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nineteen fatty -four AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE SPRINGFIELD - MASS. VIVIEN VANNI, Editor H. G. MENDON, Business Mgr. On The Staff EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief . . Assistant Editor . Photographic Editor . Literary Editors . . Clubs Editors . . Candid Photographers . Class Documents . . . . . Vivien Vanni . . Isabella Tulloch . . . . I. Paul Sturtevant . . Eva lackson, Helen Rodak Edith Wells, Margaret Winterbottom . Helen O'Brien, Muriel Orlen . Ralph Merrill, Lucille Parker, . . . . Samuel Rosott Harriet Be-arg, Philip Hart, Winitred Meister BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager . . Advertising Manager Circulation Manager . . . . Howard Mendon Robert Lepak ' Helen Speight ASSISTANTS Esther Atwood Mabel Blake Frances Carmel Raymond Chintz Alma Dietz Sarah Goward Advisor to the staff: Angel Gvian Gordon Eldridge Marguerite Finnell Edward Howatt Dorothy McGown Pauline Platt Prof. Dallas Lore Sharp, lr. me ' lo MRS. ALICE R. ROBINSON During our four years at A. I. C. we have been privileged in knowing Mrs. Robinson. She exemplifies the highest qualities of teacher and friend. Her patience and under- standing are unforgettabieg her kindness and coopera- tion inestirnable. It is with pride We dedicate this year- book to her. 'lr Dr. Chester S. MCGOW11 President V Qwfdffff GEORGE S. GOODELL, M. A. Edinboro Teachers' College, New York University, Columbia University, Yale Graduate School Director, School ot Education DORA MARTIN STRYKER, M. ED. Plymouth Teachers' College, Harvard University Registrar CHARLES T. POWERS, D. C. S. Dartmouth Colleqe, Northeastern University, Columbia University Director, School of Business Administration THEODORE A. WEIL, M. A. Clark University Director, School of Public Affairs 6 HAZEL F. MORSE. M. A. Mount Holyoke College, Columbia University Head of the English Department HENRIETTA LITTLEFIELD, M. A. Wellesley College Head of the German Department G. H. D. Ijamoureux, M. A. Colby College, Columbia University Head of the History Department G. NORMAN EDDY. Ph. D. Gordon College, University ot New Hampshire, Springfield College, Duke University Head of the Sociology Department PAUL E. TI-IISSELL, Ph. D. Harvard University Head of the Department of Romance Languages OLIVE DURGIN, M. Ed. Boston University, Harvard University Head of the Latin Department HOWARD DAVIS SPOERL, Ph. D. Tufts College, University ot Maine, Harvard University Head of the Psychology Department IVAN G. GRIMSHAW, Ph. D. Hiram College, Yale University University of Chicago, University ot Edinburgh, New College- Edinburgh, Columbia University ROBERT W. COBB, Sc. D. Rutgers College Head of the Department ot Natural Sciences HAROLD E. BOWIE. M. A. University of Maine Head ot the Mathe- matics Department WESLEY N. TIFFNEY, Ph. D. Bates College, Harvard University Head of the Biology Department DALLAS LORE SHARP, IR., M. A. Boston University, Massachusetts State College Head of the Economics Department CLINTON BOWEN. M. B. A. American International College Head of the Manage- ment Department ANNAH E. BRADY, B. A. American International College Librarian RENA G. ARCHIBALD, B. C. S. Supervisor ot D. A. R. Dormitory ELINOR B. BURLOW, B. A. French IOHN B. DAVIS, Ph. D. Head of the Chemistry Department BERTHA I. FISHER, B. S: Biology HELEN I. MILLER, B. A. English GILMAN A. RANDALL, M. A. Mathematics RUTH BURNHAM RICHARDS, B. A. English ALICE R. ROBINSON, B. E. DONALD P. ROGERS, Ph. D. Biology ROBERT E. SMITH, B. B. A. Stenography, Typewriting GARRETT VOORHEES STRYKER, Professor of Bible, Emeritus EVELYN IACKSON, B. S. Assistant in the Library NANCY HOWLAND EISK, B. Assistant Registrar RICHARD S. ULLERY, B. A. Administration Secretary ESTHER D. FRARY, B. A. D. D. A. Mathematics Head ot the Women's Athletic Department eamfuffi in Sfzfzinqiime 'Ffgyh A Q. Waank - 146664014 fflemaaial .fidaaaff 1 1 71m flaeuflewii Jlauae 744 eamfzud 1 Seniaad Class Officers President . . . lohn Quinn, Philip Hart Vice-President . . . . William Sweeney Secretary . . Eva lackson, Helen Rodak Treasurer . . . .... Ruth lorqensen Member-at-Large . . . Rollin Baldwin, E. Ray Grise Student-Faculty Council Representatives . Esther Atwood Vivian Vanni, Robert Lepak I4 ESTHEB IOSEPHINE ATWOOD 6 Orchard Street Terryville, Conn. B. A. in Sociology Talk happiness. The world is sad enough. Sigma Lambda Kappa: Iunior Chapel Com- mittee: Crew l, 2: Riding 2: Glee Club l, Z, 4: Outing Club 2: French Club 1, 2: Student Forum 2, 3, 4: Northfield Conference 3: Secretary 3: Student Faculty Council, Social Activities Board 4: D. A. B. House Council l, 2: Taper Staff 4. Always smiling . . . so efficient and into everything . . . quiet but effective humor . . . very partial to Spanish . . . main hobby -buying shoes. 7GfZ6'lf ROLLIN PAUL BALDWIN 42 Virginia Street Springfield, Mass, B. S. in Mathematics There is no truer truth obtainable By Man than comes of music. Phi Delta Mu, President 4: Class Treasurer 3, Member-at-large 4: Iunior Prom Committee 3: Glee Club l, 2: Mathematics Club 4. Phi Delt leader . . . his loyal blue Ford and trips to Palmer . . . "Those flirty-flirty eyes" . . . and that voice! . . . mathematically Wise . . . Navy-bound. A is HARRIET RUTH BEARG l44 Fountain Street Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Accounting My mind to me a kingdom is. Sigma Delta Psi: President's Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: Archery 3: Bowling 2, 4: Riding 4: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4: Business Club l, 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club l: lnter-Sorority Council 4: Ping Pong Club 1: Taper Statt 4: Yellow Iacket 4. Subtle in an Ogden Nash sort of Way . . . a bit of Barrie's whimsicality too behind the crisp curls . . . an Economics authority . . . charter member ot Sigma Delta Psi . . . Mass. State with Min and Fran. : WYW' MABEL BLAKE 31 Congress Street Greentield, MOSS- B. A. in History Sing away sorrow, cast away care. Alpha Iota Gamma: Amaron Players' Guild 1, 2, 3: French Club l, 2: Student Forum 1, 2. Blakie . . . our little sharpie . . . buoyant . . . always ready with an answer . . . she's Wearing Wings . . . loves clothes and current events . . . "Oh, I wish l were dancing." r F l 'k PHYLLIS ROWENA BOWIE l4 Gunn Square Springtield, Mass. B. S. in Secretarial Science Winsome in both smile and action. Sigma Lambda Kappa, Presidents Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4: Swimming l, 27 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 45 Walter Rice Debate Club 2, 47 Secretary 4, Yellow Iacket 4. Calm and dignified . . . assistant in the library . . . smooth complexion and friendly eyes . . . work in Washington . . . will make a perfect secretary. 'A' SILVIO S. CAPPIELLO l25 Rosette Street New Haven, Conn. B. A. in Economics It is a rough road that leads to heights of greatness Transfer from New Haven Iunior College: Alpha Sigma Delta: International Relations Club 47 Glee Club lg Amaron Players' Guild lg Business Club 45 Science Club 47 Rifle Club lr Student Forum l, 4. Cappy . . . has many interesting stories to tell of his taste ot Army lite . . . frequent caller at D. A. R .... one of the gayest of the Owen Street men. 1944 -1 ft , C4 '7afpm FRANCES CARMEL I 1218 West Street Pittsfield, Mass. B. A. in Biology Steadfast oz' thought, well made, well Wrought. Alpha lota Gamma, Iunior Prom Committee, President's Honor Roll 2, 3, 47 Archery 1: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Glee Club lp Deutscher Verein 1, 2, 3, 47 Secretary 47 Science Club 3, 4. Barney . . . sweet and petite . . . T. K. . . . a Whizz at the sciences . . . biology, her meat . . . "1-low did I ever get myself into this?" . CONSTANCE E. CARR 15 Winnepeg Street Springfield, Mass. B. A. in English V Good to be merry and wise. President's Honor Roll l, 45 Glee Club l, 25 Amaron Players' Guild l, 2, 3, 45 Outing Club 25 Literary Club 1, 2, 35 French Club lg Student Forum l, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet 2, 45 Yellow Iacket 2. Tall and fair . . . flutter eye . . . smiley . . . notorious tor her heavy schedules . . . a View toward teaching. if MARGUERITE OLDS CARSON 67 Oak Street Springfield, Mass. B. A. in History The hand that follows intellect can achieve. Co-Chairman Class Ring Committee 45 Iunior Chapel Committee 3g Archery l, 2, 4, Bowl- ing 3, Who's Who Among Students in Amer- ican Universities and Colleges 47 Alpha lota Gamma Scholarship 35 International Rela- tions Club 4: Walter Rice Debate Club 4, Deutscher Verein 2, Business Club lg Yellow Iacket 2, 3, Editorial Statt 4. An excellent student , . . ambitious . . . defense work plus classes, plus time for extra-curricular activities . . . we marvel at her achievements. 'lr 1. RAYMOND CHINTZ 59 South Main Street Unionville, Conn. B. S. in Management For the future in the distance. Transfer from University of Connecticut: Alpha Sigma Delta CHonorarYl: lunior Prom Committee 31 Chairman, Senior Banquet Committee, Business Club 3, 47 Student Forum 37 Taper Staff 47 Yellow Iacket 3, 4, Business Statt 3, Advertising Manager 4. Bay' . . . business man, diplomat, wit . . . collegiate to the Nth . . . unusual pipes . . . lovely Elaine . . . "Now, it l had a million dollars, l'd-" -xwtfi 1944 i Qitzif nirgmg Q Q. U1 X H 5-:uri 5 Y tw E Heins -- 212.3 - QQ! -,,.q.,1t, me t 1 t 4 MURIEL GLORIA CHIZ 17 Woodlawn Street Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Secretarial Science Quiet and studious. Sigma Delta Psi, Chapel Committee 2, 35 Presidents Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 47 Archery 2, 3, 47 Bowling 2, 3, 45 Riding 45 Ping Pong ly Wl'1o's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Business Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 4: Yellow Iacket 3, 4. Pretty clothes . . . very well-groomed, neat and fastidious . . . usually Harriet is there . . . an artist . . . will add much color to the business world. 7a7wa ALMA DlETZ lO4 Brookline Avenue Holyoke, Mass. B. A. in Biology Toil is the sire of fame. Iunior Prom Committee: President's Honor Roll 3, 47 Archery l, 3, 4: Bowling 3: Who's Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colleges: Deutscher Verein 1, 2, 3, 47 Science Club 3, 4: Student Forum 1, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet Member 2, 3, 4: Die Aiche 3: Yellow Iacket 3, 4. A true friend . . . soft-spoken and shy, but very definite in her aims . . . makes beauti- iul clothes . . . lab . . . Mrs. Iewett's able assistant. LEONA ELAINE D'OWNER 385 Newbury Street Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Economics Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Sophomore Hop Committee 25 lunior Prom Committee 3, Senior Banquet Comrnitteeg Winter Carnival Committee 2, 35 Archery l, 2, 3, 47 Bowling 2, 3, 4: Riding 1, 2, 45 Phyllis Cooper Scholarship 45 Business Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 21 Student Forum lp Yellow lacket 4. Active all-around . . . dancing black eyes . . . cherub face . . . dependable and help- ful . . . her small stature is overpowered by her spirit. FLORENCE ALICE GIORGI 254 Liberty Street Springfield, Mass B. S. in Secretarial Science I work with patience which is almost power. Presidents Honor Roll 25 Archery 45 Deutsch- er Verein lg Business Club 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4: Yellow Iacket 2, 3, 4, Account- ant 4. A shining gaiety . . . such soft, brown curls . . . often with Dot . . . well-suited to the business career on which she is bent. 194-Qi :ii .51 sz HE-.1 as-5,2 1 '7a7.wa DOROTHY LOUISE GORDON 97 Dorset Street Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Secretarial Science Whirlwinds of tempestuous fire. Sigma Delta Psi: Presidents Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4: Archery 2, 3, Bowling 2, 37 Who's Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colleges: Glee Club 17 Business Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Yellow Iacket Accountant 4. Muriel, Dot, Flo . . . busy Business Clubber . . . the tall type . . . never seen without loads oi books . . . Wright House and her boogie-Woogie piano-playing. SARAH ELIZABETH GOWARD 45 Osborne Terrace Springfield, Mass. B. A. in French Never a Word ungentle, never a Word unkind. Sophomore Hop, Iunior Prom Committee: Chairman, Iunior Chapel Comrnitteep Winter Carnival 1, 2, 35 Archery 1, 3: Bowling 35 International Relations Club 3, 47 French Club 2, 45 Student Forum 1, 2, 3, 4, Com- mittee on Religious Activities 3, Yellow Iacket 2, -3, 45 Taper Staff 4. A memorable soft-spoken "hello" to every- one . . . fine knack for sketching . . . keen on Forum affairs . . . "Have you been in lab yet today?" ir 'A' 'A' RUTH ELOYCE GRAY lOl Stockman Street Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Stenography The cautious seldom err. Winter Carnival Committee 2: Co-Chair- man, Class Ring Committee 47 Presidents Honor Roll 3, 4, Archery 3, 45 Business Club 2, 3, 4: Student Forum l, Yellow Iacket 3, 4, Business Staff 3, 4. I Ruthie . . . oh, so quiet . . . an air of serenity . . . domestically inclined . . . office helper . . . "Let's calm down and discuss this sen- sibly." ul' E. RAY GRISE - 186 King's Highway West Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Chemistry Friends more divine than all divinities. Phi Delta Mu, Alumni Secretary 3, Treasur- er, President 4p Iunior Prom Committee: Foot- ball ly Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4, In- ter-Fraternity Council 45 Mathematics Club 4. 4- lntelligent . . . Women-NO! . . . always with the Phi Delis . . . Chem. tutor a la mode . . . Has any prof ever pronounced his name correctly? 1944: ffl' 3. w PHILIP THOMAS HART 192 College Street Springfield, Mass. B. A. in English Wit makes its own Welcome. Phi Delta Mu, Vice-President 47 Class Vice- President 4: Committee for Dad-Vail Regatta Fund 25 Football l, 2, 37 Basketball l, 2, 35 Amaron Player' Guild 25 Outing Club 3: lntertraternity Council -35 Taper Staff 4. One of the "old boys" . . . Well-known shuttle . . . crazy about sports . . . Helen . . . defense Work and studies . . . "You proud of me?" 7apea EVA MAE JACKSON 50 Oleander Street West Springfield, Mass. B. A. in History Pretty as a picture. Alpha Upsilon, Program Chairman 3, 45 Class Secretary l, 37 Winter Carnival Com- mittee l, 2, 3, Court 2, 3: Freshman Dance Committee, Sophomore I-lop: lunior Prom Committee: President's Honor Roll 2, 45 Ama- ron Players' Guild lg Inter-Sorority Council 47 Taper Staff 4. Smooth clothes and a flair tor wearing them . . . intense loyalty . . . spirited, she says what she thinks . . . practice teaching . . . is Yolanda to your Veloz. 'lr ir 'A' MINNA IACOBSOHN 92 Somerset Street Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Accounting Nothing is impossible to industry. Sigma Delta Psi, Archery 3, 45 Bowling 2, 45 Hiding 45 Business Club l, 2, 3, 45 Ping .Pong Club 1. Min . . . lanuary graduate . . . small but heard . . . studies first, fun afterwards . . . pals with Harriet . . . career girl. 1944 1' RUTH EDNA IORGENSEN 855 Boston Road 1 Springfield, Mass. B. A. in English Her smile served its whole purpose in being smiled. Class Treasurer 4. Any news today? . . . definitely an individ- ual . . . pixie features . . . the station-wagon is familiar . . . no time for frivolity . . . fun to hear her in a discussion. EDWARD KALPAKIAN 132 Iasper Street Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Personal Management And still be doing, never done. Phi Delta Mu, Corresponding Secretary lg Class Vice-President 3: Iunior Prom Corn- mittee Bg Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 45 Lit- erary Club l, 2, 3, President 3, French Club 45 Yellow Iacket l, 2, 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 3, 4. Responsible for much Yellow Iacket success . . . one of 44's busiest men . . . versatile . . . fond ot playing the piano in W. House . . . a literary flair behind the business degree. 7apea FRANCES MARY KANTANY 63 Fountain Street Springfield, Mass. B. A. in English She Walks. in beauty Riding l, 2, 3, 45 Swimming 25 Amaron Play- ers' Guild 27 Literary Club 3. The kind one . . . X square plus y square equals a great attraction . . . master of six languages, including Sanscrit . . . classic Greek beauty . . . Fran's setting, a gingham apron in the Stork Club. RUTH WILLNOR LAWRENCE 536 Britton Street Fairview, Mass. B. A. in Psychology A quiet tongue shows. a wise head. President's Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4, Archery ly Riding l, 25 Swimming l, 27 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 41 N.Y.A. Cooperative Scholar- ship l, 2: Page Scholarship Fund 37 Glee Club l, 2: Amaron Players' Guild l, 25 Lit- erary Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, 3: French Club l, 2, 37 Student Forum l, 2, 3. Unusual long blond hair, and she can sit on it . . . soprano songstress . . . radio has its charms . . . serious and steady. ROBERT RAYMOND LEPAK 67 Bonner Street Hartford, Conn. B. S. in Accounting Yet richest the treasures he found in his mind. Transfer from Morse Iunior College: Alpha Sigma Delta, Secretary 3, 45 Senior Dance Committee 45 President's Honor Roll 3, 4: Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 47 Business'Club 47 Student Forum 3, 41 Student Faculty Council 4: Inter-Fraternity Council 41 Taper Staff 4: Advertising Manager 4. Tall, lean and keen . . . he's got a brain . . . seldom dates on campus . . . evening classes . . . flavors accounting with his good humor. 194-Qi 'M"'M--4-we ,r K, . ' is ,X ,f , it ' 4 x lBAN MCGINTY 50 Gold Street Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Chemistry Her Ways are Ways of pleasantness.. Science Club 45 Transfer from Boston Uni- versity. Loves her lab . . . would like to teach . . . proudly drives her 'lil ole Hudson . . . pleasing manner . . . industrious . . . "When l was at B. U." 7a7wa Q WINIFRED RUTH MEISTER 55 Noel Street Springfield, Mass, B. A. in English It matters not how long we live, but how. Sigma Lambda Kappa, President 4, Iunior Prom Committee: Chairman, Winter Carni- val Committee 39 Presidents Honor Roll l, 31 Swimming l, 2, 3, 47 Basketball l, Who's Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges 47 Amaron Players' Guild l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 37 Deutscher Ver- ein l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Inter-Sorority Council 3, 47 Die Aiche 2, 35 Yellow Iacket 3, 47 Taper Statt 4. Distinctive style . . . oodles ot original ideas . . . makes herself smoothie clothes . . . loves cooking and excels in it . . . wings and more wings . . . Dr. Spoerl. if C' af it Hia i' HOWARD GRANVILLE MENDON 25 Sargon Street Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Management Silence, more musical than any song Sigma Alpha Phi, President 4: Business Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Taper, Business Manager 4, Yellow Iacket, Accountant 3, Business Manager 4. Howie . . . Mr. Bowen's protege . . . fre- quents the O. K .... Sigrna Alpha Phi parties . . . a rnan's man . . . a business blessing . . . "Seen Ed or the boys?" ir EVELYN M. O'BRlEN 1143 Enfield Street Thornpsonville, Conn. B. A. in English A gilt, beyond the reach ol art, of being eloquently silent. Alpha Iota Gamma: Riding 2. Fascinating dimples . . . loves to drive her big green car . . . comrnutes from Conn . . . trips to Washington . . . the steady type. 1944 S HELEN K. O'BRlEN 340 St. lames Avenue Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Biology By merit raised. Alpha lota Gamma, Vice-President 3, Pres- ident 4g Iunior Prom Committee 3, Winter Carnival Committee 2, 35 Presidents Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 45 Riding l, 2, Swimming 3, 45 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Deutscher Verein 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Arcus Biologicae 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 35 Science Club 3, 41 Chairman Inter-Sorority Council 4: Taper Statl 4. The true scientist . . . capable in all tields . . . B. U. med. school . . . Will make a fine doctor and we'll be very proud. I 1 7GffZM A A MURIEL GOLDEN ORLEN 76 King Street Holyoke, Mass. B. A. in Biology Trusty, dusky, vivid, true. Sigma Delta Psi, Iunior Prom Committee, Winter Carnival Committee 2, President's Honor Roll 3, Archery l, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, 4: Swimming 2, 3, 47 Glee Club 2, 45 Amaron Players' Guild 2, 4, Arcus Biolo- gicae 3, 4, Science Club 3, 47 French Club 25 Inter-Sorority Council 4: Yellow Iacket 4, Assistant Editor, Science Iournal 37 Taper Staff 4. Beautiful clothes . . . spends hours in lab . . . most thoughtful . . . engaged to Herm . . . "o-chay" . . . smothest of smooth dancers. if 'A' 'A' ANGEL LUCEE OVIAN 132W Church Street Whittinsville, Mass. B. S. in Biology Cheerfulness is an off-shoot of goodness. Winter Carnival Committee 2, 3: Iunior Prom Committee 3: Senior Banquet Committee 4, Chapel Committee 2, 3: Riding 2, 3: Swim- ming 3: Amaron Players' Guild l, 2, 3, 4: Deutscher Verein 1, 2, 3, 4: Outing Club 2: Arcus Biologicae 1, 2, 3: Science Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Literary Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Forum 2, 3, 4: Classical Club 1, 2: Die Aiche 2, 3: Yellow Iacket 4: Science Iournal 3, 4: Taper Staff 4. Shining black hair . . . lovely low voice . . . haunts the lab . . . an ardent corre- spondent . . . we like her clothes. - 'k PAULINE WIN IFRED PLATT Huntington Mass. B. S. in Personnel Management Promise is most given when the least is said. Sigma Lambda Kappa: Iunior Prom Corn- mittee 3: Iunior Chapel Committee 3: Presi- dent's Honor Roll 3, 4: Archery l: Swim- ming l, 2: Ping Pong 1: Tennis 1, 2: Eld- ridge Scholarship 3: Outing Club 2: Busi- ness Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Literary Club 2, 3: French Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3: Student Forum 2, 3, 4, Northfield Conference 3: Taper Staff 4. Serious until you know her . . . plans on being a Mrs. soon . . . collects souvenir spoons from around the country . . . de- lightful hint of England in her voice. 1944 22 3, 115' 1? 'P AE E? fi f up ,F If . if ' GRAYSON PRENTICE l4l Massachusetts Ave. Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Chemistry Liberty of thought is. the life of the soul. Sigma Alpha Phi, Vice-President 45 Iunior Prom Committee 35 Model Congress 45 Crew 25 Track 2: Soccer l5 International Relations Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 45 Walter Rice Debate Council 45 Science Club 35 French Club 45 Inter-Fraternity Council 4, Secretary 45 Taper Staff 3. Don't call him "1ab rat" . . . women and song . . . drops anything for an argument . . . track star . . . chess enthusiast . . . gay companion. :7apw IOHN JAMES QUINN 58 Wrentham Road Springfield, Mass, B. S. in Biology Master of his destiny. Alpha Sigma Delta, President 45 Class Presi- dent 4g Chairman Junior Prom Committee 35 Presidents Honor Roll 35 Arcus Biologicae 45 Inter-Fraternity Council, President 3. The personality king . . . likes "Carols" . . . Ex ice-rnan . . . "What have you been doing, kid?" . . . loads of friends . . . rushing here and there. 'A' 'lr WILLIAM CHARLES REYNOLDS l'lCII'I'1d91'1 Conn, B. S. in Accounting Moderation, the noblest gift ot heaven. Transfer trom Iunior College ot Commerce. Seldom seen . . . studious . . . tall man . . . boyish smile . . . Owen Streeter . . . transfer . . . never hurries, never worries. HELEN RODAK l43 Grant Street Bridgeport, Conn. B. A. in English Bene! Becte!! Pulchre! Alpha Iota Gamma, Treasurer 35 Winter Carnival Committee 27 Archery 1, 25 Swim- ming l 1 French Club l, 25 Class Secretary 45 lnter-Sorority Council 45 D. A. R, Student Government 45 Taper Statt 4. Slender, Winsome . . . "my fiance" . . . always defending someone or something . . . another Ianuary grad . . . bits ot poetry and caricatures. 1944: 7 FRANCIS IAMES ROSSO 150 Franklin Street Feeding Hills, Mass. B. S. in Management And gladly would he learn. Zeta Chi, Vice-President 4, Treasurer' 3: Sophomore Dance Committee 21 lunior Prom Committee 35 Winter Carnival Committee 35 Presidents Honor Roll 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3: Basketball lg Baseball 1, 2, 3: Intramural Basketball l, Z7 Business Club lp Rifle Club 1: lVlen's Athletic Board 2, 3, Secretary 2, 3. Fran . . . student-athlete . . . Mr. Bowen's Management papers . . . partial to the South . . . enjoys debatable discussions. 1 7afun DOROTI-IEA SOP1-HA RUSSELL Brimtield Mass. B. S. in Secretarial Science Tobe honest, to be kind. Transfer from Bay Path: Riding 45 Interna- tional Relations Club 4g Business Club 4. Blonde feathery clip . . . buzzes around campus . . . energetic, interesting . . . executive appearance . . . it's the business world today. ir 'Ir EDITH ST. ONCE SICKLES 158 Maple Street Springfield, Mass. B. S. in Personnel Management I live the life I love. Transfer irom Bay Path: Sigma Lambda Kappa, Vice-President 47 Winter Carnival Committee 3, President's Honor Roll 2, 3, 4, Literary Club 2, 31 Arnaron Players' Guild 3, 47 Business Club 2, 3, 47 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. "Well, Roy says" . . . gentle-mannered . . . Very industrious . . . leads a double life . . . sparkling repartee . . . Who's Who . . . staunch Sorority girl. HELEN ELIZABETH SPEIGHT East Longmeadow A A Mass. B. A. in History But she has a pleasing way. Alpha Iota Gamma, Treasurer 45 Iunior Prom Committee 3: Iunior Prom Queen 3: Inter- national Relations Club I, 2, Outing Club 2, 3g Secretary-Treasurer 2, 35 Taper Staff 4. Prom queen, complete with rnaribou . . . practice teacher . . . Weslayan Week-ends . . . initiative and skill . . . cute hat and coat sets. 1944-: . ' wiki V 'N WILLIAM ALFRED SWEENEY 35 Riverview Street Springfield, Mass. B. A. in Biology Zealous, yet modest. Zeta Chi, Officer 2, 3, 4, Phi Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4, Class President 3: Sophomore Dance Committee 27 Iunior Prom Committee 31 Winter Carnival Committee 1, 2, 3, Amaron Players' Guild 1, 2, 3: Deutscher Verein 4: Arcus Biologicae l, 2, 3, 47 Inter-Fraternity Council 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4. "Handsome boy" . . . expressive . . . erect . . . Wel1-rounded and Well iiked . . . diplo- matic . . . M.D. aspirations. VIVIEN NORMA VANNI 94 Prospect Street Lee, Mass. B. A. in English Manner, not gold, is a wornan's best adornment. Alpha Iota Gamma, Secretary 37 Winter Carnival Committee 2, Court 3: President's Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Student-Faculty Award 37 Archery 11 Cheer Leader 1, 2, 35 Who's Who Among Students in American Univer- sities and Colleges 47 Kappa Sigma Scholar- ship 3p Glee Club 1, Literary Club 2, French Club 1, 27 Student-Faculty Council 3, 4: D. A. R. Student Government 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary 25 Taper Staff 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 4. Vim, vigor, versatility . . . big, brown eyes . . . 1ove1y diamond . . . grand sense of humor . . . ambitious . . . her heart's on skis. ir - uk EDITH DEXTER WELLS 196 Locust Street Sprinqiield, Mass. B. A. in Biology The only Way to have a friend is to be one. Alpha Upsilon, Treasurer 3, President 4: Winter Carnival Committee l, 2, 3: Fresh- man Initiation Committee 2: Iunior Prom Committee: Crew 2, 3: Glee Club l: Arcus Bioloqicae 3, 4: Science Club 4: Cap and Gown Committee 4: Taper Staff 4. Chatterbox . . . "Well, I don't know" . . . pride of Alpha Upsilon . . . beautiful hair . . . collegiate . . . true blue . . . Edie's a pal. MARGARET AGATHA WINTERBOTTOIVI 64 Columbus Avenue Holyoke, Mass. B. A. in English As you are woman, so be lovely. Alpha Iota Gamma, Vice-President 4: Fresh- man Dance Committee: Winter Carnival Committee 2: Freshman Initiation Committee 2: Bowlinq l, 2: Riding l: Amaron Players' Guild I, 2: French Club I: Student Forum 1: Inter-Sorority Council 3: D. A. R. Student Government 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4: Yellow Iacket l, 2, 3: Cap and Gown Committee 4: Taper Staff 4. That enqaqinq smile . . . the eyes have it . . . personality qirl . . . safety in numbers with the boys . . . everythinds "sr-fellsvu. 1944 1 .hx , STEVE WALTER ZIEMBA l2l Church Street Chicopee Falls, Mass. B. S. in Physics Captained by his will power. Phi Delta Mu: Baseball l: Glee Club 2: Science Club 1: Band 2: Inter-Fraternity Council 3. Music maker . . . very polite . . . definitely scientific . . . O. K. and lab . . . one of our smoother dressers . . . on the go . . . strong for Phi Delt. ELEANOR MAY CASH P. O. Box 365 B. A. in English Chester, Conn. Theres language in her eyes. Sigma Lambda Kappa, President 4: ,Program Chairman 3: lunior Prom Committee 3: Crew 3, 4: Archery l, 2, 3: Swimming 2, 3, 4: Deutscher Verein 3: Student Forum 3: Inter-Sorority Council, Chairman 4: D.A.R. Student Government, Vice-President 3, President 4: Taper 3. A class of her own . . . now a Wave . . . wears Burt's ring . . . Ah! Maine! . . . outdoor girl . . . her "enthusiasm plus" calls for keen admiration. LUCIE POLLOCK FRIEDMAN 704 Laurel Street B. S. in Accounting Longmeadow, Mass. Continued cheerfuiness is the sign of wisdom. Short, dark and voluble . . . keen wit . . . "my children" . . . busy life off campus . . . very nice to know . . . her knowledge is astounding. r DONALD WILLIAM HATCH 14 Ashley Street B- S. in Mathematics Westfield, Mass. lt is a World to see. Alpha Sigma Delta: Deutscher Verein l, 2, 3: .Phi Sigma Phi: Iunior Prom Committee. Don's in the Navy now . . . happy-go-lucky . . . industrious too . . . his mischievous eyes, a cause for wonder . . . we wish him a much deserved success. IEAN KROFSKY 693 Pyser Road B A in English West Springfield, Mass. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. Sigma Lambda Kappa: Amaron Players' Guild l, 2, 3: Outing Club 2: Inter-Sorority Council 4: Yellow lacket Reporter 3. The quiet one of the Krofsky sisters . . . winning humor . . . usually found in the Sigma Lambda Kappa room . . . if you want to see her eyes light up, ask her about her newspaper work. 58 34 Reed Street EVERETT SANDERSON B. S. in Manaqement Springfield, Mass. Another Ianuary qrad . . . seldom seen around campus . . . classes with Dean Weil . . well known among the business students . . . great person to know. EVENING SCHOOL GRADUATES Frances I. Ianick . Viola Rebecca Allen . Eileen Rose Malley . Boyd, William H. Coffey, William Iakubowski, Edwin Mahan, Frederick Graves, lane Holmes, Margie Ilqovsky, Miriam Gulow, Robert Abar, lean Barber, William Bishop, loseph Casal, Ioseph Crawford, Richard Dutfrey, William Kircon, Rasit UNCLASSIFIED Warren, Elizabeth PRE-COLLEGE SPECIAL Cnorato, Naomi INTRODUCTORY 59 B. S. in Education B. S. in Education B. S. in Education Kina, Barbara Loaie, Claire Loomis, Betty Meqas, Cleo Prentice, Charleen Smith, Lucille Stone, Virginia Leary, Iohn Dykstra, Roy Grieve, David Hurley, Robert Lanninq, Theodore Thaute, Edwin Harrison, Vivienne Class History PREFACE Once upon a time, a very long time ago,-about last Thursday,-a day when Pooh had nothing else to do,-he thought he would do something. So he went out Walking. He walked up a big hill, following the trolley tracks, and in the middle of a small open place in the middle of a crowd of other trees, he found a large Maple Tree with Six Big Branches. Winnie-ther-Pooh sat down at the foot of this funny-looking Tree, put his head between his paws, and began to wonder. He wondered first of all, what this funny-looking Tree was doing in the Middle of Nowhere: but it wasn't a very long wonder, for he turned to his left, and there was Something biting its lips and bouncing its head against the Door, above which there was a sign. "This is the Administration Building", the sign announced to the world. And beneath this sign was a long skinny sign which spelled out in Capital Letters, "American Interna- tional College", because "American International College" wouldn't have fit on the other sign anyway. "l wonder if The Tree grew here," said Pooh, "or did somebody plant it?" "H'rurnph", answered the Yellow and Black Something bouncing beside Pooh. lt whirred once, turned to him, and in a worra-worra sort of voice said gravely, "Allow me to introduce myself. l am known familiarly and to my intimate friends as Dexter lf Slotnick. And may l inquire as to your presence here, and besides what are you doing anyhow? Do you in- tend to fill your cranium with knowledge gleaned from our polly-noses2?" Pooh said, "Huh?" CHAPTER I.-THURSDAY N Pooh, deciding to follow Dexter, did a lot of heelecooling the first six and three-quarter minutes, until Dexter bounced down from the first branch where he had been busily roost- ing. "Due to mY fGlGiiV9 1lHfCimiliCIfiiY with the extensive field of English Literature, I hesi- tate to publish the percentage I have attained on this childish demonstration of inherent capabilities," he said. "Besides, l'm pretty dumb at that sort of thing. Leave us go to class now." They went to clases which were three and three-eighth minutes of such things as "We should not let our egocentricity be our motivating force in this world, according to statistical data which says that the assets and liabilities would equal it would be easy to put the ac- cent on the wrong syllable and to no do your work ausWendig". Pooh came away feel- ing very wise. He climbed after Dexter to another branch of The Tree, Where many of Dexter's own particular kind of fine-feathered and furred friends were all worra-worra-ing together. Pooh gathered from the conversation that Dexter's friends were going through some sort of initiation and that those who would worra-worra the loudest would be chosen the leaders? Those who did worra-worra the loudest then went to the front of the limb and worra-worra-ed and everybody else worra-worra-ed too. "Come," said Dexter. "lt's time to adjourn to the 'Not-so-Hot Vanilla-Shoppe"' to im- bibe an Extract-of-Malt." 40 Pooh simply could not understand why, when it was so sunny outside, it was so foggy in the Ash Tree to which he had followed Dexter. After a little, Pooh left the Ash Tree which was now beginning to seem familiar, and went home to count his honey-pots, and wonder what all this worra-worra-ing meant, until he found himself worra-worra-ing too. CHAPTER ll.-FRIDAY The next morning, which was Friday, Pooh yawned lazily. Before he was really awake, he had decided to return to the Maple Tree. And so, he did. lust as he was standing under one of the branches, Dexter bounced down on top of him with a pair of cymbals clenched between his teeth. He informed Pooh that he Dexter l.' Slotnick, was in a hurry to attend Band Practice, as the game of the year called "Football" was to be played against the Hated Rivals from the Next Clearing that morning at nine o'clock. And Pooh, who had a naturally open mind, went along. 1- if ul- -if -if There was a big worra-worra under the Maple Tree. Dexter's friends, who hadn't changed much except that their corduroy pants and plaid shirts were even more unpressed from sitting, were pouring hot cement and raisins into the faces. of others who looked exactly like Dexter, only younger. Dexter said it was Initiation for the Uninitiatedi and asked Pooh to join in the hot cement. Pooh did, and he got excited when one young Golden-haired Thing almost broke .Pooh's paw. Pooh smashed an egg in her hair and felt better. And then there was a bigger worra-worra because two of Dexter's best friends, Dowd and Stoddard, had disappeared into The Place Where the Woozle Wuzn't. Everyone was very Worra-ed: but it was soon forgot. Pooh was a little tired now. It was afternoon and everyone was hopping in a Neigh- boring Catalpa Tree" Pooh poohed at a neat little blonde called Kangaf who reminded him of his honey-pots. "Astute and helpful bear," said Kanga. Pooh looked proud at being called a stout and helpful bear and decided that he would come back to the Catalpa Tree again sometime. But later he became enchanted at a bit of gray fluff, a lovely thing, wearing a crown of jewels and purple robes, riding on the back of a beautiful Butterflyf , Pooh was so tired that when he got home he went to bed, and to sleep: in fact, he slept through most of Saturday! CHAPTER Ill.-SATURDAY Pooh had a bad dream. lt made him quite anxious. He didn't hum any hurns for a long time, and when he finally felt like humming again, it came out sounding like the "Victory Polka". The Noise had come at seven o'clock that night, and when Pooh looked out to see what All the Bother was, it was a Thing called the War. For a long time after that, Pooh didn't know whether it was going to be Friend or Enemy. But Things kept right on Thinging anyway so Pooh decided he had better go back to the Maple Tree to meet Dexter. 41 Along about the middle of the afternoon, Dexter and Pooh ran across another Hop, only this time it was more like a Glide? And in the middle were a bunch of she-animals pushing he-animals around. A white-plumed Heffalump bowed graciously, fAt least it looked gracious from behind, for Poor Pooh had been pushed in to a Cornerj and smiled to see some of the other she-animals sighing. That evening was kind of a crying time. Everyone was saying Good Bye to everyone else, and after the Confusion had cleared, all that was left were the she-animals and Dex- ter's bounce. Pooh went home feeling hungry, but even honey-pots don't satisfy a lone- some kind of hunger. CHAPTER IV.-SUNDAY Sunday Pooh woke bright and expectant. He didn't even turn over once before he re- membered that he had to meet Dexter. Before you could say worra-worra twice, he had boarded an omnibus that said "Wilbraham Road" on the front. He was lucky this morn- ing, for he had to wait only three quarters of a minute!" The path looked very wide without the trolly tracks, and there were no automobiles. There was no gas, so he wondered quite naturally if Dexter had forgotten how to. When he did meet Dexter, Dexter hadn't. He was wearing an O.D. suit over his black and yellow stripes, He looked very G.l. O.C. and P.S.1' were the rule that Sunday. When Pooh asked what all the Set-Heads were preening themselves about, "My noble colleagues are being lmmortalized for Posterity by a Magnificent Bausch and Lomb Convex-Concave Lens: and besides, they're having their pictures took,"'2 Dexter said. Along about ll o'clock, Pooh always felt like a Little Something. Dexter waved a chicken leg in front of Pooh's nose, charged him One Honey Pot for the smell, and took him to a Bound Turret with Six Telephone Booths and Several Penguins Carrying Trays. Some of the shes and one sad hymn14 were hopping on full stomachs. By 12 o'clock, all had returned to the Maple Tree. By this time they all knew that "we should not let our egocentricity be our motivating force in this world, according to statistical data which says that the assets and liabilities should equal it would be easy to put the accent on the wrong syllable", and they knew it auswendig. And since there was no more for them to learn they decided to dress up in mohair drapes and say so. At this time, from the Wolery on the Topmost Branch of the Maple Tree, the All-Know- ing Voice of one with a Small White Beard was heard to say, "Now you know there are Animals called Vice-Presidents and Secy.'s of Commerce, and Factors: and a place called Bougainville. And an lsland in the Middle of the Sea where no ships used to come: and how you make a suction pumpff and when knights were knighted, and what comes from Brazil."1't Everyone worra-worra-ed admiringly, and most of them were handed Sheepskins as a Sign of Owl's Esteem and Their Ability to Worra. Pooh, his back against one of the Sixty- Something Surrounding Trees, his paws folded in front of him, said "Oh", and "l didn't know," and thought how wonderful it would be to have a Beal Brain which would tell you Things. 42 Then all the animals kissed all the Other animals and Pooh went home to tondle his Honey-Pots and think about What He would Do Tomorrow when he would Really Do Some- thing. Respectively Submitted, POOH, and EEYORE, who just wandered silently through because he couldn't think ot anything to say, and besides the Other animals said enough anyway, and what difference would it make what a mere Eeyore had to say? PAW-NOTES l. I. tor Ivan. 2. That means Maple Keys. 3. They'll be listed after this. 4. Regards to F. Mahan-How True. 5. The Freshmen. 6. The Hick Hop-Remember? 7. Surname: Roo. 8. Remember lanet Fleming, our Winter Carnival Queen? 9. Our lunior Prom. lO. 2,f4 ot an hour, in our talk. ll. P.S. tor Plaid Skirts. l2. See pages 1, 2, 3 etc. l3. He looked like one, two. lil. H-I-M, colloquially speaking. l5. lf you want toe 16. Among other things, Carmen Miranda. 43 Class Will Since it is customary for each graduating class to leave a uphold this tradition. lt is truly our most ardent wish to leave time of this writing we are more concerned with just being able feeling of uncertainty persists. First and foremost,,we leave our deepest appreciation to Dr. McGown. will, we shall endeavor to much to A.l.C. but at the to leave, and somehow, a our friend and President, And to our advisor, Mrs. Robinson, we leave our gratitude for her patience and good nature. Bay Chintz leaves one big pair of busy shoes Csize l3l for any eager Owen St. Hall boy to try to fill. Helen O'Brien bestows her scientific genius to the many struggling lower classmen who are passing through the purgatory of Chem. Fran Rosso leaves his prejudices to any young radical who may come along. Mable Blake and Peg Winterbottom leave their wit to Mary Gray and Smitty, who already show prospects of scaling the heights reached by them. Winifred Meister leaves two bottles, one of peroxide and one of ammonia, to Beverly Stanton and Carol Gilbert to use at their discretion. Rollin Baldwin leaves, bequeath his voice to any remaining member of Phi Delta Mu. Edith Wells leaves her who holds a record of her own. or rather left, for the armed services before he had a chance to ability to do the 4:40 in .O4567 second flat to Barbara Hagen, lean Krofsky, supersleuth and dead-pan extraordinaire, leaves the F .B.l. to nl. Edgar. Ruth Lawrence leaves a pound of hair to Veronica Lake. After all, she saw it first. Philip Hart leaves the title of having consumed more milk shakes in five years than GUY other human being and one pair of size 12 rubbers for Walter Spoerl to grow into. Angel Ovian leaves her discarded halos to Christine O'Malley. Finally, to any unsuspecting individual who may happen along we leave our charm- ing the OK. Signed: X Witnesses: Mike Andy 44 personalities, our unsurpassed mentality, our empty pockets and our favorite seats in Senior Ballot FAVORITE SONG "Do Nothing Till You Hear Prom Me" BAND . . . Harry Iarnes DRINK . . . Coke CIGARETTE . . Chesteriields PROFESSOR . . Theodore A. Wiel MOTION PICTURE BOOK OF THE YEAR PEOPLE Fellow most likely to succeed Girl rnost likely to s.ucceed . Most pleasing personality tgirl? . Most pleasing personality Ctellowl Best dancer tgirll . Best dancer tiellowl Class Class Class Class scientists tgirl? scientists Ciellowl athletes Cqirll athletes Ciellowl Best all-around Cqirll Best all-around ttellowl Best looking lqirll . Best looking tiellowl Best dressed Cgirll . Best dressed Cfellowl Most Most collegiate tgirll collegiate Ctellowl Wittiest . . . Most Most Most Most Class Class Class Class popular tgirll . popular Ciellowl studious tgirl? studious Ctellowl politicians . musician radical . singer . 45 "Madame Curie" . "Under Cover" . Robert Lepak . Marguerite Carson . Helen Rodak . Rollin Baldwin Frances Kantany Raymond Chintz . Helen O'Brien . Ray Grise Winiired Meister . Philip Hart . Leona Downer . Rollin Baldwin Frances Kantany . Rollin Baldwin . Muriel Chiz . Rollin Baldwin Winiired Meister Raymond Chintz Raymond Chintlz . Muriel Chiz . Rollin Baldwin . Alma Dietz . . . Robert Lepak Iohn Quinn, Bill Sweeney . . . Steven Ziemba Grayson Prentice . Rollin Baldwin A Albert, Irving Brady, Marianna Carley, Barbara Chick, Lois Churchill, Lois Cobb, Carolyn Costello, Marjorie Coulson, Pauline Curland, Barbara Dickinson, Iune Elkin, Albert Field, Margaret I 'gat OFFICERS President .... I. Paul Sturtevant Vice President . . Anne Shaw Secretary . Nancy Williams Treasurer ..... Kathleen Roy Student-Faculty Council Representatives: Beverlee Stanton, Raymond Stansiielcl, Marquerite Finnell Finnell, Marguerite Giorgi, Mary Hagen, Barbara I-Ievey, lerorne Harrison, Martha Hastings, Eunice I-lenry, Ruih Kenney, Paula' Knapp, Helen McGown, Dorothy Pava, Phyllis Phillips, Marilyn Roy, Kathleen Class of 1945 46 Ruqgles, Marion Shaw, Anne Smith, Arline Smith, Nathalie Stansfielcl, Rayman Stanton, Beverlee Sturtevant, I. Paul Tulloch, Isabella Williams, Nancy Willis, Phyllis Vlfoodworth, C. lean Wrinkle, Ellen Abel, lacgueline Andrew, lean August, Rita Baines, Gordon Bloom, Thelma Broad, Phyllis Cantwell, Dorothy Carman, Charlotte Chiz, Elaine Cohen, Ethelyn Crawley, Edina Crane, Cathryn DeBeech, Margare Dionne, Patricia t Class of 1946 OFFICERS President .... Gordon Eldridge Vice-President . . Doris Dufault Secretary . Priscilla McKay Treasurer . . . Lila Sohl Member-at-large . . . Ted Kellogg Student-Faculty Council Representatives.: Nancy Spencer, Francis Spencer Downer, Edwin Dufault, Doris Eldridge, Gordon Fay, Helen Fecteau, Beatrice Gilbert, Carol Hageman, Genevieve Harcltke, Elizabeth Harris, Esther Hayden, lola Iacobson, William lura, Walter Katz, Ethel Kellogg, Theodore Kiely, Margaret Klak, Helen Krawick, Elizabeth, Mrs. Krofsky, Irene Kyriakos, Helen Leiken, Robert McCarthy, Edward McCulloch, Mary McKay, Priscilla Maroney, lane Marshall, Roberta Nagle, Florence Parker, Lucille Poitras, Madeline Prosser, Edward Rogers, Ann Roy, lean Shuman, Helen Slotnick, Bernice Sohl, Lila Spencer, Francis Spencer, Nancy Stebbins, Ruth Tourtellot, Dorothy Vatousiou, Lillian Welch, Rosemary Wells, Carolyn Zakowich, Matilda -,- 4 K , iemg- ' KT Berman, Charles Bradshaw, Daniel Brigada, Carl Carleton, Dudley Dixon, lohn Doman, Eugene Downey, Porter Fogg, Perry Foote, William Gallo, Franklin Genovese, Samuel Giard, Richard Hinkley, Leo Iubinville, William LaFleur, Raymond Leopold, Arthur Lettis, Robert Limotti, Lawrence McCarthy, Charles Merrell, Ralph Mitchell, Richard Nash, Herman President Secretary Treasurer M ember-at-large . . OFFICERS Gerald Scannel Porter Downey Vice-President . . Christine O'Malley S Student-Faculty Council Representative: Arthur Leopold Novotny, Robert Odentz, Milton Okun, Harold Abare, Zenaide Arman, Amy Bianchi, Clementine Bjork, Ruth Bodine, Marion Brown, Mary Brownell, Marion Caswell, Edith Claus, Dorothea Cohen, Marion Cook, Ilene Corcoran, Ann Dame, Mary DiPietro, Adeline Downing, Isabel Fay, Nancy Ferioli, Elaine Filzsimmons, Mary Fine, Eleanore Foote, Eleanor Francoeur, Muriel Freedman, Lois Gallagher, Mary Ann Corcoran Dorothy Snowman Halloway, Virginia Howard, Mildred Hylan, Mary Hynes, Marion Iohnson, Ruth Geanacopoulos, Margaretlieough, Lloyd Goodman, Charlotte Gray, Mary Omartian, David Plante, Alfred Rosotf, Samuel St. Peter, Iohn Rowe, Harold Scannell, Gerald Shapiro, Morton Smith, lohn Vitkauskas, Ernest Washburn, Alton Zubrowski, Chester Griffith, Marjorie Guidette, Phyllis Krawiec, Dorothy Levine, Helen McDonell, Ann MacDonald, Thelma MacDonald, Patricia Maloney, Margaret Matzek, Barbara Meehan, Marguerite Muraszka, Frances Mutschler, Lois Myers, Dorothy O'Malley, Christine Perreault, Constance Phelps, Ruth Raichelson, Barbara Class oi 1947 48 Rainey, Barbara Resnick, Ruth Rich, Virginia Robinson, Ianet Rodgers, Veda Rubin, Shirley St. Germain, Dorothy Seremet, Dorothy Sheehan, Ruth Siegel, lacquelyn Sistaire, Lucy Snowman, Dorothy Stone, Virginia Sullivan, lean Sullivan, Margaret Tanner, Marion, Mrs. Taylor, lane Templeton, Dorothy Tracy, Frances Utman, Theodora Walsh, Ioan Ziernba, Anna V I D. A. R. Student Government OFFICERS President . . . . Margaret Winterbottom Vice-President . . . . Anne Shaw Secretary-Treasurer Ruth Stebbins MEMBERS Student-Faculty Representative . . . Vivien Vanni Senior ..... . Helen Roolak funior . Nancy Williams Sophomore . . lean Andrews Freshman Dorothy Snowman D. A. R. dormitory is governed by a house council, which is composed of three presid- ing officers, Student-Faculty representative, and a representative from each of the tour classes. The duties of the council are to uphold and enforce the provisions of the dormi- tory constitution. lt also has the power to enlarge upon the constitution or alter it. The government aims for cooperation among the girls at all times. l 50 Yellow laclcet EDITORIAL BOARD Ed Kalpakian, '44, Editor-in-Chief Betty Finnell, '45, Associate Editor Dorothy McGown, '45, News Editor Reporters Sally Gowarcl, '44 Marilyn Phillips, '45 Lila Sohl, '46 Angel Ovian, '44 Mary Giorgi, '45 Larry Rosen, '47 Winifred Meister, '44 Phyllis Willis, '45 Nancy Fay, '47 Marguerite Carson, '44 I. Paul Sturtevant, '45 Porter Downey, '47 Phyllis Bowie, '44 Genevieve I-Iagernan, '46 Dorothy Snowman, '47 Leona Downer, '44 Ierry Hevey, '46 Marion Bodine, '47 Alma Dietz, '44 Rita August, '46 Amy Arman, '47 Nathalie Smith, '45 Ethel Katz, '46 Eleanor Foote, '47 lean Roy, '46 BUSINESS BOARD Business Manager I-Ioward Mendon, '44 Associate Business Manager Accountants Edward Howatt, '45 Florence Giorgi, '44 Advertising Manager Dorothy Gordon, '44 Ray Chintz, '44 Typists Circulation Manager Mary Giorgi, '45 I. P. Sturtevant, '45 Muriel Chiz, '44 Office Manager Frances Murazka, '47 Barbara Curland, '45 Pauline Coulson, '45 Business Staff Elaine Chiz, '46 Marion Ruggles, '45 Isabelle Tulloch, '45 Willis Milvaney, '47 Ruth Gray Ruth LaVine, '46 51 Student-Faculty Council OFFICERS Chairman . . . . . . Helen Miazga Recording Secretary . . Henrietta Littlefield Corresponding Secretary Beverlee Stanton Treasurer ......... Raymond Stansfield FACULTY MEMBERS President Chester S. McGown Dean Theodore Wiel Professor Henrietta Littlefield STUDENT MEMBERS Seniors .... Vivien Vanni, Robert Lepak, Esther Atwood, Helen Miazga funiors . . Betty Finnell, Beverlee Stanton, Raymond Stansfield Sophomores . Francis Spencer, Nancy Spencer Freshman .......... Arthur Leopold The Student-Faculty Council is an organization ot students and faculty members that regulates all extracurricular activities on campus with the exception of athletics. Under the jurisdiction of this organization come the student publications, fraternities and sororities and all other clubs. Each student is assessed a Student Association fee which is used by the Council in carrying out campus activities. The Taper and Yellow lacket are partially supported by this fund as are the extra-curricular clubs. 52 The Student-Faculty Committee on Religious Activities THE STUDENT MEMBERS Miss Dorothy Snowman . Chairman of the Freshman Committee on Chapel Miss Helen Fay . . . Chairman of the Sophomore Committee on Chapel Miss Barbara Hagen . . . Chairman of the Iunior Committee on Chapel Miss Helen Miazga . . . . President of the Student-Faculty Council Mr. Paul Sturtevant . . . President of the Student Forum FACULTY REPRESENTATIVES Dr. Howard Davis Spoerl Miss Olive Durgin Miss Esther D. Frary The convener and co-ordinater of the committee Dr. Ivan Geroulcl Grirnshaw Director ot Religious Activities The Student-Faculty Committee on Religious Activities has for its task the co-ordinating of all religious activities on the campus. The major project of the committee, in addition to providing guidance to the various student committees on chapel, is planning each year tor a Week of Religious Emphasis, up- on an inter-faith basis. - Religious Emphasis Week is usually observed so as to coincide with Brotherhood Week as set up by the National Conference of lews and Christians, the fourth week in February. An observance of the Federation Day oi Prayer for students, through a Worship service in D.A.R, parlor, serves to introduce the activities of the Week. Religious Work at A.l.C. is a practical demonstration of the fellowship ot faiths. 55 Student Forum Adviser . . Dr. Ivan G. Grimshaw President , . Paul Sturtevant Vice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer ..... CABINET MEMBERS Alma Dietz Barbara Hagen Gordon Eldridge Robert Lepak Dorothy McGown MEMBERS Nancy Fay Betty I-lardtke Lawrence Rosen Ann Corcoran lola Hayden Ruth Sheehan Barbara Curland Millie Howard Arline Smith Porter Downey William Iacobson Dorothy Snowman William Foote Helen Hyrieakos Lila Sohl Mary Gray Audrey Marshall Frances Tracy Genevieve Hagernar Christine O'Malley Theodore Utman Angel Ovian Phyllis Willis Esther Atwood Betty Finnell Helen Miazga Pauline Platt Zenaide Abare Iacqueline Abel Rita August Ruth Bjork Marion Bodine Marian Brownell Frances Carmel The Student Forum is a fellowship of faiths united in an effort to gain a clearer concept of the fundamentals of religious beliefs as they affect the problems of the students in a changing World. This year the Forum has held evening meetings with guest speakers, spon- sored chapel programs and meetings during Brotherhood Week, carried on a drive to raise money for the World Student Service Fund, contributed to other national student funds, and sent representatives to the Connecticut Valley Leadership Training Conference and to Northfield Conference. ' 5 4 The International Relations Club President . Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Adviser Gordon Baines Thelma Bloom Barbara Carley Marguerite Carson Mary Dame Patricia Dionne Doris Dutault OFFICERS MEMBERS William Foote Ruth Henry Heley Kyriakos Dorothy Templeton Arthur Leopold Robert Lettis Cleo Megas Adelaine DePietri . Margaret Kiely Grayson Prentice Helen Miazga . Bernice Slotnick Dean Theodore VVeil Mary McCulloch Larry Rosen Dorothea Russell Ruth Sheehan Margaret Sullivan lean Sullivan Dorothy St. Germain Each month the international Relations Club held an evening meeting. Among the maior events were: a Halloween masquerade party at which the South American students wer th special guests, round table discussions on current international attairs, participation in the Regional Conference ot International Relation Clubs held in Burlington, Vermont a de bate in chapel in March, and participation in Foreign Policy Association meetings. 55 Amaron Players' Guild President . Vice-President Secretary-Treas urer Adviser . . Rita August Amy Arman Thelma Bloom Marion Bodine Constance Carr Mary Dame Isabelle Downing William Foote OFFICERS MEMBERS Marjorie Griffith Nancy Pay Ethel Katz Lawrence Limotti Betty Loomis Robert Lettis Helen Miazga Constance Carr . Angel Ovian William Foote Professor Hazel Morse Muriel 'Orlen Larry Rosen Dorothy Seremet Charleen Prentice Ruth Sheehan Edith Sickles Dorothy Snowman Theodora Utman The Amaron Players' Guild is organized tor the purpose of developing among the stu- dents an appreciation ot the dramatic arts. Arevision ot the constitution this year has made provision not only for the active members, who are interested from the standpoint of acting, but for sustaining members interested from the standpoints of business, staging, costuming and publicity. Several evening meetings were held, in which students participated in ex- temporaneous dramatizing ot scenes from well-known plays and familiar situations. The members presented an original satire on college lite at a chapel program. 56 Walter Rice Debate Council OFFICERS President . . . Dorothy McCown Vice-President . Betty Finnell Secretary . Phyllis Bowi Treasurer . . . . Marquerit Carso Program Chairmen . Arthur Leopold, Grayson Pr ntice MEMBERS Phyllis Bowie Marguerite Carson Betty Finnell Arthur Leopold Dorothy McCfown Helen Miazqa Charleen Prentic Grayson Prentice Lawrence Rosen Phyllis Willis The Walter Rice Debate Council held several meetings during the tirst s rn ster includ inq two informal evening intra-club debates. Plans were made for the annual Iunlor Model Congress to be held in the spring, as well as the Presidents Cup Debate and the Walt r Rice Debate. Due to the transportation difficulties, the intercolleqiate schedule was curtailed 57 President . Vice-President Secretary Miss Elinor Burlow lacqueline Abel lean Andrew Barbara Carley Margaret DeBeech Patricia Dionne Nancy Fay Entre Nous OFFICERS . lola Hayden Margaret DeBeech . . Iacqueline Abel, Beatrice Fecteau ADVISERS MEMBERS Beatrice Fecteau Sally Goward Margaret Geanocopoulos Genevieve Hageman Martha Harrison Iola Hayden Dr. Paul Thissell lerome Hevey Edward Kalpakian Priscilla McKay Helen Miazga Madeline Poitras Grayson Prentice Ruth Henry The purpose oi Entre Nous is the promotion oi interest in the French language and culture among the student body. Membership is open to any student who is interested in the study ot the French language. The club presents appropriate motion pictures and speakers who are interested in advancing French culture. Social gatherings are held monthly, and feature French music and games. l 5 S l Der Deutsche Verein OFFICERS A President . Helen O'Brien Vice-President . . Angel Ovian Secretary Frances Carmel Treasurer . . . Winiired Meister Adviser . . Professor Henrietta Littlefield Faculty Member . . Dr. Howard Davis Spoerl The purpose ot Der Deutsche Verein is the promotion ofthe German language, literature and culture among its members as Well as among the entire student body. Socially, it holds evening gatherings as well as frequent Kaitestunden at Wright Hall. Outstanding on the social calendar is the annual Weihnachstest at the home ot Dr. and Mrs. Spoerl. Scholastically, the club publishes a paper, DIE AICI-IE, composed ot poetry, articles, stories, and sketches by the members. 59 Sociology Round Table OFFICERS Chairman . . . Genevieve Hageman Program Committee . Thelma Bloom, H l n l-ay Secretary . Bernice Slotnlck Adviser . Dr. G. Norman Eddy MEMBERS lean Andrew Thelma Bloom Doris Duljault Helen Fay Marjorie Griffith Barbara Hagen Ierome Hevey Genevieve Hageman Phyllis Pava Grayson Prentice Howard Mendon Bernice Slotnick This year the Round Table was started by a few students who were interest d ln acquir ing a sound background in sociology and enlarging their knowledge of contemporary soci ologists. The group has held weekly meetings in the form of discussions and sponsored lectures. 60 Literary Club The Literary Club was founded in l94l for the purpose of promoting an interest in liter- ature of all kinds. At the evening meetings this year there have been guest speakers and the reading of creative works by the members. In December a tea was held in D.A.B. for the students and faculty. Professor Hazel F. Morse read Christmas selections. A short story contest was conducted for the entire school. The winning story, essay and poem appeared in the Criterion, the annual magazine published by this group. OFFICERS President . . . . . Ierome Hevey Vice-President . Angel Ovian Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy McGown Adviser . . ...... Professor Helen Miller Honorary Advisers, Marion Bodine Marion Brownell Mary Dame Betty Finnell Phyllis Guidette Jerome Hevey Mary Lou Hylan Dr. and Mrs. McGown, MEMBERS Marion Hynes Edward Kalpakian Dorothy Kraweic Ruth Lawrence Cleo Megas Dorothy McGown Angel Ovian Lucille Parker Professor Hazel F. Morse Marilyn .Phillips Charleen Prentice David Ransom Larry Rosen Ruth Sheehan Dorothy Snowman Ellen Wrinkle 61 Business Club In the Business Club students have an opportunity to become acquainted with the duties, activities, problems, and opportunities of their future business lives. Monthly dinner meet- ings are held in Wright Hall at which prominent business men talk on the company with which they are associated. Among the speakers this year were: Mr. Roy Dykstra of the Springfield Union: Sergeant Fredrick Winkleyg Mr. lames Greenwood, Personnel Director of the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company: and Mr. Gerald Finnegan, Assistant Manager of the Court Square Theater. One of the highlights of the year's activities was a trip to New York during the Easter vacation. ADVISERS Dr. Charles T. Powers Professor Robert F. Smith Professor Dallas Lore Sharp, lr. Professor Ruth Richards OFFICERS President . . . . . . Muriel Chiz First Vice-President . . Florence Giorgi Second Vice-President . . Leona Downer Secretary . . . . Marion Ruggles Treasurer . . . . Mary Giorgi Dinner Chairman . . . . Ruth Gray MEMBERS Harriet Bearg Mary Hylan Albert Elkin Pauline Platt Charlotte Carman Minnie Iacobsohn Beatrice Fecteau David Ransom Pauline Coulson Ruth Lavine William Foote lean Roy Raymond Chintz Barbara Curland Florence Giorgi Marion Ruggles Elaine Chiz Margaret DeBeech Mary Giorgi Ruth Sheehan Muriel Chiz Leona Downer Robert Lepak FFrancis Spencer Dorothy Gordon Isabel Downing Audrey Marshall Nancy Spencer Ruth Gray Doris Dufault Howard Mendon Rosemary Welch Edward Howatt Gordon Eldridge Florence Nagle 62 cards sent to former members now in the armed forces, and the publication of the SCIENCE l Science Club ln February the Science Club observed its first birthday. Its membership has not grown noticeably during the past year, but nevertheless the same spirit with which the club was organized is carrying it onward. Some of its more important activities were a farewell party to one of the club advisers, Mr. G. Forrest Woods, a talk on nursing by Miss Blanche Blackman, supervisor of nurses at Springfield Hospital, talks by our advisor, club Christmas IOURNAL. ADVISERS Dr. Iohn B. Davis Professor Gilman A. Randall Professor Harold E. Bowie Mrs. Alice Robinson Dr. Robert W. Cobb Dr. Donald P. Rogers Dr. Wesley N. Tiffney MEMBERS Frances Carmel 'William lacobson Angel Ovian Alton Washburn lune Dickinson Leo Kaplan Grayson Prentice Edith Wells Alma Dietz lean McGinty Samuel Rosoff Ellen Wrinkle Eunice Hastings Helen O'Brien Dorothy Serernet Anna Ziemba Walter Iura Muriel Orlen Raymond Stansfield 65 Math Club This year a Math Club has been formed at A.l.C. in the hope ot furthering interest in Mathematics among the student body. The club has monthly evening meetings at which time speakers illustrate the importance ot Mathematics and its contributions to everyday life. Iacqueline Abel BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ray Grise, Chairman Leo Kaplan ADVISERS Prof. Gilman Randall Iacqueline Abel Rollin Baldwin Brice Dixon Nancy Fay MEMBERS Ray Grise Leo Kaplan lack Leary Ed McCarthy lames O'Neil 64 Rollin Baldwin Prof. Harold Bowie Ed Prosser Marion Ruggles lane Taylor Ellen Wrinkle lnter - Fraternity Council The Inter-Fraternity Council in the tall of 1943 was faced with a serious problem. Due to the War, membership in the fraternities had dropped so low that they were threatened with extinction. The Council met and voted to move the pledging oi new members from February to the iirst week in November and to include Freshmen. This new program was carried out with great success. An lnter-Fraternity dance was held in the spring. OFFICERS Chairman . . . . Iohn Quinn Secretary Grayson Prentice REPRESENTATIVES Sigma Alpha Phi Grayson Prentice Edward Howatt Phi Delta Mu Ray Grise Steve Ziernba Alpha Sigma Delta Iohn Quinn Ralph Gonyeau Zeta Chi William Sweeney Francis Spencer 65 Inter - Sorority Council The Inter-Sorority Council consists of three members from each sorority, for the pur pose of promoting friendly relationships between the sororities, supervising rushing and pledging activities, and determining general sorority policies. Helen O'Brien Edith Wells Carolyn Cobb Eva laclcson Harriet Bearg lean Krofsky OFFICERS ' MEMBERS Alpha Iota Gamma Eunice Hastings Helen Rodak Alpha Upsilon lrene Kroisky Sigma Delta Psi Thelma Bloom Muriel Orlen Sigma Lambda Kappa Chairman Secretary Helen O'Brien Edith Wells Muriel Chiz Betty Finnell Winifred Meister 66 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges is an annual pub- lication containing the names and records of outstanding col-lege students throughout the United States. A student is selected to be included in Who's Who on the basis of his quali- ties ot character, leadership in extra-curricular activities, scholarship, and potentialities ot future usefulness to business and society. The publication maintains an extensive placement service tor the students listed. This year sixteen Seniors were named for the honor. llh 's lllho uns Swim! I Annan vm uma no counts Q L! 7 Harriet Bearg Phyllis Bowie Frances Carmel Marguerite Carson Muriel Chiz Alma Dietz Dorothy Gordon Ray Grise Edward Kalpalcian Ruth Lawrence Robert Lepak Winitred Meister Helen Miazga Helen O'Brien Edith Sickles Vivien Vanni FIRST SOPRANOS Glee Club After a lapse of one year the Glee Club is once again active. This year, due to existing conditions, it is composed of an all girl chorus. Although the membership is comparatively small, several performances have been given under the able supervision of Mr. Gilman A. Randall. Among them have been a Christmas program, a Church performance, and participation in the graduation exercises. OFFICERS President-Business Manager . . . Secretary-Librarian ...... Esther Atwood Charlotte Carman Edwina Crawley Mary Dame Betty Brown lean Andrew Rita August Adeline DePietro Martha Harrison Mildred Howard Mary Lou Hylan SECOND SOPRANOS Cleo Megas Iane Taylor ALTOS Marion Bodine Marian Brownell ACCOMPANIST Barbara Hagen 68 . Lila Sohl Esther Atwood Margaret Kiely Muriel Orlen Lila Sohl Theodora Utman Lucille Parker lsabel Downing Priscilla McKay Archery Now that the qtrls comprise the A. I. C. Athletic Department they can literally shoot around campus all they Want, With no competition So shoot they did this year and Well, but We may presume that more exercise Was derived from chasing arrows than the sport itself. Auqust, R. Bearq, H. Bloom, T. Dame, M. Fay, H. Fay, N. Giorqi, M. Griffith, M. Iacobsohrl, M. Klak, H. Kyriakos, H Myers, D. Orlen, M. Rogers, A. Ruqqles, Seremet, Slotnick, Smith, A. Smith, N. Stone, V. M. M B. 69 Riding The Aqawarn Riding Academy horses must have been quite peppy this year as there were several minor catastrophes resulting in sore and strained muscles for the A.l.C. equestriennes. However, the proving and everyone had their quota of exercise. H. Beara B. Brown E. Chiz M. Chiz D. Cohen L. Churchill C. Cobb B. Caswell K. Crane E. Cfxwley M. Dame MEMBERS L. Downer E. Hastinq M. l-lylan M. Iacobsohn F. Kantany E. Krofsky H. Kyriokos B. l..aVine P. McKay C. Meqas D. Myers girls are irn C. O'Malley M. Polink C. Prentice K. Roy I. Roy V. Rogers D. Seremet B. Slotnick B. Stanton I. Tulloch E. Wrinkle 70 Phi Sigma Phi The purpose of this honorary science fraternity is to bring together men who have shown excellence in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, giving them an opportunity to exchange ideas concerning their studies and researches in the sciences. Much general interest in science has been pro- moted and the members enjoy many social activities as Well. This year, with the majority oi Phi Sigma Phi men in the armed services, activities of the fraternity were curtailed to a minimump however, the annual banquet will be held in the spring, OFFICERS President Raymon Stanstield Vice-President . Leo Kaplan fi, ' ADVISERS ,V Dr. Robert W. Cobb Dr. Wesley Tifiney ' MEMBERS Leo Kaplan Raymon Stanstield 71 Alpha lota Gamma Sorority Since it was tounded six years ago, Alpha lota Gamma Sorority has been successful in promoting its two aims: increasing goodwill on the campus and sponsoring a scholar- ship tor a worthy girl outside the sorority. lnducting a large group of girls this year has enabled the sorority to carry on an active program, including initiation activities, a formal induction banquet, a Christmas party, a shower, participation in inter-sorority functions, and teas. OFFICERS President . . . . . . Helen O'Brien Vice-President Margaret Winterbottom Secretary .... . . . Anne Shaw Treasurer ,... . . . Helen Speight Eunice Hastings, Helen Rodak, Caroline Cobb MEMBERS Mabel Blake Helen Fay Ann Rogers CO QQ Frances Carmel Lois Churchill Caroline Cobb Edwina Crawley Margaret DeBeech Barbara Downey Inter-Sorority Representatives . O O O Beatrice Fecteau Margaret Field Audrey Marshall Priscilla McKay Florence Nagle Evelyn O'Brien Lucille Parker Lila Sohl Ruth Stebbins Isabella Tulloch Vivien Vanni Nancy Williams Ellen Wrinkle Alpha Upsilon OFFICERS President . . . . Edith Wells Vice-President . Phyllis Willis Secretary . Marianne Brady Treasurer Beverlee Stanton MEMBERS Ruth Bjork Barbara I-Iagen Irene Krotsky Marianne Brady Betty I-Iardtke Marilyn Phillipps Charlotte Carman Eva Iackson lean Roy Doris Dutault Phyllis Willis Kathleen Roy ,NA Q00 X 25 ' E. Q 9 - 9 129,24 --an-tk -i Nathalie Smith Beverlee Stanton Edith Wells Rosemary Welch It is the intention ot Alpha Upsilon sorority to promote friendliness and good will among the girls ot the American International College and also to carry on Welfare Work oft the campus. The pledge period in the fall opened the social season with parties and teas. At Christmas time the annual welfare Work was done. Teas were given for the faculty and tor the Delta Chapter of Alpha Upsilon, and informal teas were held in the sorority room. The highlight ot the year was the trip to New York to attend a current play. ADVISERS Miss Helen Ingham Miss Esther Frary 75 Sigma Delta Psi OFFICERS President . . . . Thelma Bloom Vice-President .... . . Phyllis Pava Secretary-Treasurer ,... . . Bernice Slotnick Inter-Sorority Council Representatives Muriel Chiz, Muriel Orlen, Harriet Bearg PATBONESSES Mrs. G. Norman Eddy Miss Henrietta Littlefield MEMBERS Rita August Ethelyn Cohen Esther Harris Ruth LaVine Harriet Bearg Barbara Curland Minna Iacobsohn Muriel Orlen Thelma Bloom Dorothy Gordon Ethyl Katz Phyllis Pava Muriel Chiz , Bernice Slotniclc Sigma Delta Psi sorority was founded in October, 1943, with the purpose of promot- ing good fellowship on campus, and for promoting interest in world affairs. With the latter in mind we have contributed a subscription of the newspaper, PM, to the library. Since we are a new sorority we have been occupied with furnishing and decorating our room, as well as accomplishing the many tasks which go into establishing a new organization. Our first social affair was held in Ianuary when Miss Littlefield gave a get-acquainted tea for us in her suite at the Oaks Hotel. ln February a team was held in our room with the patronesses and presidents of all the sororities on campus as our guests. Other socially successful affairs were held as well as work on a term project. 74 Sigma Lambda Kappa 1 Q OFFICERS Q , . . . . CJ resident . . Winifred Meister vice-President . Edith sickies Q A7 Secretary . . . Helen Knapp Q Treasurer ..... Dorothy McCfown Q X Inter-Sorority Council Representatives . . Betty Finnell lean Kroisky MEMBERS lacquelyn Abel Betty Finnell lean Krofsky Esther Atwood Genevieve Hageman Dorothy McGoWn Phyllis Bowie Paula Kenney Winifred Meister lune Dickinson Helen Knapp Pauline Platt Charleen Prentice Edith Sickles Arline Smith Carolyn Wells The purpose of Sigma Lambda Kappa is to foster culture and to sponsor a diverse social program among the members. A businessmeeting is held once a Week and every mo nth the sorority has a cultural meeting. Thisyear the sorority sponsored such social even ts as the annual rush party and tea, and abreakiast for pledgees and members was hel d at Wright Hall. The induction banquet Washeld at the House on the Green. The sororit y also held a Valentine bridge at Wright Hallior the benefit of the scholarship fund. 75 Pl Q ., .f 5 fl Alpha Sigma Delta ADVISERS Dean Theodore Wiel Dr. C. T. Powers OFFICERS President . . . . lohn Quinn Vice-President . . Gordon Eldridge SGCFGKIFY . . Robert Lepalc Treasurer Theodore Kellogg I-IONORARY MEMBERS Mr. Ralph Carbone, Sr. Mr. Foster Furcolo MEMBERS Silvio Capiello William lacobson Robert Lepak Raymond Chintz Theodore Kellogg Iohn Quinn Gordon Eldridge Iohn St. Peter ln l934 Alpha Sigma Delta fraternity was founded with the idea of promoting a feel ing of social brotherhood based upon the principles of a common understanding and ap preciation of the arts and sciences. Although many of the brothers are serving in the Armed Forces, the fraternity has still managed to carry on its many social functions Out standing among these activities have been a pledge dance, the induction banquet, a New Year's Eve party, and the Baccalaurate banquet. 76 Phi Delta Mu OFFICERS President . . . Rollin Baldwin and E. Ray Grise Vice-President . ...... Philip Hart Secretary . Robert Knight and lose-ph W. Grogan Treasurer . . . ..... Steven Ziemba Corresponding Secretary . . . . Edward Kalpakian Sergeant-at-Arms . . Iames Brady and Leo T. Hinkley, Ir. ADVISERS Dr. Wesley N. Tiffney Dr. Ivan Grimshaw Prof. Clinton Bowen . The purpose of this fraternity is to promote among the members a social brotherhood based on the principles of a common understanding and fraternal feeling. Among its ac- tivities have been a smoker, initiation, induction banquet, two hay rides, a skating party, a formal dance, and four informal dances. The second semesters activities included a sleigh ride, alumni banquet, formal dance, several informal dances, a beach party, and a weekend at the shore. MEMBERS 'rD' V S ,ut M I Dewitt Ackerman Robert Aveyard Rollin Baldwin Kenneth Beauchene Iames Brady Francis Canning E. Rav Grise Ioseph Grogan Philip Hart Willis Hart Leo T. Hinkley, Ir. Edward Kalpakian Robert Knight lohn Leary Edward McCarthy Richard Mitchell Iames O'Neil Fred Orwat Alfred Plante, Ir. Steven Ziemba Sigma Alpha Phi ADVISERS Dean Wiel Dr. Eddy OFFICERS President . . . . Howard Mendon Vice-President . Grayson Prentice Secretary . . I. P. Sturtevant Treasurer ..... ..... P erry F ogg Inter-Fraternity Representatives .... Edward Howatt, Grayson Prentice Sigma Alphi Phi, originally founded to foster a greater appreciation and understand ing of Science, Art, and Philosophy, has broadened its scope with age to reach its present status as both a social and educational fraternity. Included in the yearly program are informal dances, the fraternity Iournal's publica tion, the annual formal dinner dance, and, newly organized in 1943, the Alumni Bulletin This fall the members planned and began to publish a monthly mimeographed bulletin for the alumni in the services and also in civilian life. This publication is in conjunction with the Alumni Association which was formed in May, 1943. K, 5 Q7 K! f...-my Gordon Baines Carl Bridgata Dudley Carlton Gene Doman Perry Fogg HONORARY MEMBER Dennis Green MEMBERS Ralph Merrill Robert Navotany Grayson Prentice Raymon Stanstield I. Paul Sturtevant Iohn Swenston lerome Hevey Edward Howatt Leo Kaplan Robert Lettis Howard Mendon Zeta Chi ADVISERS Professor Dallas L. Sharp, lr. Professor Robert Smith ' MEMBERS Porter H. Downey Francis I. Rosso UWM ABUNDANT mm Willis B. Milvaney Gerald I. Scannell Reno I. Rosa Francis M. Spencer William A. Sweeney The purpose of Zeta Chi is to devote its best efforts toward the increased Welfare of A.I.C. and at the same time afford its members a chance to live a more abundant life through its activities in the intellectual world. Due to the War, many of the fraternity's annual functions were not held, but we still found it possible to hold a pledge smoker and dance combined, an installation and induction ban- quet, the annual inter-semester dance, hayride, and to maintain active participation in the lnter-Fraternity Council. 79 Marvin A. Albert lohn Alford Robert Allen Chester Bardwell lohn Beebe Ioseph Batorski Gerold Begley Mawrice Belsky Samuel Black Frederick Blain John Brogon Raleigh Brown Iohn Caldwell Edward Callaghan Henry Canavan lohn Carey Loring Carter Kenneth Casteldine Lewis Clish Everatt Clark Douglas Cochram Iames Curran George Delwarias Paul Donohue lohn Donovin Edward Dowd Servicemen ir + Class of 1944 oi the Arthur Duncan Christopher Ellis Norman W. Fogg Bernard Franzmar George Fisk Donald Ferguson William Gilbert William Goodwin Walter Grant Howard Grant George Gutt Ernie Hanford Robert Hildreth Rudolph Iacobson Charles lohnson Samuel Iohnston Clifford Keeney Edward Klein Gordon Livingston Dominic Lorenzo William Lynch Gregory MacDonald Harald Mackler George Mannix Stanley Maslak Philip McCall Warren Messenger ul' ir Robert McCarthy lames McDermatt lohn McDonough Raymond Miller Warren Morgan Arthur Morri loseph Papandrea George Pan lerry Pfieier Harr Pelotian Henry Polek Robert Pratt lohn Reed Bradford Riga Robert Robbins Harry Simard Robert Skelley David Slotnich Karol Smith William Spalding Theodore Suher Francis Sweeney Elmer Thrall George Tillman Richard Tremblay Michael Vozzela 'k ir 'A' if uk ir 80 fav' Amy: 'gnu Aww Y-ss WN 5 F, ff S'-V mv. an wax m ss ms, 'Egg E -V I 1 n I x L , , , 82 L may off Vmriaurix-3 , .V x X .li X N X Q1 ff" x mme' ga j gf .N ie- Fo issifxk Egg, X A 30 jf,,f1ff X I , , U71' 'IIA' , R JJ x + ' f I X4 , xl A If , f xg , X ff 1 X , 'M Jx?iQ. - UN 'W-'fl ' o 'ffl N R, gk G WXXX ,K "Q My - mfiwg' 3 K.. W K 1.3 x4 'af ? Q W Q G, sys E Egg 3 5 Q 3 L sin 1 U 5,- WYMW Q5 A Q xx ff fQQfX f ff jk y7f my w g -XX W pgw i fix ,W J,gW X "1 -' 6 if ' x ' J f -. 1 Q04 fl xix ff X x ,V NN Q f Qxxvxx 4 1 Y xii -M fa, N 1 f 1xJp-ki-M 1 , 1 a-52 my , '5 ,,' ' X ,Q ' by X , , " , ,ww wif w' fx I " XNS66 We U1 w, , 1 ,infix -A JL C x J A , ' A enucrmon - V A O IX A 'AJ N I r V 4, 4' . :bc H 9 5MA" 5Q1 3' f A I I " xp K Kf' , o f I 7 f 5 9 If ' K' - ' xi, Yieafyc Arg 5 U k g: fl: Kg 'HW fQ0 fQ effwfi 31 4 ff' I '4 'T ff-1 Y. ww' XI , 75 f f f X , Q! AW H ,fc ff W f 1 E23 Q Q ,ff W I, ,f my Q I A Q41 C' M MF- 4 f- IJ .Y ' "f Inu A K Z K Kiera X Ll F .435 Z3 Q 4 17' l f fg 5 4, I ,ff A - V - ,W , I! AI W 1 ff, A 1 ff 4 f GCUDQDCE ., A Q' 1. N I , -4, ML 1--gif gf: I ,, ' 4 cffl 545 sa St. Germain Stu io 10.21 Main Street Springfield, Mass. 'lr Cieiss Photographer 1944 Compliments of... Bridgway Charles Highland Kimball Sheraton Members of the Springjield Hotel A I CONGRATULATIONS CLASS GF '44- To each and every one of you, our sincere congratulations, and hearti- est wishes for distinguished success in your chosen field. ALBERT STEIGEPx QCOMPANY SPRINGFIELD MASSACHUSETTS O. K. Chocolate Shop A. 1. cfs owN SPA The Ideal Place for a Coke or a Meal 200 Wilbraham Road TRUEBROTHERS INC. Jf"w1'l1'r.r Sinn' 1898 Fine Diamomls - lfatelies Jewelry - Claelex Silverware Large Variety - Fine Quality Moderate Prices 1390 Main Street SPRINGIPIELD, MASS NI. J. KITTREDGE, lNCg ESTABLISHED 1910 Dianional Merchants - Jewelers Perfect Dianionals -Nationally Atlfoertiseal lfatclies Jewelry, Silverware - Scliool Pins and Rings Gifts for All Occasions Courteous Simplified Credit 1354 Main St. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. 164 Blain St. NORTHANIPTON, MASS. Conilblirnents VVA4. SCHLATTER Sc SON Of INC. Member Oak Grove Pharmacy . 988 State Street fl Vital Part of Springjfeld Progress SINCE 1849 SPRINGFIELD FIRE 81 MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY FIELD, EDDY 86 BULKLEY Sole Local Agents 1200 Main Street Springfield, Mass. Compliments of . . . ' J. G. ROY LUMBER COMPANY Springfield Florists TELEGRAPH DELIVERY Bay Street Pynchon Street Phone 3-9013 Phone 2-3107 E. J. MALONEY ATHLETIC OUTFITTERS SCHOOL OUTFITTERS Quality Athletic Eqnipni ent 3-I-9 Dwight Street Telephone 3-3400 SPRINGFIELD, MASS. 3Brigham'5 A Quality Safe APPAREL, FURS AND ACCESSORIES For lllfsses ana' Women SPRINGFIELD MASSACHUSETTS Outfitters to Men and Young Men H A Y N E S "Always R eliablen 1502 Main Street SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Compliments of SPRINGFIELD ICE Telephone 3-3129 l'.O. Box ll7 The Broadway Ofhce Supply and 5' Equipment Co. FUEL CO. Q OFFICE SUPPLIES OF ALI. DESCRIPTIONS COMMERCIAL STATION ERS 251 Hiclmry Street "E'ueryllIingf1'01'rz zz Pin to a Safe" Tel' 2-5173 55 Vernon Street SPRINGFIELD MASSACH USETTS SPRINGFIFLD NIASSACH USET rs C. Remember her with INC' F L o W I3 R S Wholesale Grocers f,-Om . AITKEN FLORIST 235 Chestnut St. Telephone 4-8220 22,24 Vernon Street SPRINCFIELD, MASS. Tel. 3-3l0-I--3-3105 C077ZPli777671f.Y Of The PondfEkberg Co. Printers SPRINGFIELD. MASS. HAM PDEN-ELY COM PANY Springfield, lVIass. Lumber Dfferclzanfs and W00dw01'ke1's O Agents for Curtis W0oduI01'k Johm-lllarwille Produfrfs and Pratt Ei' Lamberi Paint Complimerzfs Of Frederick,s Jewelers 1563 lldain Street O BUY WAR BONDS - 7 ermmg s TEA ROOM AND RESTAURANT Ifome Nfade Candies and Ice Cream 1668 Main Street SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Compliments of lNlARlO MARCHETTI Commission Dlerchanl ffffholesale Fruif and Produce 147 Lyman Street Springfield, Mass. THE ELM TREE PRESS INCORPORATED Printers of "The Yellow Jacket" . Telephone 4-5351 44 Taylor Street Springfield, Mass Complfmerzfs 85 Of HXXIIIICIICSTICI' bquzlrc' GUS' LUNCH . ' LUNCHEQNS 939 Blain Sr. ICE CREAM Pizza I1 Specially SODAS . . ziiiiigzg, raw gjku Q- , i i B Y W R BONDS Fon VICTOR 'k 90 HAMMERSMITH - KORTMEYER CO Eugmzferi G Printerr IVIILNWAUKEE 2, WISCONSIN ,.. ,, Wm,-:A

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