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m zeo I n e I niei; nei a re n i ve ui VI t n Tu nai ng iro rr jeiaiis iJDqqppyy405 " 7 Believe It If You Need It ' ' WELCOME TO HAVANNA, " SAID THE PILOT There I was stepping off the Metroliner, making my way through the crumbling parthenon of Union Station in Washington, D.C. towards daylight. And there I stood, jaw on the floor, an al- most spiritual rush ascending my spine. I didn ' t know if I was in love or totally repulsed by the gleaming white structure which greeted me. That building I had often seen on postcards and posters, in magazines and in god- only-knows how many textbooks, books. IVIy emotions were soon to be shattered. Hailing a cab in the swarming traffic, I was on my way up the then unfamiliar Mas- sachusetts Avenue amid a sea of cars and busses, crashing and honking, and masses of wooden pilings from Metro construction. The harsh city noises ended my reverie abruptly. Long blocks of government office buildings and commercial department stores barely let me glimpse the top of the Washington Monument. The cab crawled slowly through two tunnels and advanced on one of the Captial City ' s famous (in- famous?) traffic circles that seems to represent the city itself. Then, almost as suddenly as they erupted, things quieted down. Almost hushed. This was em- bassy row. Over a bridge and flashes of Rock Creek Park. Past a statue of Winston Churchill (maybe that V really did stand for peace once). So many sights I can ' t absorb them all. Then up a hill, down one and up another with the cabbie ' s foot glued to the floor. Madly around yet an- other crazy circle which ends in a screeching halt. No accident, amazingly, this must be it. " That will be five bucks. " I gave the guy six and told him to keep it, grabbed my suitcase and jumped out. There I stood, starry-eyed, somehow I felt I had been here before. tfi ■ -- v : -H. ' .: ' . fcSi- s4:m ' 5i i :- sA. i« ' As You Like It " Outdoors The New Shakespeare Com- pany of San Francisco gave a sur- prise performance in early September. Lucl y passers-by happened upon the performers in full makeup and costume in Woods-Brown amphitheatre. Residents of Leonard and Mc- Dowell were treated to an after- noon showing of the Company ' s repertory. " As You Like It " , a light-hearted comedy combming Shakespeare ' s favorite comic elements of mistaken identity and impersonation, contains some of his best poetry. Good will and friendship prevail over masquerading in the end and there is a huge wedding party where everyone amends their dif- ferences, of course. A nice way to spend a warm afternoon in Washington without leaving campus without feeling guilty about not doing work. Especially good when your Reading and Composition profes- sor offers you your choice of plays for the paper on early English literature due before you go home for Thanksgiving i " You Know And I Know " The first taste of Washington entertainment for new AU stu- dents was the orientation concert in Woods-Brown . The outside amphitheatre, usually a place of serenity, was ignited by the frenetic atmo- sphere created by rock artist Dave Mason. As the evening cooled and the crowd warmed to Mason ' s familiar tune, " You Know and I Know . " The concert brought peo- ple together for a time and hope- fully founded some new friend- ships for the year. McGovern: A Trace Of Greatness A few years back he had seemed so right. A different sort of man, a man unafraid tospeal of feelings for his fellow man who were dying in an unnec- essary war or suffering in iso- lated, degrading reservations and urban ghettos. So after another Kennedy came and went he began to try on his own. It was hard at first, but he had beliefs that turned into convictions. Supporters j oined him and with them came enthusiasm. We had a man who really cared— finally. ' The momentum of support in- creased with steady intensity and the promise of the Presidency seemed attainable. But then came Eagleton and " 1000 per cent " . Beliefs were compromised for politically fea- sible reasons and his chances faded along with his image of honest sincerity. November came and he went. But the enthusiasm he caused seemed to hold the promise of continuation. One year later the crowds re- membered. But his smile was weak and the enthusiasm was only a phantom image of days gone by. He spoke of present problems and what should be. Some of us doubted if things really would have been that dif- ferent. But we still clapped at the end, applauding our own dead dreams. 10 Racism In A Da] Ever since the spring ( 1971, wiien Mayday spent tl " last of tine positive energy, A has wallowed in apathy. Thei were incidents during tl- 1971 2 school year when ma sive amounts of negative enerc in the form of racism grippedtl " campus. The Morton administr tion put OASATAU on " trial for the supposed misuse of Sti dent Association funds. The re of the year only heightened tl " tension between some Blacks ar whites on campus. It was durir the budget sessions of the new formed Student Confederatic that most representatives notice the absense of the Black Studer Unions request for funds ar their physical absence at t meeting. OASATAU was systemal cally broken up by the Mortc administration and then effe tively put back together by sorr hard working people. Racial tei sion still existed and nothing wi being done to bridge the gap b tween Blacks and whites on can pus. In October, a group of sti dents and professors and sorr radical political economists ; AU proposed and implemented teach-in on racism. The ever was spurred by the controversi. lectures of Dr. Silverberg of th psychology department whic purportedly endorsed the thee ries of such avowed racists ; Jensen and Schockley. The consensus of the pan was that those preaching raci inferiority were trying to mai tain a system that oppressi others for capitalistic motive Economics professor Howar Wachtel suggested that AU placi an oppressive burden on the loc Black population of Washingto merely by existing were it doe However, it was the first sig that AU might be awakenir from it ' s long hibernation in th " Country Club District " c Washington. II FIRST UNIVERBITYBwill MARATHDN IDODniLES Swim Marathon: The first an- nual swim marathon for cancer research failed to raise the ex- pected amount of money, de- spite the help of TV personality Willard Scott and Washington Redskins team members. Jill R. Katz, Coach Beverly Myers Becky Weaver Iva Kugler Marcy Buckler Gina Hodge Nancy Plum Norma Brockman Julie Bloom Lisa Dlserio Jane Groveman AU Mt. Vernon College- -Default AU 2 Montgomery C. C. 3 AU 1 Catholic 4 AU 4 Trinity College 1 AU 5 Gallaudet AU 4 Georgetown 1 AU 5 Hood College Men ' s Soccer Accame, Gonzalo Al-Awadi, Mohammad Al-Rajaan, Fahad Al-Sabah, Ali Bales, Bill Baize kas, Robert Bernstein, Bruce Borne, Marc Bryson, John Cohen, Mark Dambe, Mbakiso DeBlasi, Alfred Jacobs, Howard Jaeger, Bill Klontz, John Kuykendall, Kurt Manko, Peter McDonough, Mark Metzger, Russell Miller, Larry Miltiadou, Dino Nussdorfer, Theodore Paul, Larry Rachlin, John Ross, Alan Schatz, Jeff Spiegel, David Stout, Morris Titone, Milo Toomey, Neil Waldo, Jeff 14 AU AU 5 2 AU ' M tH i m AU AU AU AU AU AU AU 3 1 1 1 4 Gallaudet Geo. Wash. Hofstra La Salle Westchester Temple Drexel Catholic St. Joe ' s Georgetown 1 1 2 2 3 1 15 KPU Hosts A Variety Of Guests Dick Tuck, political trick- ster; " I bumped into Bob Halde- man this summer and he accused me of starting all this. I told him he may be right, but he ' s the one who ran it into the ground. " Robert Myers, the New Republic publisher of I ' l 1 1 !l ' R. B A 1 . V fffr f • ' % 1 ' ) 1 i i LflgL aw . Brit Hume, former investiga- tive reporter with Jack Ander- son Lord Balough spoke on the economic situation in a historical concert to students in Hughes- McDowell Lounge. Even econo- mics department chairman Jim Weaver attended and listened with interest . 16 Lawton Chiles, democratic senator from Florida: " The presi- dency has become so powerful that it has come to view itself as above the law, above the courts and above the legislative process. " L Peter Flanigan, head of Nixon ' s Council on Economic Policy and assistant to the Presi- dent on international trade: " When this administration came into power, we found that our posture in international econom- ics was based on the same mis- conceptions of reality that existed in our international political and security structure. " Elizabeth Holtzman, demo- cratic representative from Brook- lyn: " Nixon, in his brooding soli- tude, must feel that his own best impulses have been short-cir- cuited by the ingratitude of a na- tion of children. " Eric Redman, Harvard lav student and author: " I could no be an elected official because am not willing to eat the 1! foods on the campaign trail, at tend the long, boring dinners, o dish out false flattery and phon press releases. " 17 America At American Campus was invaded by sub- urban high school students on a sunny afternoon in October for the America concert. Accom- panied by Ian Matthews, the con- cert started promptly and ended before sunset. Woods-Brown overflowed as far back as the entrance to Clen- denen but many AU students were annoyed by the predomin- antly young teens who filtered onto campus despite security measures. Afternoon concerts avoid hassles from AU ' s nearby neigh- bors and the amphitheatre is an ideal place to enjoy outdoor events with everyone benefiting from the mild- weather, including the Good Humor man who al- ways seems to run out of just what you want by the time you work your way to his window. I 18 Trying to sneak out of the Fridayafternoon staff meeting to catcli up on some sleep, the news editor hands me a list of stories for the week. An interview, cover a speaker in New Lecture Hall, investigate a rumor that the showers on fourth floor Leonard were painted purple by an un- known artist, and assorted others. Wasting most of the weekend in an effort to relax and procras- tinate doing a term paper due last week, I get up Monday morning with a resolution not to get further behind this week. But the professor isn ' t in his office for the interview, the speaker ar- rives an hour late and when I got around to heading over in the di- rection of Leonard a dorm war was in progress. Barely escaping a shower of rotten eggs, toma- toes, and flaming toilet paper, I retreated to my room and at- tempted some writing before fall- ing asleep which amounted to about five words. Four phone calls and two of- fice visits later I got the interview and made my way up to the third floor of MGC for an early start on deadline night. Typing, editing, rewriting and I ' m fin- ished but it ' s only 1 :00 a.m. so I volunteer another hour which turns out to be three. Wednesday night and I ' m fi- nally sitting down to do the pa- per when a frantic phone call pleads with me to come up and " just write a few headlines " . Layout time rolls around and the managing editor needs six inches of copy and the photographs for my story didn ' t print very well so it ' s back to the typewriter. Another late night so I skip my morning class, determined to do some class work, after all. I am paying tuition to go to school here. Thursday night paper is put to bed and the four or five people that do that usually don ' t get there. Too many free unclas- sifieds, not enough photographs, spelling mistakes plague them un- til the early morning hours. Friday morning the Eagle ap- pears in MGC.s lobby and over campus I hear grumblii about the free unclassified tl wasn ' t in and the photogra with the dust on it. But I won( if anyone really reads the pap Back upstairs at 4:00 for the ( tique and another week beg for the newspaper. And I get f ther behind. Will my parents lieve me when I tell them a gre of " I " means Incredible? feif ?- ' Kfa- -■• " " " 3dE " ' ' SSw l»Mi ' ' 5 I, 1 V - -oVl ' ,4 , S " Women ' s Hockey Erica Bartlett Claire Chingos Linda Friedman Janice Gibbs Leslie Gilham Pattie Hall Nancy Jorisch, Capt. Laura Kind Rita Kruhm Chris Lafferty Kim MacCartee Ruby Pits Catholic Galludet 1 Marymount Georgetown 1 Prince Georges CC 1 Mt. Vernon Hood College 2 Salisbury 1 Montgomery CC 2 Univ. Maryland 3 23 A Classy Reunion " It was the best ot times, it was the worst of times, " there was Bowser, Bobby Knudson ' s ax, Mohammad and his brother and endless electric punch par- ties. There was the dirt, the roaches, a bat on the third floor, broken into soda and candy machines and, every Friday, the maids. It was the strongest politi- cal block at American University and remains so today. The freshman class president student senator were residents of " the Cock " . From September 1970 on, every time a veteran of Hancock hall appeared on a bal- lot at A.U. he had an automatic block of close to 75 votes as a gesture from his fellow residents. No other group could ever match that advantage or that kmd of turn out. Today veterans of McLean Gardens still sit on the courts, work on the publications and serve on various university committees. Now " the Cock " is slated to be torn down with the rest of McLean Gardens as part of the Friendship Heights renewal pro- ject but it bears the mark of the guys who suffered together in those hallowed halls. A Mayday sticker still greets one at the door. Our old posters hang on the walls. And in the room of Jerry Snyder and Kenny Rabin, on the first floor, an overhang still reads " It was a very good year. " 24 f j«m-- - HANCOCK HALL ,t 25 An Undefeated Cross Country Team Gary Cohen Dave Rinehart Dave Legge John Davis Andy Pawlowski Larry Schide Sean McGinnis Randy Williams Donan Damoorgian 26 The cross country team closed the 1973 with a dual meet record of 7-0. This marked their best record ever and only the second time they ' ve been un- defeated (6-0 in 1960). Gary Cohen and Dave Rein- hart placed 1-3 in the MACs but due to injuries, AU only finished third in the conference. Gary Cohen went on to finish 66th in the nationals after a disappointing 25th in the IC4A ' s. Reinhart was the best area runner in the IC4A ' s finish- ing 10th, and finished 162nd in the NCAAs. 27 Bi 4 a ti i • -.k.t » fw « - X ?- »« i ) l ai. -. . " ' -v- - r.. .- ' •- isiii pm m 30 ' A -:j« . 31 ' j- ' iio.,, «i:.- fcj tS ' c: n K ' • ' JpiHii. ' .i.r- -.» :mm. T 42 43 1 46 I don ' t feel like I live in a city. There ' s too much country in nearby Maryland and Virginia to feel the constrictions of a city. Assateague Island, the Eastern Shore, and Shenandoah National Park are easily in driving dis- tance, even if you can only go for the day. For a quick escape, the National Zoo is fifteen min- utes from campus and you can drive through Rock Creek Park to get there. The Park makes driving across town almost enjoy- able. Indian summer lasted until November this year which made my first two months in Wash- ington the best I can remember. Walking around Washington Ca- thedral ' s gardens or finding a re- mote hiding place behind campus in Wesley or going monument hopping after the tourists had gone home was never as relaxing. Maybe I never had so many things I wanted to relax from. 47 48 49 Walking across campus, you dodge the mud and the pipes to get to class. If you ' re lucky you can stop and talk to a friend on the way. Sitting on the quad waiting for a frisbee to fly your way you can open a book but the sun gets warm on your back and the sky ' s so blue you have to look up. People hanging on the steps of Mary Graydon and on the curb tempt you to skip the class, the studying, or going home. Af- ter all, how many more nice days are there going to be? Fooled again, Washington weather keeps you from getting into classes and you fall behind. " I ' ll catch up over vacation. " But Thanksgiving comes and goes and home was so chaotic that nothing got done. Midterms are over but papers are due and fi- nals are just around the corner. Off to the library, then on to Georgetown ' s to, get the research done. Christmas is coming, it ' s the end of the semester and you hope you can make up the in- complete over the break. ▼ T 5! Working With What You Have 52 53 ■l-W»f And Hoping For More Overcrowded, underlit, and containing less than one tW rd of the volumes required to ade- quately serve the University com- munity, the AU library is in the process of finding a new home. Until it does students will have to persevere. Apparantly this will be a hard task since inspite of all the library ' s inadequacies it ' s use has increased by more than twen- ty percent. University Librarian Donald Dennis uses this statistic and others illustrating the pre- sent facility ' s unsuitability in his campaign for the construction of a new learning center. A campaign to build a library is only one step the university has taken in it ' s efforts to alle- viate the crisis. Computerization of circulation and automation of library stacks are two more. But the university is working with a structure that was not meant to be a library and this can be seen in the fact that the building is not structurally sound enough to permit the shelving of more ma- terials on its upper floor. The University has tried to gear up a fund raising effort. Something it was supposedly doing when President Williams came here and announced his 54 million dollar plan. That was soon cancelled and the more real- istic ID million dollar library ef- fort was announced. After trying unsuccessfully to raise it in a low key manner, the university put together a fund raising bureau- cracy that only rivals its admini- strative structure. Many doubt that the money can be raised at all let alone in time for those who are now freshman to see it before they graduate. The pleas, dinners and maga- zine ads continue, while the cam- pus is being torn up in an effort to relocate utility lines for the new structure, and students trek to Georgetown, George Washing- ton and to the Library of Con- gress to get their work done. 56 Frank Creveti took command of The American University Club Football team in 1971. Now, two years later a task of building an effective team has been com- plete(d). The Eagles finished their regular season with an un- defeated 5-0-1, ranked ninth in the nation, and made their first appearance in a bowl game. The Eagles offense was built on the passing of Tase Ellinger and the running of Cliff Jenks. Ellinger had 916 yards com- pleted in the air with a 46.3 pass- ing precentage. Jenks averaged over 90 yards a game for the Eagles. The offensive line was anchored by 310 pound Ail- American Donald Brawner. Lead- ing the Eagles defense was 185 pound middle linebacker Jimmy Embersits, a product of Pitts- burgh who averaged eight un- assisted tackles per contest this year. The kicking game featured Doug Woodbury, whose punting style has averaged 40 yards in 1973. To top off the season, on Nov. 9, the AU Eagles received and accepted a bid from the NCSA to go to the Empire Bowl vs. Oswego State College in Os- wego, N.Y. to compete for the Eastern Club Football Cham- pionship. AU went to Oswego Nov. 17, and played a tough, hard-fought game, but fell to an aggressive and determined Os- wego State. AU 9 Catholic AU 20 Stubenville AU Univ. of N.C. AU 6 Bowie State AU 20 Allegheny AU 21 Gallaudet AU 6 Salisbury State AU 15 D.C. Teachers 24 6 8 54 14 Charlie Bowers Mike Conrad Bob Sokolove Scott Mandel Tase Ellinger Mike Case Peter Bowes Donald Brawner Raby Bily Bruce Hudock Glen Meltzer Donald McFarland Keving Daniels Tom Dill Robert Goldberg Peter Minogue Cliff Jenks E.J. Gregory Myron Murray Scott Avery Mark Levitt Nete Woods Tom Corcoran Doug Woodbury Bernard Warren Andy Watts David Rosen Bob Lewis James Embersits Arnie Grubel Mike Washington Steve McGugan Terry McLarney Gary Murdock Ralph Brawner Loren Gordon Jack Duquette George Thompson Tom Kochanski Bob Andreoli Chris Olivieri Sean McGinty Art Mooradian Pete DeTreville I INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL Potato Kings Camp All Stars ATO Big Six 200 4th Floor lUD ' s Jack ' s Penthouse Rabbis Stare Decisis Uncle Skagg McDow ' s Best GABA Gentiles Wesley 30th St. Kids Unknown PSK RABBIS Jeff Cohen John Correri Jerry Rockoff Frank Walters Howie Krause Ken Polin Rich Kahn Jonathan Berg Mike Koster Bill Witkowski Jay Opperman Mark Bryce Lenny Zakim Bart Whiteman Bruce Benjamin Dick Heiderberger ■■! ? Referees: Finals Henry Brehm Kenny Feldman John Graf Andy Woll Mark Wein In the semi-finals the Rabbi ' s defeated Potato Kings 7-6 and PSK fell to GA ' Gentiles 9-0. In the finals Rabbi ' s rolled t 13-0 win. The Rabbi ' s represented AU the extra-mural tournament at Mongomi College and lost to Prince Georges Cc munity College. 59 The SC concert committee sought an alternative to huge rock concerts on the baseball field this fall. They succeeded by hosting soul artists, The Per- suasions, and The James Cotton Blues Band in Leonard Center. Entertaining a previously ignored segment of the student body, the two groups played to a small audience seated on the floor and bleachers in the gym. In contrast to previous concerts, non-AU students were not allowed and the budget was kept to a mini- mum; but enjoyment by those attending remained high. 61 I ' ve wondered sometimes if it was all worth it. The long hours spent in the library looking for books that weren ' t there, the treks downtown to mumble my way through term paper inter- views. The early morning hours spent chain-smoking and staring at a blank piece of paper wonder- ing why my hand and mind couldn ' t work at the same time. Sometimes I thought it was pure and simple masochism which drove me to postpone writing pa- pers until the night before. After an all-nighter, I was sure it was. As I sat time after time in a class trying to keep my bleary eyes from fuzzing in and out of focus, I swore I would never do it again. But, of course, I did. I came to believe that al- though my study habits were patterned by laziness, they also reflected a desire to maintain a sense of my humanity. So to prove that life was more than just grmding out term papers and cramming my head full of miscellaneous informa- tion, I took the time to go out to dinner with friends, take that walk, and to watch that insipid television show everybody has said was so good. 65 Behind The Counter ARA Slater food services were a frequent topic of conver- sation of students and professors alike. Numerous letters in tlie Eagle reflected the discontent witti Slater ' s on-campus opera- tions. ARA managers received letters voicing complaints about quality, prices and hours of oper- ation. Employee relations fell to a new low, absentees! m rose to a new high. Student employees talked of initiating a strike be- cause of working conditions. To top all this Slater had to contend with a meat shortage, a food shortage and an employee short- age, not to mention the Health department which threatened to close all Slater operated dining services at AU. And as if that wasn ' t enough for the food service management to put up with, the University put the food service contract un- der the auspices of the Contract Review Board, thus giving stu- dents a voice in who they want to be served by when the food service contract comes up for re- negoitation this fall. 67 i jijtt The major question surrounding this years basketball team had to be " What can the team do with- out Kermit Washington? " It was shown in the opening game that the team was ready with a hard fought 69-68 come-from-behind victory against Catholic Univer- sity. In this game the Eagles scored 1 1 straight points in the final 2 minutes and 41 seconds to gain the final lead. A missed foul shot by C.U. then clinched the victory. Johnny Lloyd lead the scoring with 23 points with 7 coming in the last 3 minutes. i i WAMU, 610 on your AM dial, proved once more that it is muc|-i more tfian just a radio sta- tion. Although the annual mara- thon was cut by two days this year, it still managed to raise more money than in previous years. The money, $3,850.00, will go to D.C. Children ' s Hospi- tal. D.C. Children ' s is one of the few hospital in the country that will not turn away any patient, no matter how poor he might be. The only stipulation is that the patients must not be over 18 years of age. The hospital exists on private donations and a sma ll HEW subsidy that has been cut each year since Richard Nixon took office. This has made the efforts of WAMU even more im- portant to the survival of the Hospital. Under the directorship of Norma Goldberg, WAMU staff solicited goods and services from area businesses which were then auctioned off to the university community from December 2 through December 7. This year, aside from the usual records, movie tickets, and, of course, beer, Duke Ziebert ' s donated a cake. ARA gave the marathon staff food and drinks via the 97 Carryout and once again the peo- ple at Koon ' s Ford provided the trailer that makes the whole show possible. Despite mild grumbling over the continual harassment by marathon staffers and friends in order to solicit contributions, most AU students went back to their dorms feeling proud that they had made a con- tribution to a very worthwhile cause. The AU com munity as a whole can be proud of making a sizable donation to and recog- nizing their role as a member of the District of Columbia community. 69 70 Jonathon Falk Rick Davis Bruce Turkle Jon Zuckerman Jon Leess Danny Goodman Norma Goldberg Mary Beth Franklin Mindy Zegas Douglas Kahn Arty Ansell Jeff Schill Matt Coats Oscar Bobrow Bobby Brochin Brian Grant Frank Bell Bill Defleur Clayton Cox Doug Gruber Mike Karman Jeff Weinstien Jaak Roosaare Barbara Fee Rob Morton Bill Cox Sean Hall Clyde Kaplan Sheila Printz Alan Brown Barry Kluger Marc Goldman Steve Garrin Ira Kaye Andrea Brown Gary Lutzky David Lerner Mike Elkisch M J Fiocco John Bullerjahn Pete Angelus Mark Landsberg Neil Dretz Richard Landesberg-Station Manager Jack Tobias-Program Director Maurice Schlesinger-Operations Manager Golly Stone-News Director Scott Bergstien-Music Director Rob Stoddard-Campus News Director Dennis Gelbaum-Sports Director Jim Galfund-Assistant Music Director Steve Swires-Production Manager Michele Coppotelli-Traffic Director Beth Robertson-Public Service Director Mike Selman-Business Manager Norman Klotz-Public Relations Director Henry Salmon-Public Affairs Director 1 Some People Get Involved Parachuting: Always searching for a new high, several students happened upon sky-diving as a way to liven up their weekends. Chess Club: internationally, interest in chess may have waned, but on campus about a dozen enthusiates meet weekly to test their skill and keep in practice for tournaments with other schools ' clubs. CHESS CLUB ' Rodger Branch, president ' Jack Fanzika ' Nelson Freck Rob Holden Dave Dawson Mel Casebury ' Byron Backus ' Steve Baum Mark Shniebolk Martin White Mark Porter Augustus Alzona ' Jim Burns Stu Schwartz ' team DANCE THEATRE AU SINGERS BOWLING CLUB Jerry Weinberg, president Howie Zuefle, vice president Cheryl Knebel, secretary Arlene Adolf, treasurer George Steinback Alan Parker Martha Moore Mike Goramn John Gidez Howie Harrow Ruta Sprogis Linda Walker Don Carlow Randy Kraft Phil Otto Nick Repak Andy Markell Bob Schlossberg Jan Milner Rich Mollicone Sandy Segal Ron Fitelson Alice Greenberg Neil Lambert llene Poser Bart Frankel Karen Jacob Craig Sharf Nona Shillman CHEERLEADERS Kathy Barry, captain Beverly Meyers, captain Sue Ryan Sherry Williams Meri Rogers English Willis Jaynce Dean Jill Farrington Joy Colletti Avater Winvourne Marilyn Swesnik Jay Thomas Rob Knight Sue Kirpich Rick Dietz Cedric Welsh Doug Fisher Jim Graessle Doug Griffin Gary Young Howie Flax 73 RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION Fred Taffae Joanne Palumbo Debbie Berlyn Danny Doernberg Robert Clayman Sheila Printz Cindy Wesen Andy Katona ALPHA CHI OMEGA Mary Ann Armstrong Janet Babbitz Melissa Barrett Michelle Battaglia Karyl Berger Andrea Berkovsky Debbie Berlyn Roberta Coffin Amy Cohen Diane Cullis Alex Dickson Leslie Dobrow Wendy Goldsmith Meryl Greenberg Toby Handler Mary Hester Susan Kittner Alisa Levy Jill Neiswender Barbara Newell Linda Radionoff Sue Rhodes Kathy Russo Anita Schmeid Barbara Seaman Elizabeth Topp Lesley Wolff Karen Yergalonis Medical Honor Society: Get- ting into mecl school has never been easy, so the pre-med society tried to help potential MDs find a place for themselves. TRI BETA Eric Yoshinashi, president Debra Young, vice-president English Willis, treasurer Ellen Fuhrer, secretary Barbara Neal Jay Browne Wendy Zeller Seena Schaffer George Prudden i 74 THE AMERICAN SQUARES David Adelberg, president Jonie Anthony Madan Bera Tarak Bhar Charlie Bruxh Kathleen Ann Corbett Jim Deely Henry Delima Raymond Eckhart Ann Fleming Leiand Gamson Claudia Coins John Gregor Debby Griffen Janet Grissom Mike Hoerst David Isenbergh David Isquith Barbara Keyes Ed Kunz Stephen Leonard Linda Logan Carol Ann McClenon Eric Nothman Larry Pinkus Jiri Pochobradsky Darrel Poloway James Rakes Judy Rich man Dave Robie Cheryl Smith Doris Sofinowsky Mary Ellen Sullivan Eric Slyvester Mallappa Vittal Lesley Wolff SAILING CLUB Wayne Knibloe, president Bob Seneseney, vice-president Jeff McCord, treasurer Tom Hanson, secretary Sheryl Webber Jerry Weber Susan Crim Shelly Wallach THE AMERICAN MAGA2 Shirley Yarnell, advisor George Linkletter, editor-i Peter Manko, managing ed Rick Rosenberg, business r Wayne Avis, photography Elaine Perra, layout and dc Suzanne Smith Ellen Fincke, copy editor Bob Endruscht Harrison Fisher Debi Keith Leiand Gamson YOUNG DEMOCRATS MORTAR BOARD Joanne Yamuchi, advisor Jo Williams, advisor Yvonne Poliski, advisor Shira Rosen, president English Williams, vice-president Andrea Collins, treasurer Mary Hester, secretary Elizabeth Anthony Mary Anne Armstrong Kathleen Circosta Marilyn Coonelly Alexandra Dickson Charle Ann Ehret Susanna Jeorg Jacqueline Jarrod Mary Monohon Jeanette Paroly Nancy Peters Mary Seehafer Karen Strawser Karen Warmkessel Karen Yorgalonis Susan Zirinski STUDENT UNION BOARD Ken Schwartz, chairperson Glenn Sussman Paula Kohlhaas Cathy Hagerty Mitch Goldfarb Mark Garreto Ciorge Decker Robyn Bllebert Ed Bell WOMEN IN COMMUNICATION Jo Williams, advisor Ruth Lindgren, advisor Alex Dickson, president Patti Berman, vice-president Susan Zirinski, treasurer Karen Warmkessel, secretary Libby Jo Dubick, national representative Marcia Berss Kathleen Circosta Mary Clare Geiger Deborah Hunn Diane Glassman Jackie Judd Sharlene Kranz Andrea Piatt Alice Grisham RECORD CO-OP 77 ALPHA SIGMA PHI PHI MU Marie Fitzgerald, pledge director Barbara Gaylor, secretary Robin Owens Chris Cleary Joan Smutko, vice president Joan Lawrence Sandee Rusckersberg Gail Mutnik, president Nancy Volz Vicky Casey Debbie Kratenstein Julie Heizer, rush chairperson Cyndy Wesen, pan hellenic president Lynne Allison Marilyn Coonelly Beth Knapp, treasurer Valarie Johnson Patti Stein Anne Lodge Vicky Dann Stephanie Woerful, pan hellenic representative ALPHA EPSILON PI Dan Barton Don Carlow Neal Gallub Mark Goldhaber Tom Hanson Tom Hutton Mark Johnson Mark Masin Bruce Olin Paul Schloss Ken Schwartz Mark Selig Bob Senseney Andy Silberstein Rob Stoddard Fred Taffae Bruce Taylor Tom " Tex " Terkel Ed Varrone Dave Warren Dennis Miller We of The Talon are sorry to say that these are all of the or- ganizations that wished to parti- cipate in this year ' s yearbook. After repeated advertisments in the campus newspaper and a per- sonal letter to all organizations, those pictured are the only ones to respond. 78 " . 4f■ 79 Out Of Space. Out Of Time 80 AUopoly RULES OBJECT OF THE GAME: The object of this game is to graduate. That is done by amassing 32 credits. PLAY: The game is started by distributing $1 ,000 to each player. After this each player rolls the dice. The highest number plays first. The dice are then passed to the left to continue play. Each player continues around the board in an orderly manner as dictated by the roll of the dice and or the directions of the cards. When a • player lands on a square the directions of the square must be followed. If it demands an established rent, this rent must be paid to the university. If a person is to receive a course credit shall be added to that players score. If the player is directed to lose a turn, the dice shall pass that player and go to the next person to the left the following time around. If a person is to lose a course credit one must be subtracted from said players score. There are only two exceptions. If a person lands on a square as a result of the directions on a card; the directions on the card shall take precedence. For example, if a person is directed to a restau- . rant the amount specified on the card shall be paid, if no amount is specified the amount shown of the board shall be levied against that person.- Second, if a person is directed to loose a credit and he has none, or more than possessed, that player does not owe the board a credit. One can never acheive a negative credit rating. When one passes go the bank university shall imburse that player $300 and 4 credits. rules continued on back of board 81 HUGHES HALL Pay Rent $93 ANDERSON HALL Pay Rent $93 CHANCE LETTS HALL Pay Rent $93 LUIGI ' S Pay Bill $5 TUITION Pay $300 LEONARD HALL Pay Rent $93 COUNSELING CENTER MCDOWELL HALL Pay Rent $93 82 GO Gain 4 Credits " o m m cn 3D = CO i O CO " o r- m O §. CD 3 o (Jl O o c z CO m o m Z H So CD O OD 5 CD I Odd 5:0 a CD J3 O - re O O z C 3 H m CO TAVERN Pay $5 and lose one credit CHANCE NEW LECTURE HALL Gain One Credit MCKINLEY BUILDING Pay Traffic Fine $5 ROY RODGERS Pay Bill $3 GRAY HALL Gain One Credit ROPER HALL Gain One Credit LIBRARY Pay ten times the amount shown on dice for fine PRESIDENT WILLIAM ' S OFFICE Suspended lose 4 credits iC?, h " b 83 REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE: Upon landing on the registrars office one may purchase 1 course credit for the amount on the dice times ten. Example-a player on Anderson rolling a four would find his piece on the registrars office square. That person has the option to buy one credit and only one credit for $40. One is not obligated to buy. If a person is sent to the registrar ' s office square a , credit may be purchased for lOx the amount shown on the roll that placed the piece on the Chance or Counseling Center square. Again the player has the option to buy a credit. There is no obligation. DISPENSARY; One is just visiting when landing on the square marked Dispensary. However if a . pjayer is sent there, three rolls of the dice must take place before one can continue to move. This is the only way out of the dispensary. LIBRARY: The library square is much the same as the Registrars Office square. Upon landing on this square the player must pay ten times the amount shown on dice as a library fine. This money is turned over to the bank university. As with the Registrar ' s office cards take precedence and directions on the cards must be followed. If there is a contradiction the cards must be followed. WINNING: One wins when 32 credits are compiled. One can lose before a person involved wins if a player ends up in the red in terms of money. If one is forced into debt that players piece shall be retired from the board. If after reading these directions and looking at the board one finds a striking similarity between AUopoly and another game, please keep in mind the follow- ing. One can notbuy any property on the board. The amount of money accumu- late does not play into who wins and who loses at the end of the game This is ■determined by credits alone. Of course, one can not end up in the red. Theorti- cally no square discriminates against any player for reasons of race, creed, reli- gion, or sex or any other reason. A person may not buy their way out ot the dispensaryor any other jam. Mom and Dad are not a phone call away anymore 84 COUNSELING CENTER COUNSELING CENTER COUNSELING CENTEi COUNSELING CENTER COUNSELING CENTER COUNSELING CENTE COUNSELING CENTER COUNSELING CENTER COUNSELING CENTE COUNSELING CENTER COUNSELING CENTER COUNSELING CENTE CO UNSEL ING CEN TER COUNSELING CENTER COUNSELING CENTE COUNSELING CENTER COUNSELING CENTER COUNSELING CENTE 85 Advised tomoveoff-campus Advance to nearest off-cam pus housing Pay rent Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits Take " How to study course ' Gain 1 course credit Totally freak out Go directly to Dispensary Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits Fail speed reading course Go to Library Do not pay fine Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits Therapist advises you to relax Advance to Leonard Center for Sauna and a swim Pay $5 Go to group encounter Meet date Advance to nearest eating place Pay double amount on square (card applies equally to males and females) Decide to be a CIA agent Advance to School of International Service Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits Not accepted to, law school Advance to Ward Circle Building Do not pass Go Go for career counseling and find an internship Collect $50 Participate in couples ' counseling Move into nearest off-campus housing with mate Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits Advised to move on campus Advance to nearest dorm Pay rent Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits Undergo individual therapy Advance three spaces Hassled from all sides Therapist advises a trip Advance to Eastern shuttle Pay $100 for first class ticket Lose 2 turns Do not Pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits Decide on CAS major Go to Gray Hall Gain 1 course credit Joirrspeed reading program Gain 2 course credits Analyst recommends meditation Go to Woods-Brown Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits Decide to become a policeman Advance to Leondard Center 2nd floor (Administration of Justice Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits Participate in experimental psychology group Become pigeon Go back 4 spaces Evicted from dorm Advance to nearest off-campus housing Pay rent Paper due Pull an all-nighter Lose 1 turn and gain 1 course credit Participate in demonstratic Advance to Williams ' offii Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course ( Spring Weekend Go to Woods-Brown for concert Car gets towed Pay $15 Advance to McKinley Building Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits Take course in radical economics Join demonstration Advance to Roper Hall Gain 1 course credit Run free unclassified for a roommate End up with fifty phone calls at all hours of the night Lose 1 turn Buy 1 pound of oreganc Pay $200 Do qualudes. Pass out in MGC lobbv Lose 2 turns Fail exam Lose 1 course credit Score big date Go to La Rive Gauche Pay double Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits (card applies equally to males and females) Think you ' re pregnant (if male ignore card) Go to Hughes Hall and see Dr. Shea Do not pay rent Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits Hang on steps Lose 2 turns Buy bootleg sopers Advance to the Dispensary - quick Lose 1 turn Do not pass Go Do not collect $300 or 4 course credits II RF form rejected by computer Advance to Registrar ' s office Lose 2 course credits Get picked up Go to nearest dorm for the Do not pay rent Lose 1 turn Roommate has bed partner move in Lose 1 course credit and 1 turn Jewish Holiday Advance to Eastern Shu Lose 1 turn Do not pass go Do not collect $300 or 4 coursi CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE CHANCE KILLED V yiETNAAA VHAT FORJififi ' ' l l l KnJ ■ t fl r P f nH kj B. J Hjj ' . - ' " C fl " f ABP 9 V K[ flBM M| Mr B P H " . -i. ' . 1 C T PfitfV K 1 T A UiA H fik ' Rii ' R J B J oj i Rf Erl 89 90 i btalM al bB T - ■ ' ■ ■• .T.VtnTJIir ' r.r ' h ' igi-T ' ifrif- ' M PouricP L 91 iBSOtUF v i c m PiiiowQ) i NEXT Td])i rY- s Four years ago AU had over a dozen concerts a year. Small groups in Leonard Center Gym or, if weather was good, outside at Woods-Brown. Simple shows without much fanfare or much expense. The student senate voted to have fewer concerts with big name groups the next year and up went concert costs. Scaffold- ings, tents, added security guards 94 all add to the expense of a show. Big name groups like the Grateful Dead and Chicago brought large crowds from out- side the university. The baseball field was utilized to handle the crowd that was sure to overflow Woods-Brown. More security, outdoor toilets, health services to accomodate the crowds turned concert expenses into a fiasco. Not Exactly A Revoiutlon The pulse of sirens, distaiil Ir jins, the throbbing echo ot some unseen hoi n, muted conversations thai forewain ol journeys, passing strangers, doom or joy; all the porten t once revealed by gypsies as they read the whispers in your hand. It seemed a time when one by one the stars were blinking out — and men at last had time to doubt whatever anxious passion made them build a thing from which they had to rim. You hear, but all the same you turned away. . . poem c copyright 1965 by Richard Farina. (Electra Records - Judy Collins " Fifth Album " ) Lynda L. Abelow BA in Communications intern with panax news, senate press gallery, feminist library, french club Allan S. Abramowitz BA in Political Science alpha tau omega, golf team ■ - Randall K. Anderson BA in Economics economics club-chairperson, university senate, student activities committee-chairper- son, educational policy com- mittee, union of radical poli- tical economists, bread roses Pamela S. Angel BA in Nursing karate class,student nurses association Jill Arnson BS in Medical Technology Barbara Bachrach BA in Literature literature department under- graduate studies committee, ciruna, diplomatic pouch Sue A. Adier BA in American Studies intramural sports.varsity volleyball, floor president, resident advisor, american studies committee Elizabeth Anthony BA in Russian USSR Area Studies russian club, pan ethnon, mor- tar board, selections chairper- son Harold S. Bachrach BA In Communications Broad- cast Film eagle, american magazine-artist Joan L. Albert BA in Elementary Education phi sigma sigma-rush chairper- son rtreasurei; volleyball intra- murals, snea, students for mus- kie Paula A. Altwarg BA in Biology Mary Anne Armstrong BA in Mathematics and Statistics Psychology alpha chi omega-rush chair- person-vice president, tassels, diadem, mortar board, kenne- dy house, national student re- gister,university chorale, au singers, teaching assistant, university senator, general assembly, finance committee, mathematics and statistics department council, rank and tenure committee, chairperson commuter orientation, academ- ic affairs committee,who ' s who Vicki E. Baer BA in Psychology Iris M. Baker BS in Computer Systems Urban Development oasatau Mary P. Balicki BA in American Studies History american studies committee Russell H. Barschi BA in Political Science parachuting club 1 Marc E. Berg BSBA in Marketing dorm wars, bong contests, coffee house entertainer, intra- league football, baseball Suzan S. Balk BA in Political Science sgpa undergraduate council Winfred M. Beale BS in Biology track, beta beta beta Jeffrey D. Berkman BS in Political Science pan ethnon , farm workers sup- port group, hancock hall, kpu Maria H. Bane BA in Communications Edward P. Bell BA in Interdisciplinary Studies resident assistant, american ma- gazine, student union board, commissioner of student health and welfare, omicron delta kappa who ' s who Patti J. Berman BA in Communications wamu-am-news director, media representative, women in com- munications-vice president, media commission Nita J. Barol BA in Psychology intramural volleyball, hotline Sharon E. Bell BA in Elementary Education spring semester in Copenhagen 1973 Roberta M. Berman BS in Political Science pi sigma alpha, urban semester dean ' s list Kathleen A. Barry BA in Psychology varsity cheerleaders, varsity basketball, intramural softbal Joyce E. Bellfield BA in Communications Cathy A. Bernstein BA in Psychology Marcia R. Berss BA in Communications Governmsnt sgpa-undergraduate council, university student relations committee-vice chairperson, university general assembly Andrew P. Black BS in Urban Development Jeff list memorial cancer fund intramurals Ellen J. Boorstein BA in Psychology Sociology Jeanne V. Bradley BA in Fine Arts Lydia A. Bloom BA in Political Science pi Sigma alpha, beta psi Carol L. Blum BS in Art Education Mitchell L. Botwin BS in Accounting Marketing sba-president-rank and tenure committee-council-board of elections.young democrats, fencing. ,mcdo Afill vice pres- ident, sba newsletter Sheldon L. Brahms BA in Psychology Sarah B. Bowen BA in History sailing club, transfer and under- graduate council, student advi- sory, transfer admission, experi- rr-nt in international living, london semester, beaver college Ro ger A. Branch BS in Physics chess club-president Charles W. Bowers BA in Economics club football, rugby club, intramural swimming champs Dianna K. Brandon BS in Nursing Kathy Bookstein BA in Elementary Education dean ' s list,orientation committee. nea tmA Karl R. Boykin BA in Communications american university dance thea- ter, eagle, oasatau-chairperson, uhuru-editor, dance odyssey- director Judy Ann Bressinger BAin Elementary Education I m-:? Karen Brody BA in Elementary Education Frederick L. Bungert BA in International Relations History Political Science alpha phi omega, omicron kappa, phi alpha theta,pi gam- ma mu. social action council, sk ski club,history council,who ' s who f Robert B. Capitani BA in Government Accounting phi Sigma kappa, club football public relations director- assistant athletic director Eric S. Brown BA in Political Science sgpa undergraduate council, committee on academic affairs- chairperson, sgpa student-facul- ty council Jack T. Burgess BA in Literature Debbi S. Carter BA in Elementary Education Psychology Shelley Brown BA in Psychology and Elemen- tary Education Sallie F. Burroughs BS in Political Science young republicans orientation Frank P. Chuff o BA in Government alpha tau omega Charles E. Brush BA in History student senator , square dance club-treasurer James E. Cadue BA in Political Science varsity baseball Lonnie G. Bunch III BA in History intramural football and basket- ball, honor roll Robert T. Canter BA in Sociology intramural basketball and foot- ball Patrice L. Casey BA in Visual Communications Literature open stage, media commission chairperson, student senator, university senator, literature department council-executive committee-academic aide, eagle-photographer ,american magazine-copy staff .photogra- pher, talon-editor-in-chief. who ' s who Kathleen E. Circosta BA in Communications women in communications, mortar board, Washington free clinic Suzanne M. Cod! BA In Art Eric B. Cohen BSBA in Accounting w Susan L. Clark BA in Spanish Latin American Studies pan ethnon Roberta Coffin BA in Elementary Education aiplia chi omega, women ' s tennis, honor dorm Linda D. Coleman BA in Elementary Education oasatau Barbara S. Clarke BA in American Studies Deborah A. Cohen BS in Biology kappa delta, hospital volunteer Andrea L. Collins BS in Mathematics oasatau, finance committee, cas educational planning corrmittee, teaching assistant, mortar board, who ' s who Caryn J. dayman BA in Sociology Donna E. Cohen BS in Biology pan-hellenic-vice president, adelphi panaeristi ik Kim Comstock BA in Administration of Justice Frances A. Clem BA in Latin American Studies sis undergraduate cabinet, hot- line, pep band, symponic band, orchestra , eagle , dean search committee for cpa Donald E. Cohen BA in Political Science Jean C. Connolly BA in Political Science kappa phi, assistant correspond ing secretary, recording secre- tary, gamma sigma sigma, ser- vice chairperson, acting presi- dent, young democrats, diadem i Marilyn Coonelly BS in Psychology Sociology phi mu.psi chi, mortar board, ski club Rochelle L. Daitz BA in French Western European Studies Charles W. Decker BS in Urban Planning varsity wrestling, intramurals Carole A. Cornelius BA in Administration of Justice Sociology Bridget M. Daiton BA in International Relations delta gamma-public relations- treasurer, eagle Robert C. Decker BA In Film Theater hancock hall Joanne K. Costes BA in Sociology oasatau, breakfast program, so- cial and cultural committee, public relations committee Diane Darnaby BA in Marketing Personnel Management au gospel singers William A. Demharter BS in Physical Education varsity basketball, intramural volleyball Lynda A. Coyle BA in Sociology Richard B. Davidson BSBA in Finance tennis team, intramurals Thomas S. Dumshock BSBA in Urban Development tour guide Howard W. Curtis BA in History university of wales Richard D. Davis BA in Political Science alpha sigma pi, phi sigma kappa- treasurer, wamu disc jockey, intramural sfxirts Christine E. DeSantis BA in Political Science delta gamma Jeannette Dewitt BMUS in Piano Performance eagle R. Stewart Douglas BA in Economics Edwin H. Dugas BA in Sociology Alexandra L. Dickson BA in Communications alpha chi omega-vice president, panhellenic council-president, worren in communications- secretary-treasurer- president, talon, mortar board Carol A. Dresner BA in Elementary Education tutoring elementary school children Bobbi A. Duncombe BA in International Relations pan ethnon, international week Richard Dorfman BA in Business Communications varsity soccer, rugby club-vice president, tavern-assistant mana- ger, ski club, intramural football and basket ball Diane G. Drew BA in Elementary Education department of education repre- sentative to undergraduate af- fairs and council, student na- tional education association M. Patricia Eagan BA in International Relations Lois M. Dosik BS in Art Education Laurie K. Drossin BA in International Studies sis undergraduate cabinet faculty relations committee, undergra- duate studies committee, tas- sels, diadem, alpha sigmi pi Katherine Eaton BS in Education Robert T. Dougherty BA in Accounting Libby J. Dubick BA in Political Science alpha sigma phi, women in communications,dean ' s list, general assembly-senator, wamu-news director , who ' s who Philip J. Economou BSBA in Accounting hotline, social action council, eagle, wamu, intramurals, ameri- can magazine Gary Edelman BA in Political Science Urban Affairs the people ' s union.who ' s who VVIIlie Ellison BA in Psychology John F. Ferrari BS in Psychology course assistant in behavior principles and developmental psychology-freshperson advisor Charle Ann Ehret BA in International Relations nnortar board, tassels, diadem, sis cabinet-president, court of general sessions, pi sigma alpha, sis undergraduate studies com- mittee who ' s who Eric J. Engelhardt BA in Accounting Urban Development junior varsity basketball, horseback riding, impersonations Susan D. Fersh BA in Anthropology Wi Kenneth A. Elan BS in Political Science young republicans, intramural football and baseball, commit- tee for native claims bill Robert C. Enk BA in Literature golf , alpha tau omega, ifc dele- gate, intramurals, Scotland trip Mitch J. Fillhaber BA in Psychology psi chi.syb basketball squad, ace ' s blues band Jane E. Elderkin BA in Psychology Randy S. Ennis BA in Political Science pan ethnon-vice president, in- ternational week-administrative director Ellen Fincke BA in Liter ature american magazine Michael D. Elkisch BA in Political Science wamu, ara worker Glen S. Feinberg BA in Economics Claudia E. Finkelstein BA in Elementary Education Michael A. Fish BA in Government alpha phi omega-secretary-vice president, service chairperson, pan ethnon, international week international dinner, sgpa stu- dent advisory, tutorial service Richard S. Fleshman BA in History jv basketball.varsity basket- ball, baseball, mac all-star team, alpha tau omega Bart M. Frankel BS in Marketing intramural football-basketball Ronald P. Fitelson BS in Marketing Susan S. Fliegelman BA in Art Education Arnold J. Frank BA in Psychology Literature Mary M. Fitzgerald BS in International Relations rha.anderson hall-president, phi mu,rha orientation chair person Luther A. Forrest III BA in Political Science sgpa council, oasatau, intern, associate justice-university courts,omicron delta gamma, au recruiter, who ' s who Jonathan I. Freed BSBA in Finance Robin B. Fladell BS in Psychology Jordan R. Fox BA in Psychology Howard L. Flax BA in Economics intramural basketball and foot- ball Dennis W. Frado BA in International Relations wamu, eagle, accountant, bu- siness manager, under- graduate cabinet, university senate, student relations com- mittee chairpjerson, consumer services contract review bojtd, omicron delta kappa, who ' s who Neil J. Friedman BS in Biology pre-med honor society-trea- surer, arts and crafts festival chairperson, pep band, jazz band intramurals-football-softball, beta beta beta Peter N. Froehlich BA in Political Science kennedy political union, wamu, internship in bella abzug ' s of- fice Ch ristopher Y. Fujii BSBA in Marketing bowling club Mary Geiger BA in Communications transfer from Stephens college, photo lab assistant, theta sigma phi, Sigma delta chi Jay H. Gingrich BA in Political Science pi Sigma alpha NealJ.Gallub BA in Elementary Education Student committee on american studies, mcdowell hall vice pre- sident, alpha epsilon pi Andrew S. Gelf and BA in Political Science presidential campaigns congres- sional race Katharine W. Glass BS in Psychology Leah H. Gandy BSBA in Urban Development oasatau Andrea Gershon BA in Psychology deans list, national children cen- ter volunteer Miguela D. Godinez BA in Business karate club, latin american peoples union Bruce T. Gardner BSBA in Business and Marketing Deborah L. Gilbert BA in Interior Design Irene G. Gold BA in Psychology Irene M. Garrity BA in International Relations pan ethnon,freshperson orientation,dean ' s list Richard T. Gimbel BSBA in Marketing vice president of floor Edward M. Goldberg BA in American Studies american studies committee, in- ternship in teaching american civilization f Andrea E. Golden BA in Sociology Roberta D. Goldstein BS in Physical Education swim team Thomas G. Goodwin BA In Communications eagle, theater, rha, intramural football, baseball Mark E. Goldhaber BA in Political Science sgpa council-vice chairperson- chairperson, pi Sigma alpha- president,omicron delta kappa, internship, undergraduate studies committee, who ' s who Mindy S. Golub BA in Elementary Education Janie L. Gordon BA in American Studies american studies committee, feminist center,who ' s who Michael L. Goldman BA In History ifc representative-rush chair- person ,ato-rush chairperson- vlce-president,.rep. to nat ' l ato congress,worked for sen. e.kennedy,sen.mcgovern Kate E. Goodfriend BA In Elementary Education intramurals David A. Goldstein BA in Political Science Crimino- logy soccer, karate Leah Gordon BA in Communications Mar- keting academic aide, women in com- munications, interdisciplinary studies committee, tour guide, dean ' s list, intramural volleyball Jeffrey S. Goodman BA in Interdisciplinary Studies eagle -photographer-reporter, wamu-business manager Ellen C. Gradziel BA in Psychology Louisa H. Goldstein BA in Political Science university senate library com- mittee, soal fada agus bas in neirin Steven A. Goodman BA in Psychology club football-director Tina A. Granowitz BA in Music performer at coffeehouse Susan M, Greeley BA in Sociology Jon M. Griffin BA in Fine Arts Jacqueline B. Gurbarg BA in Elementary Education Alice F. Greenberg BA in Interior Design concert committee, illustrated festoons and swags, ieid club- secretary Steven Gross BA in Communications Marguerite B. Guye BA in Communications Rita M. Greenhouse BA in Communications Robert E. Groth BA In Political Science Richard A. Gwynn BA In Philosophy Economics Howard L. Greenspan BS in Political Science hancock hall veteran Gerald A. Grzenda BA in Political Science Hien Chlnh Ha BS in Political Science audio visual squad Nancy J. Greenspan BA in Communications hotline Maria Guillen BA in Psychology Christine A. Halbig BA in Latin American Area Studies phi sigma sigma.freshperson- advisory committee Paul L. Hallisay BA in Political Science intramurals,alpha tau omega, young democrats, ken nedyf political union, staff for congressmen patten and thompson Richard I. Hayes BA in Marketing Victoria M. Handfield BA in Psychology hotline, psi chi, psychology course assistant, peace program supervisor, companion pro- gram training supervisor Jonathan F. Hayman BA in Literature court of general session-chief justice, court of appeals, concert committee, intramural- football- basketball, literature depart- ment council Jeffery W. Harab BA in History Sociology eagle-photographer-columnist, talon-assistant to the editor- photographer Joel B. Hecht BA in Government Judaic Studies rha-vice-president.floor presi- dent, general assembly Mindy R. Heller BA in Elementary Education Psychology floor president, judicial repre- sentative, tutoring Karen A. Herschenfeld BA in Elementary Education phi Sigma sigma-secretary, sena- tor, tutoring, dc pirg Christopher H. Heslin BS in Economics cross country, track, ice hock- ey, american underwater divers alpha tau omega Peter B. Harris BA in Psychology 38th street kids Stacey A. Heide BA in Psychology psy chi Nancy A. Harrell BA in Spanish eagle-editor-in-chief-managing editor, news editor, assistant news editor, academics editor, confederation media commis- sion, women in communica- tions,who ' s who Marianne C. Heidelberger BA in Anthropology Mary M. Hester BA in International Relations transfer from university of notre dame, alpha chi omega, corresponding secretary, pan- hellenic delegate, pan ethnon, mortar board Andrew S. Heyden BS in International Relations sis undergraduate cabinet, aca- demic practices committee George D. Hill BS in Finance Computer Systems alpha tau omega, talon photo- grapher, business manager DianneA. Hirschfeld BA in Elementary Education Psychology teaching machines, trench floor, mann school, dc general hospi- tal, farmland, talon i Jeffrey M. Holden BS in Administration of Justice au college republicans, presi- dent, reaion III colleae republi- cans, treasurer, student conje- deration comptroller, alpha tau omena Donald L. Howard BSBA in Accounting Richard T. Holden BA in Political Science tennis, track, tavern board of governors Robert S. Huberman BA in Communications eagle, photographer, wamu, mc- lean gardens, hooch football, department of interior photo exhibit Claudia A. Hochman BA in Sociology Jewish Studies Bertram W. Holman BSBA in Accounting concert chairperson, roach club, general assembly, confederation media commission,who ' s who Bruce P. Hudock BA in Political Science pan ethnon, club football, wamu, intramural basketball, volley- ball, softball Christopher N. Hoelzel BA in Marketing Finance James L. Hooley BA in Government young democrats, rha, intramural Softball-football Steve W. Hulls BS in Administration of Justice deans list, transfer from Califor- nia, student information center, student manager, scuba diver, alpine skier, karate Peter A. Hofstetter BA in Interdisciplinary Studies alpha sigma phi , sophomore class vice president Michael A. Hotaling BA in Accounting Deborah A. Huhn BA in Communications commuter club,tassels,women in communications Edward R. Hyatt BSBA in Accounting Michael T. Jacobson BSBA in Finance Marketing hancock hall, pan ethnon Dale L. Johnson Doris B. Hyman BSBA in Accounting Glenn A. Jacobson BA in Sociology concert committee Michael G. Immerman BA in Psychology Marc W. Jaffe BA in Communications eagle Valerie A. Johnson BA in Political Science phi mu-president, panhellenic council-secretary-vice president, letts hall-secretary, adelphi pan- eristos Carol W. Jolles BS in Political Science Sociology student academic aide, assistant- ship in sociology, sociology club pan ethnon Dorna L. Isaacs BA in Design honor dorm. Kathryn L. Jaray BS in Psychology phi chi-president Robert E. Jones BA in Language Area Studies dean ' s list Barry D. Isanuk BA in Political Science are worker, tavern auxiliary Mark B. Johnson BA in Political Science au record co-op manager, alpha epsilon pi, pi Sigma alpha, court court of general sessions-justice, mcdowell hall court-justice, finance committee, floor pres- ident,course assistant Nancy Jorisch BA in Government general assembly, phi sigma sig- ma, women ' s field hockey, wo- men ' s volleyball, swimming. Jan Joseph BA in American Studies Martin R. Karp BA in Communications concert committee, commuter lounge-co-president, drama school, hancock hall, 38th st. kids Janice M. Keidel BS in Psychology delta gamma-vice president, kay spiritual center, pan ethnon, international week, ambassador ' s reception, tassels, diadem, psi chi, psychology learning center Jacqueline D. Judd BA in Communications Government wamu, eagle, women in com- munications, undergraduate studies committee, mortar ' board , sigma delta chi Andrea J. Katonah BA in History Literature hughes hall-president, faculty relations committee David A. Kelly BA in Political Science quad improvement association Andrew A. Juster BSBA in Urban Development Finance varsity tennis-captam,sba council .curriculum and poli cies corrmittee, intramural basketball , who ' s who Steven B. Katz BSBA in Accounting Ralph C. Kemner BA in Political Science Sociology Mark S. Kalish BA in Literature cas, hancock hall veteran, bee association fris- Laurie A. Kaye BS in Psychology psi chi-vice president, football team-manager Mary Lou Kichline BS in Sociology Tina L. Karpt BA in Elementary Education Eileen A. Kazlow BS in Physical Education intramurals, field hockey Michael T. Kilroy BA in Government Public Ad- ministration Richard Z. Kinard BA in Political Science mcdowell hall court -associate justice Wayne E. Kniblow BS in Political Science Hancock hall, alpha sigma phi, interfraternlty council, sailing club-president Peter A. Kolson BA in Psychology Glen M. King Virginia C. Knowles BA in International Relations Economics deans list, sailing club, pan eth- non, honor dorm Enid R. Kossar BA in Government floor president Kevin L. Kirby BA in Communication founder of kc)c-am,alternative advertising-president, varsity soccer,wjmd intern,student teacher, poet Edmond F. Kogan BSBA in Urban Development tennis team, alpha phi omega- vice president, dorm court, rho epsilon Paul S. Kotsher BA in Communication sadlerk.ara potman Jeffrey L. Klappholz BA in History intramurals Michael T. Kohut BA in Political Science intramural football champs, academic aide Marjorie C. Kovens BA in Sociology Dale M. Klein BA in Spanish rha-activities chairperson Spanish club Allan E. Koken, Jr. BA in Political Science golf team, eagle, university li- brary committee, club football administrator Diane M. Kozus BA in Political Science young americans for freedom, young republicans Janet E. Kraus BA in Political Science Urban Affairs pi Sigma alpha, deans list, rha elections committee, big sister, orientation board, coed volley- ball, intr.iiriurjls.t [111 1)1 Mill Rebecca A. Krauss BA in Arts Communications Susan S. Kroudvird BA in Education ski club, delta gamma Sharon L. Ladenhelm BA in Art dc hospital volunteer Stephen W. Kuhn BS in Biology pre med honor society -vice president, intramurals, senior academic aide, beta beta beta Irvin M. Lader BA in International Studies Jan L. Krelsberg BS in Sociology Debra A. Kulikowski BA in International Service Economics congressional intern, student union, finance committee, pan ethnon , sis observer Nancy J. Laffey BA in Communications Howard M. Krieger BS in Psychology eagle, hotline William H. Kwok BS in Biology east asian cultural club-vice president, pan ethnon, forsa, chess club, cultural night-mana- ger Neil H. Lambert BA in History bowling club, young democrats, intramurals, au singers, roach club, kitty crew, history club Sandre L. Krotman BS in Nursing dc student nurses association, school of nursing council, hot- line, senate Joseph J. LaBella BA in History alpha Sigma phi, chess club, photography, skiing club, can- cer care fund raising, intramur- als Denise G. Lamot BA in Communications Economics sigma delta chi, kappa tau alpha, honors dorm,eagle-associate news editor-news editor, talon, economics department council executive committee, pop- ulation society , who ' s who Betty L. Landau BA in Communications french club, parachuting club, ski club Barbara A. Leconte BA in Economics David M. Lerner BA in Communications communications department- teaching assistant, foreign langu- age department-tv director, wamu Richard I. Landesberg BA in Political Science wamu-station manager, finance committee, confederation media commission, omicron delta kappa , who ' s who Janet E. Lee BA in Elementary Education Spanish club.oasatau Louis C. Leventhal BA in Literature Karen b. Landis BA in Political Science Oavid B. Lemmond BA in Literature student confederation-vice president, university senate who ' s who Michael D. Levin BS in Sociology Howard V. Lavine BA in Literature academic aide.peer counselor Bruce T. Lentini BA in History sc board of elections, pan ethnon, dorm treasurer, coed volleyball Perry S. Levin BS in Accounting sc finance committee-chairper- son.,intramurals,dean ' s list, veteran ' s association-treasurer, transfer advisory council, who ' s who Kenneth J. Lazar BA in Business cancer fund, complaints bureau Joseph E. Leo BA in History Lois M. Levinson BS in Distributed Science Mark H. Levitt BA JnSGPA rugby, intramurals, club foot- ball Judy A. Lieber BS in Government Daniel LIppman BA in Political Science administration of justice, pan ethnon, rha-vice controller Ricarda M. Lewis BA in Elementary Education floor secretary, smea.oasatau- chairperson Maria Lieberman BA in Political Science anderson hall-advisor, student court, rha, congressional intern Shelley K. Lipton BA in Music media commission-chairperson, university courts-justice, judi- cial conference-representative, cultural committee-chairperson who ' s who Barbara K. Levy BA in Education Felicia A. Lightf oot BA in Psychology Johnny L. Lloyd BA in Physical Education Hinde P. Levy BS in Political Science rha, orientation chairperson, coordinator dc superior court criminal justice study, kappa phi,diadem,pan ethnon, who ' s who Gary D. Lipkin BA in Political Science pi Sigma alpha, phi kappa phi, eagle, complaints bureau, stu- dent confederation-government operations committee Andrea Lomrantz BA in Sociology Lewis Levy BA in Biology Communications baseball, intramurals, floor judiciary committee George O. Linkletter BA in Literature Communica- tions phi sigma kappa-vice president- president, sigma delta chi-presi- dent, american magazine-copy editor-editor, intramurals David F. Lowe BS in Urban Development Susan R. Lowenstein BA in Elementary Education university of copenhagen-junior year Margo M. MacGregor Bs in Anthropology Sociology Peter K. Manko BSBA in Marketing Finance phi Sigma kappa .soccer, inter- fraternity council-vice-president., intramurals,american maga- zine-managing editor Phyllis R. Lubitz BA in Elementary Education Gary H. Manasse BSBA in Accounting Finance Marc C. Mannes BA in Literature Phillip M. Luopa BA in Russian Arlyne C. Mandell BA in Sociology sociology department-represen- tative Jeffrey A. Marks BSBA in Marketing residential life office, 5th floor Softball team Ronald E. Lyons BS in Accounting dean ' s list Robert P. Mandell BS in Marketing ski club, pan ethnon, kennedy political union Carlton W. Marshall BS in Physical Education wrestling Edward E. MacGregor BA in Communications Maxine Mank BA in Education Patricia A. Marx BA in Art History costume crew Mark I. Masin BA in Political Science alpha epsilon pi-pledgemaster, treasurer, senior class assembly, sgpa-student advisor, band sym- phonic pep H Anns IVI. McRea BA in History pan ethnon -secretary, class secretary, student-alumni relations-chairperson, foot- ball manager Sean J. McGinty BS in Political Science club football Jeffrey H. Mason BA in Political Science Roger McClelland BS in Political Science transfer from ursinus college Joyce M. McGowan BA in Sociology Dorothea R. Matheson BA in Spanish Robert M. McClimans BSBA in Accounting Brian H. McMahon BA in Sociology au draft and vocations center, senate.faculty relations commit- tee Antonia Matinata BA in History forsa social activities, brazilian club-faculty advisor David P. McDermitt BA in Political Science intramurais, tavern board Margot R. Meeks BA in Russian Area Studies pan ethnon , russian club, kappa delta-president, diadem, pi sig- ma alpha Marilyn Mayer BA in Elementary Education ski club, delta gamma Donald R. McFarland BS in Finance club football, rugby club, intra-, murals, legend in east coast iite- guarding circles, personal friend of Charlie bowers Frank D. Meisenburg BSBA in Marketing arry Mellen BA in Psychology hancock hall residents associa- tion, 38th st. kids Barbara J. Michaelson BA in Elementary Education honor floor, teaching assistant Jeanne M. Miller BA in Accounting BA in Communications hillel, varsity soccer, phi Sigma kappa, ifc, class treasurer, dean ' s list, honor intern, eagle, intramurals, who ' s who John Mierzeski John I. Miller BS In Chemistry alpha chi sigma,au pre med honor society, senate research committee, kappa phi, cross country, ecsc-representative iilip H. Mendelson BA in Political Science so finance committee, assistant comptroller, sac-treasurer, pan ethnon parliamentarian, ice delegate-chairperson, media commission Robert Miles BA in Communication Mindy S. Miller BA in History ski club-treasurer BS in Psychology Jayne A. Milhauser BA in Elementary Education Psychology psi chi. honors graduate JoAnn Meyers BS in Mathematics Dorothy B. Miller BA in Art Interior Design BA in Literature Education phi Sigma sigma,blg sister, dc pirg s s Maureen L. Mintz BS in Sociology Michael D. Moore BSBA in Economics Finance sailing club, sba council, senate, the only calif ornian most of these students have ever seen r 1 Robert C. Mull ins BSBA in Accounting Gregory T. Mitchell BS in Finance Martha G. Morrin BA in Sociology Communica- tions Gungor Mutlu BS In Business Administration pan ethnon-vice president, »ccer Michael S. Modell BS in International Relations Government ' Washington international semes- ter, rha dorm court, teaching assistant, kennedy political union , intramurals Debra A. Mortati BA In German Russian pan ethnon , delta gamma Beverley J. Myers BS in Physical Education tennis team, cheerleading-cap- tain,ski club, women ' s physical education department repre- sentative Jill H. Mondre BA in Elementary Education Dennis N. Moss BA in Political Science residence hall court, human re- lations council KentC. Myers BA in International Studies japan-junior year, pan ethnon Arthur H. Mooradian BA in Political Science football, eagle, armenian action organization, rugby, intramurals Gail M. Mottel BA In Sociology Nancy M. Nadler BA in Psychology ski club Raul M. Mass BSBA in Industrial Psychology american magazine-business manager, eagle, alpha phi omega, au orchestra Marcy A. Newman BS in Physical Education John E. O ' Brien BS in Technology of Manage- ment Intramurals Mohammed Nejat BS in Urban Development T. Oavid Newman BA in Psychology Valerie A. Nero BA in International Service Western European Area Study French language linguistics department undergraduate representative Marshall L. Ochman BS in Political Field transferred , intramurals, taught non-credit piano course, kpu- assistant, director of seminars, coffeehouse performer, band, singer, composer, performer Lily Ng BS in Nursing school of nursing council, student nurses association Lorraine O ' Connor BA in Elementary Education Evelyn B. Neubarth BS in Nursing Karen L. Nichols BA in Psychology volleyball team, baseball team, ecology project, counseling students, bowling league James P. 0 ' Conor,Jr. BA in Political Science pi Sigma alpha, kennedy political union, pan ethnon, intramurals Barbara F. Newell BA in Political Science student confederation-represen- tative, diadem, complaints bureau, alpha chi omega-treasur- er-president, young republicans Susan D. Novinsky BA in Elementary Education coffeehouse Debra J. Ogilvie BA in Literature Deborah Ohman BA in French junior year in f ranee, cerclec bureau volunteer, treasury department trench teaclner Gwendolyn L. Palenchar BA in French Joel E. Pete BSBA in intramurals, dc pirg Marcia L. Olander BA in Literature Andrew K. Pawlowski BA in American Studies cross country, indoor track, spring track, alpha tau omega, american studies committee, intramurals Ellen M. Oswald BA in Elementary Education Bonnie M. Perkel BA in Literature Nancy L. Peters BA in International Relations pep band, pan ethnon, russian student confederation club, sc board of elections.rha-board of of elections-chairperson, mortar board, pi sigma alpha Mdry Jane Petrella BA in Elementary Education tassels, teaching assistant- chemistry department v f m 1 ■k •»- 1 T t,V 1 " ' ■ Adrienne D. Owens BA in Political Science Elaine Perra BA in Graphic Design Elementary Education american magazine art director,academic aide,scis scis lab assistant 1 Carlene V. Phillips BA in Interior Design Robin D. Owens BA in International Relations phi mu-membership director, women ' s center, theater Catherine M. Perrin BA in Communication president of french floor, vice-president of hughes hall Marsha L. Phillips BA in Elementary Education Andrea S. Piatt BA in Communications eagle, women in communications, rhd,sigma delta chi, secretary- sophomore class,diadem Howard B. Polivy BA in SGPA Government Kenneth F. Rabine BS in Biology alpha epsilon delta, alpha sig- ma phi, educational policy committee Marsha E. Plotkin BA in Spanish David C. Powell BSinSGPA CAJ Helen M. Rahall BA in Sociology dean ' s list Suzanne Plummer BA in Elementary Education Beverly A. Price BS In Sociology Allan I. Ramlall BA in International Relations History pan ethnon, alpha phi omega Joseph C. Polhemus BA in Sociology Pamela C. Price BS in Biology delta gamma-president, varsity tennis, varsity basketball Alan I. Rapoport BS in Marketing Steven G. Polin BA in Political Science varsity wrestling, varsity base- ball, alpha Sigma phi Diane F. Rabben BS in Computer Systems Michele L. Rappoport BA in Communications eagle reporter U Lynne A. Reamer BS in Chemistry alpha Chi sigma, lota sIgma phi Charles M. Rich BA ill Communications eagle, hlllel, the queen and the rebels-cast member Jeffrey S. Rodack BA in Communication eagle, sigma delta chi , confeder- ation media commission chair- person David W. Reinhart BS in Psychology cross country-captain, most valuable player, indoor track - most valuable player, spring track, most valuable player, deans list Rebecca T. Repak BS in Nursing student nurses council-repre- sentative, varsity hockey Judith L. Richman BA in Elementary Education delta gamma-vice president- secretary-rituals chairperson, student health and welfare, dia- dem, desk receptionist, teach- ing assistant, square club Deborah J. Rodock BA in Political Science Christine Roby BA in Elementary Education Jacqueline N. Rood BA in Political Science alpha chi omega, tassels, dia- dem, pi sigma alpha, political science honorary, congression- al employee Nancy J. Repman BS in Biology vd counselor at free clinic Phoebe J. Rockwell BA in Music Education music department faculty affairs committee, student council, au singers,au coffee- house performer,kennedy center college council, academic aide, who ' s who John T. Rooney BA in History Economics Caroll A. Revak BA in Psychology psi chi Ellyn D. Rosen BA in Elementary Education kappa delta, student union ' board -secretary, rha-orienta- tion co-chairman Shira L. Rosen BA in Physics Elementary Edu- cation mortar board-president, eagle, gamma sigma sigma, hillel, orchestra, honor dorm who ' s who Marie R. Roslowski BA in Education Psychology Mitchell H. Rothenberg BS in Urban Development thesis on relativity, basketball Marc H. Rosenberg BA in Political Science kpu-director, complaints bureau- director, au college republicans- treasurer, omicron delta kappa- vice president, eagle, media commission who ' s who Alan C. Ross BA in Physical Education soccer team-co -captain, phi sigma kappa Arthur D. Ruben BA in Sociology Sharon D. Rosenberg BA in Interior Design Art summer abroad-temple university, tyler school of art in rome Alison M. Ross BA in Elementary Education Deborah J. Rubin BS in Mathematics rha orientation chairperson, sc chairperson academic affairs committee, faculty evaluation, academic aide, diadem, intra- murals Steven R. Rosenberg BS in Sociology sociology council, canvassed for mcgovern Linda J. Ross BA in Psychology Associates Degree in Administration of Justice dean ' s list Diane S. Rubin BA in Elementary Education Joshua P. Rosenfeld BA in Communications eagle, intramural sports, basket- ball manager, football club, sig- ma delta chi, wamu i Norman G. Roth BS in Political Science alpha tau omega, usher, pledge- master, eagle Lisa Rubin Karl Rudder BA in Psychology academic aide, course assistant Maria N. Schaffer BA in Education rha-secretary, floor president Jessica R. Schiffman BA in Literature Andrea D. Sachs BA in Elementary Education John C. Schalestock BA in Literature varsity soccer Anita M. Schmied BA in Political Science Com- munications aiplia clii omega-cultural chair- person-vice president, Sigma delta chi-treasurer Wendy A. Sacks BA in Literature pan ethnon, international week, junior year abroad -universidad de las americas mexico Marta M. Scheib BS in Marketing Cathy A. Schneider BSBA in Accounting Steven M. Saks BS in Marketing alpha epsilon phi Lawrence J. Scheid BSBA in Finance Accounting cross country, winter tracl , spring track , dean ' s list Ross F. Schriftman BA in Political Science cross country, student confe- deration, mcdowell-floor presi- dent Kennan I. Sarratt BS in Technology of Manage- ment Sharon Scheinthal BA in Fine Arts Psychology coffee house staff Pat Schroeder BA in Sociology swimming team, student activi- ties, intramurals Greg S. Schursky BA in Communications Judith A. Schwartz BA in Government Michael Selman BA in Communications wamu-general sales manager Anne T. Schwab BA in Sociology Stuart D. Schwartz BSBA in Accounting Market- ing wamu, intramurals, chess-team- club Joanne F. Shaak BA in Literature Secondary Education Jeffrey W. Schwab BA in Government staff assistant to us represen- tative, co-chair person au peace and democracy in the middle east Arthur D. Schwartz BA in Political Science Elizabeth A. Sharp BA in Political Science phi mu-treasurer, letts hall- treasurer, sgpa undergraduate council, residence hall associa- tion Denise C. Skwiersky BA in Elementary Education tutoring, volunteer, georgetown university hospital Carol A. Schwartz BS in Biology Medical Tech- nology Mary M. Seehafer BA in Communications mortar board, sigma delta chi, resident advisor, mademoiselle college board, eagle, diadem, tassels, penfeather, talon, dean ' s list, who ' s who Carolyn Selkow BS in Nursing phi sigma sigma, tavern wait- ress Terry L. Sharp BA in Political Science Econo- mics search committee for student life, cooperative education stu- dy committee, university sen- ate, chairperson of student re- lations committee, parliamen- tarian student confederation, general assembly, parliamen- tarian-rha, sgpa undergraduate council, inter-club council re- presentative, forensic society, delta sigma rho, tau kappa al- pha, pi sigma alpha, omicron delta kappa who s who . " «« Jeffery Shavelson BA in Political Science John R. Showers BA in Political Science alpha phi omega Diane A. Simek BS in Physical Education intramurals Patricia R. Shama BA in Political Science Jeff M. Sieradzki BSBA in Marketing Elynn Simons BA in Psychology Craig L. Sharf BS in Marketing kitty crew, school yard bosy, american magazine-manager, roach club, devine fan club Robert E. Silver BA in Political Science junior year abroad-london, mcgovern and muskie campaigns Kfergery I. Singer BSBA in Marketing Communi- cations Psychology school of business-secretary Susan E. Shekmar BA in French hotline, kennedy pol union-secretary tical Norman A. Silverstein BA in Government wamu Richard Sirlin BSBA in Accounting Urban De- velopment intramurals, alpha sigma phi, publication in realtor magazine, academic aide program Nancy R. Shimelman BA in Psychology floor president, volleyball Debra A. Silvi BA in Psychology Spanish Paul Sissitka BA in Psychology Sociology Caryn G. Sklar BA in Literature Lorre S. Smith BA in Government Psychology intramurals, chess club Robert D. Sokolove BA in Political Science founder-dc pirg, student senate, university senate, baseball, foot- ball, intramurals Sharon E. Skowron BS in Nursing sailing club, nursing council- representative, dc student nur- ses association Nahja B. Smith BA in Elementary Education oasatau Michael N. Speiser BSBA in Urban Development Real Estate varsity golf Samuel A. Slivica BS in Marketing Renee M. Smoot BA in Communications oasatau Philip Spilberg BS in Economics Gayle D. Smith BA in Psychology Suzanne R. Smith BA in Visual Communications diadem, women in communications, talon-assistant editor-editc-, american magazine-design con- sultant, photopool manager, con- federation media commission, rha, honor dorm,dc pirg-co-founder. Cynthia M. Stach BA in International Studies Ecnomics sis, pan ethnon, inter-club coun- cil, ciruna-treasurer, diadem Janice Stango BA in Political Science pi sigma alpha argery J. Stegman BA in Sociology field hockey, intramurals, eagle, talon, floor officer, ski club Peggy Stone BA in History Virginia J. Suppers BA in Biology Stuart P. Stein BA in Education Hancock hall Karen J. Strawser BA in International Studies mortar board, sis undergradu- ate cabinet Danny L. Sussman BA in Economics Kristine L. Stei iborn BA in American History Gov- ernment dorm judiciary council-repre- sentative, pan etiinon, interna- tional dinner David A. Stuart BA in Government Public Ad- ministration au coordinator for Hubert Hum- phrey, varsity baseball Marilyn D. Swesnik BA in Elementary Education Robert E. Stirling BA in Religion Hancock hall Bhasu Bhanich Supapoi BA in Political Science Economics Steven Swires BA in Communications wamu-f ilm critic, eagle, student union board cinema-co-chair- person Michael E. Stone BA in Literature eating vegetables, studying zen, drinking tequila Rober BA in Anthropology rha-voting director-vice presi- rha-voting director-vice presi- dent-president, Hughes Hall-pre sident-desk receptionist, omicr delta kappa, academic aide Thomas L. Szabadi BA in Communications wamu cron Walter Tabaka Jr. BA in History Oiane H. Taub BA in Communications Jack L. Tobias BA in Communications wamu-newscaster-disc jockey- production manager-program director Norman Taffet BSBA in Personnel Administra- tion intramurals Penelope B. Tamsen BA in Political Science delta gamma William E. Taube BA in Political Science staff member-senator birch bayh congressperson andrew Jacobs, kennedy political union, intramurals, hancock hall, world campus afloat Elizabeth L. Topp BA in History eagle, alpha chi omega Karen S. Teitelbaum BA in Communications wamu, intramurals, women in communications Lee B. Torrence BA in Economics osatau, eagle •i MiPV J iL .- " V ' ' Sr A Iz Ah Mark A. Tarlov BA in Government Zoe B. Teitelbaum BA in Graphic Design intramurals, hotline Brenda S. Toth BA in Psychology Sociology Gale A. Tarnoff BA in Elementary Education social action council, hotline ' Marilyn D. Thomas BS in Biology oasatau Jacquelynn Tsiotis BA in Elementary Education pan ethnon, french floor, dorm court representative Willram W. Ulbin BA in Physical Education varsity basketball.bradley blvd groupies, intramurals, alpha tau omega Ellen K. Vogelbaum BA in Elementary Education intramurals Miles P. Wagman BA in Psychology Janice 6. Unger BA in Graphic Design Psycho- logy bowling team, american maga- zine Michael J. Voipe BA in Communications alpha tau omega-president-keep- er of annals, talon, united states department of agriculture-in- formation specialist, intra- murals Peter S. Wald BA in International Service pan ethnon Ann Van Ost BA i.i Anthropology Nancy E. Volz BA in Literature phi mu-secretary-panhellenic delegate Frances M. Walden BA in Political Science oasatau Hugh K. Vilakazi BSBA in Economics Laurice D. VonDaacke BA in Art History History Bridgette L. Walker BS in Chemistry black repertory dance company of au, karate, tutoring african dancing, long distance bicycling, loving nature Thomas L. Visotsky BSBA in Accounting Finance varsity cross country, inter- fraternity council-secretary, alpha tau omega-treasurer, talon-business manager Nauyet Ninh Vu Thi BS in Biology Linda A. Walker BA in Elementary Education delta gamma, bowling Thomas J. Wallick BS in Biology intramurals, concert committee Michael S. Watson BS in Biology Carole L. Weintraub BS in Political Science work at probation office Karen E. Warmkesse! BA in Communications pan ethnon, pep band, sigma delta chi-scholarship, eagle, women in communications, sigma delta chi, kappa tau alpha, mortar board. Marc S. Wein BS in Marketing Caria B. Welssman BS in Sociology hotline Bernard Warren BA in Political Science club football, track team Jerry Weinberg BSBA in Accounting phi sigma kappa-secretary, bowling team, bowling club- president, finance chairperson for club sports Jeffrey A. Weissman BA in Communications talon, photography, intramurals Carolyn A. Warren BS In Nursing Terry M. Weingart BSBA In Accounting Lawrence E.Wells BA In Government sailing club, undergraduate justice, university court, omi cron delta kappa Jocelyn D. Watson BA in Elementary Education GeneS. Weinstein BS in Urban Development intramur j|s, alpha epsilon pi Judith R. Whinerey BS in Nursing bowling team Carl E. Whitman BA in Religion kennedy political union, reli- gion department-representa- tive, student recruitment pro- gram Amy S. Winthrop BA in Elementary Education hughes hall-desk receptionist, anderson hall-resident advisor, halloween party, tutoring, red cross volunteer Susan Wolverton BS in Biology tennis Gail M. Wickham BA in Sociology pan ethnon,dc pirg William WItkoski BS in Physical Education intramurals Virginia L. Wong BSBA in Computer Systems Accounting research associate, data proces- sing, technology-secretary, data processing club Robert H. Wicks BA in Communication? Connie L. Wobbecke BA in Sociology Melanie J. Wright BA in Psychology pan ethnon, square dance club, dean ' s list English D. Willis BS in Biology oasatau, varsity cheerleader, mortar board-vice president, beta beta beta -treasurer, iota Sigma phi Nancy M. Wolder BA in Literature social committee, dc pirg, stu- dent confederation assembly- person Stephanie J. Wright BA in Spanish Latin American Studies au chorale, volunteer breakfast program, oasatau James R. Wilson BA in Government Sociology Sharon A. Wolpoff BA in Fine Arts junior year abroad Alvin J. Wynrib BSBA in Marketing phi theta kappa, dean ' s ist Fonald K. Yee BS in Distributive Science pan ethnon, forsa.east asian cultural club-president, chess club, director of cultural nights Loren Zander BA in Psychology psi chi Howard M. Zuef le BA in Political Science Karen Vergalonis BS in Nursing alpha chi omega, diaderr mortar board, do studen nurses association-pres- ident, who ' s who hlarry B. Zanuck BSBA in Marketing intramurals, student senate, quading Alan S. Zwillenberg BSBA in Marketing Eric J. Yoshihashi BS in Biology dorm floor-treasurer, dorm court -justice, rote captain bat- talion s-2, tri beta-president Mindy L. Zasloff BA in Education Melinda Cowen Oebra A. Young BS in Biology beta beta beta-vice preside inter-club council-represer David S. Zadnoff BA in International Studies young democrats, dorm floor- vice president, junior year abroad, pan ethnon Susan Zirlnsky BA in Communications Psychology mortar board, women in commu- nications-treasurer, talon, diadem, anderson hall-vice-president, big- little sister program- chairperson, student elections committee, anderson hall-secretary-treasurer, dean ' s list, who ' s who Neena S. Deutchman BA in Elementary Education SX3 ■ ■-■■-■ " «, ' ;y„ j . - Vi S . ■ w BBf ' rf; " « . ' r f r-: - .■:::« ' in memoRiam jS5 1970 - 1974 I ' i 2 us 146 1 MMERICAN iNIVERSITV CAMPUS SEGURI ■IHIl Kay ' s Spiritual Enlightenment Among the many distinctions that surround the American Uni- versity campus, there is one building which stands out from the rest, the Abraham S. Kay Spiritual Life Center. It is a place to study, relax, or just sit and ponder the next hour ' s class; or a place to come and talk over things with a person who cares. In fact, it is the only Ecumenical Center in the Washington, D.C. College Community. Here, prac- tically all faiths are harbored un- der one roof, with the staff re- presenting eleven. Under the coordination of Joe Rainey, United Methodist Chaplain, the center is open for a wide variety of activities which assist students in their years at American. The other chaplains and advisors are Lee McGee; Earl Brill, Episcopal; Paul Econo- mides. Eastern Orthodox; Paul Listen, Roman Catholic; Tom Luce, Presbyterian; R. Bruce Poynter, University Chaplain; Howard Rees, Baptist Student Advisor; Walter Scarvie, Luther- an; Gordon Smith, Christian Science Advisor; and Harold White, Jewish. The general activities range from particular services of each religion, to retreats and coffee hours. For individual services, Kay offers regularly scheduled Catho- lic Masses daily and weekends, Protestant services on Sunday, Christian Science services on Tuesday, and Jewish services on Friday and Jewish holidays. Also for Jewish students full kosher style dinners are provided on Fri- day evenings with plans for their own kosher kitchen in the near future. Another feature of the Kay Center is the draft and vocational guidance center which serves a dual role in these two strategic areas. The center also has a vet- eran ' s center to serve returning veterans. Anyone who has re- ceived the benefits of the services it offers knows the rewards GEORGE H.WILLIAMS PRESIDENT ROBERT E. CLEARY PROVOST NATHANIEL S. PRESTON ACTING VICE PRESIDENT FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS ANTHONY C. MORELLA GENERAL COUNSEL LENORACOLE VICE PRESIDENT FOR STUDENT LIFE WILLIAM F. AHLSTROM VICE PRESIDENT FOR DEVELOPMENT AND UNIVERSITY RELATIONS 149 An Administrative Party Staff and administrators who iiave been with the University for five years or more are treated to a party in the Colher Room. 150 151 Unsung Heroines 152 153 154 AU Theater Produces 155 Fonda and Kline: an Unlikely Pair 156 157 SC Officers BRIAN FOSS , president GAIL MUTNICK, vice president (not pictured) ED VARRONE, comptroller CAL HACKEMAN, secretary KEN SCHWARTZ, union board-chairperson 158 Muckraking columnist Jac Anderson of the Washington Po. revealed a memo linking IT concerns with the White Hous KEVIN PHILLIPS Conservative Sen. Buckley madi headlines in March by declarini himself in favor of the impeach ment of President Nixon. JAMES BUCKLEY HOTLINE is a confidential telephone service operating from noon to 4 a.m. daily, designed to help A.U. students with prob- lems. The staff consits of 60 stu- dent volunteers, all carefully screened and trained to assist any caller on such topics as drugs, pregnancy, home or roomate problems, or simply, to be avail- able for talk to break up a lonely stretch of time. HOTLINE also keeps a com- plete referral list to guide a caller to the right professional agency when such services are needed. A True Learning Center Learning Center 163 a4 164 165 Since in this way man comes to resemble heaven and earth, he is not in conflict with them. His wisdom embraces all things, and his tao brings order into the whole world; therefore he does not err. He is active everywhere, but does not let himself be car- ried away. He rejoices in heaven and has knowledge of fate; there- fore he is free of care. He is con- tent with his cirucmstances and genuine in his kindness; therefore he can practice love— Ta Chun Nature is vanishing. The city is vanishing. The accelerating dis- solution of both ideal nature and ideal city has induced a massive compromise, an attempt to sal- vage elements of both. . .But both the pseudo city and the pseudo country, with commuters shuttling between them in a des- perate search for satisfaction, which neither can provide, ap- pear in the end to promote little more than discontent. The suburb ' s promise of country life within easy reach of the plea- sures of the city has proved false.— Serge Chermayeff; Chris- topher Alexander Community and Privacy 167 Cosmic energy is love, the affinity of being with being. It is a uni- versal property of all life, and embraces all forms of organized matter. Thus, the tendency to unite; the attraction of atom to atom, molecule to molecule, or cell to cell. The forces of love drive the fragments of the uni- verse to seek each other so that the world may come into being. -Teilhard de Chardin Phenomenon of Man Everyday, our little movements tell the world how we feel. We say " I ' m lonely, help me. I like you, talk to me. I ' m upset, leave me alone. " Most of these mes- sages are unconscious and are acted out in a " body language. " We wrinkle our foreheads for worry, tap our fingers for im- patience, pucker our lips for dis- pleasure. . . 170 . . .to communicate with some- one is to effect some form of change in their store of experi- ences. This change may affect their level of perception, their way of seeing things, their infor- mation bank and even their pat- tern of behavior. 171 Led by seniors Bob Rich- mond and Carlton Marstial! and juniors Ron Ferrara and Jack Haire, the American University wrestling team compiled the second winning record in the last 12 years of Eagle wrestling. Richmond, a double gold metal winner in the 1973 Mac- cabiah Games, finished the regular season with a perfect 16-0 mark and captured third place in the Middle Atlantic Con- ference Championships. Ferrara, a participant in the NCAA tournament in 1973, won 14 of 17 outings followed by Marshall (8-3-1) and Haire (10-4-3). Bob Andreoli Lenny Balon Nat Wood Ron Ferrara Jack Haire Jim Brunn Bob Richmond Carlton Marshall Bill Panzer Steve Snider 172 Coach Dee Frady is ex- pecting a top flight defense but run production is the big ques- tion mari as the Eagle baseball team prepares for the 1974 spring season. The defense is headed by pitchers Rick Fleshman, Gary Bick and Howard Hendershot along with catcher Steve Mc- Gugan. Fleshman and McGugan joined team mate Ron Riley on the All-Star team of the Metro- politan Collegiate Fall Baseball League and the former two are considered definite pro prospects after graduation this Spring. Re- turning lettermen Jim Cadue and John Boggs will join second base- man Riley in the infield, and Arnie Grubel appears set at one outfield spot. 1974 BASEBALL ROSTER Gary Bick John Boggs Peter Bowes Jim Cadue Don Cooper Rick Fleshman Dan te Fulton Dan Goodman Arnie Grubel Peter Hartwell Howard Hendershot Walt MacCaughern Gary Master Steve McGugan Richard Meth Eddie Oppenheimer Ron Riley Dave Stuart Tay Waltenbaugh Mark Yankauer Frank Zizik Neil Zurowski 173 people OS tfiey I ' m trying to avoid studying. tfiem- Compliments of Bayers Den. People complain about being shoved into categories: " cool, hippie freak, " " fraternity guy, " etc. Most feel that they are the only ones who can capture their individuality. A camera on the quad equipped with a remote control enabled people to de- scribe themselves with photo- graphs and words. ' ■ Let me out! I felt like a Libra with a Virgo nr and a Leo ascending, blessed by ' Great Cosmic Unseen I ' m a socialist, which is really a mediocre statem ' m a former hippie who lost my identity 175 Pregnancy Conception Three old cronies. 176 Two peas in a pod. Beach Boys. . .Cheesecake. . .Peter Pan. . .Intramurals. . . Washington IVIonument. . .many classes. . .many people and personalities. . .and Crosby Life IS like a disposable cigarette lighter Let ' s Boogie! feel ridiculous 177 Giuseppe would be so proud. My analyst lold me I was out of my head. Of course- I was in Sharon ' s (two heads are better than one, after all). ' .£«.. ' If I would have known I had to use all this brain power, I wouldn ' t have done it. Stuart Smith, Trixie, Louie (not pictured) am not a dizzy blonde 178 A biology professor. I ' m here because Jay Browne told me to get my picture taken. I didn ' t know what was going on, I was in a good mood. My first public statement, I will run this country within 30 ye and own it too. I felt very important. Alias Ceto. I ' m a great guy, that ' s all you have to know. March 1st means the Co-Op hassels are Taylor ' s, not mine. went to my 10;50, first time all year Hemmoroids is serious business A wrench in the hand is worth two 179 One of the biggest bitches on campus. Hello Suds You look like an escapee from a Fellini movie. . . .and soon there ' ll be three. 181 Not To Be Duplicated I 182 On Being Greek TO IINGTON TRUCKS OVER 2-AXLE DO NOT ENTER SIGMA DELTA CHI COFFEEHOUSE David Zinn— Mgr. Technical Staff and All Around Workers Joanie Fishbein Peter McDaniel Jim Lindquist Paul Rowinski Brent BenA ager Dot Nanna Tricia Kramer Karen Donniger Robert Sicklick missjng from picture 184 Marc H. Rosenberg Mike Chernik Jeff Cohen Ollievia Frasler Paul Hallisay Paul Harstad Debi Keith Jane Kitson Doug Linsenberg Joe Pastori Anne Marie Schissler Paul Schloss Susan Shekmar Martin Sir William Taube Carl Whitman KENNEDY POLITICAL UNION In Washington, more people bank on American Security for all financial services Visit our Convenient, Nearby SPRING VALLEY OFFICE 49th Street Fordham Road, N.W. Telephone 624-4700 AMERICAN SECURITY BANK AMERICAN SECURITY AND TRUST COMPANY Main Ottice: 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. N.W, 30 Offices Tfirougfioul Ifie Cily Member Federal Deposit Insurar ce Corporation A Talon-ted Staff A dwindling photography staff, an ever-present office manager (at least fall semester), a cocky Freshman (who will surely go far), an apricot trench poodle that nearly drove the editors crazy, and an editor with a black Irish temper almost meant the end of the Talon this year. But with the help of the tavern and a steadying editorial hand the new semester gave the yearbook a fresh start so that despite a late beginning 1974 Talon headed for a spring delivery. " Si ' ll-li aave V r V. For Seventy Years The favorite florist of thousands of discriminating Washingtonians and visitors in the Nation ' s Capital. 49th and Mass. Ave. N.W. 244-7722 1407 " H " St.N.W. DI-1300 Convenient A.U. Branch Shop Specializing in Delicious Sandwiches All available for Carry-Out Famous for Subs ARMAND ' S - subujQy SANDWICH SHOPPE 3304 Wisconsin Avenue 5540 Connecticut Avenue THANK YOU for using EXTRAordinary food and refreshment services tlie Macke company ONE MACKE CIRCLE CHEVERLY MARYLAND 20781 ThE coivuviuNiTy MARKET 5505 45Th STREET sandwich carry-out and grocery just one block from campus across from the mann school Furniture FURNITURE DISPLAYS, INC. 1216 K Street NW Washington, DC 20005 ONE CONTRACT SOURCE Carpet Bedding Tel. 347-0441 c o R N E I U s p R • I l T • I q c o M P A N y 912 buRliNqroN avenue silvER spRJNq MARylANd 20910 187 v: r::: V r r w r ' CJ 1 1 V r I a divi r r rr --K o- Wesley heights pharmacy 330I 45th St. 188 mmcm. Mi 189 canteen canteen canteen canteen canteen Canteen Corporation 7650 Preston Drive Landover, Maryland 20785 C301) 772-2424 AFFE r ew york decorahng compan 31 h street n 1 1 washinabndc me 190 THE STLDENT C€NfEC 4TICN €E A HECIC IN LNIVECSIXy 191 Life at AU went on as usual. The administration faltered. ARA Slater ignored a petition signed by over 900 students to rid the campus dining services of teamster lettuce. Student govern- ment leaders worked against stu- dents ' interest and even sup- ported the administration ' s call for an 8% tuition increase. This was in tune with the national trend which threatened to make private schools playgrounds for the upper class. Again, many of the most popular professors were forced to leave. And, despite a slick advertising campaign, the library fund had raised less than 20% of the proposed building costs. There were bright spots in the school year. A black woman was chosen as the vice-president of Student Life. She promptly ignored rulings of the university ' s court system-the most compre- hensive one in the country, ac- cording to the American Bar As- sociation ' s Student Division. Picketers succeeded in ousting military recruiters from campus. Gaslines went from blocks long to a short wait, although the prices went up. Streaking became the " in " thing to do and wasn ' t confined to drunken fraternity guys. Tavern patronage picked up too. If nothing else is worthy of note, the Talon came out in spring for the first time in four years. Seniors could reminisce over the school year while searching for letters from grad schools, summer employment, or career jobs. They could think over the fun times they ' d had and escape " growing up " for a few more moments. And they could wonder if life in the " real world " is going to be as good, even if Nixon is impeached The Editors ■i. Editor-in-Chief: Patti Casey IVIanaging Editor: Gary Edel man Assistants to ttie editor: Dave Usian, Meg Duchetle Office Manager: Jeffery Warren Harab Ptioto Co-ordinator: Margie Stegman Contributing Editor: George Linkletter Photograptiers: Mark Grobman, Lesley Halpern, Michael O ' Toole, Sinnon Weil, Rich Pressnnan Piioto Contributors: Carol Amore, Jonathon Falk, Jonathan Feldman, Mary-Clare Geiger, Richard Huhn, Alvin Jones, D.M. Jones, Rob Kann, Stu Kleinert, Russell McAllister, Jeffery Weissman Copy Contributors: Gary Davidson, Alex Dickson, Harrison Fisher, Michael Goldman, Denise Lamot, Bill Porter, Donna Reed, Carol Selkow, Karen Warmkessel Typesetting: Steve Horrocl Business Manager: Jerry Hil Staff: Lois Fortunato Diane Hirschfield Mike Nevin Leslie Pullman Mary Seehafer Pam Small Ronnie Speilvogel Susan Zirinsky Valuable aid in producing this book was provided by the following indi- viduals: Harold Gribow, Jo Williams, the University Copy Center, Michael Howe, Alf Horrocks, Coy Harris, and Louise Casey m « m .ilalt;i

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