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J rT ' fcrf : : • • a e M • Jl - THE 1953 AUCOLA Published by The College of Arts and Sciences and the Undergraduate Division of the School of Social Sciences And Public Affairs of - THE AMERICAN IJNTV WASHINGTON, 1 !). Metropolitan Memorial Methodist Church A few short years ago a new century was welcomed with laughter and noise-makers. The sounds of the new era were the horn of the automobile; the ring of the telephone; the roar of the airplane; the scream of the world at war. It was the reck- less era of electricity, of speed and power, of the death of isola- tionism. The sound of the mid-century years is that of the atom. The perilous new era is one of far greater speed and power which will extend our universe and demand even greater active participation in our world. The following years can be ones of great creativeness or of great destructiveness. The choice belongs to us. President Anderson ' s home, on the Campus Contents Administration 9 Classes 17 Clubs 41 Honorary Fraternities 63 Social Fraternities 69 Sports 85 High Spots 93 Directory 129 Medical and Surgical Building at St. Elizabeth ' s Hospital, where Nursing School classes are held. ADMINSTRATION Dr. Anderson, President of The American University, at his desk. Dr. and Mrs. Anderson at home From four years service as President of Hamline University, St. Paul, Minn., comes Dr. Hurst Robbins Anderson to be President of The American Univer- sity. He and his family moved into the white colonial house on the hill; seven year old daughter Kathy attends Horace Mann School; fourteen year old son Bobby attends Alice Deal Jr. High School; sixteen year old daughter Sarah Jane attends Wilson High School. Dr. Anderson also serves as Vice Presi- dent of the University Senate of the Methodist Church. This fall he was presented a commemorative medal by the president of the Danish National Orchestra of the state radio in the name of the Danish King and State. The American University welcomes the Anderson family and wishes them good luck! A DEAN IS THE SPIRIT OF A COLLEGE PERSONIFIED Dr. John E. Bentley M.A., Clark; S.T.B., M.R.E., Boston; Th.D., McGill Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Austin Van der Slice B.A., M.A., Kansas; Ph.D., Pennsylvania Dean of the Undergraduate Division of the School of Social Sciences and Public Affiars Chairman of the Department of So- ciology and Public Welfare At CAS it is the friendly, zealous spirit of Dean John E. Bentley that echoes and reflects itself among the students throughout the campus at Massachusetts and Nebraska Avenues — through Hurst Hall, Battelle, Clendenin, Leon- ard Student Center. At SSPA it is the quiet, deliberate, studious spirit of Dean Austin Van der Slice which in- spires and directs activities of social science and business administration students at the down- town school — 1901 F Street. 10 Dr. Donald Derby i.A., Bowdoin; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University Provost Miss Hazel Feagens B.A., B.E., George Washington; M.A American University Registrar Miss Anne Jensen B.A.. DesMoines; B.S. in L.S., Illinois University Librarian Herbert Walter University Business Manager Dr. Ernest Posner Ph.D., Berlin Director of the School of Social Sci- ences and Public Affairs; Chairman of the Department of His- tory Mr. David Bookstaver B.A., Cornell; LL.B., Vale Dean of the Washington College of Law Dr. Pitman B. Potter B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Harvard Dean of the Graduate Division: Chair- man of the Department of Interna- tional Relations and Organization Miss Gladys V. Jorgenson B.A., M.A., Wisconsin; R.N., Henry Ford Hospital School of Nursing and Hygiene Director of Nursing Studies Dr. Mary E. Bradshaw B.A., M.A., Pennsylvania College for Women; Ph.D., Wisconsin Assistant Dean of the Graduate Di- vision of the School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Dr. Dorothy D. Gondos B.A., Swarthmore; M.A., Ph.D., Pennsylvania Dean of Student Affairs; Dean of Women Dr. Bancroft Sitterly B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Princeton Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Division of the School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Dr. Charles K. Trueblood B.S., Earlham; B.S., Haverford; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard Acting Chairman of the Department of Psychology and Education Dr. Walter P. Bowman B.A., Bowdoin; Certificate, University of Caen, France; M.A., Ph.D., Colum- bia Chairman of the Department of Com- munications Dr. Fritz Karl Mann Dr. Jur., Goettingen.; Ph.D., Berlin Chairman of the Department of Econ omics and Business Administration 14 Dr. John H. Smith B.A., Iowa State Teachers; M.B.A. Ph.D., Chicago Chairman of the Department of Stat- istics Dr. Cathfryn Sf.cki.f.r-Hudson B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teach- ers; M.A., Missouri; Ph.D., American Chairman of the Department of Politi- cal Science and Public Administration Dr. Nathan A. Baily B.S.S., College of the City of New York; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia Chairman of the Department of Busi- ness Studies Dr. Walter F. Shf.nton B.Sc, M.A., Dickinson; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Chairman of the Department of Math- ematics 15 Mr. Hugo Schui.ze B.S., American Director of the Department of Physical Education Dr. Harold E. Davis 15. A., Hiram; M.A., Chicago; Ph.D., Western Reserve Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences Dr. Merritt C. Batchelder B.A., Hillsdale; M.A., Columbia; Ph.D., Iowa State Chairman of the Division of Humani- ties J Dr. Stephen Hatchett B.A., American; M.A., Ph.D., Michigan Chairman of the Division of Natural Sciences CLASSES THE CLASS OF 1953 Class Officers at CAS Barbara Phillips, Treasurer; Tiny Stickney, Vice- President; Bill Faux, President; Jerrie Brown, Sec- retary. Class Officers at SSPA Robert Hamilton, Treasurer; Larry Traylor, President; Rufus Peckham, Vice President; Jeanne Fertig, Secretary. BERNARD GERALD BERENSON, Port- land, Maine, B.A. in Psychology. Hamilton House President 4; Intramural Archery 4. EDWARD CHARLES BISLAND, Glen Spey, New York, B.S. in Political Science. Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2, secretary 3,4; Debate club, manager 1,2,4; Delta Sigma Rho 2,3,4; Speech club 3,4; Intramural Football, Basketball, Track, 1,2,3,4. JOHN JOSEPH BROWN, JR., Hazel Park, Michigan, B.S. in Sociology. Speech club 1. JUANITA MARIE BROWN, Arlington, Virginia, B.A. in Spanish. Phi Mu 1,2,3, sec- retary 4; Badminton 1,2,3, manager 4; Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4; Bowling 1,3,4; Hockey 4; Ping pong 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 3,4; Archery 3; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Varsity Hockey 2,3,4; Women ' s A club 2,3, presi- dent 4; Future Teachers of America 3, sec- retary 4; Junior Alliance Francaise 1,2, treas- urer 3, vice-president 4; El Club Pan Amer- icano 1,2,3,4; Senior class secretary 4; Who ' s Who 4; Political club 4; Aucola 4. HELEN VIRGINIA ALLEN, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, B.A. in Voice. Westminster Choir College 1; Choir 2,4, president 3; Mad- rigals 3; Music club 4; Misguided Missile 3; Womens A club 4; Intramural sports. EDWARD DELEVAN ANDRUS III, Alex- andria, Virginia, B.A. in History. A.A. in Education from Montgomery Junior College; Alpha Tau Omega 3,4; Future Teachers of America 3,4; Spanish club 4; Aucola 4, Busi- ness Manager 4; Interfraternity Council 4; In- tramural Swimming, Basketball 4; Volleyball 3,4; Eagle 4. RICHARD RIMSKY ATKINSON, JR., Washington, D.C., B.S. in Sociology. WILLIAM ALFRED BELANGER, Win- chendon, Massachusetts, B.A. in Business Ad- ministration. HARVEY IRWIN CHI DEL, Washington, D.C., B.S. in Business Administration. Society for the Advancement of Management. .MICHAEL F. CIESIELSKI, Uxbridge, Mas- sachusetts, B.A. in Business and Industrial Management. EVAN COE THOMAS ELBERT COLLEY, JR., Arling- ton, Virginia, B.A. in Psychology. Alpha Sig- ma Phi, corresponding secretary; Student secretary; Student Christian Fellowship; Eagle; WAMU; Poetry club; Alpha Phi Omega, corresponding secretary; Junior class president 3. w 3 Octob er Well, back to the books, huh? . . . Capping on the quadrangle introduces new dink- wearers . . . Freshmen serenade Sophs on steps of Mary Graydon . . . Skit Nite . . . Frosh Talent show . . . hazing . . . And what was Bishop Hurst ' s middle name? . . . Frosh tensely await Kangeroo Court that never conies . . . And THIS is the Coffee Shop . . . Everybody and their brother is either giving or attending a picnic . . . Friendship? . . . Is that like Fellowship? . . . Orientation Board throws Get-acquainted dance . . . Frosh lick their wounds and await eagerly the chance to inflict a few of their own on the luckless class of ' 57 . . . we thought about studying. November I can ' t believe it — seems like I just start- ed college yesterday . . . But real or not, Seniors find themselves scurrying to studios for yearbook picture . . . Class elections . . . Intramural football starts . . . BOY! Am out of shape ... I LIKE IKE .. . GLADLY FOR ADLAI . . . Republicans brawl with Democrats in classrooms, halls, street-corners, coffee-shop, even over WAMU itself . . . WA- MU stays up all night reporting election re- sults . . . half the student body crowds into Leonard student center to watch and listen to returns . . . and have midnight coffee and doughnuts . . . finally it ' s over . . . the elephant dances in the street and A.U. goes to bed . . . Rushing starts . . . parties galore for confused rushees who find sororities and frat- ernities awaiting them with open hands and open pocketbooks . . . Pledging . . . Guess who WE got . . . social life in full swing . . . Sadie Hawkins dance . . . Pledge dance . . . we thought about studying . . . JAY CURRAN CONE, Boyce, Virginia, B.S. in Physical Education. Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Club; Future Teachers of America; Varsity Baseball 1,2,3,4; J.V. Basketball 1,2; Varsity Basketball 3,4. PATRICIA MURDOCK CROFT, Bronx- ville, New York, B.S. in Political Science. Lake Erie College for Women 1,2; Phi Mu 3, 4; Varsity Hockey 3,4; Basketball 3,4; Wo- men ' s A Club 3,4; Community Association Council secretary 4; Aucola Associate Editor 4. HATTIE MARGUERITE CROOKS, Kings- tree, South Carolina, B.S. in Nursing. HARRY WHITE CULLIS, Chester, Pennsyl- vania, B.S. in Radio-Television. Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2, secretary 3, president 4; Alpha Psi Omega, vice-president 4; Radio-TV Guild, president 3; Omicron Delta Kappa; Pi Delta Epsilon; WAMU, chief announcer 3; Intra- murals 1,2,3. 20 JAMES B. DALGLIESH, Cleveland, Ohio, B.S. in Psychology. Phi Sigma Kappa, vice- president 3, president 4; Intramural Baseball 3, Football 4; Interfraternity Council 3,4. VIRGINIA M. DAY, Arlington, Virginia, B.A. in English. Alpha Chi Omega 1,2, sec- retary 3, vice-president 4; Cap and Gown 3, president 4; Student Association vice-presi- dent 4; Social Board chairman 4; Junior class secretary 3; Future Teachers of Amer- ica 3,4; El Club Pan Americano 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,3; Methodist Student Movement 4; Intra- mural Bowling, Baseball 2,3; Volleyball 3; Women ' s A club 3,4. ERNEST FURMAN DIBBLE, Deposit, New York, B.A. in English. Depauw University 1,2; Alpha Sigma Phi; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 4; Omicron Epsilon Pi 4; Interfraternity Council president 4; Publi- cations Board 3, chairman 4; Freshman Hand- book Business Manager 4; WAMU 4; Eagle 3, 4; Aucola Business Manager 4; Intramural Football, Basketball, Softball, Bowling, Ten- nis 3,4; Political Science club 3; Future Teachers of America 4. JOHN R. DOODY, JR. Brooklyn, New York, B.S. in Business Administration. Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3, president 4; All Male An- nual 3; Why I am a Bachelor 3; Intramural sports 3,4; Society for the Advancement of Management 2,3,4. RUTH FLOYD DYKE, Washington, D. C, B.A. in Music. Phi Mu 1,2, vice-president 3, Social chairman 4; Chorus 1,2,3, president 4; accompanist 3,4; Music club 1,2,3,4; Span- ish club 3; Intramural Basketball, Bowling, Softball 1,2,3,4; Women ' s A club 3,4. JUNE HEAP EAMES, Chevy Chase Mary- land, B.S. in Biology. Beta Beta Beta; Chemistry club; Der Deutsche Verein. WILLIAM BENJAMIN ELLIS, Columbus, Ohio, B.S. in Accounting. Society for the Advancement of Management. CHARLOTTE A. EMERSON, Bethesda, Maryland, B.A. in Fine Arts. Alpha Chi Omega. WILLIAM H. FAUX, Shamokin, Pennsyl- vania, B.A. in Mathematics. Alpha Tau Omega 2,3,4; Der Deutsche Verein; Senior class president 4; Varsity Swimming 1,2,3 Varsity Basketball 4; Varsity Baseball 3,4 Future Teachers of America; A club 3,4 Intramurals 1,2; Interdormitory Council; Math-Physics club 4. JAMES FERGUSON JOHANNE BEPPLER FLEMING, Marshall- ton, Delaware, B.S. in Economics. Kappa Delta 2,3, secretary 4; Eagle 3, Business Man- ager 4; Cap and Gown 3, vice-president and Historian 4; Community Council 3, Chaplain and Historian 4; Society for the Advance- ment of Management, secretary 3; Junior class secretary 3; Chairman Awards committee 3; Chairman social committee 4; French club 1; Debate club president 1; Sno-ball Dance Com- mittee 1; Bowling 2,3,4. BRADLEY FOSTER December Sleep? . . . Who are you kidding . . . Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year . . . oft- repeated words . . . Traditional dinner and choir concert . . . Best-loved Girl announced at MGH ' s midnight candlelight ceremony . . . Girls leave MGH to invade Fraternity houses with caroling from 2-4 .. . Parties galore . . . the cold grey dawn of the morning after . . . basketball in full swing . . . Season ' s Greet- ings unfolds for 1952 in Clendenin . . . Frosh hold annual Sno-Ball . . . elect Sno-Queen . . . Christmas vacation a welcome relief after the shock of mid-terms . . . we thought about studying . . . 22 LEONA FRETHEIM MARY LETITIA GAIR, Washington, D. C, B.A. in History. Chorus, Future T eachers of America, Music club. JOYCE ELIZABETH GILBERT, Bethesda, Maryland, B.S. in Geology. Phi Mu 1,2,3, president 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; A.U. Theater 1 ; Publications Board 1 ; Aquiana 2, secretary- treasurer 3; vice-president 3,4; Women ' s Var- sity Swimming 4; Women ' s A club 3,4; Pan- hellenic president 4. EDWARD ANDRE GUAY, Bingham, Maine, B.A. in History. SUE ELAINE HALL, Arlington, Virginia, B.S. in Sociology. Community Association Council 1,2, secretary 3,4; Freshman class sec- retary 1; Sophomore class secretary 2; Mixed Choral Society 1; Roundtable in Student Af- fairs 2; Orientation Board 2; Speech club 2; Who ' s Who 3,4; American College Student Leaders 3; Sociological Society 2,3; vice-presi- dent 4; Eagle 3,4. ROBERT BRUCE HAMILTON, Washing- ton, D. C, B.S. in Business Administration. Freshman Class vice-president 1 ; Sophomore class president 2; Society for the Advance- ment of Management 1, editor 2,3, executive committee 2,3,4, treasurer 4; Community As- sociation Council 2,3, treasurer 4; Freshman Handbook editor for SSPA 3. DEANNE HAYS, Bethesda, Maryland, B.A. in Art History. PHILLIPS HEATHCOTE 23 ANNA M. JACKEY, Pleasure Ridge Park, Kentucky. JULIA VAN VLIET JOHNSON, Arlington, Virginia, B.S. in Chemistry. Averett Junior Coilege 1,2. ROBERT WILLIAM JONES, Media, Penn- sylvania, B.S. in Physical Education. Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2,3, treasurer 4; A club 3, vice-president 4; Varsity basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 2; Leonard Student Center Proctor 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 4. CHARLES WALTER JUERGENS, Washing- ton, D. C, B.S. in Mathematics and Physics. Phi Sigma Kappa 2, secretary 3,4; Math- Physics club 1: Swimming team 1,2,3,4. FLORENCE MARY HUBERT, Shenan- doah, Pennsylvania, B.S. in Nursing. WELLINGTON HUNG, Detroit, Michigan, B.S. in Biology. Der Deutsche Verein 3,4; Chemistry club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; DONA LEE HUTSLER, Washington, D.C., Beta Beta Beta 2, treasurer 3, vice-president 4. B.A. in Sociology. Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3, president 4; Pan American club 1, Future Teachers of America 1,2; Bowling manager 1; Women ' s A club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2, 3,4; Chapel usher captain 2,3; Chairman Bun- ny Hop 2; Junior Senior Prom committee 3; Student Affairs Officer 4; Chairman elections committee 4; Associate editor Freshman hand- book 3; Chairman charity drive 2. MARGARET ANN IMLAY, Lancaster, Ohio, B.A. in Mathematics. Alpha Chi Omega 2, treasurer 3, vice-president 4; German club 1,2,3,4; Future teachers of America 1,2,3; Wo- men ' s A club 3,4; College Council 2,3; Sec- retary of Student Association 4; Chapel usher 2,3; Mary Graydon House Council 3; Jun- ior-Senior prom committee 3; treasurer of Charity drive 2; Math-Physics club vice-presi- dent 4; Cap and Gown 3,4; Delta Phi Alpha 1,2,3,4. i 4i January Please . . . let ' s forget New Year ' s . . . Intramural basketball begins . . . BOY! Am I still out of shape! . . . We erect a sno-woman in the wee hours of the morning amid flying snow balls . . . What art! . . . Homecoming . . . Old friends, old laces, new dance . . . WAMU goes on the air 12 hours a day . . . social life begins anew . . . 1953! A fresh year! . . . We thought about studying . . . JOAN GELLING JUERGENS, Alexandria, Virginia, B.A. in Mathematics. Phi Mu chap- lain and treasurer 1,2,3,4; Junior class treas- urer 3; Art guild 1; Prom committee 3; Chair- man Christmas Dinner Decorations 3; Charity drive committee 2; Math-Physics club secre- tary 4. MARY ANN KENNEDY, St. Louis, Mis- souri, president Work-study house council 1. CARL GEORGE KIPE, JR., Highfield, Mary- land, R.S. in Business Administration. SHERMAN KIRK, Arlington, Virginia, B.S. in Sociology. n 1% LOUIS POWELL LONG, Washington, D. C, B.A. in Psychology. Alpha Sigma Phi 2, cor- responding secretary 3,4; WAMU 3; College council 3,4; Religious board 4; Sophomore class treasurer 2; Charity Drive chairman 4: Who ' s Who 4. MAUNG SAN LW1N, Moulmein, Union of Burma, B.S. in Public Administration. ANITA JANE KORKOLIS, Washington, D. C, B.A. in Government. Valeda vice-presi- dent 1; Pan American club 2; Der Deutsche Verein 3; Alpha Chi Omega 2,3,4; Publica- tions board 3; Student Bar Association 4; Intramural Softball 3, Basketball 3. FAY LEE HOWARD B. LEHMAN, Baltimore, Mary- land, B.S. in Social Science. Baltimore Jun- ior College 1,2; Radio-TV Guild 3,4; WAMU 3,4; Speech club 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4. CARL SAMUEL LERMAN, Maine, B.A. in History. Portland, ' MAURICE MAHONEY WILLIAM HENRY MASTBROOK, Wash- ington, D. C, B.A. in Spanish and German. Pan American club 2,3, president 4; Junior Alliance Francaise 3,4; Der Deutsche Verein 3,4; Future Teachers of America 2,3,4; Delta Phi Alpha 3,4. £5 HERBERT W. MC KAGUE, Washington, D. O, B.S. in Social Science. BARBARA SHARON METRO, Arlington, Virginia, B.A. in English. Jr. Alliance Fran- caise 1; Varsity Hockev 1; Music Club 4; Basketball 4. RICHARD MILLER VERNON PEARY MOORE, Roanoke, Vir- ginia, B.S. in Business Administration. So- ciety for the Advancement of Management president 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Who ' s Who 4; Community Association Council 3,4; Freshman class president I; Junior class pres- ident 3; Arthur Godfrey Air Fellowship. February Interfraternity Prom . . . Finals . . . Hit those books! . . . I ' ll flunk — I know I ' ll flunk. Either that or stay up all night and study! . . . We stay up all night and study . . . Frat houses and dorms burn the midnight oil, but not with scenes of revelry . . . black coffee . . . bleary eyes . . . Who can I get to type my term paper? . . . Two and one-half long torturous hours of exam for each class . . . Campus abounds with the sound of ' cracking books ' . . . Then we have a week ' s vacation between terms . . . and the long wait for the postman with our grades . . . Why hadn ' t we thought of studying sooner? 27 JAMES MORAN March New students invade for spring semester . . . New class schedide . . . Intramural basket- ball finals . . . Sophs throw their big dance, The Bunny Hop, and choose a Queen . . . wintry weather ... a cup of coffee and a few rounds of chewin ' the fat at CAS and SSPA Coffee Shops . . . Basketball!-. . . AU in the Mason-Dixon Conference tourney . . . Get that ball! . . . Sink that basket! . . . ooohs, ahs, and groans as Dutch ' s Eagles tangle with hated foes ... A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for the winner . . . will we make it? . . . Packed cars rumble off to Baltimore to see if we can . . . BETTY MC FARLANE MORRIS, Graham, Texas, B.A. in English. Texas State College for Women 1; French club secretary 4; Meth- odist Student Movement 4. HERBERT EDGAR MORRIS, Denville, New Jersey, B.A. in Religion and Philosophy. Rutgers University 1; Religious Board 3,4; International Relations club 2; Methodist Student Movement 4; Omicron Epsilon Pi 3, JUNE ELOISE MOSBURG, Washington, D. C, B.A. in Fine Arts. Chevy Chase Junior College 1; Kappa Delta 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3, 4; Softball 2,3,4; Bowling 3,4; Archery tour- nament 4; Swimming 4. JOHN RANDOLPH MURDOCK, Washing- ton, D. C, B.A. in Government and Political Science. Intramural Football, Basketball Softball 1,2,3,4. JOANNE NAREHOOD RUSH BROOK, Clearfield, Pennsylvania, B.A. in English. Kappa Delta 1,2,3,4; House Council secretary 3; Eagle 1,2; Spanish club 2. WILLIAM BERNARD PALMER, Omaha, Nebraska, B.A. in Economics. Alpha Tau Omega 1,2,3,4; Intramural Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; Swim- ming 1,2,3,4; Track 2.3,4; Softball 3,4. RUFUS W. PECKHAM, JR., New York, New York, B.S. in Business Administration. Alpha Tau Omega 4; Society lor the Advancement of Management 3,4; Community Council 2, 3,4; Junior class vice-president 3. JOHN LEROY PENDLETON, Arlington, Virginia, B.S. in Sociology. Speech club 2, president 3,4. JOHN G. PETERS, Burbank, California, B.S. in Social Sciene. JOHN THEOKRITOS PETRAKIS, Khios, Greece, B.A. in Economics. Alpha Sigma Phi 3,4; German club 2,3,4; International Rela- tions club 2,3; French club 1,2,3,4; Delta Phi Alpha 3,4. ELIZABETH ANN PHENIX, Washington, D. C, B.S. in Biology. Wilson Teachers College 1; Delta Gamma 2,3, vice-president 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, treasurer 4; Varsity Basket- ball 2; Auc;ola 4; Biology Assistant 3,4; Ping Pong 4; Basketball 2,3. ' ' 29 April Spring . . . and a young man ' s thoughts lighty turn to the same thing he ' s been think- of all winter . . . Easter vacation ... a respite from the classroom . . . extra time to finish long-neglected papers . . . What ' s that crazy noise? . . . Man, that isn ' t noise! . . . it ' s the fraternities and sororities rehearsing for Songfest . . . then the big night and the equally big trophy . . . afterwards even bigger parties . . . warm weather . . . Intramural Softball ... I wonder if I ' ll EVER be back in shape again! . . . The Eagles don baseball uniforms and await the opening game . . . BARBARA KATHLEEN PHILLIPS, Arling- ton, Virginia, B.S. in Biology. Alpha Chi Omega 2,3,4; Beta Beta Beta 2, secretary 3,4; Religious board 2,3,4; Scholastic board 3; Sen- ior class treasurer 4. REYNA SUE PICKUS, Stratford, Connecti- cut, B.S. in Social Science. Averett Junior College 1,2; WAMU 3,4; Political clef 3 Bowling 3,4; Softball 3,4; Varsity Softball 3 Volleyball 3,4; Basketball 4; Ping pong 4 Badminton 4. FRANCES DEBORAH PLATT, Washing ton, D. C, B.A. in History of Art. Alpha Xi Delta; Alpha Psi Omega 3, secretary-treas- urer 4; Theater Council 3; Der Deutsche Verein 4; Alliance Francaise 4. ADAM PULASKI, Baltimore, Maryland, B.A. in International Relations. Phi Sigma Kappa vice-president 2,3,4; Intramural Football 4; Softball 2,3,4. DOROTHY CAMILLA REZNIKOFF, Pel- liani, New York, B.A. in History. Alliance Francaise, 1,2,3,4; Women ' s A club 3,4; De- bate club 1,2; Charity drive 2, chairman 3; Social board 2; Religious board 3; Varsity Hockey 1,2,3; Intramural sports 2,3; Mary Graydon House Council 2, secretary 3, presi- dent 4; Aucola 2, Business Manager 3; Pi Delta Epsilon 4; Who ' s Who 3,4; Eagle 1,2,3, Editor 4. JERRY ROSENTHAL, Washington. D. C, B.S. in Advertising and Retailing. EARL SARGENT, Baltimore, Maryland, B.A. in Hsitory. LUCILLE SAUBER, Washington, D. C, B.A. in Psychology. Kappa Delta 1,2,3, vice-presi- dent 4; Women ' s A club 2,3,4; Choir 1: Aucola 3; Basketball manager 1. « V W gp to 4 1 DOROTHY LEE SAWYER, Laramie, Wyo- ming, B.A. in English. Phi Mu 1,2,3,4; Aucola 4; Women ' s A club 3,4; Pan American club 1,2,3,4; Eagle 1; Intramural Bowling 1, 2,3,4; Table Tennis 2,4; Volleyball 3,4; Base- ball 1,2,4; Badminton 1,2,3,4. THOMAS KNOWLTON SAWYER, Phoe- nix, Arizona, B.S. in Zoology. Chemistry club 3,4. RAY DANIEL SAXTON, Minneapolis, Minnesota, B.A. in Foreign Languages. Span- ish club; Der Deutsche Verein. WILLIAM BERNARD SCANLON, Wash- ington, D. C, B.S. in Chemistry. Chemistry club 3, president 4; Der Deutsche Verein 2,3; Delta Phi Alpha 3,4. BONNIE BLOSSOM SKAGGS, Ansted, West Virginia, B.S. in Nursing. WALTER CHRISTIAN SMITH, JR. , Wash- ington, D. C, B.A. in English. Religious board 1,2,3, secretary-treasurer 4; Delta Phi Alpha 3,4; Der Deutsche Verein 2,3,4; Sopho- more class president 2; Intramurals 1,2; Stu- dent Christian Fellowship vice-president 2. WALTER TROY SMITH, Bethesda, Mary- land, B.A. in History. LITA EDMONSON SOCCINO, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, B.S. in Nursing. ALBERT EDWARD SCHRECK, Floral Park, New York, B.S. in Geology. Alpha Sigma Phi 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Elections board 4; Der Deutsche Venn 4; WAMU 4. MURRAY SCHWARTZ, Washington, D. C, B.S. in Radio and Television. SYLVIA DURRIE SHAFROTH, Chevy Chase, Maryland, B.A. in Art. Music club 4; International Relations club 3; Alliance Fran- caise 3; Tennis team 3,4. DOROTHY SH ELTON May Down to the sea in ships . . . Everywhere . . . For the inactive it ' s Aquiana ' s Spring Water Ballet . . . Poetry in action . . . clowning on the high seas . . . well-earned ap- plause tor Frailey ' s precision-like performers . . . For the active it ' s the beach . . . Splash parties at the seaside . . . Picnics return in full force . . . The lucky (?) Seniors take their exams early . . . spring formals . . . We get ready for June and finals . . . HAROLD JAMES SPONSLER, Washington, D. C, B.S. in Biology. Phi Sigma Kappa 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, president 4; Varsity Basket- ball team 3,4. HERBERT COURTNEY STICKNEY, Al- bany, New York, B.A. in Mathematics. Alpha Sigma Phi 2,3, president 4; Alpha Phi Omega 2; International Relations club 3; Future Teachers of America 3,4; WAMU 4; French club 3,4; Der Deutsche Verein 4; Senior class vice-president 4; Publications board 4; Social board 3; Eagle 4. DONALD PAUL STURGIS, Washington, D. C, B.A. in Mathematics. Der Deutsche Verein 2,3,4; Delta Phi Alpha 3,4; WAMU 4; Student Association president 4; Junior class president 3; Who ' s Who 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3,4; Math-Physics club 4. JANIS MURRAY THOMPSON, Silver Spring, Maryland, B.A. in Art. Kappa Delta 1,2 secretary 3, treasurer 4; Cheerleader 1,2, head 3,4; Orientation board 1, secretary 3; Chorus 1, Aquiana 1,2,3,1; Sophomore class secretary 2; Women ' s A club 3, correspond- ing secretary 4; Swimming manager 3. TERESA WOHL, Greensboro, North Caro- lina, B.A. in Art. Alpha Chi Omega 1,2,3; Spanish club 1, treasurer 3; Junior Alliance Francaise 4; Art Guild 2; International Re- lations club 3; Intramurals 2,3. MARY WILLIAMS WARTHER, Washing- ton, D. C, B.A. in Music. Kappa Delta 1,2, 3, president 4; Choir 1,2; Pi Delta Epsilon secretary 3, vice-president 4; Eagle 2,3; Pub- lications board 1; Intramural Volleyba ll, Bowling, Basketball, Badminton. RALPH ALBERT WELKER, Elizabeth, New Jersey, B.S. in Mathematics and Physics. Alpha Tau Omega 2,3, vice-president 4; Math-Physics club president 4. THOMAS LOWELL WELLS, Silver Spring, Maryland, B.A. in Psychology. Alpha Tau Omega 2,3, president 4; Varsity Soccer 3; Aucola 3; Intramural Softball, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Track. LAWRENCE MILTON TRAYLOR, Wash- ington, D. C, B.S. in Business Administration. Community Association Council 3, president 4; Society for the Advancement of Man- agement 3, vice-president 4. WILLIAM TYMOUS RANDI VEIE ROSVOLL, Trondheim, Nor- way, B.S. in Biology. College Honor Society 4; Beta Beta Beta 2, president 3, 4; Junior Alliance Francaise 1,2; Chemistry club 3, sec- retary-treasurer 4. ROBERT GEORGE WAGNER, Yonkers, New York, B.A. in Sociology. Alpha Sigma Phi 1,2,3,4; Swimming team 1; Student Chris- tian Fellowship 1, secretary-treasurer 2; In- ternational Relations club 1,2; Der Deutsche Verein 1; Delta Phi Alpha 1,2,3,4; Male Glee club 3; Political clef 2,3; Orientation board 2,3; Who ' s Who 3,4; Student Affairs officer 3,4. ELIZABETH WEST, Washington, D. C, B.S. in sociology. Hooray Mr. A. 1; P.S. The Butler Did It 2; Misguided Missile 3; Political club secretary-treasurer 3,4; Eagle 4; Political clef 2,3. RICHARD NEAL WHEATLEY, Alex- andria, Virginia, B.S. in Physical Education. CORNELIUS WALDREN WILSON, Stam- ford, Connecticut, B.S. in Sociology, Xavier University; Howard University; Alpha Phi Alpha. CAROL RAE WINE, Washington, D. C, B.A. in Spanish. Future Teachers of Amer- ica 3,4; Pan American club 1,2,3,4; Junior Al- liance Francaise 3,4. COSSETTE ALIDA COLON, San Juan, Puerto Rica, B.A. in English. Alpha Chi Omega 2,3; Spanish club 1,2,3; Future Teach- ers of America 3; Clef 2,3; Freshman Hand- book 2; Cheerleaders 3; Intramurals 1,2,3; Chorus 1. YEHUDAI YEDUDA % June Graduation! ... A dip- loma . . . after four hard years that seemed to slip by all too quickly . . . Now out into the cold, cruel world to make our fortunes ... or don Uncle Sam ' s livery for awhile . . . Farewell. Community Association Council: Sue Hall, Bob Horan, Col. Bolles, Pat Murdock Croft, Larry Traylor, Bob Hamilton, Rufus Peckham, Dr. Posner, Vernon Moore, Jerrie Link. The student governing bodies this year have working toward the soon to be attained goal of a been particularly concerned with the problem of united university, cooperation and aid to a new administration, while University Publications Board: Lucile Buice, Col. Bolles, Jinx Reznikoff. Mr. Kempton, Dean Gondos, Ernie Dibble, chair- man, Tiny Stickney, Jeanne Fertig, secretary, Pat Murdock Croft, Dr. Clark. 36 THE STUDENTS SPEAK The College Council: Dean Gondos, Alice Petersen, Sarah Munday, Sue Olson, Robert Petree, Virginia Day, vice-president, Don Sturgis, president, Marge Imlay, secretary, Dick Witter, comptroller, Louis Long, Charles Baer, Gretchen Hightower, Mr. Smith. AND THE FACULTY LISTENS The Student Life Committee, reorgani- zed this year, meets to discuss student activ- ities and hear complaints. The committee, consisting of Trustees, Faculty, and stu- dents, proposes constructive suggestions and checks to see whether their suggestions are carried out effectively. The meetings re- sult in a fuller understanding of adminis- tration policies by the students. Among the projects successfully initiated this year by the committee was the placing of an additional water fountain at SSPA. A meeting of the Student Life Committee of the Board of Trustees at the home of Dr. Anderson. CLASSES . . . 19 54 Three down and one to go — three college years behind them and one more to go before they receive that degree. The next year will be one of hard work, leadership — next June will see them proudly carry- ing away a sheepskin. Some in the Junior class have spent all three years at AU; some have come to AU from other local or distant colleges. Some will re- main in this vicinity after next year ' s graduation; some will enter into vocations and avocations that will carry them around the world. But first comes one more year at AU — . Junior Class Officers: Charles Davis, president; Ethel McEvoy. vice-presi- dent; Miriam Thompson, secretary; Alan Marsh, treasurer. 1955 The proud Soph may now honest- ly mount the steps of Mary Graydon and say Veni, vidi, vici. He has come, he has seen, he has conquered. This second year at A.U. is much easier than the first, for he is now a settled person. But there are draw- backs. Like Caesar found Gaul, he finds college split into three parts. In the eternal triangle are 1, the book, 2 the extracurricular activity, 3 the party. The only solution to this problem is the most impossible one — time. (A commodity very rare among Sophomores.) Next year: Another goal will be attained — upperclassmen. Sophomore Class Officers: Elinor Houck, secretary-treasurer; Carl Hevener, president; Nancy Ryan, vice-president. Ruby shakes hands with Doug, during the annual Skit Night, presented to the Freshmen by the Sophomores. 39 . . . 1956 Genue: Frosh. Phylum: A. U., class of 1956. Characteristics: Green pallor, wide-eyed, eager and excitable, prone to intense attacks of sopho- more-hateitis, in mosta cases a bit wet behind the ears and usually exhibiting a definite aver- sion to hazing. Metamorphosis of the Frosh: This is a new world and the exploring specimen must suit himself to his environment. To do this, the aspiring Frosh usually goes through three dis- tinct biological developments. 1. Timidity — college is something that sounds a bit tough; the faces are strange, the buildings are stranger. This is definitely not like good old Podunk High to our specimen. 2. Relaxation — the release of tension is accompanied by a round of picnics, dances and Skit Night, which is followed by the begin- Freshman Class Officers: Peggie Bole, sec- retary; Midge Manville, vice-president; Brock Morris, president; Ann Hightower, treasurer. ning of Hazing. The Genue Frosh is seen to have acquired a small, apparently round cloth covering, usually red-white-and-blue at the top of his structure. This amazing new paraphena- lia is in evidence for a period of about two weeks and is then shed. It is known to the scientific world as a Beanie. 3. Maturity — The environment is now dominated by books, classes, and the perpetual profs. This period is marked by a definite conjugation, or splitting up of interests. Out- side of class he is still carefree; in it he is now deadly serious. Complete length of metamorphosis — usually four years, if the rules of nature are followed. The finished product is usually parasitic. He has learned to cling to two things: a booth in the coffee shop and a bridge deck. Ernie Poore and Pat Taylor in a scene from the Freshman Talent Show. Dick Parker and Martha Prince shown during the Freshman CLUBS The cast of Aqulana ' s fall water show, Waruna of Mali, lines up after the performance. AQUIANA This year Aquiana put on two water shows. The script and choreography were done by members of Aquiana. All members of Aquiana must pass the Red Cross swimming test, swim one mile and swim for speed. Presenting the 19.53 edition of Aquiana, the syncronized swimming and water ballet group of American University. f Mr 5W } r i % i Jb- YEAH TEAM! WOMEN ' S A CLUB For women athletes — Women ' s A Club elects to its membership those who have par- ticipated in intramural and extramural sports and accumulated the proper number of points to be eligible. During the year the club holds a tea for new students, picnic for election of of- ficers, and a banquet where awards are pre- sented. Women ' s A Club: First row: Miriam Thompson, Janis Thompson, corresponding secretary; Jean Sherwood, vice-president; Jerrie Brown, president, Jackie Hoffecker, recording secretary; Dot Sawyer. Second row: Pinky Gilbert, Virginia Day, Sondra Meyer, Dona Hutsler, Marge Imlay. Not in picture: Pat Milles, treasurer; Ethel McEvoy, Jinx Reznikoff, Betsy Boos, Lucille Sauber, Betty Elliott, Ruth Dyke, Betty Bole, Alice Kilejian, Pat Murdock, Peggv Simpson. j i) 1 111 T 1 r % 1 1 ill I iV fr •4 ' T§v Varsity A : First roiu: Ronnie Weber, Jim Ferguson, Bill Faux, Lou Griffith, Sam Albert, Second row: Dave Tabor, Bob Jones, Al Shute, Ed Carlough. Third row: Carl Hevener, Jay Cone, Don White, Charlie Baer, Hal Sponsler. VARSITY A ' CHEERLEADERS AU ' s Ra Ra girls are elected by the Athletic Board from their per- formance during tryouts at the be- ginning of November. The cheer- leaders yell at all home and nearby games (with quite a bit of help from the audience!) Cheerleaders: Jeanne Gedney, Cossette Colon, Jean Sherwood, Marcia Eddy, Janis Thomp- son, Midge Manville, Jackie Hoffecker, and Miriam Thompson. LINGUISTS SPANISH Spanish Club: First row: Phyllis Holm, Charles Con- roy, president; Carol Wine, vice-president; Alice Kili- jean, treasurer; Margarita Metaxatos. Second row: Pat Miles, Pat Harville, Dot Sawyer, corresponding secretary; Betty Elliott, Jerrie Brown, Carol Cooper. Third row: Mrs. Wythe, Miss Olds, Ray Saxton, business manager. Not in picture: Ethel MEvoy, Doris Person, Pinky Gilbert. Espanol — the form of communication used by our neighbors to the South. The Spanish club attempts to capture some of the highlights of this romantic culture and foster its apprecia- tion in our U.S.A. environment. Parties, movies, discussions — the Christmas pinata — projects of El Club Pan Americano. Membership is to all types of Spanish speakers; from fluent lin- quists to the Spanish enthusiasts who only know Buenas Dias. German Club: First row: Gretchen Hightower, Audrey Rickitts, John Petrakis, president; Ellen Coblentz. Margarita Metaxatos. Second row: Bill Scanlon, Neil I ' oorman, Marge Imlay, June Eames. Third row: Sam Albert, Ray Saxton, Don Sturgis, secretary-treasurer; Carl Hevener, Dr. Frank, Allan Marsh. Not in picture: Mary Dow, Esther Shiflet, Kama Sastroamidjojo, Bill Blackburn, Maurice Mahoney, Ralph White, Charles Elliott, Stephanie Ipper, William Hekimian, Frank Sink, Elizabeth Boos, Midge Manville, Frank Wright, Ann Hightower, Albert Schreck, Alex Hamilton. GERMAN FRENCH Deutsch and Francaise — two more cultures represented on the Campus. Der Deutsche Literarishe Verein is composed of students of German; Junior Alliance Francaise is open to all French students. Both begin- ning and advanced language students are eligible to become club members. French Club: Standing: Neil Poor man, Carol Wine, Charlotte Emerson Dorothy Hayden, Delton Harrison Marcia Eddy, treasurer; Jerrie Brown vice-president; Charles Conroy, presi dent; Pat Taylor, corresponding sec- retary; Betty Morris, recording secre tary; Edith Filion, Gail Morton. Seat ed: Mrs. Wythe, Mrs. Wyatt. Not in picture: George Skirm, Sr., Keith Curt- ice. William Westbrook, Claire Reid. 45 » -a-i£L- The Women ' s Chorus, under the direction of Paul Calloway, presents its Christmas Concert to the student body. WOMEN ' S CHORUS Harmony by AU ' s best voices — directed by Paul Calloway. They sing at Chapel every Thursday morning. Twice a year they stage gala concerts — the Christmas concert and the Spring Concert. STRING QUARTETTE AT A CONCERT AND MUSICIANS MUSIC CLUB Good music draws this organization together socially — open to any student or faculty mem- ber. Lectures, movies, discussions, and listen- ing to music comprise the programs for meet- ings; the goal to integrate the different arts with music. The club sponsors monthly student re- citals (also featured on WAMU) . You ' ll see these club members ushering for chamber music concerts, too. Music Club: First row: Frank Sink. Mrs. Hayes, Betsy Boos, president : Audrey Ricketts, secretary; Doris Person, vice-president; Charlie Davis, publicity. Second row: Winnie Reynolds, Jill Jamison, Ruth F. Dyke, Helen Allen, I.eona Fretheim, Barbara Koontz, Janice Mullen. Pat Cole. Third row: Lula Mc- Donald, Mary Betschler, Sondra Meyer, Betty Overall, Judy Boswell. Barbara Metro, Barbara Browning. Ellie Houck, Joanne McPherson, Bill Feagans, Joe Waters. Ronnie Mraz. Chemistry Club: First row: Dr. Schubert, Bill Scanlon, president; Ranch Yeie Rosvoll, secretary; Wellington Hung, June Eames, Gretchen High- tower, Barbara Phillips, Theodore Sanford. Sec- ond row: Sam Albert, Robert McMurdock, Charlie Bear. CHEMISTRY CLUB Open to all atom-enthusiasts, the Chemistry Club is affiliated with the American Chemical Society. Top level professional associations are made available to chemistry majors. Math-Physics Club: Ralph Welker, president; Marge Imlay, vice-presi- dent; Joan Juergens, secretary; Dr. Long, Dr. Shenton, Gretchen Hightower, Charlie Juergens, Sam Albert, Gene Spurlock, Jim Allen, Karu Shimabukuro, Don Sturgis, Bill Faux, Charlie Baer, treasurer. Not in picture: Tiny Stickney. MATH-PHYSICS w «£ m ipawgs ffippipi This newly formed club consists of math majors, physics majors, and math- physics majors. First project — visit to Pentagon to try to figure out Univac. RX Club: Gladys Jorgenson, Margrite Smiley, Orpha Dodge, Florence Uker, Elizabeth Dun- lap, Elizabeth Ditamore, Jean Potter. Xot in picture: Sylvia Little. REGISTERED NURSES The RN Club ' s members are all reg- istered nurses who are now taking courses at the university. Many of them also work in the infirmary, bandaging cut lingers, swabbing sore throats and otherwise caring for ailing A. U. stu- dents. 4 ? FTA: First row. Pete Pop- ham, Bob Jones, Carol Wine, president; Jerrie Brown, secretary; Dr. Burr, Cosette Colon, Jean Sher- wood, Earl Sargent, treas- urer; Virginia Day, Alan Marsh, Ray Saxton, Charles Conroy. Not in picture: Mary Williams, Tiny Stick - ney, vice-president; Danny Greenfield, Frank Wright, Bill DeLorme, Don Wheat- ly, Jay Cone. FTA STUDENTS POLITICAL LEAGUE School maims of tomorrow — Future Teachers of America is composed of students who hope to be teaching more students some- day. Affiliated with the National Education Association, the club meets monthly at the homes of its members. Programs are designed to encourage the students ' exchanging ideas and picking up experts ' opinions which may be helpful to them when they face classrooms of the future. Seated: Prof. Pilcher, Ed. Carlough, permanent com- mittee chairman, Marge Curtis, treasurer; Norrie Marshall, vice-president, Jim Allen, president. Standing: Pat Hodous, Ellen Coblentz, Marge Galloway, Townsend Lucas, Doug Davis, Bob Pe- tree, Virginia Miller, Bonnie Aikman, Frada Straus. 50 Government enthusiasts in a great world capital — to meet and talk to the wheels in Politics. Palmer C. Pilcher is faculty ad- viser. Debate Club: Doug Davis, Bob Petree, Ed Bis- land, Ed Car- lough, Louis Long. Not in picture: Marge Curtis, acting secretary. Speech club members have a night out at Constitution Hall. DEBATE - SPEECH CLUBS SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT ' Better Known As SAM) THE FRESHMEN HANDBOOK — a guide to new students The Freshman Handbook staff: Krnie Dibble, Hail I.a Place, Dick Witter. 52 ■ , 4 Methodist Student Movement: First row: Midge Eisenlohr, president; Ernie l ' oore, vice-president; Fran Arrand, rep- resentative to Religious Board; Judy Boswell, secretary- treasurer; Brock Morris, Jean Sherwood, Virginia Cooper, Herb Morris, Betty Overall, Marianell Fink, Rufus Fink, Barbara Lewis. Not in picture: Claire Reid, publicity chairman; Virginia Day, Waine McLain, adviser; Doris Samson. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT The Wesley Foundation Chapter of the Meth- odist Student Movement is a group of students interested in promoting spiritual life on the Campus. Everyone is invited to the morning prayer group held each weekday in Glover Room, and meetings in Peyser-Judd house each Sunday morning. Lectures and outdoor gather- ings are scheduled to further religious activity at the university. The MSM booth at the Charity Carnival with Ernie l ' oore as fortune-teller. 53 Joan takes the morning news off the teletype. Roger and Ronnie broadcast a home game. Stu and Eddie at the con- trols. WAMU 610 on your campus dial, morning and eve- ning, you can hear the talented side of AU winging its way over the air waves and through your radio on W A M U. At the beginning of the year WAMU moved — you ' ll find its pre- sent headquarters in Leonard Student Center. Now the station has two studios and is equipped with United Press teletype service bringing in the latest news from ' round the world. Operated entirely by AU students, with Pete Popham as station manager, WAMU serves as a training ground for the future ' s top professional radio and TV broadcasters. Radio-TV Guild: First row. Miss Harllee, Gloria Shields, Eleanor Fraser, Sam Scott, Walter Williams, Mary Hubbard. Second row: Bernard Katz, Lionel Monagas, Minerva Bader, Sylvan Du Bow, Arthur Ackerman, Raymond Roche, Rose Marie Talley, Frank Berfield, RADIO-TV GUILD WAMU: First row: Dave Tabor, business manager: Harry Cullis, chief announcer; Ed Walker, chief engineer; Dr. Long, adviser; l ' ete Popham, station manager; John Galloway, music director. Second row: Sarah Kittenger, Jeanne Gedney, Pris Shaw, Midge Eisenlohr, Hail LaPlace, Howard Lehman, Ronnie Weber, Joan Jenkins, traffic manager. Third row: Don Sturgis, Walt Diegel, Charlie Davis, Sam Albert. Brock Morris, George Geesey, Doug Davis, Ernie Dibble, Gene Spurlock, Guy Anselmo. Not in picture: Mr. Kempton, Win) DeLooper, Ed Carlough, Alan B. Andrews, Rene Marechal, Cossette Colon, Rusty Edwards, jane Fuller, Poo Pickus, Pat King, Buddy Addis, John Gallagher, Raymond Roche, Georgia Bennet, Pat Croft, Marge Curtis, Al Shute, Al Schreck, Bob Piper, Bill Blackburn, Alex Hamilton, Claire Reid, Tiny Stickney, Sam Scott, Martha Prince, Xavier Cruz. 55 rst row. Tom Skidmore, Jo DeWeese, Marylin Keck, Mary Margaret Bealty, Norman Sheeley, Cora Lee Critchfield, Irby Turner, Avery Haak, Julie Richards, Bob Piper, Emil ., James Dodson, Mary Kay Pinckney, Don Fossedal, Ted Adouvian, James H. Hardin, Jack Easterday, Barbara Lu Burns, Rita Schloemer. Not in Picture: Frank Skrapits, Harry Spindler. Duane Averill, Paul Rem- Washington Semester Students: Fi McWhinney. Second row: Eunice mey. WASHINGTON SEMESTER From all over the country to Washington, D. C. for one semester — government ma- jors from other colleges and universities come to take ad- vantage of the opportunity to do research in their major field. Two Washington Semester students confer with their adviser, Dr. Hat- tery. MCH HOUSE COUNCIL MGH Council: Sally Shanklin, Alice Kilijean, Jinx Reznikoff, Jody Narehood, Peggie Bole. WORK STUDY Work-Study Council: Anne Rider, director; Jo Ann Jeffries, Proctor; Nellie Weber, president; Bunny Leonard, secretary; Maggie Burgee, Proctor; Christine Covington, treas- urer. Work-study girls and their dates hold a Hallowe ' en party. A group gathers around the piano at the Work- study reception. „...„ n .. w ... — „ ■•—•••g jama i iiump awn viunncu iiuuiciuimiiij vucuii; Pack Room to Hear AU Speak „ G W ; ns Both f | oat AnJ Ranner Contest$ ass s? LETTER „ . iTTT? 52 from a freshman - Good P„ msr S B f J M SERR-l C »4JV E re — and Tlierp iF rf O ZZHfL fl t® x rp Says: « b Are People W - ' , : erd to The EDITOR Defeat - AH ,a69M pubVishcs Record Hum i tte k sl Anderson vre= over ± ports lill V W .T By Ernie Poor, American tmiJersity Eagle Editor-in-Chief Camilla Reznikoff Business Manager Walter Diegel Business Manager, ex officio ... Johanne Beppler Flemming Managing Editor, CAS Harl LaPlace Managing Editor, SSPA Jerry Chaney Editorial Staff: Buddy Addis, Owen Aspinal, Sue Hall, Doug Davis, Foster Kalkoffen, Lee Levy, Warren Moore, Ernie Poore, Nan Ross, Jim Sanford. Business Staff Irvin Rose, Courtney Stickney Photographers Gene Spurlock, Ed Andrus Top picture, Campus staff: Carol Cooper, Doug Davis, columnist; Ernie Poore, spoils; Tiny Stickney, circulation; Gene Spurlock, photography; Jim Sanford, columnist, Ernie Dibble, Harl LaPlace, CAS editor. Lower picture, School staff: Warren Moore, Sue Hall, Buddy Addis, Jerry Chaney, SSPA editor; Foster Kalkoffen, columnist and graduate editor; Elizabeth West, typist; Owen Aspinall, Eu- gene Shumate. Business Manager Johanne Beppler Fleming and Editor- in-Chief Camilla Reznikoff. 5 5 Sports writer Ernie Dr. Clark, adviser Staff artists — Joy and Wira Writers Doug and Frada Typists Ethel, Jerrie, Joan and Martha Business Managers Ed, Gretchen and Ernie Business Staff Ethel, Hail and Louis Lucile Buice Editor Ellen Coblentz Associate Editor, CAS Pat Murdock Croft Associate Editor, SSPA Gretchen Hightower, Ed Andrus, Ernie Dibble Business Managers Ethel McEvoy, Hail La Place, Louis Long Business Staff Gene Spurlock Photo editor Ed Andrus, Guy Glossbrenner, Tiny Stickney Photo Staff Joy Newport Jepson Dividers and End Sheets VVim DeLooper Cartoons Ernie Poore Sjjorts Writer Frada Strauss, Doug Davis Copy Writers Jerrie Brown, Ethel McEvoy, Joan Jenkins, Martha Prince Typists en, Lucile and Pat THE 1953 AUCOLA . . . Just 100 words, Doug . . . that ' s all I ask . . . just 100 small, wee words . . . they don ' t have to be long words — just so there ' s 100 of them . . . Pictures! Pictures! My kingdom for a picture! . . . One-time Spurlock . . . Any nervous breakdowns this year? . . . Nope ... we were broken down before we started . . . Gene and Ed telling jokes in the dark room . . . Guess what they ' re joking about? . . . You ' ll see . . . What this yearbook needs is a good 5-cent Gloss- brenner . . . Cigarette smoke . . . Crumbled copy . . . Crumbled editors . . . Make it vague and breezy but don ' t inculcate your journalistic dia- tributes with such a farcicial spontaniety that the gammaglobulin fails to react distinctly to the clearness of your prose . . . The deadline is DEFINITELY Friday ... but we could stretch it a week or two . . . Theme of this years Aucola staff: I ' ll be darned. ' It ' s your turn to get the hamburgers and coffee! . . . Photographer works while Editor supervises. Photographers Gene and Ed r N»W, -wh HONORARY FRATERNITIES Dr Anderson i s ,he ' cheon guest of ODK OMICRON DELTA KAPPA ODK: Harry Cullis, Vernon Moore, Dick Mil- ler, Dick Witter, Dr. Hatchett, Dr. Clark, secre- tary; Pete Popham, president; Don Sturgis, Don Dedrick. Not in picture: Bob Sanders, Mel Hirshman, Dean Bentlev. CAP AND GOWN Cap and Gown: Alice Peterson, sec- retary: Marge Imlay, treasurer; Virginia Day, president. Not in picture: Sugar Fleming, vice-presi- dent. Delta Phi Alpha: Esther Shifflett, Ray Saxton, Ellen Coblentz, Don Sturgis, Alan Marsh, Marge Imlay, Bob Wag- ner. DELTA PHI ALPHA OMICRON EPSILON PI Omicron Epsilon Pi: Mr. Clentlenin, Herb Morris, Joanne Goktenberg, Ernie Dibble, JoAnn Christoph- erson, Brock Morris, Reid Elder, Bernard Berenson, Edith Filion. Alpha Psi Omega: Howard Lehman, Ernie Poore, Alice Petersen, president; Harry Cullis, vice-president; Debbie Piatt, secretary-treasurer; Frances Arrand, Dick Miller, Mrs. Patton, Ron Gomez, Louise Cahill, Kathy Probey. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Dick Miller and Alice Peterson play a scene for the Alpha Psi Omega tea. The actors, actresses, technicians — all who have excelled in drama on the campus — make up Iota Phi cast of Alpha Psi Omega. Membership is limited to those who exhibit their talents in the annual fall plays, musical comedies or Shakesperian plays. Sigma Delta Chi: David Rolland, Dick Fitzpatrick, secretary of the Washington Professional Chapter; H. D. Crawford, Chapter adviser and director of journalism; Howard L. Kany, journalism lecturer of the Associated Press and Chapter professional adviser; Richard Dienelt, vice-president; James J. Brophy, president; Warren C. Moore, secretary: Ralph A. Hoffmann; Eugene C. Shumate, Herbert Kolinsky. Student members not shown: Lawrence Christopher, Jr., Paul Garvey, William McNamara, Jr., W. E. O ' Brien, Alan Theodore, treasurer; Keith Trantow, Barnett K. Walters. SIGMA DELTA CHI Something new has been added — American University has established the first undergraduate chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, national honorary journalism fraternity for men, in the Washington area. The Men ' s Press Club was organized at A. U. in May, 1950 with the primary purpose of qualify- ing for membership in Sigma Delta Chi. At the 33rd annual convention of the fraternity in No- vember the petition of the Men ' s Press Club for a chapter was unanimously approved. BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta: Seated: Betty Phenix, treasurer; Barbara Phillips, secre- tary; Irma Lazaroff, his- torian; Dr. Hatchett, Dr. K n i p 1 i n g. Standing: Charlotte Parker, Randi Veie Rosvel, Wellington Hung, vice-president; Hal Sponsler, Stan McCaus- land. June Eames. Pi Delta Epsilon: John Galloway, Ed Walker, Gen e Spurlock, Pete Popham, president; Lncile Buice, secretary- treasurer; Harry Cullis, Dr. Charles M. Clark. Not in picture: Jinx Reznikoff, Mary Williams, vice-president. PI DELTA EPSILON Pi Delt President congratulates new members after fall initiation. 67 Who ' s Who: Seated: Barbara Phillips, Jerrie Brown, Dona Hutsler, Virginia Day, Marge Imlay, Randi Veie Rosvoll, Sue Hall. Standing: Camilla Reznikoff, Bob Wagner, Milton Koepke, Robinson Lappin, Bernard Kiernan, Larry Traylor, Louis Long, Rufus Peckham, Walter Smith, Bob Hamilton, Richard G. Van Buskirk, Julian W. Caplan. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES These are the juniors and seniors who have been selected to be included in the 1953 edition of Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Requirements: character, scholarship, leadership, activity in student affairs, potential abilities for future work. A committee of the student association makes these decisions. 68 SOCIAL FRATERNITIES Panhellenic Council: Doris Person, Jeanne Gedney, Johanne Christopherson, Betty Phenix, Dona Hutsler, Jean Sherwood, Audrey Ricketts, Pinky Gilbert. PAN-HELLENIC INTERFRATERNITY COUNCILS Interfraternity Council: Bill Hopper, Harrv Cullis, Bill Sherrick, Ernie Dibble president; Ed Andrus, John Doody, secretary-treasurer. I Panhellenic Council makes policy to guide the women ' s fraternities on Campus. It is the local admin- istrative body of the National Pan- hellenic Association; membership is restricted to fraternities having at least five chapters in institutions of collegiate rank. The Interfraternity Council is the organization set up to stimulate harmony among the men ' s frater- nities. Associated with the Nation- al Interfraternity Council, it is composed of two members from each fratern ity and a faculty mem- ber. The Council establishes rush- ing rules and encourages interfra- ternity cooperation. Together the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils sponsor the annual Interfraternity Prom, Songfest, and award trophies to the outstanding fraternity, as well as independent man and woman of the year. 69 PHI MU Founded March 4, 1953 Wesleyan College Macon, Georgia GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER Founded 1933 Ethel McEvoy President Frada Strauss Vice-President Doris Person Secretary Sondra Meyer Treasurer . . . Hethel at the Hocean . . . out of tune piano . . . Sign on closet: Danger! Falling Debris! . . . Room 212 like Grand Central . . . free loaders at dinner on meeting night ... by sad experience we ' ve learned the penalty for breaking dorm rules . . . to the lighthouse . . . Penn State Chongggg . . . those girl ' s dorms at Mt. St. Mary ' s . . . gradually growing coat of arms . . . there ' s a tear in my be-er . . . long string of shiny cups . . . our songbird in the quaint nitespot . . . regular winners of scholarship cup tho you ' d never suspect it . . . very proud of Jackie — ATO Sweetheart, Apple Blossom Princess . . . Doris — best loved Junior . . . I ' m not tuning you in . . . The sisters who are always up to something. Bonnie Aikman, Juanita Brown, Lucile Buice, Ellen Coblentz, Pat Cole, Pat Murdock Croft, Ruth Floyd Dyke, Joyce Gilbert, Jackie Hoffecker, Joan Jenkins, Joan Juergens, Ethel McEvoy, Sondra Meyer, Doris Person, Alice Petersen. Dot Sawyer, Frada Strauss, Marlene Williams. Bathing Beauties Marlene and Frada furnish woman-power for the Homecoming Float. Christmas party in the room. e ? 4BT 5% tsr- V 1 40 0 » V==r 2L « 9 DELTA GAMMA Founded January 2, 1873 Lewis School Oxford, Mississippi BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Founded 1936 JoAnn Christopherson President Betty Ann Phenix Vice-President Parvin Davallou and Gretchen Hightower ... Secretaries Pat Miles Treasurer Joan Albery, Jo Ann Christopherson, Parvin Davallou, Marcia Eddy, Pat Harville, Gretchen Hightower, Phyllis Holm, Peggy Hutchins, Kylene Hutch inson, Sarah Kittinger, Joanne Mc Pherson, Pat Miles, Virginia Miller, Betty Ann Phenix, Neil Poorman Winnie Reynolds, Pat Vander Hyden What a year this has been! First . . . one hectic week finishing the redecoration of the room in time for rush season . . . then there appeared before our astonished eyes nine new little sisters parading across the floor of the Washington Golf Country Club — 1952 Pledge Dance . . . Christmas packages, caroling at Children ' s Hos- pital, the Christinas Dinner and the first of our trophies — for the most outstanding table decoration . . . and along about this time Parvin became Phi Sig Moonlight Girl . . . nest, Homecoming, and the squeals from the gals were justified . . . two first prizes for the best float and poster . . . Spring and our work with the blind . . . and our hoedown, the annual Hayseed Hop, with barn, fiddles and king . . . Busy bees: business manager, newspaper society editor, Pan American Club and poetry club presidents, in- tramural hockey manager and college council representative and finally Houseparty. Christmas gifts at dorm party. DCs dress up for rush party. ALPHA CHI OMEGA Founded October 15, 1885 DePaw University Creencastle, Indiana BETA RHO CHAPTER Founded 1937 Dona Hutsler President Margaret Imlay and Virginia Day Vice-Presidents Alice Kilejian and Jean Sherwood Secretaries Harl La Place Treasurer . . . To the floor, Wagner . . . This functional furniture is great! . . . Pull up a tahle and sit down . . . But the pictures look better at this angle . . . Guess what we ' re doing . . . Who ' s warbling at the piano ... so what ' s Blythe Morning? . . . I ' ll see you there first . . . Let ' s have a pawty ... So I gambled and lost! . . . Dust off the bowling trophy, gals . . . Homecoming — a toast . . . The A Chi ' s who are in Cap Gown . . . The A Chi ' s who toil for College Council . . . The A Chi ' s who count the ballots . . . The sisters with the singing dispositions. Barbara Browning, Cossette Colon, Vir- ginia Day, Margaret Eisenlohr, Pat Hodous, Elinor Houck, Dona Hutsler, Margaret Imlay, Jill Jamison, Margaret Galloway, Alice Kilejian, Sarah Mun- clay, Harl La Place, Barbara Phillips, Jean Sherwood. Christmas party in the dorm. Elbe! A Chi ' s Toast to Victory. «» m? KAPPA DELTA Founded October 23, 1897 Longwood Sckool Farmville, Virginia BETA IOTA CHAPTER Founded 1943 Mary Williams President Lucille Sauber Vice-President Johanne Fleming Secretary Janis Thompson Treasurer Betty Bole, Peggy Bole, Dee Carrico, Carol Cooper, Betty Elliott, Johanne Fleming, Jane Fuller, Jeanne Gedney, Lula McDonald, Louise Meikle, June Mosburg, Joanne Narehood, Sue Olson, Martha Prince, Audrey Ricketts, Nan- cy Ryan, Lucille Sauber, Sally Shank- lin, Pris Shaw, Barbara Shytle, Pat Taylor, Janis Thompson, Miriam Thompson, Lyle Turner, Mary Wil- liams Warther. . . . The Hayride to Great Falls on an old November eve — then pulling hay from our hair and shoes for the next six weeks . . . The mistletoe and holly, and mostly the fun at our Christmas party with Miss Santa Claus, Jeanne Gedney . . . Wedding bells, engagement rings and fraternity pins were one of the main attrac- tions . . . The ribbon, punch, and dainty unmentionables floating around at the dozens of showers . . . The biggest thrill of all — another Thompson chosen Homecoming queen, this time Janis, who was also Alpha Sig Dream Girl . . . June and Jeanne always rearranging the furniture and usually putting everything back in its original place . . . culture meetings, especially the Brumidi Lecture . . . We donated books to the library, remember? . . . KD ' s say there ' s something fishy about Loyola. Handing out gifts at the Christmas party. PHI SIGMA KAPPA Founded March 15, 1873 Massachusetts State College Amherst, Massachusetts EPSILON TRITON CHAPTER Founded 1936 Jim Dalgleish President Bill Hopper Vice-President Dick Bartlett Secretary Gene Spurlock Treasurer The telephone number is WO 6-9816 . . . Peters turns down a Supreme Court bench to go to Hawaii and fish . . . for wood . . . WHO is Charlie Bananas? . . . The Pres. gets a new Olds . . . dues go up . . . Phi Sigs crazy for Sigma Epsilon Chi . . . Phi Sigs just plain crazy . . . Moonlight Dance . . . Moonlight Girl . . . Carnation Ball in conjunction with Maryland and G. W. chapters . . . Found- er ' s Day Dance . . . Western Party . . . The Dutchman needs SI. 25 for a haircut . . . The parties that go on and on and on . . . The Dawn Patrol choir under the direction of Adam . . . Conover ' s boys . . . Don ' t worry boys — we have a druggist . . . That spook is everywhere . . . The Phi Sigs who are bottle babies . . . The Phi Sigs who are bald . . . The Phi Sigs who play records . . . The Phi Sigs who break records . . . Dick Bartlelt, Charlie Baer, Ed Car- lough, Dick Cosby, Jim Dalgleish, Bud Daly, Paul Davallou, Doug Davis, Wim DeLooper, Guy Glossbrenner, Bill Hopper, Luke Johnson, Charlie Juergens, George Latham, Jerry Link, Norrie Marshall. Howard Parker, Dick Parker. Charles Patterino, Charlie Peters, Adam Pulaski, Bill Sherrick, Marty Sigholtz, Stan Smith, Sandy Sneddon, Hal Sponsler, Gene Spurlock, Dick Taylor, Ed Wickey. Phi Sigs new fraternity banner. Phi Sigs support Parvin. r% % n N v r % -?v 7% ALPHA TAU OMEGA Founded March 15, 1865 Virginia Military Institute Lexington, Virginia EPSILON IOTA CHAPTER Founded 1943 John Doody President Jay Cone and Pete Pine Secretaries Charlie Feder Treasurer James Adams, Ed Andrus, Dick Beru- effy, Bill Blackburn, George Bloomer, Jay Cone, Ben Cotton, Don Dedrick, John Doody, Dick Dyson, Reid Elder, Charles Eskew, Bill Faux, Charlie Fed- er, Connie Giffin, Phil Heathcote, Carl Hevener, Bob Horan, Terry Maher, Pat Mahoney, Brock Morris, Jose Ob- lea, Bill Palmer, Rufus Peckham, Pete Pine, John Pugh, Bob Sanders, John Selby, Octave Stevenson, Ralph Wel- ker, Tom Wells, Stacy Williams, Don Wright. . . . Hey, Dad . . . The Tau Tramp . . . Christmas dance . . . Spring formal . . . Heathcote ' s pipe . . . The flying saucer . . . So solly, please . . . innumberable pledges underfoot . . . football crown, top tankmen . . . Quiet period during exams . . . Doody ' s car of the year . . . The New car disease . . . class presidents galore . . . The Mainmen . . . Dirty Bill . . . Guitar players in Ham House — He who who who, who he who — birthday parties in the fishpond - ski trips. The brothers who are sports. The morning after. The winner, Jackie. ALPHA SIGMA PHI Founded December 6, 1845 Yale University New Haven, Connecticut BETA CHI CHAPTER Founded 1940 ' Tiny Stickney President Bob Petree Vice-President Roger Gordon Secretary Bob Jones Treasurer . . . How ' s Mufty? . . . The Brick! . . . point of order . . . We ' ll meet you under the tree at 11:00 .. . Has anyone seen Tiny ' s fraternity pin? . . . Another eviction notice . . . The Shiek of Araby! . . . Pinochle anyone? . . . Minutes, minutes, who ' s got the minutes . . . What ' s the !? !—? combination to this lock? . . . Serenade in black (midnight that is!) . . . What is it, a parachute? Ed Bisland, Tom Colley, Harry Cullis, Charlie Davis, Ernie Dibble, Walt Die- gel, Jim Ferguson, George Gessey, Roger Gordon, Bob Jones, Louis Long, George Olaso, John Petrakis, Bob Pe- tree, Pete Popham, Earl Sargent, Al Schreck, Willard Scott, Al Shute, Tiny Stickney, Dave Tabor, Bob Wagner, Ed Walker, Dick Witter. The Alpha Sig Greyhound. Alpha Sig ' s lates t addition, mascot Mufti. 40 W «« P CI r» ftk I A Fraternity is a combination of the two words Frater, from the Latin Frothy, — sends forth beer and nity, from the Greek Nighty — a word closely related to Pajama — or Knights of the Beer, from which the first Greek letter fraternity, Eye-Tappa-Keg, was originated. Closely allied to it is the sister word Sorority, a combination of the English feminine Sore and the French Risque. The original sorority, If-Pappa-Nu, was but recently revived on campus. 84 wartM VM, SPORTS J Herbert Zombie Saunders, trainer, in the coffee shop. THE BIC TEAM Seated: Luke Johnson, Jimmy Williams, Bud Daly, Marty Sigholtz, Bill Faux, Charlie Baer. White, Jay Cone, John Selby, Dick Parker, Bob Jones, Carl Hevener, Coach Dutch Shultz. Standing: Manager, Don $s 9 v c f ) $ 12 11 1 %Qjj ) ' £ kto iruriru 4 SCHEDULE A.U. Opp. Baltimore 75 58 Navy 47 69 Davis-Elkins 71 56 Western Maryland 82 51 Randolph-Macon 56 58 Catholic University 69 50 Mount St. Marys 77 62 Towson 77 41 Loyola 69 64 Scranton 70 63 Loyola 53 69 Penn State 53 69 Mount St. Marys 67 82 Catholic University 76 50 Bridgewater 82 45 Roanoke 56 67 Western Maryland 76 49 Hampton-Sydney 88 74 Under the leadership of their new coach, Hugo Dutch Schulze, the Eagles of 1952-53 again showed their supremacy in the Mason-Dixon Conference as they moved through their schedule to again enter the playoffs for the conference cham- pionship. After a hard-luck season last year with the Jayvee team, Dutch was promoted to Director of Athletics and Head Basket- ball Coach when Stafford H. Pop Cassell was moved up to the front office as the Assistant to the President. Since coming to A.U., Dutch has been Pop ' s assistant, and is thoroughly acquainted with the system that has brought acclaim to A.U., the floating zone defense. Dutch was very fortunate in having five lettermen return- ing to help him start his head coaching career at A.U. Those who were returning were: John Selby, Bud Daly, Bob Jones, Carl Hevener, and Charlie Baer. Besides these returning lettermen, Dutch also had three new freshmen, Marty Sig- holtz, Jimmy Williams, and Dick Parker, and two seniors, Bill Faux and Jay Cone, to help carry the team through the tough season that lay ahead. Varsity Baseball Team: First row: Moose Miller, Luke Johnson, Chuck Richards, Jay Cone, Bert Chase, Jimmy Williams, Art Lewis. Second row: Charlie Baer, Bill Silvey, Walter Eckbreth, Lew Griffith, Dick Parker, Billy Faux. Third row: Jim Allen, Dutch Schulze (coach) , Wim DeLooper (Manager) . SPRING - BASEBALL TENNIS Varsity Tennis Team: Bob Frailey, coach, Bill DeLorme, Danny Greenfield, Walter Smith, Dave Tabor, Sam Albert, Bob Jones. 6 c a m Wo :- -L «3r „ ' INTRAMURALS ATO SWIMMERS TAKE FIRST PRIZE Jose Oblea, Don Wright, Ed Andrus, Don Dedrick, John Doodv, Ralph Wel- ker. CONE COPS GOLF TOURNEY Intramural golfers ATO AGAIN THIS TIME IT ' S FOOTBALL ATO football team ATO winning basketball team: Bill Blackburn, Bill DeLorme, Ben Cotton, Don Wright, Bill Faux, Bob Sanders, Dick Bereuffey, seated. ATO TAKES BASKETBALL CROWN SAM SWINGS Alpha Sig - ATO basketball game. Sam serves a fast one. Under the direction of Bob Frailey a Women ' s Varsity Swimming Team was formed this year. First row: Sarah Kittinger, Gail Morton, Marcia Eddy, Pat Vander Hyden, Betty Bole, Barbara Ford. Second row: Bob Frai- ley, coach, Pinky Gilbert, Joan Alberry, Ethel McEvoy. SOMETHING NEW IN VARSITY SPORTS Parvin bowls intramurals. A strike by Ernie. Frailey being dunked by his proteges. THE CIRLS GET IN THE ACT PHI MU WINS HOCKEY 1 M Hockey team: Pat Murdock Croft. Ethel McEvoy, Jerrie Brown, Ellen Cob- lentz, Doris Person. JACKIE TAKES PINC PONG FOR 2ND YEAR Ping pong match between Ellen and Lew. KA WINS BASKETBALL CROWN»f. k £ HIGH SPOTS Maiiene Williams performs at the Freshman Talent Show. ORIENTATION Who ' s the babe that danced in the last act? . . . Wow! Has this Frosh Class got talent! . . . Wonder what her phone number is. And the Freshmen strike back. After experiencing the questionable delight of being entertained by the upperclassmen, the newcomers display their wares to the school in the Annual Frosh talent show. The class of ' 56 put on a delightful exhibition of danc- ing, singing, and comedy. And while the youngsters took their pratfalls, the old gray-beards in the audi- ence took notes for future reference. Oh no . . . It can ' t be as bad as all that! . . . They won ' t really be that strict, will they! . . . Will they? And the fuzzy-cheeked freshmen shudder behind their laughter as they watch the upperclassmen clown through the annual skit night. Willard Scott and Harry Cullis as typical Sophomores led typical frosh Bob O ' Connor and Doug Davis through a series of typical hazing incidents, loaded with typical A.U. ad-libbing. Then came scenes from last spring ' s political — all rehearsed. Thus was the show saved, and the audience went away satisfied — satisfied that this had been a very un- typical skit night. Cast of Skit Night. Sony Looks good! RUSHING Moonlight girl gets pinned. Charlies looks thirsty. ELECTION NIGHT ON CAMPUS Part of the WAMU staff broadcasting the returns. Coffee and doughnuts were served in the Cof- fee Shop by House Council to all students who stayed up listening to election returns. After it was all over there were some long faces, and some bright but weary smiles. They watched the TV screen for results WAMU GETS NEW HOME Spectators at the skit pre- sented as part of the ded- ication ceremonies. Station Manager Pete Popham presents the keys to the new station to Dr. Anderson. This fall WAMU, the campus radio station, moved from Roper Art Studio to Leonard Stu- dent Center. At a dedication ceremony presided over by Sation Manager Pete Popham, WAMU was accepted into the nation-wide Inter-Collegiate Broadcasting System. The new facilities consist of a control room, two studios and a business of- fice. Pete Popham receives WA- MU ' s certificate of member- ship in IBS for the president of the svstem. Station personnel broadcast- ing the dedication ceremony. Staff Pop Cassell interrupts a talk with Jane Dunn to take a call. OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT Staff Cassell, long-time athletic director and head coach at A.U., left the field of athletics to take up an appointment as Assistant to the President. Cas- sell, who has a national reputation as a basketball coach, is now in charge of all non-academic ac- tivities off-campus, which include student liaison, alumni affairs and public relations. His office has continued to promote specialized educational programs of service to government employees. Don Osten, Public Relations Officer, and Marcia Wingo, Alumni Secretary, put their heads to- gether over an issue of the Lodestar. Guy Anselmo, Jr., Field Representative and Manager of the Office of The Assistant to the President; Miss Anna Rider, Manager of Information for SSPA; Dr. Samuel Harbey, Director of Government Liaison; Mr. John Wakefield, Field Representative; Miss Bonnie Reed, Secretary to Mr. Cassell. CHARITY CARNIVAL AND SADIE HAWKINS DAY DANCE Dr. Anderson is presented with a vegetable corsage by his wife. Dancers at the Charity Carnival in Clendenen. The opening of the fall water show, Waruna of Bali. WARUNA OF BALI . . . And another A.U. activity evolves into an A.U. institution. Aquiana ' s fall water ballet this year, entitled Waruna of Bali, was an awe-inspir- ing spectacle. The pool was packed each night with students eager to catch a glimpse of Bob Frailey ' s mermaids. But it wasn ' t only the students that were im- pressed by Waruna. A short time after its in- itial presentation, Frailey ' s flock was seen perform- ing again on NBC-TV ' s Today before the whole country. Swimmers form a pattern for pleased spectators. One of the high-spots of the show, a hula by Maxine. Burl Ives entertains with a few songs after his lecture on folk music. Performers splash out a fire in the fall production of Waruna. 103 Midge Manville, freshman Snowball Queen. THE ANNUAL FRESHMAN SNO-BALL The Freshman Sno-ball Queen and King, Midge Manville and Dick Dyson, and their court. 1C5 El lie, Doug and Joan backstage before the performance. SEASON ' S GREETINGS The boy was quite upset. It was an affront to his dignity. Don — if you think I ' m going to wear that crazy robe you ' re out of your mind! Shepherd or no shepherd, I ' ll be darned if I ' m going to parade around the stage in front of all those people in that thing. But he did wear it — and thus once again Season ' s Greetings, 1952 edition, did its part in preparing A.U. for the festive season ahead. This year ' s show inspiringly captured the two-sided spirit of Yuletide most effectively. The first act combined A.U. ' s vaudevillean talents to picture the lighter, gayer side of Christmas. The second act portrayed the moving birth of the Christ Child, as read from St. Luke, and pantomimed on stage by the actors — robes and all. Thus beautifully capturing the more somber, thank- ful spirit of Christmas. There was no snow to harass transportation this year, and Season ' s Greetings continued its custom of collecting toys for Children ' s Hospital. Don Osten, M.C. and Director. Doug sees something he wants. 106 Season ' s Greetings carollers. ' TWAS THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS . The court of the Best Loved girl 108 Snm i i Best-Lovecl-Girl, Judy Johnson. Carolers serenade Dr. and Mrs. Anderson in The dead of night. . . . AND ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT Carolers pause at the entrance to the president ' s home. } WOMEN | , - j ■ •: V ■ » - Sib MEN WILL MAKE THEM n O - Alpha Sigma Phi Dream Girl, Janis Thompson, with her date, Jim Fer- guson. Ill ATO President John Doody presents cup to ATO Sweetheart Jackie Hof- fecker. THE BUGLE BLEW AT EIGHT . . A bugle and drum parade through ampus led the students to a rally on the steps of Hurst Hall. For those who remembered the last time the bugle blew, this was a definite improvement. The Drum and Bugle call students to the rally. About 30 cars formed a motorcade to take students to the hearing on the pro- posed Sibley Hospital, to be built on campus led the students to a rally on the show their approval of the administra- tion policy in the matter. Dr. and Mrs. Bentley join students on the steps of Mary Graydon before leaving for the hearing. Students voice approval of Bugle. The lawyer makes a point at the hear- ing; Model in foreground is of pro- posed hospital. HOMECOMING It was a great day for the DCs. This is their winning poster. DELTA v ■ w Janis Thompson, Homecoming Queen. Interfrat at Hotel Hamilton. Exams — a whole week of studying! The Grand March, in the Ballroom of the Shore- ham. nd the Otudents of Ihe American University request tne pleasure of your company at the Presidential Ball to be held in honor of Doctor ana i ' lrs. Hurst Robins Anders© on Monday, the rwenty-tkird of February Nineteen hundred and liity-tkree at nine o clock in the evening Main Ballroom, Shoreham Hotel Washington, District of Columbia ihe lavor ox a reply is requested before February twenty-first INAUGURATION OF DR. ANDERSON AS EIGHTH PRESIDENT INAUCURAL BALL The new president and his wife. 117 INAUGURATION CEREMONIES Grand Marshal Shenton leads the academic procession into the Washington Cath- edral. Dr. Anderson prepares to deliver his inaugural address. Professors at the Inauguration cere- monies, seen from above. Cheerleaders lead spectators in a cheer for the big team. THE MASON-DIXON TOURNAMENT The Randolph -Macon game, won by A.U. 46-67. The Eagles loose the crown 65-62 to Loyola in a heart- breaking fifth period. 121 ATO Spring Formal. Brock and Betty Charles- ton. Mr. and Mrs. Fink, winners of the Mr. WAMU contest are con- gratulated by Sam Albert and Dr. Anderson. Mr. WAMU him- self, Eddie Gallaher, looks on. Artist ' s conception of the mysterious Mr. WAMU. = 3 Jackie Hoffecker, Apple Blossom Princess. k . .. I ' ■ i ■ LI --- ... . - iSMI Winners of special awards: Harry Cullis, Outstanding fraternity man; Don Sturgis, Outstanding independent man; Marge Imlay, Outstanding sorority woman; Jinx Reznikoff, Outstanding independent woman; Tiny Stickney, Alpha Sigma Phi, Fraternity scholarship; Winnie Reynolds, Pledge scholarship; Bob Jones and Jay Cone, Omicron Delta Kappa athletic award. AN APRIL SHOWER OF SONG Alpha Sig is now the proud possessor of the songfest cup, having won songfest for the third straight year. They won with Vale of Tuoni and their fraternity song Hail, Sigma Phi. For the girls Delta Gamma carried home the trophy with their version of You ' ll Never Walk Alone and their sorority song Delta Gamma Dream Girl. Special entertainment was furnished this year by an independent girls group singing Summer- time, and by The Sportsters, a barber shop quartet. In recognition of Dean Bentley ' s interest in the students during his many years service at the University, the Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils presented him with an informal por- trait. Delta Gamma, winner of the Panhellenic songfest cup. Louis Long leads the boys to their third straight win. ,.., ; $ K A South American Festival rou tine. 126 Two couples at the Junior-Senior Prom: Harl and Bill, Bob and Barbara. THE JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM The Junior-Senior Prom, held at the Silver Room in Silver Spring. « II DIRECTORY UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Adams, George James, R.D. No. 4, Ithaca, New York Addis, Barnett R., 512 Aspen Street, N.W. Aikman, Bonnie Ellen, S6S6 - 16th N.W., Apt. B510, Hu. J-6375 Albert. Samuel O., 830 Crittenden Street, N.W., Ra. 3-2221 Albert. Joan Carol, 4813 Quebec Street, N.W., Em. 23360 Allen, Helen Virginia, Chambersburg, Pa. Allen, James Webster, 119 - 35th Street, S.E., Lu. 4-2772 Ally. Virginia Ruth, 3728 Harrison Street, N.W., Em. 3-1179 Alston, Alfred, 4974 Just Street, N.E. Lu. 2-2015 Andrus, Edward D., Ill, Route 2, Box 467, Alexandria, Virginia, Je. 4-3994 Arosemena, Tilcia N., Amador Guerrero 9, Penonome, Code, Panama Arrand, Frances E.. 993 Bradley, Flint, Michigan, tel. no. - 89583 Atkinson, Richard R., Jr., 422 - 5th Street, S.E. Auren, Robert Franklin, 1730 - 16th Street, N.W., De. 2-6006 Baer, Charles N., 237 High Street, Tamaqua, Pennsyl- vania, 918- J Barker, Ruth Dell, 361 1 - 35th Street, N.W. Barlow, Thomas Eugene, 3401 Commonwealth Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia, Ki. 8-6879 Bartlett, Richard C, 2102 Dayton Street, Silver Spring, Maryland, Lo. 5-0398 Belanger, William A., 2600 - 16th Street South, Arlington, Virginia, Ja. 2-7500, X691 Bennett, Georgia Anne, 517 Brunswick Street, Brunswick, Maryland Berdeguez, Ciro D., 3405 Ordway Street, N.W., Em. 3-2913 Berenson, Bernard G, 160 Newbury Street, Portland, Maine, 3-6525 Berlin, Steven Irwin, 1636 Fort Dupont Street, S.E., Lu. 2-7894 COMPLIMENTS ...OF THE... WOMAN ' S GUILD of The American University Berueffy, Richard H„ 5011 Allan Road, Ol. 2-3843 Betschler, Mary L., 366 Arlington Village, Arlington, Virginia, Ja. 2-7500, X366 Biddle, Henry B., 322 S. Adams Street, Arlington, Vir- ginia, Ja. 2-8248 Black, Dwight Winston, 4713 Chesapeake Street, Wo. 6-5010 Blackburn, William Wright, 5028 Allan Road, Ol. 4-1884 Bloomer, George Beale, Jr., 4522 Walsh Street, Chevy Chase, Maryland, Ol. 4 8153 Bole, Elizabeth S., 2145 N. Pollard, Arlington, Virginia, Ja. 7-4007 Bole, Margaret Anne, 2145 N. Pollard, Arlington, Vir- ginia. Ja. 7-4007 Boos, Elizabeth L., 1901 Otis St., N.E., Ho. 2-4463 Borden, Frances Gray, 314 N. Garfield St., Arlington, Va., Ja. 8-9195 RIDEOUT STAPP 607 15th Street, N.W. Washington, D. C. burner studio KI ng 9-3059 AUCOLA Portrait Photographer LIFELIKE PORTRAITS 108 North Washington Street Alexandria, Virginia Boswell, Judith Winter, 7 Cedar, Alexandria, Va., Ki. 9-1228 Brar, Hazoora Singh, 27- Macomb St., N.W., Em. 2-1471 Broaddus, Anne Berding, 5710 - 39th St., N.W., Em. 2-2490 Brown, Juanita M., 4120 - N. 34th Road, Arlington 7, Va., Ja. 5-9012 Browning, Barbara, Carter ' s Lane, Riverdale, Maryland, Wa. 7-2284 Bryan, Elva, 1826 Fre derick Place, S.E. Buice, Lucile C, 4834 Butterworth Place, N.W., Wo. 6-3744 Buitrago. Luis, 632 Faraday Place, La. 6-6074 Byrd, Elbert M., Jr.. Shady Side, Md. Caguiate, Jose Reyes, 4017 - 14th Street. N.W. Cahill, Louise M., 4646 Hawtharne Lane, Wo. 6-0400 Cake, John F., 3408 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Va.. Ja. 7-6686 Capozzi, Peggy Simpson, 7221 Cedar Ave., Takoma Park, Md., Ju. 7-7873 Carlough, Edward J., 3215 Gunston Road, Alexandria, Va., Te. 6-9013 Caudle, James Richard, 3460-H New Mexico Ave., N.W., Em. 2-6762 Charles, Roland W.. Jr., 3621 Jenifer St., N.W., Em. 2-6888 Chavis, Grace L., 1919 - 3rd St., N.W., Ad. 2-9798 Chidel, Harvey Irwin. 1510 Hamilton St., N.W. Chin, Elizabeth, 1412 Montague St.. N.W., Tu. 2-3048 Christopherson, Jo Ann, 4728 S. 29th St., Arlington, Va., Ov. 3-0785 Ciesielski, Michael Francis, 1851 Wyoming Ave., Co. 5-9596 Clark, Velva Nettie, Rt. No. 1, Falls Church, Va., Je. 2-8232 Clarkson, Harry Irving, 330 Brooks ide, Chevy Chase 15, Md., Ol. 0857 Clubb, Zoe, 1809 - 45th St., N.W., Em. 2-1809 Coblentz, Mary Ellen, Route 1, At wood Rd., Silver Spring, Md., Lo. 5-2824 Coe, Evan Gwynne, 901 S. Walter Reed Drive, Arlington, Va., Ja. 7-5208 Coker, Yvonne Janette, 1826 Vernon St., N.W., No. 205, Co. 5-4066 Cole, Patricia Jane, 2612 Arvin St., Wheaton Hills, Silver Spring. Md., Lo. 5-1082 Coleman, James A., Jr., 9 East Oak St., Alexandria, Va., Ki. 9-0481 Colley, Thomas E., Jr.. 3421 -B, New Mexico Ave., N.W. Colon, Cosette A., 3003 - 16th Road, South Arlington, Virginia, Ja. 8-7910 Cone, Jay C. 1201 - 13th St., N.W., Hu. 3-4129 Conroy, Charles E., 3040 Idaho Avenue, N.W. Cook, Edmund Thomas, 41 Forrester St., S.W., Apt. 4, Jo. 3-4869 Typographers for University Eagle The House Of TYPE LAYOUT — TYPOGRAPHY — NEGATYPE LITHO NEGATIVES PLATES CREATIVE ART 217 H Street, N. E. LI ncoln 6-7476 FRIENDSHIP RESTAURANT Specializing in Pi- Sandwiches 130 Cooper, Carol M., St. Margarets R.D. 2, Annapolis, Mary- land Cooper, Virginia B., 1411 S. Thomas, Arlington, Va., Ja. 8-4400, X757 Cosby. Richard Keith, R.R. I, Broad St. Road, Glen Allen Virginia Crawford, Leslie William, 4961 Rock Creek Church Road N.E., Ra. 6-6389 Crowl, Richard Bernard, 402 Lawrence Drive, Fenwick Park, Falls Church, Va., Je. 2-2287 Crunkilton, James David, 201 N. Irving St., Arlington Va., Ja. 7-1588 Cullis, Harry White, 115 E. 22nd St., Chester, Pa., Chester 2-2625 Curtis, Marjorie C, c o Milton Macy, 200 Elm St., Vermil lion. South Dakota Daly, Raymond Earl, 315 Moffit Ave., Kane, Pennsylvania 334R Dargon, Paul Francis, Box 268, Merrifield, Va„ Je. 2-6918 Davis, Charles A., Jr., 1722 Que St., N.W., De. 2-4534 Davis, Dawson Young, 109 Greenwood Drive, Falls Church Va., Le. 3-2858 Davis, Douglas M., 1357 Montague St., N.W., Ta. 9-0551 Davis, Frank G., 1312 - 29th St., N.W., Du. 7-4439 Day, Virginia M., 2314 N. Kenmore St., Arlington, Va. Ja. 2-0610 Decker, Carolyn J., 2715 Cortland Place, N.W. DeLooper, Willem J., Berkshire Apartments, Massachu setts Ave., .N.W., Wo. 6-4306 Delorme, William H., 1024 East-West Highway, Takoma Park, Md., Ju. 8-2137 Demyan, Cyril A., 716 - 19th St., N.W. Dibble, Ernest F., 107 Second St., Deposit, New York Diegel, Walter Hansen, 2535 North Jefferson St., Arlington, Va. Dodson, Martha N., 200 Eastwood Avenue, SilveT Spring, Md., Ju. 9-5291 The editor gets the bird. PATRONS Dixie Janitor Supply Stant Lithograph Service Old Europe Churchill ' s Restaurant Paul H. Hornbeck Lowell H. Hattery Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Traylor -«(M9fr- 0.1). I SUMMIT. IllilSIUI €{tt} Doody, John R., Jr.. 1314 E. 34th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Dow, Mary E., 106 E. Bradley Lane, Chevy Chase, Md., 01. 2-6777 Drake, Frederick W.. 1100 - 12th St., Me. 8-7542 Dunlop, Elizabeth M., 4700 Sedgwick St., N.W., Wo. 6-9077 Dyke, Ruth Floyd, 3421 -A New Mexico Ave., N.W., Em. 3-2306 Dyson, Richard F., Charlotte Hall, Maryland, Mech 92F11 Eames, June Heap, 7 E. 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Ferguson, James W., 3729 Northampton St., N.W. STANDARD FLOORS, INC. 13th at Eye Streets, N.W. DI. 7-0488 Linoleum — Asphalt Tile — Rubber Tile Acoustical Tile Commercial — Institutional — Residential Complete Photo Supply Headquarters BAKER ' S PHOTO SUPPLY 4631 - 41st Street, N.W. EMerson 3-6863 Fernstrom, Ruth Charlotte, 1601 Argonne PI., N.W., Ad. 4-8700 Fertig. L. Jeanne, 4636 North 24th St., Arl., Va., Ja. 2-2714 Filion. Edith Saint Ives. 3110 - 54th St., N.W. Fi nk. Marianell B., 3448-F New Mexico Ave., N.W. Fink Rufus B., 3448-F New Mexico Ave., N.W. Firey. Lucile J., 4112 - S7th St., N.W.. Em. 2-0205 Flannery, John Joseph. 138 Wayne Place, S.E., Jo. 2-3861 Fleming, Laura Johanne, M.G.H. Flynn, James A., SOU South 13th St.. Arl., Va. Forjonel. Andrea Marie, 2423 E. St., N.W., Me. 8-5416 Foster, Bradley R„ 2030 F St., N.W., Di. 7-2663 Fox, Patricia May, 2814 - 30th St., N.E., Li. 4-6585 Freedman, Judith M., M.G.H. Fretheim, Leona May, 3448-D New Mexico Ave., N.W. Fuller, Jane, 157 Spring St., Brockton, Mass., 7372 Furtwengler, James J., 509 - 65th St., Jo. 8-5072 JOHNSON ' S FLOWER CENTER Cut Flowers — Corsages — Arrangements 4200 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Telephone: WO odley 6-9560 AMERICAN VALET (Opposite Sears) Dry Cleaning — Pressing — Laundry Hat Renovating — Alterations Shoe Repair and Shine 10% Discount for A.U. students 4519 Wisconsin Avenue EM. 2-7200 Your College Drug Store WESLEY HEIGHTS PHARMACY, INC. 45th Street Near Nebraska Ave., N.W. WO odley 6-6200 THE GANG ALWAYS MEETS AT - i£ — b kl B 1 i B ' M™ - F8 m H Gair, Mary L., 5334 Fifth St., N.W., Ta. 9-6274 Galan, Wenceslao L., 718 Madison St., N.W., Ta. 9-1504 Galloway, John William, 1419 Girard St., N.W. Galloway, Margaret Anne, 4911 - 4th St., N.W., Ra. 6-6774 Gathof, Francis, 4518 Cheltenham Drive, Bethesda, Md., Ol. 2-5249 Gedney, Jeanne E., 5805 N. Washington Blvd., Apt. 105, Arlington, Va., Je. 4-1997 Geesey, George Edwin, 15 Marbern Road, Hagers town, Md. Geoffrey, Shirley Ann, 208 Winchester Way, Falls Church, Va., Je. 2-7103 Gibbs, Lois Olive, 1901 - 35th PI. N.W., Ov. 3 0798 Giffin, Conrad Perry, 3716 Mass. Ave., N.W., Wo. 6-0386 Gilbert, Joyce E„ 7009 Arondale Rd., Bethesda 14, Md.. Ol. 2-4417 Gladstone, Edward Amos, 2000 Oglethorpe St., Hyattsville. Md., Ap. 7-7638 Glassmyer, Irvin William Jr., 4739 N. 16th St., Arl., Va. Ja. 2-3402 Goldenberg, Joanne Lynn, 2130 N. Street N.W., Di. 7-0507 Gordon, Roger Lawrence, 527 Four Mile Road. Alex- Gordon, Roger Lawrence, 527 Four Mile Road, Alexandria, Va. Grady, Donald Eugene, 334 Raleigh St., S.E., Jo. 2-7290 Graham, Orpheus A., 5460-C New Mexico Ave., N.W Em. 2-9037 Green, Dorothy Julia, 225 N. Columbus St., Alexandria, Va., Ki. 8-9921 Greenfield, Daniel L., 4406 Belle Ave., Baltimore 7, Md.. Fo. 7-6669 Griffith, Lewis H., 5109 N. 25th Place. Arlington, Va., Ja. 8-7441 Guay, Edward A., 5607 - 56th Place, Hyattsville, Md , Wa. 7-5340 Guy, Richard David, 86 Leland Street. Portland, Maine THE GANG ALWAYS MEETS M THE HOI SHOUTS FAMOUS DRIVE- IN RESTAURANTS ' Poopsie at the switchboard. For Over FIFTY Years the favorite florist of thousands of discriminating Washingtonians and visitors in the Nation ' s Capital Florists 1407 H St., N.W. DI. 6-1300 Convenient A.U. Branch Shop: 46th Mass. Ave., N.W. EM. 3-1606 Over Fifty Years of Dependable Service GRIFFITH-CONSUMERS We Make Your Home Comfortable 1413 New York Avenue, N.W. ME. 6-4840 • COAL • FUEL OIL • OIL BURNERS • OIL BURNER SERVICE • HOME INSULATION • AIR CONDITIONING • CHAIN LINK FENCING • STORM WINDOWS with SCREENS 134 Hadjeb-Davallou. Parvin E., 4106 Legation St., N.W., Em. 3-9410 Hall, Sue E., 5103 - 10th St. S., Arl., Va., Ja. 8-9210 Hamilton, Robert B., 1821 - 22nd St., N.W. Hamilton, William Alexander, 1000 Barnaby Terrace S.E., Apt. 101, Jo. 2-4555 Hanson, John L., Jr., Rt. 1, Box 338, Springfield, Va., Je. 2-0271 Harrison, O. Delton, 6007 E. Ridge Drive, Shreveport, Louisiana, 7-3148 Harville, Patricia Ann, 703 Atlantic St., S.E., Jo. 2-3331 Hays, DeAnne, 7815 Stratford Rd., Bethesda 14, Md., Ol. 2-4731 Hekimian, Berj William, 2409 - 18th N.W., Ad. 4-3792 Hepner, Richard H., 4914 Montgomery Land, Bethesda 14, Md., Ol. 2-5341 Herlihy, Frank J., 4709 OverBrook Rd., N.W., Ol. 2-2186 Capitol Refrigeration Co., Inc. 3015 M Street, N.W. Air Condition Your Home With YORK Console and Window Units Central Package Units Installed in Heating Systems NOrth 7-5222 SALES SER VICE RICHER FLAVOR Plus For sheer enjoyment — plus extra nutri- tional benefits— depend on milk like Seal- test Vitamin D Homogenized Milk. It ' s deliciously creamy to the last drop, and there ' s Vitamin D in every sip. CHESTNUT FARMS DAIRY Call MI. 3-1011 for home delivery or choose Sealtest in food stores Hevener, Carl D., 6609 Fifth St., N.W., Ra. 3-6175 Hightower, Anne E„ 4401 Garrison St., N.W., Em. 3-5157 Hightower, Gretchen B., 4401 Garrison St., N.W., Em. 3-5157 Hill. Edward Philip, 739 - 7th St., S.E., Li. 3-6616 Hines, David G.. 715 - 19th St., N.W., Me. 8-3022 Hodous, Patricia Anne, Edgewood, Maryland, Edge. 220 Hoffecker, Jacqueline Lee, 101 Rittenhouse St., N.E., Ra. 6-1722 Holm, Phyllis V., 937 N. Edgewood St., Arl., Va., Ja. 7-2018 Hopper, Wilbert H., 3811 Gramercy St.. N.W., De. 2-1011 Horan. Robert L., 140 E. Oak Ave., Wildwood, N.J. Houck. Elinor D., 4827 Willett Parkway, Chevy Chase 15, Md., Ol. 4-2704 Hubert, Florence Mary, 3321 A. Croffut PI. S.E., Lu. 2-5779 Humm, A. Sylvia, 5414 Kirby Road, Falls Church, Va.. Ke. 8-5597 TOWN HOUSE PHARMACY Your University Pharmacy Corner of 19th and F Streets, N.W. BREAKFAST - SNACKS - LUNCH - DINNER Specialize in Drugs Working his way throueh school. 135 Hung, Wellington, 1007 L St., N.W., Hu. 3-3411 Hutchins, Margaret A., 2618 - 41st St., N.W., Em. 2-3079 Hutchinson, Joyce Kylene, 2036 N. Woodstock St., Arl., Va., Ja. 8-5573 Hutsler, Dona Lee, 3049 M St. S.E., Lu. 2-7390 Imlay, Margaret Ann, 505 E. Mulberry St., Lancaster, Ohio, 2635 W Ipper, Stephanie, 2800 Quebec St., N.W., Em. 2-0325 Jamerson, Robert H„ 2024 - 16th St., N.W., Ad. 4-9425 Jamison, Jill M., 2230 California St., N.W., Hu. 3-3259 Jeffries. William W„ 100 Marshall Blvd.. Alex., Va., Je. 3-8811 Jenkins, Joan F., 1451 Park Road, N.W., Co. 5-6537 Johnson, Julia V.V., 3202 - 23rd St., North, Arlington, Va. Ja. 7-3184 Johnson, Lucien Carter, Box 158, Cross Creek, Pennsyl- vania Jones, Robert W„ 1631 Westbrook Ave., Richmond. Va., Richmond 84-2707 Juergens, Charles W., 3417-E New Mexico Ave., N.W., Wo. 6-0733 NATIONAL CITY DAIRY COMPANY BUTTER 518 12th Street, S.W. DI strict 7-0588 136 1 ■ r« H hL H ■. ' - ! I pa .ii M Dr. Anderson — You should have caught me going up. Metropolitan Poultry Co., Inc. Fresh Dairy Products POULTRY 425 11th Street S.W. Dr. Shenton - Welcome to another member of the OIC club. Dl. 7-2044 Compliments f A FRIEND Southe HjOamed. DIVISION OP NATIONAL DAIRY PRODUCTS CORP. :e c re ai STANFORD PAPER CO. Fine Printing Papers Industrial and Utility Papers 3001 V Street, N.E. Washington 18, D.C. LI ncoln 7-9500 Columbia Hotel Supply Co. 514 12th Street, S.W. Purveyors FRESH MEATS - POULTRY PROVISIONS Hotels — Restaurants — Institutions Dl strict 7-1583 - 7-1584 - 7-1585 Compliments of National Laundry Co., Inc. 137 Kapnek, Theodore H., 8116 Brookside Road, Elkins Park, Pa. Kauffmann, Joan, 2442 Belmont Road, N.W., Ad. 2-1126 Ketcham, Charles O., Jr., 1426 ■ 21st St., N.W., De. 2-9657 Kilejian, Alice Ruth. 141 Chestnut Street, Montclair, New Jersey, Mo. 2-5795 Kim, Cho Yul. 3636 - 16th St., N.W.. Du. 7-1930 Kipe, Carl C, Jr., Highland, Md. Kittinger, Sarah, 123 - 11th St. S.E., Li. 4-0781 Ko, Yomg S., 1722 P St., N.W., Ad. 4-9624 Koontz, Barbara Ann, 4116 - 18th Place N.E., Ad. 2-8990 Krasner, Stuart Ronald, 7710 Eastern Ave., N.W., Ta. 9-7078 Kranzler, Irma Lazaroff, 1648 - 33rd St., N.W., De. 2-6576 Kringe, William Charles, 1403 Newton St., N.W., Ho. 2-5894 Ktenides, Stephen R., 1409 Rittenhouse St., N.W., Ta. 9-5096 Kuhlken, Jeannette H„ M.G.H. Lane, John Thomas, 2124 R St., N.E., Li. 6-4074 LaPlace, Harl E., 818 N. Garfield, Arl., Va., Ja. 7-3954 Lee, Fay, 1908 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. Lerman, Carl Samuel, 3448-E New Mexico Ave., N.W. Lerner, Bernard, 1322 Monroe St.. N.W., Ra. 6-9564 Lester, Ruby Ruth, 2417 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, Va., Ja. 2-9761 Lewis, Jacqueline. 4903 Potomac Ave., N.W., Wo. 6-1117 Lewis, Robert James, 1815 Adams Mill Rd.. N.W., Co. 5-3998 Link. Richard, 1613 - 44th St., N.W. Lipshultz, Leonard L., 4517 Georgia Ave., N.W., Ra. 3-9241 Long, Louis P., 1615 Kenyon St., N.W., Co. 5-8425 Lopez. Angel R., No. 10 Nueva, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico (P.O. Box 276) Lucas, Townsend McKinley, 607 - 60th Ave., Fairmont Hghts., Md. Lyman, Lucy Pauline, c o J. Lvman, 1203 Kennedy, N.W., Ra. 3-0547 Lynch, Walter F., 4226 - 4th St., S.E., Jo. 2-2925 Maher, Terrell Edward, 4222 - 14th St., N.W., Ra. 6-9280 Mahoney, Maurice, 233 - 6th St., S.W., Di. 7-7852 Manookian, Edward A., Rt. 2, Herndon, Va.. Herndon 360 J 1 Manville, Marv Alice, 109 N. Galveston St., Arl., Va., Ja. 8-6809 ' Marsh, Allan Thomas, 2200 R Street, N.E., Li. 6-9391 Marsh, Phyllis D., 1900 Lamont St.. N. W. Marshall, Norris Albert, 58 Atlantic Ave., Old Orchard Beach. Maine. 6-2815 Martin. Richard Owen, The Plains, Virginia Mastbrook, William H., 3040 Idaho Ave., N.W.. Apt., 712 Em., 2-5661 Maxwell, James Armstrong, 512 Ridge Rd.. S.E., Lu. 2-1982 McComb, Kenneth Waldo, 65 Hawaii Ave., N.E., Ta. 9-6763 McDonald. Lula Hogan, 3452-B New Mexico Ave., N.W. McEvoy, Ethel, 6214 Georgia Ave., N.W., Ta. 9-9400 McKague, Herbert W„ 613 Monroe St., N.E., Du. 7-1573 McMurdock, Robert Campbell, 1250 Irving St., N.E., La. 6-4602 McPherson, Joanne Mae, 3818 - 18 St., N.E., Ad. 2-7990 Meadows, Waldene Hastings, Temple Trailer Village, Alex., Va., Ki. 8-4463 Meikle, Louise C, 3245 Nebraska Ave., N.W., Em. 3-7011 Metaxatos, Margarita V., 124% H Street, N.E., Li. 6-9696 Metro, Barbara S., 2416 S. Eads St., Arl., Va., Ot. 4-7738 Meyer, Sondra E., 349 N. Glebe Rd., All.. Va., Ja. 8-6802 Meyer, Thomas Henry, 624 Delafield PI. N.W., Ra. 6-2018 Miles, Patricia, 4429 Burlington PI. N.W., Em. 3-0248 Miller, G. Brown, 4405 Dexter St. Miller, Harry D., 3448-A New Mexico Ave.. N.W. Miller, Loren Lee, 3409-E New Mexico Ave., N.W. Miller, Mary Virginia, 366 N. Washington St., Falls Church, Va., Je. 2-1930 Miller, Richard K., 208 West Clifton Terrace Apts. N.W., Co. 5-7744 Miller, S. Phillip. Box 30, Rt. 1, Vienna, Va.. Vienna 296 Milstead, George L., Jr., 2812 Hartford St., S.E. Moore, Anna Slene, 321 - 34th PI., N.E. Moore, Vernon P., 8128 Irving St., N.W. Moore, Warren C, 2637 Nicholson St., Hyattsville, Md. Moran. James Martin. 2163 South Fern St., Arl., Va. Morris, Betty Ann, 3460-F New Mexico Ave., N.W., Wo. 6-3767 Morris. Brockman M., 922 Queen Street, Alex., Va., Ki. 8-5544 Morris, Herbert Edgar, 3460-F New Mexico Ave., Wo. 6-3767 Morrison, Edwin R., 800 Emerson St., N.W. Morton, Gail A., Box 454, Grimsby. Ontario, Canada Mosburg, June Eloise, 5511 Nevada Ave.. N.W. , Em. 3-1746 Mraz. Ronnie J., Route 2, Sterling, Virginia, Herndon 301 -W Mulford, Hunter Pope. Route 1, Box 63 B, Herndon, Va., Herndon 71W2 Mullen, Janice Leda, 1612 Mass. Ave., S.E., Li. 7-4948 Mundav. Sarah Elaine, Route 5, Box 510, Alex., Va., Ki. 9-4266 Murchison. George B.. 209 Bryant St., N.E., H«3-1517 Murdock, John Randolph, 1840 Biltmore St., N.W., Co. 5-1847 Murdock. Patricia A., Petersburg, Va. Narehood, Joanne E., 110 Mt. Joy Road, Clearfield, Pa., 5-3750 Nash, Ann Dorothy, 4606 Cooper Lane, Brookdale, Md., Ol. 2-1734 Nash, Ruth Mary. 4606 Cooper Lane, Brookdale, Md., OI. 2-1734 Noakes, William D., 2438 Monroe St., N.E., Du. 7-7181 Norwood. Milton, 1701 - 16th St., N.W., Me. 8-2979 Nowak, Edward, 319 Harvard St., N.W., No. 7-4339 N ' ussbaum. Mordecai, 2800 Quebec St., N.W., Em. 3-0668 Oblea, Jose Dayo, 4011 Edmunds St., N.W.. Em. 2-4895 O ' Connor, Robert Eugene. Box 601, Route 6, Alex., Va. Olaso, George P., 1923 N St., N.W., Hu. 3-7474 Olson, Susan S., Old Rahwav Road, Plainfield, New Jersey. PI. 6-1119 Overall. Bettv Catherine, 303 E. Oxford Ave., Alex., Va., Ki. 9-8168 Owens, Dermot Michael, 1437 Taylor St., N.W., Ra. 6-8997 Palmer, Charles J., 629 Irving Street, N.W., Ra. 6-5291 Palmer, William Bernard, 345-D New Mexico Ave., N.W., Em. 3-2036 Parker, Charlotte J., 3224 Prospect Ave., N.W., Hu. 3-6686 Parker, Howard, 204 Avenue C, New York 9, New York Parker, Richard, 329 Somerset Ave., Taunton, Mass., Taunton 4-8703 Parks. Robert H., 1407 S. Columbus St., Arl., Va., Ja. 5-6155 Patteson, Thomas Lee, 1024 - 25th St., N.W., Me. 8-5652 Pearson, Walter K, 907 Bashford Lane, Alex., Va., Te. 6-3172 Peckham. Rufus W.. 3210 Volta PI., N.W., Co. 5-3588 Person, Doris Helen. 37 Madison St., N.W., Ra. 3-1595 Petersen, Alice A., 2 Auburn Court, Alex., Va., Te. 6-3117 Petrakis, John T., 733 Fiot Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Petree, Robert G., 518 Ashford Rd., Silver Spring, Mary- land, Ju. 9-4420 Phenix, Betty Ann, 4950 Brandvwine Street, N.W., Em. 3-3641 Phillips, Barbara Kathleen, 1308 N. 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