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A -C R055 me Bl ug PA CIF - ,C Br THE SHORE,-3 OF T545 CHI- N i EEE? mo FEL-Lows WHO MMV mf' NOS' ro L5 ' F QIR ol' 0 xgvf' 5 A '75 ' Dierks rl-us IN 'MANS The Senior Class of the American School presents THE 1951 KAWAYAN I' ,uuwmvawuu AA ll lg? 4 ll ' O 7 If Head master's l Message ll is a pleasure fo convey my besf wishes fo fhe class of l95l. my firsl' graduafing class af fhe American School. In fwenfy-six years of 'leaching experience l do .no+ remember fhaf l have en- ioyed a group of seniors as l have enioyed working wifh you. Your cooperafion in all maffers pertaining fo school affairs has been excellent The energy wifh which you have approached and solved your school problems, eifher academic or exfracurricular, has been oufsfanding. And personally-and l have a very personal inferesf in fhis class--l am pleased when l fhinlr l can number each of you among my friends. ' Your fufure is a maffer of greal concern fo your feachers, your parenfs and your Headmasfer. ,..You have graduafed af a time when fhe ideals and principles thai have been iaughf you are being challenged from wifhin and wifhouf +he democracies of the world. Our experience wifh you in fhe school indicafes, however, 'l'ha'l you will approach your problems affer graduafion wifh 'ihe same zeal and spirif lhaf you have approached your affairs in school. Our confidence also exfends +o fhe belief fhaf you will always lzeep be- fore you, as fhe primary aims of your lives, fhe search for frufh and fhe pracfice of fhe democrafic processes. May you go far and may your lives refurn an abundance of whafever you may seek. 5 8 0-Wfffzwznf ' " -A 1 ,A vm' X S Ek W ' s K Dedkadon We, The Class of I95I, dedicale rhis year's Kawayan lo our headmasler, l-lerberf E. Warfel, wifh admirarion for his direc+ion and execuiion ol' school affairs, and gralilude for +he benefiis pro- cured 'lo us by his genuine infereslr in our welfare. We are glad indeed Thar Mr. War'lel's firsf year here was our mosl imporlani one and are giving our 'rhanlcs for his leadership. As a source of inspiralion and guidance, he has been invaluable +0 us. and we acknowledge and appreciafe 'lhe pafience and IoyaI+y he has so willingly displayed. If I: 3 K+ 747' rrhslfl' llllllllm O - -4 - xt l 25 1 MR. BERGSEN6 MRS. ABARBANEII MR. DULCE MISS PEFIA MRS. MUNI MRS. MUILENBURG MR. REYES MR. SINCLAIR HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY ADMINISTRATION I-IISTORY Mrs. M. E. Abarbancll Mrs. N. Muni Mr. R. Dulce Miss N. Peia Miss G. Orlega Mrs. A. Muilenburg Mr. N. Reyes . Mr. T. Sinclair ART Miss ..P. Leaber SCIENCE and MATHEMATICS Mr. J. Bcrqseng Mr. J. Roxas Mrs. .M. Sfeiner Mrs. G. Tipon LIBRARY Mrs. l.. C. Ackerman Miss Y. OIIigcr ATHLETICS Mr. A. von Einsiudel Miss B. Smilli MR. ROXAS SR. JOLY SRTA. MARIINEZ MR. VON EINSIEDEL MISS SMITH MRS. DE WITT MISS ORTEGA MISS OTTIGER LANGUAGES Q SV. IZ. July Srla. M. L. Marlinez Mrs. A. Muilenburg ENGLISH Mrs. M. C. Bryan Mr. N. Reyes Mr. T. Sinclair MUSIC Mrs, O. DcWilI MRS. BRYAN MISS LEABER . yi MRS. ACKERMAII MRS. TIPON N ., .,.........-s..,.....s.X.s.s.,,.s.sS Rs.,-. smug..-Nw . sw..W. MRS SKINNER MRS. FRANKLIN MRS. GOODIER MRS BALDWIN MRS ZWONECHEK MRs.soLHE1M MRS. FREEMAN MRS. SOREM MR SOLHEIM GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY GRADE ONE GRADE FIVE GRADE EIGHT Mrs. K. Baldxlvin Mrs. H. Gooclier GRADE TWO Mrs. M. Flefcher GRADE THREE Mrs. K. Zwoneclwelc Mrs. B. Solheim Mr. W. Solheim Mrs. C. Winfers GRADE SIX Mrs. M. Miles Mrs. W. Carbonell GRADE SEVEN Mrs. O. Anderson Mrs. M. Mergerum KINDERGARTEN Mrs. E. Skinner Mrs. B. Franklin GRADE FOUR Mr. W. Miles Miss M. L. Yearsley Mrs. R. Sorem Mrs. R. Regnall Mrs. I. SmiI'l1 MRS FLETCHER MRS. WINTERS MRS. CARBONELI. MRS. MILES MR. MILES. MRS REGNALL MISS ARELLANO MRS. ANDERSON MRS. MARGERUM K MRS. SMITH MRS. SKINNER MISS YEAPSLEY , . ..--. .... ......,,......-.... .,......m,..T....... . . -. ,, . 4? V SVI sv -aw ae? W cuxsses I sz The Senior Class History We, fhe seniors of l95l, do nof, as a maiorify, look upon our graduafion wifh mounfing excifemenf. Our graduafion will mark fhe end of our high school frain- ing period. buf. if will also mark fhe end of fhe days in which we were foof loose and fancy free. We realize fhaf once we reach college we will have fo buckle down and meer responsibiliiies and obsfacles which -have been fhe downfall of many a' good man and woman. Therefore. in fhe years fo come, we will offen look back on our senior year of high school. To lead our class. we chose Leo Schwaiger as class presidenf, while Manny Smifh grabbed fhe vice-presidenf slof. To 'rake minufes we elecfed Mary Virginia Lewis as secrefary. i Beginning our senior year we had 2I sfudenfs. Oul' of fhese few we builf up fhe play Green Pasfures. fhe Negroes' concepfion of heaven. Some of fhe main characfers were Bill Warfel, in fhe role of God: Leo Schwaiger as Cain: Virginia Willimonf as Cairfs girl: Bob Muilenburg as Ol' King Pharaoh: Mike Jordan as Moses: and Bob Smiley as Noah. , Noi' only has our class been blessed wifh acfing abiilify. buf also wifh lilerary falenf. ln fhis field we find Bob Muilenburg and Dave Liffle, edifors-of 'lhe Bam- boo Telegraph, our school paper. Marge Ailexander, Bill Warfel, and Paf Clegg have also confribufed much fo fhe life of 'lhe paper. Senior Class "Di+ch Day" officially began when 2l seniors leff for Whife Sands on fhe admiral's yachf, fhe Margaret Food and drinks were sfored aboard by fhe box-full, much fo fhe delighf of fhe sfarving seniors. The day was marked by fhe rowing of fhe life boaf around the bay and fhe absorbfion of all fhe sun's rays possible. s Now we come fo fhe pride and ioy of fhe senior class -- sporfs. We may safely say fhaf we seniors have led in pracfically all sporfs. ln baskefball we find Leo Schwaiger, Manny Smifh, lan Hall, Jimmy Layfon, Ted Diehl, Bill' Warfel, Henry Pappa, Mike Jordan, and our posf graduafe. Johnny Sfubblefield. ln swimming meefs we are very cerfain fo see Bob Muilenburg, Bob Smiley, and Johnny David- son. On fhe baseball diamond we find Mike Jordan, Bill Warfel. Manny Smifh. Eagle Liffle, Jimmy Laylon, Leo Schwaiger, Johnny Davidson, and Johnny Sfubble- ie . Looking back we fhink, "Gee, I wonder whaf will happen fo fhese poor people here af school affer fhe class of 'Sl leaves!" Marge Alexander Cenleen Commillee lchairmfwl. Va:-A sily Baslcellczall, Varslly Volleyball, lnlramural Baskelball, G-lee Club. BAMBOO TELEGRAPH llilerary page edilc-rl, KAWAYAN lad- mlnlslrallon secfion edllorl, Sel- elm' Assemlwlv. MO .. Q ll ll Q A a, l X 2 l B MP ay I Harry Cox Glee ..Cll.l1, lkf'XVVAYAlel. ,l , 1 NU . 15 wav 4 Z, Y Mi Pat Clegg Slhdenl Council, A:- Nembly Commilfee lchalrmanl, Awards Commiflee, G l e e Club, BAMBOO TE- LEGRAPH ledilorial page sdiforl. KA- WAYAN, Senim As- wrfblv. if Lf' ' , v Sr 431 W 'Na lohn Davidson Allwlelic Commllfee, Varsity Baseball, Varsily Sollball. Varsily Swimming. Varsily Volleyball, lnlramural Fool- ball. KAWAYAN fsenlor claes adi- lorl, Senior Assembly. Ted Diehl Siucleni' Council lclass - represeniaiivel, Con- siilulion Commiiiee. Varsiiy Baskeiball, Varsiiy Volleyball, ln iramural Baslceiball lnframural Fooiball Iniramural Swimming lniramural Baclmin: ion, KAWAYAN lad- veriisinq managerl, Senior Assembly. al F ...F Wil Ian Hall A.S.S.B.A. President Awards Com miliee, Conslilulion Commiliee Traffic Commiiiee, Versiiy Baslrei ball, Varsiiy Sofiball, Varsiiy Vol- leyball, lniramural Baskeiball, ln iramural Foolball, lniramural Bad- minfon, KAWAYAN, Senior As- sombly e' '9 'T' t-cf! 1 Mae Dayton Glue Club, KAWAYAN lgrade se iicn ndilorl, Senior Assembly. fff ' f f S XX 7 Z- 'HE I5 ff' A. X , "lil "5 ml u Q 7ll' an -Y Y. f fl P ffll' ol ix l x ff l my Dorothy Hooge Glee Club KAWAYAN Senior Assembly Mike lordany A. S. S. B. A. Vice Presideni Treas- urer. Awards Commiilee, Gradua- fion Cornmiiiee, Boy Scoufs, Var-' sify Baslcefball, Varsiiy Baseball. Varsity Volleyball, Varsily Track. lniramural Badminion, lniramural Fooiball, BAMBOO TELEGRAPH lcopy ecliiorl, KAWAYAN lbusi- ncss managerl, Senior Assembly. lla, will lx. .1 3 cv 4,45 .l,i,.'+l' il 'i"i .l t v 4 xx Mary Virginia Lewis Senior Class Secreiary, Var- sify Baskelball, Varsiiy Volleyball, lnlramural Baslcefball, Glee Club, KAWAYAN lclasses edi- iorl, Senior Assembly. 537 I V .lain 3 fr ' B 7 A ,- James Layton Aihlelic Commiilee, Versily Beslceiball. Va rsiiy Baseball, Var- lcefball, KAWAYAN lsopliomore class edi bly. G X David Little Assembly Commiilee, Awards Com- miiiee. Varsiiy Baseball lcapiainl. Glee Club. BAMBOO TELEGRAPH lco-edilor in clniell, KAWAYAN lmalce-up ediior and asisisianf pho- Q?QV6Pl'1Y Sdiicirl. Senior Assem- y. siiy Sofiball, Infra- mural Fooiball leap- iainl, Iniramural Bas- iorl, Senior Assemf Bob Muilenburg Awards Commll- lee, Varsily Swim- ming, Varsily Sol?- ball, lnlramural Fool- ball. Camera Club, B A M B O O T E l. E- G-RAPH lcovedilor- in-clwlefl, KAVVA- YAN, lcopy and pho- tography edilorl, Se- nior Assembly. Y -K ,188 " N 3 l.eo Schwaiger Senior Class President Elecrion Com- 'gif' 0 miflee lchairmanl. Varsify Baslcel- T ball lcaplainl, Varsily Baseball. Varsily Volleyball. Varsily Traclc and Field, lnlramural Swimming. lnlramural Badminlon, Senior As- sembly. 4' S- Eileen Mollat f Alhl V C mmillee, Varsily Baskel- y g baillCVarZi'ly Volleyball, lnlramural " Baskelball, Cheerleader, KAWA- gr, YAN lacllvilies edilorlg Senior ' fx Assembly. 1 ' -J J ' 1 f f X WL.. M if 1 ' . gs Q 'Q 52235 3:25 3? 3 Henry Pappa Election Commiffee, Tral- 5ic Commillee lchair- manl, Varsily Baslrelball. Varsily Volleyball, Varsi ly Track and Field, lnlro mural Baskelball, lnlra mural Foolball, KAWA- YAN liunior class ecli lorl, Senior Assemblv. Bob Smiley Sludenl Council class allernale Awards Commiflee Gradualicn Commiiiee, Varsilv Swimming lor in clwiel , Senior Assembly. ON Q i ,i gli Camera Club, KAWAYAN ledi: l 'riff xl Y 2 f 1 5 P V i u e' I .C .?.-.14-.X 3, I Bill Warlel ' ' Sluclcril Council, Allylglig Cummillco lcliairmanl, Conslilullon Commillee K K lCl1air'manl, Awards Qorruuilicu lclmirmanl, Vnrsily Baskulball, Vrireslly lliisclndll, llIlI'0lllLII'ill Bas- kalball, liilralnuml Swim- ming, lnliuimiml- Fool, ball, BAMBOO 'lELF- 6NAl'l'l lspurls udilurl, KAVVAYAN lspurls cdll- orl, Senior Assembly. ZX wr Manny Smith Senior Class Vice Pre- miflee. Varsily Bas- lcelball, Varsiiy Base- ball, Varsily Traclc and Field, Varsily Soliloall, Varsily Vol- leyball, lnlramural Swimming. Glco Club, KAWAYAN lcircula- lion managorl, Sc- nior Assembly. N I '-X - x, M.. X X, I ' T ' ' x . Sl! . x ,f 4 ' 6 no .. h X, Virginia Wi :mont miilee secrefary Consliiulion Commillee Gradualion Commil Tee Varsrly Baslcefball caplain Varsily Volleyball lnlramural Ba lcefball KAWAYAN lgnrls sporls cdilorl N Qi. ' " 'H' X 4 A.S.S.B.A. Secrelary, Awards Com- X SX 4 . A I ,In . .U X , , . , ,E ' c N i sideni. Traffic Com- The lunior Class History T Opening Their Third year of high school, They elecTed Their class officers. Joanne Hall was eleded presidenT while Will Brady and STeve Tellman garnered The vice- presidenT's and secreTary's jobs respecTively. LaTer in The year, when STeve had To refurn To The STaTes because ol illness, he was preplaced by l:lizabeTh Frei. Tony Rocha was made STudenT Council represenTaTive and Elise Mears, alTernaTe. . In The line oi sporTs, The junior boys copped The inTramuraI siwmming Trophy. On The Two man Team were Mike STroup and Mike Abarbanell. Our boys also parTicipal'ed in inTramural baskeTball and TooTball. 5elTing oui wiTh grim cleTerminaTion To raise money Tor The annual iunioresenior prom, They esTablished The Book Exchange, which operaied during The summer and al' The beginning oT This year. On The commiTTee headed by 'Mike Abarbanell. were Mab Bousman, ElizabeTh Frei, Joanne Hall, Will Brady. and Begone Ciurana. Anofher money-making proiecT was The cake sales, which Tound sundry and assorTed members of The class in TronT of The school, vending Their wares. STill shorT of Their prom quoTa, They buckled down To presenT a movie, Gallani' Bess, which was shown on SepTember 2, l95O, in Heilbronn Hall. ShorTly aTTer This. They gave a Fashion Show-Tea, aT which all of The iunior girls, and some from The iower grades, modeled. The junior boys assisTed by serving reTreshmenTs. AT The beginning oT December They presenTed l Remember Mama Tor The class assembly. The leads were Taken by BeTTy Ingram. Malo Bousman, and Will Brady. Their sincere Thanks go To Mrs. RuTh Rogers, Their TaculTy adviser, Tor her work in making The play a success. During The course of The year They losT some of Their oldesT and besT mem- bers: Sue l'lirsT, David Parks, Johnny Florida, Jean SingleTon, Sarah Brengle. Mary Ann Charles, Kay Lismer, Begoie Ciurana, and Their adviser, Mrs. RuTh Rogers. All ieTT Tor The ,STaTes. Mrs. Ann Muilenburg Took 'Mrs. Rogers' place as adviser. Milne Abarbanell Prom Commillee. Audio Visual Commiilee lchairman l. Infra- mural Baslcelball, Boy Scouls, Book Exchange lchairmanl. Junior Assembly. Vincenl Aldanese lnlramural Baslcelball, Glee Club, Junior Assembly. Aurora Adeva Prom Commiilee, Dance Commil- lee, Fashion Show. BAMBOO TELEGRAPH, Junior Assembly. Mal: Bousman ' Prom Commillee, Dance Com- miflee, Book Exchange lsee- reiary-lreasurerl. Fashion Show. Girl Scouls. Glee Club. BAM- BOO TELEGRAPH lgrade page edilorl. Junior Assembly. W -N .,-, - ,wmv .,.., .. ..-1 ...wh : ,..W.s. .- s -W all Will Brady Assembly Commillee, Junior Class Vice President Treasurer Book Exchange, Camera Club. BAMBOO TELEGRAPH fbusi- ness managerl, Junior Assem- bly. Mary Ann Charles Dance Committee. Book Exchange BAMBOO TELEGRAPH. Begofie Cuirana Sandra Cowen Varsily Baslrelball, lnlramural Bas- - Dance Commmde' ICO-Chairman, kefball, Book Exchange, Fashion Show. Girl Scouls, Junior As- sembly. Awards Comrnillee, Varsily Baskelball. Varsily Volleyball. Inframural Baskeilaall. Fashion Show, BAMBOO TELEGRAPH. Junior. Assembly. Carol Edwards Prem Committee, Dance Commit- tee lco-chairrnani, Awards Committee, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Volleyball, intramural Basketball, Cheerleader, BAM- BOO TELEGRAPH, Junior As- sembly. Elizabeth Frei Prom Committee, Secretary Ju- nior Class, Intramural Basket- ball, Book Exchange, Fashion Show, Girl Scouts, BAMBOO TELEGRAPH, Junior Assembly. Mary Ruth Elizalde Prom Committee, Dance Commit- tee, Fashion Show, Junior As- sembly. Joanne Hall Prom Committee, Junior Class President, Varsity Basketball. Varsity Badminton, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Badmin- ton, Book Exchange, Fashion Show, BAMBOO TELEGRAPH. -I unior Assembly. Q 5 2 Sue Hall Pat Hogan Dance Committee lsacretaryl. Prom Committee lchairmanl School Seals Committee, Var sity Basketball, Varsity Volley ball, Intramural Basketball, Fa Assembly Committee, Canteen Committee, Glee Club, BAM- BOO TELEGRAPH, Junior As- shion Show, BAMBOO TELE- sembly. GRAPH lteature page editori Junior Assembly. Marvin Hooge Betty Ingram Junior Assembly. Prom Committee, Assembly Com- 1 mittee. Girl Scouts, Junior As- sembly. Mesue.mnwmw.e,,-m..,.,N....s,.e.,..,,,,,.,,N,,,,,m,,,,,,,,,,VL N ,G Q A ,A V h Hmm H, W, ,W Kay Lismer Dance Commiifee, Varsily Swim- ming lcapfainl, Faslnion Show, BAMBOO TELEGRAPH, Junior Assembly. Louise Ross Assembly Commiitee, V a r s i -l y Swimming, BAM BOO TELE- GRAPH. Tony Rocha Sfudenl Council lclass represen- lalivel, Prom Commillee, ln- lramural Baslcefball, lnlramural Badminlon. Glee Club, BAM- BOO TELEGRAPH, Junior As' sembly. Norman Simmons Prom Commilfee, Dance Com- milfee, Varsily Swimming. Boy Scoufs, BAMBOO TELEG,-RAPI'-l lariisil. KAWAYAN lar? edi- lorl, Junior Assembly.- D Mike Shoup . George Weber Dance Commilfee, lniramurall Junior Assembly. Fooibeill, Intramural Baskulball, Inlramural Swimming. oreen Winfer Canfeon Commilfee, Gloe Club, Junior Assembly. John Sfubblefield lposl' gracluafel Varsify Baslaelball, Varsily Baseball. Varsiiy Volleyball, BAMBOO TELEGRAPH lcirculafion man- ngerl. Sophomore Class History Only abouf half of lasf year's freshman class refurned fo A. S. fo make up fhis year's sophomore class. This was due fo fhe deparfure of srudenfs fo 'rhe Sfaies. For fheir class officers 'rhe sophomores elecfed Danny Overmyer, presidenf: Sfuarr Smifh, vice-presidenf-freasurer: and Consianfine Urevifch, secrelary. Buf be- cause of Consfanfines confliciing posifion as chairman of fhe Camera Club and Sfuarfs being on fhe Dance Commiffee. fhey were soon replaced by Kiiry Bownass and Henry Schmellces, respecfively. The sfudem' council represeniafive was Heafher Alexander wiih Joyce Brady as alfernafe. Because of Mr. Bergseng's popularify wifh fhe sophomores, fhey chose him for iheir class adviser. The sophomores have already sfarfed fhinlcing aboul' fhe Prom which fhey will have 'ro give when fhey are iuniors. They held weekly cake saies in an efforf fo raise money. Kiffy Bownass, Jean Nuiley, Joyce Brady, and l-leaiher Alexander sold 'rhe cakes af recess. Wifh 'rhe same purpose in mind, ihe fenfh graders also fook charge of selling fhe school key chains. The sophs are very proud of fwo of fheir fellow classmales. 'ivlanuela Adeva and Heafher Alexander have broughf recognifion fo ihe class by consranfly appear- ing on 'lhe high honor roll. Alihough noi an especially afhlefic class. fhe sophs were represeled in baskei- ball, rraclc, baseball, soffball. and badminfon by Leigh Umber. Joyce Brady and Sharon Zwonechelc wenf ouf for girls' baskefball, while Irene Hellman was 'rhe lone sophomore girl on fhe swimming feam. Joyce and l-leafher Alexander also parfi- cipafed in badminfon. The sophomores caused some disappoinfmeni io 'rhe resf of ihe school by noi presenfing a class assembly. Alfhough fhere was quife a lair of fall: on several ideas 'for fheir assembly. nofhing ever malerialized. And even fhough fhe sophs have nof been as acfive as some of fhe ofher grades, They have been a vifal parf of fhe school. Manuela Adeva Heaiher Alexander Assembly Cornmlfiee, Clmeerlead- Sludenl Council Repfesonfaflve, cr BAMBOO TELEGRAPH. Varsily Volleyball, Glee Club. Bill Asserson Kiffy Bownass Sophomore Class Secretary, Gle-5 Club. -wamfmx Wgssvsmswi s 1 ms sevmvx sl-ms: Qsfm -ss: w sL1swam-swmwswfgs.1smmws.amsm:m::www .N mssssswfswwwwxsmr James Bell Joyce Brady Sfudenf Council lclass alfernalel. Elecficn Commillee, Allwlelic Cornmilfee. Varsily Baslcefball. Varslly Volleyball, Varsily Bad! minion, ln+ramural Basketball, lnlramural Badminlon, Camera Club. BAMBOO TELEGRAPH. David Charles Sll"'leY Farrow Siuarl Smilh Dance Commiiie. William Toussainf Irene Hellman Afiwlelic Commiiiee, Varsiiy Swimming. BAMBOO TELE- GRAPH. Jean Nuiley Glee Club. ' Henry Schmellces Sophomore Class Vice Presideni. Camera Club. 5 Danny Overmyer Sophomore Class President Infra- mural Foofball, lniramural Bas- lcefballh lnlramural Swimming. Camera Club, Boy Scouis. BAMBOO TELEGRAPH. i Redge Sialey lnframural Swimming, lniramural Basketball, Camera Club. A Leigh Umber Ailvlefic Commiifee, Varsiiy Bas- keiball, Varsify Baseball, Varsiiy Track, Varsiiy Volleyball, Vars Sify Soifball, lniramural Baskef- ball, lniramural Fooibali, Tramural Swimming. QS NS X 1 wzsxks X S X X X ixxiiflii XV wx , ,. . .,, .gixgsigxfgf 2 siixsg,-Q s , , 4 .NX L , ffgLzg,2s g,3, fs Awe S 1 N e. .X V , N- - seam. bas . . I1 X f- s . , . - X 1:2-ja eikififiii' 1.. 'iffjex 'Jail sei -e1i.-win I f 5:-5 -sa. Q ,sg s :I i i Consianfine Urevich Mary Welforcl X Camera Club lprosidcnil. Sharon Zwonechelc Varsify Baslzelball, Varsify Volley- ball. gi Freshman Class History STarTing Their TirsT year as members of The high school, The freshmen elecTed Jaime Farre as class presidenT, AlaisTair Hall as vice-presidenT Treasurer. and Johnny Hicks as secreTary. Johnny was laTer replaced by Bill Tellman. ln sporTs. The Treshmen showed surprising parTicipaTion Tor The size oT Their class. Jaime Farre was one QT The sTrongesT members of The VarsiTy BaskeTball Team, while Johnny Bell helped carry The A.S. Swimming Team To vicTory in The M.A.A.S.S. championships. Along The line of inframural sporTs, The freshmen were acTive also, and succeeded in garnering a Third place in The inTramural swimming championship. The inTramural baclrninTon and TooTloall saw many Treshmen cornpeTing, alThough mosT places Tell To The sTronger senior Team. By way of acTiviTies. The freshmen Teil shorT. Their class Treasury had a clean slaTe The whole year. The only organized Treshman acTiviTy was The "Trosh baT- Talion." which was Tormed To harass Teaching seniors on Senior Red l.eTTer Day. The Treshmen Tailed To presenT Their annual class assembly. alThough They parTicipaTed in many social evenTs. This year marked The TirsT year in which Treshrnen Took a real'y acTive parT in The schools social calendar. Cyn+l1ia Anderson Maria Luiea Balmaseda Girl Scouls, Book Wool: Assam- Glce Club. John Bel' Diane Bell Sludenl Colmcll' Valslll' Swlm' Dance Conwmilloo. ming, Varsily Baseball, Intramu- ral F-oolball, Boy Sroufs, Book Wool, Anaombly. Vlilllam CoH'on Pe+er Diehl lnlfamurhl Foolbell. Book Woolf Student Council ldass represen- Assembly. ' Talivel, lnlramural Baskelball, ' Intramural Football, Bock Week Assembly. 0 Manuel Elizalde Jaime Farre lnlramural Baslmefball, lnlramurcl F,-eshmaq C1555 President VG,-,Hy FOOllD6ll, 500k VV'20l4 Af50"f'l7lY- Basketball. Varsily Baseball, ln- lfamural Baslnelball, lnlramural Foolball, Book Week Assembly John Hicks Milcell 'Hogan Secrelary Freshman Class, Boolf ' Glee Club. Vlleelc Assembly. ' Gladys Leach Vicky Nafhan Boa-lx VVQQK Assembly. Nancy Gray a Earl Jones Dance Commillee, Varsily Swim- A ' ming. Alaisfair Hall John Henderson Vice Prnsiclenl Freshman Class, Varsily Baseball, lnframural Bas- lcefball, lnframural Foolball. as mm my 1 .,., -.3 1a,msn:.wL.mwhamywsmmmwa-mmxaacwmmi a:s.fszmaa:e. a.,.:1.1mN Q ....c:Q..c:s Bruce Parrish George Severien lniramural Foolball. gill Tellman Varsily Baseball, lnlramural Bas- lcefball, lnlramural Foolball. ,,, .1T. , GRADE VIII Sec'I'ion I Mrs. Anderson Firsl Row lleil Io riqliflz Clwarlofle Pelers, Gina Carnui, Elizabellw Klocke, Susan Parrislw, Eleanor Rolz, Lilign Nas Than, Mary Lloyd Reynolds. Second Row Ilell' 'io riglnllz Peler Parscns, Pascual Caliviela, Carl Olliger, Cesar Balmaceda, Frank Eulan, David Sanders, Roberl Simmons. Firsf Raw llefl fc rigl-Ml: Marqarel Meyer, Jacqueline Jordan, Janice Willimorf, Barbara Hall, Janelle Bar- gess. Second Row llell' Io riglwflz Peler Harken, Rene Knecnf, Francis Florence, Allred Bass, Richard Kmnady, Lawrence Barnelf, David Riclvarl. Absent: Beali Susskind. -AH.m.m.,,m,wmwu,-Nwwws.-.NIM-.s.M.N N ms+.wwm-X,f,s.sfN--,wx .as.,.XsIwa..s,Is s.wWxa,...s.Nw.-My - X - I . A . . . I X , . . myM,s,u.mW.wX.Ws.wN,.W.,aW.s,,s..,.,,.,v..,M,,?,Vm1 ,hm V , mmm, WY .WNW GRADE VIII Sec+ion 2 Mrs. Margerum Firsf Row llefl to riglxilz Belly Jo Evaff, Diana Alexander, Joan Mackay, Palsy Smillm, Marelyn Abbey, Ardis Aandahl. Second Row llell' Io righllz Fernando Guerrero, John Rocha, Dirk Groionlunis, Dieler Winkler, Nikolai Pereplelclwikoff. GRADE VII Secfion 2 Mrs. Regnefl GRADE VII Sec+ion I Mr. Miles Firsl Row llelf Io riqlwlln I-lelen Loewinsolm, Birgif Pereplefchilnoll, Consuelo I-lall, Meribel Aboifiz, Bellw Gooclier, Anne Buller, Susan Wallace, Deslys Robinson. Second Row lleil Io riqliilz Bruce Smillw, Jose Caliviela, Mary Louise Klar, Lynn McDonald, Diana Davis, .Ioan Naylor, lviiclmel Green, Joel LMS x s X . IM. N.. ss-fs - w-,w- - -WAV -r LM surf ,- .U f1pQMwssm,Q1-1--, - A -X-wwf -.,mxmsmssexxw-fm:-mass-.:.::,:.k:m1,: 1,zm.w,1mmmwmhwmswwMssmswmwv.wvwAfX .... ,W ':f1mf,,f,ummvwnunxA GRADE VI Seclion I Mrs. Carbonnel A Firsl Row llell lo righllz Belly Wilson, Joy Morris, Doroihea Croval, Judilh Weinslein, Leilani McCall, Cecilia Parrish, Mary Belh Cvermeyer. Second Row llefl lo righll: Olaf I-larken, John Baker, Bob Jacobs, Joachim Drueclce, Erwin Ackerman, Ollo Becker, Samuel I-lellis. Firsl Row llell lo riqhllz Penny King, Doris Kaullman, April Wilson, Ruih Lamberl, Felicily Parrish. Second ROW llell 'lo riqhll: Edwin Eulau, Malcolm Smiley, Doward Douwsma, Thomas Terry, Lucas Adamson. Third Row Ile-I+ To righll: Lee Builer, Eddie Schwesinqer, Eddie Gomez. Paul Meyer, Carl Onesly, Guilly Luchangco. New pupil: William Schullheis. GRADE VI Seclion 2 Mrs. Miles up-W--s W V-W-mawsm-ww WW X. , . .. ,W ,sm s ss. shes,omsssmszsfss-myNgsmmmsM1ssssw----WMzssfsvis..---srsssmw srrr --,xsw..,,.,s,...- s, ,sqm ,, E tw , W Firsl Row llell lo rigliil: Teddy Reynolds, Ellen Macleod, Leslie James, Mary Ann Carmichael, Rose Marie Flo- rence, Barbara King, Joan G-erbec. Second Row llefl lo riqhil: Adelaide Bellville, Ramon Ayeslaran, William De Wil, Wellon Rolz, Fred Eliznlde, Ellen Kauffman. Tliird Row llell +0 righfl: John Guerrero, Clwrisfoplier Bell, Fabian Caliviela, Pairiclc Parsons, Bruce Miclialec. GRADE V Seclion 2 Mrs. Win+ers i l GRADE V Secfion I Mr. Sollieim Firil Row llell io riqlill: Deborali Roclie, Susie Porlerlield, Emily Freedman, Doris Tiinerlnerg, Mary Jane Brooks, Renale Kuensfler. Second Row lleli io riglill: Ann Dillabougli, Valerie A-zlcerman, Paul Severien, Kari Klocke, Howard Hari, Pamela Russell, Gai Barraclougli. Third Row llell lo riqlillz Anlliony Russell, David Brown, Earl G-aberman, Sandy Slewarl, David Barneil, Roberl' Boni, Gerd Winkler. X M . x -, .,...,.,.. M mmfmxx.xAxmwim exwwwwwrmmdw-mmmwm me-im-wr 'wgmz:.m-wmamsewwnyw-:wry-mwwvWee :.4e GRADE IV Mrs. Sorem C Firsl Row llell fo righll: Micky Riflrin, Claudia Perlillo. Marilee Bell, Marqarer Swifl, Sue Olive Deane, Mary Kulas, Aniiia Douwsma. Second Row llefl' lo righl: Jerome Slern, John Macleod, Kay Wilson, Mavis Aandahl, Sarah Shafer, Barbara Collins, Judy Morshead, Ellen While, Jack Russell, Paul Cariviela. Third Row lleff +0 righllz Melvin Gran, Vslilliam Weber, John Caldwell, Tillirnan Johnson, Donald Hoclcell, James Eslher, Arfhur Cooper. Deparlerlz Luis Ciurana. Absent Frank Wenlholf, Fire? Row llelr 'ro riqhl-lg Karen Michalec, Sheila Morshead, Evelyn Hercz, Helen Steiner, Carol Smilh, Joanne Raniere, Derolhea -Becker. Second Row llelr 'ro righll :Terry Lee, William Brown, John C-arrlan, Scol+y Chapin, Wayne Egli, Allen Slaley, Warren Abbey, Melanie Karr. Third Row llelf fo riqhll: George Rapporl, Lee Del Pan. Fuller Malone, George Fichlner, Gunlher Prilrwiiz. Absenl: Sarah Chambers. mmmxmmmmvamhe-ae.rm:ma:,L,La,,,,,,,g,,,,1eL.r,erLx., , ,.,- ,g,e.e:,4r,,x,1t,,,1.u.1.W,,, r ,..,.,. ,-.,: ,,.. ,, ,,, ,.,, amen, ., ,J ,..,,.. , ,,,. , , ,, ,,,,.,, uA-,,....,,,.,,,,ge-,1 ,:,, ,Q ,..,,, e,,,:,4u.,,C,4g.,,.,,,,,h,,. GRADE Ill Secfion I Mrs. Zwonechek J GRADE Ill Secfion 2 Mrs. Solheim Firgl Row lleii 'fo riqhfl: Jacqueline Lissner, Nancy Lou Twineham, Rulh Rcse, Flor Hernandez, Sarah Burlnharl, Kalhleen Triope, Connie Newlin, Second Row llefl rc righll: Sharon Baldwin, Eclcard Bull. David l'lL1ClSOf1. GSOVQQ Vlachos, Millard Arnold, Gerald Popeioy, Gamaifo Garriz, Helen Klar. Third Row llelr To righll: Dsuqlas Beniamin, Billy Harlcen, John Burqoyne, Larry Skinner, Davis Schwesinger. Absenl: Dina Cl1eCClf9- Firsl lflfiw llull lo riqhll: Sliulagli Cromwell, ivlariefla Tuubsainl, lvlaiqul l'lawld:i5, Barbara Pallnn, Ciirislirie Pal snr, Nadia Dillow, Irene Marlin. Seicnd Row llell lo righll: Sleven Grinders, Gloria Chua, Diane Tellman, Tonya Winlers, Beiiy MacDonald, Eva Slernberq, Aurora Abrera, Surry Kilchler, Mary Brings, Sfephen Sharer. Third Row lleff ro righrl: Karel Mosebroolc, Dirk Van Dongen, Klaus Kuhne, Robbie Briancl, Sluarl Hudson, Tom- my Johnson, Timmy Davis, Tim Thurnau, Michael Salrole. Absenl: Linda Pralico and Pliny Slabbin: New pupils: Peggy Gran, Marlon Jones, Parricia King, Teddy McCall, Carol Naylor, Roberl Schulllieis. GRADE ll Mrs. Flefcher .X .X .. WWW. -. .,w.ff:Xns- :x ws' we 1'-rf , , r .... my X. . .lX, . N f, ww---qwQ1.ea,-.,:.ii ...- wr.-lxfuwwq au:-.,m-Aw: xiumfy: :.f.wmm.s. in --was awk X N.. .W .away X, wr. X GRADE I Secfion I Mrs. Goodier Firsl' Row llell Io riqlwll: Sadie Pele-rs, Joan Esllier, Molody Greer, Ruin S'einer, Donna Bryan. Second Row llell Io righll: Joanne Topacio, Richard Ranierc, Jolm Sakole, I-lenry Sclwwesinger, David Sliapland, Ronald Tredway, Karl Syndor, Clwrisline Cromwell. Third Row llell lo riqlillz Allserl Freedman, Roland Pclerson, Willinrn Cline, John Onesty, Timolhy Green, David Noble. Bobby Harlmn. Absent: Kallilocn Freeman, Norman Freeman, Delberl' Hoogo. Firzl Row lliill ln riqlill: Lyla Henderson, Elizabelli Ray Keylon, Roberl Kular, William Hopewell, Buddy Rnlli Wliile. SlIf3"l'llI MflI'1'i50'W. lxflnry Slnwnrl, Carwl Vxfinlnrs, Patricia Uircllny, Patricia Tonssainl Hernandez. Socnnd Row lloll lo riqlillz Pai Salole, Lucien Keller, Jack Blankenship. Clwrisfoplwer Osscrio, Aaron Wriglwl. Tliird Row llell lo riqlmllz Jolwn Holi, Larry Gill Hill, Mirliael Appel. New pupil-az Adnln Darian, Piero Ui Ti-iritlo, Rohr-rl Klirclilmlqn GRADE I Seclion 2 Mrs. Baldwin Margarel Alorahamse, Audrey Burgess, Calherine Firsl Row llefl lo righllz Lyndall Barraclouqh, Clare Shapland, Baldwin, Elizabelh Francisco, Marilyn Malone, Anne Mosebrook, Ingrid Pelser, Myra Ricks, Mary Dowsma. Sec- Brock Nichols, Bryce Barrows, John Miller, Wil- ond Row llefl lo righll: Deborah Van Nosjrand, Dana Herazo, liam Evans. William Swill, Michael Hudson, Roberlo Villanueva, Lewis Haven, Diane Lewis, Barbara Dudley. Third Row llell lo righll: Richard Cromwell, Bradford Nuber, Harry Weinslein, Lee Polferloaum, Rusly May, Roberf Janda. Gerald Hill, John Lanoslon, William Thompson. Absenl: Susan Davis, Frank De Dreu, Miren Guerrero. Cheryle Ransom. Abe Saldieh, John Sinclair, Susan Simke, Dein Nuber. - KINDERGARTEN Mrs. Fra nlrlin Miss Yearsley -S0 sg FJ O 'f 237 1 0 U Q31 ' Q4 SE 0 , 1.6 n -1"a' 4n 3 ACTIVITIES Firsf Row lleff fo righfl: Elise Mears, Sandra Cowen, Carol Edwards, Virginia Willirnonf, Ian Hall, Milre Jordan, Heafher Alexander, Joyce Brady, Mary Lloyd Reynolds. Second Row lleff fo riqhfl: Bob Muilenburg, Anne Bufler, Milne Abarbanell, Pefer Diehl, Henry Pappa, Bill Warfel, Bob Smiley, Ted Diehl, Tony Rocha, Beafi Susskind, Mayling Aandahl, . The Student Council A sludenf governrnenf is one of fhe mosf imporfanf phases of school fraininq. as if is in such an organizafion fhaf a sfudenf develops leadership. ln fhe Ameri- can School fhe sfudenf qovernrnenf consisfs of a Sfudenf Council, which is made up of represenfafives from Grades 7'l2, commiffee chairmen, and sfudenf officers. Each class and cornmiffee has one vofe on all maffers broughf before fhe Council for discussion. The official school publicafion, fhe Bamboo Telegraph, also has a seaf in fhe Council buf has no voice or vofe. Capala'y leol loy Presidenf lan Hall, Vice-Presidenf Milce Jordan, and Secre- ,fary Virginia Willirnonf, flue Council experienced a successful year. A more ef- ficienf manner of running fhe school canfeen was insfifufed during fhe pasf year. A re-wriffen and sfricfly enforced consfifufion was anofher maior accorhplishmenf of 'rhe Council during 1950-l95l. Sfudenf Governmenf Officers. Seafed lleff fo righfl: Vice Presidenf Milne Jordan, President lan Hall, Secretary Virginia Willimoni. First Row ilett to rightl: Sandra Cowen, Pat Clegg, Virginia Willimont, Carol Edwards. Second Row llett to rightl: lan Hall, Bob Smiley, Chairman Bill Wartel, Bob Muilenburg. Election Committee Members: Leo Schwaiger lchairmanj, Joyce Brady, Ted Cotton, Joanne Hall, Henry Pappa. The Election Committee, under the direction ot' Leo Schwaiger, chairman, is composed ot one representative from each ot the high school classes. The committee organized the election ot the student body otticers in the beginning ot the year. For the tirst time the school had regular voting polls. This committee presented both the old and the new constitutions to the student body, and ottered the stu- dents a choice between the two. The new constitution was preterred by the majority. Awards Committee e Members: Bill Wartel lchairmanl, lan Hall, Milte Jor- dan, Virginia Willimont isecretaryl, Sandra Cowen, Carol Edwards. Bob Smiley, Bob Mui'enburg, Pat Clegg, David Little. The Awards Committee, under the supervision ot Chairman Bill Wartel, evaluated the achievements ot the students in their participation in athletics and in school activities: and it recognized the outstanding students in these tields. The committee rewarded the deserving students at the Awards Assembly, which they presented in March. The various organizations which have representation in the Awards Committee are the Athletic Committee, the Student Council, the Dance Committee, the Bamboo Telegraph, the Assembly Committee and the Kawayan. Lett to Right: Henry Pappa, Joanne Hall, Chairman Leo Schwaiger, Joyce Brady, Ted Cotton. Constitution Committee This comrniTTee. elecfed by The STudenf Council, was solely responsible Tor The revision and re-wrifing oT lasT year's consTiTuTion. lT was chosen To include The Three sTudenT body oTTicers, The senior class represenTaTive, and one other council' member. Headed by Bill Warfel, The commiTTee speni' abouT Two weeks on iTs Taslc. The re' vised consTiTuTion was Then presenfed To The sTudenT body Tor iTs approval and iT was unanimously rafified. This new consTiTuTion has been The basis for The smooTh operaTion oT The sTudenT governmenT Tor This school year. The commiH'ee was Then abolished by The STudenT Coun- cil afTer iTs iob had been complefed. FirsT Row: Virginia Willimonf. Second Row llefT To righfl: lan Hall, Tad Diehl, Chairman Bill Warfel. Traffic Committee Members: Henry Pappa lchairmanl, Manny' Smifh, lan Hall. The TraTTic CommiTTee, under The able leadership of Chairman Henry Pappa, solved The American School Traf- Tic problem by keeping The vehicles under confrol every day aT noon. The commiTTee was chosen from The sixfh period sTudy hall. lf succeeded in channel-ing Traffic along Donada sTreeT, and helping pedesfrians To cross. AT Twelve noon each day, These Three seniors were posTed aT inTervals along The road in TronT of The school. l.efT To Righf: Manny Smifh, Ian Hall, Chairman Henry Pappa. - i First Row: Manuela Adeva, Second Row lleit to rightl: Louise Ross, Betty lngram, David Little, Pat Hogan, Chairman Pat Clegg. Assembly Committee Pat Clegg lchairmani, David Little, Pat Hogan, Louise Ross, Will Brady, 'Manuela Adeva, Betty Ingram. g Our entertainment this year has been sponsored by the Assembly Committee, under the competent leader- ship ot Chairman Pat Clegg. This committee has man- aged to give us on the average ot three assemblies a month. ln the early part ot the year, Vice-President Lopez delivered a very interesting speech. Other prog- rams ithat 'followed were a musical' trio, a Glee Club per- tormance, and various pep rallies. Also the juniors and seniors each presented a class program tor the entertain- ment ot the students. The seniors put on a condensed version ot Green Pastures, a Negro spiritual, while the juniors presented the play, I Remember Mama. Members: Dance Committee Members: Carol Edwards and Sandra Cowen lco- chairmenl, Sue Hall lsecretaryl, Aurora Adeva, Norman Simmons, Stuart Smith, Mab Bousman, Diane Bell, Mike Stroup, Mary-Ruth Elizalde. Under the co-chairmanship ot Carol Edwards and Sandra Cowen, the Dance Committee guided the school in its social activities. Some ot the dances sponsored by this committee in- clude the Acquaintance Dance at the beginning ot the year, "Sadie Hawkins Dance." which included a hay-ride. the annual Christmas Formal, and the Valentine's Dance in February, '5l. Toward the latter part ot the year, the committee lost three ot its members, who iett tor various countries. These members, Mary Ann Charles, Nancy Gray. and Kay Lismer. were replaced by Diane Bell, Mike Stroup, and Mary Ruth Elizalde. The new members carried on with diligent worlc. Seated ileii to Vighlli Diane Bell. Mary Ruth Elizalde, Sue Hall, Aurora Adeva, Mab Bousman, Stu Smith. Standing llett to rightl: Norman Simmons, Co-Chairman Carol Edwards, Co-Chain man Sandra Cowen, Mike Stroup. ' Lett to Right: Chairman Margaret Alexander, Pat Hogan, Doreen Winter. Canteen Committee , At Last! The Canteen is open all day. No more running around looking tor the key to open the door. At the beginning ot the year, the Canteen, hired Mr. Beduya, who worlts there from eight to tive p.m. Under the financial management ot Marge Alexander, and the able salesmanship ot Pat Hogan and Doreen Winter, the Canteen is malcing 5 sizeable protit considering the small student body. The protits from the organization will, as they were last year, be turned over to the Awards Com- mittee to detray the cost ot awards. Athletic Committee , Members: Bill Wartel lchairmanl, Eileen Mottat lsec- retaryl. Joyce Brady, Irene Hellman, John Davidson, Leigh Umber, James Layton. The Athletic Committee, headed by Chairman Bill Wartel, was responsible tor all the intramural sports this year. During the tirst tew months, the committee, working in cooperation with Coach von Einsieclel, sponsored a ping pong Tournament tor the tirst time in the school's history. ln August this committee gave an Athletic Dance in the school' gym to raise money tor the torthcoming athletic events. Seated llett to rightl: Eileen Moffat, Joyce Brady. Irene Hellman. Standing lleft to rightl: Leigh Umber, Chairman Bill Wartel, Jimmy Layton, John Davidson. , . t i i -t Firsr Row lleli' lo righllz Maria Luisa Balmaseda, Mae Dayion, Dororhy l-looqe, Marge Alexan- der, Pal' Hogan, Doreen Winler, Pal' Clegg, Heaiher Alexander, Milzell Hogan. Mary Virginia Lewis. Second Row llelf io righfl: Kifly Bownass, John Henderson, Manny Smiih, Harry Cox, David Liiile, Mab Bousman, Vinceni Aldanese, Tony Rocha, Jean Nuiley. Glee Club Brillianlly led by Mrs. Olga lflan De Wirr, ihe Amer- ican School Glee Club has been The source of much enjoyrnenr ro The srudenrs. Srarring lhe year off wirh a choral presenlalion in an assembly, rhe group also performed before 'rhe Molhers' Auxiliary and many orher school lunclions. The group has been praised for rhe high qualify of ils performances and for 'rhe wide variely of ifs seleclions. Camera Club During 'rhe early perl of lhis school year. a group ol srudenls deeply inreresled in phorography organized a Camera Club. Wilh lhe help of Mr. James Bergseng ihe club succeeded in preparing a clerk room for use in developing and enlarging srudenis' piclures. The main purposes of The Camera Club are ro acl as official publicalions pholographer, To expand inieresr in pholography among srudenls, ro provide necessary ins- iruclion in mechanics and pholographic rechnique, and fo encourage 'rhe use of phorography as an arf medium. Firgf Row llefi io righrlz Presidenl Conslaniine Uravich, Mab Bousman, Joyce Brady, Vinceni Aldanese' Henry SCI-ymelkes. Second Row llefi fo righil: Danny Overmyer, Will Brady. Redge Sfaley, Tony Rocha. Third Row lleil' lo righllz David Lillie, Bob Muilenburg, Bob Smiley, Milne Jordan. 5 'i :wax . '- Fxiflris-'.: T ' if .. NTT ' T' get N. s L., .- w -A T - 2 fr la "" 2. F1599 " :Z sir. . ef' :- ,:q ef: --" Pi slgfizffz ENT Ta-T Q: . Y- Bob Muilenburg Cc-EdiTor'in-Chief SeaTed lleTT To righTl: Marge Alexander, ElizabeTh Frei, Seo Hall, Joanne Hall, Sandra Cowen, Carol Edwards, Mab Bousman, Joyce Brady, lrene Hellman. STanding, FirsT Row llefT To righTl: Paf Hogan, Will Brady, Bill Warfel, Norman Simmons ,Manuela Adeva. STanding, Second Row llell 'TO righTl: Tony Rocha, Danny Overmyer, Henry Schmellces. ' The Bamboo Telegraph Under The able leadership oT ediTors Dave LiTTle and Bob lvluilenburg, The Bamboo Telegraph rolled oTT The press eighTeen Times during This pasT year. fi chalking up Twelve-page ediTions wiTh The ChrisTmas and graduaTion issues. PaT Clegg ediTed The ediTorial page Tor The enTire year. STaTT arTisT Nor- man Simmons added rnuch color To The page wiTh his carToons. ATTer John Florida had deparTed Tor The STaTes, Sue Hall moved To The TeaTure and Bill Vv'arTel swiTched To sporTs. Marge Alexander carried The liTerary page. When Jean SingleTon leTT, Mab Bousman Toolc over The grade sheeT. The Telegraph would have had a diTTiculT Time geTTing ouT if iT hadn'T Tor error-caTching Aurora Adeva, dependable copy-ediTor. Telegraph couldn'T have gone To press aT all. His sTaTT consisTed oT PaT Hogan, Danny Overmyer, John Bell, John Hiclcs. Tony Rocha, Henry Schmellces, Louise Ross, and laTe-comer circulaTion manager, Manuela Acleva. . ln each oT Their eighTeen issues, The Bamboo Telegraph sTaTT aimed aT giving The paTrons, sTudenTs, and TaculTy a beTTer undersTanding oT The goings- on around school and To provide bi-monThly enTerTainmenT and sTimulaTion. AT The prinlers. 2 WiThouT The services oT Will Brady, B. T. business manager, The Bamboo aff- Silgs M , . ge,13Q..,i. x Q: T 4 if , Qifiilii -.5-' lifl 'zlgz :fy , Digg: fafvff - .'f.:-wigs. :W , ls? as . " T TT , , '- X X T ffl. 9.054 , L ' ' David l.iTTle Co-Edilor-in-Chief 'E S N T i Seaied lleif To righil: Marge Alexander, Virginia Willimoni, Eileen Molfal, Mary Virginia Lewis. Mae Daylon. Dorolhy Hooge. Slanding, Firsr Row llefi 'ro righil: Henry Pappa, Manny Smilh Johnny Davidson, James Layfon, Mike Jordan. Harry Cox. Sfanding, Second Row llefl lo righll: Bob Muilenburg, Leo Schwaiger, lan Hall, Teddy Diehl, Norman Simmons, David Liffle, Bill Warlel, X1 in ie is ' u X 1 W S The Kawayan The work on 'rhe l95l Kawayan began in Seplember wilh The seleciion of 'rhe s+aff by a facully commiiiee composed of Mrs. Muni, Mrs. Bryan, and Headmasler Warfel. Bob Smiley was appoinied Ediror-in-Chief, Mike Jordan was named Business Manager, and rhe resl of ihe slalf, including Manny Smifh as Circulaiion Manager, Ted Diehl as Adveriis- ing 'Manager, Bill Warfel as Sporls Edifor, Eileen Moffai' as Aciiviiies Edilor. Marge Alexander as Adminisiraiion Edifor, Dave Lifile as 'Make-up Ediior, Bob Muilenburg as Copy Edilor, Mae Dayion as Grades Edi- +or, Norman Simmons as Ari' Edifor. John Davidson as Senior Class Edilor, Henry Pap- pa as Junior Class Ediior, Jimmy Layion as Sophomore Class Edilor, Harry Cox as Fresh- man Class Edilor, Dorofhy Hooge as High School Classes Ediior, Ginny Willimonlr as Girls' Sporls Edilor, and lan Hall and Pai Clegg as Assisfani' Adveriising Manager and Assisiani' Arr Edifor, respeciively. The siaff overcame seemingly insurrnounl- able difficulties clue +o lack of film. engrav- ing maferials, and lime, and, sparked by Arr Ediior Simmons' oursianding carloons. 'lurned .in a good job and had a good Time doing il. 1 -N32-1:E5Ef':15':32Qi5155 , .r1.:,:::.:- is-ff 'N '-' we 3 YN Q- :XNCQIQ-is Y..-, -sim. s SV' X? 'X- R X X ,I 59. :55'IE5:- ,I ,, '-: 1: .qv -:?-. - 1 XN ' XNVEtii5.'i3:tfj?',f ".-s- fs-4, 1515555 5 'L:.1X"'i'-f .ill , X X its .55 -'FTS Rim , 1 : 2 - 12 25 xi ' 5'.lTl. 2- - A' 1 Bob Smiley Edifor-in-chief FirsT Row lleTT To righT: Sammy Hellis, Niclcy PerepleTchilcoTT. Second Row lleTT To righTl: Mal- colm Smiley, Frank Eaulau, Gene Hessel, Dirlr G-roTenhuis, DieTer Winkler. Third Row ileTT To righTl: ScouTmasTer Quasha, Danny Overmyer, Bruce Parrish, Milce Abarbanell, Norman Sim- mons, lviilsc Jordan. Cub Scouts Troop l, Boy ScouTs oT America and Philippines, spon- sored by The American School and The American Legion, is enTering iTs Third year OT acTive duTy. Due To The unseTTled condiTions, many oT The members have dropped ouT, leaving The Troop wiTh Three Tull paTrols. However, This has noT hindered The Troop's parTicipaTion in nu- merous evenTs, among which were The La Salle Ra'ly, a Training program held Tor Troop leaders aT Boy's Town, Marilcina, and many oTher hilces, rallys, and CourTs OT Honor. All in all The Troop has done well Linder The experT leadership oT ScouTmasTer William Quasha and has made a good impression on The neighboring Troops oT Manila. Boy Scouts . The American School Cub ScouTs include boys Trom The ages oT 8 To II. AT an early meeTing Mr. Ed Love was elecTed cubmasTer. Mr. Henry Marks is chairman. The Cub program encourages group work and play, gives The boys an incenTive To work wiTh a spiriT oT help- Tulness, and aims To develop Their sense OT responsibiliTy, good sporTsmanship, manual dexTeriTy, and inTeresT in various subiecTs and handicraTTs. AT The momenT The Cub ScouTs have a membership of 37 boys, divided inTo dons oT more Than eighT boys per den. The Tollowing have acTed as den moThers This year: Mrs. A. M. Macleod, Mrs. R. S. Russell, Mrs. M. Arnold, Mrs. A. D. STewarT, Mrs. L. R. WenTholT, and Mrs. W. D. McDonald. FirsT Row lleTT To righilz Michael Sakole, Terry Lee, G-ammy Garriz, Jack Russell, Larry Skinner, Doug McDonald, Warreri Abbey, Chris Larsen, Wayne Egli, Fuller Malone, Bill Brown, Billy Har- ken, Sandy STewarT. Second Row lleTT To righTl: Gerd Winkler, Howard HarT, Ramon AyesTaran, Earl Gaberman, Billy De WITT, Edward Garriz, John Macleod, Bobby Boni, David Brown, WelTon Roh, Arfhur Cooper, Karl Kloclce, Luis Ciuraia, Millard Arnold, Louis May, Guy Bryan, Den Chief Carl OTTiqer, ChrisTcpher Bell, Don Chief Johnny Hirlcs. Firsl Row lleli lo righll: April Wilson, Valerie Ackerman, Mary Belh Overmyer, Belly Wilson, Jackie Jordan, Mary Jane Brooks, Diana Alexander, Lynn McDonald, Lelani McCall. Second Row llelr lo righli: Joan Gerbeck, Barbara King, Rosemary Florence, Ellen Macleod, Teddy Rey- nolds, Ann Dillabough, Margarel Meyer, Anne Bnller, Belh Goodier, Deborah Roche. Third Row llell lo righllx Mary Ann Carmichael, Thea Croval, Emily Friedman, Leslie James, Cecelia Par- rish, Diane Davis, Mary Lloyd Reynolds, Birqil Perepleichikoll, Palsy Smilh. Fourih Row llell' io righli: .ludilh Weinslein, Consuelo Hall, Berry Ingram, Ann Henderson, Joanne Hall, Susan Parrish, Mab Bousman, Joan Mackay, Cynlhia Anderson, Eleanor Rolz, Elizabelh Frei, Begoiie Ciurana. Girl Scouts Alrer individual members had compleled all require- menls, Girl Scoulr Troop 62 of 'rhe American School re- ceived ils lirsl class badges. Upon reaching 'rhis rank, 'rhe rroop number was changed To 16, and lhe lroop was reorganized. Mrs. Dean Hellis inslrucled The girls in ihe fundamen- 'rals of sfage make-up. and rhey gained experience by assisring ar fhe four performances of Green Paslures, lor which lhey blacklaced 'rhe seniors, and in lhe lwo pro' ducrions of Sun-bonnei Sue, given by rhe eighlh grade. Brownies The Brownies ol Pack 6 ol lhe American School have had a busy year working lor Firsl and Second Class re- quiremenrs. During lhe pasl year some of lhe Brownies received lheir Gold Bar Awards, allen' complelinq 'ihe Second Class requiremenis. Oclrober 27 was lhe day ol ihe ,Pei Show, which was sponsored by 'lhe Girl Scouls and Brownies 'ro celebrale Nalional Per Week. -The following day 'lhe American School Brownies were guesls ol' Brownie Pack 8 al a Hal- loween parly, and in December lhe laller was inviled lo a Chrislmas parly given by The Brownies ol Pack 6. Firsl Row llell lo righll: Carol Smilh, Judy Morsehead, Sue Deane, Sally Schaler, Mary Kulas. Aniia Douwsma, Gai Barraclough, Mickey Rilkin. Second Row llell' lo righll: Connie Newlin, Sheila Morsehead, Linda Pralica, Eva Sleinberg, Mary Brings, Aurora Abrera, Tonya Winlers, Margo? Hawkins. Third Row llell lo righrlz Melani Karn, Chrisline Pelzer, Pamela Palmer, Jacque- line Lissner, Killy Trippe, Helen Sieiner, Sarah Chambers. 1 -7 ., . . .. ,. .. . . . . , . . . ., . .Y,...,,.....,....M.., . ..,..V.,o... mc. .....,.,..... ,. ..........,,...c...c.,...,,,,,.,....,.,., ...,s-..,M,... , x ' -S S w . SEZ 'S N cy X X .-Q is at ,W Ssmqg 1. vb , fx s N x g .... -' .'2s:livE1- , Www . K RQ is A K+ XXV xx S-L e'.,. E 3 4 S 5 E E 3 1 2 9 S 1 s. 5 S 3 E 5 A w E 1 M ,img ws-, X. ff A 95' 5 F1 16 K. N sPoRTS ',FirsT Row lleTT To righfl: Milne Jordan, PeTer Diehl lmascoil, Allie Hall lmanagerl. Second Row lieTT To riqhTl: Cesar Balmasada, Bill Warfel, Leo Schwaiger, lan Hall, Jaime Farre. Third Row liefi To righTl: John STubbleTield, Leigh Umber, James LavTon, Henry Pappa, Manny Smiih, Ted Diehl. 'V The American School Basketball Team nirrlrm PIAASS N5',94o H50 WON BY AMERICAN SCHOOL ll , H I il l i , x r i , V y , T , i ' i - ..., ,Qs lr, .g pf . 4 Isa s Y l as we - 5 Q ar wf:s":'i '5 rsh: ' . Qwrrf ..r , 1 K ':,,:- V5 has 'Ve if irf' f' 5"l"s .:1 s ' N ., fs-5.5 1: 'R X f' ' I - -.191-::r si s is ., : 1-iam Q. +151 'I A- TfE:"'flrJ ?r1 x.'l,E"f::-1. ,.,. ' in sa-M c ..5:.ei: .r -' ' ' If ' Yes ,Q . s " s s- 1" - xc v H .RL ::1A..,.5 Te,. 25-555' ,.:::,.,. ssfr-5,fE '- ,. .r rglygirff- - ' .h Caprain Leo Schwaigcr GeTTing oTT To a poor sTarT buT ever improving as The season progressed, The American School Indians came ouT wiTh Their Third consecuTive lvl.A.A.S.S. 'riTle and wenT To The semi-Tinals oi The Noe Tional Secondary Schools Tournament ' Coached by Al1berT von Einsiedel. and led by record smashing., 6' 4'l l-eo Schwaiger. The ln- dians climbed To recogniTion as one oi 'The Top 'four high school Teams in The Philippines. The TirsT game oT The year was wiTh Rizal CenTral' College. The game wenT To R.C.C. by a one- poinT margin. The nexT week The lndians again Tell' by one poinT, This ,Time To Phil-Chinese. This meanT ThaT one loss would puT The Indians ouT oT The running. WiTh This warning hanging over Their heads, The Indians won Three sTraighT To qualify Tor The championship round. AnoTher narrow escape marked The championship round. ln Their second game, The lndians losT To Chiang Kai-shelc. This win seT C.K.S. up Tor The TiTle if They should deTeaT Phil-Chinese The Tollowing weelc. However, C.K.S. losT, and as a resulT, a playoTT was necessary, The Indians won The playoTT To grab The Ti+Ie. 5 3 Leo climbin' up . . . Fasf forward pass . . . .ga QQ - ff , , . 1 69+ ffl ihefe! V I-Qng Shg-I' Close quar+er5 , :x ,f mmm SeaTed: Howard HarT lMascoTl. Kneeling lleTT To righTl: Manny SmiTh, Mike Jordan, Leigh Umber, John Bell. Allie Hall. Sianding llefT To righfl: Jaime Farre, Bill Warfel, Leo Schwaigar, Johnny Davidson, James LayTon. lnseT: Dave l.iTTle, capTain. The American School Baseball Team The nine liTTle Indians This year did noT prove as powerful as A. S. baseball Teams oT The lasT Two years. buT They did make a Tair showing. The season sTarTed wiTh a discouraging deTeaT by CaviTe High. Fo'lowing' This The lndians Toolc Three games in a row To cinch a berTh in The championship round. The TirsT was wiTh Rodriguez VocaTional School, The second wiTh Mapa High, and The Third wiTh Araullo. This broughT Things up To The championship round. The Indians Tailed To Talce a single game in This round. losing To Trade. CaviTe, and Jose Aload SanTos, Dave LiTTle was capTain and AlberT von Einsiedel handled The coaching. The big handicap was The laclc OT experience in The ouTTield and a wealc piTching sTaTT. One Thing which did show Through was The hiTTing, which was much improved over The spasmodic baTTing of The year loeTore. Several loaTTing averages were in The .3CO division. , -QM X .- ,X - .,1.z I X 3' 1 if X W Q IQ ff Ah: A' RRS" wr Q . " U s ,XXXX X ,wh 'Q --.HX-ff".fX . -' ' a , 5: he .., ' - . X .- . P ' Av T' -X ,f me , X' , lf XJ A X A F X if V W X X Xl 4' 5-'XX it X XX X X, XX X M, XL MXN wi.. xg, ,. X X A X X YQQX -X X , X M I Xl v. A ' ' - .f fkwiiii S E, ' X' . . X 1- X525 -X -- qggmange - gs- . X, X.-eg. as-5. i.: ,, , 5, 5 .Q .. S Q Auf ff' NQJ X X V c I Y X -is mv' 1:11110 Y QQ- . -4-' , f Q, XXfaXf: ' w:4 Qx-wry f X , . MQ XM ' .41 -3 X V- 1uX.f'x X' xkik, Q 'LW' .I X . . A x 'Q is if 5 ' 4 K .,-1-" ,,- ef.. gi, , 555 ' , 1 A N 4 airs' 2 . Q .ASSE X +ve ' Xe, .Qs x N F :X ' X X. ' Nxt fi, X , . 7' -:px N . jf '53, N, X X. N ET S X If xx 42 x,,,e ..., . Xe- , 5111. " : -12 NK Xb , 1 , Q:-NS, Q., :X-S x ' f f-X :xr ' X , Al " - ' -?'1L'Xf5:,- -,ft r QS , X .Z S 1 Ri 4: .X 5 Q 3 Y xg X M X si K x wi X Nw Q fx sf 5 X , km SMHGHIPI W , X--1' '- ' " f Sak Rx N Q N a X "' Wx 2,5 X Q. f .af 35 X X J f' N HL Law: Lufy :EH meg, S asa: . , 5 T f 1 XA X, L 1 X fi" ., f ,T 1 .4 Jw ' ' lf , 1-gigs, -. X Elia-ww .1 ,.v, ., ,mu .,,, W .I,,, J ' ' 1 N "'i',,::L- 1 -.if - . 4 x -. Q. , 'SI'S'5.'-. 4 '1 2 ff: Z'- Thi: H5 ,S x . X it K 5 E X 1 ...A, - .. . Q4 N454 7 Q X N X 41 Slay? E, S if ,1 X X 45? 5 A X -. A 5 1 Ei- Qi '55 X -4' 5' X E Us R Rbx E 'e k In S., B . X Q. NL I vlkk 'A Frau "' X x QS' I 3 E H f Q if kg isiqlx X Q A :H X. X 1 'yn ' , ....V - Xe X .. -r-:Z Y'-. -',X, 4 i.::.v - E511 K, . " .X , XXX.:--153 ,MX 4 uciuxx :wi '1-'. ' X - -- X .: . 41,5 .gi X M ,vw X it ' . B. X a. -4- X X ff X 6 2 X 4 ,XX 'X 1 X Y, ,JU XX? ryxktgg XX- A XX' X X S5 xx, 'X x Y ,,o X ,N X -'X ,Y -.,,-XX, X ,or XXX-W m . . 'A 4 -, - , X Q X, V 'A' .hmava QP K1 N X X Q er mf g XR 1"- W' 'X AJS' W X XP' X rw .3 N X X 1'-a -X,dv?m H X -X ESSEX ! ,Y ,W RM X wwf X 'WEL 1 it ' ,, XX. ,X W5 r HRX m " X . ,QXXX X X J ,, X ff X Leif lc Righf: Norman Simmons, John Davidson, Bob Smiley, Bob Muilenburg, John Bell. 1.'.f The American School X X Q fi l X . alll , Swimming Team The A. S. Seahorses had dark prospecfs in siore lor lhem al fhe beginning ol The year, buf afler Bob Smiley relurnecl lo Fill The needed lourfh place, 'rhe feam fared well. In lhe Manila Swimming League, 'rhe Seahorses 'roolc a surprise 'rhird when lhey olefearecl Far Easlern Universify. The regionals were nexi, and lhe Se-ahorses fool: second here, barely bearen our by rhe number-slrong Mapua ieam. In December rhey look ihe M.A.A.S.S. championship wiih liille difliculfy. Lasl on lheir calendar was fhe Philippine Nalional Open Meel, where ihey linished sevenih againsl' lhe cream of The local swimmers. The ieam was coached by Mrs. Marie Wilkins, who volunieered iusr in lime 'io get The boys in shape for compeliiion. Firsl Row llell 'ro riqhll: Manuel Elizalde, Leigh Umber, Manny Smilh, Allie Hall, Carl Ofliqer. Second Row llelf lo righllz Francis Florence, Milne Jordan, Leo Schwaiqer, Ceear Bal:-naseda, l-lens ry Pappa. The American School Track-Field Team Traclc and Field gol off 'lo a slow slarl, buf aller a discouraging series, ol ide leafs in The P.A A. F. weelcly relay series, ihe learn picked up considerably. They won The nalional secondary medley relay championship and look second in The shol pulz In 'rhe M.A.A.S.S. League meel, They frampled all opposilion lo win lwy lhirly-Two poinls over Their closesl Compelilors. The lVl.A,A.S. seleclion, which included many ol lhe AS, leam, wenl pr-inllesa in The Nalional Open lvleel. ' T '---- 'ex O off Q4 5' W, i T -a, LGTT To Righf: Joanne l-Tall, Carl OTTiger, Francis Florence, Joyce Brady. Se-aTed: Barbara Hall. Badminton Team This year's badminTon Team, consisTing oT Three ele' menTary players and Three high school players, Tai-fed To live up To The sTandards of The Team of The year beTore. They Tinished TourTh and lasT in The league, playing such Teams as Chaing Kai-shelf, Phil-Chinese, and Jose Abad SanTos. lvl.A.A.S.S. compeTiTion was new Tor mosT oT These players, and The oTher schools were Trying hard To puT up good Teams. These TacTs made The league a good deal harder Than iT was lasT year. Volleyball Team NOT Too successful This year, The A. S. Indians' volley- ball Team was composed mainly oT baslceTball players. They parTicipaTed in The Ivl.A,A.S.S. volleyball league, buT won only one game. lT is possible ThaT The Team would have done beTTer laTer on: buT The league was shelved by The 'M.A.A.S.S. cxecuTives. ln The league conTesTs ThaT were held. The Indians were beaTen by Chiang Kai-shelc, Jose Abad SanTos. and Ri- zal CenTral College. 'lhey were successful againsl' Phil- Chinese, Firsf Row lleTT To righflz Leigh Umber. Tod Diehl, Henry Pappa. Second Row llelT To riqhTli lan Hall, Leo Schwaiger, Jaime Farre. QQ 705 W! 4? 5 4.2 Firsi Row llefi lo righll: Mary Lewis. Eileen Molfal, Carol Eclwarcls, Marge Alexander. Second Pow llell 'fo righil: Sue l-lall, Virginia Willimoni, Sharon Zwonechelc, Joyce Brady. THE A.S. Girls' Basketball Team Caplain Virginia Willimonl Baslceiball proved lo be a 'lavoriie sporl among The American School girls lhis year. Coached by Mr. von Einsieclel and caplainecl by Ginny Willimonl, Jrhe Team ' was enierecl in The lvl.A.A.S.S. league. Only lhree leams, The American School, Cliaing Kai-shelc. and Philippine Chinese pariicipaiecl in ihe league. Because 'lhe Squaws were up againsi very siilif compeiirion in The form of older and more ex- perienced opponenis, lhey were loeaien in all of lheir league games. Top scorer 'lor lhe Squaws was Carol Edwards, flashy forward from lasl year's ieam. The ream played a number of games wilh reams orher ihan Jrhose in ihe league. Some of These opponenls were lhe Universiry of lhe Philippines, Arellano Universiiy. Key- srone, ihe Blue Saxons, and Uson College. Girls' Varsity Swimming The Mermaids, caplained by Kay Lismer and coached by Mrs. Margarei Lismer, enlerecl lhe Manila Swimming League in Sepiember and finished 'rhird place in rhe league. They swam againsl such reams as Mapa High, Araulio, Philippine Womens Universily, Far Eas+ern Universiry. and Philippine Normal College. Kay Lismer. Nancy Gray, and Louise Ross swam 'lhe ireesiyle, while Irene Hellman sparked lhe breaslsroke. Louise Ross and Kay Lismer parlicipared in lhe back- slroke races. Leif in Rmhr: lrf-ne Hellman. Kay Lrsrner, Lcrrrisa Ross. Girls' Elementary Swimming Aller lwo weeks of 'rraining under Coach Margarei Lismer. The A. S. Mermeiies caplurecl lhe i950 girl's elemenlary regional championship in 'rhe Two-clay meei held November 9ih and IOih at rhe Rizal Sradium. The learn chalked up 32 poinrs lo P.W.U.'s 24 poinrs. The mainslays ol The ieam were Capiain Susan Pirr- rish and Carmen O'Brien. They were well-supporred by Thea Croval, Lynn MacDonald, Cecelia Parrish, and Vas erie Ackerman. Leif' io Riqhig Valerie Ackerman Cecelia Parrish, Thea Crovai Carrner O:Brien Margarei' Lismsf lcoachl, Lynn MacDonald, Susan Parrish. 1 wsswmz-f--e -+-emma-w-ve--sw-f- -v-'-w-v-'-v'v-----'-w--1-f-----'---- Firsl' Row: Heather Alexander. Second Row llefl io righil: Sue Hall, Eileen Mollal, Marge Alexander, Mary Virginia Lewis. Third Row lleff fo righilz Carol Edwards, Joyce Brady, Vir- ginia W'illimoni, Sharon Zwonechek. Sadie Hawkins Day Girls' Volleyball ' Girls' volleyball was only barely successful ihis year as The squaws played a series of exhibiiion games following The regular baskeiball season. Coach Alberr von Einsiedel pur +he girls ihrough lheir iraining, and Ginny Willimonl was caplain. The games were all in good fun. and iusi as much 'lun for The crowd as lhe girls. lvlosf of iheoirls were new ai 'rhe game, so Coach von Einsiedel- was faced wiih 'rhe new problern of Jreach' ing 'lhem 'rhe rules, regularions, and line poinis. The girls learned well, buf ihey had lilrle lime for pracfice. Alihough This popular girls' sporl is played all year round, never does il' come our in 'rhe open so much as il does on Sadie Hawkins' Day. On lhis 'laleiul morn, The boys are lined up al gun poim' ar a slariing line and +he girls are held by s'reel cables ar a second line some yards behind. A whislle sounds, and lhe rush is on. No boy has ever been known 'ro survive. Greal hordes ol girls roam lhe bloody ballleground picking off boys one by one. The poinl' of all This is lhal The firsi girl successful in downing a boy is Daisy Mae and 'lhe lasl boy killed is l.i'l' Abner a+ fhe Sadie Hawkins DGIWCG- Orqanized Cr:nli,isi:w. w.,1WiW-.h 1 Leif 'ro Righi: Eileen Molfai, John Bell, Carl Oliiger. Pmg Pong A rising inieresi in ping pong ai The 'lirsi of The year was salisiied by an eliminalion lourriarneni. Parlicipanis in Three groups-high school boys, high school irls and elemenrar bo s--caughi The fever 9 - Y Y and soon The marches were being played. The finals saw John Bell defealinq Milce Jordan for The high school boys' lille, Eileen Mofiai- downing Sue Hall in The high school girls' cornpeiilion, and Carl Ol- liger walking off wilh The elemeniary boys' pennani. y Cheedeaden Spurring The Baslceiball 'ream 'ro viclory in 'rhe M. A. A. S. S. league, The A. S. Cheerleaders. Eileen Moffat Carol Edwards, and Manuela Adeva, led The school's cheerinq seciion in The school songs and cheers af mosi of 'rhe M.A.A.S.S. games. They also pre- senied various pep rallies in The school audiforium before The major games. The gilied ihree were chosen by a group of judges al The beginning of 'rhe year, in an open coniesr among all high school girls. Leif lo Riqlil: Carol Edwards, Eileen Mollal, Manuela Adeva. UUT! ADVERTISING BLD DE swvtaol. OF QUALITY., uusunvlssm 1. Free-Flowing-due to this new motor oil's "instant- flow" property that minimizes oil drag. 2. Full Protection-select crudes and "built-in" cleaning properties mean unsurpassed protection against friction, wear, harmful deposits. 3. Maximum Economy-long-time savings in terms of fewer repairs, increased fuel and oil mileage. I watch forthe sign of the FlyingxRed Hoi-se wherever you drive. Insist on New Mobiloil! 5 efssey, tyW,:Ac12i 3971276 "Defvf?e'7'L ' ' .4 .7 ww W f V5 -X-reign vm fy: A mgnmsv v . . . T , Q ' b . I ..d. Kin' I' NE 0 I Ol NOW BETTER THAN EVER ! STANDARD - VACUUM OIL COMPANY omlo iI0fL8AlfLtf5 0 C. P. 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A. . fr-A1 W "':-'- "' " ' ' ' " "" ' ' " 'flle' f- -S------'fre .-.411 -,---:fi . -. A A- . ,H ,. i . - - QW' FORD SERVICE "' Facfory Approved Equipmeni' "' Faciory Approved Mefhods "' Skilled Mechanics "' Genuine Spare Paris I - ' I . DAY and NIGHT 5- I M--1-m........,.. SERVICE E A 0 , gMANILA TRADINGGSUPPLYCQ ON ALL MAKES " "1 C 'T' ' fgj of CARS and TRUCKS 0 ' - .-. lf lr- ig 5? gee ' -if ... -- , H Y. , ik ...YH i, - h- is ,iiiffztzizit:::L'::i'.zf.'l.:"'g il- -- --1" 1-1 5 7 0' ff r r r f- r-,- f --ul- , ef ,,::, - ' E' f --j:.1.5431:112ff12E2i3522Zi ""r'A""'A tl- fivfif-f ' F " ' - Pelroleum is 'the principal source of moiive I f W power loday. From ii' are derived 'lhe fuels 1. 1 'Z' J 'ZS X4 ,.-- and lubricanls llwaf lurn l'l1e wheels of indus- ii- ,, ff +ry, agriculfure and commerce. -1+j-' r Callex is a leader in 'lhe field of produclion and chslrubuhon of fhese essenhal pe+roleum produc+s a name Thai slands for unexcelled qualify and umformlly in ihe pelro eum world your needs in molor avlahon and unduslrlal lubricanls gasoline Diesel fuels kerosene and ofher essenhal pelroleum producls of unsurpassed cellence CALTEX CPHILIPPINESJ INC. , ' - - ' ' I :.-n There are more llwan 3.000 CALTEX dealers in flue Philippines lo serve ilT.-T 1 ' ' I w- ' ex' 1 .-... REG TM THE MARK 0E SUPERIURITY EIN BUSINESS MACHINES fh'ec'en1 rrreclrirres fer every need A Uesese VIII! counsel fer every business' Satisfactory service for every user Bu rroughs wherever +11 b +hefe's BURRUUGHS an Ib fC B Id g, Magalsanesof Gmpgmevcfd 0 EVERETT STEAMSHIP CORPQRATIQN oem - HONGKONG 0 KOREA ' IVIALAYA PHILIPPINES 0 INDIA 0 JAPAN ' PERSIAN GULF . . .--.,..i1 i I 1 I We're sorry to see the Class of '51 l 0 o 0 o 0 But we'll be glad to do their packing, crating, and shipping . l Q I I Allied Brokerage Corporation Marsman Bldg. Porl' Area, Manila Phone 3-29-05 , 1 ,,..-.T , --- - , - --v-- u-si is 3111-ati -'nu-Sunil -an-1:11 -Il! 11:1 lu-u""' l l l l I t - f CLVWP AWL8 VL O! Ima NATIONAL cnt BANK OF 3 Ntfw vomt 1 , Am, A M, V h,,.,--,W ,W ww 1 .-.- --- --1-a --- --1:-.LW r l t , 1 ongrafojccfiond fo 1548 gaacfuafing C4165 U! My .American 3400? J. P. HEILBRONN CO Tet. 3-36-17 Bt 3-36-18 575 Atlantic Street, Port Area, Manila COIVIPLIMENTS 4 of If, J " S -KN ff'fffiE.Lm',m5l x 'fg ' K LP J + Sam jlllguel 1 rewzrgd nc. HOME UF UUALITY PRUDUCTS SINCE IBHU' fer FOR PCWER 8: PROFIT "Caterpillar" is your insurance for power and profit. Its reputation is built on perfor- mance under tough conditions. Whether you are buying track-type tractors, diesel engines, motor graders, or earthmoving equipment, you are assured of moder profit. See us for all your "Caterpillar" needs! n power and long-time I TRACK-TYPE i P P L, I . E MOTOR TRACTORS 'P H ' '-' P P ' N E 5' GRADERS HDSTON 8 ZSRD STREETS l N C TORT AREA ' TEL, S-88-T1 ak Branchcs: Dzcolcd 9 lloilo U Cebu 12? 17m-ag -1: Cofabnfg it ggmboang, 1 ENGINES E V I EQUIPMENT fix'-.E- ' -1eo.w1Eff.-,s, if- i - g-i-sL-A-- I e. s ii' ii ' .,., Wil 5'NG'NG BAND '-EAW' I r o s i t ,t stlssesr t'i' I ' My voice is my a if-iiil "'r"""1" living. So its only ttn na'fUfai that I Smoke fiie 't": ii cigarette that agrees with mY 'Ch"03l5- eases i -n oafr .eeta o y CAM EL' r., ii if E ....,. CAMEL5 ARE so Num that in a ' ii: I Eiifiilx ,,., l COHSI-K0-COHSI ICS! Of hundreds of 51,2,EQ2Qf2ifs52'ff537i "A1 r :S1giF5fi5EQEgi5Eii52i1sg, , I ' 23255 ',,'. 3 men and women who smoked Camels-and only Camels-for 50 ' ,, 5552211 days, noted thi-one specialists, mak- .tt mg Wkw m"'i'm'f0"5' 'Epmd Noi one single case of throat irritation due to smoking CAMELS ii 1- 5- .,,,. .. .1f"' 1 Z flw QTL! l1L6Lf8:5 GMP AIWLQVL iff O! M. B. C. DZRH - DZMB - DYRC 4602A. L 0- R D E L G I N of 0hz11'1r1i115r IIQSIQCII, 1-lkt. '1 t u 1' I Ifl-f ll I 0: th fl I l IJ.. hh I :tl l l I th Illt ll It Ill. I lh I l 4222A. L A D Y E L G I N with lo v I- l y mode cave design 1 cl rnnve with grill f IIFQS :intl I I flll silver I I high 1' u 1 I r'1'yst:1l, l-lkl tural sol I ll 11, l ' I I vel l h I' I 4609L L O R D ELGIN tlg styled. I J ' -l movement th I1 s I 5: l t . , I , . fi, 1 1li::l I IM 1:1- l II l'llwI th I:- k l 'th ftl 43198. L A D Y E L G I N wth Jrmvefully styl l 1' il s c of llkt mitui-:il 1. l I Ill I h h II t em. I I llxt llfll ll It I l L th Ill' I I h I I I th It l Q X 2 s ff - 3 15,-V' xg I. f 'B' a ':11: ' I Q . X . ff, 1 asf I f , 's s 1 X I tjiwjyf I X I The Watch ot the Year- E. ONLY WATCH WITH 'im Outstunrlizzg watclzes that ym1'1I zrrmt to have . . . ELGIN Desigized fo-1' leader'- ship . . . in pe'rfo'r'nm11cv, styling and ac- 45- 'L cufracy. Latest P 2 5 iss 5 1 styles am! de- signs at our watch flepart- DURAPOWER MAINSPRING ment' 'WPI hIIh1 I1 11 I11IIIhhI1I1'I 1II1 I rErE5E If Ericoclrs The Store of Quality Only Pan American flies --Qfffilj Clippers' X to the uc so Ao Alwgix list: Lil, A W, 'Q 11 ,fpfl Fastest, most luxurious airliners ever built. D - No extra fare! 1 1 H 'Q J E X I - Alawar: it -, :next 11000 . I 1 ' lt's the finest way to the U.S.A.! 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M - , - f :,11f.f,,f'g-2:14-1 .. ... ,Y ,,.. ,.,....k--. , X . ,,.- ,,q...,., 'K-. v - - , -QTB: :- - -S551 .. ui.. ,: 3? :g?g-Sr' : 221 -1 fi '. fe?- - -' " 'f itil-. 5: , -Q ,nf T-f 'FXS E ax . -S+: 2--, , X 5 Y we R -. .-. 1 ,g wk-A A. AQ A hx J ' 'fbfff' ll .:,:5LL:,.41,.. ,f ff '41 fm .-f,sli zieeleesi:-H 11' vf , 1 l' as '-jigs. Q ,I ,I 1. xl N +7 , f L f fy, X , 'Q- ' V 'fr 1 "Nu 1 N. 1 'B . -:f f -:.1.v . y-.:,-..- tl W- .. , 'M , . . , 1 -.t-5-113533, ,,. , ,.,.,, , .. V. l .,r " -ff4'fllf'f 'M , ., ,NN in 'mf ,r V714 ,f','j -7,5 I , Q l y- " h W-5,5 pjfg-My -1- - 9 --5 ,dx -LS? yer-1 we . -. , -lf g. .fr . W. ,V ,.-- N -Xl . , ,- rs -. x ,":.p ,f ' ,.-fl: E eg a jeg f ' Nh I 1' 1. 'N' K 1 l z I 'K J -- s .. , lm le , f nl rx ll , x I 1 12. ' ' x-,xj Q ff f, gs .S Q, x GL ., 5, ss 6 ff, " 5 hr 1"'- ' H- f X , , , , " , ' ,r f. -lie" , 5,494 KT - W 4 A K ,X N l x at S J A Q , Nu XX 435 if Si. X , J, Y . s D 2, rift' , Q . Q 1' , I Y ,- , .uv 7 XXX ,I X fx:-f r K I " 443 ,47 h .1 ' -Q , ,V f M el, E - '15-5' f 1 ff 1 o f -X:'fr.-s 2cfz--ff - x I - - - '1, V-: --fw ll , ' -X ,X - -.j lf :'.::- - it-5. .., :.- . E?"l:,",."f 'L .. , e . if-up-H.,.f 1.. -, - .- szfgrr: : - - En:-:l'2,: ' , That the nrunzlfm' of Ilflllffg cases has more than flowable!! -in the lasl len yours? ' 3 51 -ev lf' 'LT That -most of pol-io -zficllnlxr 5:1-XF' ' "5- '-xfeg --' gr- - - as-re clzlild-re-iz and y o ll ll fl- 5-5 ,fp -Xgsr Q 1":"C' 'x-X fl-clulls. 5, pf vs- e-fu: ,fm Tlmf pol-io is fc'n1wl nollso lx 'much on u 1' c- o ll n l of Ihr fifz flvnfhs if has 1-emxml lm! mon 1 -1-XfY,Q,,m p of the munlmr oj' -ils 'llllfltlllllt iz,--lf yd!-f who ha-ve been lzlldeously Crip- Sigin, ' pled for life? . , . . . . N 'f' 'l Tha! polio zs epulenzzf' Nl mx- X 1 ture -- no-ul can sf-rwflfe at all X home 71110112-IJ!-Z'l'S of your ffl-llI'l1 Xe- sf ' Xl ly at the some H-nw? - . That the only fglfrfct-1'z.rfv remff- f fly against This drmfl flisf-rise is prompt -merlical cfm- -- vrlz-ich -very ffjll' can ufforfl? ff f J X. ff, if Infanliir' Purucgf s NUW-YOUR GHILDREN ' ' ' NEEDWT BE GIHPPLED FUR LIFE! , ,j1f4.,7,,y: sl, in 5 , For the first time in the Philippines, CA PITAI, offers an ex- Wffl, elusive polm msurnnve pulley vosung only P25 plus P5 tm ,wmv 'W'-lifz'Q:Q '. fir? -ss ,. 1 S N . , . . . . k- Jjlllp glfrglf-A gi? every chllcl per year. XX hen any Im-nlher ol your lumlly IS f,:4, I:'..f, 2' ' !f,',lL,"L-,M Img?-il?-51 K . . . . . 1 f, s3gqg5'fef ,:,l-peghaw stmcken wxth poho, your msuranve D0llC1' wxll pay for me- - 513-", -"-,T-47-gf" J", ' Q13 fgljq ,Eff ' , ' I 1-4 Q . , , , f- -3555!-5-'2Qa,.fl l, we' dlC2l.l care.-and treatment up to Pn,000 winch covers: 17 Me- , an 515. :ee dlcal and hospital care: 27 Ambulance servlce and transportal- S?2f::fKN -f if - 4 F-A - . . . AL' ,'-b -A53 t10llI 37 Iron lung and other mechanlcal equlpment: and mn f'-.iii ' Qs5'l'7il'5 ' -7? -- -13 - , - - - - if XE' e p ' the event of death clue to poho, lllll'lHl expenses. TIIIS policy -'E-Elf. 4' if JV -. ' . :lege ,A does not cover chlldren less than 3 years of age. -- 27 x. 5 o' ' A 1171553 s "A, 'A 1-5! RQXN- - 'iii' " -2 ,. ,, -. uf- 5 J 4- -0'-f, - - - ' 1 eh -7 'I Q, For full details about this exclusive polio insurance protection, L -' call or write to - ' F I I "Insure and stay s:'curc with- Q ll Q -M 1-if Q, --7, YOUR. - A - e -1 9 4:1135 7 ik 3'-A FAMILY h 1 ,msunewce awwL'SunETY1'Cit5fg'ilNc. ,E YOUR JOB Tuason Bldg., Encclta, Manila . , :.-.gQ..- 'Iss ' .F!5LE:1'f MARW5- P6 -PERSONAL AC-CIDEN-T-'11 BONDS-SL:-5!J5!'.3J'Y'1 J- - C2 I ff amp lmm 5 Cofzgrafufafiona fo flue Aram gffllflucl-teff E. ELSER, INC. INSME T Nomom s. Ht-IRRISIIN HHH - MARINE - CASUALTY 00' A , "IIOME ITF BETTER BUILDING MATERIALS' Qmpgmentd of FRA KLI BAKER 0. I of the Philippines I I Manufactu1'e1's of Desiccated Coconut fl other Coconut Products Off ' . I VI Bldg M 'l Factory : I I bl C' I S C ty I San Pablo I E45 Mfofwa fo My A Q Cfdfiff of I '51 MANILA HUCK ASPHALT EU . N ax E f f x ' " ' ' ' -' ' X K 'v xt- .-rlvf?-I53?5:"7:b3:7":2-"' ZgI-'-553:S:3:1:"7!-.i:E3.IS' '7I7:':I-: xx, C wi amsqxsiaae1Es:::z:si:'.- A-::s:z:s:s5ffirrIw X ,V N,Y9x.:.,.:.:.:,:.-,:,- H., xz.-.-.-.:,:-: -- '- 'EPC' W 1 .'--N X-1' P., -x- ' X qv Y-:sic-F-:-:-Sf:-gh NE:-:-:-5:-Q ---:-:':-:-K:- -15: .-: -x -Q--2 -.-1:-1-:.:. X " Pak Qggv X E A-wb-M --1 Z- 02, ww s xg., X x Nw' N Wm N w , , , -Q ,K , l 1 I bl I 3 fixgffi f U I 0' I E 'nf-5 at Q JI XJ P I I if N, f 3 ,f Q ? ,+ -sl. " A Move ln The Righf Direction- ff fx wifh I Q lamps , 15 if X 1 S igkgj' -V 2 GENERAL ELECTRIC lP.l.l, INC. 2334! MAJAB6 1 X 'l'0l'l'L LUZU BRUKER GE 00. PORT AREA MANILA A P1'oal'uct of Ggggfutmylectric Oo.,--U.S.A. I i ---, M-W--.W -w-iA, rv--O i K -4.- W Y- --L-W --A-gwmm-W ,JJ 1 .F 1 ,T--4.7-i1t:z+ rv., -5-:eh "'- 5---'1gL- - - '-,ae-1-fffw ---W --- Ei I ISN 1 fy omp imenlfd fs 1 1 1 ff, ffm F, CVM 0 b 9 E mans ESUULTA mc. -Q EE E 4- , I QV1fLlO6I4fL8lfLIf!5 0 Z BASILAN LU BER '0 E' . , . . .. . .. . QWLIQAIWI-elfbffi fo cm of '51 BAIIIEY SIEVEIIURINII CII. Z i llllf S S S X 5 Q S S S S x -xv x S S S S S S S INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPAN OF PHILIPPINES . ' Bk ' fer-ff ' 1 el. E' it Q-lQ ?w,:T: no INTERNATIONAL POWER UNITS MCCORMICK International FA R M A L L -1-1--1--.-.l- AAA I ,TWV .1 1 1 1 vi ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT FOR ESSENTIAL WORK hi- Eaf Ifwfwa A POWL Cl PLZVL I, Z7 Z ffm Cfaga of ' 51 QQ Congratulations Know ELIZALDE 8: CO BIGGER... BETTER.. .gomefhing .70 .fggouf EPS! Magianim hindi biro ' Maghapong nakayuko . Pawis ay 1'umu+u'o Ang kailangang pag-upo. . . ay . . . Chorus Pepsi Cola cnalap-chalap Yan ang ibig ng lahaf . . . Doble ang nilalamin Pepsi Cofa kay chalap nam6n. PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. of the PHILIPPINES Sfa. Mesa Corner Bale+e Drive K :K A umiix 1 OF Ny - ., x ' '5Sser-:E f.-.---.sf Au, Ash Q- -"' 1 "H-Ezzzlf vi A ' T5-R 9075 'NDS THA? An: msn PW' T W b fx? WHO WILL ,me FOR NIE tN'DMNS you Ano ML' F09 gf fl' Yo-y V 'Z' N014 Ns you Afvg yo u B

Suggestions in the American School - Kawayan Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) collection:

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