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Presenting l-Ifcs . i r - . p TBE SCHeOl OF MUl SHESfES ARTS MB SCIEIUCES mp ' THE WiSBIIGM mEGE OF yw TBE sonor OF MIRSIIG THE mm m mmum ■« - ifT MiP • ' ■. " ' ■ ■ " rj V ' - ' CATHERYN SECKLER-HUDSON Chairman Department of Public Administration and Political Science of THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY DEDienioi Dr. Seckler-Hudson brings to The Ameri- can University a unique philosophy of student- teacher relationships aimed at developing both confidence and competence in the student. A graduate of Northeast Missouri State Teachers College and the University of Missouri, Dr. Seckler-Hudson received her Ph.D. from The American University in 1933. Her many con- tributions to Political Science and Public Ad- ministration in the fields of American Govern- ment, Organization and Management, Budgeting, and Personnel Administration have done much to establish the reputaton of the Unversity. Dedicated to the intellectual and emotional growth of her students . . . Constantly inspiring greater efforts on their part by her unwavering confidence and loyalty ... A wealth of experi- ence and insight into the art of administration ... A keen awareness of its very human quality ... a recognition of the dynamic nature of knowl- edge . . . An unceasing effort to incorporate the new and valuable into her own thinking . . . A philosophy of humility and integrity ... A leader to students, staff, and colleagues. DOROTHY D. GONDOS Dean of Women of The College of Arts and Sciences of THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY DEDlUTIOi Dr. Gondos cnme to The American Uni- versity with a wealth of experience in teaching, in the Navy, and in the Historical Association of Pennsylvania. She taught us history with intelli- gence and interest; she gave us unsparingly of her time as a counsellor. In the Student Associa- tion and on the University Publications Board, she represented the faculty in an outstanding way. In 1949, we heard with enthusiasm that Mrs. Gondos was to be the Dean of Women. Her appointment meant a burden of responsibil- ity, but we knew that she was the woman for the job. Because she is energetic and full of vitality (though her petite appearance belies this) . . . Because she is sympathetic and sincerely inter- ested in us as individuals . . . Because she listens patiently to our petty problems and worries, scholastic or otherwise . . . Because she enjoys talking to us and is never too busy to stop for a few minutes of conversation . . . Because she is always pleasant and cheerful despite prevailing conditions . . . Because she gives us her whole- hearted support in our various endeavors . . . We fondly dedicate this yearbook to our Dean of Women: the epitome o f charm and grace and a tireless worker in behalf of our interests. Dr. Paul F. Douglass President ol The American University Dr. Dorothy D. Gondos Dean of Women College of Arts and Sciences Dr. John E. Bentley Dean College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Pitman B. Potter Dean of the Graduate Division Khool of Socml Sciences and Piibiic Affairs Dr. Austin Van der Slice Dean of the Undergraduate Division School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs ' a Ih 3. Mr. A. Bower, Dr. F. Lorimer, Dr. A. V der Slice, Dr. A. Green. D. Brandenburg, D. Derby, E. Posner, H Davis, Dr. M. Clauson, Mr. K. Key. COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND ORGANIZATION Mr. L. Wadsworth, Dr. E. Atwatcr. Missing in Picture: Dr. P. Potter. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. E. Atwater, Dr. J. Oiverson, Dr. G. Bush, Dr. E. Posncr, Mr. L. Hattcry, Dr. C. Seckler- Hudson, Dr. W. Reno, Mr. H. Roth, Dr. C. Trucblood, Mr. J. Clarke, Mr. W. Held. Not in Picture: Mr. Hirsch. ENGLISH Dr. Clark, Dr. Batchcldcr, Mr. Clend First Row: Dr. McLain. Second Row: Mr. Smith, Mr. Stone, Miss Salb, Mr. Meyers. EDUCATION, RELIGION, AND PHILOSOPHY Mrs. Magaw, Dr. John, Miss Jorgenson, Dr Mr. Casscll, Miss Hawkc, Mr. Frailey, Miss Wiggins, Mr. Schulze. History and Government Departments First Row: Dr. Gondos, Dr. Davis, Dr. Lowry. Second Row: Dr. Robbins, Mr. Skillington, Mr. Stabler. ■ ■■ImiMiWBBrtl — MW » i OFFICERS College of Arts and Sciences Joyce Miles Weigel, Treasurer; Robert Sanders, President; Carolyn Hutchins, Vice- President; Carol Harvey, Secretary. OFFICERS School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs First Row: Alfred DeMott, Executive Com- mittee; Roland Berardo, President; Patricia Beal, Vice-President; Paul Steinlein, Treas- urer. Second Row: Brent Belcher, Execu- tive Committee; Howard Hare, Executive Committee; Lawrence Voiin, Executive Com- mittee. THE CLASS OF 1951 From the end of one war to the uncertain beginnings of another, we found some sort of security in our four years of college — We remember: ... as scared freshmen we dubiously em- barked upon our college career, the last of the " orange and blue dink " freshmen . . . there was the huge bonfire next to Hurst — everyone left classes and the fire engines added to the com- motion . . . the tables were turned in our Soph- omore year when we had a chance to do the orienting ... we had a Sophomore banquet for the Basketball team . . . this was the year of the nerve-wracking Mason-Dixon Conference which we lost by just one point . . . successfully we became full-fledged Juniors ... we won the Con- ference this year ... we now knew practically everybody — even the Profs . . . we had estab- lished permanent beachheads in the coffee shop . . . our bridge was now perfected, (though still our " conventional a club " bids were sometimes misinterpreted by our partner) . . . nothing fazed us now (except maybe exams), then we became dignified Seniors . . . not too dignified, however, to continue on with the time-honored institutions such as Caroling before Christmas vacation — the only time of the year when the girls in MGH are asked to stay out until 4.00 a. m. . . . not too dignified to continue haunting the coffee shop or to studiously avoid the library . . . not too dig- nified to cram for exams or to attend the annual dances . . . and not too dignified to cry, just a little, at the thought of leaving our Alma Mater who has put up with us for four years that have passed much too swiftly . . . GEORGE W. ABRAHAM, CAS Washington, D. C. Physical Education Intramurals. MARY ABRAHAMS, CAS Colhurn, Va. 7s[ursing ELLANORA J. ADAMS ScHcx)L OF Nursing Washington, D. C. J ursing HERMAN N. ADLER College of Law Arhngton, Va. Law BARBARA R. ALBERT, CAS Washington, D. C. Psychology Pan-American, 2. SALLY B. ALBRECHT, CAS Washington, D. C. French and German Eagle Staff, 1 ; Junior AHiancc Francaise, 1, 2, ?, 4 (V-Pres. ?)■. Valeda, 2, ?, 4 (Prcs. 4); Delta Phi Alpha, 2, ?, 4; Deutcher Vcrein, 2, ?, 4; Future Teachers of America, 4 (V-Pres. 4). MONA ALLY, CAS Mcndcn, Conn. Bio ogv MORRIS ALTMAN, College of Law Wilkcs-Barrc, Pa. Law ROGER D. ASHLAND, CAS Clear Lake, Iowa History MARY B. AUSTIN, School of Nursing Washington, D. C. 7s(tirsnig DONALD AQUILINO, CAS Flushing, L. I. Art Art Guild, j; Varsity Soccer, .■ . Captain 4; Varsity Baseball, .■ , 4: Intramurals, . 4; Phi Sigma Kappa, . Pres. 4; Student As- scciatiun . , V-Pres. 4; College Honor Society, 4. JAMES D. BAILEY, CAS Washington, D. C. English Musical Comedy, 3, 4; Music Club. Out ac Ut4f o fUii ANN BANNING, CAS Washington, D. C. English Intramurals. CHARLES BARNETT, CAS Reading, Pa. EngUsh CLARENCE BARNETT, CAS Washington, D. C. History LEE V. BARKLEY, CAS Butler, Ohio History Junior Alliance Francaise, 1 ; Intramurals, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track, 1; Future Teachers of America, 4; Varsity Soccer, 4; Political Science Club, 4. ALLEN WIELER BARR, SSPA Washington, D. C. Communicatioyis Eagle, 1; Alpha Sigma Phi; Men ' s Press Club, 4. ELEANOR BARTHOLOMEW, SSPA Germantown, Pa. Government Pan American Club, 1 ; Junior Alliance Francaise, 1, 2; Intramurals, 1, 2 , ?, 4; " A " Club, 2, ?, 4; Varsity Archery, 1; Varsity- Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Mary Graydon House Council, 2, 3 (Sec. 3, V-Pres. 4); Interna- tional Relations Club, 1 ; Panhellenic Coun- cil, 2; Orientation Board, 2; Freshman Handbook, 2; Delta Gamma (Sec. 2, V- Pres. 3); A. U. Theatre, L and 9 tjfl imal 23 fUa eoMdidcUei ALBERT J. BASL, SSPA Moravia, N. Y. Business Ad,m n sUaUon RICHARD LEE BASS, SSPA Spokane, Wash. business Administration Society for Advancement of Management; Alpha Phi Alpha. PATRICIA JEAN BEALL, SSPA Washington, D. C. ad io-T e tv s on Radio Television Guild; V-Pres. Senior Class; Advertising Manager, Eagle; Busi ' ness Manager, Eagle. JAMES BEAR, CAS Dayton, Ohio Physical Education Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Tennis; Intra- murals. STEPHEN W. BECKER, CAS Bayside, N. Y. Swimming Team, Manager 1, 2. BRENT V. BELCHER, SSPA Washington, D. C. Accounting SAM; Public Relations Committee, Chair- H Bj Jk 1 HT jI Vi K:iU ROLAND A. J. BERARDO, SSPA Westerly, R. I. Political Science Who ' s Who, V-Pres. COSA; Pres. Senior Class; Aucola Editor, Sociological Club; Debate Club-Chairman; Eagle 4; Political Club; Sigma Chi; University Round Table; Senior Commencement Committee Chair- man; Alpha Phi Omega; Pi Kappa Delta. LEON J. BERCOYITZ, College of Law Washington, D. C. JAMES DONALD BLEVINS, College of Law Brentwood, Md. Business Administration SAM. BETTY A. BOYD, School of Nursing Washington, D. C. J ursing MARYANNE BROWN, CAS New York, N. Y. Psychology SCF 1, 2, 3; German Club. T. RANDOLPH BUCK, CAS Washington, D. C. History College Council 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4; Orienta- tion Board 1, 2, 3, 4; University Publica- tions Board 4; Freshman Class Pres.; SCF 1; French Club 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; Alpha Sigma Phi 1, 2, V-Pres. 3, 4; College Honor Society 4; Univ. Merit Award 3; Who ' s Who 4; Student Affairs Round Table 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3, Pres. 4. .... " 7 16 2tieeH. DOROTHY JEAN BUTLER, SSPA Washington, D. C. Public Administration 1 Sec. Senior Class; Political Club 4; Inter- national Relations 4. DOUGLAS H. BUTLER, SSPA Silver Springs, Md. Public Administration HAROLD E. BYRD, College of Law Huntersville, West Va. Laiv Sec.-Treas., Pres. ; Student Bar Association PAUL HIRAM CHAPPELL, SSPA Takoma Park, Md. Political Science IRVING L. CHASEN, College of Law Silver Springs, Md. Law Winner of the initial Moot Court Award HAL M. CHRISTENSEN College of Law Beaver, Utah Law University Publications Board; Sigma Nu Phi. it iUt ' t one Uaoe .... RALPH VERNON CLAYTOR. SSPA Roanoke, Va. Accounting PHILLIP M. COFFEY, CAS Washington, D. C. History Intramurals 4. HENRY FREDERICK CONNOR, SSPA Ballston Spa, N. Y. Economics V. MONTEZ COOKSEY, SSPA Washington, D. C. Public Administration Student Affairs Office 3, 4; Debate Club 3; Sociological Club 4; Speech Club 4; Who ' s Who; Round Tabic on Student Affairs, Sec. LOUELLA COYLE, School of Nursing Kadez, Ky. T ursing LOUIS CORNETT, CAS Washington, D. C. Psychology Varsity Swimming 3, 4; Phi Sigma Kappa M tUe oilt i DAVID COULTER, CAS Fargo, N. D. Physics Phi Sigma Kappa; Swimming Team. HAROLD CRAIG, CAS Washington, D. C. Economics MARY JANE CRICHER, CAS Washington, D. C. Psychology Varsity Hockey 4; " A " Club 4; Aucola 4 (Business Mgr.) ; Pi Beta Phi. RAYMOND L. CROWELL, SSPA Alexandria, Va. Economics RODNEY J. CROYLE, CAS South Fork, Pa. Sociology Religious Board 1; Student Christian Fel- lowship 1, 2, 3; Sociological Society 4; Pre-- Ministerial Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (Chm. 2); Dramatics Club 1, ' 2; University Staff 2, 3, 4. CARL A. DANIELS, College of Law Washington, D. C. Law Master of the Rolls, Sigma Nu Phi. BiOHmioU JOHN TURNER DAWSON, JR, CAS Washington, D. C. Economics Intramurals 4, Alpha Tau Omega. JEAN S. DAVIS, SSPA Boston, Mass. Journalism Sociological Club 4; Political Club 4. MARSHALL KENT DAVIS, SSPA Pittsburgh, Pa. Radio Speech Club; Radio Workshop; WAMC Stationmastcr; Band. BARBARA DAILY, School of Nursing Washington, D. C. T ursing ALFRED SMITH DcMOTT, JR., SSPA Rockville Center, L. I. Business Ad?ninistratio?i .SCF 1, 2; IRC I, 2, 3; Pan American Club 1, 2, 3; Aucola 1, 2, .3, Business Manager 2; Editor 3; COSA 1, 2, Chairman 3; Speech Club 3; Pubhcations Board 2, 3, 4; SAM 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Class Treas. ; Political Club 4; Men ' s Press Club 4; University Round Table 4; Community Association Pres. 4. JAMES M. DETWILER, CAS Wyncote, Pa. Economics Pres. Hughes House 1, 2; Inter-Dormitory Council 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Ath- letic Board 1; Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2. 3, 4. 2 a KATHRYN DIGGS, CAS Silver Springs, Md. Psychology Who ' s Who 4; Aucola 3, 4 (Ed. 4) ; Chorus 1, 2, 3; International Relations Club 1; " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (V-Pres. 3); Aquiana 3, 4; Athletic Board 3; Orientation Board 2, 4 (Chm. 4) ; Varsity Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Var- sity Bowling 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Hockey 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Ass ' t Physical Ed. Dept. 4; Span- ish Club 1 : Phi Mu 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treas. 3, 4). DAVID H. DOREN, SSPA Ogdensburg, N. Y. American Literature Sec. Phi Sigma Kappa 3. CECIL NORMAN DRAPER, SSPA Alexandria, Va. BiisineM and Industrial Management SAM Chairman; Intramurals; Student Council 4. CHARLES DERRICK DYATT, SSPA Catasauqua, Pa. Radio-TV COS A; Radio-TV Workshop; Speech Club; Alpha Tau Omega. ISADOR EGBER, College of L.w Washington, D. C. Law Student Bar Association. LORRAINE ELLISON, CAS Washington, D. C. Religion -P iilosop iy ft ele ited one icltool .... ROBERT W. ELY, College of Law Union City, Ind. Law Delta Theta Phi. MARGY EPSTEIN, CAS Rocky Mount, N. C. Sociology Music Club 1 ; Junior Alliance Francaise 1 ; Valeda 1, 2; Sociology Club 3, 4; Inter- national Relations Club 4. LAWRENCE S. EPSTEIN College of Law Washington, D. C. Law MARJORY ANN FORBES, CAS Long Island City, N. Y. Chemistry Publications Board 3; Chemistry Club ?, 4; German Club 3, 4; Basketball 4; Delta Gamma. LAWRENCE FRANCIS FRIESS, SSPA Washington, D. C. Business Adrninistration HILDE GABRIEL, SSPA Abingdon, Va. Pohtica! Science Debate Club; Eagle; IRC; Delta Phi Alpha. .... He Wvdd, - ia tite BogmL o 7 ' Uide fil04» . • • • RONALD GARSHAG, CAS Brooklyn, N. Y. Varsity Basketball 1, 2, J, 4; Varsity Club. ELIZABETH A. GEISER, CAS Washington, D. C. Philosophy-Religion Kappa Delta (Treas. 3). BERNARD B. GERMANN, SSPA Chevy Chase, Md. hnsinessi AAvxinxstraXion JOHN R. GEPHART, JR., CAS Harrisburg, Pa. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Soccer 4; Alpha Tau Omega. BENJAMIN GOLDBERG, SSPA Washington, D. C. Vuhlic Admi-nistraiion ANNE M. GRENELL, CAS Seattle, Wash. Art Delta Gamma 2, 3, 4; Asst. Rush Chairman 3, Corresponding Sec. 4; Art Guild 2, 3; ETA 3, 4 (Pres. 4). RICHARD SWAN HALE, CAS Oxford, Mass. Biology Beta Beta Beta ?, 4 (Pres. 4). RALPH L. HALL, SSPA Barnesville, Ohio Business Administration JEAN HANDERS, School of Nursing Washington, D. C. J ursing WALTER H. HANSEN, CAS Washington, D. C. Biology Beta Beta Beta. JOHN HARDELL, JR., CAS Washington, D. C. Political Science Alpha Sigma Phi; Intramurals. SADIE DENNIS HARDY, SSPA Washington, D. C. Business Administration a «l £ U i DANIEL DUNWAY HARLAN, SSPA Washington, D. C. Communication SCF 2, 3, V-Pres. 3; German Club 2; Eagle 2, Editor 3; Men ' s Press Club 4; Orienta- tion Board 3. HOWARD PAGE HARE, SSPA Alexandria, Va. Business Administration Class Treas. 3; Chairman of Exec. Board SAM 4; SAM 2, 3; Student Government 4. WANDA HARMON, SSPA Willow, Okla. Economics Delta Gamma; Who ' s Who; Sec. Student Body ; A Club; Intramurals; PoUtical Club. CAROL JEAN HARVEY, CAS Van Wert, Ohio Psychology Publications Board 1; Class Sec. 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Chorus 3; Cap and Gown 3, 4 (Pres. 4); French Club 1; Freshman Handbook 4; Eagle 1; Kappa Delta (Treas. 3, V-Pres. 4). PHILLIPS S. HEATHCOTE, SSPA Weston, Mass. Business Administration VIRGINIA HARVEY, CAS Brookeville, Md. Music College Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Mary Graydon Hall House Council 1, 2; Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who 3; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4 (Sec. 3, V-Pres. 4); A. U. Theatre 1, 2, 3, 4 (V- Pres. 4) ; Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sec. 3,4); WAMC I, 2; French Club I; FTA 4; Musical Comedy 2, 3, 4; Varsity Archery 3, 4; Orientation Board 2, 3; Freshman Handbook 3. j£a .o il. Pa tl ADELE HEINEKE, CAS Washington, D. C. Biology Phi Mu; Beta Beta Beta; Intramur als FORREST CARTER HEISSNER, SSPA Arhngton, Va. Communications Eagle 1, 2, ?, Editor 4. EDNA HEINZ, CAS Baltimore, Md. Economics JEANNE P. HENDERER School of Nursing Takoma Park, Md. T ursing ROBERT STANLEY HIMES, SSPA Washington, D. C. Business and Industrial Management ALBERT ZELLWEGER HODGE College of Law Washington, D. C. Law Stulcnt Bar Association; Delta Theta Phi Speech Club; V-Pres. Law Class 4. A.e O iftt Hf EUGENE RAY HUNTER, SSPA Washington, D. C. Accounting SAM 4. CAROLYN HUTCHINS, CAS Washington, D. C Speech Who ' s Who 4; Cap and Gown 3,4; Junior Class V-Pres.; Senior Class V-Pres.; " A " Club 2, 3, 4 (V-Pres. 4) ; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Orientation Board 1; Student Christ- tian Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; A. U. Theatre 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treas. 3). F. BARTLEY JEPSON, CAS Arhngton, Va. Chemistry Intramurals 1 ; Alpha Phi Omega (Treas. 2, Pres. 3); Soccer 3, 4; Chemistry Club (Treas. 2) ; Phi Sigma Kappa 4. LLOYD JOHNSON, CAS Washington, D. C. English DOUGLAS THOS. JOHNSTON, SSPA Washington, D. C. Business Administration PAULINE NESS JOHNSTON School of Nursing Washington, D, C. TSfursing R.N. Club 4 (Sec. 4). ecMi DOROTHY LOUISE JONES, CAS Fort Myers, Fla. Biology Panhellenic Council 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4; " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Cheerleaders 2, 3; Orientation Board 2, 3; Phi Mu (Pan- hellenic Delegate 3, Pres. 4). ROBERT A. JOY, College of Law Reno, Nevada Law Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Association GEORGE KAFIG, CAS New York, N. Y. Music Music Club. KATHRYN KEARNS, CAS Latrobe, Pa. English Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Epsilon Pi, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Political Club 4, Sec; Write- up Editor, Aucola 4. DONALD C. KEAVENEY College of Law Lynn, Mass. Law BETTY JANE KEENE, CAS Washington, D. C. Romance Languages IRC 1; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; PanAmerican Club 1, 2, 3, 4; SCF 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Alliance Francaise 3, Sec. 4; Cap and Gown 4; Pan- hellenic Council 3, Pres. 4; Alpha Chi Omega 2, 3, Pres. 4; " A " Club; Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. w« fanei 37 Vocal CURTIS GORDON KEESEE, JR., SSPA Washington, D. C. Yiistory Aucola ?, Business Manager; Freshman Handbook 4. OLGA KELLY, CAS New York, N. Y. Biology German Club; Aquiana; Beta Beta Beta (V ' Pres.). ALBURN J. KENNEDY, CAS Washington, D. C. English Soccer 4; French Club 4. FREDERICK KETTERER College of Law ArHngton, Va. haw PAUL KIEFMAN, CAS Hopewell, Pa. Biology LOUISE KIMMERLING, CAS. Washington, D. C. Art Art Guild 1, 2, 3,. ANNE McDonald king, gas Ft. Leavenworth, Kans. English Modern Dance; Aucola; Delta Gamma (S.A.A). WILLIAM R. KETLER KINNEY, CAS Flint, Mich. Educdtioii Freshman Constitution 1 ; All Male Annual 1; IRC 1; SCF 1, 2, 3 ; Band 2, 3, 4; Chapel Monitor Chairman 1, 2, ?, 4; American U. Staff 2, 3, 4; Admissions Office 2; Regis- trar ' s Office 3, 4; Intramurals 1,2; Religious Board I, 2, 3, 4; Ministerial Assoc. 1, 2, 3, 4; Morning Devotion Chairman 4. SOL KIRSHBAUM, SSPA Washington, D. C. Sociology Sociological Society; Student Council; Who ' s Who; Tohtical Club. RONELY O. KOON, CAS Brewton, Ala. Philosophy and Religion ROGER LEE KYLE, SSPA Chambersburg, Pa. Radio-TV Radio-TV Guild. JACQUES JOHN LaFRANCHISE, SSPA Hyattsville, Md. Public Administration and jHocal R,iffit tfou a ie CHARLES PETER LALLOS, SSPA Meridan, Conn. SAM; IRC; Debate Club. ROBERT M. LANDAU, College of L.w Washington, D. C. 1m.w HOWARD JOSEPH LEAVITT, SSPA Brookline, Mass. business AAmimitraiion SAM 3, 4; Boxing Team 2; Junior Social Comm. 3. MARTHA RUTH LEINBACH, SSPA Winston-Salem, N. C. Piiblic AAmimityation ROBERT GRIFFITH LEWIS, SSPA Washington, D. C. xi.imes,s, AdminisUalion Intramurals; SAM Board of Executives. FLOYD C. LINTON, SSPA Russellville, Ark. business Administration SAM. HAINES S. LIPPINCOTT College of Law Falls Church, Va. Law Basketball 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 2, ?, 4; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Kappa; Delta Theta Phi. WARREN J. LUKE, SSPA West Springfield, Mass. Economics SAM 3, 4. THOMAS J. LYNCH, College of Law Washington, D. C. Law Executive V-Pres., Student Bar Associa- tion; Pres. Senior Class; Delta Theta Phi. JOHN McCLELLAN, CAS Waynesboro, Pa. English Univ. Publications Board 4; Eagle 3, 4 Aucola 3; Freshman Handbook 3; IRC 3 Spanish Club 3; FTA 3, 4; Intramurals 3 Phi Delta Epsilon 3, 4; Poetry Club 4. ELWOOD McGUIRE, CAS Washington, D. C. Psychology Phi Sigma Kappa; Intramurals; Varsity Basketball. HAYWOOD McMULLEN, SSPA Washington, D. C. Sociology 4 tfou iUUik tfott GAe. ARTHUR J. MORALES, SSPA New Brunswick, N. J. Business Administration Varsity Basketball 1, 2, ?, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Alpha Tau Omega. HAYDEN MORRIS, CAS Vermont Physics E. JANE MAIDEN, CAS Sandusky, Ohio History Art Guild 3 ; Political Club 4. LUCIA N. MANGAPIT, CAS Phillipine Islands Art A. U. Theatre 2, 3. OSCAR V, MARTIN, SSPA Puerto Rico Business Administratioii GEORGE MAYLOM MILLER, SSPA Elkridge, Md. Commtmications BETTY JANE MEHRING, CAS Silver Spring, Md. English Cheerleader 1 ; Varsity Basketball 1, 3 ; Var- sity Hockey 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1; " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl 3 ; Queen ' s Court 3; Water Ballet 3; Panhellemc (Treas. 4); Delta Gamma (V-Pres. 3, Pres. 4) ; MGH. (Most Representative Senior) . JEAN ADAIR MILLER School of Nursing Progress, Pa. Tsjursing R.N. Club 3, 4; Intramurals 3; Varsity Basketball 1. liifi JAMES H. MOWERY, JR. College of Law Alexandria, Va. Law Delta Theta Phi; Student Bar Associa- tion; Representative Senior Class. CLARENCE A. MURPHY College of Law Westmoreland, N. Y. Law Pres. Sigma Nu Phi; Student Bar Associa- tion. LAURESTINE GILL MURRAY, CAS Washington, D. C. Fine Arts Art Guild 2, 3, 4; " A " Club 3, 4; French Club 4; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Intramural Sports 3, 4; Basketball, Baseball, Bowling, Swimming, Tennis, Badminton (Mgr. 4) ; Table Tennis, Archery; Students Art Exhi- bition 2, 3, 4; Phi Mu 2, 3, 4 (Sec. 3, 4). CHARLES ARTHUR NEGRI, SSPA Washington, D. C. Business Administration SAM 1, 2, 3, 4, V-Pres. 4; Eagle 3; Pub- lications Board 4; COSA 3; Roundtable on Student AiTairs 4; Communications Asso- ciation Council 4. WILLIAM J. NICKLAW, CAS Washington, D. C. History Phi Sigma Kappa; Intramurals. ROBERT O ' BRIAN, CAS Washington, D. C. Government 5 JAMES EDWIN CHARA, SSPA Washington, D. C. Business Administration SAM. JAMES ALEXANDER ORSER, SSPA Silver Spring, Md. Economics Political Club. THERESA M. PUCHLY School of Nursing Washington, D. C. J ursing WALLACE JEROME PUPKAR, SSPA Worcester, Mass. Accounting Intramurals ?, 4. RAYMOND BELL PALFREY, SSPA Washington, D. C. Business Administration SAM. PATRICIA JEAN PATTEE, SSPA Portland, Oregon Psychology CHARLOTTE PEPPERS, CAS Wichita, Kansas Government Comptroller Student Association 3, 4; All University Publications Board 4 (Chm.); Cap and Gown 3, 4 (Sec. 4); Junior Alii ' ance Francaise 3, 4. CLARITA PERRY, CAS Washington, D. C. Music Music Club; Chorus. FLORENCE PETTEPIT, CAS Work Study Quincy, Mass. Music Dramatics 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 4; French Club. MARY K. PROBEY, CAS Washington, D. C. History A. U. Theatre 4. BARBARA M. RABNER, CAS Chicago, 111. English Intramunib; Alpha Chi Omega; Eagle 1; French Club 1 VIVIAN RAKER, CAS Washington, D, C. Philosophy MILDRED L. REID, CAS Tallapoosa, Ga. 7 [ursmg BETTY RICH, CAS Washington, D. C. Music Religious Board 2; Charity Fund Drive 2; SCF I. 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 4; Music Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA 1; Alpha Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, Sec. 4; Panhellenic Council 2; Intramurals 2, 4; Cheerleader 2. MARGARET RIGGS School of Nursing Silver Springs, Md. l ursing JOHN D. ROCKERFELLER, SSPA Washington, D. C. International Relations Alpha Sigma Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, J, 4; Political Club 4; Inter- national Relations Club 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2.5, 4, NEOMI ROTHENSTREICH, SSPA Mexico City, N. M. Public Administration IRC 3, 4. DOROTHY RYAN, Work Study, CAS Washington, D. C. Psychology 45 ROBERT SANDERS, CAS Washington, D. C. Psychohgy Student Affairs Round Table 4; Senior Class Pres.; Freshman Handbook 4; Chorus 4; Varsity Soccer 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Alpha Tau Omega 2, 3, Pres. 4; Inter- Fraternity Council Pres 4. DONALD J. SEAMAN, College of Law Quebec, Canada Law Who ' s Who; Eagle 4; Clerk-Practice Court of Washington College of Law; Sigma Nu Phi; Master of the Rolls; Second Vice Chancellor. CHARLES JOSEPH SCHAUS, SSPA Washington, D. C. Busmess Administration SAM. CHARLES SCHOOLS, CAS Washington, D. C. History Alpha Tau Omega; College Council 2, Intramurals. ROLAND SHACK, CAS Chicago, 111. Art Music Club. WILLIAM V. SHIPP, JR., SSPA Ccntcrvillc, Tcnn. International Relations ROSE SHONE, CAS Philadelphia, Pa. Art Alpha Chi Omega; Art Guild 2, J. JACK FREDERICK SLOAN, SSl ' A Wellcslcy, Mass. Business Administration Intramurals; Alpha Tau Omega. DONALD P. SMITH, College of Law Washington, D. C. La It ' Sinma Nu Phi. SAMUEL S. SOLOMAN College of Law Arlingron, Va. Law Student Bar Association; Eagle 4; Rccordi Sec, Student Bar Association. ABRAHAM SPECTOR, College of Law Rutherford, N. J. Law Student Bar Association; National Inter- Law School Moot Court Competition. PAUL N. STEINLEIN, SSPA Henderson, Te.xas Business Administration SAM; Senior Class Treas. HAROLD L. STOWELL College of L. ' w Arlington, Va. Law BRANKO STUPAR, College of Law Arlington, Va. Law Sigma Nu Phi. -Sr V SAMUEL TANCREDL CAS Washington, D. C. Biology Phi Sigma Kappa; Junior Varsity Basket- ball; Intramurals. JAMES E. TOMI ' KINS, JR , CAS Arlington, Va. History WAMC 1; Intramurals 1. 2, . 4; Varsity Track . ; Aquiana .i; Phi Sigma Kappa. LOUIS VENAFRA, SSPA Washington, D. C. Public Administration Political Club. ABRAHAM VEREIDE, JR., SSPA Washington, D. C. Economics SEF. MARCIA DUANE THOMSON, CAS Silver Spring, Md. Enghsfi Sec. Student Association 4; Intramurals 1, 2, . , 4; Scholastic Achievement Board Sec. 3; Chorus 1, 2, . 4; Kappa Delta 2, o, 4; Freshman Snow Ball Queen; Sophomore, Sweetheart of the Varsity Club; Senior, Homecoming Queen. ROBERT LOUIS TOGNONI College of Law Eureka, Nevada Law Delta Thcta Phi; Student Bar Association. FRANK TURPIN, CAS Highland Park, Mich. Mathematics MARILYN E. ULLMAN, CAS New Brunswick, N. J. Psychology Choir 1, 2; Cheerleading 1, 2, 5, 4 (Head Cheerleader 2, 3, 4) ; Mary Graydon Housi Council ?, 4 (Prcs. 4); Varsity Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Board 3; " A " Club 2, 3, 4 (Sec. 3); Aquiana 3, 4; Who ' s Who 4; Phi Mu (Sec. 2, Pledge Mistress 3, V-Pres. 4). YOICHI UTSUMI, SSPA Kyushu, Japan Sociology Chorus. LEO VAN HERPE, CAS Washington, D. C. Biology German Club 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter-Fraternity Council 4; Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4; Delta Phi Alpha 3, 4; Alpha Tau Omega 1, 2, 3, V-Pres. 4. LARRY K. VOLIN, SSPA Cincinnati, Ohio Journalism Varsity Soccer 3, 4; Eagle, Sports Editor 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Athletics Publicity Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; Aucola. ELMA B. WALKER, CAS Washington, D. C. Sociology NANCY LOUISE WALKER, CAS Chevy Chase, Md. History FRED WARTHER, CAS Washington, D. C. Psychology Phi Sigma Kappa; JV Basketball 3; Varsity Basketball 4; Intramurals. JOYCE MILES WEIGEL, CAS Silver Spring, Md. Psychology Election Comm. 2, 3; Chairman Election Comm. 3; Sophomore Class Treas.; Junior Class Treas.; Senior Class Treas.; Cap and Gown 3, 4; Treas. of Cap and Gown 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3; Sec. of Chorus 3; Intramural Basketball 4; Kappa Delta Sorority 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM H. WERTH, CAS Washington, D. C. History SCF; Religious Board. BERNARD WILDER, SSPA Brooklyn, N. Y. Business Administration REED A. WILLIAMS, Colleue of Lw Rc.xburg, Idaho Law Sigma Nu Phi. ALBERT W. ZANNER, JR., CAS Washin ' ton, D. C. Biology German Club 3, 4; Delta Phi Alpha ?, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4. SUZANNE ELAYNE WILLIAMS, CAS Philadelphia, Pa. Economics Chorus 1 , 3 ; Liternational Relations Club 1, 2, 3. 4 (V-Pres. 3); Spanish Club 1, 2 (See. 2); Debate Squad 1, 2; Valeda Club 2, 3 (Corres. Sec. 3); Mary Graydon House Council 1, 3; Student Association Sec. 3 Who ' s Who 3, 4; Cap and Gown 3, 4 Delta Si,u;ma Rho 3, 4 (V-Pres. 3); " A " Club 3, 4 (Pres. 4); Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Tennis 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Musical Comedy MARCIA E. WINGO, CAS Washington, D. C. English Phi Mu; Intramurals. willia: i b. witherell, sspa Washington, D. C. l)iter7idtio7i(;il Reltiticnis JACK L. woods, CAS Hartshome, Oklahoma Economics Who ' s Who 4; Pres. of Phi Sigma Kappa 3, V-Pres. 2; Pres. of Sophomore Class 2; Student Council 4; Intramurals 4; Mgr. of Basketball 3, 4; Mgr. of Tennis Court 2, 3 Proctor of Leonard Student Center 3, 4 Inter-frat Council 3; Varsity Club 3, 4 Spanish Club 3. MAURICE WOODARD, CAS Washington, D. C. Bwlogy Beta Beta Beta. ALEXANDER WYMAN College of Law Washington, D. C. Law Pablo Alemar Rodman F. Allen Simon Balchun Betty Jo Benedict Eli;aheth K. Bethel Muriel A. Bourgeois Frank B. Brooks, Jr. Peggy Ann Brooks Elizabeth A. Brown Ruth E. Brown Hildegard Brussler Edgar J. Caullouet Alexander J. Cleland James Cortvriendt Louella Coyle Madee E. Erving Donald Essex John G French Richard L. Gipe Guy F. Glossbrcnncr Myrta Goldman Thomas Grecnbank STAGEFRICHTENED SENIORS, Robert E. Gridley John R. Gustafson, Jr. Robert Hamilton John F. Hargadon Richard S. Harner Robert T. Heltzel Robert Henry Thomas Hicks Catherine Hitchcock Samuel Horwich Doris Hunt Lcroy Ishman Harriet E. Jones Helena M. Kedda Jane Ann Kennek Donald L. Leavitt McKinley Luther Berta M. MacDenzie Margaret A. Matus Leonard Maurer Edward L, Moffatt Roy Mullen CAS Earl E. Nordquist Curtiss L. Olson Luis A. Passalacqua William F. Patten Victor Penso Roy L. Revercomb John M. Rommel Wesley L Rosso Paula Salter Steven H. Schot George L. Skirm Marjorie A. Solan Herman Sondov John E. Spielman Samuel M. Takahaski Harry A. Taylor, Jr. Mary L. Timms Bartlett R. Wailcs Stephen P. Weintraub Mary Jayne Winograd Robert E. Zimmerli SSPA Seniors unphotographcd do not appear in the above list. .YfA V y V V. ]i I -- - OFFICERS School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs First Row: Clarence Kipps, President; Mar- cia Zendt, Secretary; George Geiser, Vice- President. Second Row: J. Martin Kelly, Executive Committee; Henry Lampe, Ex- ecutive Committee; Edward Bisland, Execu- tive Committee; John Kiernan, Executive Committee. Not in Picture: William For- sythe, Treasurer. OFFICERS College of Arts and Sciences Maxine Park, Treasurer; Glen Lough- ridge, Sergeant at Arms; Lawrence Siracuse, President; Beverly Bove, Vice-President; Margaret Graham, Secretary. CLASS OF 1952 After hours of conferences with teachers, advisors, and other well-meaning folks, we set out with great determination on our last two years . . . even tried to be dignified once in awhile . . . amazed ourselves when we found out about our big contribution to the charity drive (remember those many cups of coffee we sacri- ficed?) . . . struggling over those endless themes and term papers, we blazed our first trails to the Library of Congress (thinking ruefully of our younger, gayer days) . . . our refuge in the Coffee Shop and that bridge hand that was always wait- ing to be played . . . after dinner gab fests on the MGH steps with discussions ranging from Plato to Howdy Doody . . . " Ge-e-eo-o-rge! " ... ex- hausting rush of Christmas sorority and fraternity parties, ended by the calmly beautiful candlelight service . . . almost too tired to board those home- bound trains . . . exam week found us rapidly devouring Petro ' s supply of coffee . . . that one last look at the big books — (musical background: " The Thing " ) — before tackling those little ones . . . (Troubles with exams? Well . . . who could possibly study with those few spring days in mid- winter?) . . . " To the drug store, men ! We need food for thought! " . . . those plans and discus- sions and confusion about the Junior Prom . . . a big hand to those haggard ticket sellers . . . exams, plans, and confusion in the past, the big night arrived ... it was a success . . . [somebody says that every year — this year we mean it!] . . . suddenly the warm, tempting spring, damp- ened only by impending exams . . . then quickly, unbelievably we were seniors, and finally on that last lap after three, great, unforgettable years. WE JMIORS NAN ALEXANDER CAS MARILYN ASHLEY CAS BEVERLY BOGE CAS EDWARD BISLAND SSPA HAROLD BOSWELL SSPA STANLEY BRANNICK CAS MEADE CAMP SSPA .S CHAMBERS CAS ELIZABETH CRIST CAS BARBARA CRISWELL CAS ELEANOR CROSIER CAS DONALD DEDRICK SSPA BONNIE EDWARDS CAS J. F. DELUCA CAS JANE DUNN CAS BETTY ERNST CAS JEANNE FORD CAS WILLIAM FORSYTHE SSPA ELIZABETH FRAZER CAS GEORGE A. GEISER, JR. SSPA JANE GLASS School of Nursing MARGARET GRAHAM CAS VIRGINIA HAMMOND CAS DAVID M. HAMPTON SSPA PHILLIP H HOLM SSPA ROY HOPGOOD CAS RUTH IMRU SSPA JUDITH IMRU SSPA r PATRICIA JONES CAS FOSTER E. KALKOFFEN SSPA NANCY KIRCH CAS DAVID H. KAY SSPA J. MARTIN KELLY, JR. SSPA CLARENCE KIPPS, JR. SSPA JANE LAIDLOW CAS HENRY LAMPE SSPA GLEN LOUGHRIDGE CAS FRANCIS McCUTCHEON CAS RLY MOE CAS H. C, MONTAGUE CAS LYNN MURTHA CAS LORRAINE NOBLE CAS WILLIAM B. PALMER CAS MAXINE PARK CAS JOHN PENDLETON SSPA CHARLES PETERS CAS FREDERIC PIERCE SSPA DORIS RADLEY CAS JOHN RICHARDS SSPA VIOLET ROLLER CAS FLORENCE SANDERS CAS LOUIS SANGIORGIO CAS ALICE SCHRAMM CAS DOROTHY SHELTON CAS LAWRENCE SIRACUSA CAS CAROL SUMMERFIELD SSPA WILLIAM TANNEY SSPA RICHARD TAYLOR SSPA ROY THOMAS SSPA HELEN WEAVER CAS THOMAS WELLS CAS CAROL WHITCRAFT CAS JERRY WIGGINS CAS STACY WILLIAMS CAS THERESA WHOL CAS MAXINE YEAGER CAS xA, h m - H IP OFFICERS College of Arts and Sciences Walter Smith, President; Louis Long, Treas- urer; Dona Hutslcr, Vice-President; Janic2 Thompson, Secretary. cLiss OF nu With one wonderful year behind us, we setded down to the serious business of being Soph- omores . . . our first task being the capping of the freshmen, we tried to scare them into obeying our every whim — and succeeded . . . Next we spent our free time hiding behind the poles on the tennis court to catch the freshman stepping on the grass . . . (one cruel sophomore lay awake at night thinking of fiendish schemes for the frosh) . . . Kangeroo Kourt topped it all off, but it looked like everybody enjoyed it . . . " we had it worse last year " . . . letters from the dean warn us of comprehensives in the spring, but we managed to keep our chins up through the tribu ' lations of life . . . before we knew it. Homecoming Weekend had launched the basketball season, moving us inside . . . overwhelmed with Christ- mas spirit, we stayed out all night caroling . . . avid ballot stuffers in the Mirror Poll . . . old hands at taking exams now, we managed to stumble throug h somehow, and staggered home to recover in nine short days . . . spring brought with it our elections for sophomore queen who reigned over the Bunny-Hop . . . (everybody was quite impressed with our decorations) . . . more letters from the office, insisting this time that we declare our majors . . . suddenly noticed we were almost halfway through, and began counting up our credit hours . . . after two swift years, we apply solemnly to be moved up to the rank of confirmed uppcrclassmen . . . LIKELY OFFICERS - CilS I Richard Witter, Vice-President; Allen Shute, President; Richard Holmes, Treasurer; Mary Lou Hason, Secretary. OFFICERS ■ SSSPA ' Not Shown: Presi dent. C. Moore, diss OF 1954 Our first taste of college life in that maze of registration lines . . . " Use English around us, please . . . we ' re not familiar with words like bursar ' and ' probation ' " ... getting over our fear of the upperclassmen at these first parties . . . freshman capping in Acclamation Park, and the soph ' s picnic afterwards . . . even with our signs flapping in the breeze we cultivated the ability to spot the sophs before they saw us . . . (we thought we ' d gotten away with it till Kangaroo Kourt) . . . those hectic rush weeks and the thousand names we forgot . . . amazing the upperclassmen with our studiousness . . . (we ignored their caustic remarks to the effect that we ' d tire of the library in three weeks) . . . and that horrible shock of discovering we were to be formally " introduced to college " and that it would take all year long . . . (not so bad, after all, since these Wednesday afternoons were the only times we were all to, ' gether) . . . splurging our last nickel to hear " The Thing " in the Coffee Shop . . . the excitement of competition for Sno-Ball Queen, and those bril- liant posters in Hurst Hall . . . doubting at times that the dance would ever take place, we finally managed to make a big success of it all and crowned " Tex " our queen . . . not long after that came the day when we found out what those " blue books " were for . . . then a much needed vacation, and before we knew it, spring was here . . . that wonderful realization that we weren ' t new and green anymore . . . the picnic we gave for our ex-enemies, thd sophomores (we were again on friendly terms) . . . and suddenly our first year was over . . . we watched the seniors walk slowly out, and solemnly moved up another step. ATOMIC EXPIOSIOI Ce-ee-M-cc-Orgf Same Badiel — Some SfU iti■ 5 ' LlI S . . . . ....BEAT IT SIOWHITE.... ilD THE Um r fvr o o UiJ v t K ' w4 mmm association of ssspa In the fall of 1947, a group of students at the School of Social Science and Public Affairs realized the value of extra-curricular activities to a college education and met with Dr. Austin Van der Slice, the dean of the undergraduate school, to express a desire for organized activities. From this session developed COSA, a Conference of the Organisation of Student Affairs, which was recognized in December of 1947. May of 1947 saw COSA in full operation. The purpose of COSA was to support extra-curricular activities, encourage participation in them, and work to- ward organization of other activities. The success of COSA can be seen in the growth of the amount of organizations from two or three to the present fifteen, with the major part of the full time stu- dents participating. Elections for the first Coun- cil of COSA were held in October of 1950. Those elected then and the present Council have gone far towards the achievement of the aims of COSA as stated in 1947. President Vice-President Acting Secretary Treasurer Advisor PRCSIDegv Alfred De Mott Roland Bcrardo Susan Hall John Kiernan Dr. Ernest Posner Seated: B. Belcher, B. Hamilton, J. Kiernan, J. M. Kelly, H. Shoemaker, H. Lampe, R. Bcrardo, A. Dc Mott, Dr. Posner, H. Hare, W. Forsthe, E. Bisland, Col. Belles, S. Kirschbaum, S. Hall. Standing: V. Moore, C. Negri, J. Otto, E. Kirschner. OOLLEGG muii First Row: D. Aquilino, D. Thompson, R. Buck, C. Peppers. Second Row: R. Hopgood, M. Hirshman, V. Harvey, H. Schulze, Mrs. Gondos, M. Imlay, C. Gredone. The College Council is the representative body of the student association and the official organ of the student body at the College of Arts and Sciences. It includes twelve students, five faculty members, and faculty auditor, and three administrative officers. The Council exercises planning and budget functions for community ictivities and coordinates the work and programs af the campus boards and activities. The Coun- cil meets once a week and, in general, discusses matters pertaining to student-faculty relationships and any university problems that may arise. This- year the College Council, among other things, has discussed traffic control on the campus, campus lighting, the matter of all-university dances, and Homecoming Weekend. Insofar as it is able, the Council tries to rely on the wishes of the students in carrying out its policies. Without the sup- port, financial backing, and general interest the College Council gave to the AUCOLA, the book would never have reached the press. RANDY BUCK President DON AQUILINO Vice-President DUANE THOMPSON Secretary CHARLOTTE PEPPERS Comptroller First Row: H. Hare, Dr. Baily, A. DeMott. Second Row: V. Stein lein W. For- sythe, V. C. Moore, B. Ham- ilton, W. Dicgel, B. Belcher, H. Lampe. Society for the Idvancement of Management President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer James Robinson Charles Negri Al DeMott Brent Belcher SAM has gained recognition throughout the world as the leading professional society in the field of management. SAM is represented by its members in all phases of our economic and busi- ness life. The present American University Student Chapter was organised in the fall of 1946 and was chartered in January of 1947. Since that time the Chapter ' s membership has increased from a mere handful to well over 100 members. It is now one of the five Jargest chap- ters in the country and the most active student chapter in the Washington area. The foremost objective of SAM has been to help students of Business Studies to become more familiar with their subjects and the problems of the business- man by actual experience and practice. MGH HOUSE COOCIL M. Ashley, B. Bogc, E. Bar- tholomew, C. Decker, S. Stalling. The Radio and TV Guild is an organization of the School of Social Sciences and PubUc Affairs. It has been very active this year, having pro- duced about forty-two shows on WOL. In October they did two weekly music programs, and in November they had a weekly drama series. At Christmas the group did a coast-to-coast radio dramatization of Dickens ' Christmas Carol. The Guild plans to work on television in the spring — such as the " Founder ' s Day " program. The Mary Graydon House Council acts as the governing body of the girl ' s dormitory. It meets once a month to revise and draw up rules of conduct for the girls in Mary Graydon Hall. It al so handles individual discipline problems and arranges quiet hours. The Annual Christmas Dinner for all students and faculty members, and the dormitory Candlelight Service for the resi- dents, which are always a tremendous success before the Christmas vacation, are arranged and handled by the Council. i? RADIO-TV GUILD First Row: E. Wood, S. Stall- ing, B. Goodman, E. Harllee, M. Petralia, J. Otto. Second Row: L. Gallegos, R. Gor- don, J. Schmaltz, D. Henry, J. Levay, H. Cullis. President m « » p FTA President Anne Grennell Vice-President Sally Albrecht Treasurer Carol Wine Secretary Alice Schramm Advisor Dr. Samuel E. Burr ANNE GRENNELL Granted its charter by the National Educa ' tion Association in 1948, the Joy Elmer Morgan Chapter of the Future Teachers of America brings many prominent educators to the campus to ad- dress its meetings and plans many social events. The FTA assumes responsibility for the ob- servance of The American Education Week in November and sponsors a picnic and buffet supper for visiting FTA members who come here as members of the Institute on Organization Leader- ship. The Student Christian Fellowship is a campus organi:;ation which sponsors study groups and social service projects. This year it has mainly done recreational work at the Industrial Home Annex. It has also sponsored morning devotions and placed devotional literature in vari- ous places on campus. The group meets every Thursday at 1:00 in Peyser- Judd House. m President Robert Zimmerli Vice-President Walter Smith Secretary Liz Simms Treasurer Francis Arrand Advisor Dr. John First Row: L. Simms, R. Zim- merli, F. Arrand. Second Row: C. Hutchins, M. Brown, W. Werth, B. Crist, B. Keene. President Melvin Hirshtnan Vice-President Lawrence Siracusa Secretary Jean Sherwood Treasurer Teresa Wohl Advisors Miss Olds, Mrs. Wyatt First Row: J. Dunn, L. Sira- cusa, T. Wohl, M. Hirsh- man, D. Lee. Second Row: C. Wine, P. Davallou, Miss Olds, R. Everett, J. Brown, B. Keene, Mrs. Wythe. Allianoe Francaise Pan American Club The Junior AUuincc Franchise was the first junior affiUate of the International AUiance Francaise, and through the cooperation of the senior organization, receives guest lecturers and invitations to embassy functions. In addition to regular meetings. The Junior Alliance has con- ducted an active program of lectures, teas, a party for high school students, and a one act play program. The Pan American Club meets twice a month for discussions on various subjects con- nected with Spanish America. The club has an annual songfest, a yearly joint meeting of the three language clubs, and the large Christmas party with the traditional pinata. The Pan American Club visits Embassies of Spanish-speak- ing Countries in Washington, the Pan-American Union, and the Hispanic Foundation of the Library of Congress. President Jane Dunn Vice-President Gene Rubenstein Treasurer Sue Olsen Recording Secretary Betty Keene Corresponding Secretary Bernard Fouquet Advisor Mrs. Kathryn D. Wyatt First Row: M. Portcous, R. Botkin, Mrs. Wyatt, J. Dunn, B. Keene, Mrs. Wythe, L. Ramirez, G. Murray. Sec- ond Row: J. A. Kennedy, R. Uram, B. Boge, J. Ford , R. Edwards, J. Brown, C. Peppers, P. Davallou, B. Fouquet. AN INFORMAL MEETING OF THE GUILD Political (]lHb Art Gniid The Art Guild meets to discuss art and to hear talks by practicing artists and critics. The Guild provides a forum for any student interested in art, since the membership is not limited to art students. The Guild takes part in the activities of the Watkins Gallery and visits current exhibits in Washington and Baltimore. Every Spring the Guild holds the annual Beaux Arts Ball, which is an outlet for the artistic ingenuity of the members. President Joy Newport Vice-President Paul Enton Secretary Deanne Hayes Treasurer Caryl Traten Advisor Mr. Summerford President Secretary Public Relations Advisor Edwin J. Kirshner John J. Rockefeller Curtis Griffith Professor L. Hattery The Political Club, a newly-formed University organization, has as its purpose the understanding of political trends and issues. It is not merely an outlet for those who are familiar with politics, but rather an opportunity for novices in the field to become acquainted with current affairs. The Club is unique because the members evalu- ate both sides of the political fence through group discussion at their meetings with senators, congressmen, radio commentators, and other prominent persons in the political field. EDWIN J. KIRSHNER in Theatre It was as busy as a Christmas Sale this year for the A.U. Theatre members. The Club obtained a costume wardrobe room and a meeting room. In the fall, a one-act comedy was given. Then the players ven- tured into arena staging for Pirandello ' s " Right You Are If You Think You Are. " The annual original musical comedy was the best ever. President Vice-President Secretary Business Manager Stage Manager Production Manager Director Stephen Paledes Virginia Harvey Alice Peterson Harry Cullis Frances Arrand Henry Latnpe Donald Osten First Row: M. Porteous, J. Rothman, V. Har- vey, Mrs. Patton, A. Peterson, M. Petralia, S. Stalling. Second Row: D. MiHer, J. Spiclman, F. Afrand, B. Crist, C. Gredone, J. Anderson, D. Holmes, G. Glossbrenner. CLARITA PERRY AND MR. SMITH Music (]|iib Open to any student or faculty mem- ber, the Music Club presents lectures, re- citals, and movies with a view to integrating music with other branches of art and litera- ture. Monthly student recitals are spon- sored by the Club. The Club holds student membership in The National Federation of Music Clubs, thereby providing an oppor- tunity for members to appear in recitals sponsored by that organization. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Donald Leavitt Marguerite Martinclli Betsy Crist . , . . Robert Ross Advertising Chairman Mary Lou Hanson Mr. David Stone Advisor Standing: E. Mack, S. Kirschbaum. Seated: W. Steen, A. Holland. President Keith Konishcro Vice-President Mr. William Steen Secretary-Treasurer Ann Holland Co-Editors of A. U. Sociological Bulletin Mr. Edw. Mack, Burt Winnegrode Membership Chairman Sol Kirshbaum President Carl Albrecht Treasurer Richard Bird Advisor Dr. John G. Frank First Row: J. Forbes, L Wcltz, H. Mann, M. Imlay C. Marsh, M. Park, P Schweitzer, E. Shiflett. Sec ond Row: B. Faux, W. Scan Ion, S. Albrecht, J. DeLuca A. Zanner, A. Peters, P Parallan, S. Albert. ThiVd Row: J. Allen, L. Jeffries N. Kroncke, D. Leavitt, A Marsh, Dr. Frank, G. Lough ridge. Sociological Society The Sociological Society is an organiza- tion of the School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs. It meets once a month, at which time the members hear lectures by experts in Sociology and related fields. The purposes of the Club are to give the mem- bers an opportunity to meet each other and the faculty on a social basis; to keep them up to date on current books; and in general to keep them in touch with everything concerning the Sociological field. The So- ciety publshes the " A. U. Sociological Bulletin. " Dentscher Verein Fur students ot the German language, the Deutscher Verein provides an oppor- tunity to speak German and to become acquainted with German culture. Meeting at members ' homes in an informal atmos- phere, the group enjoys German food and discusses the works of the great German masters. The Club has attended showings of German films and has learned to sing traditional songs as part of the year ' s pro- gram. Debate Club The College of Arts and Sciences, The School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs, and The Law School each has its own Debate Club with a general council coordinating the activities of each group. The members of each club have an opportunity to perfect their argumentative activi- ties in the individual Club debates, proceeding on to take part in inter-club debates, and reaching finally the more formal intercollegiate debates. President Secretary Roland Berado Montez Cookscy Speech dlub The Speech Club of the School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs is open to students who are interested in any field of speech: group discussion, diction, or drama. In addition to monthly meetings and theatre parties, the Club produced the " American University Album " for the Washington Board of Trade at the May- flower Hotel and entered the annual District One-Act Play Tournament. Seated: P. Beali. Standing: M. Cooksey, R. Berado. President Jack Pendleton Vice-President Sue Hall Secretary Montez Cooksey Treasurer Marshal Davis Advisor Ella Harllee Miss Harlec directing an in- formal meeting of the Club. President Beatrice Hardy Vice-President Jeannette Richardson Secretary-Treasurer Pauline Johnston Publicity Sylvia Little Refreshment and Program Committee Jean Miller Josephine Gishncr Advisor Miss Jorgcnson J. Miller, Miss Jorgenson, M. Abrahams, B. Hardy, P. Johnston, S. Little, A. Wolfe, J. Richardson. Ohorns lurses Clnti With the addition of Jeannette Wells as director, the A.U. Chorus has become one of the best in Washington. The group appeared on Television twice and sang at the lighting of the White House Christmas tree. They performed at the Mayflower Hotel for the Board of Trade and at the National Guard Armory. Under the direction of Mr. McLain and Miss Wells, the chorus sang its annual Christmas program at the College with distinction. Affiliated with the Chorus, there is an all-male group which special- ises in barber-shop quartets. Membership in the R. N. Club is open to registered nurses enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences. At the regular meetings the latest trends in Nursing and Medicine are discussed, and talks are given by prominent speakers. The social activities of the year included a Christmas party and a dinner at the Bethcsda Naval Hospital Officers Club. First Row: J. Sherwood, D. Nagio, M. Thompson, B. Grimes, B. Keene, S. Shack, E. Walker, B. Graham, F. Wright, C. Davis, F. San- ders, B. Moe, S. Simmons, J. Dunn, and L. Roman. Second Row: M. Brown, V. Raker, B. Overall, S. Meyers, B. Sherrick, Wong, B. Grimes, J. Galloway, B. Elliott, C. Hutchins, H. Weaver, R. Floyd, C. Perry, and N. Somekh. Third Row: B. Rich, E. Shiflet, M. Hanson, L. Buice, B. Crist, L. Long, D. Leavitt, V. Penso, C. Traten, M. Wil- liams, B. Boge, J. Cunning- ham, M. Gair, and M. Martinelli. Jeanette Wells is directing. Advisor Dr. Brownell R. Gipe, A. Passalacqua, M. Staves, B. Jcpson, C. Olson, Dr. Brownell. Otiemistry Club llpha Phi Omega Affiliated with the Ameriean Chemical So- ciety, the Chemistry Club is open to those students having at least one semester of chemistry. The Club sponsors public lectures, movies, and pic- nics. The outstanding activities of the Club in- clude the Spring lectures at Trinity College each year and exhibits in the biennial science show. Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fra- ternity comprised of those who have been or are affiliated with scouting. The fraternity ' s purpose is to offer service to the school, community, and country as participating citizens. They help the University in many ways such as participation in charity drives and service as chapel ushers. There are over 260 chapters throughout the country making it one of the largest organi: ations of its kind. President F. Bartley Jepson Vice-President Robert Zimmerli Secretary H. McMuIlan Treasurer James Cretsos Advisor Mr. Robert Frailey First Row: R. Gnegy, B. Jepson, L. Durloo, Dr. Bowles. Second Row: C. Olsen, F. Goodwin, R. Zimmerli, J. Cretsos, A. Seider- man, J. Young. The Aucola staff organized early in the fall, and under the direction of Kit Diggs, Mr. Clark, and the Publications Board, began to grapple with the task ahead. The progress was sometimes slow, and the problems were many. At times there was great doubt whether the photography would ever be completed. The printer ' s contract finally arrived, however, and the rumor circulated that there really would be a yearbook. The staff viewed with pride the dummy copy, and started the final work of writ ' ing, arranging, and layout. By the end of January confusion reigned supreme, but the last-minute de- tails were finally completed. In February the book went to press. lucola Editor-in-Chie£ Kathryn Diggs Business M.inager Mary Jane Crichcr Business Staff Marilyn Ashley Anne King F. Hartley Jepson Art and Layout Editor Joy Newport SSSPA Editor Roland Berardo Write-up Editor Kathryn Kearns Write-up Staff Abigail Adams Doris Radley Staff Typists Lucile Buice Anne King Geraldine Kline Photography Editor Guy Glossbrcnncr Photography Staff Turner Brown-Suarez Hugo Schuize J. G. McManaway Thomas L. Wells Sports Editor Larry Volin Advisor Dr. Charles M. Clark First Row: M. J. Cricher, Dr. Clark, K. Diggs. Second Row: M. Ashley, B. Ernst, B. Boge, D. Radley, B. Gill, A. Adams, P. Miles, A. King. Editor Carter Heissner Business Manager Foster E. Kallcoffcn Corresponding Secretary Marcia J. Zendt Society Editor Mary Williams Sports Editor Lary Volin Staff Photographer J. G. McManoway Advertising Salesman Ed Kirshner Reporters George Bloomer, Mary Lou Hanson, Hank Lampe, Jinx Reznikoff, Sue Stalling. First Row: L. Volin, M. L. Hanson, M. Williams, H. Lampe. Second Row: F. Kalkoffen, C. Heissner. MIRROR POLL Most Popular Coed Most Popular Man Most Likely to Succeed Spanish Athlete Most Attractive Coed Most Attractive Man Ideal Date (Man) Ideal Date (Woman) Most Naive Coed Smoothest Couple Most Talented Coed Most Talented Man Campus Wolf Campus Wolfess Most Capable Professor Most Popular Professor Campus Jester Queen of the Coffee Shop " The Thing " C.A.S. " Butch " Engle Ullman Leroy Ishman Don Aquilino Bob Jones Anne King Chuck Bailey Jack Sloan " Zombie " Saunders Hildegarde Mann Nancy Kirch Barbara Humphreys Harold Shoemaker Joanne Christopherson Dick Miller Bob Jones Joanne Christopherson Dr. Bowles Dr. Bowles " Chloe " Noble Joy Newport Alpha Sigma Phi S.S.S.P.A. Sue Hall AI DeMott Roland Berardo Jim McManaway Sue Hall Howard Hare Meade Camp Wanda Harmon Barbara Grimes Kitty Crim AI DeMott Sue Hall Harry Cullis Sol Kirschbaum Meade Camp Laura Wilson Mrs. Pratt Mrs. Pratt Charlie Negri Mary Barr The Eagle m lU Eagle Under the guidance of the University PubHcations Board and through the hard work of Carter Heissner and his staff, the Eagle has covered the University beat from week to week. More advertisements have meant six pages more regularly and more photographs to enliven the solid type. The Eagle ' s life is not an easy one, but each issue was finally hatched. The front page and the editorials of the Eagle often reflect the national scene as well as the academic scene. The debate on Universal Military Service may find itself face to face with the Mirror Poll on the front pages of a late issue of the Eagle. £y miVERSITY PllBLIUTIOIS BOIRD The University Publications Board, the pub- lisher of the American University Eagle, consists of faculty and student representatives from the several divisions of the University and representa- tives of the Board of Trustees. Meeting once a month, the Publications Board establishes the policy of the newspaper, selects the editor-in- chief and business manager, and reaches decisions about the journalistic and financial problems of the Eagle. Though faced with a tremendous variety of University activities and hampered by financial difficulties, the Board has succeeded in coordinating the efforts of the staff in the inter- ests of wider coverage of All-University events; it has been responsible for a more attractive format for the paper; and it has found the money some ' where to publish an issue of the Eagle almost every week. First Row: A. DcMott, M. Cookscy, R. Bcrardo. Second Row: J. Clarke, C. Negri, S. Kirschbaum. First Row: D. Thompson, B. Kcene, C. Hutchins, C. Harvey. Second Row: B. Rich, C. Peppers, L. Ishman, P. Graham, WHO ' S WHO CAS Donald Aquilino, June ' 51 Thomas Randolph Buck, June ' 51 Kathryn Elma Diggs, June ' 51 Marilyn Joan Engel Ullman, June ' 51 Margaret Dawes Graham, June ' 52 Carol Jean Harvey, June ' 51 Virginia Mae Harvey, June ' 51 Carolyn Hutchins, June ' 51 E. LeRoy Ishman, June ' 51 Betty Jane Keene, June ' 51 John Howard McClellan, June ' 5 1 Charlotte Ann Peppers, June ' 51 Betty Jane Rich, June ' 51 Robert Eugene Sanders, June ' 51 Marcia Duane Thompson, June ' 51 Suzanne Elayne Williams, June ' 51 Jack L. Woods, June ' 51 WASHINGTON COLLEGE OF LAW Major Leo E. Benade, June " 52 Abraham Berlin, June ' 52 Donald Seaman, June ' 51 DeWitt T. Yates, June ' 51 A number of Junior and Senior students from the four divisions of the University were selected to be included in the 1951 edition of Who ' s Who in American Schools and Colleges. The students were chosen by a committee of the faculty based on, and in recognition of the stu- dent ' s character, scholarship, leadership, and ac- tivity in student affairs, as well as his mainte- nance of an acceptable grade average and potential abilities in future work. S.S.P.A. Helen Allien, Grad. M.A. June ' 51 John Clarke, Grad. Ph.D. June ' 52 Margaret Cole, Grad. M.A. June ' 51 Harold Hedges, Grad. M.A. June ' 51 Alfred D. Sander, Grad. M.A. June ' 51 Roland Berardo, June ' 51 Robert S. Himes, June ' 51 Sol Kirschbaum, June ' 51 Frederic Joseph Pierce, June " 51 UP m GOWN First Row: C. Harvey, J. Weigal. Second Row: C. Hutchins, S. Williams, B. Kecne. President Carol Harvey Secretary Charlotte Peppers Treasurer Joyce Weigal Historian Betty Keene Advisor Katheryn Day Wyatt Cap and Gown is an honorary fraternity for Junior and Senior Women. Membership is based on a high scholastic average, character, and par- ticipation in extra-curricular activities. There is an annual pajama party for freshmen which aids in the " getting-acquainted " process. Each year soon after grades are out there is a " tapping " ceremony for eligible women on the chapel steps, which is followed by an initiation luncheon. This year the group is trying to organize itself to help with the fall orientation procedure. They would like to initiate some sort of a " big sister " program. Dr. Shenton, R. Buck, Dr. Clark. OMICROI DEm KilPPl President Secretary-Treasurer Advisor Thomas- Randolph Buck Dr. Charles M. Clark Dr. Walter F. Shenton Dr. John E. Bentley The American University Chapter of Omi ' cron Delta Kappa, a national honorary society for men, selects each year those men of Junior and Senior standing who have been most active in Uni- versity affairs, who have maintained a high level of scholarship, and who have contributed most to University life. Each year the members of ODK help conduct the pre-Freshman and Orienta- tion programs, and award a silver cup to the leading athlete of the year. Dr. Potter, B. Keene, R. Buck, Mrs. Gondos, S. Wil- liams, D. Aquilino. COLLEGE HOIOR SOCIETY President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy D. Gondos Stephen Hatchett Mrs. Eloise Magaw Dr. Potter, EHzabeth Keene, Thomas Randolph Buck, Suzanne WiUiams, Donald Aquilino. The College Honor Society is a local group composed of Seniors who are elected to member- ship on the basis of their academic achievement. Those elected must also be outstanding in extra- curricular activities. The candidates are selected by members of the faculty. These elections are held three times a year; in the fall, early spring, and at commencement time. The fall election rep- resents the peak of achievement as requirements then are higher than at the other two times. The Society is now working to make itself applicable on an All-University basis. K. Kearns, H. Norris, L. Siracusa, Mr. CIcndenin, J. Christopherson, M. Baptist. OMICROI EPSIIOI PI President Secretary-Treasurer Advisors Kathryn Kearns Joanne Christopherson Mr. John Clendenin John McClellan, Richard Roth, Viola Farber, Mary Baptiste, Lawrence Siracusa, Kenneth Stunkel, Camilla ReznikofT, Herb Norris. Omicron Epsilon Pi, a local fraternity, is the campus outlet for the poetically inclined. The members submit poems before each meeting and receive copies of all others so that they can analyze them and critically discuss them at the monthly meeting. The fraternity is working to get a " poet ' s corner " in the Eagle and would also like to establish some sort of Quarterly so that the literary talent on campus will have a chance to be recognized. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Clendenin, this present poetry fraternity is a revival of a former chapter which published an annual collection of student poetry. V S. Albrecht, G. Glossbrenner. DELTA PHI llPHl President Secretary-Treasurer Guy Glossbrenner Sally Albrecht Delta Phi Alpha is a national honorary fra- ternity for students of the German language. It was affiliated in 1949 and is now an integral part of the German Club. The membership is re- stricted to those students who have taken at least two terms of the language and who have main ' tained a " B " average in the subject. The fra- ternity meets once a month at members ' homes, where they often hear lectures pertaining in some way to German culture. First Row: B. Phillips, M. Solan, A. Heinccke, O. Kelly, M. Ally, M. Park. Second Row: Dr. Knippling, Dr. Hatchett, G. Loughridgc, A. Zanner, E. Glenn, W. Han- son, P. Hiefman, M. Wood- ard, S. McCausland, R. Rosvoll. BETA BETA BETl Beta Beta Beta, the national honorary bio- logical fraternity which is represented here by the Alpha Upsilon Chapter, is open to all biology majors who have attained a high scholastic aver- age. Its purpose is to promote high scholarship and foster the advancement of biological and re- lated sciences. In an effort to stimulate interest in these fields, the chapter sponsors a series of six lectures which are open to the public. Bird walks, nature hikes, and similar activities are some of the interesting features provided. Alpha Upsilon has sponsored nine biennial Science Shows. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisors Richard Hale Olga Kelly Marjorie Sonneman Adele Heinecke Dr. Hatchett Dr. Knipling Maurice Woodard, Simon Balchun, Leo Van Herpe, Dr. Bowles, Stanley McCasuland, Dr. Weiss, Louise Jones, Maxine Park, Margaret Thye, Mona Ally, Robert Harrigan, Dorothy Ryan, Walter Hanson, Samuel Takahashi, Randi Rosvoll, Anthony Ciuca, Wellington Hung, Bar- bara Phillips, Ruth Canlui, Rose Embrier, Glenn Loughridgc, Albert Zanner, Eldridge Glenn, Betty Dawson, Paul Hiefman. First Row: G. Harvey, G. GloEsbrenner. Second Row: A. Peterson, F. Arrand, B. J. Shilt. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega had its origin m the col- lege Dramat, which was founded in 1927, and became affiliated with the national honorary dra- matic fraternity in 194 , as the Iota Phi Chapter. Membership in the fraternity is limited to stu- dents who have excelled n drama, either as actors or as technicians. This year the cast welcomed back Mrs. Patten as their advisor, and held an initiation for eight who " made the grade. " It is traditional for the group to reveal its talents ni the fall play, the annual musical comedy, and the spring Shakespearian play. After each of these productions, Alpha Psi sponsors a party for all those who have worked for a finished perform- President Secretary-Treasurer Advisor Guy Glossbrenner Virginia Harvey Mrs. Mary F. Patten Alice Peterson, Florence Pettipit, Betty Jane Shilt, Frances Arrand, Richard Miller, Joy New port, John Spielman. DEm mm RHO E. Bisland, L. Brooks. President Vice-President Secretary Lloyd Brooks Edward Bisland Suzanne Williams Delta Sigma Rho, the national honorary so- ciety for debate, selects its members on the basis of scholarship, debating ability, and participation in intercollegiate debates. The Debate Clubs of the separate divisions of the University are a testing ground for would-be debaters, in which they may prove their eligibility for the honor of election to Delta Sigma Rho. It is the policy of the fraternity to present public debates on ques- tions of international importance to further in- telligent discussion of subjects about which the University and the general public are concerned. SOPlll FRATERIITIES a ' President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor Elizabeth Kcene Margaret Graham Louise Jones EHzabeth Mehring Dean Dorothy D, Gondos First Row: P. Graham, B. Kcene, B. Mehring. ond Row: P. Jones, V. Roller, R. Shone. Sec- PAHHELIEIIC Panhcllenic Council is the local adminis- trative body of the National Panhellenic Asso ' ciation. Membership in the Association is re- stricted to those fraternities which have at least five chapers in institutions of collegiate rank. The Panhellenic Council is the cooperating or- ganization of women ' s fraternities, whose pur- pose is to maintain on a high level fraternity life and interfraternity relationships; to cooperate with the University in its program; to maintain high social and scholastic standards; and to be a forum for the discussion of questions of in- terest to the college and fraternity world. The Council holds bi-weekly meetings throughout the year. This year it revised the rushing rules and deferred next year ' s rushing period. The Council worked with the Interfraternity Coun- cil to make the Interfraternity Prom a success. President Secretary-Treasurer Robert Saunders F ' " ' Row: Dr. Edgar Bowles. Second Row: J. lerrv Wiesiins H.irdcll, R. Saunders, D. Poliquin, L. Siracusa. MTERFRATERIITY COIIICIL The Interfraternity Council, which is as- sociated with the National Interfraternity Coun- cil, is the cooperating organization of the men ' s fraternities. Its primary purpose is to stimulate harmony among the fraternities. The Council is composed of two representatives from each fra- ternity and a member of the faculty. Dr. Bowles, the faculty advisor, has done his job capably and impartially. The Council, in cooperation with the Panhellenic Council, plans and executes the Interfraternity Ball. These two organizations also jointly sponsor the annual Interfraternity Songfest in the spring when the various fraterni- ties vie for cups for the best singing performance. At this affair trophies are awarded to the out- standing fraternity man and woman of the year, as well as to the outstanding independent man and woman of the year. The Interfraternity Council also establishes rushing rules. t» »K ■J ); « «» •Ji« ■ ' ' lim PHI Nil President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Louise Jones Marilyn Engel UUman Gill Murray Kathryn Diggs GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER Phi Mu was founded in 1852 at Macon, Georgia, and is the second oldest fraternity for women in the country. We number 75 active chapters and many thousand alumnae. Gamma Delta Chapter was established at American Uni- versity in 19. 3 and is the oldest national fra- ternity on the campus. . . . Rushing opened, and we victoriously gathered in our wonderful pledges . . . Open house held to show-ofF our newly-decorated room . . . Gifts at Christmas from our Alums, Jinx and B.J. ... A flavor of Peking via Zoe and of Hawaii via Joy . . . Very proud of our seniors who made Who ' s Who . . . Not only an abundance of pins and crests, but those rings on third finger left — • Butch, Cookie, Ree, Marcia with two; and Lou, Betty, Dotty, and Betsy with one . . . Butch best- loved girl . . . Dinner dance at the Shoreham . . . The Carnation Ball . . . and, of course, our beach parties . . . All made it a wonderful year for the Mu ' s . . . Lucile Buice, Juanita Brown, Elizabeth Crist, Zof Clubb, Kathryn Diggs, Bonnie Edwards, Elizabeth Ernst Ruth Floyd, Jean Ford, Elizabeth Frazer, Joan Gelling Joyce Gilbert, Nell Broyhill Hardcll, Deanne Hayes Adele Heinecke, Jacqueline HofFecker, Louise Jones Bcttye Deforce Krider, Dorothy Lee, Marie Tyrce Morse Gill Murray, Ethel McEvoy, Joy Newport, Alice Peter sen, Violet Roller, Marilyn Engel Ullman, Marcia Ells worth Wingo, Maxine Yeager. DELTi GlMMl President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Elizabeth Mehring Eleanor Bartholomew Lynn Murtha Marilyn Ashley BETA m m CHAPTER Delta Gamma was founded at Oxford, Mis- sissippi, in 1873. Beta Epsilon Chapter was estab- lished at the College of Arts and Sciences in 19J6. The fraternity now has over 75 chapters in the United States and Canada. What a year!! . . . Everyone back early to help redecorate the room . . . Rushing with its excitement and last-minute nail-biting, as always, successful . . . We proudly displayed our new sisters at our Pledge Dance at the Lee House, continuing the party long after the orchestra left . . . Knick- nacks for the room, resulting from the Christ- mas Party, including a very interesting gift in a shoebox ... All hail the Queens— Anne King, Sweetheart of ATO; Tex Christ opherson, Sno- Ball Queen; Patty Jones, Phi Sig Moonlight Girl . . . Our barndance. The Hayseed Hop, " what a hoedown " . . . Pins, bars, and crests abounding ... All looking forward to the days of House- party and, Ah, the Nights! . . . Farewell to all our graduates . . . Dorothy Anselmo, Marilyn Ashley, Eleanor Bartholo- mew, Joanne Ohristopherson, Jeanne Dutcher, Marjorie Forbes, Anne Grennell, Virginia Hammond, Wanda Harmon, Mary Hendrickson, Barbara Hood, Barbara Humphreys, Patricia Jones, Anne King, Nancy Kirch Hildegarde Mann, Elizabeth Mehring, Patricia Miles, Lynn Murtha, Lorraine Noble, Ehiabeth Phenix, Helen Thompkins, Partee Weir. ILPHl m OMEGA President 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Eliwbeth Keene Margaret Smith Rose Shone EHsabeth Rich Heidi Blance Carolyn Hutchins BETA RHO CHAPTER Alpha Chi Omega was founded in 1885 at Depauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Beta Rho Chapter was established at CAS in 1937, and since then the pearl-encrusted lyre pin has become well-known on .the campus. . . . House-party at Bethany Beach, Delaware, with cries of, " Ouch, my sunburn! . . . Where am I going to sleep? . . . When ' s lunch? " . . . Win- ning 1950 Songfest concluded a good year . . . And this fall started off with an ' All-Greek Open House . . . Christmas brought a successful egg- nog party and the eagle trophy for the best table decoration at the Christmas dinner ... A spring formal and a picnic rounded off a great year . . . Graduation will claim five seniors; Sandy Hutchins, Betty Keene, Babs Rabner, Betty Rich, and Rose Shone . . . Betty Keene and Carolyn Hutchins in Cap and Gown . . . Marge Imlay — ■ the most representative sophomore girl . . . Rich, Keene, and Hutchins elected to Who ' s Who . . . Keene in College Honor Society . . . Heidi Blance, Francesca Bodycombe, Barbara Criswcll, Virginia Day, Jane Dunne, Claire Gredone, Mary Lou Hanson, Carolyn Hutchins, Dona Hutsler, Marjorie Imlay, Elizabeth Keene, Alice Kilejian, Jeannette Kuhlken, Beverly Moe, Maxine Parks, Barbara Milburn Rabner, Elizabeth Rich, Jean Sherwood, Rose Shone, Helen Silliman, Shirley Simmons, Ehiabeth Manny Simms, Margaret Thye Smith, Teresa Wohl. N I Mi i 1 -fli • l l KAPPl DELTA President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Margaret Graham Carol Harvey Virginia Harvey Carol Whitcraft BETA IOTA CHAPTER Kappa Delta was founded at Farmville, Virginia, in 1897, and was established at the American University in 1943. KD now has 78 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. As usual the Beta Iota Chapter has a wonderful year. We still remember: ... A grand houseparty at Scientist ' s Cliffs, Maryland ... A " room warming " for parents and friends to see our beautiful newly-decorated room . . . Two of our pledges chosen cheerleaders : Miriam Thompson, and Margie Porteous . . . And we will always remember: . . . Homecoming — a night of thrill for KD - — Duane Thompson chosen Homecoming Queen and our float taking first honors . . . Our Christ- mas party at the Hotel 2400 . . . Our Christmas slumber party in the dorm — exchanging gifts of toys, which were afterwards taken to a con- valescent hospital for children . . . Moonlight hayrides and gay picnics . . . And the extra special event . . . The White Rose Formal, as always a cherished memory to each of us . . . Jo Anne Anderson, Johanne Beppler, Beverly Boge, Elizabeth Bole, Elizabeth Elliot, EUzabcth Geiscr, Helen Gibbs, Elizabeth Gill, Margaret Graham, Carol Harvey, Virginia Harvey, Jimilu Mason, June Mosburg, Joanne Narehood, Suzanne Olson, Marjorie Porteous; Doris Radley, Lucille Saubcr, Patricia Shelby, Duana Thomp- son, Janis Thompson, Miriam Thompson, Joan Tucker, Joyce Weigel, Carol Whitcraft, Mary Williams. PHI mm KiPPi President Viee-President Secretary Treasurer Donald Aquilino Jerry Wiggins Elwood McGuire Louis Sangeorgio m m TRITON mnu Phi Sigma Kappa was founded March 15, 1873, at Massachusetts State College. Epsilon Triton Chaper was established, and in 1944 be- came the first national fraternity on the campus. Highlights of the year: . . . Houseparty at Coeopon Lake — couples under the pines — lots of moonlight-shedding of pins . . . Bill Patton and his " marble-make-up " . . . Eagle Bailey frightening the Nicklaw twins on the Homecoming float . . . Christmas dance with Eta . . . Lovely Patty Jones chosen " Moon- light Girl " at the annual Moonlight Girl dance . . . Carnation Ball at the Wardman Park with Maryland and George Washington chapters . . . We remember: . . . Party at the ' " Tumbling T-Bar Ranch " . . . purple cows on the ceiling . . . Adam and the fabulous guitar . . , TV set disappears . . . again . . . Greeting " notes " from our Uncle . . . convertible sans lit . . . Dr. Cornet and his crew of characters . . . Beards and books during exams . . . Mardi Gras and Florida afterwards . . . All in all . . . the best year ever . . . Donald Aquihno, Charles Bailey, Si Balchun, Lee Bark- lee, Richard Clifton, Luuis Cornet, David Coulter, David Doren, Guy Glossbrenner. Melvin Haley, Herman Hollander, F. Hartley Jepson, Charles Juergens Elwood McGuire, Roy Mullen, Jerry Nicklaw, Bill P.itten, Donald Poliquin, Dana Pond, Adam Pulaski, Charles Peters, Louis Sangiorgio, James Schnitzer, William Sherrick, Woodie Steverson. Samuel Tancredi, Richard Taylor, James Tompkins, Frederick Wather, Jerry Wig- gins, John Woods. l u f ILPHil Tin OMUi President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Robert Sanders Leo Van Herpe Arthur Morales John Kicrnan EPSILOI IOTA CHAPTER Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865 ' , Alpha Tau Omega is the largest and oldest national fraternity at A.U. Epsilon Iota Chapter was installed here in 194?, and this year there were over forty members. The three big social events in the life of an AU ATO are the Tau Tramp, Christmas Party, and Spring Formal. All were sparkling successes as usual. The annual Sweetheart of ATO, chosen at the Christmas Party, was Miss Anne King who proved to be a lovely one. And then there were parties and open houses and, of course the house party, to brighten the lives of ATOs. This year saw the addition of a portico to the front of the fraternity house. Some new furniture was acquired and old repaired. And that trophy case sure needed some new supports as ATO captured intramural trophies in swimming, track, and football. Del Barrows, James Bear, Georj e Bloomer, John Buss, Charles Chambers, Anthony Ciuca, Jay Cone, Harold Coppcrthite, Turner Dawson, Donald Dedrick, James Detwiler, John Doody, William Dickenson, Derrick Dyatt, Charles Fedor, William Faux, Walter Gallagher, George Geiser, Richard Gephart, William Graham, Phillip Heathcote, John Horstick, Leroy Ishman, Martin Kelly, Richard Kidwell, John Kiernan, Noel Kroncke, Michael Lieh, Arthur Morales, William Palmer, William Pridgen, Charles Saeger, Robert Saunders, Charles Schools, William Skinner, William Sherman, Harold Shoemaker, Jack Sloan, Roy Thomas, Ingo Thors, Leo Van Herpe, Ray Wailes. Sherwood Webster, Ralph Welker, Thomas Wells, Edward Wilber, Stacey Wil- liams. :■■ ' WAR ALPHA SIGMA PHI President Lawrence Siracusa Vice-President John Hardell, Jr. Secretaries Edward Bisland, Allen Barr Treasurer Stanley Branick BETA CHI CHAPTER Alpha Sigma Phi is a continuation of Alpha Kappa Pi, founded at Yale in 1845, and has about 85 chapters at present. In 1946, Alpha Kappa Pi merged with Alpha Sigma Phi to become the Alpha Sig of today. The Beta Chi Chapter was installed at the College in 1940 and has been active since that date. Scholastically, Alpha Sig has ranked first among all fraternities ever since it started as a local group in 1937. In the way of socials, the Hallowe ' en, Christmas, St. Patrick ' s Dance, and Spring Formal always head the bill; not to men- tion our numerous informal functions. Rushing this year was exceptionally good. Down through the years the foremost aim of Alpha Sigma Phi has been lasting fellowship. Seven of our men have already laid down their books to join the ranks in defense of mankind. We salute you, our Brothers, — " LEST ' WE FORGET. " Allen Barr, Edward Bisland, L. Stanley Branick, Thomas R. Buck, Meade Camp, Harry Cullis, Charles Davis, John DeLuca, James Ernst, James Ferguson, Winston Goodlow, Thomas Greenbankj Robert Ham- ilton, John Hardell, Arthur Hayes, Richard Holmes, Roy Hopgood, Joseph Jeffrey, Robert Jones, John Kendrick, William Kennedy, Louis Long, Hardie Meakin, Fred Mergner, Vincent Muron, Frances Mc- Cutchen. Barry Neavling, Earl Nordquist, John Otto,. Lewis Phillips, John Rockefeller, Alan Shute, Lawrence Siracusa, Oliver Smeltzer, John Spielman, David Tabor, Ivars Vilnis, Robert Wagner, Richard Witter, Frank Wright. ' - ' I . ' t Miss Duane Thompson Homecoming Queen Kappa Delta Mrs. Marilyn En gle Ullman Best loved 6 irl Phi Mu Miss Anne King Sweetheart of ATO Delta Gamma fjjjjhi -fJteSN M ss Patricia Jones Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl elta Gamma Miss Carol Whitcraft JApple Blossom Princess Kappa Delta MaanliflU Qiil and tMe G(u U J 9 %. A 2)( tck ScUul oA COACHES Qil Ha etti Staff Cassell is the distinguished-looking gentleman with a smile on his face who roams the confines of Leonard Student Center. He is more than a coach, he is a professor of Health and Physical Education. " Pop " graduated from AU in 19.i6. While attending school, he captained every AU varsity, was president of the Student Body, and president of the Varsity Club. In 1938, " Pop " was named to the position he now holds. Mr. CasselFs assistant is Hugo Schuhe, also an alumnus of AU. Besides coaching the fresh- men basketball squad, " Dutch " runs the men ' s intramural program. When he isn ' t doing either of these jobs he can be found repairing things, or taking or developing pictures. " Dutch " came to AU from Western High School. While there, " Dutch " was an all-round athlete. When he entered AU he continued to be a standout per- former. Bob Frailey is one of the new additions to the Athletic Department of the University, and is also a graduate of AU. Last year Bob took over the swimming team. His boys not only took the Mason-Dixon Championship, but also the Dis- trict of Columbia Intercollegiate crown. Bob was an outstanding performer on the Western High School football, basketball, and swimming teams. After graduation, Bob interrupted his education to serve in the Navy. In 1946 he entered AU. In 1949 a new sport was added to the varsity roster at AU — soccer. To coach this sport Gil Roberts was added to the staff of the Athletic Department. At Springfield College, he was named on the Ail-American Soccer Team for two years in a row. He managed to set the all time scoring record in soccer at the college by scoring 49 goals in three seasons. He was also named on the All New England Lacrosse team. First Row: Marjie Porteous. Second Row: Nancy Kirch, Mary Hcndrick- son, Butch Engle Ullman. Third Row: Miriam Thompson, Mary Lou Han- son, Janis Thompson. Not in picture: Joy Newport. CHEERLEADERS " Give me an E " is the familiar cry of our eight cheerleaders: six regulars and two subs. Only three of last year ' s regulars are back — Janice Thompson, Mary Hendrickson, and " Butch " Engle Ullman, captain for the third straight year. Tryouts were held in the first week of November with the men and women ' s Physical Education departments voting on the ap- licants. New cheers and motions were devised and new uniforms were bought. These uniforms are really something with their shocking red skivies and socks. The group cheers all home and Ulinc Arena games and holds pre-game rallies. SCHEDULE Opponent AU Quantico Marines 57 68 Towson Teachers 41 66 Catholic University 76 93 Penn State 66 63 Davis and Elkins 49 67 Georgetown University 65 62 Lynchburg College 62 89 LoyoIa of Baltimore 40 39 Hampton-Sydney 69 79 Washington College 62 69 Mt. St. Marys 61 64 Drexel 59 75 Navy 73 57 Catholic University 57 87 University of Virginia 54 69 University of Baltimore 61 90 Randolph Macon 50 49 Loyola of Baltimore 48 53 ♦Western Maryland 60 67 Penn State 73 54 Mt. St. Mary ' s 69 68 ♦Washington College 53 98 Roanoke College 69 68 ♦Lynchburg College 74 72 ♦Mason-Dixon Conference Games fm. THE EAGLES STAFFORD H. CASSELL Coach JACK L. WOODS Manager HERBERT " ZOMBIE ' SAUNDERS Trainer With the season over and press time at hand, the Eagle hoopsters have won 15 games and lost nine. In these 24 games the AU basketball squad has scored 1610 points. This averages to 70 points per game. The schedule is made up of 16 Mason Dixon Conference contests and 8 non-conference games. The first of the latter was played against a strong Quantico Marines squad. In this game the AU held the Marines ' scoring ace, Jack Nichols, to 19 points and won the game 68-57. Two weeks later AU got sweet re- venge on Davis- Elkins College, the only team to defeat AU on the Leonard floor more than once in the past three years, by winning 67-49. Three days later American University played Georgetown University at Uline Arena before the largest crowd to witness a Washington basketball doubleheader, and lost by 3 points, 62-65. The day after exams were over, the basketball team and most of the student body journeyed to Annapolis where the series with the Academy was renewed after an 18 year lapse. Navy won 73-57. One week later, the Eagles faced the Virginia Cavaliers and were victorious 69-54. AU did a fine job of defending the Mason-Dixon championship, win- ning it handily by defeating Mount St. Mary ' s, Western Maryland, and Johns Hopkins in the tournament. This automatically put the Eagles into the National Association Intercollegiate Basketball tournament at Kansas City. Missouri. Mascot of the American Uni- versity basketball team is Stafford Loveland, a five year-old victim of polio. Jhis Fa plt s fap h t from M adison. Wisco nsin where he is a patient at the Madi- son General Hospital. ' QQ 5 RAYMOND DALEY 9 CHARI ES BAER »r 15 ROBI.Kr JONES 3 HAROLD SPONSLER rSi 1 16 EDWARD MOFFATT F ■l r 4 RONALD GARSHAG C 11 SHERWOOD WEBSTER G 12 LEROY ISHMAN H. Schuize, D. Greenfield, S. Snedden, D. White, J. Cone, D. Wright, M. Brenneman J. Ellis. H nn The freshman coach has a hard job. It is his duty to develop some boys for next year ' s varsity. This is a job which coach, " Dutch " Schulze, has been doing very well. One of his boys from last year ' s team, Bob Jones, is doing very well on the varsity. This year " Dutch " seems to have several players who will make varsity timber next year. Most of the boys on the " frosh " team are over six feet tall. The height will be quite helpful in the years to come. At this time, these boys have proven their abihty to play good ball. To date the freshman squad has won 10 games. The Jay Vees were quite proud of themselves because they defeated George- town 57-54 for the first time in the history of the competition between the two schools. The boys won the Mason-Dixon Conference title last year — maybe they ' ll surprise us all by doing it again. First Row: C.Bailey, Bird, J. Patton, A. Shute, D. Coulter, D. Wheatley. Second Row: L. Courne;, J. Schwitzer, B. Faux, B. Roberts, C. Peters, B. Fraily. Not in Picture: W. Johnson. SWINMIM At the beginning of the school year when Bob Frailey was asked about his team, he would look at the questioner and begin to moan. He lost Captain John Briggs and several other fine swimmers from his 49-50 Mason Dixon Confer- ence championship team. This constant wail earned him the title of " American University ' s Frank Leahy. " Led by Charlie Peters, who is captain, and Chuck Bailey, the AU tank squad has yet to lose at the time of this writing. They have won three victories in dual meet competition. These successes came at the hands of Catholic University, Dickin- son College, and Davis-Elkins College. The AU tankmen have already bettered the Mason-Dixon Conference time for the 300 yard Medley relay this season. The old time was .3:22.1 — the AU time was 3:18.0. Last year the team won the Mason-Dixon Conference championship for the first time in history, after being runner-up for three straight years. Thus far this year it looks like they ' re aiming for the top again. Here ' s hoping they make it. muj ij vm . ' . ..w ' m First Row: R.Sastroamidjojo D. Dedrick, A.Kennedy, Cop- crthite, R. Haley, D. Aqui- line, J. Musemeci, S. Bran- iclc, N. Papadolis, S. Lwin. Second Row: L. Volin, T. Wells, R. Mullen, N. Re- nello, R. Edwards, I. Thors, B. Jepson, N. Kroncke, J. Rockerfeller, O. Henriquez, L. Barkley, W. Leisardo, G. Roberts. Rk! W SOCCER When practice began last fall, coach Gil Roberts had only a bare handful of veterans back from 1949 ' s initial squad plus many green — but willing — learners. Out of this group he molded a team which won two games while dropping five. The 1949 record was 0-6. The EAGLES went over to Baltimore for their first game and sur- prised Towson State Teachers College 3-2. The other victory came at the expense of Western Maryland College on the lower field as AU rolled up its highest score of the season, winning 5-1. Several of last year ' s men are back including Captain Don Aquilion, Bart Jepson, John Rocke- feller, and Stan Branick. The new men proved to be capable material and added much to the strength of the team. Next year AU ' s soccer team should better this year ' s record if the draft doesn ' t hit the team too hard. Sixteen men will return and among them will be seven of this season ' s starters. TRiCK The AU track team has no track on which to practice and hold meets. However, the Eagle runners manage to do all right by holding prac ' tice at neighboring Woodrow Wilson High School and. meets away from home. With this handicap American University ' s track team managed to win one meet out of three and to place several men in the Mason-Dixon Conference event. What the future holds for the 1951 season is not known as track practice hasn ' t begun yet. Varsity Member Bruce Holleman during a tense moment of a track meet. BISEBILL It is hoped that the 1951 American University baseball team will show improvement over that of 1950. At this writing it seems that this hope can become a reality since there is plenty of baseball talent around. Last year ' s edition of the AU dia- mond squad had their worst losing streak in many a year as they dropped their first ten games. They broke this streak in the second game of a doubleheader against the University of Balti- more, and won four of the next five games. TEillS The American University Tennis team was an unknown quantity in 1950, but things soon changed when the call for players came out. With a handful of returnees, new students, and Washington Semester students, a team was molded which did pretty well for itself. The competition included Mason-Dixon Conference teams as well as non-conference college teams on tour. Many of the latter were surprised when defeated by AU. It is hoped that the 1951 team will be as good as last year ' s squad. Sam Albert, intramural tennis champion and member of the varsity, warming up tor a match. GOLF 1951 should be the year for the American University golf team. At least it ought to be better than last season ' s lone vic- tory against four defeats, since the team will be com- posed of five lettermen from the 1950 squad. In addition there are many good prospects around school from which the sixth player can be drawn. It is too early to tell who will make the team, since the candidates have not had a chance to get out on the course to practice. The schedule has not yet been announced. MW IITRIMURALS For those who can ' t find the time to compete in varsity sports, AU maintains an intramural athletic program, consisting of touch football, basketball, swimming, golf, track, tennis, ping pong, badminton, bowling, Softball, foul shooting, " 21, " and volleyball. To date ATO has dominated all of the team sports. In individual events to date no one person holds a monopoly on the championship. Due to the fact that this volume was at press while the other sports were in progress it was impossible to report the results. The intramural basket- ball league was in full swing with 11 teams competing. Students and faculty members derive a great deal of enjoyment in com- peting in this program side by side. Every- one looks forward to the spring awards assembly when the intramural champion- ship awards are handed out. " Jt jLz First Row: D. Dedrick, B. Palmer, L. Ishman Second Row: J. Woods, R. Wails, R. Garshag, G. Geiser, C. Bear. HRSITl CLUB President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Donnie Dedrick Leroy Ishman Bill Palmer The main purpose ot this organisation is to promote good sportsmanship in ath- letics. However, the Varsity Club docs a lot more than that in serving the American University. For example, last year at the KickofF of the War Memorial Fund Drive the men from the " A " Club served as an honorguard for the march from President Douglass ' house to Clendenin Gymnasium, where the ceremonies were held. The mem- bers also helped the fund drive by donating and by soliciting other donations. At basket- ball games members of the organization serve as ticket takers, doormen, and ushers. Some help out in the men ' s Physical Education classes as instructors. Every year the Var- sity Club sponsors two events. The first is the " A " Club Dance done in conjunction with the women ' s " A " Club, and the sec- ond is the annual award banquet. Every varsity sport is represented in the organi- :;ation. All members are varsity lettermen of the University and at lea st Sophomores in academic standing. First Row: C. Peters, J. Gephart, W. Faux, D. Coulter. Second Row: L. Cournet, M. Ashley, P. Jones, C. Decker, N. Kirch, M. Hendrick- son, K. Diggs, C. Turnbull. Third Row: B. Frailcy, J. Patten, C. Bailey, A. Shute, W. Johnson. Aquiana is a co-ed club organized in the manner of an honary fraternity except that it has no Greek name. All those who wish to become members must pass the Red Cross swimming test, swim the distance of one mile and swim for speed, using any one three strokes before the officers. After these requirements have been fulfilled, the club votes on the applicants. Every year the group puts on the annual water ballet. Last year the production was entitled " War- unda of Bali, " and this year they will pro- duce " On the Town. " The script and choreography for the ballets are done by the members of Aquiana, though any one may try out. Front Row: M. Ashley, C. Whitcraft, C. Hutchins, S. Williams, P. Jones, P. Graham, Second Row: K. Diggs, M. Brown, J. Dunn, M. Ullman, G. Murray, B. Fraser. Third Row: Miss Wiggins, Miss Hawke, B. Keene, B. Boge, B. Criswell, E. Bartholomew, L. Noble. WOMO ' S T ' CLUB President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Suzanne Willian s Carolyn Hutchins Carol Whitcraft Wanda Harmon Advisors Miss Hawke, Miss Wiggins The " A " Club, the women ' s athletic associ- ation, is organized to stimulate interest in sports and to provide an opportunity for all girls to participate in recreational activities. The Club sponsors both extramural and intramural sports. Membership is limited to those players who have earned 350 points and their letter " A. " Subse- quent awards of the letter " U, " the white blazer, and a sterling eagle emblem are presented to deserving members. The varsity teams played successful seasons in their encounters with Trinity College, Georgetown, Visitation, Immaculata, Mount Vernon Seminary, Maryland, and George Washington Universities. Intramural sports fea- tured exciting seasons of basketball, swimming, bowling, Softball, tennis, table tennis, and bad- minton. The three main social events were the tea for new students, the picnic for the election of officers, and the banquet where presentation of awards was made. WOMEI ' S SPORTS There was a new women ' s sports department this year, headed by Miss Hawke and Miss Wig- gins who came to us from Wilson High School. They enthusiastically began the task of redoing the entire department, getting new equipment, reorganizing intramural sports; and they made an effort not only to teach the students, but also to become personally acquainted with them. Gym classes are required for the first three years and the rest of the woman ' s sports is classified as extra- curricular activities. The women ' s varsity basket- ball team has no league standing. It currently plans to meet teams from George Washington, Trinity, and Mt. Vernon Colleges. The swim- ming team was initiated this year and held the swimming meet in conjunction with the men ' s team. A " Basketball Play Day " is being planned which will be sponsored by the " A " Club and will include all the district schools. The archery team came out on top last year and hopes to have another successful season this spring. Hockey and tennis are both played on an extra-mural basis. There have been tournaments in table tennis, softball, bowling, badminton, and volley- ball. Most of the sports are also played on an inter- sorority basis with the sorority and inde- pendent teams vieing for the championship honors. " :rf-t5»i ' r " ?r t .iiS " y ' a» DIRGIITORY Siijfcjfi I College of Arts and Sciences Abraham. Geurge W.— ir.l7 Welister St.. N.W. Abraham.s. Mary Ruth— 5170 :i4th St., N.W. Adams. Abigal— 1725 34th St.. N.W. Albert. Barbara R.— Hqs. E.U.C.O.M., 7755 Dependents School Division, APO 403, P.M., N.Y. Albert, Samuel O.— 830 Crittenden St.. N.W. Albrecht, Sally B.— 5035 Glenbrook Rd.. N.W. Alemar. Pablo— 3448-D New Mexico Ave., N.W. Alexander, Nan— 2 Pond View. Great Neck, Long Island, N. Y. Ally, Mona S.— 372.H Harrison St.. N.W. Anderson, JoAnne R.— 6514 Lincoln Dr., Philadelphia 19, Pa. Anselmo. Dorothy A— 6611 16th St.. N.W. Arrand. Frances E.— 404 S. East St., Fenton, Mich Ashland, Roger D.— G600 Hillandale Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. Ashley, Marilyn M.— 1549 N. Falkland La., Silver Spring, Md. Altardi, Alfonse— 846 Gates Ave., Brooklyn 21, N. Y. Aquilino, Donald— 59-29 162 St., Flushing, N. Y. Avia, Joseph R.— 1045 Ferry St.. Easton, Pa. Baer, Charles N.— 237 High St., Tamaqua, Pa. Bailey, Charles E.— 74 Mt. Vernon Ave., Melrose, Mass. Bailey, James D.— 3701 Albemarle St., N.W. Balchun. Simon— 100 Susquehanna Ave., Shickshinny, Pa. Banning;. Anne E.— 3902 Jocelyn St., N.W. Bapfste, Mary— 58 Warner St.. Gloucester, Mass. Barkley. Lee Vern— 4115 5Ist St.. Bladensburg, Md. Barnett. Charles G.— G09 Walter Keed Dr., S. Arlington, Va. Earnett, Clarence FL— 3316 E. St., S.E. Barr. Frances— G08 Juniper La., Falls Church, Va. Bear, James E.— 3290 Worthington St., N.W. Beasley. Dalton J.— 137 Emerald Ave., West Cape May. N. J. Beasley, Martha J.— 32 Ingalls St., Fort Monroe. Va. Becker, Stephen W.— 35-12 213 St., liayside. N. Y. Bcngtsson. Marie-Louise— 2501 Que St.. N.W. Berding, Anne C— 3111 Foxhall Rd., N.W. Beppler, Laura— Marshallton, R. D. No. 2, Del. Billings. Harvey R.— 4626 Yuma St., N.W. Bird. Richard W.— 1632 P St., N.W. Bish, Samuel E.— 14 Hillcrest Dr., Fair Haven, Va. Blance. Ida May -5225 Connecticut Ave.. Washington. D. C. Bloomer, George B., Jr.— 4522 Walsh St., Chevy Chase, Md. Bodycombe, Francesca— 149-02 First Ave., Whitestone, N. Y. Bogc, Beverly Anne— 1158 24th Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Bole, Elizabeth S.— 2145 N. Pollard, Arlington. Va. Botkin. Rltha— 3524 Niniitz Rd., Kensington, Md. Bourgeois, Muriel A.— 39 Day St., Fall River, Mass. Branick, Louis S.— 7108 Plymouth Rd., Pikesville, Md. Brenneman. George V.. Jr.— 2817 28th St.. S.E. Brissette, Betty M.— 1434 Harvard St., N.W. Brooks, Lloyd O. — Suburban Hospital Resident Doctors Quarters. Bethseda, Md. Broumas, John Gus— 5507 Center St., Chevy Chase, Md. Brown, Juanita M.— 308 N. Edison St., Arlington, Va. Brown. Maryanna Ruth— 2308 41st St., N.W., Apt. A-1. Buck, Thomas R.— 2525 3rd St., N.E. Buice. Lucile— 4834 Butterworth PI., N.W. Butler, Robert V.— 4411 39th St., N.W. Cahill, Thomas M.— 2147 P St., N.W. Cahili. Louise M.— 2800 Foxhall Rd., Washington, D. C. Caillouet. Edgar J.— 728 Verret St., Houma, La. Carroll, John— 2406 N.E. 8th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Chambers, Charles E.— 214 Hewett Rd.. Wyncote, Pa. Christopherson, JoAnn— 4728 S. 29th St., Arlington, Va. Ciuca, Anthony E.— 3417-C New Mexico Ave., N.W. Cleland. Alexander John— 5700 Cedar Pky., Chevy Chase, Md. Clifton. Richard P.— 1016 16th St.. N.W. Clubb, Zoc— 1G35 Madison St., N.W. Coe. Evan G.— 901 S. Filmore St., Arlington, Va. Coffey. Phillip Max— 138 Webster St., N.E. Colon, Cossette— 2107 K St.. N.W. Cone, Jay— 1201 13th St., N.W. Conner, Robert N.— 2116 S. Kent St., Arlington, Va. Cooper, Virginia— 1411 S. Thomas St., Arlington, Va. Cornet. Louis A., Jr.— 1927 N. Capitol St., Washington. D. C. Cortvriendt. James— 1409 18th St., S.E. Coulter. David— 3324 Newark St.. N.W. Courson. John W.— 2712 Dawson Ave.. Silver Spring. Md. Craig. Harold C— 4203 Ninth St.. N.W. Cricher, Mary Jane— 5004 Klingle St., N.W. Crist, Elizabeth Kay— 1721 Evarts St., N.E. 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Kathryn Elma— 1B20 East West Hiiihway, S Detw Diggs. Sprinc, Md. Doggert. John R.-4I1 Cherry, Dew, Mary— 106 E. Bradley L Doyle. Edward C— 226 Circul Dunn. Jane E.— .5329 42nd St. Edwards. Ralph D., Jr.— P.O. Va. ., Chevy Chas-e. Md. r Ave.. Waterbury, Conn. N.W. lox 706, Na Baha Edwards. Bonnie W.— 13 Channing St.. N.E. Elder. Edward Reid— Hamilton House. Elliott. Betty Belle— 34 Ken. ' iinutm Pkwy., Kensington, Md. Ellis. Andrew J.— 400 Emerson St.. N.W. Engel. Marilyn Joan— Lawrence Brook Manor, New Bruns- wick, N. J. Enten. Paul- 171S 10th St.. N.W. Epstein. Margy— 204 W. Haven Blvd., Rocky Mount, N. C. Ernst. Betty Ruth— 1411 Locut Rd., N.W. Ernst. James Robert— .5412 Riverdale Rd.. Riverdale. Md. Essex. Donald— 640 t. Capitol St.. N.W. Everett. Richard— 2620 6th St., N.W. Pagan, Jack F.— 409 Indiana Ave.. Long Branch. N. J. Farber. Vinia Anna— 4530 Brandywine St.. N.W. Farmanfarmian. Ha ' ideh— Kakh Teheran, Iran. Faux. William- 600 E. Cameron St.. Shamokin. Pa. Ferguson. James W.— 3729 Northampton St.. N.W. Fincham. Betty Jean— 1316 Fenwick La., Silver Spring. Md. Floyd. Ruth C— 3854 Calvert St.. N.W. Forbes, Marjory Ann— 29-15 31st Ave.. Long Island City, N. Y. Ford. Jeanne C— 3112 63rd Ave., Cheverly. Md. Fcuquet. Bernard II.— 1623 28th St.. N.W. Fox. Ruth E.— R. D. No. 1. Middletown. Pa. Eraser. Elizabeth Ann— 143 Mason Ter., Brookline, Mass French. John (;.— 4300 54th PI.. Hyattsville. Md. Cair. Mary L.— 5334 5th St., N.W. Galloway. John W.— 1419 Girard St., N.W. Garshag. Ronald I.— 3416 10th PI., S.E. Geiser. Elizabeth A.— 3460-A New Mexico Ave. Gelling. Joan— 149 Temple Trailer Village, Al Gephart. John— 1S09 G St., N.W. Gerken. Margaret Charlotte— R.F.D. No. 4 N.W. ander, Va. 182. Va. Gibbs Helen Lois— 2229 N. Pollard St.. Arlington, Va. Gichner. Josephine— 3411 Quesada St.. N.W. Gilbert, Joyce — 7009 Arondale Rd.. Bethseda. Md. Gill. Betty— 9501 Columbia Blvd., Silver Spring, Md. Gipe, Richard Lee— 31 W. California St., Mercersburg, Pa Glossbrenner, Guy— 3836 Fulton St.. N.W. Goldman. Myrta— 2844 Albemarle St.. N.W. Goodloe. Winston— 3819 Legation St.. N.W. Graham. William -417 Van Buren St.. N.W. Graham. Margaret D.— 4621 43rd PI., N.W. Gredone. Claire G— 219 E. Spencer Ave., Wildwood, N. J. Greenbank. Thomas— Apt. 429. 520 20th St.. S. Arlington. Va Greenfield. Daniel— 4406 Belle Ave., Baltimore. Md. Grenell. Anne M.— 2207 E. 63rd St., Seattle, Wash. Gridley. Robert E.— 2941 Chesapeake St.. N.W. Grimes. James Billy— 2826 Que St.. S.E. Guay. Edward Andre— 50 Meadow. Bingham. Maine. Gustafson. John R.. Jr.— 323 N. Piedmont St., Arlington. Va Hadjeb-Bavallou. Parvin— 4106 Legation St., N.W. Haklitch. Joseph— 1112 E. Tilghman, AUentown, Pa. Haigh, Cynthia— Niantic. Conn. Hale. Richard S.— Main St.. Oxford. Mass. Haley. Melvin E.— 622 Locust St., Boonville, Mo. Hamilton, Robert— 405 E. Broad St., Falls Church, Va. Hand, William L.— 1304 Gibson PI.. Falls Church. Va. 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Harvey, Carol Jean— Apt. 201. 1441 Spring Rd., N.W. HarTey, Virginia — Brookeville, Md. Hayes, Arthur— 608 E. Leland St.. Chevy Chase, Md. Hays, DeAnne — 7815 Stratford Rd.. Bethesda. Md. Heinecke, Adelle— 5634 Georgia Ave., N.W. Heinz, Edna— 616 Sussex Rd., Baltimore, Md. Heller. Sigmund George— 866 West End Ave., New York. Heltzel. Robert T.— Davis, W. Va. Hendrickson, Mary E.— Short Hill Farm. Va. Henry, Robert— 1523 N. Stafford St., Arlington, Va. Hess, Oliver— 202 W. Leland St.. Chevy Chase, Md. Hicks, Thomas H.— 538 N. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, Md. Hines, Harriet— 3532 Albemarle St., N.W. Hirshman, Meivin— 5102 7th St., N.W. Holleman, R. Bruce —2316 Huidekoper PI., N.W. Holmes, Richard G.— 1410 Crittenden St.. N.W. Hopgood, Roy E.— 5173 Fulton St.. N.W. Horstick, John P.- 3460-B New Mexico Ave., N.W. Hutsler, Dona— 3049 M St., S.E. Humm. Amyrillis S.- -Chesterbrook Rd., Humphreys. Barbara — 46 Brewster Rd., Hung. Wellington— 1011 L St.. N.W. Hutchinson. Joyce— 2140 N. Brandywine S Hutchins, Carolyn— 3704 Alton PI., N.W. Imlay. Margaret Ann — 505 E. Mulberry St.. Lancaster, O. Ishman, Leroy — 51 Seaward Ave.. Bradford. Pa. Jeffries, LeRoy V.--3533 Dent PI., N.W. Jeffrey, Joseph— 4717 Lee Blvd.. Arlington, Va. Jenkins, Joan F.— 1451 Park Rd.. N.W. Jepson, Fred B.— 4018 N. 26th St.. Arlington. Va. Johnson. James C Jr.— 3531 39th St.. N.W. Johnson. Lloyd H.— 208 E. Melbourne Ave.. Silver Spring, Md. Johnston, Pauline Ness— 4202 B4th St., Decatur Heights, Hyattsville. Md. Jones, Dorothy L.— 1432 Mahantonqo St.. Pottsville. Pa. Jones, Patricia M.— 673 E. 18th St.. Brooklyn. N. Y. Jones, Robert W.— 306 Linden La., Media. Pa. Falls Church. Scarsdale, N. Arlington, Va. Joyner. Joseph O.— 30 Oakwood St.. Ashville. N. C. Juergens, Charles W.— 3918 2nd St., S.W. Kafig. George J.— 411 Oilmore Dr.. Silver Spring, Md. Kearns, Kathryn T.— 10 Lloyd Ave.. Latrobe. Pa. Keene. Betty Jane 5275 Loughboro Rd.. N.W. Kelly. Olga-Marta— 4333 48th St., Sunnyside, Long Island, N. Y. Kemmerling, Louise C— Pine Tree Rd., Feaster Villa, Pa. Kendrick. John H.— 3213 Massachusetts Ave., S.E. Kennedy, Alburn J.— 1348 Meridian PI., N.W. Kennedy, Billy D.— Fife. Va. Kiefman. Paul F.— Hopewell, Pa. Kilejian, Alice Ruth— 141 Chestnut St., Montclair, N. J. King, Anne M.— 2928 44th PI.. N.W. Kirsch, Nancy Wray— 3612 Provost Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Kline. Geraldine— 259 Center St.. Middelboro. Mass. Koon. Ronely O.— Brenton. Ala. Koury. John A.— 1911 Minnesota Ave.. S.E. Kroncke. Noel E.— 5922 Wilmett Rd.. Bethesda, Md. Lampiris, Helen Joan— 5710 3rd PI., N.W. Land. Thomas T.— 1437 Constitution Ave.. N.E. Landfleld. Mary Jane— 1329 Nelson Ave., Lakewood, O. Lazaroff, Irma M.— 1648 33rd St., N.W. Leavitt, Donald Lee— 15 Westwood Dr.. Westmoreland Hill. Lee, Dorothy May— 4520 48th St., N.W. Leon. Joan Marie- 132 Fox Blvd.. Massapequa, N. Y. Levy, Charlotte Joan— 1401 Iris St., N.W. Little, Sylvia W.— 301 Cumberland Ave.. Chevy Chase, Md. Long, Louis P.— 1615 Kenyon St.. N.W. Loughridge. Glenn H.— 520 Argyle Dr., Falls Church, Va. MacKenzie, Berta M.— 4431 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Mann. Hidegard I.— 25 Williams La.. Chevy Chase, Md. Marsh, Allan T.— 2200 R St.. N.E. Marsh, Constance R. — 2118 Adams Ave.. Scranton. Pa. Martinnelli, Marguerite Ann — 9407 Warren St., Silver Spring, Md. Mason, Jimiln— 5117 Chevy Chase Pkwy., Washington, D. C. Maurer, Leonard— 1440 Chapin St.. N.W. McCarthy. Michael— Cleveland. O. McComb. Kenneth W.— 322 W. 2nd St.. Waynesboro, Pa. McClellan, John H.— Box 766, Windsol Locks, Conn. R. MARS KENNAMETAL THE CONTRACT CO. WHOLESALE FURNITURE, CEMENTED CARBIDE RUGS, LINENS TOOLS 410 FIRST STREET, S.E. • Help the metal-working For information on hotv you or your and mining industries group can buy here, send your name increase the production of essential materials. and address to Mr. Weese at MARS Washington office. 410 First Street, S.E. KENNAMETAL, Inc. Washington 3, D. C. 1 10 S. Hanover St., Baltimore 1, Md. LATROBE, PA. 521 Fifth Ave., New York 17, New York 148 McCutchen. Francis W.— 2829 28th St.. N.W. McEvoy. Ethel— 6214 Georgia Ave., N.W. McGuire. Elwood J.— 7 Summer St.. Norwalk. Conn. McLaren. Frank E.— Ill Neptune Ave.. Neptune City. N. J. Mc.Mullan. Haywood C— 20G Nash. Herndon. Va. Meakin. Hardie F.. 11—104 N. Trenton St.. Arlington. Va. Mehring. Betty Jane— 8405 Cedar St., Silver Spring, Md. Metro. Barbara S.— 2416 Eads St., S. Arlington, Va. Meyer, Herman F.— West Point. Neb. Meyer. Sondra E.— 349 N. Glebe, Arl ington, Va. Miles, Patricia— 4429 Burlington PI., N.W. Miller, Rose J.— 6.S Erkenbrecker, Cincinnati, O. Miller, Richard K.— 208 W. Clifton Ter.. S.E. Modlin. Henry- 1613 Allison St.. N.W. Moe. Beverly Ann— 1208 N. Evergreen St.. Arlington. Va. Moffatt. Edward L.— 26 Interstate Pkwy.. Bradford. Pa. Montague. Henry C— 3409-F New Mexico Ave.. N.W. Morris, Hayden— Main St.. Poultney. Vt. Morse. Marie Tyree— 609 Elden St.. Herndon. Va. Mosburg. June E.— 5511 Nevada Ave., Washington, D. C. Mullen, Roy— N. Main Rd., Vineland, N. J. Munson. Betty Joanne— 954 Mulberry Ave.. Hagerstown. Md. Murdock. John R.— 1840 Biltmore St.. N. W. Murray, Laure.stine G.— 1728 C St., N.E. Musumeci, Joseph B.— 4110 Emery PI., N.W. Nagao, Doreen— 209 Mauna Loa St.. Hilo. Hawaii. Narehood. Joanne E.— 110 Mt. Joy Rd.. ClearHeld. Pa. Neavling, Barry E.— 75 Clinton Ave.. Ridgewood. N. J. Newport, Joy Rita— 2007 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W. Nibley, Reed S.— 5175 Watson St.. N.W. Nickas, Joanne M.- 5310 1st St., N.W. Nicklaw, William J.— 29 South St.. Malone. N.Y. Noble, Lorraine M.— 611 Main St.. Bennington, Vt. Nordquist, Earl E.— Box 140. R.D. No. 2. Toms River. N. J. O ' Brien, Robert A.— 5305 Sherrill Ave.. Chevy Chase. Md. Olson, Curtiss L.— R.F.D. No. 3. Herndon. Va. Olson. Susan S.— 34 Inman Ave.. Plainfield. N. J. Overall. Betty C— 303 E. Oxford Ave.. Alexandria. Va. Page. William H., Ill— 4965 Henry Hudson Pkwy., N. Y. Padgett, Doran W.— 2313 N. Edison St.. Arlington. Va. Paledes. Stephen- 5612 Chillum Heights Dr.. Hyattsville. Md. Palmer, William B.— 1495 Newton St.. N.W. Panciera. Marilyn E.— 97 S. Broad St.. Ashway. R. I. Park. Maxine Carol— 7815 Custer Rd.. Bethesda. Md. Parker. Charlotte J.— 3224 Prospect Ave., N.W. Parks. Robert H.— 1340 Sheridan St., N.W. Passalacqua, Luis A. — 1510 Trauieso St., Santurce, Puerto Rico. Patten. William F.— 2017 O St., N.W. Penso. Victor— 3201 Cummings La.. Chevy Chase. Md. Peppers. Charlotte Ann— 4680 S. 34th St., Arlington. Va. Perkins. Barbara Ann— 8152 Eastern Ave.. N.W. Perry, Clarita E.— 4245 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. Peterson. Alice A.— 3201 Commonwealth Ave.. Alexandria. Va. Peters. Albert F.— 2129 Florida Ave.. N.W. Peters. Charles M.. Jr.— Honolulu. Hawaii. Petrakis. John T.— 102 Clark House. Petralia. Mary H.— 5315 Baltimore Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. Phenix, Betty Ann— 4950 Brandywine St., N.W. Phillips, Barbara K.— 1308 N. Frederick St.. Arlington, Va. Phillips, Phillip— 6334 N. Clark St.. Chicago. 111. Piatt, Frances D.— 3411 Dent PI., N.W. Plumb, Robert Lee — 7203 Belwood, Washington, D. C. Poliquin. Donald A. — 2117 Dewitt Ave.. Mattoon. 111. Pond, Dana B.— 2722 24th St., N. Arlington. Va. Porteous. Marjorie E.— 9 Stearns St.. Westwood. Pridgen. William P.. Jr.— 351 Parkland PI.. S.E. Prohaska. William L.— 2220 Ave., St., S.E. Probey, Mary K.— 8517 Hazelwood Dr.. Bethesda. Md. Pulaski. Adam A.— 1820 Bank. Baltimore. Md. Rabner. Barbara Milburn— 3421-6 New Mexico Ave., N.W. Radley. Doris M.— 2501 Que St.. N.W. Raker, Vivian Ruth— 3633 Everett St., N.W. Ramirez. Laura R.— Cristine St. 29. Ponce, Puerto Rico. Raup, Omer B.— 5610 Wisconsin Ave.. Chevy Chase, Md. Rawlings. John F.— 1754 P St.. N.W. Reese. James C— 1318 45th PI., N.W. Revercomb. Roy L. — 19 Cedar Ave., McLean, Va. Reznikoff, Dorothy C— 235 Monterey Ave., Pelham, N. Y. Rich, Betty Jane— 5035 Lowell St.. N.W. Richardson. Jcanette C— 84 Juniper St.. Lockport. N. Y. Roberts, Byron P., Jr.— 1545 N. 17th St.. Arlington. Va. Over Fifty Years of Dependable Service GRIFFITH-CONSUMERS " We Make Your Home Comfortable " 1413 New York Avenue, N.W. ME. 4840 • COAL • FUEL OIL • OIL BURNERS • OIL BURNER SERVICE • HOME INSULATION • AIR CONDITIONING • CHAIN LINK FENCING • STORM WINDOWS with SCREENS BOYD SCHOOL OF COMMERCE Quickly Trains You — College Man and Women in Business Essentials PLACES YOf IN GOVERNMENT OR BUSINESS POSITIONS SALARIES FROM $2,500.00 TO $5,000.00 Your College Education is like a Diamond ... a thing of value throughout your life. It enables you to better appreciate the beautiful, and understand the practical. A BOYD Business Education is Different. It is Designed and Intended to QIICKLY TRAIN you to make prac- tical use of the cultural background you now possess. It organizes your knowledge and puts it to work for you . . . And you get to THE TOP FASTER. Courses: Business Administration. Accounting. 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Eugene I. — 4301 Atlantic Ave.. Wildwood. N. J. Russell. Winifred A.— 1021 Rockcrest PL. Rockville. Md. Rudolph. Shirley Louise— Garten Rd.. Bridgeton. N. J. Sanders. Florence R.— Germantown Rd.. No. 2, Md. Sanders. Robert E.— Germantown Rd., No. 2. Md. Sangiorgio. Louis— 179 Garretson Ave.. N. Y. Sastroamidjojo. Kama R. — Indonesian Embassy, Sauber. Lucille M.— 4612 Winpom PI., N.W. Saxton. Ray D.— 1322 46th PL. S.E. Scanlon. William B.— 2030 Hamlin St.. N.E. Schiff. Marvin— 9216 KingsburK Dr., Silver Spring, Md. Schreck. Albert E.— 115-14 179th St.. Albany. N. Y. Schot. Steven— 4116 N. Henderson Rd.. Arlington, Va. Schweitzer, Phyllis Ann— 814 Underwood St.. N.W. Selby. John G.— 902 Prospect Ave.. Takoma Park. Md. Shack. Roland V.— 141 S. Aberdeen St.. Arlington. Va. Shelby. Patricia M.— 6508 Bradley Blvd.. Chevy Chase. MiL Sherman. Gardiner M.— 3620 38th St., N.W. Sherrick, Arthur W.— 2315 40th PL. N.W. Sherwood. Jean Rhea— 4845 W St.. N.W. Shiflet. Esther May— 2818 Newton St., N.E. Shimabukuro. Kaoru— Box 136, Laupahoehoe, Hawaii. Shilt. Betty Jane— 1310 Dale Dr., Silver Spring. Md. Shone. Rose Lee— 3915 Kansas Ave.. N.W. Shute. Alan Henry— 2405 Ridge Road Dr.. Alexander. Va. Silberman. Tom A.— 39 Sherman Circle, N.W. Silliman. Helen E.— 6246 N. 18th St.. Arlington. Va. Simms. Elizabeth M.— 2612 Cliffboiirne PL. N.W. Simmons. Shirley Jean— 3705 S. 6th St., Arlington. Va. Simpson. Peggy A. — 901 Kennebec Ave., Takoma Park. Md. Siracusa, Lawrence S. — 5309 Ventnor Ave.. Ventnor City, N. ,1. Slater, Nadine Ann— 5204 Glenwood Rd., Bethesda, Md. Smeltzer. Oliver G.— R.D. No. 1, Lcechburg, Pa. Smith. Margaret T.— 5306 New Hampshire Ave.. N.W. Smith, Mary H.— 4611 Morgan Dr., Chevy Chase. Md. Smith. Walter C. Jr.— 5306 New Hampshire Ave.. N.W. Sneddon. Alex M.— 2041 Colonial Ave.. N. Y. Solan. Marjorie Ann— 5204 3rd St.. N.W. Solomon. Howard N.— 505 Wilson Ave.. Alexander. Va. Somekh, Nelly— 39 Jaymil Rd., New Rochelle. N. Y. Sondov. Herman— 116 Seaman Ave., N. Y. Spadaro, Dominic J.— 1225 Chillum Rd.. Chillum, Md. Spielman. John E.— 302 Frederick Rd., Hagerstown. Md. Spurlock, Eugene M, — 4204 46th St., N.W. Stalling. Suzanne Ruth— 3241 Klengle Rd., N.W. Staves. Marian Cole— 4623 Gladwyn Dr., Bethesda, Md. Stringfield, Barbara Louise— 4726 Albemarle St., N.W. Stunkel. Kenneth R.— 1636 U St., S.E. Sturgis. Donald Paul— 1030 Burns St.. S.E. Tabor. David K.— 6927 Clinton Rd.. Upper Darby. Pa. Tancredi. Samuel A.— 1908 N. Oakland St.. Arlington. Va. Taylor. Harry A.. Jr.— 2800 O St.. S.E. Thompson. Janis M.— 2 Midhurst Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. Thompson. Marcia Duane— 2 Midhurst Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. Thompson. Miriam M.— 2 Midhurst Rd.. Silver Spring, Md. Thors. Ingolfur— 3839 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W. Tiedemann. John G.— 1661 Lamont St., N.W. Tom. David— 19 W. Chesapeake Ave.. Townson. Md. Tompkins. James F.— 4627 N. 24th St.. Arlington. Va. Traten. Caryl L.— 7237 Georgia Ave.. N.W. Triplett. Harry E,— 2001 N. Upton St., Arlington, Va. Tucker. Joan M.— 3101 Worthington St.. N.W. Turnbull. ChrLstopher- 1313 Leesburg Pk.. Falls Church, Va. Turpin, Frank G.— R.D. No. 2. Cassopolis. Mich. ITram. Rhoda— 51 3rd Ave.. Kingston. Pa. Van Herpe. Leo B.— 5602 Roosevelt St.. Bethesda, Md. Veie Rosvoll. Randi— 26U Skansegata, Trondheim. Norway. Vereide. Abe. Jr.— 2324 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W. Vilnis. Ivars— 1400 New Hampshire Ave.. N.W. Wagner. Robert G.— 98 Devoe Ave.. Yonkers. N. Y. Wailes. Bartlett R.— 5418 McKinley St.. Bethesda, Md. General Electronics Electrical Appliances Radio Television Stiles and Service 4513 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. WASHINGTON 16, D. C. Ordway 8300 • RCA Admiral General Electric Hallecrafter RADIOS AND TELEVISION Hotpoittt Gibson Kelvinator General Electric REFRIGERATORS RANGES • Maytag Whirlpool Bendix Hotpoinf General Electric Westitighojise WASHING MACHINES Walker. Edward H.--121S Euclid St., N.W. Walker. Nancy Louise— 6S01 4.5th St., Chevy Chiise. I Warther, Frederick C— 2307 Cheveily Ave, Cheverly. 1 Waters. Joseph 8.-3601 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Weaver, Helen Marie— 1527 Park Rd.. N.W. Weber, Ronald P.— 1146 N. Vermont St., Arlington, V: Weigel. Joyce M.— 8316 Carey La., Silver Sprine, Md. Weintraub. Stephen P.— 6800 Piney Branch Rd.. N.W. Weir. Margaret Partee — 3718 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W. Welker. Ralph A.— 244 Vine St.. Elizabeth, N. J. Wells, Thomas L.— 490 Easley St.. Silver Spring. Md. Weltz, Wilma L.— 3026 Knox St.. S.E. Werth. William H.— 2403 Irving St., N.E. Wheatley. Richard N.— 9 E. Walnut St.. Alexandiia. Vm. Whitcraft, June C— 1704 Lawrence St.. N.E. White, Ernestine— 38 Que St.. N.W. White. Ralph David— 3728 Alton PI.. N.W. Wiggins. Jerry S.— 4267 S. S. ' ith St., Arlington. Va. Wilber. Edward B.— 4940 Wakefield Rd.. N.W. Willia ns. Luther W., Jr.— Box No. 54. Rose Hill. N. Willia ns. Mary C— 15 McDonald PI.. N.E. Willia us. Stacey Leon— R-1. Coates. N. C. Willia us. Suzanne E.— Valley Forue Manor. R.D. Phoenixville, Pa. Wine, Carol Rae— 1213 Trinidad Ave., N.E. Wingo Marcia E.— 3241-F New Mexico Ave.. N.W Wissle r. Charles— 3413-F New Mexico Ave., N.W. Witter Richard M.— 1211 Ver mont Ave.. N.W. Wohl, F. Teresa— 3107 Cleveland Ave.. N.W. Wolfe, Agnes F. — Johnston Memorial Ho.spital. Abingd Wong, Thomas L.— 1002 11th St.. N.W. Wooda rd, Maurice R.— 3808 V St.. S.E. Woods Jack L.— 3218 Wisconsin Ave.. N.W. Woods Esther E.— 26 Crittenden St., N.W. Woolf, Alan R.— 5001 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W. Wright. John P.- 1612 Quarles St.. N.E. Wright, Don--264 Jackson Ave., Bradford, Pa. Yater. Millicent B.— 4907 Indian La., N.W. Veager. Maxine M.— 1431 S St.. S.E. Zanner, Albert W.— 3200 Military Rd.. N.W. Zimmerli, Robert E.— 2914 12th St.. N.E. c c LINEN SERVICE, INC. Established 1900 • Wholesale Laundry and Linen Service At Your Service Phone Us: RE 2611 Fraternity Badges — Fraternity Jewelry Novelties — Favors — Stationery YOUR COLLEGE Medals — Cups — Trophies American University Class Rings DRUG STORE • • STEPHEN O. FORD, Mgr. L. G. BALFOUR CO. WESLEY HEIGHTS PHARMACY, Inc. Telephone: NAtional 1044 • 204 International Building 45 th Street Near Nebraska (Second Floor) Avenue, N.W. 1319 F Street, N.W. wo. 6200 WASHINGTON, D. C. School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Agrertck, Sharlene — Washington Semester — A.U. Alduk. Thomas— 2124 H St.. N.W. Alessandrini. Paul P.— 1614 P St.. N.W. Amotayakul. Youngswatt— 182. ' ) P St., N.W. Ancin. Edward— 2. ' il 7 Connecticut Ave., N.W. -Anderson. Haakon— 1 56 Northampton Dr.. Silver Spi- Armstead. Edward—Bli 54th St.. S.E. Aumiller. Roy— 2716 Kirkwood PI., Hyatl iville. Mi Aycox. James Henry— 99 65th St.. S.E. Baer. RoRer- 1923 N St.. N.W. Baker. Eusene Cooper— 2114 N St., N.W. Barr. Allen Wieler- KIO Whiltier PI.. N.W. Barrows. Del Robert— 4420 48th St.. N.W. Bartholomew. Elinor Jeanne- Mary Cray.lon II.ill Basl. Albert J.— 1830 G St.. N.W. Beall. Patricia Jean— 3400 Newark St.. N.W. Belcher. Brent IL— 3452 New Mexico Ave.. N.W. Bellas. Edward— 1S75 Mintwood PL. N.W.. Apt. 4? Benedict. Robert H.— 13 Hillyer Court, N.W. Berardo. Roland A. J.— 4256 Lily Pond Dr.. N.K. Bern.stein. Irvin— 61 M St.. S.W. Bisland. Edward— Hamilton House Blayton. Gwendolyn —17 Quincy PI.. N.W. Blevins. James— 3409 Webster St., Brentwood, M.l. Boss. John— Clark House Boswell. Harold— 1443 Sprine Rd., N.W. Bowman. Laurie — Roper House (Wash. Sem. I Brainerd. Murrell Warren— 6622 Wells Pky.. Riverd Brook. Everett Ray— 1321 Fairmont St.. N.W. Brown. Lawrence J.— 2647 S. Nash. ArlinHton. Va. Bruskin. Frank— 4231 S. 35th St.. Arlington. Va. BufTalano, Jack Richard — Huphes House Butler. Dorothy Jean— 222 W St.. N.W. Butler. Douglas Howard— 935 Bonifant St.. Silver .Spi Camp. Meade — Campus easier. Elizabeth —Roper House (haney. Jerry Dane— 2107 31st St.. S.E. Cherner. Harvey— 7935 Orchid St.. N.W. Chidel. Harvey— 1 (lark. Robert E. Clayton. Ralph V Connor. Henry F 111 Hamilton St.. N.W. Jr. — WashinKton Semester, ■rnon— 716 68th St.. N.E. ederick— 1003 N. Hampshire Ave., N.W. Cook. John ((uentin — Roper House Cooksey. V. Montez— 34 Longfellow St.. N.E. Copperthite. Harry S.— 5614 McKinley St.. Bethesda, Moses— 1513 Lonafello St.. Md. Crowell. Raymond L.— 3825 Milan Dr.. Alexandria Cullis. Harry White— Hamilton House. Curtis. John James -1736 Riees PI.. N.W. Dalgleish. James B.— 3261 Queenstown Dr., Ml. Uain Davis. Charles H.— 2712 10th St.. N.E. Davis. Marshall Kent— Hamilton House. Dedrick. Donald E.— 6615 Western Ave.. N.W. De Golyer. Norman T., Jr.— 6401 14th St.. N.W. De Mott. Alfred S.. Jr.— 1738 R St.. N.W. Despres. H. Philllp-200 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W. Devakul. Patara Tridos— 1868 Columbia Rd.. N.W. Di Battista. Thomas Nicholas— 2716 27th St.. N.W. Dickenson. William E.— 1843 Irvins St.. N.W. Diegel. Walter— 2535 N. Jefferson St.. Arlington. Dinkins. Edward- 2900 Connecticut Ave.. N.W. Di Toto. Anthony Joseph— 3207 Alabama Ave., S.E. Dix. Albert Kmmett Roper Dobbins. Alvin 7!ll» 13th St.. N.W. Doddy. John R.— Hamilton House. Draper. Cec ' .l Norman— 112 Baggett St.. Alexandri: Deinham. Franklin Dutcher. Jeanne Kemp— Mary Graydon Hall. Dyatt. Charles Derrick— Hamilton House. Ehrhard. Joseph J.— 6104 13th St.. N.W. Ellis. William B.--3020 Dent PI.. N.W. Erickson. Betty Maud— 1822 Park Rd.. N.W. Fa?an. Homer Monte— 5360 Middleton La. Feder. Charles Alan —4349 Verplanck PI.. N.W. Fischer, Dianne Camille— Roper House. Forsythe, M ' illiam Elmore— 2955 Nelson PI.. S.E. RICHER FLAVOR PAPER Plus • For sheer enjoyment — plus extra nu- Fine Printing Papers tritional benefits — depend on milk like • Sealtest Vitamin " D " Homogenized Milk. 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Va Hamilton, Robert Bruce— 1821 37th St., N.W. Hampton, David Maurice— Rt. 1, Bo.x 608. Annanil; Hardy, Sadie Dennis— 403 Rock Creek Church Rd. Hare, Howard Page— 3909 Old Dominion Blvd.. Ale.xan Harmon. Wanda L.— 1752 Park Rd.. N.W. Harrison. Lewis Hauron— 1620 Fuller St.. N.W. Haskin. James Hasal. Milan George— 2053 Park Rd., N.W. Heathcote. Phillips S.— ATO House. Heissner, Forrest Carter— Apt. 549, 2146 Eads Arlington, Va. St., Ill Himes Hoke, Hollan Holm, Holme Hood, Hopkii Hunte Imru, Tgton. Va. . Robert Stanley— 318 Missouri Ave.. N.W. Ruth S.— 8209 Custer Rd.. Bethesda. Md. ider. Herman C— 2339 18th St.. N.W. Phillip Howard— 2013 Massachusetts Ave.. N.W. s. Raymond M.— 7207 Forest Rd.. Hyattsville. 1 Barbara Ann— 16th L St. ns, Russell F. — Accokeep. Md. ■, Eugene Ray— 3417-D New Mexico Ave., N.W. Judith— 2134 Kalarama Rd.. N.W. Ruth— 2134 Kalarama Rd., N.W. s, William Becker— 6645 Georgia Ave.. N.W. Johnston. Douglas Thomas— 3612 S St.. N.W. Jones, Willie Mac— 419 U St., N.W. KalkofTen, Foster E., Jr.— 2140 S. Eads St., Apt. 555. Ar- lington. Va. Kay. David Henderson— :61 K St.. N.E. Keesee. Curtis Gordon. Jr.— 814 Massachusetts Ave.. N.E. Kelly. John Martin, Jr.— Flint House. Key. Jacob Brien — Roper House. Kiernan. John Joseph— 3452-D New Me. ' iico Ave., N.W. King. Cyril E.— 17.-.7 T St.. N.W. Kipps. Clarence Turner. Jr.— 526 N. Thomas St., Ar- lington, Va. Kirby. Lucretia Hope — Roper House. Kirchner, Patricia Jean— Roper House. Kirshbaum. Sol— 614 Park Rd.. N.W. Kitzmiller. Howard I awrence — Roper House. Kuhlken. Jeanette Harriet— MGH. Kutzik. Ernest R.— Roper House. Kyle. Roger Lee— Hughes House. Lallos. Charles Peter— 1733 20th St., N.W. Lampe, Henry O.— Clarke House. Leavitt. Howard J.— 1426 21st St., N.W. Lee. Fay— 1908 Pennsylvania Ave.. N.W. Leinbach. Martha Ruth— 3614 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Lefebure. George Raymond — Hamilton House. Lennon. Charles Patrick— 1412 Shepherd St.. N.W. LilienHeld. William— 2026 F. St.. N.W. Lindemann. Paul Anthony— 209 Arlington Village. Loflin. Walter Walker, Jr.— 1110 S. Scatt St.. Arlington. Va. Lovin. John Witty— Roper House. Lumer. Wilfred— 1403 Moffett Rd.. Silver Spring. Md. Lwin. San-S201 Tilbury St.. Bethesda. Md. MacDonald. John— 5000 78th Ave., Lanham Hille, Hyatts- ville. Md. Malcolmson. William Lacy— Clark House. Marino. Charles Mark— 2100 Hotel. 2100 Connecticut Ave. MarinolT, Allan- 4705 Kansas Ave., N.W. Martin, Oscar I ' .— 1906 Calvert St.. N.W. Maxwell. James Armstrong — 924 Manor Rd., Alexandria, Va. McBride, Ronald Giles— 2000 Fordham St.. Hyattsville, Md. McManaway. James (;.— 5505 Center St.. Chevy Chase, Md. MACOMB ROOM Complete Kestaurant Facilities to Please the Most Exacting Gourmet ZEBRA ROOM Softly Lit Cocktail Lounge — Melodious Background Music 3 2 3 8 Wisconsin Avenue at Macomb Street • Truly a Finer After Dinner and Theatre Spot Come and Visit HELEN O ' HARA SHOPPING SERVICE 765 OLD GEORGETOWN ROAD Bethesda 14, Mc!. OL 3 3 34 Plenty of Free Parking Courtesy Discount Given to All University Students Cameras Furniture Jetvelry Phonographs Television Watches Hours: 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. Tuesday and Friday Until 9 P. M. EISINGER Mill Lumber Company and Builders Supply Co. For Your Building Materials in Bethesda OL 3600 WI 6300 Mcrgner. Fred Carl 326fi Aberfoyle PI.. N.W. Merritt, William R.— 1434 Duncan St.. N.E. Miller, (ieoree Maylom— 5121 Benninpr Rd., S.E. Miller, Jsoephine Mary— 2112 F St., N.W. Moore. Vernon Peary— 1828 Irving St., N.W. Moore, Warren C— 2637 Nicholson St., Hyatt-wille, Md. Morales, Arthur James— Flint House. Moran, William T,— 1423 Chai in St., N.W. Morrison, Edwin R.— 800 Emerson St., N.W. Muron. Vincent— 827 Railroad St., Sprinndale. Mil. Murtha, Jacqueline— MGH. Myhre. Martin James McAethur, James R.— 1000 N. Hampshire Ave. Negri, Charles Arthur— 1917 C St., N.E. Neville. Lewis J.— 1804 Abinudim Dr., Ale. andria, Va, Norton. Donald Irvin O ' Connell, Edward O ' Hara, James Edwin— .5. ' ;7 Lebaum St., S.E. Olson, Charles D.— 872 N. Harrison St.. Arlington. Va. Orser, James Alexander— 125 Southampton Dr.. Silver Spring, Md. Otto. John P,— 2705 13th St., S. Arlington, Va. Pace. Joseph Gregory- 433 Lee Ave.. Mana.ssas. Va. Palfrey, Raymond Bell- 1744 D St., S.E. Pearson, Walter Kennaiel— 907 Bashford La.. Alexandria. Va. Pcttus. John G.— 2022 G St., N.W. Peyton. James Dean— 302 Florida Ave.. N.W. Phillips, William Jessup— Clark House. Pierce, Frederic Joseph— 1125 S. 15th St., ArlinKton, Va. no Allen— 1143 N. Hampshire Ave., N.W. Calvin— 3413-D New Mexico Ave., N.W. Scher. Stanley Schnitzer, Jam Schuyler, And. Schwartz, .Mur Seline, Casper Sha Prati. Emn Prior, Curt Quighey, Grace Raulin, Frederick Will Reinhold, J One Sherman Circle. Packard, Jr.- 6302 Beechwood Dr Cha Md. Richards, John Gordon— 222 Channing St.. N.E. Robinson, James S. P.— 307 S St., N.E. Roche. Raymond Joseph, Jr. — 1201 Kensington St.. .A Arlington, Va. Rockefeller. John. Jr.— 3130 Wisconsin Ave.. N.W. Rosenthal. Jerry— 410 Nicholson St., N.W. Rossen. Barron David— 1408 Massachusetts Ave. N.W. Rothenstreich. Moemi— MGH. Sawczyn. Frederic Schaus, Charles Joseph— 2731 31st PI.. N.W. Ivan— 4413 37th St.. Brentwood, M ts J.— 4738 N. 24th Rd.. Arlington ew Judson— 2934 Newark St.. N.W ■ay— 311 Rittenhouse St., N.W. R.— 6300 Walhonding Rd. Maynard Burton— 2331 15th St., N.W. Shipp. William Volner. Jr.— Hughes House. Shoemaker. Harold Wilson— Hamilton House. Shoemaker. Leonard Rittenhouse— 3100 Connectic N.W. Short, William— 1003 N. Hampshire Ave.. N.W. Skinner, Robert G. Sloan, Jack F.— 1445 Ogden St. Smith. Bernard J.— 1426 21st St.. N.W. Smith, Bob R.— 2105 N. Taft St.. Arlington. Va. Stevenson, Woodrow W. — Apt. 713. Idaho Terrai Idaho Cathedral Aves., N.W. Stovall. William Gilbert— 4115 Wisconsin Ave., N Summerfield, Carol Lou— MGH. Taylor, Richard Nelson— 4627 Kenmore Dr. Teri. Gino R.— 1145 22nd St., N.W. Testoff. Arthur Thomas, Roy Everett— 4119 Nebraska Ave. Thompson. John Manley— Vienna, Va. Trantow. Frederick Keith— 4625 Van Ness St. N. Trefz. Eleanor Ruth- Roper House. i;tsumi. Yoichi— 1825 R St., N.W. lyehara, Mitsuo Venafra, Louis— 5823 14th St.. N.W. Volin. Larry— 7700 Blair Rd.. N.W. Wang, Chuck Watrous, Edgar C— 1819 F St.. N.W. Webster, Sherwood Eraser— 1847 Plymouth St., N. Weil. William L. Wills, Chestley, Westerstrom, Leonard William— 1743 Connecticut A Wilder, Bernard— Hamilton House. Wilson. Gerald D.— 3545 S. Utah St.. Arlington, Winn. Eleanor Waters— MGH. Witczak, Stanley Thomas— 1616 Eastern Ave.. Baltii Witherell. William B.— The Mayflower. Apt. 253. Yarborough. Betty F.— 5707 Wingate Dr., Bethesda. Yeilding. Neuman Manley, Jr. — Roper House. Zaso. Thomas Russell— 1125 Maryland Ave., N.E. Zwicky. Marlin Irwin PATRONS Casual Corner, 3413 Connecticut Ave. N.W. Mr. William Connolly Mr. and Mrs. A. Lane Cricher Mr. and Mrs. J. Thurman Diggs Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Ernst Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gill Mr. and Mrs. John Tuenis Compliments of a Friend g FAMOUS DRIVE- IN RESTAUR NT5 V CA PUH PllRLlHHUSli YEARBOOK SPECIALISTS • THE GOLD STANDARD LEAGUE • MASTERTONE CAMPUS PUBLISHING WALNUI SIHEEI, PHILADELPHIA

Suggestions in the American University - Talon / Aucola Yearbook (Washington, DC) collection:

American University - Talon / Aucola Yearbook (Washington, DC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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