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j Hv Jl EAGLE It 5 .-. lib III w fs " J 1 i IB - Hf j ; H 1 I i " v a fitgJW t $£ $ % THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Washington, D. C. ■ - ■ A ■ K m THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Washington, D. C. H IJOLl w THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Washington, D. C. W ' - ' Br- - %$£ TABLE OF CONTENTS General Opening 1-12 Administration and Faculty 13-27 Greek Section 28-54 Student Association 5 5-64 Clubs on Campus 6 5-85 (Wko ' s Who ... 86) Communicative Arts 87-100 4M iA Sports Section 101-126 General Activities 127-181 Senior Section 182-18 8 Directory 189-194 Advertising 195 DEDICATION someone new at A. U. Time out to write a letter DR. EDWARD W. BAUMAN, University Chaplain In the teaching part of his job, Dr. Bauman has been instructing the classes in the Life and Teachings of Jesus and Church History. His future plans include starting a course in Christian Ethics. Counseling is also an important phase of our busy chap- lain ' s life. He is constantly willing to help any student with religious or personal problems. He has also squeezed in time to have a book, " Interces- sory Prayer, " published. A salute of thanks to Dr. Edward W. Bauman for his fine service to our school! A newcomer in length of time at The American University, Dr. Edward W. Bauman is University Chaplain and Assistant Professor of Religion. Although Dr. Bauman has been at the University only one year, he has participated in many phases of college life. He has served as a faculty advisor to College Council and as advisor to the Religious Board. In this latter capacity he has attempted to coordinate the activities of every reli- gious club and group at The American University, whether Catholic, Protestant or Jewish. A real effort has been made on his part to take interest in every student activity. This interest is evidenced by the fact that he is a frequent visitor to the athletic teams. He observes their practices with enthusiasm. Dr. Bauman is also often seen in Clendenen watching play rehearsals. Another way he has tried to reach every group on campus is through his talks and weekly column in the Eagle. Dr. Bauman may be heard in the weekly chapel services held in Hurst Hall. And, needless to say, " Chaplain ' s Corner " was one of the most widely read columns in our student news- paper. He has also held discussions with sorority and frater- nity groups and dorm councils. Dr. Bauman ' s hope for the school is to have a continu- ously expanding religious program. He would like to see religion become a relevant and appealing part of every phase of campus life. He says, " So often religion is put off by itself " and he would like it to be, " an exciting part of every activity. " Always ready to say a cheery " Hi! How are you? ' to the students. DEDICATION the " King " of our Deans DR. HAROLD E. DAVIS, Dean of Undergraduate College A man who has organized many programs and initiated many ideas during his eleven year sojourn at The American University is Dean Harold E. Davis, formerly Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and now Director of Latin American Area Studies in the School of International Service. Dean Davis first came to The American University in 1947. His position at that time was as Chairman of the Department of History. He taught Latin American History and Government, in addition to having jurisdiction over all the courses offered in that area in the College of Arts and Sciences. The following year, he was named Chairman of the Divi- sion of Social Sciences. Relieved of part of his work at the University in 1951 in order to serve on a committee set up jointly by the faculty and the Board of Trustees, he helped to study the basic problems of the University. In 1952, under the direc- tion of Dean Davis, the American Language Center was organized. Since 1953, when he was appointed to the position, Dean Davis has been Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Again in 1958, he was relieved of some duties in order to return to teaching and to do some research on Latin American History and Government. At this time he returned to his former position. Among some of his achievements at The American Uni- versity was the organizing of the Washington Semester Program. He became interested in this idea while he was teaching at Hiram College in Ohio, prior to arriving at A. U. He was interested in the idea of bringing students to Washington to study government in action. Dean Davis also worked out, in conjunction with the faculty, a program of general education or what is more commonly known to students as " basic requirements. " Another project, the outcome of which has pleased him, is that of the system of student counseling. In this he has worked with the Orientation Board. He has also set up a daytime, undergraduate Communications Department which previously had been composed entirely of evening classes and was for graduate students. The new Family Life Program is still another project attributable to the efforts of Dean Davis. A contributor and co-author of over a dozen books, he has also written many of his own. These include: Makers of Democracy, Latin American Leaders, Garfield of Hiram. and his latest, just published, Government and Politics in Latin America. Dean Davis has com- pleted 34 years of teach- ing. The American Univer- sity can justly be proud of a man who has devoted his service towards the bet- terment of the College; a man such as Dean Harold E. Davis. OUR THEME Since this is the only American University in the United States of America, and one of three in the entire world, we the editorial staff of the 1958 TALON felt that a theme dedicated to the great name of our university was appropriate. Hence, the " break " pages of each section are scenes familiar to us as Americans, from a church in Massachusetts to the Redwoods of California. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY INDEPENDENCE HALL A cornerstone of American democracy, symbol of the cornerstone of our campus . . . Philadelphia, Penna. OUR PRESIDENT DR. HURST R. ANDERSON ' • f LV ' ' Nt ir ' fjf ' LvK J J 2. ltS J, C-- , W l: t! 1 Dr. Anderson and Charlie Schools check up on our growing university. U VICE-PRESIDENT Dr. Dayton E. McClain TREASURE? William O. Nicholls DEAN of the UNDERGRADUATE COLLEGE Dr. Harold E. Davis DEAN, SCHOOL of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Dr. Nathan A. Baily ASSOCIATE DEAN of the UNDERGRADUATE COLLEGE and CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of SOCIOLOGY and ANTHROPOLOGY Dr. Austin Van Der Slice DEAN, WASHINGTON COLLEGE of LAW John S. Myers DEAN, SCHOOL of GOVERNMENT and PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Dr. Catheryn Seckler-Hudson DEAN, SCHOOL of INTERNATIONAL SERVICE Dr. Ernest S. Griffith DEAN of the GRADUATE SCHOOL Dr. Richard W. Van Wagenen ■irnrj- DEAN of the DIVISION of GENERAL and SPECIAL STUDIES Richard M. Bray DEAN of STUDENTS Dr. Ralph C. John ASSOCIATE DEAN of STUDENTS and DEAN of WOMEN Sally Stevens DIRECTOR of STUDENT PLACEMENT Robert Jones SUPERINTENDENT, BUILDING and GROUNDS Charlie Schools DIRECTOR of ADMISSIONS John Wakefield REGISTRAR, Lois Torrence FOREIGN STUDENT ADVISOR Dr. Ernst Correll LIBRARIAN, Anne Jensen CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of ART Ben L. Summerford CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of CHEMISTRY Leo Schubert CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of BIOLOGY Sumner O. Burhoe CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of COMMUNICATIONS Willett Kempton CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of EDUCATION Samuel E. Burr, Jr. CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of ECONOMICS Melville J. Ulmer CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of ENGLISH Merritt C. Batchelder CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of FAMILY LIFE Mary D. Morris CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of HISTORY Arthur E. Ekirch, Jr. CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of GEOLOGY John W. Frey CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS and ORGANIZATION . . . Mary Bradshaw 24 CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of LANGUAGES Alva L. Davis CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of MUSIC James L. McLain CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of MATH and STATISTICS . . . John H. Smith CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSO- PHY AND RELIGION . . . Harold A. Durfee CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of PHYSICAL EDUCATION David Carrasco CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of PHYSICS Bancroft W. Sitterly CHAIRMAN, DEPARTMENT of PSY- CHOLOGY . . . Charles K. Trueblood GREEKS WASHINGTON MONUMENT, Greeks, a pillar of friendship in a campus community . . 27 WASHINGTON, D.C. THE ALPHA CHI ' S CREST with their symbol, the Lyre-Bird and open motto, " Together let us see the heights. " Alpha Chi ' s at Christmas. Beta Rho Chapter INJURED Alpha Chi, Betty Bunting, gets " the treatment " from her sister. HALLELUJAH! The second Songfest win for the AXO ' s in three years! President Barbara Hickman 1st Vice-President May Scott 2nd Vice-President Bette Davis Record-Secretary M ' Liz McLendon Corr. Secretary Linda Mondragon Cartene Anderson Betty Downin Linda Engle Ellyn Gifford Jane Bond Barbara Brodsky Betty Bunting Carolyn Cagle A X O Back to school again . . . welcomed by a beautiful room newly decorated with scarlet and olive green. " Casino Lyre " and Dream Cake equal fourteen wonderful pledges . . . Alpha Chi ' s shock A. U. and May Scott with a " gung-ho " basketball team. Homecoming hailed by all as our worldly poster wins a trophy and big white whale, Moby Dick, at home in all that rain, brings another trophy! A wonderful Christmas party at Nancy George ' s with many legs showing. Our thanks to all for Christmas formals, four o ' clock permissions and home we go for the holiday. Exams, exams, exams . . . February and WOW! What a winter. We dig out for Gusti ' s and a party given by our pledges. Initiation gives us eleven new lyre-bearers. Skit Nite arrives and Bette Davis pulls her hair ' cause our A. U. Bandstand will never make TV. April brings Songfest with all monotones donning halos. It paid off though! We won ( as if you didn ' t know ) . And, after another bout of exams, we ' re off for the summer. So long! Mary Gredone Donna Hinsh 0 - Nancy George Becky McCann Barbara McWhorter Lissa Powell Ann Rawlings Rachel Reaney Karen Kraus Joan Hatch Katy Gillispie DELTA GAMMA Beta Epsilon Chapter MARCIA McLAINE, alias Songfest leader, gets the DCs voices ready for that BIG night. DG JOAN TALBOTT rushes with that Oriental flare. Santa is good to D.G.! 30 Peggy Aike Paula Ingold Anne Austin Peggy Byrne Lorna Deans Barbara Fink AT Back to school again for the Delta Gamma ' s and another year is undetway . . . the flurry of rushpatties, cookies, and nametags galote — ten new pledges added to our ranks. Sig Olympics were worth waiting for . . . they added another shiny trophy to our collection. Proud we were of Barbara Fink who was chosen Phi Sigma Kappa ' s Moonlight Girl. A festive room decoration (oh, that hay!) and a pretty queen were D.G. ' s contributions to a successful Homecoming weekend. Presents, laughter, and loss of sleep made our annual Christmas party an occasion to remember. And, then, that welcomed Christmas vacation for study- ing ( ? ) fall semester finals. Spring semester came with resolutions from all to really study this time! It must have happened, for we really did well when it came to Cap and Gown tapping. Joan Foreman Emily King Barbara Schreck Joan Talbott Judy Taylor Sue Phillips KAPPA DELTA ' S Norman Shield Crest. The KD colors are green and white. RUDOLPH hits the Kappa Delta room with plenty of presents for all. KAPPA DELTA Beta Iota Chapter VIVACIOUS KD Stephanie Roan takes time out for sports. KD BRENDA HENCKE plays hard against two card- sharps. President Vice-President Secretary Diane Trenery Dotty Brodt Colinda Smith Treasurer Karen Friedman Lenore Armaghanian Linda Atkins Barbara Barnfather Barbara Bowma Marcia Burch KA Mary Lee Cumming MiMi Kraye A new year with new trophies and new parties. All sorts of fun. Lil Abner and White Rose parties mean fifteen new pledges don the Norman shield. Homecoming . . . pledges turn out an " out of this world " poster. And, my, does our room get cold! Wouldn ' t you know we ' d pick Alaska for our room decoration theme? Christmas party, presents and modern Santa Claus. Two Christmas deer decorate our curtains. Exchange coffee hours and loads of fun in the K.D. room on those late Friday afternoons. Picnics (in March?) . . . Vive la France! A Paris party with fun for all. Four K.D. lovelies enter Talon Beauty Queen Contest . . . and, well, just look at the trophies! K.D. claims a Beauty Queen, Pat Wormwood, and a Princess, Dotty Brodt. March and new actives. Pledges are treated to dinner and Big Sisters lose their pins, but its worth it! Songfest . . . morning (mourning?) practices. Baritone voices and . . . well, it was fun, chemise and all. Say " Gay K.D. Enchant " ten times. Ah! Nice weather and K.D. mermaid ' s swim to victory and two new trophies. And, Springtime and K.D. ' s fancies turn to ! ! . . . ! Sandra Kelley Mary Willi: Nancy Worrell Beverly Paquin Carol Nicholas Harriet Moyer sw y THE CREST of Phi Mu, with the wordage, " The Faithful Sisters. " Phi Mu ' s colors are pink and white. BRIDGE TABLE chit-chat among the Phi Mu ' s. PHI MU Gamma Delta Chapter PHI MU ' S popular Ginger Porter picks out a picture for the Talon. LOOKING DOWN from the balcony ... Phi Mu ' s Spring formal at the Woodner. One of the main events of the evening was the choosing of Phi Mu ' s Sweetheart for 1958. President Sandra Damewood Vice-President Ginger Porter Secretary Diane Perkins Judith Graha Sally Hasenoehrl Betty Hyde Betty Meyers (DM Back to school . . . newly decorated room through graces of the Paint Committee (Ginger, Louise, and Betty). Hectic Rush claims fourteen new, wonderful pledges as Phi Mu staggers up to thirty-two members. Homecoming arrives and " Peanuts and Snoopy " run away (Good Grief, Charlie Brown! ) with top prize for float contest. Then, Sally and Barb cage number one prize for Poster Contest to sew up the whole deal. And we even had fun, didn ' t we at Rock Creek Picnic. That mustard was really bad news. at Ye Olde Annual Joanne and Ralph buy a ring: follows thusly Les and Frank; Dawn and Terry; Sabra and Bill; Betty Meyers grabs a pin. Disappearing fast, aren ' t we? Din Tapner and Mike raising their family by one. Din also cops the Pi Delta Epsilon Medal of Merit Award for outstanding work as Eagle Editor. Ralph Voight is claimed as our " Sweetheart. " Sure, Joanne was happy! Ginger chosen " Best Loved Girl " and " Outstanding Senior Sorority Wom- an. " Dawn Best Loved Sophomore. Many Phi Mu pins seen in College Coun- cil. Joanne and Sabra Talon Beauty Princesses. Janet Mann fa Sandra Orletsky Marcia Toselli Carla Van Den Berg Peggy Ward Ginny Whitney Leona Williams Tex Robir, 2 SIGMA RHO P SIGMA RHO ' S take time out for chatter. President Eluska Baruch Vice-President Marilyn Hockmai Secretary Steffie Rosenthal Treasurer Judy Selwyn DECORATING for Homecoming! SIGMA RHO ' S beauteous Marilyn Pollack col- lects money for the Orphan ' s dinner outside WAMU. Harriett Bennett Judith Fleishe Maxine Gevenson Bayla Goodman Anne Kamisky 2 P For the First Time, Sigma Rho Fraternity began the school year in a home of her own. Besides furnishing our new room, we worked hard this year to become a part of the growing campus community, and to establish some traditions of our own. Recognized on campus as a conditional local sorority for a year and a half, we entered many of the annual campus activities for the first time. With the help of Panhellenic Council, the guidance of Miss Sally Stevens, and the general support and encouragement of the student body, we were able to enter into many things new to us . . . some of our " firsts " were Formal Rush, The Alpha Sig Olympics, Homecoming weekend, the Christmas festivities, and Talon Skit Nite. We highlighted the year with our first annual April Dinner-Dance and our second annual Blood Donor Day. Our special pride was our first formal pledge class. The year brought a sense of accomplishment, but it certainly was not all work. Our greatest achievement was our feeling of closeness and friendship that made us a true sisterhood. It has been another year for memories. Books . . . Pins . . . Rings . . . Yes, it was a Big Year for all of us! Arlene Gilbert Barbara Janos Phyllis Klein Kim Lomerhez Roberta Marcus Rita Meyer Marilyn Pollack Marci Schnee Barbara Segall Rosalie Strauss Phyllis Weiner Bettina Weintrop Janice Rothenberg Harriet Madesh Hilda L ALPHA SIGMA PHI I V ' ' ' ! f-f CHRISTMAS TIME at Alpha Sig . . . President ■ - .irt. ' ' J V- " ' Ty-VN of the chapter, Glen Pond does a jitterbug -with « Vif ' ' " - to - " X v 31 s ' ' : v ,; i 7$ . ' Barbara Schreck. Question: Where ' s the m istle- SS Aj ufta v ' A II pik We score at Homecoming with Most Humorous poster «-. ' -• ' .. ■ ■ilh Ku). : .;V -v ' and float . . . Glenda Casey, our nominee, chosen Home- BROTHER BELL tells them how to get the float coming Queen. out from under the patio ' s overhang. By the way, they made it! Myra Harshman chosen Fraternity Sweetheart . . . many Talisman roses . . . Beta Chi visited by Grand National President, George Akre. Rush parties and that " rowboat " incident starts a fall Actives skin alums 6 ° at annual football . . . basketball semester . . . " Old Gal " adds 37 pledges to her scrolls ... in a draw • • ■ Mac captains Eagle ' s matmen ... the un- brothers seen in many campus activities. Vest shows up expected happened with Rumpf getting pinned . . . Chapter with TR-3 . . . Sig Olympics and those pie-splashed faces shocked to hear of Dean Bentley ' s illness . . . thankful for initiate annual event . . . Debozy with the torch. his s P eed y recovery . . . Petrini yields gavel to Pond who leads through second Pinnings, pinnings and good exchange parties . . . eight sem ester . . . Mufti still going strong, friendly as ever. Our brothers down the drain . . . Brothers Davis, Debozy and famed torpe do-head " removed " temporarily . . . exchanged Hawk added to active list in November. Founders Day w - t j 1 j cert j n cate Banquet initiates 113th year of Alpha Sigma Phi . . . thanks New Year . ResoIution) parties . . . Saturday night coffee to Brother Simpkins for a swell Christmas formal. and doughnuts at the House . . . Spring formal . . . good year! OFFICERS FALL: President Bill Petrini " Mufti " „, ,, . . - •v m ice P rest dent Glen Pond £»-»- w ±] Treasurer Jack Jones iT jAPK ' Secretary Runs Simpkins Corresponding Secretary Jon Hecox . L SPRING: I jO President Glen Pond Vice President Herb Jones Treasurer Jack Jones Secretary Joe Blackburn Corresponding Secretary Jon Hecox Joseph Blackburn Rod Dobozy Jerry Fitzgibbons Antonio Almario Robert Duncan Richard Gerard Roland Jenkins Roger Balcon Ned Crawford Robert Eckelberry Robert Gongloff Arnold Danielson David Farris George Davis Richard Ferry 7 0S h Wayne Hamilton Herbert Jones Jokn Jones James McLean Ed Pischedd.i PhUip Parkii Robert Morey David Pattison Peter Tourtellot MYRA HARSHMAN Sweetheart of ALPHA SIGMA PHI Beta Chi Chapter DAMMIT . MISS A.U. Give her a buzz, Joe! Alpha Tau Omega ' s vigorous pledge program certainly provided fruitful results. The ATO pledges initiated a foot- ball tournament amongst the pledge classes of the other fraternities and then proceeded to win the trophy as they were undefeated and unscored on during the series. The active chapter won the Intramural football champion- ship and was the top fraternity in the Intramural swimming meet. Pledge Jim Fitzgerald won the Intramural bowling tournament. These triumphs along with a third place finish in the basketball tournament put ATO far ahead in total points toward the Intramural athletic championship. ATO ' s social calendar was highlighted by the annual Sweetheart Dance during the first semester. Barbara Shanno, wife of active Bob Shanno, was chosen ATO Sweetheart for 1958. For the second year in succession, Alpha Tau Omega won Talon Skit Nite. Local Taus were also prominent in school politics with Comptroller of College Council, Jack Patrick, and President of the Senior Class, Francis Moriarity. 5 £z THE MEN OF ATO. Duval Agee Arthur Cameron James Collier Page Dign Robert Gingell James Apistolas Jim Ca mbill 0SA -a J Angelo Coscia HHH A T J Jerry Donovan Charles Covell David Cassell Elwin Clark Richard Hulbert John Keaveny Richard Keys Donald Knight Thomas Kurtz Lou Maxwell Roy Mayer Ronald Malley William McDanaJd Richard O ' Neill Alvin Warner Thomas Winebrenner Robert Yeager £ fe fc... ■ k BARBARA SHANNO +? Sweetheart of ALPHA TAU OMEGA Epsilon Iota Chapter PHI EPSILON PI Our first year as a national chapter of Phi Ep was a huge success. Beta Beta won the scholarship trophy with a record high average. We also won the Intramural Athletic Trophy for our prowess on the courts and field. A good year for trophies we might say! Our social functions were enjoyed by all, including the Playboy Formal and Spring weekend which consisted of beach parties, banquets and balls. Our Dream Girl, Liz King, was crowned at the Alumni- Parents-Chapter Banquet held on April 12. Fraters Frank Wiess and Joel Comito led the Varsity Basketball team to the Mason-Dixon Conference Champion- ship, the Eastern Regional NCAA Small College Champion- ship, and into the first round of the National Championship in Indiana. Truly a great year for the Phi Ep ' s of A.U. P L A Y B O Y P A R T Y Stuart Bernste Charles Bogdonoff George Diamond Mickael Engelhardt Jerry Herson Abbey Butle Dick Hinderste « r A i Joel Con Martin Gelfand Jose Gimenez Steve Karsch Maurice Karyo Dick Kaufman Harry Lawson Donald Levtne Bert Meyers Irv Mondshein Robert Paquin Stewart Seltzer Jerry Slutsky Frank Paulson Neil Sherman Nasser Victory Arthur Rosenberg Saul Weinberg Frank Weiss yj.M; ?m Sweetheart of PHI EPSILON PI Beta Beta Chapter LIZ KING Oliver Just shooting the breeze. PHI SIGMA KAPPA This was a good year for old Phi Sig. We had lots of fun and plenty of activity. We won the intramural track championship . . . mighty proud of our team. For Talon Skit Nite, we turned " medical " and did a spoof on the campus infirmary. Who knows, Larry Weimer may be a doctor yet! (UGH! ) When it comes to picking dream girls, we think we did fine . . . Barbara Fink was our choice. As usual, for Songfest we couldn ' t resist the urge to be different. This year it was black faces, top hats and big bow ties. We did better on our singing this year too (at lease we think we did! ) . P H I S I G E X c H A N G E no Urban Donnelly ■1 Daniel Margoli: Richard McConnaughy Thomas Outerbridge kXx Jerry McDaniel i Ross Payne .9 Vj Irvin Schindle Walt Vollmecke Fred McGrady Vincent Rivellese Walter Tompkins John Ward Steven Weitzman John Moyer Frank Scotton Thomas Kya Howard Witt BARBARA FINK Sweetheart of PHI SIGMA KAPPA THE PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: First roxv, left to right: Nancy George (AXO), Barbara Hickman (AXO), Glenda Casey (DG), Sandra Damewood (Phi Mu), and EHane Trenery (KD). Second row: Eluska Baruch (Sigma Rho), Phyllis Weiner (Sigma Rho) and Jeanette Brown (DG). THE IFC: First roxv, left to right: Jack Patrick (ATO), Herb Jones (Alpha Sig), Dr. Clark, advisor; Manny Fleischer (Phi Sig), Jack Kreuter, (Phi Ep). Second roxv: Glen Pond (Alpha Sig), Dave Patti- son (Alpha Sig), Bob Shanno (ATO), Bill Petrini (Alpha Sig), Mickey Agee (ATO), Jack Jones (Alpha Sig), John Jones (Phi Sig), Jerry Herson (Phi Ep) and Don Mensh (Phi Ep). STUDENT ASSOCIATION Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee COLLEGE COUNCIL Nominations . . . voting . . . elections ... all the hard work and brilliant campaigns . . . and finally election re- turns are in and next year ' s College Council officers are named. As the governing body of The American University, Student Association College Council supervises the affairs of campus life through the administration of the various boards. The chairman of each board is a member of College Council. The Boards which are presented are the Arts, Athletic, Communications, Elections, Publications, Religious, Scholastic Achievement, Orientation and Social Boards. Other segments of the Student Association include the Student Health and Welfare Committee, the Student Pub- licity Committee, the Finance Committee and the Student Association Judiciary. Other members of College Council include the four ex- ecutive officers of the Council, the vice-presidents of the four classes, and an elected male and female representative from each class. The Members of College Council KENNETH ROLLINS President JACK KREUTER Vice-President STUDENT ASSOCIATION The biggest project undertaken this year by College Coun- cil was the revising of the Student Association Constitution. This job was accomplished mainly through the efforts of the Constitutional Revision Committee, chairmaned by Ken Rollins. Other members of the Committee were Jack Kreu- ter, Jack Patrick, Ginger Porter, Rich Gerard, Dave Pattison and Dean Sally Stevens. Under these revisions, the com- plement of the College Council has been changed and is now composed of the four executive officers of the Student Association, the Chairman of the Campus Centerboard, the Chairman of the Women ' s and Men ' s Intramurals, the Chairman of the Inter-Religious Club Council, four rep- resentatives from the Inter-Club Council, the Editors of the Yearbook, Newspaper, the Literary Magazine, the Station Manager and fourteen members-at-large elected by the stu- dent body from the three upper classes. The aid and encouragement of the Deans and the faculty advisors to College Council have stimulated that body to fulfill its objectives. JACK PATRICK Comptroller GINGER PORTER Secretary THE SENIOR ' CLASS J OFFICERS: Ken Munsey, Glenda Casey, Francis Moriarty and Valerie Markwood. THE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Dave Pattison, Jim Trimble, Jeanette Brown and Russ Simpkins. 58 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Grace Burr, Rich Gerard, Peggy Ward and Don Knight. THE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: EHck Kaufman, Mike Rappaport, Ginny Laubenstein and Mimi Krayer. Board Chairman: Sue Netterstrom Pictured, Left to Right: Barbara Stofli, Sue Netterstrom, and Nasser Victory. ARTS BOARD Board Chairman: Sophie Cukier Pictured, Left to Ri ght, First Row: Stephanie Roan, Karen Friedman, Lesley Boal, and Sophie Cukier. Second Roiv: Joel Comito, Skip Morgan, and Jim McLean. ATHLETIC BOARD Board Chairman: Shep Morgan Pictured, Left to Right, First Rotv: Jane McCorkel, Mary Tochterman, Jean O ' Connor, and Pat Worm-wood. Second Rotv: Jerry Fitzgibbons, Richie Roth- bard, and Shep Morgan. COMMUNICATIONS BOARD Board Chairman: Wayne Shufelt Pictured, Left to Right, First Row: Co- linda Smith, Joyce Levine, and Carla Vandenberg. Second Row: Wayne Shu- felt and John Riddle. ELECTIONS BOARD Board Chairman: Artie Rosenberg Pictured, Left to Right, First Roiv: Marilyn Pollack, Pat Collins, Artie Rosenberg, and M ' Liz McLendon. Second Roiv: Norman Davis, Bob Cooper, and Joe Cannon. PUBLICATIONS BOARD Board Chairman: Catherine Ogilvie Pictured, Left to Right, First Row: Dr. Ferguson, Phil Levy, Catherine Ogil- vie, and Dr. Bauman. Second Row: Don Jackson, Bob Kimmins, David Bugler, Mary Ann Bell, Betsy Webster, May Scott, Wilda Weber, Ted Calloway, Ra- chel Raney, Gleen Koontz, Bette Davis, Bud Kibbe and Jon Iseminger. RELIGIOUS BOARD Board Chairman: Frank Weiss Pictured, Left to Right: Sally Hasen- oehrl, Frank Weiss, and Peggy Aiken. SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT BOARD Board Chairman: Sabra Paris Pictured, Left to Right: Paul Finfer, Karen Friedman, Sabra Paris, and Joe Cannon. THE SOCIAL BOARD Pictured, Left to Right, First Row: Jack Kreuter, Jon Hecox, Burt Steph- ens, Bob Turell, Dave Pattison, Paul Finfer, Sabra Paris, Joe Blackburn, Glen Pond, and Russ Simpkins. Second Row: Ellen Swartzchild, Marcia RubinofF, Jean O ' Connor, Joyce Levine, Karen Friedman, Colinda Smith, Betty Hubbs, Pat Collins, Judy Parsons, Lesley Boal, Mary Ann Bell, Joan Talbott, Barbara Schreck, Jeanette Brown, Ginger Porter, Marcia McLaine, Glenda Casey. Third Row: Don Knight, Joe Cannon, Dick Harshman, Rich Gerard, Roland Jen- kins, Jim Piper, Nasser Victory, Jerry Herson, Ron Crown, and Artie Rosen- berg. THE ORIENTATION BOARD Board Chairmen: David Pattison Sabra Paris 62 a if ' ' ■ ' ESi lb|W K. — t[ t - v£ m. |H| F ■ 3H ti Bis jft « ■ - f - y T ; COLLEGE UNION (CAMPUS CENTERBOARD) Pictured, Left to Right, First Row: Sarah Lipsitz, Ginny Heyer, Valerie Markwood. Second Row: Herb Jones, Jon Hecox, Don Knight, and Bud Kibbe. CONSTITUTIONAL REVISION COMMITTEE Pictured, Left to Right: Rich Gerard, Dave Pattison, Ken Rollins, Jack Kreuter, Jack Patrick. Center: Dean Stevens. FINANCE COMMITTEE Pictured, Left to Right: Mr. Nicholls, Walt Voll- mecke, Levon Garabedian, Jack Patrick, Neil Sher- man, Laura Kunc, Frank Gatof, Jerry Fitzgibbons, Marica Rubinoff, and Ellyn Gifford. STUDENT ASSOCIATION JUDICIARY Pictured, Left to Right, First Row: Ginny Heyer, Kathy Smith, Marcia McLaine, Miss Hawke. Second Row: Col. Van Way, Lee Baer, John McQuiston, Harold Peterson, Cindy Powell, and Gerald Clements. STUDENT HEALTH AND WELFARE COMMITTEE Pictured, Left to Right: Frank Weiss, Bettina Wein- throp, Jack Kreuter, and Neil Sherman. FRESHMAN WOMEN ' S DORM COUNCIL Pictured, Left to Right: Karen Fried- man, Diane Trenery, Heidi Offenburger, Peggy Ward. Pictured, Left to Right, First Roiv: Nancy Shumacher, Oliva Dennis, Marcia Toselli, Phyllis Glazer, Betty Hubbs, Natalie Salkind. Second Row: Stephanie Roan, Dot Siler, Linda Jacobson, Jackie Winegarten. i ; 3 £ HOUSE COUNCIL Pictured, Left to Right, First Row: Ronnie Ladd, Roland Jenkins, and Mike Rappaport, Second Row: Dan Margolis, Saul Weinberg, Jimmy Williams, and Jack Jones. ts = 3 INTRAMURAL COUNCIL Pictured, Left to Right: Toni Weber, Jeanette Brown, Bette Hubbs, Ginger Porter, Marcia Rubinoff, and Dot Siler. TRI-COUNCIL INDIVIDUAL ORGANIZATIONS The A.U. Chorus A fine blend of voices, all stu- dents at American University, the A.U. Chorus has done sing- ing for various groups around town. On campus, they are to be remembered for their fine Christmas presentation. Included in the picture are: Bob Albert, Lee Baer, Jon Iseminger, Eleanor Kasab, Bud Kibbe, Sharon Lawrence, Dr. McLain, Gordone Marshall, Mr. Nelson, Anne Notting- ham, Joan Nugents, Carolyn Owens, Cindy Powell, Margie Reger, Tom Ryan, Ruth Ann Seabright, Phyllis Schuman, Randy Schurer, Carrie Smith, Nadine Smith, Sylvia Shaw, Sally Stretton, Walter Tucker, and Betsy Webster. Pictured, Left to Right, First Rote: Dr. Yocum, Elliot Denniberg, Starr Saphir, Ash- ley Hawken. Second Roiv: Rachel Reaney, Mindy Smith, Melas Ann Rosen, Pat Fasolt, Carole Robby, Ann Berlin, Wally Hill. Third Row: Joe Cannon, Sue Netterstrom, Toni Weber, Ann Rawlings, Jo Hovermale, Ginger Porter. Fourth Row: Mickey Agee, Jerry Lee Nelson, and David Jason. The A. U. Players A.U. ' s answer to Broadway is found in the group called the A.U. Players. All work and many plays could be this industrious or- ganization ' s motto. We thank them for their many fine presen- tations. Cheerleaders Yea Team! This year the cheerleaders de- serve a great deal of credit for helping our Mason-Dixon Champs on their road to victory. With their spirited cheers and manner they gave loads of pep to our games. Pictured, Left to Right, First Roiv: Dee Lundy and Ginny Laubenstein. Second Row. Ginger Porter, Diane Trenery, Mimi Krayer, Anne Austin. Top: Joe Cannon. Chemistry Club An affiliate of the American Chemical So- ciety, the American University Chemistry Club draws members from all the science departments. Dr. Leo Schubert is the spon- sor of the group, which provides movies, lectures, visits, and other activities of in- terest to those belonging to the Chemistry Club. This year, the American Institute of Chemistry recognized a member, Martha Rose Dorf, with an award. Chess Club Check-mate! The Chess Club is a group based on a mutual interest in this ancient and fascinating pastime. Its meetings, held every Friday during school, give its members opportunity to improve their strategy in this game. Included in this picture are: Ann Berlin, Joe Duvall, Sarah Ferguson, Wally Hill, Ken Lockey, Jerry Lee Nelson, Tom Ryan, Randy Schurer, Ron Sheppard, Alan Stone, and Jim Strauss. Der Deutsche Verin . . . German Club Any student of German may be- come a member of this organiza- tion. Meetings are carried on in German to further the member ' s use of the language. Pictured, Left to Right: Joe Cannon, Karen Friedman, and Jim Trimble. Economics Club This club offers American Uni- versity students interested or ma- joring in economics an opportu- nity to further their knowledge of this field. It sponsors weekly luncheons and talks. Pictured, Left to Right, First Row: Frank Gathof, Ashley Hawken, Ron Sheppard, Judy Graham, Ted Thomas. Second Row. John Riddle, Laura Kunc, Florence McGregor, Ed Piefer, Pete Tiches. Third Roiv: Mr. Murray, Dick Williams, Robert Stump, Joe Duvall, Bob Yeager, Mac Sweeny, Tommy Kurtz, Al Lau, Joe Murphy, unidentified, George Certies, and Don Hiner. History Club Composed of students interested in history, the History Club spon- sors field trips to historical spots, dinner meetings, and a contest for the most outstanding paper in the field of history. This year, Gin- ger Porter won first prize and Linda Mondragon second in the history essay contest. Included in the picture are: Mary Ann Bell, George Davis, Bob Kimmins, Glen Koontz, Bruce Landis, Sarah Lipsitz, Ken Lockey, Bob McClees, Dennis McLeavy, Robert Morgan, Linda Mondragon, Ginger Porter, and Hope Wellenreiter. 69 Forensic Society This society debates and encour- ages interest in debate. Only two years old at American University the club has grown in stature on campus. Members debate local and national questions. Pictured, Left to Right, First Roiv: Sue Strand, Dave Pattison, and Jane Bond. Second Rote: Bob Woodford (Washington Semester Student), Ed Pischeda, and Phil Pratt. International Relations Club Recently formed, this club deals with problems of the world in the field of international relations. Included in the picture are: Peggy Aiken, Ann Bergman, Jane Bond, Fletcher Carri- ger, Patty Collins, Dell Hatch, Carole Nicholas, Phil Parkinson, Dave Pattison, Rita Steinmark, Sue Strand, Jeanette Todd, Joyce Young, Nasser Victory, and Barbara Wells. 70 Junior Alliance Francaise Parlez-vous francais? If you do, the French Club is your petit-four! This group is for all students in- terested in French and the people of France. French films, outings, and discussion groups are often held for members of the group. Pictured, Left to Right, First Roiv: Mary Ann Bell, Karen Friedman, Joan Coury. Second Rorv: Joyce Levine and Jack Jones. The Men ' s " A " Club For men who have merited in the field of athletic achievement, the varsity " A " Club is the organiza- tion to which they have the honor of becoming members. In the Fall they sponsored their Halloween Dance, and in the Spring, held their awards banquet. Included in the picture are: Jim Apistolas, Joe Cannon, Eddie Clements, Joel Comito, Angelo Coscia, Ron Crown, Jerry Fitz gibbons, Sal Fulginetti, Bob Gingell, Don Grant, Skip Hockenberry, Jack Jones, Willie Jones, Tom Kurtz, Phil Levy, Blan- ton McDanald, Jim McLean, Ken Munsey, Bill O ' Brien, Artie Rosenberg, Dave Rowe, Bill Sass, Frank Scotten, Walt Sweeney, Ted Thomas, Dickie Wells, and Frank Weiss. 71 Music Club For students who enjoy good mu- sic and are interested in further- ing their knowledge of it. This year they sponsored a costume dance in Clendenen Gymnasium. They also sponsor student recitals. Included in the picture are: Robert Alpert, Jon Iseminger, Sharon Lawrence, Leo Kanub, Sharon Lawrence, Gordon Marshall, Carolyn Owens, Cindy Powell, Jack Reeder, Tom Ryan, Phyllis Schuman, Sylvia Sh aw, Nadine Smith, Walter Tucker, Betsy Webster. Pan Athnon The members of Pan Athnon work toward fellowship and so- cial goodwill among the students who come to A. U. from foreign countries. Social activities and common academic interests help the club fulfill its goals. Included in the picture are: Sonia Acosta, Anais Arslanian, Tony Bicknell, Joyce Bouvier, Fletcher Carriger, Abdol Faris, Herb Hamburger, Carmen Hernandez, Robert Kimmins, Leo Klein, Rolf Kleindienst, Cleo Knaub, Iwana Lezecke, Jim Louie, Dave Pattison, Barbara Reason, Lucille Reyer, Louise Scott, Muhammed Shams, Kathy Smith, Mil Snyder, Mai HeeSon, Jeannette Todd, David Tom, Nasser Victory, Warren Wilner, Louise Zollars. Political Club The " Polysci " Club is a new club formed by those students interested in political science. At left, the President of the Club conducts a dis- cussion at one of the regular meetings. Speakers have been featured at some of the Club ' s meetings. Society For The Advancement Of Management S.A.M. is a business-social group formed of students from the School of Business Administration. Both practical business experi- ence and social activities are part of this group ' s program, which also features field trips, dances, and meetings with special speakers. Included in the picture are: Bob Carroll, Sophie Cukier, Jerry Donovan, Doug Dye, Jerry Fitzgibbons, Martha Flolo, Levan Garabedian, Dick Gay, Bob Himmersbach, Donna Krause, Bob Lampit, Don Mackey, Blanton McDanald, Paul McDonald, Rosa- lind McMahon, Ralph Morrison, Ken Munsey, Joe Murphy, Frank Paulson, Dick Peterson, Harold Petersen, Bill Rhodes, Dave Rowe, Bob Shanno, George Shugars, Bob Sibley, Joan Stevenson, Ted Thomas, Carla Vandenburg, and Andy Yankwitt. Included in the picture are: Harry Barnett, Dr. Burhoe, Nancy Edwards, Bette Hubbs, Bill McConnaughy, Judy Miller, Mary Photias, Fletcher Carriger. Pictured are, Left to Right: Linda Mondragon, Rebecca Mc- Cann, Ellyn Gifford, Karen Kraus. Society of Asclepics Membership in Asclepics, the society of pre-dental and pre-med students, is open to all interested in either or both of these fields. This year the Asclepics used a high degree of originality in designing the many posters announcing meetings. Spanish Club Amigos! Interested in Spanish language, culture, and or customs? If you are, you should be a member of this lively Club. Membership is open to everyone who ' s interested in Spanish. Women ' s " A " Club The members of the Women ' s " A " Club are those inter- ested in campus sports for women. Not only does this active group work at making recreational facilities available for women, but it also interests itself in both intramural and extramural women ' s sports, and holds a Banquet each fall and a picnic in the Spring. Pictured are, Left to Right, First Row: Sabra Paris, Diane Trenery, Ginger Porter, Leslie Boal, Sophie Cukier. Second Row: Barbara Diggs, Colinda Smith, Dee Lundy, Pat Gofsick. Third Row: Brenda Hencke, Karen Friedman, Carla Vandenburg. HONORARIES - (V «(• fit P- ; SUNRISE OVER THE ROCKIES Alpha Psi Omega An honorary for outstanding Uni- versity Players . . . Pictured, Seated, Left to Right: Mindy Smith, Ginger Porter, Jean O ' Connor, and Starr Saphire. Standing, Left to Right: Elliott Denniberg and Dr. Yocum. Cap And Gown A women ' s local honorary in scholarship and leadership . . . Pictured, Left to Right: Jean O ' Connor, Linda Mondragon, Glenda Casey, Sandra Damewood, Ginger Porter, and Dotty Brodt. Delta Theta Phi A legal fraternity at The Wash- ington College of Law . . . Pictured are: Bruce McKee, Charles Brown, George Ballman, Gene Pulliam, Richard Mountfort, Lawrence C. Miller, John McCallum, James G. Sampas, Barry D. Mur- phy, Richard A. Overill, Robert L. Minor, Herbert W. Jorgensen, James N. Day, John Dawson, James Sherman, James G. Schurlock, and Donald Jacobs. Delta Sigma Rho An honorary in debating . . . Pictured, Standing, Left to Right: Dale Wolgamuth, David Pattison, Ken Rollins, Francis Moriarty, and Dr. Yocum. Seated: University President, Dr. Hurst R. Ander- Kappa Delta Epsilon An honorary for women in the field of education . . . Included in this picture are: Peggy Byrne, Joan Coury, Ruth Dinkle, Joyce Levine, Catherine Ogilvie, Emily King, Kathy Risden, Barbara Schreck, Joan Talbott, and Mrs. Devor. Kappa Phi Kappa An honorary for men in education . . . Included in the picture are: Dr. Burr, Dr. Devor, Jack Jones, Ron Ladd, Phil Levy, and Glen Pond. Omicron Delta Kappa Men ' s leadership honorary . . Pictured, First Row, Left to Right: Prof. Pope, Dean Bentley, Dr. John, Frank Weiss, Dr. Clark, and Ron Ladd. Second Row: Elliot Denniberg, Dave Pattison, Ron Crown, Jim Williams, Jack Kreuter, Jack Jones, Francis Moriarty, Jerry Fitzgibbons, Shep- ard Morgan, and Jerry Donovan. Phi Alpha Theta Honorary in history . . . m Ml ' K B ?-»U Pictured, First Row, Left to Right: Ginger Porter, Linda Mondragon, and Glenda Casey. Second Row: Dean Davis, Ben Cotton, and Col. Robert Duff. Phi Delta Delta Women ' s legal honorary . . . Pictured: Lucy Lee Andes, Rosemary Carr, Loretta Guenthner and Ethel Braswell. Pi Delta Epsilon Honorary in communications . . . Pictured, First Roui, Left to Right: Burt Stephens, Roland Jenkins, and Norman Davis. Second Row: Valerie Markwood, Joe Cannon, Shep Morgan, and Pat Collins. 80 Pi Gamma Mu Social Science honorary . . . Pictured: Linda Mondragon, Dean Davis, Ben Cotton, Erwin Alpern, Ginger Porter and Irma Hochstein (seated). J« ■ Sigma Delta Chi Men ' s journalism honorary . . . w m " ft ' • m % fy- A scene from a typical Sigma Delta Chi luncheon. 81 Theta Sigma Phi A women ' s honorary in the field of journalism . . . Pictured ,Left to Right: Charlotte Kabota, Jean Haberland, Jean O ' Connor and Lee Levy. The University Honor Society Composed of members of the fac- ulty and selected students . . . A luncheon gathering of the society RELIGIOUS GROUPS Faith of our fathers . . . country church in New England Canterbury Club Canterbury Club is the Episcopal students ' group. At weekly meet- ings, the members engage in guided discussions on topics of re- ligious and social interest. Speak- ers are sometimes invited to ad- dress the club as features of its program of varied activities. Included in this picture are: Phil Allen, David Bugler, Ted Calloway, Judy Eastern, Sue Hallett, Lorenzo C. Handy, Rev. Jack Harris, Mr. Mason, Anna Ney, Monica Redisch, Col. Van Way, Phyllis Hope Wellenreiter. T ft Hillel Foundation The Hillel Counselorship of B ' nai B ' rith is the Jewish students ' or- ganization. This group works to- wards good interfaith relations and the advancement of Judaism among the Jewish students. On May 4, at the Hillel Awards Banquet, jointly sponsored by the American University and George Washington University groups, Martha Rose Dorf of A. U. re- ceived a golden key, the highest honor given. At the same Ban- quet, Philip Levy, a former Hillel President at A. U., received a book award. Pictured, Left to Right, First Row: Frank Paulson, Paul Kramer, Philip D. Levy, Dr. Bauman. Second Row: Rachel Gilbert, Janet Fishman, unidentified, Rita Meyers, Beverly Deitz, Tema Weiss. Third Row: Paul Katz, Dick Kauffman, Andy Yankwittz, Abbey Butler, Jack Kreuter, Bob Alpert, Nasser Victory. Fourth Row: Jim Trimble, Arthur Rosenberg, Frank Weiss, Jack Jones. Methodist Student Movement M. S. M., a Methodist student movement, has as its goals the promotion of closer relationships between religion and higher edu- cation, the furtherance of under- standing of the church, and the spreading and practicing of Chris- tian fellowship. Included in this picture are: Dr. Bauman, Carolyn F. Cagle, Ted Calloway, Carolyn Deputy, Ruth G. Dinkle Robert Gongloff, Anna Jo Hovermale, Jack Jones, Bud Kibbe, Robert Kimmins, Phil Levy, Cathy Ogilvie, Bob Pine, Marcia Schnee, May Scott, Wilda Weber, Gene Weikert, Joyce Young. Newman Club The Newman Club ' s membership is made up of both Roman Cath- olic students and non-Roman Catholics interested in learning about and understanding Catholi- cism. During Lent the club makes arrangements for special Masses and Lenten services. Included in this picture are: Vince Accardi, Paul Barnard, Bob Devaney, Cathy Dough- erty, Frank Gathof, Don Jackson, Angie Lupis, Paul Madison, Joan Stevenson. WHO ' S WHO Ginger Porter Jean O ' Connor Sandra Damewood Bill Petrini Norman M. Davis Jack Jones Burt Stephens Sabra Paris Valerie Markwood Diane Trenery Ron Crown Jack Patrick Kenneth Rollins Frank Weiss COMMUNICATIVE ARTS A typical American theater group rehearsal scene The American University Players Present THE MALE ANIMAL The Party Scene: Amid a festive birthday party memories of long ago are relived as Ellen ' s (Ginger Porter) old Ail-Ameri- can flame (Tim Rice) comes back to make havoc of her married life -with Tommy (Elliott Denniberg). Looks like a grea party ahead! CAST CLEOTA Gail Fasolt ELLEN TURNER Ginger Porter TOMMY TURNER Elliott Denniberg PATRICIA STANLEY Ann Berlin WALLY MYERS Wallace Hill DEAN FREDERICK DAMON .... Lawrence Baker MICHAEL BARNES David Smith JOE FERGUSON Timothy Rice MRS. BLANCHE DAMON Linda Engle ED KELLER David Jasen MYRTLE KELLER Muriel Saphir " NUTSY " MILLER Jonas Fineman NEWSPAPER REPORTER Austin Poor ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Ashley Hawken SYNOPSIS . . . Still timely, Thurber and Nugent ' s The Male Animal is considered by some to be the best of all American come- dies. Dealing with life on a college campus, the play traces the story of Tommy Turner, a young professor who starts a snowball of comic catastrophe by telling the editor of the college literary magazine that he intends to read a letter by Vanzetti in " an obscure little English class. " This seemingly innocent desire sets off action which nearly causes Turner to be dismissed and his wife to leave him, for when Turner realizes he must read the letter at all costs, and says so, he finds himself up against people as determined as he, but in the opposite direction, who fear that hearing the letter might cause some stu- dents to begin thinking for themselves. To add to his trouble, Tommy ' s wife, Ellen, driven to distraction by fear for her husband ' s threatened career, seems about to leave him for an ex-football player and former sweetheart. In the end, though, Ellen Turner returns to Tommy, and Joe Ferguson, the brawny ex-football player, returns to his wife. CAST CLEOTA Gail Fasolt ELLEN TURNER Virginia Porter TOMMY TURNER Elliott Denniberg PATRICIA STANLEY Ann Berlin WALLY MYERS Wallace Hill DEAN FREDERICK DAMON .... Lawrence Baker MICHAEL BARNES David Smith JOE FERGUSON Timothy Rice MRS. BLANCHE DAMON Linda Engle ED KELLER David Jasen MYRTLE KELLER Muriel Saphir " NUTSY " MILLER Jonas Fineman NEWSPAPER REPORTER Austin Poor Assistant Director: Ashley Hawken The star takes the stage: a most unhappy fella, Tommy Turner, as he gazes ruefully at his wife and Joe Ferguson, -who seem com- pletely oblivious to his annoyance. Joe Ferguson, Ellen Turner ' s ex-sweetheart, looks on as Dean Damon waxes emphatic in an argument over Tommy Turner ' s right to read the Vanzetti letter in class. ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS The Tragic Splendor of a Queen For their second play of the season, The A. U. Players chose Maxwell Anderson ' s " Anne of the Thousand Days, " the story of the tempestuous and tragic love of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Tracing Henry ' s courtship of Anne, the break with Rome, the marriage of Henry and Anne, and her failure to produce a male heir to the Throne, the play reaches its climax as Henry discards Anne for Jane Seymour. Anne, abandoned by Henry and forced to choose between exile and a trial which can end only in her death sentence, chooses to sacrifice her life rather than disinherit her daugh- ter, Elizabeth. Shall -we dance? CAST ANNE BOLEYN Miriam Smith HENRY VIII Timothy Rice CARDINAL WOLSEY Ashley Hawkins THOMAS BOLEYN Gary Vaughan HENRY NORRIS Elliott Denniberg MARK SMEATON David Smith DUKE OF NORFOLK Thomas Ryan LORD PERCY, EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND Duval Agee ELIZABETH BOLEYN Arlene Gilbert MARY BOLEYN Judith Fleisher SIR THOMAS MORE Wallace Hill MADGE SHELTON Ruth Armstrong JANE SEYMOUR Sylvia Navarro BISHOP FISHER Brad Willis JOHN HOUGHTON David Jasen THOMAS CROMWELL Wallace Sherertz CLERK James O ' Connor SERVANTS Jonas Fineman James O ' Connor LADIES-IN-WAITING Sheila Krauser Patricia McNeil CHORISTERS Medeleine Hill Julie Caillouet Sally White Daisy Smith Assistant Director: Carole Robby One of the tense scenes from the trial of Anne Boleyn. This Way To The Tomb The Masque tells the story of the temptation of St. Antony on two planes, one of which is the al- legorical. The three attributes of Antony — the phys- ical, the sensual and the intellectual — are personified by Marcus, the peasant; Julian, the poet; and Ber- nard, the scholar. The greatest temptations which Antony faces are his pride and his fear of death. These two are overcome when Antony surrenders himself to God. The theme is restated in the Anti-Masque when Antony ' s attributes are given contemporary personi- fication. Marcus remains the eternal peasant, Julian becomes the modern chorus-commentator, and Fa- ther Opine ( Bernard ) the doubting intellectual. Fol- lowers of Philippa and Father Opine are seen with endless quest trying to cull something from every religion in their search for faith and love. Even when Antony appears, doubting modern man is incapable of recognizing him, and yet Bernard even- tually must kneel to that which he has denied. CAST — Masque: Announcer, Robert Pine; Marcus, James Fitzgerald; Julian, Wallace Sherertz; Bernard, Elliot Denniberg; Father Antony, Ashley Hawkins; Gluttony, Wallace Hill; Lechery, Melsa Ann Rosen; Sight, Ann Rawlings; A Woman, Muriel Saphir; The Voice, Tim Rice. Anti-Masque: Prologue and Chorus, Wallace Sherertz; TV Announcer, Joe Cannon; Father Opine, Elliot Denniberg; Peasants, Ruth Armstrong, Jerry Nelson; The Astral Group, Miss Philippa Form, Gail Fasolt; Mobile Worker, Sherin Lawrence; Girl of Leisure, Ruth Ann Seabright; and Man of Culture, Cary Smith. N m a The last presentation of the 1957-58 season was Moliete ' s " The Imaginary Invalid. " This rollicking seventeenth century comic farce, a satire on the medical profession, was the last to come from the pen of the father of French farce. The Imaginary Invalid is a hypochondriac father who worships medicine to the point of trying to force his daughter to marry a physician so that he can have a doctor in the family. Fast thinking and acting by Toinette, the family ' s maidservant, saves the unhappy daughter from being sacrificed on the Hippocratic altar, and also saves her real romance, and at the end of the play, the Imaginary Invalid himself is sworn into the medical profession. Toinette, the vexing vixen, as she trades wisecracks with the Imaginary Invalid. CAST ARGAN Jerry Lee Nelson TOINETTE Marcia Rubinoff ANGELICA Muriel Saphir CLEANTE Elliott Denniberg BELINDA Jacqueline Jalet LIVPOL jfames O ' Connor THOMAS Joseph Cannon MR. SYRINGE Joseph Halev DR. PURGER Robert Tolin DR. GRAVESTONE Donald Sheaffer EMILY LEVELHEAD Heidi Offenberger DANCERS Linda Harris Anne Dunkin Mera Mounsey Miriam Smith Barbara Stolfi Is there a Doctor in the House? And how! What is that word? Everyone tries to help poor Thomas get through his speech. i ffi Student One Acts Students interested and work- ing in dramatic arts at Amer- ican are afforded every op- portunity to learn all phases of the field. Each year stu- dent directors come forth to offer their interpretation of some work. Student directors (from left to right): Mindy Smith, Ashley Hawkins, Elliot Denniberg, and Tim Rice hold a conference. Mindy directed " Isolate, " which was written by a stu- dent, Larry Baker, who received the outstanding service award; Ashley worked on " The Ugly Duckling " ; Elliot did a Eugene Ionesco work; and Tim Rice did " Spoon River An- thology. " Not shown is another student director, Starr Saphir, who did " The High School. " A scene from " Isolate " written by Larry Baker and directed by Mindy Smith. Shown in the ac- tion packed scene are (left to right) Harry Lawson, Dick Roth- bard, Tim Rice, and John Moyer. " Grandma ' s in the Bar Again, Hue! " , (above) and " Letitia " (right) were written by Dr. Gordon Smith, associate professor of music. Student Operas 95 " Anne of a Thousand Days ' Sets by Sue Netterstrom ' This Way to the Tomb ' " Isolate " w ¥ ; jH The man responsible for it all . . . Dr. Yocum, caught by the camera in a typical imposed shot as he watches action on stage during rehearsals for " The Imaginary Invalid. " Another phase of drama work some of the students learn is make-up. Here Elliot Denniberg starts ■work on Tim Rice, who played Henry VIII in A la natural ... the " chubby " look . . . add a beard And, voila! Henry VIII. You ' re On Radio Station W A M WAMU is " on the air. " Yes, the radio station at Ameri- can University, WAMU, 610 on your radio dial, broadcasts from its studios located on campus, seven days a week. Vari- ous types of shows are included on the program log such as recorded music featuring dixieland, blues, classical, pop and show tunes. There are also shows of interest to the stu- dents featuring interviews with campus celebrities. WAMU circles the globe twelve times a day to bring you news, sports, weather and special events. WAMU is, and has been for many years, the largest ex- tracurricular activity on the campus. It offers opportunities for those interested in announcing, engineering, producing, U! directing, writing, and general staff work. WAMU sponsors such events throughout the year as the Miss WAMU contest. Last year Miss WAMU was singer Betty Madigan. The station also broadcasts the annual mara- thon for the orphan ' s dinner, college council election re- turns, and A. U. sports events. At the Communications Awards Banquet, WAMU presents awards for outstanding service to the station. An accredited member of the College Radio Corporation, the station receives the United Press International wire and subscribes to numerous record services, such as RCA, Decca and Columbia. 610 on Your Dial . . . 1 crsGcw rK The largest extracurricular organization. Being on the air is lots of fun WAMU ' s Big Three, Roland Jenkins, Shep Morgan and Burt Stephens. SOME OF THE WRITER ' S STAFF Dave Jasen had to cut up! So we tried again (The camera never lies!) THE WRITER EDITOR NORMAN DAVIS with the winter issue. THE STAFF Norman Davis .... Editor-in-Chief Alan Stone Managing Editor Joseph Weikel . . . Business Manager Colette Courtot .... Poetry Editor David Johnson Prose Editor Jacqueline Jalet Art Editor David Jasen .... Asst. Ed. for Humor Barbara Hickman Publicity Yodar Critch .... Publicity Assistant Editorial Assistants: Jane McCorkle, M ' Liz McLendon. Robert Streeter, Thaddeus Sydney, Beverly Tilton Dr. Merritt Batchelder . Faculty Advisor Josephine Cortese and Donald Stover . . . Student Advisors This year the Writer was published three times, a fall, spring and summer edition. It is the student literary magazine, full of student prose and poetry of the best caliber. BOB STREETER, editorial assistant, does some calling. THE STAFF on mailing day. . - SOME EAGLE STAFFERS — From Left to Right, First Row: Wayne Shufelt, Karen Friedman, Tom Ryan. Second Row: Harriett Madresh, Laura Kunc, Kim Lomerhez, Sue Strand, Bob Pine, Joyce Young, Alan Parsons. Third Row: Jack Jones, Bob Gongoloff, Phil Allen. Dave and Alan talk it over. Busy Busy Eagle Night Copy editor Donna Kraus has her say. Amesuoofit fyniuesiAUif, JLi Jt V7 JLi JZi Vot. 32 - No. 10 WASHINGTON, D. C. — WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1957 $3.00 Per Year JACK JONES, Sports Editor, bats out some " hot " copy. Published once a week by the Student Associa- tion, the Eagle keeps the campus informed. This year the paper brought forth controversy on campus through its columns and policies, inciting many members of our community to take an interest in happenings for the first time. COLUMNIST ALAN PARSONS works on a survey. TOM RYAN, Business Manager, gets those ads in. EDITOR DIN TAPNER lays out a Page. THE MYSTERY MAN . . . Joe Cannon. This space is reserved for him. Always on the go, we never ever could get his picture. SENIOR EDITOR, Mary Tochterman doesn ' t look too sure that all " her " seniors will graduate. PAUL McDONALD, who helped Joe Cannon out with the financial end of things. SOME OF OUR STAFF AT WORK? " APPLE DUMPLINS " we called him. Paul Dolkos is his real name, and he ' s to be thanked for many of our pictures. PATTY COLLINS AND DAVE JASEN, who did the Communicative Arts Section have a good time of it. » 31 . Ldifl k L . jcfr H THE EDITOR of the 195 8 Talon at her desk . . . M ' Liz McLendon. TALON SKIT NITE (Our Thanks) Walter King and Ann Berlin for helping with all the " little " and big details. John Robert Powers for a modeling scholarship to the Talon Beauty Queen, Pat Wormwood. To Verne of Beauty Bazaar for a hairstyling for our Queen. Kelsey Florists for the lovely decorations and flowers. The Holidays, Elliot Denniberg and George Hamilton IV for their fine work. And, most of all to our wonderful audience . . . the students of A. U. Organizational pictures by Bob Herdfelder. Beauty pictures by Frank Hoy and Bob Streeter. Seniors and fraternity and sorority pictures by Chase Studios, Ltd. Faculty Advisor, Prof. H. D. Crawford. 1 .1 1 M " ' fli i ' N I X ' THE STAFF M ' Liz McLendon editor Robert Streeter managing editor Joseph Cannon business manager Norman Davis .... assistant managing editor Patricia Collins . . . assistant managing editor Mary Tochterman senior editor Anna Jo Hovermale Greek editor Ellet Cabell sports editor David Jasen communicative arts editor Bill Bickerdyke . . organizational section editor Dee Lundy women ' s sports Barbara Barnfather art editor Paul Dolkos photographer David Ferris photographer Bill Petrini photographer Others: Karen Kraus, Starr Saphir, Carlene Anderson, editors for the fraternity writups, Paul McDonald, Bob Kimmins, Sandy Healy. T H E T A L O N F O R 1 9 5 8 MANAGING EDITOR and photogra- pher, Bob Streeter takes time out for a breather. GREEK EDITOR, Anna Jo Hovermale looks over another year book for ideas. THE LAW 0 . W J hhI i Im J » «I H i m ES3 " t SE F » ,.■§£ REVIEW This is a twice yearly publication of the American University ' s law students at The Washington College of Law. The fall editor last year was Richard Averill. The spring editorship was divided between Al Stall- one and John Dawson. Checking over the files for some material. FALL EDITOR Averill on the phone. THE TWO SPRING editors, Stallone and .Dawson, check over plans. 106 r aTf m Sailing on Lake Mead, Nevada. BILL BEAUCHAMP ED CLEMENTS JOEL COMITO RON CROWN WILLIE JONES • • • AMERICAN UNIVERSITY ' S STARS • • THE MASON-DIXON CHAMPIONS FOR 195 8 BLANTON McDANALD BILL O ' BRIEN BILL SASS GEORGE SHUGARS DICK WELLS FRANK WEISS A. U. ' s 195 8 EASTERN N. C. A. A. CHAMPS, left to right: George Shugars, Dick Wells, Bill O ' Brien, Willie Jones, Joel Comito, Ed Clements. Back Roiv. Assistant Coach Jim Williams, Manager Bob Gingell, Blanton McDanald, Frank Weiss, Bill Beauchamp, Bill Sass, Ron Crown, Head Coach Dave Carrasco. BASKETBALL Eastern Regional N. C. A. A. Small College Champions, 1958, can most adequately describe this year ' s basketball team. At the beginning of the season, the Eagles were conceded dark horse chances only in the Mason-Dixon Conference. However, as the season got under way, the Eagles rapidly began to show that they were not to be considered lightly by anyone. A. U. ' s Conference schedule was marred only b y defeats by Mt. St. Mary ' s and Loyola, both on their own courts. When the Mounts and Greyhounds invaded Leonard Gym, they met the fate that was to be shared by 22 other teams. The Eagles more than atoned for early-season losses to the Mounts and Loyola by sweeping through the Mason-Dixon tournament at Loyola and knocking off Randolph-Macon, Loyola, and Mt. St. Mary ' s. This was the first time in over five years that American had invaded the Mason-Dixon tournament finals, which had been considered the sacred property of Loyola and the Mounts, the Mounts winning the past four years. The following weekend the Eagles travelled to Staten Island, N.Y., to sweep through the Eastern Regional tourna- ment at Wagner College. In the first round, A. U. easily dispensed with the University of Buffalo and knocked off Wagner in the finals for a tournament berth in the National finals at Evansville, Ind. The play of Willie Jones was instru- mental in A. U. ' s string of wins at Wagner, as it had been through the regular season. Jones connected for 25 and 35 points respectively in the Wagner tournament, and was named its Most Valuable Player. A. U. drew Evansville, the host college, in the first round of the National tourney. The Eagles managed to grab a quick lead, but couldn ' t hold it through half-time. Four personals charged against Jones in the first half greatly handicapped the Eagles ' chances. The game was a nip-and- tuck battle till the final minutes, when Evansville attained an eight-point lead, puncturing Eagle supporters ' last hopes for victory. Jones to Crown — for two! High tribute is due Coach Dave Carrasco and his 1958 champions. In his first season as head coach, Carrasco saw a mediocre 1957 team post an 11-14 record for a sixth place in the Mason-Dixon Conference and be eliminated in the first round of the Conference ' s tournament that year. This year an overwhelming change took place. Much of the Eagles ' success was due to the spirited play of ' Willie Jones, the shooting accuracy of Frank Weiss, and the re- bound prowess of Dick Wells. This Trio formed the nucleus of the season ' s success- force. Their ability is emphasized by their post season honors and newly-set records. Senior Weiss broke A. U. ' s individual scoring record for four years, set by Leroy Ishman in 1951. He made the record-breaking points in an away game with Western Maryland, and at the Eagles ' next home game, with Balti- more University, he was greeted with a standing ovation. Sophomore Jones broke the University ' s single game scor- ing mark with 39 points against Baltimore; he set the single season scoring mark in the first round of the Mason-Dixon tournament against Randolph-Macon. Comito scores against Mt. St. Mary ' s The overall play of Dick Wells was best exemplified when he was named to the Ail-American honorable men- tion for small colleges. These three also gained first team honors on the Mason- Dixon Conference All-Tournament team, while both Weiss and Jones were named to the All-Conference first team. Weiss is one of three seniors graduating from this year ' s championship team. This season also climaxed the four-year varsity careers of Ron Crown and Joel Comito. Comito ' s deadly shooting eye and Crown ' s rebound ability will be spots coach Carrasco will have to patch for the next season. FRANK WEISS, A. U. ' s all-time top scorer, drives in against Georgetown. WILLIE and the hand jive! SEASON IN REVIEW . . . OPPONENT AU OPP. Navy 67 70 D. C. Teacher ' s 94 59 Washington 72 60 Catholic 86 63 Mt. Union 73 66 Ohio Wesleyan 84 80 Iona 63 74 Hofstra 79 63 Fairleigh-Dickinson 87 73 Georgetown 78 89 Mt. St. Mary ' s 90 69 Western Maryland Ill 63 Bridgewater 76 48 Baltimore 88 67 Gallaudet 93 36 Loyola 67 72 Juniata 79 69 Roanoke 80 52 Mt. St. Mary ' s 83 76 Loyola 85 54 Towson 94 45 Baltimore 76 60 MASON-DIXON TOURNEY Randolph-Macon 75 55 Loyola 61 53 Mt. St. Mary ' s 74 71 NCAA EASTERN REGIONAL Buffalo 77 60 Wagner 72 65 WON (22) LOST (6) PCT. (.714) Mason-Dixon: WON (ll) LOST (2) PCT. (.846) Clements gets off a hook. WILLIE driving through CROWN scores as Hoya flies by. CROWN shoots as Eagles take Confer- ence tourney at Loyola. JONES goes up and over for a fabulous two! INDIVIDUAL TOTALS PLAYER G. ATTS. SCO. PCT. ATTS. SCO. PCT. POINTS AVER (FIELD GOALS) (FREE THROWS) Jones 28 436 200 46.1 245 189 77.2 21.0 Weiss 28 420 203 48.3 69 53 76.2 16.3 Wells 27 244 104 42.4 127 78 60.1 10.4 Clements 28 225 92 40.0 110 80 72.7 9.4 Beauchamp 28 143 65 45.4 66 43 66.2 6.2 Crown 27 106 44 41.5 74 43 58.1 4.8 Comito 27 135 48 35.6 40 26 65.1 4.8 O ' Brien 19 77 23 29.9 19 11 57.8 3.0 McDanald 18 39 18 46.2 13 8 61.5 2.5 Shugars 20 77 23 29.9 18 14 77.7 2.0 Sass 16 23 9 33.9 6 2 33.3 1.2 Dupee 3 4 2 50.0 4 1 25.0 1.8 RECORDS BROKEN Most points career Frank Weiss Best career average Frank Weiss Most points season Willie Jones Most points one game Willie Jones Most rebounds season Dick Wells Best rebound average Dick Wells Most field goals season Frank Weiss Most FG attempted Willie Jones Most free throws attempted .... Willie Jones Most free throws made Willie Jones Clements drives against Mounts at Conference tourney. THE SOCCER TEAM, Left to Right, First Row: Coach Bill Lauritzen, Jack Jones (capt.), Roger Williams, Dennis McLevy, Larry Tingle, Jerry Fitzgibbons, Ron Tonkin, Naran Ivanchukov, Bill Garcia, Yegenozlic Himalay. Second Row: Klaus Burmeister, Frank Scotten, Mac Sweeney, Jeff Bernard, Garik Rabechevsky, Wayne Shufelt, and Dick Hulbert. SOCCER In his second year at the helm of The American University soccer team, Coach Bill Lauritzen had the most successful record yet gained in the sport ' s four year history on campus. Last year the Eagle netted their first soccer win as they downed Randolph-Macon. Over the past season, the Eagle hooters again defeated Randolph-Macon, and added George- town and Loyola of Baltimore in their win column as well as tying Mt. St. Mary ' s, to post a 3-7-1 record for the season. Bill Garcia emerged as the team ' s high scorer for the season with 6 goals. However, Jeff Bernard with 5 and Garik Rabechevsky with 4 scores were close behind. Naran Ivanchukov with two goals and Wayne Shufelt and Roger Williams with one apiece completed the Eagles scoring. AU 1 2 • 2 3 1 3 4 3 19 1957 RESULTS OPP. . Mt. St. Mary ' s 1 Towson Teachers 3 Baltimore University 6 Randolph-Macon 1 Lynchburg College 5 Howard University 2 Catholic University 10 Georgetown University .... 1 . Loyola College 2 Frostburg Teachers 4 Western Maryland 4 totals 37 HEY BEAR, look what I got! . . Ooo opps! An added highlight to the season was the selection of fullback Mac Sweeney to the Mason-Dixon All-Con- ference second team. Sweeney is the first A. U. soccer player ever to gain this distinction. Other stalwarts for the Eagles this year were: Cap- tain Jack Jones, goalie Ron Tonkin, Rabechevsky, Ivanchukov, Garcia, Williams, Shufelt, and Bernard. If the team maintains its present pace of progress, it seems as if the Eagles may come up with a winning season next year. At the conclusion of the intercollegiate season, Ivan- chukov, Rabechevsky and Sweeney joined Coach Lau- ritzen ' s team in a local amateur soccer league. Oh no, not again! « - ... Un-gah-wah! And before another full house . . HH What next coach? THE WRESTLING TEAM from left to right: Tony Upton, Skip Hockenbe rry, Skip Morgan, coach Frank Morgan, Jack Jones, Jim Snapp, Jim McLean, and Charlie Goldshine. Wrestling is a comparatively new sport at American University. Under the guidance of Coach Frank Mor- gan, a former inter-collegiate title holder, the Eagles had their most successful season since wrestling began here four years ago. Four returnees from last year were headed by team Captain Jim McLean. McLean wrestled in the 177 pound class. Other returnees were Jack Jones, 167 pound class; Skip Hockenberry, 133 pound class; and Tony Upton, 133 pound class. Newcomers who comprised the remainder of the Eagles front line were Charlie Goldshine in the un- limited division; Skip Morgan, 143 pound class; and Jim Snapp in the 157 pound class. Goldshine and McLean were the most consistant winners for A. U. throughout the season. WRESTLING UPTON AND HOCKENBERRY in a practice session really take ago at it! THE SWIMMING TEAM members from Left to Right, Front Rotv: Bob Merilless, Jim Apistolas, David Johnson, Jerry Herson, Jim Fairbairn, Lee Padgett, John Nagel, and Don Casey. Second Row: Dennis McNeil, Jon Arneson Harry Ballman, Larry Hawkins, Tommy Kurtz, Tom Ryan, John McQuiston, and John Slater. Bob Bright, manager, and Bob Frailey, coach, are shown in the front. The A. U. tankmen came through the 57-58 season with an outstanding recotd of 4-2. Outstanding swim- ming teams such as Randolph-Macon, Roanoke, Lynch- burg, and William and Maty of Norfolk found them- selves " out of the swim " with us. Our sprinters consisted of John Slater, Dave John- son, Tom Ryan, Dennis McNeil, and Don Casey. In the 100 yd. and 200 yd. freestyle events were team mates Tommy Kurtz and Harry Ballman. Tak- ing over the backstroke positions were Lee Padgett and John McQuiston. SWIMMING Long distance positions were held by Dennis McNeil and John Nagel, with Larry Hawkins and Bob Meril- less on the boards. For the 200 yd. butterfly event we were stocked with Jim Fairburn and Captain Jim Apistolas. Quite a team to be proud of . . . and we were! CAUGHT IN STYLE is A. U. ' s 100 yd. and 200 yd. freestyler, Tommy Kurtz. P v j z ly |te L, BbxWP ? $ ' : ' if A. U. ' s TRACK TEAM from Left to Right, First Row: John Williams, Charlie Parrish, Ron Crown, Charlie Schools (coach), Ron Ladd, Harry Lawson, Dave Rowe. Second Roiv: Frank Scotten, Ron Sholes, Ed Clements, John Keavney, Jim Zimmerman, Jack Jones, Don Grant, Sonny Laws, Bob Gingell, Regis White, Hank Fuer. TRACK Coach Charlie Schools ' track ream had one of irs more impressive seasons this year. Co-captains Ron Ladd and Ron Crown lead the Eagle track stars. Ladd and Crown ran the distance events and also performed on the mile-relay team. Blant McDanald was top man in the discus, Sal Fulginetti in the pole vault, Ron Sholes in high jumps, Dave Rowe in the dashes, and Dick Harshman also in the dashes. Harry Lawson ran both the 440 and 220. His vast improvement during the season earned him rhe A Club trophy. Other top men for the Eagles were John Williams, Sonny Laws, Bob Gingell, Eddie Clements, and Jack Jones. JONES sets out in Mason-Dixon meet. A.U. ' s CROSS COUNTRY team includes Ron Crown, Coach Charlie Schools, Ron Ladd. Second Row. Frank Scot- ten, Harry Lawson, Charlie Parrish, and Regis White. CROSS COUNTRY For the second successive year Ron Crown and Ron Ladd captained the A.U. Cross Country team. Coached by Charlie Schools, the Eagles managed to have a fairly successful season. Returnees from last year ' s squad, in addition to Crown and Ladd, included Regis White. Newcomers were Frank Scotten, Harry Lawson, and freshman Charlie Parrish. Co-Captains Crown and Ladd talk things over. 119 THE A.U. BASEBALL SQUAD included Urb Donnelly, Neil Sherman, Steve Hershey, Angelo Coscia, Lew Gilde- son, Bob Roman, Ernie Clifford. Second Row: Tom Gray, Bruce Kessler, John Stetlen and Jack Ryan. BASEBALL Despite a relatively dull baseball campaign, A.U. produced several fine ball players. Most noticeable was the no-hit game registered by sophomore pitcher, Jack Ryan. Leading hitter was outfielder John Stetlen. Other steady players were catcher Angelo Coscia, second baseman Bob Roman, short stop Bruce Kessler and third baseman Garry Fitzgerald. A lot of credit should go to Ernie Clifford who helped Coach Carrasco manage the team. JACK RYAN, who pitched a no-hitter. j 4 J if 4 THE A.U. TENNIS TEAM, standing from left to right: Bob Bright (Mgr.), Mike Madana, Sam Striner, Lloyd Drucker, Ben Metz, Charlie Bogonoff, Mickey Agee, Bob Frailey (coach). Kneeling: Ted Thomas and Ken Munsey, co-captains. TENNIS Co-captained by Ted Thomas-Ken Munsey, A.U. had one of its best tennis teams in years. Coach Bob Frai- ley ' s charges posted an impressive 9-1-1 record for the season (12-1-1 overall) in Conference play to place second in the Mason-Dixon Conference. The tie resulted from a match with Mt. St. Mary ' s which was halted before completion due to darkness. Since the match had no bearing on the conference standings, it never was finished. Ben Metz, who won the intra-mural tennis title this year, gained the number one notch on the Eagle squad. Thomas and Munsey played in the second and third spots respectively. Winding out the remainder of the A.U. six in the singles were Sam Striner in the fourth position, Mike Madana, number five, and Lloyd Drucker and Mickey Agee alternating in the sixth spot. The doubles play saw Agee and Metz teaming up for the first team, with Munsey and Thomas playing in the second slot and Mandana and Striner teaming for the third doubles team. A. U. CO-EDS IN SPORTS An A.U. Mermaid . . . Judy Selwyn A D.G. goes up and over Extramurals For Women at American HOCKEY: One of the most emphasized extramural sports at A.U. is hockey. This year Leslie Boal, Barbara Diggs, Dee Lundy, Ginger Porter, Carla Van Den Berg and Sofia Cukier headed the squad of return vets. The season proved to be a successful one with an over-all record of 7 wins and 2 losses. In addition to playing, the Eagles had the opportunity of watching the Welsh Touring Hockey Team play the Wash- ington Field Hockey Association. BASKETBALL: The 1957-58 edition of hoopsters was under the direction of Miss Ruth McFeeter. The nucleus of the basketball squad was composed of Barbara Diggs, Carla Van Den Berg, Leslie Boal, and Sofia Cukier. A number of freshmen were also stellar performers on the team. The season was somewhat hampered by the Asian flu epidemic, but in spite of this the team fared well. TENNIS: The big three kingpins of this year ' s tennis team were Ella Baruch, Sandy Kelly, and Colinda Smith. Miss Ruth McFeeter, the coach, worked her capable Rack- eteers to their best advantage and turned out an excellent performance. The loss of an able senior, Tina Weintrop, will be greatly noticed; however, the 1958-59 season promises to be even better as the interest in women ' s tennis at American U. increases. The women ' s basketball team ACTION on the court! Hockey Team Tennis Team INTRAMURALS The Intramural program this year was the most successful to date, due to the increase of participants and enthusiasm shown by all. This program, under the able leadership of Miss Virginia Hawke and Miss Ruth McFeeter is an integral part of the campus activity of A.U. ' s women students. Through participation in intra and extramurals, points are earned toward membership in Women ' s " A " Club. This year Phi Mu ' s own Ginger Porter received the highest honor award given to a senior woman athlete from the " A " Club. SEASONS TITLE HOLDERS Kappa Delta ' s mermaids won all the honors in the swim meet when they scored a double victory emerging with the swimming title and the Jack Woods Memorial trophy. The long hard battle of the bounce ended in a tie between the Independents and Clark Hall. Clark Hall showed its ability with the ten pins, winning a 5 point victory over Phi Mu. In volleyball the winner of the battle of the fists for the championship was Phi Mu. Betty Miller and Janet Fishman copped the badminton and ping-pong titles while Sylvia Shaw shot the straightest arrow. In intramural track the biggest names were Barbara Diggs who won the broad jump and Ginger Porter who lead all others in the high jump. The 220 yd. relay was won by Kappa Delta. THE 195 8 INTRAMURAL BASKET- BALL Championship team was the Sputniks, an independent group. Pic- tured from left to right: Sal Fulginiti, Ed Hall, Al Alkire, Mike Chasman, Ed Carty, Mitch Litman, Dick Jackson, Ron Ladd, and Coach Ed Clements. INTRAMURAL HARRY LAWSON scores for Phi Epsilon Pi in the play-off game for the intramural championship between the Sput- niks and Phi Ep. THREE ' ROUND THE BASKET . . . Mitch Litman and Dick Jackson for the Sputniks vie with Phi Ep ' s Abbey Butler. TOUCH FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS A.T.O. AND MORE INTRAMURALS MEN ' S INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONSHIP SWIMMING TEAM THE INDEPENDENTS: Larry Haw- kins (coach), Andy McDaniels, John Slater, Dennis McNeil, Jon Arneson (coach), Bill Webster, Tony Bicknell, Dave Johnson and Akia Mitzutani. INTRAMURAL TRACK CHAMPIONS PHI SIG ETC. . . . The Cheerleaders give a hand INTRAMURAL SWIMMING MEET, Individual Champions . . . Stephanie Roan, John Slater, Heidi Offenberger, Tony Bicknell, Paula Ingold, Akia Mitzutani, and Virginia Laubenstein. INTRAMURAL GOLF TOURNAMENT; Al Alkire (left, Ind.) Champion and Curt Roberts (right, Ind.) .Runner-up. INTRAMURAL GOLF: Al Alkire (Ind.) Champion, Curt Roberts (Ind.) Runner-up. INTRAMURAL ARCHERY, MEN: George Knarr (Ind.) Runner-up, Jerry Herson (Phi Ep) Champion. INTRAMURAL ARCHERY, WOMEN: Sylvia Shaw (Ind.) Champion, Mildred Millhiser (Ind.) Runner-up. INTRAMURAL TENNIS TOURNAMENT, Single-Elimina- tion: Ben Metz (left, Ind.) Champion, Jim Morgan (right, Ind.) Runner-up. GENERAL ACTIVITIES Mt. Rainier, Washington IN THE BEGINNING LOADS OF FUN Need more be said? Come on, Frosh! Play ball! Cute (?) these college customs Old man Artemus and friend . . FRESHMEN FROLIC It was fun for the freshman . . . but more like work for the Sophomores and Orientation Board. More freshmen than ever, later proved by the jammed registration lines, greeted the old hands with chipper faces. Through the process of capping and other duties such as wearing pajamas to class and making speeches at Ward Circle, the class of 1961 was Indoctrinated into the fun-side of life at A.U. With registration came the more serious side. They learned of credit hours and required subjects ( " You mean I have to take THAT! " ) of term-papers and waiver exams. Finally we turned them on their own . . . and with a unity that surprised us all, they elected their officers and went on to prove that the Class of ' 61 would be a hard one to beat. And so it started ... a great beginning to a year of classes, dances, progress on new buildings, elections and talk of things to come. GOOD GRIEF! Not more demerits. Well, guess who will be somebody ' s slave for a day. Watching What they saw RUSH Rush, it might be said, is the Black Angel of the Greek World. It is a time of fun and sorrow, work and glee, dash- ing about and lulling around wonder- ing what comes next. Hand in hand, brother and rushee walk on to the Fate of Bid Day. IT ' S " Getting to Know You " time FOR SORORITIES " IT " starts with open houses . A PRETTY GIRL helps any fraternity rush. to end with the final formal. For the rushee it means a time of enthusiasm with an undercurrent of butterflies. Will I or won ' t I pledge? If so, which one? After hours talks with friends. The rumors about initiation ceremonies. Finances. Then after the preference is in it hits, " Maybe they don ' t want ME! " But, somehow it always turns out ... if nothing more, rush turns out to have been quite an experience. AND SUCH A CASUAL FALL get-together makes life more fun. CROSSROADS OF A.U., Mary Graydon ' s the favorite meeting place on an Indian Summer afternoon. ON A SUN-BAKED DAY, signs of growth ... the new library building. COME RAIN or shine, we go to class. SIG OLYMPICS D.G. ' s Paula Ingold tries her hand at egg-toss- ing, much to the amusement of by-standers. An annual campus frolic, the Sig Olympics provide the sorority women with a chance to prove their ability in such sports as finding-a-penny-in-a-pie, egg-tossing (no, the egg isn ' t hard boiled!), one legged races (well, one leg per girl ) , etc. This year the D.G. ' s gave everyone else a good trouncing, to come through the winners. IS EVERYBODY HAPPY? ' " We bet Glen Pond likes this job! This is ONE way to find a penny. GLENDA CASEY ROYALTY r ? rfU-COft£ L WELCOME The weather man wouldn ' t take the hint, and the rain, rain wouldn ' t go away, but showers and cold didn ' t dampen A.U. ' s Homecoming spirits. Despite slightly wet papier-mache, wind-blown floats, and the last-minute rush, the parade went on. With the theme taken from " Around the World in SO Days, " A.U. ' s students put on their own spectacular. IT ' S A lot of bull, but the Welcome is there! PHI MU, taking a cue from the famed " Peanuts " comic, won best over-all float with their slogan, " It ' s Peanuts to Beat the Alums! " ALUMS Another phase of our Homecoming greeting were the posters placed in Great Hall of Mary Graydon. Everything from plain every-day-type posters, to a revolving one with music was used. Sorority rooms and fraternity houses were also decorated according to an assigned theme representing some country or territory. Embassies in Washington were besieged by students wanting to borrow costumes and equipment to make their scenes realistic. POSTERS such as this -were put up in Great Hall of Mary Graydon to extend a friendly " Hi! " to our returning alums. l¥£ B4£g ELEPHANTINE ANTICS won the Alpha Sigs the award for the most humorous float. THE A.T.O. ' s came up with an out-of-this- world poster. SB ONE OF THE Homecoming floats on its tour past Mary Graydon. HOMECOMING NOW YOU HAVE JAZZ W ,K HI-JINKS IT ' S UP to the judges now! A.U. ' S " IN THE MOOD ' CHRISTMAS FOR OTHERS Santa ' s grab-bag. Dinner partners. Money Counter, l c! One of the lucky boys who got to take advantage of the generosity of A.U. ' s pledges, gave a helping hand in counting the money. " Music by George Hamilton IV " k v M B i Wmr — Si 1 1 ■ w3S?m J ■ mt 9h Bb 138 AND ON CAMPUS The Pledge-Orphan Dinner is a stand-by at American. Each year the Greek pledges give shoes, toys, and dinner with entertainment to a group of orphans in the Washington area. Candle-light for the Best-Loved-Girl ceremony. COMMUNITY SINGING adds to the Christmas spirit. SURPRISE PACKAGE! Dean Stevens opens a gift from " her " girls, while Mrs. Nichols looks on. A PHI MU Santa Claus gives out a present J The Best-Loved Girl and her court. BEST-LOVED GIRL GINGER PORTER Jean O ' Connor receives her pin at the installation of the Theta Sigma Phi Chapter here on campus from the national president of the women ' s journalism honorary. Initiations, campus teas bring honor and graciousness to our daily living. A familiar campus scene, a tea. ELLEN SWARTZCHILD SOPHOMORE QUEEN 142 Taking the cue from the previous sophomore class, the class of I960 gave a dinner-dance, rather than " just " a dance. The evening proved a huge success, especially for lovely Ellen Swartzchild, who was chosen Queen of her class at the dance. A TYPICAL TABLE at the dinner-dance. PETE AND MICKEY sit out a dance. CLASS PRESIDENT Rich Gerard, and Jerry Herson, present Queen Ellen with her trophy. FROSH QUEEN THE QUEEN reigns alone IBM AND DANCE DANCING mid creatures of the sea. 144 £ r-s1 M ' S ' MAXINE GEVENSON FALL FUN AND SPORT THE SCENE CHANGES From the first frost of winter to the breath of Spring, campus life goes on and on. WINTER wonderland right at American. tl A WE WILL REMEMBER ELLIOT and The Holidays singing for us at Christmas time!! GREETING and congra- tulating friends who have won honors, awards, or become Queens. PRELUDE TO SPRING ANTOINETTE WEBER APPLE BLOSSOM QUEEN A DAY IN THE LIFE OF CAMPUS BEAUTIES The TALON, for several years now, has sponsored a Skit Nite, during which the announcement of the TALON Beauty Queen is a big event. This year our Queen and her three Princesses were picked by a panel of experts at the John Robert Powers modeling school. The Queen received a free course from Powers, and a hair-styling by Verne of Beauty Bazaar. Judges for the contest were Susan Smith, Director of John Robert Powers in Washington; Fran Sitler, also of John Robert Powers; Patty Cavin of WRC-TV and radio fame; and Verne of Beauty Bazaar. To keep the girls occupied, cokes and cookies were served, and the entire agency was turned over to their disposal. They were allowed to experiment with make-up, try on hats, use run-ways, and just plain have a good time. THE MAKE-UP counter where the girls ex- perimented with new and different things in the field of cosmetics. WAITING to be called for a personal interview 150 CRITICS CORNER: While contestant Grace Burr trys on a big hat, Mary Tochterman and Linda Harris stand by to give their opinions. AN UNSUSPECTING QUEEN, Pat Worm- wood, goes beachcomber with a floppy straw hat. TRYING THE RUN-WAY out for size, future Princess, Sabra Paris, gets the " hang " of it. TALON QUEEN PAT WORMWOOD SABRA PARIS TALON PRINCESS 153 MORE PRINCESSES . . . DOTTIE BRODT 154 JOANNE EDEN FOR THE TALON NOW an A.T.O. Rumble is strictly the MOST! AND, THEN, I went skittering down the halls of MGM! MUCH SONG from Sigma Rho, who did everything from sophisticate to athletic. THE WEEKENDS (alias the Holidays, AXO style) let loose with some song, song, song. 166 TALON SKIT NITE PRESENTING, the TALON beauty Queen of 1958, Pat Wormwood. BE-BOP, DE LA LA! The Holidays thrilled the audience with their singing during the breaks between skits. THE QUEEN and her court, just after her name was announced. ELLIOT DENNIBERG doesn ' t look like he believes Clint Miller . . . they co-M.C. ' d Skit Nite, and did a fabulous job. 1 ■ - 1 1 1 m 1 if i w I 1 IT ■« • B im SKITS SPOOF SCHOOL EVEN THE KD ' s can ' t think the food is THAT bad . . . or can they? PHI MU plays " Medic " in this scene . . . those nurses look rather sick themselves. Oh well, that was the general idea. We hope all the groups had fun putting on their skits, we sure had fun producing them. A.T.O. emerged victorious with " Behind the Scenes with Our D.J. " and Phi Alu did all right with " Night Peak. " Our apologies to Phi Sig, but their " Dead on Arrival " was sooooo gruesome, our photog. forgot how to take pictures! CLARK HALL had a different skit, to say the least. Judges for Skit Nile were Don Hearn of The Washington Daily News, Leo Sullivan of The Washington Post and Times Hetald, and Mary Stuart Price. Public Relations Director of the Sheraton-Carlton Hotel. Our thanks to Brad Willis for Lighting and Paul Helmer for the mikes. Also to the Holidays, Elliot Denniberg and Clint Miller. THE ALPHA SIGS gave us a new Alma Mater. What was that line about Mrs. Nichols ' girls? HONORS . . . PRESIDENT ANDERSON speaking at Honors Convocation Student Association Officers 1958-1959 if $ . s ■I )■■ ll RICH GERARD JACK KREUTER LAURA GEIST 159 JOANNE EDEN INTER-FRATERNITY QUEEN 160 DR. CLARK receives a plaque from IFC President, Manny Fleisher, for his serv- ice to IFC. TRIPPING the light fantastic. THE SPIN of the wheel picks the Queen. WHERE SINGING REALLY RATES A M.C. ED WALKER and wife, Nancy, look over WAMU ' s set up at Songfest. OUTSTANDING Fraternity Man, A.T.O. ' s Jack Patrick, receives his trophy from Dean Bentley. THE OUTSTANDING Sorority Woman, Phi Mu ' s Ginger Porter, receives her trophy from Dean Stevens. SANDRA DAMEWOOD AND FRANK WEISS PROM KING AND QUEEN 164 PROM NITE ' 58 EVEN ALUMNI come back for the Prom, in Bermudas yet! For this year ' s Junior-Senior Prom, we took over the ballroom of the Shoreham Hotel. It was THE big Spring dance of the year, and everyone had a ball. As in past years, a Prom King and Queen were chosen from members of the graduating senior class. Sandra Damewood and Frank Weiss took the honors for the class of 1958. They could have danced all night— 165 LOOKING THE NAVY, Marines, Army, and Air Force pay A.U. a visit once a year to discuss careers. Here an A.U. student talks things over with the Navy. Careers, School Expansion, and so on THE JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT sponsored a " Journalism Day " this year, in which members of high school publication staffs from as far away as Quantico participated. 166 TO THE FUTURE £ - .UUAIICP FAULKNER. KINGSBURY STENHOUSE ARCH ' SbS? WiLBERDING CO.. INC. JAMES M. GONGWER A ENGINEER ENGINEER CHAS. H. " , -Sa GETTING THE " ONCE-OVER ' i 1 1 WORKING For the Future The academic procession moves past McKinley. COMMENCEMENT 170 The 1958 Commencement was the University ' s Forty- Fourth. The invocation was given by Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, with the address given by Senator John J. Sparkman. Honorary degrees were given to Melvin E. Wheatley, Jr. (Doctor of Divinity); Pauline Frederick (Doctor of Hu- mane Letters); Ralph Stoody (Doctor of Letters); Willard Paul (Doctor of Laws); and Alan Waterman (Doctor of Laws ) . THE HONORABLE JOHN J. SPARKMAN, U.S. Senator, was the 1958 Commencement speaker. The Senator is a Trustee of the Uni- versity. SENIORS Redwoods, California A path to new goals to conquer COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES LaVerne Allen Erwin Alpem Rebecca Artis Nancy Asher Robert Baird Wash., D. C. New Castle, Pa. Wash., D. C. New York, N. Y. Wash., D. C. (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) Barbara Brodsky Doris Brodt Margaret Byrne Joseph Cannon Glenda Casey Wash., D. C. Arlington, Va. Chevy Chase, Md. Wash., D. C. Arlington, Va. (B.A.) (B.A.) (BJV.) (B.A.) (B.A.) COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES [ary Crickman Norman Davis Ruth Dinkle Wash., D. C. Chevy Chase, Md. Millersville, Md (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) Jean Dixon Vandemere, N. C. (B.A.) Dorothy Fasbender Huntington, N. Y. (B.A.) Marianell Fink Arlington, Va. (B.A.) Nancy Garretson Mt. Pleasant, Iowa (B.A.) Guy Gilkeson Herndon, Va. (B.A.) JPrenn Gilkeson Jose Gimenez Benjamin Glymph Herndon, Va. Barquisimeto, Venezuela Wash., D. C. (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) Dianne Hall Mitchellville, Md. (B.A.) 174 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Mary Hitchcock Wash., D. C. (B.A.) Ann s Hoesterey Roch ester, N. Y. (B.A.) 4 ij A 1 I Richard Holmes Takoma Park, Md. (B.A.) John H. Jones Kensington, Md. (B.A.) Barbara Kappler Kensington, Md. (B.A.) Orlando Kibbe Morris Kiddy Middlesex, N. J. Buckhannon, W. Va (B.A.) (B.A.) George Knarr Albert Leary Donald Levine York, Pa. Falls Church, Va. Forest Hills, N. Y (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) Leonard Jaskol Roland Jenkins Rego Park, N. Y. Arlington, Va. (B.A.) (B.A.) Sheldon Liss Peggy Lodeesen Nicholas Marien Valerie Markwood Roy Mayer Philadelphia, Pa. Memphis, Tenn. Bristol, Conn. Wash., D. C. Jamaica, N. Y (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Robert McClees Linda Mondrago Wash., D. C. Bethesda, Md. (B.A.) (B.A.) Robert Morey Wash., D. C. (B.A.) James Morgan Poolsville, Md. (B.A.) Ma Ni Ni Rangoon, Burma (B.A.) Francis Moriarty Fitchburg, Mass. (B.A.) Joan Nugent Crestwood, N. Y. (B.A.) Jean O ' Connor Catherine Oglivie Robert Pal Chester, Pa. Arlington, Va. (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) Mary Paris Philip Parkinson Diane Perkins William Petrini Glen Pond Wash., D. C. Annapolis, Md. Silver Spring, Md. Wash., D. C. Arlington, Va (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Virginia Porter Robert Posner Patricia Rice Robert Sandin Barbara Schreck Scranton, Pa. Wash., D. C. Wash., D. C. Arlington, Va. Long Island, N. Y (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) Fay Smith Miriam Smith Wash., D. C. Brooklyn, N. Y (B.A.) (B.A.) Sarah Smith Burton Stephens Robert Streeter Culpeper, Va. Frederick, Md. Sierra Vista, Ariz (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) Virginia Swartz antown, Md. (B.A.) Edward Thomas Chevy Chase, Md. (B.A.) COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES David Tom Diane Trenery Anthony Valente Kenneth Walter [ " owson, Md. Keansburg, N. J. Ashton, Md. Damascus, Md. (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) John Walters Phyllis Wellenreiter Wash., D. C. Schenectady, N. Y. CB.A.) (B.A.) Nathalie Wells Wash., D. C. Phyllis Wetzel New York, N. Y. (B.A.) Dorma Willoughby Westgate, Md. (B.A.) Frances Wood Richard Woolley Do Yim John Busby Nimrod Hall, Va. West Hartford, Conn. Seoul, Korea Wash., D. C (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Janet Ordower Newark, N. J. (A.A.) rtfltE )avid Johnson Ronald Ladd Dick Lam Frank Weiss Oliver Bryk Wash., D. C. Sau It Ste. Marie, Mich. Wash., D. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. Wash., D. C. (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) (M.A.) SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Thaddeus Walters Wash., D. C. (A.B.A.) Raymond Alcorn Silver Spring, Md. (B.S.) Ernest Clifford Joel Comito Austin Deibert Silver Spring, Md. Brooklyn, N. Y. Bethseda, Md. (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) Urban Donnelly Silver Spring, Md. (B.S.) Jeremiah Donovan Arlington, Va. (B.S.) Roy Drummond Jerry Fitzgibbons Arlington, Va. Glen Ellyn, 111. (B.S.) (B.S.) Manfred Fleischer Ozone Park, N. Y. (B.S.) Martha Folea Richard Gay Robert Ginsburg Raymond Grayson Robert Green Hyattsville, Md. Wash., D. C. Wash., D. C. Wash., D. C. Scranton, Pa. (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) 180 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Horace Highsmith Riverdale, Md. (B.S.) n il Robert Hollemai Arlington, Va. (B.S.) Marvin Loewy James Louie Gerald McCormick Wash., D. C. Easton, Md. Arlington, Va. (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) Arthur Jaffe Arlington, Va. (B.S.) Walter Merrell Bertram Meyers Mera Mounsey Kenneth Munsey Joseph Murphy Amity, Oregon Wash., D. C. Wash., D. C. Wash., D. C. Hyattsville, Md (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) 181 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Thomas Outerbridge Tilton, Ga. (B.S.) ' hf David Ridgway Arlington, Va. (B.S.) athan Robinson Irvin Rose Mohammad Sawwaf Wash., D. C. Wash., D. C. Damascus, Syria (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) Hans Vollmecke Lynn Wall Colin Weir Larry Wiley Souheil Elia Elia Wash., D. C. Sar Bernardino, Calif. Adelphi, Md. Lorton, Va. Beirut, Lebanon (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) (B.S.) (M.B.A.) Estrada Bernard Sandra Damewood Jack Patrick Kenneth Rollins Joseph Sarisky Wash., D. C. Arlington, Va. Tonawanda, N. Y. Leesburg, Va. Atlas, Pa. (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) (B.A.) Carolyn Shary Baldwin, N. Y. (B.A.) f ' I I James Short Takoma Park, Md. (B.A.) Richard Ottman Arlington, Va. (B.S.) Edgar Williams Wash., D. C. (B.S.) Richard Belling Wash., D. C. (L.L.B.) Thomas Dudley Donald Jacobs John McCoIlum Linton, Ind. Wash., D. C. Camden, N. J. (L.L.B.) (L.L.B.) (L.L.B.) Samuel Moore Mitchell Myers Theo. Polydoroff Marvin Schneck Al Stallone Alexandria, Va. Wash., D. C. Wash., D. C. Wash., D. C. Wash., D. C (L.L.B.) (L.L.B.) (L.L.B.) (L.L.B.) (L.L.B.) SENIOR DIRECTORY ALLEN, La VERNE . . . page 173— Washington, D. C. ALPERN, ERWIN A. . . . page 173 — New Castle, Pennsylvania— B.S. Economics — Pi Gamma Mu; Economics Club, 3, 4; Veterans Club 3 ARTIS, REBECCA ANN . . . page 173— Washington, D. C, EM 3-2908— English — Alpha Chi Omega; F.T.A. 2, 3; Alpha Chi Omega Treasurer 3 ASHER, NANCY . . . page 173 — New York, New York — Elementary Education BAIRD, ROBERT L. . . . page 173 — Washington, D. C, WO 6-8588 — Economics — Economics Club 3; Wrestling Team 3 BALCOM, ROGER C. . . . page 173 — Washington, D. C, EM 3-3420 — Psychology — Alpha Sigma Phi; M.S.M. 1, 2; Wrestling 1 BAXTER, MILDRED G. . . . page 173— Alexandria, Va., KI 8-0749— Music BELL, ROBERT L. . . . page 173— Washington, D. C, RA 3-4829— Art — Alpha Sigma Phi; Alpha Phi Omega, V.-Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Science Club 1, 2; A. U. Players 3; College Council 2; Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class; Treasurer, Junior Class; Orientation Board 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Board 3; Intramural Athletics 1, 2, 3, 4 BELLAK, RICHARD F. . . . page 173— Washington, D. C, WO 6-8244— English— Tennis Team 1, 2; Hillel 1, 2; S.A.M. 1, 2; Pan Athnon 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2 BLITGEN, ELIZABETH P. . . . page 173 — Washington, D. C. — Music BLOOM, DIANNE G. . . . page 173 — Larchmont, New York — Inter- national Relations — Delta Phi Epsilon BOAL, LESLEY . . . page 173 — Winnetka, Illinois — Sociology — Phi Mu — Women ' s " A " Club 3, 4; Intramural Sports 3, 4; Chorus 3; Orienta- tion Board BRIGHT, ROBERT EDWARD . . . page 173 — Wildwood, New Jersey — Economics — Alpha Sigma Phi; Manager Swimming Team and Tennis Team 4; A. U. Players BRODSKY, BARBARA SONIA . . . page 173— Washington, D. C— B.A. Education — Alpha Chi Omega 2, 3, 4 BRODT, DORIS A. . . . page 173— Arlington, Va., KE 6-8484— Psy- chology and Education — Kappa Delta; Cap Gown; Women ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Athletic Board 2; Orientation Board 2; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Panhellenic Council 3; TALON Princess 4 BYRNE, MARGARET CHURCH . . . page 173— Chevy Chase, Mary- land, OL 2-7859 — Elementary Education — Delta Gamma; Future Teach- ers of America 4 CANNON, JOSEPH ALOYSIUS, Jr. . . . page 173— Washington, D. C. — Sociology — Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Delta Epsilon; Orientation Board 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Board 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; (Captain 3, 4) College Council Merit Award 3; A. U. Players 2, 3, 4; Aquiana 4; Varsity " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Talon 2, 3, 4; German Club 2, 3; Society of Asclepios 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Alpha Psi Omega 4 CASEY, GLENDA SUE . . . page 173— Arlington, Va.— History- Delta Gamma; Who ' s Who; Phi Alpha Theta; Cap Gown; College Council 3; Pan-Hellenic Council 3, 4; History Club 4; Orientation Board 3, 4; Sophomore Queen of Hearts; Talon Beauty Queen Runner- up 3, Pan-Hellenic Scholarship Award 4; Myer Foundation Scholarship Award 3, 4; M.S.M. 2, 4; Homecoming Queen; W.A.M.U. 2; EAGLE 2, 3; TALON 2, 3; Senior Class Secretary 4; Fire Warden 2 CLEMENTS, GERALD GUY . . . page 174 — Arlington, Va., KE 6-8731 — Philosophy — Philosophy Club COBB, CHARLES W. . . . page 174— Hyattsville, Md., HE 4-1353 — Economics — S.A.M. 3; Veterans Club 2, 3; Economics Club 4 COOKE, WALTER S. . . . page 174— Washington, D. C, T. A. 9-2915 — Art — Chess Club, Art Committee CORDREY, RICHARD I .. . . page 174— Wilmington, Delaware- Psychology — Alpha Sigma Phi CORREY, JOAN . . . page 174 — Washington, D. C, Elementary Edu- cation CRICKMAN, MARY SUSAN McHENRY . . . page 174— Washington, D. C, WO 6-5594— English— English Honorary 3, 4; WRITER 3; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Unitarian Club 4 DAVIS, NORMAN M. . . . page 174 — Chevy Chase, Md.— English- Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4; W.A.M.U. 1, 2; EAGLE 2; WRITER 2, 3, 4; English Honorary 3; TALON 4; Hillel 3 DINKLE, RUTH G. . . . page 174 — Millersville, Indiana— Elementary Education DIXON, JEAN M. . . . p age 174 — Vandemere, North Carolina — Edu- cation EDEN, JOANNE ELIZABETH . . . page 174— Washington, D. C, WO 6-5333 — English Literature — Phi Mu; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Orientation Board 2, 3, 4 FASBENDER, CAROL D. . . . page 174— Centerport, New York- Sociology — Alpha Delta Pi; Canterbury Club 1, 2; Intramural Basket- ball, Softball, Volleyball 3, 4 FINK, MARIANELL B. . . . page 174— Arlington, Va„ JA 7-3556— English— M.S.M. 2, 4; Student N.E.A. 4; A. U. Players 2 GARRETSON, NANCY A. . . . page 174— Mt. Pleasant, Iowa— History GILKESON, GUY M. . Elementary Education GILKESON, WRENN B nomics — Phi Epsilon Pi; Pan Athnon 1, 2, 3; Pres. 4; Soccer 1, 2; Debate Club 3; Economic Club 3, 4 GLYMPH, BENJAMIN MARKHAM . . . page 174 — Washington, D. C, OL 6-6705 — Communications — Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Delta Chi HALL, DIANNE . . . page 174 — Mitchellville, Md.— Art Education- Kappa Delta Epsilon; Student N.E.A. 3, 4; Art Committee 4 HITCHCOCK, MARY . . . page 175— Washington, D. C— Philosophy and Religion HOESTEREY, ANNE MARIE . . . page 175— Rochester, New York- History — Delta Gamma; History Club 3, 4; Philosophy Club 3; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Varsity Volleyball 3, 4; Swimming 4 HOLMES, RICHARD GIBSON . . . page 175— Takoma Park, Md., JU 9-5793 — Radio-Television — Sigma Alpha Epsilon JASKOL, LEONARD R. . . . page 175— Rego Park 74, New York JENKINS, ROLAND H. . . . page 175 — Arlington, Va.— Communica- tions — Alpha Sigma Phi; Pi Delta Epsilon; W.A.M.U. 1, 2, 3, 4; News Sports Director 3; Chief Announcer 4; Intramural Council 3, 4: Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Communications Board 3; Orientation Board 4 JONES, JOHN B. . . . page 175— Washington, D. C, TA 9-7 871 — Sociology — Alpha Sigma Phi 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4; Pan American 2; Junior Alliance Francaise 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3; Men ' s " A " Club 3, 4; EAGLE 3, 4; M.S.M. 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 3, 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4 JONES, JOHN HARTLEY . . . page 175— Kensington, Md., LO 5-0186 —English— Phi Sigma Kappa; WRITER 3, 4; Pan Athnon 4; Inter- fraternity Council 4 KAPPLER, BARBARA A. . . . page 175— Kensington, Md., LO 4-0142 — History — Alpha Chi Omega; Pan Ametican 1, 4; Intetnational Rela- tions Club 4 KIBBE, ORLANDO R. . . . page 175 — Middlesex, New Jersey — Music and Religion — Alpha Sigma Phi; Chorus 3, 4; Kappa Phi Kappa 4; Student Union Committee: M.S.M. 3, 4; Religious Board 4; Co-chair- man University Religious Conference 4; Orientation Board 4 page 175 — Buckhannon, West Virginia — . page 175 — York, Pennsylvania — Economics S.A.M. 1, 2; Lutheran Club 4 . . . page 175 — Pensacola, Florida — Elemen- F.lementary Education GIMENEZ, JOSE V. page 174— Herndon, Va., PL 9-2218- . page 174— Herndon, Va., PL 9-22 IS— page 174 — Barquisimeto, Venezuela — Eco- KIDDY, MORRIS R Biology KNARR, GEORGE R. . — Economic Club 1, 2, ■ LEARY, ALBERT D., J tary Education LEVINE, DONALD L. . . . page 175— Forest Hills, New York— Com- munications, Radio-TV— Phi Epsilon Pi; S.A.M. 1; W.A.M.U. 2, 3, 4 LISS, SHELDON B. . . . page 175 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — History — Student Bar Association; Varsity Swimming 3, 4; Law Review; Varsity " A " Club 3, 4 LODEESEN, PEGGY J. . . . page 175 — Memphis, Tennessee — Inter- national Relations, N.E.A.; Dean ' s List MARIEN, NICHOLAS L. . . . page 175— Bristol Connecticut— Eco- nomics — Phi Sigma Kappa; Economic Club 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, Veterans Club MARKWOOD, VALERIE M. . . . page 175— Washington, D. C. — Psychology— Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4; EAGLE 2, 3; Copy Editor TALON 2; Aquiana 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Chairman 2; Class Secretary 3; Class Vice- President 4; Spring Weekend Committee 3; Orientation Board 3, 4; Chairman Who ' s Who Awards Committee 4; College Council 4; Constitutional Revision Committee 4; Student Union Committee 4 MAYER, ROY C. . . . page 175 — Jamaica, New York — Economics — Alpha Tau Omega; Social Board; Lutheran Club 1; Economics Club 2; Mens Residence Council 1; House Council 2; Soccer McCLEES, ROBERT C . . . page 176— Washington, D. C— History —History Club 2, 3; President 4; M.S.M. 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Veterans Club 3, 4; Kappa Phi Kappa MONDRAGON, LINDA de M. . . . page 176 — Bethesda, Maryland- History — Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Alpha Theta, Seecretary; Pi Gamma Mu, Secretary; Cap Gown, Secretary; Pan American Club 2, 3; Secre- tary 4; Canterbury Club 1, 2; History Club 1, 2, 3 MOREY, ROBERT E. . . . page 176 — Washington, D. C— Economics — Alpha Sigma Phi MORGAN, JAMES R. . . . page 176 — Poolesville, Maryland— Phi- losophy MORI ARTY, FRANCIS J. . . . page 176 — Fitchburg, Massachusetts- History — Alpha Tau Omega — Phi Alpha Theta; Pi Gamma Mu; Delta Sigma Rho; History Club; Newman Club; A. U. Players; Class Presi- dent 4 MOSBY, MURIEL A page 176— Washington, D. C— Psychology — Newman Club 2, 3 MRAZ, RONALD J. . dent Music C lub 4 NACHTMAN, JOHN T. . . page 176 — Bethesda, Maryland— Public- Relations — American Public Relations Association President 4 NI NI, MA . . . page 176 — Rangoon, Burma — International Relations Organization NUGENT, JOAN C. . . . page 176 — Bronxville, New York— Art- French Club — Chorus, Methodist Club O ' CONNOR, JEAN K. . . . page 176 — Chester, Pennsylvania — Com- munications — Delta Gamma; Alpha Psi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi; Cap Gown; W.A.M.U. 1, 2, 3; EAGLE 1, 2, 3, 4; A. U. Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Scholastic Achievement Board 2; Orientation Board 2, 3, 4; Communi- cations Board 4; International Relations Club 4; Intramurals 2, 3 page 176 — Sterling, Va. — Music — Vice-Presi SENIOR DIRECTORY OGLIVIE, CATHERINE L. . . . page 176 — Arlington, Va. — History — Kappa Delta Epsilon; M.S.M. 1; President 2; Vice-President 3, 4; His- tory Club 1, 2; Treasurer 3; Vice-President 4; Religious Board Chair- man 3, 4; F.T.A. 2, 3; Vice President 4; College Council 3, 4 PALMER, ROBERT E. B. . . . page 176 — College Park, Maryland- Economics — Pi Kappa Alpha; Delta Tau Phi PARIS, SABRA M. . . . page 176 — Washington, D. C. — Sociology — Phi Mu; Orientation 2, 3; Co-chairman 4; Social Board 3; Chairman 4; College Council 4; Women ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Inrramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Aquiana 2; EAGLE 3; TALON 3 PARKINSON, PHILIP D. . . . page 176 — Annapolis, Maryland— In- ternational Relations — International Relations Club 4; Political Science Club 4 PERKINS, DIANE J. . . . page 176 — Silver Spring, Maryland — Soci- ology — phi Mu; Publications Board 4; F.TA. 4; Orientation Board 4; N.E.A. 4 PETRINI, WILLIAM S. . . . page 176 — Washington, D. G— Com- munications — Alpha Sigma Phi; Pledge Class President 1, Pledgemaster 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Sigma Delta Chi 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 2, 3, 4; TALON; Photographer 1, Layout and Photography Editor 2; Editor-in-chief 3; EAGLE 1, 2; Arts Board 3; Publications Board 2, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who 4 POND, GLEN D. . . . page 176 — Arlington, Virginia — Elementary Education — Alpha Sigma Phi; Kappa Phi Kappa, Corr. Sec; Orientation Board 3, 4; F.T.A. 3; Student N.E.A. President 4; Alpha Sigma Phi Vice-President 4; President 4 PORTER, VIRGINIA D. . . . page 177 — Scranton, Pennsylvania — His- tory — Phi Mu; College Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 4; Scholastic Achieve- ment Board 1; Orientation Board 1, 2, 3, 4; Athletic Board 3; Class Vice-President 3; House Council Treasurer 3; President Women ' s Resi- dence Council 4; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 3; President 4; Delta Phi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 2, 3, 4; Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Secretary 3; Vice-President 4; Cap and Gown Treasurer 4; Phi Mu Vice-President 3, 4; EAGLE 1, 2, 3; WRITER Publicity Manager 2; A. U. Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 2; Best Actress of Year 1955-56; Women ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Intramural 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain 4; Washing- ton Panhellenic Award 1956; College Council Merit Awards 1955, 1957; Cap and Gown Award to Outstanding Freshman Woman; Dean ' s. List 1, 2, 3, 4; Golder Alumni Scholarship; Panhellenic Scholarship POSNER, ROBERT B. . . . page 177 — Washington, D. G — Art — Arts Board 2; Art Students Committee 1, 3, 4 RICE, PATRICIA D. . . . page 177— Washington, D. G— Sociology- Publications Board 1; Intramurals 1; EAGLE 1; Chess Club 2; Canter- bury Club 2, 3, 4; Religious Board 3 SANDIN, ROBERT B. . . . page 177 — Arlington, Virginia — Journalism Sigma Delta Chi Secretary 2; President 3 SCHRECK, BARBARA L. . . . page 177— Floral Park, L. I., New York — Sociology-Delta Gamma; Kappa Delta Epsilon; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Health Welfare Committee 1; W.A.M.U. 1; Freshmen Class Secretary; Intramurals 1, 2, 3 SEIN, MAUNG N. . . . page 177 — Rangoon, Burma — International Relations and Organization SMITH, COLINDA G. . . . page 177 — Washington, D. G— Elementary Education — Kappa Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon — Women ' s " A " Club 3, 4; Elections Board 3; Secretary 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Secretary 4 SMITH, DANIEL G . . . page 177— Washington, D. G— Philosophy SMITH, FAY M. . . . page 177— Washington, D. G— Sociology SMITH, MINDY L. . . . page 177— Brooklyn, New York— Drama- Phi Mu; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Psi Omega; A. U. Players 2; WRITER 2; Sophomore Class Secretary; College Council 3; Dean ' s List 2; Social Chairman 1 SMITH, SARAH K. . . . page 177 — Culpeper, Virginia— Philosophy, Religion and Art; Pan Athnon 3; Judicial Court 3, 4; Philosophy Club 4 STEPHENS, BURTON W. . . . page 177— Frederick, Maryland— Psy- chology — Alpha Sigma Phi; Pi Delta Epsilon; W.A.M.U. 1, 2, 3, 4; News Sports Director 2; Station Manager 3, 4; Communications Board 2, 3; Orienration Board 3, 4; Soccer 1; Captial Network Program Co- ordinator 2; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Publications Board 3 STREETER, ROBERT G. . . . page 177— Sierra Vista, Arizona— Com- munications— Theta Chi; W.A.M.U. 1, 2, 3, 4; EAGLE 2; Chess Club 1, 2, 4; TALON 4 STUMP, RICHARD B. . . . page 177— Cumberland, Maryland— Eco- nomics — Economics Club; S.A.M. SWARTZ, THOMAS R. . . . page 177— Harrisburg, Pennsylvania— Psy- chology SWARTZ, VIRGINIA L. . . . page 177— Germantown, Maryland- Elementary Education — F.T.A. 3, 4 TAPNER, DIANE T. . . . page 177— Washington, D. G— English and Philosophy— Phi Mu; Pi Delta Epsilon; A. U. Players 1, 2, 3; EAGLE 1, 2, 3; Editor 4; WRITER 2; Publications Board 2; Chairman 3; College Council 3; Student Judiciary 3; Student Health and Welfare Commirtee ; Panhellenic Council 2, 3; Phi Mu Rush Chairman 3; Social Chair- man 4; Philosophy Club 4; Talon Beaury Princess 3 THOMAS, EDWARD C, III . . . page 177— Chevy Chase, Maryland- Economics — Alpha Tau Omega; Delta Psi Omega; Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3, 4 TOM, DAVID . . . page 178 — Towson, Maryland — Psychology — Pan Anthon, 2, 3, 4 TRENERY, DIANE V. . . . page 178— Keansburg, New Jersey— Ele- mentary Education — Kappa Delta; Elections Board 2; Finance Com- mittee 3; Cheerleader 2, 3; Captain 4; House Council Secretary 3; President 4; Women ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 4; President Kappa Delta 4; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3; Vice-President 4; Intra and Extra Mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 VALENTE, ANTHONY F. . . . page 178— Ashton, Maryland— Com- munications — Alpha Tau Omega; Vererans Club 3 WALTER, KENNETH A. . . . page 178— Damascus, Maryland— His- tory — Elections Board Chairman 2; Presidenr of Dormitory 2; Vice- President Men ' s Residence Council 2; Junior Class President; Co-Author Student Association Constitution; Chairman Constitution Committee 4 WALTERS, JOHN E. . . . page 178— Washington, D. G— English Literature — Hillel 1 WELLENREITER, HOPE . . . page 178— Schenectady, New York- History — Canterbury Club Secretary 3; President 4; History Club 3; Secretary 4 WELLS, NATHALIE B. . . . page 178— Washington, D. G— Sociology — Philosophy Club; Sociology Club WERTZ, MELVIN J. . . . page 178— Washington, D. G— Communi- cations WETZEL, PHYLLIS I. . . . page 178— New York, New York— Ele- mentary Education — Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4; W.A.M.U. 1, 3; A. U. Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3; N.E.A. 4 WILLOUGHBY, DORMA H. . . . page 1 7 8— Westgate, Maryland- Elementary Education — N.E.A. 4 WOOD, FRANCES M. . . . page 178— Nimrod Hall, Virginia— Music Education WOOLLEY, RICHARD O. . . . page 178— West Hartford, Connecticut —Communications— W.A.M.U. 2, 3, 4; EAGLE 3, 4; TALON 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Veterans Club 3, 4 YIM, DO M. . . . page 178 — Seoul, Korea — Psychology BUSHBY, ROSWELL F. . . . page 178— Washington, D. C, WO 6-4661 — Geology DAGGIT, ERMINIA Z. . . . page 179— Alexandria, Virginia, TE 6-3985 — Music — Music Club 4 GOODMAN, BAYLA . . . page 179— Washington, D. G— Biology HOCHMAN, MARILYN . . . page 179— Mount Vernon, New York- Sociology — Sigma Rho ORDOWER, JANET G . . . page 179— Newark, New Jersey— A. A. Education— Sigma Rho; W.A.M.U. 1, 2; Traffic Director W.A.M.U. 2; Hillel 1, 2; Secretary 2 PAPER, MARCIA L. . . . page 179— Washington, D. G— A. A. Edu- cation PARSONS, JUDITH M. . . . page 179— Scranton, Pa.— AA. SWEETEN, CHARLES B. . . . page 179— West Hyattsville, Maryland — A. A. History BOCKMAN, PETER . . . page 179— Scarsdale, New York— Geology — Phi Sigma Kappa; Chemistry Club 3; S.A.M. 1; Veterans Club 2 CROWN, RONALD FRANCIS . . . page 179— Seat Pleasant, Mary- land, RE 6-6304 — Distribured Sciences in Chemistry — Alpha Tau Omega; Beta Beta Beta; O.D.K.; Canterbury Club 2; Varsity Athletic Club 2, 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Cross Country 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track Captain 2, 3, 4; Health Welfare Committee; Athletic Board; Chemistry Club 2 DORF, MARTHA ROSE . . . page 179— Washington, D. G, RA 6-0049 — Chemistry — Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, 4 GRAY, WILLIS E. . . . page 1 79— Washington, D. C, TU 2-7459— Chemistry— Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3, 4; W.A.M.U. 1, 2, 3; Chess Club 1, 2 HAFNER, RALPH A. . . . page 179— Silver Spring, Maryland, JU 9-7839 — Distributed Sciences HIGGINS, MONTGOMERY . . . page 179— Washington, D. G, EM 3-3435 HULBURT, RICHARD S.. Jr. . . . page 179— Washington, D. G, AD 2-2947 — Distributed Sciences — Alpha Tau Omega; Beta Beta Beta; Stu- dent Association; Publication Board; Finance Committee; Society of Asclepius; Chemistry Club; Philosophy Club; Varsity Soccer 4; West- minster Foundation JOHNSON, DAVID E. . . . page 179— Washington, D. G, JO 2-7199 — Biology LADD, RONALD J. . . . page 179 — Sauk Ste. Marie, Michigan- Distributed Science — Kappa Phi Kappa; Beta Beta Beta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Men ' s " A " Club; Vice-President 4; Intramural Athletic Council 3; Student N.E.A. 4; Varsity Basketball 2; Varsity Track 2, 3, 4; Cap- tain 3, 4; Varsity Cross Country 3, 4; Captain 4 LAM. DICK G . . . page 179 — Washington, D. G— Physics— Chem- istry Club 4 WEISS, FRANK . . . page 179— Brooklyn, New York— Distributed Sciences — Phi Epsilon Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa, President 4; Phi Epsilon Pi Chaplain 4; Men ' s " A " Club 2, 3; President 4; Hillel 1, 2; Chemistry Club 2; Health Welfare Committee 4; Chairman Scholastic Achieve- ment Board 4; College Council 4; Varsity Cross Country, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 BRYK, OLIVER . . . page 179— Washington, D. G— MA. Economics — Honor Society; Who ' s Who; Graduate Assistant SENIOR DIRECTORY WALTERS, THADDEUS, Jr. . . . page 180— Washington, D. C— A. A. General Business ALCORN, RAYMOND W. . . . page 180— Silver Spring, Maryland, JU 8-1990 — Business Administration— S.A.M. 2, 3; Veterans Club 2 BERMAN, SANFORD A. . . . page 180— Brooklyn, New York — Busi- ness Administration — S.A.M. 4 BUNTING, ROBERT B. . . . page 180— Washington, D. C, EM 2-2183 — Accounting — Alpha Phi Omega; Swimming; Boy Scouts CAMPBELL, JAMES T. . . . page 180— Washington, D. C, EM 3-0577 — Business Administration — Alpha Tau Omega; Newman Club 3; S.A.M. 3, 4 CLIFFORD, ERNEST C. . . . page 180 — Silver Spring, Maryland, JU 5-4235 — Industrial Management — Phi Sigma Kappa COMITO, JOEL T. . . . page 180— Brooklyn, New York— Business- Phi Epsilon Pi; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club, Treasurer 3, 4; Athletic Board; Student Council DEIBERT, AUSTIN VANCE . . . page 180 — Silver Spring, Maryland, JU 8-9281 — Business Administration — S.A.M. 3, 4 DONNELLY, URBAN M. . . . page 180— Silver Spring, Maryland, JU 5-9584 — Business Administration — Phi Sigma Kappa, Baseball 2, 3, 4; Men ' s " A " Club 3, 4 DONOVAN, JEREMIAH E. . . . page 180— Arlington, Virginia, JA 5-2150 — Personnel Management — Alpha Tau Omega; O.D.K.; S.A.M. President; Orientation Board 2, 3, 4; Giant Food Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Football 2, 3; Softball 1, 2, 3 DRUMMOND, ROY N. . . . page 180— Arlington, Virginia, JA 8-1284 — Business Administration — Veteran ' s Club 3, 4; S.A.M. 3, 4 FITZGIBBONS, JERRY L. . . . page 180— Glen Ellyn, Illinois— Busi- ness Administration — Alpha Sigma Phi; W.A.M.U. 3; Soccer 3, 4; Men ' s Residence Council 3; Communications Board 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4; S.A.M. 3, 4; Arthur Godfrey Scholarship; Finance Committee 3, 4 FLEISCHER, MANFRED M. . . . page 180— New York, New York- Business Administration — Phi Sigma Kappa, President 4; Inter-frater- nity Council FOLERA, MARTHA I. . . . page 180— Hyattsville, Maryland, HA 2-3346 — General Business — Zeta Tau Alpha; S.A.M. GAY, RICHARD C. . . . page 180— Washington, D. C, RA 3-7064— Personnel Management — Alpha Tau Omega; S.A.M. 3, 4 GINSBURG, ROBERT N . . . page 180— Washington, D. C, WO 6-8279 — Business Administration — Veteran ' s Club; S.A.M. 2, 3 GRAYSON, RAYMOND W., Jr. . . . page 180— Washington, D. C, DU 7-2221 — Business Administration — S.A.M. 1, 2, 3, 4; Economics Club 1, 2; Veteran ' s Club 1, 2, 3 GREEN, ROBERT L. . . . page 180 — Scranton, Pennsylvania — Business Administration — Sigma Chi HAIR, EUNICE F. . . . page 181 — Business Administration HARSHMAN, RICHARD A. . . . page 181— Arlington, Virginia, KI 9-5012 — Business Administtation — Alpha Sigma Phi; S.A.M. 4 HIGHSMITH, HORACE E. . . . page 181— Washington, D. C, WA 7-6793 — Accounting HOLLEMAN, ROBERT B. . . . page 181— Washington, D. C, JA 8-3861 — Business Administration — Track Team 1 JAFFE, ARTHUR S. . . . page 181— Brooklyn, New York— Business Administration KENNEDY, JAMES C . . . page 181 — Business Administration KERCHEVAL, JACK W. . . . page 181— Arlington, Virginia, JA 8-5525 — Business Administration — S.A.M.; Economics Club KEYS, RICHARD C. . . . page 181— Washington, D. C, AD 2-2848— Business Administration — Alpha Tau Omega; S.A.M. 2, 3, 4 KRAUSE, DONNA L. . . . page 181— East St. Louis, Illinois— Business Administration — M.S.M. 3, 4; Copy-Editor EAGLE 4; EAGLE 3; News- letters 3; S.A.M. 4 LAMOURE, LAWRENCE J. . . . page 181— Washington, D. C— Business Administration LOEWY, MARVIN R. . . . page 181— Washington, D. C. LOUIE, JAMES M. . . . page 181 — Easton, Maryland — Business Admin- istration — Pan Anthon I, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Tennis 1; Intramural Tennis 2, 3; S.A.M. 1, 2, 3; Treasurer Pan Anthon 4 McCORMICK, GERALD A. . . . page 181— Arlington, Virginia- Business Administration — S.A.M. 3; Veterans Club 3 MERRELL, WALTER C . . . page 181— Amity, Oregon— Business Ad- ministration MEYERS, BERTRAM H. . . . page 181— Washington, D. C— Business Administration — Phi Epsilon Pi; Religious Board 1, 2; Hillel 1, 2; S.A.M. 1, 2; Varsity Soccer 2; Varsity Wrestling 2; Tau Delta Chi Vice- President 2; President 3; I.F.C. 3; Debate Club 3; Student Bar Associa- tion 4 MOUNSEY, MERA E. . . . page 181— Washington, D. C— General Business MUNSEY, KENNETH B. . . . page 181— Washington, D. C— Business Administration — Alpha Tau Omega; Economics Club 1; S.A.M. 1, 2, 3; Vice-President 1; Varsity " A " Club 1, 2; Secretary 1; Treasurer Senior Class; Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-captain 1; Westminster Foundation; President, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3; Orientation Board 1, 2, 3; Alpha Tau Omega Scholarship Chairman 1; House Grounds Chairman 1 MURPHY, JOSEPH H. . . . page 181— Hyattsville, Matyland— Ac- counting — Treasurer; S.A.M. OUTERBRIDGE, THOMAS W. . . . page 182— Washington, D. C— Business Administration — Phi Sigma Kappa; Veterans Club 2, 3; S.A.M. 2, 3 RIDGWAY, DAVID B. . . . page 182— Arlington, Virginia— Business Administration — S.A.M. 3, 4; Veterans Club 3 ROBINSON, NATHAN C. . . . page 182— Washington, D. C— Busi- ness Administration — Accounting — Student Christian Fellowship 1, 2 ROSE, IRVIN . . . page 182 — Arlington, Virginia, JA 7-8347 — Business Administration SAWWAF, FAEZ . . . page 182 — Damascus, Syria — Business Admin- istration SCOTT, WILLIAM . . . page 182— Flushing, New York— Business Ad- ministration — Phi Sigma Kappa; Swimming 1; W.A.M.U. 1, S.A.M. SEARLS, AUREL B. . . . page 182 — Washington, D. C— General Busi- ness SELLERS, WINFRED R. . . . page 182 — Lamesa, Texas — Accounting SHERMAN, NEIL . . . page 182— Washington, D. C— Business Ad- ministration — Phi Epsilon Pi; Hillel 3; S.A.M. 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4 SHUFELT, WAYNE E. . . . page 182— Ridgely, Maryland— Industrial Management — Alpha Sigma Phi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity " A " Club 2, 3, 4; College Council 4; Men ' s Residence Council 3; President Hughes Hall 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Orientation Board 3; Athletic Board 3; Elections Board Chairman 4; S.A.M. 1, 4; News- letter Editor 4; EAGLE 2, 3, 4; Sports Editor 2, 3 STUBS, CHARLES R. . . . page 182— Washington, D. C— Business Administration — Phi Sigma Kappa TALBOTT, LELAND E. . . . page 182 — Arlington, Virginia — Business Administration THOMPSON, EDWARD R. . . . page 182— Fairfax, Virginia— Busi- ness Administration — Alpha Psi Omega; S.A.M. 3, 4 VOLLMECKE, HANS W. . . . page 182— Washington, D. C— Trans- po rtation — Phi Sigma Kappa; Veterans Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Freshman Basketball Coach 3; Finance Committee 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Kappa Treasurer 3; President 4; Orientation Board 4; I.F.C. 3, 4 WALL, LYNN A. . . . page 182— San Bernardino, California— Busi- ness Administration WEIR, COLIN H. ministration WILEY, LARRY C istration ELIA, SOUHEIL E. ness Administration BERNARD, ESTRADA J Science — Soccer 3, 4 DAMEWOOD, SANDRA J. . . . page 183— Arlington, Virginia, KE 6-7273 — Political Science — Phi Mu; Cap Gown, President 4; Orienta- tion Board 1, 2, 3; College Council 4; Apple Blossom Princess 3; Pan- hellenic 4; President Phi Mu 4 PATRICK, JACK W. . . . page 183— Buffalo, New York— Polticial Science — Alpha Tau Omega; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu Scholastic Achievement Board 1; Chairman 2; Elections Board 3; Parlia mentarian Student Association 2; Student Association Comptroller 4 Chairman Constitutional Revision Committee 3; Finance Committee 4 Cross Country 3; Men ' s " A " Club 4; I.F.C. Treasurer 2; Secretary 4 Alpha Tau Omega Treasurer 3; President 4 ROLLINS, KENNETH B. . . . page 1 8 3— Leesburg, Virginia— Political Science — Delta Sigma Rho; President Student Association 4; College Council 1, 2, 3; Pan Anthon 1, 2; Debating Society 2, 3; S.A.M. 3, 4; M.S.M. 1, 2, 3, 4; W.A.M.U. 1, 2; Political Club 4; Men ' s Residence Council 3; Orientation Board 3, 4 SARISKY, JOSEPH L. . . . page 183— Atlas, Pennsylvania— Political Science — Newman Club 1, 2, 4; Political Club 2, 4; Philosophy Club 2, 4; Veterans Club 1; S.A.M. 2 SHARY, CAROLYN A. . . . page 183— Baldwin, L.I., New York- Political Science — Pi Beta Phi; Orientation Board 4; Political Club 3, 4; Scholastic Achievement Board 4 SHORT, JAMES W. . . . page 183— Takoma Park, Maryland— Political Science — Political Club President; S.A.M OTTMAN, RICHARD F Administration WILLIAMS, EDGAR D lie Administration LIGHT, MARGARET A. . . . page 183— London, Kentucky— M. A. Government and Political Science — Alpha Chi Omega; Honor Society; Pi Sigma Alpha; Pi Gamma Mu, Vice-President; President English Honorary; WRITER Circulation Director; TALON; Religious Board; Senior Class Representative; Orientation Board: Economics Club; Public Administration Internship; Forensic Society Secretary; Pi Gamma Mu National Scholarship; Pi Gamma Mu Award for 1957 Outstanding Member BEATY, WILLIAM E. . . . page 183— Alexandria, Virginia— L.L.B.— Delta Theta Phi BELLINGER, RICHARD A. . . . page 183— Waterloo, Iowa— L.L.B. page 182 — Adelphi, Maryland — Business Ad- page 182 — Lorton, Virginia — Business Admin- . page 182 — Beirut, Lebanon — M. B. A. Busi- page 183 — Monsonia, Liberia — Political 111 page 183 — Portland, Oregon — Public page 183— Washington, D. C. — Pub- SENIOR DIRECTORY BROWN, CHARLES B. . . . page 183— Oskaloosa, Iowa — L.L.B. — Delta Theta Phi D ' AMELIO, MICHAEL C. . . . page 183— Frankfurt, New York— L.L.B. — Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Association 1, 2, 3; President 2; Law Review 1 DAWSON, JOHN H., Jr. . . . page 183— Rockville, Maryland— L.L.B. Delta Theta Phi 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 2; Student Bar Association, Vice- President 3; Business Editor Law Review 3 DUDLEY, TOMMIE G. . . . page 183 — Linton, Indiana — L.L.B. — Sigma Nu Phi JACOBS, DONALD W. . . . page 183 — Silver Spring, Maryland — L.L.B. McCOLLUM, JOHN E. . . . page 183— Camden, New Jersey — L.L.B. — Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Association MOORE, SAMUEL N. . . . page 183— Alexandria, Virginia— L.L.B. Delta Theta Phi; President Student Bar Association MYERS, MITCHELL . . . page 183— Washington, D. C— L.L.B.— Sigma Nu Phi POLYDOROFF, THEODORE . . . page 183— Falls Church, Virginia —L.L.B. SCHNECK, MARVIN E. . . . page 183— Washington, D. C— L.L.B. —Sigma Nu Phi; Who ' s Who; Law Review 1, 2, 3; Editor-in-chief 3; Appellate Moot Court Judge 3 STALLONE, ALBERT A. . . . page 183— Reading, Pennsylvania— L.L.B. Sigma Nu Phi; Who ' s Who; Omicron Delta Kappa; Law Review 1, 2, 3; Officer 2, 3; Appellate Moot Court Judge GRADUATED NOT PICTURED College of Arts and Sciences Bachelor of Arts Robert W. Andrews John M. Arbuckle Ann C. Bachmann Lawrence E. Baker Thomas G. Baker Grace G. Barall Marian Barb Matilene S. Berryman Beverly A. Bland Laura A. Brooks John L. Busby Jane Cherry Chi-ok Cho Paul C. Christopher Harry I. Clarkson Judith M. F. Cohen Frank G. Corder Colette Courtot Jane A. Coury David Davis Laszlo Dosa Joseph L. Douglas, Jr. George S. Flint Daren J. Flitcroft Russell Jay Flolo Jean M. Francis Delia S. Furzer Richard F. Galante Ezra Gebrat Samuel M. Greenhouse Joyce Lee Griffith Martin S. Halpern Janet M. Hamacher Jordan L. Harding Ashley L. Hawken Hans Hartmut Hechlet Cora V. Heyer Earl D. Hightower Nancy M. Hoffman Piccola A. Hughes Fuad Huneidi Robert B. Jackbi Bella W. Karpoff Woldezion M. Kelaty Helen K. Kim Kum Ja Kim John F. Krasny Vera R. Kruglak Marcia L. Lancaster Elizabeth S. Lane Ruth P. Ledbetter Insook Lee Mary L. Lilly John M. Littlepage, Jr. Carol L. Lodge Robert L. Lowe Juliette Lurie Herschel J. Lynch Richard H. Mader Mary C. McGarr Carol M. McNamee Charles A. Ogdon Arnaldo Otero James C. Parker Constantino Pereira Henry S. Prender John P. Presby Barbara Price Beryl D. Quinn William H. Randolph Michael Rascon John B. Ricketts Ruth I. Ritchey Elaine R. Sakai Gordon D. Sanborn Donald G. Sandstrom Randel H. Scharer Warren N. Scheer James L. Solomon Mozart I. Spector John W. Sprague Katsuyo L. Takeshita Margaret B. Theall Charles M. Tyson Thomas E. Vornberger Mary B. Watkins Alice H. Weber Allen Jack Weinstein William H. Wesp Donald A. Wheeler Earl S. Williams Richard S. Williams Wai Hoi Wong James R. Wright Associate in Arts Leigh H. Baldwin Natalie Clarkson Barbara L. Fink Parvaneh Khosropur lames C. Mason " Elizabeth M. Miller Donald E. Reilly Muhammad K. Shams Lilian Volins Virginia L. Wertz Bachelor of Science Bekele K Asfaw Sherman Chin Francis M. Dubocq Rose V. Favinger Donald J. Frendzel Edmund I. Kovach Jewell W. Kraft Arthur R. Levey William D. Long Albert Mac Chambers Gordon V. Oehser William H. Roberts Herman A. Schulteis, Jr. Joan E. Stakem Ted L. Stewart Leonard W. Wertz SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Associate in Business Administration Ruth I. Cargould Patricia Ann Wilson Bachelor of Science in Busir Administration James E. Arneson Nicholas A. Aspiotis Emory D. Barge John A. Berna Joe Bradshaw John J. Budzynski Marshall R. Butcher William R. Chesser Donald E. DeHaven Peter T. Dressier Hannah M. Dwyer Wallace Edington, Jr. James H. Evans Arvid A. Francis Edward R. Gardner, Jr. Robert H. Getts William J. Hannan James A. Henderson William T. Hines Forrest M. John, Jr. Thomas F. Krivak Thomas A. Lafley Felice J. Law Carroll D. Lee, Jr. Lloyd W. Lee Francis R. Lushe James C. Lynch Issac H. Mance John S. Mclnerney Coy Mercer, Jr. Matthew J. Miles Philip M. Morris Earl L. Morton William D. Noakes Charles C. O ' Connor Andrew Prokop lames W. Respess William G. Roylance, III Paul M. Sachs Jean Marie Seal Elizabeth L. Sewell Wayland H. Simms. Jr. Everette Spain Francis E. Thomas Paul A. Turner Daryle A. Wade David W. Ward Irving Ward SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Associate in Administration Willard G. Olsen Associate in Public Administration Lucille D. Adkins William L. Alcorn Gerald Bessell Louis J. Christina, Jr. Robert E. Higbie Ruby F. Floyd Willard M. McLaughlin Robert J. Rish Bachelor of Arts Peggy S. Amundson Milton Gordon Charles A. Meyers, Jr. Pauline R. Moore Lawrence P. Oliver William T. Rogerson Andrew L. Sommer John E. Thompson Bachelor of Science in Public Administration Virgil Lee Barr Waltzie D. Cooke John M. Eustace Mark K. Favinger James C. Freeman Andrew W. Jackson, Jr. Frank Mahnic, Jr. William G. McCarthy Jack C. Pleasant Frank M. Redburn Clair F. Ruths William Sher Mart Supasirivat Doris O. Wondel Franklin P. Wood Bachelor of Science in Social Science Arthur R. Dennert James N. Ryan WASHINGTON COLLEGE OF LAW Bachelor of Laws Richard W. Averill Benedict G. Ballman William Beaty Edward C. Bou Preston C. Carlisle Harvey A. David Maurice R. Dunie William P. Fennell John B. Flynn Robert L. Flynn Leslie C. Gay Gilbert Y. Gimble Karherine M. Greene Carl D. Hevener Elmer Hoist David Horton Philip S. Horwith William L. Jones, Jr. William Kaufman lames T. Kenney Walter T. Lloyd Anthony C. Morella Thomas A. Olsen Paul D. Orlich Eugene L. Pulliam Mary O. Raby James J. Ralabate Eric L. Richards Randolph R. Ruffin George M. Shepherd, Jr. Robert I. Smith Betty J. Southard John A. Welch Kenneth W. Whittaker Thomas R. Zaso Herbert K. Zearfoss 187 STUDENT DIRECTORY ABEL, ROBERT M., 2631 Pacific Ave, At- lantic Cty, N. J. ABOU, ELSAMH MOHHMED, 18)) New Hampshire Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. ABRAMS, JUDITH ANN, 144 Kmgi Point Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. ABRAMS, LEWIS, )117 Legation St., N. W ., Washington, D. C, EM 3-S02S ABRAMS, REBECCA ANN, 4))0 46th St., N W Washington, D. C, EM )-7S96 ACCARDI, VINCE J., 209) Gless Ave., Union, N. J., MU 6-6119 ACKERMANN, PETER GROSS, 16 Cortez St., Westfield, Mass. ACOSTA, SONIA E., 211! )7th St., N. W., Washington, DC. ADAIR, KATRINA L., 9 Southgate Ave., Annapolis, Md. . ADAMS, E. CARRIERE, 4704 Morgan Drive, Chevy Chase, Md., OL 2-4868 ADAMS, EDWARD LEE, 233 W. 6th St., Waynesboro, Pa. ADAMS, FRANCIS, 4509 Sangamore Rd„ Washington, D. C, OL 6-6098 ADAMS, RONALD C, 22S N. Main St., Blossburg, Pa., 72J ADDANA, MOHAM1N A., 1230 New Hamp- shire Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, FE 7-2)24 ADLER, GEORGIA, 6712 Clyde, Chicago, III. ADONA, ISABELLA ANNE, 421 Burbank St., S. E„ Washington, D. C. ADRIAN, WILLIAM R., 1636 Fort Davis St., S. E., Washington, D. C, LU 1-5645 AGEE, DUVAL W., 7720 Eastern Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, TA 9-4852 AGUERO, ELINA, 345 N. Edison St., Arling- ton, Va., JA 7-6488 ALBERT, ROBERT HENRY, 830 Crittenden St., N. W., Washington, D. C, RA 3-2221 ALBRECHT, FREDERICK C, 333 Montelaire Dr., Pleasants, lie, N. J. ALBRIGHT, VERNON LUCAS, 6229 West- acre Lane, Toledo, Ohio ALEXANDER. JOAN, 5404 Greystone St., Chevy Chase IS, Md., OL 4-5548 ALKIRE, ALAN R., 8710 2nd Ave., Silver Spring, Md., JU S-4006 ALLEN. PHILLIP D., Long Ln. S. S. Spirack. Far Hills, N. J. ALLERDICE. MARGARET, 5821 14th St., N. W„ Washington, D. C, TA 9-3106 ALLERTON, IOHN S., 1411 Martha Custis Dr.. Alexandria, Va., KI 9-8708 ALMARIO. ANTONIO, 3334 17th St., N. W.. Washington. D. C, AD 2-0887 ALOSIO. RUDOLPH VAL. 9 Windsor Ave.. E. Rutherford, N. J. ALTMAN. BRYAN D., 103 N. Frontenae Ave., Morgate City. N. J. ALVAREZ. LAURA E., 2115 N. W. 37th St., Washington 7, D. C, FE 3-6036 ANDERSON, ANNE A.. 4641 Windom PI.. N W.. Washington. D. C. ANDERSON. CARLENE J., 3905 212 St.. Bavside, N. Y. ANGER. CHARLES, 904 Tanley Rd., Silver Soring, Md., HF. 4-9440 ANTON. TASIE. 103 Victor St., N. E.. Washington. D. C, RA 6-6909 AOUINO, GUADALUPE. 1825 R St., N. W.. Washington, D. C, NO 7-6963 APISTOLAS. IAMES, 135 W. 79th St., New York. N. Y. APOSTOLKAS. IOHN. 7904 14th Ave.. Hvattsville, Md.. HE 4-6541 ARAGONA, IOHN A., 126 Florence St.. MamarHneck, N. Y. ARMAGHANIAN. LENORE. 100043 7!th Ave.. Forest Hills. N. Y. ARMSTRONG. RUTH. MJI 4th PL, N. W.. Washington. D. C, WO 6-3765 ARNFSON. ION HAROLD. 2931 Mass. Ave.. N. W.. Wa.hin»tnn. D. C. EM 2-9256 ARNOLD, FRANCIS F... 1H2 Girard St.. N. W . Wsslain-ron 9. D. C. ARNOLD. MURRAY. 4800 Colesville Rd.. University Park. Md.. WA 7-1675 ARONION GIORIA. 2910 Wallace Ave.. N,w York 67, N. Y. ARRINOTON. 1ANFT L.. 3900 W. Thorn- a-ole St.. Chew Chase, Md.. OL 6-1494 ARSt ANIAN. ANAIS E , 121 Ncncran Rd . T.r-t»w». N V ASHBURN. WIILIAM ROBERT. 204 Belle- view Blvd.. Alexandria. Va.. SO 5-2598 ATCHISON, LEWIS F., 1R., 1316 Ritten- house St., N. W., Washington 15. D. C. BABIGAN, R JUNE RAE, 4804 4Sth St., N W., Washington 16, D. C, EM 3-0909 BACHMANN, ANN, 704 N. Wayne Arling- ton, Va., JA 8-6015 BAtK, LtoNIECE A., 338 E. 83rd St., New York 28, N. Y. BAHKAM1-OUR, FIROUZ, 2801 15th St., N. W., Washington 9, D. C, NO 7-2313 BAKJU, ALI K„ 3113 46th St., N. W., Washington, D. C„ EM 3-8476 BALL, MARK ANN, 5112 Connecticut Ave., N. W., Washington 8, D. C, EM 2-8136 BALLMAN, HARRY, 2644 S. Lynn St., Arlington 2, Va., OT 4-8891 BARBER, CAROLYN, 4949 Little Falls Rd., Arlington, Va., KE 8-4748 BARKER, RICHARD McNEAL, 9600 Park- wood Dr., Bethesda, Md., OL 7-2773 BARKSON, EDWARD, 58)2 Craig St., Springfield, Va. BARNARD, PAUL F., 3818 Davis PL, N. W., 104, Washington 7, D. C, WO 6-9269 BARNETT, CLARENCE E., JR., 2S09 Forest Glen Rd., Silver Spring, Md., JU 9-5244 BARNETT, HARRY IRA, 520 N. Benton Ave., Helena, Mont. BARNETT, JOYCE, 6361 Burchfield Ave., Pittsburgh 17, Penna. BARNFATHER, BARBARA H., 40 Pin Oak Terrace, Hagerstown, Md. BARONDESS, CHARLES, 26 Westbrook Rd., Westfield, N. J. BARRETT, JUNE P., 121 Williams Walk. Falls Church, Va., JE 2-8107 BARRETT, REGINALD C, JR., 118 Con- gress St., Charleston, S. C. BARTHOLOMEW, CAROLYN A., Clark Hall, American U., Washington, D. C. BARTLETT, FRED B.. 1322 Mass. Ave., N. W., Washington 5, D. C, DI 7-3760 BARUCH, ELUSKA, Mary Graydon Hall, American U., Washington, D. C. BASSETT, JAMES E., 916 Northampton Dr., Silver Spring, Md., HE 4-1263 BATALLA, GLAYS M., 1726 M St.. N. W., Washington 6, D. C, RE 7-0226 BATCHELOR, WILLIAM W. 2960 S. Colum- bus St., Arlington 6, Va., KI 9-4102 BAUCKMAN. BRENDA MAE, Box 288, Rt. 3, Fairfax, Va., JE 2-2009 BAUMANN, RAYMOND W., 3 Barton Rd., Mountain Lakes, N. J., DE 4-4605 BAUMGARTNER. MARTHA, 4824 48th St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, EM 3-1754 BAXTER, MILDRED W., 805 2nd St., Alex- andria. Va. BAY, HOWARD, 240 E. 18th St., Brooklyn 26, N. Y. BEACH, GORDON, 161 Phelps Ave., Gress- kill, N. J. BEAUCHAMP, BILLY, )4 2 Morrison St., Washington, D. C. BECK, MICHAEL H., 415 Central Park, West New York 25, N. Y. BECKER. NATLEE E., 1608 Fist West Hwy.. Silver Spring. Md. BEDDIE, BEATRICE, 3909 Washington, Ken- sington, Md. BEEDE. TED G., 4309 Ga EM .587! ATKINS. LINDA, 9808 Dameron Dr., Silvi Springs, Md.. IU 5-5966 ATWOOD. RONALD L., 28 Highland St Glo Ma AUERBACH. ARTHUR. 721 Oneida PL. N. W., Washington. D. C, RA 6-5991 AUSTENSON. PHILIP B.. 9)18 Worth Ave., Silver Spring. Md., JU S-4200 AUSTIN, ANN MARY, 3)00 16th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. CO 5-9528 AUSTIN, JESSICA I., 2804 l)th St., N. E. Washington. D. C. LA 6-7973 AVERILL. RICHARD W.. 9001 Burdetti Rd., Bethesda. Md.. OL 6-5674 AVERSA, ANDREA, 7 Grant Ave., Takom: Park, Md., JU 9-7364 AWAD, THEODORE, 8025 Narrows Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y Park Rd. BF.FRS. LOUISE Hillandale Rd., Che Cha Md. BEHRENS. ELSA, 1000 10th St., Apt. C. Coronado. Calif. BEITZ. WILLIAM EDWARD. 280) Conn. Ave., N. W., Washington 8, D. C. BELDEN. NANCY JEAN. 70)5 Wvndale St.. N. W., Washington IS, D. C. BELL. MARY ANN, )42S S. Wakefield St.. Arlington 6, Va. BELL. MACK W.. 1420 Van Buren St.. N. W.. Washington 12. D. C. BELL. HERMIDNE H.. 9 ' 4 Maypole Ave.. Norfolk. Va. BEI.LAK. RICHARD F., 6220 Asquith Cres- cent. Lon„ ' Island. N. Y. BENDHEIM. KAY. 6 Greet. ay lane, Rich- mond. Va. BFNNETT, BARBARA, 5312 Yorktown Rd.. Washington 16, D. C. BFNNETT. HARRIETTE. 6713 13th PL. N. W.. Washington. D. C. BENSON. RALPH, 3300 UnUnd Terrace, N. W., Washington 1), D. C. BFNTFR, 1UDITH W., 452) Garrison St., N. W., Washington 16. D. C. BFRGFR. SHEILA. 68 Meadowbrook PL. M.nlewood, N. I. BFRGMAN. ANN D.. 8)15 LcrTcrts Blvd.. Ken Gardens IS. N. Y. BFRKMAN, ESTHER, 1)38 Nicnolson St.. W-shington. D. C. BERLIN. ANN L., 136 Old Post Rd., N. Croton on Hudson. New York. N. Y. BERLIN. NEAL G , 55 Rose St., Pa ' atine, III. BERLINER, SYLVIA S.. 1539 Roxanna Rd . N. W.. Washington, D. C. BERMAN. BARBARA, 809 Clifton Ave.. Lakewood. N. I. BERMAN. SANFORD. 2448 E. 7 ' h St Brooklyn 35. N. Y. BERNA. JOHN ALLEN. 2121 H St.. I . W., Washington 7. D. C. BERNARD. ESTRADA, 51 Randall St.. Moniovia. Liberia BERNIER. JOHN M.. 4311 Thornapple St.. ( hew Chase 13, Md. BERNSTEIN, FRANCINE, 151 Cedar Ave., Scranton, Pa. BERNSTEIN, STUART A., 2425 Tracy PL, N. W., Washington, D. C. BETT1US, MARC, 6008 N. 19th St., Arling- ton 5, Va. BEYENE, BENJAMIN, Beyene Rd., Haddis Albcba, Ethiopia BICKNELL, JOHN, 116 Madison Ave., Madi- son, N. J. BILLOWS, MARILYN, Portland, Ore. BILSTEIN, ROGER E., Hyannis, Neb. BINDEWALD. KATHERINE C, 4201 Mass. Ave., N. W., Washington 16, D. C. BIRKES, DARRELL RAY, 1509 Sewell Ave., Falls Church, Va. BIRO, ENDRE G., no permanent address BISHOP, JOHN B., JR., 62 Tuxedo Rd., Montclair, N. J. BISHOP, JOHN C, 4000 Mass. Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. BLACKBURN, JOSEPH. 8 N. Tyson St., Floral Park, Long Island. N. Y. BLACKISTON, LESTER N., 2136 Pa. Ave., N. W., Washington. D. C. BLAINE, ALFRED, 119 S. Hampden Ct., Pleasantville, N. J. BLAKELY, JANE E., 2105 Prichard Rd., Wheaton, Md. BLISS, GEORGE M., 2214 Washington Ave., Silver Spring, Md. BLOCH, JOSEPH L., 196 Beach 140th St., Belle Harbor 94. N. Y. BLOOM, DIANNE, 75 Vine Rd., Larchmont, N. Y. BLOOM, EDWARD R., sill 41st St., N. W.. Washington 16, D. C. BLUMBERG. GARY D., S749 25th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. BLUMENSTOCK. CORALIANN, 519 East Penn. St., Long Beach, N. Y. BLUNT. CLEVELAND, U. S. Soldiers Home. Washington 25. D. C. BOAL, LESLEY, 764 Boal Parkway, Winnetha. III. BOCKMAN, PETER, 4 Winslow PL, Scars- dale, N. Y. BODAY, DONALD G., Ill 35th St., S. E., Washington 19, D. C. BOEHM, CAROL. P. O. Box 126). Hines, III. BOGER, MARGARET E.. Ancient Oaks Trailer Pk.. Falls Church, Va. BOGODONOFF, CHARLES M., 1745 Poplar Lane. N. W., Washington 12, D. C. BOHLER. WILLIAM, Stevens Creek Rd., Martinez. Ga BOLANOS, FAP.ULON, AO 3314, Sanjosc Costa Rica BOI ING. W. GERALD, 725 S. Garnscy. Santa Ana. Calif. BOND. DAVID N., 1414 So. George Mas, r. Dr.. Arlineton 4. Va. BONO. 1ANE. 301 Montrose Ave.. Kilamazoo. BOOTH. MICHAEL D., Box 41 1). Chevy Ch«f Rrl.. Chew Chase IS. Md . BOOTH. WILLIAM H.. 2405 Ridge Rd. Dr.. Alevandr,a. Va BORGSTAnT. MARTHA A.. Box 316. Con- cordia. Mo. BOOIUND. LI ' LIAN E.. 113 Selvage Ave.. V. F„gl,-™d, N. I. BO " FY. IOHN. " 00 Bellev : ew Ave.. Chev- erlv. Md. BOTTCHFR. BA.RBARA, 6204 N. 2«th Rd.. Arlington 7. Va. BOL ' V ' FR. rOYCF, 56 West Mill Rd.. Pcd- nnirktown. N, J. BOWN. lOAN. Clarks Landing Rd.. Port H— „hlic N I. BOWEN, RORFRT. Route 2. Blackshcar, Ga. BOWER. RONALD E., 320 ' Troy Ave.. N. W., Ronoake, Va. BOWIE, WILLIAM F.. 301 Constitution Ave.. Washington 2, D. C. BOWLES. IOSEPH L.. 4411 Klingle St.. N. W., Washington, D. C. BOWMAN, BARBARA. 5511 Namakagan Rd.. Washington 16. D. C. BOXMAN. RONALD, 26 N. Fredericksburg Ave., Margate City, N. J. BRACEY, DEWEY RAYMOND. 2102 Suit- land Terrace. Washington 20. D. C. BRADEN, ROBERT, 4618 Saul Rd., Kensing- ton, Md. BRADLEY. KAY E-. 345 N. Edison St.. Arlington 3. Va. BRADSHAW. HAROLD, 1242 Eye St., N. E.. Washington, D. C. BRADSHAW, RUBEN J., Gen. Del., Elgin. BRODIE, GARY, 1244 Underwood St., N. W., Washington 12, D. C. BRODSKY, BARBARA S., 1918 Lakewood St., S. E., Bradbury Park, Md. BRODT, DORIS ANNA, 3913 N. Chester- brook Rd., Arlington 7, Va. BROOKS, LAURA ANNE, 614 Linden, BROWER, JAMES C, 5910 N. 15th St., Arlington, Va. BROWN, FLOYD, 2808 Terrace Rd., S. E., Washington 20, D. C. BROWN, FRED D., 612 W. 9th St., Ogallala, Neb. BROWN, IRVING W., 2112 Md. Ave., N. E., Washington 2, D. C. BROWN, JEANNETTE K„ 1813 Holly St., Harnsburg, Pa. BROWN, PETER M., 1621 New Hamp. Ave., N. W., Washington 9, D. C. BROWN. PETERSIDE GALLY, 1532 15th St.. N. W.. Washington, D. C. BROWN, ROBERT, 3672 Park Place, N. W., Washington 10, D. C. BROWN. ROBERT F., 8216 Hohe Ave., Nc PI.. BRAHM, BARBARA. 4528 Windon N. W., Washington 16, D. C. BRAKMAN. PETER E., 886 Hillsdale Ave.. Hillsdale. N. J. BRAN. SAMUEL H., 1401 Whitticr PL, 305, Washington, D. C. BRATSKE1R. LAWRENCE. 410 15 50 Ave.. LIC 4. New York. N. Y. BRENNAN. ROBERT B„ 1211 Ingraham St., N. W., Washington 11, D. C. BRIGGS. CLINTON S., 2329 Holmes Run Dr., Falls Church, Va. BRIGHT. ROBERT E.. 116 W. Magnolia Ave.. Wildwood. N. J. Silv Spr Md. BROWN. TERESA, Benedict, Md. BROWNE, GAREY, Jr., 1725 T St., N. W., Washington 9, D. C. BRUNDRETT, WILLIAM. Route 3, Hcrndon, Va. BRYK, OLIVER, 2801 Quebec St., N. W., Washington 8, D. C. BUCKLEY. JOHN G.. 3414 Prospect Ave., N. W., Washington 7, D. C. BUGLER, DAVID, 57 Park Ave., Port Wash- ington, Long Island. N. Y. BUNTING. BETTY. Bishop, Md. BURBACH, CHARLES R., 2014 Holly Lane, Falls Church, Va. BURCH. HAROLD A.. 6832 Wilson Lane. Bethesda 14, Md. BURCH, MARCIA, 711 Orchard Way, Sil- ver Spring. Md. BURCH. WM. P.. 497 Fulton Ave.. Hemp- stead. N. Y. BURMEISTER. KLAUS, 942 Radcliffe Dr.. Alexandria, Va. BURN, IOHN. 4H2 S3rd Ave., Bladensburg. Md. BURR. GRACE M.. 116 Roosevelt Ave.. Hasbrouck Heights, N. Y. BUSBY, ROSWELL. 5406 Connecticut Ave.. N. W., Washington, D. C. BUSSE, ANN, 160 Orchard Rd., Demarest 10. N. J. BUTLER, ABBEY J., 8806 Ave. B, Brooklyn 36, N. Y. BUTLER. EDWARD, Jr.. Possum Hollow Rd . Rose Valley, Moylan, Penna. BUTLER. JOHN G.. 3131 Tennyson St.. N. W., Washington IS. D. C. BUTTS. ROGER CRAWFORD. 6807 Fairfax Rd.. Bethesda. Md. BUZALSKI. BRUCE T., 8 Park Dr., Cran ford, N. J. BYRNE, MARGARET CHURCH. 6609 Hil- landale Rd.. Chevy Chase. Md. BYRNE. RICHARD. 5010 Belair Rd., Balti- more 6, Md. , A BYRNES, IEAN, 5513 Glenwood Rd.. Bethesda 14, Md. CABELL, CHARLES. 1310 Bishops Lane. Alexandria, Va. CABOTAJE, ARSENIA A., 2636 Garfield St.. N W , Washington 8, D. C, CO 5-1182 CABOTAJE. FELISBERTO V.. 26)6 Garfield St., N. W., Washington 8, D. C. CO 5-1182 ADEAUX. EDWARD H.. 3512 Beacon Lane. Falls Church. Va., JE 3-3 341 CAGLE, CAROLYN F (no address given) CALLAGHAN. ANTHONY J.. 4616 Windom PL, N. W.. Washington D. C, WO t-4329 CALLAWAY. THEODORE. P O. Box 594 Clii Mi CALLOWAY. BENIAMIN F-. 2417 Hoyt St.. Muskegon Heights, CAMERON, ARTHUR EGERTON. 202 Tecu- mseh Dr., Washington 21, D. C, LO 7-4068 , „, CAMPBELL, JAMES T., 6665 32nd PL. N W . Washington IS. D. C, EM 3-0S77 CANNATA. ALBERT M., 4919 Del Ray Ave Bethesda. Md.. OL 4-7134 CARLISLE, PRESTON C, 1 Hunters Lane. Elmsford. N. Y. CARMAN. JOHN FRANCIS. 1313 N. Stuart St.. Arlington I, Va., JA 5-3976 CARNEY, KENNETH, 2230 Randolph St.. N E. Washington 18, D. C. LA 9-2611 CARPENTER. |AY C. 604 S. Oak St., Falls Church, Va., IE 2-1331 CARPENTER, ROBERT K., 6207 Kirby Rd., Bethesda 14, Md., OL 4-721) CARRAU, ZAIDA. 1812 G Street, N. W., Washington 6, D. C, RE 7-1812 CARRIGER, IOHN. 100 W. Brow Oval. Lookout Mountain. Tenn. CARROLL. IAMES R., 134) Kennedy St.. N W Washington 1 1 , D. C. TA 9-5807 CARTER. MICHAEL BOAKE. 1605 S. 28th St.. Arlington 6. Va.. OT 4-791) CARTY. EDWARD. 2)2 W. Chestnut Ave.. Wildwood. N. I. CASASNOVAS. CARMEN N.. 1812 G St., N W.. Washington. D. C, RE 7-1812 STUDENT DIRECTORY CASEY, DONALD JOSEPH, 1437 Somerset PI., N. W., Washington 11, D. C, RA 3-2794 CASS1DY, HUGH T., 1840 Biltmore St., N W., Washington 9, D. C, DE 2-2660 CAVANAGH, JUDITH, 3601 Fordham Rd., N. W., Washington 16, D. C., EM 2-7511 CELLER, ' ELEANOR. M., 8216 Larry PI., Chevy Chase IS, Md., JU 8-1074 CERNY, MILTON, 2709 Adams St., Arling- ton, Va., OT 4-3617 CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM W., 1730 Jas- mine St., Denver, Colo. CHAPMAN, CECILE, 22 Rhode Island Ave., N. E., Washington, D. C, NO 7-9291 CHASE, GERALDINE R., 320 S. Lakewood Ave., Baltimore 24, Md. CHASMAN, MICHAEL A., 341 Sanford Ave., Hillside. N. J. CHEIGH, FRANCIS, 2701 14th St., N. W., Washington 9, D. C, CO 3-8033 CHEW, FREDERICK D., Jr., 901 N. Pollard St., Arlington, Va., JA 3-1393 CHILDS, WINSTON, 306 Longfellow St.. N. W., Washington 11, D. C, TU 2-6848 CHITTENDEN, THOMAS, Great Falls Rd„ Rockville, Md., PO 2-4483 CLAMPITT, RICHARD, 3230 Chestnut St., N. W., Washington IS, D. C, EM 3-2727 CLARK, ELWIN BEED, JR., Rt. i, Hager- town. Md. CLARK, JEAN E., 1308 R St., N. W., Wash- ington 9, D. C. CLARKE, ALLEN M., Route No. 1, Oakton, Va., DU 3-7669 CLAYBORNE, JOHN D., 728 N. Cleveland St., Arlington, Va., JA 2-1303 CLEARY, WILLIAM, JR., 4360 MacArthur Blvd., Washington 7, D. C, FE 3-2842 CLEMENTS, EDWARD, 10628 S. Dunmoor Dr., Silver Spring, Md., JU 9-2692 CLEMENTS, GERALD G., 6046 21st St.. N., Arlington 3, Va., KE 6-8731 COFER, ANITA Y., 1806 C St., N. E.. Washington 2, D. C. LI 4-8303 COHEN. CONRAD, 370 Fort Wash. Ave., New York 33, N. Y. COHEN, FRANK, 1813 35th St.. N. W., Washington D. C, AD 2-9073 COHEN, JUDITH M., 4201 Mass. Ave., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, WO 6-1291 COHEN, LINDA STEPHANIE, 7323 16th St., N. W., Washington 12, D. C, RA COHEN. MARIORIE E., 1300 Mass. Ave., N. W., Washineton i. D. C. HO 2-120? COHEN. MARLENE, 1104 Harding Rd., Elizabeth. N. I COHEN, STANLEY E„ 582 Arlington Vil- lage, Arlington, Va., [A 4-2757 COINER, GORDON. 4846 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, Md., OL 4-3837 COLBURN, JOHN ANDREW, 1324 Ingraham St.. N. W., Washington, D. C. COLLIER. JAMES RICHARD, 84 Prescort St.. Cambridge, Mass. COLLINS, PATRICIA ANN, 6822 Wilson Lmc. Bethesda 14. Md.. OL 4-0246 COLLINS. ROBFRT EUGENE, 150 North Carolina Ave.. S. E.. Washington 3. D. C. 1 I COMITO. lOEL T.. 8201 Bay Pkwv., B-ook- Ivn 14. N. Y. COOK, HOWARD. 4684 Roswell Rd., N. W., Atl.nti 5. Ga. COOK. MARY I„ Route 1, Box 181, Annan- dale. Va. COOPFR. ROBFRT. 323 Derby Ave., Wood- mere. L I.. N. Y. CORBFTT. ALIEN P.. 4520 43rd PI.. N. W.. W,.h,n-ron 16. F . C, FM 2-4654 CORDRFV. IAMFS L.. 629 S. Walter Reed Dr.. Arlington. V... 1A 2-8141 CORnnFY. RICHARD I., 904 W. 23rd St., WilminMon, Del. COOTI1G»N. UMF C. 3106 S.ratoea Ave.. Ch Md COSCIA. ANGFLO IAMES. 130 Titus Ave.. New York. N. Y. COSTA. MINNECI IOYCE, 321 St., N. W., Washington 12, D. C, TA COTTEN. BENIAMIN W.. 3028 Allan Rd . Washington 16. D. C, OL 4-1884 COURTOT, COLETTE. Cedar Hall, Hamp- ton, Va. COURY. 10AN ANNE, 1414 Upshur St , N. W., Washineton 11, D. C. COVELL. CHARLES L.. 836 Rose Lane. Falls Church. Va., CL 6-2786 COX. WILLIAM. 129 N. Columbus St., Arlington 3, Va.. JA 8-6882 CRAIN, RICHARD, 1123 N. Frederick St., Arlington, Va.. JA 7-3374 CRANE, DAMIAN, 3945 Conn. Ave., N. W. Washington, D. C, WO 6-0334 CRAWFORD, NEDSON M., 474 N. Potomac St.. Hagersrown, Md. CRICKMAN, MARY SUSAN, 4013 47th St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, WO 6-3594 CRISP, CAROL, 3)33 Ala. Ave., S. E., Washington 20, D. C, LU 2-1766 CRONMILLER, LANCE G„ 207 Bridgeboro Rd.. Moorestown, N. J. CROSBY. DOROTHY, 2154 N. Stafford St.. Arlington 7, V... CROSS, ROBERT J., 7620 Maple Ave., Ta- koma Park, Md., JU 5-8594 CROUCH, MILLARD V., 3611 Quesada St., N. W., Washington 15, D. C, EM 3-7627 CROWN, RONALD F., 6802 C St., Seat Pleasant, Md. CRYSTAL, TILDEN IVAN, 6114 14th St., N. W., Washington, D. C, RA 6-03J6 CUELLAR, MAURICE, 3309 Hilltop PL, Falls Church, Va., JE 3-3806 CUKIER, SOFIA, Apartado 21, San Salvador, El Salvador, C. A. CUMMING, MARY LEE, 1511 N. Jackson St., Arlington 1, Va. CURTIS, GEORGE T., Box 24A, Rt. 1. Brandywine, Md., FA 2-4851 CUSICK, NANCY T., 2015 Hillyer PL, N. W., Washington, D. C, AD 4-1223 CUTLER, FRANCES, 1355 Peabody St., N. W., Washington 11, D. C, RA 6-4568 CUTLIP, WILLIAM ARTHUR, 1625 West Fori III. DAMEWOOD, SANDRA J., 6040 N. 23rd St.. Arlington, Va., KE 6-7273 DAKEMAN, JAMES, 401 E. Howell Ave., Alexandria, Va., TE 6-3547 DALL. RONALD A., 1601 21st St., N. W., Washington 9, D. C. HO 2-7)00 D ' ANDREA, LESTER R., 5510 1st St., N. W., Washington, D. C, TA 9-4834 DANIELSON, ARNOLD G.. 65 Meadowbrook Ave., West Springfield, Mass., RE 7-70)7 DARR, JAMES, 4)10 S. 12th Rd., Arlington. Va., JA 3-389) DAULAY, ZAHARA, 1504 21st St., N. W., Washington 6, D. C, DE 2-9006 DAVIS, ARTHUR HARRISON, 521 N. Ox- ford St., Arlington, Va., JA 7-)813 DAVIS, BETTE, 207 E. Main St., Mays Landing, N. J.. 57131 DAVIS, DAVID, 12603 Atherton Dr., Silver Spring, Md., WH 6-4065 DAVIS. GEORGE C. 3320 Brothers PI.. S. E., Washington 20, D. C, JO 2-7143 DAVIS, JANICE E., Box 301, R.F.D. 3, McLean, Va., EL 6-3021 DAVIS, MARGUERITE B., 5819 Grcenlawn Dr.. Bethesda 14. Md., OL 2-2035 DAVIS, NORMAN M., 4915 Chevy Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase IS, Md. DAVIS, SPENCER W.. 1)01 Longfellow St., N. W., Washington 11, D. C, RA 6-5497 DAY, CHARLES F., Springs R. Warrenton. Va. DAY, JOHN A., 20 Washington Ave., Morristown, N. I. DEAC, NORMAN J., 3000 )9th St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C. EM )-4)28 DEANS, LORNA, Kennedy Lane, Cold Spg Harb., L. I.. N. Y„ Myrtle 2-6642 DEBURR, STEPHEN L., 1821 N. 21st St.. Arlington 9, Va., JA 7-)9)6 DEIBERT, AUSTIN, 1907 East-West High- way, )04, Silver Springs, Md., JU 8-9281 DF.ITZ, BEVERLY ELAINE. 7011 Forest Hill Dr., Hyattsville, Md., AP 7-7100 DELA TORRE, JACK, 141) Key Blvd., Arlington, Va., JA 7-8373 DELASHMUTT, NANCY, 3424 N. Venice St., Arlington 7. Va., KE 8-4345 DELIZ, MARTA A., Box 591, Isabela, Puerto Rico DELL, WALTON W.. JR., 415 Charlotte Dr., Pittsburgh )6, Penna. DEMPSEY, ROBERT JAMES, 1219 N. Abing- don St., Arlington 7, Va., IA 8-1061 DENNIBERG, ELLIOT P., 8001 14th St.. N. W., Washington 12. D. C RA 6-8191 DENNISTON. OLIVIA E., Winchester Rd.. Annapolis, Md. DEPUTY, CAROLYN S., 2)21 N. Jackson St., Arlington ), Va., JA 8-1675 Deressa, Tsedale U., P. O. Box 1114, Addis Akaker, Ethiopia DESJARLAIS, HENRY, 1618 P St., N. W., Washington 6, D. C, HO 2-8998 DESMOND, MICHAEL W.. 9624 Bejhill Dr.. Kensington, Md., OL 7-2788 DESTA, KEBEDE, Addis Ababa, Ethopia DeSTACY, PATRICIA ANNE, 1112 Avenue J, Brooklyn 50. N. Y. DEVANEY, ROBERT, 3622 Davenport St., N. W., Washineton, D. C. WO 6-7359 DEVINE, IUDITH A., 45 Troy Drive, Short Hills, N. I. DIAMANTIDES, I.F.ONIDAS. 14 Abdelaziz El Gawesh. Cairo. Egypt DIAMOND. GEORGE N., 3020 McKinlev St.. N. W., Washington IS. D. C, EM 2-3333 DIAZ, ANA A., Box 215, Bayamon, Puerto Rico DIAZ, ELBA H., Box 3)5, Morovis, Puerto Rico D1ESTE. MARION, 405 Thayer Ave., Silver S-rine. Md.. 1U 5-3444 D1GGS. BARRARA A.. 4717 Great Oak Road. Rnrkville. Mrl„ WH 6-8678 D1GMAN. PAGF TOSFPH. 7220 Spruce Ave.. T.knm, T ,rk. Md.. 1U 5-8398 DI KLF. RUTH. Severn Crossroads. Millers- „;ll„. Md.. S« «hnr- 5211 DnnnFN. TERRY w. isru 44th St.. N. W.. W-.hlnoroi 7 TY C. FF t-91 ' 9 DODAMEAD, THOMAS EM1LE. 2404 Cols- ton Dr., )), Silver Spring, Md., IU 9-2861 DODSON, CONSTANCE, )210 Wisconsin Ave., 611, Washington 16, D. C, EM 2-7697 DOLKOS, PAUL, 1026 N. Chambliss St., Alexandria, Va., FL 4-5281 DU.-.., .vicnnlvD £., 2082 Liberty St., Tren- ton 9, N. J. DONAHUE, JOHN EDWARD, 9201 Long Branch Pkwy., S.lver Spring, Md., JU 5-4457 DONNELLY, URBAN M., 700 Gist Ave., Silver Spring, Md., JU 3-9584 DONOVAN, JEREMIAH E., 2700 S. 16th St.. 647, Arlington, Va., JA 3-2150 DORF, MAR 1 HA ROSE, 3303 Georgia Aye., N. W., Washington 11, D. C, RA 6-0049 DORSEY, ANNE, Hockley on the Hill, An- Md. Hacken- DOW ' NIN, BETTY, 94 Susi sack, N. J. DRLSSLAR, FREDERICK T., Arlington Tow- ers, Arlington, Va., JA 4-4991 DROUAULT, HENRY ADRIAN, 7424 Car- roll Ave., Wash,n-:on 12, D. C, JU 3-4576 DRUCKEP., LLOYD, 1405 Downing St., N. E., Washington IS, D. C, DU 7-7646 DRUMMOND, ROY, 3004 Lee Highway, Ar- lington ., Va., JA 8-1284 DUBOCQ, FRANCIS M., 1)20 21st St., N. W„ Washington 6, D. C, NO 7-6196 DUKE, DAVID, 807 Crescent Dr., Alex- andria, Va., TE 6-3097 DUNCAN, ROBERT, Tennyson Drive, Mc- Lean, Va., EL 6-3787 DUNKIN, ALICE, 2204 )2nd Place, S. E., Washington 20, D. C, LU 2-))71 DUNN, PATRICIA A., )701 Quincy St., Brentwood, Md., WA 7-11)2 DUPEE, WALTER S-., 6612 Hillandale Rd.. Bethesda, Md.. OL Z-iUl DUPREY, JEN iLLE, )217 Conn. Ave., N. W., Washington 8, D. C, WO 6-)997 DUPLESSIS, BARBARA, 3 101 Mass. Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, AD 2-1814 DUPONT, JACQUELINE, 2702 Wisconsin Ave., N. w , Washington 7, D. C, EM .3-0194 DURLING, WALTER, )800 Porter St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C. DUSTERHOFF, THEODORE A., 4117 Fes- senden St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C. EM .3-1498 DUVALL. JOF ' EDWARD, Box 43, Paw Paw, W. Va. DUVALL, JOSEPH L., 2968 S. Columbus St., Arlington 6, Va., OV )-1265 DYE, DOUGLAS, 514 Philadelphia Ave.. Takoma Park 12, Md.. JU 8-4592 EASTERSON, JEFFREY , 2900 McKinley St., N. W„ Washington, D. C, EM 3-1906 EASTON, JUDITH W., USATTC Yokohama. APO 53, San Francisco, Calif. EATON, HARMON, 6003 McKinley St.. Bethesda, Md.. OL 4-3129 EDDY, CARROLL B., ))42-B S. Wakefield St., Arlington Va., KI 9-6056 EDELMAN, ASHER B., 25 Genessee Blvd., Atlantic Beach. N. Y. EDELMAN, ELIZABETH, 160 E. 89th St.. New York, N. Y. EDEN, JOANNA ELiZ., 4726 Brandywine St., N. W., W.-.shington, D. C, WO 6-5))) EDWARDS, NANCI LEE, 5301 Dorset Ave.. Chevy Chase Md., OL 4-6978 EDWARDS, PAUL DWIGHT, 5213 Fillmore Ave.. Alexandria. Va., JE 4-2734 EDWARDS, PAUL E.. 1190 Pacific Highway, Woodburn, Ore. EDY. JOHN NORTH. 1209 S. Thomas, Ar- lington, Va., JA S-04S2 EFRON, FRANCINE, 322 Sheridan St.. N. W., Washington. D. C. RA 6-90)5 EGGENSCHILLER. ROBERT, 29 First Ase.. Hiwthorne, N. J. EHLE. CHARLES E.. 2100 Marian Court. Falls Church, Va., IE 4-7372 EL KHALIL, ALI Y., Tyre, Lebanon ELKINS, PAUL. 14 Belmont St.. White Plains, N. Y. ELLIS. DAVID. 1914 Rosemary Hills Dr.. Silver Siring. Md., JU 8-3470 EIOUARD. ALINE, 16)3 16th St.. N. W.. Washingto. 6, D. C. NO 7-9669 FI.WARD, FRANCIS I-, 6102 Kirbv Rd . Berhcsda. Md.. OL 2-0721 ELY, DAVIS A.. 3601 32nd St.. N W . Washineton, D. C, EM 3-0779 ENGELHARDT, MICHAEL. 824 Fiske St.. Woodmere. N. Y. ENGLAND, WILLIAM W.. R. F. D. 3. Box 137, McLean, Va., EL 6-2204 ENGLE, ALICE L., )S9 Leverington Ave.. Philadelphia, Pa. ENGLISH. WILLIAM L.. Radiance Dr., Cambridge. Md. ENRIGHT. MERRILL L.. 8)04 Eastridge Ave.. Takoma Park, Washington. D. C. IU 5-4684 ERBA, IRIS M., 1 Lamela St., Isabela. Puerto Rico F.RICKSON. PATRICIA, 1015 S. Quebec St.. Arlington. Va., IA 2-1905 ERICKSON. SHELDON G.. tsio Huntington Pkwy., Bethesda, Md., OL 6-2026 ESAKI. SACHIE, Mary Graydon Hall. Ameri- can University ESPEY, HARRY C. 49)3 Western Ave.. N. W., Washington 16, D. C, WO 6-493 ' , ESPINOSA, CESAR E.. Checa 345, Quito. ESTRIN, WILMA J., 7901 14th St., X. W., Washington, D. C, RA 3-4050 EVANS, GERALD HERBERT, 1307 E. Chan- dler Ave., Evansville, Ind. EVANS, JANET L., 2040 N. Vermont St., Arlington, Va., JA 3-1418 EVANS, RICHARD, 3013 Clinton St., N. E., Washington, D. C, LA 9-1597 FAIRBAIRN, JAMES, 5005 Ventnor Ave., Ventnor, N. J. FANAROFF, MILTON D., 107 Carroll St., S. E., Washington 3, D. C, LI 4-2134 FARGO, YOUS1F AZIZ, 7408 Flower Avenue, Takoma Park 12, Md., JU 9-6006 FARIS, ABDOL HOSSEIN, Teheran, Iran FARRIS, DAVID BICKNELL, 4351 Fessenden St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, EM 2-3609 FAROUK, REEMA T., 2400 16th St., Jordan Em., Washington, D. C, RA 6-8313 FASBENDER, ANNE DORIS, Little Neck Rd., Centerport, L. I., N. Y. FASBENDER, CAROL D., Box 197, Center- port, L. 1., N. Y. FASOLT, GAIL PATRICIA, 5 53 Acorn St., Philadelphia 28, Pa. FAYYAD, MOHAMMAD F., 70S 18th St., N. W., Washington, D. C, EX 3-4700 FEELEY, HAROLD F., 3709 Calvert PL, Kensington, Md., LO 3-1296 FEISSNER, KARL G., 12) Crittenden St., N. W., Washington 11, D. C, RA 6-2997 FELDMAN. RUTH, 10 N. Osborne Ave., Margate City, N. J. FERKO. NORMAN R., 101 E. Southampton Dr., Silver Spring, Md.. HE 4-0090 FERRARO. ALAN, 7908 Flower Ave., Ta- koma Park, Md., JU 9-1784 FERRY, RICHARD RANDALL, ))05) 21) St., Bayside 61, N. Y. FERSHTMAN. CAROL, 280 Beechspring Rd., S. Orange, N. J. FEYS, BARBARA A., 2717 29th St., S. E., Washington 20, D. C. LU 4-5971 FINEMAN, JONAS MICHAEL, 6)0) Broad Branch Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. FINFER, PAUL, 2)5 Beach 1)5 St., Rock- away Beach 94, N. Y. FINK, BARBARA LEE, 824 N. Abingdon St.. Arlington ), Va., JA 2-49)1 FINK, MARIANELL B., 2109 N. Scott St., 54, Arlington 9, Va„ JA 7-3356 FINKS, IOHAN, Marshall, Va. FINN, DORIS E., 2)46 Skyland PL. S. E.. Washington, D. C, LU 1-8717 FINNEY, CLAUDIA, 1030 Evans St., N. E.. Washington 18, D. C. LO 6-5741 FISH, DIANNE M., 2926 Porrer St., N. W.. Washington 8. D. C, WO 6-2499 FISHER, GENEVIEVE, Pines Bridge Rd., Os- sining. N. Y. FISHER. THOMAS GEORGE, 3118 16th St.. N. W., Washington 10, D. C, HO 2-0495 FISHMAN, JANET, 2614 Northampton St.. N. W., Washington IS, D. C, EM 3-9264 FITZGERALD, GARRETT, )64) Jenifer St.. N. W., Washington IS. D. C, WO 6-4217 FITZGERALD, JAMES E., )64) Jenifer St., N. W., Washington IS, D. C, WO 6-4217 FITZGERALD, THOMAS J.. 3917 Harrison St., Washington IS, D. C. EM 3-1257 FITZGERALD, WILLIAM III, 5023 Klingle St.. N. W., Washington 16, D. C. EM 2-3606 FITZGIBBONS. JERRY L.. 615 Park Blvd.. Glen Ellyn, III. FIUR. HENRY. 38 Tuckahoe Ave.. Tuckahoe 7. N. Y. FLAHERTY, JAMES L.. Admirals Way, Rockville. Md., GA 4-79)5 FLANCAS, JOHN A., 19)6 Naylor Rd., 5. E., Washington, D. C, LU 2-5865 FLANNERY. MARY G.. 4717 16th Rd., N. Arlington 7, Va., JA 2-9420 FLEISCHER, MANFRED M.. 96)2 Linden Blvd., Ozone Pk. 17, N. Y., VI 3-6231 FLEISHER, JUDITH, 4728 46th St.. N. W.. Washington 16. D. C. EM 3 -72 1 S FLINT. GEORGE S., )09 N. Park Ave.. War- ren. Ohio FLORF.S. MIRIAM, 1812 G St.. Washington 6. D. C. FLYNN, ROBERT LEE, 1938 Rosemary Hills Dr., Silver Spring. Md., JU 8-1920 FOLEA, MARTHA I., 3410 Tulane Dr., Apt. 23, Hyattsville. Md. FOLEY, ROBERT J., 5215 Western Ave.. N. W.. Washington. D. C, WO 6-5S8I FONTAINE. RAYMOND, 2810 S. 9th St.. 202, Arlington, Va.. JA 7-8680 FORD, PEYTON, H., )6)4 Austin St., S. E., Washington. D. C, LU 2-0413 FORD, WILLIAM V., Round Hill, Va.. ED 8-8391 FOREMAN. JOAN. 6738 Eastern Ave.. N. W„ Washington 12, D. C, RA 3-3758 FOST, KENNETH J.. 264 Holmes St.. Belle- ville. N. J. FOWLER. TRUTH M., 4617 I6th St.. N., Arlington 7. Va., JA 8-I6S4 FOWLER. VIRGINIA. Burke, Va. FOXX, W. KENNETH. 220 Crescent Rd.. Ocean City. N. I. FRANCE, MORLEY, Box 5 51, Montesano, Wash. FRANCIS, ARVID, 4831 Willett Pkwy.. Chew Chase. Md., OL 4-3767 FRANKLIN, SHIRLEY. 2264 13th St.. N. E . Washington 18. D. C, DE 2-6357 IV) STUDENT DIRECTORY FREDERICK, RICHARD £., 7210 Rolling- wood Dr., Chevy Chase, Md., OL 2-02S3 FRJtUMANN, KAREN A., Mary Graydon Hall, American U„ Washington 16, D. C. FULG1NITI, SALVATOKE, 1U3 W. Rio Grande Ave., Wildwood, N. J. FUKMAN, S. RONALD, 7308 Alaska, N. E., Washington 12, D. C, RA 6-6677 rUKZtR, DELLA S., 103 Southbrook Lane, Bethesda 14, Md., OL -t-6143 GABER, M. HOSNY MOHAMED, 2551 Mass Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, DE 2-3451 GALLAGHER, CAROL M„ R. D. 1, Box 116, Hopwood, Pa. GALLAGHY, EDWARD J., 2115 F St., N. W., Washington, D. C, DI 7-7431 GANTZ, HERBERT ROY, 716 Peabody St., N .. Washington, D. C, TU 2-4887 GARABEDIAN, LEVON H., 1309 Juniper St., N. W., Washington, D. C, TU 2-7528 GARCED, MARIA A., Box 654, Roosevelt, Puerto Rico GARCIA, GULLERMO, 262 Central Park W., 86th St., New York, N. Y. GARFINKEL, STEPHEN, 7128 Fairfax Rd., Bethesda, Md., OI 6-8748 GAR! LAND, LARRY M., 4616 Ellicott St., N. W., Washington, D. C, WO 6-0634 GATTI, LEONARD M., 1715 Lansdowne Way, Silver Spring, Md.. JU 5-7091 GAY, RICHARD, 1209 Fern St., N. W., Washington, D. C, RA 3- 7064 GEBRAT, EZRA, 1711 18th St., N. W., Washington, D. C, DU 7-9595 GELFAND, MARTIN H., 9 Irving Ave., Newark, N. J. GEORGE, NANCY, 4830 Old Dominion Dr., Arlington, Va.. KE 8-6302 GERARD, RICHARD, 816 Lake Ave., Wood- bury Heights, N. J. GERAUS, JAMES BRESLIN, 1809 20th St., N. W., Washington, D. C, NO 7-6825 GEVINSON, MAXINE, 12 Underwood St., N. W., Washington, D. C, TA 9-7264 GIFFORD, ELLYN, 622 Laura Dr., Falls Church, Va., JE 2-5328 GILBERT, ARLENE, 11 Beaumont Terr., West Orange, N. J. GILL, GLORIA M., 1631 Varnum PI., N. E., Washington. D. C, LA 6-0971 GILL, VERNA L.. 831 W. State St., Tren- ton, N. J. GILLESPIE, KATY, Tazewell, Va. GINGELL, ROBERT, 9707 Lawson PI., Silver Spring, Md., JU 9-1470 GLAMMEYER, ROY A., 119 Winchester Way, Falls Church, Va., JE 2-4152 GLASER. PHYLLIS. 1604 Metropolitan Ave., New York, N. Y. GLASSMYER, |OAN ANN, 4739 N. 16th St., Arlington, Va. GLENN, OSA DANIELSON, 3016 Dumbarton Ave., N. W.. Washington, D. C, FE 3-1798 GLIDDON. IACK, 122 Hickory St., West- wood, N. I. GLISSON. WALLACE D., 3359 S. Wakefield St., Arlington, Va., TE 6-7374 GLOVER, ADELA, 1612 Varnum St.. N. W., Washington, D. C. RA 6-9272 GOLDEN. RICHARD. 170 Westview Lane. Hewlett, Long Island. N. Y. GOLDSCHEIN. CHARLES, 1336 Missouri Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, TA 9-0045 GOLDSOBEL. DONALD, 118 Bruce Ave.. Mount Vernon, N. Y. GOLDSTEIN. STEPHEN, 34 E. Main St., Mays Landing. N. J. GOLDSTEIN. SUE B.. 2717 Chesapeake St., N. W„ Washington. D. C. EM 3-2210 GONGLOFF. ROBERT, 126 Main Ave.. Ocean Grove. N. I. GOODIER. JOAN ETHEL R.. 3400 Morrison St., N. W., Washington. D. C. WO 6-2641 GOODMAN, BAYLA, 2039 Rosemont Ave., N. W., Washington. D. C, CO i-9957 GOODWIN. EMILY C, 602 Fontaine St.. Alex.ndria. Va.. TE 6-2411 GOODYEAR. MAXINE F., 1524 Missouri Ave., N. W.. Washington. D. C RA 3-209! GORDON. MARTIN. 5 180 Eastern Ave . N. E.. Washineton. D. C. GORDON, THOMAS, 300 Central Park West. New York. N. Y. GORDON. WILLIE. Springfield. Va . CL 6-0489 GOTTESMAN, CAROL, 391 Eastwood Rd.. Woodmerc. N. Y. GOULD. STFPHEN. 19 Toilsome Lane. East Hampton, N. Y. GRAHAM. BRUCE. 44! Southampton Dr.. Silver Spring. Md.. JU 9-8704 GRAHAM. JUDITH H.. 736 N. New St. West Chester. Pa. GRANTHAM. JOHN. 2811 Becchwood Circle, Arlington, Va., JA 2-0221 GRAY, THOMAS I., 110! Farr St.. Scranton, Pa. GRAY, THOMAS R.. 2824 28th St., N. W., Washington, D C, CO 1-2919 GRAY. WILLIS E.. 126 Webster St.. N. W . Washington. D. C. TU 2-7459 GREDONE. MARY. 219 E. Spencer Ave.. Wildwood. N. J. GREEN, EUGENE A.. Route 6, Box 125, Alexandria. Va., KI 9-0733 GREEN, ROBERT L., GREENBERG, MORTON, 222 Rittenhouse St., N. E., Washington, D. C, TA 9-2423 GREENHUT, PHILIP H., 104 Mildred Pkwy., New Rochelle, N. Y. GREENSTEIN, DEANNA, 1104 Jefferson St., N. W., Washington, D. C, RA 3-9133 GREY, DAVID, 251! K St., N. W., Washing- ton, D. C, FE 5-7986 GRIFFIN, ANN P., 3819 Dav ls PI., N. W., Washington, D. C, WO 6-8881 GRIGSBY, THOMAS, 1616 N. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va., JA 8-9119 GRITZ, Leonard, 7217 7th St., N. W., Washington, D. C, TU 2-6314 GROFSICK, PATRICIA, 300 Lakeside Dr., Ramsey, N. J. GROSS, KENNETH, 164 Lewis St., Perth Amboy, N. J. GRUBE, CHARLES S., 2129 W. Ridge Dr., Lancaster, Pa. GUERNEY, LILLIAN M., 1712 21st Rd., N. Arlington, Va., JA 4-2082 GUTHER, GEORGE, !84! Doris Dr., Alexan- dria, Va., CL 6-4740 GUTRIDE, ROSALIE, 4230 Brandywine St., N. W., Washington, D. C, WO 6-4994 GUZMAN, DIVINA, 1! Victoria St., Box 576, San German, Puerto Rico HAAS, CHARLES E., 174 Oak St., Bradley Gds., Somerville, N. J. HAHMAN, WILLIAM RICHARD, 116 Hes- keth St., Chevy Chase IS, Md., OL 4-6424 HALL, DAVID, 4118 Emery PI., N. W„ Washington 16. D. C, WO 6-4734 HALL, EDWARD, 117 E. 6th St., N. Wild- wood, N. I. HALLETT, SUE, 236 Crescent St., Rockland, Mass. HALSTED, LAWRENCE, 100 Hillside Ave., Tenally, N. J. HAMASIAN, REUBEN, 3301 Brown St., N. W., Washington 10, D. C, DU 7-0325 HAMILTON, GEORGE H. IV, 500 Hillwood Ave., Falls Church, Va., JA S-S087 HAMILTON, RAYMOND W., 1216 30th St., S. E., Washington 19, D. C, LU 4-1621 HAMILTON, WAYNE, 286 Cree Dr., Wash- ington 21. D. C. HAMLIN, BEATRICE B., 3707 Woodley Rd , N. W., Washington 16. D. C. HANSEN, RICHARD W., JJ 10 Quesada St., N. W., Washington IS, D. C, WO 6-2774 HARDIN. HARVEY M., JR., Qtrs. 2504, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. HARE, RAY M., !22! Elliott Rd.. Washing- ton 16, D. C, OL 4-4022 HARPER. HENRY H., 4109 18th St., N. W., Washington. D. C, RA 6-5318 HARRE, ELIZABETH, 5213 Roosevelt St., Bethesda, Md., OL 4-1181 HARRINGTON, THOMAS I ' M., !70! Rhode Island Ave., Falls Church. Va., KE 8-1947 HARRIS, LINDA, !710 Gloster Rd., Bethesda 16, Md., OL 6-624! HARRIS, MARY. 2! Park Place, Alexandria, Va., SO 5-4042 HARRIS. ROBERT B.. Box 274, Flora, Miss. HARRIS. WESLEY K„ 3843 Mass. Ave., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, EM 2-3843 HARSHMAN. RICHARD. 3028 S. Abingdon St.. Bl, Arlington 6, Va., KI 9-!012 HASENOEHRL, ELIZABETH S., 3407 Quebec St.. N. W.. Washington 16, D. C, EM 2-5080 HASLET, CHARLES C, 4610 3rd St., N. Arlington 3, Va., JA 8-3579 HATCH, JOAN, 2427 N. Rockingham St.. Arlington, Va., IE 4-0849 HATCH. RUTH D.. Millstone Farm, Burke. CR. -126 HAWK. ROBERT [. M., »ls Sterling St.. Plainfield. N. J. HAWKEN. ASHLEY L.. 7427 Baltimore Ave.. Takoma Park. Md., JU 7-7241 HAWKINS, LARRY K., 1535 Parkview Ave.. Falls Church, Va. HAYNES, ANNE. 1012 McKinley St.. N. W., Washington 1!. D. C, EM 3-2863 HEALY. SANDRA, 106 Eppard Circle. Falls Church, Va., JE 4-754! HECOX, ION, !010 Forest Haven Dr.. Alexandria. Va.. SO 8-4792 HEITMAN. HENRY N.. 928 Kearns Ave.. W ' in ton-Salem. N. C. HEITMULLER. ROBERT R.. 361! Jocelyn St.. Washineton 1!. D. C. WO 6-9149 HELIFR. ANTHONY I., 2101 S St.. N. W.. Washington. D. C. DE 2-0452 HELM. ALTON. !!06 Park St.. Chevy Chase IS. Md., OL 2-923! HFIMFR. PAUL DALE, 14 Merlin St., N. T.rrvtnwn. N Y. HEITZEL. ROBERT, 4840 Bradley Blvd., Chew Chase I!. Md.. OL 2-5164 HFNCKE. BRENDA. 21! Kimball Ave. Yonkrrs, N. Y. HFRBAN. MATHEW III. 1400 N. Taylor St.. Arlington I. Va.. JA 7-1818 HFRNANDFZ. CARMEN. 211! !7th St.. N. W.. Washineton 7, D. C. FE !-60!6 HCRSHEY. STEPHEN. 2 Fairwater Ave.. M....a-equa. I. I.. N. Y. HFRSON. GERALD. 7010 Wyndale St.. N. W.. Washington 1!. D. C, WO 6-S929 HESKETH. WILLIAM E.. W. 745 Arlington Towers, Arlington, Va., JA 2-6147 HEVENER, CARL D., 313S 19th St., N. W., Washington 10, D. C, DE 2-1494 HEYER, CORA VIRGINIA, 202 Stockton St., Hightstown, N. J. HICKEY, LAWRENCE B., 10202 Fleming Ave., Bethesda 14, Md., OL 6-S028 HICKMAN, BARBARA LEE, iSOO S. 6th St., Arlington 4, Va., JA 2-7938 HIGGINS, MONTGOMERY, 2914 45th St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, EM 3-5455 HILL, WALLACE H., 7980 New Riggs Rd., Hyattsville, Md., HE 4-6582 HILLS, FLOYD, 7119 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, Md., JU S-45S7 HILLSLEY. THEODORE M., 4613 College Ave., College Park, Md., UN 4-5697 H1MELFARB, MARVIN, 6425 N. Capitol St., Washington, D. C, TA 9-1974 HIMMESBACH, ROBERT, 2416 Cypress Dr., Falls Church, Va., JE 2-5057 HINDER.STEIN, RICHARD, 54021 21st St., Astoria, N. Y. HINDS, JAMES R., 7509 Monrose St., Alex- andria, Va. HINER, DONALD M., 10105 McKenney Ave., Silver Spring, Md., JU 9-1517 HINKLE, DARAL W., Wiley Ford, W. Va. HINSHAW, DONNA LEE. 204 Forest Drive. Falls Church, Va., JE 2-8291 H1NSVARK, KATHLEEN, 1208 Holly St., N. W., Washington 12, D. C, RA 5-3614 HINTON, ROBERT, 4817 Chevy Chase Dr., Chevy Chase, Md., OL 6-5294 HITCHCOCK, CHARLES, 25 Reeve Rd., Rockville Centre, N. Y. HOAGLAND, ERNEST PAUL, 5021 4th St., N. Arlington 1, Va., JA 8-9S2S HOCKMAN, MARILYN, 75 Carwall Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. HOCKENBURY, EDSON S., 2515 Oakwood Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. HODGE, STANLEY P., 436 Greenwood Rd., Linthicum His., Md. HODGES, WILLIAM B., 4809 S. 13th St., Arlington 4, Va., JA 8-6412 HOELZER, ERNEST C, 307 N. George Mason Dr., Arlington, Va. HOESTEREY, ANNE M., 226 Buckland Ave., Rochester 18, N. Y. HOFFMAN, NANCY M., 5121 N. 33rd St., Arlington 7, Va., KE 6-9686 HOLLAND, MARY FRANCES, 14 W. Lenox St., Chevy Chase IS, Md., OL 4-8179 HOLLEY, CECILE S., 4605 Warren St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, EM 3-7939 HOLMES, RICHARD G., 8013 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park 12, Md., HE 9-2189 HORNSBY, JEANNE, Keys Tourist Home, Va I l HOUSE, PATRICIA. 3322 Ely PL, S. E. Washington 19, D. C, LU 2-6413 HOVERMALE, ANNA JO. 506 S. Washing ton St., Berkeley Springs. W. Va. HOWARD, BRUCE ALAN, 5801 Conn. A N. W., 129, Washington 8, D. C 5-9504 HOWELL, ANN, 336 Cockland Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C. HUBBS. BETTE. 163 S. Grove St., East Aurora, N. Y. HUDSON, IOHN, 915 Dartmouth Dr.. Alexandria. Va., SO 5-7389 HUESTON, GAYLE, 171! Otis St., N. E., Washington 18, D. C, LA 6-4967 HUGHES. ROBERT WILLIAM, 750 N. Din- widdie St., Arlington 3, Va., JA 4-1637 HULBURT. RICHARD S.. JR.. 3000 Dent PL, N. W., Washington 7, D. C. AD 2-2947 HUNGERFORD. THOMAS, 627 Melrosa Ave.. Kenilworth, III. HUTCHISON. LAWRENCE S.. Leesburg. Va. HURWITZ. WILLIAM, 404 Beach 144 St.. Rockaway Beach. N. Y. HYDE. ELIZABETH K., 3 Livermorc Rd.. Wellesley Hills 82, Mass. HYDE. RICHARD C, 7923 Kingston Rd.. Kensington. Md., OL 7-278! HYRE. THOMAS M., 4969 Battery Lane, Salei Italy INGOLD, NORMAN, 181! N. Highland St., Arlington, Va., JA 8-0107 INGOLD, PAULA D., 181! N. Highland St.. Arlington. Va.. JA 8-0107 INGRAM. GIERALDINE G., 718 Fairmont St., N. W., Washington, D. C. IRELAN. LOLA MARIE. 1310 Rittenhouse. N. W.. Washington. D. C. RA 1-2009 IRVIN, JOHN. 4401 Ridge St.. Chevy Chase. Md.. OL 6-6519 ISEMINGER, ION P., 142! Lawndalc Ave., Havertown. Pa. IVANCHUKOV, NARAN. R.D. 1. Box 433. Firmingdale, N. [. IACKSON. DONALD T., 3808 Legation St.. N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 2-1298 JACKSON. RICHARD. 128 Exton Rd.. Somers Point. N. J. JACOBI. ROBERT, 4716 Bradley Blvd.. Chevy Chase. Md., OL 6-5275 JACOBS, FRED. 31 N. Bradford St.. Arling- ton. Va.. JA 2-1679 JACOBSON. LINDA. 1014 Ave. I, Brooklyn. N. Y. IAGTIANI. GANGA A.. 3160 Mt. Pleasant St., N. W., Washington. D. C, NO 7-3692 JALET, JACQUELINE H., 243 N. Arlington Ave., E. Orange, N. J. JAMESON, JUDITH, 45 Clayton St., Roms River, N. J. JANOS, BARBARA, 1015 Grand Concourse, Bronx, N. Y. JASEN, DAVID A., 22! E. Penn. St., Long Beach, N. Y. JASKOL, LEONARD R., 63025 Saunders St., Rego Park, N. Y. JAUNRUBENIS, IVORS, 1875 Mintwood PL, N. W., Washington, D. C, HO 2-1070 JEFFERSON. BERNARD A., 371 Chaplin St., S. E., Washington 19, D. C, LU 1-6174 JENKINS, CHARLES, 4111 Tennyson Rd., Hyattsville, Md., AP 7-1124 JENKINS, MARY, 9911 Parkwood Dr.. Bethesda, Md., WH 2-3634 JENKINS, ROLAND H., 517 S. Veithch St., Arlington, Va., JA !-9113 JEWELER, J. ALVIN, 7405 14th St., N. W., Washington, D. C, RA 6-0909 JOHNSON, BARBARA, i!15 Wakefield Rd., Washington, D. C, OL 4-5736 JOHNSON, DAVID E., 43! Oakwood St., S. E., Washington, D. C, JO 2-7199 JOHNSON, DAVID S., 4749 S6th Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Fla. JOHNSON, MILLARD F., 370S Plyers Mill Rd., Kensington, Md., LO S-0097 JONES. CHARLES H., 1547 Michigan Ave.. N. E., Washington, D. C, LA 6-7280 JONES, HAROLD, 4718 N. 20th Rd., Arlington, Va., JA 5-1096 JONES. HERBERT P., 60S Madison Ave., Scranton, Pa. JONES, JOHN BAYLEY, 1615 Decatur St., N. W., Washington, D. C, TA 9-7871 JONES, JOHN H., 11227 East Ave., Ken- sington, Md., LO 5-0186 JONES, STANLEY, 1218 Pinecrest Circle, Silver Spring, Md., JU 9-8522 JONES, WILLIAM S., 1015 Lamount St.. N. W.. Washington, D. C, AD 4-925! JORDAN, DOUGLAS L., Rt. 2, Box 204. Vienna, Va.. DU !-84!9 JOY, JAMES H., 2800 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, Va., JA 2-1826 JOYCE, PAUL R., 4!2! Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Va., JA 2-7941 JOYNT, JOSEPH M., 11 Manchester PL. Sliver Spring, Md., JU 7-9571 JULIAN, HARRY W., 4952 Battery Lane, Bethesda. Md.. OL 6-!946 JULIAN, JOSEPH K., 6220 Broad St.. Washington, D. C, OL 2-2834 KAHN, CLAUDE B., 3505! 7!th St., Jackson Heights, N. Y. KAMINSKY. ANNE. 155 Westwood Circle. Roslyn Heights. N. Y. KAN, MARLENE, 1905 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, Va. KANG, EUN SOOK, 15 Chang Yong Jong, Incho Kor, KANTOR, BARRY L., 52 S. Munn Ave., E. Orange, N. J., DE 2-6800 KAPLAN, BARBARA. 7 N. Nassau Ave.. Margate City, N. J. KAPPLER, BARBARA A., 10109 Hadley PL. Kensington. Md., LO 4-0142 KARSCH, STEPHEN, 584! Sedgwick Ave., Bronx, N. Y. KARYO, MAURICE, 434 Oxford Rd., Cedar- hurst, N. Y. KARYO. RICHARD, 434 Oxford Rd., Cedar- hurst, N. Y. KASAB, ELEANOR, 3216 Patterson St., N. W.. Washington, D. C, EM 2-1107 KASS. HENRY D„ 1368 Ridgeway Ave., Richmond, N. Y. KASSAYE, TEKLE, 1624 H St., N. W., Washington, D. C, ST 5-6400 KATALINAS. JOSEPH ANTON, 3422 O St., N. W., Washington. D. C, DE 2-2122 KATZ. MARVIN H., 36i! Alton PL, N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 2-8355 KATZ. PAUL, 50 Westminster Rd.. Brooklyn. N. Y. KAUFMANN. RICHARD, 4545 Conn. Ave., N. W., Washington. D. C. EM 5-9793 KEAVENY. JOHN TEUNIS, 4208 49th St.. N. W.. Washington, D. C, WO 6-2950 KEHM, RICHARD D., 1421 N. Jefferson St.. Arlington. Va., JA S-8S98 KELATY, WOLDEZION, 1624 H St., N. W., Washington. D. C, NO 7-6963 KELLAM, WILLIAM T., 5 Brookview Ave.. Cla Del KELLER. J. DONALD, 1900 Tyler Rd.. Md. New KELLY. DENNIS, 593 Rivcrsi York 31, N. Y. KELLY, KEITH ANN, 1536 11th Ave., E. Twin Falls, Idaho KELLY, SANDRA, 5 Old Salem Rd., West Orange, N. J. KF.RCHEVAL, JACK W., 2707 S. 8th St., Arlington, Va., JA 8-SS2S KERMAN, HAROLD GILBERT. 560 W. Princess Anne Rd.. Norfolk. Va. KERR, THOMAS 1AMES, 4310 N. Pershing Dr., Arlington. Va.. JA 8-4660 KERXTON, STUART, 3307 Conn. Ave.. Alexandria. Va., TE 6-1 IS! KESSLER, BRUCE R.. 1021 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda, Md., OL 4-0241. KESSLER. ROBERT. 46 Trcmont PL. Mont- clair. N. J. urn STUDENT DIRECTORY KEYS, RICHARD C, 3401 N St., N. W., Washington, D. C, AD 2-2848 KHOSROPANAH, IRAJ, Monirihe Ave., Tehran, Iran KHUDERY, NAZAR K., Abi Nawas St., Baghdad, Iraq KIBBE, ORLANDO, 363 Grant Ave., Middle- sex, N. J. KIDD, MILTON R., 1149 Colonial Ave., Alexandria, Va. KIEFFER, JOHN, 4848 Chevy Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase, Md., OL 6-5341 KIEFFER, RICHARD, 4848 Chevy Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase, M d., OL 6-5431 KILGORE, DANIEL F., 5800 Highland Dr., Chevy Chase. Md., OL 6-3144 KIM, HELEN K., 83 Ust Drongno, Teagn, Korea KIM, JOON SHICK, 1910 Sycomore Dr., Falls Church, Va. KIM, SUN K., 132029 Chungneung Dong, Seoul, Korea KIM, YOUNG HO, 110110 Amamdong, Seoul. Korea KIMMINS, ROBERT, 103 Kelley Dr., Wash- ington, Pa. KING, BENJAMIN, 2812 Ordway St., N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 2-2812 KING, ELIZABETH, 990 Prospect St., Somerset, Mass. ' KING, EMILY, 3926 McKinley St., N. W., Washington, D. C. EM 3-0932 KING. WALTER. 3820 N. Chestcrbrook Rd., Arlington. Va., KE 8-3853 KINNA, BETTY, 317 Whittier St., N. W„ Washington, D. C, TU 2-4836 KINNEY, EDWARD R., 1509 N. Herndon St., Arlington, Va., JA 4-1820 K1RSTEIN, GEORGE, 625 S. Walter Reed Dr., Arlington. Va., JA 5-3086 KLEIN. LEO. 3821 Ave., S. Brooklyn, N. Y. KLEIN, PHYLLIS, 28 Metropolitan Oval, Bronx, N. Y. KLINE, JOEL, 1680 Tamar ack St., N. W.. Washington, D. C, TU 2-5017 KLOPP, LEE FRANCIS, 5133 Wissioimng Rd., Washington, D. C, OL 2-2173 KLUGMAN. MARGARET E., 235 Ross Rd., Richmond, Va. KNAPPLE. RICHARD, 24 Montgomery PI., New Rochelle. N. Y. KNARR. GEORGE R., 7103 New Hampshire Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, HE 4-1351 KNAUB, RUTH ELAINE, 4900 Battery Lane. Bethesda. Md., OL 6-0840 KNIGHT, DONALD L., 4532 49th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. KNOTT, EDWARD M., 607 Oglethorpe St.. N. W., Washington. D. C, TA 9-4038 KNOTT, LEONARD, 607 Oglethorpe St., N. W., Washington, D. C, TA 9-4038 KOENIG, FRANK, 307 East Center St.. Mahanov City. Pa. KOGAN, LAWRENCE, 1108 Ave., Magdalena Santurce, Puerto Rico KOHLMETZ. BURRELL R., 3207 Lake Ave., Rochester, N. Y. KOLAITIS, GEORGIA, 21 Fenimore Rd , Teaneck. N. J. KOONS, GLENN, 1147 Indiana Ave., Cape May, N. J. KOONTZ, BARBARA A., 4116 18th PL. N. E., Washington, D. C, LA 6-3593 KOREN, DIANE J., 5302 15th Ave., Brook- lyn, N. Y. KORFIATIS, KATINA D., 8320 Woodhaven Blvd., Bethesda. Md., OL 6-7967 KORGAN, JULIUS, 7057 Carroll Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. KORSCHEN. ROBERT F., 10007 Portland PL, Silver Spring, Md., JU 5-0498 KOSTKA, BLANCHE, Wilber. Neb. KRAEMER, WALTER R„ 9616 Lorain Ave.. Silver Spring. Md.. JU 9-7150 KRAFT, ELFRIEDE, 143 Hillside Ave., Teaneck, N. J. KRAFT, JEWELL W., 79 Darrington St., S. W., Washington. D. C, JO 3-5922 KRAMER, JANET, 3509 Garrison Blvd Baltimore, Md. KRAMER. PAUL ROSS, 3309 Garrison Blvd.. Baltimore. Md. KRAUS, KAREN, 2250 N. Columbus St.. Arlington, Va.. JA 7-0277 KRAUSE, DONNA. 10 Signal Hill Blvd., East St. Louis. III. KRAUSER. SHEILA M., 659 Hawthorne St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. KRAYER, LENORE. 952 N. Webster Ave.. Scranton, Pa. KREUTER, JACK M., 1401 Oglethorpe St., N. W., Washington, D. C, RA 3-7310 KRUGLAK, VERA R., 33026 74th St., Jack- son Heights. N. Y. KUNC. LAURA L.. 107 Quaker Lane, Villa- nova, Pa. KURTZ, THOMAS, 2665 Poinsettia Dr., San Diego, Calif. KYTE, KAREN, 12053 Claridge Rd., Silver Spring, Md., WH 6-6399 LACHARITE, NORMAN A., Rue St.. Guil- laume, St. George, P.Q., Canada LADD. RONALD IAMES, Rt. 1. Clifton. Va. LAM, DICK GEEN. 2810 Military Rd., N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 3-0716 LAMB, JANET, 1112 Allengrove St., Phila- delphia, Pa. LAMBROU. PANAYIOTIS J., 2801 Wiscon- sin Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, FE 3-6617 LAMOURE, LAWRENCE, 4632 Livingston Rd., S. E., Washington, D. C, JU 3-5445 LANDIS, BRUCE, 1702 Willow Grove Ave., Philadelphia, Pi. LANDSBERG, ELIOT S., 320 E. 57th St., New York, N. Y. LANE, GEORGE B., 502 Chinning Ave., San Antonia, Tex. LANDERS, LON, 208 N. Greenbrier St., Arlington, Va., JA 8-8779 LANDON, JOSEPH E., 84 Winthrop Rd., Columbus, Ohio LANDRY, VIRGINIA, 1207 Ellison St., Falls Church, Va. LATHAM, JAMES D., 2130 N St., N. W., Washington, D. C, FE 7-1219 LAU, ALAN W., 10102 Fleming Ave., Bethesda, Md., OL 4-8350 LAUBENSTEIN, VIRGINIA, 260 Linden St., Moorcstown, N. J. LAW, FELICE, 3007 Crescent Ave., San Bernardino, Calif. LAWRENCE, SHERIN KAY, Rural Rt. 2, Box 265, Fairfax, Va. LAWS, HARRY, Rt. I, Box 26, Manassas, Va. LAWSON, HARRY W., 936 Westminister St., N. W., Washington, D. C. LAZAR, EDMUND IVAN, 6024 Broad St., Washington, D. C. LAZECZKO, IWANNA, 72 E. 1st St., New York, N. Y. LAZUSKY, WALTER G., 8 Lasalle Ave., Newcastle, Del. LEARY. ALBERT D.. 438 Belleview Dr.. Falls Church, Va., JE 4-0466 LEAVITT, RICHARD, 48 Carpenter Ave., Mansfield, Mass. LEBOURHIS, LOUISE. 1869 Newton St., N. W., Washington, D. C., NO 7-5767 LEBRON, MARIA A., 1812 G St., N. W., Washington, D. C. LEE, WILLIAM A., 901 Lorenz Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. LEEDY. RICHARD F.. 38 Newton Ave., Woodbury, N. J. LEHMAN, EDWARD, R.F.D., Box 69 M, Vienna, Va., DLI 5-5477 LEIGH. ROBERT M., 1749 18th St., N. W.. Washington, D. C. LEMAY, JOHN GALLEY, 3207 Betlou James PL, Md. LEONARD, SALLY 5537 33rd St., N. W.. Washington. D. C. LERCH, HARRY W., 3609 Taylor St.. Chevy Chase. Md., OL 4-5104 LEROY, RICHARD, 2028 Glen Ross Rd., Silver Spring, Md., JU 9-8799 LERTORA. STEPHEN, 1410 Good Hope Rd., S. E., Washington, D. C, LU 4-0003 LEVIN. HILDA, 2712 Blaine Dr., Chevy Chase, Md., JU 9-1532 LEVINE, DONALD, 989 Fox St., New York, X Y. LEVINE, DONALD L., 6948 Groton St.. Forest Hills. N. Y. LEVINE. ARLENE D.. 2978 Beechwood Blvd.. Pittsburgh, Pa. LEVINE. JOYCE H., 55 Sheridan Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. LEVINE, MORTON, 50 Lenox Rd., Brooklyn. N. Y. LEVY, ALAN FREDERIC, 8417 Frevman Dr., Chevy Chase, Md., JU 7-6164 LEVY. PHILIP D.. 19 Fort Hill Circle. Staten Island. N. Y. LEVY. RONALD. 118 N. Frontenac Ave., Margate, N. J. LEWIS, DAWN, 406 Mercer Ave., Spring Lake. N. J. LIBBIN, SUSAN A., 5608 Warwick PL, Chevy Chase, Md.. OL 2-9024 LIFSHULTZ. CAVID, 928 Madison St., N. W., Washington, D. C, RA 3-3649 LILLYBRIDGE, RICHARD, Rt. 1, Box 204, Bremerton, Washington. LINDEN, JOSEPH. 2644 S. Veitch St.. Arlington, Va., OT 4-8677 LINDOW, STEPHEN, Annapolis Roads, An- Md. LINMAN, MILTON L.. 2223 H. St.. N. W., Washington, D. C, FE 3-3900 LIPSITZ, SARAH M., 305 E. 2nd St., Chase City. Va.. OR 2-4320 LISS, SHELDON B„ 7816 Lexington Ave.. Philadelohia. Pa. LITT, HOWARD, 617 Fern PL, N. W., Washington, D. C, TA 9-4038 LIU, VICTOR S.. 7314 Baltimore Ave., Takoma Park. Md. LOCKMAN. IOUIE L.. 4940 25th St., S. Arlington. Va.. JA 2-6290 LOEB, LOUIS S., 1216 W. Broadway. Hew- lett. N. Y. LOGAN. ROBERT E.. 213 Lavern Ave.. Alexandria. Va.. KI 8-8734 LOKEY, CLINTON K.. Arlineton Towers 1644. Arlington, Va., JA 2-6645 LOMBARD, FDWARD. 4912 Flint Dr. We-t-ate. Md.. OL 6-8214 I.ONF.Y. CAROLE ANN. 3415 N. Glebe Rd.. Arlington. Va.. KF 6-6468 LONG. MARGARET C. 3326 Tennyson St., N. W., Washington, D. C. KE 7-1380 LONGFELLOW. MARGARET L., 3635 S St.. N. W., Washington, D. C, FE 3-9590 LONGUEIRA, TONY, 106 Madison St., New York, N. Y. LOUIE, JAMES M., 106 N. Washington St., Easton, Md. LOUIE, ROBERT, 2423 E St., N W.. Washington, D. C, DI 7-5608 LOVE, ALFRED P., 1508 Basil St., Mobile, Ala. LOUDEN, BARBARA A., 3511 Shepherd St., Chevy Chase, Md., OL 4-5637 LOWENHERZ, CLAIRE, 16 Huguenot Dr., Larchmont, N. Y. LOWHAPHANDU, VIRDJ LUBIS. ALIMUDDIN, 1506 21st St., N. W., Washington, D. C, AD 2-9790 LUKE, DANIAL S., 4231 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington, Va., JA 5-9324 LUND1 " . DOLORES, 36 Main St., Dallas, Pa. LUNING, KATHARINE, 5116 Caledonia Rd., Richmond, Va. LUPIS, ANGELA M., 138 Fairview St., Piedmont, W. Va. LURIE, JULIETTE, 5410 Brier Ridge Rd.. Falls Church, Va., KE 6-9199 MACDONALD, FLORA E., 4803 S. 28th St., Arlington, Va., JE 6-7360 MACGILL, BRUCE, 3608 7th St., S. Arling- ton, Va., JA 7-6SS6 MACHETANZ, BARBARA ANN, 3665 38th St., N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 3-0894 MACKENZIE, SUSAN R., 10 S. Plateau PL, Greenbelt, Md., GR 4-7342 MACKEY, DONALD, 211 Howard St., Mill- ville, N. J. MACKEY, MARY H., 3107 N. Oxford, Arlington, Va.. JA 8-5880 MADIaON, CARL, 199 35th St., N. E., Washington, D. C, LU 2-3116 MADISON, PAUL F., 3820 17th St., N. E., Washington, D. C, LA 6-2886 MADKESH, HARRIET, 681 Stelle Ave., l ' lalnlield, N. J. MALAKOFF, LAWRENCE, 1116 Galloway St., N. E., Washington, D. C. MALLEY, RONALD E„ 4842 Davenport St.. N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 3-3104 MALONEY, KA1HRYN MARY, 336 W. Delaware, Toledo, Ohio MANDELL, ARNOLD, 9327 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, N. Y. MANN, JANET MARGUERITE, 5224 S. 11th St., Arlington, Va. MANNES. KAREN, 3130 Wisconsin Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, WO 6-5307 MAPHIS, FRANKLIN B., 4505 Leland St.. Chevy Chase. Md., OL 2-3002 MAR, LOLOMON, 5225 New Hampshire Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, RA 3-8032 MARCHETTI, JOHN A., 1212 Delafield PL, N. W., Washington, D. C, LA 9-4302 MARCUS. ELAINE, 1759 Poplar Lane, N. W., Washington, D. C, TA 9-3422 MARCUS, ROBERTA, 4 Frederick Lane, Scarsdale, N. Y. MARGOLIS. DANIEL, 5223 New Hampshir e Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, RA 3-8032 MARIEN, NICHOLAS L., 3905 Davis PL, N. W„ Washington, D. C, WO 6-1411 MARINENKO, GEORGE, 1100 E St., S. E„ Washington, D. C, LI 3-4058 MARKLEY, RICHARD L.. 302 Pimmit Dr.. Falls Church, Va., TW 3-8492 MARKOFF, MARK, 4430 Lowell St., N. W.. Washington, D. C. MARKWOOD, VALERIE M., 2726 Brandy- wine St.. N. W., Washington. D. C, EM 2-2286 MARLOW, JOANNA S., 3872 9th St., S. E., Washington, D. C. MARSHALL. GORDON E.. 8413 12th Ave.. Silver Spring. Md., HE 4-6503 MARSHALL, WILLIAM. 2800 Quebec St., N. W., Washington. D. C, EM 2-1904 MARTI, JOHN B.. 3937 Pennsylvania Ave.. N. W., Washington, D. C, LU 4-6783 MARTIN. ARNOLD WILLIAM, 1531 Park Rd., N. W., Washington. D. C. MARTIN, CHESTER, 22! Briggs St., Harris- burg, Pa. MARTIN, EARL. 4418 Macomb St., N. W., Washington, D. C. MASSELL, GENMARO J.. 2724 S. Wayne St.. Arlington, Va., OT 4-9525 MASTRANTONIO, BARBARA, Box 284, Ox- ford, N. J. MATHIAS. ALBA L., 307 Park St.. Wavnes- boro, Pa. MATTERS. ADELAIDE S., 3110 45th St. N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 2-9688 MATTINGLY, RICHARD, 3701 Cumberland St., N. W.. Washington, D. C, WO 6-3773 MATULLO, RICHARD, Capitol View Dr., McLean, Va. MAXEY, JOSEPH, 69 W. High St., Somer- ville. N. J. MAXWELL, LOUIS R.. 3506 Leland St.. Chevy Chase, Md., OL 2-1744 MAY, RUDOLPH W., 1766 Preston Rd., Al- exandria, Va., TE 6-5566 MAYER, ROY C, 172003 83rd Ave.. Jamaica. N. Y. McCANN. REBECCA. 2230 Shepard St.. N. E., Washington, D. C, TA 9-2051 McCARNEY, WILLIAM. 108 Tritle Ave., Waynesboro, Pa. McClelland, ann. 4150 KMngie St., N. W.. Washington, D. C, WO 6-8199 McClelland, Robert l., ssn Glenaiien St., Springfield, Va., CH 6-3077 McCLOSKEY, MARCIA, Ncwcombiown Rd.. Millville, N. J. McCONNAUGHY, RICHARD, 3707 Isbell St., Silver Spring. Md., WH 6-6635 McCORKLE, D. JANE, 4240 2 th St., Ar- lington, Va. McCORMICK, MICHAEL, 6817 Georgia Ave., N W., Washington, D. C, TA 6-6054 McCORMICK, MILTON R., 4301 S. Four Mile Run, Arlington, Va., JA 8-4753 McDANALD, WILLIAM, 732 Chesapeake Ave., Silver Spring, Md.. JU 9-6413 McDANLEL, ANDREW, 26 E. Chapman St., Alexandria, Va., Kl 9-4360 McDANIEL, JERRY, 44 Northdown Rd.. Alexandria, Va. McDonald, bruce, c, 38i6 Davis pi„ N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 3-4354 Mcdonald, Paul, 2322 16th St., s. e.. Washington, D. C, LU 3-1734 McGRADY. FREDERICK, 5308 28th St.. N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 3-7655 McGregor. Florence, 4607 Conn. Ave., N. V., Washington, D. C, EM 2-9230 McINNES, JAMES M., Repton, Ala. McINRRNEY. JOHN S., 9924 Edward Ave., Bethesda, Md., OL 6-5662 McINTYRE, PATRICIA, 2422 N. Ohio St., Arlington, Va., JE 2-7471 McKlNNEY, BRIAN P., 14 Sycamore Ave., Plainheld, N. J. McKNEE, JOAN, 2708 Proter St., N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 2-8190 McLAINE, MARCIA. 2030 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh. Pa. McLEAN, JAMES H., 716 Kensington Ave.. Plainneld, N. J. McLEAN. RUTH E., 5014 III. Ave.. N. W., Washington. D. C. McLEAVY, DENIS. 144 Home St., Malverne, N. Y. McLENDON, MLIZ, 3210 Wisconsin Ave.. N W„ Washington. D. C, EM 3-2290 McLEOD, HARRY. 6492 Little Falls Rd.. Arlington. Va., JE 3-1167 McMAHON. ROSALIND, 4915 Brandywine St., N. W.. Washington, D. C, WO 6-4964 McNAMEE, CAROL, 4201 Mass. Ave., N. W.. Washington, D. C. EM 2-2763 McNELL. DENNIS K.. 511 W. 112th St.. New York. N. Y. McNELL, PATRICIA. 511 W. 112th St.. New York. N. Y. McQUISTON. JOHN T.. 4201 Mass Ave.. N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 3-1966 McWHORTER. BARBARA E„ 4421 Burling- ton PL. N. W.. Washington, D. C. EM MEEKINS, JEFF A., SOU Baltimore Ave.. Washington, D. C, OL 2-8807 MEHTA, GAUTAM J., 1867 Kalorama Rd., N. W., Washington, D. C, NO 7-8777 MELTINOS, SYLVIA A.. 902 Illinois St., Walkerton, Ind. MENSH, DONALD, 2246 Sudbury Rd., N. W., Washington, D. C, RA 6-3215 MERCER, DOROTHY M., Rt. No. 1, Box 131. Vienna, Va., WE 8-2471 MERRELL, WALTER, Amity, Ore. MERRILEES. GEORGE, 4730 N. 1st St., Arlington, Va.. JA 7-9136 MESSICK, KENNETH, 5325 Allandale Rd.. Washington. D. C, OL 4-6372 METHLIE. WILLIAM. 1101 Admont Ave.. Franklin Square. N. Y. METZ, BENJAMIN, 1227 Rock Oxk Ford Rd., N. W., Washington, D. C. MEYER. RITA. 113 Hunting;on Terrace, Newark. N 1. MEYERLE. LOUIS J., 612 Bei.r.i-gton Dr.. Silver Spring, Md., JU 9-7096 MEYERS, BERTRAM H„ 3061 M St., N. W.. Washington. D. C, FE 3-2725 MEYERS. CHARLES A.. 8716 Colesville Rd.. Silver Spring. Md., JU 8-2501 MEYERS, ELIZABETH. 322 St. Lawrence Dr.. Silver Soring, Md.. JU 9-3157 MIDDLETON, DONALD R.. 4300 N. 4th St., Arlington, Va., JA 8-2452 MIDDLETON. JOHN B.. 3201 Morrison St.. N W.. Washington. D. C. EM 2-0761 MIDDLETON. MARILYN W., 6521 Willston Dr., Falls Church, Va.. IE 2-4695 MILES, PATRICIA A.. 50 Quincey PL. Wash- ington, D. C. DU 7-2681 MILLER. CAROLYN R.. 4213 S. Four Mile Run. Arlineton. Va. MILLER, ELIZABETH M.. 1107 Chestnut Ave.. Falls Church. Va., JE 4-5779 MILLER, ISSAC. 407 W. Court St.. Wood- stock. Va.. TW 3-8654 MILLER. JOHN G, 2339 40th PL. N. W . Washington. D. C. EM 3-0898 MILLER, JUDITH TOBY, 353 Church St.. N E , Vienna. Va.. DU 3-9191 MILLER, LOIS, 1215 Chestnut St., Western Scenes, HI. MILLER. MILES L.. 5301 Chillum PI.. N. E., Washington. D. C. MILLER. RODNEY R.. 2301 Cathedral Ave.. N. W., Washington, D. C, DU 7-4136 MILLER, SALLY, 315 W. Montgomery Ave., Wildwood. N. I. MILLER. WARREN M., 329 N. Ed Arlington, Va. St.. 191 STUDENT DIRECTORY M1LLHISER, MILDRED, 207 Old Orchard Rd., Richmond, Va. MILLS, JAMES, 4713 Qucensbury Rd., River- dale, Md. MILLS, MARY C, 1523 28th St., N. W., Washington, D. C, CO 5-6197 MINER, LARRY JOSEPH, 714 N. Wayne St., Arlington, Va., JA 2-7223 MINIZtR, DEANNA H., S71 Ott St., Har- risonburg, Va. MITCHELL, JANIE, Roxbury Rd., Shippens- burg, Pa. M11CHELL, MARGARET B„ 150! 41st St., S. E., Washington, D. C, LU 1-7151 MOEESES, ELIZABETH, 1216 Foulkrod St., Philadelphia, Pa. MOHAMMED, MARIA, 271 E. 143rd St., New York, N. Y. MOK, MAY L., 1138 12th St., N. W., Wash- ington, D. C, RE 7-5176 MOK, OLIVIA, 1138 12th St., N. W., Wash- ington, D. C, RE 7-5176 MONA, JAMES E., 6612 Williston PI., Falls Church, Va. MONDRAGON, LINDA D., 8802 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda, Md., OL 2-7276 MONDSCHEIN, IRWYN M., 3850 Tunlaw Rd., N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 2-2210 MONROE, JOHN, 3105 Macomb St., N. W., Washington, D. C, WO 6-7411 MOORE. DOROTHY J., 2130 N St., N. W., Washington, D. C, FE 7-5857 MOORE, ROBERT, 4716 Blagdew Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, TA 9-0066 MOORE, SAMUEL N., 301 E. Glendale Ave., Alexandria, Va., KI 9-6760 MORELL, ANITA I., 2316 Kalorama Rd., N. W., Washington, D. C, AD 2-7187 MORELLA, ANTHONY C, 5821 Crawford Dr., Rockville, Md., GA 4-8271 MORGAN, FRANCES, 748 Candidus Ave., Woodbury Heights, N. J. MORGAN, JACQUELINE R., 412 Patrick Henrv Dr., Falls Church, Va. MORGAN, NATALIE, 5816 Douglas St., Pittsburgh, Pa. MORGAN, ROBERT P., 4630 Fcssenden St., N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 2-3743 MORGAN, ROBERT S., 4262 S. 16th St., Arlington, Va., JA 7-6423 MORR, HARRY P., 2212 I St., N. W.. Washington, D. C. FE 3-6011 MORIARTY. FRANCIS J., 46 Myrtle Ave.. Fitchburg, Mass. MORRIS. WILLIAM W., 831 E. Park Paseo, Las Vegas, Nev. MORRISON, MARIANNE, 2831 44th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. MORRISON, RALPH L., 2905 34th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. MORROW, LINDA GRAHAM, Rt. 1, Box 131, Annandale. Va. MOSS. ARTHUR, 2501 Northampton St., N. W„ Washington, D. C, EM 3-0500 MOXNESS, BENNIE A. NACHTMAN, IOHN, 4411 Maple Ave., Bethesda, Md., OL 2-1863 NADANYI, MICHAEL S., 601 Dorchester Rd., Falls Church, Va., JE 3-2214 NAGEL. IOHN M., 1413 Leland Ave., New York, N. Y. NAGEL, WARREN, 632 Gallatin St., N. W., Washington 1 1 , D. C, TA 9-4495 NAQUIB, DHIA I.. list.. Baghdad, Iraq NAZARIAN, ARMEN, JR., 3400 Oliver St.. N. W., Washington IS, D. C. WO 6-7761 NEITZEY, THOMAS F., 216 Douglas St., N. E„ Washington 2, D. C, HO 2-4440 NELSON, DANIEL RICHARD, 3100 26th St., N. E., Washington 18, D. C, NO 7-6613 NELSON, DARRELL R., 4433 Faraday PI., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, EM 2-8657 NELSON, IERRY LEE. 2217 42nd St.. N. W., Washington 7, D. C. NELSON, RONALD KENNETH. 40 Elliott Ave., Jamestown. N. Y. NERI. JOSEPH. 1914 Upshur St., N. E.. Washington. D. C, LA 6-3930 NETTERSTROM, 1AMES S.. 6313 W. Hal- bert Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md.. OL 4-0207 NETTERSTROM. SUSAN, 6313 W. Halbert Rd., Bethesda 14. Md., OL 4-0207 NEWBERRY, JACK G.. SIS Franklin, N. E., Washington, D. C, HO 2-0777 NGUYEN. DIF.P NGOC. 90 Pham Ngu Las. Saigon, Vietnam NICHOLAS, CAROL, 5415 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda 14, Md., OL 4-04J9 NICHOLSON, ROBERT, 63 Cricklewood Rd.. Yonkers, N. Y. NIELSON. ROBERT EDWIN, 126 New York Ave, Jersey City 7, N. J. NIKOV, TRAJKO PETAV, 1624 H St., N. W., Washington 25, D. C. NIMF.TZ, ARTHUR, 920 Peabody St., N. W., Washington II, D. C, RA 3-5501 NOLAN. JAMES EDWARD. 252 Schenectady Ave., Brooklyn 13, N. Y. NOLAN. NICHOLAS JOHN. 1142 Valley Dr., Alexandria, Va., TE 6-7747 NOTES, BARBARA. 7901 Orchid St.. N. W.. Waihington 12. D. C, RA 3-4238 NOTTINGHAM. ANNE, 3 Clifton Dr.. Al- exandria, Va., SO 8-7161 NUGENT, JOAN CLAUDIA, 70 Hereford Rd., Bronxvillc, N. Y. NUNNELLY, CHARLES A., 426 Keith Ave., Ann.ston, Ala. NYCE, PETER Q., JR., 1700 Varnum St., N. W., Washington 11, D. C, RA 6-7896 O ' BRIEN, WILLIAM, 35 West 48th St., Bayonne, N. J. O ' CONNELL, WALTER, 1009 Oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, Md. O ' CONNOR, JAMES E., Playhouse McLean, McLean, Va. OCONNOR, JEAN K., 2219 Madison St., Chester, Pa., CH 3-1798 OLHSER, GORDON V., 2138 California St., Washington 8, D. C. OEI, 1Kb IJ1KNIO, 22 New York Ave., White Plains, N. Y. OFIENBERGER, HEIDI, 9 Locust Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. OGDON, CHARLES A., 4328 N. Henderson Rd., Arlington 3, Va.., JA 2-4087 OJhDA, GLADYS, Box 486 Station St., Aguada, Puerto Rico OLIt-HANT, JOHN, 3235 Beech St., N. W., Washington IS, D. C, EM 2-9376 OMAN, CHARLES LEE, 1922 So. Pollard St., Arlington 4, Va., JA 8-9143 O ' NEILL, JOSEPH, 1564 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, Md. ■O ' NEILL, PAUL, 3S37 78th St., Jackson Hts., Long Island, N. Y. O ' NEILL, RICHARD, 3150 Patterson St., N. W., Washington 15, D. C. OPACK, JERRY H., 7601 16th St., N. W., Washington 12, D. C, RA 6-4804 ORDOWER, JANET, 1507 Schley St., Hill- side, N. J. ORLETSKY, SANDRA, 526 Fisherman ' s Rd., Norfolk 3, Va. ORLICH, PAUL D., 1402 N. 12th St., Ar- lington, Va., JA 2-9400 ORTIZ, GLORIA M., Central Mercedita, Ponce, P. R. OURSLER, STEPHANIE W., 4101 Glen Arm Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. OUTERBRIDGE, THOMAS W., 4625 S. 34th St., Arlington, Va., TE 6-3781 OUTLAW, JOSETTE, 6047 23rd St., N.. Arlington, Va. OUTTEN, WILLIAM, 4740 N. Dittmar Rd., Arlington, Va., KE 8-4413 OWENS, CAROLYN B., 2013 31st St., S. E., Washington 20, D. C, LU 2-6788 OZUMI, YUTAKA, 1387 Ashihara, Kokura Fukuoka, Japan PADGETT, ROBERT LEE, 903 S. Washing- ton St.. Alexandria, Va. PADOVAWI, ALVAROZ S., 84 Dr. Vevcs St., Box 403 Sangerman, Puerto Rico PALSGROVE, GARY, 4915 Albemarle St., N. W„ Washington 16, D. C. PALTING, PANCRACIO G., 1339 Shepherd St., N. W.. Washington, D. C, RA 6-5525 PAPER, MARCIA, U. S. Soldiers ' Home. Washington 25, D. C. PAPPAS, JUDITH, 208 Sterling Ave., Orange, N. J. PAQUIN. BEVERLY N. PAQUIN, ROBE RT RAYMOND PARIK, ABHAYKUMAR C, Mandvig St. Samet Pole, Ahmedbad, Bombay St., India PARIS, MARY SABRA, 4330 Yuma St., N. W., Washington 16 D. C, EM 2-6373 PARK. STEPHEN K-, 349069 Singdangdong, Seoul, Korea PARKER, JAMES C, 1025 Fifth Ave., New York City, N. Y. PARKER, JANE, 4620 36th St., N. W., Wash- ington 8, D. C. PARKER. JOHN, 6304 N. 12th St.. Arling- ton 5, Va. PARKES. SUZANNE, 1212 Churchville Rd., Southampton, Penna. PARKINSON. PHILIP, 411 Monterey Ave., Annapolis, Md. PARKS. FLOYD L., 60S Main St., Laurel, Md. PARR1SH, CHARLES R., 710 Plum St., Vine- land. N. J. PARSONS. ALLEN A.. 1313 N. E. 1st St.. Fort Lauderdale. Fla. PARSONS, JUDITH, 2307 N. Washington PATTISON. DAVID J.. 1707 N. Monroe St., Tallahassee, Fla. PATTON, SCHUYLER T., 3525 Davenport St., N. W., Washington. D. C, EM 3-8259 PATRICK, JACK W., 587 Lynbrook Ave., Tonawanda, N. Y. PAUL, GERALD R.. Nancy Ave.. Neshaminy. Penna. PAULSON. FRANKLIN, 1534 Roxanna Rd.. N. W., Washington 12, D. C, RA 3-3833 PAYNE, MORRIS J.. 1323 Kennedy St.. N. W., Washington, D. C, TA 9-S478 PAYNE. PATRICIA, 1910 Kalorama Rd., N. W„ Washington 9, D. C. PAYNE, ROSS, Unpcrville, Va. PEABODY. STANTON B., Liberian Embassy, Washington. D. C. PFIFER, EDWARD W., 5011 V St., N. W.. Washington, D. C, EM 2-2061 PEIFER, PETRA E., SOU V. St., N. W. Washington 7, D. C, EM 2-2061 PEPP. ROSE. 250 S. 17th St.. Phila. Penna PEQUENO, STAEL A., 2500 Wisconsin Ave., Washington. D. C. FE 7-3871 PETROSS, DONALD ALAN, 226 N St., N. W., Washington, D. C. PEREZ, GERARDA P., Juanarroyo Mestre 192, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico PERKINS, DIANE J., 9411 St. Andrews Way, Silver Spring, Md. PLKRITT, BRUCE, 4502 Iowa Ave., N. W., Washington 11, D. C, RA 6-0627 PERRY, SAMUEL D., State Line House, Greenville, Del. PETERSON, EARL W„ 909 Patton Dr., Silver Spring, Md. PETERSON, HAROLD, 1669 Columbia Rd., N. W., Washington 9, D. C. PETERSON, JOHN, 1616 Mt. Eagle PL, Alexandria, Va., OV 3-0024 PETERSON, JUDITH A., 743 Simpson, Mc- Pherson, Kansas PETERSON, LARRY LEE, 5 521 24th Ave., S. E., Washington 21, D. C, LO 7-1103 PETERSON, RICHARD, 450! N. 37th St., Arlington 7, Va., KE 8-!672 PETERSON, WILLIAM D., 422 Windsor St., Silver Spring, Md., JU 8-929S PHAN, VANPHUT H., 1420 Harvard St., N. W., Washington 9, D. C, CO I-S197 PHILLIPS, LEROY F., 810 Central Ave., Laun Del. PHILLIPS, SUSAN, Star Route, Summit Lawn, Allentown, Penna. PHOTIAS, MARY N., !327 41st St., N. W., Washington li, D. C, EM 2-0377 PIFER, KENNETH C, 601! 21st St., N., Arlington i, Va., KE 6-9!!3 PIKE, THOMAS, 270 East Pine St., Lisbon, Ohio PINE, ROBERT, 64 Main Ave., Ocean Grove, N. J. PINKUS, ELSA CAROL, 4623 Ellicott St., N. W„ Washington 16, D. C, EM 3-SSS7 PIPER, JAMES, JR., 1553 N. Danville St., Arlington 1, Va., JA S-6034 PISCHEDDA, EDWARD, 1600 Pine Grove Ave., Wcsttield, N. J. PITTMAN, GARY ELLIS, Waverly, Va. PLATNIK, STANLEY, 8S14 Tahona Dr., Silver Spring, Md., HE 4-6112 POGREBNIAK, VADIM A., 2019 Glenross Rd., Silver Spring, Md., JU 5-3813 POITRAS, PIERRE L., 972 Salaberry St., Quebec 6, Oue., Canada POLAND, JUNE ELAINE, Kurtz Rd., Rt. 3. Box 167, McLean, Va. POLEN, SAMUEL W., 10721 St. Paul St.. Kensington, Md., LO 5-3679 POLLOCK, MARILYN, 7413 Alaska Ave.. N. W., Washington 12, D. C, RA 6-1781 POND, GLEN D., 2393 N. Edgewood St., Arlington 7, Va., JA 2-4773 PONS. JAMES THOMAS, 10510 Inslcy St.. Silver Spring, Md., LO S-232S POSNER, ROBERT B.. 5239 Chillum PL. N. E., Washington II. D. C. POTTS, WILLIAM D., 710 N. Wayne St., Arlington 1, Va., JA 2-24S8 POULIN, PAUL LEON, 34 Main St., Spring- vale, Me. POWELL, CYNTHIA, 5008 26th St., N.. Arlington 7, Va. POWELL, JUDY B., 1642 Cherokee Rd., Florence, S. C. POWELL, LISSANTE, 3434 Volter PL, N. W., Washington, D. C, DE 2-2434 PRATT, PHILIP, 1921 Kalorama Rd.. N. W„ Washington. D. C, DE 2-4594 PRESTON, RICHARD R., 402 Neale Ave., Silver Spring, Md.. HE 4-077S PRICE, CHARLES H., JR.. 1710 N. 17th St., Arlington 9, Va. PRICE, PAMELA A., 7104 Denton Rd., Bethesda 14. Md., OL 4-2197 PRIMOFF. JOHN OREN. Box 31. Hcrndon, Va. PRINGLE. WILLIAM P., 208 Domcr Ave., Takoma Park, Md. PRITCHARD, HERBERT, 69S0 Maple St.. N. W., Washington 12, D. C. PUISIFER. RICHARD A., 3214 West Ave., Newport News. Va. PURSEL, THOMAS L., 222 3Sth St., S. E.. Washington 19, D. C. LU 1-S1S0 PYLE. PATRICIA. 4109 Ingomar St., N. W., Washington II, D. C. QUBEIN, NANCY S.. 617 19th St., Wash- ington, D. C. QUINN, BETTY JANE, 11903 Coronada Pla Kensi Ht! Md. QUINONEZ. FRANCISCO, 4 Calle S. O. 206, Managua. Nicaragua, Central America RAAB, DIANE, 3800 Clifford St., Ports- mouth, Va. RACHE, IRIS T„ 4129 32nd St.. Mt. Rainier. Md. RACHEL, ALBERT A., 3216 Minn. Ave., S. E., Washington 19, D. C. LU 2-1782 RAIMONDO, JOSEPH LARRY. 128 Ardmacr Dr., Somcrville. N. J. RAJEE, AHMAD ALI, 2611 Adams Mill Rd.. N. W., Washington, D. C. RAMOS, CARMEN V., Box 311, Orocovis. Puerto Rico RAMOS, PRISCILLA I.. Box 83, Cialcs. Puerto Rico RAPPOPORT, DAVID, 2 N. Annapolis Ave., Atlantic City. N. J. RASQUIN, GUSTAVO, Calle Chiv Orta MacL, Caracas, Venezuela RAVAL, DINKER S., 78YL Danapith Navo- vas, Ahmedabad, India RAVER, ROBERT R., 5609 Southwick St., Bethesda 14, Md.. OL 2-6162 RAWLINGS. ANN, 901 South W Street, Culpeper, Va. RAZZAGHI, ABBAS, Saraye Ferdows, Tehran, Iran REANEY, RACHEL W., 264 West Lincoln Avenue, Delaware, Ohio REASON, BARBARA, 1242 Girard St., N. E., Washington 17, D. C, LA 6-9273 REDISCH, MONICA, 101006 67 Dr., Forest Hills 75, N. Y. REEDER. JACK, Rt. 5, Box 427C, Alexan- dria, Va., ED 9-SS84 REEL, JOHN, 3716 Woodley Rd., N. W., Washington 16, D. C. EM 3-9691 REESE, CAROLE SUE, 5303 Matoaka Rd., Richmond, Va. REGAR, JOSEPHINE W., 11 Ft. Williams Pkwy., Alexandria, Va., KI 8-6175 REGER, MARJORIE, 9004 2nd Ave., Silver Spring, Md., JU 9-6104 REILLY, DONALD E., 1916 17th St., N. W., Washington 9, D. C, DU 7-9118 REIS, JOSE D., R. Lad Neto 16 Andarai. Rio De Jan D. F. Brazil RE1SKIN. HERBERT LEE, 1604 Crittenden St., N. W., Washington II, D. C, RA 6-2605 REISSNER, GEORGE, IS N. Browning Ave., Tenally, N. J. REYNOLDS, CHARLES, 121 Hamlin Ave., Danville, Va. RHODES, WILLIAM, 2032 37th St., S. E.. Washington 20, D. C, LU 2-9SS4 RICE, TIMOTHY, 104S Michigan Ave., N. E., Washington 17, D. C, LA 6-SSSS RICHARDS, ERIC L., 265 Bartlett St., Reno. Nev. RIDDLE, GEORGE, 4203 N. 4th St., Arling- ton 3, Va„ JA 7-6339 RIDDLE, JOHN H., 87 Hudson Ave., Red Bank, N. J. RIDGEWAY, SAMUEL M., 8220 Greenwood Ave., Takoma Park, Md., JU 7-7104 RIDGWAY, DAVID B., 2717 S. Adams St., Arlington, Va. RINFRETTE, KAY, 194S Biltmore St., N. W., Washington 9, D. C. RINGELHEIM, RHODA, ISO Putnam Ave., Freeport, N. Y. RISDEN, CATHERINE L., SI30 15th St., N., Arlington S, Va., JA 7-9130 RITCHIE, ANNE BEATRICE, 146 S. Bar- ton St., Arlington 4, Va., JA 2-3172 RIVELLESE, VINCENT, 41030 46th St., Sunnyside 4, N. Y. RIVERA, EDITH, Atanacio Cuadra St., No. 3, Humacao, Puerto Rico RIVERA, GLADYS M.. Luis M. Rivera St., Yabucoa, Puerto Rico ROAN, STEPHANIE. 520 Valley Lane, Falls Church, Va., JE 2-7884 ROBBY, CAROLE, 2635 McCoy Way, Louis- ville, Ky. ROBERTS, CURTIS, S181 Manning PL, N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 3-5181 ROBERTS. GARRETT C, 3 Pooks Hill Rd., Bethesda 14, Md., OL 6-46S1 ROBERTS. WILLIAM HENRY, 3810 Davis PI., N. W., Washington 16, D. C. ROBINSON, ALICE, Beirut. Lebanon ROBINSON, CYNTHIA L., 712 Wolfe St., Alexandria, Va., KI 8-2958 ROBINSON, NATHAN C, 4313 2nd St., N. W., Washinton 11, D. C, TU 2-7052 ROGERSON, WILLIAM T., 5404 Cathedral Ave., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, TE 3-3667 ROHRER, DANIEL J., 120 E. Antietam H,; Md. ROLLINS. JAMES. 4421 Butterworth PL. N. W., Washington 16, D. C, WO 6-9174 ROMAN. ROBERT, 6904 Strathmore St., 221, Chevy Chase, Md., OL 2-6374 ROOME, BARBARA J., 9814 Dameron Dr., Silver Spring, Md., JU 7-603S ROSE, IRVIN W., 192S N. Calbcrt St.. Arlington, Va. ROSEN, MELSA, 9 Unger Lane, Pittsburgh 17, Pa. ROSENBERG. ARTHUR G.. 15 Edgewater Lane, Great Neck. N. Y. ROSENBERG. LEONARD, 179 Scheerer Ave.. Newark, N. J. ROSENBF.RGER, DONALD A., 9706 Hast- ings Dr.. Silver Spring. Md., JU S-9S22 ROSENFELD, NATALIE MAE, 6341 Douglas St., Pittsburgh 17, Penna. ROSENSTOCK, ROSE, 94! Eastern Pkwy., Brooklyn 13, N. Y. ROSENTHAL, MYRNA, 49 Grove Ave., Larchmonr, N. Y, ROSENTHAL, STEPHANIE A., 4264 Min- nesota St.. Pittsburgh 17. Penna. ROSS, DAVID GRAY, 3936 7th St.. N. E.. Washington 17, D. C. ROTHBARD, RICHARD. !41 Woodmerc Blvd., Woodmere, Long Island, N. Y. ROTHE. DELIGHT D., 4322 Kentburg Dr., Bethesda, Md., OL 6-2110 192 STUDENT DIRECTORY ROTHbNBERG, JANICE, 124 Woodside Vil- lage. Stanford, Conn. ROUNSLEY, DENNIS ROGER. 5723 Chillum Hts. Dr., Hyattsville, Md., EX 3-7100 ROWE, DAVID W., 1900 F St., N. W., Washington 6, D. C. ROZICER, DONALD, 1823 Varnum St., N. E., Washington 18, D. C. RUARK, MARY L., 4101 Byeford Court, Kensmgton, Md., OL 7-9021 RUB1NOFF, MARCIA, 2831 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh 17, Penna. RUFF, ROBERT R., 9814 Summit Ave., Ken- sington, Md. RUMPF, ROBERT, 318 E. Third St., Fred- erick, Md. RUSH, DONALD, 138! Shore Pkwy., Brook- lyn, N. Y. RUSH, DOROTHEA, 370 N St., S. W., Washington, D. C, RE 7-1374 RUTELIONIS. ALGIMANTAS, 4021 33rd St., Mt. Rainier, Md., AP 7-7946 RYALL, ELINOR F., 6041 20th St. N., Ar- lington, Va., KE 8-2613 RYAN, FRANK P., Rt. I, Box 2S1, Fair- fax, Va, RYAN. JAMES N., 4726 l!th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. RYAN, JOHN, 136 Arthur St., Massapequa Park, N. Y. RYAN, THOMAS S., 1708 Bay St., S. E„ Washington. D. C, LI 3-2094 RYNER. MARIAN, 3118 Marlyn Rd., Wash- ington 16, D. C. SABEL, JOHN KENNETH, 3ISS Raymoor Rd., Kensington, Md., OL 7-9079 SABIA, VITO ROBERT, 420! Russell Ave., Mt. Ranicr, Md. SACCHET, FRANCES, 2849 Mills Ave.. N. E„ Washington, D. C, DU 7-073! SACHS, PAUL M., 1142 Buchanan St., N. W., Washington, D. C, RA 5-1181 SADIQ, NASIM M., 141 E. Jchaughir Rd.. W„ Paki; SALAMONE, DELORES, 1806 Walnut St Jersey Shore, Pa. SALDANA, ENRIQUE, 10! Sandford St Brooklyn, N. Y. SALKIND, NATALIE, 416 Rochelle ve Wilmington, Del. SALYERS, ALVENA B.. 1914 Conn. Ave.. 416, Washington, D. C, AD 4-4316 SAND, BARRY, 481 E. !1 St., Brooklyn 1 N. Y. SANDERS, JAMES LOUIS, 1723 Bav St S. E., Washington, D. C. SANDIDGE, ANN, 2617 N. Quantico St Arlington 7, Va. SANDIN. ROBERT BERTIL, 1543 Key Blvd., 39, Arlington 9. Va., JA 5-3126 SANSUR. MUSA M., P. O. Box 7i, Bethle- hem. Jordan SANTINI. CARMEN M., Box 131 Bar- ranguitas, Puerto Rico SAPHIR, MURIEL, 818 N. Woodrow St., Arlington !, Va., JA 7-7393 SARISKY, JOSEPH L., 122 Columbia Ave Atlas. Penna. SASS, WILI ' AM. 109 Beechwood Ave Balti- more 29, Md. SAUL, BERNARD F., 3419 Que St , N W Washington 7, D. C, DE 2-4433 SAWWAF, FIAZ, 173! Sherricr PL, Washing- ton 16. D. C. SCHACKMAN. ALAN, 644 Merrick Ave Merrick, N. Y. SCHAFER. MICHAEL W., H39 Center St Des Plaines, III. SCHAIN, DAVID B., 6012 Woodcrest Ave Md. 11th St SCHARFR. RANDEL, 4 Clarunon, Calif. SCHEIN, ROBERT L., 2122 Bancroft PI N.W.. Washington 8, D. C, NO 7-2122 ' SCHENK, VICTOR J., 150! Philips Dr Md. SCHENKEL, PHYLLIS, 109 Huntington Terr.. Newark 12. N. J. SCHINDLER, IRVIN. 2440 N. Pocomokc St., Arlington. Va. SCHNEE, MARCIA, 10! Oriental Ave At- lantic City, N. I. SCHNITZLER, DOLORES E., 6806 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda 14, Md., OL 6-7244 SCHUBAUER, SALLY A.. !609 Gloster Rd Washington 16, D. C, OL 4-6796 SCHUENEMANN, CAROL. Bustleton Pike Churchville. Pa. SCHULZE. CHARLES H.. 6910 Hillmead Rd Rethesda. Md., OL 2-907! SCHWARTZ, ELLEN. 1623 Montague St N. W.. Washington 11, D. C, TA 9-1448 ' SCHWFRTFEGER. DALE, 300 Orchard Dr. Fairf-x. Va.. CR 3-0842 SCHWITZ. SUZANNE. Rt. 1, Box 176 Oakton. Va. SCHRECK. BARBARA L., 81 Bellmore St Lnn» Island. N. Y. SCHUM«CHFR. BETTY LOU. 10! Russell Ave.. G-ithersourg, Md. SCHLTMAN. FSTHER P.. 6661 nth St . N. W., W-shington 12, D. C. SCOTT, LOUISE, 821 Buchanan St., N. W.. Washington 11. D. C, TU 2-4318 SCOTT, MABEL, 70! !th Ave., Bradley Beach, N. J. SCOTT, MICHEL R., 1408 N. Abingdon St., Arlington 7, Va., JA 2-6194 SCOTT, WILLIAM K„ 3322 Parsons Blvd., Flushing !4, N. Y. SCOTTON, FRANK, 67 Linden St., Needham 92, Mass. SCRIVENER, JAMES J., JR., 3408 Dent PL, N. W., Washington 7, D. C, HO 2-0604 SEABRIGHT, RUTH, 407 Tennessee Ave., Alexandria, Va., Kl 9-2292 SEAGEARS, MALCOLM, 7611 Whittier Blvd., Bethesda, Md.. OL 6-6398 SEALY, BRIAN, 8! Raff Ave., Mineola, N. Y. SEARLS, AUREL BROWN, 2801 Olive St., N. W„ Washington, D. C, AD 2-3697 SEARS, DAVID CALVIN, 14 High St., Cof- fstown, N. H. SEGAL, HERMINE ADELE, 4114 Davis PI.. N. W., Washington 7, D. C, EM 3-0936 SEGALL, BARBARA P., 248 Columbia Ave.. Cliffside Park, N. J. SEGALL, SONDRA, 141 Pomona Ave., New- ark 12, N. J. SEIN, MAUNG N., 2300 S St., N. W., Washington, D. C. SELLERS, FREDRICK J., 9000 Flower Ave., Silver Spring, Md., JU 9-2218 SELLERS, PAUL A., 4301 Clagett Rd., Hyat- tsville, Md. SELLERS, RICHARD, 3042 R St., N. W., Washington 7, D. C. SELLERS. WINFRED R., 1434 Washington Ave andr: SELTZER, STEWART IRWIN, 6003 Seventh PL, N. W., Washington 11, D. C. SELWYN. JUDITH, 7! Bryant Ave., White Plains, N. Y. SHAFFER, DALE, 2422 Cameron Mills Rd.. Alexandria, Va. SHAMS, MUHAMMED K., 2400 16th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. SHANNO. ROBERT L., 3901 Davis PL, N. W„ Washington, D. C, EM 3-2047 SHAPIRO, BARTON M., 6!27 7th St., N. W., Washington 12, D. C. SHAPIRO. SANDRA, 6 Worth Pembroke Ave., Margate City, N. J. SHARY, CAROLYN. !00 Baldwin Ave.. Bald- win, N. Y., BA !-6!0! SHAW, JOHN R., 4000 Mass. Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. SHAW, NATHAN, 72 Scarsdale Rd., War- wick, R. I. SHAW, SYLVIA F.. 180! N. Taylor St., Arlington 7, Va., JA 2-2676 SHAWEEVONGSE, CH1RAPA, 11901 Sin Amman Rd.. Bangkok. Thailand SHEAFFER, DONALD LEROY, 1622 Gales St., N. E., Washington 2, D. C, LI 3-6226 SHELDON. ALICE, 4301 Mass. Ave., N. W.. Washington 16, D. C„ WO 6-7944 SHEPHERD, ELAINE C, 2!04 22nd St., N. E., Washington 18, D. C. NO 7-7034 SHEPHERD, NORMAN F., Route I, Box 169, Lorton, Va. SHEPPARD, OSCAR R., JR., 1431 Newton St., N. W., Washington 10, D. C, TU 2-9308 SHERERTZ. WALLACE K., 4818 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, Va., JA 8-7816 SHERMAN, NEIL, 1909 Sudbury Rd.. N. W., Washington 12, D. C. SHERWOOD, IOHN, 101 N. Wayne St., Arlington 1, Va. SHIELDS, ADRIAN M., 3134 Cumberland St., N. W., Washington, D. C, EM 3-817! SHIMANOUCHI, AKIKO. 3713 Yuma St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C. SH1RER. E. JEAN. 2014 Columbia Pike. Arlington 4. Va., JA 7-0176 SHIRO, EUGENE LOUIS, 4101 Vacation L»ne, Arlington 7, Va. SHIVELY. IOHN W., Naulton Rd.. Curwens- ville. Penna. SHOEMAKER. NANCY, 406 First Division RH., Ft. Renning, Ga SHOLES. RONALD, !! Cornell Blvd., Somcr- ville. N. 1. SHORT, JAMES. 11! New York Ave.. Ta- koma Park 12. Md.. IU 1-8814 SHRIVER. ROGER. 177! Church St., N. W.. Washin-ton 6, D. C, DE 2-5101 SHUFF1T. WAYNE G., Rideely, Md. SHUGARS. GEORGE, 1721 Chillum Hts Dr . Hvattsville. Md. SHUR. ARTHUR L.. Island Falls, Me. SIANO. ANTOINETTE, Box 434. RD No. I. Matiwn. N. 1 SIBLEY, RIBERT, 410! Ruasell Ave., Mt. Rainier, Md. SILBER, LINDA, 5344 41st St.. N. W., Washington 1!. D. C, EM 2-7.117 SILER, DOROTHY, 2024 Laburrum Ave., S. W., Roanoke, Va. SILL, ROGER, 210! N. Roosevelt St., Arling- ton !, Va., JE 2-8069 SILVERSTEIN, ABRAHAM. 1011 Rhode Is- land Ave.. Washington. D. C. LA 9-01!! SIMON. FRED, 17 Lindley Ave., Tcnallv. N. .1. SIMPKINS, GEORGE R.. 84 Hiles Ave., Elk Terra., S«Iem, N. J. SIMPSON, WILLIAM, 10211 McKenncv Ave., Silver Spring. Md., JU 1-1379 SIMS, GLENDA, 2122 Mass. Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, DU 7-1624 SING, CALVIN JUNG, 1209 Quaker Lane, Alexandria, Va. SINGER, NORMA J., R. R. No. 3, Elkhart, lnd. SLACK, JOHN B., 11! N. Granville Ave., Margate City, N. J. SLANK. EDWARD, 22! McKinley Ave., New Milford, N. J. SLATER, JOHN, 4716 Chevy Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase 1!, Md., OL 6-3341 SLAT1CK, EUGENE R,, 1) S. Bridge St., Shenandoah, Pa. SMITH, ALFRED E., 11124 Ga. Ave., Wheaton, Md. SMITH, CAROL ANN, 6813 Joallen Dr., Falls Church, Va. SMITH, COLINDA G., 2942 Bellevue Terrace, Washington 16, D. C, EM 2-4977 SMITH, DAVID, Box 33! American U., Washington 16, D. C. SMITH, FAY, 3816 31st St., Mt. Rainier, Md., AP 7-0834 SMITH, GARY, 1814 N. Johnson St., Arlington, Va. JA 8-9160 SMITH, HERBERT, !314 Gist Ave Balti- more IS, Md. SMITH, JUDITH LEE, 240 East Antietam St., Hagerstown, Md. SMITH, KAREN J., 5479 list St., N. W., Washington, D. C. SMITH, LAWRENCE M., 1918 N. Adams St., Arlington, Va., JA 7-1064 SMITH, MIRIAM L„ 2217 8th St., Brooklyn 14, N. Y. SMITH, NADINE A., 808 Quackenbos St., N. W., Washington 11, D. C, RA 6-7966 SMITH, WILLIAM EDWARD, 1688 21st St., N. Arlington, Va. SMOLKA, RICHARD G.. 1122 Linden Ave., Takoma Park 12, Md.. JU 1-67.18 SMOTRICK, JOSEPH F., 1804 N. Quinn St.. Arlington, Va., JA 5-9107 SNAPP, JAMES, 3118 Raymoor Rd., Ken- sington, Md. SNEED, EARL M., !4I1 loth St.. N. Arling- ton, Va., JA 7-0694 SNOW, ALBERT, 211 Linden Ave., Riverton. N. J. SNYDER, BARBARA, 1631 Myrtle St., N. W., Washington 12, D. C. SNYDER. DAVID, 1907 Wabash Ave., Balti- more 15, Md. SNYDER, ELIZABETH, 110 Ludlow St., Portland, Me. SNYDER, HELEN L., 401 Audrey Lane, Washington 21, D. C. SNYDER, MILFORD CHARLES. 1950 Nth St.. N. V., Washington II, D. C, RA 3-6988 SOLA, MARCOS CUNANAN. 76 Forrester St., S. W., Washington 24, D C, JO 2-63 83 SOLOMON, LAWRENCE M., Sloi Wilson Ave Ale SON. MAL HEE, 2! 2nd Ka Dechung Dong. Pusan. Korea SOSNIK. SIMON, 1224 W. 1st St., Winston- Salem, N. C, 14606 SPARKENBAL ' GH, CHARLES, 5820 Tenth St., N. W., Washington II, D. C. TU 2-3902 SPEAKMAN, JOHN A., 106 Norris Rd.. Wilmington, Del. SPILMAN, HENRY, 29|i Porter St.. N. W.. Washington 8. D. C, WO 6-1877 SPRAGUE, IOHN W. SPURINS, DZINTRA, 4009 Fessenden St.. N. W.. Washington 16. D. C. STALLONE. ALBERT A., JR., 1222 Robinson St.. Reading, Pa. STANSBURY, CLAYTON C. 400 S. Stokes St.. Havre De Grace, Md. STARINCHUCK, JOHN, JR.. i! Yahar- Ave.. Rutherford, N. J. STATS. HERBERT E.. 5.H2 Volta PL. N. W.. Washington 7, D. C. CO !-!02! STAUFFER, ROBERT. 1882 N. 1st St.. Arlington 5. Va. STFIN. PHILIP, 1801 Ave., N. Brooklyn 50. N. Y. STEINMARK. RITA, 66 Schcerer Ave., New- ark. N. 1. STFPHFNS, RURTON W., Braddock Hts.. Maryland, SK 3-7417 STERN, ANNE. 93 Grace Ave.. Grcit Neck. N. Y. STERN. 1UDITH. !933 Hobart St., Pitts- bureh 17. Penna. STERN, ROBERT. 106 N. Frontenic Ave., Mareate Citv. N. .!. STETTLER JOHN C, 40 East Chocolate Ave.. Hershev. Penna. STEVENS. DONALD. 1729 Suitland Rd.. S. F... Wasnineton 20, D. C, LU 1-5848 STEVENSON, JOAN, 7 Homestead Terrace. Scotch Plains. N. J. STEWART, ROBERTA J.. 4810 North Lane. Bethesda 14, Md., OL 2-2496 STILES, NEWELL THRIFT, 1820 Clydesdale PI., N. W., Washington 9. D. C, AD 2-2516 STINESS. PHILIP B., JR.. 41H Harrison St.. N. W., Washington II, D. C, WO S-M02 STOCKMAN, JULIUS, 432 Columbus Ave., Trenton 9, N. J. STOHR, CHARLES, 4843 Butterworth PL, N. W„ Washington 16, D. C, WO 6-3130 STOKES, CHARLES, 4610 Warren St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C. STOLFI, BARBARA, 8314 14th Ave., Brooklyn 28, N. Y. STONE, ALAN, 216 Winthrop Rd., West Englewood, N. J. STOVER, DONALD W., 4312 S. 9th St., Arlington, Va., JA 2-2817 STRAND, SUSAN, 4106 Jones Bridge Rd., Bethesda, Md., OL 4-7641 STRATOS, JOHN, 3113 T St.. N. W., Washington 7. D. C, FE 3-9!!! STRAUS, JAMES P., 2714 Quebec St., N. W., Washington 8, D. C, EM 3-1556 STRAUSS, ROSALIE, 733 14th St., Lakewood, N. J. STRAWBERRY. KENNETH, 4890 MacArthur Blvd., N. W., Washington 7, D. C, WO 6-2413 STRBIC, DJORDJE M., 1624 H St., N. W., I.C. A., Washington, D. C. STREETER, ROBERT G.. P. O. 478, Sierra Vista, Ariz. STRETTON, SALLY, 3147 N. Quincy St.. Arlington 7. Va. STRINER, SAMUEL, 7800 Orchid St., N. W., Washington 12, D. C. STRUCK, ARTHUR, 1800 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church, Va. STUBS, CHARLES, 8008 14th Ave., Hyatts- ville, Md. STUMP, RICHARD B.. 801 Frederick St., Cumberland, Md. SULLIVAN, JOSEPH D.. JR., 3315 15th St., N. E., Washington 17, D. C, LA 6-7866 SULS, ELAINE, 1901 7tl. St., N. W., Wash- ington 11, D. C, RA 3-8221 SUMMAR, LOUIS, 7220 Blair Rd., N. W., Washington 12, D. C. SUNDBERG, JAMES, 923 17th St.. Rockford. III. SWARTZ, VIRGINIA, Esworthy Rd., Ger- mantown, Md. SWEENEY, WALTER H. 186 McKinley Ave., Kenmore 17, N. Y. SWIFT. DON LEE, 3610 39th St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, EM 2-3779 SYLTO, ENRIQUE FRESCO, 1817 F. St.. N. W„ Washington 6, D. C. SZWED, FREDERICK, 3946 2nd St., S. W.. Washington 24, D. C, JO 2-161! TALBERT, PATRICIA, 4612 Sedgwick St.. N. W., Washington 16. D. C. EM 3-6887 1 ' ALBOTT, JOAN. 1900 T St., S. E.. Wash- ington 20, D. C. LU 1-4171 TALBOTT, LELAND E., 1111 I6th, N. Arlington, Va., JA 8-8878 TALBOTT, ROBERT EDWARD, Glen Arm, Md. TALLEY, DAVID PAUL. 2118 17th St.. N. W., !, Washington 9, D. C, AD 4-6017 TAPNER, DIANE TAYLOR, 4622 43rd St.. N. W„ Washington 16, D. C, EM 3-8278 TAPNER, MICHAEL J., 4622 43rd St.. N. W.. Washington 16, D. C, EM 3-8278 TARAKI. M. ALAM, Kabul, Afghanistan TARJOUMAN, MAHMOUD, Tarrus, Syria T«HJI, GABRIEL, 3425 16th St., N. W., Washington, D. C, HO 2-8014 1AYLHARDAT, NORMA C, Ave.. Bolivar 17, Maracay, Venezuela TAYLOR, JUDITH, Lucy Lane, LangJev Forest, McLean, Va. TAYLOR, LOUIS. Ill Westmont Ave., Had- donfield. N. J. TAYLOR, MARGARET M., 6013 8!th Ave., Hyattsville, Md.. SP 3-3119 TEAGUE. GRETCHEN H.. 3601 39th St.. N. W., Washington 16, D. C, EM 2-7606 TEAGUE, JAMES M., 3601 39th St.. Apt. 334, Washington 16. D. C. EM 2-7606 TEICH, JACK, 52 Cedar Dr., Gre-t Neck. N. Y. TElvNERY. BETTY T., 100 S. Ferry St . Rockville, Md. TERRELL. DANIEL. 382 Abbey Rd.. Man- hasset, L. I.. N. Y. TESSER, AARON. 108017 67th Ave., Forest Hills, N. Y. TETER, WILLIAM, 412 Oakwood St.. S. E . Washington 20. D. C, JO 2-4862 THIEKE. RICHARD. 199 Brookside Ave.. Mt. Vernon. N. Y. THOMAS. CARROLL, 1316 23rd St., S Arlington. Va. THOMAS, EARL G.. 309 Wellington Rd.. Alexandria. Va., SO 5-7944 THOMAS, EDWARD C, III. !43! Wootton Ave., Chew Chase 1!. Md., OL :- 9 | THOMAS, EDWIN R.. 104! Cathedral Ave.. N. W,. Washington 16, D. C. EM 3-8829 THOMAS, FRANCIS E., 6808 Front Royal Rd., Springfield. Va.. CL 6-1692 THOMAS, JOHN, 1218 N. Dinwiddie St.. Arlington !. Va. THOMSON. JAMES C. JR.. 5746 Chaseville Rd.. Jacksonville. Ela. THOMPSON, DAVID B., 6110 Broad Branch Rd.. Washington IS. D. C. THOMPSON. WENDELL. 202 N. Oakland St., Arlington. V, 193 STUDENT DIRECTORY TIBBS, ALBERT, 2839 Minn. Ave., S. E., Washington 19, D. C. T1CHES, PETER C, 6231 26th Rd., N. Arlington 7, Va., JE 2-4878 TILTON, BEVERLY, 118 N. Cleveland St., Arlington 1, V»„ JA 8-6722 TINGLE, LARRY, 3822 T St., N. W , Washington 7, D. C, FE 3-1352 TOBIAS, NANCY, 136 Putnam Ave., Free- port, N. Y. TOCHTERMAN, MARY, 301 Hopkins Rd.. Baltimore 12, Md., Drexel 7-6953 TODD, JEANETTE M., 3942 Clay PI., N. E., Washington 19, D. C. TOLBERT, PATRICIA JEAN, 3334 Upland Terr., N. W., Washington IS, D. C, WO 6-49S4 TOLLEFSON, ALICE L., 5068 Overlook Rd., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, WO 6-3484 TOM, DAVID N„ 19 W. Chesapeake Ave., Towson 4, Md. TOMPROS, FEFRONIA, 616 Nicholson St., N. W., Washington 11, D. C, RA 6-862) TONKIN, RONALD, 11 Cammann PL, Somerville, N. J. TORROS, ENSIDA E., 10 Rosick St., Ponce, Puerto Rico TOSELLI, MARCIA, 829 N. Union St., Wilmington 5, Del. TOURTELLOT, PETER, 1880 Palmer Ave., Larchmont. N. Y. TRE1GER, NANCY J., 2726 Ordway St.. N. W., Washington 8, D. C. TRENERY, DIANE V., 358 Main St., Keans- burg, N. J. TRENIS, PHILIP A.. 516 N. Howard St., Alexandria, Va., FL 4-3930 TRIMBLE, JAMES L., 3111 Macomb St.. N. W., Washington 8, D. C, WO 6-7030 TRUMP, CHARLES S., Fairfax St., Berkeley Springs, W. Va. TUCKER. BRUCE. 10007 Montauk Ave.. Bethesda 14, Md., OL 2-7793 TUCKER, WALTER N., 8008 Custer Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md., OL 2-7681 TUNCER, OROKALP, 2026 P. St., 1, Wash- ington. D. C, NO 7-0247 TURELL, ROBERT, 162 Schenck Circle, Hewlett Harbor, N. Y. TURNER. DOROTHY, 1703 Lyman PI.. N. E., Washington 2, D. C, LI 7-4045 TURNER, MARY. 1708 Grace Church Rd.. Silver Spring, Md. TURNER. VERNON, 1708 Grace Church Rd.. Silver Spring, Md. TUTSNAH, LOUISE. Ave. Prin. 10 La Costell, Caracas, Venezuela TYSON, BRADY B., 2004 N. Illinois St.. Arlington 5, Va. ULRICH, HENRY. JR.. Sunset Beach, Pasa- dena. Md. UPTON. JOHN A.. 1118 Va. Ave., S. W.. Washington, D. C. DI 7-795 1 UYEHARA. MITSUO. 3118 Rodman St.. N. W., Washington 8, D. C. VAIL, RICHARD DAVID, 3640 Brandvwinc St., N. W., Washington 8, D. C, EM 2-0949 VALENTE. ANTHONY F.. JR.. Box 45. Ashton. Md., SP 4-9523 VANDENBERG. CARLA. 42 Locust Dr., Summit, N. I. VANDERCOOK. LYNN B., JR.. 1388 Tew- kesbury PI., N. W.. Washington 12. D. C. VAN LOWE, WILLIAM T., 1604 Ladd St.. Silver Spring. Md., LO 4-8456 VARELLAN, CHRIS A., 1501 N. Pierce St.. Arlington, Va.. IA 4-3391 VASJUTA. GEORGE, Bridgeton Pike. Mill- ville, N. J. VAUGHAN. GARY. 110 Grant Ave., Somerset. Mass. VELEZ, BLANC A. E., Ruiz Rivera St., Box 6, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico VESPER, JAMES E., 5357 Reno Rd., N. W., Washington IS, D. C, EM 3-8161 VEST, WILLIAM L., Bennet Rd., Hampden, Mass. VICTORY. NASSER, 11 Hallaly St., Kakh Ave., Teheran, Iran VIRAY, L1LIA S., 2440 16th St., N. W., Washington 9, D. C, HU 3-5647 VOGEL, JEROME A., 126 E. 33rd St.. Paterson 4, N. J. VOLLMECKE, WALTER, 3020 Military Rd., N. W., Washington IS, D. C, EM 2-4145 WADE, DARYLE ALEXIS, 3909 Joliet St.. Silver Spring, Md. WAGNER, KAREN A., Rt. 4, Box 32 H. McLean, Va. WALKER, ALVIN M., 424 15th St., N. E., Washington 2, D. C, LI 4-0S86 WALKER, JEAN, 1920 Bennett PL, N. E., Washington, D. C. WALL, JOHN, 2018 Key Blvd., Arlington. Va. WALLACE, MARSH, 328 Missouri Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C, TU 2-4324 WALLER, KENNETH WM., 4320 Monroe St., Colmar Manor, Md.. AP 7-9406 WALT, DOROTHY E.. 3850 Tunlaw Rd.. Washington, D. C. WALTERS. JOHN EDWARD, SOS 62nd PL, N. E.. Washington 27, D. C. WALTERS. RICHARD M., 4515 S3rd St., N. W., Washington 16, D. C, WO 6-2084 WALTZER, KAREN. 254 Princeton Dr.. River Edge, N. J. WANGLER, JOHN G., JR., 2134 30th St.. N. E., Washington IS. D. C, LA 6-1612 WARD, CLIFTON STEWARD, 1715 P St.. N. W., 304. Washington 6, D. C. DU 7-1170 WARD, JOHN L., 2314 41st St.. N. W.. Washington, D. C. WARD, MARGARET. 219 W. Freedley St., Norristown. Penna. WARNER. ALVIN, JR., 2701 14th St., N. W., Washington 9. D. C. HU 3-7873 WAROTO. 1506 21st St., N. W., Washing- ton, D. C, AD 2-9790 WATKINS. CHARLES. 2S0U N. Columbus St.. Arlington, Va., KE 6-8557 WATSON, ROBERT H., 4616 S. 31st Rd.. Arlington 6. Va. WAUGAMAN, PAUL, 1114 Savannah Ave.. Pittsburgh 18, Penna. WEBB. JOHN. 402 Lake Ave., Milford. Del. WEBBER. WILDA ROLLYNE, 1908 F. St.. Iowa City, Iowa WEBER, ALICE H., 4014 Southway Ct.. Toledo, Ohio WEBER, Antionette K., Box 219, Rt. I. Oakton, Va. WEBER. THOMAS E., 54 Park Slope, Ridge- wood. N. 1. WEBSTER, DONALD, JR., 7826 Glenbrook Rd., Bethesda, Md., OL 2-5427 WEBSTER, ELIZABETH. 79 Manhattan Ave., Tuckahoe, N. Y. WEIDNER, Harland L., 66 12 Will ...n PI., Falls Church. Va. WE1KEL, JOSEPH R.. Glen M. Rd.. H. H. E.. Rockvillc. Md. WEIKERT, RAYMOND. 715 Oglethorpe St.. N. W.. Washington II. D. C. WF.1MER, LAWRENCE R.. Anchorage Motel. Rt. 29. Fairfax. Va. WEINBERG. SAUL. 128 Park Ave.. Passaic. N. 1. WEINER. PHYLLIS. 304 Rockwood Rd.. Wilmington. Del. WEINGARTFN. JUDITH. 6 Meadow Lane. Lawrence, N. Y. 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WELCOME ALL GRADUATES To The Alumni Association Please let us know about your future plans and achievements. Harry Cullis, Alumni Secretary The American University Massachusetts and Nebraska Aves., N. W. Washington 16, D. C. ADVERTISING New York, N. Y. Ad capital of the world FOR THE FINEST IN ITALIAN AMERICAN CUISINE Visit the D EVO N S H I RE GRILL 4243 Wisconsin Avenue, N. W. ' Where the Students Meet ' Meet You at The American University V V For complete information and appropriate bulletin concerning each division of the University, phone, write, or visit the Director of Admissions, The American University, Massachusetts and Nebraska, N. W., Washington 16, D. C. Telephone WOodley 6-6803. For FIFTY-NINE Years the favorite florist of thousands of discriminating Washingtonians and visitors in the Nation ' s Capital Florists 49th Mass. Ave., N. W. EM. 3-1606 Convenient A.U. Branch Shop: 1407 " H " St., N.W. 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INSPECTION — EXPERT TREATMENT POplar 2-4348 HAzehvood 7-7444 CONGRESSIONAL AIRPORT LANE — ROCKVILLE (Next to Congressional Airport) Fifty Years of Dependable Service Griffith-Consumers Co. COAL FUEL OIL OIL BURNERS BUILDING MATERIAL 1413 New York Avenue, N.W. ME. 8-4840 Plastics Supplier for the Nation ' s Capital READ PLASTICS, INC. Washington 8, D. C. Professional Signs - :- Desk Nameplates WASHINGTON ' S MOST DIGNIFIED AND TRULY UNIQUE CHINESE AND AMERICAN RESTAURANT P OOn Kalace RESTAURANT COCKTAIL LOUNGE MEMBER DINERS CLUB EMERSON 2 • gS PAPERING DECORATING PAINTING HOUSE REPAIRS JAFFE NEW YORK DECORATING CO. 911 13th Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. General Construction Telephone MEtropolitan 8-2460 MYERS QUIGG, INC. PAVING CONTRACTORS CHARLES H. QUIGG President Office and Plant 91- O Street, S.E. WASHINGTON 3, D. C. LI. 4-2403 PAUL G. MYERS Vice-President ASPHALT AND CONCRETE PAVEMENTS BLACK TOP ROADWAYS SIDEWALKS 200 KOLB ELECTRIC RELIABLE ELECTRICAL SERVICE SINCE 1925 WALTER G. KOLB Ad 4-1422 DEVONSHIRE VALET 4234 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Phone WO. 6-2700 WASHINGTON, D. C. THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA Operated by THE CLEAVES FOOD SERVICE CORPORATION 8405 Ramsey Ave. Silver Spring, Md. THE SHADE SHOP Furnishing Window and Door Products to Washington and Suburbia Since 1902 2214 " M " St. N. W. FEderal 7-1200 FORT RENO FLORIST 4930 WISCONSIN AVENUE EMerson 3-1150 Member Florist Telegraph Delivery LOU D. KELLER Res. OLiver 4-4443 OFFICE LOckwood 4-6201 LAWRENCE W. ACKER Res. LOckwood 5-8630 LOU D. KELLER, INC. PLUMBING AND HEATING 3740 Howard Avenue KENSINGTON, MARYLAND A bright young outlook and merchandising know-how combined with traditional courtesy and quality make Shopping at Woodies the most natural thing to do . . . fwMtMmJzqkm ' op Washington 13, D. C. also Chevy Chase, 7 Corners (Falls Church, Va.) and Alexandria. £T Wherever You Are, You ' re Never Far From A Hot Shops Drive- In Restaurants THE NATIONAL METROPOLITAN BANK OF WASHINGTON 49th Street and Fordham Road Branch COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE C. F. Jacobsen President Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation tor that look of casual comfort in your campus wardrobe The Cambridge Shop paul bennett, ltd. WASHINGTON, D. C. 916 14th Street, N. W. District 7-5992 McLEAN DRUGS NEAR RIGGS FRIENDSHIP BRANCH Formerly Morgan Bros. 4231 Wisconsin Avenue Corner Veazey Street, N. W. Phone: WO 6-6424 Washington, D. C. OUR SPONSORS . . . — GOD LOVE ' UM — Air. and Mrs. Samuel Abel Mr. and Mrs. Eric Collins Air. and Airs. Carl Hoesterey C. Adair John S. Carriger Airs. Neil Haig Georgia Adler Mr. and Mrs. Abraham D. Cohen Airs. Elizabeth B. Haley Bertram H. Ackermann James L. Cordrev Air. and Mrs. C. G. Haas James R. Albright Bob Cooper Air. and Airs. Elmer L. Hall John R. Alcorn Clifton Davis Airs. T. H. Halsted L. H. Averill Mr. and Mrs. George S. Doll Irvin and Pauline Holmes Victor E. Awad Mr. and Mrs. J. Thurman Diggs Air. and Airs. William Hencke Gerson Barondess Mr. and Mrs. Al Denniberg John L. Haynes Louise R. Bristow Captain Bennett M. Dodson Air. and Airs. George Hege Dr. and Mrs. Leo T. Brown Gustav Danielson Hamilton III Rev. W. G. Bugler Dr. and Mrs. Brice M. Dorsey Paul Dale Helmer Edward T. Butler Inentzel C. du Plessis Airs. Flossie Hinkle Dr. and Mrs. H. S. Brodie Spencer Diamond Raymond G. Hubbs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bugalski Austin V. Deibert, M.D. Rex F. Hinshaw Bertram J. Bartlett Spencer Warren Davis Aliss Alarilyn Hockman Howard Bau Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Dakeman Lawrence K. Hyde Richard Bellak Robert E. Duncan Dr. and Airs. R. Stephen Hulburt R. J. Bradshaw A. G. Grimas Karl Jaunrubenis Carl Bergman Miss Nellie L. English David Jazz Jasen Mr. and Mrs. Elwood W. Brown Fred J. Eden Air. and Airs. Harper Joy Barbara Barnfather The Eggenschillers Eston G. Johnson Joseph L. Block Frederick Research Corporation Air. and Airs. Thomas H. Jackson Peter Brakman Anne Fasbender Air. and Airs. Louis S. King Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Bushy, Sr. Carol Fasbender S. Kansch Herman Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Fasolt Isaac Keen Mr. and Mrs. Leroy P. Benson Joseph E. Fontain Airs. Catherine AL Kohlmetz Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Bogdonoff Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Fost Air. and Airs. O. A. Kibbe Louis Bishop Jerry Lee Fitzgibbons R. Z. Knaub Reginald C. Barrett, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. George Y. Flint Katina Korfiatis Max Bernstein Air. and Airs. Donald Gould Leo R. Klein Mr. and Mrs. John Bergfels Bishop Alilton Gordon Air. and Airs. Edward T. Kruglak William H. Clampitt Air. and Airs. Henry Gross Air. and Airs. L. AL Krause Rev. and Mrs. W. W. Cutlip Airs. Celia Goldstern Air. and Airs. Alfons G. Kleindienst Mrs. Benjamin Calloway Air. and Airs. Rudy F. Grofsick Air. and Airs. R. L. Knight E. S. Crisp, M. D. Stephen E. Garfinkle Air. and Airs. Phil Kramer J. Aloysius Cannon, Jr. Roy G. Goodell Mr. and Airs. Paul R. Krayer Nus Chase The Glidden Family and Alimi Lucien Collier Alaxine Gevinson C. J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Ira S. Cordrev Air. Seymour Golden Air. and Airs. F. L. Kunc Dr. and Mrs. John R. Cavanagh Air. John W. Gillespie Air. and Airs. E. AL Logan Scott Cook Air. and Airs. Joseph D. Gath AL. and Airs. D. G Lam Conrad Cohen Col. and Mrs. Julius Goldstein Air. and Airs. Robert L. Lonej Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Comito and Sons Alildred W. Goodman Air. and Airs. AV. H. Laubenstein Maurice J. Crane J. G. Greene Jr. and Ginny Stephen Lindow Frances Powell Price Frank Saphir Morton H. Levine J. Norman Phillips N. Arnold Shaw Mr. and Airs. Milton Levine Mr. and Mrs. Royce Powell Dr. and Airs. Jack Schumacher Mr. and Mrs. R. Levy Mrs. John J. Parrish Peter Statick Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Van Lowe Air. and Mrs. W. C. Patrick and Jack Air. and Airs. G. Stephenson E. Morton Lamb Lt. Gen. and Airs. F. L. Parks John A. Strawberry James Donald Latham Mr. and Airs. Joseph Parello Richard Schwartzchild Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Leedy Ernest Primoff Airs. John Sweeney Mrs. Robert P. Lawton Air. Alvin Peterson Mr. John Sarisky Herbert A. Lundy and Dee Mr. and Mrs. James Y. Piper Howard E. Sibley Commander and Mrs. John B. The Palsgroves Elsie Ruzicka Shoemaker McLendon Ruth AI. Pulsifer Air. and Airs. Albert Stallone Fred H. Miller Reed K. Pond Alichel R. Scott Air. and Mrs. Morris Moss Katherine F. Perault R.N.,AI.S. John Starinduck Harvey A. Myers, Sr. Fearless Frank Alrs. Sydney Spivack Helen A. Mayer and Rosie Airs. Paul Jay Ridgeway Robert W. Stauffer Mrs. M. A. Morrison Sonia Acosta Ronda Barton Shapiro Mr. Nicholas L. Marien Airs. H. Rosen Mrs. Alary Elizabeth Tourtellot Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mentzer Mr. and Airs. C. L. Roome Olin E. Teague Air. and Mrs. Ruben Madresh L. AI. Rubinoff Edward R. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. B. Mandell W. A. and Pauline Reaney and Rachel Nathaniel T. Todd Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Mowbray Herbert Lee Ruskin Air. and Airs. Louis B. Thieke Harry R. McLeod Air. and Airs. Irving Ringleheim C. S. Trump Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas N. Marchetti James William Rollins Donald Gilmore Targan T. C. Madron Berenice L. Roan Joe Teich Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McQuiston Dr. and Airs. Walter Redisch Richard J. Trenery Mark R. Markoff Timothy R. Rice Airs. H. A. Ulrich Andrew and Martha Mraz Leonard A. Rosenberg Carla Van Den Berg .Mr. Lynn W. Meekins Air. and Airs. S. G. Reissner The Vests ' Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Mann Air. and Airs. John Ryan Daniel H. Vera Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Morr, Sr. Airs. Evelyn S. Robby William A. Waller William J. Miller Arthur G Roberts Mr. and Airs. Bartlett V. Whipple G. C. Mart Mr. and Airs. Nathan C. Robinson, Sr. Richard S. Williams Mr. and Mrs. V r irdell E. Munsey Air. and Airs. Joseph D. Sullivan Robert H. Watson Mrs. W. G. Manchetanz Air. and Airs. R. C. Schueneman Lt. Col. F. L. Wellenreiter Paul Madison Paul A. Sellers, II Walter A. Weber Charles A. Meyers, Sr. Dr. Wayne D. Stettler Mr. and Airs. A. G Witt Bertram H. Meyers Charles Stubbs Ronald Lee Williams R. L. AicConnaughy Robert I). Stern Air. Charles M. Waugaman Lynn Mathias Mrs. Lawrence Shanno 1 )onald L. Weikert Mr . and Mrs. H. I). Nottingham Air. and Airs. Leonard Stern Edward A. Ward Paul Nadanyi Jacob Shur C. Harvey Wood Lt. Col. F. B. Outlaw Air. and Airs. Roswell P. Snow Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Woolley Mrs. George O ' Neill Mrs. Frank Scotten John Lee Ward Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Orletsky Mrs. I. Strauss 1. Weingarten Sadie L. O ' Brien John A. Speakman Rod C. Willis Paul H. Oehser Jim and Jesse Scaly Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Wood Mrs. John W. Oliphant Rita Steinmark Lorna B. Yeager Ross W. Payne Mr. and Airs. E. E. Scott Mrs. Stella Yeatras Leroy Fowler Phillips Mr. and Airs. William E. Sass James Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Parkinson Air. and Mrs. Otto Simon Mrs. C. J. Zimmermann June Poland Since the Dawn of the Century WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS gSSoHlff. irnmjp; FOOTE DAVIES, INC. 1090 CAPITOL AVENUE, S. E. PHONE JACKSON 2-4600 P. O. BOX 5109 ATLANTA EAGLE UGLE

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