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II I I III 'Iwi I I I I 2 I I ,I II I AI I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I II I I I . I I I I I I I rl I I I ,I I 'T I' ' I J I I I: I I I 1 I I I I QM 05 1938 VOCATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF LAUNDERING . jafiei, Cfflzwz, I I I I I I I I I I I i I I 1 Y , - 4 ,.-D - - - --- - 1 ' iw W M 1 - ' i The American Institute of Laundering, Joliet, Illinois CLASS ORGANIZATION President ...... .... J ohn P. Otte, Jr. Vice President . . . . . . Jesse H. Wright, Jr. Secretary-Treasurer .... Chester Lee Watts STARCHED SHEET Editor ....... ........,.. ...... L a wrence E. Nelson Assistant Editor . . . . . Raymond Nelson Smith Assistant Editor . John George Schott THE A. I. L. CLUB President .............................. Elbert R. Fitch Fitch's Laundry, La Salle, Illinois Vice-President ........................ A. O. Long, Jr. Long-Hall Laundry, Kansas City, Missouri Secretary-Treasurer .... .... . J ..... William E. Kenney Davis Laundry, Cleveland, Ohio I , I I 1 Eeagicafion l In acknowledgment of the encouragement and l inspiration which he has giv- en us through the ideals and prac- 1 1 tices he has set forth--and because of his l enduring interest in our school-we, the Class of 1938,sdedicate our Annual to .......... l l 1 gfanfe grae 1 i I I I I 1 I 1 1 3 l l 1 l l l 1 i I I . , , A , x ,. w 1- , , Y- ,-Y--.Trai .-W--f - - YW -- 1-4-'VV-re'-w -vii' L"""j'i'X1-M'fQ77'-"'f1 "1 """:vif'c':,'ii"ff"M"f-1''f' ""111'-"ii"'rrf -- W ...-5,1111 IG ff. .f , fs 1 ,- ., .,,, ,,-g5,,..M 6.155 1,1 1 - W ., 1 ' -.11 ' 1 , N, - 7 ,pg :"- src, --' ' ' fl .E 9 f' Q A ' In -F ix,-g p .' , 'A if 'WH life: is Akit- FACULTY AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF LAUNDERING VOCATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL GEORGE H. JOHNSON General Manager, American Institute of Laundering CECIL H. LANHAM Director, Vocational Training School WALTER A. REINHARD Director, Department of Engineering MAY LAIN G GRADY Director, Department of Sales Promotion CARLYLE G. MORTON Department of Research and Textiles ARTHUR I. ANDERSON Director, Department of Research and Texules -4, J If -, Q, I 9 if Tw' DOMER E. DEWEY Director, Department of Accounting MARGUERITE E. RICHARDSON Department of Accounting FRANKLIN DUNLAP Director, Department of Advertising J. AYRES RICKER Department of Advertising J. I-IINTON MASSEY ' Instructor in Business Law ROBERT I. PREIS Department of Advertising ELSIE JAYNE HOUSE Registrar .. 5 - no I J xw-:iw...'m' W rnn'nnie5 of 1938 American Insfiinie of Lnnndering N ' ,Q-L f F1 i ,"v"'1"'i',f.,- V ' A A ,-ia, . f., r' " - ' f, rs. H - If ' L2-'!':'12maf's:iy. f-,,.f:.f sg4,,,, 4 I . , A , ,M ,QH,,m,-, -..L ,. . W: -----as--0+--Ada ' Fir. - .V v .,-, . ,U 1, - . ' - 'A " ' -,'-- - WEL, ...L ..,.,.. .Y ...- .g 4 4 . 4 e rl 4 . , 3 CHARLES WILSON BRANN ON Darlington School for Boys, Rome, Georgia, 1933 Georgia Tech ' Sponsor-G. F. Brannon Ideal Laundry Company, Dallas, Texas FARRELL WESLEY JENN IN GS Murphysboro Township High School, Murphysboro, Illi- nois, 1932 Southern Illinois Normal University Sponsor-J. W. Jennings Acme Laundry, Murphysboro, Illinois HERBERT RONALD KITTO Stockton High School, Stockton, California, 1935 College of Pacific Sponsor-W. B. Kitto National Towel and Laundry, Inc., Stockton, California ORWELL L. MACE Hastings High School, Hastings, Oklahoma, 1930 Sponsor -John W. Heidhrink Kings Laundry, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma .-.l I If 1 LAWRENCE ANDERMAN N 3 l I Luther Institute, Chicago, Illinois, 1934 I I Sponsor-H. W. Anclermann 1 Hinsdale Laundry Company, 1"1i11SC19-16, Illinois I l 9 15 1 1 1 Q1 1 1 I 1 1 v 1 I 1 1 1 V 5, 5 ,,g,,, , L JOHN I-I. MAGOON, JR. Punahou Academy, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1933 University of California Sponsor-John H. Magoon American Sanitary Laundry, Ltd., Honolulu, Hawaii LESTER MASLOW Abraham Lincoln High School, Brooklyn, New York, 1932 New York University Sponsor- E. Gratenstein Majectic Laundry, New Haven, Connecticut LAWRENCE E. NELSON Fairmont High School, Fairmont, Minnesota, 1933 University of Minnesota, 1936 Sponsor-Emil Nelson Peerless Steam Laundry, Fairmont, Minnesota JoHN P. oTTE, JR. Culver Military Academy, Culver, Indiana, 1933 University of Michigan, 1937 Sponsor - Adrian Otte Otte Bros. American Laundry, Grand Rapids, Michigan ROBERT SANFORD ROSKOPI-I Valley Forge Military Academy, Wayne, Pennsylvania, 1937 Sponsor - Clarence M. Roskoph The Union Towel Supply and Laundry Company, Cleveland, Ohio ALLAN J. SALZER State High School, Cleveland, Ohio, 1937 Sponsor-A. Salzer West End Laundry Company, Cleveland, Ohio -- - 'M A---va-yr'-W-'1-F ' - ' ws. 'M iiHauv 90. WNV "' .M V - . ' ,, , Nr' 1 . V JOHN GEORGE SCHOTT Pottsville High School, Pottsville, Pennsylvania, 1935 Pennsylvania State College Extension Center Sponsor-Roy Lotz 1 Reading Laundries, Inc., Reading, Pennsylvania RAYMOND NELSON SMITH Fort Qu, Appelle High School, Fort Qu' Appelle, Saskat- chewan, Canada, 1934 Sponsor-Mr. Stanley Brock, Stanley' Brock, Ltd. Rainbow Laundry, Ltd., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada SAM SPECTOR Chattanooga High School, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1932 Sponsor-Mrs. Margaret M. Orr Dixie Laundry, Chattanooga, Tennessee CHESTER LEE WATTS New Franklin High School, New Franklin, Missouri, 1927 Sponsor-J. S. Milburn Dorn-Cloney Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company, Columbia, Missouri HARRY L. WOLPERT, JR. Bay Shore High School, Bay Shore, New York, 1937 Sponsor - Harry L. Wolpert Islip Sanitary Laundry, Inc., Islip, New York JESSE H. WRIGHT, JR. Hollgciigsburg High School, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State College Extension Course Sponsor - H. Wright The Wright Laundry, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania gfggtsxw " -1 ,I . ,-liil BOTTOM ROW, left to right-Raymond Nelson Smith, Herbert R. Kitto, Lawrence Nelson, Robert Roskoph, Orwell Mace, Lawrence Andemann, Harry Wolpert, Chester Lee Watts. SECOND ROW-John P. Otte, Sam Spector, John Magoon, Arthur Louis Beringer, Jesse Wright, Ir., ,Tack Salzer, Ferrell NVesley Jennings. TOP ROW-M. V. Henderson CInstructorD, Lester Maslow, C. H. Lanham CDirectorJ, John Schott. Charles VVilson Brannon, Walter Reinhard CDirector, Engineeringj. POWER PLANT COURSE CLASS ATTENDS 54TH ANNUAL CONVENTION The A. I. L. Power Plant students were intro- duced to the laundryowners of America by attend- ance at the 1937 Cleveland, Ohio, Convention. Stud- ies of various convention exhibits were made and together with the regular sessions ther students' time was well occupied during the stay. As a climax to the convention the students attended the third an- nual banquet and meeting of the A. I. L. Club in the Rose Room of Hotel Cleveland. This, the largest club meeting ever held, proved to be a most enjoyable get-together for the A. I. L. Club members, the students, and the faculty of the American Institute of Laundering. Stanley Brock, Lloyd Peclc, and representatives of each class since the founding of the Vocational Training School in 1930, addressed the Club. Elbert R. Fitch, A. I. L. Club president presided at the general meeting. Miss Marguerite E. Richardson was elected an honorary member of the A. I. L. Club for her efforts in the Club's behalf. CLASS PARTY On September 17, the annual "get acquainted" party was held at Trojan Garage. The evening was spent in dancing, and enjoying refreshments. Voted entirely a success, it left a feeling of closer under- standing among all. Pk Pk Pk SOFT-BALL GAMES Youth conquers age, so rightfully the mighty student Soft-Ball club defeats the faculty 18-12 and 8-6 respectively. Pk PF Pk CHICAGO FIELD TRIP At 7:30 A. M. October 14, with "all hands on deck" five cars "set sail" for the DeNormandie Laundry in Chicago-there to see a fine example of a clean and well-kept power plant. The next voyage proved the innocence of the student "sailors" enroute to the American Laundry Machinery Company's plant. After being luncheon guests, a thorough tour of the plant was made to learn of the manufacture of laundry machinery. -9- Hai ki-'ri 4 """'-""'- Y-Q.-. , 4 ' 4 h V , ' - " - ,- '. .1 Ig -!-ga! " .. , wvzs '1-.N-- fg, ' ff.-Zo , -X -f ' - K' ' ' " M " f' '- - ' ' , . - 'iff , ' r " iv- 'T e.f",L' -- 4'-V' " x. -A ' x ' "fel 1 4 v WT' ,fglf , . f '-ig-ij? Q tygffix PLANT PRODUCTION COURSE FIELD TRIP Meeting at the "YU at 7:30 A. M. November 17, the class journeyed to Chicago on a very profitable field trip. The first stop was the Monarch Laundry where we noted A-quality work. Next the class saw the Pullman Laundry and its production records. Dinner formed a very good intermission and a chance for a bit of "chin-wagging." A resumption of touring toolc the class through the Happy Day Laundry-here floor 'space was really used to the greatest advantage. Last but not least the Keese-Baxter Laundry and its rearranging program. This wound up a most enjoyable day. 214 bk Pk EXECUTIVE coMM1TTEE ATTENDS BANQUET December 3 offered a good opportunity for the A. T. L. Executive Committee, staff and student body to become better acquainted with each other. The occasion was a banquet held in the ban- quet room of the NYU. Short addresses were given by all members of the Executive Committee. The feature of the evening was Mr. Kirchwehm's technicolor pictures of his trip to Europe. They were enjoyed by all present. Dk Dk Pk FIRST CLASS BANQUET The first meeting of the students of the Plant Production Course was in the form of a dinner in the banquet room at the NY". Songs and introduction of the faculty to the new students followed dinner and then a very inter- esting address on "The Great Pyramid" was given by Mr. Hinton Nlassey, the guest speaker of the evening. Mr. Massey is also a member of the A. I. L. faculty, teaching Business Law in the Accounting Course. BOTTOM ROXV, left to rightiHarry VVolpert, Ralph Hill, Erdix Swift, Jr., Chester Lee Watts, John Henry Elberling, Herbert R. Kitto, Conrad A. Miller, Orwell Mace, Lawrence Andermann, Robert Roskoph. SECOND ROVV-Lawrence Nelson, John Schott, Jesse Vifright, John P. Otte, John Magoon, Arthur L. Beringer, Hilles M. Bedell, ,lack Salzer, Farrell Jennings. THIRD ROW-William S. George, William Keese, Sam Spector, John M. Truby, Gordon Campbell, Coleman Sayer, Robert F. Schadt, Walter Rein- hard CDirector, Engmeermgj. TOP ROVV-Raymond Smith, Carlyle Morton Clnstructorj, C. H. Lanham CDirectorj, Leonard B. Fritsche, Roy P. Isham. MMM- Mil- -Lili- BOTTOM ROW, left to right-Joseph Seifer, David C. Singer, Orwell Mace, Erdix Swift, Jr., Chester Lee Watts, Robert Roskoph, Harry WVolpert, Lawrence Andermann, Frank Tarquinio. SECOND ROW- Lawrence Nelson, Charles H. Chandler, John Schott, John P. Otte, Jesse Wright, Arthur Beringer, Hilles M Bedell, Coleman Sayer, Jack Salzer. THIRD ROW-P. F. Larrabee, Raymond Smith, Orron R. Benson, Sam Spector, Roy P. Isham, Ward H. Griffin, John E. McKenney, Ray Goldstein, William B. Tench. TOP ROW-C. H. Lanham CDirector2, William Keese, Arthur Anderson CDirector, Textiles and Researchj, Edward J. Blois, John J. Ketterer, William S. George, Douglas Alexander Wright, Carlyle Morton flnstruc- torh, George Johnson fGeneral Managerb. TEXTILES AND WASHROOM PRACTICE BANQUET AT Y. M. ic. A. During the Washroom and Textiles Course, there were several get-togethers held jointly by the students and faculty of the Institute School. At the banquet given in the local Y. M. C. A. dining room, the entertainment committee was for- tunate in getting Mr. I-Iarold Wallace as the speaker of the evening. Mr. Wallace is Manager of the Joliet Credit Bureau, which 'covers greater Will County and southwestern Cook County. A motion picture of charts was used to demon- strate the routine work in the oflice of the typical ac- counts handled hy Mr. Wallace and his staff. The chances that Mr. Businessman will take and how these hazards can be avoided were discussed. Both the students and faculty gained much from the speaker and responded with a vote of thanks. :sf as PF SKATING PARTY The date, January 24. The evening, Monday. The setting, the local Armory Drill I-lall. Amidst che roar of laughter and the clatter of skates, the students held the first skating party of the year. Many new figure skaters were discovered, but competition was strong in the fight to get the "Great- est Fall Downer" title. 91, ,. ' '-frail. " vm. - -1- Q awe . . ' TfLtQ1"Ilti.'i SALES, SERVICE AND ADVERTISING COURSE BANQUET One lone banquet during the course proved to be a very "light affairn as it was followed by a dem- onstration on "Scientific Lighting." The banquet was attended by the faculty and students plus the speaker of the evening, Mr. O. A. Hill, Director of the Public Service's Lighting Staff. The demonstration given by Mr. Hill was novel, yet constructive and fascinating as a most clever and modern store front was constructed step by step before the group. ar ff bk FIELD TRIPS The first field trip of the Sales and Advertising course took place on March 16. This was a visit through the various departments of "The Chicago Daily News" and was followed on April 6 by a second trip to Chicago. This time the class visited 'IThe Cuneo Press" and, literally, its miles of things to see. A return visit was paid to 'IThe Daily News." This time to listen to an address on "An Approach to the Chi- cago Market," by Mr. William Bradley, followed by a film on the same subject. After an intermission of about three hours the class assembled at the Merchandise Mart at 9:00 P. M. for a tour of the N. B. C. broadcasting stu- dios. At 9:30 P. M. the class was privileged to sit in on a broadcast of "The Minstrel Show." Two very good field trips wound up a year's trips of education while at the A. I. L. BOTTOM ROXV, left to right-C. H. Lanham CDirectorD, Orwell Mace, Lawrence Nelson, Chester Watts, Robert Roskoph, Harry VVolpert, Carl Ledford. SECOND ROW-Jess Wright, John Schott, John P. Otte, John Barlow, Lawrence Andermann, Herbert Knill. THIRD ROW-Raymond Smith, Ray Goldstein, Sam Spector, Joe Seifer, NY. Frank Campbell, Herbert Huffman, William C. Young. TOP ROW-William Keese, Edward Blois, Ayres Ricker Clnstructorb, Mrs. M. L. Grady CDirector, Salesj, Robert Preis Gn- structorj, and George Johnson CGeneral Managerj. . .lil-1 .i1in ,,11M1-- L-1111 ,lliv BOTTOM ROW, left to right-Lawrence Nelson, Orwell Mace, Chester Lee W tt I h S h tt R i bmith, Jack Salzer, Robert Roskoph, Harry Wolpert. SECOND ROW-Iessea Wright? Jghg I'enEi1ir?giIdii Otte, John Barlow, Lawrence Andermann, Herbert Knill, Sam Spector, George J, Leary. T012 ROW.. C. H. Lanham CD1rectorJ, Edward J. Blois, Robert Stoer, William W. Keese, Miss Marguerite Richardson flnstructorj, I. Hinton Massey Clnstructorj, Domer E. Dewey CDirector, Accountingb. ACCOUNTING COURSE CLOSING ACTIVITIES Another joint lecture and dinner was held in the Y. M. C. A. dining room. The faculty and staff were in full attendance to hear the sociologist from Stateville penitentiary speak on the "Study of a Criminal's Casef, Following this by a few' days, we found the faculty golf team taking us for a "birdie" but this was just the warm' up in the school's spring athletic program. The class baseball squad was not quite up to its usual form when, in the year's third game, the faculty won by a score of 10-9. The final course activity was a venturous and educating trip through the new, modern, and com- plete state penitentiary at Stateville. Lawyer Massey arranged the trip- as a final rounding off of our law course. COMMENCEMEN T The commencement exercises for the class of l938 will be held Thursday evening, June 16, at the Universalist Church. The program will consist of a dinner, music, speeches by guests, and the com- mencement address. Music will be furnished by an ensemble of high school students under the direction of Mr. Hiram A. Converse. The class of 1938 will be presented by Mr. George H. Johnson, General Manager of the Ameri- can Institute of Laundering. Following this, diplo- mas and certificates will be awarded to the members of the class. Dr. Raymond Shutz, Professor of Sociology, Manchester College, will deliver the commencement address, "Living A11 of One's Life." -I3- 6 '95, . ...- , if 4, ,M I, ffyygigsasgsaaa:sexef:1:::z:s:::g.g.:1f: ...-,. ,Z , ,.,,,,, 4,,,, ....,,,..,.. 7 . ff. ...... . ab 4 ' ""ZJ52v1g7g5 'fly 1 '52, -' ,:f:f,:5-'::: '..-:':7:7:5:Z:6E5!ff7"-:l'117'3:7' Eiga,2:5.,:5:5:g5:2-gg.-21'' "L -:1Er5:E:1:g2515:3:5:ff2?55E,:3E55v-' .v.....-. 4 1-.1 ...... ,:J f,?Z'-2225:151VmyV4-:-:-:--1-:44-:.1wf:4- X -:2:2:1:2v-2 ,'.- :avg-14-.V - In might look like a gym class, but it is really only that usual lunch time ball game in motion. At last the light has dawned upon Jack Magoon! P. S. He awoke, too. "Just" Wright sure doesn't look the part, but he's enjoying this pose with his "little flower." They're at it again, folks, those three boys who are "saving it." L. to R., Jack Salzer, "Schnop- sy" Schott, and Bob Roskoph. Jess Wright is still holding onto his pipe, while "Schnopsy" Schott displays that short haircut his roommates gave him. Are those fellows working for the W. P. A.? No! Those are the three "night patrol" boys-Bob Roskoph, Jack "Ann .Arbor,' Otte, and Jack Schott. L. to R., Jack Magoon, "Tiger" Kitto, Les Mas- low, and Charlie Brannon, the gang that broke down the morale of the Quigley, or was it just a hole in the wall that started it all? A touch of the Hotel Quigley's social life on a Sunday afternoon, when Ward Griffin and Jack Salzer were caught out "clipping coupons" with Betty and Eve. The morning after the night before and Walt had the nerve to do this to us. L. to R. standing, Walt Reinhard, Lee Mace, Larry Nelson, Sam Spector, Jack Magoon, Ray Smith, Lester Collins, Doc Henderson, Larry Andermann, Butch Lan- ham, Jack Salzer, Art Berringer, and Wes Jen- nings. L. to R. sitting, Harry Wolpert, Jess Wright, "Schnopsy" Schott, Les Maslow, "Curly" Watts, Charlie Brannon, "Carp" Kitto, and "Cow- boy" Roskoph. '3Tl"?'1'51 -Herr 1' :..'1:f.r'Cs.fTh:.i. if-w".'1.-L-"'. +?E'7-v-'M-' . f1..1.Q5J'3iii2f?'JsM.!4'2 . H A SOFT SOAP FROM THE STARCHED SHEETS POWER 'PLANT "Alarm Clock" Beringer has just about wound his springs too tight. In fact, the boys on the third floor of the Hotel Quigley have started to knock out the teeth in his cog wheels. ' PF PI1 Pk It has been interesting to note the unusual cus- toms in laundering methods throughout the country. For instance, Herb Kitto, living on the West Coast, has found all underwear in his personal bundle fully starchedl Maybe Bob Roskoph could explain how it I happened? Pk PF Pk . PLANT PRODUCTION Coleman Sayer, from Du Pontville, and "Stud" Wright, the high rating "figurative athletes," have not yet called down the wrath of the Quigley man- agement for. their pole vaulting ability, but it is expected they will be called upon to pay for another hole in the wall if their practice isn't stopped. ' Pk PF Pk What has Sam Spector that makes him Joliet's leading man with the girls? I FI! PI: :If Lee Mace insists-Girls who resist don't know what theyive missed. :If Pk PF Wh.y does Harry "Lover" Wolpert have half hour tele hone conversations with Madam X? P Pk PF Pk Prof. Art: 'iwake McKenney up beside you." Grif: "You do it, Art, you put him asleepf, Pk Pk FF WASHROOM AND TEXTILE Herb Kitto, early in the course, assigned Jack "l'lawaii7' Magoon to the Plainfield road district and Jack "Cleveland" Salzer to the Park district for nite patrol duty. Kitto was very thoughtful, but he forgot to inform the press that the yellow town car would take over the Lockport road on all week-ends .to relieve the state highwiy pitrol. Since big Bill Kcese has moved into the Quigley, he has become errand boy for an "Irish Lass." Pk Pk PF Speaking of bums, we're wondering how the coffee joke bums would appreciate their success with moochin' a cigarette from our own Harry Wolpert -only to find the --- loaded thing blow up in the midst of an appreciable drkag. Go easy, Harry! , Pk Those two "Kanucks" from Hamilton, Ontario, Doug Wright and Ward Griffin, left their good will of our sister country and support, to stand all the kidding, to the lone foreigner, Ray Smith. fwhat about that oilskin blanket you were forced to buy, Doug?j It is rumored that Schnops is leaving the Quig- ley by request of the night clerk, who has tired of being awakened at 6:00 A. M., as Schnops kicks over waste baskets, sneaking in from his D. P. bn bk wk Jack McKenney is sure that Lawrence Nelson should know the ropes in the stenographic depart- ment by now, but just in case, Jack's last words to Lawrence will be something like this: "Be sure she's the right one and get her address!" Pk Pk Pk Jess Wright: "What is love?" ' Bedell: "Love is when two people use the same piece of gumf' Otte: " I don't agree-but a few more trips like the last one and we're going to have to chew the same piece of gum!" :If FI! ,If SALES-SERVIC E-ADVERTISING Lawrence Andermann, that boy from Hinsdale, has let us down a bit in our hope for his future. Walt Reinhard laid down a certain rule in Septem- ber and Lawrence has forgotten all about it and now all he thinks about is "handkerchief equip- ment." But there is one chance for his success, that is, that tobacco juice and hanks don't mix! - Pk PF PF If Ed Blois had a little coaching, the boys feel sure that Gene Arnold could use him as an under- study for the NBC Minstrel Show. wk wk -If "Peanut" Mace and "Butterball" or "Curly" Watts might have been late in getting to Chicago during the last blizzard, but they sure did have a head start on us when they caught up with the tour at the "Daily News." PI: wk FF Mrs. Roskoph's little fellow, Robert, has develop- ed a perpetual lump on the one side of his face. We have just been wondering if-the lump is still there when he's- out "making it last"I wk Pk Pk ACCOUNTING AND OFFICE ADMINISTRATION It has happened again. Competition has reared its ugly head before Bob Roskoph, "Just" Wright, and Jack Otte for the love of that tender little bit of heaven living next door. ak PIC Pk Ed. Blois is complaining again. This time over the fact that his new landlord won't allow him to rig up his morning sign for the benefit of "Little Giant" Morton. FII Pk Pk Thar genial Gentleman of the South, Johnny Kean, begins filling up the well known "Magoon Bag of Beans" upon graduation. I5- zf f r ,Y "'" K k mxghaufgnngv' M f-v,!,.,,,-,MN C 'fikqfk 3 M335 W, fi- " s -u ' ar- .. 5"-"r"f1" Q'7 " """" 'TTT ' . -.,.e,.,, rg ., ,f?,',.-' 'W'--f z.,M-M.-...,3..v lv., ., .X . . ,,,,..N g+ ,J V A -ff' 1 5, 2,45 .- w- "'-,w'2t,- ' ,ag-"1.i,,,i . ' ' "' .,V.,.+p ia., I .r 9. V S- , -nw. 'F ., 'fam-,."""' -' .. 1- Y -N T - - ' " . . , , V -mf 43 , 1 1 if ' Q' " - , ulxf fw4f' ,Ln L,,Qa3a-.,' "AA A--'-' ' ' ""'? Pi' . . 1'f"'v . " -"P, . on . ' "':,-L". ."i51.e""r? 'Plylp' ' J ,wa 'L'.1Z.i,,.,,ar,..,t.... ,---- A1 -LM LL' I ...-1...Lz.,: . ...--,...-.,-..gZ A-,4-un .... uf- A- -df ---4' Y' , 2 1 Sfudelzfs, filer flzazz graduates, Gfffelzduzq 37- 3 0LU'565 POWER PLANT COURSE STUDENT SPONSOR PLANT A ADDRESS Arthur Louis Beringer Hilles M. Bedell Arthur Louis Beringer Gordon Campbell John Henry Elberling Leonard B. Fritsche William S. George J. Ralph Hill Roy P. Isham William Wendell Keese Conrad A. Miller Coleman Sayer Robert F. Schadt Erdix Swift, Jr. John M. Truby, Jr. Hilles M. Bedell Orron Russell Benson Arthur Louis Beringer Edward James Blois Charles Harold Chandler William S. George Ray Goldstein Ward H. Griffiin Roy P. Isham William Wendell Keese John J. Ketterer P. F. Larrabee John E. McKenney Coleman Sayer Joseph Seifer David C. Singer Erdix Swift, Jr. Frank Tarquinio William B. Tench Douglas Alexander Wright John Barlow, Jr. Edward James Blois W. Frank Campbell George Conrardy Ray Goldstein Herb A. Huffman William Wendell Keese Herbert L. Knill Carl Ledford Joseph Seifer William G. Young Frank Huebsch United States Laundry PLANT PRODUCTION COURSE F. M. Bedell Frank Huebsch W. J. Henning John N. Elberling Burr Watson C. O. Gustafson Ralph Holland Marion E. Tolwer William J. Keese Ed F. Lohmann William H. Sayer Frank L. Schadt A. J. Marshall William G. Lambert Home Laundry Company United States Laundry Toronto Launderers and Cleaners Peerless Oakland Laundry Goodheart Laundry, Inc. Red Wing Ldy. and D. Cleaning, Inc. New Method Laundry Troy-Parisian Company Baxter Laundry-Keese Division Home Laundry Sayer Brothers Company Progressive Laundry Marshall and Swift Troy Laundry San F.rancisco, California Pasadena, California San Francisco, California Toronto, Ontario, Canada Oakland, California Denver, Colorado Red Wing, Minnesota Laramie, Wyoming Pocatello, Idaho Chicago, Illinois Port Arthur, Texas Wilmington, Delaware Syracuse, New York Mason City, Iowa Cleveland, Ohio TEXTILES AND WASHROOM PRACTICE COURSE F. M. Bedell L. M. Bowen Frank Huebsch J. B. Blois Percy G. Allen C. O. Gustafson Anon Sarisky W. A. Iredale Marion E. Tolwer William J. Keese George Ketterer, Jr. S. C. Welsh John B. McKenney William H. Sayer Peter Seifer Ben Singer A. J. Marshall Roy R. Powers Messrs. A. H. Crosby and A. E. Steib James Alexander Wright Home Laundry Company Hinsdale Sanitarium Laundry United States Laundry Stanford Laund-ry Company Troy Laundry Company Red Wing Ldy. and D. Cleaning, Inc. Garden City Wet Wash Laundry Co. Parisian Sanitary Ldy. and D. Clnrs. Troy-Parisian Company Baxter Laundry-Keese Division Butler Steam Laundry Co. Denver Towel Supply Co. Danbury Troy Laundry Co. Sayer Brothers Company Garden City Wet Wash Laundry Co. Grand Rapids Coat and Apron Service Marshall and Swift Powers East Hartford Laundry New England Laundry City Laundry of Hamilton, Ltd. SALES AND ADVERTISING COURSE John Barlow J. B. Blois O. W. McLeod Mrs. Theodore Conrardy Anon Sarisky Al S. Davis William J. Keese Norman E. Voight Earl A. Gross Peter Seifer Al S. Davis Barlow Brothers Laundry Stanford Laundry Company Lubbock Laundry Excelsior Laundry and Dry Cleaners Garden City Wet Wash Laundry Co. Balboa Laundry Baxter Laundry-Keese Division Happy Day Laundry Somerset Laundry Garden City Wet Wash Laundry Co. Balboa Laundry Pasadena, California Hinsdale, Illinois San Francisco, California Palo Alto, California Portland, Oregon Red Wing, Minnesota Chicago, Illinois Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Pocatello, Idaho Chicago, Illinois Butler, Pennsylvania Denver, Colorado Danbury, Connecticut Wilmington, Delaware Chicago, Illinois Grand Rapids, Michigan Mason City, Iowa East Hartford, Connecticut Hartford, Connecticut Hamilton, Ontario, Canada St. Joseph, Michigan Palo Alto, California Lubbock, Texas Sheboygan, Wisconsin Chicago, Illinois San Diego, California Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois Somerset, Kentucky Chicago, Illinois San Diego, California ACCOUNTING AND OFFICE ADMINISTRATION COURSE John Barlow, Jr. Edward James Blois John S. Kean, Jr. William Wendell Keese Herbert L. Knill George J. Leary Robert Henry Stoer John Barlow J. B. Blois J. S. Kean William J. Keese Norman E. Voight Ed. Maurer Harry W. Stoer Barlow Brothers Laundry Stanford Laundry Company Kean's, Inc. Baxter Laundry-Keese Division Happy Day Laundry Mother's Friend Laundry ' Troy Laundry Company - I6- St. Joseph, Michigan Palo Alto, California Baton Rouge, Louisiana Chicago, Illinois f Chicago, Illinois St. Paul, Minnesota Cleveland, Ohio Clue Qzff In memory l of the Class of 1938, a World globe is placed in the library

Suggestions in the American Institute of Laundering - Annual Yearbook (Joliet, IL) collection:

American Institute of Laundering - Annual Yearbook (Joliet, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


American Institute of Laundering - Annual Yearbook (Joliet, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


American Institute of Laundering - Annual Yearbook (Joliet, IL) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


American Institute of Laundering - Annual Yearbook (Joliet, IL) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


American Institute of Laundering - Annual Yearbook (Joliet, IL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 7

1938, pg 7

American Institute of Laundering - Annual Yearbook (Joliet, IL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 16

1938, pg 16

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