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Text from Pages 1 - 118 of the 1938 volume:

G. FRANK ADAMS MEMORIAL LIBRARY - NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT - 1 ---L Published by The Students of x AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE SPRINGFIELD -- MASSACHUSETTS A. I. C. Page 4 'li THE TAPER - 1938 Foreword BADITION is the life of American In- ternational College. In presenting this, the third TAPER, We have endeavored to inter- pret for you something of the story of your school. If this book can, in later years, re- call this story intermingled with the pleasant memories of your stay at American Interna- tional, it will have achieved its end. DEDICATION TO Dr. C. Rice Gadaire With the keenest admiration we dedicate our TAPER to a professor whose intellectual vigor and youthful enthusiasm have placed in the minds of his students a lasting ideal Page 6 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 THE TAPER STAFF Editor -in - chief - -------- Iessie Kazin Literary Editors - - - Estelle Leikin, Iohn MacFarlane Assistants ----- Carlton Craft, lames Nesworthy Photographic Editor -------- Nellie Mihle Assistant ----------- Virginia Rosever Sports Editors - Raymond Montagna, H. Louis Pettine BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ------ Joseph A. Hurley Assistant ----- - - Catherine Vogler Advertising Manager ----- Robert W. Mudgett Assistants - Franklin W. Weiss, Herman D. Ehrlich Subscriptions ---------- Bertha Skelly Faculty President Chester Stowe MCGUWI1 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 GARRETT V. STRYKER, D.D. DORA M- STRYKER. M.Ed. Dean Registrar LUTHER ANDERSON, Ph.D. CLARA M. BENSON. M.A. Fine Arts Greek and Latin DR. ABBA V. NEWTON, Ph.D. MR. CLINTON BOWEN, M.B.A. MR. ROBERT SMITH, B.B.A. MISS HELEN MILLER, B.A. Pcxqe 9 Page 10 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 ROBERT W. COBB. SC. D. OLIVE DURGIN. M. Edg Chemistry and Physics ECIIICUUOH G. NORMAN EDDY, M.A. HAZEL E. FOSGATE, M.A Sociology English MRS. RUTH RICHARDS. B.A. MISS BERTHA IACKSON, B.S. MR. STUART LEE, B.S. MISS ALBA LAZZARIS, B.A. MRS. ROLAND BLAKESLEE, B.A. IL I.C1 THE TAPER - 1938 c, RICE GADAIHE, Ph. D. G- RAYMOND HICKS' M-A Bioloqy Music G. H. D. L'AMOUREUX, M.A. HENRIETTA LITTLEFIELD, M.A. History German Physical Directors MISS FLORA L. BAILEY, M.A. MR. RUSSELL E. PETERSON. B,S. Page 11 Page 12 A. I. C. THE TAPER , 1938 CHARLES T. POWERS, D.C.S. WILLIS B. ROBINSON, Sc.D. Business Administration Mathematics DALLAS L. SHARP. M.A. HOWARD DAVIS SPOERL. Ph.D Economics Psychology Librarians MISS ANNAH BRADY MISS EVELYN IACKSON, B.S. A. I. C. THE TAPER - 1938 PAUL E. THISSELL, M.A. WESLEY N. TIFFNEY. Ph. D. French Geology ' THEODORE WIEL, MA. Public Affairs Page 13 N N N i Classes An L C1 THE TAPEB 1938 WALLACE KRUSELL President OFFICERS CLASS Page 16 NELLIE MIHLE DOROTHY IENSEN Vice President Secretary PAUL HASTINGS CECIL DURPHEY I Treasurer Member-at-Iurge DORIS FAY ALDEN A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 Z6 Goldenrod St.. Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN SOCIOLOGY KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma 63, 45: German Club CZ, 3, 43: Glee Club K4l Seemingly shy and demure . . . Eyes that twinkle . . . Somewhat of an agnostic . . . A preference for red-heads . . . Work at the Gir1's Club . . . A little bit independ- ent . . . "Sweet as a song." il K - 7? D ROBERT A. BLACKIE 19 Hughes St., Springfield, Mass. B. S. IN ACCOUNTING BUSINESS CLUB Embryonic physicist-have you heard his theory? . . . Scorns dogma . . . Slick hair . . . Soda jerker . . . Ever- lasting sun-tan . . . The strong silent man . . . Race track tan . . . Believes in varietyeot women . . . Likes S1ade's barbecue chicken. Page 17 Page 18 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 LOUIS MORTON BLAISDELL, IR. 39 Rittenhouse Terrace, Springfield, Mass. B. S. IN CHEMISTRY Football CI, Z, 33: Manager C415 Hockey CI, Z, 33: Taper Stat! C395 Yellow Iacket Staff C491 Varsity Club Q3, 47: Secretary C335 Class Nominating Committee KZJ: Rosa- munde ill: Glee Club CS, 4l. Unsung hero . . . Poison pen artist . . . Explosive laughter . . . a managing manager . . . Drives a ram- bling wreclc . . . Red heads . . . Bull sessions in Pete's office . . . Contagious grin. K Cl ' D 77 MARY ANN BLOOD 29 Agate Court, Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN MATHEMATICS Varsity Hockey Ill: Archery C3, 41: Basketball fl, 2, 3, 4Jg W. A. A. Cl, 3, 45: Entre Nous C497 Tennis Manager CSD. Female Einstein . . . Serious . . . Industrious . . . Un- assuming air . . . Has a coitfeur for every season . . . Toes out . . . Dr. Robinson's favorite student . . . Studi- ous . . . Quiet charm. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 HELEN -MARGARET BUCKLEY 433 Bay Street, Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN BIOLOGY W. A. A. 41, 2, 3, 41: Basketball 41, 2, 31: Glee Club 43, 41: International Relations Club 441: Yellow lacket 42, 31: Amaron 421: Chairman of Iunior Rallle 431: lunior Prom 431: Senior Prom 441: Chairman W. A. A. Christmas Bazaar 41, 41. Red hair and freckles . . . "Miss" Buckley to the Frosh . . . Practical teaching her aim . . . George . . . "Have you seen my nephew?" . . . A truly brilliant student . . . Determined . . . "Let's have it my way!" . . . Vivacity comes in small packages. K 44 H 71 D PHILIP OLDS BUDDINGTON 179 Dunmoreland Street, Springfield. Mass. B. S. IN BIOLOGY Botany Club 441: Glee Club 41. 2, 3, 41: Accompanist: Band 41, Z, 3, 41: Orchestra 411: Rosamunde 411: French Club 43, 41. The Iohn Philip Sousa of I-l.I.C .... His capable fin- gers at the piano gave the Glee Clubs something to sing about . . . Professor Hick's right hand man . . . Long walks with Anita . . . Custodian of the records . . . The unruly hair of the musician . . . Composer. Page 19 Page 20 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 ALVIN I. CAROCARI Prospect Street, Stafford Springs, Conn. B. S. IN GENERAL BUSINESS ALPHA SIGMA DELTA Football Cl. 2, 3, 45 Co-captain: Glee Club KZ, 3, 45: Amaron 12, 35: Yellow Iacket KZ, 3, 45: Iunior Prom Chair- man 435: International Relations Club 12, 35: Business Club fl, 2, 35: Varsity Club C3, 45: Secretary: Manager Base- ball Team: Senior and Iunior Dance Committees: Gradu- ation Committee. Mainstay of the Varsity Club . . . Always posting no- tices . . . Thinks up original sayings-also steals some . . . Loves to philosophize While smoking a pipe or ci- gar . . . Wants to enter foreign service . . . Self-styled bridge expert . . . Enjoys opera and spaghetti . . ."Yo- kel boy makes good!" K K - 7? 77 IULIA CELLEMME 221 Wilbur Avenue, Swansea, Mass. B. A. IN HISTORY Rosamunde 115: Glee Club Cl, 2, 35: Orchestra Cl, 25: Band il, 25: International Relations 12, 35: Riding 145: Fenc- ing Cl5: Field Hockey fl5: Swimming C25: W. A. A. il, 2, 35: Ring Committee K45. "Ah, sweet mystery of life" . . . "Santa Claus" of Lee Hall . . . Anything for the sake of an argument . . . Dorm vs. Day life . . . The magical power of lchthyol . . . Red her color . . . Rosamunde . . . The singing waitress. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 CARLTON W. CRAFT 80 Plateau Circle, West Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN BIOLOGY ZETA CHI Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 45: Captain f35: Baseball tl, 2, 3, 45: Glee Club CS, 45: Yellow Iacket Stail tl, 2, 35: Interna- tional Relations Club Q45: Member at Large: Dramatic Club 42, 35: Intertraternity Council C355 Varsity Club 43, 45: Chairman Masquerade Ball t35: A Capella Choir C45. The perennial undergraduate . . . Winning personality . . . Smooth . . . Amusing conversationalist . . . Delicate sense of humor . . . Versatility . . . A broad grin . . . "Yumph" . . . Alice and trips to Rockville . . . Complete ease in any situation. K K - 77 77 DANIEL F. CURTIN, IR. Cheshire, Mass. B. S. IN COMMERCIAL TEACHING ZETA CHI Glee Club CZ, 3, 45: A Capella Choir C45: Business Club CS, 45: International Relations Club 445: Assistant Proctor Men's Dorm Q45. "Dapper Dan" . . . From freshman to senior in 3 years . . . Assistant proctor and substitute teacher . . . Quiet but forceful . . . Steady . . . Sympathetic smile . . . An air of gentility. Page 21 Page 22 A. I. C. THE TAPER .i,T.T 1938 HELEN CRAWFORD DAVIS Port Clyde. Maine B. A. IN ENGLISH Transfer from University of Maine Swimming CBJ: Riding CS, 43: Fiction Co-Editor of Ama- ron KSJ. Transfer from the University of Maine with a down- east twang to prove it. . . A burning desire to teach Math . . . Dry sense of humor . . . Education her nem- esis . . . A quiet corner in the O. K .... Black Coffee . . . Still, small voice. K K - 77 D MABEL CATHERINE M. DOERPHOLZ 12 Winthrop Street, Holyoke, Mass. B. S. IN BIOLOGY Dramatic Club C1, 2, 4D: German Club 63. 45: Senior Class Ring Committee 145: Science Club KZJ: A Capella Choir 143. Lends force to the phrase, "Simp1ex Munditii" . . . Somewhat bewildered by things in general at Wright House . . . First class laboratory technician . . . Quick response to friendliness . . . Dark eyes . . . Spends hours in the Lab . . . Quiet calm. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 CECIL C. DURPHEY Hartland, Vermont B. S. IN PHYSICAL SCIENCES ZETA CHI Football Cl, 2, 3, 45: Glee Club 11, 25: Men's Athletic Board t35: Varsity Club CS, 45: Member at Large tl, 2, 3, 45. Sturdy as the granite of his home state . . . An ath- lete oi no lowly renown . . . At one time had aspirations to enter wrestling profession . . . His sense of humor finds expression through his ability to hold his own in blunt repartee . . . Blessed with the gift oi complete con- centration . . . There's a heart o' gold beneath that that rough exterior. K 44 " 75 55 HERMAN G. EHRLICH 64 Vermont Street. Springlield, Mass. B. S. IN GENERAL BUSINESS Varsity Tennis tl, 3, 45: Varsity Club 645: Sport Re- porter, Yellow Jacket 145: Intramural Boxing CS, 45: Coach 135: Publicity Committee Winter Carnival 445. "Herm" . . . Always engrossed in a book . . . "Bitsy Grant" . . . Dry humor . . . Serious nature . . . Big brother of the A. I. C. Ehrlichs . . . Ohio State . . .Whim- sical smile . . . Suave . . . The gentleman. Page 23 Page 24 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 FLORENCE K. ENDICOTT Greemman Avenue, Norwalk, Conn. B. A. IN SOCIOLOGY W. A. A. fl, 23: Deutscher Verein tl, 2, 3, 43: Varsity Hockey K13: Dramatic Club fl, 23: Student Senate C33: Rosa- munde CI3: Riding 113: Basketball C43: Chairman Winter Carnival Queen Committee 143: Swimming C23. Slow smile accompanied by a quick sense of humor . . . Favors green sport clothes . . . Bucky and the Chev- vy . . . Silence is golden . . . Good worker . . . Travels far and wide to follow the football team. KK-D77 HARRISON B. FITCH Z6 Charles Street, New Haven, Conn. B. A. IN SOCIOLOGY ALPHA PHI ALPHA Football C3, 43: Co-Captain C43, Basketball 3, 43: Base- ball t3, 43: Iunior Week Open House Committee i33: Student Council 133. Casual, informal manner . . . Received large portions of football honors, popularity, and food . . . Modesty and good breeding . . . A girl ln every port . . . Personality . . . Streamlined . . . Congenial. A. I. C. - - THE TAPER 1938 ESTHER D. FRARY 401 Belmont Avenue, Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN SOCIOLOGY ALPHA UPSILON Dramatic Club tl, 2, 3. 41: President C3, 41: Varsity Hockey i111 Alpha Upsilon tl, 2, 3, 41: President 13, 41: Open House Chairman Iunior Week 631: Dance Commit- tees tl. Z, 3. 41: Assistant Photographic Manager of Taper t31: Glee Club tl. 2, 31: A Capella Choir 441: Rosamunde 111: W. A. A. Cl, 2, 31: Chairman ot Volley Ball K41: Chairman Graduation Committee C412 Yellow Iacket ll, 2, 31. "Oyster" . . . Always in a hurry . . . Tailored smart- ness . . . Dramatic club! . . . A modern Tommy Tucker, types for her supper . . . Lovely voice with nomadic tendencies . . . Springfield College and Bill. K K - D D MARIAN E. GELIN 73 Whittier Street, Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN SOCIAL WORK Dramatic Club 62, 31: Yellow Jacket C312 Basketball 611. "Madame Popott" ot the Stock Companies . . . Loves an argument . . . "I" . . . Always on a diet with aver- age results . . . An intensity of purpose . . . Lovely eyes and unruly tresses . . . Incoherent talker . . . Late for classes-or absent . . . She'll be an actress or else. Page 25 Page 26 A. I. C. THE TAPER l 1938 LORENZO GBISWOLD, IB. Chester, Mass. B. S. IN GENERAL BUSINESS Glee Club t3, 45: A Capella Choir 145. Organizer . . . Time schedules--lives by a stop watch . . . The dorm pawn-broker . . . Gargantuan appetite . . . Ran an alarm clock service at 25C per week . . . Head ot the strong arm squad . . . Wants to produce a moving picture of A. I. C. lite. K K - 77 53 WHITTIER GRISWOLD Chester, Mass. B. S. IN ACCOUNTING ZETA CHI Business Club tl, 2, 3, 43: Glee Club tl, 2, 35: Amaron 62, 33: Advertising Assistant C215 Business Manager CSD. A most capable man in financial affairs . . . Ask any Zeta Chi Man . . . Doughnuts and coffee . . . Always enveloped in a cloud ot cigar smoke . . . Commutes 80 miles a day . . . Nightly sessions at the O. K .... Al- ways with a choice f?1 story . . . Danseuse extraordinary . . . Leaves a string of broken hearts behind him! A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 PAUL A. HASTINGS 176 West Main Street, Orange, Mass. B. A. IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS ZETA CHI Baseball tl, 3, 45: Band: Glee Club: Business Club: Ski Club C45: Intramural Basketball: Class Treasurer CZ, 3, 45: Treasurer Zeta Chi 425. Collector ot the dues . . . A health addict . . . Phil- osophical humor . . . Studious . . . His earnestness an in- valuable asset . . . Grey eyes . . . "The Orchestra" . . . Amiable. 4414-5577 CAROL ANNA HENDRA 92 Cromwell Avenue, Pittsfield, Mass. B. S. IN CHEMISTRY KAPPA SIGMA Science Club tl, 25: Kappa Sigma 2, 3, 45: Secretary 145: Deutscher Verein C45: Student Forum 13, 45. An ardent experimenter in both Chemistry and Physics . . . Very quiet . . . Active in the sorority . . . Pittsfield on week-ends . . . Always late . . . Wants to enter the research field . . . Attentive . . . Neat . . . Pleasant . . . Madame Curie of the Campus. Page 27 Page 28 A. I. C. THE TAPER .u 1938 ALICE LOIS HINCKLEY 21 Wigwam Place, Springfield, Mass. B. S. IN SECRETARIAL SCIENCES W. A. A. CID: Business Club 13, 41: Glee Club 447: Dra- matic Club t4l: Deutscher Verein 645. Efficiency plus . . . Takes life seriously . . . Has defi- nite scheme of life mapped out . . . Cheerful and friendly . . . Economics . . . Could substitute for the textbook in any course . . . Shorthand marvel . . . Hats!! . . . Schol- arship . . . Perseverance . . . Much Work and less play lead to an M. A. K CK - D D7 RUSSELL L. HOEKSTRA 26 Circle Road, Longmeadow, Mass. B. S. IN BIOLOGY Crew 14? "Russ" . . . Quiet and reserved . . . Excellent humor- ist . . . Sincere manner . . . Systematic and sure meth- ods . . . A man of mystery, more or less . . . The quiet mien indicative of cz deliberate mind. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 I ANE ELIZABETH HURLEY 174 Hopkins Place, Longmeadow, Mass. B. S. IN SECRETARIAL SCIENCE ALPHA UPSILON W. A. A. 11, 2, 3, 45: Treasurer 13. 45: Glee Club 12, 351 A Capella Choir 145: Business Club 11, 2, 35: Dramatic Club 11, 25: Student Senate 12, 35: Vice President 135: Stu- dent Faculty Council 145: Secretary 145: Iunior Week Com- mittee 135. "The mighty atom" . . . "Hurl" . . . Never tires of con- fidential chats . . . Fitzie-what's 136 miles . . . Lady senator . . . Tutor . . . Tiny hats . . . Bows in her hair . . . Congenial . . . Our Ianie. CC K g 55 D IOSEPH A. HURLEY 70 Montrose Street, Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS ZETA CHI Transfer from Holy Cross: Amaron 135: Taper 13, 45: Business Manager 145: Winter Carnival Committee 13, 45: Manager 135: Business Club 135: Dramatic Club 135: Co- Editor Yellow Iacket 145: Treasurer Business Club 145: Glee Club 145: Student Faculty Council 145. Our future governor . . . Many irons in the fire . . Supersalesman . . . "What's in a name" . . . Iovial . . The great iixer . . . Walks with leaps and bounds . . . Holy Cross . . . The gift of gab . . . Unanimous choice for responsible positions . . . Vote for Hurley! Page 29 Page 30 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 DOROTHY E. I EN SEN 56 Greenacre Avenue, Longmeadow, Mass. B. S. IN ACCOUNTING ALPHA UPSILON Secretary of Class 11, 2, 3, 43: W. A. A. Cl, 2, 3, 45: Secretary C3, 41: Glee Club C2, 3, 41: Business Club C4J. "Dot" . . . The inspiration for the saying, "Good things come in small packages" . . . Unrutfled temperament . . . Sweet, simple, and girlish . . . Ned . . . Disproves the theory ot beauty without brains. CC K " D D KARL A. IORCZAK 250 School Street, Chicopee, Mass. B. S. IN CHEMISTRY PHI SIGMA PHI Deutscher Verein: President Phi Sigma Phi "Say Doc" . . . Hippocrates in a black hat . . . Finds solace in his pipe . . . Dweils in a world oi isotopes and isomeres . . . Always ready to help untangle a scien- tific maze . . . A booming voice to impress his ideas . . . Sophie . . . Great capacity for hard work. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 IESSIE SINGER KAZIN 49 Mansfield Street, Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN ENGLISH ' Yellow Iacket Staff C2, 31: Assistant Literary Editor ot Taper CSJ: Editor in Chet of Taper C4li International Rela- tions Club K4J. From mainstay oi the O. K. to mainstay of Wright House in one week . . . Original swing tan . . . New York her Utopia . . . Classes were made to be cut . . . Pessimist . . . Walking lexicon . . . Galloping dominoes . . . Has literary aspirations and ability . . . I'd rather play bridge than do my Greek . . . English papers. K K - 75 P7 WALLACE LAHS KRUSELL 122 Marlborough Street, Springfield, Mass. B. S. IN ACCOUNTING ZETA CHI Student Council Member at Large ill: Dramatic Club CZJ: Varsity Club C3, 49: Business Club 12, 33: Varsity Football CU: Taper Staff C29 Glee Club 11, 25: Yellow Iacket 62, 45: Business Manager Ml: Class President KZ, 43: Band tl, 2, 3, 43: Ski Club l4l. Ambles . . . Prexy . . . Master mechanic with a series of junky Fords . . . Vacationland visitor . . . Loves to dance . . . Bertha . . . Curly locks . . . Kept the home fires burning at tour in the morning . . . Christmas tan . . . The he-man. Page 3 I Page 32 A. I. C. THE TAPER l, 1938 GEORGE WILLIAM LAFFERTY 76 Edgemont Street, Springfield, Mass. B. S. IN ACCOUNTING Football Cl, 23: Iunior Prom Committee 131: Senior Dance Committee MJ: Student Faculty Council f4l: Hockey Cl, 2, 3, 45. The iron fist in the velvet glove . . . Torn between two loves, hockey and accounting . . . Will argue with anyone at any time . . . A business man with a flair for the correct thing in clothes . . . The rod and staff to tottering embryonic accountants. . . Loves to philoso- phize . . . A wide grin. 44 K - 77 77 ESTELLE R. LEIKIN 102 West Alvord Street, Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN BIOLOGY Iunior Prom Committee CSD: Deutscher Verein 12, 31: W. A. A. ll, 2, 35: International Relations Club C435 Freshman Initiation Committee CZJ: Taper Co-Editor 145: Junior Dance Committee CBJ: Taper Dance Committee f4l. Smooth dresser . . . Stately and refined . . . Naturally brilliant . . . Executive ability . . . Impeccable make-up . . . Lovely hair . . . Likes photography and a photogra- pher . . . Can talk on anything . . . Interested and inter- esting . . . Speaks softly but carries a big stick . . Agreeable . . . A good mixer. A. I. C. - THE TAPER 1938 IOHN T. MAC FARLANE Hartford, Connecticut B. A. IN CHEMISTRY ZETA CHI Yellow Iacket fl, 23: Taper-Literary Editor C4l: Soccer Cl, 2, 3, 41: Varsity Club 145: Phi Sigma Phi 145: Cross Country CD. The clown prince . . . "The pun is miqhtier than the sword" . . . Cheshire cat grin . . . Notorious transfer . . . My girl-Rachel . . . 125 pounds of Wildcat . . . Al- most became a dentist . . . A small man-is always picked on . . . Studious in cycles . . . Pixalated . . . Good sport. KK-DD IAMES GORDON MACKECHNIE 609 Boulevard, Point of Pines, Revere, Mass. B. S. IN GENERAL BUSINESS Football fl, 3, 41: Hockey Cl, 3, 43: Tennis ll, 2, 3, 4l: Varsity Club. "Down with up"-The campus radical . . . Goodnatured and genial, but will fight at the drop of a hat . . . linxed by January . . . Advocates capitalism . . . From Ford to DeSoto . . . Mid-night oil burner . . . The 5 year plan! . . . Boats and blonds . . . "Don't let it bother you." Page 33 Page 34 A. 1. C. THE TAPER 1938 l OHN MAZZUTO 239 South Ninth Street, Newark, New Iersey B. S. IN BIOLOGY ALPHA SIGMA DELTA Football 12, 35: Varsity Club 13, 45: Glee Club 12, 3, 45: Manager 125: Chairman ol Senior Prom 145: Vice President Alpha Sigma Delta 135: Assistant Manager Baseball 13, 45: Yellow Iacket 13, 45: lunior Prom Committee 135: Chair- man Fraternity Concert 135: Vice President Student Council 145: Cross Country 115: Intramural Basketball 11, 25: Win- ter Carnival Committee 145. Owner of the "Big Apple" jacket . . . Why coeds like A. I. C .... Well-dressed . . . A quick impish grin . . . Missed the boat to the olympics by a yard . . . Collects medals and free meals . . . Smooth line . . . Collegiate air . . . Second-hand jokes . . . Loves to dance. 4l4C"57D CHARLES W. MIHLE 165 Marsden Street, Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 45: A Capella Choir 145: Student Senate 125: Subscription Manager Taper 125: Ass'stant Manager Basketball 125: Manager Basketball 135: Winter Carnival Committee 135: Class Committees. Candid camera fiend . . . Philatelist , . . Golf addict . . . Great waltzing prowess . . . 'Nita . . . Nellie's big brother . . . Neat . . . Tall and lanky . . . Terpsichore's choice companion. A. I. C. THE T APER 1938 NELLIE T. MIHLE 165 Marsden Street, Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN SOCIOLOGY ALPHA UPSILON Taper Staff C2, 3. 45: Photographic Editor C45: Hockey Cl, 25: Glee Club CZ, 3, 45: Manager C2, 45: Vice President of Class C2, 3, 45: Yellow Iacket Stall CZ, 35: Tennis Team C2, 35: W. A. A. Cl, 2, 3, 45: Freshman Handbook Com- mittee C35: Freshman Initialion Committee C25: Chairman Nominating Committee W. A. A. CZ5: Iunior Dance Com- mittee C35: Taper Dance Committee C25: Chairman Fresh- man Dance C15. The charm of an engaging, ever-present smile . . . Twelve o'clock librarian . . . Likes high heels, suede jackets and maroon hues . . . Pine Point protege . . . Ef- ficiency . . . Always busy . . . Personality plus . . . Hosts of friends. CC CC - D 7? CHARLES MILLER 21 Spring Street, Springfield, Mass. B. S. IN ACCOUNTING ZETA CHI Crew C45: Sailing Club C45 Tall, blond, and handsome . . . Noted for his blue phaeton . . . Florida on eighty dollars . . . The stoic . . . Esso Marketer . . . Quiet and serious . . . Forms a Dae mon and Pythias combination with Wally. Page 35 l I Page 36 A. I. C. THE TAPER - ? 1938 RAYMOND I. MONTAGNA ll Highland Avenue, North Agawam, Mass. B. S. IN BIOLOGY ALPHA SIGMA DELTA Football 12, 3, 43: Basketball 11, 2, 3, 43: Co-Captain 133: Baseball 11, 2, 33: Athletic Board 13. 43: Secretary 13, 43: Varsity Club 13, 43: President 133: Iunior Prom Com- mittee 133: Taper Stall 143. "Nooze" . . . Three letter man-batting slumps a spe- cialty . . . Patent leather hair . . . "Midge" . . . Con- stantly Worrying about his four sisters . . . Always good natured . . . Loves to "revert to the canine" . . . A per- fect gentleman . . . A thoroughly likeable person. K K ' D 7? AVIS WHITE MOORE 7 Parkes Avenue, Westfield, Mass. B. A. IN HISTORY KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma 11, 2, 3, 43: Treasurer 12, 3, 43: Interna- tional Relations Club 13, 43: Secretary 143: Entre Nous: Vice President 133: President 143: W. A. A. 12, 3, 43: Stu- dent Forum 143. Gracious . . . "First Lady" of Lee Hall . . . A true friend to all . . . Has cure lor every ill . . . Ever present supply oi pins or thread . . . Pleasant . . . Capable . . . Appreciative . . . Candy concessionaire. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 ROBERT W. MUDGETT 76 Van Horn Street. West Springfield. Mass. B. S. IN ACCOUNTING ZETA CHI Business Club Cl, 2. 3, 43: Taper Stall Q2, 3, 45: Iunior Dance Committee KSD: Iunior Prom Committee 633: Ski Club l4l. Underlines everything . . . Glasses on end of his nose . . . Arden! library fan . . . Never rattled . . . Skiier . . . Doesn't have an enemy . . . Was a woman hater- before Helen . . . Talks a blue streak . . . Sincere . . Even, smiling temper. CK DD HOWARD S. NELSON 424 Massasoit Road. Worcester, Mass. B. S. IN GENERAL BUSINESS SIGMA ALPHA PHI Business Club Ill: Baseball Manager CD: Varsity Club l4l Quiet as the proverbial mouse . . . Could sleep through a cyclone . . . Noted for postprandial vigils for Marion . . . "Swede" . . . Stoical. Page 37 Page 38 A. I. C. THE TAPER Ql 1938 ALF EA NERI Talcottville, Conn. B. A. IN HISTORY KAPPA SIGMA Kappa Sigma Cl, Z, 3, 4l: W. A. A. Cl, 2, 35: Swimming Manager 143: Field Hockey CU: Fencing ill: Deutscher Verein 42, 3, 45: Secretary-Treasurer C4l: Student Forum C3, 45: Secretary-Treasurer 643: International Relations Club CZ, 3, 41: Treasurer 139: President C4l. A warm friendly air . . . A delightfully silly giggle . . . Skirts and sweaters . . . Ardent prom trotter . . . Stabilizing factor in G. Wellington's life . . . Laughing blue eyes . . . Diligent . . . Reserved simplicity . . . An all around girl. KK-DD EDWARD G. NOWAK 91 Fountain Street, Holyoke, Mass. B. A. IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS Band: Orchestra: Intramural Basketball As talkative as the sphinx . . . Can listen taster than you can talk . . . Industrious student . . . Trumpet player . . . Pride of Kel1ey's . . . Brother ot a famous graduate. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 LEONARD WALTER OSWIN 21 High Street, Northampton, Mass. B. S. IN GENERAL BUSINESS Football Cl, 2, 33: Intramural Basketball Cl, 27 Northampton Esquire . . . Once served the Governor . . . Wright Hall bridge technicianAself appointed . . . Long walks . . . Sundays with a certain Smith College girl . . . Amherst competition . . . Former dorm student . . . Ease of manner. KK-PPD HELEN E. PAGE 51 Knox Street, Springfield. Mass. B. A. IN SOCIOLOGY KAPPA SIGMA Dramatic Club 63, 45: W. A. A. Cl, 2, 3, 47: Swimming ill: Fencing ill: Iunior Week Committee Kill: International Relations Club CBD: Glee Club CZ, Sl: A Capella Choir Ml: Deutscher Verein 13, 41: Kappa Sigma KS, 41: Graduaion Committee C4l. Talks with her hands . . . Cheerful, friendly disposi- tion . . . Unvarying thoroughness and ability . . . Al- ways missing a trolley car . . . Conservative . . . Girl Scout leader . . . Retiring. Page 39 Page 40 A. I. C. TI-IE TAPER -- 1938 H. LOUIS PETTIN E Waterbury, Conn. B. S. IN GENERAL BUSINESS ALPHA SIGMA DELTA Varsity Club 13, 45: Treasurer 43. 45: Glee Club 12, 35: Athletic Board 435: Football CZ, 3. 45: Baseball Cl, 2, 3, 45: Basketball Cl, 2, 35: Yellow Iacket CZ, 3, 45: Taper 145: Graduation Gown Committee Q45: Business Club tl, 2, 35: Vice President C35: Alpha Sigma Delta: Treasurer Cl, 2, 35: President C45. The Waterbury Flash! . . . Amiable . . . Has friends without number . . . An alleged crooner . . . An excru- ciating propensity to pun . . . Master of sarcasm . . . Unfailing cheeriulness . . . Very black hair . . . Preters home talent! 4441-2777 CHARLOTTE P. BAMSAY 15 Berkshire Street, Ludlow, Mass. B. S. IN ACCOUNTING ALPHA UPSILON Riding CZ, 35: Secretary Business Club K45: Iunior Week Committee K35: W. A. A. CI, 2, 3, 45: Business Club C35. Hail fellow well met . . . Brains and looks . . . All- round athlete . . . Canoes like an Indian . . . Laughing eyes . . . Never moody or cross . . . Smooth dancer . . . Lots of shoes . . . Purple . . . V2 of that accounting firm of Ramsay and Jensen. A. I. C. - THE TAPER 1938 LUTHER HENRY RICHMOND Glendale Road, North Wilbraham, Mass. B. A. IN ECONOMICS SIGMA ALPHA PHI Chorus 11, 25: Football 125: Assistant Basketball Man- ager 125. A magician who converts eggs into an education . . . Airplanes and Virginia keep him flying . . . Directs jam sessions in the O. K .... Yodels too . . . Ruddy is the word for Luther . . . A quiet gentleman . . . Zero weath- er in elderly open cars . . . An easy-going manner . . A friendly smile . . . I'm in the army now! 4CC'DX EDNA NEWBURY RUST 77 Walnut Street, Clinton, Mass. B. A. IN GERMAN KAPPA SIGMA Deutscher Verein 11, Z, 3, 45: Secretary 135: Vice Presi- dent 145: Kappa Sigma 12, 3, 45: President 145: Student Forum 13, 45: International Relations Clubs 13, 45: Glee Club 12, 45: Entre Nous 145: W. A. A. 11, 2, 3, 45: Tennls 125: Archery 135: Bowling 135: Riding 125: Basketball 13.45. Little-girl naivete . . . Bubbling over with enthusiasm . . . Adores foreign languages . . . Steadfast devotion to Bob . . . Long letters to and from Oakville . . . Minis- ter's daughter . . . Religious conferences . . . Large inno- cent eyes . . . Often seen but seldom heard. I t Page 41 Page 42 A. I. C. THE TAPER 'Tl' 1938 'PI-1YLL1s SEAGER South Barre, Vermont B. A. IN SOCIAL WORK W. A. A. Cl, 2, 3, 435 President C435 Deutscher Verein Cl, 2, 3, 435 Iunior Prom Committee C335 Senior Prom Com- mittee C435 Freshman Reception Committee: Varsity Basket- ball Cl, 235 Varsity Hockey C131 Tennis C33. Pep, vim and vigor in sport clothes . . . Trim . . . Her very stride suggests the athlete . . . Keeper of the ab- sences . . . lohnny pays close heed . . . Upheld the Sea- ger standard . . . Quiet wit . . . Long blond hair . . . Contagious Congeniality. K K - D 73 W. KENNETH SEARS 124 Massachusetts Avenue, Springfield, Mass. B. S. IN ACCOUNTING Soccer CZ, 3, 435 Captain C435 Basketball Manager C435 Baseball C1, 2, 335 Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 435 Advertising Man- ager Yellow Iacket C235 Intramural Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 435 Taper Staff C235 Dance Committee C235 Ring Committee C435 Cap and Gown Committee C435 A Capella Choir C43. Conlines his fighting spirit to the soccer field . . . Sings baritone S oil key . . . Reliable . . . Hard-working . . . Never behind in his clever sallies . . . Excellent humorist . . . Enthusiastic and industrious. A. I. C. - THE TAPER 1938 CARLO L. SINISCALCHI 63 Wilcox Street, Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS ALPHA SIGMA DELTA Football 12, 3, 45: Honorary Captain 135: Co-captain 145: Crew 135: Varsity Club 13, 45: President 145. Gridiron warrior . . . North Carolina transfer . . . "Fabbie" . . . Barks but doesn't bite . . . Guinea grinder sandwiches . . . Strong arm salesman . . . Pete's assist- ant . . . "l'll sock somebody" . . . Docile till aroused . . . Entrepreneur. KK-DD BERTHA ELIZABETH SKELLY 7 Webster Hill, New Britain, Conn. B. A. IN ENGLISH W. A. A. 115: Deutscher Verein: Iunior Prom Committee 135: Iunior Dance Committee 135: Taper Staff 13, 45: Ring Committee 145: Graduation Committee 145. Irish eyes, snub-nose, dimples, plus a iiezy temper . . . The eternal committee woman . . . Suspected of being the power behind the throne . . . "Where's Wally?" . . . Trips to the shore . . . "You can say what you want, but I know" . . . Always busy . . . The urge to accom- plish. Page 43 Page 1 44 A. I. C. THE TAPER aiwlr 1938 HAZEL B. SLEVIN Somers, Conn. B. A. IN BIOLOGY Student Forum 11, 2, SJ: Yellow Iacket 11, 2, 39: Asso- ciate Editor Deutscher Verein 12, 3, 43: President 145: Taper Staff 125. Adroit . . . Brains par excellence . . . Drives a Willys from Somers now . . . "There's a ring on that fin- ger!" . . . High heels . . . Large blue eyes . . . Biologist . . . Cynic . . . Avid pursue! of knowledge. KK-DD lONAS SMITH 28 Maryland Street, Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN SOCIOLOGY Botany Club 145: Senior Ring Committee 142 A true student . . . "Ierry" . . . Absorbs philosophy but questions everything . . . Professor Eddy's pride and joy . . . Lunches in Science Hall . . . Loves books . . . Beams in the company of the opposite sex . . . Unusual ability as a speaker . . . "Going downtown?" . . . Sym- pathetic . . . Napoleon without a Waterloo . . . A swell QUY- A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 SOPHIE SOKOL South Barre, Mass. B. S. IN CHEMISTRY W. A. A. Cl, 2, 3, 43: Dramatic Club CD: Student Forum MD: Glee Club 441: A Capella Chair 145. Placid . . . Wide-eyed and wistful . . . Sport shirts . . . Karl and fond farewells at the trolley stop . . . Un- ruffled . . . Mischievous twinkle belies her dignity. KCC-DW EARL K. SWEATLAND 18 Ames Avenue, West Springfield, Mass. B. A. IN FRENCH Dramatic Club ll, 27: Entre Nous C3, 43: President Stu- dent Forum C4J: Delegate to National Assembly of Student Christian Associations at Oxford, Ohio 447: Mountain Day Committee CSB: Freshman Reception Committee C4J. Eternal brief case . . . Going to be a minister . . . Stu- dent Forum representative . . . Plaid jacket . . . A Greek scholar . . . Philanthropist of Owen St. Hall . . . Perpe- tual smile . . . Good natured. - Page 45 Page 46 A. I. C. THE TAPER - c 1938 NORMAN GEORGE TEMPLE 105 Westford Avenue, Springfield, Mass. B. S. IN ACCOUNTING ZETA CHI Glee Club C3, 455 A Capella Chcir C455 President C455 Soccer Team C2, 3, 455 Ski Club C455 Treasurer C455 Varsity Club C3, 455 Intramural Basketball C2, 3. 455 Taper Stall C45. "Doctor Rhythm" . . . Wealth ol red-gold hair . . .Or- gan grinder . . . Born without a temper . . . The quintes- sence of fraternity spirit . . . Impish grin. K C4 " D 55 MARY E. TINCOVICH 39 Seyms Street, Hartford, Conn. B. A. IN SOCIAL WORK Varsity Hockey C155 Varsity Basketball Cl. 25: Deutscher Verein CZ, 3, 455 International Relations Club C455 Student Forum Cl, 25: W. A. A. Cl, 2. 3, 455 Glee Club CZ, 455 Swimming C2, 3. 455 Intramural Sports. Slow, dry humor . . . A practical joker . . . A quick toss ol the head . . . Good athlete . . . Bicycle trip to Canada . . . "Sigma Alpha!" . . . "l don't want to be a Social Worker" . . . "Hey, Phil!" . . . Everybody's friend. FRED A. TOURVILLE 43 Howard Street, Ludlow, Mass. B. A. IN PUBLIC AFFAIRS SIGMA ALPHA PHI A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 Baseball C175 Soccer CZ, 3, 41: Chairman Sophomore Dance C2l: Iunior Prom Committee CSD: Varsity Club C3, 43. Opinionated . . . lndustrious . . . Stalwczrt gladiator of the soccer field . . . Reserved and serious . . assistant . . . Dot . . . Azgumentative. RALPH THEMONTI . Mr. Wiel's 73 Ft. Pleasant Ave., Springfield, Mass. B. S. IN GENERAL BUSINESS A little man who knows he knows . . . Rattle-trap Fords . . . B. U. Transfer . . . Natty dresser . . . Unu- sual lauqh . . . Makes every chair a rocking chair . . . Dark complexion . . . Serious nature. Page 47 Page 48 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 MABIOBIE WHITE Bridge Street, Warehouse Point, Conn. B. A. IN ENGLISH ALPHA UPSILON Dramatic Club Cl, 21: Vice President 121: Varsity Tennis fl, 2, 31:iVarsity Basketball Cl, 21: Varsity Field Hockey 111: Vice President Alpha Upsilon C3, 41: Iunior Week Committee C31: Dance Committees Cl, 2, 3, 41: Glee Club Cl, 2, 31: W. A. A. Cl, 21: Rosamunde fl1. Josephine College . . . From backwoods of Connecticut, a small town girl makes good . . . Dancing and skiing . . . Always in the news . . . Russ . . . Possesses a va- riety of giggles and laughs . . . An infectious grin . . . Buoyancy . . . Why gentlemen prefer blondes. KK-DD NELLIE MARY WIZERT 36 Ferry Street, Hudson Falls, N. Y. B. A. IN SOCIAL WORK W. A. A. Cl, 21: Deutscher Verein fl, 2, 3, 41: Interna- tional Relations C41: Archery l3, 41: Swimming CZ, 3, 41. Delightful accent . . . Charming smile . . . So consci- entious . . . Perseverance . . . Appreciates her room- mate . . . Always has a German book . . . Good na- tured. A. I. C. THE TAPER a u.L 1938 ALICE A. CLARK 8 Pleasant St., East Longmeadow, Mass. B. S. IN COMMERCIAL TEACHING Transferred from Bay Path Institute Years of teaching experience . . . Reserved and unas- suming . . . Good listener . . . Slow smile . . . Soft voice . . . Many girl friends . . . Very industrious. KK-DD EDITH KALISTA 129 Woodmont Street, Springfield, Mass. B. S. IN COMMERCIAL TEACHING Transfer from Bay Path Institute Pleasant and friendly . . . Ardent athletefswims, rides horses and bicycles . . . Stunning clothes . . . Novel coif- fures . . . Earnest. Page 49 A. I. C. Page 50 :-? - THE TAPER a., 1938 BEULA MAYRA PHILLIPS Charlemont, Mass. B. A. IN GENERAL SCIENCES The pride of Charlemont-Delights in doing the unex- pected . . . Originality . . . A flair for Bohemian clothes . . . Long walks in all kinds of weather . . . Haunts the lab . . . Bacteriologist . . . Masks her emotions. IAMES FBAN CIS VEALE 20 Moore Street, Chicopee, Mass. B. S. IN EDUCATION Graduate Ottawa University, Canada: B. A. The true gentleman . . . Diplomat . . . Miss Durgin's authority in Education V . . . Grey Ford roadster-Dilapi dated . . . Fantastic stories . . . Never worries . . . Chi- copee Recreation Center . . . Saturday night party man . . . Trips to Torrington. A. I. C. THE TAPER ,-will 1938 !!Tl'lEll'S Right" What? What's this? My opinion? '38? Why mine? Why 38'? Oh, the Year Book. But why, why mine? I'm not in a position . . . Well, now, I don't know about that. I'm well liked, my rating is so sure to be im- portant? Well, of course, since you put it that way! I see, I see. In the first place-wait a minute, wait a minute! You're sure you're not . . . ? All right, all right, you asked for it. I was saying . . . I didn't? What? Oh, I was starting to before you interrupted. What? Don't I feel well? Why, certainly, certainly: just thinking-that's all. It what? Hurts? Say, young lady! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, didn't mean it that way! '38, class of '38. Well, first off, they're O. K.-not perfect of course- never saw a class that was. Pretty nice crowd of youngsters, all the same. Good looking, too-I'd be proud of them anywhere. And bright! Take that lad . . . Oh, no names? I see. There's that girl-I didn't say, you don't know who I'm thinking of! The class, the class as a whole? Well, that makes it harder. Real students? That's right. Iust about the brightest bunch we've ever turned out. Which? The girls? Yes, I guess the girls do have the edge. Though some of those boys in my class in . . . Honest? Never saw a straighter-shooting crowd! Athletic? Well, didn't they put A. I. C. on the intercollegiate map? Oh, I know, the other classes helped, but '38 really-just look at the record, that's all! Faults? Well, of course, a few. Overcutting? Yeah-not too bad. Mark-happy, think-shy? Iust a bit. Swing-struck? Uh huh, they'll get over it. Extra-curricular activities? I could have wished . . . That's right. A few did most of the work, the rest couldn't be bothered to come. .I know, they'll miss the plane and never know it. They'll get there-sure, sure- by bus! Nothing else? Well, nothing that counts. Their future? Now we're down my alley! I'm not half as much in- terested in what they are as in what they will be, what they've done as what they'll do. What will they do? Listen, my dear, that crowd is going places if they work as hard, play as square, fight as clean, smile as gayly as they did here at A. I. C.! And we're with them, every last one of them. We'll need their help, they'll need ours. Team work-all together-let's go-cooperation. Great stuff! Ability, honesty, enthusiasm, loyalty-that's the class of '38. By the way . . . I see, anonymous. Oh, well, let it go. I do mean it though. I guess they'll understand. They're right. That's right. 1938. A FACULTY MEMBER Page 51 ,i,,.,...M-I w ,seg 6255 Allen, Willis E. Arslanian, Martin A. Aseltine, Harold C. Bassett, Barbara E. Bielanski, Sally I. Birnie, Anna L. Bolger, Marion C. Bonuomo, Guy M. Burpo, Louise Burt, Helen E. A. I. C. THE Ili-XPER THE THIRTY-NINERS President ----- Frederick Connor Vice President - - - George Meacham Secretary ------ Pauline Head Member at Large - - - Margaret Ryan Treasurer ------- Donald Egan Members Connor, Frederick Coogan, Donald M. Cordes, Elaine Crehore, Norma E. Crocker, Margaret Culver, Richard S. FitzGerald, Emerson B. Fobes, Malcolm R. French, Howard W. Fromer, Milton Carroll, Charles W., Ir. Garland, Dorothy Cheney, Alpha B. Ciosek, Stanley H. Garvey, Eleanor L. Hayes, Helen Head, Pau.line E. Hoffman, Elaine L. Houghton, Anita L. Killam, Robert G. Knapp, Ianice S. Krusell, Elizabeth G. Meacham, George W. Medwin, Leo M. Miller, Claire E. Moore, Edwin E. Wheeler, Clifford R. Penn, Anne B. Pomeroy, Edward C. FACULTY OPINION Pond, Shirley M. Raissi, Poppy Rosever, Virginia Ross, Clara A. Russell, Miriam C. Scotland, Donald S. Shanley, Edward I. Slotnick, Emanuel Tessier, Roland Tinti, Annie Titus, Dorothy H. Vogler, Catherine Walsh, Philip l. FIND that one can compare the development of a college class to the development of a group of children. Born September 15, 1935, the class of 1939 showed for the most part. the normal reflexes of collegiate babes and proceeded to embark upon a career of obtaining the superior behavior patterns peculiar to the so-called educated group. Like new-born children, their activities could be classed as "random movements" with little or no apparent objective. At two years of age there is a decided period of "trial and error" and it is in this stage that we find our thirty-niners indicating their varying potentialities and aptitudes. At three years of age the child becomes an extreme individualist, interested in group activity, only in so far as it satisfies his own particular desires. Thus this group, like all Iunior classes, is a mixture of superior and average students, plus a few stragglers tstill in the trial and error stagel, each an individual and, unfortunately, maintaining this individuality at the expense of cooperative activity. The four year old for the first time becomes interested in cooperative activity. With their fourth birthday on the horizon this group must take ac- count of stock, not only of their own sense of values and particular desires, but of their place in relation to the group and society in general. They must drop the three-year-old characteristics of extreme individualism and become cooperative members of a larger unit. With this accomplished we could look forward to a successfully or- ganized Senior class, who, on their fifth birthday, would be prepared 'to face life's responsibilities. Page 53 ff Wm EEK V 1 Q 3w'vM1'3 aivvgwm, n l . 'iam Allen, Robert C. Bianchi, Rildo F. Bidwell, Robert S. Blague, Madeleine Bonk, Henry F. Boyajy, Thomas Bray, Douglas W. Breck, Iohn H. Brisk, Seymour Canavan, Charles P. Chappuis, Albert S Clark, Robert W. Clauson, Karl A. Cobb, Ianet R. Cohen, Robert I. Collings, Amy F. Cowles, Richard W. De St. Guay, Mary A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 SUPHUMURES Officers President ------ Charles Walker Vice President ---- Kenneth Stuart Secretary - - - - - Lois Brownell Treasurer ---- - - Ann Carman Member at Large ---- Howard Burr Members Dillman, Iohn C. Donoghue, Ioseph P. Dubord, Bernice U. Edmonds, Hazel Faulkner, W. Everett, Ir. Fitch, C. Bryant Fitzpatrick, Iames B. Godfrey, Helen F. Goss, Stanley A. Gramse, Helen K. Hagen, Iean E. Hallein, Louise M. Hawkins, Blanche E. Hill Ta lor M . y . Hodgdon, Wilfred N. Hogan, Iarnes Horwitz, Kenneth Hurley, Frank E. lohnson, Stephen P. Kearns, William R. LeCrenier, Enanttha Manning, Edward Mariana, Ioseph N. Mattice, Kathryn McCrea, Margaret T. McKinney, Thomas I. Moore, Edward H. Mullaly, Franklin R. Nesworthy, Iames E. Norton, Eleanor Olson, Lucille E. Overbagh, H. Ianet Page, Dorothy E. Pease, Louise M. Rhodes, Pearl E. Ringchrist, Virginia I. FACULTY OPINION Robbins, Iames E. S Schultz, Martha A. Senecal, Mildred Skarbek, Edmund A. Slutz, Florence Smith, Carleton I., Ir Spaulding, Marion L Stannard, H. Herbert Stuart, Kenneth L. Tetreault, Elwin Thomas, Virginia D. Thompson, David A. Tina, Celestino P. Tollaksen, Anne L. Trombly, Kenneth C. Walker, Charles G. Wernick, Harold M. Wilson, Sidney H. T IS difficult to appraise the sophomore class unless we remember that being a sophomore is a kind of disease to begin with. For this reason it cannot be proved at the present time that our Class of 1940 is either more or less abnormal than sophomores are naturally expected to be. Most of the typical symptoms are present, which fact is on the whole favorable to recovery in the course of time. The only way to get over being a sopho- more is to become something else-it they let you. This will probably hap- pen to the majority, although here and there something will give during the process, even if it is only the long-suffering men's dormitory. The re- cent action of the Student-Faculty Council in establishing a closed season on the hunting of the species is likely in the end to prove a forward step. The sophomores include all the standard varieties, and a few examples that cannot be classified by any of the scientific methods now in use by investigators of the problem., We have still waters that run deep, mouths supported by an endless supply of noise, right wing and left wing cham- pions, in fact, everything except samples of those heights of superiority to which sophomores never rise while remaining sophomores. If they were all laid end to end where steam-rollers were smoothing out a stretch of road, the rest of the college would undoubtedly willingly pay for decent burials. Ugly duckling into swan: caterpillar into butterfly, We all have to have growing pains, so while there's life there's hope. .14 Page f-55 A. 1. C. THE TAPER 1938 TLQ Cl Allen, Arthur G. Allen, Donald E. Angelica, Ioseph A. Arenius, Arthur M. Arnold, Ernest S. Assad, Ioseph G. Beeman, Arthur R., Ir. Bibber, LeRoy Blacher, Harvey Blake, Ernest L. Blumenthal, Robert Roy Boisvert, Pearl L. Bowen, Glenys M. Bradford, Kenneth E. Breault, Roland W. Brown, Albert E. Page .--- se- Officers President - - - Vice President - Burns, Robert E. Capen, Weston G. Carson, Marguerite O. Caton, Edson C. Coburn, Ralph F., lr. Cohen, Robert I. Corcoran, George B. Crowe, Philip Jeremiah Daulton, Dorothy L. DiCarlo, Iohn Donabed, Sargun Donnelly, Alan I. Dunn, lohn I. Eddy, Allyn G. Elliott, William I. Ely, Constance P. - Richard Handel - - Iohn Murphy Ethier, Donald N. Evon, Doris E. Foy, Walter L. Gaylord, Francis S. Geldard, Virginia S. Gifford, Arnold B. Gill, Stanley I. Gilligan, Dorothy A. Graham, lohn P. Griswold, Ruth I. Gronostalski, Edward Guptill, Stillman Hall, Gordon E. Hamilton, Annette S. Hammond, Katherine Handel, Richard W. Handy, Virginia L. Hanley, Edward F. Hanson, E. Miriam Harvey, Phyllis E. Hedenburg, Catherine Hobday, Lura Winifred Holmes, Roland A. Hubbell, Robert B. Humber, Helen I. Hurd, Elizabeth C. Hurley, Iohn I. Iackson, Elizabeth S. Iohnson, Emerson H. Iosko, William I. Kacoyannakis, George I Kearin, Rita L. a '94' A. 1. C. THE TAPER ll? 1938 f King, William P. Kling, Eleanor L. Kopyscinski, Harry Kreiner, Ruth C. Lauer, Roy Wesley Lavin, Frederick G. Lawe, M. Norma Lawson Ra mond W. I Y LeBeau, Edward M. Leonard, Harmon C. Levine, Aaron. S. Lyons, Clare E. Maltas, Iohn K. Martin, I. Wesley Martinelli, Rosemary Mastroianni, Dominic C. Mayer, George E. Secretary ---- Frances Trowbridge Treasurer - - - Member at Large Mayer, Iohn Henry Mayer, Marie Rose Montori, Elsie L. Moore, Evelyn R. Mulvaney, Erin Ann Murphy, Iohn M. Musinski, Harry Nissenbaum, Newell O'Donnell, Iarnes C. O'Neil, Enid Osterling, A. Lorraine Parker, Maxine L. Pava, lacob Poole, Lois Prentice, Helen M. Ratner, Harold - - Ioseph Williams - - - Constance Ely Roberts, Virginia G. Rowland, Ruth W. Roy, Philip R. Royce, Burchard A. Rufenacht, Andre G. Runnells, Arthur F. Saxon, Frank, Ir. Scalise, Frederick Seppala, Gertrude D. Shean, Charles T. Slonimsky, Philip M. Spier, Robert D. Staples, Marjorie V. Swaine, Roberta V. Teahan, Ioseph I. Totten, G. Arlene Trowbridge, Frances Trudeau, I. Homer Valego, Edward F. Vanderhoop, Bertha Viets, Frances E. Vinton, Donald L. Webber, George R. Weiss, Franklin W. Wert, Wilber E. Whitaker, Lewis E. Whitney, Hilton R. Williams, Ioseph N. Woedtke, Mary V. Woods, Earl G. Wright, Constance D. Zakowich, Wanda S - Page lil- 57 W Page 58 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 FRESHMEN 9 HAVE been asked to write my impression of the Class of 1941 at A. I. C. What can I say about it, for or against, good or bad, which will truly depict them in the eyes of those who read this article? Naturally. I have impressions-in fact, so many of them that it is difficult for me to organize them into any comprehensible form. Most of my impressions are of individual members of the Class rather than of the Class as a Whole, but, perhaps by collecting, analyzing, and tabulating in my mind the per- sonal or individual impressions, I can emerge with a generalization which will be, to some extent, characteristic of the class as a Whole. The Class of 1941 is not only the largest class which has ever enrolled at A. I. C., but it is also the class which is most representative of Ameri- can life as we find it in our daily dealings and travels. There are repre- sentatives of nearly every race, religion, and color. There are students, pluggers, playboys, what-have-you, and even a moron or two. There are those interested in business, those interested in the arts, and those who have brains enough to know that, for their own good, they must be in- terested in both. There are those who are here because they want to be, those who are here because they have to be, those who shouldn't be here, and those who won't be here long. Some have to be forced to work, some to study, some to play. Some will never make the grade, some will just pass, and some will hit the "high spots" here, and after graduation will blaze a trail to unexceeded heights. Yes. in the Class of 1941, A. I. C. has "EVERYTHING" and that is just what A. I. C. wants: a real college needs "EVERYTHING", wants "EVERY- THING", and gets "EVERYTHING". We humble and often unappreciated members of the faculty attempt to give everyone who comes under our influence a knowledge of the field in which we are teaching, and in most cases we succeed to a varying degree. But, above all else that one should obtain from a course in col- lege is a knowledge of how to live happily and how to be tolerant. The success of the student in learning how to live happily depends about equally upon the faculty and the student: but tolerance, a rare gift, comes not so much from the classroom as from the open campus, the football field, and the social affairs-even a good "Bull Session" helps. If one gradu- ates from A. I. C. and has not in his mind a knowledge of how to live and how to be tolerant-how to love his fellowman, regardless of race or color or creed-he has not only wasted his time in the classroom, but he has definitely failed to give the Class of 1941 a fair chance to help him. This Class has more, in my opinion, to offer to the students of A. 1. C. than any other class on campus. They're willing to share it, but don't expect them to carry it to you! Crgcmizations Page 60 A. I. C. THE TAPER - 1938 Student Facultg Council FACULTY Dr. McGoWn Dr. Gadaire Miss Littlefield I uniors, Roland Tessier Edward Pomeroy Freshman Seniors George Lafferty Iane Hurley Ioseph A. Hurley Sophomores Iames Nesworthy Thomas Boyajy - Annette Hamilton A. I. C. THE TAPER - W1M 1938 Taper Staff Editor-in-chief - - - - - - - - - Iessie Kazin Business Manager ------- - Ioseph A. Hurley Assistant to the Business Manager ------ Catherine Vogler Literary Editors ------- Iohn MacFarlane, Estelle Leikin Assistant Literary Editors - - Carlton Craft, Iarnes Nesworthy Photographic Editor ------------- Nellie Mihle Assistant Photographic Editor ------- Virginia Rosever Sports Editors ------- Raymond Montagna, Louis Pettine Advertising Manager ---------- Robert W. Mudgett Advertising Assistants - Franklin W. Weiss, Herman D. Ehrlich Subscriptions -------------- Bertha Skelly Page 6 1 Page 62 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 Yellow Jacket Stall Co-editors .... ........... M argaret Ryan, Ioseph A. Hurley Sports Editor .................................,. William Handy REPORTERS Ruth Stoughton, Willis Allen, Iames Nesworthy, Donald Egan, Franklin Mullaly, Walter Shea, Peter Ellis, Helen Humber, Ruth Iorgensen, Mary Woedtke. SPORTS STAFF Ralph Carbone, Kenneth Stuart, Robert Spier, Blake Sturgeon, Herman Ehrlich, Manny Slotnick, Ianet Overbagh. MAKE-UP STAFF Walter Shea Manny Slotnick. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ............................. Wallace Krusell Assistants Louise Burpo, lean Hagen. Ralph Carbone, William Handy, Charles Walker, Ioseph Mariana. EXCHANGE DEPARTMENT lean Hagen, Louise Burpo. CIRCULATION STAFF Iohn Mazzuto, Alvin Carocari, Louis Pettine, Sydney Wilson. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 Student Forum Officers President ----- Earl Sweatland Vice President - H. Herbert Stannard Secretary-Treasurer - - - Altea Neri Cabinet Edna Bust, Miriam Russell, Linwood Hodgdon, Max Cannorn Members Clara Boss Elizabeth Hurd Grace Kellogg Russell Cameron Ruth Stoughton Norma Crehore Hilton Whitney Sophie Sokol Wilfred Hodgdon Wayne Iones Avis Moore Beatrice Copeland Annette Hamilton Harmon Leonard Evelyn Iackson Ruth Graves Dorothy Garland Virginia Handy Advisors Dr. Howard Davis Spoerl, Dr. G. V. Stryker u Page 63 I t Page 64 A. 1. c. THE TAPER F? 1938 Deutscher Verein Officers President -------- Hazel Slevin Vice President ---- - - Edna Rust Secretary - Treasurer ---- Alfea Neri Program Committee - - H. Herbert Stannard Refreshment Committee - Florence Endicott Advisor ----- Miss Henrietta Littlefield Members Iohn Chatowski Miriam Russell Dorothy Garland Margaret Ryan Helen Gramse Marion Spaulding William Handy Carol Hendrcf Frank Hurley Florence Endicott Stephen Iohnson Lydlfl Blakeslee R h K , Marion Carter uf remer Norma Crehore Margaret McCrea Claire Miller Edward Ropulewis Edward Moore Helen Page Roland Tessier Mary Tincovich Douglas Bray Anita Houghton Viateur Rousseau Phyllis Seager Edward Pomeroy Nellie Wizert A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 Entre Nous Officers President ------- Avis Moore Vice President ---- Earl Sweatland Secretary-Treasurer - - - Lucille Olson Philip Buddington Viateur Rousseau Ruth Stoughton Louise Burpo Herbert Stannard Pearl Rhodas Margaret Ryan Members Regina Krowiec Charles Canovan Luther Richmond Blanche Hawkins Edna Rust Mary Blood Helen Burt Donald Egan Philip Walsh Roberta Swaine Phyllis Parker Ruth Griswold Kenneth Bradford Barbara Bassett Page 65 A. I. C. Page 66 1 ' W THE TAPER 1938 Dramatic Club Officers President ------- Esther Frary Vice President - - Calvin Hewey Secretary - - - - Claire Miller Treasurer ------ Helen Godfrey Members Willis Allen Ioseph Assad Sally Bielanski Marion Bolger Helen Humber Claire Lyons Margaret McCrea Claire Miller Bernice Dubord Enid O'Neil Donald Egan Esther Frary Helen Godfrey Helen Gramse Waneta Hall Calvin Hewey Alice Hinckley Phyllis Parker Mildred Senecal Sophie Sokol Kenneth Stuart Charles Walker Helen Page Elinor Hardy Rosemary Martinelli Howard Burr Frances Trowbridge Roberta Swaine Phyllis Harvey William King Mary de St. Guay loseph Mariana Margaret Ryan Peggy Leete Melvin Darack Ioan Grant A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 International Relations Officers President ------- Alfea Neri Vice President - - - Thomas Boyajy Secretary ------ Avis Moore Treasurer - - - George W. Meacham Member-at-large - - Carlton Craft Advisor Edna Rust Karl Clauson Mary Tincovich Ioseph Mariana Ruth Stoughton lean Nowak Professor T. Members Iessie Kazin Helen Buckley Sophie Sokol Norma Crehore Anne Birnie Nellie Wizert A. Wiel Charles Walker Lillian Siegal Martin Arslanian Estelle Leikin Rita Kearin lohn Riordon Page 67 Page 68 A. I. C. THE TAPER T 1938 Debating Council ter Walter Rice Debate Officers Milton Fromer ---- Debate Captain Franklin Mullaly - - Debate Manager Calvin Hewey - - - Debate Treasurer Kathryn Mattice ---- I unior Varsity Roland Breault ---- junior Varsity Louis Milano Professor Edward Meyer - - - Director A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 Doris Alden Willis Allen Marion Bolger Thomas Boyajy Sally Bielanski Madeline Blague Philip Buddington Helen Burt Max Cannom Elaine Cordes Daniel Curtin Dorothy Daulton Bernice Dubord Esther Frary Dorothy Garland Dorothy Gilligan Ruth Graves Lorenzo Griswold lean Hagen Miriam Hanson A Capella Choir Members Winifred Hobday Linwood Hodgdon Wilfred Hodgdon Anita Houghton lane Hurley Emerson Iohnson Ianice Knapp Enantha LeCrenier Ioseph Mariana lean McLaren Ina Melenek Charles Mihle Lorraine Osterling Helen Page Shirley Pond Poppy Raissi Virginia Rosever Miriam Russell Edna Rust Margaret Ryan Gertrude Seppala Sophie Sokol Isabel Tucker Charles Walker Regina Krawiec Amy Collings Norman Temple Margaret Leete Iohn Mazzuto Charles Canavan George Meacham Kenneth Sears Louise Burpo Ianet Overbagh Ianet Cobb Walter Rochford Howard Nelson Herman Ehrlich Frederick Connor Sidney Wilson Page S9 Page 70 A. I. C. THE TAPER .,l 1938 Business Club Members Martha Schultz Alice Hinckley Charles Walker Ioseph Mariana l0S9Ph-A- HUTIGY Barbara Walker George Lafferty mligr lgugnancal Roland Breault Virginia Thomas Cgtheiin e 63331 e I Whittier Cfrizwold Charlotte Ramsay Dorothy Jensen Dan Curtin Taylor Hill Dorothy Page Max Cannom Advisors Dr. Powers Mr. Smith Speakers During This Year Mr. Henry Tiffney Mr. Edward Armstrong Mr. Allen Hunter Mr. Herbert S. Terrill A. I. C. ,, - THE TAPER 1938 Menls Athletic Board Professor Theodore Wiel - Chairman Raymond Montagna - - - Secretary Members Dr. Charles T. Powers Coach Russell Peterson Dr. Wesley N. Tiffney Carlo Siniscalchi Dr. Robert W. Cobb Iames Nesworthy George Meacham The M. A. B. of A. I. C. was organized for the purpose of controlling and regulating the athletic activities of the college. The Board plans an extensive intramural program for those not taking active part in Varsity competition. It also regulates eligibility rules for participation in varsity sports and has placed A. I. C. upon an equal rating With other colleges for New Eng- land, by making possible the College's membership in such as- sociations as the New England College Association and the Asso- ciation ot Connecticut Valley Colleges on Officials. The Board is composed of four student members, tour faculty members, Director of Athletics, and the President of the College. Page 71 Page 72 A. I. C. til THE TAPER -i?l 1938 Women's Athletic Association Officers President ------ Phyllis Seager Sports Executive ---- Ianice Knapp Social Chairman ---- Pauline Head Secretary ------ Dorothy Iensen Treasurer ------- Iane Hurley Advisors Miss Bailey, Dr. Newton, Mrs. Eddy The Women's Athletic Association is open to all A. I. C. girls who participate in one sport for an entire season. As an organi- zation, its aim is to stimulate an interest in athletics, and to pro- mote good tellowship and good sportsmanship. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 Kappa Sigma Sorority Officers President ------- Edna Bust Vice President ---- Anita Houghton Secretary - - - - - Carol Hendra Treasurer - - - - - Avis Moore Member at large - - - Marion Carter Advisor - - - Miss Henrietta Littlefield Members Alfea Neri Frances Trowbridge Claire Miller Cecile Hutchinson Doris Alden Ruth Stoughton Pauline Raissi Miriam Russell Marion Spaulding Marion Bolger Virginia Handy Dorothy Garland Roberta Swaine Mildred Senecal Helen Page Shirley Pond Constance Ely Phyllis Parker Ruth Griswold Helen Gramse Fay Woolley Page 73 Page 74 A. I. C. THE TAPER X' 1938 Alpha Upsilon Sururitg Officers President ------ Esther D. Frary Vice President - - - Marjorie E. White Treasurer ----- Dorothy E. Iensen Secretary ----- Virginia Rosever Members Helen Hayes Marjorie White Glenys Bowen Helen Godfrey Nellie Mihle Bernice Dubord Madaline Reynolds Esther Frary Encmntha Le Crenier Barbara Nash Charlotte Ramsay Barbara Walker Peggy Leete lane Hurley K 11 Ann Carman Dorothy Iensen Betty ruse Dorothy Gilligan Virginia Geldard Ruth Howland Mary Quinn Lois Brownell Virginia Rosever Honorary Members Dr. Abba Newton, Miss Helen Ingham Alpha Upsilon Sorority was formed in November, 1934 with ten charter members and now has an active membership of twenty-three. Following its usual procedure, the sorority held open house and entertained girls of the student body in D. A. B. Upper classmen were initiated at the beginning of the fall semester While at the beginning of the second semester, five freshmen were formally received. A fund has been created this year from which active mem- bers may borrow to complete their college curriculum. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 Stanley Babina Robert Bidwell Ermont Bowen Thomas Boyajy Howard Burr Robert Butterfield Russell Cameron Charles Canavan Albert Chappuis Stanley Ciosek Robert Clark Karl Clauson Carlton Craft Daniel Curtin Zeta Chi Fraternitg Members Cecil Durphey William Elliott Donald Ethier Iohn Fitzgerald Arthur Griswold Whittier Griswold Richard Handel Paul Hastings Roland Holmes Ioseph Hurley George Iones Wayne Iones William Kearns Wallace Krusell Advisors John MacFarlane Charles Miller Robert W. Mudgett Iohn Murphy Frank Murray Harry Musinski Iames Nesworthy Donald Phillips Carlton Smith, Ir. Norman Temple Elwin Tetreault Charles Walker Ioseph Williams Professors Dallas Lore Sharp, Robert F. Smith, G. Raymond Hicks Page 75 Page 76 A. I. C. THE TAPER ..E 1938 Sigma Alpha Phi Officers President ----- Edward Pomeroy '39 Vice President - - - Robert Killam '39 Secretary - - - - Donald Egan '39 Treasurer ----- Viateur Rousseau '39 Program Chairman - - Roland Tessier '39 Members Martin Arslanian '39 Franklin Mullaly ' Cl'19Ste1' Eisold '38 Hgwqrd Nelsgn ' Emerson Fitzgerald '39 Luther Richmond ' Howard French '39 I William Handy '40 gonljld Ecotlanfi , Wilfred Hodgdon '41 er ert tcmnur I Frank Hurley '40 Kenneth Stuart George Meacham '39 Fred T0111'Vi11e ' Edward Moore '40 Thomas Townsend ' Advisors Dr. Chester S. McGown, C. Bice Gadaire, T. A. Wiel G. Norman Eddy, Luther Anderson A. I. C. THE TAPER ,- ,,,.-, ,, 1938 Alpha Sigma Delta Officers H. Louis Pettine ------ President Ralph W. Carbone - - - Vice President Raymond Montagna ---- Secretary Paul G. Cavicchia ----- Treasurer Members Rildo Bianchi Louis Luzi Guy M. Bonuomo Dominic Mastroianni Walter Rochford Louis Sangermano Anthonio Troiano Benedict Nascimbeni Alvin I. Carocari Iohn Mazzuto Iohn Di Carlo Louis I. Milano Theodore A. Wiel ---- Faculty Advisor Ralph W. Carbone, Sr. - Honorary Member Peter A. Cavicchia ---- Alumni Advisor The Alpha Sigma Delta Fraternity had its origin at the Ameri- can International College in May, 1934, under the name of the Italian Club. In March, 1935, the name of the organization was changed to that of the Alpha Sigma Delta Fraternity, and was made up exclusively of men who were of Italian extraction. In Iune, 1935, the Executive Committee granted the fraternity a charter under its new name. The purpose and ideals upon which the fraternity was founded are devotion of its members to each other through the common appreciation and understanding of the rich field of art, science, and literature Italy has offered to the world. Page 77 Page 78 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 Phi Sigma Phi Officers President ---- Karl A. Iorczak '38 Vice President - - Richard Culver '39 Secretary - - Emerson FitzGerald '39 Treasurer - - - Cecil C. Durphey '38 Ex-Officio - - Dr. Robert W. Cobb, Sc.D. Members Martin Arslanian '39 Richard S. Warner '39 David Thompson '40 Stanley Goss '40 James Faulkner '40 Iohn MacFarlane '38 Natale Cirillo The first honorary fraternity to be founded at the American International College, was organized in December of 1938. The name of the fraternity stands for "Physical Science Fraternity." The purpose of the organization is to promote interest as Well as afford means to study in the realm of chemistry and physics. Also, as an added purpose, the fraternity aids in finding positions for its graduates through the alumni who have been members and who are at present engaged in some line of activity pertain- ing to chemistry or physics. ! , 1 S 5 5 ff Athletics Page 80 A. I. C. THE TAPER il'! 1938 Crew Iames Nesworthy - - Coach Edward Moore Sam Metrinko Robert Spier William Handy Howard French Robert Bohman Frank Hurley Ralph Coburn Arthur Shean Donald Scotland Walter Rochford Charles Miller Chester Williams William Kearns Charles Canavan Arthur Griswold Coach Nesworthy issued a call to crew candidates to take to the water early in March. With six veterans and a host of newcomers answering the call, Nesworthy set to work to develop another undefeated crew for A. I. C. There is also a possibility that a junior varsity crew will be formed this spring. The schedule opens on May 7 with a race on the Connecticut river against Williams College. The following Saturday, May 14, our men will meet the strong Dartmouth College Crew at Hanover, N. H. The feature race of the season will find the A. I. C. crew pitted against the Dartmouth College and the Manhattan Col- lege Crews in a three cornered race. This event will take place on May 22 on the Harlem river in New York. A. 1. c. THE TAPER 1 1938 Huckeg Frederick Connor - - Manager George Lafferty - - Captain George Sergienko Louis Whitaker Ernest Arnold Raymond Lamoureux Roy Lauer Albert Brown Sargan Donabed Iarnes Mackechnie Iames Rathbone Harry Musinski Neil Fahey Edson Caton Homer Trudeau George Webber George S. Jones For the second year the A. I. C. hockey team tried to estab- lish itself as an intercollegiate unit. Due to the lack of practice and experienced coaching, the team gained but one victory and suffered three defeats. Opening the season against the clever Mass. State puck- sters, the Aces met their first defeat by a score of 5 to 2. The team then met its arch rival, Springfield, in a three game series for the city title. Our pucksters defeated Springfield's sex- tet 2 to O in the first encounter but lost the last two games by the score of 2 to 1 and 6' to 2. Page 81 A. I. C. - Page 82 -e+ THE TAPER TMi.h 1938 Basketball Russell E. Peterson ----- Coach Kenneth Sears - - - Manager Benedict Nascimbeni - - Captain Members Raymond Montagna Wayne Iones George Wood George Meacham Edward Ropulewis Earl Woods Robert Cohen Harold Aseltine Milton Schimmel The A. I. C. quintet, with but two weeks of practice, suffered four successive defeats against Clark, Rhode Island State, Spring- field, and Tufts. In the first home game the Aces broke through with a closely contested 37-33 triumph over Arnold. Lowell Textile captured a 27-23 overtime victory, and Arnold gained a 43-34 verdict at New Haven. Facing its last four opponents, a smoother working A. I. C. Five won three games, losing only to the strong St. Michael cagers. Victories were checked against Bridgewater, Norwich University, and Conn. State Teachers. Ray Montagna played his last hoop game for A. I. C. A. I. C. THE TAPER il 1938 Soccer Bert Watling ---- - - Coach Guy Bonuomo - - - - Manager Kenneth Sears ------ Morris Genden Newman Ehrlich Roland Holmes Kenneth Trombley Iohn MacFarlane Karl Clauson Linwood Hodgdon Alphonse Ojen Earl Woods Ernest Arnold Elwin Tetreault Ralph Carbone Fred Tourville Captain Norman Temple Thomas Boyajy Kenneth Stuart Albert Chappuis Iames Rathbone Harry Musinski The A. I. C. soccer team lost its first two games to Clark and Bridgewater by the respective scores of 6 - l and 2 - 1. In the first encounter the Watling coached combine chalked up an impressive 3 - 1 victory over Connecticut State College. The New York State trip proved unsuccessful to the team be- cause of the defeats suffered at the hands of Ithaca and Syracuse University. Our booters displaying a fine brand of ball and team play, completely outclassed the Fitchburg Normal aggregation. Result A. I. C. 4, Fitchburg 0. Participating in their last game were Captain Sears, Temple, MacFarlane and Tourville. Page 83 Page 84 A. I. C. THE TAPER '- 1938 T e I1 11 i s Officers Dr. W. Tiffney ---- - Coach George Iones ------- Manager Members Herman Ehrlich Edson Caton Iames Mackechnie Norman Temple George Iones Bernard Goodman Louis Milano George Sergienko The A. I. C. racquet Wielders, under the tutelage of Dr Tff ney, are looking forward to another successful season With a number of veteran racquet-teers the team 1S sure to make proceedings interesting for its opponents Apr. 30 May 6 " 12 " 20 " 30 The Schedule - - - Conn. State - - Fitchburg - Springfield - - Providence - - - Alumni - The team Will lose three mainstays in Mackechnie Temple and Ehrlich. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 , x g 1 f ,l-l.- .l. ,r 4 if ,X 'y kg 1 ' wfdwyw X , E , , N , K, He A Fu nth all Officers Russell E. Peterson - - - Head Coach Ralston Brown - - - Backfield Coach William Lawler ----- Line Coach Louis Blaisdell ------ Manager Paul G. Cavicchial - - - Donald Scotland 5 Assistants Carlo Siniscalchi - - - - Co-captain Harrison Fitch - - - - - Co-captain Members Cecil Durphey Robert Bennett George Sergienko Louis Pettine Frank Hurley Thaddeus Szetela Raymond Montagna Semczo Metrinko Iohn Dailey Alvin Carocari Arthur Roberts Donald DeLay George Meacham Iohn Murphy Weston Capen Benedict Nasciernbeni Iohn DiCarlo Raymond Lamoureux Sargum Donabed Edward Ropulewis Carl Almquist Samuel Graziano lohn Chatowski Donald Ethier George Wood Eugene Caruso William Iosko A. I. C. seventh in rank among small Colleges oi New England. After but five years oi intercollegiate competition, Coach Peterson's eleven establishes itself as a football power with a record of four victories. two defeats. and one tie. . Page 85 A. I. C. ' m THE TAPER Page 86 1938 FOOTBALL, Continued Opening with the highly touted Mass. State Maroons, the Aces gained a moral victory by drawing a 6-6 tie. In the second game, Northeastern's Huskies set back the Aces 13-0. How- ever, the opponents tailed to cross the pay-off marker in the last three periods. The Internats entered the win column by gaining three consecutive victories over Hofstra, Coast Guard, and Conn. State Teachers. The respective scores being 14-6, 6-D, 9-3. Traveling to Boston on Nov. 8, the Aces suffered a 28-0 defeat at the hands of powerful Boston University. Our eleven was outscored but not outtought. In the last game of the season with Lowell Textile the A. I. C. footballers exhibited a razzle-dazzle type of offense which resulted in an overwhelming 26-0 victory. This game closed the collegiate careers of Co-captains Siniscalchi and Fitch, and Montagna, Durphey, Pettine, and Carocari. Baseball Officers Russell E. Peterson - - - Coach Alvin I. Carocari - - - Manager Iohn Mazzuto - - - Ist Assistant Cleon Gillette - - 2nd Assistant Paul Hastings - - Co-captain Robert Cohen ------ Co-captain Coach Peterson is welding together an aggregation of base- ballers who will display a smart, inside, brand of ball. Some of the veterans fitting into "Pete's" plans are: Hastings and Cohen, outfieldersy Meacham, Fitch, Pettine, Lamoureux, San- gennano, and Boyajy, infielders. For pitchers, Carroll and Trom- bly, then too, Fitch can toe the rubber. The newcomers who are expected to bolster the nine are: Ropulewis and Hurley, catchers: Murphy, Wood, and Ethier, in- fielders. Donabed, DiCarlo, and Wayne Iones in the outfield and pitchers Woods, Fahey, Lafferty, and Hodgdon. The schedule Apr. 12 - - - Northeastern - - A. " 16 - - Clark - - - - H. " 30 - - Arnold - - H. May 5 - - Tufts - - - - H. " 18 - - Fitchburg - - A. ' 20 - - Coast Guard - - H. ' 28 - - Lowell Textile - H. Features Page 88 A. I. C. '- iM THE TAPER ml, 1938 CLASS HISTURY lj H ME-how fleeting is time-why it seems like only yesterday that we showed our bright and shining faces to a disgusted bunch of newly made sophomores who lost no time in venting their wrath on us-How we did take it-Ah yes-How we did take it! Remember the day We swung the Frosh election . . . Let's see now-if my memory stands me in good stead Fred Padley was elected president, wasn't he?-'N then there was Edith Bengston as Vice President, Dot Jensen was secretary and Ben Laudon was Keeper of the dough--oh yes, I mustn't forget Bob Barker who was elected to the post of member at large. It was about this time we needed to give our class treasurer something to do, so we ventured into our first money making enterprise-The Barn Dance at Somers, Connecticut---ably run by that gal from the wilds of Pine Point, Nellie Mihle. It takes Country folks to run country dances and we made our first buck. The honor jobs in the student council were given to Bob Drake, Bob Barker and Shirley Provost. 'Long about this time summer vacation set in and when we brought ourselves again to the doorstep of our Alma Mama, we were definitely lacking in numerous classmates who failed to show up, so we got started with our depleted ranks and moulded the executive board of the class. Wallie Krusell was now to occupy the seat of President, "Smiles" Mihle was the Vice President, Dot Iensen hung on to her secretarial job, Paul Hastings was given the key to the treasury and last but not least Bob Drake pushed Bob Barker out of the member at large position. Now me proud beauties, our time to roast the Frosh had come-two able committees under the leadership of Bob Barker and that fiery colleen Bert Skelly made out the torture assignment: and did we carry it out-Yeah Man! to the letter. You know-l'll bet that guy I socked is still eating buffet luncheons- But I'm away from my story. Fred Tourville was called upon to head the boys and gals in planning the Sophomore Hop at Breglio's. I'm not much on dates but it was around December 16, 1935-was it cold and did we apply the heat! The traditional Sophs amateur nite was better than any thus far and with the combine of Esther Frary, Skelly, Mihle and Temple on the commit- A. I. C. TI-IE TAPER 1938 tee you can easily see why. We finished the year in the usual manner, those easy going Spring days, ah that was the life. You know, when I came back from the summer vacation that year I began to think that I was going to be the only one to show up-A lot of the kids didn't come back but were we down hearted?-"NO" 'er I mean "no"-Cpardon me for shoutingl. Fred Bennett took over the reins of the class and everyone else was stuck-I mean was revoted into their old position except that fella in the member at large chair-Durphey muscled in there. One thing I'll always remember about that fall was the turkey raffle and the dance in D. A. R. on November 24. I can't remember who won the turkey, but I can't help but feel that I was double x-ed. I bought three tickets and got only a look at the bird. But the best thing about this whole affair was the decision of our class to give 152: of the proceeds of this raffle to the Toy for Ioy Fund. CI guess we aren't really such bad skates at tl'1CIl.l The Irish Free State captured the student council election and lane Hurley and Lafferty went to the Student Faculty Council. All this is but prattle as compared to our "Crystal Capers" formal at the Bridgway on Ianuary 14, 1937. None of us had much in the way of "iron men" after New Years but we did put it across didn't we-oh, I almost forgot the committee helped a little too-That ole Mihle, Leikin, Skelly, Pettine, Montagna combine could make a success of a tag day in Scotland. Our Pride and Ioy this year was the way that we put Iunior Week over-If I do say it myself and speaking for all of us-"We're just naturally good"-The chairmen for the week were Esther Frary, Open House: Prom Committee, Alvin Carocari: Mountain Day, Norm Temple-KAnd don't forget the ducking the Frosh gave us in the rope pulll. Tommy Townsend took charge of the Publicity committee for that week's events. I only wished that we had the space to write all the names of those who worked so hard to make that week something that we'd be proud of, but to all of those people we extend our humble thanks. AND NOW-that year which for most of us will see the end of so many pleasant relationships-. All the class officers except the president remained in office. Wallie Krusell came in again to rule the class for the last time. Page 89 Page 90 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 We received the Frosh in all due ceremony in D. A. B. on September 18. Again we stepped to the tore as the first class to run a Senior Prom. What a night that was-December 9, the Kimball, Fenton Brothers Band, soft lights, sweet music-that was a Prom-and to the fleet footed Johnny Mazzuto goes the crocheted bath tub for his work as committee chairman. When we started to elect ring, cap and gown, and graduation com- mittees, you could be sure that We were on the home stretch. Under the able guidance of such chairmen as Ierry Smith, Earl Sweatland and Esther Frary these committees went about getting ready to give our college days the coup de grace. And I think that the committee of Lafferty, Leikin, Hastings and Temple did a mighty fine job in running the Taper Dance in celebration of Dr. and Mrs. McGown's fortieth anniversary-that grand couple Whose lives have been devoted and dedicated to the youth of the world. Then our last dance as undergraduates, The Iunior Prom. Long will that night linger in our memories. We've come a long way together and no matter what happens We can always look back on our days when we, as the grandest bunch of reg'lar folks that ever graced our fair campus, were keeping alive the spirit of cooperation, fun and good fellowship. If only I could halt time in its flight- And bring back our yesterdays for only a night . . . A. 1. C. THE TAPER Nellie Mihle - lane Hurley - Marjorie White Dorothy Iensen Alice Hinckley Alice Hinckley Alice Hinckley Beula Phillips - Estelle Leikin - Iane Hurley - Estelle Leikin - Marjorie White Marjorie White Carol Hendra - Marjorie White Dorothy Iensen Marjorie White Nellie Mihle - lessie Kazin - Phyllis Seager Bertha Skelly - Iessie Kazin - 1938 Senior Class Ballot - Most popular - - Done most for A.l.C. - - Best all around - - - - Handsomest man - - - Most beautiful girl - - - - Most likely to succeed - - Most brilliant - - Most studious - - Most original - - - Best dressed - - Best natured - - - Smoothest - - - Best dancer - - Wittiest - - - Quietest - - - - - Most collegiate - - - - Wallace Krusell - Ioseph A. Hurley Raymond Montagna - - Charles Miller - George Lafferty - Ionas Smith - lonas Smith - Alvin Carocari - Daniel Curtin - Paul Hastings - - Carlton Craft - Charles Mihle - Iohn MacFarlane - Paul Hastings - - Iohn Mazzuto Most charming personality ---- Carlton Craft - - Class coquette - - - Class musician - - - Ladies' man - - - Class writer - - Class athlete - - - - Class politician - - - - Most frequent class cutter - - Norman Temple - - lohn Mazzuto - Ioseph A. Hurley Raymond Montagna loseph A. Hurley - - Harrison Fitch Page 91' A. 1. c. ' THE TAPER Page 92 FAVORITE SUBIECT - PROFESSOR - SPORT - - BOOK - - MAGAZINE - AUTHOR - PLAY - SONG - - ACTOR - ACTRESS - - RADIO STAR DANCE BAND FOOD - - CIGARETTE - DIVERSION - 1938 S Sociology 2 Economics S Eddy I Sharp S Football Q Swimming 5 Gone With the Wind grhe Citadel I Readers Digest l Esquire I Iames Hilton I Lloyd Douglas I Dead End I Tobacco Road S Stardust Q Thanks for the Memories Spencer Tracy Myrna Loy Charlie McCarthy S Guy Lombardo's I Tommy Dorsey Ctiel Steak Camels S Reading Q N ecking A. 1. C. THE TAPER WMM,- 1938 ERYSTAL GRAZINGS The class of 1938 agreed unanimously to keep in touch with one an- other throughout the years after graduation. All promises were in vain, however, until U. S. Senator Ioseph A. M. Hurley, in 1988, announced in a four hour radio speech that there was a job available for one ot the 29 million unemployed college graduates in the country. He stated that it any A. I. C. alumnus ot 1938 was by some slip of fate on the list of un- employed, to Wire him immediately. He also expressed the desire to know Where and what they were. A few hours later the following telegrams and cables arrived-collect! HERE IS WHAT HE READ:- New York, N. Y. Market keeping me busy. Have corner on the curb. Am on it sell- ing apples. --NORM TEMPLE. St. Petersburg, Fla. Running a tourist camp in the land of the outstretched palms. -WALLY KRUSELL. Newark, N. I. I'm getting married again. Would invite you to the Wedding, but may not go myself. -IOHN MAZZUTO. New York, N. Y. Am vice-president of ALDEN'S Cosmetic firm. Our slogan, "Beauty is only skin dope". -DAN CURTIN. Wimbledon, N. I. Living on the "net" income of my professional tennis. -HERMAN EHRLICH. Lakehurst, N. I. Have risen to great heights in the world. Set the altitude record last week. -LUTHER RICHMOND. Santa Anita, Cal. Want a good tip? Put two bucks on "Strip Tease" to show in the third. -LOUIS BLAISDELL. Colrain, Mass. My latest device, the sprinkling can for dampening peoples' ardor is a big success. -LORENZO GRISWOLD. Paris, France We're in the Folies Bergere. Smart people over here. Even the chil- dren speak French. --ALICE HINCKLEY, CHARLOTTE RAMSAY, CAROL HENDRA. Page 93 Page 94 A. I. C. THE TAPER lg 1938 CRYSTAL GRAZINGS-Continued Springfield, Mass. Am an artist in my own small way. I draw conclusions. Also working on a house to house canvass. --FLORENCE ENDICOTT. Squallidville, Tenn. Heard your speech. Would have turned the radio off, but I was lying with my back to it. -HOWARD NELSON. Geneva, Switz. Married an admiral in the Swiss Navy. -MARY BLOOD. Boston, Mass. Founded a school for ministers' daughters. How to behave on blind dates at conferences in ten easy lessons. SWEATLAND is Dean. -EDNA RUST. Crankcase, Okla. just struck oil. Will have this can ot sardines open in no time. -H. LOUIS PETTINE. Hollywood, Cal. Am playing here opposite Clark Gable. He's playing across the street. -MARION GELIN. Boston, Mass. Aesthetic dancer at Old Howard. Drawing 10,000 a week. Customers, that is. -MARGE WHITE. Barre, Vt. Business on the rocks, but I'm still taking everything for granite. -PHYLLIS SEAGER. East Armpit, Vt. Manufacturing maple sugar, but would rather raise cane. -CECIL DURPHEY. New York, N. Y. Working as MACFARLANE'S dummy in a ventriloquist act. Always did like his wisecracks. -ALVIN CAROCARI. Ireland Over here "Dublin" for the blarney stone. A. I. C. did help me after all. -IESSIE KAZIN. Hartford, Conn. just invented a train for anti-tobacconists. Doesn't smoke or choog it's electric. -KARL IORCZAK. Rome, Italy Looking over prospects ot a revolution here. Will be back in U. S. soon it the authorities will listen to reason. -CARLO SINISCALCHI. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 CRYSTAL GRAZINGS-Continued Boston, Mass. Cleaning up in the laundry business and pressed for time. -lIM MACKECHNIE. Monson, Mass. We're overcrowded now. No more A. I. C. football players, please. -MARY TINCOVICH. New York, N. Y. Am pawnbroker here. Would you be interested in school rings cheap? -PAUL HASTINGS. Reno, Nev. Decided not to get divorced yet, but give him an even hundred chances. -BERT SKELLY. Chicago, Ill. Made a fortune renting myself out to hosts. I tell stories when the host Wants the guests to leave. Effect is magical. -BOB MUDGETT. Detroit, Mich. Manufacturing razor blades. Business is keen. -IERBY SMITH. New Haven, Conn. We always did stick together and now that we work in a glue factory, we're seldom apart.-HELEN PAGE, IANE HURLEY, DOT IENSEN. Tin Pan Alley, N. Y. just wrote a new song. lt's a novelty called "Ten Pretty Girls". -ED NOWAK AND PHIL BUDDINGTON. Reno, Nevada Do you know you can get divorce tickets now? A strip of six for the price of five. -HAZEL SLEVIN. Boston Road-Springfield Still stringing the public. Running cr spaghetti palace. -RALPH TREMONTI. Springfield, Mass. Bought out the trolley company with our college transfers. -CLARK, KALISTA AND VEALE. Toonerville Iunction, Mass. Have you thought about your alumni dues? -WHIT GRISWOLD. Page 95 Page 96 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 CRYSTAL GRAZINGS-Continued London, England Am abroad contending for Women's championship. just won another loving cup. For playing tennis, though. -NELLIE MIHLE. Los Angeles, Cal. Still keeping my head above water. Am working in a chain of Turkish baths owned by OSWIN. Showers of good luck. -ROBERT BLACKIE. Glasgow, Scotland Have just finished touring Scotland. Been in some pretty tight places. -KEN SEARS. New York, N. Y. Employed by the NERI dressmaking concern to pattern new creations. Please don't think of me as a designing woman, though. -ESTELLE LEIKIN. Springfield, Mass. Pretty well tied down at present. My husband's foreman of a rope factory. -HELEN BUCKLEY. Hartford, Conn. Employed in MOORE'S Retreat. Many A. I. C. students here after exams. -CATHERINE DOERPHOLZ. Boston, Mass. Been practicing medicine here for twenty years. With all that prac- tice, l'll soon begin in earnest. -NELLIE WIZERT. Springfield, Mass. just landed a job with the telephone company. Am floorwalker in a phone booth. -CARL CRAFT. Agawam, Mass. My hair has turned to silver and my wife has turned against me-again. RAY MONTAGNA. Brazil, S. A. Latest discovery of the SOKOL expedition is the electro-bug. It thrives on electricity created by natives combing their hair. -RUSSELL I-IOEKSTRA AND BUELAH PHILLIPS. New York, N. Y. Am taking up violin. Everyone takes something here. C. MIHLE took up the sax, but someone saw him so he had to put it back. -HARRY FITCH. Siberia Have had steady work for 10 years. Am shoveling snow. Soviets put me here for suggesting changes in the government. -GEORGE LAFFERTY. A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 Y r A. 1. c. THE TAPER 1938 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 Page 102 Unclassified Students Agard, George B. Agry, Nancy Alperin, Helen F. Armitage, Elizabeth F. L. Babina, Stanley I. Bohman, Robert W. Bohner, Richard L. Bourque, Wilfred A. Bowen, Ermont C. Brownell, Lois Bugbee, Virginia Butterfield, Robert K. Carbone, Marguerite L. Carbone, Ralph W., Ir. Carman, Ann G. Carter, Marion H. Cavicchia, Paul G. Chatowski, Iohn L. Clark, Clemence William Croken, Robert Darack, Melvin I. Davis, David, Ir. Davis, Eleanor S. DeRosa, Donald Dresher, Beatrice Ehrlich, Newman Ellis, Peter G. Fahey, Neil I. Fitzgibbons, Iames Fournier, Ethel D. Garwood, Helen B. Gelineau, Ernest C. Genden, Morris Gilchriest, Bernard N. Gillette, Cleon T. Girard, Sherman Goodman, Bernard L. Gould, Howard D. Grant, Ioan Griffin, Charles F. Hall, Waneta Hammerich, Paul R. Handy, William I. Hartwill, Wanda I. Hein, Iohn W. Hjelm, Kenneth Holmes, Margaret I. Houlihan, Iohn Ir. Hubbard, Barbara I. Hutchinson, Cecile G. Iones, George S. Iones, Wayne Krawiec, Regina G. Laino, Connie I. Lamoureux, Raymond P. Lazarus, Rodelyn L. Leete, Margaret L. Meehan, Charles A. Metrinko, Semozo Miga, Frank W. Milano, Louis Milne, Charles Riddel Morris, Marise G. Mulcahy, Iames A., Ir. Mulrenin, George I. Nash, Barbara L. Nolen, Iames R. Noonan, Edward I. Parker, Harold F. Parker, Phyllis Pederzoli, Helen M. Quinn, Mary E. Rathbone, Iames, Ir. Reynolds, Madaline F Rich, Edward Alvin Rochford, Walter A. Ropulewis, Edward I. Rousseau, Viateur I. Ryan, Margaret Sangermano, Louis Schimmel, Milton Sergienko, George Ir. Shean, Arthur I., Ir. Shepard, Albert A. Siegel, Lillian Bell Skelton, Mary E. Skerker, Samuel I. Splaine, Mary F. Sturgeon, F. Blake Troiano, Antonio Tucker, Isabel F. Walker, Barbara A. Warner, Richard S. Williams, Chester G. Wood, George D., Ir. Woods, Walter L., Ir. Woolley, Fay E. Zukowski, Vincent I. Advertisements Page 104 A. I. C. THE TAPER 1938 HOUGH an institution comparatively young in years, the Taper enjoys a unique individuality characterized by the highest ideals ot integrity and moral obligation to both advertiser and reader. In our advertis- ing space are represented the better business establishments ot Greater Springfield. We are grateful to those who have advertised in our year book, and we urge our readers to patronize them. Be sure to mention the Taper when you buy. p...o..,.......-..-------...-------: : :::::::::::-,:::::::::- ll Il ll II ll 0 ll ll FURBES 81 WALLACE, inc. gg U ll lf The Store that offers you the I. best of everything, ihcluding accu- ll . gg rate service on telephone orders 1: ll if by our Personal Shoppers. - - gg I' ll 0 II ll ll EE 2 Outfitters to Men and Young Men 0 0 ll 1: ELLIOT FISHER CO. ll l 1: HAYN ES g 1: 73 BRo,xnwAY z ll 0 r i . ll 1: Iypewriters, - Portables -'J1u,,,-H. Rf,fmL1!," l Adding ixI2IClllI1l'S - Supplies ll Il 1502 MAIN S'l'RI2I2'l' ll H Tel. 241139 D. H. Hemsworth, Rfjw. 1: 5 4' u ll D 1' 1 R l EE 1' lzrztzfnrll 11111 Fsf1111r1111f Compliments of 3 DINE -- DANCE 0 O gg Meer the Gang at Wm. Schlatter 81 Son, lnc. 3 ll EE 1 1 n 9 I' ll GIISS S FLUWERS gg ll ll l 3 5+ FERRY STREET 437 Bay St. 12 Pynchon St. ll 3 mu G ll 0 0 ll ll II 2 M. J. KITTHEDGE, INC. Il Il list. mos Il Il . . 55 2 yewelcm' - - C 912110111125 2 ll o o lf FINE DIAMONDS - XVATCHES - LIEXVELRY 8 l SILVERXVARIQ E I 0 lf 135+ Main Street II! Aflllll Slrrfl ll sPR1Nc1F11aLn 1v0RT111f1n11'T01v .......... .... ....... ........... Plectse patronize our advertisers Complimentx of A QUALITY STGRE APPAREL, FURS COFFEE SHOP meal ACCESSORIES For Mimf mm' Women LEIGHTON'S VVINCHESTER SQUARE SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of OAK GROVE PHARMACY 988 STATE STREET Complinzenls of Complirnfntx of BAURER'S Corrfft fljhparzfl for Wumwn and 1Wi.v.vr.v Harry H. Lane Co., Inc. Wholesale Confevtioners 97 Taylor Street SPRINGFIELD, MASS. l 1273 Mam Street Loral Algfnls SCHRAFTyS CH0c0I.A'1hs hPRINL'FIELD' MAS5' -:::::::::::::::::::::-::::::::2oooo:::::::::::::::: Please patronize our advertisers ------------------ .... ------------- ............... --,,, Howard Johnson's Restaurant LUNCHEON ,IND DINNER SPECIALS Open 8:30 A. IW. - 1:00 A. III. "Join us al .IUIIIISOIIIXU FOR TYPEIVRI TERS GUARANTEE TYPEWRITER A F1 N E WM-CH An Ideal Graduation Gift Hamilton, Gruen. xvillfhillll 1622 STATE ST., SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Elgin and BMW' 'mlm 317.50 to 352.50 up. S. W. SEARLES P JEWELER All llakes of Typewriters +71 STATE fnear Wlalnutl Bought, Sold, Rented, Repaired 25 ym,-5 ,,,, -ATf,, 11j11" VVe Sell All Makes of Portables J. iiiiiiii iii ao. Henry Martens G- Son FLORISTS Dresses, Coats, BIillinerv and 56-l State St. PHONE 3-4155 Accessories SPRINGFIELD, IVIASS. 1421 Main Street lSecond Floorj WU' Spfrializf' in fjdfjllgfj SPRINGFIELD, IWASS. AND Comjvlinzrnly of STEIN BLOCH CLOTHES VVIESEL-DICKINSUN AT LOVVER PRICES INC' Charge IJITOIIIILK' Izzwitffrl 89 Wilhraham Road 'l'eT,. 4-4901 CO' SPRINGFIELD, INIASS. 341 Dwight St. Springfield opp. Telephone Building Please patronize our advertisers lllll,lllWlllI Our Clothes and Accessories have an "expensive azr but are moderately priced. Special prices to A.I.C. Students 349 Dwight Street - Telephone 3-3400 F. Maloney Athletic Outfitters Pernlce CO School Outfitters Wholesale Produce 157 LYMAN STREET Telephone 2-2156 SPRINGFIELD, MASS. TRUE BROTHERS, Inc. Jewelers Since 1898 Fine Diamonds - Watches - Iewelry Clocks - Silverware 1390 MAIN STREET - SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Large Variety + Fine Quality - Moderate Prices Iti s with the most cordial good will that LOTHROP PRESS 28 FORT STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS EXTENDS ITS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1938 Printers of the 1938 Taper Please patronize our advertisers

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