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THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY LIBRARY Battelle Library WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA L AMERICAN Editor Associate Editor . . Business Mgr. . . . Advisor . . Bill Petrini . . . Lee Levy . Joe Cannon Mr. Bob Frailly C O N T E N ADMINISTRATION GRADUATES AND SENIORS ORGANIZATIONS QUEENS AND SWEETHEARTS SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES ATHLETICS J ACTIVITIES D ADVERTISEMi VV ' TH memories and innovations. Re- gistration is the usual hustle of choosing courses and arranging schedules. The enrollment increases to 1100 with 508 new freshmen and many transfer students eager to start their lives at American University. J RESHMEN are oriented by the Sopho- mores and the annual Freshmen and Sophomore skit nights take place inau- gurating a new academic year. AMERICAN UNIVERSITY WITH THE OLD... J. HE familiar buildings, scenes and faces. Greeting old friends and making new ones. New classes are started and new teachers met. J HE campus takes on a new look as im- provements are made, buildings erected and roads and parking lots extended. But the old familiarity and friendliness are still evident. ' M ■ ' ' ■i: AND THE NEW W E RE M E M B E R THE FUN... I -- ' —! IMES in the coffee shop, sociaUzing with friends will be recalled with pleasure. Parties, dances and teas are in abundance at American University. Particular fun are Homecoming, Christmas parties, class dances, fraternity formals, the I.F.C. Dance, and the Junior-Senior prom. Resident students will remember dorm life . . . just meeting curfews. c LASSES, too, are a part at American University, Interesting classes, new and different . . stereo- typed classes, routine and normal. Freshmen to Seniors thinking of majors and changing them now and again. Club meetings are important. Although tiring at the time, thoughts of meeting deadlines of student publications will bring memories. 1 1 . I 0t! AND THE WORK ■ f ' THE YEAR CLOSES . . . . J INALS and good byes . . . term papers due. Looking ahead and looking behind. Ahead to more years at American University or a place in the world and behind to previous happy years at American University. We are sad to be leaving but happy to have been here. 10 J OR life . . . for the world. Studies have readied us for work in our chosen professions. Guidance has prepared us to live in today ' s world. Con- tacts at American University, social and academic have prepared us to make our own place in the society of this world and to help prepare others. And after all this preparedness, Religion has made us ready for God. Pat Collins r ri AND THUS WE ARE PREPARED . 1 — r D E D I C 1 4 i 1 . The 19 57 TALON is dedicated to two men who have spent many years of their hves on the campus of The Ameri- can University. They spent this time here because they preferred this place to any other. Not because, individually they per- formed their respective jobs well, but Dutch . . . Known by all . . . and liked by all Hugo ' ' Dutch ' ' Shulze A surprise greeted Dutch when he was presented a new outboard motor at the Homecoming game. Here Lee Levy gets a thankyou as Dr. John looks on. This year, although not sitting with the teams he played for and coached, Dutch still was on hand for their victories and defeats. 12 A T I O N because of their untiring work, their Character, their friendhness, and their ability to be a part of the hves of every student. " Dutch " and " Mr. S. " will live in the hearts of all who knew them, worked for them and came in contact with them. Ruben P. Sleicher Mr. Sleicher tries out the new mail boxes in the Supply Store. In charge of the mail in the new and modern Supply Store, Mr. S hands a package to Mary Alice Fravel, Secretary to President Anderson. A friendly smile greeted all when he operated the old book store in the basement of Mary Graydon. IIW w HURST R. ANDERSON 16 THE PRESIDENT Another year goes by under the lead- ership of Hurst R. Anderson. Through this leadership, the Campus of The American University saw many wel- come changes. In the few short years he has been here, he has proved himself an able ad- ministrator and brought many honors to American University. President Anderson and Secretary Mary Alice Fravel go over some important papers. THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES (Outside of table, left to right) Col. William E. Schooley, Dr. Guy E. Snavely, Dr. Horace E. Cromer, Mr. John L. Laskey, Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, Major J. Garfield Riley, Mary Alice Fravel, Secretary to the President of the University; Dr. Donald Derby, Clerk of the Board of Trustees; Dr. Ralph D. Smith, Secretary to the Board of Trustees; Dr. Robert V. Fletcher, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Dr. Hurst R. Anderson, President of the University; Mr. Willram O. Nichols, Treasurer of the University; Mr. Francis H. Boland, Mr. George C. Clark, Mr. Harold I. Baynton, Dr. Robert M. Lester, Dr. John M. Reeves, Mr. W. Everett McLaine, Mr. W. Kenneth Hoover, Mr. Howard Booher, Mr. James I. HofFman . . . (Inside of table, left to right) Mr. Earl Bunting, Dr. Raymond Miller, Dr. Albert P. Shirkey, Dr. Norman L. Trott, Mr. Charles C. Porlin, Mr. Arthur C. Houghton, Mr. Roland Rice, Mr. James C. Peacock, Mr. Edward F. Colloday, Dr. Lyie W. Ashby, Mr. W. Yule Fisher, Mr. Samuel H. Kauffmann. 17 Vice President DR. DAYTON E. McCLAIN 18 Nobody falls asleep in Dean Bentley ' s classes. His wit and humor make his classes both informing and interesting. DEAN EMERITUS DR. JOHN E. BENTLEY A great asset to the spirit and tradi- tion of the American University is Dr. John E. Bentley. One who is respected by all and one who gives his all to the students — a combination of teacher and friend to everyone who knows him, he is well loved by both faculty and stu- dents alike. ■ ADMINISTRATION Donald Derby Dean of Administration Harold E. Davis Dean of the Undergraduate College wlK T; fj TrT.ti ii H B H Jl John S. Myers Dean of the Washington College of Law Nathan A. Baily Dean of the ScImoI of Business Administration Ernest Posner Dean of the Graduate School Catheryn Seckler-Hudson Dean of the School of Government and Public Administration " " ♦ • f The office of the Dean of Administration is in charge of the academic procedures of the University. The office also handles the engaging of professors, the registrars, the Libraries and the Deans of the University. Richard M. Bray Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs REGISTRAR Hazel H. Feagans University Registrar The staff in the Office of the Registrar are, left to right: Mrs. Middlemiss, Registrar of The Washington College of Law; Miss Feagans, Registrar of the University; Mrs. Van Noy, Mrs. Bartok, Mrs. Darner, Miss Torrence, Assistant Registrar; Mrs. MacAlphine, Mrs. Cariker, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Schlam, Miss Remler, Mrs. Southard. The Library staff composes of, left to right, seated: Mrs. Spitz, Miss Jensen, Mrs. Simma; standing: Mr. Kitzer, Mrs. Nelson, Miss Hochstein, Miss Edna Jensen. 21 William O. Nicholls Treasurer of the University Mr. Nicholls and President Anderson discussing the future of the campus The Office of Financial and Business Affairs is in charge of the Budget, Bur- sars, Bookstores, Accounting Depart - ment, Building and Grounds and con- struction on campus. Mr. Ewing and Mr. Macic discuss some financial matters. Charlie Schools Physical Plant Manager Mr. Walker stops on the steps for a chat. The Uptown StafF of Admissions, Alumni and Publicity Departments OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT The office of the Assistant to the President handles Admissions, Pubhc Relations, Publicity, Alumni Affairs, Student Promotion and all levels of con- tact between the University, the Stu- dent and the Community. Staii-oru H. Cassell AssisftDif to the President The downtown admissions staff I Harl La Place sets a new student on the right path John Wakefifld Director of Admissions 1 g " i. H THE OFFICE OF • One of the busiest Departments of American University is the Office of P 1 1 ' «:,!»«■. It Student Personnel. Its purpose is to maintain the welfare of each and every student of the University. The student mi d if. k personnel function is part of the educa- tion process. Dr. Ralph John Dean of Students Ernst Correll, Advisor to For- eign Students, in conference with Dr. John. Mrs. Eloise N. Magaw, Director of Placement, confers with Robert Mather and Dennis Earman, Placement assistants. STUDENT PERSONNEL Z ! " Miss Sally Stevens, Associate Dean and Dean of Women; Dr. Ralph C. John, Dean of Students; Mrs. Cook, Secretary and Mrs. Ora Nichols, head of the Housing Department comprise the staff. Mrs. Cook describes the duties of the office as being " many and varied. " Sally Stevens Associate Dean of Studcnfs and Dealt of Women Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Ora Nichols, and Miss Stevens University Physician and Director of Health, Dr. James E. Chap- man with nurses left to rr ht: Cathy Dougherty, Angi;ll Lu- pis, and Connie James. DEPARTMENT OF BIOL(3GY DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY Leo Schubert Chairman DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATIONS William Kempton Chmrman 26 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Nathan A. Baily Dean DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Melville J. Ulmer Chairman DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Samuel Engle Burr, Jr. Chairman 27 DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH Merritt G. Batchelder Chairman DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND ORGANIZATION Pitman B. Potter Chairman 28 r 111 WASHINGTON COLLEGE OF LAW John S. Myers Dean DEPARTMENT OF MATH Walter F. Shenton Chairman DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC James L. McLain Chairman 29 DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Ralph C. John Chairtnan DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION David Carrasco Chairman -r ' m ■ -.. migm ' W ' DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Charles K. Trueblood Chairtnan 30 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY Austin Van de Slice Chair mat! DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGE RuBERTA M. Olds Chairman DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY DEPARTMENT OF ART Ernst Posner Chairman Robert F. Gates Chairman DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS John H. Smith Chairman Bancroft W. Sitterly Chairman DEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND ORGANIZATION Catheryn Seckler-Hudson chairman 32 33 AND SHIRLEY ANNE ALEXANDER, Washington D.C.; B.A. in Soci- ology; Kappa Delta; Orientation Board 2, 5, 4; Women ' s " A " Club 3, 4; Sec. Student Association 4; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. 4. CLARENCE EDWARD AMUNDSON, Washington D.C; B.A. in Psychology; Alpha Sigma Phi; College Council 4; Elections Board 3, 4. JOHN MICHAEL APOSTOLAKOS, Washington D.C; B.S. in Business Administration; Phi Sigma Kappa; Student Association 3; Veterans Club 2, 3, 4; Orientation Board 2, 3, 4; S.A.M. 1, 2, 3, 4. HAROLD JAMES APPLEGATE, Riverdale Md.; B.S. in Physics; Var- sity " A " Club 3, 4; Veterans Club 3, 4. GLORIA JOY ARMAGHANIAN, Forest Hills, New York; B.A. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Cap and Gown; FTA; A.U. Players 3; Talon 3. NICHOLAS ASPIOTIS, Arlington, Va.; B.S. in Business Administration; Phi Sigma Kappa. CHARLES E. BAILEY, Melrose, Massachusetts; B.A. in Psychology; Phi Sigma Kappa; Who ' s Who; Psi Chi; College Council Vice Presi- dent 4; Health and Welfare Committee 3, Chairman 4. W.U.S. Fund Chairman 4; I.F.C. Secretary 4; Phi Sigma Kappa Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Swimming Team 1, 2, Captain 3; Intramural Swimming and football 1; Philosophy Club 4; Veteran ' s Club 3, Vice President 4; Varsity " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Eagle 3; Writer 4; Society For Personnel Management 3, 4. LAWRENCE EDWARD BAKER, Arlington, Virginia; B.A. Com- munications; Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Psi Omega; A.U. Players; WAMU Intramural Sports; Veterans Club; Newman Club. BARBARA ANN BALAS, Silver Spring, Maryland; B.A. in English; Phi Mu; Pi Delta Epsilon; Eagle 1, 2, 3, 4; Editor 3; Orientation Board 2, 3, 4; College Council 2, 4; Publications Board 2; Arts Board 4; A.U. Players 2, 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4; English Club 3, 4; Yearbook 1; Sophomore Skit night 2; Freshman Skit Night 1; Jr. Sr. Prom Publicity 3; Lutheran Club 1, 2, 3,4; Intramurals 4. rk; B.A. in English; Kappa Delta; ; Class Secretary I ; Athletic Board an 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Orientation Board 3, 4; ATO al Sports I, 2, 3, 4; College Council ANNE W. BARNARD, Ne Woman ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 2, 3, Cha Sweetheart; Varsity and Int Assistant Secretary 3. ROBERT S. BARNES, Arlington, Virginia; B.A. in Philosophy and Religion; Alpha Sigma Phi; College Council 3, 4; Religious Board 2, 4, Chairman 3; MSM 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4. MARILYN JOYCE BARRETT, Arlington, Virginia; B.A. in Ele- mentary Education; Kappa Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Talon Staff 3; FTA 2, 3, 4. NINETEEN HUNDRED SENIOR » 9 9 DAVID F. BAUSE, Boyertown, Pa.; B.A. in Radio-TV; Alpha Sigma Phi; Luthern Club, 2, 3; WAMU 1, 2, 4, Manager 3; Communica- tions Board Chairman 4; Secretary, Rush Chairman and Pledge- master of Alpha Sigma Phi; Executive Committee, Capitol Network 3; Secretary, Ham House Council 1; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, President 4; Sigma Delta Chi 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa. GEORGE WALTER BEHRLE, Paoli, Penna.; B.S., Business Adminis- tration; Phi Sigma Kappa; Veteran ' s Club 3, 4; SAM 4. ROBERT LEE BELL, Washington, D.C; A.A., Mathematics; Alpha Sigma Phi; Chemistry Club 1; A.U. Players 3; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President 3, President 4; Vice President Sophomore Class. SHEILA JANE BELLE, Baltimore, Md.; B.A. Psychology and Sociology; Phi Mu, President 2, 3; Woman ' s " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Philosophy Club 4; Athletic Board 2; Pan-Hellenic Council 2, 3; Who ' s Who 4; Pi Gamma Mu; A.U. Psychological Honor Society. NORMAN MICHAEL BETTER, Washington, D.C; B.A., Sociology; Alpha Sigma Phi; Beta Beta Beta; Kappa Phi Kappa; Pi Delta Epsilon; Orientation Board I, 2, 3, 4; Sophomore Bunny Hop Committee; Jr. Sr. Prom Committee; Orphans Dinner 1,2; Senior Skit Night 2; Talon Skit Night 3; Sociological Society 3, 4; Eagle I, 2; Bus. Mgr. 3; College Council 1,2; Elections Board Chairman 2; Junior Class Presi- dent; Student Body President 4; Who ' s Who. WILLIAM WRIGHT BLACKBURN, Washington, D.C; B.A. Math- ematics; Alpha Tau Omega; Vice President 3; Orientation Board 2, 3, 4; Athletic Board 1, 2; Intramural Director 4; German Club. 1; IFC2, 3. PATRICIA ANNE BLAKE, Washington, D.C; B.A., Spanish; Kappa Delta; Cap and Gown; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Class Sec. 4; Woman ' s " A " Club Sec. 3, Pres. 4; MGH Treas. 3; FTA, Vice Pres. 3; Pan American Club, Sec. Treas. 3; Lutheran Student Group, Sec. 2, 3, Pres. 4. WALTER HARRY BLUME, Queens Village, N.Y.; B.A., Government; WAMU 1, 2, 3, 4; Music Club 3; Int. Rel. Club 1, 2; Wash. Sem. 4; Political Science Club 1; Music Director WAMU 2. PETER FRANCIS BONO, Frankfort, New York; B.S., Biology; Alpha Sigma Phi; ODK; Beta Beta Beta, Pres. 2, 3; Veterans Club 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Club 3, 4; German Club 3. ROSALYN CLARISSA BRADFORD, Arlington, Va.; B.S., Biology; Beta Beta Beta, Sec. 2,3; Chorus I; Chemistry Club 2,3. DOROTHY DAY BROWN, Arlington, Va.; B.A., Art; Art Student Comm. 5,4. OLIVER BRYK, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Economics; Uni- versity Honor Society; Pan Athnon 2,3; Economics Club 2,3,4. MARSHALL REXFORD BUTCHER, Alexandria, Va.; B.S., Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega; Eagle staff 2,3,4; SAM 4. MICHAEL ALLAN CHASMAN, Hillsi(ie, N.J.; B.S., Science; Basketball Mgr. 2,4; Baseball Mgr. 1,3; Orientation Board 2,3,4; Hillel 2; Men ' s Varsity " A " Club 2,3,4; Alpha Tau Omega 1,2; J.V. Basketball Coach 2. MOUAFFAC CHATTI, Damascus, Syria; B.S., Social Sciences; Pan Athnon; Economics Club. NANCY LORRAINE CHICK, Arlington, Va.; B.A., Art; Kappa Delta; Social Board 1,2, Chairman 3; Student Art Comm. 1,2,3,4; Chairman home-coming Decorations 2; Talon staff 2; WAMU 1,2; F.T.A. 2,3; Orientation Board 2,3,4. EDMOND CHIN, Washington, D.C.; B.S, Chemistry. SHERMAN CHIN, Washington, D.C.; B.S., Biology. RALPH E. COOMES, Washmgton, D.C.; B.A., Geology. MARY FRANCES COX, Washington, D.C; B.A., Art; Newman Club 3; F.T.A. 3,4. GREG CROWELL, Chevy Chase Md.; B.A., Economics. WARD DAVIS, Old Greenwich, Conn.; B.S., Business Ad- ministration; Alpha Tau Omega; Intramural Sports 3,4; S.A.M. 4. MARGIE ELLIOTT DAY, Arlington, Va.; B.A., Education; Kappa Delta Epsilon; M.S.M. 1,4; Baptist Student Union 1,3; Religious Board 2,4; Co-Chairman of Religious Emphasis week 4; F.T.A. 2,4. WILLIAM BENJAMIN DAY, JR., Arlington, Va.; B.A., Psy- chology; Men ' s Varsity " A " Club 2,3,4; Religious Board 2,3,4; M.S.M. 1,2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 1,2,3,4; German Club 2,3; Co-Chalrman of Religious Emphasis Week 4. WILLIAM JOHAN deLOOPER, The Hague, Netherlands; B.A., Fine Arts; Phi Sigma Kappa, Sec. 2; Baseball Mgr. 2; Art Editor, Writer 4; Chairman, Art Student Comm. 4; WAMU 1,2,3. JOAN MARIE DeVORE, Bethesda, Md.; B.A., Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Newman Club 3; F.T.A. 3,4. EDWIN ALAN DEVTSCH, Alexandria, Va.; B.A., Political Science; Veterans Club, Vice Pres. 2,3,4; Pan Athnonl 2,3,4; Dramatics 2,3; Pol. Science 2,3; Eagle 2,3,4. VIRGIL D. DiCENZO. Yorkville, Ohio; B.S., Business Adminis- tration; S.A.M. 3; Newman Club 1. JERRY WILLIAM DOBBEN, Muskegon, Mich.; B.S., Business Administration; Alpha Sigma Phi; Arthur Godfrey Scholar- ship; ODK; Who ' s Who; Intramural Sports 2,3,4; Political Club 2; Veteran ' s Club 2,3,4; Debate Team 2; Republican Club 3,4; S.A.M. 2,3; Westminister Fellowship 2,3; Ski Club 2,3,4; Alpha Eta Rho 5,4; Student Bar Assoc. 4; Law Review 4; Varsity Tennis 2,3; Varsity Swimming 3; Men ' s " A " Club 3,4. PIERRE E. DOSTERT, Washington, D.C; B.A.; Phi Sigma Alpha; Pi Gamma Mu. FIFTY SEVEN NINETEEN HUNDRED A A ill 1 ▲4 MARY ANN DVORAK, Arlington, Va.; B.A., English; Alpha Chi Omega; Cap and Gown; Pi Delta Epsilon English Honor- ary; Chemistry Club 1; Talon 2; College Council 3; Eagle 1,2,3, Editor 4; Scholastic Achievement Board 2,4; Publica- tions Board 3; Panhellenic Council 2, }; Westminster Foun- dation 2,3. HANNAH MARIE DWYER, Orange, N.J.; B.S. Business Phi Mu; Newman Club 1,2; Eagle 1; Social Board 1; Religious Board 1,2; Student Health and Welfare 1; A.U. Players 1. JOHN ROYSTON ENGLAND, Washintgon, D.C.; B.A., His- tory; Alpha Sigma Phi; College Council 4; Scholastic Achieve- ment Board Chairman 4; Pi Gamma Mu; Orientation Board 4. JACK JOSEPH EXELBERT, Brooklyn, N.Y.; B.S., Psychology; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Phi Kappa; Alpha Psi Omega; President, Hillel 2; Feature Editor, Eagle 3; Vice-President Men ' s Residence Council 4; Student Assistant, Department of Psychology 4; Varsity Soccer 3; Student Health and Welfare Committee 3; Publicity Director, A.U. Writer 4; Scholastic Achievement Board 2; Religious Board 3,4; Orientation Board 2,3,4; A.U. Players 2,3; F.T.A. 3; Secretary, Young Demo- crats 4. HARRY LEOPOLD FAIRBAIRN, Ventnor, N.J.; B.S., Political Science; Alpha Tau Omega; Political Science Club 3,4; Men ' s Varsity A 3,4; Varsity Swimming 3, 4; Newman Club 2,3,4; Intramural Football 2,3; Intramural Basketball 2; Intramural Baseball 2,3,4; Intramural Swimming 2,3; Intramural Volley ball 2,3; Alpha Tau Omega, Worthy Sentinel 2,3,4. NAOMI LUSTERMAN FELDHEIM, Silver Spring, Md.; B.A., Education; Hillel 3,4. FRANCINE FESSLER, West Orange, N.J.; A.A. History; Sigma Rho; President, Freshman House Council; Vice-President, Sigma Rho. THOMAS GEORGE FISHER, Washington, D.C.; B.S., Business; Alpha Sigma Phi; Pi Gamma Mu; Student Bar Association 4; S.A.M. 2,3,4; History Club 2,3,4; Veterans Club 3,4; Giant Scholarship 3 ; Harvard Summer School Scholarship 4. WILLIAM EMMETT FLETCHER, Falls Church, Va.; B.A., Economics; Economics Club; Pan Anthon Club. ROBERT JAMES FOGAN, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Political Science; Political Club 2. DONALD PAUL FRAZEE, Falls Church, Va.; B.S., Business and Real Estate; Lambda Tau Sigma. MARY CECILE FRENCH, Arlington, Va.; B.A., Public School Music; Phi Mu; Music Club 1; Chorus 1,2; Women ' s A Club 4; The Writer 3; Orientation Board 4; F.T.A. 3. 38 DONALD JAMES FRENDZEL, Pitcairn, Pa.; B.S., Geology; Chemistry Club 4. EDWARD RANDOLPH GARDNER, Washington, D.C.; B.A., General Business; Phi Sigma Kappa; Veterans Club; House Council; Intramural Council. BARBARA ARLIE GOODE, Long Island, N.Y.; A.A., Com- munications; Corresponding Secretary, Student Council 3; Editor Newsletter 3; Women ' s Press Club 5; Cheerleader 2; Orientation Board 3; Talon Beauty Queen Princess 2; Aquina AGNES B. GRAMETBAUR, Washington, D.C.; B.S., Geology; Tri Beta, MAURY EDWARD HAMPTON, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Eco- nomics; Pi Gamma Mu; President Economics Club 2,3; Chair- man, Student Advisory Committee 4; Student Assistant 3,4. VIRGINIA ELLYN HAYNES, Mathews, Va.; A.A., Interna- tional Relations; Kappa Delta; Alpha Psi Omega; Secretary M.S.M.; Cheerleader 2; A.U. Players 2. DOROTHY ANN HEIN, Manchester, Conn.; A.B., History; History Club 4; Lutheran Club 4. MICHAEL J. HELLER, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Economics; Vets Club 2,3,4; Treasurer 3; President 4; S.A. Scholastic Achievement Board Chairman 4; Pi Gamma Mu; Orientation Board 4. i,r» -e ' RUTH GAIL HODGES, Falls Church, Va.; A.A., Business; Phi Mu; Class Vice-President 1,2; S.A.M, 1; Varsity Basketball 1,2; Varsity Softball 1,2; Chairman, Who ' s Who Committee 2. MARY CAROL HOLDEN, Bethesda, Md.; B.A., Sociology; Phi Mu; Newman Club 1,2,3; Secretary 4; Elections Board 3,4; Women ' s A Club 2,3; Secretary 4; Sociological Society Sec- retary-Treasurer 3; Vice-President 4; Assistant Technical Di- rector " Night of January 16 " ; Chairman Christmas Dinner 3; Chairman Student Union Committee 4; Phi Mu Vice-Presi- dent 3; Secretary 4; Orientation Board 2,3,4; College Council Merit Award 3; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Eagle 1,2; Talon 2,3; Jr. Prom Committee 3. EARNEST PAUL HOAGLAND, Worthington, Ind.; A.B., Busi- ness; F.T.A.; Economics Club. RICHARD CHRISMAN HORN, Williamsport, Pa.; B.A., Polit- ical Science; Alpha Tau Omega; Freshman Class President; Junior Class Vice-President; Student Association Chaplain 4; Varsity Tennis 1,2,3; Captain 4; Orientation Board 1,2,3; Co- chairman 4; Student Council 3,4; Religious Board 4; Student Health and Welfare Committee 2,3,4; Official School Ring Committee; Men ' s Varsity " A " Club; Chairman Jr.-Sr. Prom; Chairman Soph. Bunny Hop; Who ' s Who Committee 3,4; Intramural football 1,2,3; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4; In- tramural Tennis Champion 1; Fraternity Officer 2; Student Chapel Speaker 3,4. HELEN YU-CHING HSI, Lakewood, N.J.; B.A., Art History. WILLIAM CHARLES HUFFAKER, Morrilton, Ark.; B.S., Busi- ness, Marketing; Alpha Sigma Phi; Treasurer 4; S.A.M. 3,4. ALVIN IRVING ITZKOFF, Baltimore, Md.; B.A., Psychology; Tau Delta Chi; Psi Chi; " A " Club 2,3,4. GLENN WESLEY JACKSON, Lynchburg, Va.; B.S., Geology. NANCY LEE JACKSON, Washington, D.C.; B.A., History; Phi Alpha Theta; Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4; History Club 3, 4; F.T.A. 3,4. LUCIEN CARTER JOHNSON, Cross Creek, Pa.; B.S., Chemis- try; Phi Sigma Kappa; Chemistry Club 3,4; Varsity Baseball 1; Varsity " A " Club; Political Club 2; Phi Sigma Kappa Secretary 1; President 2. JOSEPH S. Kennedy, Scranton, Pa.; B.A., Political Science; Student Government 1; Soccer 2,3; Political Club 1,2,3; Varsity " A " Club 3; International Relations Club 1,2; Student Bar Association. KUM JA KIM, Seoul, Korea; B.S., Radio-TV. IRENE KJERSGAARD, Metuchen, N.J.; B.A., Psychology; Delta Gamma; M.G.H. House Council 1,2,4; Newman Club 1,2,3; Orientation Board 2,3,4; WAMU 2,3; Panhellenic Council 2,3,4; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2, 3,4; Delta Gamma 1,2,3; President 4. WILLIAM HARRY KREPS, Silver Spring, Md.; B.A., Art; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Psi Omega; President 4; Treasurer- Secretary 3; Men ' s " A " Club 3,4; Orientation Board 3,4; A.U. Players 2,3,4; Intramural Director 4; Soccer 2,3; In- tramural Sports; Lutheran Club 3,4; Vets Club 3,4; Fraternity Officer 4; Student Assistant, Drama Dept. 4. LORETTA MARGARET KRIEGSMANN, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Psi Omega; Delta Phi Alpha; Deans List; English Honorary; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Secretary 1; Der Deutsche Verein 1,2,3,4; Secretary 1; Cheerleader 1; A.U. Players 1,2,3,4; Arts Board 2,3; Chairman 3; F.T.A. 3,4; Intramurals 1,3; Radio, TV Guild 1; Freshman Skit Night; Sophomore Skit Night; Bunny Hop Committee; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee; " Seasons Greetings " ; Graduation Usher 1. MARCIA LOUISE LANCASTER, Montclair, N.J.; B.S., Com- munications; Kappa Delta; Orientation 1,2,3,4; Canterbury Club 2,3,4. BRUNO MARTIN LAPINSKI, Brooklyn, N.Y.; B.S., Public Administration. INSOOK LEE, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Education; M.S.M.; Pan Anthon 2,3,4. PAUL ANDRE LE.VAVASSEUR, Arlington, Va.; B.S., Business Administration; S.A.M. 1; Newman Club 1. SIDNEY H. LEVIN, Baltimore, Md.; B.A., Radio-TV; WAMU. FIFTY SEVEN NINETEEN HUNDRED ARLENE ISOBEL LEVY, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Communi- cations; Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Psi Omega; Women ' s Press Club; College Council 1; Orientation Board 1.2,3,4; Publica- tions Board 4; Publicity Committee 4; Talon 1,2, Editor 3, Assoc. Ed. 4; Eagle 1,2,3; Aquiana 1,2; Women ' s " A " Club 1,2,3,4; University Players 2,3,4; HiUel 1,2, Treasurer 3; WAMU 1,4; Intramural sports 1,2. WILLIAM JOHN LEWICKY, Whitestone, N.Y.; B.S., Business Administration; Phi Sigma Kappa; Newman Club, V. Pres, 2; S.A.M.; Veteran ' s Club 2,3,4. MARGARET ANNE GALLOWAY LIGHT, London, Ky.; B.A., Political Science; Alpha Chi Omega; Pi Gamma Mu; Pi Sigma Alpha; English Honorary; University Honor So- ciety; Political League 1; Hockey 1; Softball 1; Wilson Teachers College 2; Newman Club 3,4; Forensic Society, Rec. Sec. 4; Religious Board 4; Orientation Board 4; Eco- nomics Club 3; Eagle Staff 3; Talon Staff 3,4; Writer 4; Social Science Journal Staff 3; Baptist Student Union 3. FRANCES WINIFRED LYONS, Falls Church, Va.; B.A., His- tory; Phi Alpha Theta; Cap and Gown; Kappa Delta Epsilon; History Club 1,2,3,4; F.T.A. 1,2,3,4; Newman Club 3,4. SUSAN RUTH MACKENZIE, Boston, Mass.; A.B., Music; Music Club 1,2,3,4; M.S.M. 1,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3. JOHN ALLEN MAHAN Summit, N.J.; B.S., Business; Alpha Tau Omega; Baseball 3,4; " A " Club 4. MARY TEMPLEMAN MARSHALL, McLean, Va.; A.B., History. MARY ELIZABETH MATHER, Bethesda, Md.; B.A., Eco- nomics; Kappa Delta Epsilon; F.T.A. 3; Pan Anthon 3. WILLIAM GEORGE McCARTHY, Newark, N.J.: B.S., Public Administration; Phi Sigma Kappa, V. Pres. 2; Class President 1; House Council Sec. 2; Scholastic Achievement Board; Baseball 1,2,3; " A " Club; Alpha Eta Rho; WAMU; Veteran ' s Club; Newman Club; S.A.M. BRUCE COLEMAN McDONALD, Silver Spring, Md.; A. A., Sociology; Alpha Tau Omega. BRUCE DONALD McDOWELL, Silver Spring, Md.; B.A., Sociology; Sociology Club 4. M ' LIZ McLENDON, Washington, D.C.; A.A., Radio and Tele- vision; Alpha Chi Omega; Eagle 1,2; Talon 1,2; WAMU 2; Intramural Bowling. G. SPEIGHTS McMICHAEL, Kensington, Md.; B.S.; Business Administration. LESTER WALTER MILLER, JR., Valencia, Venezuela; B.A., Communications; Alpha Sigma Phi; Alpha Psi Omega, Pres. 3; Pi Delta Epsilon; Talon Staff, Bus. Mgr. 3; A. U. Players 2, 3,4; Soccer Team 2; " A " Club 2,3,4; WAMU; Publications Board 3; Intramural Sports. WILLIAM JAMES MILLETT, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Eco- nomics; Economics Club. JAMES MARCELLUS MILLS, Chicago, Illinois; B.S., Eco- nomics; Economics Club 2; Pan Anthon 3; Debate Club; S.A.M. DEWEY MADISON MORRIS, Greensboro, N.C.; B.S., Busi- ness Administration; Alpha Tau Omega, V.P. 3; Basketball 1; Dormitory Pres. 2,3,4; Mens ' Resident Council 2,3, Pres. 4; Orientation Board 2,4, Chairman 4; Athletic Board, Co- chairman 4; Mens ' Intramural Director 3; A.U. Merit Award; S.A.M.; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Alpha Eta Rho 2,3,4; Stu- dent Council 2,3. ROBERT EDWARD MORROW, Baltimore, Md.; B.A., Com- munications; Alpha Tau Omega; Pi Delta Epsilon; WAMU 3, 4; Basketball 3; Eagle 4; Intramural Sports. ROBERT C. NEWMAN, New Hyde Park, N.Y.; A.B., History; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Eta Rho; History Club 2; New- man Club 2; Intramural Sports. JOHN HOWARD NORDLINGER, Chevy Chase, Md.; B.A., History; Kappa Phi Kappa; Pi Delta Epsilon; History Club 3,4; Chorus 3; Eagle Staff 3,4; Varsity Wrestling 3, Captain 4. CLAIR V. OCHS, Parker, Pa.; B.S., Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega; S.A.M. 1,2,3, Treasurer 4; Veteran ' s Club 3,4. ALTHEA J. O ' CONNOR, Arlington, Va.; B.A., Political Science; Chatham College, Senior Honorary. CHARLES CALOWELL O ' CONNOR, Washington, D.C.; A.A., Business Administration; Alpha Sigma Phi, President 4, Vice President, Treasurer, Corres. Sec, Custodian, Predential Comte., Rushing Comte Chairman, House Comte Chairman, Constitution Comte Chairman; Religious Bd., Rep. Senior Class, 4; M.S.M. I. DAVID ALOYSIUS O ' CONNOR, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Art; Cross Country, 4, and Track, 4; Art Students Comte, 3,4. CHARLES AUSTIN OGDEN, Falls Church, Va.; B.A., Educa- tion; Alpha Tau Omega; Kappa Phi Kappa; Alpha Psi Omega; Varsity Track 1,2,3; Varsity Soccer 2,3,4; University Players 2,3; Student Asst (Drama) 1,2; Student Asst (Psychology) 3; Varsity " A " Club 1,2,3,4; Intramural football 1; University Chorus 1. FRANK JOHNSON PATTERSON, III, Falls Church, Va.; B.S., Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega, President 4, Treasurer 3; Omicron Delta Kappa, President 4; Student Council 3, Senior Class Pres., Junior Class Veep, S.A.M., Pres. 4, Veterans Club, Intramural Sports, Orientation Bd., 2,3,4; I.F.C. 3; Intramural Council 2; Chairman, Student Judiciary 3. WILLIAM KENNETH PATTON, Memphis, Tenn.; B.S., Busi- ness Ed. JOSEPH ANTHONY PELLEGRINO, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Communication, Radio T.V.; Alpha Tau Omega; " A " Club; Newman Club; W.A.M.U.; Varsity Basketball; Baseball. ROGER PENN, Bethesda, Md.; B.A., Communication; Pi Delta Epsilon; W.A.M.U. 2,3,4, Chief Engineer. EDWARD HARVEY PERLEY, Lewiston, Maine; B.A., History; History Club 3,4. CHARLES PRESTON POLAND, Pleasant Valley, Va.; B.A., History. ELIZABETH A. PORTER, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Political Science; Phi Mu, President 4, Soph. Bunny Hop Queen; Apple Blossom Princess, Homecoming Queen 4; Eagle Bus. Mgr I; Yearbook, Bus. Staff 2, Senior Ed. 3; Soph Sec. 2; Rep. to College Council 3,4; Orientation Bd. 1,2,3,4, Co- Chairman 3; Freshman Handbook Ed. 2; M.S.M. 1,2, Vice President; " A " Club 1,2,3,4; Intramural Hockey , Basketball, Softball, Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Basketball, Hockey 1,2; Pan Hellenic Pres. 4; Political Club 1,2; Health Welfare Comte 3; Student Faculty Comte Chairman 4. CHARLES EDWARD REDDEN, Washington, D.C.; B.S., Busi- ness Ad., Phi Sigma Kappa; S.A.M. 2, Economics Club 1; Veterans Club 1. JACK SANBORN REEDER, Alexandria, Va.; B.A., Piano, Phi Mu Alpha, Epsilon Theta Chapter; Chicago, 111., Historical Sec. 1, 2; Music Club 1. SLAVA VICTOR ROBSMAN, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Art- Education; F.T.A. 2,3,4; Chess Club 3,4; Art Club 2,3,4; Music Club 1,2. CARLETON CARSON ROGERS, JR., Elgin, 111., B.S., Busi- ness Ad.; Alpha Tau Omega; Omicron Kappa; Alpha Phi Omega; Basketball 1,3; W.A.M.U. 1,2; College Council 3; S.A.M. 3,4, President; Orientation Bd., 1,2; A.U. Chorus 1,3; Young Republican Club 4, President. MARGOT ROTEN, Baltimore, Md.; B.A., English, Pan Athnon 3,4; Chess Club 3; Philosphy Club 4. ROBERT L. RUMPF, Frederick, Md.; B.A., Economics; Alpha Sigma Phi, Pledgemaster, Marshall, 3; M.S.M. 1; Economics Club 3,4; College Council 2,3; Chairman Athletic Bd. 2,3; A.U. Choir 1,2; Orientation Bd. 2,3,4; Basketball, Sr. Class Treas., 4; Proctor, 1,2,3,4; Homecoming 3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa, Who ' s Who. VIRGIL WALLACE RYLAND, Arlington, Va.; B.A., Com- munications; Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Baseball, Basketball 1,2,3,4; " A " Club 2,3,4; Alpha Eta Rho 1,2,3,4; Radio Sta- tion 1,4. PEGGY ANNE SABIN, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Political Science, Pre Law; Phi Mu; Eagle 1, Social Bd., 1,2,3; Orienta- tion Bd., 2,3; Student Bar Association 4. GEORGE S. SAINES, Kane Pa.; B.S., Chemistry; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Sigma Kappa, 1,2,3,4; Eagle Staff 2; Talon Staff 2; Election Bd. 2; I.F.C. 3. ELAINE R. K. SAKAI, Washington, D.C.; B.A., Psychology. FIFTY SEVEN 1 ' . ' fT " . t ' NINETEEN HUNDRED VICTOR J. SCHENK, Baltimore, Md.; B.A., Psychology; Beta Beta Beta 2,3,4; Orientation Board 4; Hillel 2,3,4; Eagle 2; WAMU 2. STANLEY IVAN SCHER, HyattsviUe. Md.; B.A., Psychology; Veterans Club 4. JOHN FREDERICK SCHRECK, Floral Park, Long Island, N.Y.; B.S., Geology; Alpha Sigma Phi; Kappa Phi Kappa; F.T.A. 2,3,4; Varsity " A " Club 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Base- ball 1; Soccer 2,3,4. BARBARA SUE SCHWARTZBACK, Kingston, Pa.; B.A., Edu- cation; Sigma Rho; WAMU 1,2; Hillel 1,2,3,4; Talon 4; F.T.A. HERMAN ALBERT SCHULTEIS, Washington, D.C.; B.S., Biology; Chemistry Club; Newman Club. SHAMSA AMJAD SHAH, Pakistan; B.A., Education. CYNTHIA ANNE SHIRK, Arlington, Va.; B.A., Music; Alpha Chi Omega; French Club 3; Chorus 3. MERLIN WILBERT SHORE, Silver Spring, Md.; B.S., Chemis- try; Chemistry Club 3,4. HAROLD STANLEY SHUPACK, Forest Hills, Md.; B.S., Busi- ness Administration; Alpha Sigma Phi; Talon Business Manager 2, Hillel V. Pres. 1, Pres. 2; Eagle Staff 1,2; WAMU 1; S.A.M.; Religious B oard V. Pres. 1,2; Tennis 2; Publications Board 2. DOROTHY HOOGLAND SILVEY, Rochester, N.Y.; B.A., Government; Phi Mu; Pi Sigma Alpha; College Council 1,2; Cheerleaders 2; Eagle 1,2; Talon Staff 1; Womans ' " A " Club 1,2,3,4; Intramural Sports; Varsity Sports; Pan Anthon Club 2; Political Club 1; Inter. Relations Club 1; Junior Alliance Francaise I. WAYLAND HAMDEN SIMMS, JR., Falls Church, Va.; B.S., Business Administration; Student Bar Assoc. MARY M. SLAUGHTER, Madison, Va.; B.S., Business Ad- ministration. NORMA JEAN SMALL, Hollywood, Calif.; B.A., English; Kappa Delta; English Honorary; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Chorus I; F.T.A. 3,4; Eagle 1,3,4; Talon 2,3. STEPHANIE E. STEGER, Cape May, N.J.; B.A., Communica- tions; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres, 3,4; Panhellenic Council 3,4; Pi Delta Epsilon 4; Womens ' Press Club; WAMU 2,3,4, Announcer, Sec, Music Director, Executive Board; Com- munications Board 2,3,4; Intramural Sports 2,3,4; Usher 2,3; Jr. -Senior Prom Comm.; Senior Week Committee; Bunny Hop Committee; Orientation Board 2,3,4. ROGER PAUL STINCHFIELD, Bethesda, Md.; B.S., Chemis- try; Delta Phi Alpha; Chemistry Club 1,2,3,4; Dcr Deutsche Verein 1,2; WAMU 4; Junior Alliance Francaise 3. MAJORIE CAROL STONE, Falls Church, Va.; A. A.; Hillel 1,2; F.T.A. I. DONALD WALTER STOVER, Arlington, Va.; B.A., English; Pi Delta Epsilon; Westminster Foundation 3; Writer 3,4; English Honorary 4, Religious Board 3. KARL ERVIN SWENSON, Wash., D.C.; B.A., Philosophy and Religion; Music Club 2,3,4; Philosophy 4; Chorus 2,3,4; German Club 1,2; M.S.M. FRANCIS EVERETT THOMAS, JR., Arlington, Va.; B.S., Business Administration; Newman Club 1; Student Bar Assoc. ALICE E, THOMPSON, Washingtoi , D.C.; B.A., Art Educa- tion; F.T.A. Art Committee. KENNETH ROBERTS THOMSON, Washington, D.C.; B.S., Business Administration; S.A.M.; Veterans Club 2,3,4. GEORGE ASHBY TOTTEN HI, Washington, D.C Biology; Alpha Sigma Phi; Vets Club; Newman Club Club; Health Welfare Board 1,2. THOMAS ARTHUR TURNER, Maplewood, N.J.; I Ad.; S.A.M. 1,2, .1,4; Econ. Club 1,2,3,4; Span. Club Student Rep. to World Trade Conference 4. SARA VAN DYKE, Tarrytown, N.Y.; B.A., Hist, of Kappa Delta; College Council Rep. 1; C.C. Ass ' t. C.C. Sec. 3; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Women ' s " A " Club 2,3, Club Treas. 4; Music Club 2,3,4. A.A., ; Chem. S., Bus. 3; A.U. Music; Sec. 2; LUCILLE THERESE VEKEMAN, Rhode Island; B.S., Journal- ism; Women ' s Press Club Veep. ALVIN MAURICE WALKER, Washington, D.C; B.S., Bus.; Phi Sigma Kappa; Student Bar Association 4; Vets Club 2,3. JOSEPH STANLEY -WALLACE, Washington, D.C; B.A., His- tory; Alpha Sigma Phi; Kappa Phi Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu; Alpha Sig., Cor. Sec. 3, Sec. 4; Kappa Phi Kappa Sec. 2,3, Pres. 4; Fut. Teachers of Am., Veep 4; Class Treas. 2; Soc. Board 3; Eagle Staff 3; WAMU 3; Intramural Sports 3; Who ' s Who 4; Nat. Coun. of KPK 4; His. Club 2,3. CHARLES EDWARD WEEDEN, Florham Pk., N.J.; B.S., Bus.; Alpha Tau Omega; Intramural Athl. 3,4; S.A.M. 3. ARMADA MARY WEEKLEY, Washington, D.C; B.A., His- tory; History Club 4. DEANE GAERTNER WINANT, Montvale, N.J.; B.S., Bus. Ad.; Alpha Tau Omega; S.A.M. 1,4. JOHN WILLIAM WETZEL, Clarksburg, W. Va.; B.S., Geology; Phi Sigma Kappa. PHYLLIS WETZEL, Bronx, New York; A.A., Communications. EDWARD BACON WILBUR, JR., Bethesda, Md.; B.S., Bus. Ad.; Alpha Tau Omega, Pledge Master 2. Pres, 3; S.A.M. 2,3,4, Treas. 2; Orien. Board 3,4; Interfrat. Coun. 2,3,4, Pres. 4; Student Coun. Comptroller 4; Luth. Students Ass ' n. 2,3,4, Pres. 3; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; -WTio ' s Who. PHYLLIS VALLERA WILSON, New Castle, Pa.; B.A., Ele- mentary Ed. STANLEY THOMAS WITCZAK, Baltimore, Md.; B.S., Bus. Ad.; S.A.M. 4; Econ. Club 4. WILLIAM CHANDLER WOOD, Portsmouth, Va.; B. A., Econ.; Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Eta Rho; Econ. Club 2,4; Vets. Club 2,4; S.A.M. 2,4; Varsity " A " Club 1,4. WILLIAM THOMAS WOODWARD, Washington, D.C; B.A., Art; Omicron Delta Kappa; F.T.A. 1,2; Pan Anthon; Arts Board, Student Ass ' n. 4, Pres. 3; Art Students Exec Com. 4. SARAH-JANE WOOLF, Lexington, Mass.; A.B., English; Senior Transfer. FRANK N. SCIARRINE, Ansonia, Conn.; B.S. in Public Admin. WARREN NATHAN SCHEER, Washington, D.C; B.A., English; English Honorary, WAMU 3,4; The Writer 4; Baseball 4; Philosophy Club 4. FIFTY SEVEN mhMiMd MELVIN MORRIS ABRAMS, Washington, D.C.; L.L.B., Law. ADNAN MARDINI, Arlington, Va.; Ph.D., Economics; Pi Gamma Mu; Economics Club; Arab Student Assoc. President; Pan Anthon. GEORGE ARCENEAUX, JR., Lafayette, La.; L.L.B.; Delta Theta Phi. LINWOOD CAMPBELL BARBER, Washington, D.C.; M.A., Education. MARVIN LEWIS BLAYLOCK, Washington, D.C.; M.B.A., Business Administration; Student Council 4; S.A.M. 3,4. EVELYN FARMER BOSS, Arlington, Va.; M.A.; English; Gamma Phi Beta; Phi Delta Gamma; Zeta Phi Eta. ALEXANDER BREUER, Valley Cottage, N.Y.; L.L.B.; Lav HERBERT W. BUTT, Hyderabad, India; Ph.D.; Public Adn DAVID CALDWELL, Arlington, Theta Phi. L.L.B.; Law; Delt Syr Ph.D.; BOURHAN TAHER CHATTI, Dam Economics. PAIK-SAN CHIE, Seoul, Korea; M.A.; Internationl Relations. ROBERT WILLIAM DAINES, Logi i, Utah; L.L.B.; Law; Student Bar 1,2,3. NINETEEN HUNDRED G R A D U DAVID T. DALY, Washington, D.C.; L.L.B.; Law. HENRY FARRAND EATON, Washington, D.C.; L.L.B.; Law; Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Assoc, Secretary 2, V. President 3: Law Review. TARIQ NOORI EL-MUTWALLI, Adhamiya Baghbad, Iraq; Ph.D.; Economics; Pi Gamma Mu; Pan Anthon 1; Economics Club 3. JAMES A. FLYNN, Washington, D.C.; L.L.B., Law; Law re- view, Student Bar Association. HENRY ROLAND FURR, Falls Church, Va.; L.L.B.; Sigma Nu Phi; Law Review Editor 2,3; Student Bar Assoc. V. Pres. ANGE EMILE GIRARD, Joniquiere, Quebec, Canada Canadian Club; Junior Chamber of Commerce. M.B.A.; JOHN WARNER HAGAN, JR., Louisville, Kentucky; L.L.B. Law. ROBERT BROOKS HOOD, Charlotte, N.C.; L.L.B.; Law Delta Theta Phi. HENRY PREDMORE JOHNSON, Washington, D.C.; L.L.B, Law. JOHN J. KARCHA, Johnstown, Pa.; L.L.B.; Law; Editor in Chief, Law Review 2; Chancellor Sigma Nu Phi 2,3; Master of Rolls Sigma Nu Phi I; Editorial Staff, Law Review 1,2; Student Bar Association 1,2,3. SHIWARAM K. KSHIRAGAR, Sholpur, Bombay State, India; Ph.D.; I.R.O. JOHN R. LOMBARDO, Baltimore, Md.; B.L.; Law; Delta Theta Phi; Amer. Law Students Assoc. Vice Pres. 2. GEORGE P. MASKAS, Washington, D.C.; L.L.B., Law. FREDERICK N. NABHAN, Allentown, Pa.; L.L.B.; Law; Sigma Nu Phi; Law Review 2; Editor-in-Chief 3; Inter Law School Moot Court Competition 2,3. RUFUS W. PECKHAM, JR., Washington, D.C.; L.L.B.; Law; Alpha Tau Omega; Who ' s Who in American University 3; Delta Theata Phi 1,2,3; Amer. Univ. Alumni Council 1,2,3. MAXIMO H. QUINTO, Washington, D.C.; M.A.; Political Science. MARY O. RABY, Washington, D.C.; L.L.B.; Law. JOHN B. RABNER, Summer, Md.; L.L.B.; Law; Delta Theata Phi; Student Bar Assoc. 1,2,3; B.A. Amer. Univ. 1950. SHER J. RANA, Simla, India; M.A.; Economics. NAVNIT R. RAVAL, Washington, D.C.; M.A.; Inter, Relations and Organization. NORA M. READ, Ciudad TrujiUo, Dominican Republic; M.A.; Economics; Phi Delta Gamma; Econ. Club; Pan Anthon Club. JACK REITER, Major, Law; Delta Theta Phi. GEORGE P. RIGGS, St. Nu Phi. ETHEL FOX ROLLINS, U.S.A.F., New York, N.Y.; L.L.B.; Mary ' s, W. Va.; L.L.B.; Law; Sigma Pine Bluff, Arkansas; M.A.; Adminis- tration. AMIYA K. SENGUPTA, New Delhi, India; M.A.; Statistics. RONALD M. STURTZ, New York, N.Y.; L.L.B.; Law; Na- tional Moot Court 1; Law Review, Managing Ed., Index Ed. 2; Judge, Appelths Moot Court 3. PAUL K. VAN DER SLICE, Chevy Chase, Md.; M.A.; Inter. Relations. HAROLD A. WAHLSTRAND, Washington, D.C.; M.A.; Econ. PAUL E. WEAVER, Lakeland, Fla.; Ph.D.; Inter. Relations. LUCIUS E. YOUNG, Washington, D.C.; L.L.B.; Law. RIZA KANDILLER, Izmir Turkey, M.A., Economics. JAY B. WILKINS, JR., College Park, Md.; L.L.B.; Delta Theta Phi. FIF.TY SEVEN The Student Association of The American Uni- versity is the representative governing body of the students. It is composed of 2 5 elected members and 6 faculty members. The purpose of The Student Association is to further personal development, to contribute to the welfare of the University, to foster college spirit, to stimulate and improve democratic student government, and to share the responsibility for the well being of the campus community. This year has been a successful one. Other than ful- filling our responsibilities to the students and the Uni- versity we have initiated the ratification of the Judi- cial Court, sponsored the first homecoming weekend, initiated and established a finance committee, organ- ized a traffic commission, proposed and carried through an official " American University School Ring " , and spent a record amount of money. For the remainder of the year we hope that we can bring closer the building of a student union, establish justifiable criterion for the presentation of various Norman M. Better President Charles E. Bailey Vice President Shirley A. Alexander Secretary Edward B. Wilber, Jr. Comptroller honors and awards, and above all, take with us, those of us who are leaving, the wonderful experience of having had the opportunity of working for and con- tributing to our Alma Mater. This year has seen better publicity through the Student Association newsletter and the organization of the publicity committee which has regulated and improved communications both on and off the camp- us. This spring will be highlighted by the first " Spring Class Weekend " , which we hope will become a school tradition. Much has happened, many have shared, all have benefitted, and The Student Association would like to thank publicly some of those who made all of this possible. The wonderful ladies and their delicious coffee, the business office and all of their money, the cafeteria and their sincere effort, the faculty mem- bers on college council and their everlasting patience, the Deans and the President and their moral support and encouragement, and most of all the personnel office and their human understanding; thank you. First row left to right: Norman M. Better, President; Charles E. Bailey, ice President Second row left to right: Dawn Lewis, Freshman Class Vice President; Francine Abramson, Freshman Class Representative; Jerry Herson, Freshman Class Representative; Gail Hodges, Sophomore Class Vice President; Barbara Roome, Sophomore Class Repre- sentative; James Trimble, Sophomore Class Representative; Virginia Porter, Junior Class Vice President; Glenda Casey, Junior Class Representative; Kenneth Rollins, Junior Class Representative; Richard Horn, Chaplain; Elizabeth Porter, Senior Class Representa- tice; Robert Barnes, Senior Class Representative; Bud Kibbe, Parliamentarian THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION First row left to right: Shirley A. Alexander, Secretary; Edward B. Wilber, Jr., Comptroller Second row left to right: Jack England, Chairman, Scholastic Achievement Board; David Bause, Chairman, Communications Board; Dave Pattison, N.S.A. Co-Ordinator; Anne Barnard, Chairman, Athletic Board; Barbara Balas, Chairman, Arts Board; Bar- bara Goode, Corresponding Secretary; Catherine Ogilvie, Chairman, Religious Board; Sandra Damewood, Chairman, Orientation Board; Diane Taylor, Chairman, Publications Board; Joseph Cannon, Chairman, Social Board; Edward Amundson, Chairman, Elec- tions Board; Dr. Harold A. Durfee, Faculty Advisor; Miss Sally J. Stevens, Associate Dean of Students; Dr. Ralph C. John, Dean of Students. SWMTII ' -J Under the capable leadership of Frank Patterson, the Senior Class has again shown it ' s quahty of leadership which, in the period of four years, has made it one of the leading classes in the history of A.U. The Senior Class in saying so long, wishes all, the happiest years ever, and best wishes for the years to come. OFFICERS Frank Patterson President Richard Horn Vice-President Pat Blake Secretary Bob Rumpf Treasurer SENIOR CLASS CLASS The class of " 59 " has just completed what it considers to have been a very successful years. In the fall, the class had charge of Freshmen week. On February 16th, we held a dinner-dance at Fort McNair which we expect will set a precedent for the future events of our class. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Jack Kreuter President Gail Hodges Vice-President Jeannette Brown Secretary Russell Simpkins Treasurer 50 OFFICERS Alan Walter President Ginger Porter Vice-President Valarie Markwood Secretary William Petrini Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS The biggest event of the Junior Class this year was the Junior-Senior Prom, which was held in the Main Ballroom of the Willard Hotel with the music of Fred Perantoni and his orchestra. Another project which the Class took on was the organizing and printing of the booklet " A.U. and D.C. " , for incoming students to introduce them to the campus and the community. OFFICERS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Richard Gerard President Dawn Lewis Vice-President Peggy Ward Secretary Grace Burr Treasurer The Freshman Class officers are the representative body of the Freshman Class in the Student Government. Together they co-ordinate the activities of their class. These activities include the traditional dance and other functions that are expected of each new freshman class. They also promote school spirit, interest and enthusiasm in campus activities. 51 The great mystery of the year was, " What happened to the bull dog? " For Homecoming the Arts Board built a bull dog to be burned in effegy. However, children beat the board to it . . . and managed a demolition job. It was then that the Arts Board became the NKVD of A.U. Chairman Barbara Balas Secretary Linda Atkins Seated, left to right: Barbara Balas, Linda Atkins, Betty Meyers, Louise Le- bourhis. Standing: Pete Keay, Al Rachel, Skip Hockenberry, Bill Petrini. ARTS BOARD ATHLETIC BOARD The Athletic Board aids in the deve- lopment of the sports program at A.U. One of its big jobs this year was the sponsoring of the pep rallies before ath- letic events. Chairman Anne Barnard Secretary Ginger Porter Seated, left to right: Anne Barnard, Ginger Porter, Ellen Schwartzchild. Standing: Ronny Crown, Loraine Ber- tuzzi, Ken Russell. 52 The Communications Board reviews the radio station operations, fiscal pohcy, pro- cedures and the equipment allocated for their use bv the Student Association. Chairman Dave Bause Secretary .... Stephanie Steger Advisor Harvey J. Pope Seated, left to right: Dave Bause, Ste- phanie Steger, Arlene Kirijan. Second roiv: Roland Jenkins, Shep Mor- gan, Sue Ehrenworth, Sandra Damewood. COMMUNICATIONS BOARD ELECTIONS BOARD The Elections board supervises all elec- tions held on the campus. The Board has set up an extensive voting system. Its main activity of the year is handling the Student Association election. Chairman . . . Edward Amundson Secretary Carol Holden Seated, left to right: Colinda Smith, Marcia McLaine, Carol Holden. Second row: Ed Amundson, Jack Patrick. 53 The Publications Board elects the Edi- tors and Business Managers of the three publications issued by the Student Asso- ciation; The Eagle, The Talon, and the Writer. The Board controls the literary procedures and the expenditures of funds allocated by College Council for the re- spective publications. Chairman Diane Taylor Vice Chairman . . . Artie Rosenberg Secretary Lee Levy Adiisor Dr. Yocum Seated, left to right: Diane Taylor, Lee Levy, Virginia Whitney. Second roiv: Artie Rosenberg, Burt Stephens, Mort Levine, Dick Hulbert. PUBLICATIONS BOARD RELIGIOUS BOARD The Religious Board plans weekly cha- pel services and coordinates the activities of the various religious organizations on campus. It sponsors Religious Emphasis Week and the Annual Christmas Dinner. The Board strives to attain a wide stu- dent participation in the religion of their choice. Chairman . Vice-Chairman . Secretary . Cathy Ogilvie . Bruce Perritt . Joan Coury First raw, left to right: Margie Day, Cathy Ogilvie, Bruce Perritt, Leonice Baer. Second row: Margaret Light, Jack Exelbcrt, Sandy Shapiro. Third row: Dave Pattison, Dick Horn, John Iseminger. 54 The Scholastic Achievement Board has as its main project of the year sponsor- ship of the Career Week Conferences. During this week representatives from 22 professions come and speak to the stu- dents on job opportunities in their partic- ular field. Chairman Secretary . . Jack England Mary Ann Bell Left to right: Jack England, Mary Ann Bell, Jane Thomas. Second row. Pete Tourtellot, Marcia Rubinoff, Phil Levy, Mary Ann Dvorak. SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENTS BOARD ORIENTATION BOARD Bob Rumpf, Joe Sandy Damewood, Rich H Lee Levy. Second row: Sabra Par Ijoyce Levin. Valerie Markivood, Jean O ' Connor, da Casey, Steppie Steger. Barbara Goode, Mary Dvorak, Norma Small, Betle Davis. Third row: Jack Patrick, Ginger Porter, Betty Porter, Margi It, Burt Stephens, Jane Thomas, Marne Lan- ■r, Joanne Eden, Norm Better. Four Mallev, Jim Trimble, Dick Hulbert, Dave Pat- 1, Shiriey Alexander, Anne Barnard, Mary Ann , Sonny Bell, Irene Kjer.sgaard. Fifth row: Vic •nk. Will Krcps, Mickey Agec, Wally Ryland, Pellegrino, Ed Amnndson. Confused. ' It wasn ' t hard for frosh and transfers to feel lost, but this didn ' t last long with the hard working Orientation Board on the scene. They made registra- tion as painless as possible and planned " get acquainted " programs. The hours contributed by board members were com- pensated by the good feeling of doing a worthwhile job. Co-Chairman Co-Chairman Co-Chairman Secretary Advisor Sandy Damewood Rich Horn Dave Pattison Jean O ' Connor Dean Stevens Members of executive Board: Bob Rumpf, Joe Cannon, Barbara Balas, Carol Holden, Lee Levy. The Social Board regulates all of the social activities held by the various groups on campus. It plans the social calendar and coordinates all social activities so there are no conflictions. It ' s largest project of the year was the Homecoming Dance which was verv successful. Chairman Joe Cannon Secretary Sabra Paris Advisor Dean Stevens Left to right: Joe Cannon, Toni Weber, Sabra Paris. Secoiid roiL ' i Jon Iseminger, Marian Lebovic, Roy Mayer. SOCIALBOARD STUDENT HEALTH AND WELFARE COMMITTEE The Student Health and Welfare Com- mittee is organized to take care of the various complaints of the students. This year it helped solve the traffic problem on campus and complaints about the cafe- teria. Chairman Chuck BArLEY Secretary Din Taylor Left to right: Chuck Bailey, Din Taylor, Rich Horn. Second row: Gail Hadges, Sheila Belle. 56 The Student Council Publicity Com- mittee was organized last year to super- vise the publicity that the various organi- zations display on campus. Members of the committee met daily this year to ap- prove and assign a place for all posters that were to go on bulletin boards throughout the campus. Co-Chairmen Lynn Katcher Sandy Moyer Seated, left to right: Lynn Katcher, Sheila Berger, Natilie Morgan, Ann Berlin. Sec- ond row. Tina Weintrope, Sandy Moyer, Jim Tremble, Lee Levy, Marcia Rubinoff. STUDENT COUNCIL PUBLICITY COMMITTEE MARY GRAYDON HOUSE COUNCIL The Mary Graydon House Council is the governing body of the upperclass wo- men ' s dormitory. It ' s membership consists of two representatives from ea h class, two Wash. Sem. representatives, and a co- ordinator who serves on the Freshmen Dorm Council. The dorm sponsors many open houses and informal get-togethers in Great Hall. President .... Stephanie Steger Vice Pres Irene Kjersgard Treasurer Ginger Porter Advisor Miss Stevens Co-ordinator . . . Jeanette Brown Recording Sec. . . . Diane Trenery Corr. Sec Diane Trenery Left to right: Ginger Porter, Johanna Smey, Stephanie Steger, Irene Kiersgaard, Jeanette Brown. 57 The Men ' s Residence Council is the supervisory body for the four men ' s dorm- itories on campus. President . Vice-President Sec.-Treas. . Jack Exelbert Jerry Fitzgibbons . Roy Mayer Seated left to right: Dewey Morris, Jack Exelbert, Roy Mayer. Standing: Bob Rumpf, Ken Rollins, Jerry Fitzgibbons. MEN ' S RESIDENCE COUNCIL FRESHMEN ' S DORM COUNCILS Although the Freshman Council is fairly new, it has done much to adjust the freshman girls to a new environment. It receives any suggestions or complaints that will help the freshman live more comfortably together. The council also meets twice a month with the MGH Council to exchange ideas and co-ordinate plans and regulations. President (McCabe) . Judy Parsons President (Ham) . . . Dawn Lewis President (MGH) . Natalie Morgan Front row left to right: Grace Burr, Linda Guthy, Sandra Shapiro, Sybil Rubenstein. Second rote: Dawn Lewis, Jo Pellicio. Third row: Judy Parsons, Ginny Whit- ney, Peggy Ward, Carla Vandenberg, Sue Sadev, Natalie Morgan, Vivian Franquis. 58 .,»-, ■ r Seated, left to right: Virginia Hawke, Betty Etherton, Kathy Smith, Diane Taylor. Second row: Charles Van Way Jr., Jack Exelbert, Michael Rascon, Peter Bono, Jim Arneson. Chief Justice Michael Rascon The Purpose of the Student Judiciary is to hear and decide cases involving students ' personal or property rights, as well as student misconduct. Any student accused of any offense has the right to a fair hearing by the court. STUDENT ASSOCIATION JUDICIARY FINANCE COMMITTEE chairman Edward Wilbur Secretary Lorraine Bertuzzi Seated, left to right: Diane Trenery, George Behrle, Ed Wilber, Lorraine Bertuzzi, Ellen Gifford Second row: Dr. Barnwall, Dick Hulburt, Mike Heller, Artie Rosenberg, Dean Stevens, Walt VoUmecke, Abby But- ler, Jerry Fitzgibbons, Mr. Nichols. The Finance Committee was set up this year for the purpose of recommending to College Council a student budget for coming school years. It is a stand- ing committee, chaired by the College Council Comp- troller and has two representatives from each of the upper classes and one from the Freshman class. The Committee has three faculty and administration members. Tri-Council was formed in the fall of 1956 as the first step in the formation of a Woman ' s Student Government Associa- tion. It consists of the representatives of the three women ' s dormitories who have met once a week in order to re-evaluate dormitory rules and to grant late and special permissions. President Secretary Aih ' hor Marcia Rubinoff Patricia McNell . Dean Stevens Seated, left to right: Patricia McNell, Marcia Rubinoff, Jo Ann Pollack. Second row: Jeanette Brown, Dawn Lewis, Nata- lie Morgan, Ellen Schwarzschild. TRI-COUNCIL INTRAMURAL COUNCIL The Intramural Program is adminis- tered by the students themselves under the guidance of the Department of Health and Physical Education. The Stu- dent Intramural Director, appointed by the Student Council and two representa- tives of each group on campus make up the guiding body for the intramural pro- gram. Presideftts Bill Kreps Dick Collier Seated, left to right: Bill Kreps, Dick Collier. Second row: Dick Hulburt, Don Levine, Roland Jenkins, Dick Horn, Ron- nie Ladd, Mike Heller. 60 who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities is a national organization which honors Juniors, Seniors and Graduates who have excelled in scholarship and service to the University. MEMBERS Undergraduate Shirley Alexander Charles Bailey Barbara Balas Anne Barnard Bob Barnes David Bause Sheila Belle Norman Better Pat Blake Peter Bono Jerry Dobben Mary Ann Dvorak Carol Holden Lester Mlller Charles Ogden Frank Patterson Betty Porter Robert Rumpf Steppie Steger Joe Wallace Ed Wilber William Wood Graduate School Edward Davis Eugene Hart Aaron Levy Frederick Nabhan Walter Rundell Ann Spock Law School Henry Eaton Robert Hood John Karcha Ronald Sturtz 61 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA CAP AND GOWN ODK is a men ' s National Honorary leadership and scholastic fraternity. Members must have a 1.7 accumulative average and must have accumu- lated 100 points in activities, in at least five fields of student campus hfe. This year it has worked in conjunction with Cap and Gown in the selection of the male student of the Month. Cap and Gown is the women ' s local Honorary for leadership and scholarship. In an effort to en- courage these objectives, the group gave a Spring Honors Tea for high scholarship women, awarded a trophy to the Freshman girl exhibiting leadership and scholarship qualities and combined with ODK in giving awards to the outstanding student of the month. President (1st sem.) . Frank Patterson President (2nd sem.) . . . Bob Rumpf Sec.-Treas Dr. Clark Advisor Dean Bentley Front raiv, left to right: Frank Patterson, Dean Bentley, Dr. Clark, Roland Rice. Second row. Jack Patrick, Dave Bause, Ben Cotton, Frank Weiss, Les Miller, Ronny Crown, Jack Exelbert, Jerry Dobbin, John Wakefield, Bob Rumpf, Don Stover, Dr. Ralph John. President .... Mary Ann Dvorak Vice President .... Betty Porter Secretary Sara Van Dyke Advisor Dr. Gondos Historian Pat Blake Front row, left to right: Mary Ann Dvorak, Betty Porter, Sara Van Dyke. Second row: Dean Stevens, Frances Lyons, Gloria Armaghanian, Pat Blake. 62 President Bill Krjeps Vice President .... Ginger Porter Secretary-Trcs Lee Levy Advisor Dr. Yocum First row, left to right: Susan Netter- strom, Bill Kreps, Ginger Porter, Lee Levy, Dr. Yocum, Jean O ' Connor. Second row, Chuck Ogdon, Larry Baker, Jack Exelbert, Elliot Denniberg, Les Miller. President Sonny Bell Vice President Dave Ferris Secretary Bruce Perrett Treasurer Bob Bunting First row, left to right: Sonny Bell, Bob Bunting. Second row: Bob Morey, Al Gre- done. ALPHA PSI OMEGA ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega is the national honorary drama- tic fraternity. Membership is extended to people ■v ho have done outstanding work in all phases of dramatics. Some of our faculty who have obtained membership are Dr. Charles Clark, Miss Virginia Hawk, Mrs. Mary Miller Patton, Miss Ann Ryder, and Dr. Gordon Smith. Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Fraternity which was founded at Lafayette College in 1925. It is open to men who have an honest desire to render service to others. 63 President Victor Schenk Vice President .... Peter Bono Secretary . . . Rosalyn Bradford Advisor Sumner Burhoe Front row, left to right: Victor Schenk, Sumner Burhoe. Second rcrw: Norman Better, Ron Crown, Rosalyn Bradford, Agnes Brambaur, Dick Hulbert, Barbara McWhorter, Joan Stakem, Frank Weiss, Peter Bono. Beta Bet.1 Beta is the honorary Biology fraternity which is open to students in good scholastic standing and who have twelve hours of " B " work in Biology. Tri Beta is aflSliated with the " American Association for the Advance- ment of Science. " On campus the fraternity sponsors lec- tures and field trips to further interest in the sciences. BETA BETA BETA Geology students on field trip to Skyline Caverns SmuM Lmmm DELTA THETA PHI ENGLISH HONORARY The John W. Davis Senate of Delta Theta Phi is an Honorary Legal fraternity for men and the largest fraternity of this type in the nation. Among the various activities sponsored are the Spring and Fall inter-city dances and the Founder ' s Day dinner and dance. The English Honorary, an organization estab- lished to honor outstanding students in English, hopes to affilate with a national English honorary in the near future. They have sponsored coffee hour meetings, played recordings of great literary figures reading from their own works, read a modern play, and discussed short stories and poems. President James T. Kenney Vice Pres Dan Johnson Tribune George Shepherd Balif James Sherman Master of Scrolls . . . Henry Eaton Exchequer Don Jacobs First row, left to right: Paul McCormick, Eugene L. Pulliam, Henry Eaton, G. A. Zitami, James T. Kenney, D. W. Jacobs, Charles B. Brown, Milt Cerny. Second rotv: Ferd Gilmore, Robert Hood, William De Wolf, Tom Olsen, William E. Peaty, John E. McCoUum, Mike D ' Amelio, Ben Gotten, Donald Middleton, Lewis Cassidy, Bruce Mc- Kee. President Margie Light Vice Pres Arlene Shapiro Secretary Norma Small Treasurer Barbara Balas Advisor Dr. Clark First row, left to right: Margie Light, Dr. Clark. Second row: Norma Small, Susan Crickman, Norman Davis, Din Taylor, War- ren Scheer, Anne Barnard, Barbara Balas, Mary Ann Dvorak. Not pictured: Don Stover, Claudia Wogan, Margot Roten, Arlene Shapiro, Loretta Kriggsman, Florence King, Linda Mondra- gon, Josephine Cortese. 65 KAPPA BETA PI KAPPA DELTA EPSILON Kappa Beta Pi is a women ' s national Law Fra- ternity. Among their activities throughout the year is a tea held for the new women entering the Col- lege and parties at the court for newly naturalized citizens. They give an award for the women in the top ten per cent of their class and for the woman with the highest average after the first year. Kappa Delta Epsilon is a National Honorary Educational Sorority for those women who have a " B " average in the field. They hold a tea in the spring, in conjunction with Kappa Phi Kappa. Dean Dorothea Klajbor Associate Dean . . Mrs. Ludia Stratton Treasurer Louise Holt Recording Registrar . . . Mary Moore Corresponding Sect. . . Mary Ambrose Marshal . . . Margaret Mary Wolfe Left to right: Betty Jane Southard, Louise M. Holt, Dorothea Klajbor, Mary Moore. President . Vice President Secretary . . . . Mary Mather . Marilyn Barrett Gloria Armaghanian Seated, left to right: Mary Mather, Mari- lyn Barrett, Gloria Armaghanian, Norma Small. Second row: Frances Lyons, Joan Coury, Cathy Ogilvie, Joan DeVore, Margie Day, Nancy Jackson. 66 President .... Joseph S. Wallace Vice-President .... Charles Ogden Secretary John Schreck Treasurer Russell Flolo Advisor . . . Dr. Samuel E. Burr, Jr. Front row, left to right: Charles Ogden, Joseph S. Wallace, Dr. Samual E. Burr, Jr. Second row: John F. Schreck, John Nord- linger, Russel Flolo, Philip Levy, Norman Better, Jack Exelbert. President Harry Maranian Vice President .... Ernest Dibble Secretary Dr. Gondos Treasurer Pat Foz Advisor Dr. Brandenberg Seated, left to right: Frances Lyons, Fiarry Maranian, Patricia Fox, Ernest Dibble. Standing, second row: Dr. Gondos, Dr. Dear- ing, Walter Rundell, Doris Austin, Nancy Jackson, Dr. Posner. Third row: Dr. Brand- enberg, Mr. Allison, Alan Clem, Francis Moriarty, Robert Ganter. KAPPA PHI KAPPA PHI ALPHA THETA Kappa Phi Kappa is a National Professional Fra- ternity in the field of education, and it is repre- sented at American University by the Beta Rho chapter. Meetings of a professional and social na- ture are held throughout the accademic year. It was started at American University in 19 54 for those men who excel in education. Phi Alpha Theta, National Honorary Fraternity, was formed at American University in May of 1956. The establishment of the Epsilon Psi chapter wishes to further student interest in history. The chapter has an open meeting each year with an outstanding speaker. 67 President .... Kenneth P. Borgen Vice-President . . . Chester Morrill Secretary . . . Elizabeth VanOrmer Treasurer Dorothy Silvey Advisor Dr. Hersh Front row, left to right: Kenneth Borgen, Chester Morrill, Elizabeth ' anOrmer, Doro- thy Silvey. Second row: George P. Bush, Bernite Deutrich, Betty Porter, G. FrankUn Roberts, John Mclntyre. Third row: Margie Light, Laurence Clark, Fred McKay. President Dave Bause Vice President .... Barbara Balas Secretary .... Mary Ann Dvorak Treasurer Pete Keay Advisor .... Mr. Harvey J. Pope Historian Lee Levy Seated, left to right: Dave Bause, Barbara Balas, Mary Ann Dvorak, Victor P. Keay, Harvey J. Pope. Second row: H. D. Craw- ford, Dr. Charles M. Clark, Josephine Cor- tese, Stephanie Steger, Diane Taylor, Valerie Markwood, Donald Stover, Lee Levy, John S. Hayes. Third row: Roger Penn, Wayne Shufelt, Burt Stephens, Norman Better, Les- ter Miller, Norman Davis, Bill Petrini, Bob Morrow. PI SIGMA ALPHA PI DELTA EPSILON Pi Sigma Alpha is the national Political Science Honorary. It sponsors an essay contest for under- graduates each year offering a $2 5.00 local prize and $100.00 for the national prize, which was won last year by an A.U. student. At bi-monthly meet- ings they present expert speakers on topics of in- terest in the field. Pi Delta Epsilon is a national communications honorary, bestowing membership on students show- ing outstanding ability in the field of journalism or radio and television. This year the group initiated its second honorary member, John S. Hayes, Presi- dent of the Washington Post Broadcasting Com- pany, and honored the communications — publica- tions staffs at the First Annual Communications Awards Banquet. 68 PI GAMMA MU UNIVERSITY HONOR Pi Gamma Mu, the social science honor society, seeks to further interest and improve scholarship in the social sciences. Outstanding speakers are in- vited to meetings and an award is given each year to the student who has been outstanding in learned honor societies. SOCIETY The University Honor Society is composed of faculty members who were members of Phi Beta Kappa or the equivalent at other Universities and of Seniors and Graduate students of the University. At the end of his senior year a student must have a cumulative index of 2.4 to be eligible for this Society. President Pierre Dostert Vice President Pat Fox Secretary Virginia Porter Treasurer .... John Nordlinger Advisor Dr. Spencer Seated, left to right: Pierre Dostert, Mar- garet Light, Dr. Spencer, Virginia Porter, John NordKnger. Second row: Mary Ann Dvorak, Linda Mondragon, Dorothy Silvey Frances Lyons. Third rou: Harry Maranian, Michael Contezac, Jack England, Michael Heller, Milton Gordon. President Dr. Clark Seated, left to right: Mr. Sherrard, Dr. McClain, Mrs. Magaw, Dr. Clark, Dr. Shen- lon. Standing: Dr. Davis, Dr. Gondos, Dr. Van der Slice, Miss Torrence, Dr. Schubert, Dr. Robinson. 69 SIGMA DELTA CHI Sigma Delta Chi is the professional journalistic fraternity on campus. Members must take a pledge expressing their intention to undertake journalism as their profession. Chapter meetings are held monthly during the school year with prominent journalism personalities as guest speakers. A dele- gate is sent annually to the National SDX Conven- tion. SIGMA NU PHI Sigma Nu Phi is a national honorary legal fra- ternity for men. The members are selected on the basis of their scholastic achievement. At the meet- ings, speakers of great note are present. The fra- ternity gives a key to the student who has the high- est average at the end of each year. President Robert B. Sandin Vice-President . . Harold V. Semling Secretary John B. Heflin Treasurer Ralph A. Meyer Advisor H. D. Crawford Seated, left to right: Robert B. Sandin, Harold V. Semling, Jr., John B. Heflin, Ralph A. Meyer. Second row: H. D. Craw- ford, Donald A. Kroeck, Sung Chiao Chen, William G. McNamara, Reginald B. Bowden, Richard D. Olson. Lord Chancellor . . . Tommie Dudley Registrar of Exchequer . . Elmer Holst Master of Rolls . . Frederick Nabhan First row, left to right: Kenneth Auberger, Carl L. Frederick, Elmer Hoist, John Karcha. Second roiv: Leslie Gay, Frederick Nabhan, Tom Zaso, Henry Furr, Tommie Dudley, Robert Smith. 70 71 President . . . Bruce Perritt Vice President . Levon Garabedian Secretary . Hope Wellenrieter Chaplin . Rev. David Gillespie Field Worker . Charles Adamek Left to right: Monica Reddish, Bruce Perittt, Hope Wellenrieter, Levon Garabedian, Linda Mondra- gon. Not Pictured: Rev. David Gil- lespie, Charles Adamek, David Bug- ler, Judy McGregor. CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury Club is a religious organization composed of Episcopal students. At their weekly meetings they have guest speakers and discussion groups. The weekly meetings which are luncheon style have been favored by the members for a relaxing discussion. Among the activities of the year is a picnic in the Spring. The B-nai B ' rith Hillel counselorship at American University strives for a deeper appreciation of Jewish life and values. The organization discusses the cultural and traditional aspects of the reHgion in order to have a better understanding and appreciation. HILLEL CLUB President Vice Pres. Secretary . Treasurer Rec. Sect. Advisors . Martha Dorf . NiOMO Feldheim . . Sara Lipsitz . . . Phil Levy Rhoda Ringelheim . Rabbi Seidman, Prof. Levin Pint row, left lo right: Martha Dorf, Niomi Feldheim, Sara Lipsitz, Rhoda Ringelheim, Phil Levy, Norman Davis, Jack Exelbert, Rabbi Seidman, Prof. Levin. Second row: Joyce Barnett, Sandy Shapiro, Martin Budner, Barbara Rosenberg, Marci Schnee, Abby Butler, Bob Tortell, Francine Abrams. Third row: Lee Levy, Fred Grus- kin, Ronny Boxman, Janet Ordower, Bar- bara Segal, Phyllis Schulman, Jerry Herson, Rita Steinmark. Fourth row: Sandy Segal, Roberta Jewler, Joyce Levin, Franlc Paul- son, Eddie Blanko, Paul Finfer, Jack Kreuter, Riva Silverman, Bert Myers, Dick Schotland. Fifth row: Mitch Litman, Dave Rowe, Leo Klein, Neal Sherman, Nassar Victory, Artie Rosenberg. President . . Sally Jo Eisenbeis Vice Pres. . . . Leonice Baer Sect Carolyn Lee Seated, left to right: Sally Jo Eisenbeis. Standing: Leonice Baer, Carolyn Lee. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION The Lutheran Student Association is an organization which promotes reHgious activity on campus and unites Lutheran students in christian fellowship. Weekly luncheon and discussion meetings are held. The Methodist Student movement at American University is an active campus religious organization whose main objectives are to promote religious thought in higher education; to encourage participation in a university Christ- ian movement; to further understanding of the church; to provide warmth of Christian fellowship; to develop ecumenical understanding, and to develop a sense of World Christian Community. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT President . . . . Gene Shiro Vice Pres. . . Cathy Ogilvie Secretary . . Virginia Haynes Advisor . . Ralph C. John Seated left to rigljt: Jon Eiseminger, Gene Shiro, Cathy Ogilvie, Bob Barnes, Jeanette Brown. Second row: Nancy Jackson, Ran- dell Scherer, Mae Scott, Bob Kimniins, Betty Myers, Ann Nottingham, Mary Ann Bell, Linda Morrow, Carol Ownes, Betty Davis, Anna Jo Havermale. Tliird row: Bob McCIees, Bud Kibbe, Max Davis, Phil Jones, Dave Pattison, Dick Morgan, Jack Jones. President . . Paul F. Barnard Vice President . . John LeMay Secretary . . . Carol Holden Treasurer . . John Buckley Chaplain Rev. Francis W. Krastal First row, left to right: Marjorie Leapal Paul Barnard, Joan Stakem, John Buckley, Rev. Krastel, Mary Tochterman, Charlie Brown. Second row: Pat Collins, Betty Mil- ler, Money Bags, Don Jackson, Barbara Brodsky, John LeMay, Rosalind McMahon, Loretta Kriegsman, Angle Lupis. Third row: Paul Madison, Jack McGowan, Mike McDerby, Al Rachael, Jack Trago, Bill Webster, Pat Wormwood, Lee Bowmen, Cathy Dougherty. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club opened the school year with an open house. The Club is composed of Roman Catholic stu- dents and those interested in the understanding of the faith. Its major undertaking this year are plans to offer a cash award to the outstanding Catholic student, based on the scholastic index per semester. The Westminster Foundation is an organization composed of Presbyterian students. It strives to promote unity and fellowship among those of the faith by discussion meetings of the members. WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION President . . . Ken Munsey Vice President . Brenda Hancke Secretary . . Kathy Freeman Treasurer . . John Iseminger Seated, left to right: Ken Munsey, Brenda Hancke, Kathy Freeman, John Iseminger. Second row: Pete McCormick, Judy Parsons, Dick Hulbert, Bob Shano, Carol HiUe, Dr. James Bryden, Glen Coons, Rus- sel Flolo, Janie Mitchell, Darrell Burkes. A 75 © Blip ninl Ci Ji H feKr ' THE A. U. PLAYERS The A.U. Players presented four major plays this year. " Summer and Smoke. " " Candlelight, " " Everyman, " which was given for Religious Emphasis week, and " Medea " pre- sented at two additional performances for the Evening Division. Other presentations included " No Exit " for the Philosophy Club and the Experimental Theatre Bill and annual awards marked the close of the season. President Secretary Advisor . Jean O ' Connor . Arlene Levy Dr. Jack H. Yocum First row, left to right: Arlene Levy, An- nette Yeager, Monica Reddish, Betsy Seigeltuch, Arlene Kjerian, Toni Weber, Barbara Balas. Second row. Virginia Haynes, Susan Erhen- worth, William Kreps, Susan Netterstrom, Jean O ' Connor, Elliot Denniberg, Dr. J. H. Yocum, Rachel Reaney, Virginia Porter. Third row: Thomas Ryan, Lawrence Baker, Lawrence Weimer, Lester Miller, Patricia Tal- bert, Charles Ogdon, Jack Exelbert, Leonice Baer, Barbara Barnfather, Lorna Tydon, Diane Taylor, Joseph Cannon, Duval Agee. Fourth row: Jerry Lee Nelson, John McQuiston, Philip Levy, Francis Moriarity, Kenneth Rollins, James O ' Connor, James Moss, Paige Digman, Jr. 76 Scene from Summer and Smoke President . . . Orlando Kibbe Vice President . . . Jack Jones Secretary Bette Davis Advisor Dr. McLain First rail ' , left to right: Orlando Kibbe, Bette Davis, Jack Jones, Dr. McLain. Secoiiii row: Eufemia Cruz, Frances Hosoya, Adalila Pagan, Roberta Stewart, Carole Miller, Rebecca McCann, Sehila Berger, Natali Morgan. Third roiv: Marlene VonVoightlender, Lee Baer, Sylvia Shaw, Judy Bess, Angie Lupis, Maria Picrochi. fourth row: Sabra Paris, Sandy Moyer, Insook Lee, Rachel Reaney, Consuel Feliciono, Carolyn Owens, Ruth Dinkle, Gail Fassalt, May Scott, Cindy Powell. Fifth row: Jo Ann Eden, Sally Stretton, Garry Hawkins, Charlie Wierer, Bob Barnes, D. C Daniel, Martin Mclntyre, Max Davis, Randell Shearer, Tom Ryan, Walter Tucker, Captain Joe Cannon First raw, left to right: Virginia Haynes, Grace Burr, Dee Lundy, Bar- bara Rosenberg. Second row: Diane Trennery, Joe Cannon, Anne Barnard, Sara Van Dyke, Hap Terrell, Ginger Porter. A. U. CHORUS The American University Chorus, in conjunc- tion with the A.U. Orchestra presented the Messiah at Christmas. This year the chorus is again under the direction of Mr. McLain and Consists of fifty voices. The Chorus has sung for various civic or- ganizations, and church groups in this area. The accompanist is Sally Stretton. CHEERLEADERS The school year began with stiff competition in the tryout for the Cheerleader squad. The results was an exceptionally good squad with new girls, new skirts and new cheers. We may not have won all the games, but the cheerleaders were always pres- ent with lots of spirit to back the team up. f)4 ® O Q President . . Jon Waring Vice President . William Roberts Secretary . . . . Martha Dorf Treasurer . . Richard Hulbert Advisor . Dr. Leo Schubert First row, left to right: John Mead, Jon Waring, Martha Dorf, Richard Hulbert, Dr. Schubert, Makio Tone- gawa. Second row: James Compton, George Marynenko, Gertrude LaVigne, Dell Hatch, Donald Frendzel, Naran Ivanchuckov, Mary Photias, Robert Taylor, Willis Gray. President, 1st. sem. John Arbuckle Pres. Sec. Sem. . . Thomas Ryan Secretary .... Dell Hatch Treasurer .... James Strauss Advisor Dr. Spencer First row, left to right: Dave Pick- ering, John Arbuckle, Thomas Ryan, Dell Hatch, James Strauss, Dr. Spencer. Second row: Dr. Walter Naidel, James O ' Connor, Stephen Cook, Randall Sclier, Naran Ivanchuckov, Bob Ben- nett, Homer Jones, Mr. Rosenberger. CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry Club, an affiliate of the American Chemical Society, draws its members from all of the science departments at American University. Under sponsorship of Dr. Leo Schubert, this years program consisted of such activities as movies, lec- tures, visits, outings, and a party for all the science students in the University. CHESS CLUB At weekly meetings, the members of the Chess Club discuss chess strategy and ways to improve their game. The Club this year has participated in the Washington Chess League and the intercol- legiate Chess League. The Club stands to the top in this league competition. FORENSIC SOCIETY The Forensic Society debates and encourages in- terest and participation in debating. Newly formed this year, they have debated with Georgetown, and sent representatives to tournaments. They debate both the national Question and local topics of in- terest. They expect to establish an award for the best debater each year and affiliate with a national honorary in the future. ECONOMICS CLUB The Economics Club offers all students interest- ed in the economic activities of today ' s world an opportunity to further their understanding of Eco- nomics through a series of weekly luncheon talks presented by leading economists, scholars, business- men and foreign as well as domestic government specialists in economic affairs. President . . Mike Rascon Vice Pres. . . Dave Pattison Secretary . Rita Steinmark Margie Light Treasurer . . Dave PiCKERrNC Advisors . . Mr. Hanson, Dr. Yocum Seated, left to right: Mike Rascon, Dave Pattison, Rita Steinmark, Margia Light. Second row. Dick Jennings, Royce Hanson, Kenneth Rollins, Fran- cis Moriarty, Jim Strauss, Alf Warkin- ton, Joanna Smey. President . . Robert H. Mather Vice President . . . Buck Clark Secretary . Mary Elizabeth Mather Treasurer .... Sam Hauser Advisor Dr. Spencer First row, left to right: Robert Baird, Robert Mather, Mary Elizabeth Mather, Dr. Spencer, Maury Hampton, Noel J. Kilgen. Second row: Earnest Hoagland, John Bennett, Jr., Roy Mayer, Adnan Mardini, Michael Carter, Nick Marion, Stephen DeBurr, Tarik Mutwalli, Omar Adra, Frank Manthos, Michael Heller, Fonak Houneidi. 79 President . . . John G. LeMay Vice President . . . Joan Coury Secretary . . . Karen Friedman Treasurer Gene Shiro Advisor . Mrs. Kathrynn Wyatt Seated, left to right: Joyce Levine, John LeMay, Joan Coury, Gene Shiro, Mrs. K. Wyatt, Karen Friedman, Betty Davis. Second row. Carolyn Lee, John Poe, Judy McGregor, Mary Ann Belle, Jack Jones, Jim Apistolas, Ginny Alley, Mrs. Williams, Mary Photias. President . Gloria Armaghanian Vice President . Joseph S. Wallace Secretary .... Joan DeVore Treasurer Philip Levy First row, lejt to right: Joan Coury, Mary Cox, Mary Crickman, Marcia Schnee, Joyce Levine, Carolyn Lee, Bette Davis, Norma Small. Second row: Barbara Schreck, Margaret Duke, Barbara Rosenberg, Gloria Armaghan- ian, Joseph Wallace, Joan DeVore, Philip Levy, Nancy Asher, Jo Ann Henry. ThirJ row: Patricia Blake, Margie Day, Dr. Samuel E. Burr, Jr., Riva Silverman, Nancy Caplan, Judy MacGregor, Dianne Hall, Cathy Ogilvie, Emily King, Dr. John Devor, Bruce Perritt, James Williams, Fran Caccavale, Lee Levy, Fourth rou: Robert McClees, Marilyn Bar- rett, Glen Pond, John Nordlinger, Wendell Johnson, Jack Exelbert, Nancy Jackson. JUNIOR ALLIANCE FRANCAISE The Junior Alliance Francaise is an organization whose purpose is to bring together all students who are interested in the cultural, intellectual and social aspects of the French people and their language. The club accomplishes most of its objectives by means of movies, speakers and round table discus- sions. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America is an organiza- tion of students interested in the field of education. A meeting is held each month with an outstanding person in the field of education as speaker. An in- formal reception follows each meeting. The organi- zation is concerned with the promotion of interest in the various aspects of the teaching field and education in general. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN The German Club gives students of German the opportunity to further their knowledge of the language in business and social meetings. These meetings are carried on in German with travelers and speakers to give a glimpse of the culture and history of the country. All students of German may become members. HISTORY CLUB The History Club is an oragnization of students interested in the field of history. The Club sponsors field trips to historical spots, dinner meetings, and a contest for the outstanding paper in the field of history. The club donated a magazine subscription to the American University library. President Secretary . Ed Amundson Virginia Porter Seated, left to right: Virginia Porter, Ed Amundson. Second row: Charles Bailey, Karen Friedman, Lorraine Ber- tuzzi, Joseph Cannon. President . . Nancy Lee Jackson Secretary . Linda Mondragon Treasurer . . . . Cathy Ogilvie Advisor . . . . Dr. Gondos Seated, left to right: Nancy Jackson, John Nordlinger, Linda Mondragon, Cathy Ogilvie. Second row: Russell Flolo, Faye Temple, Dorothy Hein, Armada Weekly. 81 Co-Editor . Co-Editor . Henry Eaton Robert Hood Kneeling, left to right: Henry Eaton, Robert Hood. Standing: Henry Furr, Elizabeth Hand, Betty Jane Southhand, Jim Flynn. Presidettt Vice President Secretary Treasurer . Frank Weiss RoNNY Crown . Joel Comito Wally Ryland First row, left to right: Jack Jones, Bob Bright, Wayne Shufelt, Barry Feen. Second row: Ronny Crown Wal- ly Ryland, Joel Comito, Frank Weiss. Third row: Hap Fairburn, Chuck Og- don. Ken Munsey, Bill Wood, Will Kreps, Jerry Dobben, Joe Cannon, Rich Horn, Ronny Ladd. Fourth row: Jack Mahan, Chuck Bailey. LAW REVIEW The Law Review is a professional Journal, pub- lished semi-annually and containing articles written by students on current legal topics. THE MEN ' S " A " CLUB The Varsity " A " Club is an organization for men who have merited athletic achievement through participation in sports. In early fall they sponsored a halloween dance in Mary Graydon Hall and in May they held the Varsity awards banquet. THE MUSIC CLUB The Music Club Is open to all students who are interested in, and enjoy good music. Among the activities of the Music Club are student recitals held once a month, a Christmas party and a picnic. It also sponsors the annual Music Emphasis Week; A week of concerts and musical activities. PAN ATHNON The Pan Athnon Club is an organization devoted to the social integration of the foreign and the American student attending the American Univer- sity. This has been done successfully in the past by creating friendship through understanding. The Club sponsors social and academic activities which are open to the whole student body. President . Susan R. MacKenzie Vice President . Carolyn Owens Secretary . . . Sally Stretton Treasurer .... Milton Kidd Advisor . . Evelyn Swarthout Seated, left to right: Susan Mac- Kenzie, Carolyn Owens, Evelyn Swarthout, Sally Stretton, Cynthia Powell. Second row: Watter Tucker, Francis Hosaya, Phyllis Schumann, Syl- via Shaw, Ellen Weinbaum, Bette Davis, Carol Miller, Jack Reeder. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor . . Sami Spitany Michael Rascon Johanna Smey Dave Pattison . Dr. Spencer First row, left to right: Dr. Correll, Sami Spitany, Michael Rascon, Johanna Smey, Lilia Viray, Dave Pattison, Dr. Spencer. Second row: Eluska Baruch, Jose Jimenez, Adnan Mardini, Kathy Smith, Takik MutwaUi, John Lemay, Fuad Huniedi, Fefronia Tompros. Tliird row: Reggie Barrett, Mowaffak Chatti, Bourhan Chatti, Gholamriza Banki, Hossein Paris, Derkeli Asfaw, Abbas Sindi, Kay Kennedy. Fourth row: Bob Paquins, Ali KhaUl, Jim Louis, Gabriel Tashji, Naguib Najar. Fifth row: Jim Strauss, Mohamed Fayyad, Omar Adra, Sylvia King, Elias Hanna, Naran Ivan- chukov. Sixth row: Janet Patrick, Francis Richardson, Martha Dorf, David Wilson, Steve Parks, Bob Kimmins. Seventh row: Schu Schil, Rolf Kleindienst, Nasser Victory, John Ben- nett, Bruce Landis, David Tom. 83 President . Sec.-Treas. . Advisor . . Jerry Clements John Ricketts Elizabeth Sanders Herold E. Durfee Seated, left to right: Jerry Clements, John Ricketts, Dr. Durfee. Second row: Robert Turnbull, Jordan Hard- ing, Faye Temple, Alice Mintz, Sheila Bell, Charles Bailey. President . Vice Pres. Secretary Carleton Rogers , . Bill Lewicky . Jerry Donovan Treasurer Clair Ochs Advisor Prof. Posner Fint row, left to right: Prof. Posner, Carle- ton Rogers, Jerry Donovan, Clair Ochs, Mary Willis, Bill Lewicky. Second row: Jerry Fitz- gibbons, Ann Nottinghan, Bob Merriless, Ver- gil Decenzo, Jim Campbell, Richard Dunkley, Bill Huffaker, Gabriel Tashji. Third row: Dave Bugler, Mike Heller, Al Rachel, Bob Shano, Emil Nelson, Pete McCormick, Jerry McCor- mick. Fourth row: Sonny Morris, Garry Pals- grove, Deane Winant, Jim Carroll, Ken Mun- sey, Austin Diehert, Paul Levasusior, D. R. Birks, Jim Louis. Fifth row: Bob Smalley, Frank Paulson, Niel Sherman, Leo Klien, George Berhle, Prof. Levin, Charles Hitch- cock. Sixth row: Jim Russel, Donald Webster, Lee Lockman, Col. Van Way, James Geraus, Dr. Sonerino, Dave Ridgeway. PHILOSOPHY CLUB The Philosophy Club is dedicated to the discus- sion of the perennial questions of philosophy and their relations to contemporary life. Understanding and discussion of these problems are considered ends in themselves. However, the more pragmatic aspects of ideas are also emphasized, since living requires both practical and theoretical solutions. S. A. M. The Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment is the student organi zation of the School of Business Administration. A program featuring out- standing events in the business world, field trips to local industry, and social functions, combines to provide S.A.M. members with the opportunity to supplement their academic education with practi- cal experience in their chosen fields. President .... Mike D ' Amelio Vice President . . Henry Eaton Freshman Rep. . . . Ben Cotton Vice Pres. . . George Baldman Left to right: Ben Cotton, Henry Eaton, Mike D ' Amelio. President . Mike Heller Vice President . Chuck Bailey Secretary . Ray Hamilton Treasurer . . Steve DeBurr Parliamentarian . John Peterson Publicity . . Helen Snyder Members: Helen Snyder, Mike Hel- ler, Ed Dion, Pete Keay, Pete Tiches, Bill Tate, Roger Shivers, Chuck Bailey, Jim O ' Connor, Andy Plumb. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION The Student Bar Association in an organization of students in the Washington School of Law which promotes interest in the legal field. One of the highlights of the past year ' s activities was the Christmas dance held, which was a big success. VETERAN ' S CLUB The Veterans Club is a relative newcomer to the school which gives the individual veterans an opportunity to discuss mutual problems with others. The main purpose of the Club is to create closer veteran-school relations through cooperative efforts. WAMU WAMU, the University radio station, is a student operated organization which promotes interest in the field of communications. Its purpose is to give interested • students an opportunity to practice broadcasting and engineering techniques. Some of the highhghts of the year were on-the-spot election returns, the marathon for the orphans ' dinner, and presentation of the Inaugral Parade. WOMEN ' S " A " CLUB The purpose of the Women ' s " A " Club is to stimulate and develop a campus program of sports activities for women by making available recrea- tional opportunities for all types of individuals and by offering sports competition, both intramural and extramural. Two events are held annually, a Fall Banquet and a Spring Picnic. Station Manager . Burt Stephens Program Director . Shep Morgan Chief Announcer Elliot Denniberg Chief Engineer . . . Roger Penn News, Sports and Special events Dir. . Roland Jenkins Business Manager . Bob Streeter First row, left to right: Susan Ehrenworth, shep Morgan, Elliot Denniberg, Bob Streeter, Burt Stephens, Roger Penn, Roland Jenkins. Second row: Al Stone, Ted Bede, Anita Coffer, Rhoda Ringleheim, Betsy Siegeltuch, Ann Ber- lin, Jim O ' Connor, Jack Kreuter, Abbey But- ler, Lee Levy. Third row: Dave Jason, Roberta Jewler, Helen Snyder, M ' Liz McLendon, Leo Klein, Dick Morgan, John LeMay, Warren Scheer. Fourth row: Jerry Nelson, Earl Gray, Dana Friend, Dave Farris, Pete Keay, Dick Schottland, Sonny Johnson, Don Levine. President . . Patricia Blake Vice President . . . Sheila Belle 2»l Secretary . . Peggy Duke Treasurer . . . Sara Van Dyke Advisor . . . Miss Hawke Seated, left to right: Pat Blake, Sheila Belle Dobben, Carol Holden, Peggy Duke, Sara Van Dyke, Second row: Lee Levy, Lorraine Betuzzi, Dot- tie Silvey, Ginger Porter, Diane Tren- ery, Betty Porter, Anne Barrnard, Shirley Alexander Blackburn. 86 WOMEN ' S PRESS CLUB The Women ' s Press Club is an Honorary Pro- fessional Club established in 1951 at the University for upper class and graduate student women who have attained a " B " in communications. The goals of the club are to raise the standards and working conditions in the field of Journalism; and to qual- ify for and achieve membership in Theta Sigma Phi. SOCIETY OF ASCLEPICS During the second semester of the school year, the society of Asclepics was formed. It is the pre- medical and pre-dental club of the American Uni- versity. Its membership is open to all students who profess an interest in either pre-med of pre-dent. During the past semester we have had Dr. Thomas H. Alpin, Director of the A.M. A. speak on the function and purpose of the A.M. A. pii»-.; . m i mmi H ' fpipsHii Ai - j!ii B HwL. Seated, left to right, first row: Olga Gechas, Jean O ' Conor, Jean Haber- land, Stephanie Steger. Second row: Barbara Goode, Jean Heimer, Arlene Levy. President . . Olga Gechas Vice Pres. . . Lucille Bekeman Secretary . Charlotte Kub Treasurer . . Ruth Nordin Advisor Mrs. Willett M. Kempton Membership Chairman Jean O ' Connor President . . . Vince J. Accandi Veep Marvin Katz Secretary . . . Clyde Hoeltzer Treasurer .... Rich Dabney Faculty Advisor . . . Dr. Burhoe Faculty Counselor . Dr. Chapman Seated, left to right: Dr. Burhoe, Richard Dabney, Vince Accarc ' i, Fran- cis Dubouqc, Marvin Katz, Dr. Chap- man. Second row: Ron Crown, Mary Photias, Ginny Alley, Dell Hatch, Ger- trude LeVine, Ed Barkson. Thhd row: Frank Wiess, Jay Chamberlin, Joe Canon, Jim Apistolas, Charles Wierer, Larry Norris, Frank Hoelzer. 87 PUBLICATIONS S THE WRITER Last year we were in an apartment; this year we moved to our permanent office, Room 10- A, in the basement of McKinley Buil ding. Our staff increased to 28 active members. Oriental ornaments now give the office an exotic air. On the bulletin Board: Minet, Renoir, and Charlie Brown. Dead- lines come, and get used to seeing each other glassy- eyed. We can. quote any line of any work. And we ' re proud of every work. Editor and Business Manager Editor-in-Chief Don Stover Business Manager John McQuiston Managing Editor Norman Davis Prose Editor Claudia Wogan Poetry Editor Susan Crickman Art Editor Willem deLooper Student Advisor Josephine Cortese Facility Advisor Dr. Batchelder Circulation Director Margaret Light Asst. Editor for Humor Mike Booth " The editors give thoughful consideration to all material submitted. " Editors and staff, seated, left to right: Claudia Wogan, Susan Crickman, Don Stover, Norman Davis, Willem deLooper. Second row: Carol Loreto, Monica Rcdisch, Josephine Cortese, Dr. Batchelder, Margaret Light. Third row: Anita Cofer, Hartley Jones, Warren Scheer, Dave Jasen, John McQuiston, Mike Booth. Private Office in depressing green for Monday deadline nights . . . eight page scramble every other week. . . . Many laugh with the Truculent Two. . . . We scooped the news every time. . . . Joke hour with Pat Collin. . . . Typist complans about handwriting . . . new feature is the Washington Semester column. . . . Council never misses front page. . . . Weekly jaunts for the editor to the Rockville printers. . . . Greeks never satisfied with " cut " columns. . . . The walls of the office featuring " Think " signs and " Mad " cartoons. . . . Brownies every Monday and Thursday nights. . . . Utmost working comfort with coffee pot installation. . . . WAMU supplies us with special music and free tickets. . . . Familiar cry of " only a few more issues to go!! . . . Editors celebrate after last issue. . . . Couldn ' t be perfect, but it was fun! Staff and visitor Ginger Porter, two visitors, Norman Davis, Mary Ann Dvorak, Dick Wooley, Carol Loretto. Dick Wooley and Wayne Schufelt, discussing sports. Staff goes over copy EAGLE STAFF Mary Ann Dvorak Editor in Chief Nick Marien Business Manager Diane Taylor News Editor Wayne Shufelt Sports Editor Pat Collins Assistant News Editor Reporters: M ' Liz McLendon, Kathi Freeman, June Poland, Roger Hauge, Bob Hawk, Norman Davis, Norma Small, Dick Wooley, Bob Kimmins, Mitch Litman, John B. Jones, John Nordlinger, Carol Loretto, Ginny Whitney, Mike Tapner, Ginger Porter, Paul Dolkos. Coltimniss: Dave Pattison, Barbara Balas, Wald Sellers, Fred FCramer. Typists: Donna Kraus, Mary Tocherman. Photographers: William Petrini, Jack Kreuter, Paul Dolkus. The Eagle staff on a Monday night 1957 EDITORS NOTE: Jf ' i all over now. ZJke anxiety, tke {eari, the ruHrationAy tkat tired Reeling. - - tkeg ve all diiappeared into tke timeleAA void ol tke pait. c4nd wkat kave tke been replaced witk ? ZJke kundred of layout i, tke kundredi o pictured, tke bu keU of cop , kave all been tranAformed into wkat ii known ai tke 1957 ZJalon. uke baiic ingredient? Sweat. Editor • Photography • Layout William Petrini Associate Editor Lee Levy Business Manager Joseph Cannon Art Editor Sue Netterstrom Queen Section M ' Liz McLendon Opening Section Pat Collins Senior Section Glenda Casey Sports Section Dick Wooley Photography Staff Paul Dolkos Ed Andrus Directory Pat Collins Mary Tochterman Staff Virginia Ally Anna Jo Hovermale Judith Ross Barbara Schwartzbach Leonace Baer Cleo Knaub Paula Ingold Beauty Section Photographs . . Southall Studio Portrait Photography Sarony Studio Foote Davies Walter C. Dargan TALON Ifll - ' B Ihw B j H H M Winner-to-be rides in the Homecoming Float Parade Betty, the recent recipient of the ward for being the Outstanding Senior Sorority Woman, is now in the process of " job hunting " . A government major she simply states that she plans to " go to Congress. " Betty is the past presi- dent of her sorority Phi Mu, and of Pan Hellenic Council. She has served on College Council for three years and has also been co-chairman of the Orientation Board. It must also be added that Betty has a 2.95 average. Homecoming Queen Candi- dates: Top to bottom, Gloria Armaghanian, Anne Barnard, Irene Kjersgaard, and Steppie Steger. HOMECOMING QUEEN 97 Southatl Studio M ' LIZ McLENDON A high honor was paid to M ' Liz McLen- don when picked from thirty-three girls to be the 1957 TALON Beauty Queen. She was chosen by a board of five judges who interviewed each of the girls individually and as a prize, received a scholarship to the Phyllis Bell Model Agency. Centestants for the 1957 Talon Beauty Contest in the Phyllis Bell Model Agency before the interview with the judges. Con- testants are Pat Collins, Arlene Kirijan, Georgiana Nagley, Sandy Damewood, Glen- da Casey, Betsy Sigeltuch, Grace Burr, Ra- chel Reaney, Rita Steinmark, Sandy Moyer, Joan Foreman, Becky McCann, Ginger Por- ter, Paula Ingold, Barbara Kappler, Nancy Chick, Pat Wormwood, Norma Small, Rosa- lind MacMahon, Loretta Kreigsman, Valerie Markwood, Carolyn Shary, Judy Fleisher, Barbara Roome, Mary Jane Cook, MTiz McLendon, Mary Willis, Joanne Eden, Joan McNee, Sheila Krauser, Doris Finn, Karen Brock, Betty Miller, June Poland. TALON BEAUTY QUEEN GLENDA CASEY TALON BEAUTY PRINCESS Her second year at American and her second year in the Talon ' s beauty section . . . Glenda, President of her soror- ity Delta Gamma, and President of Panhellenic Council was Sophomore Queen of Hearts last year. This girl is also the Junior Class Representative to College Council and to add to this list of achievements she is pinned to Alpha Sig ' s Bill Petrini. NANCY CHICK TALON BEAUTY PRINCESS A member of Kappa Delta Sorority, Nancy is noted for being one of the prettiest girls in campus. In 1953, she was the Aucola Queen and not so long ago was the Wash- ington, D. C. representative for National College Queen. An art major, she is here on a four year scholarship. Nancy, a blond-haired beauty with snapping brown eyes, is en- gaged to ATO ' s Bruce McDonald. PEGGY WARD FRESHMAN SNO-BALL QUEEN This petite blond with the dancing blue eyes has been flying high since coming to the A. U. campus! She is only five hours away from being a full-fledged pilot. On campus she is member of Phi Mu sorority, Secretary of the Fresh- man Class, also of Hamilton House, and a journalism major. Peggy has high hopes of someday being a member of the staff for a woman ' s magazine. Southall Studio Hailing from Metuchen, New Jersey, " a lovely little town, " Irene has proven herself a great asset to the campus. Having a wonderful sense of humor, a great love for peo- ple, Irene thinks there ' s nothing better than a funny story. An active member of her sorority Delta Gamma, Mary Graydon Hall House Council, and innumerous clubs, this tall statuesque blond well deserves the title Best Loved Girl. IRENE KJERSGAARD BEST LOVED GIRL This lithe blond with the cherxy smile, has been very active in her class . . . and she held the same position this year as a sophomore. Gail, a Phi Mu, has also played var- sity basketball and softball. Right now she is wearing an engagement ring from Lynn Carroll. GAIL HODGES SOPHOMORE BEAUTY QUEEN SANDRA DAMEWOOD APPLE BLOSSOM PRINCESS Sandy has decided to get away from it all and is going to Europe this summer ... if the hard work put into all her activities means anything, we would say she deserves the rest. Sandy is president of Phi Mu sorority, co-chairman of Orientation Board this past year, on the Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, and has spent two years on the Communica- tions Board. IRENE KJERSGAARD INTER-FRATERNITY QUEEN Appearing again in the 1957 Beauty Section, Irene car- ried the luck of the Irish with her at the Inter-fraternity Prom and was crowned queen. Past President of Delta Gamma, Vice President of Panhellenic and House Govern- ment, Irene is a psychology and history major. A grad- uating senior, this attractive, well-liked blond regrets leaving American University. Southall Studio GLORIA ARMAGHANIAN ALPHA SIGMA PHI DREAM GIRL A dark-eyed beauty from Forest Hills, New York, Gloria is a member of Cap and Gown and the University Honor Society. She was also the past President of Future Teacher ' s of America. Gloria is engaged to Alpha Sig ' s Lester Miller ... a June wedding is planned. SHIRLEY BLACKBURN ALPHA TAU OMEGA SWEETHEART " Shirl ' s the Girl " . . . with this motto Shirley won the post of Secretary of College Council for this year. Past President of Kappa Delta, Shirley also was elected to " Who ' s Who in TVmerican Colleges and Universities. " Shir- ley is the Wife of ATO ' s Bill Blackburn. An Italian beauty with shiny black hair and sparkling brown eyes, this lovely girl makes another fitting portrait in the Talon catalogue of beauty. An active member of Delta Gamma sorority, Fran uses her artistic talents to good advantage by winning several art contests, painting posters for campaigners, and constructing winning Home- coming Floats. FRANCES CACCAVALE PHI SIGMA KAPPA MOONLIGHT GIRL RITA STEINMARK TAU DELTA CHI SWEETHEART Rita has the honor of being the very FIRST Tau Delta Sweetheart and probably the LAST since Tau Delta hopes to be Phi Epsilon Pi next year. A Striking brunette, Rita is a Political Science major . . . she wants to be " the man behind the scenes " in the political field after gradua- tion. A member of Hillel, she is also Secretary of the De- bating Club. This is her first stay in D.C., but if her poli- tical aspirations come true, it won ' t be her last. GREE ' ■ ' r ' " ■v ' Jl ' R. ' X Homecoming float Many happy memories will be carried away from the Alpha Chi room this summer. As usual the All Greek Open House sponsored by our sorority be- gan the year ' s activities. Soon after this a successful rushing season was launched. After three rush par- ties we proudly gained twelve new pledges. Later one more girl was added. A Homecoming Float and poster were worked on for many days. Just before the holidays, our Christmas party was much fun. As the second semester progressed, initiation took place with many proud new actives. In informal rush, two new pledges were welcomed. Our new officers took over for this semester and next. Talon Skit Night was a pleasurable success with our own M ' Liz being selected as the Talon Beauty Queen. Songfest practice started once more. And through- out the year many parties and wonderful memories of our sisterhood. Barbara Kappler LORETTA KrIEGSMAN Margie Leapal k tJM Mary Ann Dvorak Saliy Jo ErsENBE ' is ALPHA CHI President . . Sally Jo Eisenbeis Vice President . . . Betty Davis Linda Mondragon Georgianna Nagley Carolyn Owens Rachel Reaney BETA 112 Rushing, Greek style " Merry Christmas to all " OMEGA Secretary . . M ' Liz McLenoon Treasurer . . . Rebecca Artis Carolyn Lee Rebecca McCann M ' Liz McLendon R H O CvNTHiA Shirk 113 STEPHANfE StEGES Mary Tcx;hter Anchors! Aweigh! and a newly decorated room to welcome back the D.G. ' s. An enthusiastic pledge class set the year off to smooth sailing. Intersorority Swim Meet found our water wings in excellent shape! Homecoming — fun for all and a prize win- ning float. The old piano still going strong. . . . A Talon beauty princess and a fraternity sweet- heart! Parties all year long at King ' s cove. February, and 10 proud new actives don their golden anchors. A spin of the wheel, a bit o ' Irish luck, and Irene, MGH ' s Best Loved Girl, reigned at IFC. All hands busy on deck for Songfest practice. Two scholar- ship trophies to add to our treasure chest! Much studying as exam time neared. . . . With many plans for fall rush, the D.G. ' s weigh anchor and voyage homeward until next year. Rush party a la D.G. DELTA President . . Irene Kjersgaard Vice-President . . Glenda Casey V Paula Ingold Irene Kjersgaard Rosalind McMahon Sue Netterstrom Jean O ' Connor Barbara Roome BETA 114 At work on " A prize wining float Presents for all Fran Caccavale Glenda Casey GAMMA ] Secretary . . . Fran Caccavale Treasurer . . Sue Netterstrom Barbara Ffnk Barbara Schreck Johanna Smey Joan Talbott E P SI LON Anne Hoesterey Jane Thom i 115 New year, new room, new furniture, and best of all a new piano. . . . Kappa Kove and White Rose Party — results, ten great girls. . . . An afternoon of " athletic endeavor " and the beautiful Sig Olym- pics trophy. . . . KD ' s and dates enjoy fun-filled hayride and bonfire at Ron Ladd ' s. ... A fabulous Homecoming Dance. Norma cuts the baloon and a winning Homecoming poster. . . . Christmas Par- ty at Fogans. . . . Usual fun at KD room party. . . . Mrs. Blackburn keeps tabs on Council. . . . Gor- geous Chick, Talon Beauty Queen Princess. . . . Good time at Great Falls picnic . . . annual egg- dying party. . . . All night pajama party preceded by antics at Glen Echo. ... A summer night and the point Moonlight Cruise with the Phi Sigs. . . . All faces seen at Songfest workouts — Sara a terrific leader. . . . Seven weddings planned. . . . Graduation and we acquire eight alumns. . . . Then the beach for suntans, parties, and fun, fun, fun! A floating float Anne Barnard Barbara Barnfather Marilyn Barrett KAPPA Clelia Ganoza Joan Goodsei.1. Margo Goodsell VrRGINIA Havnes President . Shirley Alexander Vice-President . Norma Small Diane Trenery Delores Lundy rbara Rogers 116 BETA Happy faces Christmas party DELTA Secretary . Anne Barnard Treasurer . . . Pat Blake Norma Smai.1, LoRNA Tydon Sara Van Dyke Mary Willis IOTA 117 ' Hectic rush brings beautiful results. Back to school and " hit those books. " . , . Books? Who can afford them. . . . Hectic rush season brings beautiful results, 15 pledges give the " kidsie " crowd membership of 29. . . . Barber shop float at Homecoming was a beautiful contrap- tion, even if it didn ' t win, Betty did. . . . Recall the mixed up barbecue in Rock Creek with not enough food to go around. . . . Then there was Jo ' s annual blast in Yankee land over Christmas. . . . Remember the Valentine ' s formal where Jerry was crowned our " favorite man " with Mrs. Sheila Dobben at his side. . . . P ' Duke becomes Mrs. Roger a few days later. . . . Peg Ward chosen sno-Ball Queen, Gail elected Soph Dance Queen, and Sandy as Apple Blossom Princess. . . . College Council put up with a monoply of Phi Mu ' s. . . . Initiation time in February, and pledges are pledges no more, fabulous big and little sister party. . . . Petty cash not so petty as girls announce results of their stupendous pledge project (resolved ... to buy ashtrays) . . . Wooden soldiers march towards songfest, scared but pleased at out- come of evening. . . . Summer time, so long Barb, Betty, Carol, Jo, Sheila, Gail. . . . Off to Ocean City to relax after the wonderful year of 56-67. President . . Vice President . Betty Porter Virginia Porter Betty Miller Sabra Par Judy Parsons Dianne Perkins Betty Porter 118 ■WVH GBORCetOWN ' Barber Shop float at Homecoming " " Christmas joy ' Secretary . . Carolyn Holden Treasurer . . Sandra Damewood Dorothy Silvey Virginia Porter Diane Taylor Caruv VanDenBerg Peggy Ward Virginia 119 First rou ' , left to right: Diane Taylor, Betty Porter, Presi- dent, Irene Kjersgaard, Glenda Casey. Second row: Dotty Brodt, Steppie Steger, and Barbara Brodsky. PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL Seated at the Pan Hellenic Council table are presidents of the four national sororities, one dele- gate from each sorority, plus alumnae and faculty representation. This organization, with its na- tional ties and aid, provides an important liason meeting ground for the groups and coordinates sorority activity, working for their welfare and for the University. Pan Hellenic Council guides the rush programs, designates rush rules and serves as a judicial court in cases of dispute. Other activities promoted by Pan Hell are the Pan Hellenic teas that officially open rush, the Orphan ' s Day Dinner, and together with I.F.C. presents the annual Songfest, and the LF.C. prom. At Songfest, Pan Hellenic awards the Sorority and Pledge Scholarship Cups, the Outstanding Sorority and Independant Women cups, and the Songfest Cups. The most important project this past year was the Pan Hellenic Rush workshop. Pan Hellenic also aided and gave recognition to the new local sorority, Sigma Rho. 120 The Inter-Fraternity Council is a national organization whose goal is to keep harmonious fra- ternity relations at the University. This year the council has organized many pre-existing rules into a more effective unit. I.F.C. helped promote the new local fraternity, Tau Delta Chi, and welcomed this new group into the Council. I.F.C. and Pan Hell sponsor the Inter-Fraternity Prom, Songfest, and The Orphans Day Din- aer, A Talent Show, whose admission was one toy, was held at christmas for charity. I.F.C. sponsors the intramural sports program. At Songfest, awards are made to the winning fraternity, the out- standing independent and senior fraternity men, and The Fraternity Scholarship Trophy is presented. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Fhst row, seated left to right: Bert Myers, Chuck Bailey, Ed Wilber, President, Pete Warring, and Doctor Charles M. Clark. Second row: Jack Kreuter, Walter Vollmeckt, Robert Shanno, John Schreck. Edward Ami Kent Ay indson Roger Balcome Reginald Barrett Floyd Beach John E. Bentley Joseph Blackburn Peter Bono Richard Cordrey irs Robert Barnes Dave Bause Robert Bell Norman Better Alfred Blaine Robert Bright Samuel Day BETA CHI Chapter of The Alpha Sigs returned to a bright, newly re- finished house . . curtains and furniture looked good. . . . Bell retrieved from TKE ' s at Maryland U. — now safely secured (?) ... Rush parties engineered by Barnes and Wallace, huge success — 27 industrious pledges. . . . Founder ' s Day Banquet initiating 112th year of the " Old Gal, " . . . like good wine, she im- proves with age — Brother George Worthington pre- sented with framed Crest by H.S.P., John Schreck. Christmas Formal at George Mason smoothly exe- cuted — We proudly chose Gloria Armaghanian our sweetheart. Traditional members ' Christmas party gives view of strange gifts! . . . 2nd annual Sig Olympics, Bright again carying torch, won by KD. Brother John Schreck retires after holding the office of H.S.P. for two terms — Chuck wields gavel with masterful hand. Party at Boat Club leaves us with memories, among them the crash of pretzel cans. Big initiation held at Shiro ' s mansion. ... 16 new brothers joined the Mystic Circle. New fireplace, a la Morey, presented to the Brotherhood. Better leaves, Dibble remains. Second place Homecoming Float. Claude Kahn Orlando Kibbe John Krippel Jim lUcLean John McQuiston Lou Meyerle Lester Miller Robert Morey Charles O ' Connor David Pattison Thomas Moore Shepherd Morgan Jerry O ' Donovan Charles Peters William Petrini Jim Piper CJ 1 1 -»• 1 O, cri 1:3 ui Jerry Dobben Jon Eserainger Jack England Dave Farris Thomas Fisher Rod Fowler Richard Gerard D. Bartlett Green Dick Harshman Robert Hawk Jon Hccox C:raiRe Holn William HiifTaker Herbert Jone Roland Jenkins John B. Jone ALPHA SIGMA PHI OFFICERS FALL SEMESTER President John Schreck Vice-President William Petrini Recording Secretary ' .... Joseph Wallace Corresponding Sec Russell Simpkins Treasurer Charles O ' Conner SPRING SEMESTER President Charles O ' Conner Vice President Lester Miller Recording Secretary .... Joseph Wallace Corresponding Sec Treasurer William Huffaker Alpha Sig ' s outstanding Athlete, Bob Rumpf; Oustanding Active, Chuck O ' Connor; Outstanding Pledge, Glen Pond holding cake presented to them at the Spring Formal. Glen Pond Robert Rumpf John Riddle John Schreck Wayne Shufelt George Totien Pete Tourtcllot Joseph Wallace Wilbert Taraschke William Vest Philip Warring f f f f J U Jf Q O a f Ronald Adams James Apistolas Bill Batchelor Rex Butcher Jim Campbell Jim Carroll Mickey Agee Jon Arneson Bill Blackburn EUet Cabell Joseph Cannon Buck Clark Ward Davis Jerry Donovan Page Digman John Edy EPSILON IOTA Chapter of... OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER Worthy Master Ed Wilber Worthy Chaplain Jerry Donovan Worthy Keeper of Exchequer . . Jack Patrick Worthy Scribe Joe Cannon SECOND SEMESTER Worthy Master Jack Patrick Worthy Chaplain Mickey Agee Worthy Keeper of Exchequer . . Bob Shanno Worthy Scribe Joe Cannon Pledge class, the greatest and the bestest. . . . Swimming title retained as Taus splash to victory. . . . Terrific parties — tau Tramp and you would have had to be there to be- lieve it. . . . Sweetheart Dance featured Shirley Blackburn as the Sweetheart of ATO. ... All will remember the ventures to the south land and " Moon over a Mud- hut " — Miami and St. Louis. . . . Bermuda Party and — yea!! . . . Many Taus lose mal- tese crosses and the familiar splash of the fish pond. . . . Spring formal week-end highlights another terrific year for Brother Taus. . . . Dammit still hasn ' t gotten enough red heard. . . . New house soon to become a reality as the hole is dug. . . . Finals over, books do fly. . . . The Old Guard graduates with " something " . . . . June is here and we leave our Alma Mater. . . . Best of luck my Brothers! Jack Mahan Frank Maphis Rov Mayer Andrew McDaniel Dewey Morris Ken Munsey Ron Malley Joseph Maxey Bill McDonald Bruce McDonald Bob Morrow Bill Nalley 1 rn O r " 5 CZI Bob Newman Clair Ochs Jim Parker Don Newlon Charles Ogdon Jack Patrick f ■% mm ' ' di YMi ' ;»3 : A L JL " AJk Tommy Kurtz Harry Fairburn Richard Gay Donald Grant Larry Hawkins Richard Horn Lee Lockman Garry Fitzgerald Robert Gingell Stan Giberson Charles Hitchcock Richard Hulbert Sonny Johnson Don Knight Richard Keys Will Kreps ALPHA TAU OMEGA Homecoming Float Frank Patterson Albert Rachel David Rowe Joseph Pellegrino Carleton Rogers Wally Ryland Robert Shano Walter Sweeney Charles Van Way Charles Weeden Roger Williams John Zoeller John Slack James Trimble Alvin Warner Edward Wilber Dcane Winant I- O Peter Bockraan William Booth Albert Cannata Michael Carter Vince Accardi Nick Aspiotis John Apostolakos Charles Bailey Larry Baker George Behrle EPSILON TRITON Chapter of.. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President William NSC ood Vice President Pete Bockman Secretary Chuck Bailey Treasurer Walt Vollmecke SECOND SEMESTER President George Behrle Vice President Charles Bailey Secretary Irvin Rose Treasurer Walt Vollmecke If we may be allowed to offer a rarity, a salute to the Lne of troops who leave us now, and if we leave out any names of brothers, we beg forgiveness. We do not intend to ignore them, for from those of us who remain for awhile, we stand as one in wishing our brothers graduating the best in all they may attempt. To the men: " Guv ' ner " , " George " , " Pipes " , " Sweets " , " Smiley " , " Pres-George " , " Seal " (excuse me) , " Roundly-Roundly " , " Lewick " , " Wetz " , " Ghost " , and any others. . . . Vaya con Dios. In memoriam: the impromptu parties, the after- maths, the cocktail safari north, the aftermath, the Moonlight Girl Dance, the aftermath, the Carnation Ball, the aftermath and the Scholarship cup for the second straight time. If you will: Remember the ridiculous Talon Skit Night and the Songfest and smile damn you smile! All in all, its been a ball. Although we tend to for- get the tedious moments of exams, trying to explain to the good Dean John that we are constantly being framed, and the heated arguments among ouselves, we stand pretty well together Nobles Oblige. Brothers all. Phi Sigma Kappa! Monty Higgins Bill Lewicky Bill McCarlhy Luke Johnson Nick Marien Jerry McDaniel ( . Thomas Outcrbridge Edward Peifer Charles Redden Hayden Cheigh Fred Chew Harvey Davis VVim Dc Looper Urban Donnelly Forrest John Randy Gardner Manfred Fleischer Robert Furman Ashley Hawken PHI SIGMA KAPPA Walter Tolson Walter Tompkii Walt Vollmecke Alvin Walker Howard Witt William Wood Cl - TAU DELTA CHI After much sweat and tears we were finally re- cognized as a local fraternity on full status. Many thanks go to many different people for their work in our behalf. Dr. John and Miss Stevens, Ed Wilbur, and many others will never be forgotten by the men of Tau Delt. We started our year a small but energetic group. Our ambition and dreams were fulf illed in March with the opening of our house and the initiation of sixteen men to brotherhood, thus bringing our mem- bership to thirty brothers. Later in the semester came our newest addition, our mascot, Peppy. The wonderful support given us by the fraternities and sororities on campus has been a guiding factor in our development. Without the spirit shown us by these other groups our rapid growth might have failed. Looking toward the future, we ' re all awaiting the day we can say we ' re Phi Eps. Tur petition for accept- ance of Phi Epsilon Pi is being acted on as this book goes to press. What ever happens, we ' re here to stay. Whatever our name, we are the men of Tau Delt; proud of our past and optimistic of our future. At work on their new quarters. Jgi L w ft L mAf vW 4Mm..r I ill Franklin Paulson Artie Rosenberg Dick Schotland Arlhiir Shur Jerome Slulsky Miltord Snyder Kenneth Speckler 128 Jack Kreuter Donald Levine Morton Levii ■ Mondschein Robert Paquii OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President Burt Meyers Vice President Jack Kreuter Secretary Roy Glammeyer Treasurer Irwyn Mondschein SECOND SEMESTER President Jack Kreuter Vice President Artie Rosenberg Secretary Harry Barnett Treasurer Irwyn Mondschein Tau Delt ' s Homecoming Float. (Top: New Mascot.) Jk Nassar Victory Saul Weinberg Henry Weisberg David Zinader Harry Barnett 129 %i, - ' ■ ' ■r o R I BASKETBALL Front row, left to right: Bill O ' Brien, Dick Wells, Joe Pellegrino, Wally Ryland, Frank Weiss, Joel Comito. SeconJ row. Bob Gingell (Mgr.) Eddie Clements, Eugene Johnson, Ronnie Crown, Blanton MacDonald, Bill Sass, Jerry Slutsky, George Sugers, Coach Dave Carrasco. Facing one of the toughest schedules in recent years, the American University Basketball team went to the court wars a total of 23 times and at the close of the season, they showed an overall re- cord of 11 wins and 12 defeats for a season per- centage of slightly under the 500 mark. The 1956- 57 edition of the A.U. Eagles was under the direc- tion of the new head coach, Dave Carrasco. The nucleus of the basketball squad was com- posed of such stalwarts as Co-Captains Joe Pelle- grino and Wally Ryland, who for four years have been mainstays of the Eagles. Th ree talented Jun- iors, Frank Weiss, Joel Comito, and Ron Crown, were all first stringers for the eagles this past sea- son. Weiss, one of the most valuable members of the team is well on his way to the all-time scoring record at A.U., while Comito and Crown have frequently been observed notching double figures during an evening ' s action. From the freshmen ranks comes Dick Wells, who was a headliner for the starting unit and with his deadly shooting and tremendous defensive play helped the Eagles earn their many wins. Bill O ' Brien, Willie Jones and Ed Clements all freshmen were also stellar per- formers on the Varsity this year and in several games, one or all of them were among the top scorers. When the A.U. Eagles take to the basketball floor again next year, the conspicious absence of Ryland and Pellegrino will be sorely felt, but ex- perienced returning players, plus another fine group of freshmen make the outlook for A.U. basketball definitely favorable. 134 The A.U. Eagles opened against the Middies of Anna- polis and lost to the Sailors, 78- 61. Freshman center Dick " Wells led the Eagles with fine shoot- ing and outstanding defensive play, while teammate Frank Weiss hit for double figures. The Homecoming crowd saw A.U. downed by a powerful Georgetown squad 94-77. Joel Comito and Frank Weiss spear- headed the Eagle attack and re- ceived strong support from freshman Bill O ' Brien. Excel- lent rebounding by Dick Wells. For the twentieth time in suc- cession the A. U. Eagles display- ed their mastery over the Card- inals of Catholic Univ. by com- ing from behind to win 75-73. High man for American was Frank Weiss with 24. Bill O ' Brien also did some fancy shooting by putting on a scor- ing spurt in the last twenty minutes of play to net 1 6 points. Dick Wells goes up for two in the Georgetown game. Every man on the A.U. var- sity saw action as the Eagles bared their talons and complete- ly subdued the Green Terriers from Western Maryland, 91- 60. Joel Comito, Frank Weiss and Dick Wells started the game and four out of the five players registered double figures. The Greyhounds of Loyola experienced little diflfiiculty in defeating the A.U. five by a score of 95 to Id. Ron Crown was scoring leader for the losers with 19 points, while Co-Cap- tain Wally Ryland aided the cause with timely baskets and alert floor play. Crown comes in from the side for a layup shot. Many hours of hard work goes into a winning team. For the second time in as many years the A.U. Eagles were beaten in the opening game of the Mason-Dixon basketball tournament. In a chiller that went right down to the final whistle, the Greyhounds of Loyola edged the Eagles 65 to 63. High scor- ing honors for the Eagles in the game was credited to Frank Weiss Who pushed through twenty points. Next in line came Willie Jones with 12 points. The A.U. camp received a fatal blow when their ace center Dick Wells left the game due to five personals, with seven minutes remaining in the contest. 136 Coach Carrasco goes over a few points with Co-Captains Ryland and Pellegrino. Dave Carrasco busy lining up the years sports activities in his office at Leanord. 138 WRESTLING Front row, left to right: Gary Palsgrove, Edson Hockenburg, John Nordlinger, (Capt.), Rod Fowler, Steve Kopsidas. Second row: Bart Green (Mgr.), Jack Jones, Jim McLean, Don Grant, Frank Morgan (Coach) . This past winter marked the third con- secutive year that the highly specialized sport of wrestling appeared in the sports calendar at A.U. Coach Frank Mortan and six of the seven men that comprised the team all had some- thing in common, when Coach and mem- bers met the first day. For the six collegia:ns, the occasion signified their introduction to the sport of wrestling and by the same stand- ard, Coach Morgan himself, was a first time starter. The only returning letterman from last years grappling squad was Johnny Nord- linger, who due to his experience, and ability was soon elevated to the position of team captain. During the season, the grapplers from American faced seven opponents. Although the team scored only on e team victory, they did manage to accumulate a generous num- ber of individual wins. The foremost wrestler for A.U. was Jim McLean who scored impressive wins six times during the season. McLean on the bottom? 139 SOCCER A rough and tumble game! It ' s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that really counts and to the A.U. Soccer team on the Fall afternoon of October 23 rd, this proverb would surely appear to fit the situation. For three long years, the A.U. Soccer tdam try- ing as they may, was unable to outscore a single opponent and win a game. Victory finally came when they defeated the Randolph Macon squad 5 to 2. The 1956 Socer Team, coached by Bill Lauritzen. Captain is John Schreck. ■ H if " ■ -ty Front row, left to right: Dave O ' Conner, Ronnie Ladd, Regis White. Second row: Capt. Ronnie Crown, Artie Rosen- berg, Frank Weiss, Jack Patrick. CROSS COUNTRY The sport of Cross Country moved into its second season this past fall at A.U. On hand to greet the seven candidates that turned out for the team was Coach Charhe Schools. The only two returning lettermen were Ron Crown and Frank Weiss. Leading the array of newcomers to the sport were Ron Ladd and Regis White, who both played decisive roles in the victories scored by the A.U. team. The outstanding achievement of the sea- son is credited to Ron Ladd who while run- ning against a highly regarded team from Towson ' s State Teachers College set a new record for the 3 mile run. Ladd, maintain- ing a strong lead throughout the A.U. course and covering the distance in 14 min- utes and 52 seconds, sliced a full second off the old mark. Frank Weiss running the cross country. " N .r- ' - ' ' ' . ' tA Captain Joe Pellegrino and Coach Dave Carrasco. 142 ' — . t,.,T.., w " ' ¥ Si % ¥ ■ ' ' . , . ' ,♦ «- iyiA44 ' ' f ' i ' - ' r j.1 i «» . i V :! : ' ■■m V .. X ' ' - Bac-A raif, ( ' fo right: Bruce Landis (Mgr), Bill Drevo, Neal Sherman, Angelo Coscia, Ernie Clifford, (Asst. Coach), Gary Fitgerald, Mickey Mfinke, Donald Grant, John Stetter, Elliot Cabell. Front row: Wally Ryland, Sonny Day, Pat Henry, Willie Jones, Joe Pellegrino (Capt.), Urban Donnelly, Warren Scheer, Bill McCarthy, Eugene Johnson. BASEBALL This year ' s roster of the American University baseball team was almost equally divided between returning letermen and newcomers, as Head Coach Dave Carrasco took up the reins for the 1957 season. Players that saw regular action in the infield were tried performers such as Sonny Day at first base and Wally Ryland who held down the shortstop position. Micky Mienke, Gary Fitzgerald, and Gene Johnson were all playing their first year for the Eagles within the infield. Mienke, and Fitzgerald performed on second and third while Johnson was sta- tioned behind the plate. Patrolling the pastures for the Eagles were veterans Urb Donnelly in center and Bill McCarthy in right, while John Stettler, covered left field. On the mound for the Eagles, the three men that shared the pitching duties were Joe Pelligrino, Bill O ' Brien and Willie Jones. 143 s ,6 ! A V A ■n- I ) ' - ■ i Front row, left to right: Akira Mitzura, Tony Almario, George Walker, Jerry Herson, Joe Arneson, Reggie Barrett, Larry Hawkins, Hap Fairbairn (Co-Capt.), Bob Bright (Mgr.) Second row: Bob Frailey (Coach), Don Casey, Tommy Kurtz, Gene Jenkins, Tom Ryan, Sheldon Liss, John McQulsten, Charles Bailey (Co-Capt.). With 4 victories and 3 defeats, the A. U. Swimming team again completed a winning season thus preserving their record of never having a losing season while under the lead- ership of Coach Bob Frailey. Three!! Hap Fairbairn, Bob Frailey, and Chuck Bailey. i First row, left to right: Jack Jones, Eddie Clements, Dick Hahman, Coach Charlie Schools, Dave Rowe, Sal Fulginetti, Sonny Laws, Ronnie Ladd. Second row: Glen Koons, Ray Bauman, Frank Scotton, Ron Crown (Captain), Jerry Slut- sky, Frank Weiss, Blanten McDonald, Don Grant, Marry Finn (Mgr.) TRACK When Charlie Schools, the A.U. track mentor assembled his group of track candi- dates this spring he was certain that he had some outstanding athletes within his charge. Working in this premise, he quickly whip- ped the cinder squad into racing condition and proceeded to watch them run through the season in such remarkable style, that when the last meet was history, the over- all record stood at 8 wins and only 3 losses. 145 - u ' - , Tennis Team Captain Dick Horn chats with Bob Bright, manager, and Coach Bob Frailey. Dick Horn, Ted Thomas and Ken Munsey were the three big kingpins of this year ' s Tennis team at American University. Head Coach Bob Frailey who possesses plenty of Tennis savvy used these capable Racketeers to the best possible advantage this season and at the close of the " 56 " tennis campaign the record books indicated 10 win- ning games and 4 setbacks. The best overall tennis per- formance turned in by an in- dividual during the ' 57 ' season was racked up by the team cap- tain, Dick Horn, who finished with an 11 and 2 record. 146 The three Taus. TENNIS Left to right: Bob Bright (Mgr.), Ed Chin, Bill Owens, Ted Thomas, Dick Horn, Lloyd Drucker, Ken Munsev Ken K-Ussell, Bob Frailey (coach). " mmmmmm ■ ' • immmmmik ' -:- The Intraxnural sports program on caRpiIf tKRF year was fasf ar away the best one to date. With a keen sense of competitive spirit and a genuine desire to participate in sports, a large segment of the male j student body entered this year ' s Intramural competition. Below are listed the names of the individuals and of the teams that won the titles of the -ious sports that were offered during the year. SWI ttl G ... The Alpha Tau Omega swimmers scored a double victory this year when tbw on the swimming title and also captured the first leg of the New Jac®Woods Memorial trophy. FoarBML . . The Cjiftch football chamtpions this past Fall at A.U., were the Trojans. In the playoff game, the ' rojans defeated A.T.O. in a squeaker, 6 to 0. The n for the victors was a sweet one, as it marked the end of the reign LA.T.O. as footb l titans. Previous to this X.f?r, A.T.O. had won the tim spven straight times. BASKETBALL I Snapping a five year reign, the Independents defeated t ATO basketball team, to become the new Intramural Champions. The heart fhrobbing game ended with a score of 40-39. Previous to their victor in the final game, the Independents had won five straight cont ts. GOLF, I Al JMu, playfng out of the ATO Club, turned back all other intra lur golf this ar to cop the title. Al posted a handy 44 for loi s as l e oured the rain soaked Georgetown Prep course in |f arret ' Pa c , Matryland. ■k tHWBP % BOWLING Alpha Sig toyed with all opposition again this year in intramural bowling and at the end of the season the ' were adjudged the school champs. Aside from winning the bowling crown. Alpha Sig became the first Fraternity on campus ever to retire a bowling trophy. They accam- plished this feat by taking the title for three years in succession. VOLLEYBALL . . . Showing oflF their best form to all challengers at A.U. this past year, Tau Delta Chi, a determined and well functioning team, won the play- off game in the volleyball competition and thereby raked in the championship. TRACK In Intramural Track competition at A.U. this past season the biggest name was Pack Silas who won the 10 yard dash, the higl j liuinp and the baseball throw. In the 220 yd. dash, Don Nfsvton was home while Jim McLean lead all others in the broad jusMp and shot-| group competition, the 440 yd. relay was won by the ATO team. )FTBALL . With art untarnisfiea " rerof3j 0Be softballers from Alpha SigrrTa Phi " Raptured the Intramural softball title this year at American LTni ersity. Champs enaea tne seas on witft 5 wins i$g many starts. themselves to be the women athletes of the year by walking off with trophies in hockey, basketball, volleyball, and bowl- i ing. The Delta Gamma ' s, not to be outdone, captured the swimming and pmg pong trophies. Kappa Delta ' s own Patty Blake received the highest honor award given to a senior woman athlete from the " A " Club and Sarah Van Dyke received the " 5 " award for the highest number of points earned through four years of athletic participation. Affec haringjidie hockey trophy last year with Kappa Delta, the Phi Mu ' s finally proved themselves victorious by defeating the Independents 5-0 and Kappa Delta 4-0. It was a long hard pull, but after six thrilling basketball games, Phi Mu once more emerged victorious, defeating Delta Gamma 37-7, the Independents 2-0, and Kappa Delta 33-13. The story was again repeated in the volleyball tournaments. You guessed it, Phi Mu won the trophy by edging out the Independents 52-21, Delta Gamma 41-28, and Kappa Delta 42-30. Through their fine athletic participation. Phi Mu ' s Barbara Diggs, Carla Vandenberg, Les Boal, and Ginger POfter received their " A ' s " and Eagle Blazer awards. The real heartbreaker of the year occurred when Phi Mu narrowly edged out the Kappa Delta ' s by three points in the bowling tournament. The highest average score was attained by Barbara Diggs and the highest score in any single game was won by Jud ' Parsons. The archer) ' tournament last fail was won by Vera Kruglak with Lee Baer runner up. The Delta Gamma ' s redeemed themselves by taking the swimming trophy. Bettina Weintrop and Joanna Smey met in the last round of the ping pong tournament and Delt Gamma ' s own Jo Smey emerged the victor. i I1P!S 1 tt " i. . m The womens Hockey tea H A LFT I ME 152 153 SPORTS 154 FINALS 155 ST DENT :oiirici R[p[ ' jini i j ]m x L THE FUTU :alvarner = FDR SDPHSTUdENT C COUNCIL Trepfesenative H |T1 1 3 ! c| B : " : ' ' ' ;: 3 H i J H 2 H 3 n k " si " • ' ' 3C S, Registration REGISTRATION CAPPING Capping This is College?? Freshman picnic 161 ' It all started like this . . . " George Hamilton plays " Elvis. " FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE SKIT NIGHTS Stuck? Freshman Dancer . Now listen he re!! " BP ! B 1 1 [r 1 Bv jHU ifM J 1 1 ' H ' Ji i MB§ 4 Welcome home! Freshman women enjoying themselves at one of the many Sorority Rush parties. ■ i 1 V mM gK ORPHAN ' S DINNE JHHHr M L Contentment All Eyes All Smiles. He stole the show George Hamilton Anything for money! Gee!! Santa Claus??? Sing it pretty! Lee Levy . . . Minus two front teeth. P kIV ' ' " ' - " ' iI p BH H m " 1 nN .S a t-V ' ' y » A m n 1 KSizzT= 3 ' 2 % ... r N ...... ■ H Watch that Egg!! ' » . Demonstration. r , The Cheering section. Here ' s pie in your face! 1 i VELCOME ALUMS ! KD Winning Poster Delta Gamma ' s Winning Float. ST HAU, Alpha Chi Omega HOMECOMING... Washington Semester DON ' T BE SHY GUY 1 « m Washington Semester Float . . . Rah! Ml M Irene Kjersgaard receives wining Float trophy. mm The Homecoming Float Judges. Dutch Shulze admires his gift from the students and faculty as Joe Pellegrino looks on. Bob Rumpf hard at work decorating gym for the Homecoming Dance. 170 Freshman Class President, Rich Gerard, crowns the 1956 SnoBall Queen, Peggy Ward. ■M.. .:s The announcement and surprise! 171 The Band . . . The Queen and her Court. The Surprise! And the Audience. DANCES The IFC wheel of fortune Spins It stops . And the winner, Irene Kjersgaard, is congratul.ited by Dr. Clark. A Joe Pellegrino and Carol Holden, King and Queen of the Jr. Sr. Prom. 174 Down the steps by candlelight. Everyone having a wonderful time! Irene . . . Best Loved Girl. 175 TALON SKIT NITE .1 Kappa Delta. Winners among the Sororities, Phi Mu. The Alpha Sigs. 176 Winning Mens group . . . Alpha Tau Omega. Alpha Chi Omega (Bottom left) and Phi Sigma Kappa (Below) BI B " " f ' 1 i i - p " • 9 i iPIMSTj WAMU operating during a basketball game. Elliot Denniberg interviews Shelly Mann before her trip to the Olympics. Roland Jenkins checks on the latest news from the teletype. 178 WAMU staff, busy at work. Radio Station WAMUi " Cutting Records. " Manager Burt Stevens and Program Director Shep Morgan. 179 The angel and the anatomy chart symbohzed the spiritual conflict portrayed in Tennessee William ' s Sniininr and Smoke. Prince gives Valet last minute instructions. Valet is surprised by his employer while entertaining another caller. ll -Mi SIISiL ■ikiiHMMi Pi t5 1 Ih-° r " i ikLs am 1 f W- - r - First the valet received the uninvited attention of an unexpected caller. The apartment gets crowded as the irate Baron comes looking for his wife — who isn ' t there. CANDLELIGHT From the brooding setting of Glorious Hill, Miss., Candlelight presented A.U. audiences with a taste of sophisticated comedy. The prologue of Eicryman, presented for Religious Emphasis Week. His good Deeds sends eierymaii with knowledge to go to Confession. Everyman receives the scourge of pennance from Confession. Death receives instructions from God for the sum- moning of Everyman. Medea beseeches Creon for delay in her sentence to exile. MEDEA The children of Medea and Jason prepare to deliver her treacherous gift as the chorus and servants look on. The Book Store Staflf. Faculty and Administration at lunch. 184 Nothing frightens Dean Stevens! This is A.U. . . . ? 185 Winners among the Sororities in Song Fest . . . The Delta Gamma ' s! The moment of surprise and happiness. To be always remembered. Outstanding Inde- pendent woman, Lee Levy. This year, two outstanding Independent Men, Jack Exelbert and Don Stover receiving cups from Dr. John. 3:1 • ' jj HHH Hi B ' B l - iiii i»i« mpii [ii immi ' mmmf mmi ttKmi immf ' ' ' ' ' ' ! The Alpha Sigs singing their winning songs. The winners are . . . Alpha . . . Sigma Phi! A long handshake by Dean Bentley to Norman Better, Outstanding Fraternity Man. Miss Stevens awards Betty Porter the Outstanding Sorority Woman trophy. SPRING FULL TIME UNDERGRADS Abney, Edith. 524 Shepherd St., N.W., Washington 11, D.C. Taylor 9-4035 Abramson, Franci e. 635 Palmer Avenue. Teaneck. N. J. Federal 6-4497 AccARDi, ViMCE J.. 2093 Gless Ave. Union. N.J. MU. 6-61 19 ACHFNBACH. LiiciANNE. 4.W Kensington Dr.. Biloxi. Miss. ID. 2-7133 Adams. E, Carriere. 4704 Morgan Drive. Chevy Chase 15. Md. Oliver 2-4868 Adams. Iudy. 1116 S. Anthony Blvd.. Ft. Wayne. Ind. AN. 3-6505 Adams. Nancy Murphy. 3008 32nd Street. N.W.. Washington. D.C. FE. 3-5572 Adams. Ronald C. N. .Main St.. Blossburg. Pa. 72J Adrian. William R.. 1636 Fort Davis St., Washington 20. D.C. LU. 1-5645 AcEE, DUVALL W.. 7720 Eastern Ave., N.W.. Washington. D.C. TA. 9-4852 Aiken, Margaret, 718 Sniders Lane. RR 3. Rockville. Md. EX. 4-9245 Albert. Robert H.. 830 Crittenden St.. N.W.. Washington 11. D.C. RA. 3-2221 Alcorn. Raymond. 8722 NJanchester Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. JU. 8-1990 Alenius. Mary A., Quarters No. 9, Fort Belvoir. Va. ED. 9-5500 Ex. 4107 Allison. .Mary. 103 S. 9th Street. Northwood, Iowa. Phone 112 Alley. Virginia, 4460 Sedgwick St.. N.W.. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-1179 Almario. Antonio. 3334 17th Street. N.W.. Washington 10. D.C. AD. 2-0887 Alpern, Erwin a., 811 Highland Ave.. New Castle. Pa. OL. 2-6791 Alvarez, George H.. 1833 New Hampshire Ave., N.W.. Washington. D.C. AD. 2-6432 Amiindson. Clarence E.. 18.34 A Street. S.E.. Washington. D.C. LI. 7-8876 Anton, Tasie, 1651 Lamont St.. N.W.. Washington. D.C. AD. 2-75602 Willits. Ansel, Box 451, RFD 2, Annapolis, .Md. CO. 3-3845 Anthony. William F.. Wright City. ,Mo. SH. 5-4695 Anthony. Joanne, 67 Byrne Blvd., Springhill. Ala. GR. 9-3501 Apistolas. James, 1.35 W. 79th Street, New York. N. Y. TR. 3-9851 Apostolakos. John M., 2016 Cascade Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. LO. 5-0477 Applegate, Harold J., 1520 Kanawha St.. Hyatlsville. Md. Arbiickle, John M., 3618 Albemarle St.. N.W.. Washington, D.C. WO. 6-4498 Armaghanian, Gloria, 100-43 75th Ave., Forest Hills. N. Y. BO. 8-5950 Armstrong, Ruth. 3435 34th PI., N.W.. Washington 16. D.C. WO. 6-37165 Arneson. James E.. 4931 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W.. Washington 16. D.C. EM. 2-9256 Arnie. Arthur. 112 Emerson St., N.W.. Washington 11. D.C. TA. 9-0921 Arneson. Jon Harold, 4931 .Massacchusetts Ave.. N.W., Washington 16. D.C. EM. 2-9256 Arnette. Paul. 20 Doulton Rd.. Pittsburgh 29. Pa. FO. 4-3131 Abnold. Francis E., 1132 Girard St., N.W., Washington, D.C. AO. 4-3151 Arnold. Jeannette B.. Box 139, Route 3, Vienna. Va. JE. 3-3456 Aronow. Ronald D.. 831 Bashford Lane, Alexandria. Va. KI. 8-2131 Artis, Rebecca Ann, 3043 Oliver St.. N.W.. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-2908 AsFAW. Bekele. Addis Ababa. Ethiopia. TU. 2-8828 Asheh. Nancy Ann. 610 West End Ave.. New York 24, N. Y. TR. 3-7933 AspioTis, Nicholas, 1008 S. Dale St., Arlington. Va. OT. 4-8565 Atkins. Linda L.. 9808 Dameron Dr.. Silver Spring. Md. JU. 5-5966 Attic. John C, 331 E. Seminary, Whealon, Md. WH. 8-4005 AuERBACH. Arthur, 721 Oneida PI.. N.W., Washington, D.C. RA. 6-5991 Avery. Ivan. 6329 19lh St. N.. Arlington. Va. JE. 2-7674 Aylor. John Lewis. 2719 Woodley PI.. N.W.. Washington 8, D.C. CO. 5-4698 Babigan, June R., 4804 45th Street. N.W., Washington 16. D.C. EM. 3-0909 Baer, Leoniece a.. 338 East 83rd Street, New York 28, N. Y. RE. 4-1929 Bailey, Charles E.. 5000 Vee Streei. N.W.. Washington 7. D.C. EM. 3-1220 Bailey, Frank B.. 222 So. Bell. Vinila, Okla. 44 Baird. Robert L., 4422 Harrison St.. N.W., Washington 15, D.C. WO. 6-8588 Bakri. Ali K., 1653 Harvard St.. N.W. HO. 2-6839 Baker. Lawrence E.. 502 N. Glebe Rd.. Apt. 1. Arlington, Va. JA. 2-2859 Balas. Barbara Ann. 10208 Bieber PI.. Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-5884 Balcom, Roger C. 4720 44th St.. N.W.. Washington 16. D.C. EM. 3-3420 Baldwin. Leigh H.. 3704 Manor Rd.. Apt. 3. Chevy Chase. Md. DL. 6-7273 Banas. Casumir p.. 7311 W. Addison St.. Chicago 34, III. TU. 9-1120 Bar kson. Edward. 5852 Craig St., Springfield, Va. Barall. Grace G.. 2238 48th St.. N.W.. Washington. D.C. EM. 2-3168 Barad. Judith Ann. 2239 Beechwood Blvd.. Pittsburgh 17, Pa. HA. 1-0979 Barge. Emory D.. 8302 Potomac Ave., College Park, Md. TO. 9-6067 Bardin, Paul L., Defensa 1220. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 33-6667 Barker, Richard M.. 9600 Parkwood Drive., Bethesda. Md. OL. 7-2773 Barker, Carol, 23185 Maybelle Rd., Wesllake, Ohio. ED. 3-1208 Barnard, Anne W.. 23 Haven Avenue. New York 32, N. Y. TO. 7-0399 Barnard, Paul F., 3707 31st Place, N.E.. Washington 18. D.C. AD. 2-3013 Barnes. Robert S., 429 N. Park Dr., Arlington 3, Va. JA. 2-8384 Barnes. Samuel E.. 1719 E. Pershing, Cheyenne, Wyo. 99250 Barnett, Harry Ira, 520 N. Benton. Helena. Mont. JU. 5-4770 Barnfather. Barbara H.. 217 S. Mont Valla Ave., Hagcrstown. Md. RE. 3-4659 Barnett. Joyce, 6361 Burchfield Ave., Pittsburgh 17, Pcnna. HA. 1-3582 Barrett, Marilyn J.. 5323 Litlle Falls Rd.. Arlington. Va. KE. 6-7919 Barrett, Reginald, 118 Congress Street, Charleston, S. C. 30423 Barrett, Kenneth, 1525 Franklin Blvd., Pleasantville. N. J. 2629J Barrett, June P., 121 Williams Walk, Falls Church, Va. JE. 3-8995 Baritch, Eluska, 230 Central Park, West, New York, N. Y. SU. 7-6000 Bause, David F., 42 East Philadelphia Ave., Boyertown, Pa. 76841 Baumann, Raymond W.. 3 Barton Road. Ml. Lakes, N. J. DE. 4-4605 Beal. John Pinkney. 6439 Western Ave.. N.W.. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 2-8742 Beckett, Richard, 5901 85 Ave.. Hyatts. Md. AP. 7-4051 Beede. Ted G.. 4309 Garrett Park Rd.. Wheaton. Md. WH. 6-4768 Behrle. George W.. 20 Manor Road. Paoli. Penna. Beitz, William Edward. 2803 Connecticutt Ave.. N.W.. Washington 8, D.C. AD. 4-1907 Bell, Alison, 1335 30th St.. N.W.. Washington 7, D.C. CO. 5-4235 Bell, Mary Ann, 3425 S. Wakefield. Arlington 6, Va. KI. 9-6332 Bell, Robert Lee, 5512 2nd Street, N.W.. Washington 11. D.C. RA. 3-4829 Bellak, Richard F.. 6220 Asquith Cresc, Queens. Long Island, N. Y. TW. 6-2622 Belle. Sheila Jane. 2900 Alden Rd.. Baltimore 14, Md. NO. 5-5566 Benbom. Betty, 6128 Roseland Lane, Rockville. Md. WH. 6-5481 Benjamin. Ernst. 950 Mississippi Ave.. S.E.. Washington 20. D.C. JO. 1-3205 Bennett. Harrietts N., 6713 13th PI.. N.W., Washington 12, D.C. RA. 6-2340 Bennett, John C, 600 Battery Street, Little Rock, Ark. FR. 4-1037 Bennett. Lois C. 600 Battery Street. Little Rock. Ark. FR. 4-1037 Bergeh. Sheila. 68 Meadowbrook Place. Maplewood. N. J. SO. 3-4962 Berman. Sanford. 2448 East 7th Street. Brooklyn 35. N. Y. SH. 3-2236 Berlin. Ann L.. 136 Old Post Rd.. N.. Croton on Hudson. N. Y. CR. 1-3658 Bernard, Estrada. 1007 Maryland Ave.. N.E.. Washington. D.C. LI. 4-1489 Bernstein. Francine. 151 Cedar Ave.. Scranton. Pa. DL 7-3396 Bernier. John M., 4311 Thornapple St.. Chevy Chase 15. Md. OL. 4-6889 Bertuzzi. Lorraine M., E. Landis Avenue. Vineland. N. J. VI. 7-6818 Better. Norman M., 2021 Bunker Hill Rd.. N.E.. Washington 18. D.C. LA. 6-3353 Bess. Judith Ann, 509 Oiven Street. Alexandria. Va. OV. 3-0026 Bessell, Gerald L.. 5809 84th Ave.. Hyatlsville. Md. UN. 4-2237 Bielefeldt. Yona. 11801 DanviUe Dr., Rockville 15. .Md. WH. 6-4375 Binm M., 522 West End Ave.. New York 24, N. Y. EN. 2-6807 Bingham. Annette. 24 Canary Rd.. College Park. Md. BicKERDYKE. WiLLlAM. 517 Seward .Sq.. S.E.. Washington. D.C. LI. 4-7308 BiNDEWALD. Katherine C, 4201 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W.. Apt. 4065 W, Washington 16. D.C. EM. 3-7997 BlRKES. Darrell Ray. 620 Gordon St.. Falls Church. Va. CL. 6-0487 Blackburn. Joseph. 8 N. Tyson. Floral Park. L. I.. N. Y. Blachly. Rachel A.. 7108 Brookville Road. Chevy Chase 15. .Md. OL. 6-7848 Blackburn, Shirley A.. 3835 Davis PI.. N.W.. Washington. D.C. Blaine, Alfred, 119 S. Hampdon Ct.. Pleasantville. N. J. 3343-J Blake. Patricia A.. 1825 New Hampshire Ave.. Washington 9, D.C. NO. 7-6282 Blakely, Jane E., 2105 Prichard Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. LO. 5-3901 Bland. Beverly. 8 West Melrose St.. Chevy Chase. Md. OL. 2-2562 Bliss. George M., 1701 16th. N.W.. Apt. 748. Washington 9, D.C. DU. 7-1000 Bloom. Edward R., 5111 41st Street, N.W., Washington 16. D.C. EM. 3-4670 Blume, Walter. 109 12 216th Street, Queens Village 29, N. Y. Hollis 4-9231 Blunt. Cleveland. U.S. Soldiers Home. Washington 25, D.C. TU. 2-9822 BoAL, Lesley, 764 Boal Parkway, Winnetha, III. WI. 6-0664 BocKMAN, Peter, 4 Winslow Place, Scarsdale, N. V. SC. 3-7937 BOHRAUS. Louis F.. 4110 Beechcr St.. Apt. I, Washington 7. D.C. 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Robert E., 116 W. Magnolia Ave.. Wildwood, N. J. 23506 Brightman, Judith L.. 828 New Scotland Ave.. Albany 8. N. Y. 20386 Brock. Karen J.. 501 Dorchester Rd.. Falls Church. Va. JE. 2-2630 Brodell. Stephen M.. 7212 Cedar Ave.. Takoma Park 12. Md. Brodt. Doris Anna. 3913 N. Chesterbrook. Arlington 7. Va. KE. 6-8484 Brodskv. Barbara S.. 1918 Lakewood St.. S.E. Washington 24, D.C. JU. 8-4173 Brown. Dorothy Kay. 5863 2nd Street. South Arlington. Va. JA. 8-7869 Brown. Floyd. 2808 Terrace Rd., S.E. Washington 20, D.C. Browne. Garey. Jr.. 1725 T Street. N.W.. Washington 9, D.C. DU. 7-6078 Brown, Harry Edwin, 2113 Jameson St.. S.E.. Washington 21. D.C. LO. 7-1438 Brown, Jeannette K., 1813 Holly Street. Harrisburg. Penna. CE. 4-0773 Brown. Peter M., 1621 New Hampshire Ave.. Washington, D.C. DU. 7-7722 Brlns, William. 18 N. Washington St.. New Bremen. Ohio. 2691 Bryk, Oliver, 2801 Quebec St.. N.W.. Washington 8. D.C. EM. 2-8783 Buckley, John G.. 3414 Prospect Ave.. N.W. Washington 7. D.C. 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Crandford. N. J. Byrne. Margaret Church. 6609 Hillindale Rd., Chevy Chase 15. Md. Casell. Charles. 1310 Bishops Lane. Alexandria. Va. TF. 6-4346 Caceres. Angeles Ruiz. 8 Luis M Rivera St.. Carolina. Puerto Rico Cameron. Arthur Egerton. 202 Tecumseh Dr., Washington 21, D.C. LO. 7-4068 Campbell, James T.. 6625 32nd PI.. N.W.. Washington 15, D.C. EM. 3-0577 Campbell, Robert H., 1765 Center Street, Salem, Ore. EM. 2-5265 Cannata. Albert M.. 1410 Newlon St., N.W.. Washington. D.C. TU. 2-6967 Cannon. Joseph A.. 2122 .36ih PI.. S.E.. Washington. DC. LU. 2-3716 Cannon. Thomas W.. 7205 Brennon Lane. Chevy Chase 15, Md. OL. 2-5165 Caplan, Nancy, 1775 Manor Dr., Union, N. J. MU. 6-0242 Caplan. Gail S., 5825 Morrowfield Ave., Pittsburgh, Penna. JA. 1-4540 Carman. John Francis, 1313 No. Stuart St.. Arlington 1. Va. JA. 5-3976 Carpenter, Robert K., 6207 Kirby Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. OL. 4-7213 188 Carpenter, Richard N., 49 Graham Ave., Cortland, N. Y. 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EL. 2-3828 Chase, Patricia M., Route 2, Wautoma, Wise. WO. 6-9836 Chatti, Mouaffac, 1825 T Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. Cheich, Haydon, 2701 14th Street, N.W.. Washington, D.C. CO. 5-8033 Cherry, Martha Jane, 5901 Little Falls Rd., Arlington, Va. KE. 8-6772 Chesser, William R., 4704 Davenport St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. KE. 7-1536 Chew, Frederick D., Jr., 901 N. Pollard St., Arlington, Va. JA. 5-1395 Chick, Nancy L., 864 S. Harrison St., Arlington, Va. JA. 5-1991 Chicorsky, Aaron S., 5361 29th Street, N.W., Washington 15, D.C. EM. 3-2148 Chin, Edmond, 3404 Macomb Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. Chin, Sherman, 3404 Macomb St., N.W., Washington. D.C. EM. 2-9030 Cho Chi, Ok James, 2005 Columbia Rd., N.W., Washington, D.C. AD. 2-9437, June, 3825 Warren St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 3-6194 Clampitt, Richard, 3250 Chestnut St., N.W., Washington 15, D.C. EM. 3-2727 Clark, Elwin Beed, Jr., Route 5 H, Hagerstown, Md. RE. 4-91 18 Clark, Iean E., 1508 R Street, N.W., Washington 9, D.C. 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OL. 4-0246 Collins, William A., Anderson Road, Norwalk, Conn. VI. 7-9136 Colon, Rosamaria F., KJ8 B. Caparra Terrace. San Juan. Puerto Rico Comito, Joel T., 8201 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn 14, N. Y. BE. 2-8119 Comparetto, George. 1823 Otis Street. N.E.. Washington 18. D.C. LA. 6-1150 COMPTON. James. II, 101 Ridge Road, Virginia Beach, Va. 3158 Cook, Mary J., Rt. 1, Box 181. Annandale, Va. JE. 4-3427 Cooke, Walter S., 3204 Park PI., N.W., Washington. D.C. TA. 9-2915 CORDREY. Richard I.. 904 W. 23rd Street. Wilmington, Del. OL. 4-8508 Cordrey. James L.. 6295 Walter Reed Dr.. Arlington. Va. JA. 2-8141 Currier. Glenn S.. 21 McWhorter Place. Aniiandale. Va. CL. 6-2399 CosciA, Angelo James, 130 Titus Ave., New York, N. Y. CosTANZ, Joseph F., 4211 Drummond Street, East Chicago, Ind. 3837W COURY, Joan Anne, 1414 Upshur St., N.W., Washington 11, D.C. RA. 6-2989 Cox, William Miller, 129 North Columbus St., Arlington 3, Va. JA. 8682 Cox, Mary F., 5802 Osceola Rd., Washington 16, D.C. 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Park Drive, Arlington, Va. Daniel, Howard B., 4351 Alton PI., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 2-8486 Danielson, Arnold G., 65 Meadowbrook Ave., West Springfield, Mass. RE. 7-7037 Darr, James. 5569 Holmes Run Pkwy, Alexandria, Va. PL. 4-6422 Davic, Miles M., 7002 Greig Street, Seat Pleasant, Md. WA. 5-8341 Davis, Bette, 207 E. Main Street, Mays Landing, N. J. 57131 Davis, George C, 3320 Brothers PI., S.E. Washington 20, D.C. JO. 2-7145 Davis, Harvey W., 315 Ingraham St., N.W. Washington 11, D.C. RA. 3-0209 Davis, Norman M., 4915 Chevy Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase. Md. OL. 2-4013 Davis. Spencer W.. 329 Peabody St.. N.W.. Washington. D.C. Day. Basil B., RED, Monrovia, Md. Mt. Airy 29IW2 Day, Margie E., 3115 N. 10th Street, Arlington 1, Va. JA. 4-1931 Day, William B., Jr., 3115 N. lOth Street, Arlington 1, Va. JA. 4-1931 Day, Samuel Y., 2314 N. Kenmore St., Arlington, Va. JA. 2-0610 Deans. Lorna. Kennedy Lane. Cold Spring Harbor. Long Island. N. Y. Myrtle 2-6642 Deibert. Austin. 8617 Grant St., Bethesda. Md. OL. 4-5432 Deitz, Beverly, 7011 Forest Hill Dr., Hyattsville, Md. Ap. 7-7100 Delashmutt, Nancy, 3424 N. Venice St., Arlington, Va. KE. 8-4345 Demarco, Jeanne M., 3829 Beecher St., N.W., Washington 7, D.C. WO. 6-0116 Denniberg, Elliott P., 8001 14th Street, N.W., Washington 12, D.C. RA. 6-8191 Deputy, Susan C, RFD 2, Herndon, Va. Deressa, Tsedale M. U., 2209 Wyoming Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C, HV. 3-7687 Dethmets, David C. 623 Kensington Rd.. East Lansing. Mich. ED. 2-5333 Devore, Joan. 4628 So. Chelsea Lane. Bethesda IJ. Md. OL. 2-2419 Diamond. George N., 3020 McKinley St., N. W.. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 2-3533 Diaz. Rafaela Rivera. 1310 20th Street. N.W.. Washington. D.C. NO. 7-9702 DiCENZO. VuRCiL D.. 309 S. Wayne Street. Arlington 4. Va. JA. 4-1480 Digman. Page Joseph. 8714 Bradford Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. JU. 5-8398 DiGGS, Barbara A.. 4717 Great Oak Road, Rockville. Md. WH. 6-8678 Dill, Elizabeth R., 4003 Jones Bridge St., Bethesda, Md. OL. 4-0991 Dinkle, Ruth, Severn Crossroads, Millersville. Md. South Shore 5211 Dixon. Jean M.. Vandemere. North Carolina. 2649 Deburr. Stephen Louis. 1821 No. 21st Street. Arlington. Va. JA. 8-6332 DoROZY. Rodney. 3912 Fulton Street, Washington 7, D.C. EM. 2-7659 Dolkos, Paul, 1026 N. Chambliss St., Alexandria, Va. FL. 4-5281 Donnelly, Urban M., 700 Gist Ave.. Silver Spring. Md. JU. 5-9584 Donovan. Jeremiah E.. 1400 S. Edgewood St., Apt. 517, Arlington, Va. JA. 5-2150 DORF, Martha R., 5303 Georgia Ave., N.W., Washington 11. D.C. RA. 6-0049 DoRSETT. Darryl, 215 North Park Dr., Arlington 3, Va. JA. 8-2063 Dressler, Peter, 6327 Tone Court, Bethesda, Md. OL. 2-8632 Dresslar, Frederick T., 6327 Tone Court, Bethesda. Md. OL. 2-8632 Drevo, William, Jr., 6125 29th Street. N.W., Washington 15, D.C. WO. 6-8387 Drucker. Llovd. 1405 Downing St.. N.E., Washington. D.C. DU. 7-7646 Drummond, Roy. 3004 Lee Hivy., Apt. D433, Arlington. Va. Duboco. Francis. 5151 8th Street, N.E. Washington II, DC. LA. 6-0360 Duke, Margaret E., 807 Crescent Dr.. Alexandria. Va., TE.-6-5097 Duke. David. 807 Crescent Dr.. Alexandria. Va. TE. 6-5097 DuPLESSls. Barbara, 3101 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington. D.C. AD. 2-1814 DuPREE, Lorenzo, 1508 D. Street, S.E. Washington 3, D.C. LI. 7-0501 Dusterhoff. Theodore A.. 612 Bonifant St., Silver Spring. Md. JU. 5-3145 Dvorak. Mary Ann. 2506 So. 2nd Street. Arlington 4, Va. JA. 7-3907 DwYER, Hannah M., 445 Waverly Place, Orange. N. J. OR. 4-6462 Earman, Dennis F., 519 Greenwich St., Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-1434 Earnshaw, Robert C, 1409 Kanawha St.. Apt. 302. Hyattsville. Md. Eaton, Harmon, Jr., 6005 McKinley St., Bethesda, Ma. OL. 4-3129 Eckelberry, Robert, Rural Route, Hamilton, Mo. 37F12 Eden, Joanna Eliz., 4726 Brandywine St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. WO. 6-5333 Edcerton, Kathleen A.. 14 LaFayette Circle, Wellesley 81, Mass. 52307 Edy, John North, III, 9316 Elmhurst Dr., Bethesda. Md. OL. 4-6108 Efron. Francine, 322 Sheridan Street, N.W., Washington 11, D.C. RA. 6-9035 Ehlfrs. Thomas M., 406 N. Lincoln, Redwood Falls, Minn. 2456 Ehrenworth, Susan ]., 106 Belleville Ave., Bloomfield, N. J. PI. 3-3106 Ehrlich. Barbara, 10 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn 18, N. Y. SO. 8-0091 EisENBEis. Sally J., 1108 Elmira Street, Williamsport, Penna. 25026 Enders, Patricia A., 3210 Pickwick Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. OL. 6-8032 England, John R., 31,34 Buena Vista Terr., Washington 20, D.C. LU. 2-4799 Engle, Alice L., 359 Leverington Ave., Philadelohia 28, Pa. IV. 3-1395 England, James C, 3134 Buehavista Ter, S.E. Washington, D.C. LU. 2-4799 Erickson, Patricia, 1020 S. Quebec St., Apt. 1. Arlington 4, Va. JA. 21905 EspiNOSA, Cesar E., C.hcca 345. P. O. Box 96, Quito, Ecuador. 30651 Estes, Thomas W., 6 Leewood Circle, Tuckahoe, N. Y. WO. 1-3689 Etherton, Elizabeth. 4607 Harrison St.. Chevy Chase 15. Md. OL. 2-9457 EvANKO. Norma J.. RD 4, Box 391. Coraopolis, Penna. EL. 4-0444 ExELBERT, Jack, 1708 64th Street, Brooklyn 4, N. Y. BE. 6-6998 Fairburn, Harry L., 5005 Ventnor Ave., Venlnor, N. J. 21684 Paris, Ardol Hossein, 226 McDowell Hall, Campus. Farris, David B., 4351 Fessenden St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 2-5609 Fasolt. Gail P., 553 Acorn St.. Philadelphia 28, Pa. IV. 2-2889 Fasbender, Anne Doris, 445 New York Ave., Huntington, N. Y. HA. 7-0075 Pasbender, Carol D., 445 New York Avenue, Huntington, Long Island, N. Y. HA. 7-0075 Fayyad, Mohammad F., 2852 Albemarle St., N. W., Washington, D. C. EM. 2-6573 Fedder, Arthur W., Rural Route I, St. Jacob, III. Troy 4-834 Feeley, Harold F., 3709 Calvert PI., Kensington, Md. LO. 5-1296 Feldheim, Naomi L., 2200 Washington Ave., Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-7333 Fenn. Barriston T.. Box 65. Sandy Spring. Md. SP. 4-3561 Ffrko. Norman R.. lOlE So. Hampton Dr.. Silver Spring. Md., HE. 9-0090 Ferguson, William B., 1435 Sheridan St., N.W. Apt. 302, Washington II, D.C. RA. 3-5863 Pershtman, Carol, 280 Beech Spring Rd., So. Orange, N. J. SO. 2-5732 Fessler, Francine, 38 Rosemont Terrace, W. Orange, N. J. RE. 1-0855 Fink, Barbara Lee, 827 N. Abingdon St.. Arlington 3. Va. JA. 2-4931 FiNFER. Paul. 235 BCH 135th Street. Rockaway Beach 94. N. Y. GR. 4-2883 Finn. Doris E., 2346 Skyland PI.. S.E. Washington 20, D.C. TU. 1-8717 Fischer, Dean E., Alpha, III. 35 Fisher, Genevieve, Pines Bridge Rd., Ossining, N. Y. 23367R Fitzgerald, Eugene E.. 4512 38th Street, N.W., Washington 16. D.C. EM. 3-0858 Fitzgerald. Garrett. 3643 Jenifer St., N.W., Washington 15, D.C, WO. 6-4217 Fitzgerald, Thomas, 3917 Harrison St., Washington 15, D.C. EM. 3-1257 Fitzgibbons, Jerry L., 615 Park Blvd., Glenellyn, III. 2162 Fleischer, Manfred M., 96 32 Linden Blvd., Ozone Park 17, N. Y. V. 3-6251 Fleischer, Judith, 4728 46th Street. N.W., Washington 16. D.C. E L 3-7215 Fletcher, William E., 4015 Westmoreland St., Palls Church, Va. JE. 3-8535 Plolo, Russell J., 5329 Dieppe, Houston, Texas, OL. 47824 FocAN, Robert J., 4917 Bayard Blvd., Chevy Chase, Md. OL. 6-0582 Forbes, Alexander, 2345 34lh Street, S.E., Washington 20, D.C. LU. 3-0547 Foreman, Joan, 6758 Eastern Ave., N.W., Washington 12. D.C. RA. 3-3758 PoRSHiER, Charles. RR 2. Springfield. Va. PL 4-9489 „ . „ „„„ PoRSTER, William B.. 1637 Madison St., N.W., Washington, D.C. RA. 6-0782 FosT, Kenneth J., 264 Holmes Street. Belleville, N. J. PI. 9-1223 Fowler, Watson, 660 Bellefonte Ave., Lock Haven, Pa. 3572 Fowler, Virginia, Burke, Virginia. BR. 8-8688 Fox, James P., 1503 Boyer Blvd., Nortistown, Pa. BR. 5-1131 pRANQUEZ, Vivian, P. O. Box 505. Agana. Guam 72610 Francis. Arvid. 109 Lucas Lane. Bethesda. Md. OL. 4-1770 Franklin, Gerald D., 2801 15th, N.W., Apt. 209, Washington, D.C. DE. 2-5340 Freeman, Katherine, 2181 Doswell, St. Paul 18, Minn. MI. 6-5915 189 Frendzel, Donald J., 708 Wall Ave.. Pitcairn, Pa. Friedman, Karen A., 6406 31st Street, N.VV., Washington 15, D.C. WO. 6-9265 Frye, Marjorie, 2641 Nichols Ave.. S.E., Washington 20, D.C. JO. 1-0638 FuLCiNiTi, Salvatore, 103 W. Riogrande Ave., Wildwood, N. J. 25321 FuRMAN, Robert C, 1006 Cedar Lane, Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-0410 Galante, Richard F., 5846 15th Rd., N., Arlington, Va. KE. 8-5654 Gall. cher, Bernard J., Jr., 2517 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C, DE. 2-4633 Garabedian, Levon H., 1309 Juniper St., N.W., Washington 12, D.C TU. 2-7528 Gardner, Edward R.. Jr.. Phi Sigma Kappa, Campus WO. 6-9816 Gatti, Leonard M., 1715 Lansdowne Way, Silver Spring, Md. JU. 5-7091 Gay, Richard, 1209 Fern St., N.W., Washington 12, D.C. RA. 3-7064 Gebrat. Ezra, 1825 R Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. TU. 2-5710 Gebhart, David E., 909 Harrison, Hamilton. Ohio. NO. 7-6963 George, Nancy, 4830 Old Dominion Dr., Arlington, Va. KE. 8-6302 Ger. rd, Richard, 816 Lake Ave., Woodbury Hts., N. J. TI. 5-3788 Geraus, James Breslin, 1812 K Street, N. W.. Washington. D.C. NA. 8-2636 GiBERSON, Stanley. 41 Clementon Rd., Berlin. N. J. BE. 7-1284 GlFFORD, Ellyn, 622 Laura Dr.. Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-5328 Gilbert, Rith, 351 Union Street, Millersburg. Pa. 87 Gilkeso.n, Guy M., Route 2. Herndon. Va. PL. 9-2218 GiMENEZ, JosE ' ., AU 20, Barquisuneto, ' ene2uela GiNNSBERc, Robert N.. 4409 Brandywine St.. N.W., Washington 16, D.C. LU. 0-68279 Gincell, Robert. 9707 Lawson PI.. Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-7470 Glassmyer, Joan Ann, 4739 No. 16lh Street, Arlington, Va. JA. 2-3402 Glisson, Wallace D.. 3359 S. Wakefield St.. Arlington 6, Va. TE. 6-7374 Glymph. Benjamin M.. 4913 Greenway Dr., Washington 16. D.C. OL. 6-6705 GoLLUB, Pall N.. 520 Rockdale Ave., New Bedford. Mass. GoLDSCHEiN, Charles, 1336 Missouri Ave., N.W., Washington II, D.C. TA. 9-0045 Goldstein, Stephen, 34 E. Main Street, Mays Landing, N. J. ML. 5-7401 GooDE, Barbara A.. 147 Eaton Lane. West Islip. N. Y. MO. 1-2494 Goodyear, Maxine F., 1524 Missouri Ave., N.W. Washington 11, D.C. RA. 3-2095 Goodman. Bayla. 2039 Rosemont Ave.. N.W.. Washington 10. D.C. LO. 5-4457 Goodsell. Joan, 2532 ' 23rd Rd., N. Arlington 7, Va. JA. 2-5762 Goodsell, Marco Ann, 2532 23rd Rd., North, Arlington, Va. JA. 2-5762 Gordo.n, Robert K., 300 CPW, Apt. 90. New York. N. Y. TR. 7-9515 Gordon. Martin, 5180 Eastern Ave., Washington II, D.C. LA. 6-0570 Gordon, Clarke, 1526 C Street. N.E., Washington. D.C. LI. 7-9856 Gottfeld. Gunther, 2713 Northern Pkwy.. Baltimore. Md. CL. 4-9466 GovAN. James L.. 806 W. Pine Street. Harrisburg, III. I104J Graham, Bruce, 445 Southampton Dr.. Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-8704 Graham, Judith H.. 736 N. New Street, West Chester, Pa. OW. 6-5839 Graham, Lawrence, 8932 Bradmoor Dr., Bethesda 14, Md. OL. 2-2473 Grandstaff. Le vis S.. 10703 St. Margarets Way. Silver Spring, Md. Grant. Reba, 712 Taylor St.. N.W.. Washington. D.C. Grant. Donald, 4209 46th Street, N.W.. Washington 16, D.C. WO. 6-4209 Grantham. John. 2811 Beechwood Circle. Arlington 7, Va. JA. 2-0221 Gray, Earl Nelson. 31 Crittenden St.. N.E.. Washington 11, D.C. TA. 9-1525 Gray, Willis E., 4120 Illinois Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. RA. 6-4603 Grayson, Raymond W.. Jr., 2317 20th Street, N.W., Washington 9, D.C. DU. 7-2221 Gredone, Alfonso V., 219 E. Spencer Ave., Wildwood, N. J., 23134 Green, Homer F.. Ill, 1518 Wayne Dr., Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-9452 Greene, Dwain, Seneca Heights, Collins, N. Y. Gowanda 9-8951 Greer, Constance A., 210 Highland Avenue, New Kensington, Pcnna. ED. 5-4135 Gritz, Leonard, 1214 Gallatin St., N.W., Washington II, D.C. TU. 2-4563 Griffith, Joyce, 4870 MacArthur Blvd., Apt. 2, Washington 1. D.C. Gricsby. Tho.mas, 1616 N. Buchanan St.. Arlington. Va. JA. 8-9119 Grimas, Angel G., 44St. No. 11, Panama, R. P. 30922 Gruskin, Fred, 22 Walker Ave.. Bradford. Pa. 7439 GUNN. Allan, 1344 Campbell Ave.. Chicago Heights. III. SK. 4-2553 GUTHY, Linda, 9 Delaware Ave.. Freeport, N. Y. FR. 9-3794 Hafner. Ralph A.. 6720 Manchester Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. Hageman. Alice L., 231 Rogers Ave., Hightstown, N. J. Hightstown 80439 Hahman. William R., 116 Hesketh Street, Chevy Chase 15, .Md. OL. 4-6424 Hall, Diane, Mitchellville, Md. CE. 6-6043 Hall, Robert W.. 3820 W. Street. N.W., Washington, D.C. WO. 6-0328 Hamacher, Janet, 909 N. Wayne St., Apt. 301. Arlington, Va., 31 El Caminito Del Sur. Monterey. Calif. FR. 5-4406 Hamburger, Herbert, 2930 Wilson Parkway, Harrisburg, Pa. CE. 6-1279 Hamilton, Raymond, 1216 30th, S.E.. Apt. 2, Washington 19, D.C. LU. 4-5624 Hampton. Reginald. 330 Garland St., Hot Springs, Ark. 39090 Hamrick, Kenneth. 2213 39th PI., N.W., Washington 7, D.C. WO. 6-4175 Hannan, William J., 742 Brandywine St., S.E.. Washington 20. D.C, JU. 2-8395 Hanovega, Charlotte L., 2907 Coachman Ave.. Tampa, Fla. 316151 Hardy, Carole R., 646 Park Ave., Lancaster, Pa. EX. 2-4597 Harper. Henry H.. 4109 18th Street. N.W., Washington, D.C. Veslcr 7-3453 Harper. Harold D., 610 Maple, La Habra, Calif. Owen 7-4558 Harrington, Thomas Wm., 5705 Rhode Island Ave., Falls Church, Va. KE. 8-5947 Harris, Jay C, 3022 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. E.VI. 3-5229 Harshman, Richard, 707 N. Irving St.. Arlington 1, Va. JA. 2-0637 Hasenoehrl, Elizabeth S., 3407 Quebec St., N.W., Washington 10, D.C. EM. 2-5080 Hatch, Ruth. Millstone Farm, Burke Va. Hauenstein, Robert, 9204 Bradford Rd.. Silver Spring, Md. Hauge, Roger D., 833 No. Snelling Ave.. St. P aul. .Minn. MI. 4-0555 Hauser, Samuel W., 4702 32nd Street, No., Arlington, Va. KE. 8-4374 Hawk. Robert. 918 Sterling Street, Plainfield, N. J. Hawken, Ashley, L., 7427 Baltimore Ave., Takoma Park, Md. JU. 7-7241 Hawkins. Larry. 1535 Parkview Ave.. Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-2912 Haynes. Virginia E., Mathews. Virginia Hecox. Jon. 5010 Forest Haven Dr., Alexandria, Va. SO. 8-4792 Hein. Dorothy Ann, lOK High Street, Manchester, Conn. Mitchell 9-9885 Heitschmidt, Margaret A.. Turon. Kansas HY. 7-2870 HEirMULLER. Robert R., 3615 Jocelyn St., N.W., Washington 15, D.C. WO. 6-9149 Heller, Michael. 2101 S. Street. N.W.. Washington. D.C. DE. 2-0432 Helm, Lewis M., 2108 Belvedere Blvd., Silver Spring, Md. Hencke, Brenda, eve Kimball Ave., BE. c-RvjBeM Hencke, Brenda, 215 Kimball Ave., Yonkers 4 N Y BE 7-8102 Henderson, James A.. 5407 First St.. N.W.. Washington. D.C TA 9-0725 Henry. Jo Ann. 4015 21st Street. N.E.. Washington 18. D.C LA. 6-086.r Henry. Charles P.. 407 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria, Va OV 3-1170 Herban, Mathew, III, 1400 N. Taylor Street. Arlington I Va JA 7-1818 Herson. Gerald, 7010 Wyndale St.. N.W.. Washington 15, D C Hesketh, William E.. 1708 N. Utah Street. Arlington, Va. JA 2-3844 Hess. James. 360 E. Water Street. Hughesville. Pa. WO 6-9845 Heyer. Cora Virginia. 202 Stockton St.. Hightstown. N J. 80002 HlCKEY. Lawrence B., 6606 31st Place, N.W. Washington 15 D C EM 2-4158 Higgins, Montgomery, 2914 45th Street. N.W.. Washington. D.C EM 3-3435 Hichsmith. Horace E.. 5802 Rittenhousc St.. E. Riverdale Md WA 7-6793 Hill. Joyce A.. 3808 S.E. Henry. Portland 2. Oregon PR 1-0241 HiLLl. Carol. 78 Lafayette Street, Milford, Conn. TR 4-6476 Hillman, John J., 318 D. Street. S.E.. Washington, D.C. LI. 6-3798 Hinds, James R., 2498 S.W. 21st Terr.. Miami, Fla. FL. 4-7739 Hiner. Donald M., 10105 McKenney Ave.. Silver Spring. Md JU 91317 HlNTON. Robert. 4817 Chevy Chase Dr., Chevy Chase 15, Md. OL. 6-3294 Hitchcock, Charles, 25 Reeve Road, Rockville Ctr.. N Y. RO 6-5335 HjORTH. Elizabeth A.. 3031 Cardiff, Los Angeles 34, Calif. VE. 8-4243 HoBEN, John Curtis, American Embassy, San Jose, Costa Rica Hochman, Marilyn. 73 Carwall Ave.. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. MO. 8-6306 Hockenbury. Edson, 2313 Oakwood Rd.. Harrisburg. Penna. Cedar 8-3552 Hodges, Ruth G.. 110 S. Oak Street, Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-0341 HoELZER, Ernest C, 307 N. Geo. Mason Dr., Arlington 3, Va. JA. 2-8231 HoESTEREY, Anne, 226 Bucklaud Ave., Rochester 18. N.Y. Hellude 5-1742 HoLDEN. Carol M., 5102 Wessling Lane. Bethesda 14. Md. OL. 6-7964 HoLLEMAN. Robert B., 5104 S. 7th Rd.. Arlington, Va. JA. 8-3869 HoLLEY, Cecile S.. 4605 Warren St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 3-7939 Hopkins. Jesse Bruce, 700 E. Capitol St.. Washington, D.C. LI. 3-3621 Horn. Richard C. 412 Hawthorne Ave.. Williamsport. Pa. 7705 Hovermale, Anna. 306 S. Washington. St.. Berkeley Springs, W. Va. 117 Howard, Bruce Alan, 3801 Connecticut! Ave.. N.W.. Washington 8. D.C. EM. 3-3800 Howe. Martha G., 5620 Nevada Ave., N.W.. Washington 15, D.C. EM. 2-5620 Howell, James W.. 3707 Alabama Ave., S.E. No. A, Washington 20, D.C LU. 1-4876 Hueston, Gayle. 1715 Otis St.. N.E.. Washington. D.C, LA. 6-4967 Huffaker, William C, 5008 4th Street, N.W.. Washington II. DC. RA. 6-4381 Hulburt. Richard S.. Jr.. 3000 Dent PI.. N.W.. Washington 7. D.C. AD. 2-2947 HuLBERT. MoYA MAUREEN. 5606 Pioneer Lane. Sumner. Wash. OL. 2-4832 Hungerford, Thomas, 637 Melrose Ave., Kenilworth, III.. Ken-5-543 HuNElDl. FuAD. Aleppo. Syria Taylor 9-8604 Hutchison, Lawrence S., Leesburg, Virginia SP. 7-2564 Hylton, Richard. 4217 Raleigh Ave., Alexandria, Va. KI. 8-5078 Indacochea, Margarita, 4836 16th Street, N.W., Washington 11, D.C. TA. 9-2752 GOLD, Paula D., 1815 N. Highland St., Arlington, Va. JA. 8-0107 ngram, Gieraldine G., 738 Fairmont St.. N.W.. Washington, D.C. DE. 2-5436 RiZARRY. Irene L.. 3221 Connecticut Ave.. N.W.. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-5845 seminger. Jon P., 1425 Lawndale Ave.. Havertown. Penna. MI. 9-1927 som. Harriet W.. Rt. 2, Box 18, Echo, Ore. Pendleton 3992 VANCHUKOv, Naran, RD 1, Box 433, Aldrich Rd., Farminedale. N. J. LA. 6-0155W2 ACKsoN, Donald T.. 3808 Legation St., N.W.. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 2-4725 ACKSON. Harry R.. 840 W. Morgan St., Raleigh, N. C JE. 3-6151 ACKSON, Nancy Lee. 3707 Woodley Rd., N.W., Washington II, D.C. EM. 3-0215 ACOBi, Robert, 4716 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. OL. 6-3273 ACOBS, Fred, 31 North Bedford St., Arlington, Va. JA. 2-1679 affe, Arthir S., 705 N. Wayne Street, Arlington I, Va. J A. 7-3538 alet, Jacqueline H., 2930 33rd PI., N.W., Washington 8, D.C. FE. 3-4345 AMES, Co.nstance L.. 5711 7th Street, N., Arlington, Va. J A. 2-0998 ASKOL, Leonard R., 63 25 Saunders St., Rego Park 74, N. Y. IL. 9-3524 ASEN, David A., 225 East Pennsylvania St., Long Beach, N. Y. GE. 1-0325 ENKiNS, RolAND H., JR., 517 S. Vcitch Street, Arlington, Va. JA. 6-9113 ENKiNS, Mary, 4545 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington. DC. EM. 2-2917 ENKINS, Kenneth E., 2928 Fawlkner PI.. Kensington. Md. LO. 4-0394 ENSEN, Christopher, 5531 33rd Street, N.W., Washington 15, D.C. EM. 3-2889 ENSEN, Ronald, 2919 39th St., N.W., Washington, D.C. EM. 3-8153 ohn, Forrest M., Jr., 2968 S. Columbus St., Arlington 6, Va. Kl. 8-5662 OHNSON, David S., I K80 4th Street, E., Bradenlon, Fla. 44854 OHNSON, David E., 435 Oakwood St., S.E., Washington 20, D.C. JO. 2-7199 OHNSON, LuciEN C, 1807 N. Bryan St., Arlington, Va. JA. 5-0675 OHNSON, Millard F., Jr., 3705 Plyers Mill Rd., Kensington, Md. LO. 5-0097 OHNSON, Eugene, 1264 Pennsylvania St., N.E., Washington, D.C. LI. 6-0888 OHNSON, Stanley K., 2104 Hilenan Rd., Falls Church, Va. EL. 6-4761 ones. Gayle A.. 5240 44th. N.W., Apt. L, Washington 15, D.C. EM. 2-3067 ONES, Herbert P.. 608 Madison Ave., Scranton, Penna. DI. 4-1346 ONES. Harold, Jr., 3155 S. Stafford St.. Arlington. Va. KI. 8-6123 ONES. John Bayley. Jr.. 1615 Decatur St.. N.W.. Washington 11. D.C. JA. 9-7871 ONES. John H.. 11227 East Ave., Kensington, Md. LO. 5-0186 ONES. Janet. KJUM Kirkwood Dr., Washington 16. D.C. OL. 6-7456 ONES. Phillip W.. 46 E. 7th Street. Chillicothe. Ohio. PR. 2-0431 ones. Patricia M., 382S Dittmar Rd., N., Arlington 7, Va. KE. 8-7211 ONES, William, 1013 Lament St., N.W., Washington, D.C. AD. 4-9235 Kackley, George L., P. O. Box 66, Berryville, Va. 191J Kadan, Bertram, 2730 Woodley PI., N.W., Washington 8, D.C. HO. 2-5933 Kahn, Claude B. E.,3535 75th Street, Jackson Heights 72, N. Y. NE. 9-5603 Kaminsky, Anne, 21002 88th Road, Queens Village. N.Y. Spruce 6-6478 Kang. Eun S K)K. Don Am Dong. Seoul, Korea Kaplan, Alan M., 459 Riggs Rd., N.E. Washington, D.C. TU. 2-0526 Kappler, Barbara A.. 10109 Hadley PI.. Kensington. Md. LO. 4-0142 Katai.inas. Joseph A.. 3422 O Street, N.W., Washington 7, D.C. DE. 2-2122 Kay, Phillip G., 4311 16th Street, N.W., Washington 11, D.C. TA. 9-6674 Keay, Victor P.. 4030 N. Washington Blvd.. Arlington. Va. JA. 8-8199 Keen. Kenneth Edwin. Jr., 1504 17th Street, N.W., Washington 6, D.C. DE. 2-7617 Kelatv, Woldezion, 1624 H Street. N.W., Washington 25, D.C 190 Kelly, Dennis, 593 Riverside Dr., New York 31, N. Y. AU. 3-5237 Keller. J. Donald, 1900 Tyler Rd., Baltimore 22, Md. Atwater 4-5680 Kemp. Vebsteal D., 2652 Aniioch Rd., Macon, Ga. 5-6761 Kenemuth, Sarah Jane, Route 1, Van, Penna. Knox, Pa. 609J13 Kennedy. Kay M., 4403 Ord Street. N.E.. Washington 19, D.C. LU. 1-4707 Kercheval. Jack W.. 862 So. Harrison St., Arlington, Va. JA. 7-7976 Kennedy, Joseph, 336 Birch Street, Scranton, Penna. DI. 3-3138 Kerman, Harold Gilbert, 360 W. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, Va. MA. 2-8892 Kerwin, Ralph E., 28 East 3rd Street, Hobart, Ind. 1053RX Keys, Richard C., 3401 N Street, N.W., Washington 7, DC. AD. 2-2848 KiBBE, Orlando, 363 Grant Ave., Middlesex, N. J. Elliott 6-3428 Kidd, Milton R., 1149 Colonial Ave., Alexandria, Va. KI. 8-0978 KiEFFER, John. 4848 Chevy Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. OL. 6-5341 Kilgore, Daniel F., 5800 Highland Dr., Chevy Chase, Md. OL. 6-3144 Kim, Kum Ja, Seoul, Korea Kim, Joon Shick, 1910 Sycamore Dr., Falls Church, Va. KiMMlNS, Robert, 103 Kelley Drive, Washington, Penna. BA. 2-2673 Kindred, Jerry, 305 W. Ashland, Indianola, Iowa. 170 King, Emily, 3926 McKinley St., N.W. Washington 15, D.C. EM. 3-0952 King, Elizabeth, 940 Prospect Street, Somerset, Mass. Fall River O S. 3-1014 King. Florence V., 3614 Connecticut Ave.. N.W., Washington 8, D.C. WO. 6-7444 King, Sylvia, 1032 44th Street, N.E. Washington 19, D.C. LU. 1-2118 King, Walter, 3820 N. Chesterbrook Rd., Arlington 7, Va. KB. 8-5853 King. William M.. 4227 37th Street, N.W., Washington 8, D.C. WO. 6-6784 KiRljAN, Arlene, 1179 Oak Rd., Vineland, N. J. VI. 70331 Kjerscaard, Irene, 127 Rose St., Metuchen, N. J. LL 8-2258 Kleindienst, Rolf, 5044 Nebraska Ave., N.W., Washington. D.C. EM. 2-8828 Klein, Leo, 3821 Avenue S., Brooklyn 34, N. V. OL. 2-7069 Klimkiewicz, Alton, 4610 Yuma St.. N.W.. Washington 16. D.C. Klopp. Lee Francis, 5218 Wissioming Rd., Washington 16. D.C. OL. 2-2173 Knight, Donald L., 4532 49th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. EM. 3-1433 KocAN, Lawrence. 1108 Avenue Magdalena, San Turce, P. R. 2-2448 Kohlmetz. BtRRELL. 1756 N Street. N.W.. Washington 6, D.C. ME. 8-7715 KOHLE, Gary, 1700 Harvard St., N.W., Washington, D.C. CO. 5-7177 Kohl, Hugo A., Ness City, Kansas 41 and 204J Kolman, Sima M., 4017 Barrington Rd., Baltimore 7, Md. LL 2-1304 Kolb, Kenneth Edward, 4520 Cumberland Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. OL. 6-4520 KooNS, K. Glenn, 1147 Indiana Ave., Cape May, N. J. 4-8756 KoRN, Margot, 6499 Pierson Rd., Flushing, Mich. OL. 9-5553 KoRNREiCH, Donald. 124 Pembroke St., Brooklyn 3N, N. Y. DE. 2-6401 KOREN, Diane J., 5302 15th Ave., Brooklyn 19. N. Y. UL. 1-8191 Kraemer, Walter R., 9616 Lorain Ave., Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-7150 Kramer, Paul Ross, 0K09 Garrison Blvd., Baltimore 15, Md. FO. 7-1560 Krause, Donna. 10 Signal Hill. East St. Louis, 111. EX. 7-0208 Krauser. Sheila M.. 659 Hawthorne, Brooklyn, N. Y. PR. 2-2064 Kreps, William H., 9121 Sudbury Rd., Silver Spring, Md. JU. 5-8024 Kreuter, Jack M., 1401 Oglethorpe St., N.W., Washington 11, D.C. RA. 3-7310 Kriegsmann, Loretta M., 6608 31st Street, Washington, D.C. WO. 6-1374 Krisel, Carol D., 230 Bradley Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. MO. 7-2246 Krippel, John, 9 Brooklinc Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. SC. 3-3633 Krucoff, Karl, 4403 Belle Ave., Baltimore 7, Md. MO. 4-5284 Kruclak. Vera R., 3326 74th Street. Jackson Heights, N. Y. HA. 9-0253 Kurtz. Thomas, III, 4301 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W., Washington IL, DC. EM. 2-6644 Ladd, Ronald James, 804 E. Easterday Ave.. Saulte Sle. Marie, Mich. BR. 8-9163 Lam, Dick Geen, 2810 Military Rd., N.W. Washington 15, D.C. EM. 3-0716 Lamoure, Lawrence. 1948 You PI.. S.E., Washington 20, D.C. LU. 1-3484 Lamphere, Joan K., 2442 Belmont Road, Washington 8, D.C. AD. 2-1126 Lancaster, Marcia L., 261 Midland Ave., Montclair, N. J. Pilgrim 6-4673 Landis, Bruce, 1702 Willow Grove Ave., Philadelphia 18, Pa. CH. 8-0189 Landsberc, Eliot S., 320 E. 57th Street, New York 22, N. Y. PL. 1-2739 Lauffer, Robert A., RED 1, Nazareth, Pa. TE. 7-2374 Lau, Alan W., 10102 Fleming Ave., Bethesda, Md. OL. 4-8350 LouRlE, David, 6238 33rd Street, N.W., Washington 15, D.C. Law, Felice, 3007 Crecent Ave., Washington 6, D.C. ME. 8-5630 Lawrence, Willard, Box LOL, Rt. 2, Fairfax, Va. CR. 3-1886 Laws, Harry, Jr., Route 1, Manassas, Va. 482-W2 Lawson, Harry, 327 10th Street S.E., Washington 3, D.C. Leapal, Marjorie, 204 Catlin Ave., Port Allegany, Pa. 22398 Lebovec, Mariam, 5907 7th Street, N.W.. Washington 11, D.C. RA. 3-6386 Lebourhis, Louise, 1869 Newton St., N.W., Washington, D.C. NO. 7-5767 Lee, Carolyn, 10 Monroe Street, New York, N. Y. WO. 2-6349 Lee, Insook, 9432 Shin Dang Dong, Seoul, Korea WO. 6-9836 Lehman, Edward, 22A Zachary Taylor Presidential Gardens, Alexandria, Va. KI. 8-2567 Lemay, John Galley. 3207 Bethlou James PI.. Baltimore 7, Md. DI. 3-8992 Leonard, Sally, 5537 33rd Street, N.W., Washington 15, D.C. EM. 3-4469 Lertora, Stephen, 2624 30th Street, N.E.. Washington 18. D.C. LA. 6-2946 Levavasseur, Paul A., 4708 N. Washington Blvd., Arlington, Va. JA. 8-2255 Levine, Donald L., 6948 Groton St., Forest Hills, N. Y. 808-1071 Levin, Sidney H., 2906 Norfolk Ave., Baltimore 15. Md. FO. 7-0248 Levine. Joyce H., 55 Sheridan Ave., Mt. Vernon. N. Y. MO. 8-6072 Levitt, Morton P.. 116 Lenox Rd.. Brooklyn 26, N. Y. BU. 7-6907 Levine. Arlene D., 2978 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh 17, Penna. Har. 6072 Levy, Arlene Lee, 4545 Connecticut Ave.. N.W.. Washington, D.C. KE. 7-1246 Levy, Philip D., 19 Fort Hill Circle, Staten Island. N. Y. SA. 7-8926 Levine. Morton. 50 Lenox Road, Brooklyn 26, N. Y. BU. 7-4526 Lewicky, William J., 14917 16th Rd., Whitestone, N. Y. Ind. 3-31949 Lewis, Dawn, 406 Mercer Ave., Spring Lake, N. J. OL 9-6862 Lien, Edgar E., 4271 North Sercome Rd.. Milwaukee 16, Wis. UP. 3-7942 Linden. Joseph, 2644 So. Veitch St., Arlington, Va. BT. 4-8677 LiPSlTZ, Sarah M., 305 E. Second Street, Chase City, Va. OR. 2-4320 LiPSKi, R. Eleanor, Jcrseyville Ave. Rd.2, Freehold, N. J. FR. 8-0338 Liss, Sheldon, 7816 Lexington Ave., Philadelphia 15, Pa. DE. 3-7459 Litman, Mitchell, 2234 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington 7, D.C. FE. 3-7571 Little, William R., 7404 Hastings St., Springfield, Va. FI. 4-8905 Lockman, Louie L., 4940 So. 25th Street, Arlington 6, Va. JA. 2-6290 Lodeesen, Peggy J., 144 Cherokee Dr., Memphis. Tenn. GI. 2-1827 LOEWY, Marvin R., 6420 14th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. TU. 2-8707 Lokey, Clinton K., J644 Arlington Towers. Arlington 9, Va.. Eden, Md. 7069 Longworth, Robert, Box 1352, Homestead, Fla. EM. 3-4187 Long, Patricia A., 243 Colket Lane, Wayne, Pa. WO. 6-6950 LoRETO, Carol Ann, 1870 Henney Ave.. New York 61. N. Y. Louie, James M., 106 N. Washington St., Easton, .Md. TA. 2-0848 LouiE, Robert, 106 N. Washington St., Easton, Md. Talbot 2-0848 Lundy, Dolores, 36 Main Street, Dallas, Penna. 44641 Lupis, Angela M., 138 Fairview St., Piedmont, W. Va. WO. 66800 Ext. 246 Lynch, Herschel J., 5733 Washington Blvd., Arlington, Va. JA. 8-2624 Lynch. James. 24005 Carlysle. Dearborn. Mich. VA. 2-0969 Lyons. Frances W.. 507 So. Spring St., Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-7822 Markley, Richard L., 302 Pimmit Dr., Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-6704 MacChambers, Albert, 1341 Fairmont St., N.W., Washington, D.C. MacGrecor, Judith, 204 Melvin Avenue. Annapolis. Md.. CO. 8-3796 Mackenzie, Susan R.. 10 S. Plateau PI.. Greenbelt. Md. GR. 4-7342 MacIntvre. Martin L.. 7107 Braeburn PI., Bethesda 14, Md. OL. 2-8015 Mader, Richard H.. 2126 R. Street. N.W.. Washington, D.C. AD. 4-9720 Madison, Paul F.. 3820 17th Street. N.E., Washington 17, D.C. LA. 6-2886 Mahan, John A., Countryside, Summit, N. J. CR. 3-5656 Mallamud, Jonathan, 3341 Reservoir Oval, New York 67, N. Y. OL. 5-5045 Malley, Ronald E.. 222 City View Ave., West Springfield, Mass. RE. 3-3660 Maldonado, Esther, 2127 P St., N.W., Apt. 302, Washington 7, D.C, KK B Caparra Terrace, San Juan, Puerto Rico AD. 4-1420 Mance, Issac H., 1823 Wyoming Ave., N.W., Washington 9, D.C. AD. 4-9488 Mandes, James C, 1912 I4lh St., S.E.. Washington 20, D.C. LU. 4-5066 Manthos, Frank Nicholas, 802 N. Wayne, Apt, 103 Arlington, Va. Marcos, Harold G., 5 Havelock Rd., Worcester 2, Mass. PL. 2-0889 Marcolis, Daniel, 5225 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Washington. D.C. Marien, Nicholas L.. 24 Downs Street. Bristol. Conn. LU. 2-1356 Markwood, Valerie M., 2726 Brandywine St., N.W. Washington 8. D.C. EM. 2-2286 Marshall. Gordon, 8413 12th Ave., Silver Spring, Md. HE. 4-6503 Martin, David, P. O. Box 930, Alexandria, Va. SO. 5-8540 Martin, Otho, 2506 Hatcher St., Dallas. Texas. HR. 8-5928 Martin, Sheila, 160 Wadsworth Ave., New York 33, N.Y. WA. 3-2352 Marynenko, JURlJ, 320 D. Street, S.E., Washington, D.C. LI. 3-4058 Martinez, Felipe, 7827 Overhill Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. OL. 2-1030 Mather, Robert, 9603 Rockville Pike, Bethesda 14, Md. DI. 6876 Maxey, Joseph, Somerville, N. J. SO. 8-5290 Maxwell, Louis, 3506 Leland St., Chevy Chase, Md. OL. 2-1744 May, Rudolph W.. 1766 Preston Road, Alexandria. Va. TE. 6-5566 Mayer, Roy C, 17203 83rd Ave., Jamaica 32, N. Y. JA. 6-0624 McCann, Rebecca, 2230 Shepherd St., N.E. Washington 18, D.C. DU. 7-6566 McCarthy, William G., Phi Sigma Kappa. Campus McClees, Robert C, 1105 Anacostia Rd.. S.E., Washington 19, D.C. LU. 2-0686 McConnaughy, Richard, 3707 Isbell St., Silver Spring, Md. WH. 6-6635 McCormick, Milton R., Jr., 4301 S. 4 Mile Run Dr., Apt. 21, Arlington 4, Va. JA. 8-4753 McCormick, Gerald A., 1400 S. Barton St., Apt. 406, Arlington 4, Va. JA. 5-8967 McDarby, Thomas M., 5000 V Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. EM. 3-6072 McDanald, William, 732 Chesapeake Ave. Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-6413 McDaniel, Andrew, 26 E. Chapman St., Alexandria, Va. KI. 9-4360 McDaniel, Jerry, 44 Northdown Rd., Alexandria, Va. SO. 5-7431 McDonald, Bruce C, 4825 Langdrum Lane, Bethesda. Md. OL. 2-3019 McDonald. Paul. 2322 16th Street, S.E., Washington 20, D.C. McDowell, Bruce D., 8411 Queen Annes Dr., Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-4236 McLean, James, 716 Kensington Ave., Plainfield, N. J. PL. 6-4186 McGooKEY, James E., 1325 Clinton St., Sun Dusky, Ohio 273-J McGowan, John W., 4412 Chesapeake St., N.W.. Washington 16, D.C. WO. 6-7249 McGrady, Fredrick, 5308 29th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. EM. 3-7655 McGregor, Florence, 4607 Connecticut Ave., N.W.. Washington 8. D.C. EM. 2-9230 McInerney. John S.. 9924 Edward Ave., Bethesda, Md. OL. 6-5662 MclNNES, James M., Repton, Alabama WA. 7-8361 McKnee. Joan. 2708 Porter St.. Washington 8. D.C. McLaine, Marcia, 2030 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh 17, Pa. HA. 1-6637 McLendon, Martha E., 3210 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 3-2290 McMahon. Rosalind. 4915 Brandywine St., N.W. WO. 6-4964 McNell, Patricia, 511 112th Street, New York, N. Y. AC. 2-5846 McQuiston, John T., 446 Hartley Place, Fairlawn, N. J. FA. 4-0122 McSpaden, Bruce, Apache Junction, Arizona McWhorter. Barbara E., 4421 Burlington PI., N.W., Washington IL, D.C. EM. 3-4950 Mead, John L., 203 Blackhawk Dr., S.E., Washington 21, D.C. LO. 7-3700 Meekins, Jeff A., 5011 Baltimore Ave., Washington 10, D.C. OL. 2-8807 Meinke, Erwin, 2126 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Washington 7, D.C. FE. 3-5968 Melberg, Maureen, 800 S. Ashland, LaGrange, 111. FL. 2-7383 Mercer, Jesse, 913 W. Greenwich St., Falls Church, Va. JE. 4-1088 Merrell, Walter, Amity, Oregon PO. 2-9043 Merrilees, George, Jr., 4730 N. First St., Arlington 3, Va. JA. 7-9136 Messick, Kenneth, 5325 Allandale Rd., Washington 16, D.C. OL. 4-6372 Mess, Jane P., Keota, Iowa 63009 Meyerle, Louis J., 612 Bennington Dr., Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-7096 Meyer, Rita Fern, 113 Huntington Ter., Newark 12, N. J. WA. 3-9149 Meyers, Elizabeth, 322 St. Lawrence Dr., Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-3157 Middleton, John B., 3201 Morrison St., N.W., Washington 15, D.C. EM. 2-2690 Middleton, Glenn, 9810 Summit Ave., Kensington, Md. OL. 7-2422 Middlekamp, Eleanor, 318 Van Buren. Pueblo. Colorado LI. 4-3424 Miles, Matthew, 433 Rich Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. MO. 7-3440 Miller, Carole Ann, 412 Marietta PI., N.W., Washington 11, D.C. RA. Miller, Elizabeth, 1107 Chestnut Ave., Falls Church, Va. JE. 4-5779 Miller. John G., 2339 40th Place, N.W., Washington 7, D.C. Miller. Judith Toby. Route 1, Box 10, Vienna, Va. DU. 7-3200 Millett, William J., 1833 New Hampshire Ave., N. W., Apt. J04, Washing- ton, D.C. HO. 2-2984 Miner, Larry Joseph. 224 McDowell Campus. Campus MiNTZ, Selma, 6174 Arlington Towers, Arlington, Va. JA, 7-8562 Mitchell, Janie, Roxbury Road, Shippensburg, Pa. 649 ,„.,,„ Mitchell, Lilburia, 1322 Talbert Ter., S.E. Washington 20, D.C. JO. 1-0346 MizuTAN, Akira, 25 Aza Shiire Shise, Amagasaki Hyogo, Japan MojicA, Belen Morales, Box 54E, Orocouis, Puerto Rico Mondragon, Linda, 8802 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda, IJ. Md. OL. 7176 MoNDSCHEiN. IRWYN M.. 3850 Tunlaw Rd.. N.W.. Washington . D.C. EM. MONA. James E.. 66 Woodbury St., Pawtucket, R. I. PA. 6-0595 MONTGOMERY. Mary M.. 2453 E. 74th St.. Chicago, 111. BA. I-27I2 191 Moody, Richard D., 4280 Ingalls St., Denver 14, Colo. HA. 4-4549 . IooRE, John R., 405 S. Broadway, Bartow. Florida 27913 Moore, Robert G., 4714 Blagdan . e., N.W. Washington, D.C. TA. 9-0066 .MoRCA.N, Richard, 301 Maitland Ave., West Englewood, N. J. Teaneck 7716 iMoREY, Robert E., 2325 42nd Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. EM. 2-1041 .Morgan, Jacqueline R., 412 Patrick Henrv Dr., Falls Church, Va. JE. 4-5172 Morgan, Ja.mes R., Poolsville. Md. 2451 NfORGAN, Natalie, Pittsburgh 17, Pa. HA. 1-6433 .Morgan, Robert P., 268 Park Ave., Rutherford, N. J. WE. 9-1387 .Morgan, Robert S.. 4262 So. I6th St., Arlington, Va. JA. 7-6423 MoRHRTY, Francis J., 46 Myrtle Avenue, Filchburg, .Mass. 25352 Morrison, Ralph L., 2905 34th Street, N.W., Washington 8, D.C. FE. 3-5592 .Morrison, Marrianne, 2831 44th St., N.W., Washington 7, D.C. EM. 3-4145 Morrow, Linda Graham, Route 1, Box 131, . nnandale. Va. JE. 2-3903 Morsella, Johanne K., 2700 Que Street, N.W., Washington 7, D.C, AD. 4-0856 Morton, George C, 2834 Abingdon, Apt. Gl, Arlington, Va. TE. 6-3581 Moss, Arthir, 2501 Northhampton St.. N.W., Washington IN, D.C, EM. 3-0500 Moss, Melvvn, 428 Westwood A e.. Long Branch, N. J. CA. 2-0033 MouNSEY, Mera E., 2915 Univ. Terrace, N.W., Washington, D.C. EM. 2-1078 Moyer, Sandr.1 Marie, 4516 No. 19lh Rd., . rlington. Va. JA. 4-1591 Moxley, Frances M., 834 Reeves PL, Pomona, Calif. LY. 9-1777 Moyer, John H., RR 3, Herndon, a. DU. 5-8639 Mclford, Hunter P., RFD 1, Box 638, Herndon, Va. H71W2 Mulraney. Dorothy E., 2141 Eve, N.W., Apt. 315, Washington 6, DC. RE. 7-7676 Mullikin, M. Cordelia, 616 S. 15th Avenue, .Maywood, 111. FL 4-7835 MUNSEY, Kenneth B., 4513 Western Ave., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 3-4513 Murthy, Gollapalli. 174th Road, Madras 21. India Murphy, Joseph Howard, 5711 40th Ave., Hvattsville, Md. AP. 7-7263 Murray, Thom.« R., 3100 Connecticut Ave., Apt. 127, Washington, D.C. HO. 2-6565 Ex. 127 Myers, John F., Jr., 3311 Richmond Hwt., -Alexandria, Va. SO. 5-4290 Myers, Roberta, 18 Reeve Rd., Rockville Centre, N.V. RO. 4-4600 Nachtman, John T., 4411 Maple . ve., Bethesda, Md. OL. 2-1863 Nadanyi, Michael S., 601 Dorchester Rd., Falls Church, Va. JE. 3-2214 Nagley, Georglvnna, 859 Patrick Henrv Dr., . rlington, Va. JE. 4-6386 Nallev. William, 4430 Da cnport St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 3-6980 Napper, William C, 12003 Robertson Ave., Cle eland 5, Ohio BR. 1-2695 NaZ-vrian, Armen, Jr., 3400 Oliver St., Washington 15, D.C. WO. 6-7761 Nelson, Darrell R., 4433 Faraday PL, N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 2-8657 Nelson, Emil T., 1516 Columbia Rd.. N.W., Washington 9, D.C. AD. 4-9825 Nelson, Jerry Lee, 116 Locust Lane, Fairfax, Va. CR. 3-2827 Netterson, Susan, 6313 W. Halbert Rd.. Bethesda 14. Md. OL. 4-0207 Newberry. Jack G., 515 Franklin St.. N.E. Washington, D.C. HO. 2-0777 Nevvkirk, Beverly, Route 2, Hagerstown, ,Md. RE. 9-6910 Newman, Robert C, 69 Paull Avenue, New Hyde Park, N.V. FL. 2-7497 Newton, Don.ald A., Clark Hall Rni. 120, Campus WO. 6-9761 NIELSON, Robert Edwin, 126 New York Ave., Jersey City 7, N. J. OL. 6-1684 Nieves, Elsa, Puebilto Nuevo 415, Ponce, Puerto Rico EM. 3-5844 NiNl, 2300 S. Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. Nordlincer, John H.. 6818 Meadow Lane, Chevy Chase 15, Md. OL. 2-5543 NoRRis, Lawrence. 2413 North Capitol St.. Washington 2. D.C. DE. 2-5967 Notes, Barbara, 7901 Orchid St., N.W. Washington 12, D.C. RA. 3-4238 Nottingham, Anne, 3 Clifton Dr., Alexandria, Va. SO. 8-7161 NoviCK. Harriet, 614 Leonard Street, .Madison, Wis. CEdar 3-6968 Nugent, Joan, 51 Cresthill Rd., Crestwood, N. Y. SP. 9-7563 Obrien, Willum, 65 W. 8th Street. Bayonne, N. J, FE. 9-0131 O ' Connor, David A., 3405 Carpenter St., S.E., Washington 20, D.C. LU. 4-0256 O ' Connor, Charles C, 3204 Jocelyn St., N.W., Washington 15, D.C. EM. 3-2519 O ' Connor. Jean K., 430 E. 10th Street, Chester, Pa. CH. 3-1798 O ' CON.NOR, James E.. Route 2. Higgins Lake. Roscommon. Mich. EM. 2-7439 O ' Connor, Althea S.. 2103 North Scott St.. Arlington 1, Va. }A. 7-8325 O ' DONNELL. Patrick, Qtrs. 70, Boiling AF8, Washington 2K, D.C. JO. 2-900U Ext. 652 O ' DoNOVAN, Jerome Terrence, 4000 Massachusetts . venue, Washington, D.C. WO. 6-3214 Ogdon, Charles A., 4328 N. Henderson Rd., Arlington 3, Va. JA. 2-4087 Ogilvie, Catherine L., 2312 N. Powhatan St., Arlington 5, Va. JE. 2-2130 Olander, Sonia G., 155 East Road, Glen Ellyn, 111. Glen Ellyn 4I2J Oliphant, Carol, 2236 Harcourt Dr.. Cleveland Heights 6, Ohio Cedar 1-6476 Oliver, Philip L., 4621 So. Chelsea Lane, Bethesda 14, Md. OL. 4-7349 Onderdonk, Grace K., 35 Childsworth Ave., BernardsviUe, N.J. BE. 8-1793 Ordower, Janet, 319 Wainwright St., Newark. N. J. WA. 6-1580 Ordover, . braham p., 1019 Beach 25lh St., Far Rockaway 91. N. V. FA. 7-5745 Orescan. Stephen. 4513 Butterworth PL, N.W., Washington 16, D.C. Oborn, Parker T., 1010 N. Park, Bloomington, 111. 70298 Otero, Arnaldo, 1825 New Hampshire Ave., N.W. Apt. 108, Washington 9. D.C. DU. 7-7898 OuTERBRiDGE. Tho.mas W.. Tolton. Georgia, 6J Owens, Carolyn B., 2013 3l5t Street. S.E. Washington, D.C. LU. 2-6788 Owens, William L., Jr., 623 No. Oakland St., Arlington, Va. JA. 2-3076 Paasche, Laurel, 118 Burr Oak, N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. RI. 2-3546 Pace, Billy J., 10 Lewis Street, Canton, N. C. 2293 Pachenham, Robert A., 1900 6th St reet, Winlhrop Harbor, 111. TR. 2-5448 Palsgrove. Gary. 4915 Albemarle St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 3-0634 Palmquist, Gordon W.. 2800 36th St., N.W., Washington. D.C. FE. 3-6087 Paper, Marcia, U.S. Soldiers Home. Washington 25. D.C. RA. 6-9100. Ext. 259 Paquin. Robert Raymond. 204 Pondview Dr.. Springfield 8. Mass. RE. 7-9341 Paris. .Mary S., 4330 Yuma St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. Parker, James C, 1025 Fifth Ave.. New York. N. Y. BU. 8-0923 Parker, John, 1106 N. Vermont St.. Arlington. Va. JA. 8-1431 Parsons, Judith, 630 Monroe Ave.. Scranton. Penna. DL 2-4436 Patrick. Jack W.. 587 Lynbrook Ave.. Tonawanda. N.Y.. Winsor 7284 Patrick, Jeannette, 1703 Taylor St., N.W., Washington, D.C. TA. 9-1703 Patton, Schuyler, 3525 Davenport St., N.W. Apt. 210. Washington 8. D.C. E.M. 3-8259 Pattison, David John, 1707 No. Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Florida Paul. Gerald, Nanc A enue, Neshaminy, Pa. Paulson, Franklin. 1534 Rozanna Rd.. N.W., Washington, D.C. RA. 3-3833 Payne, Morris J., 516 Kenyon St., N.W., Washington 10, D.C. TA. 9-5478 Payne. Patricia, 1910 Kalorama Rd., N.W. Washington 9, D.C. NO. 7-6122 Payne, Ross, Upperville, Virginia 57W Peake, Lucile. 423 West 118th Street, New York 27. N.Y. MO. 2-0019 Peifer. Edward W.. 187 Yale Drive. Alexandria. Va. TE. 6-7142 Pellegrind. Joseph A., 4613 41st Street. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. WO. 6-4226 Pellicio. Josephine. 189 West Fulton A e., Roosevelt, N. Y. Freeport 9-0271 Pendleton, Samuel W., 701 E. Armour Ave.. Kansas City 3. Mo. VA. 1-0217 Penn, Roger, 1545 Colonial Terrace. .Apt. 101. Arlington 9, Va. }A. 8-3428 PERE1R.A, Constantino, .Managuc, P. N., Nicaraugua WO. 6-9799 Perkins, Diane J., 9411 St. Andrews Way, Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-8356 Perley, Edward H., 82 Androrcogginceo, Lewiston, -Maine Perritt, Bruce, 4502 Iowa Ave.. N.W.. Washington 11, D.C. RA. 6-0627 Petersen, Harold M., Route 1, Tremonton, Utah DU. 7-4938 Peters, Charles, 14550 9 Mile Rd., East Detroit, Mich. PR. 6-4461 Peterson, John, 1101 N. Kenilworth St., .Arlington 5, Va. JA. 8-3167 Peterson. Larry Lee. 2715 31st Street. S.E.. Washington 20. D.C. LU. 2-7665 Petrini, William S.. 4006 Garrison St., N.W.. Washington 16, D.C. WO. 6-4568 Peifer, Petra E., 5011 V. N. W., Apt. 21. Iowa CE. 2-5950 Pfffferkorn, William G.. 784 Arbor Rd.. Winston Salem, N. C. 24869 Peister, R. Jerome, Woodford, Wisconsin 170E, M. ry N., 5327 41st Street, N.W.. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 2-0377 PiciocCHi, Maria, 4452 Reservoir Rd., N.W., Washington. D.C. FE. 3-3074 Pickering. David W.. 3912 Duke Street. Alexandria, Va. TE. 6-0661 PiESKl. John E., 818 Main St., Dickson City. Penna. Hunter 9-4395 Pifer. Kenneth C, 6055 21st Street. N.. Arlington 5. Va. KE. 6-9553 Pike. Thomas. 270 E. Pine Street. Lisbon. Ohio H. . 4-3252 PiNKUs, Elsa Carol, 4623 Ellicott St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 3-5557 Pi.NE, Suzanne S., 1805 Westwood, Santa Ana, Calif. KI. 3-1534 Piper. James. Jr.. 1553 N. Danville St., Arlington I, Va. JA. 5-6034 PiRO, Pasquale J., 1907 New York Ave.. Wildwood, N. J. 23828 Platt, Vincent E.. 2002 W. Lake Isles Blvd., Minnapolis 5, Minn. FR. 7-4921 Plumb. .Andrew. .Ambridgc. Pennsvlvania CE. 3-4172 Poland. Charles. Sterling. ' irginia Fair iew 7-5477 Poland. June Elaine, Kurls Rd., Rt. 3, Box I6M, McLean, Va. EL. 6-4363 Pollack, Jo Ann, 401 Wcstham Pkwy.. Richmond, Va. 88-0237 Pond. Glenn D., 2393 N. Edgewood St., Arlington 7, Va. JA. 2-4773 Poole, David G., 4607 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington 8, D.C. WO. 6-4659 Poor. Austin E.. 104 Oxford Street. Chevy Chase, Md. OL. 4-4171 PopLOCK, Gloria Rae, Woodland Ave., Catskill, N. Y. 354 Porter, Elizabeth A., 621 Hamilton St., N.W., Washington 11, D.C. RA. 3-1768 Porter, ' irginia D., 222 N. Webster Ave., Scranton 10, Pa. DL 7-8119 POSNER. Robert B.. 5239 Chillum PL. N.E.. Washington II. D.C. TU. 2-6539 Potter. Nelson. Box 392, Wellsville, N. Y. 1853 PouLSON, Gerald Ralph, 2809 Munson St., Silver Spring, Md. LO. 5-0736 Powell, Cynthia, 5008 26th Street. N.. .Arlington 7. Va. KE. 6-8955 Pratt, Philip, 1921 Kalorama Rd., N.W., Washington, D.C. DE. 2-4394 Prender, Henry S.. 2025 N. Stafford. .Arlington 7, Va. JA. 7-0404 Pribor, Judith S.. 1020 Quebec Terrace. Silver Spring. Md. HE. 4-0942 Priest. Robert P., 2323 Irving .Ave.. S., Minneapolis. Minn. Quinonez. FRANCIsco.4th Calle, S. O. No. 206. Managua. Nicaragua 35-40 Rabchevsky, George, 117 N. Early St., Alexandria, Va. KI. 8-8143 Rachel, Albert A., 3216 Minnesota Ave., S.E., Washington, D.C. LI. 2-1782 Rambo. Sylvia H.. 938 Franklin St., Carlisle, Pa. 67-R Rascon. Michael. 112 Emerson, N.W.. Apt. 3, Washington, D.C. Rasmussen. Paul. Jr.. Route 1. Box 30. Burke. Virginia GL. 5-9085 Reaney, Rachel, 264 W. Lincoln Ave., Delaware, Ohio 20741 Read, Barbara A., 833 Mines Ave., Montekello, Calif. PA. 1-4559 Redden. Charles E.. 2807 Connecticut Ave.. N.W. Washington. D.C. AD. 2-8795 Redisch. Monica, 10106 67lh Dr., Forest Hills, N. Y. TW. 6-4322 Reeder. Jack. Rt. 5. Box 427C. Alexandria. Va. ED. 9-5584 Regan, Thomas, 4534 43rd PL, N.W.. Washington 16. D.C. E.M. 2-6988 Reiber, Susan M., 4814 Sherwood Dr.. Pittsburgh 36, Pa. TU. 2-6138 Reiner, Christopher V., 982 Wadsworth Rd., Zion. III. 2-3307 Reiskin. Herbert Lee, 1604 Crittenden St., N.W., Washington II, D.C. RA 6-2605 Rhodes, William, 2032 37th, S.E., Apt. 301, Washington 20, D.C. LU. 2-9554 Rice, Patricia D., 303 44lh St., N.E., Washington 19, D.C. LU. 4-4417 Rice, William T., 2755 Macomb St., N.W.. Washington 8, D.C. EM. 2-5978 Richardson. Frances E., 1809 Ingleside Ter.. N.W.. Washington 10. D.C. AD. 2-4626 Ricketts, John. 5501 Broad Branch Rd.. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 3-3563 Riddle. John H.. 87 Hudson Ave.. Red Bank. N. J. RB. 6-8207 RiDGWAY. David B.. 2717 S. .Adam St., Arlington. a. OT. 4-9099 RiNGELHElM. Rhoda. 150 Putnam Ave.. Freeport, N. Y. FR. 8-1454 RiSDEN. Catherine. 5130 15th Street, N., .Arlington 5, Va. JA. 7-9130 Ritchie, .Anne Beatrice, 146 So. Bartow, -Arlington, Va. Rivera. Rodriguez C. Box 421. Puerto Rico NO. 7-9628 Robbins, Brenda. 2917 Denver St.. S.E.. Washington 20. D.C. LU. 4-2862 Roberts. William H., 1470 Clifton St., N.W., Washington 9, D.C. HU. 3-8095 Robsman, Slava v.. 1763 Columbia Rd., N.W., Washington 9. D.C. HO. 2-1732 Rodriguez. Angelina. Box 253. Utuado. Puerto Rico NO. 7-9702 Rogers. Carleton P.. Jr.. 926 Douglas Avenue. Elgin, 111. SH. 2-1506 Rohrer. Daniel J.. 327 Pang Born Blvd.. Hagerstown, Md. RE. 3-5352 Rollins. Kenneth B.. Leesburg. Virginia SP. 7-1093 Rooks. Robert J., 5138 S. 11th Street. Arlington 4. Va. JA. 2-2526 Roome. Barbara J.. 9814 Dameron Drive. Silver Spring. Md. JU. 7-6035 Rose. Irvin W., 4021 Beecher St., N.W. Washington 7, D.C. EM. 2-7495 Rosenberg, Barbara, 407 Ocean Ave., Lakewood, N. J. LA. 6-1067 Rosenberg. Arthur G.. 7917 26th Ave.. Brooklyn 14, N.Y. BR. 6-2553 Rosenthal, Stephanie A.. 4264 Minnesota St.. Pittsburgh 17. Pa. JA. 1-1549 Ross. Judith, 111 S.E. 14th Street. Miami 36. Fla. FR. 4-7192 ROTEN. Margot S.. 3406 Forest Pk. Ave., Baltimore 16. Md. LI. 2-4453 Rothenberg. Janice. 124 Woodside Village. .Apt. 2B, Stamford. Conn. FL 8-2432 RouNSLEY. Dennis Roger, 1356 University La., Hyattsville, Md. HE. 4-6115 RowE, David, 1900 F Street, N.W.. Washington, DC. ME. 8-0540 ROYLANCE. William G., 4201 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.. Apt. 2066. Washington. D.C. EM. 2-5090 RuBiNOFF. Marcia. 2831 Beechwood Blvd.. Pittsburgh 17. Pa. HA. 1-6914 RuFFNER. Carol, 1341 Jonquil St., N. W.. Washington 12. D.C. RA. 3-2985 RuMPF, Robert. 318 E. 3rd Street. Frederick, Md. MO. 3-4806 192 Russell, Kenneth M., 2405 South Inge St., Arlington 2, Va. OT. 4-883d RiLD. Dixie Jine. Box 146. Molalla, Oregon 2511 Ryan. Fr, nk P., 3111 20th Street, N., Apt. C542, Arlington 1, Va. JA. 5-7072 Ryan, Tho.mas S.. 1815 A Street. S.E., Washington, D.C. LI. 3-2094 Rylaxd. V. Wallace. 2321 N. Columbus St.. Arlington, Va. JA. 7-5614 Sadev. SiSAN. 1005 Cedar Lane. Woodmerc. N. Y. FR. 4-3643 Sakai. Elaine R., 1915 Kalorama Rd., Washington, D.C. DE. 2-3753 Sampirisi, Fiorella M. Sanders, Elizabeth, 3321 Rowland PI., N.W.. Washington 8, D.C. EM. 3-5564 Sanslr. Misa M., Box 75. Bethlehem, Jordan 7130 Saphir, Muriel, 818 X. Woodrow St.. Arlington 3. Va. JA. 7-7393 Sarisky, Joseph L., 122 Columbia Ave.. Atlas. Penna. FE. 3-3280 Sass. William, 3 W Kossuth St., Baltimore 29, Md. WI. 5-6809 SCHAIN. David, 6012 Woodcrest Ave., Baltimore 9, Md. RO. 4-7724 Scheer. Warren N.. 4423 Harrison St.. N.W. Washington 15. D.C. WO. " 6-6917 Scharer. Randel. 437 W. Uth Street, Claremont. Calif. LY. 5-3706 Schein, Robert. 2122 Bancroft PI., N.W., Washington, D.C. NO. 7-2122 SCHENK, Victor J., 3505 Philips Dr.. Baltimore, Md. HU. 6-6036 Scher. Stanley I.. 2723 Nicholson St., W. Hyattsville, Md. AP. 7-6403 ScHLAPPi. Elizabeth R.. 3353 2nd Ave.. San Diego 3. Calif. LY. 5-1640 SCHNEE. Marcia. 503 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City. N. J. AC. 5-3428 Schottland, RICH.4RD, 3016 Oliver St., N.W., Washington 15. D.C. WO. 6-6981 SCHRECK, B.arb. r. L., 81 Bellmore St., Floral Park, Long Island. N. Y. PR. 5-0840 ScHRECK. John F., 81 Bellmore St., Floral Park, Long Island. N. Y. PR. 5-0840 Schuman. Esther P., 6661 13th St.. N.W., Washington 12, D.C. TV. 2-0649 Schumacher, Betty Lou, 105 Russell Ave.. Gaithersburg. Md. Gaith. 828 SCHWARTZB.tCH, BARBARA S.. 49 N. Dawes Avenue, Kingston. Penna. BU. 7-3044 SCHWARZSCHILD. Ellen, 102 W. Hillcrest Ave.. Richmond. Va. 4-1797 Scott. Louise. 821 Buchanan St.. N.W., Washington 11. D.C. TU. 2-4318 ScoTT, Mabel, 705 Fifth Ave.. Bradley Beach. N. J. PR. 4-2071 Scott, William K., 3322 Parson Blvd.. Flushing 54. N.Y. FL. 9-0329 SCCTTON. Fr. nk, 67 Linden St., Needham 92, Mass. Nee. 3-2511-R Secall. Sondra, 141 Pomona Ave.. Newark 12. N. J. WA. 6-1475 Secall, Barbar. . 253 So. Metropolitan . e., Atlantic City. N. J. AC. 5-8365 Sein, Maung N., 2300 S. Street, N.W.. Washington, D. C. Sellers. Frederick J.. 9000 Flower Ave., Silver Spring. .Md. JU. 9-2238 Seltzer, Stewart Irwin, 6003 7th Place, N.W., Washington 11, D.C. TA. 9-0635 Sellers, Winfred R., 1434 Washington -Ave., Alexandria, Va. Selwyn, Judith, 75 Bryant Ave., White Plains. N.Y. WH. 9-7974 Sewell. Elizabeth L., 4433 Butterworth PI.. N.W., Washington, D.C. WO. 6-7078 Shams. Muhammad, 3101 34th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. WO. 6-0544, Robert L., 3901 Davis PI., N.W., Washington 7. D.C. EM. 3-2047 Shapiro. Sandra, 6 No. Pembroke Ave.. Margate City. N. J. 2-0831 Shary, Carolyn. 500 Baldwin Ave.. Baldwin, N. Y. BA. 3-6505 Shaw, Sylvia, 1805 N. Taylor St., Arlington, Va. JA. 2-2676 Shejvfffr. Donald Leroy. 1622 Gales St., N.E.. Washington 2, D.C. LI. 3-6226 Sheldon, Alice, 4301 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.. Washington, D.C. WO. 6-7944 Sheppard. Oscar. 1431 Newton St., N.W.. Washington 10, D.C. TU. 2-9308 Shields. Adrian M., 3534 Cumberland St.. N.W.. Washington 8. D.C. EM. 3-8575 Sherman. Neil, 1909 Sudbury Rd., N.W., Washington 10. D.C. RA. 3-4848 Shively, John, Naulton Road, Curwensville, Pa. 681 Shimanouchi, Akiko, 4701 48th Street. N.W., Washington 16. D.C. WO. 6-1543 Shiro, Eugene Louis, 4301 Vacation Lane, .Arlington 7, Va. JA. 8-0601 Shirk. Cynthia A.. 3926 4th Street, N.. Arlington. Va. JA. 8-8398 Shorb. Merlin W., RFD I, Silver Spring, Md. WH. 2-7586 Short, James, 515 New York Ave., Takoma Park 12, Md. JU. 5-8814 Short. W Dean, 1925 Margaret St., Salem. Ore. EM. 4-1667 Shriver. Roger. 1770 Church St., N.W.. Washington 6, D.C. DE. 2-5101 Shufelt. Wayne G., Preston. .Md. OR. 3-4126 Shugars, George, 5721 ChiUum Hgts. Dr., Hyattsville, Md. AP. 7-9424 Shur. Arthur L.. Island Falls, Maine 1-2 Siegeltuch. Betsy Ann. 6770 Austin St.. Forest Hills 75. N. Y. IL. 9-9461 SlEGEL. Helen R,. 26 Sullivan Avenue. Port Jervis. N. Y. 4-5034 SiLVEY. Dorothy H., 3903 N. Pershing Dr., Arlington 3, Va. JA. 8-5429 Silas, Jack, 7524 Eastern Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. TA. 9-8123 Sill. Roger, 2305 N. Roosevelt St., Arlington, Va. JE. 2-8069 Silverman. Riva, 1 Oakland Terrate, .Maplewood, N. J. South Orange 2-3007 SiMPKlNS. George R., RD 3, Bridgeton, N. J. BR. 9-8732 Slank. Edward. 225 .McKinley Ave., New .Milford, N.J. JU. 8-1202 Slack. John B.. 115 N. Granville Ave.. Margate City, N. J. 20003 Sl.atick, Eugene R.. 13 South Bridge St.. Shenandoah. Pa. .ME. 8-3334 Slutsky. Jerome, 459 East 91st Street, Brooklyn 12, N.Y. DI. 2-5739 Small. Norma J., 6231 Lexington Ave.. Hollywood 38. Calif. Ito. 7-7686. Smalley, Robert N., 1805 Maryland . ve., Augusta, Ga. 6-2406 Smey. Johanna. 41 Cottage Lane. Clifton. N. J. PR. 8-5651 Smee. Kenneth H.. Rural Route 6. Kokomo, Ind. GL. 9-8460 Smith. Colinda G., 2942 Bellevue Ter,, N.W., Washington 16. D.C. EM. 2-4977 Smith, Carol Ann, 4623A So. 36th St.. Arlington 6, Va. TE. 6-0307 Smith. Fay. 2916 30th Street, S.E., Washington. D.C. AP. 7-0834 Smith. Sar.4h. RFD 1, Culpeper, Va. 9732 Smith. William J.. 433 S. Edson Ave.. Lombard. 111. 3006 Snyder. Helen L.. 401 Audrey Lane. Washington 21, D.C. HO. 7-7660 Snyder. . Iilford. 5930 14th St., N.W.. Washington, D.C. RA. 3-6988 SONNER. Andrew L.. 4800 Oxford St.. Garrett Park. Md. LO. 5-0703 Smolka, Richard G., 1122 Linden Ave.. Takoma Park 12, ,Md. JU. 5-6738 SosNiK. Simon, 1224 W. 1st Street. Winston Salem. N. C. 54606 Sours, Annette, Box 150, Rt. 5. Fairfax, Va. CR. 3-2814 Spanier. Melvyn, 5200 65th Avenue. Brooklyn. N. Y. UL. 1-7610 Speckler, Kenneth H., 88 Sheridan St., N.E.. Washington. D.C. TA. 9-9816 Spergel, Rona E., 9 Rynda Rd.. Maplewood, N. J. SO. 3-1787 Sprague, John W., 2531 14th, N.E., Apt. 623B. Washington 18, D.C. DE. 2-9424 Springer, James R., 3022 K Street, S.E.. Washington 19, D.C. LU. 2-7486 Stavrides, Anthony. 25 Palisade Rd., Rye, N. Y. Rye 7-2627 Stakem, Joan E.. 2800 N. Jefferson St.. Arlington. Va. KE. 8-2781 Stecer. Stephanie E., 708 Benton Ave.. Cape May, N. J. 4-3751 Stein. Philip, 1351 E. 13th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Steinmark. Rita. 66 Scheerer Ave.. Newark. N. J. WA. 3-9025 Steinmuller, Ann B., Ward Ave., Rumson, N. J. Stephens, Burton W.. Braddock Heights, Md. SK. 3-7457 Stern, Edwin. 2511 N. Washington Blvd.. Arlington, Va. JA. 2-4007 Stettler, John, 40 E. Chocolate Ave.. Hershey, Pa. KE. 3-7050 Stiness, Philip B.. Jr., 4131 Harrison St., N.W.. Washington 15, D.C. WO. 6-3602 Stiles. Newell T.. 14 10 Missouri , ve., N.W., Washington 11. D.C. RA. 3-5948 Stohr. Charles. 4843 Butterworth PL. N.W.. Washington. D.C. WO. 6-3130 Stokes. Charles. 4610 Warren St.. N.W., Washington 16, DC. E.M. 3-7716 Stone, Alan, 256 Winthrop Road. West Englewood, N. J. TE. 2-6151 Stone, .Marjorie C. 1511 Pinewood St., Falls Church. Va. JE. 2-4815 Stover. Donald W.. 4312 S. 9th Street. .Arlington. Va. JA. 2-2817 Stratos, John. 3533 T Street, N.W.. Washington 7, D.C. FE. 3-9553 Straus, James P.. 2714 Quebec St., N.W., Washington 8, DC. E.M. 31556 Strauss. .Marilyn. 4437 So. 1st Street. .Arlington, Va. JA. 7-4993 Streeter, Robert G., 5415 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington. D.C. EM. 2-8024 Stretton, Sally, 3147 N. Quincv St.. Arlington 7, Va. JA. 2-0668 Stubbs, Charles. 8006 14th Ave.. Hyattsville. Md. HE. 4-6358 Stump. Richard B.. 801 Frederick St.. Cumberland. .Md. PA. 2-4904 Sullivan. Joseph D., 3315 15th Street. N.E.. Washington 17, D.C. LA. 6-7866 Summerscale. Jennie, 1725 N. Adams St.. Arlington 1. Va. JA. 7-1268 SlPASlRlv.vT. Mart, 522 Prasumain Rd., Bangkok, Thialand SlssHOLz, Barbara W.. 4814 S. 30th Street. .Arlington 6. Va. TE. 6-5310 SwARTZ. Thom. s R.. 628 Beacon Road. Silver Spring, Md. JU. 7-7306 Savartz. ' ivginia, Esworthy Road, Germantown, Md. Gaithersbourg 6445 Sweeney, Walter H., 186 McKinley , ve., Kcnmore, N. Y. RI. 7494 SWENSON, Karl E.. 3525 Pope Street, S.E., Washington. D.C. LU. 2-2217 Swift. Don Lee. 3650 39th St.. N.W.. Washington 16. D.C. E.M. 2-3779 SwoAP, David B., 3311 Bronson Blvd., Kalamazoo 37. Mich. FI. 3-5412 Talbott. Leland E.. 1511 16th Road, N., Arlington, Va. JA. 8-8878 Talbert, P. tricia. 4612 Sedgwick St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 2-4186 Talbott. Joan. 1900 T Street. S.E., Washington 20, D.C. LU. 1-4171 Talley. David Paul, 2518 17th Street, N. W., Washington 17, D.C. AD. 4-6037 Tapher. Michael, 500 Hayworth Circle. High Point, N. C. High Point 2-1451 Taraschke, Wilbert, 240E YBI, San Francisco, Calif. Ex. 2-3931. EX. 2-838 Targan, Donald G.. 50 N. Aberdeen Place, Atlantic City, N. J. 2-2983 Tate. William, Jr.. 4632 Chesapeake St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. E.M. 3-1322 Tashji, Gabriel, Assyrian Quarter, Aleppo. Syria Wo. 6-3225 Taylor. Diane, 20 Edith Lane, Norwalk. Conn. VI. 7-2038 Taylor, Flora, 414 Gilmer Ave., N.W. Roanoke, Va. 3-2140 Temple. Faye I.. 9604 Old Spring Rd.. Kensington. Md. OL. 7-9422 Tennery, Betty, Route 3, Box 399, Gaithersburg, Md. Gaith. 447 Thomas, Carroll, 1316 23rd St., S., Arlington 2, Va. Oth. 8669 Thomas. Edward C, III, 5405 Wooten Ave., Chew Chase 15. Md. OL. 2-5931 Thomas, Edward, 8207 Garland Ave., Takoma Park, Md. JU. 8-4186 Thomas, Edwin R., 5045 Cathedral .Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. EM. 3-8829 Thomas. Jane A.. 208 E. Locust St.. Indiana. Pa. 37789 Thompson, Alice E., 1925 First St., N.W.. Washington II, D.C. HU. 3-8889 Thompson. David. 6110 Broad Branch Rd., Washington 15, D.C. WO. 6-6110 Thresher. Pamela A.. 4201 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W., Washington 16, D.C. EM. 3-4053 Thompson, Peter Paul, 1025 S. Dinwiddle St., Arlington 4, Va. JA. 7-0281 Tiches, Peter C, 6231 26th Rd.. N. Arlington 7, Va. JE. 2-4878 Tochterman, Mary, 301 Hopkins Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. Drexel 7-6953 Todd. Jeannette .M.. 3942 Clay PI.. N.E.. Washington 19. D.C. LU. 2-5229 Todd. Richard Henry. 2960 Garfield Terr., N.W., Washington 8. D.C. CO. 5-1799 TOLSON. Walter F., 2718 Devonshire PI., N.W., Washington, D.C. AD. 4-7899 ToLLEFSON, Alice, 5068 Overlook Rd., N.W., Washington 16. D.C. WO. Tolbert, Patricia Jean. 3334 Uplan Terr., N.W., Washington, D.C. WO. 6-4954 Tom, David N.. 19 W. Chesapeake .Ave.. Towson 4, Md. VA. 3-6di4 Tompkins, Walter, Jr., 831 Monticello Dr.. Falls Church, Va. JE. 4-2046 TOMPROS. Fefronia. 616 Nicholson St.. N.W.. Washington 11, DC. R.A. 6-8625 TONEGAWA, Makio, 6923 Emerson Street, Landover Hills, Md. AP. 7-4358 Torres. De Rios Rosa. Box 415. Adjuntas. Puerto Rico EM. 3-1911 Tourtellot, Peter. 1880 Palmer Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. TE. 4-0046 Trenis, Philip A., 516 N. Howard St., Alexandria. Va. KI. 8-1995 Trenery, Diane V., 358 Main St.. Keansburg, N. J. Keans 60191 „ ., „„ Trimble. James L., 3111 Macomb St.. N.W.. Washington 8. D.C. WO. 6-7030 Trnka. Joan L.. 3842 W. 109th Street. Chicago 43, 111. PR. 9-3719 Tucker, Walter N.. 8008 Custer Road. Bethesda IM. Md. OL. 2-7681 TuRELL. Robert. 162 Schenck Circle, Hewlett Harbor, N. Y. FR. 4-1486 TURNBULL, Robert, 3 Halsey Place, So. Orange, N. J. SO. 3-4657 Turner, Dorothy, 1703 Lvman PI., N.E., Washington 2, D.C. LI- 7-404o TwYNHAM, Thomas H.. 1457 N. Lancaster St.. Arlington 5. Va. KE. 8-6811 Ulrich. Henry. Jr.. Sunset Beach. Pasadena. Md. Sunset 5672 Upton. John A., 1118 Virginia Ave., S.E. Washington 24, D.C. DL 7-7951 Valente, Anthony F.. Jr., 4926 Battery Lane, Bethesda, Md. OL. 4-3843 Vandenberc. Carla, 42 Locust Drive. Summit. N. J. Crestview 3-3286 Vanderslice. Carol, 7201 .Maple Ave.. Chevy Chase 15. Md. OL. 4-4336 Vandercook. Lynn B.. Jr.. 1388 Tewkesbury PI.. N.W.. Washington 11. D.C. Van Dyke. Sara, 130 Union Ave.. Tarrytown. Medford 1-7464 Vandyke, Woodrow Strong, 2909 Liberty Parkway, Baltimore 22, .Md. Ai. 4-5581 Van Lowe. William T.. 307 Plymouth St.. Silver Spring. Md. JU. 8-3948 Van Riper Junith A.. 300 Great Falls Rd.. RockviUe. .Md. PO. 2-2493 Vernon. Anthony. 8023 Park Lane. Bethesda 14, Md. OL. 2-5245 Vest. William L.. Bennett Road, Hampden. Mass. JU. 6-3746 Vesper, James E.. 5357 Reno Rd.. N.W. . Washington. D.C. EM. .3-8161 Victory, Nasser, 7011 108th Street, Forest Hills, Long L. N.Y. BO. 8-5765 VoLLMECKE, WALTER. 3020 .Military Rd., N.W., Washington 15, D.C. E.M. 2-4145 Vonvoightlander, .Marlene, 1529 N. Kenilworth, Arlington 5. Va. JA. 5-8530 Wade. Daryle. 3909 Joliet Street, Silver Spring, Md. WH. 6-5395 Walder. Arleen, 80 Vassar A e.. Newark, N. J. Waverly 3-7354 Walker. George. 3426 P Street, N.W.. Washington , D.C. AD. 4-2137 Wallace. Joseph S., 4215 Brandywine St.. N.W., Washington 16. D.C. WO. 6-5783 Walter, Kenneth A., RFD I, Germantown, Md. 193 Waring, John S.. 4821 Drummond Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. OL. 4-3042 Ward, John L., 301 E. Glendale Ave., Alexandria, Va. WO. 6-0124 Ward, .Margaret, 219 W. Freedly St., Norrislown, Penna. BR. 2-1974 Warner, Alvin, Jr., 1535 Newton St.. N.E., Washington 17, D.C. LA. 6-680, ' ) Warring, Philip J., 10915 Clermont Ave., Garrett Park, Md. LO. 5-0124 Waters, Eileen D., 2004 N. Inglewood St.. Arlington 5, Va. KE. 6-9049 Watkins, Charles F., 2500 N. Columbus St.. .Arlington, Va. KE. 6-8557 Watson, John M., 6821 Laverock Ct., Bethesda. Md. OL. 4-6431 Weber, Antoinette K., Box 239, Route 1, Oakton, Va. DU. 5-8256 Webster, Wm. Henry, Jr., 2222 Observatorv PI., N.W., Washington 7, D.C. EM. 3-1759 Webster, Donald, Jr., 7826 Glenbrook Road, Bethesda 14, Md. OL. 2-5427 Weeden, Charles E., 4 Old Mill Rd., Florham Park, N. J. FR. 7-5553 Weecar, Carl, 155 Manor Parkway, Rochester, N. Y. HL 5-3575-W Weikert, Raymond, 715 Oglethorpe St., N.W., Washington 11, DC. RA. 3-2041 Weitzman, Steven R., 5412 Uppingham St., Chevy Chase 15, Md. OL. 6-2044 Weikel, Joseph R., 3514 Calvend Lane, Kensington, Md. OL. 7-3045 Wei.mer, Lawrence R., Anchorage Motel, Fairfax, Va. LI. 3-2504 Weinbalm, Ellen R., 1511 16th Street, N. W. Washington, D.C. NO. 7-5803 Weinberg, Saix, 128 Park Ave., Passiac, N. J. GR. 2-4981 Weiner, Phyllis. 304 Rockwood Rd., Brandvwine Hills, Wilmington, Del. PO. 4-3433 Weinthrop, Bettina, 74 Rutland Rd., Hemp, Long L, N.Y. IR. 6-6880 Weisel, William, 2022 Rittenhouse St., Hyattsville, Md. HA. 2-8277 Weisberg, Henry, 62 North Columbus .Ave, Mount Vernon, N. Y. MO. 7-1153 Weisblatt, Marvin, 5601 13th Street, N. W., Washington, D.C. TU. 2-3249 Weiss, Frank, 7402 21st Ave., Brooklyn 4, N.Y. CL. 9-5940 Weiss, Barbara, 2214 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Penna. JA. 1-0727 Wellenreiter, Phyllis, 3290 Balltown Rd., Schenectady, N. Y. FR. 2-2802 Wells, Richard E., 566 Oklahoma Ave., N.E. Washington, D.C. L-4-3772 Wertz, Melvin J., 5332 41st Street, N.W., Washington 15, D.C. EM. 2-2366 Whitacre, Joyce Marie, Berry Blvd., Luray, Virginia RL 3-5563 White, Larranf, 3881 Porter St., N.W., Washington 16, D.C. 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WO. 6-0412 symiol (fj excellence in eafiUsi FOOTE DAVIES • ATLANTA, GEORGIA FOR THE FINEST IN ITALIAN AMERICAN CUISINE Visif the DEVONSHIRE GRILL 4243 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. ' Where the Students Meet ' COMPLIMENTS OF THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS STORE STANDARD FLOORS, INC. 13th at Eye Street, N.W. Dl. 7-0488 Linoleum — Asphalt Tile — Rubber Tile Acoustical Tile Commercial — Institutional — Residential DEVONSHIRE VALET 4234 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Phone WO. 2700 WASHINGTON, D. C. 195 Flowers are for pleasure and buying them is half the fun. American University people have enjoyed our shop and our w ares for 25 years. When you need a single sentimental rose, a corsage, wedding flowers, plants, or decorations, you ' ll double your pleasure at- 4200 WISCONSIN AVE. N. W. WASHINGTON 16, D. C WOodlcy 6-9560 " our business is blooming " Fifty Years of Dependable Service Griffith-Consumers Co. COAL FUEL OIL OIL BURNERS BUILDI NG MATERIAL 1413 New York Avenue, N.W. ME. 8-4840 PAPERING DECORATING PAINTING HOUSE REPAIRS 911 13TH STREET, N.W. Washington, D. C. Telephone General Construction MEtropolitan 8-2460 196 THE NATIONAL METROPOLITAN BANK OF WASHINGTON 49th Street and Fordham Road Branch COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE C. F. Jacobsen President Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WHERE WE MEET AND EAT... FRIENDSHIP RESTAURANT 4324 WISCONSIN AVE., N.W. EMerson 3-1150 Our Tenth Year Fort Reno Florist Member Florists ' Telegraph Delivery 4930 Wisconsin Avenue GEORGE GERALIS Washington, D. C. HAMM ' S SERVICE 4130 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., at Van Ness WO. 6-9590 Nous les faisons rouler Complete Automotive Service McLEAN DRUGS Formerly Morgan Bros. 4231 Wisconsin Avenue Corner Veazey Street, N.W. Phone; WO 6-6424 Washington, D. C. BE SURE OF BETTER DEALS ON AUTOMOBILES See WHEELER, inc. 4800 WISCONSIN, N.W. THE PLACE TO BUY CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH - IMPERIAL LARGEST CHRYSLER DEALER In Metropolitan Washington 197 MYERS QUIGG, Inc. PAVING CONTRACTORS CHARLES H. QUIGG President Office and Plant 91- O Street, S.E. Washington 3, D.C. LI. 4-2403 PAUL G. MYERS Vice-President ASPHALT AND CONCRETE PAVEMENTS BLACK TOP ROADWAYS SIDEWALKS MAGGIE ' S RESTAURANT rflL ' M0 l!r ... AND WALNUT LOUNGE 4239 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, D.C. COMPLIMENTS OF THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA Operated by THE CLEAVES FOOD SERVICE CORPORATION 8405 Ramsey Ave. Silver Spring, Md. ' ' ' " In Any Event Say It With Flowers " 2046 V ilson Blvd. Arlington, Va. JAckson 7-6916 923 King Street Alexandria, Va. King 9-6112 198 For the best in SIZZLING STEAKS PIZZA SPAGHETTI THE ZEPHYR RESTAURANT 4912 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. paul bennett, ltd. WASHINGTON, D. C. 916 14th Street, N.W. District 7-5992 YOUR COLLEGE DRUG STORE Wesley Heights Pharmacy, Inc. 45th Street Near Nebraska Avenue, N.W. WOodley 6-6200 ENJOY THE UNIQUE ATMOSPHERE OF ?.it I BEER GARDEN 25 Different Beers 25 DIfFerent Sausages At Reasonable Prices ' TIL WEE HOURS For FIFTY-EIGHT Years the favorite florist of thousands of discriminating Washingtonians and visitors in the Nation ' s Capital Sfna Florists 49th Mass. Ave., N.W. EM. 3-1606 Convenient A.U. Branch Shop: 1407 " H " St., N.W. Dl. 6-1300 199 Wasnin ton Portrait . . . Magnolias beaeck the grounds of the White House COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICE RESOURCES OVER $400,000,000 The RIGGS NATIONAL BANK of WASHINGTON, D. C. FOUNDED 1835 LARGEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTION IN THE NATIONS CAPITAL NWmter FeJrr l Deposit Insurance Corporation • Member FeJeral Reserve Syilem When you ' re in the mood for wonderful food Head for the HOT SHOPPES Americas finest Drive-In Restaurants COMPLIMENTS OF THE WOMAN ' S GUILD OF THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY 200

Suggestions in the American University - Talon / Aucola Yearbook (Washington, DC) collection:

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