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The American University Library WASHINGTON, D. C. Tlll ] COLLEGE (IF ARTS l ll SCIENCES Ml) THE SI ' lllllll. OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Al PUBLIC 111 WIN OF THE IMIWU UNIVERSITY PROUDLY PRESENT THEIR FEATURE ATTRACTION THE AUCOLA OF o. p.o .o o o. a D FOREWORD We have come to the realization Shakespeare reached when he said: " All the world ' s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. " COLLEGE LIFE IS INDEED ONE OF THESE " SEVEN AGES " . . . AND IN OUR HUMBLE WAY WE HAVE TRIED TO PRESENT THE COLLEGE " ACT " IN AS INTERESTING AND ENJOYABLE A MANNER AS POSSIBLE. IF AT ANY FUTURE DATE ONE ALUMNUS SHOULD PICK UP A COPY OF THE 1949 AUCOLA, AND WHILE GLANC- ING THROUGH ITS PAGES HAVE A PLEASING AND REMINISCENT THOUGHT . . . THEN ALL OUR WORK AND EFFORT WILL HAVE BEEN WORTHWHILE. 1 — V , . . .. • ' ' ' . " DEDICATION BOTH STAR PERFORMERS, ON THE STAGE AT THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY, DR SHENTON AND DR. BAILEY HAVE COMMANDED THE RESPECT AND ADMIRATION OF THE STUDENT DR. WALTER F. SHENTON Six L ommanu erf-t ormance AND FACULTY AUDIENCE. IT IS TO THESE TWO " OLD TROOPERS " THAT THE STAFF OF Hit 1 AUCOLA RESPECTFULLY DEDICATES THIS BOOK. DR. NATHAN A. BAILEY „ V The Class of 1949 began its course immediately following a world conflict. It emerges now into a world struggling for peace. It has had the opportunity to watch and take part in this effort. Your experiences should make you conscrous of your obligations, not only to yourself, but to your fellow citizens throughout the world. The American University expects of you the leadership which is neces- sary to make our nation discharge its high purpose in this world order and may you carry forth the pioneer spirit of a " 49er " in the efforts being made to establish a peaceful world community. PAUL F. DOUGLASS, President Eight DEANS A yearbook is a permanent reminder of " college days " and everything connected with those four years in higher learning. Its value increases as the years go by. May these words and pictures serve to sharpen your memories of days past and also challenge you to achieve your purpose in life in the present and the future. EVELYN SKILLINGTON Deon of Women The class of 1949 graduates from col- lege in a year of stupendous uncertainty, it is our hope that the future belongs not to the rigid absolutes of authoritarianism but to democracy, to a growing, dynamic faith which is perpetually evolving adjust- ment between individual rights and the de- mands of society. Democracy is not a finished product; we are building it by es- tablishing the worth and dignity of indi- viduals motivated by the developing idea of freedom. Make your contribution daily, for it is only free men who dare to think and thus keep their souls alive. JOHN E. BENTLEY Dean, College of Arfs and Sciences Ten Uhe Jorch d5e eurerd May these pages inspire you to keep faith with your University in years to come, and may you regard their contents as a landmark in your life. The goal of all underclassmen should be the unification of The American University into a great institution. ERNST POSNER Director of the School of Social Sciences and Public Affairs. You will always remember this teeming block between 19th and 20th Streets on F. Happy times, moments of contempla- tion and of dedication, flashes of insight, realizations of the power of knowledge and the trained mind — these you have ex- perienced. The faculty you leave behind thanks you for renewed faith in the eter- nal potentialities of youth and the future ... A good commencement! AUSTIN VAN DER SLICE Dean of the Undergraduate Division Farewell and best wishes to the Class of ' 49. You couldn ' t want a more interest- ing, exciting, and demanding world in which to try your hand. There is much to be gotten from it, and a wonderful chance to add your own particular contribution to human destiny. PITMAN B. POTTER Dean of the Graduate Division. ADMINISTRATION It takes a lot to make a university a working organization. Without an administration no university could continue. Without the A. U. administration this school could not operate. Their func- tions are varied — admission, bursar, registrar, infirmary, cafeteria — and on and on. Their jobs hold no glamour — just difficult detailed work that enables the school to function as a working unit. We the students of A, U. owe a lot to these hard workers as we realize that they are dealing with thousands of people and try- ing to do so in as competent a manner as possible. They attempt to take each person ' s case up individually and give it careful con- sideration. They are the key to both the CAS and the SSSPA, for without them there could be no such things We sincerely thank them for what they have done in the past and we shall strive to help them in the big job that they have in the future. First Row: Mrs. Fox, Miss Maiden, Mrs. Sargent, Miss Erlund, Mrs. Elliot, Mrs. Huey, Miss Elam. Second Row: Mrs. Faundrich, Mrs Ross, Mrs. Thomas, Miss Allison, Mrs. Green, Mrs Sadler. Third Row: Miss Scrimsshaw, Mrs. Cheatham, Mrs. Kerr, Mrs. Neenon, Mrs. Dobihal, Miss Hopson, Mrs. Dovison. Fourth Row: Mr. Zickefoose, Mr. Rice, Mr. Farquhorson, Dr. Weitzman. f o ZJlme for scorned y Alice Pagan and Doris Murphy talk over things in the Undergraduate Dean ' s office. Mrs. Roberts, Secretary of the SSSPA, pauses from her work in Dr. Posner ' s office. Messrs. Rabbitt and Byham looking over important papers in the Admissions office. Mrs. Smith standing by at the central loca- tion of SSSPA. The busy Registrar ' s office ... no end to the work to be done. mi ft iA, ;. iiiVSg ;=•■ FACULTY Aua.qm.enl o au - ■ -.-:- " :V. ;.., " . v%. ' i-J; ;;; ' •...:..i .--.V-.. ;i ,f--,. ' -- - v " :SrIi.I.- ■ = ELTON ATWATER 3 A., Rochester; MA, Ph D , American Associate Professor of International Relations NATHAN A. BAILEY B.S.S., City College M A , Ph D , Columbia Assistant Professor of Economics SARAH BAKER Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Academie Montparnasse; Phillips Memorial Gallery Instructor in Art BENSON S. ALLEMAN BA, Roanoke; MA, Virginia Assistant Professor of English LETHA K. ANDERVONT B A, Mount Union Instructor in Biology ANITA A. AYALA I A , New Mexico; M A , Mexico Instructor in Spanish MERRITT C. BATCHELDER BA, Hillsdale; MA, Columbia Ph.D. Professor of I I DALBIR BINDRA BA., Punjab; MA, PhD, Harvard Assistant Professor of Psychology EDGAR 0. BOWLES PhD, Johns Hopkins Assistant Professor of Geology % w - — 5 i - i DAVID J. BRANDENBURG 3S., Bowdoin; AM, Columbia Instructor in History WALTER A. BRANFORD A.B., Washington; MA., Duke Assistant Professor of English GORDON D. BRIGHAM BA, Kansas; MA, Western Reserve Assistant Professor of Speech DONALD P. BROWN BA, MA, Northwestern Assistant Professor of Government ROBERT M. BROWNELL BS, MS, PhD, Chicago Assistant Professor of CI SAMUEL E. BURR, JR. Litf B., Rutgers; MA, Wisconsin MA, Teachers ' College, Columbia Ed D., Cincinnati Professor of Education STAFFORD H. CASSELL B A , American; B S , M S., Pennsylvania State Professor of Health and Physical Education Eighteen CHARLES M. CLARK BA, MA, PhD., Cornell Associate Professor of English THOMAS J. COBBE B A., M A , Cincinnati Assistant Professor of Biology ▲it i . ■ ' H. B. CRAWFORD A.B., Hillsdale Graduate School, Michigan Assistant Professor of English and Journalism ROBERT R. COONS B A, Simmons; M.A., Texas; Ph D., Iowa State Assistant Professor of Chemistry GORDON E. COWAN B A, M.A., American Instructor in Psychology HAROLD E. DAVIS BA, Hiram; MA, Chicago Ph D., Western Reserve Professor of History ■ m DONALD DERBY A.B, Bowdom; AM, PhD., Harvard Assistant Professor of History ROBERT S. ECCLES B A , College of Puget Sound M A , Northwestern; B D , Garrett Biblical Institute, PhD., Yale Assistant Professor of Religion DAVID K. ELLIS B A., Cardiff Instructor in English HAZEL H. FEAGANS I A , BE, George Washington MA., American University Registrar JOHN G. FRANK PhD, Michigan; PhD., Munich Professor of German JOHN GALLOWAY B A , American Instructor in Fine Arts ARNOLD W. GREEN A.B., Clark; MA, Pennsylvania Ph D., Pennsylvania State Assistant Professor of Sociology DOROTHY D. GONDOS I.A., Kansas; MA, Western Reserve Assistant Professor of History Twenty • ELLA F. HARLLEE AB, American; MA, Columbia Instructor in Speech BARBARA C. HALL BS, Sargent, MA, Mount Holyoke Assistant Professor of Physical Education ROY H. HALQUIST LL.B, LL M , Notional University C P A , State of Tennessee Assistant Professor of Accounting L. M. HOMBERGER Ph.D., Wurtzburg Professor of Transportation LOUIS WOOD HUNT B Ch E , Michigan; MA, PhD, Western Reserve Associate Professor of Chemistry STEPHEN P. HATCHETT SA., American; MA, PhD, Michigan Associate Professor of Biology Twenty-one KENNETH H. HUNTER BA., Idaho; MBA, Oregon Ph D., American Professor of Economics GLADYS V. JORGENSON B A., MA, Wisconsin R N, Henry Ford Hospital School of Nursing and Hygiene Assistant Professor of Nursing Educotion ANDREW KECK BA., Williams; MA, ME A., Princeton Associate Professor of Art PIETRO LAZZARI Artist, Ornamental School of Rome Instructor in Art THEODORE H. LEVIN B A„ M A., Brooklyn Professor of Economics WILLETT KEMPTON B A , MA, Wisconsin Associate Professor of Public Relations and Television Studies Twenty-two JOSEPH E. LOFTUS A B , Notre Dame Associate Professor of Economics FRANK LORIMER !A, Yale; MA, Chicago; B.D., Union Ph D , Columbia Professor of Sociology STANLEY McCAUSLAND B.S., Ursinus ! in the Department of Biology JAMES L McLAIN B A , George Washington Certificate, Peabody Conservatory Professor of Music MARY F. MILLER 3. A., Kalamazoo; MA, Columbia Assistant Professor of Speech MURIEL MUIR B S., Sargent Instructor in Physical Education Twenty-three RUBERTA M. OLDS Ph.B., Chicago; MA, Columbia Associate Professor of Spanish JOHN B. OLVERSON B S , American LL B , LL.M , Georgetown Assistant Professor of Political Science RUSSELL V. PERSON B S., Minnesota Instructor in Mathematics r LAURLENE STRAUGHN PRATT A.B., Western Maryland M.A., Pittsburgh Instructor in English JOHN H. REAVES I.S., West Virginia; M.S., Maryland Assistant Professor of Physics HUBERTO ROHDEN Ph.D., Innsbruck Professor of Philosophy Twenty-four W|b|- WALTER F. SHENTON B A, MA, Dickinson Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Professor of Mathematics HAROLD H. ROTH B.A, City College; MA, Columbia MA , American Associate Professor of Public Administration WESTERVELT ROMAINE B M , Oberlin and New York MA, Columbia, F.A G O. Assistant Professor of Music ' " •. l ! m BANCROFT W. SITTERLY W A B , A M , Ph D , Princeton Associate Professor of Mathematics JrV JAMES SKILLINGTON BA„ Dickinson; MA, Buffalo Assistant Professor of Government ALFRED SHERRARD B.S., Harvard; MA, Columbia Assistant Professor of Economics Twenty-five GORDON H. SMITH B.M., Wooster; MA, Mills Instructor in Music JOHN H. SMITH I.A., Iowa State; M B A , Ph D , Chicago Professor of Si f ' m ROBERT R. SOLENBERGER A.B, MA, Pennsylvania Instructor in Anthropology and Sociology RUDOLPH VON ABELE Ph.D-, Columbia Assistant Professor of English ESTER WALLACE B S., Sargent Instructor in Physical Education ELLIS WEITZMAN B A , Emory; MS , Ph D , Nebraska Associate Professor of Psychology and Measurement CHARLES A WELSH BS, MA, Ph.D., New York Associate Professor of Economics M. J. WHITE, JR. A B , M A , East Carolina Assistant Professor of Psychology KATHRYN DAY WYATT B A , Meredith MA , Middlebury Language School Instructor in Modern Languages ZOE WYTHE B.A., George Washington Diplome de Virtuosi te, Conservatoire de Geneve Instructor in Spanish and French 4 ; Bl :«ili.-i,., »( !«%; ' 317 ■■..- SENIORS ti 1 i Back in September of ' 45 a girls ' seminary flourished on the heights overlooking Washington . . . Three men wandered apprehensively among the wistful women . . Quiet reigned along the Potomac except for moments of duress during hazing . . . February of ' 46 brought vets, long, long cafeteria lines, housing problems — and fun! . . . Loft and rendezvous became the center of intellectual revolt and all sorts or " social planning " . . . Nature study in the Grotto . . . First Annual produced ' mid student laughter . . . Lawns sacrificed to vets ' sheds . . . Leonard Student Center becomes part of A.U. . . . " How accelerated can you get ? " . . As Juniors we conducted ourselves with upperclass decorum . . . Senior year, and suddenly we discovered eight more hours of humanities to be charted! ... As June approached we twitched quietly at the prospect of Life Today and dreamed of mythical banana boats to South America . . . Chafed under the lack of respect exhibited by underclassmen ... All of which is a complicated way of heralding to the world that one more normal class is striding forth exuberantly . . . The solemn dignity of Senior Chapel made us conscious that college days are already memories . . . memories we treasure. OFFICERS President RICHARD MATHER Vice-President JOHN OWENS Secretary ELEANOR LATIMER Treasurer BARBARA HUEY js 0 W SS ! J M Mf J m ■ ■ ' «■: sflfOTSW ?j 0 8S£S KJutward (J-)ouncl JOANNE BARKER SILVER SPRING, MD. Chorus 1 , 2 MUSIC GREGORY BASILIKO WASHINGTON, D. C. SPANISH IRC 2, 3, 4; Pan-Am. Club 2 (Pres. 3, 4); Jr. Alliance Francaise 2, 3; Debate Squad 2; Varsity Track 2. BERNICE BENEKE WASHINGTON, D. C. R. N. Club (Vice-Pres 3, 4.). STANLEY BETTS WASHINGTON, D. C. ECONOMICS Social Board 3; Orientation Board 3; Inter-Dorm Council 3; Varsity Track 2; Intramurals 1, 2; Interfrat, Council (Pres. 3); Alpha Tau Omega (Pres. 3). Thirty ii S CHARLES BLACHLEY WASHINGTON, D. C. CHEMISTRr Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Club 3 (Pres. 4); Alpha Phi Omega. WILLIAM BLACK WASHINGTON, D. C. WAMC 1, 2, 3. ENGLISH VIRGINIA BLACKFORD WASHINGTON, D. C. Beta Beta Beta 4 (Pres. 3). IRENE BUGAI EAST JORDAN, MICH. ART Jr. Prom Comm. 3; M.G.H. House Council (Vice-Pres. 3, 4); Freshman Handbook (Asso. Ed. 4); Jr. Alliance Francaise 4; Art Guild 4; Delta Gamma. Thirty-one ■1 w,mi Mm i Q •5SSP ' ; PAUL M. CAREY WASHINGTON, D. C. HISTORY IRC. 2; SC.F. 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Alliance Francaise 4; Deutcher Verein 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu 4, Alpha Phi Omega. DONALD CLIFFORD WASHINGTON, D. C. LINDELL B. COLE KANSAS CITY, MO. Deutcher Verein 3, 4. PSYCHOLOGY A MARK CONNER WASHINGTON, D. C. Beta Beta Beta 3, 4. Thirty-two PATRICIA CRUM RIDGEWOOD, N. J. SOCIOLOGY Social Bd. 2, 3; Freshman Class Pres.; M.GH. House Council (Secy. 2) AUCOLA 3; A.U. Theater 1, 2, 3, 4; I.R.C. 1, 2; Pan-American Club 1 Chorus 1, 2; Varsity Softball 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega (Vice-Pres. 3, 4); Pan-Hellenic Council 2, 3; Phi Mu (Pres. 2; Vice-Pres. 3). JOHN DASSOULAS WASHINGTON, D. C. MUSIC North Georgia College 1, 2; Music Club (Secy. 3; Pres. 4); Varsity Track 2; Intramurals 2; Varsity Club 2, 3. DAVID DENNEY BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Auburn College; Howard College; Lambda Chi Alpha. HISTORY JEANNE DENS WESTFIELD, N. J. GOVERNMENT Stephens Junior College I, 2; Jr. Alliance Francaise 3: Intramurals 3; Valeda Club 4. Thirty-three LORRAINE DIBBLE TAKOMA PARK, MD BIOLOGY Chorus 1, 2; Chemistry Club 4; Intramurols 3, 4; Beto Beta Beta 2 (Secy. 3; Vice-Pres. 4); Kappa Delta. EDWARD F. DOBIHAL BALTIMORE, MD. PSYCHOLOGY Religious Bd 3, 4; IRC 2, 3, S.C F. 1, 2, 3 (Pres. 4); Chorus 1, 2, 3, murals 1, 2, Aho 4, Pi Gamma Mu 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 3 (Pies 4); Alpha Sigma Phi (Secy. 2). JAMES DUNCAN WASHINGTON, D. C. RELIGION PHILOSOPHY JANE EGAN WASHINGTON, D. C. BIOLOGY Brenau College I; Beta Beta Beta (Secy 4 , Zeta Tau Alpha. Thirty-four ROBERT ELDRED ARLINGTON, VA. Randolph Macon College 1, 2, 3; Lambda Chi Alpha. EVELYN FAHEY WASHINGTON, D. C. SPANISH Social Bd. 4; Soph. Class Secy.; Eagle 2; Pan Am. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Alliance Francaise 4; Chorus I, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 2; Varsity Softball 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta (Secy. 4). FRANCES FELDMAN RICHMOND, VA. ENGLISH Medical College of Va. 1; Publ. Bd. 4, M.G.H. House Council (Pres. 4); AUCOLA 3, 4; Freshman Handbook 3 (Ed. 4); F.T.A. 3, 4 ' Pres 3); WAMC 3; Intramurals 4; Valeda Club 3. ALICE FISHER BETHESDA, MD. ENGLISH Publ Bd. 1; AUCOLA 1; Eagle 1, 2; Pan Am. Club 1, 2; Varsity Basket- ball 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2; Alpha Chi Omega (Treas. 2, Vice-Pres 3,4). Thirty-five JAMES FOX WASHINGTON, D. C. Jr. Alliance Francaise 3; Pi Gamma Mu 3, ROBERT FRAILEY WASHINGTON, D. C. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Kappa (Vice-Pres. 3). MARYADA FRANK WASHINGTON, D. C. FRENCH-SPANISH Orientation Bd. 2; Fresh. Class Secy.; Soph. Class Pres.; Jr. Class Vice- Pres.; Pan Am. Club 1, 2, 3; Jr. Alliance Francaise 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1; Varsity Basketball 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Cap and Gown 3 (Treas. 4); " A " Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secy. 3); Who ' s Who 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Pan-Hellenic Council (Treas. 3); Kappa Delta (Vice-Pres. 2; Secy. 3; Pres. 4). WINFIELD GARRISON WEST VIEW, PA. GOVERNMENT Lycoming College 1; I.R.C. 2, 3; Junior Alliance Francaise 3. Thirty-six DONALD GEYER WEEHAWKEN, N. J. GOVERNMENT Ohio Wesleyon University I; Religious Bd. 2, 3, 4; Eagle 2, 3, 4; IRC. 3, 4 (Pres. 2); S.C.F. 2, 3, 4; Deutcher Verein 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Delta Tau Delta. MURIEL GHORMLEY WASHINGTON, D. C. MUSIC Social Bd 1; AUCOLA 4; Eagle 4; All. Theater 1; Jr. Alliance Fran- caise 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Swimming 2, 3; Varsity Softball 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Delta Gamma (Secy 2, 3). LEROY GRAHAM MARION, S. C. HISTORY Religious Bd. 2 (Chm 1, 3); S.C.F. 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. Alliance Francaise 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; Who ' s Who 4. ROBERT A. GRAUMAN VINELAND, N. J. SOCIOLOGY I.R.C. 2, 3; Jr. Alliance Francaise 3; Deutcher Verein 3. Thirty-seven JAMES P. HALE WASHINGTON, D. C. RELIGION-PHILOSOPHY MARJORIE HALL CHEVY CHASE, MD. ENGLISH College Council 1; Publ Bd. (Chm. 3); Religious Bd. (Chm. 4); S.C.F. 1 (Secy. 2); Chorus 1, 2; Varsity Swimming 3; Cap and Gown 3 (Secy. 4); Pan-Hellenic Council 4 (Treos. 3); Alpha Chi Omega (Secy. 2; Pres. 3, Treos. 4). GENEVIEVE HAWSE LINVILLE, VA. NURSING HAZEL HIGGINBOTHAM OAK HILL, W. VA. NURSING Thirty-eight DONALD M. HILLOCK WASHINGTON, D. C. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Washington and Lee University 1; Varsity Basketball 2; Varsity Base- ball 2. BRUCE C. HOAK NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y. GOVERNMENT College Council (Vice-Pres. 3; Pres. 4); Orientation Bd. 3, 4; Scholastic Achievements Bd. 4; AUCOLA 2, 3 (Ed. 4); Freshman Handbook (Ed. 2); A.U. Theater I, 2; IRC 1, 4 (Vice-Pres 2; Pres. 3); S.C.F. 1, 2 4 (Treas. 3); Pan Am Club 1, 4 (Vice-Pres 2, 3); Intramurals 1, 3, 4, Pi Gamma Mu (Vice-Pres. 3; Pres. 4); Pi Delta Epsilon 3 (Pres. 4) Omicron Delta Kappa 3 (V. Pres 4); Who ' s Who 3, 4; Interfrat. Coun cil 2, 3; Alpha Sigma Phi (Secy. 2, Treas. 3; Vice-Pres. 4). ROBERT E. HOFFMAN BROOKLYN, N. Y. Columbia University 1; Mohawk College 2. DAN HOLLON WASHINGTON, D. C. Thirty-nine FELIX T. HOLT NOWATA, OKLA. HISTORY Pan Am. Club 2, 3 (Vice-Pres. 4); F.T.A. 3, 4; Intramurals 4; Alpha Sigma Phi. CHARLES HUDSON WASHINGTON, D. C. GOVERNMENT Pan Am. Club 1, 2; Chemistry Club 1; Varsity Basketball Manager 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Interfrat. Council 3, 4; Alpha Tau Omega (Pres. 4). DARRELL F. HUDSON WASHINGTON, D. C. PHYSICAL EDUCATION F.T.A. 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 2. BARBARA HUEY WASHINGTON, D. C. SPANISH College Council (Secy. 3); Religious Bd. 1; Athletic Bd (Secy. 2); Jr. Class Secy.; Sr. Class Treas.; Pan Am. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Bowling 4; Varsity Softball 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; " A " Club 2, 4 (Vice-Pres. 3); Cap and Gown 4; Who ' s Who 4; Kappa Delta (Treas. 4). Forty GLORIA K. HUGHES ALEXANDRIA, VA. ENGLISH Wooster College 1, 2; Publ. Bd. 4; AUCOLA 4; Eagle 3, 4; Freshman Handbook 4; Delta Gamma. MARY JAUDON WASHINGTON, D. C. FRENCH Orientation Bd. 4; Scholastic Achievements Bd. 4; Eagle 3; Jr. Alliance Francaise 1 (Pres. 2, 3, 4); Deutcher Verein (Vice-Pres. 1; Pres. 2; Secy. 3); Cap and Gown (Pres. 3, 4); Who ' s Who 4; Phi Mu (Treos. 1, 2; Vice-Pres. 3, 4). MARVIN JERNBERG WASHINGTON, D. C. ENGLISH BARBARA KENDRICK FALLS CHURCH, VA. Religious Bd. 1; Eagle 1, 2. ENGLISH Forty-one BETTY KOENIG WASHINGTON, D. C PSYCHOLOGY Pan Am Club 3; Intramurals 2, 3; Pan-Hellenic Council (Secy. 3); Phi Mu (Pres. 3). PEARL KURKHILL MOUNT KISCO, N. Y. ENGLISH Eagle 1, 3, 4; Omicron Epsilon Pi 1 (Secy. 2, 3); Jr. Alliance Francaise 1, 4 (Secy 2, 3 ' , FT A (Secy. 3, 4); Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Cap and Gown 3, 4; " A " Club 2, 3 (Secy. 4). RICHARD LANCASTER WASHINGTON, D. C. GOVERNMENT George Washington University 1, WAMC 3; Pre-law Club 2, 3; Alpha Tau Omega. HUGH LANDRUM VICTORIA, VA. Deutcher Verein 2, 3, Chorus 2, : MUSIC Forty-two BEVERLY LARSEN WASHINGTON, D. C. ENGLISH Eagle 3; S.C.F. 1; Deutcher Verein 1 (Secy. 2; Treas. 3). ELEANOR LATIMER BETHESDA, MD. MUSIC Athletic Bd. (Secy. 3); Sr. Class Secy.; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Music Club (Vice-Pres. 2; Pres. 3, 4); Varsity Basketball 1, 2; Varsity Softball 2, 3; Varsity Tennis 3; Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; " A " Club 2, 3, 4; Delta Gamma (Treas. 4). JACK LESCURE HOPEWELL, VA. ECONOMICS Inter-Dorm. Council 4; Varsity Tennis 2, 3; Intramurals 2; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4. ELLI MALTA RICHMOND, VA. R.P.I. 1; College Council 2; IRC. 2. BIOLOGY Forty-three STEPHEN I. MARTIN GOVERNMENT Eagle 1; A.U. Theater 3; I.R.C. (Pres. 4); Deutcher Verein 1; Debate 3, 4; F.T.A. 3; WAMC 3; Delta Sigma Rho 3 (Pres. 4). DAVID MAST WASHINGTON, D. C. V.P.I. 1; Varsity Swimming 3. BIOLOGY RICHARD I. MATHER WASHINGTON, D. C. ECONOMICS U. S. Naval Academy 1; Athletic Bd. 4; Jr. Class Treas.; Sr. Class Pres.; Jr. Prom Comm.; Varsity Track 2; Varsity Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 4; Varsity Club (Secy. 3; Pres. 4); Alpha Tau Omega. ALLEN G. MAXWELL WASHINGTON, D. C. PSYCHOLOGY Forty-four RITA MILLER WORCESTER, MASS. NURSING R.N. Cli ROBERT R. MITCHELL ARLINGTON, VA. ENGLISH Intramurals 1. MICHAEL MOORE WASHINGTON, D. C. MUSIC College Council (Vice-Pres. 4); AUCOLA 3, 4; Eagle Verein 2 (Pres. 3, 4); Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; WAMC 1, 2, 3, Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Phi Sigma Kappa (Secy. 2). 3, 4; Deutcher Intramurals 2; MARJORIE ANN MORRIS HIGHLAND PARK, N. J. PSYCHOLOGY Mary Washington College 1, 2; AUCOLA 3, 4; Band 4; 4; Intramurals 3, 4; " A " Club 4; Delta Gamma. Cheerleader 3, IfJiifc Forty-five V FLOELLA MAE MURRAY HYATTSVILLE, MD. NURSING University of Md. 1; A U. Theater (Secy. 4); R.N. Club 3, 4. PAUL J. MYATT ARLINGTON, VA. ECONOMICS University of S. Carolina 1; Jr. Class Pres; Pan Am. Club 2; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma Phi (Trees. 3). BARBARA NEGUS BROOKLYN, N. Y. GOVERNMENT College Council 4; Social Bd. (Chm. 2); Fresh. Class Treas.; M.G.H. House Council 4; A.U. Theater 1, 2, 4; I.R.C. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pan Am. Club 1; Washington Semester 3, Delta Gamma (Vice-Pres. 4). CARLYLE NIBLEY WASHINGTON, D. C. Forty-six ROSEMARY NORAIR WASHINGTON, D. C. PSYCHOLOGY Averett College 1, 2; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Bowling 3; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; " A " Club 3, 4; Kappa Delta. E. WILLIAM OGRAM, JR. WASHINGTON, D. C. ECONOMICS Valley Forge Jr. College 1; F.T.A. 3, 4; Varsity Boxing 4; Varsity Ten- nis 4; Intramurals 4; Interfrat. Council 4 (Secy.-Treas. 3); Alpha Sigma Phi (Secy. 3; Pres. 4). JOHN P. OWENS WASHINGTON, D. C. HISTORY Publ. Bd 4; Sr. Class Vice-Pres.; Eagle 3; F.T.A. 3; Varsity Track 1; Varsity Boxing 3; Intramurals 1, 3; Alpha Sigma Phi. JENE PANKOW WASHINGTON, D. C. ECONOMICS Inter-Dorm. Council 3, 4; Eagle 1; IRC 4; Pan Am. Club 3; Jr. Alli- ance Francaise 3; Glee Club 1; Alpha Phi Omega. Forty-seven LOUISE PARKER WASHINGTON, D. C. R.N. Club 4. NURSING PEGGY PEOPLES WASHINGTON, D. C. ART College Council 4; Publ. Bd. (Secy. 1); Social Bd. 3, 4 (Chem. 2); Ath- letic Bd. 4; Freshman Class Vice-Pres.; Freshman Handbook 2; Jr. Alli- ance Francaise 1, 2; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Bowling 2, 3, 4; Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 1 (Vice-Pres. 4); " A " Club 1, 2, 4 (Pres. 3); Campus Queen 2; Who ' s Who 3; Delta Gamma (Pres. 3). ELMER PERSIGEHL WASHINGTON, D. C. I.R.C. 4; Pan American Club 4. ECONOMICS WILLIAM G. PHILLIPS CHARLEROI, PA. GOVERNMENT College Council 1, 4; Publ. Bd. 3; Soph. Class Pres.; Eagle 1, 3, 4; I.R.C. 1, 2, 4; Varsity Track 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Washington Semester 2; Pi Gamma Mu 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Interfrat. Council (Sec.-Treas. 2); Alpha Tau Omega (Secy. 2). Forty-eight JAMIE PORTS HERNDON, VA. SPANISH 3; Pan American Club 2, 3; Kappa Delta. ARLENE RABUCK BETHESDA, MD PSYCHOLOGY College Council 2, 3; Soph. Class Secy.; Jr. Alliance Francaise 2, 3; Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4; Varsity Swimming 2; Intramurals 1, 2, Pan-Hellenic Council 2 (Secy. 3); Delta Gamma (Pres. 3). REBECCA RATLIFF JOPLIN, MO. Joplin Jr. College 1, 2; Drury College 3. MARYANNE REISINGER WASHINGTON, D. C. ART Marjorie Webster Jr. College 1, 2; AUCOLA 4; Intramurals 4; Alpha Chi Omega tSecy. 3). Forty-nine ANDREW G. REVOIR NASHUA, N. H. BIOLOGY College Council 3; Inter-Dorm Council 4; Freshman Handbook 3; A.U. Theater 1, 2, 3; I.R.C. 2 (Vice-Pres. 3); Deutcher Verein 3; Interfrat. Council 3, 4; Alpha Sigma Phi (Pres. 4). SEYMOUR RICHTFERTIG BROOKLYN, N. Y. CHEMISTRY Inter-Dorm. Council 1, 2, 3; A U. Theater 2; Deutcher Verein 4; Chem- istry Club 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. MARY LOUISE ROCHFORD WASHINGTON, D. C. SOCIOLOGY- HISTORY Pi Gamma Mu 4. MURRAY ROTTENBURG WASHINGTON, D. C. GOVERNMENT Fifty i » 1 J ROGER SCRIMSHAW ROCHESTER, N. Y. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Intramurals 1, 2. EARL SILLIMAN TAKOMA PARK, MD. GOVERNMENT St. Bernard Jr. College 1, 2; Washington Semester 3. WILLIAM SMITH WASHINGTON, D. C. Bob Jones College 1, 2; Deutcher Verein 4. PHILOSOPHY ERWIN SOLOMON FLUSHING, N. Y. BIOLOGY-SOCIOLOGY Emory and Henry College 1; Band 4; Intramurals 2. Fifty-one BEVERLY SPENCER WASHINGTON, D. C. GOVERNMENT Ohio Wesleyc Francaise 3; Kappa Delta. OLA 3, 4; I.R.C. 3; Jr. Alliance an Semester 4; Pi Gamma Mu 4; DAYTON, OHIO - Gamma Mu 4. GERALD STAHL HISTORY 2; Eagle 3; Deutcher Verein 3; Intromurals 2; Pi EDWARD SULLIVAN WASHINGTON, D. C PSYCHOLOGY Wilson Teachers College 1; Varsity Boxing 2, 3. WILLIAM TEACHOUT WASHINGTON, D. C. Deutcher Verein 1, 2, 3 (Pre; GERMAN Fifty-two MARY JOAN THIEBAUD ALEXANDRIA, VA. FRENCH Eagle I; Jr. Alliance Francaise 1, 3 (Vice-Pres. 2; Treas. 4); Deutcher Verein 3 (Treas. 4); Chorus 1, 2, 3; Music Club 3, 4; Chemistry Club 3, 4; Cap and Gown 4; Delta Gamma (Treas. 2, 3; Secy. 4). HOMER G. THOMAS BALTIMORE, MD. Deutcher Verein 2; Chorus 1; Music Club 2, 3; F.T.A. 4. MUSIC PATRICIA WAIT WASHINGTON, D. C. SOCIOLOGY Marion Junior College 1, 2; Pi Gamma Mu 4, Delta Gamma. JOHN WAKEFIELD TAUNTON, MASS. PHYSICAL EDUCATION F.T.A. 4 (Vice-Pres. 3); Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 4 (Pres. 3); Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Alpha Tau Omega. Fifty-three PAUL WEIDLER WASHINGTON, D. C. Deutcher Verein 4; Beta Beta Beta 4. BIOLOGY " tPj ▲ JEAN WELKER ELIZABETH, N. J. PSYCHOLOGY IRC. 4; Pan American Club 3, 4; Valeda Club 4. WILLIAM WILLIS WASHINGTON, D. C. PSYCHOLOGY Oklahoma A. M. 1; Scholastic Achievements Bd. (Chm. 4); F.TA. 3 ' , 4; Varsity Boxing Manager 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha. GILBERT RAY WORLEY DUNN LORING, VA. Eagle 1; A U. Theater I; IRC. 1. Fifty-four STAGE-FRIGHTENED SENIORS EDWARD C. BURNS ARLINGTON, VA. BIOLOGY ROY BURTNER WASHINGTON, DC. PSYCHOLOGY RUBY CANNON KNOXVILLE, TENN. LOUELLA COYLE CADIZ, KY. NURSING FLORENCE DIETERICK WASHINGTON, D. C. ROSEMARY GASS WASHINGTON, D. C. EMMA HILTON BRIDGEPORT, CONN. GRACE JACKSON WELLFORD, S. C. VIRGINIA LANE WASHINGTON, D. C. NURSING GEORGE F. LE MOINE WASHINGTON, D. C. HISTORY dora McNeill MT. RAINIER, MD. NURSING CATHERINE MOLLOHAN BRENTWOOD, MD. NURSING ELIZABETH MURNANE DANIELSON, CONN. NURSING BETTY MURRAY ALEXANDRIA, VA. BHAGIRATH PERSAUD NURSING NURSING BRITISH GUIANA MARJORIE POLLOCK WASHINGTON, D. C. MUSIC JOHN REEVES ENGLISH WASHINGTON, D. C. BIOLOGY BENJAMIN RESPESS NGUAGES ALEXANDRIA, VA. SOCIOLOGY ROSE ROSENSTOCK NURSING BROOKLYN, N. Y. NURSING HASSA SHANKER WASHINGTON, D. C. NURSING NURSING RISON, ARK. JOYCE SHAW DORIS STUCHE LORING, MONT. NURSING NURSING RICHARD TEACHOUT WASHINGTON, D. C. GOVERNMENT DOROTHY WINDENBURG CHEVY CHASE, MD. SPANISH CARL WEIR BRONXVILLE, N. Y. PSYCHOLOGY Fifty-five ■ " sit.;; ' s sSS55 S M . SENIORS SSSPA students totaled up credits ... did a little thinking . . . came up with an idea . . . Graduating class organized for the first time . . . Seniors packed meeting room . . . Much surprise registered at seeing fellow students . . . " Are you a senior? " Election of officers . . . Plan projected for social affairs . . . Serious 1901 ' ers seeking frivolity . . . Like any pioneer movement they met obstacles . . . Like pioneers they overcame them ... In May they will trade coonskin caps for mortarboards! J m « § s f« ■SSSSSSS35SSS 0g0$ Aourneu 6 Cnd C. Eubank, C. Haglund, F. Bunke, T. Rubin, J. Benfer, K. Hiltz, C. Patterson, L. Dunn OFFICERS President JAMES BENFER Vice-President THEODORE RUBIN Secretary CHARLES EUBANK Treasurer CARL PATTERSON HSS Ss BERT K. ADAMS OAKTON, VA. ACCOUNTING STAN M. ADELSON BRONX, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management; Varsity Track; Intra- murals. EDWARD AHRENS BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COSA; International Relations Club; Intramurals. LILIAN AKINS BELLAIRE, MICH. COMMUNICATIONS Fifty-eight JOSEPH M. BARNARD WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management. BASIL R. BARNETT LA CYGNE, KAN. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION JAMES R. BENFER WASHINGTON, D. C. ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management (Pres. ); Who ' s Who. HARRY C. BISER EMMITSBURG, MD. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS COSA; International Relations Club; Intramurals. Fifty-nine KENNETH P. BORGEN WASHINGTON, D. C. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION JERRY S. BRODER WOODMERE, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management; Intramurals. ROBERT H. BROWN WALPOLE, MASS. ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management; Intramurals. CALVIN H. BROYER WASHINGTON, D. C. HISTORY Sixty FREDERICK B. BUNKE WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management; Varsity Tennis; Phi Sigma Kappa. RALPH S. BURDICK SILVER SPRING, MD. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management ARTHUR V. BUTLER FLUSHING, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Sigma Kappa; Varsity Swimming. LEE BUTTS JUNEAU, ALASKA HISTORY Sixty-one EDSON I. CASE ARLINGTON, VA. Society for the Advancement of Management. ECONOMICS FRED CAVANAUGH BRIGHTON, MASS. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management; Phi Sigmo Kappa; Varsity Golf; Intramurals. LAWRENCE C. CHRISTOPHER FALLS CHURCH, VA. RADIO AND TELEVISION JOHN M. CLARKE NEW BEDFORD, MASS. ECONOMICS Sixty-two HAROLD M. COHN MT. RANIER, MD. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RALPH C. COLE WASHINGTON, D. C. COMMUNICATIONS EDWARD R. COMSTOCK SILVER SPRING, MD. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Publications Board; COSA; Intramurals. DONALD F. COTTON ROCHESTER, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management. Sixty-three ELLSWORTH L. CROOP ARLINGTON, VA. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DONALD J. CUDDIHY NEW YORK, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management; Phi Sigma Kappa. ROBERT DAVENPORT GREENBELT, MD. ECONOMICS LOUIS R. DECKER HERKIMER, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Eagle; International Relations Club. Sixty-four JOHN G. DRAKE WASHINGTON, D. C. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION LEROY DUNN BROOKLYN, N. Y. Intramurals. GEORGE W. DUPLISSE NORTHAMPTON, MASS. SOCIOLOGY CHARLES S. EUBANK OGDEN, UTAH BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management. Sixty-five WAYNE E. FICHTNER DURHAM, MO. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management (Secy). JAMES N. FOOTE WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION RAYMOND E. FOSTER HAGERSTCWN, MD. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management. WILLIAM H. FOSTER WASHINGTON, D. C. ACCOUNTING Sixty-six JOACHIM F. GAIPA YONKERS, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement cf Management. - DAVID J. GITOMER MILLVILLE, N. J. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Intramurals. ISREAL GOLDSTEIN BALTIMORE, MD. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management. JACK GOLOMB WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management; AU Student Charter; Varsity Boxing Sixty-seven LOUIS R. GOLSON TAKOMA PARK, MD. RADIO AND TELEVISION WAMC; Radio Workshop. ROBERT M. GRAHAM GIRARD, OHIO ECONOMICS ROBERT L. GRAY WASHINGTON, D C. PUBLIC RELATIONS STANLEY J, GROGAN WASHINGTON, D. C. JOURNALISM Eagle (Mng. Ed); IRC; Pan Am. Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Varsity Boxing; Intramurals. Sixty-eight FRANK A. GROSS WASHINGTON, D. C. STATISTICS ABDON F. GUIDETTE SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Society of the Advancement of Management JACK A. GULLO MT. MORRIS, N. Y. ACCOUNTING CONRAD R. HAGLUND SIOUX CITY, IOWA PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AUCOLA; Speech Club; Washington Semester. Sixty-nine FREDERICK L. HAMILTON WASHINGTON, D. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT COSA; Society for the Advancement of Management; Chorus; Who ' s Who, AUCOLA. FRED HARRIS WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ARTHUR T. HEALEY CARBONDALE, PA. ECONOMICS Society for the Advancement cf Management; Phi Sigma Kappa; Intra- mural? I KENNETH M. HILTZ, JR. WASHINGTON, D. C. LABOR RELATIONS Society for the Advancement of Management; Varsity Swimming. 1 M Seventy MORRIS A. HITT MARSHALL, VA. ACCOUNTING Society for the Advancement of Management. WESLEY M. HODGKIN ARLINGTON, VA. Intramurals ECONOMICS ANN U. HOLLAND NEWTON, KAN. SOCIOLOGY HAROLD W. HURST MORRISTOWN, N. J. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management; Phi Sigma Kappa. Seventy-one EARL R. JOHNSEN CHICAGO, ILL. RADIO AND TELEVISION COSA; Eogle; WAMC; Radio and Television Workshop; Speech Club; International Debate Team; Who ' s Who ALBERT KATZ WASHINGTON, D C PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION LOREN J. KEEFFE ARLINGTON, VA. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management. EDWIN L. KILBY, JR. WASHINGTON, D C. FINANCE Society for the Advancement of Management. Seventy-two WILLIAM A. KIMBALL PHILADELPHIA, PA SOCIOLOGY CURLEY KING WASHINGTON, D. C. SOCIOLOGY PUBLIC WELFARE EDWIN J. KIRSCHNER WASHINGTON, D. C. ECONOMICS AIR TRANSPORTATION Chorus. FRED S. KOTTECK NEW YORK, N. Y. ECONOMICS Society for the Advancement of Management; Phi Sigma Kappa; Intra- murals. Seventy-three JOHN KRUPIN NEW YORK, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Sigma Kappa (Secy, Treas ); Varsity Baseball; Intramurals. MARTIN R. LABE NEW YORK, N. Y. SOCIOLOGY MILLERD G. LARKIN, JR. DELMAR, N. Y. ECONOMICS Society for the Advancement of Management. BERNARD LEVIN YORK, PA POLITICAL SCIENCE Eagle (Ed); All-Univ Pub Beard; Varsity Track (Mgr.); Pi Delta Epsilon Seventy-four HARRY LEVIN WASHINGTON, D. C. Society for the Advancement of Management. ECONOMICS DEAN R. LUDEMAN WHITEWATER, WIS. ACCOUNTING Society for the Advancement of Management; Intramurals. ROBERT D. LUNSFORD FALLS CHURCH, VA. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WANDA MARINE WASHINGTON, D. C. SOCIOLOGY Seventy-five JOHN L. MARTING CINCINNATI, OHIO BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION For the Advancement of Management; Intramurols. A. F. McCALEB ALEXANDRIA, VA. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION for the Advancement of Management. JOHN R. McCAULEY NEW YORK, N Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement cf Management. adrian Mcdonough STRATFORD, CONN. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management; Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, Seventy-six JOHN McLACHLAN WELCOME, MD. LABOR Society for the Advancement of Management; Varsity Club; Varsity Baseball; Intramurals; Phi Sigma Kappa. DONALD H. MELLON MEADVILLE, PA. ACCOUNTING EDWARD MILLANETTE ROCHESTER, N. Y. LABOR FINANCE Society for the Advancement of Management. 1 " " ? g$I ALVIN E. MOORE VIENNA, VA. ■ Seventy-seven ANDREW J. MOORE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT RAYMOND C. MORRISON, JR. WASHINGTON, D. C. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Alhcnce Francaise; Pan Am. Union. BENJAMIN L. PARNELL TAKCMA PARK, MD PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION CARL E. PATTERSON WASHINGTON, D C. ACCOUNTING Society for the Advancement of Management; Phi Sigma Kappa; Intra- murals. Seventy-etght FRANK RICHARDSON ALTON, ILL. ECONOMICS Intromurals. JOSEPH J. ROZSICS NEWARK, N. J. ECONOMICS THEODORE J. RUBIN WASHINGTON, D. C. ECONOMICS Society for the Advancement of Management; Varsity Tennis. HAROLD G. RUSH BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management; Intramurals. L Seventy-nine DOROTHYANNE RUTHERFORD PHILADELPHIA, PA. SOCIOLOGY MAX H. SALZMAN GREENBELT, MD. ECONOMICS JOHN W. SEIBERT FLORENCE, COLO ECONOMICS Society for the Advancement of Management- DAVID SHERMAN WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Eagle; Varsity Club; Varsity Baseball. Eighty DAVID W. SHIELDS WASHINGTON, D. C. ECONOMICS RAYMOND M. SHIRER CONNELLSVILLE, PA. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management (Pres ). JAMES C. SIMMS WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management. WILLIAM A. SIMPKINS JACKSON HEIGHTS, N. Y. COSA; Speech Club; Society for the Advancement of Managemen Eighty-one EDWARD SNYDER HANOVER, PA. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management; Intramurals. FRANKLYN H. SONNABEND WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Society for the Advancement of Management. JOHN J. TEMPLE MONTGOMERY, ALA. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION JOHN W. THORNTON WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Eighty-two EDWARD L. TRADER WASHINGTON, D. C. ECONOMICS IRVING H. TREPPEL WASHINGTON, D. C. ACCOUNTING ROBERT C. UTZELMAN CHICAGO, ILL. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JOHN X. WARD BAYONNE, N. J. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION College Council; COSA; Eagle (News Eg.); AUCOLA; Alpha Psi Omega; Omicron Delta Kappa 4; Alpha Sigma Phi; Intramurals. Eighty-three JOHN F. WHEATON LAUREL, MD. POLITICAL SCIENCE ROBERT WILDERMUTH NANTICOKE, PA. PUBLIC RELATIONS BERNARD F. ZUCCARDY NOANK, CONN. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Eighty-four STAGE-FRIGHTENED SENIORS JAMES R. BRANDENBERG WASHINGTON, D. C. HISTORY JEAN BULLOWA ROCKVILLE, MD. COMMUNICATIONS AUDREY E. CADLE MT. RAINIER, MD. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION VIVIAN R. CAIN WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LESLIE CHEVRIER ALEXANDRIA, VA. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION HARRY C. COCHRAN WASHINGTON, D. C. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BERT B. COHEN WASHINGTON, D. C. HISTORY DANIEL W. CONNELLY WASHINGTON, D. C. ECONOMICS PAUL R. CROMWELL WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ROBERT A. FANGMEIER WASHINGTON, D. C. POLITICAL SCIENCE EDWARD E. FINE, JR. NANTICOKE, PA. ACCOUNTING DEEM A. GILLMORE ARLINGTON, VA. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JAMES W. GREENWOOD, JR. HYATTSV1LLE, MD. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION HYMAN GRUBERG SILVER SPRING, MD. STATISTICS JOSEPH GWIAZDZINSKI MADAWASKA, ME. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ELIZABETH JO HAILEY HILLSBORO, TEX. RADIO TELEVISION CATHERINE A. HALL SILVER SPRING, MD. ACCOUNTING GENE L HALL WASHINGTON, D. C. SOCIOLOGY GRANT A. HALLOCK ARLINGTON, VA. ECONOMICS ZEB T. HAMILTON FOREST HEIGHTS, MD. COMMUNICATIONS ABDEL K. HUNEIDI NEW YORK, N. Y. ECONOMICS DONALD H. JILLSON BROOKLYN, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WALTER KURYLO ALEXANDRIA, VA. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WALLACE C. LYON, II WASHINGTON, D. C. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION VINCENT A. MARTINO ALEXANDRIA, VA. ECONOMICS MILTON S. MILESKI DUNDALK, MD. ECONOMICS BLAIR MILLER GREAT FALLS, MONT. ECONOMICS JEWELLE P. OERTEL EAST FALLS CHURCH, VA. SOCIOLOGY NORVAL E. PERKINS WASHINGTON, D. C. AMERICAN LITERATURE WILLIAM L. PORTER WASHINGTON, D. C. ACCOUNTING BRUCE W. QUISENBERRY ARLINGTON, VA. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION ERNEST M. RUBRIGHT ARLINGTON, VA. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WILLIAM E. SANBORN GATE MILLS, OHIO ECONOMICS B. ROBERT SARICH ARLINGTON, VA. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MALCOLM M. SEMPLE TAMPA, FLA. AMERICAN LITERATURE ROBERT F. SMALLEY, JR. BALTIMORE, MD. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JAMES B. STILLMAN FORTY FORT, PA. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JAMES G. STRONG, III BETHESDA, MD. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FRANZ J. VIDOR NEWTON, MASS. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OLEN M. WARNOCK ALEXANDRIA, VA. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Eighty-five ADVANCED DEGREES Doctor of Philosophy BERNARD BARNARD Political Science THELMA DRIES Public Administration SEVERINA MONTANC Public Administration MARIO SONNINO Economics CHANCELLOR WILLIAMS Sociology Master of Arts JULIUS W. ALLEN JAMES L. ANDERSON LAWRENCE A. BAKST LIVINGSTON E. BEANE ECKHARD BENNEWITZ SYLVAN M. BERMAN JACK BLACKSIN MILTON J. BLUESTEIN CALVIN G. BROOKS WAYNE E. BORDEN EDGAR D. BURGCR JAMES H. BURKE EVELYN A. BURR ELMER CERIN DANIEL A. CERIO JOHN CLARKE ALTA T. CLAY EDWARD P. DAVIS THOMAS J. DAVIS JOHN C. DAVISON MONROE F. DAY MURRAY D. DESSEL HERBERT W. DODGE ROBERT M. ENTIN CLARENCE B. FINE BERNARD C. FRITZ IRVING GEDANKEN ROY GERARD STEPHEN P. GERARDI WALTER GERSON HILLIARD H. GOODMAN EDMUND W. GORDON SAMUEL B. GRONER WARREN K. GUINN WILLIAM A. HAMRICK NEAL J. HARRINGTON Eighty-six Jheu J new What Jheu Wanted WALTER G. HELD MARY HERSCH MAURICE H. HELLNER ELIZABETH C. HOOVER JANE E. HOSEA WALTER I MR IE J. JACK INGRAM IRENE JEFFERSON THOMAS C. KERLIN ANNA KNOLL HAROLD KUPTZIN EMANUEL LANDAU HAROLD H. LEICH SAM MAN DEL ADRIAN M. McDONOUGH WILLIAM T. McKlNNON EDWIN W. MEDLEY KATHRYN S. MILLS JOSEPH MINTZES GERALD P. MOORE DOROTHEA 0. MYER MILDRED E. NEGUS ELLEN S. NICHOLS KENICHI NISHIMOTO ALFRED G. OBERN JAMES B. OPSATA THOMAS N. OSTON JOSE N. RAMIREZ ROB ROY RATLIFF CLARK R. RENNINGER FRANCIS X. RILEY ROBERT G. RODDEN DORIS G. RODIN JOHN M. ROGERS MARGARET A. RYAN LOUIS R. SALKEVER HOWARD G. SCHADE KEITH M. SCHMEDEMANN RAYMOND H. SCHWAB RICHARD E. SHOEMAKER EARL C SMITH HARRY F. STARK PAUL STEIN MILDRED R STEPHENS HARVEY B. STORCH HERMAN M. STURM EULA MAE TAYLOR WILLIAM T. TEMPLEMAN RUDOLPH V. THOMPSON ROBERT S TIEMANN DIONISIO C TIONGCO ROSE C TILLINGHAST JOHN G. WAGNER EDGAR WEINBERG JACK L. WEISS MILTON E. WELCH RICHARD C. WHITEMAN YU WU CONSTANTINE ZEPUL Eighty-seven ASSOCIATE DEGREES EDWARD W. COCKRELL FREDERICK, MD. POLITICAL SCIENCE JAMES M. DELAHANTY TRENTON, N. J. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION JAMES J. FINLEY BELTSVILLE, MD PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION BERNARD B. GERMANN BETHESDA, MD. ECONOMICS SHERMAN KIRK WASHINGTON, D. C. DONALD R. LYNCH LOWVILLE, N. Y. ACCOUNTING Eighty-eight htaljr iV jar bed HAROLD A. McCOMB BRONXVILLE, N. Y. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION JOSEPH MURPHY BRANCHVILLE, MD. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION ROBERT E. PALMER GREENBELT, MD. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LEON PUKACH LONG ISLAND, N. Y. PUBLIC PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION DONALD ROXENBERG WASHINGTON, D. C. POLITICAL SCIENCE ALLAN SNYDER WASHINGTON, D. C. POLITICAL SCIENCE Eighty-nine •wBMasjsu - " ' ' -itiWA, . •Vi JUNIORS Having successfully overcome the first two years of college, the Class of 1950 entered the tranquillity of the Junior year . . . Unharried by freshman cares . . . Undisturbed by Sophomore hazing . . . Unhampered by Senior dignity . . . Secure in the knowledge that we are our own masters . . . We know the seniors too well to respect them! . . . At least a few profs know our names . . . The shock of having a summer acquaintance ask, " And when did you graduate from high school? " . . . Our class well organized and full of big plans . . . Junior Prom the smash event of the Spring Calendar . . . The awful regularity of exams . . . June and the realization that we ' ve grown intp the Senior ' s black robes ... A little sad, a little glad to leave our junior league » , wf taOgg lw 5, a Jo omorrow ana somorrow Seated: A. Engle, P. Dixon. Standing: G. Anselmo, S. Werner. OFFICERS President PHILIP DIXON V.ce-Pres.dent STELLA WERNER Secretary ANN ENGLE Treasurer GUY ANSELMO ,.,::,, fS S zzs ji tim " ' ' C (% O O A I ft f A 19 CATHERINE ADAMS RODMAN ALLEN MARION ALTING PHYLLIS ALTING SUSAN ALTMAN GUY ANSELMO, JR. ROBERTA ASHBURNER MARY BAILEY JASON BAKER JEAN BARNETT STEPHEN BECKER BETTY BERGMANN EUGENE BETTS HENRY BISH WILLIAM BOBOLIA DEVOTA BRADFORD ROBERT BRADEN LESLIE BRADSHAW DONALD BRASOR PATRICIA BREIDENBACH JOHN BRIGGS T. OGDEN BROWN MARY BUNDY ANN BURNETT ELAINE CALCOTE TOBA CAMNITZ RETA CAROTHERS ROBERT CLARK ELLEN CLEM CLAUDE COFFEY HELENE COHEN RUTHELLEN COLE JEAN CRAGIN Ninety-two 50 STEPHEN DALSHEIM MARY DALY FREEMAN DAVIS, JR BETTYE DE FORCE VINCENT DE GREGORIO ROBERT Dl CHIARA ROBERT D1MOND PHILIP DIXON JAMES DULEY ANN ENGLE EMERY FEDOR ELIZABETH FERBER WARNER FLEMING FRED FLING GERALD FLING GLORIA FOXMAN OLGA GAZDA DANIEL GOODACRE RALPH GORDON, JR DANIEL GRIFFIN JOSEPH GUTHEINZ JOHN HACKIMER BETTY JANE HALE BARBARA HALL JOHN HARDELL DANIEL HARLAN HENRY HAVEMEYER JOY HEPNER RICHARD HILL PATRICIA HINES MURIAL HODGES JOSEPH HOSSICK PAUL HUBBARD Ninety-three 19 EDWIN IRISH BEVERLY JENNINGS LENORE JOHNSON MARTIN JOHNSTON DAISY JONES ROBERT KENNEDY JOHN KOUTSANDREAS JUNE LEE MICHAEL LEVERRIER MILTON MARCUS JEAN MATHESON EARL McCARY LAWRENCE McGILL BETTY MEHRING HELEN MERGNER JOSEPH MERSEREAU ELSIE MIN CLIFFORD MITCHELL HAYDEN MORRIS ROY MULLEN ALBERT NENCIONI ALVIN NEUMAN SHIRLEY NEWBAKER JANICE NEWBOLD MONICA OVERTON JAMES PADGETT BARBARA PARK ERIC PEACHER ELIZABETH PELTON JOHN RABNER MARION RADLEY MARTIN RIES LEIGH ROSENBERGER Ninety-four 50 MARION SANFORD JOHN SAUERHOFF HENRY SCHAFFER THOMAS SCHEUER LEONARD SCHLOSSBERG CHARLES SCHOOLS GERTRUDE SCHWARTZ ALLAN SE1DERMAN LAWRENCE SELWYN WADE SHANKLE JULIAN SIOMKAJLO LESTER SMALLEY DORIS SMITH JOHN SMITH GEORGE SOLAN EARL SOMMERS JUNE SPANGLER CARL SPRINGOB ROBERT STEVENS JOHN STEWART KEITH TAYLOR ROY THOMAS BETTY TORREYSON ROBERT ULLMAN LEO VAN HERPE LARRY VOL IN LILLIAN VOLZ EARL WALKER STELLA WERNER RALPH WIENER THOMAS WITHEROW GEORGE WOHLGEMUTH PETER YEATRAS Ninety-five " ' « V !S i%m l m $53S t » 1 I: SOPHOMORES Does your ego feel different lately? . . . Yes! shouted the Sophs as they descended on A U. in September . . . The first days of orientation we smiled falsely at the innocent Frosh . . . Hazing brought diabolical grins to our faces . . . " But they were much tougher on us . " . . . Return from Christmas vacation with " you go to college to study " ringing in your ears . . . Sophs monopolize the library for many minutes . . . then to recuperate — monopolize the Coffee Shop for many hours . . . Exams and resolutions pass . . . Sophomore Banquet for the Basketball Team — a big hit . . . All of us beginning to feel at home . . . " But the year went so quickly " was the anguished cry ... A gloss of sophistication ... A lot of fun . . . Plan for two more wonderful vears. i : KSS= g ? ««5asssa®w .■w- ' " .--rT, C adu L ome, C adu Cyo Seated: J. Miles, C. Harvey. Standing: J. Cheeseman, J. Woods OFFICERS President JACK WOODS Vice-President JOYCE MILES Secretary CAROL HARVEY Treasurer JOSEPH CHEESEMAN r --» c j 19 SALLY ALBRECHT ALICE ALEXANDER ELIZABETH ANGEL WALTER ANGLIN JOSEPH ARMENGOL RAY ARNOLD BARBARA ARRAND ROGER ASHLAND MARY AXELSON DOUGLAS BAILEY ALLEN BARR PATRICIA BEALL JAMES BEAR ANGELA BEECH MARION BLACK HELEN BRADY LLOYD BROOKS PEGGY BROOKS LEVIS BROWN MARYANNA BROWN WARREN BROWN RANDOLPH BUCK THOMAS CARTER CALVIN CHAN ELIZABETH CHANG PATRICIA CHANG HERBERT CHASE ROY CHATHAM CHARLES COLESON THOMAS COLLEY JAMES CORTVRIENDT Ninety-eight 51 DAVID COULTER MARGARET COYLE HAROLD CRAIG JAMES DETWILER KATHRYN DIGGS HAROLD DIXON MARJORIE EHLE ROBERT ELDER MARCIA ELLSWORTH MARILYN ENGEL MARGY EPSTEIN ADELLE FELLER JEANNE FORD JOHN FRENCH ELIZABETH FRENCH JOHN FRETWELL PATRICIA FULMER JOHN GEPHART GUY GLOSBRENNER ROBERT GNEGY THOMAS GREENBANK ANNE GRENELL RICHARD HARNER JOHN HARRY CAROL HARVEY VIRGINIA HARVEY THOMAS HAYES PHILLIPS HEATHCOTE ADELLE HEINECKE GRACE HELBBERG EDMUND HINES r A L a ± ' Ninety-nine 19 craige holm jeane hudson carolyn hutch ins anthony inglis leroy ishman mildred jackson james jacobs frances jenkins bartley j epson louise jones george kafig fred karner curtis keesee louise kemmerling alburn kennedy daniel kirschner laurence lafever donald leavitt ludmilla malone ann mansy leo McCarthy HAYWOOD McMULLAN ROBERT MEADE PATRICIA MICHAEL BARBARA MILBURN JOYCE MILES JOHN MILLIS JAMES MORRIS FRED NAGLE NORMA NAIMAN LORRAINE NOBLE One Hundred 51 WILLIAM PATTEN ROBERT PAYNE CLARITA PERRY LEIGH RIBBLE BETTY RICH MARY LOU ROTH LESLIE RUSHBROOK JACQUELINE SAMSON JAMES SANFORD MARGARET SEAQUIST ANNE SEIGAL ROSE SHONE JACK SLOAN JACQUELINE SMITH MARJORIE SONNEMANN CORALIE SPIEGEL FRANK SPILLMAN COURTNEY STICKNEY DUANE THOMPSON JAMES TOMPKINS FRANK TURPIN ABRAHAM VEREIDE TERESA WAHL WILLIAM WERTH EWING WHITAKER MERLON WILLIAMS SUZANNE WILLIAMS MARYAN WILLIAMSON MAURICE WOODWARD JACK WOODS CHRIS YEATRAS ROBERT ZIMMERLI Cne Hundred One " «« .» Jwafc a iSSMW V «;ft.jv. i , , a FRESHMEN " l We ' re the Class of ' 52 . . . and proud of every minute we ' ve spent at A.U. . . . Green as we were, we soon became even more colorful in our dinks of orange and blue . . . We existed through the grueling week of Sophomore torture . . . And even made plans for a Freshman Campus Day and picnic for the Sophs . . . Enjoyed a good laugh when an English prof uncovered a choice definition of our rivals — wise fool ! . . . The brighter side of the first few weeks was highlighted by mixers, parties, meetings . . . Prosaic part began with entrance exams followed by introduction to classes . . . Term papers and finals . . . Annual Snowball a red-letter evening with a pretty queen and six attendants . . . Discovery of favorite University sport — bridge! . . . This has been a year of worrying about exams . . . cheering at games . . . Learning to know A.U.ites . Now thoroughly acclimated and conditioned . . . We look forward to orienting the Class of ' 53. •sBPfl " (J5orn Ljedterdau Seated: P. Graham, J. Camp. Standing: R. Wagner, T. Cederlund. OFFICERS President ROBERT WAGNER Vice-President THOMAS CEDERLUND Secretary PEGGY GRAHAM Treasurer JOY CAMP safc -id P i. 19 O MARILYN ASHLEY MARYANN AUSTI N ANNE BANNING ELINOR BARTHOLOMEW KENNETH BAUGHMAN IDA BLANCE BEVERLY BOGE WALTER BORDEAUX STANLEY BRANICK RICHARD BROWN DUNCAN BURCHARD JOY CAMP JOAN CANNON THOMAS CEDERLUND SHERMAN CHIN JAMES CHRISTENAT RICHARD CLEM ELJEAN COOK JOHN COOPER HARRY COPPERTHITE GEIL COURTER MARGUERITE CRAWFORD BARBARA CRISWELL JOHN DAHLQUIST FRANCIS DAVIS, JR. One Hundred Four 52 DONALD DEDRICK ROBERT DENNY SAMUEL DU BOIS JANE DUNN VINCENT DURKIN LESLIE DURLOO PAUL ENTEN BETH FRASER HILDE GABRIEL CHARLES GLICK KARL GOLDBERG FREDERICK GOODWIN PEGGY GRAHAM ROBERT GRIDLEY DOROTHY GUNN THORLA HALL GRACE HAMILTON VIRGINIA HAMMOND WALTER HANSEN ELIZABETH HENDRICKS CAROL HICKS VERN JOCELYN PATRICIA JONES HOWARD KAUFMAN BETTY KEENE One Hundred Five 19 O cl r i .■ »■ • 4i wit JAMES KLINE PHYLLIS LACEY THOMAS LAND NANCY MASON JOAN MATTINGLY FRANCES McCUTCHEN GEORGE McMULLAN ELIZABETH MEGICA JILL MILLIS ARTHUR MORALES GILL MURRAY JACQUELINE MURTHA JOSEPH MUSUMECI BARRY NEAVLING CURTISS OLSON KATHERINE PALCHES MAXINE PARK LUIS PASSALACQUA CHARLES PETERS JESSE P1CKERAL DORIS RADLEY RAMON RENO NATHAN ROBINSON FLORENCE ROSS ROBERT ROSS ROBERT SANDERS One Hundred Six 52 MILDRED SEAQUIST CASPER SELINE HERBERT SEPLOWITZ CHHALBILDAS SHAH JO ANN SHIBLER JOYCE SICA LAWRENCE SIEGEL LAWRENCE SIRACUSA LOUISE SMITH MARION STAVES JUDITH STEINBERG BARTON STEWART FRANK STONE SHIRLEY TAYLOR ANNE THALMAN PEGGY THYE JOYCE TRIVETT MARISKA VAN BEMMEL CYNTHIA WAGGONER ROBERT WAGNER CAROL WHITCRAFT JERRY WIGGINS PAUL WININGS LOUISE WORLEY MAXINE YEAGER FREELAND YOUNG u n L ' ± m4 l , MMX A One Hundred Seven « OSfc3j - - ;, WORK STUDY V i i i A ;4jp Jhe f .uaaed f ath ' Round the clock workers . . . first one in cafeteria line at breakfast . . . Work all day . . . Mad dash to make dinner on time . . . Classes until 1 1 :00 . . . Study after work . . .No sooner to bed than it ' s time to rise again . . . This brings physical ed a la modern dance and water ballet, putting into use muscles heretofore unknown . . . " Have you had your blood count taken recently? " . . . Life at McCabe House . . . A popular lounge . . . Scene of a gay Hallowe ' en Open House, complete with cider (apple that is) and corn stalks . . . Spring brings out the rake, hoe and woe unto the weeds in " McCabe Gardens " ... A group of girls working hard for a college educa- tion, but having lots of fun doing it. WORK STUDY SHIRLEY AHLSTROM Pittsburgh, Po. Jhe iKuaaecl J uth MARGARET BRIDGES Kenly, N. C. ANNE CAREY Jessup, Pa. DOROTHY FLORENCE Ames, Iowa Workstudy foursome in Sunday best. AIDA GARCIA Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico ROSA GRESHAM Wellford, S. C. HELEN HERBERT Sioux Falls, S. D. ANNA JACKEY Valley Station, Ky. One Hundred Ten MARY ANN KENNEDY MARGARET MATUS JUNETTA McKALIP ELEANORE MELNICK St. Louis, Mo. Ncscopeck, Po. Swifton, Ark. Washington, D. C. Picnic lunch in the " back yard. ' BARBARA MORRISON Rumford, Maine FLORENCE PETTEPIT Boston, Mass. MILDRED REID Mt. Zion, Ga. DOROTHY RYAN Washington, D. C. ROSE THOMAS Washington, D. C. ELDA TRON Valdese, N. C. ELMA WALKER Flushing, N. Y. One Hundred Eleven ACTIVITIES Jur Jc own COLLEGE COUNCIL S tcite of the i nl nion H Shaffer, R. J. O ' Brien, B. Jennings, M. Moore. President HENRY SCHAFFER Vice-President MICHAEL MOORE Secretary BEVERLY JENNINGS Comptroller ROBERT J. O ' BRIEN Last November found Negus, Schaffer, and Walker sharing headlines with Dewey and Truman as A.U. students went to the polls . . . The first fall election under the new Student Association Constitution ... A complete turnover as all Board members, College Council representatives, and Student Association officers were elected at once Administrative agency of the Student Association, the College Council (both student and faculty members) met weekly to discuss and solve the problems of the campus and it activities . . . The old Council holding practically daily (and even nightly) meetings trying to figure out the budget — who gets how much and why ? . . . What to do with the surplus from last year . . . Social Board asking for a false ceiling for dances in Clendenen . . . Finally " what about a band? " . . . With promises of ATHLETIC BOARD E. Ferber, H. Kaufman, R. Mother, P. Peoples. ORIENTATION BOARD Front Row: M. Engel, G. Fling, M. Jaudon. Second Row: M. Morris, B. Hoak, E. Ferber, E. Dobihal, B. Hale. PUBLICATIONS BOARD hase, Mrs. Gondos, G. Hughes, R. Stephens. FORMER COLLEGE COUNCIL First Row: Mrs. Gondos, B. Hook, B. Huey, Mrs. Skillington. Second Row: V. Harvey, Dr. Hunter, A. Revoir, P. Peoples. PRESENT COLLEGE COUNCIL First Row: Mrs. Skillington, H. Schaffer, B. Jennings, M. Moore, Mrs. Gondos. Second Row: B. Negus, L. Siracusa, R. Buck, Dr. Bentley, J. Muitha, V. Harvey. crosswalks and better assemblies the new members took office . . . Always more problems How to balance the budget the other Council drew up — " Who said there was a surplus? " . . . What to do about publicity . . . Student assemblies — " Where ' s Burl Ives " . . . What about Campus Day . . . April and time to draw up a new budget . . . And the Boards all working hard at their various projects . . . Should we publish a student directory? . . . What to do about colloquiums and seminars . . . Getting into AWAY basketball games on student activity cards . . . What happened to two dances scheduled on the same night . . . Who to get tor Chapel speakers . . . The Charity Fund . . . Getting ready to greet the new Freshmen ... All in all it ' s been hard work, good experience, and a lot of fun. RE LIGIOUS BOARD First Row: Miss Wallace, M. Hall, 0. Gazda. Second Row: G. Anselmo, Dr. Hunter, J. Sugarman, Mr. Eccles, E. Dobihal. SOCIAL BOARD First Row: Mrs. Skillington, M. Atling, Miss Ayala. Second Row: V. Hammond, J. Kout- sendreas, E. Fahey. SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENTS BOARD First Row: M. Seaquist, E. Hendricks, M. Jaudon, P. Alting. Second Row: W. Willis, B. Hoak, Dr. Bentley. Hr -fj B ' s 1 B it. First Row: B. Russoff, E Comstock ' Choir, I, Miss Harllee, J. Jacobs. Second Row: Mr. Crawford, F. Hamilton, A. De Mott, H. Hunsberger, Mr. Levin. COUNCIL ON THE ORGANIZATION The Conference on the Organization of Student Affairs, familiarly known as COSA, is the group working to further the interests of the student body of the School cf Social Sciences and Public Affairs. COSA was formed in the Fall Semester of 1947 by a consolidation of two groups, one headed by Miss Harllee, the other by Ed Comstock, Bert Adams, and Everett Stille As a result of this consolidation plans were drawn up and presented to Dr. Douglass for approval. The approved plans called for a group of fourteen students and seven faculty members to study and make recommendations for student organi- zation. It was finally decided that the most practical method of studying student body needs was through the use of a questionnaire. COSA began devising a questionnaire which evolved from three questions into a two-page analysis of student sentiment. The questionnaire in its final form was distributed to the students in the Spring Planning the big spring dance. of 1948 and its results, along with recommendations, were submitted to the faculty. It was through the efforts of COSA during the Spring of 1948 that the SSSPA was first represented in the AUCOLA. At the start of the Fall Semester 1948, COSA was reorganized on a sub- committee basis to further facilitate its work. At the same time it was decided that the body ' s main effort would be directed toward writing a constitution which would include the results of the questionnaire. For the first time in the history of the SSSPA a semi-formal Spring Ball was sponsored by COSA. It was held at the Carlton Hotel on May 6. From all appear- ances it turned out to be a huge success. In its short history COSA has not been without its problems, but the small group has been able to overcome these problems always keeping in mind that the end results strived for all have been worth the hard work and long hours required to fulfill its appointed task. OF STUDENT AFFAIRS S tate of the Ult nion BUDGET COMMITTEE F. Hamilton, H. Hunsberger. DANCE COMMITTEE E. Comstock, B. Russoff, A. De Mott, J. Jacobs. s, e pur ale r Hamilton House Lounge, a place to relax as well as the scene of many parties and bull sessions. MEN ' S INTERDORMITORY COUNCIL Concerned with co-ordination of the governing units of the men ' s residence halls . . . Each house represented by its proctor and one other member . . . Weekly meetings in Dean Bentley ' s office . . . Engaged in settling the problems of the various dorms . . . How to get more parking space . . . Christmas and each house gaily decorated with tree inside and colored lights out . . . Co-operation with Ham House in its various open houses. First Row: E. Berts, A. DeMctt, J. Detwiler. Second Row: J. Ponkow, A. Revolr, L. LaFever ? SOO WJ Christmas Candlelight and most representative girls in traditional gowns. WOMEN ' S HOUSE COUNCIL President — Frances Feldman, Vice President — Irene Bugai, Secretary — Virginia Harvey, Treasurer — Elizabeth Ferber, Social Chm. — Astnd Nye, Cynthia Waggoner and Helen Herbert. The women ' s governing body for residents of M.G.H. . . . Honored and revered body meeting regularly . . . Girls in pin curls, pajamas, and robes waiting patiently (?) for the men to leave M.G.H. so they can start their meeting . . . The dread of a little slip in your mail box — the summons 1 . . . Ginny busy t aking minutes . . . When will the next fire drill be? . . . Planning and arranging for the Christmas Party and Candlelight Ceremony ... All of this falls within the realm of House Council. H. Herbert, C. Waggoner, F. Feldman, Dean Skillington, I. Bugai, V. Harvey, E. Ferb:r, A. Nye. THE EAGLE A. Barr, D. Harlan, S. Grogan. The fourth estate had a hectic season . . . The Eagle managed to supply its readers with almost weekly editions . . . Eight faithful scribes wearily getting out the paper . . . Acute labor shortage . . . Fiery editorials to stir the lethargic student body ... Jim and Marion Sanford ' s weekly stint, " Hullaballoo " (now 75 Wooded Acres) offered pleasant nonsense on an intel- lectual plane . . . Complete coverage of the activities of the campus muscle men . . . SSSPA becomes Eagle conscious . . . Editor Dan dashing to the printers in the early morning mist . . . Publications board sympathetic but firm about budget . . . Founder ' s Day issue with lots of " now and then " shots . . . Much publicity for the Fighting Editor . . . Frantic search for copy . . . Exams and an issue deadline in horrible proximity . . . June and the last issue put to bed with a sigh of relief . . . and regret too. Camerman Mike comes through hours to deadline. rive 2)tar jrinal Editor DAN HARLAN Managing Editor STAN GROGAN Art Editor MARTIN RIES Layout Editor CAROLYN HUTCHINS Sports Editor ERIC PEACHER Feature Editor JIM SANFORD Business Manager ALLEN BARR Photographer MIKE MOORE Faculty Advisor MR. H. D. CRAWFORD First Row: E. Peacher, C. Hutchins, P. Kurkhill, D. Harlan, M. Sanford, M. Reis. Second Row: M. Moore, J. Armengol, S. Grogan, A. Barr, T. Colley, W. Anglin, R. Gnegy. One Hundred Twenty-one ■ Archive 13. in tu .„... .• ' ■;;;.,. urstup r Entertainment WW Open Speech Club Season rr„ ce -« Relioo " Rtutlm Catend Jniversity I Marion Si, Uattf . ien or «£ . University Will Celebrate 56th Birthday in Rites Next Week I 1 e ° -C ■ Meet Herein °p 2 J ! } V v " tOfivR --ming of m. - ' ' o tt o r 5.V)o ,u0 ' 4, O i.% - Homecoming Schedule tck IRC Meet iftC »W at Penn State " - ' ' ' fc ° Organize - ' es. field „r . ' " M c Y SJ . Unify ir ;i FRESHMAN HANDBOOK FRANCES FELDMAN IRENE BUGAI HANDBOOK STAFF Editor FRANCES FELDMAN Associate Editors Irene Bugai Rob Roy Ratliff Leigh Ribble, Gloria Hughes, Mary Axelson, Martin Ries, Jerry Fling, Guy Anselmo, Andy Revoir, Wally Lyon, Harry Biser, Lou Erlund, Betty Milam. Faculty Advisor Evelyn F. Skillington M. Ries, G. Hughes, A. Revoir. Welcome S t rctnaer 9 Handbook cued incoming Frosh as to college scene . . . bigger and better than ever . . . slick paper and lots of illustrations to liven pages . . . Editor covering campus in a hope to corner students who might have " facts and figures " knowledge . . . Every club president far away in some inaccessible vacation spot . . . scattered staff contacted by tele- phone and stories called in . . . Lure of sunshine too much and the wearied workers would relax with the gang in front of M.G.H. . . . Lazy livin ' who cares if we turn out a book? . . . The first cool night and thoughts of school and tender Freshmen spur us on to greater efforts . . . and to the producing of a new handbook ... to please and to inform. AUCOLA Hook, L. Kaufman, R. Stevens, A. De Mott. This year ' s AUCOLA is a joint project of the uptown and downtown schools . . . Working on the theory of two heads having more gray matter than one, co-editors squeezed into executive chair . . . Mobile office consisting of assorted yearbooks and slips of paper bouted from Lounge to Game Room ... at last found desk space in WAMC office . . . Intercom offered opportunities for hilarious jests by practical jokers . . . Timid students coaxed from shrubbery by Photo Editor Sanford . . . Hey Bruce! When are we going to get the glossies? . . . Terrific ideas balanced against limited funds . . . Photog- rapher Mike wildly snapping informals . . . Writing staff idly thumbing through 1904 yearbooks for a fresh lead . . . Theme a jealously kept secret, yet somehow known to coffeeshop auditors . . . " Any- body seen Alfred? " . . . Frantic plea for typists who can speed along at a swift 20 words a minute . . . Desperate last minute spurt of acivity by hollow- eyed staff and AUCOLA is turned over to the printers ... A job completed, a feeling of anticipa- tion ... for you, we hope, a feeling of satisfaction. The AUCOLA office, scene of incessant work — Whoopee !!!... You said it, it ' s out; it ' s through; it ' s over! .A St, renuoud eJLife AUCOLA STAFF Co-Editors BRUCE HOAK- LEONARD KAUFMAN Co-Business Managers ROBERT STEVENS— ALFRED DEMOTT MARTIN RIES Art MONICA OVERTON MARION SANFORD Photography MICHAEL MOORE FRED HAMILTON MARJORIE MORRIS DORIS SMITH Editorial and Layout GLORIA HTJGHES BEVERLY SPENCER GLORIA FOXMAN Contributors Roberta Ashburner, Angela Beech, Conrad Haglund, Virginia Hammond, Harold Hurst, Patricia Jones, Phyllis Lacey, Maxine Park, Eric Peacher, John O ' Dnscoll, Rosemary Rockmore, Mary Lou Roth, Gerald Stahl. First Row: M. Morris, G. Hughes, R. Stevens, B. Hoak, L. Kaufman, A. DeMott, M. Sanford, S. Spencer. Second Row: E Peacher, M. Moore, G. Foxman, M. Park, P. Lacey, M. Overton, Dr. Clark, F. Hamilton, V. Hammond, A. Beech, M. Reisinger, D. Smith, P. Jones, M. Reis. Not the real Shakespearean drama, but rather some extemporaneous slap stick of the " good ole days. " Dramatic Opportunities for hopeful A.U. thes- pians . . . Nucleus of casts and Crews for major productions . . . Prologue to Alpha Psi Omega . . . Fall play a sellout . . . Teeta Hammond receiving roses ' mid final applause ... Bill Cowan with a " the show must go on " attitude and a twisted sacro- iliac . . . Bobbie Negus making reams of paper lilacs . . . Tom Nelson and Jack Sauerhoff rewiring Clendenen and not a wire crossed . . . The house lights dim, the audience hushes, and the crunch of crackerjack is audible! . . . Spring production and campus males compare legs and tights . . . Shakes- pearean play rehearsals . . . The only time you can go to the Grotto without getting a reputation . . . Chemistry department " DDTing " the Grotto to kill rovjng insects . . . Always a race to end the per- formance before the storm hits . . . The couples in the last row who never see the play. A. U. THEATER Jne j- lciu 5 the Jhln t First Row: N. Mason, J. Millis, B. Negus, H. Gabriel. Second Row: M. Radley, Miss Miller, V. Harvey, B. Jennings, F. Murray, V. Hammond. Third Row: G Glossbrenner, R. Meaoe, S. Werner, R. Stevens, E. Bartholemew, M. Ries, W. Anglin. fi 3 Ha! m First Row: M. Zant, M. Coin, C. Conwoy, Miss Harllee, R. McLean, M. Ehle, R. Reiter. Second Row: W. Johnsen, E. Davis, D. Dyatr, D. Fisher, W. Garber, A. Hoc ' ge, C. Haglund, E. Kirshner, E. Johnsen. SPEECH CLUB Joniaht at 8:30 u t The American University Speech Club was or- ganized to further the general student interest in speech activities and allied arts. The club was or- ganized in 1946 and has counted among its activi- ties since then aid and support to all school activi- ties in general, and particularly to the A.U.- Oxford University Debate; production of " Charley ' s Aunt " in the Spring of 1948, theatre parties; spe- cial event gatherings; political discussions; annual Christmas party, special lecture by faculty mem- ber, and organized cooperation with the Radio and TV Workshop. In co nnection with the Workshop it produced for the 1948 National Convention of the Speech Association of America a telecast per- formance of Gordon Bligh ' s " In Cold Blood " . . . This year " The Hasty Heart, " given in April, was a great success. " and it was so warm in the TV studio " . . . heard after the Speech Club meeting. Station Manager MARSHALL DAVIS Prcgram Director DOUGLAS BAILEY Chief Tech. Engr TED CRAVER Studio Engr AL ATARDI Chief Announcer FRED NAGLE .... " 590 on your dial " . . . Campus radio station with student staff . . . Featuring music to study by . . . Schedule varies from news casts to A.U ' s version of soap opera . . . " And now we play for Sue, Tom, Jean, Ruth, Sam ... " ... AUCOLA and WAMC cozily share the same office . . . College cut-ups burlesque give-away shows . . . " Who threw that switch! " . . . Editor Kaufman gives orders via radio to listening AUCOLA staff . . . Disk jockey pulls filibuster, finds mike wide open . . . Timing a vital concern . . . Students swear by it! . . . Invaluable experience for radio- television majors. " 590 on your radio dial WAMC Jhe i olce of the Jurtle First Row: D. Bailey, M. Davis, A. Attardi, F. Nagie. Second Row: J. Christehat, R, Meade, K. Goldberg, E. Megica, B. Neavling, R. Zimmerli. First Row: J. Strother, L. Kaufman, Ruth Reiter, A. Baca, M. L. Erlund, M. Ehle, Miss Harllee. Second Rrw: H. Fuchsman, M. Foster, E. Johnson, M. Davis, D. Dyatt, T. Craver, F. Dunham. RADIO WORKSHOP President TED CRAVER Vice-President DERRICK DYATT Secretary TONY McSHERRY T.ecsurer HARVEY FUCHSMAi . The Rad io Work Shop is a new project which was started in the downtown school of American University. The program was officially inaugu- rated on November 1, 1948, and a charter drawn up and provisionally approved. The project is open to the entire student body. For entrance, the Work Shop requires the stu- dent ' s participation in the field of radio, either by major or by supplementary courses, or by ac- tual experience. The organization attempts to build interest and give additional opportunity for knowledge and perfection to those who are tyros in this specialized work. The aim of the Radio Work Shop is to provide an outlet for students who are interested in this feld. It gives them an opportunity to apply the factual knowledge of the classroom in the studio. Organization on a competitive basis stimulates a higher quality of performance. This is a young group, the stardards and ideals are h gh, the members are hard workers. DEBATE Jhe Jempest First Row: Lloyd Brooks, Mr. Brigham, Jule Sugarmon. Second Row: Suzanne Williams, Doris Williams, Stephen Martin, Marjorie Ehle. Manager JULE SUGARMAN Assistant Manager LLOYD BROOKS The American University Debaters, under the guidance of Mr. Gordon Brigham, have met with many outstanding schools. The Na- tional College Question under discussion was — Resolved: That the Federal Government should adopt a policy of equalizing educational opportunity in tax supported schools by means of annual grants. Met on the home grounds of A.U. were Swarthmore, Randolph Macon, North Carolina, Delaware, Howard, Virginia, Richmond, Rut- gers, Seton Hall, Drew, Gettysburg, and Georgetown. The team piled into " prof " Bngham ' s chariot for debate trips to Annapolis, Randolph Macon and Washington College. The high point of the year was the Grand Forensic Tournament at Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia. From this Varsity team is drawn the membership of Delta Sigma Rho, honorary debate fraternity. One Hundred Thirty " Federal aid to educa- tion? " — Steve Martin makes his point. The lower studio — one can usually find John Smith there. OFFICERS President MARTIN RIES Vice-Presiaent LOUISE KEMMERLING Secretary WALTER ANGLIN Treasurer PEGGY PEOPLES Historian THOMAS GREENBANK ART GUILD ts edian for cJLluina A group of students interested in art as a medium of expression today . . . Life magazine ' s " Modern Art " a burning issue . . . sponsored jaunts to nearby galleries and museums. But is it art? ? ? . . . student sold drawings and sketched caricatures of chagrined subjects at Hallowe ' en Bazaar ... Is my nose really that long? . . . Chatty column " Off the Palette " in the Eagle . . . social life, bacchanalian . . . The Beaux Art Ball, a calendar highlight . . . gaudy and gay . . . climaxes year ' s activities First Row: A. Grenell, J. Millis, G. Murroy, E. Hendricks, T. Wake. Second Row: A. Beech, W. Anglin, M. Reis, P. Peoples, R. Shone. Third Row: B. Cohen, B. Stewart, J. Hepner, M. Reisinger, S. Taylor, P. Graham, S. Willis, D. Lind. CHORUS Fall and the usual huge turnover . . . New students " try out " ' mid nervous clearing of throats . . . Back on normal schedule of one Thursday chapel . . . Massed choir impressive in black robes . . . Simple and lovely music of Christmas program . . . Try it slowly . . . Tuesday night rehearsals the trial of sorority gals . . . No chapel cuts . . . Watch for the signal . . . Annual exchange of chapel services with Howard gives chance to renew old acquaintances Preparation for the Spring Concert . . . Anticipated tour of Eastern cities . . . Patient " Mac " keeps us on tempo . . . Plans for graduation . . . May, the last chapel service and the final good-byes. Christmas programs and Spring Concerts always mean constant rehearsal. v y Jhee r j fi 9 CHRISTMAS AND CLENDENEN THE SCENE OF THE ANNUAL CONCERT. First Row: R. Carothers, E. Fahey, P. Fulmer, M. Williamson, G. Coulter, B. Keene, Mr. McLain, J. French. B. Boge, B. Mooers, S. Dobihal, M. Aiken, M. Ghormley, L Smith, M. Jaudon. Second Row: G. Helberg, M. Yeoger, L. Worley, G. Hamilton, B. Rich, B. Huey, R. Ncrair, J. Spangler, M. Engel, V. Harvey, 0. Gazda, D. Thompson, J. Miles, E. Latimer. Third Row: D. Brasor, E. Cook, D. Geyer, J. Bunce, K. Palchcs, D. Gunn, A. Alexander, J. Steinberg, R. Cole. Fourth Row: J. Sauerhoff, B. Neavling, W. Smith, R. Worley, D. Leavitt, M. Moore, H. Landrum, E. Dobihal, J. Dahlquist. One Hundred Thirty-three First Row: J. Christenat, B. Neavling, M. Williamson, J. Dahlquist, J. Camp, C. Harvey, G. Katig, V. Harvey, Seccnd Row: Mr MacAdoo, C. Barnett, E. Solomon, R. Zlmmmerli, R. Remington, H. Thomas, J. Padgett, M. Morris, W. Kinney. i ll ludic rratn L k BAND arm Director MR MacADOO Student Director JIM CHRISTENAT Assistant Director HARRY WILLIAMSON Manager JOY CAMP On Wednesday evenings about seven o ' clock, loud, rythmical noises can be heard issuing from Clendenen Gym . . . Youngster of campus organization — the band! . . . Surplus from last year ' s activity fund proved inspiration to Ginny Harvey and Mr. Person . . . Instruments purchased . . . Mr. MacAdoo, former Redskin di- rector, wielding the baton . . . Successful duet at Loyola game . . . Supplemented with twirling by Joy Camp . . . students en- thusiastic . . . A.U. is proud of its red, white and blue. ORCHESTRA The American University orchestra pauses for the benefit of the photog- rapher during one of its weekly rehecrsals. IB JL X JL ■ A SB f Conductor MR. ROMAINE Tuesday nights at 7:30 . . . strains of a Hayden symphony or " Street Scene " come bursting forth from Huyler Studio . . . The A.U. orchestra is hard at work . . . Kept busy rehearsing for the Christmas concert . . . Also working hard for a grand spring appearance . . . Vic and Jim and their trumpet duets . . . Always a problem to transport the basses . . . Sure could use a good french horn . . . Final public appear- ance before the Music Education Institute of Maryland, Virginia, and the District. P 1 d MUSIC CLUB W« «„ W The piano at Huyler Studio, a favorite gathering place. President ELEANOR LATIMER Vice-President JOHN DASSCULAS Secretary BARBARA MOOERS Treasurer OLGA GAZDA Devoted to the appreciation of good music . . . The inclined and the interested meet socially to listen and learn . . . " What do you think of be-bop ? " . . . The piano in M.G.H. a gathering spot . . . Sponsoring musical programs for interested " out- siders " . . . John planning a concert . . . Olga is the gal who handles the coin for the group . . . Elli elected " gavel girlie " for second year . . . John and Adelle hearing Lohengrin in June . . .Patient Mac . . . Affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs . . . Opportunity for members to participate in Federation concerts, including Marion and her flute. UdlC First row: C. Perry, M. Williamson, A. Feller, V. Harvey, S. Werner. Second row: G. Helberg, E. Lotimer, J. Dassoulos, 0. Gazda, M. Thiebaud, L. Smith. Third row: M. Moore, W. Anglin, M. Ries, R. Chatham, E. Cook, J. French, G Kafig. South America means Pinatas and dancing . . . fexican ruuricle JEANE HUDSON Vice-President FELIX HOLT Secretary SUZANNE WILLIAMS Treasurer HARRIET KERSHENBAUM Composed of students interested in increasing their knowledge of the culture and traditions of the Spanish speak- ing countries . . . Weekly luncheon meetings a special feature of this group . . . Lectures in Spanish, Venezuelan dancers, songs to the accompaniment of a guitar provide an evening of entertainment . . . Such excitement and activity at the an- nual Pmata Party at Christmastime . . . Occasional evening socials in Gendenen where Latin music provided the setting for those who aspired to shake the hips and tap the feet . . . Gala celebration of Pan American Day in April with all stu- dents taking part . . . Joining with the other language clubs for the annual picnic at the end of the year. PAN AMERICAN CLUB First Row: J. Welker, E. Fahey, E. Persigehl, E. Bartholomew, V. Hammond. Second Row: Miss Ayala, S. Williams, F. Holt, H. Kershen- boum. Miss Olds. Third Row: M. Jaudon, J. Woods, C. de Marchena, B. Hoak, A. DeMott, R. Spiel, G. Anselmo, J. Camp. I- First Row: G. Hamilton. J. Dunn, C Hicks, J. Sica. Second Row: N. Mason, P. Kurkhill, M. Thieb.ud, M. Jaudon, Mis. Wyatt, L. Malcnp. Thrd Rcw: M. Frank, E. Fahey, M. Kelley, S. Albrecht, E. Bartholomew, M. Thyc, E. Megica, L. Johnson, J. Trivett. Fourth Row: P. Carey, T. Carter, C. de Marchena, L. Brooks, R. Worley, G. Glcssbrenner. JUNIOR ALLIANCE FRANCAISE President MARY JAUDON Vice-President BARBARA PARK Secretary MILDRED BURKIAND Treasurer MARY JOAN THIEBAUD Trench without JeoirS Formerly Le Cercle Francaise, now affiliated with the National Federation de I ' alliance Francaise des Etats-Unis et du Canada . . . Privilege of hearing Pierre Emmanuel, prominent poet, Jean of the enthralling voice, reading the Christmas story . . . Mme. Galichcn briefing the ladies en the Gallic woman and her Latin traditions . . . " Four-thirty and nothing ready! ' ' the wail of prexy Mary . . . Mme Sauvageot singing folk ballets ... A junior group working with the Alliance Francaise branches of Washington . . . New York . . . Paris . . . World wide organization fostering mere intimate Franco-Ameri- can understanding. " Frere Jacques . . . dormez vous? " — strains of French music and song come forth from Great Hall when the Junior Alliance meets. President MICHAEL MOORE Treasurer MARY JOAN TH1EBAUD For students of the Rhineland is the German Club . . . Teutonic culture, songs and music are enjoyed . . . Movies with English subtitles for the Romance Language students . . . " Memories of Shubert " ... Mike frantically pasting together a cardboard version of Strasbourg Cathedral for Christmas Dinner . . . Co-sponsors with I.R.C. of Yuletide party at Dr. Douglass ' home ... Dr. Frank and Frauline Albrecht open homes to partying members . . . Spring brings plans for National standing . . . Author Mann may do installation . . Writers of encouraging letters to students and teachers in Germany. " ' twos the night before " . . . sharing the Christmas spirit. l Uutch on the f h ine DEUTCHER VEREIN rrfW fs n f ? First Row: P. Carey, T. Berenblum, F. Hay, H. Gabriel, Dr. Frank. Second Row: F. Golde, S. Albrecht, M. Seaquist, Mrs. Frank, M. Thiebaud, F. Moore, Mrs. Moore. Third Row: Mr. Albrecht, J. Musumeci, F. Deininger, P. Weidler, G. Glossbrenner, L. Schlossberg, E. Persigehl, D. Leavitt, R. Wagner, 0. Jenkins, W. Teachout, S. Schot, A. Inglis, M. Moore. First Row: G. Schwartz, S. Albrecht, 0. Gazda. Second Row: M. Moore. K. Tay- lor, P. Kurkhill, Dr. Burr, T. Cammtz, F. Holt. Third Row: G. Anselmo, A. Neu- man, W. Jarvis, B. Hoak, G. Hunsberger, H Thomos, P. Carey. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 3 omorrow the l Uorici President JOHN CLARK Vice-President TOBA CAMNITZ Secretary PEARL KURKHILL Treasurer KEITH TAYLOR " Federal aid to education or . . . Discussion in the Hoover Room. . " !, " V The days of the schoolmarm and the one room red school house belong to antiquity . . . The modern teacher must have at his com- mand scientific methods and techniques . . . Monthly meetings to discuss problems of instruction . . . Practice teachers adding their own humorous, personal experiences . . . Visits to the N.E.A. and speakers and literature from that office ... An organization of would-be teachers . . . The collegiate stepping stone to the profes- sional organization, the National Education Association. One Hundred Thirty-nine ». ' ' r Dr. Pctter hclds forth on the U.N. at noon luncheon. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB President STEPHEN MARTIN Vice-President HARRIETT KERSHENBAUM Secretary SUSAN ALTMAN Treasurer MARJORIE EHLE Organized to promote international understand- ing and cooperation . . . Conference trips to Penn State and U.N. . . . Meeting delegates and hearing Eleanor . . . Reception for foreign students a tower of Babel . . . Gala United Nations Commemoration Day Program with its problems of protocol . . . Hundreds of memos to ditto, who wants to lick envelopes? . . . Program of foreign films — which night is best, how are we going to get the cash? . . . Noonday lunches between classes result in more cooperation and more indigestion ... Dr. Potter and the U.N. . . . Discussions on timely topics and international socials in Clendenen . . . So ends another busy year. First Row: H. Gabriel, B. Negus, E. Bartholomew, L. Rosenberger. Second Row: A. DeMott, L. Decker, S. Williams, S. Martin, M. Ehle, R. Wagner, L. Brooks. Third Row: F. Sleeper, J. Sugar- man, S. Branick, B. Hcok, J. Pcnkow, D. Geyer, R. Gnegy. Weil, Pot (J lithe Spirit T l First Row: M. Austin, P. Graham, B. Keene, C. Hutchens, J. Lee, M. Yeager. Second Row: Fraser Mr Eccles, A. DeMott, B. Rich, E. Dobihal, 0. Gozda, E. Peacher, G. Hamilton. Third Row N Robinson, ' B. Arrand, M. Seaquist, M. Brown, S. Werner, L. Smalley, B. Hook. Fourth Row: D. Harlan, P. Dixon, E. McCary, L. Graham, J Kline, S. Branick, R. Wagner, W. Kinney, R. Zimmerly, D. Geyer. president EDWARD DOBIHAL Vice-President BETTY RICH Secretary OLGA GAZDA Treasurer ALFRED DEMOTT STUDENT CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Religion plays a vital role on the campus of American University . . . Making Christian values live and work in daily life is the goal of the Student Christian Fellow- ship . . . Achievement of this through the frequent pres- entation of worship and Bible study . . . Programs of social significance and student interest . . . Conducted Vespers for the Fall Orientation Program . . . Missions Conference . . . Winner of Reeves Cup, Charity Fund Award . . . Interesting panel discussions . . . Holly and fellowship at Christmas Open House . . . Popular lecture series on " From Dates to Mates " . . . Inter-racial conference in March a big success . . . Bi-carb and liniment the after- math of weiner roast and bowling party . . . Irish jigs and wearin ' of the green featured at St. Patrick ' s Day Party ... An attempt to weave social, intellectual, and moral fibres into the pattern of college life ... A group dedicated to the re-emphasis of personal faith. Peyser-Judd House, the scene of group meetings and much discussion. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT EXECUTIVE BOARD R. Lewis, J. Robinson, C. Eubank, Dr. Bailey, R. Shirer, T. Rubin, D. Manley, J. Manley, E. Kilby, F. Bunke, C. Draper, I. Goldstein. President RAYMOND SHIRER Vice-President ROBERT BROWN Secretary DOROTHY MANLEY Treasurer JOHN MANLEY The Society for the Advancement of Management is the recognized professional society of management in industry, commerce, government, and education. The present chapter at an American University was organized in the Fall of 1946 by a handful of students and was chartered as a student chapter in January of 1947. Since that time its membership has grown to remain consistently above 100 members, making it among the five largest student chapters in the country, the largest organi- zation in the University, and the most active chapter of the four in this area. The organization structure is truly a democratic one in which an attempt is made to give every man an equal voice and an equal share of responsibility. The " and furthermore gentlemen " . . . heard at the February dinner. Down to serious business ... an SAM meeting. One Hundred Forty-two OF MANAGEMENT L Jou L an t Jahe It l Uitk ujou executive board composed of ten members concerns itself with the planning, promo- tion, and the approval of all programs and policies which the officers and committees carry out These programs include speakers; forum discussions at which prominent business men are invited to attend and participate; and round tables on technical management subjects and social affairs. A personnel placement service for SAM. members is not the least of the present program. A further aid to the students are the national publications of the society and the auarterly. SAM. chapters are located in all the major industrial centers throughout this country and in Canada, in addition to having international affiliations. S.A.M. chapters are well regarded for their contributions to their community and industrial development. By way of recognition of its own outstanding leaders, the student chapter makes two yearly awards which are presented at an annual banquet. The recipients are judged on the basis of attendance, leadership, character, scholastic achievement, and consistency. First Row: B. Adams, J. Robinson, T. Rubin, J. Benfer, R. Brown, Dr. Bailey, D. Manley, R. Shirer, J. Manley, F. Bunke, L Sanderson, C. Koenig. Second Row: D. Murphy, J. Sutton, M. Hitt, M. Larkin, V. Nash, A. De Mott, V. Philips, J. Chism, J. Golomb, R. Lewis, F. Davis, E. Millanette, L. Keefe, J. McCauley, H. Fong. Third Row: E. Kilby, H. Goodman, J. Thornton, J. Parker, C. Negri, J. Staggs, I. Goldstein, C. Eubank, C. Draper, J. Jacobs, E. Robertson, R. Burdick, F. Kotteck, E. Keppler, H. Levin, F. Hamilton, E. Cooper. r jff CHEMISTRY CLUB First Row: R. Ashburner, S. Richtfertig, W. Fleming, C. Blackly, B. Jepson, M. Block. Second Row: E. Calcote, J. Siomkojlo, G. Skirm, L. Bowly, E. Scmmers, A. Attardi, B. Persaud, M. Thiebaud. rui nu 3Jt ■ ' I President CHARLES BLACHLY Vice-President RICHARD HILL Secretary MARION BLACK Treasurer BART JEPSON The chem lab end Duncan Burchard are a constant combination. - One cf our newer organizations, the Chemistry Club was founded in February of ' 48 . . . Member- ship open to those who have taken General Chem- istry ... A year has seen the roster with twenty students . . . Meeting ' s held bi-monthly by out- standing chemists ... A frequent sight is the group gathered around the tables in the back of the cafeteria . . . Could be they are trying chemical experiments with the food . . . Kept busy in plan- ning and working on the Biennial Science Show. Members easily recognized by their stiff white uniforms . . . Open to any girl who is an R.N. or an alumna of A.U. and eligible to receive her B.S. in Nursing after completing the required number of hours ... A group of approximately twenty, meeting monthly to discuss events in the nursing field and matters of importance to medicine in general . . . Hard to find a meeting time . . . Some members at Sibley, some on campus . . . Long hours, lots of work . . . When is there time to study? . . . And " Why do I have to take my Graduate Record Exam in Biology? " . . . What some girls won ' t do for a career. Nurses Scrimshaw and Bell provide professional services for tha patient. Wc omen in Wluu R. N. CLUB ftf•H ' J % w[fc C. Mollohan, L. Parker, F. Murray, L. Coyle, R. Miller, B. Beneke. One Hundred Forty-five VALEDAS ■ ■ ■■H Tcba and Ruthellen make posters for independent candidate for Homecoming Queen. The piano in the second floor lounge of M.G.H. is a gathering spot for Valedas. Meetings often include discussions with faculty members. Cne Hundred Fortty-six l Ulien cJLaclieS jeei OFFICERS President TCBA CAMNITZ Vice-President TRUDY SCHWARTZ Corresponding Secretary SHIRLEY DARLING Recording Secretary SUSAN ALTMAN Treasurer LEIGH ROSENBERGER Became reality in February of 1948 . . . Fecal point for independent women and stray Greeks . . . This year their first full year . . . Fall Tea for all independent women given in Clendenen lounge . . . National Symphony accompanied — no charge . . . Came in first of all women ' s groups en campus in Charity Drive for second time in two years . . . " Toba, your boyfriend made a basket! " . . . Usher at Pan Hel and Inter-Frat Scngfest . . . The IRC and Sue . . . March Tea in Hoover Room brings in more interested independents. First Row: G. Foxman, H. Gabriel. Second Rcw: S. Darling, T. Comnitz, M. Epstein. Third Row: J. Welker, S. Williams, H. Kershenbaum, G. Schwartz, J. Matheson. ALPHA PHI OMEGA OFFICERS President MERLON WILLIAMS Vice-President STANLEY GROGAN Secretary THOMAS COLLEY Treasurer BARTLEY JEPSON Historian JAMES SANFORD Former Boy Scouts of America . . . Campus and community service . . . Runners-up for Charity Drive . . . Projects include keeping Grotto green for spring romancers . . . Student ' s bulletin board . . . Chapel ushers . . . Always there with a helping hand . . . They take their motto seriously . . . Bar-B-Q at Rock Creek Park a big success despite burnt fingers and damp terrain . . . Definitely co-ed in social plans . . . dances and picnics . . . National Service Fraternity First Row: J. Sanford, T. Colley, M. Williams, B. Jepson, C. Olson. Second Row: J. Pankow, H. McMullan, L Durloo, H. Stickney, R. Reno, L. Kaufman sQli jfor oLoi e " Who ' s up? " Serving as ushers or Chapel every Thursday is one of the many functions performed by members. ' Batter up! " One Hundred Forty-nine WASHINGTON SEMESTERS Mr Dows-n lAsst. to Ih- Pres dent of the U. S I, Mr. Hattery, T. Monroe, J, Jones, R. Gullette D D.err, W. K nzey, L. Hickose, J. Grove, W. Acher, B. Littleton, F. Ogler, L. Rosenberger, W. Sewell, D. Fester, W. Ash, S. Martn, B. Spencer, Decn Gipson, L. Peck, R. Ramp. " A diller, a dollar, a Washington Semester Scholar " ... or so says Lorraine Peck . . . The mid- west invades A.U. after initial shock of pasteboard co-ed dorm settles into comfortable rut of campus- to-downtown-to-Hill , . . W.S.ers spend semester in Capitol while enrolled in own institution and receive full academic credit . . ■. Each student selects some phase of government for study and exploration . . , Project papers summarize experi- ence . . . Seminar for would-be statesmen — " Gov- ernment in Action " under chairmanship of Lowell H Hattery . . . Washington Whirl dazzles seme, chagrins others, exhausts all . . . Tea at an em- bassy . . . view from the Monument . . . " N-2 and I forgot my transfer 1 " . . . The BIG FREEZE and a hasty evacuation to the plastered luxury of cam- pus lodgings ... A tantalizing field trip to the Bureau of Engraving . . . W.S.ers Attend Opening of Some State or Other vs. Somebody or Something ! . . . Hard working visiters. One Hundred Fifty JndiJe US. -J. PARTICIPATING COLLEGES ALLEGHENY COLLEGE THE COLLEGE OF VVOOSTER HIRAM COLLEGE OBERLIN COLLEGE WESTMINSTER COLLEGE BIRMINGHAM-SOUTHERN COLLEGE DENISON UNIVERSITY DICKINSON COLLEGE HAMLINE UNIVERSITY LINDENWOOD COLLEGE TRANSYLVANIA COLLEGE M Ml Left to Right: V Pratt, W. Miller, N. Bolin, M. Hine, W. Polmer, R. Lowary, J. Treyz, F. Fitch, I McGill, C. DeJohn, D. Trace, A. Riippa, D Fisher, 0. Harris, E. Cook, Mr. Kidd, E. Teeters, Senator Elbert Thomas. Cne Hundred Fitty-one PAN ALPHA CHI OMEGA DELTA GAMMA KAPPA DELTA OL Wc omen September again and open season is declared at Annual Panhellenic Tea . . . punch, cookies, and weighty advice to rushees . . . aims at a " high plane of fraternity life " . . . Liaison between college and Greek maidens . . . Gives cup to outstanding Fra- ternity and Independent woman . . . Interfraternity formal a big success . . . Song Fest just ahead . . . singing and sewing the top campus secrets . . . B J usually in a tizzy . . . June and graduation and a new council takes over. HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS President BETTY JANE HALE Vice-President PEGGY PEOPLES Secretary BETTY BERGMAN Treasurer MARYADA FRANK First Row: M. Frank, A. Engle, B. Hale, P. Peoples. Second Row: M. Morris, E. Ferber, M. Hall M. AXELSON, A. BEECH B. CRISWELL. B. FRENCH, C. HICKS, B. KEENE, J. MAT- TINGLY, B. MILBURN. J MILLIS S. NEWBAKER M. REISINGER B. RICH M. ROTH R. SHONE J. SMITH J. BARNETT A. THALMAN T. WAHL Pearl encrusted lyre pin . . . " If you hear a piano, it ' s from the Alpha Chi room " . . . Eagle Trophy theirs because of superior decorating ability at Christmas banquet . . . Delta Gamma scholarship awarded to Faye Baker . . . Big year, what with the initiation and installation of Gamma Theta Chapter at Maryland . . . Mary and her plea — " Speak up, Sam ex- press yo ' sef " . . . Christmas dance at Piano is proud cdditicn to A Chi room. ALPHA CHI OMEGA BETA RHO CHAPTER FOUNDED 1936 Lafayette Hotel with Gamma Theta Chapter and liberal supply of mistletoe . . . " Oh my goodness " . . . Bouncing Betty B . . . " Ask Sandy, she ' ll know " . . . Tarry wistfully eying Norfolk . . . Babs still un- shorn while other gals do a Samson with their locks . . . Anybody see Nancy? . . . Reisinger making like the Snake Pit . . . Artistic ladies. FOUNDED 1385 OFFICERS President ELIZABETH BERGMAN Vice-President ALICE FISHER Secretary CARCLYN HUTCH I MS Treasurer MARJORIE HALL House party meons mountain trails and climbing fences. B. BERGMAN T. FISHER C. HUTCHINS M. HALL DELTA GAMMA BETA EPSILON CHAPTER FOUNDED 1936 FOUNDED 1874 OFFICERS President PEGGY PEOPLES Vice-President BARBARA NEGUS Secretary MARY JOAN THEIBAUD Corresponding Secretary PEGGY COYLE Treasurer ELEANOR LATIMER Campus Queen Peggy relinquishes her crown to petite Mary Lou Cragoe . . . Folksy fun at DG barn dance . . . Irene Bugai and Marilyn Ashley selected most representative girls of their classes at Candlelight Service . . . Kenwood Country Club scene of Pledge Formal ... big suc- cess! . . . " Visibility Unlimited " philan- thropic project . . . Bobbie ' s " filibusters " . . . Lots of diamonds on strategic fingers Two D.G. ' s compare notes on M.G.H. steps. P. PEOPLES M. THIEBAUD P. COYLE M ASHLEY E BARTHOLOMEW, M. BLACK, H. BRADY, I. BUGAI, M. GHORMLEY, A. GRENELL, B. HALL, V. HAMMOND, G. HUGHES. and lots of pins joining white-and-gold anchors . . . Peg Coyle impassively knitting through every crisis . . . Founder ' s Day banquet at 2400 . . . Mite-size Margie with the determined will . . . " Who put ashes in this cactus? " . . . After two years of unwinding red tape, we get a lock for our door — but still no keys . . . DG mer- maids tie for honors in swimming Intra- murals . . . Athletic girls . . . Activity girls. Knitting a favorite pastime in the DG room. P. JONES B MEHRING M. MORRIS D. TAYLOR P. WAIT S. WERNER r 3 " " 6- " K ADAMS A ALEXANDER, M ALTING. P ALTING, B. ANGEL, A. BURNETT, J. CANNON, R. CAROTHERS, E. COOK, J. CRAGIN, L. DIBBLE, P. GRAHAM, C. HARVEY, V. HARVEY, B. JENNINGS, N. MASCN. J MILES M SANFORD D. THOMPSON B. TORREYSON C. WHITECRAFT " The KD Blues " . . . Off to Chopawamp- ■ ' a hay ride and an old-fashioned hoe dcwn . . . Two queens in the deck — Becky reigning at Homecoming, and Nancy at Snow Ball . . . Proud winners of the Basket- ball Banner . . . Beat Phi Sig too! . . . Becky, Barb ad " Who ' s Who " . . . March couldn ' t chill the gayety of the It ' s a cinch they ' re not studying. t KAPPA DELTA BETA IOTA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1943 White Rcse dance at 24CO . . . " On a KD Honeymoon " crooned for a bevy of brides . . Toys for crippled youngsters at Rich- mend Children ' s Hospital . . . Members rid- ing herd on sub-adolescents at Georgetown Settlement House . . . Installation in 1943 makes it youngest Panhellenic group . activity boosters. FOUNDED 1897 OFFICERS President MARYADA FRANK Vice-President ANN EKGLE Secretary EVELYN FAHEY Treasurer BARBARA HUEY E tor LENCRE JCHNSCN Walking in the rain can be fun — so say these K.D. ' s. A. ENGLE PHI MU GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1933 FOUNDED 1852 OFFICERS President BETTY JANE HALE Vice-President MARY JAUDON Secretary MARILYN ENGEL Treasurer ELIZABETH FERBER Card games continually . . . " Our alumns gave it to us! " . . . Hallowe ' en Carnival with " Take your choice — the leg or the voice " . . . Girls raiding department stores, five and tens and their old treas- ures to fill the Toy Cart for the children at Gallenger Hospital . . . " Yup, Jinx got to class on time today! " . . . Tinseled and baubled Christmas Tree saw party ' til five in the morning . . . Spiced wit a la Jackie E. FERBER One Hundred Sixty P. CRUM B. DeFORCE K. DIGGS M. ELLSWORTH B. FRASER G. HAMILTON L SMITH A. HEINEKE E. HENDRICKS . . . " What would the Coffee Shop do without therm? " . . . Out-the-wmdow seren- ades . . . Breath of Hawaii via Joy and her leis . . . Horns for Butch . . . Pin, white and the Phi Mu Formal . . . Philomathean Hour ... Liz and her presidencies . . . Gray sweaters with van-hued emblems . . . The closet is the pride of the pledges . . . Grand Central Station and " What ' s your track? " If it ' s not bridge it ' s gin rummy. L. JONES E. KOENIG J. SAMPSON M. SEAQUIST il INTER -FRATERNITY COUNCIL Jhe if ale Arnimal Co-ordinating organization for men ' s frats on campus . . . Drawing up rush rules . . . Reorganization of Constitution and by-laws . . . Deferred ushering brings crowded social calendar between Thanksgiving and Christmas . . . Working with Pan-hellenic on Interfrat prom in February . . . Bethesda Country Club provides warm, cozy atmosphere on cold wintery night for one of the best dances of the season . . . April and keen competition between vocal chords as groups rehearse (or do they? for Songfest . . . Stag party sandwiched in between Spring Formals . . - June and each group departs for beach or mountains to climax the year with their House Party. First Row: C. Schools, E. Walker, W. Ogrom, Dr. Shenton. Second Row: A. Revoir, J. Woods, C. Hudson. OFFICERS President EARL WALKER Secretary-Treasurer ....WILLIAM OGRAM Faculty Advisor DR. SHENTON A token of appreciation to Dr. Shenton from the fellows at the Interfrat Prom. ALPHA SIGMA PHI ALPHA TAU OMEGA R. ALLEN, W. ANGLIN, A. BARR, W. BORDEAUX, S. BRANI CK, L. BROOKS, T CCLLEY, J. DAHLQUIST, F. DAVIS, R. DENNEY, E. DOBIHAL, J DULEY. T. HOLT F. McCUTCHEON B. NEAVLING J. OWENS M. RIES J ROCKEFELLER L RUSHBROOK J. SANFORD H, SCHAFFER L. SIRACUSA R. STEVENS C. STICKNEY K. TAYLOR R. WAGNER J. WARD OFFICERS ANDREW REVOIR Vice-President BRUCE HOAK Secretary WILLIAM OGRAM Corresponding Secretary CARL SPRINGOB Treasurer PAUL MYATT o i , v • kkJk M± W. BROWN, R. BUCK, J. CHRISTENAT, C. COFFEY, T. GREENBANK, J. HARDELL, T. HINES, C. HOLLEY. ALPHA SIGMA PHI BETA CHI CHAPTER FOUNDED 1940 After a summer of hard labor the incinerated Alpha Sigs returned to a remodeled Quonset Hut . . . Cardinal and Gray cheers outside ... Fall rushing successful with largest pledge class yet Hallowe ' en party with ghostly decor to which members dragged their witches . . . Hut a bower of mistletoe and determined intentions for annual Christmas party . . . Winners of Scholarship Cup for a second time round . . . Hoak harassed over AUCOLA . . . " Battling Bishop " Duley with the mouse . . . Student Body Prexy Hank still trying for sidewalks . . . Uninhibited Holt . . . Farewell party (but literally 1 ) for Ollie and Paul . . . Spring and the robins find new lawns and flower gardens plus blisters and back aches . . . Looking forward to the sand dunes and boardwalks of Ocean City Come June. Christmas Party Scngfest should. brings forth what W. OGRAM A. REVOIR C. SPRINGOB JH||j wmk Iwi Jfcv B A-ii ff! • ' ' « G. ANSELMO, J. BAER, E. BETTS, S. BETTS, R. DIMOND, T. DUGAN, V. DURKIN, R ELDER. ALPHA TAU OMEGA EPSILON IOTA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1943 Before all the shootin ' had died down in 1865 there was ATO at VMI . . . A.U. ' s Epsilon lota Chapter made its entrance in 1943 . . . Added to the atmosphere this Fall with bountiful bushy beards . . . and some not so ... All for the realism of the annual " Tau Tramp " . . . A worthy affair . . . " Merry Christmas, " big brother to little brother at Bannockburn Country Club . . . Fragrant Christmas Decorations ... low lights, log fire . . . The Christmas spirit flowing freely . . . " Had to be seen to be appreciated " . . . Had a hand in the annual Interfra- ternity Ball . . . " Welcome " signs for basketball games . . . Grimy hands and aching backs (?) equal flower garden and fish pond . . . Hammers, nails, and sore thumbs add up to remodeling job . . . " How about this color? " . . . Christmas tissue paper and ribbon for the Orphanage and Industrial Homes . . . Signs for Ish . . . Drum for the team . . . " Is this table full? " ... A finger in the A.U. pie. C. HUDSON J. GEPHART M. JOHNSTON J. BAKER M M V».l C i , — - c%. PSfc kt. — f ,) tr i Come -As -You -Are Party brings forth many strange cos- tumes. r: c , n :,i o r . r.» d Cj t wA. I H. COPPERTHITE, E. CULBERSON, J. DAWSON, D. DEDRICK, J. DETWILER, R. DiCHIARA, F. FLING, G. FLING, P. HEATH- COTE, J. HOSSICK, E. IRISH, L. ISHMAN. R. JONES D. KIRSCHNER R. LANCASTER OFFICERS L. LaFEVER H. MACOMB Worthy Master R. MATHER CHARLES HUDSON Worthy Chaplain A. MORALES ROY THOMAS J. MORRIS W. PHILLIPS Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer MARTIN JOHNSTON R. SANDERS C. SCHOOLS Worthy Keeper of the Annals J. SLOAN JOHN GEPHART Worthy Scribe R. THOMAS JOHN BAKER L. VAN HERPE J. WAKEFIELD i r ' 1 : » n 1 • E AHERNS, R. BOOK, R. BRADEN, L. BRADSHAW, D. BRASOR, J. BRIGGS, H. CHASE, C. COLESON, D. CUDDIHY, R. FRAILEY, G. GLOSSBRENNER, A. GROSS. M. MOORE R. MULLEN A. NENCIONI k t l S W. PATTON C. PETERS J PICKERAL J. RABNER R. SAGES W. SHANKLE F. SPILLMAN J. STEWART J. TOMPKINS R. WILDERMUTH P. WININGS G. WOLGEMUTH OFFICERS President EARL WALKER Vice-President JACK WOODS Secretary DICK TAYLOR Treasurer JOHN KRUPIN rv. V| , FOUNDED 1873 t. brown, t carter, w. cassard, t. cederlund, f. karner, f. kotteck, l. McCarthy, g. Mclaughlin. PHI SIGMA KAPPA EPSILON TRITON CHAPTER FOUNDED 1936 Bowed in as a local fraternity in 1936 . . . Became first National Fraternity on A.U. campus with the estab- lishment of this Epsilon Triton Chapter eight years later . . Glamour shots of would-be Phi Sig Moonlight Girl (s) floating around Hurst Hall . . . Romeo, his jeep and his Juliet (s) . . . Largest Pledge Class on Campus . . . Intramural Basketball Champs . . . " Where ' s Battery Park? " . . . Mom Cavanaugh and the six charges . . . Turpentine, paint, and pledges produced a new look on inside of both houses . . . Tinsel and Holly for the Christmas Dance with Eta of the U. of Maryland . . . " Moonlight Boy " . . . Brother Woods prexy of the wise fools . . . March 25 and the Wardman Park saw Corona- tion Ball with G W., U. of M, and the March Wind . . . Their own contribution to immortal music — The Epsilon Triton Four . . . " Is there a Phi Sig who isn ' t a waiter? " ... Or on the Swimming team? Phi Sig Quartet provides entertainment (?) for Rushing. R. TAYLOR W. CORRIGAN H. HAVEMEYER C,- H A ►s ,. • «« J ' ' ; Rr r:,% S3yj ' ;55 f- ' tS S pp.A SPORTS 0? s The team members never look so formal on the court. £ $g | Jne UicL ord The centers battle for the ball during the University of Baltimore game. Athletics are an important phase of life at The American University. The stage is first set with Homecoming in the Fall when the basketball team (pictured here makes its debut. Following right along is the J.V. team. Other varsity sports in- clude Swimming, Boxing, Tennis, Track, and Baseball. Not to be overlooked are the feminine counterparts as they demonstrate their sportswomanship on the basketball court, in the hockey field, baseball diamond, and also the pool. The perfect ending, however, was when the Baseball Team brought down the curtain by winning the Mason-Dixon Conference. jg afcWJPrawa " , » sss««» First Row: F. Fling, L. Rushbrook, F. Wacker, R. Mother. Second Row: J. Wakefield, A. Neuman, J. Morris, R. Toylor, S. Dalshiem, J. Neer, E. Peacher. Third Row: G. Fling, V. Penso, R. Hite, T. Hamlin, A. Nencioni, L. Bradshaw, H. Wingo, J. Whalen, H. Schaffer, J. Hossick. VARSITY CLUB Boys Witi Be Boys President RICHARD MATHER Vice-President LES RUSHBROOK Secretary FRED WACKER Treasurer FRED FLI NG Started the year with a complete reorganization . . . Adopted a new constitution . . Swimming and Boxing added as major awards . . . Membership open to all male students who have won two or more major awards (these include Basketball, Swim- ming, Boxing, Track, Tennis, and Baseball) . . . Membership also means an official " A " pin for your lapel . . . Giving support to all social functions . . . The annual Varsity Club Dance in April at the Bethesda Country Club a huge success . . . Men wearing 10 inch letters ... An athletic honorary for men ... A fine sporting year. One Hundred Seventy-two VARSITY BASKETBALL Healthy spirit this year . . Fine record of 18 wins and 9 defeats including tournament play . . . Home record of 1 1 and 1 stand out as being remarkable . . . Davis Elkms only team to win over Eagles on home court . . . Their star, Pudack, will be remembered by students for a long while ... He gave the greatest floor exhibition in years . . Wakefield to Ishman combination nets Ish 19 points in Penn State victory . . . Other opponents relieved when Ish sprains ankle . . . Garshag then becomes Mr. Inside and emerges as high scorer for season ... His hook shot becomes a reality and Coach Cassell tabs him as most improved player in Conference . . . Eagles receive deserved recognition by local papers for victories over Penn State, Conn., Brooklyn Poly., and Loyola . . . Most action seen by Lamon, Ishman, Wakefield, Moffatt, Fling, and Morris . . . Packy becomes a starter after new semester rolls around and displays smoothness and efficient ball handling though buffaloed by referees . . . Jackie Neer ' s three-quarters court shot amazes and pleases fans as our swishmen squeeze past Catholic U . . . Other dependables were Ben- son, Karner, Morales, and Kranking . . . Western Maryland ' s annual jinx pays its respect once again in the form of a two-point upset over a favored and confident Eagle team . . . Tournament rolls around and A. U. smashes records galore in defeating Western Maryland 84 to 60 . . . Following night Jim Lacey of Loyola sinks 31 and de- feats American in semi-finals with aid from teammates . . . Wake- field plays last game for A U. in fine fashion . . . The only squad member to graduate . . . Bob Lamon finishes season in top form with his set shot . . . Next year promises even greater victories Cassell is to be commended for his fine coaching . . . Cheerleaders plus new band add life, spirit, and zest to team and students " POP " CASSELL Manager PAUL MATHER CHEERLEADERS M. Mcrris, B. Huey, M. Engel, P. Dixon. L. Jones, R. DiChiara, E. Ferber, P. Lacey. Opp. AU Towson Teochers 32 67 U. of Connecticut 47 50 St. Froncis IN. Y.i 66 47 Brooklyn Poly 52 55 U. of Virginia 57 51 Randolph Mocon 43 59 JIM KRANKING JOHNNY WAKEFIELD FRED FLING BOB LAMON RALPH BENSON RONNIE GARSHAG Opp. All Penn State 55 59 Western Md 38 66 Siena 45 42 Catholic U 40 58 Randolph Macon 44 58 Mt. St. Marys 46 48 » ■NS Jf m i Opp. AU Lcyolo 62 41 Bucknell 41 75 U. of Baltimore 39 60 Western Md 61 59 Gollaudet 33 73 Davis Elkins 65 59 ART MORALES ED MOFFAT LEROY ISHMAN JACKIE NEER FRED KARNER PACKY MORRIS »-, r Ty Opp. AU Loyola 47 63 Catholic U 33 44 U. of Baltimore 44 56 Penn State 63 50 Mt. St. Marys 64 49 Lycoming 28 61 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL if fan and l A U ' s J.V. quintet closed their season with o rather good record of 16 in the win column and 6 on the other side. Under the coaching of Dutch Schultz, these cagers who went on the floor before the Varsity totaled 1000 points all season to aver- age about 45 per game . . . compare this with a total of 867 scored by the opposition Billy Patton was the team ' s sharp shooter with 156 points. Close on Patton ' s heels were Dick Hite with 140, Don Essex with 133, and Si Balchum with 90 In average points made per game Billy Patton also led with 8.6 followed by Dohner ' s 6.8 and Hite ' s 6.4. Statistics do not always tell the complete story of the caliber of the play displayed by any team For instance, the J.V. squad played their best brand cf ball against the stronger teams and yet when confronted with easy competition they had a hard time locating the basket. They are to be con- gratulated for putting forth their best efforts at all times and turning in a good record. Superman A U Opponent ■ MARYLAND TEACHERS 23 49 GEORGETOWN 59 28 RANDOLPH-MACON 27 52 EASTERN HIGH 37 -r WILSON HIGH 30 MONTGOMERY JR COL 47 45 BULLIS PREP 49 35 CATHOLIC U 30 58 RANDOLPH-MACCN 39 43 MT ST. MARY ' S 40 30 LOYOLA 48 44 GEORGETOWN 50 65 U. OF BALTIMORE 21 3J WESTERN MARYLAND 38 61 GALLUDETT 34 44 WOODWARD PREP. 22 40 CENTRAL HIGH 50 40 LOYOLA 50 38 CATHOLIC U 36 50 U OF BALTIMORE 43 51 MT ST MARY ' S 46 66 DEVITT PREP 35 First Row: S. Chin, A. Pfeffer, R. Hite, V. Durkin, S. Dalsheim. Second Row: Coach Schulze H. Wingo, D. Dedrich, W. Patten, D. Essex, J. Whalen. Coach " DUTCH " SCHULZE Manager JOHN WHALEN - I : " a. y t 1 k A • First Row: P. Dixon, A. Butler, R. Sages, J. Briggs, L. LaFever. Second Row: L. Cornet, J. Patten, W. Lent, F. Goodsaid, A Inglis, C. Peters. Third Row: J. Sanford, T. Brown, H. McMullen, R. Teeters, E. Culberson, R. Wagner, Coach Courage. Coach BERT COURAGE Managers JAMES SANFORD ROBERT WAGNER L auahl SWIMMING Bert Courage is to be commended very highly for his coaching of American ' s tank team which gar- nered second place in the finals of the Mason- Dixson Conference; in fact they lost only one dual meet during the year and this was a one-point de- feat by Loyola College, the conference champion. In his third year of collegiate eligibility, John Briggs turned in another of his dependable perform- ances by clipping 2.5 seconds from the 150 yard backstroke record. His official time for the event now stands at 149.5 seconds. Carrying their team ' s colors in the water were: Freestyle — Dan Goodspeed, Larry LaFever, Art But- ler, Charles Peters, and Roy Sages; Breaststroke — Tony Inglis, Jim Patten, and Bob Teeters; Back- stroke—John Briggs, Phil Dixon, and Charles Peters; Freestyle; — Carleton Tmkham, Haywood McMullan, and Gus Culberson. Jay Lent, a new- comer, climaxed a very successful diving season by winning his event in the Conference Meet. Ted Hines also gathered points for his diving talents. Catholic University, George Washington, Ran- dolph Macon, Dickinson College, Johns Hopkins, and Roanoke fell victim to A. U. ' s mermen and Loyola was the only team that had the distinction of defeating our record. Since the entire team will return next year, an even greater group should be around to win for old A. U. in the water. Starting end of Leonard Pool as A.U. meets Catholic University here. -l Coach BERT COURAGE Manager WILLIAM WILLIS I; II J I J ihpl A pj First Row: W. Willis, M. Ries, W. Ogram, T. Greenbank, J. Schnitzer, W. Anglin. Second Ro t Coach Courage, D. Cheeseman, S. Grogan, H. Helme, P. Winings. Jhe Second t .ounci BOXING Boxing is now a major sport at American and rightfully so after the past two seasons. The secret behind their success is perhaps Bert Courage ' s abiky to convey both the techniques and spirit to his prospects, many of whom have never denned gloves prior to their college days. " Battling Bishop " Jim Duley represented the team in the 125 lb. division while Howie Leavitt was in the 130 lb. class. Henry Schaffer was in the 135 lb., Jim Schnitzer in 145, Stan Grogan in the 155 and Don Cheeseman in the 165 class. Paul Wylie boxed the 175 and Paul Hubbard was fighting in the heavy- weight division. Jack Golomb was also a squad member. Grogan began a sensational season by knocking cut all comers, but soon he found himself boxing top competition. Don Cheeseman was the only boxer for A U. to remain undefeated in all his bouts ln|uries during midseason caused the squad to forfeit bouts which resulted in defeats by C.CNY, Pautaxent, and Georgetown, while holding Western Maryland to a tie, and defeating South GqksJj.OQi Teacher ' s College. Bill Willis did a remarkable job as manager- and! was appreciated by all those concerned. Each- year- brings forth improvement in our boxing team and : the students are showing their ever---inereasing interest in the sport and their opprtSSfion by their attendance and support. Constant workouts in the ring and prac- tice bouts help to keep sguad members, in top shape TRACK Coach JOE CARLO During the month cf February A.U. ' s trackmen began their pre-season exercises in order to be properly conditioned for their first meet which was run off against Galludett on April 2. Steve Dalsheim, Henry Schaffer, and Morty Willicuts represented the squad in the mile and long distance events, while Johnny Koutsandreas competed in the hurdles. Both Vic Penso and Eric Peacher were the dashmen in addition to their participation in the broad-jump. Paul Winnings, Roy Mullen, and Dick Hall gave noteworthy ex- hibitions. Even though American has a much smaller squad in comparison to the teams of other years, these cinder men had a rather successful season against top-notch .competition. SCHEDULE April 2 GALLUDETT 9 LOYOLA 23 CATHOLIC U. 30 PENN RELAYS May 7 QUANTICO 13-14 CONFERENCE MEET recent l7« Ljoutn First Row: T. Hines, L. Rushbrook, P. Winings, H. Koufman, M. Willicuts. Second Row: J. Koutsandreas, S. Dalsheim, R. Hall, W. Brown, H. Schaffer, E. Peacher, V. Penso, Coach Carlo. Koutsandreas makes a clean sweep as he takes the hurdles. TENNIS Coach ' DUTCH " SCHULZE Manager JACK WOODS After a somewhat uncertain start, our tennis netmen recovered and went through their top- notch schedule displaying the college brand of ball of which they are capable. Their season began with two most difficult opponents, Cornell and Colgate, on successive days in March. A heavy schedule carried them through until May 21 when they played Johns Hopkins. Seeded in the No. 1 position for the third straight year was Ted Rubin, winner of many Eastern Re- gional and sectional awards by the A.A.U. Korchico Kondo and Fred Bunke were two new members who won for themselves a berth while Bob Wilder- muth, Dick Hite, and Glen Border all have swished their talents in previous years for American Uni- versity. Rounding out the squad was Buz Bear, Bill Ogram, Dick Brown, Jim Cretsos, Lloyd Brooks, and Steve Martin. While not always on the winning end of each match, A.U. ' s representatives on the tennis courts have been consistent in their efforts and deserve credit plus for their steady playing. Credit should go to Coach Schulze and Manager Jack Woods for their part in the performance of the team. Jhe S un and r First Row: W. Ogram, J. Cretsos, R. Hite, T. Rubin, K. Kondo. Second Row: J. Woods, D. Brown, R. Wildermuth, J. Bear, Coach Schulze. The netman gets ready to SLAM it! ° •TV rV V!.n O M ' n T ' ... MJMR 1 .M First Row: H. Wingo, J. Whalen, R. Lamon, J. Hossick, E. Walker, J. Wakefield, J. Neer, J. Padgett, J. MacLachlan. Second Row: T. DeLuca, J. Krupin, L. Bradshaw, T. Brown, J. Morris, T. Witherow, S. Richtfertig, A. Neuman, R. Lewis, R. Taylor. Third Row: A. Morales, D. Brasor, J. Robinson, H. Biser, G. Griser, A. Pfeffer, L. Jeffries, V. Durkir., W. Polmer. Fourth Row: D. Gitomer, E. Moffat, F. Kainer, S. Chin, L. Brown, J. Christenat. Johnny Wakefield at the bat! BASEBALL Jhe S hln of Jur Jeeth Coach ' POP " CASSELL Managers DAVID GITOMER JAMES CHRISTENAT Coach Staff Cassell was very pleased and opti- mistic at the beginning of American ' s 20 game baseball schedule. The Eagles opened against Wesleyan U. of Middletown Conn, on March 28 and had most of last year ' s dependable players back, plus the best crop of newcomers in years. Joe Hossick, third sacker on the Star ' s All- District team last year and this year ' s captain, Bob Lamon, the catcher who was scouted by four major league teams, and hurlers Dick Taylor and Johnny McLachlan were among the vets. George Glorius, Packy Morris, and Jim Robinson were newcomers on the -pitching staff, and five basketball players; Jacky Neer, John Wakefield, Leroy Ishman, Art Morales, and Ed Moffatt added considerable strength to the club. Hustle and spirit were the by-words of the diamond boys this year who were a vastly improved baseball nine as they completed one of their most successful seasons in many years. March 28 WESLEYAN U. April 5 QUANTICO 6 CATHOLIC U 9 JOHNS HOPKINS U. 11 GEORGETOWN U. 13 U OF CONNECTICUT 16 RANDOLPH -MACON 18 WESTERN MARYLAND 19 TOWSON TEACHERS 21 LOYOLA 28 CATHOLIC U 30 LYNCHBURG May 2 LOYOLA 5 GEORGETOWN U 7 BRIDGEWATER 14 WASHINGTON One Hundred Eighty-one INFORMAL Ronnie jumps, and watch out for Lamon! Al Gross rolls one down the alleys in the intramural tournament. Who ' s throwing this javelin anyway? Phi Sigma Kappa ' s football team lines up as Intramural Champions. Manager Mather looks very business like, almost professional Cne Hundred Eighty-two SPORTS Doubles can be fun, too. Henry Wingo gets ready to swing. The " Battling Bishop " is right in there. Never will forget that Loyola game! One Hundred Eighty-three WOMEN ' S ATHLETICS DL Jk mazonS First Row: P. Peoples, P. Kurkhill, B. Jennings, E. Ferber, Miss Hall, E. Lotimer. Second Row: R. Norai B. Huey, B. Mehring, E. Fohey, A. Heinecke, B. Hale, M. Alting, P. Alting. W A A " CLUB OFFICERS President ELIZABETH FERBER Vice-President BEVERLY JENNINGS Treasurer PEARL KURKHILL The " A " Club ' A for Amazon) of American University is the women ' s athletic association. It stimulates an interest in the healthier things in life by making available recreational opportunities for all types of sportswomen . . . from gals like " Stretch " Alting to gals like " Chubby " Peoples It is through the medium of the " A " Club that the outside women ' s sports world is shown to our athletic wonders in hockey, archery, swimming, badminton, basketball, bowling, table tennis, soft- ball and tennis. The variety of sports offered on the athletic association ' s program opens the fields of interest to every girl, tall or short, thin or not- so-thin. The " A " Club offers the best in opportunities for good leadership and cooperative fellowship. A.U. girls work long and hard to win the points necessary for admittance into its muscular ranks. The ath- letic program does not emphasize the competitive spirit but rather a spirit of fun and an appreciation of the ideals of sportswomanship. At least once during the year the girls exchange their gym suits for dresses at the annual " A " Club Banquet ... a little social life mixed in with the athletics. One Hundred Eighty-five i i Y i f 1— H " V •H Mh- 4 WOMEN ' S VARSITY BASKETBALL The proud grins en the gols ' faces denote another successful season of jumps, pivots and — occasionally — fouls. Ladies to the last charge, nevertheless. vOCV O m S r ' VARSITY SWIMMING The lovely A.U. mermaids made a fine splash in the fall. Seldom do these active women sit so sedately. HOCKEY Hockey met a warm reception this fall after an obsence of several years from the A.U. athletic fields. VARSITY BOWLING Pictured ore the top five bowlers of the yeor ond manager Helen Mergner. They are: P. Coyle, E. Ferber, K. Diggs, H. Brady, and P. Peoples. a o a r r ARCHERY Three prospective Hiawathas who won fame for A.U. with their little bows and arrows — M. Black, P. Kurkhill, and R. Cole. TENNIS Seen every year on the tennis courts at A.U. are H. Brady, A. Rabuck, A. Heinecke, P. Peoples, ond E. Latimer. If % A " -• Ti W n " m II - I ■MH J QUO ( BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS 1945- K A 1946- Ar 1947- A r 1948- K A WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL TEAM The winning Delta Gammas slugged if out and were on the top last spring. Bock: A. Rabuck, H. Brady, S. Werner, E. Latimer, M. Morris. Seated: B. Hall, P. Peoples. INTRAMURAL SWIMMING The top intramural swimmers climb the ladder to fame: S. Williams and R. Ashburner I Independents! ; P. Peoples ond P. Jones ' Delta Gamma). INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL The Kappa Deltas are proudly displaying their hard-won banner on the wall of their room. The team is: Front: B. Jennings, K. Adams, J. Cragin, P. Graham, B. Huey. Back: B. Frank, R. Norair, P. Alting, M. Alting, E. Fahey. INTRAMURAL BADMINTON Runner-up Betty Keene poses with the " chomp " in the Intramural Badminton Tournament, Elizabeth Chang. WATER BALLET One of the intricate figures in the beautiful and enjoyable Water Ballet, a spring event not soon forgotten. MODERN DANCE Seven of the graceful dancers who took part in the Modern Dance Demonstration. They are: Back: J. Spangler, S. Darling, M. Brown, E. Clem. Front: P. Fulmer, Z. Busone, A. Heinecke. LERDIMG LRDIES QUEENS TRKE R BOU CJne J ouch of Uenu5 CAMPUS QUEEN iv oLou i t J ruaoe r esDeita. Lji ummu PHI SIG MOONLIGHT GIRL ttu Wei U J fin 9 edjelta, K.JC amtna HOMECOMING QUEEN (I5echu j7-ranh V J appa oDelta ipp BEST LOVED GIRL Tranced srelcli man UuledaA SNOW QUEEN i lancu 1 1 It l J ludon J appci oDelta APPLE BLOSSOM PRINCESS V larisha van dSemvnel PL W» TO THOSE %W WE HONOR HONORARIES Jhe hlnina rrt 9 rout ' Election to an Honorary Fraternity is truly one of the greatest distinctions of a college career. It is the recognition for an individual of time well spent, both in study and in campus life. In short it is a tribute to his outstanding work and particular achievement. ,Y nSN , WHO ' S WHO First Row: M. Jaudon, B. Huey, E. Dobihal, M Frank, P. Peoples. Second Row: E. Comstock, C Haglund, L. Graham, F. Hamilton, B. Hoak, J. Benfer. Who ' s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges sprang from the idea of creating one national basis of recognition for students, devoid of initia- tion fees and dues. Time has proved that this group functions in several vital capaci- ties — as an incentive for students to get the best results from college experience, as a compensation for achievements, as a standard of measurement for students comparable to other recognized school and service organizations, and as a recom- mendation in the business world. Selec- tion is based en character, scholarship, leadership, and potentialities for future usefulness to society. PI DELTA EPSILON B. Levin, B. Hock President BRUCE HOAK Vice-President BERNARD LEVIN Membership in Pi Delta Epsilon ... the reward for those students whose corpuscles are mixed with printers ' ink . . . Co-ed honorary fraternity for those active in col- lege publications . . . Arnold Vas Dias, correspondent from Rotterdam speaks at annual dinner for the journalistically minded . . . aimed at promotion of better publications. First Row: R. Stevens, E. Dobihal, B. Hook. Second Row: Dr. Bentley, Dr. Shenton, Dr. Clark. President EDWARD DOBIHAL Vice-President BRUCE HOAK Secretory-Treasurer DR. CLARK Dr. Bentley, Dr. Shenton, Robert Stevens, John Ward, Michael Moore, John Wakefield ODK national honorary fraternity with a three-fold purpose . . . recognition of campus leaders . . . selection of most representative men in all phases of college life . . . closer relationship of faculty and students . . . aimed at mutual interest end understanding . . . National Convention at Atlanta, Georgia — ' mid all the Georgia peaches . . . Co-sponsors of Guest Day with feminine counterpart, C ap and Gown CAP AND GOWN OMICRON DELTA KAPPA M. Jaudon, M. Fronk, P. Kurkill, M. Hall President— MARY JAUDON, Secretary— MARJORIE HALL, Treasurer— MARYADA FRANK, Historian— PEARL KURK- H!LL Ann Engle, Miss Hall, Barbara Huey, Lenore Johnson, Harriett Kershenbaum, Astrid Nye, Mary Joan Thiebaud. Cap and Gown . . . University ' s highest recogni- tion for Junior and Senior women . . . Upholds loy- alty, service, and scholarship . . . Fall pajama party for Freshmen aids getting acquainted process MGH scene of annual Honors Tea given for upperclass women . . . Co-sponsors with ODK of Guest Day . . . Bright gals with a purpose. Two Hundred One PI GAMMA MU 1 o t) ( First Row: A. Heinecke, A. Revoir, V. Blackford, B. Persaud, L. Dibble. Second Row E Malta, R. Ashburner, Dr. Hotchett, G. Solan, D. Mast, Dr. Cobbe, P. Weidler. President— VIRGINIA BLACKFORD, Vice-President— LOR- RAINE DIBBLE, Secretary— JANE EGAN, Terasurer— AN- DREW REVOIR. Mrs. Andervont, Roberta Ashburner, Virginia Blackford, William Bobolia, Dr. Bowles, Lawrence Bowly, Edward Burns, Dr. Cobbe, Claude Coffey, Mark Conner, Mary Daly, Lorraine Dibble, Jone Egan, Dr. Hatchett, Adelle Hein- ecke, LeRoy Krider, Elli Malta, Jean Matheson, Mr. McCaus- land, Esther McMillan, Jchn McMillan, Carlyle Nibley, Bha- garith Persaud, Andrew Revoir, Leonard Schlossberg, George Solan, Marjorie Sonnemann, Leo Van Herpe, Paul Weidler. Tri-Beta marks top honors in the field of Biology . . . Students shirtless from rat racing without benefit of pari-mutuel . . . Startling exhibits at Science Show . . . Biology brains cooking a la carte over Bunsen burners . . . White lab coats and serious intentions. First Row: P. Wait, D. Bradford, Miss Barnes, Dr. Gondos, Miss Hall. Second Row: P. Carey, R. Graham, M. Rochford, M. Marcus, B. Hoak, Dr. Lorimer, B. Spencer, P. Hubbard, G. Stahl, E. Dobihal. President — BRUCE HOAK, Secretary- Treasurer— DR. LORIMER. Dr. Davis, Dr. Gondos, Miss Hall, Miss Barnes, Bev- erly Spencer, Nola Eaton, Edward Dobi- hal, Leroy Graham, Robert Grauman, Mary Louise Rochford, Gerald Stahl, Paul Carey, Patricia Wait, Devota Brad- ford, Milton Marcus, Paul Hubbard. Future politicos . . . " Money and Banking " students . . . Population experts . . win recognition through Pi Gamma Mu . . . Meet to solve problems of the world . . . Sponsors special programs with I.R.C. . . . Annual banquet at Hotel Lafayette. BETA BETA BETA DELTA SIGMA RHO First Row: Miss Miller, M. Radley, J. Somson, P. Crum. Second Row: G. Glossbrenner R. Stevens. President ROBERT STEVENS Vice-President MARION RADLEY Secretory PATRICIA HINES Treasurer VERN SMITH Dr. Clark, Patricia Crum, Guy Glossbrenner, Patricia Hines, Miss Miller, Marion Radley, Jacqueline Samson, Vern Smith, Robert Stevens, John Ward, Ralph Wiener. National honorary dramatic fraternity . . . Mem- bers selected from actors and crew members of Annual Production . . . Green Room receptions the high point of theater season . . . Initiates honored at yearly dinner . . . Alpha Psi Omega ' s key is the University ' s highest recognition of dramatic ability. r — « S. Martin, Mr. Brigham, T. Camnitz OFFICERS President STEPHEN MARTIN Secretary-Treasurer TOBA CAMNITZ Faculty Member MR. BRIGHAM Though small in number — never lacking something to say . . . Eagerly on the look out to recognize those debators who have displayed unusual ability and served their two year apprenticeship on the podium . . . As a national honorary, the mecca of all would-be debators. ALPHA PSI OMEGA 2), tree fort, ' Alleman, Benson S. SS PA. English) 9901 Edgehill Lane, Silver Spring, Md. ALen, Edward (SSSPAi 3350 Martha Custis Drive, Alexandria, Va. Andervont, Mrs. Letha K. (CAS. Biology) 7825 Rayburn Road, Bethesda, Md. Andrews, T. B. (SSSPA) 2844 S. Buchanan Street, Arlington, Va. Ashe Dora Jean (CAS, English) 4520 River Road, N.W. Arnow, Philip (SSSPA) 412 Linden Lane, Falls Church, Va. Aspinwall, Harry A. (SSSPA) 8477 Pmey Branch Court, Silver Spring, Md. Atkinson, Kenneth B. (SSSPA, Commerce) P.O. Bex 275, McLean, Va. Atwater, Elton (SSSPA, International Relations i 2733 P Street, N.W. A ala Anita A. (CAS, Spanish ' 4117 Illinois Avenue, N.W. Ayres, Edward (CAS ' 507 N Street, N.W . Bailey, Nathan A. (SSSPA, Economics) 8712 Colesville Road, Silver Spring Md. Baker, Sarah (CAS, Art) 1748 N Street, N.W. Bangs, Robert B. (SSSPA) 1606 Ripon Place, Alexandria, Va. Barbour, Alice (CAS, Bursar) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. Barnes, Grace (CAS, Library) 3410 30th Street, N.W. Batchelder, Merritt C. (CAS, English) 4837 Alton Place, N.W. Beauchamp, George E. (SSSPA) 4215 Leland Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Beckerman, Lawrence (SSSPA) 1612 Colonial Terrace, Arlington, Va. Behnke, Bernice (CAS 1 Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. Bentley, John E. (Dean of the College) 4529 Lowell Street, N.W. Bickford. Hugh C. (SSSPA) 101 Saul Road, Kensington, Md. Binder, Sidney (SSSPA) U. S. Public Health Service, Washington, D. C. Bindra Dalbir (CAS, Psychology) 3130 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Blochly, Frederick F. (SSSPA) 6508 Brookfield Road, Chevy Chase, Md. Black, Lloyd D. (SSSPA) 91 1 1 Wire Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. Blanche, Ernest E ( SSSPA ' 9409 Montgomery Avenue, Chevy Chase, Md. Bock, Beniamin (SSSPA) 1420 Harvard Street, N.W. Bowles, Edgar (CAS, Geology) 5000 Massachusetts Avenue, N W. Brandenberg, David J. (SSSPA, History) 3223 Volta Place, N W. Branford, Walter A (SSSPA) 1717 P Street, N.W. Brigham, Gordon (CAS, Speech) 512 25th Street, South, Arlington, Va. Brooker, Floyde E. (SSSPA) 7208 Cobalt Road, Wood Acres, Md. Brooks, George W. (SSSPA) Miner Hill, East Falls Church, Va. Brewer, J. Stanton (SSSPA) 6217 Nebraska Avenue, N.W. Brown, J Allen (SSSPA) National Association of Broadcasters, 1771 N Street N.W. Brown, Donald P. (CAS, Government) 8304 Draper Lane, Silver Spring, Md. Brown, Donald P. (CAS, Government) 8304 Draper aLne, Silver Spring Md. Brownell, Robert M. (CAS, Chemistry) 1020 19th Street, N.W. Buck, Solon Justus (SSSPA) 6645 Barr Road, Fairway Hills, Md. Burk, Monroe (SSSPA, Economics) 1912 Third Street, N.E. Burr Samuel Engle, Jr (CAS, Education) 5005 Fort Summer Drive. Burton Barbara (CAS, Art) 206 West Leland Street, Chevy Chase, Md Bush. George P. (SSSPA, Public Adm.) 65 Beech Avenue, Bethesda, Md. Byham, Carl (Admissions Officer) 4877A South 28th Street, Arlington, Va. Calfee. William H. (CAS, Art) 1717 Riggs Place N W Camp, Paul (SSSPA) 6220 20th Place. W. Hyattsville Md Carlo Joseph P. (CAS, Phys. Ed.) 2106 38th Street, S.E. Cassell, Stafford H (Director of Athletics) Apt 467-3 3361 Newark Street, N.W. Chatfield. Helen (SSSPA) 3700 Massachusetts Avenue NW Clague, Ewan (SSSPA) 3821 Woodley Road NW Clark, Alice M. (SSSPA) 3853-A Halley Terrace, S.E. Clark, Charles M. (CAS, English ' 3615 Edmonds Street, N.W. Closson, E. R. (SSSPA, Languages) 5714 Roosevel Street, Bethesda, Md. Ccbbe, Thomas J. (CAS, Biology) 3417-D The American University Apartments Cochran, Patricia (Mrs. Harry) (SSSPA, Bursar ' s Office) 614 Rock Creek Church Read N.W. Two Hundred Five 2), ectoru Colwell, Robert C. (SSSPA) 225 Newcomb Street, S.E. Coons, Robert Roy (CAS, Chemistry) 5462 30th Street, N.W. Ccrnsweet, Albert C. (SSSPA) 2814 Eighth Street South, Arlington, Virginia Correll, Ernst (SSSPA, Economics) 3541 Appleton Street, N.W. Corson, John J. (SSSPA) 3601 Norh Abingdon Street, Arlington, Virginia Cotton Charlotte (Mrs. Donald) (SSSPA, Graduate Dean ' s Office) 3414 Woodley Road, N.W. Courage, Egbert G. (CAS, Physical Education) Leonard Student Center, The American University. Cowan Gordon E. (CAS, Psychology) 3409-E The American University Apartments Crawford, Horace D. (SSSPA, Journalism) 4176 South 36th Street, Arlington, Va. DAIessan ' dro, Alfred (SSSPA) 521 North Dinwiddie Street, Arlington, Va. Daniels, Parmely C. (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 4332 Verplanck Place, N.W. Darrow ' Julianne (Admission ' s Office) 2440 16th Street, N.W. Davis Harold E. (CAS, History) 4310 Fessenden Street, N.W. Davison, Ruth B. (Mrs. C. C.) (CAS, Registrar ' s Office) 4700 Western Avenue, N.W. Day, Joseph S. (CAS, Chief Engineer) Gaithersburg, Maryland Dayton Scott (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 373 North Glebe Road, Arlington, Va. Deimel, Harry L, Jr. (SSSPA) 4414 Macomb Street, N.W. Derby Donald (SSSPA, History) Apartment 3, 4101 North Third Road, Arlington. Va. DeVnes, Van Beuren W. (SSSPA, Radio) 8614 Linnbrook Drive, Bethesda, Md. Diggs Sarah N. (Mrs. J. Thurman) 1520 East West Highway, Silver Spring, Md. Divine, William R. (SSSPA) 5618 Overlea Road, Sumner, Md. Douglas Francis P. (SSSPA) 3427 Oakwood Terrace, N.W. Douglass, Paul F. (President) Office: 1901 F Street, N.W. Home: 4500 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Dobihal, Shirley (Mrs Edward) (CAS) 341 7-B The American University Apartments Doolittle, Virginia (Mrs. Leroy) (CAS) 3460-B The American University Apartments Eccles, Robert S. (CAS, University Chaplain) 3500 Nebraska Avenue, N.W. Edwards, John (SSSPA, Radio) Station WMAL Ekirch, Arhur A., Jr. (SSSPA, History) 3215 Valley Drive, Alexandria, Va. Elyam Emma Jo (CAS, Guidance Center) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. Ellis, David K. (CAS, English) 1501 Key Boulevard, Arlington, Va. Elliott, Betty Jean (Mrs. Robert) 2716 North Franklin Road, Arlington, Va Elsbree, Hugh L. (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 2406 44th Street, N.W. Endacott, John (SSSPA) Route 3, Alexandria, Va. English, Harry C. (CAS, Physical Education) DC. Recreation, 3149 16th Street, N W Espinosa, Francisco Roman (SSSPA) 2100 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Evan, J. Gilbert (SSSPA) 4641 Road North, Arlington, Va. Erlund, Mary Louise (CAS, Library) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. Fandrich, Mrs. Emma (CAS, Dietician) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. Farquharson, Don (University Treasurer) 4817 36th Street, N.W. Feagans Hazel H. (University Registrar) 1789 Lanier Place, N.W, Apt. 34. Fink, Albert (SSSPA) 1901 F. Street, N.W. Fink, Raymond (SSSPA) 1911 F. Street, N W. Fisher, Allan J. (SSSPA) 2610 South Troy Street, Arlington, Va. Fiske, Fred (SSSPA) 1825 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W., Apt. 216. Fletcher, Lloyd D. (SSSPA) 2878 South Abingdon, Fairlington, Va. Fling. Doris (Mrs. Fred) (CAS, Switchboard) The A merican University Apartments. Fors Edwin (SSSPA) 4410 4th Road North, Arlington, Va Franck, Peter G. (SSSPA) 1734 P Street, N.W. Frank John G. (CAS, German) 2122 California Street, N.W. Friend, Erwin W. (SSSPA) 3794 Nichols Avenue, S E., Apt. 201 Galloway, John (CAS, Art) 3607 Lowell Street, N.W. Gates, Robert F. (CAS, Art) R.F.D. 1, Box 350, Vienna, Va. Two Hundred Six 2 , ireclor v Georgi, T. S. (Music) 257 West 86th Street, New York 24, N. Y. German, Bernard (SSSPA, Bookstore) 4807 Hampdan Lane, Bethesda, Md. Gilbert, Milton (SSSPA) 2929 Argoyle Drive, Alexandria, Va. Gipson Alice E. (Coordinator of Washington Semester) Roper House, Campus. Glacken, Clarence J. (SSSPA) 281 8 Erie Street, S. E. Gondos Dorothy Ditter (Mrs. Victor) (CAS, History) 2942 Ordway Street, N.W. Goodman, Charles H. (SSSPA) 4307 North Secon Road, Arlington, Va. Gosnell, Harold F. (SSSPA) 5618 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, Md. Graves, W. Brooke (SSSPA) 2940 Newark Street, N.W. Green, Arnold W. (SSSPA, Sociology) The American University Apartments Green, Ellen (Mrs. Arnold) (CAS, Library) The American University Apartments Gunn, Glenn Dillard (CAS, Music) 3620 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Halbert, Edwin (SSSPA) Station WTOP Hall, Barbara C. (CAS, Physical Education) 4701 Fessenden Street, N.W. Halquist, Roy (SSSPA, Economics) 2046 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Va. Hammerman, Eunice S. (SSSPA) 858 Whittier Place, N.W. Harcourt, Verna E. (SSSPA) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. Harlee, Ella F. (SSSPA, Speech) 1753 Lamont Street, N.W Haldeman, Anna (Mrs. Waldo) (University Regent) 4500 Massachusetts Avenue N.W. Hctchett, Stephen P. (CAS, Biology) 4903 V Street, N.W. Hattery, Lowell H. (SSSPA, Public Administration) 10411 Hayes Avenue, Silver Spring Md. Hawse, Genevieve (University Health Service) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. Heinrich, Edwin P. (CAS, Physics) 6204 MacArthur Boulevard, N.W. Held, Walter G. (SSSPA, History Government) 3452-G The American University Apartments Henry, Mrs. Edith (CAS, Music) 160 West 73rd Street, New York 23, N. Y. Hillman, Helen M. (CAS, Physical Education) 135 Carroll Avenue, Takoma Park, Md. Hoelscher, Leonard (SSSPA) 4632 Brandywine Street, N.W. Homan, Christine C. (Mrs. Paul T. ) (Reference Librarian at Library of Congress! 1705 21 st Street, N.W. Homberger, Ludwig M. (SSSPA, Economics) 1830 North Quintana Street, Arlington, Va. Hopson, Buena (Admission ' s Office) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. Hubbel, Gordon (SSSPA, Radio Television) 2057 38th Street, S.E. Huesmann, Fielding (SSSPA) Route 3, Box 281, Vienna, Va. Hunt, Louis W. (CAS, Chemistry) Box 189-B, R.F.D. 5, Alexandria, Va. Hunter Louis C. (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 14 Westwood Drive Westmoreland Hills, Md. Hunter, Kenneth H. (CAS, Economics) 1408 Decatur Street, N.W. Huse, Robert E. (SSSPA) 307 Lynn Drive, Chevy Chase, Md. Ingraham, Albert P. (SSSPA) 2041 North Kensington Street, Arlington, Va. Isard, Walter (SSSPA, Economics) R.F.D. 1, Box 1000, Clinton, Md. Jambor, Madame Agi (CAS, Music) 234 Benjamin West Avenue, Swarthmore, Pa. Jencks, Louise (Mrs. Kenneth) (SSSPA) 1509 16th Street, N.W. Jelsma, E. R. (SSSPA) 3500 14th Street, N.W. Jensen, Anne (University Librarian) 4815 Chesapeake Street, N.W. Jones, Laura A. (SSSPA, Public Administration) 6337 Central Avenue, S.E. Jorge ' nson, Gladys (CAS, Nursing Education Work Study Advisor) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. Jump, W. A. (SSSPA adjunct professor) 3247 Patterson Street, N.W. Kalijarvi, Thorsten (CAS, Government) 2070 Belmont Road. N.W. Kalil Diana (Radio Television) 2480 16th Street, N.W. Keck, Andrew S. (CAS, Art) 3416 Q Street, N.W. Kempton Willett (Director of Public Relations) 2500 Q Street, N.W. Two Hundred Seven EMPLOYMENT and PROMOTION Save time, save money, and begin a career earlier by attending STRAYER. An ideal success for- mula is — Strayer training plus Strayer Employment Service. Evidence that you are qualified : The B.C.S. or M.C.S. degree from Strayer College of Accountancy, or the approved Secretarial dip ' o- ma from Strayer College of Secre- tarial Training. Write for catalog- or call in person for information, guidance, or registration. STRAYER COLLEGE 13th F Sts., N. W., Washington 5, D. C. £teakd Hotel Supply Incorporated 474 L STREET, N. W. WaAkinqtcH, fo.C. Republic 2523 Executive 0731 KJver srif-tii UJea rs of- Service GRIFFITH-CONSUMERS 1413 New York Avenue, N. W. MEtropolitan 4840 COAL -:- FUEL OIL -:- OIL BURNERS ROOFING -:- HOME INSULATION Two Hundred Eight 2), tree i or v Kinney, Willian R. (CAS, Registrar ' s Office) 214 McDowell House, Campus. Ketchum, Harry W. (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 9101 Eton Street, Silver Spring, Md. King, Robert W. (SSSPA) 8912 Mohawk Lane, Bethesda, Md. Koch, Eimer C. (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 1509 16th Street, N.W. Kovarik, Robert C. (SSSPA) 3644 Gunsten Road, Alexandria, Va. Krenlich, Helen (SSSPA) 6507 Edmonston Avenue, E. Riverdale, Md. Landay, Donald (SSSPA) 705 N. Wayne Street, Arlington, Va. Lazzari, Pietro (CAS, Art) 1659 Fuller Street, N.W. Leineweber Irena Poplawksa (SSSPA) 5612 Edgemoor Lane, Bethesda, Md Leineweber C. Henry (CAS, Emeritus Professor) 5612 Edgemoor Lane, Bethesda Md. Lederer, Max (SSSPA) 1900 H Street, N.W. Levin, Theodore H. (SSSPA, Economics) 310 Hamilton Street, N.W. Lindley, Byron L. (CAS, Secretarial Science) 3814 37th Place. Brentwood, Md. Loftus, Joseph E. (SSSPA, Economics) 1513 Elson Street, Carol Highlands, Takoma Park, Md. Lorimer, Frank (CAS, Sociology) 2930 Chesapeake Street, N.W. Lusher, David W. (SSSPA) 2702 Wisconsin Avenue N.W Lutz, Julia Mayfield (Mrs. Boyd) (Circulation Librarian) 4312 12th Road South, Apt. 1, Arlington, Va Mack, Clifton E. (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 6314 32nd Street, N.W. Mackercher, John S. (SSSPA) 2651 16th Street, N W. Malinowski, Thaddeus (SSSPA) 1735 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W. Mann, Fritz Karl (SSSPA, Economics) 25 Williams Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. Marshall, Leon C. (SSSPA. Emeritus Professor) 7007 Rolling Road Chevy Chase, Md. Marx, Fritz Morstein (SSSPA) 6612 North Washington Boulevard, Falls Church, Va. McCausland, Stanley (CAS, Biology) Hamilton House, Campus Maxwell, Martha Jane (Mrs. George) (University Examination Authority) 16-N Ridge Road. Greenbelt, Md Maiden, Jane (CAS, Registrar ' s Office) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. May, Wilbur (CAS, Sut. of Buildings Grounds) Route I, Gaithersburg, Md McCary, Joseph W. (Audio-Visual Aids Technician) 330 Peabody Street, N E McClain, Dayton E. (Vice-President) 701 19th Street, N.W. McClare, John K. (SSSPA) 429 South Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Va. McDowell, Sophia (CAS, Sociology) 3810 39th Street, N.W. McLam, James L. (CAS, Music) 8605 McKinley Court, Bethesda, Md Merwin, Charles L. (SSSPA) 41 13 49th Street, N.W. Miller, Mary Frances (CAS, Speech) Hancock Hall, McLean Gardens, Miller, Rita (CAS, Health Service) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. Moyer, Eugene C. (SSSPA, Accounting) 4504 North Chelsa Lane, Bethesda, Md Mortimor, Frank H. (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 5917 33rd Street, N.W Muir, Muriel C, (CAS, Physical Education) McLean Gardens. Murphy, Doris (SSSPA) 1730 New Hampshire Avenue, N W Naidel, Simon (SSSPA) 2027 Park Road, N W. Neenan, Mabel (Mrs. E. B.) (CAS) 1717 G Street, N.W Newman, Samuel C. (SSSPA) 134 B Street, N.E. Nishiyama, Sally (SSSPA, Teaching Institute) 1401 -A Buchanan Street, N.W. Nobelman, Eli E. (SSSPA) 2007 37th Street, S.E. Olds, Ruberta M. (CAS, Modern Languages) 3725 Macomb Street, N.W. Oliver, Robert W. (SSSPA) 1654 Mount Eagle Place, Alexandria, Va Olverson, John B. (SSSPA, Public Administration) 6225 Western Avenue, Chevy Chase, Md Opperman, Paul (SSSPA) 3830 39th Street, N.W. Osterbind, Carter C. (SSSPA, Economics) 517 Great Falls Street, Falls Church, Va. Paga, Alice (SSSPA, Undergraduate Dean ' s Office) 1850 47th Place, N.W. Palmer, Everett N. (Alumni Secretary) 220 N. Galveston Street, Arlington, Va. Pattee, Patricia J. (SSSPA, Bursar ' s Office) 1730 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W. Two Hundred Nine a irecior v Pearce Hardy L (CAS, Physical Education) 5414 Worthington Drive, Westmoreland Hills Peck, Gustav 1 55SPA, adjunct professor) 2319 Nebraska Avenue, N.W. Pereira-Salas, Eugenio (Visiting Professor of History) Roper House, Campus. Person, Russell (CAS, Mathematics) Vienna, Va Piquet, Howard S (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 2209 Yorktown Road, N.W. Plegge, Barbara (Mrs. Willard) (SSSPA, Registrar ' s Office) 3240 P Street, N.W. Posner Ernest (SSSPA, Director) 4111 North Fourth Street, Buckingham, Arlington, Va. Potter, Louis A iCAS, Music ' 3531 Porter Street, N.W Potter, Pitman B. (SSSPA, Dean, Graduate Division) Pisgah Church Road, Avenel, Silver Spring, Md. Pratt Mrs Laurlene Straughn (SSSPA, English i 3370 Gunston Road, Parkfairfax, Alexandria, Va Pribram, Karl (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 3625 16th Street, N W Puppa, Henry G. (SSSPA) 4307 Alton Place, N.W. Rabbitt, Edwin K. (Admission ' s Office ' 2804 South Columbus Street, Arlington Va Rackley, Lloyd (SSSPA) 1 300 Massachusetts Avenue, N W. Rauch, Jean I. (Mrs. C. Stanley) (SSSPA, Bursar) 1303 South Barton Street, Arling- ton, Va. Reaves, John H. (CAS, Physics) 3409-E The American University Apartments Reno, William L. (SSSPA, Public Administration) 2500 Q Street, N W Rice, Earl J. (CAS, Manager of the Dining Room) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus Rider Ann (SSSPA) 1519 Monroe Street, N.W. Roberts Jane (Mrs. Sidney) (SSSPA, Director ' s Office) 4834 Indian Lane, Berwyn, Md Robinson, Myles Elliott (SSSPA) 7505 Lynn Drive, Chevy Chase, Md Rohden, Huberto (CAS, Religion a Philosophy) 341 3-A The American University Apartments Romame, Westervelt (CAS, Music) 41 1 1 W Street, N.W Rosen, S. McKee (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 3921 Harrison Street, N W Roth, Harold H (SSSPA, Public Administration) 1819 G Street, N W Rowe Gail (SSSPA, President ' s Office) 4437 Harrison Street, N.W Rowen, John W (CAS, Mathematics) 4240 South 35th Street, Fairhngton, Va Rowen, Raymond (CAS) 917 Grandin Avenue, Rockville, Md Rylcnd Charles P. (University Physician) 4901 Massachusetts Avenue, N W Sadler, Rowena S. (Mrs. William C.) (CAS, Library) 3721 39th Street, N W Sargeant, Alice (Mrs. Robert) (CAS) Route 4, Box 450, Alexandria, Va Saunders Sarah C. ' CAS. Education) 5301 New Hampshire Avenue, N W Schell, Emil D (SSSPA) 3440 12th Road North, Arlington, Va Schmidt, Charles H. (SSSPA) 3221 Valley Drive, Alexandria, Va Schubert, Leo (CAS, Chemistry) 487 Orange Street, S.E. Schulze, Hugo (CAS. Physical Education) 4312 North Fourth Street, Arlington, Va Scott, Joseph W (SSSPA, ad|unct professor) 151 2 Mount Eagle Place, Alexandria, Va. Scrimshaw, Clifdene G (CAS, University Health Service) Mary Graydon Hall, Campus. Seckler-Hudson, Catheryn (Mrs Reuben C. Steinmeyer) (SSSPA, Public Administra- tion) 5903 40th Avenue, Hyattsville, Md Seitz, Peter (SSSPA) 3279 Van Hazen Street, N W Severy, Rolland D (SSSPA, ad|unct professor) American Embassy, Paris, c o Mail Room, Dept. of State, Washington. Setnick, Frances (SSSPA, President ' s Office) 1388 Rittenhouse Street, N.W. Shenton, Walter F. (CAS, Mathematics) 3605 Porter Street, N.W. Sherrard, Alfred (SSSPA, Economics) 2000 F. Street, N.W. Short, Oliver C. (SSSPA, ad|unct professor) 4605 Clemson Road, College Park, Md. Sitterly, Bancroft W. (SSSPA, Mathematics) 371 1 Brandywine Street, N W Skillington, Evelyn F. (Mrs. James E. ) (CAS, Dean of Women) 3409-H The American University Apartments Two Hundred Ten 2), i rector M Skillmgton, James E. (CAS, Registrar and Government) 3409-H The American Uni- versity Apartments Skagerberg, Rutcher (SSSPA) 420 Taylor Place, Alexandria, Va. Sleicher, Reuben P. (CAS, Bookstore) 3219 40th Place, N.W. Smith, Gordon H. (CAS, Music) 31 Lee Street, Capitol View, Silver Spring, Md. Smith, Suzanne (Mrs. Gordon H.) (Cultural Counselor) 31 Lee Street, Capitol View, Silver Spring, Md. Smith, John H. (SSSPA, Statistics) 61 10 14th Street, N W Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth (SSSPA) 23 Westmoreland Avenue, Takoma Park, Md. Smith, Paul E. (SSSPA) 1407 Martha Custis Drive, Alexandria, Va. Solenberger, Robert R. (SSSPA, Sociology) 2020 G Street, N.W Southard, Paul J. (SSSPA) 1834 N. Quentant Street, Arlington, Va Southard, Mrs. Mary (CAS, Registrar ' s Office) Spear, Mary E. (SSSPA) 1 Valley View Avenue, Takoma Park, Md. Stahlman, Lucille (SSSPA) 1519 Monroe Street, N.W. Stepler, Harold (SSPA, Radio) 1 152 Oates Street, N.E. Steppat, Leo (CAS, Art) 1762 Columbia Road, N.W. Stromsen, Carl E. (SSSPA) 3833 Legation Street, N.W. Stone, Donald C. (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 4921 Tilden Street, N.W. Stone, David L. (CAS, Music) 4945 Brandywine Street, N.W. Sweezy, Eldon E. (SSSPA) 4205 12th Road South, Arlington, Va. Taylor, Amos E. (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 1451 Jonquil Street, N.W. Tesoro, George A. (SSSPA, ad|unct professor) 4104 Leland Street, Chevy Chase Md. Tiller, Carl (SSSPA) 2421 59th Place, Cheverly, Md. Ulmer Melville J. (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 41 16 North Henderson Road, Arlington, Va Upham, C. B, A (SSSPA, adjunct professor) University Club, 1 135 16th Street, N W. Van Noy, Mrs. Henrietta (SSSPA, Registrar ' s Office) B-226 Louisiana Hall, Arling- ton Farms, Arlington, Va. Van der Slice, Austin (SSSPA, Dean, Undergraduate Division) 624 Rock Creek Church Road. Van Vechten, Courtland ' SSSPA) 9409 Thornhill Road, Silver Spring, Md. Vernon, Raymond (SSSPA) 5717 First Street South, Arlington, Va. Von Abele, Rudolph (SSSPA, English) 2415 18th Street, N.W. Wallace, Esther M. (CAS, Physical Education) McLean Gardens. Ware, Caroline (Mrs. Wardner Means) (SSSPA) R.F.D. No. 1, Vienna, Va Warner, Kenneth O (SSSPA) 3639 Minnesota Avenue, S.E. Waugh, Karl T (SSSPA) 1762 N Street, N W Wells, Carl H. ' CAS. Biology) 5529 Manning Drive, Bethesda, Md. Weigert, Oscar (SSSPA, ad|unct professor) 12 Oxford Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Weiss, Samuel (SSSPA) 3073 South Buchanan Street, Arlington, Va. Weitzman, Ellis (Dir of University Examination Authority) 3488-B South Utah Street, Fairlington, Arlington, Va Welsh, Charles A. (CAS, Economics) 203 North Trenton Street, Arlington, Va. Whalen. Margaret (Mrs John) (Admission ' s Office) Apt 1 401 Cedar Street N.W. White. Milburn J (SSSPA, Psychology) 1 809 G Street N W , Apt 210 Williams, Mrs. Mildred H (SSSPA Registrar ' s Office) 1789 Lanier Place, N W Wolfbem Seymour L (SSSPA) 1 Webb Road, Cabin John Gardens, Md Woods, George B. (CAS. Emeritus Professor) 4250 Van Ness Street, N W. Wyatt, Mrs. Kathryn Day (CAS, French) 4022 Warren Street, N.W Wythe, Zoe (Mrs. George) (CAS, Modern Languages) 2151 California Street, N.W. Wygod, Catherine (SSSPA) 3451 14th Street, N.W Youngdahl, Richard (SSSPA) 1746 North Rhodes Street, Apt. 317, Arlington, Va. Zendt, Marcia (SSSPA) 1730 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W. Zickefoose, Guy P. (CAS, Accounting) 303 East Glendale Avenue, Alexandria, Va. Ziskind, David (SSSPA, adjunct professor) 1200 Mississippi Avenue, S.E. Two Hundred Eleven 2 iretFor v FULL-TIME UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS (As much as possible we have tried to present the home addresses of SSSPA students.) Abrahams, Mary R 1020 19th St., N.W. Adams Bert K 612 Rock Creek Church Rd., N.W. Adamson, Robert E 416 Webster St., N.W. Adelman, Charles 2434 Monroe St., N.W. Ahearn James 210 Crown St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Akins, Lillian M 1418 Spring Rd., N.W. Altman Susan Mary Graydon Hall, American U. Ancin Edward M 85 Chester St., Kingston, Pa. Anderson, Dudley 2611 Woodley PL, N.W. Armstead, Edward 1123 Chapel Oaks Dr., N.E. Atlee, John M 21 16th St., N.E. Baca Arthur Hamilton House, American U. Boer. ' Roger K ..1923 N Si , N.W. Bailey, Roger K 1765 Church St., N.W. Ba rd Grover.... 1000 P St NW Baker, Eugene C 2114 N St., N W Ball William N 108 North Brookside Dr., Ar! , Va Barnett, Basil R 1736 G St., N.W Bartosiewiez John J 1533 New Hampshire Ave., N.W. Batchelor LeRoy E 838 South Oakland St., Arl , Va. Bates, Frank C 2704 Plyers Mill Rd., Silver Spring, Md. Beall ' Lemuel D 116 Chestnut St., Gaithersburg, Md. Bedrosian, Jack 2429 Hamlin PI., N.E. Bellas. Edward P 1875 Mmtwood PL, N.W. Benfer, James R 1 Hawaii Ave., N.E. Bergreen, Sholen 5404 4th St, NW. Besett Harry L 1457 Belmont St., N W. Binswanger, William 1445 Ogden St., N.W Bird, R.chard W 1632 P St . NW. Biser, Harry C Emmitsburg Md Bishop, Weldon R 3801 T St., N.W Bisland, Edward 317 East Capito St. Black. Albert 1515 10+ St NW Blcom Daniel McDowell House, American U. Blurton, Clarence 402 Tennessee Ave., N.E Bodycombe, Robert Roper House, American U. Bolin, Norma L Roper House, American U. Book Raymond F Dmer Rf, Bourke Edmund 4406 Harrison St, N.W Bowe, James R Rox No. 173, American U. Bowman, David J 5212 MacArthur Blvd. N.E Braid. Eugene.... - H26 21st St.. NW. Breiterman, Ira M 1 Hawaii Ave N.E. Brown, John J 1015 L St., N.W. Brown Robert H 309 North St., Walpole. Mass. Brown ' , Robert S 2118 P St., N W. Broyer, Calvin H 1415 Chapin St., N W Bryant, James A 2359 Ontario Rd., N.W Bunke, Frederick 6006 4th St., N.W Burdick, Ralph 1016 North Noyes Dr., Silver Spring, Md. Butler, Arthur V 154 Bayside Ave, Flushing, N. Y. Butler ' Brian C 935 Bonifant St., Silver Spring, Md. Butler, Dorothy J 222 W St., N.W Butler, Douglas H 935 Bonifant St., Silver Spring, Md. Two Hundred Thirteen 2) irecior v Butts, C Lee Box 101, Fairfax, Va. Canney, William M 4994 Benning Rd S E. Carter, Raymond 1503 Que St, N.W. Case, Edson 1 309 North Thomas St., Arl ., Va. Cassard, William Hamilton House, American U. Cavanaugh, Fred S 96 Harriet St , Brighton Mass Chism, James W 2853 Ontario Rd N.W. Claytor, Ralph V 716 58th Ave., N.E. Cochran, Harry C 1717 P St, N.W. Cockrell, Edward 1401 Tuckerman St, N.W. Cogliano, Vincent 1919 19th St , N W Cohen Bert B 3308 Buchanan St., Mt. Rainer, Md. Cole, Ralph C 1933 Lamont St., N W. Comstock, Edward R 8106 Park Crest Dr , Silver Spring, Md. Connor, Henry F Clark House, American U. Cook, Elmer H 4412 Garrison St., N.W. Cooper, Ernest E 7210 Belwood St, S.E. Cotton, Donald 960 Dewey Ave, Rochester, N. Y. Courtney, William A 2600 South Adams St, Arl, Va. Craig Elsie L 3130 Wisconsin Ave., N W. Cranston, Edward C 615 K St, N.E. Craver Theodore 1314 College Ave., Fredericksburg, Va. Cromwell, Scott 1669 Columbia Rd., N.W. Croop, Ellsworth 1778 North Troy St, Arl , Va. Cress Donald E 2708 North Pershing Dr., Arl , Va. Crupi ' , Joseph S 2225 Naylor Rd., S.E. Cuddihy, Donald 44 W. 175 St., New York, N. Y. Culhane, James J 2713 Terrace Rd., S. E. Custis, James G 3125 Worthington St., N. W. Dakun, Michael 3423 16th St., N. W. Davenport Robert 376 Ridge Rd , Greenbelt, Md. Davis, Frank J 1261 Raum St., N.E. Davis, Jean S 4303 North 47th St., Arl., Va. Davis Marshall Hamilton House, American U. Day Arnold L 641 Monroe St., N.E. Deam, Donald L 1701 16th St, N W. Decker, Louis Box 424, American U. DeJohn, Chris Roper House, American U. Demers, Joseph 936 Perry PI. DeMott, Alfred Hamilton House, American U. Despres H. P 200 Massachuetts Ave., N.W. Dickenson, William E 1843 Irving St., N.W. DiMeglio Anthony 618 Girard St., N.E. Dooley, Jeanne T 6431 Utah St., N W. Downs Walter S Ill Home Ave., Alex, Va. Drake John 3923 13th St.. N.W. Draper Cecil 112 Baggett St, Alex, Va. Dugan, Albert 1 2007 South Fern St., Art, Va. Duaan, Thomas M Hamilton House, American U. Dunham Franklin 1200 South Cleveland St., Arl., Va. Dunn Hector 3023 14th St, N.W. Dunn Lenore 516 4th St., N.E. Dunn LeRoy 1029 Church Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Dyatt, Charles 7317 Alaska Ave., N.W. Edwards, Roy G 1317 Rhode Island Ave., N.W. Eaoroff, Nicholas 3111 Oliver St , N.W. Two Hundred Fourteen 2) ' ectoru English, Frank 1724 Lamont St , N W Epp Arthur J Hamilton House, American U. Eubank, Charles S 2839 Bnnker Ave , Ogden. Utah Evans William D 4823 Rugby Ave., Bethesda, Md. Faillace Richard 1457 Belmont St., N W Fangmeier. Robert 1236 11th St., N.W. Fay, Marcia R 1840 Mintwood PL, N W. Feigert David J Roper House, American U. Feldman, Milford 1 307Saratoga Ave , N.E. Fichtner Wayne 341 7-F New Mexico Ave, N.W. Findley Charles B 2122 P St , N W Finegold Earl B 1748 28th St. NW Finley, James J Box 24, Beltsville, Md Fisher, Donald L Roper House, American U Fitch Frank L Roper House, American U. Foqel, Carl P 34 14th St., N.W. Foley, Johnny J 162 Wesmcnd Dr., Alex., Va. Fong, ' Hin Wong Hamilton House, American U. Foster Raymond 816 Summit Ave., Haqerstown. Md. Frank, ' Edward 1409 16th St N W Frcser Charles Alpha Tau Omega House, American U. Frick Rameal 2223 H St , N W. Frishman, Seymore 5333 28th St, NW Fuller, Jay R 1104 Mississippi Ave, SE Gcipa, Joachim 51 Aqueduct Ave., Yonkers, N Y. Garcia Joseph Northwest Station Gasque. Cecil 413 Newcomb St., S.E Gibbs Patricia Roper House, American U. Gitlitz, Jonah.Z ' . ' . ' . ' . ' ...... ' ....... 1923 N St., NW Gitomer David J 105 West Main St., Miliville, N J. Gcldreich, Sidney 3812 Florence Dr., Alex. Va. Goldstein Israel 4011 Reistertown Rd, Baltimore, Md. Golomb. ' jack 4326 4th St, NW Golson Louis R 7213 Flower Ave., Takoma Park, Md. Gordon, David R ' .... ' ' 365 Downing St. Gordon, Jacob 3731 h Grady, John P 3901 Langley Ct NLW. Graham Robert M 622 Lawrence Ave., Girard, Ohio Grigsby, ' James D Roper House, American U. Groemping, Franz 3733 Benton St, N.W. Grogan, Stanley J 1708 Surrey Lane, N.W Gross Alfred G Leonard Student Center, American U. Guaragna Frank 451 Massachusetts Ave, N. W. Gullo Jack A 31 Hopkins Lane, Mt. Morris, N Y. Gustafson Eric R F.D. No. 1, Box 176, Alex. Va. H ad en. Ora ...1742 V St., N.W. Haqlund R Conrad Route 1, Box 16 1, Sioux City, Iowa Hall Sherman H 929 N St , N W Hancock, Oluess 4-A Parkway Rd, Greenbelt, Md. Hanes, William G 1111 North Kensington St, Arl. Va. Hardy, ' Sadie D 1615 Swann St., N.W. Hare, Howard P 23 Elliott Rd. Hare Ray M 905 South Fillmore St, Arl, Va. Harris, Fred 3206 Wisconsin Ave, N.W. Harris ' Olverton Roper House. American U. Hart Clark East Clifton Terr. Two Hundred Fifteen PAPER Fine Printing Papers Industrial and Utility Papers STANFORD PAPER COMPANY Telephones NAtional 3887-6091 25 Massachusetts Avenue, N. W. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Washington 4. 0. C. There ' s something about a store . . . For example, there ' s something a little different about Jelleff ' s. Haven ' t you found it so? Perhaps it ' s because we are still a " little store " at heart . . . even though we have grown to be One of the Country ' s Great Apparel Stores with four sizable Branches! Con- necticut Avenue, Bethesda, Silver Spring and Shirlington! -y rm erica n Ua let Jjervice across from Sears 4519 WISCONSIN AVE., N. W. one hour dry cleaning pressing while you wait shoe repairing while you wait no shrinkage or distortion no odor finest workmanship guaranteed expert tailoring one to three day service insured against fire and theft CALL EMERSON 9780 Two Hundred Sixteen 2b. irectorL i Healy, Arthur T Spring St., Carbondale Pa. Helgeson, A. Orville .. Ardmore Landover Md. Helimer, Ralph G 2808 South 5th St., Arl., Va Henderson, William L 2504 Gaither St., S E. Hess John R Finns Lane, Lanham, Md. Higb ' ie James ' C.ZZZZZ Brickyard Rd„ Bethesda, Md. Hiltz Kenneth M 4427 Fessenden St. Himes, Robert S 318 Missouri Ave., N.W Hme. Maurice Roper House American U. Hitt, Morns - 1 304 U St S E. Hoddinott, Robert B Route 1, Springfield Va Hcefler, Donald C New Colonic Hotel Hoke Ruth B 8209 Custer Rd., Bethesda, Md. Hunsberger, George P.O. Box 337, McLean Va Hunt Edward R 3413 -F New Mexico Ave, N.W. Hurst Harold W 9V2 Walker Ave. Mornstown, N. J Hurt Warren W 1523 New Hampshire Ave, N.W Huss ' er, Andrew.... ' . ' . ' . ' 1212 Delafield PL, N W. Imru. Judith 2134 Kalorama Rd , N W | mru R u th 2134 Kalorama Rd., N.W Ivev E Thomas 1 108 South Thomas St., Arl., Va Jacobs John D 4419 P St, N.W. Jamerson, Robert H 2024 16th St., NW Jansing, Arnold 1810 Abingdon Dr Alex., Va. Johnsen Earl R 1235 North Mason Ave., Chicago, III. Jones, James N 2927 10th St., N E. Juric, George M Roper House, American U Kadi Nizar 3100 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Katz, Albert 351 Raleigh St. S E. Kaufman, Leonard A 27 Crescent Ave. Newark N. J Keeffe Loren J 4030 North Washington Blvd., Arl., Va. Kephart, George. ' . 3016 North 5th St Arl Va. Keppler, Elliott 515 Park Lane, Bethesda, Md Keys Charles W 2015 Naylor Rd., S.E. Kible ' r, Robert C 1106 North Vermont St Art, Va Kilby Edwin L 3425 12th St., S.E. Kimball, William A 425 South 40th St., Phila Pa King, Curley 485 L St SW. Kipps Clarence 2008 North Kentucky St., Art, Va Kirschner, Daniel Hughes House American U. Kirschner, Edwin J Box 202, Amenc an U Kirshbaum, Sol 614 Park Rd., N W. Kleckner, Joseph -1438 Huntington St Alex., Va. Koenig, Charles E 822 South Arl. Hill Dr, Arl Va Kotteck Fred 747 East 5th St., New York, N. Y. KnTora TheVese 1723 G St N.W Kmaer ' Geo ae 3339 Quesada St.. N W KS jX 9 !ZZZZZZZ:ZZ: „.357 East 10th St New York N.Y. Kurz Albert E 289 Central Ave., Jersey City, N. J. Kyle ' Roger L..Z 144 East Washington St Chambersburg Pa Kvies, Alphonso W Z Z I M Labe Martm R 400 East 49th St New York, N.Y. Lallos, Charles P -23 1 Ashm ea .N .W Lakln ' SaT ZZZZZZZZ ' Deiaw ' a ' re ' Ave., Delmar; N. Y. CaR he Ranald:::.::: 44H Stanford St., Chevy Chase, Md. Two Hundred Seventeen 2) irector v Lavoie, Herbert J 3833 North 9h St, Arl, Va. Leavitt, Howard 1923 N St, N W. Lee, Rosa L 218 R St., N.W Letham, Glenn E 5733 North Washington Blvd., Arl., Va. Levin, Bernard T 621 South George St., York, Pa. Levin, Harry L 4101 Legation St, N.W. Levy, William A 6710 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, Md. Lewis, Robert G 4332 Albemarle St, N.W. Lmdemann, Paul A 209 Arlington Village, Arl, Va. Lindsay, Paul K 100 South St., N.W. Little, Elsie M 606 Powhatan PI. Little, John L 606 Powhatan PI. Lomax Everett P lllOOrren St, N.E. Lowary, Robert B Roper House, American U. Luton, Albert R 2701 South Meade St, Arl, Va. Maher, John W 804 1st St, Devils Lake, N. D. Manley, Dorothy P 1127 South 15th Rd, Arl, Va. Manley, John C 1127 South 15th Rd, Arl, Va. Marcickiewicz, Richard 78 MacGregor Ave, Roslyn Heights, N. Y. Markham, Edward J 531 Lebaum St, S.E. Marks, Benjamin 2321 West North Ave, Baltimore, Md. Martin, Eugene S Woodley Park Towers Martin, Oscar V 1327 16th St, N.W. Marting, John L 4403 Iowa Ave, N.W. Martino Vincent A 98 Ellsworth St, Alex, Va. Mason, John C 1223 Euclid St, N.W. Maudlin Robert V 1718 Crestwood Dr., N.W. McAtlee, George W 2813 34th PI, N.W. McCaffrey, William E 3525 Davenport St, N.W. McCaulev, John R 1108 South 15th St, Arl, Va. McClellan, William M 806 Bashford Lane, Alex, Va. McClung, George L 4550 Reservoir Rd, N.W. McComb, Harold Alpha Tau Omega House, American U. McLachlan, John M Flint House, American U. Meador, Mary C R.R. No. 2, North Roosevelt St, Falls Church, Va. Meeker, Theodore C 9400 Connecticut Ave, Chevy Chase, Md. Mehrmann, Charles C McDowell House American U. Mellon, Donald H 585 Pine St, Meadville, Pa. Menen Lewis 1332 Massachusetts Ave, N.W. Metzger, Donald 4241 Garfield St, N.W. Milanette, Edward 6 Cherry Rd, Rochester, N. Y. Miller Blair 4113 North 4th St, Arl, Va. Miller, George M 2812 Que St, S.E. Miller, Robert J ACE Local No. 96, 414 Florida Ave, N.E. Miller, Wentworth E 2816 12th St., N.E. Mm, Elsie A 445 Quincy St, N.E. Monshan, James E 319 Beyer Rd, S.W. Moore, John R 1400 Chevy Chase Blvd., Bethesda, Md. Moore, John R 4600 Chevy Chase Blvd., Bethesda. Md. Morrison, Raymond 816 Potomac Ave, S.E. Mulnix, Forest R 1439 Euclid St., N.W. Murphy, David J P.O. Box 1254 Murphy, Doris 1730 New Hampshire Ave, N. W. Murray, James M 4 Raymond St, Chevy Chase, Md. Nash, Victor H 1206 South George Mason Dr., Arl, Va. Negri, Charles A 1011 24th St, N.W. Two Hundred Eighteen 2) ire dor v Newcomb, Carl T 2148 St., N.W. O ' Brien Robert J 2026 Hamlin St. N E. O ' Connell, Edward C 4511 Verplanck PI., N.W. O ' Connell, Harold F Clark House, American U. O ' Connor, John C 124 13th St., S.E. O ' Dnscoll, John J 35 Liberty St., Beacon, N. Y. O ' Hara, James E 557 Lebaum St., S.E. Chiaen, Nathaniel E 1825 R St., N.W. Orser James A 1028 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Ostrow, Margaret M 1808 Kalorama Rd, N.W. Pachuta Mary 701 Chetworth PL, Alex, Va. Paduda, George J 1322 B. St, S.E. Palfrey, Raymond 1744 D St., S.E. Palmer, Robert E 1 -D Eastway, Greenbelt. Md. Palmer, William E Roper House, American U. Pannell, Theonius W 1510 4th S, N.W. Parker, James A 63 Quebec PI , N W. Parnell, Benjamin L 8502 Greenwood Ave, Takoma Park Md. Patterson Carl E 3409-A New Mexico Ave, N W. Perkins Norval E 1346 Girard St, N.W. Perryman, Ellwyn K 424 Kenyon St, N.W. Person, Richard B American U. Peters, Hugh P 3035 Que St, N W. Petruska, Andrew 4332 Halley Terr. Phillips Frederica 4931 MacArthur Blvd. Phillips, Jack B 4922 9th St, N.W. Phillips, Victor F 409 Van Buren St. Piqott, Leonard D 1404 Oglethrope St. Plotnick. Sheldon 5401 North Capitol St. Pooler, Charles A 3000 Columbus St., Art, Va. Popham. Lewis C Hamilton House. American U. Pratt, Robert V 1457 Belmont St, NW Quimby, Roger C 1819 G St, N.W. Reid, Herberts 7303 Baltimore Ave, College Park Md. Revelcs. George N 205 Harrison St, Middletown Ohio Richards. John G 222 Channing St, N E. Richardson, Frank J 1120 Brown St., Alton, III. Rings, Edward B 3105 36th St, N.W. RiiDa, Allan A Roper House, American U. Robertson, Ernest P 208 South Court House Rd , Art, Va. Robinson, James S Hughes House. American U. Roche, Raymond J 213 37th S. S E. Rockerfeller, John J 3130 Wisconsin Ave, N.W. Rockmore, Rosemary Mary Graydon Hall, American U Rodis Alvm A 3636 Everett St. N W. Rogers, Tavis W 311 Girard St, Danville, Va. Rosenberger, Leigh Mary Graydon Hall, American U. Rosenblatt, John J 104 Walnut St, NW Rosloff, Aaron 1690 Vyse Ave, Bronx, N Y. Rosoff, Betty E 921 South Orme St, Arl , Va. Rothenstreich, Noemi Reforma No. 351, Mexico City Rowe, Jerome W 3409-F New Mexico Ave, N.W. Rubin, Theodore J 3414 10th PL S.E. Rush, Harold G 372 Howard Ave, Brooklyn, N. Y. Russell, Aubrey H 2800 Connecticut Ave, N.W. Sages, Royce M 134 Glen Ave, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Two Hundred Nineteen 2 ectoru Sanderson, LeRoy ■— ••• 642 Fr ° nklin . - Scharf, Justin N 1521 New Hampshire Ave , N Schaus; Charles J ™ u V ' ' M W Scheuer, Robert n T, W S All Schnitzer, James J 4736 Norrh 24th Rd A Schwartz, Emanuel 2333 Candace Pitt sburg h Schwinger, Norman 4810 Osage St Bervjyn Md. Scruggs, Roderick S ........2514 14th St., N W. Siphprt John W 227 West 3rd St - F| orence, Colo. Seidner Albert 1714 N St N.W. Shields, David W ■■••••••■• ■» 17 3 N . St - W. Sh.mbukuro. Kaoru •■■•■••842 New Hampshire Ave N.W. Shirer, Raymond M 100 Sycamore St., ConneNsv .lie Pa Shortsleeves. William 1005 New Hampshire Ave., NW. c in Jj nnvid 1439 Taylor St., N.W. S nnlftorv Eu ' a ' e ' ne 2105 Maryland Ave N E. S! laZ, E " r::::::::: r 3 b st., N w Slagle Walter G 7 Auburn Ct, Alex Va Sloan, Robert A d , UP u°r St - ' t ' Snow Richard G . ■■■ .••• 291 5 North Capitol St. Snyder, Edward H -316 Meade Ave., Hanover Pa. Sonnabend, Franklin •■• .5729 PI. NW. Wnr lames H 1 Valley View Ave., Takoma Park, Md. sfackia S en G 41 1 3 Hamilton Sv , Hyattsville, Md. S.E, , S.E c. ' S David o ' . ' . ' . " . " .... " ...... 708 South Asaph St., Alex, Va |ftJ O«fcZZIZ.. 5034 38th Ave, Hyattsville Md Sutton, John W..,.. 425 North Kenmore St M Va Staggs, James M 221 3 Pennsylvania Ave Stanley, William A --2605 30th St., S.E Starnes Cecil D ••••■■•■• ••■100 D ° n r f l a " L Tm 4627 Kenmore Dr Taylor, Richard N •■■• - - , A Tallander. Stella C 1322 Fort Mye r Dr Art. Va i ananaer .« u 3 q shermQn Cirde Temp , John J St N w Sl ' of f ' Arthur 1 93 4 Daly Ave , Bronx N Y Testoff, Arthur ] g NebrQska Ave Tk° ma t ' n Inhn w 4929 New Hampshire Ave., N W To " , Lou, -823 Standish Dr., Landover, Md I L nnnnlTn Roper House, American U T ' M H -Roper House American U yrquha,-; Banyan E S nca ' u X r te ' n ' i h °w ' 422 18th St. NE Hm£w ' . ' . ' ::. ' .l " 512 North Harrison St., Art, Va Wn |Jp WilMam 2111 North Scott St., AT, Va B nh!x 9 East 30th St., Bayonne, N. J. Ward John X A Chever| Md Warmer, Fred C J A 22nd St N w Watrous, Edgar C Two Hundred Twenty-one 2), irector v Weaver, Robert N 3851 Halley Terr., S.E. Westerstrom, Leonard 1305 Potomac St., N.W. Wills, Billie S 2312 Ashmead PL, N.W. Wimberley, Norris A 7408 Alaska Ave., N.W. Witherell, William B 1870 Monroe St, N.W. Wood, Earl R 1543 Upshur St.. N W. Wood, William J 2115 Pennsylvania Ave., N W. Wooster, Robert L 405 South Lee St., Alex.. Va. Worcester, Evarts J 1026 15th St., N.W. Wright, Nathaniel 3617 Greenway Dr.. S E. Zabrek, Gilbert C 6117 14th St., N.W. Zaso, Thomas R 1125 Maryland Ave. N.E. Zimm, Alfonz 3463 24th St., S.E. Zuccardy, Bernard Prospect Hill, Noank Conn. FULL-TIME STUDENTS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Abraham, George 1727 N. Capitol Street Adams, Catherine 5609 Chevy Chase Parkway, N.W. Ahlstrom, Shirley Pittsburgh, Pa. Albert, Barbara 5042 Nebraska Avenue, N W. Albrecht Sally 4308 Lynnbrook Drive, Bethesda, Md. Alexander, Alice 4410 Elmwood, Royal Oak. Mich. Allen, James 1832 You Place, S.E. Alien, Nancy J 7320 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, Md. Allen Rodman 51 Fairfield, South Norwalk, Conn. Alting, Marion 6 West Jackson Avenue, Middletown, M. Y. Alting, Phyllis 6 West Jackson Avenue, Middletown, N. Y. Altman, Susan 506 Washington Street, Whitman, Mass. Angel, Elizabeth 2818 Rittenhouse Street, N.W Anglin, Walter 4012 Edmunds Street, N.W. Anselmo, Guy 3851 Porter Street N.W Apt, Dorothv Longhill Road, Bolton, Mass. Arkoian, Perounag 3367 18th Street, N.W. Armengol, Joseph 162 West 94th Street, New York N. Y. Arnold, Raymond Wilson Boulevard, Route No. 1, Falls Church, Va. Arrand, Barbara 5178Crunna Road, Flint, Mich. Ashburner, Roberta Ill Del Ray Avenue, Bethesda, Md Ashland, Roger R.F D. No 2, Nora Springs, Iowa Ashley. Marilyn 1549 N. Falkland Lane, Silver Spring, Md. Attardi, Alfonse 846 Gatis Avenue, Brooklyn, N Y. Austin, Maryann 909 Ridge Road, S E. Axelson, Mary 1920 Granada Boulevard, Coral Gables. Fla. Baca, Arthur 222 York Street. Bellevue, Ohio Baer, Roger 29 Lancaster Terrace, Brookline, Mass. Bailey, Douglas 3701 Albemarle Street. N.W. Bailey, Mary Leesburg. Va. Baker, Jason 724 Shepherd Street, N.W. Baker, John 3700 Massachusetts Aveune, N W. Balchun, Simon 106 Susquehanna Avenue, Shickshinny, Pa Banning, Anne 3902 Jocelyn Street, N W Barker, Joann 8214 Cedar Street, Silver Spring. Md. Barnett, Charles G 4331 Brandywine Street, N W. Barnett, Jean 6 William Street, Cambridge, Md. Barr, Allen 810 Whittier Place, N W. Bartholomew Elinor 1512 East Duvall Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Basiliko, Gregory 6211 8th Street, N.W. Baughman, Kenneth Route No. 1, Box 316, Annandale, Va. Two Hundred Twenty-two 2 ireclor v Baughman, Lon H 2030 Eutaw Place, Baltimore Md Beall, Patricia 3400 New Street, N.W. Bear, James E c o Alpha Tau Omega House, American University Becker, Stephen 3512 213th Street, Bayside, LI,, N. Y Beech, Angela 3932 Alabama Avenue, S.E. Beneke, Bernice 516 Rhode Island Avenue N.E. Bell, Harriett 6004 Riverdale Road, Riverdale. Md. Benedict, Betty Jo 5712 32nd Street, N.W. Bengtsson, Marie-Louise 2501 Que Street, N W Benson, Ralph 68 East Avenue, Bradford, Pa. Berdan, Margaret 1035 Devon Road, Pittsburgh, Pa, Berenblum, Teresa 8501 Hempstead Avenue, Bethesda, Md. Bergmann, Betty 7806 13th Street, N.W. Betts, Eugene c o Alpha Tau Omega House, American University Betts, Stanley 3313 Du Bois Place, S.E. Biddle, Henry 322 South Adams Street, Arlington, Va. Bish, Henry L 5 Cleveland Avenue, N.W. Bishop, Bonnie 4108 40th Street North, Arlington, Va. Blachly, Charles 3421 -E New Mexico Avenue, NW Black, Marion 120 Hilltop Road, Silver Spring, Md. Black, William J 1301 Vermont Avenue, N.W. Blackford, Virginia 1321 Fairmont St reet, NW Blance, Ida 5225 Connecticut Avenue, N W. Bobolia, William 118 Depew Street, Peekskill, N Y. Boehley, Erhardt H 5547 North 15th Street, Arlington, Va. Boge Beverly 4601 Yuma Street N.W. Boothby, John H 5050 Lowell Street, N.W. Bordeaux, Walter 1321 North McKinley Street, Arlington, Va. Borders, Glenn 3225 23rd Street, S.E. Bort, Anthony 4870 Cordell Avenue Bethesda, Md. Bosone, Zilphia 965 McClelland Street, Salt Lake City, Utah Bourgeois Muriel 39 Day Street, Fall River, Mass. Bowly, Lawrence 4016 Calvert Street, N.W. Braden, Robert W 2212 Eye Street, N W. Bradford Devota 1 1 1 W. Ashley Street, Jacksonville, Fla. Bradshaw, Leslie 1331 D Street N.E. Brady, Helen 781 1 Custer Road, Bethesda, Md. Branch, David R F.D. No. 2, Cherry Lane, Laurel, Md. Brand, ' Helen 4607 Connecticut Avenue, N W. Branick, Stanley 7108 Plymouth Road, Pikesville, Md. Brasor, Donald 139 Norman Street, New Hyde Park, N. Y. Breidenbach, Patricia Boyertown, Pa Bridges, Margaret Kenly, North Carolina Briggs, John 56 South Mam Street, Shickshinny Pa Briggs, Mary Jayne Burnt Mills Hills, Silver Spring, Md. Brissette, Betty 1434 Harvard Street. " N W. Brock, Lawrence Mt. Lake Park, Md Brooks, Frank 5547 Manning Drive, Bethesda, Md. Brooks, Lloyd 316 South Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif Brooks, Peggy 1612 Buchanan Street, N.W Broumas. John 5507 Center Street, Chevy Chase, Md, Brown, Bill 1273 North Avenue, New Rochelle, N Y Brown, Levis H 2105 Chillum Road, Hyattsville, Md. Brcwn, Maryanna 103 Earlston Drive, N.W. Brown, Richard H 1150 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. Brcwn, T. Ogden 3850 Rodman Street, NW Two Hundred Twenty-three " Famous for Blintzes " CONTINENTAL CUISINE Dine at RICH ' S RESTAURANT " E " AT 19th ST., N.W. Dinners 4:30 ' til !) P. M. Open Sundays from 2 P.M. Compliments of A FRIEND Linen Service, Inc. Established 1900 lotesale luundru and L linen service At Your Service Phone Us: RE 2611 COMMENCEMENT of Vacation and Career — You ' ll want to feel your best by looking your best . . in gay tie-silk prints, bolero-jacketed dresses and suits, or soft bouffant gowns of tulle and net . . . Or in well-tailored slacks, sport coats and suits of diagonals, plaids or solid colored flannels which are always the favored choices of the impeccably dressed man. Come in soon to see us and choose from our ever-new collections throughout our friendly store. JULIUS GARFINCKEL CO. F Street at Fourteenth Spring Valley Store, Massachusetts Avenue at 49th Two Hundred Twenty-four 2), irectoru Brown, Warren B 4402 Que Street N W Buck, T. Randolph 2525 Third Street N E Bugai, Irene East Jordan, Mich. Bunce, James 319 Edge Hill Road, North Hills Pa Bundy, Mary V 1543 44th Street NW Burchard, Duncan R 3919 Oliver Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Burkland, Mildred 30 Old Glebe Road, Arlington, Va. Burnett, Ann 11 Orchard Street, Middletown, N. Y. Burns, Edward C 2107 North Scott Street, Arlington, Va. Burns, Robert J 3803 Minnesota Avenue, N.E. Burrill, Anita 1143 New Hampshire Avenue N W. Burtner, Roy H 2307 41st Street. N.W. Butler, Robert V 4411 39th Street, N.W. Butterbaugh, Levern 3000 30th Street SE Cahill, Thomas M 2147 P Street, N.W. Calcote, Elaine 1712 E Street, S.E. Camnitz, Toba 1795 Riverside Drive, New York, N Y. Camp, Joy 62 Adams Street, Garden City, L. I., N. Y. Cannon, Joan 5615 Greenway Drive, N.W. Cannon, Ruby 503 Beaumont Avenue, Knoxville, Tenn. Carey, Anne Jessup, Pa. Carey, Paul M 3646 Cumberland Street, N.W. Carney, Jack W 1124 North Vernon Street, Arlington, Va. Carothers, Reta 10 Forest Grove Drive, Silver Spring, Md. Carroll, Eugene 1316 North Taft Street, Arlington, Va. Carter, Ruth 1535 North Utah Street, Arlington, Va. Carter, Thomas N 5054 Sedgwick Street, N.W. Cattell, Robert A 7717 14th Street, N.W. Cederlund, Thomas A 6 Agawam Road, Waban, Mass. Chan, Calvin 28 Fillmore Drive, Redwood, Calif. Chang, Elizabeth 22-24 Mountbatten Road, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya Chang, Patricia 22-24 Mountbatten Road, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya Chase, Herbert L 1615 Franklin Street N.E. Chatham, Roy E 1857 Newton Street, N W. Cheeseman, Donald 2039 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W. Cheeseman, Joseph 2039 New Hampshire Avenue, N W. Childs, Ralph S 500.3 Rugby Avenue, Bethesda, Md. Chin, Sherman 1910 Pennsylvania Avenue, N W. Christenat, James 4891 Potomac Avenue, N.W Ciuca, Anthony Presidential Gardens, Alexandria, Va. Clark. Robert 3448-H New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Cleland, Alexander J 3942 Harrison Street, N W. Clem, Ellen 1704 E Street, S.E. Clem, Richard C 2025 Eye Street, N.W. Clifford. Donald M 4804 River Road, N W. Coe William H 11 Germain Street, Worcester. Mass. Coffey, Claude I 4626 Asbury Place, N.W. Coffey, Philip M 1632 C Street, N.E. Cohen, Helene 2919 Ordway Street N W. Cole. Lindell B 5628 F 29th Terrace, Kansas City, Mo. Cole, Marilyn C Manor Country Club, Rockville, Md. Cole, Ruth Ellen 1219 Ten Oaks Road, Baltimore, Md Coleson, Charles N 295.3 167th Street, Flushing, N Y Collev, Thomas E 134 North Jackson Street, Arlington Va Collins, Sanford 1 1412Chapin Street, N.W. Connell, Joseph C 2314 41st Street, NW Two Hundred Twenty-five 2 , irecior v Conner, Mark H 4812 Davenport Street, N.W. Connors, James L 23 Warren Place, Roxbury, Mass. Cook, Edmund T 409 63rd Street, N.W. Cook. Eljean 221 North Galveston Street, Arlington, Va. Cooper, John W 2812 27th Street, N.W. Cooper, Rona F 5442 31st Street, N.W. Copperthite, Harry S 3100 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Cornet, Louis A 1927 North Capitol Street Cornish, Ned A 317 Vee Street, N.E. Cortvriendt, James A 1409 18th Street, S.E. Corwin, Thomas E 50-A Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Md. Coulter, David C 3324 Newark Street, N.W. Courson, John W 733 Silver Spring Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. Cowan, William 1371 Forest Avenue, New York, N. Y. Courter, Geil Gothenburg, Nebraska Coyle, Louella Route No. 2, Cadiz, Kentucky Coyle, Margaret 5631 Utah Avenue, N.W. Cragin, Jean 20 Bunker Lane, West Newton, Mass. Craig, Harold 4203 Ninth Street, N.W. Crawford, Marguerite Willow Grove Pa. Cretsos, James 2115 O Street, N.W. Cnswell, Barbara 1331 Gallatin Street, N.W. Crossman, William K Route No. 1, Box 548, Annandale, Va. Crowel, Raymond L R.F.D. Edwardsburg, Mich. Croyle, Rodney J Box 294, R.D. No. 1, South Fork, Pa. Crum, Patricia 645 Wyademere Avenue, Ridgewood, N. J. Culberson, Edwin 524 Ingraham Street, N.W. Dahlquist, John T 16 East Grove Street, Middleboro, Mass. Dalsheim, Stephen D 20 Crescent Street, Hewlitt, N. Y. Daly, Mary 805 Spring Street, Silver Spring, Md. Daniels, Paul E 903 South Highland Street, Arlington, Va. Danko, Donald J 137 Overland Avenue, Duquesne, Pa. Darling, Shirley E 4201 South 13th Street, Arlington, Va. Dassoulas, John 5019 42nd Street, N.W. David, George 144 Loranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro,, Brazil Davis, Francis K 22 West Chapman Street, Alexandria, Va. Davis, Freeman R 103 Broad Street, Bridgeton, N. J. Davis, Ruth 1390 Tewesbury Place, N.W. Dawson, John T 4339 Brandywine Street, N.W. Deardorff, Robert K 1908 Bi I tmore Street, N.W. Dedrick, Donald E 6615 Western Avenue, N.W. DeForce, Bettye 3290 Arcadia Place, N.W. DeGregorio, Vincent J 515 Addison Road, Seat Pleasant, Md. Deininger Frederick B 5106 Nevada Avenue, N.W. DeLuca, John F 2162 30th Street, N.E. De Marchena Carlos Calle A No. 352, Vedada, Habana, Cuba Denney, David E 3402 19th Street, N.W. Denny, Robert 1508 Noyes Drive, Silver Spring, Md. Dens, Jeanne 155 West Dudley Avenue, Westfield, N. J. Detw ' iler James H 126 Waverly Road, Wyncote, Pa. Diamond, Joseph A 1440 Chapin Street, N.W. Dibble, Lorraine 6618 Cockerille Avenue, Takoma Park, Md. DiChiara Robert A 4606 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Dickerson, James 4344 14th Street, N.W. Dietenck, Florence 3701 McKinley Street, N.W. Two Hundred Twenty-six 2), i reel on v Diggs, Kathryn 1520 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, Md. Dimond, Robert 298 Wade Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. Dippel, Howard W 7 Coolidge Avenue, Baldwin, Long Island, N Y. Dixon, Harold M 4303 Oliver Street, Hyattsville. Md. Dixon, Philip J 318 Forest Avenue, Flint, Mich. Corwin, Thomas E 50-A Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Md. Dobihal, Edward F 3911 Northern Parkway, Baltimore, Md. Dohner, John E 1 10 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, Va. Dcolittle, Leroy C 18 Market Street, Woodmont, Conn. Dubinsky, Wesley E 1520 North Highland Street, Arlington, Va. DuBois, Samuel W 4832 Drummond Avenue, Chevy Chase, Md. Duley, James L 1723 North Monroe Street, Arlington, Va. Duncan, James 0. 446 Buchanan Street, N.W. Dunn, Jane 5329 42nd Street, N.W. Durkin, Vincent T 140 You Street, N.W. Durloo, Leslie H 816 Glebe Road, Arlington, Va. Edwards, John F 4302 13th Street, N.E. Egan, Jane 509 Peabody Street, N.E. Eggert, Irving J 219 Maryland Avenue, Parkland, Md. Ehle, Marjorie 1125 North Utah Street, Arlington, Va. Elder, Robert L 4804 Ellicott Street, N.W. Eldred, Robert D 1114 North Vernon Street, Arlington, Va. Ellison, Lorraine 18 West Caton Avenue, Alexandria, Va. Ellsworth, Marcia 7915 Chilton Road, Bethesda, Md. Engel, Marilyn Laurence Brook Manor, New Brunswick, N. J. Engle, Ann 4004 49th Street. N W. English, Harry McLean, Lang ley, Va. Enten, Paul 1718 10th Street, N W. Epstein, Margy Rocky Mount, North Carolina Erlund, Mary Louise 353 Grand Avenue, Englewood, N. J. Essex, Donald 4413 Van Buren Street, University Park, Md. Fahey, Evelyn 3408 Macomb Street. N.W. Farrell, Peter 114 Wolfe Street, Alexandria, Va. Favorite, Frank G 5214 8th Road South, Arlington, Va. Farman, Haideh Maydan, Kakh, Teheran, Iran Farman, Leila Maydan, Kakh, Teheran, Iran Fedor, Emery E 1510 Monterey Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. Feldman, Frances 4025 Augusta Avenue, Richmond Va Feller, Adelle 103 West Linden Street, Alexandria, Va. Ferber, Elizabeth 447 Colfax Avenue, Scranton, Pa. Fisher, Alice L 4612 West Virginia Avenue, Bethesda, Md. Flemina, Warner 187 Lawrence Avenue, North Plainfield, N J. Fling, Fred 6 Hill Street, Bradford, Pa. Fling, Gerald 6 Hill Street, Bradford, Pa. Florence, Dorothy Ames, Iowa Fogg, Jean 147 Plymouth Road, Newton Highlands. Mass. Ford, Jeanne 148 Prince George Street, Annapolis, Md. Fortner, Bernard 59 Quincy Place, N.E. Fouquet, Bernard H 1623 W Street, N.W. Fowler, George A 1710 M Street, N.W. Fox, James 3417-A New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Foxman, Gloria 102 East Highland Avenue, Kinston, N. C. Frailey, Robert H 1830 K Street, N.W Frank, Maryada 2016 North Capitol Street Fraser, Elizabeth 143 Mason Terrace, Brookline, Mass. French Elizabeth 1914 North Johnson Street, Arlington, Va. Two Hundred Twenty-seven — % % . r ' V kmbb I i ,M 1 M. C. Ward looks attentii Dean Bentley brings gr at interfrat. BfflBli M S MI Ever-faithful Mr. Sleiche kept busy at the counter ador John M. Chang, and Chun Lee, o the Chemistry Depart! 2 ' ectoru French John G 4 300 54th Place, Hyattsville, Md. Fretweil, John 2131 Massachusetts Avenue N.W Fulmer, Patricia •■—•■ 2501 Que Street, NW. Gabriel, Hilde 173 Johnson J™ Abingdon Va. Garber Robert C -4620 46th Street NTW. Garcia, Aida R ■■■ " -• ••• R ' ° Pl f dr ° s Pf rt0 R ' co Gar rison, W.nfield 106 Second Street, West View Pa. Garshag Ronald ........3416 10 ? lace S E. Gass, Rosemary 3717 Livingston Street, N.W. Gazda Olqa 42 30 46th Street, N.W. Gepha ' rt, JohnZZZZ ' 3627 Rutherford Street, Harrisburg, Pa. Gephart S. Barton 3627 Rutherford Street Harrisburg Pa. Geyer, Donald W 61 Chffton Terrace Weehauken, N. J. Ghormley, Muriel 651 7 32nd Street N W Click, Charles R f ' 9 ' mw Glossbrenner, Guy F.. -3836 Fulton Street, r- Gnegy, Robert C ZZZZZZZZZZZZ ——W . Colorado Avenue, N.W. Gcldber rnWcmith r nrk 3 VVeSTDOUrne leilULe, uiuumiiic, iviujo. Goldsmith, I Jons lg h s NW Gonzales, Thomas " fJt 3 J ° T n £ rMf ' irHbern " Karl " . ' . ' . ' . ' . " . " . " . " . " . " ..........160 Elgin Street, Newton Centre, Mass. acldberg, r ZZ ' IZZ 35 Westbourne Terrace, Brookline, Mass. ' ' IU " T 6156 31st Street, N.W. Goodacre Daniel 1437 Somerset Place, N.W. g ' r erck ::::::::y40FZt 8i st Street, New York! NY. S " 251 7 39th Street, N.W. Gould, Nathan Street N w r Z m ' m ; 4621 43rd Place, N.W. Graham, Margaret ••• V n , w „„a m i rr .„ ' Rnhprt A Almond Road, Vmeland. N. J. Crauman, Kobert A »-— c + c Arlinntnn Va Md. Greenbank Thomas ZZZZZ632 : 24th Street South, Arlington, Va G SeM Anne 4809 Leland Street, Bethesda, brenell, Anne Wellford, South Carolina -rfdK m Rob°rt ' F 2941 Chesapeake Street N.W. S ' Danfe .Z.Z..1728 Donwell Drive, South Euclid. Ohio G in DanS:::::::::::.::::::.... 9 S tr. de Verdonnet, Lauserne Switzer land rX uZ Rnhprt F 2941 Chesapeake Street. G S ' SSnTeT ZZ.:..1728 Donwell Drive, South Euclid. C ff ' n D Q n?el 9 str. de Verdonnet, Lauserne, Switze, r Tnvt ' nn ' F 3813 Jocelyn Street, N.W r, bayton t ™ ,... lL „.u a ct-Lt T,,kn Dkla. I.Y. Hackimer erTa. ' % 4431 North 8th Street. Philadelphia, Pa. S Stfirt. Tulsa; Okie! M - Jo - h R 3T ' No;XSrSodS Y Hackimer John A 44 31 North 8th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Haines John M " " Mile 68, Richardson Highway, Fairbanks, Alaska Ha e Bettv Jane 301 1 North 5th Street, Arlington, Va. Hale lames P 3023 14th Street, N.W., Apt. 5 Hf ' T„ -2720 36th Place, N W. Ka KaS:zz:zzzzz::zzz::s Unll ThnHn 4444 Albemarle Street, N.W. Homiltoa Robert 405 Eos. Brood Street,Falls Church, Va. Hornoton Llovd M 39 North M- S« W Hansen, Walter ■■•■?- . Ne " " cuy 4 e , =,4. m A H- IUohn H ' 8 £,0 Harrigan, Robert E 2817 Connecticut Avenue NW. Harry John B 4 503 River Rood N.W. Two Hundred Twenty-nine 2 , irecton v Hartzog, George B Walterboro, South Carolina Harvey, Carol 322 Gordon Avenue, Van Wert, Ohio Harvey, Virginia Brookeville Md. Hcskin, James C 215 Hillmoor Drive, Silver Spring, Md. Haslett, Charles 6506 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood, N. J. Havemeyer, Henry 332 Virginia Avenue, Jersey City, N. J. Hawkes, Patricia 115 Takoma Avenue, Takoma Park Md. Hawse, Genevieve Linville. Va. Hay, Frances K 1545 44th Street. N.W. Hayes, Thomas P 820 North Washington Street, Baltimore, Md. Heathcote, Phillips 206 Conont Road, Weston, Mass. Heinecke, Adelle 5634 Georgia Avenue, N.W. Heitzinger, Fred 719 South Union Street, Olean, N. Y. Helberg, Grace 1517 20th Street, N.W. Helm, Herbert 26 Todd Place. N.E. Helman, Vincent M 81 West Chester Street, Beacon, N. Y. Hendricks, Elizabeth 6706 45th Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Henry, Robert M 803 North Barton Street, Arlington, Va. Heon, Agnes 3500 Garfield Street, N.W. Hepner, Joy 1716 13th Street, N.E. Herbert, Helen Sioux Falls, South Dakota Herlihy, Frank 4809 Ovebrook Road, N.W. Hibbs, Dorothy Route No. 1, Box 282, McLean, Va. Hicks, Marjone 2034 20th Road North, Arlington, Va. Higginbotham Hazel Oak Hill, W. Va. Hill, Richard... ' 321 Ingraham Street, N.W. Hillock, Donald 3448-B New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Hilton, Emma 1067 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Hindman, William C 2998 South Columbus Street, Arlington, Va. Hines, Edmund Albrook Field, Canal Zone Hines Patricia Albrook Field, Canal Zone Hite, Richard 2022 Columbia Road, N.W. Hoak, Bruce C 1833 Cleveland Avenue, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Hobbs, Alfred J Cushman Rd. and Danville Dr., Rockville Md. Hock Walter E 617 South Filmore Street, Arlington, Va Hodges Murial 1715 18th Street, N.W. Hoffman, Robert E 1931 16th Street, N.W Holley W Carl 4436 16th Street North, Arlington, Va. Hoi Ion, Dan S 214 Ascot Place, N.E. Holloway, Thomas H 341 3-D New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Holm, CraigeG 937 North Edgewood Street, Arlington, Va Holt, Felix T Nowata, Oklahoma Hopgood, Roy E 5173 Fulton Street, N.W Horstick John F 2314 Penn Street, Harrisburg, Pa. Hossick, ' Joseph A 2807 6th Street, N.E. Hubbard, David P 407 Lebaum Street, S.E., Apt. No. 1 Hudson, Charles D 61 1 East Thornapple Street, Chevy Chase, Md Hudson ' Darrell F 3414-E New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Hudson Jeane 2311 15th Street, N.W Huey, Barbara 3913 Ingomar Street. N W. Hughes, Gloria 11 Wet Windsor Avenue, Alexandria, Va. Hutchin ' s, Carolyn 3704 Alton Place.. N.W Hyde, Vernon 3452-C New Mexico Avenue, N.W Inglis, Anthony 2721 Dumbarton Avenue, N.W. Irish, Edwin F 2715 Wisconsin Avenue N.W Ishm ' an, Leroy 51 Seaward Avenue, Bradford, Pa Two Hundred Thirty 2 . ireclor v Jackey, Anna Valley Station, Kentucky Jackson, Grace Wei I ford, South Carolina Jackson, Mildred 2511 Woodley Road. N W. Jacobs, James 2221 Rand Place N.E. Jarvis, Walter 6404 Beechwood Drive, Chevy Chase, Md. Jaudon, Mary 1421 Columbia Road.. N.W. Jeffrey, Joseph Box 158-A, Route No. 3, Alexandria, Va. Jeffries, Leroy V 3533 Dent Place, N.W. Jenkins, Frances 2000 Kenilworth, Arlington Va. Jenkins, Otis 5718 Third Street, N.W. Jennings, Beverly 6517 Fairfax Road, Bethesda, Md. Jennings, Mary C 6517 Fairfax Road, Bethesda Md. Jepson, Fred B 4908 South 28th Street, Arlington, Va. Jemberg Marvin 3452-D New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Jocelyn, Vern T 3537 11th Street, N.W. Johnson, Lenore 118 North Jackson Street, Arlington, Va. Johnson, Lloyd H 112 You Street. N E. Johnston, Douglas T 3612 S Street N.W. Johnston, H. Martin 12 Hobson Place, Bradford Pa. Jones, Bronwen L 1664 North Teilman Avenue, Fresno, Calif. Jones, Daisy 613 F Street, N.E. Jones, D. Louise 1423 Mahantonga Street Pottsville, Pa. Jones, Patricia 673 East 18th Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Jones Robert W 6207 Melville Place, Chevy Chase, Md. Jordan, Ann 1334 South El Molino Pasadena, Calif. Joseph, Norman 57 Melrose Avenue, Lynbrook, N. Y. Kafig, George J 6313 16th Street, N.W. Kain Paul 4801 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Karner, Fred S 270 Wet End Avenue, New York, N.Y. Kaufman, Howard R 4336 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Kedda, Leonard 116 East Church Street, Nanticoke, Pa. Keeler, Dorothy 3956 Lake Michigan Drive, Grand Rapids, Mich. Keene, ' Betty 5274 Loughboro Road, N.W. Keesee, Curtis G 814 Massachusetts Avenue. N.E. Kelley, ' Marilyn J 1409 North Wakefield Street, Arlington, Va. Kemm ' erling, Louise 6215 Western Avenue, N.W. Kendrick, Barbara 300 West Great Falls Street, Falls Church, Va. Kennedy, Alburn J 1348 Meridian Place N.W. Kennedy, Mary Ann St. Louis, Missouri Kennedy Robert D 5142 McArthur Boulevard, N.W. Kennek, Jane E 2000 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Kershenbaum, Harriet 1522 Ogden Street, N W. Kidwell Richard L 2012 Hanover Street, Silver Spring, Md. Kielsgard, Miller S P.O. Box 24, Fairfax Va. Kiernan, John 38 Bailey Street, Dorchester, Mass. Kinney, William R 914 Mary Street, Flint, Mich. Kirschner Daniel G 117 Marver Road, Elkins Park, Pa. Kline, James 5622 9th Street, N.W. Kocour Leonard F 10519 South Highland Street, Cleveland, Ohio Koemg Elizabeth 736 Marietta Place, N.W. Koutsandreas, John D 749 Hamilton Street, N.W. Kranking, James 1705 Second Street, N.E. Krider Leroy 527 Tuckerman Street, N.W. Kriege ' r, Theodore 3554 T Street, N.W. Kurkhill, Pearl 22 Boltis Street, Mt. Kisco, N Y. Lacey, Phyllis A 5526 Oakmont Avenue, Bethesda, Md. Two Hundred Thirty-one PEAKE xintexi 444 Ttetv 1fo.i6 Avenue 7t« . NAtional 8979 Prescription Specialists WESLEY HEIGHTS PHARMACY 3303 - 45th STREET, N. W. WO. 6200 M. E. HORTON, Inc. Wholesale Grocers Approval on the Label Means Approval on the Table 620 C ST., S. W. Two Hundred Thirty-two 2) ' ectoru LaClaire Jean B 2608 36th Street, N.W. Ladue Carolyn ' 502 Russell Road, Alexandria, Va. LaFever Laurence. ' . ' . " . ' . ' . ' . ' . " 5921 North 16th Street, Arlington, Va. LaFever ' Lewis 5921 North 16th Street, Arlington, Va. Laidlow, ' Jane.. ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' 332 1 5th Street, NW. Lamon Robert 96 Massachusetts Avenue, N.t. Lancas ' ter, Richard ' . ' . ' . ' . ' . 4554 Lowell Street, N.W. Land, Thomas T H37 B Street, N.E. Landrum, Hugh R .......Victoria, Virginia Londrum Robert D Greyhound Hotel, Forked River, N. J. Lane Elizabeth 114 West Church Street, Frederick, Md. Lane ' Virginia 1 533 Isherwood Street, N.E. Larsen Beverly 14 Helm Green, Bellevue, Washington, D C. Latimer, Eleanor 5623 Oak Place, Bethesda, Md. Leavitt, ' Donald 15 Westwood Drive, Westmoreland Hills, Md. Lee June 4622 Wisconsin Avenue N.W. LeMoine, George " f 4940 Little Falls Parkway Lenhard Pancho 1 734 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Lescurejack A Hopewell, Va. LaVerner, Michael Stroudsburg, Pa. Lent Worthington C 5209 Roosevelt Street, Bethesda, Md. Lieb ' Joseph 4424 First Place, N.E. Little Mary Lou 6 Wessex Road, Silver Spring, Md. Little! Russell 2324 40th Street, NLW Locke Marguerite 2120 Lamberton Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio Love, Arthur 225 West 88th Street, New York, N. Y. Lynn Donald 1554 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Va. Malo ' ne Ludmilla 201 Chandler Street, Bethesda, Md. Malta Elli 1419 R Street, N.W., Apt. 52 Manoulian, Edward 5444 33rd Street, N.W. Mansy, Anna 2515 K Street, N.W. Marcus, Milton Boston Post Road, East River, Conn. Marsh Neil 1527 East Falkland Lane, Silver Spring, Md. Martin Stephen i 45 West 81st Street, New York, N. Y. Mason, Nancy 3143 Oliver Street, N.W Mast, David 17 23 Hoban Road, N.W. Mather Paul L 5 Newport Avenue, N.W. Mather ' , Richard 1 5 Newport Avenue, N.W Matheson Jean 229 Pomona Avenue, El Cerrito, Calif. Mattingly Joan 1004 DeBeck Drive Rockville Md. Matus, Margaret Nescopeck Pa Maurer, Leonard 1440 Chapin Street, N.W Maxwell Allen D 1731 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W. McCarthy Leo 89 West 11th Street, Bayonne, N. J. McCary Earl S 2903 Glendale Avenue, Baltimore, Md. McClure, John A 1919 Shepherd Street, N.E McConkey, Richard C 1630 Fuller Street, N.W McCutchen, Francs W 2829 28th Street, N.W McElroy William 11 Summit Street, Elmsford, N. Y. McGill, ' Lawrence H 4115 Legation Street, N W. McGuerty Richard T 318 Spanish Street, Cape Girardeau, Mo. McKalip, Junetta Swifton Arkansas McKissick, Richard C Twin Falls, Idaho McLaughlin Guy 1031 Washington Avenue, Albany, N. Y. McMillan, Esther 3901 Edmunds Street, N.W McMillan James 3901 Edmunds Street, N.W. Two Hundred Thirty-three 2), i rector. v McMullen, George Herndon, Va. McMullen, Haywood C Herndon, Va. McNeill Dora 4205 Kaywood Drive, Mt. Rainier ' Md. Meade, Robert H 4026 Arkansas Avenue, N.W. Megica, M. Elizabeth 1776 Lamont Street, N.W. Mehring, Betty 8405 Cedar Street, Silver Spring, Md. Melnick, Eleanore McCabe House, American University Meneratti, Jacqueline 3601 Livingston Street, N.W. Mergner, Helen 3328 University Avenue, N.W. Mersereau, Joseph Hamilton House, American University Michael, Patricia 3324 Garrison Street, N.W. Milburn, Barbara 1803 Biltmore Street, N.W. Miles, Joyce 1809 Capitol View Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. Miller, David R 2900 30th Street, S.E. Miller, Dorothy 1301 North Tray Street, Arlington, Va. Miller, Rita 14 View Street, Worcester, Mass. Miller, Richard 5820 Braggs Street, Omaha, Nebr. Millis, ' Jill 5900 Carleton Lane, N.W. Millis ' William J 5900 Carleton Lane, N.W. Min, Elsie 445 Qumcy Street, N.W. Mitchell, Clifford 123 North Dixie Highway, Momence, III. Mitchell, Robert 1500 Patrick Henry Drive, Arlington, Va. Mitchell] Thomas J 315 Rock Creek Church Road N.W. Moe, Beverly 1208 North Evergreen Street, Arlington, Va. Moffatt, Edward Bradford Pa. Mollohan Catherine 3502 Upshur Street, Brentwood, Md. Money, William C 4628 North 23rd Road, Arlington, Va. Mooers, Barbara 129 Wilmington Place, S.E. Moore, Michael L 3460-C New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Morales, Arthur 101 Guilden Street, New Brunswick, N. J. Morgan ' Phillip 4323 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W. Morris, Hayden Mam Street, Poultney, Vt. Morns ' James R.D No. 1, Bradford. Pa. Morris, Marine 811 Abbott Street, Highland Park, N. J. Morrison, Barbara Rumford, Maine Mowbray, Harold 1442 Harvard Street, N.W. Mullen, Roy R Vineland, N. J. Mulligan, C. Thomas 1445 Ogden Street, N.W. Murdzek, Benjamin R 75 Maple Street, Yonkers, N Y. Murnane, Elizabeth 110 Mechanics Street, Danielson, Conn. Murray, Floella 5407 38th Avenue, Hyattsville Md. Murray ' Gill 1728 C Street, N.E. Murrill, Kenneth J 444 Delafield Place, N.W. Murtha, Jacqueline 3500 Valley Drive, Alexandria, Va. Musemeci, Joseph B 4110 Emory Place, N.W. Myatt Paul J 1423 North Highland Street, Arlington Va. Nagle ' Frederick W 2032 Belmont Road, N.W. Naiman, Norma 4545 28th Street, N.W. Neavling, Barry E 75 Clinton Avenue, Ridgewood, N. J. Neer, John 344 Westwood Road, Woodmere, N. Y. Negus, Barbara 827 East 22nd Street, Brooklyn, N Y. Nelson, Robert D 3225 Ellicott Street. N.W. Nelson, Thomas 2037 Huidekoper Place. N.W. Nencioni, Albert N 623 M Street, N.E. Neuman, Alvin 1321 Kenyon Street, N.W. Newbaker, Shirley Blairstown, N. J Two Hundred Thirty-four 2 ectoru Newbold, Janice Eaton, Ohio Newport, Joy 1709 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W. Nibley Carlyle 3452-A New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Nichol ' ls, John 1513-A Third Street, N.W. Noble, Lorraine 61 1 Mam Street, Bennington, Vt. Norair, Rosemary 2936 Albemarle Street, N.W. Nordlie, Rolf McLean, Va. Nye, Astrid 1020 10th Street, N.W. O ' Brien, Robert A 3856 Porter Street, N.W. O ' Brien, Robert J 2026 Hamlin Street, N.E. O ' Connell, Francis D 3705 S Street, N.W O ' Connor, John C 124 13th Street, S.E Ogram E William 6306 32nd Street N.W Oldaker, Guy B 2717 O Street, N.W Olson, Curtiss Herndon, Va. Overton, Monica Andrew. South Carolina Owens, John P 1437 Taylor Street, N W. Padgett, Doran W 2313 N. Edison Street, Arlington Va. Padgett, James A Gastonia, North Carolina Palches, Kathenne Osterville, Mass. Palmer, William B 1495 Newton Street, N.W. Pankow, Jene Roper House, American University Papworth, Mary J 1110 Sage Avenue, Kemmerer, Wyoming Park, Allen Valley Forge Road, R.D. No. 2, Phoenixville, Pa. Park, Barbara 422 Dorset Avenue, Chevy Chase, Md. Park, Maxine 7815 Custer Road, Bethesda, Md. Parker, Louise 827 Florida Avenue, N.E. Parker, Martha Beaufort, South Carolina Passalaqua, Luis 4819 North Washington Boulevard, Arlington, Va. Patten, James A 2017 O Street, N.W. Patten, William 2017 O Street, N.W. Patton, Robert A 5520 Hawthorne Place, N.W. Payne, ' Robert L 1135 12th Street, N.W. Peach ' er Eric 809 North Streeper Street, Baltimore, Md. Pecot, William 3411 29th Street, N.W. Pelton Elizabeth 100 Gainsborough Street, Boston, Mass. Penso, ' Victor 1730 Hobart Street, N.W. Peoples, Marguerite 3130 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Peppers, Charlotte 4680 South 34th Street, Arlington, Va. Perry, Clarita 4245 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Persaud Bhagirath 213 Bau Street, Kitty, E.C. Deni, British Guiana Persigeh ' l, Elmer S 1117 Allison Street, N.W. Peters, Charles 3164 17th Street, N.W. Pettepit, Florence Boston, Mass. Pfeffer, Allen L 141 East Second Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Phillips ' William G 116 Prospect Avenue, Charleroi, Pa. Pickera ' l, Jesse 1625 Lyman Place, N.E. Poliquin ' Donaid A 2117 Dewitt Avenue, Mattoon, III. Pollock, ' Marjorie 341 1 Quesada Street, N.W. Ports, Jamie Route No. 2, Herndon, Va. Prati ' Ermano. ' 1143 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W. Prince Edna 60 Bradley Street, North Adams, Mass. Prohas ' ka William 2338 R Street S.E Quagl.a, Anthony 2906 18th Street, N.W. Rabner John B 4537 Middleton Lane, Bethesda Md. Rabuck Arlene 8504 Rosewood Drive, Bethesda, Md. Two Hundred Thirty-five 2), i rector ¥ Radford, Nanette A 1524 31st Street, N.W. Radley, Doris 2501 Que Street, N.W. Radley, Marion 2501 Que Street, N.W. Rctliff, Rebecca 341 7-C New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Roup, Omen 5610 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, Md. Reeves, John D 409 12th Street, N.E. Re ; d, Mildred Mt. Zion, Georgia Reiser, Grace 317 N. Minnesota Avenue, Sioux Fails, N. D. Reisinger, Maryanne 1417 Kalmia Road, N.W. Remington, Richard D Arlington, Va. Reno, Ramon 2-D Crescent Road, Greenbelt. Md. Respess, Benjamin 1200 South Washington Street, Alexandria, Va. Revercomb, Roy 4031 Davis Place, N.W. Revoir, Andrew G 14 Quincy Street, Nashua, N. H. Rexrode, George M 4000 Cathedral Avenue, N W. Ribble, Leigh 417 West Spruce Street, Deming, N. M. Rich, Betty 5035 Lowell Street, N.W. Richardson, Marcia 4216 Yuma Street, N.W. Richtfertig, Seymour 170 Bay Street, Brooklyn, N Y. Ries, Martin F 719 Dartmouth Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. Riggs, Edward 3105 36th Street, N.W. Robinson, Nathan 4313 Second Street, NW Rochford, Mary Louise 827 22nd Street, N.W Rooney, Walter 4501 Elm Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Rosenberger, Leigh 20 Shirley Street, Winchester, Va. Rosenstock, Rose 333 East 52nd Street, Brooklyn, N. Y. Rosenthal, Harry 134 South Bellevue Avenue, Atlantic City, N. J. Ross Florence 801 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. Ross ' Lois 1921 Otis Street, N.E. Ross ' Robert 4805 Cleveland Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Rosso, Wesley 1 1810 Ingleside Terrace, N.W. Roth Mary Louise 1164 Hutchings, Glenview, III. Rottenberg, Murray W 1539 18th Street, N W. Rush, Thomas 88 Delaward Avenue, Waterbury, Conn. Rush ' brook, Leslie J 933 North Livingston Street, Arlington, Va. Russell Ray E H01 Tuckerman Street, N.W. Saeger, ' Charles 3827 Veasey Street, N.W. Salmon, Joseph 21 1 LaVerne Avenue, Alexandria, Va. Samson Jacqueline 428 Wallace Avenue, Louisville, Ky. Sanders ' Robert E 1439 Parkwood Place, N.W. Sanford James L 523 Valley View Road, Marion Pa Sanford Marion 4922 Albemarle Street, NW. Sargent, John G 4377 Lee Highway, Arlington Va Sauerhoff, John E 1622 Montague Street, NW. Sawyer, Thomas 5208 Augusta Street, Bethesda, Md. Saxton Ray D — ■ 1322 45th Place, S E. Scesa, Bon.facio 2039 Spruce Street, Holmes Pa Schaffer. Henry 5810 Ninth Sreei " W Scheuer Thomas 2700 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Schlossberg, LeonardZZZ.Z 6408 13th Street, NW. Schools, Charles H 52 You Street, N W. Schot Stephen 4116 North Henderson Road, Arlington, Va. Schulteis Charies 5317 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Schwartz, Gertrude R F D. No. 1, Hightstown, N J. Scott Samuel T 803 Ramsey Street, Alexandria, Va. Scrimshaw Roger 148 East Genesee Street, Auburn, N. Y. Two Hundred Thirty-six 2 ireclor v Seaauist Maraaret 3130 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., Apt. 105 S,mST::zz: ]X £ n u ] $ Seiderman, Allan -J Ocean A AvenU6 ' j? " 50 " ' Y y Seinol Anne 66 Clinton Avenue, Kingston, N. Y. Sdfne Casper 6300 Wolhonding Rood, N.W. sd S zz:::.... .., q ...... 1 315 Fifth « , n.w. Seplowitz, Herbert B 778 Montgomery Street Brooklyn NY. Shah. Chhobildos 112 Ncgderi Cross Lane, Bombay- Bombay, India Shanker, Hassa ••■ , " " ■ ' " ... w »r e ] North iT 5 s o n a cS? n stI Q t Shenia dinenZZZZZZZ.:..:. 36 10 38th Street N W Shibler Jo Ann 6603 Exfa.r Road, Bethesda Md. Shone Rose 3915 Kansas Avenue, N.W. Shores David M 2107 Wyoming Avenue, N.W. Sira Jovce 46 Valley Road, Plandome, L I, N. Y SckieVSidcZZZZ: 6820 Ninth Street N W. Siegel, Lawrence 21 9 A Street NLE. SiNiman, Earl J 217 Manor Circle, Takoma Park Md. Simeon Arlene 2014 Lee Highway, Falls Church, Va. IZMiojSnZ::::::: 27 East 198 Street New York, N.Y. Siracusa, Lawrence 5309 Ventnor Avenue Atlantic City, N J Skirm Georae L 3452-E New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Sloan ' Jack 24 Gerald Road, Brighton, Mass. Slcvatek, Ema ' nuei:::::::::::: 55S South ISth Street Arlington Va. Smalley, Lester 4535 Klingle Street, N.W. Smeltzer, Oliver G --R-D- No. 1, Leechburg Pa. Sm,th, Carolyn — 1215 Geranium Sreet, N.W. ; m ,t-h rwi 35 Nassau Place, Hempstead, N. Y. C h TnhnH 5524 8th Street, N.W. Smith ' , Louise..:::Z::Z:Z:Z;ZZ. 6 North Edgewooc I Street, Arlington Va. Smith N. Jacqueline V " T esad t a treet , Smith Vem 1 1 -7-3A Hawkins Court, Newark, N. J. c lu u Z ' r ' 1802 C Street, N.E. S Z ' h ' Si 3018 9th Street, S.E., William Mooref.eld, W. Va. Solon, George 7916747th Street, Flushing, N. Y. Solomon, Erw.n 3725 MacOTb N w Sommers Earl E n ' o " Seaman Avenue, New York, N. Y. S° t0 Anehsa ' en Street N w Spongier, June Warren Sfreet; N w Spencer, Beverly Anthony Street, New Haven, Conn. Spiegel Corahe. £ As hmead p |ace N W Spiet, Randolph J Washington Grove, Md. So nZb CaT :::.:§233 " Hudson " Boulevard, North Bergen, N J. Spnngob, Larl Q1 Q jt Road Dayt0P Ohio S G £ § e [ ald 603 Powhatan Place, N.W. Stahl Peter J09 12th Street NE Stambaugh Thomas " S ' si ' mpson Road, Ashland, Ky. Staten, Robert L 4§3 Gladwyne Drive, Bethesda, Md. Staves, Marion C 5335 32nd Street, N.W. IT Z? ' vlnr " f 72 Al ' din ' e Street, Rochester, N. Y. Steinkolk William T Butternut Street, N.W. Sterling, Janet.. 3009 Qtis Street N E Stevens, Robert E Two Hundred Thirty-seven 2 irecion v Stewart, John P Trivoli, Illinois Stewart, M Barton 1440 R Street, N.W. Stickney, H. Courtney 391 1 Langley Court, N.W. Stone, Frank T 814 North Fillmore Street, Arlington, Va. Stone, Gregory K 2122 Decatur Place, N.W. Stringfield, Barbara 4726 Albemarle Street, N.W. Stuche, Dons Loring Montana Stumer, Marguerite Route No. 1, Box 301, Olympia, Wash. Sugarman, Jule 5217 Relluk Road, Cincinnati, Ohio Sullivan, Edward P. J 4202 Lilly Ponds Drive,. N.E. Suthard, Lester L 635 Upland Place, Alexandria, Va. Swindler, Peter 3417 Lowell Street, N.W. Taggart, Barbara 6917 Western Avenue, N.W. Takahashi, Sam 8310 Barron Street, Takoma Park, Md. Tancredi, Samuel 4144 21st Road, North, Arlington, Va. Taylor, Harry 2300 O Street, S.E. Taylor, Keith H 3060 16th Street, N.W. Taylor, Shirley 4627 Kenmore Drive, N.W. Teachout, Richard 4410 Volta Place, N.W. Teachout, William 4410 Volta Place, N.W. Teller, George 420 Belgrove Drive, Arlington, N. J. Thalman, Anne 9133 Jones Mill Road, Chevy Chase, Md. Thiebaud, Mary Joan 301 East Glendale Avenue, Alexandria, Va. Thomas, Homer G 828 North Washington Street, Baltimore, Md. Thomas, Rose McCabe House, American University Thomas, Roy 216 Ross Street, Dover, Delaware Thompson, M. Duane 2 Midhurst Road, Silver Spring, Md. Thye Margaret 3112 19th Street, N.W. Tinkham, Carleton 2000 H Street, N.W. Tompkins, James 4627 North 24th Street, Arlington, Va. Torreyson, Betty 809 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, Md. Tribou, John 964 85th Avenue, West, Duluth, Minn. Trivett, Joyce 501 South Highland Street, Arlington, Va. Tron, Elda Valdese, North Carolina Turpin, Frank G 3739 Kanawha Street, N.W. Ullman, Robert 56 Emerson Avenue, Baldwin, N Y. Van Bemmel, Mariska Juliana straat 4, Oranjestad, Aruba, D.W.I. Van Herpe, Leo B 5602 Roosevelt Street, Bethesda, Md Vereide, Abraham 2324 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Vinueza, Gustave Box 82, Cuenca, Ecuador Volin Larry 809 Juniper Street, N.W. Volz ' Lillian 1 322 Queen Street, N.E. Wacker Fred P 2227 Hall Place, N.W. Wacker ' , Fred P 2227 Hall Place, N.W. Waggoner, Cynthia 317 Glenwood Avenue, Williamsport, Pa. Wagner, Arthur 700 Jefferson Street, N.W. Wagner Robert G 98 De Voe Ovenue, Yonkers, N. Y. Wahl, Teresa 3107 Cleveland Avenue, N.W. Wailes, Bartlett R 5418 McKinley Street, Bethesda Md. Wait, Patricia 4109 Garrison Street, N.W. Wakefield. John 341 3-G New Mexico Avenue, N W. Walen, John 1821 Capitol View Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. Walker Earl H 114 East Grove Street, Dunmore, Pa. Walker Elma Flushing, N. Y. Walters Leroy 8217 Schnder Street, Silver Spring, Md Weaver ' Helen 1527 Park Road, N.W. Two Hundred Thirty-eight 2), ' ectoru Webb, Cecil L 3513 Ames Street, N.E. Webster, Sherwood 1847 Plymouth Street, NW. Wedel, Paul G 403 Virginia Avenue, Alexandria Va Weidler, Paul 3448-C New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Weir, Carl 35 Parkview Avenue, Bronxville, N. Y. Weitzel, William F 6147 Sheridan Avenue, Detroit, ' Mich. Welker, Jean 244 Vine Street, Elizabeth, N. J. Wells, Thomas L 8403 Dixon Avenue, Silver Spring Md Werner, Stella 6807 45th Street, Chevy Chase Md Werth, William 2403 Irving Street NW Whalen, John G 410 Cedar Street ' , N.W Whitaker, Ewing Escanaba Hali, Independence Ave. at 10th, S.W. Whitcraft, J. Carol 1704 L awrence, N.E. White, Granville S Herndon Va Widmyer, Pauline 5418 First Place NW Wiebe, Robert M 2817 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Wiener, Ralph H 3460 New Mexico Avenue, N.W. Wiggins. Jerry S 4267 South 35th Street, Arlington Va Wilder, Bernard 2601 Avenue M, Brooklyn, NY. Williams, Arthur 202 Birch Avenue, Takoma Park Md Williams, Dons 1401 Canal Street, S W. Williams, Merlon West Monroe, Pa. Williams, Stacy Route No. 1, Coats, N. C. Williams.. Suzanne Valley Forge Manor, R.D. No. 1, Phoenixville, Pa. Williamson, Maryan Stoystown, Pa. Willicutts, Morton D Commanding Officers Qtrs., N.N.M.C., Bethesra, ' Md. Willis, Stanley 4514 Connecticut Avenue, N W. Willis, William H 1816 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W. Wilson, Rose Landaeta 46, La Paz, Boliva Windenburg, Dorothy 61 1 Pickwick Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. Winfrey, George A 1703 37th Street, N.W. Wingo, Henry 1445 South Carolina Avenue, S.E. Winings, Paul 316 8th Street, S.E. Winograd, Berton 610 West 110th Street, New York, N. Y. Witherow, Thomas S 207 Pennsylvania Avenue, Falls Church Va. Witt, Albert 4900 43rd Place, N.W. Wohlgemuth, George F 1301 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Md. Wolcott, George 1601 38th Street, N.W. Wolfe, Rita 64 Beekman Street, Plattsburg, N. Y. Wood, John B 2909 Que Street, N.W. Woodard, Maurice R 3309 DuBoise Place. S E. Woods, Jack L 3218 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Woolf, Alan R 5001 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Workman, Jean 8505 Bradmoor Drive, Bethesda, Md. Worley, Gilbert R Dunn Loring, Va. Worley, Louise Dunn Loring, Va. Yeager, Maxine 1431 S Street, S.E. Yeatras, Chris S 162 North Loudon Street, Winchester, Va. Yeatras, Peter 162 North Loudon Street, Winchester, Va. Young, Freeland G Box 122, Herndon Va. Zimmer, Arthur R 3819 T Street, N.W. Zimmerli, Robert E 2914 12th Street, N.E. Zoole, Judith 701 Quackenbos Street, N.W. Two Hundred Thirty-nine A k HJt±J=L KJ±LA i I COMING SOON THE AUCOLA ©TUjCjOu

Suggestions in the American University - Talon / Aucola Yearbook (Washington, DC) collection:

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