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AN COST|AT lveR y ' ' ii- y ' This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but knew what to do with it. —Emerson, The American Scholar QUADRANGLE OF THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES (Marv C;rav l()n Hall on the left. Batclle Memorial Library on the right). AUCOLA PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE COLLEGE OF ARTS SCIENCES THE SCHOOL OF NURSING, AND THE UNDERGRADUATE DIVISION OF THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS OF THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY, WASHINGTON, D. C. •Tf - ' V L fi ' m j . •Jit. ' ' ■ ■■ i.TmY ax looking north from Hamilton House). .. Problems are with us now, and they wi continue to be with us in the future. The present critical period of international un- certainty magnifies these problems. But problems should be a challenge, rather than a cause for discouragement. And only by facing obstacles and working together to overcome them can progress be made and goals achieved. The many memorials on our campus and in our city are testimonials of past chal- lenges successfully met. They are visible symbols of man ' s belief in himself and in future generations. But reliance on the past and hope in the future are not enough. Man ' s belief in himself must be demon- strated by active participation in the World of today. ' A a;- Dr. Bowles not only brought a new course, a new major to The American University, but with him came sincere and lasting friendships that few achieve during the four short years of college life. His active association with the University has paralleled that of our class: we both started in 1948, and we both finish in 1952. He has been a good friend and stimulating teacher; he has been active in all student affairs. He is a man who lives in the present and builds for the future — constantly striving toward the goal he has set for himself. We dedicate the 1952 Aucola to the one professor who can grade forty-six F ' s to a class of fifty students and still have fifty friends. Dr. Edgar O. Bowles Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Associate Professor of Geology Air view of the College of Arts and Sciences. CONTENTS School of Social Sciences and I ' liblic Affairs. Administration 15 Class of 1952 27 Winter Semester 49 Spring Semester 105 Directory 137 Index 138 Bishop Hurst laying the cornerstone of the building named in his honor. Hurst Hall in the winter I of 1951. On the site of this old fort a University will be built. . . . The ruins were those of Fort Gaines, a relic of the Civil War — the dreamed-of institution was our University. More than fifty years ago a Methodist Bishop, John Fletcher Hurst, was searching for a site on which to build. He had visions of buildings and a campus, but his dreams were more than this. He conceived of an institution in our Nation ' s Capital which would mold minds and char- acter alike — minds and character which would one day cast their in- fluence upon the life of the State. It is said that when Bishop Hurst first saw the ruins of Fort Gaines he exclaimed to his companion, We have found it! What had Bishop Hurst found? We are a young school, and there has not been time for the formulation of unbreakable traditions — of ivy-covered walls. Nor have we as yet reached the goals Bishop Hurst had in mind — goals set up according to his envisioned ideals. We do not, however, have to advance with these same ideals; but our concepts must equal the original in quality. When any growing institution such as The American University has attained one goal — another replaces it. But our goals should not consist of being as good or better than some other school ... we must strive to be better than we are. IBreezeway to Collier Hall at SSPA. Future SSPA building to be erected on the present site of the Downtown School. Some would say that The American University is two Universities - one a small liberal arts college on a suburban campus, the other a pro fessional school for the serious-minded students in downtown Washington, It is rather difficult to have a unified University when there are two main forces vying to separate it into disjointed segments. This is the challenge with which The American University is confronted. First of all there is the factor of location. The School of Nursing is really part of CAS, for the nurses take the majority of their classes on Campus. Bui they must travel approximately fifteen miles to St. Elizabeth ' s for their lab instruction. Then, too, it is four and one-half miles from the Uptown Campus to the Downtown School — which does not claim a campus. Many students take classes at both schools and have the inconvenience of transportation with which to contend. Secondly, there is the factor of enrollment to consider. The 506 full-time students are constantly rubbing shoulders with the 5100 part-time students; the young college-age stu- dents are in classes with the more serious married students who are con- cerned with far more than the thought of a coming dance, a fraternity rush party, or even an impending exam. The faculty has the same prob- lem. Many are only part-time professors who are employed in an outside full-time position. All these diversities have resulted in greater stimulation and broaden- ing of interests of both student and faculty. But to continue in this vein would result in stagnation. The American University must be one Uni- versity with one goal and one set of ideals. ' J DR. JAMES J. ROBBINS Acting President of The American University B.A., University of California; M.A., Harvard; Ph.D., Princeton Vice President Robbins became our Acting President in an unexpectedly difficult year. During his seven months in office his willingness and sincerity have aided in the unification of the University into a functioning whole. CAS Chapel service. 15 DR. JOHN E. BENTLEY M. A.. Clark: S.T.B.. M.R.E., Boston; ThD., McGill Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences DEANS Words don ' t usually succeed in ex- pressing true feelings. In this case they could never be sufficient. But Dean Bent- ley must know how we feel about him when he remembers the six-minute ova- tion he received at the University of Mexico basketball game in 1950. He is the spirit of CAS — enthusiastic, young in heart, and a sincere friend. The spirit of SSPA is contained in Dean Van der Slice. Though younger in years than Dean Bentley, Dean Van der Slice is just as mature — just as interested in us as individuals. The difference in the two men, as in the two schools, lies in the way these qualities are expressed. Dean Van der Slice ' s quiet, studious manner is truly representative of SSPA. DR. AUSTIN VAN DER SLICE R.A., M.A., Katisas; Ph.D.. Petimylvania Dean of the Undergraduate Division of the School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Chairman of the Department of Sociology and Public Welfare Dean and Mrs. Bentley at the Mount St. Mary ' s basketball game. Dr. Dayton McClain B.A., Dickenson; MA., Harvard; S.T.B., Ph.D., Boston; LL.D., American University Vice President Mr. John Stewart (left) BA., American University Business Officer Mr. Guy Zickafoose (right) B.A., DavisElkins; M.C.S.. Benj. Franklin University Treasurer j r l t ' t iiJJs;; .- - ' Dr. Donald Derby B.A., Bowdoin: MiA.. Ph.D.. Harvard University Provost Miss Hazel H. Feagens B.A., B.E., George Washington; M.A., American University Registrar Miss Anne Jensen B.A., Des Moines; B.S. in I.S., Illinois University Librarian Dr. Ellis Weitzman BA., Emory; M.A., Creighton; Ph.D Nebraska University Examiner - m Dr. Dorothy D. Gondos BA., Swarthmore; MA., PhD,. Pennsylvania Dean of Student Affairs; Dean of Women Miss Gladys V. Jorcenson B.A., MA., Wisconsin; RJ ., Henry Ford Hospital School of Nursing and Hygiene Director of Nursing Studies Mr. David Bookstaver B.A., Cornell; LLS., Yale Dean of the Washington College of Law Dr. Pitman B. Potter B.A., MA., PhD., Harvard Dean of the Graduate Division; Chair man of the Department of Interna tional Relations and Organization Mr. Stafford Cassell BA., American; B.S., M.S., Pennsylva- nia State Chairman of the Division of Health and Physical Education Dr. Stephen Hatchett Bui., American; MA., PhJ)., Michigan Chairman of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics ► Dr. Merritt C. Batchelder Hillsdale; M.A., Columbia; Ph.D.. Iowa State Chairman of the Division of Humanities Dr. Harold E. Davis B.A., Hiram; M.A., Chicago; Ph.D., Western Reserve Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences Dr. Ralph Bedell B.S., Central Missouri State; MA., PhD., Missouri Chairman of the Department of Psychology and Education Dr. Catheryn Seckler-Hudson B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teach- ers; M.A., Missouri; Ph.D., Arnericar Chairman of the Department of Politi- cal Science and Public Administration Dr. Walter P. Bowman B.A., Bowdoin; Certificate. University of Caen, France; M.A.. Ph.D.. Columbia Chairman of the Department of Communications Dr. Fritz Karl Mann Dr.Jur., Goettingen; Ph.D.. Berlin Chairman of the Department of Eco- nomics and Business Administration . Dr. John H. Smith B.A., Iowa State Teachers; M.B.A., Ph.D., Chicago Chairman of the Department of Statistics Mr. Kkmpton B ., MA., Wisconsin Director of Public Relations CLASS OF 1952 The climb is long; the stairs steep; The view from the top — the goal. Hurst Hall, North Entrance. 27 CLASS OFFICERS AT CAS (left to right) Carol VVhitcraft Vice President Larry Siracusa President Marilyn Ashley Secretary John DeLuca Treasurer CLASS OFFICERS AT SSPA (left to right) David Hampton President Paul Wedel Vice President Marcia Zendt Secretary William Forsythe Treasurer John Kiernan Public Relations Mr. Schubert of the Chemistry Department addressing a Fine Arts Senior Seminar Joe and Miriam make with the imisic . THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO Let men who wish to know come and look upon this compass and thereafter determine which way they will gol —President Woodrow Wilson at the opening of The American University SSPA Coffee Shop. The dark-red field of our Flag symbolizes human endeavor and conflict; the University itself is symbolized by the compass of human life with its great needle pointing steadily at the lodestar of the human spirit, a thought expressed by Woodrow Wilson at the dedication of the Graduate School in 1914. Our University has guided our class just as the human spirit guides human life. Our basic character has not been changed, merely directed toward the pursuit of true values. We, too, have had a share in the symbolism of the dark-red field— we have been faced with problems and have endeavored to solve them. CAS Coffee Shop. NANA ROSA ALEXANDER; Great Neck, Long Island, New York; BA in English; Black- stone Junior College 1, 2; Basketball 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; Political Clef 3, 4; Alpha Ps: Omega 4; ■Misguided Missile ; ' Season ' s Greetings . MARILYN MARGARET ASHLEY; Silver Spring, Maryland; BA in Psychology; Delta Gamina 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, Manager 4; Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 2. 3. 4; Ping Pong 3. 4; Swimming 4; Varsity Hockey 2, 4; Varsity Basketball 2. 3, Manager 4; El Club Pan Americano 1; Women ' s A Club 2, 3, 4; Mary Graydon Hall House Council Secretary 3. Vice-President 4; CAS Class Secretary 4; Panhellenic Council Secretary 4; Aucola 3, Senior Editor 4; Most Representative MGH Girl 1, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. L. MORGAN BATES; Phoenix, Arizona; BS in Public Adminis- tration; Phoenix Junior College 1, 2; George Washington Uni- versity 3. MARTHA JEAN BEASLEY; Fort Monroe, Virginia; BA in Fine Art; Principia College 1; Future Teachers of America 3, 4. ROBERT H. BENEDICT, JR.; Flint, Michigan; BS in Radio and Television: Adrian College 1, 2; Radio-T. V. Guild 3, 4. 30 RICHARD WALTER BIRD; Washington, I). C; BS in Biology; Varsity Swimming 5, 4; Dcr Dcutsdic I.itcraris hc N ' crcin 3, 1 rcasurcr 4; Chemistry Club 4. IDA MAY BLANCE; Denver, Colorado; BA in Spanish; Alpha Chi Omega 1, Recording Secretary 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, 4; El Club Pan Americano 3, 4; Junior Alliance Francaise 3. 4. BEVERLY ANNE BOGE; San Francisco, Califoiliia; BA in Psychology ' ; Kappa Delta 1,2, 3, President 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4; Swimming 2; Badminton 2. 3. 4; Ping Pong 2, 3, 4; Choir 1,2, 3; Women ' s A Club 2, 3, 4; Mary Graydon Hall House Council 3; CAS Class Vice-President 3; Panhellenic Council President 4; Eagle Editor-in-Chief 4; Cap and Gown 3, Secretary 4; Uni- versity Merit Award 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. LOUIS STANLEY BRANICK, JR.; Pikcsville, Maryland; BA in Eco- nomics; Alpha Sigma Phi 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President4; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Swim- ming 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1. 2, 3, 4; Track I, 2. 3, 4; Varsity Soccer 2, 3; Student Christian Fellowship 1; In- ternational Relations Club 1; Ath- letic Board 2, 3. BETTY MARIE BRISSETTE; Washington, D. C; BA in Eco- nomics; Varsity Hockey 2, 3; Varsity Basketball 2, 3; El Club Pan Americano 2; International Relations Club 2; Political Club 3. JOHN JOSEPH BROWN, JR.; Hazel Park, Michigan; BS in Sociology. FRANK BRUSKIN; New York, New York; BS in Business Administration; Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment 2, 3; Vice-President 4. DOUGLAS BUTLER; Silver Spring, Maryland; BS in Public Administration. MEAD C CAMP: Atlantic City, New Jersey; BS in Psychology; Society for the Advance- ment of Management 2; Sociology Society 3; SSPA Class President 1. CHARLES ELMER CHAMBERS; Wyncote. Pennslyvania; BS in Physics-Math; Wesley Junior College 1, 2; Alpha Tau Omega 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Softball 3, 4. CAROLYN BOYDSTON COLLINS Washington, D. C; BA in History HARRY STEWART COPP ER THITE; Bethesda. Maryland; BS in Business Administration; Al- pha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Soccer 3; Interfraternity Council 3. 4. JAMES A. CORTVRIENDT; Bethes da, Maryland; BA in Economics; loot ball 1; Varsity Boxing 1. LOUELLA COYLE; Cadiz, Kentucky; BS in Nursing Educa- tion; Murray State Teachers College I, 2, 3; Registered Nurses Club 4; El Club Pan Americano 4. BARBARA ELEANOR CRISWELL; Washington, D. C; BA in Sociology; Alpha Chi Omega 1, 2. 3, Vice-President 4; Badminton 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4; El Club Pan Americano 1; Women ' s A Club 2, 3, 4; Social Board 3; Eagle 4. CHARLES H. DAVIS: Kansas City, ' Missouri; BS in Radio and Television: Omaha Mu- nicipal University 1, 2: Kansas University 3. DONALD E. DEDRICK: Washington, D. C; BS in Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Swimming 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 2; Track 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 3; Tennis 1, 4; Junior Varsity Bas- ketball 1; Golf Team Captain I, 2. 3. 4; Varsity Soccer 3; Varsity Club 2, President 3, 4; Community Association Coun- cil 4; CAS Class Vice-President 2; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. JAMES M. DELAHANTY; Trenton, New Jersey: BS in Pub- lic Administration. JOHN F. DELUCA; New Haven, Connecticut; BS in Biology: Al- pha Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Vol- leyball 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Swimming 3, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Der Deutsche Literarische Verein 3, 4: Chemistry Club 4; CAS Class Treasurer 4; Beta Beta Beta 4; Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges 4. DICKENSON; Washington, D. C; Psychology, JAM II MCE DUNN; Washington, D. C; BA in French: Alpha Chi Omega 1. 2. 3, Vicc-Prcsidcni 4; Basketball 2, 3; Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 2. 3: Women ' s A Club 2, 3, 4; Junior Alliance Francaise 1, Treasurer 2, President 3 and 4: Scholastic Achievements Board 3: Cap and Gown 3, 4: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. 33 lEANNE DUTCHER; Abineton. Pennslyvania; BS in Radio and Television; Pennsyl- vania College for Women 1. 2: Delta Gamma 3. 4; WAMU 4; Political Club 4; Political Clef 3. 4; Eagle 3. 4; Misguided Missile . BONNIE WING EDWARDS; Stamford, Connecticut; BA in Sociology; Bay Path Junior College 1,2 (AS Degree in Medi- cal Secretary); Phi Mu 3, 4; Bowling 3; Tennis 3; Ping Pong 3, 4; Softball 3, 4; Badminton 3, 4; Varsity Softball 3; Varsity Hockey 3; Cheerleader 4; Junior Alliance Francaise 3; Women ' s A Club 4; Panhellenic Pledge Award 3 RALPH D. EDWARDS, JR.; Washington, D. C; BA in Eco- nomics; Alpha Sigma Phi 1, 2. 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1. 2, 3, 4; Ping Pong 3, 4; Varsity Soccer 3; Varsity Track I, 2; Future Teachers of America 2; Society for the Ad- vancement of Management 3, 4: Varsity Club 3, 4; Interfraterni- ty Council 4; Athletic Board 4; Eagle 1, 2. BETTY RUTH ERNST; Wash- ington, D. C; BA in Music Theory; Wilson College I, 2; Phi Mu 3, 4; Music Club 3; Aucola 3. DONALD S. FENTIMAN Washington, D. C; BS in Busi ness Administration. JEANNE CHANNEZ FORD; Annapolis. Maryland; BA in Music; Sweet Briar College 1; London University 3; Phi Mu 4; Choir 4; Music Club 2; Junior Alliance Francaise 2. WILLIAM E. FORSYTHE; Greensboro. North Carolina; BS in Business Administration: .Society for the Advancement of Management 2, 3. President 4; Political Club 4; SSPA Class Vice-President 2; SSPA Class Treasurer 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. GEORGE E. FRAZER; Morristown. New Jersey: BS in Political Science; Drew University 1, 2, 3. ROBERT CLOW CAREER; Washington, D. C; BS in Busi- ness Administration; Coe College 1; Alpha Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4; Society for the Advancement of Management 4. FRED C. GARRETT; Wash ington, D. C; BA in Economics. JOHN R. GEPHART, JR.; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; BA in Psychology; Alpha Tau Omega 1. 2. 3. 4; Softball 1, 2. 3. 4; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Swimming 1, 2, 3. 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1. 2, 3, 4; Ping Pong I, 2, 3, 4; Horseshoes 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Soccer 3; Aquiana 3, 4. KARL E GILMONT; Newton Centre. Massachusetts; BS in PcononiKs International Relations Club 1; WAMC 1; So- ciological Society 3; Society for the Advancement of Man- agement 2, 3; The Tempest . MARGARET DAWES GRAHAM; Washington. D. C; BA in Fine Art; Kappa Delta 1, 2, President 3, Vice-President 4; Badminton 1. 2, 3, Manager 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling I, 2. 3. 4; Softball 1. 2. 3. 4: Varsity Hockey 1. 2. 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 2, 3; Women ' s A Club 2. Corresponding Secretary 3. 4: Student Christian Fellowship 1; Art Guild 1; El Club Pan Americano 1; Panhellenic Council Vice-President 3; CAS Class Secretary 1, 3; College Council 2, Secretary 4; Cap and Gown 3, Treasurer 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in .American Universities and Colleges 3, 4. WILLARD A. GREEN; Washington, D. C; BS in Accounting; George Washington Uni- versity 1,2, 3. BABETTE GRIMES; Denver Colorado; BS in Radio and Television; Missouri University 1, 2; Radio-T.V. Guild 3, 4; Political Clef 3, 4; Misguided Missile . CYNTHIA TAYLOR HAKiH: Niantic, Connecticut; BA in Government; Green ' Mountain Junior College 1: Political Clef 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; P. S., The Butler Did It ; Merry Wives of Winsor ; Mis- guided Missile ; Season ' s Greet- ings . DAVID M. HAMPTON; Bcii ton, Illinois; BS in Business Ad ministration; Society for the . ' Vd vancemcnt of Management 3, 4. SSPA Class President 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges 4. MELVIN HIRSHMAN; Wash ington, D. C; BA in History; Tennis 1, 2; Golf 1, 2; Basket ball 1, 2; Softball I; Football 1; Bowling 1; El Club Pan Ameri- cano President 3; College Coun- cil 3; Comptroller 4; Omicron Ddta Kappa 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. ROY EDWARD HOPGOOD; Washington, D. C; BA in Political Science; Alpha Sigma Phi 3, 4; Track I, 2. 3, 4; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball I, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate Club 1; Interfratcrnity Council Secretary-Treasurer 4; College Council 3, President 4; All University Student Roundtable 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. BARBARA HUMPHREYS; Scarsdale, New York; BA in English; Mary Washington Col- lege 1; Delta C;amiiia 2. 3. Virc-Pre ' ident 4; Bowling 2. 3. -1; Uaskelliall 2. 3. 4; .Sofibal ' 2, 3, 4; Ping Pong 2. 3, 4; Badminton 2, 3. 4; Swimming 2, 4; Bowling Managrr 3; ' ar- sity Basketball 3, 4; Varsity Softball 2. 4; Varsity Tennis 3; Women ' s A Club 3. 4: Aquiana 2, 3, 4; Political Clef 3. 4; Misguided Missile . JOSEPH OWENBY JOYNER; Asheville, North Carolina; BA in English; Asheville- Biltmore Junior College I, 2. LILLIAN E. KABES; Clarkson, Nebraska; BS in Sociology; Nebraska State Teachers College 1; Washington University 2. FOSTER E. KALKOFFEN; Yuba City, California; BS in Public Relations: Political Club 3, 4; Society for the Advancement of Management 3, 4; Community Association Council 4; Eagle Ad- vertising Salesman I, Advertis- ing Manager 2, Business Man- ager 3 and 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, Treasurer 4; Eagle Achieve- ment Key 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties and Colleges 4. JOHN MARTIN KELLY, JR.; Rochester, New York; BS in Po- litical Science; Genesee Junior College 1; Alpha Tau Omega 2. 3, Vice-President 4; Basketball 3; Vallcyball 3, 4; Horseshoes 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4; Junior Varsity Basketball Manager 2; Speech Club 2; Political Club 3, 4; Community Association Council 3, President 4; Eagle 2, Manag- ing Editor 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, President 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universi- ties and Colleges 3, 4. JOHN J. KIERNAN; Dorchester, Massachusetts; BS in Busi- ness Administration; Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, Treasurer 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Golf 3; Com- munity Association Council Treasurer 3, 4. ELIZABETH CRIST KINNEY; Washington, D. C; BS in Music Education; Mary Washington College 1; Phi Mu 2, 3, 4; Badminton 3, 4; Bowling 3, 4; Ping Pong 4; Softball 3; Basket- ball 4; Music Club 3; Future Teachers of America 3, 4; Choir 2. 3, 4. CLARENCE T. KIPPS. JR.: Arlington, Virginia; BS in Business Administration; Society for the Advancement of Management 2. 3; Council on the Organization of Student Af- fairs 2; Eagle 2; SSPA Class President 3. NANCY WRAY KIRCH; Pittsburgh. Pennslyvania; BS in Physical Education; University of Pittsburgh 1; Delta Gam- ma 2. 3. Secretary 4; Basketball 2. 3. 4; Softball 2. 3, 4; Bowling 2. 3, 4; Swimming 2, 4: Ping Pong 3; Varsity Hockey 3. 4; Varsity Softball Manager 2; Cheerleader 3, 4; Aquiana 2, 3. 4; Future Teachers of America 3, Vice-President 4; Women ' s A Club 3. Treasurer 4; Social Board 4; Aucola 2; Eagle 3, 4. LEO G. KOSKL, Ashland, Yis- consin; BS in Business and In- dustrial Management; George Washington University 1, 2; So- ciety for the Advancement of Management 4, HENRY O. LAMPE; Arlington, Virginia; BS in Business Admin- istration; Swarthmore College I; Delta Upsilon 1; Society for the .Advancement of Management 2 3, 4; A. U. Theater 2. 3; Politi- cal Clef 3, 4; WAMU 4; Publica- tions Board 4; Orientation Board 4; Theater Council 3; Inter-Dor- mitory Council 3. 4; Community Association Council 3. Vice-Pres- ident 4; Eagle 3. 4; . ucola Asso- ciate Editor 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3. 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3. 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, Vice- President 4; Three One Act Plavs: Merry Wives of Windsor ; Right You Are If You Think You Are ; Misguided Missile ; M You Like It ; University Student Round Table 3; Eagle Award Key 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. THOMAS TYSON LAND, JR.; Washington, D. C; BA in Government; Ping Pong 1. 2. 3, 4; Orientation Board 1; Scholastic Achievements Board 2, WILLIAM LILIENFELD; New York, New York: BS in Public Admini.stration; Political Club 4; Society for the Advancement of Management 4; Aucola Senior Editor 4. ARMIN O. LIPSCOMBE; Brooklyn, New York; BS in Sociology: Virginia State College 1, 2; Howard University 3. GLENN HOWARD LOUGHRIDGE; Arlington, Virginia: BA in Biology; University of Washington 1, 2; Aquiana 3, 4; Der Deutsche Literarische Verein 3. 4: Chemistry Club President 3, Vice-President 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4. HARRY W. MASON, JR.; Syra- cuse, New York; BS in Eco- nomics; University of Maryland 1, 2, 3; Sigma Chi 1, 2, 3. WANDA HARMON McCAUS LAND; Willow, Oklahoma: BS in Economics; Oklahoma A and M 1, 2; Delta Gamma 3, 4; Var- sity Tennis 3, 4; Varsity Basket- ball 3. 4; Varsity Softball 3, 4; Women ' s A Club Secretary 3. 5; Mary Graydon Hall House Council Vice - President 3.5; Community Association Council Secretary S.!i: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 3.5. FRANCIS WILLIAMSON Mc- CUTCHEN; Washington. D. C; BA in English; Alpha Sigma Phi I, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track 1; Po- litical Clef 3, 4; The Tem- pest ; ' Misguided Missile ; Season ' s Greetings . F. HARDIE MEAKIN; Washington, D. C; BS in Biology; Georgetown Universitv I, 2; Alpha Sigma Phi 3, 4; Football 4: Swimming 4; Vollevball 3, 4; Basketball 3. 4; Softball 3, 4; Chemi ' trv Club 4; Der Deutsche Literarische Verein 3, 4; College Council 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, ' ice-President 4. ROSE J. MILLER; Cincinatli, Ohio; B. in History; International Relations Club 2; El Club Pan .Americano 3, 4; Der Deutsche Literarische Verein 4. 39 BEVERLY ANN MOE: Minneapolis, Minnesota: BA in Music; St. Olaf College 1; Alpha Chi Omega 2. 3. 4; Music Club 2; Junior Alliance Francaise 3; Choir 2, 3, 4. BETTY JOANNE MUNSON; Hagerstown, Maryland; BA in Clovernment; St. Mary ' s Seminary 1, 2; Phi Mu 4; Bad- minton 3. 4; Ping Pong 3, 4; International Relations Club Vice-President 3, 4. LYNN MURTHA; Alexandria, Virginia; BS in Radio and Tele- vision; Delta Gamma I, 2. Sec- retary 3, Corresponding Secre- tary 4; Badminton 2; Basketball 1, 2: Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 2; Varsity Hockey I. 2; El Club Pan Americano 1; Women ' s A Club 2. 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4. JOSEPH BENEDICT MUSH MECI; Salmon Falls, New Hampshire; BS in Math and Physics; Phi Sif ma Kappa 3. Vice-President 4; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball I. 2. 3, 4; Vol- leyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2. 3, 4; Chairman of Intrannirals 4; Varsity .Soccer Co-Captain 3; Chess Club 2; Junior .Mliancc Francaise 3; Der Deutsche I.iter- arische Verein 2. 3. 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Hayseed King 3, 4. BARRY ED(;AR NEAVLING; Ridgewood, New Jersey; BA in Psychology; Alpha Sigma Phi I. 2, 3. 4; Football 3; Band 1, 2; Choir 1; WAMC 1; WAMU 4. JOY RITA NEWI ' ORI; Honolulu, Hawaii; BA in Fine Art; Phi Mu I, 2. 3, 4; Swim- ming 1, 2. 3; Basketball I, 2, 4; Archery 2; Cheerleader 3; Varsity Basketball Manager 1; Varsity Archery 2; A. U. Theater 1, 2, 3; Political Clef 2. 3. 4; Aquiana 2. 3; Art (iuild 1, Vice-President 2, President 3; Women ' s A Club 2, 3, 4; Aucola Art Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3. 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Dear Ruth ; H ' Ray Mr. A! P. S., The Butler Did It ; Merry Wives of Windsor ; Misguided Missile ; A.S You Like It ; Seasons Greetings ; Unive rsity Merit Award 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. EDWARD C. OCONNELI.: Washington, D. C: BS in Political Science; University of Maryland 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN P. PALEDES; Hyattsville, Maryland; BA in Music. WILLIAM PALMER; Washing- ton, D. C; BS in Biology-Psy- chology; Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2. 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3. 4; Basket- ball 1. 2, 3, 4; Swimming 1. 2, 3. 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. MAXINE PARK; Bethesda, Maryland; BS in Biology; Alpha Chi Omega 2, 3, Secretary 4; Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4; Bowling 1, 2, 4; Softball 2, 3, 4; Choir 3; El Club Pan Americano 2; Der Deutsche Literarische Vere- in 3; Chemistry Club 3: CAS Class Treasurer 3; Elections Committee 2, 3; College Coun- cil 4; Cap and Gown President 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges 4. JAMES PATTEN; Washington, D. C; BA in Biology, BS in Geology; Football 1, 2; Varsity Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES MERRITT PETERS, JR.; Honolulu, Hawaii: BA in Psychology; Phi Sigma Kappa 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Swimming 1. 2, Captain 3 and 4; El Club Pan Americano 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Mu Sweetheart 3; Campus King 3. FREDRIC J. PIERCE; Cleveland, Ohio; BS in Public Administration; Society for the Advancement of Management 4; Political Club 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges 3. DONALD A. POLIQUIN; Mattoon. Illinois; BA in Economics; Phi Sigma Kappa 1, Vice-President 2. President 3. 4; El Club Pan Americano 1; Future Teachers of nieriia 3.5, 4; Interfraternity Council 1, 2, 3, 3.5; Elections Committee 4; College Coundl 3. ) A. ROBERT PRICE, JR.; Bluefield, West Virginia; BS in Economics and Law; Bluefield College 1, 2; University of Richmond 3: Student Bar Association 4. WILLIAM PRIDGEN, JR.; Washington, D. C; BS in Eco- nomics; Wilson Teachers Col- lege 1; Alpha Tau Omega 2, 3. Secretary 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Swimming 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2. 3,4. DORIS MAE RADLEY; Wash ington, D. C; BA in Psy- chology; Kappa Delta 1, 2. 3, Treasurer 4; Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 2: Junior Alliance Fran- caise 1; A. U. Theater 1, 2, 3; Political Clef 2, 3, 4; Social Board 3; Eagle 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; HRay Mr. A! ' ; Our Town ; Misguided Mis- sile : As You Like It ; George Washington Slept Here ; Key Largo ; Season ' s Greetings . FREDERICK W. RAULIN; Washington, D. C: BS in Busi- ness Administration. OMER B. R. UP; Washington, D. C; BS in Geology; Music Club 1, 2; Der Deutsche Literarische Verein 3. 4; University Carilloncur 4. JACK REITER; New York, New York; BS in Political Science; New York University 1, 2; Student Bar Association 4. al JETNETTE C. RICHARDSON; Lockport, New York; BS in Nursing; Mt. St. Mary- ' s School of Nursing 1; Registered Nurses Club 2, Vice-President 3, President 4. JAMES SIDNEY POWELL ROBINSON; Silver Spring, Maryland, BS in Business Administration; Football I, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Varsity Baseball 1; Debate Society 2, 3; Mixed Choral Society 2; International Relations Club I, 2; Political Club 3, 4; Sociological Society 3; Speech Club l ' 2; Society for the Advancement of Manage ment I. 2; Presi- dent 3, 4; Orientation Board 2; Publications Board 2; Coun- cil on the Organization of Student Affairs 1, 2; Community Association Council 3, 4; Eagle Associate Editor I, 2, Cir- culation and Promotions Manager 3, 4; Aucola Photography Editor 2; Freshman Handbook I, Editor 2; Pi Delta Epsilon 4; Eagle Achievement Key 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 3. VIOLET ALICE ROLLER; Garden City, New York; BA in Art Education; Buffalo State Teacher ' s College I; Phi Mu 2, 3, Secretary 4; Basketball 2, 3; Softball 2, 3; Varsity Hockey 2; Art Guild 2: Future Teachers of America 3. President 4; Panhel- lenic Council Vice-President 4. FLORENCE ROSS SANDERS; Gaithersburg, Maryland; BA in Music; Choir 3; Future Teachers of America 4; Social Board 2. ROBERT EUGENE SANDERS; Gaithersburg, Maryland; BA in Psychology; Cornell University I; Alpha Tau Omega 3, President 3.5, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4- Soft- ball 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 2, 3, 4; Choir 3; Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3; CAS Class President 3.5; Interfraternitv Council 3.5; Orientation Board 3; Freshman Handbook 3- Omicron Delta Kappa 3.5, President 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 3.5. LOLIS SANGIORGIO; Staten Island, New York; BS in Biology; Bergen Junior College 1; Hhi Sigma Kappa 2, Treasurer 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Softball 2; Track 2; Varsity Baseball 2; Varsity Basketball Manager 4; Varsity Club President 4; Beta Beta Beta 3 4 MARVIN SCHIFF: Woodmere, Long Island, New York; BA in Psychology; Long Island University 2.5; Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Softball 3; Varsity Boxing 1, 2; El Club Pan Americano 4; Hung Jury Fury . WAUNETA B. SEIBERT; Toppenish, Washington; BS in Business .Administration; Central Washington College of Education 1; George Washington University 2; El Club Pan Americano 4. LEONARD SHOEMAKER; Washington, D. C; BS in Busi- ness and Industrial Manage- ment; Society for the .Advance- ment of Management 3, 4. ELIZABETH MANNY SIMMS; Washington, D. C; BA in Soci- ology; Alpha Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, President 4; Basketball 1, 4: Choir 1, 2; Student Christian Fellowship 1. Secretary 2; El Club Pan Americano 2; Modern Dance Club 3; Political Clef 2. 3, 4; Panhellenic Council Treas- urer 4; Scholastic Achievements Board 4; P. S., The Butler Did It . GERALD SINGER; Brooklyn. New York; BS in Public Ad ministration; City College of New York I; New York Uni versity 2, 3. LAWRENCE STEPHEN SIRACUSA; Ventnor City, New Jersey; BA in English, Alpha Sigma Phi 1, Treasurer 2. President 3, 4; Future Teachers of America 4; EI Club Pan .Americano 1, Vice-President 2 and 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer of Flint Hall Dormitory 1; Secretary of Inter-Dormitory Council 3; Interfraterrjity Council 3; CAS Class President 2, 3, 4; Orientation Board 2; College Council 1; Omicron Epsilon Pi 3; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, 4; University Merit .Award 2, 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. GEORGE LOUIS SKIRM, SR.; Washington, D. C; BA in English; Pratt Institute (cer- tificate in applied electricity). RICHARD L. SMITH: Washington, D. C.; BA in Music. BERNARD F. SPILMAN; Wash- ington, D. C; BS in Biology: Chemistry Club 3, 4: Der Deutsche Literarische Verein 3, 4: Beta Beta Beta 4. MARION COLE STAVES; Bethesda, Maryland; BS in Chemistry; Der Deutsche Liter- arische Verein 3, 4; Aqiiiana 2. 3, 4; Chemistry Club 2, Vice- President 3. President 4. WOODROW W. STEVERSON Columbia. South Carolina; BS in International Relations; Uni versity of South Carolina 1. 2; Varsity Swimming Team 3; De bate Club 3; SSPA Class Presi dent 3. BARBARA LOUISE STRINGFIELD: Washington, D. C: BA in English; Valeda 1. 2. 3; Junior Alliance Francaise 1. 2. CAROL LOU SUMMERFIELD; Wilson, North Carolina; BS in Radio and Television; . tlantic Christian College 1, 2: BowUng 3, 4; Ping Pong 3, Manager 4: Badminton 3, 4; Swimming 4; Intramural Tennis Cup 3, Tennis Manager 4; Basketball 3, 4; Softball 3. 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Varsity Softball 3, 4; ' arsity Hockey 3, 4; Varsity Tennis 3, 4; Representative for A. U. in the Wrightman Cup Tennis Tournament 3: Cheerleader 4; Radio-TV. Guild Treasurer 3 and 4; Political Clef 3, 4; Women ' s -A Club 3, Vice- President 4; Aucola Advertising Editor 4; Misguided Missile ; Season ' s Greetings . GRANVILLE SYLVESTER; Kensington, Maryland: BS in Statistics: Murray College I; Western College 2. RICHARD N. TAYLOR: Washington, D. C; BS in Busi- ness Administration; Phi Sigma Kappa 1, Secretary 2 and 3, 4; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4: Varsity Club 2, President 3.5, 4. GINO R. TERI; Washington, D. C; BS in Business and In- dustrial Management; Society for the Advancement of Man- agement 1, 2, 3, 4; Community Association Council 4. HELEN MARIE WEAVER: Washington, D. C; BA in Eng- lish; Valeda 2, Secretary 3: Choir 3, 4; Junior Alliance Francaise 1, 2. PAUL GEORGE WEDEL; Alexandria, Virginia; BS in Busi ness Administration: University of Virginia 1. 2; Sigma Ch I, 2; Society for the Advancement of Management 3, 4 SSPA Class Vice-President 4; Community Association Coun cil 4. JUNE CAROL WHITCRAFT; Washington, D. C: BA in English; Kappa Delta 1, 2. Treasurer 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Bowling 1,2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2. 3, 4; Badminton 1, 2, 3. 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 4; Women ' s A Club 2, Recording Secretary 3. President 4; CAS Class Treasurer 2; CAS Class Vice-Presi- dent 4; College Council 3; Cap and Gown 4: Apple Blossom Princess 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. JERRY S. WIGGINS; Washington. D. C; BA in Psychology: Phi Sigma Kappa 2, Vice- President 3. 4: Varsity Swimming 2. Manager 3; Junior Alliance Francaise I: Interna- tional Relations Club Treasurer 3; Inter-Dormitory Council 4; Interfraternity Council 3, President 4; Orientation Board 4; College Council Vice-President 4; Freshman Handbook 3: Omicron Delta Kappa 4. STACY LEON WILLIAMS; Coats, North Carolina; BA in History; Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2. 3; Bowling 2, 3; Softball 3, 4; Varsity Tennis Manager 2; Stu- dent Bar Association 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. GERALD D. WILSON; North Platte, Nebraska; BS in Political Science; Montgomery Junior Col- lege 1,2. ELEANORA WATER WINN; Round Bay, Maryland; BS in Radio and Television; Bard- Avon I, 2; Basketball 3, 4; Bowling 3; Political Clef 3, 4; Radio-T.V. Guild 4; Misguided Missile . LYDIA LOUISE WOLF; Still- water, Oklahoma; BS in Ameri- can Literature; Arkansas Uni- versity I; Oklahoma A and M 2, 3. M.WINE M. YEAGER; Washington, D. C; B. in Sociology: Phi Mu 2, 3, President 4; Basketball 2, 4; Swimming 4: Water Ballet 1; Student Christian Fellowship Secretary I, 2 Choir 1; Religious Board 1, 2, 3. 4: Mani ' Graydon House Council Secretary I and 2, President 4; Cap and Gown 3, Vice-President 4; Most Representative MGH Girl 2. 3; Best Loved CUrl 4: University Merit .Award 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in .American Universities and Colleges 4. MARC:iA JANE ZENDT; Milford, Connecticut; BS in American Literature; WAMC 2; Political Club 4; .Sociological Society 3; Speech Club 1. 2; McCabe Work Study House Council 2; SSPA Class Secretary 2. 3, 4; Eagle 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon 4; Who ' s Who . mong Students in .American Universities and Colleges 4. UNPHOTOGRAPHED SENIORS H. Robert Billings; Washington, D. C; BA in English John J. Carroll; Washington, D. C; BA in Geology George B. David; Rio de Janeiro; BS in Psychology Janice Meade Dingman; Arlington, Virginia; BA in History Madge Easton Erving; Washington, D. C; BA in Art History Elizabeth A. Eraser; Brookline, Massachusetts; BA in Sociology Guy Frederick Glossbrenner; Washington, D. C.; BA in English Albert E. Godbout; Washington, D. C.; BS in Business Administration O ra Haden; Altavista, Virginia; BS in Sociology Lewis Harrison; Washington, D. C; BS in Psychology Judith Imru; Adbis-Adaba, Ethiopia: BS in Political Science Ruth Imru: Adbia-Adaba, Ethiopia: BS in Sociology LeRoy V. Jeffries; Washington, D. C.; BA in German Hyman W. Kritzer; New York. New York; BS in Political Science Charles P. Lennon; Washington. D. C; BS in Political Science Leonard Maurer; Washington, D. C; BA in Fine Art Edward L. Moffatt; Bradford, Pennsylvania: BS in Physical Education Elbert B. Queen, Jr.; Washington, D. C; BS in Business Administration Manette Radford; Washington, D. C; BA in Government Albert Rivera; Washington, D. C; BS in Business Administration Robert Beall Ross; Baltimore, Maryland; B. in Music and History Charles H. Schools; Washington, D. C; R. in History and Government Byong Hyun Shin; Pusan. Korea; BS in Economics Frederick K. Tranton; .Arlington, Virginia; BS in Communications Alpha Chi Maxine Park being boosted onto her sorority ' s Homecoming float by Sister Marge Inilay and Bob Wagner Homecoming crowd during halt-time OL WINTER SEMESTER Tlie rn ' ry . in ' t ' rr )inni tlie harriers in its path. Grotto Stream. w A CHALLENGE . . . V 11 . • :::;S| « :: ; . ' ♦ A % u - , MARY GRAYDON HALL HOUSE COUNCIL: Jeanne Cedney (Record ing Secretary). Maxine Yeager (President). Betty Gill (Social Chair- man), Jinx Reznikoff (Corresponding Secretary). Marilyn Ashley (Vice President). . . . Wol shown: Marge Imlay (Treasurer). CAP AND GOWN: Jane Dunn (Historian) Bev Boge (Secretary), Carol Whitcraft. Maii Peggy Graham (T) Maiine Park (President). Yeager (Vice President), Founded: January, 1937 . . . that ' s what college is to incoming freshmen. The Orientation Program is planned to enter- tain new students; but this year the spirited enthusiasm of the Frosh was what really made the plans a success. Because of All ' s October start, the weather forced us to hold our annual welcoming dance in the lobby of MGH. Here we danced to the music of the best orchestras available, which was piped to us over the sound- waves of Campus Station WAMU. MARY GRAYDON HALL HOUSE COUNCIL is the governing body of the girls ' dormitory. CAP AND GOWN is the women ' s honorary society which annually elects the Juniors and Seniors outstanding in scholarship, leadership, and extracurricular activ- ities. The FRESHMAN HANDBOOK is an all-student publica- tion issued each summer to help orientate new students. Mary Graydon Hall, the girls ' dorm. Hamilton House, the boys ' dorm. FRESHMAN HANDBOOK: Standing: Cossette Colon. Dick Witter. Bob Hamilton. . . . Seated: Mary Lou Hanson (Editor). Dona Hutsler. ii ' Ne W »• , proper way to wear your bean- nie , ... ' J- l Shu+e caps Bob Petree with jOJieerioa er Mary Lou Hanson assisting. ? ■ r lar?:«»f;..,- ? I ' rosli from a distant land— Swaran Manakatalo. Freshman Class Officers: (lop to hotlom) Sally Shanklin ( ice President), Babs Shytle (Secretary-Treasurer), Carl Hevener (President). Seen at tlie Frosfi Talent Show: Doug Davis and Miss Norman Plotnick. Confusion is the key word for the freshman year, with excitement and merriment running close seconds. The first days are all fun despite the three full ones of testing. The climax of this first week is the Capping Ceremony followed by the traditional snake dance to the lower field. Soon the moving-in process is completed: the settling process is almost finished; and the getting-acquainted process is well under way. Then suddenly it is the first day of classes — and the serious side of college life begins. CAS COUNCIL BOARDS Athletic Board: Ralph Edwards, Dick Everett. Carl Jensen, John Selby Orientation Board: Doug Davis, Bob O ' Connor Publications Board: Barbara Browning, Anita Korkolis, Jody Narehood Religious Board: Harl LaPlace, Barbara Phillips, Jean Sherwood, Maxine Yeager Scholastic Achievements Board: Sam Albert, Barbara Phillips, Linda Weisbrod Tex Christopherson, Jeanne Gedney, Nancy Kirch, Janis Thompson }in|E i|IEM pil k it couldn ' t be that bad! . . . one of the weekly College Council meetings. OUR STUDENT Trustee Student Life Committee meeting. PRESIDENT J. M. KELLY makes a funny at the Community Association Council. COLLEGE COUNCIL r row: Mel Hirahman (Comptroller). Peggy lam (Secretary). Roy Hoppood (President), Jerry ;in8 (Vice President). Maxine Park. . . . Second ■ Sara Kiltin;er. Charlie Davis. Louie Long. Bob ee. . . . Not shoum: Mary Lou Hanson. Marge Imlay. Hardie Mealtin. This year the student governing bodies have been active in establish- ing a three-way system of cooperation involving trustees, faculty, and students. The problems of the two Councils, Community Association trT K I i i Pk ITr Council and College Council, are basically different. The former is con- QjC3 y IiIxIn AcNTo ' ' ' h not only SSPA ' s full-time students, but also with over 5000 part-time students, while the latter is only responsible for 300 full-time students. This year Presidents Scooper and Roy have each personally represented a different political school of thought: the concepts of dele- gated authority and controlled authority. Through seeing and compar- ing these two viewpoints in action, our political horizons have been broadened. Seated: John Otto. Bob Hamilton, Joan Leon. Hank Lampe (Vice President), Scooper Kelly (Presi- dent). Sue Hall (Secretary). Dr. Posner. Harry Cullis. Paul Wedel. . . . Standing: Colonel Bollea. Kal Kalkoffen. Pete Popham. John Hippen. James Robins Mo (Tr Dedrick. Bob Ho . . Not shown: John Kii r). Jan Waldman. COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION COUNCIL w A M U 590 on your Campus Dial in its first year of ' broadcasting ' t» 4, V T H ?K»i « i i i 1 PWi t Sf f i B -; ■ 1 1 i 1 4 I H P ' ' H 1 1 1] i: 1 If ki . Hk ■ ■ IsSc ' fli. 4 ■f r M nRPtf lk tf KjH t HU bS vRH|i l „ vSH ft Hrffl W 1%AI ■ ' 1 1 fllikji ' 1 .Engineer Spurlock trying to interrupt 15 minutes of deLooper and Carlough. Walker ' s Waxworks — puns as fresh as new baker buns — Roger Gordon and Eddie Walker. First row: Sara Kittinger. Poo Pickus, Jeanne Gedney, Joan Jenkins (Traffice Director). . . . i Popham (Station Manapcr). Eddie Walker (Chief Engineer). John Otto. Harry Cullis (Chief Announ (Music Director). Mr. Osten (Adviser). . . . Third Louie Lone. Bill Page, Ronnie Wehcr. . . . Not showi Davis, Je Dutche Re Gordo ■r. Rom ond row: Pete i„ v ..„, ,...,, V.U..., ,v..,. , ..), John Galloway Tabor, Eddie Carlough. Gene Spurlock, Barry Nearling, Beall (Business Manaperl, Bob Benedict, Charlie Davis. Douf (Program Director). Hank Lampe, Ho ■ Ne Lehn , Ed Nordquist, Bill Sherrick, Carl Springob. Breakfast with Ham and Eggs is served on WAMU platters from 7 to 8 A.M. From 4 to midnight, depending on the day of the week, you may have a Date with Carlough or The Campus Gal . You may go Messin with Nessen (which could lead to The Asylum ); wander with Walker ' s Waxworks ; or idle away your evenings with other favorites. Jenkins janglin ' at the typewriter. MC Benedict throws a Platter Party ' for guests Hopper (left) and Sherrick (right). Weber weadin W the mike. WA iU First row: John Otto, Harry Cullis (President). Carol Summerfield (Treasurer). Mrs. Johanna Rock (Secretary), Lionel Monagas (Vice President). . . . Second row: Sam Scott. Babette Crimes, Gloria Shields, Howard Lehman, Mrs. Walter Williams. . . . Third row: Miss Harlce (Adviser). Eleanor Fraser. Pat Winn. Bob Benedict. Mr. Person, Colonel Barrett, Luke Golleeos. . . . Not shown: Buddy Addis, Jo Ann Anderson, Pat Beall. Allen Gordon. Douj: Davis. Marie Dolan, Fred Drake, Joe Ehrhard. Charles Frpudenthal. John Galloway. Mary Goldwater. Beatrice Goodman. Rocrer Gordon. Mrs. Alfred Hilton, Charles Johnson. John Levay. Ronnie Nessen, Maxinc Olmsted, Walter Pearson, Alice Peterson, William Ra- Kh. Eulah Reece, Maynard Shawvcr, Dick Skuse, Howard Solnman, Sue Stalline, Velma Van Pelt. Jan Waldman. William Weitzell. Earl Wood. RADIO-TV GUILD Klavan ' s Kiss of Death Disc spun our many radio and television majors into another opportunity to gain first-ha nd experience through their work with local stations. On Sundays the Guild organizes a one-hour program: The American University Hour, on Station WOL, dur- ing which guests discuss topics of current interest. The Guild also works with WMAL-TV, whose transmitter is located on our campus. I Wings for AU ' s Eagle: Flying Lessons donated by Arthur Godfrey — Mr. Fletcher; Arthur God- frey; The Hon. Charles Sawyer, Secretary of Commerce; Rear Admiral Paul Mather (ret.). Political-IRC tea given in honor of Dr. Jose A. Mora, Ambassador of Uruguay — Scooper Kelly, Liz West, Ambassa- dor Mora, Dr. Bradshaw, Tom Adduck, Betty Longland, Guy Anselmo (Class of ■50), Kal Kalkoffen. POLITICAL CLUB MEMBERS: Abby Adams. Tom Ad duck (Vice President). Ed Ancin, Bob Billings, Ed Bisland, Gene Brennen. John Curtis, Ed Downey, Ed DuBgan, John Flannery. Bill Forsylhe. Dr. Carlos T. Gonzales, Curtis Grit- Gth, Bill Haden, Ann Holland, Judith Imru. Ruth Imru Kal KalkoBen (Public Relations and Publicity Chairman) Scooper Kelly, Hyman Kritzer. Bill Lillienfeld, Betl, Longland (President), Felij Lorenz, J. A. Maxwell, Bill Mc- Lein, Elmer Persiuehl. Bruce Quisenberry, John Richards Sara Richardson, James Robinson. Dick Rodwell, Valentine Sherring. Frances Singer, K. P. Subhamtra. Bill Vitalc. Jar Waldman, Charles Wallis, Liz West (Secretary-Treasurer). Gene Wolf. Marcia Zendt. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB First row: Dave Tabor (President), Bill Page (Treasurer), Pat Hodous (Librarian), Robert Lewis (Vice President). Judith Freeman, Dr Bradshaw (Adviser). . . . Second row: Ginny Cooper. Teresa Wohl, Donald Kiel. Tiny Slickney, Muriel Hobbell. John Petrakas. Caro ' Lieberman. . . . Not shown: Hilda RossoR, Bob Scott, Jan Waldman, Lorraine Weltz. POLITICAL - 1. R. C CLUBS A portable soapbox for every occasion, membership in the Political or International Relations Clubs, and you too can become a Veep. This year the two groups jointly sponsored the Student Model Atlantic Union Convention. This was the first in a series of meetings scheduled to be held at various colleges in the United States and abroad. The purpose of the Convention was to view student opinions on the idea of a proposed one- world union. 59 q1 reversal — P ' al the annual AUf:hantj saeger. Ann key Copperthite E hel M ,3.„ (Class Class President Carl Hevener crowning Sno- Queen, Mary Betschler Contestants for the annual Frosh Sno-Queen: Sally Shanklin, Mary Betschler. Dorothy Winn, Joanne McPherson. BaUs Shytle. - Queen Betschler with Don Sturgis. t ' mk fl m 4 w P : V ' , ' MISS MARY BETSCHLER, SNO-QUEEN WOMEN ' S A CLUB row: Jane DuoD, Janice Thompson, Pegg; Graham. . . . Second row: Miss Hawke (Ad- viser), Betty Fraser (Corresponding Secretary), Carol Summerfield (Vice President). Carol Whit- craft (President), Jean Sherwood (Recordin- Secretary). Nancy Kirch (Treasurer). Miss Wip gins (Adviser). . . . Third row: Mary Lou Han son. Dona Hutsler. Joy Newport. Bev Boge. Lu- cille Sauber. Marilyn Ashley. ... Wo, Jerry Brown, Barbara Criswell, Rusty Ed- wards, Jackie Hollecker. Barbara Humphreys Lynn Murtha. WOMEN ' S ' A CLUB ... is an honorary group which elects to mem- bership those who have actively participated in both intramural and extramural sports . . . VARSITY CLUB . . . elects to membership those men who h ave earned one letter in a varsity sport . . . ■ VARSITY CLUB First row: Stacy Williams, Don Dedrick, Ralpl Edwards. . . . Second row: Joe Musumeci. Dick Taylor, Jim Ferguson. . . . Not shown: Jacl Carney, Jay Cone (Secretary-Treasurer). Sol Jones, Bill Palmer (Vice President), Charlir Peters, Wally Sangiorgio (Presidenl). AU ' « Purkpushe Betty Elliott, Betl; Fri DG, PHI MU, ALPHA SIG, ATO TAKE FALL SPORTS A well worn path to the lower field, straight hair, and bruised shins were evi- dence that the fall sports program was under way. Alpha Sig raced off with the Track Championship by defeating ATO, their sole competitors, 16 to 25. In intramural football ATO and Alpha Sig swapped positions. The order of finish was: ATO, Alpha Sig, Phi Sig, Independents. ATO rook another cup by a 37-point splash in the Men ' s Intramural Swim Meet. Alpha Sig chalked up 25 points; the Independ- ents, 20. In the feminine counterpart of the swim meet, DCs threesome tied Phi Mu ' s foursome for first— each tallying 25 points. KD was second with 21 points, and AXO trailed with 4. Meanwhile, on land, the women ' s Varsity Hockey team had a spirited, al- though not too successful, year. ATO ' s winning football team: First roui: Ed Wilber. Charlie Schools. Noel KroncI Wall Gallagher, Don Dedrick. . . . Second row: Don Wright. Bill Palmer. Bob Sande ' Phi Sig Actives versus Pledges Bowl Ga Another sport was added to AU ' s roster this year . , . Marilyn Ashle m. hi ' I it t %; PANHELLENIC COUNCIL The Panhellenic and In terf ra ternity Councils are the cooperating organizations of the fraternities. They organize rushing, the Interfraternity Ball, and Songfest. Their purpose is to maintain on a high plane interfraternity relationships and high scholastic and social standards. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Sororities and fraternities are something new in the lives of incoming freshmen- something they have looked forward to as an integral part of college life. Pan- hell and Interfrat are the mediums through which the Frosh are introduced to this new phase of life— the fraternity world. Roy Hnnenod (Se Well. (Snrial Cha Edwanls, Guy CInssbr. (Pre.i.lfnl), Tn„ Maxine Yeager President Ruth Floyd .... Vice President Violet Roller Secretary Elizabeth Fraser .... Treasurer Bnnnie Aikman, Juanita Brown. Lucile Edwards. Elizabeth Em«t, Ruth Floyd. Jea Cellini!, Joyce Gilbert. Jacqueline Holfec Ethel McEvoy, Sondra Meyer. Joanne M Newport, Alice Peteraen, Violet Roller. Yeager. . . . Wor shown: Joan J( uice, Barbara Cross. Bonnie Ford. Elirabeth Fraser. Joar , :er. Elizabeth Crist Kinney nsoD, Patricia Murdock. Joy I )orothy Lee Sawyer. Maxinr | ikins. Doris Person. PHI MU DELTA GAMMA CHAPTER Founded: 1933 Founded: Marcn 4, 1852; Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia Colors: Rose and White — 68 Chapters — Flower: Enchantress Carnation . . . anyone for pinball? . . . open the window . . . close the door . . . wait for the announcement of another en- gagement (we raise our own pledges) ... 100 years of fun . . . Best Loved Girl . . . Phi Sig Moonlight Girl . . . Alpha Sig Dream Girl . . . Leap Year Party for three girls . . . renowned closet (duckl) . . . classic state- ment: who is he? . . . rustic panel discussions . . . the sisters who are individuals . . . 66 old game: Kibitzing. Marilyn Ashley .... President Barbara Humphreys . Vice President Nancy Kirch Secretary Helen Tompkins .... Treasurer no, Marilyn Ashley. Ronnie Ayci 1, Jean Dutcher, Gretchen Hichti nson, Nancy Kirch, Sara Kitti Lynn Murtha, Elizabeth Phenij Not shown: Catherine Bonei )anne Christopher! Barhara Humphr Joanne McPhers Icn Tompkins. . DELTA GAMMA BETA EPSILON CHAPTER Founded: 1936 Founded: January 2, 1873: Lewis School, Oxford, Mississippi Colors: Bronze, Pink, and Blue — 74 Chapters — Flower: Cream Rose . . . will you please pass the peas? . . . sorry! . . . glori- fied parchesi ... six and three-ninths pledges — small but mighty . . . one-third pledge personified wins poster con- test . . . Homecoming Queen . . . Hayseed King gives us Mandalay serenade (try to figure that one out!) . . . water-logged mermaids and their half-a-cup . . . first Phys Edna major . . . th ' e sisters who are athletically in- clined . . . ■ ' Closed Shop! Hellsapoppin! Elizabeth Simms .... President Barbara Criswell and Jane Dunn .... Vice Presidents Maxine Park and Virginia Day .... Secretaries Marjorie Imlay .... Treasurer Ida May Bla ic, Barbara Browninc, Barbara Criswell. Vircin Dunn. Midge Eisenlohr, Charlotte Emerson, Mary Lou H Hicks, Patric ia Hodous, Dona Hutsler, Marjorie Imlav, Al Anita Korkol s, Harl LaPlace, Beverly Moe, Barbara Phillips wood. Elizab Ih Simms. Teresa Wohl. . . . A or shourt: Cc Maxine Park. ALPHA CHI OMEGA BETA RHO CHAPTER Founded: 1937 Founded: October 15, 1885: DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana Colors: Scarlet and Olive — 77 Chapters — Flower: Red Carnation . . . is it in the closet or in the piano bench? . . . move the Eagle from the couch , . , push aside that Evening Star with the holes in it . . . just-maybe parties . . . bake sale crumbs . . . basketball ' s answer to cheering . . . strug- gle of the year — our sweetheart . . . all-night cram sessions resulting in the matching of our skin colors with the color of our room . . . the sisters with the singing dispositions . . . 70 0 Beverly Boge President Margaret Graham . . Vice President Jams Thompson .... Secretary Doris Radley Treasurer Joanne Anderson. Beverly Boge, Elizabeth Bole. Elizabeth Elliott, Hele! Cibbs, Elizabeth Gill, Mariiaret Graham, June Mosbcrc, Joanne Nare hood Suzanne Olson. Doris Radley, Lucille Sauber, Florence Sharei Janis Thompson, Miriam Thompson, Joan Tucker, Carol Whilcraft, Mar Williams. . . . flat shown: Johanne Beppler. KAPPA DELTA BETA IOTA CHAPTER Founded: 1943 Founded: October 23, 1897; Longwood School, Farmville, Virginia Colors: Green and White - 83 Chapters - Flower: White Rose . . . who ' s going to Luigi ' s? . . . ignore the foursome in the middle of the floor . . . squeeze in between the uke strunimers on the couch . . . four engagements - twenty pounds of candy . . . our Sweetheart of ATO . . . Apple Blossom Princess . . . new wallpaper: basket- ball banners . . . dis fingered uke players . . . picnic potato chips . . . hayride hotdogs . . . White Rose Formal . . . the sisters who are always together . . . 1 ' t Guy Glossbrenner .... President Adam Pulaski . . . Vice President Charles Jurcens Secretary Charles Peters Treasurer Edward Carlouch. Richa Joseph Musumeci. Charle Sansiorjio. William She Wipjgins. . . . Not showr, Cuy Glossbrenner. Wllliai i Clifton. James Dalpoiesh. Charlie Jurgens, Peters. Donald Poliquin. Adam Pulaski, Louis rick. Sandy Sneddon. Richard Taylor. Jerry ■ Richard Bartlctt. Pat Butler. Wym deLooper. Hopper. Robert Ross. Thomas Sawyer. Eugene Spurlock. PHI SIGMA KAPPA EPSILON TRITON CHAPTER Founded: 1936 Founded: March 15, 1873: Massachusetts State College, Amherst, Massachusetts Colors: Silver and Magenta — 67 Chapters - Flower: Red Carnation : ' ' ' . . . does he know Mother? . . . pity . . . pledges ' treks to Harris and Ewing . . . Moonlight Girl Dance and San- dy Claus . . . Carnation Ball . . . Florida or sunlamps . . . H,On and the new look . . . here comes NUMBER ONE . . . Hayseed King . . . -big wheels Spec and .Atch checking up . . . Eisenhower buttons . . . the DPL hotrod . . . the Dutch don ' t like pickles (though they ask for them) . . . serenades via telephone wires . . . the brothers who are wise fools . . . Dear liule girl . Changing Humidity. -53. k f Thomas Wfxls . . J. M. Kelly . . . William Pridcen Walter Gallagher . . President Vice President . . Secretary . . Treasurer Charles Chambers. Jay Cone, Harry Copperlhile, Donald Dedrick, John Dondy, William Faux. Charlis Fedcr, Waller Gallaehcr. Richard Gephart. William Graham, Robert Horan. J. Martin Kelly. John Kiernan. Noel Kroncke. Michael McCarthy, William Palmer. William Pridpen. John Sheehee, Ralph Welker, Thomas Wells, Edward Wilber. Don Wright. . . . Not shown: Edward Andres. Richard Bcruedy. Ralph Childs. Peter Pine. Charles Saeger, Ray Saxton. Charles Schools. ALPHA TAU OMEGA EPSILON IOTA CHAPTER Founded: 1943 Founded: March 15, 1865; Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia Colors: Sky Blue and Gold - 1 15 Chapters - Flower: White Tea Rose . . . does he look right to you? . . . Tau Tramp . . . Christmas Dance . . . spring formal . . . smashing suc- cesses . . . Stew Daniels and one of his rare visits . . . basketball crown . . . swimming championship . . . house jam sessions . . . letters from Uncle Sam . . . sorry boys, but the little woman won ' t let me out tonight . . . here comes the crowd again — I thought you just left . . . that red MG serving as a fire engine . . . the brothers who are sports . . . Congratulations from MC Sheehee. Stanley Brannick . James Ferguson . . Ralph Edwards and Louis Long Vincent Muron . . . . President Vice President Secretaries Treasurer Michael An DeLuca. En Stanley Br Ha Culli! Charle John i. Erneal Dibble, Ralph Edwards. Robert Arthur Hayes. Roy Hopgood. Francis McCutchen. Hardie Mcakin. Vincent Muron, Barry Neavling. John Otto. Robert Petrre. Earl Sarpent. Edward Seaquiat. Alan Shute. Lawrence Siracusa. Courtney Stickney. Robert Wajrner. Edward Walker. Richard Witter. . . . Not shown: Edward Bisland, Lee Allan Dew, Roger Gordon. Louia Long. ALPHA SIGMA PHI BETA CHI CHAPTER Founded: 1946 Founded: December 6, 1844: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut Colors: Cardinal and Stone — 74 Chapters — Flower: Talisman Rose , . . what can you do on such a short lunch hour? . . . misplaced Christmas Dance . . . spring formal . . . wild- west party with the memorial burning of crosses on the hill . . . cross-over-sticks party . . . party party . . . our victorious cindermen . . . pizza at the Cavalier . . . those inevitable letters from our Uncle . . . pinnings; engage- ments; and then? . . . rounded shoulders from Quonset Hut contortions . . . the brothers who are students . . . Spot of punch? .Stand up and holler! V» p ri ' •», 4J3] Receiving Bids. THE LANGUAGE „ IT s : ' Jx - i r H -- ' Do . ?eee Ceo ' l ' ' Ua W .. vR t»c frco = ' rec ' • Bob y- : DER DEUTSCHE LITERARlfeCHE VEREIN | First row: Rita Bodkin, Maggie Freedman, Charlotte Parker. John Pelrakns (President) | Rita Metajatos. Rose Miller, Anita Korfcolis . . . Second row: Bill Mastbrook, Hardir Meakin, Karnaradjsa Sastroamidjojo, Allar Mareh, Lee Dew, Glen Louchridge, Omei Raup, Dr. Frank (Adviser), Don Sturgis, Wellington Hung, Ray Saiton, Tom Wong ... Wot shown: Richard Bird (Treasurer). John DeLuca. Mary Dow, Don Grady, Joi Mus. Esther Shifle Ma Sta CLUBS Parlez-vous Francaise? ; Sprechen Sie Deutsch? ; Habla Espanol? Meet fellow linguists in one of the informal social groups concerned with the culture, songs, music, and literature of these countries. ' ' ■osj ■«erf?) ■ I EL CLUB PAN AMERICANO: First row: ••Babs Shytle. Jean Sherwood, Cosselle Co- Ion, Nancy Ryan. . . . Second row: Caro ' Cooper, Rita MetazatoB, Mary Lou Hanson (Treasurer). Bill Maalbrook (Vice Presi denl). Parkin Davallou (President), Erotidr Ponce ( Secretary 1. . . . Third row: Mrs Wythe (Adviser), Virginia Day. Belly Elliott. Jerry Brown, Miss Olds (Adviser). Larry Siracusa. Grelchen Highlower. Rose Miller Louella Coyle. . . . Hot shown: Doris Per- son. Maria Pavlides. Jodv Narehood. Ray Saxton. Ruth Floyd. Carol Wine. Pat Hodous Muriel Hubbcl. Ida Mav Blanc, Marvir Schiff, Waunela Seibert. QQimc ■ A bit of spit, paint, and glue being applied by Bob O ' Connor. Barbara Browning, Willard Scott. Dixie Walker, and Nan Pendergast. ■ Santa ' s Season ' s Greetings in exchange for gifts from Ed Bisland. Jim Ferguson. Jim Sanford. Forrest Montgomery (U. of Md.). Maxinc Park. Willard Scott, Dona Hutsler, Barbara Criswell. SEASON ' S GREETINGS THE C. ST: Susan Babs Shytle Santa Claus Willard Scott Those Vho Sang for Susan: Barbara Browning. Ellie Houk. Pete Mc- Cutchen. Nan Pendergast, Sally Shanklin, The Work-Sludv Chorus under the direction of Jane Laidlaw Those Who Danced for Susan; Nan Alexander, Mary Betschler, Charlie Davis, Mary Lou Hanson, Joan Jenkins, Ruby Lester. ■■Mice Petersen. Carol Summerfield Those Who Made Susan Laugh: Harry Cullis. Guy Glossbrenner, Bob O ' Con- ner, John Otto Those ■ho Played the Piano for Susan: Barbara Browning, Ev Wagman Those Who Helped From Backstage: Cindy Haigh, Howard Lehman, Jim McMana- wav, Jov Newport, Dory Radlev, John Steele The Songs Written for Susan by Howard Solo- mon and Doug Bailey: .April , Christmas Lullaby , I Like You , I May Be Falling in Love The Song Written for Susan by Ev Wagman: I Don ' t Want to Cry Anymore Hello, Clendenen, yes, there is going to be a show tonight. . . . Oh, it ' s you, Don! What? Where? Are you hurt? Wrong side of the road? Schoolbus! You ' re going to walk back? That ' s two miles, man! Three hours, four feet of snow and ten cast members later, backstage Clendenen began to look like there really would be a show despite the weatherman ' s understatement of light snow for the opening night of our original musical. The presence of Cover Girl Pamela Spring- man, two-year-old victim of leukemia, was the incentive for both the cast and the audience to go on with the show. The audience never sus- pected that the show they saw was made up of last-minute changes and ad libs due to missing cast members, props, and costumes: and the cast never expected to open on a night like this to a house large enough to bring in over 200 admis- sion toys for the benefit of Children ' s Hos pital. Hello, Mom? Yeah, there was a show tonight . . . the roads are still blocked ... I can ' t walk home . . . don ' t worry ... I guess a lot of us fellows will be spending the night in Clen denen . . . lavls you been a good girl? asked Santa. And Susan had been: so her Christmas card was opened and its living surprises stepped out one by one. Guy Glossbrenner and Joan Jen- kins; Alice Petersen. Harry Cul- lis, and John Otto make with the Showpaint . ALPHA PSI OMEGA; First rote: Alice Petersen (Secretary- Treasurer) , Guy Glossbrenner, (President) . . . Second row: Sue Stallinn. Did Miller, Nan Alesander. Jov Newport Kathleen Probv. ■•Dnr ••• Radlev. . . oc shown: Hank Lamr.e. HarrN- Cul lis, Cinilv Haieh. Founded: August 12, 1925, Fairmont .State College; Iota Phi Chapter found- ed: April 20, 194r). ALPHA PSI OMEGA The closing of another curtain and the goal of two points nec- essary to fulfill Alpha Psi ' s ad- mission requirement is a fraction of a point closer; would-be Thes- pians have worked their way ur another step toward national recognition as local drama leaders. MISS ALICE PETERSEN OF PHI MU Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl rm iS8iwW!lsife k -» Contestants Lvnn Miirtha, Mary Williams. Alice Petersen, awaiting the judtres ' decision on the 4 2K Moonlight Girl . CHRISTMAS WEEK BEGINS Even Sandy Clans (in an 81 2-gallon hat and a raccoon coat) was at the Phi Sig dance on the night that Alice Petersen was selected to be the fraternity ' s Moonlight Girl. Two nights later, when the choir gave its Christmas con- cert, it was so cold that it was practically impossible to drive — even the locks on the car doors were frozen. But figures in white formals were seen trudging the eight blocks to the Toddle House soon after the program was over. (To warm up, no doubt.) , Mr. Calloway directs; Ruth Floyd plays; the Choir sings. Cries of Fire! interrupted our Christmas party preparations. The smoke was so thick that at first no one realized exactly what was burning. When the smoke thinned out, we viewed the smouldering ashes of the newly-equipped WAMU building. MGH really never did settle down that night, but the Candlelight Ceremony began on schedule. The reading of the Christmas Story by Maxine Yeager, voted Best-Loved Girl, highlighted the simple ceremony. She was attended by the Most-Representative girl from each class and the Washington Semester group. Voted Most . . . : Jeanne Ged- ney (Frosh), Pinkey Gilbert (Jr.), Maxine Yeager, Marilyn Ashley (Sr.), Patsy Bartonr (Wash. Semester), Jody Nare- hood (Soph). 90 MISS MAXINE YEASER ; t ' , Of 1 ' hi Mu Best Loved Girl ■V 12:30-Sorority Room. After the Candlelight Ceremony, dorm parties began the night ' s round of fes- tivities. But by 2 A.M., MGH was de- serted as the girls carolled their way from frat house to dorm. The following night, ATO waded through the rain to the Lee House for their Christmas Dance. The crowning point of the evening was the selection of the Sweetheart of ATO. The judges were quick in agreeing on Betty Elliott as the 1952 Sweetheart. 1 :00— Fraternity House. The court of the ATO Sweetheart: Helen Tompkins, Mrs. Pridgen, Betty Phenix, Betty Gill, Mrs. Kieman, Mrs. Wright, Pat Murdock. 92 eart of ATO is her, Swee GraHam. theart To the vlcfor ... from h- fianc4,i Stan BrannicL MISS JOYCE GILBERT OF PHI MU Alpha Sigma Phi Dream Girl Rita McCee, Sue StallinB. Sue Olson. Lucile Buice, Francis Hardnian. RICE ' S RARE steaks . . Alpha Sig ended the week with their Christmas party— one ham- pered by last-minute changes (the weatherman predicted light snow again!). The week of queens concluded with the election of Pinkey Gilbert as Alpha Sig ' s Dream Girl. ■The Queen and Her Allrn.lanls : Nan Al.xan.l.r. Mm,I-j.«, Rarh.ira Ccisw.ll. Car..! WliU.ratl. Queen Lyn Murlha. Doris Caniphell. Marl..M llarl., Nancy Kirch. Maxine Yeai:er. AT winning poster. Jack Cof Beanstalk fame), Florence Sharer, niriud archer to capture the C.iant for . IJ— the Best lloal Crown lor KA HOMECOMING . . . wonder what happened to Jim Petro, I sec that Zombie ' s still around . . . 8:30! I ' d better get my seat . . . big crowd tonight . . . should be a good game; they almost beat us last year . . . I think I ' ll sit next to the stage so I ran get a good look at the contestants for the Queen . . . hmm, I see a lot of new posters have been added . . . hi. Dean Bcntley, how are you? Hello, Nfrs. Bentley . . . our boys look small compared to last year . . . hey, Peanuts! Look sharp, boy! . . . hi, Don, when are you going to have the Politi- cal this year? . . . ah. at last, they ' re getting started . . . Say, this .Selby can really jimip . . . Come on. Eagles! Hawk ' em. Hawk ' em! . . . half time . . . well, now we can get a look at the uni- versity beauties . . . glad to see that everyone is represented . . . three nurses in the grou|j. Good! . . . Lynn Murtha wins — about time .S,SP.- has a Queen . . . the floats look fine — that one ' s asking eveiyone to stand up and holler . . . KD ' s float voted best . . . this game is getting dull, the Mount sine looks sad this year — even our subs are trouncing them . . . Df; wins the poster con- test — which one was theirs? . . . yon say there ' s a dance afterwards in C lendencn? I remember those informals . . . You know, I ' m just begin- ning to realize something— it isn ' t the fleeting school spirit shown for teams that coimts: it ' s the spirit of unification that really binds you to your school and classmates . . . PJ%p-f«Vf- ! r-l n V ' N ' Y rC ' w Jbil l Uj im IH Hk| H||I H| HHH|| v JAY-VEE ' S: Finl row: Dick Clifton. Walt Phillips. Ed Poin- I dcjler. . . . Seroml ro,v : Cnach Dutch Schultz, Wally San- Ciorgio. Ben Gotten, Jack Ellis, Ray Saiton. Manaper Sam Al- bert. . . . Not shown: Dixie Walker. They Keep The Ball Rolling: CHEERLEADERS, JAY-VEE ' S VARSITY BASKETBALL: Firu row: Danny Creenricld. Don White. Hal Spnnsler. Eddie MofTall, John Selby. ••Sandy SneJ.lon. Bud Dalv. . . . Srcnn.l row: Coach Pop ' CajselL Jack Ellis, Carl Hevener. Carl Jensen. Chuck Bae.. ■•Bones Jones. Manager Wally Sangiorgio. AND THE BIG TEAM Captain Eddie and Coach Pop . -i ' TT lI 1 row: Sue Hall. Jny Ncwp.orl, Alic- Wlrn.n. Rrv Boce. Mania Zcnill, Marilyn Ashley. ' -Jinx RivniknII. ine Yeaper. Majiinc Park. . , . Second row: Srooper Kelly. John Olio. Bill Fc.rsylhe. Vernon Moore, le Pnpham (Gra.l. Student). Hank Lampe. David Hampton. John Del.uea, Kal KalkolTen, Mel Hirshman. Larry eusa, Roy Hopeood. Lynn Coombs (Collece of Law). Joe McDonald (College o( Law). Bob Wagner. . . . ot shown: : Dunn, James Fo«. Guy Glossbrenncr, Peggy Graham. Jack Hertzog (College of Law). Leo LaRue (College of Law). Daniel Spencer (Grad. Student). Don Sturgis. Paul Wedel. Carol Whilcraft. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN Founded nationally and founded at AU: 1934-1935. AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES I ' m me — who are you? said No. 2 to No. 35. A student committee selected thirty-five Juniors and Seniors to be listed in the ' 51- ' 52 edition of Who ' s Who. The committee based their choices not only on character, leadership, activity in student affairs, and the maintenance of an acceptable grade average, but also on the stu- dents ' valuable contribution to the University and their potential abilities in future work. KD, ATO TAKE INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CROWNS Independent Men ' s and Women ' s teams place second Swish ... and the KD-ATO Eaglets dropped the ball through the hoop for the intrannnal championship crowns. Kappa Delta easily captured the title for the fifth year. Alpha Tau Omega won the first half of the men ' s tourna- ment and scjueezed out a 3 point victory in the playoff over the second half win- ners, the Independents. FINAL TEAM STANDINGS Women ' s: Won Kappa Delta 4 Independents 3 Delta Gamma 2 Phi Mu ■....] Alpha Chi Omega Men ' s: Won Alpha Tau Omega 9 Independents 8 Phi Sigma Kappa 4 Alpha Sigma Phi 2 Cigs ■Whoops (KD versus DC). l p. up ami awav (C:igs- tclatv Richards ' AtUene s„n t ' ' ' ' ' ' a ' ' smith ' . , ■■■,.J: ' % : :x . :h:. ' ' - ' - ,,„ D„. B ' -. .s.fond nora ' » ' ' ' ie Sanders. FOR REGISTERED NURSES ONLY . . . and only those registered nurses pur- suing courses at AU: these are the re quirements of the RN Club. The group sponsors monthly meetings with speakers or panel discussions on subjects relating to their profession. From bed to Hurst! Doris Woidke and I ' at Hodous. ■ ' ' - ' (Pt, ) ' ' ' (Sec, WORK - STUDY PROGRAM Up at 6:00; breakfast; work at 8:00; lunch at 12:00; out at 5:00; a hurried bite; class at 6:00; a cigarette; class at 8:25; home to Roper House at 11:30; study; bed at 1:00. (repeat) Wha hoppened? Work-Study Valentine Dance. First row: Laverna Hamlyn. Marilyn Slone. Mary Belh Bania, Dr. Bradsh nclius, MaiV Lou Slubbs. . . . Second row: Rila McGee. Isabel Rite. Harri John Wright, Dale Peterson. Ira Dick Harris. Prana Izmbrrp. Frances Hardn Couture. Sally Richardson. Estelle Swanso WASHINGTON SEMESTERS The Washington Semester program gives gov- ernment majors from other colleges the oppor- tunity to come to Washington for research in their major field. Like traveling salesmen they come — hang their hat in the coffee shop, play a hand of bridge: become, for one short semester, a part of our University — then they go, carrying with them our mes- sages to past Washington Semester Stu- dents. ke SPRING SEMESTER Spring is the reward for a winter ' s work; the rebirth; the revitalization; the triumph. Well-timed furloughs: Lt. Buzz Baer. Lucille Sauber, Ensign Bill Patten, Frances Swann, Sgt. Waffles Warther, and Mary Williams. NTERFRAT at the Willard Well-timed , ' ■° ' «B£,,. University Muscular Training P-thel y An ' ' ' ic v ' Afar, , , --C. .»..,„,. ' ' ' ■o a«- » . ' •---S i;-«.c.., 4 ' Shu ' ' ' - ' ' w; ;:?? ' ,. , . 107 Hank Lampe. Dean Bcnllpy, Bob Sanders (Pri : Scooper Kelly. Dirk Miller. Vcmon Monre. man. Don Dedrick. . . . Not ih nt). Dr. Clark (Secretary-Treasurer). Dr. Hatchett. . . . TV Siracusa. Pete Pnpham. Jerry Wiggins, Mel Hirsh- : Don Aquilino, Doug Bailey. Founded: December 3, 1914- Washington Lee University Alpha Omega Chapter founded: March 12, 1938 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA When I grow up, I ' m going to be President . . . of ODK. . . . This honorary group elects to membership those Jimior and Senior men who have distinguished themselves in activities, who have high scholastic standing, and who have demonstrated strength of character. Slickney. Allan . . . Not ■ ui.- Belsy Kinney, Alice Burr (Adviser). Nancy ow: Jinx Reznikolf. Marsh, Jerry Brown, Ed Andru8, Martha Be Poliquin, Vi Roller (President), Flo Sande m (Secretary), Lucky Gelline (Vice-President), Sylvia Huram. Day, Pete Popham, Tiny Mastbrook, Mary Lou Hanson. rs. Brucker, Eddie MolTatt, Don Larry Siracusa, Carol Wine, FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Readin ' an ' Ritin ' an ' ' Rithmetic Taught to the tune of a hickory stick . . . Education majors go from one end of the hickory stick to the other as they be- gin their practice teaching. The club is a member of the National Education Association and unites students in a common professional interest while pre- paring them for careers of teaching. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT There ' s no monkey business when SAM con- ducts its bi-monthly meetings. Affiliated with the national organization of leading executives and industrial engineers, SAM encourages and pro- motes the science of management through re- search, discussion, and publications. Sam dunks , . . First row: Sugar Beppler (CorrespondiDg Secretary), Lawrence Tray- lor. Hank Lampe. Vernon Moore (Treasurer). Bob Auren (Vice Presi- dent). Bill Forsylhe (President), Frank Bniskin (Executive Vice Presi- dent), Bob Hamilton, . , . Second row: Joan Leon (Recording Secre- tary). Gino Teri. James Robinson. Rulus Peckham. Tom Barlow. Dr. Bailey (Adviser). David Hampton, Kal Kalkoflen (Public Relations). Paul Steinlein. Geraldine Lackowski. . . . Kot shown: Bamett Addis, Michael Ciesielski. John Clarke. Walter Diegel. Alvin Dobbin. John Doody. Ralph Edwards. Bill Ellis. Bob Garver. Tom Gorman. David Isis, Len Koski, John Lawlor. Fay Lee, Bill Lillienfeld, David Mahoney, Allan Marinoff. Oscar Martin, Harry Mason. Milton Norwood. Charles Olson. Fred Pierce, Fred Raulin, Al Rivera, Jerry Rosenthal. Leonard Shoemaker. Howard Spencer, Walter Steele, George Wardrip. Paul Wedel- PREPS FOR MIDTERMS It ' s Graduate Record Exam time and Clendenen changes from gym and auditorium and becomes regimented with row after row of straight-backed, uncomfortable chairs. I Winchester;bound is our school ' s candidate for Apple Blossom Queen. Ill March 5: AU 67 - John Hopkins 40 March (i: Al ' 30 - Baltimore 31 BASKETBALL FINALE VARSITY RESULTS: AU: Opp: 66 Catholic Univ. (Benefit) 38 87 AU Ahnnni 52 56 Bainbridge N. T. C. 58 67 Fort Meade 52 73 Catholic University M 52 Davis and Elkins 61 59 To son Teachers 42 50 Roanoke C ollege 41 83 fCamp Geek ' 37 101 f Iceland Base Team Flyers 52 65 fC;iuh Reykjauik Island • 16 64 Mount St. Mary ' s 40 80 VVashington College 64 54 Uiiiversity of Baltimore 49 61 ' Randolph Macon 58 52 Pennsylvania State 77 71 Loyola of Baltimore ()3 78 Vashington College 58 71 VVestcrn Maryland 54 73 Quantico Marines 88 87 Bridgewatcr College 54 79 Moimt St. Mary ' s ' 52 75 Fort Meade 7( ' 71 Quantico Marines ()2 92 C;atholic University I! ' 60 Hampton-Sydney 82 4() LoyoIa of Baltimore ()2 65 Bainbridge N. T. C. 52 67 :!;Iohns Hopkins 40 30 ijiJniversity of Baltimore 31 Mason-Dixon Conference Games ficeland Trip Games :[ Mason-Dixon Toinnament CJame.s The AU Eagles under their astute coach, Pop Cas- sell, turned in a brilliant 23-7 record for the entire 1952 basketball season. The Eagles stretched their league rec- ord to 13 consecutive league ictorics until Hamilton- Sydney knocked them ofF their perch at the end of the season. . U lost out in the Mason-Dixon Tournament in the (juartcr-finals 30-31, the freezing tactics of Baltimore chilling oiM- fast break. Ho vever, Pop ' s confidence in his team continued on the same level at the twilight of the season as it had been during the jjreceding victories: and the stiulents ' interest in anil support of their team in- creased as the season tlicw to a dose. The Eagles finished the season with a ()7.9 noints-|ier- game average and hekl their ojjponents to a 53.0 average. The team scored 4 Hi foul shots for a 61.5 nercentage. and 811 field goals. Ed MofTatt •as selected for the ' 51- 52 all-conference team and was chosen along with center John Sclby for the all-touinament second team. Mean vhile, the . l ' Jayvces, coached bv Dutch Schult . bail a hard-huk season, the majority of their losses being decided by ma-rrow margins. The small squad, which drew heavily from the intramural program, did surprisingly well considering that it was hampered by a lack of practice due to the iuia ailabilitv of the g ni. OUR VARSITY ' S TEN TOP-SCORERS: Points Player : No. 331 Ed Moffatt (16) 317 John Selby (12) 316 Hal Sponsler (3) 262 Bud Daly (5) 177 Bob Jones (15) 152 Danny Greenfield (18) 141 Sandy Sneddon (8) 110 Carl Hevener (13) 98 Don White (4) 68 Charles Baer (9) Hgt. Class 6-2 Senior 6-3 6-3 Sophomore Junior 5-9 6-3 Sophomore Junior 5-9 Sophomore 6-2 6-3 Sophomore Freshman 6-2 6-3 Sophomore Sophomore Spring bit them . . . secretarial chase in a con- gressional race: Rick (l.croy Jeffreys) and Beth nSarbara Browning). THE CAST AND TECHNICIANS: Beth Steirens Barbara Browning Rick Collins Lcroy Jeffreys Serialor Philberl Benurenard Bob I ' arker Agatha Beauregard Kathy Proby Michaels Harrv Cullis Sam Johnson Boh O ' Connor Ethel Ellie Hoiick The Old Flame Jean Dutcher Concessionaire - Bob Jones Louis Doug Davis Desk Clerk . Guy Glossbrenncr The Bell Boys: Pete McCutchen; Dick Witter; Wym deLooper; Ronnie Gomez. Feature Dancers: Collette Brooks; Dick Vittcr; Carol Summerfield; Ronnie C omcz; Kings- ley Cookley; Howard Lehman. Chorus The Work-.Studv Girls Music by Doug Bailey, Howard .Solomon Technicians: Cindy Haigh, Ginny Heissner, Bart Jepson, Howard Lehman, Jim McManaway, Joy Newport, John .Steele. Kiihblins over with enthiisia.siii . . . miniature sets with clanters Iea])ing o ' er valls . . . frantic cries of, Where ' s my comb— here ' s that pho- tot iapher again! ... a cast that doesn ' : MiT kc but . . . Severino Gomez . . . continued vying to see who can oiit-acllih wliom . . . the still- unanswered cjuestion Who did what to Ethel? . . . candy-striped seacjuins and signs through the courtesy of Chtick and the local authorities . . . Beth has a hot tip on the l. ' est ]jlace to get hot dogs . . . This cast is made up entirely of hams —except for me ' I ' m not quite one yet . . . and the winner is . . . SPRING BIT ME Membership in the POLIl ICAL CLEF is automatic to all those who have taken part in one of the original-jjolitical- musical-satires— either backstage or in front of the footlights. l ' ()LrnC;. L CLEV-Firsl roir: Mary Lou Han- son, KIlic Houck, Bob Wagner, Harl Lal ' lace, Boh O ' Connor, Dory Radlc , Harr Cullis, .Mice Petersen, Mr. Osten. . . . Second rotv: John Steele, Barbara Humphreys, Barbara Browning, Pete McCutchen, John Otto, Nan Pcndergast, Sally Shanklin, Linda Weisbrod. . . . Third row: i ' oo Pickus, Sue Stalling, C:osscue Colon, Pat Winn, Joy Newport, Nan .Mexander, Carol Sum- merfield, Ruby Lester. Xol slioifn: Helen Allen, Doug Bailcw .Maxinc Bcnhoff, Louise Clahill, Charlie Davis, Joan Jen- kins, Bob Kevser, Hank Lampe, Jaik Lt a . Glossbrenner, Babetle Grimes, Lou Hogan, Dick Miller, Babs Shytle, Howie .Solomon, Liz Vest, Dick Witter. Music, maestro, please: Doug Bailey and Howie Solomon. A mood set by Joanne McPherson and Carol Summerfield. The AU Mermen: (First row) Charlie Peters (Captain). Char- lie Jurgens, Don Grady, Bill Faux. Byron Roberts. Bob Pe- tree, Jim Patten, Dick Bird {Second Row) Bob Frailey (Coach). Dick Witter (Man- ager). Tiny Stickney. i M f I • SWIM AU ' s divers: Jake Combs and Wayne Johnson. TEAM Coach Bob Frailey ' s swimming team turned in another fine season churn int up five victories against no defeats to finish with an unniarred shite. The Mason-Dixon Conference Swim- ming Championships were held at the Al) Pool March 14 and 15. In the meet our Tankmen claimed three champions. Wayne Jolinson successfully defended his diving crown by amassing 1 10 final points to set a new conference diving record. Captain Charlie Peters won the 140 yard freestyle event and Jim Patten copped the 200 yard breast stroke for AU. Pat- ten was high scorer for the tournament with 1 1 ])oints earned by two seconds and a first. SWIM MEET RESULTS AU: Opp: 46 Dickinson College 38 47 Catholic Universitv 37 43 Davis-Elkins ' 31 47 Catholic University 37 48 Randolph-Macon . 34 M. SOX DIXON TOURNAMENT RESULTS Loyola 66 American University 42 Catholic LIniversity 14 Randolph - Macon 5 First row: Janis Thompson Charlotte Levy. Pinkey Gil bert (Treasurer), Gloria Frailey, Ellen Pinching, Jose phine Vermillion, Carol Bow ersox, Kathy Bonenblust, Bel ty Roland, Jeanne Gedney Barbara VanDusen. . . . Sec ond row: Ellen Lyddane, Bet ty Bole, Ethel McEvoy, Pat Nicklaw, Sara Kittinger, Gret chen Hightower, Maryse De leVaux, Carol Donsavage, Helen Gibbs, Lynda Weis brod. . . . Third row: Bob Frailey, Marion Staves, Al Shute (President), Frank Martin, Gerry Tunny, Don Grey, Marshal Algor. AQUIANA ' S AQUATIC FANTASY Earth Confidential or Twelve Months Under Water was the basis for Aquiana ' s annual water pageant, in which the Earth ' s months were unfolded one by one in ballet sequences. The audience was entertained by everything from an underwater Scotch Jig to a marine Rudolph (com- plete with glowing red nose!). The show ended, and the cycle began anew with the thirteenth nimiber— Aiild Lan;; Syne. Anyone is eligible for participation in these annual water shows. Member- ship in Aquiana, the sponsor of the water ballet, is based on tests in speed and form swimining and diving. Mem- bers are grouped in classes according to their swimming skill. The twelve divisions range from Guppy to Dolphin . AQUIANA Founded: January 1950 ■FIRE WATER BUNNY HOP QUEE 5 r5 SSl ' A Sophomore Class Officers: Mary Ross (Treasurer). Bill X ' itale (President); Roger Gor- don (Vice-President). Joan Leon (Secretary). I CAS Sophomore Class Officers: Jack Ellis (Treas- urer), Eddie Walker (Vice-President), Betty Elliott (.Secretary), Dick Witter (President). THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE- Candidates for Bunny Hop Queen: THE SOPHS Carefree is the key word for the Sophomore year . . . the only complaint being the scarcity of time in which to fit all those extracurricular activities into a limited school calendar which must unfortunately (?) consist also of a demanding scholastic schedule. Of course, there are also the minor feminine clothes problems and the masculine fi nancial difficulties; and the con- tinual questions of where to go? and what to do? All in all, however, it is obvious that the Sophomores keep the joint jumping , climaxing their yeai with the annual Bunny Hop Dance. sqqio uapH 121 From the host of enthusiastic tennis team candidates at the mid-March tryouts Coach Bob Frailey built his 1952 team. The returning lettermen are Albert, Green- field, Skinner, and Tabor.A hard-working, spirited team, AU ' s racquetmen hope to better their dismal 0-8 record of last year. TENNIS Bob Frailey (Coach), Bill Delorme. Danny Greenfield, Bob Skinner, Donnie Dedrick, Wal- ter Smith, Dave Tabor, Sam Albert, Carl Hevener. SPRING SPORTS MB ' V iRwMS? - • ' ■•»-»i First roui- Lou Griffith, Don Aquilino. Ronnie Weber, Chuck Wilkins, Elwood McGuire, Bill Sherrick, Dana Pond, Wallv Sangiorgio (Captain) . . .Second row: Dutch Schultz (Coach), Don Kyle, Don White. Walt Phillips, Sandy Sheddon, Ed Carlough, Dave Walker, Jay Cone, Chuck Baer, Bill Hooper (Manager) . . .Not shoivn: Jim Allen, Dcvswell Olson. BASEBALL The AU Nine is the dark horse for the 1952 Mason- Dixon Baseball Crown. Dutch Schultz, in his first year as coach, has developed a hustling team that is expected to finish in the first division. The squad is studd ed with fleet-footed, high-spirited Sophomores and wise fourth-year vets. An infield with a defensive punch is provided by returning lettermen Aquilino, Baer, Phillips, and Olson. Wally (Butterfingers) Sangiorgio is still directing strategy from behind the plate; and outfield mainstays from the ' 51 season are Allen, Cone, and Pond. t ' Oiit-slanding: I arrv (;iia iis;i. (iarol SiiTiinu ' idcld. Maxinc Ycagcr, Mel Hirshman. AN APRIL CLOUDBURST OF HARMONY: SONGFEST Twenty Ial)orer,s from Brazil took AH liy storm the nitrht of the annual Songfest competition. And, thouglu the peons did not win for themselves a cup, their performance will long he remembered. The de- fending fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi, took another year ' s lease on the cu|3 with their winning renditions of Hail Sigma Phi and The Win- ter Song . The sorority dip was won by Kappa Delta, who sang their way to victory with All the Things You Are and Here ' s to Old Kappa Delta . Songfest is also the big night of awards, l ightcen Merit Awards were presented by Dean Hentley; the Panhellenic Cup to the Pledge with the Highest Scholastic Average was won by Doris Person of Phi Mu; and Phi Mn won the Scholarship Cup. Larry Siraciisa of Alpha Sigma Phi was elected the Outstanding Senior Fraternity Man: Mel Hirshman, the Outstanding Senior Independent Man; Maxine Yeagcr of Phi Mu, the Outstanding .Senior Sorority Woman; and Carol Sinnmerfield, the Out- standing Senior Indejjendent Woman. 1 The hovs who tiixed llic trophy under llicir arms Here ' s to Old Kappa Helta i C.HEMISIRY CLIIB-Fi s( rate; Carol Hicks, (ilenn I.oughridge (Vice-President), Randi Ros- voll, Rita Bodkin, Marion Staves (President). . . . Second nnv: Dr. Neufeld (.Advisor), Albert Peters, Wellington Hung, Hardie Meakin. Bob Harrigan, Tom Sawyer, John DeLuca, Marty Niissbaum, Dr. Schubert (Advisor) . . . Not shown: Richard Bird (Treasurer), Bill Scanlon (Secretary). At the Science Show: Glassblowing demonstrated by (;lenn Loughridge. BETA BETA BETA Founded: 1922, Oklahoma City Uiiivei ' sity Alpha Upsilon Chapter loiinded May 28, 1932 BETA BETA KV.T. -Fiisl roir: Bob Harrigan (Historian), Hardie Meakin (Vice-President), Randi Rosvoll (President), Barbara Pliillip, (.Secretary), Wellington Hung (Treasurer), Dr. Knippling (. dvisor) . . . Svroiid rim-: Jolin Dc- l.uca. Dr. Hatchett (.Advisor), Wally Sangi- orgio, Glenn Loughridge, Hal Sponslcr, Stan McCausland, .M Peters, Cbarlotlc Parker. Max- iiic Park, Irma LazarolT. . . . A ' ti slioifii: Dr. Bowles, June Eanies, Betty Phcnix, (.cnc Rubin- stein, Winifred Russell, Erank Spilman. SCIENCE SHOW Once every two years, AU undergoes a three- day srientifu mutation. This year all three floors of Hurst Hall were converted into display rooms, labs, and lc( ture halls for over 8,()()() hinh school students and the many professional and collegi- ate visitors. Interest in the show was displayed not only by high schools in the Washington aiea, but also by schools as far away as New Jersey. The highlight of the exhibit was the un- expected eruption of a supposedly controlled volcano— an explosion which, while it injured no one, blew people in the room above out of their chairs. The Chemistry Club and Beta Beta Beta, along with the faculty and administration, spon- sor the .Science Show. The Chemistry Club is an affiliate of the American Chemical Society and provides tojj-levcl professional associations for (hemistry majors. Beta Beta Beta is tlie national society for students majoring in biology who have comjjleted at least 12 academic hours with a 2.00 or better average in that department, and who have maintained a satisfactory average in their other studies. I ' lant MIl- and thloiophyll explained by Dr. Knipling (second from the right). Omer Raup ' s Volcano Modeled After Mount Paricutin Cindercone: I ' elian; H,Kl, is: Iciov Iciruvs ol the Iiulcpciidiiil ' s Icam (I ' lH) and ■■jiukic Hdllckcr (if I ' hi Mu (158). Shcoiiii;; l(H Ihi- smi I ' iiip I ' oMj; I ' crsonapc ■ l ' (M. ' I ' iikiis. ll ili Itwi-,. Hill I ' agc. jaikic HoMcikir. I oni Woiip;, W ' lllinplon MiiiiK. INTRAMURALS F oiiiis, results, statistics: and In- traniurals steam lull speed ahead. The 1952 Bowling trophies were copped ijy teams Iroin Alpha Chi Omega and the Independent Men. Alpha Chi ' s winning average of 118.3 was 1.5 higher than that of Phi Mil. Kappa Delta, Delta Gam- ma, and the Independent Women finished in that order behind the jjace setters. Trailing behind the classy Independents in the men ' s race were Alpha Sigma Phi, . TO. and Phi Sigma Kappa. The Volleyball coni]jetition was nip ami tuck vith ATO defeat- ing .Alpha Sigma Phi in a playoff, and Phi Mu winning over , lpha Chi Omega. In the intlividiial sports farkie Holfccker of Phi Mii was high scorer, bringing home the Bad- minton, High-average bowler, and Ping Pong tro|)hics. Tom Wong won the men ' s Ping Pong singles, anti ()U|)led with Wellington Hung slashed all comers for the doubles trophy. Intraminal Archery was oiga- ni eil for the 1952 season, and it took its ])la(e along with Golf, Ten- nis, and Horseshoes. The 1951 Soft- ball Clip ])ossesors, ATO and Phi Mu, promised to retain their crowns. I SSPA CLASS OFFICERS: Seated: Vernon Moore | (President), Sugar Beppler (Secretary) . . . Stand- I ing: Rufus Peckham (Vice President), Larry Tray- | lor (Treasurer). CAS CLASS OFFICERS: Lucky Gelling (Treas- urer), Don Sturgis (President), Virginia Day (Secre- tary), Alice Petersen (Vice President). A graduation present from the Class of 1953: The Junior-Senior Prom . . . OUR JUNIORS . . . Concentration is the key word for the Junior Year — not merely personal but also scholastic concentration. The senior year is certain — a looked-forward-to certainty — but the approach to it isn ' t entirely a serious one. The Juniors concentrate just as intently on their fun as they do on their work. What better example could be set by upperclassmen? M ' W . Starving journalists would be in vogue ... if we published it . . . but well-fed journalists are i n style at AU as a result of the meals served at Pi Delta Epsilon meetings. A student who has had a major position on a University publica- tion for one year, or a minor position for two years, is eligible for election to the fraternity. PI DELTA EPSILON Founded: December 6, 1909 Syracuse University American University Chapter Founded: 1937 Cake dealt at Pi Delt pledg- ing—Guy Glossbrenner, Hank Lampe, Ginnie Harvey (Class of ' 51). 131 COMMENCEMENT JUNE 8 American C|| WASHIN 26, NO. 9999 1 v esS » ,s r;v ' jm- X hW V;uV.»S ' - J K. V - Business W (- b American ' rsity Eagle BUY YOUR 1952 AUCOLA )N, D. C. JUNE 43, 1952 STAFF: BocE Editoi Business Manager Circulation Manager Promotions Manager Cene Spurlock Stag Photographer Cbace Jan Waldman Advertising Manager Henby Lamte Assistant to the Editor J. Martin Kelly, Jb Editorial Associate Marcia Zendt Corresponding Secretary Jean Dutcber Business Secretary Jebry Cheney, Margaret Eisenlohb, Nancy Ross Circulation Stag Mrs, Emerald Stradley Advertising Salesman Reporters: Johanne Beppler, Carol Cooper. Barbara Criswell, Charles Davis, Sue Hall, Mary Lou Hanson. Eleanor Houck. Muriel Hubble. Joan Kaeele, Nancy Kirch. Ron Nessen. John Otto. Nancy Poore. Jinx ReznikofI, Charles Schools, Bob Skinner, Sue Stalling, Mary Williams. Dick Witter. Typists .■ Sue Olson. Doris Radely. . . . Guy Glossbrenner . . . miss the ring- ing of the phone (too many long-dis- tance calls) . . . junior birdmen . . . stuck- up old Eagles . . . where ' s the wastepaper basket — can ' t see it for the trash (you ' re sitting on it) . . . clean-up committee dis- covers first news item at bottom of un- opened incoming mail: We have found it (editor ' s note: see page 10) . . . cut issues . . . please close the windows and door when you leave ... an office at every school, a news item for every occa- sion . . . roio.- mi Reznikoff, Nancy Dory Radley. Mary Lou Han- . . Second row: Sugar Beppler. Cooper, Jan Waldman, Marcia Sue Hall. . . . Third row: Sur Harl LaPlace, Joan Kleigle, Dick Spurlock, Barba: Mary Williams, Scooper Kelly. 133 kThose who advised: Kathy and Bart ' ' Those who counted the penny: •Jinx , C.retchcn, and Joan. Slu- who drew: Tex . •She who typed: Ethel. Those who wrote: .Sue, Jan, and Marilyn I hose who got an ad: Carol and Louie. STAFF: Joy Newport Editor LuciLE BuiCE Associate Editor, CAS Hank Lampe Associate Editor, SSPA Jinx Reznikoff Business Manager Carol Summerfield. Louie Long. Cretchen Hichtoweh Business StaS Marilyn Ashley. Bill Lilienteld .... Senior Editors Gene Spurlock Photo Editor Cut Glossbrenner, Dutch Schultz . . . Photo Staff Tex Christopbehson Art Editor Ethel McEvoy. Jan Waldman. Sue Stalling, Joan Leon Staff Kathryn Keabns. Baat Jepson Advisers Dr. C. Clark Faculty Adviser ' 52 Aucola . . . just one more picture ... 2 A.M. trips to the postoffice somehow unre- warded by those tiny hamburgers ... I love coffee, I love tea . . . Henry J. shut- tle service . . . please buy an ad . . . one-time Spurlock (tried it once, didn ' t like it, never tried it again) and his in- evitable cigarette . . . just one more pic- ture . . . you ' re fired — just as soon as the book goes to press! .... vieing for Biggest Wastebasket honors . . . new Aucola headquarters . . . someone feed the fish (fifteen shakes in that top tank, boy!) . . . snap! . . . Peruvian chants and Whimaway lend atmosphere . . . somebody push that t down . . . record of 44 births set by green sword . . . idents. caps, and the ' s . . . coffee an ' butts and a staff that is nuts: that ' s what yearbooks are made of — The Three Clowns . . . handwriting on the wall: Be sincere though at times you may sound extreme ly prosaic or extravagantly bombastic . . . Those who photographed: Guy and Gene. T liose who: Hank , Lucile. and Joy ' Hf who supervised: Dr. Clark. N MEMORANDUM An important era in the history of the University has been completed, and I would now like to surrender the leadership to other hands. — Dr. Paul F. Douglas October 13, 1951 136 OL DIRECTORY To find the right direction is the beginning . Telephone Lounge, Leonard Student Center. 137 DIRECTORY Administration — Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Psi Omega University Eagle Bunny Hop Qu Cap and Gown Charily Drive ( Communi Delta Ga Association Council ■ che Literarische Verein . Dormitory Dinners Easter Chapel El Club Pan Americano Freshman Class .- Fresh mai Frosh Ha Handbook ling Queen, Psi Omega Cap and Gown Omicron Delta Kappa Pi Delta Epsilon Clai Kappa Delta Mary Craydi Mary Grayd Mary Graydon Hall H( Omicron Delta Kappa Panhellenic Council - Phi Mu Phi Sigma Kappa — Pi Delta Epsilon Hall Candlelight Ceremony . Hall Dining Room Political Clef Political Club Queens: Alpha Sigma Phi Dream Girl Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart Apple Blossom Princess Best Loved Girl J Bunny Hop Queen ling Qu Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl Sno-Ball Queen Radio-TV Guild Registered Nurses Club Rushing Sadie Hawkins Dance Sho Senior Class „ . SnoBall Dance, Que Social Fraternities: Alpha Chi Omega . Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Delta Gamma Interfraternity Ball Interfraternity Coui Kappa Delta Panhellenic Counci Phi Mu Phi Sigma Kappa - Rushing Songlest Society lor the Adva Management Sophomore Class Officers Gym ' Classes Intramural Sports Varsity Sports: Baseball Basketball Golf Jay Vees Basketball Swimming , Tennis - Women ' s Field Hockey Spring Political Varsity Club WAMU Washington Semester Group Water Ballet Who ' s Who Among Students in Universities and Colleges Women ' s A Club Work-Study Group RIDEOUT STAPP 607 15th St., N. W. Washington, D. C. R. MARS THE CONTRACT CO. 410 First Street, S. E. Washington 3, D. C. Complete furnishings for the Home, Hotel, Hospital, and Institution. Branches: Baltimore New York owers Trom t t ONKLyN ' S 2046 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Va, TRUSTEE DIRECTORY Ashby, Lyle W. ; 4425 WinJom PI., N. W. liarkley, Mrs. Alben W. ; 2101 Conn. Ave., N. W. Baynton, Harold I.; 4524 Tilden St., N. W. Boland, Francis H., Jr. ; 180 Central Park South, N. V. 19, N. Y. Boolier. Howard; 3933 Fordham Rd., X. W. Bunting, Earl; 4000 Cathedral Ave., N. W. Burgan, Harry W. ; 1206 Decatur St., N. W. Clarke, George C. ; Belmont, Leesburg, Va. Colladay, Edward F. ; 1615 IloUy St., N. W. Cromelin, Paul B. ; 3806 Cramercy St., N. W. Cromer, Horace E. ; 3309 South Dakota Ave., N. E. Fisher, W. Yule; 4328 Yuma St., N. W. Fletcher, Robert V. ; 3601 49th St., N. W. Chairman Flint, Charles Wesley; 100 Maryland Ave., . E. Grover, Wayne C; 1401 Linden Lane, S. S., Md. Haskell, Arthur N. ; 911 Whittier Blvd., Grosse Pointe 30, Mich. Hedges, Marion H. ; 3257 O St., N. W. Heller, Robert; 18235 Shaker Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Hoffman, James L; 3607 Calvend Lane, Rock Creek Hills, Kensington, Md. Hoover, The Honorable Herbert: Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York, N. Y. Houghton, A. C. ; 2630 University PI., N. W. Jackson, Howard W. ; The Greenway Apartments, Balti- more, Md. Kauflfman, Samuel H. ; 2442 Belmont Rd. N. W. Knowland, William F. ; 2744 32nd St., N. W. Koegel, Otto E. ; 100 Broadway, . ' ew York 5, N. Y. Lansburgh, Mark; 3111 Idaho Ave., N. W. Laskey, John L. ; 10 Farmington Dr., C. C, Md. Lester, Robert M. ; 414 E. 52nd St., New York, N. Y. McCormick, Charles P. ; McCormick Building, Baltimore, Md. Meets, Benjamin W. ; 5100 Norwood Ave., Baltimore, Md. Miller, Raymond W. ; 2540 Mass. Ave., N. W. Morgan, Joy Elmer; 4109 17th St., N. W. Vice-Chairman Myer, Walter E. ; 3729 Fordham Rd., N. W. Orem, John . I.; 2800 Woodley Rd., N. W. Patterson, Richard C, Jr. ; Bern, Switzerland Peacock, lames Craig; 12 W. Irving St.. C. C, Md. Reed, Helena D. ; 1601 Argonne PL, N. W. Reeves, John M. ; 26 Ridge Rd., Summit, N. J. Reynolds, Richard S., Jr. ; Reynolds Metals Co., Richmond, Rice, Roland; 22 Franklin St., Kensington, -Md. Riley, J. Garfield; 1738 N St., N. W. Sibley, George H. ; 9 E. 81st St.. New York 28, N Y Smith, Frank A.; 2308 Southmore Blvd., Houston, Texas Smith, Ralph D. ; 1370 Locust Rd., N. W. Secretary Sparkman, John ; 4920 Upton St.. N. W. Townsend, John G., Jr.; Baltimore Trust Co.. Selbvville, Del. Trundle, George T., Jr.; 1501 Euclid Ave., Cleveland 15. Ohio Williams. John H. ; 50 Hill Park Ave., Great Neck. N. Y. Woodcock, Floyd W. : 200 W. 9th St., Wilmington, Del. FACULTY DIRECTORY .Aiken. Jesse E. ; 2806 East-West Hwv., C. C. .Md — SH 0951 Albright. Roger; 10 Edgehill Dr.. Alex., Va.— OV 4385 Allen. Edward L. ; 5809 Franklin Ave.. Falls Church. Va — KE 3-5366 -Mpert. Harry; 1725 Price St., Alex., Va.— OV 2541 Anagnos, Xicholas C. ; 5 Burgess Dr., Hyattsville, Md.— AP 0952 Angel, Virginia; Rt. 3, Box 126, Beth. 14, Md. Arent, Albert E. ; 7808 Rolling Rd., C. C, Md.— OL 2983 Arnatt, Ronald K. ; 1301 Mass, Ave., N. W.— NA 9683 Arndt, Karl; 50! Pershing Dr., S. S., Md.— SH 2695 .Ukinson, Kenneth B. ; 25 Providence Terrace, McLean, V». — EL 3891 . ufricht, Hans; Valley Vista Apts.. 2032 Belmont Rd., N. W.— HO 4000 Bailey, -Xathan A.; 10103 McKenney Ave., S. S., Md.— SH 5215 Baker. Sarah; 1748 N St., N. W.— DI 6382 Barb. Marian L. ; 4202 4th St.. S. E.— JO 2-5860 I ' .arcy. Lee M.; 5048 22nd St., S. Arl., Va.— OW 5017 Batchelder. -Merritt C. ; 4837 Alton PI., N. W.— E.M 7512 Beatty, Wolcott H. ;• 3370 Chillum Rd., Mt. Rainier, Md.— AP 4423 Reckerman, Lawrence; 1612 Colonial Terrace. Arl.. Va.— OW 5630 Beckett, Lois; 1921 Kalo Bedell. Ralph; 3140 Wisco . Bentley. John Edward; 5041 Loughboro Rd.. N. W. — EM 1630 Bernl-.ard. Russell S. ; 4366 N. Pershing Dr., Arl.. Va.— lA 2-1801 Bick ' ford, Hugh C. ; 101 W. Saul Rd., Kensington, Md.— Wl 7695 Bien. V. T. ; 8945 Green Tree Rd.. Beth., Md.— OL 4810 I ' .inder, Sidney; 3650 Minnesota Ave., S. E.— AX 8300 Black. Lloyd D. ; 9IU Wire Ave., S. S., Md.— SL 5036 I ' .lanc, Peters; 1749 St. Matthews Ct., N. W.— DI 2863 Blanche, Ernest E. ; 9409 Montgomery . ve., C. C. Md.— WI 6992 Bloom. William; 1816 Sanford Rd.. S. S.. Md. Bock. Beniamin; 4507 Que St.. N. W.— WO 4507 Bowden. Witt ; 3546 Chesapeake St.. N. W. Howies, Edgar; 5000 Mass. Ave., N. W.— WO 8757 Bowman, Walter P.: 5331 Baltimore Ave., C. C. Md. - OL 0730 Bradshaw. .Mary E. ; Mary Gray lon Hall, campus Brandenburg. David J.; 3223 Volta PI.. N. W.— CO 8292 Branford. Walter A.; 1717 P St.. X. W.— DU 7549 B.rooker, Floyde E. ; 7208 Cobalt Rd.. Wood Acres. Md.— WI 7866 Brooks, George W. ; 1904 K St.. N. W.— XA 1294 I ' .rower, T. Stanton; 6217 Xehraska Ave., N. W.— WO 3300 Brown, Mary Louise; 5520 Nebraska Ave.. N. W.— WO 3905 I ' .iick. Solon lustus; 321 A St.. S. E.— AT 5376 nroe; 34.!6 25th St.. S. E.— lO 2-3413 luel Engle. Jr.; 4227 47th St.. X. W.— EM 8681 rge P.: 65 Beech Ave.. Beth.. Md.— OL 1121 Bvham. Carl; 4877-. 28th St., S. Farlington, Va.— KI 8-7941 Cahn. Tulius; 7001 Pyle Rd.. N. W.— OL 4043 Calfee. ' William H. ; 1717 Riggs PI.. N. W.— HO 0568 Calloway. Paul; The Washington Cathedral Camp. Paul M. ; 6220 20th PI.. Green Meadows. Md.- r.urk. Burr, liush. Carlo, I Carls WI 8548 Joseph FA 4232 nk; 2618 K St.. ird W. ; 5 Va; 121 Cameron Rd.. Falls Chu »ay PI., Ale Wood rch. Va.— -KI 8-9623 JO 2-1172 3605 Gre nduff. Arthur; 7123 OL 4646 Carroll. George I.: 21 Da Cassell. Stafford H.; 7114 Kdgcville St.. t. C. , Id.- OL 8797 Chace. Marian; 4202 4th .St.. S. E.— JO 2-5860 Chatfield. Helen L. ; 8917 Seneca Lane. ISeth.. Md. -WI 0217 Clague. Ewan; 3821 Woodlev Rd.. X. W. WO 9353 Clark. Charles M.; 3040 Idaho Ave.. X. W.--WO 0987 Clarke. lohn M.; 1409 Hickory Court. Falls Church. Va. Clements. T. F. ; 1317 Merrimac St.. Hyattsville. Md. Clendenin. ' Tohn; 6440 31st St., X. W.— WO 9106 Cou rtesy of... CENTR. L MOTOR COMPANY 3200 Lee Highway, Arl., Va. MR. WILLIAM H. CLARKE, JR. GUSTI ' S ITALIAN RESTAURANT 1837 M St., N. W. HONICK ' S MEN ' S WEAR 3130 Wilson Blvd., Arl., Va. MRS. E. C. NEWPORT SUPPORT THE BUSINESS MEN WHO SUPPORT YOUR YEARBOOK Md.- Cohen, Jerome B. Cohen, Sherman S. ; 8102 Tahona Dr., S. S.. Md.— SL 4548 Colwell, Robert C. ; 225 Newcomb St., S. E.— JO 2-6678 Connor, Franklin; 7505 Wildwood Dr., Takoma Park, Md. Cook, Richard K. : 8517 Melford Ave., S. S.. Md.— SL 648b Copenhavcr, Harold; 419 lirandywine St., S. E.— JO 2-0944 Cornfield, Jerome; R. R. 1, Herndon, Va. Correll, Ernst; 3541 Appleton St., N. W.— WO 9144 Corson, John J.; 3601 X. Abingdon St., Arl., Va.— CH 4665 Crawford, H. D. ; 1109 Chestnut Ave.. Falls Church, Va.— JE 3-8741 D ' Allesandro, Alfred; 521 N. Dinwiddle St., Arl., Va.— GL 8591 Dalton, Albert; 1007 Paul Dr.. Rockville, Md. Daly, J. Harvey; 7300 Forest Rd., Landover, Md.— AP 3208 Daniels, Virginia H. : 706 E. Fairview Ave., Alex.. Va.— TE 7984 Davis. Harold E. ; 4842 Langdr OL 4021 Derby, Donald; 132 N. Wayne OW 8465 DeVries, Van Beuren ; 8614 Lynbrook Dr., WI 9406 Dewey, William E. ; 1124 S. Edison St., Arl.. Va.— CH 5972 Dirksen. Richard W. ; 3022 Wisconsin Ave., N. W.— OR 4170 Divine, William R. ; 5618 Overlea Rd., N. W.— OL 5686 Dobrow, Lawrence; 2126 Key Blvd., Arl., Va. — CH 2000 Douglas, Francis P. ; 3427 Oakwood Terrace. N. W.— AD 5922 Dozer. Donald M. ; 4302 Van Buren St., Hyattsville, Md.— WA 8783 Dvorak, Beatrice; 4201 Mass. Ave., N. W.— OR 1119 Ebersol. Luke; 4613 Guilford Rd., College Park, Md.— UN 4178 Ecker-Racz, L. L. ; 1318 S. 24th St., .Arl., Va.— OT 8199 Edelson, Alfred H. ; 404 Duke St., Alex., Va.— JA 4-0393 Everett; 8606 Tefferson St., Beth., Md.— WI 7291 ; 201 E. Tliornapple St., C. C. Md.— Arl.. Va.. Apt. 2- Beth.. Md.- Egbe WI 5221 Ekirch. Arthur A. TE 6331 Elsbree. Hugh L. ; Endacott, John L. Ei stein, Leon J. ; Ericson, Carl Erla Jr.; 1622 Fitzgerald Lane. Alex Va 2406 44th St., N. W.— OR 5807 Rt. 3, Ale.x., Va.— AL 2486 St. Elizabeth ' s Hospital— JO 3-9816 d; P. O. Box 753, McLean, Va.— EL 3582 Ktienne, .Marguerite; 2700 Que St., N. W.— CO 0373 Evans, Wilmoth D. ; 111 N. George Mason Dr.. Arl.. Va.— TA 2-9781 Fields, David S. : 2118 Dexter .Ave., S. S., Md. Finley. Cecile Bolton; 3516 Martha Custis Dr.. Alex., Va.— KI 8-7675 Fisher, Allan J.; 2610 S. Troy St., Arl., Va.— CH 3223 You Can Gef Everything o FROM O FISH o HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUAPUAA AT WALLY ' S AQUARIUM 4403 N. Fairfax Dr. Arlington, Va. JAckson 8-6688 —PHOTO BY GENE SPURLOCK (Editor ' s Note: This guy wants Photo Ry G. S. under everything— The Editor C ' Ves Sir, Ma ' am ) thought it would get rather monotonous to see his name under 999 pictures throughout the ' 52 Aucola — so The Editor compromised and is giving him One Big Credit. Happy now, boy?) (Incident- al Sponsler and the CAS Coffee Shop Capsuled History of the American University 1862 Fort Gaines 1889 Bishop Hurst found site 1892 American University Currier 1893 Chartered by Congress 1898 Hurst Hall 1914 Graduate school formally opened on May 27 by President Wilson (speech: Lodestar and Compass ) 1917 .McKinley 1924 C. S plan approved by Trustees (C. S opened in 1925) 1925 American Eagle 1925 Football (until 1942) 1926 Mary Gray don Hall (built as a testing lab for the Chem Warfare Service of World War I) 1926 Batelle 1926 Clendenen 1926 Interscholastic basketball 1927 Volume I of Aucola 1933 First sorority (Phi Mu) 1934 SSPA undergraduate division opened 1936 First fraternity (Phi Sigma Kappa) 1941 Toined Mason-Dixon Conference 1943 Leonard Student Center 1943 First Mason-Dixon Conference victory 1947 Washington Semester plan inaugurated 1947 American University Eagle 1947 WAMC 1949 School of Nursing 1949 College of Law mergeil with the university 1949 First Aucola to include SSPA 1949 Original Political Musical Comedy 1949 Aquiana 1951 WAMU US St., Fairlington. Va. Abing ion St., Fairlingto Md.— WI 9283 E.— LU 4-6726 N. W.-— WO 7625 t. Rainier. Md. — Fiske. Fred; 2821 S. Colun KI 8-8265 Fletcher, Lloyd, Jr.; 2878 S Va.— OV 1499 Fors, Edwin C. : 8522 Hazelwood Dr., Ret! Fowler, Walter L. ; 1360 Maple View PI., S Fox. lames; 3417A New Mexico A Frailev, Robert ; 4309 Russell Ave. WA 1186 Franck, Peter G. ; 1848 Irving St., N. W.— HO 8361 Frank, lohn G. ; 2122 California St., N. W.— HO 4134 Freeman, .Tames L. : 30 Lone Oak Dr., Reth., Md.— WI 4048 Froberg, C. Hutchins, The American University Fulcher, Gordon S. ; 4712 Alton PI., N. W.— WO 8520 Furth. T. Herbert: 719 Van Buren St., N. W.— GE 2757 Gamble, ' Allen O. ; 3011 Porter St., N. W.— WO 4656 Gates, Robert F. ; RFD 1, Box 250, Vienna, Va.— VA 9075 Ghosh, Suprakas; 2700 Que St., N. W.— HO 0465 Gilbert. Ben; 4537 Grant Rd., N. W.— OR 3162 (ioldstein. Harold; 1821 Summit PI., N. W.— AD 113S Gondos, Dorothy; 4201 Mass. Ave., N. W.— EM 9481 Goodman, Charles H. ; 711 Woodlawn Ave., Falls Church, Va.— FA 5189 5618 Wilson Lane, Beth., Md.— WI 0657 2940 Newark St., N. W.— OR 4775 ; 325 Tames St., Falls Church, Va.— ;.. Md.— SH 4260 N. W.— DI 29; Bethesda, Md.- Gosnell, Harold F. Graves, W. Brooke Griffin, Donald T FA 6227 Gunn, Glenn D. ; 2480 16th St., N. W.— HU 8438 Halbert. Edwin I.; 3603 S. Tavlor St., Arl.. Va.— TE 8604 Harllee, Ella; 1753 Lamont St. ' . N. W.— AD 3288 Harman, Harry H. ; 4111 Maryland Ave., N. W.— WI 0653 Harris. Don R, : 4 W. Washington St.. Kensington. Md. Harris, Frank J.; 300 Pimmit Dr., Falls Church, Va.— FA 2597 Hatchett. Stephen ; 4804 Crescent St Hattery, Lowell H. ; 10411 Haves Av Hawke, Virginia; 8319 Roanoke Ave SL 8925 Haydon, W. M. ; St. Elizabeth ' s Hospital— JO 2-1691 Hav ;. Evelyn Swarthout : 610 Tohnson PI.. Alex. Va 6204 MacArthur Blvd.. N. W— WI 7697 N. W.— WI 2875 S. S.. Md.— SL 2482 Takoma Park. Md.— Held. Walter; 1631 IE 2-5872 Hersh. Charles 8-9144 lohn; 9000 51st Av dale Rd,, Falls Church. Va 14th Ave.,, Hyattsville, Md.— JLT Br ' ille, Md.- -- .. TO 5816 Hdl, Paul R. ; 4900 29th Rd.. S. Fairlington. Va,— OV 6394 Hippen. John; 1515 Ogden St., N, W,. Apt, 305— TA 5024 Homberger, Ludwig M. ; 1830 N. Ouintana St., Arl.. Va.— F. 5945 Honey. John C. ; 11 Pembroke St.. Garrett Park. Md. Hunter. Kenneth; 1408 Decatur St.. N. W.— TA 1538 Hunter. Louis C. ; 14 Westwood Dr.. Westmoreland Hills, Md.— OL 5948 Hvde. Howard K. ; 5201 Glenwood Rd., Beth.. Md.— OL 2209 Ingraham. Albert P.; 2041 N. Kensington St., Arl., Va.— OW 2095 laffe. Arthur; 4810 29th St.. S. At ., Va.— KI 8-6733 Taffee. Samuel H. ; 4816 45th St.. N. W.— OR 1836 Telsma, E. R. ; 3500 14th St., N. W.— CO 3600 loardar. N. G. D. ; 1650 R St.. N. W. Johnson, Alan; 5604 Northfield Rd,, Beth., Md.— WI 6892 Tones, Frederick N. ; 6627 N. Washington Blvd., Falls Church, Va.— F. 4649 Jones, Thomas L. ; 2128 Florida Ave,, N. W. lorgenson, Gladvs V. ; 2306 Colston Dr., S. S., Md. luster, Gene; 4463 S. Four Mile Run Dr.. Arl., Va.— GL 4400 Keck, Andrew S. ; 1552 34th St., N. W.— NO 2532 Kempton, Willett ; Merchants Lane, McLean, Va,— EL 3268 Ketchum. Harry W. ; 9101 Eton R. Kev. Kerim K. ; 2430 Pennsylvania King. Robert W. ; 8912 Mohawk WI 2179 Knezevich, Hugo; 1326 Euclid St., N. W.— HU 9288 Knipling. Phoebe H.; 2607 Marcey Rd., Arl., Va.— OW 5668 Koch, Elmer C. ; 9105 Eton Rd.. S. S., Md.— SL 0117 Kovarik, Robert C. r3644 Gunston Rd., Alex., Va.— OV 3713 Kramer, Reuben; 1201 Eutaw PI., Baltimore 17. Md. Lederer, Marianne; 1900 H St.. N. W.— DI 6509 Leineweber. C. Henry; 5612 Edgemoor Lane, Beth.. Md.— WI 4465 Levin, Theodore II.; 310 Hamilton St., N, W,— TU 4368 Link. George T, ; 3317 Rowland PI., N. W.— OR 4283 Lippitt, Gordon L. ; 104 N. Granada St., Arl., Va.— TA 7-1556 Llovd, Daniel B. ; 4630 Chesapeake St., N. W,— OR 2114 Lorimer, Frank; 2930 Chesapeake St., N. W.— EM 2728 Lowrv, Edith C. ; 5 Chevy Chase Circle, N. W.— WI 3446 Lusher, David W, ; 5812 Wilmett Rd., Bethesda, Md.— OL 0395 Mack, CHfton E. ; 6314 32nd St., N. W.— WO 6688 Mack, Curt C. ; 4 Stairs, Rt. 1, Box 221, Vienna, Va. MacMillan, lohn W. ; 4323 Van Buren St., N. W.— WA 4833 Magaw. Eloise; 4426 Garrison St.. N. W.— WO 0172 Mandelstam. Theodore; 1118 N. Pitt St., Alex., Va.— OV 1882 Mann, Fritz Karl; 25 Williams Lane, C. C, Md.— WI 3593 Marshall. Leon C. ; 7007 IToMing Rd.. C. C. Md.— WI 5493 Marx. Fritz Morstein ; 6S97 N. Washington Blvd.. Fall» Church. Va.— F. 4387 Maurer. Robert S. ; 1915 Kalorama Rd.. N. W.— AD 2575 KENNAMETAL CEMENTED CARBIDE TOOLS Help the metal-working and mining industries increase the production of essential materials. KENNAMETAL Inc. Latrobe, Pa. McCausland, Stanley; .1417F Ne EM 0431 McC.eliee, Fran Mcintosh. T. (IL 117 ' 2 McKillop. Tho OV 6967 McLain, James; 8605 McKinlcy Ct., McLain, Wayne; 3500 Nebraska A Merwin, Charles L. : 4113 49th St., N 6152 31st St., N. W, 1838 N. Qui 3705 Stewart Dr., N. C. C, Md.— 3228 Ravensworth PI., Beth., Ale Va.— Md.— OL 4532 e., N. W.— WO 7955 W.— EM 1340 -EM 9427 tana St., Arl., Va.— Miles, I Miller, Malcoln CH 1696 MCmkKo ' ! ' severinoT 48 ' 84 Mac. 7thur Blvd., N. W.-WO Monre. Harvey C. ; 2805 N. Capitol, D. C— DE 4262 Mortir;ier Frank H. ; 5917 33rd St., N. W.-WO 2775 Mowitt, Glendon; 704 Duke St.. Alex., Va.— OV 2731 Moyer EuRene C. ; 4504 N. Chelsea Lane, Beth., Md. — ■ W ' l 3189 Nauheim Ferri ; 3916 Military Rd., N. W.-WO 4583 Neff, Alice C. ; 3105 Parkway Terrace Dr., S. E.— JO 9-9600 Neff, lack; 1729 Dublin Dr.. S. S., Md.— SL 7624 Nehmer Stanley; 7229 15th Ave., Takoma Park, Md.— SL 5750 Neuleld. C. H. H, Xiles. Mary Cush Olds, Ruberta M ry; 3000 39th St., N. W.— WO 4583 g; 136 Carroll St., S. E.— TR 7680 3725 Macomb St., N. W.— OR 5070 ; 4901 N. 36th St., Arl., Va.— lA 4-0949 Ostrowski. ' A. M.: Hutchins House. The American University Parks, E. Tavlor; 3221 12th St., S. Arl., Va.— OW 3663 Patton, Mary Miller; 5081 Bradley Blvd.. C. C, Md.— OL 64S9 Pearce, Hardy L. ; 5415 Worthington Dr., Westmoreland Hills. Md.— WI 6789 Peck, C.ustav; 2319 Nebraska Ave., N. W.— OR 4923 Perry. Hobart S. ; 3001 S. Columbus St., Arl., Va.— TE 5333 37 Madison St., N. W.— GE 1595 Phillips, Thoma OL 3712 Piquet, Howard S. Posner, Ernst; 41 1( Potter. Pitman P.; SL 8197 3712 Stewart Dr., N. C. C. Md — 9 Yorktown Rd., N. W.— R. 0037 Henderson Rd., Arl., Va.— C,L 3893 Pisgah Rd. ; Avenel S. S., Md.— Mt, Va -TE 8299 is C. ; 3834 Florence Dr., Ale Pribram, Karl: 3625 16tb St., N. W.— AD 1636 Prothro, Adolphus M. ; RFD No. 1, McLean. Va.— F.L 3572 Puppa. Henry G. : 4307 Alton PL, N. W.— EM 2087 Rackley, Lloyd E. ; 216 N. Wayne St., Arl., Va.— lA 4-0024 Raff a, Aldo L. ; 8500 Garfield St., Beth., Md.— WI 2021 GENERAL ELECTRONICS f.lec.tric:al appllvnces radios and television salfs and service 4.513 Wiscon.sin .Avenue, N.W. ORdway 8300 Adniiial-RCA Dumont— Citneral Eleclrit— I ' hilco Radios and Tclevi.sion Kclvinator - General Electric Refrigerators and Ranges Holpoint - Westingtumse - Whirlpool Maytag - Genera! Electric - Bendix Wasiiing Machines nson Hil Md Raysor. Thomas M. OL 6802 Reaves, lohn; 3409 E. New Mexico Av Reno, William L. ; RFD No. 1. Munso; Va— FA 3098 Rife. Clarence W. Riley. Henry W. ; Little Farm. McLean, Roberts, Charles G. ; 8004 Newell Court, S Robinson. Mvles E. ; 7505 Lynn Dr., C. C, R Rodgers. Philip R. ; 1923 N. Highland St., Rogers William F., Jr.: 1001 N. Tuckho St., Falls Church, Va —IE 3-9525 Rosen S McKee; 3921 Harrison St., N. W.— EM 4638 Rosenstock, Irwin M. ; 700 Gilbert St., Takoma Park, Md.— RotK ' ' Harold I.; 1500 Lee Blvd., Arl., Va.—JA 8-4906 Rubin, Ernest; 1117 S. Emerson St., Arl., Va.—JA 8-3928 Samler, Joseph; 6 Westmoreland Rd., Tauxemont, Va.— AL 4469 Saunders. Sarah C. : 5301 New Hampshii GE 5233 Schiff, Eric; 4411 36th St.. N. W.— WO 7461 Schubert, Leo: 1100 Mississippi Ave., S. E.— JO 2-3514 Schulze. Hugo; 3403 Inverness Dr., N. C. C, Md.— WI 3773 Scott, loseph W. ; 2 Potomac Ct., Alex., Va.— TE 5568 Searles ' , lohn R. ; 6901 River Rd., Beth., Md. — WI 2156 Seckler-Hudson, Cathervn ; 5903 40th Ave., Hyattsville. Md.— I ' N 2786 Severy, Rolland D. ; R. D.. Langley. Va.— EL 3532 Sharp L. Harold; Box 36, Herndon. Va.— HE 12W Sbari. Samuel L. ; 7215 Central Ave.. Takoma Park, Md.— SH 9328 Shenton. Walter F. : 3605 Porter St.. N. W.— WO 0859 Alfred: 418 S. Lee St.. Alex.. Va.— TE 7639 le; 1825 Monroe St., N. W.— CO 2461 4201 Mass. Ave.. N. W.— EM 2497 ; 4605 Clemson Rd.. College Park. Md.— -SH 1747 OL 7672 Arl.. Va.— Alex N. W.— Sherring. Vale Shipley. Carl L Short Oliver C WA 6760 Sho John R. D. No. 2, Falls Church, Va.— KE 3-5231 711 Berry St., Falls Church, Va.— 3711 Brandywine St., Glen Park, Va.— Md.— 1001 17th St., N. E.— LI 7-9053 4631 49th St., N. W.— EM 5874 ; 6433 Fairfax Rd., C. C, Md.— WI 5167 626 S. Stafford St., Arl., Va.— GL 0761 7406 Flower Ave., Takoma Park. Md. — ndel Rd., Mt. Rainier, Md. Simmons. Walt R FA 9624 Sitterlv. Bancroft WO 9044 Smith, George C. ; 5904 Namakagan Rd., Md.— WI 6507 .Smith, Gordon H. : 3120 Lee St., S. S.. Md.— LO 5-1213 Smith, lobn 11.; 6110 14th St.. N. W.— RA 3083 Snyder, losepb F. : 815 Westcott Rd., Falls Churc FA 5848 Soear. Marv E. ; 1 Valley View Ave.. Takoma Park. SL.2462 Spencer. Dani Spitzer, Emil G. Stabler, lohn B. Stahl. O. Glenn ; Steiiier. George; JU 7-5624 Stewart Donald D. ; 2505 ... Stone. Donald C. ; 4921 Tilden -St., N. W.— EM 9476 Summerford. Ben Long; 1734 K St.. N. W.— ST 5536 Svendsen. Louise Hunt; 2712 Porter St.. N. W. Sweezv. Eldon E. ; 8007 Kentburv Dr.. Beth.. Md.— OL 4456 Swift. Charles L; 4637 Brewer Pi., N. W.— WO 0417 Tamagna, Frank M.; 6501 Conn. Ave., N. W.— WI 8837 Taub, Norman: 3742 Appleton St., N. W.— EM 4477 Taylor, Amos E. ; 1451 lonciuil St., N. W.— GE 8122 Teller, James D. : 3522 Valley Dr., Alex., Va.— TE 2661 Tesoro, George A.; 4104 Leland St.. C. C. Md.— OL 7895 Tilley. Allienne N. ; 3435 Carpenter St., S. E.— VI 7292 Tiueblood, Charles K. ; 20 Armat Dr., Beth., Md.— WI 6953 rimer. Melville I.; 6605 Little Falls Rd., Falls Church, Va.— IE 3-8915 Van ' der Slice, Austin; 65$1 Maple Ave., C. C, OL 4536 ' an Vechten. Courtlandt C. ; 9409 TbornhiU Rd., M?l.— SH 6408 ' on , Shelf. Ruilolph A.; 6402 Flander Dr., Hampshir. llvatts., M.l. Md.- .S. S., Knolls, Your College Drug Store WESLEY HEIGHTS PHARMACY, INC. 45th Street Near Nebra.ska Ave., N.W. VVOotlley (i2(M) personalized service BAKER ' S PHOTO SUPPLY complete photo sei vice lor the professional and amateur 4631 41st St., N.W. EM. 6863 photo finishing Wadsworth, Lawrence W.. Jr.; 3831 T St., N. W. -EM 5374 Wald, Haskell P. ; 6409 Oakridge Ave., C. C. Md.— OL 1222 Ware, Caroline F; l!ox 58. RFD 1, Vienna, Va.— VA 169W Weaver, Olney S. ; 608 Monroe St., Rockville, Md.— RO 2584 Weickhardt, George D. : St. Elizabeth ' s Hospital— JO 2-4622 Weigert, Oscar: 12 Oxford St., C. C, Md.— WI 5314 Weitzman, Ellis: 4534 lirewer PL, N. W.— OR 4537 Welsh, Charles A.: 203 N. Trenton St., Arl., Va.— fiL 7425 West, Howard: 1730 Preston Rd., Alex., Va.— TE 8790 Wiggins, Audrey E. ; 5604 Glenwood Rd., Beth., Md.— WI 1965 Wilder. Frank; 3023 14th St., N. W.— HO 0804 Wile, Janet; 1813 Queens Lane, Arl., Va.— CH 2000 N. W.— DE 6965 St., N. W.--WO 8352 660, Benjamin Franklin JOHNSON ' S FLOWER CENTER Cut Flowers - Corsages - Arrangements 4200 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Telephone: WOodley 9560 Winston, Carey; 3438 34th PI., N. W.— EM 2077 Wolfbein, Seymour L. : 1 Webb Rd., Cabin John. Md WI 2061 Wood, William A.; 1525 26th St, Wyatt, Kathrvn D. ; 4022 Warr Wygod, Catherine; P. O. Box Station. D. C— CO 0936 Wvthe, Zoe: 3042 Cambridge PI., N. W.— MI 3802 Zagoria, Sam D. : 3744 Gunston Rd., Alex., Va.— TE 2432 Zimmerman.. R. R. : 4607 Kenmore Dr., N. W.— EM 1024 Ziskind, David: 1200 Mississippi Ave., S. E.— TW 0145 UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Adams, Abigail: 1725 34th St., N. W.— DU 5987 Addis. Barnetl: 312 Aspen St., N. W. Aikman, Bonnie Ellen : 106 Rittcnhouse St., N. W.— TA 7402 Akahane, Katsura ; No. 29 Fujini Cho, Nakano Ku, Tokyo, lapan AlheVt, Samuel O. ; 830 Crittenden St., N. W.— GE 2221 ■Mexandtfr, Nana: 2 Pond View, Great Neck, N. Y. , llen. Helen Virginia; 558 East King St., Chambersburg. Pa. .Mstoii, Alfred, Ir. ; 4974 Just St., N. E.— VI 2015 Anderson, loAnn Reed; 6514 Lincoln PI.; Philadelphia 19, Pa. Andrus, Edward Delevan : RFD 2, Box 467. Alex., Va.— FA 7694 . nselmo, Dorothy Adele : 5611 16th St., N. W.— GE 5111 Artist, Michael S. ; 30 Kinderkamack Rd.. Park Ridge. TI. J. Ashley. Marilyn M.; 1549 N. Falkland Lane, S. S.. Md.— SL 7697 ; 1730 16th St.. N. W,— DE 6006 1825 R St.. N. W.— MI 4007 aUnd Smith: 2605 Adams Mill Rd.. N. W.— , Robert . ustin, Henry: Avers, Mrs. Rosa HO 8726 Baer, Charles Nc Barlow, Thomas Bartlett, Richard LO 5-0398 Bates, LaSalle Morgan; 523 Dale Dr., S. S., Md.— SL 6211 ,n; 237 High St., Tamaqua, Pa. 19 Auburn Ct.. Alex., Va.— KI 8-6879 jrdon: 2102 Dayton St., S. S.. Md.— [(ESsacTi ra-a uf -t ' l, CT-r:3; -■ - aTffiac ' J;-fJr -3 n-? ffl1 Lla r Photographers of the Senior and Fraternity Sections of The 1952 Aucola HARRIS EWING Photographic News Service — Photographers of National Notables Since 1905 Charter Member of THE WHITE HOUSE NEWS PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION 1313 F Street, North West WASHINGTON 4, D. C. NAtional 8700 Beasley, Martha Jean; 32 Ingalls Rd., Ft. Monroe. Va. Belanger, William A.; 2600 16th St., S. Arl., Va. (No. 691) CH 7500 Bell. Keith Daniel; 321 13th St., N. E. Benedict. Robert H. ; 13 Hillyer Ct., N. W.— HO 8358 Bepi ' ler, Laura Johanne ; 2367 King PI., N. W.— OR 9515 Berenson, Bernard Gerald; 160 Newbury St., Portland, Me. Bernstein. Irwin; 61 M St., S. W.— LI 3-0373 Berueffy, Richard Henry; HI Allan Rd., N. W.— WI 3843 Betschler, Mary Laurida ; Arhngton Village, Arl., Va.— CH 7500 Billings, Harvey Robert; 3261 Arcadia PI., N. W.— WO 1504 Bird. Richard Walter; 1632 P St.. N. W.— DU 9359 Bisland, Edward; Glen Spev. N. Y. Black, Dwight Winston; 4713 Chesapeake St., N. W.— WO 3010 Blance, Ida May; 5225 Conn. Ave., N. W.— EM 0613 Blondell, Barbara Ann; 5244 Colorado Ave., N. W.— Til 0130 Bodkin. Rita; 3524 Nimitz Rd., Kensington, Md.— LO 5-3212 Bogc. Beverly Ann; 1758 24th Ave., San Francisco 22, Calif. Bohnenblust. Kathryn ; 3704 Brandywine St., N. W.— EM 0702 Bole, Elizabeth S. ; 2145 N. Pollard St., Arl., Va.— OW 4007 Boos. Elizabeth; 1901 Otis St., N. E.— HO 4463 Boswell, Harold E. ; 8229 14th Ave., Hyattsville, Md.— TU 8-3466 Boswell, Judith Winter; 7 Cedar St., Alex., Va.— AL 8401 Bowen, Thomas E. ; 200 Mass. Ave., N. W. ; Apt. 311— NA 3493 Brady. Jean Hazel; 5824 S. 5th St., Arl.. Va.— OW 5331 Brainerd. Murrel; 6622 Wells Parkway, Rivcrdale. Md.— WA 6369 Brannick, Louis Stanley; 7108 Plymouth Rd., Pikesville 8, Md. Brook. Everett R. ; 636 Hamilton St.. N. W.— GE 6421 Brown. John J., Jr.; 1404 15th St., N. W.— AD 0141 Brown, Juanita .Marie; 308 N. Edison St., Arl., Va.— CH 0816 Browning, Barbara; Carter ' s Lane, Riverdale, Md.— WA 2.284 Bruskin. Frank; 4231 S. 35th St., Arl., Va.— TE 0081 Buice. Lucile Crawford; 4834 Butterworth PI.. N. W.— WO 3744 Butler, Douglas H. ; 935 Bonifant St., S. S., Md.— JU 7-7200 Butler, William; 621 S. Carolina Ave., S. E.— LI 6-2100 Butterfield, James Reid ; 5039 Bradley Blvd., C. C. Md.— OL 3668 Byrd, Elbert M. ; Shadey Side, Md. Caguiat, Jose Reyes; 4017 14th St., N. W.— RA 4935 Cahill, Jerome P.; 5855 Potomac Ave., N. W.— OR 6661 Cabin. Louise Melissa; 4646 Hawthorne Lane, N. W.— WO 0400 Camp. Meade C. ; 2602 Finch St., S. S., Md. Carlough, Edward J.; 3215 Gunston Rd., Alex., Va. — TE 2404 Carroll, Tol.n Joseph; 3815 Davis PI., N. W., Apt. 4— OR 0080 Cassell, Mercia Lauritta ; 3766 Hayes St., N. E., Apt. 8— LI 7-2347 Chambers, Charles E. ; 214 Hewett Rd., Wyncote. Pa. Cbaney. Terry D. ; 2107 31st St., S. E.— VI 7007 Chidel. Harvey I.; 1510 Hamilton St., N. W.— TA 0463 Childs. Ralph S, ; 5003 Rugby Ave.. Beth., Md.— WI 6107 Christopherson. Toanne; 4728 S. 29th St.. Arl., Va.— OV 0785 Ciesielski. Michael; 5065 Bradley Blvd., Beth., Md., Apt. 5 Clifton, Richard Palmer; 208 E. Pine St., Georgetown, Del. Clubb. Zoe M,; 1635 Madison St., N. W.— GE 0232 Coe. Evan Gwynne; 901 S. Walter Reed Dr., Arl., Va.— OW 5208 Cole, Ellen H. ; 1629 Columbia Rd.. N. W.— HU 9445 Collins. Mrs. Sara Boydstun ; 1412 Sheridan St., N. W.— TA 5664 Colon. Cosselte A.; 2107 K St., N. W.— DI 3220 Combs. lames Wallace; 415 Mason St.. San Antonio 8. Texas Cone. Jav Curran ; 1201 13th St., N. W.— HU 4129 Conroy, Charles E. ; 58 Smith St., Portland, Me. Cooper, Carol Mellen ; St. Margarets, Annapolis, Md. Cooper, Virginia Baldwin; 1411 S. Thomas St., Arl.. Va. Copperthite. Harry S., Jr.; 5614 McKinley St., Beth., Md.— OL 0217 Cortvriendt, James Albert; 2800 Quebec St., N. W.— OR 3691 Corwin, Thomas E. ; 2207 Newton St., N. E.— MI 8358 Cotten, Benjamin Wright; 412 4th St., N. E.— LI 4-3241 Covington, Tames M. ; 1513 Longfellow St., Hyattsville, Md.— AP 5954 Coyle, Louella; RFD 2. Cadiz, Ky. Criswell, Barbara E. ; 1331 Gallatin St., N. W.— GE 3276 Cross. Barbara Sue; 2904 M PI., S. E.— VI 7187 Crunkilton, Tames David; 201 N. Irving St., Arl.. Va.— OX 1588 Cullis, Harry W. Curtis, Tobn Jam Dalghesh, Tames B. ; 3421F New Mexico Ave., J . w. — WO 0870 Daly. Raymond Earl; 315 Moflfit Ave., Kane, Pa. David. George B. ; 309 Rogers Dr., Falls Church, Va.— TE 3-0050 Davis. Charles Alton, Jr.; 1722 Q St., N. W.— DE 4534 Davis, Charles H.; 1832 N. Capitol St.— MI 7038 Davis. Douglas Matthew; 1357 Montague St.. N. W. — TA 0551 Day, Virginia Marie; 2314 N, Kenmore St., Arl., Va.— CH 0610 Dedrick, Donald E. ; 6615 Western Ave., N. W.— WO 4673 DefFinbaugh. Charles Ewell ; 904 Sligo Ave., S. S., Md.— SL 6740 115 E. 22nd St., Chester, Pa. 1735 Riggs PI., N. W.— HO 4449 Diamonds Watches 7337 Wisconsin Avenue Wisconsin 5465 Bethesda, Md. Silverware Gifts Fraternity Badges - Fraternity Jewelry Novelties - Favors - Stationery Medals - Cups - Trophies American University Class Rings Stephen O. Ford, Mgr. L. G. BALFOUR CO. Telephone: NAtional 1044 204 International Building (second floor) 1319 F Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. For Over FIFTY Years the favorite florist of thousands of discriminating Washingtonians and visitors in the Nation ' s Capital Florliti 1407 H St., N. W. DI. 1300 Convenient A.U. Branch Shop: 46th Mass. Ave., N.W. EM. 1606 Washington Jewelers Since 1866 BURN I t nc. 919 ' ■F ' Street, N. W. Delahanty, James M.; 4300 Southern Ave.. S. E.— LI 5-6700 deLooper, William Johan ; 73 Van Alkemadalaan, The Hague, Netherlands Delorme, William; 51 Farragut PI., N. W.— TA 7613 DeLuca, lohn F. ; 44 2nd St., New Haven, Conn, riespres, H. Phili p; 2321 Lincoln Rd., N. E.— HO 68S1 Devine, Cynthia; 4922 4th St., N. W. — RA 3481 Dew. Lee Allen; 115 N. Crongo St.. Webb City, Mo. Dibble, Ernest Furman ; Deposit, N. Y Dickenson, Thomas Stuart; 1643 Prest ' TE 2264 Dickenson, Will: Diegel, Walter KE 3-7029 Dingman, Mrs. Janice Meade; 300 DiToto, Anthony U. ; 3207 Alabam; Dobbin, Alvin; 7911) 13th St., N. W Doody. John R. ; 1314 E. 34th St., Brooklyn, N Dow, M ' ary Eleanor; 106 E. liradley Lane WI 6777 Doyle, Edward C. ; 226 Circular Ave., Waterbury 45, C Drake, Frederick W. ; 1100 12th St., N. W.— ME 7542 lohn C. ; 2300 Conn. Ave., N. W.—HU 7700 Ale.x.. Va.— v.— CO 0457 Arl.. Va.— Wayne St., Arl., Va. ve., S. E.— LU 1-2642 TA 0161 Md.— Dutche EIHs 7647 E.— Jane Eunice; 5329 42nd St., N. W.— OR 0225 X.; 1182 Whealsheaf Lane, Ahin gton. Karnshaw, Harbara ; 7660 Bradley Blvd., lUth., Md. — W Edwards, Bonnie Wing; Bo.x 706, Nassau. Bahamas Edwards, Ralph Duncan. Jr.; 13 Channing St.. N NO 3866 Ehudin. Irving; 3444 Piedmont .Ave.. Baltimore 16, Md. Eisenlohr, Margaret; 626 N. Tackson St.. Arl.. Va.— OX 4077 Elder, Edward Reid ; 7017 Marinthana. Voungstown. Ohio Elliott, Betty Belle; 34 Kensington Pkwy.. Kensington, Md.— WI 4575 Tackson; 400 Emerson St., N. W. — RA 1086 B. ; 1365 Florida Ave., N. E.— TR 2545 rlotte Ann; 912 Goldsboro Rd., Beth., Md.— WI 3890 Enten. Paul N. ; 1718 lOth St.. N. W.— AD 6844 Ernst. Betty Ruth; 1411 Locust Rd.. N. W.— C.E 3395 Ernst, lames Robert; 5412 Riverdale Rd., Riverdale, Md.— WA 5793 Erving, Madge Easton ; 3069 Porter St., N. W.— OR 0986 Evans, Paul A.; 131 Richie Ave., S. S.. Md.— SL 0688 Everett. Richard Halley ; 2620 6th St.. N. E.— NO 7148 Faux. William H.; 600 E. Camerson St.. Shamokin. Pa. Feagans. Williams Straley ; Fairfax, Va.— FX 134 Feder. Charles A. : 4349 Verplanck PI.. N. W.— EM 2488 Fentiman. Donald S. ; 213 Southampton Dr., S. S., Md.— SL 1187 Ferguson, James Wragg ; 3729 Northampton St., N. W. and a 30-31 Baltiii tLL HOLV Hee.j you ser rne ' 5?£(j OTi? )it Fertig, L. Jeanne; 4636 N. 24th St., Arl., Va.— JA 2-2714 Fitton, George G.; RD 2, Falls Rd., Rockville, Md.— RO 3128 Flannery, lohn L; 138 Wayne PI., S. E.— JO 2 3861 Floyd, Ruth Carolyn; 3854 Calvert St., N. W.— EM 5338 Ford, Barbara; 148 Prince George St., Annapolis, Md. Ford, Jeanne Channez ; 148 Prince George St.. Annapolis. Md. Forsyt ' he. William E. ; 2955 Nelson PI.. S. E.— LU 1-286S Fox. Ruth Elizabeth; 2813 35th St.. N. W.— EM 4585 143 Mason Terrace. Brookline 46. Ma abeth George E. ; 6510 Wisconsin Ave.. N. W.— TE 7274 Frecdman. Judith Michele; 730 Oglethorpe St.. N. W. WO 9837 Freeman. Clyde Crusor ; 3005 11th St., Gair. Mary L. ; 5334 5th St., N. W.- TA 6274 allagher, Walter P.; 1445 O den St., W. AD 4895 TU 1400 William; 1419 Girard St.. N. W. - AD 6075 (barber. Robert C. ; 4620 46th St.. N. W. WO 8521 Garrett. Fred C. ; 1418 Webster St.. N. W. TIT 2351 Gatewood. Russell H. ; 901 11th St.. N. E.- LI 4-7399 Gedney. Jeanne; Box 35S RFD, Wharton, N. J. Gelling, loan; 149 Temple Village, Alex., Va. Gephart. John Richard. Jr.. 3627 Rutherford St.. Harrisburg, Pa. Gibbs. Helen Lois; 4418 Ellicott St.. N. W. -EM 5882 Gilbert. Joyce Elizabeth; 7009 Avondale Rd.. Beth.. Md.- WI 4417 Gill. lietty J.; 9501 Columbia Blvd.. S. S., Md. Gilmont, Karl E. ; 1513 20th St.. N. W.-AD 9873 Glossbrenner. Guy F, Jr.. 3836 Fulton St., N. W— WO 5494 Godbout. Albert E. ; .3801 Conn. Ave., N. W. - OR 8550 Godfrey, C. Robert; 1826 F St., N. W. Gordon, Roger L; 527 Four Mile Rd.. Alex., Va.- KI 8-1347 Gorman. Thomas A.. Jr.; 2801 S. Columbia St.. Arl.. Va.- TE 2531 Grady, Donald Eugene; 334 Raleigh St.. S. E.— JO 2-7290 Graham, Margaret Dawes; 4621 43rd PI., N. W.--EM 0844 Orpheus A. ; SO Pike, Cynthiana. Ky. Graham, Willi TA 3197 Green, Willard . Greenfield. Dani Grimes. Bahette Guay, Edward j Habel. Muriel; Hadjeb-Davallou — EM 9410 Haigh. Cynthia Hall. Lynn H. ; Hall. Sue El; Harvey: 417 Va Bu St.. N. W. 2726 O ' 4406 Belle Av . ; 1280 Hu 50 M St.. N. W. -WO 1280 Baltimore, boldt. Apt. 2. Denvei St.. Bingham. Me. 1015 N. Noyes Dr.. S. S.. Md. . Parvin Eleonore ; 4106 Legation St.. Taylor; Niantic, Conn. 1775 Mass. Ave.. N. W. — HO 9619 5103 S. 10th St.. Hamilton, Robert B. ; 1821 37th St., N. W.-- EM 7988 Active plans of attack in formulation. . . . Pop Cassell. Student Recruitment Chief, addressing the AU Sororities. Kephart, George W. ; PO Box 52, Shadey Side, Md.— WR 4901 Ketcham. Charles O. ; 514 Seward Square, S. E.— LI 4-5085 Kiernan, (olin I.; 3452D New Me.xico Ave., N. W. Kilegian, Alice Ruth: 141 Chestnut St., lc King, Cyril E. ; 500 Te Kinney, Mrs. Elizabeth Crist; NT N. E.— EI 3-1552 3421A Ne Me Va. -OR 4247 Kintsfather. .Mverta : 2966 S, Colu TE 9280 Kipe, Carl G., Tr., Highland. Md. Kipps, Clarence, Jr.; 526 N. Thomas St., Arl.. Va.— OW 9433 Kirch, Nancy Wra«g ; 110 Siebert Rd., Pittsburgh 9. Pa. Kittinger, Sarah Ann; 123 11th St., S. E.— TR 0781 Korkolis, Anita Jane ; 1911 Minnesota Ave., S. E.— LU 4-2154 Koski, Leo G. ; 1735 Riggs PI., N. W.— HO 4449 Kridakon, Yongswart ; 1868 Columbia Rd., N. W.— HU 5705 Kritzer, Hyman W. ; 3460 New Mexico Ave., N. W.— OL 1966 Noel Edv 5922 Wilmett Rd., lieth.. Md.— . . . ; 701 Bayley PI., S. E.— LU 1-0265 Lambrinos. James George; 512 Pine St., Johnstown. Pa. Lampe, Henry O. ; 847 Fulton St., Farmingdale, L. I.. N. Y. Lancaster, James Evelyn; 123 Craft St., Cincinnati. Ohio Land, Thomas Tyson; 1437 Constitution Ave., N. E.— LI 3-7147 LaPlace, Harl Ercell ; 818 N. Garfield St., Arl.. Va.— OX 3954 I.awler, John E. ; 704 Marshall St., Falls Church. Va.— F. 7503 roflf, Ir Fay; M.; 1648 33rd St., Pennsylv N. W.— DE 6576 , N. W.— ME 6832 Howard G. : 2227 Linden Ave., Baltimore 17, Md. Lennnn, ' Charles P.: 4820 Eastern Ave., N. E.— DE 1423 Leon, Joan; 132 Fox Blvd., Massapequa, L. I., N. V. Lerman, Carl Samuel; 42 Hampshire St., Portland 3, Me. Lester, Ruby Ruth; 2417 M. Fairfax Dr., Arl., Va.— lA 2-9761 Levy, Charlotte Joan; 1401 Iris St., N. W.— GE 0462 Lewis. Robert James; 1815 Adams Mill Rd., N. W.—CO 3998 Lieberman, Carol Sue; 113 Central Ave., Albany. N. V. Lilienfeld, William; 2026 F St., N. W.— ME 5697 Lipscombe, Armim O. ; 3924 5th St., N. W.— TA 2671 Lipshultz, Leonard L. ; 4517 Georgia Ave., N. W.— GE 9241 ' ' 301 Cumberland Ave., C. C, Md.— Leonard L. tie. Mrs. Sylvia W. 0271 ckwood, John Du 3418 Rodman St., N. W.— WO 5691 Long, Louis Powell; 1615 Kenyon St., N. W.—CO 8425 Hampton, David M. ; Rt. 1, Box 698, Annandale, Va.— FA 1730 Hanson, Mary Louise; 804 Patton Dr., S. S., Md.— SL 4653 Harrison, Lewis H. ; 1620 Fuller St., N. W.— AD 7869 Harrison, O. Delton ; 6007 E. Ridge Dr., Shreveport, La. Hart, Bernice; 4425 E St.. S. E.— LU 1-8088 Hayes, Arthur Bradley, III; 3413B New Mexico Ave., N. W.— EM 9063 Hays, DeAnne; 7815 Stratford Rd., Beth., Md.— WI 4731 Hevener, Carl Uuane ; 6609 5th St.. N. W.— GE 6175 Hickman, Beverly Jean; 2101 18th St., N. Arl., Va.— CH 2000 Hicks, Marjorie Carol; 2034 20th Rd., N. Arl., Va.— CH 5177 Hightower, Gretchen ; 4401 Garrison St., N. W.— EM 5157 Hingorani, Meera Dunichand ; 5613 30th St., N. W.— OR 9140 Hirshman, Melvin ; 5102 7th St.. N. W.— RA 7559 Hodous, Patricia Ann ; Edgewood, Md. Hoffecker, Jacquehne Lee; 101 Rittenhouse St.. N. E. — RA 1722 Hogan, Lula; 7311 Baltimore Ave., Takoma Park, Md.— SL 3786 Hopgood, Roy Edward; 5173 Fulton St., N. W.— WO 4383 Hopper, Wilbert; 3811 Gramercy St., N. W.— WO 8476 Horan, Robert L. ; 140 E. Oak Ave., Wildwood, N. J. Houck, ElHnor; 4827 Willett Pkwy., C. C, Md.— OL 2704 Humm, A. Sylvia; Chcsterbrook Rd., Falls Church, Va.— KE 3-5397 nphreys, Barbara Hazel; 16 Thompkins Rd., Scarsdale, N. 1011 L St., N. W.— HU 3411 K. ; 2036 N. Woodstock St., Arl., Va Hung, Wellington; Hutchinson, Joyce JA 8-5573 Hutsler. Dona Lee; 3049 M St., S. E. Imlay. Margaret Ann ; 505 E. Mulberry St., Lancaster, Ohio Imru, Judith; 2134 Kalorama Rd., N. W.— AD 2281 Imru, Ruth; 2134 Kalorama Rd., N. W.— AD 2281 Isis, Davis S. ; 314 Webster St., N. W.— RA 2909 Jacklin, Theodore; 4242 Grant St., N. E.— VI 8973 JefTries, Leroy V.; 3533 Dent PI., N. W.— DE 1677 Jenkins, Joan Frances; 1451 Park Rd.. N. W.—CO 6537 Jensen, Carle Holt, Jr. ; Box 243, Chatham, N. Y. Johnson, Julia Van Vliet ; 3202 23rd St., N. Arl., Va. Jones, Robert William ; 306 Linden Lane, Media, Pa. loyner, Joseph O. ; 30 Oakwood St., Asheville. N. C. Juergens, Charles Walter; 3918 2nd St., S. E.— JO 3-5810 Juhn. Helen Kum-Duk. 155-11 Don-Nam-Dong. Seoul. Korea Kahes, Lillian E. ; 1430 Rhode Island Ave., N. W.—CO 4633 KalkofTen, Foster E. ; 4309 1st St., S. E.— JO 2-5045 Kcagle, Joan Reneau ; 2016 Lanier Dr., S. S., Md. Kelly, John Martin. Jr. ; 78 Maplehurst Rd., Rochester, N. Y. Kendrick, Mrs. Arlene W. ; 3500 I3th St., S. E.— JO 2-9691 King for a Day . . . Jean Sherwood, Harl La- Place, Dona Hutsler. King Bones Jones, Cossette Colon, Jane Dunn. LouKhridge, Glenn Howard; 3465 N. Edison St., Arl.. Va.— OW 5065 Lynch, Walter F. ; 4226 4th St., S. E.— JO 2-2925 Jfanaktala, Swarnlata ; 1428 Parkwood PI., N. W.— TU 3934 Marinoff, Allan; 4705 Kansas Ave.. N. W.— RA 9122 Marsh, Allan T. : 2200 R St.. N. E.— LI 6-9391 Marsh, Connie Ruth; 4330 N. Fairfax Dr., Arl., Va.— TA 2-3382 Mason, Harry W. ; 411 Ridge Rd., S. E.— LU 1-5362 Massey, Dolores Beverly: 3816 8th St., N. W.— TA 2804 Mastbrook, William Henry ; 3040 Idaho Ave., N. W.— OR 5661 Maurer, Leonard; 1852 Irving St., N. W.— AD 9052 Maxwell, James A.; 512 Ridge Rd., S. E.— LU 2-198 2 Mc. rthur, James R. ; 1000 New Hampshire Ave., N. W. — DI 8012 McCarthy, Michael; 3452B New Mexico Ave., N. W.— EM 9058 McCausland, Wanda; 3417F New Mexico Ave., N. W.— EM 0431 McCombe, Kenneth Waldo; Box 766, Windsor Locks, Conn. McCutcheon, Francis Williamson; 2829 28th St., N. W.— DE 9510 McDermott. Robert F. ; 6614 Eastern Ave., N. W.— RA 5748 McEvoy, Ethel; 6214 (Icorgia Ave., N. W.— TA 9400 McKerlev, Lowell : 3726 Van Ness St., N. W.— OR 8446 McLaughlin, Donald T. ; 1735 19th St., N. W.— GA 9635 McMurdock. Robert C. ; 1250 Irving St., N. E.— LO 6-4602 McPherson, Joanne May; 3818 18th St., N. E.— MI 7990 Meakin, F. Hardie, II; 104 N. Trenton St., Arl.. Va.— OW 1430 Meeker, Mrs. Cristine Halliday ; 3000 Chain Bridge Rd.— WO 8041 Metaxatos, Rita; 1124% H St., N. W.— LI 6-9696 Metro, Barbara Sharon; 2416 S. Eads St., Arl., Va.— OT 7738 Meyer, Sondra E. ; 349 N. Glebe Rd., Arl., Va.— JA 8-6802 Meyer, Thomas Henry; 624 Delafield PI.. N. W.— RA 2018 Miles, Patricia; 4429 Burlington PI., N. W.— EM 0248 Miller, Lois H. ; General Delivery. Fairfax, Va.— FX 61 5W Miller, Richard Kidwell; 208 W. Clifton Terrace Apts., N. W.— CO 7744 Miller, Rose T.: 68 Erkenbrecker Ave., Cincinnati 20, Ohio Modlin, Henry; 1613 Allison St., N. W.— TA 8073 Moe, Beverly Ann; 1208 N. Evergreen St., Arl., Va. — CH 9634 Moffatt, Edward L. ; 22 Interstate Pkwy., Bradford, Pa. Monkiewicz, Charlotte; 2721 Virginia Ave., N. W.— NO 3771 Moore. Vernon Peary; 1828 Irving St., N. W.— DE 9561 You ' ll find most anything in the library Poliquin and Bob Ros.s. Leap Frog . . . Eddie Moffatt to John Selby at the Penn State Game. Moore, Warren C. ; 2637 Nicholson St., Hyattsville, Md. — AP 4770 Moran, William T. ; 1423 Chanin St., N. W.— NO 3029 Morris, Herbert Edgar; 3460F New Mexico Ave., N. W. — WO 3767 Morrison, Edwin R. ; 800 Emerson St., N. W.— RA 9294 Mosberg, Tune E. ; 5511 Nevada Ave., N. W.— EM 1746 Munson, Betty I.; 954 Mulberry Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Murdock, John Randolph; 1840 Biltmore St.. N. W.— CO 1847 Murdock, Pat A.; 781 Palmer Rd. Bronxville, N. Y. Muron, Vincent ; 827 Railroad St., hpringdale. Pa. Murtha, JacOucline H. ; 2500 Valley Dr., Alex., Va Musumeci, Joseph Benedict; 4110 Emery PI., N. W.— EM 2159 Nagao, Dorean ; 209 Mauna Loa St., Hilo, Hawaii Nance, William M., Jr., 1322 Monroe St., N. W.— R.-V 9564 Narelwod, loanne; 110 Mt. Joy Rd., Clearfield, Pa. Nash, Ann ' Dorothy, 4706 Cooper Lane, Brookdale, Md.— WI 1734 Nash. Ruth Mary; 4706 Cooper Lane, Brookdale, Md. — WI 1734 Neavling, Barry E. ; 75 Clinton Ave., Ridgewood, N. J. Negishi, Tomijirb; 7 Maruyama-cho, Isogo-ku, Yokohama, Nessen ' Ronald H. ; 1366 Juniper St., N. W.— TA 6697 Newport, Joy Rita; Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii Niskanen, Leroy Axel; 143 N. Park Dr., Arl., Va.— JA 2-2569 Norwood, Milton: 1701 16th St., N. W.— DU 1000 Nussbaum, Mordccai : 2 Thompson St., Poughkecpsie, N. Y. O ' Connell. Edward C. : 4511 erplanck PI., N. W.— WO 7876 O ' Connor, Robert Eugene; 1935 3rd St., N. E.— DE 5429 Olson, Charles D. : 872 N. Harrison St., Arl., Va.— CH 9663 Olson, Susan Shumway ; Old Rahway Rd., Plainfield, N. J. Otto, John P.; 109 West Hendricks, Roswell, N. M. Overall, Betty C. ; 303 E. Oxford Ave., Alex., Va.— AL 8168 Padgett, Doran W. ; 2313 N. Edison St., Arl.. Va.— GL 0153 Padgett. Tohn Nevelle; RED 1, Box 46A, Manassas, Va. Page, William Hansell, III; 4965 Henry Hudson Pkwy., N. Y. 71, X. Y. Paledes, Stephen; 5612 Chillum Hghts. Dr.. Hyattsville, Md.— AP 5874 Palmer, William Bernard; 3460H New Mexico Ave.. N, W. Papit, John ; 204 Monte Vista Ave., Charlottesville, Va. Park, Maxine Carol; 7815 Custer Rd., Beth., Md.— WI 8591 Parker, Charlotte lulia ; 3234 Prospect Ave., N. W.— HU 6686 Parks, Robert Hamlin; 1340 Sheridan St., N. W.— GE 0761 Patten, Tames A.; 2017 O St., N. W.— DU 0367 Pavlides, Maria; 1418 Webster St., N. W.— TA 6722 Payne, Roland J. ; Dabli Island, Liberia Pearson. Walter K. ; 907 Bashford Lane, Alex.. Va.— TE 3172 Peck, Miriam Patricia; 3540 Valley Dr., Alex., Va.— TE 7512 Peckham, Rufus W. ; 3210 Volta PL, N. W.— CO 3588 Pendcrgast, Nanette Clara; 2020 Shepherd St., N. E. — MI 7562 Pendleton, John L. ; 419 S. Highland St., Arl., Va.— OX 0560 Perry, Mrs. Barbara Moon; St. James, L. I., N. Y. Person, Doris Helen; 37 Madison St., N. W.— GE 1595 Peters, Charles Merritt, Jr. ; 334A Lewers Rd., Honolulu, Hawaii Peters, John G. ; 1601 2l5t St., N. W.— HO 7300 Petersen, Alice Adelheid ; 2B Auburn Court, Alex., Va. Petrakis, John Theokritos ; 733 Fuit Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Pctree, Robert C. ; 518 Ashford Rd., S. S., Md.— SH 4420 Phenix, Betty Ann; 4850 Brandywine St., N. W.— EM 3641 Phillips, Barbara Kathleen; 1308 N. Fredrick St., Ar!., Va. — GL 2729 Phillips, Lewis Charles; 1308 N. Fredrick St., Arl.. Va.— GL. 2729 Phillips, Phillip; 4103 W St., N. W. Phillips, Walter Frank; Trout Run, Pa. Pickus, Reyna Sue; Whippoorwill Lane, Stratford, Conn. Pierce, Fredric J.; 1125 S. 15th St., Arl., Va.— OT 7010 Pine. Peter M.; 9505 Persimmon Tree Rd., Beth., Md,— RO 4750 Piatt, Frances Deborah; 3411 Dent PI., N. W.— MI 1150 Plotnick, Norman; 4501 N. Capitol St.— TA 2047 Poliquin Donald Anthony; 2117 DeWitt Ave., Matoon, 111. Ponce, Erotida Maria, 3546 S. 19th St., Arl., Va.— OW 5606 Pond, Dana Buck; 3448G New Mexico Ave., N. W.— WO 2783 Pond, Mrs. Doris Hammond; 3448G New Mexico Ave., N. W.— WO 2783 Pondexter, Edward Irvin, Jr. ; 307 19th St., N. E.— LI 3-4004 Poore, Nancy Be EM 4916 Price, A. Robert, Pridgen Willi Prior, Curtis C. ; Pulaski, Adam A. Queen, Elbert B.j Quigley, Grace C Radford, Manette Radley, Doris Ma Rasevic, Veljko; 3701 13th St., N Raulin, Frederic W. ; 1 Sherman C ■ille; 3621 Newark St.. ' k. W., ' Apt. 210— Jr.; 351 Parkland PI.. S. E,— TA 7141 P., Jr.; 351 Parkland PI., S. E.— JO 2-0780 3413D New Mexico Ave., N. W. ; 1820 Bank St., Baltimore, Md. Jr. ; 2920 38th St., N. W.— OR 2794 . ; 2300 N. Kensington, Arl., Va. ; 1524 31st St., N. W.— MI 8507 2501 Q St., N. W.— AD 0473 ■ ■ -TA 1485 N. W.— TA 2036 Raup, Omer B. ; 5610 Wisconsin Ave., Beth., Md.— WI 9876 Reinart, Paul E. ; 3704 N. 17th St., Arl., Va— GL 6140 Reiter, Jack; 1201 Valley - - J - Reynolds, Harry L. ; 1760 Reznikoff, Dorothy Camilla N Y. -jo 2-6989 iclid St., N. W.— CO 7647 235 Monterey Ave.. Pelha • COMPLIMENTS ...OF THE... WOMAN ' S GUILD of The American • University Sextet . . . Joe Miisumeci, Don Stiirges, Marge Inilay, Al Shiite, Danny Greenfield, Pinkey Rice, James H. ; 3509 Dent PI., N. W.— DE 1563 Richardson, Jeanette C. ; 84 Juniper St., Lockport, N. Y. Ricketts, Audrey Mildred; 7407 Birch St., Takoma Pk., Md.— SH 8269 Rivera, Albert; 712 19th St., N. W.— ME 4450 Robinson, James S. P.; 182 Fleetwood Terrace, S. S., Md. Roche, Raymond T., Jr. ; 2000 27th St.. S. E.— LU 1-4929 Rodis, Alvin A.; 3636 Everett St., N. W.— EM 2990 Rogers, Richard Alexander; 3907 McKinley St., N. W.— WO 8628 Roller, Violet Alice; 58 Washington Ave., Garden City, N. Y. Rosenstock, Rose; 333 E. 52nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Rosenthal, Harry; 547 Foxhall PI.. S. E.— JO 2-6928, Rosenthal, Jerry; 410 Nicholson St., N. W.— TA 4170 Ross, Mary W. ; 2525 Ontario Rd., N. W.— DU 6787 Ross, Robert B. ; 4805 Leland St., C. C, Md.— WI 4268 Rossen, Barron; 1408 Mass. Ave., N W.— ST 3967 Rothman, Judith Rosalyn ; 517 James St., Hazelton, Pa. Rubenstcin, Eugene Irving; 4301 Atlantic Ave., Wildwood, N. J. Rudolph, Shirley Louise; Garton Rd., Bridgetown, N. J. Ryan, Nancy Sue; 730 Van Buren St., N. W.— TA 6956 St. John, James E. ; 520 18th St., S. E.— OT 9379 Sanders, Mrs. Florence Ross; RFD 2, Germantown. Md. — Gthsbrg 323R Sanders, Geanie Elise; 4001 7th St., N. E.— LA 6-5880 Sangiorgio, Louis; 179 Garrctson Ave., Staten Isle, N. Y. Santos, Fernando A. ; 4320 Klinglc St., N. W.— OR 5255 Sargent, William Earl; 1328 N. Luzerne Ave., Baltimore. Md. Sastroamidjojo. Mr. Kama Radjasa; 2700 Tilden St., N. W.— EM 4523 Sauber, Lucille M. ; 4617 Windom PI., N. W.— WO 6590 Sawyer, Thomas Knowlton ; 3413A New Mexico Ave., N. W. — OR 9724 Saxton, Roy Daniel; 1322 45th PI., S. E.— VI 8683 Scanlon, William Bernard; 2030 Hamlin St., N. E.— HO 1413 Scher. Stanley I.; 4413 37th St., Brentwood, Md.— UN 7982 Schiff, Marvin; 112 Lafayette PI., Woodmere, L. I., N. 7. Schools, Charles H, ; 52 V St.. N, W. Schramm, Alice K. ; 254 Union St.. Bennington, Vt, Schreck, Albert Edward; 115-14 I79th St., St. Albans. L. I., N. Y. Schwartz, Murray; 311 Rittenhouse St., N. W.— TA 0256 Scott, Nolvert Preston; 732 Otis PL, N. W.— TA 0398 Scott, Samuel T. ; Rt. No. 2, Box 170, Alex., Va.— FA 2064 Scott, Willard Herman, Jr. ; 125 Comn Va.— AL 0858 Seaquist. Edgar; 3130 Wisconsin Ave., Seibert, Wauneta B. ; 10509 Huntley PL .Selhy, John Gilbert ; 902 Prospect Ave.. TU 7-7496 alth Ave.. Alex.. N, W,— OR 4925 S. S.. Md.— SL 7629 Takoma Park, Md.— 0th. Sylvia D. ; 6315 Broad Branch Ril., C. WI 6531 Shanklin Sally ; 10 Sunnyside Rd., S. S.. Md.— SH 3793 Sharer, Florence Alice; 6423 9th St., N. W.— GE 4568 Shaughnessy, Harold E. ; 3460E New Mexico Ave., N. W. — WO 6888 Shawver, Maynard B. ; 2331 15th St., N. W.— HO 8467 Sheehy, John Francis; 1 E. Bradley L?ne, C. C, Md.— WI 2962 Sherrick, Arthur William; 2315 40th PI., N. W.— OR 5111 Sherwood, Jean Rhea; 4845 W St., N. W.— WO 4845 Shiflet, Esther May; 2818 Newton St., N. E.— DU 0781 Shimabukuro, Kaory ; Lapahoehoe, Maui, Hawaii Shin. Byong Hynn ; Bank of Korea, Pusan, Korea Shoemaker, Leonard R. ; 3100 Conn. Ave., N. W.— HO 6565 Shortino, Joseph D. ; 1726 Newton St., N W.— DE 8940 Shute. Allen Henry; 2401 Ridge Rd. Dr., Alex., Va.— KI 8-9259 Shytle, Barbara; 609 McNeil Rd., Simms, Mrs. Elizabeth Manny ; F. C. Va.— FA 7250 Simon, Joseph E. ; 8101 Gr — SL 8093 Simpson, Peggy Annetta ; 901 Kennebec Ave., Takoma P Md.— SH 8425 Singer, Gerald ; 3111 Parker Ave., S. S., Md.— LO 5-1857 Sink, Frank E. ; 511 Albemarle Ave., S. E.. Roanoke S. S.. Md.— SL 5676 1414 Patrick Henry Dr., od Ave., Takoma Park, Md. Stepht 5309 Ventnor Ave.. Ventnor ■ ; 4304 Brandywine St., N. W.- 5204 Glenwood Ave., Beth., Md.- -WI 6515 D St., Md. Pk., Wash. 19, D. C- Law . City. N. J. Skirm, George Lo 1216 Slater, Nadine Am 1256 Smith Frances C. ; HI 4836 Smith, Richard L. ; 2611 22nd St., N. E.— DU 2034 Smith, Walter Christian; 3417 G New Mexico Ave., N. W.— WO 1859 Smith, Waller Troy; 5545 Bradley Blvd., C. C. Md.— OL 8038 Sneddon, Alex McDonald; 2041 Colonial Ave., N. Y., N. Y. Solomon, Howard N. ; 3505 Wilson Ave., Alex., Va.— TE 6379 Spadarp, Dominic J. ; 1225 ChiUum Ave., Chillum, Md.— WA 6712 Spilman, Bernard Frankhn ; 3448 F New Mexico Ave., N. W. Sponsler, Harold James; 3125 Mt. Pleasant St., N. W. Sp«rlock, Eugene Marshall; 4204 45th St., N. W.— EM 5706 Stalling, Suzanne A.; 6706 Meadow Lane, C. C, Md.— OL 0042 Stamulis, Edward A.; Staves. Marion Cole OX 6726 Steele, lohn Howard; 2919 McKinley St., N. W.— EM 3931 Steele, Walter E. ; 763 Upsal St., S. E.— JO 2-8864 Stein. Eugene V.; 1413 N. Taft St., Arl., Va.— JA 4-0927 Stever.son. Woodrow ; 4919 Del Rey St., Beth., NId.— OL 4627 Stickney. Herbert Courtney ; 2429 38th St., N. W.— OR 9594 Strauss, Frada; 4221 13th St., N. W.— LA 6-5055 Stringfield, Barbara Louise; 4726 Albemarle St., N. W.— EM 1692 Sturgis, Donald Paul; 1030 Burns St., S. E.— VI 3287 SuHivan. George E. B. ; 4400 16th St., N. W.— TA 0242 Summerfield Carol Lou; Varita Court Apt., Wilson, N. C. Sylvester, Granville; 3513 Nimitz Rd., Kensington, Mil — LO S-I981 Tabor, David Kurtz; 6927 Clinton Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. Tachino, Tadami ; 2041 12th St., S. Arl., Va.— TA 8-1443 Taylor. Richard N. ; 4627 ' Kenmore Dr., N. W. ' — WO 9019 Teri. Gino R. ; 1145 22nd St., N. W.— DI 7681 Thompson, Janis Murray; 2 Midhurst Rd., S. S.. Md.— McCord; 2 Midhurst Rd., S. S.. Md.— B. ; 1854 5th St., N. W.— MI 3510 ' . ; 4627 N. 24th St., Arl., Va.— CH 3417 K. ; 840 S. Barton St., Arl.. Va.— OW M.: 1705 Lanier PI., N. W.— NO 5212 Truiillo. Taime Raul; 1712 New Hampshire Ave., N. W.— NO 2266 Tucker. loan M. ; 3101 Worthington St., N. W.— WO 8691 Tung. Helena; 841 Crittenden Sf... N. K.— JA 6-4932 Turner. I-yle Louise; 6020 N.. 2nth St., Arl., Va.— KE 3-6821 Tvmous, William; 910 W St.. N. W.— DU 2589 I ' tenides. Stephen R. ; 1409 Rittenhouse St., N. W.— TA 5096 Veie-Rosvoll, Miss Randi : 26B Skansegata, Grondheim, Nor- SL 8109 Thompson, Miri SL 8109 Thompson, Vivi Tompkins. Hele Tranton. Fredri 0296 Travlor, L; Vcrchere, Mr. Te France Vilni. 1 Me Bretouse Oyounat, Aii Ivars; 1417 Belmont St.. N. W.— CO 7892 ' itale, William; 617 22nd St., N. W.— RE 6959 Wagner, Robert George; 98 DeVoe Ave., Yonkers. N. Y. Waldman. Grace; 20 West 86th St., N. Y., N. Y. Walker, David B. ; 2315 N. Uth St., Arl.. Va.— JA 4-0717 Wallis, Marjorie Jane; 1228 I St., N. W. Wallis. Richard; ' 1100 S. Barton St., Arl., Va., Apt. 292— CH 7500 Waters. Joseph Borrows; 1824 Harvard PI.. N. W.— HU 8438 Weaver. Edward L. ; 1401 S. Edgewood St., Ar!., Va.— CH 750C1 Wesver. Helen M. ; 1527 Park Rd., N. W.— AD 1998 Wedel. Paul G. ; 3324 Martha Custis Dr., Alex., Va.— KI 8-7832 Weisbrod Linda: 1S13 Randolph St.. N. W.— DE 1267 Welker, Ralph; 3413C New Mexico Ave., N. W.— EM 3819 HAVE YOU NOTICED the smart new fashions at Woodward Lothrop. Everything from classroom separates to your most important formal. Where? Why on the Young Fourth Floor. Main Store . . . and, if it ' s more convenient for you, in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Suburban Store. Wells, Thomas Lowell; 490 Easley St.. S. S., Md.— SH 3329 Weltz, Wilma Loraine ; 3026 Knox St., S. E.— AX 5832 Wheatley, Richard Neil; 9 E. Walnut St., Alex., Va.— AL 3732 Whitcraft, June Carol: 1704 Lawrence St., N. E.— MI 4073 White, Donald Edwin ; 8 Darley Rd., Clavmont, Del. White, Ralph David; 3728 Alton PL. N. W.— WO 7979 Whitman, Marton I. : 3000 Granada Ave.. I ' .altimorc. Md. Whitmore, WiUiaWi. Jr.; 6122 N. 35th St., Arl., Va.— KE S-6T96 Wiggins, Jerry S., 3452G New Me.xico Ave., N. W.— OR 9231 Wilber. Edward Bacon, Jr.; 4940 Wakefield Rd.. N. W.— OL 3455 Williams, Luther Wallace, Jr.; 6317 Delaware St., C. C, Md.— WI 0821 Williams, .Mary Campbell; 15 McDonald PI., N. E.— GE 5496 Williams. Stacy ; Coates. N. C WNson, Gerald 1).; 3545 S. Utah St., Arl., Va.— TE 7274 Wimm. Dorothy Evelyn ; 3000 39th St., N. W.— WO 9359 Windham. Richard L. ; 2302 N. Lexington St., Arl., Va.— KE 3-6074 Wine. Carol Rae ; 1213 Trinidad Ave., N. ' E.— FR 5276 Winn. Eleanora Waters; Severna Park, P. O., Round Bay, Md. Witter, Richard Milton: 1211 Vermont .Vve., N. W.— OR 3216 Wolf, Jesse D. : 3257 Queenstown Dr., Mt. Rainier. Md. — AP 5864 Wong. Thomas Leroy : 1002 11th St., N. W.— DI 5960 Wright, Don Leroy: 254 Jackson Ave., Bradford, Pa. Wright, John Franklin, Jr.; 4612 Quarles St.. N. E.— VI 4218 Veager. Maxine M. : 1431 S. St., S. E. Vehudai. Yehuda; 1621 22nd St., N. W.— HU 4100 Zendt, Marcia Jane: 2328 Ashmead PI.. N. W.— CO 2228 :30 P.M.— the pause that refreshes (above). 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Suggestions in the American University - Talon / Aucola Yearbook (Washington, DC) collection:

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