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Wffli'f MEDIOLANUM 7l The Director of A.C,S.M. has a difficult job. It entails a double set of resPonsibilities - those of administrator and disciplinarian, and those of guid- ance counselor. These roles are not easily coordinated. It is essential to strike a balance between them, to know which role to play. The disciplinarian risks alienating students, while the counselor tries to establish a strong rapport with them. To carry out both these tasks, retaining the respect of the students, takes a man with faith in the potential of each individual, concern for his future, and a sense of humor. We at A. C.S.M. are fortunate in having such a man for our director. We would like to dedicate MEDIOLANUM 1970 to you, Mr. DeBiase, with gratitude and respect for doing a difficult job well. S+aff MRS , H . FALCHI Secretary MR. M. DE LOTTO MRS, M. LODDO Custodian Bookkeeper MISS S. DON MRS. A. KOVASZNAY Physical Education S Librarian MRS, S, KOEHLER MISS T. THALL Mathematics and Mechanical Drawing Art MRS. N. CHARLES Remedial Reading, Testing MR. J. KOEHLER Physical Education MR. A. NEWTON Science and Mathematics MISS G. M. GIRARDON English Drama History International Relations MISS E. SANGUINETTI Mathematics GHIDINI French and English MRS. J. MALATESTA MISS K. LEE Typing and Stenography French, English and History MRS. R. GILIOLI 1. MR. T. MILTENBERGER Ita 1am Speech and English MISS B, MAWN Music Board of Trusfees STANDING, Left to Right: Mr. Wollberg; Mr. Immordino, Mr. Kroon, Mr. Brown, Mr. Barnicie, Mr. Rudy SEATED, Left to Right: Mr. Breymaier, Mr. Gilioli, Mr. Tetzeli, Mrs. Welin, Mrs. Hochbrunn, Mr. Tuqman STANDING, Left to Right: Mr. Gratke, MI. Newton, Mr. Worthington, Mr. Bialik, Mr. DeBiase SEATED, Left to Right: Miss Thall, Mrs. Worthington, Mrs. Gratke, Mrs. Dixon P.T.O. Execque CommiHee l'l SUSANNA AVESANI URI BEN -YEHUDA "Life goes on and you must too." "Ciao fusto." "Wake up Susanna . . . 1" So you've decided to come to school today! Likes Mrs. Gilioli and her Italian classes. Dislikes breaking my nails on the typing machines. Will always remember the 50 lire you have to pay Mrs. Falchi for a phone call. Ambition; to be happy. " It is far better to be happy than rich, but there is no harm in being both MEDIOLANUM '71, Soccer, Basketball, Drama, Choir. "Ma va'! 1" "Is not nice what is nice, it's nice what you like! " "Uri, will you please turn around!" Likes dresses, rallies and most of all girls! Dislikes red and yellow socks, flies. Will always remember the difference between the classes and the director's room. Ambition: being a playboy or a commercial designer. JANIENE CHURCH IRI T COHEN I4 " To be loved, be lovable." Choir, Editor Newspaper. "Ianiene you 're late again . . . " "tish. " Likes Jimmy, red roses, long eyelashes and blue eyes, little children, listening to the rain at night, dancing, nature, little things, presents, my kitty Cat. Dislikes being cold, trains, false people, asparagus, oysters. Will always remember Mr. Newton's smile before a test, the girls' room before lunch, the first and last days of school, over inking the duplicating machine, gym class and newspaper meetings. Ambition: whatever I do, to do it well. " Your enemy will be beaten not when his strength will be exhausted , but when your heart will refuse to fight." Likes photographs, music, to travel, theater, hand work, to swim, clothes. Dislikes spiders, shocking colors, falsity in people. Ambition: business woman or a stewardess. SANDRA CONSARELLI JUDY CZUCHTA " Amare e qualcosa Essere amati e tanto Amare ed essere amati e tutto." "Senti " "Bho!" "Ciao!" Likes chocolate, my boyfriend, playing tennis, friendship. Dislikes hypocrisy, studying. Will always remember A.C.S,M,, Kaffa, Via Spadari, my friends. Ambition: to get a good job, to marry, to improve my English and culture. "Sunshine is to flowers what smiles are to humanity." Co -editor MEDIOLANUM '71, Cheerleader. "Guess who's laughing again . . "Stop blowing bubbles!" Miss G's pest. "Quiet back there!" "Don't you give me a hasselll !" It's not funny. Smilely. Likes people who play games, Snickers, nuts, riding, cold and windy days and being myself. Dislikes smog, losing contacts ALL the time! , "Hamlet," fools and waiters. Will always remember the nice people and forget the bad. Ambition: to get where I'm going. 15 "Thank God I'm an atheist." Yabbah Dabbah Doo . . . Likes solitude, artists, mice, artisans, drawing, making jewelery, writing poems, manifestations. Dislikes overcooked spaghetti, the smell of a wet dog, mountains, pink elephants. Will always remember Mr. Newton and his yardstick Mrs. Ghidini's high pitched "Vite," six floors of slippery stairs. Ambition: to be a good doctor and have many hobbies. SYLVIA DABBAH " You can't always get what you want but if you try real hard, you'll get what you need." Choir, Drama. "Don't hassle me." Known for his SMILE. Likes Blues, Camels, Witches, and St. Bernards. Dislikes mustard, hassles. Will always remember the contraband cigarette man. Ambition: Music. PETER ERBLAND ROBERT FINZI ' YVES-JEAN FONTAINE " Don't worry too much about what people think - they seldom do." Student Council Treasurer, National Honor Society, MEDIOLANUM "71, Model U.N. Delegate. "I'm NEVER wrong!" "I disagree on general Principle." "Far out!" The Torch, THE LITTLE ORANGE BOOK of Robert Finzi. Likes to eat, to travel, to take it easy, to goof off, to argue for the sake of arguing. Dislikes homework . . . classwork . . . work! ! Will always remember Mr. Newton's grin, our fantastic gym facilities, Karen's organization and neatness . . . , and the Italian draft. Ambition: to help undo the mess the world has gotten itself into . " To be or not to be, that is the question." Soccer. " You were such a nice polite boy till . . . " "Aw, come on." Likes car riding. Dislikes bikes. Will always remember Steve Steko and his language. Ambition: to earn money. 17., MARGARET GATT CHRISTOPHER HARLEPP 18 "Wisdom of many and the wit of one." Cheerleader, Yearbook , Choir . " Late for homeroom, me?! ?" Gitty Gatt. Likes dancing, motorcycles, turtle necks, pome- granates, Haiti, guys, music. Dislikes my height, mathematical calculations. W111 always remember San Felice Circeo, school picnic with K. K. C'Down Elmerrw, nine years with good 01' A.C.S.M., U. B. Y.'s cracks, "Ciao Tappo," French classes, "Freak out on Avenue Boo Boo." Ambition: continue study of languages. " So tIue a fool is love that in your will, though you do anything, he thinks me ill." Editor MEDIOLANUM "71 , Choir, Basketball, Soccer. The famous Magilla Parilla, Chipper, "roughly," "WaWaWa . . . " Contact lenses and Chipperll ? "We've got to get organized . . . " Likes nice clothes, big bikes, sunny days at Camogli, crunchy peanut butter, sleeping, modern music. Dislikes getting up, college plans. W111 always remember Mrs. Ghidini, French classes, the lockers next to room 1 , the Hague, ski weekends, Biffis, Piazza Duomo at night. Ambition: to go to the States and live it up. KA REN KENN EY MIKIKO KOBAYA SHI " Don't part with your illusions, for when they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live." Student Council Vice-President, Literary Editor MEDIOLANUM '71, National Honor Society, Drama . " If Robert says that, I have to disagree." Sneezy of the Seven Dwarfs. " For my next trick I' 11 fly." Fastest leg in the West. "I am NOT emotional! " "Down Elmer." Likes A. C.S.M, , pink carnations, fireplaces, getting letters, Rome, London, and autumn. Dislikes liver and Physical Education. Will always remember C. L. , Mr. Newton's grin, the cattle elevator, Robert's wisecracks, the Model U.N,, Milan, and all my friends from A,C.S.M. . Ambition: to live, not just exist. " There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Co-editor of Newspaper, Art Editor MEDIOLANUM '71, National Honor Society, Model U.N, delegate. TT-actful missiles." Leonardo da Vinci the Second. Likes doodling, ladybugs, thinking, lilies of the valley, listening to people talk, big posters, writing letters, a stiff crisp breeze that makes your hair fly wildly, little quotes that say a lot. Dislikes worms, slugs, and all that sort of "icky" stuff, narrow mindedness and super ficiality, Bosch and Cranach, green pepers, licorice. Will always remember going from three of Miss Lee's classes to three of Miss G.'s. Ambition: to be happy tcorny, isn't it? But isn't that everybody's ambitionfO l9 ELLEN LAWTON MIKE LELLA 20 "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." Co-editor of newspaper, must admit it '5 getting betterD, Choir. " Don't interrupt . . . " Likes Mauro, Torino, Henry Moore, Matisse's "turtle," Masaccio, a good discussion and all sweets. Dislikes Miss Girardon's "Organization," Salvador Dali, being interrupted, pensione in Milan. " There is no love sincere: than the love of food." Soccer Captain, Varsity Basketball, Co-editor MEDIOLANUM '71 . "All right you guys! " Last guy down is a rotten egg! I Likes cute girls, fast speed downhill courses, danger- ous motocross tracks and first place trophies. Dislikes parties and dances, Will always remember faithful friends and seven years of A.C,S.M. . Ambition: to continue in motorcycle and ski races in order to pass on to automobiles, yet to continue education for management of the family business in Sport Articles. PAMELA LYONS CAROL MACNEVIN " Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life." Secretary of Student Council, Secretary of MEDIOLANUM '71 . "Is Pam here yet?" "Well how was I supposed to know turkeys don't have 4 legs!" "After all, I'm only 15 minutes late for a 20 minute meeting!" Instant Sunburn. Likes people, games, cooking, talking, sewing, friends, sports; spring, mountains. Dislikes anything false, fish, Pssst Signorina. W111 always remember my senior year and punctu- ality. Ambition: to help people. "I know that I shall never see completely through your mind For you have strangers in your life And I have friends in mine." Newspaper. "Carola," chickenpox, typing, being the only " Englishman" in the 12th grade. Likes black, anything Mme that makes me happy, Paul, a suntan. Dislikes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, typing, spiders. W111 always remember the impossibility of the lockers! Ambition: to make up my mind about it. 21 "Come questa pietra, e il mio pianto. La morte si ; sconta vivendo." 1 Likes paintings, modern ballet, music, writing 1 letters, to talk and discuss, detective stories tocca- sionallyl, most of the time books that are touching, meaningful, or that have a message. Dislikes snakes, spiders, unnecessary noiseh getting up in the morning, going to bed at night. Ambition: travel all over the world, find out all the answers, be a good housewife and mother, succeed in life. PA TRICIA PAITER "Il faut aimer pour etre aime." Choir, Drama. "Is Peter here?," JEANS, "Poor Baby." Likes Peter's smile, JEANS, and my little brother. Dislikes nyah nyahing at Kaffa's. W111 always remember Ars Nova, the night the Rolling Stones came to Milan, The Warsaw Concerto. Ambitions: many and varied. CONNIE SMITH 22 SHERI SMITH PAUL SPECIALE "We love with a love that is more than love." Choir, Newspaper. Always faithfully waiting for Yasu . . . Likes Yasul, old fashion cars, flowers, little children, basketball, food, laboratory work, a walk in the woods but not alone!, big brown eyes, to give more than receive, sun, and piano. Dislikes SLUGS! ! W111 always remember Milan, A.C,S,M., donuts and bubble gum . Ambition: to have fun in life and be happy. MEDIOLANUM "71, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Basket- ball, Choir. Spatz, great soccer player, just too good . . . , "Hello cutie." Likes girls, Carol, purple, motorcycles, and maybe school. Dislikes curly hair and old weather beaten teachers. W111 always remember fights behind the lockers, Mr. DeBiase's lectures, and the great, marvelous girls. Ambition: never to marry. 23 " Do what you like " Keep your head tight." "I ain't kiddin' ." Likes to encounter something new. Dislikes books, pens, pencils, and anything else that has to do with school. Will always remember this school. Ambition: to be happy. STEPHEN STECKO "If you're ever in trouble, never give in." Soccer, Basketball, Choir. "I didn't do it." "It's Friday, sir." "Back into your cage, Eric." Likes food and women and wine. Dislikes English class. W111 always remember lunchtime in the street. Ambition: to be myself. ERIC SWARDSON 24 I MICHEAL TARICANO JEFF TOWNSEND JV mm h I " People's idea of keeping a secret, is to tell only one person at a time." Student Council, Varsity Basketball, MEDIOLANUM 11.. "What does that mean?!" "How much time is left before the bell?" Likes playing basketball, eating sleeping and whippo. Dislikes freshmen and long fingernails. Will always remember my classes with Karen, the activities behind the senior lockers, Milan and A . C . S. M. . " The two great tragedies of life - not getting what you want and getting it!" Varsity Basketball, MEDIOLANUM '71 .- "All right Spatz, you've had it!" "Where's Hardup, the cool cat Magilla Parilla man?" BSA owners club. "Who took my helmet?" " Faccia." Riding the BSA Spitfire and managing to remain in one piece! Likes girls, motorcycles and long vacations. Dislikes school homework. Will always remember the agony of counting the last 1650 seconds for the bell to ring, the empty senior homeroom at 8:56 A.M. . Ambition: to succeed in a business career. 25 " You can't lead anyone else farther than you have gone yourself." Student Council President, Soccer, Basketball. "Hey Brat." "I don't get it." "You're kidding." "Yeah, right." " Stop wising off." Likes Denise, food, playing the guitar, and study halls. Dislikes intensely loud music . W111 always remember the Questura, and the plainclothes policeman. Ambition: to lead those who will not succeed in the corrupt world of tomorrow. RONALD TROMBETTA CLASS FAVORITES: Karen Kenney and Mike Taricano DESPAIR OF THE FACULTY Eric Swardson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Karen Kenney and Robert Finzi MOST FLIRTATIOUS Margaret Gatt and Chipper Harlepp MOST ATHLETIC: Judy Czuchta and Mike Lella BEST LOOKING: Margaret Gatt WITTIEST: Judy Czuchta Peter Erbland Steve Stecko :1 BEST DANCERS: Margaret Gatt Robert Finzi CLASS FAVORITE: Karen Kenney Ron Trombetta FRIENDLIEST: Judy Czuchta BEST DRESSED: Karen Kenney Mike Lella Uri-Ben-Yehuda 29 30 Senior 1, Susanna Avesani, will all my absences to any over-tired junior. I, Uri Ben -Yehuda, will my basketball height to Wilt Chamberlain. I, Janiene Church, will all my excuses for coming late to someone who needs them. 1, Sandra Consarelli, will all my experience to the people that are starting to go to school. 1, Judy Czuchta, will my contacts to someone who can lose them more than I do, if they exist. I, Sylvia Dabbah, will a white dove to whoever kills an eagle. I, Peter Erbland, will my International Relations "priorities" to Christopher Harlepp or any inspired junior. 1, Robert Finzi, will a lock of my beautiful red hair to all my fans to remember me by. I, Yves-Jean Fontaine, will my ability to misunderstand English and my excellent car driving to the next Belgian student at A. C.S.M. . 1, Margaret Gatt, will my mathematical ability to Einstein. 1, Christopher Harlepp, will the Magilla Parilla, alias Pasta del Capitano, to anyone who wants to experiencethe thrill of speed. 1, Karen Kenney, will the little organization I have to Miss Girardon because she needs it more than I do. Wills l, Mikiko Kobayashi, will my eraser to the next art editor of the Yearbook and News- paper so she they can erase the ink blots. 1, Ellen Lawton, will the contents of my locker to the city dump. 1, Mike Lella, will my guts to a tennis manufacturer. 1, Pamela Lyons, will my Instant Sunburn to Mike Taricano. 1, Carol MacNevin, will my beautiful American accent to any other English person who might suffer from speaking King's English. 1, Patricia Paiter, will a set of foreign dictionaries to anyone that has to keep track of my conversations. 1, Connie Smith, will my patience to Mr. Miltenberger. 1, Paul Speciale, will the incredible luck I have to the thousands that really need it. 1, Stephen Stecko, will never come back. 1, Eric Swardson, will not. 1, Mike Taricano, will my violence to Miss Girardon. I, Ronald Trombetta, will my physics experiments to the next color-blind student. 31 WENDY BUTLER MOLLY CA STELLUCCI JAY DORMAN BOB EVERSTINE KATHI FITZPA TRICK 32 ROSA ISTRIA ANNA MEZZATESTA DENISE RENDON ROUXVE ROUX CATHY STECKO 33 SUSAN SWARDSON TED VENHORST CRAIG VINCENT JOEL WELIN ROSEMARY WRONG 34 MOST ATHLETIC: Rosemary Wrong and Joel Welin BEST DANCERS: Sue Swardson and Mike Dial BEST DRESSED; Molly Castellucci and Joel Welin 36 DESPAIR OF THE FACULTY: Mike Dial CLASS FAVORITES: Tom Paxton and Kathi Fitzpatrick MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Christine Turqman and Mike Dial FRIENDLIEST: K. Fitzpatrick and J. Dorman MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Sue Swardson and Joel Welin MOST FLIRTATIOUS: Sue Swardson and Ted Venhorst WITTIEST: Mike Dial and Wendy Butler 37 Jane Taricano Mike Holly Ned Leonard Angela Klinkenberg Enrico Sessarego Virginia Farrelly Janet Lycan x Paul Dixon ' x No "vote AVAILABLE 39 Debra Walton Paul Mettewie Tim Lyons Patty Dial Dave Allemang Mark Jackie Addona . Sue Schoen Tancano Marie Rendon Barry Flora 41 Janet Erbland Eric Manasse Monica Giuliani Andrea Arippol Mary Junkersfeld Buckner Brown Anat Cohen Kathy 0' Connell Joe Ficalora 43 WITTIEST: Janet Erbland Andrea Arippol FRIENDLIEST: S. Townsend M. Holly CLASS FAVORITES: Janet Erbland Bucky Brown MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Marie Rendon Andrea Arippol BEST DRESSED: Janet Erbland Bob Trombetta BEST DANCERS: Patty Dial Mike Holly MOST FLIRTATIOUS: Mary Junkersfeld Enrico Sessarego BEST LOOKING: Marie Rendon Joe Ficalora MOST ATHLETIC: Virginia Farrelly Enrico Sessarego DESPAIR OF FACULTY: Tim Lyons MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: V. Farrelly A . Arippol 45 Laura Angellucci Ken Banta PeteI Berger Darlene Bielli Jeff Bertschinger Melory Carbine Sue Cu 111 gan Marybeth Erbland Gina Finzi Dominique Fontaine 47 48 Andrea Hoffman Craig Lycan Sarah Leonard Peter Kroon John Lyons Ron Sm ith John Sutherland Karen Walton Bob Wollberg Kirt Zettler 49 50 Marion Nelson Kennie McKown Cathy Rendon Kathy Schoen Don Preuit Gary Robinson II 5 BEST LOOKING Jeff Bertschinger, Cathy Rendon WITTIEST Gina Finzi , Don Preuitt BEST DRESSED Kennie McKown, Gary Robinson BEST DANCERS Andrea Hoffm an , Bill O'Neill MOST FLIRTATIOUS Peter Kroon, Marion Nelson DESPAIR OF THE FACULTY 1 v i FRIENDLIEST AND V Cralg Lycan CLASS FAVORITES Mary Beth Erbland, Bill O'Neill MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Cathy Rendon, Ron Smith MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kennie MCKown, Peter Berger. MOST ATHLETIC Bob Wollberg, Kennie MCKown 53 STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Mike Taricano - Senior Representative, Robert Finzi - Secretary, Karen Kenney - Vice-President, Ronald Trombetta - SECOND ROW: Mike Holly - Freshman and Sophomore Representative, Joel Weh'n - Junior Representative, Mr. Newton: President. Adviser. TIDINGS FROM THE NEWSPAPER STAFF: drom left to righq FIRST ROW: Jackie Addona, Mikiko Kobayashi - Art Editor, Rosemary Wrong, Miss Sanguinetti - Adviser. SECOND ROW: Jay Dorman, Ken Banta, Rouve Roux, Ellen Lawton - Editor, Peter Berger. THIRD ROW: Peter Kroon, Sheri Smith, Cathy O'Connell, Paul Mettwie, Janet Lycan, Eric Manasse, Carol MacNevin. ABSENT: Janiene Church - Editor. 55 56 Yearbook Qiaff FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Uri Ben-Yehuda, Karen Walton, Jane Taricano, Margeret Gatt, Sarah Leonard. SECOND ROW: Susan Swardson, Jackie Addona, Robert Finzi, Molly Castelluci, Sue Schoen, Shelly Townsend, Kathy Schoen. THIRD ROW: Jeff Townsend, Paul Speciale, Buckner Brown. Yearbook Wi FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Mikiko Kobayashi - Art Editor; Karen Kenny - Literary Editor; Monica Giu- liani - Business Manager and Activities Editor; Pam Lyons - Secretary. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ghidini - Advisor; Mike Lella - Co-Editor; Mike Taricano - Sports Editor; Tom Pax- ton - Photography Editor; Christopher Harlepp - Editor; Judy Czuchta - Co-Editor. 57 SENIOR: SEATED, Left to Right: Patricia Paiter, Mikiko Kobayashi, Christine Turqman, Rosemary Wrong, Ellen Lawton. STANDING: Judy Czuchta, Karen Kenney, Robert Finzi, Jeff Townsend, Miss Lee - Advisor, Kathie Stecko. Honor roiefies JUNIOR: SEATED: Kennie McKown, Sue Schoen, Virginia Farrelly, Monica Giuliani, Gina Finzi. STANDING: Robert Trinchero, Andrea Arippol, Peter Berger, John Sutherland, Peter Kroon, Miss Lee. 58 Choir FIRST ROW, from Left to Right: Kathy Schoen, Peter Erbland, Sue Culligan, Uri Ben Yehuda, Margaret Gatt, Patti Dial, Miss Mawn, Ellen Lawton, Janiene Church, Sheri Smith, Mikio Kobayashi, SECOND ROW: Tim Lyons, Connie Smith, Christopher Harlepp, Sue Schoen, Sue Swardson. ABSENT: Jackie Addona, Cathy O'Connell. 59 The ACQM LWMM KNEELING, Left to Right: Tony Lyons, Ted Venhorst, John Sutherland, Jeff Townsend, Paul Speciale, Tim Lyons. STANDING: Mr. J . Koehler - Coach, Ron Trombetta - Manager, Mark Taricano, Mike Holly, Mike Taricano - Captain, Bobby Everstine, Paul Mettewie, Joel Welin, Robert Finzi - Manager. Panihers 64 65 66 Cheerleaders FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Patty Dial, Cathy Ren- don, Margaret Gatt, Denise Randon. SECOND ROW: Kennie McKown, Marie Rendon, Judy Czuchta. Sue Swardson - Captain v 1illul.!!' 67 Soccer KNEELING, Left to Right: John Lyons, Robert Wollberg, Enrico Sessarego, Andrea Arippol, Jeff Bertsch- inger, Kirt Zettler. STANDING: Mark Taricano - Manager, Yves Fontaine, Paul Speciale, Mike Lella - Captain, Ted Ven- horst, Eric Manasse, Joe Ficalora. ABSENT: Uri Ben Yehuda and Tony Lyons. 9 6 x. un..., .2 :39." :quuy ummem "' urn: n: V, , We would like to dedicate this page to MR. KOEHLER in appreciation and gratitude for his pa- tient and dedicated coaching. 7'l 72 A.C.9.M. Wresiling 74 Ski Weekend '7 I 76 Lay me on an anvil, O God. Beat me and hammer me into a crowbar. Let me pry loose old walls. Let me lift and loosen old foundations . , . Carl Sandburg "Prayers of Steel" Refleciion The Awareness of the illusions of reality the finitude of infinity the paradox of existence leads us Into the dark abyss of meaninglessness and confusion where the only escape seems to be in the void, futility of life. Why does Awareness take us further away from the essence of truth and meaning and further into the growing agony and absurdity of existence? Mikiko Kobayashi Rain Amid the Chaos Of coquettish whims of Sunlight And erratic laughter of Thunder, The Sky weeps. Once again in descended silence and reflection My skin tastes the wetness of unbrined tears That imbue and cleanse the Soil stained with the bitter Realization of vanity and worthlessness. The earth is chaste again, Soon to become impregnated by new seeds That, nurtured by man, will stain the Soil once more with rancor, bitterness and regret While Sunlight and Thunder laugh. Mikiko Kobayashi 77 I dropped a tear upon the ground, It filtered gently through. The earth did turn with not a sound And a little violet grew. Sylvia Dabb ah I can tell and I can feel. You stand alone to face what should be shared. Your solitude yearns for comfort. I've tried to mingle into your complexity, but you remain as cold as ever. You just sink deeper into depth. If you 've been hurt, please don't conceal it, let the words flow freely. Emotions shouldn't hide behind the wall of humanity, For life offers much more than hardships. Having the rhythm, but in need of a partner, Why do you retreat before you advance? You see, I could melt your heart by warming it with mine - If only you 'd give me the chance! Anonymous Nafure The world is sick, one may say, And plagued by fools and pain, And yet, how looms nature so gay, With blooms in golden reign, With lyric music in the air, Of joy shown in song. It's hard to dream that anywhere Lies hate and harm and wrong. Wendy Butler The Impala slashed the foliage greenfbrownhed the whisperisong of the bullet CUE ended died with the wildness. Once, hopefully, he half rose from the earth Once , desperately thrust his head proud wild free and then slid softly t0 the ground where only the silence Africa Ill The Hunter charged its triumphant death cry screaming over the ground like some malignant disease . . . The Impala was skinned , his hide tossed over the Hunter's shoulders brought back to civilization by the Hunter with a grin 51nd joy in its deed t5 this week, Samb at twilight, the head of the Impala lolled back and forth like a bell and the eyes of the Impala glared accusingly at the Hunter. of the grass knew his secret. Africa I Soundsi zabanyas slow whistle sighing through the nighd 0H sunset crinkling down between huge cloistered mts. i AfrU deep blue fold of midnight above mei ca still. Iac lde A ddona 79 80 Picnic Lower School PRINCIPAL Mr. G . Bialik SECRETARIES Mrs . M . Alessio Mis; A. Gobbi Mrs. A. Colloridi Mrs. M. Minnecci Mrs. M. Bosco French and Italian Music Italian a5 .. 1 x s g: ; Eighih Grade Mrs . Paduano SEATED ON THE GROUND, Left to Right: Robert Ficalora, Tim Turqman, Craig Swanson, Eric Flora, John O'Neill, Steve Paxton, Robert Bla'nc, Eric Gilioli. SEATED: Vicky Hochbmnn, Kitty Atkins, Marla Carbine, Ann Brown, Mike Wollberg, Preston Rudy, Bill Taylor, Peter Welin, John O'Connell. STANDING: Judy Kastner, Stacey Stecko, Tania Moghrabl, Patti Simpelaar, Daniel Arippol, Elaine Mak- ris, Monica Salerno, Mimi Culligan, Vicki Temple, Cindy Sowle, Lisa Allemang, Kristin Berry. 84 Sevenih Grade STANDING , from Left to Right wack rem: Michele Marshall, Alain Robinson, Sally Dixorn, Pat Azzato, Annette Trombetta, Lynn Barnnicle, Mary Lyons, Stephen Smith, Paul Schoen. STANDING, aecond tom: Ciel Bertonneau, Susan Warner, Anne Culligan, Carol Immordino, Ruth Miller, Jean Azzato, Jody Fetter, Gary Marshall, Bernard Roux, Paul Hickey, Sam Wonthington, Mr. Marston. KNEELING, ahird rom: Karl Yamashiro, Cinzia Scaravelli, Megan Pecci, Iaim Lauhlin, Mark Farrelly, Eugene Lucci, Craig Flora, Jerry Corbusiero, Dwight Picrione, Mike Merrit. Six'rh Grade MR. SCOTT SEATED ON THE GROUND from Left to Right: Chris Rudy, Steve Hochbrunn, Andrew Warner, Michael Yamashiro, Tony Mezzatesta, Jeff Sutherland, Mark Villalba, David Wagner, Mark Cassin. SEATED: Ann Makris, Karin Welin, John Ficalora, Beth Swardson, Susan Salerno, Tami Bertonneau, Sheree Bewick, Martha Vincent. STANDING: Sam Huang, John Rudy, Jeff Noghrabi, Daniel Erbland, Robert Colombo, Sam Dixon, Richard Simpelaar, Milena Albertoni, Joan Laughlin, Susan Edwards. 85 MISS TUFT SEATED, from Left to Right: Paul Catanoso, Mark Pecci, Susana Lerner, Brad Russey, Christina Speer, Jodi Elovich, Rene Buccolier. STANDING, from Left to Right: William Lucci, Andy Berger, Dannah Edwards, Paola Sessarego, Jack Moghrabi, Kelly Preuitt, Jeff Swanson, Thomas Gatti. ABSENT: Erin Lyons and Helen Robson. Fiffh Grade MR. C LIFFORD STANDING, Left to Right: Sharon Yamashiro, Jennifer Butler, Diana Skerl, Pamela Carbine, Liza Worth- ington, Louise Stanziale, Mary Ficalora, Jackie Brooks. SEATED: Nancy Sutherland, Debbie Lienhard, Katoko Yanacita, Anna Maria Giuliani, Stefania Alberti, Joanne Marini, Cindy Fitzpatrick, Terry Erbland. ON THE GROUND: Douglas Breymaier, Ian Hutchings, Robert Talyor, Steven Rendon, Johm Banta, Chris- topher King, Robert Culligan, John Azzato, Michael Filipek. ABSENT: Mark Miller. 87 Fourfh Grade MISS ARKIN SEATED from Left to Right: Brian Bertonneau , John Kastner, Tina Castelluci, Paul Rendon, Mark Merritt, Evan Polenghi, Chris Trombetta, Angie Durr , Terry Snyder. STANDING from Left to Right: Paul Berger, Gordon Di Palma, Rick Tetzeli, Bruce Lycan, Mike Immor- dino, Ronnie Brown, Larry Gilioli, Diana Pulido, Stephana Broadbent, Jelana Carbine. 5 ! Q Fourih Grade MISS FLIGHT SEATED, Left to Right: Paul Bewick, Daniel Simpelaar, Mark Malatesta, David Bingham, Joan Soranno, Stefano Hickey, Randi Hedin, and Maggie Culligan. STANDING, Left to Right: Alessandra Popple, Tom Durkin, Mark Wurdemann, Andy Joiner, Jannet Harris, Sharon Leila, Greg Villalbe, and Tom King. 89 T ird Grade MRS. VELARDI SEATED from Left to Right: Wilson Anthony, Alberto Dosi, Chris Birt, Billy Hochbrunn, Meredith Butler, Mary Durkin, Susan Sowle, Kay Gratke. STANDING from Left to Right: Sofia T eodori, Mrs. Velardi, Maureen Azzato, Natasha Maimone, Dorothy Turqman, Graham Bartlett, Chet Bottone, Scott Barnicle, Mark Sutherland, Doug Falby, Gordon Rudy, Nicola King. ABSENT: Philippa Brooks. Third Grade MRS. HIGGINS SEATED from Left to Right: Mike Gerard, Mike Kowalski, Tom Provost, Paul Price, Karen Wagner, Sandy Labas, Julie Elovich, Cordelia Farrelly. STANDING from Left to Right: Mrs. Higgings, Lene Rodebush, Gerry McDonald, Jonathan Wallach, Steve Swanson, John Saranno, Jack Piccione, Neils Harris. ABSENT: Maria Villalba, Jose Montano. 9'! Second Grade MRS . STEFANI SEATED, Left to Right: Monica DeBiase, Rebecca Speer, Judy Ficalora, Dino Buccolier, Paola Stanziale, Dara Polenghi, Heidi Breymaier, Francesca DeChiara. STANDING: Scott Durr, Peter Brown, Tom Skerl, James McDonald, Scott Capobianco, Philip Gerard, Mark Prica, Jasmine Maimone, Paola Hutchings, Julie Joiner, Lisa Immordino, Margaret Rendon. Qecond Grade MISS FOX SEATED, from Left to Right: Jennifer Farrell, Paola Grasso, Linda Soranno, Tom Schoen, John Russey, Dana Berry, Michelle Provost, Wayne Ozaki. STANDING: Katherine Ann Kowalski, Shirley Ann Edwards, Linda Backes, Faith Pecci, Charles Phillips, Ann Woodson, Killian King, Jodi Snyder, Susan Wagner, Licia Corbusiero, Reid Michael Rova. 93 94 Firsi Grade MRS . A LIPRANDI SEATED, Left to Right: Sean Huang, Jimmy Bielli, Naimi .Ozaki, Claudio Di Chiara, Susana Contera, Kim Price, David Marini, Kenneth Lindell. STANDING, Left to Right: Karen Kowalski, Thomas Lienhard, Gian Piero Bognetti, Billy Beecher, Mishka Azarnoosh, Billy Tetzeku, Jeanne King. ABSENT: Marta Welin, Christian Catanosa, Caroline Worthington. Firsi Grade MRS . SAA SEATED from Left to Right: Leslie McDonald, Ohna Falby, Billy Gratke, Kathy Rudy, Enrico Dosi, Maria- Teresa Price, John Hintze, Pierluigi Gastone. STANDING from Left to Right: Billy Bingham, Scott Romanos, Diane Backes, Peter Wallach, Eric Harvey, Stanley Bialik, Phil Merritt, Melissa Dixon, Billy C apobianco. LAST ROW: Mrs. Sai. 95 Kindergarien MISS REARDON STANDING, Left to Right: Patricia Soranno, John Trenda, Christopher Kehew, Daniele Belloli, Paolo Caputo, Chiara Bedotto, Lydia Lindell. SEATED: Kimberly Kmetz, Suzie Proudst, Douglas Bingham, Kevin Lyons, Cara Romanow, Lance Ceruti, Linda Sutherland, Laura Bartlett. ON THE GROUND: Micheal Culligan, Doug Flora, Jonathan Broadbent, Cheryl Filipek, Paula Severn, Tom Beecher, William Russey, Elizabeth Moretti. ABSENT: Tracy Bartlett, Leah Miller. Nurserg MRS. MCIVER SEATED ON GROUND, Left to Right: Gionata Leva-Soletti, Amaro Camera, Luca Perazzoli, Cristi Price, Elizabeth Gratke. SEATED ON CHAIRS , Left to Right: Peter Gilman, Kathy Brown, Deanne Ozaki, Michelle Essingler, Charmaine Swain, Glenn Paxton, Scott Sowle, Richard Russey. ABSENT: Matthew Schoen. 97 98 AH Club LEFT TO RIGHT , mottom to tom: Sally Dixon, Susan Warner, Miss Thall, Kelly Price, Rene Connaught, Jaime Laughlin, Cinzia Scaravelli. Newspaper SEATED from Left to Right: Bill Taylor, Pete Welin, Eugene Lucci, Rene Connaught, Sally Dixon, Judy Casper, C atherine Atkin. STANDING: Cindy Sowle, Mimi Culligan Editon, Monica Salerno mo-Editon Marla Carbine. ADVISOR: MRS. CHARLES, 99 Qiudeni Council ADVISOR: MRS. PADUANO FROM LEFT T O RIGHT: Mimi Culligan Greasuren , Vicky Hochbrunn Gresidenn , Pete Welin Wice-Pres- ideno, Elaine Makris 680retarp . STANDING, Left to Right: Eric Flora, John O'Connell, Gary Marshall, Tim Turquman, Michael Woll- berg, Eric Gilioli, Rob Ficalora. KNEELING , Left to Right: Greg Swanson, John O'Neill, Steve Paxton , Steve Smith, Preston Rudy. SITTING , Left to Right: Peter Welin, Jerry Corbusiero, Paul Schoen, Alan Robinson, Bill Taylor. 102 103 104 108 Steno papers . . . It's in here somewhere . . . Anyone going down to Zucca's to get my lunch? Taste good? Take out a piece of paper. You're going to have a test . . . Surrounded 109 Spontaneous expression Write out a pass. Wolf man! I swear it wasn't me! . . . I don't believe it. I wonder if it's geometrical. Mwwmwww W Manasse, get off the window sill! No,Joe1, it an E, not a C. v; g, I ! O . I I I told you not to call me here! . . . And the Lord said Let there be light. And this isrwhat I thought of the program! Ha, no, we're not drunk! "Who's next? " Run out of gas! "I never cheat." H3 'l'l4 A J w gnxv4tg $ gm Ugh! Books are sickening. The Thinker Last minute cramming . . . 'I'l7 118 From .4 ; mmmmmm ng Via S. Maria Podone 1; Tel. 87. 40. 21 Duplications Photo C opi e 5 Rank Xmax Promptly For School Everything For Office For Gifts QM QQK QM; IN MILAN TOO YOU HAVE A FRIEND AT THE CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, N.A. Piazza Filippo Meda, 1, Milan Tel. 8895 Con i complimenti della wcfa CR S.P.A. 20121 MILANO VIA TURATI. 3 TEL. 654.321 - 2 f M Ht, LP IN T UGURI' F ROM THE PTO. V" 1,, 1; JM- llvl: , Immffv xx? xg $ . . :1:Vc .S :g :1 . ir-x :xs V....K. wqiw ix x AE 3Q. $ of synt x. xiv; in grammar? 10 ,rticles do we have in English? Give your answers Cexcopt for V, VI, VII r nu 1W Y. QK Q $ W LAW 1 xvuuvo tmecx tux Kn'duxxxnmm k's'ShX n X KKK A s v x quwxo M 5:1 ................. m em mm mm 4? ozum 90.: , g 149 IleWwvmuvamucvn-du ...x ' mwkorawrumwa mm 7.0 P RS Gk E Rm gull w M! mu m mum x mum Bun m k3 mumm .1 mm m ml mxulumx $ W19. umum 91$ WKE xmmmt E SEWER! mmmx "I umuuo I1 Vunmcx nammus no on KANUVLCYUthO CKE tY$ wuoou ,9? topdent G W? U$tk 9W M365; JQZYUJRDE HXE9A n wan"; , mal di testa febbre brividi Per Ia cura sintomatica del raffreddore CORICIDIN Aut. Min. San. 2.613 - Ottobre 1968 Gola arrossata o infiammata? Gengive doloranti? RINSTEAD "PASTICCA ROSSA,, e sollievo Aut. Min. San. 2.474 del 7-3-1968 DENTIERA MALFERMA? T O P D E N T con una sola applicazione aderenza perfetta per settimane 124 I970: Siumo Cumpioni del Manda Proprio cosf. Abbiomo vimo o Doyfono e 0 Brands Hatch o Monzc e 0H0 Torgo Florio, 0 Spa, 0 Watkins Glen, 0 lmolo e o Zeltweg. Abbiomo vinfo perdw ovevomo le mocchine migliori. E, come sempre, l'olio'migliore. Gulfpride Formula G Racing Motor Oil, Compione del Mondo, 3 per voi in Tuffe le sfoziohi Gulf. Pors 9176 Formula G MOOTF iCN I25 uesti non sono due rasoi. Sono vi due nuovi sistemi di rasatura REMINGTON. 1. REMINGTON SISTEMA LEKTRO- LAME CAMBIABILI. H , , Ham -tho M mnnrw ,1 ; :m: H, in 5v :nmu Hr! nzsom J 'W E'WH L h'w! 1m, moiuxmnmJ CUM mvunr ."U'Vw Cr I 'JxNO L'IKY NCO. 0-1 Rz-mmiton mmum Iv qwmh m1 mum dm m: CIUHHCV con H MPH Law LMU er'Jtum J HmnO: a mod avere sempre deHe lame superaffilate. - Htrmimrdcxtmdcm mum pm perfetta- meme. sumpre pm a fondascnwpropumo- modmwnte. sempre pm fuellmcnte. Relmmzton e om m mstn .th gum. 2. REMINGTON SISTEMA F2. W m mem'ton F2k PIU DOLCE. , In IJ doppm tustxm mstlm JP NHL: LJ doppm Iustwm agsrcum m murmur superflcw udvnm u dl n'chm um rJSJtum pm mpxdd e ,1fom10. Dummc IJ rJSJtum um te- stum tondc l3. chc prummndon9355.15.- mo mm sccondahostmd. D: Comchucn- :1 I3. msntuu 9 pm dolce. 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I Low malmonanco leng-lvavel-Ileer clutch typo control through power hydraulic uynem plus automatic digging brakes I Push button control to: Install! walgm line travel forward or averse I Push button hIgh lpeed hols! and arm I Clamlholl machmenl I800 to 1200 lllevI Maxlmum dlgglng depth 11 mun wllh 3.05 motor: axtmslon. IN.- .LlNK-BEL'IZM. a A SUBSIDIARY 0F FMC CORPORATION 20147 MILAN- ITALY - TEL: 419.441-419.541 - TELEX: 31144 LINKBELT VIA VAL BAVONA 21 128 BANCA MORGAN VONWILLER As 5 ociated With Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York icIITAido ,9 , w " . E - . . ' ; .7. QEZ'OGCum ' F- 3 5 6K - A j , .. g w a gag 9,09 g4. g R; 2 , o a' , wt in; . a . 1 I QA om? rm 5 0 Aq ' rum come M0"? VISBOITI mm m 5g"? 'mm W ' L7 1 . o t d"! C ":0 vsncsu. 5 Q . , m. $65 ; - - IE 0 8 m cm $ . :2. , nu;..-"-IIIa-imrco s 05- , 930 DI POITA VITT :I 9 g 9 o u o, w nn .0 .I . .59 S g o s 0,5. . ' ,3 O Q a 5 , z 3 3 s Milano 0 Sede: Via Armorari, 14 - tel. 876.941 0 Agenzie: Piazza Cavour - tel. 794.6828 Via Washington, 61 - tel. 433.613 41 wt..." .55.... . :wv . ....I.! .u 5.. .. . .5. lit"... :3. .. hnui$: 3:... .. L... . 11a... .Hcf . s... . .nuia 5,... .f. aunt. J... i 33g.? Es... 535.. as. .:.a...Ns.a.. 3!. A . .rx.nnww.ucmw. . unfranc. ... .. .s i . ,. an... . ... :.x...m$hm: .2. . . , , .. . The. . . . , 1.. E x... .. g. 01 . s. . .3. i ... mg g 3. .3 1.? $3.. 5.x... .wsmunskw v...

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