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American Institute of Laundering - Annual Yearbook (Joliet, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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, ',,j - - X N , ..j,rQ . - 1 . X X X X X X 1 , Wi K ' - k , . .W n xi X X K k - . V . H 'I Z! 'J 1 I '-1 U W, w Al W w- .W . . .sr , ,.. X ,v ' F' h ' ' Q a . 4 Y , , a ,I V I, I 1 H 'Q . 1 , 4 1 ! 1 In appreciation of the knowledge 'and encouragement he has given us -and because of the personal interest he has taken in each one of us - We, the Class of 1940, respectfully dedicate this book to Cecil H. Lanham FACU LT Y Senna! of aazzdry azzaqemelzf :,i, , yrrra sas u X :li Zfi 5 ""A""" ' GEORGE H. JOHNSON General Manager American Institute of Laundering CECIL H. LANHAM Director School of Laundry - Management WALTER A. REINHARD Manager Department of Engineering MAY LAING GRADY Manager Department of Sales Promotion Page , ALBERT JOHNSON Secretary-Treasurer ' American Institute of Laundering RAYMOND E. SMITH Manager Commercial Laundry Department HAROLD P. NUTLEY Manager Department of Advertising 1 and Publicity Two A 5:z:s:a:6- SrsisfiisfsfsfsZs:221..i1:..1::::E sax 515151525212-J IS-E255-x 555555525E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E:5:E:E'5':5,5 5E5E5E5E3?5E5E5E5?-.55 Esiaisiliiiiiiiiiiif' 1 5' 1 121512525:5.3:-E5:5E5EzEsEsEsE2E1 ' ''E5E5E555552555Eziaisisiiiisfzi :-:-:aw-,-:V -1-1-1-:-:-.1-:-:N :ce-9 N'1'l'3'3:i:f:f:5-:, '5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:, :.5:55:55:25-2:2:5:2:g1515:5:j s:s:s:z:f:5:i13i555s: 'Q5ra555555552QE2525255535QQ:5535225525511'A'31-iefeff5252532155--'52gi,f:::sgsg::gQ2 'fzrzrv 1 ii Xir:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r:r::fQgriis,1:rsSrZ1:r21:12:E-I :ary -1I'fE2: E 2i'E,:rE:ErE:EDf :z-s:z:z:z:z:s:1., x,:EEs?zis2sisis21f 4125122121112121212525252521252a2s21a:s-s.z:s2s2ei21':2s2z2sEsif5s2z:-Q1 5:5:5:5:3:5:5:573:':5.- 'i:iQ:1:1:k" X f " ':5:5:5,:5:-:5:-:1:5:5:3: ' ..-:5:5:5:1:3:f:1:t ' f121f1f1f1i15f5f121, as5eieaeaeseisfssasssazsese5ess5efeesaesesesssssesssfififa .ss 555555-ii Q55555555555i5i5i55?5?55'Q 5'5'5'5'5 - 4232522 Qin- 22321212125252523555555 - 455551 '4-1-1-zffgrzzzggfgax Kxaggs: , f:r::. ,. . 5 5'5S55E:55',' Q.: 1 225 . 53525555552 5" . - 1:51325 '.'51'5'z -f5E555E5555 -ARTHUR I. ANDERSON Manager Department of Research and Textiles J. AYRES RICKER CARLYLE G. MORTON Department of Advertising Department of and Publicity Research and Textiles DOMER E. DEWEY . " Manager Department of Accounting 'HU GH CARROLL Department of Research and Textiles RAYMOND F. GROHNE Manager Membership Department J. HINTON MASSEY Instructor in Business Law Page T hrec . '.::E:E:E:E:I::'I'f3'E-E35 1 ' 212 . ::111,:,:-::::w ,,,', I 1 I " 1: :zi 5 z 2i?i5225E jf:5:E:E:' ' " ' 'g.::g: f2:Q:f:2:f:2IE:E2E:E:E::- .5-.5.:.5:5 :-::22:2:2z2:2:2:f:f91-'.-,-:' "'-1 -1:5:5:5:g:3 f"'1F2i1'Z'1S E' 2z:z:s:z:z: .s 4sS:2:1:4.-..Is:2:2:2:-. '-':2:1:1:1 .. .,,.,. . ....... X , , . ..,, . .,.. -.-s.:.:,,.,.,.,.,.,.:.:.-q. , ,,,,:,,.1,1.1.,.1.: 4., . ::::1:111-111: :,11'1r:1:r::-:r- 1::::1::::::-,X-. I:232EIEIEIEIE2E1E'frE2E2E2"5Ei-E231E- , ,,,,, ..,,. . 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QNXXX gi '-F1E1E1?1E2E2E1:1'-1" ff.E':.-ITE' 1 'V " ,,:::,::E5E5E3E1,1QIQEQEI3' N R N- -"' 1 X- Q 5 XQWQS 1I113s,1'e',.iI:XI2I-fIS?55.5.5.gs5.5-fXga:5sw':i:reg:,2:eCe':- X X ,Xu X IE2E'i f-.2:-:-:':2:1.1E13132Ef213232323135' -11f:::3:Q:4 X' ig .h N- X .gfag-'Ia2f5:5agagagsgzgegzgzgzgsgsgsr-1-2-,-,gras 15 X N X X 1..-.:.:.,.:f:::::.:.:.::-.- x h h.:.::I-gg:-:::::.:1:1:::.,:-Qs,-.ry Xp X Q 5-3555232-545-Ef55i2E':-E-'-.-:Q-121392-E2rlk-2E1E2?E:E:E:5.tE:ErEE-E i":rj's'1'?1:i2:-159 X. X NQ Q X .... - X X XX X -.V'Z''5223if15:523132:EiE2:siiS251:1555252252E5EfES3SE':i2':,QE2E2E2E5Efiaiiiaisieiiiirii V XX , WY S SsiaEaiai52seizfziaigeasi1issfafifz2s2s2s2z2sf22z2sea2z2z2z:s2z.z2fX:Inagsgzezggzggagafeiaigigfr- ss E225-3.155522222252555PNP: X NNN CLASS ORGANIZATION Perry McKean Chisum . . . .....- P1'GSid911l3 Richard L. Corby, Jr. . . . ...... Vice-President William G. Hempel, Jr. .. . . . . Secretary-Treasurer ANNUAL STAFF C. Burton Myers, Jr. . . . . . Editor STARCHED SHEET STAFF John Philip Greene ..... Editor Jeffrey Lamsey .. . . . Art Editor ATHLETIC STAFF Wilbur S. Kelley, Jr. ........................... Director John Philip Greene . . . Assistant Director A. I. L. CLUB Albert C. Menk .' ................... ..... P resident Charles E. Mitchell . . . ,,,,,, ViCe-PreSident Peter J. Miller .... . . . Secretary-Treasurer Page Fo ur power plant course Q..-:Q 1-2.4. fzf1.z.:mJ1-44:72 .. ,lin-...1''?'i,.?'-'-'tif-gin -21101-Q,-ri"?f?aii4.... .gig :e-1: 15 -1.1211-.,..g,... 112121. :,..s:::2g2g 1-252525: 1, ?0fg1'gl,.f42s,:fm!'l:.,1:5,z2.512gag:gg:ffa.f'sl-zaizf.-.' , Li?fa52:j2,-.-:..1wV '-'viii , V,.,.,, . ' A , f . V . Y ' " in .,,,,.., "fl-Z-5'i'i 'w"v-az 211 ..5:,' '-..,'-.- 252:55-5' , ,,-5-z'l'fe-.V-11.1 -a 'lfffsei 'EIi2i2ii2?E. -,.-'-Izlfiaineis, za:2s2:EWSe's23::2z2221111-1.222 QW, , .,.,., -, .. 3 . xg? 'l3""57.?l-3'-.i'nf".-2 ' - ' ' lf.-4 3' -'I-41'?'f53.'2s51 1' 5 ,137 .'.!--54'-19""'2.-4"'f-,N V:-1 '. tix zz? -. Iliff-'4 tif?"-1,1 E'E'E5E:g:Ez1.,gp P' p. 5:.':Yi'i1EI'-:"-?'1?t5"152 '. .-315-52555 I I ' . -. .. . V ., 41'-J-"f:f1-v. 'jf fi' :2'f"i . ' T J. -. :IEEEI Ii 5'1'.-"l3f42E!'. -5',w--""i-ai'-Ii' If V. -.,:EjQjEf"-, .-2'2.-3152352E1Ef:1E1:1i1f--I-E1 '2I.Q A "I1:5:51:3:1g.j ,,,, .2"'1fI2:-.'f'1-.5 '.'55-,-:F:f?2",ffI7ffi'1,fgf - . -' ' 5f"':--2 fi -'Q ' :fiifif2.:"" ifiifff ' 'S ff-5225? 72'?2:1"I:.2 fzz ii 5' f , . 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E. :g g5:5:5:5:, ::.,.,.,.,.,.,,,.,,5:5:::::5,:,:::--,:,:1:,,,.:.,.2.2,1.::5:5:5:5:5:5:5:r:gg .,,,-,.,,-5:2:5:5:5:a5:3315:5:E:i:f::.1:1:1:1:,am .- ' -' , -- ' r.:1:. ...,.,. .v-- . 7' ,,,, f',',',Qf', .,g.IQf'f'Q'fQ"', ""':'i':W " ' "'i':'i'W " :Q 21QEQ2Er.,,.:,'ff,:' ZIZM '5i'5:gg5g5,: :- :-:- --:Vmg.1-:-:-.11-1-1-:-:grp-:,..-3-235151232:11:1V:5:E:g55:::.g:,.1g:51:1:1.1:1::21:55.:.Q231,G-131,1::,::11:q:,111-1:23555:::5:::,:,.,.-,,,, ,M .wi 3 :,i::155:':1::-A---'iff '-'- fl... .. P l g '? -A '- H , 'g-z rrirtirlx' fm.. , 312'- "Z5Z3 .7 '? f f- a':279" Z".'2-41: ,.:.f " ..j'. '4',EFZEEEEZQ.-.Q.-?',.:?:: -f5',.g W165Zigigiggiggqiggiyfirfi5Ej:53E52ggf3:3:5:5-H.::3E5,::gf-3, - - -r1':1 ' "".'f1I5EE::.Ei1i15'f5ErE5EwEpZr'g,,.,,,.,., 14:-1----,aff .. :sw -,-:P r- .. .5 -if-'Lf "P -'a .'-rf' .- ' .2 -' 1--vi" -. f:Z"f.,F'Ef- Z-E'1r'1:- f 0- ,4:-+5-'1435:zf.:-3,5525-5fqs::1.,av '--"' :fring-tg:1:5,.,-':34:3ea:9-,:,:,.-13+11,:32:3.2k1Er:2:: 'i"1'fif5i-. :--''ii''355f1'?:Lf"13:2-r":" -ff . -.ff ' 1 1- -:-'I' ri. , if -7 1452-21-?'15-3.315-:'-:f?,'.,',' ,,,, :M-gI,:s.:f-.1-:,:-ff:-', , -:5:E.g:EEi:51E1?'f'ii1E5E115Z,Eg"f"-52j:g.5.,E,55.555 -'.jf-5:5.5:::v::f-111.-55-:-:1-.525-,gglgfgf ,,,"::5:g:5:f'1-121-., 12441. 55-wt.?,. '. - . a a -1 " - In-7 'E-if-q -'12--1-5fi5i'f"-" A most welcome sign after our long journey. S ONE walked through the portals of canal didn't deaden our enthusi- asm and interest. After the faculty had been challenged and beaten at soft- ball C17-ly, we settled down to the work at hand . . . we were on our way to becoming skilled en- gineers and electricians, with Walt and Cec at the helm. Weiss was "Wees" and Walt was "Reenhard" for the first few weeks, Peluso being "Pluto." Walt's sharp humor was gener- ally accepted by us as a whole CLeonard being the exceptionj and was a definite influence on our attention - the American Institute of Laundering on the morning of September 5, 1939, he was greeted by a myriad of sounds -some jubilant, some dissenting, some wondering and astute, and just plain, ordinary sounds. The reason-it was opening day School of Laundry Management . . . Where did the sounds orig- inate - in the mouths of 26 Clmpson was a week latej stu- dents representing some 14 states, who had come to attend the extensive course in power plant engineering offered by the Institute. V at the A.I.L. Hardly had the introductions been made all around than we were a bunch of old buddies. Walt and Cec soon became an integral part of us and we were on our way in search of knowl- edge. Even the stench of the what would you do if someone threw an eraser at you?. . .Weiss could tell you. Leonard's arguments with Walt were a humorous part of class activity and will be remembered. We had the first previews of Normington's Walt was right when he said the boiler was only cleaned once a year-by whom? Power Plant students, of course. Page Five FRONT ROW' Cleft to rightj-Arthur Primaclc, Bernard Weiss, Perry Chisum, John A. Normington, Ir., Charles M. Morgan, R. Maurice Reed, Robert Leonard, Alvin S. Gross, William. Hessler, Ir. SECOND ROVV-Hugo L. Maddux, Maylon Kerrick, Kenneth Fogel, Richard H. Darrah, Jeffrey Lamsey, Richard Travis Impson, Richard L. Corby, Ir., William G. Hempel, Ir. THIRD ROW-john Philp Greene, VVilliam E. Phair, VVilliam I. Cornell, Harry T. Shaneberger, Ir., Wilbur S. Kelley, Ir., Charles D. Newcomb, VValter A. Reinhard CManager, Engineering Departmentl. BACK ROW-Cecil H. Lanham Cllirector of School of Laundry Managementl, Roy VVurst, Benjamin Stein, C. Burton Myers, Ir. "Three Ring Circus," and Corby's slogans. CEditor's Note: R. L. should be either a poet or Mrs. Grady's assistant...."Ladie's Man" Fogel obtained the nom de plume "Down- Wind," after that famous comic strip character who is a combination of Clark Gable and Robert Taylor. Impson, arriving a Week late to make the 27th student, maintained his standard set the previous year as class Casanova and reunited himself with his many feminine admirers. Editor's Note: It must be great to "have a Way" with Women. We were honored at various times through- out the course With prominent guest lecturers: such men as Mr. J. Harrington of the Northern Illinois Coal Co.g Thomas Marsh of the Iron Fireman Stoker Companyg and Mr. Roy White of the American Laundry Machinery Co. After much consternation over the exams Cdoes Cec dish out a tough exam, Wowll We deemed the course a success and looked eagerly forward to the Production Course. CEditor's Note: "Eagerly" described the majority, Phair had his troubles for a While.J Page Six plant production course A "blow" .on the trip to East lkloline. Who acquired the "card table" for the poker game? Answer requested. IVING into the production course with the same eagerness that had affected us on the event of the first course, we were suddenly brought to the realization that we must endure diligent toil for the next seven weeks. Walt gave us a short review of what we were to expect and from that point on we had decided that it was almost no use trying to finish in a mere seven weeks. All will well remember those back-breaking hours over drawing boards to perfect the "per- fect plant," and the nights Cand early morn- ingsb spent in figuring and refiguring produc- tion department records, boiler capacity, 'types and sizes of equipment, and a hundred other unobtrusive and yet definitely important items. There were, of course, those who waited 'til the last minute and spent the last few days of the course doing their work at home. CEditor's Note: We have it from authoritative source that Hempel's layout and thesis was in before eight on the night of the 13th.J Also our memory will retain that trip to Chicago to study plants and production methods. Bernie's reminescing of New York, or was it the Bronx, and pitching pennies to the kids out- side the Monarch Laundry. Among the many who joined him were Mr. C. H. Lanham, Esq., who, himself, parted with a few hard earned pennies .... The miles and miles we walked were well rewarded, however, for we learned that all the theory we were learning at the Institute was as practical and as impor- tant as Walt had been telling us. There was an additional reward for those who liked poker. . . . The bus was a little too unstable to make a good table though. Walt divulged a few rather risque jokes to the intelligentsia and generally added to the pleasantness Cor was it unpleasantnessb of the return trip. l Walt studies effect of temperature on drying time. Page Seven G' X i . t X. Q X t N X N i - .N xx ,.. . tx X .,- xx , , U X. - N . t .N .Wen --. xi, v: --.Sh ,j,,,.,t,a5,+-xi., ' -gf.-':,.r,gu':-,ja.igqgglz N RQ N 'sw xlpf, ff-1 s ix-11 W 'SqQ',s'w. W-llvzzii-iw2fmYtx15f-age..-ya--.-.-. "3"'Ti'L1K'1-Ei' f x x x - xwwyivx s xinxxx 111 s x5 v.' vu A Sv, Alex 'Vx Q f "sx'0"tts - -'-, A.""4k"1' Nix ex Q' X X X MXN w .X N A0 sR.1+ki.vxx N 'Q we ' X-Q 2-. r VR t Rx-A ' -. it 1 in xv '- -'-' w - - tt ,iw wt x ,Xxx X N . X x, K i v..,'e.Es xx w,m.,,x,.,. -.-. ,ay . , s , , ,ws w H., -1 4 ,A N .. N.-R . , r , i ,X , ,dt at x mx, X i UN w xxb,.,.xt 93,0 X . x xxx-, ,x y 'x s ,ak - Q N Sgsxstxtx X , btx03J,.1-.XxxQx,xixx ,X mF:nU.,x NX-xqggv.. .ssv wx n. ,-A x fl. - x-.U X 1 Xx XXXX FRONT ROVV tleft to rightj-Robert Leonard, Bernard Weiss, Richard- H. Darrah, Arthur Primack, john A. Normington, jr., Kenneth Fogel, Lowell K. Kislia, William Hessler, Ir., Alvin S. Gross, Harold L. Mabey. SECOND ROVV-Leonard J. Kirby, John Philip Greene, Hugo- L. Maddux, Jeffrey Lamse'y, Richard L. Corby, Jr., R. Maurice Reed, Robert Wackerli, Thomas A. Gose, Jr., Robert M. Gill, Maylon Kerrick. THIRD ROVV-Cecil H. Lanham CDirector of School of Laundry Managementb, I. Earl Rush, XVillia1n E. Phair, Douglas Alexander VVright, Richard Travis Impson, William G. Hempel, Ir., Charles M. Morgan, Charles D. Newcomb. XValte1' A. Reinhard CManager, Engineering Departmentb. BACK ROVV-George H. johnson CGeneral Manager, American Institute of Launderingb, William I. Cornell, Roy VVurst. Harry T. Shaneberger, Ir., Henry P. Harmon, C. Burton Myers, Ir., Benjamin Stein, XYilhur S. Kelley, jr. During this course the "Sudsmen', became an added attribute to the school's popularity. Wackerli, Corby, Hempel, Impson, and Kelley, with the able assistance of Coach Reinhard made it a promising team for leadership in the city championship by winning eight games and losing-well the team did reach runners-up in the city championship. Student laundry became a regular afternoon duty and the shirts had actually improved by the end of the course. Unintentional starching of Cec's shorts created a laugh-then we got our grades-Ceo always gets the last laugh. From the amazing loss in tensile strength that the shirts suffered and the corrosive dam- age evident in them, one might think the stu- dents had already attended the washroom course. . . . Anyone who had not couldn't pos- sibly have had so many excuses for fabric damage and failure to withstand laundering. Finally We miraculously finished our blue- prints and our theses, so were entitled to take the final exams and thus the production course for '39 passed into history. Page Eight textiles and washroom procedure course Messrs. Harmon and Kirby arrive in the fair city of Joliet. Ed. Note - The smiles soon turned to frowns as they delved into chem- istry and textiles. ETURNING from the Christmas vacation, we found fifteen new students eager, yet a little afraid, much as we were that fate- ful day in September, to begin learning the intricacies of washroom procedure and textile construction. However, they too, soon became one of the gang and we went back to the old schedules of work, Woodruff, and worry Cabout gradesb. "Professor" Morton, "Lanky" Anderson, and "Pretty Boy" Carroll tutored us daily and We soon became experts in many and varied arts, including: Washroom practice, chemistry, tex- tiles, laboratory procedure, Woodruffing, etc. During this course two traditions were orig- inated-that of a farewell dinner for 'those leaving the protecting fold, and regular "board meetings" at the Woodruff. "Red" Campbell became the class baby and "Bud" Henry was "Papa," Their antics were a continuous boon to our funny bones. Maybe that is what Ohio does for you. Myers seems a little "queer," too. We learned a great deal more of Norming- ton's "Three Ring Circus," and of his wife, too-from Bill Phair. Bobbie "The Angel" Leonard took "Pops" Lamsey's position as "Class Cutup," and it was with awe that we learned he was to be married in September. Remember his running around all day with test samples in each hand, then all the trouble he had with the test kit he ordered? Art Anderson was elected president of the "Breakfast Club" that met every morning dur- ing the first "blow" in the cafeteria. He ac- cepted his high oflice amid the cheers Cspelled jeersj and shouting of the members, to-wit: the 908 Club, the Lincoln Mob, and the Louis Joliet Rabble. "Moe" Tubis, the class Red, was panned to the point of utter distraction, but he finally came to take his "rimming" as .a matter of W 45:21 as-. :-:-:-.-5523 ' oooo ' W 7 , 7 iff' iff if Off ff f :ii ,gg A 9 . :iii 1:4 f' - ' W f fff ff - f-M' Q ' f',ff ,f 1 J,-V 4 .... .ir - ,af f. A! fl 2221152525322if-vii? " 6 " ' '1 ' Wf'fr' 1' fi 1' X 1 1 . f' 4 f f ." .- .5 .,f Z , : fx x X g ,f. f1 ,7 . 5.. ,gf , f.- Q4 , , , f t 1. .f 'kfffif-" f ' 'ff ' ,f 'f if-f 3' X Y , ff , 7 X 5 4. if 2 f , 94 if ' f fgp V 4 ,, f Q' i , , , af? ,fit ,. ' ,sa at 4 N "" ' '7 ,s f 2421 0 opal!! f "Q W"'22j4j ijt' 49' '90 9 ft if MQ? ef gig!! f wifi! f , K, rj Wwe f 42 94 , s ,f f i 4 1, f f f f I If I? Z 12355555 '12 3122? fr ,. :Wil ., ,Z CWM A ..q.. ,yxfy , ff VW!! fffwf ff haf-gk 7 -1 ff' J ff X :fv 3 -. ., , ., L fl' 62. : Q1 419 if f f AXWQ 9' !,! ff eff!! ,, 4 i 4125- 692 ..,.. I "' ee'-e -.:-:vw 41+ M . , -.-3-wdwd-0,24 "'.- t .'.'. ,i-3f,.5,f .- .- .443 ' ' wi 4.-4. ff . ri-' f 'i fy ,u .7 ff ',l. -e-- f .r'r.. Q H . "'.' ...-'- "". '--- "'.i V.Vi..1 .'...r A --e,- Runners-up for city championship. "Hot-Shots" in more ways than one. Page Nine FRONT ROVV Cleft to rightl-Robert Leonard, Bernard Weiss, Lorin E. Henry, Ralph Hadle'y Sprague, ,lohn A. Normington, Ir., john Philip Greene, Kenneth Fogel, William Hessler, James VValton. SECOND ROW-Leonard J. Kirby, Richard H. Darrah, Edward Haluck, Robert L. Calhoon, Richard L. Corby, Jr., jeffrey Lamsey, VVilliam Lester, Joseph Patrick Holloran, Emanuel Tubis, Henry Rowland, Cecil H. Lanham CDirector of School of Laundry Managementl. THIRD ROW-Arthur Primack, Carlyle Morton Clnstrnctorb, Robert Burchard, William E. Phair, R. Maurice Reed, Charles M. Morgan, VVilbur S. Kelley, Ir., Maylon Kerrick, VVilliam G. Hempel, Jr., Alvin S. Gross. BACK ROVV-Hugh Carroll Cinstructorb, Arthur Anderson CManager, Textile and Research Departmentj, Roy VVurst, Charles D. Newcomb, Robert VVackerli, Thomas A. Grose, Jr., VVilliam Joseph Cornell, C. Burton Myers, Jr., Henry P. Harmon, Homer P. Campbell, Jr., Benjamin Stein. course. Editor's Note: We only regret that We will not be here next September to see "Moe" and Walt tangle. Titration and pH were the order of the day and amid a chaos of broken glass and other debris, mingling with the repulsive fumes, We became second Lavosiers and Priestlys. On the cold morning of February 16 We start- ed on a long journey to the Staley Starch Com- pany at Decatur, Ill. In spite of the journey the trip was very Worth While and very instruc- tive. Aside from the odor that predominated Cand which We Will hereafter associate with starchb the plant deemed itself one of the cleanest and most livable plants We have ever been in. Their industry, much like our own, must sell cleanliness and sanitation. - Then came exams and those partings Which we so dislike -- fifteen of the old guard leaving us. Page Ten sales and advertising course Hempel succeeds Hugo as "The Great - Lover," the handsome brute'C?j. HE first day of the sales and advertising course was a usual "first dayj' with regis- tration and the hopeful and demonstrative talks by the instructors. Mrs. Grady her usual smiling self, alive and vivacious . . . Mr. Holmes starting with ra lecture on class eti- quette and our attitude . . . Mr. Nutley, a little doubtful about the future of the class . . . but you could tell he was a swell guy, just the same and would come through with his part . . . Ayres, quiet and reserved . . . and the stu- dents maybe we shouldn't mention them. The new students drank in every word, while the mass for messj commented among them- selves on other things and were merely doing the instructors a favor by being there on the first day. . We fell to with a will next day, and 'til the last day of the course we studied diligently - most of us - and found it all very interesting. Advertising became actually intriguing especially to the man from Atalantis . . . "Sub- marine" Kerrick when the books contain- ing "art photographs" were passed about the class to give us an idea as to what a modern attractive advertisement should be. He even had a few art lessons from Harold P. on the side in hopes of being able to draw like Petty. Mrs. Grady showed sales films and talked selling 'til we couldsell anything . . . she taught us the two r's-repetition and reports. CEdi- tor's Note: My fingers still ache from pushing typewriter keys.J Some of us were always up in the air -this atop the Tribune Building in ' Chicago.. X Page Eleven FRONT ROVV Cleft to rightl-Robert F. Leonard. Bernard VVeiss, Vernon L. Spiker, Perry Chisum, . John A. Normington, Mrs. May L. Grady CManager, Sales and Service Departmentj, Maylon Kerrick, Kenneth VV. Fogcl, John Philip Greene, Charles M. Morgan, John Murray Cotter. SECOND ROVV- I.A' R'k Clnt trj R. M' r' R l Rl tL.Cll n R'l dL.Crb I N yxes ic er s ruc o , au ice eec, oner a ioo , ic iar o y, r., orinan Meadf Jeffrey Lamsey, Robert Burchard, Emanuel Tubis, William Hessler, Jr. THIRD ROW'-NV. Eugene Roy, J. Xvilliam Heuerman, XVilliam E. Phair, Harry T. Shaneberger, Jr., William Joseph Cornell, W'illiam Hempel. Richard H. Darrah, Harold P. Nutley CManager, Advertising and Publicity Departmentl. BACK ROVV-Lloyd E. Griffin, Roy NVurst, John D. Hinton, C. Burton Myers, Jr., Charles D. Newcomb, George H. Johnson CGeneral Manager, American llnstitute of LaunderingD, Cecil H. Lanham CDirector of School of Laundry Managementb. The sales talks and demonstrations were many and varied. Mrs. Cotter making the ideal housewife and Corby running a close sec- ond Che Wouldj. Corby's love for Mrs. Grady was the only thing that brought her to school when she had a terrible cold - she told us that confidentially one day when there were only 29 of us there . . . Ain't love grand? A trip to Swift and Co., Frank Young's Lay- out School, the Chicago Tribune, and the NBC Studios brought out most of the students and their Wives. Evidently the Wives don't trust their husbands alone in the big city - who can blame them? The Illinois Laundryowners' Convention was held here at Joliet and We were permitted to attend. Noel Grady of the Starchroom Journal gave a very informative speech there and Was a guest of the school the neXt afternoon at our invitation. His lecture was most interesting and beneficial. Mr. Shefferman, of Sears Roe- buck and Co., gave one of the best speeches on "Employer-Employee Relations" We have ever heard. Two luncheons at the Hotel Louis Joliet Cat the expense of the Institute, to the delight of everyonej afforded us the opportunity to hear Mr. Homer D. Morrow of radio station WCFL in Chicago, and Mr. Jack Joyce, president of the Joyce 7 -Up Company, both men giving very enjoyable and helpful talks. Then again came parting and the disperse- ment of more alumni to their respective plants throughout the United States. Page Twelve Y laundry accounting course An expose of "Y" activities. This picture was taken the day the sun came out. N THE 19th of April, threedays before the course began, we were astonished to hearthat "Chis" had been married to his home town sweetheart, Miss Juanita. CEditor's Note: We didn't even get a cigar.J From the first day of the course, things hap- pened amazingly fast. There was no more palsy-walsy relationship between instructors and faculty. Mr. Dewey was and is Mr. Dewey. Mr. Massey - Mr. Massey CSpringer, and Mouthpiece to some, but not in public.j After the first week we all could see figures swimming before us and didn't know which way to turn. By the time the practice set of books came around We were human calculators, some not very accurate, according to the amount of "magic" consumed. The calculators that were finally provided gave a select few a chance to play. CTubis and Greene, please note.j We all will well remember Dick Corby's "Bullet" There never was or ever will be a car with so many defects. We have witnessed the "lemon" of the century in the automotive Page field. With all due respect to Mr. Corby and his personal desire to comply with the class schedule, he was the cause of the unusual class tardiness for the period. The exams every two weeks caused many "ohs" and "ahs," for grades had a tendency to vary from one two-week period to the next. Law, in particular, caused this peculiar reac- tion. The second quiz was the worst, with only seven passing. CEditor's Note: We should be ashamed -and are.D Debits, credits, accrued accounts, reserve for depreciation, and the other hundred or so terms used by us "accountants" were the basis for the accounting quizzes. It was surprising to note how many were doing all their work and had a perfect set of books and didn't even know what they were doing. They soon learned, however, and "Dewey's Decimal" system came into its own. It is important, and we found it out.. - -.4 a f f f ,, ..,, zgzgzcgiziz, --g,:,:g,.g5 -:- ,:,f,:1:,.,:,.::,,::-:g:g:: V155 . -fvr 12:5 ,.y'.':,:1:g::::::,, 1V1,:Q:1:1.111.g1,,11:,::g,:,::z1:-zz:g:,:g:g.g:g:'14,-11::::::,v-gg 3: 5i25i1E1E5lElf1E-. 'Mina-: . "3 V-E25-. ff: .:fiA7'f'f'i1?:21E2: . i1":5V3'iEiEfi'"'-E2E2:1'f"E2E2EI:. ,f:E::-2:1:122E1Ei.2i2:1E H. . if . -.1f'21':2521.asai2:5ff12:.F1:z2si1212s2121f211z:.1:-:fp V. -.-- 11:21. 555 ...,,,...,,,.....,.. ' , ,, ' '1111?E?232?:i'f13f?fj1E,"2'5'2f:2."i?i1525??fQ55'.''12i151E5ggg,11f5j2,,g,,,51-1 zv:e:5E'Ef::12f'?5:: . 21':+'f::E'Q25,151,2222123.1-Efffff21,5i5EfEfifi53E:1fEf55"1'5flEif,I''ri VV4- - , .. T5 ff' ififiiiiii' iifiiifiii -"' , , :wg .,,, , g, , , ,Eff Z X ' M as QQ f ff 7 f ' J if if f 57 ::1:::::1.:.:.:.f.f f 'r'21':zr:f:raf:1 f1211s'zr:5:5.,-1:14.15-:iz :q, , ,:-4-,. ,,y:,,..,--..-,1.1-,:-1,1-.14,.,,,,-,-,,,,.,. 1- : ,, . V? V 15:a:s:a:i11t:::3:5211:if::215fEz2112:2:z2z5:ip 125: ?222:2'1:M.zg.1 5-3,1 .Y aiasyif :hs:2:2z,y:::zy1',.112212211121 . ' ' ' ' ' " 'f'f " ' 1 " M '-2-f f f 421211552 311 lkieskilasfir 55:53 "" 1 I "" Q" 2 , ,' -f'j"j4-lwn.-:s"' '-1-1-::'f:'s:1'132-gz'-141335235154123135xg. j 4.4! I-"-EE-E-1'5:5:::2::212I-:-'-:-:-p-44,531-, Q-,4-J ' - 1 ' zz. 1 552512ia'125aE5::1-2?51?5-:?:2:2'2Z1i..,"1f2a1z2' .zifffi .1.1.f.1:f-- +111-1+f 4-21' 7 E,g!5qEg:g5',:5:5:3:5gjg'3E3E3E5 ,y u . , -1-:f ,, ...j:7v,:-ygfgvqzlgz - " -. : I ':':1I3:5:3:3:g:g ,- ," ,14':?E52i ,- : 311'..- Q f.'."'Q,Qf ', Wfiiii' -'--".c'4:g.3f f' f' 1:iiiEE15E"rg'rE2i'Ef1E2:'-:'."." ' fsitiizfrii-1172 Z H . . f -'.51:a:Wf f .,,.,.,.,..,.,3:5z,:v:2::.:f,.5:2:1:1555--.zr':' ,rs:s:1:r1115:Q515:3:11 ' 111mr,g:1fg:- 4, se2a21212,e'-31-f.i:2e2:.vf'3""' 'f11?'Lf ,'.'g,1fz" j':..Q',"g2 ,ii fri -- ff - . ''5"T'f'1'7'5'2121215152521223IEIE1E1:1:5:5:E1E2E2E1S2E151E2E2E':IEE1Eii''E2E2E?1"" . .312-:F' ..- QM' :gf ff, 11111:5:11:11:11111r:::1:4:-1-:----"--'----- ...-'f:1::I.,:,-f -1111! V 2:23,-,-,sf -fa., , ,311 1: egzqzgage'2sis552221?e:E2:e:55251255115-52:11523:31-..-.V ' , ' . ,I gqiaffagmd 1-1-:-I':',-:?:i:3:3.5:5'3t":':'31" 'Pl -' . - .vziziw 3 ' "":44'7 ' -.'...V.,.o . -.. - Q: -:.: ... --rm-1:-:s:1:2:'-'-'- 99 9' -V " . . M .2:-1f:i4'E2tP'.-. ...,, ,,., 1435'- IEIF7131E2i1:f5f?fftf5f212f1EIE2i2E5'5EIE2E2:-'553555-52 L - .... - . , . ' f . :.1-:-:V:4551552E252323233553iiE5EEiififiiiQEZ:5EQ12355535559f?f?1ilQ5:15':5E5fE::"l'f-5E5E--2:1E113E5E5E5E3EiE2Ei?2555iiiii?iE55:ifE3EEEQif-E2252:EEEE33232331212X3E222255C35232232Z5E2525Q.Q5532515Z?f5i315EZf3i2W?ZiQIfii THE REFUGE-Here were for- gotten the rigors of education- Some, their internal capacity, but none shall ever forget the "Board Meetings." Thirteen FRONT ROXV Cleft to rightl-Robert Leonard, Bernard Weiss, William Hessler, Ir., Roy VVurst, John A. Normington. John Philip Greene, Kenneth W. Fogel, Emanuel Tubis, William J. Cornell. SECOND ROVV- Harry T. Shaneberger, Ir., VVilliam E. Phair, Maylon Kerrick, Richard L. Corby, Ir., Jeffrey Lamsey, Richard H. Darrah, Charles M. Morgan, Robert Burchard, Cecil H. Lanham CDirector of School of Laundry Managementb. THIRD ROVV-Ray Grohne CManager, Membership Departmentj, Domer E. Dewey fManager, Accounting Departmentb. George H. Johnson CGeneral Manager. American Institute of Launderingj, Robert L. Calhoon, Perry Chisum, VVilliam G. Hempel, Jr., Charles D. Newcomb, C. Burton Myers, jr. Somehow we all pulled through the course and we came to the end with the realization that we must part. The many, many friend- ships that had been made between us must now be the only bond that holds the class of '40 together. We must separate and again face a scheme of living that is more complex and more vindictive than any we have yet had to face. We go out into the world with a deeper knowl- edge of our own industry and of life in general. After the graduation exercises, June 13th, and after the inevitable farewells, we go into the world knowing that we have passed through a fellowship that will last forever. The students wish the best of luck to one another as they leave the portals they so eagerly entered in September, and thus the class of '40 passes into history. Page Fourteen I az-::,:::g5:: S GRADUATES OF 1940 0600! of Baan ry cuzaqemelzf SIP. '15E5fE:?2:- E:EpEg3Eg-XNQXE . .,.,.,.,. ., ,.s,. .,.,. Q ,.:,. 4 .,.,,...:.:.:,.,,.:-:, 1 .2 ,.-., , ...,.,.:.:.:. ,,.,. :,., , .,., ..,. ,.,, s .,.,.A , 4.,.4.,.,-,,, ,,:,,,.,:, z ' " ' -.a2iQggggggg2ggg1,:,,,,,,,.,,,,MwM '-1:5:5.3:5:3,'ijq5:5 15, S., E555::5g15::::.-5::: , gig,-::...-X, 31 Qgiiafifaiiiiiae? 211' WSE!22235E5E:522525555ififE5E2221232225255sisieiiiaiiif. . .2525xSEasE9:s:2:2fsf2.....:..' -,3:1:1:.:1:-:-:f f :2:a-.12'1:a:a:ag1g252 - - 555525:5:3:2:5:515:55:3:5:,1'Ei3Eg5:, . b5:::3E:3555353555551+- "E5E5E5E3:3:2:g51:, "11:Q'Qh Tir? ' fb.2:2:2:" x X X XX X X 1 X X X ,C 14 X QX xx X X 2 X X X X X XS Y N XX X X X X., X XX XX .5 ,N Q X QXN S X NN S :XX SX XXX Q. X X X X XXX 9 X Q lx XQXQXXX ,QXN N Quo X xx Xb X 'P X Qi' X 'XX Q N X X Wk Q X X X XXX X XX X X X .X X X XX 'N X 1 ,S Xx XX X ' N SEX X X X 2X Nik? X x XXX X x R S X x NN X XMN Y XX X 51?E2E2Efi15F2:51:1:2:SESys X, S 52255. -:I:2.1g1-:-:-:-:-:-:121:111151:1:grgrgrg-1-:ez-:-1-zizg X S sh " X' 'xwWS'r:1 E52E2E2::E-5121335355:5:5:5:E55:22:23E2E2E2ErErErEr:3:' X Xb X wg 1, X3 N ---- R -2:5111-I N X g X S X X 4- x N X tx x Sy X 'N X S X X X X 0 X SN Q X X: X Y 2 .X X X Q x CNR X X, X X X XXX xX N N X X X 2 X, Xe, XX W Q N X X X X X X 53 X ,XX X Q xN X S Xy NK X X N X z mericmz glzszfifufe of amz erilzq PERRY MCKEAN CHISUM Phoenix Union High School, Phoenix, Arizona Stanford University, Palo Alto, California Sponsor-Guy C. Chisum McKeanls Model Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company, Phoenix, Arizona RICHARD L. CORBY, JR. Georgia Military Academy, Georgia Sponsor-Richard L. Corby, Sr. Corby's Enterprise Laundry, Inc., New Jersey Summit, WILLIAM JOSEPH CORNELL Trenton High School, Trenton, New Jersey Rider College Night School, Trenton, New Jersey Sponsor-John A. Archer University Laundry Company, Princeton, New Jersey RICHARD H. DARRAH Trenton High School, Trenton, New Jersey Rider College Night School, Trenton, New Jersey Sponsor-John A. Archer University Laundry Company, Princeton, New Jersey Page Fifteen , f fvffy 151W2W3il?'f'4::", H ' ' f 5 .9 :if1.ii" -2'..,if:', -' ff 4 ,M 4--- fy-f -f.'-'- 7 ,L-f--"" '-" V , . ,- 1 1:-.,,,,,., ,A . f , 1 1'2:51'mZ:3W25Q1:1E1:1E5f 1"l'1 -1' 1 Q -, " .Tziiziiiii 1: rs - . 151' 1.iw..f:-fffwzwfw,.,,. . .mv .1 2, 1 4-.fmt--am-:4-1-:1.:f 1111. 11.1.1 gfff .,:.,,,,:g,,,,iq'. i. ,P V1191i?i:5::gzy21E21E:s- .wizizrraztf 411:9141.-.:y.1zv1i1,,1.2v:-at f f ff 4-:-1fi-'12-'ffv1f:"-.mic.. " , f X f xxx: 1 4, 0 4' 'W If 1 fi ZW! www f fyf QQ 1 f 2. .f ff. . . 'ffffffki -'nan'-'.f'.m:1:.::ag121.1,1141,132:,,:1:g:v-.. 4 -, ff-f " ff , X ,,,, - f ff f W ' If .sf.:1.fe:1:1:.:1f:e1a1:,g,,ff,,?'-,raw1:f:'-.z1af114:-,awry,4 f 1 mf 1 1,4 M f ,pw ,V ' ,- 11.11-14-.fad ,f1,-rw, if ,fl-V .1 ,- .- aim- if -,L-.mae-4' f,',.2.,4yV,,5..,:W,4 , ..,..... , ..., . ,.,. ,f ,, '9' ..-..-,A,.,.,. ,. ,, -.WW ,., 1, ,1 . - f-11' - .' 1 ' ,. W W 59 if 1 f if 4 'ZW 4... .. ff .-V, ,.-. - ...ii ,.... ,Z Z 4 X af ff X 41 ':::::-.:1:1,,,,...x ,f::5:a5:f-a1:af f-e2:2:2:2:5:f1 f2E2E1E+-EIEIEI-'5--F-IIEIEIE12222222521I2:2E1E1E2:1Ei1E2:2:Ef: 1 13f2E5Eif,.f ' f 4' " : fe'221f1's1f-I1:15.-5? , ,.,,.. fzgag:,.-5255553,3555E-2325555555555E5E51g:5E5E5:5E:2255E5E5E 1112123251f5i.i2iE5EE2? X ,f1:,f1.1...:f2.::.. ' " ' . 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Concordia Collegiate Institute, Bronxville, New York Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Sponsor-William Hempel Walterls Laundry Service, Inc, Hempstead, New York WILLIAM HESSLER, JR. Forty Fort High School, Forty Fort, Pennsylvania Sponsor-William Hessler, Sr. Hessler Laundry Company, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania R. TRAVIS IMPSON North High School, Des Moines, Iowa Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa Sponsor-Thomas L. Brown Johnson Laundry Company, Albert Lea, Minnesota . MAYLON KERRICK Santa Cruz High School, Santa Cruz, California Sponsor-W. O. Kerrick Kerrick Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Santa Cruz, California Page Sixteen is niligigg -21211-2:-gy.-:1:::1::1:r:1:1:-'1:':1i'1'r:-:-:-:IPM ,gif-:-1-:-:121551.:.2I:V:-1-1,1::,:1:12:2:2:2:-:-:-: :-1.1-:111':'-I-2:2:1:-:z V-1-:-:Az-1-2. 2:f:2:1:1::-r:1:-:-:-:-:-:-:A E5Eiiiiliiiiiiiiiiijiiiii51iii 'QEEEEEQEQEEEEEEFEEEEEE23323255525EEE5'EEEEE:EEQEEEEEEEQHQEQEQEE:iEEEEE?EEEE.2 E25iii:EEEEEQEEQSEEEEESEE55 i::Ei25222i532iii2iEEEE?5222?iE5ii55i2EEEEEEi2E?'f2252222515I5'EEEEEEE:E:s2E2i2i2iiii. 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" 52:22, Xikmwtfa is JEFFREY LAMSEY Sheldon School, Chicago, Illinois Sponsor-Norman Voigt Happy Day Laundry Company, Chicago, Illinois ROBERT F. LEONARD Bloomington High School, Bloomington, Indiana g Principia College, Elsah, Illinois Sponsor-B. F. Leonard New Home Laundry Company, Bloomington, Indiana CHARLES M. MORGAN Dupont Manual Training, Louisville, Kentucky Sponsor-S. M. Lewis Lewis Laundry and Cleaners, Louisville, Kentucky C. BURTON MYERS, JR. Washington High School, Massillon, Ohio Sponsor-C. B. and J. F. Myers Myers Launderers and Dry Cleaners, Ashland, Ohio , CHARLES D. NEWCOMB Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood, Missouri I Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri Missouri University, Columbia, Missouri Sponsor-Hollis E. Suits U . Hollis E. Suits Family Laundry, Saint Louis, Missouri JOHN A. NQRMINGTON McKinley High School, Marshield, Wisconsin Sponsor-F. H. Normington, Sr. l Normington Laundry and Dry Cleaning Com- pany, Marshfield, Wisconsin I Page Seventeen f ...-: - f 5y4: : 1 EjE- I -:7.'iQf5E5. 313353:-.2 af-535 f --" - 52 25-5355.-' I 2 f :f5,':3:3:5:f' , 2526 -152: fkfw' Z1:7'3f5Z2521:373'?i'2Q-:5. ,. .5?,2Z:525:f5f522f-5-5' 5 " 2 .5:5:1s5:51112 :wa-' 'Z5FIiI7I'1.5:15i5f'.'3:15 3 5'-'f-2: 52.. ."45i52w25-5252119 25555553351 'i52Z5i5Z1i52?5j1:'? 51512 5Z525V 12525E5.5i'35iff f-sr-15415 25.525 1" 525252515 -5- .5-5.5. ---5we--552525:5'2i-' " ?,'3:-1':11i':1:':I:I- QZEIEEQQIi23252f5l,'.2E-5rErE.:, :2:EE1E2f?gf. E5,Z1'5:5iE,,5.5E5',, :5225255525152525 1-IEE? Eli'-2-:1,l:5E5E5E',.1E5E53lf1"'-fbiobggi-:5., :'g5.5ga."'a5 .25:12:.:q5:5:5:5,::g5g5g5, '1252E255?1i2.5 ' :5'23ff:5. "'V'255fi .5 2EiE??'32f25ii5:5212 5251" i215E52i.2:iZiIfE:',. 55: '57 ' 252222 1253652 E:E"'I?5I5E5' 2555551 -'-'V-5:52:29 A+s.-.,g5.,- 5555, 2-qvz:-:5:51f'515rf1zf:,15.51555.j.f:5:5.' :5:.,.c2"5'.rp-:':5- " rzfl--.f525Q:155-V 2552? 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Phair H, Kohnstamm and Company, New York City, New York ARTHUR PRIMACK Roosevelt High School Tulley High School, Chicago, Illinois University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois Sponsor-Samuel Primack Home Crystal Laundries, Chicago, Illinois HARRY T. SHANEBERGER, JR. Shortridge High School, Indianapolis, Indiana Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana Sponsor-Harry T. Shaneberger, Sr. Progress Laundry Company, Indianapolis, Indiana , BERNARD WEISS James Madison, Brooklyn, New York New York University, New York City, New York Sponsor-Herman Weiss Stag Laundry, Inc., Brooklyn, New York ROY L. WURST Clayton High School, Clayton, Missouri Sponsor-R. L. Weinert Broadway Laundry Company, Saint Louis, Missouri Page Eighteen 1: : . 5. 5-5:5:5s5-5:5-45-.5 fy,.".5:55.:5.5:muwu1+ " 253252525a2525255ii52lEE252ii5:5 :-:-1-'QQ-:-:-:-z-2-2521+ 1-1-:-:-:-:-.-.Af ., , . ..... ...a-.-W " -'--55.5-a5- ' -'-'2'-"'5' 5 2 . Q Z N M x A 5 6 by x i tb ' 7 1? f 7 4. 5 2 4 '.-mn w r x N mr .veg If Q' Sc x s 3 XI xi 4 W g ,Q ik X332 'N N M x f A M 1 f X X 5 N f 4 1 's 4 A' ML ,dv K 1 ,X 5 V -f'5-5-5-55111 '.25:5:5:5:5:5:5:25 Q 2 1 1 , 2 , 4 X X 2 X 14, ff ,X W P, ,- z " fmt N 'I f 5,0 X , t J I I 4 1 7 My I STUDENTS, STUDENT Alvin S. Gross Wilbur S. Kelley, Jr Hugo L. Maddux R. Maurice Reed Benjamin Stein Robert M. Gill Thomas A. Gose, Jr. Alvin S. Gross Henry P. Harmon Wilbur S. Kelley, Jr. Leonard J. Kirby Lowell K. Kislia Harold L. Mabey Hugo L. Maddux R. Maurice Reed J. Earl Rush Benjamin Stein Robert R. Wackerli Douglas A. Wright Robert Burchard Robert L. Calhoon Homer P. Campbell, Thomas A.. Gose, Jr. Alvin S. Gross Edward Haluck Henry P. Harmon Lorin E. Henry Joseph P. Holloran Wilbur S. Kelley, Jr. Leonard J. Kirby William G. Lester R. Maurice Reed Henry Rowland Ralph H. Sprague Emanuel Tubis Robert R. Wackerli James Walton Robert Burchard Robert L. Calhoon John Murray Cotter Lloyd E. Griffin J. William Heuerman John D. Hinton Norman Mead R. Maurice Reed W. Eugene Roy Vernon L. Spiker Emanuel Tubis Robert Burchard Robert L. Calhoon Emanuel Tubis I OTHER THAN GRADUATES, ATTENDING '39-'40 COURSES POWER PLANT COURSE SPONSOR PLANT Herman Gross Atlanta Linen Supply Co. Wilbur S. Kelley, Sr. Kelley Laundry Company 1 W. A. Snow R. C. Matthews Nathan Stein Snow's Laundry Mutual Laundry Sz Dry Cleaning Co. National Family Laundry PLANT PRODUCTION COURSE Ben Gill T. A. Gose Herman Gross C. A. Turner Wilbur S. Kelley, Sr. R. L. Banks W. A. Snow R. C. Matthews Will Hochbaum Nathan Stein A. M. Wackerli James A. Wright TEXTILES AND F. A. Burchard E. V. Johnston A. J. Salzer T. A. Gose Herman Gross Sidney S. Munter C. A. Turner P. J. Holloran Wilbur S. Kelley, Sr. R. L. Banks W. B. Kitto R. C. Matthews Fred T. Rowland Fred B. Jones John Baumgartner A. M. Wackerli Dr. A. H. Hinshaw National Family Laundry American Laundry Sz Dry Cleaning Co. Atlanta Linen Supply Co. Associated Laundries Kelley Laundry Company Williamsburg Laundry Marshall and Swift Ungar's Laundry, Ltd. Snow's Laundry Mutual Laundry Sz Dry Cleaning Co. Alexandria Steam Laundry, Inc. National Family Laundry White Star Laundry Sz Regal Cleaners City Laundry ADDRESS Atlanta, Georgia San Diego, California Macon, Georgia Topeka, Kansas Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Hurley, New Mexico Atlanta, Georgia Wilmington, Delaware San Diego, California Williamsburg, Virginia Mason City, Iowa St. John, N. B., Canada Macon, Georgia Topeka, Kansas Alexandria, Louisiana Milwaukee, Wisconsin Idaho Falls, Idaho Hamilton, Ont., Canada WASHROOM PROCEDURE COURSE Royal Laundry Domestic Laundry West End Laundry Company American Laundry Sz Dry Cleaning Atlanta Linen Supply Co. Sweet Clean Laundry Associated Laundries Fame Laundry Company P. J. Holloran Kelley Laundry Company Williamsburg Laundry National Towel Sz Laundry Co., Inc. Mutual Laundry Sz Dry Cleaning Co. Montpelier Laundry C. Sz K. Laundry Mothers' Friend Laund-ry, Inc. White Star Laundry Sz Regal Cleaners University of Kansas Hospital SALES AND .ADVERTISING COURSE F. A. Burchard E. V. Johnston Edwin R. Durham Royal Laundry Domestic Laundry Acme Laundering Company E. V. Sz S. R. Nelson Visalia Steam Laundry Sz Dry Cleaning A. F. Taylor W. L. Hinton Donald Whitbeck R. C. Matthews W. A. Roy M. F. Hinchey John Baumgartner Crystal Laundry, Inc. Lincoln Laundry Shirton Willsey Laundry Mutual Laundry Sz Dry Cleaning Co. Capital City Laundry Hinchey Laundry Mothers, Friend Laundry, Inc. LAUNDRY ACCOUNTING COURSE F. A. Burchard E. V. Johnston John Baumgartner Royal Laundry Domestic Laundry Mothers' Friend Laundry, Inc. Page Nineteen Cedar Rapids, Iowa Wichita, Kansas Cleveland, Ohio Hurley, New Mexico Atlanta, Georgia Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Wilmington, Delaware Canton, Ohio Saint Louis, Missouri San Diego, California Williamsburg, Virginia Stockton, California Topeka, Kansas Montpelier, Idaho Elmira, New York Harrison, New Jersey Idaho Falls, Idaho Kansas City, Missouri Cedar Rapids, Iowa Wichita, Kansas Columbus, Ohio Visalia, California Dayton, Ohio Scranton, Pennsylvania Buffalo, New York Topeka, Kansas Montgomery, Alabama Omaha, Nebraska Harrison, New Jersey Cedar Rapids, Iowa Wichita, Kansas Harrison, New Jersey .X .,x',. X 5 -,N-x.x.-.M-5 -X v . .t . u X x N x .- ,wg Uni, 'O,.,,.3,k -K:-, ,Q .P--N w ., nn. K K X ' ' MQ. 'X ., ..k , A 1 X .. -. 3 ,.,- ,. x. X., 5 ,Y A x X .-I -,xx-,. - U 1 .4 .. - ., .X L - xxx N X-.X w,u,- X ,.-,,w1A,h..,- , , xx M X ' cv, -- 'Qn ' ' ., ...K-. y -.-.:v .-A -o.x.M'f . x .. X . , 1 .,. . N , - - ., r- ,,. ,-. , ,,. x -t..X., ,,. 4, -., N , ,, X . .- . .,. . . K .g ,- -Q., M. -. 5. N .L .N 'A ,is tvx, U Y. . - ,.'I3'C,-N31-U. T N . ,,.-A.,-' Q - " ' Xx.x.z5fz- -'O' .,-"-','c.f x '. .. , .' 'f-., ..,. ,f.. V, J3 'H ,, ..,, X

Suggestions in the American Institute of Laundering - Annual Yearbook (Joliet, IL) collection:

American Institute of Laundering - Annual Yearbook (Joliet, IL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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American Institute of Laundering - Annual Yearbook (Joliet, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 13

1940, pg 13

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