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■■■- ■ . ' -. ' { r-Ki The American University Library " 7 WASHINGTON, D. C. 1 H W ' • ! R9 m .•■• - ' ■:! " ' ' -r ■■■ ' " ■ ■.■ ' «a ■■. ■ ' ... Jn •€ :v. ' ; . ' ■ii-. :■% -: ...-.( .■ " . - • •• ■ i ' v .V ■ , - -. ■ r,j..,: . .-., f. :, ' ! ' . :.u.. ■ v. ■tALun riJi iiiJiiJ-i J iJiJJJ i : ! ! im IN ORDER OF THEIR APPEARANCE Administration American Magazine Anthropology Art Athletics Buildings and Grounds Basketball Biology ; Bookstore Bowling and Billiards Basketball ■ Baseball Classes Coffeehouse Chemistry Chess Cheerleaders Communications Concerts Dirty Shirts Dance Dispensary Excuses Eagle Election Eating Fencing Freaks Field Hockey Football Greeks Graduation Hitchhiking History Hotline Honoraries International Week ' Intramurals leans Kay Karate Kennedy Political Union Language Library Literature Maintenance MGC Music Miscellaneous Ninety-seven Oasatau Psychology Physics Parking Quad Record Co-op Rugby Security Selected Faculty , Service Fraternity Soccer Square Dancers Student Activities Student Confederation Student Union Board Student Health and Welfare Sailing Club Swimming Seniors Senior Brag Rag Track Theatre Tavern Tennis University Senate Vending Machines Vietnam Washington, DC. Wrestling WAMU Who ' s That Excellence Yearbook Zoo Zee End t c- Administration An afternoon with the President President Williams leads a busy life. Concerned about and at- tached to the American Univer- sity, he spends his days meeting the men with money, hoping to coax donations for the Univer- sity. President Williams talked with the Talon one afternoon about his |ob and his goals. " When I came to AU to be inter- viewed I knew nothing about the University. When Mrs. Williams and I drove in on one snowy December day in 1967, the first thing we saw was the dome of the McKinley Building. There is a kind of symbolism of the Univer- sity to that dome for me. When I came here it was a time of great unrest. I knew that uni- versities and colleges across the country were moving into a period of change; but I don ' t think any of us anticipated the amount and kind, and form that change would take. There is a kind of feeling of limitation and disappointment in seeing the kind of upheaval and division that change brings. Most people want change lor the other person but they want to keep their own goals or objectives as they always have been. We are now in a period of stabi- lization. I am asked; what about the homogeneity of the student body, and why is there a lack of community on campus? I ' m in- terested in these questions. I ' d like to see the student body drawn from a wider geographic area, as well as a wider diver- sification of people at different income levels. Due to the in- creasing expense of college edu- cation there is a tendency for students to come from a higher income bracket. People say everyone comes from New York or New jersey. I think if you asked a fair number of people where they have lived it would surprise you. I have a the- ory that although students may come from New York to college, they haven ' t lived in New York their entire lives. Many have lived all over the United States and sometimes Europe. There is such a mobility of students that some- times the argument that we need greater diversification is dubious. Someone mentioned to me that AU didn ' t even have a school song. There has never been any pressure or interest in a school song as such, which I think tells of the kind of innovative quality of the school. It doesn ' t have to rely on either a cheer or a song; it relies on some other things that one can ' t articulate all the time. I see my duties as the President including many things, but there are three which take up most of my time. The President of a Uni- versity has a very special relation- ship to the Board of Trustees. A lot of his time is spent carrying out the policy that has been es- tablished by the Trustees, wheth- er he ' s in agreement with that policy or not. There have been in the last couple of years times when the Board and I have dis- agreed over some matters. For example, I didn ' t approve of a mandatory student fee, although the Board did. When the College of Public Affairs was being formed, I had hoped to attract the College of Business, but the Trustees didn ' t agree. I spend a great deal of time on fund raising, and I like it. I like it not so much because it ' s a chal- lenge to get people to support the University, but because this is almost the crucible in which you interpret the University to people outside. When I talk to a presi- dent of a large corporation he can ask a lot of tough questions about our university. He ' s got a right to, because I ' m asking him to give some of the hard earned money of the corporation. Some- times I come away very pleased having discovered the impres- sions they held of the University even before I talked to them. They know a great deal more about this university than we sometimes think. My relationship with the alumni is also very important. Sometimes it ' s a source of frustration but it ' s changing. The reason they were frustrating in the early days was because they weren ' t expressing themselves. I ' m encouraged now when I go to alumni meetings. They are concerned with the Uni- versity in a way that they weren ' t several years ago. If I had a million dollars of my own that I could spend any way I wished for the University, and assuming the library was already built, I would be torn two ways. On the physical side, I would like to make that money work for a recreational facility. A facility where students could play bil- liards and cards, or bowl; where they can sit and play chess or do the many other kinds of things that people do to relax. I ' m in- cluding in that, a center for the health services. On the other side, I would want to put that money toward attract- ing some very outstanding teach- ers whom we otherwise could not afford to have. There are some very stimulating people who could be invited to spend three months on this campus, not for the purpose of doing research or writing books, nor would he or she be retained for one particular department. It would be some- one who would come and talk with us and think with us, not necessarily about his own dis- cipline, but because he is a per- son of thoughtfulness and has made successful contributions to making life better. I ' m thinking of someone who would be suffi- ciently general in outlook, per- haps someone like Andrew Wyeth or a fine theologian some- one of the general character of a Paul Tillich or Leonard Bernstein. I greatly admire people who con- duct symphony orchestras. It re- quires a high skill and it takes a commitment and devotion that they demonstrate. There seems to come through a sense of unsel- fishness. They seem to be doing it more for the enjoyment of other people than for personal satis fac- tion. I want to be a part of the Ameri- can University as long as the University derives some benefit from my being here. One couldn ' t be around an institution like this without beginning to feel deep emotional roots. " Dr. George H Williams President Dr, Robert D Cleary Provost Dr. W. Donald Bowles Vice President for Academic Affairs The quality ot lite, including academic life, is improving on the AU campus. At the same time the University is stabilizing its financial base. The important changes this year were the creation of the College of Public Affairs, the establishment of the transfer student office and the introduction of an open budgeting process. . Jl . Wi ' lidm F, Ahlslrom Vice President tor IJevelopment lohn M. McKinley Vice President and Treasurer R Bruce Poynter Executive Director Student Lite I he most signitieant event in Development this year was the beginning of the library campaign which received lull Trustee endorsement. By the end of the academic year the organization of the Library campaign was established and $1,1 million was in hanci. The most exciting thing this year was the new ways of fund raising that are being introduced, especially the library campaign. These have the greatest importance because they, more than anything, directly effect the future of the University. The biggest surprise of the year was m appointment to this position. The American Magazine Mindy Good Edward Bell George Linkletter Robert Lee Steinberg Craig Sharf Susan F. Golden ).A. Shaffer David Grojean Tom Rowe Katy Bohr Debi Keith Lucy Crosby Patti Casey Paul M. Pasquarella William Short Bob Endrushat f J- Anthropology CAUHoaJ- Po Nor roui Art RTMENT Athletics A Tale of Woe One semester I took two Physi- cal Education courses at the same time. By the time the enti of the semester had rolled around I was pretty tired and behind in my work. I decided to stop playing tennis and swim- ming and do some work. The next time I went to tennis class I told the prof that I strained my back in swimming the day be- fore. He walked me off the courts and said that because there were only a few more classes left I could be excused for the rest of the semester. At the pool later that day I told the swimming coach that I ' d pulled a muscle in my arm in tennis class that morning so I couldn ' t swim for a while. He put his hand on my shoulder and said that It was OK if I didn ' t come anymore. Buildings and Grounds NEWT LECTURE HA ' 25 Bob Bush 15 Pete DeHaven 31 Bill Demharter 13 Steve Garrett 23 Johnny Lloyd 22 Lenny Lockhart 32 Bill Mann 20 Jim Neurohr 1 2 Art Perry 30 Bob Rosenfeld 21 Wilbur Thomas 10 Bill Ulbin 24 Kermit Washington 14 Paul Wholey The American University Bas- ketball Team enioyed the most successful season ot its history, finishing with a 21-5 record and a first time bid to the NIT. From the win over Rider Col- lege in Trenton, NJ. to the loss to Louisville at Madison Square Garden, the season was fantas- tic. An early season win over St. John ' s of New York sent happy students home for vacation. While at home we read of tournament victories in the Roanoke Classic in Virginia, over the defending small col- lege champion Roanoke and our win in the Presidential Classic over George Washing- ton University. Then a strange mid-season slump occurred. We lost three of eight games, but still had a glamorous 14-4 record. First St. Joseph ' s, then surprisingly GW and Temple, leaving the still hopeful Eagles in jeopardy of losing the coveted NIT bid. But the team came through. Washington and Thomas were phenomenal. Wilbur scored 34 points against King ' s College and 33 points against Towson State averaging 23.9 over the last seven games. Kermit aver- aged 23.1 points and 21.8 rebounds. In a never to be for- gotten performance he scored 40 points, 26 rebounds, and 8 blocked shots against George- town in his final home game at Fort Myer. The rest of the players were strongly supportive in both their playing ability and their spirit. Forward Pete DeHaven, much maligned during a shooting slump, shot 50% down the stretch, scoring 22 key points in a big win over LaSalle. He played the same strong defense that held St. John ' s All-American Bill Schaeffer to four points in a half. lohnnyLloyd, recovering from sitting out a year, did it all against Duquesne, scoring 29 points. He averaged 18.3 points over the last six games, lunior guard Steve G arrett scored 39 points in the seven games and had as many assists, while continuing to play his strong overall floor game. The bench contributed in key spots. Bill Mann had 12 points against Duquesne and 8 points against LaSalle. )im Neurohr, the high scorer against West Chester, made 14 points. Bill Ulbin started against Fairleigh Dickinson and had key steals and rebounds that aided the victory. Bob Rosenfeld and Bill Demharter also added needed depth. Demharter stood out against Gettysburg with 15 points and 13 rebounds. " Rosy " made eight points against Hofstra. Lenny Lock- hart, Art Perry and Paul Wholey also chipped in at times to aid the cause. Then the NIT came and, de- spite the loss to Louisville, Ker- mit showed why he was an All-American making 29 points, while Wilbur made 26. Coach Tom Young ' s charges did well for themselves and they gave a lot of us more en- joyment than perhaps we thought possible at AU. The screaming thousands at Fort Myer, the standing ovations in the Tavern, the anxiety while waiting for the NIT bid, and then the 2200 tickets sold at AU alone, the agony of falling 22 points behind Louisville in the first half, and the ecstasy of pulling within five in the sec- ond. All these things were AU Basketball in the memorable 1972-73 season. TOM YOUNG The " General " of the " Ameri- can Revolution " said farewell to his troops in April and moved up the coast to take Northern New lersey. Tom Young took a team that four years before had a disasterous 4-19 season and turned it into an Eastern power. Leaving AU with a 21-5 record, Coach Young resigned on April 23 and moved to Rutgers. He will be missed. Tom Young, with help from Kermit Wash - ington, Wilbur Thomas, and Coaches )oe Boylan and Tom Davis, turned American Uni- versity Basketball around and brought it to its highest level in its hist(jry. Despite playing in a disgraceful gym on Massachusetts Avenue, and having to travel out of state to every home game. Young recruited and coached the players that brought AU national recognition along with its first NIT bid. It was AU this year at Madison Square Garden with such as Notre Dame, Southern California, Louisville, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, and Minnesota — schools with innumerable times the basketball reputation of our own. While it was Kermit Washing- ton who put us on the map, it was Tom Young who took a chance on Kermit Washington. It was Young who used other players that didn ' t have the reputations that players from GW and Georgetown had upon recruitment. And it was Young whose teams los t just twice in ten battles with the other two schools in the area, schools with larger reputations, larger budgets, and more publi- cized Tallent. For it is almost impossible for any major college coach, no matter who he is, to compete with the facilities that we have here at AU. Tom Young did compete and that is his great- est achievement. P.S. KERMIT WASHINGTON Statements of praise become amazingly inadequate when you try to describe an athlete, student, and person like Kermit Washington. As an athlete consider his records: Second leading rebounder in the country as a sophomore. Led the nation in rebounding his junior and senior years. A career 20 point per game scoring average. A career 20 rebound per game average. Honorable Mention All- American as a junior. Recognized as one of the five best basketball players in the country in being named to the Associated Press All-American team his senior year. Kermit ' s talents in the class- room proved to be equally im- pressive as those he displayed game after game on the bas- ketball court. He graduated with a B-plus average in his major, psychology. Further tes- timony to his talents as a stu- dent-athlete was provided by him being awarded a NCAA postgraduate scholarship to pursue his education. These could not have come to be were it not for that that makes up the person of Kermit Washington. A sense of dedi- cation, self-discipline, sensi- tivity, and intelligence came together to make up the per- sonality and spirit of Kermit Washington. Whatever life holds in store for him, the Tal- on staff as well as the AU com- munity would like to thank Kermit Washington for an ex- citing 4 years of AU basketball and a glimpse of a fine individ- ual. After the players Tom Young recruited have graduated, this latest golden era may be over. American 93 Rider 84 American 86 Drexel 78 American 74 Catholic 59 American 73 Syracuse 84 American 73 Delaware 62 American 79 St. John ' s 75 American 98 Appal. St 84 American 85 Roanoke 76 American 80 Rice 61 American 103 GW 86 American 55 St. Joe ' s 78 American 82 St Francis 69 American 73 Navy 62 American 80 GW 85 American 86 Gettysburg 63 American 96 West Chester 56 American 90 Hofstra 81 American 60 Temple 71 American 66 Fairleigh 60 American 108 King ' s 87 American 109 Duquesne 94 American 96 Loyola(Md.) 88 American 107 Towson 89 American 88 LaSalle 79 Ame rican 90 Georgetown 68 American 84 Louisville 97 w f mm K . 1 m r If i M 11 M m 1 « ' iJWiir ft " On March 1, 1973 shortly before noon. Director of Athletics, Robert Frailey, received American ' s first bid to the National Invitational Tournament. His remark: " Beautiful. " Bookstore Biology Bowling and Billiards I MUJi Basketball Sari Elston Leslie Gilham Margaret )ones Nancy Jorisch Lauren Kalos Kim MacCartee Craig Phillips Lisa Phillips Ruby Pitts Shari Pollack Sue Rhodes Sue Sherwood Donna Tracy Frances Lake Coach American 44 American(forfeit) 2 American 37 American 30 American 38 American 37 American 48 American 43 American 38 American 60 Catholic 47 Georgetown Montgomery 44 Maryland II 35 Marymount 40 Trinity 34 Mount Vernon 27 Gallaudet 33 Prince George ' s 50 Hood 37 Baseball U) Mcirk Lowenstein I 1 Cliff Taylor 12 Ron Riley 13 Frank Zizik 14 Steve McGugan 15 Ken Becker (i Chuck Taylor 17 Arnie Grubel 20 Gary Marschhausen 21 Gary Bick 23 lohn Boggs 24 Rich Meth 27 Rick Fleshman 29 Dave Stuart 31 Gary Master 32 Neil Zurowski Dee Frady, Coach It was not a good season for Coach Dee Frady and his diamondmen. The Eagles were 6- 1 1 overall and finished fifth in the MAC East. Frady, however, has much to look forward to in the nature of eight returning starters and his whole pitching staff. Rick Fleshman made a fine comeback from a bothersome elbow in 1972, as he won three games and led the MAC in strikeouts with 50 in less than 46 innings of work. He also led the DC Intercollegiate League with 45 K ' s in 35 ' 3 innings in the fall, hit six homers and knocked in 18 runs in 12 games to lead the DCIL m those departments. He batted .305 in the spring and lead the Eagles in hits, triples, and RBIs. He was aided by junior catcher Steve McGugan the DCIL all- star catcher, who hit seven homers and knocked in 24 runs in the split seasons. Only a great infield play in the final game prevented him from hitting 300 for the third time. Gary Bick was Fleshman ' s ma|or helper on the mound. The junior righty was 2-2 with a 2.45 ERA, the team ' s best, including a one-hit shutout against Hofstra which came within one out of a no-hitter. Ron Riley had a good freshman year at the bat and afield. Cliff Taylor, |ohn Boggs, Gary Marschhausen and Arnie Grubel played a lot of infield. Centerfielder Mark Lowenstein proved his versatility as he added the reputation of being the best defensive outfielder in the MAC to his MVP in soccer. Rich Meth and Chuck Taylor also helped in the outfield while Neil Zurowski, Dave Stuart, Frank Zizik, Gary Master and Ken Becker aided on the mound. MttMMamiMaKu; Classes Some came to learn, others came to experience. Many came not at all. lyl ' Tnt -A Coffeehouse Bonnie Raill Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma Beta Upsilon Chapter Dr. Alayne Adams Tim Adams Bev Alexander Mike Blum Dr. Betty Boone )im Brown Dr. Tom Cantrell Dr. Fred Carson David Das Hal Eccleston Lida Firouzi Rich Granata )im Hain Dr. Gene Hepner lo-Anne Jackson Bill Kollar Allan Kramer Randy Lawson Dr.- Martin Lindemann Nellie Madamba lohn McCurdy Bill Miles lohn Miller Rich Mozejko Hao Nguyen Dr. Matt Norton Vikki Palumbo Bill Pauli KT Radindrmath Don Reamer Lynne Reamer )im Reamer loe Reardon Lidia Roche Dean Sismanidis Gary Thorn Pat Trzaskoma Yashesh Vaishnav Mindy Wildstein Cynthia Winston Doug Winzelberg Pete Yurawecz lota Sigma Pi Curium Chapter Dr. Alayne Adams Beverly Alexander Lida Firouzi )o-Anne lackson Vikki Palumbo Lynne Reamer Lidia Roche Pat Trzaskoma Dr. T. Sarada Dr. Rosalie Angeles Chess Chess Club Cheerleaders Patritid Carter Billy Trainor Paula Kohlhaas Meri Rogers Bev Meyers English Willis Sherry Williams Arleen Price Kathy Barry Sue Rvan Communications hav-atitTif, BUST .KIR BUY A PRINT WOMEN IN COMMUNICATIONS, INC. Pdtti Berman Marcia Berss lackie Bivins Sheryl Bronkesh lulia Cade Catherine Caslellito Kathleen Circosta Susan Cohen Linda deMilt Alex Dickson Libby Dubick Mary Clare Geiger Diane Classman Mindy Good Debe Hunn lackie ludd Marianne lumbelic Sally Konowitch Andrea Piatt Mary Ellen Porrazzo Karen Warmkessel Susan Zinnsky |o Williams Advisor SIGMA DELTA CHI Marianne Bechtle Marcia Berss lackie Bivins Dr Robert Blanchard Proi Edward Bliss Kathryn Bookman Alexander Chadvvick lames Dawson Alex Dickson Mary Clare Geiger Susan Glass Mark Crawtord Donna Hennings Robert r ur ey lackie ludd Marianne lumbelic Karen Lichtenberg George Linkletter Susan Perry Mary Ellen Porrazzo Kathy Prirhard Don Pestles Jeff Rodack losh Rosenteld Audree Ryberg Anita Schmied Mary Seeharfer Patricia Shannon Gary Nurenberg Donald Taylor Christopher Thorn Lois Vermillion Karen Warmkessel Karen Weitzel Prof. H. D. Crawford Advisor Concerts Chicago When it ' s time to function as a feeling human being, Will your Bachelor of Arts help you get by? I hope to study further, A few more years or so. I also hope to keep a steady high. Grateful Dead i :i 8 ! I -. 1? 51 " " Dance HOW TO PLAGUE YOUR ROOMMATE Throw his mattress out the 5th floor window. Steal his cologne, wrap it up and send it to your father for Christmas. Tie his ties together and hang them out the window to your friend on the next floor, so you can pass beer up and down. Fill up trashcans with water and lean them against the inside of the elevator doors. Press the button of the floor on which your roommate is waiting and drown him when the elevator doors open. Stick pennies in between the door and the door jam when your roommate is inside and you are outside so he can ' t get out. Then leave him there for three days. WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU WALK IN ON YOUR ROOMMATE AND HIS HER GIRL BOYFRIEND ' The lights were out and I thought you ' d left. " ' Oops. " ' I wanted to take a shower. " ' You told me to come back at NINE. " ' Haven ' t you guys left yet? " ' Gee ... I only came to get my other contact. " ' I didn ' t realize you weren ' t alone. " ' I thought that you were asleep. " ' Well, why don ' t you lock the door? " A WANS STORY During my first two years at AU I was lucky enough to have lived in a single apartment with all the modern conveniences, tor a scant $70 per month. However, " al! good things come to an end " and my castle was taken away from me by a back-stabbing landlord. Undaunted and with few room possibilities in the DC. area available, I decided to try my luck and live in McDowell Hall, which some of my friends spell D-E-V ' -I-L- ' S l-S-L-A-N-D. Now the physical plant of the Hall isn ' t bad in itself if vou overlook the regimented construction of the rooms. It ' s the residents of McD that add the carnival atmosphere to the place and give it the reputation of being the best boy ' s dorm to live m on campus (the rep was fostered by McD residents of course). First of all, many of the students in McD smoke dope and It ' s a rare night indeed when a cloud of smoke doesn ' t permeate at least some hallways. On the recreational side, McD has been the scene of some great egg fights, shampoo fights, shaving cream and baby powder fights. Early morning conversations, frisbee and hockey hallway games, stereo vo ' ume contests and fornication are but a few of the various activities in which one can participate. The walls of McD ' s bathroom stalls provide written testimonials to race, creed, monetary background and sexual drive, besides displaying some of the bt ' st nude drawings this side of Picasso. My first month of dorm living was a period of adjustment — learning to live with a roommate for the first time, withstanding the noisy atmosphere and relating with the guys on my floor. As it was, my first roommate and I didn ' t get along, and because of an extremely noisy alarm clock (mine) and an annoying habit of getting up late and going to bed early (his), we parted company. Moving into a room across the hal ' , I inherited a roommate that was the epitome of the old saying " with friends like you, who needs enemies. " His abrasive personality plus my late-night social life kept us constantly at odds with each other and my experience of living in McDowell ended as a dismal failure when I moved into an off-campus apartment the next semester. Putting all the grief aside I feel 1 was fortunate to live m McDowell Hal , for I did le.irn about life in a co ' lege dormitorv and how much better it is to live ott-campus I applaud the hardy individuals who live in all of American ' s dorms and I marvel at the way they keep their sanity. RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION Glenn Kessler President Bob Suphan Vice President Marty Bearg Treasurer Amy Davidson Secretary Vicky Dann Program Marie Fitzgerald President, Anderson Hall Helen Nucci President, Letts Hall Mary Seelaus Vice President, Letts Hall loanne Palumbo Secretary, Letts Hall Andrea Katona President, Hughes Hall Kate Perrin Vice President, Hughes Hall Fred Tatfae President, McDowell Hall Paula Holden RHA Committee lanet Kraus RHA Committee A WOMAN ' S STORY It ' s ten o ' clock and I ' m still asleep, or at least trying. Mrs. Letts has already made two earth-shaking announcements concerning an electrician, and the maids have been banging the trash cans since eight a.m. The lounge was packed last night. We all stayed up to see " Love Story " all over again. Everyone tried not to cry--- after all, " Love Story " is popular mush. So we made cynical remarks and sniffed secretly. I decide to get up; the noise from the quad is echoing all the way up here. The hall phone is ringing but no one is answering it. We ' ve all got phones in our rooms so it couldn ' t be anyone important. The room is freezing so I put the heat on and go out to the bathroom. No toilet paper in stalls one through three. But four ' s got it and I can relax. The maid left extra rolls on top of the towel dispenser so I take one and save on the cost of Kleenex. I stare mindlessly at the various handbills that are plastered all over the mirrors and wall. The bathroom door squeaks as I go out and I can hear the faucets dripping behind me. I turn off the heat. In the time It takes to get dressed I have to turn it back on again . . . the room Is freezing. The girls upstairs are doing their own variation on the Bonnie Pruden keep-fit program, so as they pound I sit down to write the paper I didn ' t do last night because of " Love Story. " I just begin and the maid knocks. It ' s time to clean the room and I have to clear everything off and leave the room. As I sweep the piles of books off the desk onto my bed I think that, " But this is Tuesday, and she ' s scheduled to clean Mondays, but last time it was Thursday. " I throw the shoes in my closet and leave. It ' s a perfect time to check my mail. The chains that keep the residents from accosting the mail clerks are down. I get to the box that ' s on the bottom row at the end. No mail as usual. I wander back into the lounge. The afternoon soapers have taken their places . . . it ' s time for " All My Children. " I wander out again. I ' m not interested until five o ' clock when " Star Trek " comes on. Someone hears a phone ringing and there ' s a chorus of: " Is that my phone? " " Is that my phone? " One of Mrs. Letts ' electricians appears. Looking eagerly into one room then another he announces for our safety, " Man in the Hall! Man in the Hall! " What else is new? We have two permanent male residents unbeknownst to the RA. The biggest problem is which bathroom to take them to. It ' s dinner time and the lounge is crowded. There ' s a waiting line three pots long for the two burners. The tables have been staked out for dinner. Everyone seems to exist on soup or hamburger. We all stare intently at the 59th rerun of " I Love Lucy " and the " Dick Van Dyke Show. " As soon as the news comes on someone changes the channel. Night falls and we gather in our favorite cliques for card games and " Marcus Welby. " We find our floor buddies, those persons we know well. There is comradene and mutual interests and if someone has an empty bed it ' s offered to the girl whose roommate is having a friend. The diehards stay up for Alfred Hitchcock or Carson if he ' s not too obnoxious. Those who came to school to learn stay up to write their papers and study for tests. Someone offers to put on water for coffee, someone else brings in the cups. It ' s finally quiet on the floor. Dateline August 1972-Mciy 1973 August: After a national debate over his health. Senator Thomas Eagleton yielded to a request by Senator George McGovern and withdrew from his campaign tor the Vice- Presidency. Presidential Aitle Henry Kissinger made his 15th trip to Paris to meet with Hanoi ' s top negotiators. Speculation is that a settlement has been reached in the Vietnam War. Senator George McGovern chose Sargent Shriver as his running mate after Senator Edmund Muskie rejected his invitation to |oin the Democratic ticket. In a single 24 hour period, August 21-22, 14 homocides were reported in New York City. September: Bobby Fischer ot the United States defeated Boris Spassky of Russia to become World Chess Champion in matches held at Reykjavik, Iceland. The Newark Evening News, once one of the largest papers in New lersey but hurt by long strikes and mounting costs, went out of business. U.S. supremacy m Olympic basketball ended when the Russian team scored a disputed goal and walked off with 51-50 victory, the 1st Olympic loss for a U.S. basketball team. At the 20th Olympiad held in Munich, Germany, Arab terrorists struck and killed 17 people, 11 of them Israeli athletes. Indictments were handed out by a Washington Federal Grand |ury in the Watergate bugging case in which 7 men were accused ot breaking into the Democratic National Committee on |une 17th. A stern anti-hijacking bill was overwhelmingly adopted by the Senate which gave the FA.A power to impose preflight screening of passengers. October: Three POW ' s, Maj. Edwin Ellas, Lt. Mark Gantley and Lt. Norris Clark were released by the North Vietnamese into the custody of the Committee of Liason, an American based organization. Freedom of speech was assailed when Newark Evening News reporter Peter Bridge was lailed for refusing to answer questions for a Grand |ury investigation into corruption ot the Newark Housing Authority. The Oakland Athletics defeated the Cincinnati Reds 3- 2 to win the World Series of Baseball. lackie Robinson, a baseball star for manv years with the Brooklyn Dodgers and the first Black to break the ma|or league color-line, died at age 54. " November: Richard Nixon was re-elected as President by a better than (iO°c. ot the nation ' s voters. For the first time in 12 years, Cuba and the U.S. established detente over the question ot preventing airline hijacking. During a [solice-student confrontation over school administration policy, two Black Southern University students were slam. December: Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans and Harrison Schmitt rode in the last moon mission, signalling the end of an 1 1 year scientific research program which had cost $25 billion. Following explosions that killed 2 persons and injured 126, the Irish Government prepared to arrest members of the outlawed Irish Republican Army. Robert Strauss of Texas was elected Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, replacing retiring lean Westwood. Life Magazine, one of the few remaining publications in America that presented non- specialized material, went out of business because of financial difficulties. A series of powerful earthquakes destroyed a large part of the Nicaraguan Capital of Managua, killing and miuring tens-of-thousands of persons. I lie White House cinnounced Ihe resumption oi lull-scale mining and bombing of North Vietnam, two days after Presidential Aide Henry Kissinger told the press he had tailed to reach a settlement with Hanoi. The Rev. Philip Berrigan was ireed after 39 months in a Federal prison. The priest was lailed for having burned draft board records in protest against the Vietnam War. Harry S. Iruman, the Sird President ot the U.S. died at the age ot 88. |dnu.iry: Koljerto Clemente, baseball great, died while on a mercy mission to earth(iuake-torn VUinagua. Richard Nixon was Inaugurated lor his second term as President of the United stales Ihe U.S. suspended all bombing of Vietnam and Henry Kissinger returned to Pans to finalize the agreement lo end the Vietnam War. Defense Secretary Melvin Laird announced the end of a military draft. LvntJon Baines lohnson, 5()th President of the United States, died ot a heart attack at his 1 exas ranch. February: Forty-three workers were buried in an explosion that ripped apart the world ' s largest hcjuefied gas storage tank. The U.S. announced a devaluation of the dollar by 10 per cent, against nearly all ot the world ' s major currencies. The first I4i out of over 500 ' merican prisoners of the V ietnam War were released and flown to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. President Nixon named Patrick Cray to be Director ot Ihe FBI Israeli tighter planes shot down a civilian Libyan letliner in Ihe Sinai des( rt, kil ' ing 74 persons, Arab terrorists, members of Ihe Black September group, took the lives of U.S. diplomats lohn Ncjel and Charles Moore during a raid in Ihe Sudan. March: UCLA defeated Memphis Stae to win the NCAA ' s college basketball championship. Virginia Tech (Jeteated Notre Damt lo win the NIT. Two huntired mi ' itant Indians captured a church in Wounded Knee, South Dakota, and held I I residents hostage until their demands were met b the U.S. Government. Rising grocery prices have caused the American shopper to turn to fish, poultry or ' meatless days " in the battle to stem inflation. April: Pablo Picasso, a dominant force in Ihe art world died at 91 Ihe 57-day confrontation at Wounded Knee between armed Indian insurgents and federal agents ended with a signed agreement ending Ihe Indians ' occupation. Under mounting Watergate pressure, Patrick Gray resigned as Acting Director ot the FBI and was replaced by William Ruckelshaus. May: The Ncnv York Knicks and Montreal Canadians respectively wrapi ed up the pro basketball and hockey champicjnships. White House Counsel John Dean, Presidential Aide lohn Ehrlichman, Attorney General Richard Kleindienst and Chief ot StafI MR. Haldeman all resigned in a White House purge that totaled 19 by Ihe middle of May. Skylab, the nation ' s first manned space station, was threatened with failure when lis wing-like so ' ar panels failed to deploy. Asserting his innocente in the Watergate afiair tor the second time. President Nixon and a stunned nation listened lo the Senate Watergate hearings in which major witness lames McCord made reference lo executive clemency in exchange tor his silence in the mailer. It was the first mention oi Presidential knowledge ol Ihe Watergate. Citmg imfKoper Government conduct, judge William Byrne, jr. dismissed a I charges against Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony j. Russo in the Pentagon Papers trial. Dispensary EXCUSES Why I was not at the exam: There was an exam? Last night I studied so hard I slept through my alarm this morning and didn ' t get up in time to come. I thought It was an optional exam. My syllabus must have the wrong date on it. I had mono my appendix out strep throat 24 hour virus. My roommate locked me in the room because he knew you ' d flunk me for missing the exam. Why I can ' t turn in my term paper: My kid brother made helicopters out of all my file cards. My mother thought it was last year ' s Christmas card list and threw it away. I typed about 8 pages, but my ribbon is too old to give clear copy. I think my roommate took it by mistake. The kids I was baby sitting for this morning ripped it up. It must still be on my desk, I was in such a rush to get to class early that I forgot it. I think my father mailed it in with his income tax report. My roommate got drunk last night and threw it out the window when I was in the bathroom. The Eagle Missle Allen Cindy Barnett Gary Davidson Jennifer Dixon Leslie Dobrow Brian Doherty Phil Economou Barbara Fee Dennis Frado left Goodman Diane Classman Mark Crobman left Harab Nancy Harrell Ed Kean Charley Kilmer Bob Kimball Tom Kintner Denise Lamot Gary Liput Doug Mathews Bob Melisso Michael Menchel Len Micharlsen Mike O ' Toole Tom Papadeas Bob Parrish Robin Perlstein Andie Piatt Donna Reed left Rodack josh Rosenteld lackie Schmitt Lynda Sharp Bob Sicklick Warren Siegel Lucy Spiegel Betsy Storm Meredith Sykes Bruce Taylor Bob Walker Clitt Wilce Fran Zankowski jetf Zimmerman Max Zweig PSYCHES PROUD OF nii l,r d,t y, BLUEGRASS MUSfC WITH teM — luevd ys, 4 to J, m iil mijnighr t.n W MU — htO — M B080 — THE EVIDENCE .s lea ' v u re ■n Ihe ozone COT A COMPUINT? fill out a (o.m jvi.U ble ar each drjtm de h (of the Cnmpl ini Bu.eau TRUSTEES SLURP THEIR soup Pis- it nn CRAIG — GUESS WHAT I (r und in my peath tdn 518 HUGHES - YOUR rhyihrn .s .mpmv ing but please dun ' praciice ai 1 15 a m Thanhs 418 MUST SELL FOR $ - Mpn s 10 speed Cijtjd mndilion Besi fPa onable odef Call Bairy. 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' 1 turnpike Call Sue or foanne, 244-0621 NEED RIDE TO New York City or lung Island Thu ' s Nov 2 Will share expenses Arthur turner SOB McDowell 6869142 " AU AND THEN the world ' For Gay liberation inlormaiion call 966 696S or 7S1 9488 FEEUNG OPPRESSED AND depressed by AU s overwhelmingly straight aim »sphere ' loin ihe cli-b Gay liberation tor mlot nution call 96h 6965 or 75 1 9488 TURTLE. THANK YOU lor the nicest birth day I ever had Ir was |usl perleci All my love Chipmunk HAPPY BIRTXDAY Barbra May your year be better than your game -Spitefully arsd MaliciousK yours love the Champ JBin us MGrNEGcNem V . ' 0 » b 1 ■ . ' . ' a V ' 1 . 1 uHl M " " ' li ,• [a i« ' ' -Wl " ' ' " ' : Election ' Eating Whether the AU student stays up all night to study or to play makes no difference. Sometime during the night you get hun- gry. The late night food stop in DC is one of the most impor- tant institutions that the area offers us. The following is a review of the most popular eating places for midnight snacks. The Waffle Shop: By far the leader in the late night culinary field. A friend of mine once said that the Waf is the only place with 23 kinds of grease . . greasy eggs, greasy po- tatoes, even greasy soup. Aside from that slippery drawback the Waf ' s prices are reason- able, the portions healthy and the service commendable. Be- sides its assets of being open 23 hours a day it proprietors and customers offer a study in human variety. It ' s rumored that the cooks and waiters are ex-convicts and have Mafia connections. The customers range from AU drug freaks to beer drunk fraternity men. Oc- casionally, AU women will wander in with their boyfriends in tow. Toddle House: The Toddle House ranks second on the strength of it Waf-like quali- ties, namely its 24 hour avail- ability, menu selection and lo- cation (one block from the Waf, going West on Wiscon- sin). However, it does have limited service capacity with only 15 counter stools and one waitress with a poor memory for who gets what. Roy Rodgers and Luigi ' s: These two are grouped together be- cause they both lack an impor- tant qualification — a varied se- lection. How many cheesebur- gers or pizzas can you eat without getting zits or a nag- ging doubt of what ever hap- pened to Trigger? Mr. Henry ' s and The Lodge: These are ranked with special consideration because unlike those previously mentioned above, these restaurants serve alcoholic beverages and any food tastes good when you ' ve had a few beers under your belt. Henry ' s is far superior in both food and service. The Lodge is all right, except eating on their tables, which have been carved up with initials and lewd sayings, is like eating off a bathroom stall. Armand ' s: Its prices are out- rageous, its subs soggy and its capacity to hold hungry people severely limited. Armand ' s is the place that runs a contest of any four people versus a six- foot every-thing-on-it sub. The walls are covered with pictures of those who have challenged the big beast and failed misera- bly. Zebra Room: All the fratmen flooded to the Zebe before the Tavern came to campus. Now since our at-school bar takes care of most everyone ' s thirst for beer and quick drunks, only the nostalgic few from AU make the trip to the corner of Macomb and Wisconsin. Greasy pizza with flaky crusts is the specialty of the house. y. TAKE OUT ORDERS 3 HERE r " jumbo Cheese — L.T., Tuna on, side, stretch a virgin, 97! " ' ' EBm hoom Fencing Club Frank Zakrajsek luan Paredes Freaks Field Hockey American 3 Catholic American 2 Callaudet 2 American 4 Mount Vernon American Georgetown American Hood 1 American 1 Salisbury 1 American 1 Montgomery American 1 Prince George CC American Trinity American Maryland 2 Bonnie Crumley Lisa Diehl Leslie Gilham Pamela Hemrichs Nancy Jorisch leanine Kleimo Rita Kruhm Chris Lafferty Kim MacCartee Martha McDay Craig Phillips Lisa Phillips Ruby Pitts Gail Rees Sue Rhodes Sue Ryan Sue Sherwood Robin Stein Donna Tracey Bitty Trainor lean Wallace Barbara Reimann, Coach The American University Field Hockey team had its best sea- son in years, with a record of 4 wins, I losses and 4 ties. Under the direction of Coach Barbara Reimann and led by captains Bonnie Crumley and Biffy Trainor, the Eagles allowed just six goals in the ten game sea- son. Goalie Crumley and lullback Sue Sherwooci bulwarked the defense with adequate help from Sue Ryan, Sue Rhodes, Craig Phillips and Donna Tracey, as well as halfback, Trainor. But it was Lisa Diehl, the team ' s left halfback, that brought most of the glory to the defense. Diehl was se- lected to participate in the Washington College Tourna- ment, the Southeastern Tourney and the National Field Hockey Tournament in Califor- nia. Spearheadmg the attack were Leslie Gilham with four goals and Nancy lorisch with three. Robin Stein, Lisa Phillips and Pam Heinrichs also aided up front. Football Bob Sokolove Jeff Blerer Mark Levitt Tom Kolchanski Bill Gray Ray Bily Charlie Bowers Steve Goodman Harry Payden Rich Kahn Bob Andreoli Sean McGmty Keum Daniels Chris Oliveri Don Brawner Glenn Meltzer Elliot Sommer Don McFarland Dave Murphy Steve Koppel Mike Troop |im McDonald John Hollinger Tom Corcoran Dave Wolf Scott Avery Steve Moss Cliff Jenks Dave Rosen Gary Speigler Bob Lewis Jerry Smollen Bruce Hudock Jim Embersits Doug Woodbury Mary Seelaus Elaine Wallach Lance Kaufman Carl Paulsen Frank Creneti, Head Coach Jack Carter, Coach Eric Olsen, Coach Bill Cibney, Coach Stanley Ross, Coach J. Michael Ritz, Trainer Thomas DeBevoise, M.D. Jerry Waters Greeks Greeks There are still sororities and fraternities at American. You can see sorority row on the bridge at Anderson. You can see the tables of beer drinkers at the Tavern. The lady that lives behind the Phi Sig house who complains every week is quite aware of them. But just these things are all the campus hears about the Creeks. And so the myths and fictions about the Greek System continue to thrive; myths that are based on the Greek System of the fifties. Times have changed and the Greek System has changed, too. There are still parties . , . Drinking and dancing to a live band and being with your friends. They are the last vestiges of a college social life when you knew the people, instead of being overwhelmed by the large number of strange bodies. The Greeks still rush to get new members. But now they wear jeans and talk informally to get to know the individual. The Greeks at AU realize that being in a sorority or fraternity is just a part of one ' s life. The attitude held here - that a fraternity is a supplement to the whole spectrum of friends and activities - is ahead of a lot of Greek Systems on other campuses today. Aside from their social function, each fraternity and soronty has at least one major charity that they work for and give to annually. Usually, besides their mam altruism, they do other smaller projects for charity. One sorority made bean bags and puppets for St. Anne ' s Orphanage and gave a Halloween party for them. The fraternities collected for UNICEF. Other sororities visited Vietnam veterans at Walter Reed, took D.C. inner city kids to " Godspell " gave an eyetest to Head Start children, and raised money for the Hospital Ship Hope. This year there has been an effort to have more jointly sponsored and attended activities between the fraternities and sororities. The Panhellenic Council (comprised of delegates from each sorority) and the Inter- Fraternity Council (made up of delegates from each fraternity) organized an all Greek party and the traditional Song Pest for the last weekend in April. The party was held in MGC with each club contributing a keg and IPC and Panhell supplying a live band. To end the weekend. Song Pest was held. Traditionally, Song Pest was a very formal affair with costumes, scripts, and dozens of rules for |udging criteria. This year each group agreed to perform with songs or a skit and could come dressed as they chose. President and Mrs. Williams were met on campus and persuaded to be judges. The best sorority award for Song Pest was won by Alpha Chi Omega, and the best fraternity award went to Alpha Ppsilon Pi. All these activities are based on the purpose or a fraternity, which is friendship. ' ANHELLENIC COUNCIL INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Sandra Perry President, 1972 Alexandra Dickson President, 1973 Donna Cohen Vice President Susan Rhodes Mary Hester Melissa Allen Barbara Tieman Mary Seelaus Robin Stein Valerie Johnston Nancy Votz Andy Harp President Bill Summers Vice-President Alex Felton Treasurer jerry Smollen Secretary Steve Polin Wayne Knibole jim McDonald Kevin Krause Tex Terkel Len Hutner Rick Rmaldi George Linkletter ' - ALPHA CHI OMEGA Mary Ann Armstrong Janet Babbitz Melissa Barrett Michelle Battaglia Karyl Berger Andrea Berkovsky Debbie Berlyn Roberta Coffin Alexandra Dickson Leslie Dobrow Marilyn Fenner Wendy Goldsmith Meryl Greenberg Ronni Heller Lisa Hershberg Mary Hester Sue Kittner Alisa Levy Jill Neiswender Barbara Newell Helen Nucci Sue Pesner Nancy Pruden Linda Radionoff Sue Rhodes Anita Schmied Barbara Seaman Karen Yergalonis ALPHA EPSILON PI Dan Barton Don Carlow Ted Enfield Mark Farrell Mark Goldhaber Len Hutner Tom Hutlon )im Kettering Tom Kokai Mark Masin Bruce Olin Bill Rattner Steve Rosenbaum Steve Saks Paul Schloss Ken Schwartz Mark Selig Andrew Silberslein Sandy Slivku lerry Smolen Larry Stern Rob Stoddard Fred Taffae Bruce Taylor Tex Terkel Ed Varrone Alan Wachman Dave Warren Gene Weinstein Frank Zizik Dennis Miller Chapter Supervisor KAPPA DELTA Mary Bush Debbie Cohen Linda deMilt Glen Diclcerson Lois Fortunato Leslie Franl Cindi Fraser Barbara Friedman Beth Cefen Nancy Gendler Teri Goldberg Suzan Graham Adene Gross Karen Hazlett Ava Herman Ellen Herschenfeld Debra Jacobson Rachael Marimont Margot Meeks Margie Mendel Barbi Mitchell Denise Navarre Sharon Pacitto Sandy Perry Susan Pitek Andrea Robbins Ellyn Rosen Donna Rowlinson Mary Seelaus Sharon Snyder Robin Stem Sheila Swan Lee White Lisa Widelitz ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alan Abromowitz Frank Chuffo Joseph Coyle Rob ert Enk Richard Fleshman Michael Goldman Mark Grobman Paul Hallisay Andrew Harp Chris Heslin Joseph Higgins Jerry Hill Jeff Holden Larry Imhoff William Klein Thomas Kochanski Kevin Krause Christopher Kulzer David Legge Jim MacDonald James Moon Chris Oliveri Brian O ' Neill Don Postles Andrew Powlowski Norman Roth Andrew Sonneland Howard Vine Thomas Visotsky Michael Voipe iMMm . . i -eTxc l DELTA GAMMA Missie Allen )o Ambrose Carolyn Bardwell Bridget Dalton Christine DeSantis Marti Elkus )udy England Elizabeth Foran Kathy Frisch Susan Gilbert Janice Keidel Susan Kroudvird Carol Martin Amy Matsil Marilyn Mayer Elizabeth McLellan Faye Mernman Susan Oestreicher Cathy Peterson MaryEllen Porrazzo Pam Price ludy Richman )an Rogers Mariah Sabatiello Audrey Schneider Cindi Sharp Penny Tangen Barbara Tiemann Linda Walker Karen Wood Dawn Hansen PHI SIGMA KAPPA Dean Albert Lenny Balone Bob Capatdni lerry Capone Rick Davis jim Embersits Alex Felton Mark Fisher Tom Gombar Rick Hayes Andy Hill Kurt Kuykendall George Linkletter Peter Manko Herbie Mann George McGovern Mike Menchel Glen Mitchell Billy Moore Tom Moran Dan Moskowitz Gary Murdoch Richie Pierce Joe Pizzarello Brian Ramsberger Don Rathe lules Ravo Nick Repack Rick Rinaldi Ricky Ritt Dave Rosen Allan Ross George Scola John Sinclair Jerry Weinberg Larry Wells Dave Wolf Marty Yam )etf Zyontz PHI MU lacquelyn Bivins Veronica Casey loan Clemenko Marilyn Cooneliy Victoria Dann Marie Fitzgerald Valerie lohnson Elizabeth Knapp Ann Ladof Elizabeth Loftus Gail Mutnik Robin Owens Laura Schaffer loan Smutko Patricia Stein Nancy Volz Cynthia Wesen Stephanie Woerful Graduation Lucila Letang Graduation Clearance Supervisor Mary Gardiner Jones speaks at College of Arts and Sciences Commencement exercises. I wish for you to bloom, to grow, To store up, to grow stonger in health, So that you will have strength for The most important things that will come up in the future. Let every day and every hour Stir up in you something new, So that you will have a good mind And your heart will also know things. From my sou! I wish you this, my friends. And everything better than the best, my friends. It will prove for you A valuable thing in the end. Tolstoi History Hitchhiking Hotline Gale Black Howard Krieger Co-directors Honoraries MORTAR BOARD Nancy Adams Carol Bandoroff Jacquelyn Bivins Valentia Cartwright Fronda Cohen Faith Crosser Barbara Gunther Marianne Hollander Devin loyce Horn Brenda Lewis Deborah Moseley Sandra Perry MaryEllen Porrazzo Arleen Price Elizabeth Sibolski Karin Wade Barbara Way Lee White Advisors, lulia Billings )o Williams Yvonne Polisky WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Dean Benson Larry Berman Gary Boyd Frederick Bungert Carolyn Carter Steven Engorn Dennis Frado Marc Ginsberg Eugene Goldman Susan Henningson Marianne Hollander Edward lurith Fom Kokai Karen Kollias Brenda Lewis Mark Looney Deborah Moseley Dan Norwood Chris O ' Connor leffrey Perper Vivian Rosskamm Mark Rueben Aletta Schreiber Paul Schwartz Robert Shapiro Con Sialard Elizabeth Sibolski David Slaby Ralph Slawson Kermit Washington Elaine Zampas Randy Zicht Gul Ahmed Zikria OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Mark Berg Larry Berman Luther Forrest Dennis Frado Mark Goldhaber Eugene Goldman Ron Gilbert Leonard Hutner Ed lurith Ed Kean Dean Kellerhouse Thomas Kokai Dan Norwood Keith Satter Paul Schwartz Robert Shapiro Terry Sharp Paul Simon David Slaby Faculty and Administration, pictured Charles Clark Harold Davis Denver Haymond Harvey Moore Phillip Scribner Edward van Kloberg lames Weaver International Week I ' ■ ' 1, ,1 PP: .: .MH j ' " ' Hi ■na III gj hHH i i " .Ji 5. dtV ' ,0 ' ««VVm-s. Intramurals Jeans CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION Ralph Tobias President )udy Myers Secretary Kimberly Eaton Treasurer Christian Pascal Nathalie Price Elaine Stanert Dr. Gordon Smith William Oakes Advisor Karate Kennedy Political Union Mark Lewis (Chairman), Mark Levy, Rodger Matles, Phil Mendelson, lustin Gyi, Paul Schloss. t ,li i ui Mt ' inem Philip Berngdn Oavid Frye Kijljin Mor .m Language Library Literature Til. a ' mil Maintenance MGC Music Roger Ames Veronica Casey Glenn Davidson Leslie Dobrow Debbie Drayer Lisa Eisenberg Thomas Fletcher Elizabeth Foran Brian Loss Alexandra Gitford Susan Gilbert left Gilmore Lee Herron Larry Hubbell Elliott Harrington Laura Kaiser Rob Kennedy lames Kettering Eloise Levy John Luzader )ohn McCord )im Moon Sue Muscatello lill Neiswender Amanda Newhouse Mike OToole Nancey Plum jody Rapport Phoebe Rockwell Sarah Ann Rodgers Eric Shaffer Susan Strong Genan Underwood Arie Venema Karen Watkins Karl Wexler Mary Woodard Vito Mason, Director AU Singers y Kk VJ A Miscellaneous h Jt . K JH V Mk ' mW wmmM UPH I ' 1 rft v; Sf " , v ■■■■ Ninety-seven Oasatau ♦ f ' c- Psychology Students of Behavior Principles have a standing jol e about the Chairman Dr. Ferster: Dr. Ferster doesn ' t knock at a door, he pecks. Physics Parking Is it P for Parking or L for Lack of? Quad r Talon Interview Q Q Q A, Q. Q A. Q A. Q A. Q A. Q A. Q- Q A. Q What do you think about hanging around the Quad ' Hanging? I think the fashion of hanging is out. I think It is a passing fad. If you think it is a passing fad, why is it that people have been hanging here for years? It is taking a long time to pass now — it is a popular fad! But It IS transitory, right? That ' s right. It is semipermanent, it depends on the weather. Do you think there is a special art involved in hanging? Definitely, You can tell who is an experienced hanger and who is a rookie. How? There is a special nonchalance. You know, giving chicks the eye. you ' ve got to be real casual about it - I mean, you just can ' t just sit there and go . . . Do you really try to pick up girls? Sure, look how well I ' ve done today. Why are you sitting there, hanging out on the Quad? I stopped to talk to Woody. How about you? I met Woody and was tired of standing. You? I ' m counting the stars. Is there a special knack to hanging? Is there a special technique that you use? After four years I ' ve come to the conclusion that it seems that AU students have a knack for just hanging. Is it something they knew how to do before they got here or did they learn once they got here? Yeah, I agree. One usually sees you Q A. Q Q A. Q A. Q A. Q A. Q A. Q Q A. Q Q A. A. Q around the steps of Mary Graydon Center almost every day . . . Why? Well, I ' m not there every day. You might see me there every day, but I ' m not there every day. Where are you? Where am I right now? I ' m sitting . . . No . . . where are you when you ' re seen there everyday? If you ' re not there? Well, I ' m probably someplace else. What about you. What do you think about " hanging? " Here I am ... I just stopped to talk to Woody. I don ' t talk to any other radicals, derilects, degenerates. You ' re here on the Quad. Could you please tell us why? I collect stories. Why do people hang? Beauty. Huh? Beauty, stories, interests What kind of stories do you collect? Stories about people ' s lives. You write stories about the people you see? Yes. But don ' t you think that this ends up to be |ust a very small part of their lives? Oh, I ' m not interested in their lives that much |ust instances. So you just sit here to observe. To observe the details. Do you think that ' s why everybody else sits here, too? I couldn ' t say. He ' s here because I ' m here. Why are you two on the Quad? lust relaxing. Sex stimulation. Is there any special art of hanging? A. Of course. The art is that after you ' ve been out a long time after finals, it ' s just nice to come here and talk to people, friends that you don ' t see. Q. What are you doing here? A. Four more to go. Q. Four more years? A. No, four more finals. Q. .And then are you going to collapse on the Quad? A. Friday? No Friday afternoon I ' m going to be buzzing around here. As soon as I walk out of Ward . . . like right here I ' ll be like asleep or else I ' ll be so " lalalalala " that I won ' t be able to sit down. Q. Why do people hang in the Quad at AU ' A. Why? Why not? Q. You ' re here every day aren ' t you? A. Yeah, I have classes every day so in between classes I don ' t want to drive to Virginia. If it ' s nice out and I ' m not reading, I hang. Q. Is there a special art? A. Yeah, you ' ve got to sit in a certain way. That ' s how one can tell the professional hangers from the amateurs, by the way they sit. People who aren ' t professionals aren ' t relaxed . . . you can tell. To be a professional hanger, man, you ' ve just got to relax, sit back, like on a hanger . . . sorta loose. You ' re perfectly balanced and nothing can happen. Q. What are your comments sir? A. I concur with him. Q. What about you madam? A. Am I allowed to say something obscene? Q. Do you hang on the Quad? A. No. Q. Why ' A ' I don ' t know. Rugby OUR FfeMW KAMPUS KP5 I Security Selected Faculty Professors who were selected by their ratings in the " Report of Experimental Evaluation of On Campus Teaching and Courses " were asked by the Talon why they thought they were successful. The following are excerpts from their comments. Dr. Valerie F. Allen Department of History College of Arts and Sciences Teaching, it seems to me, requires a double involvement — a committed, disciplined, and intense involvement with one ' s subject matter and an open, candid, and enthusiastic involvement with one ' s students. Donald R. Brenner, ).D. School of Business Administration There are a lot of elements that make a good teacher. A genuine love for teaching is a necessary ingredient. I can ' t imagine being able to do a good job without it. Over the years I ' ve tried to get to know the students more than casually, and they me, and spend more time with them, so they can see me other than in the classroom. It is important to make the course interesting and fun so that the students have a feeling that we will not only learn something, but will also enjoy it. Patricia Finn School of Nursing In my teaching I try to contribute to the total development of the student. I think that we have a marvelous group in the School of Nursing. I like my students so much that my concern comes through for them as unique persons, although their commitment is the same. Dr. Linda Lubrano Greenberg School of International Service College of Public Affairs I have a strong mterest in the subject matter I deal with and I thoroughly enjoy discussing the questions we raise in class. I try to encourage students to deal with fundamental questions about themselves and their roles in the political process. I don ' t believe that education should be limited to a one-way process of providing information. We need to supplement that with continual dialogues and with provocative questions that can provide intellectual stimulation for both faculty and students. I respect and like our students very much. They ha ve acted as catalysts for me to learn new material and to think of things in new ways, and I hope that I have done the same for them. Dr. Doris E. Hadary Department ot Chemistry College of Arts and Sciences I think there ' s a very simple answer. I really love young people. I really do. I like young people and there ' s another thing I love - that ' s Science, Chemistry. That has to be the answer. I really care about my students. I find Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Mathematics the answer to a lot of our problems. I think it ' s a form of living, a philosophy of life. If I can put together students and my love for science, I think maybe that ' s it. Dr. leffrey H. Reiman College of the Administration of justice College of Public Altairs I really like the students. I en|oy talking to them and perhaps that comes across. I try to think what aspects of the material I want to present will be relevant to them. They really appreciate someone who has put things together with a purpose in mind. II I Dr Edgar 5. Robinson School ot Government and Public Administration College of Public Affairs In my opinion, there are two interrelated prerequisites to the .iltainment ot communication between students and teacher. I he lirst IS " caring. " One need care, genuinely and generously, for and about the human Ijeings who occupy his [ledagogic hours. The second is to achieve a confident sense of the student as an organic, " indivisible " individual, rather than merely to perceive and do commerce with him as " a fragment an(J a face " that fleetingly tills a seat in a class assemloling once or twice a week. Dr. Roberta Rubenstein Department of Literature College of Arts and Sciences I don ' t think any teacher really believes he can make people learn something if they don ' t want to. I think the most important thing is for me to provide an atmosphere for whatever is being taught that is interesting and challenging and enjoyable enough that students are motivated to explore it on their own. I like Literature and maybe some of that enthLisiasm ( ommunicates itselt. Dr. lames H. Weaver Department of Economics College of Arts and Sciences I think the most important ingredient in leaching is enthusiasm, and that people who are enthusiastic generally make good teachers. I also think that if there are any students with controversial ideas and alternatives, the professor ' s role is to cause them to examine their own ideas very critically and think critically about their own values, about the alternatives that face us in this society. I think students are responsive to a very critical approach and an enthusiastic presentation. Dr Gary R. Weaver, not pictured Pride College of Continuing Education I he proloundK iniilual [lartnciship between [jiolessor and student, flowing Irom the tormer ' s affecticjn for and insight inio the latter, was the pre( ondilion ol the aliber of communicilKin whuh (oiiiri convert lectures into learning and quotes and qui zes into a (|uickened (juesl tor the (|ualil we seek con|ointl . Wisdom. Service Fraternity ALPHA PHI OMEGA ETA PHI CHAPTER Ken Gilbert President Ed Kogan 1st Vice President Warren Windrem 2nd Vice President Dave Wildberger Service Chairman Tom Hoho Treasurer Mike Fish Gary Seidman Carl Paulson Karl VVoltgan Dave Legge k FRIWy,fEB.Z3 Ipm, vHG.C. Sp s.wBuFILBflffllOdECJ? THE NfF770«i. SgFMICF imwjy iVKj caAsWo njfey ' i Ksiff« cycles ' ■ 8:3D pmi. XTORIiSTiMtTiX smn. Hoc Sm }fML Bi ik Art Buchvvald emcees the 197.5 Turtle International. Soccer American 5 Gallaudet American 2 George Washington 1 American Hofstra 1 American 3 LaSalle 2 American 1 West Chester American 1 Temple 4 American 1 Drexel 2 American 4 Catholic American St. Joseph ' s 3 American Georgetown 1 lohn Ames Dave Aptaker Bruce Bernstein Victor Cuco Reginald Dambe Gary Davidson Ken Davidson Alex Felton Bill Jaeger Dave Kushner Kurt Kuykendall Mark Lowenstein Pete Manko Mark McDonough Gary Murdoch Brian O ' Neill Al Ross leff Schatz Calvin Seldin Mark Stout Pete Mehlert Coach Wm ?? Square Dancing Club Office of Student Activities Billie Hciskins Director Allen lohnson Assistant Director Millie Regan Assistant Director Linda Ashby Long Se t retary Ian karin Administrative Secretary |o Williams Coordinator Student Communications Eugene Goldman President Student Confederation David Lemmond Vice President Debra Skopczynski Secretary Edward Varrone Comptroller Up two very long tlights of stairs on the third floor ot Mary Craydon Center is the Student Confederation. Formerly the Student Association, the " new " student government managed to survive another year. The SC with its $250,000 budget IS basically divided into two parts: a Union Board to coordinate all SC social and community events, and the President ' s office to administer University Senate activities. Board of Trustees interaction, academics, politics, and the SC Legal Counsel. The power to allocate the budget IS invested in the legislative branch, the General Assembly, which is made up of 35 students who are elected. However, the voting student body usually consists of no more than 1200; and those elected often run unopposed. In the annual spring budget battles the activity fee is divided into three general categories; the media (WAMU, the Eagle, Talon, American), the Student Union Board, and the office of the President. The Union Board, this year under the direction of jan Goldsmith, was able to move the Record Co-op and the expanding Coffeehouse to much better locations, making these two fine programs more viable. However, the SC ' s reputation was hurt when it drained almost Its entire social budget into two concerts. After Seatrain proved entertaining and not expensive tor Orientation, the Union Board more than met student cries for " big names " by providing the campus with the Grateful Dead and Chicago within two months ot each other. Poor planning resulted in additional costs, totaling $70,000 for two concerts. For the first time, the student government had strong communication with the AU Board of Trustees. A dorm tour, dinner at the Contract Dining Room and joint seminars with the Board proved to t e a new experience for many of the Trustees. The SC broke the Board ' s silence on the continually increasing tuition costs. Strong amendments to the Faculty Manual making teaching the most important criterion in the retention and promotion of faculty members, placing students on all rank and tenure committees and the Faculty Relations Committee, and creating a student consumer board to review bids on the Tavern, ARA, etc. all passed, thanks to strong SC coordination. A strong union was established among the student governments of the Washington, DC area. The SC was successful in obtaining public hearings on landlord discrimination against students. The Student Confederation ' s survival is assured as long as there is a mandatory student activities fee. But if more people would take a chance and walk up the two very long flights of stairs the SC would not only survive, it might thrive. Sherry Levitt Secretary to the Student Confederation kPATHY IN TNE OF ABSURDITY IS VIRTUI£?...I:LIMINA1 ABSURDITY ABOLI STUDIiNT CONFEI vrr SCMIi L STUDENT UNION BOARD Ian Goldsmith Chairperson David Hochberg Vice Chairperson Ellyn Rosen Secretary Bruce Taylor Treasurer Mark Ruben Commissioner of Health and Welfare Mark Garretto Editor of Artemus Richie Stup Commissioner of Community Affairs Paula Kolhaas Commissioner of Socail Activities Don Stinson At-Large Representative Tom Martin At-Large Representative Billie Haskins Student Activities Office Representative Bert Holman Concert Chairman lay Seltzer Coffeehouse Chairman STUDENT HEALTH AND WELFARE leff Rodack Patti Berman Edward Bell Mark Ruben Laura Oilman Edward Kean Kil Chul Kim , SAILING CLUB %Jb- 2 t ' I, » B 1 « I Swimming American 39 Temple 74 American 55 Duke 58 American 77 Rider 33 American 44 LaSalle 69 American 58 West Chester 55 American 45 Pittsburgh 68 American 53 Loyola (Md.) 42 American 59 St. Joseph ' s 39 American 49 Maryland 64 American 62 Georgetown 39 The AU men ' s swimmmg team made a stunnmg comeback trom I971-iy72 ' s dismal season which saw the Eagle swimmers plunge to last place in the MACs, their first losing season in many years. Aided by a covey of new swimmers, the aquamen rose to 5-5. In the MAC championships at LaSalle they finished sixth out of 12 teams with 151 points. Mike Plitman headed the renaissance as he set four individual school records ... in the 100 and 200 Yard f reestyles, the 200 Individual Medley and the 100 yard Butterfly. He finished second in the Butterfly at the MACs and garnered two fourths. lose Cortina set records in the 100 and 200 yard backstrokes and had two fourths and an eighth place at the MACs. Alan Lerner, Bob Bretz and Pete Englestad also placed in their specialties. Bretz and Englestad joined Plitman and Cortina to set a school record in the 400 Freestyle relay. Bill O ' Connell, Mike McGinley and Keith Pranckus also scored well for the swimmers in their individual events. All AU swimmers return next year in what looks like another step up in loe Rogers ' bid for improvement. MEN ' S SWIM TEAM lohn Appleby Bob Bretz lose Cortina Steve Crystal Pete Engelstad Mark lohnston lelf Krieger Alan Lerner Mike McGinley Kevin Neil Billy O ' Connell Mike Plitman Steve Pranckus Keith Rothberg loe Rogers Coach Mj-- WOMEN ' S SWIM TEAM |o Ambrose Susan Batolt Brooke Conaty Betsy Day Cyndi Gale Robyn Goldstein Nancy Cressman Lonny Heselov Rhonda Lustig Susan Niemlera Sue Ryan Amy jo Welssman Sherry Williams Barbara Reimann Coach The AU women ' s swimmmg team had a good year, winning five of nine meets under Coach Barbara Reimann. High scorer Sue Ryan amassed 86 pomts on 16 first place finishes in the 50 and 100 Freestyle events and the 100 yard Individual Medley. Ms. Ryan set a school record in the 50 Free with a time 2.6 seconds under the old mark of 26.4 seconds. Sherry Williams was ne xt with 69 points in the 50 Free and 50 Butterfly as she gained nine firsts and eight seconds. Captain Susan Batoff was next with 56 points in the 50 and 100 Breaststroke events. She also broke a school record in the 100 Breaststroke with a time of 1.24.1. American American American American American American American American American 69 Catholic 24 56 Gallaudet 39 45 Marymount 32 57 Hood 47 29 Goucher 57 33 Maryland 62 45 Notre Dame College 2i 30 Towson 38 39 Mary Washington 56 SENIORS Senior year is one of " lasts " . The last time to see a Washington autumn as an undergraduate. The last time to walk from MGC behind McKinley or stand next to Hughes Hall and see one of those sunsets you never seem to see anywhere else. The last time to swallow some ARA, hang on the quad as a belonging participant, or read an Eagle and not feel left out. The last time at the Tavern in search of the crowd that stopped frequenting it last year, or was it the year before Your last exam, all-nighter and game of ping-pong with the Registrar. And finally, the last time you have to wonder whether this was the place you really belonged because it is now a part of you that cannot be changed. The finale should have been an AU spring, but the warm weather was here only long enough to test your memory. So it goes or went. The years whether they were real, relevant, or just a bore, have ended. Gary E. Abeles Susan M. Ackerman Karen R, Adelman Susan B. Adelman Vicki M. Alberg Maritza O. Aleman Rodney W. Alexander Helene A. Alkalay Vickie M. Allen Kathryn S. Alpert Carol B. Altman Nancy W. Atkins Robert A. Baikin Lona E. Amos Timothy W. Atkins lohn L. Ballin, |r. Colleen A. Appleby Michael L. Auf;ust Carl A. BandorotI Robert S. Armstrong Lawrence H. Austin Carl V. Bank Stephanie Ashkenaz Paul S. Bachow William |. Barber land F. Barnetl Ark-ne H. Becker Mitchell M. Barron Gary W. Beilch lay D. Bass |ohn S. Bennet Stephen R. Basser Holmes T. Bennett Patricia Beatley Gale D. Berg Miriam |. Bergman Deborah T. Bern Marion Block jean F. Berlin Hilary Berns Aileen Bloom Nancy E. Berlin Diane Bernstein Claudia j. Bloom Lawrence S. Berman lacquelyn W. Bivins Robert F. Bloom Richard B. Berman Bruce A. Block Shelley Blumberg Mandelle Blumslein Michael L. Brabanski Kalherine A. Bohr lames W. Bragg Diana |. Borman lames T. Brelt Daniel A. Boub Laura G. Broder Karen L. Bowers Katherine S. Broderick Sheryl |. Bronkesh Harriet K. Brooks Clifford R. Brown Mary E. Brown William P. Bryan Christine S. Bucko Charles |. Buffington Richard E. Burridge David S. Burwick Alan M. Byroade Julia D. Cade Wendy E. Cagen James R. Canter Alan 1. Cantor Mark 1. Cantor Jerome M. Capone Abbie |. Casper Martha ). Carlson Elizabeth Carol Frederick S. Carroll Catherine N. Castellitto Virginia H. C.islillo Rodwell M. Caloe David A. Carver )anie I. Cavanaugh David R. Cawley Elizabeth A. Chance Leo C. Cherrick Peter C. Cia nfaKlione Gail L. Ciol)an John L. Cizman loan L. Clemenko Barbara L. Cohen Daniel L Cohen Eronda |. Cohen Larry D. Cohen Lawrence M. Cohen Marcia A. Cohen Martha J. Cohen Robyn C. Cohen Susan Cohen Catherine M. Cosentini Henry M. Cohn Andrew G. Cowan Debra G. Coleman Phyllis G. Crabbe Adrienne N. Colman Catherine A. Crossan Isabel Coloian Faith V. Grosser Bonnie G. Crumley David M. Danovitz Paul B. Day Judith E. Cucco Rhonda Dash Margaret |. DeCamp Victor A. Cuco Elizabeth |. Davidson Joyce R. Deitch Susan Darnell Dailey Kenneth |. Davidson Diana L Delmar Lindsay 8. Dane Susan P. Davis Linda Lee deMilt Paul B. Dengrove lanice Delweiler Edward |. DeSalvio |ohn P Ocvaubuzin David C. DeSalvo E. Terris Devereaux Linda |. DeSantis Nicholas L. Dezes Kallope P. Detsis Glen E. Dirkerson Richard j. Uiehl Brian M. Dolan Louis Dvorkin Deborah L. Diggs kalherine M. Dovie Binnie |. Edelson Monica Dignam Rosa L. Drobiarz Francine M. Eidelberg l o Hoan My T lames L. Druffner Carol Eisenpresser Cynthia A. Doherty Alphonza Dudley Mark R. Eisner Theodore H. Enfield Steven R. Engorn Paul L. Faulise Howard L. Feiden Carol M. Epstein Kenneth Faigenbaum William G. Farran Madeline F. Feierstein Robert A. Feinberg Patricia A. Feinblatt Beverly L. Feinstein Andrew R. Fink Steven M. Ford Rex H. Felton Albert E. Fisch Paul D. Forman Peter I. Fenichel Frank Michael Fisher Lois S. Fox Marilyn Fenner Helen Sandra Fiske Richard A. Freeman Cindy |. Fenton Elizabeth A. Foran Barbara E. Friedman Peter S. Friedman Jerry |. Gaston Bruce L Freitag Marcia S. Cendler Beth C. Fuchs Nancy A. Gendler Holly A. Gannon Ellen W. Genick Howard S. Gartenhaus Randy E. Gerechoff Christine H. Giatis (onathan Glazer Susan F. Golden Wendy C. Gidseg lay j. Glucksman Eugene I. Goldman Kenneth M. Gilbert Laura R. Goddard jan I. Goldsmith Leslie H. Ginsberg Stephen M. Goldberg lanet E. Goldsmith Marc C. Ginsberg Terry I. Goldberg Arthur M. Goldstein Ronnee A. Goldstein ludith H. Goran Martha A. Gollup Thomas Lance Gombar Mindy L. Good Terre A. Gore Arlene Gottlieb Sharon L. Graham Cheryl F. Goodman Suzan M. Graham Iris McCollum Green Linda M. Greenfield Sophia W. Guen Laurence B. Green Sharon S. Greenstein Barbara A. Gunlher Matrice C. Green Adene Gross Ion D. Guren Lynn E. Grecnberg Anne M. Gruber Gary S. Gurner Matthew W. Greene Sharon F. Gruensfelder Peter L. Haback Claire E. Hafels Noah |. Hanfl Richard |. Hafels )ohn A. Harp Robert C. Hall II William D. Harris Allison R. Hallingby Lisa Harry Denise H. Halvey Deborah E. Hatcher Mark S. Hathorne Susan A Hauer Thomas H. Heisey Ronni S. Heller Susan M. Henningsen Angelina |. Henry William P. Herrinj;, jr. Lisabeth P. Hershberg Catherine L. Hill Andrew S. Hillman Kozo Hiramatsu lanice B. Hirshoul Diane A. Hochman Diane B. Hochman lanice E. Hotman Paula M. Holden Marianne C. Hollander Doris A. Hooks Nancie C. Hornberger Mark ). Horoschak Joseph M. Horwilz Claudia ). Howell Lawrence D. Hubbell Adrienne D. Hurl Cindy S. Hurwilz Mary B. Hyman Jo-Anne A. Jackson Joey C. Jupiter Michael |. ladarola Linda C. Jacobs Edward H. Jurith Nancy H. Imershein Janice jaffe Linda G. Kalab Robert Ingram David K. James Renale Kalbli Alexis S.C. Iszard Gary G. Jones Alison H. Kamine Sue C. Kaminsky Rosamond Kalz )udith C. Kaplan Sharon S. Kalz Sonja R. Karasick Lucy |. Kaufman Jack F. Karpf Michele P. Kaufman Douglas O. Kalz Daniel S. Kehde Ion F. Kelly Lucie M. Kelly Lisa Kennedy lerilyn D. Kessler Robert E. Kessler lames E. Kellering David W. Kirchenbaum Philip Kirschner Alan H. Kjelberg Michael D. Kennedy Kil C. Kim Peler M. Klein Andrew S. Kessler Randye B. Kimmel Robert H. Knight Michael B. Koblentz Sally B. Konowitch Virginia A. Kogan Steven |. Koppel Thomas D. Kokai David R. Koll Karen |. Kollias Karen N. Koumjian Leonard Kollman Randy A. Krakower Harri J. Kramer Patrice S. Kugel Michael |. Kykish Oebra A. Kraulheimer Kathleen A. Kurtz Lynne H. Later Lynne S. krechevsky David C. Kushner Gary A. Lamchick Stephen N. Krevalin Lorraine T. Kyle Edward G. Larsen Henry L. Kronstadt Richard E. Kyte, |r. William |ohn Larsen Andrew M. Latz Catherine L. Lesko Terry R. Laub Mchele L. Lesser John A. Lawtnn Ellen S. Levenlhal leffrey L Lebow William D. Levin Gerald B. Lee lerri C. Levine Glen S. Levis Helen Lew Martina T. Lewis lenat M. Levison Charles LeWinler Pamela M. Lewis Miihael I. Levitt Brenda D. Lewis Renee I. Licht lloise R. Levy Elliot N. Lewis Karen A. Lichlenberg Martha |. Levy Mark |. Lewis Saul N. Lieberman Ronald A. Light Eleanor H. Lovelett Richard A. Lindner Allen |. Lowe Margo F. Lipschitz Mark P. Lowenstein Elaine L. Loeb Deborah D. Lucas Donna R. Longest Linda D. Lukow Clifford M. Lurie Kenneth Mann Lee I. Markowitz Randolph E. Lynch Diane E. Mardinly Stephen Ames Marks Sharon Lynette Russell R. Mack Cynthia G. Majd Laura E. Margulis Hedy C. Marias Philip R. Marino Ann K. Markunas Cheryl L Marschhausen Thomas M. Marter Alison H. Martin ludith McKay Emilie M. Marvil Barbara R. McKee Myron F. Mayo Ruth A. Mellor David M. McClary Valerie |. Melvin Marthy N. McDay ludith K. Meritz Michael H. Merlis Barbara |. Mitchell lames F. Moscowitz Elizabeth Faye Merriman Stanley |. Michaels Patricia A. Mitchell Gifford P. Moak Deborah A. Moseley Levi Moses lames C. Miller William J. Moore Lawrence A. Muenz Marjorie M. Miller Rhonda E. Morrow lenny L. Nechemie Mitchell H. Nedick Unet M. Nichols Linda D. Noonan Danny M. Norwood Helen S. Nucci Sheila K. Nyren Gerson Nordlinger III Deena |. Norman Ann F. Olin Brian G. O ' Neill Sharon L. Pacitto Juan B. Paredes Alan K. Parver Michael S. Passel Reinaldo M. Perdomo Avelino |. Pereira Laurie B. Parker lames Patrick Linda S. Pergament Sanford |. Parnes Carolyn Peace Ronald S. Perlman Stephen W. Parrish Matthew M. Pearson Jeffrey A. Perper Sandra K. Perrv Irene Petros Stuarl S. Perrv Susan M. Pesner Palrkia M. Pelinsa Milo P. Petranovith Freeman K. Pitlman lackson H. Polk Howard L. Pollinger MaryEllen Porrazzo I ' l ' iin Ir ' wlifcfffc Donald R. Pobtleb Arleen Susan Price Ira B. Price kalhrvn L. Pritthard Paula Prober Marlene E. Pundt Victoria L. Rahall lane P. Raskin Francis S. Real! Randy S. Rehr Carol M. Remer Gloria j. Riccobono Doris I. Ri(h Dianne M Richards Arlene Robbins Lawrence E. Roessel Stephen M. Rose Mark A. Rosen Steven B. Rosenbaum Linda E. Rosenberg Natalee Rosenberg Carl S. Rosendorf Robert R. Rosenfeld Beth Jean Rosenthal Eric P. Rothberg R. Keith Rothberg Janet S. Rubenstein Janice E. Safran Judy L. Roihgesser Irving M. Rubin Lawrence B. Saftler Thomas L. Rowe Robin A. Rudnick Joy R. Salon Mark A. Ruben Barbara L. Rush John A. Saporita lane L. Rubenstein Randy L. Satier Mark L. Sarver Keith L. Salter Lynne M. Schamberg Charles P. Saunders Bruce H. Scharf Philip W. Savitz Keith A. Scheetz Francine I. Schaefer Richard Schlesinger lustin A. Schaffer Barbara A. Schlitt ludith A. Schlosser Ellen S. Schnell Philip C. Schonberg David H. Schreiber Ann G. Schwartz Lynn E. Schwartz Paul A. Schwartz Robert M. Schwartz Susan C. Schwartz Sydney M. Schwartzbcrg George A. Scola leffrey S. Scott lohn C. Scott Cynthia A. Scotio Bruce G. Seader Howard |. Sedran Susan D. Sheffield Dale R. Shaffer Phyllis. C. Sherman Cynthia M. Sharp Robert |. Sherman Susan D. Sharp Susan Sherwood Elizabeth L. Shaw Edda M. Shiner Edward L. Shore Warren |. Siegel Arlene B. Singer Stephen G. Shub Katherlne B. Siems Bossie S. Singleton Miles F. Shuiman Stuart J. Sigel Alfred j. Sklarew Elizabeth H. Sibolski lames D. Silver Debra A. Skopczynski llene S. Siegel Linda |. Simpson David W. Slaby Marsha L. Sloan Scott R. Smith Jane Sloven Andrea E. Snyder Alvin J. Smith Sharon L. Snyder Ceri L. Smith Elliot B. Sommer Phillip L. Smith Jeffrey D. Sommer David Sonner Michael |. Stanton Samuel S. Stetson Carol Spettor Mary E. Stavrou Warren E. Stoller Gary M. Spiegler Robert L. Steinberg Terry B. Stomel Barbara M. Spike Laurence M. Stern loseph A. Stone Marcy E. Spivack Stuart A. Stern Loren D. Stone Leslie ). Slorm William R. Sweeney, |r. Richard B. Stup Meredith K. Sykes William C. Summers Craig L. Sylvester Denise R. Sumner Gail M. Tannenbaum Mitchell S. Sussman Wayne M. Tasens Uranio F. Taucer Susan L. Timm Donald L. Tripp George T. Taylor Elizabeth C. Trainor Barry Elliot Truchil Maria Luzia Teixeira Nathan |. Treinish David M. Turbayne Karen A. Thomas Edward R. Treuting lane S. Turkel Norman P. Thomas Stephen A. Trigonoplos Helen C Urquhart Harry V. Vacek Michael K. Wager Laura F. Valicenti loan M. Walk Karen VanElkan Thelma C. Waller Arle B. Venema Barbara E. Way Alan M. Wachman Kenneth B. Weckstein Diane Weinberg Linda J. Weiner Roberta L Weiner Helene E. Weinslein Karen M. Weilzel Susan M. Wershba Brian W. Wertheim Karl R. Wexler lackic L. While Nancy Lee White Lisa Widelitz Mary C. Wilcosky lohn-David Wildberger Mindy E. Wildstein Diane 1. Wilen Deirdre A. Williams Steven J. Wollert Lynn K. Williams Marc R. Wolll Nella T. Williams Karen A. Wood |. Thomas Wilson I Lance E. Wood lohn M. Wilson Patricia A. Worcester Leslie G. Wurzel Robert G. Xides Martin A. Yam Lorrie M. Yudin Robert A. Zager Rebecca M. Zaidman Steve O. Zaikin Elaine Zampas William |. Zervas Randy R. Zicht Helaine M. Zinaman Brian M. Zorn Cynthia M. Zsittnik Max W. Zweig K ' ftrey L. Zyontz SENIOR BRAG RAG Gary E. Abeles. 10 Demaresi Road, Livingston, New lersey 07039. BbBA in Accounting, Bowling Club, Presi- dent; Bowling Team, Captain; Recreation Center, Stu- dent Manager. William O. Abies. 4405 H Street SE, Washington, D.C 21X119 Gail L. Abrams. 417 Cherry Hill Boulevard, Cherry Hill, New lersey ()80J4 Susan M. Ackerman. 65 Chapel Road, New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938 BA in Political Science. RHA (4). (eff E. Adamoff. 280 Passaic Avenue, Passaic, New lersey 07055 Varsity Basketball (1); Talon, photographer (4) Karen R. Adel- man. 1587 Marian Road. Abington, Pennsylvania 19001. BA in Literature. RHA. representative (1.3), Witch ol the Hughes-McDowell Halloween Party; Walter Reed Pro- gram, Chairman. Susan B. Adelman. 66 Verndale Road, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts 02161. BS in Sociolo- gy. Steven L. Aiken. 4100 Bediord Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21207. Vicki M. Alberg. 5% Berwick Avenue, Teaneck, New jersey 07666. BA in Elementary Education. Dean ' s List (2,3). Dean |. Albert. 7651 Goltcrest Drive. San Diego, California 92119 Maritza O. Aleman. 6218 Tyner Street, Springfield, Virginia 22152 William A. Aleshire. 11-H Laurel Hill Road. Greenbelt. Maryland 20770 Rodney W. Alexander. R D 2 Salem, New ler- sey 08079. BS in Accounting. Helene A. Alkalay. 695 Ardsley Road. Scarsdale, New York 10583. BA in Fine Arts. Robert E. Allen. 4815 Olympia Avenue, Bellsville, Maryland 20705 Ronald Allen. 14665 North Bakersfield Street, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 Vickie M. Allen. 5101 Wickelt Terrace, Washington, DC 20014. BS in Art Education Linda M. Allston. 822 South Mam Street, Darlington, South Carolina 29532 Kathryn S. Alpert. 25 Alden Road, Wayland. Massachusetts 01778 BA in Liter- ature Judith Alter. 9939 Good Luck Road. Lanham, Maryland 20801. Carol B. Altman. 29 Fairbanks Boule- vard, Woodbury, New York 11797 BA in Elementary Education. Phi Kappa Phi (4) Lona E. Amos. 1116 Sleepy Dell Court, Towson. Maryland 21204 BA in Psychology, Dean ' s List (1,3) Jill A. Anderson. 9 Bowman Street. Westboro. Massachusetts 01581 Colleen A. Appleby. 104 Prince Street. Bordentown, New lersey 08505 BA in Broadcast lournalism. Larry L. Archey. 784 North How- ard Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22304 Robert S. Arm- strong. 2024 Russell Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21207 BA in Sociology. Pan Ethnon Ronnie D. Aronchick. 506 Fourth Avenue, Bradley Beach, New lersey 07720. Tina G. Aronson. 126 Wyndover Lane, Stamford, Connecticut 06902 Dennis L. Arsenault. 291 Manolla Avenue. War- wick. Rhode Island 02888 Andrea L. Arthur. 6000 Wal- haven Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22310 Stephanie Ash- kenaz. 2756 Whitman Drive, Brooklyn, New York I 1234. BA in Elementary Education. A E Phi. Nancy W. Atkins. 2800 Arlington Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22204, BA in Elementary Education. Timothy W. Atkins. 2800 Ar- lington Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22204, BA in Edu- cation Michael L. August. 9227 Colesville Road. Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 BA. Varsity Track (2); ran A U McGovern canvassing effort in Maryland. Lawrence H. Austin. 710 Finley Place, South Orange, New lersey 07079 BA in Elementary Education and Sociutugy In- tramural basketball and volleyball. Reginald L. Babcock. 79 Olde Wood Road, Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033 Paul S. Bachow. 1 Plumm Court, Cherry Hill, New lersey 08034. BS in Accounting. Zeta Beta Tau, Intramural Basketball (1,2,3,4); lunior Year abroad in Copenhagen Marlies M. Backhaus. William R. Bailey. 9735 51st Ave- nue. College Park, Maryland 20740. John C. Baker. 9212. Cherrytree Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22309 Robert A. Balkin. 5 Sparrow Lane, Woodbury, New York I 1797 BA in Psychology. John L. Ballin, )r. New London, New Hampshire 03257. BA in Political Science. Carol A. Band- oroff. 307 Monmouth Drive, Cherry Hill, New lersey 08034. Carl V. Bank. 2151 lacqueline Avenue, North Bellmore, New York 11710. BA in History. Common Sense (3); McGovern campaign Michael S. Banks. 83 R Street N.W., Washington, DC. 20001 Laura S. Barber. 4 Ninth Avenue. Farmingdale, New York 11735 William J. Barber. 1140 Branch Avenue S.E.. Washington, DC. 21XX)1. BA in Communications and Government Jana F. Barnett. 19 Oak Lane, New Hyde Park, New York 1 1040. BA in Spanish and Latin American Studies. Pan Ethnon, Membership Chairman; Social and Special Events Com- mittee; Spanish Club, Secietary, Floor Vice President, lunior semester in Columbia at University of the Andes. Dale V. Barone. R D 5 Box 59. Flemington, New lersey 08822 Mitchell M. Barron. 1520 Garden Drive BIdg. 28 Apt. 8, Ocean, New lersey 07712 BA in Political Sci- ence. Varsity Soccer (1), Freshman Senator; Co-coor- dinator DC PIRG (3) Edward L. Bass. 1607 Maurice Drive, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 Jay D. Bass. 35 Stonehenge Circle 6, Baltimore, Maryland 21208. BA in Sociology and Philosophy. Intramural Softball (2,3,4); Intramural Basketball (2,3,4), Audio-visual Services (2,3,4) Stephen R. Basser. 1540 Summer Street. Phila- delphia, Pennsylvania 19102 BA in Literature, Robert D. Baughman. 3419 LIniversity Boulevard 207, Kensing- ton, Maryland 20795, Christine E. Bauman. 2302 Acton Drive, Reston, Virginia 22091 Charles E. Beach. 1167 North VanDorn Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22304, Francis C. Beakes. 1001 South Dinwiddie Street, Arling- ton, Virginia 22204, Martin L. Bearg. 33 Coddington Terrace, Livingston, New lersey 07039 Patricia Beattey. 1407 Boyce Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21204 BA in Sociology, Dean ' s List, Debate team (3); Pan Ethnon member (3); Head of campus fund raising for McGovern (4), Shirley C. Beavers. 6110 North Washing- Ion Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22205. Ann L. Becker. 215 Stonecrop Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19810, Ar- lene H. Becker. 1504 Metropolitan Avenue, New York, New York 10462, BA in History Carolyn R. Beckerle. 1235 Meadowbrook Road. Waynesboro. Virginia 22980 Barry H. Behn. 2429 Meadow Drive, Wilmette, Illinois bOm Gary W. Beitch. 1402 Nova Avenue, Hillside, Maryland 20027. BA in Political Science Erika Bell. 5366 27th Street NW, Washington, DC. 20015 Richard L. Belt. 4811 Riverdale Road. Riverdale, Maryland 20840. Anne M. Benner. 6005 Princeton Avenue, Glen Echo, Maryland 20768. John S. Bennet. Cove Road, Old Lyme, Connecticut 06371 BA in History Arthur L. Bennett. 10821 Warwick Avenue, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Holmes T. Bennett. 3200 North Columbus Street. Arlington, Virginia 22207. BA in Literature and Philosophy, Gale D. Berg. 2130 Holland Way, Merrick, New York 11566, BA in Political Science. Kappa Phi (2); Freshman Literary Magazine, co-editor (1); National Political Honorary Society Rebecca G. Berg. 2641 Reiter Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15235. Alice C. Bergman. 11801 Triple Crown Road, Reston, Virginia 22070 Miriam J. Bergman. 6105 Berkshire Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 20014 BS in Sociology lean F. Berlin. 115 Fairview Avenue, Ruther- lord. New lersey 07070 BA in Public Relations. Nancy E. Berlin. 732 Elite Court, Ridgefield, New lersey 07657 BA in Sociology. Sociology student representative. Law- rence S. Berman. 2748 Arlington Avenue, Bronx, New York 10463 BA in Political Science Phi Sigma Phi, Phi Sigma Alph a, Omicron Delta Omega; Intramurals (1,2,3,4). Richard. B. Berman. 7 Harriet Drive, Syosset, New York 11791. BA in Speech and Communications. Phi Kappa Phi; Finance Committee (4); Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball. Sottball (1,2,3,4); Campus Theatre. Deborah T. Bern. 220 lefferson Avenue, River Edge, New lersey 07661 BA in Literature Hilary Berns. 215 Dodge Avenue, Evanston, Illinois 60202 BA in History, Stuart M. Biller. 3 Parksidc Drive, Great Neck, New York 11021, Arthur H. Bishop III. 760 Norgate, Westfield, New lersey 07090, Jacquelyn W. Bivins. 9607 Watts Branch Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20850. BA in Commu- nications, Phi Mu, Vice President (2,3,4); Eagle, reporter (3), Alpha Lambda Delta (1), Mortar Board (4); Sigma Delta Chi (3,4); Women in Communications (4) Philip W. Blackburn. 105 Plymouth Drive Norih, Glen Head, New York 11545 Doris S. Blackwell. H048 Fairfax Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22308, James A. Bladen. 1329 ,30lh Street NW , Washington, DC 20)07 Karen A. Blake. 14341 Artesial, Detroit. Michigan 48223 Deborah L. Blasco. R D 7 Lindia Road. Chamtaersburg, Pennsylva- nia Susan E. Blatchley. RD,»2, Cortland, New York 13045. Bruce A. Block. 23920 Shelburne Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio, BA in Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha; Intramurals (1,2,3) Marion Block. J(X) Ernest Court, East Meadow, New York 11554, BA. Aileen Bloom. 116 Woolsey Avenue, Glen Cove, New York 11542, Claudia ). Bloom. 252 Littleworth Lane, Sea Cliff. New York 11579, BA in Sociology, Student Health and Welfare Committee (2), active in dorms Robert F. Bloom. 42 Fleming Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215, BA in Economics. Aileen Bloon. 116 Woolsey Avenue, Glen Cove, New York 11542. BA in Psychology Howard L. Blum. 3517 Edwin Street, Silver Spring. Maryland 20 2 Shelley Blumberg. 20 F Woodridge Drive, Bloomfield, Con- necticut. BA in Education Mandelle Blumstein. 5 Har- mon Road, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117. BS in Biolo- gy. Varsity Bowling Team (3,4) Erica L. Bohm. 3060 Park Court, Atlanta, Georgia 20205. Katherine A. Bohr. 501 Meridian Street, Falls Church, Virginia 22046. BA in Religion. Eagle, contributor (4); American Magazine, copy staff; Intramural Volleyball team, captain (2); par- ticipant international talent show (3); Pan Ethnon; Stu- dent representative to faculty meetings of Department of Philosophy and Religion (4) John B. Bolton. 44M Grant Road, Washington, DC 2l.X.)l6 Michael |. Bolton. 5723 North 9lh Street, Arlington, Virginia 22205. Kath- leen M. Bond. 5 Hillcrest Drive, lonesville. New York 12098. Patricia A. Bonner. 6010 Greenway, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19142 BA in Psychology Talon, photog- rapher (4), Deans List (3,4) Kathryn A. Bookman. 119 Greenridge Avenue, White Plains. New York 10605, Robert L. Booth. IS Wesi Kirke Street, Chevy Chase Maryland 2LX)15 Diana J. Borman. 15 Brookwood Road, South Orange. New lersey 07079 BA in Elementary Education, Ski Club (2.3). tutoring (4). hospital volun- teer work (3,4) Robert S. Borris. Buc khoul Road, White Plains, New York 10605 James A. Boslwick. PC, Box 1, Chesapeake Bay, Maryland 20732 Daniel A. Boub. 316 Seventh Avenue. Ortley, New lersey 087S I BA in Span- ish and Related Studies. Spanish Club Kathryn S. Bouve. 8205 Moorland Lane, Bethesda, Maryland 2(X))4 John D. Bowers. 4ilH Renoi Road, Washington, DC, 20008, Ka- ren L. Bowers. 6713 North 26th Street, Arlington, Vir- ginia 22213, Gary A. Boyd. 47 Mat spar Drive, Dover, New lersey 07801 Michael L. Brabanski. 10610 Bucknell Drive, Sliver Spring, Maryland 20902 BS in Math and Physics Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Sigma Phi James W. Bragg. 8427 12lh Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20903, BS in AIUST James R. Brandt. 11300 S W. 91st Avenue, Miami, Florida 33156, Joseph A. Branscom. 201 East Patterson Avenue. Bellelontaine, Ohio 4iil I Thomas G. Brenner. 417 66ih Avenue. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19126. Joel G. Breslof. 62 Mellow Lane, lericho. New York 11753. James T. Brett. 24 Grant Street, Dorchester, Massachu- setts 02125, BA in Government, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice President (1), Laura G. Broder. 77 Top O ' the Ridge Drive. Scarsdale, New York 10583 BS in Psychology and Sociology Katherine S. Broderick. 9 Hawthorne Place. Boston, Massachusetts 02114 BA in Psychology Floor President ( !), Young Democrats, Hotline, companion program, Sheryl J. Bronkesh. 1331 Fairton Road Mill- ville. New lersey 08332, BA in Communiralions. Women in Communirations (4) Harriet K. Brooks. 7516 Marbury Road, Belhesda, Maryland 20039. BS in Sociolo- gy Barton M. Brown. IH2a Swann Street N.W. »5, Washington, D.C. 20009 Clifford R. Brown. 43 Center Drive, Syosset, New York. BS in Hiology Mary E. Brown. 1107 Aberdeen Koad, Hampton, Virginia 23366 BA in Elementary Education. Vice President ol floor; In- tramural Volleyball, OASATAU (1,2,3,4)., RHA Richard P. Brown. US Willow Place, Sterling, Virginia 22170. Robert D. Brown. 4104 Woodland Drive. Silver Spring, Maryland 20910. Warren B. Brown. 6172 Cobbs Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22310 Robert M. Browne. 4.1 Co lumbia Avenue, Vineland, New jersey 08360. William P. Bryan. 6062 Edsall Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22304 BSBA in Accounting David L. Brunzell. 17140 King lames Way, Caithersburg, Maryland 20760. George W. Buchanan. Jane S. Buchbinder. 19 Coventry Road, Liv ingston, New Jersey 070W Marcia A. Buchwalter. 7781 Chiton Road, Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039 Christine S. Bucico. 1531 Clinton Place, River Forest, Illinois 60305. BA in Political Science. Pan Ethnon (1,2): French Floor (1,2,4); junior year abroad in Luxembourg; French Club (1,2,4) Charles |. Buffington. 8610 Artillery Road, Ma- nassas, Virginia 22110 BS in FHistory. )ean Burke. 101 Ceniral Park West, New York, New York 10023 Kath- leen M. Burke. 1497 Dunster Lane, Rockville, Maryland 20854. Gary L. Burkett. 4108 Port Rae Lane, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Lynne E. Burnham. 67 Westwood Road, Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180 Richard E. Burridge. 212 East High Street, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania 17036. BA in Political Science David S. Burwick. 17 Oak Hill Road, Worcester, Massachusetts 016l» BSBA in Marketing. Ski Team (3). Gerald J. Bush. 7916 Klovstad Drive, Oxon Hill Maryland 2(X122. Charles V. Butler, |r. 917 Sloan Avenue, Waldorf, Maryland 2(X)01. Alan M. Byroade. 5601 Derby Court Apt. 103, Alexandria, VirRinia 22311 BS in General Business, |ulia D. Cade. 362 Hillside Drive N.W,, Atlanta, Georgia !0i42 BA in International Studies and Communications, Eagle, Reporter (1), Copy editing (3), contributing writing (3), Kappa Phi (1,2); Gamma Sigma Sigma (3); Women in Communications (4) Wendy E. Cagen. 12 Bradlee Avenue, Swampscott, Massachusetts 09107. BA in Sociology Intramural Vol- leyball (1); Bicycle Club (3). John C. Cahill. 916 North Paxton Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22304 James ). Campbell, Jr. 2935 South Dinwiddy Street, .Arlington, Virginia 22206. Mary S. Campbell, 7111 Brookville Road, Chevy Chase, Maryland 21X)1S Maria T. Canales. 3918 jcniier Street N.W., Washington, DC. 20015. Scott A. Canner. 14 High Pine, Glen Cove, New York 11542 lames R. Canter. 6324 Kellogg Drive, McLean, Virginia 22101. BA in Sociology Alan I. Cantor. 85-32 143rd Street, Jamaica, New York 11435. BA in Government Talon, photographer (3) Mark I. Cantor. Caveswood Lane, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117. BS in Accounting. Dean ' s list (!,4); Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball (3,4) lerome M. Capone. 3305 Knight Street, Oceanside, New York 11572. BA in Political Science. Phi Sigma Kappa, President (4); Varsity Soccer (1,2). Martha L. Capwell. 527 Third Street, Catasauqua, Pennsylvania 180)2 David M. Cardona. 105 Audrey Lane 306, Oxon Hill, Maryland 20021. Martha |. Carlson. 25 Cedar Road, Milton, Massachusetts 02186. BA in International Stud- ies. Pan Ethnon (2,3,4); Dorm Court (3,4). Elizabeth Carol. 182 Lyncroft Road, New Rochelle, New York 10804. BA in History. Thomas I. Carpenter. 5408 Hopark Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22310 Charles F. Carson. 607 Happy Creek Road, Front Royal, Virginia 226!0 Patricia M. Carter. 1734 Manatuck Boulevard, Bayshore, New York 11706 Valentia E. Cartwright. 5837 North College Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 4 220. Faculty Women ' s Club Award. David A. Carver. 90 Sunnyfield Lane, Val- ley Stream, New York 11581. BS in Accounting. Zeta Beta Tau; Varsity Basketball (1,2). Frederick S. Carroll. Dulaney Valley Road, Glenarm, Maryland BA in Gov- ernment. East Asian Cultural Club, Pan Ethnon. Abbie |. Casper. 1507 Cliff Road, Overbrook Hill, Pennsylvania 19151 Catherine N. Castellitto. 1826 Radcliff Avenue, Bronx, New York 10462. BA in Communications Women in Communications, Inc Krislen W. Castro. Box 51, Palisades, New York 10964. Rodwell M. Catoe. 851 Yuma Street S.E., Washington, EC. BS in AjUST Phi Sigma Phi; Proyecio Amistad (4). Janie I. Cavanaugh. 162 New Hackensack Road, Poughkeepsie, New York 12603. BA in Psychology. Dean ' s List (3); Pan Ethnon (2), David R. Cawley. 170 Park Avenue, Naugatuck, Con- necticut 06770. BA in Political Science, Adolph F. Ce- cula. i(X)4 Hunt Road, Oakton, Virginia I2UA Annmarie ). Cegelski. 647 Convery Boulevard, Perth , ' mboy. New Jersey 08861, Elizabeth A. Chance. 209 Lorraine Avenue, Montclair, New jersey. BA in Art History. Francis G. Charles. 7420 Birch Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland 20012. Leo C. Cherrick. 4.508 Gretna Street, Bethesda, Maryland 20014. BA in Psychology. Chess Club (4). Peter C. Cianfaglione. 8 Knollwood Drive, Ossining, New York 10562 BA in Political Science. Volunteer for Con- gressman Peter Peyser. Gail E. Cioban. 3770 Elder Road, Harnsburg, Pennsylvania 17111 BA in Psychology- Dean ' s List (4). John L. Cizman. 482 Burnside Avenue, East Hartford, Connecticut. BA in Psychology History. Phi Kappa Phi (4), Young Republicans (1,2); Young Democrats (1,2) Robert L. Clark. 12230 Selfridge Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20906. )oan L. Clemenko. Blakely Road, Haverford, Pennsylvania 19041 BA in Political Science. Phi Mu Sorority. Standards Board Chairman, DC, Pirg; McGovern Campaign; Pan Ethnon, Richard H. Cocchini. 9719 King George Drive, Manassas, Virginia 22110 lames F. Coffey. 4822 Lincoln Avenue, Beltsville, Maryland 20705, Barbara L. Cohen. 31 Strathmore Road, Great Neck, New York 11023 BA in Communications, Barry S. Cohen. 3403 janellen Drive, Baltimore, ,Mary- land 21208 Daniel L. Cohen. 85 Belmont Circle, Syosset, New York 11791 BA in Political Science, Phi Kappa Phi Fronda |. Cohen. 5703 Chilham Road, Baltimore, Mary- land 21209, BA in Speech Arts, Mortar Board (3), Univer- sity Theatre (1,2,3,4) Assistant Box Office Manager (3) Jeffrey J. Cohen. 1047 East 16 Street, Brooklyn, New York Il2i0 Larry D. Cohen. 29 Kalda Avenue, New Hyde Park, New York 1 1040 BA in Communications Lawrence M. Cohen. 151 tastbrook Lane, Willingboro, New jersey 08046, BA in Psychology. Alpha Phi Omega; Psi Chi; Assistant Administrator to A.U, judicial System Marcia A. Cohen. 4 Highview Drive, Woodbridge, Con- necticut 06525, BA in Elementary Education, Dean ' s List (4) Martha |. Cohen. 17 Norma Road, Bedford, Mas- sachusetts 01730. BA in Psychology, Robyn C. Cohen. 631 North Terrace Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York 10552. BA in Elementary Education Alpha Epsilson Phi Sorority; Co-ed Intramurals Susan Cohen. Fox Hall Drive, Box 425, Dover, Delaware 19901 BA in Commu- nications. WAMU-AM, Production Manager (3), Traffic Director (2,4), Disc jockey (2,3,4); Women in Commu- nications, Inc ; Confederation Media Commission Hen- ry M. Cohn. 53 Woodland Road, Miller Place, New York 11764. BS in Business Economics Debra C. Coleman. 26 Forest Hills Drive, West Hartford, Connecticut. BA in Spanish. Susan S. Collins. 4513 Sangamore Road, Wash- ington, DC. 20016 Adrienne N. Colman. 8341 Cedar Lane, Prairie Village, Kansas 66207 BA in Political Sci- ence A LJ Peace Through Non-Violent Action (2,3,4) Isabel Coloian. 398 Adelaide Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island 02907. BA in Political Science Dorm floor Treasurer (4); Association of Students for a Responsive Government (1) Kim Comstock. 3408 Dodge Park Road, Landover Maryland 20785. Bruce E. Connuck. 131 Donna Lea Boulevard, Buffalo, New York 14221. James W. Cooper. PO Box 84, Hokesville, Virginia 22123. Thomas G. Cooper. 4201 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washing- ton, DC 2(X)16 Katherine A Corriveau. 21 Bpt Avenue, Shellon, Connecticut 06484 Catherine M. Cosentini. 641 Highland Road, Ithaca, New York 14850. BA in History. Walter J. Cosier. 12104 Wilmont Turn, Bowie, Maryland 20715 Andrew G. Cowan. 1571 Marian Road, Abington, Pennsylvania 19(X31. BA in Psychology. Hotline (3,4); WAMU-AM (4). Phyllis G. Crabbe. Apt. 5-43, 3131 Knights Road, Cornwells Heights, Pennsylvania 19020. BA in Psychology. Eagle (1,2), Kappa Phi Service Sorority (2); International Week Publicity (2); Freshman Honor- ary Society; Dean ' s List (1,2) George A. Crawford. 2212 Washington Avenue »102A, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 Randy G. Crawford. 2943 Brinkley Road, Temple Hills, Maryland 20031. Roscoe B. Creer. 5205 [Dorset Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20015 Robert W. Cro- marlie. Box 283, Parksley, Virginia 23421 Catherine A. Crossan. Box 156, Avondale, Pennsylvania 19311 BA in Psychology. Faith V. Grosser. 5803 Wyngate Drive, Belh- esda, Maryland 20034. Wayne R. Croyle. 6908 Good Luck Road, Lanham, Maryland 20801. Bonnie G. Crum- ley. 211 Oakland Avenue, Audubon, New jersey 08106. BA in Political Science Hockey Team (2,3,4), Basketball Team (1,2,3) Richard L. Crutchfield. Judith E. Cucco. 50 Dean Street, Madison, New jersey 07940. Modern Dance Workshop (2); Spanish Club, Vice President (1); AU Student Supporters of Lettuce Boycott (4); Pan Ethnon (1). Victor A. Cuco. 8123 Fifteenth Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland 20783. Caroline Cutrona. 4301 South Ninth Street, Arlington, Virginia 22004. Susan D. Dailey. 765 Quince Orchard Boulevard Apt. 22, Cai- thersburg, Maryland 20760. BA in Elementary Education. Alpha Phi (2); Phi Theta Kappa (1); Dean ' s List (3); Opera Ihealr c (1); Indiana National Teacher Associ- ation (1) Margaret A. Dale. 1515 Norht Edison Street, Arlington, Virginia 22205. Drew B. Daley. 144 Mount View Drive, Clifton, New jersey 07013 Susan E. Daly. 35 East Main Street, Richfield Springs, New York 13430. Lindsay B. Dane. 743 Othello Avenue, Franklin Square, New York IIOIO Ralph V. Daniels. HOB Fairtield Drive, District Heights, Maryland 20028. David M. Danovitz. 2527 Mount Royal Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217. BA in Political Science. National Political Science Hon- orary Society; Teaching Assistant tor merlcan Political Government; Dean ' s List (3) Rhonda Dash. 1664 East Fifty-Sixth Street, Brooklyn. New York 2iA. BA in Elementary Education. Mark M. Davey. 5605 Regency Park Court 14. Suitland. Maryland 20023 Elizabeth J. Davidson. 402 Morris Avenue, Boonton. New jersev 07005 BA in Sociology Kenneth J. Davidson. 293 Birch Drive, Roslyn, New York 11576. BA in Psychology. ZBT, Pledge Class President (1): Dean ' s Honor List (1,2,3,4); Varsity Soccer (1,2,3,4), Captain (4), AIIMAC First Team (3), All Metro DC. Team (3); Hotline (3) James H. Davis. 4853 Saint Barnabas Road 12, Temple Hills, Maryland 20031. Louwill E. Davis III. 5201 Eighth Road 5328, Arlington, Virginia 22204, Susan Patricia Davis. 656 Fairmount Avenue, Chatham, New jersey 07928. BA in Anthropology with Honors. Talon, Photography Edi- tor (4); Tassels (2); Deans List; Field Hockey (1,2); Intramural Softball (2). Paul B. Day. 301-L North Ham- ilton Street, Richmond, Virginia 23221. BA in Inter- national Studies. Intramurals (2); Pan Ethnon. Margaret |. DeCamp. 5600 Williamsburg Boulevard, Arlington. Virginia 22207 BA in Sociology. Sigma Kappa (1). Mi- chael C. Dechene. 14986 Alaska Road, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 Wayne A. Decker. Winding Road Farm, Chauncey. New York 10502. Don ' t Take Any Wooden Nickels, (i.2.3,4) Danny A. Defenbaugh. 4710 Southland Avenue, Alexandria. Virginia 22312 Reine Dehart. 198 Alexander Avenue, Upper Montclair, New lersey 07043. Margaret A. Dehuff. 4679 North Eighth Street, Lewiston, New York 14092. Joyce R. Deilch. 9011 Cargill Lane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19115. Diana L. Delmar. 2104 Hermitage Avenue, Wheaton, Maryland 20902 BA in Print lournalism. Eagle; Communications Newsletter: A.U. Photo Contest, Sports Category First Place 1972. Linda Lee deMilt. 27 Highlander Drive. Scotch Plains. New lersey 07076. BA in Visual Communications. Kappa Delta (1.2.3,4). Social Chairman (2.3); Talon (3.4), Sports Editor (3), Editor-in-Chief (4); Women in Commu- nications (4), Conlederation Media Cdmmission (3,4). Paul B. Dengrove. 1050 George Street Apt. 174, New Brunswick, New lersey. BA in Political Science. WAMU AM, Operation Manager (3), Program Director (4), Stu- dent Mobilization Committee (I) Ldward |. DeSalvio. 52 Devonshire Plade, Glen Rock, New lersey 07452, David C. DeSalvo. 261 Cutwater Lane, Garfield, New lersey 07026 85 in Personnel. A.U. Rugby Club (2,3,4) Linda |. DeSantis. 26 Alice Street, Merrick, New York 11566. BA in Elementary Education. Volleyball; Skiing. Kaliope P. Detsis. 513 Quintana Place NW., Washing- ton, DC. 2l.X.)ll Janice Delweiler. 11 Amhust Avenue, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081 BA in Sociology. Hockey Team (3); Sociology Curriculum Committee (3) E. Terris Devereaux. 115 Valeview Road, Wilton, Con- necticut BA in Political Science. Young Americans for Freedom (1,2,3,4); Libertarian Alliance; Campus Free Press; T.AN.S.T.A.A.F.L.; Rhetoric and all ' kinds of things Nicholas L. Dezes. 6301 Leith Walk, Baltimore, .Maryland 21239, BA in Economics, Dean ' s List. Andrea Dicker. 101 Rose Street, Metuchen, New lersey 08840. Glen E. Dickerson. 12 Tarkettle Road, Shelter Island, New York 11%4 BA in English Kappa Delta (2,3,4), Room Chairman, . ctlvlfles Chairman (3), Editor (4); Pan Ethnon (2). Richard J. Diehl. 716 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City, New lersey 08226 BA in Political Science. Eagle Stalt Reporter (1); College Young Democrats (1,2,3). Ronald J. Dielrick. 4767 West Braddock 11, Alexan- dria, Virginia 22311 Deborah L. Diggs. 2i2 Rhode Island Avenue N.W., Washington, DC. BA in Broadcast lour- nalsim. Monica Dignam. 64 Meyer Avenue, Valley Stream, New York 11580 BA in Communications. Do Hoan My T. 121 Tu Do, Saigon, Vietnam Brian M. Doherty. 1012 Court, The Dalles, Oregon Cynthia A. Doherty. 24 Elm Road, Cromwell, Connecticut 0( 116. BA in Spanish. Delta Gamma Brian M. Dolan. 98 Hazel- wood Avenue, Metuchen, New lersey 08840. BS in Government- John T. Donovan. 81 West Gouverneur Avenue. Rutherford. New lersey 07070 Carl W. Dor- man. 5051 Oakcresf Drive. Oxon Hill, Maryland 20021. Kathleen 8. Downey. Oak Hill Apts .308 S, Narberth, Pennsylvania 19207 Katherine M. Doyle. 666 Hawth- rone Avenue. Bound Brook. New lersey 08805. BA in Literature. DC Pirg. James R. Draley. 5765 Reading Avenue. Alexandria, Virginia. John F. Drewery. 2106 Weber Drive. District Heights, Maryland 2002H Douglas H. Dreyer. 5 Simmons Avenue, Belmont, Massachusetts 02178, Rosa L. Drobiarz. Shephard Hill Road, Central Village, Connecticut 06332, BA in Government. Dorm Volleyball (2); Volunteer to Nadar ' s Study of Congress. James L. Druffner. Box 73. Sayre. Pennsylvania 18840, BA in Language and Southeast Asia Area Studies Shirley Drummond. i7ib Yuma Street N.W.. Washington. DC 2(X)I6 Alphonza Dudley. 215 Ninth Street N W.. Char- lottesville. Virginia 22901. BA in Political Science. Meril L. Dunn. 408 East fourth Street, Laurel. Delaware 19956. Fernando E. Duque. Louis V. Dvorkin. 1110 Sydney Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19150. BA in Psy- chology Psi Chi, Dean ' s List. Intramural Sports Seth H. Dworkin. 140 Hepburn Koad. Clilton. New lersey Todd M. Easlon. 9812 Cherry Tree Lane. Silver Spring. Mary- land 20901. Kimberly R. Eaton. 3828 Calvert Street N.W.. Washington. DC. 20007. John T. Eddins. IIH)2 Hunt Club Road. Reston. Virginia 22fWO Binnie J. Edelson. i444 Howard Boulevard. Baldwin. New York 11510. BA in Elementary Education. Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treasurer (2), President (3); Intramural Volleyball. Linda R. Eh- rmann. 27 South Gateway, Toms River, New lersey 08753. Francine M. Eidelberg. 2005 Georgian Woods Place. Wheaton, Maryland 2tN02 BA in Psychology and Education. Dean ' s List Glenn P. Eiden. 872 i School Street. Morton Grove. Illinois 6a;i53 Carol Eisenpresser. 1700 Bay Boulevard, Atlantic Beach, New York. 11509. BFA. Mark R. Eisner. 14 Woodlot Road, East Chester. New York. BS in Disturbed Science. The American University Pre-Med Honors Society; Intramural Football. Basketball, Health Clinic Services, Research at N I H in Neurochemistry Alison H. Ekstrom. 2521 North Lighl eenth Street. Arlington, Virginia 22201. Edwin E. Elgin. 934 White Oak Drive, Oxon Hill, Maryland 20(321 Sam- uel S. Ellis. 10407 Courthouse Drive, Fairlax, Virginia 220.!0 Margaret T. Ellsworth. Elaine A. Emerson. 527 Ninth Street S.E. Washington. DC. 20003 Theodore H. Enfield. 114 Fifth Terrace, Dilido Island, Miami Beach, Florida 33139. BA in Political Science Alpha Lpsilon Pi; SGPA Curriculum Committee Steven R. Engorn. 6604 Greenspring Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21209. BS in Technology of Management Dean ' s List (3,4); In- tramural Football, Softball, Basketball (3,4) Clifford P. Enz. 1845 Lamont, Washington. DC. 20010 Carol M. Epstein. 1820 Skyline Drive, Lorrain, Ohio 44053 BA in Religion. Howard B. Epstein. 137 West Palmer Avenue, West Long Branch, New lersey 07764. George D. Ever- ett. 175 Archer Court, Herndon, Virginia 22070 Thomas F. Ewing. 7870 Asbury Hills Drive. Cincinnati, Ohio 45230 Kenneth Faigenbaum. 536 Winchester Avenue, Union. New lersey 07083. BSBA in Accounting and Business Economics. Baseball (2). Mary C. Farr. 4430 Lowell Street NW. Washington. DC. 20016, William G. Farran. 8304 Fifteenth Avenue, Langley Park, Maryland 20783. BS in Administrative lustice Ellen L, Faryna. Castile Road, Perry, New York 14530. Paul L. Faulise. 110 Penwood Road, York, Pennsylvania 17402, BA in Politi- cal Science. Sandra L. Faulk. 3 Valley Farm Road I, Georgetown, Pennsylvania 15043 Howard L. Feiden. 6560 Montezoma Road 316. San Diego, California 92115 Madeline F. Feierstein. 1841 Central Park Avenue, Yon- kers. New York 10710. BA in Elementary Education Robert A. Feinberg. 1940 Rosemary Hill Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland BSBA in Accounting. Patricia A. Feinblatt. 1120 BIythe Avenue. Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania 19026 Stanton C. Feinsod. 1193 East Nineteenth Street, Brooklyn, New York 11230 Beverly L. Feinstein. 332 Lincoln Drive, Haworth, New lersey 07641. BA in Ele- mentary Education Floor Soltball Team (1,2,3,4); RHA Floor Representative (3). Mary D. Felchin. 6618 Midhill Place, Falls Church, Virginia 22043. Rex H. Felton. SI I South Washington Street. Tiffin. Ohio 44881 BSBA in Accounting. Dean ' s List (3); Intramurals (3) Peter I. Fenichel. 11 Brown Terrace, Cranford, New lersey 07016. BA in Political Science. Tau Epsilon Phi, Rush Chairman (2); Intramurals, Football (1.2), Basketball (1,2,4); Uni- versity of Ibadan, Nigeria (3) Marilyn Fenner. 18 Hud- son Place. Cranston, Rhode Island 02905 BA in History Alpha Chi Omega, Panhellenic Delegate (2), Second Vice President (3). Cindy J. Fenton. 190 Pond Crossing, Lawrence, New York I 1559. BS in Interdisciplinary Stud- ies Robert G. Ferguson. 9H1 Old Burton Circle, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20870. Cynthia L. Ferrin. 45 Black- well Lane, Henrietta, New York 14467 Lynne D. Filder- man. 4545 Connecticut Avenue, Washin.gtun, DC. 20008 Andrew R. Fink. 22 Rahway Road, Millburn, New lersey 07041 BA in Accounting. Intramurals. Albert E. Fisch. 6108 Brandon Avenue. Springfield, Virginia 22150 BS in Technology of Management Frank M. Fisher. 3923 Baltimore Street, Kensington, Maryland 20795 BA in History. Helen S. Fiske. 54 Thirty second Avenue South, Naples, Florida 33940. BA in Spanish. James E. Fitzpatrick. 4908 Rockingham Lane. Bowie, Maryland 20715 Deborah P. Flavin. 169 East Street N E , Vienna, Virginia 22180 Ashton E. Flemmings. 1546 Meridan Place N.W., Washington, DC 2IK)10 Thomas M. Flet- cher. 113 Iron Master Road, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08034 Andrea E. Folk. 444 Lakeside Terrace, Glencoe, Illinois 60022 Samuel N. Fontaine. tSI7 Coryell Lane, Alexandria, Virginia 22302 Elizabeth A. Foran. 23 Maple Avenue, Flemmgfon, New lersey 08822. BME in Music Education. Delta Gamma, Songleader (1,2), Recording Secretary (2,3), President (3,4); A.U. Singers (1,2,3,4), Student Conductor (4); Floor President (2); MENC (4), Steven M. Ford. 102 Church Street. Guilford, Con- necticut (J6437 BS in Political Science Frank B. For- gione. 12)04 Helm Court, Woodbridge. Virginia 22191. Paul D. Forman. 2207 Renfrew Avenue, Elmont, New York 11003. BA in Accounting. Intramurals (1.2,3). Lois S. Fox. 956 Mark Drive, North Bellmore, New York 11710. BA in Psychology and Elementary Education. Michael Fox. 4515 Willard Avenue 1518S, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20015. Leo B. Frank. 1829 Riggs Place, N.W., Washing- ton, DC 20(X)9 Scott C. Fredericks. 2164 Evans Court, Apt. 301, Falls Church, Virginia 22043 Richard A. Free- man. 17 Roxbury Drive, Yonkers, New York 10710. BA in Psychology lewish Identity Project, President (4); AMI; Hillel Bruce L. Freitag. 280 Clendale Road. Scarsdale, New York 10583 BSBA in Accounting Daniel H. French. 2916 Breezy Terrace, Alexandria, Virginia 22303 Barbara E. Friedman. 108 Inwood Avenue, Upper Montclair, New lersey 07043 BA in Elementary Education. In- tramural Soltball (1); Vice President of Dorm Floor. Daniel |. Friedman. 2820 Ocean Parkway. Brooklyn, New York Esther R. Friedman. 1808 Blueridge Avenue, Sliver Spring, Maryland 2( )(.12 Patricia W. Friedman. 6300 Wyncoop Boulevard, Bethesda, Maryland 20034. Peter S. Friedman. 1122 Coventry Road, Cheltenham, Pennsylvania 19012. Carol J. Friefeld. 465 West Olive Street, Long Beach, New York IH61 Roger L Fritze. 6027 Springhill Drive, Apt. 103, Greenbelt, Maryland 20770 Beth C. Fuchs. 1836 Kimball Street, Brooklyn, New York 11234. BA in Political Science. Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Women ' s Varsity Basketball (2,3); Intramural Softball (3), Intramural Volleyball (4); Ken- nedy Political Union; Pan Ethnon, Young Democrats (3); Undergraduate Teaching Assistant in CPA, Tom P. Furey. 529 Sixth Street, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034. Susan H. Furman. 616 Seventy-nineth Street, North Ber- gen, New lersey 07047 Edward W. Gabrielson. 5408 South Third Street, Arlington, Virginia 22204 Peter H. Gamage. Harbor Avenue, Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945 Victor Gamaly. West Farms Road, Farmingdale, New lersey 07727 Holly A. Gannon. 4 Orchard Drive, Upper Saddle River, New lersey 07458, BS in Psy- chology. RA in Anderson, Floor President in Letts. John ). Gardner. Route 1 Box 79, Poolesville, Maryland 20837, Howard S. Gartenhaus. 7608 Whittier Boulevard, Beth- esda, Maryland 20034 BA in Marketing. Ski Club (4). Jerry J. Gaston. 3435 Holmead Place NW , Washington, DC 2(X)10 BA in Economics Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Basketball (1); Basketball Manager (2,3,4) Marcia S. Gendler. 5 Manor Drive, Befhpage. New Yo rk 11714. BA in Communications. Nancy A. Gendler. 586 Mead Ter- race, South Hempstead, New York 11550. BA in English. Kappa Delta, Secretary (2,3); Freshman Class Secretary; Outstanding Freshman Woman Ellen W. Genick. 1518 Garden Drive, Ocean, New lersey BS m Distributive Sciences. Theodore N. Geppert. 7541 Wilhelm Drive, Lanham, Maryland 20801 Randy E. Gerechoff. 711 Myrtle Avenue, West Allenhurst, New jersey 07711. BS in Sociology, Edward |. Gerrity. 7527 McWhorter Place, Annandale, Virginia 2200i, Quinto M. Gesiotto. 8715 Victoria Road, Springfield, Virginia 22151 Christine H. Gialis. 57 Roosevelt Avenue, East Northport, New York 11731 Margaret F. Gibson. 2902 Middlebush Court, Rock Hill, Maryland 63119 Wendy C. Cidseg. 11 Birch- wood Lane, Great Neck, New York I 1024 BA in Ele- mentary Education Kenneth M. Gilbert. 8706 Manches- ter Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901. BSBA in Person- nel. Senator (4); Ski Club, President (1,2,3,4); Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President; Student Media Board, Chairman (3); Assistant Comptroller, Media; Stafford H. Cassell Award Thomas P. Giles. 6418 Fairbanks Street, New Carrollton, Maryland 20784 Leslie H. Ginsberg. 976 Je- rome Street, Baldwin, New York 11510 BA in Sociology President of Floor (2). Marc C. Ginsberg. 86(K) 16th Street Silver Spring, Maryland 20910. BA in Government Phi Kappa Phi, Intramural Football; WAMU; RHA; Ski Club Peter D. Givan. 7223 Longwood Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 20(H4 Susan R. Glass. 4280 North Ocean Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308 Jonathan Gla- zer. 32 Center Drive, Syosset, New York 11741 Bs in Real Estate — Urban Development Eugene S. Click. 1809 OIney Road, Falls Church, Virginia 22043 Isabeth A. Gluck. 524 East Fwentieth Street, New York, New York lOUN lay j. Glucksman. 53 Skylark Lane, Levit- town. New York 11756. BSBA in Accounting. Varsity Baseball (1,2); Volleyball (2); Dorm President (2). Laura R. Goddard. 2156 Prospect Street, Penfield, New York 14526 Ivy F. Goldberg. 156 Shepherd Lane, Roslyn Heights, New York 11577. Stephen M. Goldberg. 69 Lawrence Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts 01830 BA in Political Science. Phi Sigma Alpha; Intramural Football (1,2,3,4); Intramural Basketball (1,2); Intramural Softball (1,2); Dean ' s List. Terry I. Goldberg. 14 Emerson Drive, Livingston, New jersey O70.i9 BA in Elementary Educa- tion Kappa Delta, President (4); Dean ' s List Susan F. Golden. 15 Cypress Avenue, Great Neck, New York 11024. BA in Design. American Magazine, Design Con- sultant (3), Art Director (4). Eugene I. Goldman. 3619 Bedford. Avenue, Brooklyn, New York BA in Political Science. Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Confederation, Vice President (3), President (4); Kennedy Political Union. Executive Director (2,3); University Senate Exec- utive Committee (4); Student Senate (1,2); judicial Con- ference (4); Kinsman-Hurst Award, jan I. Goldsmith. 37 Pratt Street, New Rochelle, New York 10801 BA in Political Science and Sociology. Phi Sigma Alpha, Stu- dent Senator (1,2); Class President (3); Student Union, Board Chairman (4), Inter-Class Assembly (3); Record Co-op, Originator and Director (3); Originator of A.U. chapter of ACLU; Originator of the Artemus Janet E. Goldsmith. 604 Cumberland A ' enue, Teaneck, New |er sey 07666. BA in Spanish Alpha Epsilon Phi Sweetheart (4); Student Health and Welfare (2). Co-chairman of Social Action Council Project teaching English to the Spanish Cafeteria Workers (2,3); Floor Orientation Chairman (3); Floor President (4). Mary Goldsmith. Box 578, Boca Raton, Florida 33432 Arthur M. Goldstein. Pleasant Hill Road, Woodbridge, Connecticut 06525. BSBA in Finance, Zeta Beta Tau; Intramurals (1,2). Ron- nee A. Goldstein. 336 Westchester Avenue, Mount Ver- non, New l5rk 10552. BA in Elementary Education Martha A. Gollup. 1958 Julian Lane, Merrick, New York IISNi Thomas L. Gombar. 197 Mt Lucas Road Prince- ton, New jersey 08540 BS in Political Science. Phi Sigma Kappa Mindy L. Good. 421 East Highland Avenue, Wooster, Ohio 44691 BA in Literature American Maga zine. Managing Editor (3), tditor-in-Chief (4); Women in Communications, Inc.; RHA, representative (2); Liter- ature Department Executive Committee (4); Con- federation Media Commission (3,4); Tutoring tor Fred- erick Douglas Scholarship Program (3,4) Cheryl F. Goodman. 131 Eckerson Road, Spring Valley, New York 10977. BA in Political Science. David I. Goodman. 21100 Frederick Road, Cermantown, Maryland 20767 Bram A. Goodwin. 42 Salem End Lane, Framingham Circle, Mas- sachusetts 01701 ludith H. Goran. 4020 Gait Ocean Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308. BA in Literature Freshman Orientation Chairman (2); Student Associ- ation Publicity Chairman (2), ludicial Representative(l); Chief justice Dorm Court (4) Diane D. Gordy. 5608 Vernon Place, Bethesda, Maryland 20034. Terre A. Gore. 47 Broadway, West Hempstead, New York 11552 BA in Elementary Education and Psychology. Psi Chi. Arlene Gottlieb. 1279 Somerset Road, Teaneck, New jersey 07666. BA in Literature. Sharon I. Graham. 1329 South Carolina Avenue S.E., Washington, DC. laxii. BA in Literature. Commuter Student Organization (1,2), OA- SATAU; Young Democrats Suzan M. Graham. 2 BoJten Place, Bloomfield, New jersey 07003, BA in History Kappa Delta, Editor, Intramural Volleyball; Intramural Sortball. Alexander Greeley. 399 Stratton Road, New Rochelle, New ork I08O4 Iris M. Green. 2727 Twenty- ninth Street NW, Washington, DC. BA in Sociology. Laurence B. Green. 1981 Nantucket Road, Merrick, New York 11566. BSBA in Urban Studies. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Athletic Director (2,3); Eagle Staff, Sporlswriter (2,3); Cross Country (1); Track (1); Intramurals (2,3,4) Mar- trice C. Green. 821 Eleventh Street N,E., Washington, DC. 20002. Lynn E. Greenberg. 25 Dogwood Lane, Freehold, New jersey 07728 BS in Biology Biology Society (4); E.P.C (3,4); SAC, secretary (4), Steering and Undergraduate Committees (3,4) Matthew W. Greene. 40 Park Avenue, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830 BS in Government. Linda M. Greenfield. 11 Fairhill Road. Edison, New Jersey 08817. BA in Elementary Education SAC (1); Pan Ethnon (3) Sharon S. Greenstein. 220 East Hudson Street, Long Beach, New York 11561. BS in Sociology. Gerald R. Greenwood. 3601 Thirty-ninth Street N.W., Washington, DC. 20016. Patrick |. Griffin III. 14125 Berryville Road, Germantown, Maryland 20767 Peter M. Griffin. 5(X.1I Overlea Court, Bethesda, Maryland 20016. Thaddeus |. Grobelny. 42(19 Mellwood Lane, Fairfax, Virginia 220.iO David S. Grojean. 3529 Quebec Street, Washington, DC. 2(X)16. Adene Gross. 73 Wendell Road, Newton, Massachusetts 02159. BA in Psychology. Kappa Delta. Anne M. Gruber. 54 Bounty Lane, Jericho, New York 11753 BA in Elementary Educa- tion Alpha Epsilon Phi, Secretary (2,3) Sharon F. Gruensfelder. 427 Bluebird Lane, Dresher, Pennsylvania 19025 BA in Sociology SMC (1); WAA (3); Moratorium Committee (1) Sophia W. Guen. 1305 Gallatin Street NW, Washington, DC. 20011. BA in Art. Mary C. Gunzburg. 5504 Windingbrook Road, Richmond, Vir- ginia 23230 Ion D. Guren. 32810 Creekside Drive, Pep- per Pike, Ohio 44124 B.A in International Relations. Gary S. Gurner. 908 Sheffield Road, Teaneck, New jersey 07666 Peter L. Haback. 15340 Southwest Eighty- first Avenue, Miami, Florida 33157. BA in Political Sci- ence. SGPA Undergraduate Council and Faculty-Student Council (2); One ot the originators of AU Coffeehouse (2). loseph C. Haberman. 71 Sykes Avenue, Livingston, New jersey 07039 Rodney D. Haden. 469 [na Road 2907, Honolulu, Hawaii •■IM]--, Claire E. Hafets. 5220 Connecticut Avenue NW. 307, Washington, DC. 20008 BA in History Phi Alpha Theta; Phi Kappa Phi Richard |. Hafets. 3220 Connecticut Avenue N W., Washington, DC. 20008. BSBA in Personnel Manage- ment Phi Kappa Phi lames A. Hain. 501 Southampton Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland 20903, Clyde H. Hall. 4840 WaJney Road. Chantilly, Virginia 22021 Robert G. Hall II 425 Englewood Road, Hagerstown, Maryland 21740. BA in Government Intramural Basketball (1-4); Phi Kap- pa Phi. Allison R. Hallingby. 950 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10021. Lynn M. Halloran. 4415 Eighth Street N E., Washington, DC. 20017 Denise H. Halvey. 44 Andover Court, Manhasset, New York 11030. Carole S. Hamady. 2031 Crooked Lane, Flint, Michigan 48503. Michael B. Hamilton. 318 Mt View Road, Maugansville, Maryland 21767. Maria C. Hanabergh 6705 Tulip Hill Terrace, Washington, DC. 20016. Noah |. Hanft. 99 Ash Drive, Great Neck, New York 11021. BA in Political Science and History. Junior Class Treasurer; Intramural Basketball (1,2); Intramural Football (2,3); Freshman Stu- dent Council; Tavern Board (4); Finance Committee (2); Inter-Class Assembly (2); Young Democrats (1,2). Va- lerie E. Hardy. 3350 Valley Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22502. lohn A. Harp. 240 Carpy Avenue, Vineland, New jersey 08360 BA in Political Science and Economics. Alpha Tau Omega, Public Relations Officer (2); Greek Parthanon, Editor (2); Fratres (2); IFC, President (3,4), Honorable mention NCAA in Cross country (3); MVP (1,3); Mile Champ (3); All East Team (ICAAAA) (3); Cross Country, Captain (1,2,3); Outstanding Athletes of America (1,2,3); Scuba Club (2,3); Songfest, Director (2). Linwood Harrell. 9010 Cooper Drive, Oxon Hill, Mary- land 2ai22 Gail Harris. 254 Eleventh Street S.E.. Wash- ington, DC 20003 William D. Harris. 11 Chestnut Drive, Glen Rock, New jersey 07452 BA in Government and Communications. Omicron Kappa (5,4); SGPA Cur- riculum Committee (4). Lisa Harry. 2308 Rent Street, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 17011 BA in Literature Debo- rah E. Hatcher. 1366 Lancia Drive, .McLean, Virginia 22101. BA in Elementary Education Mark S. Hathorne. 5107 River Hill Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20016. Susan A. Hauer. 1098 East 21st Street, Brooklyn, New York 1 121(1 BA in Biology. Rape Crisis Center (4). Martina V. Hawkins. 1345 Randolph Street NW , Washington, DC. 2(XJI1 Raelyn M. Hawley. 5500 Friendship Boulevard, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20015. Robert C. Hay. Pleasant Mountain, Bridgton, Maine. Charles W. Hayes. 76f)4 F Street. Seat Pleasant, Maryland 20027. Mary K. Hayes. 505 Skyhill Road, Alex andria, Virginia 22314. Gail S. Heckler. 3471 Steven Road, Baldwin, New York 20(X13 Carol Ann Hedges. 616 East Capitol Street N.E., Wash- ington, DC iami Barbara M. Heflin. 101 Adclare Road, Rockville, Maryland 2085O Kathleen C. Hegy. 3925 Davis Place 204, Washington, DC. 20007. Thomas H. Heisey. 309 Mills Avenue, Ml Gretna, Penn- sylvania 17064 BSBA in Finance Keith Heldenbrand. 2 Bay Road, South Portland, Maine 041CX) Ronni S. Heller. 1074 Dartmouth Street, Teaneck, New jersey 0766b B.A in Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Cultural Chairman (3), Recording Secretary and Historian (4) lean E. Henderson. Susan M. Henningsen. 902 Anne Street, Takoma Park, -Vlaryland 2(X)12 BS in Nursing. Phi Kappa Phi, School ot Nursing Council, Co-Co-Chairman (4| Angelina |. Henry. 2718 Twenty-sixth Street N.E., Washington, DC. 2(X)18 BA in Speech Arts Barbara A. Henry. 9104 Patton Boulevard, Alexandria, Virginia 22309 William P. Herring, |r. 8641 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt, Maryland 20 70 BABS m Marketing and Psychology Alison L. Hersch. 280 DrexeJ Lane, Glencoe, Illinois 60O22 Lisabeth P. Hershberg. 30 Gamecock Lane, Babylon, New York 11702 B, in Psychology. Alpha Chi Omega (1,2,3,4) Sigrid I. Hildebrandt. 453 Dailey Drive, Franklin, Massachusetts 02038. Catherine L. Hill. ' X) Riveredge Road, New Shrewsbury, New jer- sey 07724. BS in Biology. Andrew S. Hillman. 1415 Cardinal Drive, Coatesville, Pennsylvania 19320. BA in Political Science. Pi Sigma Alpha Kozo Hiramatsu. 4817 Midon-Machi, Kawaguchi City, lapan BA in Commu- nications, lanice B. Hirshout. 26 Ridgewood Circle, Wil- mington, Delaware 1980y, BA in Elementary Education Pan Ethnon (1); AMI; Hlllel; " Fiddler on the Roof " Production (1): Floor Treasurer (4); Dean ' s List (1,3,4); Intramural Athletics Diane Hochman. 87 Rockland Parkway, Spring Valley, New York 10977 BS in Psy- chology Ski Club, Erik C. Hockmeyer. 14 Ocean Boule- vard, Hampton. New Hampshire Valerie M. Hodge. 1110 Springhill Road, Staunton, Virginia 24401 Janice L. Ho«mann.851 Country Club Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylva- nia 15228. BA in International Studies. SC Department ot Academic Atlairs, Chairman; University Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Teaching and Learning, Provost Search Committee. Paula M. Holden. RD 1 Hill Spring Road, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania 19317. BS in Inter- disciplinary Studies, Biology-Communications Varsity Volleyball (1,2,4); Intramural Volleyball (1); Intramural referee, CAS Educational Policy Committee; ALI Chess Club (2); Floor President RHA, Chairman of Committee on Staff Hiring and Firing (3); Chiet Cook for Football concessions (2,3,4). Marianne C. Hollander. 43 Laubert Road, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 19428. BS in Nurs- ing. Mortar Board. Terry E. Hollzman. blOl Shady Oak Lane, Bethesda, Maryland 20034 Devin ). Horn. 3042 Laurel Street, San Diego, California 92104 Gail A. Homesack. 4321 Van Ness Street, Washington, DC 20016. David F. Honan. 20 South Shirley Avenue, Moores- town. New lersey 08057 Doris A. Hooks. 805 Bu- chanan Street N.W., Washington, DC. 20011. BA in History. Administrative Staff Member of CAS for the Frederick Douglas Scholarship Program; Frederick Douglas Tutoring Program and Recruitment Program; Board of Trustees of Equal Opportunity for Education Now Katherine M. Horn. 2107 S Street N.W , Washing- ton, DC 20005 Nancie C. Hornberger. 9 Harding Road, West Caldwell, New lersey 07006 BA in Psychology. Mark |. Horoschak. 21.1 Murray Drive, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901 BA in Political Science Phi Sigma Alpha; Young Republicans (1,2). Thomas P. Horton. 1129 Lewis Avenue, Pockville, Maryland 20851 Joseph M. Horwitz. 1718 Emerson Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylva- nia 19152 BSBA in Marketing. Penfeather Literary Maga- zine, contributor; Dean ' s List; SBA, Treasurer (4), Youth Coalition for Muskie James T. Houk. 2121 Columbia Pike 309, Arlington, Virginia 22204 Gary L. Howe. 7957 Woodpecker Way, Alexandria, Virginia 22306. Claudia |. Howell. Horse Happy Farm, Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania 17088 BA in Communications. Eagle, re- porter (3) Lawrence D. Hubbell. 1220 Forest Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois 60302 BA in International Relations Freshman Literary Publication, AU Singers James R. Hughes. 1214 Chesapeake Avenue. Chesapeake, Virginia 22309 Richard H. Hughes. 5707 Larpin Lane, Alexandria, Virginia 22310 Denise H. Hulvey. 44 Andover Court, Manhasset, New York 11030. BA in Literature Robert F. Hurley. Berkshire Road, Gates Mills, Ohio 44040 Adrienne D. Hurl. 6 Oak Road, North Amityville, New York 11701 BA in Political Science, Cindy S. Hurwitz. 324 Warren Avenue, Rochester, New York 14618. BS in Art Education. Jan C. Hurwitz. 7933 Stevenson Road, Balti- more, Maryland 21208. Leonard E. Hutner. 74 Richfield Street, Plainview, New York 11803 Ellen S. Hyman. 75 Gary Road, Needham, Massachusetts 02194 Mary B. Hyman. 926 Tenth Street North, Washington, DC BSBA in Urban Development and Finance Michael J. lada- rola. 3422 Oliver Street N.W., Washington, DC 20015 BS in Biology. Karate (2,4), Nancy H. Imershein. 1061 Furth Road, North Woodmere, New York 11581, BA in Elementary Education, Jan E. Ingler. 1791 Willoway Circle, Columbus, Ohio Robert Ingram. 51 Arbor Road, Roslyn, New York 11577, BS in Communications SIS. Football, Captain (4) Alexis S. Iszard. 302 Second Street, Towanda. Pennsylvania 18848 BA in Government WAMU; Fencing Club, School of Government Intern, Student Mobilization Committee. Donna P. Ives. 13904 Darnestown Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20760 Jo- Anne A. Jackson. 1367 Sheridan Street N.W,, Washing- ton, DC, 20011 BS in Chemistry, Alpha Chi Sigma (3,4), Linda C. Jacobs. 1 Kingsford Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsyl- vania 15202, BA in Speech Arts, WAMU, AU Theater, Roy T. Jacobs. 3536 Military Road, Arlington, Virginia lanice Jaffe. 46 Township Line Road, Elkins Park. Penn- sylvania 19117, BA in Communications David K. James. 359 York Street, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325. BA in Political Science Senator (3); Intramural Football, In- tramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball, Tavern Com- mittee. Chairperson; Deans List (2,3) Richard L. Jaszc- zult. 1218 Woodcliff Court, Alexandria, Virginia 22308 Aubrey S. Jennings. Box 45, King George, Virginia 22485 Chauncey B. Jessup. 3101 Pennsylvania Avenue S E 403, Washington. DC. 20020 Michael J. Johnson. 5608 South Quaker Lane, Alexandria, Virginia 22303 Renee E. Johnson. Box 28320, Washington, DC, 20005 Stanley H. Johnson. 1414 Turlock Lane, San lose, California, Daryl L. Joline. 8808 Vernon View Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22308 Gary G. Jones. 1835 Taylor Street N,W., Washing- ton, DC BA in Business. Bowling Team (1-4). Joey C. Jupiter. 585 West 204th Street, New York, New York 10034 BA in Drama. " Fiddler on the Roof " ; helped to organize The Open Stage. Edward J. Jurewicz. 407 South Gov Printe Boulevard, Lester, Pennsylvania 19113 Charles J. Jurgonis, )r. 438 North Armistead Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22312, Edward H. Jurith. 92 Lincoln Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11208, BA in Political Science Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Sigma Alpha; Undergraduate member SGPA Rank and Tenure Committee (3,4), SGPA Undergraduate Curricu- lum Committee (2,3); AU Club Football, Assistant Di- rector (2,3); Student lustice AU ludicial System (2,3) David L. Kaiser. 1103 Caiewood Drive, Alexandria, Vir- ginia 22307. Linda G. Kalab. 5 Cedar Lane, New Hyde Park, New York 11040. BA in Dance, Psychology, Educa- tion. Women ' s Tennis (2), AU Dance Theater (2,3,4), Dance Theater President (4) Renate Kalbli. 2693 Cycl- orama Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211 BA in Political Science, AU Women ' s Group (3) Alison H. Kamine. 3 Troy Street, Elmont, New York 11003 BA in Elementary Education, Phi Kappa Phi, Sue C. Kaminsky. 150 Nassau Avenue, Freeport, New York 11520, BA in Anthropol- ogy, Judith C. Kaplan. 1750 East Twenty-seventh Street, Brooklyn, New York 11229. BA in Elementary Education. Paul W. Karadbil. 6 ' 109 Winterberry Lane, Bethesda, Maryland 20034 Sonja R. Karasick. 824 Van Buren Street, Baldwin, New York 11510 BA in Psy- chology and Sociology Jack F. Karpf. 7907 Cobden Road, Laverock, Pennsylvania 19118 BA in Political Sci- ence Phi Sigma Alpha, Intramurals, Kennedy Political Union Philip A. Karsner. 1207 Raymond Avenue, McLean, Virginia 22101 Douglas D. Katz. 303 Harttord Road, South Orange, New lersey 07079. BA in Psy- chology American Magazine, Photographer (3.4) Psy- chology Student Organization, President Rosamond Katz. 7 Polo Road, Great Neck, New York 11023 BA in Economics. Varsity Field Hockey (1,2), Economics De- partment Council Representative. Sharon S. Katz. 6330 Lupton Drive, Dallas, Texas 75225. BA in Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi (1-4); Concert Committee (2), Dean ' s List (3,4); Dorm Government (4) Lance J. Kaufman. 4917 1% Place Place, Flushing, New York 11365 Lucy J. Kaufman. 19 Elm Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583. Michele P. Kaufman. 2625 Park Avenue Apt. 9P, Bridge- port, Connecticut 066(34 BA in International Studies Phi Kappa Phi. Edward S. Kean. 2134 Maclarie Lane, Broo- mall, Pennsylvania 19008 Ellen S. Kearns. 130 Oakridge Drive, Ayer, Massachusetts 01432 Daniel S. Kehde. Box 40A Route 2, Clifton, Tennessee 38425. BA in Political Science. Leonard Hall, President, Chief lustice Dorm Court, RHA, President. Deborah L. Kehler. Hatchery Road, Hackettstown, New lersey 07840 Jon F. Kelly. 285 East Torrence Road, Columbus, Ohio 43214 BA in Com- munication Eagle (1), Intramural basketball (3), Football (4), Orientation Committee (2) Lucie M. Kelly. BA in Anthropology French President, French Floor, Hughes Hall; Pan Ethnon, Dorm Council, Lisa Kennedy. 63 Buckminster Road, Brookline, Massachusetts BA in In- ternational Relations Tassles, Hebrew University ot |e- rusalem (3). Michael D. Kennedy. BS in Urban Devel- opment, 8029 Piney Branch Road, Silver Spring, Mary- land 20901- Andrew S. Kessler. 43 Corwell Drive, Liv- ingston, New lersey, BA in Political Science, Zeta Beta Tau, Pi Sigma Alpha, School of Public Aftairs Honors Program; Basketball, Baseball Intramurals, Teaching As- sistant " Civil Rights and Liberties " Jerilyn D. Kessler. 30 Knollwood Drive, Cherry Hill, New lersey BA in Inter- disciplinary Studies Tennis (1,2,4); Orientation floor chairman Robert E. Kessler. 90 Ronni Drive, East Mead- ow, New York, BS in Chemistry James E. Kettering. 827 East Elm Street, Palmyra, Pennsylvania 17078, BS in Business Administration. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treasurer (2,3) Kil C. Kim. 1035 Onchun 2 Dong Dongle Ky, Pusan, Korea. BSBA in Business Randye B. Kimmel. 16 Miriam Lane, Plainview, New York 11803. BA in Liter- ature Eagle (1); Chorale (1,2); S.A.C., volunteer St. Elizabeth ' s Hospital, DC. General Hospital David W. Kirchenbaum. 14 Skyline Drive, Huntington, New York 11743. SBA in Accounting Sandra G. Kirkland. 1507 Crandfield Avenue, Plant City, Florida 33566 Philip Kirschner. 165 South Twenty-seventh Street, Camden, New lersey 08105 BA in Political Science. WAMU (1); Pi Sigma Alpha honorary political science; Intramurals (1,2) Michael B. Kiser. 104 South Inman Avenue, Besse- mer City, North Carolina 28016 Lonnie Kishpaugh. 5666 Alice Avenue, Oxon Hill, Maryland 2002 1 Marie A. Kisner. Route 3, San Antonio, Texas 78218. Alan H. Kjellberg. 85560 Brookhaven Avenue, Darien, Illinois 60559 BA in Government Young Republicans; Pan Eth- non (1,2,3,4). Deborah S. Klasing. 2023 North Smythe Street, Arlington, Virginia 22201 Peter M. Klein. 5 Eve Lane, Rye, New York 10580 BA in Sociology Carol A. Kleindinst. 3756 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore, New York 14217 Richard A. Klimczak. 3307 Senator Avenue, Dis- trict Heights, Maryland 20028 Thomas R. Knapp, 80 Beresford Road, Rochester, New York 14(illl Robert H. Knight. 6723 Wilderidge Lane, West Bloomtield, Maine 48033. Samuel F. Knupp. 487 King of Prussia Road, Radnor, Pennsylvania 19087 Michael B. Koblentz. 348 Palisade Road, Union, New lersey 07083 BA in Econom- ics Rebecca Koch. 60 Pickwick Drive, Rochester, New York 14618 Walter A. Kohl. 225 Glenhill Drive, Roches- ter, New York 14618 Daniel E. Kohler, Jr. Thomas D. Kokai. 1432 River Drive, Fremont, Ohio 43420. BA in Communication Alpha Epsilon Pi; Business Manager- Eagle (2,3); Omicron Delta Kappa, President (4) Karen J. Kollias. 1509 Que Street N W., Washington, DC 20(XI9. BA in Sociology. Eagle (3); Common Sense (3); Women ' s Liberation (2,3,4); I.C.C. (2); Student Senate (3,4); Dean ' t List, Karate (3,4); Volleyball Intramurals (1); Rape Crisis Center (4), Washington Area Women ' s Center (3,4) Leonard Kollman. 2301 Fremont Street F206, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19152 BSBA in Busi- ness Economics Deborah A. Kollmann. 59(31 Tunlaw Road, Washington, DC 20016 Patricia Kolm. 4520 Ver- planck Place N W, Washington, DC 20016 Sally B. Konowitch. 7810 Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood Crest, New lersey 0826O BA in Communications. Women in Communicdtions, Inc., Intramural Volleyball, Basketball, Softball (1,3,4); Capitol Hill volunteer; Co-producer for WMAL-TV show on college students. Steven ). Koppel. 58 Saxon Way, New Rochelle, New York 10804 BA in Political Science. Pi Sigma Alpha; Club Football (2,3,4); Rugby (2,3,4), AU Theatre; AU Dance Theatre Bernard ). Kotarski. 3809 Winchester Lane, Bowie, Maryland 2071 " ) David R. Kolt. 917 Berkeley Avenue, Trenton, New lersey 0Bfal8, BA in Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi Karen N. Koumjian. 691 Edge- wood Drive, Westbury, New York 11590 BA in Psy- chology Randy A. Krakower. 1326 Hastings Street, Tea- neck, New lersey 07666. BA in History. Phi Alpha Theta, Vice President (3); Leonard Hall Dorm Council (2,3); Floor President (2,3); Dean ' s List (2); WAMU-AM (1); VISTA (2) Harriet J. Kramer. 1026 Flagree Lane, Pikes- ville, Maryland 21208. BA AA in Elementary Educa- lion Admin, of lustice. Phi Kappa Phi Debra A. Kraulheimer. 18 Lake Avenue, Saratoga Springs, New mk 12866 BA in History Lynne S. Krechevsky. 88 Wook Pond Road, West Hartlord, Connecticut 06107. BA in Psychology. Stephen N. Krevalin. 132 Emerson Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 01118. ludith A. Krizay. 7101 Elizabeth Drive, McLean, Virginia 22101 Henry L. Kronstadt. 4607 Connecticut Avenue N.W , Wdshinglon, DC 20008 BA in Communications and Interdisciplinary. American Magazine Patrice S. Kugel. 353 McLean Place, Hillside, New Jersey 07205 BS in Biology Donna G. Kulla. MKH Parkhill Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 2(X)I4 Kathleen A. Kurtz. 349 Boxwood Lane, Cinnaminson, New Jersey 08077. BA in Marketing, Hon- or Dorm. Marc Kurtz. 41 East Alton Place, Old Bridge, New lersey 08857 David C. Kushner. 19 Westwood Circle, Roslyn Heights. New York 11577. BA in Psy- chology Varsity Basketball (1); Varsity Soccer (3,4). Mi- chael |. Kykish. 360 West Twenty-second Street, Deer Park, New York 11729. BA in Political Science. Pan Ethnon. Lorraine T. Kyte. 57 Fernwood Drive, Stratford, Connecticut 06467. BS in Nursing Alpha Chi Omega (2,3); Campus Crusade for Christ. Richard E. Kyte, Jr. 100 Ledgewood Road, West Hartford, Connecticut 06107 BA in Political Science. Jackie P. La. 3245 Nebraska Avenue N.W., Washington, DC. 20016 Lynn H. Later. 42-21 Forty-second Street, Sunnyside, Queens, New York 11104. BS in Art Education. Gary A. Lamchick. 28 Ralls Drive, Evanston. Rhode Island 02920 BA in Com- munications Intramural Football (1-4), " Fiddler on the Root " Cheryl A. Landman. 500 Thayer Avenue 504, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 Steven R. Lane. 5150 Massachusetts Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland 20016. Stanley j. Lapeka. 5905 Kingsford Road F, Springfield, Virginia 22152. Edward G. Larsen. 1447 Orchard Road, Mountainside, New lersey 07092 BSBA m Mar- keting Rho Epsilon, Llndergraduate Liason. William J. Larson. 4406 Chesapeake Street, N W., Washington. DC 2a)16 BS in International Studies. Pi Sigma Alpha, SIS Llndergraduate Cabinet (4); SIS Undergraduate Stud- ies Committee (4); Sailing Club (3,4); Pan Ethnon (3,4) Andrew M. Latz. 3 North Hanover Avenue, Margate, New lersey 08402 BS in Art Education. Terry R. Laub. 11 Coral Avenue, Winthrop, Massachusetts 02152 BA in Political Science, lunior Year Abroad in Israel. Robert A. Lauten. 4444 Brandywine Street, Washington, DC 20001 Linda D. Lawrence. 14725 Barksdale Street, Woodbridge. Virginia 21191 )ohn W. Lawson. Box 83, lamesville, Maryland 21754. John A. Lawton. RD 3, Box 129, Lebanon, New lersey 08853 BA in International Studies Pan Ethnon. Intramurals; McGovern for Presi- dent Wayne A. Layfield. 4003 Elm Street, Waldorf, Maryland 20601 Karen E. Lebo. 404 Holloway Court, Vienna, Virginia 22180 Gerald B. Lee. 1132 Forty-sixth Place, S.E , Washington, DC. 20019 BA in Commu- nications. OSATAU, Steering Committee Chairman, Ad- ministration Publications (1,4); Editor-in-Chief of UH- URU (2); Co-Director Pride American University In- stitute. Susan Lee. 1752 Columbia Road N.W., Washing- ton, DC 20009 Nicholas R. Letevrc. 3715 Woodley Road N.W., Washington, DC. 20019 lane L. Left. KXJ Amherst Drive, New Rochelle, New York 10804. Gary R. Lerman. 3145 Brighton 4 Street, Brooklyn, New York 11235. Catherine L. Lesko. 101 West Ninelh Avenue, Homestead, Pennsylvania 15120. BSBA in Marketing Gamma Sigma Sigma. Donald R. Leslie. 5313 Riverdale Road, Riverdale, Maryland 20«4(l Michele L. Lesser. 881 lames Street, Pelham, New York 1080) Ellen S. Leven- thal. 7 3 Eilhteenth Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland. BA in Eler .mtary Education. Floor Orientation Chairperson (2), Y jng Democrats; Dean ' s List. William D. Levin. 458 Hillside Drive South, New Hyde Park, New York ,1040. BSBA in Accounting, lerri G. Levine. 1587 Southern Drive. Valley Stream, New York 11580. BA in Education. Howard A. Levinson. 6701 Tomlinson Ter- race, Cabin lohn, Maryland 20731. Glen S. Levis. 81 Westwood Avenue, Ellenville, New York 12428. B. in History, jenat M. Levison. 123 Clydelan Court, Nashville, Tennessee 57205 BA in Sociology Hotline (4) Michael J. Levitt. 2058 Oliver Way, Merrick, New York 11566. BSBA in Marketing. Intramural Football (1, 2, 3); Coed Vol- leyball (3); Intramural Softball (3); TCAU. Ann P. Levy. 8809 Woodland Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910. Eloise R. Levy. Box 157, Baldwin Place, New York 10505. BA in Interdisciplinary: Music Poetry Philosophy Mar- tha |. Levy. 15 Oxford Road, White Plains, New York 106t)5 BA in Anthropology with Honors. Member of Educational Policy Committee; Dean ' s List Helen Lew. 1452 Park Road N.W., Washington, DC. 2(«I0 BA in Economics and Business Nancy Y. Lew. 4(X) R Street N.W., Washington, DC. 20O01. Charles LeWinter. 60 East Linden Avenue, Englewood, New lersey 07631. BSBA in Finance. Zeta Beta Tau; Manager " 97 " . Brenda D. Lewis. Route 3 Box 9-61, Ahuskie, North Carolina 27910 BS in Marketing. Mortar Board, Vice President; Who ' s Who; Black Task Force, OASATAU. Elliot N. Lewis. 4009 Bowers Avenue. Baltimore, Maryland 21207. BA in Government. Joyce |. Lewis. 64 Hennessy Drive, Portland, Maine 04103. Mark |. Lewis. 2% Crabapple Road, Manhasset, New York 1103O BS in Political Sci- ence Eagle; Freshman Class Council, Intramural Softball Champions (3); Kennedy Political Union Director (4), Administrative Assistant to SC President (4); Young Democrats, Treasurer (2); Fourth Floor McDowell Presi- dent (2). Martina T. Lewis. 1415 S Street S.E., Washing- ton, DC 20020. BA in Economics. Departmental Hon- ors; OASATAU Pamela M. Lewis. 1 Sherman Circle N.W., Washington, DC 2001 1 BA in Elementary Educa- tion. Varsity Basketball (1), Intramural Volleyball (1); OASATAU (1-4) Renee I. Licht. 12 Estate Cavet Bay, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. BA in Education. Phi Kappa Phi, Undergraduate Affairs Committee, Representative; De- partment of Education Council, Representative, WAMU. Karen A. Lichtenberg. 2061 Clague Road, West lake, Ohio 44145 BA in Communications and Political Sci- ence. Sigma Delta Chi; University Chorale. Saul N. Lleberman. 531 East Lincoln Avenue, Mt. Vernon, New York 10552. BA in Psychology. Michael |. lieberwitz. 625 Mount Drive, South Orange, New lersey 07079 Ronald A. Light. 30 Martin Court, Great Neck, New York 1 1024 B in Psychology. American Magazine (1-4) AII erto C. Linares. 5909 Ipswich Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20014 Richard D. Lindner. 670 Hempstead Avenue. West Hempstead, New York 11552. BS in Accounting Margo f. Lipschitz. 263 Dallas Road, North Brunswick, New lersev 08902 BA in Elementary Education. John W. Locke, |r. 5505 Old Silber Hill, Suitland, Maryland 20028. Elaine L. Loeb. 66-21 Saunders Street, Rego Park, New York 11374. BA in Elementary Education. Dean ' s List. Donna R. Longest. 18 Macim Lane, Rockville, Maryland 20852 BA in History Mark W. Looney. 283 Crestwood Avenue, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281. Gene R. Lopez. 182 Main Street, Little Falls, New lersey 07424 Eleanor H. Lovelett. 5606 Brite Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 20034. BS in Math Allen J. Lowe. 1615 Pleasant Drive, Cherry Hill, New lersey 08003. BA in Political Science. Mark P. Lowenstein. 404 Plaza Road North, Fairlawn. New lersey 07410 BA in Psychology Varsity Baseball (1-4); Varsity Soccer (1-4) Deborah D. Lucas. 893 West Main Street, Somerset, Pennsylvania 15501. Linda D. Lukow. 6 Craig Street, lericho. New York 11753. BA in Education. Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treasurer (3, 4); Dean ' s List; Coed In- tramurals (4) Margrethe Lundsager. 1308 Paluxent Drive, Ashton, Maryland 20702 Clifford M. Lurie. 8 Arlene Court, Short Hills, New lersey 07078. BSBA in Accounting. Barry C. Lynch. 14(X) Ian Drive, Wilming- ton, Delaware 19a) i Brian V. Lynch. 5518 Sherrier Place N W , Washington, DC 20016 Randolph E. Lynch. 428 Newcomb Street S.E 4, Washington, DC. BS in Ac- counting Sharon Lynette. 156 Murray Street, Rahway, New lersey BA in French Hotline (2); lunior Year .abroad in France. John Macedo. 51 Mt Rainier Avenue, Farmingville, New York 11738 Russell R. Mack. 1560 Chaucer Lane, Bethleham, Pennsylvania. BA in Commu- nications and History. Phi Alpha Theta (4); Phi Kappa Phi (4); Intramural Football, Intramural Softball (2, 3, 4); Chief lustice oi McDowell Hall (4); Freshman Ori- entation (4) Maryanne V. Mackey. 108 Flintlock Road, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania 19026 Kenneth ). Madden. 2101 North lefferson Street, Arlington, Virginia 22205. John W. Maier. 7003 Old Chapel Drive, Bowie, Mary- land 20715 Philip M. Maiese. 1014 Homer Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237. Cyril E. Maire. 14615 Claude, Silver Spring, Maryland 20904 Cynthia G. Majd. 4201 Massachusetts Avenue N.W, Washington, DC. 20016. BS in History. Michael Malinowitz. 475 FDR Drive, New York, New York 10002 Evan M. Mann. 4867 Battery Lane 2, Bethesda, Maryland 20014 Kenneth Mann. 551 General Lafayette Road, Merion Station, Pennsylvania 19066. BS in Accounting. Intramural Ath- letics William |. Mann. 2244 Mohegan Drive Al. Falls Church, Virginia 22043 Diane E. Mardinly. 233 Broad Avenue, Leonia. New lersey 07605. BA in Literature. Laura E. Margulis. 2400 South Glebe Road Apt 729, Arlington, Virginia BA in French Hedy C. Marias. 31 Curtis Avenue, West Orange, New lersey 07052 B.A in Elementary Education. Phi Sigma Sigma, Pledge Class President (1), Pan Hellenic Representative (3) Philip R. Marino. 49 Piccadilly Downs, Lynbrook, New York 11563 BA in Political Science Lee I. Markowilz. 2552 Lorna Place, Oceanside, New York 11572 BS in Biology. Rugby Club (1-4), President Stephen A. Marks. 2833 McGill Terrace N W , Washington, DC 20008 BA in Communication Ann K. Markunas. Hillside Road, Dau- phin, Pennsylvania 17018 Cheryl L. Marschhausen. 803 Gettysburg Drive. Lansdale, Pennsylvania 19+46 BA in History Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma Sigma (I. 2. 3). Thomas M. Marter. 7919 Spiceberry Circle, Gaithers- burg. Maryland 20760. BSBA in Computer Systems. Ali- son H. Martin. 280 Drexel Lane, Clencoe, Illinois 60022. BA in Interior Design Emilie M. Marvil. 5704 Harwick Road, Washington, DC 20016 BS in Sociology Nadine R. Masone. 44 Otsego Street, Yonkers, New York 10704. Myron F. Mayo. 1927 Rosemary Hills Drive 3, Silver Spring. Maryland 20910, BSBA in Accounting. Margaret M. McCarthy. 4812 W Street N.W, Washington, DC. 20007 Nancy |. McCullough. 4500 Simmons Lane. Camp Springs, Maryland 2(X)31 Susan A. McCullough. 2110 Creyhorse Road, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania 19090 David M. McClary. Box 39020, Washington, DC. 20016 BA in History. Karate; Scuba; Pan Ethnon Marthy N. McDay. 19 Fifty-eighth Street S.E., Washington, D.C. 20019. BA in Mathematics, Field Hockey (2, 3); Basket- ball (2); OASATAU. Lynda ). McFadden. 225 Ocean Shore Boulevard, Ormond Beach, Florida 32074. Melinda L McFarlin. 1390 South Ocean Boulevard A6F, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062. Terrence McGinnis. 4081 South 4 Mile Run Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22204. Molly M. McGrane. 8618 Falls Road, Potomac, Maryland 20854. Judith McKay. 37 Lafayette Drive, Hazlet, New lersey 07730. BA in History. Eagle (1, 2); Basketball (1, 2, 3); Volleyball (3, 4); Republican Club (2, 3) vice president; Pan Ethnon (4); Varsity debate (4); KSLC tutoring center (4). Barbara McKee. 1352 Ponus Ridge Road, New Ca- naan, Connecticut 06840. BA in Latin American Studies. Sailing Club (3, 4); Pan Ethnon (3, 4). Lindsay C. McKelvie. 2216 Forty-six Street N W., Washington, DC. 20007. Ruth A. McKenty. 1129 Bevely Road, lenkintown, Pennsylvania 19046. Elizabeth A. McLellan. Harbor Road, Camden, Maine 04843. Carol R. McMillen. 4 Saxon Road, Worcester, Massachusetts 01602 John K. Mears )r. 3007 Fairhill Court, Suitland, Maryland 20023. Karen |. Meisner. 2500 lohnson Avenue, Riverdale, New York 10463. Denise Melenack. 151 Terrace Avenue, Has- brouck Heights, New lersey 07604 Ruth A. Mellor. 591 Tremont Street, Taunton, Massachusetts 02780. BA in Elementary Education. RHA ludicial Committee (3); Young Republicans (1); SAC Tutoring (1) Valerie |. Melvin. 106 Clyde Avenue, Salisbury, Maryland 21801 BA in International Relations. Pan Ethnon. Stephen G. Menish. 3931 Huntington Street, Washington, DC. 20015 Judith K. Meritz. 69 Mitchell Avenue, Plainview, Ner York 11803. BA in Political Science. Alpha Epsilon Pi (1); Eagle (1, 2); Dorm representative (2); Ski Club (2). Michael H. Merlis. 12 Bradish Lane, Bay Shore, New York 11706. Elizabeth F. Merriman. Box 493, Alpine, New lersey 07620. BS in Computer Science. Delta Gam- ma sorority, treasurer (2), corresponding secretary (3). Barbara J. Merryman. 310 Maple Avenue, South- hampton, Pennsylvania 18966 Jeffrey A. Meyers. 116 Stephana Lane, Waterbury, Connecticut 06710. Stanley J. Michaels. 3774 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11229. BS in Biology. Zeta Beta Tau, Coed Intramurals; Football Intramurals; Basketball Intramurals. John J. Michel. 8104 Savage-Cuilford Road, jessup, Maryland 20794 James C. Miller. 28 Homewood Road, Wilming- ton, Delaware 19803. John M. Miller. 17955 Pond Road, Ashton, Maryland 20702 Marjorie M. Miller. 3906 Col- lege Heights Drive, Hyattsville, Maryland 20782. BA in Literature. Antigone B. Milton. 9212 Craceland Place, Fairfax, Virginia 2203O Michael Min Khin. 5346 Forty- first Street, N.W., Washington, DC. 20015 Kevin E. Miner. 3539B South Stafford, Arlington, Virginia 22206 Christopher C. Minich. 4343 Garfield, Washington, DC. 20007. Barbara J. Mitchell. 680 Creel Street, Melbourne, Florida 32935. BA in Political Science and Religion. Kappa Delta, Assistant Vice President (2), Vice President (3); SGPA Council (1); Young Democrats (1, 2), Secre- tary (2); Floor Vice President (2); SAC (1, 2), Secretary (2); Orientation Group leader; SHW (1, 2); KPU (2); Spiritual Life Committee (1-4). Patricia A. Mitchell. 210 West Fifth Avenue, Roselle, New lersey 07203. BA in Latin American Studies Spanish. Pan Ethnon; Spanish Club; Dorm Government Staff Gifford P. Moak. 2613 Midway Street, Falls Church, Virginia 22046 BA in Psy- chology. Debate (1, 2), President (2). Patricia J. Mochel. 319 Paper Mill Road, Oreland, Pennsylvania 19075. Todd F. Moger. Riverside Avenue, Riverside, Connecticut 06878. Nahid B. Mohamadi. 9108 Edmonston Road 203, Greenbelt, Maryland 20770. David M. Molko. 12705 Hickory Road, North Miami, Florida 33161. Miriam E. Montag. 47 05 Butterworth Place N.W., Washington, DC. 20016, David H. Moore. 508 Woodland Avenue, Bnelle, New Jersey 08730. William |. Moore. 165 Barbara Place, Middlesex, New Jersey 08846. BA in Political Science. Phi Sigma Kappa, Secretary (4); Wrestling (1, 2); Diving (3); Orientation (2, 3, 4); Student Senate Committee Member (4). Robert E. Morris. 1016 Craw- ford Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20851 Rhonda E. Mor- row. 3341 Dix Street N E., Washington, DC, 20019 BS in Psychology and Sociology, James F. Moscowitz. 94 Overlook Terrace, Roslyn Heights, New York 11577 Deborah A. Moseley. 1927 Harpers Ferry, San Antonio, Texas 78227, Fletcher Scholar, Levi Moses. 4960 Fads Place N,E , Washington, D.C. 20019. Sidney I. Moskow- itz. 4705 Forty-sixth Street N.W., Washington, DC. 20016. Lawrence A. Muenz. 271 Gramercy Drive, Je- richo, New York 11753. BA in Political Science. Mitchell 8. Muroff. 706 Golf Drive, North Woodmere, New York 11581 George A. Muschamp. 2000 North Greenbrier Street, Arlington, Virginia 22205 Kathi E. Myerson. 412 Birchtree Lane N.E , North Vale, New jersey 07647. Joann P. Myles. 3615 Edwards Street, Landover, Mary- land 20785 Gerard T. Nealey. 314 Shorners Lane, Rock- ville, Maryland 20850, Jenny L. Nechemie. 48 Holiday Drive, West Caldwell, New Jersey 070O6, BA in Political Science. LIndergraduate Affairs Council of Department of Education; Freshman Orientation; Judicial Represent- ative Mitchell H. Nedick. 349 McLean Place, Hillside, New lersey. BA in Political Science. Daniel A. Need- ham. 4418 Ridgecrest Drive, Skyline, Maryland 20023. Ronald H. Ness. 5544 Karen Elaine Drive, New Carroll- ton, Maryland 20784, Timothy S. Newell. 1123 Edwards Road, Greenville, South Carolina Roy F. Newman III. 7608 West Park Drive, Hyattsville, Maryland 20783, Wil- liam D. Newman. 11125 Hunt Club Drive, Potomac, Maryland 20854 Janet M. Nichols. 1184 Jamestown Road Apt 33, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185 BS in Physics, Physics Departmental Council (4); Physics Rank and Tenure Committee (4), Joan B. Nicholson. 9409 Brooke Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 20034 Linda D. Noonan. 608 Clenwood Isle, Alameda, California 94501, BA in Inter- national Service and History, French Floor, Campus Tours; Pan Ethnon, French Club Gerson Nordlinger III. 4250 Gait Ocean Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308, BA in Political Science, Eagle, Assistant News Editor (1), Pi Sigma Alpha, Deena J. Norman. 210 Whittlesey Road, Trenton, New lersey 08618, BA in Elementary Education, Jeri E. Norris. 2878 Glenvale Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22030. Danny M. Norwood. 4256 Berkshire Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38128. BA in International Studies and Political Science. Omicron Delta Kappa; SIS Faculty Relations Committee (2); Intercollegiate Debater (2); SIS Faculty Search Committee (2), Pan Ethnon, President (2, 3); AU International Week, Chairman (3), Student Academic Advisor (3, 4); SIS University Senator, Univer- sity Faculty Relations Committee; SIS Cabinet member (4); SIS Standing Committee member (4). Helen S. Nucci. 248 Vineyard Road, Huntington, New York 11743. BA in Sociology. Alpha Chi Omega, Assistant Pledge Mistress (3), Lyre Editor (4). RHA Representative (2); Letts Hall Dormitory Council (3, 4), Letts Hall Ori- entation Chairman (3); Letts Hall President (4); RHA Council (4); Floor President (2); Spiritual Lite Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats (1). Gary K. Nurenberg. Box 152, Lydonville, Vermont 05851. Shelia K. Nyren. 129 Schlich Street, Yarralumla Canberra, Australia BA in American Government. Coffeehouse; Theatre Michael P. Ochsman. 1785 Redwood Terrace N.W,, Washington, DC. 20012 Ann F. Clin. 40 Bonita Vista Road, Mount Vernon, New York 10552 Brian G. O ' Neill. 106 Deep Dene Road, Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085. BSBA in Real Estate and Personnel Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary (3), Social Chairman (3), Athletic Chairman (2), Best Pledge (1), President (4); Soccer (1-4); Golf (2, 3, 4), Captain (4); Young Republicans; Intramurals; IFC Delegate (2, 3, 4). Kevin F. O ' Neill. 67 Dianas Trail, Roslyn Estates, New York 11576. Maureen E. O ' Neill. 6623 Western Avenue, Washington, DC, 20015, Jack L. Osborne. 6009 Parkland Court 101, District Heights, Maryland 20028 Sharon L. Pacltto. 700 South Sixth Street, Vineland, New Jersey 08360, BA in Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Sorori- ty, Assistant Treasurer, Pan Hellenic Council Junior and Senior Representative, Vice-President of Pledge Class. William E. Packett. 1424 North Nicholas Street, Arling- ton, Virginia 22205. Samuel J. Palmer. T1215 Oak Leaf Drive, Silver Springs, Maryland 20901 Juan B. Paredes. 10 Brandywine Street S.E., Washington, DC. 20032. BA in Communications. Fencing (3, 4) Laurie B. Parker. 2525 Batchelder Street, Brooklyn, New York 11235. BA in Elementary Education. Sanford J. Parnes. 315 Avenue C, New York, New York 10009. BA in Political Science. Sophomore Class Senator; SGPA Undergraduate Council (4), Stephen W. Parrish. 1600 Montgomery Road, Deerfield, Illinois 60015. Alan K. Parver. 34 Corsa Street, Dix Hills, New York 11746 BA in Government. Pi Sigma Alpha (4); Young Republicans (1). Michael S. Passet. 1824 Wilson Avenue, North Merrick, New York 11566. BA in Political Science. RHA (1, 2, 3). President (2, 3). James Patrick. 2 Hickory Drive, Worcester, Massachu- setts 01609. BA in Marketing. Carl F. Paulson. 22 Haw- thorne, Summit, New Jersey 07901 Henry A. Pawlowski. 3332 Woodburn Village Drive, Annandale, Virginia 22003 Carolyn Peace. 2i Montrose Place, Melville, New York 11746. Charles A. Peacock. 335 Brock Bridge Road, Laurel, Maryland 20810. Matthew M. Pearson. 172 Bay Boulevard, Atlantic Beach, New York 11509 BA in Politi- cal Science. Dean ' s List (3); AU Theatre. Alina R. Pedr- oso. 3 Meadow Lark Lane, Richmond, Virginia 23228. K. E. Peffly. 608 Walker Road, Great Falls, Virginia 22066. Josephine C. Pendleton. 4727 Woodway Lane N.W., Washington, DC. 20016 Reinaldo M. Perdomo. PO Box 711 Carmelita, Caracas, Venezuela Avelino Jose D. Per- eira. Braga, Portugal. BS in Political Science. Varsity Soccer; Dean ' s List. Linda S. Pergament. 12 Sinclair Drive, Great Neck, New York 11024. BA in Education. Ronald S. Perlman. 11 Kevin Court, Malverne, New York 11565. BS in Biology. Phi Kappa Phi; Intramural Basket- ball; Intramural Baseball, Jeffrey A. Perper. 4406 Forty- eighth Street N,W,, Washington, DC, 20016 BA in Psychology, Phi Kappa Phi, President (4); National Hon- or Society in Psychology, (3); National Honor Society in Biology (4) Sandra K. Perry. 7 Stonewain Court, Tow- son, Maryland 21204, BA in History, Kappa Delta, Pan Hellenic Council, President (3); Adelphi Panaristi; Mor- tar Board. Stuart S. Perry. 39 Hamilton Drive, Roslyn, New York 11576. BSBA in Finance. SBA Undergraduate Executive Committee (3, 4); Intramurals (1-4); Ski Club. Susan L Perry. 3524 Edmunds Street N W,, Washington, DC. 20007. Susan M. Pesner. 31 Singer Avenue, Spring Valley, New York 10977. BA in Political Science. Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chairman (3), President (4); Diadem (3); Pi Sigma Alpha (2, 3, 4); Intramural Volleyball; Intramural Basketball (2, 3); SHW (1). Henry S. Peters. Karen J. Peterson. 160 Washington Place, Ridgewood, New lersey 07450 Rodney L. Peterson. 413 Muddy Branch Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20760 Patricia M. Petinga. 2016 North Adams Street 400, Arlington, Vir- ginia 22201 BS in Nursing Co-Chairwoman SON Coun- cil (1, 2) Milo P. Petranovich. 225 North Sixth Street, Douglas, Wyoming 82633 BA in International Studies and Economics. Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Sigma Alpha. Frank A. Petro. 363 Broadway, Freehold, New Jersey 07728. Irene Petros. 3608 Fulton Street N.W,, Washington, DC. 20007. BA in Fine Arts. International Week Talent Show; Studenl An Show Mary P. Phelan. 3817 Kenilworth Drive, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20015. Dan R. Phillips. 416 North Forty-lhird Street, Seattle, Washington y«103. William M. Phillips. Richard N. Pierce. 4)1 Fr.inklin street, Wrenthdm, Massachusetts 02093 )ohn Pierre- Benuist. 2423 Menokin Drive 102, Alexandria, Virginia 22302, Susan M. Pitek. RD 2 Box 905 Newton, New jersey 07860 Freeman K. Pittman. 1100 Tower Road, Winnetka, Illinois 6fflJ ' )3 BA in History. Soccer (2, 3); Utilityman, ARA. Jackson H. Polk. 2615 Frankfort, El Paso, Texas. BA in Broadcast lournalism. Howard L. Pollinger. 9023 Allenswood Road, Randallstown, Mary- land 2113) Mary Ellen Porrazzo. 2 Radnor Court, FHick- sville. New York 11801. BA in Communication. Delta Gamma, Anchora-Correspondent, FHistorian; Eagle re- porter (1), Women In Communication (2, 3, 4,), Presi- dent (4); Sigma Delta Chi, Secretary (3), Vice President (4); Mortar Board; Pan Ethnon; Department of Commu- nications Council; WAMU Broadcaster, Reporter, Campus News Director David J. Portuesl. 28402 Glads- tone, St. Clair, Maine 48081, Donald R. Postles. 1064 Winona Boulevard, Rochester, New York 14617. BA in Broadcast lournalism. Alpha Tau Omega, Vice President (3): WAMU-FM; Sigma Delta Chi, Vice President (3), President (4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); IFC Delegate. loseph A. Preli. 1213 North Wayne Street, Arlington, Virginia 22201 Susan T. Preston. 116 St. Johns Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21210 Arleen S. Price. 208 Paterson Avenue, East Rutherford, New Jersey 07073. BA in Ele- mentary Education. Alpha Epsilon Phi, Secretary (2), Vice President (3), President (4); Pan FHellenic Council, President (2); Adelphi Panaristae (3); Diadem (3); Mor- tar Board; Talon (1); RHA Representative (3); Varsity Cheerleader (3, 4). Ira B. Price. 7240 San Pedro Road, lacksonville, Florida 32217. BA in Government. McDowall Hall, President (1); RHA Council (1); SGPA Council (1, 2); Tavern Board Chairman (3). Kathryn L. Pritchard. RD 1, Bangor, Pennsylvania 1801) BA in Communications. Sigma Delta Chi Paula Prober. 15 Council Trail, Wilmington, Delaware 19810 BA in Ele- mentary Education. Gamma Theta Nu; Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Hurst R Ander- son Forensics Society. David A. Proch. 105 Surrey Drive, DelmonI, Pennsylvania 15626 Marlene E. Pundl. 45 Newfield Drive, Rochester, New York 14616. BA in Elementary Education. German Club (1); Waller Reed Program-SAC (2, 3); D.C. Tutoring (3), Hughes- McDowell Halloween Party (3, 4) Daniel H. Purnell. 2106 First Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001. Ken- neth E. Quimby. 12157 Dove Circle, Laurel, Maryland 20810 Robert L. Rabe. 7013 Mason Street, District Heights, Maryland 20028 Victoria L. Rahall. 703 Wood- lawn Avenue, Beckley, West Virginia 25801. BS in Nurs- ing. Alpha Chi Omega; Campus Crusade for Christ Jane P. Raskin. 817 Ridgewood Road 1 Millhurn, New lersey 07041. BA in History Religion. Ronnie R. Rasmussen. 14829 Snethwick Place, Centreville, Virginia 22020. Francis S. Reali. 8613 Camden Street, Alexandria, Vir- ginia 22308. BA in History. Lynne A. Reamer. 11200 Evans Trail, Beltsville, Maryland 20705. Jean C. Reese. 4610 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21210. Tim- othy T. Reese. 77 NorthmonI Street, Greensburg, Penn- sylvania 15601 Randy S. Rehr. 10250 S.W. Sixty-second Avenue, Miami, Florida 33156. BSBA in Accounting. Ginger C. Reich. 8 Hampton Road, Scarsdale, New York 1058) Gordon E. Reid. 2806 Weisman Road, Wheaton, Maryland 20902 Fred P. Reimer. 5 Gavin Road, West Orange, New lersey 07052. Carol M. Remer. 5217 Gar- field Avenue, Pennsauken, New jersey 08109. BSBA in Government. Hillel (1); Pan Ethnon (2, 3); Board of Elections (3, 4) Gloria |. Riccobono. 7501 Seventeenth Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11214. BSBA in Marketing Doris L. Rich. 231 1 Connecticut Avenue N.W., Washing- ton, DC. BA in International Service. Dianne M. Rich- ards. 25208 Woodfield Road, Damascus, Maryland 20750. BS in Nursing. Student Government, Health and Welfare (1, 2); DC Nursing Association (DCSNA). Allen B. Richon. Route 2, Box 157, Edenlon, North Carolina 27932 Richard E. Riddles. 6419 Livingston Road 102, Oxon Hill, Maryland 20021. |oanne Riggi. 20 Zoranne Drive, East Northport, New York 11731 Edwin I. Riloff. 1344 Morris Road, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania 190%. Mary M. Roach. Box 247, Old Lyme, Connecticut 06371. Arlene Robbins. 7211 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21208, BA in Elementary Education. Kappa Delta (2). Walter J. Roberts. 1018 South Frederick Street, Arlington, Virginia 22204. William R. Roberts. Route 2, Box 411-15, Accokeek, Maryland 20607. Law- rence E. Roessel. 63 Lillie Street, Princeton junction. New lersey 08550. BA in Political Science Alpha Tau Omega; junior Year Abroad — Sophia Llniversity, Tokyo, japan; Varsity Natatorial participant, ALI (1, 2), Sophia (3). Paula A. Romejko. 5613 Newington Road, Washing- ton DC. 20016 loseph P. Romello. 880 Station Avenue, Cornwells Heights, Pennsylvania 19020. Stephen M. Rose. 8716 Harness Trail, Potomac, Maryland 20854, BS in Biology. Tri Beta Biology honor society (4); ALI Pre- Med Honor Society (3, 4); Ski Club, secretary (1, 2); Intramural basketball (3). Mark A. Rosen. 13 Trager Road, Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945 BS in Chem- istry. " Fiddler On The Roof " Harriet Rosenbaum. 3415 Mansfield Road, Falls Church, Virginia 22041. Steven B. Rosenbaum. 37 Club Boulevard, West Orange, New jersey 07052, BA in Psychology. Alpha Epsilon Pi, pledge class treasurer (1); Pre-Med Honor Society (3, 4); Swim Team (1, 3, 4); Sailing Club, founder (3), president (3, 4). Gary Rosenberg. 38 KinnicutI Road, Worcester, Mas- sachusetts 01602 Linda E. Rosenberg. 63 Abernethy Drive, Trenton, New jersey. BA in Religion Hillel, A.MI, RHA Dorm Committee. Natalee Rosenberg. 41 Hightop Lane, lericho. New York 11753. BA in Psychology. Carl S. Rosendorf. 167 Winchester Street, Newton, Massachu- setts 02161- BA in Political Science. Pi Sigma Alpha, national political science honorary; Youth Coalition for Muskie ()) Robert R. Rosenfeld. 657 Dettmar Terrace, Runnemede, New lersey 08078 BS in Finance. Basket- ball (1-4), TCAU: TRICIA Bruce D. Rosenstein. 516 Wheeler Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania. BA in Com- munication Eagle; WAMU-AM, musical director. Beth lein Rosenthal. 9104 Sixty-eighth Avenue, Forest Hills, New York 11375. BS in Marketing Alpha Epsilon Phi, rush chairman (1-4). Beth Rosenthal. 525 Latona Ave- nue, Trenton, New lersey 08618. Emily C. Rosenthal. 5310 Moorland Lane, Bethesda, Maryland 20014. Vivian C. Rosskamm. 29-45 172nd Street, Flushing, New York 1135H Mack D. Roth. 7 Slade Avenue, Baltimore, Mary- land 21208 Eric P. Rothberg. 1617 Fawn Lane, Hunt- ingdon, Virginia 19006. R. Keith Rothberg. 1012 Ham- pton Park Drive, St. Louis, Missouri 63117. BA in Eco- nomics. Water Polo Club (1); Intramural Sports; Swim- ming Team, captain (4). Judy L. Rothgesser. 234 North Avenue, Hillside, New jersey 07205. BA in Western European Studies. Phi Kappa Phi; Undergraduate Stud- ies Committee, SIS (4). |. Chandler Rough. 22 Bales Way, Weslfield, New Jersey 07090. Thomas L. Rowc. 737 Harding Street, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania 17070. BA in Design-Art. Design-Layout Editor, American Magazine (4); Freshman Basketball (1); Basketball (3, 4). Mark A. Ruben. 80 Tristan Lane, Williamsville, New York 14221. BA in Political Science. Phi Sigma Alpha national political science honor society; Freshman sena- tor (1); Sophomore senator (2); Chairman Studenl Health and Welfare Committee (2); Student Union Board, Commissioner Department of Student Health and Welfare (4); Student Relations Committee-Univer- sity Senate (3); Intern McCovern for President Com- mittee (3); staff member Democratic National Com- mittee (3). lane L. Rubenstein. 824 West Fifty-third Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64112. BS in Accounting. Kappa Delta, pledge president (1); rush chairman (2). lanet S. Rubenstein. 90 Birch Lane, Woodmere, New York 11578 BA in History. Dean ' s List (1). Irving M. Rubin. 1012 Greenwood Avenue, Trenton, New jersey 08609. BA in Accounting Paula E. Rubin. 25 Holden Road, West Newton, Massachusetts 02165. Sandra C. Rubin. 1)) Charlann Circle, Cherry Hill, New jersey 08003 Raleigh H. Rudnick. 12718 Epping Terrace, Silver Spring, Maryland 20906 Robin A. Rudnick. 62 Over- brook Drive, Colonia, New lersey 07Oi7. BA in Psy- chology DC PIRG lames P. Russo. Route 1, Box 44A, Midland, Virginia 22728. Susan D. Ruth. 398 Norma Street, Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481. Marjorie A. Rynott. 40)0 Renault Place, Alexandria, Vir- ginia 22309 lohn |. Rzewnicki, |r. 4203 Ardmore Place, Fairfax, Virginia 22030. Randy L. Safier. 2 Stonehenge Circle, Baltimore, Maryland 21208 BSBA in Marketing. Eagle (3), Photo Staff; Football Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Softball Intramurals (3, 4). lanice E. Safran. 80 Taylor Drive, Closter, New jersey 07624. Mary Graydon Hanger. Nicholas G. Sagan. 2316 Brooks Drive, 203, Suitland, Maryland. Lawrence B. Saftler. 130 Audrey Drive, Lido Beach, New York BA in Sociology. |oy R. Salon. 1525 Rockland Street, Reading, Pennsylva- nia 19604. BA in Art Education. Pamela |. Salsky. 16 Crest Road, Emerson, New lersey 07630 |ohn Saporita. 8 Hibben Place, Upper Monlclair, New lersey 07630 BS in Sociology. Mary R. Sartini. 305 East Glendale Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22301. Mark L. Sarver. 39 Cypress Street, Millburn, New jersey 07041. BA in Commu- nication. WAMU-FM News; Intramurals Keith L. Satter. 4 Sue Terrace, Westport, Connecticut 06880. BA in History and Communications. Alpha Epsilon Pi; Eagle, , dvertising Manager (3); WAMU News, Director (3). Charles P. Saunders. 15 Wilson Avenue. Oakhursi, New jersey 07755. BA in Political Science. Intramural Foot- ball, Philip W. Savitz. 101 Wordsworth Avenue, Alloona, Pennsylvania 16(j02. BA in Political Science. Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Democrats Executive Board; Students for McGovern, Chairman Francine I. Schaefer. 19 Sunbrook Road. Woodbridge, Connecticut 06525. BA in Elementary Edu- cation. Orientation Chairman; Fifth Floor Representa- tive. Victoria A. Schaeffer. 1712 Reading Boulevard, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania 1%10. |ustin A. Schaffer. 3 Ins Place, Massapequa Park, New York 11762. BA in Communications. Penfeather, Photo Editor (1); Ameri- can, Photo Editor (2, 3, 4). Lynne M. Schamberg. 60 Atkins Terrace, East Rutherford, New jersey 07073 BA in History Cheerleader (2); Theatre (1) Gail B. Schapiro. 928 Elberon Avenue, Elberon, New Jersey 07740. Bruce H. Scharf. 162-21 Powels Cove Boulevard, Whitestone, New York BA in Political Science. Vice President of junior Class; Intramural Football; Dean ' s List Keith A. Scheetz. 117 Hughes Avenue, SellersviJIe, Pennsylvania 18960. BA in Political Science. Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Intramural Football (1-4); Softball (1-4), Bas- ketball (1-4); Tavern Committee Richard A. Schendell. 3 Goldsboro Court, Bethesda, Maryland 20034 Richard A. Schlesinger. 79 Parkview Drive, Albertson, New York 11507 Barbara A. Schlitt. 170 Violet Street, Massapequa Park, New York 11762. BA in Elementary Education ludith A. Schlosser. 5 Cromwell Drive West. Convent. New lersey 07961 BSBA in Accounting Kappa Phi. Service Chairman and Vice President (1, 2); Dorm Floor Vice President (1); Dorm Floor President (2); Dorm Court Representative (2) Ellen S. Schnell. 736 Dickens Avenue, Franklin Square, New York 11010. BA in Sociol- ogy Philip C. Schonberg. 32 Calton Lane, New Roch- elle. New York 10804. BA in Communications. Alelta Schreiber. 33 Ellers Drive, Chatham, New jersey 07928. David H. Schreiber. 219 Old Gulph Road, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania 19096. BA in Communications Beta Alpha Chapter, President (3, 4); Gamma Theta Nu; Delta Sigma Rho (3, 4): WAMU, News reporter (1); member " Creative Interpreters " (2); Hurst R. Anderson Forensic Society (3, 4). Donald C. Schrum. 4210 Ardmore Place, Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Ann G. Schwartz. 3426 Filth Street, Oceanside, New York 11572 BS in Biology. Pre- Med Honor Society Lynn E. Schwartz. 17 Holiday Drive, Williston Park, New York 115% BA in Psychology Paul A. Schwartz. 1390 River Road, Teaneck, New jersey 07666. BA in Political Science. Eagle (1, 3, 4), Sports Editor (2); WAMU (1); Omicron Delta Kappa (3, 4), Pi Sigma Alpha (4), Student Senate (3, 4); Outstanding Senator (3); RHA President (3, 4): Varsity Baseball, Man- ager (1-4), Varsity Basketball, Manager (1-4); Football, Statistician (2, 3); Pan Ethnon (2, 3, 4), SGPA Student Advisor (4); University Senate Committee on Athletics (2, 3, 4); Stafford H Cassell Award. Robert M. Schwartz. 8305 Fifth Avenue, North Bergen, New jersey. BA in Government. Pi Sigma Alpha. Susan C. Schwartz. 90 Greenwood Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02159. Sid- ney M. Schwartzberg. 14 Kensington Road, Ardsley, New York 10502 BA in Psychology. Freshman Senator; Sophomore Class President; Co-Chairman Viet Nam Moratorium Committee (1); Coffee House (2) George A. Scola. 819 janos Lane, West Hampstead, New York 11552. Jeffrey S. Scott. Box 5893, Bethesda, Maryland 20014. BS in Management of Technology. )ohn C. Scott. 6002 Welborn Drive, Washington, DC. 20016 BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. Talon (4). Cynthia A. Scotto. 137-50 70 Road, Kew Garden Hills, New York 11367. BA in History and Education. Robert F. Scuka. 506 North Pollard Street 2, Arlington, Virginia 22203. Christopher I. Scully. Mam Street, Sparrowsuch, New York 12280. Bruce G. Seader. 1769 Andrea Road, East Meadow, New York 11554. BS in Biology. Pre-Med Honor Society; Intramural Basketball (1-4); Intramural Softball (1-4); Intramural Football (1-4); Hillel. Howard |. Sedran. 289 Prince Avenue, Freeport, New York 11520. BA in Psy- chology. Kristen L. Segebarth. 3873 Eckhardt Road, Hamburg, New York 14075, Joseph M. Seiffert. 3713 Trigger Court, Alexandria, Virginia 22310. Jay S. Seltzer. 1 Kensington Gate, Great Neck, New York James N. Sessler. Boston Post Road, Amherst, New Hampshire 03031. Sally S. Sessler. 1712 Reading Boulevard, Wyo- missing, Pennsylvania l%ia Dale R. Shaffer. 140 Cool- idge Avenue, Long Beach, New York 11561. BA in Psychology. Richard A. Shaner. 12117 Augusta Drive, Glenn Dale, Maryland 20769. Patricia Shannon. 5055 Seminary Road 902, Alexandria, Virginia 22311. Robert A. Shapiro. 8452 North Harding Avenue, Skokie, Illinois 60076. Kinsman-Hurst Award. Cynthia M. Sharp. 3316 South Twyckenham, South Bend, Indiana 46614. BS in Nursing. Delta Gamma, House Representative. Susan D. Sharp. 6405 East Halbert Road, Bethesda, Maryland 60034. Bain Art. Elizabeth L. Shaw. 22 Loudon Heights North. Loudonville, New York 12211. BA in Govern- ment. Kappa Phi (1); Coffee House (2); Theatre (2). Marilyn A. Sheeler. 748 West Valley Road, Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087. Susan D. Sheffield. 7 Bridgepoint Road RD 2, Belle Meade, New jersey 08502. Ann R. Sherman. 1111 Arlington Boulevard M-109, Arlington, Virginia 22209. Jeremy P. Sherman. 445 Sheridan Road, Highland Park, Illinois 60035. Michael A. Sherman. 12 Harvard Circle, Needham, Massachusetts 02194 Phyllis C. Sherman. 1012 South Quebec Street 12, Arlington, Virginia 22204. BA in International Studies. Pi Alpha Sigma; Dean ' s List (3); AU Wind Ensemble (3, 4). Robert J. Sherman. 2782 Covered Bridge Road, Merrick, New York 11566. B5 in Biology Varsity Tennis (1, 2) Winston S. Sherman. 3700 Ninth Street S.E, Washington, DC 20032. Susan Sherwood. 99 Bellewood Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, New York 10522. BA in Political Science. Field Hockey (1, 3, 4); Volleyball (4); Basketball (1-4). Janis A. Shilling. 120 Avis Avenue, Lakewood, New jersey 08700 Edda M. Shiner. 184A Agawam Drive, Stratford, Con- necticut 06497 BA in Sociology. Talon (1, 2, 3). Judith H. Shipowitz. 2921 Kanawha Street, N W,, Washington, DC 20015 Susan B. Shirk. 5701 Brookside Drive, Beth- esda, Maryland 20015. Edward L. Shore. 336 Olney Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02906. BSBA in Urban Development Rugby (2, 3, 4), Intramurals, TCAU Wil- liam M. Short. 25-A Woodmere West Apartments, Pe- tersburg, Virginia 23803. Jon Showalter. 1963 Rosemary Hills Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland Stephen G. Shub. 16 Horseguard Lane, Scarsdale, New York 10583. BA in Psychology. Intramurals Miles F. Shulman. 5605 Ever- hurst Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21209. BS in Political Science. Assistant to Councilman Stark, Baltimore City Hall; Equal Employment Opportunity for Minority groups; Insurance Compliance Staff, Social Security Ad- ministration Elizabeth H. Sibolski. 138 Hallmark Drive Box 94, Dunkirk, Maryland 20754. BA in Political Sci- ence. Pi Sigma Alpha, Mortar Board, Washington Area Study Project (1); Faculty Women ' s Club Award. Ilene S. Siegel. 263-21 Fifty eighth Avenue, Little Neck, New York 11362. BA in Elementary Education and Psychology Dean ' s List Warren J. Siegel. 14 Lakeview Drive, West Orange, New Jersey 07052 BA m Political Science. Ward Circular (1, 2); Eagle (1-4), Pi Sigma Alpha; Intramural Basketball (1-4); Employed by Senator Humphrey (3) Katherine B. Siems. 5200 West Kingston Court, N E , Atlanta, George 30342. BA in Psychology Stuart J. Sigel. 442 Fern Street, West Hartford, Connecticut 06107. BS in Computer Systems. Con D. Silard, Jr. 8427 Crandhaven Avenue, Marlton, Maryland 20870. James D. Silver. 949 Dedham Street, Newton Center, Massachusetts 02159. BA in History. WAMU (4) Linda J. Simpson. 609 Ed- monston Drive, Rockville, Maryland 20851. BS in Nurs- ing SC (4); SON Council, Treasurer, Co-Chairman (4), University Senate (3, 4). Raina M. Sinclair. 6018 West- chester Park Drive, College Park, Maryland 20740. Amy E. Singer. 15 Cold Spring Road, Barrington, Rhode Island 02806. Arlene 8. Singer. 406 Sherman Avenue, Deal Park, New jersey 07723 BA in Psychology Bossie S. Singleton. 5604 Reed Street, Fairmont Park, Maryland 20027. BA in Literature. Peter J. Skiba, Jr. 3452 Terrace Court 1114, Alexandria, Virginia 22302, John J. Skin- ner, Jr. 3571 South Stafford 1, Arlington, Virginia 22206. Alfred J. Sklarew. 2103 Seneca Drive, Merrick, New York 11566 BA in Sociology. Varsity Tennis (1, 2). Debra A. Skopczynski. 26114 Lila Lane, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127. BA in Political Science. SC Secretary (4); College Republican, Secretary (2, 3); Treasurer (4); Board of Elections (2, 3, 4); Inter-Club Council (4), David W. Slaby. 6004 Harvard Avenue, Glen Echo, Maryland 20768. BSBA in Urban Development. Phi Kappa Phi (4), Undergraduate Student Association SBA, President and Vice President; Soccer (3); University Senate (4), Rho Epsilon (3, 4); SC Assemblyman (4); Omicron Delta Kappa) Who ' s Who; Varsity Golf; C. C. Glover Award. Thomas A. Slack. 4108 Clendale Road, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191 Ralph L. Slawson. 2302 William and Mary Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22108, Marsha L. Sloan. 701 East Matson Run Parkway, Wil- mington, Delaware 19803. BS in Sociology. Laura L. Slobey. 1806 Birch Road, McLean, Virginia 22101 Jane Sloven. 80 Roxen Road, Rockville Center, New York 11570. BA in Literature. Stephen J. Sluznis. 5 Wagner Street, Binghamton, New York 13904. Alvin J. Smith. 5635 Inverchapel Road, Springfield, Virginia 22151 BS in Law Enforcement Antoinette L. Smith. 605 South Twenty-ninth Street, Arlington, Virginia. Arthur R. Smith. 6407 Fortieth Avenue. Hyattsville, Maryland 20782 David A. Smith, Jr. 8511 Cyrus Place, Alexandria, Virginia 22308 David J. Smith. 1613 Harvard Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20009 Diane C. Smith. 1346 Franklin Street N E., Washington DC. Geri L. Smith. 2 Saddlebrook Court, Silver Spring, Maryland 20906, BSBA in Marketing. Elections Board (1, 2), RHA Council (1, 2, 3); Dorm Floor President (2, 3) Laura G. Smith. 166 25 Powells Cove, Beechhurst, New York 11357. Nancy E. Smith. 7201 Dulany Drive, McLean, Virginia 22101 Phil- lip L. Smith. 4686A South Thirty-sixth Street, Arlington, Virginia 22206 Scott R. Smith. 101 East Bolls Mill Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118. BA in Psychology. Wilbert Smith. 528 Quackenbos Street N.W., Washing- ton, DC 20011 Gerald M. Smolen. 96 Lobdell Drive, Stratford, Connecticut 06497. Andrea E. Snyder. 1 Mil- burn Street, Rockville Centre, New York 11570. BS in Physical Education. Varsity Volleyball (1); Dance Theatre (2, 3, 4). Sharon L Snyder. 227 Maine Avenue, Cherry Hill, New jersey 08034. BA in Russian Area Studies Kappa Delta (2, 3, 4). Jung Y. Sohn. 3523 Slade Run Drive, Falls Church, Virginia 22042. Marian J. Sol- tzer. 48 Brewster Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583. Elliot B. Sommer. 31 Creenmeadow Lane, Huntington, New York 11747 BS in Anthropology Football Club (2, 3); Anthropology Departmental Council (3, 4); EPC (3, 4) Jeffrey D. Sommer. 259 Glenn Avenue, Trenton, New jersey 08638. BSBA in Real Estate and Urban De- velopment Intramural Football (1-4), Intramural Basket- ball (1-4); Intramural Softball (1-4); Real Estate Frater- nity. David Sonner. 2937 Clubhouse Road, Merrick, New York 11566 BA in Elementary Education. Alice Jean Sorkowitz. 2910 North Greenbrier Street, Arlington, Vir- ginia 22207 William I. Spalding. 5267 Nebraska Avenue N.W , Washington, DC. 20015. Waller W. Speakman, Jr. Belmont Hall, Smyrna, Delaware 19977. Carol Speclor. 316 West Twenty-second Street, Chester, Pennsylvania 19013. BA in Communication. Lynne M. Spector. 14 Swan Road, Livingston, New lersey 07039. Lucy I. Spie- gel. 209 Palliser Street. Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15905. Gary M. Spiegler. 5 Pumpkin Hill, Westport, Con- necticut 06880. BSBA in Accounting. Wrestling (1, 2, 3); Football (2, 3, 4) Barbara M. Spike. 1420 Wister Drive, Wyncote, Pennsylvania 19095 BA in Elementary Educa- tion. Robert D. Spindel. 10 Lee Court, Maplewood, New lersey 07040, Marcy E. Spivack. 32 Orange Drive, Je- richo, New York 11753. BSBA in Personnel. Christin K. Springet. 1223 Ridge Road, Munster. Indiana 46321. Mi- chael J. Stanton. 5631 Western Avenue N.W., Washing- ton, DC. 20015 Mary E. Stavrou. 42 Attorney Street, Hempstead, New York 11550. BA in Philosophy and International Relations. Student Representative Depart- ment of Philosophy and Religion (3); Diplomatic Pouch, Features Editor (2) Mitchell H. Stein. 418 Glenway Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19118 Robert L. Stein- berg. 2845 Parkway Boulevard, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104. BS in Business Reynold F. Stelloh III. 7112 jay- hawk Street, Annandale, Virginia 22003 Laurence M. Stern. 9 Grandview Avenue, Nanuet, New York 1(3954. BA iri Political Science Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sigma Pi Chapter, Rush Chairman (2). Pi Sigma Alpha (4); SGPA Undergraduate Council (1); Bnai Brith; Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3, 4); Association of Student Government National Convention (2); United Jewish Appeal Student Coordinating Committee, AU Chairman (3). Stuart A. Stern. Box 323, Broadway Road, Lutherville, Maryland 21093. BA in American Studies. Samuel S. Stetson. RD 1, Concord, New Hampshire 03.)01. BS in Political Science, Omicron Kappa; Ski Club (2, 3, 4): SGPA Student-Faculty Curriculum Committee Ellen M. Stew- art. !0 Anvil Millway, Ontario, Canada, Geoffrey T. Stewart. 15 Cushman, Plymouth, Massachusetts ()2!60, Katharine L. Stierhoff. I ' lOl Malvern Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21. ' (M Cheryl C. Still. S7(M New Hampshire Avenue, N,E , Washmston, DC, 2(X)11. Stephen |. Still- well. 4540 Macarthur Boulevard, N.W,, Washington, DC. 2{XX)7. Warren E. Stoller. i Dillon Drive, Law- rence, New York 11559 Terry B. Stomel. 307 Cherry Hill Boulevard, Cherry Hill, New lersey 08034. BA in Political Science. Intramural Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); DC. PIRG Co- Coordinator, AU Chapter; justice on Academic Court. Joseph A. Stone. 1282 George, U. City, Missouri 63130 BA in International Relations. Delta Sigma Rho (3); Forensic Club, Vice President (4); Gamma Theta Nu; Delta Sigma Rho (3). Loren D. Stone. 24 Nassau Drive, New Hyde Park, New York 11040 BA in Literature. Barbara A. Stoneman. i521 Glenbrook Road, Fairfax, Virginia 2203O William D. Stoneman. 6803 Landor Lane, Springfield, Virginia 22152. William G. Stonis. 7777 Maple Avenue, 911, Takoma Park, Maryland 20012. Leslie |. Storm. 2131 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 191.30. BA in Communications Joseph D. Stratton. 3907 Lake Boulevard, Annandale, Virginia 22003. Amy J. Strassmeyer. 707 Continental Circle, Mountain View, California 94040. John V. Streeter. 700 Braxton Place, Alexandria, Virginia 22301 Jeffrey E. Strum. 2020 O Street, N.W., Washington, DC. 20036. Margaret W. Studt. 3818 lenifer Street, N.W., Washing- ton, nC 2tX)l5 Warren E. Stuller. 22 Dillon Drive, Lawrence, New York 11559. BA in Political Science. Freshman Class Treasurer (1); Tavern lanitor (2); WAMLI Disc-jockey (4). Richard B. Stup. 6721 Fairfax Road, Chevy Chase, Maryland 2(Xn5. BA in Political Science. Volunteer Tutor (2, 3, 4); Food Services Committee (2); Social Action Council (2); Committee on Student Affairs (3); KPU Board (3); Social Action Council, Chairman (3, 4); Student Union Board (4); Commissioner of Depart- ment ol Community Affairs. National Student Register William C. Summer. 11 Meadowlawn Drive, 19, Mentor, Ohio 44060. BA in Political Science. Alpha Sigma Phi, President (3), Vice President [2); Sailing Club; Ski Club, Inter-fraternity Council, Vice-President. Denise R. Sum- ner. 3039 Macomb Street N.W., Washington, DC. 2(XX)8. BS in Nursing. Class Representative to School of Nurs- ing Council (1, 2). Mitchell S. Sussman. 7 Flagstaff Place, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19115. BA in Commu- nication. WAMU Music Director (1, 2); Eagle, Contrib- uting Writer (1. 2); Record Coop Manager (4). William R. Sweeney, Jr. 39 Eastwood Road, Shrewsbury, Mas- sachusetts 01545. BA in Political Science Ward Circular, Editor (3), Pi Sigma Alpha (3, 4). Meredith K. Sykes. 1 194 Phoenix Avenue, Schenectady, New York 12.308. BA in journalism. Eagle, (1, 2, 3, 4), Arts Editor, Senior Report- er; RHA Representative (1); Association Media Commis- sion, (1, 2, 3, 4). Craig L. Sylvester. 1774 Hillside Drive, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08003. BA in International Stud- ies. Alpha Tau Omega (1, 2|; Phi Kappa Phi Barbara O. Taff. Hallie Fay R. Tager. 1204 Belmeade Drive, Champaign. Illinois 61820. Barbara L. Taibi. 142 Daisy Farms Drive, New Rochelle, New York 108(M. Francis P. Tam. 4949 Crescent Street, Chevy Chase, Maryland 2(X)16 Gail M. Tannebaum. 103 Vernon Drive, Scarsdale, New York 10583. BA in Psychology Sophomore Class Treasurer (2); SA Delegate (1, 2); Floor President (1, 2, i): Intramurals: Volleyball, Softball, Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) Wayne M. Tasens. %5 Washington Avenue, Plain- view, New York 11803. BA in English. Eagle, (1, 2); American (1, 2); WAMU (1, 2). Uranio F. Tauter. 11669 Charter Oak Court, 202, Reston, Virginia. BA in Inter- national Studies. George T. Taylor. 104 Gardy Place, New Castle, Delaware 19720. BA in Political Science Herbert S. Taylor. 4221 Fourth Street, N.W., Washing- ton, DC. 20011 Maria Luzia Teixeira. Upper Union Street, West Peterborough, New Hampshire 03468. BA in Language Area Studies. Keith E. Temple. Route 1, Box 589, Accokeek, Maryland 20607. Francine D. Teneyck. 2708 Fourth Street, N.W., Washington, DC. 20002. Wal- ter H. Thaxton, II. 5406-250 Roanoke Avenue, Alexan- dria, Virginia 22311. James L. Thomas. 924 Ware Street, Vienna, Virginia 22180 Karen A. Thomas. 6 Bel-Pre Court, Rockville, Maryland 20853 Norman P. Thomas. 7003 Skyles Way, Apt. 203, Springfield, Virginia. BSBA in Accounting. Christopher Thompson. 9204 Sprucewood Road, Burke, Virginia 22015. Janet R. Thompson. 1613 Harvard Street, N.W., Washington, DC 2000 ' . Michael I. Tievy. 91 19 Manchester Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901 Richard E. Tilley. 83IH Nichols.Ki Street, New Carrolltun, Maryland 20784. Susan L. Timm. 1323 South Boulevard, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18017. BA in Eco- nomics and Southeast Asian Studies. Gamma Sigma Sigma, Publicity Co-Chairman (1, 2), Treasurer (J); Young Republicans (1); CIRUNA (2). William T. Tippet, III. 1003 Viers Mill Road, Rockville, Maryland 20851 Elizabeth C. Trainor. 20 Franklin Place, Kearny, New lersey 07032. BS in Physical Education. Varsity Field Hockey Team (2, 3, 4,), Captain (4); Varsity Basketball (2, 3); Varsity Cheerleader (3, 4), Captain (3, 4). Nathan J. Treinish. 6303 Stoneham Road, Bethesda, Maryland BA in Political Science. Pi Sigma Alpha (4); AU Students for McGovern, Coordinator, (3, 4); AU Hillel, AU Young Democrats, Vice President (2) Edward R. Treuting. 9 Little John Road, Morris Plains, New jersey 07950 BA in International Studies. Henry L. Trevathan. Route 2, Box 2338, Laplata, Maryland 20646 Stephen A. Trigonoplos. 3615 Isbell Street, Wheaton, Maryland 20906. BA in Government. Donald L. Tripp. 23 Vincent Drive, Mid- dletown. New York 10940. BSBA in Accounting. SBA Newsletter, Editor (3); SBA Student Association, Presi- dent (4); SBA Faculty-Student Council (3, 4); University Senate (3) Michael G. Troop. 7004 Wells Parkway, Hyattsville, Maryland 20782 Barry E. Truchil. 158 May- time Drive, Jericho, New York 11753. BA in Sociology Phi Kappa Phi; American (3); Sociology Department Council (3, 4); Intramurals (1, 2, 3, 4). Jane S. Turkel. 7 Burgess Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583 BS in Art. Nancy L. Tworoger. 2 East Boulevard, Gloversville, New York 12078 Peter D. Uberto. 625 Ratzer Road, Wayne, New lersey 07470. Helen C. Urquhart. 117 Hesketh Street, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20015 BA in Literature. Eagle (1), Pan Ethnon (1, 2, 3); French Club (1). Esther R. Usherson. 6851 Roswell Road, N.E., 127, Atlanta, Georgia 30328 Harry V. Vacek. 86 Gardner Avenue, Hicksville, New York 11801. BS in Biology. Tri Beta (4); Intramural Softball (2, 4); Intramural Basketball (1, 2); Intramural Volleyball (1, 2); Vice President of Seventh Floor (2); RHA Representative (1); McDowell Dorm Court justice (4). Laura F. Valicenti. 1001 SW Fourth Terrace, Hallandale, Florida. BA in Elementary Educa- tion Committee on Undergraduate Affairs (4); Elemen- tary Representative for Education Department (4). Gret- chen Van De Weghe. RD 1, Stockton, New jersey 08559. Franklin E. Vandergrift. 15570 Peach Walker Drive, Bowie, Maryland 20715. Karen Van Elkan. 8 Cot- tage Terrace, Livingston, New lersey BA in History. Hillel (1, 2, 3, 4); Associated Movement for Israel (2, 3); Jewish Identity Project (4), Pan Ethnon (3). Arie B. Venema. 2001 Douglas Street, N.E., Washington, DC 20018. BA in Mathematics. University Chorale; Univer- sity Singers. Lois Vermillion. 4(X17 Seventy-third Street, Landover Hills, Maryland 20784 Mary J. Vlachos. 163 Duddington Place, S.E., Washington, DC. 20003. Eric R. Vonboslel. 65(Xi Seventy-eighth Street, Bethesda, Mary- land 20034. Lolita T. Vowels. 1404 Forty-second Place, S E , Washington, DC 20020. Alan M. Wachman. 605 East Fourteenth Street, New York City, New York 10(X)9. BS in Psychology. Alpha Epsilon Pi; Psi Chi Karin E. Wade. 36 Dogwood Lane, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania 17019 Leah B. Wadle. 1419 Celesta Court, Vienna, Vir- ginia 22180 Michael K. Wager. 2371 Green Road, Beachwood, Ohio 44121 BA in Political Science Her- bert L. Wahler. 4818 Topping Road, Rockville, Maryland 20852 Honey Waldman. 3221 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 2aX)8 Joan M. Walk. 7100 Oakridge Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland 2(X)15. BA in Elementary Education Gamma Sigma Sigma (3); Dorm Council (4) Charles D. Walker. 13 Meadowbrook Road, Chatham, New jersey 07928 Kenneth J. Walker, Jr. 820 South Arlington Mill Drive 2, Arlington, Virginia 22204. Thelma C. Waller. 5517 Helmont Drive, Oxon Hill, Maryland 2(X)21 BS in General Studies. Edmund P. Walsh. 5734 Backlick Road. T-3, Springfield, Virginia 22150 Frederick H. Walzel. 10824 Livingston Road. S.E., Oxon Hill, Maryland 20022. Catherine A. Warner. 9602 Wadsworth Drive, Bethesda, Maryland 2fX)34 Victoria J. Warner. Jean R. Warnke. 5037 Garfield Street, N W., Washington, DC. 20016. Kermit A. Washington. 6 Country Side Court, Silver Spring, Maryland 20904. Bas- ketball (1-4); Bruce Hughes Award. William S. Waters. 112(X) Lockwood Drive 901, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901 Vincent G. Watkins. 402 Yeonas Drive SW., Vienna, Virginia 22180 Barbara E. Way. 34 Shirley Court, Commack, New York 11725. BA in Music. Mortar Board. Stephen J. Wayne. 23 Sun Valley Way, Morris Plains, New lersey 07950. Sharon Weber. 2306 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11229 Kenneth B. Weckslein. 3709 East Forty-third Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135, BA in Political Science. John A. Wehner. 7115 Cabot Street, District Heights, Maryland 2tX)28. Diane Weinberg. 10 Hearth Road, Levittown, Pennsylvania 19056 BA in Psy- chology. ACLU (4); Project Head Start (3); Community Mental Health Clinic (4). Linda J. Weiner. 4 Evelyn Court, Maplewood, New jersey 07040. BA in Psy- chology. Psi Chi. Roberta L Weiner. 309 Eighteenth Avenue, Paterson, New jersey 07504. Helen E. Weins- tein. 1909 East West Highway, Silver Spring. Maryland 20910 BA in Economics. Varsity Bowling Team (4). Andrea L. Weiss. 102 South Cirus Avenue, Clearwater, Florida 33515. Shelley C. Weiss. 1107 Fanshawp Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111 Karen M. Weitzel. 67 Franklin Lane, Quakertown, Pennsylvania 18951 BA in Communications Phi Kappa Phi (4); Sigma Delta Chi, Treasurer (3, 4), Andrew J. Welebir. ir 08 North 27th Street, Arlington, Virginia 22207 Susan M. Wershba. 26 Shorewood Drive, Sands Point, New York 11050, BSBA in Marketing Brian W. Wertheim. 7 Stuart Drive, East, Glen Cove, New York 11542, BA in Government, Phi Sigma Alpha, Phi Kappa Phi; Baseball (I); Social Action Council; Association Media Commission, Meir J. West- reich. 5320 Twenty-ninth Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20015. Karl R. Wexler. 7 Meadowbrook Lane, Monsey, New York 10952. BA in Urban Development. Alpha Epsilon Phi (3); AU Singers; Assistant Intramural Direc- tor; WAMU; Baseball (2). Jackie L White. 7N186 Glen Road. Medinah, Illinois 60157. BA in Literature. Nancy Lee White 350 Green Lane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19128. BS in Interior Design and BA in American Stud- ies. Kappa Delta, Treasurer (2), Social Chairman (3,4); Diadem (3); Mortar Board, Tennis (2); American Studies Committee Margaret A. Whitman. 269 South Avenue, Glencoe, Illinois 60022 James E. Whyte. 1323 Allison Street, N.W., Washington, DC. 20011 Lisa Widelitz. 72 Chadwick Drive, Charleston, South Carolina 29409 BA Elementary Education. Kappa Delta, Treasurer (4) Rob- ert A. Widferich. 7913 Kentbury Drive, Bethesda, Mary- land 2(X)14, Cliflord J. Wilce. 1S(W LiIjc I5rive. Sd ' isburv. Maryland 21801, Deborah Wilchek. Valley Stream Gardens. Denville, New jersey (I7H!4. Mary C. Wilcosky. 24 South Emerick Street. Shenandoah, Penn- sylvania 17976. BA in Art History Kussun Club. Secre- tary-Treasurer [l.i). David M. Wildberger. 1279 Limit Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 2tX)lf . BA in Literature. A pha Phi Omega. Historian (1.2). Publicity and Service Chairman (4); WAMU (1.2. i,4): Pan Ethnon (1,2,3,4), Recording Secretary (3), Young Democrats (1,2); " A Cry of Players " (4). Mindy E. Wildstein. 2S01 South Ocean Drive, 1626, Hollywood, Florida 33020, Diane I. Wilen. 74 !9 Prince George Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21208 B in Economics, Tassels (2); Phi Beta Phi Deirdre A. Williams. 5407 Macbeth Street. Cheverly, Maryland 20784 BA in Pyschology. Psi Chi Diane Williams. 3460 rhirtv-ninth Street, Washington, DC 2(X)16, Lynn K. Williams. 5713 Roosevelt Street, Bethesda, Maryland 20034 BA in Literature. Peace Through Nonviolent Ac- tion: Student Mobilization Committee: Women ' s Liber- ation: Alternative Lifestyles Group. Nella T. Williams. 11315 Newport Mil ' Road. Silver Spring, Maryland 20902. BA in Psychology. Frank Willis. 713 lolly Lane, Oxon Hill. Maryland 20021 Harold E. Wills. 149 Summit Ave- nue, Hagerstown. Maryland 21740 ). Thomas Wilson, III. 4842 Kenmore Avenue. Alexandria, Virginia 22304 BA in Polilica Science. Zeta Beta Tau. Rush Chairman (11: Young Democrats John M. Wilson. 65 North Mam Street. Norwood, New York 13668 BA in Political Sci- ence. Intramural Football ( Intramural Sollball ( Frank L. Wilucki. 1041 Nelson Avenue. Brack- enridge. Pennsylvania 15014. Steven J. Wolfert. 79 Hay- loft Lane. Roslyn Heights, New York 11577. BA in Eco- nomics Marc R. Wolff. 16 Sweetwood Court, Parsip- pany. New Jersey 07054. BA in Political Science, Coor- dinator of ALI Students lor McGovern. Hillel Karen A. Wood. 329 Bank Street, Sewickley, Pennsylvania 15143 BS in Political Science Delia Gamma: Young Republi- cans (1,2). Lane E. Wood. 5225 Oakcresi Drive, Oxon Hill, Maryland 20021, Thomas R. Woodrell. 14633 Lilda Drive, Cenlreville, Virginia 22020 William T. Woolford. 4600 South Four Mile Run, Arlington, Virginia. Patricia A. Worcester. 7450 Fourth Avenue, Melrose Park, Penn- sylvania 19126 BA in History Hotline; Swimming; Soft- ball lames A. Wright. 3110 Mt Vernon Avenue, 107, A ' exandria, Virginia 22305 Lynn F. Wuesthoff. 82 South Avenue, Atlantic High, New lersey 07716. Leslie G. Wurzel. 12 Dwyer Road, Wayne, New lersey 07470. BA in Communications. Robert G. Xides. 408 Simpson- Howell Road, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania 15037. BA in Gov- ernment Phi Kappa Phi: CMC Chairman (3); KPU Board (2) Martin A. Yam. 167 Gregory Avenue, West Orange, New lersey 07052. BS in Computer Systems Phi Sigma Kappa. Vice President (3). Social Chairman (2); Basket- ball Intramurals (1,2) Charles B. Yales. 429 Ford Street. Garland. Texas 7504 .l lonathan I. Yavelow. 225 WesI Eighty-sixth Street, New York, New York 10024 Gerald D. Yingst. 1600 Larry Lane, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17112 George O. Young. 2221 Longview Drive, Wood- bridge, Virginia 22191, Tamara E. Young. 60 Rhode Is- land Avenue. NW, Washington, DC, 20001, Mark D. Youngblood. 904 Fchols Street, SE, Vienna, Virginia 22180 David L. Younl. 2!05 Middlelown Road, Hershey, Pennsylvania 17033. Lorrie M. Yudin. 3 Manor Drive. Belhpage, New York 11714 BA in Education Floor President (4) Robert A. Zager. Rebecca M. Zaidman. Via Medere 6, Ascona, Switzerland. Elaine Zampas. 25 North New Haven Avenue, Venlnor, New lersey 08406. BS in Bio ' ogv Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Beta Beta Neil J. Zanville. 4 Anihersl Road, Hicksville, New York 11801. Carolyn H. Zearfoss. 8218 Wesi Boulevard Drive Alex- andria, Virginia. Diana L. Zeiger. 2801 Thirty-i-ighlh Street, N.W.. Washington. D C 20(X)7 William ). Zervas. 44 Ballard Drive. Wanamassd. NEW lersey 07712. BSBA in Accounting. Randy R. Zichl. 1126 Roxbury Drive. Westbury, New York 11590. Gul A. Zikria. 100 New- comb Road, Tenafly, New lersey 07670 Helaine M. Zinaman. 17 Theodore Drive, Plainview, New York 1 180) BA in Elementary Education Brian M. Zorn. 55 Kansas Avenue, Bayshore, New York 11706 BA in Liter- ature Phi Kappa Phi Cynthia M. Zsittnik. 12901 Georgia Avenue. VVhejtiin. M.iiyland 21191)6 BS in Elemenlary Education Patricia A. Zukerowski. 9438 Stonington Road. Parma Heights. Ohio 44130 Max W. Zweig. 8622 Manchester Road, Silver Spring, Mary and 20901 BS in Business Eagle, (1,2,3,4), Photo Editor (4), leffrey L. Zyontz. 57 Holiday Drive, West Caldwell, New )ersey 07006 (;f.A,)J) I F I US) TMViH Track Theatre Muzeeka, Cop-Out, and Homefries, on e act comedies by lohn Guare The Crucible by Arthur Miller Tavern 1, 2, BIZZ, 4, BUZZ, BIZZ, BANG, 8, BIZZ, BUZZ, 11, BIZZ, BIZZ, BANC, BIZZ-BUZZ, 16, BANC, BIZZ, 19, BUZZ, BIZZ-BANC, 22, BIZZ, BIZZ, BUZZ-BUZZ, 26, BIZZ-BANC, BANC, 29 . . . Tennis MEN ' S TENNIS TEAM Beri Anderson Skip Bishop Bruce Cnase Lou Halon Doug Hebard Allen Jacobs Dan lohnson Andy luster lack Kline Lary Rosenblatt lelf Seiken Ion Shaner Brian Tennery Barbara Friedman Manager Larry Nyce Coach The men ' s tennis team fought oft the rains and the hardest schedule in recent years to finish with a 6-7 record, highlighted by a third place finish m the MAC East. The netters had a respectable season, paced by the fine doubles play of Andy luster and Doug Hebard. luster and Hebard finished second in both the MAC meet and the DC Intercollegiate tourney, both firsts for AU. Sophomore Jeff Seiken was 6-3, the best of the singles records while Lary Rosenblatt was 8-2 in doubles. WOMEN ' S TENNIS TEAM The women ' s tennis team had an outstanding season finishing undefeated in six matches in the fall. Their record established them as favorites for the Metropolitan Intercollegiate Sports Association spring championship. Coach Tesha larrett was very pleased with the team ' s performance particularly against GWU, Georgetown and Mount Vernon. Singles players Roberta Coffin, Beverly Myers, Pam Price, and Becky Weaver sparkled. The doubles pairs Eleanor Friend and Iva Kugler, Regina Hodge and Norma Brockman, Nancy Buckler and Elaine Emerson, and Debbie Nathanson and Melody Dorfman, were equally adroit. Debbie Scott filled in admirably at both spots for the fine squad. University Senate Vending Machines Vietnam The Toll: Twelve Years of War lanuary 1, 1961 to lanuary 28, 1973 Military: United States killed 45,933 wounded 303,616 captured 587 missing 1,335 South Vietnam killed 183,528 wounded 499,026 North Vietnam and Vietcong killed 924,048 Other Allied combat dead 5,225 Koreans, Thais, Australians, and New Zealanders. U.S. Cost of the War: $105 billion Number of Servicemen who served in Vietnam: 2.6 million Wrestling Bob Andreoli Pat Bates lamie Blumenthal Ron Ferrara Dan French lack Haire Charles Kilmer Ted Lepski Carlton Marshall Alan Meltzer Bob Morales Dan Moskowitz Bob Richmond Dave Rosen Bob Sarnotf Dave Sherman Steve Starr Bob Karch Coach Coach Bob Karch ' s wrestlers, despite a 4-7 dual meet mark, enjoyed one of the finest grappling seasons ever seen at American University. The wrestlers advanced from 8th to 5th m the Middle Atlantic Conference, earned their first incfividual championship and placed in tour weight classes. Ron Ferrara was the Eagles ' first champ. The sophomore 126 pounder won his division and advanced to the NCAA championships at Seattle, Washington where he was defeated in a tough match by the eventual fifth place finisher. Ferrara ' s overall record was 13-3-0. lack Haire was 13-2-0 in the 167 pound class and took second at the MACs. The best record of all, however, belonged to junior Bob Richmond who wrestled m the 142 pound class. He was 24-1- 0, finished third in the MACs, won the MIT Invitational, and the Maccabiah Games trials. Last summer Richmond competed in Israel with swimmer Mike Plitman, soccer player Mark Lowenstein and runner Gary Cohen. Carlton Marshall, a )unior college transfer, finished fourth in the 150 pound class with a record oi 8-5-1. He performed well in the second half of the season and figures to be strong in 1973-74. WAMU 2r:i?i MHaii taitt . Who ' s That VEi 66 i Who was thai? Excellence Amenccin IJniveKsity aspires (0 lixceUence. Excellence is ni) longer opiional for a prisaie univerMiy— it is a necessity Bui exitlkntc IS elusive, and requires continuous cffon. The -Vmcrican I niversitv is. in tact, sinviny (or excellence and (or eJuiali. ' nal leadership in the nalion ' s capital. Ti-J.i ihe l nive™i is jt iis hiirhcst point ol accomplishment It has Townioopiimal M.;e in simleni xh. faculty. andph MCdl plant. Thciudenihixl) issubili cdai I ' ' ,l)fXl,the(JCull t(■«10l " supplemcn■ ledb o .er " SKpeLuJistiliomlhc Wushinglonarea Thclundamenial plani cKiMs There wilt l c changes, additions, refinements, and im- pro emenLs, bull he hasidniversiiy stands today, ready loct nsolidate itsstreni;ihdnd[iKni)vetowjrdit sj;oals. Bur iherc isonc glaring enccpiion — a library wonhyo( so vigorous - libra ■ ■■ . ■■■ -a library thai will suppon the University ' s programs ihis need, the Trustees ii( The Amencan I niversity have authiin rd a SIO miiliun campaiyn (or a new L ' iiivfr it Lihnirx ' .ind Lfurnitit- Rf i ' unf ( friu- ' The building, desii ncd by Archiiecl Richard F isier in cunsulutioit wuh I nivcrMiy Librarian Donald Dennis, wilHK ' auniiJucmonumenr.anhinunieniniii in the Iradmonal sense ol marble and lass. but a nK ' numcnl to ihe preservation o( Iii:hl,air, and j;reen space, .ind li. ef(ecii e education The -XnienLan I nuersiiv is proud in announce us environmcntaJlv orienied Library plan desiijned to meei the educational needs o( looay s andmmorrowssiudenisanii nv inis presentation to launcn its c.impaij:n lu raise the required Sill million. fhc oriliuirriien of ihf l.ihnm- { ' unipui n Coriimiiwe prf tni thn THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY- WMhinEioB.D.C. BOARD OF TVirSTEZS Quinnin, RayiminJ I (imkkon • ' ice-Ouinnin- BmUuv Minictin «cT«ur . Muy Br ]k WuJum THVSTEES Ph.l.Ci D.ll.-n Allen Oi M.liMm F Dynklc It M» l lli Pclc»-n Ml )( im.» al c M(r taikJ i. ' « (S t WmUKIWI-n UC Mi SiaoM K n) H«h»vr ' !»• AINcn V Sh.ri(i ii »«a TtM H ' n I ' tinl Sfurknun ..K WeiUfuion DC iil -ia ii ThrKin Flmci B Siuii [iKkrrvn Mv U l T M uinG liii Mi .a »a (,r •t Yearbook Zoo Zee End EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Linda Lee deMilt EDITOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Susan Patricia Davis BUSINESS MANAGER Thomas Visotsky ART DIRECTOR Susan Frances Golden PRODUCTION AND LAYOUT Susan Patricia Davis Linda Lee deMilt Alexandra Livingstone Dickson Susan Frances Golden C. Anthony lackson Eduardo Mario Zayas PHOTOGRAPHY left Adamott Wayne E. Avis. Patricia A. Bonner Alan Cantor Patti Casey Susan Patricia Davis Linda Lee deMilt Mark Grobman Lesley Halpern Nancy Harrell Kozo Hiramatsu George D. Hill D. M. lones Russell P. McAllister Mike O ' Toole Bob Parrish John Carver Scott III Max Zwelg AU News Bureau COPY Alexandra Livingstone Dickson Michael Voipe Paul Schwartz Introduction to American Folklore Class, Spring 1973, Dr. Duncan Emrich COVER DESIGN Susan Frances Golden Eduardo Mario Zayas ADVERTISING DESIGN Gregory Paul Bolosky ORGANIZATIONS Pamela Small SELECTED FACULTY Ed Kean Linda Lee deMilt Susan Patricia Davis COPY CONTRIBUTORS David Lemmond Eugene I. Goldman Linda Lee deMilt Susan Patricia Davis C. Anthony lackson SPECIAL THANKS TO: Coy Harris o Williams Domino In Memoriam Amy Levine Mary Susan Sorenson Brian Wallwork Deborah Harris Marcia Hunt Richard Sitcomb Grace A. Kempton Dr. William Wendell Clelland Dr. Edward A. Mooers, Sr. Dr. Simon Naidel Dr. Fred H. Nothman Dr. Robert H. Roth Dr. Leo A. Wall Professor Orton Boyd Professor Esther Ballou The American University Admissions Office .??:2»5, " i % ,P ' d V ' r -V ' ' .i ikranaers GftRDeM cenieR THANK YOU for using MACKE EXTRAordinary food and refreshment services tlie Macke company ONE MACKE CIRCLE • CHEVERLY, MARYLAND 20781 Drink Positive! Budweiser Malt Liquor - The first malt liquor good enough to be called BUDWEISER. Anheuser-Busch, Inc. why should yoii consider Fu st Natioiud first? e think your Inisinc-ss is important — By helping you grow, we grow too i ' bring imagination lo bankint; service — EXPRESS BANKING provides banking services 24-nour5 a day. 7 days a week WE NEVER CLOSE. We offer Convenient Banking — We ' re concerned— What ' s good for our commumiy is good for you and us 1 m THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ' WASHINGTON W£.ue£B fiOEfiAi. «£S£fil£ AHO fO-C— PHONE }»»I000 Jaffee — New York Decorating Co. Canteen The American Security Bank office serving the American University is located at 49th Street and Fordham Road, N.W. In Washington, more people bank on American Secm ity for 99 good reasons Vnuianv.unlM[i. mt.TKjnStT.univ, For at IcJiKt 99 Iksnkini; anil tniat M ' rvicot. And it ' uu can think of arothiT— JMUt ask. mil AMERICAN SECURPTY BANK JlTt Wesley Heights Pharmacy American University Alumni Association m w student Confederation of the American University I saw a man pursuing the horizon; Round and round they sped. I was disturbed at this; I accosted the man. " It is futile, " I said, " You can never — " You lie, " he cried. And ran on. Stephen Crane DOES NOT CIRCULATE „ 9 WM.J.KeLLeR . -Jl V... ' ' ■ " C. ■:.:- y. " .V . ■ ■ ■ J ' . • r ' J • • ■ m K A ' ' • ' M ■»,■ ■ •■-. ' ■;■ ■1 ■ .; ' : ' . , B P:,. ;■■ .■.. K i-:-? ' ' .- , V » . ' - ' . ' : .■ ■.■-■ ■ « ' ?it: " n- ., ' •- ' ' - ' . ' .J M:, : ■ ■)-y: .r ' ' y : s. ■.:■■■■■ ' " ■.■•■ - •. % ' :i ' -■ t -. -vo .... W ' ' : iiiiii

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