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- ■- Ati m t ' -. +tm. m m ,, THE EVENING STAR— Washington, D. C. The American University- Library WASHINGTON, D. C. THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY STUDENT ASSOCIATION PRESENTS THE . . . 1960 talon ■?!?? SALLY SCRIMGEOUR KEN KADALA MIMI WRIGHT EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER COPY EDITOR VOLUME V THE AMERICAN 2 American University UNIVERSITY Washington, D.C. Americ Jniversity 3 L mm mi 7 HONOR PLEDGE " I hereby expressly agree to accept the regula- tions of the University and bind myself in honor to cooperate with its trustees, faculty, administrative officers, and my fellow students to maintain standards of scholarship, conduct and loyalty which promote the ivelfare of The American University " 4 honor code . Washington, D.C., is the crossroad of the ivorld ivhere students and ivorld events meet. objectives 5 It is the objective of The American Univer- sity to pursue the fundamental understand- ing of life as exemplified through the University in tvhich we live by . . . 6 objectives M il knowledge of the growing world. objectives 7 :.. ; xO ' sensitivity of values. 8 objectives thinking independently through research, thought and judgment. motivation of social and personal goals, 10 objectives W 1 T ■ll| Tn s ' 1 i% mmm i " ■ WI B encourage responsibility, religious interests, and the philosophy of life. objectives 11 - lu uituTO W This then, is The American University. ACCOMPLISHING OBJECTIVES through Animation through Participation through Junction through Reflection through Attention through Anticipation through Consideration of Campus Life P. 16 Organizations P. 76 among Athletics with Sororities and Q ? ' J Fraternities P. 138 Queens and Sweethearts P. 116 " ' St Administration 4J and Department Chairmen P. 164 by Graduates P. 1 76 for ». Z j Advertisers P. 1Q4 President Anderson discussing future plans with Pop Cassell. dedication . . 14 dedication We dedicate the 1960 TALON to . . . our President, Dr. Hurst R. Anderson, because we are genuinely grateful to have been students at The American University during his administration. To an outstanding leader, whose vitality and enthusiasm inspire the student body and the faculty alike; who, in the eight years of his administration, has brought to life the dream of the founders and early presidents of The American University — a dream of a great National University, where students develop both intellectually and spiritually; whose devotion to his church has resulted in his being honored as an outstanding Methodist layman; who has proven his dedication to education as a distinguished University President, as a member of the Board of Foreign Scholarships, the White House Conference on Children and Youth, and the American Council on Education, and in the many other capacities in which he so willingly serves. Meeting of academics and art. hurst r. anderson A break in a busy day for the Andersons. dedication 15 «» accomplishing objectives through animation of Campus Life for this we stand Registration Home was never like this! Now that I ' m a senior I think I ' ll take 200 level courses. I. «1 They can ' t all be filled! ?! Lines and lines of people. Lines so long we can ' t see the end of them. Lines into Clendenen. Lines into McKinley. Lines into the Infirmary. Lines into the Bookstore. For what do we stand? To consult harried fac- ulty advisors in Clendenen who we can ' t find but we know are there ! To be confronted, in McKinley, with lists and lists of closed classes and bursar ' s bills. To stand shivering in our BVD ' s before hypodermics and scales in the Infirmary. To fight, in the Bookstore, a bewildered crowd shouting course num- bers and groping for books . . . then to get more bills. For this we standi Candish, that ' s right C-A-N-. campus ' n confusion Orientation Concentration in the midst of confusion. I cap thee . . . Nebhish. Franks, frosh and frolic. Orientation week is aimed at giving the freshmen an orderly and regulated picture (if there is any) of campus life. Harried up- per classmen leading bewildered new stu- dents were seen perambulating around the campus. The unsuspecting novices were also subjected to batteries of tests. How about those psych, tests? Y ' all normal? And then there was the fun side of it. The " nebbish " frosh, so dubbed by the sophomores, ac- cepted their caps spiritedly. Never, never did they step on the university seal, and one day they even attired themselves in pajamas to visit our fair city. Lem ' me up! : WW 9 ' ' ■ i „ SSL i « « Si You just think we look calm. skittish freshmen Freshman Skit Night The freshmen, after being here only a few days, tried to get revenge upon the stu- dent body through their skit night. Singing tunes such as Bali Hai and I ' m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair from South Pacific, the freshmen boys stole the girls and the Hughes Hilton. Where did they go? . . . to the third floor of Mary Graydon Center where many a humorous situation arose. What ' s this? Tug of war? Anything you can sing, I can sing louder! Follow the leader. 20 campus life 1 ■ v W KT Take me to your leader. Hey, Ma, I made the chorus line. . . . and so we close on our beat, beat world. Peace. This is a letter to Mama?!? sophist sophomores Sophomore Skit Night An old legend goes that the President of our Alma Mater told the incoming fresh- men that " their task was to seek wisdom. " then added, " sophomores are not sources of wisdom. " But they must possess some insight for they predicted A.U. ' s future in this " Beat Beat World " which featured private apartments in the Hughes Hilton and se- ances in Maggie ' s Pub. Ah ! those sophomore sophists. Panhell president. Sandy Kelly, registers rushees. Signing the Declaration From Independence. sorority soirees Sorority Rush Every year when Rush comes around, it brings with it many wonderful experi- ences. It is filled with many festivities given by the sororities on campus. The rushee at- tends informal gatherings on campus, and she is welcomed in the sorority rooms. Now, the off-campus activities begin. It is in this manner, that the rushee learns all about the organization of which she would like to be- come a part. After a few fun-filled weeks of getting acquainted, Bid Day arrives. It is on this day that the rushee receives her invitation to pledge the group of her choice. Thus, after many an anxious moment, the new pledge is welcomed into the exciting world of the Greeks. For her, this marks just the begin- ning of the good times that will prevail throughout college. And when the years of college have long since passed, this truly wonderful time of life will forever be re- membered. Chuckles and chatter at the rush party. brewed on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Lights out on the AXO ' s Casino Royal. Who wants to try the pin on next? What a difference sorority makes. The Greeks let go while swinging into fraternity row. , " , ' ■ . HS P 118 hbU fflk v ji . " - ip®i H i w j9h 3 ll 1 l -v , . ■ Do they really do that in fraternities? Pledge, this is our Playmate for the month. Jp. Bf | Bki r ; II Hiti • " J - . 1 1 They all got the joke. Little does he suspect that I ' m really his wife. ' Al Capone " and friends socialize over dinner 24 campus life iwm ■ You don ' t say. fraternities frolic Fraternity Rush An essential ordeal that all Greeks must meet is the Fraternity Rush. Hello, hand clasping, open houses, colorful punch, par- ties off campus, talks until the early hours; all preparing the pledge to be for prospec- tive brotherhood, and an entirely new way of life before him. During the rush weeks, each and every fraternity tries to impress the new group of men. They do anything to make themselves known to the rushee, so they will be recog- nized as the outstanding Greek group on the campus. Here is proven the frequently quoted " Southern Hospitality. " After weeks of getting to know all rushees and fraternity men, the moment during Bid Day comes when each fraternity formally introduces and recognizes the new pledge and future fraternity brother. Paul Finfer hosts I.F.C. bidding with that Ipana smile. Thanks, but I ' m not George Gobel. campus life 25 first row: Nancy Shoemaker, second vice president; Jeanne Howe, secretary; Ellen Schwarzschild, president; Sandra Kelly, first vice president; Virginia Laubenstein, treasurer. second row: Sonny Kessler, Judy Powell, Lyndia Peek, Gail Yates, Cynthia Smith. govern resident women Women ' s Residence Council The Women ' s Residence Council is the overall governing body of resident women on campus. Its purpose is to for- mulate policies, carry out and enforce legislation which will improve the resi- dence code. first row: Sofie Cukier, Alicia Cassiano, Sandra Kelly, president; Dean Susan Olson, Linda Johnson, second row: Reiko Nagawa- tasse, Anne Dunkin, Barbara Diggs, Sandra Orletsky, Mimi Krayer, Sandra Goldsmith. judicial authority Women ' s Residence Regulations Board The Women ' s Residence Regulations Board is a comparatively new organization on campus being the judicial authority for women on campus. The membership consists of girls from the various dorms on campus. Their purpose is to hear and decide cases appealed from the house councils. S„ Sorry, but boys can ' t be junior proctors in this dorm. closely knit group Clark Hall Clark Hall, a two-story freshmen wom- en ' s residence, faces the front of the campus and completes a quadrangle of dorms. This year, as in the past, the closely knit group of girls have participated in campus social and athletic activities. The Clark Hall open houses are usually huge successes due to the hospitality and spirit of the girls. Under the guidance of their house mother, Kay Haher- lach, and the junior proctor Maria Girard, the freshmen women learn how to live to- gether. They govern their dorm through election of women to the house council. They also alternate as hostesses in their lounge each evening. Big date, gotta get downstairs in a hurry. first roiv: Linda Peck, president; Bobby Purrell, Clara Fleishman, second row: Maria Gerard, junior proctor; Karen Singer, DeeDee Morgan, Kay Haberlach, head proctor. campus life 27 ' 3 It stands tall and strong on the edge of town. Hughes Hilton Hughes Hall This year, the center of attraction on the A.U. campus is Hughes Hall. From the beginning, it was called the " Hughes Hilton ' by those impressed by the $1.5 million dormitory for women. Ultra-modern in structure with spacious rooms, elevators, and lounges from the main lounge on the first floor to television lounges on each floor, we all feel more than at home. With a new dorm comes the growing pains. The fire drills at 12 :30 when it seems like 3 or 4 in the morning. Could you forget the night on the sixth floor when the sink fell off the wall? That bell, but which one ... is someone stuck on the elevator, is it the phone, or do I have a caller downstairs? We ' ll never forget the times we were caught indisposed in the hall by the workmen when they whispered " man in the hall. " And open house, when our neat rooms were open to the public, including the boyfriend. All in all. we love our new dorm and certainly have broken it in for those who fol- low. However, the ones we really say thank you to are our house mother, Mrs. Nunes, and each proctor on the floor. 28 campus life What do you know . . . running water. The mos t popular place on the floor, but only for ten minutes. No matter where they are, they ' re always talking. first row: Betty Downin, treasurer; Judy Powell, Sandra Deardorff, secretary; Millie Millhiser, president; Jerry Walk- er, vice president; Sonny Kessler, Mrs. Kate Nunes, house mother, second row: Judy Beach, Rose Tigani, Janet Kah- waty, secretary. Hamilton House a poor man ' s McDowell Hamilton House Hamilton House, affectionately known as " Ham " House is primarily a freshmen boys ' dorm. A few of its residents have char- acterized it as " a rich man ' s McCabe " or " a poor man ' s McDowell. " Things like leaky showers, the eternally broken dryer and the I.C.B.M. water fountain have endeared Ham House to them. Voices shouting " I ' m locked out " or " you ' ve got a dorm warning " are constantly resounding through the sturdy walls. This is Ham House, quiet, sophisti- cated and studious. Co-operation. Checking the racing form. 30 campus life Snow her, man! Roper Hall it s a twin Roper Hall Roper Hall is one of the twin freshmen women ' s dormitories on eampus. The girls participate in campus activities as a group through open houses and intra-mural sport- ing events. The women of Roper are guided by Penny Roach, their house mother, and Linda Engle their junior residence coun- selor. The House Council, elected by the girls, is the governing body. Each resident, however, shares responsibility by alternating hostess duty each night. Christmas cookies -uh-huh. Cheeking the engagement books. Dated every night. campus life 31 ■ ! at ' W " " - «■■■■ II ran V II nan ■ £« ... McDowell Hall " Go Fish " This is the way we all study. 32 campus life in the side door, Joe McDowell Hall McDowell Hall is another modern dorm for men which is one of the four dormitories on the far end of the campus. The men function under their elected house council, and had an open house just before Christmas vacation. The men in McDowell bring their prob- lems to their proctor Kenneth Rollins, and junior proctor Paul McDonald, who don ' t always give advice but have something to say on the subject. Seems the men of McDowell have some little problem with the plumbing . . . the phone is always tied up . . . and they love to play little games for amusement. But these we overlook just to get a look across the way. . payola Gray Hall . this is where I keep myself. the name ' s been changed Gray Hall Gray Hall has had its changes, too, this year, for the name was changed from Hughes. So lets not get it mixed up with the girls " dorm. Modern in structure, this dormi- tory houses upper-classmen on the campus. Under the proctorship of John Will- iams, and junior proctor Dave Hughes, the dormitory functions under its own house council elected by residence. If you think you are in South America when you pass Gray you ' re wrong, it ' s only those Bongo drums again . . . care to dance in the parking lot? Better watch those com- plaints from the girls next door . . . they could make trouble unless you keep them under control. I found the Fountain of Youth. . I do this at home, too. campus life 33 there ve been some changes made Mary Graydon Center This year Mary Graydon Hall was trans- formed into Mary Graydon Center. The cafe- teria was expanded and redecorated, but to hungry students who can be seen waiting in long lines three times a day, finding an empty table is still a problem. The faculty, how- ever, has abandoned the scene for their own private dining room on the first floor. Down sorority row still come the famil- iar sounds of chatter and music. But some- thing different has been added, around the corner comes the clattering sound of type- writers from the student publication offices. The student government offices and the new alumnae lounge add to making Mary Gray- don Center the nucleus for all phases of University life. The " crowning glory " of the building is the section devoted to the boys ' dormitory. Freshmen can be seen hanging out of the windows watching the sights below . . . MGC officiates at the march of events on the AU ' s campus. They say it will grow. it ' s a good thing these chairs are comfortable. Table for two at Casino Cleaves. Everything is changed, even the name. Getting away from it all. Rock a-hye baby in the lounge. campus life 35 McKinley Building . chapel. Battelle Memorial Library Mary Graydon Center around the quad Just Looking This page is dedicated for those who have come to college to study. Since this is such a small number we were thinking about deleting it, but thought you would want to take a look in passing. Improvements have been made on the buildings around the quadrangle this year. It ' s amazing what a painted piece of wood will do. Only kidding, of course. In all serious- ness, the students were really glad to get back to assignments, term papers, and sitting for hours listening to professors expound on the wisdom of having wisdom. Did you find my ring? j F - • Lr ,: .« ? ■fflB Hurst Hall I hate to admit it. hut I don ' t know. WAMU Radio-Television Station through the open door . . . walk . . . wait. Shades of Pirasso Is that a tooth ache you have, Dave? Carrasco does play basketball. A Phi Mu surprise. 38 campus life Princess Nancy Candish Miss Virginia Whitney Miss Grace Burr sSMj w fe f M ? H w Miss Heidi Offenberger Miss Ellen Schwarzschild Wt ah! those memories Homecoming Homecoming 1959 was the kind of a success that makes alums glad they came back to their Alma Mater, despite the fact the basketball team gave them a sound beat- ing. (Juniata ' s team had the virus, so they say, but we all know they were scared to play our Eagles. ) The Alpha Chi ' s and Phi Sigs took first place in room decorations and the float con- test, respectively. The lovely Miss Sandra Kelly reigned as Homecoming Queen, and Miss Nancy Candish was her princess. They were hon- ored at the Homecoming dance at the Shore- ham Hotel where throngs of students danced to the swinging music of Tommy Dorsey ' s Band. All good things must come to an end, and our end was a loud one with a jazz con- cert in Clendenen. Homecoming Queen 1959 Miss Sandra Kelly then there was a dance for a few friends campus life 39 Some like it hot, some like it cool man, cool. « ■i Jbsjsk AXO ' s taking first place in their wonderland. Where is the water? I just love riding turtles in my Maidenform Bra. -J- ' o vjCATjQ A , " «■ AXiS ' S ' OVER • 12 E BttTDOE t 40 campus life The Alpha Tau Omegas stay up late to find out who won house decorations. Mother would never recognize me now. Who ' s worried? Gee . . . candy cane. a friend in need Orphans ' Dinner An annual event held each year is the Orphans ' Day Dinner. Sponsored by the pledges of each sorority and fraternity, this dinner brings the light of Christmas into the eyes of small orphans less fortunate than us. The running around with cups, reach- ing into the pocket for a dime, quarter, or maybe a dollar, and the smile of thanks. WAMU sponsors a marathon over the campus station to bring the need of others to the listening ear. and never quits until the job is done. By the looks of the faces it was a job well done by all. My, some guys have all the luck. Santa greets the orphans at WAMU 42 campus life Dr. and Mrs. Anderson admire A.U. Player ' s winning Christmas decoration. It ' s all in the spirit of the thing. Ellen Schwarzchild, Best Loved Girl; Ginny Laubenstein, Kay Sutton, Pam Salisbury as shown at the Christmas party in Clendenen. 4 o ' clock in the morning Christmas , well, why don ' t you kiss her? KUSm There is an air of excitement as Christ- mas vacation nears. Gathering clothes and getting trunks down. First, dinner in the cafeteria, and the awarding of prizes for dec- orated tahles. Miss Ellen Schwarzschild was selected Best Loved Girl at the annual Christmas Party. Then the real party begins. Going from one dorm to another as with the sorority rooms and fraternity houses. The talking, singing, and dancing until the late hours. But the old clock strikes 4, and home go the tired and the weary, closing college for another year. Christmas — good friends — good food. E2- i 4, id ' tit KM This is the TALON Beauty Queen??? Mr. Magoo loves A.U. Actually, I used the cards to play poker! . . they ' re judging the TALON Beauty Queen. 1 b 1 HKSI Sjl yBr m ' m I -%S 1 jB ' i . Q B| ItSJ Bu ' B ■■■e J 1 P ai 1 « i Who will be queen? Beautiful Martha Ann Manning, TALON Beauty Queen 1960 smiles after having been presented with her crown and roses. In the background are her princesses, Marcia Burch and Lucy McWilliams. in the spotlight TALON Skit Night Ah perfection . . . well almost ! The wit- tiest and most original skits in years drew rounds of applause at TALON Skit Night. Only one mishap. Who let Dammit loose? From parodies on the assassination of Cae- sar, " 77 Apian Way, " to parodies on mod- ern musicals, " Slaughter on Mass. and Neb. Ave., " the entertainers applied their wit. Skit winning Phi Mu copped another first place with their version of " Mr. Magoo at A.U. " Clever characterization . . . say, who is wholesome Olson? In second place with " The Milt Freed Clark Rock and Roll Super Dance Party " was the Sophomore Class. Highlighting the evening was the announce- ment of TALON Beauty Queen, beautiful Martha Ann Manning who was crowned in a fairy-tale atmosphere by Elliot Denninburg, an A.U. graduate, and a member of the Holidays. In Martha ' s court were princesses Marcia Burch and Lucille McWilliams. A beat — nick. campus life 45 the greeks weekend I. F. C. Weekend The Interfraternity Council Weekend was off to an auspicious start with Songfest. The Kappa Delta ' s trilled their way to win the sorority trophy with Marcia Burch and a melody of KD favorites. The Alpha Tau Omega ' s won the fraternity honors with their rendition of the ATO Blues and Honey Li ' l Liza. The outstanding campus leaders were recognized as Ellen Schwarz- child, Sandra Kelly, Edward Clements, and Richard Gerard. Delta Gamma and Phi Ep- silon Pi won the scholarship trophies and Anita Kleges of Alpha Epsilon Phi achieved the outstanding pledge award. The following evening the Greeks held their annual IFC Dance in the main ball- room of the Roosevelt Hotel. President Hurst R. Anderson crowned Eileen Myers of Kappa Delta as Interfraternity Queen. The lovely members of her court were Kathy McCarthy, Natalie Friedman, Ruth Tamsma. and Maria Gerard. President Anderson congratulates IFC Queen Eileen Myers " The Tough Taus " winning Songfest. . the dancing Greeks. The Kappa Delta ' s sing their way to win Songfest. Phi Sigs. come dressed for the occasion. I think the one to the right with the glasses is the cutest. Which way to the dance floor? campus life 47 have car will travel Commuters Up in the morning, and off to college . . . well I ' ll just sleep a few more minutes . . . where did I put those car keys. The commuter is the student who trav- els for an education. He can always be found sitting in the cafeteria, or maybe just playing bridge . . . anyone for bridge, we need a fifth? Possibly, you will find some of us sacked out in Mary Graydon Center in the lounge catching up on those hours we missed while driving to the campus. We don ' t mind the traveling, it is just trying to find a place to park the car, and hoping not to get a ticket from the campus cop when we have squeezed over the yellow line. Put the mail in Sandy, don ' t take it out. If I do go for a ride, where will I fit? A member of the class that never graduates. 48 campus life The winners hold up the coveted egg Gone with the wind. Heidi, Vienna was never like that. Checkmate in chest work at Sig. Olympics. femininity in the field Sig. Olympics The Greek Amazons took to the field in a mighty throng to compete for the coveted Sig. Olympics trophy while the Grecian torch bearer, Rich Gerard, freezing under his sheet, presided over the traditional occasion. The sorority women put their all into strenu- ous precision field events like finding the penny in the blueberry pie, egg-throwing and the three-legged race. In the end, how- ever, the well co-ordinated Kappa Deltas came through to carry off the prize. To show their appreciation of the fine manner in which Mac McLean directed the show, the feminine athletes showered him with . . . praise? No . . . eggs. campus life 49 Olson and Schools, Inc., new chefs for the cafeteria. Setting the mood. Up in the morin ' out on the job. Which council member sent up that S.O.S.? 50 campus life fun for all Parties, Banquets, and Balls These two pages are dedicated to those who come to college for the social courses. Guess this includes just about all. Vote the American way for your best friend. Seeing things eye to eye. campus life 51 I accomplishing objectives through participation among Athletics Coach Cnrrasco discussing team strategy with Jimmy Williams. " Zomliie " Sanders, the athlete ' s friend. three time Mason-Dixon Champs Basketball For the first time in A.U. ' s history, our basketball team has won the Mason-Dixon Championship three years in a row. The all veteran squad from the 1958-69 season turned in another outstanding performance, winning 18 out of 22 games against regular college opponents. The effort was aided immeasurably by Willie Jones, who set a new University scoring record. Bill Beauchamp and Dick Wells, two top-notch rebound artists, and the club ' s spark-plug play maker, Eddie Clements. In the 33 years that the University has fielded varsity basketball teams, the EAGLES have been outstanding in the Washington area. Numbered among their victims have been such teams as Navy, Georgetown, New York Univer- sity and Maryland. Even in defeat, American has given a good account of itself. Going into the 1959-60 campaign, the EAGLES had won six Mason-Dixon Conference Championships and two NCAA Eastern Regional crowns. Coached by David Car- rasco and James Williams, they finished tops again in this year ' s regular conference. For the first time in the University ' s history the team was led by tri-captains. Ed Clements, Willie Jones, and Dick Wells. All three played important roles in the team ' s success, and Jones and Wells were named on numerous All-Star Teams. mason-dixon champions eastern regional champions first row: Clements, Wells, Jones, captains, second roiv: Lindquist, Dupee, Sass, Brummer, Beauchamp, Islieh. McDonald. Waller. Howell. 54 athletics s Bill Sass 40 athletics 55 basketball scores AU Opponent 61 Loyola 59 65 Georgetown 60 70 Juniata 56 82 Adelphi 71 68 Farleigh-Dickinson 73 91 New Haven 77 87 Upsala 59 68 St. Peter ' s 79 68 Navy 85 79 Galludet 59 79 Baltimore 59 66 Loyola 63 95 Mt. St. Mary ' s 64 62 Catholic U. 54 99 Juniata 84 82 Baltimore 78 74 Mt. St. Mary ' s 90 110 Towson 69 Conference Games Brummer scores against Baltimore. Listen rloser. Wells! 56 athletics Dick Wells, jumper deluxe. Clements takes careful aim. Willie shows The Mounts how. athletics 57 first row; G. Burr, captain; V. Laubenstein. second row; M. Gerard, J. Kahwaty, M. Krayer, M. Burch. collegiate spirit Cheerleaders Helping the A.U. fans cheer their team to victory was the job of the cheerleaders. Members of the cheerleading squad were always present when the EAGLES took to the court, and win or lose, their efforts were tireless. The cheers they led were ap- preciated by both fans and team. Captain Grace Burr and her cheerleaders are to be congratulated for turning in a championship performance. 58 athletics £v 3 Goalie Tonkin on the ball. - . » standing: Waugaman, Mgr., Manrari, Rabchevsky, Ivanchukov, Murch. Wylie, Hock- enberry, Sweeney, Lyu, Awad, Garcia, Mr. Lauritzen, Coach, kneeling: Alrawl, Lambrau, Tomkin, Beltran. Makarov, Eshleman. best season on record Soccer The 1959 soccer season was the best on record for the soccer team. At the end of the regular season, the record stood at five wins, four losses, and one tie. Wins included upsets over Towson and Randolph-Macon in addition to victories at the expense of Loyola. Galludet. and Roanoke. The team ' s mainstays were senior co- captains. Walt Sweeney and Naran Ivan- chukov. The team ' s leading scorer was fiery Chico Reltran. who also led the Mason- Dixon Conference in scoring. Outstanding performances were turned in by seniors Dick Eshleman and Garik Rabchevsky. junior Ted Awad, sophomores John Maka- rov, Bob Wylie and Sam Mancari, and fresh- man Simeon Makarov. Coach Bill Lauritzen and his battling EAGLES are to be congratulated for turning in a fine season ' s performance. - i •£- J r Ul C • t V - -r Garik Rahchevsky and Chico Beltran break downfield. athletics 59 left to right; Simon Makarov, Skip Hockenberry, Jim Sibelia, Fritz Maher, Tom Reid, Rod Debozy, Jim MacLean, captain. mason-dixon Coach Morgan a blaze of glory Wrestling Coach Morgans grapplers ended up the 1959-60 season in a blaze of glory by cap- turing both the dual meet and the confer- ence championship crowns. This year ' s team was led by Captain Jim McLean, who demonstrated his leadership qualities by winning the 191 lb. conference champion- ship. McLean tied the undefeated 177-lb. wrestler, Tom Reid, for the most points. To- gether they gained a total of 98 points, which included 16 pins or 49 points, 8 pins each. Also enjoying an undefeated season were Byron " Monk " Maghan, who added another Mason-Dixon Championship to his already illustrious record. Charles " Fritz ' ' Maier, who was also a repeat champion at 167 lbs.; and Jimmy Sibilia who upset two- time conference champion. Bob Strab, and copped the 147 lb. championship. Simion Makarov and Skip Hockenberry took second places in the 123-lb. and 130-lb. classes. Rod Dobozy took a fourth place in the heavy- weight division. A.U. can be justly proud of the wrestling team ' s record. 60 athletics Monk ill control. Reid: 2 points for take down. champions Scores i.U. Opponents 32 Towson 9 20 William Mary 3 19 Baltimore 14 24 Howard 8 38 Catholic U. 5 32 Loyola 5 27 Gallaudet 7 29 Western Maryland 8 [ork tries for a pin. Untie thai knot. athletics 61 Which one is the mascot? a second championship Swimming Defending conference champions, the swimming team gained 5 new swimmers and a second championship. With a 9-1 record in dual meet competition the tankmen com- pleted the best season in the last 10 years. Outstanding swimming in all events, throughout the year, characterized the team; but whenever points were lost in swimming, coach Bob Frailey relied on divers McDonald. Merrilees. and Coward to get them back. Team spirit, backed up by increased student support at home meets, was helpful in completing this year ' s record. Adding to this the loss of only 3 men to graduation, points toward more good teams and records in the coming years. mason-dixon Megabow congratulates th 62 athletics Scores All Opponents 68 Howard 27 40 Washington Lee 55 66 William Mary (Norfolk) 28 50 Roanoke 38 64 Randolph-Macon 30 64 Lynchburg 30 68 Catholic U. 22 51 William Mary ( Williamsburg) 42 60 Loyola 35 62 Galludet 28 Conference Champion ship Conference Meets Go, man. go! champions first row: Mr. Frailey, coach. Kurtz, Merrilees, Roleoffs. and Megabow. second row: Bailey. McDonald, Coward. Cowan. Palsgrove. and Fairbairn. third row. Compton. Ballman, Bicknell. Ruth, Mitchell, Bailey, and Slatter. John Marinenko. Ben Amos, Frank Soot Don Potter. Bo!) Morris, Leon Wanberp. Evaul. Coach. Paul Brill. ups and downs Cross Country The American University Cross Coun- try team had their ups and downs last season finishing with a conference record of four wins and three losses and taking sev- enth place in the Mason-Dixon Cham- pionships. John Marienenko, bantam-size cap- tain of the team, was the first man in for the EAGLES in all but one of the meets and finished thirteenth in the Conference Cham- pionships. Behind him, Don Potter, Paul Britt, and Len Dettlar, a surprise freshman, took turns as number two man. Ben Amos, lost to the team at mid- season due to an injury; Frank Scotton, whose illness hampered him late in the sea- son; and Leon Waynberg also contributed to the team ' s success. •The flying Russian " , John Marinenko, »ins again. AU Opponents 38 Mount St. Marys 22 27 Randolph-Macon 29 20 Washington 27 20 Gallaudet 35 48 Mount St. Marys 31 25 Towson 30 28 Catholic 27 64 athletics « busy season ahead Track The 1960 track season promises to be one of the best in the past few years for A.U. In his first year of coaching, Tom Evanl assembled an impressive array of thinclads for the Spring cinder season. On the track, Paul Britt, Jon Knight, Don Potter, Charlie Gibbs, Ben Amos and John Marenenko looked like the men to beat. Dick Eshleman, Eddie Clements, Frank Covaello, Billy Coward, and Steve Lapidus seemed quite capable. As the season started, the schedide looked like this: Roanoke Howard Mt. St. Mary ' s College Washington College Towson Catholic Rando lph-Macon William and Mary Gallaudet Conference Championships (at A.U.) John Marenenko, distance ace, comes in first in the Towson meet. -% ? n Schwartz takes the hurdles. standing; Gibbs, Knight, Waller, Schwartz, Britt, Potter, Detlor, Boyle, Reid, Covaello. kneeling; Desmerets, Eshleman, Amos, Mr. EvauI, coach. Marenenko, Freedman, Crowell. athletics 65 It looks like a close play as Marshall hits the dirt coming home. a tough season Baseball Coached by David Carrasco and Alum- nus, Joe Pellegreno, the Eagles ' baseball team embarked hopefully on the 1960 season. The team got off to a slow start with practice because of inclement weather and reoccurring late winter snows which covered the diamond. The Coaches built their team around the returning lettermen. Men in this category included Walt Dupee. Bill O ' Brien. Bob Roman, Bruce Kessler, Bob Brummer. and Bob Hughes. The qual- ity of the squad was bolstered by several new additions; freshmen Tom Palmer and Denver Haymand added power to the bat- ting order, and Zeke Eichberg gave the pitching staff a lift. Last year ' s ace pitchers continued to perform in top style. Bill O ' Brien, who had a winning season in 1959 showed he still had his style in early workouts. In the opener against Syracuse, O. B. came in in the ninth with no men out and two on base. He proceeded to retire the side, allow- ing no more runs. In the next game, against Howard, Bob Brummer worked from the mound for the full nine innings and set a school record, striking out 17 opposing batters. The Eagles had the most difficult sea- son in many years, playing such top teams as Syracuse U., New Haven State, Navy. and Georgetown; in addition to the usually tough competition offered by the Mason- Dixon Conference. 66 athletics standing; Mr. Carrasco, coach, Dupee, Eichberg, O ' Brien, Kessler, Palmer, Gregory, Haymand, Hershey. kneel- ing; Brummer, Crane, Gorowitz, Roman, Marshall, Becker, Connors, Hughes, Shannon, Arana. Swinging for the fences. Palmer hustles back to the bag ahead of the throw. over the net Tennis Boasting a new set of courts, A.U. ' s netmen faced a tough schedule. But Bob Frailey ' s court stars appeared to be ade- quate to meet the challenge. Returning to the squad this year were lettermen Ben Metz, the Captain and number one player, Al Waksman and Austin Bliech, Sophomore stars. At the start of the season the doubles teams were not as strong as Mr. Frailey would have liked, but the individual play- ing of the squad was strong. The strong opposition the Eagles faced included Syracuse, Georgetown, Hampden- Sidney, Catholic U., and Randolph-Macon. A new addition this year was the fresh- man tennis team, which played two matches with Montgomery Junior College, of Silver Spring. Looks like another solid serve. left to right; Steve Hershey, Carl Hannah, Carlo Baioni, Ben Metz, captain, Austin Blei ' ch, Al Waksman, Mr. Fraily, coach. athletics 68 they played the hoys Women ' s Hockey The girl ' s hockey season started early in the school year and ended a week hefore Thanksgiving. Captaincy of the team was rotated to give more of the girls a chance to lead the team. Priscilla Barker was the team ' s permanent manager. During the sea- son the team played nine scheduled games. One non-scheduled game was played against a team of Junior hoys. The dual ended in a 1-1 tie. The rest of the season was quite successful as can he seen by a record of 7 wins — 2 losses. first rote: Pat Mernone, Dee Morgan, Marian Dommering, Sofia Cukier. Jo Ann Test, second rotv: Barbara Diggs, Jan Whila, Jan Kahuaty. Paula Gainsberg, Mimi Krayer. Betty Rohr, Maggie Har- rison, Priscilla Barker. Mary Ann Guilmour, Dot Murray, Sandy Jones. Pain Harmon. Skull practice before a game. EAGLES pressing bard for another goal athletics 69 left, front to back: Marilyn Goldrieh. Nancy Moore, Barbara Whitla, Mary Ann Gilmour, Pat Chapman, right, front to back: Sofia Cukier, Gloria Kretchmer, Pain Harmon, Dot Murray. Priscilla Barker, middle, left to right: Helen McCall, Reiko Nagawatasse. inter-scholastic teams chosen Women ' s Basketball Basketball season for the girls began after Thanksgiving. Intramural teams com- peted, and from those teams an inter- scholastic team was chosen. Two pre-season games were played before the end of the semester. At the start of the spring semester, concentration on shaping a team heightened. Eight regular season games were played — the season ending the middle of March. Sickness and injury at times left the team short-handed. Captaincy was rotated as in hockey. Nancy George was the permanent manager. Feint t 70 athletics The shirt .... .... ami the finish of ih. for the love of water Women ' s Swimming Team The girls ' swimming team had its first meet on January 13. The meet included six teams from the district with American Uni- versity coming in second of the six. After the beginning of the second semester five more meets were scheduled. Harriet Mover and Sue Foster managed the team. Events in each meet were a 25-yard hack stroke, a 25- yard breast stroke, a 50-yard freestyle, a 100-yard freestyle relay, and a 100-yard medley consisting of breast stroke, back stroke, butterfly, and crawl. first row: Jean Clark. Lottie Schumacher, Lorie White, and Harriet Moyer. second row. Karen Singer. Suzanne Foster, Jo Ann Test, and Pat Chapman. athletics 71 Alpha Sig. and ATO fight it .. at height of foothall season. a popular sport Men ' s Intramurals The Mens Intramural Program, run by Mr. James Williams, is one of the most popular activities on the campus. Boasting more participants than any other activity, the program is a broad one, covering many sports from touch football to fencing. In the fall the sports include touch football, archery, doubles tennis, basketball, foul-shooting, bowling, and the most popu- lar spectator event — the swim meet. In foot- ball Phi Sigma Kappa, the fraternity champs, lost to the All-Stars, a strong inde- pendent team in the play-off game. Jim Fitzgerald won the archery tournament and Steve Berkowitz of Phi Epsilon Pi was the top bowler. For the third year in a row the independents were the top swimmers in the The Int. annual Foothall Champs The All Stars. mi 1 The Scholars, intramural basketball champions. swim meet. The Scholars, an independent team, beat Phi Sig. again for the basketball championship. The spring sports are just as varied in nature as the fall events. They include team bowling, volleyball, team archery, team tennis, golf, table tennis, badminton, horseshoe pitching, and fencing as well as the popular spring sports of softball and track. The goal of the intramural program is the full partici- pation of all male students, and through the varied program offered, each student has the opportunity to participate to the fullest extent. Jimmy Williams and his able assistants. Bob Roman and Dick Eshleman are to be congratulated for offering a fine program. Block that shot ! The winning men ' s swimming team The Independents. Don ' t fight, boys, the Red Team has it. athletics 73 includes individual and team sports Women ' s Intramurals The intramural program for girls op- erates more in the spring than in the fall. The entire program includes individual and team sports. In the fall, both team swim- ming and basketball were included. In the spring, team sports — volleyball and bowl- ing — and individual sports — table tennis, badminton, and tennis — are offered on the intramural level. The general program was under the supervision of the Women ' s " A " Club. The " A " Club co-ordinated the dates and selected the managers. The managers for the various sports were Harriet Moyer. swimming; Nancy George, basketball; Pris- cilla Barker, volleyball; Mary Ann Gil- mour, bowling; Betty Rohr. table tennis; Marilyn Goldrich. badminton; and Harriet Moyer, tennis. Two point:- tor the champion Intramural II team Pre-season volleyball prartir Mary Ann Gilmour, howling team manager, takes a practice shot on her own. • . 74 athletics The winner of intramural swimming was Kappa Delta. The member of the team w« first Ton-: Ginny Laiiben stein, Grace Burr, second roic: Diane Daniels. Maggie Harris Harriet Mover. Barbara Berrv. 0op ? ! Missed the! A goml tip-off athletics 75 accomplishing objectives through action in Organizations Richard Gerard President Mike Rappoport Vice-President Ellen Schwarzchild Secretary Paul Finfer Comptroller the governing body A.U. Student Association The AU Student Association is the legislative organization for the campus gov- ernment. The Association, as such, super- vises the student budget, elections, appro- priations, and innumerable services to the students of the University. The College Council of Student Asso- ciation is composed of the Executive Board, representatives and presidents of the senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman classes, committee chairmen, editors of campus pub- lications, and elected advisors; therefore, it is in a position to understand the wishes of a cross section of the student body. Problems are solved through committees which report to College Council. The Student Association ably handles Homecoming and concerts, plus other spe- cial events during the year. These events are handled through various committees and members of Student Association to provide well rounded events for the students extra- curricular activities. Members of College Council are: R. Gerard, M. Rappoport, E. Schwarzchild, P. Finfer, E. Clements, S. Cukier, F. Paulson, S. Kelly, G. Burr, W. Sass, V. Laubenstein, M. Krayer, R. Cooper, H. Ballman, S. Mor- gan, B. Keith, F. Fritz, S. Lev, F. Scotton, D. Kaufmann, J. Human, B. Diggs, D. Knight, B. McElwee, J. Hecox, S. Scrim- geour, K. Rinfrette, P. Longfellow, J. Solt, Dr. Gondos, Dean Olson, Dean Van Way, Dr. Bauman. Student Council at work. 78 organizations WAl SSSK .ntfiitlftitisBiaiiVsM,, class officers JUNIOR Robert Eggenschiller, vice president; Janet Lamb, secretary; Karen Kraus, social chairman; Robert Pine, treasurer; Rich- ard Kaufmann, president. SENIOR Frank Scotton, president; William O ' Brien, Dice president; Blanton McDanald, treasurer; Virginia Whitney, secretary. SOPHOMORE Jeff Human, president; William Campbell, rice president; Lois Woodruff, secretary; James Kefauver, treasurer. -n« FRESHMAN David Kaye, lice president; Michael Puro. treasurer; Gail Lipman. secretary; Robert Burros, president. 80 class officers making recommendations Awards Committee The purpose of the Awards Committee of the Student Association is to recommend to College Council candidates for all awards under the jurisdiction of the Council accord- ing to the respective criteria for each par- ticular award. P. Madison, S. Strand, Dean S. Olson, R. Gerard. cultural, educational, social interests Campus Center Board The Campus Center Board co-ordi- nates all programs which serve the cultural, educational, recreational, and social inter- ests of the student body. Through these programs they aid the students in the devel- opment of leadership and provide oppor- tunities for the students to develop skills in human relations. seated: Dean S. Olson, J. Hecox, chairman; C. Groverman, S. Strand, treasurer; P. Longfellow, standing: D. Ross, A. Shaw, B. Hencke. selecting members Selection Committee The Selection Committee selects the members of the Finance Committee and the Campus Center Board and makes recommen- dations to the College Council for the posi- tions of editor and business manager of the student publications. Col. Van Waye, P. Finfer, E. Sehwarzschild, R. Gerard, chairman; Dr. Gondos, M. Rappoport. organizations 81 seated: R. Kinsey, J. Ross, assistant chaplain; M. Browning, D. Nelson, R. Clampitt, L. C. Handy. Cohen, secretary, standing: D. Bugler, Wm. McElwee, chairman; J. govern religious activities Inter-Religious Club Council The Inter-Religious Club Council is the co-ordinating body for all religious ac- tivities on the campus. They strive to get all students interested in religious activities, no matter what their religion. They sponsor joint programs and meetings in order to try to bring all persons of all faiths closer to- gether. co-ordinating group activities Inter-Club Council The Inter-Club Council is the co-ordi- nating group between all academic, social and special interest clubs on campus. They co-ordinate their programs to strengthen the stature and membership of all the organiza- tions. seated: J. Cavill, vice-chairman; B. Reason, secretary; M. Rappoport, chairman; R. Pine, standing: R. Kimmis, R. Albert, N. Stern, R. Cavedo, S. Strand, J. Lewis, Jr. third row: N. Ingold, R. Musick, K. Kadala, M. Jeffries. E. Clements. 82 organizations first row: F. Carriger, vice-chairman; H. Ballman, chairman; B. Abrams, vice-chairman, second row: K. Mulach, S. Kessler, B. Milne, S. Shapiro, R. Meyers, C. Groverman, D. Pickard, M. Gerard, R. Adams, E. Karoly, S. Scrimgeour, J. Taylor, D. Steinberg, third row: J. Young, L. Woodruff, M. Kesser, H. Madresh, B. Downin, J. Eyster, L. Sloan, A. Goldberg, V. Laubenstein, B. Compton, W. Campbell. C. Brown, B. Keith, fourth row: R. Pine, N. Robias, C. Bloch, R. Riesner, M. Krayer, J. Powell, R. Tamsma, P. Dickerson, J. Kefauver, M. Cohen, M. Beard, A. Shaw, K. Fritz. straighten out confusion Orientation Board The Orientation Board carries out a program for the orientation of new students at A.U. They strive to make new students feel at home. They do this through informal dances, get-togethers and a complete pro- gram of interesting and varied events. Finance Committee The Finance Committee, with the Coun- cil treasurer as chairman, assists the comp- troller in preparing the Student Association budget and reviews and makes recommen- dations on all requests for allocations. first row: R. Schols, M. Ewing, D. Pickering, Dean Van Waye, advisor; H. Ballman, C. Wagner, S. Kessler, H. Hoffman, S. Karsh. second row: P. Finfer, chairman ; D. Potter, R. Cooper. organizations 83 training new leaders Leadership Training Committee The Leadership Training Committee is the nucleus body of a new program designed to train new leaders for the student body. This program, once fully undertaken, will encourage courses in group dynamics and other subjects that teach the fundamentals and methods of group leadership. seated: R. Finklestein, R. Shelton, Dean S. Olson, advisor, standing: R. Cooper. J. Sklarew, R. Kaufman. E. Wein- man, E. Argo. inform the campus Publicity Committee The Publicity Committee of the Cam- pus Center Board are the loudspeakers of the school. It is their duty to publicize and emphasize all school programs of interest to the student body. seated: B. Edwards, 0. Hogich, secretary; A. Shaw, chairman; B. Dunn, standing: C. Haas, R. Pine. well-being of students Student Health and Welfare Committee The Student Health and Welfare Com- mittee formulates policy on matters concern- ing the well-being of the students. They insure the student ' s safety through contin- uing recommendations to the infirmary and cafeteria. seated: M. Krayer, B. Diggs, M. Rappoport, chairman; H. Offenberger, P. Longfellow, standing: W. Sass, R. Cavedo, J. Coleman, A. Pressman, W. Nicholls, R. Lowe. organizations honoraires promise to do my best . . . Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega is the National Ser- vice Honorary Fraternity devoted to the principles of the Scout Oath and Law and to the task of serving their fellow men. Newly revitalized this year, they have acted as aids at registration and as leaders on the campus. Don Knight, historian; Joseph Miller, vice-president ; Art Goldberg, pledgemaster; Ronald Sholes, treasurer; Rich- ard Kaufman, secretary. Joseph Maxey, not present, is President. dramatis personae Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega is the National Hon- orary Dramatic Society. Membership is ex- tended to students and faculty members who have done outstanding work in all phases of dramatics. Whether before the lights or behind the scenes, these are the stars of A.U. first rorv: R. Pine; R. Toker, P. F. Tompkins, president; J. Young, second row: B. Downin, J. Tate, E. Benedict, B. Siegeltuch, B. Kuehnle, M. Manning, B. Bright, L. Mi-Adams. scholars and scalpels Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta is the honorary Bio- logy Fraternity which is open to students in good scholastic standing and who have 12 hours of " B " work in Biology. Tri-Beta is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. On campus, the fraternity sponsors lectures and field trips to further interest in the sciences. R. Heitmuller, D. Griffin, R. Sellers, M. Mulvin, B. Tilton, G. Pakis, L. Drucker. honoraries 85 fatti maschii, parole femine Cap and Gown Cap and Gown is the local women ' s honorary which rewards high scholastic achievement and leadersh ip in the school. To fill the requirements for membership, a woman must be a junior, have at least a two point cumulative average and partici- pate actively in campus functions. A tea is held in the spring to honor all women who have maintained a B average. Kneeling: Ellyn Gifford, Ellen Sehwarzschild. Standing: Millie Millhiser, vice-president; Louise Lebourhis, pres- ident; Sandy Kelly, treasurer. winners and still champions Delta Sigma Rho Delta Sigma Rho is the forensics hon- orary. These undergraduates who excel in inter-collegiate debate are eligible for mem- bership. All members of this group are actively involved in the HRA Forensics So- ciety and debate actively against other schools. Dr. Anderson is a member of this society. K. Rollins, F. Morierty, Dr. Anderson, D. Wolgamuth, S. Strand, president; W. Webber, secretary; R. Duncan, vice-president. say, teach, ivhacha doin tonight? Kappa Delta Epsilon Kappa Delta Epsilon is a National Hon- orary Educational Sorority for women who have a B average in the education field. This year the organization is holding month- ly meetings and dinners. At the dinners qual- ified speakers explain new teaching methods and common teaching problems. It also co- sponsors a tea with the National Education Association in honor of the supervisors of student teachers. first row: R. Meyer, M. Harrison, corresponding secre- tary; J. Devine, recording secretary; P. Longfellow, presi- dent; A. J. Hovermale, vice-president, second row: M. Kessler, P. Price, S. Healy, J. Young, J. Parker. Dr. Holliday is Advisor. 86 honoraries education s great, but will it replace TV? Kappa Phi Kappa Kappa Phi Kappa is a National Pro- fessional Fraternity for those men excelling in education. Established in 1954, the Beta Rho chapter represents the organization at American University. The requirements for membership include at least 12 hours of education courses in which a two point aver- age has been maintained. This year the group will sponsor a dinner where the guest speaker will be an outstanding educator. An educational forum is also held. first row: R. Gongloff, Dr. J. Devor, G. Koons, president; E. Clements, K. Kadala, Dr. S. Burr, J. Wakefield, second row: M. Jeffreys, G. Shiro, R. Gerard, Dr. W. Russell, Bruce Landis, vice-president. how did a bass get in here? Mil Phi Epsilon Mu Phi Epsilon is the professional mu- sic sorority for women who have a major or minor in music. A " B " average in all music subjects must be maintained. The main pur- pose of the organization is to recognize high scholarship in music as well as other sub- jects. The group presents six musical pro- grams a year — two of which are open to the public. seated: N. Smith, president, standing: M. Dieste, vice- president; P. Walker, secretary; P. Burgess, secretary; R. Seabright, Mrs. E. S. Hayes, advisor; M. Boulter, treasurer; H. Hunter, historian; H. Shehan, S. Shaw, N. Dryden, Mrs. V. N. Ross, advisor; J. Babigan, J. Romano. : sss rf i | w W 49 | - all chiefs and no Indians Omicron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa is the men ' s National Honorary Leadership and Scho- lastic fraternity. Members must have a 1.7 cumulative average and must have accu- mulated a multitude of activities in at least five fields of student campus life. These are the BMOC ' s. seated: P. Finfer, R. Gerard, president; H. Ballma n. standing: E. Clements, F. Siotton, P. Dolkas, R. Kimmons. honoraries 87 seek the past and you 11 find the future Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta, the National History Honorary, requires for membership at least twelve hours of history courses beyond the basic University requirements with a B + average. The organization holds four meet- ings a year, one of which is open to the pub- lic. At these meetings, papers that have been written by members are read to the group. seated: P. Edwards, IN. George, secretary-treasurer; G. Koons, vice-president; P. Fox, president; D. Potter. standing: Wm. Fox, G. Paul, R. Kimmons, Dr. Gondos, advisor; P. Scheips, E. Billings, H. Maranian. of the people, for the people, and by the people Phi Sigma Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha is the national Political Science Honorary. Their membership, which numbers over 400 in the Washington area, is open to students and graduates who have shown an active interest in political science through scholastic attainment in the field. At their bi-monthly meetings they present speakers on topics of interest in the field. R. G. Smolka, vice-president; Dr. C. Earle, treasurer and advisor; D. G. Targin. president; C. Morrill, Jr., D. Briggs, secretary. the printed word Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon is the oldest national honorary collegiate journalism fraternity. It seeks to act as the stabilizing nucleus of student workers who devote their time to student publications and the radio station. Pi Delt strives to teach ethics, technique and mechanics of journalism. The AU chap- ter considers itself responsible for the suc- cess of the campus publications and by constructive criticism and co-operation strives to better them. first row: K. Rinfrette, R. Hawk, president; S. Segal, secretary-treasurer ; S. Sirinigeour. historian; P. Dolkos, vice-president, second row: H. Offenberger, P. Long- fellow, B. Dowin, E. Schwarzschild. top row: A. Nevin, W. Weisel, A. Shaw, A. Jeweler, A. Slone. honoraries liberty, justice, equality . . Pi Gamma Mn Pi Gamma Mu, the Social Science Hon- or Society, seeks to further interest and improve scholarship in the social sciences. Outstanding speakers are featured at their meetings as well as informative discussions. Those who have shown achievement and active interest in the social sciences are invited to join. seated: N. George, I. Hochslein, A. Solomon, secretary; G. Paul, president; J. C. Mercer, standing: G. Koons. E. Schuman, D. Potter, Dr. Gondos, W. Webber, R. Kimmons, D. Amies, M. Carter. all the netvs that ' s fit to print Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi is the professional Journalistic Fraternity on campus. Members must take a pledge expressing their inten- tion to undertake journalism as a profes- sion. Chapter meetings are held monthly during the school year with prominent per- sonalities as guest speakers. A delegate is sent annually to the national Sigma Delta Chi Convention. seated: Prof. Kempton, P. Dolkos, treasurer; T. Seagers, president; T. Brown, vice-president; Prof. Crawford. standing: C. Martin, J. Garraty, J. Richards, A. Hoffard, P. Warren, W. Miller, E. Tribble. M. Berke, R. Hank, E. Pace, S. C. Chen. to the glory of God and the brotherhood of man. Sigma Theta Epsilon " Service to God and to Our Fellow- man " is the motto of the Methodist Men ' s Fraternity, Sigma Theta Epsilon, which re- ceived its charter in January of this year. It carries out service projects on campus and in neighboring Methodist churches. The fraternity works within the framework of the Methodist Student Movement. Rev. J. Walker, W. Martin, J. Ross, advisor; D. Nelson, president; V. Michael, J. McHalton, G. Gates. honoraries 89 never doubt the power of a woman Theta Sigma Phi Theta Sigma Phi is the honorary pro- fessional organization for women in the journalism and communication fields. They strive to unite women in the journalism field by working to achieve definite stand- ards in journalism and letters. It is open to upperclassmen and graduates with high scholastic ranking and active participation in college journalism. seated: R. Proctor, P. Erikson, president; D. Finn, vice- president; C Kubota, secretary-treasurer, standing: S. Segal, E. Schwarzschild, E. Stovall, F. Klarner-Soskey. the love of learning rules the ivorld University Honor Society The University Honor Society is com- posed of faculty members who were mem- bers of Phi Beta Kappa or the equivalent at other universities and of seniors and graduate students of the University. At the end of his or her senior year a student must have a cumulative index of 2.4 to be eligible for this society. sealed: B. Sitterly, K. Wyatt, S. Burhoe, president; L. Torrence. J. Frey, M. Perlmutter. standing: H. Moore, A. Chaet, M. Norton, Dean John, H. Davis, G. Quinn, E. Robinson, M. Morris. speak so all can hear Zeta Phi Eta Zeta Phi Eta is celebrating its first year as an active professional fraternity on cam- pus. Active in the field of speech, its mem- bers have worked with the religious board in coaching chapel speakers and have acted as judges and time keepers for forensics contests. This year its main project is in conjunction with the Library of Congress, making recordings for the blind. seated: J. Tate, vice-president; R. Toker, president; E. Shochet, secretary, standing: M. Manning, H. Offenber- ger, S. Herrington, S. Strand, B. Lowden, D. Pickard, A. While, J. Young, B. Stolfie. 90 honoraries clubs . . . but it is art? Student Art Committee Under the guidance of the Art Depart- ment, the Student Art Committee carries out its two-fold purpose. First, they foster interest in art and artistic symmetry, and secondly, they act as a censor for objects on campus which they feel are distracting, unattractive, and generally out of place in their setting. seated: A. Siano, treasurer; L. Klopp, president; N. Stern, vice-president; M. Billows, secretary; J. Foreman. standing: G. Avici, J. Fleisher, L. Lebourhis, P. Brown. voulez vous parler Francois avec nous? Alliance Francais The Alliance Francais is an organiza- tion whose purpose is to bring to gether all students who are interested in the cultural, intellectual, and social aspects of the French people and their language. The club accomplishes its objectives through meet- ings, movies, speakers, and round table dis- cussions. first row: J. Schupp, S. Makin, U. Murray. C. Clotle. second row: Mrs. Wyatt, advisor; B. Cooper, president, C. Schwartz, vice-president ; S. Chapman, secretary; D. Morgan, treasurer, third row: P. Katz, S. Siegel, C. Sandhaus, M. Gonzalez, M. Car, P. Namm, A. Badissy. but you said it wasn ' t combustible! Chemistry Club The Chemistry Club, an affiliate of the American Chemical Society, draws members from all the science departments at AU. Under the sponsorship of Dr. Leo Schubert, this club endeavors to promote interest and research in chemistry through a diversified activities program. seated: E. Besner, N. Ingold, president; C. Baiting, N. Toeprer. standing; N. Ivanchukov, J. Marinenko, J. Criswell, D. Luke, F. MacDonald, E. Richardson, Jr., F. Simon. clubs 91 but you promised you ' d let me tvin Chess Club The Chess Club is a true special inter- est group. Though their membership is small, their enthusiasm is great. In addition to challenging all comers on campus, they travel to other schools in the surrounding areas in search of competition. L. Kellert, S. Ullom, vice-president; D. Potter, J. de la Torre, president; A. Ehle, secretary; E. .Thomas, treasurer. Deutschland und Amerika Verbinden Deutsche Verein The German Club gives students of German the opportunity to further their knowledge of the language in business and social meetings. These meetings are conduct- ed in German with travelers and speakers to give a glimpse of the culture and history of the country. All students of German may become members. seated: L. Schumacher, Prof. J. Frank, advisor; R. Tigani, vice-president; R. Albert, president; M. Barrier, treasurer; C. Dickerson. standing: J. Morgan, N. Smith, M. Olbrich, D. Spurins, C. Shaweevongs, R. Dickinson. resolved : to do our best . . Hurst R. Anderson Forensics Society This year the society has honored its namesake, Dr. Anderson, by displaying astute agility and maturity in debating and by turning in a commendable record. They have promoted and encouraged interest in forensics on campus by debating questions of controversial issues and have challenged such noteworthy contenders as a team from Oxford University. J. Cavill, J. Human, A. Steiner, S. Strand, B. Lowden, W. Webber, P. Dickerson, E. Shochet, W. Campbell. 92 clubs four score and tivo semesters ago History Club The History Club is an organization of students interested in broadening their knowledge and understanding history. Under the supervision of the History Department, the club holds meetings, sponsors field trips to historical spots, and invites guest speakers to lecture to them. I). Potter, program chairman; G. Koons, vice-president; B. Landis, treasurer; R. Pine, D. Wolf, R. Eggenschiller, R. Keyes. R. Kimmins, not pictured, is President. why doesn ' t 2 and 2 equal 5? Infinity Club New on campus this year, Infinity, the Math Club, has set its goals with the intent of getting more students interested in mathematics and aware of their dire impor- tance to the economy and welfare of our nation. Their ambitious program has includ- ed numerous meetings, discussions, and guest lecturers. seated: F. Simon, vice-president; S. Strand, president; J. Barnes, secretary-treasurer ; Dr. Smith, advisor, second row: M. Perlmutter, E. McDowell, E. Stassinopoiilos, E. Dohl, J. Monroe, S. Ullon, M. Wetmore, J. Ferris, N. Ingold, T. Timer, R. Cavedol. a melting pot of harmony . . . International Relations Club Consisting of members from many nations, this club promotes international understanding, education, and harmony. Boasting one of the largest club member- ships on campus, they hold many varied meeting and events to which all students of the university are invited. first row: J. Jameson, vice-president; C. Nicholas, sec- retory; J. Lewis, Jr., president ; B. Reason, corresponding secretary; D. Steinberg, second vice-president; M. Rice; second row: D. Shields, D. Johnson, B. Perrell, J. Kirk- man, W. Poage, M. Moon, P. First, D. Galloway, B. Quinn, E. Cellers, J. Eyster. J. Helwig. third row: W. Butler, A. Velez, M. Kepler, D. Reinoehl. L. Coolidge. fourth row: F. Said, H. Hansen, D. Spar, R. Swanson, H. Fuller, T. Wilson, fifth row: M. Beard, S. Archer, P. Jenkins, G. Postma. D. Hausser, W. White. clubs 93 the United Nations, AU style Pan Ethnon The primary purpose of Pan Ethnon is to create and promote friendship and understanding among the foreign students. They sponsor, in co-operation with the In- ternational Relations Club, coffee hours. The club takes an interest in the social, cul- tural, economic, and political international fields. Once a year they give an Internation- al Party where students participate in their native dances and exchange ideas in the hopes of strengthening world peace. seated: R. Kimmins, treasurer; B. Reason, president; P. Morris, secretary, standing: C. Behre, D. Galloway, W. Dajani, P. Kennedy. . . but 1 think the chicken came first Philosophy Club The philosophy club is dedicated to the discussion of the perennial questions of phil- osophy and their relation to contemporary life. Understanding and discussion of these problems are considered ends in themselves. However, the more pragmatic aspects of ideas are also emphasized, since living re- quires both practical and theoretical solu- tions. The president is R. Musick; vice- president is L. D ' Andrea and Mary Jean Harris is secretary-treasurer. I know Truman won, but why? Political Club Under the leadership of Hugh Barr, the Political Club serves to create interest in our national political structure as to act as a discussion group to dispute and debate issues of the day. Members enjoy a full year of interesting meetings and edu- cational discussions. seated: J. Gortly, W. Webber, secretary; H. Barr, presi- dent; E. Miltleheeler, advisor; H. Edwards, J. Kefauver, A. Goldberg, standing: D. Williams, H. Wheeler, V. Liu, R. Stoy, W. Lanier, H. Weyant, vice-president; A. Steiner, R. Gordon, D. Wolosenka, R. Crane. se hable espanol Spanish Club The Spanish Club is the educational vehicle for those students interested in the language, culture, and customs of the Span- ish-speaking peoples. As an associate of the Language Department, the club tries to pro- vide themselves with an overall view of the position of the Spanish-speaking countries in our world today. This is accomplished through a varied program of meetings, mov- ies, and discussions. M. McGreager, K. Kadala, president; Miss Olds, advisor; M. Cortez, N. Ingold. dorit ever turn your backs on the little . . . Student National Education Association With the guidance of the National Education Association, the Student NEA strives to promote concern in the various aspects of the teaching field and education in general. At their meetings, new teaching methods and the latest theories and practices are explained and discussed. first roiv. K. Kadala, treasurer; M. Jeffrey, president; J. Glassmyer, vice-president, second row: M. Kesser, M. Rosenthal, R. Sherma, B. Kaplan, P. Everett, O. Marks, M. Austin, third row. S. Fischer, B. Abrams V. Cavazos, M. Haygood. fourth row: H. Madresh, Dr. Devor. advisor; S. Steinberg, P. Weiner. fifth roiv: R. Ruff, A. Almario, C. McCormick. no, you cant play for the Eagles . . . Women ' s " A " Club The purpose of the Women ' s " A " Club is to stimulate and develop a campus of sports activities for women by making avail- able recreational facilities and by offering sports competition, both intramural and extramural. This year ' s highlights were a Fall Banquet and a Spring Picnic for all the members. seated: D. Murray. P. Barker, B. Diggs, president; C. Van den Berg, treasurer; S. Cukier, vice-president; M. Krayer. standing: J. Kahwaty, H. Meyer, M. Harrison, M. Gilmore, J. Test, P. Harmon, J. Beach, V. Laubenstein. clubs 95 first row M Rappoporl, S. Hockenberry, G. Palsgrove, J. Fairburn, secretary; E. Clements, president; P. Waugerman, N. Ivanchucoff R Merriles, T. Kurtz, second row: D. Grant, C. Grubbe, D. Potter. F. Scotton, B. MacDonald, W. Jones, H. Ball- man, B. Compton. third row: W. Dupee, D. Wells, J. Islieb, T. Awad, treasurer; D. Eshelman. fourth row: B. Coward, K. Waller, B. Brummer, B. Beauehamp, W. Sweeny, S. Hershey. it ' s better to build boys than to mend men Men ' s Varsity " A " Club The Varsity " A " Club is an organiza- tion for men who have merited athletic achievement and commendation for parti- cipation in sports. The members, easily recognizable by their colorful jackets, high- light their year by holding an awards ban- quet to honor individuals among them who have shown themselves to be the leaders among the leaders. the D.C. travelers S ee D.C. " See D.C. " is A.U. ' s newest club. It provides an opportunity for all students, natives or out-of-towners, to see the sights of the Nation ' s Capitol. The club arranges tours at minimal expense to many points of interest in the area. Students need not be members to go on the tours. R. Kaufman. S. Kessler, M. Varner, R. Cavedo, president; P. DuVal, Professor Ray Hiebert, advisor. 96 clubs I first roiv: J. Young, secretary; B. Downin, vice-president; M. Himelfarb. second row: J. Tate, treasurer; G. F. Tompkins R. Pine, president; B. Bright, third rote. J. Murray, L. McAdams, T. Rice. E. Benedict, S. Lev. M. Manning. H. Zillmer. their world is the stage AU Players AU Players is the industrious organ- ization that can be thanked for the many fine productions that have enhanced the Clendenen stage this year. Through their tireless work, they have earned All ' s drama department wide recognition as a leader in the area and as a wholesome boost to the University. AU ' s capital gain S.A.M. The Society for the Advancement of Management is the recognized national pro- fessional organization of management in industry, commerce, government, and edu- cation. SAM brings executives and students together so that they might widen their knowledge and develop a better understand- ing of business and of the free enterprise system. first row: R. Clampitt, S. Cukier. F. Paulson, president; C. Van den Berg, N. Pappas. second row: B. Bright, R. Schulze. S. Karsh, S. Rothman, M. Weishlatt, P. Doyle, Dean Baily, Prof. Muhlhach, C. Becker, P. Madison, third row: D. Pickering, H. Bradshaw, Dr. E. Isaacs, H. Ballman, G. Brickman, W. Dajani, R. Cooper, G. Watkins, R. Himmelsbach, M. McAleer. fourth row: P. Finfer, H. Mulligan, D. Nelson, R. Crain, K. Donner, R. Hughes, R. Crowley, J. Gordy. fifth row: D. Thompson. R. Dehnam. W. Sass, V. Samra. A. Greenwald, Wm. Grier, R. Gordon, D. Jackson, M. Granum. clubs 97 Dr. G. Smith, advisor; S. Shaw, president; E. Ferrell, vice-president ; B. Wallace. R. Keller, N. Cummings, H. Williams, R. Albert. the sound of music Music Club The Music Club is open to all students who are interested in. and enjoy good music. Many of the members participate in the AU Chorus and Orchestra and devote much of their time increasing the appreciation and understanding of good music among college students. They do this through a varied pro- gram of concerts. exhibiting the talent AU Chorus The AU Chorus, under the direction of Dr. Gordon Smith, provides musically inclin ed students with the opportunity to exhibit their vocal talents. The chorus shows their precision and tonal quality at many concerts on campus including the annual Christmas Concert as well as at programs around the Washington area. ' 8 clubs let me write the songs of a nation AU Orchestra The AU Orchestra, under the direction of Dr. George Steiner, has gained wide rec- ognition this year for its ambitious programs of non-contemporary music. They experi- ment with new types of sounds and classic artistry. This year more interest than ever before has been shown in the orchestra by students and music-lovers alike. without a song their day would never end AU Choral Ensemble The AU Choral Ensemble is a special interest group for those who enjoy experi- menting with new vocal sounds. They are not affiliated with the Music Department, but draw most of their members from it. Under the direction of Lorenzo C. Handy, they present programs for student enjoy- ment. seated: L. Handy, director; N. Dryden, E. Ferrell. first row standing: C. Borg, H. Hunter, J. Test, K. Sutton. C. Dickerson, P. Boyd, S. Chapman, B. Fields, A. Byars, C. Leet. second row standing: W. McElwee, H. Abendschein, L. Driscoll. K. Saum, C. Cook, C. Wierer, R. Katz, M. Rindlaub. religious groups planning full-time work The Fellowship of Young Churchmen Pre-ministerial students planning to go into full-time Christian service have many puzzling problems. The Fellowship of Young Churchmen was organized so students might discuss problems with experienced persons in various fields of Christian service. first row. L. Handy, co-president; S. Shelhorse, D. Murry, R. Clark, Dr. Bauman. advisor, second row. J. Knoble, co-president ; J. Nuckols, L. Lankford, D. Bugler, A. Wasson. third row. C. Kirk, W. McElwee, C. James, R. Eggenschiller. explore issues of Christian world Methodist Student Movement MSM attempts to correlate many im- portant issues of the modern world with Christian ethics. Through speakers and dis- cussions they explore problems of the Chris- tian world today. first row. E. Winter. N. Dryden, P. Boyd, B. Webster, treasurer; M. Tawnson, A. Kepler, K. Kraus, secretary; C. Leach, S. Brown, B. McElwee, president, second row. L. Handy, vice-president ; B. Keith. E. Schuman, S. Shel- horse, H. Hunter, C. Rains, L. White, C. Callahan, C. Dickerson, J. Eyster, R. Dopp. third row. B. Dunn, D. Murray, B. English, H. Abendschein, B. Tirey, M. Rind- laub, J. Harris, E. Savior. G. Gates, A. Wasson. fourth roiv: C. Kirk, M. Beard, L. Driscoll, J. Ross, M. Ross, J. Iseminger. social, cultural, and religious stimulation Hillel The organization for Jewish students on campus, Hillel carries out its objectives of social, cultural, and religious interests. first row. Rabbi Seidman, S. Lev, treasurer; M. Cohen, president R. Stein, vice-president ; M. Kesser, secretary; H. Madresb, R. Albert, second row. R. Cohen, R. Barman, C. Englehardt, S. Heller, S. Hurwilz, S. Swartz, S. Weiss, L. Cohen, F. Shrinsky, E. Shocket. third row. P. Ruiz, J. Gold, A. Bluestons, D. Soldar, A. Pollak, Dr. Bauman. 10(1 religious groups spiritual healing Christian Science Organization Holding only religious services is the Christian Science Organization whose week- ly meetings include reading from Science and Health by Mary B. Eddy, and testimo- nials of spiritual healing. first row: M. Thomas, secretary-treasurer; J. Shillings, president; B. Wills, second row: D. Haupt, S. Poulton, J. DePauw. third row: S. Scrimgeour, D. Andrews, Dr. Smith, advisor, fourth row: L. Franilson. corporate worship Canterbury Association The Canterbury Association through the local parish of St. Alban ' s, seek to pro- vide the opportunity for students to incor- porate knowledge of present day life with that of the message of Salvation in the Chris- tian way of life. first row: D. Bugler, president; N. Derr, secretary; J. Browning, vice-president; A. White, second row: T. Blumenstein, J. Sweeney, J. Hubbard, B. Jones, L. Pres- sey, R. Korshen, C. Zisa. promote closer unity Baptist Student Union One of the main emphases of the Bap- tist Student Union is inter-collegiate activ- ities. They participate in retreats, and dis- cussion groups on topics affecting the young christian of today. first row: F. Morris, B. Dean, D. Busby, publicity chair- man; W. Webber, vice-president ; P. Boyd, second row: L. Ross, D. Clampitt, president; H. Rees, M. Chelti, A. Babigan, social chairman. closer to faith and friendship Newman Club Tbe Newman Club aids in providing the atmosphere and facilities that would be available to students on a Catholic cam- pus. Intellectual, social, and religious activ- ities draw the students close together in faitli and friendship. first row: J. Schupp, A. Haynes, secretary, second row: B. Berko, R. Crawford, D. Cavalieri, A. Roper, A. Lus- sani, D. Jackson, P. Madison, president; F. Szwed, treas- urer; Father Ferry. religions groups 101 Chairman of Campus Center Board JON HECOX also guided Alpha Sigma Phi, and is the junior class Treasurer and a memher of College Council. President of Student Association RICHARD GERARD gains merit. He is President of ODK, Alpha Sigma Phi, a member of Selection Committee, Awards Committee, and received the John E. Bentley Schol- arship. Being Comptroller of Student Association left PAUL FINFER little time to squeeze in the offices of President of both IFC and Phi Epsilon Pi, he is a member of SAM and Orientation Board. best all around who ' s who President of the Women ' s " A " Club BARBARA DIGGS gains recognition. She is kept busy as a mem- ber of Phi Mu, College Council, and Student Health and Welfare Committee. An active member of College Council is SOFIA CUKIER. She is also an officer of Women ' s " A " Club and a member of Women ' s Residence Regulations Board. A captain of the basketball team, EDWARD CLEMENTS is president of Men ' s " A " Club and a member of College Council. 102 who ' s who Co-chairman of Orientation Board JOHN CAR- RIGER merits a place of honor. He is also treasurer of IFC, member of Phi Sigma Kappa, and Greek Editor of the TALON. SANDRA KELLY is President of the Panhellenic Council and deserves recognition. Also she is Vice- President of WRC, Chairman of Regulations Board, and 1959 Homecoming Queen. A member of ODK. ROBERT KIMMINS obtains merit as President of the History Club, a member of the Inter-Club Council, Student Judiciary, and Phi Alpha Theta. Editor of the EAGLE is MARGARET LONG- FELLOW. She is President of WF and Kappa Delta Epsilon, a member of College Council, Campus Cen- ter Board, Cap and Gown, and Pi Delta Epsilon. President of S.A.M. FRANKLIN PAULSON is kept busy as president of Hillel and Public Relations Committee, a member of College Council, Phi Epsilon Pi and ODK. ELLEN SCHWARZSCHILD is secretary of Stu- dent Association and president of WRC, secretary of the Judiciary Committee, and a member of Pi Delta Epsilon and Cap and Gown. President of the Senior Class FRANK SCOTTON also is a member of College Council, Orientation Committee. Athletic Council. Men ' s " A " Club, and Phi Sigma Kappa. who ' s who 103 publications it ill »n Keeping the wee small hours, SALLY SCRIMGEOUR, Editor of the 1960 TALON, works late on copy for an upcoming dead- line. let the hook speak for itself The TALON, with all the publications, has moved to a new home in Mary Graydon Center. Between four green walls we have worked night and day on layout, write-ups. pictures, and gathering information for the publication. Many outgrowths of memories have come from within; the full waste- baskets, the empty coffee and coke cups, telephone calls, the laughs, the moans, but most of all the satisfaction of turning in the final ok to " let the presses roll. " In keeping with modern times, the paper is new, the type is modern and the layout is more up-to-date, not to forget that the pages of the TALON have grown with the growth of the University. KEN KADALA, Business Manager, just got another ad for the TALON. 104 publications Working hard to get copy in. Working ha over new pi the Greek Section these pretty misses give a laugh We never knew there were so many people to go into the Administration Section. f!f ( C, •. I . this is the line-up. Another year lias come to an end, and with it the completion of the 1960 TALON. There have heen had times, there have heen good times, hut all in all an interesting and rewarding experience for those who have worked toward presenting the 1960 TALON to yon. the student body. Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Copy Editor Campus Life Editor Organization Editor Athletic Editor Greek Editor Beauty Editor Administration Editor Graduates Editor Index Editor Camp, Marion Dieste, Barbara Betsy Hyde, Darlene Johnson, Lewis, Betty Lou Mulnie, Dot jl Waugaman, Sally Scrimgeour Ken Kadala Mimi Wright Cara Leaeh Alan Nevin Pete Ackermann Fletcher Carriger Jean Elzerman Sandra Goldsmith Judy Devine Carolyn Groverman staff: Brooke Brown, Vada Diggs, Sandra Healy, Janet Lamb, Bonnie Murray, Judi Powell, Karen Singer, Pa Lois Woodruff, Betsy Webster photography : Dave Nache commercial photographer Bob Ebur, Paul Waugaman printing THE COMET PRESS, INC., Mr. Charles Clegg, representative Al and Pete compare notes on Organization and Sports Sections. publications 105 American fyaiuefrbitif EAGLE . -LTLfijxaj%Ari-riru rTf rT ri i lymrrrry ■ • i » i , " r " T ' " " J " " JJ — covering the campus The EAGLE entered into its thirty- fourth year in September with some changes in methods, but held past aims of the news- paper fast in hand. Under the able leader- ship of Peggy Longfellow, the EAGLE is eagerly awaited each Wednesday morning. The Letter to the Editor column has continued to bring campus interest as stu- dents have a chance to bring their views to the student body. All Greeks turn to the Greek Corner for the latest news of pinning, trips, and accomplishments among the fra- ternities and sororities. The Sports pages, written by Scott Hockenberry, tell how the EAGLES are winning in all of the sports fields. The Truculent Tivo were replaced by Treking With Trot, in which the reader travels the campus and interesting events on a humorous air. The Sunday night deadline brings the staff members to the EAGLE office in Mary Graydon Center with the knowledge that work well done takes time and patience. Busy counting the money is Business Manager BOB HIMMELSBACK. IMl: PEGGY LONGFELLOW, editor, hurries to meet a (leadline. A busy staff takes a break around tbe conference table. Checking the final score is SCOTT HOCKENBERRY, Sports Editor. The typewriters are always busy rushing to meet the final deadline. gl Peggy Longfellow Rob Himmelsback Mr. Willet Kempton Betty Downin Scott Hockenberry Orlene Marks Editor-in-Chief staff: Business Manager Charlotte Cook, Heidi Offenberger, Linda Chandler. Advisor Linda Johnson, Andy Rothman, Jane Moss, Harriett Veils Editor Hunter, Jim Lamont, John Hughes, Sue Tassler. Artie Sports Editor Goldberg. Bob Cavedo, Jeff Human. Bobbi Mohr. Dr. Copy Editor Edward Bauman, Ivan Volgyes, Robert Jones, Don Wolosenka, Mrs. Patricia Schiller, Jim Trotter, Mill Snyder, Ed Argo, Jeri Walker, Peter Dickerson, Tom Hargis, Andy McCashin, Danny Margolis, photography: Richard Hartman, David Nache, Bob Ebur. publications 107 WfcMU setting the pace in college radio WAMU, the campus radio station at 610 on your dial, sets the listening pace for American University. Now in its ninth con- secutive year of broadcasting, the station acts as a learning board for many. All com- munication majors and interested students take an active part in presenting interesting and varied programs to catch the musical ear of all listeners. The campus is kept up to date with news of interest to the student body. The roll of WAMU as part of the campus com- munity serves the students by bringing the latest winnings of the EAGLES in sporting events to the campus as if they were there attending the game. SONDRA SEGAL, Business Manager, is busy making out bills. Jim Solt, Manager of WAMU, spends many hours during the day seeing that the air waves are kept running smoothly. One big task he and the staff perform each year is the marathon held to get money for the Orphans ' ' Day Dinner. To keep the money coining in (and going out), not to mention keeping the coffee hot, is Business Manager Sandy Segal. With equipment that outshines other campus radio stations, WAMU makes vast strides in bringing the campus the best of everything. All smiles is JIM SOLT, Station Manager. WAMU EXECUTIVE BOARD Jim Solt Station Malinger Sondra Segal Business Manager Mr. Roger Pen Director of Broadcasting Arnold Shaw Program Director Alvin Jeweler Chief Engineer Donna Pirkard Music Director Roger Sill News . Sports, and Special Events Vince Genson Chief Announcer 108 communications Santa and all come to the marathon held annus by WAMU to obtain funds of Al " s Orphans Day Dinner ifc-ry WMAL ' s Bill Malone joins Jim during the marathon. Just another busy day at the studio. Here we are, all fans of 610. communications 109 love of laughter The BALD EAGLE, under the leader- ship of Editor Richard Titus and Business Manager Paul Dolkos, is the humor maga- zine of The American University. A new publication on the campus, it is now in its second edition, hoping to obtain another Phi Delta Epsilon award as the first edition did — with many laughs along the way that never were published. Business Manager PAUL DOLKOS looks up from making out a voucher. first row: T. Chaiten, M. Snyder, second row: R. Gold- berg. J. Human, third row: H. Eisin, E. Shocket. The smiling editor, RICHARD TITUS, contemplates his next laugh. 110 publications Editor KAY RINFRETTE takes time out from reading an article. do you spell that again? ? ? first row: Pat Houes, assistant editor; Dan Terrell, managing editor; Kay Rinfrette, editor; Dr. Bachelder, advisor; Sally Tall, Robert Nicholson, second row: Nancy Moore, Evelyn Watts, Richard Kinsey, Adrianne Blue. from the literary side The American University literary mag- azine, THE WRITER, publishes the best student-written poetry, short stories, and es- says submitted during the year. The maga- zine ' s staff is composed of English majors and those seriously interested in writing and literature. Every manuscript submitted is carefully considered by the staff, and selected works of superior quality are pub- lished in the annual issue. THE WRITER has two main purposes in the University; to encourage the students in their creative efforts, and to give a sam- pling of the thoughts and ideas of the stu- dents on their campus. Above all, THE WRITER wants to maintain a high cultural and intellectual level in this University. publications 111 plays The Little Foxes reflection on the 1900 , s " The Little Foxes, " by Lillian Hell- man, opened the 1959-60 season for the American University Players. The play is a story of a greedy Southern family in the early days of the 1900 ' s with typical im- portance being placed on money rather than on love. Miss Ronne Toker, playing the leading role of Regina Giddens, is a selfish woman dedicated to only one purpose in life — get- ting things she wants at any cost. Mr. Marvin Himelfarb, who had his first big part in a play, did a wonderful job of developing his character. Playing the part of Birdie was Tina Benedict who obviously enjoyed playing her drunk scene. Completing the cast of players were Charles Thompkins as Leo; Barbara Wells as a competent Alexandra; Richard Snoke and Arnold Stanton as the greedy Hubbard brothers. Addie Cal Birdie Hubbard Oscar Hubbard Leo Hubbard Regina Giddens U illiam Marshall Benjamin Hubbard Horace Giddens Heidi Offenberger Harry Lawson Elizabeth Benedict Richard Snoke Charles Tompkins Ronne Toker Bruce Kiiehnle Arnold Stanton Marvin Himelfarb Dr. Yocum and Bob Pine make plans for the forthcoming play. Mistress of the Inn Marquis of Foriipopoli. Marvin Himelfarb Count of Albafiorita Fabrizio Cavalier of Ripafratta Mirandolina Servant of the Cavalier Richard Snoke Stephen Lev Timothy Rice Muriel Saphir John Bishop Ortensia Dejanira Guests and Servants Judith Bucha nan Tata Lowe Alan Mandel Carmen Cardona Lloyd Herman an Italian farce " Mistress of the Inn " was the second play presented by the American University Players and the first local production of the play by Carlo Goldoni, a great Italian play- wright. Some characterizations were The Mar- quis of Foliipopoli played by Marvin Himel- farb as a boasting coward; Fabrizio played by Steve Lev, a clever servant; and Jack Bishop took the part of a stupid servant a characterization used in slap-stick comedy today. plays 113 The Glass Menagerie the eternal rebellion of youth Tennessee Williams ' penetrating play " The Glass Menagerie, " is focused around four characters, each depicting four dif- ferent aspects of life. Tim Rice as Tom Wingfield, an adventurous young man shows the efforts of youth to seek a better life than that which it has inherited. Laura, as played by Joyce Young, is the slightly crippled girl who is shy and withdrawn but shows dependency upon the security of the home. Amanda Wingfield, the mother, por- trayed by Elizabeth Benedict, strives to give meaning and direction to her life and the lives of her children through crowded by illusions of the past. Representing the outside world, is the Gentleman Caller as played by Jim Fitz- gerald. 114 plays Lute Song a great extravaganza The AU Players are winding up their current season on an Oriental note in pre- senting Kao-Tong-Kia ' s " Lute Song. " The classic Chinese drama received a colorful and spirited three-act treatment of a large cast. For the uninitiated in Ming Dynasty culture, the tale told is a melancholy account of a family misfortu nes. The melodies and lyrics of this " play with Music, " was written by Raymond Scott and Bernard Hanighen in 1930, are pleasantly rendered by the singer-actors. The melancholy " Mountain High, Valley Low " is undoubtedly the pro- duction ' s most memorable song. The AU Orchestra, under the excel- lent direction of George Steiner, more than competed for an enjoyable evening. plays 115 M - i 4 f accomplishing objectives through reflection on Queens and Sweethearts Martha Manning TALON BEAUTY QUEEN Striking Martha Manning, the fifth TALON Beauty Queen, is a member of Delta Gamma sorority. Very active in " AU Players " , Martha plans a career in the field of acting or being a photographic model. Martha was chosen from a fi eld of twelve candidates put up by groups on campus to be this year ' s queen. 118 queens sweethearts Marcia Burch TALON BEAUTY PRINCESS This pert cheerleader is Marcia Bur- chand. She is a member of Kappa Delta sorority. Marcia ' s future plans include teaching fifth grade upon her graduation in 1961. 1 ft ' 1I N Lucille McWilliams TALON BEAUTY PRINCESS Hailing from Arlington. Virginia. Lucille McWilliams is an English major. After her graduation in several years Lucille plans to teach junior or senior English. queens ' sweethearts 121 Sandra Kelly HOMECOMING QUEEN m lA y fl m h . k ' fi 1 ■V- ■r i " ld i «g Cute Sandy Kelly. Tau Epsilon Phi ' s and Kappa Deltas candidate for Home- coming Queen, plans a future in journal- ism with either an advertising agency or magazine firm. A member of Kappa Delta sorority. Sandy has also served as presi- dent of the Panhellenic Council and treasurer of Cap and Gown. 122 queens sweethearts ■ Nancy Candish HOMECOMING PRINCESS Our Homecoming Princess is Nancy Candish who plans to teach second grade next year. Another member of Kappa Delta sorority, Nancy is a cheerleader and in her spare time likes to paint and swim. Bun HOMECOMING CANDIDATE Grace Burr who hails from Has- hrouck Heights. New Jersey, plans to marry in July. Last year ' s Apple Blossom Princess and captain of the cheerleaders Grace is a memher of Kappa Delta sororitv. Heidi Offenburger HOMECOMING CANDIDATE Dark haired. Heidi Offenburger, is a member of Delta Gamma sorority. A member of " A.U. Players " she plans a future on the stage after spending some time in Europe. queens sweethearts 125 El len Schwarzschild HOMECOMING CANDIDATE Combining beauty and brains. Ellen Schwarzchild, four year Dean ' s List stu- dent has also been Sophomore Queen, and Phi Epsilon Dream Girl. Ellen is also active in many school organizations. Virginia Whitney HOMECOMING CANDIDATE This year ' s president of Phi Mu so- rority Ginny Whitney, comes to us from Tenafly. New Jersey. For this very active girl the future holds a personnel career in the field of advertising. Leslie Bloom FRESHMAN QUEEN Beautiful Leslie Bloom a native of Harrisburg. Pennsylvania, is an Alpha Epsilon Phi pledge. Her main interest is dramatics for someday she hopes to be an actress. queens sweethearts 127 Sunny Kessler SOPHOMORE QUEEN Cute Sunny Kessler, a girl whose name fits her personality, is a very active person who manages to be on the Dean ' s List. In Sunny ' s future is the hope of a Master ' s degree in English. Virginia Laubenstein APPLE BLOSSOM PRINCESS This year ' s Apple Blossom Princess is a member of Kappa Delta sorority and Best Loved Girl of her Junior Class. The future holds for Ginny, an I.S. major, a career at the United Nations. queens sweethearts 129 Ellen Schwarzschild BEST LOVED GIRL A Christmas tradition at American University, the Best Loved Girl cere- mony, is enjoyed by all on-campus girls. This year ' s Best Loved Girl is president of Woman ' s Resident Council and plans to marry this coming June Jack Kreuter, last year ' s Student Council President. Virginia Whitney ALPHA SIGMA PHI DREAM GIRL This year ' s Alpha Sig. Dream Girl is engaged to Alpha Sig. Phil Parkinson. Ginny is secretary of the Senior Class, plans a September wedding. queens; sweethearts 131 Leeannah Rachel ALPHA TAU OMEGAS SWEETHEART Born here in Washington, Leean- nah ' s favorite hobbies are cooking and painting. Married to Al Rachel. ATO ' s president, she enjoys entertaining and long drives when she is not working for the architect of the capitol. Wilma Bernstein PHI EPSILON PI SWEETHEART This lovely Alpha Epsilon Phi is married to Stuart Bernstein of Phi Ep. A past TALON Princess, Wihna plans to teach third grade after her graduation in June. queens sweethearts 133 Urania Lyons PHI SIGMA KAPPA MOONLIGHT GIRL Brown-eyed Urania plans to marry Phi Sig. Billy Coward in September. A student nurse at Washingto n Hospital Center. Urania ' s favorite hobbies are nursing and dancing with Billy, of course. Kathleen McCarthy IFC QUEEN CANDIDATE alpha chi omega This dark haired beauty comes from near by Falls Church, Virginia. A junior, Kathy is working towards her degree in the art design field. Natalie Friedman IFC QUEEN CANDIDATE alpha epsilon phi Studying to be in the commercial television and radio field, Natalie plans to graduate in 1961. She comes from Washington, D. C, and plans to do a lot of writing in the future. Ruth Tamsma IFC QUEEN CANDIDATE delta gamma Our beautiful blonde is Ruth, who comes to AU from Holland originally. She is a junior in the School of Business, and hopes to be a buyer upon her graduation. Maria Gerard IFC QUEEN CANDIDATE phi mn Maria is a proctor in a freshmen dorm and just loves it. An Anthropology major, she is kept busy, but finds time to be one of our cheerleaders. queens sweethearts 135 Eileen Myers IFC QUEEN ♦ « »♦ . ♦♦ . - ♦ ; • ♦% » , . ♦♦4 • ♦♦ , . ♦ ♦ ♦ • I v ♦» ♦ ♦♦• «;♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ •♦ ♦ Sparkling Eileen Myers was chosen this year ' s queen through a vote of the fraternity men on campus, which is quite an honor to any girl. She is a junior, and majoring in the elementary education field which she hopes to enter after graduation. Among her hobbies she likes to golf and makes many of her own clothes. Eileen will be kept especially busy next year as president of her sorority Kappa Delta. 136 queens sweethearts » 4 accomplishing objectives through junction with Sororities and Fraternities iGJ|SQtflMti WHAT IS SORORITY? To many a young coed, the term sorority or Greek poses — , ■ — — - f numerous cpiestions; but. to the woman who is a Greek, sorority intains inward and eternal meaning. While not only being a group of girls together in one sister- hood, sorority is a binding tool for friendship, happiness, pleasant experiences and fond memories. Through sorority, women learn to share their ideals, aims, and common interests with others. They have a sense of belonging to a group with whom they feel them- selves a basic part. Sorority and its members are ever seeking fresh young blood to enter into its bonds, to strengthen its circle of unity, and to share the rewards which can be reaped from such a fellow- ip as this. In a sorority, it is the individual that makes the group what t is. It is the individual growth and understanding that fuses the sorority bonds into a strong, never ending unity. Most of all, it is the individual and group development that ites the undying friendships, pleasant memories, and eternal hood that remains with these sorority women when they step om their college days into their roles of young women of tod a; Long live sorority, a word which has so much significance le who know its meaning and realize its value. Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council of The Amer- ican University is an advisory governing or- ganization made up of two representatives, a senior and junior delegate, from each of the five national sororities on campus. The Council provides a meeting ground for the groups, and acts to coordinate sorority ac- tivities, working for the Greek ' s welfare as well as for the University ' s. The Council establishes close coopera- tion among the sororities by enlisting their help in carrying out the formal rush pro- gram. It seeks to promote a healthy, com- petitive spirit among the groups by planning and encouraging participation in the annual Songfest competition. The Council presents a trophy and five Panhellenic keys in recog- nition of outstanding scholarship. It pro- motes worthy philanthropic projects, this year participating in the March of Dimes drive. first row: L. Culler, R. Tamsma. J. Howe, second roiv: S. Frisk, E. Myers, D. Mintzer, R. Harris. L. Cudahy. third rote: S. Kellv, president; Dean Olson, advisor; S. Strand, vice-president ; H. Offenberger, secretary. ■ sorority fraternity 141 a dream becomes a reality Alpha Epsilon Phi ■ frTX U ° e president f f " " " vice-president recording secretary- corresponding secretary treasurer Maxine Gevinson Dee Mintzer Harriette Madresh Judy Fleisher Fran Effron AEPhi ' s move into their new room. where ' s WEAM. Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority was founded in 1909 at Barnard College, New York City. Founded to help improve the lot of the com- munity and the college, maintaining a straight course guided by the ideals of AE 1 , it is the newest sorority on campus. Epsilon Theta chapter was chartered in 1958, quickly grew and became national to join with the four other sororities on The •American University campus. The Alpha Epsilon Phi pin is repre- sented by the gold and pearl Greek letters AE$, The colors are green and white with the flower being Lily-of-the-Valley. Besides participating in various cam- pus activities, the sorority engages in aiding their National philanthropy of a scholarship to Brandeis University, and contributing funds to dental clinics. b. 1 A fcS Harriette Bennett Fran Bernstein Wilma Bernstein Meryl Carton Fran Efron Sydney Fischer Judith Fleisher Carole Freedman epsilon theta Natalie Friedman Maxine Gevinson Leslie Glick Toube Greenberg Ruth Harris Anita Kanis Elaine Katz Margie Kesser Annette Liederman Harriet Madresh Dee Mintzer Robin Reisner Myrna Rosen Fileen Roth Sandy Schrieber Marilyn Shulman Barbara Segall Rosalie Strauss £ K LT fc. a fc. Sorority fraternity 143 sharing means so much more Alpha Chi Omega president Ellyn Gifford first vice-president Nancy George second vice-president Anne Dnnkin recording secretary Ann Rawlings corresponding secretary Janet Lamb treasurer Cara Leach Socializing after classes. I just love ice cream. Alpha Chi Omega was founded at De- Pauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, in 1910. It was founded for close friendship, and opportunities for leadership and service brought to its members. The Beta Rho chap- ter was founded on The American Univer- sity campus in 1938. The colors are olive green and scarlet. The pin is in the shape of a golden lyre studded with pearls, and the Greek letters Alpha Chi Omega appear across the lyre strings. The flower is the red carnation. Besides being active in campus activi- ties. Beta Rho chapter is active in their National Altruistic Foundation. This foun- dation sets up a fund to receive and donate bequests for individuals and groups for charitable purposes. JitL »». Mildred Bagby Judy Bearh Sandra Broderick Vada Camp Betty Dowin Anne Dunkin Ellen Eaton Bonnie Edwards Doris Finn Patti First Nancy George Ellyn Gifford Mary Ann Gilmore Ann Hardy Olga Hodick beta rho Jeanne Howe Karen Klippert Karen Kraus Janet Lamb Cara Leach Kathy LoBianco Gail Lipman Laura Magolda Kathy McCarthy Mary McGregor Pat Morris Phyl lis Morris Maren Mortenson Barbara Mussun Lissa Powell Betty Rohr Patti Ryan Rose Tigani Mary Tochterman Marilyn Wright Sorority fraternity 145 strength in sisterhood Delta Gamma president first vice-president second vice-president recording secretary correspon ding secretary treasurer Sandy Healy Judy Taylor Lorie White Wynn Staats Ann Feick anne McKnee Relaxing with a song. . sisters . . . sisters, there ' s nothing can come between us. " Delta Gamma was founded at Lewis School, Oxford, Mississippi, in 1873. During the Christmas holidays of that year three young ladies who were unable to go home for the holidays decided to form a fraternity like those for men at the University of Mis- sissippi. They wrote their constitution and ritual and initiated members when the other girls returned to school in January. In 1878, the first two northern chapters were estab- lished, which gave Delta Gamma strength above the Mason-Dixon line. The Beta Epsi- lon chapter was established at The American University in 1935. The colors of the sorority are bronze, pink, and blue. The badge is a gold anchor, with white shield and crossbar, the Greek letters Delta Gamma on the shield and Tau Delta Eta on the crossbar are in gold. Chapter services include aiding sight conservation, and Sight To The Blind Foun- dation. Ann Bennington Carman Cardona Ann Cohen Diane Curry Jean Clark Lorna Deans Judy Devine Ann Feick beta epsilon Joan Foreman Donna Geraci Maria Gerster Sandra Healey Karla Hennings Lara Lowe Peggy Longfellow Carol Lemons Martha Manning Ann McKellar Jeanne McKnee Meri dith Moore Heidi Offenberger Wynn Staats Ruth Tamsma Judy Taylor Lorie White 0 4 ' f Sorority fraternity 147 true friendship, fellowship, and sisterly love Kappa Delta president vice-president secretary treasurer fl pledge director Barbara Williams Sandra Kelly Eileen Myers Mi mi Krayer Marcia Bnreh And what kind of a game is this? Do you all really come from the hills? Kappa Delta was founded at Longwood College. Farmville. Virginia, on October 23. 1897. Seventeen girls on Tbe American Uni- versity campus formed Sigma Pbi Delta, and in 1943 became recognized as Beta Iota cbapter of Kappa Delta one of ninety-eight national chapters. The colors are green and white. The pin is diamond shaped with a border of pearls. Toward the bottom of the pin ap- pears the Green letters AOT. Greek letters KD are placed in the middle of gold on black, and a sword at the top. The flower is the white rose. Purpose of Kappa Delta is to promote true friendship, fellowship, and sis- terly love. Beta Iota chapter helps the National Kappa Delta philanthropy of aiding Crip- pled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Vir- ginia. In their own service projects they send food baskets to needy families and have scholarships set for their members. PS Q ft « .1. r 2 1l i Cindy Aitken Lenore Armaghanian Barbara Berry Ann Bos Marilyn Brown Marcia Burch Grace Burr Nancy Candish Alicia Cassians Cynthis Clode Mary Lee Cummings Pat Ellis Donna Good Emily Goodwin Janet Green Margaret Harrison Brenda Hencke Carol Johnson Sherry Johnson Janet Kahwaty Sandra Kelly Mimi Krayer Toni Kucinski Ginny Laubensteen Elizabeth Lutz Cathy Maday Elizabeth McLean Betty Lou Milne Margaret Moore Harriet Moyer Kay Mulac Eileen Myers Nancy Myers Gail Narehood Carol Nickolas Ann Nottingham Bobbi Perrell Cathi Ryan Pam Salisbury Carol Ann Smith Sandra Sours Barbara Williams Gail Yates beta iota i B ft $ Sorority fraternity 14 " ) engaging in charitable works Phi Mu president Virginia Whitney vice president Barbara Diggs secretary Judi Powell treasurer Carla van den Berg pledge director . Josette Outlaw Big plans for keeping the room trim. TALON Skit Night winners with ... Mr. Magoo Goes To A.U. Phi Mu sorority was founded on March 4, 1852, at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia. Originally known as the Philo- mathean Society, it is the second oldest women ' s fraternity in the United States. Phi Mu presently has eighty-one collegiate chap- ters. Gamma Delta chapter was chartered in 1933 and was the first National Panhellenic group on The American University campus. The Phi Mu badge is a shield of gold overlaid with black bearing three stars and a hand clasping a heart. The colors are pink and white with the flower being the En- chantress Carnation. Besides campus activities, the sorority engages in charitable works and the pledges strive toward participating in social service activities before initiation. C% ft t3 «9 ft r ' »f lc -it W ., Ann Campbell Gail Ceranton Linda Chandler Carolyn Charles Jerri Chase Emily Coburn Linda Cudahy Marion Dieste Barbara Diggs Peggy Everett Carloyn Groveman Anne Haynes Sheryl Herrington Harriet Hunter Elizabeth Hyde gamma delta Kay Kintner Louise LeBourhis Carol Jean Lockwood Wendy Lohman Barbara Lowden Janet Mann Martha Mulvin Sandra Orletsky Josette Outlaw- Judith Powell Jo Ann Romano Nancy Shoemaker Susan Strand Kathy Uhlmann Carla van den Berg Jerolyn Walker Lynn White Virginia Whitney Leona Williams « ' gi$tft t} A t Of a Sorority fraternity 151 WHAT IS F This is a question that is asked over and over by freshmen when they enter a university. In fact some men go through college without a realization of the depth of its meaning. Fraternity is a harmonious union of men, linked together by the common bond of brotherhood. It is an association of men bound together for life, an association which is founded in friend- ship and whose design is mutual benefit for those who are privi- leged to share in it. With this privilege comes responsibility to the fraternity and to the men the individual calls brother. There is also the responsibility of the fraternity to its members. It is that of making him a whole man, both scholastically and socially so that on his emergence from his college career he may be better prepared to serve his fellowman and his community. Long live fraternity, a word which has so much significance to those who know its meaning and realize its value. Inter-Fraternity Council The Inter-Fraternity Council of The American University functions as the legisla- tive body of all fraternal organizations of a social nature and as the coordinator of all inter-fraternal activities. The Council is composed of three representatives of the five respective fraternities on the campus. The goal of the IFC is to promote the highest values of fraternal life at the Uni- versity by establishing closer cooperation among the fraternities and with the ad- ministration. Among the highlights of the traditional activities which are sponsored by the IFC are the Inter-Fraternity Spring Formal and the Orphan ' s Day Dinner. Its members also participate with the Panhellenic Council in Songfest activities. The Council presents an award to the fraternity with the highest scholastic average. This year, in addition to the traditional activities, the Council worked with the Good Will Industries in their col- lection of materials. first row seated: B. Cooper, D. Kaufmnn. second row: F. Presson, A. Ferraro. J. McLean, L. Potterfield, K. Gross, B. Pollock. P. Finfer, president; A. Rachel, vice president; J. Hecox, secretary ; third row: Dr. Wadsworth, advisor; F. Carriger, treasurer; A. Warner. P. O ' Neil. Sorority fraternity 153 to better the man Alpha Sigma Phi presiden vice president secretary treasurer Jon Hecox Jack Bishop Skip Morgan Bob Kessler I can ring the bell louder than you all. Where ' s your light, Rich? Alpha Sigma Phi. organized on Decem- ber 6, 1845 by three enterprising youths in the college town of New Haven, Connecti- cut, became a local fraternity on The Amer- ican University campus in 1937 under the name of Phi Epsilon Alpha. The present Beta Chi chapter affiliated in 1940 with the national fraternity Alpha Kappa Pi which merged with Alpha Sigma Plii and assumed the latter ' s name. The purpose of Alpha Sig. is to " better the man. " The fraternity colors are cardinal and stone, the pin of gold and black has the Greek letters Alpha Sigma Phi placed across the bottom of its shield, and the open book with feather rest at its top. Philanthropies include locally on cam- pus several set traditions as in Sig. Olympics, and aiding in Orphans " Day Dinner. J A f r,, s .J ; r-»- f.„J L.« " J- J CT - Cj -.-j c Tony Almario Jack Bishop Joe Blackburn Richard Boyer Bob Caldwell William Coyle Mike Desmaretz Dave Doering Jim England Peyton Ford Bill Garcia Richard Gerard Bob Gongloff Jim Hammond Bob Hawk beta chi Charles Hellringle Jack Hesson Ken Kadala Robert Kessler Dick Leedy Frank LoBianco Ted Michos Skip Morgon John Oliphant Mike Parker Al Pollock Lee Potterfield Ed Reddington John Reel Brian Sealy Dick Snoke p o O P O ! o q a o -- Sorority fraternity 155 united in christian brotherhood Alpha Tau Omega Al Rachel Bruce Tucker Dick LeRoy Winkie Green Stan Jones O 1 The pride of the fraternity, Dammit. It ' s straight . . . Pepsi, that is. In Richmond, Virginia, on September 11. 1865, three young cadets from the Vir- ginia Institute founded Alpha Tau Omega, the first Greek-letter fraternity organized after the Civil War. The prime purpose of the founders was to unite in Christian brotherhood the young men of the South and the North. Destined to become a national frater- nity. Alpha Tau Omega has, with care and selection, expanded to include undergrad- uate chapters in 117 leading colleges and universities. Its members now number over 70.000. The growth of Alpha Tau Omega is a tribute to its founders who foresaw an international organization based upon edu- cation, public service and Christian philos- ophy. The American University Epsilon Iota chapter was founded on January 30, 1943. The fraternity colors are azure blue and gold. Familiarly known as the " Maltese Cross, " the badge consists of a circular cen- ter field and four arms. The center and the arms are black enamel and the inscription devices thereon are gold. Philanthropies include the establish- ment and development of Help Week from the National chapter, which is now used by many national fraternities. II ft 9 P , f! ; , epsilon iota Harry Ballman Jim Beck Dallas Berry John Bosley John Butler Charles Covell Randy Debnam Don DeLong Bill Garvin Don Grant Frank Green Steve Hershey Jack Isleib Charles Jenkins Tommy Kurtz Sonny Laws Bob Lindquist Lee Lockman Archie Loustalot Earl Martin Blanton McDanald Tom Moftses James Patton Dick Peterson Dick Preston Al Rachel Phil Rhynehart Dave Ross Dave Rowe George Shugars Bill Simpson Dick Skelly John Slacks Randy Story Walt Sweeney Jim Toner Cris Tsucalas Rusty Wagner Al Warner ■f -J I J - m ' 7 , A±L fkA: P f P Sorority fraternity 157 introduced deferred rush Phi Epsilon Pi president Paul Finfer vice president Gene Kluth recording secretary Steve Lapidus corresponding secretary Kenny Fritz treasurer Steve Karsch I think this whole thing is fixed. A few friends visit the pad. Phi Epsilon Pis history starts five years ago when thirteen young and ambitious men founded The American University ' s first nonsectarian fraternity. Delta Chi. After a year. Delta Chi became officially recognized as a local fraternity and received a new name: Tau Delta Chi. On June 6, 1957. Tau Delt became nationally affiliated with Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity, and twenty-eight men became charter members of the Beta Beta chapter. The fraternity colors are purple and gold. Their shield is gold and black sur- rounded by pearls. The Greek letters Phi Epsilon Pi emerge diagonally across the face of the pin. Phi Ep. introduced Deferred Rush this year on campus, and are active in philan- thropic programs as Orphans ' Dinner and the Goodwill Industries. CS-- q fli o « tt r5 JO Ci Ira Bloom Sandy Ashen Charles Becker Morty Benow itz Steve Berkowitz Joel Bernstein Stuart Bernstein Paul Elkins Mike Engelhardt Paul Finfer Ronald Friedman Ken Fritz Dick Hinderstein Harold Hoffman Steve Karsch Dick Kaufman Gene Kluili Irwin Kornhlau Joel Keibowitz Bill Lemer Dick Levine Morty Levine Lee Lush Arnie Mandel Donald Mensh Frank Paulson Al Pressman Dave Shane Peter Sheib Len Sloan Bob Stern Jack Teich Ron Tonkin Bob Turell Saul Weinberg Dick Weinroth beta beta Ht 1 1 Cj l i ? J I ! • ?» O Sorority fraternity 159 brotherhood, scholarship, and character Phi Sigma Kappa president vice-president secretary treasurer inductor Larry Betzler Bob Hughes Dick Pulsifier Steve Gould Al Ferraro The ears have it. Saturday is work day. SEL Phi Sigma Kappa was founded on March 15, 1873, by six men on the campus of the University of Massachusetts to pro- mote brotherhood, scholarship, and char- acter among the elite of the college students. Since that date the fraternity has spread across the nation still pursuing those same goals. In 1936 the Epsilon Triton chapter was formed at American University. The fraternity pin is solid gold Greek letters. The Sigma Kappa letters act as a background for the letter Phi which is out- lined in pearls. The colors of Phi Sigma Kappa are magenta and silver. Phi Sig. is active in many programs on the campus, and offer traditional events to the student body. ▲it wfc Aifed fe 6 J 4 Amk kz-. k k tj Pete Ackermann Lew Atchison Ray Bauman Burt Bright Fletcher Carriger Frank Cohen Bob Devaney Bob Eggenschiller epsilon triton Al Ferraro Rich Gatti Steve Gould Bob Hughes Donald Judson Walt King Jack Katalinas Ralph Lynburner Danny Margolis Bill O ' Brien Dick Pulsifer Joe Raimondo Bill Sass Frank Scotlon Hank Ulrich Paul Waugaman Bill Weignig Howard Witt h P Q p 4 k AmM± ■ct p a o ; J5 a f a ti» Sorority fraternity 161 brotherhood, spirit, good will towards the community Tau Epsilon Phi president vice president secretary treasurer pledge master Glenn Carlson Barry Pollock Hugh Reilly Ted Awad Kenneth Gross Place your $2 bets here. Friends enjoying rush. Tau Epsilon Phi was founded on Oc- tober 10, 1910 at Columbia University by several young students in the Department of Pharmacy. The Alpha Beta chapter is the newest fraternity on campus. On September 30, 1957, a group of students who. because of deep rooted convictions, felt there was a very definite need of another fraternity on The American University campus formed together in brotherhood. The fraternity colors are lavender and white. Their shield is gold black and studded pearls with the Greek letters TEP appear- ing down the black shield. The Alpha Beta chapter recognizes the many achievements of its members and gives a few special awards, but the most valued awards are " The Best Fraternity Man " and " The Scholastic Award. " « p e o Ted Awad Glenn Carlson Anthony Chaitin Sheldon Contract Marty Cohen Robert Dellavalle David Fitch Marvin Fried alpha beta Bill Gerber Ken Gross Alvin Jewler Hardy Katz William McDuffie Don Osarnow Terry Pikus Barry Pollock Hugh Reilly Don Rozicer Al Steiner Ivan Volgyes Don Wolosenlsa Boyd Work Mark Zimmerman Sorority fraternity 163 - ! accomplishing objectives through attention to Administration and Department Chairmen the president HURST R. ANDERSON LL.D., L.H.D.. LL.D., LITT.D. 166 administration department chairmen STAFFORD H. CASSELL Assistant to the President Mr. Cassell, receiving his degree from Pennsylvania State, came to A.U. as Field Representative and Director of Athletics. After the Navy, he returned to A.U. and is now assistant to the President. DONALD DERBY Dean of Administration Dr. Derby, came to A.U. in 1947 after obtaining degrees from Bowdin College and Harvard. A member of Phi Beta Kappa he enjoys boating, photography, and writing book reviews for the " Springfield Republican. " RICHARD M. BRAY Associate Dean of Administration Dean Bray, coming to A.U. from Washington State Col- lege in 1954, received his degrees from the University of Colorado. Working his way up to his present position he is a member of Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Sigma Alpha, and Lambda Alpha. WILLIAM O. NICHOLLS Treasurer of The American University Mr. Nicholls, who received his degrees from Syracuse University is active in the Association of College and Llniversily Business Officers. To relax, his hobbies include camping and photography. ■ LOIS E. TORRENCE Registrar Miss Lois Torrence graduated with a M.A. degree from Southern Methodist University. Besides being a member of the American Association of University Women, Miss Torrence is both a golf enthusiast and a basketball fan. JOHN WAKEFIELD Director of Admissions Mr. John Wakefield graduated from American Universtiy with a B.S. degree. With varied interests, he works with do-it-yourself articles and plays golf. L- K »- ttLA«K- ANNE JENSEN Librarian Miss Anne Jensen has been the librarian since 1930. She obtained her A.B. and B.S. in L.S. from the University of Illinois. She is a member of Who ' s Who in America and an officer in the Law Librarian ' s Society. HELEN CHATFIELD University Archivist Miss Helen Chatfield ' s education has been informal, self- directed, in association with cultivated people and by extensive reading. Besides her work at American Uni- versity she is a member of several professional societies. EDWARD W. BAUMAN University Chaplain Dr. Edward Bauman obtained his S.T.B. and Ph.D. from the Boston University. Dr. Bauman wrote a book on prayer titled " Intercessory Prayer " plus several other articles, and is the first instructor in the Washington area to offer a college credit course over a television network. HARRY CULLIS Alumni Secretary Mr. Harry Cullis is himself an alumnus of the American University graduating in 1953 with B.S. Interested in churchwork. he is presently the audio-visual chairman of the Alexandria District of the Methodist Church. general administration RALPH C. JOHN Ph.D. Dean, The College oj Arts and Sciences HAROLD A. DURFEE Ph.D. Humanities LEO SCHUBERT Ph.D. Natural Sciences and Mathematics %- :± -- -- administration schools and colleges ■ The Deans and Faculty members of The American University are willing at all times to aid the students. Each student has an ad- visor to advise him in selecting his course of study. WILLIAM L. WEIFENBACH, JR. Ph.B. J Associate Dean, The College oj Arts and Sciences CHARLES K. TRUEBLOOl) Ph.D. Social Science WILLETT M. KEMPTON M.A. Communication and Education administration schools and colleges ERNEST S. GRIFFITH D.Phil., Litt.D. International Service CATHERYN SECKLER- HUDSON Ph.D. Government and Public Administration JOHN S. MYERS LL.B. W ashington College of Law RICHARD W. VAN WAGENEN Ph.D. Graduate School NATHAN A. BAILY Ph.D. Business Administration SAMUEL E. BURR, JR. Ed.D. Director of Off-Campus and In-Service Program 170 administration department chairmen TilhK- j CHARLES W. VAN WAY, JR. Assistant Dean of Students. Foreign Student Advisor ALBERT W. BODLT Ed.D. Dean of Students JOHN E. WORTHEN Assistant Dean of Students Director of Housing office of student personnel The Office of Student Personnel con- trols disciplinary activities, confirms over- nights, permissions and aids Student Court, Sorority and Fraternity rush. ROBERT W. JONES Director of Student Placement PATRICIA SCHILLER Director of Counseling and Guidance SUSAN S. OLSON MA. Dean of Women; Associate Dean of Students CLORIA KERMISCH Supervisor of the Infirmary administration department chairmen 171 BEN L. SUMMERFORD, An Mr. Summerford received his M.A. from The American University. He studied in France on a Fulbright Scholar- ship. He has had one man shows at the Baltimore Mu- seum and Jefferson Place Gallery. CHARLES M. CLARK, English Dr. Clark received his Ph.D. at Cornell in 1912. He is secretary-treasurer of ODK and was president of the Uni ' versity Honor Society in 1956-57. He is interested in the theater, appearing in several plays. department HUGO J. MUELLER, Languages Dr. Mueller received his Ph.D. at the University of Ham- burg. Germany. In 1950, he served as the German con- sultant at the Foreign Service Institute of the Department of State. GORDON H. SMITH. Music Dr. Smith is a well-rounded musician and an active par- ticipant in campus activities. He is director of the Chorus, for which he composes music and is advisor to the Music 172 administration department chairmei JACK H. YOCUM, Speech and Dramu Dr. Yoium is a member of ODK, Delta Sigma Rho, and several other honorary organizations, is often found in the Snack Bar on weekdays enjoying a cup of coffee with the A.U. Players after rehearsals. MELVILLE J. ULMER, Economics Ur. Ulmer graduated from Columbia. He received the Fulbright Lecturer Award in 1958-5° and was the recipient of a grant for research. Dr. L ' lmer has also written many books and articles for his field. chairmen BANCROFT W. SITTERLY. Physics Dr. Sitterly first came to The American University in 1947. In preparation for his appointment to a college staff, he completed work for his B.A., M.A., and Ph.U. at Princeton. SUMNER 0. BURHOE, Biology Dr. Burhoe received his Ph.D. from Harvard. Currently he is president of the A.L T . Honor Society and a membei of the National Honor Society and the American Genetics Association. idministration department chairmen 173 ERNST POSNER, History Dr. Posner first came to The American University in 1939. In preparation for his appointment to a college staff, he completed work for his Ph.D. at the University of Berlin, Germany. department HARVEY C. MOORE, Sociology and Anthropology Dr. Moore, graduate of the University of New Mexico, has been at American University since 1951. His main inter- ests lie in the field work with the Navaho Indians and South African peoples. JOHN W. DEVOR, Education Dr. Devor received both a B.A. and a M.A. from the Uni- versity of Kansas. Later, he completed his work for his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago. 174 administration department chairmen JOHN H. SMITH, Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Smith received his academic training for his B.A. at Iowa State Teachers College. He graduated with a M.B.A. and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. chairmen JOHN W. FREY, Geology Dr. Frey received his B.S. from the University of Chi- cago; then he completed his work for his Ph.D. at Wis- consin. Dr. Frey came to American University in 1947, and enjoys traveling all over the world. DAVID CARRASCO, Physical Education Mr. Carrasco finished his undergraduate work at Texas Western College with a B.A. At Maryland University, he completed his work for a M.A. administration department chairmen 175 I III AMI ! ' !( AN I M I I ' -I I ( ()MMI:NC1:MI:.V accomplishing objectives through anticipation by Seniors and Graduates RONALD C. ADAMS Blossburg, Pennsylvania B.A. Physical Education Adam ' s Atoms Independent Athletic Association 1,2,3,4; Jr. Varsity Basket- ball 1; Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4; Circle K 3 ; Intramural Football 1.2,3,4 ; Intra- mural Basketball 1,2,3,4; Orientation Board 4; Sophomore Skit 2; Inde- pendent Intramural Representative to Intramural Council 4; Outstanding Independent Intramural Athlete 3. JOHN ALLERTON Alexandria, Virginia B.A. Communication 1 ; Orientation Board EAGLE 1. LEWIS F. ATCHISON, JR. Washington, D. C. B.A. Communication Transfer; SAM 4; Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4 Inductor; Fraternity Football 4; Fraternity Track 2; Intramural Foot- ball 2,3,4; Intramural Basketball 2,3,4; Intramural Baseball 2,3,4; Intramural Track 2,3,4; Sports Publicity Director 4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Newman Club 4. JOYCE M. BARNETT Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania B.A. Communication WAMU Staff 1,2.3,4 Continuity Direc tor. RAYMOND W. BAUMANN Mountain Lakes, New Jersey B.A. Government Phi Sigma Kappa 1,2,3,4; Varsity Track 1, 2; Cross Country 2, 3. MARTHA E. BAWMGARTNER Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Transfer. 178 seniors graduates HARRIETTE N. BENNETT Silver Spring, Maryland B.A. Elementary Education Spanish Club 1; Hillel 2,3 Social Chairman; Sigma Rho 2, 3 President; Alpha Epsilon Phi 3 President, 4; Pan Hellenic Council 2,3; Hillel Queen 3. FRANCINE A. BERNSTEIN Scranton, Pennsylvania B.A. Elementary Education Alpha Epsilon Phi 3,4; Hillel 1,2; Student National Education Associa- tion 2,3; TALON Queen Candidate 2. STUART A. BERNSTEIN Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Transfer; Phi Epsilon Pi 3,4; SAM 3,4. WILMA E. BERNSTEIN Washington, D. C. B.A. Education Transfer; Sigma Rho 3; Alpha Epsi- lon Phi 3,4; TALON Princess 3; Phi Epsilon Pi Fraternity Sweetheart 3. MICHAEL H. BECK New York, N. Y. B.S. Accounting Transfer; Adam ' s Atoms Independent Athletic Association 2,3,4; Intramural Tennis 2,3,4; Intramural Basketball 3; Intramural Softball 2,3,4; Intramural Bowling 4; Intramural Football 3; Chess Club 3; SAM 2,3; Orientation Board 4; Hillel 2; McDowell Hall Vice-President 2. KATHERINE C. BINDEWALD Greenville, South Carolina B.S. Nursing Education Transfer; Newman Club 2,3,4. JANE C. BISSETT Washington, D. C. B.A. Education Transfer; Methodist Student Move- ment 3,4; Student National Education Association 4. JOSEPH R. BLACKBURN New York, New York B.S. Economics Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2,3,4; Orientation Board 2,3; Economics Club 4; Debate Club 3; Intramural Football 4; Intra- mural Volleyball 4; Intramural Soft- ball 4. JOHN B. BOSLEY, JR. Cheverly, Maryland B.S. Business Administration Transfer; Alpha Tau Omega 3,4; SAM 3,4. JOHN P. BOYLE Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Transfer; SAM 3,4; Track 3,4. HAROLD O. BRADSHAW Washington, D. C. B.S. Accounting SAM 4; Economics Club 4; Newman Club 4. BURTON K. BRIGHT Washington, D. C. B.A. Business Administration Transfer; SAM 3,4; WAMU 4; Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; The American Uni- versity Players 3,4; Alpha Psi Omega 4. ANNE F. BRYSON Wilmington, Delaware B.A. English Transfer; OUR TOWN Cast 3. DAVID R. BUGLER Port Washington, New York B.A. English Economics Club 1; SAM 1; Canter- bury Club 1, 2 Vice-President, 3 Re- ligious Board, 4 President. PEGGY BURGESS Washington, D. C. B.A. Music Mu Phi Epsilon 4. GRACE M. BURR Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey B.A. English Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Swimming Team 3,4; Apple Blos- som Princess 3; Homecoming Candi- date 4. JOHN G. BUTLER, JR. Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Transfer; Alpha Tau Omega 3,4; Social Chairman 4; Intramural Sports 3,4; Orientation Board 4; SAM 4. NANCY E. CANDISH Fort Howard, Maryland B.A. Elementary Education Transfer; Kappa Delta 3,4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4; Cheerleader 4; Intramural Sports 3; Student National Education Association 4; Homecoming Princess 4. seniors graduates 179 JOHN F. CARRIGER Lookout Mountain, Tennessee B.A. Economics Transfer; Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4; Inter-Fraternity Council 2, 3 Secretary, 4 Treasurer; Orientation Board 3, 4 Co-Chairman; TALON 4 Greek Sec- tion Editor; Pan Athnon Club 2; Asclepius Society 2; International Relations Club 2. ANNE M. COHEN Washington, D. C. B.A. Elementary Education Delta Gamma 3,4; Cheerleader 3; Hockey 3 ; Student National Education Association 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 4. FRANK M. COHEN Washington, D. C. B.A. History Phi Sigma Kappa 2 Inductor, 3 Secre- tary, 4 President; Inter Fraternity Council 4. CHARLES L. COVELL Annandale, Virginia B.A. History Alpha Tau Omega 2,3,4. RONALD W. CRAWFORD Richmond. Virginia B.A. Sociology Transfer; Track 3; Newman Club 1,2 3,4. ROBERT J. CROWLEY Silver Spring, Maryland B.S. Business Administration SAM 3, 4 Publicity Committee. 180 senior graduates SOFIA CUKIER San Salvador, El Salvador B.S. Business Administration SAM 1,2,3.4, Social Chairman 3, Secre- tary 4; Women ' s " A " Club 1,2,3,4; Secretary 2, President 3, Vice Presi- dent 4; Economics Club 1, College Council 2,3,4; Women ' s Regulations Board 3,4; Orientation Board 4. BEVERLY E. DIETZ Hyattsville, Maryland B.A. Elementary Education Hillel 1 ; Student National Education Association 3, 4. NADINE M. DERR Bridgeport, Connecticut B.A. Psychology Canterbury Club 3,4 Secretary; Bridge Club 3; Religiou s Board 3; Pi Gamma Mu 4. ROBERT A. DEVANEY Washington, D. C. B.A. Mathematics Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4 Treasurer; Newman Club 3 ; Asceplius Society 3 ; Math Club 4. JOAN Z. DIAMENT Washington, D. C. B.A. Elementary Education MARION E. DIESTE B.A. Silver Spring, Maryland Music Phi Mu 3,4; Mu Phi Epsilon 4 Vice- President; Chorus 2,3,4; TALON 4. BARBARA A. DIGGS Rockville, Maryland B.A. English Women ' s A Club 1,2,3 Secretary, 4 President; Phi Mu 1 Pledge President, 2,3 Treasurer, 4 Vice-President; Stu- dent Union Committee 1 ; Publications Committee 2 ; Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3; Women ' s Residence Council 3; Mary Graydon House Council 3; College Council 4; Student Health and Welfare Committee 4; Homecoming Dance Committee. PAUL J. DOLKOS Alexandria, Virginia B.A. Economics WAMU 1; TALON 1,2,3; EAGLE 1,2,3; WRITER 2; BALD EAGLE 4 Business Manager; Finance Committee 2,3; Publicity Committee 3 Chairman; Campus Center Board 3; Sigma Delta Chi 3,4 Treasurer; Pi Delta Epsilon 2,3,4 Vice-President; Economics Club 1. FRANCINE EFRON Washington, D. C. B.S. Government Hillel 1,2; Political Club 3, Secretary 4; Orientation Board 3; Social Com- mittee 3,4; WAMU 1; Alpha Epsilon Phi 1,2,3 Secretary, 4 Treasurer; Pi Sigma Alpha 3,4. RICHARD L. ESHLEMAN Annville, Pennsylvania B.A. Physical Education ARTHUR K. EHLE, JR. Falls Church, Virginia B.S. Physics Transfer; Chess Club 4. GERALD L. ELLISON Alexandria, Virginia B.S. Biology Transfer. BUDD D. ENDZEL Schenectady, New York B.S. Combined Business Transfer. MARY M. EVERETT Wichita, Kansas B.A. Elementary Education Transfer; Phi Mu 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 4. PAUL M. FINFER Hyattsville, Maryland B.S. Accounting Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2,3 Treasurer, 4 Presi- dent; Inter-Fraternity 4 President; Hillel 1,2,3,4; Social Board 1,2; Orien- tation Board 2,3,4; SAM 1,2,3,4; Intra- mural Football 2,3,4; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3; Intramural Baseball 1,2,3; Intramural Volleyball 1,2,3; Student Association 4 Comptroller. DORIS E. FINN Washington, D. C. BA. Communication Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3,4; Theta Sigma Phi 2,3,4. JUDITH J. FLEISHER Washington, D. C. B.A. Art Alpha Epsilon Phi 1.2,3,4; Hillel 1,2; Art Club 3,4. JOAN FOREMAN Washington, D. C. B.A. Art Delta Gamma 2 Outstanding Pledge Award, 3 Vice-President and Pledge Trainer, 4; Student Art Club 3,4. Methodist Student Movement 1 ; TALON Beauty Princess 3; TALON Beauty Queen Candidate 4. KENNETH J. FOST Belleville, New Jersey B.S. Business Veterans Club 1,2,3; SAM 3,4; Intra mural Sports 3; Homecoming Com mittee 4. PETER K. FRIEND Rockville, Maryland A. A. Communication WAMU 1,2. NANCY L. GEORGE Arlington, Virginia B.A. History Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3,4 Vice-Presi- dent; Pan Hellenic Council 2,3; His- tory Club 3,4; Methodist Student Movement 2,3 ; Campus Center Board 3,4; Elections Committee Chairman 3,4; Intramural Sports 2,3,4; Orienta- tion Board 2,3; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 2,3,4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. MARTIN E. GORDON Silver Spring, Maryland B.S. Accounting STUART A. GOULD Hillside, New Jersey B.A. Statistics JOEL P. GRAY Arlington, Virginia B.A. Communication Transfer; WAMU 3. RICHARD L. GERARD Woodburv Heights, New Jersey B.A. Philosophy Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class President; Student Association 3 Vice-President, 4 President; Inter- Club Council 3; Constitution Revision Committee 2; Kappa Phi Kappa 2,3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4 President; Alpha Sigma Phi 2,3 President, 4; Canterbury Club 1. 2; National Stu- dent Association 2; Inter-Fraternity 3; Selections Committee 3,4; Awards Committee 3,4; John E. Bentley Scholarship 2,3,4. DONALD G. GOLDSOBEL Mount Vernon, New York B.A. Government Transfer; BALD EAGLE 3; Pan Athnon 2; Political Science Club 2,3 Vice-President. MAXINE F. GOODYEAR Washington, D. C. B.A. Education Kappa Delta Epsilon 4; Student National Education Association 2,3. 182 seniors graduates HOMER F. GREEN HI Chevy Chase, Maryland B.S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega 2,3,4; Athletic Board 1; Orientation Board 4; SAM 2,3,4. CAROLYN J. GROVERMAN Milford, Delaware B.S. Business Administration Transfer; Phi Mu 3,4; SAM 3,4; Campus Center Board 4 Chairman Program Committee; TALON 4 Index and Directory Editor. WILLIAM R. HAHMAN Chevy Chase, Maryland B.S. Geology Transfer; Theta Chi 3,4; Men ' s A Club 3; Track 2,3; Geology 3,4; Chem- istry Club 4. KENNETH C. HAMRICK Washington, D. C. B.A. Speech and Drama Methodist Student Movement 1,2,3,4; Soccer 1. ♦ MARGARET L. HARRISON Washington, D. C. B.A. Elementary Education Transfer; Kappa Delta 3,4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4 Secretary; Intra- mural Sports 3,4; Varsity Hockey 4; Student National Education Associa- tion 3,4; Women ' s A Club 4. ROBERT J. HAWK Plainfield. New Jersey B.A. Communication Newman Club 1 ; Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2.3,4; Intramural Fraternity Tennis 2; Intramural Baseball 1; Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4 President; EAGLE 1,2,3 Editor, 4; College Council 3. Transfer. LLOYD E. HERMAN Corvallis, Oregon B.A. Speech and Drama MARVIN F. HIMELFARB Silver Spring, Maryland B.A. Radio and Television Transfer; American University Players 3,4; WAMTJ 2,4. STEPHEN E. HISCOCKS London, England B.S. Chemistry Transfer. MARION E. HAYGOOD Silver Spring, Maryland BA. Education Transfer; Student National Education Association 3,4. JON S. HECOX La Crescenta, California B.S. Economics Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2 Social Chairman and Corresponding Secretary, 3 Treas- urer, 4 President; Campus Center Board 1.2,3 Chairman, 4. BRENDA HENCKE Yonkers, New York B.A. Political Science Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4; Women ' s A Club 1,2,3,4; Westminster Club 1; Inter- national Relations Club 1,2,3,4; Gov- ernment Club 2,3,4; Athletic Board 3; Campus Center Board 4; Social Com- mittee 4. RICHARD HINDERSTEIN Astoria, New York B.S. Business Administration Transfer; Phi Epsilon Pi 2,3 Master- At-Arms, 4 Pledgemaster; Hillel 3; SAM 3; Orientation Board 3; Intra- mural Football 3,4; Intramural Bas- ketball 3,4; Intramural Baseball 3,4. EDSON S. HOCKENBURY Harrisburg, Pennsylvania B.A. Art Varsity Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Intramural Football 1,2,3,4; Intramural Softball 1,2,3,4; Adam ' s Atoms Independent Athletic Club 2,3,4; Varsity " A " Club 2,3,4; Student Art Club 3. ANNA J. HOVERMALE Berkeley Springs, West Virginia B.A. English Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3,4; Methodist Student Movement 1,2; TALON 1,2,3; Geology Club 4; Student National Education Association 4; Residence Regulations Board 3,4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 4. seniors graduates 183 PATRICIA J. HOWES Washington, D. C. B.A. English Transfer; American University Or- chestra 3,4; WRITER 4; Literature Club 4. ROBERT W. HUGHES Arlington, Virginia B.S. Business Transfer; Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3 Vice- President, 4; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; SAM 1,2,3,4; Economics Club 2; Intra- mural Football 2,3; Intramural Basket- ball 3,4; Men ' s A Club. ELIZABETH K. HYDE Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts B.A. English Transfer; Phi Mu 3,4 Rush Chairman; Orientation Board 3; TALON Staff 4. DONALD T. JACKSON Washington, D. C. B.A. Business Administration Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Veterans Club 1,2,3; SAM 1,2,3,4; Religious Board 1,2,3. KENNETH KADALA Washington, D. C. B.A. Education Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2,3,4; Chemistry Club 1 President, 2 President; Spanish Club 3 President, 4 Treasurer; Mathe- matics Club 1 ; American University Players 2; Alpha Phi Omega 2; Alpha Psi Omega 2 Secretary-Treasurer; EAGLE 2; Student National Educa- tion Association 3 Treasurer, 4 Treas- urer; TALON 3 Photographer, 4 Busi- ness Manager; Kappa Phi Kappa 4. ALAN M. KAPLAN Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2,3,4. 181 seniors graduates BARBARA S. KAPLAN Margate City, New Jersey A.A. Education Sigma Rho 1; Hillel 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2; EAGLE Staff 2; Student National Education Association 2,3. BERNICE M. KARETSKY Arlington, Virginia B.A. Education Transfer; Student National Education Association 4. RUTH E. KATZ Washington, D. C. B.A. Education Transfer. RICHARD D. KEHM Arlington, Virginia B.S. Transportation SANDRA L. KELLY West Orange, New Jersey Communication Transfer; Kappa Delta 2,3 Treasurer, 4 Vice-President and Convention Dele- gate; Panhellenic Council 4 President; Extramural Tennis 2,3; Women ' s " A " Club 2,3,4 Secretary; WAMU 2,3; EAGLE 3,4; Homecoming Committee 3,4; Junior Class Secretary; Mary Graydon House Council 3 Treasurer; Women ' s Residence Council 4 Vice- President; Regulations Board 4 Chair- man; College Council Representative 4; Theta Sigma Phi 3,4; Cap and Gown 3,4; Homecoming Queen 4. ROBERT L. KIMMINS Washington, Pennsylvania B. A. History EAGLE 1,2,3,4; TALON 2, History Club 1,2,3 President, 4 President; Pan Athnon 1,2,3 President, 4 Treasurer; Inter-Club Council 3,4; Methodist Student Movement 1,2; Religious Board 2; Student Judiciary 3,4; Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; Phi Gamma Mu 3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa. SAMUEL KLEIN Arlington, Virginia B.A. Economics I»T. LEE F. KLOPP Washington, D. C. Art Student Art Committee 1,2,3,4. DONALD L. KNIGHT Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; College Council 2,3,4; Campus Center Board 2,3,4; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Stu- dent Intramural Director 4; Varsity Baseball 1; SAM 1,4; Orientation Board 2,3,4; Sophomore Class Vice- President; Junior Class Social Chair- man; Program Committee 4 Chair- man; Student Health and Welfare Committee 3; Constitution Committee 4. KENNETH G. KOONS Cape May, New Jersey M.A. History Track 1; History Club 1,2,3,4; West- minster Club 2,3 ; Student National Education Association 3; Phi Alpha Theta 4; Kappa Phi Kappa 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. THOMAS R. KURTZ HI San Diego, California B.A. Economics Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3 Worthy Sen- tinel 4; Varsity " A " Club 1,2,3,4; Var- sity Swimming Club 1,2,3 Co-Captain, 4 Co-Captain; SAM 1; Economics Club 2,3; Canterbury Club 2,3; Orientation Board 3,4. BRUCE LANDIS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.A. History Freshman Basketball; Men ' s Resi- dence Council 2; Kappa Phi Kappa 3.4; History Club 2,3,4. LOUISE M. LeBOURHIS Washington. D. C. B.A. Art Phi Mu 1,2 President, 3 President and Panhellenic Council Delegate, 4 Pan- hellenic Council Delegate. Art Club 1 Treasurer, 2 Treasurer, 3,4; Orienta- tion 2,3; Publicity Committee 3; Cap and Gown 4 President. MORTON H. LEVINE Brooklyn, New York B.S. Business Administration Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2,3,4; Publications Board 1; Campus Center Board 4; Publicity Committee 4. ALAN F. LEVY Chevy Chase, Maryland B.S. Accounting Transfer. CLINTON K. LOKEY Arlington, Virginia B.A. History Chess Club 2,3; History Club 2.3,4. MARGARET L. LONGFELLOW Washington, D. C. B.A. Education Transfer; Delta Gamma 3,4; EAGLE 2 Reporter, 3 News Editor, 4 Editor; Westminster Fellowship 3,4 Presi- dent; Student National Education As- sociation 3,4 Secretary ; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4 President; College Council 4; Campus Center Board 4; Cap and Gown 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4. MARTIN S. LOHMANN Pekin, Illinois B.A. Communication Transfer. seniors graduates 185 PAUL F. MADISON Jersey City, New Jersey- Business Newman Club 1,2,3,4 President; SAM 2,3,4. DANIEL MARGOLIS Washington, D. C. B.A. History Phi Sigma Kappa 1,2 Outstanding Ath- lete, 3 Outstanding Athlete, 4. Inter- Fraternity Council 2. LOUIS R. MAXWELL, JR. Chevy Chase, Maryland B.A. Communication Orchestra 1; Music Club 1. WILLIAM B. McDANALD Silver Spring, Maryland B.S. Accounting Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3 Worthy Chap- lin, 4; Varsity Track 1,2,3,4; Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4; Men ' s " A " Club 2,3,4; SAM 2; Senior Class Treasurer. WILLIAM R. McELWEE Erlton, New Jersey B.A. Philosophy Transfer; Methodist Student Move- ment 3,4 President; Chorus 3,4; Amer- ican University Octet 3,4; Madrigal 3; Inter-Religious Club 4 Chairman; Traffic Committee 4; Student Govern- ment 4; Sigma Theta Epsilon 4 Vice- President. JAMES H. McLEAN Plainfield, New Jersey B.S. Business Administration Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2 Homecoming Committee, 3 Social Chairman, 4 Ac- tivities Chairman; Wrestling 1,2 Cap- tain, 3 Captain, 4 Captain; Athletic Board 2; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Junior-Senior Prom Committee 3; Inter-Fraternity Council 4. DONALD H. MENSH Washington, D. C. B.A. Communication Transfer; Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2,3 Vice- President, 4; Inter-Fraternity Council 2; Orientation Board 2; Junior Class Vice-President; Homecoming Commit- tee 3,4; Intramural Sports 2,3,4; Men ' s Intramural Council 4. SAM Men ' ROBERT G. MERRILEES Arlington, Virginia B.S. Business Administration 1,4; Varsity Swimming 2,3,4; i " A " Club 3,4. RITA MEYER Hillside, New Jersey B.A. Elementary Education Freshman Council; Sophomore Dinner Dance Committee; Student National Education Association 1.2,3,4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 2,3,4; Hillel 2,3,4; Homecoming Committee 3; Orienta- tion Board 4; Campus Center Board 4. MILDRED MILLHISER Richmond, Virginia B.A. Philosophy Transfer; Elections Committee 3; Campus Center Board 3; Women ' s Residence Council 3 Vice-President, 4 President; Cap and Gown 3,4; Pi Gamma Mu 3,4. JANIE M. MITCHELL Shippensburg, Pennsylvania B.A. French TALON Staff 4. JAMES E. MONA Pawlucket, Rhode Island B.A. Communication Veterans Club 4. NATALIE A. MORGAN Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania B.A. Elementary Education MAREN ANN MORTENSEN Arlington, Virginia B.A. English Transfer; Alpha Chi Omega 3,4. THOMAS J. MURPHY Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Transfer; Newman Club 4: SAM 4. DONALD C. NELSON Oklahoma City, Oklahoma B.S. Business Administration Transfer; Intramural Football 3,4 Intramural Basketball 3,4; SAM. 3,4 Methodist Student Movement 3,4 Sigma Theta Epsilon 3,4 President Hurst R. Anderson Debate Society 3,4 Alpha Phi Omega 2,3,4. ALAN N. NEVIN Silver Spring, Maryland B.A. Communication Transfer; WAMU 3,4; BALD EAGLE 3,4; TALON Organization Section Edi- tor 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 4. WILLIAM S. O ' BRIEN Bayonne, New Jersey B.S. Business Administration Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Bas- ketball 3,4; Phi Sigma Kappa 3,4; Senior Class Vice-President. HEIDI R . OFFENBERGER Larchmont, New York B.A. Radio-TV-Theater Transfer; Delta Gamma 2,3,4; Panhel- lenic Council 3 Secretary, 4; House Council 2 Secretary; Rules and Regu- lations Board 3; Health and Welfare Board 3,4; Homecoming Committee 3,4; German Club 3; WAMU 2,3,4 American University Players 3,4 EAGLE Reporter 4; Zeta Phi Eta 4 Phi Delta Epsilon 4. JOSETTE M. OUTLAW Arlington, Virginia B.A. English Transfer; Phi Mu 2.3,4; Orientation Board 3,4. GARY L. PALSGROVE Washington. D. C. B.S. Business Administration SAM 1,2,3,4; Varsity Wrestling 1; In- tramural Baseball 2 ; Intramural Swimming 3,4; Varsity Swimming 3,4; Varsity Track 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2,3,4. NICHOLAS J. PAPPAS Hyattsville, Maryland B.A. Business Administration SAM 3 Membership Chairman, 4 Vice- President. ANNE L. NOTTINGHAM Alexandria, Virginia B.A. Elementary Education Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4; Varsity Hockey 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3; Women ' s " A " Club 3,4; Methodist Student Move- ment 1; Canterbury Club 2. JANE PARKER Washington, D. C. B.A. Elementary Education Transfer; Student National Education Association 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Epsi- lon 4. seniors graduates 187 FRANKLIN PAULSON Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2 Constitution Com- mittee, 3 Scholarship Committee and Corresponding Secretary, 4; Hillel 1,2 Treasurer, 3 President, 4; SAM 1,2 Public Relations Committee, 3 Comp- troller, 4 President; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Varsity Track 1; Religious Council 3: Campus Center Board 3; Orientation Committee 3; College Council 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4. JOHN T. PETERSON Alexandria, Virginia B.S. Business Administration Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Veterans Club 1,2. DAVID H. PICKERING Alexandria, Virginia B.A. Economics Economics Club 1,2; Debate Club 1,2; Chess Club 1.2; Pan-Anthon 2; SAM 4. THOMAS L. PIKE Lisbon, Ohio B.S. Business TERRY PIKUS Dover, Delaware B.S. Marketing Transfer; Alpha Beta Phi 3,4; SAM 3,4; Hillel 3. GLENN D. PINDER Miami, Florida B.A. Psychology Transfer. 188 seniors graduates SUE H. POULTON Washington, D. C. B.A. Economics Transfer; Economics Club 3; Christian Science Organization 4; EAGLE Staff 4. JUDITH P. POWELL Florence. South Carolina B.A. Music Phi Mu 3 Song Fest Director, 4 Secre- tary; Women ' s Residence Council 4; Hughes Hall House Council 4; Ori- entation Board 3,4. ALBERT A. RACHEL B.S. Industrial Management Alpha Tau Omega 1 Social Chairman, 2 Secretary, 3 Secretary, 4 President; Inter-Fraternity Council 4 Vice-Presi- dent; SAM 1,2,3,4; Economics Club 1,2; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; American University Players 3,4; Arts Board 2; Co-Editor— " Meet the Greeks " 3. CHARLES W. REYNOLDS Washington, D. C. B.A. Psychology Transfer; Canterbury Club 2,3,4; German Club 4. PHILO H. RHYNEHART Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Transfer. LESLIE A. ROSS Essex, Maryland B.A. Communication Baptist Student Union 4. MAY S. ROSS Belmar, New Jersey B.A. Elementary Education Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3 Vice-President, 4; Methodist Student Movement 1,2 Secretary, 3 Vice-President, 4; Pan Athnon 1; Chorus 1; Social Board 2; Religious Board 2; Religious Em- phasis Week 2 Co-Chairman; Campus Center Board 3; College Council 3,4; Homecoming Committee 3 Chairman; Intramural Sports 2,3; Women ' s " A " Club 3,4; Student National Education Association. DAVID W. ROWE Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega 2,3,4; Men ' s " A " Club 2 Vice-President, 3 Outstanding Member; Varsity Track 1,2,3,4; Home- coming Committee 2,3; SAM 1; Col- lege Council 3,4. JANE RUNNER Washington, D. C. B.A. Sociology Transfer; Newman Club 4. MURIEL S. SAPHIR Arlington, Virginia B.A. Radio-TV-Theater Transfer; EAGLE Staff 1; American University Players 1,2 Secretary, 3,4; Best Actress of the Year 1; TALON Staff 2; Alpha Psi Omega 2,3,4, Vice- President ; Zeta Phi Eta 3,4 Treasurer. WILLIAM E. SASS Baltimore, Maryland B.S. Business Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4; Varsity Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4; Newman Club 1,2; Var- sity Track 1; Varsity Baseball 3; SAM 4; College Council 4. DAVID B. SCHAIN Hyattsville, Maryland B.A. Communication Phi Epsilon Pi 3.4; WAMU 1,2,3,4 MARCI SCHNER Atlantic City, New Jersey B.A. Elementary Education Dance Committee 1; Hillel 1,2; Stu- dent National Education Association 1,2; Sigma Rho 1,2; Kappa Delta Epsi- lon 3,4; Homecoming Committee 4. RICHARD P. SCHULZE, JR. Chevy Chase, Maryland B.S. Business Administration Transfer; SAM 3. ESTHER P. SHUMAN Washington, D. C. B.A. Sociology Music Club 1; Chorus 2,3; Methodist Student Movement 3,4; Pi Gamma Mu 4. ELLEN L. SCHWARZSCHILD Richmond, Virginia B.A. Communication Executive Board 1; Athletic Board 1; Women ' s Tri-Council 1 Social Chair- man; McCabe Dormitory 1 President; American University Players 2; EAGLE Staff 2,3 News Editor; Ori- entation Board 2,3; Sophomore Queen; Women ' s Residence Council 3 Vice-President, 4 President; Residence Regulations Board 3 Chairman; Stu- dent Court 3; College Council 3 Judi- ciary Committee, 4 Secretary; Theta Sigma Phi 3,4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4; Cap and Gown 3,4; Pi Gamma Mu 3,4; Phi Epsilon Pi Dreamgirl 3. FRANK W. SCOTTON Needham. Massachusetts B.A. International Relations Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3.4; Inter-Frater- nity Council 3; Soccer 1,2; Track 1,2; Cross Country 2,3,4; Men ' s " A " Club 2,3,4; College Council 2.3.4; Philoso- phy Club 1,4; Orientation Board 3,4; Athletic Council 4: Class President 3,4. SALLY A. SCRIMGEOUR Silver Spring. Maryland B.A. Communication Transfer; TALON 3 Layout Editor, 4 Editor; Student Council 4; Orienta- tion Board 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4 Historian; Christian Science Organiza- tion 4; TALON Award 3; Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl 3. seniors graduates 189 RUTH A. SEABRIGHT Alexandria, Virginia B.A. Music Transfer; Choral Club 2,3,4; Mu Phi Epsilon 3,4. BRIAN E. SEALY Mineola, New York B.S. Geology Geology Club 3,4; Alpha Sigma Phi 2,3,4. BARBARA P. SEGALL Cliffside Park, New Jersey B.A. Elementary Education Dance Commiteee 1,2; Hillel 1.23; Student National Education Associa- tion 2,3; Inter-Fraternity Queen Can- didate 3; Alpha Epsilon Phi 4. SONDRA SEGALL Newark, New Jersey B.A. Communication WAMU 1 Music Director, 2 Music Di- rector, 3 Business Man ager, 4 Business Manager; Theta Sigma Phi 3,4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4 Secretary-Treasurer; BALD EAGLE 3 Secretary. SANDRA J. SHAPIRO Margate City, New Jersey B.A. Education Hillel 1,2,3,4; Religious Board 1; House Council 1 Treasurer; Orienta- tion Board 4; Campus Center Board 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Student National Education Association 2,3,4. GEORGE M. SHUGARS Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega 3,4; Varsity Basket- ball 1,2; Newman Club 1.2; Men ' s " A " Club 2.3,4; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; SAM I. BETSY A. SIEGELTUCH Forest Hills, New York B.A. History WAMU 1,2,3; Health and Welfare Committee 2; Women ' s Government 3; American University Players 2,3,4; Alpha Psi Omega 3,4. ROGER V. SILL Arlington, Virginia B.A. Communication WAMU 3, 4 Executive Board and Spe- cial Events Coordinator. DICK F. SKELLY Trumbull, Connecticut B.S. Business Administration Transfer; Alpha Tau Omega 3 " ,4; American University Players 3,4; In- tramural Football 3; Intramural Swim- ming 3; Homecoming Committee 4. JOHN B. SLACK Margate Citv, New Jersey B.S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega 2,3,4. I ' m --eniors graduates CAROL A. SMITH Falls Church, Virginia B.A. Elementary Education Kappa Delta 1,2,3.4; Student National Education Association 3,4. NADINE A. SMITH Washington, D. C. B.A. Music Transfer; Music Club 2,3; Chorus 2,3,4; Madrigals 3.4; German Club 4; Mu Phi Epsilon 3,4. CHARLES L. STOHR, JR. Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration SAM 1,2,3. CHARLES STOKES Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration ELAINE SULS Bethesda, Maryland B.A. Elementary Education Transfer; Alpha Epsilon Phi 1,2,3,4; Orientation Board 3. WALTER H. SWEENEY Kenmore, New York B.S. Economics Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3 Treasurer, 4; Soccer 1.2 Captain, 3 Captain, 4 Cap- tain; Baseball 1; Track 2; Men ' s " A " Club 2,3 Treasurer, 4; Economics Club 1.2,3,4. JOYCE A. TATE Curwensville, Pennsylvania B.A. Speech and Drama Transfer; American University Players 3, 4 Treasurer; Outstanding Theater Technician 3; Zeta Phi Eta 3,4 Vice- President; Alpha Phi Omega 4. DAVID B. THOMPSON Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Transfer; SAM 2,3,4. PETER C. TICHES Arlington. Virginia B.S. Business Transfer; Veterans ' Club 2,3; Intra- mural Football 2,3; SAM 3,4; Eco- nomic Club 3,4; Spanish Club 4. MARY A. TOCHTERMAN Baltimore, Maryland B.S. Government Newman Club 1; Communications Board 2; Orientation Board 2,3; TALON 1.2 Senior Editor; EAGLE 1,2; SAM 1; Alpha Chi Omega 1,2 Treasurer. 3 President. 4: Panhellenic Council 3 President; Washington Pan- hellenic Award 3. ALICE TOLLEFSON Washington, D. C. B.A. Education Student National Education Associa- tion 1.2,3. FEFRONIA C. TOMPROS Washington. D. C. B.A. Elementary Education Pan Athnon 1 ; Chorus 1 : Student Na- tional Education Association 4. RONNE F. TOKER East Orange, New Jersey B.A. Speech and Drama Transfer; American l : niversity Players 3,4; Alpha Psi Omega 3.4 President; Zeta Phi Eta 3,4; WAMTJ 3.1. J MES J. TONER. Ill Rahwav. New Jersev B.A. Sociology Transfer; Alpha Tau Omega 3.4. seniors graduates 191 RONALD H. TONKIN Somerville, New Jersey B.A. Economics Hillel 1; Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2,3; Soccer 1,2,3; Baseball 1; Men ' s " A " Club 3; Alpha Phi Omega 1,2. ROBERT L. TURELL Hewlett, New York B.A. Social Sciences Hillel 1,2,3 Social Chairman, 4; Cheer- leader 1; Phi Epsilon Pi 1,2,3, Social Chairman, 4; Gulf Team 2 Captain, 3 Captain; Class Social Committee 2,3; Dance Committee 1,2; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; National Student As- sociation 3. I HENRY A. ULRICK Pasadena, Maryland B.S. Retailing Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4; SAM 2. RAMON R. VALENCIA Washington, D. C. B.A. Communication Newman Club 4; Pan Athnon EAGLE 4; WAMU 4. CARLA van den BERG Summit, New Jersey B.S. Accounting Phi Mu 1,2,3 Treasurer, 4; Elections Board 1,2; SAM 1,2,3 Comptroller, 4; Dorm Council 1 ; Women ' s " A " Club 1,2, Treasurer, 4; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. IVAN VOLGYES Budapest. Hungary B.A. International Relations Transfer; Methodist Student Move- ment 3,4; Sigma Theta Epsilon 4; Bridge Club 3; International Relations Club 3,4; Debate Team 3; French Club 3; Inter-Religious Council 3; Inter-Fraternity Council 3; Alpha Beta Phi 3.4; Soccer Team 3; Wres- tling Team 3; EAGLE 3,4; WRITER 3. JOHN H. WALTHER Linthicum, Maryland B.A. Sociology ALVIN P. WARNER, JR. Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega 1,2 Secretary and Scholarship Chairman 3 Athletic Chairman, 4 Athletic Chairman, Inter- Fraternity Council 3,4; " Meet the Greeks " 4 Editor; Veterans Club 1; Economics Club 2,3; Intramural Coun- cil 2.3,4; SAM 4. ANNE K. WEINBERG Washington, D. C. BA. Education Alpha Epsilon Phi 1,2,3,4; Asclepius Society 3,4; Student National Educa- tion Association 4; Chemistry Club 4; Hillel 2,3,4. SAUL WEINBERG Washington, D. C. B.S. Real Estate Wrestling 1; Economics Club 1; SAM 1; Phi Epsilon Pi 1 President of Pledge Class, 2 Vice-President, 3 Chairman of Program Committee, 4. J MARVIN WEISBLATT Washington, D. C. B.S. Marketing Transfer; SAM 2,3 Assistant Program Chairman, 4 Program Chairman. WILLIAM S. WEISEL Hyattsville, Maryland B.A. Communication WAMU 1,2,3 Chief Announcer, 4 Chief Studio Engineer. HULSTEAD M. WEYANT New York, New York B.A. Government Transfer; Political Club 3,4 Vice-Presi dent; Intramural Sports 3,4. ANNE T. WHITE Washington, D. C. B.A. Communication Transfer; Canterbury Club 1,2,3,4; Bridge Club 3; Religious Board 3; WAMU 3,4; Theta Sigma Phi 4; Zeta Phi Eta 4. VIRGINIA A. WHITNEY Tenafly, New Jersey B.A. Psychology Phi Mu 1 Chaplain, 2 Pledge Director, 3 President, 4 President; Publications Board 1; EAGLE 2; House Council 1 Vice-President; Women ' s " A " Club 2,3,4; College Council 2; Intramural Volleyball 2,3,4; Intramural Basket- ball 2,3,4; Class Secretary 4. BARBARA WILLIAMS Washington, D. C. B.A. Art Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4 President; TALON 1,2; Orientation Board 3,4; College Council 2; Campus Center Board 3. LEONA M. WILLIAMS Silver Spring, Maryland B.A. English Literature Phi Mu 2,3,4; Chorus 2; Orientation 3,4; Homecoming Committee 4; BALD EAGLE 4. THOMAS L. WINEBRENNER Washington, D. C. B.S. Business Administration Transfer; Alpha Tau Omega 3,4; SAM 3. HOWARD E. WITT New York, New York B.S. Business Administration Phi Sigma Kappa 2 Secretary, 3 Treas- urer, 4; SAM 1; Men ' s Residence Council 2. DAVID S. WOLF Mount Vernon, New York B.A. Political Science Veterans Club 2; House Council 2; Intramural Sports 2,3.4; Orientation Board 3,4; Political Club 3,4. WARNER W. WOLF Washington, D. C. B.A. Communication Transfer; WAMU 3 Sportscaster, 4 Sportscaster. BOYD H. WORK Hagerstown, Maryland B.A. Communication Transfer; WAMU 3,4; Alpha Beta Phi 4 Social Chairman; Orphans ' Day Din- ner Committee 3; Homecoming Com- mittee 4. AMELIA WRIGHT Seaford, Delaware B.A. Sociology- Transfer; TALON 4 Copy Editor. MARY J. YATES Alexandria. Virginia B.A. Education Transfer. seniors graduates 193 accomplishing objectives through consideration for Advertisers THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS STORE " Yes, that ' s the class ring I want. WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF BOOKS, SUPPLIES, AND SERVICES FOR THE STUDENT AND EDUCATOR CLASS RING AND JEWELRY HEADQUARTERS CARDS AND NOTIONS BOOKS AND SUPPLIES LABORATORY SUPPLIES ARTISTS SUPPLIES SPORTSWEAR AND UNIFORMS PAPERBOUND BOOKS UNIVERSITY MAIL ROOM 196 advertisers MYERS DUIGG INC. PAVING CONTRACTORS ASPHALT AND CONCRETE PAVEMENT OFFICE AND PLANT 91 O STREET S.E. WASHINGTON 3, D.C. LI 4-2403 BLACKTOP ROADWAYS SIDEWALKS PAPERING DECORATING PAINTING HOUSE REPAIRS 911 — 13TH STREET N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. ME 8-2460 advertisers 197 The £ka s(e £hcp Furnishing Window and Door Products to Washington and Suburbia Since 1902 2214 " M " STREET N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. EM 2-9100 COMPLETE PHOTO SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS Bakers Photo Supply, Inc. 4611 WISCONSIN AVE. N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. EM 2-9100 For SIXTY Years The avo rite florist of thousands ol discriminating Was! ingtonians and visitors in the Nation ' s Capital. 4 ytaci iggig. 0 FLORISTS 49th and Mass. Ave . N.W. EM 3-1606 Convenient A. U. Branch Shop 1407 " H ' ' St. N.W. DI 6-1300 Womack Exterminators GUARANTEED Commercial and Residential EXTERMINATING TERMITES Congressional Airport Lane — Rockville POplar 2-4348 HAzelwood 7-7444 " Our Specialty Is Home Exterminating " Serving The American University Campus DEVONSHIRE VALET 4234 WISCONSIN AVE. N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. WO 6-2700 Barnes and Noble College Outline Series McLEAN DRUGS Formerly Morgan Bros. 4231 WISCONSIN AVE. N.W. Near Riggs Friendship Branch WO 6-6424 Washington, D.C. FEderal 3-7500 illiam Inc. PLUMBING and HEATING Air Conditioning Complete Kitchens and Baths 2400 WISCONSIN AVENUE Plastic Supplier for the Nation ' s Capital Read Plastics, Inc. 1251 WARD CT. N.W. Washington, D.C. FE 7-2911 Professional Signs Desk Nameplates 198 advertisers THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA " Home Was Never Like This ... " Operated by THE CLEAVES FOOD SERVICE CORP. 8405 Ramsey Ave., Silver Spring, Maryland Fast Economical Catering Service to Clubs, Organizations and Fraternal Orders Bring Us Your Food Problem Needs Contact: Richard Lowe, Manager American University Cafeteria Mary Graydon Center advertisers 199 EJB til. Jar KOLB ELECTRIC RELIABLE ELECTRICAL SERVICE Since 1925 WALTER G. KOLB FE 8-1422 Chevy Chase Tree Service Donald T. Jackson, class of i960 3808 Legation St.. N.W. EMerson 2-1298 Washington 15. D. C. EMerson 2-4725 PRUNING CAVITY WORK FEEDING TOPPING HEADING BACK SHAPING BRACING REMOVAL Where the Students Meet DEVONSHIRE GRILL 4243 WISCONSIN AVE. N.W. Washington. D. C. HOT PIZZA PIES STEAKS HOMEMADE ITALIAN SPAGHETTI Sales Service Rentals New and Used Typewriters Portables and Standards All Makes fudmj 1 9 OFFICE MACHINES, INC. 1415 K St. N.W. Washington, D. C. RE 7-3145 Standard Floors, Inc. 13th at EYE STREET, N.W. DI 7-0488 Linoleum - Asphalt Tile - Rubber Tile Acoustical Tile Commercial - Institutional - Residential Lou D. Keller Res. OLympic 9-9399 Office LOckwood 4-6201 Lawrence W. Acker Res. OLympic 7-9127 LOU D. KELLER, INC. PLUMBING AND HEATING 10730 Connecticut Avenue Kensington, Maryland 200 advertisers U hnAc lx)st Triad and £at . . . FRIENDSHIP RESTAURANT Marjorie Fraser Webster Alumni Lounge Mary Graydon Center advertisers 201 WELCOME TO THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY FOR INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS OF STUDY Write to: Director of Admissions THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Massachusetts Nebraska Avenues N.W. Washington 16, D.C. 202 advertisers (Ini llfHa (iur {tatnma " flrn Sen et Patrta ' Malta at ®1}P Amrrtran Uniurrstty 1 . c 4 ?H l Z £ U ■.Jhy ' JLY. {jJ d L- fysL .d$ ffizfo£M » advertisers 203 ABENDSCHEIN, HELEN MAE, 101 Fourth St., Ha Pa ABRAMS, REBECCA ANN, 4330 46th St., Wash. 16, D. C. ABRAMS, JUDITH ANN, 410 East 67th St., New York, N. Y. ABRAMS, JUDITH ANN, 144 Kings Point Rd„ Great Neck, N. Y. ABRAMS, LEWIS, 3117 Legation St., Wash., D. C. ABRAMS, SUSAN A., 1339 Ft. Stevens Dr., Wash. 11, D. C. ABURACHIS, ABDELRAHMAN, 15 Rass Ave., Tripoli, Africa ACUFF, JOHN LELAND JR., 3413 Farthing Dr., Silver Spring, Md. ACKERMANN, PETER GROSS, 16 Cortez St.. Weslfield, Mass. ADAMS, ANN M., 22 R. Bashford Ave., Union, N. J. " ADAMS, RONALD C, 22 N. Main St., Blossburg, Pa. •ADAMS, ROSE SCOTT, 199-01 145th St., So. Ozone Pk., N. Y. ADAMSON, MARY JEANNE, Route 2, Frederick, M d. ADDRESS, MARVIN, 324 Oneida St., Wash., D. C. ADELMAN, GERALD IRWIN, 940 Rield Ave., Plainfield, N. J. ADELSTEIN, MARTIN B., 60 Grist Mill Lane, Great Neck, N. J. ADLER, LINDA JOY, 409 Oneida St., Wash. 11, D. C. AGAR. CHARLES S., 217 Slosson Ave., Staten Island 14, N. Y. AGNEW, MARILYN L„ 5632 Newington Rd„ Wash. 16, D. C. AIESI, DONALD P., Stetson University, Deland, Fla. AITKEN, CYNTHIA H., 17 Wayne Rd., Bridgeton, N. J. AKINCI, RIFA T. M. ALBERT DANIEL L., 56 Baker Hill Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. ALBRIGHT, VERMON LUCAS, 6229 Westacre Lane, Toledo, O. ALCALAY, RONY, 110-50 71st Rd., Forest Hills, N. Y. ALEXANDER, JANE, 1519 Hewlett Ave., Hewlett, N. Y. ALKIRE, ALAN R., 2702 Wisconsin Ave., Wash., D. C. ALLERTON, JOHN S., 1911 Martha Custis Dr.. Alexandria, Va. ALLEN. PHILLIP D., Long Lane, Far Hills, N. J. ALMARIO, ANTONIO, 3425 Toledo Terr., Hyatts- ville, Md. ALPERN, ERWIN A., 811 Highland Ave., New Castle, Pa. ALTEN, STANFORD R., 3445 38th St., Wash.. D. C. ALTLAND, NORMAN R., 447 N. Queen St., Lan ■ 1st, Pa. ALTMAN, BURTON L., 19145 Canterbury Dr., Detroit 21, Mich. ALTSCHULER, KAREN A., 32 Porter Rd., West Orange, N. J. AMBER, MARY V., 551 W. 190th St., New York 40, N. Y. AMEERALI, PAUL AMOS, BENJAMIN M., 302 Madison St., Wash. 11, D. C. AMOURI, KATHELEN. 3534 Quebec St., Wash. 16, D. C. AMSTER, PATRICIA, 130 Avenue P. Brooklyn 4, N. Y. ANAN, VALENTIN MICHAEL, 120 6th St., Wash.. D. C. ANDERSON. ANNE A., 4641 Window PI., Wash. 16, D. C. ANDERSON, ANN STEWART, 4213 Churchway 1, Louisville 7, Ky. ANDERSON, CARLENE, 3905 212th St., Bayside 61, N. Y. ANDREASEN, CLIFFORD L., RFD 2. Cumberland Center, Me. ANDREWS, BRENDA C, 626 S. 29th St., Arlington 2. Va. ANDRES, RICHARD L., 705 Dahlia St.. Wash. 12, D. C. ANGER, CHARLES ROBERT, 904 Tanley Rd„ Silver Springs, Md. ANTOLIK, MICHAEL B., 1750 Mass. Ave., Wash. 6, D. C. ♦APISTOLAS, JAMES, 4521 Sangamore Rd., Wash. 16, D. C. APOSTOLAKAS, JOHN, 7904 14th Ave., Hyattville, Md. APONTI. ANTONIO, J. H. No 4, Puerto Newvo, Porto Rico. APPERSON, RICHARD LEE, 2823 4th St., Wash. 2. D. C. ARRAGONA, JOHN A., 126 Florence St., Mamaro- neck, N. Y. ARANA, CONSTANTINO J., 2209 42nd St., Wash. 7, D. C. ARCHER, STEPHEN M., 3608 Oidway St.. Wash., D. C. ARENDS. IRMA ROSE MARIE. 2020 19th PI.. Wash. 20, D. C. ARGO, EDGAR, 2201 Southern Rd., Baltimore 20, Md. ARKOIAN. MOSES, 3367 18th St., Wash. 10, D. C. ARMAGHANIAN, LENORE, 10043 7th Ave., New York, N. Y. ARMES. DORIS L., 1730 Park St., Harrisburg. Pa. ARMSTRONG, DAVID M., 543 High St., Wood- bury, N. J. ARMSTRONG, ROBERT F., 3435 34th PL, Wash. 16. D. C. ARNOLD, HOWARD M.. 3314 Brooklawn Terr., Chevy Chase 15. Md. ♦ARNOLD, FRANCIS EDWARD, JR., 1132 Girard St.. N.W.. Wash., D. C. ♦ARNOLD, MURRAY, 4300 Colesville, Rd.. Univer sitv Pk., Md. ARNOW, EUGENE. 7520 8th St., Wash. 12, D. C. ARON, THOMAS, 1013 Boswell Ave.. Crete, Neb. ARTHUR, MEREDITH G., 4642 Livingston Rd., Wash., D. C. ARTUN, MUNIR. 1624 H. St., Wash., D. C. ASARNOW, DONALD S., 26 Edgemont Rd., W. Orange, N. J. denotes Senior. ASENCIO. IRMA, 3821 20th St., Wash. 18, D.C. ASHEN. SAMUEL V., 10 Courtney Rd., Lakewood, N. J. ASHTON. DEBORAH ANN, 290 Corbin Ave., New " ATLAS, RAOIL, 5006 Columbia Pike, Arl., Va. ATRAN, MARSHA, 7520 Brockton Rd., Philadel- phia 31, Pa. AUMANN. MARK D. JR., 7630 Walters Lane, Wash. 28, D. C. AUSTENSON, PHILLIP B., 9318 Worth Ave., Silver Spring, Md. ♦AUSTIN, JOSEPH H. JR., 1202 Myrtle Ave., Wash., D. C. ' AUSTIN. ANNE MARY, 3010 Wisconsin Ave., Takoma Pk. 12, Md. -AUSTIN. JOSEPH M. JR., 1202 Myrtle Ave., Takoma Pk., Md. AVERSA. ANDREA, Route 1, Box 791, Hughson, Calif. AWAD, THEODORE. 8025 Narrows Ave., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. AYOOB, THOMAS, 5870 Philips Ave., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. BABIGAN, ALAN EDWARD, 121 Bellevue St., Lowell. Mass. BAC, NURETTIN, 815 Conn. Ave., Wash. 25, D. C. BACHE, JOHN RUBY, 4757 Chevy Chase Dr., Chevy Chase, Md. BACHA, ELIAS. 5952 Blue Star Dr., McLean, Va. BACON, MARY WARREN, 4312 Yuma St., Wash. 16, D. C. BAGBY, MILDRED A., 1223 Allan Ave., Falls Church, Va. BAHRAMPOUR, FIROUZ, 2920 Ontario Rd„ Wash., .D. C. BAILEY, PAULDING L., RFD No. 1, Adamstown, Md. ♦BAINBRIDGE, PAUL, Rd. No. 2, Dalton, Pa. BAINS, JOHN RICHARD, 712 Wayne Ave., Silver Spring, Md. BAIONI, CARLO S., 6606 Georgia Ave., Wash., D. C. BAKER, DAN. JR., 759 N. Vandorn St., Alexandria, Va. BALDELLI, JOHANNA E., 739 Ocean Ave., New London, Conn. BALINKIE, EDWIN I., 26 Lake St., Bridgeton, N. J. BALLMAN, HARRY, 3906 47th St., Wash. 16, D. C. BALTZLEY, JANE E., Mountain View Ave., Mau- gansville, Md. BANK, THOMAS R., 58 Franklin Blvd., Pontiac, Mich. BARBALAT, LESLEY, 1235 Denniston Ave., Pitts- burgh 17, Pa. BARENBLATT. JANE. 379 N. Pearl St., Bridgeton. N. J. ♦BARKER, RICHARD McNEAL, 9600 Parkwood Dr., Bethesda, Md. BARKER, PRISCILLA W., 1490 N.E. 103rd St., Mil Fla BARMAN, RACHEL, 2811 Ellicott St., Wash., D. C. BARNES, JANET C, 5112 Elsmere Ave., Bethesda 14, Md. ♦BARNETT, STEPHEN C, 7527 Hampden Lane, Bethesda 14, Md. •BARNFATHER, BARBARA H.. (Mrs. Roger Williams) ♦BARNETT, JOYCE, 6361 Burchfield Ave., Pitts- burgh 17, Pa. BARRETT, RALPH WINDLOW, Dallas Center, Iowa BARR, BRUCE REID, 5435 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Wash., D. C. BARR, HUGH THOMPSON. 224 McKinley Ave., Avalon 2, Pa. BARREBTUBE, JERRY R., 1209 N. Pitt St.. Apt. 6, Alexandria, Va. BARRETT, BRENDA R., 1712 N. LaFayette, Val- paraisco. Ind. BARRETT. RAYMOND, 118 Congress St.. Charles ♦BARRETO. JOHN M., 5914 Grayson St., Spring- field, Va. BASS. LYLE F.. 81-26 190th St., Jamaica 23, N. Y. BASSNETT. MARGARET, 5 Jacqueline Dr., Dow- neis Grove, 111. BARTLETT, SUE, 2343 49th St., Wash., D. C. BAU, DAVID JR., 4520 43rd PI., Wash., D. C. BAU, HOWARD, 240 E. 18th St., Brooklyn 16, N. Y. BAUMAN, ELLEN H., 331 Goldsmith Ave., Newark 12, N. J. ♦BAUMANN, RAYMOND W., 3 Barton Rd., Boun- tain Lks., N. J. •BAUMGARTNER, MARTHA, 4824 48th St., Wash. 16, D. C. BEACH, JUDITH. 161 Phelps Ave., Cresskill, N. J. BEAM, ROBERT J., 271 Murphv Rd., Wilmington 3, Del. BEARD. MICHAEL. North Kenoua, Ohio BEATTY, ARNICIA R., 614 Princeton P!., Wash. 10, D. C. BEAUCHAMP, BILLY, 1441 Somerset PI.. Wash. 11, D. C. BECK, JAMES N. JR., 5521 Glenwood Rd., Beth- esda 14. Md. •BECK. MICHAEL H., 415 Central Park West, New York, N. Y. BECKER. CHARLES JOSEPH, 2242 Washington Ave.. Silver Spring. Md. BECKER, MICHAEL L., 7943 Orchid St.. Wash. 12, D. C. ♦BEEDE, TED GILES, 4309 Garrett Park Rd.. Wheaton. Md. ♦BEERS. LOUISE, 6648 Hillandale Rd., Chevy Cha Md. BEHRE, CAROL G., 2 Gahent Rd., Alexandria, Va. BEIL. MAYLO, 4720 Main St., Downers Grove, III. BEIRNE. BREN ANNE, 3103 Cummings Lane. Chew Chase 15, Md. BELDEN, NANCY JEAN. 7055 Wyndale St., N.W., Wash., D. C. BELTRAN, CLAUDIO F.. 1302 Saratoga Ave., N.E., Wash., D. C. BENEDICT. ELIZABETH, 2808 N. St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. BENECKSON, ARTHUR, 330 Suffolk Rd., Balti- more 18, Md. BENNETT, EDWIN C, 3835 Military Rd., N.W., Wash., D. C. BENNETT, ELIZABETH, 12007 Charles Rd., Silver Spring, Md. ♦BENNETT. HARRIETTE N., 8105 Eastern Ave., S.lver Spring, Md. BENNINGTON, ANN T., 4990 Columbia Pike, Arlington, Va. BENOWITZ. MORDECAI, 941 Naple Ave., Frank- lin Square, N. Y. BENSON, DAVID, 4233 So. 36th St., Arlington, Va. BERCOWITZ, MICHAEL R., 7710 Eastern Ave., N.W., Wash., D. C. BERG, CAROL ANN, 716 Oneida PL, N.W., Wash. 11, D. C. BERGHOLZ, ANITA C, 7408 Arlington Rd., Beth- esda 14, Md. BERG, EDWARD, 1568 41st St., S.E.. Wash., D. C. BERMAN, BARBARA, 809 Clifton Ave., Lakewood, N. J. BERNARD, ESTRADA J., 1431 E. St., N.E., Wash., D. C. BERNHEIMER, GEORGE H., 4827 Alton PL, N.W.. Wash., D. C. BERKOWITZ, STEPHEN H., 1356 W. Boxwood Rd., Hewlett, N. Y. ♦BERNSTEIN, FRANCINE, 151 Cedar Ave., Scran- ton, Pa. BERNSTEIN, JOEL B., 22 Southern Slope Dr., Millburn, N. J. BERNSTEIN, ROBERT A., 131 Beall Ave., Rock- ville, Md. ♦BERNSTEIN. STUART A., 2400 41st St., N.W., Wash., D. C. " BERNSTEIN, WILMA, 2400 41st St., N.W., Wash., D. C. BERRY, BARBARA, 3133 Conn. Ave., Wash., D. C. BERRY, DALLAS O., 216 Park St., Vienna, Va. ♦BERRY, EDNA M., 1281 Oates St., N.E., Wash., D. C. BERTUZZI, PATRICIA F., BESNER, ARTHUR, 3805 Legation St., N.W., Wash., D. C. BESNER, EDWARD, 3805 Legation St., N.W., Wash., D. C. BESTOR. FRANK H., 303 S. Elwood Ave., Glen- dora, Calif. BETTIUS, MARC, 1149 John Marshall Dr., Falls Church, Va. ♦BETZLER, LAWRENCE C, 2408 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, Va. BETZOLD, WILLIAM F., 2519 S. Adams St., Arl- ington 6. Va. BEUTENMULLER. RUTH, 79 Bar Beach Rd., Port Washington, N. Y. BHATNAGAR, USHIL K., 113 Press Rd., New Delhi. India BICKNELL. JOHN, 29 Maple Ave.. Madison, N. J. BICOFF, SHEILA S., 4704 N. 20th Rd.. Arlington 7, Va. BIERI, MARGARET, 4507 32nd Rd., Arlington, Va. BILLOWS, MARILYN, 6317 Bradley Blvd., Beth- esda 14, Md. ♦BINDEWALD. KATHERINE C, 4201 Mass. Ave., N.W.. Wash. 16, D. C. BINSW ANGER, ROBERT, 511 River Side Dr., Richmond, Va. BIRNBAUM, JOAN LEWIS, 1201 S. Court House Rd., Arlington 4, Va. BIRNEY, DONALD DELLO, 6616 14th St., N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. BIRKHAHN, N. STEVEN. 999 Singleton Ave., Woodmere. N. Y. BISHOP, JOHN B.. JR.. 62 Tuxedo Rd.. Montclair, N. J. ♦BISHOP, JOHN C, 4000 Mass. Ave.. Wash. 16, D. C. ♦BISSETT, JANE CARROLL, 3024 O St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. BITTICK, MARGARET ANN, McCaskill, Ark. BLACK, JOAN LILLIAN, 8208 Nolte Ave., Silver Spring, Md. BLACK, PAUL CURTIS, 1234 N. Pierce St., Arl- ington, Va. ♦BLACKBURN, JOSEPH, 4234 39th St., N.W., Wash., D. C. ♦BLACKISTON, LESTER N., 2315 Lincoln Rd., N.E., Wash., D. C. BLEICH, AUSTIN S., 44 Prospect Ave., Hewlett, N. Y. BLINDER. AMY SUE, 1917 Rosemary Hills Dr., Silver Spring, Md. BLOOM, EDWARD R., 110 4th St., S.E., Wash. 3, D. C. BLOOM, IRA MARTIN, 623 Stelle Ave., Plainfield, N. J. BLOOM, LESLIE ELAINE, 3568 Green St.. Harris- BLOOM, MICHAEL L., 46 Clements St., Liberty, N. Y. BLOOM. PAUL, 612 Third Ave., Bradley Beach, N. J. BLOCH, CARLA H., 4201 Mass. Ave., N.W., Wash. 16. D. C. BLUE. ADRIANNE, 1625 Primrose Rd.. N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. BLUESTONE. ALLAN, 77-15 113th St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. BLUME, ARNOLD S., 2525 Nostrand Ave., Brook- lyn 10, N. Y. BLUMENTHAL, JACK IRVING, 710 Parkway Ale Va. BOATWRIGHT, GERALD M., 238 Montgomery St., Annandale, Va. BOBYS, STEPHEN MARK, 1360 Peabody St., N.W., Wash., D. C. BOCKSTEIN. RITA S., 63 Midland Blvd., Maple- wood. N. .1. BODSON, MICHAEL EDMUND, 2206 Tunlaw Rd., N.W.. Wash. 7, D. C. ♦BOGERT. WILLIAM A., 1651 Wayne Ave.. Scran- Pa. PI., BOLASNY, RHEA CLAIRE, 5258 Chillun N.E., Wash. 11, D. C. BOLTON, CHARLES R. E.. 122 W. Cameron Rd„ Falls Church, Va. BOND, JANE, 301 Montrose Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. BONDUARNT. FRANK A., 2230 Savannah Terr.. S.E., Wash. 20, D. C. BONNET, MICHAEL A., 4510 Stanford St., Wash. IS, D. C. BOOTH, WILLIAM HENRY. Ill, 2405 Ridge Rd. Dr., Alex., Va. •BORDENICK. BERNARD M.. 2200 Ellis St., Silver Spring, Md. BORG. CYNTHIA FRANCES, 91 Garden Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. EORKEN, BETTY F.. 2319 Green St.. Harnsburg. Pa. BORO, JOANNE NORMA, 2675 Creston Ave., Bronx 68. N. Y. EOS, ANN F., R. D. 3. East Aurora. N. Y. BOSCH, ERIC BRUCE. 179-20 Tudor Rd.. Jamaica Est., N. Y. BOSLEY, JOHN, 3300 Belleview Ave., Cheverly, Md. BOWER, FREDERICK J., 2015 37th St., S.E.. Wash. 20, D. C. EOWLING. CLARENCE A.. Brooke, Va. BOYCE, FLORENCE E., 311 Birkwood PL. Balti- more 18, Md. BOYD, PATRICIA. 449 Clarke St.. Calerico, Calif. BOYER, RICHARD L. JR., 438 Pembroke Ave., Margate, N. J. •BOYLE, JOHN P., 2110 Hildarose Dr., Silver, Md. BOZARTH, DONALE CURTISS, 912 Prospect Ave.. Wash. 12, D. C. BRACEY, DEWEY RAYMOND. 2102 Suttland Terr., S.E.. Wash., D. C. •BRADLEY, KAY E., 2324 W. Powhatan St., Arling- ton 5, Va. BRADOU. JOSEPH H., JR., Georgetown Pike, McLean, Va. BRADSHAW. HAROLD, 1242 Eye St., N.W., Wash. 2, D. C. BRAKMAN, PETER E., 886 Hillsdale Ave., Hills- dale, N. J. BRAN, SAMUEL H., 5311 4th St.. N.E.. Wash.. D. C. BRAN, SHIRLEY, 1379 Tewkesbury PL. N.W.. Wash.. D. C. BRANNON. DONALD J., 1918 Laguna Rd.. Adel- pl„: Md BRANSTETTER, MARK D.. 2530 Q St.. N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. BRASWELL. MARY H., 601 Walnut St., Demopolis, Ala. BRAUN. PHILLIP G., Hickory St., Toms River, N. J. BREUER, MICHAEL D., 1228 Blair Mill Rd., Sil- ver Spring, Md. BRENT, HESTER MONICA, 238 Shirley Dr., Bris- tol. Tenn. BRICKMAN. GERALD S., 3212 Pauline Dr., Chevy Cha Md. BRIDGMAN. VICTOR H., 4427 Wickford Rd., Baltimore 10, Md. BRIGGS, CLINTON SCOTT. 906 Mannor Rd., Apt. ttl. Alexandria, Va. BRIGHT. BURTON KENNETH. 5207 Linnean Ave.. N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. BRIGHT. SALLY L., 6923 Noble Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio BRISKER, JOAN BETH. 3401 Woolsev Dr.. Chevy Chase 15. Md. BRITT, PAUL S.. ARC, Beltsville. Md. BRODERICK. ANN. 1849 S St., S.E., Wash. 20, D. C. BRODIE, DAVID REID, 7203 Maple Ave., Chew Chase 15, Md. BRODERICK. SANDRA JO. East Brady, Pa. BRODSKY, ARNOLD B.. 8010 Eastern Dr.. Silver Spring. Md. BRONNER. ALAN M., 8120 Coquma Way, St. Petersburg 6, Fla. BRONSON, EDWARD F., 3637 Jenifer St.. N.W.. Wash.. D. C. BROOKS, JUDITH, 4 Copperbeech Lane, Cedar- hurst. N. Y. BROSIUS. WILLIAM T.. 4450 Reservoir Rd.. N.W.. Wash. 7. D. C. BROWER. JAMES C, 5710 N. 15th St.. Arlington. Va. BROWN, DAVID ALAN, 9903 Markham St., Silver Spring, Md. BROWN. FLOYD, 2808 Terrace Rd., S.E.. Wash. 20, D. C BROWN, HOLLIS T.. 122 Lafayette Ave.. N.W., Laurel, Md. BROWN. MARILYN R . 30 W. Saddle River Rd.. Waldwick, N. J. BROWN. BROOKE, Rt. 4, Box 205, Vienna, Va. BROWN, MEREDITH V., Devon Rd„ Essexfells, N. J. BROWN, PETER M., 1621 New Hampshire Ave., N.W . Wash 9, D. C. BROWN. SUSAN BARLOW. 90 Dartmouth St., Rockville Center, N. Y. BROWN. SUSIE W.. 528 Julian St.. Greensboro. N. C. BROWN, VICTORIA ANN, 77 W. 32nd St., Bay- onne. N. J. •BROWN, WILLIAM T., JR., 1225 Ravenwood Hgts., Hagerstown, Md. BROWNING, JEREMY. Route 1, Box 43A, Mon- rouia, Md. BROZEY. CAROLE A., 43 Academy Rd., Caldwell. N. J. BRUMMER. ROBT.. 140 Stevens PL No. Arlington. N. J. BRUNDRETT. WILLIAM, 2030 F. St.. N.W.. Wash., D. C. BRYANT, HELEN GIBSON, 4201 Mass. Ave.. Wash. 16. D. C. BRYSON. ANNE FULTON, 205 Atkins Ave., Wilm- ington 5. Del. BUCHANAN. JUDITH ATLEE, 4755 N. 24th Rd.. Arlington 7. Va. BUCKLEY. JOHN E.. 4117 13th PL, N.E., Wash. 17, D. C. BUDD, DONALD ABBETT, 464 Cooper St., Wood- bury, N. J. BUGG. CHARLES A., Box 5501, Jackson 8, Miss. •BUGLER, DAVID, 57 Park Ave., Port Washington, N. Y. BUNCE, WILLIAM R.. Route 1, Box 45, Gallipolis, denotes Senior. BURBRIDGE. RICHARD M . 917 Nelson Dr., Mus- kogee, Okla. BURCH. MARCIA. 711 Orchard Way, Silver Spring. Md. BURCH, PAUL RICHARD, 4734 20th St., Arling- ton, Va. BURDMAN, JOAN R.. 1215 Murrayhill Ave., Pitts- burgh 17, Pa. BURGESS, PEGGY VIRGINIA. 2856 Ft. Baker Dr. S.E., Wash., D. C. BURKO. BARBARA A.. 826 N. Woodrow St., Arlington, Va. BURLESON, WILLIAM A., 6305 MacArthur Blvd., Wash., D. C. ♦BURNS. WILLIAM L . 8614 Lynbrook Dr., Beth- esda, Md. BURR. GRACE M., 116 Roosevelt Ave., Hasbrouck Hgts., N. J. BURN, JOHN, 100 Sharon Crt.. Laurel, Md. BURROS, ROBERT J.. 69-10 108th St., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. BURTON. ROBERT B.. 4842 Park Ave., Wash. 16, D. C. BUSBY, DORA MAY. 9904 Tenbrook Dr., Silver Spring, Md. •BUSCHMAN, KARL H., 5429 Conn. Ave., N.W.. Wash. 15, D. C. BUSSEY. HENRIETTA, 703 49th St., N.E., Wash. 19, D. C. BUSSIN, BONNIE N., 21 Harding Dr., So. Orange. N. J. BUTLER. EARLE LEE. 60 Bathurst Dr., Tona- wanda. N. Y. BUTLER, EDWARD, JR.. 139 C St., S.E.. Wash., D. C. BUTLER, JEAN ANN, 4902 Wrightson Dr., Mc- •BUTLER, JOHN G„ 3131 Tennyson St., N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. •BUTLER, WILLIAM E., 2422 11th Ave.. Hibbing, Minn. BUTT, RICHARD W., 5719 6th St., N.W., Wash., D. C. BYARS. ANNE KELLER, 805 S. Overlook Dr., Alexandria. Va. BYER. STEPHANIE M.. 448 Bliar Lane, Wantagh. N. Y. CADEAUX. ROBERT, 1836 Ingleside Terr., Wash., D. C. •CAHOON. JAMES, 2515 Cliffborne PL, N. J. CALDWELL, ROBERT O., 3465 Macomb St.. Wash., D. C. CALIO, RICHARD ANTHONY, 3537 Highwood Dr., Wash., D. C. CALLAGHAN, ANTHONY J., 4614 Windom PL, Wash., D. C. CALLAHAN, CAROL E., 715 Broadway, Cape May, N. J. CALLAHAN. KENNETH E., 371 Division St., Cam- den, N. J. CALUDIS, WILLIAM G.. 4021 Van Ness, Wash., D. C. CAMERON, ARTHUR EGERTON. 202 Tecumseh Dr., Wash., D. C. CAMP, VADA R.. 408 E. Cecil, Waynoha, Okla. CAMPBELL. MARY ANN, 5804 Old Chester Brook, McLean, Va. CAMPBELL, ROBERT A., 708 Blytme Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. CAMPBELL. WILLIAM L.. 10 Sandpit Rd., Lock- port. N. J. •CANDISH, NANCY E.. V.A. Hospital, Fort Howard, Md. CAPLAN. CAROL SUE. 103 Lake Circle Dr., Ports- mouth, Va. CAPRON, MARGARET B., 1702 Surrey Lane, Wash. 7, D. C. CAR, MAQUELONNE, 4606 Dorset Ave.. Chew Chase, Md. CARDONA, CARMEN MARIA, Box 251, Hato Rev, P. R. CARLSON, GLENN H.. 19 Ridgedale Ave.. Summit. N. J. CARMAN, JOHN F., 1313 No. Stuart St., Arling- ton, Va. •CARRIGER. JOHN FLETCHER, CARRINGTON, VIRGINIA F., 3807 Rodman St., Wash., D. C. CARRINGER, JOHN. 100 W. Brow Oval. Lookout Mtn.. Tenn. •CARROLL. JAMES ROBT.. 2827 S. Abingdon St.. Arl., Va. CARRUTH. VIRGINIA LEE. 3303 Camalier Dr., Chevy Chase. Md. CARSON, NANCY, 29 Pinewood Dr.. Neptune, N. J. CARTER, JOHN E.. 6902 North 31st Ave., Omaha, Neb. CARTER. RICHARD M., 415 East 52nd St., New York, N. Y. CARTON, MERYL, 75-46 194th St.. Flushing. N. Y. CASDAY, CHARLES WARREN, 4727 Reno Rd.. Wash., D. C. ••CASEY, DONALD JOSEPH, 1437 Somerset PI.. Wash., D. C. CASSIANO. ALICIA MARIE. 9 Homestead Ave., Albany, N. Y. CATER. MARY SUE. 1056 E. Main St.. West Point, Miss. CATZVA, MAXINE, 1333 Ft. Stevens Dr., Wash.. D. C. CAULDER. STANLEY MILTON, 6424 7th St.. Wash.. D, C. " CAVAZOS, VIOLET OST, 314 Haycock Rd„ Falls Church, Va. CAVE, WILLIAM P., 1437 S. 28th St.. Arlington. Va. CAVEDO. ROBERT F.. 1414 So. Geo. Mason Dr.. Arlington, Va. CAVILL. JAMES, 320 Lincoln Ave.. New Castle. Pa. CEDARBLADE, HOWARD L.. 4301 Cedar Lake Rd., Minneapolis, Minn. CELLER, ELEANOR M., 8216 Larry PI.. Chew Cha Md. CELLER. EVELYN BARBARA, 8216 Larry PL, Chew Chase, Md. CER ANTON, GAIL R,, 419 St. Lawrence Dr., Sil- ver Spring, Md. CERNY, ROSE MARIE, 11702 Cromwell Ave., Cleveland, Ohio CHACONAS. ROBERT T., 3063 M. St., Wash.. D. C. CHACONAS, THEODORE S., 2500 36th St., Wash., D. C. CHAITIN. ANTHONY, 38 Suffolk Ave.. Maplewood, N. J. CHAMBERLAIN, PATRICIA B., 10940 Montrose Ave., Garrett Park, Md. CHAMBERS, JAMES R.. 1024 Quebec Terr., Silver Spring, Md. CHANDLER, LINDA BYRD, 409 W. Burke St., Martinsburg, W. Va. CHANG. HUCHIN, 2325 15th St., Wash., D. C. •CHANG, JOHNNY YOUNG G., 5338 Colorado Ave., Wash., D. C. CHANG. TIEN HSIN, 2127 Leroy PL, Wash., D. C. CHANG, YUN, 3050 19th St.. Wash., D. C. •CHAPMAN, CECILE, 22 Rhode I si. Ave., Wash., D. C. CHAPMAN. PATRICIA H., 7810 Jay Miller Dr., Falls Church, Va. CHAPMAN, RICHARD, 709 N. Jackson St., Arl- ington, Va. CHAPMAN. SUSAN L., 7810 Jav Miller Dr.. Falls Church, Va. CHARLES. CAROLYN SUE, 7406 Dickenson St., Springfield, Va. CHARNEY, DONALD K., 1322 Roxanna Rd„ Wash., D. C. CHARUAT. SALLY, Grier Hall, Monmouth. 111. CHASE. GERALDINE R., 502 Lakewood Ave.. Baltimore. Md. CHASEY. PAUL H.. 516 Belleview Dr.. Falls Church. Va. CHEDISTER, JO ELLEN, 2705 Verable St.. Arl- ington, Va. CHEEK, JAMES RICHARD, 2422 Pierce St., Little Rock, Ark. CHETTI, ANANDAKRISHNA, 5700 39th Ave., Hyattsville, Md. •CHEW, FREDERICK D„ JR., 3406 Beacon Lane, Falls Church, Va. CHILDS, HOPE STEWART, 49 West Lennox St., Chevy Chase. MB. CHILDS. JAY MERLE. 2341 Sherbrooke St.. Phila- delphia, Pa. CHRISTENSEN, SIGRID M., 6608 16th St., Falls Church. Va. CHRISTIAN. ALLAN A., Princess St., Box 666, St. Croix U S V I CHUSID. MARGO J., 74 Parcot Ave., New Rochelle. N. Y. CIESLA. RONALD JOHN, 292 Pleasand St., South- bridge, Mass. CITRON. JOEL. 107 S. Harper Ave., Los Angeles 48, Calif. CIRUL, CARL PAUL, JR., 228 Arundel Rd., Rivera Beach, Md. CKONYEVICH. EMILIA R., 5360 MacArthur Blvd., Wash. 16, D. C. •CLAMPITT, RICHARD, 3250 Chestnut St.. N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. CLARK, JUDITH ANN, 3110 Chestnutt St., Wash. IS, D. C. CLARK. ROBERT B.. JR., 5028 Mass. Ave., N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. CLAYBORNE, JOHN D., 1675 N. 21st St., Arling- ton. Va. CLEARY, WILLIAM, JR., 7350 Brmkley Rd„ S.E., Wash. 22, D. C. •CLEMENTS, EDWARD. 6633 Hillandale Rd.. Chevy Chase. Md. CLEMM. PATRICIA A., 205 S. 31st St., Harris- burg, Pa. CLODE. CYNTHIA A.. 819 Sassafras St., Millville, N. J. CLODE. DIANNE B., 819 Sassafras St.. Millville. N. J. CLYMO. MADELON CAROL, 3740 W. 83rd St., Chicago 52, 111. COBURN, EMILY I., 6911 Greentree Dr., Falls Church, Va. COBURN. HARRIETTE H„ 11420 Old Georgetown Rd., Rockville, Md, COCHRANE, COLIN M., 6200 N. 18th St., Arling- ton, Va. CODNER, BARBARA A., 60 Weeguahic Ave., New- ark 12, N. J. COFFEY. VERA MAE, 2310 20th St., N.W., Wash. 9. D. C. COHEN, ALVIN M.. 250 Alliston St., Brighton, Mass. COHEN, BRUCE ALLEN, 956 Cedar Swamp Rd., Old Brookville, Glen Hd., N. Y. •COHEN. CONRAD, 370 Ft. Washington Ave., New York 33 N. Y •COHEN. FRANK. 3010 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.. Wash., D. C. COHEN. LINDA STEPHANIE, 7325 16th St.. N.W., Wash. 12, D. C COHEN, MARLENE. 1104 Harding Rd.. Elizabeth. N. J. COHEN. MICHAEL M., 1840 Redwood Terr., N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. COHEN. REANA ELAINE, 217 Main St., Wood- bridge. N. J. COHEN, RONNIE MARGARET, 142 Gregory Ave.. West Orange. N. J. •COHEN, STANLEY E.. 501 Arlington Village. Arl.. Va. COHEN. VICKI LEE, 2901 Russell Rd.. Alexandria, Va. COINER. GORDON CONRAD. 5905 Aberdeen Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md. COLCORD, TIMOTHY ALLAN. 155 Arlington Vil- lage, Arlington, Va. COLE. MERRILL GRANT, Box 535 Stetson Univ.. Deland, Fla. COLEMAN, GARRETT VANCE. 3802 Basil Rd., McLean, Va. COLLEN. JOEL, 33 Muriel Ave.. Lawrence. N. Y. COLLER, LINDA BETH. 3179 Shady Ave.. Pitts- burg 17. Pa. COLLIER, DAVID BARRETT, 4428 Burlington PL, N.W.. Wash. 16. D. C. COLLINS. WILLIAM JOSEPH. 19 Hastings Dr.. Merrick. N. Y. COLTON. BARNUM L.. JR.. Ill Oxford St., Chevy Chase 15. Md. COMPTON. JOHN W., 3121 Newark St., N.W., Wash , D. C. CONGDON. ALMA M., 5128 Brandley Blvd.. Chevy Chase. Md. CONNOR, JAMES E., 2655 41st St.. N.W.. Wash. 7, D. C. COOK, CARL EUGENE, Route 2. Gatthersbu rg. Md. COOK, CHARLOTTE ANN, 7815 Jay Miller Dr.. Falls Church, Va. COOLIDGE, R. LOWELL, 5017 Forest Haven Dr., Alexandria, Va. COOPER, BARBARA, 4857 Reiterstown Rd.. Balti- more 15, Md. COOPER, ROBERT, 323 Derby Ave., Woodmere, L. I., N. Y. CONWAY, RUTH QUINN, 522 N. Norwood St., Arlington 3, Va. CORBETT, ALLEN P., 4611 Davenport St., N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. COREN. ELAINE, 381 Beech Spring Rd. South Orange. N. J. CORRIGAN. JANE C, 300 Saratoga Ave.. Chevy Chase IS, Md. COULON, CHARLES EDWARD. 5750 Oregon Ave., Wash. 15, D. C. COVEL, ELIZABETH JEAN, 3407 S. Wakefield St., Arlington 6, Va. •COVELL, CHARLES L., 836 Rose Lane, Annandale, Va. COVIELLO, FRANK J., 4604 43rd St.. N.W.. Wash. 16, D. C. COWARD, BILLY GENE, 1500 Mass. Ave.. N.W., Wash., D. C. COWELL, DAVID A., 235 Ridgefield Ave., Bogata. N. J. COWEN. MARTIN H., 39 Crest Dr., South Orange, N. J. •COX, DAVID S., Route 1, Box 98, McLean, Va. COX, REXFORD S., 86 Mason Dr.. Metuchen, N. J. COYLE, WILLIAM ROBERT, 2206 S. Knoll Rd.. Arlington, Va. COZZENS, JEANETTE M., 4317 Lee Hwy., Arl- ington 7, Va. CRAIN, RICHARD, 1123 N. Frederick St.. Arling- ton, Va. ' CRANE, DAMIAN, 3945 Conn. Ave., Wash.. D. C. CRANSTON. MARTHA S., 7 Willing Way. Wilm- ington 6. Del. CRARY, BOSETTA M., 3444 Nebraska St., Sioux City 4, Iowa CRAVOTTA, LINDA G., 6141 N. 11th Rd.. Arling- ton 5, Va. CRAWFORD. RONALD W„ 3217 Patterson Ave., Richmond 21, Va. CRESSMAN, WALTER H., 22 Union St., Richland- town, Pa. CRETSOS, JAMES MIMIS, 132 Urell PI.. N.E., Wash. 11, D. C. CREVELING, JANE E.. 430 South 17th St.. Allentown, Pa. CRISWELL, JONATHAN H., 4308 Brandywine St.. N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. CROFT, ELEANOR A., Route 4, Box 438, Vienna, . Va. CROMAN. JOSEPH L., JR., 3639 Old York Rd., Philadelp hia 40, Pa. CRONMILLER, LANCE G., 207 Bridgeboro Rd., Moorestown, N. J. CROSS, DOUGLAS T., 302 Ashby St., Alexandria, Va. •CROWLEY, ROBERT J., 922 University Blvd., Silver Spring, Md. CRYSTALL, TILDEN IVAN, 7620 Maple Ave.. Takoma Park, Md. CUDAHY, LINDA L., Alton Rd., Lyons, N. Y. CUKIER, SOFIA, Apartado No. 21, El Salvador, C A. CUMMING, MARY LEE, 1511 N. Jackson St., Arlington 1, Va. CUMMINGS, NORA LEIGH. 5138 N. 38th St., Arlington 7, Va. CUNNINGHAM, RONALD M., 1043 College, Memphis, Tenn. CURRY, KAREN D.. 901 Fisher Ave., Falls Church, Va. CUSICK, NANCY T., 2015 Hitlyer PI., N.W., Wash., D. C. CUTTJiR. MELISSA J., 2111 Birchwood, Chicago, DABBY. IDA, 63-33 98th PI., Forest Hills, N. Y. DAFTARY, FARHAD, 1914 Conn. Ave., N.W., Wash. D. C. DAGGETT, ERMINIA. 1100 Janney ' s Lane, Alex., Va. DAHL, EDWARD C, 7800 Old Chester Rd., Beth- esda 14. Md. DAJANI. NABILA R., Ramalle, Jordan DAJANI. WAFA. 3217 Conn. Ave.. Wash. 8, D. C. DAKAN. STEPHEN L., 3245 S. 30th, Lincoln 2, Neb. DALLEMAND, ULRICK F., 1624 H. St., N.W. Wash. D. C. DALY, BRIAN T., 2434 39th PI., Wash. D. C. D ' ANDREA, LESTER R., 116 Greenwood Dr., Falls Church, Va. DANHOF. CONSTANCE MARIE, 7903 Jeannette Dr., New Orleans, La. DANIEL, SCOTT, 124 S. Park Dr. Arlington, Va. DANIELS. ARVIL A.. 216 S. Atlantic Ave., Had- donfield, N. J. DANIELS, DIANE. 4617 36th St., N.W. Wash. 8, D. C. DANKBERG, PAUL S.. 622 Cumberland Ave., Tea- neck, N. J. DANZIGER. LOUISE, 31 Ridgeway St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. DATTLEBAUM, MAXINE F., Riverside Dr.. Salis- bury, Md. DAUGHERTY, RICHARD, 3538 A. St., S.E., Wash. 19, D. C. DAVELAR, HAROLD S., 631 S. Locust St. Eliza- bethtown. Pa. DAVENPORT, PAUL M., 2112 N. Rolfe St., Arlington, Va. DAVENPORT. PHYLLIS J., 2514 S. 3rd St., Arlington, Va. DAVIDSON. STEPHEN L., 2932 Albemarle St., N.W.. Wash., D. C. DAVILA, BERTA C, 4715 16th St.. N.W. Wash.. D. C. DAVIS, ARTHUR HARRISON, 4115 N. 3rd Rd., Arlington 3, Va. DAVIS, GEORGE C, 2128 Key Blvd., Apt. 892, Arlington, Va. DAVIS. KATHERINE C, 138 Hamilton Ave., Has- brouck Hgts., N. J. DAWSON, PAULA ELIZABETH, 6520 Wash. Dr., Falls Church, Va. DAWSON, RICHARD. 20 Plattsburg Ct., Wash., D. C. DAWSON, SUSAN A., Fox Hedge Rd., Saddle River. N. J. DAY, BASIL BOYER, Damascus, Md. DEAN, BEVERLY A., 5804 Skyline Dr., Morning- side, Md. DEAN, JOHN P., 3213 Gumwood Dr., Hyattsville, Md. DEANS, LORNA, 720 Arlington Towers, Arlington 9, Va. DEARDOFF, SANDRA, 319 High St., Hanover, Pa. DEBURR, STEPHEN L., 1610 Foxhall Rd.. N.W., Wash., D. C. DEELY, MICHAEL F„ 704 N. Edison St., Arling- ton 3, Va. DEEVY, DAVID ALAN, 600 Patrick Henry Dr., Falls Church, Va. DEICH, BARRY, 164 Ascension St., Passaic, N. J. DEITZ, BEVERLY ELAINE, 7011 Forest Hill Dr., Hyattsville, Md. DELASHMUTT, NANCY M., 3424 N. Venice St., Arlington, Va. DELCASTILHO, RONALD E., 3012 Parkway Terr. Dr., Wash. 23, D. C. DELL, WALTON W.. JR., 415 Charlotte Dr., Pitts- burgh 36, Pa. DELLAVALLE, ROBERT, 7102 Colesville Rd., Hyattsville, Md. DELONG, DONALD, 3400 N. Westmoreland St., Falls Church, Va. DENNY, ROBERT EVANS, 303 Wasp Lane, Mc- Lean, Va. DENTON, JAMES C, JR., 4444 Dexter St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. DEPAUW, JOHN W., 7101 Georgia St., Chevy Chase, Md. DEPERALTA, FLORENTINA A., 2205 Observatory PI., Wash. 7, D. C. DEPINHO, MICHAEL, JR., 4 Parker Court, Glou- cester, Mass. DERR, NADINE M„ 21 Waller Rd., Bridgeport 6, DESIO, JANE OVIVIA, 80 Maywood Dr., Rochester 18, N. Y. DESMARETS, E. CHRISTIAN, 833 E. Italia St., Covina, CaUf. DETLOR, LEONARD G., 321 Hemlock St., Roselle. N. J. DEUTERMANN, WILLIAM V., 108 Duke of Glou- cester, Annapolis, Md. DEVANEY, ROBERT, 2614 41st St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. DEVINE, JUDITH A., 45 Troy Dr., Short Hills, N. J. DHYANI, LALIT K., 39179 Banarar India, Chawk Banara, Vill Ranakoli, India •DIAMENT, JOAN Z., 4121 W. St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. DIAMOND. PAULINE T., 6436 Bannockburn Dr., Bethesda 14, Md. DIAMOND, SUSAN DEE, 188-11 Soho Dr., Hollis 23, N. Y. DICKERSON, LUCIUS A., 154 Rochester Rd., Lock- port, N. Y. DICKERSON, PETER A., 154 Rochester Rd., Lock- port, N. Y. DICKINSON. RALPH A., 4504 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, Va. DIDIO, GLORIA VITA, 3400 Atlantic Ave., Wild- wood, N. J. DIEHL, DONALD MAX, Rt. 4, Box 353, Vienna, Va. DIEHL, LARRY F., V S Embassy Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. •DIESTE, MARION, 405 Thayer Ave., Silver Spring, Md. DIGGS, BARBARA A., 4705 Great Oak Rd., Rock- ville, Md. DIGMIN, PAGE JOSEPH, 7220 Spruce St., Tak. Pk„ Md. DIMATTINA, JOYCE MARIE, 2011 N. Harrison St., Arlington, Va. DINKIN, ARTHUR S.. 2709 Rittenhouse St., N.W., Wash., D. C. •DOBOZY, RODNEY, 2400 41st St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. DOODDS, BETSY K., 4715 Woodley Rd., N.W.. Wash. 16, D. C. DOERING, DAVID M., 312 E. Maple Rd., Linthi- cum Hgts., Md. DODGE, RICHARDS., 707 S. 31st., Arlington, Va. DOHERTY, JAMES T., 2301 41st St., N.W., Wash., D. C. •DOLKOS, PAUL, 1026 N. Chambliss St., Alexandria. Va. DONNELLY, JEAN M., 525 Delaney Park Dr.. Or- lando, Fla. DONNER, KENNETH STUART, 410 Brighton PI., Elkins Park 17 Pa. DONOHUE, JOSEPH SLAVENS, 6512 8th St., N.W.. Wash. 12, D. C. DOPP, BONNIE JO, 1340 S. 75th St., W. Allis 14, Wise. DOWNIN. BETTY, 94 Sussex St., Hackensack, N. J. DOWNIN, WILLIAM S., 94 Sussex St., Hackensack, «DRABEK, JAN, 3460 39th St., N.W. Wash., D. C. DRENNING, JULIA ANN. 6408 Park St., Alex- N. J. andria, Va. •DRIGGS, JOANNA M., 3825 Davis PI., N.W. Wash., D. C. DRISCOLL, LIONEL, 25 St. Bernard St. Saranac Lake, N. Y. DROSTON. ELIZABETH H., 242 N. Mosley Rd., St. Louis 41, Mo. DEOUAULT, HENRY ADRIAN, 7622 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, Md. DRUCKER, LLOYD, 1405 Downing St., N.E., Wash., D. C. DRYDEN, NANCY T., 5606 Overlea Rd.. Wash. 16, D. C. DUBIN, LAWRENCE A.. 45 Remsen Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. DUBIVSKY, JANE M.. 1 S. Myrtle St., Vineland, N. J. DUBRUL, PAUL -A., 86-04 60th Rd., Elmhurst 73, N. Y. DUFFEY, DEPUE HAZEN, JR., 4200 Cathedral DUNCAN, GEORGE F., 3701 Conn. Ave., N.W., Wash., D. C. •DUNCAN, ROBERT E., 6106 42nd Ave., Hyatts- ville, Md. DUNGEE. MARCIA L.. 279 Leland Ave.. Plainfield, N. J. DUNKIN, ALICE ANNE, 85 Easton Ave., New Brunswick, N. J. DUNN, BEE MARGARET, 106 Massanet, Port Lavaca. Texas DUPEE. WALTER F., 6612 Hillandale Rd., Chevy Chase IS, Md. DUPREY, JEMELLE, Brookeville, Md. ' DURAN, JOE A., 2010 N. Quinn. Arlington, Va. DURELL, BETSY, 179-12 Kildare Rd., Jamaica 32, N. Y. DURLING, WALTER. Orinoco Mining Co., Puerto Ordaz, Ven. DUSTERHOFF, THEODORE A., 4117 Fessenden St., N.W.. Wash., D. C. DUVAL, PATRICIA ANN. 61 West 83 St.. New York. N. Y. DUVALL, JOSPEH L., 2968 S. Columbus St., Arlington 6, Va. DWECK. RALPH S., 1763 Sycamore St., N.W., Wash., D. C. DYBA, TAMARA INGRID, Bolton Rd., Lake George, N. Y. DYE, DOUGLAS, 6800 Algonguiu Ave., Bethesda, Md. EARNSHAW. BRUCE B., 707 McNeill Rd., Silver Springs, Md. EASTLACK. CAROL JEAN, S08 Brad St., Pleasant- ville, N. J. EATON, ELLEN ANDREWS, 1632 44th St., N.W.. Wash.. D. C. " EATON, HARMON JR., 6005 McKinley St., Beth- esda, Md. EATON, ROBERT A., 59 Prospect Ave., Ossinning. N. Y. EBINGER, FREDERICK W., 1625 Lynwood PI., Casper, Wyo. ECKEL, CHARLES RONALD, 6 Beverly St., Metuchen, N. J. EDA MATSU, KUMIKO, 5525 30th PI., N.W.. Wash., D. C. EDDY. CARROLL B., 3342B S. Wakefield St.. Arlington 6, Va. EDGAR, JAMES R. JR., 3271 East Lee Hwy., Fairfax, Va. EDISON, JILL P., 1 Lehigh Ave., Newark 12, N. J. EDWARDS, MARGARET M., 172 Cedarbrook Rd., Ardmore, Pa. EFRON, FRANCINE, 322 Sheridan St. N.W., Wash.. D. C. EGGENSCHILLER, ROBERT. 29 First Ave., Haw- thorne, N. J. ' F.HLE, ARTHUR K., 2100 Marian Court, Falls Church, Va. EHLE, CHARLES E„ 2100 Marian Court, Falls Church, Va. EICHBERG, JAMES LEONARD. 4501 Conn. Ave., Wash., D. C. EKPO, SMART AKPAN, Okoro Atal., Uyo Div, Nigeria EL JAI. THAMI, EL SAKEZLY, ABDELLATIF, Zaweet Dahmani 3, Tripoli, Libya ELIAS, ALIX M., 2909 Olive Ave. N.W., Wash.. D. C. ELKINS. PAUL HARRIS, 14 Belmont St., White Plains, N. Y. ELLIS, CLARKE N., 441 Fairfax Ave., Ventura. Calif. ELLIS, PATRICIA A., 5604 Durbin Rd., Bethesda, Md. •ELLISON. GERALD LYNN. S. St. Asaph, Alex- andria, Va. ELZERMAN, JEAN A., 32 Pilgrim Rd., W. Spring- field, Mass. •ENDZEL, BUDD D., 4110 Thornapple St., Chevy Chase, Md. ENGELHARDT, CAROL B.. 54 Wilbur Ave., Newark 12. N. J. ENGELHARDT. MICHAEL, 824 Fiske St., Wood- mere, N. Y. ENGLE, IRVIN H., 359 Leverington Ave., Phil- adelphia. Pa. ENGLE, JUDITH R„ 5039 Macomb St., N.W. Wash., D. C. ENGLAND. JAMES CARROLL, 3134 Buena Vista S.E., Wash., D. C. ENGLAND, MARGARET L.. 5521 Roosevelt St., Bethesda 14, Md. ENGLISH. MARY E., 2312 N. Monroe St., Arling- ton 7, Va. EPSTEIN, BARBARA L., 8222 189 St., Jamaica, N. Y. EPSTEIN, CYNTHIA ZOE, 1630 Van Buren St. N.W., Wash., D. C. ERICSON, CHARLES S., 3932 Garrison St., Wash., D. C. ERICKSON, JOHN, 552 Lebaum St. S.E., Wash., D. C. •ERICKSON. SHELDON G., 5510 Huntington Pkwy., Bethesda 14, Md. ESCHAUZIER, EMMA W.. R.F.D. 1 Box 184, Springfield, Va. ESHLEMAN, RICHARD LEE, 54 W. Sheridan Ave., Annville. Pa. ESPEY, HARRY C, 4933 Western Ave. N.W., Wash., D. C. ESTRIN. WILMA J., 2400 41st St., N.W., Wash.. D. C. ETTENSON. PAUL A., 691 Marths St., Elmont, N. Y. EVANS. ADELBERT SIEGFIELD. 4502 Highland Ave.. Bethesda, Md. : denotes Se EVANS. CHARLES B., 160 11th St., Atlantic Beach. Fla. EVANS, DAVID WALTER, 6017 Grayson St., Springfield, Va. EVANS, RICHARD 3305 Gumwood Dr.. Hyattsville. Md. ' EVERETT, MARY M.. Apo 230 USACAF, New York. N. Y. EYSTER, JOHN W.. 2022 Sherman Ave., Evanston, FAHSL, JEANINE E.. 2366 Carter, St. Paul 8, Minn. FAIRBAIRN. JAMES. 22 N. Cambridge Ave., Ventnor, N. J. •FAIRBAIRN. MARGARET LOUISE. 4511 Sanga- more Rd., Wash., D. C. FAMIGLIETTI, LEONARD G.. 2928 Northampton St. N.W., Wash., D. C. FANAOFF. MILTON D., 107 Carroll St. S.E., Wash. 3, D.C. FAREER. CORINNE M.. 1247 Salem Rd., Plam- field, N. J. FARBER. JUDITH D., 6954 Groton St., Forest Hills. N. Y. FARIS. ABDOL HOSSEIN. Wossough St. Medan Sha, Tehran, Iran FARKASS, KAROLY ARPAD, 2920 Ontario Rd., N.W., Wash., D. C. FARR, RICHARD MAX. 137 Pemberton Ave.. Pla nfield, N. J. FARRINGTON, HAROLD W. JR.. 4920 N. 26th St., Arlington, Va. " FARRINGTON. MARGARET E., 4801 Grantham Ave., Chevy Chase. Md. FASBENDER. ANNE DORIS, Box 197, Center port, N. Y, FAULCONER, NANCY H., 3615 Upton St.. Wash. D. C. FAULKNER. FERRIS. 2 Vanderburgh Ave., Larch mont, N. Y. FAUST. LOUIS JOSEPH, 5116 Lowell Lane N.W. Wash.. D. C. FEDIAY. LYDIA VICTORIA, 3702 Livingston St N.W.. Wash.. D. C. FEELEY, HAROLD F., 6813 Massena Ct., Bethesda 14. Md. FEISSNER, KARL G.. 522 Crittenden St. N.W., Wash., D. C. FEICK, ANN TRACY, 4400 Que St. N.W.. Wash.. D. C. FELBLUM. JUDITH ANN, 32 Lakeside Dr., New Rochelle. N. Y. FELDER. ANITA LOIS. 1304 VanVuren St. N.W.. Wash. 12. D. C. FERGUSON, ARTHUR W.. 5003 Decatur St.. Edmonstor. Md. FERNANDEZ. CONRADO F., 2148 Saaverdra Ave., La Paz, Bolivia FERRARO, ALAN JOHNSTON. 7908 Flower Ave.. Takoma Park. Md. •FERRELL. EDWARD W.. 1200 Longfellow St. N.W.. Wash., D. C. FERRIS, JOHN WILLIAM. 5729 MacArthur Blvd. N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. FERRY. JAMES B., 4509 Warren St. N.W., Wash., D. C. FEYS. BARBARA A., 9813 Conn. Ave., Kensington, Md. FIDALGO, YVONNE C, 309 N. Greenbrier St., Arlington 3, Va. FIELDS. BARBARA. 5133 Fairglen Lane, Chew Chase 15, Md. FIELDS, ROBERT LEE, 1733 Preston Rd.. Alex- andria, Va. FILBY. BEVERLY ANN. 8405 Quintana St.. Hyattsville. Md. FINE. CHARLES, 402 Maiden St.. Mineral Pt., Wise. FINE. SANDRA ' EAN. 210 Franklin Ave., Silver Springs, Md. FINFER. PAUL. 7629 25th Ave., Hyattsville. Md. FINKELSTEIN, RHEA, 1441 East 22 St.. Brooklyn 10, N. Y. FINKELSTEIN. RICHARD I., 811 Richford St., Duquesne, Pa. •FINN, DORIS E„ 2346 Skvland PI. S.E., Wash. 20, D. C. FIRMANI. C. ALEXANDER. 317 Brookside Dr., Ashley Hgts. 4, Del. FIRST. MARY PATRICIA, 2410 Midland Rd.. Harrisburg, Pa. FISHER, DONALD R., 1 Stuvvesant Plaza. Mount Vernon, N. Y. FISHER. SYDNEY BARBARA, 117 E. Caranetta Terr., Lakeside. N. J. FISH, RUTH M.. 38 Haynes Rd., Newton Center 59, Mass. FISHER, JACQUELYN D., 725 W. 6th St., Lewis- town. Pa. FISHER. JOEI, M.. 3410 N. Glenose Ave., Altadena, Calif. FISHERMAN, JANET, 2614 Northampton St. N.W., Wash., D. C. FITCH, DAVID. 10007 Conn. Ave.. Kensington. Md. FITCHETT. LEO G.. 7951 15th Ave.. Adelphi, Md. FITZGERALD. EDWARD F., 1500 Arlington Blvd. 823. Arlington. Va. FITZGERALD, EDWARD F., 1500 Arl. Blvd. 823, Arlington. Va. FITZGERALD, GARRETT, 4701 Conn. Ave., Wash. 8. D. C. •FITZGERALD. JAMES E., 4701 Conn. Ave., Wash. 8. D. C. FITZGERALD, MURAY F., 4512 38th St., Wash. 16, D. C. FITZGERALD, THOMAS J., 3917 Harrison St., Wash. 15, D. C. FLACK, PENELOPE R., 250 N. 6th St., Chambers- FLANGAS. JOHN A.. 1936 Naylor Rd. S.E.. Wash.. D. C. FLANIGAN. JAMES PATRICK. W522 Arlington Towers. Arlington. Va. •FLAPAN. MAXWELL. 17 Barlow Rd., Fairfax. Va. FLEISCHMANN, CLARA B., Alphaus Ave.. Alphaus, N. Y. FLEISHER, JUDITH, 4728 46th St. N.W.. Wash., D. C denotes Senior. FLETCHER. BARBARA C. 200 Pine St., Roselle, N. J. FLORER. JOHN HARMON, 1900 Key Blvd., Arl.ngton, Va. FOLKS, ORAL EDWIN, 5608 Huntington Pkwy.. Bethesda. Md. FONTAINE, RAYMOND, 2810 S. 9th St., Arlington, Va. FOOTER, IRVIN, 728 Damlia St., Wash., D. C. FORBES. ALEXANDER R., 2345 34th St. S.E., Wash., D. C. •FLORER. JOHN H.. 1900 Kev Blvd., Arlington, Va. FORD, JAMES ALTMEYER, 4824 Chevy Chase Dr.. Chew Chase. Md. FORD, LOUIS LEE, 1116 19th St., Arlington, Va. FORD, ROBERT HOWARD. 6027 29th St., Arling- ton, Va. FORD, PEYTON H.. 3634 Austin St., Wash., D. C. ' FOREMAN, JOAN. 6758 Eastern Ave. N.W.. Wash., D. C. FORGATCH. MARION SUE. 12 Crescent PL, Middletown, N. Y. FORMAN. JOYCE, 4100 Stuart Ave., Richmond, Va. FORSTER. WILLIAM B., 1637 Madison St., Wash., D. C. •FOST, KENNETH J., 264 HOLMES St.. Belleville, N. J. FOSTER, SUZANNE, 7402 Ridgewood Ave., Chevy Chase 15, Md. ♦FOSTER. VIRGINIA, 5019 Newport Ave.. Wash.. D. C. FOULKES, GEORGE C. 4617 Morningside PI., Wash.. D. C. FOX, JAMES RONALD, Burke, Va. FOXX. W. KENNETH, 3715 Porter St. N.W., Wash., D. C. FRAMERA. HARRIET LEE. 4426 Davenport St., Wash., D. C. FRANDSEN, LEIF N., 211 Indian Springs Dr., Silver Springs. Md. FRANK. ELSA A., 1854 Shan Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa. FRANK. STEPHEN LARRY, 4012 Belle Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. FRANKFURT, LESLIE, 10205 Brunswick Ave., Silver Springs, Md. FRANKLIN. ROBERTA D., 1527 Park Rd. N.W., Wash., D. C. FRANKLIN. SHIRLEY E., 2264 13th St. N.E., Wash. 18, D. C. FRAUWIRTH. EDWARD. 2305 Ave. L, Brooklyn 10, N. Y. FRAWLEY. FRANCES. 3723 Veazey St. N.W., Wash.. D. C. FRAZIER. STEPHEN T., 4609 W. Virginia Ave., Bethesda 14, Md. FREEBERG. BRUCE W„ 7718 6th Ave., Kenosha, Wise. FREEDMAN, CAROLE L.. 4527 29th St. N.W.. Wash. 8, D. C. FREEDMAN, NANCY ANN, 2831 Glendon Ave., Los Angeles 64, Calif. FREID, MARVIN. 243 Park Ave.. Eastchester. N. Y. FREIVALDS, ILZE. 7329 Blair Rd.. Wash., D. C. FRENCH. RODNEY C, 4824 Langdrum Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Md. FRIEDBERG, SYBIL M., 1221 Gates Ave., Nor- folk, Va. FRIEDLANDER. LINDA, 312 Bridlemere Ave., Interlaken, N. J. FRIEDMAN. MICHAEL S., FRIEDMAN, NATALIE, 720 Whittier St., Wash., D. C. FRIEDMAN, RONALD S., 41 Derby Ave., Cedar- hurst Lane. N. Y. FRIEND, PETER KEITH, 3313 Chillum Rd., Mt. FRISHMAN, RITA F., 1017 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburg 6, Pa. FRISS. STEPANIE, 24 N. Gladstone Ave., Margate, N. J. FRITZ, KENNETH, 56 Mohawk Trail, Westfield. N. J. FROMENSON. NANCY MARCIA. 230 Central FROMME, MARILOU, 3905 W St., N.W., Wash D. C. FRONTZ, JOYCE ANN, 2337 11th St., Arlington Va. FULLER, HARRELL, Box 13, Corona, N. M. FURNAD, VASIL R., 6506 Forest View Dr., Spring field, Va. FUROR, STEVEN JAY, 123 Westwood Circle Roslyn, N. Y. FURZER, DELLA S., 103 Southbrook Lane, Beth esda 14, Md. GABRIEL, JAMES E., 1121 Parrish Dr.. Rockville Md. GAFFNEY. GLORIA, 2619 Otis St., N.W., Wash 18, D. C. GAFFNEY, THOMAS J., 2019 Eye St.. N.W. Wash. 6, D. C. GAHI, RICHARD S., JR., 1 E. Irving St., Chevy Chase 15, Md. GAINSBURG, PAULA L., 3512 N. 3rd St., Harris burg. Pa. GALANIS, NICHOLAS J., 3937 Newdale Rd. Chew Chase 15. Md. GALANIS, PHYLLIS T., 3937 Newdale Rd„ Chevy Chase 15, Md. •GALLER, GERALD, 2228 40th PI., N.W.. Wash., D. C. GALLOWAY, DIANE L„ 327 Morris Ave., Boonton. N. J. GALLOWAY, EDITH E., 1305 You St., S.E., Wash. 20, D. C. GALLOWAY, JAMES B.. JR., 631 74th St.. New- port News. V a. GAMOLEJ. YUVARUT, 1834 Calvert St., N.W., Wash. 9, D. C. GANN, GAIL REDMOND, 120 Center Dr.. Beth- esda 14. Md. GANNON, MARTIN A.. Hunting Towers, 218 W, Alexandria, Va. GANS, HOWARD R., 1155 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn 30, N. Y. GANTZ, HERBERT ROY, 716 Peabody St., N.W., Wash.. D. C. GARABEDIAN. LEVON H., 1309 Juniper St.. N.W.. Wash. 12, D, C. GARCIA, GUILLERMO, Apartado No. 262, Man- agua, Nicaragua GARDNER, JOHN W., 4711 16th St.. N.W., Wash., D. C. GARFINKEL, STEPHEN ED., 622 Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring, Md. GARNER, BARBARA ANN, 625 Farragut PI., N.E., Wash., D. C. GARRITY. JOHN JOSEPH, 2609 Nicholson St., W. Hyattsville, Md. GARVIN, WILLIAM LEA, 3850 Tunlaw Rd., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. GAUNT, JOSEPH HAROLD, 70 N. Hillcrest Rd.. Springfield, Pa. GAY, WILLIAM JAN, 214 Glen Ave., S.W., Vienna, Va. GENSON, VINCENT J.. 5310 Elsrode Ave., Balti- more 14, Md. •GEORGE, CHARLES R., Altamont, Kas. •GEORGE, NANCY, 4830 Old Dominion Dr., Arl- ington 7, Va. •GEORGE. NANCY D., 4550 MacArthur Blvd., Wash. 7, D. C. GERACI, DONNA J., 1932 38th St.. N.W.. Wash. 7, D. C. •GERARD. RICHARD, 2301 W St., N.W., Wash., D. C. GERBER. WILLIAM J., 420 West End Ave., New York 24, N. Y. GERSTER, MARLA J., 4122 Fairfax St.. Landover Hills, Md. GERTSCH, MARTHA PERA, 513 Vista Dr., Apt. 203, Falls Church. Va. GEVINSON, MAXINE, 4024 8th St., N.E., Wash. 11, D. C. GIBBS. CHARLES D.. 407 65th St.. Md. Park, Md. GIBSON, DONALD D., 605 W. Ashland, Indianola, GIBSON, LINDA C, 10114 Summit Ave.. Kensing- ton, Md. GIBSON, RICHARD C, University of Redlands, Redlands, Calif. GICHNER, DAVID EVERETT, 6115 33rd St., N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. •GIFFORD. DONALD HORTON. 401 Creston Rd., York, Pa. •GIFFORD, ELLYN, 622 Laura Dr., Falls Church, Va. GIFFORD, SYLVIA I., Drew Univ., Madison, N. J. GILBERT, JERROLD, 4201 Mass. Ave., N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. GILLENWATER, EUNICE L.. 4912 N. Wash. Blvd., Arlington 5, Va. GILMORE, MARY ANN, 5420 Glenwood Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. GILMOUR. SUSAN E., 584 Maple Ave., Doyles- town, Pa. •GINGELL. ROBERT. 9707 Lawson PI., Silver Spring, Md. GINRICH, ANN, 79 Briarcliff Rd., Larchmont, N. Y. GINMAN, PETER JOHN, 1324 S. 28th St.. Arling- ton 6. Va. GINSBERG, CHARLES, Youngs Gap Hotel, Liberty. N. Y. GINTER, RICHARD L., 1735 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington, Va. GIRARD, MARIA LOUISE, 403 Glasgow Rd., Alex- andria, Va. GLADDING, ROBERT, 5831 Potomac Ave., N.W.. Wash. 16, D. C. GLANTZMAN, SUSAN D., 439 Rose Lane, Rock- ville Center, N. Y. GLASER, ROBERT A., 6317 32nd St.. N.W., Wash., D. C. •GLASSMYER, JOAN ANN, 4739 16th St., Arling- ton. Va. GLAZEROFF, SHEILA H., Willey Ave., Liberty, N. Y. GLICK, LESLIE ANN, 8301 Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, Md. GLUCK, BARRY JAY. 1501 Key Blvd., Arlington 9, Va. GLUCK. RONALD STANLEY, 322 Hawthorne Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. GOLDBERG, ARTHUR ABBA, 25 Gifford Ave., Jersey City 4, N. J. GOLDBERG, BARRY R„ 23 University Ave., Lewisburg, Pa. GOLDBERG. EDWARD L., 10803 Tenbrook Dr., Silver Spring, Md. GOLDBERG. ROBERT Z., 6030 13th PI., N.W., Wash. 11, D. C. GOLDBERG. STANLEY R., 665 Camperdown Rd., W. Englewood, N. J. GOLD, JOEL ROBERT, 295 I U Willets Rd„ Albertson, N. Y. GOLDEN, WALTER R., 5179 N. 37th Rd.. Arling- ton 7. Va. GOLDING, JUDITH BARBARA, 1419 Woodrow Ave., Norfolk, Va. GOLDRICH, MARILYNE, 1217 Field Ave., Plain- field, N. J. GOLDSCHEIN, CHARLES. 8519 Garland Ave., Takoma Park, Md. GOLDSMITH, SANDRA, 121 Rolling Rd., Gaithers- burg, Md. GOLDSOBEL, DONALD C, 118 Bruce St., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. GOLDSTEIN, MARK B., 248 Emerald St., Harris- burg, Pa. GOLDSTEIN. FRANCES H„ 305 Chesterfield Ave., Centerville, Md. GOLDSTEIN. PAUL RICHARD. 5720 Nebraska Ave., N.W., Wash. 15. D. C. •GOLDSTEIN, STEPHEN, 34 E. Main St., Mays Landing, N. J. GONGLOFF, ROBERT, 125 Main Ave., Ocean Grove, N. J. GONZALEX. MARIA E., 3850 Hudson Manor Terr., New York 63. N. Y. GOOD, DONNA MARIE, 290 Capitol View Dr., McLean. Va. GOOD. STEPHEN, 3909 Northampton St., N.W.. Wash. IS. D. C. GOODBERG, PAUL J.. 154-11 23rd Ave.. White- stone 57. N. Y. GOODE. MORTON, 1764 Sycamore St.. N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. •GOODIER, JOAN ETHEL R., 3517 Lynchester Rd.. Md. GOODMAN, STUART D., 24 Idaho St.. Passaic, N. J. GOODRICH. DAVID HENRY, 2007 Fairway Dr., Spring Lake, N. J. GOODWIN, EMILY C, 602 Fontaine St., Alex- a„iii Va GOODWIN, ROBERT F., 6216 Kennedy Dr.. Chevy Cha Md ' GOODYEAR, MAXINE F., 1524 M N.W.. Wash. 11, D. C. GORDON, HAROLD, 1414 Upshur St., N.W., Wash. 11, D. C. GORDON, JUDITH ANN, 6109 Lombard St., Chev- erly, Md. GORDY, JOHN WILLIAM. JR., 128 Oak Lane Dr., Laurel, Del. " GORDON, MARTIN, 11504 Lockhart PI., Silver Spring, Md. GORDON, RICHARD BURTON, Frederica, Del. GOSSOM. ALAN C. Haymarket, Va. GOULD, STEPHEN, 19 Toilsome Lane, East Hamp- ton, N. Y. •GOULD, STUART, 1557 Leslie St., Hillside, N. J. GRAHAM, BYRON R., 25 Llewellyn Rd., Mont clair, N. J. GRANT. DONALD ELLIOTT. 3818 Davis Pl„ Api 202. Wash., D. C. GRANUM, MICHAEL W., 4909 Newport Ave Wash. 16, D. C. GRAY, EARL NELSON, 8109 14th Ave., Hyatt! ville, Md. ' GRAY, JOEL PRICE, 3806 Columbia Pk., Arl ing ton, Va. GRAY, THOMAS R., 2824 28th St., N.W.. Wash 8, D. C. GRAYBILL, NINA M., 209 Deerpark Dr., Gaith burg, Md. CREDONE, MARY, 219 E. Spencer Ave., Wildwood N. J. " GREEN, HOMER F., Ill, 7201 47th St., Chevy Chase, Md. GREEN. JANET ANN, 86 Churchill Rd.. Tenafly N. J. GREEN, ROBERT L., 13209 Vandalia Dr., Rock ville, Md. GREEN, ROGER EVAN, 23 Amherst Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. GREENBERG, ALICE G., 5 Gilbert Rd.. Great Neck, N. Y. GREENBERG, NEIL I., 2015 Foster Ave., Brook- lyn 10, N. Y. GREENBERG, TOUBE J., 8615 Hartsdale Ave.. Bethesda 14. Md. GREENFIELD. ALBERT A., 530 S. 24th St., Arlington 2, Va. GREENFIELD, STEPHEN, 747 Orienta Ave.. Mamaroneck, N. Y. GREENSTEIN, DEANNA, 7622 9th St., N.W., Wash., D. C. GREENWALD, ALAN B., 367 Washington Ave., Cedarhurst, N. Y. ' GREENWALD, SANDRA RAE, 54 Forest Dr., Springfield, N. J. GREGORY. FREDERICK DREW, 4015 Mass. Ave., S.E., Wash. 16, D. C. GREGORY, STEPHEN F., 33 Sunset Dr., Engle- wood, Colo. GREY, DAVID, 2610 Tunlaw, Wash., D. C. GRIER, WILLIAM, Kings Highway, Milford, Del. GRIFF, MARALYN. 50 Wensley Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. GRIFFITH, EXLZ. A., 9315 Cedar Lane, Bethesda, Md. GRIFFITH, MILDRED E., 20 Jefferson St., Green- ville, Pa. GRIFFITHS, LESLIE M., 810 Univ. Blvd. East. Silver Spring, Md. GRINER. THOMAS T., 1436 Patrick Henry Dr., Falls Church, Va. GRISSETT, CHARLES W., 2106 F St., N.W., Wash. 7. D. C. GRITZ, LEONARD, 7217 7th St., N.W.. Wash. 12, D. C. GROSS. KENNETH, 164 Lewis St.,- Perth Amboy, N. J. GROVERMAN, CAROLYN, Shawnee Rd., Rd 4, Box 5, Milford. Del. GRUBE, CHARLES S., 2129 West Ridge Dr., Lancaster, Pa. GUELICH. TONI C, Van Houten Fields. West Nyack, N. Y. GULICK, SCOTT, 20 Plattsburg Ct., Wash., D. C. GUTHER, GEORGE, 5483 Doris Dr., Alexandria, HAAKE. MARY KAY, 313 Laird St., Winona, HAALAND. DENNIS, 321 Third Ave., Madison. Minn. HAAS, CHARLES EMORY, 174 Oak St., Sommer- ville, N. J. HABEL. KURT C. 727 Farragut PI., Wash. 17, D. C. HABERLACH. KAY ESTHER, RT. 1 Box 92, Clackamas, Ore. HACKMAN, LINDA JOYCE. 6 Banbury Rd., Rock- ville Centre, N. Y. HACKMAN. MARY COOK. 3104 N. Inglewood St., Arlington 7. Va. HADRY. DORIS E., 9216 Levelle Sr„ Chevy Chase. Md. HADSELL JOYCE, 211 N. Oneida St., Tecumseh, Mich. HAFER. JAMES, R.F.D. 1, Kenneysville, W. Va. HAGAN, FRANK E., JR., 503 Castleford St.. Rock- ville, Md. HAGENBARTH, EDWARD, 636 Beacon Ave.. Paulsboro, N. J. HAGY. JAMES ALBERT, 1530 Kanawha St., Adelphia, Md. ' HAHMAN, WILLIAM R., 116 Hesketh St.. Chevy Chase 15, Md. HALL. CAROLYN J., 4118 Emery PI.. Wash. 16, D. C. HALL. DAVID LEE. 4118 Emery Place, Wash. 16, D. C. HALL. KENNETH, 2800 Mataro St., Pasadena, Calif. denotes Senior. HALL, ROBERT W„ 3820 W St.. Wash. 7, D. C. HALL, ROBIN FOSTER, 3907 Blackthorn St.. Chevy Chase 15, Md. HALLAM, YATES FORD, 7400 Halleck St., Dis- trict Hgts.. Md. HALPERT. HAROLD P., 4606 Bayard Blvd., Wash. 16, D. C. HALSTED, LAWRENCE, 100 Hillside Ave., Tena- fly, N. J. HAMIL. MARY KATHERINE. 12 Adams Lane, Dearborn, Mich. HAMILTON. TYRONE MILLS, 28844 30th St., Wash. 18, D. C. HAMMARBERG. ROBERT ERIC. Methodist Church. Gamla Karleby, Fin. HAMMOND, ANN S., 3227 Northampton St., Wash., D. C. HAMMOND, DONALD B., 709 Potomac Ave., N. Alexandria, Va. HAMMOND. JAMES, 6206 Maiden Lane, Bethesda, Md. HAMPSHIRE, MARK B., 1595 So. Columbia. Dever 10, Colo. •HAMRICK, KENNETH C, 2213 39th PI., Wash. 7, D. C. HANCKS. MARVIN L., 4002 26th St.. Moline, 111. HANDY. LORENZO C, 807 N. Appleton St., Balti- more 17, Md. HANLEY. JAMES F., 1516 Timber Lane, Falls Church, Va. HANNAH, WILLIAM C, 116 Mayflower Dr., Mc- Lean, Va. HANSON. JOHN F., 316 Norris Ave.. McCook, Neb. HARDY. ANN V., 5129 Scarsdale Rd., Wash., D. C. HARLOWE, PHYLLIS T., 7 Woodmoor Dr., Silver Springs. Md. HARMON, MARY P., Strawberry Hall. Irvington, N. Y. HARPER. HENRY H., Box 94, R.F.D. 1, Fairfax, Va. HARRE. DAVID, 7510 Maple Ave.. Chevy Chase, Md. HARRIS. JEANETTE A., 1131 Wash. St., Cape May, N. J. HARRIS, LINDA, 5710 Gloster Rd.. Wash. 16, D. C. HARRIS, MARY JEAN, 25 Park PI., Alexandria, Va. HARRIS, ROBERT B., Box 274, Flora, Miss. HARRIS, RUTH SANDRA, 3546 Albemarle St., Wash., D. C. HARRISON, JUDITH S., 90 Magnolia Ave., Kearny, N. J. ' HARRISON. MARGARET. 3520 VanNess St., Wash., D. C. HARROLD. BARBARA, 5451 Walker Ave.. Lincoln 4, Neb. HARP. DE NE T., 3214 Raicasworth PI., Alexandria, Va. HART, ALBERT L., 3801 Conn. Ave., Wash., D. C. HARTE. LEILA, 120 Lakeshore Dr., Oakland, N. J. HARTER. JOHN ROBERT, 4953 Brandywine St., Wash., D. C. HARTMAN, RICHARD, 819 Fisher St.. Falls Church, Va. HASSING, PER, 21 1125 12th St.. Wash., D. C. HATCH, JOAN, 2427 N. Rockingham St., Arlington. Va. HAUENSTEIN, ROBERT, 8672 Piney Branch Rd.. Silver Springs. Md. HAUSEN, HAROLD, Grand Hotell. Kristiansund, Nor. ' HAWK, ROBERT J. M., 322 E. Front St., Plain- field, N. J. HAUPT. JAMES D., 5013 42nd St.. Wash., D. C. HAUSER, SAMUEL W., 4702 32nd St., Arlington, Va. HAUSSER. DOUGLAS NORMAN. 6137 Stanbury Rd., Parma 29, Ohio •HAYGOOD, MARION, 9010 Fairview Rd., Silver Spring. Md. HAYMOND. DENVER D., 46 E. Reed Ave., Alex- andria, Va. HAYNES. ANNE, 3012 McKinley St., Wash. 15. D. C. HAYNES, CURTIS F., 4115 W. St.. N.W., Wash., D. C. HEALY, SANDRA, 2375 Montana Ave.. Cincinnati, Ohio HEARNE, DAVID P., 4300 Mass. Ave., Wash., D. C. HECHT, TYLAR L., 704 Fern PL, N.W., Wash.. D. C. •HECOX, JON. 2511 Foothill Rd.. Lacresenta, Calif. HEDAYAT, BAHMAN. 3410 Garfield St., Wash., D. C. HEIMBACH, BETTINA, 10 Channel St., Great Neck, N. Y, HEINS, JOHN E., 1121 24th St.. N.W., Wash., D. C. HEITMULLER. ROBERT R., 3615 Jocelyn St., Wash., D. C. HELIG, EDWARD J., 3210 Wisconsin Ave., Wash.. D. C. HELLER, SUSAN R.. 90 Cedar Dr . Great Neck, N. Y. HELLRIEGEL. CHARLES K., Mack Trucks Inc., Plainfield, N. J. HELMER, PAUL DALE, 14 Merlin Ave., N. Tarry- town, N. Y. HELWIG, JOHN F.. 328 Union St.. Millersburg, Pa. HELSING, HANNAH C, 6840 Glenbrook Rd.. Bethesda. Md. HELWITZ. GERALDINE A.. 13 Sinclair Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. HENCKE, BRENDA, 215 Kimball Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. HENDRON, JERRY MAX. 6255 Williamsburg Blvd., Arlington 7, Va. HENNINGER, HORACE M. JR., 3109 S. High St.. Arlington, Va. HENNINGS, KARLA ANN, 2429 Kalorama Rd., Wash., D. C. •HERBAN, MATHEW III, 1400 N. Taylor St., Arlington, Va. HERLIHY, ROBERT E., 4709 Overbrook Rd.. Wash. 16. D. C. HERMAN, HAROLD M., 2301 41st St., Wash. 7, D. C. HERMAN, LLOYD E„ 2205 42nd St., Wash. 7 D. C. HERNLY, HAROLD G., 1001 Jannevs La., Alexan- dria, Va. HERRINGTON, SHERYL JO, 4706 Surry PL, Alex- andria, Va. HERSCH. ANNETTE G., 1831 27th Ave., San Fran- cisco, Calif. HERSHEY, STEPHEN, 2 Fairwater Ave., Massape- que, N. Y. HERSHOFF, JILL E.. 176 Norwood Ave., Deal, N. J. HERTZ, DAVID J., 625 N. Forest Dr., Teaneck, N. J. HESS, HEIDE ERIKA, 40-08 Monroe St., Fairlawn, N. J. HICKEY, LAWRENCE B., 10202 Fleming Ave., Bethesda, Md. HICKS. ELIZABETH L., 3208 S. 7th St., Arlington 4, Va. HICKS. LINDA L., 986 Powhaten St., Arlington 5 Va. HICKS. RICHARD A.. 1267 Starlane PL, Hewlett N. Y. HIGHT, CLARENCE B., Arlington Towers, Arling ton, Va. HILL, DONALD W., 3736 Jason Ave.. Alexandria Va. HILL JAMES E., 6003 Rock Spring Ave., Ale dria, Va. HILL, PATRICIA. 215 N. Wayne St.. Arlington, Va " HILL, WALLACE H., 8027 15th Ave., Hyattsville Md. HILLAM, RAY COLE, 3433 33rd PL, N.W., Wash 8. D. C. HIMELFARB. MARVIN, 1728 Ladd St., Silver Spring. Md. HIMMESBACH, ROBERT. 6908 Van Duff Dr., Falls Church, Va. HINCK, MARGARET BURNS, 270 N. Mountain Ave.. U. Montclair, N. J. " HINDERSTEIN, RICHARD. 33-64 21st St., Long Island 6, N. Y. HINER. DONALD M.. 5705 Rodney Ct., Bethesda, Md. HIRSHEY, ALLAN JOEL, 7510 Lisburne Rd„ Pikes- ville 8. Md. HISCOCKS. STEPHEN E.. 2245 46th St , N W Wash. 7, D. C. HOAGLAND, MADELINE L., 1047 Ruatan St., Silver Spring, Md. HOBBS, BARBARA L„ 501 Avondale Ct., Mobile Ala. •HOCKENBURY, EDSON S., 2313 Oakwood Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. HOCKENBERRY. SCOTT, 7804 Glenbrook Rd.. Bethesda, Md. HODGE, STANLEY P.. 436 Grenwood Rd., Linthi- cum, Md. HODICH, OLGA MARY, 621 N. Terr Ave Mt Vernon, N. Y. HOFF, GEORGE F., 1314 E. 59th St., Kansas City 10, Mo. HOFF. HUBERT JACK, 4201 Mass. Ave.. Wash. 16, D. C. HOFFARD. ALLEN E., 3243 N.E. 52nd Ave., Port- land 13. Ore. HOFFMAN. HAROLD, 69 Hillcrest Rd., Maplewood, N. J. HOFFMAN. JOHN OLIVER. Adamstown, Md. HOFFMAN, PETER VONSETH, 1 Ascan Ave., Long Island, N. Y. HOFHEIMER, BENJAMIN F., 3110 Brandywine St.. Wash. 8, D. C. HOLLIS. HELEN. 1817 North Monroe, Little Rock, Ark. HOLMES. GERALD JACKSON. 3700 Huntington St., Wash., D. C. HOLMES. SHELMON G.. Manassas, Va. HOLST1NE, JON D.. Box 36, Kingman, Ind. HOLTZMAN, ROBERT B., 6600 Luzon Ave., Wash., D. C. HOPPING. DIANE, 4719 7th St., Wash. 17, D. C. HORNE, MOLLY, 4015 Alhambra Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. HORNSBY, JEANNE. Rt. 1. Box 145, Dumfries, Va. HORNSTEIN, LEE EDWARD, 42 Reni Rd., Man- hasset, N. Y. HORNSTEIN, JOANN, 6101 16th St., Wash., D, C. HOROWITZ, EDWARD S.. 1449 Primrose Rd., Wash. 12, D. C. HOROWITZ, RICHARD S.. 569 Church Ave., Wood- mere, N. Y. HORST, RONALD CHARLES, 481 New Dorwart St.. Lancaster, Pa. HOUGHTELING, LOUISE D., 2431 Kalorama Rd., Wash. 8, D. C. HOULON. VICTOR A.. 5141 8th St., Wash., D. C. HOUSER, SUSAN EMMA. 3610 Farragut Ave., Kensington, Md. •HOVERMALE, ANNA, 306 S. Wash. St., Berkeley Springs, W. Va. HOWARD, BRUCE ALAN, 6632 Ga. Ave.. Apt. 3, Wash., D. C. HOWARD, CLAYTON E., 5014 Smallwood St., Bethesda, Md. HOWARD. KATHLEEN R., 64 Military St., Houl- ton, Me. HOWE, JEANNE, 810 S. 4th, Hamilton, Mont. HOWELL, JAMES, 1222 G. St., Wash. 2. D. C. •HOWES, PATRICIA, 4908 Chesapeake St., Wash. 16. D. C. ' HRUZ. STANLEY. 2600 16th St., Arlington 4, Va. HESIEH. BERNADINE, 5450 30th St., Wash. 15, D. C. HUBBARD, JUDITH, 1111 Army Navy Dr., Mullen, Neb. HUDSON. JOHN, R.F.D. 1, Box, 178B. Falmouth, Va. HUDSON. JUDITH, 159 Rockingham St.. Rochester 20, N. Y. HUDSPETH, ROBERT S., 1425 Wash. Ave., Alex- andria, Va. HUESTON, GAYLE, 1715 Otis St., Wash., D. C. HUFF, BEN D., 400 S. Fenwick St., Arlington, Va. HUFF, JACQUELYN MAE, 4007 29th St.. Mt. Rainier, Md. HUGHES, JOHN D., 3306 43rd St., Lubbock, Texas HUGHES, JOHN LEE, 5111 N. 24th St., Arlington 7, Va. ' HUGHES. ROBERT WILLIAM, 750 N. Dinwiddle St., Arlington, Va. HUICI, GRACE H.. 6317 Dominion Dr., Oxon Hill. Md. HUMAN, CLARKSON J.. 1905 N. Ode St.. Arling- ton, Va. HUNT. KENNETH T., 2510 N. George Mason Dr.. Arlington. Va. HUNT, PHELPS, 1240 Wise. Ave., Wash.. D. C. HUNTER. HARRIET E., 412 Cleve. Dr., Falls Church, Va. HUNTER. SUSAN MARION. 4301 Mass. Ave.. Wash. 16. D. C. HUNTER. THOMAS D., Haywood Forest, Hender- sonville, N. C. HURD, MARCIA E.. 2223 Genessee St.. Utica, N. Y. HURWITZ. SARA. 8 Lotus St.. Cedarhurst. N. Y. HUTCHINSON, JUDITH, 6402 16th St.. Arlington 13. Va. HUY, HOANG, 1624 H. St., Wash., D. C. HYATT. MORTON. 1801 Primrose Rd., Wash. 12. D. C. -HYDE. ELIZABETH K , 3 Livermore Rd.. Wellesley Heights. Mass. HYMAN. JOHN HATTON, 205 E. Glebe Rd.. Ale Va. HYRE. THOMAS M.. 4969 Battery Lane, Bethesda 4, Md. IDE. GRETCHEN ANNA, 10716 St. Paul St. Kensington. Md. INGLE, CAROL JOYCE, 4201 N. 4th St., Arling- ton 7, Va. INGLE. HOMER LARRY, 4120 Raleigh Rd.. Greensboro. N. C. INGOLD, NORMAN. 1815 N. Highland St., Arling- ton. Va. IRELAN. LOLA MARIE, 2225 N. St.. N.W., Wash. 7. D. C. IRVIN. JOHN, 4403 Ridge Rd.. Chew Chase. Md. IRVIN. DAVID A., 10 Foxwood Rd., Great Neck. N. Y. ISEN, HAROLD B., 7404 Western Ave.. Chevy Chase. Md. ISLEIB. JOHN E , 51 Ardmore Rd., W. Hartford. Conn. ISMAIL. SALAD A., 1624 H. St.. Wash.. D. C. ISRAELOFF, PHYLLIS RUTH, 14 Tower Dr.. Maplewood. N. J. -IVANCHUKOV. NARAN, RD. 1, Box 441E. Farm- ingdale. N. J. • " JACKSON. DONALD T.. 3808 Legation St., N.W.. Wash. 15, D. C. JACKSON. LAWRENCE R.. 4825 Etter Dr.. Rock- ville. Md. JACOB, MYRA RADEL. 825 S. Walter Reed Dr., Arlngton 4, Va. JACOB, SANDRA. 626 Sheridan Ave., Plainfield. N. J. JACOBS, BARBARA A., 4605 N. 17th St., Arling- ton 7, Va. JACOBS. WILLIAM I., 127 Hemlock Rd„ Man- hasset. L. I., N. Y. JACOBSON. LINDA. 4100 Marine Dr., Chicago, 111. JAFFE. MICHAEL, Box 1315, Alfred, N. Y. JAGTIANI. GANGA A.. 16A N. Zammaddin West. New Delhi, India JALEPES. GEORGE. 7336 14th St., N.W.. Wash., D C. JAMES. CHARLES HOWARD. 1222 N. Quintana St., Arlington 5, Va. JAMESON, JUDITH, 45 Clayton St.. Toms River. N. J. JANNEY. ROBERT E.. 4906 25th Ave., S.E., Wash. 21. D. C. JAUNRUBENIS. IVORS. 1875 Mintwood PI.. N.W.. Wash 9. D. C. JEFFERSON. SARAH. 4718 Albemarle St.. N.W.. Wash. 16, D. C. JEFFREY. MAURICE F.. 1309 N. Veitch St.. Arlington. Va. JENKINS, CHARLES, 7409 Sweetbriar Dr.. College Pk., Md. JENKINS. EARLENE M.. 2314 13th PI.. N.E.. Wash.. D. C. JENKINS. PETER MARTIN. 876 Warren St.. Albany 6. N. Y. JEWELER, J. ALVIN, 7405 14th St., N.W.. Wash. 12, D. C JOHNSON. ARTHUR ROBERT. 1321 Putman Ave.. Plainfield, N. J. JOHNSON. DARLENE MAE. 2404 2nd Ave., E. Hibbing. Minn. " JOHNSON. DAVID S.. 4749 56th Ave. N., St. Petersburg. Fla. JOHNSON. HORACE S., 1005 Madison Lane. Falls Church. Va. JOHNSON, JANICE, 127 S. Grace Ave.. Kewance. III. JOHNSON, LINDA ANN, 810 Enderbv Dr.. Alex- andria. Va. JOHNSON. M. SHIRLEY, 31 N. Jackson St.. Arling- ton. Va. JOHNSON, SARA M.. 207 N. Houston St.. Athens, Ala. JOHNSON, SHARON, 2524 Edgemont, Trenton. Mich. JOHNSON. THOMAS A.. 4757 Chevy Chase Dr.. Chew Chase 15, Md. JOHNSTON, CAROL RUTH, Rt. 1, Trvon. N. C. JOHNSTON, JEANNE E., 4515 Rocburv Dr.. Beth- esda 14. Md. JOHNSTON. JUNE M.. 1307 Bayliss Dr.. Alexan- dria, Va. JOHNSTON, MAIDA S.. 277 S. Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa. JONES. CHARLES H.. 1958 W. Va. Ave., N.E., Wash. 2, D. C. JONES. EDWARD F.. 3rd, 245 W. Hansberry St.. Philadelphia 44, Pa. JONES, HERBERT P., 608 Madison Ave., Scranton, Pa. JONES. JANET LEE, 1415 Underwood St.. N.W., Wash., D. C. JONES, ROBERT D., 4305 S. 16th St.. Arlington, Va. JONES, SANDRA ANN. 98 E. Water St., Toms River. N. J. JONES. STANLEY, 1218 Pinecrest Circle, Silver Spring, Md. denotes Senior. JONES. WILLIAM S.. 1013 Lamont St.. N.W.. Wash. 10. D. C. JONTIFF, ZANE J.. 1219 Floral St.. N.W.. Wash. 12, D. C. JORGENSEN. JOHN SEEBERG. 3709 Chevy Chase Lane, Chew Chase. Md. JOSEPH. FRED, 518 High Ave., S.W., Canton 11, Ohio " JOSEPH, ANN F., 7616 14th St., N.W., Wash.. D. C. JOY. STEPHEN N., 1235 Grand Concourse, New York 52, N. Y. JUDD, GARY S-. 726 E. Fourth St., Meridian, Idaho JUDSON, DONALD E.. 6425 33rd St., N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. -KADALA. KENNETH I., 4417 48th St., N.W.. Wash., D. C. KAFES, FREDERICK W.. 434 W. Trenton Ave.. Morrisville, Pa. ■KAHN, CLAUDE B.. 2900 Adams Mill Rd.. N.W., Wash.. D. C. KAHN. JUDY ANN. 4827 Albemarle St., N.W., Wash. 16. D. C. KAHWATY. JANET. 3 Johnson Ave.. Malverne. N. Y. KALB. DEBRA A., 815 E. 14th St.. Brooklyn 30, N. Y. KALIS. THOMAS J., 5708 Beech Ave., Bethesda 14, Md. KAMBALI. BROTO, Sunan Kalidjaga 5. Djakarta, India KANE, AILENE CHARTIER. Spring Hollow Rd., Centerport. N. Y. KANG. PYOUNG D.. Namhai, Kyoung Nam, Korea KANIS. ANITA L., 1383 Sheridan St.. N.W.. Wash.. D. C. KANTER. ROY JAY. 100 Sherman PI., Jersey City 7. N. J. KANTOR. BARRY L., 32 S. Munn Ave.. East Orange. N. J. KANTROW. JUDITY. 53 Intervale. Roslyn Estates, N. Y. -KAPLAN. ALAN MICHAEL. 459 Riggs Rd.. N.E.. Wash.. D. C. KAPLAN. BARBARA, 7 N. Nassau Ave., Margate City, N. J. -KARTESKY. BERNICE G., 4323 N. Pe rshing Dr.. Arlington 3. Va. KAROL, LINDA NESSA, 12 Cambridge Ave., Bridgeton. N. J. KAROLY, EDMUND RAPHAEL. 1801 Tudor Rd., Jamaica 32, N. Y. KARSCH. STEPHEN ELIAS. 3845 Sedgewick Ave., New York 63, N. Y. KARSNER. KAREN J.. Route 2, Herndon, Va. KARULIS. MARA. 6707 6th St., N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. KASPRZAK. JOHN F., 300 S. Abingdon St., Arling- ton 4, Va. KATALINAS, JOHN A.. 2335 40th St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. KATIMS. JOEL D.. 67-53 Ingram St., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. KATZ, BARBARA, 16 Willey Ave., Liberty, N. Y. KATZ, HARDY C, 1744 S.W. 17th St.. Miami 45, Fla. KATZ. JOEL JACOB, 1336 Jonquil St., N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. " KATZ, MARVIN HARVEY, 3655 Alton PI.. N.W., Wash. 8, D. C. KATZ. N. PATRICIA, 110-20 71st Rd., Forest Hills 75. N. Y. KATZ, PAUL. 50 Westminster Rd., Brooklyn 18, N. Y. KATZ, ROBERT. 203 Harrison Ave., Highland Pk., N. J. KATZ. RUTH E.. 1336 Jonquil St.. N.W.. Wash. 12, D. C. KAUFMAN. BARRY ARNOLD. 1435 Roxanna Rd., N.W., Wash. 12. D. C. KAUFMAN, NORMA L., 1435 Roxanna Rd.. N.W.. Wash. 12. D. C. KAUFMANN, RICHARD. 4545 Conn. Ave., N.W., Wash.. D. C. KAVANAGH. COLETTE M.. 4431 Ellicott St.. Wash. 16. D. C. KAYE. JEFFREY MICHAEL. North Dr.. Great Neck. N. Y. KAYE, JOSEPH R., 4610 S. Dakota Ave., N.E., Wash. 17. D. C. KEAVENY, JOHN TEUNIS, 5015 Van Ness St., N.W.. Wash.. D. C. KEENAN. ANNE MARIE, 162 S. Martin St., Alexandria. Va. KEENON. JOHN HAROLD. 8201 Schrider St., Silver Spring, Md. KEFAUVER, JAMES MURDOCK, 109 E. Third St., Frederick, Md. KEHL. MIRIAM E., 18 Brouwer Lane, Rockville Centre. N. Y. -KEHM. RICHARD D., 1421 N. Jefferson St., Arling- ton 5, Va. KERNER, WILMA D.. 8 Dicks Lane. Roslvn. N. Y. KIEFER. JOHN, 4848 Chew Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. KEIFER. ROBERT BRUCE. 4803 Hampden Lane. Bethesda 14, Md. KEIM. ROBERT MAHLON, 5006 Klingle St.. N.W., Wash.. D. C. KEITH. RAYMOND FRED. 704 Quincv St., N.W.. Wash. 17. D. C. KELLER. DIANE H.. South Sutton. P.O.. South Sutton. N. H. KELLER, RICHARD, 33 Beechwood Dr., Fairfax, Va. KELLERT. LEWIS AARON, 9625 Flower Ave., Silver Spring. Md. KELLY. SANDRA, 5 Old Salem Rd.. West Orange. N. J. KELTS. GAIL A., Box 576. Pi Alpha Pi. Alfred, N. Y. KENDIS, SHERMAN, 4115 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. KENNA. ROBERT. 1530 Mahantongo St., Potts- ville. Pa, KENNAN, DANA E. M.. 15 West Irving St., Chevy Chase 15, Md. KENNEDY. PATRICIA, 7 Aberdeen PI., Fair Lawn, N. J. KEPLER, MARY ALICE. Big Springs, Neb. KERLIN, NORMAN A., 516 Homestead Ave.. Hampton. Va. KERMAN, HAROLD GILBERT, 360 W. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, Va. KESSER, MARJORIE LOW, 545 New Hamp. Ave., Norfolk. Va. KESSLER, ARLENE, 300 Ocena Pkwy., Brooklyn 18, N. Y. KESSLER. ROBERT. 27 Flintlock Rd.. Lexington, -KEYES. THOMAS IGNATIUS. 2205 42nd St.. N.W.. Wash. 7, D. C. KHAYAT. HABEEB ALBERT. 1852 Mintwood PI.. N.W.. Wash. 9, D. C. KHEIREDDINE. HANI, Hasbaya. Lebanon KHOSROPANAH, IRAJ. 3600 16th St, NW Wash., D. C. " KIDWELL, PAUL, 5108 Que St.. Coral Hills, Md. -KIEFER, RICHARD A., 6710 Hillandale Rd.. Chevy C!.,, Md. KILCARR. JOHN E.. 4400 N. Pershing Dr., Arling- " KIM HAN IK, 1709 N. St.. N.W.. Wash.. D. C. KIM IN HONG, 131 Singedong, Seoul. Korea KIM JOON SHICK. 2817 28th St., N.W.. Wash., D. C. " KIM SUN K. 1243 Chongro 6DA. Seoul, Korea ' KIMMINS, ROBERT, 103 Kellv Dr.. Wash., Pa. KING. CHARLES M.. 3rd. 7508 Old Chester Rd . Bethesda 14, Md. KING, DANIEL GORDON. 508 N. Highland St.. Arlington. Va. KING. HARVEY G., 6322 N. Capitol St.. N.W.. Wash. 11, D. C. KING. JEAN A., 20 Lyncroft Rd., New Rochelle. N. Y. KING, MARGARET S., 4817 36th St.. N.W.. Wash. 8, D. C. -KING. NANCY. 3331 N. St.. N.W., Wash.. D. C. KING. WALTER. 4767 N. 24th St.. Arlington. Va. -KINKEL. ARTHUR ROBERT, 5112 Allan Rd.. Wash. 16, D C. KINSEY. RICHARD B„ 1334 Ft. Stevens Dr., N.W.. Wash. 11, D. C. KINTNER. KAY. 3203 38th St.. N.W.. Wash.. D. C. KIPNIS. STEWART. 6 Alsop St.. Long Island, N. Y. KIRK. CHESTER. 6208 24th Ave., Kenosha, Wis. " KIRKLAND. EUGENE E„ 308 Emerson St.. N.W., Wash. 11. D. C. KIRKMAN, JAMES LESTER, 1508 E. 7th St., Anderson. Ind. KIRSTEIN, GEORGE. 625 S. Walter Reed Dr., Arlington 4, Va. KISER, EUGENE R., 512 S. 54th W Ave., Tulsa, Okla. KITTISIDDHO. PRASIDDH, Box 483. Wash. 16, D. C. KLEIN, GLORIA JEAN. 5848 Aldersin St., Pitts- burgh 17, Pa. KLEIN. JUDITH L. V.. 10805 Lombardy Rd., Silver Spring, Md. KLEIN. SAMUEL. 2012 5th St., S. Arlington 4, Va. " KLEINDIENST. ROLF. 2435 W. Lunt Ave., Chicago 45. 111. KLIGERMAN. ANABEL L., 115 N. Nassau Ave.. Margate. N. J. KLINGBERG, ERIC R., 1927 N. Calvert St.. Arling- ton, Va. KLIPPERT. KAREN L., 410 Crestview Ave., Akron 20. Ohio " KLOPP. LEE FRANCIS. 6743 Fairfax Rd.. Chevy Chase 15. Md. KLUFT, BARBARA S.. 7237 15th PI.. N.W.. Wash. 12. D. C. KLUTH. GENE WARRN. 5976 Twin Lakes Dr., Parma 29, Ohio KNAPP. JANET E., 529 Knollwood Dr.. S.E.. Cedar Rapids, Iowa -KNIGHT, DONALD L., 4532 49th St.. N.W.. Wash. 16. D. C. KNIGHT. EDWARD, 218 E. 42nd St.. Norfolk. Va. KNIGHT, JOHN EARL, 6202 Ridge Dr., Wash. 16. D. C. KNILL. CAROLYN M., Sellman. Md. KNISELEY, ALLAN C. 5103 12th St., N.E.. Wash.. D. C. " KNOBLE, JAMES BYRON. 3111 W. Penn. St., Phila. 29, Pa. -KNOTT, EDWARD M., 4018 S. 9th St.. Arlington, Va. KOCH, ROBERT H.. RD 1. Phillipsburg. N. J. KOESOEMO, MOEDIARTI, 1624 H St., Wash., D. C. KOGINOS, MANNY T., 720 Carlisle St., New Castle, Pa. KOHLMETER. ALBERT G., 904 Sleepy Hollow Rd.. Falls Church, Va. KOHLMETER. IRVIN G.. 3742 Cumberland St., N.W., Wash. 16. D. C. KONES. ELAINE BARBARA, 21 Lord Ave., Law- rence, L. I., N. Y. -KOONS. K. GLENN. 1147 Indiana Ave., Cape May. N. J. KORGAN. JULIUS, 1613 Dublin Dr., Silver Spring, Md. KORNBLAU, IRWIN I.. 109 Lincoln PI.. Atlantic City, N. J. KOSKOURAS. MARIANNA G.. 4402 Harrison St., N.W.. Wash. 15. D. C. KOTH, DEAN RICHARD, 4816 Bradley Blvd., Apt. 1, Bethesda 14. Md. KRAFT. ELFRIEDE. 3040 Idaho Ave., N.W., Wash. 16. D. C. KRAIRIKSH. LADAPORN, 2300 Kalorama Rd., Wash., D. C. KRAMER. PAUL R.. 3509 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 15, Md. KRAMER. ROBERTA R., 8605 Atlantic Ave.. Mar- gate, N. J. KRATKA. ILENE RUTH, 4009 Byron Rd.. W.lming- ton. Del. KRAUS. KAREN. 2250 N. Columbus St.. Arlington 7, Va. KRAYER, LENORE, 952 N. Webster Ave., Scranton 10, Pa. KRECHMER, GLORIA L., 1330 Tewkesbury PI.. N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. KREINER, FAY H., 1005 Potomac Ave.. Alexandria, Va. KRELL, JANE L., 2428 Newton St., N.E., Wash. 18, D. C KREPS, ANNE M., 1804 East West Highway, Silver Spring, Md. KRIEGSMANN, ARTHUR W., 6608 31st St., N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. KRIES, LINDA, 450 N. Village Ave., Rockville Centre, N. Y. KRISCHER, NORMAN, 415 Brook Ave., Passaic, N. J. KROHNKE, DUANE WARD, 1911 Lucinda, Perry. Iowa KRUEGER, PAUL STEPHEN, P.O. Passaic Ave., Passaic, N. J. KRUER, GEORGE ROBERT. 701 Jefferson Ave.. Falls Church, Va. KRUTECK. DIANE R., Union Ave., Harrison, N. Y. KUCINSKI, ANTOINETTE K., 1391 Raritan Rd., Scotch Plains, N. J. KUCINSKI. ARLENE P., 16 Pear! St., Passaic, N. J. •KUEHNLE, NORMAN BRUCE. 211 Jeffrey St., Baltimore 25, Md. KUNKLE, WILLIAM M„ 10130 Riggs Rd.. Adelphi, Md. KUPERMAN, RONNIE GAIL, 324 Fabyan PL, Newark. N. J. ' KURTZ. THOMAS, 3rd, 4307 Varney Ave., Ft. Geo Meade, Md. KYLE, JACK H., 2546 Wexford Rd., Columbus, Ohio KYTE, KAREN, 12053 Claridge Rd., Silver Spring, Md. LAKE. ELIZABETH, Route 1, Poolesville, Md. LALLY, WILLIAM J., 3800 Cathedral Ave.. Wash., D. C. LAMB. GEORGE PETER JR., 2325 42nd St., Wash., D. C. LAMB, JANET, 1112 Allengrove St., Philadelphia 24, Pa. LAMB, JOSEPH FRANCIS, 5800 Springfield Dr., Wash. 16. D. C. LAMKIN, GERALD S., 28 Wessex Rd., Newton 59, Mass. LAMONT, JAMES M. JR., 811 W. Rich Ave., Deland, Fla. ♦LANDIS, BRUCE, 1702 Willow Grove Ave., Phila- delphia, Pa. LANDSBERG, ELIOT S., 320 E. 57th St., New York 22, N. Y. LANE. DONALD EDWARD, 189 Iva St., Rahway, N. J. LANE, GEORGE B. JR., 502 Channing Ave., San Antonio, Texas LANE, LELIA M., 3107 13th St., Wash., D. C. LANE, NANNIE JONES, 2914 S. 23rd St., Arling- ton 6, Va. LANE, ORLEY B., 6515 7th St., Wash. 12, D. C. LANE. ROBERT A., 8800 Mead St., Bethesda 14, Md. LANGSTON, CHARLES GARY, 814 S. Wash. St., Bastrop, La. LANIER, WILLIAM F., 322 S. West St., Falls Church, Va. LANKFORD, LUDWIG L., 3005 Ridgewood Ave., Baltimore 15. M 1. LAOHASOMBOOM. PHITAK, 1338 Yotha Rd., Bangkok, Thailand LAPIDUS, STEPHEN M., 20 Emerson Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. LARIN, LEANN P.. 5411 N. 22nd St., Arlington, Va. LARIN, TIM MICHAEL, 5411 N. 22nd St., Arling- ton 5, Va. LARSON, MILDRED H., 2433 Ft. Scott Dr., Arling- LASHIN, KATHIE I., 34 Shorecliff Terrace, Great Neck, N. Y. LATIMER. PETER D., 2453 Queenston Rd., Cleve- land Hgts., Ohio LAW, GRANT. 3332 Wilson Blvd., Arlington 1, Va. LARBENSTEIN. VIRGINIA, 260 Linden St., Moorestown, N. J. LARTIN, JERALD, 43 White Dr., Cedarhurst, N. Y. LAWALATA, JACOB L. F., 1624 H. St., Wash., D. C. LAWLER, FRANK RODNEY, 221 N. 73rd St., Birmingham 6, Ala. LAWS, HARRY JR., Route 1, Manassas, Va. LAWSON, J. CARMON, 202 Polk St., Fayetteville, Tenn. LAWSON, DANIEL WAYNE, Heathsville, Va. LAWSON, HARRY W. JR., 936 Westminister St., Wash. 1, D. C. LEACH, CARA LOUISE, 533 Penn. St., New Beth- !.-hf Pa. LEADER, JAMES E., 4513 Sangamore Rd.. Wash. 16, D. C. ' LEBO URHIS, LOUISE, 1869 Newton St., Wash. 10, D. C. LEE, KENDRICK, 1133 24th St., Wash. 7. D. C. LEE, MARION DOROTHY, 811 Emerson St., Wash. 11, D. C. LEEDS, PETER C, 1058 Cove Rd., Mamaroneck, N. Y. LEEDY, RICHARD F., 38 Newton Ave., Woodbury, N. J. LEEMAN. ADAM W., 8206 17th Ave., Hyattsville, Md. LEET. CARLA RUTH, 8 Towerlane, O. Greenwich, LEGUM, NANCY E., 3530 Cumberland St., Wash. 8, D. C. LEIBER, BONNIE B., 1054 62nd Rd., Forest Hills, N. Y. LEIBOWITZ, JOEL L., 348 Terhune Ave.. Passaic. N. J. LEICHTER, STANLEY C. 89 Ascension St., Passaic, N. J. LEIDERMAN, ANNETTE C, 98-76 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills, N. Y. LEMBO. FRANCES JOAN, 17 Schoolhouse Lane, Lake Success, N. Y. denotes Senior. LEMER, WILLIAM A., 72 Renner Ave., Newark 12, N. J. LEMMON, ROBERT EDGAR, 2411 N. Kenmore St., Arlington, Va. LEMONS, CAROL ELLYN, 4317 S. 9th St., Arling- ton, Va. LEROY, RICHARD, 2028 Glen Ross Rd., Silver Spring, Md. ' LERTORA, STEPHEN, 3939 R. St., Wash., D. C. LEV, STEPHEN K„ 1595 E. 15th St., Brooklyn 30, N. Y. LEVANT, MURIEL R., 7102 Florida St., Chevy Chase 15. Md. LEVEY, ARTHUR R., 2650 39th St., Wash. 7, D. C. LEVI, HAROLD HECHT, 3200 Conn. Ave., Wash. 8, D. C. LEVIN, AIDA LUISA, Central Park W. 61st St., New York, N. Y. LEVINE. LAUREN H., 2560 Boulevard, Jersey City, N. J. LEVY, ALAN, 13806 Eastlane St.. Rockville, Md. LEVY, ALAN FREDERIC, 8417 Freyman Dr., Chevy Chase, Md. LEVY. DOROTHY, 3021 Wyle Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. LEVY, JOEL N., 138-44 68th Dr., Flushing 67, N. Y. LEVY, ROBERT A., 6723 14th PI., Wash. 12, D. C. •LEVY, RONALD, 118 N. Frontenac Ave., Margate, N. J. ' LEVINE, MORTON, 50 Lenox Rd., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. LEVINE. RICHARD, 6119 Utah Ave., Wash., D. C. LEVINSON. STANLEY, 1340 Sheridan St., N.W., Wash., D. C. LEVINSKY, BERNICE, 200 N. Village Ave., Rock- ville, Centre, N. Y. LEWIS, BONNIE LEE, 2506 Second St., S. Arling- ton 4, Va. LEWIS, JESSE, 1621 Otis St., N.E., Wash. 18, D. C. LI CHI MING, 58 Desvoewx Rd., West, Hongkong, China LICHTENSTEIN, BARBARA E., LIE, SUZANNE S., 801 Kinsmoor, Ft. Wayne, Ind. LIEBERMAN, ROBERT H., 218-46 Stewart Rd., Queens 2 7, N. Y. LILIENTHAL, BARBARA ANN, 531 St. Andrews Rd., Newport B, Calif. LINDEN, JOSEPH. 4302 S. 16th St., Arlington, Va. LINDER, ROSE, 280 Rounbry Dr., New Rochelle, N. Y. LINDQUIST, ROBERT A., 11 Easton St.. Kane, Pa. LINDSTROM, WARD N., 821 South Pitt St., Alex- andria, Va. LINK, JUDITH ANN, 6915 Ridgewood Ave., Chevy Chase 15, Md. LIPMAN. GAIL S., 270 Fiat Ave., Cranston 10, R. I. LIPSCOMB, MARY K.. 4123 Military Rd., N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. LIPSEN, ZELLY, 110 D. St., S.E., Wash., D. C. LITMAN, MITCHELL B., 2234 Wise. Ave., N.W., Wash. 7. D. C. LITT. HOWARD, 617 Fern PI., N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. LIU, VICTOR S.. 185 Hampshire St., San Francisco, Calif. LOBEL, RICHARD ALBERT, 239 Central Park, West, New York 24, N. Y. LOBIANCO, KATHLEEN T., 1580 Carlton Ave., Staten Island 9, N. Y. LOCKMAN. LOUIE LEE, 4940 S. 25th St., Arling- ton, Va. •LOCKWOOD, CAROL, 4501 Dexter St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. LOEB, RUTH G., 1800 North Oak St., Arlington 9, Va. LOHMAN. GAIL WRIGHT. 405 Wychwood Rd., Westfield, N. J. •LOHMANN, MARTIN S., 1708 Court St., Pekin, 111. ' LOKEY, CLINTON K., Arlington Towers, Arlington 9, Va. LONG, ANNA MAY, 132 E. Montgomery Ave., Wildwood, N. J. LONG, VALERIE ANN, 7402 Chatham St., Spring- field, Va. " LONGFELLOW, MARGARET L„ 3635 S. St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. LONGO, SANDRA M., 1956 Biltmore St., N.W., Wash. 9. D. C. LOOS, GEORGE S., 180 S. Main St.. Liberty, N. Y. LOTT, CECIL DELANO, 586 Oak St., Daytona Beach, Fla. LOUSTALOT, ARNAUD, 3rd, 3165 N. 21st St., Arlington 1, Va. LOVELACE, ROBERT REESE, 2422 Menokin Dr., Alexandria, Va. LOWE, TARA MICHELLE, 61 Ironwood Rd., Levit- town, Pa. LOWENHERZ, CLAIRE, 16 Huguenot Dr., Larch- mont, N. Y. LOWDEN. BARBARA A., 3511 Shepherd St., Chevy Chase, Md. LOWAN, CHARLES F., 2543 Southdene Ave., Balti- more 30, Md. LOWRY, BARBARA A., 1611 Sheldon Dr., Alexan- dria, Va. LOXLEY, JOHN DAVID, 9725 Bexhill Dr.. Kensing- •LUCAS, ELEANOR RUTH, 2702 Wise. Ave., N.W., Wash., D. C. LUCAS, EVERETT CHARLES, 1206 Tenth St., N.W., Wash. 1, D. C. LUCAS, PAUL MARSHALL, 3659 Hoover Ave., Johnson City, N. Y. LUNING, KATHARINE, 5116 Caledonia Rd., Rich- mond 25, Va. •LUND, ELEANOR CYNTHIA, 4709 Yuma St., N.W., Wash., D. C. LUNDER. SVERRE E., 418 Torrington PI., Silver Spring, Md. LUSH, LEE MICHAEL, 3305 Runnymede PI., N.W., Wash. IS, D. C. LUSSANI, ALBERTA A., Columbia, R.D. 1, N. J. LUTZ, ELIZABETH A., 5008 Worthington Dr., Wash. 16, D. C. Ale Va. LYMEURNER, RALPH W., 20 Essex St.. Portland. Me. LYNCH, KAY M., 6310 Haviland Dr., Bethesda 14, Md. LYONS, SCHLEY R., 435 Argyle Dr., Falls Church, ' MACGILL, BRUCE, 3608 7th St.. South, Arlington 4, Va. MACHATTON, JOHN M„ 9112 Church Rd., St. Louis 37, Mo. MACHROWICZ, TOD M., 115 Dale Dr., Falls Church, Va. MACLEAN, CYNTHIA, 17 S. Somarsot PL, Vent- nor, N. J. MACLEOD, ORRIN WOOD, 10 Manitou Rd., West- port, Conn. MADAY, KATHRYN E.. 4528 49th St., N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. MADDOX. RONALD L., 62 7 S. Varmont Ave., Gladora, Calif. ' MADISON, PAUL F., 331 Pacific Ave., Jersey City 4, N, J. MADRESH, HARRIET, 681 Stelle Ave., Plainfield, N. J. MADRON, THOMAS W., 320 2nd St., S.E., Wash., D. C. MAGHAN, BYRON REX, 4919 25th North, Arling- ton, Va. MAGOLDA, LAURA D., 727 Grape St., Vineland, N. J. MAIER, FRITZ MARTIN, Amwell Rd., Neshanic, N. J. MAKAROV, JOHN, Bridgeton Pike. Millville, N. J. MAKAROW, SIMEON, Bridgeton Pike, Millville. N. J. MAKIN, SANDRA. Box 235C, Charlton City, Mass. MALAKOFF, LAWRENCE, 1355 Peabody St., N.W,. Wash., D. C. MALEK, JAMES S„ MALIK, ABDUL, 1749 Q St., N.W., Wash. 9, D. C. MALKIN, JOEL BURTON, 81 Claremont Ave., Maplewood, N. J. MALLINOFF, ESTELLE, 5928 9th St., N.W., Wash. 11, D. C. MALONE, JACK PRIDDY, 3618 Chesapeake St., N.W., Wash. 8, D. C. MANCARI, SALVATORE F., 4611 Asbury Pl„ N.W., Wash., D. C. MANDEL, ALAN R., 9952 66th Rd., Rego Park 74, N. Y. MANDE, MYRA L., MANDELL, ARNOLD, 9327 Kings Highway. Brooklyn 12, N. Y. MANDELBAUM, JOHN D., 3700 N. Charles St., Baltimore 18, Md. MANN, JANET MARGUERITE, 5224 S. 11th St., Arlington 4, Va. MANNING, MARTHA ANN, 3426 N. Albemarle St.. Arlington 7, Va. MANOUELIAN, JOHN, 5500 27th St., N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. MANTON, THOMAS B., 173 N. Sandusky, Dela- ware, Ohio MAPES, PETER L., 22 Quin Tu Cheval, Gen., Sw.tzerland MARANZANO. JOSEPH FRANK, Box 488 East- port, Long Island, N. Y. MARCUS. ELAINE, 1759 Poplar Lane, N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. MARCUS. ROBERTA. 4 Frederick Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. MARFAX. STEPHEN M., Box 117, Olney, Md. MARGOLIES, BERNICE G., 1020 Vine St., Scran- ton, Pa. MARGOLIS, ABRAHAM J.. 5225 N. Hampshire Ave., Wash. 11, D. C. ' MARGOLIS, DANIEL, 5225 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Wash., D. C. MARGOLIS, SOLOMON L., 7723 Eastern Ave., Apt. 1, Takoma Park, Md. MARINENKO. GEORGE, 1100 E St., S.E., Wash., D. C. MARINENKO, JOHN W., 1100 E St., S.E., Wash., D. C. MARKOWITZ. HAROLD L., 314 Pennington Ave., Passaic, N. J. MARKS, ORLENE J., 43 Maple Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. MARLOW, DONALD L., 132 Westmond Dr., Alex- andr: 75. MARLOW. JOAN, 64-33 99th St., Fore N. Y. MARSHALL, CHARLES, 3016 R St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. MARSHALL, THOMAS LEO, 10701 Hayes Ave., MARTIN. EARL, 5106 Brookeway Dr.. Wash. 16. D. C. ' MARTIN. KATHERIN HALL, 6011 Forest Rd., Cheverly, Md. -MARTIN, TIBER, 6828 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, Md. MARTIN, PETER WORTLEY, 3801 Ingomar St., Wash. 15. D. C. ' MARTIN. DONALD OLIVER, 6011 Forest Rd., Cheverly, Md. Silver Spring, Md. MARSHALL, WILLIAM, 2800 Quebec St., N.W., Wash. 8, D. C. MARTIN, ARNOLD WILLIAM. 1336 Nicholson St.. N.W., Wash., D. C. MARTIN, CHESTER, 221 Briggs St.. Garrisburg, Pa. MASON, GARY, 735 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring. Md. " MASON, JAMES C, 2627 Bowen Rd. S.E., Wash., D. C. MASON, SCOTT MELVIN, 903 Madison Lane, Falls Church, Va. MASSELL, GENNARO J., 2724 S. Wayne St., Arlington 6, Va. MASSEY, LYNN, 80-48 190th St., Jamaica 23, N. Y. MASSON, BARBARA MYERS, 5528 Nevada Ave., N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. MATHERS, JOHN ROBERT, 5238 Baltimore Ave., Wash. 16, D. C. MATHERS, PATRICIA H., 5406 Goldsboro Rd„ Bethesda 14, Md. MATHIAS, ALBA L„ 307 Park St., Waynesboro. Pa. MATSON, DAVID B., 7518 Rogers Ave., Upper Darby. Pa. MATTHEWS, ARTHUR L., 1535 First Ave., West, Bradenton, Fla. MATTINGLY, RICHARD, JR., 3701 Cumberland St.. N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. MAXEY, JOSEPH, 4124 Van Ness St., Wash. 16, D. C. •MAXWELL, LOUIS RIGBY, 3506 Leland St., Chevy Chase, Md. MAXWELL, PAUL C, JR., 1521 Kanawha, Hyatts- ville, Md. MAY, NANCY, 15585 Henley Rd., E. Cleveland, Ohio MAYERS. HILARY JANE, 653 Cameron Rd., S. Orange, N. J. McADAMS, MARY L., 6001 34th PI.. N.W., Wash. Wash. 15, D. C. McALEER, MICHAEL E.. 1227 W. Mullan Ave., Waterloo. La. MCCARTHY. KATHLEEN, 222 Forest Dr., Falls Church, Va. Mccarty, ruth gilbert, 1323 e St., s.e.. Wash. 3, D. C McCALL, HELEN ELIZABETH, 236 Claywell Dr., San Antonio 9, Texas MCALLISTER. RAYMOND, 60 Magnolia Ave., Bridgeton, N. J. McCANLESS. ELIZABETH, 820 S. Hawthorne Rd., Winston Salem, N. C. McCASHIN, ANDREW, 256 Kimball Ave., West- field. N. J. MCCLELLAND, ANN, 4550 Klingle St., N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. McCORMICK, CHRISTINE B., Box 165, Bonanza, Oreg. McCRANEY. WILLIAM L., 805 Millersville Rd„ Lancaster, Pa. ♦McDANALD. W ILLIAM. 732 Chesapeake Ave.. Silver Spring, Md. McDANIEL, RICHARD A., 4413 Warren St., N.W., Wash., D. C. Mcdonald, paul, 2322 16th St., s.e., Wash. 20, D. C. MCDONALD, THOMAS HOWAR, 4429 N. Persh- ing Dr., Arlington 3, Va. MCDOWELL, BRUCE D„ 8411 Queen Annes Dr., Silver Spring, Md. MCDOWELL, EUGENE, 84U Queen Annes Dr., Silver Spring, Md. MCDUFFIE, WILLIAM B., 638 5th St., N.W., Wash. 2, D. C. McELHANON, KELSA K., 517 Ripley St., Alex- andria, Va. McELMOYLE, RICHARD, 4800 Shipley St., Wilm- ington, Del. •McELWEE, WILLIAM, 59 Madison Ave., Erlton, N. J. McGAUGHEY, RUSSELL W., 523 Pine Ave., Cumberland, Md. MCGREGOR, MARY E., 141 Hawthorne Dr., Springfield, Ohio McGREW, JUDITH ANN, 190 S. Keel Ridge Rd.. Sharon, Pa. McHUGH. WILLIAM RANSON, 1605 N. Quincv. Arlington, Va. ♦McINTYRE. PATRICIA ANN, 2422 N. Ohio St.. Arlington 7, Va. McKELLAR, JACQUELINE A., 214 S. Maple St., Fairfax, Va. McKENNEY, EDWIN, 3206 Chestnut St.. N.W.. Wash. 15, D. C. McKINNEY. BRIAN P., 1331 Fort Stevens Dr., Wash., D. C. McKNEE, JEAN H., 2708 Porter St., N.W., Wash., D. C. MCLAUGHLIN, KENNETH H., 168 Harrison Ave., Montclair, N. J. McLEAN, ELIZABETH ANNA, 3956 Garrison St., N.W.. Wash. 16, D. C. •McLEAN, JAMES H., 716 Kensington Ave., Plain- field, N. J. McLEOD, HARRY, 5202 N. Edgar, Springfield, Va. McMINIMEE, CAROL, Route 1, Box 188A, Tilla- mook, Oreg. ♦McMAHON, ROSLYN, 4915 Brandywine St., N.W., Wash., D. C. McNAY, LEWIS M., 7406 Arlington Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. McSHANE. EDNA E., 609 River Rd., Greenwood, Miss. McWILLIAMS, LUCILLE J., 800 N. Wayne St., Arlington 1, Va. MEANEY, DONALD C, 3618 Military Rd., N.W., Wash., D. C. ♦MEEKINS, JEFF A., 5011 Baltimore Ave., Wash. 16, D. C. MEERSE, DAVID E., 224 E. Uth St., Ogallala. Neb. MEGIBOW, LARRY, 2175 Hudson Terr., Ft. Lee, N. J. MELCHIORI, ROBERT T., 5902 Old Chesterbrook, McLean, Va. ♦MENSH. DONALD H., 2246 Sudbury Rd., Wash., D. C. ♦MERCER, JESSE, 7725 Jerome St., Springfield, Va. MERNONE, PATRICIA A. L., 860 Rose Lane, Annandale, Va. MERRILEES, GEORGE R., 4730 N. 1st St., Arlington, Va. MERRILL, GRAYSON A., 15 Maurice Lane, Hunt- ington, N. Y. MERRILL, LINDA ALLISON, 2314 44th St., N.W., Wash., D. C. MERSKY, MARTIN A., 116 Shaw Ave., Newark 12, N. J. METRO. SANDRA, 3205 Brooklawn Terr., Chevy Chase, Md. denotes Senior. METZ, BENJAMIN, 1227 Rock Ck. Ford Rd., Wash. 11, D. C. MEYER, MADELEINE C, 8009 Custer Rd., Beth- esda, Md. •MEYER, RITA FERN, 580 Plymouth Rd„ Hillside, N. J. MEYERS, BERTRAM H. 6420 14th St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. MEYERS, NANCY C, 37 Lake St., Bridgeton, N. J. MICHELSEN, HAROLD E., 7509 Lauralin PI., Springfield, Va. MICHOS, THEODORE P., 9212 Jones Mill Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. MIDDLETON, JOHN BAILEY, 3201 Morrison St.. N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. MIELE, JOSEPH P., 29 Gregory Ave., West Orange, N. J. MILCH, SHARON ARLENE, 73 Coulter Ave., Maplewood, N. J. MILES, PATRICIA A., 50 Quincy PL, N.E., Wash., D. C. MILLER, CAROLE ANN, 412 Marietta PL, N.W., Wash. 11, D. C. MILLER, CAROLYN SUE, 567 Howard St.. Whit- tier, Calif. MILLER, CHARLES T., 5515 Cedar Pkwy., Chevy MORGAN, ANNE MERCY. 1901 N. Hollister St., Arlington 5, Va. MORGAN, DEANNE M., QTRS M4 U S N B, Philadelphia, Pa. MORGAN. FRANCIS A., 748 Candidus Ave., Woodbury Hgts, N. J. MORGAN, JAMES ERNEST, 302 Park Ave., Alex- anJr: Va. Cha M,l MILLER. GARY W., 5324 Wakefield Rd., Wash. 16, D. C. MILLER, HOPE D., 6415 Tisdale Terr., Bethesda 14, Md. MILLER, JACOB J., JR., 4615 S. 36th St., Arling- ton 6. Va. MILLER, JOHN G., 4020 Calvert St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. MILLER, JOSEPH M., Box 313 Auburn, Me. MILLER, JUDITH TOBY, 353 Church St., N.W., Vienna, Va. MILLER, JUDY MARIE, 4500 Cheltenham Dr., Bethesda 14, Md. MILLER, MADELYN JEAN, RFD 2, Bridgewater, Va. MILLER, MARGOT RIMA, 300 Pomona Ave., Newark, N. J. MILLER. MILES L., USA Regional Unit, APO 47, New York, N. Y. MILLER, PAUL P., 3913 Glen Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. MILLER, SALLY, 8601 Seaview Ave., Wildwood, N. J. MILLER. SUSAN, 412 E. Bridge St., Cynthiana, Ky. MILLER, SUSAN R., 218 Slade Run Dr., Falls Church, Va. ♦MILLER. WATSON B., JR., 4704 Yuma St., N.W., Wash. 16. D. C. ♦MILLER, WARREN MARTIN, 324 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va. MILLHISER, MILDRED, 207 Old Orchard Rd., Richmond 26, Va. MILLSON, WARNER LEE, 1700 N. Uhle St., Arlington, Va. MILNE, BETTY LOU, Knowltonwood, Media, Pa. MILRAD, HELEN NANCY, 3532 N. 4th St., Harrisburg, Pa. MILTON. RAY CARL. 1304 Main St., Crete, 111. MINDLIN, RICHARD. 548 Clubhouse Rd., Wood- mere, N. Y. MINER, LARRY J., 107 Upside Court. Falls Church, Va. MININBERG, IRWIN, 1670 N. 21st St., Arlington, Va. MINTZER. DEANNA H., 571 Ott St., Harrison- burg. Va. MISCHEL. RENEE S„ 379 Fairmount Ave., Jersey City 6, N. J. MISSAGHI. JANINE, 6811 JoAllen Dr., Falls Church, Va. MITCHELL, DONN S.. 2016 P St., N.W., Wash., D. C. ♦MITCHELL, JANIE, Roxbury Rd., Shippensburg, Pa. " MITCHELL, MARGARET B., 8919 Whitney St., Silver Spring, Md. MITCHELL, JOYCE. 52 S. Main St., Alfred, N. Y. MITCHELL. STEPHEN P., 10 Keats Lane, Great Neck, N. Y. MOFFSES, ELIZABETH, 1216 Foulkrod St., Philadelphia 24, Pa. MOFFSES, THOMAS PHILLIP, 1216 Foulkrod St.. Philadelphia, Pa. ♦MOHAMMED, MARIA, 271 E. 143rd St., Bronx, N. Y. ♦MOK. OLIVIA. 1831 Belmont Rd., N.W., Wash. 9, D. C. MOLCHANY, RICHARD S., 1900 F St., N.W., Wash. 6, D. C. ♦MONA. JAMES E., 6612 Willston PI., Falls Church, Va. MONETTI. GABRIELLA J.. 88 Kimball Ave., Yonkers 4, N. Y. MONROE. JOHN. 3105 Macomb St., N.W., Wash. 8, D. C. MONSERRATE, LAWRENCE C, 3801 39th St., N.W., Wash., D. C. ♦MOODY, JOHN C, 108 Pinewood Ct., Woodbridge, Da. MOON, THOMAS E., 146 E. 48th St., S. Bernar- dine, Calif. MOONEY, WILLIAM B., 210 Panfario, Gulf MOORE, ' CAROLYN ANN, RD 2, Box 172, Apollo Pa. MOORE, MARGARET M., 3285 Worthington St. Wash. 15, D, C. MOORE, MEREDITH ESTELLE, 814 10th Ave N., Texas City, Texas MORRE, NANCY IRENE, 1418 N. Patrick Henry Arlington 5, Va. MORAN, THOMAS PAUL, 5000 Apache St., Col lege Pk.. Md. MORELAND, NEIL B., 49 Allison St., N.E., Wash 11. D. C. MORELL. ANITA I., 2316 Kalorama Rd., N.W Wash. 8. D. C. MORETTI, NINO C, 135 Cooper St., Agawarr Mass. ♦MORGAN, NATALIE ANN, 2040 Beechwood Blvd., Philadelphia 17, Pa. MORGAN, WILLIAM B., 635 W. Mulberry St., Kokomo, Ind. MORGAN, WILLIE BRYANT, 1833 N. Hamp- shire Ave., Wash. 9, D. C. MORIARTY, FRANCIS J„ 46 Myrtle Ave., Fitch- burg, Mass. MORRIS, ALBERT, JR., 1327 Ingraham St., N.W.. Wash. 11, D. C. MORRIS, DOROTHY FRANCES, 201 Pine St., Martinsville, Va. MORRIS, PATRICIA MARY, 301 Maryland Ave., Havertown, Pa. MORRIS, PHYLLIS K., 205 Ohio Ave.. Harrison- burg, Va. MORRIS, ROBERT ALAN, 70 Munson St., Port Chester, N. Y. MOSHER, ALLAN W., Milford Rd.. Amherst, N. H. MOSKEY, STANLEY, 2153 Riverside Or.. Lake- wood 7, Ohio MOSS, ARTHUR, 8002 Blairmill Dr., Silver Spring, Md. MOSS, JANE ALICE. 211 Chestnut St., Holyoite, Mass. MOSS, RUTH FELDMAN, 8002 Blair Mill Dr., Silver Spring, Md. ♦MORTENSEN, MAREN ANN, 3608 N. Piedmont St., Arlington 7, Va. MOWRY, WARNER KENT. 5624 N. 34th St., Arlington, Va. MOYER. HARRIET, 7601 Marbury Rd., Bethesda 14. Md. MUHTASIB, FUAD A. K., 2800 Woodland Dr., N.W., Wash., D. C. MULACH, MARY C. 241 Salem Dr., Pittsburgh 34, Pa. MULDOWNEY. EDWARD J., 4000 Mass. Ave., N.W., Wash., D. C. MULLEN, LORETTA M., 3503 T St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. MULLEN, LOUISE E., 11040 River Rd.. Rock- ville, Md. MULLEN, REBECCA, 2200 New Jersey Ave., Wildwood, N. J. MULLGAN, HUGH C, 3829 N. 6th St., Arlington MULVEY, WILLIAM A. JR., 400 N. Norwood St., Arlington 3, Va. MULVIN, MARTHA, 5504 Abbott Dr.. S.E., Wash. 21, D. C. MUMFRD, MARTHA FAY, 2760 Johnson St., Corvallis, Oreg. MUNCY, LARRY NELSON, 3728 Van Ness St., N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. MURCH, GERALD M., 412 Deerfield Ave., Silver Spring, Md. MURDOCK, JAMES G., 5915 Overlea Rd., Wash. 16, D. C. MURPHY, CAROL ANN, 8100 Kenny Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. MURPHY, CHARLES C, 775 7th St., S.E., Wash 3, D. C. MURPHY, PAUL D., 5206 12th St., N.E., Wash D. C. MURPHY, ROBERT C. 2644 S. Veitch St., Arling ton 6, Va. ♦MURPHY, THOMAS J., 1209 Emerson St., N.E Wash., D. C. MURRAY. DONNA MARIE, 5230 Baltimore Ave Wash. 16, D. C. MURRAY, DOROTHY, 702 Mt. Vernon Dr., Alex andria, Va. MURRAY, JOHN JOSEPH, JR.. 104 Schotts Crt. N.E., Wash. 2, D. C. MURRAY, THOMAS A., 196 Washington St., Key port, N. J. MUSICK, ROY, 3200 Morrison St., N.W., Wash 15, D. C. MUSSUM. BARBARA A., 2883 Warrington Rd. Shaker Hgts. 20, Ohio MYERS, EILEEN P., 1108 S. 19th St., Arlington 2, Va. ♦NAGEL, JOHN M., 1413 Ledand Ave., Bronx 60, N. Y. NAGEL, WARREN, 632 Gallatin St., Wash. 11, D. C. NAKAWATASE, REIKO K., 819 Garden St., Sea- brook. N. J. NAMM. PHYLLIS JOYCE, 708 Oglethorpe St., Wash. 11, D. C. NAREHOOD, GAIL L., 110 Mount Joy Rd., Clear- neld. Pa. NASAR, SHELDON S.. 25 Lighthouse Rd.. Great Neck, N. Y. NASSAU, LINDA MAE, 639 West End Ave., New York, N. Y. ♦NATHAN. SALLY, 9 Horicon Ave., Glens Falls, N. Y. NAULS, MATTHEW ROBERT, 18 Rock Springs Ave., West Orange, N. J. ♦NAZARIAN, ARMEN, JR., 3400 Oliver, N.W., Wash., D. C. ♦NELSON, DONALD C. 2637 Berkshire Wy.. Oklahoma City. Okla. ♦NELSON, PATRICIA R., 6301 Mass. Ave., N.W... Wash., D. C. NELSON. WARREN L., Barberry Ct., Apt 813, Moorestown, N. J. NEUBERG. CLARE RAE, 902 Hilhvood Ave.. Falls Church, Va. ♦NEVIN, ALAN NORMAN. 9322 Harvey Rd., Silver Springs, Md. ♦NEWBERRY, JACK GRAHAM. 55 N. Bedford, Arlington, Va. NEWELL, WILLIAM D.. 2519 King St., Alexandria, Va. NEWHOUSE, PAT, Moulin De Doyat, Arronnes, France ♦NEWTON, DONALD, Alpha Tau Omega, American Univ., Wash. 16, D. C. NICHOLAS, CAROL, 5414 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda 14, Md. NICHOLS, SANDRA LOU, 932 Mulberry Ave., Hagerstown, Md. •NICHOLS, ROBERT EUGENE, 407 E. Clay St., Mt. Pleasant, Iowa NICHOLS, WILLIAM G., 1400 S. Edgewood St., Arlington 4. Va. NICHOLSON, JUDITH, 3044 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va. NICHOLSON, ROBERT, 63 Cncklewood Rd.. Yonkers, N. Y. NISKANEN, LEROY, 143 N. Park Dr., Arlington NOEL, ROGER WILLIAM, 504 Boston Ave., Takoma Park, Md. NOLAN, NICHOLAS JOHN, 1142 Valley Dr., Alexandria, Va. NOLAN, THOMAS B. JR., 2219 California St., Wash. 8, D. C. NORMAN, NEIL, S420 31st N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. ' NOTTINGHAM, ANNE, 3 Clifton Dr., Alexandria, NOTARI, VIRGINIA M., 126 Clarewill Ave., U Montclair, N. J. NOVENSTEIN, KAY R., 26 E. Baltimore St., Funkstown. Md. ♦NUCKOLS. WILLIAM HENRY, 6118 Providence Rd., Norfolk 2, Va. NYCE, PETER Q. JR., 1700 Varnum St., Wash. 11, D. C. NYMAN, LARS J., 401 Peach St., Erie, Pa. ♦O ' BRIEN, WILLIAM STEPHEN. 35 W. 8th St., O ' BRYANT, JAMES LAFROY, 5005 38th St., Wash. 16, D. C. O ' VONNELL. WALTER, 205 Mealey Pkwy., Hagers- town, Md. O ' CONNOR, ROGER C, 5237 Nebraska Ave., Wash. 15, D. C. O ' DONNEL, PATRICK E., 301 Julian Ave. Honolulu, Hawaii ... O ' ERTEL, LYNDA AVERY, 1559 33 St., Wash. 1. D. C. ♦OFFENBERGER, HEIDI, 208 E. 8th St., New York 16. N. Y. OH SE, EUNG. 102 6 Anam Dang, Seoul. Korea O ' HARA, EDWARD J., 205 Westerne PI., Oradell. N. J. OLBRICH, MARIANNE, 912 Waterford Rd., Alex- andria, Va. ... , OLIPHANT, JAMES POLK, 3235 Beech St., Wash., D. C. OLIPHANT, JOHN, 3235 Beech St., Wash., D. C. OLIVER, RICHARD C, 10429 Montrose Ave., Bethesda 14, Md. OLMAN, SYDNEY ELLEN, 1223 Uuderwood St., Wash., D. C. OLSON, EDWIN, RT. 1, Box 138. Jackson, Minn. OLSON. RICHARD F., 5742 Oregon Ave., Wash. 15, D. C. OMAN. CHARLES LEE. 1922 S. Pollard St., Arlington 4, Va. O ' NEILL, JOSEPH, 1523 Mt. Eagle PI., Alexandria, Va. O ' NEILL, PAUL, 35-37 78th St., Jackson His., Long Island, N. Y. ♦O ' NEILL, RICHARD THOMAS, ONARO, CAROLYN M., 103 Southwood Ave., Ross, Calif. OPACK, JERRY H., 7601 16th St., Wash. 12, D. C. OPPENHEIM, CARL H., 582 Nicholson St.. Wash., D. C. ORLETSKY, SANDRIA RUTH, 526 Fishermans Rd., Norfolk 3, Va. ORMESTAD, KARL, Uranienborlun 11B, Oslo, Norway OSHINS, RICHARD A„ 4 Parkwood Dr., Great Neck, N. Y. OSTREICHER, PEDRO, P.O. Box 696, Trusillo, Dom. Rep OSTRIN. ARNOLD L„ 1571 Dixie St. East, Charles- ton, W. Va. ♦OURSLER, STEPANIE W„ 4101 Glen Arm, Bal- timore 6, Md. ♦OUTLAW, JOSETTE, 4204 Columbia Pike, Arling- ton, Va. OZDEN. CEVDET, 1624 H. St., Wash., D. C. PACY, JAMES STEPHEN, 8115 Schrider St., Silver Spring, Md. ♦PADEN, ARLENE G., 4740 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase, Md. PADGETT, ROBERT LEE, 903 S. Washington St., Alexandria. Va. ♦PAKIS, GLORIA A., 1900 S. St. N.W., Wash., D. C. PAINE, ANN. 3221 6th St., Wash., D. C. PAINTER. BARBARA L.. Waggaman Circle, McLean, Va. PALMER, RACHEL A., Inter Amer. Univ., San PALMER, ' THOMAS C, 4843 Limean Ave., Wash. 8, D. C. ♦PALSGROVE, GARY, 4915 Albemarle St., Wash. 16, D. C. ♦PALTING, PANCRACIO, 1339 Sheperd St., N.W., Wash., D. C. PANCIERA, ELLEN LUIGIA, 1109 Offutt Dr., Falls Church, Va. PANOS, ANNA K., 4415 38th St.. Wash. 16. D. C. PAPPAS, NICHOLAS J., 7945 15th Ave., Hyatts- ville, Md. PAQUIN, ROBERT R., 2712 Wisconsin Ave., Wash. , D. C. PARISI, ARLENE V., Lily Pond Rd., Eastport, N. Y. ♦PARK, STEPHEN K., Seoul, Korea ♦PARKER, JANE, 4620 36th St.. Wash. 8. D. C. PARKER, MICHAEL J., 25 Central PI., Wellsville. N. Y. PARKER, ORIOANA, R.F.D. 2, Box 105, Barring- ton, 111. ♦PARKER, RAY E., 1420 Abingdon Dr., Alexandria, Va. PARKER, SUSAN, 1796 Sycamore St., Wash. 12, D. C. ♦PARKINSON, PHILIP, 411 Monterey Ave., Annap- olis, Md. PARR, GLORIA, 305 Adams St., Wash. 2, D. C. PARY, DAVID T., 312 Olive Ave., Piedmont 11, Calif. PARRY, KIRK H., 155 E. Main St., Morristown, N. J. PARSONS, SUSAN J.. P. O. Box 717, Escalon, Calif. PATEL, JAYENDRAKUMAR C, Jatpor Pan Angadlera, Bombay, India PATEL, NARSINHBHAI B., Vajhech P V Sarbhan, Dist. Suwat, India PATRYLAK. THOMAS P., 239 Ashley St., Plymouth, Pa. PATTEN, WALTER W. JR., 214 Lake Rd„ Riviera Beach, Md. PATTERSON, HERBERT, 510 Longwood Ave., Bedford. Va. PATTERSON, HUBERT, 20 E. Madison Ave., Shelby, Ohio ♦PATTERSON, JAMES, 110 S. Barton St., Arlington, Va. PATTON, JAMES C, 121 Norwood Rd., Silver Springs, Md. ♦PAUL, GERALD R., 331 C. St., Wash., D. C. ♦PAULSON, FRANKLIN, 1534 Roxanna Rd., Wash. 12, D. C. PAULY, GAY, 2712 Cherry St., Pine Bluff, Ark. PAYNE, DALE EDWARD, 2605 S. Oswego Terr., Tulsa, Okla. ♦PAYNE, PATRICIA, 1910 Kalorama Rd., Wash. 9, D. C. •PAYNE, MORRIS JOSEPH, 1323 Kennedy St., Wash., D. C. PEARLMAN, JERROLD JAY, 697 Patterson Ave.. Franklin Sq., N. Y. PECK. LYNDA LEE, 2201 Parkway, Philadelphia 30, Pa. PECK, SUSAN H., 1300 Midland Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. ♦PEEK, GAIL GALBRAITH, 4201 Mass. Ave., Wash. 16, D. C. PELLEGRINO, JOSEPH A., 4613 41st St., Wash. 16, D. C. PERKINS, LEONIE G., 2705 13th St., Wash., D. C. ♦PERLMUTTER, MARCIA L., 1302 Blair Mill Rd., Silver Springs, Md. PERRELL, BARBARA L., 40 West Seaman Ave., Freeport, N. Y. PERRINO, CARL A., 92 Solomon Ave., Inwood 96, N. Y. PERRY, LEE LOUIS, 5225 Manning PI., Wash. 16, D. C. PESOUT, MIRIAM JOAN, 6 Circle Dr., McGill, PETERS, WILLIAM E., Thedford, Neb. PETERSON, BETTY E.. 2414 N. Dealing St., POWELL, LISSANTE, 3434 Volta PI., Wash., D. C. POWELL, RONALD H., 170 Mill St.. Mt. Holly. N. J. PRAGER, JUDITH A., 1815 Riverside Dr., New York 34, N. Y. PRAGER, JUDITH SANDRA, 1815 Riverside Dr., New York 34, N. Y. PRATHER, CHARLES W., 4203 Kaywood Dr., Mt. Kan Md. Ale Va. ♦PETERSON. JOAN TRIBBETT, 1616 Mt. Eagle PI., Alexandria, Va. PETERSON, LARRY LEE, 5521 24th Ave., Wash. 21, D. C. PETERSON, RICHARD, 4505 N. 37th St., Arling- ton 7, Va. PETTY, MARY ANN, 3901 Conn. Ave., Wash., D. C. PHAFF, JOYCE LINDA, 125 Sutton PI., Lawrence, L. I., N. Y. ♦PHAN, VANPHUT HANG, 137 Sihanouk Ave., Pehnom P, Cambodia PHILLIPS, DIANE V., 201 E. Line St., Bishop, Calif. PICHARD, DONNA A., 99 Lynnhaven Dr., N. Syracuse 12, N. Y. PICHARD, JOHN A., 101 Old Mamaroneck Rd.. White Plains, N. Y. ♦PICKERING, DAVID H., 3912 Duke St., Alexandria. Va. PICKMAN, FREDA A., 5 N. Iroquois Ave.. Margate, N. J. ♦PIERCE, LAWRENCE, 102 N. Wayne St., Arling- ton, Va. ♦PIKE. THOMAS 270 E. Pine St., Lisbon, Ohio ♦PIKUS, TERRY S., Mounted RT 10, Dover, Del. PILSON, ALLAN SAUNDER, 2 Fisher Dr., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. PINE, ROBERT, 1429 7th Ave., Neptune, N. J. ♦PINDER, GLENN D., 1991 N.W. 55 Terr., Miami 42. Fla. PIPES. ADALINE A.. 565 Scott St., Memphis, Tenn. PISCHEDDA, EDWARD, 1600 Pine Grove Ave., Westfleld, N. J. PITTS, JAMES E., 1709 N. Huntington, Arlington, Va. ♦PIZER. ROBERT S.. 4007 Conn. Ave. N.W., Wash., D. C. PLANK, ROBERT D., 4111 N. 25th St., Arlington, Va. ♦PLANTE, ARCADE J., 4828 27th Rd., Arlington 6, Va. PLASTIRAS, GEORGIA T., 229 Prospect St., P., ii Pa. POAGE, WILLIAM HUGH. Grain Valley. Mo. PODELL. ANTHONY W., 36 Hutchinson Ct„ Great Neck, N. Y. PODNOS, SYDNEE MERLE, 151 Sycamore St., Wash. 12, D. C. POLLAK, ALAN H., 171 Rector St., Perth Amboy, N. J. POLLOCK. ALAN M.. 4428 Sedgwick St., Wash. 16, D. C. POLLOCK, BARRY JAY, 55F Ranklin Rd., Scars- dale, N. Y. POND, DORIS J., 2100 N. Scott St., Arlington 9, Va. POOLE, LEROY A. III. 4107 Ogethrope St.. Hyattsville, Md. POOSIKIAN. ANNI L., 2701 Ontario Rd., Wash. 9, D. C. PORETZ. DEBRA MAE, 625 Hempstead Ave., Rockville Center, N. Y. POSTMA. GARY WEND ELL, 2049 Braewick Dr.. Akron 13, Ohio POTLER. JOY ELLEN. 3900 Clarinth, Rd., Bal- timore 15, Md. ♦POTTER, DONALD LEE, 421 Clinton Ave.. Albany 6. N. Y. POTTERFIELD. JOHN LEE, 416 Virginia Ave., Hagerstown, Md. POTTHOFF. THOMAS, Ruhralle 149, Essen, Ger- ♦POULTON, SUE HELEN. 3408 Legation St., Wash. 15. D. C. ♦POWELL. CYNTHIA, 5008 26th St., Arlington 7 Va. POWELL, DOUGLAS J.. R.F.D. . Rocky Mount, Va. ♦POWELL, JUDITH P., 1642 Cherokee Rd., Florence, PRENCIPE. EMILIO F., 35 Madison St., Wash. 11, D. C. PRESSEY, LOIS ALMA, 84 Havemeyer Lane, Greenwich, Conn. PRESSON, FRANK C, 1 Sea Leane, St. Petersburg, Fla. PRESSMAN, ALAN, 118 Keer Ave., Newark, N. J. ♦PRESTON, EVELYN. 2515 13th St. N.W., Wash., D. C. PRESTON, RICHARD R., 402 Neale Ave., Silver Spring, Md. PRETTYMAN, WILLIAM, 216 Market St., Laurel, Del. PRICE, LOWELL S., 1610 N. Lexington, Arlington, Va. ♦PRICE, PAMELA A., 5129 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. PRITCHARD, HERBERT. 6950 Maple St., Wash. 12, D. C. PROCOPIO, CLAIRE ANNE, 905 Morlot, Ave., Fairlawn, N. J. PROCOPIO, PHYLLIS ANN, 905 Morlot Ave., Fairlawn, N. J. PROCTOR, MEREDITH L., 124 Lynmoor Dr., Silver Spring, Md. PULLEN. LAWRENCE H., 16 Wall St.. Rockville, Md. PULSIFER, RICHARD A., 3214 West Ave., New- port News, Va. PURO, MICHAEL L., 42 Hawthorne Lane, Great Neck, N. Y. PUTZIGER, BERNARD, 2340 N. Vernon St., Ar- lington, Va. PYLE, ANNE HOWARD, 211 S. Chester Rd., Swarthmore. Pa. QUINN, BETTY JEAN. 11903 Coronada PI., Kens- ington, Md. RABCHEVSKY, GEORGE, 117 N. Early St., Alex- andria, Va. ♦RACHEL, ALBERT A., 3925 Davis PI., Wash. 7, D. C. RAIMONDO, JOSEPH LARRY, 1218 Ardmaer Dr., Somerville, N. J. RAINS. CARLY MARIE, 503 Anne St., Falls Church, Va. RAISNER, CHARLES R., Stetson Univ., Deland, Fla. RAMSEY, STEPHEN H., Franklin, 111. RAND, MARTHA H„ 7 Ravine Dr., Hastings-On- The-Hudson, N. Y. RAPPOPORT. DAVID, 51 N. Windsor Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. RASELY, NANCY CAROL, 60 Parker St., Belvidere, N. J. RATNER, PHILLIP J., 11100 Nicholas Dr., Sil- ver Springs, Md. RAVER, ROBERT, 2325 42nd St., Wash., D. C. RAWLINGS, ANN, 901 S. West St., Culpeper, Va. RAYMOND, THOMAS T., 3911 Langley Ct., Wash. 16, D. C. ♦REASON, BARBARA, 1242 Gerard St. N.E., Wash., D. C. REDINGTON, EDMUND BUSH, 3912 N. Upland St., Arlington 7, Va. REED, YVONNE J., 25 R St., Wash. 2, D. C. REEDER, LINDA LEE, Anderson Hall, Redlands, Calif. REEDY, BOYD R., 8314 Stohycreen Dr., Dallas 28, Texas REEL, JOHN, 3716 Woodley Rd., Wash. 16, D. C. REESE, PRICE, 442 Shipley Rd., Linthicum Hts., ♦REGAN, THOMAS, 4534 43rd PI., Wash. 16, D. C. ♦REGNI, CHARLOTTE W., 2803 Arlington Blvd., Arlington 1, Va. REICHGUT, MICHAEL D., 1371 Sheridan St., Wash. 11, D. C. „ , . REID. THOMAS WILLIAM, 234 Old York Rd., Somerville, N. J. . REILLY, HUGH LAWRENCE, 1 Pork Dr., Spring- field, Mass. REIN, STANLEY J., 11000 Inwood Ave., Silver Spring, Md. REINOEHL, DENNIS C, 307 N. 10th St., Lebanon, ♦REISKIN, HERBERT LEE, 1604 Crittenden St., Wash. 11, D. C. , . ♦REITZ, KATHRYN. 3 Brackenridge Ct„ Baltimore 12. Md. RELKER, WILLIAM S.. 1956 Higbee Ave., Memphis 4 Tenn RESNICK, DANIEL S., 230 Oneida St., Wash. 11, D C ♦REYNOLDS, CHARLES, 211 W. THOMAS St., Danville, Va. RHODES, CARL HOWARD, 3706 Harnson St., RHODES, JAMES A., 509 E. Central Ave., Bluff- RHOW.HONG KEE. 1819 First St.. Wash. 1, D. C. ♦RHYNEHART, PHILO H., 6405 Gull Rd., Wash. RICE, MARY ISABELLE, 71 Manor Dr., Hudson, RICE, STEPHEN EWING, 405 Monticello Blvd., ♦RICE, TIMOTHY, 4201 Mass. Ave., Wash. 16, RICHARDS, LYNNE SHARON, 3800 39th St., Wash. 16, D. C. , RICHARDSON, CLYDE B. JR., 5057 Bass PI., Wash. 19, D. C. „, . RICHARDSON, EARLE W., 3109 44th St., Wash. RICHARDSON, WILLIAM S., 3109 44th St., Wash. RICHMOND. ELIJAH. Box 65. Dahlgren Va. RIESNER, ROBIN R.. 225 W. 86th St., New RIGGLE, JOHN H. JR., 235 Omeida St., Fulton, N. Y. •RIGGS. ELSIE M., 401 Euarts St. N.E., Wash., D. C. RIHL, MICHAEL E., 58 Prospect St., Lebanon, New Hamp. RINDLAUB, MAR E., 169 Danes St., Bradford, Pa. RINFRETTE, KAY, 1945 Biltmore St., Wash. 9, D. C. RINGEL, SHARON ANN, 7828 16th St., Wash., D. C. RINGEWALD. RICHARD D., 555 LYNN Ave., Woodbury, N. J. RIPPON, NANCY JANE, Jermyn, R. D., Pa. RIZER, JUDY. 1324 Des Moines St., Des Moines, ROBERSON, WILLIAM N., 2180 Atkins Ave., Lakewood, Ohio ROBERTS. MAXINE B., 199 West Shore Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. ROBERTSON. JOAN T., 4 W. Argyle, Rockville. Md. ROBINS, MYRNA G., 3430 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, 111. ROBINSON. EDWARD F., 174 Great Rd., May- nard. Mass. ROBINSON, LYNNS S., 3831 Garrison St., Wash., D. C. ROBINSON. MELVYN DENNIS, 1336 E. Chapman, Orange, Calif. ROCKWELL, SALLY S., 5800 Hillburne Way. Chevy Chase 15. Md. RODKIN, STUART, 307 7th Ave., Asbury Park, N. J. RODRIGUEZ, KENNETH A.. 3603 22nd St., Wash. 18, D. C. ROELOFS, LARRY HUGH, 919 Parker St., Falls Church, Va. ROGERS. LEE HARRY, 4855 St. Barnabas Rd., Wash. 21, D. C. ROHR. BETTY ANN, 47 Rowan Rd., Pearl River, N. Y. ROLLINS, DONALD C, 3404 Park Ave.. Richmond, Va. ROLLINS, JAMES, 4421 Betterworth PI., Wash. 16, D. C. ROLLINS. KENNETH B.. Leesburg, Va. ROMAN, ROBERT, 4415 Dresden St., Kensington, Md. •ROMANO. JO ANN, 2106 Wedgewood Ave., Rich- mond, Va. ROOT, MARY ALICE. 401 Arlington Ave., James- town. N. Y. ROPER, ANNE DARBY, 4127 45th St., Wash. 16, D. C. ROSE, ROBERT. 5190 Linnean Terr., Wash., D. C. ROSEN, MYRNA BETTE, 400 C. St.. Belmar, N. J. ROSENBERGER. DONALD A., 320 Waterford Rd., Silver Spring, Md. ROSENBLUM, JEROLD H., 2844 28th St. Wash. 8, D. C. ROSENDORF, MARTIN WAYNE, 2950 McKinley St., Wash. 15. D. C. ROSENFELD. MARLENE, 4 Arleigh Rd., Rockville Center. N. Y. ROSENSKY, WILLIAM V., 1443 Whittier PI., Wash. 12, D. C. ROSENTHAL, MYRNA, 49 Grove Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. ROSMAN. MIMI LENA, 70 Hamsphire Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. ROSS. DAVID GRAY, 3936 7th St.. Wash. 17, D. C. ROSS, ELYSE SANDRA, 1251 Salem Rd., Plain- field, N. J. ROSS. LESLIE A.. 2015 Oakland Ave., Baltimore 20, Md. •ROSS. MABEL SCOTT, 4520 McArthur Blvd., Wash.. D. C. ROSS. TERRILL ANN, 1430 S. 85 Ave.. Omaha. Neb. •ROSSER, SALLY, 3407 Farragut Ave., Kensington, Md. ROSSO, ROBERT ANTHONY, 110 Queens Ct., Massapequa Park. N. Y. ROSWELL, RONALD L., 4530 46th St., Wash. 16, D. C. ROTH, EILEEN P., 6022 Utah Ave., Wash. 15. D. C. ROTHBAUM. SIDNEY A., 1416 Longfellow St., Wash. 11, D. C. ROTHBERG, MARILYN, 103 Seacord Rd., New Rochelle, N. Y. •ROTHE, DELIGHT D., 1247 31st St.. Wash., D. C. ROTHENBERG, MARJORIE, 4500 Conn. Ave., Wash. 8, D. C. ROTHMAN, ANDREW LEE, 18 Lotus St., Cedar- hurst, N. Y. ROUSE. EILEEN CARROLL, 6205 South Junett, Tacoma 9, Wash. •ROWE, DAVID W., 1900 F. St., Wash., D. C. ROWLES, WILLIAM JR., 408 Talbott Ave.. Laurel. Md. ROZICER, DONALD EDWARD. 4604 22nd Ave., Mt. Rainier. Md. RUBIN, ALAN, 1560 Metropolitan Ave., Bronx 62. N. Y. RUBIN, MICHAEL JONATHAN, 506 Beach 140th. RUDD. ALAN, 1333 Ft. Stevens Dr., Wash., D. C. RUDDICK. MARY JO, 10871 Springknoll. Rock- Md ngto RUFFNER, LINDA B., 1341 Jonquil St.. Wash. 12, D. C. RUIZ, PAUL A., 6361 99 St.. Forest Hills 24. N. Y. •RUNNER. JANE K., 4606 47th St.. Wash.. D. C. RUTH, DANIEL RICHARD, 255 E. Poplar St.. York, Pa. Belle Harbor 94, N. Y. RYAN. CATHERINE ANN, 210 Capitol View Dr., McLean, Va. RYAN. KATHERINE P., 842 E. Walnut. Burbank. Calif. •RYAN. THOMAS, 1708 Bay St. S.E., Wash., D C. RYLANCE, CAROL A., 44 E. Chesnut St., Kinston, N. Y. RYZOFF, JOEL, 642 W. Front St., Plainfield, N. J. SABEL, JOHN KENNETH, 3555 Raymoor Rd., SACKS, JOEL DAVID, 733 Sligo Ave., Silver Spring, Md. SAGER, ALAN JOHN, 195 N. Freeman Rd., Or- chard Park, N. Y. SAGER, DOUGLAS, 924 I4th St.. N.W., Wash., D. C. SALISBURY, PAMELA F., 8908 Tresco Rd., Rich- mond 29, Va. SALKOWITZ, VIVIAN N., 151 Westwood Circle, Roslyn Hts.. N. Y. SALZMAN, HELEN VIRGINIA, 1557 Mt. Eagle Pl„ Alexandria, Va. SAMRA, VICTOR M., JR., 82 74th St., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. SANDHAUS, CAROLYN E., Tewkesbury PI., Wash. 12, D. C. •SAPHIR, MURIEL T., Box 3555 Central Sta., Arlington 3. Va. SARAGOVITZ, SUSAN ANN, 406 Oneida St., N.W.. Wash., D. C. •SASS, WILLIAM, 109 Beechwood Ave., Baltimore 28, Md. SATO, KEIKO, 111 Summerfield Rd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. SAUCILLA, ROSEMARY, 4006 Cochran, Houston 22, Tex. SAUM, KENNETH MARK. 7806 Airlane Ave., Los Angeles 45, Calif. SAWYER, DONALD L. A., 3716 Cardiff Ct.. Chevy Chase, Md. SAX, FREDRIC BARRIE, 2940 Terrace Dr., Chevy Cha Md. Md SCHANTZ. SUZANNE, State Hospital, Middletown, N. Y. SCHEER, STEVEN E„ 1607 Clinton PI., Hillside 5, N. J. SCHEER, WARREN N., 4423 Harrison St., N.W., Wash., D. C. SCHELL. SALLY T., 920 Magnolia St., Winston Salem. N. C. SCHEMETT. JEANNIE JOY, 7517 Arcadia Rd., Ale Va. SCHILL. CHARLES A.. 227 Wash. Ave.. Hillsdale, N. J. SCHLACHMAN, BARBARA L., 1105 Quebec St., Silver Spring, Md. SCHLISSEL, MARTIN, 6123 14th St.. N.W., Wash., D. C. SCHLOSS. HANNA. 7319 Granby St., Norfolk. Va. SCHMITT. HAROLD D.. Bridgeport 10, Conn. SCHNALL, SEENA. 20 Margaret Ave., Lawrence, N. Y. •SCHNEE, MARCI. 503 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. SCHNEIDER. FREDERICK E„ 409 Nicholson St., N.W., Wash. 11, D. C. SCHOCKE, ROBERT P., 1924 35th PI., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. SCHRAM, BRENDA A., 915 East 17th St., Brook- lyn, N. Y. SCHREIBER, M. RUTH, 4418 Ellicott St., N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. SCHRIBER, SANDRA J., 7739 16th St., N.W., Wash., D. C. SCHROTT, CAROLE A., 3900 Vacation Lane, N. Arlington 7, Va. •SCHULZE. RICHARD P., 6733 Fairfax Rd., Chevy Cha Md. SHUMACHER. CHARLOTTE, Bolton Rd., Lake George, N. Y. •SCHUMAN, ESTER P., 9208 Cedarcrest Dr., Beth- esda 14, Md. SCHUPP, JEANETTE, 4470 Upton St., Wash. 16, D. C. SCHWARZ, ALLAN L., 25 Cornell St., Scarsdale, N. Y. SCHWARTZ, CAROL L., 720 Ft. Wash. Ave., New York 40, N. Y. •SCHWARTZ, MICHAEL S.. 4000 Mass. Ave., N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. •SCHWARTZ. WARREN I.. 3320 Burleith Ave.. Baltimore 15, Md. SCHWARTZ, WILLIAM, 161 Mineral Spring Ave., Passaic, N. J. •SCHWARTZCHILD, ELLEN, 102 W. Hillcrest Ave., Richmond, Va. SCHWEBEL, ANDREA M„ 463 Borrk Ave., Pas- saic, N. J. SCHWED, MICHAEL B.. 141-37 42nd Ave., Flush- ing 67. N. Y. SCHWEITZ, GARRY BURTON 7350 Ga. Ave.. N.W.. Wash. 12, D. C. SCHWINGER, GERALD L., 1403 Brandywine Blvd.. Wilmington 3, Del. SCOTT, FREDERICK C, 2417 S. 27th St.. Arling- ton 6. Va. •SCOTTON. FRANK. 67 Linden St.. Needham 92, Mass. •SCRIMGEOUR. SALLY ANN, 11020 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, Md. SCRIVENER, JAMES J., JR.. 3408 Dent. PI.. N.W., Wash. 7. D. C. •SEABRIGHT. RUTH, 407 Tennessee Ave., Alex- andria, Va. •SEALY, BRIAN, 83 Raff Ave.. Mineola. N. Y. •SEGALL, BARBARA P., 48 Columbia Ave., Cliff- side Park, N. J. •SEGALL. SONDRA, 141 Pomona Ave., Newark. N. J. SELBY, CLELAND ERIC. Elm St., Derby Tine, Vermont SELBY, WILLIAM E., 8 Glenside Rd„ South Orange, N. J. SELDON, BRENDA F., 300 N. Cleveland Ave., Wilmington, Del. SELDON. H. EUGENIA, 300 N. Cleveland Ave., Wilmington 5, Del. SELEME, ANTONIO JOSE, 1653 Hobart St., N.W.. Wash. 9. D. C. SELIGMAN, WILMA RAE, 1225 Midland Ave.. Bronxville. N. Y. SELINKER. LARRY, 257 Rugby St., Providence, R. I. SELIS. VIVIAN O., 3701 Campfield Rd.. Baltimore 7, Md. SELLERS. PAUL A., 4301 Clagett Rd., Hyattsville, Md. SELLERS. RICHARD, 4021 Benton St.. N.W.. Wash. 7. D. C. SEREPCA. STEPHEN M„ 3112 College Terr.. Frederick, Md. SETTLE, DARYL BROCK, 3611 N. Round Hill Rd., Alexandria, Va. SHAHEEN, DAVID R.. 9219 Manchester Rd., Sil- ver Spring, Md. SHALETT. MICHAEL R., 1417 Tuckerman St., N.W.. Wash. 11, D. C. SHANER. M. RONDA, 141 S. Main St., Portville, N. Y. SHANKS. ROBERT E., 2215 Sharon Rd., Camp Springs, Md. SHANNON. WILLIAM, 3835 Davis PI N W Wash. 7, D. C. SHAPIRO. DEBORAH G., 1629 East 24th St., Brooklyn 29, N. Y. SHAPIRO. LEONARD P., 138-40 229th St., Laurel- ton 13, N. Y. •SHAPIRO. SANDRA. 6 N. Pembroke Ave., Margate City, N. J. SHAPIRO, STANLEY A., 16 Howland Rd.. W. New Ma SHARPE. CRISTINE A.. 7716 14th St NW Wash.. D. C. SHAW. NATHAN. 72 Scarsdale Rd.. Warwick R. I. SHAW, SYLVIA F., 1805 N. Taylor St.. Arlington 7, Va. SHAWEEVONGSE, CHIRAPA, 1911 Siri Amman, Bangko. Thailand SHEFFIELD, RALEIGH J., 4025 Brandywine St., N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. SHEIB, PEGGY ANN, 58 Moran PI., New Ro- chelle, N. Y. SHEIB, PETER E., 58 Moran PI., New Rochelle. N. Y. SHELFORD, EDWINA M., 3207 Beech St., N.W , Wash., D. C. SHELHORSE, SARAH H., 4317 Loyola Ave.. Alex- andr Va. SHERIDAN. PAUL McLAIN, 4604 Highland Ave. Bethesda. Md. SHERMAN, ELIZABETH M., 1519 S St., S.E.. Wash. 20, D. C. SHERMAN, RUTH. 5933 16th St.. N.W.. Wash., D. C. SHERMAN. MICHAEL D„ 505 Oneida PI., N.W.. Wash.. D. C. •SHERWOOD. JOHN T., 101 N. Wayne St.. Arling- ton 1, Va. SHESKIN, EUGENE S.. 556 Ingraham St.. N.E.. Wash. 11, D. C. SHIELDS. DAVID EDWARD. 61 Hathaway Ct., Pittsburg 35, Pa. SHIFFMAN, PAUL, 6505 14th St.. N.W., Wash.. D. C. SHILLER, RICHARD A., 70 Beechwood Terr., Yonkers, N. Y. SHILLING, JAY RICHARD, 2 7 Pleasant St., West- field, Mass. ' SHIMANOUCHI, AKIKO, 3713 Yuma St., N.W., Wash., D. C. SHIN, HAN SOOK YIU. 1007 Chungpa Dong I, Seoul, Korea SHIN, SUN SHIK, 1007 Chunkpa Donk, Seoul, SHIPLEY, THOMAS. Hermans, Md. •SHIVLEY. JOHN W., Naulton Rd., Curwensville, Pa. SHOEMAKER. NANCY, P. O. Box 187, Rt. 4, Fredericksburg, Va. SHOCHET, ELAYNE RAYE. 1685 Tamarack St.. N.W.. Wash. 12, D. C. SHOLES, RONALD, 55 Cornell Blvd.. Summerville. N. J. SHORTLEY. JAMES. E Camp Walk. Island Hgts.. N. J. SHRINSKY. FAITH. 6550 Bartlett St.. Philadel- phia 17, Pa. •SHRIVER, ROGER, 3821 W St.. N.W., Wash. 7. D. C. •SHUGARS. GEORGE, 5721 Chillum Hgts. Dr., Hyattsville. Md. SHULMAN. MARLYN G.. 2909 Kanawha St.. N.W., Wash. 15. D. C. SHULTZ. FREDERICK P.. 3602 Greenly St., Wheaton. Md. SIANO, ANTOINETTE, Box 434, RD 1, Matawan. N. J. SICA. VINCENT ALBERT. 50-21 Parson Blvd., Flushing, N. Y. SIEGAL, BARBARA JOAN. 72 Heron St., Long Beach, N. Y. SIEGAL, BRENDA SUSAN. 114 S. Ridgeley Rd.. Norfolk. Va. SIEGEL. STEPHANIE J„ 4176 S. 36th St.. Arling- ton, Va. •SIEGELTUCH. BETSY ANN 67-70 Austin St., Forest Hills. N. Y. SIERACKI, MARY L.. 71 Winter St., Norwood, Mass. •SIHOONER, MIRIAM T„ 5221 Johnson Ave.. Bethesda, Md. SILBER, HELENE R., 19 Palmer Ave., Bristol, Pa. SILBER, LINDA M., 2502 14th St., N.E., Wash. 18, D. C. SILBERMAN, DAVID, 36 Summit Ave, Port Ches- ter, N. Y. SILL. ELVIN WALTER, 5005 17th St.. N. Arling- ton. Va. •SILL, ROGER, 2305 N. Roosevelt St., Arlington SILBER, BERNARD, 5916 6th St., N.E., Wash. 11. D. C. SILVER, FRANK J.. 9 Kalmia Lane. Valley Stream, N. Y. SIMON, FREDERICK OTTO. 17 Lindlev Ave.. Tenaflv. N. J. SIMPKINS. GEORGE R.. 84 Hiles Ave.. Elk. Terr.. Salem, N. J. SIMPSON. BERNARD J.. 20 Plattsburg Court, Wash. 16, D. C. SIMPSON, WILLIAM JOSEPH, 10215 McKenney Ave., Silver Spring, Md. SING, CALVIN, 905 Sligo Creek Pkwy., Tacoma Pk„ Md. SIQUEIRA. IEDA DEBARROS, Pioneer Hall, N W U, Lincoln 4, Neb. SKELLY, RICHARD F., 89 Woolsley Ave., Trum- bull, Conn. SKLAREW, JACLYN, 400 S. 1st Ave., Highland Pk., N. J. SKLAW, HOWARD RICHARD, 300 Gregory Ave., West Orange, N. J. •SLACK, JOHN B., 131 Silver Beach, Daytona Beach, Fla. SLADE, WILLIAM M„ Sandy Spring, Md. SLATER, JOHN A., 4716 Chevy Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. SLATICK, EUGENE R., 13 S. Bridge St., Shenan- doah, Pa. SLAVITT, ROBERT E., 2011 Spruce Dr., N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. SLAYTON, JUDITH, 1812 Chesterfield Ave., Mc- SLOAN, LEONARD A., 1422 Roxanna Rd., N.W., Wash., D. C. SMITH. CAROL ANN, 6813 JoAUen Dr., Falls Church, Va. SMITH, DONALD HAYES, 27 Linden Pkwy., Norwich, Conn. SMITH, DONNA KAY, Sunny Acres, Harlan, Ky. SMITH, DORIS M., 712 Hamlin St., N.E., Wash. 17. D. C. „, SMITH, JERRY LEE. 1321 N. McKinley Rd., Arlington 5, Va. SMITH, JOSEPH M., 1400 35th St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. SMITH.LACEY T., 212 Wood Rd., Louisville, Ky. •SMITH. LAWRENCE M., 6310 N. Uth Rd.. Arl- ington 5. Va. SMITH, KEFF A., 1809 20th St., N.W., Wash. 9, D. C. •SMITH, NADINE ANITA, 808 Quackenbos St., N.W., Wash. 11, D. C. SMITH, RALPH S., 3071 S. Buchanan, Arlington 6, Va. SMITH, ROGER S., 1204 N. Illinois St., Arlington SMiTH! RONALD BISHOP, 6805 Melody Lane, Bethesda, Md. SMITH, WILLIAM E., 4601 Chesterbrook Rd., McLean, Va. SMITH. WILLIE H., 1223 Simpson Rd., N.W., Atlanta 14, Ga. SMOTRICK, JOSEPH F., 4545 Conn. Ave., Apt. 429, Wash., D. C. SNAP, JAMES, 3518 Raymoor Rd., Kensington. Md. SNOKE. RICHARD E., 8405 Longfellow St., Hyattsville, Md. SNYDER, BARBARA, 1631 Myrtle St., N.W., Wash.. D. C. SNYDER, DAVID, 3907 Wabash Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. SNYDER. MILFORD C, 1717 20th St., N.W., Wash., D. C. SOBY, DAYTON, 616 South MiU St., Fergus Falls, Minn. SOLLFREY, JOAN O., 43 Brewster Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. SOLODAR, DONALD JAY, 160 W. 77th St., New York 24, N. Y. SOLOMAN, BARTON S., 1 Jefferson Ave., Rock- ville Centre, N. Y. SONG, DONG JIN, 3455 Hoo A M Dong, Seoul, Korea SORIA, PAUL L., 901 N. Pollard St., Arlington, Va. SOSNIK, SIMON, 1224 W. 1st St., Winston Salem, N. C. SOURS, ANDRA ELAINE, 4945 N. 26th St., Arling- ton Va. SNYDER, BARBARA E., SNYDER, ELIZABETH, 150 Ludlow St., Portland 5. Me. SOEDARJO, RADEN, 9 DJ Sagara IV, Djakarta, Indin . SOERJANTORO, DR. Muwardi 717 Grogol, Dja India SPADE, LEONARD, 42 Amherst St., Brooklyn 35 N. Y. SPAR, IRA, 55 Disbrow Circle, New Rochelle N. Y. SPENCER, JANET INNIS, 4814 Dexter St., N.W. Wash., D. C. SPENCER, WILLIAM, 4711 Waverly Ave., Gar rett Park, Md. SPILMAN, HENRY, 2915 Porter St., N.W., Wash 8, D. C. . , SPITHAS, CONSTANTINE N., 1615 Crittenden St., N.W., Wash. 11, D. C. SPURINS, DZINTRA, 4009 Fessenden St., N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. SPURLOCK, MARY SUSAN. 4204 45th St.. N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. STAATS, ALICE W., 1622 Brisbane St., Silver Spring, Md. STAHR, GUY EARL, 6416 Western Ave., Chevy Chase 15, Md. STALEY. WILLIAM C, Route 1, Ednor Rd., Silver Spring. Md. STALLONE, ANNE, 119 Ott Lane, E. Meadow, N. Y. STANDARD, DEXTER M., 6617 7th PI., N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. STANT. GEORGE M., 8616 Irvlngton Ave., Beth- esda 14, Md. STANTON, ARNOLD F., 105 N. Va. St., Golds- boro, N. C. STARIFAH, 1624 H St., Wash., D. C. STARK. FREDERICK R., 11 Westervelt, N. Bald win, L. I., N. Y. STARBUCK, MELISSA, Thurmont, Md. STASSINOPOULOS, E. G., 5431 Conn. Ave.. N.W., Wash. 15, D. C. STATS, HERBERT E., 272S 39th St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. STAVRAKAS, DEMETRIOS S„ 1429 Primrose Rd„ N.W., Wash., D. C. denotes Senior. STEELE, MARY, 3729 MacArthur Blvd., Wash. 7, D. C. STEELMAN. SAMUEL C, 1521 Edgemere Rd., Belmar, N. J. STEETLE. NANCY JO, 507 Leighton Ave., Silver Spring, Md. STEIN, JUDITY M., 62 Olde Field Rd.. Newton Cen M.. STEIN, ROCHELLE EVELYN, 109 Tyler Cres- cent, Portsmouth, Va. STEIN, STANLEY M., 1806 Wyoming Ave., Wash., D. S. STEINBERG. DAVID, 2210 S.W. 19th Terr., Miami 45, Fla. STEINBERG, MICHAEL H., 366 S. Parkway, Clifton, N. J. „ , STEINER. ALBERT E„ 32 Gainsborough Rd„ Scarsdale. N. Y. STERN. DAVID, 106 N. Frontenac Ave., Margate, N J. STERN. EDWIN LOUIS, 6803 Front Royal Rd., Springfield, Va. STERN. JUDITH M.. 5933 Hobart St., Pittsburgh 17. Pa. STEVENS. DONALD, 3729 Suitland Rd. S.E., Wash. 20, D. C. STEVENS, JOSEPH J.. P. O. Box 108. Lorton, Va. STEVENS, LEMUEL M.. Box 100 Division 60, U. S. Naval Base •STEWART. PAULA ANN. 6708 20th Ave., Hyatts- ville, Md. „ , „., STILLER, BARRY C, 13212 Bregman Rd., Silver Spr.ngs, Md. STOCK, EDWARD KENDALL, Rt. 4 Randolph Rd., Rockville. Md. STOCKDALE, BRUCE R., 25 Custer Dr., Windsor. Conn. ' STOHR. CHARLES, 4843 Butterworth PI., Wash. 16, D. C. ' STOKES, CHARLES, 4610 Warren St., Wash., D. C. STOLFI, BARBARA, 8314 14th Ave., Brooklyn 28, N. Y. STOLLINS, NANCY JEAN, 804 Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck, N.Y. STONE, ALAN, 256 Winthrop Rd., West Englewood, N. J. STONE, MATTHEW X., Apt. W941 Arlington Towers, Arlington, Va. STOY. JOHN RANDOLPH, 5309 Elliott Rd., Wash. 16. D. C. STRAND, SUSAN, 4506 Jones Bridge Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. STRAUSS, BERNARD, 16 Norfolk Rd.. Great Neck, N. Y. STRAUSS. CHARLES B., 9505 Wire Ave., Silver Spring, Md. , STRAUSS, CAROL LOUISE, 18 Norfolk Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. STRAUSS, JORDAN ALLEN, 6621 7th PI. N.W., Wash.. D. C. STRAUSS, ROSALIE, 733 14th St., Lakewood, N. J. •STRIKER, ARTHUR, 817 Barrett Rd., Falls Church, Va. STROBRIDGE. SHARON ANN, 404 W. Burke St., Martinsburg, W. Va. STURDIVANT, NANCY K.. 409 Ninth St., N. Wilkesboro. N. C. STURMAN, NORMAN BURTON, 5609 2nd St. N.E.. Wash. 11, D. C. STUTZ, Frederick W., 4709 Albermarle St. N.W.. Wash. 16, D. C. SUESS. THEODORE B., 12017 Centerhill St., Wheaton, Md. SULLIVAN, BETTY JEAN, 207 Lake Terrace Brad- ley Beach. N. J. •SULS, ELAINE, 4858 Battery Lane, Bethesda, Md. SUMMAR, LOUIS, 7220 Blair Rd. N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. SUNDE. DONALD H„ 4401 Frazier Lane, McLean, SUSER, STANLEY J., 612 Underwood St. N.W., Wash., D. C. SUSSMAN. JOEL, 3219 Chesapeake St. N.W., Wash. SUTTER, GORDON F., Mill 1st St., Elizabeth, Pa. SUTTON. KATHRYN, 18 New Albany Rd., Morris- town N. J. SWAIN, ROBERT OLIVER, 3556 N. Valley St., SWANSON ' . ROGER F.. 317 1st St. S.E., Waverly, SWARZ, EILEEN SUE, 1023 Brandon Ave., Nor- SWARTZ, LISA, 5410 Conn. Ave. N.W., Wash. SWARTZ, LOIS BARBARA, 5317 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. SWEENEY, JOHN S.. 134 Forest Hill Rd., West Orange. N. J. •SWEENEY. WALTER H., 186 McKinley Ave., Kenmore 17. N. Y. SWIFT, CYNTHIA J., 314 Dennis Ave., Silver SZWED g ' FREDERICK, 3946 2nd St. S.W., Wash. 24, D. C. TAFF, MICHAEL F.. 1734 Poplar Lane, Wash. 12, TALBOTT. JOHN WILLIAM, 4234 Milford Mill Rd.. Pikesville. Md. TALL, SARAH MARSHALL. 12 Severn River Rd., Round Bay, Md. TAMSMA. RUTH S.. 2828 Conn. Ave., Wash. TANENBAUM, SARAH G.. 1333 Ft. Stevens Dr., 12, DC. , •TAPIA, LORENZO E„ 1023 Jackson Ave., Las Vegas, N. M. „. . , TARGAN, DONALD G., 50 N. Aberdeen PI., Atlan- TARJOUMAN, MAHMOUD, 1315 21st St., Wash. •TASHJI. GABRIEL, Assyrian Otrs., Aleppo Syria, TASSLER, SUSAN J., 4105 Fessandan St., Wash. 16, D. C. „ •TATE, JOYCE, 323 Bloomington Ave., Curwensville, Pa. TAYLOR, CHARLES E., 3825 Davis PI., Wash. 7. D. C. TAYLOR. CLYDE DONALD, 2008 Ft. Davis St., Wash. 20, D. C. TAYLOR, CURTIS M. JR., 3918 Uth St., Wash., D C. TAYLOR, DOUGLAS RICHARD, 1007 Lanark Wv., Silver Spring, Md. TAYLOR, ELBERT W., 6251 26th Rd.. Arlington 7, Va. •TAYLOR, FLORA ANN. 414 Gilmer Ave., Roanoke, Va. •TAYLOR, HERMON, 920 Madison St., N.W., Wash., D. C. •TAYLOR. JOHN T.. 1918 Columbia Pk., Arlington 4, Va. TAYLOR, JUDITH. 2104 Lucy Lane. McLean, Va. TAYLOR. KATHERINE H., 2503 Avalon PI.. Houston 19, Texas TAYLOR, LOUIS, 4560 McArthur Blvd., Wash. 7, D C. TAYLOR, RALPH F„ Edgewater, Md. TEAQUE, JAMES MARTIN. 4119 W. St.. Wash. 7. D. C. TEBBUTT, HARRY K.. 957 East West Hwy., Takoma Park 12. Md. TEDESCO. LAWRENCE B., 2 Addison PI., Fair- lawn. N. J. •TEDESCO. PHILLYS, 411 W. Montgomery Ave., Rockville, Md. TEICH, JACK, 52 Cedar Dr.. Great Neck, N. Y. TENTUA. JEANNETTE M.. 1624 H St., Wash., D. C. TERRELL. DANIEL. 382 Abbey Rd.. Manhasset, L. I., N. Y. TEST, JO ANN, Borton Landing Rd., Moorestown, N. J. THAYER, CLARENCE E., 27 Hillcrest Dr., Alex- andn Va. THIEKE. RICHARD. 199 Brookside Ave.. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. THIELMAN, CHARLES A.. 604 Dauphin St.. River- side, N. J. THOMAS, CARROLL, 1316 23 St., Arlington, Va. THOMAS. CHARLES HERMAN. 3933 N. 4th St., Arlington, Va. THOMAS. EDWARD G., 6635 Hillandale Rd., Chew Chase 15, Md. THOMAS, JOHN PAUL, 1218 N. Dinwiddle St., Arlington 5, Va. THOMAS, MARGARET M., 32 Maryland Ave., Annapolis, Md. •THOMPSON, DAVID, 6110 Broad Brouch Rd., Wash. 15, D. C. THOMPSON, DUBOIS S., 315 Aberdeen Hall. Wash. 16, D. C. THOMPSON, WENDELL, 202 N. Oakland St., Arlington, Va. THORPE. BARY K.. 1045 Judson, Evanston, 111. THURSTON, ROGER G., 1346 Mich. Ave., Wash. 17, D. C. TIBBALS. JANE, 213 Summit Dr., Collinsville, 111. •TICHES, PETER C, 6231 26th Rd., Arlington 7. Va. TIEDEMANN, ELSIE, 249 61 Beechknoll Ave., Little Neck 62, N. Y. TIGANI, ROSE, 18 Main St., Clarendon. Pa. •TILDON. MAZ ELIZABETH, 5028 SherrifT Rd. N.E., Wash., D. C. TILTON, BEVERLY, 118 N. Cleveland St., Arling- ton 1, Va. TIMER. THOMAS P.. P. O. Box 468, Hagerstown, Md. TIMONER. STUART A., 6101 16th St. N.W., Wash. 11, D. C. TINGLEY, RICHARD S.. 1501 Hamilton St. N.W., Wash. II, D. C. TIREY. BRENDA. 1710 North B St., Ft. Smith. TISHBERG, LEONARD H. W., 1517 Sheridan Ave., Box 57. New York. N. Y. TITUS. RICHARD O.. Box 93. Morrisville, Pa. TOBIAS, NANCY, 136 Putnam Ave., Freeport, N. Y. •TOCHTERMAN, MARY, 301 Hopkins Rd., Balti- more 12. Md. •TODD. JEANNETTE, 4872 Chevy Chase Blvd., Che Cha Md. TOEPFER. NORMAN W., 405 T ackson PI., Alex- onriria Va n, East Orange, TOLL? ELLEN NANCY, 308 Main St., Roslyn. N. Y. •TOLLEFSON, ALICE L.. 5068 Overlook Rd. N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. TOMKINS, GAIL F., 515 Kennedy St. N.W., Wash., D. C. •TOMPROS. FEFRONIA, 616 Nicholson St. N.W., Wash., D. C. TONER. JAMES JOSEPH, 715 Linden Ave.. Rail- way N. J. TONGMITRA. PAIBOON. 1624 H St.. Wash., D. C. ' TONKIN. RONALD. 157 S. Bridge St., Somerville. N J. TORREYSON. LILLIAN, 7921 Chelton Rd., Beth- esda, Md. TORREYSON. SUE D., 5074 Sedgwick St. N.W., Wash., D. C. ., TOWNSEND, CLYDE R., 202 Breezy Terr.. Alex- andria. Va. TOWNSEND. MARILYN E., Box 433, Lebanon. TRACY. EDWARD, 666 Prospect St., Maplewood, N. I. TRAIL, NANCY J., 4829 Flanders Ave., Kensington, •TRANH, NGUYEN D., 92E Bui Thi Xuan, Saigon, Viet Nam •TRENIS, PHILIP A.. 516 N. Howard St., Alexandria. TRILLING, MICHAEL LEE, 552 Maitland Ave., W. Enelewood. N. J. . TRONCOSO. LOUIS, 2910 Hickory St., Alexandria, TROTTER, JAMES W., 911 Cox Ave., W. Hyatts- ville, Md. „ •TROWBRIDGE. MILDRED A.. 3531 Porter St. N.W.. Wash., D. C. . , „ TRUMP, CHARLES S., Berkeley Springs, W. Va. TSITOURIS. HARRY G.. 2130 N St. N.W.. Wash., D. C. TSUCALAS, CHRIS J„ 29 Highland Ave., Jersey City 6, N. J. TU NGO DINH. Qui Nhon Vietnam, South Viet Nam TUCKER, BRUCE, 10007 Montauk Ave., Bethesda 14, Md. TUCKER, JOHN F. P., 1901 Columbia Rd. N.W., Wash. 9. D. C. •TURELL, ROBERT. 162 Schenck Circle, Hewlett, N. Y. TURNER, DOROTHY. 1703 Lyman PI. N.E., Wash. 2, D. C. ' TURNER, JOHN N.. 106 Dorman Lane, Lex- ington, Va. TURNER. MICHAEL B., 3S39 N. Valley St., Arlington, Va. TUTSNAH, LOUISE E., Auda Principal No. 10, Caralas, Via. UHLMANN, KATHRYN L., 2209 Greenleaf St., Allentown, Pa. ULLOM, STEPHEN VIRGIL. 618 Beverly Dr.. Alexandria, Va. ULRICH, HENRY, JR., 265 Kenwood Rd., Riviera Beach, Md. UMANKY, PAUL D., 4 Orchard Lane, Great Neck, N. Y. USDIN, NORMA ADELE, 616 79th St., North Bergen, N. J. VACHARASIRITHAM, VANIDA, 2853 Conn. Ave.. N.W., Wash., D. C. VAIL, RICHARD DAVID, 3640 Brandywine St., N.W.. Wash. 8. D. C. ♦VALENCIA, RAMON. 5401 9th St.. N.W., Wash., D. C. VANDERSLICE, PAUL K., 3040 Idaho Ave., Wash. 16, D. C. VANDENBERG, CARLA Y., 2 Locust Dr., Summit, N. J. VANDOORN. ALBERT, 5032 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase, Md. •VAN LOWE, WILLIAM T., 1604 Ladd St., Silver Spring, Md. VARNER. MARY DORA, 118 Old Charlotte Rd., Concord. N. C. VELEZ, ALEX, 3111 Aurelia Court, Brooklyn 10, N. Y. VENETOULIS. THEODORE G., 224 Ridge Ave., Towson 4, Md. VERBER, RUTH, Liberty, N. Y. VESPER. GERALD W., 1817 N. Quinn St., Arling- ton 9, Va. •VICTOR. HERBERT, 6300 Wilnett Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. VIDA, MICHAEL R., Rt. 2, Box 357, Stafford, Va. VIENER, CYNTHIA DEE, 2906 Ellicott St.. N.W., Wash., D. C. VITOL. JAMES LLOYD, 4626 River Rd., Wash. 16, D. C. VOGEL, JEROME A.. 650 25th St., N.W., Wash., D. C. VOIGHT, RALPH CLAUDE, 3010 Wise. Ave., N.W., Wash. 16. D. C. •VOLGYES, IVAN, Budapest, Hungary VON, RAUTENFELD, GEORGE, 4938 Battery Lane, Bethesda, Md. WACHTEL, BURTON MARK, 8142 W. Beach Dr., N.W., Wash. 12, D. C. WAGNER, CLINTON, 4928 N. 27th St., Arlington, Va. WAKSMAN. ALAN S., 730 Fort Wash. Ave., New York 40, N. Y. WALKER, JEROLYN L., 210 S. Court House Rd., Arlington 4, Va, WALKER, PATRICIA ANN, 66 S. West Ave., Vine- land. N. J. WALLACE, BARBARA W.. 311 N. Thomas St., Arlington 3. Va. WALLACE. DONALD E., 1108 S. Thomas St., Arlington, Va. WALLER, KENNETH W„ 7224 Annapolis Rd., Glenridge, Md. WALTER, ROBERT RUSSELL, Arundel View, Gambrills, Md. WALTERS. MICHAEL E.. 1404 Gates Ave., Nor- folk. Va. ' WALTHER, JOHN H., 409 Hance Ave., Linthicum, Md. WALTON, DARRELL L.. 2312 Avenue E, Fort Madison, Iowa WALTZER, KAREN. 254 Princeton Dr., River Edge, N. J. WARD, ALFRED HENSON. 2115 N. Hollister St., Arlington, Va. •WARD, JESSE L., 1940 Biltmore St., Wash., D. C. •WARNER, ALVIN, JR., 2609 Kirkwood PL, W. Hyattsville. Md. WARREN, MARTIN F., 550 N. Delsea Dr., Vine- land, N. J. WARRINER. ROBERT COYNE, 39 Leroy St., Tenafly, N. J. WASON, JAMES T., 821 Chesapeake St., S.E., Wash. 20, D. C. WASUWONG. TAWAT, 188 Markang Rd., Udorn. Thailand WATERMAN, HENRY, 119 Anacostia Rd.. S.E., Wash. 19, D. C. WATKINS, GERALD W., 3718 Ingomar St., N.W., Wash. 15. D. C. WATSON, BETH, 45 Brinker Rd., Barrington, 111. WATTERSON, JOSEPH B., 3820 Woodley Rd., N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. WATTS, EVELYN, 1513 28th St., N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. WAUGAMAN. PAUL, 114 Savannah Ave., Pitts- burgh 18, Pa. WAYNBERG, LEON, 3323 Chauncey PL. Mt. Rainier, Md. WEBBER, WILDA ROLLYNE, 1908 F St., S.E., Iowa City, Iowa WEBSTER, DONALD, JR., 7826 Glenbrook Rd., Bethesda, Md. WEBSTER, ELIZABETH, 79 Manhattan Ave., Tuckahoe 7, N. Y. WEIDNER, HARLAND L„ 6612 Willston PL, Falls Church, Va. •WEIKEL. JOSEPH R., 4201 Mass. Ave., N.W., Wash.. D. C. •WEINBERG, ANNE K., 4201 Mass. Ave., N.W., Wash., D. C. •WEINBERG, SAUL, 4201 Mass. Ave., N.W., Wash., D. C. •WEINER, PATRICIA, 215 N. Wayne, Arlington, Va. WEINIG, WILLIAM INSLEY, 9208 Bradford Rd., Silver Spring, Md. WEINMAN. ESTELLE R.. 350 Stegman Pkwv., Jersey City, N. J. WEINRAUB, SHEILAH R., 1416 Underwood St.. S.W., Wash., D. C. WEINROTH, RICHARD N., 102 S. Nassau Ave., Margate City, N. J. WEINSTEIN, STANLEY J., 3215 Arlington Ave., Riverdale 63, N. Y. •WEINSTOCK. EDITH, 14 Brook Bridge Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. WEINSTOCK. MICHAEL S., 32 Kent Court, Passaic. N. J. •WEISBLATT, MARVIN, 5601 13th St., N.W.. Wash. 11, D. C. •WEISEL, WILLIAM, 2022 Rittenhouse St., Hyatts- ville, Md. WEISFELD. DONALD BURTON, 131 E St., S.E., Wash. 3, D. C. WEITZMAN, SANDRA, 4534 Que. PL, N.W., Wash., D. C. WEISS, SUSAN CAROL, 235 Argonne Dr., Kenmore 17. N. Y. WEISS, FRANK, 8650 Piney Branch Rd., Silver Spring, Md. WEISS, ROBERT ALLEN. 2019 High St., Union, N. J. •WEISZ, RENEE, 6003 Rockspring Ave.. Alexandria, Va. WEITZMAN, JANE A., 4612 46th St.. N.W., Wash. 16. D. C. WELLBURN, JUDITH E.. 617 Sunset Dr., Johnson City, N. Y. WELLS, BARBARA, 84-09 Taibot St., New Gardens 15, N. Y. WELLS, RICHARD E., 566 Okla. Ave., N.E.. Wash. 2, D. C. WELLSTONE, STEPHEN, 7109 27th Rd., N. Arling- ton 13, Va. WENGER, CHARLES W., Route 1, Box 29, Lin- ville, Va. WENKE, LEE H„ 1203 East Center St., Kalamazoo, Mich. WENSTROM, IRENE L., 328 S. Coles Ave., Maple Shade, N. J. •WESSON. JAMES A., 2437 Porter St., N.W., Wash. D, C. WEST. DAVID W., 1611 North Glebe Rd., Arling ton 7. Va. WESTOVER. JANICE LEE, 2612 West Koenig Grand Island, Neb. WETMORE, MICHAEL JOHN, 5052 Macomb St. N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. WEXLER. JAMES WILLIAM, 3850 Tunlaw Rd. N.W., Wash., D. C. •WEYANT. HALSTEAD M., 36-04 210th St., Bay side, New York, N. Y. WHEELER, DOUGLAS H., 5614 33rd St., Arling ton 7, Va. WHEELER, HENEL G., 2721 31st St., N.W., Wash D. C. WHEELER, STEVEN D., 5206 Keoukuk St., Wash 16, D. C. WHITE. ANNE T., Box 386, Hudson, Ohio WHITE, JAMES JOHN, 3644 Kanawha St., Wash. D. C. WHITE. JOHN C, 1805 16th St., S.E., Wash. 20 D. C. WHITE. LORENDA A., 617 Powhattan Pl„ Wash. D. C. WHITE, LYNN EMILY, Jupiter, Fla. WHITE. LYNN MARETTA, 1043 N. Montana St. Arlington 5, Va. WHITE, SARAH ANN, 7925 Orchid St., N.W. Wash. 12, D. C. WHITE, WARD HAWES, 356 West 5th, Russell Kan. WHITEHEAD, JOANNA WINN, 385 Trenton Dr. Air Va. •WHITEHOUSE, IRMA O., 6301 Tone Dr., Bethesda Md. WHITLA, BARBARA ANN, 2419 N. Roosevelt Arlington 7, Va. WHITLA, JANICE RAE, 2419 N. Roosevelt St. Arlington 7, Va. WHITMAN. NELSON, 1208 Denniston St., I burgh 17, Pa. •WHITNEY, VIRGINIA. 193 Elm St., Tenafly, N. J WHITTAKER, THOMAS L., 31 Emmett PL, Yon kers, N. Y. WIATR, JOHN ALBERT, 4327 N. Emerson Ave., Schiller Park, 111. •WIERER. CHARLES. Mitchellville, Md. WIENER. SYDELL L., Route 306, Monsey, N. Y. WIGGINS. JAMES E., Ill, 1811 N. Wakefield St.. Arlington 7, Va. WIKLUND, KARUN JEAN, 305 W. 8th Ave., Naperville, 111. •WILGUS, CHARLOTTE D., R.D. 4. Milford, Del. WILHELM, CARLA. 7414 Fairfax Pkwy., Alexan- dria, Va. WILLIAMS. ANNE F.. 6376 31st PL. Wash.. D. C. WILLIAMS, CAROLYN M., 2619 42nd St., N.W., Wash., D. C. WILLIAMS. DOROTHY, 5353 E St., S.E., Wash. 19, D. C. WILLIAMS. EDD N., JR., 2005 E. Pullen, Pine Bluff, Ark. WILLIAMS, HELEN V., 1738 Bryon St., Alexandria, Va. WILLIAMS. JOHN R.. 431 N. Alta, Whittier, Calif. •WILLIAMS. LEONA. 539 Cedarest Rd., Fairfax, Va. WILLIAMS. RICHARD ALVIN, 209 Briarcliff Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. WILLIAMS. ROGER, 8714 Cameron St., Silver Spring, Md. WILLIAMS, ROSE MARIE. 4909 Battery Lane. Bethesda 14, Md. WILLIAMSON, DAVID H., I.C.A. A.P.O. 254, New York, N. Y. •WILLIAMSON, JAMES YATES, 3619 Legation St., N.W., Wash., D. C. WILLMORE, JEROLD N.. 1402 M St., N.W.. Wash., D. C. ' WILLNER, WARREN, Herald Harbor, Md. WILSON, BOYCE TOLIVER, 5006 12th St., N.E.. Wash. 17, D. C. WILSON. LINDA JOYCE, 152 Fleetwood Terr., Silver Spring, Md. WILSON, THOMAS, 2837 Anderson Dr., Allison Park, Pa. •WIN, KHIN MAUNG, 2223 R St., N.W., Wash. 8, D. C. s WINEBRENNER, THOMAS LEE, 5107 Conn. Ave., Wash., D. C. WINSTON, JAMES M., 3438 23rd PL, N.W., Wash. 16, D. C. WINTER, ELIZABETH ANN. 3909 Virgilia St., WINTERS, JUDITH, 108 Hughes Lane. Pinch. W. Va. WIRTH. WILLIAM RAYMOND, 5206 42nd PL, Hvattsville, Md. WISE, VIRGINIA H.. 5808 Old Chester Brk., Mc- Lean. Va. WITMER, DONALD J., 308 Belle View Blvd., Alexandria, Va. •WITT, HOWARD E., 3850 Hudson Manor Terr.. New York 63, N. Y. WITTE, R. KENT, 7460 Madison Ave., Indianapolis 27, Ind. •WOLF, DAVID, 2 0 William St.. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. WOLF, MARY CAROL, 962 Allen Lane, Woodmere, L. I., N. Y. WOLFF, RAYMOND N., 4507 Que PL, N.W., Wash. 7, D. C. •WOLF, WARNER WILLIAM. 1328 Sheridan St.. N.W., Wash., D. C. WOLFSON, HOWARD L., 1216 Colebrook Rd., WOLFSON. MARILYN J., 1335 Alton Rd., Rock- ville Centre, N. Y. WOLOSENKA. DONALD. Spillway Rd., Shrub Oak, N. Y. WOLPOFF, HARRY K.. 8812 Glenville Rd., Silver Spring, Md. WOLSKY, THEODORE B., 315 West End Ave., New York. N. Y. WONG. JENNIE FONG, 442 Hepburn St., Williams- WOOD, ELEANOR H., 5318 Sangamor Rd., Wash. 16, D. C. WOOD, LORENZO, JR.. Plymouth St., Middleboro. Mass. WOOD, RALPH E., 19 N. French St., Alexandria. Va. WOOD, LOIS, 53 Park Ave., Monroe. N. Y. WOODS. KENNETH F., 5453 Newton St., Hyatts- ville, Md. WOODWARD, WILLIAM, 2020 N St., Wash. 6, D. C. •WORK, BOYD HAYES, JR., 218 Hager St., Hagers- town, Md. •WORRELL, NANCY, 4105 Wise. Ave.. Wash.. D. C. •WRIGHT, AMELIA, 297 Reliance Rd., Seaford, Del. WRIGHT. JANET L„ 713 Hazel. Louisville, Neb. WRIGHT, JAMES DONALD, 2031 Hanover St.. Silver Spring, Md. WRIGHT. MARILYN JUNE, 213 Commonwealth WRIGHT. STILLMAN, 4406 Franklin, Kensington. Md. WU, CHUNG WEN, 22 Mo Fan Lane, Taviar, China WYLIE, ROBERT H., Dodgewood Rd., Riverdale 71. N. Y. YANKELOWITZ. JUDY E.. R.F.D. 6. Bridgeton, N. J. YANKWITT, ANDREW. 149 Mineola Blvd.. Min- eola, N. Y. YANNICOS, JOHN J., Athens, Greece YATES, GAIL F„ 78 Broadway. Freehold. N. J. YATES, GLORIA JEAN, 305 Buxton Rd.. Falls Church, Va. YATES, LEWIS J.. Waterford, Va. •YATES, MARY, 16 W. Custis Ave., Alexandria, Va. YAVNER, LEONARD ALLEN, 26 Elberta Rd., Maplewood, N. J. YOON. BYONCT SOO. Lb Ka Yong Dunct Do D, YOUNG, ANN LINDA T., 200 Corlrs Ave., Alen- hurst, N. J. YOUNG. ELLEN OGDEN, 4123 Woodbine St.. Chevy Chase IS, Md. YOUNG. GEORGE S., JR., 8625 Irvington Ave., Bethesda 14, Md. YOUNG, JAMES M., Route 3. Manassas. Va. YOUNG, JOYCE A., Box 215 K Prospect Ave., Neptune. N. J. •YOUNG. NANCY ANN, 512 Glassell Ct., Alexan- dria, Va. YOUMAN. CARL A., 1401 17th St.. Wash. 6, D. C. YUNUS, PARWEEN, Sherpoor Rabul. Rabul, Af- ghanistan. ZAGAMI, JOSEPHINE M., 902 Webster St., Wash. 11, D. C. ZAHN. MERYL FAITH. 2 75 Central Park W., New York 24, N. Y. ZALKIN, SHELDON J.. 1675 Grand Concourse, New York 52, N. Y. ZEIGER, BETTY L., 2801 38th St.. Wash. 7. D. C. ZEMO. NICHOLAS PETER, 8905 Fairview Rd., Silver Spring, Md. ZIEBARTH, BARBARA, 2615 8th St.. Arlington 4. Va. ZIMMERMAN, MARK E., 47 Algonquin Rd., Chest- nut Hill 67, Mass. ZIMMERMAN, RICHARD E., 617 N. Kenmore St., Arlington, Va. ZITRIN, CAROL DIANE, 70 Whitedak Dr., S. Orange, N. J. ZORN, PATRICIA MICHAEL, 418 Pepperidge Rd., Hewlett Harbor, N. Y. ZUCCZ. ELIZABETH, 517 South End Ave.. Vine- land, N. J. ZWERDLING, MARTIN I., 554 W. Jackson Ave., Bridgeport 4, Conn. • ■ ■ % ™ J . J+ •- % THE EVENING STAR— Washington. U. C

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American University - Talon / Aucola Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


American University - Talon / Aucola Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


American University - Talon / Aucola Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


American University - Talon / Aucola Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


American University - Talon / Aucola Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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