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£M yr " T — ir-iAY . - ■ ■ ' The 1956 staff of American University ' s year- book takes pride in presenting the first TALON. As our college grows and changes so do many of our traditions; some out of necessity, some out of mutual consent of the students. How- ever, we keep many traditions sacred, and on the following pages, in our theme, we present one of our most cherished . . . our Alma Mater. NINETEEN FIFTY SIX Talon % fofo--- ' in VlT ' lnlnT ffiuiufflmuu! i — PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN UNIVERSITY WASHINGTON, D.C. ADMINISTRATION GRADUATES AND SENIORS ORGANIZATIONS QUEENS AND SWEETHEARTS ATHLETICS SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR ADVISOR LEE LEVY lis MILLER BILL PI. TRIM DR. EDGAR BOWLES K • • • V 1 ■ ' 1 1 j Mb p 1 1 Ptefye Put fotot . . . cat hifaltif. we il remember red, t kite and blue The pride and ftorif that u e kweu . ,m ' V. 1-Ssk V i : .: » .4 ! «» ' . . ' - »- i ■ • . «- « fc. .=■» ■■■: f ' s§«8 . (jclden JrieHfakijiA . . . familiar JceheJ. :ALL W v Alma JweiJei ' true. x ■n -y 9T ,y J " ' K( JtwT fej ' : ; (P .jM -a? ?? - S!?i319x ' S x " r Jv! N -, T ' ' .-a1R S- -. v , , » }, A « ' rV- C-V ? 1 Hjtf L V % 4 4 ft 3 hed ' icatfon If any one person is to be given credit for the tre- mendous growth in the student body at American Uni- versity, then that credit should go to Stafford H. Cassell. Making countless trips throughout the East each year, he is in many cases the student ' s first per- sonal contact with AU. His magnetic personality has attracted many new faces to our campus. Having attended AU as a student, teacher, coach and administrator, he is perhaps the best qualified to represent our college in the capacity in which he now serves, Assistant to the President. To many of us he is known as " Pop, " obviously not because of his age, but because he is always ready to lend a bit of advice and a helping hand to the students. The cigar, his friendly smile, and the fast stepping pace are all characteristic of this popular campus figure. It is with great pride then, that we dedicate the 1956 Talon to " Pop " Cassell. bt ii I A4tninUttathn and faculty The President If one were to look about for a personal symbol of The American University, none would serve better than the University ' s President Hurst R. Anderson. With his jaunty walk and the attitude of a man who knows where he is going and how he intends to get there, President Anderson typifies what has happened to AU during the years in which he has served at its helm. In spite of a full calendar and a day which not onlv entails University obligations but civic, national and international obligations as well, President Anderson remains essentially a man who is interested in the students. Always willing to take time out of a busy schedule to advise on such problems as yearbook layout, on tap for the annual Christmas banquet, sitting at the plavs or the basketball games. President Anderson lends his personal support to the many phases of campus activity. Often at his side and acting in his stead when duties call him away from being present at various functions is his charming wife. Mrs. Anderson lends her personal warmth to many student functions, the faculty-student teas, the various open houses and any other occasion which may arise. This year for the first time, the Andersons will be watching the graduation of the first class at American University that they have known since the class first arrived on campus to go through freshman orientation week. The class can take great pride in the Andersons for what they have done for The American Universitv. It is to be hoped that the Andersons will take a great pride and share the fond memories with the Class of ' 56 over a happy four years together, four years in which enormous growth has taken place but through which the personal interest of the small college has never been neglected by our President. - ■ if 1 B 1 1 1 i 1 i 1 i jJM ,.| 1 - 1 1 : Vice freJt ' deht DR. DAYTON E. McCLAIN Dr. Dayton E. McClain, Vice-President of the Ameri- can University, is a well known figure to the students on campus. Always possessing a friendly smile and greeting for the students, he has done much to aid in the develop- ment of AU. heatt CfiterftuJ DR. JOHN E. BENTLEY A great asset to the spirit and tradition of the Ameri- can University is Dr. Joh n E. Bentley. One who is re- spected by all and one who gives his all to the students — a combination of teacher and friend to everyone who knows him, he is well loved by both faculty and stu- dents alike. DR. WALTER F. SHENTON DR. FRITZ KARL MANN This year, the American University faculty will lose three outstanding members who are retiring. These are Dr. Walter F. Shenton. chairman of the Mathematics Department, who has served as ad- visor to Omicron Delta Kappa and has lent a helping hand to other organizations on campus; Dr. Fritz Karl Mann, a world-famous economist and professor at the Downtown School; and Dr. George Bush, a member ot the Political Science Department and also of the Downtown School. These men will always be remembered for their work in their respective fields and their service to American University. DONALD DERBY Dean of Administration HAROLD E. DAVIS Dean of the Undergraduate College NATHAN A. BAILY Dean of the School of Busin Administration A4w iAtrativn The Office of the Dean of Administration is in charge of the academic procedures of the University. The office also handles the engaging of professors, the registrars, the Libraries and the five Deans of the Uni- versity. DAVID R. BOOKSTAVER Dean of the Washington College of Law ERNST POSNER Dean of the Graduate School RICHARD M. BRAY Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs AUSTIN VAN DER SLICE eiate Dean of the Undergraduate College HAROLD B. WESS Director of Program of the School of Business Administration HAZEL H. FEAGANS University Registrar ANNE JENSEN University Librarian OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR Left to right: Mrs. Middlemiss, Registrar of Washington College of Law; Miss Feagans, Registrar of the University; Mrs. Van Noy, Mrs. Bartok, Mrs. Darner, Miss Torrence, Assistant Registrar; Mrs. MacAlphine, Mrs. Cariker, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Schlam, Miss Remler, Mrs. Southard. LIBRARIANS Seated: Miss Jensen, Librarian. Standing, left to right: Mrs. Spitz, Miss Boswell, Miss Hochstein, Mr. Kritzer, Mrs. Simma. Office ef £tu feht PetMmet The Office of Student Personnel is respons- ible for students and student activities in all schools of the University. It is primarily con- cerned with the Student Personnel Program, Student Organizations, Counseling. Residence Halls. Health Services and the Foreign Stu- dent Program. Miss Stevens and Mrs. Cook smiling as usual RALPH C. JOHN Dean of Students Left to right: James E. Chapman, University Physician and Director of Health Service; Jane Cook, Secretary to Dr. John and Miss Stevens; Ralph C. John, Dean of Students; Sally J. Stevens, Di- rector of Student Activities; Ernst Correll, Advisor to Foreign Students. I H % ., - . N Office of financial and SuMMAA Affair I ' lie Office of Financial and Business Affairs is in charge of the Budget, Bursars, Bookstores, Accounting Department. Building and Grounds and construction on campus. WILLIAM O. NICHOLLS Treasurer of the University fcm Mr. Ewing and Mr. Mack discuss the problems of the day The Buildings and Ground Crew Office (f rfjJ Jtaht tc the PteM4ent The Office of the Assistant to the President handles Admissions, Public Relations, Publicity, Alumni Affairs. Student Promotion and all levels of contact between the University, the Student and the Community. STAFFORD H. CASSELL Assistant to the President Seated: John Wakefield, Director of Admissions; Helen B. Brower, Assistant Director of Admissions. Standing: Virginia Malone, Gay S. Donnally. and Sheila Andrews. Staff. Seated: Stafford H. Cassell, Assistant to the President; John Wakefield, Director of Admissions. Standing: Harl La Place, Staff; Sue Flater, Director of Publicity, Richard M. Witter, Alumni Secretary; Mary Betschler, Staff; Bonnie Iandolo, Secretary to Mr. Cassell; William H. Delorme and Jane E. Dunn, Assistant Directors of Admissions. Id n i DEPARTMENT OF ART Left to Right: Sarah Baker, Associate Professor; James R. Caudle, Lecturer; Robert F. Gates, Asso- ciate Professor, Chairman of Department; Ben L. Summerford, Assistant Professor. The Department of Art has 3 Associate Professors, 1 Assistant Professor, and 3 Lecturers. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 1 S. Fields, Assistant Professor; Assistant Professor; Nathan A. Professor, Director of Program; Assistant Professor; Arthur R. Left to Right: Nikos G. Photias, Professor; Davii John H. Smith, Professor; Eloise Nelson Magaw, Baily, Professor, Dean of School; Harold B. Wess, Harry Rosenthal, Instructor; John E. McGrath. Carnduff, Assistant Professor. The School of Business Administration has 3 Professors, 5 Adjunct Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors, 1 Instructor, 22 Professorial Lec- turers and 40 Lecturers. DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATIONS Seated, Left to Right: Franklin Dunham, Professorial Lec- turer; Patricia Jean Beall, Lecturer; Harvey J. Pope, As- sistant Professor; Willett M. Kempton, Professor, Chairman of Department; Frank H. Mortimer, Adjunct Professor, Di- of Department; Frank H. Mortimer, Adjunct Professor; H. D. Crawford, Assistant Professor, Director of Jour- nalism; James R. Mock, Adjunct Professor; Theodore H. Levin, Associate Professor. Standing: Stanley Field, Pro- fessorial Lecturer; Lawrence Beckerman, Adjunct Professor; Harold Stepler, Adjunct Professor; Douglas Bailey, Lec- turer; Carl L. Shipley, Professorial Lecturer; Paul R. Hill, Professorial Lecturer; Edwin Tribble, Lecturer; Howard R. Haring, Lecturer; John McLeod, Lecturer. The Department of Communications has 1 Professor, 5 Ad- junct Professors, I Associate Professor, 2 Assistant Profes- sors, 6 Professorial Lecturers, and 14 Lecturers. Jacuttif DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Seated, Left to Right: John E. McGrath, Assistant Professor; Fritz Karl Mann, Professor; Melville J. Ulmer, Professor, Chairman of Department; Ernest Correll, Professor; Theodore H. Levin, Associate Professor. Stand- ing: Daniel L. Spencer, Assistant Professor; Alfred Sherrard, Associate Professor. The Department of Eonomics has 3 Professors, 10 Adjunct Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors, 10 Professorial Lecturers, and 14 Lecturers. J - ' m DEPARTMENTS OF ENGLISH AND LANGUAGES Seated, Left to Right: Charles M. Clark, Professor; Merrit C. Batchelder, Professor, Chairman of Department of English; Ru- berta M. Olds, Associate Professor, Chairman Department of Lan- guages; Jack H. Yocum, Assistant Professor. Standing: John G. Frank, Professor; Kathryn D. Wyatt, Assistant Professor; Hazel H. Feagans, Professor; Mary M. Patton, Associate Professor; Gordon Brigham, Lecturer. The Department of English has 5 Professors, 2 Associate Pro- fessors, 1 Assistant Professor, 2 Professorial Lecturers, 5 Lecturers. The Department of Languages has 2 Professors, 1 Associate Pro- fessor, 1 Assistant Professor, 1 Professional Lecturer, and 1 Lec- turer. f DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Seated, Left to Right: Berniece Chambers, Lecturer; Samuel Engle Burr, Jr., Professor, Chairman of Department. Standing: B. Willard De Shazo, Professorial Lecturer; D. B. Lloyd, Professorial Leturer; Charles L. Powell, Graduate Assistant; Olive McKay, Lecturer; Wilmer F. Bennett, Professorial Lecturer; C. M. Godfrey, Lecturer; Eloise Nelson Magaw, Assistant Professor. The Department of Education has 1 Professor, 2 Assistant Pro- fessors, 1 Adjunct Professor, 4 Professorial Lecturers, 6 Lecturers. DEPARTMENT OF GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Seated: Catheryn Seckler-Hudson, Professor, Chairman of Depart- ment. Standing, Left to Right: Charles M. Hersh, Associate Pro- fessor; Harold H. Roth, Associate Professor; William E. Biggs, Associate Professor; Edgar S. Robinson, Assistant Professor; Lois E. Torrence, Assistant Professor; Emmet V. Mittleheeler, Assistant Professor; Lowell H. Hattery, Professor; George P. Bush, Pro- fessor; Chester Earl, Assistant Professor. The Department of Government and Public Administration has 6 Professors, 19 Adjunct Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 5 As- sistant Professors, 20 Professorial Lecturers, and 16 Lecturers. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY Left to Right: Dorothy D. Gondos, Associate Professor; Donald Derby, Professor; Ernest Posner, Professor, Chairman of Depart- ment; Arthur A. Ekirch, Jr., Professor; Harold E. Davis, Professor; David J. Brandenburg, Associate Professor. The Department of History has 5 Professors, 3 Adjunct Pro- fessors, 2 Associate Professors, 6 Professorial Lecturers, and 9 Lecturers. Left to Right: Roy P. Franchino, Associate Professor; Edwin A. Mooers, Pro- fessor; David R. Bookstaver, Professor, Dean of College; John Sherman Myers, Professor. The Washington College of Law has 4 Professors, I Associate Professor, 7 Professorial Lecturers, and 9 Lecturers. DEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND ORGANIZATION Left to Right: Mary E. Bradshaw, Associate Professor; Pitman B. Potter, Professor, Chairman of Department; Samuel L. Sharp, Professor. The Department of International Relations and Or- ganization has 2 Professors, 1 Adjunct Professor, I As- sociate Professor, 3 Professorial Lecturers, and 4 Lec- turers. DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION Left to Right: Ralph C. John, Professor, Chairman of Department; Arthur W. Hummel, Professorial Lecturer; F. Reid Isaac, Lecturer; N. Y. Krikorian, Professorial Lecturer; Harold A. Durfee, Associate Professor; John E. Bentley, Professor. The Department of Philosophy and Religion has 2 Professors, 1 Associate Professor, 2 Professorial Lec- turers, and 2 Lecturers. THE DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC Seated, Left to Right: Evelyn Swarthout, Assistant Professor; James L. Mc- Lain, Professor, Chairman of Department. Standing: John Upham, Lecturer; George, Assistant Professor; Gordon Smith, Associate Professor; Vera Ross, Lecturer. The Department of Music has 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor, 2 As- sistant Professors, and 7 Lecturers. DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION Left to Right: Hugo Schulze, Assistant Professor, Chairman of Department; Ruth McFeeter, Assistant Professor; Virginia Hawke, Assistant Professor; Robert I!. Frailey, Instructor. The Department of Physical Education has 3 Assistant Professors, and 1 Instructor. DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Left to Right: Ellis Weitzman, Professor; Charles K. True- blood, Professor, Chairman of Department; John E. Bent- ley, Professor. The Department of Psychology has 3 Professors, 2 Ad- junct Professors, 6 Professorial Lecturers, and 14 Lecturers. faculty DEPARTMENTS OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS Seated, Left to Bight: Mary H. Aldridge, Associate Professor; Walter F. Shenton, Professor, Chairman of Department of Mathematics; Martha C. Bradley, Assistant Professor. Standing: John H. Smith. Professor; Stanley L. McCsusland, Instructor; Bancroft W. Sitterly, Professor, Chairman of Department of Physics; John O ' Donnell, Lecturer; Edgar Bowles, Asso- ciate Professor, Acting Chairman of Department of Geology; Leo Schubert, Associate Professor, Chairman of Department of Chemistry. The Department of Biology has 1 Adjunct Professor, 1 Assistant Pro- fessor, and 1 Instructor. The Department of Chemistry has 1 Adjunct Professor, 2 Associate Pro- fessors and 3 Lecturers. The Department of Geology has 1 Visiting Professor, 1 Associate Pro- fessor, 1 Professional Lecturer, and 2 Lecturers. The Department of Mathematics has 4 Professors, 2 Adjunct Professors, 1 Associate Professor, 1 Assistant Professor, 6 Professorial Lecturers, and 20 Lecturers. The Department of Physics has 1 Professor and 1 Professorial Lec- turer. !H 9 11 1 i ' i ©j K SPs DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY Left to Bight: Ivor Wayne, Lecturer; Harvey C. Moore. Associate Professor; Lawrence Krader, Lecturer; Stan- ley K. Bigman, Lecturer; Austin Van Der Slice, Pro- fessor, Chairman of Department; Frank Lorimer, Pro- fessor; James H. Fox, Assistant Professor; Bobert T. Bower, Associate Professor. The Department of Sociology and Anthropology has 3 Professors, 4 Adjunct Professors, 2 Associate Pro- fessors, 1 Assistant Professor, 2 Professorial Lecturers, and 6 Lecturers. DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICS First Bow, Left to Right: James H. Fox, Assistant Pro- fessor; Ada Joy Boll, Secretary to Dr. Smith; John H. Smith, Professor, Chairman of Department; Walt R. Simmons, Adjunct Professor; Ernest E. Blanche, Ad- junct Professor. Second Bow: Ernest Rubin. Adjunct Professor; Paul N. Sommerville, Visiting Professor; David Rosenblatt, Associate Professor; Eugene Lukas, Adjunct Professor; Milton Moss, Lecturer; Howard H. Campaigne, Lecturer; Nikos G. Photias, Professor; Je- rome Cornfield, Adjunct Professor; Kamini Patwary, Graduate Assistant. The Department of Statistics has 3 Professors, 5 Ad- junct Professors, 1 Associate Professor, 1 Assistant Professor, 3 Professorial Lecturers, and 8 Lecturers. fyiufqateJ and £ehiwJ ABOVE: First Row: HIDRETH MASON ALLISON, Dublin, New Hampshire; MA. in His- tory. ALEXANDER NICHOLAS ARGERAKIS. Washington, DC; LL.B.; Grace Riley Case Club; National Interschool Moot Court Team; Who ' s Who; Student Bar Association; Intermural Law Review: Sigma Nu Phi. LINWOOD C. BARBER, Washington, DC; M.A. in Education. ROBERT LOUIS CARROLL, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi; Case Club; Student Bar Association. Vice-President. JAMES F. CENDOMA, Williamsport, Pennsylvania; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi. Associate Editor of Law Review; Student Bar Association. Secretary, Vice-President. ADDISON B. CLIFFORD. JR.. Arlington, Virginia; M.A. in Public Ad- ministration. Second Row: LINDON NATHANIEL CRUTCHFIELD, Washington, D.C.; LL.B.; Stu- dent Bar Association. KENNETH EDMUNDS. Hyattsville, Maryland; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Association; Editor-in-Chief of Intramural Law Review. KENNETH BAUER FRYE, Falls Church. Virginia; M.A. in Visual Com- munication; Delta Sigma Theta, Delta Phi Alpha. ANIVAL JOSE GRILLO. Washington. D.C.; LL.B.; Student Bar Asso- ciation. RICHARD D. GUY. Portland. Maine; LL B. EDWARD RANDOLPH HAIGLER. Washington, DC; MBA. BELOW: First Row: CALVIN L. HAMILTON, Taft. California; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi; Mil- itary Law Editor. CASPER ALLEN HARPINE, JR. Alexandria. Virginia; LL.B. STANLEY J. HARRIS, JR., Easton. Pennsylvania; LL.B.; Student Bar Association; Legal Aid Society. LULA M. HOWARD. St. Petersburg. Florida; LL.B.; Alpha Kappa Alpha. DAVID T. INNIS. Washington, DC; LL.B.; Sigma Nu Phi. Second Row: EDWIN DENTON JOHNSON, Washington, D.C.; M.A. in Education; Phi Sigma Kappa; Kappa Phi Kappa; Newman Club; Future Teachers of America. JOSEFh G. KENNELLY. Falls Church. Virginia; LL.B.; Delta Theta MEHDI KIANFAR, Tehran. Iran; Ph.D. Organization; Zeta Sigma. International Relations and DOROTHEA M. KLAJBOR. Washington, DC; LL.B.; Kappa Beta Pi Student Bar Association. PHILIP P. LEADBETTER. Cape Cod, Massachusetts; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Association. 3 i 5 l %, ABOVE: Firs! Row: EMANUEL A. LIPSCOMB. Crewe. Virginia; LL.B.; Law Review. Asso- ciate Editor; Case Club. LEONARD L. LIPSHULTZ. Silver Spring, Maryland; LL.B.; Sigma Nu Phi; Mussey Award: Law Review. Managing Editor; Interschool Moot Court Team. JOHN P. McLEOD. Falls Church. Virginia; M.A. in Public Administra- tion; Alpha Tau Omega; Society of Public Administration. ALEXANDER J. MICHAELS. Silver Spring. Maryland; M.A. in History; American Military Institute; Reserve Officers Naval Services. ANTHONY D. MIELE. Williamsport. Pennsylvania; LL.B. BEUNYCE R. MORRIS. Washington. DC; M.A. in Communications. Second Row: THOMAS J. MORTON, New York. New York. JOHN RANDOLPH MURDOCH. Washington. DC; LL.B. JOSEPh EDWARD O ' BRIEN. JR.. Chevy Chase. Maryland: M.B.A.; Phi Alpha Theta. HECTOR VAZQUEZ OCANA, San Juan. Puerto Ri. Economics: Gamma Sigma Phi. C. W. OVERTON. Washington. DC: LL.B. M.A. in Transport THANOM PACHARAPHA. Washingto Banking. D.C.; M.B.A. in Commercial BELOW: FirsC Row: MING-CHI PAN. Washington. D.C.; M.A. in International Relations. SUK PERUNAVIN, Bangkok, Thailand; M.A. in Economics. JEFFREY PETTIT. Rumson. New Jersey; LL.B. G. FRANKLIN ROBERTS. Falls Church. Virginia: Ph.D. in Public Ad- ministration; Pi Sigma Alpha. EDWARD HOYT SCHWARZ. JR.. Olney, Maryland; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Association. BURTON A. SCOTT. Atlanta. Georgia; M.A. Economics. Second Row: DOREEN N. SHERMAN. Washington. DC; LL.B.; Student Bar Asso- ciation KENNETH R. STRAWBERRY. Uniontown. Pennsylvania: M.A. in Psy- chology; The American University Psychological Honor Society. LAWRENCE MILTON TRAYLOR. Lottsburg, Virginia; LL.B.; Delta Theta Phi; Student B ar Association. Secretary -Treasurer, President; Law Review Dinner Committee. WILLIAM VICTOR VITALE. Arlington. Virginia: LL.B.; Student Bar Association. MAUNG KYAW WIN. Twante. Burma; M.A. in Psychology. KEY P. YANG. Washington. DC; M.A. in Public Administration. kit JiM i im WILLIAM CURTIS ALFORD. JR.. Bethesda. Maryland; B.S. in Business Administration. COMMANDER MUHAMMAD AL SUHAIL. Kadhemain. Iraq; B.A. in Political Science; Pan Athnon; Orientation Board. MOHAMMED AL-YAWER. Washington. D.C.; B.S. in Social Science; Economics Club; Pan Athnon. EDNA CARLITA BAKER. Washington. D.C.; B.S. in Biology; Zeta Phi Beta. FRANCINE OLLIE BANNISTER. Washington. D.C.; B.S. in Business Administration. BEVERLY OCTAVIA BARWICK, Falls Church, Virginia; B.S. in Busi- ness Administration; Methodist Student Movement. LEF MORRETT BEALL. Edgewater, Maryland; B.A. in Music and Eng- lish; Choir; Aquiana; Yearbook; Eagle; Future Teachers of America: Music Club; English Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon. STEVE I. BERLIN, Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Communication; WAMU. 1, 2. MARGARET ANNE BOLE, Pensacola. Florida; B.A. in History; Kappa Delta. 1. 2, 3, 4; Women ' s " A " Club. Vice-President. 3. President. 4; History Club. Vice-President. 3; Canterbury Club. 1. 2; Spanish Club. 1; House Council, 1, 3; Class Secretary, 1. 2; Athletic Board. 4; Elections Board. 3. 4; Varsity and Intramural Sports. 1. 2, 3. 4. TOP PANEL: Second Row: LYNN ELIZABETH BONNEVILLE, Delaware County, Pennsylvania; B.A. in Political Science; Pi Sigma Alpha; Pi Gamma Mu; Social Chair- man, 4. FRANCES GRAY BORDEN. Arlington, Virginia; A.A. in Art. JUDITH LEE BOUCHER. Silver Spring, Maryland; B.A. in Art; Delta Gamma; Alpha Psi Omega; Arts Board; Art Student ' s Committee. ANNE JOHNSON BRITT, Chevy Chase, Maryland; B.A. in Psychology; Delta Gamma. CHARLES W. BROWN. Springfield, Va.; B.S. in Business Administra- tion: Phi Alpha Delta. HUGH BENNETT BROWN. Alexandria, Va.; B.A. in Communication. WAVENEY BRYANT. Washington, D.C.; B.A. LUIS BUITRAGO, San Salvador. El Salvador; B.S. in Economics; Eco- nomics Club; Society for the Advancement of Management; Varsity Baseball and Soccer. EDWARD J. BUSH. Fairfax. Va.; B.A. service government training program. Public Administration; in £ehiwJ Preparing for the Homecoming Parade Students at the downtown school rest between classes BOTTOM PANEL: First Row: MILTON CERNY, Berwyn, Illinois; B.S. in International Relations: Al- pha Sigma Phi. Outstanding Pledge 1, Secretary 2, President 3, Out- standing Member 3; Class Treasurer, 3; Class President. 4; Social Board, 3; Religious Board, 2; Interfraternity Council, Secretary-Treasurer, 2, President. 3; House Residence Council. Secretary; Varsity Soccer; In- tramural Sports; Political Science Club; International Relations Club; Westminster Club; Varsity " A " Club; WAMU; German Club. NOVELLA INEZ CHAMBERS. Washington. D.C.; B.A. in Elementary Education. ELLEN CHATTI, Arlington. Virginia; B.S in Social Sciences; Women ' s Press Club; Pi Gamma Mu. ELIZABETH CHIN. Washington. D.C.; B.S. in Chemistry; Chemistry Club; Women ' s " A " Club; Varsity and Intramural Sports; Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society. JOHN CHUNG. Macao; B.S. in Business Administratis and Soccer. 1. 2. 3. Varsity Tennis KI YOUNG CHUNG. Seoul. Korea; B.A. in International Relations; Pan- Anthon Club. RICHARD P. CLIFTON. Washington, D.C.; B.A.. Communications; Phi Sigma Kappa; Varsity " A " Club; Pi Delta Epsilon; Student Council, 4. PATRICIA JANE COLE. Silver Spring, Maryland; B.A. in Communica- tions; Phi Mu; Music Club; Chorus; WAMU, 1. 2. 3. 4. BARBARA LEE COLLINS, Arlington. Virginia; B.A. in Spanish; Music Club, 2. 4; Pan-American Club. 4; Choir. 2, 3. Second Row: LEO CHRISTY CONDOLON, Takoma Park, Maryland; B.A. MICHEL CLAUDE CONTEZAC. Arlington, Virginia; B.A. in History; History Club; French Club, President. BENJAMIN W. COTTEN. Washington. DC; B.A. in Sociology; Alpha Tau Omega; Omicron Delta Kappa. President; Pi Gamma Mu; Varsity " A " Club; Canterbury Club; Athletic Board; French Club; Chemistry- Club; Yearbook; Who ' s Who in American Colleges: American Univer- sity Merit Award; Men ' s Residence Council; Political Club; Sociological Society; Orientation Board; Student Association, President 4, Vice- President. 3: Basketball. 1. 2; Soccer. 3, 4. PAULA MAE CRANDALL. Washington. DC; B.A. in English; Chi Omega. MICHAEL C. DAMELIO. Frankfort. New York: B.A. in Political Sci- ence; Newman Club; Intramural Law Review; Student Bar Association: Delta Theta Phi. ANGELINE DAVIS. Washington, D.C.; B.A. in History; Methodist Stu- dent Movement; Pan-Anthon. DOUGLAS MATTHEW DAVIS. Falls Church. Virginia: B.A. in English: Phi Sigma Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa, 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon. 3, President. 4; Intramural Sports; Orientation Board. 2: WAMU. 1. 2; Eagle. 2. 3; Writer, Editor. 3; Yearbook. 2. LOVIE ELIZABETH DAVIS, Washington, DC: B.S. in Business Ad- ministration. STUART ERVIN DAVIS. Silver Spring. Maryland; B.S. in Psychology: Student Association. Vice-President. 4; Hillel; S.A.M.; University Play- ers; Psychological Honor Society; Director of Student Placement Bu- reau; Student Health and Welfare Committee. T% «e f- TOP First Row: MRS. EARL L. DITAMORE, Arlington, Virginia; B.S. in Nursing Edu- cation RICHARD FREDERICK DYSON. Charlotte Hall. Maryland; B.S. in Busi- ness Administration; Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer. 3; Canterbury Club. 1, 2; Religious Board. 1; Scholastic Achievement Board. 3; Intramural Sports, 1, 2. 3; S.A.M., President. 3. CHESTER ELWOOD EDDINGTON. Washington. D.C.; B.S. in Statistics; Student Member of the American Statistical Association. THRESSA LENORAH ELLIS. Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Economics. DONNA LEE ERDAHL. Washington, D. C; B.A. in Sociology; Phi Mu; Cap and Gown; Eagle. 2; Yearbook, 3, 4; Women ' s " A " Club. 2. 3. 4; Social Board. 3; Who ' s Who in American Colleges: Aquiana: Cheer- leader; Orientation Board, 3. 4; Student Health and Welfare Commit- tee, 4; Intramural Sports. 1. 2, 3. 4; Pan-Hellenic Council, 4. JACK J. EXELBERT. Brooklyn, New York; A.A. in Economics; Hillel. President; Eagle; Varsity Soccer; Orientation Board; Scholastic Achieve- ment Board; F.T.A. WILLIAM P. FENNELL, Washington, DC; B.A. in Sociology. EDITH ST. IVES FILION. Santa Fe, New Mexico; B.S. in Geology; Aquiana, 1, 2; Junior Alliance Francaise. 1, 2; Campus Day Queen. 2; University of New Mexico. 3; Homecoming Queen, 4. JANE FLEISCHMAN. Washington, DC; B.A. in English; Hillel. PANEL: Second Row: PATRICIA MAY FOX. Washington, DC; B.A. in Sociology; Pi Gamma Mu; German Club; History Club. Secretary; Eagle; Yearbook; Newman Club; Varsity Tennis; Intramural Tennis; Pan-American Club. Presi- dent. BETTY S. FREEMAN. Washington. D.C.; B.A., Sociology. JANE FULLER, Brockton. Massachusetts; B.A., History; History Club; Women ' s " A " Club; Kappa Delta; Class President. 2; Orientation Board; Scholastic Achievement Board; Student Health and Welfare Committee. AUDREY DEAN GARDONI. Washington, D.C.; B.A., Psychology; Work Study. LOWELL GARLAND, Washington, DC: B.A. DENISE P. GASKINS. Casanova. Virginia; B.A., Education. JULIE GILBERTSON, Fairfax, Virginia; A.A. Communications; North- western. Chi Omega. WNUR; Women ' s Chorus. JOHN THOMAS GILMARTIN, Falls Church, Virginia; B.S., Public Ad- ministration. IRVIN WILLIAM GLASSMYER. Arlington. Virginia; B.A.. History: Kappa Phi Kappa; History Club; Future Teachers of America; Reli- gious Board. M.S.M. £eHiWJ Coffee break ,A mm fk c i M Leap year BOTTOM PANEL: First Row: CATHERINE GLIDDEN, Riverdale. Maryland; B.A., Communications. GEORGE C. GODFREY. Millsboro. Delaware; B.A.. English; Wesley Junior College; Methodist Student Movement. ELEANOR C. GRAN. Yankton. South Dakota; B.S.. Public Administra- tion. GRACF E. GRAN. Yankton. South Dakota; B.S.. Psychology. JOSEPH STANTON GUY. JR.. Clements. Maryland; B.A.. Communica- tions: Alpha Sigma Phi, Treasurer, 3, President. 4; Rho Sigma Tau; Music Club, 3; Chorus, 3; Student Council. 3; Communications Board. 2, Chairman, 3: Orientation Board, 3; Eagle. 1: W.A.M.U.; Class Treas- urer. 2; Class President, 3; Junior-Senior Prom Chairman; Men ' s Resi- dence Council, 1. WILLIAM ALEXANDER HAMILTON, Washington, D.C.; B.A.. English: Pan-Anthon; German Club; Music Club; Writer. HENRY ' C. HART. JR., Washington, DC; B.S., Business Administration; Eagle; S.A.M. PATRICIA ANN HARVILLE. Washington. DC; B.A., Spanish; Delta Gamma; Pan-American Club. 1. 2. 3, 4; Intramural Sports, 1. 2; Orien- tation Board, Co-Chairman, 2. 3; Pan-Hellenic Council. President, 2. Secretary, 3, 4; Cap and Gown, 3, 4. President, 4; Class Vice-President. 3, Pi Gamma Mu. 3. 4; House Council, Treasurer, 2, 3. FRANK JAMES HERLIHY, Chevy Chase. Maryland; B.A.. Education. Second Row: DANIEL M. HIRSCH. New York, New York; B.A.. Political Science; Hillel: Tennis, Captain; Political Science Club; University Players. PHYLLIS V. HOLM. Arlington, Virginia; B.A.. Psychology; Delta Gamma; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Future Teachers of America; Class Sec- retary. 4; Intramural Sports. 1, 2. 3. 4; Orientation Board; WAMU; Coffee Shop Queen, 2; Eagle; Alpha Sigma Phi Dream Girl, 4; Fresh- man Handbook. 2. 3, 4; Pan-American Club. 3; Most Representative Junior and Senior Girl. WrLBERT C. HOPPER, Washington. DC; B.S., Geology. Phi Sigma Kappa; WAMU; Intramural Sports. JOYCE HORNSTEIN. Rome, Italy; B.A., History. JO ANN HUMINIK. Washington. D.C.; A.A.. Chemistry: Canterbury Club, Vice-President; Chemistry Club, Vice-President; Methodist Stu- dent Movement; Religious Board. ALFRED CARMINE INGAGLIATO. Washington. DC; B.S.. Economics. ELAINE INNES. Thomaston. Connecticut; B.A., Political Science; Sim- mons College, 1, 2: Phi Mu; Aquiana; Political Science Club; University Players; Varsity and Intramural Sports: Class Vice-President. 4, Pub- licity Committee; Who ' s Who Chairman; Social Board; Orientation Board; Freshman Handbook. 3. FRANK JACKSON, Washington. D.C.; B.A. DONALD W. JACOBS. Washington. DC: B.A. J:A First Row: TOP PANEL: Second Row: BERNARD LIONEL JAFFE. Newark, N.J.; B.S.. Accounting: Hillel. Treasurer. Vice-President: Delta Chi: Religious Board. JILL MOLLY JAMISON. Washington. D.C.; B.A.. Music; Alpha Chi Omega, Secretary, 4; Cap and Gown, Treasurer, 4; Junior Alliance Francaise, 2, 3, 4; Music Club, 1, Treasurer, 2, Vice-President. 3. Pres- ident, 4; Intramural Sports; Class Secretary, 3; Eagle; Yearbook. 2. 3. 4; Elections Committee. 2. 3; Clef Club; Chorus. AGNES JONES. Arlington. Virginia; B.A. ELAINE KAPLAN. Forest Hills, New York; B.A.. Psychology; Alpha Psi Omega; Women ' s " A " Club: Hillel. Secretary. 3; Pan Athnon; Re- ligious Board; Scholastic Achievement Board. Chairman. 4; University Players. Intramural Sports. CHARLES F. KESSLER. Washington. DC; B.A. NANCY KING. Verona. New Jersey; B.A., Radio and TV: Alpha Chi Omega, President; Orientation Board; WAMU. GERTRUDE ELIZABETH KLECKLEY. Franklin, Pennsylvania: B.S.. Psychology; Psychology Honor Society; Future Teachers of America. RUHAMA DEMIEL KLEIN. Washingtc Religion. DC; B.A.. Philosophy and S. FAUL KLEIN. Greensbor W.A.M.U. £eHhtA North Carolina: A. A. Communications; BARBARA KOONTZ. Washington. DC; B.A.. Music; Music Club; Chorus; Lutheran Student Movement. STUART KRASNER. Washington, DC; B.S., Communications; Pi Delta Epsilon; W.A.M.U., Program Director. 2; Regional Director. Intercol- legiate Broadcasting System. 3. S. KRISHNAMURTHY. Washington. D. C; B.A.. Economics. IRENE SUSAN KUZMINSKY. Washington. D.C.: B.A.. Psychology; Hillel. Secretary. Vice-President; Future Teachers of America; Ger- man Club; Spanish Club; Chess Club. Secretary; Eagle. GLENARD E LANIER. Arlington, Virginia; B.S.. Business Administra- tion MARY ANN LEBER. Waverly. Pennsylvania; B.S.. Communications; Delta Gamma; WAMU; Communications Board. RICHARD G. LINK. Bethesda. Md.. B.A., Business Administration. VANDIVER ROBERT L. LOCKE. Falls Church. Virginia; B.S.. Journal- ism. C. LORAINE LODGE. Pitman, New Jersey; B.A.. Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Canterbury Club; Communications Board; Religious Board. This is the life BOTTOM MARILYN LUNDY, Dallas, Pennsylvania; A. A., Communications; Kappa Delta; Lutheran Student Movement; The Writer; Varsity Basketball: Intraneural Sports; Communications Board; Orientation Board. CARL J. MADISON, Youngstown, Ohio; B.S.. Business Administration; Alpha Phi Omega; Future Teachers of America. HARRY MARANIAN, Vienna. Virginia; B.A., rLstory; Pi Gamma Mu; Kappa Phi Kappa. President. 4; History Club. President, 3. 4; Future Teachers of America. JAMES JOHN McDONNELL. Fords. New Jersey; B.A., Political Science: Phi Sigma Kappa: Beta Beta Beta; Political Science Club; Chemistry Club; Newman Club; Veterans Club; History Club: Basketball; Track. BERTRAM H. MEYERS. Washington. D.C.; A.A.. Business Administra- tion; Soccer; Hillel; Religious Board; S.A.M.; Economics Club; Delta DOUGLAS CRAIG MITCHELL. Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey; B.A.. Psychology; Eagle; Methodist Student Movement. HELEN MADELINE MOORE, Asheville. North Carolina: B.A. SAMUEL NORWOOD MOORE. Alexandria. Virginia; B.A.. Political Science; Political Science Club; Intramural Sports. HANS WERNER MORSBACH, Washington, DC: B.A.. Economics; Pi Gamma Mu; Economics Club; Chess Club, President, 3, 4; Pan Athnon; Debate Club; Varsity Swimming, 4. Dr. Moorse presents Law School awards PANEL: Second Row: ELIZABETH MULLER. Alexandria, Virginia; B.A.. Communications; Alpha Psi Omega; Pan Athnon; WAMU; University Players; Music Club; Chorus; Radio-TV Guild; German Club. RIChARD ERIC MUNSKE. Arlington. Virginia; B.A., Mathematics; Phi Sigma Kappa: University Players; Varsity Wrestling Team. 3. JOSEPH L. MURPHY. Bethesda. Maryland; B.A. MITCHELL MYERS. Washington. D.C.; B.S.. Business and Industrial Management; Phi Sigma Kappa; Intramural Sports, 2, 3, 4. MARTIN NORWITZ. Silver Spring. Maryland; B.S., Business Admin- istration; S.A.M.; Phi Sigma Kappa; Varsity Baseball; Economics Club; Intramural Sports. JAMES WILLIAM NORWOOD. Washington, D.C.; B.S.. Business Ad- ministration; Newman Club; S.A.M. ROBERT M. O ' MARA, Kensington. Maryland; B.A.. Economics. JOHN E. OXLEY, JR.. Rockville, Maryland; B.A., Political Science; History Club; Canterbury Club. CHARLES J. PALMER, JR.. Washington. D.C.; B.A.. Communications; Eagle. TOP PANEL: First Row: PHYLLIS B. PALMER. Washington. DC; B.A. RICHARD H. PARKER. Taunton, Massachusetts; B.S.. Geology; Phi Sigma Kappa; Varsity Basketball. 2. 3. 4; Varsity Baseball. 1. 2, 3. 4; A Club, 2. 3, 4; Spanish Club: Canterbury Club; Athletic Board; I.F.C., 4. RICHARD T. PARKER. New York, New York; B.A., Psychology; Lambda Chi Alpha; Eagle; Publications Board. Chairman, 4. PHILLIP O. PEGG. Washington. D.C.; B.S.. Business Administration; S.A.M. HOWARD POLANSKY. Greenbelt, Maryland; B.S., Business Adminis- tration; University of Connecticut. 1. 2; Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Radio Station; Varsity Baseball. 1. 2. BARBARA B. POWELL. Arlington. Virginia; B.A.. Education; Delta Gamma; Methodist Student Movement; Future Teachers of America. MARTHA PRINCE. Bethesda. Maryland: B.A.. Psychology; Kappa Delta. President, Membership Chairman; Women ' s " A " Club; Pan-Hellenic Council, President; College Council Representative, 3, 4; Chairman Elections and Student Lounge Committees; " Who ' s Who; " WAMU. JOANNE MAE RAULIN. Washington, DC; B.A., Music; Delta Gamma; Music Club; Chorus; Intramural Sports. MORRIS RICHSTONE. Alexandria. Virginia; B.A. EDWARD J. ROBINSON. Port Jervis. New York; B.S.. Business Ad- ministration; Phi Sigma Kappa. Secretary, 2. 3, Vice-President. 4; Vet- erans Club; Intramural Sports. 2. 3. 4. RIChARD WILLIAM RUDY. Tacoma. Washington; B.S.. Business Ad- ministration; Student Bar Association. Second Row: MARVIN E. SCHNECK. Kerhonkson. New York; B.A.. Economics: Economics Club; Communications Board; Hillel, President. 2. 3; WAMU: International Relations Club. MYRON ISRAEL SCHOLNICK. Baltimore. Maryland; B.A.. History; Pi Delta Epsilon. Secretary. 3, Treasurer. 4; Sigma Delta Chi. 3. 4; WAMU. 2. 3. 4; Eagle Editor. 3; Writer; International Relations Club; Hillel, Class Treasurer, 4; Religious Board; Student Health and Welfare Committee, 4; Publications Board. 4. BAREARA SCHWARTZBACH. Kingston, Pennsylvania; A.A. Communi- cations; WAMU: Hillel. HAROLD V. SEMLING. JR.. Washington. D.C.; B.A.. Public Relations: Pi Gamma Mu; Sigma Delta Chi; International Relations Club; Meth- odist Student Movement; Debate Club; Economics Club; Religious Board. AN1MA SENGUPTA. Washington. DC; B.A. PATRICIA H. SEVERY. Bethesda. Maryland; B.A.. Music; Riverside College. BARBARA CHURCH SHEFFER. Washington, D.C.; B.A.. Political Sci- ence; Pi Sigma Alpha; History Club; Connecticut College for Women. MARY A. SIG1LLITO. Washington. D.C.; B.S., Public Administration: Sigma Kappa Rho. BERNARD C. SMITH. Cleveland. Ohio; B.S.. Economics. DAVID PORTER SMITH. Fairfax. Virginia: B.S.. Chemistry. £eHiwJ BOTTOM PANEL: First Row: RICHARD C. SMITH. Washington. DC; B.A. ALEX M. SNEDDON. New York. New York: B.A.. Political Science: Phi Sigma Kappa; Varsity " A " Club; Varsity Basketball. 1, 2. 3. co- captain. 4: Track. ANITA SOLOMON. Washington. DC; B.A.. English; University of Miami; Delta Phi Epsilon; Miami Hurricane Staff; Dramatics. SARA SPEED. Washington. D.C.; B.S., Business Administration; Choir. DAVID F. TEMPLETON, JR.. Washington. D.C.; B.A.. Mathematics; Theta Xi; Chess Club; Deutsch Verein. SATI VIRANJAN TYAGI, Beirut. India; B.A. PRAORAPHAN VATHAKANON. Bangkok, Thailand; A. A.. Business Ad- ministration; Pan Athnon. BETTY M. VEKEMAN, Washington. D.C.; B.S., Public Administration. RERNG VEJPRASIT. Bangkok. Thailand; B.S.. Business Administra- tion. Second Row. DUANE E. WALDENBURG. Washington. DC; B.S., Business and In- dustrial Management. SELDEN WASHINGTON. JR.. Washington. D.C.; B.A.. Art History. THERESA E. WASHINGTON. Washington, D.C.; B.S.. Nursing Educa- tion. T. JOYCE WATTS, Kane. Pennsylvania; B.A.. Psychology; Alpha Chi Omega. Treasurer. 1. Vice-President. 2. 4; Yearbook, 1; Eagle. 1, 4; Methodist Student Movement. 1; Lutheran Student Movement, 1. 2; Chorus; Orientation Board. 1. 2; Westminster Fellowship. 2, 4; Presi- dent House Council of Mary Graydon Hall. 4; Season ' s Greetings: Clef Club. RANDALL WAUGH. JR.. Takoma Park. Maryland; B.S., Business Ad- ministration. ARMADA M. WEEKLEY, Washington. DC; B.A.. History. JAMES ALBERT WILLIAMS. Silver Spring. Maryland; B.S., Physical Education; Omicron Delta Kappa; Future Teachers of America. Treas- urer: Varsity " A " Club. President. 3; Athletic Board; Election Board; Scholastic Achievement Board: College Council; Varsity Basketball. 1. 2, 3. 4, co-captain. 4; Varsity Baseball. 1. 2. Captain. 3. 4. CAROL E. WILSON, Garden City. Long Island; A. A.. Sociology; Alpha Chi Omega: Florida Southern; Alpha Eta Rho; Women ' s " A " Club; So- ciological Society; Intramural Sports; Women ' s Varsity; Bunny Hop Queen. THOMAS LEROY WONG. Washington, D.C.; B.S.. Chemistry; German Club; Veterans Club: Student Affiliate to the American Chemical So- ciety; Chemistry Club; Junior Varsity and Intramural Sports. x p ■ I I ■ OffahijatichJ 7k The College Council of the Student Association is the direct governing body. It is composed of the officers of the Student Association, Vice-President of each of the College classes, the chairman of each of the Boards and two representatives elected from each of the Col- lege classes. There are nine Boards of the Student Association, whose purpose it is to act as an intermediary between the student organizations and the College Council. The Publications Board picks the business manager and editor of the various publications issued, controls the expenditure of funds allocated and keeps a record of all transactions and publication contracts. The Ath- letic Board works in cooperation with the Varsitv stuart davis clubs and the Director of Physical Education to aid Vice-President ' SARA VAN DYKE Secretary COLLEGE COUNCIL Seated. Left to Right: Ben Cotton. President; Stuart Davis, Vice-President. Standing: Richard Parker, Chairman, Publications Board; Lo- retta Kreigsmann, Chairman, Arts Board; Elaine Kaplan, Chairman, Scholastic Achievement Board; Nancy Chick, Chairman. Social Board; Rich Horn, Chairman, Orientation Board; Bill Blackburn, Chairman, Intramural Committee; Carleton Rogers, Chairman, Communications Board; Bob Barnes, Chaplain, Chairman, Religious Board; Jack Patrick, Parliamentarian; Harold Semling, National Student Association Representative; Dr. John, Faculty Advisor; Dr. Hirsch, Faculty Advisor; Col. Bolles, Administrative Representative; Dr. Gondos, Faculty- Advisor; Dr. Spencer, Faculty Advisor. BENJAMIN COTTEN President LAWRENCE C. BETZLER Comptroller E£ mm Student A cciaticH in the development of intercollegiate and intramural sports programs. The Scholastic Achievement Board collaborates with the faculty in stimulating Scholastic excellence and achieving the objectives of the College. It plans convocations in cooperation with the Religious Board. The Religious Board assists the President of the University in deepening the religious experience of the campus community and in planning chapels and con- vocations. It coordinates the activities of the religious groups on campus and sponsors the Religious Emphasis Week. The Social Board arranges a calendar for social functions and makes arrangements in cooperation with the organizations sponsoring the functions. The Elec- tions Board supervises and regulates all elections con- cerning the Student Association. The Communication s Board reviews the Radio Station operations, fiscal pol- icy and equipment allocated for use bv the Student Association. The Arts Board promotes the integration of art activities and tries to increase appreciation and participation of the student body in such activities. The Orientation Board plans and directs programs for in- troducing new students to the program and tradi- tions of the College and appoints a committee to direct the governmental organization of the Freshman class. The Board publishes the " Freshman Handbook. " This year a new accounting procedure was intro- duced. The Student Placement Service was established, a student lounge was opened and an outside bulletin board was constructed. These are only a few of the many advances made by College Council this year. Sealed, Left to Bight: Sara Van Dyke, Secretary; Larry Betzler, Comptroller. Standing: Gail Hodges, Vice-President, Freshman Class; Ginger Saunders, Representative, Freshman Class; Ted Crowther, Representative, Freshman Class; Pete Warring, Vice-President, Sophomore Class; Ginger Porter, Representative, Sophomore Class; Ken Rollins, Representative, Sophomore Class; Frank Patterson, Vice-President, Junior Class; Betty Porter, Representative, Junior Class; John ADostolakos, Representative, Junior Class; Martha Prince, Representative, Senior Class. CtaM - SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sealed, Left to Right: Phyllis Holm, Secretary; Andy Innis, Vice- President. Standing: Milt Cerny, President; Myron Scholnick, Treasurer. JUNIOR CLASS - OFFICERS Seated, Left to Right: Norman Better, President; Claire Gredone, Secretary. Standing: Sonny Bell, Treasurer; Frank Patterson, Vice- President. -SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Seated, Left to Right: Mindy Smith, Secretary; Lee Laskin, President. Standing: Burt Stevens, Treasurer; Pete Warring, Vice- President. FRESHMAN CLASS - OFFICERS Seated, Left to Right: Gail Hodges, Vice-President; Larry Weimer, President. Standing: Carol Mc- Whorter, Treasurer; Bette Davis, Secretary. tfeliaicuA Board First Row, Left to Right: Dr. John, Joan Coury, Miss Ryder, Bob Barnes. Second Row: Kay Jennings, Kumja Kim, Elaine Kaplan, J Ann Huminik, Margie Day, Colinda Smith, Cathy Ogilvie. Third Row: David Poole, Harold Semling, Irvin Glassmyer, Dave Pattison, Sonny Day, Bruce Perritt, Russell Stover. Bob Barnes Chairman Joan Coury Secretary The Religious Board plans weekly chapel services and coordinates the activities of the various religious organizations on campus. It sponsors Religious Em- phasis Week and the Annual Christmas Dinner. The Board strives to attain a wide student participation in the religions of their choice. Orientathn Beard Sonny Morris Co-Chairman Betty Porter Co-Chairman Dick Horn Co-Chairman The Orientation Board, whose membership is open to all students, acts as the host of the University. It sponsors Orientation Week for the incoming freshmen and all other introductory duties that crop up during the year. One of the female members most pleasant duties during the year was when they were hostesses for a platoon of soldiers from Ft. McNair who were visiting the campus for a day. Front, Left to Right: Lee Levy, Rose Turner, Marn Lancaster, Larry Lodge, Joan Turner, Donna Erdahl, Ken Munsey. Middle: Pete War- ring, Loretta Meyer, Anne Barnard, Shirley Alexander, Bob Rumpf, Claire Gredone, Dick Horn, Betty Porter, Jack Exelbert, Barbara Balas, Pat Harville. Back: Norman Better, Ed Amundson, Carol Holden, Mike Chasman, Nancy Chick, Dot Brodt, Marilyn Lundy, Nance King, Steppie Steger, Barbara Schreck, Joe Cannon, Phyl Holm, Larry Betzler, Carleton Rogers, Ginger Porter, Sabre Paris. 1 -J (yfi ji Pn • ' ■Jftr ' 1 Seated, Left to Right: Peggie Bole, Anne Bar- nard, Robert Rumpf, Betty Hansborough, Dottie Brodt. Standing: Frank Green, Wayne Shufelt. Seated, Left to Right: Carol Holden, Alan Walter. Diane Trenery. Standing: Peggie Bole, Phyllis Carlson. Athletic Scat-4 CtectichJ Soatd Robert Rumpf Chairman Pegoie Bolk Se retai i Alan Walter Chairman Diane Trenery Secretary The Athletic Board aids in the development of the sports program at A.U. One of its big jobs this year was the sponsoring of the pep rallies before athletic i vents. The big job of the Elections Board is to supervise all elections held on campus. The board this year has set up an extensive voting system. AtU Scat 4 Loretta Krikgsman Co-Chairman Bill Woodward Co-Chairman Judy Boucher Secretary The purpose of the Arts Board is to integrate the Drama, Music and Art departments, act in an advis- ory capacity, and bring their events to the attention of the student body. The Board assists any groups which need artistic help in any of their activities fecial Scatd Nancy Chick Chairman Peggy Sabin Secretary The Social Board regulates all of the social activities held by the various groups on campus. It plans the social calendar and coordinates all social activities so there are no conflictions. Among its various projects were the Homecoming Dance, and the Sock Hop held after the last basketball game of the season. Left to Right: Mr. Gates, Bill Woodward, Lo- retta Kriegsmann, Bob Posner, Linda Mond- ragon, Judy Boucher. Seated, Left to Right: Barbara Roome, Nancy Chick, Peggy Sabin. Standing: Roy Mayer, Milt Cerny. £chciaJtk fickkHemenU Bcat-4 Elaine Kaplan Chairman Jean O ' Connor Secretary The Scholastic Achievement Board co- operates with the faculty in stimulating scholastic interest in the student. They help plan convocations of intellectual interest for the student body. Their big project this year was the sponsoring of the very successful Career Week Conferences. Left to Right: Bruce Mabee, Clelia Ganoza, Shep Morgan, Elaine Kaplan, Jack Patrick, Jimmy Williams, Jean O ' Connor, Pat Blake. C.arleton Rogers Chairman Steppie Steger Secretary The Communications Board reviews the radio station operations, fiscal policy, pro- cedures and the equipment allocated for their use by the Student Association. Front Row: Left to Right: Carleton Rogers, Steppie Steger. Back Row: Mr. Pope, Sandy Damewood, Sue Ehrenworth, Mary Ann Leber, Dave Jason, Mr. Kempton. Ccmtftunicat CHJ Beard ■16 PulfticatfoHA Soat4 Dick Parker Chairman Mary Ann Dvorak Secretary The Publications Board appoints the ed- itors and business managers of the three publications issued by the student associa- tion. The board controls the literary pro- cedures and the expenditures of funds allo- cated by college council for the respective publications. Seated, Left to Right: Mary Ann Dvorak, Alma Ad- dison, Diane Taylor, Josephine Cortese. Standing: Bill Petrini, Lee Levy, Arty Rosenberg. Stu Davis Chairman Donna Erdahl Secretary The Student Health and Welfare Com- mittee was organized to take care of the various complaints of the students. This year, through many meetings and confer- ences, it worked with the cafeteria to pro- vide more and better food for the students. Left to Right: Betty Porter, Rich Horn, Donna Er- dahl, Stu Davis, Jack Exelbert, Chuck Bailey. £tu4eht Health W Welfare Committee Left to Right: Pete Warring. Pat Reifer, Bob McGregor, Chris Russell, Lori Meyer, John Riddle. Front: Irene Kjersgaard. Back, Left to Right: Phyllis Holm, Diane Trenery, Pat Blake. Pat Wilson, Joyce Watts. £tu4ent Council Publicity Committee Pete Warring Chairman The Student Council Publicity Committee was or- ganized this year to supervise the publicity that the various organizations display on campus. The Com- mittee also posts the week ' s events in the new outside bulletin board between Mary Graydon Hall and Mc- Kinlev building. HouM Council OFFICERS Joyce Watts President Phyllis Holm Vice-President Diane Trenery Recording Secretary Irene Kjersgaard Corresponding Secretary Pat Blake Treasurei The Mary Graydon House Council is the governing body of the upper class women ' s dormitory. They spon- sor an open house at Christmas and a get-acquainted tea at the beginning of the second semester. tHen J Residence Council OFFICERS Larry Betzler President Allan Walter Vice-President Bill McCarthy Secretary Hamilton HcuAe Council OFFICERS Fran Fessler President Carolyn Lee Vice-President Lila Lyon Secretary Lois Character Treasurer The Men ' s Residence Council is the supervisory bodv for the three men ' s dormitories on campus. A midnight party was sponsored in February for the new and old students to gel acquainted. The Hamilton House Council is the governing body for the newly established Freshman women ' s dormi- tory. This is the first year that the Freshmen women have lived exclusively in one dorm. During the first semester it sponsored an open house party. Seated. Left to Right: Dr. Yocum, Bill Mc- Carthy. Larry Betzler, Allan Walter, Dr. John. Standing: Otto Tocchio, Doug Ander- son, Harold Semling, Ernie Dibble. Bob El- wood, Milt Cernv. Front Row, Left to Right: Ann Berlin, Betty Hansborough, Marcia Chase. Back Row: Fran Fessler, Carolyn Lee, Lila Lyon, Lois Char- acter. Henwarif (jrcupA m«i who Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities is a national organization which honors Juniors and Seniors who have excelled in scholarship and service to the University. A committee screens all Juniors and Seniors each year and chooses those who are eligible for the honor. Omicfcw helta Happa OFFICERS Ben Cotton President Dr. Clark Secretary-Treasurer Dean Bentley Faculty Advisor ODK is a Men ' s National Honorary leadership and scholastic fraternity. Faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students alike are active members of the organization. It held a charity carnival for the drive to send funds to the World University Service in the Spring. Left to Right: Pat Fox, Milt Cern.v, Martha Prince, Myron Scholnick, Pat Harville Horan, Ben Cotten. Jill Jamison, Harold Semling, Elaine Kaplan, Stu Davis, Donna Erdahl, Jimmy Williams. Seated, Left to Right: Ben Cotton, Dr. Shen- lon, Dick Witter, Carleton Rogers, Jim Wil- liams. Standing: Mr. Cassell, Mr. Wakefield, Dr. John, Dr. Clark, Frank Patterson, Doug Davis, Pete Bono. Seated, Left to Right: Harl La Place, Pat Harville Horan, Jill Jamison. Standing: Donna Erdahl, Ellie Dickenson, Dr. Gondos, Judy Boucher, Pat Fox. Seated, Left to Right: Anabell Leonard, Mrs. Brenner, Dr. Spencer, Robert Sutton, Pat Fox, Charles Gregg, Irene Kusminsky, Betty Porter. Standing: Rene Dostert, Morey Hampton, Col. Ralph Brenner, Robert O ' Mara, Harold Semling, Margaret Light, Harry Maranian. Cap and (jcu n OFFICERS Pat Harville Horan President Donna Erdahl Secretary Jill Jamison Treasurer Cap and Gown is the women ' s local honorary lead- ership and scholarship organization. Each fall during Orientation Week it holds a tea for the incoming fresh- men women. This year it was one of the sponsors of the Charity Carnival whose proceeds went to the Red Feather. Pi Happa tftu OFFICERS Dr. Spencer Faculty Advisor Robert Sutton President Harold Semling Vice-President Pat Fox Secretary Charles Gregg Treasurer The National Social Science Honor Society works to improve scholarship in the social studies and to inspire social service to humanity by an intelligent approach to social problems. Pi Gamma Mu seeks to engender sympathy towards others with different opinions and institutions through a better mutual understanding. 51 Kappa Seta Pi OFFICERS Belva O ' Leary Dean Lydia Stratton Associate Dean Dorothea Klajbor Recording Registrar Ida May Thayer Corresponding Registrar Ruby Moss Chancellor Mary Ambrose Marshal Kappa Beta Pi is a women ' s national Law fraternity. Among their activities throughout the year are a tea held for the new women entering the College and par- ties at the court for newly naturalized cit- izens. They give an award for the women in the top ten per cent of their class and for the woman with the highest average after the first year. Left to Right: Mary Moore, Elizabeth Salisbury, Belva O ' Leary, Dorothea M. Klajbor, Marie Pappenfort, Louise Holt. OFFICERS Donald Kroec.k President Harold Semling Vice-President Mr. Crawford Chapter Advisor Sigma Delta Chi is the oldest, largest, and most select professional organization in the journalism field. There are 60 under- graduate chapters and 44 graduate chap- ters. The American University chapter holds monthly meetings with leading peo- ple from the journalistic field as speakers. Left to Right: William Wesn, Harold Olsen, Richard Dienelt, Mr. H. D. Crawford, Donald Kroeck, Harold Semling, Myron Scholnick, Richard Olson, Stanley Grogan. £iftna heita Chi 52 Alpha Phi Otneae OFFICERS Bob Bunting President Sonny Bell Vice-President Carleton Rogers Secretary Bruce Perritt Treasurer Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Fraternity which was founded at Lafayette College in 1925. It is open to men who have had previous experience in scouting and have an honest desire to render service to others. First Row. Left to Right: Carleton Rogers, Bruce Mabee. Second Row: Carl Madison. Sonny Bell. Bob Bunting, Mr. Wakefield. Delta Phi Alpha is a German National Honorary fraternity for the students at the University. Students are eligible for it who are in good scholastic standing and who have had twelve hours of " B " work in studies in the German language. Left to Right: Ronald Jarchow, Dr. Frank, Roge Stinchfield, Ginger Porter. he ta Phi Alpha Uappa helta CpAilcH OFFICERS Frances Lyons President Claire Gredone Vice-President Carolyn Richardson Treasurer Mary Ellen Polen Secretary Kappa Delta Epsilon is a National Honorary Edu- cational Sorority for those women who have a " B " average in the field. They hold a tea in conjunction with Kappa Phi Kappa in the spring. tfntoertitif Htner £ccietif OFFICERS Mrs. Magaw President Mr. Sherrard Vice-President Dr. Clark Secretary-Treasurer The University Honor Society is composed of fac- ulty members who were members of Phi Beta Kappa or the equivalent at other Universities and of Seniors and Graduate students of the University. At the end of his senior year a student must have a cumulative index of 2.4 to be eligible for this Society. A luncheon is held in the spring for newly elected seniors. Seated, Left to Right: Claire Gredone, Frances Lyons, Carolyn Richardson. Stand- ing: Gloria Armaghanian, Joyce Watts, Pat Blake, Nancy Lee Jackson, Mary Mather, Mrs. Magaw, Marilyn Barrett. Seated, Left to Right: Mr. Sherrard, Dr. Mc- Clain, Mrs. Magaw, Dr. Clark, Dr. Shenton. Standing: Dr. Davis, Dr. Gondos, Dr. Van der Slice, Miss Torrence, Dr. Schubert, Dr. Robinson. Seated, Left to Right: Ginger Porter, Jean O ' Connor, Judy Boucher, Liz Mil Her, Phyllis Italiano, Mindy Smith. Standing: Bill Kreps, Chuck Ogdon, Dr. Yocum, Loretta Krieg- Miianu. Elaine Kaplan, Les Miller, Lee Levy. Seated, Left to Right: Irvln Glassmyer, Harry Maranian, Dr. Burr. Standing: Chuck Ogdon, Russell Flolo, Samuel Polen, Joe Wallace, John Schreck. Alpha pM Otneaa OFFICERS Les Miller Director Elaine Kaplan Assistant Director Bill Kreps Stage Manager National recognition is extended to outstanding University players through the attainment of member- ship in Alpha Psi Omega. Annual events include the fall pledging and spring initiation and banquet. Uappa Phi Kappa OFFICERS Harry Maranian President Irvin Glassmyer Vice-President Joe Wallace Secretary Russell Flolo Treasurer Kappa Phi Kappa is a Men ' s National Fraternity in the field of education. It was started at American University in 1954 for those men who excel in educa- tion. Seta Seta Seta Seated, Left to Right: Vic Schenk, Rosalyn Bradford, Pete Bono. Standing: Mr. McCausland, John Wang- ler, Jane Braucher, Carolyn Richardson, Mindy Smith, Thelma Wilhelm. OFFICERS Pete Bono President Vic Schenk Vice-President Rosalyn Bradford Secretary Leslie Durloo Historian Mr. McCausland Treasurer Beta Beta Beta is the Honorary Biology fraternity which is open to students in good scholastic standing and who have twelve hours of " B " work in Biology. The frater- nity sponsors lectures and field trips to fur- ther interest in the sciences. Alpha Cta ?hc OFFICERS Bill Wood President Pat Harville Horan Secretary Carol Wilson Treasurer Alpha Eta Rho. an International Aero- nautic Fraternity, is open to anyone who is interested in anv aspect of aviation. Several of the members hold Arthur Godfrey Fly- ing Fellowships which offer the student 35 hours of free Hvinsj instruction. Left to Right: Jim McDonnell. Walt Vollmecke, Bill McCarthy, Carol Wilson. Bill Wood, George Behrle. Left to Right: Arleen Shapiro, Claudia Christopher- son. Margaret Light. Norma Small. Mary Ann Dvorak. OFFICERS Margaret Light President Lee Beall Vice-President Norma Small Secretary Mary Ann Dvorak Treasurer The English Honorary is a newly formed local group honoring students who excel in English. The group hopes at some future date to affiliate with a National Honorary organization. ChflUh HcHct-arif OFFICERS Doug Davis President Myron Scholnick Vice-President Barbara Balas Secretary Dave Bause Treasurer John Benson Historian Pi Delta Epsilon honors, through mem- bership, students showing outstanding abil- ity in the field of Journalism or Radio and Television. The group holds monthly meet- ings and discusses the problems of WAMU and AU ' s publications. First Row. Left to Right: Barbara Balas. Dr. Clark, Lee Levy. Second Row: Norman Better, John Benson. Doug Davis. Dave Bause, Larry Betzler. Pi helta CpMhh First Row. Lefl to Right: Larry Traylor, Jay Wilkins, Calvin Hamilton. Second Row: John McCollum, Rufus Peckham, Kenneth Edmunds, Norman Brown. Tom Olsen, Charles Bell, Don Jacobs. Third Row: George Arceneaux, Alex Wil- son. Phil Leadbetter, John Lombardo, John Ballard, Dick Wood, David Caldwell, Charles Overton. " Jl ■ " « ■VI W;jjrm wk ■k.- |j ■ t t 7A W Left to Right: James Cendoma, Jack Reiter, Edward Schwarz, Jr., Mike D ' Amelio. OFFICERS Ed Schwarz Dean Frank Strickland Vice-Dean Jim Kenney Clerk of Rolls Jay Wilkins Exchequer Bob Hood Master of Ritual Larry Traylor Tribune The John W. Davis Senate of Delta Theta Phi is an Honorary Legal fraternity for men and the largest fraternity of this type in the nation. Among the various ac- tivities sponsored are the Spring and Fall inter-city dances and the Founder ' s Day dinner and dance. £igma Vu Phi OFFICERS John Karcha Lord Chancellor Tommie Dudley First Vice-Chancellor Henry Furr Second Vice-Chancellor Elmer Holst Registrar of Exchequer Frederick Nabhan Master of the Rolls William Sherwood Joint Marshal Alex Aoerakis Joint Marshal Sigma Nu Phi is a national honorary legal fraternity for men. The members are selected on the basis of their scholastic achievement. At the meetings, speakers of great note are present. The fraternity gives a key to the student who has the highest average at the end of each year. First Row, Left to Right: Thomas Zaso, James Rala- hate, Elmer Hoist, Frederick Nabhan, David Innis. John Karcha. Second Row: Leonard L. Lipshultz, Alex Agerakis, Henry Furr, Leslie C. Gay, George P. Riggs, Tommie Dudley, James C. Freeman, Ronald M. Sturtz. £eli$icuA (jtcupA Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club is a religious organization composed of Episcopal students. At their weekly meet- ings they have guest speakers and discussion groups. The weekly meetings which are luncheon style have been favored by the members for a relaxing discussion. Among the activities of the year is a picnic in the Spring. hum a u k The B-nai B ' rith Hillel counselorship at American University strives for a deeper appreciation of Jewish life and values. The organization discusses the cultural and traditional aspects of the religion in order to have a better understanding and appreciation. The " New Year ' s Resolution " dance was one of the high- lights of the year ' s activities. OFFICERS Bruce Perritt President Jo Ann Humimck Vice-President Loretta Meyer Secretary Levon Garabedian . . .Publicity Chairman Seated, Left to Right: Jo Ann Huminlck. Pat Rice, Alma Addison, Jane Thomas, Loretta Meyer. Standing: Rev. Gillespie, Sam Houser, Bruce Perritt, Levon Garabedian, Colinda Smith, Linda Mondragon. OFFICERS Jack Exelbert President Dick Bellack Vice-President Irene Kusminsky . .Recording Secretary Roberta Jewler Corresponding Secretary Lee Levy Treasurer Professor Levin Advisor First Row, Left to Right: Rabbi Seidman, Irene Kusminsky, Dick Bellack, Jack Exel- bert, Roberta Jewler, Lee Levy. Second Row: Phil Levy, Ed Chadacal, Joyce Levine, Bruce Tucker, Roberta Myers, Carol Krisel, Myron Scholnick, Martha Dorf, Elaine Kaplan, Bernie Jaffe, Nanette Hirsch, Helen Snyder. Third Row: Vera Kruglak, Marilyn Hockman, Mar- gie Stone, Elaine Wool, Sara Lipsitz, Barbara Rosenberg, Rhoda Ringleheim, Naomi Feld- heim, Victor Schenk, Jack Kreuter, Stu Davis. iutketan £tu feht fjJcdat ch First Row, Left to Right: Pat Blake, Ed Wither, Barbara Balas, Pastor Foelber. Second Row: Louis Bahraus, Leonice Baer, Barbara Koontz, Audrey Ricketts, John Moyer. Third Row: Roy Glammyer, Roy Mayer, Ed Amundson, Bill Kreps. OFFICERS Ed Wilber President Barbara Balas Vice-President Pat Blake Secretary The Lutheran Student Association is an organization which promotes religious ac- tivity on campus and unites Lutheran stu- dents in Christian fellowship. Weekly luncheon and discussion meetings are held. OFFICERS Cathy Ogilvie President Irvin Glassmyer Vice-President Rosemary Topp Secretary-Treasurer Margie Day ... .Religious Board Representative The Methodist Student Movement is composed of a group of students interested in promoting spiritual life on the campus. They hold a morning prayer group, lec- tures and outdoor gatherings designed to further religious activity among the stu- dents. First Row, Left to Right: Margie Day, Cathy Ogilvie, Beverly Barwick, Anne Rockefeller, Rosemary Topp, Susan McKensie. Second Row: Sonny Day, Carolyn Owens, Jo Ann Huminick, Mary Ann Bell, Karl Swenson. Third Row: Robert McClees, Irvin Glass- myer, Carleton Rogers, Phil Jones, Jon Iseminger, Bruce Buzalski, Dave Pattison, Kay Jennings, Doug Mitchell. titetkcjitt Student iHrtemeht First Row, Left to Right: Joan DeVore, Clelia Gan- oza. Rose Turner, Marge Light, Loretta Kriegsmann, Frances Lyons, Pat Fox, Pete Warring. Second Row: Paul Poulin, Pat Piro, Heather Clover, Bill Lewicky, Father Krastel, Ed Robinson, Claire Gredone, Bar- bara Brodsky. Third Row: Larry Betzler, Francis Mo- riarity, Phyllis Italiano. Bill McCarthy, Larry Baker. Henry Prender, Mike McDarby, Paul Barnard, Mari- lyn Barrett, Mike D ' Amelio, Bob Elwood. Fourth Row: Jim Fitzgerald, Jim McDonnell. Walt Vollmecke, Joe Pellegrino, Joe Cannon, Pete Bono. OFFICERS Ed Robinson President Bill Lewicky Vice-President Claire Gredone Secretary Joe Cannon Treasurer The Newman Club is composed ot Ro- man Catholic students and those interested in the understanding of the faith. Among the various activities held there are, semi- nars, bi-weekly meetings, discussion and study groups and numerous social activities which includes a picnic in the Spring. Wetotnah Club WeMmihJtet Jcunjathtt OFFICERS Don Stover Chairman Russell Flolo Vice-Chairman Joyce Watts Secretary The Westminster Foundation is an or- ganization composed of Presbyterian stu- dents. It strives to promote unity and fel- lowship among those of the faith by dis- cussion meetings of the members. Left to Right: Carol McWhorter, Mary Ann Dvorak, Russell Flolo, Don Stover, Joyce Watts. David Poole. Bill Haller, Dr. James Bryden. Ctufo and OffanijatfonA The A. % Pla u OFFICERS Mindy Smith President Phyllis Italiano Vice-President Heather Clover Secretary Ginger Porter Treasurer The American University Players is designed to pro- mote interest in the theater and affords an opportunity to the individual to learn about the many facets of the theater. This year three three-act plays and two student directed one-act plays were held. Aquina Aquiana is a local synchronized swimming group which strives to promote understanding and apprecia- tion of that sport. A water ballet is held each spring. This year a " Wild West Review " was planned at the University pool. In the summer the group holds per- formances at the various country clubs and service bases in the Washington area. Front: Joe Cannon. First Row, Left to Right: Chuck Ogdon, Heather Clover, Phyllis Italiano, Mindy Smith, Elizabeth Muller, Jean O ' Con- nor. Second Row: Ginger Porter, Elaine Kap- lan, Judy Boucher, Dr. Yocum. Third Row: Lee Levy, Corky Kahn. Bill Kreps, Tom Ryan. First Row, Left to Right: Betty Bole, Sally Bressler, Pat Nicklaw, Jean Selby, Valerie Markwood, Carolyn Darroch, Barbara Goode, Gayle Fritschmann, Pat Walker, Linda Walo- witz, Donna Erdahl. Second Row: Johanna Smey, Lee Levy, Sue Keller, Joanne Hyre, Betty Ann McWilliams, Ellen Bailey, Helen Fogel, Maryse Delevaux, Patsy Golden, Mary Jane Cook. Third Row: Carol McWhorter, Mary Lea Wilhclm, Ruth Kline, Lee Beall, Billy Compton, Bob Frailey, Director; Pete Swindler, Assistant Director; Carol Peltier, Carol Noel, Thelma Wilhelm. First Row, Left to Right: Ginger Porter, Peggy Duke, Joe Cannon, Anne Barnard, Diane Trenery. Second Row: Donna Erdahl, Barbara Goode, Barbara Rosenberg, Sara Van Dyke. fa Si ■ m First Kow, Left to Right: Dr. Schubert, Jo Ann Huminik, John Wangler, Dr. Aldridge. Second Row: Bill Silvey, Dick Hulbert, Bar- bara McWhorter, Martha Dorf, Jon Waring. Third Row: Noel Kilgen, Lucien Johnson, John Mead, Pete Bono, Leslie Durloo. Fourth Row: Thomas Wong, Elizabeth Chin, Carolyn Rich- ardson. Cheerleader Joe Cannon Captain Donna Erdahl Co-Captain The school year began with stiff competition in the tryouts for the Cheerleader squad. The result was an exceptionally good squad with new girls, new skirts and new cheers. We may not have won all the games, but the cheerleaders were always present with lots of spirit to back the team up. Chemistry Club OFFICERS John Wangler President Jo Ann Huminik Vice-President Martha Dorf Secretary Jon Waring Treasurer The Chemistry Club is primarily for majors in the field, but is open to all interested students. The Club is affiliated with the American Chemical Society and of- fers top level professional associations to its members. Its goal is to try to encourage chemistry as a profes- sion. 63 CkeM CM OFFICERS Hans Morsbach President Bob Carpenter Vice-President Sandy Kessler Secretary John Arbuckle Treasurer At the weekly meetings the members of the Chess Club discuss chess strategy and ways to improve their game. They enter into competition with other schools in the area and are a member of the Washington Chess Association. American tfhtoerMij CkwuA OFFICERS Basil Day President Susan McKenzie Vice-President Bette Davis Secretary The Chorus, under the direction of Mr. McLain, sings for all chapel services. The group presents a Christmas program following the Christmas dinner, a concert in the spring, and exchange sings with other universities in the area. Around the Table, Left to Right: Gary Mary- nenko, Tom Ryan, Ed Milani, Harold Wolin, Bob Carpenter, John Wangler, James Straus, John Biggs, John Arbuckle, Roger Cole, Dave Templeton, Pat Rice, Hans Morsbach, Walter Cooke, Homer Jones. First Row, Left to Right: Sara Van Dyke, Janet Humby, Hideko Yumoto, Sara Speed, Sabre Paris, Mr. McLain, Ellen We inbaum, Elizabeth Muller, Bette Davis, Patricia Peck. Second Row: Anna Davis, Frances Bannister, Marcla McLaine, Milton Kidd, Alexander Hamilton, Sonny Johnson, Karl Swenson, Jack Jones, Patric ' a Severy, Eunsook Kang, Jane Thomas. Carolyn Owens. Third Row: Walter Tucker, Carleton Rogers, Lee Beall, Jon Iseminger, Bob Barnes, Basil Day, Jay Guy, John Nordlinger, Gene Weikert, Pa- tricia Long, Cynthia Shirk, Jill Jamison. Seated, Left to Right: Chuck O ' Connor, Rosalyn Bradford, Roger Stinchfield, Hideko Yumoto, Ginger Porter. Standing: Neal Bryan, Rolf Kleindeinst, Ronald Jarchow, Dr. Frank, Joe Cannon, George Saines. First Row, Left to Right: Bob O ' Mara, Mo- rey Hampton, Mary-Elizabeth Mather, Dr. Spencer, Hans Morsbach. Second Row: Oliver Bryk, Adnan Mardini, Marge Light, Arlene Milbrat. Third Row: Buck Clark. Louis Butrigo, Mouaffac Chatti, Jim Parker, Nora Reed. Fourth Row: James Strauss, Gregory Crowell, Larry Betzler, Roy Mayer, Bill Fletcher, Bill Wood. bet heuUcke Ven ' to OFFICERS Roger Stinchfield President Ronald Jarchow Vice-President Ginger Porter Secretary-Treasurer The Der Deutsche Verein is a club composed of those who are interested in German culture. They hold monthly meetings at different members houses, often have speakers and show slides on Germany and sing German songs. They hold a party at Christmas and a picnic in the Spring. Ccohctn cJ Club OFFICERS Morey Hampton President Robert O ' Mara Vice-President Mary Elizabeth Mather Secretary Hans Morsbach Treasurer The Economics Club functions to serve as a meeting ground for those who are interested in Economics and its related fields. Luncheon meetings are held each week where the members have interesting discussions. Among the activities of the year are four evening so- cials. future Teacher ctf America OFFICERS Claire Gredoxe President Pat Blake Vice-President Phyllis Holm Secretary Norman Better Treasurer Future Teachers of America is an organ- ization composed of all students interested in the field of education. At the monthly meetings outstanding persons in the field of education speak. A tea was held in Feb- ruary for the undergraduate faculty and Dr. Burr entertained with a picnic in the Spring. Kneeling. Left to Right: Norma Small. Marjorie Stone, Joan Lawrence. Seated: Dr. Burr, Frances Lyons, Pat Blake, Harry Maranian, Claire Gredone. Standing. First Row: Carolyn Richardson, Marilyn Barrett, Marge Light, Phil Levy, Irene Kusminsky, Joyce Levine, Gloria Armaghanian, Nancy Asher. Second Row: John Nordlinger, Mary-Elizabeth Ma- ther. Nancy Jackson, Jack Exelbert, Joan De Vore. Betty Jacobs, Carolyn Lee, Diane Trenery. Third Row: Irvin Glassmyer, Jim Williams, Sam Polen, Morey Hampton. OFFICERS Harry Maranian President Frances Lyons Vice-President Pat Fox Secretary Russell Flolo Trea surer Jane Fuller Historian The History Club is an organization of students interested in the field of history. The Club sponsors field trips to historical spots, dinner meetings and a contest tor the best paper in the field. The club has guest speakers and has donated a magazine sub- scription to the library. Seated, Lett to Right: Jane Fuller, Russell Flolo, Frances Lyons, Harry Maranian, Pat Fox. Standing: Barbara McWhorter, Nancy Lee Jackson, Peg Bole, Irvin Glassmyer, Michel Contezac, Cathy Ogilvie, Linda Mondragon. Htitoru Club 66 Junto Alliance Jrancatie OFFICERS Michael Contezac President Barbara Springfield Vice-President Virginia Barton Secretary Cynthia Shirk Treasurer The Junior Alliance Francaise works to promote understanding and appreciation of the French language. Highlighting the year ' s events was a film open to all stu- dents titled " Conquete de la Neige. " Seated, Left to Right: Barbara Springfield, Mrs. Wyatt, Harry Maranian. Mrs. Barton. Standing: Joan Coury, Carolyn Lee, K ren Friedman. OFFICERS Kenneth Edmunds Editor-in-Chief Leonard Lipshultz Associate Editor James F. Cendoma Managing Editor The Law Review is a professional journal, published semi-annually and containing ar- ticles written by students on current legal topics. Seated, Left to Right: Leonard L. Lipshultz, Kenneth Edmunds, James F. Cendoma. Standing: Mike D ' Amelio, Alex Agerakis, Calvin Hamilton, Henry Eaton, Henry Furr, Ronald N. Sturtz, John Karcha, Frederick Nabhan. iau ( tiku 67 TkelHeHA Vanity " A " CM Seated, Left to Right: Dick Horn, Bill McCarthy, Jim Williams, Wally Ryland, Chuck Ogdon, Bill Kreps. Standing, First Row: Bill Wood, Joe Cannon, Mike Chasman, Joe Pellegrino. Second Row: Roy Mayer, Sonny Day, Joel Comito, Frank Weiss, Ron Crown, John Schreck, Chuck Bail ey. OFFICERS Joe Pellegrino President Wally Ryland Vice-President Mike Chasman Treasurer Chuck Ogdon Secretary The Varsity " A " Club is an organization for men who have merited athletic achieve- ment through participation in sports. In early Spring they conduct the Campus Dav activities and in May hold the Varsity " A " awards banquet. OFFICERS Jill Jamison President Susan MacKenzie Vice-President Carolyn Owens Secretary Karl Swenson Treasurer The Music Club is a member of The Federation of Music Clubs. The club functions to promote good music on cam- pus and to give the individual a chance to meet prominent musicians. The club spon- sors student recitals and an annual picnic. First Row, Left to Right: Carolyn Owens, Jill Jami- son, Miss Swarthout, Susan McKenzie, Karl Swen- son. Second Row: Elizabeth Muller, Margaret Grez- eszkiewicz, Patricia Cookman, Janet Hamhy. Third Row: Barbara Collins, Barbara Koontz, Pat Peck, Alice Remler, Hideko Yumoto. Fourth Row: Alex- ander Hamilton, Walter Tucker, Milton Kidd, Jon Iseminger, John Ricketts. The ftiuAic Club First Row, Left to Right: Barbara Collins, Pat Har- ville Horan, Pat Fox, Pat Blake, Miss Olds, Marge Light. Second Row: Linda Mondaragon, Rosemary Topp, Douglass Cartwright, Jack Jones, Philip Kay, Sam Hauser. Pat Fox President Pat Harville Horan Vice-President Pat Blake Secretary-Treasurer The Pan American Club attempts to cap- ture some of the highlights of the romantic- Spanish culture and foster its appreciation on the students of the University. The Club sponsors parties, movies, discussion groups, and the Christmas " Pinata. " Pan America Club Pan AtkncH OFFICERS Adnan Mardini President Sami Spitanv Vice-President Lee Laskin Secretary Ed Deutsch Treasurer The Pan Athnon Club is a national organization founded in order to strengthen the ties between the American and the foreign student. The Club sponsored many social and cultural activities during the year, among them the Talent Night was enjoyed by all. First Row, Left to Right: Dr. Spencer, Adnan Mardini, Kumja Kim, Lee Laskin, Sami Spitan.v. Second Row: Gigi Navarro, Arlene Milbrat, Ki Young Chung, Johanna Smey, Nora Reed. Third Row: Blair Bunting. Dave Pattison, Stephen Park, Dick Bellack, Mouaffac Chatti. Fourth Row: Dave Jasen, Alf Warkentin, Luis Buitrago, Tino Pereira, Henry Prender. Fifth Row: David Tom, Michael Rascon, Jim Louie, Jose Gimenez. First Row, Left to Right: Jerry Donovan, Frank Patterson, Ken Thomson, Mr. Fields. Second Row: Mike Heller, Bill Huffaker, Barbara Roomp, Monica Bernheimer, Kay Jennings, Carleton Rogers, Bill Owens, Ken Russell, Clair V. Ochs. Third Row: Mr. Levin, Tom Fisher, Jeanette Brown, Bert Myers, Bob Bunting, Ray Alcorn, Dick Dy- son, Ed Wilber. Fourth Row: Sonny Morris, Jim Campbell, AI Rachel, Jim Louie, Miles Duffee, Darrell Nelson, Tom Outerbridge, Mike Nadanyi, Dick Bellack, Louis Bohraus, Guy Glikeson. Left to Right: Henry Furr, James Flyi Lawrence M. Traylor. £. A. ». OFFICERS Frank Patterson President Ed Robinson Executive Vice-President Ken Thomson Vice-President-Treasurer Jerry Donovan Secretary The Society for the Advancement of Management is composed of students of the School of Business Admin- istration. Its purpose is to help the student prepare himself for the problems encountered in the business world. During Orientation Week SAM sponsored " Coke Time " and in late Spring sponsored a steak fry. Student Sat faAcciathn OFFICERS Lawrence M. Traylor President James Cendoma Day Vice-President Henry Furr Night Vice-President Harry Eaton Secretary James Flynn Treasurer The Student Bar Association is an organization of students in the Washington School of Law which pro- motes interest in the legal field. One of the highlights of the past year ' s activities was the Christmas dance held at the Hotel Annapolis. 70 Kneeling, Left to Right: Bill Wood. Ernie Van .mill. Bill Lewicky, John Apostolakos, Mike McDarby. Mike Heller. Standing: Ed Deutseh, Jerry Dobben, Monty Higgins, Marvin Loewy, Walt Vollmecke, Gene Lehn- en. George Totten, Rick Smalley, Ed Pfiefer. Seated, Left to Right: Mr. Pope, Burt Ste- phens, Stephanie Steger, Dave Bause, Pete Keay, John Benson, Bob Morrow. Standing, First Row: Shep Morgan, Judy Edelstein, Carl Keller, Warren Scheer, Norman Favin, Fred Sellers, Don Levine, Stu Krasner, Sue Ehrenworth, Paul Klein, Bob Howes, Bruce Mabee, Walt Kraemer, Gigi Navarro, Bill Petrini, Liz Muller. Second Row: John Car- lance, Elliot Denniberg, Roland Jenkins. Arty Rosenberg, Wayne Shufelt, Dana Friend, Ruth Kline, Willem de Looper, Jim Ridgell, Gene Weikert. Veteran J Club W. A. ». % OFFICERS Thomas M. McDarby President William Lewicky Vice-President Helen Snyder Secretary Mike Heller Treasurer The Veterans Club is a recently organized group which directs itself toward furthering compatible rela- tionships between all enrolled veterans and the Univer- sity, and solving the various problems which a veteran encounters at school. OFFICERS Dave Bause Station Manager John Raymond Benson Business Manager Pete Keay Program Director Roger Penn Chief Engineer Burt Stephens . . .News-Sports and Special Events Directoi Bob Morrow Chief Announcer Stephanie Steger Secretary and Music Director WAMU, the University radio station, is a member of the Capitol Network of the Intercollegiate Broad- casting System. Activities of the year included the mar- athon for the orphans ' dinner, a party at Fogan ' s Steak Hous e, the " Miss WAMU " contest, and a picnic in the Spring. Left to Right: Carol Holden, Dotty Silvey, Lee Levy, Donna Erdahl, Claire Gredone, Sheila Belle, Peggie Bole, Pat Blake, Anne Barnard, Jane Fuller, Ginger Porter, Diane Trenery, Betty Porter, Martha Prince. Wcmeh ' j VatMtti " A " Club The women ' s " A " Club is an organization for women who have attained 350 points through partici- pation in sports. An Awards Dinner is held in the Winter and a picnic is held in the Spring. OFFICERS Peggie Bole President Sheila Belle Vice-President Pat Blake Secretary Claire Gredone Treasurer WmahJ Pre J J Club OFFICERS Ellen Chatti President Jean Eisinger Vice-President Olga Gechas Recording Secretary Billie Lacy Corresponding Secretary Ruth Nordin Treasurer The Women ' s Press Club is an Honorary Professional Club established in 1951 at the University for upper class and graduate stu- dent women who have attained a " B " in communications. The goals of the club are to raise the standards and working condi- tions in the field of Journalism; and to qual- ify for and achieve membership in Theta Sigma Phi. They hold business and social meetings and have prominent speakers. Seated, Left to Right: Mary Ann Leber, Jean Eising- er, Ellen Chatti, Ruth Nordin, Jeanne Gilman. Stand- ing: Charlotte Kubota, Dorothy Tuttle, Jean Heimer. Pearl Hanson. The Writer An office all our own. . . . Our grim dead- line date: December 7. . . . Two issues planned this year. . . . The mad frenzy of final proofreading. . . . Vol. II, No. 1, to the students early in the second semester. ... By that time we were neck deep in the Second Issue. . . . We keep our office warm. . . . Burn that candle! ... A fine harvest of prose, poetry, art and humor . . . for the students, by the students. Josie and Stan go over a story The big whigs of the editorial staff. Seated, Left to Right: Norman Davis, Josephine Cortese, Robert Briggs. Standing: Bill Woodward, Myron Seholnick. The Staff— Seated, Left to Right: Bill Woodward. Claudia Christopherson, Josephine Cortese, Stan Cohen. Standing: Sandy Damewood, Mindy Smith, Norman Davis, Myron Scholniek, Doug Davis, Marilyn Lundy, Robert Briggs. EDITORIAL STAFF Josephine Cortese Editor-in-Chief Marilyn Lundy Assistant Editor Myron I. Scholnick Prose Editor Mindy Smith Assistant Prose Editor Norman Davis Poetry Editor William Woodward Art Editor Robert Briggs Humor Editor Claudia Christopherson Copy Editor BUSINESS STAFF Stanley Cohen Business Manager Sidney Levin Assistant Business Manager Peggie Bole Circulation Sandy Damewood Exchange Ginger Porter Publicity Mary French Assistant Barbara Lee Hickman Assistant Dr. Yoruni and Rarh fight it out Carolyn Ov, tns, Mary Ann Dvorak, and Din Taylor Barb ' s little helpers " The " problems " of a male reporter. Left to Right: Valerie Markwood, Sabra Paris, Jean O ' Connor, Rex Butcher, Jean Hollander, Alma Ad- dison, Mary Ann Bell, Barbara Hick- man. Pat Fox, Margie Light. Busy working? Wayne Shufelt, Ginger Porter, Jack Exelbert Going over the " Mistakes in the last issue. " Dave Pattison, M ' Liz McLendon, Lee Beall, Myron Scholnick, Doug Mitchell THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY CagU BARBARA BALAS Editor-in-Chief STAFF Barbara Balas Editor-in-Chief Norman Better Business Manager Mary Ann Dvorak News Editor Din Taylor Assistant Jack Exelbert Feature Editor Wayne Shufelt Sports Editor Ginger Porter Women ' s Sports Lee Beall Columnist Myron Scholnick Columnist Bob Lauffer Columnist Reporters: Carolyn Owens, Sabia Paris, Jean Hollander, M ' Liz McLendon, Jean O ' Connor, Dave Pattison, Doug Mitchell, Margie Light, Mary Ann Bell, Alma Addison, Lee Levy, Vera Kruglak, John Nordlinger, Valerie Mark- wood, Pat Fox, Rex Butcher, Barbara Hickman, Bill Mc- Carthy. Dotty Lockwood Typist Jo Dwyer Typist Loretta Meyer Typist Sarah Lipsitz s Typist Basil Day Circulation Dr. Yocum Advisor 75 The mistakes in last week ' s issue glaring at us from the Bulletin Board. ... Is it called the Eagle-Talon or the Talon-Eagle Office? . . . More eight-page issues. . . . Special is- sues spotlighting important events. . . . Weekly staff meetings. . . . New curtains . . . Those famous words, " Go out and find me a typist, dead or alive. " . . . Lee Beall ' s fa- mous cry, " No, no, don ' t cut my column. " . . . Weekly trips to Rockville. . . . It ' s Norm ' s turn to buy dinner, so let ' s have steak. . . . and we go again with mistakes in the last issue. NORMAN BETTER Business Manager Associate Editors Lori Meyer and Norma Small look over some yearbooks. Art Editor Judy Boucher goes over some photos with Photography Editor Bill Pet- rini. Intramural Sports Editor Sonny Morris clowns with Women ' s Sports Editor Carol Holden. Some of the staff goes over the dummy book. Sabra Paris, Joe Cannon, Ginger Porter, Betty Porter, Neil Bryan, Margie Light. Time out to relax. M ' Liz McLendon, Marilyn Barrett, Carolyn Richardson, Wim de Loper. TALON Editor laughs at camera shy photographers. Bob Howes, Bill Petrini, Lee Levy, Gene Spurlock, Ed Andrus. The crew. Valerie Markwood, Copy Editor; Dick Clifton, Var- sity Sports Editor; Donna Erdahl, Staff Editor. LEE LEVY Editor In Chief The night at the swimming pool when Bob Frailey thought of the new name for the yearbook . . . The visits of Ralph Langreck from Tennessee who patiently let us know we ' d passed our deadline . . . " Lori! Where ' s my keys! Where ' s the identification for this picture? " . . . The times Les stormed into the office only to find his desk covered with junk and photographer ' s bills . . . The trouble Judy had in making a cover sketch that Lee could understand . . . The cheery words of Doc Bowles, " I don ' t approve of anything " . . . The happy days Valerie spent tracking down club writeups . . . The Talon dressing room where sorority girls donned the white drapes and fraternity brothers borrowed white shirts . . . All the pictures Willy has gotten out of bed to take only to find that there was no room for them in the book . . . And the big surprise . . . The yearbook actually coming out . . . it ' s been some year. DR. EDGAR BOWLES Yearbook Advisor BILL PETRINI Layout Editor 1956 TaUh STAFF Editor Lee Levy Business Manager Les Miller Advisor Dr. Edgar Bowles Layout and Photography Editor Bill Petrini Associate Editor Norma Small Associate Editor Lori Meyer Art Editor Judy Boucher Senior Editor Betty Porter Copy Editor Valerie Markwood Greek Editor Skip Livingston Proof Editor Gloria Armaghanian Varsity Sports Editor Dick Clifton Intramural Sports Editor Sonny Morris Women ' s Sports Editor Carol Holden Skit Night Chairman Carolyn Richardson Skit Night Chairman Marilyn Barrett Staff Photographer Bill Petrini Staff Photographer Ed Andrus Staff Photographer Gene Spurlock Staff Photographer Bob Howes Staff Photographer . Jack Kreuter Staff Photographer Harvey Goodstein Staff Donna Erdahl, Chairman Staff Ginger Porter Staff Joe Cannon Staff Sabra Paris Staff Rich Horn Staff Neil Bryan Staff Bruce Mabee Staff Margie Light Staff Wim de Looper Staff M ' Liz McLendon Staff Dotty Lock wood Staff Sue Netterstrom Official Portrait Photographer Apeda Studio Beauty Section Photographer Glogau Benson Printing Company Advisor Ralph Langreck LES MILLER Business Manager Queen and £u eetkeartA PRESENTING THE 1956 QUEENS AND SWEETHEARTS Center: Glenda Casey: Clockwise: Barbara Goode, Betty Porter, Diane Taylor, Judy Boucher, Joyce Watts, Toni Weber, Sara Van Dyke, Edith Filion, Phyllis Holm, Barbara Roome, Janet Bowie. 80 Witk Jilic HOMECOMING QUEEN Here is a perfect example of beauty and brains. Our Homecoming Queen is a straight A student and a major in Geology. She works part time as a lab assistant and plans to do graduate work next fall. Pretty Toni Weber, the first TALON Beauty Queen, comes to us from Oakton, Virginia. As a prize for being selected as Queen she received a scholarship to the John Robert Powers Model- ing School. Toni, a Freshman this year, is major- ing in Art. Tew ' Weber TALON BEAUTY QUEEN 82 Ratbata (jccje RUNNER UP TALON BEAUTY CONTEST Combining talent with beauty, Barbara was chosen last year as the North American Women ' s Water Ski Champion. She served this year as the alternate New York State representative to the Cherry Blossom Festival. A sophomore, Barbara ' s major is Communications. S 9 hiahe TaifUt R II N N E R UP TALON BEAUTY CONTEST A beauty from Irvington, New York, Din Taylor is a member of Phi Mu sorority. This year she served as the Sophomore Class representative to the Publications Board and as Assistant News Editor of the " Eagle. " Settif Porter APPLE BLOSSOM PRINCESS For the second time in as many years Betty is appearing in the Beauty Section of the yearbook. Besides being the Junior Class representative to the College Council she is president of her soror- ity. Phi Mu. and an " A " student. Jqce Watts BEST LOVED GIRL Lovely Joyce Watts who hails from Kane, Penn- sylvania is an Alpha Chi Omega. Joyce is a Psy- chology major and the president of Mary Gray don House Council. 85 t ' " ' )j(» ir Barbara Roome, a Dean ' s List student, claims Silver Spring, Maryland for her home. She is a member of Delta Gamma, and the Freshman class representative to the Social Board. Safkata cwe FRESHMAN SNOWBALL QUEEN Pretty, hazel-eyed Glenda Casey came to AU this year from Oklahoma. She is Vice-President of her sorority, Delta Gamma, and also acts as pledge mistress. Majoring in Journalism, Glenda is active on the staff of the " Easrle. " (jlenda Ca eij SOPHOMORE QUEEN OF HEARTS £ara Van tyke INTERFRATERNITY QUEEN Sara Van Dyke, another Dean ' s List student, is a member of Kappa Delta sorority. She is the secretary of the College Council, a cheerleader and a member of the Orientation Board. Pk H Uu Holm ALPHA SIGMA PHIS DREAM GIRL This year ' s Alpha Sig Dream Girl is pinned to President John Schreck. Phyllis, a major in Edu- cation, is a member of Delta Gamma. Her fu- ture plans include a 1957 wedding. By the time the yearbook is printed Janet Bowie will be Mrs. Frank Patterson. This Alpha Chi Omega is presently teaching school, she plans to make her home in Washington. Janet Beuie ALPHA TAU OMEGAS SWEETHEART Another queen combining beauty and brains is the Phi Sig Moonlight Girl, Judy Boucher. A member of Delta Gamma sorority, Judy received the pledge scholarship cup last year. A major in Art, she is pinned to Phi Sig ' s Sandy Sneddon. }u4 l Scucket PHI SIGMA KAPPA MOONLIGHT GIRL Athletic SaAketbalt at A. % 1955-56 SEASON ' S RECORD American Univ. . . ...58 Georgetown 60 American Univ. . . ...51 Navy 75 American Univ. . . .. .63 Catholic U 58 American Univ. . . ... 63 Davis Elkins 65 American Univ. . . ...68 Randolph- Macon . . . 47 American Univ. . . ...69 Morris-Harvey 84 American Univ. . . ...63 Georgetown 8? American Univ. . . . . .51 Juniata 77 American Univ. . . ...64 Mt. St. Marv ' s 99 American Univ. . . ...56 Steubenville 78 American Univ. . . ...55 Washington College . . .66 American Univ. . . . ..93 Baltimore U 81 American Univ. . . . . .64 Loyola 90 American Univ. . . ...75 Hampden-Sydnev . . . .58 American Univ. . . ...75 Gallaudet 60 American Univ. . . ...71 Roanoke 68 American Univ. . . ...68 Spring Hill 6? American Unix ' . . . ...87 Fairleisih-Dickinson . ..75 American Univ. . . . . .81 Baltimore 95 American Univ. . . .. .69 Mount St. Marys ' . . 83 American Univ. . . ...83 Western Maryland . . . .74 American Univ. . . ...73 Loyola of Baltimore . ..71 American Univ. . . ...82 Roanoke 83 CLIFF EGGLING FORWARD Gb WALLY RYLAND FORWARD - p PAT LITTLE GUARD JOEL COMITO GUARD FRANK WEISS GUARD Coach Dutch Schulze takes time out to smile for the camera Pile Up at the Georgetown (Same The SaAktttmtl Playing a tough 22 game schedule, AU ' s Bas- ketball Eagles came on magnificently to win seven of their last ten games and balance their season ' s record at 1 1 wins and 1 1 losses. In Mason-Dixon Conference play, AU tied for 4th place with an 8 and 5 record, thus enter- ing the Mason-Dixon Tournament for the four- teenth time in fifteen years of Conference com- petition. Graduating seniors playing their last year for AU were Co-captains Jim Williams and Sandy Sneddon, and Dick Parker. Williams provided AU fans with their big- gest thrill in the last game of the season against undefeated Conference champ Loyola, when he stole the ball and dribbled the length of the court to score, giving the Eagles a 73-71 upset win. After a seige with pneumonia, Sneddon re- turned to the AU lineup and provided the in- spiration in the Eagles late season surge. Parker proved himself AU ' s biggest court surprise. His re-bound work and set-shooting were tremendous throughout the season. Although Coach Dutch Schulze loses Wil- liams, Sneddon and Parker, he will have rec- ord-breaking sophomore Frank Weiss to build next year ' s team around. Weiss was named to both the Mason-Dixon Conference and all- tournament teams. He became the second sopo- more in Conference history ever acclaimed this honor. His all-around ability was witnessed in £eaAcn in (Qetikti American University Varsity Basketball Team. Left to Right. Standing: Ronnie Ladd, Pat Little, John Schreek, Ron Crown, Cliff Eggling, Wally Ryland, Dick Parker, Frank Weiss, Walt Volmecke, Joe Pellegrino, Joel Comito, Mattie Miles. Center: Jimmy Williams, Co-Captain; Sandy Sneddon, Co-Captain. 11 ' m ' W . .- Familiar faces around Leonard Gym, Earl Nelson and " Zombie " Saunders Sandy and Frank go up for a basket the fact that he led the Eagles in field goals and foul shooting with 50 percent from the floor and 82 percent from the foul line. Frank ' s two year scoring total is 816 points making him the second highest scorer in AU history. GAME HIGHLIGHTS AU opened at Georgetown University. Eagle rally fell short as Hoyas won 60-58. Weiss, Comito and Sneddon hit in double figures for AU. Navy 75, AU 51. The Eagles visited the Naval Academy and were sunk by tremendous Middie shooting and a well-balanced, running attack. Comito, led the Eagles scoring with a great second half shooting demonstration. ■B Homecoming and AU ' s first victory, 63-58, over Catholic U. Great team play by Weiss, Comito, Sneddon, Ryland, Williams and Park- er. Eagles led all the way. Coach Schulze cleared the bench as AU man-handled Gallaudet 75-60. Comito and Weiss in the first half; Parker and Ryland in the second half provided scoring punch for the Eagles. Mount St. Mary ' s beat the Eagles handilv for the second time this season with a score of 83-69. Standout for AU was center, Frank Weiss with 23 points and great rebounding. Eagles won seventh Conference game and came from behind to defeat Western Mary- A tense moment during the Navy game Jimmy Williams gets a hero ' s ride after the Loyola triumph land, 43-36. Comito, Sneddon, Weiss, Parker, Ryland all hit in double figures. AU ended the season with its sweetest vic- tory, a 73-71 upset of Loyola. Frank Weiss led the Eagles with 30 points, but Jim Williams was the game ' s hero with a last minute steal and the winning basket. MASON-DIXON TOURNAMENT The Eagles lost the first round contest with Roanoke, 83-82. AU built up a twelve point lead but quickly lost it when the " big " men fouled out. The game proved a battle between all-tournament Foltz for Roanoke and Weiss for AU. Weiss had 1 7 points before fouling out. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Seated, left to right: Bill McCarthy, Bill Wood, Sonny Day, Joe Pellegrino, Jimmy Williams, Captain; Wally Ryland, Jay Chamblin, Al Feinstein. Standing: Dutch Schulze, Coach; Pat Little, Matty Miles, Larry Weimer, Jack Mahan. Urbin Donnelly, Bill Potts, Larry Baker, Bill Chase, Mickey Agee. Little Fink explains the game SaMatt Eagle baseball hopes soared this season. Coach Dutch Schulze had 10 returning letter- men from which to choose his starting nine. The infield featured veterans Wally Ryland, catcher; Sonny Day, first base; Jay Chamblin, third base; and Jim Williams at short stop. Freshman Al Fienstein has been groomed to complete the inner circle at second base. The outer gardens were patrolled by Dick Parker, Bill McCarthy, and versatile Joe Pel- legrino. A happy moment on the bench Bill Wood shared AU pitching chores with newcomers Bill Potts and Sonny Shields. First year men this season were Urb Don- nelly, Mickey Agee, Larry Baker, Bill Chase, John Moyer and Larry Weimer. |£j .w ' " Coach Schulze and Capt. Jimmy Williams take a break to laugh Mac at bat SaMball A tense moment during one of the games Joe Pellegrino gets a hit WreMlihtf It was a rough season on the mats for AU ' s wrestling Eagles, and only a love of sport and a feeling of unity of purpose held the squad together for the tough four-month grind. Though they salvaged but one victory out of six dual Mason-Dixon Conference matches, the matmen did find satisfaction in the knowledge that they were steadily improving and gaining ex- perience in a highly scientific and specialized type of activity that was brand new to most of the members. The 56 Eagle grapplers were captained by Walt Gallagher, whose smooth style and calm assurance provide quite an in- centive for the many greenhorns. Gallagher ' s .500 won-lost record in the 147-pound weight class also made him the team ' s second best individual performer. One hundred thirty-seven pound John Dawson, was the only returning letterman on the squad. He is an example of what a man can do with only one year ' s experience, provided it is accompanied by conscientious, concentrated practice and physical conditioning. Dawson matched Gallagher ' s 3-3 per- formance total. His 5-3 decision over Gallaudet ' s Eddie Craw- ford was A.U. ' s lone tally in the conference championships at Towson, Maryland. A special vote of confidence for a job well done goes to wrestling coach Bill Tyson. Patient and quite realistic con- cerning the material he had, Tyson was there to provide the guidance that is always so necessary, especially with an inex- perienced outfit. This completes two seasons of wrestling at American Uni- versity; seasons not particularly successful from a statistical point of view, perhaps, but indicative of a definite interest in a fascinating, constructive and highly entertaining sport. The present squad should return practically intact to the A.U. mats next season, bringing with it the same pioneering spirit, plus, we hope, a greater percentage of victories. First Row, Left to Right: John Dawson, Joe Gasse, Al Feinstein, Walt Gallagher, John Nordlinger, Bruce Tucker, Harvey Goodstein. Second Row: Bill Tyson, Coach; George Diamond, Burt Myers, Dan Boger, Phil Levy, Jack Jones, Bill Beitz. 103 Kneeling, left to right: Lee Laskin, Chuek Ogden, Corky Kahn, John Schreck, Capt.; Ben Cotten, Phil Levy, Tom Bergenthal. Standing, left to right: Tino Pereira, Bert Meyers, Roger Chenault, Bill Kreps, Jack Jones, Wayne Shufelt, Jack Exelbert, Ken Hildreth, Coach. £cccer American University ' s Soccer Eagles opened an im- posing ten-game schedule against Mt. Saint Mary ' s College. The Eagle hooters displayed their best form of the season while losing 3- 1 . The remaining nine games were just as frustrating to the inexperienced A.U. hooters who proved that de- sire alone can ' t win over experience. Ken Hildreth, who made his initial debut as A.U. Soccer Coach this year, will have 13 experienced let- termen for the nucleus of next year ' s squad. Shooting the Breeze Before the Game Coach Hildreth Explains a Few Fundamentals Kneeling, left to right: Carleton Rogers. Manager; Bill Cravens, Ronnie Crown, Capt.; Charlie Schools, Coach. Standing, left to right: Andy Sonner, Dick Kieffer, Frank Weiss, Jim Bassett. Weiss, Crown, and Sonner Coining Down the Track CtCAA Ccuhtfif Cross Country running became part of the fall American University sports program this year. Coach Charlie Schools built his team around former Mary- land high school 440 Dash champ, Ron Crown, and Jim Bassett, ex-Williamsport. Pennsylvania hurdler. Dick Kieffer, Frank Weiss, Andy Sonner and Bill Cra- verns completed the team. The Eagle harriers won their first meet against Mt. Saint Mary ' s and placed at least one man " in the first three " in each of their six meets. A.U. was deprived of 6th place in the Mason-Dixon Cross Country Finals when one man slipped and failed to finish. Sonner, Crown, and Bassett Get Set For a Practice Run Mtnmfaf The 1955-56 swimming season was as close to a complete success as one can get and not achieve it. Coach Bob Frailey started with a nucleus of three experienced men, added five more as the season progressed, and whipped this group into a powerful swimming club. Although the season was difficult in some respects because of lack of depth, it was never the less successful. Eagle mermen lost the Mason-Dixon Conference by only three points. Hap Fairbairn and Barry Fenn were A.U. ' s short distance swimmers. Bob Rumpf and Jerry Dobbin make the back stroke click. Hans Morsback in the breast stroke and Ton Ryam and Jim Apistolis in the 220 and 440, respectively, swam the longer distances. Captain " Chuck " Bailey was the Eagles ' outstanding com- petitor. Aside from being undefeated in Conference competi- tion. Chuck also set two Conference records in the 220 and 440 freestyle events. Roy Powell makes a point for A.U. with a fancy dive Chuck Bailey takes off with a fast racing dive American University Varsity Swimming Team. Kneeling, Left to Right: Frank Maphis. Jerry Dobben. Tom Ryan, Barry Fenn. Seated: Hap Fairbum, Dave Berry, Corky Kahn, Jim Apistolas, Roy Powell. Standing: Bob Frailey, Coach; Bob Rumpf; Chuck Bailey, Captain; Hans Morsbach; Bob Bright. Manager. Track The largest turnout of track candidates since resumption of the cinder sport in 1954 occurred this spring. Coach Charlie Schools welcomed 19 hopefuls to Reeves Athletic Field for two-a- day workouts around the oval and in the saw- dust pit. Returning lettermen included Ron Crown. Don Newton, dash men; Corky Kahn, pole vault; and Al Itzkoff, shot-put. Eight meets were scheduled and from these Coach Schools selected competitors for the Mason-Dixon Track and Field Championships. First Row, left to right: Jim Bassett, Dick Keifer, Ron Crown, Al Gredone, Bruce Tucker. Second Row, left to right: Bert Meyers, Ron Ladd, Jack Jones, Frank Weiss, Artie Rosenberg, Pete Warring. Not Pictured: Coach Schools. TehhtJ Captain Danny Hirsch gets set to receive a ball Ted Thomas and John Chung during a doubles match VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Kneeling: Danny Hirsch, captain; Bob Frailey, Coach. Standing: Bobby Bright, Manager; Mike Nadanyi, Bill Owens, Ted Thomas, Dick Bellack, John Chung, Dick Horn, Ken Munsey, Jerry Dobben. Master racqueteer, Coach Bob Frailey, had lcttcrmen Danny Hirsch, John Chung and Dick Horn as nucleus for the 1956 Tennis Team. These three veterans and seven new candidates were expected to make AU ' s contender for Mason-Dixon honors. The Eagles also faced Georgetown, Catholic and Howard U for Middle Atlantic and D.C. championships. Coach Bob Frailey gives advice to Dick Horn, number one man Ken and Dick follow the ball over the net ATO ' S WINNING FOOTBALL TEAM First Row, left to right: Sonny Morris, Ron Malley, Frank Patterson, Capt.; Bobby Newman. Rich Horn. Second Row, left to right: Dick Hulbert, Bill Roberts, Ed Wilber, Hap Fairbaim, Bill Blackburn ftlehJ 9 ttamutaU TJmkJi :. Jerry Dobben Goes Over For a Winning Point tfljfc •i ■ tM H The Intramural program this year has been very competi- tive and enjoyable program both to the participants and the fans. This is the second year that the program has been run through the Intramural Council headed by William Blackburn. The success of the program is due to the hard work of this group. The Alpha Tau Omega ' s were the victors on the grid-iron with a record of five wins and no defeats. They were followed by the powerful Phi Sigma Kappa team. Alpha Sigma Phi ' s track team compiled the most points to be first in the track meet, and ATO ' s team was second. In- dividual trophies went to Edward Milani, Ind.. for the run- ning broad jump; Jerry Dobben, Alpha Sig. and Dick Horn, ATO, high jump; Pete Warring. Alpha Sig, sixty-yard dash; Randy Gardner. Phi Sig, baseball throw; Dewey Morris, ATO, 440; and ATO ' s relay team — Don Newton, Jack Patrick, Dick Horn, and Hap Fairbairn. The swimming trophy was won by Alpha Tau Omega who edged out the Independents. Phi Sigma Kappa retired the Jack Woods trophy for the relay event. The play-off tournament for the basketball crown was be- tween Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Sigma Kappa. The Taus (ATO ' s second team), and Alpha Sigma Phi. The second round left ATO matched against Phi Sigma Kappa. The ATO ' s were victorious over the Phi Sigs by a score of 56 to 47. Freshman Jim Campbell, ATO, led the pack of intramural golfers to win the trophy. The 1954-55 winners of the Spring events were not men- tioned last year because of the time element. Alpha Sigma Phi ' s bowling six edged out ATO ' s team to place the bowling trophy in their house for a year. Alpha Tau ' s volley ball team won over th e Phi Sigs in the double elimination volley ball tournament. The last intramural sport, softball, found six teams com- peting for the crown. Alpha Sig ' s team was defeated by the ATO nine. At this writing the remainder of the season holds three trophies for the teams to battle over, bowling, volley ball, and softball. THE INTRAMURAL COUNCIL Seated: Bill Blackburn, chairman. Standing: Norm Better, Bill Kreps, Randy Gardner. ATO ' s winning swimming team ftleh J HttamutaU Another ATO trophy to hi- defended, the baseball title Members of last year ' s Alpha Sig winning bowling team practice up for this years match Champions again, ATO ' s basketball team The ATO ' s prepare to defend their volley ball troph) Left to right: Sara Van Dyke, Mary Jane Cook, Dotty Silvey, Anne Berlin, Ruth Klein, Sheila Belle, Co-Captain; Pat Blake. Co-Captain; Dotty Lockwood, Ginger Porter, Peggy Duke, Marilyn Lundy, Jo Dwyer, Miss Ruth McFeeter, Coach. WwenA HttatttutaU It was Ladies ' Day at the traek meet last fall with Kappa Delta sweeping through every event. Individual honors went to: Jane Fuller, standing broad jump and high jump; Peggy Bole, basketball and baseball throw: and Pat Blake. 60-yard dash. On the basis of this per- formance the girls from Kappa Delta were awarded a trophy. Out of a field of 18 participants, the four girls to reach semi-finals in tennis were Peggy Bole, who com- peted against Anne Barnard, and Liz Chin against Pat Fox. Liz and Peggy reached the finals and Peggy, after a real battle, defeated Liz 6-4, 6-3. This fall found Phi Mu and Kappa Delta competing for the Hockey Trophy which the two teams shared last year. With just two teams competing, it was decided that the winner of two out of three games would retain the cup. The first game was tied; the second went to Phi Mu; the third was a tie, and was followed by a No Anne, It ' s Not a Horse She Flies Through the Air With the Greatest of Eas 1 i Pat Blake of KD ' s winning basketball team keeps the ball away from Sheila Belle Girls Start Off For the All-College Intramural Track Meet Individual track winners, Pat Blake and Peggie Bole Peggie Bole Intramural tennis winner Jl cmeh ' j DtttramuraU fourth which was victorious of Kappa Delta. By this time it was mid-December, and pretty chilly for hockev so the two teams voted to share the award for the second year. The bowling tournament opened with four teams competing, however there were only three teams to complete the four week series. All the teams were very close in the final analysis, but Phi Mu came out on too. The high game for the series was 182. bowled by Ad- rienne Thatcher, and the high average was 150. the honor of which was also taken by Adrienne Thatcher. Kappa Delta scored again in the intramural basket- ball season. Four teams entered the competition, with Phi Mu and Kappa Delta each winning a game. In the last leg of the season KD met Phi Mu and defeated them 26-24. A field of 29 contestants entered the annual ping pong tournament this year. The quarterfinalists were: Liz Chin, Jane Fuller. Marcia McLaine and Johanna Smey. Liz and Johanna met in the last round and Liz emerged the victor. The girls go off the floor during a volley ball game Anne Barnard and Sara Van Dyke display KD ' s swimming trophies w ® £wcritieA a 4 JratetnitkA 117 OFFICERS STEPHANIE STEGER President MARY ANN DVORAK Vic, ' -President CYNTHIA SHIRK Secretary FLORENCE KING Treasure, A X D First Row: Barbara Brodsky, Bette Davis, Mary Ann Dvorak, Sally Jo Eisenbeis, Claire Gredone, Barbara Hickman. Second Row: Barbara Kappler, Florence King, Nance King, Loretta Kriegsmann, Carolyn Lee, Margaret Light. Third Row: Joyce Lucas, M ' Liz McLendon, Loretta Meyer, Linda Mondragon, Carolyn Owens, Ann Lee Rockefeller. Fourth Row: Cynthia Shirk, Stephanie Steger, Adrienne Thatcher, Joyce Watts, Carol Wilson. 118 Atpka Chi Omega The All Greek Open House was AXO ' s first social function of the year . . . enjoyed by all the Greeks on campus. Soon after this memorable occasion we found ourselves in the middle of formal rush . . . a very tiring two weeks but well worth every hour of lost sleep ... on bid day we welcomed 10 outstand- ing and active pledges. Once again we settled down to a normal ?? college life . . . all striving to come out on top in scholarship as we did the Spring semester before. Before we knew it we were beginning informal rush . . . during this time we were very happy to extend the hand of welcome to Sally Jo Eisenbeis, our new and 1 1th pledge for the 1955 rush season. Homecoming popped up before us the first week in December. The AXO ' s could be seen racking their brains?? for ideas. . . . " Alice in Wonderland " was chosen as a theme ... a beautiful float and poster were produced, com- pliments of Barbara Hickman and friends. Christmas ... a much needed vacation . . . and then the ever dreaded final exams. Second semester with a wonderful Spring formal and Song Fest. June always finds the AXO ' s attending weddings . . . many of our gals re- ceive their M-R-S Degree at this time. And so we part again with big plans in the making lor Fall rush when we start all over again. had by all V oxp h When in Rome, Do as the A Chi O ' s Do " She ' s Pledged to Alpha Chi ' OFFICERS PATRICIA HARVILLE President IRENE KJERSGAARD Vice-President BARBARA SCHRECK .. Recording Secretary MARY ANN LEBER .Corresponding Secretary JEAN O ' CONNOR Treasurer i First Row: Mary Ann Bell, Beverly Bland, Judith Boucher, Anne Britt. Jeannette Brown, Frances Caeca- vale. Second Row: Phyllis Carlson, Glenda Casey, Patricia Harville, Phyllis Holm, Irene Kjersgaard, Mary Ann Leber. Third Row: Edithann Livingston, Marcia McLaine, Sue Netterstrom, Jean O ' Connor, Barbara Powell, Bar- bara Roome. Fourth Row: Christie Russell, Barbara Schreck, Jo- hanna Smey, Rosemary Topp. 120 helta (jafflftta The DCs who play the piano . . . The DCs who sing? . . . Wedding bells all year long ... 11 new pledges soon to wear the Golden Anchor . . . Two fraternity sweethearts. . . . Schreck appointed to all committees. ... A huge Homecoming poster. . . . New pillows, a new lamp — same old closet. . . . Bridge anyone? . . . Don ' t forget to read " Peanuts. " . . . All night Christmas party followed by all da y sleep. . . . Christmas tea at Mrs. Anderson ' s. . . . Two pledge dances. . . . Much practice for Songfest. . . . The excitement of Graduation. . . . Plans for next year ' s rush. . . . All these help to keep that " DG Feeling " deep in our hearts. The whole gang at Christmas rime ■ — The new Mrs. Horan keeps up the DG Tradition of pins and weddings Relaxing in the sorority room OFFICERS MARTHA PRINCE President PATRICIA BLAKE Vice-President JANE FULLER Secretary SHIRLEY ALEXANDER Treasurei y First Row: Alma Addison, Shirley Alexander, Linda Atkins, Anne Barnard, Marilyn Barrett, Patricia Blake. Second Row: Margaret Bole. Doris Brodt, Nancy Chick, Heather Clover, Karen Friedmann, Jane Fuller, Third Row: Clelia Ganoza, Ricci Hall, Marcia Lan- caster, Marilyn Lundy, Tamara Olson, Martha Prince. Fourth Row: Audrey Ricketts, Norma Small, Colinda Smith, Diane Trenery, Rose Turner, Nancy Worrell. Kappa m helta Kappa Delta began this year in the full swing of rushing, with open houses, the KD Hades party at the pool, and the White Rose ceremony at the Maryland Chapter House. . . . We acquired seven sparkling new pledges. . . . Pledges and actives soon learned the fun of working together in all kinds of activities. . . . We froze at Homecoming, but were rewarded for hard work on the float and poster. . . . We barely had time to turn around before Christmas was here. . . . KD ' s joined by Mary Graydon girls had gala Christmas party in the room. . . . Also, we had our own Christ- mas party with food, dancing, and fun for all. . . . We stayed up nights studying for exams. . . . We went to the dances and parties. . . . We played all kinds of sports and we had some winners, too. . . . KD ' s found themselves in the midst of all kinds of school activities: student government, class offices, committees, and clubs. . . . We blended our voices at Songfest time. . . . We looked forward to summer and beach parties, but hated to lose our seniors at Graduation. . . . We laughed, studied, played cards, gossiped over cups of coffee. . . . Sometimes, things were tough, but most of the time it was just plain fun. Quit peeking Dot! The hayride that turned into a snow party Christmas party. Silly gifts and loads of fun OFFICERS SHEILA BELLE President CAROL HOLDEN Vice-President DONNA ERDAHL Secretary MARY FRENCH Treasurer First Row: Barbara Balas. Sheila Belle, Sandra Dame- wood, Peggy Duke, Jo Dwyer, Donna Erdahl. Second Row: Mary French, Gail Hodges, Carol Hold- en. Kay Jennings, Dotty Lockwood. Diane Perkins. Third Row: Betty Porter, Virginia Porter, Peggy Sa- bin, Miriam Smith, Diane Taylor, Joan Turner. Ill ,24 phi tilu The girls give the photog a break Back to school and " hit those books " . . . Our kid- die kollege and the Dream party brought five wonder- ful pledges. . . . Treat the new furniture gently, kid- sies. . . . There ' s nothing like a wedding, especially Jacky ' s. . . . And then came Homecoming, Kay as Don Quixote and Din inside the windmill. . . . Andy a terrific candidate for Homecoming Queen, was struck with appendicitis, and left for Connecticut, but re- turned in January. . . . Remember Sabie ' s first trio up north. . . . Ellie ' s annual barbecue with conga lines and sprained ankles. . . . Barb was " fighting ed- itor " of the " Eagle. " . . . Merry, merry Christmas presents a tree with no lights (there never are!) and Mindy ' s first Christmas tree. . . . Valentine ' s Day Formal in February, announcing the ' 56 Sweetheart — our favorite man. ... 20 decks of cards were donated by Charlie Peters, bridge, bridge and more bridge. . . . Finally initiation and the pledges are pledges no more. . . . The trials and tribulations of Song Fest ending in a rewarding evening. . . . Summer time, so long Donna and Andv. . . . The most fabulous vear ever. Santa was good to us Study vs. bridge all year long % 0- Seated. Left to Right: Dr. Hersh, Advisor; Jack Patrick, Secretary; Milt Cerny, President; George Saines. Treasurer. Standing: Ed Wilber. Basil Day, John Wetzel. Htet- tatefHitif Council The Inter-Fraternity Council is a national organization whose goal is to keep harmonious fraternity relations at the University. This year the council has organized many pre- existing rules into a more effective unit. I.F.C. feels that there is room for one more fraternity on campus; at present there are three petition- ing groups. I.F.C. and Pan-Hell sponsor the Inter-Fraternity Prom, Songfest, and The Or- phans Day Dinner. A Talent Show, whose ad- mission was one toy, was held at Christmas for charity. I.F.C. sponsors the intramural sports program. At Songfest awards are made to the winning fraternity, the outstanding independ- ent and senior fraternity men, and The Frater- nity Scholarship Trophy is presented. 126 Pan-Hellenic Council is a national organi- zation to which the sororities of the University arc members. The Council serves to coordi- nate the sororities into a harmonious body which works together for the welfare of the individual groups and the University. Pan-Hell designates rush rules and functions as a judi- cial body in any dispute between groups. The Council is composed of the president, one elected delegate and the alumnae advisor of each sorority. They sponsor participation in intramurals. The Pledge Scholarship Work- shop and Pan-Hellenic Workshop. A tea is held each fall for all rushees which initiates the Fall Rush program. Orphans Day Dinner, Songfest and Inter-Fraternity Prom are held through the combined efforts of Pan-Hell and I.F.C. At Songfest Pan-Hell makes the follow- ing awards: The Sorority and Pledge Scholar- ship Cup, cups to the outstanding sorority and independent women and the Songfest Cup. Pah-Hellenic Council Sealed, Left to Right: Nance King, Martha Prince, President; Sheila Belle, Vice-President; Pat Harville Horan, Secretary. Standing: Sara Van Dyke; Donna Erdahl; Irene Kjersgaard; Mary Ann Dvorak, Treasurer. The only Quonset fraternity house in the world " Mufti " The Alpha Sigs and their roving bell Alpha Phi When the Alpha Sigs and Mufti returned to A.U., another successful year would soon be history. . . . Charcoal broiled steaks at Jeffrey ' s suburban estate. ... 18 pledges. . . . Halloween soires at house. . . . Open houses — many with cakes decorated by Benson. . . . We hold our meetings at various hospitals. . . . We ' ve coined a new phrase for the " Wiffenpoof Song " — " To the Tables down at Lore ' s " . . . Founder ' s Day Banquet with alums at Army-Navy Club. . . . Christ- mas Formal at Broyhills. . . . Phyll Holm chosen our sweetheart. . . . Traditional members ' Christmas par- ty a booming success — what Gifts!!! . . . We still have the ding dong . . . Bright holds No. 1 position — sine qua non . . . Cordrey ' s golden keys. . . . MGs and Kissels. . . . Otto shocks all by preparing for " I do " along with " Ph.D. " . . . Charlie holds three fra- ternity offices at one time. . . . Buy on board of trus- tees at " Woodies. " . . . Petrini heads Zombie Club. . . . We get out annual Sig-Olympics under way. . . . Beach in and out of hospitals. . . . Brothers Miller and Day added to list of pin-losers. . . . Dr. Yocum our new faculty advisor. . . . Confusion a la " Cuddles. " . . . Chenault scores goals (?) ... Wal- lace enlists in RAF. . . . Jenkins and " Maybelliene. " . . . Better remains unchanged, Leonard Hall remains favorite gathering place, Dibble just remains. Chiistnias time at the Alpha Sig house OFFICERS First Semester JAY GUY Honored Senior Pater JOHN SCHRECK Honored Junior Paler CHARLES O ' CONNOR Honored Recording Scribe FLOYD BEACH Honored Corresponding Scribe JOHN BENSON Honored Exactor Second Semestei JOHN SCHRECK Honored Senior Pater CHARLES O ' CONNOR Honored Junior Pater ED AMUNDSON Honored Recording Scribe JOSEPH WALLACE Honored Corresponding Scribe JOHN BENSON Honored Exactor First Row: Edward Amundson, Richard Alloy, Roger Balcom! Robert Barnes. David Bause, Floyd Beach. Second Row: Robert Bell. John Benson, Norman Better. Peter Bono, Robert Bright. Milton Cer- ny. Third Row: Roger Chenault, Rich- ard Cordrey, Basil Day, Jerry Dobben, Robert Elwood, John England. Fourth Row: David Ferris, Thom- as Fisher, George Geesey, Joseph Guy, Craige Holm. William Huf- faker. Fifth Row: Roland Jenkins. Rob- ert Lauffer. Arthur Levey, Robert McGregor, John McQuiston. Bruce Mabee. Sixth Row: Lester Miller. Robert Morey, Shepherd Morgan. Charles O ' Connor, Jerome O ' Donovan, David Pattison. Seventh Row: David Peterson. Wil- liam Petrini. Glen Pond. Alan Rich, John Riddle, Robert Rumpf. Eighth Row: John Schreck. Wayne Shufelt, Russell Simpkins, Burton Stephens, William Vest. Joseph Wallace. Ninth Row: Philip Warring. lit Brother Wilbur Delivers His " Tau Tramp " Speech Line-Up for the Traditional Pledge-Active Football Ga Alpha tau Omega " Dammit " Pledge class, the mostest and bestest. . . . Football title retained. . . . Fighting; to retain basketball su- premacy. . . . Swimming team splashed to victory. . . . Terrific parties — Tau Tramps and Sonney Mor- ris. . . . Paris Party and a party. . . . Christmas Par- ty featuring Janet Bowie as Sweetheart of ATO. . . . All will remember the team of Bowles, Yocum, Ste- vens, John, McFeeter and Schulze — their command performance cleaning the house. . . . Many Taus pinned and the familiar splash of the newly painted fish pond. . . . Annual Help Week and " Gimme a nickel. Mister. " . . . Spring Formal highlights terrific year and Brother Wilber. . . . Dammit presents no more pups — Dr. Cannon out of a job. . . . New house soon to become a reality. . . . Hopes of retaining Scholar- ship Cup increase as finals near. . . . Brothers take advice oxer " Cram With Sam. " . . . Finals over, books do fly — another great year. . . . Oh Brother! Candlelight Serenade to a Newly Pinned Brother and His Girl pnpipp3 OFFICERS First SemesU i ED WILBER Worthy Master SONNY MORRIS Worthy Chaplain FRANK PATTERSON Worthy Keeper of Exchequer JERRY DONOVAN Worthy Scribe Second Semestet FRANK PATTERSON Worthy Master JERRY DONOVAN Worthy Chaplain JACK PATRICK Worthy Keeper of Exchequer JOSEPH CANNON Worthy Scribe First Row: James Apistolas. Wil- liam Blackburn. Neal Bryan. Marshall Butcher, James Campbell. Joseph Cannon. Second Row: William Chase. Buck Clark, Benjamin Cotton, Ronald Crown, Ted Crowther. Jerry Don- ovan. Third Row. Richard Dyson. Clif- ford Eggling. Harry Fairbairn, Benjamin Glymph, Frank Green. Richard Horn. Fourth Row: Richard Hulburt. Fred Jacobs, Millard Johnson. Richard Keys, William Kreps. Charles Leak. Fifth Row: John Lynch. Jack Ma- han. Ronald Malley. Robert Ma- loney, Franklin Maphis. Roy May- er. Sixth Row: Matthew Miles, Rod- ney Miller, Francis Moriarty. Dew- ey Morris, Kenneth Munsey. Rob- ert Newman. Seventh Row: Donald Newton, Clair Ochs, Chuck Ogdon, James Parker, Jack Patrick, Frank Pat- terson. Eighth Row: William Peel. Joseph Pellcgrino, Al Rachel. William Roberts, Wallace Ryland. Robert Shanno. Ninth Row: James Trimble. Charles Weedon. Dean Wenant. John Welker, Edward Wilber. a t n JB jft AU ' s Burl Ives Larry turns magician Phi £iyma Kappa " Scarfie " Brothers prove their versatility in many fields. Pipes, with basketball and beauty — our lovely " Moonlight Girl. " Judy Boucher. . . . Good Money Baker, term papers and tryouts. The hunters, Bockman Baily, Wood and Roberts. . . . Fingers McDonnell, field trips after midnight. . . . The inevitable happens: " Daddio " graduates. . . . Sweetwater buys a ring! Walker teaches high school diplomacy. . . . Boo Boo Parker elected president of the BBA. Chapter advisor Williams with cohorts Saines and Fleischer, " business before pleasure. " . . . Wetzel devises grand conditioning pro- gram. The Governor develops a new Mambo technique, " horizontal. " . . . Vollmecke voted " Coach of Year " by Starlight clientele. Brother " Giants. " Betzler and Lewicky. The advent of Scarfie, goodbye Venetian blinds. . . . Game room replaces TV wrestling match- es. .. . Roundly Roundly salutes Morrero ' s on St. Paddies Daw The Brothers who enjoy Good Times. The Brothers who know Hard Times. The Brothers AT ALL TIMES. Rcundly-roundly tackles the ham OFFICERS Fit si Semester GEORGE SAINES President ED ROBINSON Vice-President MANFRED FLEISHER Secretary SANDY SNEDDON Treasurer Set mid Semester WILLIAM WOOD President WILLIAM MCCARTHY Vice-President CHARLES BAILEY Secretary MANFRED FLEISHER Treasure] First Row: John Apostolakos, Nick Aspiotis. Charles Bailey. Second Row: George Behrle, Lawrence Betzler. Peter Bockman. Third Row: Man. red Fleisher. Randy Gard- ner, Bill Hopper. Fourth Row: Forrest John, William Lewickv. William McCarthy. Fifth Row: Mitchell Myers. Richard Parker, Edward Peifer. Sixth Row: Charles Peters, Edward Robinson. Thomas Ryan. Seventh Row: George Saines. William Scott. Alex Sneddon. Eighth Row: Walter Vollmecke. Al Walker. Lawrence Weimer. Ninth Row: |ohn Wet el. William Wood. UK flcWitieA Welcome And they never got a tip Sr| Getting acquainted the first day Pa jama Game Mother and Dad look the place over OrientatfoH Capping £wwitif A Chi O ' s serenade with their chapter song Sheila cuts the cake as rushees look on They ' ve got that " DG Feelings " J. J. makes like the " Leaning Tower " Alumnus Pine rushes the boys Dick Dyson and ATO Rushee pep up with 7-up Brother Benson cuts his home-made cake Phi Sig girls take time out to gab Wally orientates rushees on Indian signs JratetHitif £uA It ' s a joke, son Everyone digs in at the Alpha Sig steak fry Art students hard at work J ' m Everyone laughs it up at one of Dean Bentley ' s famous remarks ClaAMA Tomorrow ' s secretaries, hard at work The hard part, taking exams £ty Olympic Bottoms up for the Wheelbarrow race Kay Jennings and Shorty Maphis give a happy Junior Villager his pair of shoes. The Junior Village kids entertain the AU kids Bob McGregor acts as a pony as Glenda Casey looks on Orphan J A big kiss for Santa, Dick Alley Secrets $M Hwecwty ■. KD ' s winning float and poster ft:V Phi Sig Rocket and poster HI ' IT Don Quixote and Alice represent Phi Mu Alpha Sig ' s Cinderella and poster ' " rlK Preparation for . the Dance KD ' s receive cup . . . Hctnecctnincj Jay Guy gets Alpha Sig ' s prize for turning in the most money for the Orphan ' s Marathon. You see boys, it ' s this way Law School students take a break between classes . Who said anything about a panty raid? When the bugle blew The king and queen of all the bums faahceJ an4 A crown for the Freshman Snowball Queen ATO Sweetheart receives her cup MtV Mr. AU, Milt Cerny, and his " court of lovelies " Getting ready for the MGH Halloween party Parties . . . heat tftw : dJ»rJkuL ML 4tu mfJttafi. . WOX4U UMA£ Jt J JH Z U. AU Players ' winning table decoration Christmas Traditional serenading at President ' s home Caught under the mistletoe ... on official TALON assignment » I 8 V ' ♦ if ' wLC ■■■ •- 1 vw Ail ApKi ' 4. ' • B The friendly smiles from Pat and Mr. S in the bookstore Miss Stevens gets a wet sponge at the A Chi O booth during the WUS Carnival Dr. Mooers presents the Law School awards s% The TALON Beauty Queen and her court Phi Mu ' s winning skit . . . This is College Council? TaicH £kit Alpha Sig ' s winning skit . . . W. O. Nicholls Cordrey points out future buildings to E. J. Schreck while Hurst R. Cerny and Harold E. Chenault confer in the background. KD ' s Nancy Chick poses as a " typical " AU Co-ed r, ' Iv Phi Sig ' s Daddy-O looks for Scarfie U A. lit. % The " fix-it " crew on the job Dave Bause and John Benson congratu- late Myron Scholnick, who guessed Miss WAMU ' s identity. Shelley Winters, Miss WAMU, with her John Benson baked cake Everyone counts the money collected during the all-day Orphan Marathon George Geesey stays busy with the solder iron The CampuA Radio £tatfoH Dave Bause and Roger Penn in Control B Mike Hunnicut entertains for the WUS Marathon x zitic ' ' - aa v P ««• " 7 11 ■ The walls of Jerrico were never like this Sculpture Class Legs! Dr. Yocum gives directions to one of the actors during rehearsal George Rudd caught in a tense moment during rehearsal The scene crew Curtain fyihf tip . . . Dr. Yocum discusses design plans with Judy Boucher, receiver of Stage Technicians award. A scene from " THE ADDING MACHINE " with Ginny Hanes. and Elliot Denniberg winner of the Best Supporting Actor award. Larry Baker, Larry Weimer, and John McQuiston in a scene from " THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST. Patricia Severy, soprano Sara Van Dyke and Audrey Ricketts, duo-pianists Hideko Yumoto, piano and Jill Jamison, soprano Jay Guy, baritone £tu4ent RecitaU Relaxing in between hanging the pictures Art students clown with a Mobile Campus Lee serenades Francis The leave raking brigade Building the Student Union Building Norm: Stan McCausland at bat during the faculty-student baseball game half The sidelines The cleanest car on campus Students cluster around the polls The evening entertainment in MGH £cH JeJt The ATO trophy winning voices The A Chi O ' s sing their winning songs Miss Stevens gives Pat Harville Horan her Outstanding Sorority Woman trophy. Bill Wood, of Phi Sigs bermuda clad singers, accepts the Fraternity Scholarship Cup from Dr. Hersh. Panhellenic President Betty Porter gives B. J. Roome her Pledge Scholarship trophy, B. J. ' s sorority DG also re- ceived the Sorority Scholarship trophy. v«r,V;;j . ■Ft K • " ■ ;A ■b ii mjjf " J5 B ■H ! ' r ■ K ■ H Jimmy Williams, Outstanding In- dependent Man, receives his tro- phy from Dr. John. Milt Cerny, Outstanding Fraternity Man, Miss Stevens congratulates Pat gets a handshake from Dean Bentley. Fox, Outstanding Independent Woman. The A Chi O ' s hear the good word. A Sty tfeaf Ch fa ■ 1 v ™ tiff ., A Ek " 2 - ' Tl r 1 1 % ' -v " b V w " ■■■ % b ,«l " ' - sink ' ■ - ▼ jUrTJ A luncheon was held in Clendenen in honor of the new president of Westminster Theological Seminary. Dr. Anderson speaks on the Seminary soon to be moved to the AU campus. Bishop Oxnam, left, and others congratulate Dr. Trott, third from left, the new President of Westminster Seminary to Ccnie . . LEGEND FOR THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY FUTURE CAMPUS PLAN 1. Sibley Memorial 21. Mary Graydon Hall Hospital 22. Library 2. Nurses ' Residence and 23. Battelle Memorial Li- School brary 3. Alpha Tau Omega 24. Academic and Admin- 4. Hamilton House istration 5. Fraternity 25. Student Union 6. Men ' s Dormitory 26. Academic 7. Roper Hall 27. Science 8. Clark Hall 28. Hurst Hall 9. Drama 29. International Studies 10. Gallery and Adminis- 30. Government tration 31. Chapel 11. Art and Music 32. Government 12. WMAL-TV 33. Washington College of 13. School of Business Ad- Law ministration 34. Women ' s Dormitory 14. Academic 35. Faculty Apartments 15. Boiler House 36. Sorority 16. Shops 37. Woods-Brown 17. Field House Memorial Theater 18. Swimming Pool 38. Metropolitan Memori- 19. Clendenen Gymnasium al Methodist Church 20. McKinley Hall 39. Westminster Theologi- cal Seminary The Board of Trustees at lunch after discussing some of the future plans of AU The Future American University §4 Wg«J " « » «t»R«»K.A AVtl THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY WASHINGTON , O.C. CH.IBItBEB BY Cl ' NC-RfSS 18 3 Jhi tHemcHam g GEORGE EDWARD BRASHEARS SULLIVAN fC CLASS OF 1957 SE £ kirectwif Abrams. Edwin. 153 Dean Road, Brookline, Mass.. BE. 2-3201. Ackehman. Dorothy. 2318 Ashmead Place, N.W. Washington 9. D.C. AD. 2-3125 Adams. Nancy. 3008 32nd St.. N.W. Washington, D.C. KE. 7-1516. Addison, Alma, 5506 Parkland Court, Washington 28, D.C. RE. 5-7378. Alcorn, Raymond, 9336 Col. Blvd. Silver Spring. Md.. JU. 5-8324. Alexander, Shirley, 4105 Wisconsin Ave.. N. W. 412 Washington 16. DC. EM. 2-3283. Alford. William, 8509 Meadowlark Lane. Bethesda 14. Md. OL. 6-7441. Alley, Richard. 811 South 26th St.. Arlington. Va. OT. 4-7293. Al-Suhail. Commander. 2020 G St., N.W. Washington. D.C. 3. ME. 8-3748. Amundson. Clarence E.. 1834 A St.. S.E. Washington. D.C. LI. 7-8896. Apistolas. 135 West 79th St., New York, NY., TR. 3-9851. Apostolakos. John, 4825 3rd St.. N.W. Washington. DC. 4. Applegate. Harold. 4308 Queensbury Road. Riverdale. Md. AP. 7-9518. Aquilino. Donald. 1763 Columbia Road. Washington. D.C. DE. 2-0866. Arbuckle. John, 3618 Albemarle St., Washington, D.C. WO. 6-4498. Arehart. Thomas, 5231 Western Ave., N.W., Washington 15. D.C. EM. 2-2614. Armaghanian, Gloria. 100-43 75th Ave.. Forest Hills. NY. BO. 8-5950. Arneson, James. 4537 Lowell St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 2-9256. Arnold. Francis. 432 Girard St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. AD. 4-3151. Artis. Rebecca. 3043 Oliver St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-2908. Asher. Nancy. 610 West End Ave.. New York 24. N.Y. TR. 3-7933. Aspiotis. Nicholas, 1008 South Dale St.. Arlington. Va. OT. 4-8565. Atkins. Linda. 9808 Dameron Drive. Silver Spring, Md., JU. 5-5966. Atkinson, Alva. 1655 Rosedale St., N.E. Washington 2, D.C. LI. 3-1732. Baer. Leonice. 338 East 83rd St.. New York 28. N.Y. RE. 4-1929. Bailey, Charles. 5405 Caiolina Place. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-2439 Baker. Edna. 3109 11th St., N.W. Washington. D.C. AD. 4-0609. Baker. Lawrence, 502 North Glebe Road. Arlington, Va. 1. JA. 2-2859 Balas, Barbara. 10208 Bieber Place. Silver Spring. Md. JU. 9-5884. Balcom. Roger, 4720 44th St.. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. EM. 3-3420. Bannister. Francine, 615 F St.. Washington 4. D.C. DI. 7-5726. Barnard. Anne. 23 Haven Ave.. New York, N.Y. TO. 7-0399. Basnard. Paul. 3707 31st Place. N.E. Washington 18. D.C. AD. 2-3013. Barnes. Robert. 429 North Park Drive. Arlington. Va. JA. 2-8384. Barrett. Marilyn. 5323 Little Falls Road. Arlington, Va. KE. 6-7919. Barrett, Octavia. 1735 Lang Place, N.E. Washington 2. D.C. LI. 6-8668. Barwick. Beverly, 112 Winchester Way. Falls Church. Va.. JE. 4-6998. Bascon. Michael, 112 Emerson St.. N.W. 3. Washington, D.C. Bassett. Stanley J., 2349 Linn St.. Williamsport, Pa. 7621. Batchelor, William, Box 51. R.F.D 1. Springfield. Va. KI. 8-3492. Bause. David, 42 East Philadelphia Ave., Boyertown, Pa. EM. 3-9878. Beall, Lee, Rt. 2. Box 11. Edgewater. Md Beek, Herman, 6716 Chillum Manor Road. Hyattsville. Md. HA. 2-8231. Behrle. George. 20 Manor Road. Daoli, Pa. Beitz. William. 2803 Connecticut Ave.. N.W. Washington 8. D.C. AD. 4-1907. Bell, Mary Ann, 3425 South Wakefield, Arlington 6. Va. KI. 9-6332. Bell. Robert, 5512 2nd St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. RA. 3-4829. Bellak, Richard. 62-20 Asauith Cresc. Rego Park. L.I.. N.Y. TW. 6-2622. Belle, Sheila, 2900 Alden Road. Baltimore 14. Md., NO. 5-5566. Benner. Ralph. 4614 Verplanck Place, N.W., Washington 16 D.C. KE. 7-1835 Bennett. Nancy, 656 North Hvde Park Ave.. Scanton, Pa. DI. 4-3247. Berkley. Gerald. 8208 Nolte St.. Silver Spring. Md. JU. 7-7911. Berlin, Ann, 136 Old Post Road, North. Croton-on-Hudson. N.Y. CR. 1-3658. Berlin. Steve. 1636 Fort Dupont St.. S.E. Washington. D.C. LU. 2-7894. Bernheimer. Monica. 4827 Alton Place. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. EM. 2-5287. Berry. David. Route 1. Ball Hill Road, McLean, Va. EL. 6-4237. Berry, William. 10510 Insley St.. Silver Spring, Md. LO. 5-2325. Bertuzzi, Lorraine. East Landis Ave., East Vineand. N.J. VI. 7-6818. Better. Norman, 2021 Bunker Hill Road. N.E. Washington 18. D.C. LA. 6-3353. Betzler. Lawrence. 2408 Arlington 4. Va. Ja. 7-2145. Biller, Geraldine. 3329 South Wakefield. Arlington 6. Va. A-l. KI. 9-6557. Bingham. Marietta, 5910 Rvland Drive, Bethesda 14. Md. OL. 4-3291. Birkes. Darrell Ray. 620 Gordon St.. Falls Church. Va. JE. 3-2850. Blackburn. William, 5028 Allan Road. Washington 16. DC. OL. 4-1884. Blake, Patricia, 1825 New Hampshire Ave., N.W. Washington. D.C. NO. 7-6282. Bland, Beverly, 8 West Melrose St.. Chevy Chase. Md. OL. 2-2562. Blum. Ruth. 5011 3rd St. N.W. Washington. D.C. RA. 6-7308. Bi.ume, Walter, 115-43 227th St., Cambria Heights 11. Jamaica. N.Y. LA. 5-7024. Blunt, Clevemand, U.S. Soldiers Home, Washington 25. D.C. TU. 2-9822. Bockman. Peter. 4 Winslow Place. Scarsdale, N.Y. SC 3-7937. Boger, Michael Dan, Broad Run, Va. HA. 4-3426. Bohraus, Louis. 5613 Ridgefield Road, Washington 16, D.C. CL. 2-4545. Bole, Margaret, 303 S.E. Baublits Drive. Warrington Branch. Psnsacola. Fla. HE. 2-4866. Bolonzi. Marie. 1730 M St. 46. N.W. Washington. D.C. ME. 8-1075. Bonneville. Adelin, 452 Kenwood Road. Drexel Park. Pa. CL. 9-1107. Bono, Peter. 113 Second Ave., rranKiort. N.Y. 1463-M Booth. Michael. 6340 31st St., N.W. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 3-3689. Booth, William. 2405 Ridge Road Drive. Alexandria. Va. KI. 8-1042. Borden. Frances. 314 North Garfield St.. Arlington 1. Va. JA. 8-9195. Bostock, Patti, 12 Hamilton Lane. Huntington. N.Y. HU. 4-0369J. Boucher. Judith. 1002 South Mansion Drive. Silver Spring. Md. JU 9-5415. Boward. Rosalie. 953 View St., Hagerstown. Md. 936-J. Bowne. Kenneth, 5421 Taney Ave.. Alexandria, Va. KI. 9-0791. Bradford. Rosalyn, 4604 South 4th St.. Arlington, Va. JA. 7-2275. Braucher. Jane, Dudding Ave., Hurricane. V. Va. Briggs, Robert, 5503 28th Ave. S.E. Washington 21. D.C. Bright. Robert, 116 West Magnolia Ave.. Wildwood. N.J. 2-3506. Britt. Anne Johnson. 5601 Madison St.. Bethesda 14. Md. OL. 4-5935. Brodell, Stephen. 7212 Cedar Ave.. Takoma Park. Md. JU. 9-4884. Bhodsky. Barbasa, 1611 Fort Davis Place. S.E. Washington 20. D.C. LU. 2-9467. Brodt, Doris, 3913 N. Chesterbrook Road. Arlington. Va. KE. 6-8484. Brooks, L uea, 614 Linden St., Shreveport, La. 8-3100. Brown, Dorothy, 5863 2nd St. South. Arlington. Va. JA. 8-7869. Erown. Jeannette, 1813 Holly St.. Harrisburg. Pa. CE. 4-0773. Brown, Kenneth. 7403 Gary St.. Springfield. Va. FL. 4-6961. Brown. Philip. 4 South River Road. Annapolis. Md. CO. 3-2104. Bryan. B. O ' Neal. 4857 North 29th St.. Arlington. Va. KE. 6-9558. Bryk. Oliver. 2801 Quebec St.. N.W. Washington, D.C. EM. 2-8783. Buck, Martha. 98 Edgewood Drive. Ho Ho Kus, N.J. BI. 5-3706. Buckley, John. 3414 Prospect Ave., N.W. Washington. DC. AD. 2-2919. Buergenthal. Thomas. 376 East 31st St., Paterson. N.J. LA. 5-6512. Buitrago. Luis. 7a C. O. 102. San Salvador. El Salvador. C.A. Bunting. Robert. 4539 43rd Place. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. EM. 2-2183. Busby, Roswell Frank, 1703 Frankin St., Fredericksburg. Va ES. 3-7874. fiiTcHER. Marshall. 4201 Richmond Highway. Alexandria. Va. Buzalski. Bruce. 9 Broad St.. Cranford, N.J. CR. 6-2493. Caccavale. Frances. 385 Morse Ave., Ridgefield. N.J. MO. 6-5092. Cahn, Norma, 3701 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. KE. 7-0313. Campbell, James. 3055 Oliver St., N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-0577. Cannon, Joseph. 2122 36th Place. S.E. Washington. D.C. LU 2-3716. Carlance. John. 1218 North Lincoln St.. Arlington. Va. JA. 2-9492. Carlson. Phyllis. 47 New Brier Lane. Clifton. N.J. PR. 8-2096. Carpenter. Robert, 5726 3 Place. N.W. Washington. D.C. TA. 9-0625. Carroll. Joseph. 5615 Belt Road. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-2002. Carter, Cherwood. 722 Green St.. Williamsport. Pa. 3-5200. Carter. Stephanie. Box 157. Wayland. Mass. EL. 8-2112. Cartwright. Douclas, 1610 Park Road, N.W. Washington, D.C. HN. 3-4529. Casey, Annie. 1474 Chapin St.. N.W. Washington. DC. CO. 5-0197. Casey, Glenda, Box 254, Warner. Okla. 45. Cass. Henry. 1368 Ridgeway Ave.. Rochester 13. N.Y. GL. 2978. Cerney, Milton, 2830 Maple Ave., Berwyn, 111. GU. 4-1603. Chamblin, J. Howard. 2762 North Wakefield St.. Arlington 7. Va. JA. 5-4736. Chappelear, Edwin, 1959 Rosemary Hills Drive, Silver Spring. Md JU. 8-1025. Chabacteh, Lois, 272 Fenwick Ave., Salem. N.J. 2056. Chase. Marcia. 83 Shephard Ave.. Newark 8. N.J. WA. 3-7477. Chase. William. 1204 Kenfig Drive. Falls Church. Va. JE. 3-8014. Chasman, Michael, 341 Sanford Ave.. Hillside, N.J. EL. 2-3829. Chatti. Mouaffac. Syrian Embassy. Washington. D.C. AD. 2-1914. Chenault. Roger, 25 Barry Road, Scarsdale. N.Y. SC. 3-8245. Chesser, William. 4704 Davenport St., N.W. Washington. D.C KE. 7-1536. Chick, Nancy, 8645 Harrison St.. Arlington. Va. JA. 5-1991. Chidakel. Burton. 4545 Connecticut Ave.. N.W. Washington 8. D.C. EM. 3-3615 Childs. Winston. 2705 13th St., N.E. Washington. D.C. 534. AD. 2-7286 Chin. Edmond. 623 19th St.. N.W. Washington 6, D.C. RE. 7-0490. Chin. Leng. 423 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W. Washington. D.C. 206. Chin. Sherman. 623 19th St.. N.W. Washington 6. D.C. RE 7-0490. Christopherson. Claudia. 892 North Kentuckv St., Arlington, Va. JA 7-3313. Chung. John, 54 Avenue Republica. Macao. Chung. Ki Younc. 1-208 Book Drive. Hvun Done. Seoul. Korea. Church. Margaret. Bronson Drive. Bethesda 14. Md. OL. 4-7650. Chuug. June. 3825 Warren St.. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. EM. 3-6194. Clagcett, Paul. 4523 Tower Ave.. N.W. Washington 11, D.C. RA. 6-2062. Clark. Elwin, Route 5. Hagerstown, Md. 6781. Clark, William. 5028 Fulton St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 2-9647. Clements. Gerald. 6305 7th St.. N.W. Washington 11. D.C. RA. 3-3422. Clifton. Richard. 1016 16th St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. DI. 7-7049. Clover, Heather, 1421 20th St., N.W. Washington 6. D.C. HU. 3-3523. Cobb. Charles, 8111 14th Ave.. Hyattsville, Md. 101. Cohen, Stanley, 734 Arlington Village, Arlington. Va. JA. 5-1677. Coker. Yvonne, 1820 California St., N. W. Washington, D.C. CO. 5-8498. Cole. Edward, 135-37 78th Road. Flushing 67. N.Y. JA. 6-1119. Cole. Patricia. 2613 Arvin St.. Wheaton Hills. Silver Spring. Md. LO. 5-1082. Collins. Barbara. 2302 Lee HiEjhwav, Arlington 1. Va. 304. JA. 5-1857. Comito. Joel. 8201 Bay Parkway. Brooklyn 14, N.Y. BE. 2-8119. Contezac, Michel, 4, 2723 South Walter Reed Drive. Arlington 6, Va. KI. 8-5471. Cook, Mary Jane. Route 1, Box 181, Annandale, Va. JE. 4-3427. Cooke. Walter, 3204 Park Place. N.W. Washington. DC. TA. 9-2915. Cookman, Patricia. 4346 Lee Highway. Arlington. Va. JA. 8-2659. Cotten, Benjamin, Clark Hall, American University. Washington 16. D.C WO. 6-9761. Cordrey. Richard. 904 West 23rd St.. Wilmington. Del. 4-8508. Coury, Joan, 3318 South Dakota Ave., N.W. Washington 18. D.C. DE 2-1686. Cox. Mary, 5802 Osceola Road. Washington 16. D.C. OL. 6-5567. Cox. William, 129 North Columbus St., Arlington 3. Va. JA 8-6882. Crandall. Paula. 2500 Upton St., N.W. Washington 8. D.C. EM. 2-4239. Cravens. William. 3185 South Stafford St.. Arlington 6. Va. OV. 3-2980. Critzer, James. 2527 Key Blvd.. Arlington. Va. JA. 2-6759. Crompton. James, 804 Ramsey St., Alexandria, Va. OV. 3-1657 Crowder. Owen, 15E Laurel Hill Road. Greenbelt, Md.. GR. 3-3841. Crowell. Gregory, 7204 Connecticut Ave.. Chevy Chase. Md. 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Davis. Norman. 4915 Chevy Chase Blvd.. Chevy Chase. Md. OL. 2-4013. Davis. Stuart. 8804 Maywood Ave.. Silver Spring, Md. JU. 7-6661 Davis, Ward, Rocky Point Road. Old Greenwich. Conn. NE. 7-2852. Day. Basil. Monrovia, Md. Mt. Airy 291W2. Day, Margie. 3118 8th St. North. Arlington 1. Va. JA. 2-6498. Day, Mary, Purdum Road. Monrovia. Md. CL. 3-2860. Day, William, 3118 8th St. North. Arlington. Va. JA. 2-6498. De Carlo. Rose. 23 Rosemary Place, Utica. NY. 3-7945. Duse. Clara, 2220 Quincy St.. N.E. Washington, D.C. CO. 5-8904. De Looper. Willem, 4201 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. WO. 6-4306. Denniberg, Elliot, 8001 14th St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. RA. 6-8191. Denton, Lee. 1419 T St.. N.E. Washington, D.C. LU. 4-2495. Deressa. Tsedale. 2209 Wyoming Ave.. Washington, D.C. HU. 3-7687. Deutsch, Edwin. 144-05. 85th Ave.. Jamaica. NY. RE. 9-6316. Devore, Joan. 3525 Davenport St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-5588. Diamond. George, 3020 McKinley St.. N.W. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 2-3533 Di Cenzo. Vircil. 309 South Wayne St.. Arlington. Va. JA. 4-1480. Ditmore, Elizabeth, 205 South Pershing Drive, Arlington 4. Va. JA. 8-7571. Dixon. Jean. Vandemere, N. C. Dobben. Jerry. 1504 44th St.. N.W. Washington 7, D.C. FE. 3-1129. Donovan. Jeremiah, 819 Marshall Lane, Alexandria, Va. TE. 6-2187. Dorf, Martha. 5303 Geoigia Ave.. N.W. Washington 11, D.C. RA. 6-0049. Dostert. Pierre. 3314. Quesada St., N.W. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 2-0694. Duke. Margaret. 807 Crescent Drive, Alexandria. Va. TE. 6-5097. Dunkley, Richard. 5127 Palisade Lane. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. WO. Durloo. Leslie, R.F.D. 5. Box 317. Vienna, Va. DU. 5-9549. Dvorak. Mary Ann. 2306 South 2nd St.. Arlington 4. Va JA. 7-3907. Dwyer. Hannah. 445 Waverly Place. Orange. N.J. OR. 4-6462. Dyson. Richard. Charlotte Hall. Md. ME. 108C2. Earman, Dennis, 519 Greenwich St.. Falls Church. Va. JE. 2-1434. Earnshaw. Robert, 707 McNeil Road. Silvetr Spring. Md. JU. 9-8773. Edelstein, Judith, 1426 Leegate Road. N.W. Washington. D.C. TU. 2-2972. Eden, David, 12 Sussex Road. Silver Spring. Md. JU. 5-4410. Ecgeling. Paul Clifford. 3017 Lake Avenue. Cheverly Md.. WA. 7-9445. Ehrenworth, Susan. 106 Belleville Ave.. Bloomfield, N.J. BL. 2-9878-M. Eisenbeis. Sally. 1108 Elmi--a St.. Williamsport. Pa. 2-5026. Elkan, Alfred, Fly Creek, NY Cooperstown 9-1452. Ellinwood. Robert. 3724 Van Ness St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. WO. 6-5981. Emory, Lynn. 6424 31st Place. N.W. Washington 15. D.C. EM 2-5572. Enders. Patricia. 3210 Pickwick Lane. Chevy Chase 15. Md. OL 6-8032. England. John, 3134 Buetna Vista Terrace. Washington 20. D.C. LU. 2-4799. Erdahl. Donna. 7072 Wyndale St.. N.W. Washington 15. D.C WO. 6-1819 Estes, Thomas. 6417 31st Place. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 2-4774. Evers. Dora. 2117 E St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. DI. 7-0130. Exelbert. Jack, 1708 64th St.. Brooklyn 4. NY. BE. 6-6998. Fairbairn. Harry, 100 South Sacramento Ave.. Ventnor. N.J. 2-1684. Farris. David. 4351 Fessenden St.. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. 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Fogan, Robert, 2401 Calvert St.. N.W. Washington, D.C. NO. 7-3136. Foote. Richard. 413 37th Place. S.E. Washington 19, D.C. 102. LU. 1-3764. Ford. Ophelia, 1015 South Loudon St.. Winchester, Va., 3294 Fox. Pat. 2814 30th St.. N.E. Washington 18. D.C. LA. 6-3045. Franklin, Gerald. 2801 15th St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. 209. DE. 2-5340. French, Mary, 1914 North Johnson St.. Arlington 7, Va. JA. 8-2888. Frendzel. Donald, 708 Wall Ave., Pitcairn. Pa. Francis, Lee. 5008 V St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 2-2832. Friedmann, Karen. 6406 31st St., N.W. Washington 15. D.C. WO. 6-9265. Friend, Peter, 5222 Baltimore Ave., Washington 16, D.C. OL. 4-3984. Fuller. Jane, 157 Spring St., Brockton 40. Mass. 7372. Galante, Richard. 1428 North Longfellow St.. Arlington. Va. Gallagher. Bernard. 2517 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W. Washington, D.C. DE. 2-4633. Gallagher. Walter. 203 Atlantic St.. Elizabeth. N.J. EL. 2-3139. Galo, Lia. 4001 Van Ness St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-6475. Carabedian. Levon. 1309 Juniper St.. N.W. Washington 12, D.C. TA. 9-2044. Gardner. Edward Randolph. 2500 Q St., N.W Washington. D. C. HO. 3-3465. Gardoni. Audrey. 318 J St.. Rupert. Idaho. Garland. Lowell. 3810 Florence. Alexandria. Va. OV. 3-5852. Gebrat, Ezra, Ethiopian Embassy. 23 Kalorama Road, N.W. Washington. D.C. Geier. Carrie, Box 260, McLean. Va. KE. 8-5413. Ghazi. Bozorg. 20 Naderi Ave.. Tehran. Iran. Gilbertson. Jule. Robert ' s Road. Fairfax. Va CR. 3-0566. Gilkeson, Guy. Route 2. Herndon. Va. PL. 9-2218. Gilliam. Betty. Star Route. Black Mountain, N.C.. Old Fort 259-R. Gimenez. Jose. Carrera 18 Entre 40-41 Quinta Rocio, Barquisimeto. Ven- ezuela. 2571. Ginsburg. Robert. 4409 Brandywine St.. N.W Washington 16, D.C. WO. 6-8279 Gitomer, Jerome, 2629 Colston Drive. Chevy Chase 15. Md. JU. 9-4532. Glammeyer. Roy. 2032 O St.. N.W. Washington 6. D.C. Glassmyer. Irvin. 4739 North 16th St., Arlington 5, Va. JA. 2-3402. Glidden. Catherine. 4901 Somerset Road. Riverdale. Md. WA. 7-0669. Glymph, Benjamin. 4913 Greenway Drive. Washington 16, D.C. OL. 6-6705. Goldsteen. Irwin. 715 Capitol St.. Harrisburg, Pa. CE. 4-3949. Gonoza. Clelia. 12028 Centerhill St.. Silver Spring. Md. LO. 5-5067. Goode. Barbara. 147 Eaton Lane. West Islip, N.Y. MO. 1-2494. Goodstein. Harvey. 233 Belleview Terrace. Hillside. N.J. WA. 6-1271. Gordon, Milton. 1425 Kanewha St.. Hvattsville. Md. HE. 4-7599. Gordon, Robert, 47 Beverly Road, Great Neck, N.Y. HU. 2-8636. Grandstaff, Lewis, 10703 Saint Margaret ' s Way, Silver Spring, Md. LO. 5-4222. Grant, Judith, 332 Quesada St.. Washington 15, D.C. EM. 3-8877. Gray, Donald, Box 548. Silverton. Colo. Gray, Willis. 4120 Illinois Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. RA. 6-4603. Grayson. Raymond, 2317 20th St., N.W. Washington 9. D.C. DU. 7-2221. Gredone. Alfonso. 219 East Spencer Ave.. Wildwood, N.J. 2-3134. Gredone. Claire. 219 East Spencer Ave.. Wildwood. N.J. 2-3134. Green, Franklin. 1518 Wayne Drive. Falls Church. Va. JE. 2-9452. Green. Janice. 2034 South Seminary Road. Arlington 4. Va. JA. 7-5154. Grimas. Angel, Street 44. 11. Panama. Republic of Panama. 3-0922. Ghuse. Valentine. 4913 Auburn Ave.. Bethesda. Md. OL. 2-1328. Guy, Joseph, Clements. Md. GR. 5-6826 Haley. Mary June. Cannolltown. Pa. FI. 4-6343. Hall. Mary, 5900 31st Place. N.W. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 2-1491. Hamilton. William Alexander. 21 600 Condon Terrace. S.E. Washing- ton 20, D.C. JO. 1-1204. Hampton. Maury. 626 Chaplin St., S.E. Washington. D.C. LU. 2-3053. Hansborough. Alice. McClean. Va. EL. 6-3269. Harris. Caspa. 1410 Montello Ave.. N.E. Washington 2. D.C. LI. 7-3509. Harvey. Bernice. 1134 South Thomas. 23. Arlington 4. Va. Harville. Patricia. 703 Atlantic St.. S.E. Washington 20, D.C. JO. 2-3331. Hauser. Samuel. 4602 32nd St. North. Arlington, Va. KE. 8-4374. Haworth. Neil, 1651 Lamont St.. N.W. Washington 10, DC. 26. AD. 4-4836. Haynes, Virginia. Mathews. Va. 5-3341. Heller Michael. Dickerson. Md. Poolesville 3651. Henderson. James. 5407 First St., N.W. Washington. D.C. TA. 9-0725. Herlihy. Frank. 6708 Hillandale Road. Chevy Chase 15. Md. Hernandez, Oscar. Tolead 20, Col-Alamos. Mexica City. Mexico, 19- 29-50. Hesketh, William. 633 K St.. N.E. Washington, D.C. LI. 6-7505. Hewitt. Harvey. 210 East Greenway Blvd.. Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-2473. Hickman. Barbara. 5500 South 6th St.. Arlington, Va. JA. 2-7938. Hicks, Herbert. Route 3. Box 392. Fairfax. Va. JE. 4-4422. Higgins. Montgomery, 2914 45th St., N.W. Washington 16, D.C. EM. 3-3435. Highsmith, Horace. 5802 Rittenhouse St., East Riverdale. Md. WA. 7-6793 Hill, Joan. 3805 17th Place. N.E Washington 18. DC. LI. 4-7280. Hirsch. Nannette. 720 Fort Washington Ave.. New York 40. N.Y. WA. 8-0893. Hochman, Marilyn, 73 Carwall Ave.. Mt. Vernon, N.Y. MO. 8-6306. Hodges, Ruth. 110 South Oak St., Falls Church. Va. JE. 2-0341. Holden, Carol. 5102 Wessling Lane. Bethesda 14. Md. OL. 6-7964. Hollander, Jean. 3215 35th St.. N.W. Washington 16. DC. EM. 3-4789. Holm. Craige, 3518 13th St.. N.E. Washington. DC. LA. 6-5895. Holm. Phyllis. 937 North Edgewood St.. Arlington 1. Va. JA. 7-2018. Hoocland. Earnest. 3021 4th St. North. Arlington 1, Va. J A. 8-7525. Hopper, Wilbert, 3811 Gramercy St.. Washington 16. DC. WO. 6-8426. Horn. Richard, 412 Hawthorne Ave.. Williamsport. Pa. 7705. Howes, Robert, 6911 Prince George Ave.. Takoma Park 12. Md. JU. 9-6845. Hsi, Helen, R.D. 4. Freehold, N.J.. LA. 6-0149 Hsiao, Liang. 3815 Davis Place. N.W. Washington 7, DC. EM. 3-6952. Huffaker. William, 5008 4th St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. RA. 6-4381. Hulbert. Richard. 3000 Dent Place. N.W. Washington 7, D.C. AD. 2-2947. Huminik. Jo Ann, 829 Xenia St.. S.E. Washington 20, D.C. JO. 2-8244. Hungerford. Thomas. 627 Melrose Ave.. Kenilworth. 111. TE. 5543. Hunt. Lee, 4509 South 34th St.. Arlington, Va. KI. 9-1245. Ingagliato. Alfred. 1818 Que St., S.E. Washington, D.C. LU. 2-2510. Innes, Elaine, 78 High St.. Thomaston, Conn. AT. 3-4662. Irelan, John. 4827 Western Ave.. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. EM 3-6660. Iseminger, Jon. 1425 Lawndale Ave.. Havertown. Pa. MI. 9-1927. Italiano. Phyllis. 2402 St. Raymond Ave.. New York 61. N.Y. TA. 3-0591. Itzkoff. Alvin, 3314 Dorchester Road, Baltimore 15, Md. FO. 7-4778. Jackson, Glen, 12-A 124 Webster St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. TA. 9-8650. Jackson. Nancy Ellen, 1 Owaissa Road. Willoughby, Ohio. WI. 2-3883. Jackson. Nancy Lee, 1912 Chapin St.. N.W. Washington 9, D.C. AD. 4-7776. Jacobs. Betty, 1221 Quaker Lane, Alexandria, Va. KI. 8-5396. Jacobs, Fred. 4722 9th St., N.W. Washington. D.C. TU. 2-1459. Jacobs, James, 2221 Rand Place. N.E Washington 2, DC. LI. 7-1142. Jacoby, Lorraine, 2615 42nd St.. N.W. Washington 7, D.C. EM. 3-2561. Jaffe, Bernard. 136 Hawthorne Ave.. Newark. N.J. Jamison, Jill. 2230 California St.. Washington 8. D.C. 208, HU. 3-3259. Jarchow, Ronald, 5011 Keystone Ave.. Bethesda, Md. OL. 2-6259. Jasen. David. 225 East Pennsylvania St.. Long Beach, N.Y. LO. 6-0325. Jaskol. Leonard, 63-25 Saunders St., Rego Park 74. N.Y. IL. 9-3524. Jenkins. Mathew. 51 Fayston St.. Roxbury, Mass. CA. 7-0297. Jenkins. Ogechee, 3810 Hayes St.. N.E. Washington. D.C. 4. Jenkins, Roland, 517 South Veitch St., Arlington, Va. JA. 5-9113. Jennings. Kay, 29 East Linden St.. Alexandria. Va. KI. 9-4415. Jensen, Christopher, 5531 33rd St.. N.W. Washington 15, D.C. EM. 3-2889. Jensen. Evalyn, 4963 Genevieve Ave., St. Louis, Mo. John. Forrest. 16B Ashby St., Alexandria. Va. KI. 8-5662. Johnson. Alexander, 7239 Forest Road. Johnson, Ablin, 1707 North Greenbrier St.. Arlington 5. Va. JA. 2-9385. Johnson. Lucien. 4210 Lee Highway. Arlington, Va. JA. 5-0675. Johnson. Millard. 3705 Plyers Mill Road. Kensington. Md. LO. 5-0097. . .•: n .). 1. West Main Road. North East. Pa. 15194. Jones. Herbert. 608 Madison Ave.. Scranton. Pa. 4-1346. Jones, John, 1615 Decatur St., N.W. Washington 11, D.C, TA. 9-7871. Jones, Kenneth. 1107 Carlton Ave., Falls Church. Va. JE. 2-1057. Jones. Phillip, 46 East 7th St., Chillicothe, Ohio. 2-0431. Jones. Robert, 126 West Park Drive. Watertown. N.Y. Jones. Rosa. 28 Seaton Place. N.W., Washington, D.C. HU. 3-3571. Jordan, Heidi, 1012 S. Dinwiddie St., Arlington. Va. JA. 2-5122. Kahn, Claude. 3535 75th St.. Jackson Heights. N.Y. 72. NE. 9-5603. Kang. Eun. 3419 36th St.. N.W.. Washington. D.C. WO. 6-5921. Kaparakis, John. 3908 N. Military Road. Arlington 7, Va. JA. 8-7406. Kaplan. Alan, 459 Riggs Road. N.E.. Washington. D.C. TU. 2-0526. Kaplan. Elaine, 9205 68th Ave., Forest Hills 75. N.Y. BO. 8-1313. Kaplan. Maurice, 4000 Cathedral Ave.. N.W. Washington, D.C. WO. 6-3649. Kappler. Barbara, 10109 Hadley. Kensington. Md. LO. 4-0142. Kay. Philip, 4311 16th St., N.W. Washington, D.C. TA. 9-6674. Keay, Victor Peter. 2770 N. Piedmont St., Arlington 7, Va. Ja. 2-8196. Keller, Carl, Route 3. Box 465. Fairfax, Va. JE. 4-4655. Kendall, Frederic. 10313 Georgia Ave.. Silver Spring, Md. LO. 4-5741. Kennedy. Joseph. 336 Birch St.. Scranton. Pa. DI. 3-3138. Kercheval. Jack. 862 South Harrison St., Arlington, Va. JA. 7-7976. Keys. John. 702 Bridge St.. Newark. N.J. Keys. Richard. 3401 N St.. N.W. Washington, D.C. AD. 2-2848. Kidd, Milton, 1149 Colonial Ave.. Alexandria, Va. KI. 8-0978. Kieffer. Richard. 4848 Chevy Chase Blvd., Chevy Chase. Md. OL. 6-5341. Kilgen. Noel, 2146 F St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. ST. 3-3347. Kim, Kum, JA. 77-1, Kung Chung Dong, Chong Ro-Ku. Seoul, Korea. King. Florence. 3614 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. WO 6-7444. King. Nancy. 148 Hillside Ave.. Verona. N.J. VE. 8-5928. Kjersgaard. Irene, 127 Rose St., Metuchen, N.J. LI. 8-3208. Klein. Paul, 407 W. Greenway, W. Greensboro, N.C. 2-6698. Klein. Ruhama. 3707 Woodley Road. N.W. Washington. D.C. KE. 7-0423. Kleindienst. Rolf. 5049 Nebraska Ave.. N.W. Washington, DC. EM. 2-8828. Kline. V. Ruth. 5622 9th St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. RA 3-0536. Knarr, George, 7103 New Hampshire Ave.. Washington. D.C. JU. 9-7537 Kochel. Constance. 7011 31st St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-6839. Koontz. Barbara. 4116 18th Place. N.E. Washington. D.C. LA. 6-3593. Koontz, Margaret. 311 N. Virginia Ave., Falls Church, Va. JE. 3-3273. Korff. Nina, Korff Drive. Vineland. N.J. VI. 9-9349. Kosaveach. Joseph. 4627 River Road. Bethesda. Md. OL. 4-8189. Kraemer, Walter. 9616 Lorain Ave.. Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-7150. Krasner, Stuart. 3900 16th St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. TA. 9-7078. Kreps. William, 9121 Sudbury Road. Silver Spring, Md. JU. 5-8024. Kreuter. Jack, 1401 Oglethorpe St., N.W. Washington, D.C. TU. 2-1237. Kriegsmann, Loretta, 6608 31st St.. N.W. Washington, D.C. WO. 0-1374. Krisel. Carol. 230 Bradley Ave.. N.W., Mt. Vernon. N.Y. MO. 7-2246. Krucoff. Karl. 4403 Belle Ave., Baltimore 7, Md. Mo. 4-5284. Kruglak. Vera, 3326 74th St., Jackson Heights, N.Y. HA. 9-0253. Kuzmunsky, Irene. 500 Rittenhouse St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. RA. 6-8845. Ladd. Ronald. Route 1, Clifton. Va. BR. 8-9163. Ladusky. Walter, 2240 40th St., N.W. Washington. D.C. WO. 6-2863. Lancaster, Marcia. 261 Midland Ave.. Montclair, N.J. MO. 3-4673. Lanham. Herbert, 122 Stuart Drive, Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-6245. Larew, Walter. 217 Lawton St., Falls Church. Va. JE. 2-2837. Laskin, Lee. 1232 Empire Ave . Camden 3. N.J. WO. 4-4076. Latham. Ceciil, 527 Argle Drive. Apt. 6. Falls Church. Va. JE. 4-4635. Lauffeh. Robert. R.D. 1. Nazareth. Pa. TE. 7-2374. Lawrence. Joan. 4322 Fessenden St.. N.Y. Washington, D.C. EM. 3-7331. Leak, Charles. 8210 15th Ave.. Langley Park, Md. HE. 4-6821. Leber, Mary Ann, Box 98. Waverly. Pa. CS 6-3518. Lee. Carolyn, Chinese Community Center, Washington, D.C. Lee, Insook, 9-432 Shin Dang Dong, Seoul. Korea. Lee, Roger, 2200 R St., N.W. Washington, D. C. DE. 2-5477. Lee, Seung, 905 Government St.. Mobile 20, Ala. Lehnen, Eugene. 1017 Quebec Terrace. Silver Spring, Md. Leonard, Anabel, R.D. 2 Fayetteville. Pa. 97-R-31. Levauasseur, Paul, 4708 North Washington Blvd.. Arlington. Va. JA. 8-2255. Levey, Arthur, 260 East Beverly Parkway. Valley Stream, N.Y. VA. 5-9749. Levin, Sidney, 2906 Norfolk Ave.. Baltimore 15. Md. FO. 7-0248. Levine, Donald, 6948 Groton St.. Forest Hills. N.Y. BO. 8-1071. Levine. Joyce, 55 Sheridan Ave.. Mount Vernon. N.Y. MO. 8-6072. Levy. Alan. 1008 Quebec Terrace. Silver Spring. Md. HE. 4-5275. Levy. Arlene (Lee), 445 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington. D.C. KE. 7-1246. Levy, Philip, 19 Fort Hill Circle. Staten Island, N.Y. SA. 7-8926. Lewicky, William, 149 17-16 Road. Whitestone. Long Island, N.Y. IN. 3-3092. Licht, Margaret. 1424 W St.. S.E. Washington. D.C. LU. 2-8659. Lipsitz, Sarah, Chase City, Va. DR. 2-4320. Little, Patrick, 1006 Barnalyte. S.E. Washington. D.C. Apt. 101. Livingston. Edithann, 105-20 66 Road, Forest Hills, N.Y. BO. 1-8313. Lockwood. Dorothy. 403 Simpson Place. Peekskill, N.Y. 7-1160. Locker, Tom, 4716 44th St.. N. W. Washington 16, D.C. EM. 2-4716. Lockwood, Harry. 242 Peabody St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. RA. 3-0116. Lodge. C. Loraine, 39 S. Broadwat. Pitman, N.J. LU. 9-2392. Loewy, Marvin, 6420 14th St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. JU. 2-8707. Long. Patricia. 4507 Amherst Lane. Bethesda. Md. OL. 7-2707. Louie. James, 106 N. Washington St.. Easton, Md. 848. Lower. George. 2585 Naylor Road. S.E. Washington. DC. LU. 1-4086. Lucas, Joyce. 640 Massachusetts Ave.. N.E. Washington. D.C. LI. 6-2983. Lundy, Marilyn, 36 Main St.. Dallas. Pa. DA. 4-4641. I.ushe, Frank, 2318 Minnesota Ave.. S.E. Washington. D.C. LU. 1-6070. Lynch, John, Woodside Estates, McLean, Va. JE. 3-0576. Lyon, Lila, Hamilton Hall, American University, Washington. D.C. Room 113. Lyons, Frances, 507 South Spring St., Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-7822. McCarthy. William. 18 Crittenden St., Newark, N.J. McClees, Robert, 1105 Anacostia Road. S.E. Washington. D.C. LU. 2-0686. McDarby. Thomas, 5000 V St., N.W. Washington, D.C. McDonnell, James, 61 Roosevelt Blvd.. Fords. N.J. 4-8-8970. McFall, James. 609 Lincoln St.. Rockville, Md. PO. 2-6983. McGregor, Robert. U.S.S. Grand Canyon. Fleet P.O. Box, New York. N.Y. NE. 4-1198. McHenry. Mary, 118 Northbrook Lane. Bethesda 14. Md. OL. 6-4776. McInnis, Route 1. Repton. Ala. 8065. McLaine. Marcia. 2030 Beechwood Blvd.. Pittsburgh 17. Pa. HA. 1-6637. McLendon, Martha iM ' Liz). 3210 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Washington. D.C. Apt. 510, EM. 3-2290. McQuiston, John, 4-46 Hartley Place, Fairlawn. N.J. FA. 4-0122. McWhorteh, Barbara, 4421 Burlington Place, N.W. Washington 16. D.C. EM. 3-4950. Mabee, Walter Bruce, 5812 5th St South. Arlington. Va. JA. 7-2071. MacDonald. Flora. 4803 South 28th St.. Arlington. Va. TE. 6-7360. MacChambers. Albert. 1341 Fairmont St.. N.W. Washington, D.C. Mack, Arugustia, 142 35th St., N.E. Washington 19. D.C. LU. 4-4022. Mackenzie. Susan. 10-S Plateau Place. Greenbelt. Md. GR. 3-4087. Madison, Carl, 4919 Jay St.. N.E. Washington. D.C, 21. LU. 2-3116. Mahan. John, Countryside. Summit, N.J. SU. 6-5489. Malley, Ronald, 222 City View Ave.. West Springfield. Mass. RE. 3-3660. Mallick, Sudesh, 25B Circular Road. Debra Dunn (U.P.) India. Maloney. Robert, 3820 Cathedral Ave.. N.W. Washington. D.C. WO. 6-7934 Maltz. Jarman W.. 943 Linkwood Drive. Baldwin. N.Y. BA 3-6338. Mance. Isaac. 44342 Indiana Ave.. Chicago 15. 111. OA. 4-9454. Maphis. Franklin. 4505 Leland St., Chevy Chase, Md.. OL. 2-3002. Maranian. Harry, P.O. Box 182, Vienna. Va. JE. 3-7346. Markwood, Valerie, 2726 Brandywine St., N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 2-2286. Marsbach. Hans. 4954 Brandywine St.. N.W. Washington, D.C. EM. 2-2246. Marsh, Allan Thomas, 4315 N. Glebe Road. Arlington. Va. KE. 8-2736. Marynenko, Jurij. 320 D St., S.E. Washington. D.C. LI. 3-4058. Martin. Barbara. 2109 North Luey St., Arlington 1. Va. JA. 2-0655. Marzullo. Frank. 1357 Madison St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. RA. 6-0513 Mather. Mary Elizabeth. 9603 Rockville Pike. Bethesda 14. Md. OL. 2-6876. Mather, Robert, 9603 Rockville Pike. Bethesda 14, Md. OL. 2-6876. Matyszewska. Danuta, R.D. 2, Delmar. Del. LA. 7294. Mayer, Roy. 172-03 83rd Ave.. Jamaica 32, NY. Mead, John, 203 Blackhawk Drive, S.E. Washington. DC. LO. 7-3700. Meekins, Jeff, 4017 Oliver St.. Chevy Chase 15. Md. OL. 2-8807. Melloni, Biagio, 1711 35th St., N.W., Apt. 26. Washington. D.C. CO. 5-0545. Meyer, Loretta, Church St., Bohemia, Long Island, N.Y. Sayville 4-0010. Meyerle, Louis. 612 Bennington Drive. Silver Spring. Md. JU. 9-7096. Meyers. Betram, 3061 M St.. N.W. Washington. DC. AD. 4-2741. Milani, Edward. 4878 South 28th St.. Arlington. Va. KI. 9-2352. Milbrat, Beatrice. 13041 Chapman Ave.. Anaheim, Calif. Lehigh 9-1987. Miles, Matthew, 433 Rich Ave.. Mount Vernon. N.Y. MO. 7-3440. Mill, Rodney, 7719 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, Md. JU. 5-4747. Miller (Nee Reid). Clara. 2201 42nd St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-4089. Miller. Lester. Salamonca. 265. San Isioro. Lima. Peru. Miller, Rodney, 2544 17th St., N.W. Washington 9. D.C. DU. 7-4136. Millett, William. 1833 New Hampshire Ave., N.W. Washington. D.C. HO. 2-2984. Mills. James. 2702 Cathedral Ave., Washington. D.C. KI. 8-7888. Miner, Larry, 49 Federal St.. Agawam, Mass. RE. 7-7095. Mirman. Roberta, 4126 Arkansas Ave., N.W. Washington. D.C. RA. 6-7495 Mitchell, Douglas, 331 Harrison Ave., Hasbrouck Heights. N.J. HA 8-2618. Mitchell, Patricia, 715 Roxboro Place. N.W. Washington 11. D.C. RA 6-9489. Mondragon. Linda. 8802 Old Georgetown Road. Bethesda 14. Md. OL 2-7276. Mondschein, Irwyn. 3850 Tunlaw Road. N.W. Washington, D.C. EM 2-3683. Morey. Robert. 3133 38th St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 2-1041. Morgan. Jacqueline. 3076 S. Woodrow St.. Arlington. Va. OV. 3-6218. Morgan. Robert P., 268 Park Ave.. Rutherford, N.J. Webster 9-1387. Morcan. Robert Shepherd, 4262 S. 16th St.. Arlington, Va. JA. 7-6423. Moriarty, Francis. 46 Myrtle Ave., Fitchburg. Mass. 2-5352. Morris. Dewey. 908 Olive St.. Greensboro, N.C. 4-7436. Morrison. Ralph. Jr.. 2905 34th St., N.W. Washington. DC. EM. 3-452i. Morrow. Robert. 985 Northill Road, Baltimore 17. Md. HO. 7-6135. Morton. Fletcher, 1308 Wallace Place. N.W. Washington. D.C. AD. 4-7521. Mosby, Muriel. 1111 Buchanan St., N.W. Washington. D.C. WO. 7-7441. Mounsey, Mera, 2915 University Terrace. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. EM. 2-1078. Moyer. John, R.R. 3. Herndon. Va. DU. 5-8639. Muller, Elizabeth, B-21 James Madison Bldg., Presidential Gardens. Alexandria, Va. TE. 6-6092. Munsey. Kenneth, 4513 Western Ave.. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-4513. Munsky, Richard, 4822 Old Dominion Road. Arlington. Va. KE. 8-2732. Murray. Thomas, 44 Lincoln St.. New Rochelle, N.Y. NE. 2-9819. Myers. Roberta, 18 Reeves Road. Rockville Centre. N.Y. RO. 4-4600 Nadanyi. Michael. 601 Dorchester Road, Falls Church, Va. JE. 3-2214. Nash. Ruth, 4606 Copper Lane, Washington 16. D.C. OL. 2-1734. Navarro. Eucenia. 112 Central Park, South. New York City. Circle 7-7900. Nelson. Darrell. 4433 Faraday Pace, N.W. Washington, D.C. EM. 2-8657. Netterstrom, Susan, 6313 W. Halbert Road. Bethesda 14. Md. OL. 4-0207. Netterstrom. Vamos. 6313 W. Halbert Road. Bethesda 14. Md. OL. 4-0207 Newman, Robert, 69 Paul Ave.. New Hvde Park, N.Y. FL. 2-7497. Nordlinger, John, 6818 Meadow Lane, Chevy Chase. Md. OL. 2-5543. Norwitz. Martin, 518 Gilmoure Drive, Silver Spring. Md. Norwood. James. 3601 Warder St.. N.W. Washington, D.C. TA. 9-7556. Notes. Barbara. 7901 Orchid St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. RA. 3-4238. Ochs, Clair, 2301 Green St., Apt. 2, S.E. Washington. D.C. O ' Connor, Charles, 3204 Jocelyn St., N.W. Washington, D.C. EM. O ' Connor. David. 3405 Carpenter St.. S.E. Washington 20. D.C LU. 4-0256. O ' Connor. Jean, 430 East 10th St., Chester, Pa. CH. 3-1798. O ' Donovan. Jerome, 3700 Massachu setts Ave., N.W. Washington. D.C. WO. 6-3214. Ogdon, Charles, 222 East Fairfax St.. Falls Church, Va. JE. 2-4820. Ogilvie. Catherine. 2312 North Powhatan St., Arlington 5. Va. JE. 2-2130. Olson. Tamara. 3600 Albemarle St.. N.W. Washington 8, D.C. EM. 2-6103. O ' Mara, Robert, 4731 Saul Road. Kensington. Md. OL. 9-8587. Orlich. P. Daniel. 2215 Willow St.. Butte. Mont. 8464. Outerbridge. Thomas. 4200 Cathedral Ave.. N.W. Washington 16, D.C. 1007. EM. 2-5294. Owens, Carolyn, 2013 31st St., S.E. Washington 20. D.C. LU. 2-6788. Owens. William, 623 North Oakland St.. Arlington. Va. JA. 2-3076. Oxley. John. 128 South Van Buren St.. Rockville. Md. PO. 2-2438 Palmer, Charles, 629 Irving St., N.W. Washington. D.C. RA. 6-5291. Parham, Ellis, 1776 North Troy St.. Arlington. Va. JA. 5-4239. Paris. Mary Sabra, 4330 Yuma St., N.W. Washington 16. D.C. EM. 2-6373 Park. Stephen. Seoul. Korea. Parker, James. 1025 Fifth Ave.. New York City. N.Y. BU. 8-0923. Parker. Richard Howard. 27 Newcomb Place. Taunton. Mass. 4-8703. Parker. Richard T.. 4320 Klingle St.. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. EM 2-5255. Patrick, Jack, 502 Larchmont Road. Elmira. N.Y. 3-9502. Patterson. Frank. 117 Bisvey Drive, Falls Church. Va. JE. 2-4363. Pattison. David, Lake View Heights, Niantic. Conn. 9-7633. Payne. Morris, 516 Kenyon St., N.W. Washington 10, D.C. TA. 9-5478. Peck, Miriam, 3540 Valley Drive. Alexandria. Va. TE. 6-7512. Peel, William, 9205 Lindale Drive. Bethesda. Md. OL. 6-5245. Pegg. Phillip, 1214 Saratoga Ave., NE. Washington 18, D.C. 203-B. AD. 2-0751. Peifeh. Edward, 187 Yale Drive, Alexandria, Va. TE. 6-7142. Pellegrino. Joseph. 4613 41st St. N.W. Washington 16. D.C. WO. 6-4226. Penn, Roger, 1543 Colonial Terrace. Arlington. Va. 101. Pereira. Constantino, Edificio Pereira, Managua, D.N., Nicaragua. C.A. Perkins. Diane. 9411 Saint Andrews Way, Silver Spring, Md. JU. 9-8356. Perley, Edward. 354 College St.. Lewiston. Me. 30735. Perritt, Bruce, 4502 Iowa Ave.. N.W. Washington 11, D.C. RA. 6-0627. Peterson. David, 5006 Columbia Pike. Arlington, Va. JA. 2-2931. Petrini, William S., 4006 Garrison St.. N.W. Washington, D.C. WO. 6-4568. Phillips. John. 4105 Wisconsin Ave.. N.W. Washington. D.C. 511, WO. 6-7126. Photias. Mary. 5327 41st St.. N.W. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 2-0377. Pickering, David, 3912 Duke St.. Alexandria. Va. TE. 6-0661. Pickett. Beverley. Fairfax. Va. CR. 3-1991. Pierce. Henry. 331 South Grace St.. Rocky Mount. N.C. 6-4014. Piro, Pasquale. 1907 New York Ave.. Wildwood, N.J. 2-3828. Poland. Charles, Sterling. Va. LE. 5-2477. Polansky. Howard. 4K Plateau Place. Greenbelt. Md. GR. 3-5112. Polen. Mary Ellen. 10721 Saint Paul St.. Kensington, Md. LO. 5-3679. Polen, Samuel, 10721 Saint Paul St.. Kensington, Md. LO. 5-3679. Pond. Glen, 2722 North 24th St., Arlington 7, Va. JA. 2-4773. Poole. David. 1335 Kalmia Road, Washington 12. D.C. RA. 3-9220. Porter. Elizabeth. 621 Hamilton St., N.W. Washington 11, D.C. RA. 3-1768 Porter, Virginia, 222 North Webster Avenue, Scranton 10, Pennsylvania. DI. 7-8119. Posner. Robert, 5239 Chillum Place. NE. Washington, D.C. TU. 2-6539. Potts. William. 4410 Taney Ave.. Alexandria, Va. KI. 8-7647. Poulin, Paul, 34 Main St.. Springvale. Me. 798-W. Powell. Barbara. 6800 North 25th St., Arlington 13. Va. JE. 2-1615. Powell. Charles. 610 Club Ave.. Joplin 1. Mo. Mayfair 3-5199. Powell. Roy, 4828 North 27th Place. Arlington. Va. KE. 6-8772. Prender. Henry, 2025 North Stafford St.. Arlington 7. Va. JA. 7-0404. Prince. Martha. 9111 Burdette Road. Bethesda. Md. OL. 4-7031. Rachel. Albert, 3216 Minnesota Ave.. S.E. Washington 19, D.C. LU. 2-1782. Rath. G. Morris, 5412 31st St.. N.W. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 3-5281. Raulin. Joanne. 4602 New Hampshire Ave.. N.W. Washington 11. D.C. TU. 2-9249. Raymond. Phillip. 86 Tower St.. Dedham, Mass. Real. Frederic, 6616 Hillandale Road. Bethesda. Md. OL. 4-4550. Redden, Charles. 2307 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 103. AD. 2-8795. Reifer. Patricia. 515 West End Ave.. New York City. N.Y. TR. 4-4955. Reilly, Alfreda. 4821 9th St. North, Arlington. Va. JA. 5-8243. Rice, Patricia, 303 44th St.. NE. Washington. D.C. LU. 4-4417. Rich, Alan, 4519 Alabama Ave.. S.E. Washington. D.C. LU. 2-6726. Richardson. Carolyn. 1408 Stuart Courts, Falls Church. Va. JE. 4-4899. Ricketts, Audrey, 7407 Birch Ave., Takoma Park 12, Md. JU. 9-8269. Ricketts. John. 5501 Broad Branch Road. N.W. Washington 15. D.C. EM. 3-3563. Riddle. John, 87 Hudson Ave.. Red Bank. N.J. RB. 6-0324-W. Ridgell. James. 4116 14th St.. NE. Washington, D.C. LA. 6-5259. Riely. William, 182-38 Wexford Terrace. Jamaica Estates. N.Y. OL. 8-8432. Rigcs. James. 3344 Prospect Ave.. N.W. Washington. D.C. AD. 4-8188. Ringelheim, Rhoda. 150 Putnam Ave.. Freeport. N.Y. FR. 8-1454. Ritchie. Anne. 146 South Barton St.. Arlington. Va. JA. 2-3172. Rizzo. Rosalie. 1086 Norton St.. Rochester, N.Y. Roberts, Byron, 2607 South June St.. Arlington. Va. OT. 4-9330. Roberts. William, 1470 Clifton St.. N.W. Washington 9. D.C. HU. 3-8095. Robinson, Edward, 63 Fowler St.. Port Jervis. N.Y. Robsman. Slava, 1763 Columbia Road. N.W. Washington 9. D.C. HO. 2-1732. Rockefeller. Annlee. 90-27 51st Ave.. Elmhurst 73. N.Y. IL. 7-2326. Rogers, Carleton, 926 Douglas Ave., Elgin. 111. 1506. Rolando. Joseph. 311 Davis St.. Hamden, Conn. CH. 8-2826. Roll. Ada, Route 6. Box 10, Crown Point, Ind. C.P. 8-052Y2. Rollins. Kenneth. Leesburg, Va. 320-W. Roome. Barbara. 9814 Dameron Drive. Silver Spring. Md JU. 7-6035. Rosenberg, Arthur, 7917 20th Ave., Brooklyn 14. N.Y. BE. 6-2353. Rosenberg. Barbara. 407 Ocean Ave., Lakewood. N.J. LA. 6-1067. Roten. Mahgot. 3406 Forest Park Ave.. Baltimore 16. Md. LI. 2-4453. Rottenberg. Diana, 1657 31st St., N.W. Washington 7, D.C. HU. 3-7958. Roylance, William. Route 2. Box 335. Clinton. Md. CY. 7-9260. Ruby. Elvera. 6623 Rannoch Road. Bethesda. Md. OL. 6-8053. Rudd. George, 4823 Western Ave.. Washington. D.C. EM. 3-8810. Rumpf. Robert, 318 East Third St., Frederick, Md. MO. 3-4806. Rush. Donald, 1385 Shore Parkway. Brooklyn. N.Y. ES. 3-9835. Russell. Christie, 13 Laurel Ave., Winason. Conn. MU. 8-9232. Russell, Kenneth. 2405 South Inge St.. Arlington 2. Va. OT. 4-8835. Ryan. Thomas, 602 Condon Terrace. S.E. Washington, D.C. Ryland. Wallace. 2321 North Columbus St., Arlington. Va. JA. 7-5614. Sabin, Peggy. 3006 Ordway St.. N.W. Washington 8. D.C. EM. 2-1056. Sachs, Paul. 1142 Buchanan St., N.W. Washington, DC. RA. 3-1581. Saines, George, 5379 Nevada Ave.. N.W. Washington, D.C. WO. 6-8292. Sakai. Elaine. 1915 Kalorama Road, N.W. Washington. DC. DE. 2-3753. Salive, Gilberto. Bogota, Colombia, S.A. Salts, Sally. 4201 Massachusetts Ave., Washington 16. D.C. 326. EM. 2-1602. Salyer. George, 4414 15th St. North. Arlington 7. Va. JA. 2-6847. Sanders, James. 1719 Bay St., S.E. Washington. D.C. LI. 4-4074. Saunders, Virginia. 2917 Bellevue Terra ce. N.W. Washington. DC. EM 2-9787. Scanlan, Margaret, 3015 Whitehaven St., N.W. Washington 8, D.C. AD. 4-0750. Scheer. Warren. 4423 Harrison St., N.W. Washington. DC. WO 6-6917 Schenk. Victor. 3601 Cedardale Road. Baltimore. Md. LI. 2-2324. Schneider. Milton, 1604 Q St.. N.W. Washington. DC. 404. Scholnick, Myron. 2300 Anoka Ave.. Baltimore 15. Md. LA. 3-8582. Schooler. James. 1725 Bay St., S E. Washington 3, D.C. LI. 4-5960. Schreck. Barbara, 81 Bellmore St.. Floral Park, L.I. N.Y. PR. 5-0840 Schreck. John. 81 Bellmore St.. Floral Park. L.I.. NY. PR. 5-0840. Schulteis. Herman. 3825 Huntington St.. N.W. Washington 15, DC. WO. 6-0231. Schwartzbach. Barbara. 49 North Dawes Ave., Kingston, Pa. BU. 7-3044 Scott. William. 33-22 Parsons Blvd., Flushing 54. NY. FL. 9-0329 Sellers. Fredrick. 9000 Flower Ave.. Silver Spring. Md. JU. 9-2238. Semlinc. Harold. 1423 Sheridan St.. N.W. Washington. DC. RA. 3-8896. Severy. Patricia, 8814 Chalon Drive. Bethesda. Md. OL. 6-5453. Shadel, Marie, 7210 Trescott Ave.. Takoma Park 12. Md. JU. 7-8217. Shanno. Robert, 127 Vreeland Ave., Levnia. N.J. LE. 4-8138. Shapiro, Arleen. 6709 16th St., N.W. Washington 12. DC. TA. 9-4068 Sharma. Vishwa, 8564 Bharghar. Roshaw Are Road. Subzimandi, Delhi-6. India. Sharrott. Harry, 28 Bloomingdale Road, S.I. 3. New York. TO. 8-1538R. Sheaffer. Donald. 1622 Gales St.. N.W. Washington 2. DC. LI. 6-2487. Sheffer, Barbara, 3971 Langley Ct.. Washington 16, DC. WO. 6-3829. Sherrick. A. William, 4310 Cathedral Ave., N.W. Washington. DC EM. 2-3466. Shirk. Cynthia. 3926 4th St. North. Arlington. Va. JA. 8-8398. Shirley. John. 3127 Que St.. S.E. Washington 20. D.C. LU. 2-1875. Shiro, Eugene. 4301 Vacation Lane. Arlington 7. Va. JA. 8-0601. Shohb, Merlin, Route 1. Silver Spring, Md. LO. 5-2888. Short. Janice, 4114 Davis Place, N.W. Washington, D.C. EM. 2-3344. Shufelt, Wayne. Preston. Md. 4126. Silvey. Dorothy, 4510 Harrison St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. Silvey. William. 4510 Harrison St.. N.W. Washington, D.C. Simms. Wayland, 310 Maple Ave.. Falls Ch urch. Va. JE. 3-9648. Simpkins. Georce. R.D. 3. Bridgeton. N.J. 9-8732. Skeahan. Michael. 41-32 53rd St.. Woodside. L.I.. NY. DE. 5-9737. Slank, Edward. 225 McKinley Ave.. New Milford, N.J. Slaughter. Peggy. 229 56th St.. N.E. Washington 19. D.C. LU. 2-7340. Small. Norma. 4825 North 9th St.. Arlington. Va. JA. 2-5620. Smalley. Richard. 2320 41st St.. N.W. Washington. D.C. EM. 2-7808. 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Xoomsai. Yibbhan. 4 Soy Saimambhung. Bangdapi. Bangkok. Thailand. Yedvab. Jay. P.O. Box 8 Z. Woodbridge. N.Y. 191. Yumoto. Hideko. 5861 Oi-Koneko Cho. Shinagawa-Ku. Tokyo. Japan. 06-0680. Zanoff. Ben. 5543 Chillum Place. N.W. Washington. D.C. TU. 2-7994. Zeon. Young Cheo, Piatt Hall. Lewis k Clark College. Portand. Ore. 177 Serving the flower needs of AMERICAN UNIVERSITY students, faculty and alumni for more than a quarter century CUT FLOWERS • CORSAGES • CENTER PIECES Our designers have won many awards at area Flower Shows. Their long experience and creative skill are always at your disposal. CHARGE ACCOUNTS INVITED 4200 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. — at Van Ness St. Emerson 2-2862 Woodley 6-9560 Visit our Outdoor Flower Mart, with its unique Old World atmosphere Your College Drug Store Wesley Heights Pharmacy, Inc. 45th Street Near Nebraska Avenue, N.W. WOodley 6-6200 AIR CONDITIONED zeJb EMerson 2-8307 ■■i K 2 At Wisconsin Ave. Macomb St. M 3238 Wise. Ave., N.W. Free Parking Hfoora Entertainment Nightly DEVONSHIRE VALET 4234 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Phone WO. 2700 WASHINGTON, D.C. PEACOCK CAFE BAR 2340 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Famous for SIZZLING STEAKS— PIZZA Your Favorite Mixed Drinks At very reasonable prices WO 6-9884 EM 2-5385 Washington Portrait . . . Magnolias bedeck the grounds of the White House COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICE RESOURCES OVER $400,000,000 The RIGGS NATIONAL BANK of WASHINGTON, D. C. FOUNDED 1836 LARGEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTION IN THE NATION ' S CAPITAL Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation • Member Feden] Reserve System For Over FIFTY Years the fa vor ' te florist of thousand s of discriminating Wash ' ngtonians and visitors in tl e Nation s C, api+al $ cJa£ ' - " Fl 3 r i s t s 49th M ass. Ave., N.W. EM 3- 1606 Convenient A. U. Branch Shop: 1407 •H ' ' St., N.W. Dl 6 1300 STANDARD FLOORS, INC. I 3th at Eye Street, N.W. Dl. 7-0488 Linoleum — Asphalt Tile — Rubber Tile Acoustical Tile Commercial — Institutional — Residential COMPLIMENTS OF THE WOMAN ' S GUILD OF THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Where we meet and eat . . . FRIENDSHIP RESTAURANT 4324 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Wherever You Are, You ' re Never Far From A Hot Shoppes Drive- In Restaurants Fifty Years of Dependable Service Griffith-Consumers Co. COAL FUEL OIL OIL BURNERS BUILDING MATERIAL 1413 New York Avenue, N.W. ME. 8-4840 KAPLAN AND CRAWFORD DODGE— PLYMOUTH DODGE Job Rated TRUCKS USED CARS Direct Factory Dealers SALES— SERVICE Washington ' s Oldest Dodge Dealers 2329 Champlain St., N.W. CO 7-6740 PAPERING DECORATING PAINTING HOUSE REPAIRS 911 13th Street, N.W. MEtropolitan 8-2460 THE NATIONAL METROPOLITAN BANK OF WASHINGTON 613 Fifteenth Street, N.W. BRANCHES 4301 49th Street, N.W. First and O Streets, N.E. C. F. JACOBSEN President Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. For the best in SIZZLING STEAKS PIZZA SPAGHETTI THE ZEPHYR RESTAURANT 4912 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. HAVING A PARTY? Consult Us For . . . Fraternal or Organizational Parties and Dances FOGAN ' S 2317 Calvert Street, N.W. NOrth 7-4779 Opposite Shoreham Hotel Dancing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday McLEAN DRUGS Formerly Morgan Bros. 4231 Wisconsin Avenue Corner Veazey Street, N.W. Phone: WO 6-6424 Washington, D.C. LOU D . KELLER Res. O Liver 4-4443 - TfoSir nfi 1 ug Hfii ■ Btafc v OFFICE LOckwood 4-6201 LAWRENCE W. ACKER Res. LOckwood 5-8630 LOU D. KELLER, INC. PLUMBING AND HEATING 3740 Howard Avenue KENSINGTON, MARYLAND FOR THE FINEST IN ITALIAN AMERICAN CUISINE Visit the DEVONSHIRE GRILL 4243 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. " Where the Students Meet " MYERS QUIGG, Inc. PAVING CONTRACTORS CHARLES H. QUIGG ° ffice and Plan+ PAUL G. MYERS President 9I ' ° STREET, S.E. Vice-President Washington 3, D.C. LI. 4-2403 ASPHALT AND CONCRETE PAVEMENTS BLACK TOP ROADWAYS SIDEWALKS WILLIAM S. PETRINI ii j 1 i i ! ! I g ' UHH Jfcy Mgfe ' v .-j ■ .„-=» GENE M. SPURLOCK JJh Appreciation tc the Phctcyraphete ED D. ANDRUS A yearbook is a record of the activities of a par- ticular group during a single year. In our case it is a special type of record, a picture record. It is fitting then that some special recognition be given to the boys who have made this yearbook possible, the photogra- phers. Seldom is it feasible to give them credit lines with the numerous photos that they have taken throughout a book. So here we give that credit. ROBERT HOWES sfe SH y- f ,»•■. -•-iSR V • " T-- ' S iSS ' V " r £ ' « •• • J f v r ■ 1te i £

Suggestions in the American University - Talon / Aucola Yearbook (Washington, DC) collection:

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