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Notes for the 1955 volume:

Page 97 includes Willard Scott, former weatherman for The Today Show and the orignal Ronald McDonald.

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Let our object be our country, our whole country, and nothing but our country. And by the blessing of God, may that country itself become a vast and splendid monu- ment, not of oppression and terror, but of wisdom, of peace and of liberty, upon which the world may gaze with admiration forever. Webster THIS IS AMERICAN AS PRESENTED RY THE NINETEEN UNIVERSITY II I It IK I H A X D FIFTY-FIV It I S IN E S S MANAGE K HAL SHUPACK INTRODUCTION In tlii- year of international turmoil it is fitting that the theme of the L955Aucola beone of patriotism. Higher education, and indeed all education, along with the entire American way of life, has been threatened by a mighty force. But mightier than communism, mightier than terrorism, are the forces of God and democracj . The education which we seek here, the values which we develop are our weapons in this struggle, the struggle to keep our nation free and to teach other nations the meaning and worth of freedom. Fear and ignorance are our enemies here; not fear of the communist, but fear of our own weakness; not ignorance of communism, but ignorance of democracy. Our generation has not known a period of world peace. As the leaders of tomorrow, it is our responsibility to secure elusive peace for the future generations. 0»03 . V. MA LOCATED IN THE " Wi U ' VV if CONTENTS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATIONS BEAUTIES AND QUEENS ATHLETICS GREEKS ACTIVITIES SENIORS DEDICATION When the Class of 1955 entered American Univer- sity, as undergraduate division known as the School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs was flourishing on F Street in those buildings now housing most eve- ning and graduate classes. In those years a small group of undergraduates attended classes in these buildings. Of necessity, these students formed their own clubs, student government, class organization, newspaper staff, and had their own student life. Almost entirely set apart from campus activities, this separate student body needed an administrative officer corresponding to the Dean of Student Affairs. In 1949, several years before our class enrolled. Col. Lemuel Bolles was ap- pointed to serve as Student Affairs Officer for the SSSPA. Col. Bolles soon won a lasting place in the hearts of those students with whom he worked. After several years in this capacity illness forced him to resign his official position with the university. Both before and after his resignation, he served as a voting member of the Publications Board. During the last summer, another illness ended this work. This year you know him as the kindlv gentleman who graces meetings of College Council as Dr. Anderson ' s proxy. To this Minnesota gentleman with the interests of A.U. ' s students e er at heart, we dedicate the 1955 AUCOLA. ADMINISTRATION 1 consider an human soul without education like marble in the quarry, which shows none of its inherent beauties till the skill of the polisher fetches out the colours, makes the surface shine, and discovers every ornamental cloud, spot and vein that runs through the body of il. — Iddison Iurst R. Anderson, B.A.. M.S.. LL.D. President of the American I niversity THE PRESIDENT Within tlic short span of three years as president ol American University, Dr. Hurst R. Anderson has been the " man behind the wheel " in raising the Radio-TV Building and two men ' s dormitories, Roper Hall and Clark Hall. In addition to these new buildings he has 1 n responsible for the redecoration of Mary Graydon Hall and Hurst Hall and many general improvements. Increased enrollment, an expanding campus, and grow- ing prosperity are tangible evidence of the success of the I )r. Anderson and his administration. Rut more than new buildings and increased funds. Dr. Anderson has brought to A.I . a deep understanding of students and a sincere interest in their activities. H knowing our names and laces, he has become a friend rather than a president. Since coming to our campus, he has listened to students ' problems and tried in ever) wa to compl) with their wishes. Dr. Anderson has brought to our campus a friendl) smile for each of us and a famil) which shares his interest in student life. Ever present at college activities, the Anderson famil) has won a place in the hearts of A.U. students. s much a part of American I niversit) as the build- ings in which we gather. Dr. John E. Bentley, Dean Emeritus, has seen the undergraduate college grow from its beginnings through its darkest years to its greatest prosperity. As professor of psychology and later as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, he has been present ever) time the " bugle blew. " sometimes fighting the university ' s battles and sometimes fighting the students ' battles. In the not too distant past he rose above severe illness to return to the taxing duties of a college dean and making the first appearance after his illness at a basketball game in 1950. received a six minute ovation that none who heard it will forget. Now. as then. Dean Bentle) is the friend and confidant of main students, lending a word of advice for both academic and per- sonal problems. With Mrs. Bentley. we see him cheering at games, chatting at dances. Never tiring, ever young. Dean Bentlev remains as philosopher, humorist, and inspiration to us all. John E. Bentley, M.A., S.T.B., M.K.F... ' lb. I). Dean Emeritus mid Directoj of Student Relations AND DEAN EMERITUS Donald Derby. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Dean of Administration Harold E.Davis, B.A., M. A. .Ph.D. Dean of the I ndergraduate College i i: x s David R. Bookstaver, B.A.. LL.B. Dean oj the II ashington College oj Lou Pitman B. Potter. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Dean oj the Graduate School Chairman oj the Department oj International Relations and Organization Ernst Posner, Ph.D. Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Public I (fail s Chairman of Department of History Musc.i i urn M. Shaw, B.A., M. . Associate Dean of Students II K A S l m E. Bradshaw, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. Issociate Dean of the Graduate School m - Ai stin Van Dkk Slice, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Dean of the I nder graduate College Chairman of Department of Sociology and Anthropology ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Si vfford II. Cassell, B.A., B.S., M. V. 4ssistant to thr President William 0. Nicholls. B.A., M.B.A. Director o) Financial and Business Affairs and Treasurer of the University John Wakefield. B.S. Director of idmissions Ralph C. John, B.A., S.t.B., S.T.M., Ph.D. Chaplain Chairman of the Department oj Philosophy and Religion Hazel II. Feagans, B.A., B.E.. mi ersitj Registrai nm Jensen, B.S. in L.S. I nil ei sity Librarian I, ills TORRENI I-. B. .. M. . Assistant Registrai DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN ROBERT F. GATES nan oj the Depa rtment o) hi STEPHEN P. HATCHETT B.A.. M.A., Ph li. Chairman o) the Department oj Biolo NATHAN A. BAILY B.S.S.. M.A., Ph.D. Chairman oj the Department oj Busine Administration LEO SCHUBERT B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. nan oj the Department o Che The many courses at American University are taught by fulltime instructors and professional men alike. From the governmental offices and pri- vate concerns here in the nation ' s capital, the uni- versity has called upon lawyers, realtors, psychol- ogists, statisticians, and men from many other professions to teach evening classes. These men bring to our students the value of experience in their fields. Unique to big city colleges is this part- time faculty. But, like all other colleges, A.U. has a fulltime faculty, better known to us here on cam- pus, members of the time-honored profession of college professor. Fewer in number than the part- lime instructors, these men and women labor day and night, all seasons of the year to help us gain the knowledge we seek here. Here we present the departmental chairmen, a small group who plan and lead. As leaders these men are but a small portion of a large and ever growing faculty. 11 1 figl? HI - " MJElZ Li | 41 H i ■» ' • W j k L iU JPU —A BV - — 1 HHHk 7nH H: : H S dfz nfl ■ ■ ll iJL, B leg | M ■ji fl ' ' WILLETT M. KEMPTON B.A., M.A. Chairman oj the Department o) Communit ation Mil II. 1 E J. I I M IK B.S.. M.A., PhD. Chairman oi the Department oj MERRITT C. BATCHELDER B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. ( hairman ■ ! the Department English SAM1 I I I NCI I III KR. JR. Litt.B., M.A., M.A.. Ed.D. t hairman oj the Department oj Education Kl HI i;i M. OLDS Ph.B.. MA. irman o) tin- Department oj WALTER F. SHENTON U.S.. M.A., Ph.D. tairman i the Department oj Mathematics JW1ES L. McLAIN B.A.. i mill. .ii. . Pi abod) Chairman of the Department oj Mas III GO SCHULZE B.A. Chairman oj the Department oj Physical Education BAN! Kul I W. Ml I I Kl 1 B.A., M.A., Ph.D. " .hairman oj the Department oj i Will Kl N SEI Kl I Kill DSON B.A., M. .. Ph.D. ( hairman oj the Department oj Political Science and Public Idministration i ll KI IS k IKI EBLOOD B.S., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. ( hairman ot the Department oj Psychology JOHN II. SMITH B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. t hauman oj the Department of Statistics O 1 1 4. A I k I O S ..■••• So long as we love, we serve. So long as v c are loved by others I would almost say we are indis- pensable; and no man is useless while he lias a friend. — Stevenson I £ w ? -.. j Ml STUDENT GOVERNMENT AL ST A I LONE President oj the Student Is " the pool man ' s VixOl BEN GOTTEN •sident of the Stud Association ndert o ei agent " Hats off to the best year of student government in A. U. history! With the union of two schools complete and a new constitution in effect, the Student Association has achieved much in the advancement of student government under the able leadership of Mr. Stallone. A larger council . . . functioning boards . . . increased privileges of the student activ- ity fee . . . all have evolved from this union and now stand as tributes to the 1954-55 council. With this year ' s ventures successful, the student body has much to look forward to . . . more chartered buses bigger and better dances . . . and greater student participation due to the efforts of College Council. We view these efforts as an indication of increased governing powers of the students here on the A. U. campus. Proper use of these powers will enable future governing bodies to build a stronger student government. For the future ... we hope to see the Student Association move from its now new office in MGH to a newer one in a student union building. COLLEGE COUNCIL Clockwise: Pat Shelhamer. Brown Miller. Norman Better, Robert Bell, Martha Prin ce, Jimmy Williams. Margaret Eisenlohr. Carl Hevener. Dr. Gondos. Col. Bolles. Dr. John Mr. Pilcher. Dean Olson. Ben Cotten. vice-president; Al Stallone, president: Audrey Rick- etts. secretary; Joe Shaheen. comptroller: Sara Van Dyke. Betsy Boos. Bill Woodward. Bob Rumpf, Pat Harville. Al Smith. John McQuiston, Peggy Duke. Kenneth Rollins. Tom h- i. nd [nnes. WAMU members in background: George Geesey, Dana Friend. Jed Brown. Herb Kat . Seated: Andy Innes, secretarj : Marvin Schneck, chairman; Pal Shelhamer. Standing: Pal Wilson, Larrv Beizle Myron Scholnick, Bill Roberts, Hazoora lirar. Hal Shupack, Massey Loughman, Norman Better, Barbara Balas. PUBLICATIONS BOARD RELIGIOUS BOARD Seated: Jeanne Shuster, Betsy Bo„s. chairman; Henrv Pierce, Barbara Liken-. Standinc: Nanc) Sumler. Berl Meyers. Wall Eckbreth, Irving Glassmeyer, Frank Sink, Bob Barnes, Bruce Parii. Not I Picture: Ha] Shu- park, vice chairman. SOCIAL BOARD « O I I I I I A T I O S BOARD Seated: l Smith, cha ARTS BOARD SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT BOARD Seated: Dr. Clark.-. Tom Meyer, chairman; I)r. Davis. Standing: Virginia Pnrter. Jack Exelbert, Jack Patrick. Marj Ann Dvorak. left to right: Bev Bell, Jim Williams, Ben Cotten, Jack Cain, Sheila Belle, secretary. ATHLETIC BOARD ORIENTATION BOARD Fins, Row, left to right: Pat Blake, Mar) Ann Leber, Barbara Balas, Betsj Boos, Bettj Porter, Wrej Ri km-. Slum, Row: Carol Holden, Pal Harville, co-chairman; Sonnj Morris, co-chairman; Dean Olson, Nancj I hick. Third Row: Janet Bowie, Phyllis Holm, Lee Lew. Ruth Saunders, Donna Erdahl, Midge Eisenlohr. Km urn Row: Commander Suhail, Joe Cannon, Masse) Loughman, Carol Clark.-. Wall Eckbreth, John Shreck, Joe Shaheen, T,,m Meyer, Mike Chasman, Norman B.-n. r. J.u Guy. q dp r O CLASS OFFICERS S I ions Willard S( on Treasurer Haul La Place Secretary I ' m Shelhamer Vice-President En Carloiu.m President .1 I x ions I 1 GUY President Pat HaRMI.I.E lice-President Jill Jamison Secretary Milton Cerny Treasurer CLASS OFFICERS S II I II O M O II I S Robert Bkll Vice-President l!i i 1 1 Porter Secretary I Wiin BETZLER President ¥ II I S II M I X BILL lc CARTHY ' resident BOB OVERTON Treasurer Barbara Schreck Secretary John McQuiston Vice-President HONORARY FRATERNITIES Although each honorary fraternity has its own membership requirements, the general requirements are those |iialities of scholarship and leadership. There are honorary fraternities in nearly every field of study plus main for schol- arship alone or for scholarship and outstanding contributions to campus life. Here at A.U. we have honoraries in the fields of political science, biology, journalism and radio, German, aviation. In addition, the University Honor Society is our local scholastic honorary fraternity; Cap and Gown, the local equivalent of Mortarboard for women; and Omicron Delta Kappa, the na- tional honorary fraternity for men. Since the purpose of these fraternities is recognition of outstanding effort, they do not function as clubs and member- ship is 1 ► , imitation. PI GAMMA MU Seated Di Spenci r, adviser; Pal Shelhamer, secretar) : Sam Greenhouse, firsl vice-president; Bob Sutton, second vice-president. Standing: Frada Strauss, Bourham Chatti, Jack II. aI. Thomas Meyer, Carl Hevener, George Crosby, Dermol Owens, Tana Mutwalli. Noi In Picture: Edward Manoukian, J ohn Jacobs, president; Scotl Motsumoto. •TOW n jifr Seated, left to right: Ruth Saunders, historian; Pete Bono, president; Gene Rubinstein, vice-president; Roselind Bradford, secretary. Sum,™.: Yvonne Coker, Jim Foster, Lee Hum, Tom Rommett, Mr. McCausland, Norman Better, Dr. Hatchett. Not Pictured: Dr. Bowles, Dave Thatcher, Agnes Grammethower, Ed Manoulien. BETA BETA BETA CAP AND GOWN .-i mm, Elinor Dickinson, president; Nancy Rvan. ir. ..-.n. i . Siimiiu: I..iH. ,.-.■. .,-, r.-tarv. Nui In Pi, rURE: Betsj Boos, vice-president; Susan Meade, historian. I in- Row: Irving Glassmeyer, George Crosby, Walter Eckbreth. Second Row: Maranian, Dr. Burr, ad- viser; Dr. John, Morris Payne, Robert Tyl. Sam Polen. Not In Picturk: Bartley Jepson, president; K.I. Johnson. KAPPA PHI KAPPA OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Seated: Dean Bentley, Dr. Clark. Standing: Al Stallone, Ben Cotten, Tom Meyer, Doug Davis, Dr. John, Dr. Hatchett, Doug Bailey. Seated: Janet Bowie. Jeanne Zitmnre. I ' .,i Sh.-lluiner. Marl LaPla.e Siimau Mar. .a Eddy, iudrej Ricketts, Betsy Boos, Tom Meyer. Carl Hevener. lien C.tten. (Hi,, |..,,,„. Kll.-n .. Iil.nt . Fi.nla Sirau-. Vii In Picture: Susan R„liinMin Meade. Nanev Ryan. Jeanne Ce.lney Selliy. l Stallone, Elinoi Houck Dickinson, B,.bby Gene Baker. Krnest Dibble. Melvin Hir hni.ui. K.lw.n.i K. (ian.ner. Ilan.ld K l.„ key. Philip Mayer, U.dul Aziz Said. M k Sharkiewicz, Alfred Thom i. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES PI DELTA EPSILON s ( mhi Frada Strauss, secretary; Ellen Coblenz, president; Harl LaPlace. Standing: Allan Rappoport, George Geesey, Dr. Clark, advisor. A IT C O L A Seated: Carol Holden, Sara Van Dyke, Pal Shelhamer, Harl LaPlace. Standing: J. .an Turner, Betty Porter, II.. una Erdahl, Man Ann Dvorak Staff P VT Mill HAM ER Editor-in-Chie, HAL SHUPACK Business Manage HARL LaPLACE, SARA VAN DYKE issociate Editors KICK CLIFTON Sports Editor EDITORIAL STAFF: Lee Levy, Donna Erdahl, Can. I Holden, J. .an Turner. BUSINESS STAFF Betty Porter, Lee Laskin PHOTOGRAPHERS: Bill Petrini, George Sain.-, Bob Overton, Gene Spurlock. CARTOONIST Dirk Sommers DIRECTORY .. Jill Jan,,-..,. J t k Presenting the 1955 i . ... i, the result of hectic worry, tightened sched- W T - ill.--, rushed phone calls, and la-i minute pictures to be tak.-n an. I copy t.i be written ... a more comprehensive yearbook on a somewhat in- — " V creased budget . . . money from Student Council and an annual to every full-time student . . . liar. I worki ng editors, even during vacations, es- pecially mid-semester . . . time spent in layout and copywriting, a visual and verbal account of I niversiry activities . . . l.ut always the problem of deadlines . . . picture- to be taken, l.ut when and where? . . . com- piling the variou- sections, the Administration, the Senior Class, Student Council, organizations, publications, the Greeks, and sports . . . the final ■ -v X deadline comes and goes; the I is in the printer ' s hands . . . the Aft anticipation, the satisfaction when it i- finally delivered . . . the many ' kW v ,, ., -;; ■ .- thanks from the -laff and its editor, Pat Shelhamer, to the many students IB Vsi and faculty members who aided in it- birth and growth . . . this is the 1955 Aucola., a tangible memory ..I ' 54- 55 activities at American I ... versitj . c Another paper " put i bed EAGLE Iik-i Row: Larrj Betzlcr, Myron Scholnick, Mar) Ann Dvorak, Barbara II. Taylor, Lee Levy, H..I Shupack, Peggj Sabin, Barban as, l)i. k Parke Row : Jill Jamison, Pal Rice, Carol Holden, Diane MYRON SCHOl K K Editoi - 1 RRV BETZLER Business Vanagei Staff MYRON I. SCHOLNICK. Editor-in I hiej LAWRENCE C. BETZLER, Business Vanagei SENIOR KIH rORS Mar] tvorak, News; Bar! Sabin, Ne l; Jas, Features; Jack Exelbert, Features John Tullis, Sports. ISSOl I VTE EDITORS: Dick Clifton, Sports ASSISTANT HI SINESS l VN VGERS: George Wilcox, Vic Schenk REPORTERS: Roberl Briggs, Jeanne Shuster, Dorothy Hoogland, Lee Lev) Sonnj Morris, Man Hoffman, lie Carter, Marcia Lowe, Pal Rice. Herb Katz, arol Holden, Diane raylor, Hal Shupack. TYPISTS: Jill Jamison, Barbara Robertson, Frada Strauss, Larrj Lodge, Jean O ' Connor, Nanc) Sumler, Kumja Kim PHOTOGR VPHERS Bob Overton, George Saines, Bill Petrini ( VRTOONIS1 Dii k Sommers The American I niversitj EagU goes to press, despite being shifted to another location . . . il " - editorial staff keeping late hours 1 1 i n to pul the cop) i " the mail b) midnight . . . Myron Scholnick ' s l " ii bul com- prehensive editorials . - collecting extra items foi News in Uriel . . . .1 question and an unending varict) " I answers t " the Inquiring Re- porter . the urgent call i " Barb Balas for one of her inspired features . . the news coverage " I campus athletics and the Sports Quiz intro- duced . . ■ the ads and especiall) the " dr lies, " the only thing read b) all the students . . . the decisions foi a -i or four-page paper, de- pending " ii he l " ii thai extra money will last . . . one paper " put to bed " and anothei one is begun . . . and so the EagU continues it- weekl] editions! W A M U From 590 to 010 on your radio dial . . . this is the his- lor of the campus radio station. Started as WAMC in 1947-48, the station is now WAMU. housed in the new Radio-TV Building . . . one of the largest and best- equipped college stations in the cast. In our memor) we recall some of the station ' s best known programs . . Cullis ' and Otto ' s " Ham and Eggs " . . . " Walker ' s Wax works " . . . " Campus Gal " . . . " Poppin ' s With Pop ham " . . . " Take it Easy " . . . Doug Davis ' " Asylum " . . . and the nationally publicized " Cram With Sam ' . . . the new " Cram With Sam " without Sam. More than a unique student activity. WAMU is a business, managed by qualified students, serving as a training ground for radio-TV majors. i Schreck, Phyllis H..lm, Jean Quana Parker, Elizabeth Mul- ls, Norman Davis, Mary Ann ( arleton Rogers, program di- First Row: Mary Ann Sorrell, Barb, O ' Connor, Sandy Stein. Stephanie Steg ter. Irene Kjersgaard. Second Row: Alicia Blunek. Burl St Leber. George Geesey. station manage rector; M Smith, Paul Klein, Herb kit . Third Row: Chips Brown, Bill McCarthy, Dave Bause, Bill Scott, Bob Overton. Joe Shaheen, Jed Brown. Roland Jenkins, John Benson, business manager; Tom Rice, Fred Drake. Alexander Hamilton. Hiawatha Jones. Fourth Row: Dan Entrekin. Jay Guy, Wayne Schoefelt. Not Pictured: Mindy Smith. Barbara Brooks. L I T E II A It Y M A G A Z 1 X E Skated: Frada Strauss, typist; Bonnie Aik- man. prose editor; Betty Porter, circula- tion; Jean Momyer. publicity. Standing: Doug Davis, editor-in-chief: Jim Caudle, ail editor; Norman Better, business manager. Not in Picture: Parque Miller, poetry ed- itor; Marv Liebstone, assistant editor. AQVIANA First Row: Donna Erdahl. Pat Golden. Billy Compton. Marcia Eddy, Sharon Schoenfelder. SECOND Row: Ellen Bailey, Doreen Bitt- man. Joan Hyre. Helen Fogel, Lee Wil- helm, Lisa Norgard. Soma Golden, Thelma Wilhelm. Sandra Pirie. Third Row: Lee Levy. Andy Innes, Sabra Paris. Maryse Delevaux. Barbara Von Duesen. Alice .Mullen. Collett Brenau, Mar- tha Gene Howe. FOURTH Row: Boh Frailey. Director; Ed Neville. Marshall Algor, Alan Shute. John Murray. Pete Swindler. Chuck Bailey. « II E MIST II Y CLUB First How: Elizabeth Chin. Bill Roberts. Dr. Schubert, advisor; Bernard Fouquet. Roger Stinchfield, Joanne Huminik. Sei OND Row: I ' ri Muriendo. Martha Dorf. I.e- Derh.u. Ed Amundson. John Wangler. Doug Weiford, Walter Scott, Thomas I . Wong, Willi- Gray. B n ' ! II n i» i si i» i i i sni i: V i ic !•: I N Firsi Row: Hideko Yumato, Margarita Metaxatos, Mary Ellen Polen, Kay Pauly, ii jiinia Porter. Second Row: Loretta Kriegsmann, Dr. Frank, adviser: Roger Stinchfield, Charles O ' Connor, secretary-treasurer. Third Row: Pat Fox. Dong Weiford. Hans Morsbach, Bruce Mabee. John Wangler, Carl Swenson. Floyd Beech. Not in Picture: Carl Hevener, presi- dent. iiisroin c i i » First Rov : Frances Lyons, Jane Fuller. Harry Maranian. Florence King. SECOND Row: Cathy Ogilvie. Russell Flolo, living Glassmeyer, Cameron Paine. Bill Cox. Linda Mondragon. Not in Picture: Lucy Lyman. Peggie Bole, Ernest Dibble. ■■: C o o m i C s ( i. it II FIRST Row: Susan Shields. Marilyn Kim. Second Row: Jasmine Woods-Humphrey, secretary; Rolfe Nordlie. president; Frank (iatoff, vice-president. Third Row: Samuel Greenhouse, Morrie Hampton. Hans Mosbach. Bob O ' Mara, Ha .oora Brar, Dr. Spencer, adviser. Not in Picture: Cyrus Ansary. A W - L I II A M T II O X First Row: Pal Shelhamer, Virginia Por- ter. Kumja Kim. Dorothy Cutter, Yumatto Hideko. Elaine Kaplan. Second Row: Dr. Spencer, adviser; Ha- zoora Brar. treasurer; Mike Sonsur, presi- dent; Ed Deutsch, vice-president: Bessie Panyanitya. secretary; Dean Davis. Zarina Rahman. Third Row: Commander Al-Suhail. Pra- oraphan Vattakanon. Insook Lucy Ly- man, Ruth Dawaff, Miss Shoonsee, Dorothy Hoogland. Karis Manton, Shonta Hingo- rani. Lauretta Lorn. Fourth Row: Susan Sheilds, Mohammed Al-Yawer. Hans Marsbach, Angel Grimas, Tim Colcord. Tino Pereira. Alex Juarez. Sammy Spitony, Ina Silverman. @ rs s o i 1 i; T Y 1 O II 1 II 1 A II V A i c i: ; m i: w t OF MA NAG K m i: I T First Row: Pat Wilson. Frank Patterson. Dick Dyson. Carol Clarke. John Shirley. Janice Green. Second Row: Harvey Goldstein. Luis Buit- rago. Gene King. Boh Bunting. Brown Miller. Jack Hanson. Ed Wilber, Bill Mills, Jerry Donavan, Jack Kercheval, George Wilcox. C II I S s C I. I II Hazoora Brar. Cameron Paine, Doroth) Cutter. John Wangler, Han- Marsha!-!!. r r r n p F l T t i: a c I I It I II I II s o 1 A l ! It I A FiRsi How: Frances Lyons. Jane Fleisch- rnan. Pal Blake, Phyllis Holm. Claire Cre- done. Second Row: Audrey Ricketts, vice-presi- dent; Jimmy Williams, treasurer; Mar- garet Eisenlohr, president; Dr. Burr, ad- viser; Janet Howie, secretary. Third Row: Nancv Chick, Ruth Lombard. Mary Ellen Polen. Walt Eckbreth, Bill oodward. Irving Glassmeyer, John Schreck, Frederick Drake. Sam Polen, Norman Better. Betsy Boos, Jay Chamldin. MUSIC I II B First Row: Margaret Eisenlohr. Janice Green, Elizabeth Mnller. Betty Hanes. Ski nMi Row: Barbara Koontz. Betsy Boos, Jill Jamison, Susan McKenzie. Third Row: Audrey Ricketts, Floyd Beech, Mai I ' .iN, lil.-i . F.mile I lolly Frank Sink Bill Feagans. Judy Boswell. Carl Swenson, Alice Remler. POLITICAL C I U B First Row: Pat Shelhamer. Frada Strauss, Mr. Pilcher, adviser; Betty Porter, Joseph Jeffrey. Harl La Place. Lee Levy, Carol Holden. Ski iimi Ron : Danny Hirsch. Martha Prince. Tom Murray. Ina Silverman. Joe Kennedy. Elaine Innes, Ed Deutsch, Bill Fletcher, John French. Sam Moore. Roy Glammeyer, All Stallone. Michael Conte- o • ° r i VARSITY 6ft A ? C LIT II Seated: Hugo " Dutch " Schulze, adviser; Jimmy Williams, president; Dick Parker. secretary -treasurer. Standinc: Dirk Clifton, Joe Pellegrino, Fred RofF, Walls Ryland, Sandy Sneddon, Ben Cotten, ( lharles Ogden. WOMEN ' S S A ' f L IT II Seatkd. It ' ll to right: Marcia Eddy. Ruth Saunders, secretary; Hti Boos, president ; Carol Cooper. Dottie Hoogland. Jane Fuller. STANDING, left to right: Nancy Sumler. Miss Hawke. Carol Holden. Sheila Belle. Ann Barnard. Ellen Coblentz, I ' at Blake. Betty Porter. Donna Erdahl. f )ji£0 A 31 1 IS II % IT I V E II S I I C II O II I S First Row: Jean Zitmore, Doris Brodt, Sara Van Dyke, Mar) French, Alice Rem- ler. Jay Guy, Basil Day. Mr. McLain, di- rector; Floyd Beech. Margaret Eisenlohr. Vudrey Ricketts, accompanist; Susan Mc- Kenzie, Marianell Fink. Elizabeth Muller. Second Row: Lovey Davis. Pat Shel- hamer, Betsy Boo-.. Barbara Koontz, Janice (Ween. Ja Chamblin, David Templeton, Judy Boswell, Jill Jamison, Betix Korkolis, Insook Lee. Third Row : William Cox, Tom Dyer, Charles Poukish, Walter Johnson. Emile Holly, Roger Balcom, Bob Barnes. Car] Swenson, Alexander Hamilton, RELIGIOUS GROUPS M lillOIMM s t i n i: i t M O V E M E N T Seated, left to right: Bob Barnes, presi- dent; Mareia Eddy. Betty Porter, vice-pres- ident : Walter Eckbreth, secretary-treas- urer. Standing, left to right: Dr. John, adviser; Cathy Oglivy. Barbara Powell. Roger Bal- com, Irving Glassmeyer, Charles Poukish, Ginger Porter. Rosemary Topp, Barbara I.ikins. Midge Eisenlohr. C I I! B First Row, seated, left to right: Carol Holden. Heather Clover. Loretta Kriegs- man. Second Row. seated: Irene Kjersgaard, parliamentarian; Sharon Schoenfelder. president; Rose Turner, corresponding secretary; Claire Gredone. recording sec- retary. Standing: Otto Toccio, Jay Guy, Al Smith. Joe Cannon. Dick Kreger. treasurer: Bill McCarthy. Al Gredone. Pete Warring. Larry Betzler, vice-president. II I I. I I I. First Row: Barbara Schwartzbach, Re- gina Goldberg. Lee Levy. Lucy Lyman, Line Fleischman. Second Row: Adrienne Creed. Hal Sim pack, vice-president : Marvin Schneck, president; Bernie Jaffe. treasurer; Mr. Le- vin, adviser; Jeanne Shuster. Mindy Smith. Third Row: Frada Strauss, Jack Exelbert. Linda Coldburg, secretary; Herb Katz. Elaine Kaplan. Myron Scholnick, Jed Brown, Victor Selienk, Bert Meyers. Ann Carol Simon. Barbara Notes. Marvin Leib- stone. Nancv Aslier. C A V T I II II I II V C I I II First Row: Karin Melchior, Jean O ' Con- nor. Susan Shields, secretary: Henry Pierce, president; Janet Bowie, vice- president; Bruce Parit. Kay Pauly. Second Row: Rev. Gillespie, adviser: Floyd Beech. Marcia Lowe. John Wangler. Ron Crown. Carol Clarke. George Wilcox. Joann Huminik, Jasmine Woods-Humph- rey, Linda Mondragon. I I I II I II A S T I It E i T A S S O C 1 A T I O IV Seated: Pat Blake. Secretary; Barbara Balas. Audrey Ricketts. president; Judy Bosvvell. Betsy Boos, vice-president. StaNDINC: Ed Amundson, Dave Bause. Ed Wilber, Bill Kreps, John McOuiston. Frank Sink. Phil Hettenbach. Not in Picture: Mel Runner, George ( leesev BEAUTIES AND QUEENS A j i F lHI Take from our hearts the love of the beautiful, and you take away all the charm of life. — Rousseau Pat £kel umer Aucola Queen ' tftarij SetAcklet Homecoming Queen r : !: " Hatl tap lace Apple Blossom Princess ' ■ ' %■ Set tif Pcrter Sophomore Bunny Hop Queen Je Turner Freshman Sno-Ball Queen Carol Clarke Rest Loved Girl in Mary Graydon Hull a Jean iHm er McCabe Hull Sweetheart i rf sSP H " r jafc - T • ' • : 1 ,- - Audrey RicketU Quern « Inter fraternity Council Prom ' 4$ ' Jl " V C P» | Alpha Sigma Phi ' s Dream Girl Anne Satnat-4 Alpha Tan Omega ' s Sweetheart tfiat-tka (jene tftoe Phi Sigma Kappa ' s Moonlight Girl ATHLETICS i lit ) " For when the One Great Scorer comes To write against your name He marks — not that you won or lost — But how you played the game. " — Grantland Rice ■ Right: D. Butler, J. Williams, A. Sneddon, R. Crown, L. Mr Weiss, Captain C. Hevener, D. Parker, W. Rvland. C. Eggeling J, Pellegrino, J. Comito, S.Johnson. Ill GO " IH TCH " SCHI I I- BASKETBALL " Short on height but long on spirit. " American University ' s 1954-55 Basketball Eagles managed only eigbt wins from a tough twenty-seven game schedule. Playing fifty per cent of their games in December, and only nine at home, all against taller opponents, the Eagles could never seem to find the " spark " needed to put together a winning streak. The real surprise of this year ' s Eagles five was the unveil- ing of Freshman Frank Weiss, whose 404 points for a season makes him the highest scoring Freshman in A.U. history and also the second highest scorer in the history of basketball here at A.U. Weiss also led the Eagles in scoring in Mason- Dixon Conference play- averaging 17.7 in eleven games. To add to his laurels. Frank was named to the All-Mason-Dixon Conference team and honorable mention for All-District of Columbia. Captain Carl Hevener. the Eagles ' only graduating senior, ended his basketball career with a four-year total of 944 points scored and a 1954-55 average of 13.3. Carl made the All-Tourney team in the Quantico Marine Tournament and was also All-District of Columbia honorable mention. 58 ,11 SEASON ' S RECORD A.U 76: Duluth 95 A.U 89; West Virginia Tech 102 A.U 79; Steubenville 97 A.l 61; Georgetown 65 A.l 80; Mount St. Mary ' s 97 A. I 77: Baltimore 83 A.U 38; Iona 42 A.U 51; Hofstra 71 A.U 59; New York Univ 82 A.l ' 67: Farleigh-Diekenson 63 A.l ' 64; Quantico 91 A.l 1 64: Farleigh-Diekenson 61 A.U 72: Springfield 74 A.U 72: Mount St. Man ' s 87 A.U 65: Georgetown 79 A.U 46: St. Joseph ' s 61 A.l ( : Western Maryland 64 A.U o7: Baltimore 75 .l 52: Navy 79 A.U 73: Loyola 85 A.l 95: Catholic Univ 58 A.l ' 77: Roanoke 62 A.U 73 : Randolph-Macon 58 A.l 58; Hampden-Sydney 61 A.l ' 82: Dickinson 86 A.U 65: Juniata 62 A.l 56: Loyola 66 in — keeps Hampden-Sydne) from going in for tu . ' Now that ' - what I call controlling the backboard. " 9k - Dick Parke Forward f I md) Snedd .mi il Dirk lillll. % il Butler han spite Baltimore pressure. Snedding going under for tw A. U. opened its 1954-55 season with a 95-76 loss to Dulutli of Minnesota. The taller Minnesota team completely dominated this game as they out-jumped the Eagles on both hoards. The Eagles " next two games were played in the West Virginia Tech Invitation Tournament at Montgomery. Again A. W. came out on the short end. losing to West Virginia Tech 102-89 and Steuhenville 97-79. Returning to Washington, the Eagles ventured across town to meet their city rival Georgetown. For thirty-seven minutes it was all A. LI., but failure in an attempted " freeze " gave the Hoyas the ball and the game 65-61. A. U. made its second home appearance against Mason-Dixon champions Mount St. Mary ' s. The Mounts Sal Angelo proved too much from the foul line as he led the Mounts to a 97-80 victory over the Eagles. Baltimore ' s bothersome Bees handed A. U. its sixth straight defeat at Homecoming as they came from behind with two minutes remaining to edge the Eagles 83-77. Parker battles Georgetown for the ball in a terrific game. BASKETBALL A. I . ' s l« i-iiifi streak hit nine straiglit as they dropped three games in New York: Iona. Hofstra. and NYU all bested the Eagles with lona ' s 42-38 win being the slowest game of the season. Here, however. A. U. ' s court famine ended. Farleigh- Dickensen became the Eagle ' s first victim as the) succumbed 67-63 with Weiss, Hevener, and Sneddon performing bril- liantly for A. U. The Marine Corps Invitation Tournament provided A. U. with more stiff competition. Quantico anil Springfield dow ned the Eagles for losses ten and eleven. Bright spot ol the Tournament for A. U. fans was another win over Farleigh- Dickenson, this time 64-61 Eagles. After the Christmas holidays. A. U. ventured to Emitts- berg for a return engagement with Mount St. Mary ' s. The t i " pla ing his usual hard. Fast game. Ryland under the backboard take the ball from Dickenson, Mounts were up for this one and put on a drive in the last half to win 87-72. Georgetown provided the opposition for the Eagles ' fourth home contest and only a late rally gave them a 79-65 vic- tory in a game much closer than the score indicates. St. Joseph ' s of Philadelphia handed A. U. its loss number fourteen, a 61-45 setback. The scoring of Hevener and Sned- don could not match the shot making of Sophomore Ray Radziszewski of St. Jo. ' s. A. U. ' s first home victory came against Western Maryland, a 90-64 victory which saw Coach Schulze clear the bench The Eagles hit 32 of 38 fouls for a highly commendable 84.2 per cent. Weiss and Sneddon led A. U. scorers with tw nn and fifteen points. The Eagles won their second straight Mason-Dixon Con- ference game and brought their conference record to two wins and three losses as they staged a rally in the final four minutes to beat Baltimore 87-75. Weiss with twenty-two points was A. U. ' s big gun. while Captain Carl Hevener did a tremendous job of rebounding. Navy ended A. U. ' s two-game winning streak at Annapolis, as the Middies bottled Yei» and Hevener to gain a 79-57 triumph. Loyola ' s Greyhounds handed the Eagles their sixteenth loss as they overpowered A. U. 85-73 in another thriller at Leonard Gym. A. U. ' s next three games, played in four days was the Eagles came out victorious in all three contests. The Eagles soundly trounced Catholic U. 95-58. kicked Roanoke 77-f.L ' . and whipped Randolph-Macon 73-58. These three victories placed A. U. in contention lor a Mason-Dixon Tournament berth with a record of five wins, four losses, and two run In 63 Everything is all lied up in the game against Baltimore. Comito up and under for two. ence games left. Weiss, with 57 points in three games, led Eagle scorers. Hampden-Sydney dimmed A. U. hopes for the Mason-Dixon Tournament as they turned the Eagles ' seventh home appear- ance into a last minute 61-58 victory. The Eagles split their next two home games, losing to Dickinson 86-82, while de- feating Juniata 65-62, both games thrillers until the final buzzer. A. U. ended its 1954-55 basketball sea- son at Loyola, where the Greyhounds edged the Eagles 66-54. This loss left A. U. ninth in Mason- Dixon standing and prevented the Eagles, for the first time in fourteen years, from entering the Mason-Dixon Tournament. Ryland tries for the ball in a bit ol fancy playing. CHEERLEADERS The 1954-55 season began with stiff competition in the tryouts for the Cheerleader Squad, which resulted in an exceptionally good squad and some new cheers. Maybe we didn ' t win all the games but the Cheerleaders were ever present to spur us on and lead another cheer for old A.U. For their time and effort, and for their contribution to the campus life, the students say. " Thanks, gang, for a job well done. " Whoops!!! In ,hi. Center: i athj Vnderson, Jean Selby, Captain. Left to Km. hi : Donna Erdahl, Dottj Hoagland, Marcia Eddy, Joe Ca Ricketts, Anne Barnar.1. on, Sara VanDyke, Audrey nj The Coach and the Captain " strategy " Early in L950 funds were sci aside for a War Memorial Athletic F ield on the A.U. campus. Work was stalled in the spiiii«i ol the year hut was held up temporarily when final plans could not be completed. For the next three years the field lay dormant. In 1954 through the combined efforts of the Athletic Department. Dr. Anderson and John M. Reeves, member of the Board of Trustees, machin- ery was again set in motion to complete the Me- morial Field. Their plans were culminated at the opening of the 1955 Basehall season with dedica- tion services held at Reeves Athletic Field. E A A Mount Union triple finds Chamblin in trouble. ' It ' s (i ilog ' s life. " ■ ? 1 1 if. I % " I Kneelinc: Jimmj Williams, Sand) Johnson, J. " Dutch " Schulze, Tod Mill. VARSITY BASK1S I I. I I- AM 1 Kl I K.s FIELD Chamblin, Marty Norwitz, Dick Builrr. Dill McCarthy, Sonny Day, Bob Daniels. Sta . 11.11 Wood, Parks Steed, Joe Pelligrino, Dick Parker, Angel Grimas, Wally Ryland. VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 29 — Universit) of Vermont Home 31 — West Virginia Home April 1 — Colby College Home 4 — Ithaca College Home 5 — Mt. Union Home 6 — Mt. Union Home 13 — Johns Hopkins University Baltimore 16 — Loyola College (2) Baltimore 19 — Randolph-Macon College Home 21 — Hampden-Sydney College . . Hampden-Sydney, Va. 23 — Towsen State Teachers Baltimore 25 — Catholic University Away 27— Mt. St. Mary ' s Home 30 — Western Maryland Westminster Ma I— Catholic University Home 6 — Rutgers (Southern Div. ) Home 7 — Baltimore University ( 2 I Baltimore 10 — Mt. St. Mary ' s Emmitshurg 12— Washington College (2) Home 18 — T owsen Teachers Home Parker finalh made a hit! ■;, JOE PELLIGRINO I enter Field SANDY JOHNSON Second Base bill m.carthy Oulfielil Seven positions filled by returning lettermen brighten A.U. ' s baseball hopes for the coming year. Wally Rylanil, catcher; Sonny Day, first base; Jay Chani- blin, third base; and Jimmy Williams, shortstop, give Coach Dutch Schnlze a strong infield nucleus. Freshman Sandy Johnson is expected to complete the infield at second base. Dick Butler, lead-off man against West Virginia -ft • Coach Schulze explains ground rules before C ' JAY CHAMBLIN Third Base PARKS STEED BASEBALL The outfield will see letterman Joe Pelli- grino in center, flanked by regular Dick Parker in right and newcomer Dick Butler in left. The Eagles " pitching chores will he handled by veteran Bill Wood, with Boh Daniels, Park Steed and Angel Grimas also available. To back up these regulars Coach Schulze will have Marty Norwitz, Rod Miller, Bill Mc- Carthy and Buddy Gullo in reserve. Fans arc already talking in terms of the Ma son- Dixon Championship. " Take two and hit to right! " WAU.Y RYLAND JIMMY WILLIAMS Shortstop ANGEL GRIMAS Pitcher BASEBALL Sonny Day caught at home against Vermont. witersit S ™ ™ HB Si mi.: Dick Munske, Ben Fuller, Jack Cam. Tom Ryan. Standinc: K.I Dawson, Rogei . Coach Bill Tyson. Hold that Greyhound! Hill Lyle decisioning Loyola niatman. WRESTLING Wrestling made its initial debut on the American Uni- versity Campus this year under the able tutelage of Mr. William Tyson, former Harvard matman. who is now doing advanced work at the Graduate School. The Eagles participated in five matches during the sea- son, winning one while losing four: their lone win coming in the final match of the season, a 20-13 defeat over arch rival Loyola of Baltimore. Experience proved to be A.U. ' s biggest stumbling block with only two members of the squad having participated in varsitv competition previously. However. Coach Tyson expects this situation to remed) itself next year, since eight of the ten man team will be returning. Ben Fuller and Bill Lvle represented . I . at Mason-Dixon Wrestling Tourna- ment in Baltimore. With veterans Carl Hevener and Rich Horn to lead the way. Coach Bob Frailey expects the Eagles racqueteers to he the tennis power in the Mason-Dixon Conference. TENNIS Both Horn and Hevener are excellent singles players and team together for a formidable doubles combination. They are given plenty of support from John Chung and Hal Shupack. also returning lettermen. Highlights of this vears fifteen games schedule are games with inter-city rivals Catholic University, perennial power of the Middle Atlantic Area, and Georgetown Uni- versity, always a strong City Independent. SCHEDULE April 13 — Johns Hopkins Baltimore April 1 1 — Western Maryland Home pril 16 — Loyola College Baltimore April 19 — Randolph-Macon College Home April 21 — Hampden-Sydney College . . .Hamp-Syd., Ya. April 23 — Towson State Teachers Baltimore April 25 — Catholic University Waj April 27 — Mt. St. Man ' s Home April 30 — Gallaudet Home May 2 — Wilson Teachers College Home May 4 — Catholic University Home May 7 — Western Maryland Westminster Ma 10 — Mt. St. Mary ' s Emmitshurg Ma 12 — Washington College Home May 14 — Georgetown Home Home May 16 — Howard University Home la lil Towson Teachers College Home I IIVII ltnli Ki; ll I 1 CARL III l l II I ision s " t Kraemer ' TENNIS Dot BLES, ORIENTAL STYLE John Chung, Ed Chin I Mm • m ■ s.:V. t; T " ! ' M ' TKWIS 1)1)1 lil.ES Horn, Hevener, ng, " Investment brokers " mS M ' ITS-, fit ibm Row : Coach Bob Frailey. II ira, C. Ansury, M. Ccrney, C. Kahi ■•- ».. ' •- ' ' •. ' ; . " " ' . ' ' -: ,-■••. ' ■ ' .. ' . •iane, li- Chenault, R. Mayi r, M li r, L. Miller, B. Stevens, .1 Kennedy, I II. Cotten, C. Ogden, A. Itzkoff, E. Th. it, Manager. Second Row Sehreck, J. Golden, T. Ar Never mind, kid. li was .1 jireal tn SOCCER October issued in a cold Soccer season for A.U. as How- ard University handed the A.U. booters their first of six losses. Lack of an offensive punch hampered the Eagles in their first four games, however, they came to life against Towson and Baltimore in their final two, generat- ing a total of three goals while holding their opponents to six. This is the third year soccer has been scheduled at A.U. The first two seasons. 1949 and 1950. saw only two wins in thirteen Mason-Dixon Conference games which gives a three year record of two wins against seventeen losses. Coach Bah Frailey. acting in temporary capacity as Soccer Coach, welcomes the fact that he has fifteen letter- men returning next year. This should make A.U. a strong contender for Mason-Dixon honors. TRACK In llic spring of 1954 former Olympic coach Alexander Hogarty volunteered his services as track coach at Ameri- can University. His problems were numerous: chiefh. lack of a track and sufficient team members. Mr. Hogarh did not let these handicaps stop him. Through cooperation with the Physical Education Department and the Board of Trustees of the I nix ersity he started plans for a regula- tion cinder track on this campus. Through his personal efforts he encouraged seventeen young men to participate in track and field, with four of these qualifying for the Mason- Dixon Track and Field Championships. Coach Hogartv is not with us this vear. he has been succeeded by Henn Schafe r. His plans were carried out. however, and earl in May, American I niversity opened its newest facility for Intercollegiate Athletics. Reeves Athletic Field. 1 1 est Santee could only run like tlii One of the finest MEN ' S I I It ll It l S An important pari ol the life ol every college campus is the recreational advantages which are afforded its stu- dents. The Intramural program provides an opportunity for students to engage in friendly competition in numerous recreational activities. You need not l»- skilled in an activity to participate; the program is designed to give you an opportunity to learn new recreational activities as well a improve your tech- niques in the ones with which you are already familiar. Whenever possible, the Intramural Program and the Re- quired Physical Education Program are coordinated to tin- Top: Skated: Sonny Morris. Standing, left to right: Frank Patterson. Boh Rumpf. .John Apostolakos. Trying on Schulze ' s shoes? Bottom: Intramural Basketball Champs, ATO. " seven brothers " Up and over . . extent that you receive instruction in one and utilize this instruction in the other. The Intramural Program is administered by the students themselves under the supervision of the Department of health and Physical Education. The Student Intramural Di- rector is appointed by the Student Council and he is Chair- man of the Intramural Council which includes representa- tion from all groups on campus. Five new sports were added to A. U. ' s intramural program this year: Track. Pentathlon. Archery. Badminton and Ta- ble Tennis. These new additions bring the existing number of intramural sports to fourteen. In a brief resume of Intramural Sports completed thus far: Alpha Tau Omega, for the tenth consecutive year, re- tained the touch football crown. Their record of three wins and one tie was tops in the five team league.They have not been scored on in the last five years. ATO was actually given the championship without selling foot on the football field, as the third place Raiders downed second ranked These are fraternity brother Alpha Sig 6-0 in a hard-fought game, Ironicall) these -i points were the i nl points scored b the Haiders all season. Hernando Pardo became the A. U. Intramural Golf champ as he outputted six other entries for the title. Alpha Tan Omega picked up their second tropin as the) nosed out Alpha Sigma Phi for the basketball champion- ship. Their season ' s record was nine wins and one loss as compared to Alpha Sig ' s eight wins and two losses. Both teams dominated the Intramural All-Star Team placing seven players on the ten-man team. Swimming honors went to Phi Sigma Kappa as they out- distanced A.TO in the Jack Woods Relay to take the cup for their third straight year. Other events scheduled lor tin- spring air bowling, volleyball. Softball, and tennis. Student Intramural Director. Dewey Morris, and his council. Frank Patterson. John Apostalakos. and Art Levy, have worked hard to give the Intramural Program the recogni- tion it deserves as a campus activity. Through their efforts man) of the troublesome problems of the past base been eliminated. To them, a vote of confidence for a job well Straight down the line Intramural Touch-Football Champ " ten in a roil " ATO Intramural Swim Champs. Phi Sigma Kappa " in memory of Brother Jack ' AA l{Vft K I ' s w inning hoopstt WOMEN ' S l I ItA II HAI ,S Volleyball champs- KD does ii i SEASON ' S TITLE HOLDERS Phi Mil and Kl) tied in their hockej game and shared the hockej trophy. DCs mermaids won all the honors in the swimming meet. In the basketball tournament, which is always close and exciting, the KD ' s came out on top. Phi Mil showed its prowess with the ten pins, winning a threi -point v ictorj over Kl). Individually, Bets) Boos took the badminton honors, and Ruth Da waff walked off with the ping pong tournament. In volleyball the winner dl the battle for the champion- ship was Kl). WOMEN ' S VARSITi HOCKEY SQUAD I. mi Ki Sheila Belle, Carol Cooper, Anne Barnanl, Cinder Purler. Pal Blake, Bellv Porter. Ruth Saunders, Sara Van Dvke, Peggy Bole, Coach Virginia Hawke. KD .mil Phi Mn Intramural Basketball action. " Try the ladder " ( Jood hockey form : In our times, athletics are as much a part of women ' s lives as they are a part of men s. Here at A.U. women participate in nearly even sport, both team and individ- ual. Hockey, badminton, pingpong, basketball, and bowl- ing run through the fall and winter season, while voile) - ball, tennis, swimming, softball, and archen make up the spring athletic calendar. The Intramural sports program is played among teams of the sorority and independent women. This program, under the able leadership of Miss Virginia Hawke, is an integral part of the campus activit) of .l , ' s women stu- dents. Through participation in intramurals. points are earned toward membership in Women ' s " A " Club. AT Ys extramural teams compete with schools in this area in hockey, basketball, volleyball, and baseball. This year, the Women ' s " A " Club, in conjunction with the Physical Education Department, sponsored a Sports Day early in the spring. A.U. invited schools in the metro- politan area to participate in competition with each other in such sports as basketball, swimming, bowling, and voile) ball. This Sports Day. the first held here at A.U. was very successful, not only in the planning, but also in the fact that A. I . won the volleyball pla -offs. Huth Dawaff— pingpong champ. Badminton Champa B -t Boos, right: and runner-up Peggy Bole. GREEKS rr i The ornaments of our house arc the friends thai frequenl it. — Emerson ALPHA CHI OMEGA Opening the yeai as n u;i I with the Ml -ink Open House . . . Rushing at the " Casino Lyre " . . . Six new pledges ami two more later . . . " hen ou ish I pon a Star " ami the winning poster at Homecoming . . . Christmas part) with music, dancing, food, and leg contest . . . Saying goodbye and good link to Marilyn and Johnn) at the airport . . . The Dickinson daughter — a future Alpha Chi . . . The hip moment al (lie Kennedy-Warren initiation and banquet . . . Three pins and no candy . . . Our Apple Blossom Princess ... A. Chi O. ' s " Whispering at Song Fesl . . . Infirmary doing rush business all year . . . What to do with it? Why, put it in King ' s room, of course . . . Spring comes with the annual part) and picnic . . . lour graduates . . . A week of rest at Ocean Cit) . . . nd all through the year : " Sum e Vi ith a car. please OFFICERS HARL LA PLACE President MARGARET EISENLOHR First Vice President El [NOR DICKINSON Second I ice President I N E I BOWIE Secretai i JOYCE W Vl " l S Treasure! Barb gets lu-i pin Mrs. Suppes cuts the Dream Cake 82 CT ? 7 V-. I ii st Rou : Beverly Bell Janel Bowie Elinoi Dickinson Marj Vnn Dvorak Second Row: Margarel Eisenlohr ( ilaire Gredone Jill Jamison Diane Keese Third Row: Florence km? Nance King I imiia Kreigsman Hail I. a Place Fourth Row: Loraine Lodge Marcia I owe Jean Mnmyer Loretta Myei Fifth Row: Barbara Robertson Stephanie Steger Man nn Sin rells Joyce Watts ( ' .ami ilson oi Pictured: Jasmine oods- Humphrey Claire Reid Marilyn Thompson A X Q 83 DELTA GAMMA Rush season brought ten shining pledges . . . Rush par- ties with Gidge driving D.D. ' s little car . . . Pledges en- tertain actives and their dates . . . Intramural swimming troph) . . . Honorable mention season for D.G. . . . Homecoming poster and Christmas table decoration . . . Six pinnings (a D.G. always gets her man) . . . Irene as Alpha Sig Dream Girl . . . Christmas part) with the blushing faces . . . Big and little " Pipes " . . . Our pledge formal with all the trimmings . . . Wedding bells ahead for Gretchen and Susie . . . What to sing at Song Fest? . . . " What does that closet remind you of? " . . . Clean Room — initiation coming . . . " Anyone for bridge? " . . . " You ' re thinking " . . . The big and little Phantoms strike again ... " I have a problem " . . . The sororit) with the long and the short of it . . . Off to Annapolis . . . " Smile, people! " OFFICERS MARCIA EDDY Presid VIRGINIA MILLER I ice Preside P VI HARVILLE Secret, 1 KV ANN LEBER Treasu we won afiain -fi First Hi ii : Judj Bon. h. Peggy Church Mania E l l Set mill Rnu : Mimi Gralton Pat Harville ' Phyllis Holm Third Ron : Irene Kjersgaard Mary Ann Leber Virginia Miller Fourth Run : Lisa Norgaard Jean O ' Connor Barbara Powell Susan Shields Vot Pictured: Anne Johnson Edithann Livingston Sandra Pirie Barbara Schreck ir KAPPA DELTA Start in i with rush parties: Open house, " Magnolia Ter- race " al the s imniiiifi pool, and the " White Rose " part at the Maryland Chapter House . . . Seven new pledges . . . " But I just emptied those ash tra s! " . . . Runner- up in the intersororitj swimming tournament, uinnei oi the basketball tournament . . . And our queens, Martha Gene Howe. Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl: Rose Turner. Sno-Ball Queen; Anne Barnard. Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart . . . Christina- part) at Fogan ' s with our own Santa. Ricci Hall, and presents for all . . . We all In! the hooks for finals, then the KI) s invade New York Cit) . . . Second degree and initiation — our pledges heroine a part (if us . . . The While Rose Formal with the George Washington and Maryland Chapters . . . Warm weather means off to the beach for the day, and hooks are forgotten . . . Then songfest, the night ol nights . . . Finals again, then. Ocean City, here we come! . . . KD loses five girls at graduation ... It was an exciting ear! OFFICERS NANCi H President l UUn UK Kills Vice President i AM( il. I I )( (PF.R Secretai i li l i ILARKE Treasurei MKKRY CHRISTMAS!!! and the rushees listen AW± jgfe k k « AMfcisifc Hf ' " v ■ VJ ' « HH First Row: Shirlej Uexander Anne Barnard Barbara Bemelmans Pal Blake Second Rou : Peggie Bole Dottie Brodl Nanc) ( Ihick laro] Clarke Third Row: Carol Cooper Jane Fuller Shii lej ( leoffrej Ricci Hall r on rlli {mi : Martha ( Jene Howe Marcia Lanca ster Manila Prince udrej Ricketts Nanc) Ryan Fifth Row: Jeanne S( lli ( larolj u Siple Norma Small Rose Turner Sara an I ke oi Pictured: Maril) n I und) 1 liane Trenei J y PHI M U Our sororit) roomgetsanew look . . . painted b) ambi- tious sisters . . . " Get ur feet olT the new furniture! " . . . Ten wonderful new pledges to keep the room clean ... A new shiny tropin for our winning Homecoming Float, " Mule Train " . . . Meet Carol, the National Bird . . . Alumnae Christmas Formal . . . Santa Claus brought three ol our pledges men lor Christmas . . . Pledges and Ellen suffering through zoo lab . . . Valentine ' s Da) and our Sweetheart Dance at the Woodner . . . Karl as our Sweetheart . . . Who ' s been putting ashes in the trophies? . . . Picnic at Ellen ' s with reflectors in the pond . . . Chestnuts roasted o ' er the open fire, thanks to Andy . . . " Who has a deck with fifty-two cards? " . . . " Turn on the lights — What lights? " . . . Goodbye Frada. Bonnie Ellen . . . Bye kidsies. OFFICERS FRADA STRAUSS President ELLEN COBLENTZ I ;,-,• President BONNIE AIRMAN Set retan PAT COLE Treasurer down the path to Phi Mu we ' re mights happy with out new pled}, First Ron: Bonnie Aikman Barbara Balas Sheila Belle Ellen Coblentz Pat Cole Second Rote: Reine Cross Peggy Duke Donna Erdah] Mary French Betty Hanes Third Row: Carol Holtlen Dotty Hoogland Elaine Innes Sally Kelder Elaine Lethbridge Fourth Row: Sabra Paris Betty Porter Mindv Smith Peggy Sabi n Fifth Row: Ruth Saunders Frada Strauss Diane Taylor Joan Turner Pictured: Ginger Porter SL ibfe K ivii ar FRATERNITY COUNCIL fnterfraterhit) Council acts to maintain on a high plane fraternit) life and interfraternit) relations, to further schol- arship, in arbitrate differences among fraternities, and to fomulate rules governing rushing, pledging, and initiation. Composed oi the president and • delegate from each fra- ternity, offices mi the council are held on a rotation basis. Sponsored annualK li t.F.C. and I ' anhellenie. the Interfra- ternit) Prom and Song I ' est are among the high points of the year ' s social activity. A formal dance, this year held at the National Airport ' s Terrace Room, the prom is restricted to fraternit) and sororit) members and their guests. At Song Fest, an event open to the entire university, the council pre- sents its annual awards: the Interfraternity So ng Fest cup, I he scholarship trophy, and the awards to the outstanding senior fraternit) man and outstanding senior independent man. A coordinating and governing body, Panhellenic Council is composed of the president, one elected delegate, and the alumnae advisor of each sorority. Determined b) rotation. offices arc usuall) held l sororit) presidents. Panhellenic Council acts to set up rules for each rushing season, to set pledge and membership limits, to settle disputes, to impose penalties for violation to rules, and to promote fraternity life as well as the welfare of its member groups. Yearly the Coun- cil sponsors a tea to initiate the rush season and a Panhellenic workshop in the spring for the discussion of fraternity mat- ters. Socially, it sponsors with Interfralernitv Council the I.F.C. Prom and Song Fest. As a fraternity event. Song Fest is the place for presentation of Panhellenic awards which are the Panhellenic Song Fest Cup. sororit) and pledge scholar- ship trophies, and awards to the outstanding senior sororit) woman and outstanding senior independent woman. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Seated: La Place, president; ancj Ryan, vice president. Si i Frada Strauss, secretary; Jill Jamison, In,,, Kjersgaard, treasurer; French, Martha Prince. ALPHA SIGMA PHI The year began with a paint part) to read) the house — much partying, little painting . . . Fourteen members hold student offices . . . Spaghetti dinners at the house . . . Hushing results in twenty-six pledges . . . Guys and Dolls party at " Hernando ' s Hideaway " . . . Found- er ' s Day banquet . . . Christmas formal at A..V.C. Club . . . Irene joins the ranks of Alpha Sig Dream Girls . . . Alpha Sigs become thespians as " Poochie " McQuiston comes to the fore ... La sagne a la Otto . . . Al takes a ball and chain . . . Goodbye to Massey at Fogan ' s . . . Vacation trips to Kentucky and New York . . . Uncle Miltie walks awa with H.S.P. . . . What does Rumpf like about Kentuck) . . . Schreck scores 10 points in C.U. game . . . we have the Ding Dong . . . Midnight cleanup proves successful . . . Better and Waring sport new cars . . . reserved table at Devon- shire ' s . . . Mat brings the spring formal and much planned for spring weekend . . . Back to Ocean Citv! OFFICERS First Semestei JOSEPH JEFFREY President JOSEPH SHAHEEN I ice President MILTON CERNY Secretat i JOHN SCHRECK Treasurer OFFICERS Second Semestei MTI TON CERNY President OTTO TOCCIO I ice President ROBERT Rt ' MPH Secretary JU GUY Treasurer who ' s got the Ding Dong love that sunshine 55E First Row: Richard Alley Edward Amundson David Bause Floyd Beach Robert Bell John Benson Second Row: Wade Berger Norman Better Peter Bono Robert Bright Roger Chenault Milton Cerny Third Row: Basil Day Ernest Dibble Jerry Dobbin George Geesey A I (.redone Jay Guy Fourth Row: Joseph Jeffrey Roland Jenkins Kenneth Kadala Arthur Levey Masten Loughman John McQuiston Fifth Row: Louis Meyerle Lester Miller Robert Morey Harry Nyquist Charles O ' Connor Robert Overton Sixth Row: Hernando Fardo Alan Rich Robert Rumpf John Schreck Willard Scott Joseph Shaheen Wayne Shufeld Seventh Roic: Alfred Smith Burt Stephens Otto Toccio William Vest Edward Walker Philip Warring George Wilcox Not Pictured: John Chung Dan Daoud John French Buddy Gullo William Kennedy John Le May- Jim Louie Bruce Mabee Marvin Schenck Myron Scholnick Hal Shupack lit ALPHA T A OMEGA Largest pledge class in our province . . . Fighting to retain Province XIX basketball championship . . . Foot- ball crown is ours, hope for more . . . Great parties — Tau Tramp. Paris Part) . . . Christmas party featured Anne Barnard as our Sweetheart . . . For those who re- member, the fraternity has its on n barbershop, Eh, Pete? . . . Many brothers pinned — later seen in the fish pond . . . House becomes study hall before finals — no familiar sound of the ping pong ball! . . . Newton has a new job — undercover agent . . . Many brothers like the new night club Devonshire — make their own floor show . . . Dammit presents house with more puppies — Calling Dr. Cannon! . . . We look forward to our Spring Formal . . . Green shutters adorn house . . . AMEN. . .Plans for new house ready for work to begin . . . Brothers mark time waiting for marks, fingers crossed . . . " Oh. Brother! " OFFICERS PETER PINK President BILL BLACKBURN Vice President ROBERT EWMAN Se, i etai i HICK DYSON Treasurer L- y there comes a time ! Q4 C Tj C C!!l « U.W Jk h s - « tfP ' ' nL - -? 4 p 4 l f J - i AV 4 4 : n .T| 6 u - in O f5 Q , . » ii A gl ¥ 1 P 1 k. 1 1 - - 7 f w 1 o £l § k •■■• k 1 k 1 Jks " ' 1 95 Fi 5 ?o« : Bill Batchelor Bill Blackburn Neal Bryan Dick Butler Jack Cain Joe Cannon Second Row: Mike Chasman B n Cotten Gordon Damon Robert Daniels Ward Davis William DeLorme Third Roiv: Jerry Donovan Dick Dyson Cliff Eggeling Harry Fairbairn Jack Hanson Phil Hettenbach Fourth Row: Carl Hevener Daniel Hirsh Richard Horn Bernard Jafre Sandy Johnson Bill Krepps Fifth Rote: Angel Lope Leon Lyle Ronald Malley (;. Brown Miller Bill Mills Dewey Morris Sixth Roiv: Ken Munsey Robert Newman Donald Newton Chuck Ogden Joe Pellegrino Peter Pine Seventh Rou ■.- Fred Roff Carlton Rogers Wallv Rvland Carl Sell Ed Wilber Mot Pictured: Rex Butcher Preston Carlisle Jim Dyer Fred Goodman Jim Heleotis Alexander Johnson (oris Maryuenko Boh Miller Clair Ochs Jack Patrick Frank Patterson Bill Roberts ndy Sooner Edward Thompson Boh Traynor Dean Winant Ernest Van Zandl AT Q PHI SIGMA Another year in which pledges do not have to take an) courses in Greek t realize " frater " means brother . . . the Moonlight Girl, Martha Gene, escorted by the Cana- dian Comet . . . the departure of " Baldy " Pulaski . . . the advent of " Windy " Sherrick . . . from service to service Pipes and Sweetwater . . . the largest pledge class in years . . . Chee-Chee contemplating employ- ment . . . the great triangle— Sandy, Jud) and Rick . . . the presidents — Frosh. McCarthy; Soph. Betzler: Senior, Carlough ; Student Council, Stallone . . . varsit) basketeers Sneddon, Parker and McCoy . . . our No. 1 song " Prohibition Blues " . . . Sunday ' s at the All-Na- tions Club . . . another swimming tropin . . . ex- amples of mass hypnosis — Carlough. Redden. Dias. King. Thompson (all married I . . . Silvey changes his sheets . . . Hopper changes his luck . . . McCoy just doesn ' t change . . . Carnation Ball . . . the brothers who no automobile company will insure . . . the brothers who are starving . . . the brothers who eat pastrami . . . the brothers who eat fish . . . the brothers who eat . . . the BROTHERS!! OFFICERS First Semester ED CARLOUCH President LARRY McCOY I ice Hrestdeni ALLAN R APPOPORT Sea etai RILL SILVEY Treasure! OFFICERS Second Semester AL STALLONE President SANDY SNEDDON I ice I ' re-iden, ED ROHINSON Secretary GEORGE SAINES Treasurei KAPPA iafcr this is work! ! ! J O f t i 9 £ . £J .ft JLM ftH a SA 1 i o ft i i Lfel mi rii» iiA 1 it p) ft. k m I, 9 1 «r ft u hi kitfcih j li« pi f f -.. 6 ft ft ik ' r Am i ■ 9 Ik o y 7 • ■ ■ © 4 i $ " . IT, o ,a a a c- f J - . 1 1 A ' i mt P « " l a «A life ,. a ' ' ; St Han : John postolakos Betzler Ed Carlnu-ili Ed Chapaliei Dick Clifton Ed Cole Dick Dias Second Rou . Jim Flynn Rudolph Garcia Randy Gardner I I .ii e » l-hiii Bob Griffin Bill Hi T l [tzkoff Thin Row: I runs Jaskol .lark Kerchival Ed Johnson Harold Kin;; Dick Kreger Lee I.a kin Mai Liebstone Fourth Row: Bill MacCarthy John Maltz Larry McCoy Mike McDarby Mitchell Myers Martin Norwitz Dick Parker Fifth Row: Charles Peters Henry Prenda Richard Ramon Allan Rappoport ( ill. n If- Ki-ililrn Kd Robinson Sixth Row: Ken Rollins Thomas Romett ( .e..i ge Saines H Schenck Bill Scott Bill SiheN Seventh Row: Sandy Sneddon Mberl Stallone Parks Steed Micke Tractenberg John el .el Bill Woods nt Pictured: Nick .spiotis Ed Chin Herb K.n Richard Munski BillSherrick m ACTIVITIES One inch l ' j surmounts of grief a span. Because to laugh is proper to the num. — Rabelaie A. I . ' s Liberate ' Honestly. Claire, sometimes 1 gel confused 1 don ' t know whether I ' m lining or going. ' HIT] ' Friendship ' s Hideawj plusGeor; McKinle) Hull to l «- renovated and reopened for Ha . U. ' s new Radio -T. V. Building-Open House Down with the old, up with the n Clark and Roper Hulls finished al las Vli.lia Si " ina Phi ' s " Red ail- in Hi.- Sunset. " Count Ever) Star " Mpha Tau Om« •hi Mu ' s " A. I. l.ilr Train ' Alpha Chi Omega ' s Winning Poster c The Queen . . . and her court! Evervbod? dance. ' " I crown Hut Queen . . . Martha Gene receives the Phi Sig Sweetheart pin ai the Moonlighl Girl Dance. Audrey receives the EFC crown mi,. -HOW 111:11 You " re not ven smarl are »mi Louie ' " Come on Mc Cloud soften up! " American University P ayers Moss H Light Up the Sky ' Mother, you ' re not w in» to plaj thai horrible gin game now. " ' . i Ml mmm Look Duse ' s neckkci CUENOCNtM IHEAYRE MUSIC B.I u.ln Boos-Organisl ;j Rickells-Pianisl H ■to fifv BPjj r Alice Rrmlri— Conlralli .Iran Zitmore, -Me 1©W mM€ITA1 Ho-1 Meanwhile back al lli - ram tolBJA I his i- French %jK,J fRf8 ki J Herb Katz presents Belli Palmer C. Pilehei Ik. savs 1 . doesni have a political mach Look Ma. I ' m their sweeli H, Stoppppp Soiniboilv stole mi umbrella. Christinas Dinner for Hie Orphans Vnvone sec nn !« front leclli tt Af (.(»li Santa, for me Marx Gravdon House Council Mi. Hi. i »ill never believe this oik uTlt I M MEM UNIVERSITY AWARDS Kinsman ichiet ement Au ard Fletcher Scholai . .Carl Hevener ■period) Thom Meyer C. C. Glover Scholar Albkrt A. St mum (Senior who coml s citizenship and business leadership) Bruce Hughes iward Harl La Place (Sen itstanding for meritorious service to the I niversitj communitj ) Faculty II mum ' s Club iward Mary Elizabeth Eisenlohr (Senior woman who has made outstanding contribution to the life of the I Diversity) imerican Institute of Chemistry (Excellence in the studj " I Chemistrj ) Charles F. Coyle ashington Personnel Association Iward Harry Lee Gray (Senior outstanding in genera] scholarship, personnel studies and leadership) Harold B, II ess Award 1 1 ) Harry; Rosenthal: (2) Ei ard K. Cardner (Excellence in the studs " I business management) Elizabeth I an Sit inderin Scholar John Broumas (Senior recommended In the An Departmenl for notable professional integrit) I Music Iward Elizabeth Boos (Senior recommended 1 the Music Department for outstanding contribution to the musical life of the Pan Hellenic Award Patricia Harville ( Sophomore or Jinn,,, woman who has done the si to promote g I relations among sororities) PAN HELLENIC - INTERFRATERNITY AWARDS Outstanding Senior Fraternity Man . . Outstanding Senior Independent Man Outstanding Senior Sorority II oninn . Albert A. Stalone . . . Thomas Meyer . Audrey 1 Ricketts Outstanding Senior Independent II ' oman Elizabeth Boos O K I A M COLLEGE COUNCIL MERIT AWARDS ( High Level of Service t the University ) In the field of Publications: Doug Da i- Pat Shelhamer ll HON SCHOLNICK Norm Better John Ti BoNNIE lk I Rn ii Mill Clifton Bill Petrini Larri Betzler II VL Sill I ' M K In the field of Athletics: Sow. Morris In the I ' k-IiI of Dramatics: 1 ,1 si er . Mn.i in. Jr. Miriam Smith Rober i O ' Connor Regina Goldberg Claude K win Will Kreps In tin- field of Orientation Activities: l ' i Harville l mil Mil I F.I-I NLOHR Sonni Morris C Mil 111 I M II Iii ihf field of Religious Activities: Betsy Boos Bob Barnes Hal Shi p i k Irvyn Glassmi ik In the field of Scholastic Achievement : Tom Myer ( .im,er Porter ( lARL 1 1 1. ENER Iii the field of Soeial Activities: G. Brown Miller Nancy Chick Sn mi i Davis In the in ' l l of Communications : John Benson Barbara Swartziim ii Philip Brown lil RTON Si I. I ' ll! NS George Geesei Owe Bause In the field of Student Government: Al Stalone i urn : Km KEl i- M WU. Mil I ElSENLOHR Norman Better SENIORS Go confidently in the direction oi your dreams! Live the Life you ' ve imagined! A.s yoii simplif) your life, the laws of the universe will he simpler, solitude will not he solitude, pov- erty will not he poverty, nor weakness, weak- ness. — Thoreau ,,i n Wt " STT ' T innn R i» » - » n » i iiH T iiintr: L A f ' ' 11 Icftf " flfc Tse? £ k; f " 3 1 ; - " • ' -— .•w.r « T ■ First Row: Bonnie Ellen jkman .. .Washington, D.C. B.A. in English Cyrus A. Ansary Washington, D.C. U.S. in Economics G. TlLCIA AROSEMENA Code. Panama It. I in Histoi v Second Row: Bruce Bakkr Arlington. Va. U.S. in Communications Mary L. Betschler Arlington. Va. B.A. in Music Ed u ration Mary Frances Boak Washington, D.C. B.S. in Public Administration Third Row: Robert Franklin Boice . .Washington. D.C. B.S. in Business Administration Elizabeth L. Boos Washington. D.C. B.A. in Music Judith W. Boswell Alexandria, Va. B.A. in Music Fourth Row: Janet H. Bowie Washington. D.C. B.S. in Elementary Education Hazoora Singh Brar Punjab.India B.S. in Economics Lucile C. Buice Washington. D.C. B.A. in English Fifth Row: Edward J. Carlough Bethesda, Md. B.A. in Political Science Charles Childress Arlington, Va. B.S. in Public Administration Caroline C. Clarke Long Island, N.Y. B.S. in Business Administration 130 SENIORS UNDERGRADUATE DIVISION First Row: Mary Ellen Coblenz Silver Spring. Md. B.A. in Music Carol M. Cooper Annapolis. Md. B.A. in Spanish Charles A. Coyle Washington. D. C. B.S. in Chemistry George A. Crosby Mt. Rainier. Md. B.A. in Political Science Rith Dawaff Baghdad, Iraq B.S. in Business Administration : Second Row: Norman T. De Golyer Arlington, Va. B.S. in Communications William H. De Lorme. .. .Takoma Park. Md. B. t. in Art Orpha C. Dodge Northumberland, Pa. B.S. in Nursing Education Frederick W. Drake Washington. D. C. B.S. in Communications Reba Lee Easterwood ... Washington, D. C. B.S. in International Relations First Row: Walter I.. Eckbreth Falls Church, Va. ' . I. in Religion and Philosophy Marcia Diane Eddy Arlington, Va. B.A. in An Margarei Eisenlohr rlington, Va. B. I. in Sociology Second Row: William Sikm.i.i Feagans Fairfax,Va. B.A. in Music lulu rat ion John F. Feiler Washington, D.C. B.S. in International Relations Ruth C. Fernstrom Washington. D.C. ' . . ill 1 1 is 1 HI Third Row: Rufus B. Fink Kensington, Md. B.A. in Religion and Philosophy Jean Marie Fletcher Washington, D.C. B.S. in Nursing Education William A. Focht Washington. I). (1. B.S. in Business Administration Fourth Row: Bernard Henry Fouquet . Washington, D.C. U.S. in Chemistry Shirley Ann Geoffrey. .. .Falls Church. Va. B.S. in Business Administration Orpheus A. Graham Washington, D.C. U.S. in Economics Fifth Row: Harry L. Gray Washington, D.C. B.S. in Business Administration Samuel M. Greenhouse . .Washington. D.C. B.S. in Economics I ' m i. D. Griffin Washington. D.C. B.S. in Business Administration C$ f 132 SENIORS UNDERGRADUATE DIVISION First Row: Harold T. Hedges Takoma Park. Md. B.S. in Business Administration Jean E. Heimer College Park, Md. B.S. in Communications Carl D. Hevener Washington, D. C. ' . I. in Political Science Ernest P. Hokf Washington, D. C. B.S. in Business Administration Willie II. Hokans Silver Spring, Md. B.S. in Public Administration Second Row: Eugene W. Houser McLean. Va. B.S. in Business Administration John D. Hunter Washington, D. C. B.S. in Economies Joseph Jeffrey. Falls Church. a. B.A. in Philosophy Willard R. Jeffrey, Jr Falls Church, a. B.S. in Communications Clareni i: W. Johnson Arlington, Va. B.S. in Business Administration 133 First Row: Edwin Denton Johnson . .Washington, D.C. II. I. in Music Laura L. Karadbii Washington, D.C. U.S. in Business Idministration Edward F. Kellogi Mi. Rainier, Mil. B.A. in History Second Row: DAVID KOGAN Washington. D. C. B.S. in Statistics Nita Ruth Koplin Washington. D. C. B.A. in Education William J. Krebs Takonia Park, Mil. B.A. in Business Administration Third Row: Walter Ladusky Washington. D. C. B.S. in Psychology Harl Ercell La Place Arlington. Va. B.A. in Psychology Bernard Lerner Washington. D. C. B.S. in Public Administration Fourth Row: Angel R. Lopez Vega Baja. Puerto Rico B.A. in Spanish Lucy Pauline Lyman. .. .Bangkok. Thailand B.A. in History Warren H. MacDonald Bet hesda, Md. B.S. in Psychology Fifth Row: Edward Manouelian Washington. D. C. B.S. in Biology Eugene Joseph Matullo Arlington. Va. B.S. in Business Administration James P. McAleer Alexandria, Va. B.S. in Business Administration V ♦ p ' gfc i 4% SENIORS UNDERGRADUATE DIVISION First Row: Issac McKee Washington, D. C. B.S. in Sociology Robert C. McMurdock, Jk. Washington, D. C. U.S. in Chemistry Susan Wheeler Meade. . .Washington, D. C. B.A. in English Margarita Metaxatos. . . .Washington, D. C. B.A. in Languages Thomas Henry Meyer. . . .Silver Spring, Md. B.A. in Po itiral Science Second Row: Ursula Michaels Washington, D. C. B.S. in Economics G. Brown Miller. Ill ... .Washington. D. C. B.S. in Business Administration Mary Virginia Miller. .. .Falls Church, Va. B.S. in Political Science S w i. Phillif ' Miller Vienna, Va. B.S. in Business lilministration II k ky I. Mueller Falls Church, Va. B.S. in Psychology I r« 135 First Row: John D. Mi RPHi Washington, I). C. B.S. in Business tdministration Vilmer Nelson Washington, I). ( ' .. U.S. iii Business Administration James E. O ' Connor Riverdale, Mil. U.S. iii Economics Second Row: Robert Eugene O ' Connor. .Alexandria, Va. U.S. in Communications Betty Catherine Overali Alexandria, Va. B.A. in Psychology Dkrmo ' i Mh hail Owens. .Washington. 1). C. B.A. in History Third Rou : Cameron Forbes Paine New York. N. Y. B.A. in Political Science Peter M. Pine ashington, I). C. B.S. in Business tdministration diim n I ' uiimi k Washington. D. C. U.S. in Communications Fourth Row: Charles Henry Poukish. .Washington, D. C. B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology Martin S. Pratt Washington, D. C. B.S. in Political Science Benjamin F. Pruitt Clinton, Mil. B.S. in Political Science Fifth Row: Albert B. Ratcliek Washington, D. C. B.S. in Economics Alice Rose Remler Chevy Chase. Mil. B.A. in Music Alan Holt Rich Washington. D. C. B.S. in Physics «S?i »,. r j i Ik K. i SENIORS UNDERGRADUATE DIVISION First Row: Audrey M. Ri ketts Takoma Park, Md. B.A. in Music Barbara i. Robertson . Falls Church, Va. B.A, in Psychology Ethel C. Rollins Washington, D. C. B.S. in Business Administration Second Row: Melvin S. Ruffner Washington, D. C. II. . in Sociology i Sue Ki n Washington, D. C. ' . I. in Spanish i in; Simon Scott. .. .Washington, D. C. B.S. in Chemistry Donald J. Rooney Long Island, N. Y. B.A. in English Eugene 1. Ri binstein Wildwood, N. J. B.A. in Biology i ii. ni) II. Scott, Jr Alexandria, Va. II. I. in Philosophy and Religion Jean Gedne Selisy rlington, Va. B.S. in Elementary Education First Row: Joseph Shaheen Canton. Ohio B. I. in Political Science Patrk i 1. Sim i ii mi:h. . .Livingston, Mont. U.S. in International Relations Si san B. Shields Hyattsville, Mil. B.S. in Public Administration Second Row: Jeanne Shi ster Washington, D. C. A. A. in Spanish I Silverman Brooklyn, N. Y. B.A. in Political Science James Lee Solomon Washington, D. C. B.A. in Modern Languages Third Rote : Albert Allen Stallone, Jr.. . .Reading, Pa. B.S. in Public Administration Octabe S. Stevenson Washington, D. C. II. I . in English Frada Strauss Washington, D. D. B.A. in Political Science Fourth Row: Mary E. Teei Washington, D.C. B.A. in English Vernell C. Thomas Washington. D. C. B.S. in Business Administration John Carlton Trevey Rockville, Mil. B.S. in Business Idministration Fifth Row: Emerson M. Tubbs Washington. D. C. B.S. in Business Administration Robert H. Turner Washington, D. C. B.S. in Communications Frederick W. Ulbright. . .Washington, D. C. B.S. in International Relations SENIORS UNDERGRADUATE DIVISION First Row: David T. on Sumpter. . . .Washington, D. C. B.A. in Biology Second Row: Jay B. WlLKINS, Jr College Park. Mel. B.S. iii Business tdministration Dorothy L. Y imbscanss. .Takoma Park, Mil. B.S. in Business Administration Virginia K. Wojtanowski .Washington, D. C. B.S. in Sociology John A. Welch Arlington. Va. B.S. in Economics R LrH David White Washington. D. C. B.A. in Art Sarah Delores White. . . .Washington. D. C. B.S. in Psychology Robert Ro Zeida Bethesda, Mil. B.S. in Communications Jeanne Carol Zn mori Kensington, Mil. B.A. in Music James Alphonsi s Ki.i w Arlington, Va. U.S. in Political Science SENIORS ilMERICAX UNIVERSITY UNDER GRADUATE DIVISION THOSE NOT PICTURED: Boonpa Akkaramas Mohammed A. Al-Yawer Mary S. Ambrose Walter Lee Anderson l Mil UN R. AsHFORD Rl HARD G. BARTLETT M. Justin Baum Maude N. Baxter James Benedict John Benson Elizabeth S. Bole Gerald Thales Bowen Katherine Anne Brooks John G. Broumas Marie Laughlin Callahan Edythe G. Coleman John Francis Crosson Marjorie C. Curtis Daniel J. A ' Aiuto Frederick Drake Paul Dargon Ramona C. P. Davidson Frank Gamewell Davis Hi in Jane Dille Hazel C. Dougherty Mary L. Epling William H. Evans Warren Everett Anna Page Fleming James Alphonsus Flynn Buelah Vay Fortune James Buck Foster Henry R. Furr Francis William Fathof. Jr. Jonah Gitlitz Lisbon Jack Gober Janetta Goddard David B. Gratz William John Gray- Dorothy J. Green John Layton Hanson, Jr. Sung Eun Hong Andrew B. Hopping Stewart 0. Hovland Mohamed Hamed Ibrahim Elaine E. Johnson Robert D. Kiser Stephen P. Ktenides Jacques J. Lafranchise John Thomas Lane Ira Hamilton Lipscomb. Jr. Martin G. Manch Norris Albert Marshall John A. Mattos Waldene H. Meadows Karin Melchior Raghu Nandan Mehta Marie Mercer Patricia Ann Middlemas Herman Miles Arthur Parquet Miller Mary Morsbach Miller James M. Moran Barbara Jean Myers Andrew J. Navel Rolf Robbins Nordlie Catheryne H. Norwood Ihn Page William Warren Perry Karin E. Phillips Albert H. Pike Doris M. Riley William T. Riley James R. Robinson Ellyn Lederer Rosen James E. St. John Veerabai Sahni Doris Lee Sampson Daniel H. Schmidt Ei gene . Sc hoonmaker Herbert G. Shelton Robert B. Sherwood Joseph Edward Simon Frank Elmer Sink Adeline G. Smith Doris Steffens Sweeney David Cummings Thatcher Dolphin G. Thompson Roy W. Tidwell Jay Sterling M. Titus Dorothy E. Tuttle Robert Michael Tyo Barnktt K. Walters Thomas J. Ward Phyllis Carson Weir Elaine Wells William Paul Welsh George G. Westcott Richard W. White Andrew S. Willoughby Donald S. Woodbi kn S 11 I v SENIORS WASHINGTON COLLEGE First Row: Owen S. Aspinall, L.L.I Bobby C. Bakkk, L.L.B.. Second Row: John E. Becker, L.L.B Wayne G. Bromley, L.L.B. Third Row: Jerome P. Cahill, L.L.B Joseph H. Campbell, L.L.B.... . Washington, D. C .Washington, D. C. .Silver Spring, Md. .Washington, D. C .Arlington, Va .Arlington, Va. Fourth Row: Malcolm D. Clarke, Jr.. LL.B Arlington, Va. Norman C. Cournoyer. L.L.B Frederick. Md. Fifth Row: Paul S. Cross, L.L.B Washington. D. C. Robert J. Fehr, L.L.B Washington, D. C. ' 4 OF LAW First Row: Robert P. Finzel, L.L.B Washington, D. C. George Ilberi Geiser, Jr., L.L.B. . .Washington. D. C. Second Row: .John F. Goldsum, Jr., L.L.B Washington, D. C. 1i:i. i Hirshman, L.L.B Washington, D. C. Third Row: Carl Ellioti Holmes, L.L.B Gaithersburg, Md. Morris Kaplan, L.L.B Washington, I). C. t mil ill Row: SEBERT II. KEIFFER, L.L.B Washington. D. C. Roberi Ki ndert, L.L.B College Park, Md. Fifth Row: John Frani ts M( i i.n fe, L.L.B.. . .Chevy Chase, Md. II ukii.ij K. Mai key, L.L.B Hyattsville Md. d - - L- .7 k M m SENIORS WASHINGTON COLLEGE First Row: Leon F. Mesirow, L.L.B Washington, D. C. ,l ni II. MOORE, L.L.B (larrett Park. Md. .Second Row: Samuel J. Ochipinti, L.L.B Washington, D. C. Calvin R. Sanders, L.L.B Kensington, Md. Third Row: Solomon G. Sherman, L.L.B Washington, D. C. Bill .1. Tennery, L.L.D Rockville, Md. Fourth Row: Alfred Theo. Thompson. L.L.B.. . .Washington, D. C. John W. Wolfgang, L.L.B Washington. D. C. Fifth Row: Mrs. Thf.lma H. Worrell, L.L.B.. .Washington, D. C. OF LA W NOT PICTURED Fred W. Bender Russell L. Bufkins James George Chakeres u .teb C. Ci ii i . Jr. Perry E. Cook Donald E. Cross Rosemary E. Daucherty |)ii IIJ) W. Dooley 11 i or LeRoy Edwards Hugh M. Hutchison Bruce L. Lamb Sidney F. Losikoff William P. McDonald Ferdinand M k Charles R. Mayer Philip H. Mayer Frank Q. Nebeker Richard A. Noble Emii.e Paul Herbert S. Reid, Jr. Frederick W. Richards William Wood Robinson Samuel I. Spector Hugh G. Stromswold Stacy L. Williams Harry L. Wingate Frank Wurslow, Jr. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION 1-iK-i Row James F. I endoma, recording secretary; Harold K. Mackey, president; James M. Mora, class repre- sentative; Edward H. Schwarz, Jr.. elass representative. Stt.oNU Row: Jay B. Wilkins, Jr.. class representative; Alfred T. Thompson, vice president; Lawrence M. Traylor, secretary-treasurer; Bobby G. Baker, cla - repre- sentative. Noi Shown; Robert L. Carroll, nighl vice president; t ' . Frank Strickland, class representative; Owen S. ispinall, i lass representative. J . V First Row: James F. Cendoma, managing editor; liillv .1. Tennery, I k review editor; Harold K. Mackey, editor- in-chief; Melvin Hirshman, editor-in-chief; Alfred T. Thompson, editor-in-chief; Leonard L. Lipschultz, note editor. Second Row: John J. Karcha, Robert B. Hand, George M. Sheppard, Jr., Kenneth Edmunds, military lav, editor; Emanuel Lipscomb, associate editor; Alex N. Argerakis, James M. Moran, Jeffrey Pettit, index editor. Nor Shown: Robert P. Finzel, managing editor. LAW REVIEW KAPPA BETA PI Elizabeth Salisbury, Laura Thayer, dean; Nancy Mary Moore, Ida Mae Thayer, Louise I. Holt, Dorothea M. Klajbor. k H w - m - A M m . vfl In W -. m ;QJ| W ;1F I 1 DELTA T SIGMA I PHI Front Kcph: Samuel T. Occhipinti, sergeant-at-arms; George A. Geiser, Jr., first vice chancellor; Calvin K. Sanders, second vice chancellor; William I. Tennery, chancellor; Melvin Hirschman, master " f the r..lls; James Mi.ran. David Innis. Second Row: James K. Matoon, Fred Nabhan, Solomon G. Sherman, Elmer Hoist, Sidnej Losikoff, Newton F. Butts, Alex Argeraki-. Otto Kundert, Leonard I . Lipschiltz, John Karcha. Nor Shown: Sam Spector, chancellor of the exchequer: Stacj William-, sergeant-at-arms: Leon Mesirow, Jam,-- Freeman. George P. Kigg-. Juliu- Pom-. vi illiam I. Sherwood, Henry Furr. Tommie Ovdley. VJL. We til,! and £at . . . -At FRIENDSHIP RESTAURANT We Specialize in STEAKS — CHOPS MIXED DRINKS — SANDWICHES " Thank You for Patronizing Us " uel Oil oal %£ Kr. Radio-Dispatched Oil Burner bervice il Burners ome Insulation ir Conditioning bervice hain-Link Fencing uilding Materials (riffith-(onsumers 1 3 NEW YORK AVE. COMPLIMENTS OF THE WOMAN ' S GUILD OF THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY " Washington Portrait . . . Magnolias bedeck the grounds of the White House COMPLETE BANKING AND TRUST SERVICE RESOURCES OVER $400,000,000 The RIGGS NATIONAL BANK of WASHINGTON, D. C. FOUNDED 1636 LARGEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTION IN THE NATIONS CAPITAL Member EeJer.,1 Deposit Insurance Corporation . Memter F.der.l Re.erve Sy.lem KOLB ELECTRIC RELIABLE ELECTRICAL SERVICE SINCE 1925 WALTER G. KOLB Ad 4-1422 GEORGETOWN " Washington ' s Only Repertory Cinema " I 35 I Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. ADams 4-8100 Finest Films from the Studios of the World I HOUR DRY CLEANING Established 1933 Rhode Island Cleaners " Finest In Dry Cleaning " FREE CALL DELIVERY EMerson 3-4652 4235 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. (One Block North of Van Ness St., N.W.| MEMBER - NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DRY CLEANING Phone EM. 2-6209 MAGGIE ' S RESTAURANT Complete Carry Out Service - Pizza Pies Hours: 7 A.M. - 10 P.M. Daily Sunday 9 A.M. - 8 P.M. 4239 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. McLEAN DRUGS FORMERLY MORGAN BROS. 4231 Wi consin Avenue, Cc rner Veazey Stree , N.W Ph Dne: WO 6-6424 Washi gton, D.C. TURNER STUDIO Aucola Portrait Photographer 108 North Was lington Street ALEXANDRIA , VIRGINIA King 9-3058 King 9-3059 JekhJoH A Jhtoer Center The Place To Go For CUT FLOWERS— CORSAGES— ARRANGEMENTS 4200 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Telephone: WOodley 6-9650 as br AIR CONDITIONED EMerson 2-8307 At Wisconsin Ave. Macomb St. 3238 Wise. Ave., N.W. Free Parking OOITI Entertainment Nightly QUALITY DRY CLEANING At Reasonable Cost In Our Modern, Well-Equipped Dry Cleaning Plant HUdson 3-8100 GEORGETOWN SHOP OF FINE CLEANING 1242-44 36th Street, N.W. COMPLETE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY THE NATIONAL METROPOLITAN BANK OF WASHINGTON 1814 - One Hundred Forty-one Years of Service - 1955 C. F. JACOBSEN, President 49TH STREET BRANCH 49th and Fordham Road, N.W. (Serving American University Park Area) Main Office FIFTEENTH STREET Opposite U. S. Treasury O Street Branch FIRST AND O STREET, N.E. Drive-in Windows and Ample Parking Space at Both Branches Main Office Customers May Park in 1 4 1 6 F Street Parking Center Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HOT PIZZA PIES DEVONSHIRE GRILL 4243 Wisconsin Ave. HOME MADE ITALIAN SPAGHETTI STEAKS DELICIOUS HAMBURGERS CHOPS CONKLYN ' S FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions 2046 Wilson Boulevard ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA JAckson 7-6916 Complete Photo Supply Headquarters BAKER ' S PHOTO SUPPLY 461 I Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. EMerson 2-9100 PAPERING PAINTING DECORATING HOUSE REPAIRS m ® NEW YORK DECORATING CO. 911 I3TH STREET, N.W. Washington, D.C. Telephone General Construction MEtropolitan 8-2460 Wherever You Are, You ' re Never Far From A Hot Shoppes Drive- In Restaurants HAMM ' S SERVICE 4130 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. at Van Ness WO. 6-9590 Nous les faisons rouler Complete Automotive Service Your College Drug Store Wesley Heights Pharmacy, inc. 45th Street Near Nebraska Avenue, N.W. WOodley 6-6200 LOU D. KELLER Res. OLiver 4-4443 OFFICE LOckwood 4-6201 LAWRENCE W. ACKER Res. LOckwood 5-8630 LOU D. KELLER, INC. PLUMBING AND HEATING 3740 Howard Avenue KENSINGTON, MARYLAND The £ka {e £kcp and AFFILIATED PRODUCTS 52 Years Serving the Homeowner and Builder 2214-16 M STREET. N.W. (Formerly 830 13th St., N.W.) We Cover All Suburban Areas DEVONSHIRE VALET 4234 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Phone WO. 2700 WASHINGTON, D.C. Capitol OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY DISTINCTIVE OFFICE FURNITURE A Complete Line of Office Furniture on Display Completely Furnished Offices on a Rental Basis NAtional 8-7824 1621 L. Street, N.W. For Over FIFTY Years the favorite florist of thousands of discriminating Washingtonians and visitors in the Nation ' s Capital She. Florists 49th Mass. Ave., N.W. EM. 3-1606 Convenient A. U. Branch Shop: 1407 " H " St., N.W. Dl. 6-1300 HAVING A PARTY? Consult Us For . . . Fraternal or Organizational Parties and Dances FOGAN ' S 2317 Calvert Street, N.W. NOrth 7-4779 Opposite Shoreham Hotel Dancing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday CHARLES H. QUIGG President MYERS QUIGG, Inc. PAVING CONTRACTORS Office and Plant 91- O STREET, S.E. Washington 3, D.C. LI. 4-2403 ASPHALT AND CONCRETE PAVEMENTS BLACK TOP ROADWAYS SIDEWALKS PAUL G. MYERS Vice-President Friendly Atmosphere BROTHER SAM ' S PEACOCK RESTAURANT 2340 W sconsin Ave. GOOD STEAKS — FRIED CHICKEN PIZZAS — MIXED DRINKS WO 69884 EM 25385 WILLIAM MANDIS CO. WHOLESALE FRUITS VEGETABLES 1227-1229 Maine Ave., S.W. MEtropolitan 8-4455 STANDARD FLOORS, INC. I 3th at Eye Street, N.W. Dl. 7-0488 Linoleum — Asphalt Tile — Rubber Tile Acoustical Tile Commercial — Institutional — Residential SHAYNE SANI-TRASH SYSTEM Operated by SHAYNE BROS., INC. 1341 Half Street, S.E. Lincoln 3-5800 PHILIP E. SHAYNE THE GILBERT PAINT CO. 3056 M Street, N.W. WASHINGTON 7, DO. DEcatur 2-2000- 2-2002 COLUMBIA HOTEL SUPPLY CO. 514 I 2th Street, S.W. Purveyors FRESH MEATS — POULTRY — PROVISIONS Hotels — Restaurants — Institutions District 7- 1 583 — 7- 1 584 — 7- 1 585 THIS BOOK DESIGNED • PRINTED • BOUND BY BENSON PRINTING COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE II I II I i I O II ¥ Vdams, Nvn. v. 2203 Foxhall Road, Washington, D. C, KE. 7-1516 U.oiin. Raymond, 9336 Columb ia Blvd., Silvei Spring, Md., JU. 5-8324 Alexander, Shirley, H05 Wisconsin W, :., W , Wash. 16, D. C, EM. 2-3283 Vlford, William, 5809 Meadowlark Lane, Bethesda 14, Md., OL. 6-744] Uley, Rii hard, HI I South 26th Street, Arlington, Va., OT. I 7293 Km ndson, Ci kRENi i. 1834 Street, S I . Washington 3, D. C, LI. 7-8896 nselmo, Robert, 5611 16th Street, N.W., Washington, I). ... RA. 3-5111 Apistolas, James, 824 East 9th Street, Brooklyn 30, New York, GE. 43462 Vpostolakos, John, 2016 ( ascade Road, Silvei Spring, Md., LO. . " .-0177 ..i;i i kle.John, 3618 Ubemarle Street, N.W., Washington, H C, WO. 6-4498 mil Thomas, 5231 Western Wenue, « , Washington 15, I). C, EM. 2-2614 Armachanian, Gloria, 100-43 75th Avenue, Foresl Hills, 75, New York, BO. 85950 Armstronc, Trelor, 8 Sullivan Avenue, Constanl Spring, Jamaica, B. W. I.. 6.67572 Amis. Rebecca, 3043 Oliver Street. N.W., Washington, D. C, EM. 3-2008 Asher, Nancy. 610 West End Avenue. New York. N. V., Trafalgai 37933 -e s. Nil hoi. as. 1008 South Dale Street, rlington, Va., OT. 4-8565 At sun. Juan. 2616 S.iuth Kent Street. Arlington 2. Va., OT. 1-7081 Awin, Edcar, 1810 N Street. N.W., Washington, 11. C. Bailey, Charles, 5405 Carolina Place, Washington, D. C, EM. 3-24 19 Biker. Eiim. 3109 11th Street, N.W.. Washington 10. I . C. All. 4-0609 Baker. I.wkmi.. 2002 5th Street. South. Winston. .... JA. 2-2859 Bai vs. Barbara, 10208 Bieber Place, Silver Spring, Md., JR. 9-5884 Balcom, Rocer, 4720 44th Street, N.W., Washington 16, D. ( ,EM. I 1420 Bannisii.ii. Fran, ine, 615 F Street, N.W., Washington, D. C, Dl 7-5726 Barnard, Anne. 2.3 Haven Avenue. New York City, TO 70399 I! mines. Korert. 429 North Park Drive, Arlington, Va., JA. 2-8384 Barrett, Marilyn. 2627 N. Roosevelt Street.. Arlington, Va. JF.. 2-0746 Richard, 8714 Gilbert Place, Takoma Park. Md., JU. 8-9022 Barwtck. Beverly, 112 Winchester Way, Falls Church, Va.. JE. 4-6998 Batchelor, Nancy. 10 Waugh Avenue, Glyndon, Md., Reis. 288R Batchelor, William, Box 51-N, RFD 1, Springfield, Va., KI. 8-3492 Bause, DAVID, 12 East Philadelphia Ave.. Boverlown. Penna., 78616 Bell, Beverly, 115 Highland Lane, Delray Beach. Florida, 5957 Bell, Elizabeth, 605 Delaware Avenue, Urbana, Illinois. 7-5192 Bell. Robert. 5512 2nd Street, N.W., Washington 11, D. C, RA. 3-4829 Bellak, Richard. 62-20 Asquith Cresc., Rego Park. L. 1.74, N. Y.. TW. 6-2622 Belle, Sheila. 2900 Alden Road, Baltimore 1 1. Md., NO. 5-8368 Bemelmans. Barbara, 39 West 67th Street. New York City, TR. 7-9278 Benner, Ralph, 4614 Verplanck Place. YW ., Washington, l . C. KE. 7-1835 Berkley, Gerald. 8208 Nolte Street, Silver Spring, Md.,JU. 7-7911 Berlin. Steve. 1636 Fort Dupont Street, S.E.. W a-hington 20, D. C. LU. 2-7894 Better, Norman, 202 Bunker Hill Road. N.E.. Washington 18. D. C, LA. 6 3353 Betzler, Lawrence. 2408 Arlington Blvd., Arlington, Va., JA. 7-21 15 Bingham, Marietta, 5910 Ryland Drive. Bethesda 14, Md., OL. t-3291 Blake. Patricia. 1825 New Hampshire Avenue., Washington, D. C, NO. 7-6282 Blaut. Ri th. 939 8th Avenue. New York City Bloch, Jacqueline, 1215 Neil-,,,, Ave,. Far R.,ckaway91, New York. FA. 71333 Hi i mi. Walter, 11543 227th Street, Cambria Heights 11, N. Y., LA. 5-7024 Blunck, Alicia. 2710 New-town Avenue, Long Island City 2. N. Y., RA. 8-4683 Bockman, Peter. 1 Winslow Place. Scarsdale. New York. SC. 37937 Bole. Margaret, 303 S.E. Baublits Drive, Warrington Br.. Pensacola. Fla.. HE. 2-4866 Bolonzi. Marie. 328 Olivei Street. North Tonawanda, N. Y.. JA. 3970 Bonicer. William. 303 Forest Drive. Erie, Penn.. 3-6770 Bono, Peter, 113 Second Avenue, Frankfort, N. Y.. 1463-M Booker. George, 1254 Hamlin Street. N.E., Washington, D. C, LA. 66320 Boos. Elizabeth. 1616 Crittenden Street, YE.. Washington 17. D. C, LA. 6-2220 Boswell. Judith, 7 Cedar Street, Alexandria, Va., KI. 0-1228 Boucher. Judith. 1002 S. Mansion Drive, Silvei Spring, Md., JU. 9-5415 Boward, Rosalie, 953 View Street, Hagerstown, Md., 936-J Bowie, Janet, 4801 Connecticut Avenue. Washington, D. C, EM. 3-2199 Bradford, Rosalyn, 4604 South 4th Street. Arlington 4, Va., JA. 7-2275 Bradley. Malcolm. 4404 Pioneer Drive. Bakersfield, Calif., EM. 6-7310 Briccs, Robert, 5503 28th Avenue, S.E., Washington 21, D. C, LO. 7-3185 Bright. Robert. 116 West Magnolia Avenue, Wildwood, N. J., 2.3506 Brodt, Doris. 3913 N. Chesterbrook Road. Arlington 7. Va., KE. 6-8481 Broi m vs. John, 4415 35th Street, N.W.. Washington, 11. C. WO. 6-0137 Brown. Dorothy. 5863 2nd Sireet. South Arlington. Va.. JA. 8-7869 Brown. Jed., 1585 Odell Street. Bronx 62, New York. TY. 2-2785 Brown. Philip, P. O. Box 185. Annapolis, Md., CO. 3 2101 Bryan, Belton, 4857 North 29th Street, Arlington. Va.. KE. 6-9558 Bryant, Waveney. 1300 Harvard. N.W., Washington. D. C. DU. 7-8809 Bryk, Oliver. 2801 Quebec Street, N.W.. W a-hingi..,,. II. C, EM. 2-8783 Buitraco. Luis. 632 Faradav Place. N.E., Washington, D. C, LA. 6-5814 Bunting. Robert. 4539 4.3rd Place. N.W.. Washington 16. I). :.. EM. 2-2183 Burcer. Wade. 4309 Van Ness Street, N.W.. Washington. I). C, EM. 3-6253 Burke, Joyce. 201 Hume Avenue. Alexandria, Va., 0V. 3-35 16 Butcher, Marhall, 4201 Richmond Highway, Alexandria. Va. Butler, Richard, 1437 U Street, S.E., Washington 20, D. C, LU. 1-1888 Cahn, Norma, 3701 Massachusetts Avenue. N.W., Washington, D. C, KE. 7-0313 Cain, Jack, 65 West 6th Avenue, South Williamsport, Penna., 3-2588 Callahan, Marie, 1416 W Ibine Street, Alexandria, a.. KI. 8-5035 Cammack, N v 1128 Sumnei Road, S I Washington 20. D. C, JO. 1-0774 Cannon, Joseph, 2122 36th Place, S.E., Washington D Cai .h. Eow Min. 66211 Hillandale R I. Chevy Chase, Md ,01 6 i688 Carter, Joseph, 228 Tennessee Avenue, N.E., Washington 2. D. i ... I I. 7-8142 ( mi 1 1 ii, W WOOD, 722 Green Street, ft illiamsport, Penna., 3-5200 Casco Jose, We. lerez, tegu, igalpa, I). C, Honduras, C. V. 11-90 Cerny, ln h.n. 2830 Maple Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois, cl . -1-1603 i ii win. in. Jay, 1429 20th Road North, Arlington 7. Va.J V 8-4575 i happeli mi. Edwin, 1959 Rosemary Hills Drive. Silver Spring, Md.. JR. .3-1025 Chasman. Mil ii mi, 341 Sanford Avenue, Hillside. New Jersey, EL. 2-3828 In mm. Mm mi m. 182:. R St, eel. Yft.. Washington, D. C, NO. 7-696.3 i HENAULT, II. ...iic 25 II. .m Road, Scarsdale, New York, SC. 3-8245 Chesser, William, 1704 Dave Street, N.ft „ Washington, II. :., KE. 7-1536 Chick, Nancy, 864 South Harrison Street, Arlington, a.. J A. 8-0.390 Chin. Edmond I 112 Montagu.- Street, N.ft .. Washington 11, D. C. Chin. Eh mii mi 2032 Eye Street, ft.. Washington, DC.. RE. 7-0490 Christopherson, Claudia, 802 North Kentuck) Street, Arlington. Va., JA. 7-331.3 Chi ni.. John, 11 Ave. Repuhlice, Macau i hi in ii. M mo. mii i. II son Drive, Bethesda 1 I. Md., OL. 4-7650 Cl m.i.i.ii. I ' m i. 1523 low.. Avenue. N.ft.. Washington. D. C, RA. 6-2062 Clark, William, 5028 Falton Street, N.ft.. Washington, D. C, EM. 2-9647 Clarke. Caroline, South Howell Ave., Centereach, long Island, N. i .. Selden 2-3715 ( 1 1 min is. Gerald, 6305 7th Street, N.ft.. Washington 11, D. C, R A. 3.3422 Clifton. Richard. 1016 16th Street. N.W., Washington, D. C, DL 7-7049 Clover, Him her. 1121 20th Street. N.ft.. Washington 6. I). C, HU. 3-3523 Cobb, Charles, 312 Missouri Avenue. N.ft . Washington. D. :.. RA. I i642 Coblentz, Mary Ellen, Rfd. 1. Atwood Road, Silver Spring. Md.. LO. 5-2824 I ofer, Anita, 1806 C Street. N.E.. Washington 2, D. C, LI. 4-8505 Colcord. Timothy, 5759 1.3th Street, N.W.. Washington 1. II. C. II I. 2-2543 Cm i. Edw mil. 135-37 78th Road, Flushing 67, New York. Cole, Patricia, 2613 Arvin Street. Wheaton Hills. Silver Spring. M.I . 1,11. 5-1082 Collins, Barbara, 2.302 Lee Highway. Arlington 1. Va., Apt. 1, JA. 5-1857 Collins, Joseph, 356 South Winebiddle, Pittsburgh 24, Penna. Comito. Joel, 8201 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn 14, New York. BE. 2-8119 Contezac. Michel, 2723 South Walter Reed Drive. Arlington. Va., KI 8-5471 Cooke, Walter. 3201 Park Place, N.ft .. ft ashington, D. C. TA. 9-2915 Cooper, Carol, St. Margarets. Rl. 2. Annapolis, Maryland, CO. 3-7534 Cotten, Benjamin. 412 4th Street, N.E.. Washington 3, D. C. LI. 4-3241 Co, ry. Joan, 3318 South Dakota Avenue. N.E.. Washington 18. D. C, DE. 2-1686 Creed. Areienne, 210 Peabodv Street. N.E.. Washington 11, D. C. TA. 9-7755 Crowell, Grecory, 7204 Connecticut Ave . Chew Chase 15. Md.. OL. 2-1132 ( rowli Y, Robert, 8305 16 I niversitj I ane, Silver Spring. Md., HE. 1-1682 Crown Bon mi,. 6802 C Street, Seal Pleasant, Maryland, RE. 6-6304 Ci Min. Dorothy. 8711 Gilbert Place, Takoma Park, Md., JU. 9-0914 Damelio, Michael, Roper Hall. American University Damev, Sandra. 5130 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W.. Washington 11. D. C, RA. 6-2380 Damon. Cordon. 34 Ridge Road East Williston. Long Island, N. Y„ PI. 6-2215 Daniel. !!.,» vine 1351 Alton Place, N.W.. Washington 16. D. C. EM. 2-8486 Daniel. Robebt, 111 West Juniper Avenue. Wildwood, N. J.. 2-7445 D mis. nnv. 2618 Evarts Street. N. E.. LA. 6-2981 Davis, Dot clas, 1871 Porter Street, N.W.. Washington 16, D. C, EM. 2-3170 Dams Louie 1031 16th Street, N.W., Washington, D. C, AD. 1-68.33 Davis, Norman, 1915 Chew Chase Blvd.,! hevy Chase 15, Md.. OL. 2-4013 Davis, Sti mi 8804 Maywood Avenue . Silver Spring. Md., JU. 7-6661 Davis. Ward. Rocky Poinl Road, Old Greenwich, Conn,-, licit. 7-2852 Dawaff, Ruth. Athamia, Baghdad, Iraq Dawson, John. 22 Wall Street, Rockville, Maryland. Poplar 2-24.32 Day. Basil. Monrovia. Maryan.l. Mount Airy 291-W-2 Day. William, 2314 North Kenmore Street, Arlington. Va., JA. 2-0610 Deese, Clara, 2220 Quincy Street, N.I- . Washington, D. C, CO. 5-8904 Delorme, William, 1024 East West Highway, Takoma Park. Md., JR. 8-2137 Dei is. ii. Edwin, 144-05 85th Vvenue, Jamaica, N. Y„ RE. 9-6316 Hi, in ,,. in, ,ii . 309 South Wayne Street, rlington, Va.. J A. 4-1480 Ditam ;, En mii Mi.205 South Pershing Drive. Arlington 4. Va.. J A. 8-7571 Dobben. Jerry. 1504 11th Street, N W .. Washington, D. C, EM. 3-1504 Dobbin, Ai.vtn, 1371 Peabody Street. N.W.. Washington 11, D. C, RA. 6-3987 Donovan, Jeremiah, 819 Marshall Lane. Alexandria. Va., TE. 6-2187 Doki. Martha. 5303 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Washington 11. D. C, RA. 6-0049 Dostert. Pierre. 33] I Quesada Street, N.W., Washington 15, D. C. EM. 2-0694 Drake. Frederick. 1100 12th Street, N.ft . Washington 5, D. C. ME. 8-7542 Duke. Marcaret.807 Crescent Hum. Alexandria, Va.. TE. 6-5097 Duri.oo. Leslie, RFD 5, Box 317, Vienna, Virginia, DU. 5-9549 Dvorak. M mo nn.2506 South 2nd Street. Arlington 4, Va.. JA. 7-3907 Dyer. Jvmis. 1 148 Washington Avenue, Alexandria, Va. Dyson. Richard, Charlotte Hall, Maryland Earman, Dennis, 519 Greenwich Street, Falls Church, Va., JE. 2-14.34 Eckbreth, Walter. 616 Laura Drive, Falls Church, Va.. JE. 2-1620 Eckhardt. David. 221.3 Washington Avenue. Silver Spring, Md„ JU. 9-3026 II I II l I o It Y Eddy, Mari ia, 1813 South 28th Stre Eccei im.. I ' m i . 30] 7 Lake Vven le, Fisenlohr. Margaret, 626 North J. Elliott. Marcie, 3118 8th Streel No Ellis, Dale, 603 Madison Street, Vs Entriken, Daniel, 6628 Utomont ' Erdahl. Miixm. 7072 W i. Arlington, .... II 6-9097 heverly, Maryland, W V. 7-9445 kson Street, Arlington, Va., JA. 7-4077 ili. Vrlington, Va.,JA. 2-6498 paraiso, Indiana, 2-9991 renue, Baltimore28, Md., Ml 7-7520 w w . , - 1 , i . . t . . i . r . i). ( . wo. 6-iKiy Estes, Thomas, 6107 32nd Street, N.W., Washington, D. C, WO.6-87S0 Evers. Dor . 1825 R Street, . . W ashington, D. C. Exelbert, Jack, 1708 64th Street, Brooklyn 1, N.Y. BE. 6-6998 Fairbairn, Harry, 100 South Sacramento Vvenue, Ventnor, N. J.. 2-1681 Feacans, William, Fairfax, irginia, Cr. 3-2616 Fun. Lenore, 2601 W llej Place, N.W., Washington, 1). C, All. 2-3778 Feissner, 522 Crittenden Street, Washington, D. C, RA. 6-2997 Fennell, William, 2650 39th Street, N.W., Washington, I M.. Wo. 6-8894 Fink, Marianell, 3513 Nimiu Road, Kensington, Maryland, LO. 5-1981 Fisher, Thomas, 3118 16th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., HO. 2-0495 Fleisi her, Manfred, 96-32 1 inden Blvd., Ozone Park 17. Y i .. I 3-6251 Kins, hman, Jane, 3533 Everett Street, N.W., Washington, II. C, EM. 2-1577 Fleti her, William, 1015 Westmoreland Street, Falls Church, Va., JE. 3-8535 Flolo. Russell, 7155 Vandeman Street, Houston, Texas, WE. 4183 Focan. Rouert. 2401 Calvert Street. Washington 8. D. C, NO. 7-3136 Foote, Ki. HARD, III Independence We., S.W., Washington 21. 1). C, St. 3-5582 Forti m, Bei lah, 624 Keefer Place. N.W . Washington, D.C., EX. 3-2420 Foster, James, 3479 South I tah Street, Vrlington, Va., rE. 6-7741 I Bernard, 1832 Biltmore Street, N.W .. Washington, II. C, HI . 3-3531 Fowler, 1 krcot, 1346 Madison Street, YW .. ashington 11. I), C, RA. 6-0668 Fox, I ' ii. 2811 30th Street, N I .Washington 18, D. C, LA. 6-3054 Frani is, Lee, 109 Lucas Lane, Bethesda, Maryland, OL. 4-1770 Freem is. Edw ird, 5315 Mam hestei Urn.-. ashington, I). C, CO. 5-8288 Freni h, Mary, ion North Johnson Street, Arlington 7. Va., JA, 8-2888 Friend, Peter, 5222 Baltimore Avenue, Washington 16, 1). C. OL. 4-3984 Fi it kk. Ben, 132] Rhode Island Vvenue,, N.W., Washington, D.C, HE. 1-3722 Fi 1 1 in. Jane, 157 Spring Street, Broi kton I " . Massachusetts, 7372 Galo.Lia, Mini Van Ness Street, N.W., Washington 16, D. C, EM. 3-6475 (•Mi ' i%. Hi i h. 1221 I Street, YW ., Washington, I). C. Gardner, Edw ird, Phi Sigma Kappa, American I niversity, W ashington, Hi Gari ind, Lowell, 3810 Florence Drive. Alexandria, Va., OL. 3 5852 Geier, Carrie, RFD 3. Box 260. McLean, Virginia, KE. 8-5413 Geoffroy. Shirlev, 208 Winchestct Way. Fall- 1 hurr-h, Va., JE. I 1495 Gerachis, Nicholas, 3421 Wiscm-in vemie. N.W ., Washington. II i Wit 6-3806 Gimenez, Jose, Carrera 18 Quinta Rocio entre calles Kill Barqueserolto, Venezuela. 257] Ginsburc, Robert, 1409 Brandywine Sir.-,:. N.W., Washington, H ( Wu 6-8279 Glammeyer, Roy, 2032 Street, N.W., Washington 6, D.C. Glassmyer, Irvin, 1739 North L6th Street, Arlington 5, Va., JA 2-3402 Gudden, Catherine, tool Somerset Road, Riverdale, Md., WA. 7-0669 Godfrey, George, 393 " Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., Washington 20, D. I I I 1-3237 I erc Recina, ill 1 Powhatan Vvenue, Baltimore 16, Md., LI. 2-8179 Goldbi rc, Linda, 2701 Park Avenue, Richmond, irginia, 1-2194 (.in den, Jed, iola Road, Suffern, N.» Y.rk. Suffern 5-1793 Goldenberc, Joanne, 160 Riverside Drive, New York City, TR. 7-079 ' G man, Joan, 2510 41st Street, N.W., Washington 7. I), i . EM 3-0905 Goodm vn, Fun.. 71 16 110th Street, Foresl Hills, N. i .. LI 4-0586 Goodstein, 1 1 mum. 233 Belleviev, Terrace, Hillside, Y J.. WA 6-1271 Gordon.M », 1404 Crittenden Street, N.W., Washington l TV 9-4203 Goreham, Frederii .3211 Pleasant, II.- Moi nes 12. Iowa. 7 ' 130 Graham, Orpheus, 1616 Massachusetts Vvenue, N.W., Washington D ( Wo 6-0655 Gralton, Marion, 1409 Russell Road, Vlexandria, Va., TE. 6-4189 Gray, William, 29 Bonherm Street, Vlbanj 1, New York, 10039 Gray, Willis, 4120 Illinois Vvenue, N.W., Washington, D. C K 6-4603 Grayson, Raymond, 2317 20th Street, YW .. Washington, I) i 111 7-222] Credone. Vlfonso, 219 East Spencer Vvenue, Wild I.N.J " .III Gredone, Claire, 219 East Spencer Avenue, l ildw I, N. J., 23131 Green, Janice, 1820 California Street, YW .. Washington 5. D.C, Ml 1-06 ' 6 Griffin, Paul, 1414 I pshm Street, N .. ishington, D.C. RA 6-8857 Griffin, Robert, 1902 North Rhodes Street, Arlington, Va., I 5 3326 Grimas, Vngel, St. 14, No. 11, Panama, Rep de Panama, 3-0922 Guime, Genarina, Canazas, eraguas. Rep. de Panama (.i i.i.i. Liborio, 53-23 194th Street, Flushing 55, Y 1.. FI 7-I2H Gi nth er, Leo, 1912 G Street, YW .. Washington, H. C, ME. 8-1565 Gi i. J ' H, i I. in. in-. Maryland, GReenv, I 5-6826 Gvai bard, Joy, 250 Fa-t 178th Street, Bronx 51. Y Y., TV. 2-3568 Hall, Mari Belle, 5900 31m Place, YW.. Washington, D. C, EM !-l 191 Hamilton, William, 1600 Barnab) Terrace, S.E., Washington, D I l 2-8679 Hampton, Mum. 656 Chaplin Street, S.E., Washington D.C, LI 2-2053 Hanes, Betty, Herndon, Virginia, 151 Hanson, John, 1657 Dittmai Road, Arlington, Virginia, KE. 8-4685 Hart, Henry 2223 H. Street N.W. Washington D I III ,-622fi Harmih. Patricia, 703 Vtlanti. Street, S.E., Washington 20. II. C, JO. 2-3331 Haworth, Neil, 1651 Lamonl Street, YW . Washington I " . D. ( ., H. 1-1836 Heishman, Henry, 1907 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C, EM. 2-1062 Hi itenbai m. Philip, till Central Avenue, Wild I, Y J. Heller. Mi. hael, Dickerson, Maryland, Poolesville 3651 Hi nderson, James, 5107 First Street, YW .. Washington, D. .. fA. 9-0725 Hem. m.r. Caul. 6609 5th Street, N.W.. Washington 12. D. C, RA. 3-6175 Hewitt. Harvey, 210 East Greenway Blvd., Falls Church, Va., JE. 2-2473 Hickman, Barbara, 5500 South 6th Street. Arlington. Virginia, J A. 2-7938 Hicks, Herbert, Rt.3, Box 392, Fairfax, Virginia, JE. 44427 Higcins, Montgomery, 2914 15th Street, N.W., Washington, D. C, EM 1-3435 Hill, Edward, 716 15th Street, S.E., Washington, D. ( .. 1.1. 7-3479 Hit. in... k. John, Rt. 2. Rockville, Maryland, PO.2-3324 Hon nun. Vlan, (. ' i M.( ormack Road, Slingerlands, New York, 9-1727 Holden, Carol, 5102 Wessling Lane, Bethesda 11. Maryland, 01 6-7964 Hollander, Jean, 3215 35th Street. N.W., Washington 16, 11. :., EM. 3-4789 Holley, Emile, 148 Cleveland Avenue. Hartford 5. Connecticut, JA. 5-5917 Holm, Phyllis, 937 North Edgewood Street. Arlington 1, Va., JA. 7-2018 Hopper. Wii.rert. 3811 Gramrey Street, Washington It.. D. C, WO.6-8476 Horn, Rii ii ird, 412 Hawthorne Avenue, W illiamsport, Penna., 7705 Hoi mi. Eucene, Box 205. McLean, Virginia, FF. 6-4318 Howe, Martha, 5620 Nevada Vvenue, N.W., Washington 15. D.C, FM. 2-5620 Hover. George. 4701 lira, II. v Blvd., Chew Chase, Md., OL. 6-5219 Hllbert. Richard. 3000 Dent Place. N.W., Washington 7, D. C. AD. 2-2417 Hi minik, JoAnn, 829 Xenia Street, S.E., Washington 20, D.C, JO. 2-8244 Hungerford, Thomas. 827 Melrose Avenue, Kenilworth, Illinois. KEN. 5543 Hunt, Lee. 4509 South 34th Street. Arlington. Va., KI. 9-1245 Kma Elaine, 78 High Street, Thomaston, Connecticut, AT. 3-4662 Italiano, Phyllis. 2402 St. Raymond Avenue, Nev, York 61, N Y. I 1-0591 Itzkofe. ALYIN, 3314 Dorchester Road. Baltimore 15. Md.. F.O, 7-1978 Jackson. John. 4814 Rock Spring Road. Arling Va., KF. 8-5065 Jaffe, Bernard. 67 Hanson Place. Brooklyn, New York. ST. 3-5700 Jamison. J hi. 2230 California Street, N.W . Washington 8, D. C, HI . 3-3259 Jarchow, Ronald, 5011 Keystone Avenae, Bethesda, Md., OF. 2-6259 Jaros. Ceorge. 1515 Dennis Avenue, Silver Spring. Md., LO. 1-0984 Jaskol. Leonard. 63-25 Saunders Street, Rego Park 71. N. Y. IF 9 1521 Jeffrey, Joseph. 1009 Hillwood Avenue. Falls Church. Va., JE. 2 5 162 Jenkins. Ocechee, 1825 Florida Avenue, N.W., Washington. II. C, DE. 2-8846 Jenkins. R,,i ind, 517 South Veitch Street. Arlington, Va. JA 5-9113 Jensen. F. hi n, 2032 Belmont Road. YW.. Washington D. C, HO. 2-4000 Johnson. Vlexandee, 2793 7 3rd Place. Landover, Maryland, SP. 3-5527 Johnson. Vnne, 2701 Bmoii Street. Silver Spring, Md., LD. 1-0105 Johnson, Elaine, 1339 Hall Street, S. ! ., Washington 21. D. C, LI. 6-0398 Johnson. Millard, 3705 Plyers Mill Road, Kensington, Md., LO. 5-0097 Johnson. William, 3 Lorraine Road. Summit. N.J., SU. 6-4581-M Jones. Gayle, 1121 Van Ness Street, N.W.. Washington. D. C. Jones, Hia« itha, 1127 8th Street, N.E., Washington. D. C, LI. 3-4199 Jones, Robert, 3211 8th Street. S.E., Washington, D. C, SO. 2-6067 Jordan, Richard, 3123 N Street. YW . Washington, D. .. VD.2-1722 Kadala, Kenneth. 1628 Otis Street. N.F.. Washington, D.C, LA. 6-3747 Kahn, ( i it mi. 35-35 72nd Street. Jackson Heights 72. N. Y„ NE. 9-5603 Kandiller, Riza, 1683 -ok No: 15 3. 12 Mir, Turkej Kaplan, Elaine. 92-05 68th Avenue. Forest Hills 75, N. Y„ BO. 8-1313 Km . Herbert, 523Westvi I Avenue, Long Branch. N. J.. L.B. 6-6764-M Keay, ii. 277(1 North Piedmont Street. Arlington 7. Va., J V 28196 Keese, Diane, 4901 Montgomery Vvenue, Washington 16, D ( ul. 2-9324 Kennedy, Joseph, 336 Birch Street, Scranton, Penna., DI. 3-3138 Km. he, il, Jai k. 862 South Harrison Street, Arlington. a.. J A. 7-7976 Kiloen. Noel. 2146 F Street. Y tt .. ashington. I). I ... ST. 3-3317 Kim. Ki m. 77-1 Jung-Chung-Dong, Chong-Ro-Ku, Seoul. Korea Kimber, Myra.2525 Minnesota Avenue, S.F... Washington, D. C. Kino. Harold, 5404 Tuscarawas Road. Washington 16, D I Kim.. El cene, Rt. 1. Gaithersburg, Md.. Da.CI. 3-2888 King. Florence. 3611 Connecticut Avenue. N.W,. Washington, l . C, WO. 6-7444 Kinc, Nancy. 116 Hillside Flue, erona, N. J., VE. 8-5928 Kjerscaard. Irence, 127 Rose Street, Metuchen, N. J., ME. 6-2258 Klein, Pai l, 107. Wesl Green ly, Greensboro, North Carolina, 2-6698 Kloman, Edward, RFD 3. B..x 78. McLean, Virginia, EL. 64114 Kloo, George, 2800 Quebec Street. N.W .. W a-lnngton D. C. WO. 6-2333 Knarr, (.ion. i. Ml Lincoln Street, York. Penna.. 35395 . Barbara, 111618th Place, N.E., Washington 18, D. ( .. I 6 1593 Korkolis, Betty, I ' M i Minnesota Avenue, Washington, D. C, FI . 4-2154 Krasner, sii mil 7710 Eastern Avenue, YW Washington 12. I). ( .. I 9-7078 Keeps, William, 912] Sudburj Road, Silver Spring, Md.. Jl . 5-8024 Kriecsmann, Loretta, 6608 31st Street, N.W., Washington 15. I), C, WO. 6-1371 Krukoff, Karl. 140.3 lielh- Aven ' ie, Baltimore 7. Maryland, MO. 1-5284 Kuzminsky, Irene, 500 Rittenhouse Street. NW . Washington, D C, RA. 6-8815 II I II I « I O II 1 I m.l u mm. 2810 Military Road, N.W., Washington 15, D. C, EM. 3-0716 Lanc ister, Marcia, 261 Midland Avenue, Montclair, N.J., MO.3-467 I W. v. e, II mii. 818 North Garfield Street, Arlington, Va., JA. 7-3954 I vsmn. I,,. 1232 Empire Avenue, Can n 3, N.J., WO. 11076 I nun. MaryAnne, Box 98, Waverly, Penna., Clark Summit 6-3578 In Ensoi k. 9-432 Shin Song I eihstoni Marvin, 65-36 Wetberole Street, Forest Mill- 71. N. V., II. 9-3835 I.eMay. Jn.iv 3259 I!..-. I, Uenue. Baltimore II. Mil.. (II. .14172 Leonard, Inabel, 5123 Connecticul Ivenue, N.W., Washington, I). C, EM. ' . ' 1712 Lethbridce, Eiiim, E. 0. A., A. 1 ' . 0. 206-A, New York Cit) (Turkey i Levey, Arthur. 16 North King Street, Malverne, Nov, York. l.Y. 3-9453 Levine, Donald, 6948 Groton Street. Forest Hill-. V 1 ., BO. 8-1071 I, km. Lee, 4545 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C, KE. 712 16 Lewii ky, William, 149-17-16 Road, Whitestone, L. I., N. Y., IN. 3-3092 Liedel, Robert, 2114 Charleston Place, Hyattesville, Md., II . 2-7402 Lindsay, Li i ille, 5107 Massachusetts Avenue. N.W., Washington 16, 1). C, WO. 6-6444 Link. Kk hard, 7703 Wenfield Drive, Bethesda, Maryland, (II.. 6-7850 Likins, Barbara, 329 Rhode Island Avenue, N.E., Washington 2, D. C, DE. 2-0840 Lipscomb, Ira, 877-35th Street, Oakland, California Livingston, Edithann. 105-20 66th Road. Forest Mill-. N. Y„ BO. 1-8313 1 oi k»i inn. Harry. 839 Kennedy Street, Washington, D. C, TA. 96.340 Loewy, Marvin, 1002 Mississippi Avenue, S.E., Washington. I). C, JO. 2-2390 I i. Loraine, Delsea Drive and Pitman Avenue, Pitman, N.J., PI. 3-3653 Lodce, Thom vs. 701 13th Street, N.W., Washington, D. C, DI. 7-2752 Lopez, Ancel, Blanco S..-a No. 10, P. O. Box 276. Vega Baja, Puerto Rieo, 23 1... n.ii. Una. 6100 14th Street, N.W., Washington, D. C, TU. 2-8914 1 siin.211 Montgomery Avenue. Riilgway, Penna., 26973 Louie. James, 106 N. Washington Street, Easton, Md., 848 Lowe. Maui la, 6105 Merchant Road, Camr Springs, Maryland—Washington 22. D. C, RE. 6-7116 Lower, Georce, 1550 27th Street, S.E.. Washington. 1). C, LU. 11086 Lundy, Marilyn, 36 Main Street. Dallas, Penna., 4-4641 Lvle. Paul, 3021 G Street, S.E., Washington 19. D. C, SU. 2-5655 Lvman. Lucy, 135 Polo Club Road, Bangkok. Thailand In, vs. Frances, 507 South Spring Street, Falls Church, Va.. J E. 2-7822 Mabee. Walter, Eldo, Nevada Mai Klnzie, Susan, 10-S Plateau Place, Greenbelt, M.I.. Gr. 3-H187 Madison, Carl, 4919 Jay Street, N.E.. Washi ngton. 1). C, LU. 2-3116 Mallky, Ronald. 222 City View Avenue. West Springfield, Mass.. 3-3660 Mallory, Morton, 19 Bridle Lane, Clayton 22, Missouri. HE. 2-8607 Maltz. Jarman, 177-27 Leslie Road, St. Albans 12. N. Y.. I.A. 5-2083 Manton. Karis. 63 Woodland Park Drive. TenaHv, N. J. Marawtan. Harry. Old Court House Road. Vienna. Virginia. TE. 3-7316 Markwood, Valerie, 2726 Brandywine Street. N.W., Washington 8, D. C Martin, Eucene, 1515 Klingle Street, N.W., Washington 16. D. C. KE. 7-1089 M (in m ks. Ji rij, 434 New Jersey Avenue. S.E., Washington 3, D. C. Mather, Mary. 1905 Hampden Lanem Bethesda 14. Maryland Mather, Robert. 9603 Roekville Pike. Bethesda 14, Md.. OL. 2-6876 Mayer. Roy, 172-03 8.3rd Avenue, Jamaica 32, N. Y., JA. 6-0624 Mondschein, Lrwyn, 3850 Tunlaw Road, N.W., Washington, D. C, EM. 2-3683 Meyer, Loretta, Church Street. Bohemia. New York. Sayville 4-0010 Meyer, Thomas, 13218 Bregman Road, Silver Spring. Mil., JU. 9-5653 Meyerle. Lotus. 612 Bennington Drive, Silver Spring, Md., JU. 9-7096 Meyers. Bertram. 3061 M. Street, N.W.. Washington 7, D. C, AD. 4-2741 Milam. Edwarii. 4878 South 28th Street, Arlington. Va., Ki. 9-2352 Miller, Brown, 4409 Dexter Street, N.W., Washington 7, D. C, EM. 3-8170 Miller, Lester. Salamonca (265) San Isioro, Lima, Peru Miller. Virginia, 366 North Washington Street, Falls Church, Va., JE. 2-1930 Miller. Phillip. Box 10 Rt. 1, Vienna, Virginia, DU. 5-9191 Miller. Rodney. 2544 17th Street, N.W.. Washington 9. D. C, DU. 7-4136 Mills. Marcellus, 4521 Raleigh Avenue. Alexandria, Virginia Mins, Paul, 113 South Fenwick Street. Arlington, Va., JA. 7-0889 Mills, William, 3512 Jefferson Street, Hyatlsville. Md., WA. 7-0954 Mn. hell, Douglas, 331 Harrison Avenue, Hasbrouck Heights. N. J.. HA. 8-2618 Mitteldore, Monroe, 5735 14th Street, N.W., Washington 11, D. C, RA. 3-1427 Momyer, Jean, 3214 Landover Street, Alexandria, Va.. KI. 8-2.367 Mondragon. 8802 Old Georgetown Road. Bethesda 14. Md.. OL. 2-7276 Moore. Samuel, 301 East Glendale Avenue, Alexandria, Va., KI. 9-6760 Morey, Robert. 3550 W Place, N.W., Washington 7. I). C. Morgan, Frances. 623 Franklin Street, N.E., Washington 17. 1). C. NO. 7-9190 Morris, Dewey, 731 South Fulton Street, Salisbury, N. C, 13 Morrison. Ralph, 2905 34th Street, N.W., Washington 8, D. C, EM. 3-4522 Morhow. Robert. 985 Northill Road, Baltimore 18, Md., HO. 7-6135 Morsbach. Hans, 4954 Brandywine, N.W., Washington, D. C, EM. 2-2216 Mosby, Muriel. 1111 Buchanan Street, N.W., Washington 11, D. C, No. 7-7441 Mozer, George. 100 Lander Drive, Trenton, N. J., JU. 7-4849 Muller, Elizabeth, B-21 James Madison Bhlg., Presidential Gardens, Alex- andria, Va., TE. 6-6092 Munsey. Kenneth, 4513 Western Avenue, Washington. I). C, EM. 3-4513 Munske. Richard. 5700 North 35th Street. Arlington. Va., JE. 4-3628 Street. N.W., Washington 15, D.C., EM ht.iis. Barbara, RED 3, Box 19. McLean, Virginia, II 6-2236 Mum, Mm nc, Burma Broadcasting S, ience, Rang Burma M cCarthy, William, 18 Crittenden Street, V. .nk. V., Jersey McCoy, Lawrence, 80-46 214th Street. Due,-,,- Village 27. Nc, York, HO. 4-7377 M, Darby. Thom is. I Mi 7 Raleigh venue, Alexandria. Virginia, KI. 8-9659 McDonneli I. mis. 61 Nooscucel Blvd., Fords, New Jersey, ME. 6-5754M McKinley, William, 2822 Rittenhouse Street, Washing 15. DC. EM. 3-4837 M. Mi rdoi k. Robert, 1250 Irving Street, N.E., Washington, D. C, LA. 6-4602 McQuiston, John, I 16 Hartley Place, FairLawn, New Jersey, FA. 4-0122 .hm n w, 101(17 Edward Avenue, Bethesda, Maryland Newman. Robert. 69 Paul Avenue. New Hyde Park, Nov York, El.. 2-7497 Nihiom. Donald, Aid House, American Univ.. Washington, D.C.. WO 6-9505 Niblett, Ki. iniin. t MM) 53rd Place, Bradensburg, Maryland, EX 3-6300, ext. 2747 N .inn., Elspeth, 3703 Ing 3-1931 Norwitz. Martin. 518 Gilmowe Drive, Silver Spring. Maryland, Jl B .1 .8 Notes, Barbara, 7 ' «n Orchid Street, N.W., Washington 12, I). C, RA. 3-4238 Nyquist, Harry, 233 Emmett Street, Ridgway, Pennsylvania, 36745 Ochs, Clair, 2301 Green Street. S.E.. Washington 20, D. C, LU. 1-5831 O ' Connor, Charles, 3204 Jocelyn Street. N.W., Washington 15, D. C. EM 3-2519 O ' Connor, Jean. 430 East 10th Street. Chester, Pennsylvania. CH. 3-1798 Ocdon, Cm mills. 222 East Fairfax Street. Falls Church, Virginia, JE. 2-4820 OCLIVIE, CATHERINE, 2312 North Powhatan Street, Arlington 5, Virginia, JE. 2-21.30 O ' Mara, Robert, 1731 Saul Road. Kensington. Maryland, OL. 9-8587 Overton, Robert, 1401 Paul Lane Pclhan. Mover 65, Nov. York. PE. 8-1861 Owens, Mar.h.iiie, 7814 Tilbury Street, Bethesda 14, Maryland. OL. 4-3256 Oxley, John, 128 South Van Buren Street, Roekville, Maryland, PO. 2-2438 Paine, Cameron, 35 East 75th Street, New York 21, New York. RH. 4-1571 Palmer, Charles, 679 Irving Street. N.W.. Washington, I). C, RA. 6-5291 Pardo, Hernando. Call.- 5-80 Bogota, Colombia. S. A., 94267 I ' miis. Sabra, 1330 Yuma Street, N.W.. Washington 16, D.C., EM. 2-6373 Parker, James, 60 Sutton Place South, Nev, York City, MU. 8-6519 Parker. Richard T„ 27V 2 Newcomb Place. Taunton, Massachusetts. 4-8703 Parker, Quana, 108 Alamo Road, Middletown, Obi... 3-1261 Patrick, Jack, 502 Larchmont Road. Elmira, New York. 3-9502 Patterson. Frank, 117 Bisvey Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. JE. 2-4363 Pai ley. Kathryn, 135 Lawrence Street, Middletown, Rhode Island. 60.38-J Payne. Morris. 516 Kenyon Street, N.W., Washington 10, D. C, TA. 9-5478 Petri k, Henry, 331 South Grace Street. Rocky Mount. North Carolina. 6-4014 Peli m.bimi. Joseph, 1613 list Street, N.W., Washington 16. D. C, WO 6-4226 Pereiha, Constantino, Edificio Pereira, Managua, D. N.. Nicaragua Perritts, Brui i. 1502 Iowa Avenue, N.W., Washington 11. D. C. RA. 6-0627 Phillips, Karin, 2615 42n.l Street. N.W., Washington, D. C, EM. 2-6252 Pine. Peter. 2926 3.3rd Place, N.W., Washington 8, D. C, EM. 2-9211 Pirie, Sandra, Quarters " A " , CINCIANT Hqts.. Norfolk. Virginia Polansky, Howard, 1013 Quebec Terrace, Silver Spring. Maryland. HE. 4-6396 Polen, Mary Ellen, 3448-B New Mexico Avenue, N.W., Washington 16, D. C, EM. 2-1897 Polen, Samuel, 3448-B New Mexico Avenue, N.W., Washington 16, D. C, EM. 2-1897 Porter. Elizabeth, 621 Hamilton Street, N.W., Washington 11, D. C, RA. 3-1768 Porter, Vihi.inia, 222 North Webster Avenue, Scranton, Pennsylvania, DI. 7-8119 Posner, 5239 Chillum Place, N.E., Washington, D. C, TU. 2-65.39 Poukish, Charles, 3871 Rodman Street, N.W., Washington. D. C, WO. 6-1716 Powell. Barbara, 6800 North 25th Street, Arlington 13. Virginia. JE. 2-1615 Premier, Henry, 2025 North Stafford Street, Arlington 7, irginia, JA. 7-0404 Price, Jeanne. 131 Oak Avenue. Sebring, Florida, 5-2371 Prince. Martha. 9111 Burdette Road, Bethesda. Maryland, OL. 47031 Raieord, Claudette, 227 V Street, N.W.. Washington 1, D. C, NO. 7-0944 Raseon. Michael. 112 Emerson Street. N.W., Washington, D. C Redden. Charles, 1900 F Streel, N.W.. Washington. D. C. ME. 8-0540 Klih. Clara, 2025 Park Road. N.W.. Washington 10. D. C, AD. 2-9713 Remler, Alice, 5204 Murray Road, Chew Chase 15. Maryland. OL. 4-5794 Rice, Patricia, 303 44th Street, N.E.. Washington, 1). C, LU 4-4417 Rice. William. 2755 Macomb Street. Washington, D. C, EM. 2-5978 Rich, Alan. 1519 Alabama Avenue, S.E., Washington 19. D. C. LU 2-6726 Rd hardson, Carolyn, 1408 Stuart Court, Falls Church, Virginia. JE. 4-4899 Ricketts, Audrey, 7407 Birch Avenue. Takoma Park 12, Maryland. JU. 9-8269 Rickman. Robert, 6023 North 19th Road, Arlington, Virginia, KE. 8-4870 Riveri. Mari ii in... 710 19th Street, N.W., Washington 6, D. C, D I. 7-6356 Roberts. Byron, 2607 South June Street, Arlington, Virginia, OT. 4-9330 Roberis, Will n m. 1 17(1 Clifton Street, N.W., Washington 9, D. C, HU. 3-8095 Robertson, Barbara, 1805 Sherry Court, Falls Church, Virginia, JE. 3-3988 Robinson, Edward, 63 Fowler Street, Port Jem-. New York Robsman. Slava, 1763 Columbia Road, N.W., W ashington 3. I). C, HO. 2-17.32 Rockefeller. Ann Lee, 90-27 51st Avenue, Elmhurst 73, New York Rodman, Judy. 1736 Holly Streel, N.W., Washington 12. D. C, TA. 9-5329 i» i is i « i o ic v Roff, Fred, 98 Burnham Parkway, Morristown, New Jersey, MO. 1-5413 l(,,,.u s. ( tin eton, ' i2d Douglas Wenue, Elgin, Illinois, 7506 Rollins, Kixnuii. Leesburg, Virginia, 320W Romett, Thomas, .ill, Chestnut Wenue, Barnesboro, Pennsylvania, 527R Roten, Marcot,3406 Foresl Park Avenue. Baltimore 10. Maryland, I 1 2)4..:! Rubinstein, Eucene, 130] tlantii Avenue, Wildw I, New Jersey, 2-5525 Rudd, Georce, 1823 Western Wenue, Washington 16, D. C, EM. 3-8810 Hi mm Robert, 318 East Third Street. Frederick, Maryland, MO. 34806 Ki slinky. Donald, 1385 Shore Parkway, Brooklyn, New York, ES. 3-9835 Ku . I hum,-.. 602 Condon Terrace, S.I-.. Washington, D. C, Jo. 2-7432 Ryland, Wallace, 2321 North Columbus Street, Wing Virginia, JA. 7-5614 Sabin, Peccy, 3006 Ordway Street, N.W., Washington 8. D. C, EM. 2-1056 Sachs, Paul, 1142 Buchanan Street, N.W., Washington, D. C, RA. 3-1581 Sainis. Georce, 501 Tionesta Avenue, Kane, Pennsylvania Salive, Cilberto, Colmobia, South Vmerica Salter, John, 1230 Pinecresl I ircle, Silver Spimg. Maryland, Jl .4-6417 Sawer, William, 6 East Parkwav P.O. 11, Greenbelt, Marvland. CK. i -5V17 Sai NDERS, Hi in. 7K0 ' ) Fairfax Road, Bethesda 14, Maryland, OL. 1-6999 Si ini vn. Mahcaret, 3015 Whitehaven Street, Washington, D. C, AD. 4-0750 S. hknk. 3601 I edardale Road, Baltimore, Maryland, LI. 2-2324 Schlecel, Ray, 2634Tunlaw Road, N.W., Washington 7. 1). C, KM. 2-5940 S. hmoyer, Charles, 3880 Rodman Street, Washington 16. D. C, EM. 3-5836 -. mink. I irvin, 1 ' . O. Box 96. Kerhonkson, New Y„rk. 2521 Schoenfelder, Sharon, 3300 W linn. Street, Chew Chase 15, Maryland, OL. 2-6138 S Nil k. Uviion. 2300 Anoka Avenue. Baltimore 15, Maryland. LA. 3-8582 S, hrei k. Barbara, 81 Bellmoro Street. Floral Park, L. I., New York. PR. 5-0840 Si hrei is. John, 81 Bellmore Street, Floral Park. L. I., New York. PR. 5-0840 S. hi i ins. Herman. 3852 Huntington, Washington 15. D. C, WO. 6-0231 --, iiu viu nv, H. Hum mm. 19 North Dawes Avenue. Kingston, Pennsylvania. BU. 7 1044 S. mi. Win vim. 125 Commonwealth, Alexandria, Virginia. KI. 9-0858 Scott, William. 33-22 Parsona Blvd.. Flushing 54, New York, FL. 9-0329 Selby, Jean, 2702 South Witch Street, Arlington. Virginia, JA. 8-5961 Sell, Carl, 1146 Washington Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia. SO. 5-4929 Semlinc, Harold, 1423 Sheridan Street, N.W., Washington 11. 1). C, If v. 3-8896 Shaleen, Joseph, 127 12ih Street, N.E. Canton. Ohio, 4-8765 Sheffer, Barbara, •.- 7 1 Langle) Court, N.W., Washington 16, D. C, WO. 6-3829 Shelhamer.Pa v. I0H North Yellowstone, Livingston, Montana, 903W Snniiiu k. William. 4382 Myron, Wayne, Michigan. PA. 1-8183 Shi pai k. Harold, 110-24 68th Avenue. Foresl Hill- 75. New York, 110. 3-1236 Simon. nn. 78 Kilsyth Road, Brook Line, Massachusetts, l.O. 6-8329 Shirley, John. 3127 Que Street, S.E., Washington 20, D.C., 1.1 .2-1875 Shi fei i. vim. Preston, Maryland, Preston II2( Shuster, Jeanne, 502 Rittenhouse Street. N.W., Washington 11, 1 . C, RA. 1-9498 Sn verm v . In v. 1224 Fast 23r,l Street. Brooklyn 10, New York, NA. 8-8976 Silm-.v. William, Phi Sigma Kappa House, American 1 niv., Washington, D. C. W.O. (-7816 Sivims. ,-i ind, 310 Maple Wenue, Kail- Church. Virginia, JE. 3-9648 SMALL, NORM v. 1825 North 9th Street. Arlington. Virginia, JA. 2-5620 Smith, Bernard, 3610 Warren Road, Cleveland 11, Ohio, CI . 1-7083 Smith, Miriam, 2217 8(ith Street, Brooklyn, New York. ( I . 9-3306 Smith, Nobman R.. 1503 North Wakefield, Arlington. irginia,JA. 2-1916 SMITH, Hi. HARD, 1152 South Thomas Street. Arlington, virgin ia. JA. 8-6930 Smyth, James. 1238 Delafield Place. N.E., Washington, D. C, LA. 6-5129 sni ,n. Ilex, 2965 I i-i 196th Street. New York 61. New York. LY. 2-2371 Snyder, Helen. 1112 1-t Street. S.F., Washington 20. D. C, JO. 35581 SlPLE, CAROLYN, 2822 North 23rd Street. Arlington. Virginia. JA 7-4354 Sommers, H„ „,„,,. 5507 Blair Road, N.E., Washington 11. 1). C, KA. 3-797.3 Sonner, Andrew. 4800 Oxford Street, Garrett Park, Maryland, I 0. 5-0703 SORBELI s. ! vkv, 7808 Piney Branch Road, Silver Spring, Maryland. JIL 9-1918 Spear, Km ise, 1701 North Omess Avenue. Fremont, Nebraska, KB. 1528-Xi Speed, Sara, 523 3rd Street. K. Washington, D. C, LI. 3-8192 Sen vnv. Sami, I I i-i Mellen Street. Phoebus, Virginia, 39871 si vi lone, Albert, 1222 Rol n Street. Heading. Pennsylvania Si ELu, Parks, 7816 Maple Ridge Road. Bethe-da II. Maryland, OL. 2-3079 mi i hi, Sin-ii vnie. 7118 Benton Wenue, ( ape May, New Jersev, 4-3751 Stein, Svni„h. U02 Mann- Wenue, Baltimore 7. Maryland, I.I. 2-3769 Stephens, Burton, Kill East 3rd Street, Frederick, Maryland, Mo. 2-1484 Stinchfield, Rocer, 5516 I incoln street. Bethesda, Maryland, OL. 2-7836 Strai --. Knvi.v. 1221 I ' ,ih Street, N.E., Washington 17. D. C, LA. 6-5055 Siuvi ss. Helen, 511 Sleepy Hollow Road, Falls Church, Virginia, JE. 2-3841 Stroi p Marcaret, 133 Yorkshire Kane. Manassas 3, Virginia, 187J3 si 1 1 iv iv. Margaret. 1722 19th Street. N.W., Washington. I). :.. Dl 7 ;7(.(l Si Kai, Elaine, 1915Kalorama Road, Washington ' ). D. C, DE. 2-3753 Si vti.m. Nvn, v. Hoy 36, Newington, Virginia, ED. 9-6546 sun n, v. Doius. 3 Pooksllill Road, Bethesda, Maryland, OL. 6-6172 Svvinsun. Karl. 3525 Pale Street, S.E., Washington, It. (.11. 2-2217 Taylor, Diane, Barney Park, Irvington, New York, IH. 9-1666 Taylor, Sheila, 10426 Julep Avenue, Silver Spring. Maryland, LO. 5-3261 Templeton, David, 1013 North Main. Sullivan. Ind iana. Tepper.1 vwrence, 2115 Mathews Avenue, Bronx, New York, 11 . 2-8991 Thati her, Adrienne, 2402 T.ivh.r Avenue. Alexandria, Virginia, KI. 9-1721 Thibodeai . 1 loyd, 3703 lav lor Street, ( low ( hase, Maryland, OL. l-087d Thomas, Earl, 109 Wellington Road, Vlexandria, Virginia, SO. 5-7944 Thomas, Fkvn, is, 1818 Arlington Blvd.. Arlington. Virginia. JA. 2-4898 Thompson, Dolphur, 213 16th S t, N E., Washington 2, D. C, ME. 8-0571 Thompson, M vrii.v n. 7630 Tomlinson, Calm, John. Maryland. OK. 6-1948 Thomson, Kinnmii. 3240 38th Street. N.W., Washington 16. II. C, KM. 3-6967 Toda, Kensi, 34 18- New Mexico Avenue. N.W.. Washington, D. C, WO. 6-2852 Topp, Host vi vm , One Douglas Drive. Toronto, Onotario. Canada, WA. 1-4741 Trachtenberg, Ika, 375 Kenridge Road. Lawrence, No, ,,,rk. CE. 9-4625 Traynor, Robert, 45 South Lexington Parkwav, St. Paul. Minnesota. II. 6021 Trenery, Diane. 358 Main Street, Keansburg, New Jer-.-v. KE. 6-0191 I ' i RNER, J.ovn. 5005 Rughv Avenue. Bethesda 1 1. Maryland, OL. 2-6190 Turner, Husk, 2600 36th Street. N.W., Washington, D. £, WO. 6-6095 Turner, Thomas, 2212 10th Place, N.W.. Washington 7. D. C. Tyo, Robert. 13303 Keating Street. Rockville, Maryland Vaden, Thomas, 211 Elmira Street, S.W., Washington 21. I). C. JO. 2-6887 vn Dv ke. Sara, 130 Union Avenue, Tarrytown, New York, TA. 4-2208W v vn vnt, Ernest, 118 North K Street. Lake Worth. Florida Vathakanon, Pradraphan, 160, Song Prayoon House Thrakanong, Bangkok, Thailand Vest, William, 54 Churchill Road. West Springfield, Massai husetts, RE. 6-2021 Vicciano, Muriel, 108 Tuekerman Street, Washington 11. D. C, TA. 9-1607 Waldenburc, Di vni, 21) Chesapeake Street. S.E., Washington 20, D. C, JO. 1-1444 Walker, Robert, Box 155. I nion, Wesl Virginia Wallace. Joseph, 4215 Hrandywine Street, N.W., Washington Id. I). (... WO. 6-5783 Walter, Kenneth. Cermantown RFD 1. Maryland. Gaith. 421-J5 Wangler, John, 2134 30th Street, N.E., Washington 18. D. C. LA. 6-1612 Warden, Hi. HARD, 5802 North 16th Street. Arlington 6. Virginia. KE. 8-6370 W viil v., J,,n. 1533 West Falkland Kane. Silver Spring. Maryland, Jl. 9-4379 Warring. Philip, 10915 Clermont Avenue, Garctt Park, Maryland. l.O. 5-0124 Washington, Theresa, 1109 O Street, N.W., Washington. I). C. AD. 2-8889 Washington, Wilson, 2101 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington. D. C, DE. 2-5018 Watts. Joyce, 33 Park Avenue, Kane, Pennsylvania, 549 Wauch, Randall. 6602 Westmoreland, Takoma Park 12. Maryland Weeklev. Armanda, 3220 Connecticut Avenue, N.W.. Washington 8. D. C, EM. 2-5143 Weinstein, Allen, 4203 16th Street, N.W.. Washington 11, D. C. TA. 9-3190 Weir, Phyllis, 61(1 Wood-id,- Parkway, Silver Spring, Maryland, JU. 5-9569 Weisenberg. Linda. 2681 West 2nd Street. Brooklyn 23, New York. SH. 3-8690 Vwiss. Kimnk. 7102 21st Avenue. Brooklvn. New York. CL. 9-5940 Win, . Melvin, 5332 Forty-First Street, N.W., Washington 15. D. C, EM. 2-2.366 White. Joan, 1125 North Vernon Street, Arlington, Virginia. JA. 7-4201 White. Sarah. 628 7th Street. YE.. Washington. D. C, KI. 3-6222 Wilber, Edward, Kt. 1. South Glen Road. Rockville, Maryland, OK. 6-6222 Wilcox, George. 4924 78th Avenue. Hyattsville, Maryland, UN. 4-0679 Wilhelm, Thelma, 6350 31st Street, N.W.. Washington 15, D. C, WO. 6-4184 Willet, Fhank. 1032 North Garfield Street, Arlington. Virginia, JA. 8-1945 Williams, James, 8401 Piney Branch Court, Silver Spring. Maryland. Jl ' . 8-1297 invni. Dt vnl. 30 Franklin Avenue, Montuale. New Jersev. PH. 1,(1171 v iN,„.„vi„,vv. WADIM, 1502 Van Buren Street. N. W.. Washington. D. C, TU. 2-62.35 Wolin, Harold. 5611 Second Place, N.W.. Washington 11. D. C, RA. 3-4894 WOLK, ROBERT, 1105 Fanshawe Street. Philadelphia 11. Pennsylvania. FI 2-3892 Wong, Thomas. 4521 5th Street. N.W.. Washington, D. C, TA. 9-4089 Wood, Franklin. 821 Richmond Avenue, Silver Spring. Maryland, Jl ' . 8-4060 Won,,. II l l VM. 561 J Kir-I Place. N.W.. Washington. D. C. Woods-Hi mphery, Jasmine, Bayberry Kane. Westport, C ticut, CL. 9-5918 Woodwarn, William, 48 Rhode Island Avenue, N.E., Washington 2, 1). C, NO. 7-3295 WoolleY, Hi, h ari,. 3203 Rolling Road, Chew Chase. Maryland. OL. 4-5811 Wright. James. 1301 Chillum R.,.,,1. Hyattsville, Marvland. IN. 4-9320 Wyrick. Robert, 327 Wesl Irow Avenue. Knoxville, Tennessee. 6-3870 i vctr, Pai l. 2112 North Madison Street, Arlington. Virginia. KE. 8-5416 Yumoto, Hideko, 5686 Oi-Kaneko-cho, Shinagawa-ky, Tokyo, Japan Zeida. Robert, 1416 Chestnul Street, Bethesda II. Marvland. OK. 2-3996 ZlTMORE, JEANNE, 970] Old Spring H,,ad, Kensington, Marvland. OK. 9-8453 To you men who, in yonr turn, have come together to spend and he spent in the end- less crusade against wrong; to you who face the future resolute and confident; to you who strive in a spirit of brotherhood for the betterment of our nation ; to you who gird yourselves for this great new fight in the never-ending warfare for the good of man- kind, I say in closing — " We stand at Arma- geddon and we battle for the Lord. ' " ' Franklin D. Roosevelt

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