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A 'Q ,EW 1 .-5 15? '-1'.' - . ':" ' " -' ' " , . I E' ' fx "fm 5 " YH , K 14 "-:: -V - 1-fif' f , ' - G+? ' '-5? .-'wifi ,sun f 'ax gr 3.1. - . -, 1. ,. ,. ., ' . f ' V 1-51-21- hy".-, ' 1 - . ii: .v .47 , 5 1 ll 'Q WH 'G' ,,,,nr, i 35 rv +5 fmirf' 3543? a YP' " 'QMS' , f ,fy 5. , , 1 was , , ' .eg fffi ' 'ffl ? ' i-'fs - - 'T , V x . 5 - , . ' if L A ' ' 4 fl ,fi , - I , - - 1 -if-l"'f ,U r . x ' - X ' 1 44 Lf' W EA ' -' Q -6 ' , h A ' " . A U ' ' . b 1 ' ' rg i ' 1 , Ja-EQ ' ' ' --4 ' - 3-1 5 V, . . A ' U ,- - lm- : f , . -s, V - , . ,, -sr. -x . -. 5. 2' - f? 1 - , Li ' if 1. ' " "f-1. QL' . L 21:1 T ' ' ,fl QF. .' 543 V :Qu-'f -:ff ' 2-0 ' " - ' . l ' - Q ' -v 1-, .' 11 :IFA V -1" ' . 72 9,-z -"' 'al'-2 Ficf Sw? , 12- ,g-ffl ' V ', ' ' ' ' ',' ' ' , 'r - ' QS' ' '. ' ' ' 'QF f'12'iL51 - ,N-gf' ' ,?1.s:f1+1. , wigs IE 2 ,. ' A , , - -' Q13 ka f 4 1 fag -f' t VL '4'K"tf. V -gf,-L+. 1 Y , nt. . , 1' v- U - 'Lrg' 14. .1 in N -,1 9 I 1 Q , , " ,' - X ' ' , ,. " . .- A 1 Y . .. A .i ' , L. ..,.- Q -'-1-' :-' 4-4-I . 7 , 4, ' .-, , . f i s , . 1' 1 -- V V A V ' ., ... ,.- f V I ,V an 'z ..V -'U YM ki, f 1 I L E , i i I I I 1 I . a E A I I I E r l v I i - ,-"5 ,. .- V mf, 'H J. V 4 ,V X A-xv V A-,'. uv K' . 9 - 3: I - Yuri 5- , 1,4-L Vx i w VV V A 'viztnff ' V .. V '11-W - 3 , VV Q , , -Q, 'V 'V - 'g , , V . . Wi' f ' 5 . . W RIM: 5 t E Q -A .'., WVR 47 ,-Ea 'f's,k3'Q2g: .V 1 x 1 . iv 4 , W, l -x 'V 4 1 .. V- --fav . V , 4 f q 'VV A- "ii VLV f, . j, '-sAg:'fVyf.e5a7'1?'f .X , , A 1 V , 1, V, 6 ' h r , I , L , Q. 3 , X sr' ' R Vs ,,,f wh , ,, V V , V Q fb! , i L . V , i V h. V . 'V V4 ' A , ' M H ,Ll , M A, A ,, 5 A XA' ' ' , -K 9 4' A 4 . V I A 1 K' , V , ,al U. VV . , ,gag V . ., 1 ,V "V--mem ' V V if V " . - V '. V ' V fm'-'L " -f M, V 'F,f,',gQ.uzfg ' V 4 T51 "il V V, V 2 . , V 'a 'K 1' V .K ,, -L ' " , , ' , 5 uV ,FX 'we' gf' if V Q V VV ' 1-. . VV Vw ' -V . ' ' 51,551 k ' l K' . V WV ' E, i ,S , t 4 ,M . - I . V , VQM, , , , ' . fx 2 k 4 ,L V.. VV. fig.. V V, :Jia X L V! M ,,- , K :Vw 1ej,mm,g,:f , . ' ' 'L 3- V , 35.1 1-. 2 A 1 A ' V -, ','JL,-M 'IV , - V. , L - Q D ,, . . V '-.. - V1 . " .- X V of fa . f - . Vq C a L . 'VW - . , " ,. -V 'Q ,- 1 ' 53 . V , 1, A V - -R V A K F' , .V , , X, 1 x . . , . vVV ' f fb - ' -fl-3' ,nk f 'hi . VV 1 V Vw' - J... . v-251521 1 L4 , . WJ., ' H W .M s,1'f,,,- 1,1 -4 J 1. 'el w -1 x Y - ffl K s ' 1 1 i, , an QQ v . W , My 'fm f. u x F 1 , 'mvrll r rg fQ0"' QIJRXQQ' sf' Q Q' f 9 4 1 FUHEWUHD This is the story ot Americus I-Iigh as we know it and love it . . . the part ot Americus I-Iigh which is more than a mere school . . . the part that Ioecomes a part ot us, the triends we make, the joys we share, the disappointments we endure, the games we play, the contests we enter, the books we study, the lessons we learn 'nside and outside ot class. These gay important moments, these small intimate details ot school lite that make the year such a memorable one tor you . . . these are the things we have tried to catch tor you . . . the things that you will want to recapture with stirring notes as they silently dritt into the ghostparade ot yesterdays, ot yesteryear. EU TE T5 DEDICATION IN MEMORIAM PANTHER STAFF CLASSES ADMINISTRATION ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS sfo MISS LOUISE REEVES "To know her was to love her" is the verdict of all students who have known Miss Louise Reeves: one who shows infinite patience in teaching the things she sees so simply: one whose genius is unobtrusive, carefully concealed by her modesty: one whose inner peace and calmness brings tranquillity to all she contacts: one who for four years inspired mem- bers of the Panther Staff with her originality, her perseverance, her patience. To Miss Louise Reeves, our teacher, our friend, we respect- fully dedicate the I947 Panther. LOIS MATHIS JOHN FOX HODGES MISS CARTER Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Adviser it -f-,4 Gig - 4 wk' ,ff ', 3, fgff. ff. LAWRENCE WOLFE LOTTIE HOLLEY Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor FRANCES FREEMAN MARILYN WITT JEAN GRIFAFIN Art Editor Assistant Art Editor '-'UYSVY Ed'f0' MR. COMER Adviser Fr MAY O'HARA Assistant Literary Editor JIM DUDNLEY MARTHA LANIER Business Manager Assistant Business Manager 1 1 t PEGGY ANN HINES DICK KINNEBREW Club Editor Assistant Club Editor JOEL MAUK LADYE FLEEMAN Feature Editor Assistant Feature Editor A 'yrv fu: -f Vlf MR. HADDOCK Calm llwrmlglw all rxcnlnmvnl, an Lmdvmlandlrwq rm lor rvury pvrson and pmblvm, MR. FINKLEA Wllh lwls Irwvmdly mul Llndcrslandimg marmvr Im' commancls rl-mpvrl, ndvvwallon, and obvcl sms Ivom nvvry sludvnl. MRS. NASH Always wllling and glad to Im' nl any assislanfv G fxlllllux IFI A'V1"ViTI'lLf. DHIIIISTR TID MRS. DANIEL Iplxllwl lv lvu' rwvv .xml fx Iwwlpllll Iwml, MISS REEVES II 1 -lllmrlvu 'VMI qvv'lI"'-ff, rwplvl, ulmlllwwl, lc Yvrv, '. rlr1llH'rIJH,I. MISS WALTON l Un. v lvllrwqfv I,I1lI. mf. 'fwlmm-cl wwllw 4,b,I1 I llmlwllmllIlznlwlmlfnslxlfllrrlrIvrl1HlHflvv'.'I lwlu lawn l all mln. MISS CARTER PI A Ingmlnl- Iwlmmvmn vflvfl 'mv -Ivmy, Ilwl llm' ruglwl llxlmg -ll llw. ruglvl llrw, MRS. ROBINSON rx w B Ilr vIIImI'. In fffvlll I my ffuvllul I-Llwllunll r xml Im uppmfmlw-vw lfv Il- mlmw lx-, wwll, luv rglwrl wlwr. Lzmwuv lu IILAV. mu-' MR. COMER A calrnnvss undcrlaid with quiut lwumor, a lrinnd to uvcryonr. MR. MARGASON Combinus a pleasing pwsonality witln a bi-list in individual studying and "figuring tc-r yoursultf' MR. KEEL An vxpcit in sctting tlniv studcnt along tlw right road to musician- slwip, M R. BLAY LOCK A gunial Coach wlno discovcrs and dvvclops any lniddvn atlilvtic ability. MR. KINNEY A goldvn iult' pvraon witlw a dry wit tlwat nialws uvcn this difflcult subjects tw tt'ac,lm's intgrusting. AND ACULTY MRS. MARSHALL Latin, Spanish---ad-tpt at loiwign languagvs and our own too. MRS. MAYNARD A music lover wlwo inspirus lovu ot music in lm-r pupils. MRS. ROSS l-lar lriundslwip-one banlc that will nrvwr fail an A. l-l. S. studcnt. MISS GLOVER l-lcr tips in clothing, cooking, and pursonality lead ner studunts along ttn: road of succuss ancl happiness. Zn iwlzmnriam WILLIAM DAVID FROST July 7, l929 October 5, I946 He said, "My child, do you yield? Will you leave the flowers tor the crown? Then into His hand went mine, And into my heart came I-le: And I walk in a light divine, The path I had feared to see. gli X O Y ., l D 49 I f lid 'ET W V X JEAN GRIFFIN Secretary LAMAR DIXON President MI LDRED DANIEL Vice-President EMORY PILCHER Treasurer GLENN C. ALEXANDER "Glenn" Musiz' itxrlf will bars! a clear blur' biiiilzlz' ufilh ilx harmonizing joy." Band, l, 2, 3, 41 Cavalier. DORMAN AUSTIN "Dorman" 'He is well paid fha! is xalixfirwl." F. F. A., I, 2, 3: Olympian. DOTHY BRYAN ..DOt.. "O'er rough rrml xmoofb xbv lripx along." Glec Club, 47 Cavalier. CLYDE BRIDGES, JR. "Bloaty" "TU play fbi' game' for all Ihvn' ii in it, to play Ihr' gamv and play lo win ii.', Alpha Mu, 43 4-H Club 41 Eoolball I, 2, 3, 4: Olympian. MARY ANN BURT "Berry Mae" "We lrarn lo rio by sliidyingf' Journal Staff, 4: 4-H Club lg Seca retary 31 Cavalier. WILLIAM F. ANDERSON "Bill" 'Who rimr'1'rsluml.i fha' working of this b0y'x l1rain?', Cavalier. RENNlE EUDORA AVERETT "Ronnie" "Shir may br' quid and iuxl a Iililv shy, ini! 1,0117 nmki' fbi' mixfuke of paxxing fbix frivnil ily." 4-H Club, I, 2: F. H. A. 3, 4: Cavalier. JOSEPH E. BARNES "Joe" "Tho by was Iilflv um! wry small, hm' ronipmziomliip il wax will: all." Olympian. DORIS BRYANT "Kootclwa" "A ri orovix rrxrur uirrx man X N fuiibfiil fru'nJ5." Cavalier. CHARLES EUGENE BROWN, JR "Charles" "Silf'nrz' is gnliliuf' Olympian. Jil 1 J 4,""E - icgf' '- gk F.H.A. Club, 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3: BARBARA BURTON "Barbara" "'I'lu' ligbl of low, iln' IYIIVI,-Y uf grarr, Tln' miml, ilu' lrllliir' llffxlflllllx from ber fwfr." A.H.S. Journal Stall, 2, 3, 4: Alpha Mu, 4: Bvta Club, 2, 3, 4: Glec Club, 2, 3, 4: Majoriittc, 3: Drum Major, 4: Olympian, JOHN MARSHALL CHAMBERS "Chcst" "Tln'n' ix u plan' for lm innl u work fur varb of us fu flu." Bvta Club, 3, 4: Basketball, 2, 3: Cavalicr. WINNIE RUTH CHILDREE "Cl'Iickcn" "'I'lu'r4' ix wily uni' lmrrmf of ulailily- Ar'fior1." Alplra Mu, 4: F.l-l,A., 2: Trvasurcr, 3: County Glw Club Prvsidvnl, 4: Olympian. CHARLIE ROBERT CRISP 'lCl1arlic" "A fnml lzuurl Jutlz glow lfbfll Irma" Alplwa Mu, 4: Football, 23 Man agcr, 3: Olymplan, THELMA JEAN COURTNEY HRKfdH "All good lbirfgx mmf in small fnu'lzu,q1'x." Assistant Sports Editor ot A.l'l.S. Journal, 4: Alpha Mu, 4: Basket- ball, 4: Clwrrlcadcr, 4: Olympian. 15-I ."2',m, ifvx 11111 Sq-E 1 Q 7 l 'N SILAS BUSH "Busta" "Manm'r is ull in all u'lJuh'z'er lv wril, Tin' xubxliluh' for gvniux, humor fum' wil." Basketball, 3: 4-H Club, l, 2, 3 Olympian. ELIZA MAY CHAPPELL "Eliza" "Thr fun nolwlm' things in life' an xu'vz'Im'xs uml laughin." Alplwa Mu, 4: Glce Club, 3, 4 Olympian. ROBERT ALVIN COLLINS "Bobby" "Hc is liluwl by all, u slvmlfusl frii'ml." Alplna Mu, 4: Beta Club, 2, 3, 4 Track, 3, 4: Band I Olympian. JENNlE COPTSIAS "Winnie" "Num namull Ibm' buf I0 piruixc. Beta Club, 2, 3, 4: F,l'l.A. 2: Glcc Club, 2, 3: Basketball, 2, 3 Olympian. WALTER PATRICK CRUMPTON "Pat" "A frirmlly KIlIll1', a bvuri so Irur, Always bapfvy, m'r'i'r l1lm'." Football, 3, 4: Basketball, 3, 4 Cavalier. BALLARD DANIEL "Noah" "We learn to live by doing" Basketball, 47 Football, 2, 3, 4: Track, 3, 47 Cavalier. RUBY LEE DAVIS ..RubYi. "Dimplcs like whirlpools in her chez-ks." F.l-LA. Club, 27 County Glee Club, 47 4-H Club7 Cavalier. OLIN LAMAR DIXON "Bucky" "Franknc'ss, rooperation and truth- fulness have proved to work to- gr'thz'r." Senior Class President, A. l-l. S. Journal Statt, 37 Assistant Editor, 4: Alpha Mu, 47 President, 47 Beta Club, 2, 3: Vice President, 47 Foot- ball, 2, 3, 47 Track, 3, 47 Vice President ot Olympian. DORIS LYNNE DURHAM ..Lynne.7 "A sweet fave and a heart of sim'erity." A.t'l.S. Journal Statt, 3, 4: Alpha Mu, 47 Glee Club, 37 Reporter, 47 F.H.A., 2, 37 Maiorette, 3, 42 Cavalier. CLARENCE ALONZA DOWNS "Lonnie" True as the golden setting of the sun." Track, 37 Olympian. V' T X Jw :Ji T.gx:iP. . MILDRED DANIEL "Mildred" "A spirit still and bright, with something of angelic light." Vice President ot Senior Class, 47 Winner ot D.A.R. Dress Contest, 37 Alpha Mu, 47 F.I-LA., 27 Vice President, 37 Olympian. HARRIS DALTON "Harris" "Keeps faithful with a singlrness of aim." Basketball, 2, 3, 47 Football, 2, 3, 47 Captain, 47 Track, 47 President ot Olympian. JEANE CLEO DUKE "Jean" "Her really look and every smile shot right and left a srore of arrows." A.l-l.S. Journal Typist, 47 Alpha Mu, 47 Beta Club, 2, 3, 47 F.H.A. Club, 2: Cavalier. JIM DUDLEY, JR. "Board" "He was a leader of men and 4 follower of women." Most Representative Sophomore and Junior, President of Junior Class: Business Manager of Panther, 47 Alpha Mu Vice President, 47 Band, I, 2, 3, 47 Cheerleader, 47 Football, I, 2, 37 Cavalier. LULA JANETTE DUPREE "Net" "Books an' printed of pleasurcg why be so harsh toward reading?" F.l-IA. Club, 2, 3, 4: 4-H Club, I, 2, 3, 47 Cavalier. If flf vii' 'J .If l' 1 Nv- 1 "Ill TE? fy ANN ELIZABETH EVANS "Ann" 'Culrrirl pluyx urouml an lmmtil brad." Cavalier. JANIE ERAZIER "Janie" "Ami all IIN' wrirrl air' ix .irr'r'4'lI'i' for Iwr A'0IIlfIltQ.H County Glu: Club, 4: F,I-l.A., 3: Bnalwtball, 27 Olympian. CHARLIE GLOVER llButterfly" "Tlrr' lfrryx of yrrlrlfr um' lfu' rllryx uf our glory." Baslwtball, l, 2, 3, 47 Football, 2, 3, 43 Traelr, 3, 41 Olympian. WILLA JEAN CHRIEEIN "Jvarinr"' "Dark ix Mn' rr'nr'lil rrfwrr' yrnrr liglrl rlrirmf rwufr, WWII ix fn' lmru lfml rrrlry lrwfrulil you furr'1I'r." Secretary ot Svnior Class, 43 Lit' erary Editor ot Paritlwur, 4: Alplia Mu, 41 F.I-I.A. Club, 32 4 I-I Club President, I, 2: Svenvtary and Treasurer, 4: Distriet WinnI'r in Public Speaking, 37 Brita Club, 3, 4: Basketball, 2, 3, 47 Cavalier. LUTRELLE HARRELL "Bula" "NdfllI'I' um fwfr' .in lurixlr uf frm' xlurw, ffm! Jn' lu'xlr:rr'n'rl lrrllil xfn' lun! rm lrrr1rr'." A.I-l.S. Journal Reporter, 33 Aptia Mu, 43 Beta Club 47 E.l-I.A, 35 4-I-I Club, I, 2, 3: Treasu P, Olympian. RUBY ETI-IEL ELEEMAN 'ltaclyew 'A smile for all, rr grvciilrg glmf, xllrb ulrriulrlr' rurryx xlw bmi." Panther Statt, 43 Alplria Mu, 4: Beta Club, 43 F.I-I.A., 2, 33 4-I-I Club, I: Reporter, 3: Girls' Vice President, 43 Olympian. KATHRYN FRANCES FREEMAN Iipranii "Fair ax rr xhrr when only our is xlrirriug in lbr' xk-y." Panttivr Statt, Art Editor, 43 Beta Club, 3: Glue Club, 3: E.I-l.A., 3: Reporter, 41 Alpha Mu, 41 Clieer- leader, 4: Cavalier. MATTIE JULIA GOODIN "Julia" "Ami ui flu' lrriglzi srwn' glurifivx Ihr' xlcy, xr: ix lm' fum' illrrrlrirmf zriflr lrrr eye." El-l.A., 33 4-I-I Club, 2, 3, 4. Cavalier. I FRANCES EVELYN I-IARBUCK "Ebcrliner" "W'by rluwx flu' unrlrl xo uffvn hull In fri' in mrrnru, rrbvu u xmilr' roxfi .io lilllrf' Alplna Mu, 47 El'-I.A. 2, 3, 4: 4-I-I Club, 2, 33 Olympian. EUGENE I-IARVEY 'lGcnc" "A burnt' in url is frm' Irs rippling rvulvrsf' Alpha Mu, 4: Olympian. CHARLES HENDERSON "Pee Wee" 'I lirc no! in myxclf, bu! I bc- rofnr a pmlinn of thai around mr." Football, 2, 3, 4: Olympian. VIVIAN JOYCE HICKS "Susie" "Sorrow can be thrown array wry vuxily wilh laughter." Alpha Mu, 4: Basketball, 2, 3, 41 Cavalier. PEGGY ANN l-IINES "Pe3gey" "Lair lrlesrrrl her, Ivy rrowuml hcr, Coil spell hrfr run'z'r." Alpha Mu, 4, Beta Club, 2, 3: Glee Club, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 3, 43 Olympian. JOHN FOX I-IODGES "The Fox" "Righ! hen' uv' fiml a hrillianl nriml', alrvayx willing to worfzfl Assistant Editor of Panther, 4 Basketball, 2, 3, 45 Track, 4 Cavalier. LEON HOLLOWAY "Leon" "Kn0u'lrrlgr unfold hirlrlvn hy silr'm'c'." Basketball, 2: Football, 2: Olym- plan. DANIEL WALKER I-IICKS "Dan" Life is K1 ray of sun-lt xparklcx brighl for those who help it beam." Basketball, 2, 3, 47 Football, 2, 3, 4: Track, 3, 4: Cavalier. WILLIS MILTON I-IODGES "Bill" "Cunning lhoughlx ulruuyx r'.rm1pc lhrough laughlvrf' A.H.S. Journal Statt, 47 Vice Pres- ident ot Junior Class: Basketball, I, 2, 3, 4: Football, 3, 4: Olympian. ROBERT JAMES I-IODGES, JR. "Bob" "A nipablc spirit to carry on the fuIrm'.', Football, 3, 4: Cavalier. LOTTIE JANE I-IOLLEY "Lottie" "She was a form of rigor and light, When seen beramc a part of sighlf' Assistant Sports Editor of Panther Statl, 4: 4-H Club, 2, 37 Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Olympian. WILLIAM A. JOHNSON, JR. "Gus" "He xmilm' and won, the friends- frivmfx f0rc'r'vr." 4-H Club, 37 Basketball, 41 Cavalier , A Q grill 5 ROY JOHNSON "Nick" Sllfllfl' lvr'r'r'uilx, lmf lrrrrglflvr' ri pri'sr'rrl." Cavalivr. ERMA EUGENIA LANE "Monkey" "A rlrrrsrirrg xlnrjw, an irrrrrgr' guy, ,. 'l'u lrrurnl, In .ilrrr'Ili', rrrril rirrylrry. Most Reprvswntatiw Sophornorl' and Junior, Secretary ot Junior Class, A.H.S. Journal Stati, 3, 4: Alpha Mu, 4: Brzta Club, 2, 37 Band, l, 2, 3, 4: Cliecrlfadwr, 42 Secretary ol Olympian. THOMAS R. KINNEBREW "Dirk" "lf u'il.i rwri' rriulorrr-W Gnrlif urrnllrwr Solrzurrzrrf' Assistant Club Erlilfur on Annual Staff, 4: Alpha Mir, 4: Bl la Club, 4: Football, 4: Basketball, 4: Trarlz, 3 4' Cfivalii-r. BERT SEYMOUR LEWIS 'leur' "lIr'r rrgqurrl for nllrvn uml 1111- .xrlfisll rlr'xir'r'.x rr ill lmril frm' lu nl .YlllAf't'M-fill, frrl11r'r'." Alpha Mu, 4: E.H.A., 2, 3: Treas- urvr, 4: Basketball, 3: Cavalier. JI MMIE MABRY "Ht-Tim" "Mull NIV!! urllrlirr' .ilrrrrglb irrnf fulluu' will: llrrrr li'r11rring." Circulation Managvr ot A.l-LS. Journal, 4: Basketball, 4: Football, 2, 3, 4: Track, 4: Vice Prrsidvnt ot Cavalier. 4 0 . ll 6' MARGARET KINNEY "Margaret" "True rrrirlb, likc u riwr, The rlrepcr il iv, Ihr' Ivss noixe il nmkr'x." Alpha Mu, 4: Beta Club, 2, 3, 4: Cavalier. LEON KIDD "Rack" "Ax IIIFYVJ' as ibm' rluy is long." Basketball, 2: Olympian. MARTHA LANIER "Grip" "In trlrib logvllmcr' yr' ilu xfvm, Like' sorrrrllrirrg frrifJi0rlr'il in u i1rr'unr." Assistant Business Manager of Panther, 4: Alpha Mu, Treasurer, 4: Beta Club, 2, 3, 4: Secretary, 4: Glue Club, 3, 4: Cheerleader, 2, 3: Cavalier. JOSEPH C. LITTLEFIELD "Joe" "Nui in z'irlru', ilu' fun in Ibis 'world is uhul um' nm lnrxl spare." A.l-l.S. Journal Art Editor, 4: Bcta Club, 3: Football Manager, 4: Track, 4: Cavalier. LOIS M-:MATH MATHIS "Meat" "Su'r'vl as lon' or ibv rvrrrvrrrbrurrcr of 11 grmronx devil." Editor of Panther, 4: Citizenship Award, I: A.H.S. Journal Reporter, 2: Alpha Mu, 4: Beta Club Report- er 2 3' President, 4: F.l-l.A., 3: GleeiClub, 2, 3, 4: President, 4: Basketball, 3, 4: Cavalier. r JOEL JOHN MAUK "Moosclwad'l 3'S17F!'t'b prascnls a kffll observ- ann' of unrlzlly lbollgblsf' Pantber Stall, 4: Alplwa Mu, 4 Football, I, 2, 3, 4: Olympian. DORIS RUTH MORRIS "Doris" 'Human kindness justly ilrfpriws ilsclf lhrough helping olbrrsf' F.l-l.A., 3: Olympian. JIM MCARTHUR "Mac" "Laugbiz'r is llrr joy of living." Football, I, 2, 3, 4: Captain ot Olympian, 4. DELLA MAE MCGLAMRY "Della Mae" 'Fair as tba' sun, frrsb as lhc dew, Always a smile aruzifirrg you." F.l'l.A., 3: 4-I-I Club, 4: Cavalier. VIVIAN OATES "Vivi" Smile and tin' world smilvs with you." ,lpha Mu, 4: Beta Club, 3, 47 .l-l,A., 3: Glee Club Reporter, 4: -H Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Olympian. BARBARA ANN METHVIN "Bobbie" "Faitlrfulr1css, rrrisrlfisbnass, and norrrmlily spull fun." A.H.S. Journal Statl, 4: Alpha Mu 4: Beta Club, 2, 3: F.l"l.A., 2 Majorette, 2, 3, 4: Olympian. THOMAS MOORE "Tom" "The abilily of man is far greater fban his arlions sormflimes shaun' A.H.S. Journal Statt, 4: Alpha Mu Olympian. MARY FRANCES MCEARCHERN "Frances" "Friendly expressions connrct lbe rails in lxfeis road." F.t'l.A. Club, 2, 3: Olympian, VIRGINIA JO NORRIS "Jibber" "HN regard for others and un- selfisb desires will lead ber to a sucressful futurf-." F.l'l.A., 2, 3: Parliamentarian, 4: Olympian. BILLY O'l-IARA "Bebe" "Thr spiril of a youlb climbing rrp Ihr' larlrlvr of ambilion and" Sports Editor of A.H.S, Journal, 4: Alplwa Mu, 4: Beta Club, 3, 4: Football Manager, 2, 3: Cavalier. 1 4: Band, I, 2: Second Lieutenant: 3: Basketball, 4: Traclr, 3, 4' f 'la fi fIlQ,,gqe,,, 4, :Z-1 -?' , 2 C" eff vi- Lv- MAY JENNINGS O'HARA "Moo" "A .xpiril of youll! in r'rcryllmirrg." Assistant Literary Editor of Panther, 43 Beta Club, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer ol F.I-l.A., 2: Basketball, 3: OI-yrnpian. LAWRENCE E. PENNINGTON "Penny" "A buy lu' wfurx of r'lwr'rful vyin- lvrrluyx LIIIAI rrurfilvnl fn1rmrr'nrw." Basketball, 3, 4: 4-H Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Olympian. LILLIAN REVELL "Lil" "A frm' frirrnl muy uirll lu' rvrk- umwl u NlllXfl'Yf7il'l'l' of 7l1lfllYl'.U 4fI-I Club, 3, 4: County Glce Club, 47 E.l-l,A. Club, 3, 4: Olympian. BOBBY POUPARD "Bobby" "ll ii Ihr' ur1rx'fn'r'lvil Ilia! ulfrarfx ultr'nlinrr." Alplwa Mu, 4: Beta Club, 2, 3, 41 Cavalier. RAMONA LEA ROBINSON "Mona" "Be silfnl or lvl thy uordx br' rrorllm more fban xll4'i1r'r'." F.H.A. Club, 3: Olympian. SIDNEY PEACH "Peaches" "Endurance, foresight, xtrvnglb, aml skill." Basketball, I, 2, 3, 47 Track, 2, 43 Olympian. BETTY JEAN POPWELL "Beeie" "A lhing uf beauty is u joy fur- r'r'r'r." A.H.S. Journal Reporter, 43 Glee Club, 3, 47 Basketball, 3, 43 Vice President Cavalier. EMORY BEAUFORD PILCHER "Buddy" "Ht u'us u man, lake him in all, Ewn thrmgh hr' be wry small." Treasurer of Senior Class, 4: Busi- ness Manager ot A.l-LS. Journal, 4gAlpI'1a Mu, 41 Cavalier. MORA MAE RICSSBY "Mora Mae" "Pn'an' is thc fairrxl form of bap- pirzcssf' F.I-LA. Club, 33 Cavalier. CECIL ROOKS .. , .. Cecil "A mi.wbir'f manuvr am' a ourrc of joy." 4-I-I Club, 3, 43 Cavalier. MICHAEL SALI BA, JR. "Tico" "High rreflril lhoughl sealed in his heart of courtesy." Alpha Mu, Secretary, 4: Beta Club, 2, 3, 4: Reporter, 4: Band, I, 2 3, 4: First Lieutenant, 3: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Traclr, 3, 4: Olympian SARA VIRGINIA SELLARS "Pedro" "A perfect woman, nobly planned, To warm, lo comforl, and corri- mandf' Alplwa Mu, 4: F.I-I.A. 2: Glee Club, 2, 3: Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Baslretball 2, 3: Cavalier. DAVIS C. SI-IEPPARD, JR. nshep.. "Sing, smile, ami pray, 'Twill ilriw lhe rlouzls away." Journal Staff, 4: Football, 3 Cavalier. MARTHA ELLEN SLAPPEY "Martha" 'She laughs ami is merry all ihe while, you m'1'er sec her wilhout a smile." Glee Club Vice President, 4: 4-I-I Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Cavalier. GEORGE DREW STEVENSON "Drew" "Love, well lhou knowesl no part- nership ullowsf' Football, l, 2, 3, 4: Traclr, 3, 4 Cavalier. I i-as: X5 -11 :I 7. 0 ...- ,... 7 '.':- I gn., '-r. l-- I-rnnu nurlum MARY ANN SCI-IMIDT "Mary Ann" "Those who speak know nvlhing- Those who know are silr'nf." Treasurer of Junior Class, Editor of A.l-I.S. Journal, 4: Alpha Mu, 42 Beta Club, 2, 3: Treasurer, 4: Glee Club, 2, 3, 4: Cavalier. LANGDON CHEVES SI-IEFFIELD "Lang" "Why all this toil for triumph of un hour?" Beta Club, 2, 3, 4: Football, I, 2, 3, 4: Cavalier: Band, I, '2, 3: Storekeeper, 4. MARGARET ELIZABETH SMITI-I "Margie" "A smile here, a won! lhcrr' mukcs lrue friends everywhere." Alpha Mu, 4: Beta Club, 2, 3, 41 Glee Club, 2, 3: F,I-I.A. Club, 3, 4: Baslcetball, 3: Olympian. JAMES SHORT "James" "Hang sorrow, rare will kill the ral, ami therefore lefs he merry." 4-I-I Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Cavalier. SIDNEY TATUM "Sidney" "Silz'nre is one great art of ton- wrsationf' Track, 4: Cavalier. BESSIE FAYE TURNER "Bessie Mae" "Always happy, nr'r'r'r xml: Somelimrs naugbly, bu! nrrfr bail." Basketball, l, 2, 3: F.I-l.A., 3: Glee Club Librarian, 3, 4: 4-I-I Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Cavalier. JIM GRAY WATSON "Dumbo" "C1r'r'r'rrrr'xx lingrrx at long rrx lift' ilxvlff' Alpha Mu, 4: Football Manager, 4: Band, 2, 3: Cavalier. SARA WILSON .Samir "As a gvnrral Ibirrg, an imlirirlrml who is nm! in prrsorr ix nm! in brr morals." Cavalier, 2, 3, 4: County Glec Club, 4. JAMES MADISON YOUNG "Jamie Boy" "A man usbo rfrzrx fm! lore rmrrrrrr am! song, Shall rrnrairr a fool his whole' lift' long." Citizenship Medal, I: Assistant Business Manager ot A. I-I. S. Journal, 4: Beta Club, 3, 4: Basket- ball, 4: Football, I, 2, 3, 4: Track, 4: Olympian, N, 132 Sf I , ui"I t.' r 'E SVC 4 .-I 2 X w. 1 MARTHA ELIZABETH TYE UBEHY.. "Born for srrcucxs xbr' sr'vms." Alpha Mu, 4: F.l-l.A. Club, 2: Olympian. ALICE WEST HAI.. "Ami in this torm'r'-goodnvsx xtrkvx, Ilr'rr'x rr girl wilb wha! it lakes." A.l-l.S. Journal Typist, 4: Alpha Mu, 4: F.l-l.A., 4: Chairman ot District Meet, 4: Cheerleader, 4: Basket- ball, 4: Secretary and Treasurer of Cavalier. ROBERT I-IODGES WHITAKER "I-lodges" "Uv xborw his lruc' rruhrrv in wha! hc' Jovx, ruflrrr ibau irr what he Says." Basketball, I, 2, 4: Football, l, 2: Vice President 4-I-I Club, 4: Cavalier. MARILYN JOYCE WITT "Marilyn" "How far ibut lillle candle throws hrr beam." Assistant Art Editor of the Panther, 4: A.l-l.S. Journal, 3, 4: Alpha Mu, 4: Glee Club, 2, 3: Secretary and Treasurer, 4: F.l-l.A. 3: President, 4: Majorette, 3, 4: Cavalier. LAWRENCE EWIN WOLFE, JR. "Pi3gie" "Grmh-r love bath no mlm. Sports Editor of Panther, 3, 4: Beta Club, 2, 3, 4: Basketball, 4: Football, I, 2, 3, 4: Track, 4: Olympian. HISTUHY On a cool September Georgia morning back in l936, sixty or more children lbratsj stood agog at their first classroom with a real blackboard, desks, teacher, and riother children. This was the first of class of '4-7's many weary mornings. l must add for truthfulness's sake, there were many happy ones too. Many of the children were at Furlow Gram- mar School, but many of the tones who were to be- come la part of the outstanding class started .their schooling at Thalean, New Era, Shiloh, Chambliss, and Andersonville. Numbers of incidents will linger in our memory and even be told to our grandchil- dren, among them: May Day, jumping out of win- dows when we were supposed to be staying in lwhat boy hasn't tried itl, and stealing lunches from the cloak-room. At the end of five years the Furlow children left Miss Sara and the faithful staff to enter Junior High. For the first time we changed classes and were exempted from examinations lif we had studied hard enoughl, Our principal, Mr. Comer, told us many jokes and stories lnamely the Siamese twinsl. By far the biggest day of the year was the Spartan and Trojan literary and athletic competitions. Due to conditions far beyond our control, the Trojans took the cup all three years. The Junior High football team in I94-I defeated Montezuma twice. A youth center was provided by the Junior Welfare League, first at the building contiguous to the school, later at the gymnasium, and finally at the service men's center over the Bank of Commerce. After serving three years of hard labor we journeyed to Senior High. Our first year at Senior High the football team took the state championship and in later seasons we had better than average teams. We had oppor- tunity to participate in various extra-curricula ac- tivities, such as the Band, Beta Club, A.H.S. Journal, Panther, Glee Clubs. At the beginning of our Juniof year we were joined by students from the various junior high schools of the county. The honor grad- uates from these schools were Ruby Davis, Frances Freeman, Mary Ann Burt, Vivian Oates, Jean Griffin, John Hodges, and Betty Jean Popwell. Our senior year was the year, our last and best year. This year we felt our importance. We edited the annual, led in many of the campus activities and graduated. The Alpha Mu Literary Club was organ- ized under the sponsorship of Miss Walton, Miss Reeves, and Miss Glover. Lamar Dixon was the Senior Class President. Jim Dudley and Lois Mathis were elected Mr. and Miss A.H.S. Our Junior and Senior Prom will long linger in our memories. Grad- uation-well who could forget high school gradua- tion? PHIIIPHEEY Well, well, here it is, I967, just twenty years since the famous class of '47 left dear old classmates, I am faring forth on a nation-wide tour. I felt a definite need to see the Alma Mater to recall the pranls of the bygone days. As I entered the physics lab where the bullshooters held their daily session, I beheld none other than Gus Johnson, now head of the Physics Department since the retirement of Professor Kinney. Our discussion was interrupted by shots issuing from the guns of the notorious outlaws, Hodges Hoodlums, led by Bob and John Fox Hodges, who had been cornered by Dan Hiclrs, the Sumter County sheriff. On the tenthltrial the car, which I had purchased from Professor Kinney chugged off down the road to Leesburg. At the edge of the city limits I halted to lend assistance to the local cat-catcher, Lottie Holley, who with the aid of Sidney Peach, dog-catcher, was trying to lasso Emory Pilcher's dog, Richard. I considered stopping at the Leesburg Hotel for the night. My bags were carried in by the only efficient bell-hop, Doris Bryant. In Albany next morning I tool: the plane for Atlanta. Ann Evans, Missionary to that vice-ridden city, saw me off and Lad'ye Fleeman, airline hostess, served me coffee during the flight. I saw advertisements that Dingling Brothers Circus was at Grant Parlr. I went out to view the exhibitions. The first person to cross my path was the famous elephant trainer. Jim "Dumbo" Watson. He carried me by to see the Fat Lady, Jean Courtney, and the Daring Young Lady on the Flying Trapeze, Ramona Robinson. On my way to the Journal Office where I intended to call on Gene Harvey, who uses all his talents drawing the crossword puzzles, I met Janette Dupree, famous authoress of "Forever Emerald." I loitered by the Peachtree Billiard Academy and was frightened out of a 'year's growth when the police siren blared in my ears. I Ioolred up to see Jim McArthur's smiling countenance at the wheel of the Blaclr Maria inquiring from Drew Steven- son, janitor of the above mentioned establishment, the reason for the call. My next stop was Washington to visit ory Pilcher, Sec- retary of Treasury. I stopped on Pennsylva ,Avenue to get a shoe shine from Dorothy Bryan who at th 'V e was put- ting the finishing touches on the shoes of La S Dixon the exalted janitor for President Moosehead Maul: E resident of Local Brewers Union 7l-CIOI. A billboard ati nced a matinee featuring the great 20th century Flop act 'A Martha Slappey. Passing the Octagon Bldg., I saw Silas Bushiilead of the Army Air Force Model Airplane Department anagiudora Averett, first woman ambassador to Lower Slobbovi James Short, international President of the Beta Club, was in bwn to plan a joint convention with F.H.A. which is led by if V ie Ruth Childree and her efficient power behind the thr I I Virginia Norris. En route to New Yorlr, I stopped by Vassar to see the dean, Ballard Daniel, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., I.O.U., D.D.T., P.U. My first stop in New York was the Stork Club where I was greeted by the charming hat check girl, Faye Turner. I was delightfully entertained by Glenn Alexander, his harmonic. and orchestra featuring the noted star of stage, screen and radio, Lynne "The Body" Durham. Barbara Burton, club hostess, gave me a table at Club 27 where I heard Ben Shorter's latest dis- covery, Mary Ann Schmidt, boogie woogie pianist. ln walked Charlie Crisp, spendthrift play boy, who invited me to his home. We were met at the door by the butler, James Young, who had been reduced to dire financial straits because of the settlements the courts had given his divorced wives. Barbara Methvin and Betty Jean Popwell. Langdon Cheves Sheffield, Charlie's bartender and pool instructor, served us coclrtails. That evening we attended a Broadway play by the eminent playwright, Janie Frazier, starring Lawrence Pen- nington as the great lover, the review of which I had read in Sheppard's Sentinel, edited by Davis Sheppard. We had to loolr in at the Sin Din, Pat Crumpton's Brooklyn Night Club. Madison Square Garden was featuring the Heavyweight World Champion, Joe Barnes, and his challenger, "Muscles" Poupard. Bobby Collins, miler and successor to Grunder Hoegg, was betting heavily on Muscles. I met the medical genius, Dorman Austin, specialist in brain diseases, who was treating Sara Sellars, victim of Irleptomania. lShe had stolen the radio from Radio City.l At the Metropolitan Opera I met Roy Johnson and the movie actors, Bill Hodges, successor to Sunset Carson, and Jimmy Mabry, the second Wallace Beery. At Macy's I K, ght a tie styled by Margaret Kinney. I went to La G dia field to see an air show featuring the dare devil n paratrooper, Peggy Ann Hines. Anxiously watching thgshow was Lois "Digger" O'Mathis, undertalreress and Sara Wtilson, America's best dressed woman of '67. She aclrnowlc 'es her success is due to the use of Cobalt cos- metics mainufactured by Jean Griffin and to her dress design- er, Lillian Revell. A cab driver, Mary Ann Burt, carried me up Wall Street where I saw the soap tycoon, William O'Hara, formulator of B. O.'s odorless limburger soap for babies and cattle. Lawrence Wolfe, railroad magnate, owner of the East Bay Limited which is pushed from Parrott to Preston, showed me to the elaborate ofhces of Thomas Moore, Na- tional Manager of the Small Sun Food Stores. Joyce Hiclrs, vaudeville queen whom I saw at a show that night, told me she owed her fame to Lanier Success Course originated by Martha "Grip" Lanier. Leaving the plane in Chicago, I was startled by m-y old friend recruiting patient for the Veterinary Hospital, Eliza Chappel, a nurse. Vivian Oates, inventor of "Oates Ointment," and Julia Goodin, manufacturer of "Goodin's Girdle," were standing nearby. At the University of Chicago I met Dr. Frances McEarchern, director of Uranium 204. Visiting her was Frances Freeman, head of the art department of Cactus College. Charles Brown, malrer of the Buzz Brown Motor Scooters, was on a business trip from Detroit to consult with Clyde Bridges, noted automobile designer. In Omaha, Nebraslra, I saw our Panther artist, Marilyn Witt, worlcing for Rice Krispies as head of advertising art department. During the trip to Los Angeles the hostess pointed out the world's largest rabbit farm owned by Della Mae McGlamry. I stopped at a barber shop in L. A. and was terrified to find my barber was my friend-I hoped- Charles Henderson. The shop's manicurist was Doris Morris, who told me Ruby Davis was running a beauty shop next door. She said they often had visits from the golden-haired salesgirl for Blonde Rinse, Jennie Coptsias. On my sight seeing tour I saw the huge frog farm owned by Mildred Daniel, the famous girl cow-puncher, May O'Hara, and Sidney Tatum, Joclre'y on California race traclr. When I commented on the beauty of his suit, he gave the credit to Mora Mae Rigsby's Laundry. The glamour city, Hollywood, contained many classmates who had made good and bad in movietown. Evelyn Harbuclr, successor to Bette Davis, told me to be sure to see Lonnie Downs, HolIywood's only non-paid camerman, and Bill Ander- son, aeronautical adviser to Universal Pictures and Hodges Whitaker, who was malring a short of his last trip to the South Pole. Leon Kidd, grower of roses for the Rose Bowl, was out of town. 'Twas time to get a glimpse of the Atlantic and I chose Daytona Beach, but I left hurriedly when I learned Betty Tye was the only life guard. I did meet Jim Dudley and Dick Kinnebrew, governors of Georgia. Jim told me he had won with the white supremacy platform and Diclr won by stuffing ballot boxes. "Crocodile Joe" Littlefield acted as guide on my tour of the Everglades. I passed through Cairo to see Margie Smith, co-owner of Cairo Syrup, Inc. Charlie Glover, mayor of the "fair city," stopped me as I passed through Cordele. In Leslie I chatted with Harris Dalton, athletic director of Union High. As I approached Americus my car was nearly wreclred by a youngster driving a Bert Lewis Driving Course car. On College Street l was startled by a loud scream which came from Jeane Dulce practicing her hog calling. I called on Milre Saliba, war hero co-pilot on "Woodpeclrer's Haven." Lutrelle Harrell, poet laureate of Sumter County, crossed the street in front of me. I tried to divide my automobile business. Eugenia Lane, mechanic at James Body and Fender Shop, straightened a dent in the front fender. Bought some gas from Alice West at Turpin's and some oil from John Chambers, owner of a super station on the east banlcs of Mucltalee. All this at- tention so stunned "Kin" that it gave a few convulsive shalres and followed the example of the "wonderful one horse shay." Here's wishing the best of everything to the best class of all, class of '47. A Kilroy P. S. No characters are ficticious and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is definitely intended. i GLYNN MATHIS President ROSE HARRIS Vice-Presid 6,4 WW sr Q f z ' Nj MARGARET RHYNE Secretary A+' ll 6 0 'A?',E.C'f?.'i"E N ' Via A V' E fix' ff? f A s-7:9 Q A 5 L5 :gg ' ' 733 if A 1 Sara Lou Andqrson Evt-lyn Attyalw Jaclc Autry Martlna Nr-llc Autry Bill Barnard l-lumbar Barbarcc Bvtty Bryan Carroll Bass Mrldrcd Burgarnny James Carson Al Cart.-r John Herbert Coman Dorothy Cox l-lugn Coopcr Joan Crawford Patsy Crutclwtlclcl Sus Davidson Eugene DCVGHC l-larrlctt Davis Doris Dowcly Bobby Downs Cucrl Duncan William Fu-trrnan Butty Fullbrrglwt Earl Garnrnagc Clwristnm' Pabst-Il Allred Duprcq Clvarlvs Duprvc Lcwls Eastcrlin l-larry Entrrlcin Annie Mao Etlwrrdgc Jolwnnltt Faglrs Batty Evurctt Ray Flctclwr l-lclan Frscrnan VM .,.,., .. , in s '- r " f 'x'. QQ.: l'e:"'Ei z' EEQQEZ' -' :Sis -if " X ' R' lf" ' . is ggi., wqix xt ,t X gg X M Ee- ls x , L 'X i - Y izffif W if A A iz at Arr t Q D aa x ff,., . 2 I :gf M 1 Q' if x at 'I It Q-, Z, as 5 s X 4 xp as ..,i A if ,j A N Q I l 4 5 ,e i? hx u?X 5 f r I ,K I x J K 1 Q if J, k A T, 95 :Q P r 5 - ' YJ X, -- :'A --zz if 'Li K ' ' 4 I ,a rg , x .... I H , or 649 'S X, Margarvi Gai-'wood Cas-'y Goodin Junv Hah' Carl Hall Wrllir' Mandy Ha Jank' HGYSYOVL' RCYSK' HGVUS Bully Hcndurson Martha Hodgrs Lanullc Hogg Jang Horns Margarfi Johnson Orvrllr James Virginia Johnson Ehzabcth Kay BIH Krfchvns Edward Luck Fafba Lui Brlly Mathrs Glynn Makhis Bvtty Morrrs John Ed Morris Hvrvn MQCrary Rav Mcfrary Dm McMath WayrL'r McMillan Carolyn Parlcor Robvrt Pcacock Dorothy Pihihfr Ida Pilchcr Waynr' Pulfhvr Dvlorw Playur Nunn Rvcvcs W Margorvi Rhync Jack Rrcv Clvarlrs Rnyal Gwvrrdolyn Story BlllySl1aHl4'5 Bvyvrly Strickland L4-on Suggs Ja vvw.N 5 Sulflus Eloisv Tallrnl Jrrnrnw Tannwr Margrc Tannvr Pcrcy Tonvy Agnrs Tyv Jm- Tuclwr Mary Wall Jlrnrnrr Wlayvr Bobby Wlvllarrrs lcrrvll Williams lra Wullrarns Wadr Wrlson Barbara Ann Yanc Allvn Wynn Jolwn Ed Cordell cy i is ,f fe' 45' X f . llll 'Q K. M Y Q 'W' N Q fa wig, '53 .6 3' Ji' 3 X .--gf' 1 lollowrng Juniors ar shown: Ray Anslvy Cordclra Buchanan Linton Law Hclvn Olnvrr Plwillp Pcnnmgton Gfraldrnv Rnlvy x '?,r'2sr X noi a rg. , ff, , rx A V, ,f , , 'Ag' , x -2 2 BAR y rs !S 1 yr V.-P f ls N 5 x' Annv Ausirn BPWVYWQIIW BPH! af Russvrl Bvarncm fvvlyn Blvlns X Q Barry Bran Jarnra Booifr John Edward Bmyd L-'sfvr Bradlvy Jrrrrrrry Bucrrnnarr Marina Crmrnbvrs CMU Carsw.-H .' " " Cir n. Crrnrvbr-rs ' 4 1 Uvrrrk. fwrdwm W A ' j .. iv- 'Q' 1 he 'H ny .M ' 'i Q x R gm, Cnpkmas Y , ' 'H' . I, F Janvt fwwinvy S' N r ff' 9 'N In Wnr1.'r Dann-I L5 ' in -v Mk rrv lrarrivl ,' 1,55 , 5 A N1 'h r ' K . S ,, WI!-.4Nrr llrnrrl . W' 5 Hur. nv Uuwdy y I, - 1' ., ' S Brlry mpr.-.n J 'P 'iff Nt' iw' . S, Q Bmvrry Easivrfrn , y A Brrry Eastvrrin rfyl ' I Q yd Bfffr M9-' I ' . F' , Y ' 'r-g' X 1, xii w if xnxx gr.. X I. , fi -1 NZ, . 2? 4? P Arrruiiv Grrffrn Prank Urnoru Cath J. Ray. Nan Gunn BdfljHfG Half Brll Gr .'l' nv Hvlvn Harbuflc nrrnv H-'nth 'nv Horrand Mary Alicv Horivy Bnbby Holluday Biriy Holloway Jvrry Hvad HGH Vauglvn Irby Harrrvlf Howvrr Elvanfnr .larobs Rcvnnrv Joinnr Crundwika Jarnvs Jarnvs Krnncy Troy Lindsey Torn Lovclacc Ronald Mann Ruth Marshall Stuvri Marlwttrf Buvvrly Meyer Jrfrry Moore Anne Moon' Patty Morgan John Morgan Gladys Mcfrary Pat Mclvlath Bobbi.: Ann Oatsie Grant Ol vcr Janws ltoupard Ourcla Physioc Aiidrcy Richards Barbara Richards Ruth Rigsby Clydv Srnith Bvtty Juan Riley Jaynrv Rincr Joan Simmons Holm' Smith, Jr, Earl Sollurs Mary Francus Sollvy Lwroy Stvvfnf Luthyr Story Wrlmoth Story J. U, Strrpling John Tatum Jacquvlrnu 'liinslcy Waltvr Thomas Jid Thompson Strlla Turpin Marion Wall Kunnvth Watson Billy White Danny White Conrad Willis Anne Wilson law 95 -" Q f 'i':-2 as V ff' Q ---i' i W., J -fr' f W . ff 'yn A kg , Q I 3453? 'fi .,l ,. if HEEL? My i. 1 gi f 'S' - xi? 4 .5 J 2, I 'K A I ' . x " ' a -.,: f.,.,, f gf V H i ll i A ,, ff la W W 3 E, -, r -iuz tai? -.A :ls Q 1 A X -2, t w bvtl x X M S f W at ha r 1 W M aa i i S ,:" fir sflwi r w I X- all L. R Q2 .1 1. 5 - X. t gf ' F 'Q' ' ..,.i X V w xr .,'. it is wisfif' 'ggi .". I T 4 P- 4 M it ar' :ii ",' R ' i it 3 - , rf' . is iw I , , f'!:i ' 'iEg5.,555' , gi 5 'i it L X. 2 I fy M an ,Qs g w""" 3 , 1 K Q - . .f x I' i . pg.,.,...w-A ' A X ,fj- J 0 B 0 v S: Qi J' 2,1 ff N 'Ml ,lwlm xxx, Q I' e3f-21, 1n.up5' V S? 0 me 9 x 'ff ,Y 3 9 Q7 f ff! X' I 17 f , , . dyw 3 P ' WWQW' . M LOAQKQ v .J lf' - . 1 0 Q 4 '9 X22 Af CCAC H BLAYLOCK LHB ' :ABB COP 1 SXNS 001' Q Lu an 'Gs I6 1' ,,4qooon 0 'C A O 4 ' . 385. 0' B595 3 1 F. BMJ oil O Q.,gglC ' MASON I 10099 IA AE ,-.X ,Q Q S ..: L vw C WWE' QL 01" . UU" me s .M-19" NI W' I.L B QVEVI W Ngo mv-'V' LH 8 Q.B. E G RICE KINNEBREW LAW SHEFFIELD L H B C E T MATHIS WOLFE STEVENSON BRIDGES e..-1 ..- K3 CHEERLEDDERS IUQJURSTTES J E, mx fy' , Q .4 'Sw 15 uh is :K X 5. S N1 T if 1 HARRIS DALTON gf -y I00-yard dash - relay r x TQ " ls - 1 we ' W JACK RICE WYLIE GRIFFIN Shot put - relay 220 - relay TRACK TEAM wr DICK KINNEBREW MII DAN Hlcxs IZ Pole vault GLYNN MATH IS Hurdle THE ANTHE ETTES ii HOLLEY Captain First row, left to right: Couftnrry, Witt, l-larris, l-lines, Rhynv . . , Standing row, left to right: tlfvll Tlltpplll-tlrl-llly BLAYLOCK Coach ati is, a fn, rv wr' , ir, s, .o w . So many pupils went out tor baslcetball this year that Coach had a ditticult time selecting the tortunate Pantherettes. ln tact it became necessary to schedule "B" games in order that all cagers have an opportunity to exhibit their ability. The "Blues and Whites" showed their stamina both during practices and the games. A word ot praise would not be amiss tor their determination in 'tsticlring with the teamsfl COU RTN EY Co-Captain SEASONS SCORES Plains . . Ellaville . Cuthbert . Leslie . . Ft. Valley . Cordele . Montezuma Ellaville . Ft. Valley . Cuthbert . l-lawlcinsville Cordele . 3l-22 38-26 I7-26 32-27 33-28 24-20 30-35 3l-42 36-23 32-22 2l-20 34-24 First row, left to right: Marslwali, Jacobs, Riley, Home, Everett . . . Standing row, left to right Howcii, Walt, Athon, Morgan, Hott, Couftncy. af' 41 AIITIIEK Qunafn s First row XXfIvIMxIfI v, Mfnfkttv, Pw-, I'ImIw, Dalton, Hodgn-5, Law . . . Second row--R:vyaI, BucIv.amm COACH BLAYLOCK Kinm-Iarww, Whit.', Copiswas, WoII1', Faglw Arm Arm- Arm' AUM' Ame Arm' Am-' Aww Ann' Amy Arm' AWN' Arrw Ame vIr,u', vIruS Haus rnqus IICUS IIfU5 rurus nous rucu 'ricus HCU5 VICU5 Amvrlcus ricus Am-'Haus YICIJS SCORES 43 IJIHIFS I3 39 CUIIWBHI 29 25 EIInviIIf 35 38 LvsIlr 29 I8 FI. VaIIvy 53 24 CordvII- 22 28 Monivzumn 44 25 I3-'Hy 49 75 Ft, VQII.-y 39 34 EIIIWIIII- 38 39 L- sIlr 23 32 I'IawIum-,vIIIv 29 23 Cuthbvri IQ 44 Corddv 30 437 Opponents 452 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 26 CutI'1bvrI 37 .Q A if W W., 2, f ng :gf " 1 iii K 4 , il A I ,' ,.,,. T, Q . 5' p - x JOHN HODGES "Z .. jf:-332, 3 ,,.," , 1 1. , A A ' ' fa' 'S- A,-11 ii, An.. 1 9' v. 4 1 I Wg- . gn - ' . . , W v"'31"5" " A f "' al' :iq iw , .W ,x M' iq, 9' -If "' r-A rg . , XA, ff' ,g4,41',.'-1 Ag . . . ,gf A , .Q f A , V' an J' I -can WOLFE WHITAKER BILL HODGES JOE LITTLEFIELD X , ll , A pu H MARKETTE KINNEBREW PEACH HARRIS DALTON, captain Jose. MA unc, Mgr. JACK Race 4, 'im vf , KW- 1" ALPHA f'aQ.MEETS IN THE Auparonium 2:00 EH.A. f'fIEETI'NG AT 1100 uv THE HOME Ecovvomakg Room n.H.s.awRNAc. surf Miers uv THE Lag AT 2200 Bfwo wav. meer- Toofw oowu in rue' BAND ROOM RT 2:oo GOFU-.S 6 SKETBALL. N ff AT 2:00 1 K f , ALL THOSE wwe ARE Nor HGET ING, CAN co I-f0Hf AT Cvov euessco rrj 2.:oo 4 YN: GYM cz::53 X X in Q X. X K X xxx .. X X xx Q. -X UUK 5l'llUUlj HA EU ,UlKl4il"l'UI' X Aovearviifvo rmnnota-bAm3AnA Burirou Assisnsnv Aovenvviiwo r-vnuAc,5fq.3.4,L Hooc-,eg A canc.w.anb-a r-mnnoek-Jmnic rmsnv Assisrmsw nnumzn- Davis .snrrnaos rrpisrsg Jem 0UKF,ALfCE wEST, 954-LA rmf Mg Omen-wma Euqcum LANG. FAcuLTY Aoviscns: mas.n.A.oANie.n.s AND rms. emu, w. pmgifvsou. 4, .mop Ava-aooanou 4 L Y- 3mpUJbLDZ5F'T lf,Sr'2.'5?2"Q-249 52":,a2-A53 -12 23'n2S"""121 5: gwswzgso-wig A gzaof'-Sm W 1 N nglngpp 3 6,357 g35g,L,,,:i,i5P .dloffg Mes-1,12 3 -,0,,f'y.f2 212-aiogscgn m 9 , ,Z ,X 0 v 15325-giqpg y,yfa,Z" : H1 M 1 C S - 21 af- ff' 2 2 1 Q fu Q 2 4. 'ff 4 '.E2'E'z,., "?' 2-Qr5'Q ,ive 2fTQ-'SAO G 71 5 T CD -1 4 'Qc 0 C ' FV' : Gm: 4: l' g 31 , 2 :WU ,,":': X, 1 f - .,.. r if-J 1. G i s '. 1-QTQ 9-5 P1 . 2:11 as :: w f "Xi T v- T lg' P' 5 ' P!! r-1 ' 95:1 46, 1-Q N Q6 1'- X Q9 QNX? A I DXXX I v is ,-: ,V ' A :X " Q nun RP JY! i 'KN' G, '5 -' Wo X " Q . Qxwxx QQ ,Q E. fi? 42, 6, 4- 929V . X69 WA 'S as , !, Y 4 MX 9- . QQ' 'S rr. . fs Q rv 3 20 WX' 5 fb 0 X9 ' X rr: f f 2 9 Q29 - H Q 61, o 2. wk - .max sgqj, 5 X Q, 2 .1o11nanp51pzogsAq,1'f 'f 2 Z 'A -fs, 4 ' . . , GALIQ ollod L MUHULSHV 'Q ' , so ,,, s,s,,,-s,o,,.-w4f mv ol slom CIN! Nl 2. -giv- Dd nur 6 L, Q l I ft f: f -1 ' 2 : ., fi 9 ,f I .ll ' nun ' : : O 2 E A 6 "I -1 2.3 E 5 4-H Clubs First Q 15.5 9.13. Achievvmef E as 5 sf Meerinff is 4 ff 9,f.nm QM SHEAUW 1 E Q X- G Georgia Schools bk r": ShouHlW1'XVf' sfildfs xH C100 cux11Pul5UYY for A .- 1 t 'x X . :Mn QV-" CLUB Q I Q' ' I W I i im 3' gr 7 CHArMcreFf LOIS MATHIS LAMAR DIXON MARTHA LANIER MARY ANN SCHMIDT President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer The National Beta Club is a non-secret achievement-service organ- ization tor senior high school students. Its purpose is the promotion ot honesty, service, and leadership. For our chapter the entrance requirements are an average ot 90 tor the preceding year, and out- standing character. Under the able leadership ot Mrs. Wible Marshall, the sponsor, the Beta Club has achieved a great deal this year. irst row: Cornan, Coptsias, Chambers, Morgan, Thompson, Poupard, Hines, Marshall, Austin, Horne, Dulce, Greene, Carswr-ll, Collins, Mrs Aarshall, Kinntbrew . . , Second row: Hodges, Fletcher, Smith, Fleernan, l-larrell, Oates, J. Grittin, Kinney, Meyer, Dowdy, Hudson, Story urton, Martctte, Easterlin, Sheffield . . . Third row: Boyd, Mathis, M. OW-lara, Cordell, Schmidt, A. Grittin, Saliba, Anderson, Popwizll, Charn- bcrs, Young, Sirnrnons, Autrcy, Kaye, Dixon, Lanier, B, Ol-lara, Wolfe. ALPHA HM i3lH'U7 V . l'.w1,v't Mart 'maxi ififx MAl"H4f'X IANIH lf',Mf'Nl-' WW WJ OFHCERS DW. ji. rv' ADVISERS M158 GLOVEF1 MWSS REIVES MRS. ROSS MISS XXXALTON 'M v- Y I' , lv, ,1 w,v.v F'HRPf'U'wf 'wiwiwrwf r1fur5wcU'1TmrW in Special Programs and Liivmry EVVVTU3 an Hu' Diwtlift Mvci. KK5 aw ' EW f is-vzfxfw, AUWH1, Au-.f F Ba", BME' BPHN1 Bwiqwv, Bwarw, BHCF'N5Y'fV', Burgarfw, Buriort CAVWWN, Qwafwbvrk, CF5DlN'!,C?'H!dV-'1', COWHS C mam, Cfwffmy, lg X, CVGWVW QW fan?-' f7ir7wN, Dawdscw Dvan, Uixnn Drwwriv, Dudiry, Uulcv, Pu'Ha"' fx-'V-'Hr Hvvmam I' VM A "ww, H, FH - " Vw F1 E' ,2"' P. ' f-fx'- 11, CH' Hmm, Gmvw Halv, Hmbwk, H41rnU,Harrs, Haw-'y, Hfks H "'-' S HPdQv'S, HOQIQ H -,, H-xml F-wx, V rvv. ' "ww M, Klvw-4,, L-wr, L-1'vw.v, Lvv, Lrwlw, Lzwwlafv, MAUH, Maffmx Maxi, My fbwifi Mwxv' l Mwv.1,w, V, M vrww, A, M ' W, M '- WMA B ,!'U'HNxr,1, M. 0'Hmf1, OUv'1', PWM-'v, Pvpw--U,, Rhym R ivy Rw.'f,SnW'1a Pr'wiY, 'L W an 'Qr V m ,xv-1, T711 ' F. S" "1 M. S"11?', Sff'wry,S1f, Hand, TAN, nf Hwmpwrw, Tow-'y, Tyr, XWAU, Wfnff, XX!-'51, XXfwUm1w, x VNU, Yu wx ,'. PRtS1ozNT e"'lM- f 'H gp. I 'Po 'fllllmw . Q6 09 QNN ' ' fu , 96 'xx 3 A n , V Qs, Fw goal, F. H. rms move SPONSOR R MARY T VICE - PRES! D'i.NT QMRGABETZ BERT LEWTS ?Eg3fCBCIBBXr, ,r, ' s.,M u, ,U ,,fus.l5EH5U3E3 'i ff Q pi i ,, 1, H 1 vi , 4, Tne Future l-lomernalcers of America is the national organization of pupls studying liornemalcing in Junior and Senior l"ligl'1 Schools ol U. S. A. lr oilers opportunity for lurtlier development ol pupil ini- tiarive in planning and carrying out acriv ties related 'ro lwonfiemaking. " R, -'W , .R 'Aviva li' 'WM' We aww 23" E1 in -W Q Y M ,f?.Z's 'fr ,X M - .fw2f?M?95' iii, 'Q gg ifagfrgar First row: MacMillan, Autrwy, G. Rrlwy, Avrrctt, Cox, Davidson, Gunn, Jolinson, Edgr, Wilson, l-ludson, Rinvr, B, ul. Rrlwy, Ewrwllw, Mfrrslwall, Eastuiin, G. Mffrari . . . Second row: Courtnry, Gatewffd, Jolwnson, Rvvvll, l-larbuelc, Witt, Durlwarrr, Friirfrfm, Rliyn, Cflivrr, J, l-lal.: Hargrcw, Moore, Wall, Snnrncrns . . . Third row: Wiatr, Strickland, Bryan, l-leatln, Lev, l-l, Mrfrary, Dupri-i, Bryant, ll Flipppard, Morgan, Lewis, Xwvst, Atlnon, Pliysine, Holley, Roebuck, Hodges, Taruni, Fullbriglnt, Morris, V, Johnson, B, Hal-. E LOIS MATHIS Prrsidrnt JANE HORNE Vicr'Pvrsidrnl MARILYN WHT ELOISE TALLENT Srcrcmvy Sccrrtary Counly Club 'Wh ,ll H CLUB pw JOHN ED CORDELL LUTRELLE HARRELL JEAN GRIFFIN ANNETTE GRIFFIN President Treasurer Secretary Reporter Since its organization two years ago, the Americus l-ligh 4-l-l Club has been very active. Three girls won first prizes in the district meet held at Georgia Southwestern last summer ancl were representatives in the state meet in Atlanta in the early tall, This year's enrollment shows an increase ot torty-tive over last year. LADYE FLEEMAN BOBBY WILLIAMS Girls' Vice-President Boys' Vice-President MR. LUCK MISS COBB MR. MARTIN County Agent Home Demonstration Agent Assistant County Agent THE B!-KN The Americus t-ligh School Band exists because it tills a need in the lite ot the school, mentally and physically. The Band is composed ot titty students trom Junior and Senior l-ligh School and will be an outstanding teature at banquets, recep- tions, and other entertainments. The Band plays the songs and Alma Mater at the tootball and basketball games. During the spring months the Band gives con certs. Students in this department are required to meet all practices, etc., required by the band director, Mr. B. l. Keel, lr. B. I. KEE Q. , +G? Y J Q I J E5 5' X i A 1 X x u :J . n . . . '. n '. . -!'.' . Q o Q 5 MXN N If Zz? F XX 1' 2' c, x NL 4. .wk 5 Q -uf ? 'S . . Q 59 I Mk .Q 5 '55 55552 Q SQX? SQ ,mm W0 , , W, Uvww-ffm, 1? ,, , MW ANN AUSTIN and BILLY WHITE Most Representative Sophomores JANE HORNE and GLYNN MATHIS Most Representative Juniors Q ZH if wwf qs' Q -12'-ff JEAN COURTNEY and DICK KINNEBREW Wittiest A A A A T - x.,, .,,- Q Mx E farm A E7 A 5 A 9 fw - X5 X . 4- D ' 7 ' b ', ,,. ff - 1 ' J 4 ' ' A mf sz- BETTY JEAN POPWELL JAMES YOUNG Prettiegt Girl Most Handsome Boy LOIS MATHIS and JIM DUDLEY Most Likely to Succeed ww-, l.0lS MATHIS and JIM DUDLEY Best All Round LOTTIE HOLLEY and HARRIS DALTON Most Athletic 5- , FRANCES FREEMAN and JAMES YOUNG Best Dressed LOIS MATHIS and MIKE SALIBA Most Talented JEAN COURTNEY and JIM DUDLEY Best Disposition BETTY JEAN POPWELL and JIM DUDLEY Most Popular LOIS MATHIS and DICK KINNEBREW Most Indispensable 551. 5 ' -. 627 I f 5 Ofg' "Qi H R six I 'Q . J- MXNQ x F fx xx In 2 X w b x 'L Q. ,YN . -X1 v- - 77 I !-xx , ,s Q'--4 I .nm I . ' H1833 :E X f 21545 8 ' s fy A ' AI.: Affff XVI th I AWN' I, 5 I ,MW allmmwlmn 'ill' HIV 4' 'N I K T 1.-2. M After school . have a Coke Compliments of GEORGE'S O WHERE THE CROWD MEETS" 57 KING MILLING CO. 0 P O BOX 797 PHONE 3561 315 EAST COLLEGE STREET AMERICUS, GA. l 6 0rLgraf14!afion5 ana! Ent IMAJAM G. A. TYE 81 SGNS Building Materials Compliments of GATEWOOD'S FLOWER SHOP FANCY FLOWERS O PHONE 2372 0ur Best Wishes to the Class ef '47 SHEFFIELD COMPANY HARDWARE FFIE 5?-be 4 LO, vnnumvv gs bf-N ERAL 4 Q V Q . Hnaowm 0UR 75th ANNIVERSARY YEAR-1872-1947 CONGRATULATIONS . . . GRADUATING CLASS 0F 1947 G MODERN STUDIOS CONGBATULATIONS, CLASS 0F '47 BANK OF CCDMMERCE ESTABLISHED 1891 L E T U S S E R V E Y O U Member of Federal Deposit Insurance AMERICUS GEORGIA Qmpgmenfd of SHIVER LUMBER CC. CORSAG ES CUT FLCWERS HAL'S FLOWERS 129 South Jackson Street AMERICUS, GEORGIA Ph 3151 N'ght Phone 3407 POTTED PLANTS FUNERAL DESIGNS MEN'S SPQRTS SHQP Play More - Live Longer O EVERYTHING FOB THE SPIIRTSMAN ELLIS 81 LANIER INSURANCE AGENCY ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE E B COMPLI MEN TS AMERICUS BAKING CG. A Compliments of MCCLESKEY MILLS JOSTEN'S WORLD'S FINEST CLASS RINGS Treasure Craft Jewelers and Stationers Class Rings, Announcements Medals and Trophies W. D. BRADBERRY P. o. Box 331 FITZGERALD, GA CDMPLIMENTS . . . CHURCHWELL'S EVERYTHING TO WEAR A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE -Phone 3 171- Rsllxsl COM PLI MEN TS SOUTHERFIELD STORE Phone 2910 REX JEWELRY SHOP FINE JEWELRY :: LATEST RECORDS Gifts For All Occasions MRS. FRANK CANNON METIIVIN SALES C0. John T. Methvin USED CARS Phone 2402-309 Cotton Ave. AMERICUS :: GEORGIA STAPLETON'S STUDIO Prompt Kodak Finishing P O R T, R A I T S SUMTER GROCERY 8: PRODUCE C0. W E D E L I V E R 101 Forsyth St. Phone 2841 CONGRATULATIONS To Members of the '47 GRADUATING CLASS AMERICUS TIMES-RECORDER JEWELRY gk GIFT SHCDPPE GIFTS and JEWELRY 0 COMPLI MEN TS OF M. SQ SALIBA DORSEY'S CUS WELDING 8: BADIATOR W0 K PH E 3 S 0 3 LATEST RECORDS COMPLIMENTS 0F O 11 MARTIN 81 RCDXY THEATRES FRANK CANNON MUSIC CO C0l'l'L!fJgl'l'L8l'Lf:5 of RED'S PHARMACY 111 ,m,,,l Y , . ' APPLIANCE QMPAMQWEJ BELL JEWELRY CC. g7l'l'L!06l'l'L6l'Lf5 A. COHEN 81 SONS MUCKALEE BRAND ertilizer : Cottonseed Meal and Hulls : Peanut Me l AMERICUS OIL CO. -Phone 2731- LAMAR MANUFACTURING CO. FRANCIS MARION CHENILLE PR0DUcTs Sold Thru the Better S es AMERICUS TIRE af SERVICE sTATl0N COMPLIMENTS - - - FRIGIDQIE EZDUCTS GLOVER GROCERY C0MPANY Phone 2363 COMPLIMENTS ' ' COMPLIMENTS OF. . . BUCHANANQS RARRCLD R TH HARDWARE f B 0 ERS COMPLIMENTS . . . COMPLIMENTS . . . C. ar 0. SERVICE Co. WM. WALTERS ELYHORNE INSURANCE COMPLIMENTS . . COMPLIMENTS . . . WALLIS ELECTRIC MeLELLAN'S C0MPANY PEARLMAN'S 0 AMERICUS GEORGIA I AMERICUS IMPLEMENT CC. JOHN DEERE FARM EQUIPMENT Ph AMERICUS AUTOMGBILE CO. SALES ' SERVICE FOX TRUCK 81 TRACTOR CC. INTERNATIONAL V , , ECONOMY AUTO STORE ZENITH - CROSLEY RADIOS -Phone 2 6 81- COMPLIMENTS . . . PINKSTON'S MERRITT BROS. "Protection of Merit" INSURANCE 0 -Phone 2 091- Mumurr BUILDING AMERICUS, GA. COMPLIMENTS OF . . . ROYAL 8: LIBERTY CAFE AMERICUS : : GEORG IIAWKINS DRUG C0. AMERICUS LEADING DRUG STORE -Phone 2 6 02- JAMES COMPANY I -PHONE 2181- Corner Lee and Lamar Sts. AMERICUS :: Gnome MITCHELL HOTEL ELIAS ATTYAH and CAFE WE BUY and SELL PECANS G. C. Lynch, Mgr.-Home Owned SUWANEE STORES WINDSIIB BARBER SIl0P Fred Elder, Manager H- B- ARN0LD COMPLIMENTS . . . LLONG DISTANCE MOVING JONES AUTO Co. GENERAL HAULING ' BUICK -Phone 3333- COMPLIMENTS OF . . . ' TRACTOB PIGGLY-WIGGLY COMPAN Y MEATS - GROCERIES AMERICUS : : GEORGIA TRY HOME F0'LK FIRST . . . GAMMAGE PRINT SHOP . . . GENUINE ENGRAVING II A R V E Y 9 S S' H ' K R E S S THE COMPLETE FOOD STORE E N T B E K I N Turpin - Morton F .t Auto Company urn' ure DODGE - PLYMOUTH CLINIC DRUG CO. PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST J. H. Monts, Owner 'li COMPLIMENTS . . . MODERN HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY co. STORE FIRESTONE We are justly proud of the record being made by AMERICUS HIGH SCHOOL AND ITS STUDENT BODY. Our Best Wishes will forever follow each student. CITIZENS BANK OF AMERICUS -M E M B E R- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BELL MOTOR C0. COMPLIMENTS OF. . . - T H E - STUDEBAKER STEAK SlIOP S A L E S SERVICE Steaks : Fish : Shrimp : Chicken Regular Dinners 'Phone 3404- Hot and Extra Coffee AMER1cUs : : GEORGIA AMERICUS zz GEORGI CEPMPLIMENTS OF F ' ' ' SUUTHERN PRINTERS AMERICUS LAUNDRY I A Book and Commerczal AND P R I N T E R S Z0'RIC DRY CLEANING COOPER BRADLEY RED MILLER AMERICUS :: GEORCI Asa PlttlllElll,S EIBCLPIC Shop INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL STANDARD OIL SERVICE PRODUCTS I'-Y-A Recapping and Wheel -PHONfES- h Day-23 2 s Night-3 107 Balancmg Best Wishes . . . HERBERT HAWKINS ELDRIDGE SERVICE AGENCY STATHVN INSURANCE "Best Service in Town" TOMMY HOOKS HI AMERICUS GEORGIA Owner THIS PAGE IS DONATED PHYSICIANS SURGEGNS DENTISTS AND DENTAL SURGEONS OF AMERICUS C mpliments . . . DARRELL H. DURHAM DURHAM IRON COMPANY C mpliments . . . PETE ROCKETT ...HJ TRI-COUNTY NEWS C mpliments . . . I. B. DAVIS W! PERSGNNEL Gfl-6 G N - EO 'f 1uu4 WNXS6 LMOSs GOOD u1 F 2,86 A NEAR 'CAUSE vi our eFun6. -'J s, ,.. , , W -1, ,N . 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Suggestions in the Americus High School - Panther Yearbook (Americus, GA) collection:

Americus High School - Panther Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Americus High School - Panther Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Americus High School - Panther Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 30

1947, pg 30

Americus High School - Panther Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 20

1947, pg 20

Americus High School - Panther Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 66

1947, pg 66

Americus High School - Panther Yearbook (Americus, GA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 15

1947, pg 15

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