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lj I nb M-a Y, V+ ff M E My! ffqv ? j1X"QL'kQv'WWf,i1'xf,,f ' 5 Y"5f5J'Z7WU ,w,1ff T WyfUEvJ'jfz""1J'w ff M' W if dw V , A 6 WWifQ?Wjff,aff fl MMM KZWWMM fi WCZWQQI ffj, 5'Wf57ff7Zf75f JM' ff "W Mwyff-f 'ff A 3 1740 Mi,fff Xhyjffd MWA ffkgjfzwfiiff h , v i e s i 1 S 1 K 2 Q s S F S E 2 5 Q E i ,Q Q 5 1 5? Q s ig af 35 Q' Ei 51 S 5 Q - Yi P., Y , ..,w,W,,E 1 025 f 0,4 ' 552' ,OW NMWQWM Miffzlf5?f5PZ?5Uf , Vw L6.j,0j,a QM RiLRs5o:y,,,f0LK9JW W W WWW MM my Om fwwfww JQ?Wi WM Y 'N W1-2 ' xyy If iw' ,fp QV Qxoxw :gm so gig Csubmjzx 31? GZ F 309 xii! Xue A, QC-QPACNX OJQ Qxwva QNQU J vhs: xc Me A and Q-5,i5Iff'fL , , ff' ' me .lg 'ff' , wpfyiafpolpujo 1 x4 Tewbgogmx fi wfmfg 3655 figwg MW M 53 glggggggv ' CVO? Z 3 I 5305 5522 si f f- f l 7 0 2'fWfW2'996 Mfiwfw 4f45f5??5"f"" gfifjfjffjwwffff My fvfvfwfffbg ML f, ' 0 9 0 A A pm! rfff 'lagzfpflom ,jir,..y:Z? WWWM fifqfff iwfdfah fydfffyffodfm 77:21 l WMM ff! WM 44 WZW,,if'WGATEWALl 9e3,fj,Q X2 Qfefmigwwfgii M L 2 if SQL . 5 'Z ' QQ gvfii? ' 9 c . Dix :W 'swf ATI' iii Q,5'u,,,,T :V 'od , y. 125 YW 0:56 ,Xu 'VY-9' UL' xi Y' 50 ' ,sq QQH vb 3 , it " tfsodaf M30 yvl' ' , A ' if " ..w THE AMERICAN SCHQOL IN LONDCDN London,Enghnd H 1 qiXkp2fZ- Q V 512VCw9iWv U QM? by QA Wa KXQNGNNQ' 665 W QV' XLQCEQ Q VXQ X SJW qi wk RXQvQbiyQ53fL?XQQ X150 x f 5 WE fill? M ,Egg xQ,0mfC'QQmd'?,M5 Jfimiwfjg, O J J wM'6g 'O c M Cijgwff Q09 'wb Mfyfvgfb 5,6 X . dawg CQ SPM mogfggs MISS ELIZABETH JGHNSTCDN for sixteen years of faithful service to every class at A.S.L. The fault with many yearbooks is that they treat the school as a world in itself, oblivious to the world around it. They include the activities and occupations of the students within the school, but make no effort to present the school's en- vironrnent. We feel that to ignore London in this year's Gateway would be an injustice, for London has profoundly affected all our lives, whether we are aware of that effect or not, and deserves due credit for doing so. We have tried, therefore, to show London as well as A.S.L., because we believe the two to be inseparableg London has had a great influence on all of us, and one which none of us will ever forget. SUZANNE ABEL AND PHILIP YOUNG CO EDITORS It is a happy choice of the Class of 1967 to make London the theme of this yearbook, for I am certain the members will look back on their experience of this interesting city with gratitude. Almost invariably, our former students write us that they miss London no matter how contented they find themselves in their new location. The opportunity of living abroad, even for a year or two, is bound to give a new dimension to astudent's outlook on and appreciation of the world he lives in. London has its own peculiar charm and you will find it has left its mark on you after you have left. For an international experience it offers a unique combination - historical associations and old- world flavor. My best wishes for continuing success and happiness go with all of you who are leaving us. I hope you will have occasion to return again to London. Headmaster CREDITS CO-EDITORS: Suzanne Abel and Philip Young ART EDITCDR: Carolyn Allee STAFF: lPhotographyl James Brown Jay Lunt Fred Middleton Joanne Hutchinson Layout: Beverly Wiens David Post Jill Scott Robert O'Brien Janet Reynolds LITERARY EDITCDR: Susan Ardron BUSINESS EDITOR: Judith Anderson STAFF: lSubscriptionsjMargot Morse A Edith Jacoby Major Sullivan Kathleen Acker PLIBLICITY EDITCJR: Peter Townsend STAFF: Andrea Eddy Robert McClure Alice Vough Michelle Koton ADMINISTRATIGN M M jj CX, j X WX 4 jf JJ MISS BRADLEY Dean MR. BADGER Director--Junior High School MR. HURTT Director--Elementary Division 9 iv rm P' 5 f .fi , Xa' I Vi' O 'Y 3 .V - Q3 M , C 5. Emu'-: 1' " . ,L 'Js'MsL 1 122 'f 0 ' V 5? .. R':Jf,g, Ji-fin" if 1.5 'f'?f'i',': li-Z.?f.:f9fl"iE'7: iW' Y " f :i a- , 1 , Qs' .Y ,' 1 '. . 'Ek mf!" " V, 12:51 MR. WALLER MISS UHL Administrator Director of Guidance MRS. JACKSON and MR. WILLIAMS MISS JOHNSTON Bookkeeper and Bursar Secretary and Registrar MISS KING Transport and Catering . ,, V .. aIf? :glwt fix I 1353321 sk A gifs 3 'Q' -W QTJXE at we gg? 1 K 25,25 .N A ,..,, f 5,3555 -' ,P ,gafssfgfgepygggaiwxg X i ?'57if??5f"Q3?Y if 3515514553 --,gifs-Qflgfggfygggifggas ssgixfwgziasgfifs vs-was -2 iw aaffffi W, Q fe f- Igiiwsgfiiiigvxsygf I ' 'fiiwegf I ' ff? fp, ME:.:Q- - 5z:,lEffza5E- I A 1 in 5 MISS BUNN and MISS HANNA Secretaries MR. MACE Assistant to Mr. Hurtt MISS PAY and MRS. BAKER Receptionist and Secretary -ttt MR. EVERETT Assistant to Mr. Waller MR. DUER F ac ilities--Junior High MR. ALLEN Caretaker--Senior High MR. and MRS. WATERTON Caretakers--Elementary Division 'M ga P' .M Q . . :shi ' ft: - A - ' -My .gfwi'i," 5 W4 ' LV I vi 25 kr . W. MRS. FOSTER, MRS. GOODCHILD, and MRS. DORRIAN Catering Staff--Junior High MR. and MRS. DORRIAN Caretakers--Junior High wif iw 1wi.4wAw 7 157 ff 'U' w3pf,ff.w iw If if . ..i ,W wf.:.m.H.g:,r1r ' ' SM" x f- 7 .. .M i.... MRS. STANDFIELD and MRS. OSTACCHINI Catering Staff--Senior High 1- .qgjfsmf + fig? ig . 3 gl s 5 A 4 xiii iw img .5 sf Qi .. 5 A .if fl? 25' 'F'Af?ff1L57n wig? f igqggdi., ywmisw. ,w A 1 KJ. .f f . ai 96 1 faf F' Q 4' ' a 5152! Migm Q 3 A it 7,-"fl ff. 7 'fyligl fi.: 1' I" iml - 'flisffifiiggwifz -z 1 - 1 ' f ., ffffe?s3ia'12.G5 , V- . - MRS. GARDINER, MRS. CLARKE and MRS. COOK Catering Staff--Elementary Division FACLI LTY HT fl Q Q ,JNL ' CQWX J JJ CM Qsjc A 9? LJ I' ix- : IJ Uma M 9 4. 'WE R MRS. SUSAN BADGER MISS VIRGINIA DORNBOS MISS JACK EICHENBAUM Latin Math Chemistry Q s MRS. FRANCETTE FOSS MR. ROBERT KAIL MISS DANIA LESLIE French Math Drama an A af it . t T5 ti 55.2 .L-Egieiicii 12 ffl.. i ' A fS:f1,ggmaE,fq1sb . ff MISS JOAN MACKENZIE MRS. MARGARET MAXWELL MRS. HILDEMARIE MEYNELL Physics French History MISS PAULA MILES MRS. JEANETTE MOON Biology Librarian MISS VICTORIA NORRIS MRS. SUSAN PORTER P.E. Music MRS. CECILIA STRAUSZ MRS. JEAN TRANOY Spanish History MRS. ELIZABETH NEWE LL English I MR. JOHN SCHLEPPI P.E. i i MRS. J. BEZZANT MISS M. BOULET French VIII, IX Music VI, VII, IX MRS. J. BROGKE MRS. A. CHEREPY Spanishg French VII, VIII Science VI, VII MRS. A. LEVY MR. P. MORTON Math VII, IX Math VIII, IX MES. D. BREYER English vi, viii MR. D. JESSE English vii, ix MR. P. POST History Vin, IX MR. S. SELEKOF MISS C. SIEGFRIED Math VI, VII Librarian mi' in MR. K. SULKIN History VII, VII, IX MRS. S. TUCKER MISS M. VAN OAKWOOD MISS L. WILSON History VI, VII Art VII, VIII, IX Librarian MR. J. WOLLIN MRS. ALCOCK Science VII, VIII, IX Music MISS CONWAY Grade 1V MISS DELACY MRS. DUGDALE MRS. FISCHER P,E. Grade III Grade II MISS FRYER MISS JOHNSON MISS LICHMAN Grade III P.E. French MISS MCBRIDE MISS MILLER MRS. MILLS Art Grade I Grade V Q41 MR. RUSSELL MR. SPEED MISS STENDER Grade IV Grade V Grade IV MRS. TAYLOR MISS VANVECHTEN MRS. DEACON Grade II Grade V SECRETARY Missing: MR. DAWSON MISS DEGNAN MR. JOHNSON 3 20 SENICRS 5 is JJ X cbfg 5-iffli N J SUZANNE ABEL Sandy co-editor of Gateway National Honor Society Librarian Task Force Board Member co-founder of A.S.P.C.A. Student Council representative .. . Will always remember Regent's Park, Walking home from Leicester Square at midnight . . . "Year- book meeting, Sunday, one o 'clock at Carolyn's " . . . "Good God, don't tell me!" . . . Likes long- haired boys, high boots, Europe . . . Dislikes lousy photos, W.P.C., various and sundry people who shall remain anonymous . . . Am- bition is not be be a cliche, HELEN KATHLEEN ACKER Kathy . . . Athy-K . . . Student Council Repre- sentative Task Force Librarian Choir Will always remember Piccadilly Circus on Friday nights, rain, the flower vendors who sell violet nosegays, and the Mighty M 4 . . . "Yuk" "'ello" . . . "Spare us" . . . Likes Saturday mornings, Hyde Park, Hershey Kisses Dislikes Heinz beans, morning trains, the London Hilton. CAROLYN SU E ALLEE Carolyn . .7 . Vice President ofthe Senior Class . . . ,Gateway Art Editor . . . Art Editor of the Eagle . . . Librarian ., . ., Will always remem- ber Lambeth Bridge at 4 a.m., GreatTitchfield Street, oonvers ations drifting out of the boys' locker room after basketball games . . . "I don't really thrill to that idea much" . . . "You kill me! "Oh, iokI" Likes bas- ketball gaines, drawing Dislikes being mistaken for Ellen, messy hair, W.P.C. Ambition is to see her name in lights. JUDITH ANDERSON Judy Gateway Business Manager Chorus . . , Senior Executive Committee .. . Debate Club Librarian Will always remember her Senior year, Christmas of 1966, the school that was a house and the house that was a stable, taxis, weather fore- casts "Nothing's impossible!" Likes long-distance phone calls, London, M.K., imaginative people Dislikes rain, snobs, W.P,C. . . . Ambition is first college, and then, who knows? SUSAN ELIZABETH ARDRON Susy Literary Editor of Gateway Chairman of Father-Student Dinner Li- brarian .. Bridge Club Italian Bas- ketball . . . Hockey .. . Will always remem- ber J.Q.D., Mini, giving parties, lunohroom clean-up, "You're on probation," Lightning," Lowndes Square, The London Hilton fvaguelyj "Really?" "Sure thing" "What's -lg, problem?" Likes Andy and Jimmy, oats, sunshine, Valentines, Le Kilt, Cassius Clay, pubs, laughing, getting letters . . . Dis- likes Waiting for the phone to ring, good- byes, loneliness, James Bond, Field Day Ambition is to stay young. LINDA ELIZABETH AUSTIN Q1 A.S.P.C.A. Drama Task Force Will always remember the time Mary's ponytail fell off at the pub, tripping on Sloane Street, fog, rain, 74 bus, Trafalgar Square "You must be joking" "All right, go on, don't wait for me" "I hate, despise, abhor Math." Likes travelling, reading, dancing, language, keeping oldfriends .. . Dislikes boredom, diets, marriage, Math Ambitions are to be an interpreter and to have fun While young. ANDREW VERNQN BATES Andy . . . President of Senior Class . . . Soccer . . . Basketball . . . Librarian . . . Drama . . . Track . .. Will always remember ski trips, European girls, bad haircuts,St., Anne's Court, the Marquee, King's Road, disorganization, Woos paying back a debt . . . "Oh Aida!" . . . "BuddhaHunch" "Why Won't anybody do anything?" . . . "Woos, Rub. . .!!" . . . Like s arguing in P.O.D., Winning soccer games, English pubs . . . Dislikes sleeping in the park, loud girls, lazy people, Senior Math . . . Am- bition is to return to London as a business man. PETER JOHN BAUMGARTNER -Ei Petey B. Task Force Will always remember seeing Woos pay a debt, a trip to Vermont, rain Hyde Park Corner, Marble Arch Wimpy at 7:30, The Globe, Pic- cadilly Circus at five o'clock on Sunday morn- ing "psychedelic" "Go away Allison" "... but poor old Andy has got no ..." . . . Likes bitter, his moccasins, girls Dis- likes litter, Monday mornings, prejudice, new moccasins, American tourists . . . Ambition is to find that albino pigeon. , JAMES STEPHEN BROWN Jim . . . Drama . . . Soccer . . . Gateway pho- tographer . . . A.S.P.C.A. . . . Will always re- member physics, A.S.L. Likes London Texas, sports, A.S.L. .. . Dislikes--none .. Ambition is to be an aerospace engineer CATHERINE JANE CHASE Cathy Task Force Debate Club Will always remember L.P.H.S. and the CHA- TOS, TEXAS A. and M., "the day I came", Monaco, The Hostel, 29 Bramham Gardens, St. Paul's Rugby Team, Hyde Park Corner "I'm sorry" .. . Likes Childrenls books, Political Theory, white shirts Dislikes March, The Committee l,000, Time . . . Am- bition, is to teach Children's Art. Ei '51 3' .j 2: MT' Mtflrfsafll wow: rg : ..::-cm,-:.4:::. 1. . nl- to-siigjigy ifi5?wii.nQf,wf:w2i?i A 1 L mfs, it-im su xx im is-sw. i ,M , 7, ,M .. . sgrzsgaisgis,,igiasfffieii -' ifmmsfaQggilazazaz -:wtf az: -f 977 53921 iz, 'igxezii :i:m,fvi.i gHL S"15i911TZ::i51bf.i. 1 7--5 .wil 6 it , wLgi.:fff'llzfzviiSLi1s-2,111 fseafffifaikm-x WY six-fc.,-mg-yifz 5f,,,,QS1y -f , f -W-fffzfa-,afw-K Q:Lj'jsp'E'rL:-5.1515'tilt-2 S' 7 QQ3'1iQff-' ' ' 1 ' -"Ti-AEiil,"iQl5E5z7if2:-97in? - , ,.,,, ,it .,., , ,K . 5flfikfg-Z1-Pfini 1?-ffl ' A ' 1552555 WENDELL BUCHANAN CCOTE, JR. Buddy . . . Student Council President. . . Sports Editor of 'E Eagle . . . Soccer . . . Basketball . . . Librarian . . . Bridge Club . . . Chess Club . . . National Honor Society . . . Monogram Club . . . Likes money, Notre Dame football team, Robert Kennedy, Physics labs . . . Dislikes Barry Goldwater, study halls, homework, nar- row-minded people, and writing up Physics labs. PAMELA LEE DEBS Penny .. . Will always remember the beau- tiful English oountryside and its extreme greenness, her first Walk in Hyde Park "Tu sabes!" . . . "ridioulous!" . . . Likes Ken, popcorn, Bounty bars . .. Dislikes hypooff Ambition is to be a Spanish teacher. ANDREA COLLINS EDDY Andrea A.S.P.C.A. Newspaper staff . . . Will ialways remember hiking through the Bernese Oberland, coming to school by moon- light . . . "Oh, boomerang!" . . . "It just shows to go!" "It takes all kinds!" Likes stormy seas and dramatic skies, symbolism, abstract ideas and natural symmetry . . . Dis- likes dangling participles and knuckle-crack- ers, tea and candid snapshots . . . Ambition is to be a Mineralogical Research Assistant. l PIERRE MICHEL GARNEAU Pete . . . Will always remember the lack of a gym at A.S.L., trying to cross Oxford Street at 5:00 P.M., trying to get on atrain at 5:30 P.M. . . . Likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Sports Survey . . . Ambition is to be a lawyer, corporation maybeo Q DAVID PAUL GORNCWSKI Dave, Gorno . .. Christmas Play . . . Chorus . . . Will always remember a school that Was a house, the lights of London as seen from the plane . . . "I need a Weed" . . . "tough" . . . "groovy" "she knows Where it's at" Likes the Rolling Stones, corduroy and suede, long hair, plenty of Weeds Dislikes A- mericans who hate America, phoney kids, hypocrisy, loneliness . . . Ambition is to find happiness, possibly wealth too "Old Scrooge" they call me. JOANNE LOUISE HUTCHINSON L . . . Debate Club treasurer . . . Will always remember Susy Ardon's parties, Putney Heath, International Dinner, Sibylla's, Pio- eadilly prom night Likes English guys, pubs, rugger matches, morning coffee Dislikes Harry D., imoompetents Am- bition is to be just like Moolesty Blaise . 0. "Andrea, nothing happened in the red Tri:- umph." LINDA SUE JACKSQN Linda . . . Voice . . . Choir . . . Will always re- member Christmas in London,fog,rain,buses, Church of St. Anne and St. Agnes . . . "Whip- teoloo" "Too-tl-ooo" . . . Likes yoghurt, Bounty bars Dislikes the slowness with which things get done in England . . . Am- bition is to be a housewife. EDITH SHARCDN JACQBY E3 . . . Debate Club . . . A.S.P.C.A. .Q . Gis- Way business staff Students for Demo- Ertic Action . . . Will always remember the Russian trip, skiing in Austria, the Senior Class at A.S.L., Waiting for the 74bus,pigeons at Trafalgar Square, Harrods . . . "You oan't win them all" .. . Likes Goldwater, Reagan, Julie Andrews and Paul Newman, skiing, The Man from U.N.C.L,E., spies .. . Dislikes Johnson, Humphrey, Elvis Presley, French class, Curly hair, dentists . . . Ambitions are to travel, be a diplomat, and marry someone tall, dark, and handsome. f i sw wwfkfl ik at gal at af af it Gdvfrafp ' if 5 0Q3Uw 511 C AGM! tx RSNXQ A kbp UN X39 , ujli Aoi Wi if s gtisibf -wi Q' as Qfjafs A kiwi bww ,rt it was at-S uf-W . ' :Wk Way 1 EW jj? 39 M BRIAN RUSSELL KELSEY always remember all the great times he had While living in London, Portobello Road, Lon- don Playboy Club, Marble Arch Wimpy, The Glove Likes Ellen, the theatre Disc likes nosy, gossiping girls . . . Ambition is to become a television news commentator. LOIS BRENDA LEO QD Spanish Club Will always re:- member London buses, fog, rain, and Pic- cadilly Circus at night "Weird!" "Sorry about that!" Likes Bounty bars, study halls, Weekends . . . Dislikes kinky hair, Mondays, crowded trains, glasses, A.S.L. staircases . . . Ambition is to become fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, . .. and English. SLIZANNE FRANCES LINDLEY is . . . Lim . . . Will always remember C'an Pastilla, G.C., the phone box, pubs, being grossed out, Trafalgar Square in the rain . . . "What, by myself?" . . . "Oh, rimnation!" . . . "Go to it" "Oh, yeah, we'll really rook out!" . . . Likes Gobin, going to Italian olasses even though she's not taking it .. . Dislikes Promsl, lunch, detention . . . Ambition is to go to the F.Q. BRUCE ALLEN LOWMAN Low-Man . . . American Joe . . . Eagle News Editor . . . Basketball . . . Will always re- member the night of the Halloween Dance, Phys ics class, worse weather than New England, high prices . . . "Bull!" , . . "how pu: trid!" . . . "How ya doin'?" . . . Likes American clothes, Sue, Radio Caroline, Virginia Beach, Virginia . . . Dislikes peanut butter sandwiches, white socks . . . Ambition is to be a journalist. JAY PAUL LUNT Q. .. . Soccer . . . Gateway photography staff . . . Will always remember five guys in a two- seater sports oar, B.K. driving a Mini, ones way streets, Wimpies U. . "Not out the win- dow now, Buddy" . . . Likes sports cars, jazz Saxophone Dislikes Sports Survey, rain . . . Ambition is to stay alive until at least 1984 and prove Orwell wrong. ROBERT WILLIAM MCCLU RE Bob . . . Bobby . . . National Honor Society . . . Student Council representative . . . Soccer ., . . Science Club . . . Eagle staff . . . Will always r emernber the first Physics test, rocket launching on Hampstead Heath . . . Likes French food, travel . . . Dislikes the tube during the rush hours, sandwiches . . . Ambition is to be an astronautical engineer. i GERRY PEARL MARTIN Gerry Chorus Task Force . . . G.A.A. Will always remember the trip to Tunis, the pyramids in Egypt, the Parthenon in Greece, being salutatorian of ninth grade graduation, Princess of the Junior-:Senior Prom 419667, and Good Grooming Queen in Tripoli, double- decker buses, tubes, beautiful green parks of London . . . "Clod" . . . "Clunky" . . . Likes ice cream, The Beach Boys, Church . . . Dislikes spinach, damp Weather, and curly hair, con- ceit Ambition is nursing college--R.N. FREDERICK ALEXANDER MIDDLETON Fred Mid .. . Eagle Photography Editor . . . Gateway photographer . . . Gateway pub- licity staff . . .A.S.P.C.A. . . .Debate Club. . . National Honor Society Science Club Will always remember the Underground, bus conductors, the theatre, the warm, clear, bright, and dry mornings he never saw, and the day he was pushed in front of the Northern Line train at Waterloo Station . . . "Follow the intuitive and didactic approach of Chairman Mao," . . . "I am absolutely appalled!" . . . "Ayt penny half." . . . Likes photography, rocketry, science journals, money, science fairs, chem- istry tests, plays, books, and debates . . . Dis:- likes unnecessary busywork, low grades, and lower teachers . . . Ambition is to learn to tell jokes as Well as Pete Townsend and become either a chemical engineer or a physicist. 4, vi ,P Q ffjii wif, Q 1 wj45"j0l, t f, ,p'J'Uf'f H5' NEW HOWARD THOMAS MILLS Howie .. . Soccer . . . Bridge Club . . . Will al- ways remember New Year in Norway, the day and night after December 3rd SAT's, Pic- cadilly tube, Hyde Park Corner, A.S.L. Likes almost everybody . . . Dislikes ignorant Yanks, psychedelic art . . . Ambition is to be healthy, wealthy and happy and 6' 6". CYNTHIA JEAN MOORE Cyn . .. Seymour Eagle Business Editor . . . Chorus . . . A.S.P.C.A. . . . Will always re- member physics class, ten people at a lunch table--all eating rabbit food, the Russian trip, the various manifestations of London Trans: port, and her homes away from home . . . "Good morning!" . .. "Most peculiar..." . . . "Hey, team!" . . . Likes Texas, sunshine,water skiing Dislikes B4-'s Ambition is to grow up . . . and be a psychologist. MARGOT BETH MQRSE Margot . . . Senior G.A.A. representative . .. Captain of the Red team . . . Will always re- member Silver Gull's diving board - hmmm, Dance at St. Paul's, "We regret that all planes will be indefinitely delayed because of fog Conditions at London Heathrow Airport!" . . . "join the club" . . . "oh yeah boy, you've got smarts" Likes Kent R. Glass, New York City, her English "friend'?", London . . . Dislikes Assemblies, Dear Nanoy Am- bition is to be a doctor. ROBERT ARTHUR O'BRIEN Bob Soccer Basketball Eagle ty- pist .. . Gateway layout staff . . . Chess Club . . . Will always remember Speakers' Corner, the Marquee, the day he gave Oxfam just what it deserves . ., . "Seein' as how that didn't Work ..." . . . "Yer outa yer tree!" .. . Likes cars, guitars, jazz, rhythm and blues, the U.S.A., the John Birch Society, the Republican Party, the G.M.A. Dislikes buses, left-Wingers, W.P.C., sports survey, Enfield Dodgers, Billy Graham Evangelistic Society, non-thinkers who ruin the plans of those who do plan ahead . . . Ambition is to be a famous jazz harp player. LYMAN JOE PARRIGIN Lyme . . . Lye A.S.P.C.A. Debate Club . . . Will always remember the basketball game between the faculty and major league baseball players, the grumpy employees of London Tr ansit, and the Underground posters . . . "Let's go Mets!" . . . "Forget it, sweetie,we're gonna go straight now." . . . Likes the New York Mets, politics, bridge, the stock market, softball . . . Dislikes chemistry, open-minded people, the New York Yankees, Grover Cleveland . . . Ambition? "YesI" DAVID ALAN POST Dave . . . Debate Club . . . Gateway layout staff . . . Eagle staff . . 9 Basketball . . . Senior Exec- utive Board Representative . . U Chess Club . . . Will always remember the four points of the inside-of-the-leg-trap, rehearsing for the Lawrence Welk show at the Marble Archfoun- tain . . . "Thank you, Master," . U . "Real beauts, guys." . . . Likes D.H.S., Bev . . . Dislikes telling a joke that only one person in the room thim- selfj will laugh at . . . Ambition is to distribute the contents of Buddy's and lockers a- round the locker room so that it will take them roughly a week to find everything. ."'2' JANET KAY REYNOLDS Q1 . . . Task Force . . . ,Gateway layout staff . . . Will always remember meeting the Small Faces on the street, the St. Paulls Dance, the Halloween Dance, Miss Bradley, Carnaby Street, St. Andrews Service . . . "Crunch!" . . . "Would you believe?" . . . "Really, now, Bev ..." Likes Tex, Mr., Eichenbaum, playing the piano, the Beatles . . . Dislikes cold, damp labs, P.E., conceited boys, rain, homework . . . Ambition is to be happy, to see fig, and to see it stop raining in London. ANDREA RHGDIN Drea . . . Debate Club . . . President of National Honor Society . . Q Newspaper staff . Q . G.A.A. White Team Representative Task Force Board Member . . Q Librarian . . . Students for Democratic Action . . . A.S.P.C.A. . . ., Will always remember life in London, being a bal- lerina, diets, long walks, Sibylla's, Cad . . . "But...I" . . . "Yes, Dearie" . . . "Really suave" Likes Biba, money, movies, tea parties and cucumber sandwiches, the Union Jack . . . Dislikes split ends, library fines,knock-knees . . . Ambition is to be co-ordinated and to win the Nobel Prize. GLIILLERMO JOSE RLIBIERA -lf-lib EQ Soccer Basketball Librarian . . . Monogram Club . . . Letterman's Club . . . Chess Club . . . Spanish Club . . . Sportsman's Club . . . Will always remember Brussels, Andy's party, 21 Harley House, proms, the Playboy Club, St. Anne's Court, the Wimpy . . . "Worcester has only got one..." . . . "Hey lady..." . . ."'l'hank you, Pete." . . . Likes Captain Morgan, cheerleader outfits, "Bunnies" Dislikes Sports Survey, "Fall Balls," Woos's haircuts, Dian's knee socks, the English . . . Ambition is to marry atwenty- year old at thirty and to teach Andy to spell . . . He leaves his ability to see to Andy and his sense of direction to Woos. CARL MALLCRY SAENGER Carlos . . . Carlitos . . . Will always remember Physics, Shepherd Market, London at night, benches at Waterloo at 5:00 A.M. . . . "Upaa!' . . . "Shteuka" . . . "Stoohetta a la rochetta" . . . Likes skiing, Europe, money, Winstons, Eu- ropean girls . . . Dislikes Yanks, English fags, A.S.L., Ellen . . . Ambition is to be a tri- lingual businessman in Europe. ALEXANDRA ELIZABETH SAM LER Allison . . . Secretary of Senior Class . .Ji Bridge Club .. . Drama Will always re- member the D crowd in chemistry class, the Junior Prom, Susy's parties, nice bus oon- ductors, many pubs . . . "Remember last year when.,.?" . . . "I'm bothering you, aren't I? . . . Likes Mr. Marlow, long hair, Rub's eyebrows . . . Dislikes French, diets, straight hair . . . Ambition is to go to the States and stay there. MONIQLIE LOUISE SASPCDRTAS Monigue . . . Musician . . . outdoor sports . . . Will always remember English school, The American School in London, rain, clouds, double deckers, pigeons, churches, Picadilly Circus, fish KL chips . . . "All's well that ends Well." . . . Likes travelling to different coun- tries, New York, foreign languages, playing the piano, long hair, eating . . . Dislikes dogs, eye glasses, getting up so early, cold Weather .. . Ambition is to be a musician and artist. JILL SCCTT Q . .. Gateway layout staff . . . Task Force Will always remember Rio de Janeiro, Saltspring Island, Portobello Road, a friend's six-month visit, Cardiac House . . . "Beats me" . . . "You sure know how to hurt a guy" . . . Likes sun and sandy beaches,travelling . . . Dislikes blurbs, good-byes, doorway lockers . . . Ambition is to be a social welfare worker. DANIEL SCCJTT SH EFFIELD Dan . . . Sheff . .7 . Soccer .7 . . Will always re- member trying to take a shower after P.E. with twenty other guys under only two shower heads "Hello dere!" Likes math, science, girls, cigarettes, gin . . . Dislikes pipes, P.O.D., English weather, Vietnam Ambition is to live, not exist. Mkmhnbw' "N ww. mf., PAMELA ANN SMITH Pam . . Q "Knuoks" . . . Choir .7 . . Task Force . . . Will always remember Mary's ponytail that fell off one Saturday night, traffic jams, Red Rover, bad weather, mod clothes . . . "hi ya'll" . . . "bombing around" . . . "ya know" . . . "oh, what am ah goin' to do?" Likes clothes, good parties, popcorn, Hyde Park , . ., Dislikes unfriendliness, London Hilton, Study Halls, rainy Weather . . . Ambition is College., WW 5 PEN ELCPE JANE STEWART .Penny Senior Class Treasurer . .. Na: tional Honor Society Cheerleader Eagle Production Manager . . . Will always remem- ber trips to the bank, the dance at St. Paul's, Christmas vacation--Junior year, the tube, Hyde park . . . "After a fashion" . . . "On ac- count of" . . . "Oh, yeah, sure, uh huh..." . . . Likes D.F.H., Oklahoma, hunting buffalo, her English "friend" . . . Dislikes physics lab, As- sembly, rain, ignorant Yanks, sultanas . , . Am- bition is to be happy, healthy, and Wise. J. MAJOR SULLIVAN Maje . . . .Gateway business staff . . .7 Will al- ways remember the tubes, London Weather, and A.S.L. teachers Likes science fiction books, the Kingston Trio, most girls, travelling, bowling, eating . . . Dislikes in- sincerity . . . Ambition is to become aphysician or go into the foreign service. LuclA ANN tooo Lucia . . . Hockey Will always remember the day Andy Bates told her his problem, Bobo or Rocky and his friends . . . Likes Winstons, Bier Kelder, Brussels, mod clothes, the song We Got to Get Our of this Place Dis- likes American clothes, short-haired boys , Southern accents, steak and kidney pies . . . Ambition is to be a hotel manager. LISE KAY TQMLINSON . . . Drama . . . Italian . . 0 Will always re- member her black eye, Lauron's Physics class, Gloucester Gate, Soho, the Tea House, the Heath .. . "oh" . . . "Have you seen John's pictures? Likes John, beer, sun, lots of bears . . . Dislikes English drizzle, impending phone bills, 7th period lunch, hockey . . . Ame bition is to be Mrs. John. F M--.Lil kr El 4 3 -I J! l 3 X. , XX If Yr .., , J . 'ff 4. f b. v ,T ty .XM '.. x "Ayr 1 , , f , X 'J 'A ,, L i .-Eff' , ,, ,Hx E ku '- .x ,..z Y . ff' ,f -. 1 H, xv' ,a aj' X J f f' 7 , 'P' Nl .J wi., f ,a PETER DEAN TQWNSEND Q2 . . . Editor of The Eagle . . . Publicity Editor of Gateway , . . Soccer . . . Science Club . . . Will always remember illicit nocturnal road racing in Geneva, Guy Fawkes Day . . . "There's no time like tomorrow" . . . "You're wrong about that, God." . . . Likes exotic sports cars, fast motorcycles, pretty girls, good folk and pop music . . . Dislikes stubby, immature, or conceited people, Scotch broth, trouser suits, bigots . . . Ambition is to belong to the idle rich by way of either aerospace engine- ering or writing. X 1 ALICE LOSEY VCDLIGH Alice . . . Gateway Publicity staff . ., . Chair- man of A.S.P.C.A. . . . Students for Democratic Action . . . Librarian . . . Task Force . . . Will always remember New Year's Eves, Mrs. Abel's instant culture courses, Stones con- cert at R.A.H., Selfridge s on Saturday . . . "nifty" . . . "could be tense" . . . Likes the Stones, purple, little kids, individualistic indi- viduals . ., . Dislikes ugly knees and big ears, cuttle fish . . . Ambition is to be a successful housewifel MARY LEE WELLS Qc . . . Librarian ., . , A,S.P.C,A. . . . Italian .. . Students for Democratic Action . . . Will always remember Linda examining the side- walk at close range, Mac's group, THE '53, Squeaks, G.C. . . . "Oh, swift!" . . . "We would- n't look too cool . . ." . . . "llriso abbonda en bocca degli sciocchi." .Likes Barbra Stresand, Beach Boys concerts, sewing, rum and Coke . . . Dislikes school dances, sight-seeing in the conventional way . . . Ambitions are to fail math again, and to be as inexplicable as a bus stop . . . L.A. forever. BEVERLY CONSTANCE WIENS B957 . . . Task Force . . . Gateway Layout Edi- tor .. . Will always remember boutiquing King's Road for Vigilant, the day she followed S.F. and didn't recognize them, Miss Bradley, Mr. Hudson's "sorowls," tubes, the Marquee . . . "DratI" . . . "Crikey" . . . "Yes, luv." . . . Likes England, Stephen, Chem Class, Pete's van, mini-skirts, snow, gliders .. . Dislikes W.P.C., brussel sprouts, staying home week- ends, bubblegum kids . C . Ambition is to be a mini-millionaire and travel the world. .ICHN EDWIN WCDRCESTER Woos . . . Rummy . . . Soccer . . . Chess Club . .. Will always remember the Marble Arch Wimpy, good and bad parties, nights in the park, A.S.L., Soho, the Marquee "Dave Post has two but..." "Right mate!" "Can I borrow some money?" . . . Andy, you are being a ..." Likes Rothmans, Weird clothes . . U Dislikes haircuts, Dave Richards of the Enfield Dodgers, Billy Grahain, "Uncle Sam Wants YOU!" . . . Ambition is to get a decent job with a decent firm with decent pay. PHILIP OWEN YQLING Phil . . . Co-editor of Gateway . . . Basketball Will always remember the man on the wall, Edinburgh, aoertain fullback 095383, Guildford, physios?, Clyde Park, the time he overstepped his social bounds and went to din- ner at L'Apertif, bread sticks at the Strand Palace, the Roberts at Trafalgar Square . . . "l'm not amused" . . . "Unbelievable" . . . "Hello airport? This is Phil." . . . Likes fog, the ocean, rice with mushrooms, D.L.F.'s letters .. . Dislikes W.P.C., being with a lot of people, trains that stop for ten minutes between stations . . . Ambition is to take apolar bear to the Prom. SHARON LEE KNIGHT Shar-Shar . . . A,S.P.C.A. . . . Will always re- member riding in horse shows, spending the day in a tube station Likes the Marine Corps, Calf Pasture, coffee, water skiing . . . Dislikes hailing cabs, chasing buses . . . Am:- bition is to be a fourth grade teacher. JOHN THOMAS JENSEN LQ. Soccer Debate Club Eagle staff Will always remember the Round House, the Marquee,the Halloween dance, Patl, King's Road, Soho, pubs and off-licenses, parties . . . "Where's the nearest off-license?" "Who's having a party this week?" Likes mod clothes, long hair, skiing and sur- fing, the Blues . .. Dislikes no money, being along, having nothing to look forward to! . . . Ambition is to travel across the U.S. before it's too late. K V ra 3,3 . ., '25, f1,EcE',: K I MQ N N Y wi wo? ,J - LINDERCLASSMEN ,J J fi gifs? x A v 5,3 NW .xxx X565 X-if are Sheli Abramowitz Douglas Acker Mary Austin James Ball Richard Beddingfield Linda Blackburn Karla Braun John Brown JU IORS William Burgett Eric Case Mary Claassen Catherine Conley P Y, L " V, 5155?Si7L1'5?ib5ifW5Wgg?V : ". 3 95 5395 - Yfeii:9wf'iLQSf.55i?l1S2TZ? 5x5i'555EgifiQgf'523l3?ii' "ff V ' ' miI37311525WZ'-ififL52fe5'? ?53i?i?55l1Uf51gI53' nga' -V-fix? Qfgefiwzf:fiaffV . :fwpf:?15w.+,+2,f 2f1ewz:i:Q,iff . - ff .. -H ' ,V i 5521 a k 2,-,gk:-lzpgfi,-J f f ee, - ' L9"g53Y515E?5i' .: ' r. ilu ' is-'5j1g,.'1'g5 H 4..ygQ,r1 n:-, We if ,. .', . m1:1g4-,f-2 'ff f ' " 5 5 'Y is Sf 1 l g p K' , ' . 11' 'Fig7.igL'fv:L, ' ' ' 'V 1,2 I 4 2,325 ,wS2,1,a fa, , 22w,g,a.s ff-lg. . my any :wav ffwfgfk PQ.:-2lr" awk . - we Q wfewv 5g5"f,,av:A5. gay -if-5, -:v.1,.iyff?gQxf is Y W 1. '.:f' f+.,'i-:,.- ,. -we 5 4 ' ,fi-fI'RQf,lg'!i':1X'f?'3H,f! 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We we-I Q V- :sk iing Debra Johnson Lee Johnson Sally Kaiser Ann Kendall Jill Kennedy Carroll Kroeger Maryani Kusumo Prabowo Kusumo Thomas McAfee Katharine Palmer Charles Reiber Mary Somers Gary Markowitz John Pfeiffer Kathleen Reilly Michael Stewart Kay Maune Pamela Miles Vivian Redman John Regier Anne Scott Craig Scott Robert Tatevossian Ralph Vadas Ellen Waxenberg Carol Whitman Loreene Williamson SOPHQMO RES Madeline Baum Moira Bayley Anne Beaton Barbara Belknap Barbara Bell Jon Bottom Thomas Brown Carol Charlton R Julia Chasman Lisa Conner Bettye Conway Colleen Crabtree Mary Ellen Cuenin Susan Fowler Steven Gangelhoff Kenneth Hamer Diana Hewitt Donald Holt Kay Houser Robert Kerwin s tgeiifgs ' . a i, i n W Y via " f iff. 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' QQQEEQEH j-5,1 vi tie . el Edith Carson William Casler David Clarke John Conway Robert Coote William Creel Susan DeLur David Duncan Shirley Edmiston Timothy Edwards Deborah Evans Michelle Fogarty Lawrence Frey William Greene Sally Hewitt Donald Holsworth Steven Howard John Ingersoll Andrea Jackson Mary Jackson Kent Johnson Laurie Johnson Randy Johnston Suzanne Kelsey Janet Kemp Karen Kennedy Dean Kewish Jean Kiddoo Sheryl Kroeger Gregory Lamb David Landale Katherine Larrabee Herbert Lash Barry Lombard Jeffrey Martin Melissa Martin Karen Mason Nancy McBride Anne McClure Stephen McCoy Duff Mitchell Deborah Myers Bruce Morton Barbara O'Brien Penny Petrich Ross Record Donna Reynolds Nancy Rose Dan Rubin Anne Schultz Stephen Schweitzer Randolph Steer Alicia Stone Paul Stracke Robin Thomas GRADE SEVEN Malcolm Young Philip Wheeler Charles Adams Toni Arnfahr Cydney Bernard Margaret Bollinger Kathleen Bottom Terrence Brooks Jonathon Byron Jesse Chasman Douglas Christiensen Sharon Comer Nlcholas Craw ' Q -,gd 'E M . ef-aw , QW if ,S t'.u 1 I W L ' ,V - -- , , f' 5 1, ,F K ta at -3 ff f f fttf' .fi z ,5 Mat 5 'Tu 1 I 4 S WM 3 . t,.'- - '2" " .r.. 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J 4- fn ,, 5 at ,K ' Xgvlxil' ff? fa . , f 4 J 5 ii , 'SEQ' . 4 ,gk .4 2: L 3. 5. 1 1 R j ix 1 7 5,- Fi? . . he L1,, t lei t s X ,, t .fig H ' 1-M ic. ,X sg 1 2 x- t Y 1 H, 39 4 s S sf fa Bryan Dillon Donald Edens Pamela Erck Janet Fei Betsy Fredericks James Garrison Jeffrey Haig Christopher Hall Meryl Hartzband Locke Highleyman Christi Houser Gregory Jackson Gregory Johnson Jeffrey Johnson Zane Johnson Crist Jones Richard Keatinge Donna Kent Janet Kinney Stewart Kluss Max Kuniansky Theodore Lenker William Love Donald Lowman Douglas Lydon David McCabe Winslow Martin Yolande Mavros James Morgan Patrice Pelham Mark Petersen Donald Petrie James Randolph Patricia Relf Karen Rigby Vince Rogers Stephen Rush Robert Scott Blyth Shelley Peter Spiers Lance Stewart Emily Turnbull Steve Wall James Watson Michael Waxenberg Karen Webb Gary Williams Nancy Wilson Michael Wooldridge Mark Woollam GRADE SIX William Wuhrman Susan Austin Betsy Baum Julie Braden Carl Carson Patrick Cieply Gary Crabtree Peter Dalgaard Louis Dessert Jane Dietrich David Essig Wendy Fiero Kevin Fisher Laura Fredericks Rondi Frey Arthur Garrison Mark Greene Clifford Hallock Christopher Hedlund Barbara Hole A ' '- '- 'f 3 '1 Q . , fy, ei gi if 5 t Q A Lb as l Y., 5... I A X . A l l .A 1 J? 2? 1, J x Q ia Sgr iv 'L we at w Q 1 4. :if :L ' ' ' 51" P s 1 'ex it Y ' 5 we 2 P J S55 f -f ,- , :MW We 5 1 S :Q F 3,'x w w 'K , i 5 .ri r hw, .J if e E, pit'-. Lk .V ,I 3: :M Lp, 'U . QL Q -. L'iA D H J' 'i"ii' "" i B r'vM"?55?1eefE ' :" - 'h e ll 5" if , E L K -13' K ' " j ,. S -. r cicll . ijjl gig? ff: , ,Er ,ii , 3 S St ri 'Q' sm !+ 1 K ii ff i J 1, Ui 1' if E X X' 5 sag' '37 ez f . so an .f we cm, s l m, w S, 3 we VY 5 1 X -v X w F my i -1, X A ,. ,Exif Hi? K Q fi W? 9 A if ,: if .h W 43 ju , 2, '-we 5 , f, my 4+ -F K f ii. fr f ,- ' H ,S 41 if S www: E u 2' we 5' WV new we Y 5 S ,A V gf 'Q Q1 lvee five. ' f,..f at " ,, MY' S 1 my ,ffl R Q .E I' r a M G V s A I fr xl' A 4, 1 'WH X Sr' i S J. X Q in 5 '31 .BWV Y A K rx ,. il tie' ,fs fx, . ' - , M - we Y' '. 1E1l,:'Z3 V -52-X'tf?7 'S PHY' er' . , We -1: , E- if JV' W -V as 29, X R 9 fa is A Q it , FQ B A Q in ' it if Q ,K 'Q l -at fs ,131 tww a K if Wm! ll , - i n . Ys we . N Y we . - , me R w J Q X W : 1 kx .-1 ' J - 1: S w ,ww f - ' :rf :..:' Ji:w: , :M .4 .z 'Zami W a re , 5 1 . . , xii .. ::,- , , -- ff , g g A af gh k L, we Q ! X 1.0 is e ig? N , X xv' Qt z 5 W 3 in W , xr" Sd , Ji. 1 is 2555 -. P .,,, ,W .V - , ii V as X l . me 1 Q A 3 ' -' I '71 f 'I K 'C++ , 'F 4 if 'T " X if ini Q it Vx -Skim ld' 'ima ,wg J. f 'nik i xl' X K Q um' W ' 5?f51Qf'? Y, '-if? N: Mi ia as it Q W is af? w Q X in A X l 'WX . ia. -1 x Ri' A, 'tif if 'hw - Q e K PM f fx 5 251 .2 W ' it l it we 5' 1 5,--jew, 4 wal af In it, --f X H2 535331 -53555, stairs' lk M... RE, If ,Q a P 'HK Kit ,z53,g?g,w,s,:. Vwggag 4' t 4 ax. 'sew 1 ie 2 i s , rx 3 , " 'I t Z s 7. ,r'i1gfff " If fi ' ii-1. -'if' .A : fam , it ,I ' z fl ., J , Satfuk em: K 3 . .xzz - , f k, gt X 'NI ,pg ,X tra K I- ,M-., ,tri . va - :sg ,fl c.:-' tial, l . is X Q X eg R K C if ,f f Y ' 954-5 meg his +0 my fgxf ig-if 1 wr x '35 4 fr Laurie Holloway David Johnson Lisa Judson Daniel Kerwin William Kiddoo Paul Knight Charles Lang Kimball Lombardi Lisa McCormick Marcia Machtiger Merrick Mackenzie Robert Mahnken Virginia Marshall Glenna Mattingly James Melloan Charles Mills Mark Mincheff Jaqueline Mood Blair Muth Pierre Nies Katherine Pettus Mary Jo Regier Bruce Richard Donna Rickles Louise Ross Linda Steer Keith Steiger Cynthia Swetnam Edward Walker John Waner Richard Wilson Michael Young Rodney Bell James Connor John Dietrich CLASS I First Row: Deborah Jelley, Becky Petrich, Faith Cuenin, Amy Young, Heidi Lederman, Janice De Busk, Kathy Dillon. Second QQ: Hilary Baskerville, Gerard Sullivan, Margaret Coloney, Teddy Stamas, Bruce Pollard. Third Row: Robert Nelson, Robert Wilson, Kevin Bollinger, Gregory Fox, Britt Shroyer, Kurt Raymond, Miss Nancy Miller. Missing: David Riva, David Badger. CLASS ZA First Row:Missy Melanie, Betsy Petropoulos, Susan Jennings, Pam Reid, Oteka Stevens. Second Row: John Keyser, William Garrison, Carol Creel, Derek Jelley, Pan Toucan, Richard Owle, Karen Steiger, Basil Mavros. Third Row: Stephen Coloney, Eric Erck, David Clubman, Tommy Rooker, James Kiley, Gregg Kelly, Miss Taylor. CLASS 2B First Row: Rebecca Badger, Deborah Chalstry, Karen Erck, Holly Clarey, Mrs. Jocelyn Fischer, Sara Meader, Malorye Allison, Sally Shimmon, Claire Sanders. Second Row: Don Pollard, Andrew Cross, Mark Sonnenfeld, Kent Killion, Sean Arnell, Margaret Chapin, Richard Coote, Lewis Knox, Kevin Reilly, Frederick Rainey, Adam Wilt, Donald Ross. CLASS 3A First Row: Lynn Schreiner, Jeannie Maune, Susan Schroyer, Suzanne Conrad, Sylvia Kemp, Miss J. Fryer, Mary Petrie, Susan Kluss, Tere Dillon, Jo Ann Lash, Grace Moroney. Second Row: David Comer, George Farrell, Brian Reager, Roger Minner, Scott McLaurin, Lori Highfill, Paul Riva, Michael Relf, Brett Herscher, James Rigby. 91 .......... 5? ul Q CLASS 3B First Row: Ellen Baum, Sugar Petrich, Alice Trachsel, Mrs. Dugdale, Beverley Rukeyser, Amanda Bollinger, June Petrie. Second Row: Susan Halpern, Kuntesh Chandaria, Jack Petropoulos, Martha Gould, Jerry Rooks, Eric Moore, Lisa Brown, Chuck Nelson, Jonathon Seamans, Lisa Mood. CLASS 4A First Row: Kathy Wilson, Lisa Woodall, Amy Thomas, Susan Braden, Tara Sexton, Susan Chalsty. Second Row-, Cathy Adams, Teti Goodarzi, Vicky Petrich, Janet Pecoraro, Diana Fortinberry, Leslie Lash, James Brooks. Third Row- Blake Watson, Wayne Reynolds, Stephen Conor, Tim Dillon, Craig Pelam, Scott Martin. Matthew Coulson, Miss A. Conway. CLASS 4B First Row: Stephen Boebinger, Kim Kingston, Margaret Jemingings, Lori Hartzband, David Richard. Second Row: David Jensen, Kurt Steiger, Steve Lenker, David Cabano, Trey Harder, Miss M. Stender. Third Row: M i e k e Goodriaan, M e li s s a Melloan, Alice Conner, Annette Kluss, Ruth Pettus, Lynn Byron. CLASS 4C First Row: Tracy Muth, Heidi Stamas, Faith Mercuro, Elizabeth Wilson, Ann Creel, Karen Fink, Katherine Turnbull. Second Row: Thomas O'Grady, Joseph Rainey, Nancy Samler, Bruce Churchill, Suzanne Moore, Richard Gangelhoff, David Hansen, Margaret Jones, Patrick Burke, Pamela Nadlerg Bennett Machtiger, Eric Raymond. CLASS 5A First Row: Julia Somers, Kathy Killian, Donna Moroney, Stephanie Briggs, Nancy Brommer, Susan Donnell. Second Row: Phillip Halpern, Michael Dudek, Patricia Mattingly, Kay Fawcett, Linda Larrabee, Bryan Record, Robert McKenzie. Third Row: Jeff Christy, Ben Bollinger, Glenn Churchill, Alan Durden, Thomas Turnbull, Scott Comer, Mr. G. Speed. CLASS 5B First Row: Marcy Conrad, Cindy Weight, Elena Mavros, Gwen Rigby, Helen Morony, Betsy Fielding, Patty Evans, Lorri Schafer, Janet Mertz. Second Row: Mark Kuniasky, Richard Walker, Matthew Bronson, Paul Lombard, Robert Petty, Miss M.E. Van Vechten, Michael Cuenin, Douglas Clarke, Jeffrey Raymond, Mark Lohnson. First Row: Margaret Sexton, Julie Moore, Vicky Howe, Pamela CLASS 'SC Essig, Katy Safchik. Second Row: Donna Hansen, Connie Curran, Carol Cross, Gwen Meador, Melanie Clary, Ingrid Herscher, Jenene Allison. Third Row: Eric Lockwoood, Sam Haynes, Mark Wheeler, Neil Brooks, Thomas Mood, Ross McLaurin. Deborah Ferkham Grade 8 The yearbook staff regrets the unavoidable omission of a number of photographs of junior high school students, due to factors out of their control. 3wQ.,,ww,,m,,,, ,w,,w.,,,.,,,,,.,,,W., ,Wx H, ,ga W W Q msnwmfvw vw Q gn S sg gag-,wiv .Q we 5 Q qsmwf, ,X S W ,mms gwml 'sailgwzgmg -' YS, N512 my Ht. gl si f -'ff 'i- ACTIVITIES K J x M' p L ,J f I ff ffkfhvxcw GQ 100 I SENICDR HIGH TLIDE T COUNCIL I First Row: J. Chasmzm, K. Acker, S. Abel, Second Row: S. Gangelhoff, R. McClure, Third Row: G. Post CSecretary-Treasurerj, E. Waxenberg CVice-President, lst semesterj, B. Coote CPresidentD, M. Stewart CVice- President, 2nd semesterD, Missing: D. Fredericks First Row: C. Jackson, A. Rhodin CPresidentD, S. Kaiser, Linda Blackburn, Second Row: R. McClure, S. Abel, P, Stewart, L. Williamson, Third Row: F. Middleton, P. Townsend, L. Parrigin, M. Stewart, B. Coote, G. Post, Missing: C. Mincheff, L. Tucker, T. McAfee ATIO AL H0 OR SOCIETY . f . i-,, i-- ...USR W 6 I ,E in , H MwtEi?3iigQ3g+.,f.i.,,t. F A V it In Sitting: A. Rhodin, A, Dessert, First Row: C. Allee, C. Mincheff, Mrs. Moon, J. Chasman. Second Row: B. Bell, E. Scott, A. Vough, B. Rubiera, A. Bates, R. Tatevossian. Third Row:L.B1ackburn, R. Villa, J. Worchester, M. Cornblat. Fourth Row:S. Abel, S, Kaiser.Missing: M. Wells, J. Anderson, W. Coote, M. Claassen, A. Scott, S. Ardron, B. Gilbert, J. Hutchinson, K. Acker, C. Jackson, E, Waxenburg, B. Scott, A. Beaton, J. Cox. LIBRARY CLUB lOl 102 BRIDGE CLUB First Row: E. Waxenberg, C. Jackson, M. Flanders, A.Sa.m1er.Segond Row: T. McAfee, B. Coote, J. Newman, H, Mills. CHESS CLUB First Row: J. Worcester, B. Rubiera, J. Newman, J. Bottom, Second Row: T. McAfee, B. Coote, A. Bates, Third Rgy-, B. Kelsey, D. Post, H. Mills, B. O'Brien. , bt, ,GL f ,-Us -2 A - 5 gg 'wgsui kigy ,E 3 gg- THE E GLE ,Ejirst Roy: A. Rhodin, C. Conley, C. Moore, M. Morse, P. Stewart. Seggngi, Row-, L. Parrigin, J. Jensen, P. Townsend Gilditorj. Third Row-, B, McClure, F. Middleton, B. O'Brien, B. Lowman, J. Regier, G, Markowitz, B. Coote, DEBATE CLUB First Row: G. Markowitz, S. Abramowitz, A. Rhodin CPresidentJ H. Howell. Second Row: J. Anderson, J. Hutchinson, E. Waxenberg. Third Row-, D. Post, F. Middleton, J. -Regier, J. Jensen. 103 CHEERLEADER First Row: E. Waxenberg. Second Row: M, Claassen, C. Jackson, M. Bailey, P. Stewart. Third Row: A. Scott, K. Houser. Fourth Row: D. Fredericks CCaptainJ Missing: V. Redman, ,JMS Wi' ML Qljgwjgfzw' W Y CHORLI K. Acker, J. Anderson, M. Bayley, B. Belknap, B. Bell, J. Chasman, C. Crabtree, L. Jackson, C. Mincheff, C. Moore, C. O'Brien, C. Lowry, L. Stivers, W. Vorhees, E. Worcester, S. Fowler, P. O'Brien, E. Scott, J. Cox, L. Tucker, M. Cornblat, S. Gangelhoff, D. Gornowsky, S. Gregg, K. Hamer, S. Whitman, L. Gierke, Mrs. Porter. GIRL ATHLETIC ASSCDCIATICD First Row: C. Whitman, M. Flanders, C. Jackson, Second Rowg A. Scott, D. Fredericks, M. Claassen. Third Row: J. Kennedy, D. Fredericks, M. Aust1n. M1SSing: M. Morse, K. Mauney, S. Houghton, L. Blackburn, A. Rhodin 105 106 First Row: H. Mills, J. Newman, B. Rubiera. Second Row: J. Worcester, A. Bates, J. Jensen, B. Coote, T. McAfee. Third Row: B. Kusumo, B. Reilly, S. Dietrich, P. Tovmsend, B. McClure, J. Brown, G. Markowitz, S. Ball, Mr. Schleppi. Fourth Row: B. O'Brien, J. Lunt, D. Villa, D. Sheffield, J. Regier. ASL ASL ASL ASL ASL ASL SCORE Northwestern Polytechnic Sir William Collins Northwestern Polytechnic Northwestern Polytechnic Sir William Collins St. Michaels ASL ASL ASL ASL ASL ASL ASL fl l it ll if WM OW lf MLW SCORES 54 Collins 32 Collins 31 Polytechnic 59 Tollington 42 Quintin 31 St. Joseph's 36 Polytechnic B 1 My 32 20 45 22 28 32 38 BASKETBALL First Row: A. Bates, B. Kelsey, B Rubiera. Second Row: T.McAfee, M Porter, B. Lowman, G. Markowitz C. Kroeger, B. O'Brien. Third Row? E. Case, P. Young, R. Vadas, D Post, M. Stewart, B. Coote, S Dietrich, Mr. Schleppi. 107 108 JLI ICR HIGH TLIDENT COUNCIL D. Lipton qndiforp, A. Webb, M. Hansen, P. Markowitz, D. Pelham D. Lipton CPresidentJ, W. Creel CVice-Presidentl, J. Kiddoo CSec-Treas.J, C. Adams, T. Dessert, A. Garrison, J. Dietrich, W. Wuhrman, P, Spiers, R. Bell, J. Dietrich, W. Belknap, D. Kinney, M. Hansen, M. Englemeyer. .IU IOR HIGH EWSPAPER M. Hansen, D. Hutchinson, N. Vadas, C. Williams, L. Van Order, M. Scott, B. Klaasen, P, Hannock, D. Fiero, S. Quackenbush, C. Jackson, A. Machtiger, R. Randolph, L, Stone, L. Woodall, P. Petrick, M. Middleton, P. Hartzband, J. Kemp, K. Gould, N. Rose, D. Evans, D. Myers, A. Schultz, S. Kroeger, J. Kiddoo, M. Martin, A. McClure, B. O'Brian, P. Strache, D. Holsworth, P. Wheeler, B. Kasler, J. Braden, B. Belknap. JU ICDR HIGH CHORU P, Dalgaard, L. Dessert, J. Dietrich, P. Erck, L. Fredricks, A. Garrison, C. Hallock, B. Hole, M. Mackenzie, V. Marshall, G. Mattingly, J. Melloan, Mincheff, B. Muth, J. Randolph, P, Relf, B. Scott, N. Wilson, B. Mood, M. Kegrer, P. Johnson, B. Kiddoo, J. Chasman, M. Thomas, B. Petrie, N. Sanders, C. Swetenam, G. Tanner, J. Haig. 109 110 JU ICR HIGH GUITAR CLUB Grade 9: E. Claassen, M. Hansen, P. Hartzband, D. Hutchinson, S. Newman, D. Pelham, M. Scott, N Vadas. Grade 8: L. Stone, L. Woodall. Grade 7 T, Amfahr, K. Creel, B. Fredericks, M. Hartzband, K. Rigby, M. Samler. first Row: A. Jacoby, L. Seamas, D. Fiero, C. Herfurt. Second Row: K. Holmberg, P, Markowitz, T. Hand. Missing: B. Larrabee. JU IOR HIGH TU BLI GCLLIB THE RECORDER CLUB GRADE FI E J. Allison, N. Bruemmer, D. Clarke, C. Cross, C. Curran, A. Durden, P. Essig, D. Hanson. S. Haynes, I. Herscher, V. Howe, K. Huntley, M. Johnson, L. Larrabee, R. Mackenzie, P.Matting1y, K. Safchik, M. Sexton, J. Somers, M. Wheeler. 111 112 M., 4 m.AxY ww... 113 115 116 ADVERTISEMENTS K I EQ K kk V if QQ QB? tih1l 0 , 'P'i"l"'iN'PTTTT'TT' VTTTTTTTTT 'f'V'I"P'F'l"'T'PT1'-T 231-T'FT1"T"ix'P1-1K Q l X5' LJ L-J THE GULF EASTERN COMPANY 444646Q4Q6QQ4Q444QQQQGQQQQQGQQQQQGGQQQ--Q-V. ERDDD999999599DDDDD99Dbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbggbgga VA - ' wx VA xm VA VA VA VA VA wx VA 0 vm WN 3 vm VA z wx VA o VA VA A o VA VA VA VA - VA VA Q gm 33 t:: MR WN - WA VA a- C:l VA MR ' P- SR hq A VA Q E0 in E VA VA 'J E vw l il VA D VA VA H 5 3 C: CD, VA VA E 'il " as WN VA U 0 1l I-I VA VA Z Q 1: VA ' U O . ' gk Q zz: Cl. VA vb """ I- VA 2 u.: wx VA - li xm VA "' wx VA :ZZ VA UA CIP Uk VA LJ VA VA H wx VA wx VA wx VA wx VA wx VA wx VA vm VA vm VA A wx VA VA wk - ' Vfqqqqqqq44.q.4qqqqqq ...................... 2 vkabbpaapbpipia999QQQSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 4 i I 119 120 With the compliments of DIVCON INTERNATIONAL TU.K. LTD Underwater Diving Contractors 19 Berkeley Street London W1 Telephone: Mayfair 540915400 gn 501206127 foo, you gave ajgvbzzofaf Gfase maanfaffan THE CHASE MANHATTAN BANK qNationa1 Associationb Ld B h 6L bdSt tEc 463 kly q 3 S W1 122 BEST WISHES TO THE AMERICAN SCHOOL IN LONDON COMPLIMENTS OF BAROID DIVISION NATIONAL IEAD COMPANY MANUFACTURERS AND SUPPLIERS OF QUALITY DRILLING MUD PRODUCTS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD LONDON OFFICE - BAROID DIVISION NATIONAL LEAD COMPANY FIT ZROY HOUSE, 19 GRAFTON STREET LONDON, W. 1 TELEPHONE 629-6593 l MAGNUS EST VERITAS ET PREVAIEBIT EIUOR IENGLANDI LIMITED 124 Congratulations and Best Wishes tothe Class of 1967 COLGATE-PALMOLIVE LTD 76 Oxford Street, London W. 1 Z is V I 62, .. Eglin, Q ,, 1 ' ' X bi' ' hs 'V . if :,. E::z-z: t . Ng : dx 2 I:-3., 122 af 1 - V I I' FF if 1: I .. f ,- . I .,., V- . , 'o ' 5' gg ws - v . , A - V ' I I.: .ma .5 .... -. fasffmw ---f--- M- A 0. f V arm , ----mf M... IW f A -2+ if :fn . , 2 .4 ,, w 4. mf- . ,W any -:-:4-- ' , , , . .... ' E65-Mm:-, f V Y V - ,im .. w a s gi ,gy-3, , -.- ' ' 'A wi A ,f I fi if ere' 4 W-an : .,:E:,:E::f::'i:E:' 'J-V-3.w '52 ' ' f , ffwfs' , '- , , S --9 ' I. . V. Truly a member of the international set one of the names that men who need powerful construction and agricultural machines or trucks know as well as their own. That's International Harvester. Look for the IH symbol from the USA to Uruguay, from Belgium to Brazil and you'll find it. Ubiquitous, adventurous, industrious .. thtt's International all over. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY OF GREAT BRITAIN LIMITED, Q HARVESTER HOUSE: W 259 CITY ROAD: LONDON ECI 125 126 DEI-l EAIQSAL Great theatrical pertormance is the result ot serious preparation, meticulous attention to detail and, ot course, talent. The same may be said ot success in lite. This is the philosophy ot those who are at the origin ot Chrysler's success in designing and manutacturing automobiles. And this is why the pertormance ot Chrysler's quality-engineered cars is sought atter-season atter season. Valiant - Dart - Plymouth - Dodge ' Chrysler ' Imperial 45 N stateless From one graduate to another Cum Laude class of '67 Like you, Amoco have graduated to the big time. We're one of the younger oil companies in the country. But We're looking ahead to greater things. Mid-year we opened our one-hundredth service station. Now We're looking forward to one hundred more. And more again after that. Because We offer motorists that much more. More service. Better service. Quality products and a very special friendly feeling that is unique to every Amoco service station. It's all in the great tradition that makes us proud to be part of Standard Oil Company Qlndianal. Cum laude Class of '67 wwwr A congratulations from Amoco QUKQ Ltd. ialggmagmuoco AMERKI KN Ol COMPANY 127 6319 Amnrimn Maman? Qlluh l, Qlailugan tgarilens, Eunilun, 5. M. 3 Qlungratulatm tha fgrailuaiing Qllaw uf 1957 auth tnishm thvm future Qurrew Rarely in the public eye -- but a big name in the World of industrial chemicals -f- Hercules is here in today's' progressive chemical H E S industries. The Company is happy to A greet the Senior Class of the American School in London and to wish them all future success. HERCULES POWDER COMPANY LIMITED ONE GREAT CUMBERLAND PLACE, LONDON, W. 1. Telephone AMBassador 7766 Lli., Britain, just as in the U.S.A., serving TRANS WORLD AIRLINES E3 ' R Jaxx 2 X. 5-ik x , 2-:L ,1 -V ' - X congratulates the American School in London graduates of 1967 Trans World Airlines Inc. Welcome 1f:1.,....1.,,t..:..,.,..,.,:, .,.c 1 ,1 - :..c ..,.,,,.t.,,,.,,t: . TransW0rld Airlines 200 Piccadilly, London W. I. Telephone TRAfalger 1234 X Service mark owned exculsively by Trans World Airlines, Inc. 11 129 American Overseas Petroleum limited extends 8 HSS O MR. AND MRS. KENNETH E. BROWN ulations and Be JO and DREA and THE CLASS OF '67 BLIZZARD and CADBURY Q9 With the Compliments of the UNITED STATES STEEL INTERNATIONAL INEW YORKI, INC. 132 Kellogg International Corporation Kellogg House 62 Chiltern Street, London W.1 offer thelr congratulations and best wishes to the Graduating Class of 1967 C ongratulations R. T. VANDERBILT CO., INC. and Best Wishes New York Salutes the Class of 1967 and Extends to Each Member -e Congratulations and Best Wishes DRESSER MAGOBAR VERY BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS H Y S T E R mi IX I "I J 0 OGG i Q HYSTER OVERSEAS TURRIEE BUILDING WEST ROAD BRENTFORD, MIDDLESEX ,, 'SID i r- - the class of 1967 From MR. AND MRS. J. RElllY, JR. "With best Wishes to 17, Davies St., London W. 1 "Best Wishes From MR. AND MRS. E. R. KENNEY 46A Lennox Gardens, London SW 1 Compliments of 134 A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Elie Abel J. Abramowitz D. L. Acker E. J. Allee Paul J. Anderson Lawrence J. Bates Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs John J. Baumgartner E. R. Bayley Roderick W. Beaton W. B. Belknap Bruce Blackburn John T. Brown . Richard H. Brown William F. Case H. E. Casler J. B. Charlton Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Chase David Chasman Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Claassen Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Wendell B. Coote Emil A. Corona and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs A Friend Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs C. E. Hallock Paul M. Cuenin J. A. Curran S. G. Debs Marion C. Dietrich E. A. Durden Donald B. Eddy John E. Evans H. T. Fielding J. W. Gangelhoff Edward J. Gornowski John D. Gould James L. Greene Harold Hall Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Hamer Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Hannock Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Hedlund Consul General and Mrs. Jack A. Herfurt Mr. and Mrs. Clark Holloway Captain and Mrs. Houghton Mr. and Mrs. William R. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Johnson Mr. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Johnson and Mrs. F. Paul Kendall, Jr. PATRONS Warren R. Kennedy Mr. Wesley Kewish Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Vance A. Knight Jesse Lasky, Jr. Earl E. Leard T. L. Lenker W. D. Lipton C. P. Lowman Jerry McAfee Robert E. McCoy J. Mavros F. A. Middleton Virginia Kannee de Morin Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Mullaney Mr. and Mrs. Russel A. Muth, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Myers Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Nelson North Sea Sun Oil Company Ltd. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Arthur J. O'Brien John Orton L. J. Parrigin A. J. R. Peterson Peter Petropoulos Raymond I. Post James M. Pride Lewis J. Qualkenbush Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Record H. C. Rooks Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Schreiner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Seamans T. F. Smith, Jr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. H. G. Voorhes Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Somers Francis Stewart Richard Stewart F. O. Stivers F. H. Stracke Francis T. Todd R. D. Townsend, Jr. S. H. Varnes F. J. Waltermire Maynard Waxenberg R. P. Wheeler H. Williamson E. J. Wilt II Donald Woolf R. B. 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Suggestions in the American School - Gateway Yearbook (London, England) collection:

American School - Gateway Yearbook (London, England) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 12

1967, pg 12

American School - Gateway Yearbook (London, England) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 111

1967, pg 111

American School - Gateway Yearbook (London, England) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 123

1967, pg 123

American School - Gateway Yearbook (London, England) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 10

1967, pg 10

American School - Gateway Yearbook (London, England) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 5

1967, pg 5

American School - Gateway Yearbook (London, England) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 93

1967, pg 93

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