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 - Class of 1972

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Text from Pages 1 - 134 of the 1972 volume:

k, E III: ..'.lI Q Ekfllllkk. .i , . 3 III . h . k-Vw . Vuitnmr, fkwi X , our $end, philosopher and guide ... she has shown u'emendous dedication to her students and profession .. . she has instilled in her pupils a greater appre- ciation for learning . . . her patience, understanding and ready smile will never be forgotten. it is with much honor and gratitude that the staff dedicates mediolanum '72 to .. . miss sa nguinetti afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. walt Whitman song of the open road two roads diverged in a wood, and i- i took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. robert frost the road not taken one song leads on to another, one friend to another friend, so 1'11 travel along with a friend and a song. wil fred wilson gibson r the use of traveling is to regulate imagination, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are. samuel johnson i am a part of whati have met, yet all experience is an arch where thru gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades for ever and ever when i move. tennys 0n wrwmmm 10 colloridi - french newton - science kovasznay librarian g. girardon - english j. malatesta - typing 11. Charles - reading j. koehler - phys. ed. 8. don - phys. ed. d. zilka - art 3. koehler - mech. draw. 11 I2 HmmeUDQc-fHH-B english r. gilioli - italian j. manuel - music 0. sbrissa - italian 14 -L f. fenudi - bus. man. a. gobbi - sec. e. falchi - sec. m. verga - bkkp. m. alessio - sec. sandra - ass. 11b. mario - cust. I6 principals per Inr. mackey lower mr. 1a pone back: mr. gilioli, mr. immordino, mr. mackey, mr. dixon, mr. brown, mr. wollberg front: mrs. laughlin, mr. tetzeli, mrs. hoch brunn absent; mr. swardson, mrs. giannasi, mr. worthi- bgton, mr. turqman, mt. anthony board of directors p.t.o. board back: mr. birt, mr. newton, mr. mackey, mr. sowle front; mrs. elovich, mrs. cassin, mrs. birt, miss reardon M 9k ' 20 pam brubaker . . . "it is known the World over that when a mean thing was done man did it and when a good thing was done man did it" . . . been here for one year . . . "cuttleiish" writer will remember the kids . . . hopes to be a montessori art teacher . . . molly castellucci . . . favorite quote . . . "miss g's english and drama test quotes" . . . acsm-er for four years . . . yearbook . . . unicef rep . . . drama . . . never forget . . . the mice, mice, mice, and more mice . . . hopes to enter into mathematics . . . andrew costa . . . andy . . . "there is a god within each of us" . . . been here three quarters . unicef rep santa . . . drama . will remember miss san- guinetti's soft voice . . . ambi- tion is to give and feel love . . . jay dorman . . . "my poison is a cup of hate, and drinking it is my fate" . . . been around acsm for three years . . . editor of newspaper and "cuttleiish" . will never forget furnishing the speech-comm. class . . . senior lounge . . . ambition . . . to change things a little 22 bob everstine . . . caro attended acsm three and one half years . . . "the tongue runs fastest when the brain is in neutral" . . . played basketball . . . will remember that good 01' senior lounge . . . wishes to be a peace- maker . . . don everstine . , . "god has given you one face and you make yourselves another" . . . been here one and one half years . . . will never forget the round cornered halls . . . ambi- tion . . . to discover my true self . . . lucette gilioli . . . lucy . . . "it's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all" . . . just been here one year bpurtroppob . . . will remember mr. n's physics class, andrea, david, don, i ciondoli di monica . . . ambition is to master english and french, marry . , , rosa istria . . . "non 6? hello quel che a hello, ma 6, bello cioe che piace" . . . been here three years never forget kind teachers, friendly kids, new school . . . ambition is to be- come someone in the world and to be happy all my life . . . 23 24 jeanne johnston . . . jeannie . . . "tomorrow is the first day of ,the rest of your life" . . . news- paper yearbook . . . drama . . . will always remember physics class and the senior lounge ambition . . . to be myself . . . bruce lella , . . ella "the mind is the master power that molds and makes" . . . drama . . . soccer . . . will remember everything . . . ambition . . . trash collector . . . anna mezzatesta . . . "grab a chance and you won't be sorry for a might-have-been" . . . an acsm-er for 2 years . . . will remember crazy discussions in miss g's eng. class, caffe lattes second period study hall . . . hope to be interpreter or language major . . . pattl montano .. . "well, i try my best to be just likei am, but everyone wants me to be just like them" . . . been here 2 years . . . art and girl Sports edit. of yearbook . . . will re- member senior lounge, new school . . . goal in life is to be happy 25 suzy panbakker . . . "if you cry because of losing the sun, your tears will not let you see the 4 stars" been at acsm for one year . . . will remember first day of school . . . member of newspaper, literary mag . . . ambition is to be the real me . . . tom paxton .. . "forgive, 0 lord, my little jokes on thee, and i'll forgive thy big one on me" . . . been around 4 years . .. edit. of med. '72, drama . . . will remember playing suzy-q at school dances . . . hope to be veterinarian . . . 26 rouxve roux . . . "it is hard to get by in this world just upon a smile" imprisoned for seven years? . . . newspaper . . . "how can i forget any of it?" desires to be a language teacher in order to inflict the punishment of studyin' languages on some innocent students . . . kathie stecko . . , "above the world is streched the sky - no higher than the soul is high" . . . known as kay to mrs. m who never gets my name right . . . been here two years . . . unicef . . .' remember modern dance with milty . . . current events in history . . . ambition . to enjoy life . . . 27 2B sue swardson . .. goofy "people, they live from day to day, but they do not count the time . . . they don't see their days slippin' by and neither do i" . . . hangin' around for five years cheerlead- ing . . . drama will remember . . . the things i can never forget . .. ambition to be a commercial artist Christine turqman . . . "the only right is what is after my consti- tution; the only wrong is what is against it" . . . three years here . . . so vp . . . un delegate . . . chorus . . . never forget acting class .. . drama . . . miss girardon . . . goal is act- ing . . . craig Vincent . . . "for those who love, time is eternity" . . . attended acsm for two years will never forget . . . "lonely days and even lonlier mites" . . . ambition . . . ski instructor . . . rosemary wrong . . . "there is only one way to achieve happi- ness on this terrestrial ball, and that is to have either a clear conscience or none at all" . . . been here three years . . . editor newspaper . . . will remember late nites for our journal . . . ambition . . . to eavesdrop in 15 languages . . . 29 1 pam brubaker, will my climbing boots to miss sbrissa. i molly castellucci, will all my fights in drama rehearsals to the next stage manager, reminding him or her that miss g's bark's worse than her bite. H. andy costa, will my santa outfit to anyone be- cause the zipper doesn't work. i jay dorman, will all the old stencils from "cuttle fish" to anyone who wants to start a literary magazine. i bob everstine, will if you will. i don everstine, will all of my intangible possessions to godot, H. lucette gilioli, will all my physics experiments and tests to andrea arippol. ..-. rosa istria, will my hard work in studying to those who really need it. i, jearme johnston, will 500 lbs. of rat food to the lab. 1 bruce lella, . . . will i? E lm .5 senior wills anna mezzatesta, will my typing eraser to mrs. malatesta who can never find her own. patti montano, will my great skill and patience to the next art editor of "mediolamun. " suzy panbakker, will a panino to kathleen o'connell and my fantastic typing abilities to shoeshine. tom paxton, will my bass guitar to paul dixon and the grode machine to bob trom- betta. rouxve roux, will my course in secretarial practice to anyone who needs a full-time job. kathie stecko, will a little of my shyness to my younger sister, Stacey. sue swardson, will my position as second big mouth in the senior class to rim lyons who needs to practice expressing himself and to miss girardon, all of the elevating atmospheres and floating dollars. Christine turqman, will all my sore muscles acquired in acting and movement class to the next a5piring actress, hoping that, besides the pain, she will find her unique experiences as enlightening as i did. craig Vincent, will not say because if you can't find it alone, it will never be any good to you. rosemary wrong, will to buckner brown a secondhand copy of "the incredible canadian, " to "did that sax" paxton a set of johnny and the hurricanes albums, and to all lower- classmen happiness as seniors. jackie addona andrea arippol barbara blake dave allemang 33 34 david blanga buckner brown paul dixon janet arbland Virginia farrelly keyin fisher mark foster 35 36 janet lycan monica giuliani ned leonard tim lyons eric manasse paul mettewie kathy o'connell Olga ridgell sue schoen mark seriani 37 38 jeanne sept tom sowle bob trombetta debra walton dan vozzolo laura angelucci j eff bertschinger ken banta bill bitsas peter berger marian crandall 41 sue culligan marybeth erbland danilo gianpaolo steve graham andrea hoffman gary logsdon neal kaption craig lycan sarah leonard albert lyons 43 44 franco michail marion nelson don pruitt dave richardson rino saladino kathy schoen 46 ron smith robeIt trinchero rick Vincent karen walton robert wolberg kirt zettler 47 FRESHMEN lisa allemang daniela arippol kitty atkins 49 50 dean bitsas mimi culligan ann brown valerie fisher 7' Vicky hochbrunn judi kastner ken huber gina losco eric gilioli 5'l 52 elaine makris irene mantegazza paul meschino Vicky moghrabi john o'connell AA Steve paxton Stacey stecko monica salerno greg swanson patti simpelaar 53 54 Vicki temple tim turqman bill taylor Wilhelm van poelje dia ne vozzolo sue vozzolo mike wollberg 56 hail to a. c. s. , we with pride will proclaim that in wisdom and knowledge, none other can claim high ideals and freed m,- dedicated honor, -a1 11 1. to r.: Christine turqman; vice-president, anne broer- frosh rep., mr. newton; adviser, andrea arripol; treasurer, bob trombetta; president, kathy stecko: senior rep., buckner brown: junior rep. , janet erbland: secretary student counCH HoH-Dmm i. back; ka'rhie stecko, Christine turqman, rosa isuia front: Virginia farrelly, monica giuliani, jeanne sept, andrea arippol, kevin iisher, rosemary wrong, sue schoen, barb blake advisor: mr. miltenberger honor societies back: William van poelje, eric amou, peter bexger, robert trinchero middle: gina losco, roy lyons, bill taylor, bill bitsas, marian crandall front: elaine makris, Vicki temple, Vicky hochbrunn, valerie fisher 59 60 586$ ARE 383$? xsim ,, mediolanum 72 robert trinchero: treasurer, andrea arippol: business co-manager, sue schoen: activities, jeanne johnston, babe erbland, bob wollberg, peter berger; classes editor, kitty atkins, kathie stecko: jeff berrschinger, adviser: miss sbrissa business manager, kathy schoen, tom paxton: editor, barb blake: literary editor, molly castellucci: photographer, karen walton, Vw working together . . . sharing ideas, hard work ... and fun . . . giving 'Eeely to form a medium of self expression 61 ......... 62 prismatic reflections our newspaper hot off the presses the souce of its name i now guesses was prismatic reflections obtained by elections if so was it tallied with yesses? editors: rosemary wrong, jay dorman, rouxve roux. staff: kathy o'cormell,pau1 dixon, marian crandall, jeanne johnston, Vicki temple, suzy panbakker, kevin fLsher, bob trinchero, jackie addona, jeanne sept. advisor: miss lee 63 64 "the cuttlef'lsh" geniuses: kathy o'connell, sue schoen, jackie addona, jay dorman, kevin fisher, suzy panbakker monica salerno, sue culligan, kathy schoen, Christine turqman, babe erb- 1and, Vicky hochbrunn, sue schoen, mimi culligan, Virginia farrelly adviser; miss manuel 65 66 67 68 drama a selec tion of christm as pla ys kathy o'ponnell bruce 1611a, jay dorman u'm turqman, ken banta tom paxton, kathy schoen, bob trinchero miss g. if a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. let him step to the music which he hears, how- ever measured or far away. CRIsTALLERm P'DRCELLANE VIA nuummaiw walden xvii "co nclusi on" 69 snacking . . . gabbing . . . laughing and joking . . . playing games . . . sharing the sun and the spirit of fun. 71 76 back; dan vozzolo, paul mettewie, gianpaolo danilo, craig lycan, Steve paxton, William van poelje front: don pruitt, kurt zettler, tom sowle, jeff bertschinger, john o'connell, roy lyons, bob wolberg, ned leonard, gary logsdon 77 78 acsm soccer team captai ns: eric manasse andrea arippol roy lyons, bob wollberg, dave richardson, eric gilioli, kirt zettler, ron smith, danilo gianpaolo, paul mettewie, bruce 1611a, craig lycan, don preuitt 80 back: t'Lm lyons, robert wolberg, jeff bemchinger, andrea arippol, john o'connell, roy lyons, tom sowle, mr. koelher front; eric manesse, buckner brown, danielo giampoalo, paul mettewie, gary logsdon 81 .an b t e k S a b 82 scores acsm:45 acsm:22 acsmz49 acsm: 44 ism:'7 condor: 1 9 aisz: 52 tasis: 35 83 84 captain, sue swardson co-captain, sue culligan barb blake, Virginia farrelly, babe erbland, Olga ridgell, mimi culligan, elaine makris manager, kathy schoen Cheer- w leaders 85 travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education, in the elder, apart of experience. bacon back jeanazzato, lynn barnicle, Shelly bingham, cathy cassin, anne culligan, meghan pecci, diam dorman, cinzia scaravilli, carol immordino, peggy maass, sue macdonald, kate mulrony, annette trombetta front: mark farrelly, garymarshall, mike merritt, timbo ridgell, paul schoen, Steve smith, dave trinchero, teacher, mr. adel back; pat azzato, Ciel bertonneau, sally dixon, mary henry, jaime laughlin, mary lyons, michelle marshall, julie mettewie, sue milne, kelly price, Susan warner, jody zettler front: tony u'jerina, louis crandall, dwight piecione, gerhard roux, bob casagrande, Steve sanders, sam worthington, teacher, mrs. mackey t 89 back; tom blake, mark caSsin, robert colombo, tami bertonneau, janie laughlin, ann makris, susansalerno, beth swardson, kim foster, mark Villalba, david wagner, andy warmer front; Graig dixon, dan erbland, Steve hochbrunn, 3am huang, lambert ling, bruce macdonald, tony. mezzatesta, tony sica, richard simpelaar, danny tyerind, paul van poelje teacher, mrs. paduana back: Stefania alberti, lisa casagrande, terry erbland, fujike goto, joanne marini, john stapp, jeff swanson, carolyn mulroney, helenrobson, diana skerl, Stacey lenz. front: johnbanta, andy berger, paul catanoso, robert culligan, ianhutchings, mark pecci, kelly preuit, Steven smith teacher, miss stefani back: jacqueline brooks, jodie elovich, gretchen fisher, anne maria giuliant, susan lerner, erin lyons, louise stanziale, elizabeth worthington, kayoko yanagita front: john azzato, renee buccolier, thomas gatti, jeffrey johnston sang-ki lee, dave sanders, robert taylor teacher, mrs. coloridi t back: andreas nicolaides, evan polenghi, ted robinson, clan simplaar, torn stapp, rick tetzeli, greg Villalba, mark wurdemann front: brian bertonneau, larry gilioli, david grasso, mike immordino, andy joiner, john kast- ner, tom king, bruce lycan, mark malatesta teacher, mr. stubbs back; stephana broadbent, Christina castellucci, maggie culligan, janet harris, joan soranno, Christina tIombetta front: paul berger, david bingham, gordon dipalma, allen Ling, mark merritt, terry snyder teacher, miss tuft 96 Jack: maureen azzato, Puilippa brooks, cordelia farrelly, kyu jin song, john soranno, Steve swanson, paula brooks, sandra labas, dorothy turqman, sofia teodori front: w1150n anthony, scott barnicle, Chet bottone, michael gerard, bill hochbrunn, jose montano, jack piccione, tom provost teacher, miss flight t back sandra colozzi, julie elovich, lene rodebush, kareri sica, susan sowle, marisa villalba, karen wagner 0117; Christopher birt, albert d081, niels harris, alberto menendez, tommy perkins, douglas sanders, jonathan wallach, dean vozzolo teacher, miss arkin 98 baclc ann woodson, dara polenghi, sari vanpoelje, 3 rd linda soranno, particia monnesdeoca, t'Lm bitsas, john Oliver, jeanette kaprain, julie joiner, paola hitchings, rose-ann dankos back; mark trinchero, tom schoen, jeff robinson, . wayne ozake, doug milne, killian king, mike casagrande, dino buccier back: Whitney lenz, Susan wagner, paola stanziale, jodi synder, terri ridgell, michelle provost, faith pecci; lisa immordino, j ennifer farrelly, francesca de chiara, licia corbisiero, dana berry fiont: michael rendina, jarvey vaughey, tom skerl, reid rova, Charles phillips, philip gerard, scott capobianco, peter brown teacher, miss velardi 'IOO back: carrie worthinton, leslie sanders, maria teresa price, billy bingham, naomi ozaki, Stanley bialik, Christine mukoney, anna maria mendez front: Charles kincke, bill tetzeli, phil merritt, sean huang, enrico dosi, chris catanso, gianpiero bognetti teacher, mrs. stubbs back: duffy vaughey, kim price, bill capobianco, jim bielJi, bill beecher, mishka arzanoosh, jeanne king, melissa dixon front: danny fltzsimmons, peter wallach, jean- 1ouis nguyen, david marini, eric harvey, Claudio dechiara, cesare cecchin teacher, miss fox back; sang-yon lee, kevin lyons, giovanni masci, alicia menendez, laurie rova, patricia front: elizabeth bialik, doug bingham, jonathan broadbent, richard ferdon, Chris kehew teacher, mrs. saa back tommy beecher, michael mills, deirder michalopulos, susanne provost, lisa rova, Imasato marumo, john trenda front: paolo caputo, michael culligan, milco davis, sammy delaune, edward dunn teacher, mrs. aliprandi 103 104 v back sandra bielli; laura colozzi, karen dempsey, michelle esslinger, sneven salerno, matthew schoen, scott sowle, kevin vaughey, teddy villalba, teri hart, de anne ozaki, cristi price front: lorenzo agnoletto, herny dunn, peter gilman, aaron gordon, gionata leva-soletti, john nicolaides, glenn paxton, luca perazzoli teacher, miss reardon kindergarten nursery back; pamela bitsas, wyllain Charles, jennifer elovich, gary scott, patty gilman, jennifer newton, helene nguyen, caroline stefani ont: daniel lerner, seandempsey, tommy giannasi, angel oria-gracia, chuck pilanz, john price, jimmy gerard teacher, rnrs. mciver young faces . .. searching for adventure, a way of life in which to grow and love . . . beginning now . . . with a tear and a smile . .. 106 108 r-I-jCDQCr-I-m -'03COO back: rick tetzeli, john soranno, Ciel bertonneau, scott barnicle, mark cassin, ann makriS, Steve hochbrunn, cathy cassin, paul catanoso, anne culligan, Stacey lenz, annette uombetta, paul berger front: tom stapp, robert taylor, jeffjohnston, johnathan wallach, maggie cul- ligan, julie elovich ink well back: sally dixon, robert colombo, sam dixon, carol immordino front: mike merritt, cathy cassin, cynthia scaravilli, pat azzatao, lambert ling advisor, mrs. Charles back: Steve smith, mark farrelly, michele marshall, peggy maass, jean azzato, arm makris, sam sizon, gary marshall, daniel erbland front: Clark sept, sneve hochbrunn, tammy beronneau, paul van poejle advisor: mrs. stefani back: sue macdonald, sally dixon, lynn barnicle, anne culJigan, susan salerno, ann makris, cathy o'connor middle: sam dixon, tammy bertonneau, jean azzato, peggy maass, Ciel bertonneau, carol immordino front: diam dorman, jeannine schade, julie mettewie, beverly lyons, diana scerl adviser: mrs. minneci 109 Ciel bertonneau, kathy cassin, lynn barnicle, sue mcdonald, annette trom- betta, diane dorman, anne culligan m FDCLQJCD--imm3-n basketbaH back: louis crandall, Steve smith, dan erbland, bob casagrande, gary marshall, david tri nchero front: paul schoen, bruce mcdonald, danny tijerina, jerry corbisiero, mike merritt, tony tjerina, dwight piccione SOCCEF ans. , kneeling; danny 1ijerina, mark cassin, Steve hochbrunn, david wagner, mark villalba, paul catanoso second row: Steve smith, tony Iiierina, dwight piccione, tommy garli, louis crandall, daniel erbland, jerry corbrisiero, paul schoen, gary marshall, bob casagrandi, sam worthington, david uinchero, bruce macdonald, mike merritt 114 is the best way to travel 41 IN MILAN TOO YOU HAVE A FRIEND AT THE CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, N.A. Piazza Filippo Meda, 1, Milan Tel. 8895 115 AUGURI F ROM PTO. THE . IWINMMIIHI? HNIWWMMWIKVIWVI v 447: NI 17.qu WWWHMWWH 4H. WWW I 42. .41....w44mwwwu444; Hun 1 ....m 44. w 4.. l 4 INA gill; m Hll m ,1. 116 de MERE WQSKXRES mam TRnNswoem FHRHNES Mr. Paxton's latest record: 0'10 min. 36,7 sec. f he Duomo to the Maggiolina" 1. , ven Tom Paxton sounds great... on a Braun Hielfi. 'COckpit 250 system Compact, turntable, tuner, amplifier combination with speakers. From lire 455.000. BHHUH 77 777777 47 777 777,77 7 7 77777777 ,7 I l?" H lllllmlmlim 1 UK ll 7 ll k cimxlllll l Xx A WV Qx i 67 777 lil'il Z ll: l l llllmll": ; M W 77 7777777 777 77777 l'lll 7 Gulf is iicleanll energy ten years - and could more than double by 1990, At the same time public concern for a clean environment has increased enormously. Can these two essential community needs be reconciled? The Gulf answer totthis question is ein L11 3 er onico. km. outside Milan, where the refinery o e u ure 15 no bem completed, The answer is yes. Because our re iner 1 no on V be the newest in the world-we're ou o a e 1 e c eanes . For instance, to avoid air pollution risk. the chimney stack is one of the largest ever constructed. with a height of 128 metres For instance. a complex multi-process system of water reu- tilisation. together with special biological purification treatment, guarantees that any waste water will not disturb the important agricultural and ecological balance of the district. Sealed monitors will continuously and automatically analyse this water, which most of the time will actually come out cleaner than it went in. Every pollution abatement technique that our Re- search and Development Company and our Energy and Environ- mental Systems Company can bring to bear is being incorporated. We're not just building a new refinery at Bertonico. We're building new hope for Italy's energy requirements have risen by 40070 over the past hrand-new Link-Belt is proud to announce a new series of hydraulit truck cranes with telescopic boom, starting with HT-200, HT-300, HT-400 Featuring an advanced crane technological design and modern Iow-Iine profile, these cranes provide lifting car pacities of 20, 30 and 40 tons. Boom and jib total length is 31,70 m for the HT-ZOO, 36,86 m for the HTe3OO and 4326 m for the HT-400. All three models feature a 2,44 m overall width. HT-ZOO carrier has 3 axles with 6X4 drive, while the HT-3OO and HT-4OO carriers have 4 axles with 8X4. Also new models of iiYCit seIf-propelled hydraulic Cranes are now available with lifting capacities from 7,5 to 18,5 tone LlK-BELTsM :ojrfiiizom FTCSEKZH 2 Some of these crane will be shown at the . VI V , 1 I o r Tsunam-Mstw ITELEX: 311M messu SA. MO. TER. Fair In Verona, Febraury 6 10 13 - 1972. 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Suggestions in the American School of Milan - Yearbook (Milan, Italy) collection:

American School of Milan - Yearbook (Milan, Italy) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


American School of Milan - Yearbook (Milan, Italy) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 117

1972, pg 117

American School of Milan - Yearbook (Milan, Italy) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 98

1972, pg 98

American School of Milan - Yearbook (Milan, Italy) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 59

1972, pg 59

American School of Milan - Yearbook (Milan, Italy) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 47

1972, pg 47

American School of Milan - Yearbook (Milan, Italy) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 117

1972, pg 117

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