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,1lltl f - t :j :- ■ ' - ' - y A l». ' i m I I f I - i ,.r ' j vi;i! « j ' j - . ■ ' . ' • ■ ' T! l The dark-red field of our flag symbolizes hu- man endeavor and conflict; the University itself is symbolized by the compass of human life with its great needle pointing steadily at the lodestar of the human spirit, a thought expressed by Woodrow Wilson at the dedication of the Grad- uate School in 1914. Eugene Spurlock Editor ► -- fp ' Hurst Hall at night 54 AUCOLA ANNUALLY BY THE DUATE DIVISION OF AN UNIVERSITY WASHINGTON, D.C. McKinley Building, future classrooms luu wminii-» rrnm% f 1 5 OUR UNIVERSITY IN 1954 AS WE SEE IT ADMINISTRATION 7 CLASSES 21 ACTIVITIES 41 HONORARY FRATERNITIES 63 SOCIAL FRATERNITIES 71 SPORTS 89 THIS YEAR 101 DIRECTORY 141 ■:: ' ' ::. • i. • . » j!»f .? mii i ' i ■ Si - aasi Academic convocation in the chapel ADMINISTRATION IN TWO YEARS . . . In two short years as President of The Ameri- can University, Dr. Hurst Robbins Anderson has engineered many changes. The merging of the undergraduate divisions, the newly-painted buildings, and the large Freshman class are testimony to his work. We, the students, are grateful to Dr. Anderson for these improve- ments. We also realize that he has just begun to j3ut his plans into effect, and we are willing and eager to lend him our aid in the growth of our university. NEW TITLES AMONG THE DEANS ERNST POSNER Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Ph.D., Berlin M.ARGUERITE M. SHAW Associate Dean of Students B.. .. Bates; M.A., Columbia DONALD DERBY Dean of Administration B.A., Bowdoin; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard JOHN EDWARD BENTLEY Dean Emeritus and Director of Student Relations M.A., Clark; S.T.B., M.R.E., Boston; Th.D., McGill BETTY ELLIOTT Secretary to the Deans HAROLD E. DAVIS Dean of the Undergraduate College B.A„ Hiiam; M.A.. Chicago; Ph.D., Harvard NEW FACES ON THE BUSINESS STAFF W 11 LI AM O. NICHOLLS Director of Financial and Business Affairs B.A., M.B.A., Syracuse CLYDE W. MEREDITH Vice President for University Development B.A., B.D., Th.M., Th.D. ANNE JENSEN University Librarian B.S. in L.S., Illinois HAZEL H. FEAGANS University Registrar B.A., B.E., George Washington; M.A., American STAFFORD H. CASSELL Assistant to the President B.A., American; B.S., M.S., Pennsylvania State n.W ' ID R. BOOKSTAVER Dean of the lVashine,ton CnUee,e nf Law B.A., Cornell; LL.B., ' Yale SAMUEL ENGLE BURR, JR. Omirman of the Department of Education Litt.B., Rutgers; M.A., Wisconsin; M.A., Columbia; Ed.D., Cincinnatti RALPH C. JOHN Chainnnn of the Department of Philosophy and Religion B.A., Berea; S.T.B., S.T.M., Boston; Ph.D.. ' American ' JAME,S L. McLAIN Chairman of the Department of Music B.. .. George Washington; Certificate, Peabody RUBERTA M. OLDS Chairman of the Department nf [.aniruages Ph.B., Chicago; M.A., Columbia MERRITT C. BATCHELDER Chairman of the Department of Englisit B.A., Hillsdale; M.A. Columbia; Ph.D., .State University of Iowa ROBERT E. G. TES Chairman of the Defiartment of Art Phillips Gallery; Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center STEPHEN HATCHETT Chairman of the Department of Biology B.A., American; M.A., Ph.D., Michigan LEO SCHUBERT Chairman of the Department of Chemistry B.A., CCNY; M.A., Columbia; M.A., . ' meiican BANCROFT W. SITTERLY Chairman of the Department of Physics B.A., M.A.. Ph.D., Princeton WALTER F. SHENTON Chairman of the Department of Mathematics B.S., M.A., Dickinson; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins HUGO SCHULZE Chairman of the Department of Physical Education B.A.. American NATHAN A. BAILY Chairman of the Department of Business Admini trali B.S.S.. CCNY; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia JOHN H. SMITH Chairman of the Department of Statistics B.A., Iowa State Teachers; M.B.A., Ph.D., Chicago CATHERYN SECKLER HUDSON Chairman of the Departmetit of Political Science and Public Administration A., Northwest Missouri State; M.A., Missouri; Ph.D., .American AUSTIN VAN DER SLICE Chairman of the Department of Sociology and Anthropo logy B.A., M.A., Kansas; Ph.D., Pennsylvania CHARLES K. TRUEBLOOD Chairman of the Department of Psychology B.S., Earlham; B.S., Haverford; M..4., Ph.D., Harvard WILLETT M. KEMPTON Chairman of the Department of Communication B.A., M.. .. Wisconsin :m.. ' % f % Looking from the east entrance of Hurst Hall .: » : % 20 CLASSES THE CLASS OF 1954 We are now leaving the University with which we have lived and grown for the past four years, and we are taking with us many memorieG. Four years ago we were introduced to our school and its traditions — the coffee shop with the juke box playing The Thing, capping and the snake dance, Petro ' s coffee, all-night carol- ling, a Mason-Dixon victory, and exams in the stiff lines of chairs in Clendenen. We soon became seasoned Sophomores. That was the year of the big snowstorm the night of Seasons Greetings. It was the year of Paul F. Douglass ' resignation, of Spring Bit Me and of the science show with its exploding volcano. We moved to upper classmen and welcomed Dr. Anderson and his family to the President ' s house. Pop Cassell became Assistant to the President, and Dutch Schulze led his Eagles to the Mason-Dixon finals and a heart-breaking loss to Loyola in overtime. This was the year of elections and the all-night session in Leonard with WAMU bringing us the returns. We re- member the Sibley hospital fracas and the bugle blows at eight. We entered our last year at A.U. When we returned last fall we were greeted with new paint, a library that was at last a library, and a tremendous Freshman class. We were sorry to note the passing of the old coffee shop, but soon felt at home in our bedroom-pink Eagles Nest. The green growing things in the dining hall took more time to get used to. At the basket- ball games we cheered with our youngest cheer- leader, Kathy. We leave now, pushing these memories aside to make room for what is to come. Senior Class Officers: Sam Albert, President; Miriam Thompson, Vice President; Jean Sherwood, Secretary; Al Shiite, Treasurer. 22 S ' 1 SAMUEL OSCAR ALBERT, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Mathematics: Delta Phi Alpha 3,4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4; Chemistry Club 3; Deutsche Verein 1,2,3,4; Eagle 1; Math-Physics Club 3; Varsity A Club 3,4; WAMU 2,3,4; Tennis Team 1,2, Captain 3, 4; Senior Class President; Intramural Tennis, Basketball 1. JAMES WEBSTER ALLEN, Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Mathematics and Physics: Varsity A Club 1,2; Math-Physics Club 3; German Club 3; Varsity Baseball 1,2. EDWARD DELEVAN ANDRUS III, Alexan- dria, Virginia, B.S. in Geology; Alpha Tau Ome- ga 2,3,4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4; Aucola 3, Photog- raphy Editor 4; Intramural swimming, basket- ball, volleyball, softball; Eagle 3,4; Future Teachers of America 2,3,4; I.F.C., 3. LYLE TURNER AQUILINO, Arlington, Vir- ginia; B.A. in Psychology: Kappa Delta 2,3,4. FRANCES ELIZABETH ARRAND, Flint, Michigan; B.A. in Sociology: Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; A.U. Theater 1,2,3,4; Alpha Psi Omega 2,3,4; Clef 2,3; Pan American Club 1; Wesley Foundation 3,4; Student Chris- tian Fellowship 1,2; Cap and Gown 3,4. LILLYAN CUNNINGHAM BACHELOR, San- ta Fe, New Mexico; B.A. in Philosophy. .- CHARLES N. BAER, Tamaqua, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Chemis- try; Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4; Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Chemistry Club 3,4; College Council 3; Math-Physics Club 3. MIRIAM ANDRESE BAILEY, Savannah, Georgia; B.A. in So- ciology. THOMAS EUGENE BARLOW, Alexandria, Virginia; B.A. in Business Administration; Student Government 2,3, President 4; S.A.M. 2,3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. GEORGIA ANNE BENNETT, Brunswick, Maryland; B.S. in Radio and TV: Phi Mu 3,4; WAMU 3,4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, Secretary-treasurer 4; Radio-TV Guild 3,4. MARVIN LEWIS BLAYLOCK, Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Busi- ness and Industrial Management: S.A.M. 3, Treasurer 4; Student Coimcil, Treasurer 4. GLENN CHARLES BOBO, Wichita, Kansas; B.A. in Business Administration: ELIZABETH STEPHENS BOLE, Pensacola, Florida; B.S. in Geology: Kappa Delta, 2,3,4; Aquiana 1,2,3; Women ' s A Club 2,3,4. KATHERINE ANNE BROOKS, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in French: Alliance Francaise 4; Spanish Club 4. 8:30 A - The day starts with classes | in Hurst Hall. ' JAMES RICHARD CAUDLE, Albemarle. North Carolina; B.A. in Fine Arts. VIRGINIA BALDWIN COOPER, Arlington, Virginia; B.A. in History: Pan American Club 1 ; International Relations Club 2,3,4; Methodist Student Movement 3, Secretary-treasurer 4. RAYMOND EARL DALY, Kane, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Physical Education; Phi Sigma Kappa 2,3,4;. Varsity Basketball 1,2,3, Captain 4; Varsity A Club 2,3,4. CHARLES ALTON DAVIS, JR., Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Bi- ology: Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2,3,4: Beta Beta Beta 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4; Chef 1,2; WAMU f,S; College Council 1,2, President 4; Music Club 3; President Junior Class. WALTER H. DIEGEL, Arlington, Virginia; B.S. in Business Administration: Alpha Sigma Phi 2,3,4; Eagle 3, Business Man- ager -i; WAMLI 3,4; Freshman Class Vice President; Pi Delta Epsilon 4; Community Association 3, Vice President 4; Orienta- tion Board Chairman 4; Publications Board 3,4. MARY ELEANOR DOW, Chevy Chase, Maryland; B.A. in So- ciology. EDWARD REID ELDER, Youngstown, Ohio; B.A. in Sociology: Alpha Tau Omega 3,4; Future Teachers of America 1,2,3,4. BETTY B. ELLIOTT, Kensington, Maryland; B.A. in Spanish: Kappa Delta 1,2,3, Vice President 4; French Club 1; Chorus 1; Spanish Club 4; Intramurals 1,2,3; Varsity Hockey 2,3; Varsity Basketball 3; Woman ' s A Club 1,2,3; Sweetheart of ATO 2; Bunny Hop Queen 2; Future Teachers of America 4. CHARLES ALAN FEDER, Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Business Administration: Varsity Golf 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Al- pha Tau Omega 1,2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4. LUCILE JUDGE FIREY, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in History. ANDREA MARIE FORJONEL, Trinidad, British West Indies; B.A. in English. WENCESLAO L. GALAN, Manila, Phillippine Islands; B.A. in Political Science. 26 11:30 AM- Chapel — an important part of school life JOHN WILLIAM GALLOWAY, Nashville, Tennessee; B.S. in Radio and TV: Pi Delta Epsilon 2,3,4; WAMU 1,2,3,4. GEORGE EDWIN GEESEY, Hagerstown, Maryland; B.S. in Radio and TV: Alpha Sigma Phi 3,4; WAMU, 3, Chief Engi- neer 4. ROGER LAWRENCE GORDON, Alexandria, Virginia; B.S. in Radio and TV: Alpha Sigma Phi 2, Secretary 3,4; Radio-TV Guild 1,2; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, President 4; WAMU 1,2,3,4; Eagle 1,2. DANIEL LYNN GREENFIELD, Baltimore, Maryland; B.A. in Sociology: Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4; Varsity Tennis 1,2,3,4; Var- sity A Club 3,4; , thletir Hoard 4: Oniirron Delta Kappa 4. LEWIS HALL GRIFFITH, Arlington, Virginia; B.A. in Politi- cal Science: Alpha Tau Omega 3,4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Var- sity A Club 2,3, Treasurer 4; Political Club 4. WEST ALEXANDER, HAMILTON, Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Communication. JACQUELINE LEE HOFFECKER, Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Art: Freshman Class Vice President; Phi Mu 1,2,3,4; Women ' s A Club 1,2, Secretary 3, President 4; Chorus 1,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Softball; The Night of January 16 ; Cheerleaders 3,4. ROBERT LINCOLN HORAN, Wildwood, New Jersey; B.S. in Social Science: Community Association 1,2,3; Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3, President 4; Eagle 2; Political Club 1,2; Canterbury Club i ,3; Publications Board Chairman 2; Interfraternity Council Pres- ident 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. AMYRILLIS SYLVIA HUMM, Falls Church, Virginia; B.A. in Fine Arts: Pan American Club 1,2; Future Teachers of America 2,3,4; Canterbury Club 2,3,4; Art Guild 1. JOYCE KYLENE HUTCHINSON, Arlington, Virginia; B.A. in Sociology: Delta Gamma 1,2,3,4; Women ' s A Club 4. FRANCIS PIERCE KICK, Alexandria, Virginia; B.S. in Busi- ness Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha; S.A.iM. 4. ALICE RUTH KILEJIAN, Montclair, New Jersey; B.A. in Spanish: Alpha Chi Omega 1,2, Secretary 3, President 4; French Club 1,2; Spanish Club, Treasurer 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Wom- en ' s A QJub 2,3, Treasurer 4; Mary Graydon House Council 3. 12:30 PM- After lunch — relaxing in front of Mary Graxdon ANITA JANE KORKOLIS, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Govern- ment: Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3,4; Deutsche Verein 1; Pan Amer- ican Chib 1; Valeda 1,2; Intramurals; Publication Board 2; Stu- dent Bar Association 4; Law Review 4; Political Club 4; Inter- national Relations Club 4. IRMA LAZAROFF KRANZLER, Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Bi- ology: Beta Beta Beta 2,3,4; Chemistry Club 4; Alliance Fran- caise 1,2. ROBERT JAMES LEWIS, Endicott, New York; B.A. in Philo- sophy and Religion: Canterbury Club, Chairman 3,4; Methodist Student Movement 3,4; Religious Board 3, Chairman 4; Inter- national Relations Club 3; Alliance Francaise 2,3. EDWARD MANOLlELIAN, Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Biology: Intramurals 1,2. ALLAN THOMAS MARSH, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Art: Who ' s Who 4; Delta Phi Alpha 2, Secretary 3, President 4; Deutsche Verein 1,2,3, President 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Fu- ture Teachers of America 1,2,3, President 4. JAMES ROBERT McARTHUR, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Business and Industrial Management: S.A. L 4. ETHEL McEVOY, Washington, D.C: B.A. in Sociology: College Council Vice President 4; fimior Class Vice President; Panhel- lenic Council 3, Treasurer 4: Phi Mu 1,2,3, President 4; Cap Gown 3, President 4; Chorus 1; Aquiana 1,2,3, Secretary-treas- urer 4; Aucola 3,4; Eagle 3; Political Club Secretary 3,4; Wom- en ' s A Club 3,4; Student Christian Fellowship 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Varsity 1,2,3,4; Campus Day Committee 3; Who ' s Who 4. PATRICL MILES, Washington, D.C; B.A. in Art: Delta Gam- ma 1,2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; College Council 4: Wom- en ' s A Club 2, Treasurer 3,4; Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Vol- leyball, Softball 1,2,3,4; Religious Board 3, Secretary-treasurer 4; Spanish Club 3; Panhellenic 4. HARRY DAVIS MILLER, Luzerne, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Busi- ness Administration: S.A.M. 4. ARTHUR JAMES MORALES, New Brunswick, New Jersey; B.S. in Industrial Management: Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; Var- sity Baseball, BasketbalT 1,2,3. SUSAN S. OLSON, Plainfield, New Jersey; B.A. in Sociology: College Coimcil 3, Secretary 4; House Council Vice President 4; Publications Board 1; Intramurals 1,2,3; Eagle 2; Orientation Board 4; Future Teachers of America 4; Panhellenic Council 3, 4; fimior Alliance Francaise Secretary 1; Kappa Delta 1,2, Sec- retary 3, President 4. SONDRA MEYER OUSLEY, Arlington, Virginia; B.S. in Bi- ology: Phi Mu 1,2, Treasurer 3,4; Women ' s A Club 2,3,4; Music Club 1,2,3; Chorus 1, Secretary 2,3; German Club 2; In- tramurals 1,2,3,4; Varsity Archery, Softball 2,3; Cap and Gown 3, Vice President 4; Beta Beta Beta 4; Chemistrv Club 4. 2:30 PM- Time out for coffee in the Eagles Nest CHARLOTTE JULIA PARKER, Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Biology: Deutsche Verein 2; Chemistry Chib 2; Beta Beta Beta 2,3, President 4. WALTER KENNARD PEARSON, Alexandria, Virginia; B.A. in Communication. DORIS HELEN PERSON, Center City, Minnesota; B.A. in Music History: Chorus 2,3,4; Music Club 2,3, Vice President 4; Women ' s A Club 3,4; Cap Gown 3, Secretary 4; Panhellenic Pledge Scholarship Cup 2; Panhellenic Scholarship Award 3; Who ' s Who 4; Phi Mu 2,3, Secretary 4. EROTIDA MARIA PONCE, Arlington, Virginia; B.A. in Span- ish: Alpha Kappa Alpha; Pan American Club 1,2,3, President 4; Methodist Student ISIovement 3, Vice President 4; Chorus 1,4. «» i v 32 k V NEIL POORMAN, Fort Eustis, Virginia; B.A. in Languages: Delta Gamma 3, President 4; Cap : Gown Treasurer 4; Orienta- tion Board 3,4; Scholastic Achievement Board 4; Deutsche Verein 3; Alliance Francaise; Intraminals 3; House Council Vice Presi- dent 3. ALLAN RAPPOPORT, Baltimore, Maryland; B.S. in Biology: Phi Sigma Kappa 4; WAMU Business Manager 3,4. JOANNE NAREHOOD RUSHBROOK, Clearfield, Pennsyl- vania; B.A. in English: Kappa Delta 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1; Eagle 1,2; Most Representative Sophomore Girl; House Council 2, Secretary 3; Chorus 1. ESTHER SCHIFLET, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Sociology: Chorus 1,2; German Qub 1,2,3,4; Delta Phi Alpha 3,4. JANET SYLVIA SCHOFER, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Socio- logy. JOHN GILBERT SELBY, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Eco- nomics: Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,4; Athletic Board 1,2; Alpha Tau Omega 2,3,4; Varsity A Club 1,2,3,4. JEAN RHEA SHERWOOD, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Psycho- logy: Pan American Club Secretary 1; Chorus 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Softball Manager 3,4; Women ' s A Club Secretary 2, Vice President 3,4; Religious Board 2,3, Secretary-treasurer 4; Freshman Handbook 2,3; Panhellenic Council 3; Methodist Student Movement 3,4; Cheerleaders 3; Future Teachers of America Vice President 4; Senior Class Secretary 4; Alpha Chi Omega 1,2, Secretary 3, Vice President 4. ALAN HENRY SHUTE, Alexandria, Virginia; B.A. in Socio- logy: Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2,3,4; Aquiana 1,2,3,4; Varsity A Club 3,4; President Freshmen Class; Treasurer Senior Class; Varsity Swinuning 1. 5:00 PM- The line-up — for dinner BARBARA ANN SHYTLE, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Elemen- tary Education: Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4; Clef 1; Chorus 1; Sea- sons Greetings 1; t ' reshman Class Secretary ; Pan American Club 1; Future Teachers of America 4; Intramurals 1,2; Orientation Committee 2. EUGENE MARSHALL SPURLOCK, Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Physics; Aucola 1, Photography Editor 2,3, Editor-in-chief 4; Phi Sigma Kappa Treasurer 2,3, Vice President 4; Eagle staff photographer 1,2,3,4; Freshman Handbook 3; Pi Delta Epsilon 2,3, Vice President 4; WAMU 2,3; Publications Board 4; Publi- cations Major Award 3,4; Math-Physics Club 3; Interfraternity Council Secretary-Treasurer 4; Campus Day Committee 3; Student Life Committee 4. GERTRUDE J. STEPHENS, Atmore, Alabama; B.A. in History. MIRIAM McCORD THOMPSON, Silver Spring, Maryland; B.A. in English: Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Junior Class Secretary; Senior Class Vice President; Aquiana 1; Choir 1; Kappa Delta 1,2, Secretary 3,4; Women ' s A Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Varsity Tennis 3,4. CARYL LIBBY TRATEN, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Music: Chorus; Future Teachers of America; Music Club. DOROTHY E. L. TUTTLE, Seattle, Washington; B.S. in Jour- nahsm: Women ' s Press Club, President 4. EDWARD HESTON WALKER, Washington, D.C.; B.S. in Ra- dio and TV: Alpha Sigma Phi 2,3,4; WAMU 2,3, Station Man- ager 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4; Chorus 1; Student Council 4. JOSEPH BORROWS WATERS, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Mu- sic. RONALD FRANKLIN WEBER, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Social Science: WAMU 2,3,4; Varsity A Club 3,4; Pi Delta Epsilon 4. WILMA LORAINE WELTZ, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in His- tory: German Club 2,3,4; Future Teachers of America 4. DONALD E. WHITE, Claymont, Delaware; B.S. in Psychology: Varsity Baseball 1; Varsity Basketball 2, Manager 3,4; Varsity A Club Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4. RICHARD MILTON WITTER, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Sociology: Alpha Sigma Phi 2,3,4; Freshman Class Vice Presi- dent; Sophomore Class President; Eagle 1,2; Freshman Hand- book 1,2; Orientation Committee 2; Clef 1,2,3; As You Like It 1; Misguided Missile 1; Spring Bit Me 2; Seasons Greetings 3; Merit Award 2,3; Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4; College Council Comptroller 3,4; Who ' s Who 4. 34 t k 8:30 PM- Taking advantage of our ac- tivity cards! JOHN FRANKLIN WRIGHT, Washington, D.C.; B.A. in Fine Art. UNPHOTOGRAPHED SENIORS Joseph R. Brown Ruth Elizabeth Brown Grace L. Chavis Edyth G. Coleman Belisario R. Contreras Harold L. Copenhaver Eleanor M. Crosier Laura E. Curry Audrey F. Edmonds Frederick W. Gibbs Joan Goldman Lela F. Hall Willard D. Hubbard Rita N. Ingrassia JoAnn V. Jeffries Joseph Leavitt Ira Hamilton Lipscomb, Jr. Gerard Julius Long Edward A. Manookian Claude W. McKenzie Waldene H. Meadows Joanna Mary Nickas Alice Adams Padgett Luis A. Passalacqua-Christian John Edward Pugh Elton Phillips Richards Marcelini Rivera Philip Joseph Sadoti Raymond H. Sargent Dorothy Sawchuk Ann Schwei er Robert G. Skinner David K. Tabor lona Trafton Teresa Wohl Donald Stanley Woodburn Eugene Robert Zimmerman 35 Junior Class Officers: Nancy Ryan, Vice President; Carl Hevener, Presi- dent; Audrey Ricketts, Secretary- Treasurer. THE CLASS OF 1955 Almost, but not quite to that enviable last year position, the juniors made the most of their in-between-ness. There was the sudden realiza- tion that they had only 2 more years and that it perhaps might be wise to check their require- ments. With this awakened interest in academic work there was still no lack of membership in activities. The choice of class members for Who ' s Who brought the usual fhnry of excite- ment. Their fine work on the annual Jimior- Senior Prom was well received by the graduating seniors and added the final mark of credit to the Class of 1955. 36 Sophomore Class Officers: I ' cggy Bole, Secretary; Jane Fuller, President; Jay Guy, Treasurer. THE CLASS OF 1956 Neophytes bowing before the all-powerful Soph President, Brock Morris. Sophomores — Freshmen dreaded them, and with good cause, but with the end of Kangaroo court, they had won over many friends. Skit night was proof of the sophs ' ability to produce an enjoyable show. 37 THE CLASS OF 1957 Freshman Class Officers: Toni Nuerenberg, Vice Pres- ident; Massey I.oughman, Treasurer; Dick Horn, Pres- ident. Not shown: Ann Barnard. Secretary. Take new faces, add hesitant smiles, decorate with signs, top with an A.U. dink and behold! — another freshman. Armed with Handbooks and a wary eye for Sophomores, members of the Class of 1957 looked to be typical college frosh. How- ever, the group soon showed itself to be any- thing but typical. A wide variety of ability made the Talent Show one of the best. Refusing to rest on their laurels, the freshmen bedecked the gym with blue and silver for the Sno-Ball. Taken together, it made an imposing record for the newcomers. Cast of Freshman Talent Show 38 STUDENT COUNCIL: Col. Bolles, Dr. John. Dr. Gondo.s, Pat Miles. Shirley Geoffrey. Ethel Mc- Evoy. Vice President; Sue Olson, Secretary; Tom Barlow, Co-President; Charles Davis, Co-Presi- dent; Dick Witter, Comptroller; John Pugh, Midge Eisenlohr, Sara Van Dyke, Jerry Link, Lee Levy. THE STUDENT COUNCIL Last Spring the campus and downtown schools elected their separate councils. When the Un- dergraduate School was formed, and these two schools were merged, the councils joined as the Student Council for the Undergraduate Division. They have had an increased responsibility in the allocation of student funds, and in the life of the undergraduate students. 39 Mary Gravdon Hall - 11:59 I ' M 40 ACTIVITIES 41 CHEERLEADERS Loretta Kriegsnian, Jackie Hoffecker, Miriam Thomp- son, Joe Cannon, Jeanne Gedney, Jean Sherwood, Aud- rey Ricketts; Front: Kathie . nderson. VARSITY A CLUB Seated: Wim DeLooper. Secre- (arv, Don White, President; Charles Baer, Vice President; Second Roiv: Bud Daly, Dick I ' arker. Jimmy WiUiams, Al Shiitc, Danny Greenfield, Carl Hevener, Ronnie Weber, Sam Albert, Dutch Schulze, Adviser. Not in Picture: Lew Griffith, 7 reasurer. Cheerleaders Skit on Founders Day WOMEN ' S A CLUB HgrB»jy€-MK ' xm - ' Birv ' Wl 1 HK L H IR L J K . iij i mKI ' ' - 3 f )5( «0!i ' : Ellen Coblentz, Ruth Saunders, Betsy Boos, Peggy Bole, Secretary: Frada Strauss, Betty Bole: Second Row. Pat Miles, Treasurer; Jean Sher- wood, President: Sue Robinson, ' ice President; Third Row. Pat Blake, Dorothy Hoogland, Ethel McEvoy, Sondra Ousley. Sheila Belle, Betty Porter, Miriam Thompson, Doris Person. S ' ot in Picture: Miss Hawke, adviser. THE LANGUAGE CLUBS The purpose of the language ckibs on campus is to stimulate an appreciation of the cultures of foreign countries through discussions, parties and other projects. El Club Pan Americano is the club for Spanish students; Der Deutsche Verein fosters an interest in German; and the Junior Alliance Francaise is the French club. THE SPANISH CLUB: First Row: Erotida Ponce, President; Jane Fulier, Secretary-Treasurer; Carol Cooper, Rita Metaxatos, Vice President: Nancy Ryan, Jeanne Shuster, Pat Blake. Second Rou ' : Barbara Radcliff, Betty Elliott, Sheila Belle, Pat Fox, Miss Olds, . dvi.ser. Third Row: Tom Meyers, Irving Glassmyer, Rufus Fink. THE FRENCH CLl ' H: Ruth Brow. Jill Jamison, Vice President; Marcia Eddy, President; Midge Eisenlohr. Mary Ann Leber, Mrs. Wyatt, adviser; Don Newton, Secretary-Treasurer; George Skimi, Bill Deloriiie, Doiotliy Hoogland. THE GERMAN CLUB: First Row: Betsy Boos, Audrey Ricketts, Rita Metaxatos, Treasurer; Loretta Kriegsman. Second Row: Jeanne Zitmore, Ellen Coblentz, Barbara Kuntz, Pat Fox, Janice Mullin, Charles O ' Connor. Thiirl Row: .Samuel Polen, R. N. Mehta, Joe Waters, Alexander Hamilton, Dr. Frank, adviser; Stinchfield, Le Fevre, Carl Hevener. Not in picutre: Allan Marsh, President; Sam Albert, . Vllan Rappoport. AQUIANA First Row: Pinky Gilbert, Carol Donsavage, Bettie Roland, Jan Hall, Marcia F.ddv. Sherry Schoenfelder, Louise Ralph, Josephine ' erniillion, Joan Albery. Second Row. Diane Blanken. Pat Van der Hyden, Charlotte Levy, Edith Filion, Barbara Van Dusen, Joanne Hyer, Lee Levy, Ellen Bailey, Donna Erdahl, Betty McWilliams, Maryse Delevaux, Helen Fogel, Sandi Shobe, Ada McLean. Third Roxv. Pete Swindler, Frank Martin, Eddie, Billy Compton, Bob Frailey. coach; Joe Gray, Marshall Algor, Al Shute. Not in Picture: Gloria Frailey, Pat Nicklaw, Don Grey, Jean Correy, Lois Allan, Alyce Mullen. Scene from the Spring Water show. Fiesta le la Aqua. CHEMISTRY CLUB: First Row: Robert McMurdock, Ada McLain, Doug Weiford, Kenny Kadala, Mr. Schubert, .Adviser. Second Row: Chuck O ' Connor, Mary .Ann Dvorak, Flo King, Charles Ferriter. Third Row: Art Levy, Sue Tucker, Irma Kranzler. Fourth Row: Ralph Pode, Hiawatha Jones, Liz Chin, Virginia Ally. NEWMAN CLUB: First Row: Loretta Kreigsnian, Secretary; Aiistl I. 1)07. ' icc Presi- dent; Joan Boglia, President; Sharon Shoenfelder. Second Koif. Muriel Mosby, Ada McLean, Jay Guy, Carol Holden, Fred Roff, Irene Kjersgaard, Al Gredone, Louise Ralph, Joe Cannon. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA: First Row: John Doggett, Barbara Shytle, Midge Eisenlohr, Secretary; Jean Sher- wooil, ' ice President; Bill Fea- gans. Second Roiu: Lee Levy, Rufus Fink, Commander AlShu- hail, P ' linor Houck, Sue Olson, Audrey Ricketts. Third Row: Pat Blake, Walt Eckbreth, Irv- ing Glassmeyer, Dr. Bmr, .Ad- viser; Herbert Hicks. Not in Picture: .Mian Marsh. Presi- dent; Frank Wright. Treasurer. POLITICAL CLUB: First Row: Larry McCoy, Vice President: Jim Klynn, President; John Apostolakos, Ed Carloiigh, Mr. Pilcher, Adviser. Second Roic: Frada, Dottie Hoogland, Betty Porter, Charlie Peters, Harl La Place, Lew Griffith, Joe .Shaheen, VVim de Looper. Third Row: Ellen Coblentz, Jeanne Shnster, Steve Feder, . Stallone, Coral Holden, Coinmander AlSuhlai, Virginia Cooper, Martha Prince, Ina Silverman, Ronnie Weber. Fourth Row: Ernie Poore, A. J. HoUey, Joe Grey, Mr. Grillo, John Grench, Ben Gotten, Jane Fuller, Carlton Rogers, Tom Meyers, Carl Hevener. THE POLITICAL CLUB What better place is there to learn about gov- ernment than in Washington, D.C.? The politi- cal club is composed of students interested in politicians and bureaucrats, and sponsors speak- ers from all branches of government. The or- iginator and adviser of the club is Professor Pilcher. HILLEL: Prof. Levin, adviser; Toni Neurinberg, Secretary; Jeanne Shuster, President; Evie Parent, Vice President. Second Row: Judy Gros, Ted Meyerson, Etanny Greenfield, Hal Shupack, Peggy Coones, Al Rappoport. Third Row. Myron Sholnick, Norman Betler, Marvin Schned, Al Itzkoff, Bernie Jaffe, Sam Albert. CANTERBURY CLUB: First Row: Pete Popham, Adviser; Peggy Bole, Secretary-Treasurer; Bob Lewis, President, Carol Cooper, Henry Robinson. Second Row: Dick Park- er, Bob Horan, Edith Fillion, Ben Cotten, Sue Robinson. 50 METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT: Rufiis Fink, President; Erotida Ponce, Vice President; Virginia Cooper. Secretary-Treasurer; Midge Eisenlohr, Marcia Eddy, Betty Porter, Jean Sherwood, Bob Barnes. Walt Eckbreth, Irving Glassmyer. Not in Picutre: Phyllis Marsh, Donna Bmgess, Mariancll Fink, RELIGIOUS CLUBS Religious clubs are playing a more important part than ever in the student life on American University ' s campus. All faiths work and play together here, but they meet individually once a week to discuss and learn about their own be- liefs. The four active organizations are the Methodist Student Movement; Hillel, for Jewish students; The Canterbury Club, for Episcopal students; and the Newman Club for Catholic students. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT: First Ron-. John Pugh, Presi- dent; Marvin Blaylock, Treasurer; Carol Clark. Secretary; Shirley Geoffroy, Vice President; Tom Barlow, Executive Vice President; Prof. Fields. Second Row: Commander AlSuhail, Joe Gray. Ed Thomson, Mr. Miller, Dick Dyson. MARY GRAYDON HOUSE COUNCIL: Doris Samp- .wn. Dean Shaw, adviser; Irene Kjersgaard, Pat Harville, Treasurer; Sue Olson, Vice President; Doris Person, President. ROPER HOUSE COUNCIL: Delight Ullmaik, Joy Roll, Bernadine Spisak, Treasurer; Sally A. Ferry, Vice Presi- dent; Nancy Snow. President; Carol Marks, Secretary; Anne Rider, Director. Not in Picture: Roalie Rizzo WORK -STUDY GROUP Students relaxing at the Roper House Hallowe- ' en Party. 53 The American University Chorus, under the direction of Dr. James McLain, at the annual Christmas Concert. R. DIO TV GUILD: First Row: Ainslie Bricker, Sylvan Du- bow. Vice President; Raymond Roche, Act- ing President; Bunny Leonard. Second Row: Lucile Miller. Joan Pope, Elizabeth Klul- ler, Georgia Bennett, Secretary - Treasurer; Bob Parks. Third Rnw: Sam Scott, Joe Clifford, Alexander Hamilton, John Hitchcock, Fred Drake. 54 MUSIC CLUB: First Row. Jill Jamison, Treasurer; Mary Betcheler, Vice President: Audrey Ricketts, President; Mrs. Hayes. .Advisor; Jeanne Zitmore, Secretary: Sue Rob- inson. Second Row. Barbara Rad- cliff. Sue Mae Kinzey. Barbara Kuntz, Marlene Williams. Doris Person, Betty Hanes. Third Row. Rosalyn Bradford, Betsy Boos. Judy Boswell, Janice Mullin, Ellen Co- blentz, Mary French. Fourth Row. foe Waters. Bill Feagans, Carlton Rogers, Emil Kolly. Frank Sink. FRESHMAN HANDBOOK: Gene Spurlock, Photographer; Pat Harville, Phyllis Holm, Harl La Place, Editor; Jean Sherwood. 670 ON YOUR DIAL . . . W A M U This is George Geesey bringing you the latest news WAMU STAFF: First Roio: Nancy Chick, Toiii Neuiemberg. Ellen Riley, Had La Place. Second Row: Stu Kiasner, Program director; Ed Walker, Station Manager, Roger Gordon, Pro- gram director. Third Row: Mary Ann Leber, Elizabeth Miiller, Georgia Bennett, Carleton Rogers, Marcia Lowe, Ronnie Weber, Chief Announcer; Harry Nyquist, Allan Rappoport, Busi- ness Manager. Fourth Row: Bob Parks, Alexander Hamilton, Rudy Garcia, Sam Albert, Publi- city director; Sonny Bell, Wm de Looper, Bob Rickman. John Galloway, Music director, prepares to run a tape of his show. Ernie Poore. Editor-in-Chief, Fall Semester Walt Diegel, Business Manager, Fall Semester FALL SEMESTER STAFF: Bob Petree, Feature Writer; Lee Levy, Feature Writer; Nancy Ryan, Feature Writer; Harl La- Place, Associate Editor; Jill Jamison, Typist; Audrey Ricketts, Typist; Mary Ann Dvorak, Copy Writer; Ed Andrus, Photo- grapher; Gene Spurlock, Photographer. THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY EAGLE With deadlines, leads, by-lines, and edi- torials flying, the Eagle finds its way to dorms, sorority rooms and fraternity houses each week. Ernie Somehow you just don ' t look right to me Poore headed the staff for the first semester with the assistance of business manager Walt Diegel. Second semester Joy Whowhatwhere- whenwhichwhyandhow Jepson took over the reins of editor with Al Stallone as busi- ness manager. The Mary Graydon Hall office became the headquarters of the staff during the second semester. It ' s greatest advantage (besides being convenient) is its nearness to the coffee shop for the traditionally starving journalists! 1 — --msav. Business Manager Stallone and Editor Jepson discuss the amount of space left for copy after the advertising has been placed. SPRING SEMESTER ST. FF: Donna Erdahl, Copy Writer; Myron Scholnick, Feature Editor; Lee Levy, Feature Writer; Janet Bowie, Exchange; Ellen Riley. Exhange; Gene Spurlock, Head Goof Photographer; Carol Holden, Copy Writer; Jill Jamison, Typist; Mary . nn Dvorak. Copy Writer; Joyce Watts, Copy Writer; Ed Andrus. Photographer; Betty Porter, Assistant Business Manager; Carolyn Siple, Copy Writer; Jeanne Schuster, Copy Writer; Audrey Ricketts, Typist; Doris Lee Sampson, News Editor; Barbara Balas, Copy Writer. Sports Editor Dixie does some research. Cover Artist Nancy. Dr. Clark — he advised us. and Lari y go over the books. Copy Staff: Sue, Joyce, Frada, Barbara, Bonnie, Doro- thv, Pat. Kllen liandled the seniors. THE 1954 AUCOLA Member : Associated Collegiate Press Eugene Spurlock Editor-in-Chief Liicile Biiice Layout Editor Ellen Coblentz Senior Editor Edward Andriis, Eugene Spurlock Photography Editors Dave Walker Sports Eidtor Frada Strauss Copy Editor Barbara Balas, Susan Robinson, Bonnie Aikman, Pat Fox, Joyce Watts, Dorothy Hoogland Copy Staff Nancy Chick Cover Artist Jill Jamison Typist Larry Bet ler, Lee Levy, Brock Morris Business Managers Dr. Clark Faculty Adviser Lucile works with rule and pencil. Editor Gene biisv cropping pictures. And what a year for the yearbook! The Aucola Skit Night was one of the big events of the year — here ' s to more in the future. Those mysteri- ous jokes in the darkroom . . . come on Ed and Gene, you can tell us. (All we heard was Gene ' s subtle reply: We discuss the latest world events and women! ) Our two offices: One at Leonard Student Center and the other in the blue Oldsmobile (unofficial but convenient!) Don ' t forget the precedent-setting telegram from the publisher. What ' s your title, Lucile? Oh Yes - ah, assistant to the editor! Gee whiz kids — write something! Can ' t pass up Lee and Larry — they managed the business. Nor Ed ' s flash- ing camera. And where would we have been but for Joy ' s witty and wise advice? Gene and Ed — what developed? Two seniors leaving the Chapel. HONORARY FRATERNITIES 63 I l H i srjKsnn| Kl ■ 1 EPIH ■1 H HI mm[ ' ■1 BIIk 3 11 fW rh H a0| |Kn| K H a F b i wi Mi 1 1 Kl g ' ■■ Hl V 1 Pfl e ? |;i DELTA PHI Al.I ' HA: Kllen Coblentz, Treasurer: Dr. Frank. Adviser; Sam Albert. Vice President: Allan Marsh, President: Rita Metaxatos. Secretary. Delta Phi Alpha is the honorary German lit- erary fraternity. Members are advanced students of German. CAP AND GOWN: Doris Person, Secretary; Sondra Ousley, Vice President; Frances Arrand. Historian: Neil Poorman. Treasurer. Not in Picture: Ethel Mc- Evov, President. Cap and Gown is the women ' s honorary or- ganization for scholarship and leadership. Mem- bers must have a B average and be active in campus organizations. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OMICRON DELIA KAl ' l ' A: Fiisl Row: Dean Bentley, Pete Popham. President; Dr. Clark. .Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row: Dick Witter, Dr. Hatchett. Charlie Davis. Charlie Baer. Allan Marsh, Ed Walker, Sam Albert, Carl Hevener. Danny C.reenfield. Xot in picture: Bob Horan, Tom Barlow. Leadership, scholastic achievement and serv- ice to school and community are the require- ments for members of this honorary fraternity. New members are chosen by a two-thirds vote of the chapter. They hold monthly meetings; their main objective is encouraging scholastic achievement on campus. 65 ACTORS AND WRITERS Alpha Psi Omega is the honorary group for actors, actresses, and those who work backstage in the dramatic presentations of the university. The picture on the right is a scene from the skit given by the group at their annual re- ception for new students. ALPHA PSI OMEGA: Georgia Bennett, Secretary-Treas- urer; Bob O ' Connor, Vice President; Fran Arrand, Presi- dent; Ellie Houck, Bob Parks. PI DELTA EPSILON: Fint Row: Pete Popham, Gene Spurlock, Vice President; Roger Gordon, President, Ron- nie Weber, Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Clark. Historian. Sec- ond Row. Sam .Albert, George Geesey, Ed Walker, Harl La Place, Ed . ndrus, Allan Rappoport. Not in picture: Ellen Coblentz, Sue Robinson. Pi Delta Epsilon is the honorary journalism fraternity. Members are elected from all phases of University publications, including the Eagle, the Aucola, and the radio station WAMU. To be eligible for initiation, a candidate must have served in a major position on one of these staffs for at least one year. The picture at left shows officers of Pi Delt congratulating new members upon their initia- tion. 67 BETA BETA BETA n BETA BETA BETA: First Row: Phillip Miller, Char- lotte Parker, President; Dr. Hatchett. Treasurer. Second Rdic: Mr. McCausland. Yvonne Coker, Sondra Ousley, Charlie Davis. A ' o( in Picture: Irma Kranzler, Vice President. Vy The photograph above was made by a student from a microscopic slide. 68 mmm m ' ' •r - WHO ' S WHO WHO ' S WHO: First Roxf. Ellie Houck, Dick Witter, Fran Arrand, Harl T.a Place, Sam Albert, Jackie Hoffecker. Second Row: Carl Hevener, Ellen Coblentz, Audrey Rick- etts, Betty Elliott. Charlie Davis. Ed Walker. Pat Miles. Not in picture: Doris Person, Ethel McEvoy. Bob Horan, Walt Diegel, Ben Cotten, Alice Kilejian, Allan Marsh. These are juniors and seniors who have been selected to be included in the 1954 edition of Who ' s Whc in American Universities and Col- leges. Their names are selected on the basis of character, scholarship, leadership, and activity in student affairs. 69 One of (he favorite forms of recreation — watching the fights on television. 70 SOCIAL FRATERNITIES 71 GREEK HARMONY INTERFRATERNITY PANHELLENIC INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL: First Hoxc: Al Shute, Social Chairman; Bob Horan, President; Gene Spurlock, Secretary-Treasurer. Second Row. Ernie Dibble, Dutch Schulze, Adviser; Dick Parker. Mr. McCausland, Mr. Frail- ey, Dr. Hatchett. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: Pat Miles, Frada Strauss, Harl La Place, Sue Olson, Jean Sherwood, Pat Harville. The Inteifraternity Council is the organiza- tion set up to stimulate harmony among the men ' s fraternities. Panhellenic Council makes policy to guide the women ' s fraternities on cam- pus. Together the Councils sponsor the annual Interfraternity Prom, Songfest, and award tro- phies to the outstanding fraternity, as well as independent, man and woman of the year. 73 PHI MU Presiderit Frada Strauss Vice President Ellen Coblentz Secretary Bonnie Aikman Treasurer Pat Cole Phi Mil was founded March 4, 1853 at Wes- leyan College, Macon, Georgia; Gamma Delta Chapter was founded in 1933. Victors in hockey over conglomerates . . . Did he mention my name? . . . Little sleep, much fun at Xmas slumber party . . . First annual Valen- tine Dance (formal!) . . . virtuosos Mary and Ellen paid to stop playing violins . . . Carol and Betty ' s culture hour . . . winners of Aucola Skit Night competition — what ' s good enough for the men was best for us . . . Are we losing? Put in Citronella Ogden . . . G ' bye Sondra, Jackie, Doris, Ethel. Mary French, Martia lowe, Betty Hanes, and Betty Porter combine talents to sing for Phi Mu Rush party. Santa Levy distrihntcs presents during the Christmas party. Bonnie Aiknian Barbara Balas C.corgia Bennett l- ' ' Coblentz Patricia Cole Donna Erdahl Mary French Betty Hanes Frada Strauss Marlcne Williams Maicia Eddy Winifred Garcia Patiitia Harville Kylene Hutchinson Irene Kjersgaard Patricia Miles Virginia Miller Neil Poorman Patricia an der Hyden DELTA GAMMA President Neil Poorman J ' ice President Patricia Miles Secretary Kylene Hutchinson Treasurer Virginia Miller Delta Gamma was founded January 2, 1873 at Lewis School, Oxford, Mississippi. Beta Ep- silon chapter was founded in 1936. You ' re thinking — a characteristic saying around here, but we do more than that . . . winning Homecoming float . . . Dig those crazy paintings . . . Two hannahs hook their man . . . Four new pledges enliven the roster . . . DO sponsored pledge dance for all greeks . . . Hay- seed king (?) ... The sisters who are sweet and demure, but oh you kid! . . . Cinny savs Just what I always wanted? The DCs boil Loyola in oil. 77 ALPHA CHI OMEGA President Alice Kilejian Vice President Jean Sherwood Secretary Margaret Eisenlohr Treasurer Frances Arrand Alpha Chi Omega was founded October 15, 1885 at De Paw University, Greencastle, Indiana. Beta Rho Chapter was founded in 1937. Harps and hearts of gold . . . All Greek open house . . . gambling in the Casino Lyre . . . an- nual Christmas party . . . Merry-go-round Home- coming float . . . endless buffet suppers for those new pledges . . . red and pink for Songfest? . . . cleaning the grotto for campus day . . . freezing Sjaring ]3icnic . . . Hiya, Be-be! . . . musical talent galore . . . Not another one knitting argyles! . . . Ellie shows her C:hiistmas bonnet to Cathy I ' robey. Three little girls and their carousel. Diane Keese Alice Kilejian nita Korkolis Harl La Place Carol Vilsoii Carol Cooper Betty Elliott Jane Fuller Jeanne Gcdney Shirley Geoffroy Betty Guy Audrey Ricketls m n nm Nancy Ryan Judy Seidler Barbara Shylle Carolyn Siple Norma Smal 80 Miriam Thompson Sara ' an Dyke KAPPA DELTA President Susan Olson I ' ire President Betty Elliott Secretary Miriam Thompson Treasurer Audrey Ricketts Kappa Delta was founded on October 23, 1897 at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia; Beta Iota Chapter was founded in 1943. The long line of KD queens . . . Chick was Aucola Queen . . . Miriam made a radiant Home- coming Queen . . . Don ' t forget our Sweetheart of ATO and Susie as Alpha Sig Dreamgirl and Best Loved Girl . . . Betty and Audrey in Who ' s Who . . . White Rose Formal . . . our fall hayride and spring picnic . . . Apple Blossom Princess ... a year to remember as friendships deepen . . . Carolvn Siple accompanies at the Christmas party. C;ulil coins from the KD float. PHI SIGMA KAPPA Preside)! t Howard Parker Vice President Eugene Spurlock Stfcretary Wilhelm DeLooper Treasurer William Silvey Phi Sigma Kappa was founded March 15, 1873 at Massachussetts State College, Amherst, Mass- achussetts. Epsilon Triton chapter was founded in 1936. This was the best of all years . . . Moonlight Girl Dance, Carnation Ball, two New Year ' s Eves . . . floors tiled, walls painted . . . Adam still pining for Bobbie Nesbitt . . . Cuppy reading the Tamaqua Evening Courier . . . Silvey reading the Hobo News . . . Johnson playing ])iano . . . Hopper just playing . . . Wickey and his shadow . . . the brothers who play sports . . . the brothers who are students . . . the brothers (all of them) who are truly — brothers . . . Larry and Bart dig hedges during a midnight requisition. Louise Ralph sails on the Phi Sig float. Bart Jepson Lucien Johnson Larry McCoy Ronald McPherson Albert Stallone David Walker Edward Wickev Octave Stevenson Dcane Winant William Woodward ALPHA TAU OMEGA m I 9 : I President Robert Horan Vice President Charles Feder Secretaries Richard Dyson, Reid Elder Treasurer Peter Pine Alpha Tail Omega was founded October 16, 1865 at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia. Epsilon Iota chapter was founded January 28, 1943. Pledges, pledges everywhere, but not a one to work . . . champs of Province XIX basketball; intramural football and basketball . . . Ping- pong and Pinochle, two P ' s in the scholar- ship ointment . . . Dig dose cr-a-a-zy parties we been havin! . . . our own Puerto Rican terror- ist, disguised, of course, as an Angel . . . this place needs a good five-cent phone call . . . the brothers who are sports . . . ATO ' s guillotine rolls a — head in the float competition. Ye . . s? John Selby, Ben Gotten, and Brock Monis enter- tain at a rush party. ALPHA SIGMA PHI President Alan Shute Vice President Ernest Dibble Secretary-Treasurer Richard Witter Alpha Sigma Phi was founded December 6, 1845, at Yale University, New Haven, Connecti- cut; Beta Chi chapter was founded in 1940. Mufti the second wins again! . . . pledges kidnapping the membership . . . Don ' t step on the black squares . . . new furniture a la George Washington ... we go wild for spaghetti . . . Massey finishes the serving counter . . . Dig the new painted house . . . Mr. Popham turns tutor in the main room . . . How many of the actives are tieing the knot? The girls rliorus line cavorts for Skit Night. Mike Wogan lets his hair down during the pledge party at Aldo ' s. Otto Tocchio Edward Walker Richard Witter 87 sC Cheering section at a basketball game. SPORTS 89 THE BIG TEAM Although finishing the season with a 12-11 record, the Eagles managed to floor one of the best ball clubs since the Mason-Dixon Con- ference champions of 1950-51. This record does not indicate the calibre of the team, since they played one of the most rugged schedules attempted by any A. II. team. The Eagles played such formidable foes as Man- hattan, N.Y.U., Navy, Penn State, Georgetown and Fairleigh-Dickenson. The hoopers were paced most of the season by Mr. Outside, Captain Ray Daly. Mr. Inside of the quartette was jumping John Selby, select- ed all-Conference for the past two seasons. Al- though hampered by injuries, Charlie Baer was one of the team ' s mainstays. Slow-footed but fancy-shooting Dan Greenfield was the outside man on this fast shooting five. The other man on the starting five was Carl Hevener, a home town boy from Coolidge High, and an all-High selection in 1950-51. First Row: Ronnie McPherson, John Baird, Jim Wil- liams, Bud Daly, Dan Greenfield, Wally Ryland, Charlie Baer. Second Roii : Coach Dutch Schulze, Larry McCoy, Carl Hevener, John Selbv, Dick Parker, Manager Don White. i ]y A look into the future; Coach Schulze and Captain Dalv. A typical pose anc] a familiar sight. Cheerleaders attempt to get some response. SCHEDULE A.U. Opp. Manhattan 52 75 Scran ton 74 69 N.Y.U 69 83 Catholic University 75 52 Navy 53 63 Loyola 74 68 Dickinson 56 50 Penn State 53 65 Hofstra 74 73 Wagner 66 77 Mount St. Mary ' s 77 70 Randolph - Macon 56 42 Davis 8: Elkins 81 66 Georgetown 46 59 Catholic University 97 71 Baltimore 69 80 Mount St. Mary ' s 74 82 Hampden - Sydney 60 68 Roanoke 62 61 Western Maryland 70 64 Georgetown 49 56 Loyola 59 66 Open your eyes boys, it ' s there. The Penn State boys take A.V. This is basketball? r THE ATO CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL TEAM. Line: Bill Faux, Charlie Fedei, Tom Wells, Lew Griffith. Backfield: Art Morales, Bill Palmer, Bill Blackburn. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Dick Bartlett tries to shake loose from Lew Griffith during the Phi SigATO game. Thus far, the intramurals have been dom- inated by ATO. Led by graduate student Bill Palmer, they easily took the football cup. Basketball shaped up to be interesting this year with the addition of the Washington Semesters. They compiled the most points, but, since they were not in competition for the cup, it was awarded to ATO. The only hole in the ATO armor was swim- ming. Phi Sig handily grabbed this trophy by beating the nearest competitor by ten points. The fight for the Intramural Athletic Tro- phy may be close if Phi Sig is able to defend its Softball title of last year. Dutch Schulze, Director o£ Athletics and Supervisor of Intramural Ath- letics, mugs up for the camera. PHI SIGMA KAPPA INTRAMURAL SWIMMING CHAMPIONS. First Row: Charlie Peters, Coach; Bill Hopper, Randy Gardner, Bart Jepson, Mickey Myers, Al Rappoport, Bob Fogan, Howie Parker. l .tife THE INDEPENDENT INTRAMURAL CHAMPION SWIMMING TEAM. Left to right: Ada McLean, Ann Patten. Gail Morton. Loiii C:hilds (rear) , Barbara Ford. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS This was the real year for the Independents, with their wins in swimming and in basketball. Although most of their wins were by narrow margins, they were able to rack up the points when most needed. They also possessed the keen- est sense of competition and put their every effort into win- ning. .Swimming Coach Bob Frailcy preps tivo contenders on how to improve their form. INDEPENDENT INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAM- PIONS, Left to right: Lee Levy. Lallie Burba. Betsv Boos, Jeanne Zitmore (rear). Liz Chin. Sue Robinson. A strained moment at the Phi Mulndependent game. In arrears — the talents of Jean Gedney and Sara an Dvke were not sufficient as KD lost to the Inde- pendents. 97 if ' i !!! VARSITY BASEBALL TEA f: First Row: Ronnie McPherson. Bill Wood. Jimmy Williams, Jay Chamberlain. Lew Griffith. Captain; Ronnie Veber. Sonny Morris. Sonny Day, Wally Ryland. Second Rou ' : Mike Chasman. Trainer and Manager; Pete Popham, Asst. Coach; Joe Pellagrino, John Schreck. Larry McCoy. Walt Eckbreth, Dick Parker, Ed Carlough, Dutch Schulze, Coach. BASEBALL The Eagles showed a new look this year. This took place mainly in the infield with only two lettermen returning. Joining them were newcomers Sonny Day, Jay Chamberlain, and Wally Ryland. The pitching had life in- jected into it with the arrival of Larry McCoy, Ronnie McPherson, and Bill Wood. The out- field boasted two returning lettermen in Dick Parker and Lew Griffith. All in all, this should be one of the best sea- sons A.LI, has had in a long time. McCoy comes in from the mound to make a play at home. ' Ye ' r out I as Rvland tags Colby player at the plate. TENNIS AU ' s team is definitely one of the better con- ference teams. Topped only by Catholic U. and Loyola, it looks like at least a third place in this very close race. Danny C7reenfield, who captains the team, is playing his fourth year and is considered one of the top conference players. Another strong point has been the success in the doubles matches, where the playing has been outstanding throughout the season. N:? Captain Danny Greenfield gets set to smash one. VARSITY TENNIS TEAM. First Row: Bob Frailey, Coach; Danny Greenfield, Captain; Bill DeLorme, Bob Skinner, Chung, Dick Horn, Sam Albert, Carl Havener, Al Rappoport, Manager. A Queen is crowned THIS YEAR FROSH MEET A.U. Frightened Freshmen got their first glimpse of Sophisticated Sophomores during Skit Night. At this time they began to think that maybe sophomores were human too. One week later the greenhorns retaliated with their own theatrical extravaganza. Fresh- man Talent Night proved that maybe this wasn ' t the worst freshman class in the history of A.U. after all. Marcia Eddy represents the Sophomores in a hula. 102 Pat Van der Hyden, representing the Sopho- mores, caps Ronnie McPherson, a new Frosh. The Freshman with the most demerits takes his punishment from Lee Levy. The rosy dreams of the Frosh crum- bled as they went through the rigors of Freshmen week, which was con- cluded with Kangaroo Court. Were the Sophs really out to see that the Freshmen race became extinct? The only consolation of these glorified high school seniors was that it would be their turn next year! Frosh Mike Chasman and Harry Fairbairn work off their demerits by measuring the front of Mary Graydon Hall in fish lengths. 103 DCs serve coffee and cake at their party. Indian Signs, the trade mark of an ATO rush party. RUSHING Phi Mil ' s Hght the nishees ' way by candlelight. ■ 04 Two lushees pledge A Tramps ' Organization during OM s winning skit. ATO ' s winning presentation of Fishnet AUCOLA SKIT NIGHT With their own versions of Dragnet and fra- ternity rushing, ATO and OM took the honors in the first annual Aucola Skit Night. Through the efforts of Lee Levy, this proved to be one of the high spots of the year and served to stim- ulate student interest in the yearbook. CANDIDATES FOR THE AUCOl.A QUEEN. First Roic: Midge Eisenlolir, Nancy Chick. Lou- ise Ralph, Lorri Childs, Carolyn .Siple. Second Row. I ' at Cole. Pat Van der Hyden, Janet Ogg, Jean Sherwood, Marlene Williams. Miss Nancy Chick, 1954 Aucola Queen 107 Lee Levy patuoniimes to a record at the Coffee Shop Opening. MC 1 Rappoport assists Dr. .•Anderson in crowning the Oucen. Dr. and Mrs. . nderson cut the ribbon, of- ficially opening the new Eagle ' s Nest. THE EAGLES NOW HAVE A NEST! 108 Want a cup of coffee? Want eggs for breakfast (with or without . . . shells) ? The new Eagle ' s Nest is the place for you. At the grand open- ing of this spot where the elite meet to eat President and Mrs. Anderson officially cut the ribbon. The climax of the evening came when Phyllis Holm was crowned with a coffee pot as Coffee Shop Queen of 1953. Coffee Shop Queen Phyllis Holm poms llic first cup of coffee in the new Eagle ' s Nest. The Queen and her court — Anne Bainard and Sue Olson. 109 A.U. IN N.Y. Oop: The Hofstra game as seen on televi in Washington. New Yoik basketball fans surveyed the Eagles on two occasions dur- ing the 53-54 season, and were left with a favorable impression. The A.U. quintet gave both Manhattan and NYU a taste of big time ball in the early part of the campaign, until finally succumbing 75-52, and 83-69, to superior height and depth in its first sweep through the New York area. On its second visit to the Empire State the basketball squad was televised nationally during the Hofstra Invitational Christmas Tourna- ment. This time the A.U. men, rising to the occasion, defeated the Flying Dutchmen in a thrilling 74-73 contest. These are the bovs who started for A.V. in the New York games: Charlie Baer. Dan Greenfield, Bud Dalv, Carl Havener, John Selby. Delta Gamma won the float competition with this? Phi Sigma Kappa ' s winning poster. HOMECOMING Amid posters, floats, and winning baskets, the alums were welcomed back to their Alma Mater at the annual homecoming celebration. At half time, Miriam Thompson followed in the footsteps of her two older sisters to become the Homecoming Queen of 1953. Cannibals and Square dancers proved to be the winning themes of the float and poster, and 74 to 68 was A.U. ' s winning score. A dance ended the Hot Time In the Old Home Town that night. Larry McCoy takes a rebound from the Loyola basket. Dean Shaw, seen from the rear, as she and Don Osten take a break from the game. FACULTY SHOWS TALENT The skirted faculty hockey team. Where else in the world but A.U. could one see the faculty, dressed in skirts and wigs, play the girls ' varsity in field hockey? And where else could one dance in the dreamy atmosphere of the annual Freshman Sno Ball? Obviously A.U. has a monopoly on these wonderful moments. FRESHMAN SNO BALL .Students agreed that the decorations were the best ever at this dance. 115 SEASONS GREETINGS Nothing gave A.U. the Christmas spirit quite as much as Season Greetings, the annual Christmas show presented by the music and dramatic organizations, and directed by Don Osten. With Santa Claus giving the talent as gifts, someth ing was present to suit everyone ' s tastes. The performers posed as dolls to answer let- ters written to Santa. And what a variety of dolls there were? One coiUd find a clown doll capering, a pair of romantic dolls, a dancing doll, a nightclub doll, and many others. Then came the singing of Ave Maria, and the stirring Nativity Scene, which was presented in pantomime. Don Oslen, in an old and familial- pose, introduces the show. 116 Pat Shelhamcr sings the lovely and inspiring Ave Maria. Dancing-doll Sara Van Dyke performs a ballet number. Rudy Santa Garcia jokes with his helpers Loretta Kricgsman and Carol Wilson. H w ? ■ |B9S ' ; ' ' ' .- ■ ' ■ ■ 3P r l HI g m Jj w jIBm PN nvfl h hJI I D ■— ■ 1 I H Ik- B r L r . H Iv k 1 fl H i jni H - «. . 1 1 MGH GOES COED! Never thought we ' d see the day that MEN roamed the upper floors of Mary Graydon Hall — but it happened during Open House! When one of the fellows answered the third floor phone, the man on the other end was slightly startled. Sam Albert and Barbara Balas decide that this Mary Graydon life might have it ' s good points, after all. MOONLIGHT GIRL DANCE Phi Sigma Kappa held it ' s annual Moon- light Girl Dance and picked Louise Ralph as its Beauty Queen from three finalists, which in- cluded Pat Shelhamer and Anne Bell. The drowsy revelers then took off for home through a never-to-be-forgotten dense fog. Louise seems delighted as Ed Carlough places her Moonlight pin. Miss Louise Ralph Moonlight Girl of Phi Sigma Kappa HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION What would Christmas be without a tra- ditional Christmas dinner? With turkey and all the trimmings, it was a tremendous success. The candlelight service for the girls, that followed the dinner festivities, brought a warm Christmas feeling to the dorm. Sue Ol- son was chosen best-loved girl by the other Mary Graydon residents. THE MOST REPRESENTATIVES GIRLS: Fieshinan Nancy Sumler, Sophomore Jane Fuller. Junior Doris Lee Sampson, Senior Ethel McEvoy, Washington Semester Anne Bell. The German C:liib, with its winning table decoration. A scene from the ilorm mid- night candlelight service. The cafeteria gals give their annual Christ- mas COIUCII. From 2:00 to 4:00 A.M., wc all went out caroling to the President ' s house, dormitories, and fraternity houses. This picture carries a lot of weight — Dean Shaw proper- ly scolds Lee Lew Pat Shelhamer toasts a marshmallow at the Independent ' s party. Carol Wilson hands a gift to Apostoclaus as he hands thcni out to the oqihans. This year the fraternity pledges, under the guidance of Al Stallone, gave a Christmas party for a group of orphans. John Apos- tolakos, as Santa, distributed gifts, and each child got a free dinner. Each sorority, and the independent group, sponsored a Christmas party for their mem- bers after the midnight service. PARTIES FOR GIRLS AND ORPHANS A highlight of the dorm parties was the capture of a stray male who got too near the front dooi of Mary Graydon. A.U. GOES ITALIAN To prove that our Social Board was really on the ball (meatball, that is) , we held a bis spaghetti dinner to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. As the old Chinese proverb says, He who walked away hungry, just didn ' t grai) fast enough. M. I ' Ik isi.ii adds the sauce to Carol s|-.lgllClll. Howie and Ethel partake in the widely-accepted Italian style. Alpha Sigma Phi held their annual Christ- mas dance at the home of the Broyhills. High- light of the evening was the choosing of their Dream Girl, Sue Olson. The newly-crowned Queen and her es cort, Ernie Dibble. 124 Sally entertains the ATO ' s during intermission before the crowning of the Queen. ATO PICKS SWEETHEART The ATO Christmas Dance was held this year in the ATO House on Campus. Miss Sally Shanklin was elected Sweet- heart of ATO by vote of the chapter. Another highlight of the evening was the exchanging of comic presents among the members. ATO SWEETHEARTS FOR THE LAST FOUR YEARS: Mrs. Florence Sanders. 1951; Miss Sally Shankin, 1954; Miss Betty Elliott, 1952; Miss Jackie Hoffecker, 1953. 126 Miss Sally Shanklin, Sweetheart of ATO .127 CAMPUS SPROUTS NEW ARCHITECTURE ■Wpjirwrir ■w » ft «. i-i itr mmr. ■■■ •» ' Mr. Kaufman, President of the Evening Star, breaks ground for the new Radio and Television Building. Looking on are Presi- dent of the Board of Trustees, Fletcher, and President Anderson. Architect ' s drawing of the Radio-TV Center. Work on the new Center is progress- ing rapidly. 128 Ground has been broken and construction started on the quarter million dollar TV-Radio production Workshop being built for the Uni- versity by the Evening Star Broadcasting Com- pany (WMAL) . This building is the first of its type in the Washington area and will con- tain radio and television studios as well as class- rooms and research space. Two new dormitories are now being con- structed, and are scheduled to be completed about January. These dorms are the begin- ning of a new quadrangle, to consist of seven similar units, located on the Nebraska avenue end of the campus. The t emporary veterans apartments are being torn down to make room for the new construction. • nflllTOIIICt roil THt.oA4f »TENIf»U»C— AMOHITtCT Architects drawing of the two new dormitories, each to house 110 stu- dents. Those temporary apart- ments are now being torn down, to be replaced by new structures. 129 MASON-DIXON CONFERENCE This is the first year in Conference history that A.U. has been eliminated in the first round of the tournament. The Eagles, nevertheless, made one of their finest showings of the sea- son. The bucketboys were 10 points down at half- time and managed to gain a 4 point lead over a slow-moving Roanoke Club. At one point in the rally, every fan stood up and cheered a fast-break play completed by the sharp-passing A.U. aggregation. At that point the Eagles ran oiu of steam and finally were defeated in the last minutes of the contest. John .Sclby out jumps the Roanoke boys for a rebound. Miss Betty Elliott, Apple Blossom Princess The girls line up for the impressive opener Granada. ' AQUIANA FIESTA South America - Ole!! The water show paid tribute to a land of color and romance. With graceful dives and smooth strokes they presented percision designs, romance stories, comedy and solo numbers. Who could forget the Donkey Serenade, with the youngest mem- ber of the group as the waltzing burro? Of course. Bob Frailey was traditionally thrown into the pool right after the final per- formance. An added surprise was a birthday party for the little donkey after the Saturday night show. 132 Technician takes a light reading for the television film cameras. Performers form a pattern for the finale of Fiesta De La Aqua. ' FRATS PRANCE Everyone dances as the orchestra plays a waltz at the Interfraternity Prom at the Hamilton Hotel. Guests do the Bunny Hop at the Bunny Hop. EASTER FROLIC What is a college without the traditional dreamy dances? A.U. had its share of these. The Interfraternity Prom was one of the big formals of the year. The Bunny Hop was the traditional Sophomore-sponsored shindig. Both proved that we would have very pleasant memories of A.U. ' s social life. % , -. ,| r • i » «»» X . Miss Carol Wilson, Bunny Hop Queen RECIPIENTS OF OUTSTANDING SENIOR AWARDS: Sue Olson, Sorority; Sam Albeit, Independent. Gail Morton, Independent; Ed Walker, Fraternity; . . . AND GOOD CLOSE HARMONY Kappa Delta and Alpha Sigma Phi placed first in the annual All-Greek Song Fest, spon- sored by the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils. The KD ' s, led by Sara Van Dyke, sang Here ' s to Old Kappa Delta and Kiss Me Again. Alpha Sig, last year ' s winners, sang Within the Mystic Circle and I Believe, led by Jay Guy. Phi Mu and Alpha Sigma Phi won the scholarship awards for the third year, retir- ing the cup in each case. The Panhellenic pledge scholarship award went to Betty Port- er, of Phi Mu, with a 3.0 average. Dean Shaw presented the Women ' s Outstanding Senior awards to Independent Gail Morton and Greek Sue Olson. Dean Bentley pre- sented the Men ' s awards to Sam Albert, In- dependent, and Edward Walker, fraternity man. The Special Interfraternity - Panhellenic Award was presented to Dr. Dorothy D. Gon- dos, as the faculty member who has done an outstanding job in the promotion of student life. This award is not presented annually, only when the Councils feel it is particularly merited. 136 Kappa Delta Sorority, winners of the Sorority competition. Alpha Sigma Phi, winners of the men ' s competition. 137 A.U. SAYS FAREWELL TO SENIORS Seniors enjoy the biggest dance of the year — the Jiniior-Senior Prom. Senior week was crammed full of events to offer a final tribute to graduating AUites. It began with Campus Day at which time students, covered with green paint, cleaned up, painted, and repaired the campus. Songfest gave the sororities and fraternities a chance to sound their A ' s . Other events of the week included an all day picnic, a talk by Bobby Feller, Senior Class Day, the Honors Convocation, and the grand finale of the week — the Junior-Senior Prom. 138 The Baccalaureate Service as framed by a window in Battelle Library. Dr. Shenton. University Marshal, leads the graduation procession across the quadrangle. Batlelle Memorial Library DIRECTORY 141 UNDERGRADUATES AIRMAN, BONSIE 3636 16th Street, N.W. Washine- ton 10, D, C. - Apt. B310 ADDIS, BARNETT - 1630 In-ing N.W., Washineton D. C. - Apt. 4 ALBERT SAMUEL - 830 Crittenden Street, N.W., Wash- ington D. C. ALEXANDER, SHIRLEY - 4600 29th Street, Mt. Rainier, Maryland ALLERTON, JOHN - 4600 32nd Road North, Arlington, Virginia ALLEN, JAMES - 119 35th Street, S.E., Washington D. C. AL-SUHAIL, COMMANDER M. - 4796 Western .■ venue N.W., Washington, D. C. AL-YAWER, MOHAMMED - 2121 H Street, NW Washington, D. C. APOSTOLAKOS, JOHN - 1511 Allison Street, N.W Washington, D. C. AQUILINO, LYLE - 6020 20th Street North, Arling- ton, Virginia AILCIA, AROSCURENA - Peunome, Cicle, Rep. de Pausura ARRAND, FRANCES - 993 Bradley Street, Flint, Michi- gan AMUNDSON, CLARENCE - 1834 A Street, S.E., Wash- ington. D. C. ANDERSON, WALTER - 4913 Jay Street, N.E., Wash- ington, D. C. ANDRUS. EDWARD - Route 2, Box 467, Alexandria, Virginia ANSARY, CYRUS - 3409D New Mexico Avenue, N W Washington 16, D. C. ANTUNES, JORGE - 1426 N Street, N.W., Washington D. C. ' ASARE-LARTEY, LEWIS - P.O. Box 12 Aburi, Gold Coast, British West Africa. BALAS, BARBARA - 10208 Bieber Place, Silver Spring Maryland BACHELOR, LILLYAN - 4301 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. Apt. A301 BAER, CHARLES - 257 High Street, Tamaqua, Penn- sylvania BAKER, LAWRENCE - 4401 South 6th Street. Arling- ton, Virginia BALAMUT, ISAAC - 85-21 152 Street, Jamaica 32, New York BARBER, THEODORE - 2004 Eye Street, N.W., Wash- ington. D. C. BARLOW, THOMAS - 1424 Fairview Terrace, Alexan- dria, Virginia BARNARD, ANNE - 617 West 168th Street. Washington D. C. BARRETT, MARILYN - 2627 North Roosevelt, Arling- ton, Virginia BARNES, ROBERT - 429 North Park Drive, Arlington, Virginia — , pt. 2 BARTLETT, RICHARD - 2102 Dayton Street, Silver Spring, Maryland BATCHELOR, NANCY - 10 Waugh Avenue, Glyndon, Maryland BAUSE, DAVID - 42 East Philadelphia Avenue, Boyer- town, Pennsylvania BELL, ROBERT - 5512 2nd Stre et, N.W., Washington 11 D. C. 6 . BELLE, SHEILA - 2900 Alden Road, Baltimore 14, Maryland BENNETT, GEORGIA - 517 Brunswick Street, Bruns- wick, Maryland BENNER, RALPH - 4616 Verplanck Place, N.W., Wash- ington 16, D. C. Compliments of the WOMAN ' S GUILD OF THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY THE GANG ALWAYS MEETS M THE SHOPPES FAMOUS DRIVE- IN HESTAURKNTS 142 8:30 arreddy? TURNER STUDIO Aucola Portrait Pliotographer 108 North Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia KI ng 9-3059 BENSON. JOHN — 3605 VanNess Street, N.W., Wash- ington 8, D. C. BERLIN, STEVE - 1636 Fort Dupont Street, S.E., Wash- ington 20. D. C. BETTER, NORMAN - 202 Bunker Hill Road, N.E., Washington 18, D. C. BETSCHLER, MARY - 366 Arlington Village, Arlington, 4, Virginia BETZLER, LAWRENCE - 2408 Arlington Blvd., Arling- ton 4, Virginia BLACKBURN, WILLIAM - 5028 Allan Road. Washing- ton 16, D. C. BLAKE. PATRICIA - 57 West 8th Street, New Vork IL New York BLAYCOCK. MARVIN - 4252 St. Barnabas Road, Wash- ington 23. D. C. BLUME. WAITER - 115-43 227 Street. Cambria Heights 11 lainaica. New York BOGLIA, JOAN — 6420 99th Street, Forest Hills. New York BOICE, ROBERT - 31 15 G Street, S.E., Washington 19, D. C. BOLE, ELIZABETH - 303 SE Baublits Drive, Warring- ton, Florida BOLE, MARGARET — 303 SE Baublits Drive, Warring- ton, Florida BOLSTER, RICHARD - 113 Croydon Street, Silver Spring. Maryland BONIGER. WILLIAM - 303 Forest Drive. Erie, Penn- sylvania BONO. PETER — 113 2nd Avenue, Frankfort, New York BOOKER, GEORGE - 201 16th Street, N.E., Washington, D. C. - Apt. 2 BOOS, ELIZABETH - 1901 Otis Street, N.E., Washing- ton 18, D. C. BOSVVELL. JUDITH - 7 Cedar Street, Alexandria, Vir- ginia BOWIE, JANET — 4801 Connecticut Avenue, Wash- ington, D. C. BRADFORD, ROSALYN - 4604 South 4th Street, Arling- ton, Virginia BRAR. HAZOORA - 2700 Macomb Street, Washington, D. C. BRIGGS, ROBERT - 5503 28th Avenue, S.E., Washing- ton 21, D. C. BROOKS, K. THERINE - 630 Webster Street, N.W., Washington. D. C. BROWN. DAVID — 1731 First Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. BROWN. JOSEPH - 1731 D Street. N.W.. Washington, D. C. BROWN. PHYLLIS — 117 Winchester Way. Falls Church. X ' irginia BUDENSTEIN, NANETTE - 2515 13th Street, N.W., Washington. D. C. BUITRAGO. LUIS - 817 Webster Street. N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. The Place To Go For CUT FLOWERS - CORSAGES - ARRANGEMENTS 4200 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Telephone: WO odiey 6-9650 143 .BURBA, LALLIE — Army War College, Carlile Barracks, Pennsylvania BUTLER, ANNE - 6202 Welbom Road, Washington 16, D. C. BUSH, FLORA - 6600 Luzon Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C. CANNON, JOSEPH - 2122 36th Place, S.E., Washing- ton 20, D. C. CARLOUGH. EDWARD - 3215 Gunston Road, Alex- andria, Virginia CARVER, HARRY - 1031 20th Street, South, Arlington, Virginia CAUDLE, JAMES - 3460-4 New Mexico Avenue, Wash- ington 16. D. C. CERNY, MILTON - 2830 South Maple Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois CHAMBLIN, HOWARD - 4429 20th Road North, Ar- lington 7, Virginia CHASMAN, MICHAEL - 341 Sanford Avenue, Hillside, New Jersey CHICK. NANCY - 804 South Harrison Street, Arlington, Virginia CHILDS, LORRI - 3736 15th Avenue, New York 34, New York CHIN, ELIZABETH — 1412 Montague Street, N.W., Washington 11, D. C. CHUNG, JOHN - 54 Avenue Republica, Macan, S. China CLAGGETT, PAUL - 4523 Iowa Avenue. N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. CLARKE, CAROLINE - South Howell Avenue, Center- beach, Long Island. New York COBB. GLADYS - 5827 Potomac Avenue, N.W.. Wash- ington 16, D. C. COBLENTZ, MARY ELLEN - Route 1 Atwood Road, Silver Spring, Maryland COLEMAN, EDYTH - 1024 Maplewood Drive, Falls Church, Virginia COLLINS, OSCAR - 6921 Blair Road, N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. COOKE, WALTER - 3204 Park Place, N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. COONES, PEGGY - 110-07 73 Road, Forest Hills, New York COOPER, CAROL — St. Margarets, RD 2, Annapolis, Maryland COOPER, MARY - 851 21 Street, N.E., Washington, D. C. GOTTEN, BENJAMIN - 412 4th Street, N.E., Wash- ington, D. C. COOPER, VIRGINIA - 1411 South Thomas, . rlington, Virginia COUSIN. W1LLI. M - 1708 North Fulton Avenue, Bal- timore, Maryland CROSBY, GEORGE - 4604 29th Street, Mt. Rainier, Maryland CROSIER, ELEANOR - 6422 Broad Street, Brookmond, Washington 16, D. C. CURTIS, MARJORIE - 918 18th Street, N.W., Wash- ington. D. C. DALY, RAYMOND - 212 Moffit Avenue, Kane, Penn- sylvania DAMBROSIO. JOSEPH - 304 D Street, N.E., Wash- ington, D. C. DAMELIO, MICHAEL - Route 2, Frankfort, New York DANIELS, ROBERT - 111 West Juniper Avenue, Wild- wood. New Jersey DAOUD-AGHA, ADNAN - 23 Parliament Street, Damas- cus. Syria DARCEY. JOAN - Route 1, Herndon. Virginia DAVIS. CHARLES - 1722 Que Street, N.W., Washing- ton 9, D. C. DAVIS, FRANK - 1312 29th Street, N.W., Washington 7, D. C. Where we meet and eat . . . HCSTiMJftAHT Edith Filion, Campus Day Clean-Up Queen CONKLYN ' S FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions 2046 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, Virginia JAckson 7-6916 Complete Photo Supply Headquarters BAKER ' S PHOTO SUPPLY 4611 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. EiMerson 2-9100 SAWAFF, RUTH - 4454 Tindall Street, NAV.. Wash- ington IG, D.C. DAWAFF. RUTH - 4454 Tindall Street. N W.. Wash- ington 16, D.C. DAY, GEORGE - Warrenton Drive, Springbrook, Silver Spring, Maryland DAY. WILLIAM - 2314 North Kenmore Street, Arling- ton, Virginia DkHART, WILLIAM - 1115 South Edison Street, Arling- ton. Virginia deLOOPER, WILLIAM - 4201 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C. DeLORME. WILLIAM - 1024 East West Highway. Ta- koma Park, Maryland DICHTENBERG. SOL - 3170 17th Street, N.W.. Wash- ington, D. C DI TOTO. GLORIA - 3207 Alabama Avenue, S.E., Washington 20, D. C. DOBBIN, ALVIN - 7910 13th Street, N.W., Washing- ton 12, D. C. DODSON, MARIHA - 10400 Eastwood Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland DOGGETT. JOHN - Manassas, Virginia DOLAN, ANN POWELL - 4433 35th Street, N.W., Washington 8, D. C. DOSTER T. PIERRE 3314 Quesada Street. N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. DOW, MARY - 106 East Bradley Lane, Chevy Chase, Maryland DRAKE. FREDERICK - 1100 12th Street. N.W., Vash- ington, D. C. DVORAK, MARY ANN - 2506 South 2nd Street, Arling- ton 4, Virginia DUNLOP, ELIZABETH - 4700 Sedgwick Street, N.W., Washington 16, D. C. DURLOO, LESLIE - Route 5, Box 50M, Vienna. Vir- ginia DYSON, RICHARD - Charlotte Hall, Maryland 145 EARMAN. DENNIS - 519 Greenwich Street, FalU Church, Virginia ECKBRETH, WALTER - 616 Laura Drive, Falls Church, Virginia ECKHARDT. DAVID - 1834 Irving Street, N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. ECONOMAKIS, PANOS - 1026 Harrington Avenue, Nor- folk, Virginia EDDY, MARCIA - 4813 South 28th Street, Arlington, Virginia EDMONDS, AUDREY - 133 E. Broad Street, Falls Church, Virginia EISENLOHR, MARGARET - 626 North Jackson Street, Arlington 1, Virginia ELDER, EDWARD - 7017 Marinthana Avenue, Youngs- town 12. Ohio ENGLAND, JOHN - 1008 DeBeck Drive, Rockville, Maryland ERDAHL, DONNA - 4072 Wyndale Street, N.W., Wash- ington 15. D. C. EWING, AUCE - 1925 First Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. FAIRBAIRN. HARRY - 100 South Sacramento Avenue, Ventnor, New jersey FEAGANS, WILLIAM - Fairfax, Virginia Box 43 FEDER, CHARLES - 4349 Verdlanck Place, N.W., Washington 16. D. C. FEDER, STEVE — McCabe House, American University, Washington, D. C. FERNSTROM, RUTH - 1601 Argonne Place, N.W., Washington, D. C. FERRITER, CHARLES 4722 Rodman Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. FILION, EDITH - 332 Winnischi Way, Santa Fe, New Mexico FINK, RUFUS - 3515 Nimitz Road, Kensington, Mary- land FLEMING, ANNA - 2222 Eye Street, N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. FLETCHER, WILLIAM - 409 Monticello Blvd., Alex- andria, Virginia FLYNN, JAMES - 3011 South 13th Street, Arlington, Virginia FOAGANS, WILLIAM - Box 43, Fairfax, Virginia FOCHT, WILLIAM - 621 Eiast Kemp, Watertown, South Dakota FOGAN, ROBERT - 2501 Calvert Street, N.W., Wash- ington 8. D. C. FOOTE, RICHARD - 5725 Colorado Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C. 6, D. C. FOUQUET, BERNARD - 1832 Biltmore Street, Wash- ington, D. C. FOX, PAT - 2814 30th Street, N.E., Washington 18, D. C. FRENCH, JOHN - 390 East Hill, Wabash, Indiana FRENCH, MARY - 1914 North Johnson Street, Arling- ton 7, Virginia FRIEDMAN, RUTH - 3 Pooks Hill Road, Bethesda. Maryland FRISHMAN, SEYMORE - 5333 28th Street, N.W., Wash- ington 15, D. C. FUCHS, FRANCINE - 3107 McComas Avenue, Kensing- ton, Maryland FULLER, JANE - 157 Spring Street, Brockton 40, Massachusetts GALAN, WENCESLAO - 1745 Massachusetts Avenue, S.E., Washington, D. C. GALO, LIA - 1724 17th Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. - Apt. 35 GARCIA, RUDOLPH - 1224 M Street, N.W., Washing- ton. D. C. - Apt. 301 GARCIA. WINIFRED — 1224 M Street, N.W., Washing- ton, D. C. - Apt. 301 GEORGETOWN ' Washington ' s Only Repertory Cinema 1351 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. AD ams 4-8100 Finest Films from the Studios of the World COLUMBIA HOTEL SUPPLY CO. 514 12th Street, S.W. Purveyors Fresh Meats — Poultry — Provisions Hotels — Restaurants — Institutions DI strict 7-1583 - 7-1584 - 7-1585 homogenYzed vitamin d milk For Richer Flavor — Plus extra nutritional benefits — Drink Creamy Sealtest Vitamin D Homogenized Milk CHESTNUT FARMS DAIRY Call AD ams 2-1011 for home delivery or choose Sealtest in food stores 146 ncin OvUTi ii|) a Mcc - again. Your College Drug Store Wesley Heights Pharmacy, Inc. 45th Street Near Nebraska Avenue, N.W. AVO odiey 6-6200 For Over FIFTY Years the favorite florist of thousands of discriminating Washingtonians and visitors in the Nation ' s Ca])ital Florists 46th Mass. Ave., N.W. EM. 3-1606 Comienienl A.U. Bninrh Shop: 1407 H St., N.W. Dl. 6-1300 GARDNER. EDWARD - 4L ' 01 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, D. C. GARLAND, LOWELL - 004 Notabene Drive, Alexandria, Virginia GATHOF. FRANCIS - 4- 18 CiheUcnham Drive, Bethesda 14, Maryland GEDNEV. JEAN - 580r, North Washington Blvd., Ar- lington. Virginia GEESEY, GEORGE - Ifi Marbern Road, Hagerstown, Marvland GEOFFROY, SHIRLEY, 208 Winchester Way, Falls Church, Virginia GRIFFIN. CONRAD - 3716 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington. D. C. GILBARD. BURTON, 4408 1st Place. N.E., Washington II. DC. GILLIARD. VELMA - 9 Logan Circle, N.W., Washing- ton h. D. C. GLAMMEYER, ROY - 2032 O Street, N.W., Washington 6, D. C. GLASSMYER. IRVIN - 4739 North 16th Street, Arling ton . ' 5, Virginia GLADSTONE, EDWARD - 2000 Oglethorpe Street, West Hyattsville, Maryland GLEASON. JOHN - 391.5 Bruce Street, Alexandria, Vir- ginia — Apt. 205 GLEYSTEEN. ZOE - 4201 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C. GODFREY. GEORGE - 2006 G Street. N.W., Washing- ton 6, D. C. GOLDENBERG, JOANNE - 160 Riverside Drive, New York 24, N. Y. GOLDMAN. JOAN - 3926 South 6th Street, Arlington 4, Virginia GORDON, ROGER - .527 Four Mile Road, Alexandria. Virginia GRAHAM, LORELLA 2039 New Hampshire Avenue, Washington 9, D. C. GRAHAM, ORPHEUS - 3460C New Mexico Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C. GRATZ, DAVID - 8520 Garland Avenue, Takoma Park 12, Maryland GRAY, JOSEPH - 2130 N Street, N.W., Washington 7, D. C. GREDONE. ALFONSO - 219 East Spencer Avenue, Wild- wood. New Jersey GREEN, JANICE - 1820 California Street, N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. GREENFIELD, DANIEL - 4406 Belle Avenue, Baltimore 7, Maryland GREENHOUSE, SAMUEL - 618 Nicholson Street, N.E., Washington 11, D. C. GREGORY, FRANCIS - 1761 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C. GRIFFITH, LEWIS - 4835 North 24th Road, Arlington 7, Virginia GUY, BETTY - 3717 South 3rd Street, Arlington, Vir- ginia GUY, JOSEPH - Clements, Maryland HALL, LELA — Stockbridge Road, Seitvate. Massachu- setts HAMILTON, WILLIAM - 1000 Barnaby Ten., S.E., Washington 20, D. C. - Apt. 101 HAMPTON. MAURY - 656 Chaplin Street, S.E., Wash- ington, D. C. HANES. BETTY - Herndon, Virginia HANSON. JOHN - 4657 Pittmar Road, Arlington, Vir- ginia HARRIS. CASPA - 1410 Montecello Avenue, N.E.. Wash- ington. D. C. HARF, HENRY - 901 22nd .Street, N.W., Washington. D. C. HARVILLE. PATRICIA 702 Atlantic Street, S.E., Washington 20. D. C. HASSELNLAN. LEE - 2501 Calvert Street, N.W., Wash- ington 8, D. C. HERLITLY, FRANK - 4709 Overbrook Road, N.W., Washington 16, D. C. HEVENER. CARL - 6609 5 Street, N.W., Washington 12, D. C. HEWITT, HARVEY - 210 Greenway Blvd., Falls Church, Virginia HICKS. HERBERT - 2012 Sycamore Drive, Falls Church, X ' irginia HILL, EDWARD - 3535 O Street, N.W., Washington 7, D. C. HIR.SCH. DANIEL - 720 Fort Washington Avenue, New York 33. N. Y. HITCHCOCK. JOHN - Route 2, Rockville, Maryland HODGE. RALPH - Route 4, Zebulon, North Carolina HOEL ER, ERNE.Sr - 1214 North Inglewood Street, -Arlington. ' irginia HOFFECKER, JACQUELINE - 101 Rittenhouse Street, N.E., Washington, D. C. Furr Bros. Poultry Co., Inc. W ' holi ' salc Poultry and Eggs 1317 Maine Avenue, S.W. NA tional 8-1792 HOLDEN. MARY - 5102 Wessling Lane. Bethesda 14, Maryland HOLLEY, AL - 5714 16th Avenue. Hyattsville, Maryland HOLLEY, EMILE - 1849 3rd Street, N.W.. Washington I, D. C. HOLM, PHYLLIS - 937 North Edgewood Street, Arling ton. Virginia HOOGLAND, DOROTHY 33 Haviland Pard, Roch ester 16. N. Y. HOPPER, WILBERT - 3811 Gramercy Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. HORAN, ROBERT - 140 East Oak Avenue, Wildwood New Jersey HORN. RICHARD - 412 Hawthorne Avenue, Williams port, Pennsylvania HOUSE, MARGARET - 109 Hillcrest Road, Glastonbury Connecticut HOUSER, EUGENE - 871 South Greenbrier Street, Ar lington, Virginia HUNGERFORD, THOMAS - 627 Melrose Avenue, Ken ilworth, Illinois HUNT, LEE - 1501 Patrick Henry Drive, Falls Church Virginia HUNTER, TONEY - 1775 California Street, N.W. Washington. D. C. — Apt. 21 HUTCHESON. JOAN - 4848 Loughbra Road, Wash ington, D. C. HUTCHINSON, JOYCE - 2036 North Woodstock, Ar lington, Virginia INGAGLIATO, ALFRED - 4706 Huron Avenue, S.E. Washington, D. C. ITZKOFF, ALVIN - 3906 Wabash . venue, Baltimore 15 Maryland JACKSON. HARRY - 840 West Morgan Street, Raleigh North Carolina ()i er Fifty Years of Dependable Service GRIFFITH-CONSUMERS We Make Your Home Comfortable 1413 New York Avenue, N.W. ME. 8-4840 • COAL • FUEL OIL • OIL BURNERS • OIL BURNER SERVICE • HOME INSULATION • AIR CONDITIONING • CHAIN LINK FENCING • BUILDING MATERIALS JAFFE, BERNARD — 67 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, New York JAMISON, JILL - 2230 California Street, N.W., Wash- ington 8, D. C. - Apt. 208 JEFFREY, JOSEPH - 1009 Hillwood Avenue, Falls Church, Virginia JEFFREY, WILLARD - 1009 Hillwood Avenue, Falls Church, Virginia JESSOP, WALTER — 38H Ridge Road, Greenbelt Maryland JOHNSON, CLARENCE - 2805 South 8th Street, Arling ton, Virginia JOHNSON, EDWIN - 527 Fern Place, N.W., Wash ington 12, D. C. JOHNSON, LUCIEN - Box 158, Cross Creek, Pennsyl vania JONES, HIAWATHA - 1127 8th Street, N.E., Wash ington 2, D. C. JORDAN, RICHARD - 3123 N Street, N.W., Wash ington, D. C. KADALA, KENNETH - 1628 Otis Street, N.E., Wash ington 18. D. C. KANDILLER, RI7A - 1627 19th Street, N.W., Wash ington 9. D. C. KAPLAN. ELAINE - 9205 68 Avenue, Forest Hills 75 New York KAPLIN, NITA — 3900 16th Street, N.W., Washington D. C. KEATING, RICHARD - 4819 Reservoir Road, N.W. Washington, D. C. KEAY, VICTOR - 3819 North 23rd Street, Arlington 7 Virginia KEEFER, NEIL - 1017 Princeton, Billings, Montana KEESE, HELEN — 4901 Montgomery Avenue, Washing ton 16, D. C. KEYVANI, ARSALAN - 3711 Livingston Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. KICK, FRANCIS - 3918 Bruce Street, Alexandria, Vir- ginia KIM, KUM - 77-1 Kung Chung Dong, Seoul, Korea KING. FLORENCE - 3614 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C. KING. NANCY - 146 Hillside Avenue, Verona. New Jersey KITTINGER. SARAH - 123 11 Street, Washington 3, D. C. KJERSGAARD. IRENE - 127 Rose Street. Mctuchon, New Jersey KOONTZ, BARBARA - 4116 18th Place, N.E.. Wash- ington, D. C. KAN .LER. IRMA - 3409-G New Mexico Avenue, N.W., Washington. D. C. KR.ASNER. .STUART - 7710 Eastern Avenue, N.W., Washington 12. D. C. HAVING A PARTY? Consult Us For Fraternal or Organizational Parties and Dances FOGAN ' S 2317 Colvert Street, N.W. NO rth 7-4779 Opposite Shore ham Hotel Dancing Friday. Saturday, and Sunday Students gather for group singing on the steps of Mary Graydon KRIEGSMANN. LORFTTA - 6608 31st Street, N.W., Washington. D. C. KTENIDES, STEPHEN - 750 Barnsby Street, S.E., Washington, D. C. KUZMINSKY, IRENE - .lOO Rittenhouse Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. LADUSKY, WALTER — 3421 East New Mexico Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C. LANCASTER, MARCl.A — 261 Midland Avenue, Mont- clair. New Jersey LANE, JOHN — 1020 19th Street, Washington, D. C. LaPLAC.E. HARL — 818 North Garfield Street, Arlington, Virginia LEARY. P.AUL — 184 High Street, Newburyport, Massa- chusetts LEBER, MARY ANN — Box 98, Waverly, Pennsylvania LEDERER, ELLYN - 2313 Jameson Street. Washington 21, D. C. LESTER, RUBY — 2417 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington, Virginia LETHBRIDGE. ELAINE - F.O.A., A.P.O. 206A, c o Postmaster, New York, N. Y. LE ' EY. ARTHUR - 46 North King Street, Malverne. New York LE ' Y. . RLENE — 4545 Connecticut . venue, N.W.. Washington 16, D. C. LEWICKY, WILLIA.M - 149-17 16th Road, Whitestone, Long Island, New York LEWIS. ROBERT - 32 Grant Avenue, Endicott, New York LINK. RICHARD — 829 Grove Avenue, Johnstown, Pennsylvania LIPSCOMB. IRA - 877 35th Street, Oakland, California LIVESAY, JOHN — 1437 East Capital Street, Wash- ington, D. C. LOPEZ, ANGEL - Nueuh Street, 10. Vega Baja, Puerto Rico PATRONS . . . Churchill ' s Rest-auranf Dairyland Cant-een Company Nat-ional Hotel Supply Co. Provisions for Hotels, Restaurants, Institutions 412 12th Street, S.W. NAtional 8-2941 Marcia Eddy — all dressed up for the Paris Party ilVISIOM OF NATIONAt DAIRY PHODUCIS COIK ICE CREAM LOUGHMAN. MASTEN - 214 Montmorenci, Ridgway, Pennsylvania LOWE, M. RCI. — 4208 72nd Avenue, Landover Hills, Maryland LYMAN. LUCY - 135 Polo Club Road, Bangkok, Thai land Mackenzie. SUSAN - lO-S Plateau Place, Greenbelt, Maryland Mc.ARTHlIR, JAMES — 2517 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington. D. C. McCOY. LAWRENCE - 80-46 214 Street. Queens Village New York McDARBY, THOMAS - 4387 Raleigh Avenue. Alex andria, Virginia McDonnell, JAMES — 61 Roosevelt Blvd., Fords, New Jersey McEVOY, ETHEL - 6214 Georgia Avenue, N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. McLEAN. ADA - Star Route Spenard, Box 3515, Alaska McLEAN, MIRIAM - 4651 Clark Place, N.W., Wash- ington 7. D. C. McMURDOCK. ROBERT - 1250 Irving Street, N.E., Washington, D. C. McPHERSON, RONNIE - 10207 Grant Avenue, Silver Spring. Maryland McSWEENEY. JOSEPH - 513 13th Street, N.E., Wash- ington, D. C. MABEE, WALTER - 5812 Fifth Street South, Arlington, Virginia MANCINI, GERMAN - Mohedano 39, La Castellana, Caracas, Venezuela MANOOKIAN, EDWARD — 2480 16th Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. MANOUELIAN, EDWARD - 5444 33rd Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. 150 PAPERING DECORA TING PAINTING HOUSE REPAIRS 911 13TH STREET, N. W. Washington, D. C. General Construction Telephone ME tropolitan 8-2460 MARANIAN, HARRY - Old Courthouse Roa d, Vienna, Virginia MARSH, ALLAN — 1808 North Jackson Street, Arlington, Virginia MARSHALL, NORRIS - 3460-F New Mexico Avenue, Washington, D. C. MARTZ, RICHARD - 4815 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, Maryland MATULLO. EUGENE - 5315 North Washington Blvd., Arlington, Virginia MELBOURNE, JAMES - 52 Que Street, N.E., Wash- ington, D. C. MELLOR, WILLIAM - 5234 Illinois Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C. MEREDITH, CHARLES - 3103 South 13th Street, Ar- lington, Virginia STANFORD PAPER CO. Fine Printing Papers Industrial and Utility Papers 3001 V Street N.E. Washington 18, D. C. LI ncoln 7-9500 METAXATOS, MARGARITA - 11241 4th Street, N.E., Washington, D. C. MEYER, THOMAS - 13218 Bregman Road, Colesvillc, Maryland MEYERSON, TED - 1724 Allison Street, N.W., Wash- ington 11, D. C. MILANI, EDWARD - 3906 Old Dominion Blvd., Alexan- dria, Virginia MILES, PATRICIA - 4429 Burlington Place, N.W., Washington 16, D. C. MILLER, BROWN - 4409 Dexter Street, N.W., Wash- ington 7, D. C. MILLER, H.ARRY — New Mexico Avenue, Washington 16, D. C. MILLER, LOREN - 3409-E New Mexico Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C. MILLER. MARY - 1211 26th Street South, Adington, Virginia MILLER, MARY - 366 N. Washington Street, Falls Church. Virginia MILLER, RODNEY — 2544 I7th Street, N.W., Wash- ington. D. C. MILLER, PHILLIP - Vienna, Virginia MON.AGH. N, J. MES — 4075 De Reimer .Avenue, Bronx. New York City. N. V. MOORE, S.AMUEL - 301 East Glendale Avenue, Alex- andria, Virginia MORALES. ARTHUR - 5047 Bradley Blvd., Chevy Chase 15, Maryland MORRIS, BROCKMAN - 710 South Fayette Street. Alexandria, Virginia MORRIS, DEWEY — 731 South Fulton Street, Salisbury. North Carolina MORTON, GAIL - Box 595, Grimsby, Ontario MULLEN, JANICE - 1612 Massachusetts Avenue, S.E., Washington 3, D. C. MULLER. ELIZABETH - B 21 James Madison Bldg., Presidential Gardens. .Alexandria. Virginia MURPHY, JEROME - 8107 Greenwood Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland — Apt. 4 MYERS. MITCHELL - 2502 I4th Street, N.E., Wash- ington, D. C. NASH, ANN - 4606 Cooper Lane, Washington 16, D. C. NASH, RUTH - 4606 Cooper Lane, Washington 16, D. C. NEL-SON, KENNETH - Box 371, Route 1, Alexandria, Virginia NEWMAN, ROBERT - 69 Paul Ave., New Hyde Park. New York NEWTON, DONALD - Ft. Walton Cleaners, Fort Wal- ton, Florida NIRENBERG, TONI - 865 Barberry Lane, Woodraere, New York NORWITZ, MARTIN - 518 Gilmoure Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland NYQUIST, HARRY 233 Emmett Avenue, Ridgway, Pennsylvania O ' CONNOR, CHARLES - 3204 Jocelyn Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. O ' CONNOR, ROBERT - Box 601, Route 6, Alexandria, Virginia OGDON, CHARLES 501 Dorchester Road, Falls Church, Virginia OGG, JANET — 3701 Massachusetts Avenue, Washing- ton 16, D. C. OLIVER, PHILIP - 4621 South Chelsea Lane, Bethesda 14, Maryland OLSON, SUE - Plainfield, New Jersey O ' MARA, ROBERT - 1409 Gladstone Drive, Rockville Maryland OSBORNE, CHARLES - 4801 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington, D. C. OIISLEY, SONDRA - 349 North Glebe Road, Arlington Virginia OVERALL, BETTY - 303 East Oxford Avenue, Alex andria, Virginia OWENS, DERMOT - 1437 Taylor Street, N.W., Wash ington, D. C. OWENS, MARJORIE - 7814 Tilbury Street, Bethesda 14, Maryland OXLEY, JOHN - 128 South Van Buren Street, Rockville, Maryland PADGETT, ALICE - 3417-B New Mexice Avenue, Wash ington, D. C. PADGETT, FRANCIS - 317 Channing Street, N.i:. Washington, D. C. PAINE, CAMERON - 35 East 75th Street, New York City. N. Y. PALMER, CHARLES - 629 Irving Street, N.W., Wash ington, D. C. PARENT, EVELYN - 125 35th Street, N.E., Wash ington, D. C. PARKER, CHARLOTTE — 3224 Prospect Avenue Washington, D. C. PARKER. R1C:HARD - 329 .Somerset Avenue, Taunton Massachusetts PARKER. HOWARD - 204 Avenue C, New York 9 New York PARKER. RICHARD - 66-72 Leonard Street, New York City 12. N. Y. PARKS, ROBERT - 1407 South Columbus Street, Ar lington, Virginia PATTEN, ANNE - 3452-G New Mexico Avenue. N.W. Washington, D. C. PATTERSON, JOAN - 2404 Shannon Place, S.E., Wash ington 20, D. C. PATTERSON, FRANK - 117 Bisvey Drive. Falls Church Virginia P.A.TTISON, ALLEN - 4623 South Chelser Lane, Bethes da, Maryland PEABODY, JOHN - 562 Peabody Street. Washington D. C. PEARSON, WALTER - 907 Bashford Lane, Alexandria, Virginia PECK, MIRIAM - 3540 Volley Drive, Alexandria, Vir ginia Grande Valley Products, Inc. Wholesale FANCY FRESH EGGS 418 11th Street, S.W. RE. 7-7915 J. E. DYER CO. Wholesale Grocers Hotels — Institutions — Bakers Janitor Supplies AD. 2-2700 3330 M Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. Established 1878 STANDARD FLOORS, INC. 13th at Eye Streets, N.W. DL 7-0488 Linoleum — Asphalt Tile — Rubber Tile Acoustical Tile Commercial — Instittitional — Residential PEIRCE, HENRY - 33J South Grace Street, Rocky Mount, North Carolina PELLEGRINO, JOSEPH - 4613 41st Street, N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. PERRY, WILLIAM - 1809 Savannah Street, S.E., Wash- ington, D. C. - Apt. 202 PERSON. DORIS - 37 Madison Street, N.W., Wash- ington II, D. C. PETERS, HUGH - 3452-E New Mexico Avenue, N.W.. Washington, D. C. PETERS, THOMAS - 712 Oakland Blvd., Cambridge. Ohio PETREE, ROBERT - 518 Ashford Road, Silver Spring. Maryland PHILLIPS, DORIS — Box 343, Route 5, Vienna, Virginia PICKETT, FRANCES - 1511 A Street, N.E., Washington, D. C. 152 OFFiri SUPPIV C0MP4NIV DISTINCTIVE OFFICE FURNITURE A Complete Line of Office Furniture On Display Completely Furnished Offices On A Rental Basis NA tional 8-7824 1621 L. STREET, N. W. PINE, PETER - 2926 33r(i Place. Washington 16, D. C. PLOTNICK, NORMAN - 5401 North Capital Street, N.E., Washington, D. C. POLANSKY, HOWARD - 6304 47th Avenue, Lewisdale, Maryland POLEN, SAMUEL - 3448-B New Mexico Avenue, N.W.. Washington 16, D. C. POLEN, MARY ELLEN - 3448 B New Mexico Avenue, N.W., Washington 16, D. C. PONCE. EROTIDA - 3546 South 19th Street, Arlington 4. Virginia PORTER, ELIZABETH - 621 Hamilton Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. POSHAKRISHNA, TONGPOONSRI - 4908 N Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. PRINCE. MARTHA - 91 1 1 Burdette Road, Bethesda. Maryland PUGH, JOHN - 2125 Herman Avenue, Norfolk 13, Virginia QUINT, FLORA - 2,50 State Street, Nanticoke, Penn sylvania RAQUIS, FRANCES — 3435 Holmead Place, Washington, D. C. RAHMAN, RESHAD - 3342 Stuyvesant Place, N.W., Washington 15. D. C. RAPPOPORT. ALLAN - 2850 West Garrison Avenue, Baltimore 15. Maryland RATCLIFFE. BARBARA LEE — 1907 North Nicholas Street. .Arlington 5. Virginia REAL. FREDERIC - 2453 39th Place, Washington 7, D. C. 153 Charles H. Quigg President MYERS QUIGG, Inc. PAVING CONTRACTORS Office and Plant 91- O STREET, S.E. WASHINGTON 3, D. C. Paul G. Myers Vice-President LI. 4-2403 Asphalt and Concrete Pavements Black Top Roadways Sidewalks The American University Law School 154 REDDEN, CHARLES - 1900 F Street, N.W., Washington. D. C. REID, CLAR A - 3220 17th Street, N.W., Washington 10, D. C. REID, JESSIE - 46 West 100th Street, New York, N. Y. REMLER, ALICE - 5204 Murray Road, Chevy Chase 15, Maryland REYNOLDS, GEORGE - 10 Edgewood Terrace, Alex- andria, Virginia RICH, ALAN - 4519 Alabama Avenue. S. E., Wash- ington, D. C. RICHARDSON, CAROLYN - 1408 Stuart Court, Falls Church, Virginia RICKETTS, AUDREY - 7407 Birch Avenue, Takoma Park 12, Maryland RICKMAN, ROBERT - 6023 North 19th Road, Arling ton. Virginia RILEY, ELLEN - Whitefair, Maple Laiie, Fairfax, Vir- ginia ROBERTSON, BARBARA - 208 South Courthouse Road, Arlington. Virginia ROBINSON, EDWARD - 1818 17th Street North, Arling- ton, .Virginia ROBINSON. SUSAN - 206 Jefferson Street. Falls Church, Virginia ROBSMAN, SLAVA - 1763 Columbia Road, N.W., Washington 9, D. C. ROFF. FREDERICK - 98 Burnham Parkway, Morris- town, New Jersey ROFFELD, MURRAY - 5166 34th Street, N.W., Wash- ington. D. C. ROGERS. CARLETON - 926 Douglas Avenue, Elgin, Illinois ROMETT. THOMAS - 516 Chestnut Avenue, Barnes- boro, Pennsylvania ROMIALDE .. NORMA - c o Philippine Trust Com- pany, Manila, Philippines ROONEY. DONALD - 86 17 251st Bellerosa 26, Long Island, New York ROYAL, ESTELLE - 3014 Wanden Street, N.W., Wash- ington. D. ( ' . RITFNER. MELVIN - 2000 Evarts Street, N.E.. Wash- ington 18, D. C. Rl ' MPF, ROBERT 318 East Third Street, Frederick, Maryland RYAN, NANCY - 730 Van Buren Street, N.W., Wash- ington 12, D. C. RYLAND. VIRGIL - 2321 North Columbus Street, Ar- lington, Virginia SAADEH, WAJIH - 1918 N Street, NVV., Washington, D. C. SAID, ABDUL - 3210 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, D. C. SAINES, GEORGE - 315 Varnell Street, Kane, Penn- sylvania SAKAI, ELAINE - 1915 Kalorama Road, N.W., Wash- ington 9, D. C. SAMPSON, DORIS - 110 West Bel Air Avenue, Aberdeen, Maryland SANSUR, M.USA - Bethlehem, Jordan SARTORIUS, DONALD - 1704 Allison Street, Wash- ington, D. C. SAUNDERS. RUTH - 7809 Fairfax Road, Bethesda 14, Maryland SCANLAN, MARGARET - 4301 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington. D. C. SCHOENFELDER, SHARON - 530 East Woodbine Street, Chevy Chase 15, Maryland SCHOFER, JANET - 5510 13th Street, N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. SCHEGEL, RAY - 2634 Tunlaw Road, N.W., Washing- ton. D. C. - Apt. 102 SCHNECK, MARVIN - P. O. Box 96, Kerhonkson, New York SCHOLNICK, MYRON - 2300 Anoka Avenue, Baltimore 15, Maryland SCHOOLS, CHARLES - 4811 North 3rd Street, ArUng- ton, Virginia SCHMOVER. CHARLES - 3880 Rodman Street, N.W., Washington 16. D. C. .SCHOONMAKER. EUGENE - 1706-C Commonwealth Avenue. Alexandria. Virginia SCHRECK, JOHN - 81 Bellmore Street, Floral Park. Lone Island, New York SCHWEIZER, ANN - 3221 Connecticut Avenue, Wash- ington, D. C. SCHNEIDER. MILTON - 2101 N Street, N.W., Wash- ineton. D. C. SCOTT. WILI.ARD - 125 Commonwealth Avenue, Alex andria, Viiginia SEROGGINS, MARIE - 809 6th Street, S.W., Wash- ington, D. C. SEIDLER. JUDITH - 1870 Wyoming Avenue, N.W., Washineton 9, D. C. SELBY. JOHN - 902 Prospect Street. Takoma Park 12. Maryland SHAHEEN. JOSEPH - 127 12th Street. N.E., Canton 4, Ohio SHEETS. CHARLES - 121 35th Street, N.W„ Wash- ington, D. C. SHELHAMER, PATRICIA - 408 North Yellowstone, Livingston, Montana SHERWOOD, JEAN - 4845 W Street, N.W., Washing- ton 7, D. C. SHIELDS. SUSAN - 5322 Decatur Street. Hyattsville, Maryland SHIFLET. ESTHER - 7913 Piney Branch Road. Silver Spring. Maryland SHi;PACK. HAROLD - 110 24 68 . venue. Forest Hills, New York SHUSTER, JEANNE - 502 Rittenhouse Street, N.W., Washington II, D. C. SHUTE, ALAN - 2401 Ridge Road Drive, Alexandria, Virginia SHYTLE, BARBARA - 5604 Pioneer Lane, Washington 16, D. C. SILVERMAN, INA - 1224 East 23 Street, Brooklyn 10, New York SILVEY, WILLIAM - Phi Sigma Kappa House, American University, Washington. D, C. SIMMS. WAYLAND 310 Maple Avenue, Falls Church. Virginia SINK. FRANK - 2000 Evarts Street. N.E., Washington 18. D. C. SIPLE. CAROLYN - 2822 North 23 Street. Arlington. Virginia SKINNER. ROBERT - 3421 -D New Mexico Avenue, Washington. D. C. SINHA. BHEKI - 1839 R Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. SMITH. ALFRED - 40 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D. C. SMALL. NORMA - 4825 North 9th Street, Arlington, Virginia SMITH, BERNARD - 3610 Warren Road, Cleveland 11, Ohio SMITH, MAHLON BERNARD - 1105 Trenton Place, S. E.. Washington. D. C. SMITH. NORMAN - 1503 North Wakefield Street, Ar- lington, Virginia SMITH. RICHARD - 11,52 South Thomas Street, Arling- ton. Virginia — . pt. I SMITH, STANLEY - 5914 Ramsgate Road, Washington 16. D. C . ' ■.PEARS. JOSEPH - 5453 33rd Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. SPURLOCK, EUGENE - 4204 45th Street, N. W.. Wash- ington, D. C. .STALLONE. ALBERT - 1222 Robeson Street, Reading, Pennsylvania •STEVENSON, OCTAVE - The Highlands, Washington. D. C. .STINCHFIELD, ROGER - 5516 Lincoln Street, Bethes- da, Maryland SIIMLEE, NANCY - Box 36, Newington, Virginia SWEENEY, VIRGINIA - 414 Kennedy Street, N.W., Washington II, D. C. SWENSON. KARL — 3525 Pope Street, S.E., Washington, D. C. 155 I ABOR. DAVID - 4r.28 Ellicott Slreet, N.W., Wash- ington 16, D. C. lARAGHI, ARDJOMAND - 3711 Livingston Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. THACKARA, MARY - Montrose Road. Rockville, Mary- land THOMAS, EARL - 309 Wellington Road, Alexandria, ' irginia THOMl ' SON, DOLPHIN - Box 1184 THOMPSON. EDWARD - 6212 North 31st Street, Ar- lington, Virginia THOMl ' SON. JOHN - 1 720 R Street, S.E.. Washington, D. C. IHOMPSON, JOHN WESLEY - 1,51. ' ' ) E Street, S.E., Washington, D. C. THOMPSON, MIRIAM - 2 Midhurst Road, Silver Spring, Maryland TODA, KENJI - 3448 E New Mexico Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C:. TRAl EN. CARYL - 7237 Georgia Avenue. N.W., Wash- ington 12, D. C. TREVEY, JOHN - 309 First Street, Rockville, Maryland TUCKER. SUZANNE - 3302 Carolina Place, Alexandria, Virginia TURNER, ROBERT - 3409 Rutgers Street, Hyattsville, Maryland VANDERVEER. FRANCIS - 509 West Montgomery .Avenue, Rockville, Maryland VANDYKE. SARA - 130 Union , venue. Tarrytown, New York VANZANDT. ERNE.ST - II Peachtree Lane. Roslyn Heights, Roslyn, New York VIGGIANO. MURIEL - 913 10th Street, N. E., Wash- ington 2, D. C. VONSUMPTER. DAVID - 4506 Eads Place, N. E., Washington, D. C VO.SSOUGH, MEHDI - 1720 21st .Street, N.W., Wash- ington, D. C. VANDERHYDEN. PATRICIA 2231 Bancroft Place, N. W., Washington «, D. C. VONATZIS, AN7 HONY - 5910 Walhonding Road, Glen Echo Heights, Maryland WALDENBURG. DUANE - 20 Chesapeake Street, S. E. Washington 20, D. C. WALESKI. CHARLES - 1701 16th Street, N.W., Wash ington, D. C. WALKER, DAVID - 2315 North 11th Street, Arlington Virginia WALKER. EDWARD - 1218 Euclid Street, N.W., Wash ington, D. C. WANG, DOUGLAS - 1839 R Street, N.W., Washington D. C. WARFIELD, JOHN — 3544 Williamsburg Lane, N.W. Washington, D. C. WATERS, JOSEPH - 1824 Harvard Street, Washington, D. C. W.ATTS, JOYCE - 33 Park Avenue, Kane, Pennsylvania WAUGH, RANDALL - 6602 Westmoreland Avenue, Ta- koina Park 12, Maryland WEBER, RONALD — 1145 North Vermont Street, Ar- lington 1, Virginia WELFORD. DOUGLAS — 5910 Ramsgate Road. Wash- ington 16. D. C. WELSH, W ' lLLIAM - 955 East-West Highway, Takoma Park 12. Maryland WELTZ. WILMA - 1300 U Street, S.E., Washington, D. C. - Apt 3 WHITE, DON.ATD - 8 Darley Road, Claymont, Delaware WHITE, SARAH - 628 7th Street, N.E., Washington, D. C. WICKEY, EDWARD - Phi Sigma Kappa House, Ameri- can University, Washington, D. C. WILLET, FRANK — 1032 North Garfield Street, Ar- lington, Virginia WILLIAMS, JAMES - 8401 Piney Branch Court, Silver Spring, Maryland WILLIAMS, MARLENE - 825 Allison Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. WILLOUGHBY. ANDREW - 6701 Persimmon Tree Road, Washington 14, D. C. WILSON, CAROL - 129 Second Street, Garden City, New York WILSON, PATRICIA - 107 Upside Court, Falls Church, Virginia WINANT, DEANE - 30 Franklin Avenue, Montvale, New Jersey WINSLOW, JOAN - 1524 Ogden Street, N. W., Wash ington II. D. C. WITTER, RICHARD - 1211 Vermont Avenue, N. W. Washington 5. D. C. WOGAN, MICHAEL - 1913 North Madison Street Arlington 5. Virginia WOOD. CHARLES - 201 North Washington Street Rockville. Maryland WOOD. WILLIAM - 129 Dale Street, Alexandria, Vir ginia WOODWARD, WILLIAM - 48 Rhode Island Avenue N. E., Washington 2, D. C. WRIGHT, DON - 264 Jackson Avenue, Bradford, Penn sylvania WRIGHT, JOHN - 75 . dams, Washington, D. C. YEATMS, GEORGE Chester, Virginia 162 North Loudoun Street, Win- 4416 Chestnut Street, ZEIDA, ROBERT 14, Maryland ZIMMERMAN, WILLIAM - 233 6th Street Washington, D. C. ZITMORE, JEANNE — Kensington, Maryland Bethesda , S. W., CANDIDATES FOR HOMECOMING QUEEN: I.efl to right in minor: Pat Miles, Betty Elliott, Sue Olson, Jackie Hoffecker, Jean Sherwood, Miriam Thompson. The Grotto Stream In Winter. 157 H.G. ROEBUCKS SON 2140 AISQUITH STREET BALTIMORE, MARYLAND ■i! j a -b •i: -a i! -i ■d ■d •b it •b i: • ' ■d -Cr ii -b tr -A PRINTERS— LITHOGRAPHERS TO SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES EVERYWHERE YOUR 1954 YEARBOOK 158 c iitoaiatin 159 czn-atocj %aJ2n± AN V . . : ' K »-: k » ; i ?,. !

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