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l « v The American University Student Association Presents , ♦ ♦ i o oto " fAr iLiinnnnnn ' The Nineteen Sixty-Two Contents Introduction 1- 13 Administration 14- 23 Campus Life 24- 53 Extracurricular Activities 54- 99 Government 56- 64 Honoraries 65- 70 Clubs 71- 82 Communicative Arts 83- 99 Greeks 100-125 Features 126-139 Sports 140-167 Seniors 168-188 Advertisements 189-206 Student Directory 207-224 Ed ' iior Lois Woodruff Business Manager Ira Bloom Editor Emeritus Harrell Fuller Faculty Advisor Ray Hiebert - • ' 5 The American University welcomes you. Presenting The American Glover Gate leads the way to Hughes Hall The activities which take place within a university, and the people who participate in them, are perhaps the best representation of that university. Because the university is large, and the people who attend it have diverse interests, it follows that there is a variety of programs and activities within the university. The Ameri- can University has a broad program for those students interested in Government, International Relations, Busi- ness Administration, and the Arts and the Sciences. The American University has a curriculum to fulfill the needs of the students in these areas, and it con- tinues to seek means of broadening the range of study. Special care is taken to see that each addition and alteration which occurs in the University will help to stimulate the intellectual, creative, spiritual, social, and physical well-being of its students. To meet the demands of the rapidly-growing stu- dent population, and to keep pace with the modern improvements in our productive American society. The American University has a program of expansion, en- richment and refinement. The past year has seen many changes on campus, and there are plans for many more to come in the near future. One is impressed by the construction which is under way and by that which has just been completed. The newest building on campus is the Watkins Art Gallery. The American University Law School will soon be built on the Uptown campus. To eliminate much of the crowd- ing in dormitory rooms, an addition to Hughes Hall was begun last year and is expected to be completed in September of 1962; more dorms are scheduled to be built in the near future. Even the fraternities have fallen under the spell of construction and several have built beautiful new houses. Furthermore, although many A.U. students may find this incredible, by the end of 1963 all of the temporary wooden buildings will be torn down and modern permanent buildings will be put up in their place. University ♦ ♦ ♦ Construction is completed on the new art gallery. Dedication of the new Watkins Art Gallery. The boys enjoy another night as the Eagles go on to victory. The mail room is a popular place between 11 ancJ 12 every day. Now why were we all assembled in front of MGC? FM radio is started on the American University Campus. The face is familiar to every A.U. student. The American University Debate Society against Oxford University. The President of the Student Association takes port in the American heritage. Another week-end informal dance Is held In Clendenen. Students are encouraged to take part in the religious aspects of the campus. Then there are the moments of humor on any campus. The faculty is always willing to offer help to the interested student. A university is a wonderland of new and exciting ideas and events. No matter what he is studying, a student is ex- posed to new and vital information. He is taught certain fun- damental concepts upon which he can later build with greater experience, knowledge, and understanding. And, of greater importance, he learns where and how to find still more in- formation. Because of its size, A.U. is able to function as an inde- pendent community, having a weekly newspaper, Interde- nominational chapel, a radio-television station, complete dining facilities, a miniature department store in the Book Store, two gymnasiums, tennis courts, a swimming pool, sev- eral athletic fields, and a theatre in which dramatic produc- tions are staged each year. A.U. has its own student gov- ernment, and every year in the Spring there is a frenzy of campaigning followed by the democratic experience of voting. All these things have been made possible by the efforts of the students with the aid and encouragement of their advisors and the administration. Enthusiasm has increased in recent years, and rare is the student today who does not avail himself of the opportunities offered him through par- ticipation in at least one or two of these community activities. Once a year the Greeks lake over the dramatic facilities of the Theatre. And who can forget the athletic prowess of the girls? Cleaves prepares another well-balanced meal. Many needs of every student and faculty member can be found in the Book Store. ■ 1 1 .jjjSte The spring invites everyone to use the benches for study. Asbury building is the home of the Registrar and Admissions office. Hurst Hail Is ready for another session of night classes. 10 Construction proceeds on the addition to Hughes Hall. Yes, the American University is a growing university and so are all of its people. The TALON can trace vari- ous stages of the development of the school and its activities, but only you can trace the influence that these have had on you. Who can say v hat is really The American University? Each person connected with the school as a mem- ber of the student body, or as a part of the personnel employed to keep the university functioning physically, will choose difFerent features of A.U. to recall. Pictures often help to fix memories in the mind more clearly, and it is hoped that many pictures in the pages that follow will remind you of significant landmarks and events connected with your life here at The American University. And so with this in mind, the stafF of the 1962 TALON presents to you THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY. An eight o ' clock class in IS calls the tired student. Dedicated to Dr. LAWRENCE W. WADSWORTH It is with great pleasure that we dedicate this year ' s TALON to Dr. Lawrence W. Wadsworth. We take this opportunity to acknowledge his out- standing contributions to the academic and social life of the American University. Having attended this University in the capacity of both a student and a professor, he has come to exemplify the unchanging and lasting values of friendship and service which are a permanent part of our tradi- tions. He has helped to make our college an insti- tution of which we are truly proud. Dr.- Wadsworth ' s thorough knowledge of the courses he teaches has enabled him to pass on to his students a wealth of invaluable knowledge. The students who are in his classes receive far more than instruction in International Law and in Ameri- can Diplomatic and Consular Practices, for he also devotes time to expounding on his own experiences and views concerning these subjects. Since coming to this campus. Dr. Wadsworth has been an untiring worker who has always been willing to give of himself to aid students in solving their problems. As a result of his efforts, there ex- ists among the students of The American University a thread of common goals and ideals symbolized by Dr. Wadsworth ' s continuous striving for higher standards in making the American University into a greater institution. We dedicate the 1962 TALON to Dr. Law- rence Wadsworth for his unselfish service to us as a teacher and a friend, for he has won a lasting place in the hearts of the students and faculty for his fair and objective judgments and devotions to our intellectual and social growth. 12 13 Administration The President DR. HURST R. ANDERSON 16 THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY WASHINGTON 16, D. C OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Dear Students: The theme of this year ' s TALON is " Presenting The American University. " As you turn the pages of the yearbook, you will see the many faces your University turns to the world and for which you have your own loyalties and affections. But I hope that behind them you will see, too, other meanings -- meanings which are implicit in the words " American " and " university, " Throughout the long journey of man ' s naind through the jungles of ignorance, over the centuries, the university has held the highest torch to light the dark pathways, and has led the way through the thorny obstacles of misinformation and prejudice. This function of a university has not ended nor lessened now that we are embarked upon the space age. The responsibilities of intellectual leadership have increased in the complexities of modern day living, responsibilities not only of the universities but of their people as well. In the work of the universities lies much of the hope of the world for enlightenment and leadership. I think I need not spell out for you the important meanings of the word " American " to those of us who live here. What the word means to the world is, perhaps, even more important to us because we have the obligation of making sure that " American " means to the world as well as to us man ' s freedom, his right to rule himself, his chance for a new, improved existence. Our University is proudly najned. This inheritance has fired us with determination that all of the planning going forward now and projected for the future shall embody the finest and best in the tradition which is this inheritance. Very sincerely yours. cSuaoi l Hurst R. Anderson President 17 Vice-Presidents STAFFORD H. CASSELL Administrative Assistant to the President WILLIAM O. NICHOLS Treasurer and Business Manager K. BRENT WOODRUFF Director of University Development 18 Administrative Officers JOHN WAKEFIELD Director of Admissions ANNE JENSEN University Librarian DAVID CARRASCO Director of Atf letics LOIS TORRENCE University Registrar LeROY GRAHAM University Chap ain RUTH JOHNSON University Bursar MERRILL EWING University Comptroller CHARLES SCHOOLS Director of Physical Plant RUTH BARKER Director of Publicity 19 Office of Student Personnel CHARLES VAN WAY Wesf Point; M.A. American University SUSAN OLSON American University M.A., Columbia University PATRICIA SCHILLER B.S., Wilson Teachers College; LL.B. Brooklyn Law School; M.A., American University RAY HIEBERT Standard University; M.S. Columbia University; M.A. Maryland University RONALD JACKSON Beloit College; M.A. Kansas Stale SUSAN SHAW Indiana University ■B PI ■11 l l H H Hfe f H ht JH 1 9 H l jpig ,. m —- — - HI H 1 m. ' l JHH I H ii l B HlllHP « - sc:- saH|| HHf flHiMI 1 m |H «t? vT| |B |H ■■■ 1 1 H H H I H ■i HI HHI Bnkiii MHii »j ' HIi HHIHI BH I 20 ROBERT JONES American University JOSEPH NEALE Betchney College; S.T.B. Wesley Theological Seminary Dean! NATHAN BAILEY School of Business Administration B.S.S. City College of New York; M.A. Ph.D. Columbia University RALPH JOHN School of Arts and Sciences B.A., Bereo College; S.T.S., S.T.M. Boston University Ph.D., American Uniyersify RICHARD ERAY Division of Special Studies B.A., M.A., University of Colorado RICHARD VAN WAGENEN Graduate School Stanford University; M.S. in PA Syracuse University; Ph.D. Stanford University CATHERYN SECKLER-HUDSON School of Government and Public Administration North Missouri State; M.A. Missouri; Ph.D. American University ERNEST GRIFFITH School of Inlernolional Service Hamilton College; Ph.D. Oxford JOHN MEYERS Washington College of Law B.S., LI. 8., Harvard University 2) DONALD BOWLES Economics University of Washington; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University THOMAS EVAUL Physical Education B.A, Guilford College; M.Ed., University of Nortfi Carolina Ph.D. American University CHARLES M. CLARK Englisfi Cornell University; M.A., Ph.D. Cornell University WILLET KEMPTON Journalism and Public Relations B.A., M.A. University of Wisconsin LEO SHUBERT Chem sfry City College of New York; Ph.D. Maryland University GORDON SMITH Music Woosfer College; M.A. Mills College; Ph.D. University of Iowa JACK YOCUM Speech and Drama Washburn Municipal College; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin JOHN W. DEVOR Education B.A., M.A. Kansas State; Ph.D. University of Chicago HUGO MUELLER Languages and Linguistics Ph.D. Hamburg University Department Chairmen 22 ELLIS WEITZMAN Psychotogy Emory College; M.A. Creighton College; Ph.D. Nebraska University STEVEN SCHOT Mathematics B.S., American University; I.A., Ph.D. Maryland University BEN L. SUMMERFORD Art American University; M.A. American University AUSTIN VAN DER SLICE Sociology and Anthropology Kansas State; Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania SUMNER O. BURHOE 8 o ogy U. of Massachusetts; Ph.D. Harvard University ERNEST POSNER History Ph.D. Berlin University JOHN FREY Earth Science University of Chicago; Ph.D. University of Vv ' isconsin MARK HARRISON Physics Northeast Missouri State College; Ph.D. Catholic University HAROLD DURFEE Philosophy and Religion B.D. Yale; Ph.B. University of Vermont; Ph.D. Columbia University 23 Campus Life Another fondly-remembered tradition at AU. Orientation Week With a friendly " Welcome Clods! " the class of ' 65 was oriented to AU. Waiver exams, convocation, and a deans ' reception marked the formal parts of Orientation Week. Fun started with hazing and the picnic which featured the annual capping ceremony. The frosh found dorm mixers, Greek open houses. Club Fair, an outdoor movie, the street dance, and the Inter-Religious Club Dinner to be the preliminaries to a new year of academic and social excitement. Dear Mom, " Well, if I ever do have any problems , ' Now can we hove a hot dog? " 26 The fraternity presidents prepare to announce the bids on Bid Day. Fraternity Rush Parties, bull sessions, handshakes — this is fraternity rush. Fraternity men seek out prospective pledges and introduce them to the goals of fraternalism. Friendship is the base on which successful rushing rests. And then Bid Day, that frantic day of acceptance and celebration: " I ' m a fraternity man! " Congratulations! " Oh when those TEP ' s go marching in 27 Sorority Rush Phi Mu ' s entertain at rush openhouse. " Hi there, " and sorority rush is ofF and running. For three weeks of open houses, parties, and formal afFairs, soror- ity girls meet rushees; lasting friendships and a chance for a fuller campus life are offered by the sororities. Informal rush follows where rushees may observe and weigh the assets of sorority life. Sorority rush party to the theme of The Roaring Twenties. I wonder if they really like me? 28 " And they ' re off! " The Winnah! The mighty Greek torchbearer officially opens the games. Sig Olympics Competing in the seventh annual " Sig Olympics " spon- sored by Alpha Sigma Phi, six AU sororities battled for the trophy. The wildly-cheered events — the water balloon relay, soc- cerball kick, egg throwing and tablespoon races, three-legged race, pie eating contest, and wagon drag — left Alpha Chi Omega in first place. 29 ODhomore inner uance Sophomore Queen Candidates-Sylvia McGillon, Dinah Lin, Lane Hardy, Toddy Jobanyik, Ines Saflka. 30 Marilyn Wolfson announces the girls elected by the women in residence as those most representative of the student body. Christmas at AU Christmas at AU is warm with tradition. Parties and decorations reflected the Christmas spirit. The Christmas Banquet, held in Cleaves Cafeteria, found students and administration mixing voices in carol singing. In the same spirit, the Greeks held a party and dinner for Washington orphans. The candle-lit Best Loved Girl Ceremony chose Janet Kahwaty as best loved. Carol singing and four o ' clock lates put another touch of Christmas on the AU campus. The " Clowns " entertain at the annual Christmas banquet for area orphans. p ■ ■ whi ' ' wm ' m k -■ ' ' ' •, ii H ' JBB :. hI B -l l i wHf 1 ' ' ■ ' M Bv ■ " ■■■■■i v H H ■ 1 ' f R f • « 1 ■ -li m i KD does the twist at a sorority Christmas Party. Someone got a present at the DG Christmas Party. 31 Richard Maltby escorts Janet Kahwaty through the Homecoming blizzard of 1961. PEP ' s queen nomination, Sunny Kessler, gives that smile that melts the snow. Although we hod no " Johnny marching home, " we did hove the Army ' s Marching Band. From helicopter to convertible, it ' s Maltby all the way. Homecoming 1961 32 December 7-10 marked one of the social highlights of the year at AU-Homecoming. The schedule-packed weekend, centering on " The Road to Adelphi " theme, began Thursday night with a queen candidates ' motorcade and an enthusiastic pep rally. Friday and Saturday, alumni judges awarded trophies to Greeks and Independents for floats and room decorations. Alpha Chi Omega and Alpha Tau Omega were winners for room decorations and Alpha Phi Omega received first place in the float parade. Saturday was filled with the float parade and swimming, wrestling, and basketball con- tests with Adelphi. Saturday evening was the annual dance at Indian Springs Country Club, with music by Richard Maltby and his orchestra. Glee Pulley was crowned Homecoming Queen by President Anderson, apd Jean Yates was princess. To top off a wonderful weekend. The Brothers Four entettained AU students and their dates in Clendenen Sunday afternoon. The Charlie Weaver of A.U. M.C. ' s the pep rally. Our cheerleaders entertain the masses. That old spirit shines through the night. The Roman Coliseum never saw spectacles such as th ese. With the top down and the heater up, we all made the pep rally. 33 ATO took us all on a magic carpet ride to the Temple of the Oracle. Mrs. Show presents Carl Cirul of ATO the trophy for first place house decorations. Armand Scala receives the first place float trophy won by APO. 34 ATO couldn ' t help taking second place with this animated rendition of Achilles. Glenn Carlson gives ATO ' s modest representative charge of the float trophy. i Kr e l Jason ' s " Quest for the Golden Fleece " put Alpha Chi Omega in first place for sorority room decorations. 35 The young lovelies nominated for Homecoming Queen form the line-up for our photographer. President Anderson introduces Jean Yates, Homecoming Princess, as Vic Sussman leers in the background. Homecoming Queen of 1961 accepts the plaudits of her court. 36 Glee Pulley registers complete surprise upon winning the homecoming queen competition. " Our next song is a little risque. " As you see, the audience Is hypnotized by it. Witty, satiric, and successful are the only words to describe the Brothers Four. The sound of Richard Maltby made the Homecoming dance a delightful affair. 1 (, " 0 B HlP L . 1 ' I ■■ " ' ' . ' l H ' ' ' ' ' ' f 1. 37 Talon Skit Night Sponsored this year by Pan Hellenic Coun- cil and IFC, Talon Skit Night drew its customary SRO audience in Clendenen Theatre. Under the direction of Steve Lev, Independents and Greeks competed for trophies in tv o divisions. Vic Suss- man was Master of Ceremonies. New this year was the drawing of themes from a hat by the competing groups. Themes ranged from westerns to fairy tales. Winning the Independent trophy was the Freshman Class, with the history of Personal Health as its theme. Health and its instructor were traced from Rome to 1984 and Big Sister. Taking first honors in the Greek division were Alpha Epsilon Phi and Tau Epsilon Phi with a western theme starring Boothill Berkowitz and Percy Pureheart. Runners-up were Kappa Delta and Phi Sigma Kappa with a fairy tale skit. Following the excitement of trophy presen- tation was the crowning of Tara Lowe as Talon Queen with Karen Klippert and Glee Pulley as her princesses. Bobi Perrel, former Talon Queen, crowns Tara Lowe OS the 1962 Talon Queen. M.C. Vic Sussman says, " at least it ' s invisible. " Talon Skit Night Princesses Glee Pulley and Karen Klippert ■ i i ak ■| Hk; 1 K 1 ■E 1 ' H Hl. 1 1 f i hm j l mm m H i 1 ' ifl I KIk IS 1 RRa M SSBB H 38 Independent trophy-winning Freshman Class skit. " Hooray for Weir, " says Weir in Sophomore Class skit. 39 Twisting witfi Alpha Sig and Phi Mu ATO-DG skit " There was no mistaking that invitation, " says Mike Hammer in Sigma Tau— KTT skit. A friendly student advisor comforts a homesick freshman in Phi Ep— A Chi O skit. Jli 40 Percy Pureheart cleans up by buying Park Place and Boardwalk in winning TEP— AEPhi skit. TEP ' s Bob Weiss and AEPhi ' s Sue Shultz accept trophies from skit night odvisor Mrs. Sue Shaw as Director Steve Lev looks on. 41 HHHHHJI HHH ■HH91 %mM jjm m Hj H H » " Wm HRPi l K ' H ■l " ' Jl ijiki g 1 L F Q Weekend The 1962 Inter-Fraternity Council Ball, highlight of the Greek year, was held at the Hotel Washington. Presi- dent Hurst R. Anderson crowned Miss Ellen Davison of Alpha Epsilon Phi I.F.C. Queen. Miss Myra Mandel of Kappa Theta Tau was chosen as Princess. Sunday evening, Leonard Gym was the setting for the annual Greek Song- fest. Alpha Chi Omega took top honors in the sorority competition and Alpha Tau Omega won first place in the fraternity sing. Tau Epsilon Phi and Kappa Delta were awarded the Scholarship trophies, while Pi Epsilon Phi won the athletic award. Jo Ann Test was named Outstanding Sorority Woman and Jim Kefauver received the Outstand- ing Fraternity Man award. JefF Human and Sunny Kessler were chosen Outstanding Senior Independent Man and Woman. Ellen Davison is crowned I.F.C. Queen by President Anderson. Ellen and her escort, Steve Karsch, share the honors of leading the dance. I.F.C. Princess Myra Mandel (front left) and partner Enjoy a slow number. 42 Jean Yates leads Alpha Chi through their paces at Songfest. A.T.O ' s President Gus Holmes accepts their well-won Songfest trophy. Jean Yates receives the first place Songfest trophy from M.C. Dick Snoke. The A.T.O. brotherhood gives their well-known rendition of " The A.T.O. Blues. " 43 Alpha Chi Omega takes part in a sorority ritual after winning Songfest. Mrs. Shaw presents Jo Ann Test with the Outstanding Senior Sorority Woman cup. The A.T.O. ' s start tuning up for next year ' s Songfest. Sigma Tau brushes up on their eye sight as well as their Shakespeare. 44 Lynn Steinko gives a hand to Inez Safika. TEP ' s Shelly Nasar might not be a Mitch Miller, but he surely has that feeling. The lovely young ladies of KD give out with their best at Songfest. r 1 «ii M|MMvi 45 Women ' s Dorm Life Dormitory life is a different ex- perience. In the dorms there is study- ing, washing clothes, ironing, and the ever constant talking. Dorms are not quiet; dorms are not always neat; dorms do not always improve grades; but dorms certainly are interesting. $3.00 for a shampoo and set at " Chez Hughes. " Dear President Kennedy, we have a housing problem. And here is our newest model. And then poppa bear said, " Who ' s been eating my porridge? " 46 Men s Dorm Life I just can ' f believe the sun ' s up this early. No, No, it ' s not binoculars, it ' s a camera. What is it like in a men ' s dorm? It is like living in an amusement park all year round, only there is no cotton candy. It is the only place where you can hear Chopin, Frank Sinatra, and Ray Charles all at the same itme. A mens ' dorm reminds one of a box of animal crackers. Alfred Hitchcock presents. No tickee, no shirtee. 47 See you around the Campi 48 49 50 51 Extra Curricular Activities Jim Kefauve President Lenny Sloan Comptroller College Council Organization Chart of College Council EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE COMPTROLLER PRESIDENT V. PRESIDENT SECRETARY Class Presidents COB Senior Reps. IRCC Junior Reps. ICC Faculty Advisor Sophomore Reps. Office Student Personnel Freshman Reps. D n D D D D Chaplain (non voting) COMMITTEES 56 The College Council consists of the Executive committee of the Student association, the class Presidents, and representatives from the various classes. The Campus Center Board, the Inter-Club Council and the Inter-religious Club Council are also represented. A Faculty member at large and a member of the OfRce of Student Personnel sit on the Council. The legislative and policy forming powers of the Student Association are vested in the Col- lege Council. The Council discusses all matters of importance to students, and makes recommenda- tions to the faculty and administration. The Coun- cil has a number of committees which deal with various areas of student life and with the organiza- tions within the Student Association. College Coun- cil possesses the final decision making power within the Student Association. There were many controversial issues dis- cussed by College Council this year. Probably the most important business discussed by College Council was affiliation with the National Student Association. After many hot debates in College Council the issue was brought to a referendum where the student body chose not to afRliate with N.S.A. Another topic that seemed to cause much anxiety in the Council was that issue concerning the review of the rules on the use of alcoholic bev- erages by A.U. students. The Council eventually worked this problem out with the administration through the Student-Faculty Committee. An innovation of the Council this year was the establishment of a Parent ' s Day, an attempt to introduce students ' parents to the University and the faculty. First row, left to right: Eddie Karoly, Jim Kefauver, Sunny Kessler, Lenoard Sloan. Sec- ond row; Al Soger, Horrell Fuller, Ann Bos, Bill Campbell, Ken Fritz. Third row: Dove Steinberg. Ines Safiko, Tom Wilson (sitting in for Jeff Human), Steve Serecpa, Lowell Cool- idge. Fourth row: Dave Rosenberg, Mike Beard, Tara Lowe, DeeDee Morgan, Margaret Moore, Fifth row: Buddy Keith, Keith Fleer, Vic Samra (sitting in for Dave Hertz), Jim Galloway Sixth row: Mrs. Berry, Susie Mann, Barry Yeskel (sitting in for Marilyn Wore). Seventh row: Dean Jackson, Dean Van Way, Dean Olson, Reverend Graham, Dean Weifenboch. 57 First row, left to right: Gwen Clark, Mark Zimmerman, Jim Gallo- way, Mrs. Shaw, Randy Sfoy, Sue Brown, Maggie Chamberlain, Joline Bardow, Alice Kepler, Reika Nakowatase. Second row.- Roger Swanson, Mike Trilling, Steve Lev, Vivi Selis, Marilyn Wolfson, Anna Mae Long, Tora Lowe, Keith Eleer, Tony Grant, Dave Friedman, Ken Fritz. Campus Center Board Executive Committee The Campus Center Board is the ad- ministrative arm of the College Council. Campus Center Board " . . . shall coordinate programs which serve the cultural, educa- tional, recreational, and social interests of the general student body and college staff. " Thus, it is the function of the CCB to organize and carry out the planning and presentation of such events as Homecoming, various con- certs, all campus-wide elections, and such other functions as the CCB, with the approval of the College Council, may deem necessary and proper. The membership of the Board is com- posed of four executive officers, eight com- mittee chairmen, two members-at-large from each of the four classes, and other represent- atives from such other organizations as the IFC, Pan-Hellenic Council, Women ' s Residence Council, and others. The Chairman and Comptroller of the Board are appointed by the Selections Committee of College Council while the other members of the Board are appointed by the Executive Board. 58 Seated, left to righ : Jim Galloway, Randy Stoy, Mark Zimmerman, Sue Brown. Staryding: Colonel Wheaton, Mrs. Susan Shaw. Publications The Publications Committee is an arm of the College Council and is therefore re- sponsible to the College Council. The chairman of the committee is appointed by the President of Council from Council membership. The editors of the four publications and the Sta- tion Manager of the radio station are the student members of the committee. The faculty advisor to each of these and a member of the Office of Student Personnel are, also, repre- sented on the committee. First row, leff to right: Bruce Chapman, Jim Lee, Harrell Fuller, Mr. Ray Hiebert, Mike Trilling, Dean Ronald Jackson. Second row. Lois Woodruff, Vic Sussman. College Council Committees The Student-Faculty Committee consists of four members of the College Council, the Dean of Students, the Faculty member of the College Council, and a member of the Facul- ty Executive Committee. The President of the Student Association serves as chairman. The Committee considers matters of student-faculty relations and serves as a communication unit between the students and the faculty. The Committee makes recommendations to Col- lege Council, the faculty and the administra- tion. Student-Faculty Relations leff fo right: Jim Kefauver, Bill Campbell, Pete Dickerson, Dean Charles Von V ay, Dean V eifenbach. Constitution The Constitution Committee is composed of a minimum of five members of the College Council v ho are appointed by the President of the Student Association. The Committee reviev s the Constitution of the Student Asso- ciation, the codes and constitutions of all boards, councils, clubs, committees, and the drafts of the constitutions of any newly pro- posed student organizations. Left to right: Taro Lowe, Jeff Human, Ken Gross, Jim Gollo- Way. 59 Orientation Board The Orientation Board, headed by on Executive Board selected by the Office of Student Personnel, plans and executes activi- ties that help to orientate all new students to the A.U. campus. With 150 members, the Board sponsors such functions as a picnic, the capping ceremony, mixers, convocations, and many other events that are helpful in making the new student familiar with the University. Leff fo right: Bee Dunn, Margaret Moore, Keith Fleer, Dave Harre, Bill Compton, Tom Wilson, Dave Shaheen, Vivien Sells. Student Health and Welfare Committee The Student Health and Welfare Com- mittee is chaired by the Vice-President of the Student Association who appoints a minimum of five members from College Council to the Committee. The Committee ' s purpose is to formulate policy to maintain high standards of health and safety on the campus. This year the Student Health and Wel- fare Committee was mainly concerned with issues concerning the Washington Hospital Center, the cafeteria, the campus lighting problem, the library, and the possibilities of establishing a postal sub-station. First row: Joel Katims, Eddie Karoly, Lynn Richards, Myra Mandell. Second row: Reiko Nakawatase, Myrna Rosen, Al Pollack, Jill Hawkinson. 60 Finance Committee The Finance Committee is composed of members of College Council and representa- tives from the various classes. The Comptroller of the Student Association acts as chairman. The Committee reviews the budgets of all student organizations and prepares the gen- eral Student Association budget. The Com- mittee also reviews requests for special allocations and makes recommendations to College Council. First row, left to right: Vivi Sells, Mark Zimmerman, Lynn Golden, Lenny Sloan, Sandy Kaufman, Art Dinkin. Second row: Bob Stone, Steve Serecpa, Steve Lev, Richie Horowitz, Mr. Merrill Ewing, Mike Bloom, unidentified, Harvey Weiss, Dean Charles Van Way, Bill Carpel. tjfil Inter-Club Council First row, left fo right: Margie Stern, Ed Karoly, Al Soger. Second row.- Betty-Chia Korro, Mae Soon Abbass, Arthur Goldberg, Rand Fetzer, Mike Beard, Lin Steinko, Bill Miller, Susan Rubenstein. The Presidents or elected delegates of all recognized Student Association clubs compose the Inter-Club Council which is chaired by the Vice-President of the Student Association. The Council acts as a coordinating body between the clubs and the College Council and also pro- motes unity and communication between the clubs. Inter-Religious Club Council First row, left to right: Myrna Rosen, Lowell Coolidge, Charles Whilhelm. Second row; Charles James, Raymond LeVan, Jeremy Browning, Chaplain LeRoy Graham. The presidents of all of the recognized religious clubs also serve as members of the Inter-Religious Club Council. The President of the Student Association selects one of these members to act as chairman of the Council. The Council acts as a coordinating body between the Uni- versity ' s religious groups and College Council. Class Officers SENIOR With the Senior year comes the taking of TALON pictures, comprehensive exams and all the perplexities that seniors seem to go through in the spring. Then the culmi- nation of the last four years — graduation. President Jeff Human Vice-Presidenf Tom Wilson Secretary Janet Kahwaty Treasurer Bill Compton JUNIOR The highlight of the Junior Class is the preparation of the Junior-Senior Prom which becomes the basis for the Spring Weekend. Once again this proved to be a very successful weekend. Presider)t Dave Hertz Vice-President Vic Samra Secretary Ginny Salzman Treasurer Mike Puro 62 SOPHOMORE The main concern of the Sophomore Class is that of " welcoming " the Freshmen with hazing. Once this event terminates, the class immediately begins on the Sopho- more Dinner Dance and other social events. President Keith Fleer Vice-President Bruce Cole Secretary Tex McKinnon Treasurer Maggie Chamberlain FRESHMAN The main duty of the freshman class consists of class organization. This year ' s class seems to have done very well with their triumphs in the Sophomore-Freshman Football Game, Skit Night, and their dance, " An International Affair. " President Dave Rosenberg Vice-President Dave Mills Secretary Sue Pfeiffer Treasurer Dan Natchez 63 : ' wmm:::)r " :m First row, left to right: Pan Harmon, JoAnne Test, Bee Dunn. Second row.- Libby Hahn, Sandy Smythe, Jane Ferguson, Jane Lewis. Women ' s Residence Regulation Board Women ' s Residence Council is composed of the presidents of the women ' s residence halls and the different floors of Hughes Hall. Each spring a campus-wide election is held to determine the members of the Executive Board of the Council. WRC is responsible for the formulation of the rules and regulations that women resident students must abide by. The Council is responsible for such things as the Best-Loved Girl Ceremony, late per- missions for special occasions, and the publication of the Coed Code, the publication containing the " do ' s and don ' ts for resident women. " Women ' s Residence Council First row, left to right: Ginny Solzman, Marilyn Ware, Bonnie Fengado, Morilyn Wolfson, Janet Kahwaty, JoAnne Test, Nancy Gillingliam, Vicki Marin. Standing: Sunny Kessler, Sue Mann, Kay Sutton, Janet Moyer, Ijo Kaplan, Toni Eisler. 64 H onoranes Alpha Phi Omega Men ' s Service Fraternity FirsI row: John K. Peckham, Norberto Kanner, Ar- mand A. Scala, Dave Slater, John Pickard. Second row.- Buddy Keith, Kenneth A. Johnson, Michael Schwed, Larry Fair, Paul Wright, Neil W. Bohnert. Third row-. Bernard Lee Price, Joel Malkin, Bill Tar- penning, Roger Noel, Rogers Pearson, Thomas D. Kohr, Alan H. Pollak. Fourth row: Gary Weaver, David Kendall, Arthur Weiss, David Stillman Alpha Psi Omega Drama Sfariding: Tara Lowe, Larry Lawlor, Phyllis MinkofF, Hal Isen, Faith Shrinsky. Sealed: Judy Buchanan, Lee McAdams ' Beta Beta Beta 6 o ogy Fronf row: Judith Gordon, Yen Do Hoang, Dr. Sum- ner O. Burhoe, Jane Barenblatt, Helen Jervis, Patricia Bertuzzi, David Bau, Armando A. de la Cruz. Second row: Estelle Weinman, Marcia Wilson, Barbara Fields, Dr. Martha Soger, Bernard Hartman. Third row: Barry Burka, Albert Greenfield, Sydney Silverman, Robert Rose. Fourth row: Ailene K. Rogers, Dr. Al- fred B. Chaet, John Porter, Jean Morton Cap and Gown Women ' s Scholarship Seated: Noel Nelson, Dean Olson, Sunny Kessler. Standing: Dot Waugaman, Mary McAdams; Glee Pulley, Janet Kohwaty Sigma Delta Chi Men ' s Journalism Left to right: Paul Labanauskas, Daniel Rogers, Phillip Warren, Suiyg Chiou Chen, Donald Kroeck Kappa Delta Epsilon Women ' s Education Sealed: Nancy Dryden, Freda PIckman. Stand- ing: Mary Young, Joy Potler, Roberta Kramer Mu Phi Epsilon Music Seated: Nancy Dryden, Marilyn Schou, Ruth Tobin, Meredith Moore. Standing: Helen Shehan, Mylitta Fletcher, Gaye Carwile, Betty Allan Kappa Phi Kappa Men ' s Education Robert Gell, Budy Keith, Dr. Samuel G. Burr, Jr. Omicron Delta Kappa Men ' s Leadership Seated: Dean Charles Van Way, James Kefauver, Dr. Charles M. Clark, Dr. Jack Yocum. Second row.- Arthur Abba Goldberg, Harrell Fuller, Bill Slone, Jeff Human, Jim Campbell, Charles Schools. Third row: Gory Judd, Don Dedrick, Paul Britt, Arnie Shaw, Robert Pine 68 Theta Sigma Phi Women ' s Journalism Seated: Holdegarde Redding, J. L. Redencus. Standing: Diana Higgins, Betty Lou Milne, E. J. Savidge Pi Delta Epsilon Collegiate Journalism Seated: Linda Johnson, Diana Higgins. Standing: Leonard Shapiro ... 1 v ' 1 Wtmitm 69 Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Sealed: Mrs. Anita Solomon, Mrs. Darlene Butler. Standing: Arthur Abba Goldberg, James Kefauver, Harrell Fuller, Don Robinson Sealed: Donna Geraci, Lee McAdams. Standing: Lynn Golden, Diana Higgins, Faith Shrinsky, Phyllis MinkofF, Tora Lowe Zeta Phi Eta Women ' s Speech Arts 70 Clubs All lance rrancais - - . " :.W-W The Alliance Francois is on organiza- tion whose main purpose is to bring together all students who are interested in the cul- tural, intellectual, and social aspects of the French people and their language. The club accomplishes this objective through meetings, movies and speakers. First row: Carolyn Sandhouse, Ines Safika, Carolyn Gail, unidentified, unidentified. Second row: Ann Greenwold, Jeanette Schupp, Beverly Filby, Cora Lee Borger, Gail Meade, Wendy Pelly, Louise Cashman. Third row: Jill Hawkins, Dinah Lin, Solly Kann, Ann Stevenson, Pat Walker, Marilyn Townsend. Fourth row: Steve Sanders, Luc Guinand, Dave Slater, Bill Way. Americans For Democratic Action The Americans for Democratic Action is a collection of students inter- ested in spreading liberal political views. First row: Penny Herman, Burt Wactel, Dove Friedman. Second row: Betty-Chia Karro, Melinda Miriam, Ann Young, Ayre Storrs, Helen McColl. Third row: Arthur Abba Goldberg, Unidentified, Mike Beard, William Miller, Ben Amos, Fred Joseph. Fourth row: Unidentified, Art Moron. 72 Anthropology Club The Anthropology Club is an organ- ization composed primarily of Anthropol- ogy and Sociology majors who are inter- ested in discovering more of the develop- ment of mankind. This is accomplished through meetings and lectures. Seated: Dawn Durham, Bob Humphries, Robert Clark, Don Rosefsky. Standing: Barry ShafFer, Ellen Andrus, Dr. Donald Hartle. Biology Club The Biology Club is dedicated to providing a program of activities in the biological sciences. In order to accomplish this objective, they provide diversified activities and programs. First row: Jane Barenbiatt, Mike Weinstock, Dr. Chaet, Bob Rose, Kay Mulach. Second row: Ed Besner, Charles, unidentified, Sid Silverman, unidentified, Neil Bonhert, John Keaveny, Dana Kennan, Steve Rice, Judy Gordon. Third row: Armando de LoCruz, Barry Burka, unidentified, Barbara Fields, Laurie Stone. 73 Booster Club The Booster Club has set its goal at providing a program of activities that will produce and maintain stLMdent spirit in the campus community. First row: Elaine Harris, Bill Tarpenning, Arthur Abba Goldberg, Al Bochrach. Second row.- Penny Herman, Myra Mandell, Narda Anderson, Jeri Hoddes, Laura Dickman. Third row: unidentified, unidentified, Rick Greenberg, Howie Ganns. Civil Rights Committee The Civil Rights Committee repre- sents those stu dents v ho are sincerely interested in spreading civil rights and liberties in the American Society. Seofed; Betty-Chia Karro, Helen McCall, Rand Fetzer, Arthur Abba Goldberg, Susan Rubensfeln. Standing: Fred Joseph, Bill Miller, Lenny Detlor, Mike Beard, Ben Amos. 74 German Club Firsi row: Pat Parker, Judy Uhle, Rose Tigani, Jeanne Yates, Gay Silberg. Second row: Steve Bobys, Cindy Smith, Margie Stern, Elinore Katz, Ines Saflka, unidentified. Dr. Frank (Adv.). The German Club gives students of German the opportunity to further their knowledge of the language in business and social meetings. These meetings are conducted in German with travelers and speakers to give a glimpse of the culture and history of the country. International Relations Club Consisting of members from many nations, the International Rela- tions Club promotes international understanding, education and harmony. They hold many diversified events which all students are invited to attend. First row: Sue Windling, Carolyn Braddock, Diane Galloway, Mike Beard, Bee Dunn, Carol Ransom. Second row.- Bobbi Perrell, Nancy Ash, Roberta Shaw, Molly Riggs, unidentified, unidentified, Libby Heyn, Lorna Nutter. Third row-. Dove Neiman, Steve Cohen, Randy, unidentified, Peter Keller. Fourth row: Arthur Weiss, Lyn Sipe, J. Reid. 75 Pan American Club Firsf row: Jane Neiport, Suarez Murrias, Mike Kanner, Pedro Ostreicher, Bill Way, Bobi Perrell, unidentified. Second row; Ann Weller, Betty Brown, Ines Sofika, Bonnie Michael, Carrie Thorndyke, Naomi Gurland, Moysoon Abbas. Third row: Andy unidentified. Randy unidentified, Hugh Buckingham, unidentified, Vidvunda Celtnicks, Ed Karoly, Doug, unidentified. The Pan American Club is composed of all students who have an interest in Spanish and the Spanish speaking cultures. They have regular meetings at which guest speakers discuss the various aspects of Spanish culture. Pan Ethnon The primary purpose of Pan Ethnon is to create and promote friendship and under- standing among foreign stu- dents. The club takes an inter- est in the social, cultural and economic aspects of the inter- national field. First row: Natalie Murray, Barbara Cooper, Mike Roehm, Janet Barnes, A! Raji, Sybil West. Second row: Mary Rice, Jaqui Juvenale, Cara Lee Borgor, Braith Sebold, Serena Cox, Ann Weller, Judy Uhle. Third row; unidentified, Cathy Rice, Melinda Meriom, Mary Allen, Joan Boeschler, Sherry Mueller, Carol Ransom. Fourth row: Maysoon Abbas, Lucila Pardo, Wendy Pelly, Pam Artinger, Susan Amich, Ruth Tobin. Fifth row: unidentified. Chip Ward, Art Brown, Dove Stillmon, Lowell Coolidge, unidentified, Hudeonu, Cham Hosi. Sixth row: Mr. Robert Neale (Adv.), Tom Kimmel, unidentified, Jim unidentified. Bob Zwinoira. 76 Political Science Club The Political Club serves to create interest in our no- tional political structure so as to act as a discussion group. Members enjoy a full year of meetings and educational dis- cussions and field trips. Firsf row: Al Steiner, Al Soger, Bill Miller. Second row: Undo Rafkind, Howie Gonas, Dave Rosenberg, Richard Lipsky, Jeff Human, Alice Kepler. Third row; Mike Beard, Jim Kelly, Bob Kessler, Don Solador. R ussian Club The Russian Club is an educational vehicle for those students inter- ested in the language, culture and customs of the Russian people. This is accomplished through a varied program of meetings, movies and discussions. Seated: Befty-Chia Karro, unidentified, Richard Blankenship, Jenine Missaghi. Standing: Judy Buchanan, Nina Roberts, James Kirkmon, Jeff Wolfe, Phil, unidentified, Vivian Bradley, Nancy Rasely. First row, left to right: Carolyn Smith, Mike Ryan, Sidney Rothbaum, Daniel Resnick. Second row: Ed Carlson, Don Thronhill, Glenn Ruggles, Joe Band. Third row; Richard Crane, Bill Gerber, Bryan Lee, Lee Potterfield, unidentified, Richard Harrington, Steve Kellner. Fourth row: Ben Huff, unidentified, Tom Lock. Society for the Advancement of Management The Society for the Advancement of Management is the recognized pro- fessional organization of management in industry, commerce, government and education. SAM brings executives and students together so that they may v iden their knowledge and develop a better understanding of business and of the free enterprise system. Student NEA With the guidance of the Na- tional Education Association, the Student NEA strives to promote concern in the various aspects of the teaching field and education in general. First row: Joy Poller, Mary V olfe, Glee Pulley, Mary McGregor. Second row: Lois Meyer, Norma Usdin, Myrna Rosen, Lynn White, Diane Daniels, Frieda Pickmon. Third row: Toby Friedman, Nancy Dryden, Lucy McWilliams, Nancy Pagliaro, Reona Cohen. Fourth row: Sue Blockord, Sue Sklar, Sara Hurwitz, Marilyn Brown, Lynn Richards. Fifth row: Al Steiner, Hossein Paris, Richard Tingley. 78 Women ' s ' W Club The purpose of the Women ' s " A " Club is to promote and stimu- late sports activities for women by making available recreational facilities and by offering sports competition, both intramural and extramural. First row: Miss Virginia Hawke, Janet Kahwaty, Sandy Smyth, Carol Thoden, Pom Harmon. Second row; Joanne Test, Petey Bainbridge, Carol Geiger, Mary Alice Hampton. Ann Adams. Third row: Marty Hopkins, Beverly Gatker, Joyce Winters, Mary (Sack) Young. First row: Lowell Coolidge, Alice Kepler, Nancy Rasley, Sue Brown, Linda Brooks, Ben Huff. Second row: Masoon Abbas, Suzanne Amich, unidentified, unidentified, Mary (Sack) Young, Naomi Gurland. Third row: unidentified, unidentified, Doug Hauser, Dwight Beckel, Graham Weaver, William Swords, Michael Granham. Fourth row: John Pickard, C. J. Reid, Ed Polinska, unidentified, Louis Ford. Young Republicans The Republican Club is or- ganized to foster and encourage the activities of the Republican party both on the national and local scene. The club offers aid and electioneering services to all candidates of its party. 79 Baptist Club Seated: Lawrence Tedesco, Al Babigan, Dora Busby. Stand- ing: Charles Haley, Brenda Chapel, John Larson. Lutheran Club First row: Bob Koch, Roy LeVan, Henquietto Steele. Secono row: unidentified. Rev. Hartzell, Ruth Sundstrom. Hillel Foundation First row: Sydelle Wiener, Myrno Rosen, Alan August, Joan Lubetkin, Ann Greenstein. Second row: Sharon Susser, Joel Gold, Ed Stutz, Shelley Matthews. Third row: Leslie Pearly, Frieda Pickman, MIra Frost, Naomi Gurland. Fourth row: Sirry Kichler, Charles Kantor, Diane Talon, Susan Wides. Fifth row: Arthur Weiss, Daniel Natchez. Fellowship of Young Churchman First Row, left to right: Sharon Smith, Charles James, Nancy Dryden. Second row.- Howard Watson, Paul Wright, Robert Gell, Donald Ray, Roymond LeVan, Chaplain Graham. Methodist Student Movement First row, left to right: Janella Honey, Kit- ten Little, Ann Adams, Elizabeth Turpining, Nancy Dryden, Sharon Faye Smith, Caro- lyn Dickerson. Second row: Mike Beard, Howard Watson, Janette Honey, Penny Farnell, Paul Wright, Judith Cash, Jane Furgeson, Robert Gell. Third row: Rev. Rother, Tom Fleming, Charles Whilhelm, unidentified, Stephen Mann, Gary Conner, Larry McGahe, Chaplain Graham. Sigma Theta Epsilon Seated: Tom Baker, William Martin, George Gates. Stand- ing.- C. Ronold Miller, Charles Rothar, Robert Gell, Gary Conner. Firsf row, left lo right: Ann Adams, Nancy Dryden, Janella Honey, Jane Furgeson. Second row: Chaplain Charles Rother, Judith Cash, Janette Honey, Ruth Dixon, Penny Farnell, Elizabeth Lerpining, Chap- lain LeRoy Graham. Methodist Women ' s Club Left to right: Betty-Chia Karro, James Reed, Ellen Goldstein. A. Powell Davis Society - - » 82 J Communicative Arts Eagle Co-Editors Adrionne Blue and Mike Trilling Eagle Business Manager Bill Slone Eagle Staff First row, left to right: Dove Rosenberg, Adrianne Blue, Mike Trilling, Sally Fosnight, Carl Ericson. Second row: Brian Lee, Charles Kantor, Carolyn Kandley, Dan Rogers, John Pickard, Susan Collins. Third row: Linda Johnson, Al Swartz f The A.U. Eagle serves as a main source of campus communication, allowing for close cross contacts between the students and the faculty. Published once a week, the Eagle is characterized by its excellent news cover- age of campus activities and its accurate accounts of sporting events. Published letters to the editor have demonstrated the effective- ness and popularity of this publication and have served as a source of valid, measurable, student opinion. The editorials of the Eagle have con- tinuously recommended, reprimanded, and proposed courses of action felt to be in accord with the principles of higher educa- tion and of this University. These editorials have served to support faculty decisions as well as to inform administrative groups of student opinions concerning specific matters relating to student life. The editor and staff of the Eagle are indeed to be congratulated. Business Staff Amy FIshkin, Bob Lane, Bob Shockey, Bill Slone. Pondering over sports layout Is Dave Rosenberg. Checking over copy are John Pickard, Sherry King and Sally Fosnight. STAFF Editors in Chief Adrianne Blue and Mike Trilling Copy Edifor Sally Fosnight Sports Editor Dave Rosenberg Photo Editor Carl Ericson Business Manager Bill Slone 85 KKfKAa ' SBH liJ Pfe!||H| M Business Manager Ira Bloom STAFF Editor Lois Woodruff Business Manager Ira Bloom Administration Jim Galloway, Mark Zimmerman Campus Life Tony Grant, Bob Weiss Features Mabel Johnson Seniors Janet Moyer Campus Government Keith Fleer Commun caf Ve Arts Joel Gold Clubs Lenny Shapiro, Norma Cohen, Walt Patton Sports Lin Steinko, Mike Trilling Greeks Lee Potterfield Writing Copy Marion Forgatch THE TALON Left fo Right: Horrell Fuller, Lois Woodruff, Mark Zimmerman. Second row: Lenny Shapiro, Joel Gold, Mike Trilling, Jim Anderson, Lin Steinko, Jim Galloway, Bob Weiss. Not present: Janet Moyer, Mabel Johnson, Betty Lou Milne, Tony Grant, Keith Fleer. 86 PK y-JgRt ' This is the way these guys got their work done. The Talon is published once a year (and once a year is work enough for the stafF). The aim of the Talon is to develop and present to the student body a representative record of campus personalities and significant events occurring during the academic year at A.U. The Talon is financed by an allocation from student fees, contributions, and from sales and advertising. Every Spring semester the Talon, in conjunction v ith Panhellenic and IFC, sponsors a " Skit Nite " v hich is considered one of the highlights of the year. It is the hope of the Talon stafF that in the future this issue v ill stir memories of the hopes, the dreams, and the successes experi- enced while you were students at the American University. Trilling always managed to get people working. W m Sr r ' ' . L Wk Wi2 1 3 - J j g HW 87 Discussion of the year ' s financial reports. Firsf row, left to right. Steve Sanders, Jane Winland, Sydnee Podnos, Judy Stofman. Second row; Allan Pilson, Hal Isen, Vic Stephan Sussman. Third row: Alan Greenwold, Ed Wilson, Harry Bosco, Paul Wiesenfeld. " Let mirth prevail, come what may, " a phrase taken from Shake- speare ' s " Measure for Measure, " could well be the motto of the Bald Eagle. Particular themes relating to campus life and to world affairs are chosen only to fall prey to the sharp pen of satire and parody. Accordingly, the editor of the 6a d Eagle has maintained that " The Bald Eagle is written as a reminder that we are all hairy little specks of flesh lost in the cosmos; we take ourselves so very seriously that we solemnly have a tattered banner that reads: ' We ore the highest form of life. ' " Published twice a year, the Bald Eagle has a circulation that somehow exceeds the sum total of students registered here at American. Advertising and sales provide the money necessary for its publication. All the writing is done by the Bald Eagle staff whose membership is open to anyone capable of tickling the campus funny bone. The calibre of the Bald Eagle ' s efforts is well characterized (and satirized) in such masterpieces as: " Over the hill to Wha-moo, " " The Year of the Roach, " " Ode to a Cadaver Half Dissected, " " Amphibia Trivia, " and of course, " Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells Bells. " Two more staff members go merrily about their work. Editor VSS and friend. Hal is always in the middle of things. Pilson throwing money around again. Vic Stephen Sussman ediior Allan S. Pilson business manager Harold Isen.... arf direcfor and associate ediior Margo Nugent editorial assistant Roger Adier chief staff writer Alan Greenwald. ...ass stanf business manager Gayle Gates layout assistant " A! Greenwald speaking, about your ad in the BALD EAGLE . . . " Margo Nugent, editorial assistant, looks happy about the next humorous issue of the magazine. 89 The Writer STAFF Editor Jim Lee Executive Editor Tom Hortman Poetry Editor Nanci Moore Prose Editor Adrionne Blue The American University literary maga- zine. The Writer, is published tv ice a year. The works appearing in The Writer may be considered a reflection of the values and standards found on this campus. It is the purpose of The Writer to present the best student-v ritten short stories, articles, poetry, and art work. The 1961 fall issue marked the first awards for poetry and prose. The winners were selected by the editorial staff from the material accepted for publication. Although the winners were staff members, they were not given the opportunity to vote on their own work. Nanci I. Moore, a psychology major, was winner of The Writer Poetry Award. The prize was awarded for her poem, " The Vaga- bond Spring. " James C. Lee was named winner of The Writer Prose Award for his short story, " The Last Piece of Fruit in the Bowl. " Left to right: Richard Rollason, Jim Lee, Adrianne Blue, Tom Hartman. Second row: Betty Lutz, Toby Devens, unidentified, Nanci Moore. First Row, Left to Right: John Mondel- baum, Mike Wetmore, Tom Keys. Second Row: Joe Gaunt, Bob Jackson, Al Pollack, Guy Reeves, III. Third Row: Ron Eckel, Mike Gut, Anna Mae Long, Diana Hig- gins, Beth Teweles, Lynn Golden, Sue Warek. Fourth Row: Steve Lesser, Jo Whitehead, Dove Matson, Barry Ballour. Fifth Row: John Harter, Ed Carlson, Frank Scroggs, Steve Eraser. Sixth Row: Bruce Chapman, Richard Rollason, George Geosey, Dove Eccelson, Dan Rogers. WAMU WAMU is the campus radio sta- tion, operating this year on AM and FM frequencies. WAMU ' s FM statio n, although in its first year of operation, has had the honor of being the first station to broadcast the White House concert of Pablo Casals. The staff of WAMU is made up completely of students with no outside aids, even in the technical fields. The station manager and other executives are elected from the general staff each spring. The faculty advisor is George Geesey. WAMU is on the air 1 1 A.M. to 1 A.M. six days a week. Programs are directed toward campus activities, news and the cultural life of the area. These programs are planned and ex- ecuted by the student putting on the show. The campus radio station works long and hard hours. During the Christmas season, for the orphans ' benefit, and in the spring with campus elections, their hours ore increased to give full coverage to these events. Without the support and encourage- ment of WAMU, the college activities would not be able to function as well as they do. 91 Mike Harris and Steve Lesser working in the control room. Diana Higgins and Beth Teweles planning programs Chuck Hess on the air. Richard Rollason, Anno Mae Long, and Edward Carlson taping for future shows. 92 Sue Warek and Judy Lesser working the record library. John Harter, Joe Gaunt, and AI Pollack discuss records for shows. Bruce Chapman and some of his staff planning future services. Bruce Chapman and Dave Matson enjoy a humorous moment. 93 Gary Judd debating against Oxford University. 1 n Some of the debate group is preporing for that big debate! Debate Society Delta Sigma Rho Gary Judd and Jeff Human. Steve Walzer is missing. First row, left fo right: Leslie Tawney, Pat Peyser, Lynn Warren, Alice Kepler, Barbara Juhlick. Second row; John O ' Doy, Gary Judd, Mr. Jerome Polshy, Jeff Human, Ken Bornes, Jeff Wolff, Bruce Cole. 94 The Green Room Players The Stage Crew prepares for the next play. Play Productions for 1961 The star waits for her next entrance. Some of the cast and the director rest before the start of the show. 95 i M ' , ' THE PRODIGAL - : Orestes William Whitman Agamemnon M. Brad Willis Electro Vicki Doy Aegisthus James E. Solt, Jr. Clytemnestro .. Lindo Lou London Pylades Warren Bass Cassandra Phyllis Minkoff, Jane Boltzley Penelope Jane Baltzley, Phyllis Minkoff Proxithio Abby Jayne Priests Raymond D. Anderson, Jr., Steven Drysdale, Norman Zinger Soldiers Kenneth Fritz, Benjamin Jacobs, Guy Reeve III, Charles Fairchild, Charles Terranova, Norman Zinger Slave Nancy Kaplus 96 ■v ' re " S S TT- - i First Lord .... Raymond Anderson Second Lord Lawrence Locquement Queen Marsha Greenspan, Judith Buchanan Posthumus James Solt Imogen Phyllis MinkofT, Lucinda Mason Cymbeline Warren Bass Pisanio Jerry Greenwood Cloten Thomas F. Hartman Helen Tara Lowe lachimo Harold Isen Philario Charles Fairchild A Frenchman .. William Whitman A Dutchman Guy Reeve, III A Spaniard .. Donald Williamson Cornelius Dallas Cogan Belarius Guy Reeve, III Guiderus Steven Drysdale Arviragus Carl Ericson Lord Lucio Lawrence Locquement A Captain Ray Anderson A Soothsayer .. William Whitman First Gaoler .... William Whitman Second Gaoler Thomas F. Hartman { ' c. H ' Sv«H-T HOb L?5r 1 " A ' . Mf Ml il " P (S l S " • .WS OWN« »S T THE CORN IS GREEN John Goronwy Jones Thonnas Hartman Miss Ronberry Phyllis MinkofF Idwol Morris Ridge Noel Sarah Pugh Beverly Pope The Squire James Solt Mrs. Watty Judith Buchanan Bessie Watty Tara Lowe Miss MofFat Julia Cheyfitz Robbart Robbatch Charles Fairchild Morgan Evans Guy Reeve III Glyn Thomas Arthur Brown John Owen William Whitman Will Hughes Issac Heimbinder Old Tom Warren Bass 1 ' ? : i S iLkx- .. @lf£ rf LAYBOY OF THE %ESTERN WORLD Margaret Flaherty Lee McAdoms Shawn Keogh Douglas Stanton Michael Flaherty Thomas Hartman Jimmy Farrell Guy Reeve, III Philly Cullen James Solt Christopher Mahon Robert Pine Widow Quin Julia Cheyfitz Susan Brady Marsha Greenspan Nelly Linahan Lucinda Mason Sara Tansey .Jane Freedman Honor Blake Faith Shrinsky Old Mahon Edgar Conley Greeks Beta Chi Chapter Bob Clark Bill Coyle Dave Downs Frank Colson Stu Dawes Tom Gohagen Duke Devlin Jim Gogel FALL SEMESTER OFFICERS President: Jim Cavill Vice-Presidenf: Al Pollack Secretary: Dave Hall Treasurer: Dave Bullard The men of Beta Chi feel that fraternity mem- bership is a rewarding experience that builds the very best in men — academically, socially and morally — by cementing lasting friendships with pride, respect and cooperation. They feel that the purpose of the fraternity is to better the man and it is toward this objective that the Chapter contin- ually strives. The Sigs are still waiting for work to begin on their new house which when completed will have sleeping facilities for all members. Meanwhile they are still quartered near the Bursar ' s office. This year started off with the Sigs winning the Intramural fraternity football championship and then followed the crowning of their sweetheart, Diane Daniels. The Alpha Sigs are seen all over campus — from sorority row to the basketball court to the Student Association ofRce. tiM M M dth mh Jim Hammond Skip Johnson Don Kaplan Eddie Karoly John Langen Jack Law Tom Lock Jim Maclver Jim McClouskey Steve Mehlman Skip Morgan Mike Parker Doug Stewart Paul Stutts Vic Sussman Al Pollock Lee Potterfield Lynn Tammaro Chuck Triebly Jim Mancuso Al Schwartz Bob Warrlmer WL ' Wm SPRING SEMESTER OFFICERS p!9f %jHIhbHr President: lee Potterfield Vice-Presidenf: Bill Coyle MI SSBSW Secretary: Steve Mehlman Treasurer: John Langen Future Alpha Sig House H OFFICERS Worthy Master: Gus Holmes Worthy Chaplain: Jim Beck Keeper of the Exchequer: Randy Stoy Worthy Scribe: Pat Heininger Epsilon Iota Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was founded on the American Uni- versity campus in January 1943. Its pur- pose on this campus is the same as wher- ever an ATO chapter is found: a desire to unselfishly seek to advance themselves in the arts of life and to add to the formal instruction of the college curriculum the culture and character which men acquire through membership in a fraternity of great traditions. Alpha Tau Omega was the first fra- ternity to build on campus and the first to provide sleeping quarters for members. While others were just building, ATO was adding and improving. Alpha Tau Omega has planned month- ly theme parties, mixers with campus sorori- ties, and this year initiated the weekly TGIF party. Members of the fraternity are active in many phases of campus life including sports and campus government. Wayne Gates Pat Heininger Bill Foster Lee Hemion Dana Kennan Al Helm Jack Loxley Dick Marshall Bob LIndqulst Ted Soutzas John Springer Bob Miller Randy Stoy Chip Nowak Bill Wood Larry Roelofs Randy Tyler heart lien Davison Mike Bloom Alan Dickstein Ken Fritz Jack Blementhal Art Dinkin Billy Failla Neil Greenberg Marty Adelstein Paul Aronsky Morty Benowitz Bob Burros Jonathan Feller Harold Freudenheim Alan Greenwall Danny Albert Sandy Asfien Steve Berkowitz Billy Carpel John Forbes Dan Fruitbine Harold Hoffman Howie Arnold Lyie Bass Ira Bloom Art Coopcfiik Ron Friedman Lenny Goodkin Chuck Horsh 106 OFFICERS President: Leonard Sloan Vice President: Bill Slone Secretary: Steve Joy Treasurer: Harold HofFman Phi Epsilon Pi came to the American University campus in 1957 and they already have a newly built house v hich is impressively deco- rated v ith a replica of the frater- nity pin. Phi Ep is always closely in the race for the scholarship trophy — winning the coveted award 3 times in the last four years. The largest fraternity on cam- pus provides a host of social activi- ties yearly for its members. Richard Geller Billy Jacobs Steve Joy Joel Katims George PollacK Steve Lapidus Noel Lehrer Joel Leibowitz Stan Stearin Lee Lush Mike Mielnick Richie Oshins Art Strauss Mike Pure Jerry Roth Robert Ruchman Lenny Sloan Bill Slone BUI Schwartz Zachory Taylor Paul Umansky Rich Weinroth IVIartin Rubin Mike Schwed Mike Weinstock ' ■■ ' ■ V l| IP " w— -TT Phi Epsilon Pi House i :!||: i: A 108 t mm Hugh Buckingham d mM fii Ken Callahan Lou Faust Rodger Garrett Bob Fallert Harrell Fuller John Ferguson Neal Helton Richard Gatti OFFICERS Presidenf: Bob Walter Vice-President: Lowell Coolidge Secretary: Harrell Fuller Treasurer: Ken Callahan In March of 1873, a group of six men dedi- cated themselves to the principles of true fraternity and from this dedication came the foundations of Phi Sigma Kappa. In 1936, Epsilon Triton chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa was founded on the American University campus, thus becoming the first national fraternity at A.U. Since its origin Phi Sig has maintained a posi- tion of leadership on the campus with members attaining high offices in Student Government. In all its activities, Phi Sig is characterized by the co- operation and enthusiasm of the entire brother- hood, united in a winning efFort. Phi Sig moved this year from its old house to a new house that has sleeping accommodations for 16 of its members. ZTJZ Mi 1 mh mk John Johnston Jim Kefauver John Knight Sam Kohlmeler Dave Long Pishoo Mahboob Kirby Matson Rich IVIcElmoyle Ken McLaughlin Len Moodispaw John Neale Tom Wilson Dave Steinberg Ted Suess Chris Tsucalus Mike Dunn Guy Reeves, III Bob Walter Lewis McNay Scott Rhinehart Tom Whittaker Ted l ichos Steve Serepca Tom Wilson Phi Sigma Kappa House - « m mMii h j mM mMM d, tfA , ,- r Tony Grant Jim Gendell Ken Gross Bill Gerber Jim Howell Wally Berman Glenn Carlson Mike Daneberg Ed Frauwirth Dave Gillis Norm Katz Jack Berninger Austin Blelch Tony Chaitan Marty Cowen Ken Donner Alan Fox Jim Galloway Art Gartenlaub Stanley Goldberg Bruce Gould Alan Kaufman Steve Lev Alpha Beta OFFICERS Chapter President: Barry Pollack Vice-Presidenf: Vic Samra Secreiary. Marty Cowen Treasurer: Shelley Nasar To the men of Tou Epsilon Phi fraternalism is synonymous with true brotherhood. The love for your fellow-man and the respect of his rights are all factors which are incorporated into this word. Fraternalism is the key word of the fraternity and it will continue to be paramount in the future. T.E.P. is the newest fraternity on campus. How- ever, already its men have gone far in the campus community. It is difficult to find a T.E.P. that is not active in some part of campus life. T.E.P. maintains an active social calendar. There is an activity planned almost every week- end for the enjoyment of the brotherhood. How- ever, this is still secondary to the goal of creating a true and lasting brotherhood. I.k dM d M MM mk Richard Lobel George Loos Lewis Manilove Shelly Nasar Matty Naula John O ' Oay Richard Pine Barry Pollack Paul Reissman Vic Samra Howie Schachter Henry Schwed Bob Stone Roger Swanson Mike Trilling Jay Rosenberg Don Rozicer Mike Rubin Dave Shields Howie Stein Al Stelner Bob Weiss Dave Zamichow Mark Zimmerman Firsf row, left to right: Mike Renick, David Kantor, Ken Shapiro, Paul Kurtz, Jim Rosenbaum, Errol Gadol. Second row: Paul Reisman, Dick Greenberg, Les Mostow, Carl Oppenheim, Stuarf Timoner. Third row: Joe Band, Harvey Schiller, Chuck Lazar, A! Salzman, Jay Schwartz, Steve Kellner, Fourth row: Earl Fingerhut, David Crawford, All Bachrach, Al Wittenberg, Dick Heintze. Not Shown: Norman Loeb, Steve Bobys, Ed Horowitz, Bob Levy, Jerry Kotzin, Bill Tarpening, Howard Schacter, Joe Richter, David Goldberg. Sigma Tau is a local fra- ternity founded last year by a small group of men who felt that the fraternity system at A.U. needed more depth. This year they have taken part in many campus activities, in- cluding the Intramural pro- gram and Songfest. They have, also, worked many charities in the D.C. area, including the Cancer Drive. Sigma Tau Sweetheart Nancy Legeaty OFFICERS President: Paul Kurtz Vice-President: Ken Shapiro Secretary: Dave Goldberg Treasurer: Jim Rosenberg Panhellenic Counci FirsI row, left to right: Betsy Meyer, Leslie Barbalat, Karen Klippert, Bobbie Perrell, Gwinn Clark. Second row: Jackie Huff, Beth Sternlicht, Tara Lowe, Joline Bardow, Lynn Cabot, Eloise Dunton. PanHellenic Council is the governing body of the University Sororities and per- forms parallel functions to those of I.F.C. PanHell governs Rush, sponsors Song- fest as part of the Interfraternity weekend, and awards trophies for outstanding schol- arship. Interfraternity Council is the legislative body for the American University fraternities. Each member fra- ternity sends two voting delegates. The officers are elected on a rotating schedule from the membership on a yearly basis. The Council organizes and supervises I.F.C. week- end, the Pledge-Orphans ' dinner, and in conjunction with Pan Hell puts on Skit Night. These are annual events with others planned on a yearly basis. First row, left to right: Vice President, Lee Potterfield; Treasurer, Barry Pollack; President, Bob Walter; Secretary, Allan Pilson; Gus Holmes. Second row: Roger Swanson, Ken Fritz, Vic Samra, Mike Parker, Poul Kurtz, Jim Kefauver, James Beck. Third row: Steve Lev, Ronald Nelson, David Kantor, John Neole, Steve Bobys. Interfraternity Council lU OFFICERS President: Mary McGregor First Vice President: Mildred Bagby Second Vice President: Kay Sutton Recording Secretary: Rose Tigani Corresponding Secretary: Phyllis Morris Treasurer: Diane Galloway Alpha Chi Omega was founded October 15, 1885, by a group of music majors at De Pauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. The girls chose the golden Lyre, the first musical instrument of the Greeks, as their badge. It is decorated with pearls and an enameled crossbar bearing the Greek letters AXO. The sorority colors, scarlet and olive green, are the colors of Autumn — the season in which Alpha Chi was founded. The flower is the red carnation. Beta Rho chapter was founded at The American University in 1938, and the members have been active in all phases of campus life. This year the girls were outstanding as athletes and artists as they won first place in Sig-Olympics and Homecoming room decor- ations. The A Chi Os also participate in various phil- anthropic projects during the year, including contributions to the National Altruistic program for Palsy. The ultimate aim of Alpha Chi Omega may be summed up in the open motto, " Together let us seek the heights. " Christine Hopen Tex McKinnon Jeanette Schoop Joan Topalian Jill Hawkinson Katey Kane Sue Meadows Rita Scott Sybel West Coppy Herder Karen Klippcrt Phyllis Morris Ming Smith Judy Wheeler Wendy Pelley Ines Safika Nancy Smith Kay Sutton Jane Winland Jean Yates 116 OFFICERS President: Sydney Fisher Vice-Presideni: Vivien Selis Secreiary: Sandi Schneiber Treasurer: Myrna Rosen Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded at Barnard College on October 24, 1909. The founding members chose green and white as the official colors for the sorority, and the Lily-of-the-Volley is the flower. The AEPhi pin consists of the three Greek letters jeweled with tiny pearls and placed on a gold bar. Epsilon Theta chapter was estab- lished on The American University campus in 1958, and in its three years as a national sorority has played an important role in all phases of Greek life. The promotion of philanthropic projects in the chapter, campus and community is a big part of the sor- rority ' s activity, and both actives and pledges do their share. Among the many projects is the awarding of a scholarship to Brandeis Uni- versity and aid to dental clinics in need. Each year AEPhi ' s look forward to the events which highlight their social calendar. Parents Weekend and the Mothers Day Luncheon. Sandy Jacobs Ronnie Greenfield Ruth Harris Roberta Isaacs Anita Kanis Barbara Kluft Annett Leiderman Aileen Lowe Maxine Roberts Judy Mark Lynda Miller Nancy Nahigian Vivien Sells Marsha Robinson Myrna Rosen Bonnie Rosenfield Barbara Shapiro Susan Shriber Nancy Tash Ruth Prichep Ellen Rotberg Susan Wides Sally Richardson Sue Schultz Marilyn Wolfson 118 OFFICERS President: Meredith Moore First Vice President: Lori White Second Vice President: Donna Geraci Recording Secretary: Ann Griffith Corresponding Secretary: Phoebe Lone Treasurer: Pat O ' Brian Delta Gamma was founded in 1873 at the Lewis School, Oxford, Mississippi as a social international fraternity for women. Beta Epsilon chapter has been on the American University campus for twenty-six years. Bronze, pink and blue are the colors of the sorority. The flower is the cream colored rose. The badge worn by DCs is a golden anchor bearing a white shield and crossbar with the Greek letters Delta Gamma on the shield, and Tau Delta Eta on the crossbar. Delta Gamma ' s unique International Educational Scholarship program, initiated in 1945, was the first of its kind to be undertaken by a national Panhellenic organization. It presents an opportunity for foreign students to complete one year of study in the United States. DG ' s national philanthropy is Sight Conser- vation and Aid to the Blind. Linda Sotel Meredith Moore Nancy Montgomery Sharon LIppa Linda Kloeblen Judy Hutton Nancy Trabilsy Theresa Trowbridge Pat O ' Brien Tara Lowe Phoebe Lane Chartley Ward Janet Riggle Carmen Wegener Gale Meade Cynthia Smith Lorie White Cynthia Clode Linn Daniels Fruzzina Harsanyi Diane Clode Eloise Dunten Jackie Highley Narda Anderson Ann Bos Jane Creveling Anne Dart Mabel Johnson Cynthia Allien Petey Bainbridge Marilynn Brown Diane Daniels Nancy Ehle Janet Kahwaty OFFICERS President: Ann Bos Vice-President: Glee Pulley Secretary: Christy Sharpe Treasurer: Margaret Moore Kappa Delta sorority was founded in 1897 by four enterpris- ing young women at Longwood Col- lege, Farmville, Virginia, who dedi- cated themselves to the promotion of true friendship and high ideals. Beta Iota chapter, one of more than a hundred chapters throughout the United States, received its charter on the American University campus in 1943. The official KD badge is a diamond-shaped pin that may be worn with a plain gold edge or sur- rounded with tiny emeralds and pearls. The sorority colors are green and white, and the flower is the white rose. The highlights of the social cal- endar are the Christmas Party and the Pledge Formal. KDs take an active interest in their national phi- lanthropy, the Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. The sorority also awards scholarships to worthy members. Arlene Kuclnski Jane Lewis Carole Llebuamgut Sylvia McGlllen Lucille McWilliams Betty Lou Milne Margaret Moore Bobi Perrell Marion Pless Lynn Richards Pam Salisbury Pat Schaivi Linda Shed Liz Sherman Annette Skinner Ruth Powell Jean Prothro Sandy Keiley JoAnne Schrock Christy Sharpe Betty Lutz Linda Swarthout Irene Wenstrom Bonnie Michaels Glee Pulley Sandra Sharpe Vickie Yurasits 121 Abby Deutsch Judy Gotding Steffi Kay Sandra Gladstone Lorretta Hirschfield Joan Kessler OFFICERS President: Marlene Rosenfeld Vice President: Beth Sternlicht Secretary: Joan Kessler Treasurer: Lori Hirshfeld Kappa Theta Tau was established as a club on the American Univer- sity campus on October 25, 1959. It was recognized as a Provisional Local Sorority in March, 1961 and became a full Local in September of that year. The sorority badge is a diamond-shaped onyx pin surrounded by pearls. The colors are red and white, and the peppermint carnation is the KTT flower. KTTs participate in various philanthropic proj- ects throughout the year, including work at the Chil- dren ' s Hospital in Washington, D. C, where they provide entertainment for the patients. KTT took an active part in Greek activities for the first time this year, as well as their own social events. A highlight of the year is the Parents Weekend which includes a dinner dance and sightseeing for the girls and their families. Kappa Theta Tau has made great strides in the three years of its existence, and the girls are working very hard to become na- tional in the near future. Susan Milstein Lois Lipson Roberta Kramer Bonnie Leiber Dena Rosen Renay Nadler Rachelle Matthews Myra Mandel Sharon Susser Marlene Rosenfeld Claudia Nelthropp Leslie Pearly Annette Taylor Brenda Seldon Genie Seldon Sydell Wiener Gail Westerman Joy Poller Ellen Rosetield Marjone Stern Beth Sternlicht Sue Westerman Robin Wolf 123 L Olene Albertson Susan Claggett Danielle Darascu Mary Jane Fallls Lynn Heflebower OFFICERS President: JoAnn Test Vice President: Gail Ceranton Secretary: Emily Coburn Treasurer: DeeDee Morgan Pledge Director: Marsha Row Phi Mu Fraternity, originally known as the Philo- mathean Society, is the second oldest women ' s frater- nity in the United States. It was founded on March 4, 1852, as Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. Gamma Delta chapter was the first national pan- hellenic group on the American University campus. It received its charter in 1933. The Enchantress Carnation is the official flower of the sorority, and the colors are pink and white. The Phi Mu badge is a shield of gold, overlaid in black and bearing the symbols of the order. Phi Mu ' s social calendar is annually highlighted by a Formal which is usually held in mid-winter. Charitable works are a big part of the Phi Mu ' s activities, also, and pledges must actively participate before their initiation. Elizabeth Morrell Margaret Langenwalter Jackie Huff Marty Hopkins Betsy Stanley Lynn Perkins Bonnie Lewis Tody Jubanyik Ayer Storrs Robin Rafferty Betsy Meyer JoAnn Test Joy Reibling Lynne Warren Marsh Roro lynn White DeeDee Morgan Leen Seldandi Diana Wright Features ,.,» -,4M Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Janet Kahwaty and Jeff Human Jim Kefauver Randy Stoy Glenn Carlson JoAnne Test and Paul Britt Lee McAdams and Gary Judd 128 Meredith Moore Pete Dickerson Vivi Selis and Eddie Koroly Sunny Kessler and Lenny Sloan Artie Goldberg Buddy Keith f MISSING Adrianne Blue Bill Campbell Harrell Fuller 129 Glee Pulley, this year ' s Homecoming Queen, is very active in campus life. She is in Kappa Delta Sorority and is Vice-President and Pledge Mistress of her sorority. She is also the President of the Student Education Club and is a member of the education hon- orary. This is but a small number of the many activities in which Glee participates on the campus. For the honor of Homecoming Queen, Glee was selected by an Alumni panel from a group of finalists elected by student vote. Glee Pullo Homecoming Queen 130 The 1961 Homecoming Princess, Jean Yates, is a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority. Her nomination came through this group. Jean is a language major and very active in clubs on campus. She comes from nearby in Virginia, Homecoming Princess Jean Yates Janet Kahwaty Best Loved Girl The Best Loved Girl is annually elected by the girls in residence. This year the honor fell to Janet Kahv aty. Janet is Sec- retary of the Senior Class, President of the Women ' s Residence Council and, also ac- tive in many other phases of campus life. 132 This year ' s Freshman Queen is Lurrae Lupone. This queen is chosen by the fresh- man class, of which Lurrae is a member. This queen comes from Madison, Con- necticut, and she plans to major in Psychol- ogy and then go into personnel and guid- ance work. Lurrae is Secretary of Roper Hall and she has been very active in class functions such as the Freshman Skit and the Fresh- man float for Homecoming. Freshman Queen w Class Queens This year ' s Sophomore Queen is Lane Hardy. Lane is an active member of Delta Gamma Sorority, and her home town is South Orange, New Jersey. The queen is on Sophomore Student Council, Inter-Class Council, and Vice Pres- ident of Sixth Floor House Council. In Delta Gamma, Lane is first Vice President. All-in-all, Lane is kept very busy with all of her activities. However, she still finds time to keep up with all that is required of her OS an International Service major. Sophomore Queen Lane Hardy 133 The Inter-Fraternity Queen is chosen by all the fraternity men after each sorority has nominated a girl to represent them. This year ' s queen is Ellen Davison, a junior, and a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority. Her major is Elementary Education, and she comes from Baltimore, Maryland. Interfraternity Queen Ellen Davison Meredith Moore Applebl ossom rnncess Meredith Moore, a senior here at A.M., is this year ' s Apple Blossom Princess. She is majoring in Music, and received the Ringenwald Voice Av ' ord when she v as a junior. This year Meredith is President of Delta Gamma Sorority, and she has been in Cap and Gov n, The American University Honor Society, for the last two years. 134 This is not the first title that Sunny has held on the A.U. campus. She has done many things to deserve the honor of being chosen the Outstanding Independent Woman. Sunny is a member of Cap and Gown, Secretary of College Council, on the Hughes Hall House Council, and Women ' s Residence Board. Miss Kessler was chosen for this award by The American University sorority women. Sunny Kessler r ::% ' K ' IB - ' ' ' ' H l Ir - " 1 1 RH H n m Outstanding Independents The Outstanding Independent Man is selected by all the Greek men on campus. This year ' s Outstanding Independent Man is Jeff Human. Jeff is a member of Delta Sigma Rho, and Omicron Delta Kappa. His major is Government, and he is an active member of the Hurst R. Anderson Forensic Society. He has worked on The Eagle, the school newspaper; and he was President of his class in both his sophomore and senior years. Jeff Human 135 This year ' s Oustanding Greek Woman is JoAnne Test. JoAnne is a member of Phi Mu Fraternity, Cap and Gown, and Wom- en ' s A Club. She is First Vice President Women ' s Residence Council, Chairman of Residence Regulations Board, and Treasurer of Hughes Hall House Council. Aside from all these high positions, JoAnne finds time to receive awards in her major, which is Chemistry. She is active in sports also, partici- pating in volleyball, bowling, swimming, and hockey. JoAnne Test Outstanding Greeks 136 Pim Jim Kefauver is very well known here on the A.U. campus. He is President of Col- lege Council and an active member of Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity. The Outstanding Greek Man is chosen by all the Greek men on campus. He must be active in both his fraternity and other campus activities. Jim certainly fills the bill, and he is very highly thought of both by the A.U. Greeks and Independents. Kefa uver Glee Pulley is no stranger to winning campus beauty awards, as we all know. She also represented the student body this year as Homecoming Queen. This is all a great credit to Glee ' s personality, for as TALON princess she is chosen by a panel of judges representing four local businesses. They have never seen any of the candidates before the night of voting. Glee Pulley Talon Princess Karen Klippert was nominated by Tau Epsilon Phi for the honor of TALON princess, and were they a happy bunch the night she won! Karen is an International Relations major. She is an active member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority and has just been elect- ed President for the coming year. Karen is also a member of Campus Center Board and the PanHellenic Council. Karen Klippert 137 % h. 4 V y The TALON is represented this year by the very pretty and popular personage of Tara Lowe. Tara was chosen from a field of twelve candidates, and it was certainly not an easy decision for any judge. Tara is a member of Delta Gamma sorority and represents her sorority on the Pan Hellenic Council, of which she is Presi- dent. Tara is also very active in the Ameri- can University Theatre group and hopes to go into acting as a career. ara Lowe Talon Queen 138 Sports f n ' ' ' ' i ' Soccer The American University soccer team, under head coach Howard Sorrell, posted a 2-7 record during the 1961 season. The sea- son was highlighted by the play of several freshmen playing for Coach Sorrell for the first time. Jim Maclver and Fred Schwartz played excellent defensive ball as freshmen, while second semester freshman Art Brodsky filled the goalie position brilliantly. Freshman Lyn Barnes, playing halfback, also started for the Eagle eleven. Upperclassmen Simeon Makarov, Ahmad Ghassabeh, and Gedeon Gahebeka formed AU ' s scoring line which scored but 14 points all year. Others who made outstandin g con- tributions were John McCune, Jack Law, Jerry Murch, Bob Clark, Marwan Hussini, Roger Hemion, Bud Celtnicks Luc Guinand, Dave Rosenberg, Bill Wilie, and Roy Henning. Left fo right; Co-Captain Jerry Murch, Head Coach Howard Sorrell and Co-Coptain Simeon Makarov. AU halfbacks Buddy Celtnicks and Jim Sibilia (18) close in Catholic University ' s right inside during the Eagles ' 5 - 1 loss to the cross-town foe. 1961 SOCCER TEAM— From Left fo Right (seated): Marwan Hussini, Roger Hemion, Bob Clark, Jim Maclver, Jim Sibilia, Roy Henning and Jock Law. (kneeling): George Johnson, John McCune, Lyn Barnes, Ahmad Ghossoboh, Simeon Makarov, Jerry Murch, Gedeon Gahebeka, and Dave Rosenberg, (standing): Assistant Coach Douglas Price, Bob Wilie, Art Brodsky, Chang Park, Luc Guinard, Fred Schwartz, Buddy Celtnicks, George Barbarian and Head Coach Howard Sorrell. The season opened on a pleasant note as the soccer team upset highly-rated George- town, 2-1, in overtime. This marked the first time in the school ' s history that we have de- feated Georgetown in soccer. AU ' s second and last victory directly followed the first win, as the Eagles defeated Gallaudet Col- lege, 5-0. From then on the season changed radi- cally as the booters lost their next seven matches. Roanoke, Lynchburg, Catholic, Mt. St. Mary ' s, Towson, Washington and Loyola posted victories over AU. 7961 Results AU 2 Georgetown 1 AU 5 Gallaudet AU 1 Roanoke 2 AU Lynchburg 3 AU 1 Catholic 5 AU 2 Mt. St. Mary ' s 4 AU Towson 4 AU 1 Washington 4 AU 2 Loyola 6 AU ' s defense— Buddy Celtnicks, Jim Maclver, Jim Sibilia and Fred Schwartz— scrambles to get the ball kicked off the foot of Catholic University ' s star center. The defense held CU to five goals, but AU only produced one. 143 ' iM TOSS Country AU ' S number one and two runners, Ed Orem and Paul Lucas, warm up before match against Mt. St. Mary ' s. The 1961 cross country team won but three dual matches this year and placed sev- enth in the conference championships. The Eagles, who had gone undefeated the season before, under head coach Tom Evaul, felt the loss of several individuals. The outstanding runner on this year ' s club was Ed Orem, who placed ninth in the conference championships held at Washing- ton College. A late comer to the 1961 season, Fred Chaney, placed 13th in the M-D Cham- pionships. Captain Paul Britt suffered a painful foot injury before the championships and did not compete for the Eagle harriers. Paul Lucas, the only senior besides Britt, placed 35th for the Eagles. Sophomore Bill Clark was 32 and fresh- man Jack Berninger placed 47 in the cham- pionships. 1961 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM-teft to Right CBoflom row): Ed Orem, Jack Berninger, Karl Viehe. ( ' Second row): Captain Paul Britt, Paul Lucas, Fred Chaney, and Joel Jeffrys. (Top row): Bob Clark, Coach Tom Evaul, Steve Wogan and Ken Callahan. 144 ■■-i f ' -y They ' re off and running between AU and Mt. St. Mary ' s. The Harriers beat the Emmitsburg club In a close run, 30-25. Although posting an unimpressive record the harriers lost several meets by close scores. In their opening meet of the season Towson won by five points, 31-26, while against Gal- laudet the Eagles lost, 25-30. After placing third in a triangular meet with Georgetown and St. Joseph ' s, the Eagles came back to whip Mt. St. Mary ' s, 30-25 and Gettysburg 27-21. Following the Gettysburg win, the Har- riers entered the Loyola invitational where they placed fifth. Orem finished ninth while Chaney was eleventh. Lucas placed 17, while Bob Clark was 22 and Britt 24. A dual meet score between AU and Washington College was also kept, with AU coming out on top by the count of 44-15. 1961 CROSS COUNTRY RECORD (Dual Meets) AU 31 Towson 26 AU 30 Gallaudet 25 AU 15 Washington 44 AU 25 Mt. St. Mary ' s 30 AU 21 Gettysburg 37 Cross Country Coach Tonn Evaul and team Captain Paul Britt 145 The 1961-62 AU Swimming Team. Top row (left to right): Marty Cowan, Lou Schriber, Steve Sanders, Darrell Suttle, John Crummy, Bill Coward and Manager Bill Weiss. Bottom row.- Rusty Lamont, Keith Fleer, Bill Jacobs, Captain Bill Compton, Bob Williams, John Mueller and Coach Bob Frailey. , ; B j if " • i 3 r 1 : ' ' " ' m 1 1 1 Swimming Coach Bob Frailey discusses with Larry Roeloffs his timing for the Mason-Dixon conference Championships. Swimming and swimming Coach Bcb Frai!ey. The American University 1961-62 swimming team started slowly, got red hot and then cooled off placing second in the Mason-Dixon conference championship held at Gallaudet College. The Eagles won eight of eleven matches and placed second in the D.C.A.A.U. ' s held at Maryland University. The 1961-62 squad was paced by Captain and Senior Bill Compton. Also sparking the tankmen were Bob Williams, Keith Fleer, Larry Roeloffs and Bill Coward. Probably AU ' s outstanding performance was turned in by Bob Williams. Unable to swim during the first semester Williams came back to lead the Eagles to an upset victory over Loyola in duel meet action. In the M-D championships Williams won the 220 Freestyle in a time of 2:14.4. He also went on to win the 220 Individual Medley event, being clocked in 2:14. Other swimmers who accounted for much of AU ' s success include Doc SafFer, Marty Cowan, Steve Sanders, Darrell Suttle, John Crummy, Rusty Lamont, Bill Jacobs, and John Mueller. Lou Schriber was Coach Frailey ' s number two diver during the 61-62 season. 146 Although failing to accomplish the goal of con- ference championship, the Tankmen attained every other goal set by Coach Frailey. It was a year of lack of depth caused by injury, ineligibility, and injuries. It was a year which saw such men as Bob Jacobs and Keith Fleer improve to such a state that they become standouts in the Mason-Dixon conference. 1961-62 RECORD AU 50 Adelphi 44 AU 62 Howard 33 AU 42 Washington Lee 52 AU 42 Dickenson 52 AU 53 Gettysburg 42 AU 41 Akron 53 AU 56 Long Island U. 39 AU 52 Temple 41 AU 53 William Mary (N) 41 AU 48 Loyola 47 AU 54 William Mary (W) 41 Won 8 Lost 3 Second — Mason-Dixon Championships Sophomore champion Keith Fleer practices take-ofF in LeonarcJ Pool. Senior diver Bill Coward performs a backward jack knife. 147 Wrestling AU wrestling Captain Fritz Maier and Coach Howard Sorrell The American University wrestling team, hit hard by injuries, placed third in the annual Mason-Dixon conference tournament held at Johns Hopkins University. Captain Fritz Maier and junior Simeon Makarov repeated as con- ference champions, while Phil Margolin placed third in the 137 pound class and Rich Pine fourth in the 157 pound class. The 167 pound championship for Maier was his fourth straight and gave him a four year record of 47-1-1 and an unblemished Mason- Dixon conference record. Makarov won his sec- ond 130 pound championship and finished with an overall 10-1-1 record for the 1961-62 sea- son. The AU grapplers, who finished with a 5-3-1 mark, were also aided by Paul Lucas, Steve Archer, Sandy Snead, Jim Sibilia, Bob Clark, Roger Pearson, Harry Miller and Bill Coyle. The 1961-62 American University Wrestling Team. Top row (from left to right): Richard Pine (157), Phil Margolin (137), Roger Pear- son (177), Bob Clark (191) Harry Miller (177) and Coach Howard Sorrell. Second row: Steve Archer (130), John McCune (147), Cap- tain Fritz Maier (167), Sandy Sneod (137), and Paul Lucas (123). (inset) Simeon Makarov (130). 148 AU ' s 123 pound wrestler Paul Lucas (1-3) attempts to break his opponent ' s try at putting him in a " cradle, " one of numerous pinning combinations. 1961-62 RECORD AU 23 Howard 16 AU 30 Western Maryland 10 AU 28 Gallaudet 13 AU 18 Baltimore 18 AU 35 Catholic 5 AU 11 Dickenson 23 AU 31 Hampden-Sydney 8 AU 3 William Mary 25 AU 11 Loyola 26 Finished third in M-D tourney Won 5, Lost 3, Tied 1 Sophomore John McCune (4-1), AU ' s 147 pound matman uses his head for balance in his attempt to turn over Loyola ' s John Emmett. Steve Archer ' 1-5;, AU ' s versatile light weight (123-130- 137) prepares to ride Baltimore ' s EfTinger during on early season match between the two rival schools. Jim Sibilio (5-0), former Mason-Dixon wrestler was a member of the varsity squad during first semester. Here he ' s shown prepar- ing to put his opponent on his back for another Sibilio victory. 149 Al Dillard (Soph.) Firsf Team Mason-Dixon Bob Lindquist (Sr.) Second Team Mason-Dixon Jack Isleib (Sr.) Jim Howell (Sr.) Basketball Jim Shickora (Soph.) Ron Rawlins (Soph.) 150 Bill Green (Soph.) Bill Rosensky (Jr.) 1961-62 RECORD AU 69 Akron 81 AU 43 Navy 67 AU 72 Adelphi 54 AU 68 Georgetown 71 (triple overtime) AU 53 Temple 72 AU 51 Ohio Wesleyan 57 AU 68 Quantico 81 AU 55 Providence 64 AU 91 Juniata 59 AU 99 Baltimore 68 AU 79 Long Island 62 AU 68 So. Connecticut 63 AU 63 Loyola 66 AU 84 Lafayette 72 AU 71 C.C.N.Y. 75 (overtime) AU 78 Baltimore 76 (triple overtime) AU -65 Catholic 48 AU 70 Mt. St. Mary ' s 64 AU 80 Loyola 70 AU 62 Quantico 75 AU 68 Mt. St. Mary ' s 70 (triple overtime) John Yerrick (Soph.) Corl Aspenburg (Soph.i , ' ' Jf Coach Jim Williams Coach Dave Carrasco 151 Senior forward Jim " Beanie " Howell drives for two points against Lafay- ette College. Howell continued his fine play from the 1960-61 season and helped the Eagles post another successful season. AU center Al Dillard rescues a bad pass in action agains t Lafayette College. The 1961-62 Basketball Team In Action Senior Front Courtman Bob Lindquist adds two points to his career with this lay up against Adelphi. Senior bock court star Jack Isleib also likes to score. Here big Jack collects two points against C.C.N.Y. The 1961-62 American University Basketball Team. Coach Dave Carrasco, Bob Lindquist, George Lewis, Jim Howell, Carl Aspenburg, Jack Isleib, Bob Brummer, Bill Green, Rich McElmoyle, Al Dillard, Jim Shickora, Bill Rosensky, Ron Rawlins and Coach Jim Williams. Led by sophomore Captain Al Dillard and senior back court stars Bob Lindquist and Jim Howell the AU basketball team compiled an overall record of 10-11. Under coaches Dave Carrasco and Jim .Williams the Eagle five moved out of the Mason-Dixon conference into bigger and better competition. After losing seven of their first eight ball games, the hoopsters came back to win ten of their next four- teen games. The season was highlighted with the addi- tion of Providence to the AU schedule. The Eagles fought bravely against the national ranked school before bow- ing 64-55. AU also lost to Navy, Temple, Georgetown and C.C.N.Y., while defeating Long Island, Adelphi, Lafayette, Catholic, Baltimore, Juniata and Loyola. The Eagles ' top victory of the season came against Mt. St. Mary ' s as they defeated the Emmitsburg club 70-64, only to lose in triple overtime, 70-68 the follow- ing week at Emmitsburg. Highlighting individual play, this year, was Dil- lard ' s fabulous rebounding. Ranking among the top ten Small College rebounders, " Big Al " averaged over twenty rebounds a game, setting a school high of thirty for one game. Scoring honors went to senior Bob Lindquist who was closely follov ed by Hov ell and Dillard. Also con- tributing to the success of the team was senior Jack Isleib and sophomores Ron Rawlins and Jim Shickora. All Conference first team for the Eagles was Center Al Dillard. Big Al, only a sophomore, was seventh in the nation in rebounding. No wonder he has little trouble getting the ball awoy from the Adelphi opponent. Freshman Basketball The 1961-62 American University Freshman Basketball Team. Top row (from left to right): Joe Morrison, Jim Hulings, Howie Schacter, Ben Still, Ralph Baird. Bottom row; Man- ager Jim Perry, Art Brodsky, Ron Height, Jim Buffler, and Bill Laubenstein. Freshman back court star Ralph Boird goes high be- fore releasing his shot against Bullis Prep. The first step towards big time basketball ap- peared on the AU campus this year with the forma- tion of a Freshman Basketball team under the leader- ship of Coach Jim Williams. The baby Eagles did well for themselves as they posted a winning season in preparation for future varsity action. Leading the first year squad was Ralph Baird, Ron Height, Ben Still, Jim Buffler and Howie Schacter. All five Eagles scored continually with Baird and Height handling the team play. Schacter and Still were counted on for their rebounding, while Jim Buffler played exceptionally well on both defense and ofFense. Also aiding this year ' s team was Bill Laubenstein, Joe Morrison, Jim Hulings, and Art Brodsky. 154 Ben Still, AU center, puts up his shot while Bullis Prep players look on in amazement. HH KJ K l V V H H W Ak " i ' i The 1962 American University Crew Team, (from left fo right) Coach Curt Adkins, John Crummy, John Howard, John Adams, Len Detlor, Richard Gordon (kneeling), Tony Bicknell liams. Dove Hawkins, Mike Venuto and John Springer Bob Wil- rew The American University crew team opened its second year of com- petition this spring. Under the leadership of Head Coach Curt Adkins and Captain John Crummy, The Oarsmen completed in a full varsity schedule for the first time. Among the highlights of the season was a trip into Florida during the Easter vacation. Also contributing to the varsity crew were John Howard, John Adams, Dave Hawkins, Rich Gordon, Mike Venuto, John Springer, Tony Bicknell, Bob Williams and Len Detlor. Coach Adkins also had a junior varsity crew this year. 99 The varsity crew in action— with Gordon shouting the rhythm, the varsity oarsmen practice on the Potomac River. 155 1962 TRACK SCHEDULE AU 85V2— Towson 35y2 AU 64 — Catholic 58 Mt. St. Mary ' s Quantico Relays Galloudet Relays Gallaudet Penn Relays Loyola Mason-Dixon Championships N.C.A.A. Regionals D.C.A.A.U. Hurdlers Jim O ' Neil and John Knight were among AU ' s top point-getters this yeor. O ' Neil is a freshman while Knight is a junior. Track Under Head Coach Tom Evaul and assist- ant Coach Jack Leyden, the 1962 American University Track team was out to defend the title which it won for the first time in 1961. The 1962 squad was captained by pole voulter Bill Coward and sprinter Paul Britt. Britt did not run because of an injury suffered in the fall. Among the outstanding men on this year ' s squad were weight man Al Dillard, runners Ben Amos, Ed Orem, Mike Turner, hurdlers John Knight and Jim O ' Neil and pole vaulters Buddy Furr and Ron Height. Dillard also starred in the broad jump and was assisted by John Yerrick and Ben Wade. Other men out for the field events included Steve Lapidus in the pole vault and Mai Cohen and Jim Schneiderheinz in the Shot and Discus. Other runners included Karl Viehe, Steve Wogan, Paul Lucas, Tom Accardi, Bruce Bennett and Bernie Strauss. Sophomore Shot Putter Al Dillard was among the top weight men the Mason-Dixon conference this year. Here Al gets off a heave proctice. 156 Senior Pole Vaulter Steve Lapidus easily clears the 12 foot stan dards. Senior high jumper Bernie Strauss gracefully goes over the 6 ' standard. The 1961 American University Track Team ffrom left fo right) fop row. Assistant Coach Jock Leyden, Mol Cohen, Al Dillard, Bud Furr, John Hannock, John Yerrick, Bernie Strauss, Joe McLaine, John VonKuegel- gen, Steve Wogan, Jim O ' Neil and Manager Mike Trilling. Bottom row: Paul Lucas, Ed Orem, Steve Bennett, Karl Viehe, Bill Coward, Ben Amos, Tom Accardi, Joel Jeffries and John Knight. ?rx Coach Dave Carrasco ' s pitching quintet for the 1962 season, from bottom.- Bill Casper, Tony Rodriquez, Denver Haymond, Howie Schocter and Bob Brummer. Baseball 158 The 1962 American University Baseball Team. From left to right, top Leosher, Francis Frank, Hugh Buckingham, Bill Devor, Dave Avjean, row: Bob Brummer, Howie Schacter, Eric Rubinowitz, Ted Chaconos, Bill Laubenstein, Doug Hudson and Ron Rawlins. Bottom row: Bill Tom Marshall, Ron Bassman, Lory Apgar, Denver Haymond and Rosensky, Bill Casper, Joe Band, Tony Rodriquez, Steve Kellner, King Coach David Carrasco. Second row: Renninger, John Pellegrino, Bill Chin and Manager Jim Perry. The 1962 Baseball team, under Head Coach Dave Carrasco, got ofF to a bad start as they lost four of their first five ball games. The fifth game v os rained out Leading this year ' s team on the field v ere M-D all star Tom Marshall and Denver Haymond. The pitching crev was led by senior Bob Brummer and freshman Howie Schacter. Jim Howell, Bill Casper, Tony Rodriguez and Denver Haymond also pitched. The starting infield consisted of Ron Rawlins at first base, Steve Kellner at second base. Bill Laubenstein at short and Ted Chaconas at third base. Leading the outfielders was Marshall, while Bill Rosensky and Bill Devor patrolled right and left fields respectively. Haymond and Schare composed the back stop crew for Carrasco. The Eagles lost the opening game of the year to Syracuse University, 4-2. Two late-inning home- runs gave the Orangemen a close victory. The Eagles then proceeded to be clobbered by Lafay- ette, 23-1, Southern Connecticut, 6-3, and George- town, 14-5. The Rider game, which was rained out, had AU ahead 3-1 in the bottom of the third when the game was cancelled. AU ' s starting infield plus two. ner. Bill Devor, Bill Laubenstei ins and Joe Band. Co-Coptoins Tom Marshall (CF) and Denver Haymond (C) surround Head Coach Dave Carrasco. 1962 BASEBALL SCHEDULE AU 2 Syracuse 4 AU 1 Lafayette 23 AU — Rider (Rained Out) AU 3 So. Connecticut 6 AU 5 Georgetown 14 AU 2 Catholic U. 1 AU — Wash. College (Rained Out) AU 4 Navy 5 AU — Towson (Rained Out) AU 8 Georgetown 3 AU 25 D.C. Teachers 3 Mt. St. Mary ' s Loyola (2) D.C. Teachers Howard West. Maryland Towson Denver Haymond slides home safely for the second run against Syracuse University earlier this year. Two runs weren ' t enough as the visitors won, 4-2. From left to right: Steve Kell- n, Ted Chaconas, Ron Rawl- 159 The 1962 American University Tennis Team. From left to right, top row: Captain Al Waksman, George King, Jim Coolsen, Bob Leiberman and Art Kreigsman. 8o om row.- Coach Robert Froiley, Richard Zimmerman, Roy Henning, Paul Aronsky and Austin Bleich. Tennis 1962 TENNIS SCHEDULE AU 4 Syracuse 5 AU 2 Lafayette 7 AU 7 Towson 2 AU 9 West. Md. AU 4 Catholic U. 2 Wash. Coll. West. Md. Mt. St. Mary ' s Loyola Catholic U. Georgetown Towson The American University Tennis Team provided much excitement during the spring months on the AU campus. Led by Captain Al Waksman and Head Coach Robert Froiley the courtsmen were among the better teams in the Mason-Dixon con- ference. After bowing in two early season matches the tennis squad came back to van- quish the majority of its opponents. Besides Waksman, Jim Coolsen, Aus- tin Bleich, Paul Aronsky, Rich Zimmerman, Bill Slone, Roy Henning, George King and Art Krigsman aided the 1962 squad. Tennis Head Coach Robert Froiley and Team Captain Al Waks- man enjoy some lighter moments of tennis. Golf The 1962 American University Golf Team, coached by John Wakefield was hin- dered by the lack of experience. Coach Wakefield lost the nucleus of the 1961 team which went undefeated in dual competition and placed second in the conference cham- pionships by one stroke. Leading this year ' s team was Don Sing- man, Dick Abrams, Andy Feit, Fred Joseph, Eric Bosch and Jim Maclver. The Golfers opened the season on a poor note as they lost their first two meets, 9-0. Both Georgetown and Loyola shut out the Eagles, only after close matches. 1962 GOLF SCHEDULE AU Georgetown 9 AU Loyola 9 AU 2y2 West. Md. 6y2 Mt. St. Mary ' s Baltimore Gettysburg Mt. St. Mary ' s M-D Tournament The 1962 American University Golf Team. Top row: Jim Maclver and Coach John Wakefield. Middle row: Don Singman, Dick Abrams and Andy Feit. Bottom row: Fred Joseph and Eric Bosch. The All-Stars-The 1962 Intramural Touch Football Champions Men ' s Intramurals The 1961-62 Intramural Program, under the leadership of Intramural director Jim Williams and Charlie Parrish, was suc- cessful from beginning to end. The season started in great fashion with Alpha Sigma Phi winning the fraternity football league, while the All-Stars won the independent league. However it was the Stars over the PSKs in the championship round. In volley ball action Tau Epsilon Phi won the league, but Phi Epsilon Pi came back to take the championship finals. PEP also took three-man golf and tennis doubles during the fall semester. Following Volleyball came basketball. PEP repeated for the second year in a row as the outstanding fraternity squad. The PEP ' s went undefeated in league competi- tion and went on to defeat the Road Run- ners in the finals of the Intramural play-offs. TEP ' s David Shields eludes tag of PSK ' s John Johnston. ATO ' s Al Helm is tagged during hofly-contested Touch Football game. 162 TEP ' s Bob Stone gains yardage against the All-Stars In play-off competition. PEP ' s Lyie Bass M) and Danny Albert defend against Kingsmen White in Intramural basketball competition. -ups in the Introinu ' al Football Competition. Following the basketball season came the team bowling competition. Phi Sigma Kappa took first place in the fraternity league as they defeated both PEP and TEP. The Kingsmen, averaging over 800 took first place in the independent league. Although football, basketball, bowling, basebal ' l, etc. were the major parts of the intramural athletic program, there were many other sports for everybody. Ping-pong, mixed volleyball, checkers, chess and bridge were included in the 1961-62 Intramural program. The highly successful program came to a climax with the annual Intramural track meet held late in the spring. PEP once again walked off with the top athletic award with ASP and TEP close behind. PEP ' s Danny Albert grabs a rebound against the Kingsmen in Intramural basketball play-off competition. 9 The 1961-62 Women ' s Basketball Team. Top Row (from left to right) Carol Geiger, Wendy Pelly, Joyce Winters and Pam Harmon. Bottom Row— Carol Thoden, Ruth Koenigsberg, Whitney Baldwin, Linda Ulmer and Ann Adams. Under the leadership of Miss Virginia Hawke the women ' s extramural and intramural athletics programs were once again very successful. The girls of American University participating in field hockey, basketball and swimming plus numerous other sports. These included volleyball, softball, and modern dancing. Probably one of the outstanding events of the season was the annual D.C.A.A.U. swimming meet for women. The AU ' s placed second to the University of Maryland for the second straight year. Not only were the AU girls active in extra- mural sports, but also in intramural competition. Swimming, volleyball and ping pong were among the top sports of the year. AU ' s varsity field hockey team distinguished themselves — going undefeated in league action. All-in-all, it was a fine season for Miss Hawke, Miss Cheney, Miss McFeeter and the entire women ' s athletic department. Linda Ulmer practices layup. Whitney Baldwin defends against Linda Ulmer ' s shot at the basket. 164 w omen s Sports MiMiil Ayer Storrs and Jennifer Booth close in on the loose boll during varsity Field Hockey oction against Maryland University. AU ' s Jennifer Booth fights for the loose ball against University of Maryland opponent. The 1961-62 Women ' s Volleyball Team. From left to right— Beverly Gotker, Joyce Winters, Ruth Koenigsberg, Jo Ann Test, Ann Adams, Carol Geiger, Judy Koenick, Linda Ulmer, Carol Thaden and Coach Miss Virginia Hawke. . Jb n W r « Ml 165 Sports Scrap Book f J li. i 166 Seniors College of Arts and Sciences and School of Business Administration PETER G. ACKERMANN Westfield, Massachusetts B.S.— Business Administration and Marketing Phi Sigma Kappa 1-4; French Club 1,2; S.A.M. 2,3,4; Intramurals 1-2; Talon Sports Editor 2; French Club President 1 ROBERT F. ARMSTRONG Washington, D. C. b. A. —Journalism and Public Relations Alpha Tau Omega 2-4; Sigma Delta Chi 4; Intramurals 2-4 MARTIN B. ADELSTEIN Great Neck, New York B.S.— General Business Phi Epsilon Pi 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4 DANIEL L. ALBERT Great Neck, New York Phi Epsilon Pi 1-4; Intramurals 1-4 SAMUEL V. ASHEN Lokewood, New Jersey B.S.— Business Administration Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2,3,4 ALAN E. BABIGAN Lowell, Massachusetts B.S.— Distributed Sciences Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; Baptist Student Union 1-4; President 4 MARY E. ALLAN Arlington, Virginia Pan Ethnon; University Chorale BENJAMIN M. AMOS Washington, D. C. B. A. —Sociology Track 1-4; Cross Country 1,2,3; Civil Rights Club 3; A Club 2,3,4; Orientation Board 3; Omega Psi Phi 2,3 MILDRED A. BAGBY Falls Church, Virginia B.A.— Eng sh Alpha Chi Omega 1-4, First Vice- President 4; Residence Counselor 4 BETTY A. BALOTIN Washington, D. C. B. A. —English Alpha Epsilon Phi 1-4, Assistant Rush Chairman 3, Panhellenic Representative 4; Elections Committee 3; Transfer Student; Alpha Lambda Delta 4 DARWIN E. ANDREOZZI Washington, D. C. B.A.— Phi osophy Philosophy Club 3-4. JOSEPH M. BAND Washington, D. C. Combined B. A.— Prelaw and Law Sigma Tau 4; S.A.M. 3,4, Special Chair- man 3, Publicity Chairman 4; Intra- murals 3,4; Varsity Baseball 3,4 JANE BARENBLATT Bridgeton, New Jersey B.S.—Distribuled Sciences Beta Beta Beta 3,4, Historian 3,4; Bi- ology Club 3,4, Secretary 3,4; CCB Pub- licity Committee 3, Social Committee 3 ELIZABETH P. BENNETT Silver Spring, Maryland B.A.— Psycho ogy Spanish Club 1; Methodist Student Movement 1; Hughes Hall Social Chair- man 2; S.N.E.A. 3; Methodist Women ' s Club 2-4; Young Republicans 4; Club Fair— Orientation Board 4; Dorm Coun- selor 3 SHEILA S. BICOFF Arlington, Virginia B.A.— f docolion S.N.E.A. 3,4; Hillel 1,2 STEVEN BIRKHAHN Woodmere, New York B.S.— nvesfmen and Invesfmeni Banking Phi Epsilon Pi 1; Intramurals 1-4; Hillel 1-4; S.A.M. 3,4; Freshman Skit Night 1 MORDECAI BENOV ITZ Franklin S iuare, New York B.S.— Marfee ing Phi Epsilon Pi 1-4, Pledge Class Presi- dent, Parliamentarian; Rho Epsilon 4; Marketing Club 3,4; Student Union Com- mittee 4; Intramurals 1-4; Marketing Club President 4 AUSTIN S. BLEICH Hewlett, New York B.S.— Business Adminisiralion Tau Epsilon Phi 2,3,4, Social and Ath- letic Chairman 3,4; S.A.M. 2,3; Hillel 1,2; Marketing Club, 3,4; French Club 4; Intramurals 1-4; Varsity Tennis 1-4 STEPHEN H. BERKOWITZ Hewlett, New York B.A.— Distribu ed Social Sciences Phi Epsilon Pi 1-4, Social Chairman 4; History Club 1; Class Treasurer 1; In- tramurals 1-4; Dorm Council 2; Home- coming Committee 3; Elections Commit- tee 2 IRA M. BLOOM Ploinfield, New Jersey B. A. —Economics Phi Epsilon Pi 1-4; Intramurals 1-4; Talon, Advertising Staff 3, Business Manager 4; Dorm President 1 ARTHUR BESNER Washington, D. C. B.A.— Po it co Science Pi Gamma Mu 3,4; Dean ' s List 1,3; Eagle 2,4; Hillel 1,4 EDWARD BESNER Washington, D. C. B.S.— Bio ogy Biology Club 2,3,4; Chemistry Club 1,2; Hillel 1-4 ADRIANNE BLUE Washington, D. ' C. R. A.— English CCB-Program Committee; Honors Pro- gram; Theta Sigma Phi; Literary Society; French Club; Philosophy Club; Eagle Co-Editor-in-Chief 4; Writer Prose Edi- tor 4; Who ' s Who 4 CLARENCE A, BOWLING Brooke, Virginia B.S.— Accoun ing JOHN A. BICKNELL Madison, New Jersey B. A. —Politico Science Varsity Swimming 4; Crew 2; murals 1-4 - .. PAUL S. BRITT Beltsville, Maryland B.S.— Physics Phi Sigma Kappa; Physics Club; Intra- murals 1-4; Phi Sigma Kappa Secretary 3; Who ' s Who 4; Varsity Track 1-4, Co- captain 4; Varsity Cross Country 1-4, Captain 4 JEREMY P. BROWNING Monrovia, Maryland B. A. —History Canterbury Club 1-4, President S.N.E.A. 3 JUDITH A. BUCHANAN Arlington, Virginia B.A. — Interdeportmental Humanities Alpha Psi Omega; Zeta Phi Eta; Green Room Players, Secretary 2, President 3; Russian Club, Secretary 2, Arts Chair- man 3; Plays 1-3 DORA M. BUSBY Silver Spring, Maryland B.S.— Medico Technology Biology Club 1,2; Chemistry Club; M.S.M. 3; Transfer Student RICHARD W. BUTT Washington, D. C. B.S.— Accounting S.A.M. 2,3 CHARLES E. CABELL Alexandria, Virginia B.A.— Journo ism Alpha Tau Omega, Reporter 2, House Manager 4; Canterbury Club; Publica- tions and Orientation Boards 2 CAROL S. CAPLAN Portsmouth, Virginia B.A.— Phi osophy Kappa Theta Tau 2,3, Rush Chairman 2,3; Philosophy Club 3,4; Economics Club 2,3; Campus Center Board 3; S.A. Elections Committee 3 GLENN W. CARLSON Summit, New Jersey . A.— Political Science and Pre-Law Tau Epsilon Phi 2,3,4, President 2, Pledgemaster 3; CCB-Porliamentarian 3; Intromurals 1,2,3; IPC, Secretary 2,3; Chairman, Homecoming Committee 4; Who ' s Who 4 ALICIA M. CASSIANO Albany, Nev York B.A.— Ec ucafion Kappa Delta 1-4; S.N.E.A.; Women ' s Residence Regulations Board 2; House Council 1 THEODORE S. CHACONAS Washington, D. C. B.S.— Accounting Intromurals 1,2; Dean ' s List 3 ROBERT F. CHAMBERS Scarsdale, New York B.A. —Economics Economics Club 3,4; Transfer Student JOHN D. CHILDS Beverly Hills, California Pan Ethnon 3,4; Pan American Club 4; Transfer Student DONALD CHRISTOPHER Hyattsville, Maryland B.S.— Morfceting Pi Sigma Epsilon; Marketing Club ROBERT B. CLARK Washington, D. C. Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2,3,4; S.N.E.A. 4; A Club 1,2; Intromurals 1,2,3,4; Varsity Wrestling 1-4; Varsity Soccer 3,4 CYNTHIA A. CLODE Millville, New Jersey B.A.— Ec ucat on Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4, Social Chairman 4; S.N.E.A. 4; French Club 2,3; Lutheran Club 1; House Council 4; Intromurals 1,2,3,4 1 w % 1 ' b " " • W ■r ' DIANNE B. CLODE Millville, New Jersey i. A.— English Kappa Delta 3,4; Lutheran Club 1 SUSAN COLLINS Moplewood, New Jersey B. A.— Religion PI Delta Epsilon 4; Eagle 3,4; Dean ' : List 3; Transfer Student JOHN W. COMPTON Washington, D. C. B.A.— Psycho ogy Intramurals; Swimming Team 1,2,3, Captain 4; Orientation Board Vice- Chairman 4; Eagle 2; Senior Class Treasurer 4 NORA LEID COMMINGS Arlington, Virginia JOHN E. EWALD Frostburg, Maryland B.A.-English Alpha Psi Omega 1,2,3,4; Fellowship of Young Churchmen 2,3; Transfer Stu- dent LOWELL R. COOLIDGE Alexandria, Virginia B. A. —History Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4, Vice-President 3; College Council 4; University Chorale 1,2,3,4; Inter-Religious Club Council, President 4; Young Republican Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 4; Westminister Foundation 1,2,3,4, President 3,4; IFC 4; Pan Ethnon 3,4; Chaplain of Senior Class 4 JANE E. CREVELING Allentown, Pennsylvania B.S.— Bio ogy Kappa Delta 3,4; Transfer Student JOHN K. CRUMMEY San Francisco, California B.A.— Political Science Alpha Tau Omega 4; Swimming 3,4; Crew 3,4; Transfer Student WAFA A. DAJANI Amman, Jordan B.S.— Business Administrotion Alpha Phi Omega 3,4; Pan Ethnon Club 3,4; Marketing Club 4; S.A.M. 4; Eco- nomics Club 2 NANCY T. DRYDEN Washington, D. C. B. A. —Education Mu Phi Epsilon 2,3,4; Kappa Delta Epsi- lon 3,4; S.N.E.A. 4; University Singers 2,3; University Chorale 2,3,4; Fellow- ship of Young Churchmen, 2,3,4; Meth- odist Women ' s Club 3,4, President 3 CHARLES E. EHLE Fairfax, Virginia B.S.— Bio ogy Chemistry Club 2,3,4; Biology Club 2,3,4 HOSSEIN FARIS Washington, D. C. b. A.— Education Pan Ethnon Club 2,3,4; S.N.E.A. 1; Economics Club 1 LOUIS J. FAUST Washington, D. C. B.A.— fiodio-TV Broadcasting Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4; Orientation Board 3; Newman Club 4; WAMU 4; Talon Skit Night 2 JUDITHE A. FELDBLUM New Rochelle, New York B.A.— Education Kappa Delta Epsilon 2; CCB-Social Committee 1 ROLAND J. FERGUSON Silver Spring, Maryland B.5.— Business Ad ministration Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4, Social Chairman 4; S.A.M. 4; Inframurals 3 ROBERT FORD Alexandria, Virginia B. A. —Economics Economics Club 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4 RONALD J. FEUER Norfolk, Virginia B. A. —History Phi Alpha Theto; ADA 3,4; Civil Rights Committee 3,4; PI Gamma Mu BARBARA FIELDS Chevy Chase, Maryland B.S.— Biology Beta Beta Beta 3,4; Biology Club 3,4; Music Club 1; Orientation Board 4; University Chorale 1,2,3,4 JOAN F. FORSYTH Glen Ridge, New Jersey B.S.— Morfceting Delta Gamma 3,4; Marketing Club 3,4; House Council 3; Transfer Student SALLY FOSNIGHT Arlington, Virginia B.A.-English Eagle, Copy Editor and Assistant Copy Editor; Transfer Student BEVERLY ANN FILBY Hyottsville, Maryland B.A.-Art French Club 4; Bold Eagle Staff 4 RHEA FINKELSTEIN Brooklyn, Nev York B.A.— Educotion House Council 1, Vice-President; Steer- ing Committee of Leadership Training Prog. 3 RONALD S. FRIEDMAN Cedorhurst, New York B. A. -History Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3; Intromurals 1,2,3,4; CCB-Publicity Com- mittee, Program Committee; Dorm Vice- President 2 KEN FRITZ Westfleld, New Jersey B. A.— English Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 2, IFC Delegate 4; Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4; A. Powell Davis Club 3; College Council 2,3,4; CCB 3,4; Bald Eagle 3,4; Eagle 3; Orientation Board 2,3; Leadership Training Program 2,3; Homecoming 3, Program 4; Dorm Coun- selor 3,4 SYDNEY B. FISCHER Lakewood, New Jersey B.S.— Political Science Alpha Epsilon Phi 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2.3, President 4; Spanish Club 1; Hillel 1,2; Eagle 3,4; Orientation Board 2, 3.4, Chairman of Transfer Tea 3; Hazing Committee 4; Parliamentarian of Spanish Club 1 MARSHA M. FROMMER Newport, Rhode Island B.S.— Medical Technology Biology Club 3; Transfer Student JOAN L FORD Laurel, Maryland B.A.— Educot on Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4; S.N.E.A. 3, 4; AU Chorus 1,2 GLORIA R. GAFFNEY Washington, D. C. B. A. —Educot on 4- HERBERT R. GANTZ Washington, D. C. B.S.— Pub ic Rehfions S. A.M. —Member of PR Committee ARTHUR A. GOLDBERG Jersey City, New Jersey B.A. — Government Pi Sigma Alpha 2,3,4; Phi Gamma Mu 2,3,4; Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4, Vice- President 2; Sigma Delta Chi 4; AU Civil Rights Committee 3,4; Booster Club; Debate; University Pep Bond; College Council; ICC; Eagle, Editor-in- Chief 3; Who ' s Who 4 BARBARA ANN GARNER Washington, D. C. B.A.-Educo ion S.N.E.A. 3,4 HOWARD EUGENE GARRETT Bethesda, Maryland B.A. —F ne Arts STANLEY GOLDBERG Teoneck, New Jersey B.A. —History Tau Epsilon Phi; Hil lel; Student Health and Welfare Committee 4; Intramurojs 1; Chairman, Inter-Fraternity Relations Committee; Dorm Secretory-Treasurer JUDITH B. GOLDING Walterboro, South Carolina B.A.-Eng ish Kappa Theto Tau; German Club; Ori- entation Board; Dean ' s List RICHARD S. GATTI Chevy Chase, Maryland B.S.— Reo Estate Phi Sigma Kappa, 3,4, Athletic Chair man; Rho Epsilon 3,4; S.A.M. 3,4 Newman Club 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4 JOSEPH H. GAUNT Springfield, Pennsylvania B.A. — Commun caf ons WAMU 1,4; Methodist Student Move- ment ; S.N.E.A. 3 SONDRA GOLDSMITH Gaithersburg, Maryland B.A.— Music Mu Phi Epsilon, 3,4; Music Educators National Conference 3; Women ' s Resi- dence Regulations Board 1; Talon, Faculty Editor 1 VICTORIA C. GRECO Washington, D. C. B.A.— Edocot on WILLIAM GERBER Washington, D. C. 6.S.— Business Administration and Accounting Tau Epsilon Phi; S.A.M. 4; Intramurals 3,4; Transfer Student JOYCE S. GILLINGHAM Ventnor City, New Jersey B.A.— 5ducof on S.N.E.A. 3,4; Transfer Student NEIL I. GREENBERG Brooklyn, New York B.S.— Real Estate Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2,3,4, IFC representa- tive 4; Rho Epsilon 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4 KENNETH W. GROSS Perth Amboy, New Jersey B.A.-r.V.-Radio Tau Epsilon Phi, 1,2,3,4, President 1, 2,4, Pledgemaster 3; Hillel 3; CCB- Porliamentarian 4; College Council Parliamentarian 4; Chairman, Constitu- tion Committee 4; Eagle 3; WAMU 1,2, 3,4, Sports Director 3 JOYCE E. HADSELL Tecumseh, Michigan B.A.— Humoni i ' es Philosophy Club 1; Methodist Student Movement 1,2 RUTH S. HARRIS Washington, D. C. B.S.— Distributed Science Alpha Epsilon Phi Rush Chairman 3, Panhellenic Representative 1,2— Secre- tary of Panhellenic 2,3; Intramurals 1,2 JOHN R. HARTER Washington, D. C. b.A.-Radio-TV Sigma Delta Chi 3,4; S.A.M. 3; WAMU 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Committee 3 WILLIAM B. HAWKINS Washington, D. C. B.S.— Business Administration and Marketing Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4, Worthy Sentinel 3,4 SUSAN R. HELLER Great Neck, New York B.A.— Psycho ogy Hillel 1,2,3,4; College Council 1,2 ALTON E. HELM Chevy Chase, Maryland B.S. — Marketing Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; Marketing Club 4; S.A.M. 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4 DIANA G. HIGGINS Arlington, Virginia B.A.-Radio-TV Theta Sigma Phi 3, Vice-President 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 4; WAMU Music Director 3; Transfer Student JAMES E. HILL Alexandria, Virginia B.S.— D sfr buted Sciences Transfer Student LORETTA A. HIRSCHFELD Ponama, Republic " of Panama B.S.— Business Administration Kappa Theto Tau 3,4; Marketing Club 3,4; Pan-Ethnon 3,4; Pan-American 4; Transfer Student HAROLD L. HOFFMAN Maplewood, New Jersey B.S. — Business Administration and Accounting Phi Epsilon Pi, Treasurer 4, Finance Committee 1,2; Dorm Council 2; Intra- murals 1,2,3,4 BARBARA H. HOSKINSON Washington, D. C. B.A.— Educat on S.N.E.A. 4; Transfer Student JAMES M. HOWELL Washington, D. C. .A.— Physical Education Tau Epsilon Phi 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Newman Club 1,2,3,4 THOMAS M. HYRE Washington, D. C. Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Phi Omega, Historian 3; Pep Band 2, President 3, Director 4; Booster Club 2, Vice-Presi- dent 3,4; Inter Club Council 3; Intra- murals 1,2 SARA HURWITZ Cedarhurst, New York B.A.— Educofion Hillel 1,2,3,4, Program Chairman S.N.E.A. 2,3, Social Chairman Program Committee 4 2,3; 2,3, 1 fc " f HAROLD B. ISEN Chevy Chase, Maryland B.A.— Art Design Bald Eagle 1,2; Art Director 3,4; A.U. Players 2-4; Green Room Players 3,4; Art Club 3; Best Actor In a supporting role 3 JOHN E. ISLEIB Arlington, Virginia B.S.— Marte ing Alpha Tau Omega 3,4; A Club 1,2,3,4; S.A.M. 3,4; Class Executive Committee 3; CCB 3; Varsity Cross Country 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4 RICHARD H. JACKSON Wildwood, Nev Jersey B. A. —History A Club 1,2; Varsity Golf 1,2,3,4; In- tramurols 1,2 DIANNE K. JACOBSON Arlington, Virginia B.A.— Education Transfer Student EARLENE M. JENKINS Washington, D. C. B.A.— Education S.N.E.A. LINDA JOHNSON Alexandria, Virginia B.A.— Journa ism Pi Delta Epsilon 3, President 4; Cap and Gown 4— Program Chairman; Theta Sigma Phi 3, Treasurer 4; Dorm Secre- tary 1; Women ' s Residence Regulations Board 2; Eagle 1, Assistant News Edi- tor 2; Managing Editor 3, Editor 4 DEBRA A. KALB Brooklyn, New York B. A.— Education Hlllel 2; S.N.E.A. 3 JUDITH KANTROW Roslyn, New York B.A.— History International Service Club 1; Hlllel 1,2; Pan Ethnon 3; Young Democrats 3 EDMUND R. KAROLY Jomoica, New York B. A. —Spanish Alpha Sigma Phi 3,4, President of Pledge Class 3, Associate Editor 3,4; Eagle 1, Associate Sports Editor and Columnist 3; Spanish Club 1; Pan American Club 4; S.A. Vice-President 4; Class President 1; Student Health and Welfare Committee 4; Who ' s Who 4 JOEL J. KATZ Washington, D. C. B.S.— Business Administration and Accounting Dean ' s List 3; Transfer Student STEPHANIE FRISS KAY Washington, D. C. B.A.— Educotion Kappa Theta Tau 2,3,4, Vice-President and Rush Chairman 3,4, Panhellenic Representative 2; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3; S.N.E.A. 2,3,4,; CCB-Publicity Com- mittee 2, Elections Committee 3; Junior Executive Committee 3; Talon Princess 3 RAYMOND F. KEITH Washington, D. C. R.S.— Public Relations Kappa Phi Kappa 2,3, President 4; Alpha Phi Omega; Young Republicans 3,4; Methodist Student Movement 2,3; Canterbury 1; Class Representative 2,3, 4; Orientation Board 2,3,4; WAMU 1, 2,3,4; Who ' s Who 4 DANA E. KENNAN Chevy Chase, Maryland B.S.-8io ogy Alpho Tau Omega; Beta Beta Beta, Vice-President; Biology Club NORMAN A. KERLIN Poquoson, Virginia B.A. —Journo ism Sigma Theta Epsilon 2,3,4; Sigma Delta Chi 3,4; Methodist Student Movement 1,2,3,4; College Council 1; Class Treas- urer 3; Inter-Club Council 4; Health and Welfare Committee 1; Prom Pro- gram Committee 3; WAMU 1-4; Eagle 1-4; Intramurals 1-4; Frosh and Soph Skit Nights Brooklyn, New York b.A.-English Sophomore Queen; Phi Epsilon Pi Sweet- Heart 3; Cap and Gown 4; College Council, Jr. Representative, Secretary 4, Executive Committee 4, Selections Con-.mittee 4; Class Executive Commit- tees 2,3; CCB-Women ' s Residence Coun- cil Representative 3; Women ' s Resi- dence Council 2,3,4; Vice-President; House Council 3, President 4; Who ' s Who 4 JOHN V. KING Grovetown, Georgia B.A.-H sfory Newman Club 3,4; History Club 4; Transfer Student ROBERT L. KING Adelphi, Maryland B.S.— Public Relations and Journalisn) Sigma Delta Chi, Treasurer; Eagle Staff ROBERT H. KOCH Phillipsburg, New Jersey B.A.— Phi osop iy Lutheran Student Association 1,2,3,4; Intro-Murals 1-4; Orientation Board, Chairman of Religious Activities 3; Phi- losophy Club ART W. KRIEGSMAN Washington, D.C. 6.S.— Public Relations Newman Club 1-4; German Club 1-3; S.A.M. 3; Varsity Tennis 3; Intramurals 1,2 PHOEBE A. LANE McLean, Virginia B.A.— fducotion Delta Gamma 3,4; WAMU Staff 3; University Chorale 3; Chapel Choir 1,2; Christian Science Organization 1,2, Sec- retary 3, President 4 STEPHEN M. LAPIDUS Great Neck, New York 6.S.— Public Relations Phi Epsilon Pi; Varsity Track 1-4; Intra- murals 1-4 GRANT LAU Arlington, Virginia B.S.— Accounting Transfer Student BONNIE LEIBER Forest Hills, New York B. A.— Education Kappa Theta Tau, President 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Secretory; Hillel, Publi- city Chairman 3; S.N.E.A.; Class Execu- tive Committee 4; Orientation Board; CCB— Publicity Committee; Skit Nights 1,2,3 JOEL L. LEIBOWITZ Arlington, Virginia B.S.— Business Administration and Accounting Phi Epsilon PI; Accounting Club; Law Club; Varsity Diving 1, Intramurals 1-4 LINDA KRIES Rockville Centre, New York B.A.— Educof on Dorm Vice-President 1; CCB Ticket Com- mittee 3; House Council 1,3; Women ' s Residence Council 3 ANNETTE L. LEIDERMAN Forest Hills, New York B.A.-His ory Alpha Epsilon Phi, Scholarship 2; Editor 3; Social Chairman 4; CCB 3,4; Student Health and Welfare 3; Homecoming, Chairman for Room Decorations 4; Panhellenic Council Treasurer 3; Orien- tation Board; Talon, Greek Editor; IFC Queen Nominee, Homecoming Queen Candidate 4 ROBERT A. LANE Bethesda, Maryland B.S.— Business Adnyinistralion and Accounting Economics Club 3; Intramurals 3; Eagle, Head Accountant 4 STEPHEN K. LEV Brooklyn, New York B.S.— Pub ic Relations Tau Epsilon Phi 2; Scribe 3; Chaplain 4; College Council 2; CCB 4; Hillel 1; Treasurer 2; Vice-President 3,4; AU Players, Best Actor in o Supporting Role 1,2,3; Director of Skit Nights 1,2,3; Coordinator 4; Director of Heart Fund Variety Show 2; AU Players Business Manager; Who ' s Who 4 JANET LEVINE W. Hyattsville, Maryland .A.— Education Sigma Rho 1,2; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Hillel 1; Secretary, 2; WAMU Traffic Director 1,2 BONNIE L. LEWIS Arlington, Virginia B.S.— Po it co Science and Pre-Law Phi Mu 2,3,4; Debate 1,2,3; SA Finance Committee 2; Secretary 3; Chairman, StucJent Directory Committee at Wash- ington College of Law 4; Class Secre- tary at Law School 4 JOHN D. MANDELBAUM Baltimore, MorylancJ B.A. — Commun cofion S.A.M. 3,4; WAMU 1-4; CCB 2; Orient- ation BoarcJ 3,4 SCOTT M. MASON Washington, D.C. 6.5.— Industrial Relations and Personnel Monagemenf Transfer tudenf ROBERT A. LINDQUIST Kane, Pennsylvania B.S.— Business Administration and Marketing Alpha Tau Omega; S.A.M.; Marketing Club; A Club; Varsity Baseball 2; Cross Country 1; Basketball 1-4 ANNA MAY LONG Wildwood, New Jersey B.A.— Bi ' o ogy Methodist Student Movement 1; Biology Club 2; WAMU 3; SA Publicity Commit- tee 3; Elections Committee 3; Program Committee 3; CCB 3; Orientation Board 3; Eagle 4; CCB— Sr. Member at Large 4; Student Union Committee 4 DAVID D. MATSON Upper Darby, Pennsylvania B.S.-Rod o-TV Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4; WAMU 1,2,3; Business Manager 4; Eagle 1; Bald Eagle 2 RAYMOND K. MATSON Silver Spring, Maryland Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; Transfer Student ELIZABETH A. LUTZ Washington, D.C. B.A.— Soci ' o ogy Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4; French Club 1; The Writer, Secretary 3,4 CYNTHIA S. MACLEAN Ventnor, New Jersey B.A.— Educot on S.N.E.A. 4; S.A.M. 2; Secretary, Execu- tive Assistant to President 3; Pan Ethnon Club 3; Transfer Student ET " .- 4 — f ROCHELLE STEIN METRO Silver Spring, Maryland B.A.— Educof on Kappa Delta Epsilon, Vice-President; S.N.E.A.; Hillel; German Club; Eagle LOIS M. MEYER Baltimore, Maryland B.A. — Education S.N.E.A. 4; Hughes Hall Executive Com- mittee, House Council 4; Transfer Stu- dent ALAN R. MANDEL Rego Park, New York R.A.— International Relations and Organization Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Sigma Alpha; AU Players; International Relations Club; Pan Ethon; A. Powell Dovies Liberal Society JANET R. MILLER Ventnor, New Jersey B.S.— Medico Technology Biology Club 3; Dorm Council 3; Trans- fer Student m J. J. MILLER Arlington, Virginia B.S.— Business Administration and Accounting Phi Kappa Psi; Transfer Student BETTY L. MILNE Washington, D.C. B.A.— Journa sm Kappa Delta, Editor 4; Theta Sigma Phi; Intramurols 2-4; Methodist Student Movement 1,2; WAMU 1,2; Talon 2; Section Editor 4 PHYLLIS J. MINKOFF Washington, D.C. B.A.— Speech Arts Zeta Phi Eta 4; Green Room Players 3; 4; Vice-President; University Theatre Plays 3,4; Transfer Student MEREDITH E. MOORE Washington, D.C. B. A. —Music Delta Gamma 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Cap and Gov n 4; Honor Society 3,4; Mu Phi Epsilon 2, Corresponding Secre- tary 3, President 4; Canterbury Club 2; Class Skit 2; Heart Fund 2; Orientation Board 4; Transfer Student; Who ' s Who 4 FRANCIS A. MORGAN Woodbury Heights, New Jersey B. A. —Economics Alpha Sigma Phi 1, Secretary 2,3, Presi- dent 4; Economics Club 3,4; IFC 2,3,4; College Council Representative 3; Class Treasurer 2; SA Athletic and Awards Committee; Intramurols PHYLLIS K. MORRIS Holly Hill, Florida .A.— Political Science Alpha Chi Omega 2,3,4, Correspo-ding Secretary; Pan Ethnon Club; CCB, 3,4; Elections Committtee, Vice-Chairman MARY C. MULACH Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.S.— Bio ogy Koppo Delta 2,3,4; National Chemistry Society 4; Biology 2,3,4, Vice-President, Treasurer; Chemistry Club 3,4; Philos- ophy Club 3,4; Orientation Board 2,3; Interclub Council 3,4 LOUISE E. MULLEN Rockville, Maryland B.S.— Accounting German Club 2 GERALD M. MURCH Silver Spring, Maryland B.S.— Psycho og Alpha Phi Omega 2,3, President 4; Pan Ethnon 4; A Club 3,4; Orientation Board 4; Varsity Soccer 2,3, Captain 4; Intramurols 1 MARY L. MCADAMS Washington, D.C. B. A.— Speech and Drama Alpha Psi Omega 3, President 4; Cap and Gown, Historian 4; Zeta Phi Eta 3, President 4; Green Room Players 1,2, President 3,4; Inter-club Council 3; University Plays 1-4, Best Supporting Actress 3; Who ' s Who 4 HELEN E. MCCALL San Antonio, Texas Civil Rights Club 2,3; Girls ' Varsity Basketball 1; Intramurols 2; Freshman Skit 1; Orientation Board 1 ANDREW W. MCCASHIN Westfield, New Jersey B.A.— Psycho ogy Homecoming Program Chairman 2; In- tramurols 1,2; Eagle, Sports Writer 1,2 MARY E. MCGREGOR Springfield, Ohio B.A.— Ec ucat on Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3, President 4; S.N.E.A. 1,2,3,4; Vice-President; AU Chorus 1-4; Spanish Club 3 EDWIN V. MCKENNEY Washington, D.C. 5.S.— General Business •■sir KATHLEEN O. MCWEENY Arlington, Virginia . A.— Education Transfer Student LUCILLE J. MCWILLIAMS Arlington, Virginia B.A.— English Kappa Delta 3,4; Newman Club 2,4; S.N.E.A. 4 MYRNA R. NEIMS Baltimore, Maryland B.A.— Educotion Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4; S.N.E.A. 2,3,4; CCB 3,4; Publicity Committee 3; Trans- fer Student WILLIAM D. NEWELL Alexandria, Virginia B.A.— Arf and Education PATRICIA A. O ' BRIEN Rockville Centre, New York B.S.— Business Administration and Marketing Delta Gamma 3,4, Treasurer 4; Market- ing Club 3, Secretary and Program Committee 4; Eagle, Classified Ad Man- ager 3; CCB— Social Committee 3; Transfer Student PEDRO J. OSTREICHER Washington, D.C. B.S.— Genero Business Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President of Pledge Class; Pan-American Club, Pres- ident CARYL S. OSBORN Blairstown, New Jersey B.A.— Socio ogy Transfer Student GLORIA PARR Washington, D.C. B.S.— Business Administration and Accounting S.A.M. 3 ARLENA R. PARSONS Washington, D.C. B. A. —Education Young Republican Club 3; S.N.E.A. 3,4; Methodist Student Movement 3,4; Meth- odist Women ' s Club 3,4; Transfer Stu- dent CHARLES PHUCAS Silver Spring, Maryland B.S.— Economics TONY PODELL Great Neck, New York B.S.— General Business Phi Epsilon Pi 1-4; S.A.M. 3,4; Talon 3,4; Bald Eagle 3,4; Intramurals 1-4 BARRY J. POLLOCK Scarsdale, New York Tou Epsilon Phi 1, Treasurer 1, Vice- President 2 and 3, President 4; IFC 2,3, 4, Athletic Committee, Publicity Com- mittee; TEP Rush Co-ordinotor 3,4; WAMU 1-3, Advertising Manager 2, Business Manager 3 LEE POTTERFIELD Hagerstown, Maryland B.S.-Pufa Jc Relations Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2,3, President 4; Sigma Theta Epsilon 4; Sigma Delta Chi; A Club ALICE GLEE PULLEY Salem, New Jersey B.A.— £duco ion Kappa Delta 1-4, Vice President 4; Cap and Gown, Treasurer 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, Treasurer 4; S.N.E.A. 3,4, President 4; Vice-President District S.N.E.A. 4; College Council 3; Inter-Club Council 3,4; Homecoming Queen 4 DANIEL S. RESNICK Silver Spring, Maryland B.S.— Business Adminisfrofion and Accounfing S.A.M. 3, Comptroller, Treasurer 4; Eagle Photographer 3 ARTHUR C. SAGOTSKY Freehold, New Jersey B.S.— Business Administration Marketing Rho Epsilon; Marketing Club 3,4 LYNNE S. ROBINSON Washington, D.C. B. A. —Education Kappa Theta Tau 2,3; Kappa Delta Ep- silon 2,3; S.N.E.A. 3,4 STEPHEN R. SANDERS Washington, D.C. B.A.-Eng ish French Club 4; Varsity Swimming 4; Bold Eagle Staff 3,4 MARLENE ROSENFELD Rockville Centre, New York B.A.— Educotion Kappa Theta Tau 2,3, Pledge Mistress 4; S.N.E.A. 3,4; Hillel 2; Hughes Hall House Council 4 STEVEN E. SCHEER South Orange, New Jersey B. A. —History Pan Ethnon 3,4; Hillel 1,2,3; Alpha Phi Omega Recording Secretary 4; Eagle Staff 3,4 lk «— = « : ROBERTA A. ROSENFIELD Washington, D.C. B. A. —History Alpha Epsilon Phi; Health, Education and Welfare Committee 3; Transfer Student SIDNEY A. ROTHBAUM Washington, D.C. B.S.— Pub ic Relations Psi Chi 4; Sigma Delta Chi 3,4; S.A.M. 1-4, President 4; Inter-Club Council 4; Bald Eagle 3; WAMU 1; Intromurals 1,3; Orientation Board 2,3; Organizer of the PR and Advertising Club 3,4; Dean ' s List 2 WILLIAM SCHWARTZ Passaic, New Jersey B.S.— Business Adniinistration and Accounting Phi Epsilon Pi; Accounting Club; Intro- murals EUGENIA SELDOM Wilmington, Delaware B. A. —Education Kappa Theta Tau 3,4; S.N.E.A. 2,3,4; Civil Rights Club 1-4; Canterbury Club; Women ' s Residence Regulations Board, —Corresponding Secretary 4; House Council 3,4; Student Health and Wel- fare Committee 3,4 DONALD E, ROZICER Mt. Rainier, Maryland B.S.— Pub ic Relations Tau Epsilon Phi 3,4, Executive at Large 3, Corresponding Secretary 3, Social Chairman 2, Athletic Chairman 2, Publi- city Chairman 3,4; WAMU 1-4; Eagle 1,2; Young Democrats 3; Varsity Track 1; Homecoming Program Chairman 3,4; Orientation Board Picnic and Fair Chairman 3 MARY M. SACK Bemus Point, New York B.A.-History Phi Miu 3,4; Methodist Student Move- ment; Women ' s A Club 3,4; S.N.E.A. 2,3,4; Republican Club 2,3,4; Orienta- tion Board 3,4; House Council 4 VIVIEN SELIS Baltimore, Maryland B.A.— Broodcosting Alpha Epsilon Phi, Vice-President; Zeta Phi Eta; CCB 3,4, Publicity and Finance Committee; Who ' s Who 4 LEONARD P. SHAPIRO Laurelton, New York B.A.-Hisfory Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4; Hillel 1-3; Talon 3,4, Section Editor 3; Sophomore Skit Night JUDY SHAUCK Bethel Park, Pennsylvania KENNETH SIZEMORE Washington, D.C. B.S.— Physics Physics Club, President 4; RALEIGH J. SHEFFIELD Hycttsville, Maryland B.S.— Transpor ofion Methodist Student Movement 2; WAMU 1 PETER SHEIB Nev Rochelle, New York B.S.— General Business Phi Epsilon Pi, Social Chairman; Hillel; S.A.M.; Intromurols; CCB-Elections Com- mittee JACLYN SKLAREW Highland Park, New Jersey B.A. -fng ish Spanish Club 1; Election Committee 3; Women ' s Residence Council 1; Women ' s Residence Regulations Board 3; CCB 3, Member at Large 4; Coed Code Evalua- tion Committee 2,3; Dorm President 1; Steering Committee Leadership Train- ing Program 2,3,4 LEONARD A. SLOAN Silver Spring, Maryland B.S. — Accounting Phi Epsilon Pi 1-2; President 4; S.A.M. 1, 2; CCB 1-3; SA Comptroller 4; Talon Business Manager 3; Class Executive Committee 2; Sophomore Publicity Com- mittee Chairman 2; SA Finance Commit- tee Chairman 3; Program Committee Chairman 3; Dorm Vice-President 2; Orientation Board 2,3; Who ' s Who 4 ZOLINKA SHERZAD Kabul, Afghanistan B.A.— Ec ucotion THOMAS A. SHIPLEY Harmons, Maryland R.S.—Dislributed Sciences Methodist Student Movement 1,2; Chem- istry Club 3,4; American Chemical So- ciety 3,4; Intramurals 1-4 CLAIR E. SPRENKLE Arlington, Virginia B.S.-Physics ELIZABETH J. STANLEY Silver Spring, Maryland B.A. — Education Phi Mu 3; Rush Chairman 4; Ponhellenic Council 3; Social Chairman 4 BRENDA SIEGAL Norfolk, Virginia B.A. —History History Club 3; Women ' s Residence Regulations Board 3; Orientation Board 1,2; Homecoming, Jazz Concert Chair- man 3; Dorm Counselor 4; SA Program, Social and Finance Committees 3 SYDNEY A. SILVERMAN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.S.— Bio ogy Biology Club, Chairman of Publicity; Chemistry Club, Publicity Chairman, Secretary KENNETH W. STANT Arlington, Virginia B.A.— Psycho ogy ANN STEVENSON Kearny, New Jersey B.A.-French S.N.E.A. 4; French Club 4; Transfer Student JOHN R, STOY Washington, D.C. B.S.— Accounting Alpha Tau Omega 1-4, Treasurer 4; CCB 2-4, Chairman 4; College Council 4; Homecoming Committee 2; Who ' s Who 4 BERNARD G. STRAUSS Great Neck, New York B.S.-fieo Estate Phi Epsiion Pi 1-4; Rho Epsilon; Varsity Track 1-4; Intramurals 1-4 [vfi Si m ROSS STUART Passaic, New Jersey B.S. — Business Administration Young Republicans 2; Hillel 2; Transfer Student THEODORE B. SUESS Wheaton, Maryland B.A.— Journa ism Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; intramurals 3,4; Transfer Student KAY SUTTON Washington, D.C. B.A. — History and Inferior Design Alpha Chi Omega 2,3; Vice-President and Pledge Mistress 4; Panhellenic 3; Chorus 1-4; Women ' s Residence Council 1,4; Most Representative Girl 2 ROSE TIGANI Warren, Pennsylvania B.A. — Germon Alpha Chi Omega 2, Secretary 4; Orientation Board 2,4; Pan Ethnan 4; German Club 1, Vice-President 2; New- man Club 1,2,4; Spanish Club 1,2,4, President; House Council 1,2, Secretary 4 NANCY G. TASH Washington, D.C. B.A. — Sociology Alpha Epsilon Phi 3,4; Orientation Board Transfer Tea Chairman 4; Trans- fer Student LARRY TEDESCO Fairlown, New Jersey B.S. —Business Administration and Transportation Phi Sigma Kappa 2-4; Baptist Club 1,3, 4; S.A.M. 1,4; Young Republicans 3; Student Health and Welfare Committee 3; Intramurals 1-4 RICHARD TINGLEY Washington, D.C. B.A.— fducot ' on Westminster Foundation; Eagle; Inter- Religious Club Council; S.N.E.A. JOANN TEST Moorestown, New Jersey B.S. — Chemistry Ph i Mu 2-4, President 4; Cap and Gown 4; University Honor Society; Women ' s A Club 2-4, Vice-President 3; House Council Treasurer 3; Women ' s Resi- dence Regulations Board, Chairman 4; Women ' s Residence Council, Vice-Presi- dent 4; Varsity Hockey 2-4, Captain 3,4; Orientation Board 3,4; Who ' s Who 4 DELORIS TOLSON Washington, D.C. I. S.— Business Administration and Accounting NAOMI D. TOMITA York, Pennsylvania B.S. —Business Administration and Marketing Marketing 4; Transfer Student LEE E. TUVESON Downers Grove, Illinois PAUL D. UMANSKY Great Neck, New York B.S. —Business Adminislrafion Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2,3,4; Varsity Golf 1,2, 3,4 MICHAEL R. VIDA Stafford, Virginia .S— Accounting ALAN S. WAKSMAN New York, New York B.S.— Accounting S.A.M. 3; Varsity Tennis 1,2, Captain 3; 3; Intramurals 1-4 PATRICIA A. WALKER Vineland, New Jersey B. A. —French French Club 1,2,4; Music Club 1; Metho- dist Student Movement 1-4; Dorm Coun- selor 4; AU Chorals 1-4 ROBERT WALTER Gambrills, Maryland B.A.-Eng ish Phi Sigma Kappa 1,2,3, President Interfraternity Council President 4 GERALD W. WATKINS Washington, D.C. B.S.— Genera Business S.A.M. 3,4; Public Relations Club 3,4 ESTELLE R. WEINAAAN Jersey City, New Jersey B.S.— Bio ogy Beta Beta Beta 3, Secretary 4; Ascle Pium 1; Biology Club, Secretary 2,3, Vice-President 4; Hillel 1,2; SA Publi- city Committee 3; Steering Committee Leadership Training Program 2,3,4; Student Advisor 4 RICHARD N. WEINROTH Margate, New Jersey B.S.-Rea( Estate Phi Epsilon Pi; Rho Epsilon; S.A.M.; Hillel; Intramurals MICHAEL S. WEINSTOCK Passaic, New Jersey B.S.— B o ogy Phi Epsilon Pi; Beta Beta Beta; Biology Club, President; Dorm House Council HELEN G. WHEELER Washington, D.C. B.A.-Hisfory Beta Sigma Phi; Young Republicans; Student Bar Association; History Club MM JAMES E. WIGGINS Falls Church, Virginia B.S.— Rea Estofe S.A.M. 3,4; Transfer Student LORENDA A. WHITE Bombay, India B.A.— Anthropo ogy Delta Gamma, Scholarship Chairman 1, Vice-President 2,3, Corresponding Sec- retary 3; College Council; Anthropology Club; A Club; Varsity Swimming Team; Intramurals THOMAS L. WHITTAKER Yonkers, New York B.S.— Morliieting Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4, House Manager 4; Marketing Club 4; S.A.M. 3,4; Intra- murals 2,3,4; Methodist Student Move- ment 3,4 SYDELL L. WIENER Monsey, New York .A.— Sociology Kappa Theta Tau 2,3,4, Historian 3, Corresponding Secretary 4; Spanish Club 1; Hillel 1,2,3,3, Recording Secre- tary 4; SA Calendar Committee MARY WILKINS Alexandria, Virginia B. A. —Sociology jnsfer Student RALPH E. WOOD Alexandria, Virginia B.A.— Psyc io ogy MARY C. WOLF Woodmere, New York B.A.— fduco on Kappa Delta Epsilon 3, President 4; Orientation Board 3; S.N.E.A. 3, Treas- urer 4; House Council 4, Hughes Execu- tive Committee 4; Intramurals 1; Hillel 1,2 GLORIA YATES Falls Church, Virginia B.A.— Spon sh and Germon Alpha Chi Omega 2,3, Chaplain 4; German Club, President 3,4; Pan-Amer- ican Club 3, Secretary 4; Pan Ethnon 4; Homecoming Princess 4 BARBARA K. ZIEBARTH Arlington, Virginia B.A.-History School of Government and Public Administration JAMES H. BILBRAY Las Vegas, Nevada B.S.— Government Young Democrats 4; National Delegate to Young Democrats Convention 3; Transfer Student JUDY L. CANADA Houston, Texas B.S.— Government HOWARD B. CANS Brooklyn, New York B.S.— Governmenf Rho Epsilon 2,3,4; Political Science Club 4; Booster Club 3,4; Hurst R. Anderson Forensic Society 3,4; Eagle 4; WAMU 1; Varsity Debate 4; Cheerleader 3,4 CLARKSON JEFFREY HUMAN Arlington, Virginia B.S. — Govern menf Delta Sigma Rho; Omicron Delta Kappa; Hurst R. Anderson Forensic So- ciety 1-4, Vice-President 2, Speakers Bureau Chairman 4; Class President 2,4; Intramurals 4; Dorm President 3,4; Eagle News Editor 3; Who ' s Who 4 JAMES M. KEFAUVER Frederick, Maryland B.S.— Governmenf Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, President 4; Pi Gamma Mu 2,3,4; Pi Sigma Alpha 3,4; University Honor Society 3,4; Political Club 1-4; Orientation Board 2,3; Class Treasurer 2; Class President 3; SA President 4; Dean ' s List 2,3; Who ' s Who 4 ROBERT M. LIEBERMAN New York, New York B.S. —Governmenf Rho Epsilon 3,4; Hillel 1-4; Young Re- publicans 3,4; Pan Ethnon 4; Foreign Relations Club 1,3,4; Varsity Tennis 2-4; Intramurals 1,2; Homecoming Pub- licity Committee 4; Musical Director of the Heart Fund Show 3 RICHARD A, HICKS Hewlett, New York B.S. — QowQrnmQn Phi Epsilon Pi 1; Freshman Skit Night; Intramurals 1-4 ISAAC C. MILLER Woodstock, Virginia B.S. — Goyernmeni Political Club 2,3 c CHARLES MITCHELL Mansfield, Ohio B.S.— Governmenf ADA; Eagle; Methodist Student Move- ment LEON M. WAYNBERG Mt. Rainier, Maryland B.S.— Government Hillel 1; Cross Country 1,2; Track 1,2 ALAN J. SAGER Washington, D. C. B.S. — Governmeni Pi Sigma Alpha 3,4; Political Science Club, Vice-President 3, President 4; Booster Club 2; Inter-Club Council, Vice-President 4, Delegate to Council 3,4; Intromurals 2,3,4; Inter-Club Coun- cil, Lecture Committee, and Credentials Committee 4 JENNIE F. WONG Williamsport, Pennsylvania B.S. —Government Pan Ethnon; Methodist Student Move- ment; Hughes House Council; Intra- muarls 1; Roper House Councils; Stu- dent Heal th and Welfare Committee ALBERT E. STEINER Scarsdale, New York B.S. —Government Tau Epsilon Phi, Historian and Socio! Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega; Political Club, Vice-President; S.A.M.; Hillel; Orientation Board; SBC-Publicity Com- mittee; Eagle; Debate Team; Varsity Baseball 3; Chairman, Senior Gift Com- mittee; Rho Epsilon, Founder, Corre- spondence Secretary, Parliamentarian BURTON M. WACHTEL Washington, D. C. B.S. — Government Young Democrats 2; Hillel 2; Interclub Council 4; Student Party 3,4, Chairman 4; Transfer Student LOIS H. WOODRUFF Monroe, New York B.S. —Government Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4; Political Club 3, Secretary 4; Class Secretary 2; Talon Editor-in-Chief 4, Staff 1-3; Publications Committee 3,4; Orientation Board 1-4; Elections Committee 2,4; Class Executive Committee 1-3 School of International Service ANN F. BOS East Aurora, New York B.A.— nternotiona Labor Relations Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4, President 4; Can- terbury Club 1; College Council 4; Hamilton House House Council 4; Pan- hellenic Council 2,3 WILLIAM L. CAMPBELL Lockport, New York B.A.— Foreign Service International Relations Club 1,4; MSM 1; Sophomore Class Vice-President 2 College Council Representative 3,4 Finance Committee 3; Chairman Stu dent Health and Welfare Committee 3 Student-Faculty Relations Committee 4 Orientation Board 2,3,4; Class Executive Committee 1,2,3,4; Who ' s Who 4 BARBARA R. COOPER Baltimore, Maryland B.A.— nternotiona Service French Club, President 2; Pan Ethnon Club, Secretary 2,3,4 PETER A. DICKERSON Lockport, New York B. A.— Overseas Repre. en ofion Pi Delta Epsilon 2,3,4; International Re- lations Club 3,4; College Council 3,4; Class Representative 3,4; Orientation Board 2,3,4; McDowell Hall President and Vice-President 3; Eagle Sports Edi- tor 2; Talon Staff 3; MSM 1-4; French Club 4: Inframurals 1-4; Who ' s Who 4 HARRELL K. FULLER Corona, New Mexico B. A. —foreign Service Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4; Pi Sigma Alpha 3,4; Pi Gamma Mu 3,4; College Council 3,4; Publications and Com- munication Committee 4; Talon EcJitor 3; Who ' s Who 4 JOEL R. GOLD Albertson, New York B.A.— nfernofiono Relations and Organization Psi Chi 3,4; Hillel 1-4, President 3, Student Advisor 4; Talon, Section Edi- tor 4; Sophomore Executive Committee 2; Chairman Student Affairs on Campus of National Student Association 1; Chairman, Student Blood Drive 1,2; Vice-President Hamilton House 2; Talon Skit Night 2 ELIZABETH A. GRIFFITH Bethesda, Maryland B.A.— nfernofiono Service Delta Gamma 2,3,4, Recording Secre- tary 3,4, Rush Chairman 3,4, House Corporation Chairman 2,3 JOHN R. HELWIG Millersburg, Pennsylvania B. A. —Overseas Business International Relations Club 1,2,3; Pan Ethnon Club 1-3; Young Republicans 4; Orientation Board 4 GARY S. JUDD Meridian, Idaho B. A.— Oversees Business Representation Delta Sigma Rho 3,4; University Honor Society 3,4; Hurst R. Anderson Forensics Society 3,4; Russian Club 2,3,4; Intra- murals 2,4; Who ' s Who 4 JANET E. KAHWATY Molverne, New York B.A.— nternotiona Relations and Organization Kappa Delta 1-4; Cap and Gown 3,4; Pi Sigma Alpha 3,4; Women ' s Residence Council, Treasurer 3, President 4; Class Secretary 3,4; Cheerleaders 1-4, Cap- tain 4; Who ' s Who 4 NOEL M. NELSON Lakeville, Connecticut B.A.— nfernafiona Service Cap and Gown 3,4, President 4; Pan Ethnon 4; Faculty-Student Board (SIS) 4; Chairman, Honor System Committee (SIS) 4; Residence Hall Counselor 3,4; Transfer Student MICHAEL J. PARKER London Bridge, Virginia B.A.— n ernofiono Service Alpha Sigma Phi 2,3,4 CAROLE A. RANSOM Cumberland, Maryland B.A.— n ernat ona Service Pi Sigma Alpha 3,4; Political Science Club 4; International Relations Club 3,4; Pan Ethnon Club 3,4; Transfer Student DAVID S. STEINBERG Miami, Florida B.A.— nterna iona Relations and Organization Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; International Re- lations Club 1,2, Vice-President 2; Young Democrats 3; Dorm Vice-President 1; Junior Class Vice-President, Executive Board 1,2,3,4; College Council Parlia- mentarian 4 THOMAS F. WILSON Allison Park, Pennsylvania B. A. —Foreign Service Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4; Economics Club 3; International Relations Club 1,2; Senior Class Vice-President 4, Intra- murals 1-4; Orientation Board Welcom- ing Convocation Chairman 4 Advertisements DRESSES DRESSES DRESSES GOING TO A FORMAL? COCKTAIL PARTY? SPECIAL OCCASION? Nobody, but nobody, gives more attention to a woman ' s dry cleaning than we do. Specialists in Ho nd Cle aning of Cocktail Dresses Formals Fancy Forty Dresses Wedding Gowns SAME MANAGEMENT SINCE )933 Rhode Island Cleaners 4235 Wisconsin Avenue, N. W. — EMerson 3-4652 MEMBER: National Institute of Dry Cleaning ♦ ♦♦ VINTON W. DOVE CONCRETE CONTRACTOR WASHINGTON 16, D.C. ♦ ♦♦ Hot Shoppes COMPLIMENTS - of . A FRIEND 190 THANK YOU for using M A C K E VENDING MACHINES TUDOR ' S COLLEGE SHOP 1326 Uth STREET, N.W. NOrth 7-1212 Washington 5, D.C. ACADEMIC CAPS, GOWNS HOODS Sales and Rentals CHOIR ROBES ACCESSORIES STANDARD FLOORS, INC. STANDARD ACOUSTICS, INC. 13th at EYE STREETS N.W. Dl 7-0488 FLOORING and ACOUSTICAL TREATMENT For Over 60 Years The favorite florist of thousands of discriminating Washingtonians and visitors in the Nation ' s Capital. FLORISTS 49tli and hiss. Ave. N.W. EM 3-1606 Convenient A. V. Branch Shop 1407 " H " St. N.W. Dl 7-1300 COMPLIMENTS - of CHAS. H. TOMPKINS CO. BUILDERS 1 325 E STREET, N.W. Washington, D.C. 191 THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS STORE " SERVING ALL YOUR COLLEGE NEEDS " WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF BOOKS, SUPPLIES, AND SERVICES FOR THE STUDENT AND EDUCATOR CLASS RING AND JEWELRY HEADQUARTERS BOOKS AND SUPPLIES ARTISTS SUPPLIES PAPERBOUND BOOKS CARDS AND NOTIONS LABORATORY SUPPLIES SPORTSWEAR AND UNIFORMS 192 J otc W ruUor xi Telephone: HUdson 3-7700 ■ Your out-of-town guests will find lovely accom- modations, suites and rooms, at the Windsor Park. We are centrally located at the south end of Taft Bridge — our rates are most reasonable. • At the Windsor Park, we have valet parking. Just leave your car at the door. An attendant will park it and return it to you when you are ready to leave — no charge. 2300 Connecticut Avenue Washington 8, D. C. COMPLIMENTS ' Of A FRIEND THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY CAFEeiA " Home Was Newer Like This . . . " Operated by THE CLEAVES FOOD SERVICE CORP. 8405 Ramsey Ave., Silver Spring, Maryland Fast Economical Catering Service to Clubs, Organizations and Fraternal Orders Bring Us Your Food Problem Needs Contact: Harold Noonan, Manager American University Cafeteria Mary Graydon Center 193 Buy Fresh Dug Nursery Sfock Direct From Our Nursery Farm POTTED PLANTS, ROSES, AZALEAS, RHODODENDRONS, EVERGREENS, SHRUBS, FRUIT SHADE TREES, INSECTICIDES, FERTILIZERS, SOILS. OFFERING A COMPLETE ARCHITECTURAL LANDSCAPE SERVICE Bring Your Problems to Experienced Horticulturists and Designers — Not " Salesmen " QUAINT ACRES n urderied MA 2-1234 11800 NEW HAMPSHIRE AVENUE SILVER SPRING, MD. The American University Alumni Association Welcomes All Graduates into its Membership Marjorie Fraser Webster Alumni Lounge Mary Graydon Center 194 PAPERING DECORATING PAINTING HOUSE REPAIRS 911 — 13TH STREET N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. ME 8-2460 COMPLIMENTS - of . THE SHANKMANS Womack Exterminators GUARANTEED Commercial and Residential EXTERMINATING TERMITES Congressional Airport Lane — Rockville I ' OpuIar 2-4348 HAzelwood 7-7444 " Our Specialty Is Home Exterminating " Open Friday Evening WOodley 6-3364 DONATELLI FOR BEAUTY 4529 WISCONSIN AVENUE Wash ngton 16, D.C. ROBERT DONATELLI Serving The American University Campus DEVONSHIRE VALET 4234 WISCONSIN AVE. N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. WO 6-2700 195 FINEST IN FRENCH AND ITALIAN HAIRDRESSERS TED ' S BEAUTY SALON Directly Across the street from Garfmckel ' s in Spring Valley Hours: 9 to 6; Wednesdoy and Friday 9 to 9 Wigs Imported from Europe for Sole and for Rent First Floor Second Floor EM 3-7543 EM 3-7542 EM 3-2845 EM 3-2844 4807 MASS. AVE., N.W., Washington, D.C. On Embassy Row TWENTY HAIRDRESSERS TO SERVE YOU WITH OR WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT Donald T. Jackson A.U. Class of 1960 CHEVY CHASE TREE SERVICE FULLY INSURED EMERSON 2-1298 3808 Legation Street Washington 15. D. C. DAYCON PRODUCTS JANITORIAL SUPPLIES 1522 14th N.W. AD 2-2400 Washington, D.C. VICTOR R. BEAUCHAMP ASSOCIATES, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTOR WASHINGTON, D.C. COMPLETE ONE-STOP SERVICE for LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING SPEED KLEEN (Formerly Macomb Laundromat) 3713 MACOMB STREET N.W. EM 2-4457 YOUR COLLEGE DRUG STORE FREE FAST DELIVERY Personal Checks Cashed WESLEY HEIGHTS PHARMACY WO 6-6200 45th MACOMB ST. N.W. 1 Block South of Nebraska Ave. 196 Washington Portrait . , Magnolias bedeck the grounds of the White House COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICE RESOURCES OVER $500,000,000 The RIGGS NATIONAL BANK of WASHINGTON, D.C Founded 1836 LARGEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTION IN Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation • THE NATIONS CAPITAL Member Federal Reserve System COMPLIMENTS - of - A FRIEND FEderal -5100 TROPHIES ARENA SPORT SHOP INC. Sl ' ORTlNG GOODi III ALL ITS PHAHnS Free Parki ng n Rear 2336 WISCONSIN AVE., N W Wash in ton 7, D. C. George Freilicher Ellis Gcxjdman Saluting . . . the Citizens of the Future " 4 b 3l mbl Sh h fmm iiJidJ Jwp. 197 FRIENDSHIP RESTAURANT Where We Meet and Eat . . . KOLB ELECTRIC RELIABLE ELECTRICAL SERVICE Since 1 925 WALTER G. KOLB FE 8-1422 M c LEAN DRUGS 4231 WISCONSIN AVENUE, N.W. wo 6-6424 Washington, D.C. Enrich YOUR educational background with BARNES NOBLE COLLEGE OUTLINE SERIES and EVERYDAY HANDBOOKS. Famous educatior ol paperbacks — over 140 titles on the fol- lowing subjects: ANTHROPOLOGY ART BUSINESS DRAMA ECONOMICS EDUCATION ENGINEERING ENGIISH PHILOSOPHY GOVERNMENT PSYCHOLOGY HANDICRAFTS RECREATIONS HISTORY SCIENCE LANGUAGES SOCIOLOGY MATHEMATICS SPEECH MUSIC STUDY AIDS Averoge price $1.50 DEVONSHIRE GRILL Established 34 Years • ' THE FINEST ITALIAN CUISINE " SPAGHETTI PIZZA 4241 WISCONSIN AVE., N.W. 198 MYERS OUIGG mc. PAVING CONTRACTORS ASPHALT AND COIVCRETE PAVEMENT OFFICE AND PLANT 91 O STREET S.E. WASHINGTON 3, D.C. LI 4-2403 BLACK-TOP ROADWAYS SIDEWALKS PITTS ' BARBER SHOP . SPECIALIZING IN FLAT-TOP and PRINCETON CUTS • FIVE EXPERT BARBERS TO SERVE YOU MILTON PITTS 3000 Conn. Ave., N.W. HO 2-4300 Woshington Zoologicol Park) FEderal 3-7500 GILLIAM PLUMBING and HEATING Air Conditioning Complete Kitchens and Baths 2400 WISCONSIN AVENUE Inc. Washington ' s Most Dignified ond Truly Unique Chinese and American P oon Kalace RESTAURANT COCKTAIL LOUNGE 3308 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Washington 16, D.C. Serving Superlative Chinese and American Cuisine Refined Atmosphere • Porty Facilities • Forking in Rear Orders Prepared to Take Out • Open Daily and Sunday o -. " " " u. EMerson 2 • t l COMPLETE PHOTO SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS Bakers Photo Supply, Inc. 4611 VISC;ONSIN AVE. N.W. EM 2-9100 Washington, D.C. 199 Wf?f ' V»ijr Frienth tt HOFBERGS The flare In do for ifir Fliir l in m - M - itfl ' 5 Nl. " ' d K-.J I Af ' l s ' i " . " ' HHil H nilli m M Kosher Delicatessen • Bakery Goods • Catering for All Social Functions 7822 EASTERN AVENUE, N.W. Washington, D.C. Amplr Parking in the Rear • Open until 2 A.M. Congrafulations to The Graduating Class Refreshing remembrance AUTOGRAPHS COMPLIMENTS OF THE WOMAN ' S GUILD OF THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY 200 SALES SERVICE RENTALS New and Used Typewriters Portables and Standards - All Makes OFFICE MACHINES, INC. 1415 K St. N.W. Washington, D.C. RE 7-3145 Furnishing Window and Door Products to Washington and Suburbia Since 1902 2214 " M " STREET N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. FE 7-1200 B A L F O U R S JEWELERS COMPLIMENTS - of - DODGE HOUSE RESTAURANT LOUNGE BANQUET FACILITIES— 10-300 Reservations NA 8-5460 20 E STREET N.W. Washington, D.C. COMPLIMENTS ARLINGTON PRINTERS STATIONERS 2607 COLUMBIA PIKE Arlington 4. Virginia JAckson 7-4OT4 JAckson 7-0435 ALLSTATE FURNITURE LEASING CO. Suppliers to APARTMENTS - HOTELS ■ INSTITUTIONS We Supply Your Home Away from Home 1719 KALORAMA ROAD N.W. AD 2-4114 Washington 9, D.C. EMerson .3-0777 Evening Appointments KERSHNER OPTOMETRIST — OPTICIANS Eyes Examined - Glasses Fitted - Prescriptions Filled Contact Lenses Fitted 4. ' 527 WISCONSIN AVENUE, N.W. L. W. KERSHNER, O.D. Across from Sears 201 W.J. Sloane Mayer DISTINGUISHED INTERIORS Since 1890 Please visit these establishments - You will find that they will be just a little more friendly when you tell them you are an American University Student. 202 THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Washington, D. C. Thanks To Our Sponsors BOARD OF TRUSTEES Honorary Trustees The Honorable Herbert Hoover General Dwight D. Eisenhower The Honorable Harry S. Truman Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam The Board of Trustees Miss Bertha S. Adkins Dr. Hurst R. Anderson, President Dr. Scott B. Appleby Dr. Lyle W. Ashby Mr. Harold I. Baynton Mr. Donald Bittinger Mr. Francis H. Boland Mr. Howard Booher Mr. Earl Bunting Mr. George C. Clarke Dr. Horace E. Cromer Mr. W. Yule Fisher Dr. Arthur S. Flemming Bishop Paul N. Garber Mr. Charles C. Glover, III Dr. John O. Gross Mr. W. Kenneth Hoover Mr. Arthur C. Houghton Mr. Samuel H. KaufFmann Mr. Abraham S. Kay Mr. Otto E. Koegel Mr. John L. Laskey Dr. Robert M. Lester Bishop John Wesley Lord Bishop Paul E. Martin Dr. Raymond W. Miller Mr. Bradshaw Mintener Dr. John M. Orem Mr. Charles C. Parlin Mr. Richard C. Patterson, Jr. Mr. J. Craig Peacock The Honorable E. Barrett Prett) ' man Mrs. Helena D. Reed Mr. John M. Reeves, Chairman Mr. Roland Rice Major Garfield Riley Colonel William E. Schooley Dr. Albert P. Shirkey Dr. Ralph D. Smith Dr. Guy E. Suavely The Honorable John Sparkman Mr. L. P. Steuart Mr. Dan Terrell Dr. Norman L. Trott Mr. Davis Weir Mrs. Marjorie Eraser Webster 203 WELCOME TO THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY FOR INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS OF STUDY Write to: Director of Admissions THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Massachusetts Nebraska Avenues N.W. Washington 16, D.C. WOodiey 6-6803 204 Thanks to our Fatrons Deans Department Chairmen School of Business Administration — Nothon A. Baily School of Government and Public Administration — Catheryn Seckler-Hudson School of International Service — Ernest S. Griffith Graduate School — Richard W. Von Wagenen School of General and Special Studies — Richard M. Bray College of Arts and Sciences— Ralph C. John Washington College of Law — John S. Myers Dean of Students — Charles Van Way Dean of Men — Ronald Jackson Dean of Women — Susan S. Olson Dean Wadsworth Biology — Sumner O. Burhoe Chemistry — Leo Schubert Earth Sciences— Matthev F. Norton Economics — Donald W. Bowles Education — John W. Devor English — Charles M. Clark Fine and Applied Arts — Ben L. Summerford Health, Physical Education, and Recreation — Thomas W. Evaul History — Carl G. Anthon Journalism and Public Relations — Ray E. Heibert Languages and Linguistics — Hugo J. Mueller Mathematics and Statistics — Steven H. Schot Music — Gordon H. Smith Philosophy and Religion — Harold A. Durfee Physics — Mark Harrison Psychology — Ellis Weitzman Sociology and Anthropology— Austin Van der Slice Speech Arts — J. H. Yocum 205 200 Varick Street AVAtkins 4-6700 New York 14, N.Y. 206 Student Directory 207 STUDENT DIRECTORY ABBASS, MAYSOON ABDEL M.. 4641 23rd Rd. N.. Arlington, Va. ABBITT. WILLIAM J. JR., 28 D Elizabeth Rd.. Hampton, Va. ABOU, ELSAMH M., 2800 Woodland Dr.. N.W.. Washington, D. C. ABRAHAM, STEPHEN L., 2736 Rittenhouse St., N.W., Washington 15, D. C. ABRAMS. NORMA H., 438 Shenandoah St., Portsmouth, Va. ABRAMS, LESTER W.. 205 N. Furman St.. Alexandria. Va. ABRAMS, RICHARD A., 1701 Albemarle Rd., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. ABRAMS. DONALD H., 5229 4th St., N.E., Washington, D. C. ACCARDI, THOMAS, 234 N. Thomas St., Arlington. Va. ACKER, MAEJEAN, 7413 Exmore St., Spring- field, Va. ACKERMANN, PETER GROSS. 16 Cortez St., Westfield, Mass. ADAMS, ANN M., 20 Stockton Rd.. Summit, N. J. ADAMS, JOHN D., Tempel Farms, Wadsworth, 111. ADAMS. CHRISTOPHER R., 115 Middaush St., Somerville, N. J. ADAMS, ROY H., 115 D St., S.E., Washing- ton, D. C. ADDRESS, MARVIN ALLEN, 7520 Maple Ave., Takoma Park, Md. ADELSTEIN, MARTIN B., 60 Grist Mill Lane. Great Neck, N. Y. ADLER, ROGER E., 130 Washington St., Newton 58, Mass. ADLMAN, JEFFREY M.. 2 Harbor Way, Kings Point, N. Y. AGNEW, SUZANNE D., 11 Sachem St.. E. Rockaway, N. Y. AHLSTROM, WILLIAM F., 158 Lakeside Dr.. Bemus Pt., N. Y. AITKEN, CYNTHIA H., 17 Wayne Road, Bridgeton, N. J. AKERMAN, EMORY S., 1207 Vassar La.. Cocoa, Fla. ALBERTSON, OLENE A., 5909 10th Rd., N., Arlington 5, Va. ALBERT, DANIEL L., 56 Baker Hill Rd.. Great Neck. N. Y. ALDOUS, GENE S., 3714 Underwood St.. Chevy Chase 15, Md. ALEXANDER, JANE, 1519 Hewlett Ave., Hewlett, N. Y. ALLAN, LYNN D., 4324 Ala Ave.. S.E., Washington 19, D. C. ALLAN, MARY E., 4613 19th Rd., N., Arling- ton, Va. ALLEN, BARBARA S., 4025 N. Taylor St.. Ar ' ington 7, Va. ALLEN, CHARLES E., 8401 Flower Ave.. Takoma Pk 12, Md. ALLEN DANGAIX. 3830 Macomb St., Wash- ington, D. C. ALLEN, KATHERINE M., 4709 Dover Rd., N.W., Washington, D. C. ALLEN, JUDITH A., 11 Shenandoah Rd., Alexandria, Va. ALLEN, THOMAS M., 1108 Valley St., Red Oak, Iowa ALLISON, ROBERT E., 3813 16th St., S., Arlington, Va. ALLSOPP, JAMES P., 483 New York Ave.. Huntington, N. Y. ALMY. STEPHEN O., 6903 Oakridge Ave., Chevy Chase 15. Md. ALPER, LAURIE B.. 25 Old Mill Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. ALRUTZ, LOUIS J., 427 E. Center St.. Mooresville, N. C. ALT, BEVERLY E., 809 Dorchester Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. ALTEN, STANFORD RONALD, 4331 Win- chester Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. AMARE GIZAWE, 1600 T St., S.W., Wash- ington, D. C. AMAN, HERBERT L., III. 1268 E. Lee Hwy. Fairfax, Va. AMBROGI, LAWRENCE R., 4900 N. 29th St.. Ariington 7, Va. AMICK, SUZANNE LOUISE, Bedford Heights, Bedford, Pa. AMOAFO, JONES GODFREY, 1617 Hobart St., N.W., Washington, D. C. AMOS. BENJAMIN, M.. 302 Madison St., N.W.. Washington 11. D. C. AMTMANN, WILLIAM L.. 8800 Femwood Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. ANDERSON, DANIEL M., 5012 Patton Blvd., Alexandria, Va. ANDERS, DONNA JEAN, 511 Franklin Ave., Aliquippe, Pa. ANDERSON. JOANN A., 19 Vermont St., Maplewood, N. J. ANDERSON. BETSY J., 1018 Linden St.. Clearfield, Pa. ANDERSEN. JAMES W., 939 Ridge Ct, Evanston, 111. ANDERSON, JOHN D., 135 Reservoir Rd., Quincy 70, Mass. ANDERSON, JAMES C, 508 E. Capitol St.. N.E.. Washington 3, D. C. ANDERSON, KAROL L., 3114 Wisconsin Ave.. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. ANDERSON, NARDA R., 5017 Aurora Dr., Kensington. Md . ANDERSON, RAYMOND, 265 N.W. 46th St.. Boca Raton, Fla. ANDERSON, RODNEY D.. 3525 Davenport St.. N.W., Washington 8, D. C. ANDREOZZI, DARWIN, 341 Brookline Blvd., Havertown, Pa. ANDREWS, ALICE E., 4804 Broadbrook Dr.. Bedhesda, Md. ANDREWS, BRENDA C, 626 South 29th St., Arlington 2, Va. ANDREWS, JULIA B., 6612 Todd St., Killeen, Texas ANDRUS, ELLEN M., 2915 N. Stevens St.. Alexandria, Va. ANGERMAN, GEORGE E., JR., 4633 47th St.. N.W., Washington, D. C. ANGARANO, VINCENT R ., 1717 20th St.. N.W.. Washington 9, D. C. ANTILES. CAROL A., 7344 Byron Ave.. Miami Beach, Fla. APCAR, GEORGINA R., 3609 N. Monroe St.. Arlington, Va. APCAR, PATRICIA A., 3609 N. Monroe, ArUngton 7, Va. APGAR, WILLIAM A.. 41 Norvel Lane. Stamford, Conn. APPEL, KATHRYN A., New Ross, Indiana APPLEMAN, LAWRENCE A., 8101 Eastern Ave.. Silver Spring, Md. ARBO. ELWOOD S., JR.. 405 E. Rosemary La., Falls Church, Va. ARCHER, STEPHEN M., 3608 Ordway St., N.W.. Washington 16, D. C. AREL, PAULA I., 9939 Julliard Dr., Bethesda, Md. ARMS. RONALD P., 2872 Weeks Ave., Oceanside, N. Y. ARMSTRONG, ELLIS B., 6511 Dalroy Lane, Bethesda, Md. ARMSTRONG, ROBERT F., 1802 Key Blvd.. Arlington, Va. ARNOLD, DAVID R., 1512 N. Highland St.. Arlington 1, Va. ARNOLD, MEREDITH A.. 185 Oakwood Ave.. Elberon, N. J. ARNOLD, HOWARD M., 3314 Brooklawn Terr., Chevy Chase, Md. ARONOWSKY, RUTH E., 3701 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn 29, N. Y. ARONSKY, PAUL H.. 15 Stonewall Lane Mamaroneck, N. Y. ARONS, MARSHA L.. 30 Greenwood Dr Millbum. N. J. ARRASCADA, ENOS L., 1010 Greenbrae Dr Sparks, Nevada ARTINGER, PAMELA ANNE, 1332 Stone wood Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. ASH, RUTH H., 221 E. Church St., Fred erick. Md. ASHBY, JOHN H., 209 Central Ave., Tiltons ville, Ohio ASHEN, SAMUEL V., 10 Courtney Road, Lakewood, N. J. ASHOUR. FATMA M.. 1825 R St., N.W., Washington, D. C. ASPENBURG, CARL G.. 129 W. Forgetmenot Rd., Wildwood, N. J. ATHAS. CONSTANCE E.. 7323 195th St.. Flushing 66, N. Y. AUGUST, ALAN L.. 145 Forest Hill Rd., W. Orange, N. J. AUGUSTINE EMILY JO, 5 Stockton PI., Cape May. N. J. AVIN, JUDITH N., 2931 So. Columbus St., Arlington 6, Va. AVJEAN, DAVID W., 5209 Richenbacher Ave., Alexandria Va. AXELROD, JANICE M.. 433 N. Highland Ave.. Merion, Pa. AYRES, RICHARD M., 358 Hockersville Road, Hershey, Pa. AZZINARO, ROSE M. V., 74 St. Andrews PI.. Yonkers, N. Y. BABARSKAS, BIRUTE J., 1755 Lamont St.. Washington 1, D. C. BABIGAN, ALAN EDWARD, 121 Bellevue St., Lowell, Mass. BACKENHEIMER MICHAEL S., 6420 Bamaby St., N.W., Washington 15, D.C. BAGBY. MILDRED A., 1223 Allan Ave., Falls Church, Va. BAHRAMPOUR, FIROUZ, 2920 Ontario Rd., N.E., Washington 9, D. C. BAILEY. RICHARD S., 20 Olive Ave., Reho- both Bch. Dcla. BAILEY. JOHN ARMSTEAD, 503 Delano Dr.. Va. BAILEY, PAULDING C, R.F.D. 1, Adams- town, Md. BAILEY, THERESE JANE, 1705 East West Hwy., Silver Spring, Md. BAIME, DAVID S.. 118 Wyoming Ave., South Orange. N. J. BAINBRIDGE, HELEN P.. 256 Standish Rd., Me Sta BAIRD. RALPH F. BAIRD. PETER D., 614 South Hayes, Moscow, Idaho BAKRI, ALI K., Rawdh St., Damascus, UAR BAKER. DAN, JR.. 5565 Holhmes Bun, Alexandria, Va. BAKER. JACKIE L,, 923 Monroe Terr., Dover, Del. BAKTARI. GHULRM J., 1737 Que St., N.W., Washington 6, D. C. BALDWIN, WILLIAM, JR., 1869 Wyo Ave., N.W.. Washington 9, D. C. BALDWIN. ALICE M., IW Irving St., Chevy Chase. Md. BALDWIN, GARY G., 25 Post Office Ave., Laurel. Md. BALDWIN. HARRIET W., R.F.D. 2, Old Lyme. Conn. BALINKIE. EDWIN IRA, 26 Lake St.. Bridgeton, N. J. BALLMAN. HARRY. 3906 47th St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. BALOTIN, BETTY ANNE, 8142 Eastern Ave., N.W., Washington 12, D.C. BALTZLEY, JANE E., 3925 Davis PI., N.W., Washington, D. C. BAND. JOSEPH M., 1423 Juniper St., N.W.. Washington 12, D. C. BANNER. LINDA E., 1900 F St., N.W.. Washington 6. D. C. BARBALAT, LESLEY H., 1235 Denniston Ave.. Pittsburgh 17, Pa. BARAGANO, EDUARDO C, 1508 Las Marias St., Santorce, P. R. BARD. BERNICE R., 88 Bennett Place. Amityville, N. Y. BARD, JUDITH K., 5817 N. Four Mile Run, Arl-ngton 5, Va. BARENBLATT. JANE, 479 N. Peart St.. Bridseton, N. J. BARKER. SARAH K., 1711 E. Hunter Ave., Bloomington, Ind. BARNARD. ROBERT J., 3707 31st St., N.E., Washington 18, D. C. BARNES, KENDALL M., JR., 909 Waterford Rd., Alexandria, Va. BARNES. JANET C, 5112 Elsmere Ave., Bethesda 14, Md. BARRETT. ROBERT A.. 1800 Kenyon St., N.W., Washington, D. C. BARTLETT WILSON R., JR.. 6512 N. 26th St., Arlington, Va. BASSIN. BRENDA G.. 7206 Bybrook Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Md. BASSMAN, RONALD, 100 Goodwin Ave., Newark 12. N. J. BASS. WARREN FRANCIS, 114 Battle St., Vienna, Va. BASS. LYLE FOSTER. 8126 163rd St.. Jamaica 23, N. Y. BATES, JAMES M., 5210 Danbury Rd., Bethesda, Md. BATEMAN, ROBERT H.. JR., 1318 N. Pierce St.. Arlington 9. Va. BAUM, REINA L., 910 Fifth Ave.. New York, N. Y. BAUERNSCHMIDT, FRED, 3538 Gunton Rd., Alexandria, Va. BAUER, BARRY M.. 5215 Westwood Dr.. Washington 16, D. C. BAU DAVID, JR.. 4520 43rd Place, N.W., Washington 16, D. C. BAUER, WILLIAM R., 3631 N. Piedmont, Arlington. Va. BAUM, BARRIE R., R.D. 1, Mohawk, N. Y. BAUMAN. ELLEN H., 331 Goldsmith Ave.. Newark, N. J. BAUMANN, FLORENCE E.. 3 Beverly Pkwy, Freeport, N. Y. BAUSERMAN, JOHN L., 3301 Newark St., N.W.. Washington 8, D. C. BAW, SAN HLA. 1243 New Hamp Ave., Washington, D. C. 208 BAYOR, CHARLES S., 1920 Walton Ave., New York. N. Y. BEARD, MICHAEL KENNETH, Rt. 2, S. Point. Ohio BEARD, SHIRLEY J.. 1060 Beacon La., Falls Church, Va. BEASCHLER. JOAN. 1280 La Vista Rd., N.E.. Atlanta 5, Ga. BEAUBIEN, HOWARD I.. 200 University Ave.. Glen Echo, Md. BECHTEL. DWIGHT E.. 1082 Wynnewood Rd.. Abington. Penn. BECK. JAMES N.. JR.. 5521 Glenwood Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md. BECK. CHRISTIAN P.. 712 E 9th. So., Salt Lake City, Utah BECK, TEDDA R., 9820 62nd Dr., Rego Pk. 74, N. Y. BEDDIE. DONALD J., 5704 Huntindon Pkwy, Bethesda, Md. BEHRENS. CARL E.. 4600 Conn Ave., Washington, D. C. BEITLER. LINDA H.. 69 Oakland Ave., Lynbrook, N Y. BELL, BETH P.. 11 Gav Drive, Great Neck, N. Y. BELL, BONNIE L., 525 Latshmere Dr., Harris- burg, Pa. BELL, FRED J., 1608 Roxanna Rd., N.W.. Washington. D. C. BELTZ. BONNIE A.. 500 Lakeland Ave.. Grosse Pt 30. Mich. BELSON. BARBARA A.. 6119 Wiscassett Rd.. Washington 16. D. C. BELLEI. ROBERT J.. 336 Palmer Ave.. Highwood, 111. BERNE, LISBETH, 309 Clayton Ave., Vestal, N. Y. BENITEZ, RICHARD, Box 4993, San Juan, P. R. BERKMAN. ARLENE G., 712 Parkside Ave., Trenton 8, N. J. BENNETT. EDWIN C, JR., 78 High St., Hingham, Mass. BENNETT, ELIZABETH, 12007 Charles Rd., Silver Spring. Md. BENNETT, IVY ANN, 54 War Admiral Lane, Media 26, Pa. BENSON, DORIS A., 15 East Ferry Lane, Westport, Conn. BENOWITZ, MORDECAI, 941 Maple Ave., Franklin Square, N. Y. BENSON, BRADLEY B., 3003 Dunmore Rd., Baltimore 22, Md. BENSON. PATRICIA L., 916 Carlyn Hill Dr.. Falls Church. Va. BEGUELE. SHIMELASH BEREN. ROBERT B.. 25 Pond Park Rd.. Great Neck, N. Y. BERBERIAN. GEORGE A.. 1023 8th St.. Apt. B 2. Alexandria, Va. BERCOWITZ. MICHAEL R., 7710 Eastern Ave.. N.W.. Washington 12, D. C. BERG. CAROL ANN, 716 Oneida PI., N.W.. Washington 11, D. C. BERGER, BONNIE L., 70 East 10th St., New York, N. Y. BERG, PHILIP J.. 9311 Harvey Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. BERG. DOROTHY FAUST. 8815 Lanier Dr.. Silver Spring. Md. BERGER. PHYLLIS L.. 252 Center St.. Washington 16, D. C. BERG. BARBARA A., 35 Long Meadow Cr., Pittsford, N. Y. BERKE. ANNETTE. 13 Washington Park, MaplewDod, N. J. BERMAN. BARBARA B., 908 Bellair Ave.. Fairlawn, N. J. BERMAN, DAVID R., 1627 19th St.. N.W.. Washington, D. C. BERGQUIST, CARL W., 3600 Quesadast St., N.W., Washington, D. C. BERKMAN. CRAIG L,. 4019 N. E. 74th. Portland. Oregon BERNSTEIN. BARRY S.. 6 Wheelock Rd., Scarsdale. N. Y. BERNSTEIN. CAROL L.. 10 Whittier Ave., Trenton 8, N. J. BERNHEIMER, GEORGE H.. 4827 Alton PI.. N W.. Washington 16, D.C. BERKOWITZ. STEPHEN, 356 West Boxwood Dr., Hewlett, N. Y. BERNSTEIN. RICHARD D.. 4740 Conn Ave.. N.W.. Washington, D. C. BERNINGER. JACK L.. 1644 Elmira St., Williamsport, Pa. BERRINGTON, CRAIG A.. 5700 N. Kcnmore Ave.. Chicago 40, III. BERNSTEIN. JOEL B.. 22 Southern Slope Dr.. Millbum, N. J. BERRY, DALLAS ORRISON, 216 Park St., N.E., Vienna, Va. BERRY, BILLY E., Box 54, Braxton, MiM. BERWAGER, DEBORAH L., 119 Park Ave., Manchester, Md. BERTUZZI, PATRICIA F., Eastlandis Ave., Vineland, N. J. BERW ANGER, ROGER H., 814 Shelley Rd., Towson 4, Md. BESNER. ARTHUR. 3805 Legation St., N.W.. Washington, D. C. BESNER, EDWARD, 3805 Legation St., N.W.. Washington 15. D. C. BETSOCK, JEANNE M., 745 Delaware Ave., Bethlehem, Penna. BETTIUS, MARC E., 1149 John Marshall Dr.. Falls Church. Va. BEYDA, DIANE, 2021 E. 4th St„ Brooklyn 23, N. Y. BIAGGI. OLIVIA N.. 1501 Sharon Dr., Silver Spring, Md. BICKNELL, JOHN A., 29 Maple Ave., Madi- son, N. J. BILLINGS. JOHN V., 9 Cedar St., Walling- ford. Conn. BILLY, GLENN A., 5105 2Sth St., N., Arling- ton 7, Va. BINION, VERNON E., 270 Granada Rd., W. Palm Beach, Fla. BIRD, MARY E., 1229 Prospect St., Ann Arbor, Mich. BIRKHAHN, STEVEN N., 999 Singleton Ave.. Woodmere. N. Y. BISAT, TALAL A., 3415 38th St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. BISHOP, EDWARD S., JR., Pleasant Valley Farm, Myersville, Md. BLACKSHERE, JOSEPH B., JR., 521 Ferry Rd.. Hampton, Va. BLACKER, SUSAN M., 43 Cliff Court, High- land Park, N. J. BLACKLOW, NANCY, 6419 31st St., Wash- ington, D. C. BLAKLEY. JOYCE J.. 7023 Idlewild St., Pittsburgh 8, Pa. BLANKENSHIP. RICHARD E., 5009 Neb. Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. BLANKEN, WILLIAM B., 8105. Eastern Ave., Silver Spring, Md. BLATT, LEE, 442 S. 48th St., Philadelphia 43, BLENDMAN, ROBERTA, 8510 16th St., Silver Spring, Md. BLEICH, AUSTIN S., 44 Prospect Avenue, Hewlett, N. Y. BLISS. MADELYN, 97 Amherst Rd., Cranston, R. I. BLOOM. IRA MARTIN, 623 Stelle Ave.. Plainfield, N. J. BLOOM, PAUL, 612 3rd Ave., Bradley Beach. N. J. BLOOMBERG, LINDA, 4115 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. BLOOM, SUSAN D., Star Rt. B. Flemington, N. J. BLOOM. MICHAEL L., Neversink, Rd., Liberty, N. Y. BLUM. JUDITH S., 2420 Ocean Ave., Brook- lyn 29, N. Y. BLUMENTHAL, SUSAN A., 8271 Thomson Rd., Elkins Park 17, Pa. BLUMENTHAL, JACK IRVING, 710 Park- way Terr.. Alexandria, Va. BLYE, IRIS A.. 45 Wellington Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. BLYTHE. RUTH M., 4612 Chevy Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. BLUE, ADRIANNE, 1625 Primrose Rd., N.W.. Washington. D. C. BOATWRIGHT, JOHN B., 11 Delmar Ave., Providence, R. I. BOBB, SHARON, 5101 34th St.. N.W.. Wash- ington 8, D. C. BOBO, BARBARA J., 713 N. Oakland St., Arlington 3. Va. BOBYS. STEPHEN MARK, 1360 Peabody St., N.W.. Washington 11, D.C. BODSON, MICHAEL E., 2206 Tunlawn Rd., Washington, D. C. BOEGE, LINDA D., 75 Ranger Rd., Dumont, N. J. BOERNER, ALFRED V., 1700 Jasmine Terr., Adelphi, Md. BAGARDUS, GEORGE D.. 2271 Frery Road. Eden. N. Y. BOGGS. MICHAEL D.. Rt. 4, Box 327, Vienna, Va. BOHNERT. NEIL W., 2370 N. Oakland St., Arlington 7, Va. BOHRAUS. JOHN L., 5100 Dorset Ave., Chevy Chase 15, Md. BOHRER. WILLIAM E, JR., 515 N. Fred Ave., Gaithersburg, Md. BOLTON, CHARLES R. E., 122 W. Cameron Rd., Falls Church, Va. BOND, JO C, 738 Halifax St„ Emporia, Va. BOOTH, JENNIFER, Old Concord Rd., S., Lincoln, Mass. BORD, BONNIE RAE, 144 Fleetwood Terr., Silver Spring, Md. BORDOW, JOLINE D., 7533 Ninth St., N.W.. Washington 12, D. C. BORGER. CORA L.. 718 Hughes Hall, Wash- ington 16, D.C. BORDENICK, BERNARD M., 2200 Ellis St.. Silver Spring, Md. BORNSTEIN, ELIZABETH J., 9501 Brunett Ave., Silver Spring, Md. BOROTO, RICHARD N., 1050 8th Ave.. Brackenridge. Penn. BOSCH, ERIC BRUCE, 8035 Springfield Blvd., Queens Village, N. Y. BOS, ANN F., Big Tree Rd., E. Aurora, N. Y. BOTTS. JAMES M.. 1727 Johnstone, Bartles- ville, Okla. BOWER, FREDERICK J.. 2015 37th St.. S.E., Washington, D. C. BOWIS. FREDERICK H., 5717 Ogden Rd., Washington 16, D. C. BOWLING. CLARENCE A., 2005 S, 4th St., Arlington 4, Va. BOYD, SUSAN J., 24 Sunset Terr., Wayne, N. J. BOYER, HARRIET L., Church St., E. Green- ville, Pa. BRACEY, CARSTAIRS H., 6244 Dallas PI.. Washington 21. D. C. BRACKETT, SUZANNE L.. 1602 Great Falls Rd., McLean Va. BRADSHAW. HAROLD O.. 1242 Eye St.. N.E., Washington 2, D. C. BRADLEY. VIVIAN, 4420 Que St., N.W., Washington, D. C. BRAGDON. JOSEPH H., JR.. Georgetown Pike. McLean, Va. BRANER. EARL WILLIAM, 2906 Fort Baker, S.E.. Washington 20, D. C. BRANDT. ELISE K.. 4 Hillpark Ave., Great- neck, N. Y. BRANDT, DAVID M.. 918 Madison Ave.. Scranton, Penna. BRAY, MICHAELL E., 6310 Owen PI., Bethesda, Md. BRAUN. PHILIP G.. Hickory St.. Toms River. N. J. BRAY, lAYFIELD R., 6310 Owens Place, Bethesda 14, Md. BREMER. JANNA MAE, 18 Mylod St., Norwood, Mass. BRENNER. WENDY, 29 Deerfield Ave., East- chester, N. Y. BRENNAN. MILLIE, 1819 G St., N.W., Washington 6, D. C. BRENT. JACK E., 909 S. Rolfe St., Arlington 4, Va. BRIAR, JOHN, III, 6 Southdown Rd., Alex- andria, Va. BRIGGS, CLINTON S.. 2333 Holmes Run Dr., Falls Church, Va. BRINDISI, ARLENE, 3556 Woodward St.. Oceanside, L. I., N. Y. BRINK, JAMES E., 2451 Four Mile Dr., Montoursville, Pa. BRIGHT, SALLY L., 74 Highland Ave., N.W.. Columbus 23, Ohio BRITE, GEORGE K., 1506 White Place, S.E.. Washington D. C. BRITT, PAUL S., Agri Aesearch Ctr, Belts- ville. Md. BROCK, WILLIAM F. BRODY. JOHN H.. 4400 Lee Hgwy, Arling- ton, Va. BROERING, ANDREAS, 2531 N. Lexington St., Arlington 7, Va. BRODSKY, ARTHUR, 29 Grumman Ave., Newark 12, N. J. BRODIE, DAVID R., 7203 Maple Ave., Chevy Chase 15, Md. BROMERY, RANDOLPH W., 1809 Monroe St.. N.E., Washington, D. C. BRONSON. EDWARD F.. 3637 Jenifer St.. N.W., Washington, D. C. BROOKS, FRED W., JR., 7524 Inzer St., Springfield, Va. BROOKS, LINDA CAROL, 131 Sycamore Drive, Pittsburgh 37, Pa. BROWN, ARTHUR J.. 512 Quaint Acres Dr.. Silver Spring Md. BROWN, BARBARA L. BROWN. ETHEL M.. 1525 D St., S.E., Wash- ington 3, D. C. BROWN, ELIZABETH Y.. Hunter Mill Rd.. Vienna. Va. BROWN. EMILY L., Hughes Hall A.U., Wash- ington 16, D. C. BROWN. FREDDIE A., 3536 Center St., N.W., Washington, D, C. BROWN. JOANN E.. 188 W. Uth St., Hol- land, Mich. BROWN, MARILYNN R.. 30 W. Saddler River Rd.. Woldwick, N. J. BROWN. SANDRA J., 2540 Rcllim Rd., Apt. C, Baltimore 9, Md. BROWN, SUSAN BARLOW, 93 Dartmouth St.. Rockvillc Center, N. Y. 209 BROWNING, JEREMY, Route I, Box 43A, Monrovia, Md. BRUMIT, PHILIP A., 406 Pine St., S.E., Vienna, Va. BRUMMER, ROBERT K., 913 Spring La., Falls Church, Va. BRYEN, ZOLA I., 300 Barberry Lane, Had- doniield, N. J. BRYANT, NELSON M., Islesford, Maine BRYAN, JOHN C, III, 515 Patrick Henry Dr., Falls Church, Va. BUCKE, SUSAN, 2009 Castleman Dr., Nash- ville, Tenn. BUCHANAN, JOHN AUSTIN, 1110 Kathryn Rd., Silver Spring, Md. BUCHANAN, A. LAWRENCE, 3800 14th St. N.W., Washington, D. C. BUCHANAN, JUDITH ATLEE, 3400 N. Venice St., Arlington 7, Va. BUCK, ROGER L., 402 Dove Circle. S.W., Vienna, Va. BUCKNER, DAVID N., 6632 32nd St., Wash- ington, D. C. BUCKBINDER, CAROL J., 389 Terhune Ave., Passaic, N, J. BUCKINGHAM, HUGH W., 4541 47th St.. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. BUDENSTEIN, BETSY S., 28 N. Newton Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. BUFFLER, JAMES H., 18 B N. York Rd., Willow Grove, Pa. BUGOSH, ROBERT M., 1607 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va. BURKETT, RANDALL K., 1007 N. Howard St., Union City, Ind. BURCZY, MARY A., 365 Hope St., Glen- brook, Conn. BURCKY, DAVID A., 215 Neal Drive, Alex- andria, Va. BURCH, PAUL RICHARD, 4734 20th St., Arlington, Va. BURGESS, CORDELIA J., 257 N. Granby Rd., Granby, Conn. BURGESS, KAY, 3 Revell St., Annapolis, Md. BURGESS, PHILIP M., 3033 16th St., Wash- ington D. C. BURKA, BARRETT W., 2934 Fessenden St., N.W., Washington, D. C. BURKA, BRENDA JUNE, 2934 Fessenden St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C. BURKOFF, BARBARA, 3100 Shelburne Rd., Baltimore 8, Md. BURKO, BARBARA A., 826 N. Woodrow St., Arlington 3, Va. BURMEISTER, MARY S„ 3536 Chesapeake St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C. BURNETTE, BETTY C, 11 Richmond Ave., Lexington, Ky. BURNS, CLAUDIA A., 462 W. Main St., Huntington, N. Y. BURROW, WILLIAM O., 1507 Roosevelt Ave., Falls Church, Va. BURROS, ROBERT J., 6910 108th St., Forest Hills, N. Y. BURSTYN, NATHAN, 19 S. Irving St., Arlington 4, Va. BURTON, SHARONE L., 9119 Manchester, Silver Spring, Md. BUSCH, HELEN L., 1900 Wareham Rd., Dundalk, Md. BUSSEL, ELAINE F., 730 Sheridan Ave., Plainfleld, N. J. BUSSEY, HENRIETTA, 703 49th St., N.E., Washington 19, D. C. BUTLER, DARLENE J., 2404 2nd Ave., E. Hibbing, Minn. BUTLER, CARLEEN I., 4405 Southern Ave., S.E., Washington 19, D. C. BUTT, RICHARD W., 5719 6th St., N.W., Washington 11, D. C. BYERS, JOHN C, 54 B Franklin St., Tenafly, N. J. BYERS, THEODORE F., 1816 12th St„ N.W., Washington 9, D. C. BYRNE, JAMES J., 3422 S. Stafford St., Arlington, Va. CABOT, LYNN MARION, 2015 Radbum Rd., Fairlawn, N. J. CABELL, CHARLES E., Ill, 500 N. View Terr., Alexandria, Va. CADEAUX, ROBERT, 1705 Tamavack St., N.W., Washington, D. C. CADY, CAROL L., 825 Juniper St., Washing- ton 12, D. C. CALDWELL, DOUGLAS, 524 E. Nelson Ave., Alexandria, Va. CALHOUN, JOSEPH E., 600 Belleview Blvd., Alexandria, Va. CALLAWAY, GILBERT R., 1340 N. Izard, Forest City, Ark. CALLAHAN, KENNETH E., 715 Broadway, W. Cape May, N, J. CAMPBELL, WILLIAM E.. 3139 82nd St.. Jackson Heights, N. Y. CAMPBELL, JUDITH D., 1600 Country Club, Bakersfield, Calif. CAMPBELL, WILLIAM L., 4813 Wilson Rd.. Lockport, N. Y. CANADA, JUDITH L., 3208 University Blvd., Houston 5, Texas CANADA, GRIFFIN V., JR., 6923 Clarendon Rd., Bethesdo 14, Md. CANNON. THOMAS W., 1423 Sheridan St., Washington 11, D. C. CANTOR, JOYCE E., San Francisco, Calil. DEWITT, WILLIAM, 2928 Richmond La., Alexandria, Va. ., CAPLAN, EILEEN JO, 215 Riverside Dr., Portsmouth, Va. CAPEHART, STACY HALL, 600 Overlook Rd., Riverton, N. J. CAPELL, PENNY S., 623 Chestnut St., Lebanon, Pa. CAPLAN, LOIS M., 416 Taylor Ave., Scran- ton, Penna, CAPLAN, LOUIS H., 1748 Sycamore St., N.W., Washington 12, D. C. CAPLAN, CAROL SUE, 103 Lake Circle Dr., Portsmouth, Va. CARIAGA, ISRAEL, 5204 57th Ave., Hyatts- ville, Md. CARSKAUON, EDWARD, 110 Woodland Ave., Elizabethtown, Pa. CARD, EVELYN A., 3172 N. Quincy, Arling- ton, Va. CAREY, ROBERT G., 1607 Amherst Rd., Hyattsvihe, Md. CARLSON, EDWARD H., 9406 Columbia Blvd., Silver Spring, Md. CARLSON, GLENN H., 19 Ridgedale Ave., Summit, N. J. CARMAN, GAIL R., 6157 N, Sheridan, Chi- cago 40, 111. CARfEL, WILLIAM B., 8620 Old Cutlen Rd., Miami 43, Fla. CARR, JUDITH O., 5053 Mass Ave., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. CARROLL, HERMAN, 2 Depot PI., Glen Head L. I., N. Y. CARTER, MARCIA J., 2600 Third St., Coya- hoga, Ohio CARTON, MERYL, 13 Maplemoor La., White Plains, N. Y. CARWILE, D. GAYE, 313 Kenyon St., Lynchburg, Va. CASH, JUDITH D., 145 Highland Ave., Ham- burg, N. Y. CASPER, BARRY H„ 72 Rittenhouse St., N.E., Washington 11, D. C. CASSIDY, THOMAS A., 2217 Lyon Ave., N. Y. 22, N. Y. CASSIANO, ALICIA MARIE, 9 Homestead Avenue, Albany 3, N. Y. CASTO PHILIP C, 101 Vennum Ave., Mans- field, Ohio CATALANO, ANTHONY S., 414 10th Ave., Belmar, N. J. CATZVA, MAXINE, 1703 E. West Hgwy., Silver Spring, Md. CAULDER, STANLEY MILTON, 6424 7th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. CAVILL, JAMES CHARLES, 320 Lincoln Ave., New Castle, Pa. CAWTHRA, JAMES H., 2407 Ross Rd. Silver Spring, Md. CEIKE, KATHY L., 600 9th, W. Nyack, N. Y. CELTNIEKS, VIDVUDS, 4314 Fessendin St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. CERRA, LOUIS J., 103 Croydon Ct., SUver Spring, Md. CERANTON ,GAIL R., 90S Nora Dr., Si.ver Spring, Md. CHA, MUN Y., 164 1 Donamdong, Seoul, Korea CHACRAN, DIANA V., 128 Roundwood Rd., Newton 64, Mass. CHACONAS, THEODORE S., 2500 36th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. CHAIKIN, LINDA H., 225 15 88th Ave., New York. N, Y, CHAITIN, ANTHONY, 38 Suffolk Ave., Maplewood, N. J. CHAM, HOSI, 3026 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. CHAMBERLIN, PATRICIA B., 10941 Mont- rose Ave., Garrett Park, Md. CHAMBERLIN, MARGARET E., 338 Comp- ton Ave., Laurel, Md. CHAMBERS. ROBERT F., 229 Delhi Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. CHANG, TIEN HSIN, 2431 E St., N.W.. Washington 7, D. C. CHAPIN, MICHAEL S., 5501 Ventnor Ave., Ventnor City, N. J. CHAPMAN, BRUCE G., 6908 Marbury Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. CHAPMAN, DOROTHY A., YSOM, APO 146, San Francisco, Calif. CHAPPELL, BRENDA L., 1107 Irving St., Winston Salem, N. C. CHARY, RUTH L., 1302 Dickerson Rd., W. Englewood, N. J. CHAKNEY, SANDRA R., 1431 Somerset PI., N.W.. Washmgton 11, D. C. CHASE, DAVID R., 8003 Newell Ct., Silver Spring, Md. CHENtV, ALDEN F., 20 Exeter St., Port- land, Maine CHERNOCK, EILEEN L., 6318 Winner Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. CHERNIKOFF, ROBERT L., 4526 Que PI., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. CHETWYND, ERIC, JR., 1733 19th St., Washington, D. C. CHHOR, KYLIN, 1334 19th St., N.W., Wash- CHEW? ' FREDERICK D., JR., 242 Dexter Dr., Falls Church, Va. CHIDAKEL, SHEILA, 3701 Morrison St., N.W., Washington 15, D. C. CHIMENTO, JOSEPH P., 282 Woodland Rd., Madison, N. J. -. kiui CHIN, KING SAN, 3345 Prospe ct St., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. CHINN, MARY J., 6141 33rd St., N,W., Washington, D. C. CHIN, RONALD G., Fellowship, PorUand, CHiTtENDEN, THOMAS, 425 N. Frederick Ave , Gaithersburg, Md. CHRAPATY, DENISE a., 12709 Flack St., Wheaton, Md. CHURGlN, JONAH, 92 Pinehurse Ave., New CIESLA, " RONALb JOHN, 292 Pleasant St., Southbndge, Mass. „„„ . j , wa CIRUL, CAKL PAUL, JR., 228 Arundel Rd., Rivera Beach, Md. CLANCY, ROBERT A., 2942 S. Columbus St., Arlington 6, Va. CLAGGETT, SUSAN A., 6609 Glenbarr Ct., Baltimore 34, Md. CLARK, DONALD J., 379 North St., Dalton, CLARK, GWINNETH A., Qtrs ISO, March AFB, Calif. CLARK, MARGARET R., Pinecrest Dr., CLARk! ' ' pEGGY J., 528 Baer Ave., Hanover, CLARK, ' ROBERT B., JR., 5028 Mass Ave.. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. CLARK, ROBERT HARRY, 301 Audrey La„ CLARKe ' ' °ROBER°T L., 5127 27th Rd., N. Arhngton 7, Va. CLEMONS, SUSAN J., 10 N. Ridgewood Rd., S. Orange, N. J. „ j dj CLIFFORD, ANN W., 281 Concord Rd., Yonkers, N. Y. „ , c, CLODE, CYNTHIA A., 819 Sassafras St., Millvi.le, N. J. „ , c» miu CLODE, DIANNE B., 819 Sassafras St., Mill- CLUBB,VhN J., 945 15th St., S.E.. Wash- ington, D. C. „ ,. rN COBURN, EMLIY I., 6911 Greentree Dr., Falls Church, Va. COCKEY, JOHN G., 827 Fontaine St., Alex- andria, Va. „ J • e» COFFEY, JOHN P., 4919 Brandywine St., NW Washington 16, D. C. COHEN. KARL FREDERICK, 3214 38th St.. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. COGAN, BRUCE M., 817 Blvd., Co ' FMAn! JOHNC., 1727 R St., N.W.. COHErToRMAN JAY, 220 Carey St., Lakewood, N. J. , .. o. m «7 COHEN, BERTRAM J., 6402 5th St., N.W., Washington 12, D. C. ,, . . . . COHEN, ROBERT S., 7312 35th Ave., Jack- COHEN, ' rEANA ELAINE, 217 Maine St., Woodbridge, N. J. . COHEN, JUNE CAROL, 2901 Russell Rd., Alexandria. Va. „ . . oj COHEN, BRUCE L., 230 Crestview Rd., South Orange, N. J. j dj COHEN, STEPHEN D., 3922 Edgewood Rd., Baltimore 15, Md. COHEN, LINDA R., 3413 Manor Hill Rd., Pikesville 8, Md. COHEN, MICHAEL M., 2564 Ross Rd., Silver Spring, Md. COHEN, BARBARA ELEANOR, 30 Emer- son Drive, Great Neck, N. Y. COHEN, MARLA A., 714 S. Irving St., Arlington, Va. COHEN, MALCOLM M., 192 Grayson PI., Teaneck, N. J. COLBORN, JAY HOLMES, 3401 W. Coquelm Terr., Chevy Chase 15, Md. COLBY, RICARD G., 258 West Elm St., Brockton, Mass. 210 COLBERT. EARL J.. 5139 33rd St., N.W., Washington. D. C. COLE, BRUCE THURBER. 18 Brennan Dr ., Br ' n Mawr. Pa. COLE. LAWRENCE. JR.. 59 So. Maple Ave.. E. Orange. N. J. COLE. PETER. 4831 36th St.. N.W., Wash- ington. D. C. COLEMAN. GARRETT VANCE. 7406 Shir- land Ave.. Norfolk 5. Va. COLLEN. JOEL. 33 Muriel Ave.. Lawrence. N. Y. COLLISON. LINDA A.. 20 Randle Circle. S.E., Washington 19. D. C. COLSON, FRANK E.. 5501 Pacific Ave.. Wildwood, N. J. COVIN, MICHAEL T.. Markland Edge. Mayersdale. Pa. COMPTON, JOHN W., 5908 Nevada Ave.. N.W.. Washington. D. C. COMMANDER, JANE, 4635 Mass Ave.. N.W.. Washington 16. D. C. CONDON. EDWARD S.. 106 Taussig PI.. N.E.. Washington II, D. C. CONLYN, ALAYNE B.. 531 Creek Crossing Rd.. Vienna. Va. CONLEY. EDGAR T., 1617 19th St.. N.W.. Washington. D. C. CONOVER. ADELE R.. 4129 Leland St.. Chevy Chase 15. Md. CONRATH THEODORE B.. 800 Pineland St., Fairfax, Va. CONSTABLE. MARY E.. 1233 Savannah PI.. S.E.. Washington 20. D. C. CONWAY. WILLIAM H., 1511 28th St.. S.E.. Washington, D. C. COOK, CARL EUGENE, 810 Richmond Ave.. Silver Spring. Md. COOKE. THOMAS N.. 463 Dansel St., Kent, Ohio COOLEY. JOHN A.. 1502 Higby St.. Silver Spring. Md. COOLEY. SUSAN K.. 7311 E 11th Ave.. Spokane. Wash. COOLSEN. JAMES G.. 5905 Greenlawn Dr.. Bethesda. Md. COOLIDGE. R. LOWELL. 5017 Forest Haven Dr.. Alexandria. Va. COON. MACLYN J.. 618 9th St., Sheldon. Iowa COONIN. RONALD A., 3900 Garrison Blvd.. Baltimore 15, Md. COOPCHIK. ARTHUR S., 39 Stonehill Rd.. S.. South Orange. N. J. COOPER. BARBARA. 4857 Reisterstown Rd.. Baltimore 15. Md. COOPER. CARRYE E., 3150 Pennsylvania Ave.. S.E.. Washington 20. D. C. COOPER. MARSHIA A.. Glenriddle Rd.. Media. Penna. COOPER. LENORE. 2810 Blaine Dr.. Chevy Chase. Md. COOPER. SUE A., 1431 Oglethorpe St.. Washington. D. C. COPLAND, BENJAMIN J., 4422 Springdale St.. Washington 16, D. C. COPLIN. WM. D., 1323 Church Hill Dr.. Baltimore 8. Md. CORAM. JAMES M.. 5930 9th St.. N., Arling- ton 5, Va. CORLEY. FRANK W.. 4020 Everett St.. Kensington, Md. COSTELLO. JAMES B.. JR.. 4700 Conn Ave., N.W.. Washington 8, D. C. COSTELLO SUSANNE. 21 Wadsworth St.. Genesed, N. Y. COSTELLO. MICHAEL E.. 2011 Mossman Ave.. Gallup. New Mex. COUNTEE. THOMAS H.. 416 Luray PI.. N.W., Washington 10, D. C. COWARD. BILLY GENE. 3313 Chauncey PI.. Mt. Rainier. Md. COWLES, FREDERICK M.. 4 Applewood Dr.. Ipswich. Mass. COWAN, JEFFERY N.. 930 Summit Ave.. Greensburg. Pa. COWEN, MARTIN HARVEY, 39 Crest Drive. So. Orange, N. J. COX, PAULA C, 1213 Hagemann. Ave.. Bjriington. Iowa COX. SERENA A.. 301 Everingham Road.. Syracuse 5. N. Y. COX. REXFORD STANLEY. 86 Mason Dr.. Metuchen, N. J. COYNE. MICHAEL J., 8 P Plateau Place, Greenbelt, Md. CRITCHFIELD, MICHEL A,. Box 119, Oakton, Va. CRANE. JANET, 951 Van Ncm Ave., Fern- dale. Calif. CRAWFORD. DAVID H., 816 Patton Dr., Silver Spring, Md. CRAWFORD. JAMES A.. 474 N. Potomac St.. Hageritown. Md. CRAWFORD, LESTER P., JR., 7211 Bar- nett Rd., Betheida, Md. CRONAUER. ADRIAN J.. 12703 Atlantic Ave., Rockville, Md. CRONSHEY. NANCY E.. 7303 Willow Ave., Takoma Park 12. Md. CRONAUER. ADRIAN J., 4811 Westway Dr., Washington 16, D. C. CROSBY. ELIZABETH R.. 50 Carlson Ave., Newton Ctr 59, Mass. CROSBY. DAVID S., 2801 Mosby St., Alex- andria, Va. CROUSE, ELIZABETH M., 1110 Arthur St.. York. Pa. CRUMMEY, JOHN K., 243 Denslowe Dr., San Francisco 27, Calif. CRYER, LLOYD V., 2416 39th PI., N.W.. Washington 1. D. C. CUMMINGS, ROBERT A.. 5100 Oakglen Dr.. Rockville, Md. CUMMINGS, JOHN W., 712 Woodbum Rd., Rockville, Md. CUMMINGS, JOHN H., 116 Wynnedale Rd., Narberth, Pa. CUMMINGS, WILLIAM F., III., 5138 N. 38th St.. Ariington 7. Va. CUMMINGS, NORA L., 5138 N. 38th St., Arlington 7, Va. CURETON BRYANT L., 41 N. Lincoln Ave., Washington, N. J. CURTIS, GEORGE H., 6411 Jennings Ave., Milwaukie, Oregon CUTRER, GLORIA A., 2701 S. Fern St., Arlington 2, Va. CUTTER, MELISSA J., 21111 W. Birchwood. Chicago 45. III. DAJANI. NABILA RAGHEB. Ramalla, Jordan DAFTARY, FARHAD. 1914 Conn Ave.. N.W.. Washington, D. C. DAILEY. JOHN P.. 386 Mitchell, Elmhurst, 111. DAJANI, WAFA. Box 333. Amman, Jordan DALZELL, JAN, 1390 Van Dyke Rd.. San Marino, Calif. DALY, BRIAN T., 2434 39th PI., N.W., Washington, D. C. DAMSTEEG. GLORIA M., Purchase St.. Purchase, N. Y. DANG, HAD THI, 19 7 Ly Tran Quan. Saigon, S. Vietnam DANEBERG. MICHAEL J., 1022 Elm St.. Lebanon, Pa. DANIEL, HELEN I. DANIELS, LYNNE L.. 4617 36th St., N.W.. Washington 8, D. C. DANIELS. MARK J., 3800 Porter St. , N.W., Washington 16, D.C. DANIELS, DIANE. 4617 36th St., N.W.. Washington 8. D. C. DANZIGER, LYNN B., 334 King Road, N. Brunswick, N. J. DARASCUS, DANIELLE M., 1400 Lakeview Dr., Falls Church, Va. DART. MARGARET ANNE, P.O. Box 1148. Sarasota. Fla. DASTAGIR, GHULAM. Kabul. Afghanistan DASPIT, COURT D.. 5103 Fairglen Lane. Chevy Chase 15, Md. DATTELBAUM, MAXINE F., Riverside Drive, Salisbury, Md. DAUGHERTY, THOMAS R., 912 N. Wayne St., Arlington 1, Va. DAUGHERTY. PATRICIA G., 19 B Carothers Dr., Turtle Creek, Pa. DAVIDSON. LINDA B., Martin Dale, Green- wich, Conn. DAVIDSON. JOAN M.. 193 Abbott St.. Springfield. Mass. DAVIES. LYNDA L., 5346 41st St., N.W.. Washington, D. C. DAVIS, CAROL A.. 5208 Linnean Ave., N.W.. Washington 15. D. C. DAVIS, SALLY S.. 1400 S. Joyce St., Ariing- ton, Va. DAVIS, TIMOTHY, W., 8800 Plymouth St., Silver Spring, Md. DAVISON, ELLEN M., 6214 Benhurst Rd.. Baltimore 9. Md. DAWES. WILLIAM S., 508 Bellevue, Wilm- ington 3, Dela. DAWSON. JAMES S., Ill, 123 S. Washington St., Rockville, Md. DAY, DANIEL E.. 4011 Ames St. N.E.. Washington 19, D. C. DAY. VICKI ANN, 220 Roper Hall. A.U.. Washington 16, D. C. DEAL, CHARLES E., 626 Indep Ave., S.E., Washington 3. D. C. DEAVOURS, CIPHER A., 4990 Columbia Pike. Arlington, Va. DEAN. JOHN W.. 76 Ist Ave., Greenville, Pa. DEAN, FLOYD F., JR., R.F.D. 1, Box 218, Hollywood, Md. DE BEARN, GASTON GALARD, Ridgefield Farmi, Ridgcfield, Conn. DEBARBER. Marion. 403 W. Blvd Dr.. Alexandria. Va. DEERING. ELMER C. 9207 Wire Ave.. Silver Spring. Md. DEELY. MICHAEL F.. 1739 Troy St., Arling- ton 3, Va. DEEVY, MICHAEL M., 600 Patrick Henry Dr., Falls Church, Va. DEFONSO. LAURA G.. 1400 S. Joyce St.. Arlington. Va. DENTON. NANCY L.. 4444 Dexter St., N.W.. Washington 7. D. C. DENTON. JAMES C. JR.. 2016 N. Adams St.. Arlington. Va. DE PUY, JACQUES. D. B.. 216 N. 36th St.. Camp Hill. Pa. DESMITT, ALEXANDRIA V., 208 Mass Ave.. N.E.. Washington. D. C. DESOCIO. ELIZABETH, 114 Brook St.. Garden City. N. Y. DE SILVA. PADMANANDA G., 32 Rohini Chapel Rd., Nugegoda, Ceylon DETLOR, LEONARD G.. 321 Hemlock St.. Roselle Pk.. N. J. DEUTSCH. ABBY. R.F.D. 127. Rosyn Har- bor, N. Y. DEUTSCH, ELLEN J.. 99 Phillips Ave., Deal. New Jersey DEUTSCH, TRUDY C. 99 Phillips Ave.. Deal. N. J. DEVELLIS, RODNEY N.. 4 Princeton Rd.. Belmont. Mass. DEVENS. TOBY R.. 100 Woodruff Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. DEVLIN. DUKE. P.. 98 Riverside Dr.. Apt. 9C, New York 24. N. Y. DEVLIN, FRANK C. JR.. 8371 ISth St.. Silver Spring. Md. DEVOR, WILLIAM A.. JR., 2105 Priscilla La., Alexandria. Va. DICKERSON. PETER A., 7332 Rochester Rd.. Lockport. N. Y. DICKERSON, CAROLYN L., 7332 Rochester Rd.. Lockport. N. Y. DICKMAN. LAURA R.. 11718 Chilcoate Lane. Beltsville. Md. DICKSTEIN ALAN SIDNEY. 1810 Vine Street. Scranton. Penna. DINER. DANIEL S., 2808 Ordway St., N.W.. Washington, D. C. DIETRICK. ROBERT. 893 De Mott Ave.. Baldwin. N. Y. DILLARD, AL. 36 T St.. N.E.. Washington 2. D. C. DILLARD. DUANE B., Happy Creek Star Rt.. Front Royal, Va. DI MONDI. JOHN A.. 108 W 7th St.. New Castle. Del. DIAMOND. JOHN J.. JR., 4028 20th St.. N.E., Washington, D. C. DINSMORE. ALFRED JR.. 6805 Millwood Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md. DINKIN. ARTHUR STANLEY, 2709 Ritten- house St., N.W., Washington, D. C. DIRADUOUR, VIRGINIA M.. 123 Sher- wood Dr.. Hopewell, Va. DIXON. RONALD L.. 302 S. Nice St.. Frockville. Pa. DJANG. EICHUNG B., 8315 Roanoke Ave.. Takoma Pk. Md. DOBECK. FRANK JR.. 87 Robbins Rd.. Kensington, Conn. DOHERTY, ELIZABETH A., 4900 34th Rd.. Arlington 7, Va. DONNER, KENNETH STUART, 410 Brighton Place. Elkins Park 17, Pa. DONALDSON, JEAN, 5113 42nd St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. DOPP, BONNIE JO. 1340 S. 75th St.. West Allis 14, Wis. DORSEY, MAUREEN F.. 49 Fanshaw Ave.. Yonkers. N. Y. DOWNS. DAVID M., 3779 Meadowbrook Blvd., Univ. Hts. 18. Ohio DOYLE, MARGARET A., 101 Belleclaire Ave., Longmeadow 6, Mass. DRALLE. HENRY E., 5773 Sanger Ave.. Alexandria. Va. DRISCOLL. LIONEL R.. JR.. 25 St. Bernard St.. Saranac Lake, N. Y. DRYFOOS, GRACE F.. 2903 44th St.. N.W.. Washington 16. D. C. DRYSDALE. STEVEN M., 4013 W. Rogers Ave.. Baltimore 15, Md. DRYDEN. NANCY T., 5606 Overlea Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md. DUBNICK, ALICE, 29 Abeel St., Yonkers, N. Y. DUBINS. LESLIE T., 10707 Esther Ave., Los Angeles 64, Calif. DUBIN, DEANNA, 8371 Longdon St., Phila- delphia, Pb. DUCHARME. TRUDY ELAINE. 3708 N. Livingston St., Washington 15, D. C. DUDLEY, JAMES F., J., Springwater La., New Canaan, Conn. 211 DUDLEY, DONICA W., 2942 Macomb St.. N.W.. Washington 8, D. C. DUFFY, JOSEPH J., JR., Ill Heather La.. Falls Church. Va. DUFFY, FRANCES A., 220 Waverley Way, McLean, Va. DUNBAR, DALE M.. Rd. 1, Townvillc, Pa. DUNCAN, MICHAEL VAUGHN, 2602 Waubum, Marshall, Texas DUNDON, MICHAEL P., 4544 43rd St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. DUNGAN, RONALD E., 814 Prosperity Ave., Fairfax, Va. DUNHAM, GEORGE S., 5302 Carvel Rd., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. DUNLAP, NANCY R., 8407 Westmont Terr., Bethesda, Md. DUNN, BEE MARGARET, 315 Hummingbird Lane, KerrviUe, Texas DUNN, ELEANOR ANN, 2814 Kanawha St.. N.W., Washington 13, D. C. DUNN, MICHAEL M., 9402 Woodland Dr., Silver Spring, Md. DUNTON. ELOIS W., 100 109 Harbor Dr.. Hampton, Va. DUPART, WILLIAM L., U. S. Army H.Q.. H.Q. MDW, Washington 25, D. C. DURHAM, VALERIE D., 4301 Columbia Pike, Arlington, Va. DURKIN, MICHAEL J.. 37 N. Main St., Shenandoah, Pa. DU VAL, PATRICK A., 1637 N. Oak St., Arlington 9, Va. DWECK, RALPH S., 1763 Sycamore St.. N.W., Washington, D. C. DYBA, TAMARA INGRID, Bolton Rd.. Lake George, N. Y. EBEL, ELIZABETH, 5 Victoria Dr., Tiffiin, Ohio EBY, CLAIRE E., Box 133, Pr Frederick, Md. ECCLESTON, DAVID B., 12306 New Hamp Ave., Silver Spring, Md. ECHOLS, ALTON C, Purcellville, Virginia ECKEL, RONALD, 6 Beverly Ct, Metuchen N. J. EDENBAUM, STEPHEN D., 1310 Ave. R Brooklyn 29, N. Y. EDSALL, LINDA E., 97 E. Main St.. Bran ford. Conn. ECKBALD, JOHN P., 62 Hathaway Court Pittsburgh 35, Pa. EFFEL, FRANCES D., 13 Starr Ave., Monti cello, N. Y. EGGLY, ELBERT N., 247 Inlet Rd.. Ocean City, N. J. EGGLESTON, RONALD G., Eggleston Rd., Mexico. N. Y. EHLE, NANCY L., 700 Laurel Leaf Lane, Fairfax, Va. EICHELBERGER, CATHERINE, 3908 Sky- lark, San Antonio, Texas EISENBERG, NORMAN J., 115 South Main St., Liberty, N. Y. EISENBERG, SANDRA H., 9911 Belhaven Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. EISLER, TONI ANN, 7 Elm Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. EISNER, ROBERT J., 94 Magnolia Ave., Bridgcton, N. J. EKE, SHARON K., 2225 49th St., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. EKPO, SMART AKPAN, Box 607 Howard Univ., Washington 1, D. C. ELKINS, JANET, 904 Centennial Rd., Nar berth, Penna. ELLIFF, JOHN T., 915 Washington St. Pekin, 111. ELY, GENE W., 9515 Mass Ave., Washington D. C. EMERSON, GEORGE A., 2106 N St., N.W. Washington 7, D. C. ENGLISH, WILLIAM L., Radiance Dr., Cam bridge, Md. ENG, RUTH S. T., 3600 14th St., Washing ton 10, D. C. ENGELHARDT, FRED, 38 Leslie La., New Hyde Pk, N. Y. EPHRAIM, BARRY S., 8600 Bradmoor Dr., Bethesda 14, Md. EPSTEIN, BEVERLY N.. 3700 Mass Ave., Washmgton 16, D. C. EPSTEIN, BARBARA, 1930 Tulip St., N.W., Washington 12, D. C. EPSTEIN, SYDNEY B., 4301 Mass Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. ERICKSON, CARL E. J., 1404 Hewitt St., Falls Church, Va. ESPOSITO, BRUCE J., 726 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. ESPEY, ARTHUR M., 4933 Western Ave., N.W., Washington 16, D. C ESTEP, HOWARD, P.O. Box 347, College Park, Md. EVANS, DAVID WALTER, 2356 40th St., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. EVERETT, DONNA, 1525 East Sth St. Brooklyn, N. Y. EWALD, JOHN E., 734 Fayette St., Cumber- land, Md. FADGEN, JOHN P., 217 Audrey La.. Oxon Hill, Md. FAGG, PATRICA A., Sterling Virginia FAIRCHILD, MARY L., 1505 Bath Ave., Ashland, Ky. FAILLA, WILLIAM P., 16 Pen Y Bryn Dr., Scranton, Penna. FAIR, LARRY GRAY, R.D. 6, Gettysburg, Pa. FAIRBERG, JILL A., 144 N. Brokside Ave., Freeport Long, Ind. FAIRCHILD, CHARLES K., R.F.D. 1, Box 219, Mt. Gilead, Ohio FALLIS, MARY J., 4317 Varney Ave., Ft. Meade, Md. FALLERT, ROBERT J., 1320 Prospect St., York, Penna. FARZANEGAN FAKHAD 5111 Mass Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. FARBER, JUDITH A., 6 Aiken St., Norwalk, Conn. FARBER, PEGGY A., 144 Randolph PI., W. Orange, N. J. FARRAR, JOHN H., JR., 4707 Red Fox Rd., Rockville, Md. FARNELL, PENNY L.. 150 Winchester Ave.. Langhorne, Penna. FARRINGTON, HAROLD W., JR., 4920 N. 26th St., Arlington, Va. FARZANEGAN, BAHRAM, 5111 Mass Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. FAULCONER, NANCY H., 3615 Upton St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C. FAUST, LOUIS JOSEPH, 5116 Lowell La., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. FEATHER, BONNIE L., 4125 Garrison St., Washington, D. C. FEELEMYER, G. WAYNE, JR., 9513 Bye- ford Rd., Kensington, Md. FEIT, ANDREW J., 230 Park Place, Brook- lyn, N. Y. FEICK, ANN TRACY, 4400 Que St., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. FELDMAN, MARLIN B., 66 Almont St., Maiden 48, Mass. FELDMAN, STEVEN, 2801 Quebec St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C. FELDBAUM, JUDITH ANN, 32 Lakeside Dr., New Rochelle, N. Y. FELLENBAUM, JAMES A., 910 Naudain Ave., Claymont, Del. FELLOWS, ELIZABETH P., 6500 Frontier Dr., Springfield, Va. FELTEN, DAVID L., 1302 N. Pierce St., Arlington, Va. FELLER, JONATHAN. 444 N. State St., Dover, Dela. FENSTER, STEPHEN B., 1292 Taft Rd., W. Englewood, N. J. FERGUSON, ROLAND J., JR., 600 Copley Lane, Silver Spring, Md. FERRITER, JULIE C, 25 Greenough PI., Newport, R. I. FERRY, JAMES B., 4509 Warren St., Wash- ington 16, D. C. FERRUZZA, REGIS J., 3425 S. Park Rd . Bethel Park, Pa. FESKO, DONALD J., 77 Hafey St., Chicopee, Mass. FETZER. RANDOLPH B., 7722 Old Chester Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. FEUER, GERALD, 911 Buckingham Dr., Silver Spring, Md. FEUER, RONALD J., 157 Fayton Ave., Nor- folk 5, Va. FEW, JAMES I., JR., 610 N. Main St., Mooresville, N. C. FIDLER, RICHARD L., 706 Orchard Way, Silver Spring, Md. FIELD, HELEN L., 4 Pine Drive, Great Neck, N. Y. FIELDS, BARBARA, 5133 Fairglen La., Chevy 15, Md. FISCHER, WELTON J., Rd. 3, Fayetteville, Pa. FILE, NANCY E., 3215 S. Evanston, Tulsa 5, Okla. FILBEY, BEVERLY A., 8405 Quintana St., Hyattsville, Md. FINGADO, BONNIE E., 275 E. Franklin Tmpk. Ho Ho Kus, N. J. FINGERHUT, EARLE, 2931 Legation St.. N.W., Washington 15, D. C. FINLEY. SUSAN E., 507 Monticello Blvd., Alexandria, Va. FISHER, PHYLLIS, J., 195 Prospect St.. E Orange. N. J. FISCHER, MARIAN H., 4000 Cathedral Ave., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. FISCHER, SYDNEY BARBARA, 462 Man- etta Ave.. Lakewood, N. J. FISCHER. DONLAD ROBERT, 1 Stuyvesant Plazf. Mt. Vernon. N. Y. FISHER, EDWIN L., SR., 304 Lake Ave., Milford, Del. FISHER. HARRISON L., 5945 Arlington Blvd.. Arlington, Va. FISHER, JUDITH V., 800 Walker Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. FISHKIN, AMY E., 570 Sunderiand Rd., W. Englewood, N. J. FITCH, DAVID C, 10007 Conn Ave., Ken- sington, Md. FITCHETT, LEO G., 7951 ISth Ave., Adelphi, Md. FAVILLA, ALBERTO J., 508 N. Nordan St., Alexandria, Va. FLANGAS, JOHN A., 1521 Young St., S.E., Washington 20, D. C. FLANIGAN, JAMES PATRICK, 1229 N. Quinn St., Ariington 9, Va. FLEER. KEITH G., 37 Brompton Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. FLEET, LESLIE G., 613 Allison St., Alex- andria, Va. FLEISCHMANN, CLARA B.. Alplaus Ave., Alplaus, N. Y. FLEMING, THOMAS C, 4200 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase 15, Md. FLEMING, GEORGIA, 18 Salem Lane, Port Washington, N. Y. FLEMMING .HARRY S.. 1021 Ari Blvd., Arlington 3, Va. FLINN, JANE W., 4114 Sampson Rd., Silver Spring, Md. FLOREN, ROGER C. 749 S. Lake Davis Dr., Orlando, Fla. FOGNANO, GEORGE A., 4265 4th St., S.E., Washington 20, D. C. FORD, JOAN L., 6000 34th Ave., W. Hyatts- ville, Md. FONVIELLE, JOHN H., 123 Calif. Blvd., N. Braunfels, Texas FONG. SUSAN K., 1233 Gallatin St., N.E.. Washington 17, D. C. FONTAINE, ROGER W., 844 E. Jefferson Ave., Pomona, Calif. FOOTE, LINDA, 4311 Woodley Rd., Mclean, Va. FOOTE, BARBARA, 4311 Woodley Rd., Mclean, Va. FOOTER, MICHAEL, 728 Dahlia St., N.W., Washington 12, D. C. FORBES, RICHARD S., 152 Saddle Rock Rd., Valley Stream, N. Y. FORCEY, FLORENCE E., 438 Ravina St., Lajolla, Calif. FORD, LOUIS LEE, 1116 19th St., S., Ariing- ton 2, Va. FORD, JAFFRAY W., 4620 Bayard Blvd., Washington 16, D. C. FORD, ROBERT HOWARD, 512 Arcturus on Potomic, Alexandria, Va. FORGATCH, MARION SUE, 1728 20th St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C. FORREST, KAREN A., 5623 Lamar Rd., Washington 16, D. C. FORSYTH, JOAN F., Hughes HaU, A.U., Washington 16, D. C. FORTUNE, CATHERINE J., 3420 N. 18th St., Philadelphia 40, Pa. FOSNIGHT, SALLY, 2827 N. Van Buren St., Arlington 13, Va. FOSTER, BEVERLY L., 3900 Legation St., N.W., Washington 15, D. C. FOSTER, GEORGE M., 4105 Whann Ave., McLean, Va. FOSTER, JOHN E., 508 Boston Ave., Wash- ington 12. D. C. FOSTER, ROBERT L., 301 Asbury Ave., National Pk, N. J. FOX, ALAN B., 40 Burr Rd., Maplewood. N. J. FRANK, FRANCIS W., 2411 Camner St., Coytesville, N. J. FRANCK, BARBARA A., 107 Malvern Rd.. Brockton, Mass. FRANK, STEPHEN LARRY, 4012 Belle Ave., Baltimore, Md. FRANKE, LEWIS, 4915 7th St., N.W., Wash- ington 11, D. C. FRANKLE, ROBERT J., 856 Grand Terr., Baldwin, N. Y. FRANSEN, MAUDIE, 402 Lyric Lane, Falls Church, Va. ERASER. JUDITH A., 5040 Sedgwich St., N.W.. Washington, D. C. FRAWLEY, FRANCES E., 3723 Veasey St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. FRAUWIRTH, EDWARD I., 2305 Avenue L, Brooklyn, N. Y. FRAZEE, ROBERT M., Box A, Bird Island, Minn. FRAZIER, STEPHEN T., 4609 West Virginia Ave., Bethesda 14, Md. 212 FREE, JOHN C, 5720 27th St., N.W.. Wash ington 15, D. C. FREEDMAN, JANE E., 2944 Daveport St. N.W., Washington 8. D. C. FREELAND. CHRISTIANA C, 4803 Grant ham Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. FREEDMAN. CAROLE L., 4527 29th St. N.W., Washington. D. C. FREEMAN, MARK H., 1731 P St., N.W. Washington 6, D.C. FREEMAN, ROBERT M., 3931 Mackall Ave. McLean, Va. FREEMAN, RONALD H., 124 W. Main Norwalk. Ohio FREIVALDS, ILZE, 7329 Blair Rd., N.W. Washington 12. D. C. FRENCH, JOHN L., 1708 Magazine. Louis ville. Ky. FRENCH. PETER S.. 196 East 75th St.. New York 21, N. Y. FREUDENHEIN, HAROLD R., 18 Allan Dale Rd., Philadelphia. Pa. FRIBUSH, MARCIA, 12 Demott Ave.. Rock- ville Center. N. Y. FRIEDMAN. RONALD S.. 41 Derby Ave.. Cedarhurst, L. I., N. Y. FRIEDLANDER, LINDA, 312 Bridlemere Ave., Interlaken. N. J. FRIEDMAN. DAVID G., 2504 West Cold Spring, Baltimore 15, Md. FRIEDMAN. IDALEE, 1018 Flagtree La.. Baltimore 8. Md. FRIEDMAN. THELMA. Crompond. New York FRIDINGER. SUSANNE. 740 Fountain Head Rd.. N.. Hagerstown. Md. FRIEDMAN. PENNY M.. 11113 Dodson La., Silver Spring, Md. FRISCH, CONSTANCE L., 215 Craig Ave.. Freeport. New York FRISHMAN. RITA FAY, 9161 E. Bay Harbor Dr., Miami Beach, Fla. FRITZ. Kenneth, 56 Mohawk. Trail. West- field, N. J. FROST, HELEN M., 720 Ft. Washington Ave.. New York 40. N. Y. FROMME. MARILOU. 3905 W St.. N.W.. Washington. D. C. FROMENSON. NANCY M., 230 Central Ave., Lawrence. N. Y. FRUCHTMAN, KAY E.. 2402 Larryvale Rd.. Baltimore 9, Md. FRUITBINE. DANIEL R.. 3438 Bayfield Blvd.. Oceanside. N. Y. FRUENTES. AMERICA D., Hyndsville. New York. N. Y. FURGESON, JANE. 4344 Verplanck PI.. N.W., Washington. D. C. FUGAZZI, JOAN R., 6669 32nd PI.. N.W.. Washington 15. D. C. FULCOMER. KATHLEEN H., 2407 15th St.. N.W., Washington 9. D. C. FULLER. HARRELL. Box 13, Corona, New Mexico FUND, THEA A., 343 Hillcrest Road. Engle wood, N. J. FUNK, JAMES T., 3108 S 6th St.. Arlingtor 4. Va. FUNDENBERG. JUDITH L.. 740 Ravens wood Ave., Pittsburgh 2. Pa. FURNAD. VASIL R.. 6506 Forest View Dr. Springfield, Va. FURR, WARWICK R., II. 3716 S 9th St. Arlington, Va. GABBERT, NANCY J., 917 4th Ave., S. Great Falls Mont. GADGEBEKU, GEDEON K.. 1429 Cedar St. S.E.. Washington. D. C. GADOL. ERROL H., 5915 14th St., Wash ington, D. C. GAFFNEY, GLORIA. 2619 Otis St., N.E. Washington 18. D. C. GALE. CAROLINE, 6412 Brookside Dr. Kenwood, Md. GALLAGHER, BETTY J., 6301 N. Washing ton Blvd., Arlington 5, Va. CALL, RICHARD A., 807 Park St., Vienna Va. GALLOWAY, DIANE L., 327 Morrii Ave. Boonton, N. J. GALLOWAY, JAMES B., JR., 322 Lucas Creek, Rd., Newport News, Va. GANS, HOWARD B., 1155 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn 30, N. Y. GANTZ. HERBERT ROY, 716 Peabody St. N W., Washington 11, D. C. GARBER. KAREN. 101 Rhonoda Dr., Scran ton. Pa. GARDNER, BARBARA L„ 6158 Pearl Road Parma Hgt«, Ohio GARDNER. KAREN O., 527 RiltcnhoUM St. N.W.. Washington 11, D. C. GARDNER. PATRICIA A., Cheiter. Maryland GARNER, BARBARA ANN, 625 Farragut PI N.E., Washington, D. C. GARRETT, HOWARD E.. 7006 Exfair Road. Bethesda 14, Md. GARRETT, RODGER B., 405 Baer Ave.. Pen GARRITY. JOHN J., 2609 Nicholson, W. Hyattsville, Md. GARTENLAUB, ARTHUR R., 36 Midland Blvd., Maplewood, N. J. GARVERICK, RICHARD A.. 223 Dalebrook Dr.. Alexandria. Va. GASTON. SARAH J.. 7 Wildy Drive. Ros- well. New Mexico GATTI. RICHARD S.. JR.. 2102 Belvedere Blvd.. Silver Spring. Md. GATKER. BEVERLY ANN. 1821 Redwood Terr.. N.W.. Washington 12. D. C. GATES. WAYNE R., 4480 Dexter St.. N.W.. Washington, D. C. GAUNT, JOSEPH, HAROLD, 70 N. Hillcrest Rd., Springfield. Pa. GAY. WILLIAM J.. 214 Glen Ave.. S.W.. Vienna, Va. GEARHART. HAROLD II, 4318 Rosedale Ave., Bethesda, Md. GECHTMAN. ROBERT D.. 1437 Highland Ave.. Hilside. N. J. GEIS. ROBERT K., 2405 Dickey PI.. Houston 1 9. Texas GELLER. BARRY J.. 622 E. Beech St.. Long Beach, N. Y. GELLER. RICHARD. 650 Evergreen Dr., W. Hempstead. N. Y. GENSLER. ALMA S.. 4114 Davis PI., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. GLENDELL, JAMES N., 1117 Reynolds St., Falls Church, Va. GEOFFREY, JOEL R., Box 7, U.S. Aid, C Pad, APO 63. San Francisco. Calif. GERBER. FREDDA L.. 1731 HoUey St.. Washington 12. D. C. GEORGILAS. JOHN A.. 5712 Moreland St.. N.W.. Washington 15, D. C. GERBER. ROCHELLE M.. 62 Glenview Rd.. S. Orange. N. J. GERBER. WILLIAM J., 420 West End Ave.. New York 24. N. Y. GERACI. DONNA J., 1932 38th St., N.W.. Washington 7, D. C. GERLICH, TOBY H., 1860 Billingsley Terr.. Bronx S3. N. Y. GERMAN. MENTER P., 5616 13th St.. N.W., Washington, D. C. GERSON. EDWARD L.. 5105 Saratoga Ave.. Washington, D. C. GETMAN, ELEANOR J., 23 Gilbert PI., W. Orange, N. J. GHATATE. NARAYAN M., Civil Lines, Nagpur, India GHASSABEM, AHMAD. 2120 l " 6th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. GIAMBATTISTA, HELEN, 7738 Quaint Acres Cr., Falls Church, Va. GIBBS, DAVID R., 8341 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, Md. GIBERMAN, VALERIE G., 4815 Falstone Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. GIBSON, LINDA C, 10114 Summit Ave., Kensington, Md. GIFT, ROBIN LINDA. 18 Crown Terrace. Morrisville, Penn. GILDART, NANCY M., 6100 Mass Ave, Wash. 16, D. C. GILL, ANN T., 2714 Longwood St., Baltimore 16, Md. GILLIWGHAM, JOYCE S., 4 S. Derby Ave., Ventnor City, N. J. GILLINGHAM. NANCY A.. 4 S. Derby Ave.. Ventnor. N. J. GILLIS. DAVID L.. 5617 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda 14, Md. OILMAN. WILLIAM J.. 6152 Wilson Blvd.. Arlington 5. Va. GILMOUR, SUSAN ELIZ, M. R. 2. Doyles town. Pa. GIMENEZ. NICOLAS, 1830 Eye St., N. W Wash 6, D. C. GINSBURG. RONALD A., 1515 Crest Rd.. Silver Spring, Md. GINSBURG, GARRY, 6422 Smedley St.. Philadelphia, Pa. GINMAN, PETER JOHN, 1321 S. Arlington Ridge , Arlington 2, Va. GINSBURG, RITA M., 1911 Bunker Hill Rd. N., Washington 18, D. C. GIROUARD, ROBERT F., 8 Lombard St., Dorchester 24, Mas. GLADSTONE, SANDRA Y.. 997 Sheffield Rd., Tcancck, N. J. GLASSMAN, STEPHEN C, 167 E. 67th St., N. Y. 21, N. Y. QLUCK, RONALD STANLEY, 322 Hawthorne Ave., Yonkcrs, N. Y. GOGEL, JAMES F., 144 13 85 Ave.. Jamaica 35, N. Y. GOGGIN, DORIS S., 6010 Greeley Blvd., Springfield, Va. GOHAGAN, THOMAS P., 34 East Wilde Ave., Villas, N. J. GOLDFARD, LILI, 1713 Popham Ave, New York 53, N. Y. GOLD, JUDITH M.. 66 10 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills 75, N. GOLDBLATT, CAROL M., 9 Beverley Pkwy. Freeport. N. Y. GOLUMBIC. EDWARD C. Sunset Pines, Lock Haven, Pa. GOLDEN, PATRICIA E., 8508 16th St., Sil- ver Spring, Md. GOLDBERG, LEWIS H., 23 Arbour Dr., Glen Falls, N. Y. GOLDSTEIN, HANS, 3020 Mt. Pleasant St. N,W., Washington 9, D. C. GOLDBERG, ARTHUR ABBA, 25 Gifford Ave., Jersey City 4, N. J. GOLDENBLUM, ANN F., 255 W. 88th St., New York 24. N. Y. GOLDENBLUM. EDNA ANN. 70 Lenox Rd., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. GOLD, JOEL ROBERT, 295 I. U. Willets Rd., Adbertson, N. Y. GOLDBERG, STANLEY, 665 Camperdown Rd., Teaneck. N. J. GOLDSOBEL. DONALD G.. 1637 N. Oak St.. Arlington, Va. GOLDEN, LYNN R., 2809 Abilene Dr.. Chevy Chase 15, Md. GOLDMAN, MARK H., 1300 Sheridan St. N. W., Washington 11. D. C. GOLDSTEIN, ELLEN A., 64 Greendale Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. GOLDMAN, ILENE R., 410 S. 1st Ave., Highland Pk., N. J. GOLDSMITH, SONDRA L.. 121 Rolling Road, Box 91, Gaithersburg, Md. GOLDBERG. DAVID R.. 7730 Eastern Ave. N. W.. Washington 12, D. C. GOODKIN, LEONARD. 7 Beechwood Ave.. Lake Hiawatha. N. J. GOODING. NILES R.. JR., 41 Darling St.. Warwick. R. I. GOODMAN. CHARLES I.. 4208 Franklin St., Kensington, Md. GOODMAN, MARTHA W., 4639 North 20th Rd., Arlington 7, Va. GOODMAN, BARBARA S., 30 Stonelenge Rd., Rockville Ctr., N. Y. GOODMAN, JOYCE. 42 Juniper Lane. New- ton Ctr. 59. Mas. GOODMAN, IRIS LEE, 82 Barbara St., El- mont, N. Y. GOODSELL, GLEN R., 316 Fairhaven, Alex- andria, Va. GOODWIN. CAROLE D.. 329 Mason St., Fairfax, Va. GORDON, SANDRA L., 442 Cedar Ave., Highland Pk., N. J. GORDON, RICHARD L., 3007 Atlantic Ave., Wildwood, N. J. GORDON, STUART M., 3056 Overlook Dr. N.E., Warren, Ohio GORDON. MITCHELL H., 629 Sheredan St., Hyattsville, Md. GORDON, MARY A., 4931 Upton St. N. W., Wash., D. C. GORDON, JUDITH ANN, 6109 Lombard St., Cheverly. Md. GOTTLIEB, BARBARA L., 90-01 193 St., Hollis 23, N. Y. GOULD, BRUCE J., 818 N. 27th St., Allen- town, Pa. GRADSTEIN, SUSAN, 149 Park Ave., Passaic, N.J. GRAHAM, BYRON RUDD, 75 Llewellyn Rd., Montclair, N. J. GRAHAM, FLOYD L., 700 Shafor Blvd., Day- ton 19, Ohio GRAHAM. PETER, J. F., 2053 Crompond Rd., Yorktown Hgts, N. Y. GIANAKOS, GEORGE J., 3900 14th St., N.W. Washington, D. C. GRANT, ANTHONY P., 720 Alexander Ave., Drexel Hill, Penna. GRANT, WILLIAM J.. 3404 Va. Ave., Falls Church. Va. GRANUM. MICHAEL W., 4909 Newport Ave., Washington 16, D. C. GRAYBILL, NINA M., 209 Deerpark Dr.. Gaithersburg, Md. GRECO, VICTORIA C, 3911 Ingomar St. N. W., Wash. 15, D. C. QRBEBEL. ALANA R., 3 Berkeley Terr., Irv- ington, N. J. GREEN, IRVING J., 1 0 Plymouth PI., Maple- wood, N. J. GREEN, WILLIAM A., S703 Namakagan Rd., Washington 16, D. C. GREENBERG. ELLEN L.. 7 Gilbert Road. Great Neck, N. Y. GREENBLAT, MELVIN P., 8604 Carroll Ave., Silver Spring, Md. GREENBERG, RICHARD D., 7509 Helma Dale, Bethesda, Md. 213 GREENBERG, MORTON S.. 9211 Watson Rd., Silver Spring, Md. GREENBERG. NEIL I., 580 E. 21st St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. GREENE. KENNETH P., 325 Jean St., Fair- fax, Va. GREENE, ROBERT, Lake Shore, Douglas. Mich. GREENEBAUM. DIANE. 1255 North Ave.. New Rochelle. N. Y. GREENFIELD. RONNIE E.. 31 Colgate Road. Maplewood. N. J. GREENWALD. RHEBE M.. 219 Coudert Place. S. Orange, N. J. GREENSTEIN, ANNMERLE, 89 Midland Blvd., Maplewood, N. J. GREENFIELD, ESTHER L., 530 S. 24th St., Arlington 2, Va. GREENWALD, ALAN B., 367 Washington Ave., Cedarhurst, N. Y. GREER, SANDRA A., 1310 N. Oak St., Ar- lington 9, Va. GREENSPAN, MARSHA J., 1402 Farm Hill Circle, Falls Church, Va. GREGART, JANET ANNE, 12 E. Crown Ter., Morrisville, Pa. GREER, NINA S., 55 Woodland Rd., Short Hills, N. J. GRIFFIN, CECELIA M., 127 Princeton Rd.. Elizabeth, N. J. GRIFF, MARALYN, 50 Wensley Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. GRIFFITH, ELIZ. A., 9315 Cedar Lane, Bethesda, Md. GRIFFITHS, LESLIE M., 12911 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, Md. GRITZ, JOAN ARLENE, 7425 9th St., N. W., Wash.. D. C. GROCH, DOROTHY ELAINE, 184 Highland Ave., Metuchen, N. J. GROOMS, JANET L., 6246 Dallas PI. S. E., Wash. 21, D. C. GROSS, KENNETH W., 164 Lewis St., Perth- amvor, N. J. GROSSMAN, EDWARD, 104-60 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills, N. Y. GROVE, BRUCE A., JR., 701 Country Club Rd., York, Pa. GRUSSENDORF, R. A., JR., A.T.U. House. A.U.. Washington 16. D. C. GUINAND. LUC AMI, 4021 Franklin St., Kensington, Md. GULISTAN, NEUZER, Tarlabasi 144, Beyog- lu, Istanbul, Turkey GULICK, SCOTT W., Ridge Rd., Rd. 1, Perkasie, Penna. GUNDERSON, ROBERT C, Chelwood Dr.. Franklin Lake, N. J. GUPTA DANESH C, 1915 K. N. W., Wash., D. C. GURLAND, NAOMI B., 142 80 St., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. GORODETZKY, MICHELLE, 3408 Raymond St., Chevy Chase 15, Md. GUY, CHARLES R., Rd. 2, Moorestown, N. J. GUZZARDI, RICHARD M., 1372 August Rd., N. Babylon, N. Y. HAAS, KAREN L.. Rd. 2, Montoursville, Pa. HACKER, FREDERICK JR., 6269 Austin St., Rego Park, N. Y. HACK, KATHRYN E., 4201 Mass. N. W., Wash. 16, D. C. HADSELL. JOYCE, 211 N. Oneida St., Te- cumseh, Mich. HAGSTROM, ANNA, 1900 F. St. N. W.. Washington 6, D. C. H.AIGHT. RONALD B.. 214 Elk Ave., Kane, Pa. HAILEY, CHARLES M., 805 Ridge PI., Falls Church, Va. HALIN, LOIS A.. 2730 Wisconsin Ave. N. W., Wash.. D. C. HALL, DAVID LEE, 4118 Emery PI., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. HALL. FRANKLIN P.. Rt. 1, Amelia. Va. HALL, NANCY A., 95 Rock Maple Ave., Ham- ilton, Mass. HALL, NATALIE G., 400 Bonhill Rd.. L. A. 49, Cahf. HALPERT, SYLVIA R., 10504 Grandin Rd. Wheaton, Md. HALPERN, JUDITH S.. 19 Sylvan Way, Short Hills, N. J. HALPERN, FAITH E., 107 N. Nassau Ave., Margate City, N. J. HALVERSON. CAROLE B.. 3 Buttonwood La., Wash. 16.. D. C. HAMBURGER, FREDA R., 100 McHenrv Rd., Pikesville 8, Md. HAMID, MAHMUD ABDEL, 2127 Bancroft PI. N. W., Washington 8, D. C. HAMIL, MARY KATHERINE, 12 Adams La., Dearborn, Mich. HAMMER, JACK, 181 Hanson Lane, New RochsUe, N. Y. HAMMOND. JAMES H.. 6206 Maiden Lane. Bethesda. Md. HAMPSON, MARY ALICE, High St., Odessa, Dels. HANAUER, EDMUND R., 304 Greenwood St., Newton Ctr., Mass. HANCOCK, ALLAN B., 626 N. Elm St.. Wallingford. Conn. HANDLEY. CAROLYN J., 333 S. Glebe Rd.. Arlington. Va. HANCKS. MARVIN L.. 4002 26th St.. A.. Molinc. Illinois HANEY. JANETTE M.. 312 E. Chestnut St.. Coatesville. Pa. HANEY, JANELLA M., 312 Chestnut St., Coatesville, Pa. HANSCOM. ROBERT E.. 1516 N. Taylor St.. Arlington 7. Va. HANSEN. KAREN. 2101 18th St. N., Arling- ton. Va. HANSON. JULIE A.. 118 Pine Spring Rd.. Falls Church. Va. HARDGROVE. ROBERT F.. 3235 P. St. N. W.. Washington 7, D. C. HARDING. KATHERINE C. 80 Bar Beach Rd., Pt. Washington, N. Y. HARDY. HELEN L.. 7 Kingsland Court. S. Orange. N. J. HARGETT, CHARLES B., Route 2. Box USA. Warrenton. Va. HARITON, RICHARD. 4501 Conn. Ave.. Washington. D. C. HARMAN. THOMAS E.. 3001 N. Franklin Rd.. Arlington 1. Va. HARMON. MARY PAMELA. Strawberrv Hill. Irvington. N. Y. HARPER. CHARLES R., 208 Penna. Ave., Auondale, Pa. HARPER, KATHERINE E., 1628 Hobart St. N. W., Wash 7, D. C. HARRE, DAVID, 7510 Maple Ave., Chew Chase, Md. HARRIS. DEBORAH B.. 5409 Blackistone Rd.. Washington. D. C. HARRIS. ELAINE. 312 Brighton Ave., Wash. 16. D. C. HARRIS. FRANK S.. JR., 5771 A. Sanger Ave.. Alexandria. Va. HARRIS, JEANETTE A., 1131 Washington St.. Cape May. N. J. HARRIS, MICHAEL C, 200 S. Jackson St., Arlington 4, Va. HARRIS, SUSAN H., 6614 Harlan PI. N. W.. Wash. 12. D. C. HARRISON, SAMUEL E., 313 E. 51st St., New York 22, N. Y. HARRIS. RUTH SANDRA, 3546 Albemarle St. N. W.. Wastington, D. C. HARRISON, SAMUEL R., JR., 5521 So. 3rd St.. Arlington 4. Va. HARSANYI. FRUZSINA M.. 175 Pershing. Carteret. N. J. HARTER, JOHN ROBERT. 4953 Brandywone St. N. W.. Washington 16, D. C. HARTE. LEILA. 120 Lakeshore Dr., Oakla nd, N. J. HARTMAN, THOMAS F., 3816 N. 9th St., Arlington 3. Va. HARTMAN, NEIL R., 102 E. Ames Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. HARTSTALL. SUSAN W.. 5216 4th St. N. E.. Wash. 11. D. C. HARVEY. JUDITH A.. 1644 Hobart St. N. W.. Washington 9. D. C. HARWARD, DONALD W.. 4021 Benton St. N. W.. Wash. 7, D. C. HATCH, ANNETTE D., Millstone Farm. Burke. Va. HATCHELL, REBECCA E.. 3 Sherry Dell Dr., Hampton. Va. HATHAWAY. JOAN L., 5507 Wootton Ave., Chevy Chase 15, Md. HAUG, NORENA M., 439 Gales Dr., Pitts- burgh 36. Pa. HAUPT, J. DUDLEY, Hazelwood Rd.. An- chorage. Ky. HAWK. ROBERT M.. 1641 Jefferson St.. Rockville, Md. HAWKINS, DAVID W., 26 Sargent Pk., New- ton 58, Mass. HAWKINS. WILLIAM. JR.. 1339 Ft. Stevens Dr.. Washington 11, D. C. HAWKINSON, JILL L., 3473 Roseland Are.. Parkersburg. W. Va. HAYS, OLA M.. 407 Roland St.. Jackson 9. Miss. HAY. HAYMOND G., 2103 N. Scott St.. Ar- lington 9. Va. HAYMAN. CAROLYN M., 1413 Leegate Rd., N. W., Wash. 12, D. C. HEINTZE. RICHARD G., 4S0S Alton PI. N. W.. Washington 16, D. C. HEINZ, CAROLYN L., 4211 Brandywine St. N. W., Wash. 16, D. C. HEISSNER, WILLIAM R., 161 Acre La., Hicksvillc, N. Y. HELMICK, BETTY L., 2406 19th St. N. W., Wash. 9, D. C. HELM, ALTON E., 5506 Park St., Chevy Chase 15. Md. HELTON. DAYTON N., 2305 Wilt Dr., York, Pa. HAYMOND. DENVER D.. 46 E. Reed Ave.. Ale Va. HAZRAT, SAID G., Mirvice Maiden Kavul, Kabul, Afachanista HEARN, BEVERLY B., 430 W. College Ave.. Salsiburv, Md. HECHT, TYLAR L.. 704 Fern PI.. N. W., Washington 12, D. C. HEDLUND, RONALD D., 189 Orange Ave., Clermont. Fla. HEFLEBOWER. LYNN. 1500 Cavalier Cor- ridor. Falls Church. Va. HEFFERAN. THOMAS H.. 2307 Russell Rd., Ale Va. HEID, PAUL M.. 508 Waterway Dr.. Falls Church. Va. HEINEY SHIRLEY. 7603 16th St. N. W., Washington, D. C. HEIMBINDER, ISAAC. 305 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. HEININGER, J. PATRICK, Rd. 4, Box 77, Coraopolis, Pa. HEINEMAN, ROBERT A., 1511 Franklin N. E., Wash. 18, D. C. HELWIG, JOHN F., 328 Union St., Millers- burg, Pa. HEMION. ROGER L.. 902 Enderby Dr., Alex- andr Va. HENNING, CHRISTOPHER, 4480 Quebec St. N. W., Washington, D. C. HENRY. MICHAEL A.. 10021 Brookmoor Dr., Silver Spring. Md. WHITE. HENRY R.. 1502 16th Rd. N.. Arl. 9. Va. HERDER. FRANCIS R.. 4515 Verplanck PI. N. W., Wash. 16, D. C. HERDER. CATHARINE A.. Amer. Embassy, San Salv., El Salv. Cent. Amer. HERBERT, HOWARD T., 2166 Spencer St„ Domona, Calif. HERMAN, PENNEY M., 117 Seacord Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. HERMAN. KAREN R.. 1905 Tulip St., Wash- ington, D. C. HERNER. DONALD A., 2284 Spencerport Rd., Rochester 11, N. Y. HERR, EVA P., Bo:; 1277, Massie Ave., Front Roval. Va. HIRSHEY. ALLAN J.. 7510 Lisbume Rd., Pikesville 8. Md. HELTZ. DAVID J., 625 N. Forest Dr., Tea- neck. N. J. HERTZ, RODNEY, 7500 Eastern Ave. N. W., Wash. 12, D. C. HESS, HEIDE ERIKA, 40-08 Monroe St., Fairiawn St., Fairlawn, N. J. HESTER. RONALD V.. 9903 Schiller Blvd., Franklin Pk., III. HESSE. CHARLES S.. 511 Wing Park Blvd., Elgin, lUinois. HEUN. THEODORE A., Rt. 14, Box 211, Baltimore 20. Md. HEYMAN, JOHN L.. 784 Park Ave., New York 21, N. Y. HEYN. PAUL C. 4708 Banner St.. Hyatts- ville. Md. HEYN. LIBBY G.. 1140 Florence Lane, Will- mar, Minn. Washington. D. C. HICKLEY. CHRISTOPHER C. 10605 Am- herst Ave.. Silver Spring. Md. HICKEY. LYLE T.. 1403 N. Nash St., ArUog- ton, Va. HICKS, RICHARD A., 1267 Starlane Place, Hewlett, N. Y. HIDALGO. MIGUEL B., 1120 16th St. N. W., HIGGINS, DIANA. 5716 N. 26th St., Arling- ton 7. Va. HIGHLEY. JACQUELYN B.. 4555 47th St.. San Diego 15. Calif. HILD, ROBERT A.. 225 Harlem Rd., Pasa- dena. Md. HILKEMEIER. ELLEN. 739 Dorsea Rd., Lancaster, Penna. HILER. LAWRENCE R.. 112 Pine. Phoenix. N. Y. HILL. ANNEKE. 1807 Kenyon N. W., Wash- ington, D. C. HILL. TALMADGE L.. 21 Rhode Island Ave., Wash 1. D. C. HILSAMER, HEIDE M.. 1730 Irving St. N. W.. Wash 10. D. C. HIMMELFARB. MARLENE T., 4710 30th St. N. W., Wash 8, D. C. HIRSCHFELD. LORETTA A.. Via Argentina 61. Panama. Panama HIRSCH. YVONNE C, 2966 2nd St., S. E.. Wash. 20. D. C. HILKEMEIER. ELLEN. 145 Wayne Ave., Suffem, N. Y. 214 LENORE, HJERPE 5773 Sanger Ave. Alex- andria Va. HODGE DOUGLAS A. 2601 Monroe St. N. E.. Washington, D. C. HOCHBERG, PHILIP R.. 3300 Shirley La.. Chevy Chase 15. Md. HOCHMAN. NORMAN M., 8712 Colesville Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. HODEL, HELGARD IDA. Hughes Hall A. U., Wash. 16. D. C. HODICH. OLGA MARY. 621 No. Terrace Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. HOENIG, PEGGIE ELLEN, 56 Bedford Ave.. RockvUIe, N. Y. HOF, LAURENCE, 2625 N. Ormes St., Phila- delphia 20, P. HOFFMAN, HAROLD, 69 Hillcrest Rd.. Ma- plewood, N. J. HOAK, SANDRA L.. 132 Burton Ave., Akron 2. Ohio HOFFMAN. SUSAN V., 2121 Blue Ridge Rd., Hagerstown, Md. HOBBS, BRICE MORRIS, 1075 N. Montana, Arlington, Va. HOCHMAN, RENEE J., 22 Patton Blvd.. New Hyde Pk., N. Y. HOLLADAY, SANDRA L., 1107 Landington Ave., Baltimore 7, Md. HOLLINGER, WILLIAM K.. 202 Ormond Ct., McLean, Va. HOLMAN, KAREN L., 2S8 Sequine Ave., Staten Isl. 9. N. Y. HOLMBERG. DAVID C, 1615 Q. St. N. W., Wash., D. C. HOLMES, WILLLAM K., Rr. 1, Wataga, III. HOLMES, SHELMON G., 627 W. Center St., Manassas, Va. HOMOLESKl, WILLIAM R., 9 High St., E. Pepperell, Mass. HOPEN. CHRISTINE E.. 242 Somerdale Rd., Blackwood Rd. 1, N. HOPE, SUZANNE E., North Midland Ave., Nyack, N. Y. HOPKINS. MARTHA H., 1201 N. Nash St.. Arlington 9, Va. HORCH, CHARLES B., 200 Atlantic Ave., Lynbrook, N. Y. HOROWITZ, EDWARD S., 1701 East West Hwy, Silver Spring, Md. HORDEN. FAYE G., 8668 Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, Md. HOROWITZ, ARLENE F., 135 Hawthorne St.. Brooklyn 25, N. Y. HOROWITZ, RICHARD S., 568 Church Ave- nue, Woodmere, N. Y. HOSKINSON, BARBARA H., 4858 MacArthur N. W., Wash 7, D. C. HOSMER, SUSAN B., 60 Shepard Ave., New- port, R. I. HORST, SAMUEL L.. E. Mannonite College, Harrisonburg, Va. HOTTENSTEIN, HENRIETTA, Hillwinds, Millersburg. Ua. HOUGEN, JUDITH E., 10721 Tulip La., Rockville, Md. HOULON. VICTOR ANDREW, 708 Lowander Lane, Silver Spring, Md. HOUSER, SUSAN EMMA. 3610 Farragut Ave., Kensington, Md. HOWARD. BLAIR D., 1003 Janneys La., Alex- andria, Va. HOWARD, WILLIAM M., SR., 1702 N. Uhle St., Arlington, Va. HOWELL. JAMES M., 1222 G St. N. E., Washington, D. C. HOWES, SHARON L., 5805 Broyhill St., McLean, Va. HOWLETT. JANE T., 311 Hollerith Ave.. Endicott. N. Y. HUANG. DEBORAH, 1 Lane 203, P.O. Al Road, Taipei, Taiwan HUBBARD. MARTHA E., 253 School St., Whitman, Mass. HUDSON, DOUGLAS K., 1505 Rice St., Falls Church, Va. HUFMAN, LYDIA A., 3013 Louise Ave.. Bal- timore IJ, Md. HUFF, JACQUELINE M., 4007 29th St., Mt. Rainier, Md. HUFF, BEN DOYLE, 400 So. Fenwick, Ar- lington 4, Va. HUGHES, BARBARA R., 400 Morningsine Dr. 8. E., Albuquerque, N. M. HUGHES, MARTHA G.. 7708 Cayuga Ave.. Bethesda 14. Md. HULINGS. HARRY J., U. S. Naval Station. Wash., D. C. HUMM, MARY K.. 402 W. 3rd St., Byron. III. HUMAN, CLARKSON J., 1905 N. Ode St., Arlington, Va. HUMPHREY, ROBERT LEE, 810 Ferry Landing Rd., Alexandria, Va. HUMPHREY, HUBERT D., III. 3216 Cogne- lin Terr., Chevy Chase 15, Md. HUNEIDI, FUAD, P. O. Box 36, Aleppo, Syria HUNT, PHYLLIS A., 514 Meadow La., FaUs Church, Va. HURTADO, MARGARITA L., Box 807, Bal- boa, Canal Zone HURWITZ, SARA, 8 Lotus St., Cedarhurst, N. Y. HUSSEINI, MARWAN R., Sup Planning Board, Saudi Arabia HUTCHISON, BRUCE D.. 3607 Frankford Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. HUTTON, JUDITH ELLEN. 1905 Knollton Rd.. Timonium, Md. HUTTON, RICHARD M., 58 06 Alton Ct.. Falls Church, Va. HYDE, WILLIAM F.. 3209 Wicklow PI.. Charlotte 5, N. C. HYDE, ROBERT W., 9 Graham Terr, Mont- clair, N. J. HYMAN, JOHN HATTON, 1 W. Maple St.. Alexandria, Va. INGRAM, RICHARDE, 2439 Mendkin Dr.. Alexandria, Va. IRWIN, EUGENE H.. 125 Catalpa Ave., Wilmington 4, Del. IRWIN, DAVID A., 2400 41st St. N. W., Washington, D. C. ISAAC. ROBERTA M., 20 Pasadena Road, Bronxville, N. Y. ISEN, HAROLD B., 7404 Western Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. ISHIZAKI, MITSUO, 452 D. Komohana St., Hilo, Hawaii ISLEIB, JOHN E., 4822 N. Fairfax Dr., Ar- lington, Va. ISZLER, JAMES W., Streeter, N. Dakota JACK, WALES H., JR., 5411 Center St., Chevy Chase 15, Md. JACKSON, DONALD C, A 12 Pierce Pres. Gard, Alexandria, Va. JACKSON, MICHAEL J., 5502 " Joplin St.. Springfield, Va. JACKSON, NANCY E., 2707 Wavis Ave., Alexandria, Va. JACKSON, RICHARD, 400 W. Pine Ave., N. Wildwood, N. J. JACKSON, ROBERT L., 10819 Georgia Ave.. Silver Spring, Md. JACOB, BEN R., 4505 28th St., N. W., Wash- ington 8, D. C. JACOBS, JUDY A., 6424 N. 26 St., Arlington 7, Va. JACOBS, KAREN, 9207 Mintwood St., Silver Spring, Md. JACOBS, WILLIAM I., 29 Bradford Ave., W. Orange, N. J. JACOBS, MARCIA, 119 B. N. Wilson Ave., Margate City, N. J. JACOGSON. DIANNE K., 1812 N. Quantico St., Arlington 5. Va. JAMES, CHARLES HOWARD. 1222 N. Quin- tana St., Arlington 5, Va. JAQUES, WEONARD C, 2400 Penn Ave.. Wash., D. C. JASPER, JERRY, R. F. D. 1, Fairfax Sta., Va. JAYNE, ABBY, Ringoes, N. J. JEENS, C. GEORGE, JR., 207 Park Hill PI., Fairfax, Va. JEFFERIS, ANNE, 332 W. Green St., Me- chanicsburg. Pa. JENKINS, FRANCES H., 61 Heriot Row, Dunedin, N. I,, N. Zel. JENKINS, WILLIAM E., 7 S. Edison St.. Arlington. Va. JENKINS, MARY, 2533 Queen Annes La. N. W.. Wash., D. C. JENKINS, EARLENE M., 2314 13th PI.. N. E.. Washington 18, D. C. JESTER, ANITA M., 305 E. Bait St., Terey- town, Md. JETER, SINCLAIR, 1350 Sheridan St. N. W.. Wash 11, D. C. JOEL, LOUISE R., 519 Taylor Ave., Scranton, Pa. JOHNSON, GEORGE F., 353 77 St., Brook- lyn 9, N. Y. JOHNSON, JEROME K.. 579 E. Market St., Harrisonburg, Va. JOHNSTON, JOHN T.. 1620 Riggs PI. N. W., Washington 9, D. C. JOHNSON, JAMES E., 214 Elizabeth Dr.. McLean, Va. JOHNSON, KENNETH A.. 7416 Inzer St, Springfield. Va. JOHNSON, LINDA ANN, 810 Enderby Dr., Alexandria, Va. JOHNSON. MABEL D., 353 77th St., Brook- lyn 9, N. Y. JOHNSON, SAUNDRA A., 8040 Anson Court, Springfield, Va. JOHNSON, THOMAS H., 1420 N. Utah St., Arlington, Va. JOHNSON. THOMAS F., 2841 29th St. N.W.. Wa.hmgton, D. C. JOHNSON, THOMAS A., 4757 Chevy Chase Dr., Chevy Chase 15, Md. JOHNSTON, CYNTHIA E., 3900 48th St. N. W., Wash 16. D. C. JOLLES. VIVIENNE J., 340 W. 86 St., New York 24, N. Y. JONES, EDNA M., Montreal, Missouri JONES, MIKE A., 240 N. Manor Circle, Ta- koma Pk. 12, Md. JONES, SHARON A., 615 Quintana PI., Wash. 11. D. C. JORDAN, WILLIAM P., 1500 Adams Ave.. Scranton, Pa. JOSE, JAMES ROBERT, P. O. Box 218. Da- mascus, Ohio JOSEPHSON, NANCY E.. 121 Cabot St., Newton 58. Mass. JOSEPH, FREDERICK R., 84 Edgemont Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. JOY, STEPHEN NEIL, 1235 Grand Concourse, Bronx 52, N. Y. JREISAT, JAMIL E., P. O. Box 159, Amman, Jordan JUBANYIK, ELAINE M., 21 Clifton Ave., Merchantville, N. J. JUDD, GARY S., 726 East Fourth, Meridian, JULICH, BARBARA, 403 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. JUSTICE, COURTNEY B., R. R. 2 Logans- port, Ind. JUVINALL, JAQUI, 604 Franklin, Napa, Calif. KANNER. HORBERTO, 420 Sierra Nevada, Mexico 10, D. F. Mex. KAWATHY, JANET, 3 Johnson Avenue, Mai. veme, N. Y. KALB, DEBRA A., 815 East 14th St.. Brook- lyn 30, N. Y. KALIS, WM. S., 5811 Wilmett Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. KALIS, THOMAS J., 757 Ovean Ave., Santa Monica, Cal. KANN, SALLY E., 625 Bigelow Rd., Mans- field, Ohio KANTER. DAVID M.. 5120 Sargent Rd. N. E., Washington 17, D. C. KANTOR, CHARLES J., 417 W. Walnut St., Long Bch, N. Y. KANE, KATHERINE M., 2710 Lockwood La., Annandale, Va. KANTROW, JUDITH, 50 Intervale, Roslyn Est., L. I., N. Y. KANACOPOULOS, MARY, 3143 O St. S. E., Washington 20, D. C. KANIS, ANITA LYNN, 1383 Sheridan St., N.W.. Washington 11, D. C. KAPLAN. ELAYNE B., 248 Hart Blvd., Staten Island, N. Y. KAPLUS, NANCY L., IS Holster Rd., Clifton, N. J. KAPLAN, DONALD M.. 21 S. Benson Ave., Margate City, N. J. KAPLAN. SUSAN L., 2920 Norhampton St., N.W., Washington IS, D. C. KARLIN. SUSAN T., 1512 Woodside Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. KARP, JUDITH E., 101 Conshohocken St., Bala Cynwyd, Pa. KARRO, BETTY CHIA, 198 Linden Rd., Mineola, N. Y. KARHU, JOHN M., R.D. 5, Elkton, Md. KASOW, CAROL B., 8103 Eastern Ave., Silver Spring. Md. KAROLY, EDMUND RAPHAEL, 180-10 Tudor Rd.. Jamaica 32. N. Y. KASS, ROSETTA C, 4100 Davis PI., N.W., Washington, D. C. KASHMANN. LOUISE A., 400 Irving Ave.. South Orange, N. J. KATZ, JOEL JACOB, 1336 Jonquil St., N.W., Washington 12, D. C. KATIMS, JOEL DAVID, 69-60 108th St., Forest Hills, N. Y. KATZ, NORMAN A., 514 Prospect St., Maplewood, N. J. KAUFMAN, ROBERT Z., 7730 Jerome St., Springfield, Va. KAUFMAN, SANDRA, 1366 Juniper St., N.W., Washington 12, D. C. KATZ, ELLENORE, 7 Olive St., Great Neck, N. Y. KAUFMAN, ALAN J., 104 N. Vernon St., York, Pa. KAVANAUGH, SUSAN C, Mt. Laurel Rd., Moorestown, N. J. KAWASHIMA, TOMIKO, 3210 Onuma Saga- mihara, Kanagawa, Japan KATZ. SUSAN M., 140-50 Ash Ave., Flushing 55, N. Y. KARR. DAVID M., 4602 Merivale Rd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. KAY, STEPHANIE F., 8601 Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, Md. 215 KAYE, JEFFREY, MICHAEL, 55 North Drive, Great Neck, N. Y. KEATS, ROBERT M., 203 Harrison Ave., Highland Pk, N. J. KEARNY, EDMONIA C, 1237 30th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. KEARNS. PRESTON DAVID, 2001 Luieme Ave., Silver Spring, Md. KEARNEY, HELEN A., 2504 S. Dakota, N.E.. Washington 18, D. C. KEFAUVER, JAMES M.. 109 E. 3rd St., Frederick, Md. KEILEY, SANDRA E., 4618 Yuma St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. KEITH, BARNETT C, 2802 N. 1st Rd., Arlington, Va. KEITH, RAYMOND F., 704 Quincy St., N.E., Washington 17, D. C. KELLER, PETER R.. 4534 Klingle, N.W., Washington 16, D. C. KELLER, CARL S., JR., 4145 N. 2l5t Rd., Arlington, Va. KELLER, RICHARD S., 33 Beechwood Dr., Fairfax, Va. KELLEY, JOHN E., JR.. 4301 N. 4th St., Arlington, Va. KELLNER, STEPHEN S., 5104 Benton Ave., Bethesda 14, Md. KELLY, LEONARD J., Great Plain, Danbury, Conn. KELLNER, STUART A., 454 17th St., Fair- lawn, N. J. KEMENYAS, LEONARD D., 5029 Edgewood Rd., College Park, Md. KENNAN, DANA E. M., 15 W. Irving St., Chevy Chase 15, Md. KENDALL, DAVID W., JR.. 2101 Conn. Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. KEPLER, MARY A., Big Springs, Nebraska KERBEL, LEO J., 23 W. Glendale Ave., Alexandria, Va. KERLIN, NORMAN A., JR., 6 W. Sandy Point Rd., Poquoson, Va. KERNEK, STERLING, Rt. 4, Box 188, Cor- vallis, Oregon KESSLER, JOAN D., 5801 16th St.. N.W., Washington 11, D. C. KESSLER, ARLENE, 300 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn 18, N. Y. KEYS, THOMAS, 6305 Lone Oak Dr., Beth- esda 14, Md. KHAMVONGSA, SOMSANITH, 2222 S. St., N.W., Washington, D. C. KHATCHADOURIAN, GEORGE, 1434 Har- vard St., N.W., Washington, D. C. KHANNA, BEENA, 9 Babar Road, New Delhi. India KHALATBARI, ADEL, North 3, 1638 R St., N.W., Washington, D. C. KICHLER, SIRRY D., 51 Riverview Ave., Ardsley, N. Y. KIFLE, ISAAC, P.O. Box 250, Washington, D. C. KILBY, RICHARD T., 5818 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda 14, Md. KILGORE, ELIZABETH, 3321 McKinley St., N.W., Washington 15, D. C. KIMMEL, THOMAS H., U. S. Embassy, San Juan, Costa Rica KIMMEL, RUTH E., 92 Boxden Ave., Maple- wood, N. Y. KING, GEORGE C, 1829 Beverly Ave., Mc- Lean, Va. KING, JOHN VERNER, 301 Roseld Ct, S.E., Glassmanor, Md. KING, JEFFERY, SHERWOOD, 3600 T St., N.W., Washington, D.C. KING, MARGARET S., 3600 T St., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. KING, RANDOLPH R., 3600 T St., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. KINKEAD, EDWINA L., Hillside Rd., Stevenson, Md. KINNEBREW, THOMAS R., 322 W. Glessner St., Americus, Ga. KINSEY, ROBERT W., 8339 16th St.. Silver Spring, Md. KIRK, CHESTER, 7803 32nd Ave., Kenosha, Wis. KIRKMAN, JAMES LESTER, 1508 E. 7th St., Anderson, Ind. KIRSHNER, PATRICIA B., 7 Harbour Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. KllSTLER, FREDERICK A., 1215 Lawrence St., Rosenberg, Texas KLAUS, ROBIN B. KLEIGMAN, DAVID, 8068 Dumfries PI., Jamaica 32, N. Y. KLEINMAN, INDA, 3205 Nerak, Rd., Balti- more, Md. KLEIN, KAREN, 44 Winding Way, W. Orange. N. J. KLEINMAN, HARVEY F., 1715 Popham Ave., New York S3, N. Y. KLEINBART, ELAINE M., 800 University Blvd., E., Silver Spring, Md. KLEVEN, WILLIAM T.. 1209 8nd St., Bis- marck, N. Dak. KLEPPER, ROBERT W., 101 Moutier, Union, Mo. KLINGE, KENT G., 35 W. Dudley Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. KLIPPERT, KAREN, 410 Crestview Ave.. Akron 20, Ohio KLOEBLEN. LINDA LEE, 349 W 3rd Ave., Roselle, N. J. KLUFT, BARBARA S., 7237 15th PI.. N.W.. Washington 12, D. C. KNAUER, ROBERTA B., 509 S. 1st Ave., Highland Pk., N. J. KNISELEY, ALLAN C, 2133 N. Pierce St.. Arlington, Va. KNIGHT, JOHN EARL. 6202 Ridge Dr., Washington 16, D. C. KNOFF, ELIZABETH A.. 34 Pine Grove Ave., Summit, N. J. KNOUSE, CAROL I., 2323 King Place, N.W., Washington 7, D. C. KODISH, IRIS, 1357 Princeton Rd., W. Englewood, N. J. KOENICK, JUDITH M., 2714 Washington Ave., Chevy Chase IS, Md. KOENIGSBERG, RUTH E., 5127 12th St., N.E., Washington 11, D. C. KOHR, THOMAS D., 636 W. Princess St., York, Pcnna. KOHLMEIER, IRVING G., JR., 3511 Daven- port St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C. KOKDEMIR, PALMELA H., 1717 N. 12th St.. Ar ' ington 9, Va. KOLTNOW, LAWRENCE R.. 1 So. Cambridge Ave., Ventnor City, N. J. KOLLENDER, DOROTHY L., 526 Old Lee Hwy.. Fairfax, Va. KOSUGE, MICHIKO, 5124 49th St., N.W.. Washington 16, D. C. KOSLOW, A., 1438 W. State St., Trenton, N. J. 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KULP, JONATHAN B., 1411 Sandy Hill Rd., Norristown, Pa. KURTZ, PAUL CHARLES, 4740 Conn Ave.. N.W., Washington 8, D. C. KYBER, HAZEL M., 16612 Georgia Ave., Olney 1. Md. LAIKIN, CAROL J., 5912 N. 9th St., Arling- ton 5, Va. LAMANEN, IRENE A. LAMPE, GERALD E., 804 Tanley Rd., Silver Spring, Md. LAMONT, JOSEPH P., 43 New York Ave., Metuchen, N. J. LAMKIN, GERARD S., 28 Wessex Road, Newton 59, Mass. LANE, ROBERT A., 8800 Mead St., Beth- esda 14, Md. LANE. PHOEBE ALICE, 217 Old Domion Blvd., McLean, Va. LANG, JAMES G., JR., 5903 Aberdeen Rd., Bethesda, Md. LANGENW ALTER MARGARET, Box 72, Rd. 2, Altamont, N. Y. LANGEN, JOHN A., 7911 Radnor Rd., Beth- esda 14, Md. LANGLEY. ELIZABETH M., 2040 Gordon Dr., Naples, Fla. LANGSTON, MARSHA L., 310 Creswell Dr., FaUs Church, Va. LANSBERRY ELIZABETH, 139 East Union St., Somerset, Pa. LAPIDUS, STEPHEN M., 20 Emerson Dr., Great Neck. N. Y. LAQUEUR. MARIA, 5609 Montgomer ' St.. Chevy Chase 15, Md. LAREAU, DINA A., P. O. Box 367, McLean, Va. LAROCHELLE, DEWEY H., 3326 Boones Lane, Washington 28, D. C. LARSON, EMERY J., Sister Bay, Wisconsin LA RSSON, ELAINE I., 9910 Indian La., Silver Spring, Md. LASHIN, KATHIE IRENE, 34 Shoreclifl Terr., Great Neck, N. Y. LEGAN, ROBERT A., 3228 N. Campbell, Indianapolis, Ind. LATTIN, DIANE LOUISE, 852S Thomden Terr., Bethesda, Md. LAU, STEPHEN F., 5846 Briar Hill Dr., Solon 39, Ohio LAUBENSTEIN, WILLIAM H., 260 Linden St., Moorestown, N. J. LAU, GRANT, 841 N. Lincoln St., Arlington, Va. LAUNER, JUDITH Z., 40 Wildwood Rd., Fairfield, Conn. LAWLOR, LAWRENCE, 8304 Kerry Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. LAVY, ELAINE S., 4034 Boarman Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. LAW. JACK R., 24 Pine Hill Ave., Nashua, New Hampshire LAWSON, LINDA L., Box 81, Eccles, West Va. LAWSON, DANIEL WAYNE, 306 Rambling Rd.. Vienna, Va. LAZARUS, SANDRA J.. 626 Sheridan Ave., Plainfield, N. J. LAZAR, CHARLES STEVEN, 330 33rd St., Fairlawn, N. J. LEARY, KENNETH A., 1014 N. Harvey Ave., Oak Park, III. LEBOSQUET, DIANA W., 535 Brookfield Rd., Wichita, Kansas LEE, CAROLYN E.. 10 Howland Rd., E. Rockaway, N. Y. LEEDY, THOMAS F., 3690 38th St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. LEE, DOROTHY M., 1914 Conn Ave., N.W., Washington 9, D. C. LEE, BRIAN, Woodside Estates, McLean, Va. LEE, EMMA N., 419 Missouri Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. LEE, ELOISE T., 3121 33rd PI., N.W., Wash- ington 8, D. C. LEE, KEARN, 11901 Renick La., Silver Spring, Md. LEE, JAMES CLAYTON, 2503 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, Va. LEEDY, CAROL L., 38 Newton Ave., Wood- bury, N. J. LEET, CARLA RUTH, 101 Ham Hall, A.U., Washington 16, D. C. LEHRER, NOEL, 251 Seaman Ave., New York 34, N. Y. LEIBUNDGUT, CAROL E., 180 Meadow- brook Dr., N. Plainfield, N. J. LEICHT. FLEMING, 1825 R St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C. LEIBOWITZ, ELLIOT S.. 348 Terhune Ave., Passaic, N. J. LEIBER, LYNN E., 105-40 62nd Rd., Forest Hills, N. Y. LEIBER, BONNIE B., 105-40 62nd Rd., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. LEIBOWITZ, JOEL L., 348 Terhune Ave., Passaic, N. J. 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LEVENE, STUART W., 5500 Chandler Ave., Baltimore 7. Md. LEVINE, SUSAN T., 98 E. 57th St.. Brook- I -n 3, N. Y. LEVINE, DANA RUTH, 721 Summit St., Linden, N. J. LEVTNE, GAIL ROBIN, 721 Summit St., Linden, N. J. LEVY, RESA, D.. 325 Hobson St., Newark, N. J. LEVY, JOEL N., 138-4 68th Dr.. Flushing 6, N. Y. LEVY, ROBERT A., 6723 14 h PI., N.W., Washington 12, D. C. LEVINE, LUCILLE M., 5736 27tn St., N.W.. Washington 15, D. C. LEWIS, ARTHUR S., 164 Glenview Rd., S. Orange, N. J. LEWIS, ALBERT M., 318 W. 6th St., Waynes- boro, Pa. LEWIS, BONNIE L., 2506 2nd St., S., Arlington 4, Va. LEWIS, EDWARD A., 97 Plymouth Dr., N., Glen Head. N. Y. LEWIS, FRANK N.. 2214 N. 2nd St.. Harris- burg, Pa. LEWIS, GEORGE I.. 113 Mitchell Ave., Long Beach, L. I.. N. Y. LEWIS, JANE N., 300 Fairview Ave., Clarks Summit, Pa. LEWIS, KAREN M.. 4535 Harrison St., N.W., Washington, D. C. LEWIS, JAMES H., 712 Leonard St., Toledo 5, Ohio LEWIS, LLOYD R., 40 Atherton Avenue, Wyoming, Pa. LEWIS. 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San Francisco, Calif. LIPSON, LOIS, 501 Tennyson Ave.. Baldwin. N. Y. LIPSCOMB. MARY K., 4123 Military Rd.. N.W.. Washington 15, D. C. LIPMAN. GAIL S., Governor Francis Farms, Warwick, R. I. LIPTON, ROSLYN N., 19 G Barstow Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. LITTMAN, LEONARD B., 1400 Aspen St.. N.W., Washington 12, D. C. LITT, HOWARD, 2207 Richland St., Silver Spring, Md. LITTLEJOHN, JAMES J., 1739 14th St., N.. Arlington 7. Va. LITTLE. CAROLYN M.. 939 Wendell Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. LITTLE. PETER. 216 53rd St., Virginia Beach, Va. LITTMAN, LINDA M., 5931 Little Falls Rd., Arlington 7, Va. LIU, GEOFFREY T., 5326 41st St., N.W., Washington 5. DC. LLOYD. STUART R.. 105 Washington Ave.. W. Trenton 8. N. J. LOBIANCO, KATHLEEN. 1580 Carlton Ave.. Staten Island 9. N. Y. LOBEL. RICHARD ALBERT, 239 Central Park, New York 24, N. Y. LOCK. WALTER T.. JR.. 3740 Benton St.. N.W.. Washington 7, D. C. LOEB. NORMAN L., 7567 Alastia Ave., Washington, D. C. LOMBARDI, JAMES J.. 3051 Abell Ave., Baltimore 18, Md. LONG, DAVID W., JR., 140 Clyde Ave., Evanston, 111. LONG, PHAM T., 264K Truong M Giang, Saigon, Vietnam LONG, MARTIN L., 1208 Central Ave., Ocean City, N. J. LONG. SIDNEY D., 800 Enderby Dr.. Alex- andria, Va. LONGO, SANDRA M., 1956 Biltmore St., Washington 9, D. C. LORD, DAVID S., Route 3. Arkansas City, Kan. LOSS, HARRY J.. 7801 Elmhurst Ave., Balti- more 14, Md. LOUSTALOT. ARNAUD III, 3165 N. 21st St., Arlington 1. Va. LOVETT. WILLIAM T.. 8304 Roanoke Ave.. Takoma Pk., Md. LOVE, DORIS J., 5111 Battery La.. Bethesda, Md. LOWE, AILEEN E., 218 Turrell Ave., So. Orange, N. J. LOWE, ROGER B., 2727 29th St.. N.W.. Washington 8, D. C. LOWRY, ALBERT D., 506 Stillwell Ave., Alexandria. Va. LOWRY, BARBARA ANN, 1611 Sheldon Dr., Alexandria, Va. LOWE, TARA MICHELLE, 61 Ironwood Rd.. Leuittown, Pa. LOXLEY. JOHN DAVID. 9725 Bexhill Dr., Kensington, Md. LUBETKIN. JOAN, 231 Sunset Ave., Engle- wood. N. J. LUCAS. PAUL MARSHALL, 3659 Hoover Ave., Endicott, N. Y. 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C. MANDEL, JOHN D., 407 Barnard Ave., Woodmere, N. Y. MANN, SUSIE P., River Rd., Matoaca, Vs. MANDELL, MYRNA, 2615 Swarts St., Chester, Penna. MANDELBAUM, JOHN D., 3700 N. Charles S.. Baltimore 18, Md. MANDEL, MYRA L., 6101 16th St., N.W., Washington 11, D. C. MANKIN. JOHN S.. 4221 N. 23rd St., Arlington, Va. MANILOVE, LEWIS I.. 921 Spring Lane. Falls Church. Va. MANN, HALTON A., 29 Lincoln Circle, Andover, Mass. MANN. STEPHEN T., 213 Maude Ave., Brooklawn, N. J. MANN, SHELLEY, 315 So. Ivy St., Arlington, Va. MANNING, FOYEST D., 306 E. Duncan Ave., Alexandria, Va. MANSFIELD, JOANNE, 20 Nabbys Pt. Rd., Ipswich, Mass. MANRING, CHARLES D., 4424 Walsh St., Chevy Chase, Md. MANOUELIAN, JOHN, 5500 27th St., N.W., Washington 15, D. C. MANTON, THOMAS B., 16 Highland St., Hammond, Ind. MARGOLIES, SUZAN D., 90 Crabapple Rd., Mannasset, N. Y. ULMARCATO, SUSAN E., 65 Vine Rd.. Larchmont. N. Y. MARGOLIN. PHILLIP M.. 22 Serpentine La., Levittown, N. Y. MARINENKO, JOHN W.. 1656 Euclid St., N.W.. Washington. D. C. MARK, JUDITH F., 833 Rudwin Drive, Lake- wood, N. J, MARGARET, JONATHAN P., 1812 Ingle- side Terr., N.W., Washington 10, D. C. MARKOWITZ, HAROLD L., 314 Pennington Ave., Passaic. N. J. MARKS, BARBARA J.. 69 Capitolian Blvd.. Rockville Center, L. I., N. Y. MARKS, PRISCILLA C, 758 Jersey Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. MARLAR, RICHARD LEE. 1011 Lackey Ave.. Oklahoma City 7, Okla. MARLOW, JOHN E ., R.F.D. 1, Box 104, Waynesboro, Pa. MARLATT, GENE R., Byers, Colorado MARRAN, VICKI I., 38 Homewood Rd., Waban 68, Mass. MARSHAL, RICHARD D., 4208 Columbia Pike, Arlington, Va. MARSHAL, CHARLES S., 3016 R St., N.W.. Washington 7, D. C. MARSHAL. THOMAS LEO. 10701 Hayes Ave.. Silver Spring. Md. MARTENS, SANDRA A., 16th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. MARTIN, ANNIELAURIE B., 3900 Cathedral Ave., N.W.. Washington 16, D. C. MARTIN. WILLIAM A.. 453 Pleasant St., Holyokc, Mass. MARTINEZ. DAVID, 555 Mary, San Antonio, Texas MARTINEZ, PAT, 1404 Longellow St., N.W., Washington 11. D. C. 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McADAMS, MARY L., 4540 Lawell St., N.W., Washington 16. D. C. McLANEY, MARTHA J., 5801 N. Fifth St., Arlington, Va. McCABE, JAMES O.. 20554 Picadilly Rd., Detroit 21, Mich. McCOWN. HENRY Y.. JR., 2524 Tangle- wood Trail, Austin. Texas McAllister. Raymond hi. 33 Magnolia Ave.. Bridgeton. N. J. McCALL. HELEN ELIZABETH, 3636 16th St., Washington, D. C. McCANNER, sally jo, 640 Trail Ave., Frederick. Md. McCarthy. WILSON C, 106 N. George Mason Dr., Arlington 3, Va. McCASHIN, ANDREW, 256 Kimball Ave., Westfield, N. J. McCLOSKEY, JAMES D., 31 Hopewell Rd., Boston 26. Mass. McCORNICK, CONSTANCE B.. 2729 Dum- barton Ave., Washington, D. C. McCUNE, JOHN N., 3445 N. Geo. Mason Dr., Arlington 7, Va. McDANALD, WILLIAM B., 732 Chesapeake Ave., Silver Spring Md. McDANIEL, RICHARD A., 213 Byrd St., Orange, Va. McDowell, EUGENE, 84 ll Queen Annes Dr., Silver Spring, Md. McELMOYLE, RICHARD D., 4008 Shipley St., Wilmington 2, Dela. McGARRY, JOHN G., 1001 E. Montgomery Ave., Rockville, Md. McGAUGHEY, LAWRENCE H., 34 N. Main St., Peru, N. Y. McGEE, HUGH E., 4925 1st St., N.W., Washington 11, D, C. McGILLEN. SYLVIA A., 5111 N. Carlyn Spg. Rd., Arlington, Va. McGOLDRICK, JOHN M., 3605 Tipton Lane, Alexandria, Va. McGregor, LOIS ANN, 48 1 7 Reservoir Rd., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. McGregor, MARY E., 141 Hawthome Dr., Springfield, Ohio McILRATH. JOANNE, 4360 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh 36, Pa. McINTYRE, JOHN J., 4013 Wexford Dr., Kensington. Md. McKANN. BERTHA L.. 918 Andover Dr., Alexandria, Va. McKECHNIE, MARIAN E., Cavalier, North Dakota McKIEBEN, ROBERT G., 1314 18th Ave., Altoona. Pa. McKINNEY. gloria T., 912 Madison St., N.W., Washington 11, D. C. McKENNEY, EDWIN, 3206 Chestnut St., N.W., Washington 15, D. C. McKINNEY, BRIAN P., 8672 Piney Branch Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. McKINNON, MARGARET D., 324 S. Guada- lupe, Port Lavaca, Texas McLAINE, DOUGLAS K., 2030 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. McLaughlin, KENNETH H., 168 Harrison Ave., Montclair, N. J. 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MORTON W.. 1610 19th St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C. MENGEL. PHILLIP W., Rd. 3, Box 50, Hum- elsto Pa. MERVINE, REGINALD W., 7116 Lanier St., Annandale, Va. MERCER, DAVID C, 7725 Jerome St., Springfield, Va. MERIAM. MELINDA J., 1414 Wilson Ave., San Marino. Calif. MERVINE, FRANCES A., 1120 Wyndwood Rd., Haddenfield, N. J. METHLIE. WILLIAM R.. 1101 Admont Ave.. Franklin Square. N. Y. MEYER, ELIZABETH A., 13218 Bregman Rd., Silver Spring, Md. MEYER, LOIS M., 5417 Old Frederick Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. MEYER. H. JOSEPH, 1525 Westfield. Ann Arbor, Mich. MICHAEL, BONNIE, 4617 36th St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C. MICHENER. PATRICIA E.. 3901 Wise Ave.. N.W., Washington 16, D. C. MICHELBACH, JOHN R., 719 Fontaine St., Alexandria, Va. MICHOS, THEODORE P., 6751 Fairfax Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. MIDDLETON, JOHN BAILEY, 3201 Mor- rison St., N.W., Washington 15. D. C. MIELNICKI. MICHAEL T.. 66-10 Yellow- stone Blvd., Forest Hills, N. Y. MILBERGER, SUSAN F., 2100 Orchard Terr., Linden, N. J. 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MILNE, JUDITH M., Lexington St., Arlington, Va. MILLS, DAVID W., 2606 Barton Ave., Rich- mond, Va. MILLMANN. BETSY A., 12 Kimball Circle, Westfield, N. J. MILSTEIN, SUSAN H., 17 Glen Rd., W. Orange, N. J. MILNE, BETTY LOU, Knowltonwood, Media, Penna. MINOR. MARGARET P.. 1303 Warfield Rd., Richmond 29, Va. MINER, MARCIA S., 3615 Albemarle St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C. MINER, CORA, 2411 39th St., Meridian, Miss. MINIARD, MARGARET S., 133 Yorkshire La., Manassas, Va. MININBERG, IRWIN, 1670 N. 2 1st St., Arlington 9, Va. MINDLIN, RICHARD J., 548 Clubhouse Rd., Woodmere, N. Y. MINKOFF, PHYLLIS J., 1639 Kalmia Rd., N.W., Washington 12, D. C. MINTZ, JACQUELINE L., 3108 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa. MIRABELLI, MARIO V., 208 Christine St., Elizabeth, N. J. MISSAGHI, JANINE, Maderi. Gowharshad. Tehran. Iran MITCHELL. DONN S., 456 New Jersey Ave.. S.E.. Washington, D. C. MITCHELL, STEPHEN P., 10 Keats La., Great Neck, N. Y. MITTLEMAN, HERBERT J., 309 West 37th St.. Wilmington, Dela. 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MORRELL, ELIZABETH J., 16 S. Congress St., Newtown Bucks, Pa. MORRIN. JOHN P.. 1775 Ky. Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. MORRIS. JANE E., 202 Stuart Dr., New Rochelle, N. Y. MORRIS, JOSEPH D., 10 Coper Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. MORRIS, PHYLLIS K., 1223 Belaire Dr., Daytona Beach. Fla. MORRIS, WILLIAM M., 2704 Dumbarton Ave., N.W., Washington 7, D, C. MORTON, DALE N., 6605 16th St., N.W., Washington 12, D. C. MORTON, HARVEY C, 6605 16th St., N.W., Washington 12. D. C. MOSELEY. JEAN M., 4104 Wodbine St., Chevy Chase 15, Md. MOSTOW, LESLIE A., 307 Irwin St., Silver Spring, Md. MOWRY, LARRY D., 203 Burgess Ave., Alexandria, Va. MOYER, JANET, 3603 East 16th St., Anchorage, Alaska MUELLER, SHARON L., Box 51, Ontarioville, 111. MUELLER, JOHN W., 3620 Quesada St., N.W., Washington, D. C. MULACH, MARY C, 241 Salem Dr., Pitts- burgh 34, Penna. MULLEN, LOUISE E., 11040 River Road, Rockville, Md. MULTHAUF. MARY SMITH, 145 D St., S.E., Washington 3. D. C. MUNDORFF. GEORGE H., 2500 Central Ave., Alexandria, Va. MUNIF, FAKIR M., 809 21st St., N.W„ Washington, D. C. MURCH, GERALD M., 412 Deerfield Ave., Silver Spring, Md. MURPHEY, MURIEL D., 1400 S. Joyce St., Arlington 2, Va. MURPHY. CAROL ANN, 8100 Kerry Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. MYERS. JUDITH E., 1130 Richmond Rd., Lancaster, Pa. MURPHY, JANET M., 17 Mohawk Rd., Ossining, N. Y. MURRAY, THOMAS R., 8215 14th Ave., Hvattsville, Md. MURPHY, MARGARET E., 670 Timber Branch Pkwy., Alexandria Va. MURRAY, NATALIE J., 715 Hughes Hall, A.U., Washington 16, D. C. MUSSEHL, ROBERT C, 557 Lebaum St., S. E. Washington 20, D. C. MUSSER. SALLY D.. 2503 N. 20th Rd., Arlington 1, Va. MUSEGGADES, KENT C, Westbrook, Minn. MYERS, MARGOT L., 171 Nelson Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. VANSWOL, NOEL W., 3519 Valley Drive, Alexandria, Va. MYRICK, THOMAS A., 46 E. Crescent Rd., Greenbelt, Md, MYROSZNYK, WALTER, 160 S. Wisconsin Ave., Villa Park, III. 218 NACHMAN. AMANDA D.. 1444 Rock Crfd Rd.. N.W., Washington. D. C. NADLER, RENAY A., 4415 W. Franklin St., Richmond 21. Va. NADESAN. ALEZANDER G.. 1230 N. Quinn St.. Arlington. Va. NADLER. NANCY A.. 535 E. 86th St.. New York City, N. Y. NAGY. FRED R., 36 Manor Ave., Penns Grove, N. J. HAHIGIAN. NANCY L., 880 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago. 111. NAIMAN. MICHELLE C. 65-44 Saunders St., Forest Hills. N. Y. NAIDS. GERALD, 7 S. New Hamp Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. NAKAWATASE, REIKO K., 819 Garden St., Seabrok. N. J. NALLS. ROSSER LEE. JR.. 2801 Plyers Mill Rd., Silver Spring, Md. NANNINGA. JOHN R.. 611 N. 3rd, Garden City, Kans. NASAR. SHELDON, 25 Lighthouse Rd., Great Neck. N. Y. NASH, ELI JR., 301 Delaiield PI., N.W, Washington 11, D. C. NATCHEZ. DANIEL, 617 The Parkway Mamaroneck, N. Y. NAULA MATTHEW R., 18 Rock Spring Ave. West Orange. N. J. NEALE. JOHN R.. 5606 Durbin Rd., Beth esda. Md. NEEDLES, LOREN R., 3434 34th St., Wash ington 8. D. C. NEESE, MARY P.. U.S. Naval Station, San Juan. Puerto Rico NEIMAN. ARTHUR D., 241 E. Union St., Nanticoke, Pa. NEIPORT, IRIS J., Washington St., Bolivar, Pa. 13th St.. NEILL, CHARLES R., 2708 Arlington, Va. NELSON. CLIFTON F., Ill Church St., Lawrenceville, Va. NELSON. NOEL M., P.O. Box 570, Lake- ville. Conn. NELSON, RONALD J., 2118 Coventry Dr., Wilmington 3, Dela. NELSON, WARREN L., Barberry Ct., B 13, Morrestown, N. J. NELTHROPP. CLAUDIA A., 5 Norman PI., Huntington, L. I.. N. Y. NESSE, MERYL, L., 38 Redbrook Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. NEUBERG, CLARE RAE, 902 Hillwood Ave., Fall s Church, Va. NEWMAN, ARTHUR E., 1420 Van Buren St.. N.W., Washington. D. C. NICHOLAS, ELIZABETH J., 5311 Worth- ington Dr.. Washington 16, D. C. NIGHSWONGER. WILLIAM, 2103 N. Taft, Arlington. Va. ODAY. JOHN J., 629 Johnson Ct., Teaneck, N. J. NISHIMOTO, MARGARET A., 7409 Holly Ave., Takoma Park, Md. NISKANEN, LEROY A., 1700 N. Uhle St., Arlington, Va. NITZMAN, MARGARET M., Rd. 2, Box 53, Scotia 2, N. Y. NIXON. G. STUART, 102 E. Magnolia Cr.. Hagerstown, Md. NOBLE, DANIEL A., 68-49 Bums St., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. NOBLE, THEODORE T., 2104 32nd PI., S.E., Washington 20, D. C. NOEL, ROGTR W., 504 Boston Ave., Takoma Pk., Md. NOGEE. JUDITH. 1612 Hobart St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C. NOLAND, FREDERICK L., 3217 Conn. Ave., N.W.. Washington 8, D. C. NORRIS, JOHN B., 4300 S. 12th Rd., Arling- ton 4, Va. NOTARGIACOMO, ALDO V., 2415 20th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. NOTTINGHAM. JOHN O., 4312 Montgomery Ave., Bethesda, Md. NOTTINGHAM, SANDRA ANN. 603 D Park- view Apts., Coltingswood, N. J. NOTLEY. JUDITH F., 3607 Taylor St., Chevy Chase, Md. NOVENSTEIN, KAY ROSLYN 26 East Balti- more St.. Funkjtown. Md. NOWAK. FRANCIS J., 501 Lloyd Lane. Ale Va. npbell NUGENT. MARGO ESTER, 944 St., Williamiport, Pa. NUTTER, LORNA L., 2007 S. 27th St., Arlington 6, Va. O ' BRIEN, PATRICIA A., 36 Oakdalc Rd., Rockville, Center, N. Y. O ' CONNOR, ROGER C, 8600 16th St., Silver Spring, Md. O ' DELL, BRUCE J., 1428 Erbst St., Alex andria, Va. O ' DELL. ROBERT P., 16 West St., Milford New Hampshire O ' DONNEL, PATRICK E., Honolulu, Hawaii O ' DONNELL, MICHAEL T., 315 Majorcc Coral Gables. Fla. OERTEL. LYNDA AVERY, 1559 33rd St N.W.. Washington 7, D. C. OGREN, SUSAN J., 627 Ripley St., Alei andria, Va . O ' HARA, EDWARD JOHN, 205 Westervelt PI., Oradell, N. J. OKUBO, TAKEHIKO, 2146 Cathedral Ave., N.W.. Washington 16. D. C. OLMAN, SYDNEY ELLEN, 1223 Underwood St.. N.W., Washington 12, D. C. OLSON, EDWIN E., 9103 Providence Ave., Silver Spring, Md. OLSON, RUSSELL E., 427 Fulton St., Geneva, III. OLSON, NANCY A., 9656 S. Leauitt St., Chicago 43, 111. OLSON, RICHARD F., 5742 Oregon Ave., N.W., Washington 15, D. C. OMARKHAIL. A. NAUAL, Laghman Ningra- har Pro. Afghanistan OMINSKY. BEVERLY S., 2629 Cross Country Blvd.. Baltimore 15, Md. O ' NEIL, JAMES B., 9508 Biltmore Dr., Silver Spring, Md. OPPENHEIM, CARL H., 419 Torrington PI., Silver Spring, Md. OREM, EDWARD J., JR., 1244 Navajo St., Barstow, Calif. ORTMAN, TERRY L.. Box 93, Wash Boro, Penna. OSBORN, CARYL S., Blair Academy, Blair- town, N. J. OSHINS, RICHARD A., 4 Parkwood Drive, Great Neck, N. Y. OSTER, LEONA F., 416 Marietta PI., N.W., Washington, D. C. OSTERKAMP, CAROLE E., 4825 Woodmoor La., McLean, Va. OSTERMAN, ELEANOR P., 1091 River Ave. Lakewood, N. J. OSTREICHER, PEDRO JAMES, P. O. Box 696 San Dom, Domican Republic OTT, STEFANIE T., 58 Harding Ave., Hat boro. Pa. OUTERBRIDGE, ROBERT D., 4200 Cathe dral Ave., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. OWEN, MARY J., 809 N. Kenwood Ave. Baltimore 5, Md. OWEN, WILLIAM E., 1303 S. Barton St. Arlington 4, Va. PADGETT, PHILLIP, J., 24037 Duffield Rd., Shaker Hgts 22, Ohio PAGANO, PRISCILLA M., Blackwood Dr., Vineland, N. J. PAGLIARO, NANCY J., Riegelsville, Penna. PAINE. MARCIA J., 3221 6th St., S.E., Washington 20, D. C. PALERM, ARMANDO, 509 Hillwood Ave., Falls Church, Va. PALMER, NANCY E., 89 Hill Terr., Hen- rietta, N. Y. PALSGROVE, ALICE S., 2321 N. 11th St., Arlington 1, Va. PANG, HENRY, 432 Chicago, W., Helena, Ark. PAPENFUSE, EDWARD C. PARIS. JUDITH, 140 Ontario St., Providence 7, R. I. PARK, CHANGSOO, 167 Kwanhoon Dong, Seoul, Korea PARK, CHUNG SOO, 2212 Phelps Rd. 2, Adelphi, Md. PARKER, ANDREW JR., 4000 Neb Ave., Washington, D. C. PARKER, DON L., P.O. Box 292, Pleasanton, Kansas PARKER, KATHERINE A., 223 Canterbury Blvd., Steubenville, Ohio PARKER, MICHAEL J., Box 35, London Bridge, Va. PARKER, PAULANN C, R.D. 4, Moorhead- ville Rd., North East, Pa. PARKER, PATRICIA D., 4543 St. Anthony La., Columbus, Ohio PARKER, ROBERT C, 1432 Country Club Dr., Tallahassee, Fla. PARMELEE, ANNE M., 627 Whispering La., Falls Church, Va. PARR, GLORIA A., 305 Adams St., N.E., Washington 2, D. C. PARRY, JAMES J., 925 Roslyn Ave., S.W., Canton 10. Ohio PARROTT, FRANCES N., 22 Old Globe Rd., S., Arlington, Va. PARRISH, KATHRYN L., 140 E. Deodara St., Varaville, Calif. PARRISH, CHARLES R., 1531 N. Pierce St., Arlington 9, Va, PARSONS, ARLENA, 1658 Primrose Rd., N.W., Washington, D. C. PASZTALANIEC, MATTHEW, F., 3048 Almond St., Philadelphia 34, Pa. PASCUCCI, ROBERT A., 5327 Nebraska Ave., N.W., Washington 15, D. C. PASCAL, EVELYN P., 1919 Parkside Dr., N.W., Washington 12, D.C. PASCHE, BLUETTE A., 2817 Conn Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. PATRYLAK, THOMAS P., 219 Standish Dr., S. E., Washington, D. C. PATTERN. WALTER W., JR., 108 Mon- trose Rd.. Sunset Beach, Md. PATTERSON, HUBERT WINE, 20 East Madison Ave.. Shelby, Ohio PATTON, DONALD A., 117 Oak La., Cran- ford, N. J. RAYNARD, SHIRLEY M., 6419 Dahlonega Rd., Glen Echo Hgts.. M. PAUL, DAVID I., 8630 Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, Md. PAUL. DENNIS I.. 3531 Albemarle St., N.W., Washington, D. C. PAUL, STEVEN F., 1700 Redwood Ter., N.W.. Washington, D. C. PAYNE. HOWARD W., 4212 Pine Ridge Dr., Annandale, Va. PEARLY, LESLIE A., 199 Salem Rd., Roslyn Hgts. N. Y. PEARLMAN, JERROLD JAY, 697 Patterson Ave, Franklin Square, N. Y. PEARSON, JAMES R., 423 High St., Bethle- hem, Pa. PECK, ROGER W., 3822 Milan Dr., Alex- andria, Va. PECKHAM, JOHN K., 4857 Battery La., Bethesda, Md. PEHLMAN, KIRK J., 97 Dale Ave., Eaugallie, Fla. PELLEGRINO, JOHN R., 4613 41st St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. PELLY, WENDY F., 5226 Loughboro Rd., Washington 16, D. C. PENCE, LAWRENCE D., 419 Lincoln Ave., Falls CViurch, Va. LUCIANO, PENA LILLO, 1756 Columbia Rd., N.W., Washington 9, D. C. PEPPER, JUDITH M., 3713 Clearview Rd., Dayton 39, Ohio PEREYRA, SUSAN M., 21 Fairfield Dr., Short Hills, N. J. PERKINS, JEROME B., 9411 St. Andrews Way, Silver Spring, Md. PERKINS, LYNNE, 523 Bay Rd., Hamilton, PERKINS. JOHN D., 708 Gilbert St., Takoma Park 12, Md. PERLE, LUCILLE MYRA, 147 Jewett Ave., Jersey Citv 4, N. J. PERROS. ANTONIOS, 1645 Newton St., N.W., Washington. D. C. PERRELL, BARBARA L., 40 W. Seaman Ave., Freeport, N. Y. PERRY, DOROTHY E., 38 Carroll St., Pitts- ton, Pa. PERRY, LEE L., 5225 Manning PI., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. 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Castle, Pa. PICKARD, JOHN ALLEN, Salisberry Manor, South Nyods 1, N. Y. 219 PICKMAN, FREDA ADELE, 5 N. Iroquois Ave., Margate, N. J. PICKMAN, JO ANNE, 5 Plymouth Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. PIEKEMA, JOAN M. 739 Highview Dr., Wyckoff, N. J. PIERCE, ALBERT A., 58 Wheeler Rd., Cen- tral Islip, N. Y. PIERSON, JOANNE K., 2931 Kanawha St.. N.W.. Washington 15, D. C. PIERSON, JUDITH K., 2931 Kawawha St., N.W., Washington IS, D. C. PIKE, HARVEY, 1642 33rd St., N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. PILSON, ALLAN S., 2 Fisher Dr.. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. PINE. RICHARD C, 9 Centra! Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. PIRKEY, DIANE B., Box 536, Rt. 3, Anchor age, Ky. PITTENGER, MARY A., 153 Castle Blvd. Akron 13, Ohio PLATT, WILLIAM I.. 17 Darwood PI., Mt Vernon, N. Y. PLATT, SUSAN R., 3020 Shady Ave., Pitts burgh. Pa. PLESS, MARION L., Twin Pines Dr., Pomona N. Y. PLUGGE. DALLAS C, 6040 Nebraska Ave. N.W., Washington 15, D. C. PODELL, ANTHONY WILLIAM, 36 Hut chinson. Court, Great Neck, N. Y. PODNOS, SYDNEE MERLE, 1751 Sycamore St., N.W., Washington 12. D. C. POERSTEL, THOMAS, 3914 9th St., N.E., Washington 17, D. C. POLACHEK, BARBARA D., 33 Loudoun St., Yonkers, N. Y. POLLAK, GEORGE D., 24 Dale Dr., West Orange, N. J. POLLARD, JOHN O., 4301 12th Rd., S., Arlington 4, Va. POLLACK, NORMAN JOSEPH, 3802 Colum- bia Pike, Arlington 4, Va. POLLAK, ALAN HARRY, 10 Harbor Terr., Perth Amboy, N. J. POLLOCK, BARRY JAY, 55 Franklin Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. POLLOCK, ALAN M., 4428 Sedgwick St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. PONDS, DORIS J., 4001 N. 20th St., Arling- ton 7, Va. POPE, BEVERLY A., 13 N. Morerick Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. PORTER, BAYARD R., 4100 No. 37th St., Arlington, Va. PORTER, HUBERT O., 315 N. Virginia Ave., Falls Church, Va. POSTMA, GARY W., 2049 Braewick Dr., Akron 13, Ohio POTLER, JOY ELLEN, 3900 Clarinth Road, Baltimore 15, Md. POTTERSFIELD, JOHN L., 416 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, Md. POTTS, CLAIRE W., Intervale P!., Green- wich, Conn. POWERS, ELROY J., 1 Garry St., Warwick, R. I. POWERS, LAWRENCE WILLIS, 2604 Tun- law Rd., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. POWERS, SHIRLEY G., 3917 Usher Ave., Alexandria, Va. PRATHER, CHARLES W., 4203 Kaywood Dr., Mt. Ranier, Md. PRATT, LAWRENCE D., 55 Gill Rd., Had- donfield, N. J. PRESSMAN, ALAN, 118 Keer Ave., Newark, N. J. PRICE, BERNARD L., Rt. 2, Box 87, Gaylon, Gaithersburg, Md. PRICE, DOUGLAS R., Rt. 2, Sevierville, PRICE. JUDITH M., 603 Elizabeth Ave., Newark 12, N. J. PRICE, GERALD L.. 1807 H St., Washington 6, D. C. PRICHEP, RUTH M., 1603 Lakeview Dr., Hewlett, N. Y. PRITCHARD, EDWARD, 28 Clive Hills Rd., Metuchen, N. J. PROPER, ELAINE, 6101 16th St., N.W., Washington, D. C. PROTHRO. JEAN A., 4410 35th St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C. PROUTT, DONALD W., Rt. 3, Gambrills, Md. PULLEY, ALICE G.. Elk Terrace, Salem, N. J. PUMPHREY, JEANNETTE M., 3136 Lyn- dale PI., S.E., Washington 19, D. C. PUPPA, HENRY G., 4608 Albemarle St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. 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RALPH, MARY M., 5922 Sea Cliff Rd., McLean, Va. RANDOLPH, FRANK B., 4608 Reservoir Rd., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. RANSOM, CAROLE. 1002 Holland St., Cum- berland, Md. RANSFORD, DAVID E., Bed Mill Rd., Rensselaer, N. Y. RASIN, VACLAV J., 5126 Ch Ch Pkwy., N.W., Washington 8, D. C. RASELY, NANCY C, 60 Parker St., Bel- videre, N. J. RASNER, PEGGY S., 50 Belmont Ave.. Bala Cynwyd, Pa. RATNER, ELLIOT, 3000 Spout Run Pkwy., Arlington 1, Va. RAVEN, NANCY P., 3808 N. 30th St., Arlington 7, Va. RAWLINS, RONALD R.. 529 Mechanic St.. Perth Amboy, N. J. RAY, DONALD E., R.D. 1, Glenmoore, Pa. RAYNARD, EDWARD L., Boston St., Mid- dleton, Mass. REBACK, MALCOLM J., 1272 Biscayne Blvd.. Union, N. J. REDD, DIANA BURK, 4719 44th St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. REDINGTON, EDMUND B., JR., 3912 N. Upland St., Arlington, Va. REDENIUS, JOSEPHINE L., 3601 Conn Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. REEL, JOHN R., 3716 Woodley Rd., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. REEDER, RUDOLPH R., R.R. 2, Heathsville, N. Umberland Co., Va. REED, LAWRENCE G., JR., Norriston, Pa. REEVE, GUY M., Ill, 132 Hiawatha Trail, Frankfort, Ky. REGAN, PATRICIA A., 439 Lytle St., W. Palm Beach, Fla. REHNSTRAND, WILLIAM C, 2004 Baxter Ave., Superior, Wis. REIBLING, JOY A., 16 Crest Drive, Tarry- town, N. Y. REIN, STANLEY, J., 2400 Colston Dr., Silver Spring, Md. REID, JAMES R., 7615 Charlton Ave., Col- lege Pk., Md. REICHGUT, MICHAEL D., 1371 Sheridan St., N.W.. Washington 11, D. C. REID, CARROLL J., 822 W. Church St., Albion, Nebraska REILLY, HUGH L., 3109 F St., Washington, D. C. REINOEHL, DENNIS C, 307 N. 10th St., Lebanon, Pa. REISMAN, PAUL B., 5 11 4th St.. Fairlawn, N. J. REIT, JACQUELINE, 65 Jackson Ave., Rock- ville Center, N. Y. REISMAN, EILEEN A., 6 12 12th St., Fair- lawn, N. J. RELKER, WILLIAM S., 3059 Harris Ave., Memphis 14, Tenn. REMES, LAWRENCE M., 120 Renner Ave., Newark, N. J. RENICK, MICHAEL W., 5204 Inverchapel Rd., Springfield, Va. RENNINGER, NORMAN C, 73 Alder St., Oakland, Md. RESNICK, ENOCH P., 1413 Kalmia Rd. N. W. Wash. 12, D. C. RESNICK, DANIEL, 10119 Brock Dr., Silver Spring, Md. REUBEN, ADRIENNE E, 519 B 138 St., Belle Hbr 94, L. I. REUTZEL, EDWARD F., 101 Hohemark, Str 1049, Oberursel, Germany RHINE, MICHAEL A., 3102 13th Rd. S., Arlington, Va. RHINEHART, WALTER S., 231 E. High St., New Oxford. Pa. RICE, CATHERINE J., R. R. 4, Carthage, 111. RICE, JANE E., 704 Sayre St., Horseheads, N. Y. RICE, JANET M., 511 Braxton PI., Alexan- dria, Va. RICE, MARY I.. 71 Manor Dr., Hudson, Ohio RICE, STEPHEN EWING, 405 Monticello Blvd., Alexandria, Va. RICH, PENELOPE S.. 1113 Gamer St.. Na- cogdoches, Texas RICHARDS, LYNNE SHARON, 3410 Quebec St. N. W., Wash 16, D. C. RICHARDSON, KATHIE A.. 3122 Broad Ave., Altoona. Pa. RICHARDSON, SALLY B., 815 Chilton Lane, Wilmette, 111. RICHARDSON, CORNELIUS T., 908 Moly Dr., Falls Church. Va. RICHARDSON, EARLE W.. 3109 44th St. N. W.. Washington. D. C. RICHMAN. RODDY G., 122 West Penn St., Long Beach, N. Y. RICHTER, JOSEPH W., 1650 Harvard St. N. W.. Washington 9, D. C. RICKMAN. CAROLE E., 6023 N 19th Rd., Arlington 5. Va. RIDDELL, SARA ANN, 3125 Chain Bridge Rd., Washington 16, D. C. RIFAI, ABDUL H., 1825 T St. N. W., Wash., D. C. HIGGLE, JANET, 32 N. Chapel St., Gowanda, N. Y. RIGGS, MOLLY, 5001 Julia Ave., McLean, Va. RINGEL. PAUL J.. 522 E. 20 St., New York 9, N. Y. RITCHIE, JAMES W., 3205 N. Pershing Dr., Arlington 1, Va. ROANE WAYNE R., JR., 1718 North Ingle- wood, Arlington 5, Va. ROBERTS, NINA M., 5851 N. Maitland Ct., Milwaukee 17, Wise. POBERTS, H. JULIE, 4430 Linnean Ave., Washington, D. C. ROBERTS, MAXINE B., 199 West Shore Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. ROBERTS, BROWN RAYMOND, 725 Mon- roe St., Rockville, Md. ROBINSON, BETTY L., 45 Fla. Ave. N. W., Wash., D. C. ROBINSON, LESLIE J., 5804 Ridge La., Ft. Worth 14, Texas ROBINSON, LYNNE S., 3831 Garrison St. N. W., Washington, D. C. ROBINSON, MARCIA I., 605 Huntington Ave., Plainfield, N. J. ROCHE. PHILIP DALEY, 6424 Powell St., Falls Church, Va. ROCCA, JAMES M., 142 Lynhaven Dr., Alex- andria, Va. ROCKWELL, SALLY SANDRA, 5800 Hill- burne Way, Chevy Chase 15, Md. RODDY, JANE C, 318 Wash La., Jenkintown, Pa. RODKIN, STUART A.. 22 Fairview Ave., Spring Valley. N. Y. RODGERS. PHILIP L.. 221 Oglethorpe St. N. E.. Washington 11, D. C. ROEHM, MICHAEL I., 7022 Flaccus Rd., Ben Avon Pitt 2, P. ROELOFS, LARRY HUGH, 1905 Kalorama Rd., Washington 9, D. C. ROGAN, JAMES R., Rt. 1, 487 Main St., Accokuk, Mo. ROGERS, WILLIAM J., 727 Grape St., Vine- land, N. J. ROHER. RICHARD T.. 12121 Remington Dr., Silver Spring, Md. ROLLASON, RICHARD N., 1412 Great Falls St., McLean, Va. ROLLINS, ANILEE E., Oceana, West Va. ROLLINS, DONALD C. 11224 Midvale Rd., Kensington. Md. ROMMEIHS. KATHLEEN A.. 2718 Ordway St. N. W.. Wash. 8, D. C. ROSE, RICHARD E., 4619 Briarclift Rd., Baltimore, Md. ROSENBERG, JAY R., 19 Abeel St., Yonkers, N. Y. ROSE, ROBERT A., 5190 Linnean Terr. N. W., Washington, D. C. ROSEFSKY, DANIEL F., 9 Vincent Court, Binghampton, N. Y. ROSEMAN, MERRY, LINDA, 5812 Key Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. 220 ROSEFIELD, ELLEN A., 15 07 Radbum Rd.. Fair Lawn. N. J. ROSEN, MARY E.. 3921 Harrison St. N. W.. Washington, D. C. ROSEHILL, S. LAWRENCE, 3813 Brightview St., Silver Spring, Md. ROSENBERG. VICTOR J., 3815 Davis PI. N. W.. Wash.. D. C. ROSEN. JUDITH GLORIA, 1431 Leegate Road N. W.. Washington 12. D. C. ROSENBERG. LOUIS T.. 164 Pleasant Dr. N. W.. Albuquerque. N. Mex. ROSEN. DENA L.. 88 Haven Ave.. Bergen- field, N. J. ROSENFELD. MARLENE. 4 Arleigh Rd.. Rockville Ctr.. N. Y. ROSEN. MYRNA BETTE. 400 C St.. Belmar. N. J. ROSENBERG. MICHAEL D., 56 Kings Walk, Long Island, N. Y. ROSENTHAL, LINDA J., 16 Morningside Dr., Alexandria, Va. ROSENSKY, WILLIAM V., 1443 Whittier PI. N. W.. Washington, D. C. ROSMAN. MIMI L., 70 Hampshire Road, Great Neck, N. Y. ROSENDORF. MARTIN WAYNE. 2950 Mc- Kinley St. N. W.. Washington 15. D. C. ROSENFIELD. ROBERTA. 6128 29th St. N. W., Washington. D. C. ROSENBAUM, JAMES D., 8500 16th St., Silver Spring, Md. ROSENTHAL, KATHERINE A., 16 Morning- side Dr., Alexandria, Va. ROSENTHAL. ANN. Benson E. Apts., York Rd.. Jenkintown, Pa. ROSENBERG. FREDRICA L., 8812 Lanier Dr.. Silver Spring, Md. ROSS. STUART A., 124 Ridge Ave., Passaic, N. J. ROST, ANITA, 5301 Waneta Rd., Washing- ton 16, D. C. ROTH, GERALD H., 444 Taylor Ave., Scran- ton, Pa. ROTHENBERG. BERTRAM, 203 Skyhill Rd., Alexandria, Va. ROTHBAUM, SIDNEY A., 1416 Longfellow St., Washington, D. C. ROTHENBERG, MARJORIE, 4500 Conn Ave. N. W., Washington 8, D. C. ROUFF, HOWARD P., 825 Juniper St., Wash. 12, D. C. ROW, MARSHA H., 5220 Watson St. N. W., Wash. 16, D. C. ROYER, FREDERIC D., Box 157 A. U., Wash. 16, D. C. ROYER, ROBERT D., 1660 Lanier PI. N. W., Washington 9, D. C. ROWEN, SUSAN E., RD. 2, Lancaster, Pa. ROZOV, STEPHEN, 315 S. 45th St,, Phila- delphia Pa. ROZICER. DONALD EDWARD, 4604 22nd Ave., Wash. 18, D. C. RUBENSTEIN, SUSAN P., 718 Bayfield St., Takoma Park, Md. RUBIN. MICHAEL JONATHAN, 506 Beach 140th St., Belle Harbor, N. Y. RUDILOSSO, DOROTHY R.. 3004 S. Hill St., Arlington 2, Va. RUCHMAN, ROBERT, 135 Midgely Dr., Hewlett, N. Y. RUDY, JOHN F. II., 3010 Ordway St. N. W., Wash. 8, D. C. RUFFNER, LINDA B., 1341 Jonquil St. N. W., Washington 12, D. C. RUGGLES. GLENN A., 3508 Dundee Dr., Chevy Chase 15, Md. RUIZ, ANGEL, Int. Student House, Wash., D. C. RUSSELL, DEBORAH JANE, 213 N. Prince St., Shippensburg, Pa. RUSSELL, GORDON W. RUTENBERG, ELLEN C, 101 Lake Shore Dr., Lake Hiawatha, N. J, RUTLEDGE, J. P., JR., 5301 Ravensworth Rd., Springfield, Va. RYAN. KATHERINE P., 842 E. Walnut, Bur- bank, Calif. RYAN, LINDA N., 4101 W. St. N. W., Wash., D. C. RYTSIS, PAMELA F., 315 Edward Ave., Woodmere, N. Y. SACKEY, PHYLLIS R., 8375 Fisher Rd., Elkini Park, Pa. SAFIKA. INES KARIN, Quigley Ave., Vine- land, N. J. SAFFER, THORNTON, 3316 S. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va. SAGOTSKY, ARTHUR, 10 Marry St., Free- hold, N. J. SAGER, ALAN J., 196 N. Freeman Rd., Or- chard Pk., N. Y. SAHEB, HOSSEIN, 1700 Harvard St. N. W., Washington, D. C. SAKAYAN, GEORGE G., 5735 27th St. N. W., Wash. 15, D. C. SAKRAN. MARY G., Box 90, RFD 2, Mc- ChanicsviUe, Md. SALISBURY. ELLEN S., 2 Wendy Lane, Burnt Hills, N. Y. SALISBURY. PAMELA F., 8909 Tresco Road, Richmond 29, Va. SALZMAN. ALAN C, 1530 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn 30, N. Y. SAMLER, LUCY P., 8725 Jones Mill Rd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. SAMUELSON, DIANNE L., 412 North St., Jim Thorpe, Pa. SAMRA. VICTOR M., JR., 82 74th St., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SANBORN, NOLA D., SO West St., N. Attle- boro. Mass, SANDAK. JEANNE L., 10 Milburn Ct., Free- port, Long Is.. N. Y. SANDERS, ARTHUR, 2727 Palisade Ave., New York 63, N. Y. SANDERS. STEPHEN R., 6319 Utah Ave. N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. SANDHALTS. CAROLYN E., 1455 Roxanna Rd., N.W.. Washington 12, D. C. SANFORD. MARGARET S., 7207 Selkirk Dr.. Bethesda 14, Md. SANTOS. HELEN. 1724 Tamarack St.. Wash. 12, D. C. SANTORO. TOBY ANN, 30 Chestnut Hill PI., Glen Ridge, N. J. SANTORO. NICHOLAS J., 170 Serpentine Rd.. Tenafly, N. J. SARAGOVITZ, SUSAN ANNfi 406 Oneida St. N. W., Washington 11, D. C. SAURINO, BENEDICT H„ 73 Eaton St., Gardner, Mass. SAUNDERS. NANCY R., 2440 16th St., Washington, D. C. SAYLOR, ELLEN, 8840 Gue Rd., Damascus, Md. SCALA, ARMAND A., 5901 Utah Ave. N. W., Wash. 15, D. C. SCHACHTER, HOWARD S., 4 William Penn Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. SCHAAL, SUE M., 2406 S. Arl. Ridge Rd., Arhngton 2, Va. SCHAFFER, MICHELLE, 9315 Kendale Rd., Bethesda, Md. SCHEER, STEVEN E., 16 Harrison Court, S. Orange, N. J. SCHERER, LOUIS C, 8718 Preston PI., Chevy Chase 15, Md. SCHERER. KAREN I., 6309 N. 26th St., Arhngton, Va. SCHIAVI, PATRICIA J., 220 Midvale St., Falls Church, Va. SCHLESINGER, SHEILA, A., 464 Quentin Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. SCHLINE, DEBORAH L., 4118 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. SCHLOSS, BURMA L., Keyser Rd., Pikes- ville 8, Md. SCHLISSEL, MARTIN, 1309 Missouri Ave., Washington, D. C. SCHMUCKER, RUTH T., 4201 Mass. Ave. N. W., Washington 16, D. C. SCHNEIDER, DONNA M., 980 Orchard Pk. Dr., Rky River, Ohio SCHEIDERHEINZE, HENRY I., 10938 Laui- nia Dr., Affton 23, Mo. SCHOCKE, ROBERT P., 1924 35th PI. N. W., Washington, D. C. SCHOLL, LYNN G.. 219 S. George St.. Charles Town, W. Va. SCHRADER, ROGER C, 1700 Harvard St. N. W., Wash. 9.. D. C. SCHOU, MARILYN C, 5016 Bangor Dr„ Kensington, Md. SCHROCK, JOANN L., 333 W. Bonnie Brae, Ontario, Calif, SCHREIBER, LEWIS J., 1000 Bryant Ave., New Hyde Pk., N. Y. SCHRENK. GERRY C, 3011 Park Dr. S. E., Wash., D. C. SCHRIDER, CHARLES T., JR., 622 Silver Spring Ave.. Silver Spring, Md. SCHRIBER. SANDRA J., 7739 16th St. N. W.. Washington 12. D. C. SCRIBNER, JUDITH A., 107 Luteman Rd., Cumbeiland, Md. SCHULZE, CHARLES H., 2321 Ashmead PI. N. W.. Wash. 9, D. C. SCHULTZ, HELAINE F., 37 U Berdan Ave., Fair Lawn, N. J. SCHULTZ, SUE K., 99-18 66th Ave., Forest Hills 74, N. Y. SCHULZ, ROBERT N., 2208 Colston Dr., Silver Spring, Md. SCHUMACHER, KAREN, 6307 Phyllis Lane, Bethesda, Md. SCHUSTRIN, MARILYN, 135 Belmont Ave., Jersey City 4, N. J. SCHUMACHER, ANN M., 7 Moore Rd., Bronxville 8, N. Y. SCHUPP, JEANETT, 4478 Upton St., Wash., D. C. SCHWED, HENRY A.. Irving Ave R.d 1, Millvillc, N, J, SCHWARTZ, JAY D., 403 E, 32nd St., Pat- erson, N. J. SCHWARZ, ALLAN L., 25 Cornell St., Scars- dale, N. Y. SCHWARTZ, DIANNE, 60 Longfellow Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. SCHWARTZ, JOANNE, 22 Glen Ave, Troy, N. Y. SCHWARTZ, FREDERICK J., 351 Oiden Ave., Tcaneck, N. Y. SCHWARTZ, WILLIAM, 161 Mineral Spring Ave., Passaic, N. J. SCHWEIKERT, DONALD Y., 310 Station Ave., N. Woods, Glenside SCHWED. MICHAEL B., 141-07 72 Ave., Flushing 67, N. Y. SCHWEITZ, GARRY B., 8600 16th St., Sil- ver Spring, Md, ROOP, FREDERICK C, 614 Belleview Blvd., Alexandria, Va. SCHOLNICK, VICKIE E., 919 Blvd., Bayonne, N. J. SCOTT, ELIZABETH M„ 6806 Edgebrook Dr., Springfield, Va. SCOTT, RITA JOANNE, 4001 N. Fifth St., Arlington 3, Va. SEARS, DAVID C, 8 Pitman Ct., Laconia, New Han p. SEBOLD, BRAITH G., 2000 Sylvan Terrace, Yardley, Ua. SECOL, STEPHANIE JO, 192 Overlook Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. SECKLER, JANICE L., 30105 Lake Rd,, Bay ViU 40, Ohio SELINKER, PHYLLIS N., 9414 Curran Rd., Silver Spring, Md. SELDON, BRENDA F., 300 N. Cleveland Ave., Wilmington, Del. SELGIN, ANN M., 33 Millpond Rd., Port Wash, L.I., N. Y. SELDON H. EUGENIA, 300 N, Cleveland Ave., Wil. 5, Delaware SELIS, VIVIAN OLGA, 11 Slade Ave., Balti- more 8, Md. SELLENDI, LEEN, 379 Church St., Pough- keepsie, N. Y. SELTZER, STEPHEN H., 3303 Glenmoor Dr,, Chevy Chase, Md. SEMEL, STEPHANIE B., 8504 16th St., Sil- ver Spring, Md. SEREPCA, STEPHEN M., 311 W. College Terrace, Frederick, Md. SETTLE, DARYL B., 3611 N. Round Hill Rd., Alexandria, Va. SHAFEY, SOHAIR B., 6136 30th St. N. W., Wash., D. C. SHAFEY, ERFAN A., 6136 30th St., N. W., Wash., D. C. SHAIKH, ABDUL KADIR, 5608 N. 23rd St., Arlington 5, Va. SHAFFER, PERRIN J., 1506 Bradley Ave., Rockville, Md. SHAHEEN, DAVID R., 9219 Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, Md. SHAPIRO, KENNETH J., 1362 Geranium St., Washington 12, D. C. SHAPIRO, BARBARA MAY, 5801 N. Sheri- dan Rd., Chicago, III. SHAPIRO, LEONARD P„ 138-40 229th St., Laurelton 13, N. Y. SHARPE, AMOS A., 486 W. Walnut St,, Kutztown, Pa. SHARPE, SANDRA G., 4619 Sedgwick, Wash., D. C. SHARPE, CHRISTINE A., 131 W. 2nd St., Frederick, Md. SHAW, NATHAN ARNOLD, 72 Scarsdale Rd„ Warwick, R. I. SHAW, ROBERTA J., Rd. 2, Crestvue Place, E. Liverpool, Ohio SHED, LINDA C, 523 Fillmore Ave., E. Au- rora, N. Y. SHEIB, PETER E., 58 Moran PI., New Ro- chelle, N. Y. SHEPARDSON, CHARLES J., 1904 Russell Rd., Alex., Va. SHERIDAN, EDWIN A., 714 S. Fayette St., Alexandria, Va. SHERMAN, MICHAEL D., 505 Oneida PI., N. Y., Washington 11, D. C. SHERMAN, ELIZABETH M,, 1519 S. St. S. E., Wash. 20, D. C. SHEHABI, KAZIH, 113 W. Lee Hwy, Fair- fax, Va. SHICKORA, JAMES E., 7 Madison St., So- merville, N. J. SHIELDS, COLLEEN A., Rd. 3, Box 103, Annapolis, Md. SHIEVITZ, LEON, 7000 Woodland Ave., Ta- koma Park, Md. SHIELDS, DAVID EDWARD, 5713 Trent- wood Rd., Columbus 21, Ohio SHIPLEY, THOMAS, Harmano, Maryland SHIVERS, GEORGE R., Allen, Maryland SHIVELY, JOHN W., Naulton Rd., Cwtwens- ville, Pa. SHLACHTMAN, CHARLES M., 134034 Franklin Ave., Flushing, L. I., N. Y. 221 222 SHOWS. A. Z.. 1313 Huntington Ave., Alex andria, Va. SHOCHET, ARLAN E., 1685 Tamarack St Wash., D. C. SHOOP. KIMBER L., JR., 105 Gordy PI New Castle, Del. SHOPP, JOHN B.. 1006 Robert St.. Mechan icsburg. Pa. SHOOP. WILLIAM G., 333 S. Glebe Rd Arlington, Va. SHRIBER. SUSAN K., 5520 Bryant St.. Pitts burgh 6. Penn. SHULMAN. FRANK C. 8101 Eastern Ave Silver Spring, Md. SHUMSHER. RUKMA. Royal Nepalese Ere bassy. Washington 8. D. C. SHRINSKY, FAITH. 6550 Bartlett St.. Pitts burgh 17. Pa. SIEGEL, JOAI ' I B., 370 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn 18. N. Y. SIEGEL, BRENDA SUSAN, 114 S. Ridgley Rd.. Norfolk. Va. SIFLINGER, GERALDINE. 302 Cyril Ave.. Fair Lawn. N. J. SIGMAN. ROBERT S.. 6209 Yellowstone St.. Orlando, Fla. SILBERG, GAY R., 376 E. 31st St.. Paterson 4. N. J. SILBER. HELENE. 19 Palmer Ave., Bristol. Pa. SILVERMAN. SYDNEY. 807 Powder Mill La.. Phila. 51. Pa. SILVESTRI, CHARLES A., 2309 Beverly Way, Las Vegas, Nevada SILL, ELVIN W., JR., 389 N. Edison St., Arlington 3, Va. SILBERMAN, DAVID., 36 Summit Ave., Port Chester; N. Y. SIMIK, VERONICA LEE, 220 Mt. Royal Ave., Rt. 3, Aberdeen, Md. SIMEONEJOWHPHBTMR, 712 Washington, Walpole, Mass. SILVER, MARILYN W., 46 East 91 St., Brooklyn 12, N. Y. SIMON, ROBIN I., 402 Ogden Ave., W. En- glewood, N. J. SILOCKA, RICHARD A., 14 Seneco Rd., New Haven, Conn. SINHA, PHULGENDA, 918 18th St. N. W., Wash. 6, D. C. SINGER, JANE R., 69010 108th St.. Forest His. 75, N. Y. SINGER, GLORIA, 171 East Evans St., Nor- folk, Va. SINGMAN, DONALD, 7520 Maple Ave., Ta- koma Pk. 12. Md. SIPE, LYNN F.. 101 S. Main. Lakin. Kansas SIPE. ROBERT E.. 433 N. Maple Ave.. E. Orange, N. J. SIPLE, MARILYN J. P., 131 N. Jackson St., Arlington 1, Va. SIZEMORE, KENNETH O., 2201 Culver St., Washington 21, D. C. SKINNER. ANNETTE H., 1906 Orrington Ave., Evanston, III. SKLAR, SUSAN, 6313 32nd St. N. W., Wash D. C. SKLAREW. JACLYN. 400 South First Ave Highland Park, N. J. SLATER, DAVID A., 1341 Avery St., Park ersburg, W. Va. SLAWITSKY, LOIS P., 601 Hughes Hall A. U., Wash. 16, D. C. SLAUGHTER, JANE K., 507 S. Elm., Ar lington, Texas SLOAN, LEONARD A., 8600 16th St., Silver Springs, Md. SLONE, WILLIAM GEORGE, 205 Grist Mill Lt., Great Neck, N. Y. SMALL, NANCY A., 108-23 65 Ave., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. SMETACEK, EVA MARIE, 5631 Massachu- setts Ave., Washington 16, D. C. SMELKER, MERLIN C, 5520 Prospect, Chevy Chase 15, Md. SMITH, ANN G., 120 McCosh Rd., Montclair, N. J. SMITH, CYNTHIA A., 421 W. 59 Terr., Kansas C, Mo. SMITH, CHARLES D., 913 N. Wayne St., Arlington 1, Va. SMITH, FREDRICK W., 4415 Brindisi St., San Diego, Cahf. SMITH, MARGARET K., Rt. 1, Downer St., Rd., Baldwinsville, N. Y. SMITH. MING L., 127 Mt. House Rd., S. Orange. N. J. SMITH, NANCY L., 29 East St., Melrose 76, Mass. SMITH, PARKER F., 3806 Shepherd St., Chevy Chase, Md. SMITH, ROBERT H., 2302 N. Kenmore St., Arlington 1, Va. SMITH, RITA L., 5245 Diamond St., Phila. 31, Pa. SMITH, ROBERT H., 2716 Wise. Ave., Wash. 7, D. C. SMITH. RONALD BISHOP, 8105 Thoreau Dr., Bethesda, Md. SMITH, SHARON F., 81 Montgomery Rd.. Ellicott City, Md. SMITH. SHARON A.. 211 S. 8th St., Mon- mouth. III. SMITH. WILLIAM R., 6200 Carnegie Dr., Bethesda 14. Md. SMITH. WARREN W., Rt. 2. Warfield Rd.. Gaithersburg, Md. SMOLKA. RICHARD G.. 904 Robin Rd.. Sil- ver Spring. Md. SNOW. ALBERT R.. 3102 Virginia Ave.. West Couina. Calif. SMYTH. SAUNDRA L.. 318 Burd St.. Penn- ington. N. J. SNEAD. WILLIAM O.. 1429 N. Inglewood. Arlington, Va. SNIDER, FRANK PARMER, Rd. 1, Riegels- ville. Pa. SNOEYENBOS, SALLY, 5106 N. 25th PI., Arlington 7, Va. SNYDER, ELIZABETH, 1618 21st St. N. W., Washington 8, D. C. SNYDER, GARY J., 751 Pacific Ave., York, Pa. SOARDS. Wm. L., U.S. 136. Waynetown, Ind. SOLOMON. BARBARA A.. 214 Parker St., Warren, Pa. SOLIDAY, DAVID G., 8508 16th St., Silver Spring, Md. SOLODAR, DONALD J., 160 W. 77th St., New York 24, N. Y. SOMMER, MILLICENT M,, Box 90, Amer. Univ., Washington 16, D. C. SOMMERER, DEBORAH, 69 E. Hamilton Ave., Englewood, N. J. DONG. JIN SONK. Seoul. Korea SOTEL. LINDA M., Mountain Rd. R. D. 2. Ridgefield, Conn. SOUDERS, WILLIAM G., 3642 Gunston Rd., Alexandria, Va. SOURS, MARY EMILE, Rt. 340, Bentonville, Va. SOURS, SANDRA ELAINE, 4945 N. 26th St.. Arlington 7, Va. SOUTZOS, TED, 501 Princeton Terr., Vienna, Va. SPARACIO, JEAN MARIE, Box 306, Rosen- hayn. N. J. SPAR, IRA, 55 Disbrow Circle, New Rochelle, N. Y. SPEAR, HARRY L., 220 N. Piedmont St., Arlington, Va. SPINDLER, FRANK MC, 1100 6th St. S. W., Wash. 24, D. C. SPIEGLER, LINDA J., 3920 Stonegate Dr., Washington 23, D. C. SPRAGUE, ALWYN W., 8120 Bumside Rd., Hvattsville. Md. SPRENKLE, CLAIR E., 4719 South 29th St., Arlington, Va. SPRINGLER, JOHN C, 6 W. Howell Ave., Alexandria, Va. SPRINGER, SUSAN L.. 1704 Crestwood Dr., Alexandria, Va. STANBURY, JEROME, 3202 Toledo Plaza, Hyattsville, Md. STALLONE, ANNE, 1935 Decatur Ave., N. Bellmore, N. Y. STANFIELD, JOHN D., R. F. D. 1, Rushsyl- vania, Ohio STANLEY, ELIZABETH J., 211 Leighton Ave., Silver Spring, Md. STANLEY, MARC G., 1444 Rock Creed Fd. Rd., Wash, D. C. STANT, KENNETH W., 1415 S. Barton St., Arl. 4, Va. STANT, GEORGE M., 8616 Irvington Ave., Bethesda, Md. STARNES, CARL S., 1100 Rolfs Rd., Falls Church, Va. STARK, RANDALL V., 304 Park Ave., Alex- andria, Va. STATZ, ROBERT J., Stevensville, Maryland STATLAND. MYRNA, 11702 Mentone Rd., Silver Spring, Md. STAVISTKY, LOIS A., 26 N. Harrisburg Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. STAVROU, ELIZABETH, 119 Rue Port Said, Alexandria, Egypt STEARIN, STANLEY G., 171 Slosson Ave., Staten Island, N. Y. STECKER. ANN P., Walnut Hill Rd., Bethel, STEELE, HENRIQUETA A., Lillie Cade 5. Charlotte. A. V. Isl. STEELE. SHERRIE M., 2115 N. E. 38th Ave.. Portland 12, Org. STEELE, MARY, 4260 N. E. 23rd Terr., Pomparo Beach. Fla. STEFFEY, WILLIAM G.. 2 743 Bradley Circ, Annandale, Va. STEIN, ROBERT I., 5201 11 St. N. E., Wash., D. C. STEINBERGER, SELMA, 14 Milton Ave., Liberty, N. Y. STEIN, HOWARD M,, 265 E. 181 St., New York 57. N. Y. STEINBERG, DAVID, 2486 S. W. 21st Terr., Miami 45, Fla. STEINBERG, ELLEN C, 21 Woodgreen Place, Rockville Ctr., N. Y. STEINKO, FRANKLIN A., JR., 708 Via Horcada, Palos Verdes, Calif. STEINBERG, HARRY S., 3502 Frederick PI., Kensington, Md. STEINER, ALBERT E., 32 Gainsborough Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. STEITLES, EDWARD. 55 Phelps St.. Lyons. N. Y. STEPHENSON, KAREN E., 103 Washington St., Harrisburg, Pa. STERN, MARJORIE M., 12 Myrtle Dr., Great Neck. N. Y. STERNLIGHT. BETH H.. 1259 Waverly Place, Elizabeth. N. J. STEVENS. MARK LEE. 2518 17th St. N. W., Wash. 9. D. C. STEVENSON, ANN, 566 Passaic Ave., Keamv. N. J. STEWART. CARLISLE, 3100 N. Oakland St., Arlington. Va. STEWART. WILLIAM L.. Temple Trailer Village, Alexandria. Va. STILL. BENJAMIN F.. 821 N. 8th St., Cam- den, N. J. STILLMAN, DAVID G., 210 Nottingham Rd., Syracuse 10, N. Y. STILLER, BARRY C, 13212 Bregman Rd., Silver Spring, Md. STOKES, ELAINE B., 116 N. Rosborough Ave., Ventnor, N. J. STOFMAN, JUDITH A., 7102 Ventnor Ave., Ventnor City, N. J. STOKES, CHARLES, 4610 Warren St. N. W., Washmgton 16, D. C. STONE, LAUREEN F., 48 Revere Road, Pt. Washington, N. Y. STONE, NANCY R.. 2034 Columbia Pike, Arlington 4, Va. STONE, ROBERT C, 100 S. W. 47th Ave., Miami 44, Fla. STORRS, MARY A., Cove Neck Rd., Oyster Bay, L. I., N. Y. STOTZ, JANICE R.. 132 Centerton Rd., Bridgeton, N. J. STOY, JOHN RANDOLPH, 5309 Elliott Rd., Washington 16, D. C. STRAHLE, CAROL J., 305 Old Shawnee Rd., Milford, Del. STRANGE, ELEANOR A., 1616 Denton ' s Hol- low Rd., West Chester, Pa. STRAUSS, JORDAN A., 6621 7th PI. N. W., Wash., D. C. STRAUS, JANET M., 5301 Matoaka Rd., Richmond 26, Va. STRAYER, GENE P., 774 Fahs St., York, STRAUSS, ARTHUR M., 16 Norfolk Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. STRAUSS, CAROL A., 1118 Luray Dr., Ash- land, Ohio STRAUSS, BERNARD, 16 Norfolk Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. STROBRIDGE. SHARON ANN. 404 West Burke St.. Martinsburg, W. Va. STUART, MARY C. 6009 Broodside Dr., Chevy Chase IS, Md. STUKEY, ROBERT EARL, 5419 16th Ave., Hyattsville, Md. STULTZ, CHERIE A.. 9588 W. Parkway, Detroit 39, Mich. STULL, NEIL F., 3301 N. Albemarle St., Arlington, Va. STURGILL, LEE BURRIS, 1017 N. Calvert St.. Baltimore. Md. STURGEON, MARY J., Box 25, Elkton, Ohio STUTTS, PAUL E.. 3810 Jenifer St., Wash., D. C. STUTZ, EDWARD, 1315 Malvern Ave., Pitt 17, Pa. STUTZ, MICHAEL J., 2312 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. SUAZO, VALENTIN B., JR., 1828 Que St. S. E., Washington, D. C. SUFFEL, IRENE J., 25 Swayze St., W. Or- ange, N. J. SUGIYAMA, MAEONA S., 4604 Harford Rd., Baltimore 14, Md. SUGAR, MARJORIE S., 1781 Sycamore St., N. W., Wash. 12. D. C. SULLIVAN. GEORGE D.. 5411 Christy Dr., Wash. 16, D. C. SULLUM, JUDITH V., 630 Monroe Ave., Scranton, Pa. SUNDSTROM, RUTH E., 46 Park Ave., Port Wash., N. Y. SUPPLEE, SARAH M., 101 Supplee Lane, Laurel, Md. SURRY, SHARON E., 5 Baylis Road, Rock- ville Cent., N. Y. SUSSER, SHARON R., 8 Eventile Place, Levil- town. Pa. SUTZ, BARRK K., 86 Ashley Dr., N. Valley Str., N. Y. SUTTON, KATHRYN. 18 New Albany Rd., Moorestown. N. J. SWANSON. ERIC ROBER T.. 5407 Wilson La.. Bethesda 14. Md. SWANSON. ROGER F.. N. E. City Limits. Waverly. Iowa SWARTHOUT, LINDA A., 322 Cromwell Dr., Rochester 10. N. Y. SWEETLAND. EDWARD J., Box 300 A. U., Wash. 16. D. C. SWENSON. KAREN E.. 3051 Idaho Ave. N. W.. Wash. 16. D. C. SWINEY. JAMES M., 1227 South Taylor St.. Arlington 4. Va. SWINGLE. CAROLYN E., 11305 Viers Mill Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. SYLVIN. VICKIE L., 172 Tuxedo Pkwy.. Newark 6. N. J. SZABO. STEPHEN F., 2889 E. Blvd., Cleve- land, Ohio TABAKIN, RHEA P.. 34 Hope Road. Jackson. N. J. TALLEN. DIANE H.. 4499 Henry Hudson Pkwy.. New York 71. N. Y. TALMON. PATRICK G.. 4560 MacArthur Blvd.. Wash. 7, D. C. TAMMARO. LYNN. 31 AdamsviUe Rd.. So- merville. N. J. TARPENNING. WILLIAM C. 1301 So. Elm., Shenandoah. Iowa TASH. NANCY GAIL. 6447 31st St. N. W., Washington. D. C. TASSLER. SUSAN J.. 4105 Fessenden St. N. W.. Washington 16, D. C. TAUSS. RICHARD J., P. O. Box 212. Mc- Lean. Va. TAUBENFELD, SHELDON T., 838 W. North Ave.. Baltimore 17, D. C. TAUBER. PAUL S., 300 Sullivan PI., Brook- lyn 25. N. Y. TAWNEY. LESLIE E., 279 Brook Ave., Pas- saic. N. J. TAYLOR. ANNETTE B., 9003 Manchester Rd., Silver Spring, Md. TAYLOR, JEB S.. 2704 Luck Lane, McLean, Va. TAYLOR, MICHAEL A.. 1613 Harvard St. N. W.. Wash., D. C. TAYLOR. RICHARD D., 1302 N. Pierce St., Arlington, Va. TAYLOR, RALPH F., Route 1, Edgewater, Md. TAYLOR. WILLIAM J., JR., 2605 8th St. S., Arlington 4, Va. TAYLOR, ZACHARY II, 196 Logert Rd., Riveredge, N. J. TEAGUE, HOUSTON L., 2120 16th St. N.W., Wash., D. C. TEDESCO. LAWRENCE B.. 2 Addison Place, Fair Lawn, N. J. TENNANT. CHARLES J.. 4103 Davis PI. N. W.. Washington. D. C. TERPENING. ELIZABETH, R. D. 2, Delan- son. N. Y. TERRANOVA. CHAS. WM., JR., 215 Almond St., Vineland, N. J. TERRELL. DANIEL SKIDMOR. 382 Abbey Road. Manhasset, N. Y. TEST. JO ANN, Marne Highway, Moorestown, N. J. TEWELES. BETH M., 494 N. Forest Dr., W. Englewood. N. J. TEW. MARGARET J.. 5435 Linda La., Camp Springs, Md. THADEN, CAROL A., 5113 Wapakoneta Rd., Washington 16, D. C. THOMAS. JOHN PAUL, 1218 N. Dinwiddle St., Arlington 5, Va. THOMPSON, PATRICIA G., 2 Midhurst Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. THOMPSON. ROBERT B., 16 Sherman Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. THORNDIKE, CAROLINE F., 4201 Cathe- dral Ave. N. W., Wash 16, D. C. THORNHILL. DONALD R., 6105 Mass Ave.. Washington, D. C. THORPE, BARRY K., 1045 Judson Ave., Evanston, 111. 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ZANK, KATHERINE N., 3419 W. 112th St., Inglewodo 2, Calif. ZARDERER. ADELE M., 16 Brokaw Lane, Great Neck, N. Y. ZEIGER, BETTY L., 2801 38th St., N.W., Washington 7, D. C. ZIEGLER, EDWIN M., 865 Country Club Rd.. York, Pa. ZIEBARTH, BARBARA, 2651 So. 8th St., Arlington 4, Va. ZILBER, JUDITH L., 2305 Colston Dr., Silver Spring, Md. ZIMMERER, THOMAS W., 6826 North 28th St., Arlington, Va. ZIMMERMAN, RICHARD E., 617 N. Ken- more St., Arlington, Va. ZIMMERMAN. MARK E., 47 Algonquin Rd., Newton 67, Mass. ZINGER, NORMAN G., 1735 Prospect Ave., Feasterville, Penn. ZIPP, ELSSA A., 6920 Braddock Rd., Alex- andria, Va. ZONON, WENDY, 1615 Ave. I, Brooklyn, N. Y. ZORN, PATRICIA MICHAEL, 418 Pep- peridge Road, Hewlett Harbor, N. Y. ZUMMO, ROSE M., 43 Hudson St., Oneonta, N. Y. ZWERDLING, MARTIN I., 554 W. Jackson Ave., Bridgeport 4, Conn. ZWICKER, RICHARD H., 6818 Joallen Dr., Falls Church, Va. ZWINOIRA, ROBERT, 1726 Newton St., N.W., Washington 10, D. C. ZYLSTRA, ROGER E., Sibley, Iowa i mf ' ■«V|.v

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