “I’m going to a hard- time party tonight.”’ Capital and Surplus, $29,000.00 The College Savings Bank | | | | | | ALL ACCOUNTS RESPECTFULLY | SOLICITED | SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | — eed. IHE STUDENT PRESS SHOP CLEANING PRESSING Shoe Shining Parlor for Ladies and Gentlemen Give Us a Try We Give Good Service 2010 Lincoln Way | | | | | | | | | + | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | %- рн ` p ww sr, r rr rr The A. H.S. Annual Allow us to show vou some desirably located property elose LO the College and Publie Schools. Also a few well lo- cated and improved acreage tracts. Priced Reasonable and on Easy Terms THOMPSON THOMPSON Phone Black 220 HARI STUDIO FOR Fine Portraits 2161 Main St. Better... than it 1s advertised to be nev- er wants for patronage. See our summer furniture. [1 must please Vou, Adams Furniture Co. Ames, lowa Ames Grain Coal Co. Dealers 1n COAL FEED SEEDS and Chicken Feeds of All Kinds We guarantee quality Phones 6 and 7 J. M. MUNSINGER, Manager L. E. MUNSINGER, Asst. Mer. Page 98 The جم‎ H. S. Annual SKILLED WORKMEN We Appreciate Your Patronage 13615 Main E. F. HOWARD TONSORIAL PARLOR — фа | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | dese ie иси НЕ — + | | | | | AMES PANTORIU | M P RIUM | MODERN CLEANERS i | Phone 231 208 Main St., Ames | | | | | س‎ НН + рон ےپ‎ Y — WHIIMAN'S AND CRANE'S BOX CHOCOLATES WEBER’S CANDIES | The Chocolate Shop Luncheonette and Fountain Service The A. H. S. Annual Page 99 SCHOOL DAYS will soon be history—then when looking back thru your memory Pictures will tell the Story Take Pictures as you go they will be priceless keepsakes in days to come REYNOLDS IVERSEN (AMES NEWS STAND) FILMS—CAMERAS—PHOTO FINISHING Mr. Wygant: ''You' re suspended for two weeks. ма А.: tr L bane that lone Til һе асай.” I hate you, gosh darn you, I wish vou'd a died. You told me vou loved me, And darn you, vou lied. Miss Taylor: ‘‘ Lowell, what were the names of Shakespeare’s twin ehildren?”’ Lowell (thoughtfully): ‘‘ Romeo and Julhet, I guess.’ —— | Then went into a movie show In time to see 1t start, And prim, precise and proper, quite, They sat this far apart. 2ut oh. the hero wooed the girl, Twice, oh, he stole a kiss: And when the lights came on again Theysatupeloselikethis. r == о оо о о оо о д e‏ وزج سست وج سس و وم Е POOLE’S GROCERETTE FULL LINE OF GROCERIES Home Cooking OUR SPECIALTY Orders taken in advance Tastes like more. Try it = ани во و‎ Page 100 We Are SPECIALISTS when it comes to fitting and pleasing the voung people at І.Е аға қоң лалы as TARMAN’S BANNER When you think of SHOES MARKET you should always think of this STOR where vou always сап oe] the new things frst aud where fitting service 1s our hobby. BAUGE SON Shoes that Satisfy Ames, Iowa QUALITY MEATS Wallace Nutting Pictures WHERE Beautiful Hand Colored ALL THE STUDENTS G9 Parchments WHEN they want the finest chocolates. Hand-Decorated Ivory The purest ice 70 Vanity Cases Most courteous treatment Memory Books The ereatest satisfaetion LOWRY'S will make attraetive eraduatine р Н А R M A C Y oifts at The Rexall Store Are just a few of the items that The A. H. S. Annual ١ i 60-6009‏ مسسے ۷ا و سسسے و وا مسسہ 8 نا سسے و زا —‏ — سس خ ج — a‏ ن Û‏ سسسہ زا نا مسسہ ون سس I —— n, —— 4 Ң «кене» y a — n — , ú ú — x — И ‏ إا سسے نا( — زا — ú —— (4 0 —— ú‏ ق سے ٤إا‏ سے وا زا — £ — «ке 4 4 «кене | 0 — u ú‏ 8 | | | + amen t lcm RR mm = The A. H.S. Annual Page 101 +: — مس‎ me m í —— em em ees ie дц te i iI8S IOWA VULCANIZING CO. VULCANIZING AND RETREADING F | | | | MILLER TIRES AND TUBES | and | ACCESSORIES | | | + 114 Main St Phone 1410 ee IN a رر‎ | S — + 1 —— — Poor: “What are pauses? oF m ua زسم رز‎ U = Simp: “Something that grows on | T | eats!” J. W. LINDER | XN | | SHOE REPAIRING | “What’s the matter with your : POLISH wife? She's all broken up lately. '' | SHOE STRINGS 4 She sot a terrible Jar. | DYE.SADDLE SOAP | | | | | | “What has happened? ‘“Why, she, assisting at a rummage 2512 Lincoln Way sale. took off her new hat and some- body sold it Гог 3U cents. + ee س و سس و سنہ‎ ua — n ofe Mary Pickford will be with us in “THE LOVE LIGHT,” May 15 Coming Fourth June: ‘‘Can you always tell a ‘‘Sambo, Noah was the first man college professor? who came out of the Ark, was he Bug: “Yes, but уоп canit tell not? him much.’ “No. sah. boss, he wasn t. '' ' - - “But Sambo, how do you figure “Please. Miss Teacher,” wrote a that? '' mother, ‘‘exeuse Johnny for being There were three others ahead of absent at school, and don’t whip han him. boss.’ when he ain't there. '' “Three? Who were they?” — ‘АН don’t know, but the Good Miss Taylor: “f Shakespeare Sook says, ‘Noah came forth.’ ’ were alive today, wouldn't he be l تحت‎ == looked upon as a wonderful man? ¿Yon used to say there was some- Shrimp G: ' [e sure would, he'd thins about me you liked, said he. be 300 vears old.'' Yes., but you ve spent it all — now. Mary W.: ‘‘Say, Rex, take me сары home in your truck.’ Athlete No. 1: What are you hex: UN eant | out for. Mary W.: Why? Ditto No. 2: “For the night.” Rex: “It’s only a one ton. “Doug” Fairbanks and Mary—both here at the Princess soon Page 102 VICIROLAS and VICTOR RECORDS THE STANDARD BY WHICH ALL OTHERS ARE JUDGED The A. H. S. Annual , —h h — ú — |н | «кеме — u سے‎ — + VICTOR DEALER | | | | | | | G. W. DUDGEON | H. M. DUCKWORTH Miss Taylor rehearsing the Staff for the Spirit Assembly stunt: ‘Now if you folks will alternate there—it every other boy will be a SIP, For the benefit of the Preps we wish to announce that Donan Hib- ner and Wallace Van Oosten aren't walkine on stilts. They just grew that way. BATTERIES AMES 110 Main Telephone 2061 Doctor: “Has there ever been in- sanity ın your family?” Mr. Wygant: ' Well my wife says she was erazy-when she married те.” Daughter: 'Shall I take an um brella to post this letter, Mother?” Mother: ‘ No, stay in the house, it isn’t a nieht fit for a doe to be out; let vour father post the letters.’ + | | | | | | | | | | | | OSCAR SJOSTROM MERCHANT TAILOR M EA al ofo ee = CLEANING PRESSING REPAIRING 122 Main Phone 344 ы ы = == S SS م‎ + BOSCH MAGNETOS | BATTERY AND ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. 605 Story T | | | | | BOONE | | Telephone 106 | + The A. H. S. Annual Sm a a a a im a tia ia a la i ia 8 8 а 8 9 ia سے ا زا‎ aa iI I سے زا زا‎ اص ee EY ce‏ سد )ا سس اا | سے و اما a о н —— ор‏ .— ا س وا ا سک | سے нани‏ سس ور رز I‏ سے واا ست ااا ست ااا م وا کے و ا کے ا ا کا اا س و ا س ار س ا ا س — + s Rn ae — a n B ни инан Buy a Sweater Now Before coming downtown tomorrow morning take a good look at your old sweater. Maybe it isn’t good enough to do for another season. If vou re going to eet a new one, to- morrow is the time to get it. We're олуш some good values in fine quality sweaters. Good looking styles; eom. fortable in fit and extremely durable $8.00 The Tilden Store For Men Page 103 + м» —F T —. — — — | ----- 1 1 ----- :----- | ----І MM MÀ ----- | | کے لاا لے‎ MÀ ÓMMÀ | a ++-٭ ہے Ч 4 а: $ é е: «(654 E AR А S зубы 2 SL. ` » P uto Е у 126% МОЙ ex SS A 1 ' y e 25 у WS and, 7 E A, or. ачу 3 WK [x P ! v. ть . » -. ' b + P9 . ` жи? із % P. 4 In ne j hum 1 Le Oe. с LI EN М кіл vh 7

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