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w. 1 N., "1 555. S - ., 'Ni "ex ,, 3 A 1 0 A -sg A 31 ,A AV, az' w N' ' . 1'fQf J' Q I "' .ff 4 .5, . X .M 'ix ,JM f X x - I , I a t w. .' 1- .- 4 lt' A 'I ,fr-- 1+ S ,,gnJ 4 fr 'iqg,"'F 'ffvvf 9' NW Q., '-W-ali' Q , Mb .qv A ,T .N-an 'F 3 . ,num Q98 I . 4 '11 r , 2' 3"',r1 .- 1 ymg- Rf" 'z -Af -.. ,' - '- ' . :sm --W' "Y-W-H L my 12' , 'f ,, ---"iff .. rig ., ' ,.f,5!f..w - ' . A, .,,,A,,.q A, 5 , m'qY.f,, a"'5-V sp Q5 2 ,R ,, . C I ', y -w 1 W '.7w 08 ,Aw 2, ww, Wfrfsa-fgg, gg . Q . f' -2dPfi4.e++f' I" 1'fWf?ifZ2Q,gMf iw , J, 'fha f 9:9 wi-"0 .-gghgf I , x. 5 Sm. Q .uw- x as --uw 'fm 'e ggi,-2 Q. 4 Nix 'Q 1 -ff. 'll 1 V. I ,N 1 '77 , , ' f A busy day 55 3 3, fx' sir ,fiir , C, X '92, if .. o Q 'Q M V'-A gg. , . 'Q 5 .1 ,. Y: '. Q ' CN, A , - , fx tl '- L 'Lf 1 'Q .5 'ls Q. 4 , iz.: . ny-3 1 ' M fWf M N ' ' .,.k yay , 1 f sk by www 4 -v, 3 z Q' g'ra, ,sg , 'al gk ' ' 'Q' Us Nc- AW f ' , u ' A W- 2 'KK ' .' . 1 as S A it 72, Q 353' if ,gs -- , O x 51825 aww. ,J fn 3 Q 5 A 4 MS ,K N k,.k 1.1, HN 'V a W. 3 my , ,W I AG L' ' .W x - 'LZ Q ,. W...-Q-.,.,. .-1w,...- qmH....7-. ,.......,, 1- ,.-.1 3 'E 1 nw 1 4 QC .QXLRLQTP ahix, fi T h e K A W A Y A 1 I , A I P 4 1 1 A l 1 I YH., ,..... x Q 1 2 2 5 A 1 a 'RAS-U'?w 4 'lf:1if7'W'fP5?f3k52QH',Qig fislfiirgdi' -' 'if W A "N lffiswisg-WL H-uf' 'x'f2u.ff flfffiaf if, Q 1 DEDICATION Years e Yi A"A Q 5,?fQ0f?7I0Y3lV51S61fViQ6f " Ybiffflieifwf FGUHGYGH -10 1 us' and thee WE ' ,V " . "--' :Y K'K"' 'U'f'3'4-.azlwuf ', Q K . 4 ', - . ' ' ' ' V 'L V' f f V ' I VA' ' if! You! 'hawfe-'Ied' usf1:o new horizons in scieniie ffiid s A ,.Q. Q A V s ' s 1 aentlfee e Cfmcept eof? sth? . s 'yggarsg as seeiencee piin s?EiQuctbr s e M ,vQ' e ' N e 11012 we Q f -H e V e ,-7. ffi ' - K' Vf s 5 fur ssss s to 3PP1'eCfat9'efin e0l11'F'V1e ' ' 1 fe W 1 to foutme Qmleflmenfs, 3 great Varifaiv' Of interesting - . . '!f, 'f"' f .4 which to claflfy f these labofatflliifiiclences- AA seess 1 The Spirit which you have h' ' '-fff " --1-1- 5 hElS Olll' ss 4 w ,f.,, mfields, and leavesmds with a feelin of ffitefeiecbm 'lklislii Aq4q Henj as we e IS e1 r. se e j gg is Krew A 1 we sackno WMS? UU b0fh"1e and 21 Warm ffienflisajis 'W' ":' Ig 721- l-'-f -. ' f- f9HM'i1'-M?M'12'. xi: i?",f""2 JNLSYEP' " ' fl -ff' "V' "v" fe-'Hi--'f'32:f!9f4f'95.n,g.LL ff 4 i-P75951 li? H2115 'x1J" V -1--f-A '- , g ,V 122- "" H .1Y.-ffliileil: 1' J If ':'fr'5f'f 3 .53 U'-f Y' s' , f s 17 .- - s W T sq ,.f., .-L, ,.,. s ,. .. ..V: L1.1 V T, ff .V , .. -,II ig. f e the ,A years at the school he has t aughjbiiff0g5i7 Qghemistry, physics, calculusssolid geometry, s.4i S e' Q1andHe-analxytieegeqgiggljy. At A he is teaching '5 -A 'gif' .' 51 I 1,5 H Ai Chairman of the schoo1's is e n e e .s A e,.s M A I - -. ' '-. - - l" ' Q , se 1 ss is s ' s ati? ,s s eg es s Afmyfivartg 4 e e 'In additianigagfmtgaching 1 --ee l 1 American School, Kganegf hQ1c1s5i3ie1e13ggr Of sUDiVHfSitY- ee Si eess iffy ' fp 'see J sses Q A LH Principal's Message You have been an eminent class - free in your thoughts and imaginative in detail - and in the custom of parting between good friends, a flood of thoughts comes to mind from which l inadequately generalize. The graduation of any senior class is bittersweet for us all. Your leadership has been a steady guide we shall be loathe to lose, yet, your collective promise is a medal which we, knowing you, feel is brightly burnished. You have shown us adult perceptions of the world about you. Still, you are pliably young and enthusiastic to the touch of ideas. This is the gold within you. Move now, and treasure each step, toward Tennyson's "arch of experience" - "where through gleams that untravelled world whose margin fades forever and forever as l move." Scribner Jelliffe Headmaster's Message To the Class ot I96O:f How ccin one do it? Every year someone comes along and asks me to sit down and write a message to the graduating class: to say a tormal farewell, that the members can look back on when they, or their children, pick up a dusty copy ot the Kawayan in the years ahead. How can one do it: say goodbye to a class? A class is nothing but a collection - a collection most wonderful and precious - but a collection iust the same. I can't. I can say good- bye to individuals, and that I shall do, when and as I must. And you will stay with me as memories over the years, to be opened and turned over and regarded, with such sentiment as your memory may bring, whenever someone says, "I wonder whatever happened to old so-and-so?" One way or another, you and your careers here will remain as part ot me, iust as you will have us with you. So, I shall not write a formal tarewell, nor give you a 'message', but shall simply say, "Mabuhay", which covers it all. Robert M. Sandoe MRS. RUTH H. GEOFFEY Art MISS BELINDA SEQUERA VILLACORTA MR. MARK HOWARD NESTLE Biology Mathematics :ggi SRTA. MARIA LUSIA MARTINEZ MRS. ANN R. FENN Chairman, Spanish Department History ,fi , .Wav - , ,,.. 9 W , N 4 f- mfffiffiifew Wars :MF-X -fm mf igggeifrlfm - emu. ,Wm P 1 ,V ifrglfg 1 'ij'1-iMWlbKfi?':215357275"fT5?Af H K ' 1 .z , L gm V., ,, gym f .SW N. z wi .1 ,,,,. ff .:.s-,w.,. .,Q,:,fw:,a,g: newf,4..wM,K,,,, M: M H ,mx my xf.. -W.-.,-y. f..,VQ,,1..,4g,,..,,,., .Q + w ' Wg., ,,w:f.,.,?,fV,.,QW,,JV 'G I I 2.,f,Wf- 1 ,fn L,-, af:-my aff ,.f. 1, , .,.,,,, .,..,,,., ,.,., ,,,,,.-V,. HJ , f. M ,,. Mi?fff'ff5i'7?'55.f!fffI1sf3ffvfe.yfx-',..:-f.- 1few,:,.f,wm,:v,.,:f:aff .,,V,.,-,.,.f:-, ijwi' Zim WHL5fl?ff'l2,5fQ!f"'I' 9'-,-'fbyfgziffiv bizfjiiffgf, ':Ksygffpji?fzijjiiliififfiggffn. f - 1 MR. WILLIAM WHITAKEN ALLISON Chairman, History Department i 2 Y 3 I -. 1 . X, MRS. RUTH HARRINGTGN MRS. ELIZABETH EMILY BLUNIER English French '? Awww 4 y t W... uw. wif' "A H MRS. ESTER FLORES MRS. DORIS E. HOURIHAN History English , , 5 MRS. MARGARET WOODRICH Speech MR. WALTER A. KRANE MRS. CAROLINA DEL MAR BRENNAN Chemistry Mathematics MISS ELLEN LIND MR. WILLIAM POWERS English Economics iz...,,L ... iz, I... an ' -'f'x v -Q' 'im wmv.. .., W'-"ssagUmf4iwuev,, mm- Q, ,iw9'f.KS5321r1tigggjQg55qp,.. W. , H-,4fsaawsafe1us..s.f E., ' " -f1,:,swf1.Q f..f..q.5,Q..q,i , A 5 P r F I ? c 3 i f a : 5 L 2 5 4 E I .w Q 5 5 7 5 Z i 5 s I 3 4' :- 4 ' 1 Q 5 r I ? ? P 1 n i I fm ,,,,,, .ww-y.-f.W,fwf .,f. l.Wq,3,,ff.,.E 5 as : e m4,fWwas-:M-,sgF,,,4Q1,.,Anew.wh , yxf, Qfw gzgqz1ai-:ray-:wg,+P1f5,1L5s:mai-igigagmffmf -f 2 gs? 5 J w. Q- .,,,5,,f1-ws' v,,,, ,,,f,,...,.. ,aa-Qf?55rv,.wW w- mm New ,A M. ,f-5. W, M 1 ' 5- fm-1,1-1....MM-mf., M... Q -X ,1:-1f fvffl .,,,fJ,, 4 f , - ' ,,,. f . X f Q . is 3 4 3 1 ? 1 J f 2 2 .Q . Q 5 E I 1 2 Lg 5 3 v- 1 I ! i I E , . 2 i 'Q 4 1 is Q 3 S 4 5 7 11 1 if f ? 8 E1 v, H 5' 1 V 1 I E MR. ANTONIO BARRIOS DA SILVA Mathematics, Physics 5 SRTA. JOSEFINA MANOSA ZIALCITA Spanish MR. LUDWIG ARMERDING Government Z MRS. HERTHA GOTTSCHEER KESSLER MRS, COLETTE MADDOX German French MR ANGEL DE LEON Dzrector of Athletzcs MISS HERMINIA V BARCENAS Athletzcs MR RENE TALITI AMABUYOK Athletics 'Wi MISS LINA G NEPOMUCENO Athletzcs MR RAMON AVECILLA TABLANTE Athletics ,' 4 .i h N ' ' mg. A' S1 jst 1 ' W gf f vS.Q'?i 'V ' Pi Y 1 A I . , fi Us -' A -A K In r R . . 'j . wg". ' xt Ad mlnlsirclhon PAT TRINIDAD Clerk Typist CONCEPCION CHAVEZ Clerk Typist EUSEBIA A NAZARRO School Nurse MARIETTA ONTENGCO Secretary JUAN DALURO Assistant Accountant MRS. IRMA LACEY STREET Upper School Counselor COLONEL ESTANISLAO M. BALTAZAR Business Manager MR MRS. MARGARET B. PARRISH Cashier MRS. HILDA R. FRIMAN Librarian MRS DOLORES B EVANGELISTA Registrar GRETCHEN GONZALEZ Receptionist ,KX MQ N K A 1 M 1 -K 0 gfbq. Q W ,r af S E N I 0 R S I Senior class officers Mary Eleonore Dendy, Eckard Bull and Edvvina Litwin discuss Skip Day plans. Senior Class History ' At last the class of 1960 is leaving the American school! The Juniors who could hardly wait for this day to arrive will be glad to take over as the high and mighty Seniors of next year. Undoubtedly some teachers will breathe a sigh of relief when we have finally left, and the school will certainly be a lot quieter after we are gone. However, in looking back, the Senior Class of 1960 can point with pride to a long list of achievements since it first burst into the high school four years ago. All through our high school years we have been a unique class, often unruly and almost unmanageable, but always forging ahead with new plans and ideas. This year, as seniors, we dominated virtually every sphere of activity in the school. All the committee chairmanships were held by Seniors. Most of the Bamboo Telegraph editors were Seniors and a consistently good paper was turned out all year under the leadership of Gretchen Schulz. The Seniors also revived the Drama Club, and this organization headed by Anne Daniel, made several major contributions to the school's theatrical life. What we are especially proud of, though is that long list of Seniors on the Honor Roll every grading period. Although our class failed to dominate school sports nevertheless we were well represented. We had several outstanding individual stars in both boys' and girls, sports. Even in one of the most humiliating chapters of our class history this year, the boys' basketball intramurals, our boys managed to take third place. Naturally the Kawayan took up most of our time in the latter part of the school year and under the management of "Edwina Litwin and the girls" a truly well-planned yearbook was published, into which many new ideas were in- corporated. Not only was this year's Kawayan outstanding in craftsmanship, but our "Midas touch" made it a financial success. The class also sponsored the Kawayan Formal at Christmas time. Early this year the Class of '60 had its Skip Day. Always wanting to do things in a big way we had our selves a beach trip to the white sands of Dagupan. It may have added a gray hair or two on someone's head, but it was great fun! In all the various class activities during the school year, our class officers: Eckard Bull, President, Edwina Litwin, Vice President-Treasurer, Valerie Larsen, Secretary, Bill Dunkum, Student Council Representative, and Nancy Howe, Alternate Council Representative. In the second semester Mary Eleonore Dendy was elected Secretary to replace Valerie Larsen who became the American School's first girl president. The class officers worked closely together with the class to make our final year at school a successful one. It is our sincere hope that the classes which follow us enjoy and get as much out of studying at the American School as we have. THE CLASS OF 1960 -M, ,q,, MARTHA ANDERSON Marty .... "Would the Secretary pleasen. , . . solid class ..,. "No, I didn't get that one, sir" ..... our bespectacled blonde .... "Oh! Um!" .... blushing .. . ."I don't think we should. . ." Purdue.. .. Z T X H07- AIR, INC-xx Election Committee Awards Committee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH, Feature Page Editor KA WA YAN A.S.S.B.A. Secretary Assembly Committee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH, News Editor KA WA YA N, Circulation Editor Chess Club Scholia, Sergeant-at-Arms, 2nd Semester Student Court, Associate Judge President, Senior Class Intramurals I if J will X zffgzggqe N f wfuvr Tum- AK ECKARD BULL "Just because Poland has no trains" .... A's in English and Economics .... "Jawohl" .... U class meetings .... brownie points .... scales of Justice . . . .sauerkraut for physics parties .... puns on his name .... U.P. . . . ANNE CARN ES Anme Qulet strawberry blonde yellow dresses San Lorenzo Southern slsters Polo Club always srruhng Charity Commlttee 5 KA WA YAN Co edltor Clrculatlon Track Team '75 1 Basketball Team Q6 Boys Volleyball Team 15 'Q Intramurals M Student Court, Presldlng Judge Varsity Soccer, Co captaln MAN! NWN! 'oqgcco The Soon' IUIII Ruse AGAIN I KEITH CLAXTON Clax Me Dudley and G11 balut Nancy long and lanky Guermcas ock that grm shuffle Your Honor Annapohs JUSMACQ .. javelin .... swimmer .... the ffifel 1 .... ' .... .... ' ' ' I ' ' . . . N ff, x J ' Q5 Y, I . V , X 27- a wx OL , cn ' PATRICIA ANN DANIEL Drama Club, Presldent Assembly Commlttee Dance Committee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH Scholla J un1or Play It s a great hfe problems Bluegrass gal Juruor play You know what I mean? Ma ntova n1 Seafront Ateneo Agnes Scott ei be 153-'Fx Drama Club Receptlon Committee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN Art Editor Scholla Charlty Commlttee Intramurals If KA WA YAN ACtlVltl6S Edltor ow AHB 'JUST Love T0 JAMES DANISCH ub'7 bongos potentlal Plccasso Pret ty generally shot C C C Have couch w1l1 travel Tlajuana Marcla Enghs Workshop Seoul Amherst . . I nay: l 1 gf, 1 QK1 1 ' a tx, u I ! , "Not on your life fshort as it isJ" ..... "Are you in 1 ." .... .... ' ' ,,,, " . " .... ' ' .... ' .... ' h . PW ' I , ! I , SM ff ,f X-S , , D '-'gf X ff' ll 1 XM , ' GLX M ' li LEE A. DEL-PAN Photograph Editor Chess Club Safety Patrol, Corporal Intramurals Soccer The crewcut .... Dagmar .... photo fiend .... Army Navy Club .... Jungle Bar .... wild shirts . . . .three musketeers. . .. U.P. . . . 53 . 2 QL fill? ik JE? ....'s:c:! KA WA YAN, Faculty Page Editor BAMBOO TELEGRAPH, KA WA YAN, Photography :jam "H aff. .... levfo ANNETTE DAVIS Bunny. . . . baubles, bangles and beads .... Sangley ....scarves. . .. Bill.. .. O. Club. . .. Florida. . .. pet peuve: California .... U.P. MARY ELEANOR DENDY Bug Sweet Southern Belle hates wastmg tune You can do better than that' c as slcal 1nus1c Bagulo the agomes of second perlod Southwestern Chalrman of Kawayan Formal Drama Club Electron Commlttee, Chalrman Student Council, Senior Representative SCh0ll3 Glrls Volleyball Team Drama Club Charlty Commlttee, Chalrman Macssfw BAMBOO TELEGRAPH 5-'Wfvwv KA WA YAN 3 T119 WILLIAM DUNKUM B1 The shrrt and t1e cap1tal pumshment Space lawyer the A S Perry Mason negatwe space I don t agree wlth that lr' Washmgton the III St John s MARCIA FLORIO Flop peanuts Two cents Waltlng for change Drama Club foot mjurxes rough seas and departmg planes lm Have couch wlll travel C C C Denver telephone Mlddlebury .Z Jr 1 Emggyegm? page. Drama Club, Secretary N E 0 Assembly Commlttee KA WA YAN , M Rhythmlcs Charlty Commlttee Publlclty Commlttee mkh that-G"1 MARSHA FRAME Nana Lou the Ked s Kld Charley Suzy Neverbm UD JUSMAG Bermudas No' No' I m the older one' blond streak o . 0 -. ' - 0 ,4 C --k '-, + l f Q - s w- X U , ,, 5 ,L X Y ln p ' A 3 ll! N . - x 4 - u f . . e 1-1, r --1 'X ,king W-if ffl- 1 , TT n ,L -, 1: K V' 41 . Y . I , JR ,Loyg A K , , N ,, . . ,, . . . . J. U ' Ii , . .1 , U ' :- -- "Eff- ' ' -.-'-'1W.1wf-' ' '-.-t.m.':-1' . . . m . ,f. , , A -v.'.'.1'.-g- :ai ,g.g.35'Rcf-' 7 , , A BARBARA FRIEDMAN " What's new?" ..,. spelling .... shorthand .... Italy .... Marvin .... Stateside shoes .... "Parlez- vous?" .... Secretarial school .... Drama Club Charity Committee, Co-Chairman Chess Club Scholia Intramurals Soccer 4-4'-P "'-r-rf ,,, KA WA YA N, Advertisements fi GUILLERMO DE GARRIZ "Whooo's to stay, and whoo's to go?" .... stock's whiz .... "The TRUE aristocracy" .... Basques .. . .Spanish wines, , .. C.C.C. ... "Adopt me!" .. . .Qto Mrs. HJ "Are you a refugee?', ., . .Math genius .... U.P. . . , . 'DLURIBU5 ME Drama Club Dance Committee Awards Committee Grades Editor and Business Manager KA WA YAN , A S Student Council Scholia t i o Girls' Volleyball Team Intramurals Student Council, Prosecuting Attorney Junior Play CANDACE GIBBS Geebs! .... cute and on the ball .... Hazel .... ac- complished equestrienne. . . "How about soup? I love soup!" .... John .... Kingston Trio .... a "lit- tle" place in Mandaluyong .... Sadie Hawkins Dance .... Shelley Berman accent .... Baguio .... "Lierce" .... Stanford, where else?. . . . 6X rf vVl 9--' ' 6 e, - ' VJ J 56 Chess Club 740 4 , , ' . Intramurals ' .-00 eral' 09" Canteen Committee, Chairman BAMBOO TELEGRAPH, i' S l l' 5 AL'- RIG'-nj NOW"' MICHAEL HARRINGTON Mike .... curly locks .... solid class .... rocket fuel .... "Buenas dias, Se1iorita" .... . ,www- CHARLES HARRISON Chuck That remlnd me of a Joke' Blues You mean we aren t havlng that ad on the sports page? Enghsh Workshop the carabao wallow Umverslty of Rlchmond Varsity Softball Lleutenant Safety Patrol Assembly Commlttee Vlce Chalrman Chess Club J umor Play Drama Club BAMBOO TELEGRAPH ORDER Sports Edltor F lb' BURSTED KA WA YAN Co sports Edltor Intramurals Athletlc Commlttee Canteen Commlttee Vlce Chalrman BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN Sports Co editor Student Councu C Alternate Representatlve Cheerleadlng Co captaln Glrls Track Team Glrls Volleyball ,f Team Co captaln f Glrls Softball Team Intramurals Rhythmlcs NANCY HOWE Gxggles frve feet plus sports champ Kerth Umoh' Jl I l usloy prmts C C C d1pS 1n Manlla Bay Chatelame Cornell K ,wt : w i ' - -, 9 . .- 9 ' ,,,fz' I 3 - HW' " ' s ' ." .... B.T. .... ' . . . . "If you care to challenge me, come to the game!" 7 ', .... " 1 .H .... Hlll t".' up .... '1 - ' .... ' ' ' ....La 3 W . Q , - . XX xx .., V :' X' x . . O 2 ' e . , NN l V A O h KN ' ' ' Q - . i g f 0 Q ' ' A C 7 4 B. B C, ,. ' 4, Inf B-.udfey at Athletic Committee, Chairman Canteen Committee KA WA YAN, Layout E Student Council Scholia, 1st Semester, Secretary Scholia, 2nd Semester, Vice-President Cheerleading, Captain Girls' Track Team Girls' Volleyball Team Girls' Softball Team Intramurals SUSAN JONES Always on the go .... volleyball smashes .... flying feet .... gold bracelets .... public speaking .... C.C C. . "Wotta i "' . . 'AC' 'l - ' . . pg. . . mon girs weve GOT to get together" .... "Where,s Anita?" .... Mexico City . . Drama Club Dance Committee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH 'KA WA YAN Grades Editor and Photography, Co-Editor NH: L Nl05qaN Chess Club, Secretary Junior Play fXIN ditor -5 BER HELEN ELIZABETH KLAR Dark glasses .... beautiful nails .... Junior Play . . . .Dagupan . . . .never without a boy. . . . actress ....U.P. VALERIE LARSEN Madame Presldent Jack1e that ladyhke manner C C C gmgerbread Welfarevllle drlver s hcense dlSllk6S people who take 15 mmutes to say 5 mlnutes worth Swltzerland 14 X, f f,26 Jwtnfi IS Golden... ' Z? 251 ' , f .1 J! XX? Assembly Commlttee Charity Commlttee Awards Commlttee BAMBOO TLLEGRAPH Advertlslng Manager KA WA YAN Advertlslng Manager A b S B A President Scholla QITC ' Fkcnu CREAM Abs -p2Q0P JESSIE LIM J 6SS16 sweet and shy glasses petlte long fmgernalls .... Hong Kong. JACQUELINE LISSNER KA WA YA N Intramurals J ackle Volcanoes anyone' French twlsts questlons freckles pr1vate apartment movles chocolate sundaes What' me d1et'7' Europe XO " x W -. -JT' ul. 5VE'V.Tk A DUMBKQPF' Dance Commlttee, Chalrman Canteen Committee Awards Commlttee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN Edltor ln Chlef Student Councll Scholla Cheerleadlng Intramurals Student Councll Senlor Class, Vlce Presldent 8a Treasurer , EDWINA LITWIN Edle Wnter s cramp D1 Mark s The Kawayan IS NOT gomg to be a flop' orgamza tlon pet peeve" Swedes" Well now I don t know' C C C the San Lorenzo mob I don t eat gleek Swarthmore hope u A f iff. ' ' ' ' ' f A J . '. ' . fb ' ' 9 ' . x' A ' ' H - ,, , A "' E 'lf - il- ', " LQ' Prosecuting Attorney - 0 - . ' bf! L S Ei Drama Club - . Assembly Commlttee, Chalrman Athletlc Committee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN Layout Editor Scholla President 2nd Semester Cheerleadlng Glrls Vollevball Team Glrls boftball Team A MY Somows LINDA MCJENNETT Personahty wallowmg Kmgston Tr1o Intramurals What am I do1ng'7 brothers McJennett restaurant for hungry males Let s go let s fxght' sa1l1ng and beach trlps C C C Have couch w1ll travel gee tar the per petual Pepsodent grln Wellesley X , Drama Club Election Commlttee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN Buslness Manager Chess Club Basketball Team, Manager Intramurals Soccer EDGAR PRIESTMAN The Technlque Alberd1 s Ambassadors daughters' Haven t taken a note yet I 11 get It done durmg recess Madame Canada IQ Complex calculus class Colleg My father ll get me ln' :..::Zi5Q. -A, '-4 E 1Iff':" 'g- -E -2 . A ., -- '+ 4 1 - 'Eli-A r-Q-, 1-.. U, . . . ,, N ' 1 - If? k J . . 9 9 . ' 9 ? . 0 Ee - v 1 AL xx H . . . Z D .... .... . . . . , if -I ' 17 ' ' 'Y l KI Y Y! if 7 ' ' 37 . , .... ...." e? , v ,, . . . I C C . SHARRON PEMBER San Lorenzo Clark str h alg t sklrts qu1et gym RUSSIHD Hlstory PIXIE ll NN 1 I 1.1 Q- 1- -, .-Q, .-X. m -fx, W1-I-.E+ "-Jr ,X of L 4-X 'K xlf-S ul' Q 'HIL mermaid sul' lhmkhml WVR NLE BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN lm" V lhs-hard 'W' DIANE RFED Sangley Jester older men happens m the best of fam111es mormng swlms O Club Wlll you speak a httle louder please' Callforma - V l ? 'y if s'.1 - '--i L' l - A' A 2 X- A if Q, , Q 1 fl , ' 'Q MELINDA SCHULTZ Omar The Amer1can cxgarette of exceptxonal quallty Lou1s1to debutante all tlus and eff1c1ency too? tres ch1c llnqulst reahstlc Mllls probably WZ XQM J Wand! Drama Club KA WA YAN Photography Editor Intramurals H lavlgrro' ALLEN STALEY BI'1t1Sh6l'9 sunglasses three musketeers mdxvlduahst manpower turns h1s Volkswagen Marryln Sam low walsted beard Q i353U.p.e.'.'fm "" H ' 7' VV K ., GRETCHEN SCHULZ Schulzle Grech prmtshop pallor we got home at 2 00 A M tlus mornmg' I just don t know what I m golng to do' bananas for lunch Hllda lugh beam Wellesley IFIGHTEFH IT NOT A Drama Club Dance Commlttee Canteen Committee Awards Commlttee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH Edltor ln Chlef KA WA YAN Layout Editor Scholla 1st Semester Vlce Presldent Scholla 2nd Semester Secretary N 37' E,g Intramurals ' 41. fel ' I , I . I . , I . . . i ,Q , C ff. ' 9 1 . . if - . i z A 9 9 E Q ,eff V A I ck F1 - . . ' ' ...."No, , - - n u - v y - rs KI ' Y? ' ' ' 9 u - rs H .... I . . . . . . . U , . . . l K , K , - , , Rhythmlcs J umor Play Drama Club Athletlc Commlttee Awards Commlttee Student Councll Boys Volleyball Team Boys' Softball Team Intramurals WILLIAM STOVALL Wxlhe DON T FIGHT IT' Zeke Have couch w1ll travel Degenerate Swede salllng bongos dlSl1keS hypocrltes psychologlst C C C that mean volleyball serve accordlng to Hegel and Freud Florlda SHARON STEWART Purple lipstick .... "I don't know where your Kawayan pictures are!" .... Sangley .... "Look what the launch did to my hair!" .... biology .... "I wish I lived in Manila!" .... Chicago ..,. , . f 5' XOR 4:-D -Fl' Ay Ura She KA WA YAN KA WA YAN, Photographer Chess Club Scholia Safety Patrol Intramurals Soccer f 'X Af-4-, X 1 I ' W fn- Q: Ng Q D0 Yau HAVE Tug, Nor-1cwoRK WR. LL...,.1 DEWEY V. YAP Economist .... oldtimer .... Kodak .... quiet and B dia mansion studious .... breakfast party .... uen . . . .Stanford hopeful. . . . 1 sz! Q, uw- 'ZZ fix f 4 + ,514 X 7' 'il ,J R yr. gg, ... it , L.-T.-. in R k. fin 1'- , , 1- sf. -Q -4 I 'af v- ,, ,M ,,,. 'Pb . g -J 4 . ,Q,., , WW, NA , - ,U nu 'M ' ' . 4 V' Q. all 4 . , 4 w .44g444444144444W14 A . W wxznm, ,,,.- '- 'V f 'TS-I' - - 4 44 U' Awilwgyylvnw 3 ..,, M ' 4 3151? " Q Af..-w - fr N 'Af 4 " y r I P 4 5' i lb .,,.4..,. 4 1 1, -, . 4. ,. WW ,lg L 1 fs 4 .- 1 .5 4414-:44WWWm 4 i 4 4 .I 4 4 1 4 I ,, M U r 3 'X 4 4 I f 4 I I i ! i 3 ! 3 5 1, 4? 4 5 44 Y, 4 4 9 fl Il A ' 4 1. ii 4 l rv' X x 41 5 1. l I U N I R S , , YY, ,7 ,W ,,,,,, , ,,, Class Prex Marie Anderson shows that old snarl as Vice President-Treasurer Donna Masters and Secretary Gene Cepeda look on. Junior Class History The members of the Junior Class have been very active this year. At the beginning of the first semester the following officers were elected: President, Marie Andersong vice-president, Donna Masters, secretary, Gene Cepedag student council representative, Priscilla Litwing and her alternate, Fred Burns. Committees for the school year were chosen, including many Junior members. The athletic program got under way, with many Juniors participating. One of the co-captains and several members of the basketball team were Juniors. The captain of the girls' volleyball team and many members of both the girls' and boys' Volleyball teams were Juniors. We participated in swimming, soccer, track and field, rhythmics, folk-dancing, and other sports activities. Juniors write and work for the Bamboo Tel- egraph, are helping with the Kawayan, and are Honor Roll students. This year the class's money making project was a play entitled "The Cat Has Nine". Both Seniors and Juniors contributed to making it a riotous success. From the money earned a beautiful and elegant prom was planned at the Casino Espanol. We have worked hard and learned more. We look forward to our senior year with anticipation, hoping that it will be as fruitful as this year. 'I MARIE ANDERSON Chairman, Reception Committee Canteen Committee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH, Copy Editor Girls' Volleyball Team Intramurals Junior Class President DUDLEY BABB Jim Danisch flexes up for the task of loading cans bound for Welfareville. NOELLE AYRES Drama Club Athletic Committee Reception Committee KA WA YA N Chess Club Girls' Volleyball Team, Manager Junior Play SYLVIA AYERS Junior Play, Ushering Committee ELLEN BANCROFT BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN Captain, Girls' Class "B" Swimming Team Captain, Girls' Varsity Swimming Team Junior Play, Ushering Committee RICHARD BARTLETT MARY BRINGS Scholia WILMA BRAAT Drama Club GEOFF BROWN Drama Club Girls' Class "B" Publicity Committee Swimming Team Girls' Varsity Swimming Team Junior Play, Publicity NANCY BUERER EUGENE CEPEDA Girls' Varsity Swimming Team A I A Y Dance Committee Scholia Junior Class Secretary FRED BURNS Intramurals Drama Club Vice-Chairman, Reception S Committee Election Committee U Alternate Representative, Student Council Boys' Volleyball Team Intramurals Junior Play Soccer Team, Manager Basketball Scorer CAROL CHERRY GLORIA CHUA Junior Play, Ushering Committee KAYE FISHER GUILLEN CEPEDA ffefjPF10"CC0m1P::tee WARREN GERIG, JR. Athletic Committee Kill gAX,m315 e-et. t BAMBOO TELEGRAPH, Reception Committee Ch CI b ' ver 'Semen S Photographer Boys' Track Team G. is? V Tl b H T KA WA YAN, Photographer Boys' Basketball Team it S, 0 ey a eam Safety Patrol Boys, Softball Team Girls Softball Team Intramurals Intramurals Soccer, Co-Captain Junior Play, Stage Manager CAROLYN FQX RAY DOMINGO Oh, that physics class concentration! BAMBOO TELEGRAPH, Art Dept. Publicity Committee TERRY GAFFNEY Girls' Class "B" Swimming Team Girls' Varsity Swimming Team JOSEPH GORDON Safety Patrol FRANK YOUNG HARTLINE Awards Committee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH A.S.S.B.A., Vice-President and Treasurer Boys' Basketball Team, Captain Boys' Volleyball Team Boys' Softball Team Intramurals, Coach Student Court, Bailiff, Recorder Invitation Committee JAMES HAGEDORN ROBERT HAMM Intramurals TIMOTHY HARRINGTON FRED HAUSCHILD JOHN J. HENDRYX Boys' Volleyball Team IIltI'2lmlll'21lS Soccer 'm-MM ww M' W , . PAUL HOSHALL Track Team Basketball Team n Boys' Volleyball Team Boys' Softball Team Intramurals Soccer Sergeant, Safety Patrol Junior play cast members rehearse for the class production "A Cat Has Nine". Pic- tured from left to right are Fred Burns, Candace Gibbs, Anne Daniel, Jan Wilson, Joe Gordon, Claire Rittenhouse, and Helen Klar. Waiting off-stage for their cues are Gretchen Schulz, Donna Masters, and Chuck Harrison. Those algebra class blues. TERRY KLEEMAN KA WA YAN A Basketball Team Boys' Volleyball Team C Boys' Softball Team A Intramurals Alternate Judge, Student Court ROBERT LIESE Soccer Boys' Volleyball Team Boys' Softball Team LEWrIS Il'li3l'alIllll'3lS JACK LIGON PRISCILLA LITWIN Drama Club Chairman, Poster Committee Art Editor, BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN Captain, Girls' Volleyball Team Girls' Softball Team Intramurals Student Court Associate Judge Student Council Representative Scholia DONNA MASTERS Drama Club Girls' Volleyball Team I as . 1 V1 zf J. - sy:.,L A: . , mf I Q, + I, - , ,vw fwis"': w:Za:m:,, w wf, .V ,,,.1,i:5 I i" 1 .-',-ff zgapi' . "' x, '-,ggg9zyf,.f1z0?1" M33 I W i eg , Q , ' A :Giza iwf. . 1 fxifssx 'gizalg :f1:.a"Q-wiv" ff: 1,1 15352, , . V I u , ff . K 3.5 bw LV 4 V3-5322515 my ze NYE' . H , ati.. as Q' f. . ,- fy we 'fi i w ,, W an -' f z F , 1 , ..,. STEVE MALCHOW Athletic Committee Boys' Volleyball Team Boys' Softball Team Intramurals Soccer TIMOTHY McCLOSKEY KAREL MOSEBROOK Boys' Basketball Team Boys' Softball Team Intramurals EDURNE NEELY SHARON MURRAY Junior Play GORMAN PARRISH Boys' Volleyball Team Intramurals Studying in the study hall, and such JOANN PENNOYER 5 MARION PULVER Reception Committee Junior Play Committee Chairman, Junior-Senior Prom Committee TERRY SPIELMAN 11952 f , f a3w5sail3,5siwa J, CLAIRE RITTENHOUSE Advertisement Manager, B.T. Second Semester Chess Club Intramurals Manager, Girls' Softball Junior Play VICTORIA SCHULTZ Drama Club Assembly Committee Co-Chairman, Dance Committee Circulation Manager, BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN MARY RUTH STRONG Junior Play W ,mi 3 ,- JUDY SCHMIDT JUDY- STEWART LEATA THOMAS Assembly Committee Dance Committee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN Track Team Girls, Class "B" Swimming Team Girls' Volleyball Team Girls' Softball Team Intramurals Softball JANICE WILSON Drama Club Dance Committee Assistant Sports Editor, BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN Intramurals Junior Play I V' , J ' is I ahy , 7 A i f s V . W 'f::Q?.,v -3 I . - f. -f Q, f fl, -:-fe ' 1 ' : M, az I - , .. K H -51,2-W' W W are Q , " , V i-if '11-' ' ii' f I. .,,.- -' ' ' ' ' i 'il 7' 'Q . O - , : 1 JUDY TYE CHARLES WHISLER BAMBOO TELEGRAPH Girls' Class "B" Swimming Team Varsity Girls' Swimming Team Junior Play, Usherettes Committee, Chairman RALPH WILMXER DON WHITE "The strain of end year exams" or, perhaps, "Ah' hate BOOOOOKSH. I P .ff xt. .4 ""lntaM 's 'Q F 51" -Q -Q'- avfffwi ii ,f-159' M' 9 F5 q 1. 1 I H61 iff" ' 1 YS'5:F'74?5 ' ,hw . V17-' .-1?:?',' A 'L -,jvf-fn. ,'mf11,w,: A ff- R ' LXIJ, ' " Is: 7 x .,,. , W1 5 lg? 2 ,ra " iii +V V VV ASM ' 25 LR Aww ww L'aV,effg4:fyiuWW digg -H+ , , .. ,w,m A ' V AghU?Q,ig,3VV ""'5Y ":l""5 "5 -' - - ,' W' --f 1.7: V:V . V K -: 2 ,, if , 3 N, A f ' , . - nz: 4 ' L' ' I gf A F LV?5,,,,,,Q - gf gygwl, 1 V- If V i V fi' 'L JV v I ,,V"V'5'?ffJfh'W"' Q-' -, if? V K" v ' , F -. Q 5 in W "'1M?i . ' V li 2 V' , , Q K , -N k 1 ,.. ,. xl K ,yr li ' V V, f --Jj:!3'y:,,VV ' - Vw W , Elf V Ugg' gg .Viv V 'iw V , V V V , , 4 an ' . .-VV , . - K 1 ' ' 3 Y N 'W V Y Q M ,H U ,W , ..,..-. . W 1 'c , S+ I . a ' ' - -N V 4 ,"3"..l . fd,-glififfsf V. :rf 1-45"-Eff "T 3 H 1 ' W wiwm ' ' ' V V g M, --, , ,f . g,f:p.. ,g,gwf fa, ,S S . A4 W ,, , .. J, , W A ,, w?357,5,-,. V2-in, ,Q , X , ,. 14. I Q AQ ., 1 A 'mV.Q'iw,:.q,fV mp- if 'akin ,Af we ii S J gash , ,Q ,, , V' .thaw -.1 'V 'v , 4 1 ,A Vw-wat V " H 5 f U W -4 VL"'Vw ' Wi fn' V y ' ' wfE,f'W" ,L W 1, y!"f-332+ ,1 :'. " j - V Zifgw .W HL . , -' ' A Ve' 4 n-.i,eV1-F j ' V, -Nami .. ' ' - f W ., :HW in v?,. w,:.fwL N an E gisfsgfv wx ' , ,af J 5'2" , A -1 , 'X' "l I W -1: V- Q -gl A Ai C Mg.: ,l'WwwaQQ15W,!, ,VV, N, im s . P Q QA l , -, 4.167 Z - QM X v j .Y X 1,.,f+rq , V V XV R-1 V A 4 A 14 e gg ,. ,, Wy K .MgnMVrV,.V um ,V .L ,, - , -V ' J , ,4 M' -X ,,'Qg5'y.4Jh'mV1V Mn ,aa ' - X' ,, -- V 1-gf, Q - JV :ffm , .qjmf V' ' V " - f4?W'E'2Q:i: "ey fi f VV' naw' Y ' ' ' nm .I ,hiv .V 1 .MJ - ,fir F ,WM 1 QV V L A' m A ww S - " 4 , .fi Y' ,'.J:1 yr' -WMM? Y -.j'f'1 K X, ,, V ,aff Q I . M, V J, if J .R V , i lv ,L xxx C, 'V , f Vw--uw ,, N -,Q V g. V- . , , 12" , , V W .3 ff ' 1. 1-44-,Q ,, W1 ' 551 ""' X VV bgfpk fa - W 5 f ..q7MqE,:", J' Wm, .f ' ,M 1 . :Vw ' V -1' L-, II V , mu .,, 'ff WRSHV - . 3 ' 1 'w,-' vgzigfiw ,, Q' , . , - , f "GV x Vlffff T- , V ' :Q Yfggx' J" LIN' L' I K ia 3 fi ' M Q ' A Vf rf x , -MV A ' " ' " 'V' ' X " fi "N ', 5 " V' ' ' 1 WN MP0 ,',- Q , 1' WN. V11 ' mi, :3gM'4f53'ig V 1'W'1"s1'mV1VV1f'Gi'2m ' . VF-.ww " ,, IV' -V I 1,WVw4W V WwmMSpVV' K ,nl X ww. . V , N' , A ,,,, ,V : ,, , 'ah VX W ,, :I W, . , L f ws: N3 , WW. ' , , ' .j A V Q "1-mflsf I- wr' if V ,. , R , 4 A fl K k if Q 'ul , fi gi! K :RY ,Q I an 1 I Ag .Q , fii ' ff -A 'TTS-V M .V ' L V- , -' 2 2 ii! V S 0 P H 0 M 0 R E S F Sophomore Class History g June, 1959 brought old familiar Sophomores and new, frightened Sophomores back to the old "ivy covered halls." The year loomed ahead as a busy one with challenges such as geometry and biology ahead, but we fell right back into routine of schoolwork. Our class officers were elected with careful consideration towards their abilities in office. Tim Thompson was elected Sophomore class president, Lee Danish, vice-presidentg and Judy Moss, secretary. Careful consideration was also given to the people which would represent our class to the school student body association. Hence Henry Schwesinger was elected Student Council Representative and Pilar Urra was elected as alternate representative. In August, an unfortunate chain of events proved it necessary for the class to elect a new Council Representative. A meeting was called and Joan Esther was voted into office. The same meeting resulted in the decision to have a cake sale and add some money to our class treasury. On the threat of either a cake or a P5 fine, our sale was a wonderful success. Members of our Sophomore class have participated actively in both intramural and Varsity teams in all the sports offered. Member of the Sophomore class have also proved very helpful in work- ing on various committee of the school. In closing both these few paragraphs and the school yearg we would like to thank our teachers, principals, and headmasters for helping us through a difficult but fun-filled year of high school. ' Secretary Judy Moss and Pres- ident Tim Thompson make plans for filling the position of vice-president vacated by recently departed Lee Danisch. DARANEE APHAKORN ANITA AWAD Canteen Commlt Cheerleadlng Glrls Track Tea Intramurals Rhythmlcs Glrls Track Team Intramurals JUDY BUDD Dance Commlttee BAMBOO TELEGRAPH DAN CALLEJA Glrls Volleyball Team Publlclty Comm ttee Intramurals ROBERT CAMPBELL Track Team Boys' Basketball Team Intramurals Soccer What to do during the last five minutes of biology laboratory LYNN BARNSLEY BARBARA BLACK'WELL ! ' me-12 R .,,. 1.4 , - 55? i f , ,, ff "ff iw: ,V ' :Iii '. F I R ' :ez :,1f..4z'fg-gsm, . .- , .A ,:.- 11 H9 8' fl 2 lb "S, if , My ' ,I ,N L , I, Ay K 4 ,Mm rue! 1 W ,R r 'H I I E 4 R-Jima 3- Q R I., fix.. , ,. - 3 ' Rf 2 I Q, If 'fl a' we v 2 I Wir fa" as-5 rv may A as im V , R, 3 K wi l 6 1 '11 LA' 5 4 BRENDA CARNES BRUCE CHANDLET2 WILLIAM CHUA LOLITA CRUZ LEE DANISCH Boys' Class "B" Swimming Team Safety Patrol Vice-President, Sophomore Class Boys' Volleyball Team Intramurals ,,,. VV ix A .b ,rx 1 I ., ab, ' 2 E ' - ,fi f inil :J f ' , ' fi' 1' ' ,A W A H W , is '45 -f-- Q5 , Xl.. 4 V, g, may A 4 . - I I I 5 -1 . , T R -I -. 1 izwza-1:22-'1 Q 'fx:14sfQ'3a, f 1 1 . 1:'11e'1z-Q w , -:,1 - ' I 'X ' ' .'.. We . 42? -"xf'i2ffl'"f'L'fr4?fw1.w1f.sssw'-fs , , . I ' 13,-.aids v. wisw L 'zwzfnfswfiwsaaaiss 1 f L ,, f 1 1 rg: I I . Y " . . ,WMI Y- Q , ,1- ,, Y' , . .. f , , .,,,,fq,r,f-ag wt., .4 www.. M53,,,.f R+. , , 4 ,,,miT'fem4..,., ., . . ffaefiiti-.-2'-'iiwaftalr ,-1 . af ' 'Y ' fss:2oif:'i1"1x'2'Vepfws'ff"Q"ve14ff an ef, aaggmql 2 - 11.23 I w:z:,.:a, ogg Q . W .1 i f -3 Q-, ' 'Pffx' .aff 1 1w1,,.:1,f.wA M a. , . ." '- Aga J f g: V1 f 11 , , ,I .- f' DOROTHY DRAEGER CAROL DIB Girls' Track Team JOHN DENDY LYNN CHERYL DAVIS Chess Club Girls' Volleyball Team Girisf Softball Team Girls' Softball Team Intramurals Rhythmies DONNA DUNBAR BARBARA FALES ' JOAN ESTHER JAKELYN FRAME Student Council Girls' Track Team Girls' Softball Team Judy Budd brings down her man in the annual Sadie Haw- Intramurals kins' Day race. Rhythmlcs 52 ' f K l'!fQf3 555 ' ' ' V - K f ' ' - ff Q, fi, ' .K - ' ..,. L "' if Qlfgff 1 , ' 5 -' ' ,,., . K 7 5 .IERI LYNN FISHER Dance Committee Athletic Committee Giris' Softball Team Intramurals VALERIE FLORANCE Girls' Class "B" Swimming Team Varsity Girls' "C" Swimming Team LOUIS GOPAL GERRY FOSTER JANICE HAMILTON BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN Junior Play, Advertising Committee aff A in ,..f l ,ma K Wa KAY ELIZABETH LEE HANFORD LOCKWOOD WALTER MURAWSKY NADIA RINDLER Girls' Track Team Safety Patrol Boys' Basketball Team Girls' Softball Team Intramurals PALLAS SCOTT HUGH SLAWSON LYNN SMITH BAMBOO TELEGRAPH Chess Club Glrls' Track Team Rhythmics Intramurals MARX STERNE BAMBOO TELEGRAPH KA WA YAN Intramurals BARBARA TAYLOR TIM THOMPSON Boys' Track Team Boys' Basketball Team Intramurals Boys' Softball Team President, Sophomore Class Safety Patrol TRALLEE TRANFAGLIA PILAR URRA MARY VIGANO PATRICIA WALTERS Rhythmics Track Team Biology class proved to be the bane of many sophomore students grade-wise. The hard class work was worth the many high moments, however, that came out of class discussions and lab periods. ,. , ,1,,M,,:., 2 -nw:-, mf, ,... ,, - Pz::,:.:-Quiz,w3,,L,, I --P12-gggsgsyf,:f: A I Iwzsmflw,3g3W5:3EWM .e,, Q , , . W lui., .. I -gr. .gf I, 3 .P , 2- 1 ' . . .. ,W W"'-- 'Mui' IRL, , , X X, 5 ,.,Q,.,, A ax ,LQ .N , L ,.,,, , f.u91Qi:n:!:w-'yiiiiwa w.,Q.f.,t., , ' A ' ' "' W" . ,L,, W,111li :,, L V , ' I 2 s I mzggsgg f V : 'Zi' -., ii .KN-'xii ua 32' ' 1:15 , my q .:,,....,.... I X X N-iss 5 L 6 , I 1, 1 Z Q .E ' Q L . N wx - J2Mifm,': s 1 Wg: Q " 6,34 :Elisa all 'Lf , W 5 1 SA kv Y M gil- .41 ' fd , v, ga J if fe X M 4, it JPY, ig P an N3 'Y ' J egg ' i s 533 ' I iw X 5 W1 .- ,gl all ' ik aff f M s 1 I ,f ' T' 'H Y' df V 3 4 1 eq Z 2 I if . M, A wi 7 Q 'Y E P f L H. 5126 is A J ' TK , 1 M . 1 2 y 1 1 A f 1: :-1 1' M f asf:-1 : X . 1'-wzfvzfziixw -.1 ,af rlmm!'.AWimt,eWz-iw U gg, gy - w -uiszmzeziliiiazzf'64:-eziii-Q PATRICIA WELLS Girls' Softball Team JAMES WHITTAKER GEOFFREY WORCESTER CORAZON YAP Chess Club 1 'S fm,,,,S,,,,,n ,kkk ,,lw,,, ,, n.,,a 'KA ,MW WW' A f ii - ' ggm-QliyugwLIWQNAFQIQ .:E'?!?!Ekjz313'5aF A ,Z f' Jw? 1 rr SK 4-1 V 2? Miz "1 e fw- 155 f .. . . .. A ,--, X -N, ggi ii fhiiiiiw- ' zggjg' 'I FE?4fi?5li2iH1ETh21.H.s -iKi:1lif,?ie:5f5 ,f -V ew '12-,.,,my142f fi" W'-W' 1 lf-Ziff? 1- ,'f-1',.,f5'- " fr? fix 515.5522225522221weskiisi'12 a T' -vg.. :: .. Eevfzig :fuegrew-w:f:'ma,:2:,:1.ww 2 ' N ' 'E2.:ii'? H-gfzzselw-Q R- JERRY RICHARDSON DAVID SMITH Boys' Softball Team Athletic Committee Safety Patrol Intramurals :Zig .. A 1 A 1 I 1 5 i 1 Y. + QQ rw, K ei ,gig ?:?'f' I A ,, 1, at 'W , , . ML if ww ,A ,vifsgmi fa wi., .-Y . 3. Jian K W - -,,6s,. X x ,?yp1,,Q' x K J am, f 5 v r ' 1 , . . ,MT Q, .1 i 7 ,Wi . wx www W W dia ,4- WV.. , fm -S R, ,im 1 E Q W sgagmmv , '64 ' A.. it .Q wifi S . M 1- ' mf , W Q ' Wgsw- 4 F "' "Q M A K! ' , " af 'Z by . X YQ T n'11'f' Kgww ,, .M - M Ay Vlgaikqr, v . W .Q 'F' ., im , w,5q'fwffHf9h.j1, f 'M' mu , , . W ' 1. W .Q .mu ,yawn W XA .X I L, 'f' ' 'f J ' Jw . ' .Sr f , 1 f J V x +I S ' it , 4515? QV 2 x aa -M - K 'Q X4 M- ' p +A K nw Q f:.Q,?9' -M W f r f um ir 31 ,N A A , V Q W MW ,H W K x pf. fi mx-,V-:'. I V Q Tun, . if wk . ' 21 N , ,V wg' W' 1 A: ,.L. f 1+ . , w..,, lg-Swiw I -Y 4 m miss: Y ' W f P ., Up . + 1- . . . rw, . K. 4 " 'H .M ' 1 :ff , W MP W- Qi, - 1 Q f A U 'MTR Xiu I -f wwf-,N..'fm,.2 , sf, ' W as V Qu, Mig in 2.4 M 1 W' f war ' F R E S H M E N Tim Kendall, Freshman Class Vice Pres ident-Treasurer, and Secretary Christine Hamm look over President Jack Kleemans shoulder at an officers meeting Fresh man Class History It is hard to believe that this year, our exciting first year in high school, is almost over. We will never forget the first day of school this year, our jitters when we took our first big exams in the gym, the fun we had at the high school parties, or any other wonderful part of our freshman year. We began the year by electing class officers. Jack Kleeman became our President, Tim Kendall our Vice President-Treasurerg Christine Hamm our Secretary, Bennie Woodruff our Student Council Representative, and Peter Kaukonen our Alternate Representative. When Peter left for home leave, Nicole Cao was elected our temporary Alternate Representative. During the first month of school we held the traditional Freshman baked sale which was a tremendous success and helped fill the class treasury. In September we had a Freshman class party which helped us all get to know each other better. A As far as activities go, the Freshmen have been very responsive. We are quite proud of the fact that two of our boys, Rick Fox and Jose Camus, are members of the basketball team, and that quite a few Freshmen serve on other teams and various committees. All of the Freshmen have strived to maintain high academic averages. This is proved by the fact that an increasing number of Freshmen have made the Honor Roll, and that at least once or twice we have had more honor students than any other class. Looking back over our Freshman year, we can't help marveling at how swiftly and smoothly it has gone by. We know that this could not have been without the unfailing assistance, guidance, and encouragement of Mr. Sandoe, Mr. Jelliffe, Mrs. Street, all our teachers, and you, our fellow students, and we Wish to thank everyone for helping us smooth out the bumps of our first year in high school. N, v,,,. ,. 1. 19 Li I g A 5 I , E Z, Q, f.. f I ,gt f I I Wil 1 5459: 'l' wg 0.146 X15 I 1 v 'SX lv? If 1 f ' 'A ,.w'1i5., ,.,,.,. ., em kitfg , 1 if Q' 1 ,Wi ff. i L ly 21, 1 f . fi Q, S Inu J Q Ng A, I ff . , f J ug I 6 ,1 SHARON BARTLETT WALTER ABRAHAM TAMMY BAKER CATHERINE BALDWIN we A ik' QM 'Kuff if af" 9 ai as f xv K5rl,n is M, X wiv ,fm Y dv? ke f '1 iw 4 wo 4 ' 'fn , lap 3' nfl-'F " "f"'f?ff -- ff " gagzzmqfagzfezhzi :lf , f.,.,- ...,1,,Mv V , Qnw,Q.Y..:,fffn,m.lQ.wH:A . 1 V535155,1551?:gggg,Ig,gfszasgffzgiiilgfgaseifffls:Kg,pegmQygwgygirsfxfvigzgfgsfztxgzszyw NANCY DALEY "1i.f3-Y7'5-'J :gf ffm J.,.f'f.-'M Iv omni. :asf W -Q .fQ-.ffQ.f1- .,.. , :ff- .IOSE CAMUS Boys' Basketbail Team Intramurals .VH ,. , J .,:, .., .fix f' -511-2 va . .f mgf,,.Sv . I ,, f, M f - arg , ,Lu- L 'I if 71 J gn ' s- L A wh iff 'iw y im fr' I 'w I ,M E52 11? ' :R -dgl feg 5" 'iwszeg .:: I51f., ian ,I . 5 u 1 .5 f MQ? 43? F 2 'z wif Q X Q fx I jf 1 41 M L Q f'f'.w:zf-g,fg1g,g.,g- to-if . ,wg wffilza,w,,1ffAL,,Il,4,eN,,,1fz:1,1,,-L,. .fe-nf ROBERT CONNER JEAN DUCKWORTH DAVID BRISTOW NICOLE CAO Student Council Queen Kaye and King Gordie dance at the Mardi Gras Party after being elected to their royal positions by dear "fTiends". 4 4 DITA CHRISTIE saas 1A,f 4 l Q32 51 astra Elia? lg , EDITH CHUA MARY ESTHER CHESTER FISHER Rhythmics Softball FREDERICK FOX Boys, Basketball Team I .... N .... D .... I .... A .... N S Intramurals r H Boys' Softball Team Soccer ANNE MARI GABERMAN Intramurals PATRICIA GERIG l Intramurals Rhythmics CHRISTINE HAMM Secretary, Freshmen BILLY RAY GEURIN DAVID GORDON Class f A ' A ' ' f ,-w1:.f:wlg 49 + - ' ' I e's' if ,,f2fif'fg5' ' ' C i' Q I J r1,sgx.,, ,!. :gZ' Iginf WILLIAM HANNAFORD ERIC HARRINGTON DOUGLAS HATFIELD KATHLEEN JONES Intramurals Safety Patrol TIM KENDALL A Publicity Committee Indians! Indians! Yes! Yes! YES! 3257? ggggbau Team Intramurals Vice-President, Freshmen Class JOHN KLEEMAN Boys' Volleybail Team Boys' Softball Team Intramurals President, Freshmen Class Boy Scouts Soccer I DIXIE KOPFLER WILLIAM LOCKWOOD Boys' Class "B" Swimming Team Boys' Varsity Swimming Team - Captain Safety Patrol ILONA LIPTON LYNN KRAIGHMAN C' ' C' I ' ' pi 2 ' .- W, . ,n,- ,,!,. .. H ,, , ww f: . - f?7::f7? l,f1V:i3i'EEi-i:22nLi.5?553Ti qi? 1 ROGER LARSEN Dance Committee Intramurals GORDON LESTER Boys' Class "B" Swimming Team Boys' Baseball Team Boys' Varsity Swimming Team MIGUEL MACIAS TOM MILES Boys' Class "B" Swimming Team Intramurals The Frosh were proud of their BRENDA McKINNON basketball whiz, Jose Camus, who consistently scored with uncanny accuracy. PETER MUILENBURG Intramurals Safety Patrol Boys' Class "B" Swimming Team Boys' Varsity Swimming Team KRISTINA SCHULZ KATHRYN McLAUGHLIN CHARLOTTE ROBERTSON Softball CECILE O'BRIEN JIM PARRISH Boys' Volleyball Team Boys' Baseball Team Intramurals ARNOLD SCHWARTZ MARY SHAW ROY ROBERTS Chess Club MICHAEL ROBERTS Intramurals SUSAN SIMKE Intramurals RUTHVEN SMITH The crowd watches closely during a tense moment in the Adamson-A.S. game. GISELA WEGNER DIANE TELESCO Canteen Committee CHARLES WILLIAMSON No picture: TERRY SMITH BENNIE GAYE WOODRUFF .,Student Council Intramurals Student Council Representative Chris and Val Larsen's Beatnik Party in August made the papers and created something of a sensation with its authenticity and atmosphere. Readers of the Manila Chronicle were a bit alarmed at this picture of A.S. teen-agers "sprawled" on pillows, but then again its just little ol' wild us. i W... WM. -1--WML 'K Y ,l.,w:.WN ,,,, I mf w - 1 ta fn 9 5 E W 1 4 Q i Q COUNCIL This year's Student Council proved to be a progressive one. Undertaking the revision of the School Constitu- tion and the Articles of Court, it sought to remove some of the ambiguities of these documents and bring them up to date with our growing school. Under President Charlie Jones the various committees were formed and a sound student government established. Certain rules were passed concerning student conduct at school parties and restrictions were placed upon guests from outside the school. The vote was taken away from the seventh and eight grade representatives since it was felt their unfamiliarity with high school matters hindered them in making sound decisions concerning council business. Senior class members were given the right to vote in A.S.S.B.A. elections and the sixth grade's franchise was removed. The latter action was taken when members of the council decided the sixth grade formed a formidable and uninformed block in the electorate and was unprepared to vote independently. During the second semester, Valerie Larsen's pres- idency saw a movement afoot to secure more well- defined administrative policy towards student activities. Though the repercussions from this action will probably be felt in the months to come, the council believed they were justified in doing as they did. Sophomore Representative Pilar Urra doesn't seem the least bit alarmed by Senior Representative Bill Dunkum's ravings as the rest of the council looks on in mild amuse- ment. THD Secretary Martha Anderson, President Valerie Larsen and Vice-President Hank Hartline look over some notes before a council session. X E117 Prosecuting Attorneys Gibbs and Litwin listen intently to the defense attorney's cross-examination of a witness. COURT In the Student Court's second year of operation, it ren- dered decisions which will become guides for the future. Though it has operated successfully, it cannot yet be regarded as a fully effective part of student government. Revisions of the A.S.S.B.A. Constitution initiated this year wili enable the Court to become a more integral part of the A. S. government in future years. Keith Claxton presided over all Court proceedings. Priscilla Litwin and Eckard Bull were Associate Judges, and Terry Kleeman served as Alternate. They dealt speedily and efficiently with infractions of the Student Code of Behavior, which was put into effect last year. Sober-faced Student Court Justices offer grim prospects to errant students. From left to right are Bailiff Hank Hartline, Judge Eckard Bull, Chief Justice Keith Claxton, Judge Priscilla Litwin and Alternate Terry Kleeman. ,,. ., f l2 N. ,. ,.L.,, . J' , ,,.. .. A, ,,, b' " :'1 in ,-1,kV if . - H Members of the Kawayan enjoy a good laugh when the editor-in-chief A 10 r l ti announces the January twenty-ninth deadline for all material. Amid somber predictions such as "the Kawayan's go- ing to be a big flop", this year's staff worked tirelessly to present what they hoped would be the best yearbook ever. The work was divided among the 'various editors who were: Edwina Litwin, Editor-in-Chiefg Chuck Har- rison and Nancy Howe, Sportsg Melinda Schultz, Photo- graphyg Valerie Larsen, Advertisingg Ann Daniel, Activ- itiesg Helen Klar, Gradesg Keith Claxton and Echard Bull, Circulation. Lay-out editors Linda McJennett, Gretchen Schulz, Susan Jones, and Candace Gibbs decided to put emphasis on originality and variety in their page lay-outs. A mong the new features this year are senior "Coats-of-Arms", candid activity shots, and three-quarter introductory spreads. Many different type sizes were used to increase page interest and eye appeal. It was decided to include coior plates of typical Philippine scenes, too, since many students are in the Islands only temporarily and would appreciate these mementos in future years. The able assistence of Mrs. Street and Mr. Rojas at printshop added to this year's hoped-for-success. Advertising staff members include Vicky Schultz, Managerg Valerie Larsen, Claire Rittenhouse and Noelle Ayers. Not pictured are Leata Thomas and Kaye Fisher. Sharon Stewart, Jackie Liss- ner, Jan Hamilton and Photo- graphy co-editors Helen Klar and Melinda Schultz look over possible pictures for this year's Kawayan. During the past year Scholia, the American Schooi Honor Society, brought its constitution up to date. The requirements for admission to the society were adjusted to the new grading system and more specifically enumerated in the constitution. A disciplinary clause was inserted, and a formal, candle-lit induction cere- mony was inaugurated. Plans for a "Scholia Week" next year to inform the student body of Scholia's aims and ideals were discussed. Officers for the first semester were: Bill Dunkum, presidentg Gretchen Schulz, vice-president, Susan Jones, secretaryg Priscilla Litwin, sergeant-at-arms. For the second semester Linda McJennett was elected president, Gretchen and Susan "exchanged" offices, and Eckard Bull took over as sergeant-at-arms. CMembers at the end of the third quarter: Gamy Garriz, Nancy Buerer, Mary Brings, Candace Gibbs, Valerie Larsen, Dewey Yap, Edwina Litwin and the aboveb. MMS The officers are lnaugurated during the second semester induction ceremony plfpflx an The Sergeant-at Arms SUPGTVISSS the signing of the Roll of Honor by Mary Brings while the President looks on The members drink the traditional toast to the inductees. I W VOL. XIII, NO. 12 MANILA, PHILIPPINES, This year's Bamboo Teiegraph followed much the same format as in previous years. Many felt that the bi-monthly publication improved. Student contributions, though sometimes reluctantly given, were always of high quality. The "bigger and better" issues, coupled with the rise in standards were good reason for the ten centavo rise in price which the staff agreed upon at mid- year. Financial matters ran smoothly with the help of Mrs. Street, faculty advisor. Gretchen Schultz was Editor-in-Chief, and Martha Anderson filled the position of Feature Editor. Chief feature writer was Checking page lay-outs and proof reading are only part of the hectic activity at printshop. Here Gretchen looks over a page planned for the feature section. Part of the time - consuming job includes actually setting-up the page and working with the often hot lead from lyno-type machines. Blistered fingers and frazzled nerves all go with the difficult task of fitting the type in its proper space on the metal tray. l I - Men land girls? behind the scenes include photo- A c ,. graphers, Warren Gerig and Lee Del Pan, and ,,:i lvlv A artist Priscilla Litwin. The boys were often forced f 'iit to make break-neck trips to print-shop in order to . gf , ,l meet the B.T.'s dead line for picture cuts. Pris's fl iii - E 1 , il cartoons capped the courageous and well-expressed Q 5 gr 5 Er 2 editorials of this year's paper. ,1..l..l-..i-L-- I' N IDAY JANUAR? 15, 1960 TWENTY CENTAVOS Edwina Litwin. Candace Gibbs, who also served as Business Manager, took over the Grades Page for the second year. Chuck Harrison and Jan Wiison combined their efforts on the Sports Page. Eckard Bull was News Editor, and Marie Anderson held the job of Copy Editor. Ray Domingo and Priscilla Litwin worked in the Art Depart- ment, and Warren Gerig, Lee del Pan, and Charlie Jones were photographers. Valerie Larsen, assisted by Claire Rittenhouse, secured the ads, and Vicky Schultz took care of circulation. Chuck Harrison was often delegated to go get cokes for the thirsty workers At this point Marty Anderson looks like she needs a good shot of something Meeting the seven-thirty p.m. dead- line was rough on all concerned par- ticularly when articles were turned in late or had to be written down at printshop. Working under the eerie lighting of flourescent lights, those with printer's ink in their blood Qand on their clothes, under their nails, on their facesj often worked until the wee hours in order to have the paper out on time the next morning. The ad- ministration drew the line, however, about mid-year and the staff was told to have the paper "in bed" by seven- thirty. With out the tireless work of Val Larsen and Claire Rittenhouse the Bamboo Telegraph could have never been published. Ads, the mainstay of every periodical, demanded much of their time and they literally ran up town and down town getting them. To Candace Gibbs and Mrs. Street was left the problem of caring for the business of the news- paper and generally making ends meet. Not pic- tured is Vickie Schultz who was in-charge of circula- tion. The Dance Committee works on Valentine's decorations. Dance Committee members include Chairman Edwina Litwin, Co-chairman Holly Bernhart ffirst semesterj, Vicky Shultz QCO-chairman, second semesterl, Candace Gibbs, Helen Klar, Jeri Fisher, Anne Daniel, Gretchen Schuh Gene Cepeda, and Roger Larsen. U0 The Dance Committee favored the international in the selection of themes for the monthly school parties. Following the first dance entitled "Sock Hop", there came the Shangri-la Semi-formal which was decorated along a Japanese motif and where kimonoed girls served the many guests. Then there was Hernando's Hideaway, a definitely Spanish affair complete with Spanish cabaret decorations, floor show, and Latin combo. In November the traditional Dog Patch Week was culminated by the Sadie Hawkin's dance and race. Highlight of the last night was the raffling of Miss Susie Neverbin's "first kiss". Tim Thompson was the lucky boy to win a kiss from Marsha Frame. Invested with the position of "Marrying Sam" was Allen Staley who hitched up the many eager couples. For February, it was decided to have a Mardi Gras Dance rather than the traditional Valentines and in March, begora, it was Saint Patty's Day all the way. Tllaboratei decorations, hard work, and lots of food have distinguished most of the committee's well-rewarded efforts. it ei Charity Committee The Charity Committee set high goals this year which were realized through the response of the entire student body. With Vaierie Larsen as chairman, the committee began with the Thanks- giving Canned Food Drive for Welfareville. The drive, held in the third week of November, surpassed all previous records with a total of 2,500 cans of milk, vegetables, fruits, and meat. On the following Monday sixteen representatives of the student body went to Welfare- ville to present the food to the children at the orphanage. In December when Valerie was elected president of the,A.S.S.B.A., K vice-chairman Mary Eieanor Dendy took over as chairman and Gamy Garriz served as vice-chairman. During the January drive funds were raised for the various charitable organizations which approach the school for contributions. Members: Marsha Frame, Gretchen Schulz, Keith, Claxton, and Gamy Garriz. Chairman Mary Eleanor Dendy and Vice-Chairman Gamy Garriz. By the expression on his face, you would think that Bill Stovall was lifting all of the cans collected! Valerie and her committee count the cans of food for Welfareville. Manpower substitutes for horsepower - Welfareville or Bust! , ,.g.,gS.i.s :iw .fi fa Sgr 2.15 ,, fgi??g,.g,,gs2.g'f5S'l . - '-1 ,.- g 2 W ,, ge' Q K :W 4 -KA ,',- fi N si if .s - - . Xb.' Speakers on various careers await their turn during a January assembly. This year the Assembly Committee was more active than ever. Under chairman Linda McJennett, a variety of programs were arranged. Dr. Zipper gave a concert early in the year. There were several rousing pep rallies which further boosted the improved school spirit. The U.S.I.S. Film Library loaned us two documentary films on the Philip- pines. The Drama Club presented a witty, sophisticated play. The year was not without its disappointments ftake the elusive Ateneo Glee Club, for examplelj, but on the whole the committee worked hard to present interesting and entertaining programs which would be positive, not empty, points in the students' day. Members: Chuck Har- rison, vice-chairmang Leata Thomasg Ann Daniel, Echard Bullg Marcia Floriog and Vicky Schultz. WM :ww-...ef':1'+f:. wf" we .asvwf,,s.-nealfwfaare . f ' ff: 'wevefigs'f1se,v:g2f1sq4.er2rgffmszsfaeai.w'Q,calf ffi'f'??S3iW'7 5 im I fy .. ' J ff 'iff , A 2 e- ,X A list of suggested acts for the "A.S. Revue - l96O', is read to an attentive committee. The Athletic Committee began the year under the chairmanship of Susan Jones, and with Bill Stovall as vice-chairman. Treasurer Noelle Ayres was appointed to take care of the committee finances. The first project was to clear the debt left by the previous com- as mittee, which was accomplished by means of a cake sale. Then the com- mittee took charge of the tickets for M.A.A.S.S. League games. To in- crease support of the basketball team, the Athletic Committee organized the Pep Club which achieved its goal. Through the efforts of the com- mittee and the support of the students the American School received an award for enthusiastic attendance. During the second semester, the committee sponsored and organized the "A.S. Revue - 1960", under the chairmanship of Bill Stovall. Members: Steve Malchow, Gil Cepeda, Dave Smith, Linda McJennett, Nancy Howe, and Jeri Fisher. ,. ,, .Q Y f f 1 . f 4 . M f X v t , , ff H , , 1 s .. f P 1 1 L st',fi..,.4,.f51pe.1:.f J: ff 1 .Q - . f-1-ff..-eggs., lb P mv e..',,,af.,.w.l.,.,,7 3 r'-- 9 fs--H-Y .... , M... ,y v-:Q-:agp W., we ' R . Linda Pratico doesn't look too happy with the roll she's eating during recess in the canteen. K . as f:' 12i.sa4z ffezwa42lifg'f15m ' Z- ' an ff-' N W fb Jw- me e - ff if 1. The late t rock 'n' roll hits, candy bars, peanuts, sandwiches, and different types of pastries were the industrious Canteen Committee's accomplishments for the year. The varied menu offered during recess and after school provided hungry students with wholesome and delicious food. Adding to their gastronomic enjoyments was the redecoration of the Green and Gold Canteen under the direction of the Publicity Com- mittee. School banners, pictures of athletic teams and art cla s work were used to decorate the freshly painted walls. Among the cheery faces seen behind the counter during recess were Candace Gibbs, chairman, Nancy Howe, co-chairmang Anita Awadg Marie Anderson, Gretchen Schulz, Susan Jonesg Gisela Wegnerg and Edwina Litwin. 2' e x 'QW we 4 lfl inf ca -:L x Riga tzgw is X He A Qeglw wha www mi i' 1 urging Yr 9NI1gfiQ.3,f'3ll" ,E any YC HMM ,sp F' ,M .L A ,., is ss ' wry- :-+ J W4-A 'T 1-fe 1 FY"l,?i7?AU -E+-' P y-,gmt ff ,ar a : s ew P 'x WW Assembly plans are eagerly discussed by Chairman Linda McJennett, Vice-Chairman Chuck Harrison, Ann Daniel, Eckard Bull Cwho seems to be hanging on every wordj and Marcia Florio. A serene Bill Stovall looks over an athletic schedule with his committee. E 92 'f " iv? A KH C ' u - - - as 1 ' 1 Service with a smile - that s the Canteen Committee! 5 s 3 r 5' E ' ,M , g,,isi51f53'!:s 1? vLi2T?'ZF1Ef 1,3152-wifQf'f' ,::w,1P'a ,-rg::3S5efi3f 'QW 1 'lv' 1 ,-1f'fnf11's?4i3i5u?i?" gk N W. ,, .an .,,, ,,,.,, ,,,, ....,, ,L .,, ..,,, M ZF-2+ fYi7?ii55::21E26T3:tskfif , 22qf3?EWf?2f:N ' f W W , ml, ,Wfefy.,,s1 -fw ggeemfza Q-f.c,,f" 2.511131 Vgf,g4f45w,zmw3!w or ' " Q :Q,, ,,,:. 1 ,,,, , ffizlilifffff ' . F5 5, Q ' - . I iff 5 . aft X if c " mga as'54ldizifiw-mi1f1eff1e2'2---ref he f-f as -V ra, - .Qs ,nfs 1 ,afszimf .,s..,,', at I., 5 6-s., A Qs 5 ,L -fa rs ss X f , QL sa.. During the 1957-1958 schooi year, head- master J. P. Malach asked for volunteers from the High School to form the American School Safety Unit. The purpose of the unit was to aid the police with the con- gested traffic from 12:30 to 1:00, and, thus, to insure further the safety of the Lower School students. That year the Patrol was commended by the Philippine Safety Council for its good work. Since then no major accidents or personal injuries have occured near the American School. The Patrol may truly be proud of this record. The American School Chess Club, founded in 1951, has now finished its ninth year as a major school activity. It has grown in size and equipment each year. It is interest- ing to note the shift in the average age of the club members - it is now ten. There is an amazing interest among the lower school students to learn to play chess - and to play it well. The students trained this year will be the champions of the years to come. The officers were: president, Ronnie Har- gravesg vice-president, Dewey Yapg and sec- retary, Helen Klar. Chuck Harrison gives Dewey Yap some pointers while Paul Hoshall, Bill Lockwood, Sandy Lock wood, Peter Muilenburg and Joe Gordon prepare to direct the congested traffic on Donada, Menlo, and Taft. Engaged in a game of chess, occasional visitors Lee del Pan and Edgar Priestman match Wits while interested members watch. Chess Club Mast M . K fb -' A if Q if . 1 1 " f wwf y 1-f - W' '- 'PV : I ., -4--was W - Kf--if - 9 an 3' , f v M 'ff' w.:f?azfas9ff-T,g.m f W5- f mage W- W -,gf M' f A, ,fp ' ff-M 1 Q ff p We H H sg,-Z7 --5 . ,f af -aa: .J , W, , . ,,., 4 , , 7' , K f-' .1 " ' in-1 , .Jef ,1 1 'W 'A 2 ' .t , 5 W an A .Q er r rane, however, is the man to beat ill l y 5-iz Q-gr, W,,.,. L 'S it 5 -M9515 Q . gf -Q ,,,. , .1 ,. ,, 1 Keeping careful watch over this year's Student Body Officer elections, Edgar, Marty, Chairman Bill, Linda and Fred were kept on their toes making sure election rules were not violated by hopeful candidates or over-zealous supporters. The Election Committee was chosen early this year since it was necessary to hold a special presidential election. Bill Dunkun was appointed chairman by the Student Council and he chose his committee. Peti- tions were made available and two can- didates responded, Candace Gibbs. and Valerie Larsen. Campaign and election dates were set up and and election code put into effect. The campaigns were conducted in a fair and sportsman-like manner. The elections were the most orderly and ef- ficient in years. 9822 of the eligible voters cast their ballots, with the number of de- faced ballots kept at a minimum. The results were: 170 for Larsen and 164 for Gibbs. Members: Linda McJennett, Martha Anderson, Fred Burns, and Edgar Priest- man. l l The Awards Committee, made up of the three student body officers, the chairmen of the standing committees, and the editors of the Kawayan and the Bamboo Telegraph, met during the latter part of the school- year to decide what awards to give upper school students for participation in all extra-curricular activities, except sports. Major and minor certificates, medals, plaques, and, in exceptional cases, trophies were awarded to those who had the requisite number of points throughout the school year. All awards were presented at the Awards Assembly held at the end of the school year. To the Awards Committee goes the job of selecting those who should be recognized at the last as- sembly for their outstanding support of school activities. , rrrae'r crrfrr l ,,. ..., ii Smiling Reception Committee members await the arrival of new students. Publicity Committee The Publicity Committee was organized at the beginning of the year as a special com- mittee to publicize school activities. The com- mittee turned out many gay posters for the Sock Hop, the Shangri-La dance, Hernando's Hideaway and the many other parties given by the Dance Committee. During the basketball season, members made posters almost weekly to boost student interest in the games. Aside from this type of work, the committee was also asked to plan the redecoration of the canteen. They decided on a green and white decor with menu cards, banners, and pictures. The rear walls of the canteen were reserved for posters, Christmas decorations, and art dis- plays. All agreed it was a job well done. Members: Priscilla Litwin, Chairmang Kaye Fisher, Vice-Chairmang Marsha Frameg Tim Kendallg Dan Callejag Wilma Braatg and Ray Domingo. Reception Committee The work of the Reception Committee got under way at the beginning of the year with Pat Harrington as chairman, and with a com- mittee of seven. Vice-chairman Marie Ander- son, became chairman when Pat departed shortly before the end of the first semester. The committee worked to make all new students welcome. Member greeted new ar- rivals, helped them find their way around, and introduced them to fellow students. They worked hard at a job which, in part, belongs to every student in the American School. Members: Kaye Fisher, Gil Cepeda, Marion Pulver, Fred Burns, and Jim Danisch. Tim, Dan, Kay and Pris cut-up during a poster making SGSSIOII. 41 4 llillll"iilli"'umlll:A , 5 xii - 4 A This year, great interest was shown by one of our seniors, Ann Daniel, in starting a Dramatics Club. Under the direction of Ann Daniel, and the sponsorship of Mrs. Hourihan and Miss Lind, the Dramatics Club was born in late July, with Ann elected president, Candace Gibbs, vice-president and Marcia Florio, secretary iibrarian. Mem- bership was confined to juniors and seniors. The major production this year was The Tender Edge, given in an assembly for the student body, and it proved a successful first attempt. The many members have displayed great interest in its activities, and stem- ming from this interest have been associated with activities outside the jurisdiction of the club. Shakespearianna, a group of Shakespearian actors, extended to us an invita- tion to see them perform, but it never materialized. A fund raising campaign is planned by the officers to get next year's club off to a good start. Although still in its infancy, this club has proven a great success, and we hope it will be a permanent fixture in the future years at the American School. V' ,ml Secretary Marcia Florio, President Ann Daniel, and Vice-President Candace Gibbs discuss "The Tender Edge" set. Linda McJennett, Jim Danisch, and Gamy Gar- riz during a "Tender Edge" rehearsal. 4 The Duke lBill Dunkumj in- forms the three prospective executioners QGamy Garriz, Edgar Priestman, and Jim Danischj that the losing ap- plicants Will lose their heads along with his seventh .wife ' Jeananne. - 1 5 x . I I K ,W-,,.,X .- , 11, r J ' f 'N v 4 I' A' I' gzi .fa ' Mig , K Ai i Swimming The scene below was snapped during the dress rehearsal for an aqua fiesta held on December 12, 1959 and sponsored by the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation Com- mittee. The show was held at Rizal Memorial swimming pool, and the proceeds from the performance were placed in a trust fund for organizing more swimming clubs throughout the country. Mrs. Woodrich, speech teacher for the American School, directed the entire show, in which many dif- ferent schools participated. The A.S. con- tribution, "Indian Love Call" was choreog- raphed by Coach Herminia Barcenas. The participants were, front row, left to right, June Millington, June Keithley, Anne Koren, Jonathon Muilenburg, Candice Pratico, and Mary Meneffeeg back row, left to right, Gail Gennerich, Susan Szita, Joan Esther, Peter Muilenburg, Coach Rene Amabuyok, Gordon Lester, Ann Edwards, Georgianne Ylitale, and Linda McLaughlin. 1 S Anne Koren, Captain of the Girls' Class "A" Swim ming Team, pushes off from the end of Rizal Pool dur- ing one of the daily practice sessions. Rolf Sletten, Gordy Lester, and Peter Muilen- burg, members of the Boys' Class "B" Swimming Team, give Captain Bill Lock- wood a helping hand. Not in picture- Robert Macias, Lee Danisch, and Ramon Parra. Girls' Class "B" Swimming Team Under the guidance of Rene Amabuyok, and Captain Ellen Bancroft, the Girls, Class "B" Swimming Team tried their best to push the Far Eastern University champions out of their first place spot. The girls fought hard and well, but once again the F.E.U. team emerged victorious. However, the second place position is nothing to scoff at for it was a hard-fought and close contest between the two schools, and the American School team lost by a few points only. As the members of the Girls' Class "Bn Swimming Team relax, Judy Tye makes a remark which gives Captain Ellen Bancroft and Mary Brings a good laugh. Not in picture - Valerie Florance and Terry Gaffney. Boys' Class "B" Swimming Team The American School Boys' Class "B" Swimming Team, under Coach Rene Ama- buyok and Captain Bill Lockwood, ended as runner-up, a step behind defending champions Mapua Tech. The team racked up eight decisive victories and one hard- fought loss. Even the boys' best efforts were not sufficient to offset their dis- advantage number-wise, fthere were only seven members on the teamj, and Win the coveted first place award. Boys' Varsify Swimming Team This year the Varsity Swimming Team, composed entirely of Class "A" and "B" swimmers due to the loss of most of last year's team members, placed fourth in the Secondary Boys' Championship. The Team, under Captain Bill Lockwood and Coach Rene Amabuyok, excelled in the 400 and 100 meter freestyle, but their careful coaching also gave them strength in the 200 meter breaststroke, the 100 meter backstroke, and the 100 meter butterfly. Unlike last year, the team competed in the Men's Open and the National Open Championship. To finish off their busy season, the boys made a clean sweep of the M.A.A.S.S. League. High medalists were Bill Lockwood and Gordon Lester. The Girls' Varsity Swimming Team looks over their schedule for coming meets. They are, clockwise, Anne Koren, Georgianne Ylitale, Ann Edwards, Nancy Buerer, Judy Tye, Captain Ellen Bancroft, Mary Brings, Candice Pra- tico, and Gail Gennerich. Not in picture - Terry Gaffney and Valerie Florance. The Boys, Varsity Swimming Team look over their scores for their last meet. They are, clockwise, Lee Gaffney, Peter Muilenburg, Jonathan Muilenburg, Captain Bill Lockwood, Rolf Sletten, and Gordon Lester. Not in picture - Lee Danisch, Ramon Parra, and Jack Elliot. Girls' Varsity Swimming The Varsity season opened on Septem- ber 30, 1959. Captained by Ellen Bancroft, and coached by Rene Amabuyok, the girls swam their way to second place in the league, defeated only by Far Eastern University. Ellen was the only team member to enter the Regional meet in December, but nearly all of the girls swam in the M.A.A.S.S. com- petitions, winning several medals. Capable "new-bloodi' from the Seventh and Eighth Grades promises an even more successful Varsity in the years to come. Girls' Class "A" Swimming Team Under the coaching of Rene Amabuyok and the leadership of Captain Anne Koren, the girls swam to a second place position next to Far Eastern University. The team received unusual support from the mem- bers of the Intermediate School. It boast- ed two strong breaststrokers and two equally good free-stylers. Their participa- tibn in the Regionals was rewarded with a gold and a bronze medal in the breast- stroke and a silver one in the butterfly. . Captain Anne entered the competition as T backstroker. All in all, it was a successful year for the team. The Girls' Class "AU Swimming Team enjoys a few moments of relaxation after a tiring practice session at Rizal pool. They are, clockwise, Elizabeth Steiner, Judy Harper, Candice Pratico, Ann Edwards, Captain Anne Koren, Gail Gennerich, Georgianne Ylitale, and June Millington. Not in picture - Trudy Stewart, and Sharon Casland. Boys' Class "A" Swimming Team The Boys' Class "AH Swimming Team had their work cut out for them as they entered the 1959-1960 season. Coach Rene Amabuyok did a fine job of getting the defending champs back into shape after a relaxed summer. The team worked hard under their Captain Ro- berto Macias, and produced an undefeated record. The boys deserve hearty congratula- tions for their efforts, and also for giving the title of "champs', to at least one of the A.S. teams. The members of the Boys' Class "AU Swimming Team gather around Captain Roberto Macias for a few words of advice before one of their competitions. They are, clockwise, Tommy Lockwood, Roberto Macias, Kenneth Harper,'Lee Gaffney, Peter Harrison, and Jonathon Muilenburg. Not in picture - Richard Hartline, Ches Johnson, Edwarid Moses, and Jack Elliot. -il RX' VViV!2L T . sms, M 3 ,l, , , Q i lf Q4 1 ' Q 545,22-T 'f In ,fa Q f.vf H, t mf 5, milf The beaming members of the Boys' Varsity Basketball Team are: kneeling left to right, Tim Thompson, Karel Mosebrook, Terry Kleeman, Paul Hoshall and Bob Campbellg standing left to right, Fred Burns- scorer, Gil Cepeda, Keith Claxton, Captain Hank Hartline, Rick Fox, Walter Murawksy, and Edgar Priestman - manager. SCORING Adamson 64 Union 58 Polytech 56 R.C.C. 61 P.C.H.S. 51 Polyiech 44 P.C.H.S. 48 R.C.C. 64 Union 56 Adamson 49 Even all Karel Mosebrook could do to scare the fight out of this Philippine Chinese player did not save the game for the Indians. The members of the Varsity and the six cheerleaders line up behind the school placard at the opening of the M.A.A.S.S. League on August 25. The first game of the season was played that day with Adamson. The A.S. Varsity suffered a heart- breaking loss with a score of 64 to 59. gg. , ,. if 3 W xi .1 T" -" ff' .. ,, k , Q ., 4 36 3. X. W AX. F, Y A xvk K- ,mi Q 1, Q A .A ,K uk . Z E J ,Q 45' L, ' if .f W' 3, ' Q fauna E :J 2. , 2 Al' ,, ' 1. L . Q' ' .AY ,N Ma.-" "',,.-Q, A X A 55 ky S Q. vi gl gd.. If I k in WMM., ,Q I W M 2 f is Q In , x v Wm Y M My rm X, 1 ,af . ,, if Q w"" ft' -M A! hx 4 34 if ,gmt ' J 1 gay? H-i,,,m,.' ,Mp Q J , ge- , 'Y , 'M ,gigs-gl ' 5 Q. elk ' As . 1346.31 M xg N, rim .. X WM fm f . . 5. ,, ,..,L T, Ir. X mf f,,,,, ,, , 5 5 2 ' A pig .W -:gf 5 i, I ev A' 5 A J A 4.1 sl , n Y Q Vs 3, lib. a fi -c iff 1 -V ' 2. Q A , .: 1' ,- ' I Q I 1 N ' , . L ' 'L ' - Xf f im-Z ? . . w L k. m Q 3 4 A f A ww.: , -A I . -, - ' ffxff f W - NJA f 53:5 - ., 11' Ninn. - - LM ',e1f7i?1 K Hi" H117 -1- '71-, f ?..'-55311171 I L Q 5 - ' ' - M T' .1 - N' - -- ' wg sf, .335 L 'R Q ' , mW , , 1' Aw ' - QVA , V , VA ,, ,,. 1' Ai,VW, , , H 1 f K f 4 " 'K ..,. f q K wwf- 1 ff fi, ., f ,, 1, 1N g.,1,,, ,., 5 , .. . - , -rf ,K wil-dee dw If, yy-.1-1 ,, , ,, ,,, w k , " ' ' "1 211 fffllp-225,,NWTZU-1?if:QfQeff2iW-' N223 a5 " 3?'f?55.Z1gy?f:- " fa. 21 .215 ..- ' B 1 I-V! W A, - T , 1' '74 K'f"i2f,:1f?2ggf,Jg,Qf1:,:L.,,-w ,1-,L13Q,1.w ,Lf 2 H11 ,, W ,. K f- JZ - W an , -. - E L L f .2 , ' ,I -t w , 1 , V W - fm ,,,,, im wewafffw-,-., MQ . ,L .-W-QW, , . 9:11-ff,:W...1. -MN.,,,,M,,ff....5f1 , , V, , ,, ,.,, w.:,.-sw . gf,Q5,f f.f .. QC: i w, ,fQ:f.,, ,, , , . , ,, K, ,, , A ' - ,,,. P 1 The Soccer Team relaxes as Coach Tablante gives advice. They are, left to right, Gorman Parrish, Bob Campbell, Dewey Yap, Terry Kleeman, Co-cap- tain Gil Cepeda, John Kleernan, Coach Tablante, Lee Del Pan, Paul Hoshall, Edgar Priestman, Tim Harrington, Rick Fox, and Co-captain Keith Claxton. Co-captains Keith Claxton and Gil Cepeda. Boys' Varsity Soccer Team Coach Tablante held try-outs for the Boys' Varsity Soccer Team in late November. The selected members under Co-Captains Keith Claxton and Gil Cepeda, saw action in mid-December against Rizal Central College. They Won this and the following game against Adam- son University by a score of 3 to 1. The third and final game against Philippine Chinese High School was lost. Thus, the American School ended the M.A.A.S.S. Soc- cer season in second place. I Keith Claxton, Tim Harrington, Dewey Yap, and Lee Del Gorman Parrish strains to kick the ball down the field before an Pan, members of the Soccer team, head for a 10059 ball in opposing player snatches it away from him. lTake a second look at an attempt to boot it out of the range of their opponents. those legslj Girls' Volleyball Team The first sports event on the girls' schedule this year was volley- ball. The first few weeks before the varsity team was chosen were devoted to intramural games between the different class teams. In the latter part of July, on the basis of their performance in these intramurals, the members of the Girls' Varsity Volleyball Team were chosen. With Pris Litwin as Captain and Herminia Barce- nas as Coach the girls began to practice immediately in preparation for their competition with the other four schools in the M.A.A.S.S. League. Despite a rash of injuries, the Squaws succeeded in coming in second place. the picture. Girls' gather Ayers The members of the Varsity Volleyball Team around manager Noelle to hear the serving line their game. They are, right, Nancy Howe, Captain Pris Litwin, Noelle, Marie An- derson, Judy Moss, Donna Masters, Linda McJennett, Leata Thomas, Kaye Fisher, Susan Jones, and Mary Eleanor Dendy. Nadie Rindler and Candace Gibbs are absent from -up for left to 1 Captain Priscilla Litwin gets off the ground to return a high ball. Susan Jones slams the ball over the net to rack up anothei' point for the Squaws. The members of the Boys' Varsity Volleyball Team, looking rather amused by Coach Tablantes' pointers, are, left to right, Cap- tain Terry Kleeman, Steve Malchow, Bob Leise, Keith Claxton, Frank Hartline, Paul Hoshall, Bill Stovall, Tim Harrington, Fred Burns, and John Kleeman. R Q Captain Terry Kleeman looks a little disgusted with the turn of the game. Keith Claxton sets a ball up for the front line as Paul Hoshall moves in to complete the play with a drive over the net. Boys' Volleyball Team This year's Boys' Varsity Volleyball Team, suffering from an experience deficiency, had a fairly lean season in the victory column. Although they fought hard and put forth their maximum effort, the depth and skill of the opposing teams usually won out. Under Captain Terry Kleeman and Coach Tablante, the boys showed the desire and spirit necessary for a victory. Next year the team will have lost only one player through graduation, thus leaving the team with experienced boys. A Q . . . , . . .t -N.,..g-f , . " Y V-w5"1,'X'1Z llwsaffifiif,,W-aw. f- f. ,W . - .f f A , we V, at- - Q 3 g,.. ,,,.. Bill Stovall, Captain of the Boys, Softball Team, miscalculates his swing, and, much to Steve Malchow's dismay tbackgroundl, slams the ball into the stands for a strike. ..,5,53:5'k k d, ,Q E --ff-ff'i'rf'1: 1.lf A ' gp,.::gg,g1'g., p re. , ,. 1 L' . ,Qi i 15- rss--4,1g,, ",fg S 1 ' "' 2 . ,,X,..,, ,H ,,. K , . L, .,,., if au- , ,- ""'9liif5'55?"i-'Esiiui - J, ,, 'JM I :I ,,.. . , , ..,, ,, ,WINWMKKK :V I iw, :V LN,.5,ngM:L, A t i M 55:lA , ,,,k f,-- Qlg -, 51-'Q-li? 38 A' M ' 111111, Q 5: W , ,.., ,,,. , Q-arf' Q, Maw wa W 4,3 5 1 'N v V, ,. . .. , , ,L r,,l,L,,,Wf,. f?vf,,, ,.., Aff I' . " 'o -1' wiiffir In the typical first baseman's stance, Walter Mlurawsky anxiously awaits the ball. Boys' Softball The Boys' Softball Team was chosen in the beginning of January and its members began to train immediately. Under the direction of Coach De Leon and Captain Bill Stovall the boys Worked hard and displayed excellent sportsmanship. The innovation of holding the games at Rizal Baseball Stadium seemed to agree with the team, for, when this Kawayan went to press they were undefeated. Under the direction of Coach De Leon and Captain Bill Stovall, the boys worked hard and displayed excellent sportsmanship. The results of hard train- ing Were evident on the diamond and the team certainly warranted their wonderful record. Gil Cepeda waits for the "right one" to come in. His team members wait to see him slug that "right one" out into the field for a home run. The members from right to left are,row 1: Gil Cepeda, Jack Kleeman, Steve Malchow, Tim Thompson, Bill Hannaford, Walter Murawsky, and Tim Kendall. Row 2: Terry Kleeman, Paul Hoshall, Ricky Fox, and Gordon Lester. Not in picture- Captain Bill Stovall, and Chuck Harrison. Pris Litwin leaps to bag a high fly. "Hit or a Miss?" Usually a hit when the Girls' Softball Team came to bat. With a bend of the knee and cock of the bat, Captain Nancy Howe is prepared. Team members who at- tended Clark International Play Day are, from left to right, row 1: Kaye Fisher, Captain Nancy Howe, Susan Jones, Leata Thomas, and Priscilla Litwin. Row 2: Lynn Davis, Kay Lee and Linda McJennett. The members of the Girls' Soft- ball Team rest on the athletic field before leaving for a game at Rizal field. They are, left to right, Jeri Fisher, Kay Lee, Jennifer Hesketh, Kaye Fisher, Carol Dibb, Leata Thomas, Joan Esther, Pat Wells, Nancy Howe, Linda McJennett, Lynn Davis, and Susan Jones. Girls' Softball Once again the old A.S. gloves and bats were brought out of storage for the annual softball season. This year's December tryouts found many new potential players out on the field. Fourteen of the girls were finally singled out and, with Nancy Howe as Captain, the team's rigorous practice began. Since only two other High Schools entered the M.A.A.S.S. Softball League, the season was rather short. The girls won all four of their games and added another first place trophy to our collection. K Girls' Track and Field Early in January, the long, hard training for the Girls' Track Team got underway. The turnout this year was quite large, and competitive spirit was strong. Our girls entered events which ran the gamut from high-jump and broad-jump to foot races of every kind. The encouragement and guidance of Coach Lina Nepomuceno were invaluable and the Team fought its Way to a place in the M.A.A.S.S. League which shows that a very successful year has certainly rewarded the efforts of the group. Susan Jones prepares to heave her discus for a new record. The photographer catches the members of the Girls' Track Team before they begin their practice in preparation for the M.A.A.S.S. Open Meet in March. They are, kneeling left to right, Dot Draeger, Jennifer Hesketh, Anita Awad, and Susan Jonesg standing left to right, Marsha Frame, Leata Thomas, Jean Duckworth, Joan Esther, Chris Hamm, Carol Dibb, and Coach Lina Nepomuceno. Not in picture - Nancy Howe and Mary Esther. Four of the girl runners, Joan Ehther, Susan Jones, Marsha Frame, and Anita Awad, get ready for the starting gun. 'fr laamfmseiaiwsswfrifzasamlwwwswmvwr-at 1 l Boys Track Team The turn out for the Boys, Track Team showed a general lack of enthusiasm on the part of the student body. With just one veteran, Captain Keith Claxton, Coach De Leon' bravely led his team through the M.A.A.S.S. Open Meet. However, the sea- son served to give experience to the new boys, and next year should bring a greatly improved American School team to the meets. Captain Keith Claxton spears wild boar. Some of the members of the Boys' Track Team line up for a sprint across the athletic field. They are, left to right, Bob Campbell, Tim Thompson, Paul Hoshall, and Gil Cepeda. Not in picture - Keith Claxton, and Dudley Babb. Rhythmics After months of practice under Coach Lina Nepomuceno, girls from the High and Inter- mediate Schools participated in the tryouts for positions on the Rhythmics Team. Ten girls were chosen, two of them from the Seventh Grade, and the team began the back-breaking routine of daily practice in preparation for the Gymnastic Competition with other schools on March 11. This year's contest program included work- outs on the floor and the high beam freplac- ing last yearls low beamj, and several more advanced tumbling stunts. Very few people realize the skill, precision, and concentration Rhythmics work requires. The members of the Rhythmics Team make a pretty picture as they pose for our photographer in their crisp white uniforms. They are, clockwise, Co-captain Anita Awad, Captain Nancy Howe, Erika Schulz, Mary Vasbinder, Gretchen Schulz, Marcia Florio, Mary Esther, Pat Gerig, Joan Esther, and Lynn Davis. Joan Esther and Anita Awad show their fellow team members the proper way to do the arabesque. Captain Nancy Howe practices one of the difficult high beam exercises. Intramurals For the second year straight the Juniors were the winners of the intramural pennant. The competi- tion between the classes was strong as always, and the turn out for the Various teams large. ln- tramurals has generally been that part of our sports program in which the most students participate. Basketball, the first event on the intramural schedule, was won by the Junior boys. They also won the Boys' Volleyball contest. The Girls, Volleyball, however, was won by the Seniors. Boys' Badminton was won by Paul Hoshall, a Junior, and the Girls, Badminton by Kay Lee, a Sophomore. Boys' Ping- Pong was won by Eckard Bull, a Senior, and the Girls' Ping-Pong by Nancy Howe. The year's stand- ing, from first to last place, was as follows: Juniors, Sophomores, Sen- iors, and Freshmen. Infernafional Play-day An international play-day was held at Clark Field on January twenty-ninth. lt was sponsored by Wurtsmith High School. Among the participating schools were John Paul Jones, George Dewey, Brent and American High Schools. Com- petition was held in softball, volley- ball, badminton, Chinese checkers, and sunka. The participants were divided into teams wearing dif- ferent colors so that competition was among teams instead of among schools. The American School partic- ipants were, kneeling left to right: Candace Gibbs, Kay Lee, Lynn Davis, Nancy Howe, and Pris ipants Were, kneeling, left to right: Candace Gibbs, Kay Lee, Lynn Davis, Nancy Howe, and Pris Litwin, standing, left to right: Susan Jones, Kaye Fisher, Linda McJennett, Nadia Rindler, Edurne Neely, Charlotte Robertson, Terry Gaffney, Mary Shaw, Ilona Lipton, and Coach Herminia Barcenas. Edgar Priestmani and Nancy Howe concentrate on a tricky volley as they warm up before their respective competitions. 5 , f-7 f ' WH- ' f .ms v " 1 2? 5 :33 . 2, V , . w w ' au'3i'.?'? 1g"! - -r,.'Y : A 4 y r 1 3. 5 .. P if 121 I -Q-fi K?" k A 5 , f X " "A"'L iJ :Q, :f,5w " n' N ,QQ-M il ' - KH -: T V- ,. 4 , ww, z7f1.f.iQf we 3. -'X' ' ' !1'!?7E'W' " ' "ew , W K' 'I 'mm I i E L.-..4. ,..g , if ' WQQMSEQ , Lx, , pf HM" W,fe??R",4e:' 'sl' f- ffv wiv, ff.:a,12,'2p,, k . QA cf ' M . A ,,,, Yr ay. uf G R A IJ E S MRS. PHYLLIS MEYER Lower School Counselor ..gL. w,lI 5 Y i A f Xi? fi if -2 - 3 1111 43 4' - ,rw-Wew?,fgi1f93YgS Q .4 TW A. . KY ' ,. gs, we 3'wwQ?WQk 9' , ,, . A -if 111 : :wi f ,R :. W.. K - 1 , - . K .. , , Z A 1 A ' My W- W if A, rf 39 2 A gi L ' E -. - ' A 55 MRS. STRONG MR. TRABERT . MRS. DOROTHY BATCHELDER MISS LIMGENCO TAN MRS. SUSANA GRANT History, Testing Grade 7-5 Grade 7-4, Latin MRS. CORRINE DAVIDSON Mathematics r- .M K ,. .. . , . ., ,, Qi? H- '. 2 E 1, X51 w Q 553 5522, 553 i 15 H Qian 1 Q E ng ,, is if 51 5 5552 ysisim-in swam Q, 'V pu , ig 'Q is? Hifi is A V -, -2+ . i"Ze:e-1 f wig. ,ww bro k e F Ee: F sizaflif c' QL a g,-N -L 3 me .ec 1.:.1: 4' 2 me . 1 ' 4 5 gi, , 1 2. 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W , 'I' L ,mx Q . ,,, EM if Ii K 4' I me f 5. if M ?l :fm 1. xg!'.. fwr.5vf e 2':?f,.,11-. ,. ,N A .4,, A , E + Hi s! V 37111- 25 'fzf ,f 'mf -xv. vc 'ii 1 1 , 9 I 4 ., I MR. ADONAY MRS. MARGARET TAYLOR Art MRS. MARIETTA RAAB Assistant Lower School Counselor MRS. FROYDIS PETERSON Art WN war flfx 5, -3 - I ' 5 iff: ' K I-f -' I gg ' - 'uf' 42: z 'E7is'i22i?'m swf.. -- w f ms ' .fiiflgi MRS. OLGA DE WIT MISS GILDA MARTIN MRS. DURAN MRS. JOSEPHINE ILDEFONSO Music Music Librarian Harold Baker -me M y Barry Atkinson Q, 9 1 Harry Bass Z,A 2, f Danny Beck rf--vw'-V':amQzzwz-'::". -' f K.. . , 'i E' fm Gwen Blackwell A- l,nl F' M,,1 , e- . l.,,.W5 l k,lk :,lk,: ,K , ,,.,.ll ,. 1: , , ilm-a' - f i Nervous artists and even more nervous mothers get ready for the opening curtain. John Bonds I Virginia Brooks John Carl Johnson Chua Nancy Clark Ellen Daley Karen Dalton Sue Daniels Maria Fernandez Marion Domingo Ann Edwards avg ELL? FW' Mr Fla an , vw fgfi -55: 5 -x 5 Mag - pas,-wwf:,:fffsszg:sfi3.:f ' 1' -. t vw 11 Y ' P ff' if if iz? 'sfli' 51LllE5lQff J ' 2- ss, .,ffv1:f1g1r.n gf ' w ife isf 4- 'tif A . ..: ' N . 5 5 'W ' M, , , 7 rf , W 1 kk'f 5 , 'W 'V 5 ,... , . , 5?99f.5fw5ff'f1-2152,-'rv-B ,-2: , 91 .J P ,V ..,, LQ-zk as X it fa2.11a4,Qx V H 1. i 4 221 T it f . ,aiu 555 A io xl- ,' T TVN' E+ is 1 E4 .- - I Leo Gaffney Gail Gennerich John Green Miren Guerrero Robert Hammond Kenneth Harper Jane Hendryx Dean Hoolihan Elizabeth Hornbostel Frank Howe June Keithley Linda Klemme Bronvvyn Jones Janet Lee Victor Lopez Lmda McLaughlin Mary Menefee Anne Mosebrook Conrad Myrick Donah Kay Nine Ramon Parra Peggy Pickard Starring members of the cast sing a chorus during "The Magic Apple". Butch Pockmire Mary Pomerene Judy Price Sandra Reynolds Israel Rodrivuez Claud Russell Anthony Schultz Paul Schwarts Gregory Scott M1chael Shu , Q 5,54 fr ff' A Q, xq gw- if if C 5 MF ak L-,W 5 1 'I 551, My QW . , .. " .. .2 J M. uw W, JA 4 32 . , V 11, 1 'N- -7 ufiihi? if TOP ROW: Willard Porterfield, Charles Bohlen, App Wiltsee, Mike Raab, Erika Schulz, Anne Koren, Patti Robie, Irene Clurman, Jared Florance, Veith Von Furstenberg, Jack Elliott, Jedward Stewart. BOTTOM ROW: Beth Boucher, Gertrude Stewart, Stephanie Telesco, Penny Power, Margaret Hargreaies, Becky Dickerrnan, Elizabeth Reyes, Pamela Hutschlnson, Nancy Howell, Jane Armerding, Linda Zautner, Barbara Pulver. TOP ROW: Arturo Rocha, Galen Naylor, William.Griswold, Maxey Hendryx, Robert Meyer, Peter Carl, Donathan Muilenburg, Jo Jo Parsons, Wayne Quasha, Steve Mulkey, Martin Darling. BOTTOM ROW: Rodney Sullivan, Martela Beck, Ard uth Gordon, Joan Oppenheimer, Mary Vasbinder, Vashi Fernandez, Susan Sletten, Honie Plaskett, Candice Pratico, Antonio Luchangco. TOP ROW: Robert Sauve, Graham Brown, Ernest Ben R S b d son, ex vo o a, Steve Black, Bill Gates, Roy Callej4a DaV1d Hamilton, Morris Parra, David Aholtz, Art Rohling. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Pirhalla, Barbara Lim, Amelia Dunlop, Anna Doster, Margaret Enking, Linda Brown Norma Berona, Helen Yap, Wanell Wise. TOP ROW: Peter Hesketh, Ronnie James, Edward Searl, Tony Rittenhouse, Dee Defoe, Paula Brodie, Stanley Schultz, Douglas Baldwin, Don Sherman, Brad Nuber. BOTTOM ROW: Jessica Bartlett, Cathy Claxton, Pamela Dill, Janet Badger, Susan Ragan, Lynn Barnhart, Gail Klemme, Cynthia Miles, Susan Miller. y TOP ROW: Robert Chandler, Dein Nuber, Robert Walters, Karl Shaeffer, Howard Hagedorn, Peter Drucke. BOTTOM ROW: James Neff, Jill Spatz, Darleen Bird, Erna Kaufmann, Mary Hughes, Linden Haven, Paul Tenny. 171.-if 'Qaeda ",t 'I -,.. QQ: Q ,h,V1 I jfjifglf-q g'.. ."i' 'lf Qff, , MRS. HARRIETTE TRANFAGLIA GRADE 6 - 1 Kl Mark Bradl n, David Bethel, Don Woodruff, Stephen Ross, Chuck TOP ROW: Dan Parkrnan, Jim eeman, y Thompson, Ches Johnson. MIDDLE ROW: Gloria Bryant, Else Talboys, Susan Grant, Louise Crilly, Cheryl Bristow, Annette Woodling, Renee Fittingholflf, June Millington, Rosemary Shu. BOTTOM ROW: Margaret Carroll, Peggy Kaiser, Sharon Livesay, Elizabeth Wiltsee. ABSENT: Louise Baier. GRADE 6 - 4 TOP ROW: Paul Barber, Elihu Davidson, Lou Liese, Richard Hartline, Tom Pesacreta, George Williams, Richard Reynolds, Harold Edwards, Anthony Wilmer, Grove Richardson. BOTTOM ROW: John Leach, Marilyn Snyder, Honor Kever, Leslie Oliver, Celia Tishler, Barbara Perrine, Helen Powell, Leo Lloyd. MRS. NORMAN MRS. JEANETTE SPATZ GRADE 6 - 5 TOP ROW: Tim Kelly, Jimmy Gordon, Bill Fisher, Pete Smith, John Schaffner, Dona Scott, Otto Kaufmann, Bill Moore, Donald Budd. ' ' I t I I BOTTOM ROW: Dorothy Zautner, Christine Oliver, Marie Gantner, Nina Nine, Murielle Schaer, Cynthia Coleman, Betty Harrington, Christina Garchitorena, Cati Caldwell, Kathy Johnson. mx L .snccn :1:f - .a i':: , f .S f" ' , ,,,, GRADE 5 - 1 . . ligi TOP ROW: Larry Johnson, Kelley Gibbs, Gregory Clurman, Tom Lundy, Barry Baldwin, Hank Liese, Tom d 1,f Lockwood, Ricky Clarkson, Douglas Masters. ' MIDDLE ROW: Marilyn Yousko, Sandra Symonds, Jean Millington, Reynold Berona, Alan Quasha, Ben Cruz, 44 o,11, fyrr 2 o1f,'i1 ' ' w.:1-am ,,.:: f - 1 sw -M fa "E-L s lx Egg iw, U rc 5 J Q. ,gps Q e QQ V 1 ,I wx 551 Q, E 'Mn Q any ' 1 MSN!! if 3 amiiy Q ,- 'i Prissy Gray, Mary Leas, Margaret Richardson. BOTTOM ROW: Ellen Szita, Linda Livesay, Vickie O'Bannon, Sharon Richmiller, Marlene Wong, Maidie Hawley, Sandra Francisco, Pat Oppenheimer, Tandy Tranfaglia. ABSENT: David Bowen. MRS. EDNA BOYKIN MRS. ELSIE KING GRADE 5 - 2 , TOP ROW: Eddie Tuttle, Benjamin Pomenez, Harry Pihilips, Donald Black, James McCon1be, Eric Brown, . MacDonald Jones, Steven Butler, George Wilcox, Joel Pomerene. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Palma, Alice Green, Susan Chandler, Sherrill Wallace, Jane Darling, Leeda Atkinson, Jane Sauve, Georgia Rittenhouse, Kathryn Plaskett. BOTTOM ROW: Peggy Parks, Jody Dickerman, Patsy Grant, Tina Coe. MRS. C0 it it GRADE 4 - 1 'lL',L Q KL-,i1 TOP ROW: Manuel Orozco, Richard Nestle, Michael Caldwell, Norman Reyes, James Griswold, Richard l i,.. Sletten, Richard Amerding, Scott McIntyre,Mark Brodie, Mark Stoner. 5, 1 R , , , MIDDLE ROW: Linda Blackburn, Rina Picciotto, Victoria Sycip, Janice Cargal, Totsie Smith, Pamela Meyer, . Donna Staresinich, Camille Johnson, Cathrine Robi e, Anne-Marie Cadwallader. , BOTTOM ROW: Jennifer Colley, Susan Parkman, Sharon Bristow, Carliss Baldwin, Margaret Hornbostel, R' Marla Anderson, Jill Quasha, Ellen Sletten, Barbara Brown. MRS. AGNES BRAGANZA GRADE 4 - 2 TOP ROW: Gregory Williams, Luis Fisher, Steven Conner, Gary Balmain, Gordon Dagley, Albert Truax, Bill Anderson, John Paul Perrine, John Dyer. MIDDLE ROW: Jimmy Rader, Becky Bergman, Gloria Rodriguez, Sara Lee Schneidman, Helen Elliott, Lucy Ann Tomenes, Chris Taylor. BOTTOM ROW: Mark Taylor, Shelley Little, Judy Phillips, Judith Lunn, Pauline Florence, Steven Dunn. ABSENT: John Carson, Pamela Leikari. i,,..fq,, if MRS. CELEDONIA AQUINO GRADE 4 - 3 TOP ROW: Mike Drucke, Tommy Fisher, Greg Hill, Peter Rossman, Tommy Feeley, Lee Butler, Paul Talboys, Bobby Badger, Tommy Master, Grady Huie. MIDDLE ROW: Carol Cummings, Patricia Dudley, Kathy Kobertanz, Edith Strick, Cheryl Walker, Cristina San Pedro, Susan Dab, Patty Malchow, Connie D0 natelli. BOTTOM ROW: Evelyn Harrison, Lelia Vittetow, Vidtor Parra, Peggy Sauve, Dale Wise. ABSENT: Cynthia Clarkson. QQ eleeyy .gg,j:, MRS. WYLMOTI-I THOMPSON ls GRADE 4 - 4 TOP ROW: William Dykes, Christopher Stone, Jolm Snyder, Richard Kraighman, James O'Bannon, Russell egg Alexander, Lee Richardson, Peter Thauwald, Benjamin Edwards, James Cargal. 5, MIDDLE ROW: James Bryant, Conrad Sheff, Steve Landenburg, Philip Telesco, Robert Hansen, Charles Mattison, Allen Bradlyn, Douglas Bowen, Kerry Little. BOTTOM ROW: Paula Drummond, Evelyn Moses, Martha Rittenhouse, Margaret Clark, Georgann Rost, my t Sharon Hesketh, Cora Lee Foote. A -- ggi - r. 2.-2:5-:vw ',-.ff 1' f :'-' , MRS. PRATICO GRADE 3 - 5 TOP ROW: Patrick O'Pallick, Michael Pomarez, Miclrael Beck, Charles Gantner, William Crilly, Eduardo Rocha, Jon Sandy, Charles McKeone, Paul Real, Glary Gennerich. BOTTOM ROW: Wade Mulkey, Derek Frost, Elizabetlh Brown, Janet Ridgeway, Louise Rouse, Kristine Mc- Fadden, Bobbi Jo Ellis, Rebecca Flen1ing, Steven Herd, Keith Barnard. MRS. TERESITA CARCOVICH GRADE 2 - 1 TOP ROW: Michael Sandoe, Bryant Coleman, Brian Butler, Billy Tileston, Charles Boucher, Frank Raab, David Bridges, Christopher Tanner, Robert Rindler, Thomas J elliffe. MIDDLE ROW: Fred Cassel, Steven Nestle, Michael Taylor, William Locke, Henry Parkman, Kile Powers, James Nestle, David Upham, Bryan Wimberly. BOTTOM ROW: Roberta Lim, Mary McKeone, Frances Allen, Delight Woodhull, Karen McCombe, Debra Carpenter, Twyla Tranfaglia, Kathy Ylitalo, Janet Fradenburg. MRS. DE LEON GRADE 2 - 2 TOP ROW: William Tarrant, Johnnie King, Clyde Crawford, Nicholas Hogg, Robert Brucker, Seth Schneidman, Andrew Banks, Curtis Parks, William Hostmann. MIDDLE ROW: Gary Canady, Debbie Hensinger, Lisa Jones, Jaimye Sandy, Paula Perrine, Lynn Richardson, Emily Wheeler, Beatrice Roebers, Patricia Lim, Bill Clarkson. BOTTOM ROW: Gilda Laforga, Vicki Woodrich, Linda Swain, Mary Louise Martin, Linda Searl. ABSENT: Steve Fellerman, Philip J onckheer, Roland Sevilla. MRS. MARY LOU BULAHAN GRADE 2 - 3 TOP ROW: Leon Beck, Stanley Alexander, Ray Doster, Ricky Telesco, Tim Brown, Rod Foote, Charles Brooks, Di Cavender, Michael Roach. MIDDLE ROW: Jimmy Darling, Rafael Conde, Claude Cao, Bobby de Castro, Chad Hawley, Gary Dixon, Steve Clark. BOTTOM ROW: Roberta Slane, Patty Gaffney, Ann Lynn Parrish, Debbie Mosier, Shelley McIntyre, Martha Ann Crum, Debbie Thomas, Priscilla Zautner, Andrea Aitken. ABSENT: Ricky King. GRADE 2 - 4 TOP ROW: Winslow Truax, Alain Schaer, Jeffrey Roh ling, Phili F t Ed MRS. BETTY LOU GAFFNEY It p os er, mund Nassr, Bruce Scully, Rex Carter, Thad Johnson, Stephen Crilly. it H D MIDDLE ROW: Ben'er Fi h Cl' F xl gi. it-,E we J sc er, ive rost, Dianna I pekdjian, Sherry Fisher, Karen Carson, Maril n M , ' R . . . . y usry uth Batchelder, Christie Dunn, Roger Hansen S6'I'3flI1 AQUIHO BOTTOM ROW: Julie Smith, Mellissa Reyes, Maiie oppeiilieiiiiei,'Melee Hemphill, Carol Rieliiiiillei, Diane it Galbraith, Susie Pockmire, Debbie Bethel. M15 GRADE 2 - 5 Z ie. k,,,, 3 ,,,V I ,,VzVl ,,w ,,,a i,.i.,kl TOP ROW: Thomas Elliot, John Bohnel, Jeffrey Semelraro, Alexis Mishtowt, Bircher Johnson, Toshi Tsuchiya, 'ei', i V i We Dale Bowen, Lindsay Powell, Arthur Cummings, John Davies. O i MIDDLE ROW: Cathrine Brennan, Joanna Mattison, Terisita King, Teresa Hodel, Victoria Malca, Linda Kitchen, Deborah Plaskett, Elizabeth Storck, Michele Torrance. BOTTOM ROW: Joanne Bergman, Pamela Shu, Nola Pearce, Michaele Ellis, Kea Lynn Bockus. AB ' ' SENT. Theodore Fleming, Sue AnnfSvoboda. eip, MRS. MARY BROWN 'Y ff MISS ROSARIO CASAL TOP ROW: Michael Ipekdjian, Malcolm Knights, Christie Gomez. Stephen Millington, David DruIT1II1011d, ' ' ' ' ' ' G offre Williams, John Wilcox Mari Camus. Charlie Brennan, Dickie Dickerman. John Rising, e y - MIDDLE ROW: Kathy Thauwald, Louise Fradenburg, Birgitte Anderson, Inge Klocke, Pamela Ragan, Peggy Jenswold, Liza Pomereng, Betsy Bohnel. BOTTOM ROW: Susie Hart, Naila Aquino, Jean Alle n, Ginsy Cavender, Toril Talboys, Anne Moran. ABSENT: Sally King. ,wa GRADE 1 - 2 TOP ROW: Robert Fisher, Michael Ty, Keith Geeslin, Guy Langvardt, Mark Lundy, David Feltman, Robert Foster, Ricky McCasland, William Snadoe, Mark Roach. MIDDLE ROW: Michael Phillips, Elizabeth Oppenheimer, Susan Francisco, Margaret Baldwin, Barbara Johnston, Deborah Balmain, Elizabeth Brucker, Mark Beck. BOTTOM ROW: Melodie Broeg, Carol McFadden, Mary Bryant. MISS GUTIERREZ 1, . . 4 s x V 3 ar ff? Lil V L. ,SPY L Vf?Lffiff21ff3fi?L2 . LL L ,W H5 VV 5V V11 H' ,LM LL , zL ik 9:5121 KK- ,Q K , J' fn , ,N 14 :ww QL 5 VVV ...' V, 24 4 M552 ' 25 v E , gg V VV LV ..b- :gV :2VV'fZJ"1V .L F ' Q-liz". -,l :7"i V LL LLL .frr , M k 4 L' fii' if ..!kk I , Z ,,.A l L ,.A L V AM if f?fVV-- X 1L-' Af V-21 Li' ' f L, VfV V fLQf:zI5f?1 - if Q L Q VL 4 , ,k': VV- LL if -VVV ii L ' L V.., Ll? L, ,EL , VI.,-Jfffl? v '- ,V , , W V VVV V V V--'V' -' V1 VL L L 5'r'Lfff75ZQf L V L 'L it we YL ' f V V V V L t ,L 'L AL LV V Lf Q L QL LL LL LL ..,, W asf if r 49' L ' L V V - " 1 VA,' ' N ,L , V: L yyg' A " VL f LLL L35 T Vai-'wk 5' if Li V' V , ,V 5 V 'IF 'L f fi milf mm EL -LVV 5 f1L L 5 LL LL 'f L L Q V :V L V f gg' fp L L V V V W VV Va, 'f L A L L L. 9 mmb, , Qwar V L VV'.1' M f V ,V V, L I ,L V we Q V ' my L ' If Q- L, " .s ,. AL 'W Y V fh am My-as wg V L A L V K H I L-L 4' Q 5' ' L ffLf5QH L ' Z .V L f L . L ' 'A b' , LQ L ' ' 'C gbL' V V ' LL L LL fIfL V, EQ L V L L 4 L V VVVV - LLLV V V L' V .L.V -'VV A V L ' V 5 ' -, L L 'V 'g LLL 'V'L L V :f f-1 . LL: f "'- , -V L . L LL 2 . L 'FV 'ff ,VV' V V L Q f" wwf LKL- 'L V KJV VfV'L L sz "2 LL L 955' ' L'LL Q Vx, " , .L LLL L' few -5 VV-V 9 N is Q f K V V ?LLlff,5V: 5 I wg W P , M W , , gg V V me w 2 1 1 9 La! L? LV., ' LL ,LL gg! V V-if V ilfgg, 3 ,. .V M V 1 55143 L m u, L L,, ev V, L A The human pyramid ia-SE! ,, A S fifffll Boy Scouts 1st row: George Williams, Roger Beck, Wayne Quasha, Robert Greenwald, Danny Beck 2nd row: Jim Helly, Ken Harper, Gordon Lester, Mike Slue, William H. Johnson, Jack Kleeman, Rolf Sletten. l lst row, left to right: Allen Quasha, Christopher Muni, Jackie Simke, StevenMu'ilenburg, Philip North, Simon Malca, Winslow Trauax. 2nd row: Richard Zautner, Mike Davis, Tommy Snalt, Tom Lockwood, Richard Nestle, Richard Armerding, Maurir Musry. 3rd row: Bucky Edwards, Albert Trauz, Hank Liese, Kelly Gibbs, Barry Baldwin, Jim McLone, Christopher North, Tommy Adamson, Bruce Ayres. Cub Scouts Cub - Pack 106 Cub Scouts 1st row, left to right: Michael Cadwell, Steve Conner, Don Foster, Gary Demack, Bill Marek, Richard Millington, Richard Woodling, Jimmy Rader, James Fleming, Peter Svensgaard, Monty Swiryn. row: Mark Stoner, Gregg Roberts, Allen Bradyn, Tommy Fisher, David Bowan, Dick Sletlen, Steve Doster, Ricky Rahn, Norma.n Reyes, Robert Hansen, Phillip Leigh, Phillip Telesco, John Carson, Bob Scully, Henry Pell, Terry Thornton, Chris Wiltsee. 3rd row: Ralf Lambert, James O'Bannon, Mich Lee Richardson, Chlis Stone. 2nd ael Conner, James Cargal, An eighth grade classroom dur- ing school hours. . . I I 1 I Girl Scouts TROOP 61 Top row: Dorothy Zautner, June Millington, Georgianne Ylitalo, Linda Browne, Patti Robie, Mary Pomerene, Peg- gy Pickard Middle row: Linda Zautner, Nancy Howell, Trudy Stewart, M a r g a r e t Har- greaves, Penny Powers, Jane Arrnerding, Helen Yap Front row: Louise Baier, Eliza- beth Reyes, Elizabeth Steiner, Susan Grant, Eliza- beth Wiltsee, Louise Crilly TROOP 159 Top row: Maureen Conway, Mary Leas, Margaret Rich- ardson, Marilyn Yousko Middle row: Christine Awad Ellen szita, Georgia Ritten- house, Alice Green, Jean Mill- in ton Patricia Flemming S , Front row: Patricia Oppen- heimer, Sandra Francisco Marianne Horst, Patsy Grant Tandy Del Tranfaglia, Mar- lene Wong TROOP 8 Top row: Kathy Ylitalo, Cathy Robie, Gayle Smith, Therese Perrine Middle row: Pauline Florence, Josephine Oppenheimer, Mary Ann Hosmann, Elaine Saus- sote, Carliss Baldwin Bottom row: Carol Cummings, Rina Picciotto, Edith Stick, Patricia Dudley, Karan Mc- Combe, Elizabeth Brown, Marie Oppenheimer TROOP 130 Top row: Jean Browne, Jean Llyod, Pamela Leikari, Tury- la Tranfaglia Bottom row: Mary Helen Szita, Sandra Tom, Mellis Reyes, Priscilla Zautner TROOP 23 Top row: Christine San Pedro, Camille Johnson, Terry Lam- S011 Botton row: Cora Lee Foote, Nola Pearce, Christine Mc- Fadden. TROOP 129 Top row: Anne Batchelder, Julie Brodie, Becky Bergman, Louise Rouse Middle row: Brenda Oliver, Vicky Carden, Judy Phillips, Sonja Johnson, Sherry Fisher Front row: Mary Rossman, Joanne Bergman, Becky Fle- ming, Ruth Batchelder, Su- san Parkman, Diane Vittaton TROOP 75 Top row: Paula Drummond, Janice Cargal, Donna Zaut- ner Bottom row: Linda Blackburn, Sharon Briston, Janet Ridge- way TROOP 6 Top row: Ruth Curtis, Maidie Hawley, Barbara Vorster, Patricia Lippincott Botton row: Roberta Lim, Cynthia Clarkson, Marla An- derson, Becky Lundy TROOP 14 Top row: Patty Gaffney, Anna Lynn Parrish, Cecilia Pesa- creta Bottom row: Debbie Bethel, Deborah Mosier, Carolyn Kilgore Brownies Q . , ' f 6 f I f iw as di ,X in iii, -' Ig 1,5 + it 2 x K we gm Aw vi! 1 X ' A A 'f 5 R 'Y ' ' my fk a an if if 1 if 'W A .L Af wi- f ll K Q' , it i' 51-Vx 4 Q ' Qffm-, If " A ' 'Q . 135 f 5 I ' ,QW If, i, fx fin--M ' 3 N '?'z J A i i A 'fi' ffffv 1. fax , xg, ' N , E M1 .. W V, A A Q Lv 1 f.. JE' " 'l1'E A ,, 6. Q 2 D2 'K' ' 15 wi pg k mf rqrzgly? fl AM w V. fr S ' if g , 1 a rw K fv Q. ,V A 4 , . in ,J fs 1 , if . , ,. , . ,-f g, ip. 'Nina 3 as . Y., MM 2 I W iftwf f 4 ,,v If W ,,ff ff 52 . Q' R in pf' 53" 5 e 5 1 A q. I ..,, bf ,sf r , , Q ,Q 1N:,,:. 5., ist , 'g Yr , ffl 1, avr s. V' my ,ggi wavy .L , , ' A., . K, Y 5 JJ' 3 4:1 Q X N :V Y it K , i ,gi , 2' M V A 'K In S , sw , f .I ii 51 K . Q , T' K if ,, , 17' if iff' ,,,,- It Vx. ' Y M AHF fr N . Q gba A V' Q Adi' ...ends. 1 f ff . 24 . f We -f ,. ,. I A -' QQ aff - if - " f I f' My Mbwfcfikff f , 7 0 O75 ff ajax? wif? fjvfyfgfa 3522 . ,dyffirz yay f -. gwwwzfw ag5w5"ff' 4i?gZf,2Mf'?4 f ff ' A fdijmcf ff' T, :L -A 3 .ref 1, ,sw lm ww fi gm ,qw ff Wfffff ' f ff . .f ADVERTISEMENTS firm C0 GRATULATES X the CLASS 1960 ff' f 'nf If KWH 523:2Q 3353 E352 -Sai 1 5144 1. lift-' 'SCEES- Z-5:i'1', '1 -ew -2. 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Sole Distributor ERLANGER 8: GALINGER, INC. lsaac Peral, Ermlta, Manila Telephone 5-I6-bl CEBU ' BACOLOD ' DAVAO Z .5 PETROLEO .xi I 1 I .25 I xii? ,S 68 Years of Service in the Philippines STANVAC When it introduced Petroleo Marca Gallo in this country in 1892, Stanvac tthen known as Soconyj became the first oil company in the Philippines. Since then it has assumed the role of pioneers in opening up new fields of progress for the nation through petroleum products. Stanvac is proud of the many important "Firsts" it has given this country. The first commercial oil product tPetroleo Marca Galloj, the first gasoline, the first motor oil in the Philippines were brought by Stanvac. Stanvac products have made possible many Philippine ,history-making "Firsts": The first air exhibition flights over Manila in 1916 by aviator Charles Niles, as well as the famous Arnaiz-Calvo flight from Manila to Madrid in 1936 used Socony aviation gasolineg the M. V. Gen. Roxas, the first steel hull vessel built in the Philippines was launched on Mobil Marine Lubricating oils. Through the years Stanvac has been recognized as a leader in promoting Philippinetechnological progress, that it has become a part of Philippine life. STANDARD VACUUM OIL COMPANY U may 1690 W JWMJMQQQ San Miguel Brewery consistently strives to produce the highest quality products and to render the best possible service. Added to these obiectives is the policy of maintaining fair prices. These high principles have eamed for San Miguel Brewery the patronage and prestige which it enioys today as "Home of Quality Products Since l890." 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V, , , hifi- vi Q- '-ILJORWAK ' Af.-I L I'- I ' 555 Q Munn us'- Blldlbqgmgq if C0MPANy if LA CARLOTA SUGAR CENTRAL METROPOLITAN INSURANCE COMPANY PILAR SUGAR CE SHIPPING DEPARTMENT NTRAL ELIZALDE TRADING CORPORATION TANDUAY DISTILLERY, INC SANIAR MINING CO., INC. MANILA BROADCASTING COMPANY ELIZALDE ROPE FACTORY ELIZALDE PAINT 8z OIL FACTORY, INC , INC. SUGAR PLANTATIONS INC. K 1 1,0IQ Lil- puts the fun back into driving w i t h N A,p14:ff .:22 df ' fh 9 e ee as we ,Q .2 ff .. ... ev "' th af e "" eeeeee eeeeee ' G' ' 'll" g I V e S .,,:,,.,5::::: zz.. ,, you ore a ol I mn e ge. GOODRICH INTERNATIONAL RUBBER COMPANY General Office: Por+ Area. Manila Facfory: Marikina Heigh+s Planiafion: Tumajubong, Basilan Watch: Goodrich's TV Show, "Highway Patrol", DZAQ-TV - Every Wednesday at 8:30 P.M. CONGRATULATIONS Io This yecir's groduofes ,. I' Cie EV4I53iih1" E ru.l.:n C am ation ,f-' 5 Q I 59 P 2 9 Sw as v, ,4,, e t keg X C , 50 I JK 3 N is R' ,Q 2 Sa 1 X ff' Yi? 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" ""'n A . gl IPQRATE K .hh MILK I 'mv Mllmf ' "Cu m MII-K 50 S 'A men nu nvun.Ki9 kj from The General Milk Co. mcxkers of LIBERTY Evoporofed Filled Milk lfcill cmd smolll QUALITY Pkonucrs OF dI'I1i1Ii0Il XT QOKS ELEMENTARY -- HIGH SCHOOL - COLLEGE I Widest Assortment -- Clean, Fresh Stockj Qualify SCHOOL SUPPLIES f F rom Pencils to Typewritersj DICTIONARIES - OUTLINES -- REFERENCES TEACHERS' PROFESSIONAL BOOKS SCHOOL FORMS -- RUBBER STAMPS MAPS - TESTS 8: SCALES -- GLOBES ART MATERIALS - DRAF TSMEN 'S SUPPLIES MAGAZINES 8: MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS I' or Over Half llileie Supply Home ,.,,,,:,:gg:: :,:: : .:::. 5 55: .,:,:::::::,:,:,:,:::,:,:,.:' 'Essay-,.,, ::::::.,.:: ,351 .:.,.:.:.,.,. , 1 .,.:.:.:.:.:.1.:.1.3.:. 1 .g.5.:.g.:.:., Tel. 3-22-51 Always look for this seal as your guarantee ol the best in aluminum.. 5 5 ' ss , K s S ss ll I s s 5 S X 5 5 S : ' x V xx 5 ss sS I : I X xx 5, ss 'es f I ' lx N s' X N' I I I 1 x s X, sg I I I Y x S s ss I I ' X X ss ss X ' ' l A ss xx s' 5' I I , x , X X BAIIEN-TYPE ROOFING : l l lx sy s ss I I X X X x8 sWx ' ' t X ss ss s : I P xy x X x8 : : X x XX xx Ss ' l xx xx ss xW W- -X I I y s , X A, ' , 1 X3 I I .. f' X S - l N s S f .W I X 1 www ,.f x S Q 1 , - 1n0'?,1g9'?'a'rl'- I X ,f " I' xy I X -',,ew , s -- f ,. ,ff I we x X ' l Q X sg I ,X ss x RIBBED-TYPE ROOFING x L INSULATION Fon X X I I X X I s REYNOLDS ROIOFING ' ' h f X ss X x - X I . ,, ' : W , O ! QF, I .Y F n I NK Irv' ,fff ' NN 9 ' Ox' 4 xggx V' ,N mga! 7 - I . f -'L lx I cIRcI.Es Fon INDUSTRY COIL Fon RAI-Pnoormc , REYNOLDS WRAP PLAIN SHEET "o'.,oLfff.lIff'nII REYNOLDS PHILIPPINE. G0llP0llATl0ll Y aluminum! I Highway 54. Manclaluyong, Rizal ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY ELUZAR TELEVISION COMMERCIALS DOCUMENTARIES COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY TEL. 5-36-87 523 ISAAC PERAL ERMITA, MANILA Arsenio Veluz BRANCH: MANAGER 324 DAVID. EscoLTA , ,,,-. i .. S.I ,.SS , --', A I A ' E A ' I AAIP"P .AAI IAIS SLIL ,1 g,,. .I I W'iE 5 S1 ,Q ' p The SSII ' 'styled ' ' eyeglass hearing aid you've always wanted- for better hearing By AcousTlcoN W. A. BHITTICK gl CII., INC. E55 1 Y EA R s OF PARTNERSHIP gr E IN PHILIPPINE PROGRESS BANKING FOR INDUSTRY . . . PROMOTING ECONOMICAL STABILITY - Philippine Progress and The Firsf 4 NaI'ionaI Ciiy Bank go hancI-in-- ' 04 nv hand. Since I902, The Firsi' Na'IionaI Cify Bank has worked closely, kepi pace wiih Ihe growfh ancI expansion oi Philippine Agriculfure, Indus+ry ' and Commerce. 49 0 land naw Ill' alll . Ria 'iii' - ew iz!-' 01- ,VE 4+ I 771: FIRST NATIONAL CITY BANK qf.N'ew Toni Branches in the Philippines M A N I L A Main Branch: Juan Luna Street 510 ROME? S'AfIiAS' ERMITA Port Area Branch: 13th Street 2. T1 1 2. PAMPANGA: Clark Field CEBU: Cebu City Tel. NOS. 5-30-33 5-I4-62 5-15-97 QWIM -IIEQ, ,ruins uf lIImL0IsIap Compliments of WALK- IIVER SHOE STORE IIIR INIIUSIRIAI HEATING PRIIBIENIS CONSULT ., Q.g, I 'GAS 'E'E I FAVORITE LP TRIAL INDUS WE HAVE THE MOST COMPET ENT STAFF IN THE PHILIPPINES FOR INDUSTRIAL CYLINDER GAS INSTALLATIONS CALL TEL. 5-33-33 8: 5-57-06 PHILIPPINE ACETYLENE CO. 1155 CRISTQBAL, PACO C012 Cgmmlaziiom to the CLASS of 1960 C. F. Sharp 8. Company, Inc ' d . First round-the-World airline ...andyirst choice of experienced travelers in f Step aboard a giant Clipper' and Pan American will whisk you all the way V V , ' around the world-east or west. N 3, ml Westbound, fly Pan Am via the Middle East to all Europe. Then take your Y X choice of 2 .let Clipper routes to the U.S.A.-across the Atlantic to New York, ' ' , or over the Pole to the U. S. West Coast and onward across the Pacific. Eastbound, fly Pan Am from Tokyo faboard new Jet Clippersl or via Manila to the U. S. West Coast, then over the Pole to Europe by Jet Clipper, and back home through the Middle East. Stop over wherever you wish along the way. Continue your trip whenever you want on Pan Am's frequent Round-theWorld flights. Enjoy the finest standards of air service, "on time" S arrivals and departures, and the convenience of more than 800 S Pan American offices 'round the world to serve you. For expert trip planning, call your travel agent or Pan American Phone 3-19-81, Manila Hotel ' Downtown Ofice, 204 Escolta 'Dade-Mark. Rqlunr d Pliilippina ferent Ofc Ad No. SF-7617-H fPlate size: 7 x 10inches1 40 inches, B8rW-4 col x 10 inches Q7 x 10 inchesj Manila Newspapers-August, 1959 :s EEEQ5 ,uq3QMUw0 during? gyour vacation '? um,,, W II ' gf fps ' . f - ' 1' , . I :.,.,. v 'f I .2 A gsazaiiigsaiz :4. V I fe- Q A egg? W P -2 ,:,,.,:: se-51.3 gg 2" ' , - 4 JV I -X Il I , . W " . IIIIII I .,.,: X I X lil .ff Hina' ' I"l5 ij Q If I ' 3 -'-- IDE' g I EEEEEMQ I I in A 05 I x,.,,.,.:. L :.-. .. , m,,,,,,,, ,J I S .u"""'luunuullmlm --"now , 1 .Ill u ..::5:azz':s',aaf:" ::5zezs.2?z:,. ' 4?fa2E:3:f6s":.:v:5f Q "222Swff1- V ff ' . " fr' .A 1 ..., A.,. - I ,.A.,. A . 4 x Do . . . make 'I'I'1G Iove Io wear! way makes II so Learn Ihe Iafesf Iechniques from 'Ihreading a machine Io I'I1e use of aI'racI'Imen'rs aI your SINGER SEWING CENTER. Teen-age Rafes: IO-Iesson course in Dressmaking ,.,. 1320.00 IO-Iesson course In., Embroidery .... 'F"20.00 Form your own group and spend your holidays profII'abIy. Enroll Now at the Air-Conditioned I SINGER SEWING CENTER SINGER BLDG., BONIFACIO DRIVE, PORT AREA MANILA I I SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY e?'l'rade Mark of ihv SINGER MFG CO. -13533: ' BETTER FOOD VALUES F 0 R ' FAIR DEALING 0 SHOPPING CONVENIENCE 6Ahuae awww me Qkal PLACE ro sHoP -I 5 I i'Ii"'Q:gi -:ls-: 2 N M- F I - 1 , N PM ,..-"iff gtg ff ismL,aii1IwH3?22?2Wi eeaafaanf-aaa omg 51s111ii.r.: ssase'.:.:f:gi5fi,E V. xa.. I , H I ,,,,.,,,,... X, S..,. 5 'WE'-'Tl v - 483 Padre Faura Forbes Park, Makati Tel. 5-37-51 Tels. 5-02-11 8z 5-02-13 IDIYIIVAAIRQKS -Mx . 5 Z . - , y Nu , 4 3 SPECIAL: CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS AND OTHER ITALIAN DISHES Air Conditioned Dining Room and Bar , f ' ', , fr ., ,f?J,1gg2ZlgvQSkiEZ?ff 4,47-1 -:k:'7, ff ln' 46.11, .QLL W7 1 , In, fi ,,M,qffZ.:,?H .7741 ., fn.. E - if g BREAK THROUGH THE BARRIER 219 MENLO RD., PASAY CITY TEL. 5-57-50 Maximum Power From Your Engine X HI-OCTANE GASOLINE GIVES GREATER MILEAGE ro Youn cAR Expecl maximum performance from your car wi+l1 Super l'li-Ociane - Jrlie gasoline made especially 'for ioclay's advanced, high-compression engines refined by Filipinos ai flue Caliex Barangas Refinery for cars in lime Philippines. For iop engine performance - RPM .E SUPREME MOTOR OIL ... for greafer U riding comfort gel' MARFAK LUBRICATION. x S .n ll M my Sal 'rusencu Losls HELP FIGHT TB IS THE QNE ALL Adjusts protectively to all metering conditions SHELL X-100 MULTIGRADE IS AVAILABLE IN 2 RANGES: lOW!3O cmd 2OW!4O PLUS on exclusive NEW ciclditive since June 1959 to keep pistons cleaner cit high tempercitures, cut com- shcitt wecir cincl lengthen ccirlite. A 1 I A , 1 i 14? Q C-9 , ?ngwmF '39 CMMHYNMEHMEBMI K? .. - .- ' Ns ' tv fwywfwfe 211 the wvfld Ulfvugh ADKINS IRAVEl AGENCY 534 ISAAC PERAL, ERMITA, MANILA .-.-: Teieiohonez 5-33-24: 5-41-74: 5-31-'12 AVAILABLE AT ALL STORES, GROCERIES AND AT . . . . BY AIR OR SEA U , 3 ' +i. As official agents for airlines and steamships, we will gladly n E2 supply the latest information regarding routes and regulations, --f f i'ff'G'-f'-"HT" g arrange itineraries, clearances, visas, and reservations to and " AJ "":'iet"L " from all DHHS of the W01'1d- 118511195 A. MABINI Cor. ARQUIZA Tel. 5-57-28 We're sorry to see the Class '59 go... But we'ii ine giaci to do their packing, crating, anci shipping LLIED BROKERs o coma :2:-:-:-:f-:-:-:-:--:-:-:f:fx-:- -ff.:-:-:-:-:-:-:2:-:-:-:--N:-:+--:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:gg -:-:-:g:5:5g:g2g:12g2 12222:22:212:2222222:222:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:1:2:2:2 :1:2:1:1:1:2:1:1:2:1:1:2:2:1:2:2:2:1:2:-:2:-:-:- :g:3:::::,:g:5:g:1:551:121:-'-2-',.1:0'-I-'12-522'.-2- '- 2515232755:fisiiifiifiliiiiiiilififsffgliizi25553iiiiiiifiiiiliiigiiiii55512523555152E2:IS:E-:I555351:2:7:2:5:5:5:2:2ri:-:11212:1:5:15:2:3:2'2:2:5:2:2:55:5:2:5:5:15:Yi22:25:-:-:-:::5:-:E:E:2:E:2:E:Q:E:2:22222:2:2:2:2:2:E2EI2122222122:-:-:-:1:1:f:5:2:2:5:7:5:5:f:25:2:2:1:2:5:2:5:5:5:Q1f':-Ezqilagl !f?2:i2'EiR'v"22i1?"i 1-'-'-1-'-'-:-'-'f".-' -'-3:-.:-:-:-:-'-:-:-:-:-az-xg:-:5-3:-:2:-:-:-:-:-:5-:-:-:-:-'-'-:+:-:-:-:-:--:-zz:559--3:::5:3:5:::g:5:1:::,.-'--:3:5:,.g:3:g.2.--.-.5:5:5:g.g:g:,:g5:g:g:---:::::::z,:::5-:-'-:-:::5::3.:.::5:f' 2.-f.- M-ifv.:.5g52g:g:j2 .'.g:z:s:s2z:s:s:52m :2:z:a:egs:s.. 4222225 gagsgsgegsgzgagsgsgags ,,s512222gzgsgsgzgzgiegsgzgzgf 5:25 5252525 -2.2s:s:a:z:z:s:s:s:s:s:2. :a:s:z:a:s:a: ,za g.-'lf-1'-'-. 9' '!,'-I-2-,g f ':5-- . 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Suggestions in the American School - Kawayan Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) collection:

American School - Kawayan Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


American School - Kawayan Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 59

1960, pg 59

American School - Kawayan Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 132

1960, pg 132

American School - Kawayan Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 113

1960, pg 113

American School - Kawayan Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 86

1960, pg 86

American School - Kawayan Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 6

1960, pg 6

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