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gh? . ,vm H ' ,V-mf? 1 W 0! Y fx Q 4 ,lf firm, "1 , V ' nv ' 5 ' K 9 f fi , 1 N' 1 ' .A 4, f ., Je - A ' F., allay A,,.,,,,, , ' Y . im A , w"'NMr4vs,.,,, 1' y 5. 'Win- UN SGLO CAMINO... MEXICO 1 n , , J ' -.sf "N f -A L Q QQQM, X , .-L ' , ' . gal?" ' 'O .am 2 'f 1 i Y . In ,A , 1 'Q 1 ' l X ,: I r ' ' Q I lf 1 1 Q -H I fn' 1 A 9 Q ' 1 F I " ' ? 1 V. " f T f -i - z , , w-.iAn 1 FA f ' 1 , , 3 I 'ullll""1.J Q F - L. 1 o X I A K ua, v-'54 5 j f 'tu QW' ' -' l ' l , ' 1 . X , ' I i e-- ' V 3 1 i 1 1 - A 5 ' . ., 1 fo W 1 ! i 4 f E E 1 -M-----M-v-HMM, lN,mA4A-W... , mm ,M -,,A HM,-,,,,,, . . 'Q E X if X '4- ANAHUAC EDITOR EDITUR KAREN DOEHNER CHER1 GQUIST C0 " EDI TCR SUSAN MCGEE BUSINESS MANAGER EDDIE CHAMBLESS WALK WHILE YE HAVE TI-IE LIGI-ITg LEST DARKNESS FALL UPON THEE TABLE GF CCNTENT FACULTY 10 SENIQRS JUNIQRS SOPI-IOMQRES PAGE 164 FRESI-IMEN 194 I-IONGRS ORGANIZATIQNS 232 ATHLETICS STUDENT LIFE 314 ADVERTISEMENTS PAGE 364 DEDICATIO Life, for eternal us, is now. And now is much too busy being everything to seem anything 1 ,s S .x .3 SHARON GARCIA 1 5 . X .V uf' 'N Q 3 . 'A 'nm 4 A Q M' 4. v I 8. , X a.w ' D ill K'9:Li 'N,Q,4 e , 'Q FN. ..'e, ,, A ,F gf. Ph .r 11 .3 ,gg A 22" ' 1 I N 4 V - e N . QS., ,L t' . . 'ht' ,. I, , . , N 'U 'Q g' 4? QF' I Q. ' . . al ' ' , A xl. Wh. 'Lk , 5 I i ' 'my K V' ,ff . Q-1, - ' ' ,N 5, 1 "Q A ' s -1 J Aw .A JV E Ei 4 Hilfwix " ws ff- :PAM 'gui' in uv 'I '. wsu in L fb? Pea fs L.: , wi W fe, fa EN: ' Q , f' 4.145 r"1p'yf. ., Q., , Q55 A ' - xr ,, .. , rm MW?" I, 2Pu7j' " wg ' ' w4,.4M,,,2g.,,:.Q.,4, ,::L17i ff " v 'vv,1'g 'J' ' "" ' pf lv ' -QX XX I 1' ' ' ul! Xu , jr nf ' X, Xv , 0 Q 'W' 4 J' 8 up 4 4 Xl ', ', 1145. vp 1 - eh I .fi Jw Xa. I A n M H 'nr f . ,Xa v ., .'r1'f hai N if-3 I sf. 'F Xl wwf' JJ X X " . fm P 4 ff! EW- 'iw Q 1 Xp' L L T W FN 4 M ' XJ 4' 5 , L, ' ' X, 'lm '- MX Q l X X X M . X "J mmm ' t Mx' K X iw W IWW W 1 Fw! V , "m"" Xu' H+' w . ' X '- F31 Fii - W- vw Rm X "" Huw- 11" HQ ' LEQW 5 'Q ' W-' 1 my "' I M, ' ' X , via, wqnniwqnuuhlium ' .L MM ,MW M X, X, 1 ,,,, My ln XX A ,,:qX5.XWg-X71 Y1,,XX Xl1XL.X, u ,XX 'WVU 'M .v1XXed?wffX-XX ' I 1- ff W J "ill " " " Y, 'QQ 'Q 37 T, Y., X- LX ' 3 ' XXQXXEMFF X 'H WW aw -wwdai W ,N""1v1XX,N1 EM-. XXJWIENW thy' E W 'WN 'XXX' W ummm M FXWFW M Mm , vxxx My mt N QM 21 HX ' H X J: wx' ' W! ' ' XL, Xq- W Q V 1 N "U Mu '-y 3'X ,V Y X' ,M 'l ' 4 X,, ' my Hllwlm 7,1 JA' 4 I I I an X' nr I - n:vX""0 .X 'WFXWX WX V . 'Wi uw' Q xx V W' , X H1-WMKW :EX A wmv X NX Num XXNXM Y Y Lf "E X ':X V , qw, XX.m4mMu4ww.x:1X.X1xu1 XXHX MX Wm, ACULTY A path taken... Use marked by the slivered cobblestone crushed by the distant claps of horseshoes. .. a soft echo beyond the entangled arms of purple bougainviilaea which gently pours itself over a wall of cracked brick... cold brick cut sharply by the shadows spared from the soothing sunlight A path taken... but to be retaken again I . l ' vu' C S Q '04, VH. gk , . F' ,J -Wu 4, ,"1:v:-'xy lag, .,, ,..,,,wv Q QU wus , MF? ,A 351. ,J1?-'Wx rv- . -W ,Q ,sz , -N "' " ' 1.. ,UMM M ,M QA.. " b L Y. und' 1- M .:5.f.si1e.wL,"lp?,i H I ' ' , wfai?-'f ' ' - - wird . 'F F3 4fxl"l' . nun- '-aQ.i,.,,W. -, 'M -A ' ' " 1 Q .,......... - ... g .,...,' ,,,,- v--.-- V , - an . 1 It l -,p Qirr and . w ,Ly 1 154, 5' ill, " sfagswqin Ifxfg I . ,Agn fn'-. 'wi Q,-1 mix' Y we-1 I 9 Q- V x,-' ' P " ,WA ,r 6' I I- AV' I 'iq fy 0" v ' ' q' f."f--V I -Q fY.',A A vi.. .A . in' YWQQ A 1: , V ,K ' ,' et' X. 'D Q A ,I xx " !"s5.QQf . '. h H folk., iii N ?A'Q,'1+ H' 'x " lx, V- A-5 f,'l qd w 1 xi . ' " . I , ,lg x 1 A 'Xv"e'f Wal K nv, rn A 4 .fx f U W , V V ll I-I , v E- V .x. I H X.. al ' . J " ,. Y ' I ' tilt? ..l'i U In , ' W , K !.n VFAV, , .5 V ' .,iV?1:-1 fr' 15 ff Inf' A ' , , I ' 1' if ' I 113 'xr 8 'A ' I 8 D. t s 3 Jlx! ,ff-.Sv ,, ,AQQIA V , v -B, 55" Q ,ps ' ,. y'., A ' 1A',4.,x, 'A ' , I 2. .,, Q ' -I - iff . lin, 1,1 ,' I., , nfl" l, J V' um. '. . ' r 4 .V Q 1 1 'ff . 5+ f 'ff' J " I J " ff Q . - 1 ' ' l . N ' 1, 1 1. 4' 'N Ax ts' I 1. ww, ,L l 1 A "7 , I , , ,. I vb .f I f'. . ,.. f- ' - .J , A 4- A - I 'ff ti 5495! WJ' v 2 ,: 'll s , . x""'- ' ". , fu 8,15 JL . I o ! I 'tb 1 M -,'-.n.,,- xx, ' ff M., .. "K "'W'7'L'l ff" .. ,, ii.. v . , A 'B' --L ,., 9 Q., 5 f uPERl TE DR. CHARLES J. PATTERSON Maturity they say is the willingness to be ignored and to work hard and continue to work hard without recognition and flattery and kind words This he has given us- the example of a man who has stood before a sneering world bravely and molded from nothing something big and great and given us much that we could never replace One cannot truly judge a man by his acts but by his devotion and efforts put into trying even when achievement is impossible It is that man who stands in the darkness away from the glow and glitter of admiration and attention to whom we owe most- if not all And he is one who although unappreciated in his acts deserves more than a simple poem KF' BCARD or Dmlzcroks SECOND ROW:Tom Polk, Dr. C.J. Patterson, Alvin Jackson, Albert Harkness, Thomas Wolf, John Plunket, George Munro, Fred Charlot. FIRST ROW: George Blake, Elizabeth Brach, Mary Hotz, Lorena Chambless, Dee Johnson, Robert Johnson, Jerome Warren. The Board of Directors of the American School Foundation states as its basic purpose the welfare of the Senior, Junior and Elementary academic insti tutions of the Foundation. lt directs the financial organization of the school. and establishes the basic policies to which the administrative, faculty, and student bodies are subjected. The Board was composed in 1894, following the formation of the American School Foundation, only six years earlier. P ...alt MAX TUDOR One often wonders how one man can be so much of everything and still feel satisfied with devoting himself to the constantly frustrating often ungratifying i and always difficult task of showing young people the right way to meet a hard world which he challenged and defeated How many persons will ever have that satisfaction which comes with being able to boast "I knew a big man- so big that he could be a shrewd thinker an understanding friend a considerate diplomat a devoted educator and still be simple and warm" We can And we are not wrong to say l that a greater man cannot be found I . r twin... UFFICE STAFF N. , 5 if T f Xwx 3 REGISTRAR LOTS TESSADA w. III Q I ' gi? IQW, ,HHH ' ,lywi xy K If -,,..o' SECRETARY CARGL PARSONS 2 , I :ii i A :ee wg . in .P I2 N , 3. I. " fi - x Tiffazw 4 , LQ' ' - - - 'P' I gum ' f .4 ' "Tie" TI' fig. EDITH CAMPBELL PERMANENT SUBSTITUTE 15 cou ELLQR .. I '-""""" E HELEN RGDRIGUEZ R. N. THLETIC DIRECT OR X t. -5, I . , L,,V 4 CLARK KIRKPATRICK As Director of the Athletic Department, Mr. Clark Kirkpatrick is respon- sible for all intramural sports activities and for the direction of the Junior and Senior High School physical education classes. He sees that all American High School athletic encounters receive proper coverage and publicity on radio and television, as well as in the press. He is to assure that all faci- lities within his department are carefully maintained. URRICULUM CG-CRDI Wx 1 s ny S x t ATCR I 1533 SECRETARY 'ics Wai 'b-0 PILAR AGUILLON bf, x 1 R 1 ,E ,i . li!-2215-, RCSALIND BEIMLER She is kind but she is strong with a will to strengthen others A rare figure she makes with the intelligence the sternness the knowledge and experience to achieve what others may not have been able to or simply may not have dared because they had not her love of challenge or courage a rare defeat of course- but still something she can face as she k-nows she can face life and be strong for defeat CONSU LTANT BERNICE GUTTERMAN CURRICULUM CO-ORDINATOR: Responsible ,for the development of instructional programs and materials and the professional development of Faculty. Co-ordinates in-service training programs. Educational Media Center, library service, student teaching programs and all school publications. Works with department principals in supervising instructional programs. PUBLI RELATIO l Mr. Harry Cooke, formerly the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Kentucky, is currently the Director of Public Relations and Fund Raising for the Association of American Schools of Mexico. Although his work takes him to all seven American ins- titutions within the Republic, as well as many others in Latin America, his main office is located in the American School of Mexico City. HARRY CGGKE ADULT EDUCATIC The Adult Education program of the American School Foundation has three basic objectives, all of which are aimed to serve the Mexican and American communities. First, the program offers classes after regular school hours for the secondary school student who needs special tutoring or attention in a par- ticular subject in order to retain a satisfactory academic level. Secondly, it offers services to the American community such as Spanish courses to those who study Spanish as a second language, and varied and interesting practical arts courses such as sewing, decoration, speed reading, and psychology. Thirdly, it holds English courses in local com- panies in order that these organizations may properly equip their own employees to serve the needs and demands of big business. JORGE ARIAS UDIOVISU L 1 ISABEL FRIEDBERG fi?-Pjlefsm iii., YVONNE ELIZABETH PALACIOS JOHNSON CE TRAL GFFICE STAFF """' A uv-. .4-...hw - r x.,, ww.. ' ...wk .,,. an .U-'lst Al SG. M LL. f . v I . SECOND ROW: Ana M. Gonzalez E., Mercedes Gomez M., Graciela Pacheco, Rosa Martinez. FIRST ROW: Guadalupe Torroella, Aracelia Armas, Lourdes Sanchez, Maria T. F. de Garcia. fiat. . , -W . 'X O31 I . ' f , L- ' . v-"" ' h . GABRIELA RUIZ 'A 7 3 5, X " C.P.T. Accountant A ' 4 ANNETTE oAwsoN BEVERLY PENA Transportation Secretary to Director Superintendent ELSA VILLAR Secretary to Cashier I Superintendent REINA FEDER 21 PUBLICATIO r -, Itani- PRINTER STAFF Alfredo Anguiano, Felipe Ramirez. lsmael Hernandez GUTIERREZ Jll ll is Fl? Upon termination of 1967, the Printing Department of the American School Foundation was expanded and presently occupies more than half of the upper floor of the new Administration building. This department prints and publishes most of the books used by the elementary school. as the classes require bilingual publications unavailable on the Mexican market. Official forms and publications, such as report cards, department forms, and school newspapers, are distributed from this point. At the moment, the printing facilities include two Offset machines, an ITEK camera by Kodak, a Headliner, a page-folder, and a dark room for deve- loping photographs. Most of this machinery was obtained with the new builda ing facilities. 22 I- ACK BAR 'I 'v.,' nv . qs '. h.V.l .Ei I 74' 'J' UrL,A- A is ' if . 4 'Aki' ' JY I' ' 3 Q' q ' :'- I , N Q Q s i ' .. fzx -. , .fag I -,L . 4' V 5 .llvwix 'V ' ' D, ,f All . i '. .., ' , ' an - 5' g.. H -I .. - ' VI I ' .- 4 we-. A 5 iv I -- " .... ' s Q ug: -, V , ml '.T"2,'--- 1 N--' ,L ' ,tg .. . ,.-., .-. , "" s- .. -f ' .xl "1- Maria Luisa Hernandez, Julia Hernandez Leal, Dolores Flores Gonzalez. MAI TE CE 2 ' .wif L49-1. W 1 ' was I H ,. F- ki' ' ' ik THIRD ROW: Arnulfo Bocanegra, Felipe Luis Nunez, Roberto Hernandez, Gordiano Correa, Estevan Enciso, Lazaro Coles, Antonio Herrera, Head of Maintenance Rafael Garcia Suarez. SECOND ROW: Irene Moya, Ma. Helena Loera, Paz Loera, Francisca Lopez, Berta Arsola, Juan Correa, Secundino Vazquez, Cruz Pacheco. FIRST ROW: Roberto Rosales, Agustin Luna, Julian Tobar, Antonio Sanchez, Francisco Gonzalez, Salomon Olvera, Acencio Flores. TEACHER 0F THE YEAR It is energy-the central element of which is will- that produces the miracles of enthusiasm in all ages. Everywhere it is the main-spring of what is called force of character, and the sustaining power of all great actions. Samuel Smiles 7? I HERLINDA DIAZ This title is awarded to the teacher who best fulfills the standards of teaching as outlined by the American Junior and Senior High Schools. Mrs. Diaz' general class attitude, the accomplishments of her students, her interest in regular, as well as extracurricular affairs, and the excellent presentation of her classroom work determined her elegibility to win this award. BU I SS There is an interest in travelling in knowing people and enjoying them 56. There is a class where commercial arts and fun are mixed and shared There is classical music V and Frank Sinatra and piano and painting There is a hidden ambition MARILYN to be an actress GARCIAGODOY Ol' Writer ' Typing overcome by an innate appreciation Shorthand of people LQ Macalester C, who give her the. reason for teaching and giving to others One word describes her- kindness Always a warm smile and a friendly greeting -, , " S, 4 and one begins to wonder , just why education can possibly 4 be so dull sometimes with people like her ing. who seem to take pleasure "" ug, in being nice y 'X li" Q rather than dictating discipline it f l T She is one person ELSIE too improper in a room of noisy typewriters JEFFCOTT or in the midst of scrawling notehand- Typing a misfit among the inanimate Notehand Her place is with people Katherine guiding and helping Gibbs and she stands firmly within it U. of Arizona Like a student she knows the meaning of informality and light-heartedness Liberality is to be appreciated for it develops one and brings out her true self This she knows and therefore gives Her humor her kindness and demand for work and growth . JEANNE forms respect- MINGE that respect which students give her Radio Comm. in return for her efforts U. of North to make them Caroiina into the best U. of Alabama T0 mold them as she is Strange is that combination in a man which molds him into a leader and an intellectual a student and a teacher a humanist but above all the closest of all friends who befriends and defends and guides through joy or hardship Strange is it to behold such a man and yet he exists - far too conspicuous and great for a plain school not unlike many who know intellectual obscurity and little promise Strange that such a man should be among us as a teacher a profession far too inferior for his frankness and willingness He is a true man beyond conception K :PS 1 .4 1 ' ,4- K - 5 i its-.."'a'!' . ' I .- -f MARILYN COVO Creative Writing Eng. 11,111 U. of Florida A small figure which darts and dashes about in the large world open for conquest by her own quick mind She has accepted a mod world and as a mod girl vibrates an audacity and will stimulated by that idealism so typical of the young and yet so quickly killed by age ln an English class- one typically progressive like herself she gives and takes- gives that knowledge to students and takes from them the experience of molding the young Ll H PHILLIP BENNETT English 1 Stanford U. of Am A stimulus they call her because she opens the minds that otherwise would have remained taunt and dull And she finds pleasure in searching for the elements of interest in others to help and guide and push them onto the path of mutual respect and intellectual pursuit A lover of creativity and determination whose interests range from a punt of a football to a student's first poem but always the desire to let one glance at the world so that years later one can grasp it with truth and 'optimism if if ,ii if' -,-it l 4 6 'f if fl.: CAROL LOPEZ English 1 Ohio State U. M16 Ll H lnformality- within her about her entirely characteristic of her-- not lacking the boldness and strictness of a young woman fighting her way up in the world of young ones and their problems whom she must help and whose problems she must solve Grammar and literature- JUSUNE the puzzles and mazes of English MCG.l-OTH!-'N form her challenge Eflgllsh ll to teach and teach well- U- Of Colorado to reach those young ones often too young and too undisciplined of her material They call her - I an excellent teacher . Q ln her quiet ' L f and reserved way l 1' Yet she is understanding 4 i 4' and willing to teach W ' to comprehend the meaning and promise l ,pp---1 not only that of books 2 l but that of life T t WM' f Intelligent but not outspoken g g Lenient f E l I in 4 5 but commanding i i 1 " fi 'M of respect SHARON g ,V ,,,,,. ' N., She is intellectually EIEFFCE I V L A i hi h-s irited F19 is , 'Q '-'55 -if togallp U.N.A.M. jg., V- but she is still Michigan 5 T friendly State U. and understanding , and kind to all There is bridge and classical music both overcome by a love of teaching English literature and American writers who blend with her to give knowledge-thirsty students who come to her unformed and leave as adults Love for reading comes naturally to her- a writer A moment of embarrassment with a dres Three children and the satisfaction of watching herself mold the world is her life He wears the mask of a cynic The mask cannot hide his interest in the world in his students in his profession He sits in the classroom crosslegged on a table in the classroom where the miseries of Hamlet or the complexities of Joyce are discussed and debated i and absorbed by eager minds fascinated by the subtle humor the casual attitude of a genius not a cynic not a pretender G Ll GILBERT WEATHERBEE Eng II,lV U. of Alabama TEACHERS AT EASE f-.ffot - -ext?-sim.: fs Q.. lkus yr A ' K "?'Qli.Q 5 v .A E, -,.,,sQfpfg: y. . . gf xx X A Fl x""G . t - X xql '24 ' . K 5 N ug 11 SUZANNE I CABRERA T Sewing U. of Delaware , I A woman known for her closeness for her constant communication with students for her desire and need to be a friend Her knowledge is great but through music she brings out a sweet melancholy in herself and that which she represents Like her they say there are few and her interests and mind only prove herself- sweet melancholy- nothing more ELISEO IVIARTINEZ Speech Drama N. Texas State U. U. of Texas E ARTS They call her great for her incentive and drive and interest in students is almost inconceivable and dainty as she is conservative- yet a woman of strength and knowledge Silence is characteristic of her but it is silence only on outside appearances In depth she is hardy loud in that which makes a good teacher and in that which makes a good teacher remain so Nyf l l . , 4- 44. ' ' Y ' ooNNA ' FLOHEEN S Chorus ""'1 S.lVl.U. x 'XR -i Freedom and genius are only characteristic of him- one who shares his outspokenness and lack of inhibitions with students to give them that sound basis on which to develop themselves and more important yet on which to develop themselves The speech teacher with the flair of creativity the drama professor who successfully draws from others the sensitivity of the artist Temperament is the key to his self and with that same key he has opened lives for others LA GUAGE An individual unlike others in her appreciation of the old and the new Strangely collected and cool but not unwarm to a group of eager students waiting to share with her a marvelous and mystical experience called learning A critic of the masters of that art which has become part of her and yet a conformist who with open mind lives and shares with many around her One always looks upon her class as that place where mental grasping of that infinitely more challenging and difficult than books and words is found and absorbed- maybe unfortunately by only a few who like her have learned the secret of life and learning lk! rv SILVIA CORREU Spanish 111A Inst. Pol. Nac. he 'i' lnst.Anglo Mex de Cult. U.N.A.M. Those who have left years before still recall the quiet teacher the conservative teacher the gracious woman who speaks with a soft French accent Not only is she a practical woman but a learned one a sentimental one who divides herself between appreciating her students and feeding her interests in literature which might be typical of a prospective lawyer and diplomat But she is neither which is fortunate for those who feed their memories on the quiet and gracious teacher ILEANA ADAM Spanish 1A, 11A 'G U. of Am. La Sorbonne Dominican College S Classes characterized by strictness but likewise development of thought People their story and their arts and the condensation of life through history- Simplicity Depth Challenge A preparation for that more difficult to come An offering of the wisdom of knowledge and the philosophy of living to those who may have forgotten her as that teacher who years ago first opened a whole new range in learning- of appreciation of men's creations She is an indestructable element of greatness GERMAINE DAUCHAT German 11 Nancy, France I ll , u If E,w'E" LA GUAQE I' Y 'Q-n V.: fl ELIZABETH JOHNSON Latin ll U. of Washington Individuality A man who thinks for himself whose range of experience is wide and whose mind is quick A journalist whose travels have taken him to the depth of action and the human mind French and German languages and literatures sociology and folkloric music for the man who enjoys simplicity as that of a farmer's life He is a man whose quiet nature has still taken him close to his fellows HELEN RINCON Spanish lB3, t 0 Hunter "-fit' College .45 1' 1 ,g:g",."' f warg. ff3J'HVNPA .t N , . Pwrfx 4 F: ii.. -Jrfx. Seattle Pacific C. Kindness she is a woman who has given much to others and who may not have gotten in return that which she deserves Speech and drama and constant intellectual pursuit and her makings and her practicality and need to help and give are admirable and rare in others She has contributed far beyond the recognition of students and her peers and what she has offered has made many and given to more ERIC French l,ll,lV La Sorbonne A firm element untattered and untorn throughout the years of devoting herself to teaching that field of her personal fascination of challenge within her- of literature and language of a Latin people Years of living within the cultures of her teaching have developed that urge within her to build herself as she builds others Few can say that they have had that opportunity to help so many and work so successfully But she has and she is unique W? LA QUAQE Spanish literature and intricate civics and law a liking for movies S ' . ww ' and sewing A and bossa nova L' 0 N and she hates spending weekends gf .A deciphering handwriting ' but she's a teacher 'am and for her F no other profession could be 4 2, so challenging RENATE and enlightening SEVILLA Mexico and the US Mex. Hist. Il have opened her Spanish II to the wonders of sharing knowledge Civismo with those who lack it San Die 0 9 State College U.N.A.M. A strange combination of drama and Spanish in a classroom with a teacher who hates cheating and dull minds but loves the piano and Mexican history An actress with a captive audience in a classroom A woman with wide interests and a need to help- Medcap and Snack Bar A and counselling CAROLYN And there's her thesis -3 VALERO waiting to be completed Mex. Hist. I with the expression of her ideas Spanish ive and feelings- H pomona Cl those ideas and feelings of U.N.A.M. one who knows and must share Young at heart yet old in wisdom i Creative ., and understanding 'X 'ff She is different V within that which still makes one X X -3 kind like others- KV 'f in this respect she conforms But she is a friend ' t as a counsellor 'ii Q' as teacher ESPERANZA she is unique WILSON and what she offers to students Spanish HB. in an informal 'Bl' 'B2. learning-oriented class '53 is like few others Ohio U- M TH RICHARD BAFIKOW Math I Art U. of Arizona A conservative mind which shares its logic and ideas with others A teacher who has accepted the challenge of the profession of communicating with those so much unlike her A woman who loves lobster and Acapulco An intellectual who expands her mind through the pleasure of reading and the philosophy of numbers A philanthropist whose interest is to help young people help themselves J.C. FARLEY Mechanical Drawing Math II Manhatten C. Loyola U. Perhaps it is a father image students will say that makes him enjoy teaching and give the most he can A contact so warm and human from him that he reaches on to the mind where others have not been able to touch Liberal and friendly they call him but always a note of discipline and a command for respect which makes him more a father than a teacher. JANET DABOUB Math 1 Miami U. U. of Americas U. of Michigan Teaching around the world and spreading the beauty of his paintings is his essence A love for classical music and gardening A man who would have been a politician or lawyer had the challenge of teaching not appealed Interest reigns in his class- an interest in man and numbers and a lecture in the abstract to open minds and stimulate thought in his students MATH A teacher who ponders on the staunch logic of numbers A counsellor who offers his comfort and help to a student An adult in a world of children who has achieved what few can- respect and devotion from others who unlike him lack in knowledge and experience A counsellor and a teacher a disciplinarian and advisor And a friend- a very special friend because only special people can be a little of everything and be great at the same time REED HARRIS Ma Ill IV U. of British Columbia Calif. State U.C.L.A. One so quiet and so unseen is hardly appreciated for what strength and ability she may have Genius is so rare and unexpected particularly in a woman that it is strange that such a strong mind should be found in her- so simple and yet so brave to stand before a mocking world and prove herself as big as those who must pretend to be what she is I I .ff NS, . 4.1 2 y t , it W in .. LEO FRANZ Calculus U. of Kansas U. of Americas U. of Kansas City U. of Michigan Alone in his individuality different from others but in that way to deserve admiration and respect Of genius he is absorbed in an intricate path of mathematics and with his youth and understanding and willingness above all he has created that impression in others so favorable that nothing could destroy it- as nothing could destroy his kindness and devotion to those who few care for. bf, FIORELLA LEVI Math I u.N.A.ivi. g Carnegie Tec. - I - , ' ,M I , ,:., . A' ,x .fx f .-Q, A .. 'fi , ' "4 PHYSICA Q HORACIO CONTRERAS Phys. Ed. Esc. Nac. de Ed. Fisica Esc. Mex. de Entrs. de Futbol Comp. Nac. de Med. Dep. The football coach who's hard who hurts who toughens who instills respect in inexperienced young men to prepare them for a harsh world A student of health and Spanish and history whose interests range from sports and coaching to painting and woodwork A man who somewhere inside holds a flair for politics which comes out in the football coach who regards altruism in sports as secondary , ui i to the importance of his team's welfare X F' MARIA DE LA LUZ LARA Phys. Ed. Esc. Nac. de Ed. Fisica They call him the nice guy the patient and understanding teacher who shares the thrills and disappointments of the games with the boys He's the nice guy who is one of his students and yet not so The nice guy who can always share a joke and still teach the ethics of good humor and sharing and giving like all nice guys in the world and yet- there are so few if 4 LEANDRO DIAZ Phys. Ed. S. E. Missouri State C. Not only does she excel in sportsmanship but she is a good sport as one who tried to make people try and who works to make people work she is fun-loving and she is kind as more of a friend than a teacher But from her figure there radiates enthusiasm and constant energy to make a mold She is not cold as it often appears but too involved in helping others Youth EDUCATIO Vitality and experience in a PE class where a strange expression art and people and sports characterizes her A regard for AHS students as creative and responsive An Arts Festival modern jazz seafood reading and traveling are all part of a woman whose interests range from correspondent to teach , sggrg x el' "Life is too short to take seriously" but life is her art and people her material l Her whole form seems to generate energy and a strange forcefulness 'il Phys. Ed. Eastern Kentucky U. contrasting with a touch of femininity She once did what her students do now and as an alumnus she can understand just a little bi-t more Her like for the roughness of horseback riding and teachin PE 9 seems unreal with a taste for soft music She is a contradictory figure of strength surrounded by an aura of quiet feminine understanding A ' f 'K X SHEILA LYNCH Phys. Ed. Webster C. for Women. if r and effort make him so different from the rest A great friend with comprehension 1' and hardiness to share with others He has brought new ideas and like him or his memory they will remain A hard worker and a man of understanding In a team he sees himself- drive challenge and devotion for he is strong f 'K 4. 14' AJ 1 1 ,A f , CYNTHIA PARSONS Phys. Ed. Trinity U. X "Y X 3 5 A if S ,- r w-sg a ' 5 5' , E 'jjfl ft. .1 4 . -", 1515 Mji .X 5551- an SCIE S. ' .N 1 'F' s S-.-sumti.- is S :QA 1 I 75 xh"1'1' Q 1 LAZARO BLANCO' Gen. Science 18 it 'V ' PhYSiCal Science A te, K at Politecnico M A p, .12. F" U.N.A.M. ., -1 'L .NV . . " N ,mmm 'W She is as energetic as she is learned and beneath the facade of austerity and strictness is a person who is understanding and kind and willing to help Eyes - which convey emotions of one woman so emotional so attached to the problems and the people about her And she is a teacher of friendship and kindness K ' ri' f in l N Wy , BERNICE g ' ' ,W GUTTERMAN Chem, Sem. M ...,. - it' C.B.A' ' Probabality HunterbC. WV. ..-:fs-1 COIUITT ia :nw U. of Toledo 38 C A vacuum a vector a volt- a world of cubes and planes and atoms A real world in mathematical terms displayed by one who in the magnitude of what he teaches seems small and quiet but who in terms of understanding and genius stands above a cold and calculating science A quiet one who observes with the eye of reason who photographs the phenomena of life- and teaches the phenomena of life and still lives within it quiet and small like the effulgent star lost in the vast universe 1 l Qi 1 i 'A if .ffm . YVONNE Q? FLORES Chemistry 1 Biology 1 Gen. Science 2" Arizona S. , U. of Arizona ' ' U.C.L.A. as Annu 'Hifi A Sometimes when one looks down the dark dreary halls one catches a glimpse of the short forceful figure walking swiftly concentrating intensely as if that walk were as involving as the mathematics and sciences she teaches Some theorize that genius alienates those who possess it from those who do not But theories are often wrong and she proves that with a fresh humor a strong sense of justice and a love for challenge SCIE The outspoken young man The individual who stands above others in his might of free thought of independence and pride Admired Looked upon with solemnity Yet never superior to be a friend The streak of ambivalence that runs deep in the adult and the child the guiding teacher the helping friend- DAVID KAST One who thinks for himself Phnofophy who respects and is respected Physms . The outspoken young man phys. Smence by g 'Im' sharp with idealism Math ' "A" fair in thought -clean in mind and person Berkeley prepared to change the world 'T I An intent mind ,gg Q which enjoys 4 ss-r -LLQ "' crosswords and old jazz Complete absorption of biology "" the source of life Life is what he has dealt with for years of teaching young people the secrets of the world the marvels of nature and the meaning of maturity In his class one which disciplines and trains there is humor mingled with scientific preciseness an Howard U. and thought ALVARO RODRIGUEZ Biology I,ll Esc. Nor. Sup. 3 - U. of Illinois 791 1 Gentle and reserved but not unlearned g and strong , within his knowledge He is friendly he is kind he is patient but often too superior in his wisdom to be appreciated for the greatness Wil-Z he holds Chemistry I himself Math Il Yet he is 8 friend Illinois Inst. and understanding of all of Tec, and to all 'h..z OCIAL BARBARA CHERNEY U.S. Hist. Government Florida State U. "Herman!" "YES, MOM?" "How was school?" "OK... I GUESS." "Get any new teachers?" "YEAH!" "Well, take the gum out of your mouth, boy, and tell me!" "I GOT ONE IN HISTORY, MOM." "Really? Who is she?" "HE, MOM. CAN'T PRONOUNCE HIS HAME BUT HE'S OK. HE LIKES TO DESCRIBE GEORGE WASHlNGTON'S FALSE TEETH. AND HE WENT TO HARVARD. HE'S PRETTY FUNNY, THOUGH, WHEN HE TALKS ABOUT HIS BROKEN- DOWN CAR. AND WHEN HE GETS FRUSTRATED HE YELLS 'AARGHI' " "What else does he do, son?" "WELL, HE SAYS IF HE WASN'T A TEACHER HE'D BE A KING." "Herman!" AYES, MOM?" "Drop history." A teacher not unlike her peers who dislikes low salaries and inefficiency in her students Mexico is her life with its music its people its arts Her classes offer that fact and theory of US government and history and European culture but more so a study into people like her who with broad-mindedness and intelligence and acceptance of things different have molded something new and exciting I ,J It " ' 'iv K, I RICHARD FROHMADER World Hist. l,lI U.S. Hist. English Ill Harvard ,t. f 'H E , Like a sudden gust of wind T Q-4 vt, she goes and comes to watch people, help people, teach people , ' '- A hate for mediocrity ,,- a love for acchievement and courage ,qv an open min - with a taste for fishing and readin 9 Rf' and for seeing that one is always Ez' "no less than one can be" 'I There is history and English EVHAHBON G"li'IRC'A ESF tecgcmigsyoung people ' 'Story a respect for life lournalism 5. M. U. 40 A leader -a great one to whom Cokes and large bites of hamburgers and a compulsion for nothing but work give nourishment They describe her as the one person no one can forget and who sharply remains in one's memory as black contrasts white She is doubtlessly different humor and cynicism and sensitivity and conscientiousness have been woven and interwoven like the red yarns of her woolen poncho with which so many identify her Individuals are rare like skeptics and bright minds but she has used her rare qualities not to alienate herself from others but to give friendship and thoughts to those about her- to brighten a tarnished world which need not be so . U. . ly SZ-xi LOUISE HONEY World Hist. 1 Michigan State U. Mississippi State C. A casual attitude a liberal'mind a youth more than an adult a counsellor a friend Psychology and philosophy taught objectively yet with 'that touch of personal closeness she shares with all A teacher with wit and humor and temperament and devotion who loves the theatre who yearned once to be a lawyer yet who has found her place in the hearts of her students W WE? EY. Q 'Q rl ,y nik., 5 -.- K K 3 Y-,f1'. h fi if tgiwthifff-' GONZALEZ at 'f 1 ' ' C.W.P. Economics Sociology ' V Washington U. Where seriousness and respect prevail there is still a soft air of friendliness and guidance Where a classroom of high school students search for truth in the cold logic of ancient Home or in the gracefulness of a Grecian urn there is an undercurrent of creativity and intellectuality In young people there is little ability to appreciate what she offers- courage and devotion and responsibility But for those. who knew it in the past and who look back now a whole world was opened a whole challenge was met and a whole person began to live ' 1 l 65 5 SF LJ xy--' NATALIE OROZCO Psychology English 111 U.S. Hist. N.Y. U. 41 I am not a teacherg only a fellow' traveler of whom you asked the way I pointed ahead-ahead of myself as well as of you. Shaw. MEMGRY GF Q. f I' ., .+. w " 'af 1 '- 114-'ix' -.f X 'cv-ll---M 4,6 .'.-iffy. - .g, fl 'ff' XM, V- A iii., .,,,efj.4,-,.3 .f .,--v..- 1, --1.4 - - is-,,:..,z ' ' . .--rv-A fr f '--K:--':.-2-'-'fi ' A N rata.. Q. iq: 3 . www ,. . nf. '-X:---, 1--' Q, -' , . --.M W --.-:iw-v Q' -' , 1-- -. ---Vi'-1' w1f-.f- -..,:.4,..'H rt'v"5?"SzJf. MR. WRIGHT E. GWEN IGRS A sea of calm as impermanent as the foam of the waves or the clawing of the waters in tempest It is a multi-faceted body meeting the sky at the horizon as a smooth surface of glass or tossing itself and fruitlessly reaching to grasp the sky or the land But it is never retreating and plays its game onward into eternity and beyond f s x '22- ' . , Na xXx , , 1' s 1!"'- . . nov ' " " 'Q ,' 'Y' Q ' "'1:l"'7li ' QI '. . ' ,, .Q 10095.-'K C 4 : '22 'Q Yi - Cl! Q0 Q 0 " . '. y ' """ I J. ' Fi!! ' -1 . 1' Oo ' If S", :gag .. ' Q G . ' . O00 Q .U I ' 'QQ Q. ' 0 'lxj ' 5- K ' se, 5 .N -1:-- Ng., I ,ffii df ix. A I. Q4 fh 1 0 Q 1 ' f f" - .' 1 . l f-g.,gf+- vw , , I I nad " """' ' I U iw'-4" MI NS ' 'fanihfi 'J 'N' CLASS OFFICERS MR. FRANZ COUNSELLOR MRS. GONZALEZ SPONSOR I Ax 'sa' X, 'f MR. WEATHERBEE SPONSOR 1 , V - AVS' '1' 'I 7'Tl5 s x . I "" ' X "MN N g NNNN fi. ff' f A 'ZA , . Y Q , Do 5 ,Q ' I ' '1vfhDL"Tj'iiE-Ol in 5. ' :EY A af. 1 if V -Q, 1'... 2 ,A . Y 1 4 Q 5 af LY' u 2 Q A 53' " sa ,Q S . "' ' 6: , g ' wi N , X -"R, ' ' A .U x f J X A R fl , ' 3 'Xt ' L 2 I . ' R R' mi? cf , rv ' li XY' fy ' l ': ir ' A ' If If 1Tipff':,,,,- 46 ,QQ fi! " MICHAEL GEQRGE APOLLONIO Just as he desires neatness he possesses a neat mind that rejects disorder but searches for organization and moderation Stamps and fishing basketball and volleyball books and seafood make him one so quiet yet so considerate and aware ofthe world He is generous and kind in his modest manner with hopes to be happy and make others happy and not disturb or disrupt but to bring about and create harmony for himself as well as others l, Mike Apollonio, will all my happy days to Monique Valery. GILBERT ANCIRAS Jovial but nonetheless temperamental He is ambitious to be renown as engineer or mathematician Sports and cards are his pastime with which to use as background blues and jazz which he so enjoys There lies within him much to be yet developed and yet much to admire Still with much childish remainings he holds that potential to be great and honorable I, Gilbert Ancira, will never forget Mimi. 'Wi ld JOEL 1. BARRANCO POLLAK Love for sincerity love for the refined in someone special and far from ordinary Jovial yet serious in pursuits in wanting to be a lawyer and lead a happy, married life There is the desire for power for attention and adventure as one who enjoys skydiving and driving Psychology with Orozco satisfies his need for a casual and carefree existence Yet he is not a casual person easily forgotten by those who knew him I, Joel Barranco will my car license to Lainie, my house in Acapulco to Laurie, and my 48 long hair to good ol' Chris. ROBERT A. AYUSO Football and soccer modern and classical music mold one different person as he is He mingles the intellectual challenge of books with the human need for others as seen in a desire to travel and to have fun and still be someone different and deep in character There is an air of mystery about him as if he were unapproachable but he is not as he offers the rare gift of friendship I, Robert Ayuso, will my Dart- mouth Award to Mr. Tudor. 'ih.....+H-QP' NELLIE BENJAMIN BEHCR A real friend whose happiness and carefree attitudes are contagious There is an urge to travel to get married and have many children to enjoy the Senorial and modern music to eat and play tennis listen to records or go to movies - in short to be sociable and friendly which is obvious in one who regards herself as happy and loud but that loudness is no more than the willingness to be kind and open to all l, Nellie Benjamin, will my ability to get out of school daily without any trouble to Tony Diaz de Cossio. CHARLES ANDREW BAUMANN A discriminating personality intent on breaking right from wrong on beinq the best he can be Basketball and swimming rock music and accordion cigarettes and Tarzan mold a strangely contradicting figure He is pleasant and merry and so imposing as to infect others with his gayness His ambition is to be successful to find a good career to avoid those who dictate And with his human outlook on life he will achieve and continue to be happy I, Charles Baumann, will my comic books to Cliff Gehrke. f-gh V wg .,...,,, .1-' R. 's X 50 Nis , sffvlr '94 mis- ' 5 1? 'L . I d 1 'A 1 SILV IA M. BOTIFOLL An alluring personality of an active girl dedicated to having fun and being enjoyable Sports appeal to her excited nature but soft music and dating and dancing to the romantic character diffused in her An ambition to marry a millionaire and a hate for snobs are part of a girl too absorbed in the world around her and too eager to do and be and too fascinated with life to worry about details and wait for life to pass he I, ,Sylvia Botifoll, will my ability to get boyfriends to Judy Brandon. rby KAREN BRQOKE BISHOP A giggle A little figure so energetic and gay in itself A wide smile A casual nonchalant manner A like for humorous and happy people like herself A carefree soul A mind full of ideas and fun - to own a zoo i to collect street signs to TP a library to enjoy seals - An active person who skiis and dances who indulges in modern jazz A complete shock in an often somber and indifferent world I, Karen Bishop, will socks to Hank. A Hb' 11", "X I I ll ,, 1 . fl 7 1' 62135 5 is 4 f I , 55' lg !' .,..y . 1 , . . , 2 .,,,.,,g MIMI ANN BREWER A fun-loving individual at peace with herself and those around her With the urge to excel intellectually and settle down in a happy home of her own Reminiseing and Gibby steaks at Sep's tennis and bowling And never forgetting Mrs. Sheridan's class A girl who could never have been with us too long for a part of her will always remain. I, Mimi Brewer, will never forget all the great times with Chris, Gibby, and Mark. ll-.47 'll-ll . . I, , gi ,2 'fx-ng, '1- r t ri r riff-t xv ERICA KATHERINE BRACH A true philanthropist who helps all likes all and gives to all Talent and kindness form her essence - guitar and singing and a general ability to make friends and still be a friend She sheds an aura of femininity to want to be a mother to be as gregarious as she and still be a friend English and Weatherbee basketball and horseback riding make her as active a girl in herself as she is with others I, Erica Brach, will the American School to my sisters Debby, Kathy and Monica and hope they enjoy it and love it as much as I did. "" is 'it X A A lg'lQt'wxMlXI.:, , tx I .Wi-tt .tt. f ls , - ARMANDO BRONDO MARTINEZ He is characterized by a quiet sincerity and determination found in one who enjoys smoking a pipe and listening to Beethoven at the same time as he loves cars and folk-rock Yet there is an appreciation and love of humor and an easiness with others - a like for socializing at the Fontana Rosa a dislike for fake people and an understanding of himself I, Armando Brondo, will my mints to my dog and my pipe to my parrot. 52 PATRICIA LOUISE BRIGGS Tall and thin An air of sophistication and individuality mingled with intellectual pursuit and discipline But in her runs another person reflecting forth a casualness - as to run through daffodil fields and play lacrosse and enjoy a psychedelic sound and sit in a casual class with Wilson and appreciate impulsive people like herself who tie themselves down to nothing and are free to be themselves l, Pat Briggs, will not play red-rover again! ION 'Nl ,mush sf' :'1i!5llff"'f1'3 W5 3 ' 91.11 4 3' ll K' this .im lilifi' MIRIAM CAMHI SEVILLA A jovial girl whose likes for the unusual and the modern make her an interesting person to know A real friend whose ambitions are to go to the university marry Alex and live a happy life that will include much traveling and shopping but no doctors Her talent to play the piano her interest in reading and her driving ability make her life complete and satisfying I, Miriam Camhi, will my driving talent to Silvia Camhi and the most wonder- ful times I experienced at the A.H.S. to Samuel Camhi. -. . GALE HAYWOGD BROWN Quiet and level-headed as thoughtful as made of thoughts strange combination of intellectuality and tenderness and an ambition to keep what happiness she has wit and wondering she likes for they stimulte her mind as skating or skiing her self And yet she is a contraction within herself a person who has found in antique objects as in modern jazz a satisfaction and a yearn for living I, Gale Brown, will anything to anyone who has any use for it qu-A--"9 wolf' 1 j 213-:tiff 'gi .i t.-'iv 'E if lfitfd X .LI'.":,.1?i',i:: + T, if a ' :Lit-l if -if-'Af ffim- if f -'xx 4 . ' 1 vs' ml 'xx ' L, , ' ,.. s'lQx N Z V A g Ni? HM. .egifl-f'Q.' 1 . s xg? PAUL LOCKWOOD CASANOVA Unbounded by pressures and ties with people and things Free with an Unattached interest in mechanics and model building football and track classics and pop music and for appealing warm days and calm girls Weatherbee and Orozco claim his liking with his need to be within that which is unstructured But with his freedom there is no apathy but sincerity for all I, Paul Casanova, will my "D" average with Mr. Weather- bee to anybody that wants it JUDY CASANGVA She is temperamental yet sweet and just as she loves life she loves a certain someone and being with him and living for him Folk music and skiing movies and dining are her interests But above all she searches for happiness and will find it with her devotion and kindness and child-like innocence She is energetic and mischievous but more so a young woman in search of maturity and affection l, Judy Casanova, will my abi- lity to graduate with the least possible credits, with the lowest grades, and being ab- sent the most to Chrissie Long. ft, E, it by uno-u,.,,l i R N HEP: is CYNTHIA MARIA EMILIA CAYCO An all-encompassing mind that captures details and comments endlessly as one who loves to talk and be known as talkative and energetic and happy Ping-pong and reading dancing and food make up one who loves people and loves to make them happy She is a true friend who infects those about her and makes them join in that laughter and happiness that is inevitable with her l, Cynthia Cayco, will never stop talking - so don't try stopping me. DAVID ARROY0 CASTRO An unobtrusive person who does not call attention to himself yet significant in his qualities and in his character Ouiet he speaks only when he has something meaningful to say Easy to please he can find something to see and do wherever he is Sincere a dislike for fakes and snobs Studious he enjoys scholastics especially Economics his are the attributes that attract friends and qualities such as these will take him far I, David Castro, will my nice seat in English IV to any poor Junior. 5 r S ' x' '5 3 , ' ,. - A ' -'-f'i-S'- f".x"g , 3 A -,I t K ga - .r-road .. ' 1. ' ,. .f. . xfoa u '1 k -. Bn -'U' A :WS JAMES J. CQNNOLLY He appears quiet but inside is merely a simple considerate and calculating individual who loves wild parties the noise and speed of cars and dislikes disorganization He is shrewd and ambitious with a desire to be successful and success will come swiftly to one as moderate as he yet with an undercurrent of ambition and dedication shrouded only by a peacefulness and inner harmony I, Jim Connolly, will the Senior class to the Junior class. 1 K GEORGE CEVASCO Carefree yet responsible and kind to all Cars and girls guitar music and football but above all he is characterized by a warmth and friendship Just as he is devoted he is active and ambitious in search for pleasure and enrichment He offers nothing glamorous and nothing temporary His gift unto others is always a Kino word the counsel of a friend the respect and the loyalty which is priceless He is not temporary or artificial but transparent and true unto the world l, George Cevasco, will get married at 50 with a girl 25 years old. CONSTANCE MARIE CUTTING She is gaiety impersonated into a little girl :Nho hates concegt ,gqu oves reading an sewing Q i and swimming and history clothing and a certain someone and hopes to share her pleasantness and friendship with others to become a teacher or a nurse She is energetic and full of laughter with which to play jokes and talk and giggle and always laugh and share the fun of herself with others . Gif' file- lg iffifi' if I f' ' l"1':, .". , . . . 1 , -sill-yy, -5, I, Connie Cutting, will all f ' 4' , my dresses to my sister so she , 1 ,L ! ' 1 ',--Tk. a -is may wear them to parties. MARIANNE COVO Tall and long-legged - the girl with the blushing cheeks the artistic inclinations to draw and paint r an appreciation of those 3 who listen and comprehend and search for truth like herself llwlways a lsmcgle d f' aways a in wor from a self-made v"""' self-thinker who finds satisfaction in philosophy and art in modern music in reading and being gay and sociable and in always lifting others to the blitheness and spirit she characterizes I, Marianne Covo, will my height to those who can appreciate it. . u I,- 4""""""" flfffrfm' We 1 M QW -5.2 ,. et Iflyp' 3,g"'f, ,, . , ,rf - - 2 i. , . .'n,i'M! ,fm .. f Q if-...' f lil rl.. LORAND DE GRE RICHER Mature quiet and conservative in nature although there exists the desire for rebellion and individuality Society he hates with its limitations and mores yet he exists within it as an ambitious young man eager to finish a career and live comfortably Swimming and piano playing jazz and the informality of Orozco and Davis appeal to him He is sophisticated and suave but within lies the flaming urge to be changed and to change alike I, Lorand De Gre, will not stay in high school another semester. ,54 MARY XVI-IITING DARBISHIRE She is a strong and aggressive character who finds a love of challenge gratified in a like for computer processing and skiing and tennis Where there is determination there is a subtle humor a love for people a hate for careless driving and having fun She is a friend to all a lover of people and of life and of its challenges - and her greatest challenge lies in achieving success in all ranges I, Mary Darbishire, will my bad spelling to anyone who will take it. nina-it JOCELYN DEL RIO A virtuous individual whose interests lie in painting and writing and in being artistic and colorful Yet she is a scholar who admires literature and classical music But -more so she is a friend with an attractive personality and generosity - a young woman waiting to bring happiness to someone special There is a full future for her full of what she loves but more so full of love and affection and security I, Jocelyn Del Rio, will' the place I have occupied at the entrance steps for three years at recess to anyone who likes it JUAN CARLOS DE Leo Completely artistic with a love for drawing for expression - be it humorous or realistic There is a like for archeology for architecture ties and ascots guitar and modern music but above all a wit and a piercing humor unlike any other Yet within his colorful personality is one who desires to be happy who dislikes loud people who is active more so in his mind than in athletics or socializing I, Juan Carlos de Leo, will my "artistic" notes to Valero. ,cy . .' i' ffl? 5, 12601 5, 5? me ' f '-,' -ga "Wilt I 5 v ' :. .Vs Ezpifil 5 ,.., X-5 - .' . . I .- . . I I. vi. .., s l ,. L,-ff,i.s,t'- vga ' IU . I IN n H ' ' I . ,, , ,.s....- . ,, KATHLEEN DONOHUE Spirit and sprite make her A girl who has found fulfillment in athletics and in all that which has given her action And action is her soul Extroverted and transparent to the world unlike the pseudo-people she hates and so much like those she admires - Kast and Orozco Beatles and Raphael form a quiet side a sentimental natural to an always moving character whose realistic attitude and hardened face to the world do not necessarily form the true and geniune image of a warm personality I, Kathy Donohue, will remem- ber all the great- times with my friends at the A.H.S. KAREN DOEHNER Independent but firmly attached to self-imposed standards and rigorous demands for perfection to be the best and do the best She is talented with a sentimental attachment for tradition and yet a yearn to learn about the new Organ-grinders blues and Acapulco constitute tastes appropriate for her moodiness She is diversified - action mingles with meditation silence with gaiety reason with emotions She is a pleasant combination of everything and therefore capable of being and doing everything l, Karen Doehner, will a tree by the lounge to Hermann to give him shade. sr' -' 7 '35 2-NJ --rnaauii Q ,, Si. , n-M Q: A In I . fu . - .. ,. .:' -' -- 1 'Q g.. ::.'.. . . , -n. va ,V . 4' I is .- -.xv E- X "f'3'I'- 3 ., - .5 me. , . 4 . . .. sg- .., ., x ....s:f. ,... 'fiF?'r fi. - ' is t-S3133 - K1 ,t - EY: fi -Q , T 1 t - Cxiffw .t. , Q fsz 9 'r' 5 7 f f 1, -. -'J A ,Y s 3-1. ., f ' .51 - -1 v - Q, MANUEL ESCALANTE H1No josA A playboy at times yet serious at others as he flirts with girls livens any party spreads his gaiety yet is involved in special psychology enjoys classical music reads avidly A truly interesting character whose wit can turn to moodiness and just as quickly' become humor His candid frankness alienates none but seems to draw more to his side A variety of tastes and qualities are his that make him an interesting diverse but mainly a gay person I, Manuel Escalante, will all my standard oil to Pedro Gutie- rrez and my skipping school ability to Vicki Carlson and may they put them to good use. ,. -. 1 '..'.': , . t zlffff .-35' ,af ' J. ,. vs. 17 'fits , sw? "lag .mb Q. 31:11 'vom 'a'?fwL'. iiif' ANNA MARIE EMRICH She has a character of her own She is quiet but reflective of femininity She is gracious and she is ambitious But her ambition lies in wanting to help others for she is kind A desire to be a nurse a love for boys and Mexico a dislike of crassness and vulgarity which is to be expected of one as calm and proper as herself A combination of artistic talent musical appreciation and desire to help others She is herself and unafraid to be just so I, Ann Emrich, will the back booth of the Pizza Real and all my forged excuses to anyone who wants to escape. xg I- M ws" if ANN LYNN FERRY She impersonates silence and withdrawal and conservativeness Her ambitions are simple - to fulfill her intellectual desires which are great and many and to develop her person with the depth she knows she needs to succeed - and she will Her interests vary from the serenity of sewing and Crocheting to the dramatic art of piano and concerts And always she achieves through silence a tone of greatness and that in itself is great. I, Ann Ferry, will all the Anahuac ,account books, re- quisition forms, and rece- ipts to the unfortunate in- coming accountant. jA CK PHILLIP FELDMAN Organized as a mind that dislikes change and yet as a person who is adept at bringing in Girls and cars steak and french fries jazz and rock and just being versatile in his own quiet manner make him - one who is talented with nimble fingers that can and build and rebuild He is a quiet personality and one who thrives not on attention but on recognition for being kind and gentle l, Jack Feldman, will my ability to smoke in school for 3 years and not get caught. , repair 'tl - 4 r ff fl I .--'vi QQ hz 1 ttyl mfs fa NM ' ,rf T' ,R l - fi. f ,' . 7 ' nel" ' Q. , . 1 , ,' ," 92,3 'ff yr' A r T 6 ' .lfilll .ll CAROL ANN FRENCH Brightness is hers both in her intellectual pursuits and in the ability to be a friend and like all and be liked by all She is a linguist who naturally yearns to travel and know the world intimately and still be active as she is in sports as in scholastics Popular music and jazz Gonzalez and French combine the taste for perfection and color which is so imposing about her I, Carol French, will... maybe l won't. MARTHA GRACE FORTUNATO Ouiet Distinctive in appearance -- sweet face and soft green eyes But it appears only as a mask of one energetic and always looking for fun of one who enjoys swimming and basketball the Aquario and enjoys informality and casualness in others Sweetness and understanding radiate from her Sophistication seems to be her main characteristic but it is only secondary to a generosity and friendliness for all I, Martha Fortunato, will finishing a Senior year in one semester to anybody dumb enough to try it. 'fi' 'ik N CHRISTOPHER TAMBS FRENCH Mischievous and not at all frightening as he likes to pretend for beneath the mask of indifference is a little boy vitally interested vitally concerned and desperately wanting to be a friend To have fun 1-o be a chemislt or oceanograp er N-if to learn with Gutterman to play football -H'-' make the one -f who detached from an image of being fickled and flirtatious is in reality kind and understanding and nothing more than a frank and faithful friend I, Chris French, will my ability not to get caught to Max Tudor. EDNA LETICIA FUENTES GEA Womanly grace is hers as she thinks of her future home and hopes to make it a happy one Ertveloped in a mist of femininity dainty as she is she dislikes crude people A taste for the homely sewing cooking yet an avid interest in scholastios art and music Singing and strumming a guitar in the company of a certain doctor ,,,, ,--'V i Chopin Spanish ll and geometry satisfy her tastes yet do not mar her ladylike qualities She is bright, affable, interested - a complete woman l I, Edna Fuentes, will my f ' 1 gratitude, love and unforgett- , 3 5 .4 I -, 4' able memories to my dear A l ' iQ I Q school. R' f- " 64 , ----if yo I, ,J .".1-1 . ' . A . if ia? -4. 1 . . 12 ' . VIOLETA GALAN RANGEL Variety in tastes and an unbounded interest in everything there is in which to be interested Rock and Mexican folkloric opera and charros sewing and horseback riding And as the girl with the green eyes and the gay personality and the friendliness to everyone she is sweet but more so sincere And she is one girl no one can or can want to forget I, Violeta Galan, will my ELISE MARIE F USS Lively and frolicking radiating excitement appropriate for a taste for Brubeck and psychedelic football and parties psychology and English Yet she is a sophisticated and charming young woman who desires to teach and be a mother and dislikes insincerity and unfaithfulness She is a friend unto all constant and loyal and as a mixture of sensitivity and gaiety she is still as true unto others as she is to herself I, Elise Fuss, will all the "hypnotizing" and "fainting" and slumber parties to the Junior girls. music 'Q""T7a - e 'I' "Coucha" to my brother Rodolfo wjfff and my happy times to Toni Diaz D de Cossio, Norma Guadalajara, ,I I Cristina Coto. """9'Qqbs CLIFFORD WILLIAM GEHRKE An athletic star who despite action and swiftness is quiet and reserved There is a desire to be a businessman to avoid homework and to excel in sports and life An appearance of detachment yet there is within him sensitivity and sentimentality and understanding for all But there is an iron will to succeed and make friends and be a friend and to share with the world all that is in it l, Cliff Gehrke, will all my unpaid gas bills to Gerrard and Tuna. 66 WILLIAM FREDERICK GEHLE A reserved and modest yet fun-loving friendly boy whose main interests are girls and golf football and hunting tacos and old music appropriate for his evenness of character There is still room within him to find pleasure for Physics and lVlr. Reynolds His adaptability his tranquility his sincerity make him admired and respected by all I, Bill Gehle, will to Hermann Davo my luck with steady girls. 5 l ANNE ELIZABETH GOMEZ She appears simple and conventional but within her exist the talents and temperaments of an artist and the knowledge and grasp of the intellect Interior decorating the Airplane , Christmas trees and puppies make her unconventional and complex and different and individualistic but an individuality that is healthy and constructive She is herself - gay and sentimental artistic and understanding I, Anne Gomez, will the tears and laughter of high school to all freshmen classes in the years to come. MARK GILLETT Freedom is his and he is one who detests infringements on his choices hate and war and all that not proper of one as peaceful and considerate as he As a person he is somewhat withdrawn and only outspoken at the outbreak of injustice But there is in him that streak of action - cars and racing motorcycles and loud raucous music that make him as complete a person as he is and as promising an individual as he wants l, Mark Gillett,will Mike Saltzberg all my haircuts. 'S l '..f:' ',:-, .ra f ',' , .1 i . 1 ' Y"'15'-W K , , '21-S", 'll',.'M c.. lk, Iuihl 67 il., :K a '.f 5' '-.i film. fi ill, ' Q . I YOLANDA GONZALEZ SOSA Femininity and grace in one who mingles all abilities and inclinations to form an unforgettable personality She can be quiet and sensitive as a young woman who searches for beauty and calm Or she is an active student of the world - of helping and motivating people as a leader an athlete an artist yet she impersonates the era as active and sophisticated well-bounded but above all feminine and sweet l, Yolanda Gonzalez, will my ability to Tony Cossio and Alfredo La Mont to be absent twice a week. 68 i l LYNN GONZALEZ Complexity A leader yet introspective as interested in others A critic and helper who is affable yet controversial fun-loving but dedicated Complexity with a taste for the Beatles and Chopin and Tudor and a dislike for spiders and math Complexity yet compatibility with journalism and social sciences appropriate for her life's work to deal and be with people and achieve her goal - recognition by her fellows and recognition to them alike I, Lynn Gonzalez, will many poetic words to my pal, David Kastp the fondest of affections to lVlr. Tudorp and hugs and kisses to Billy Sabin. -1 ' ts we ' X l S - a as x xv 1 L, i I - - lfzftix f ' A l - wt, ,m ., f 4-- l hr ,,4b4' PAUL GUTTERMAN Swift and stern kind and gentle yet a man behind his mask of cares Contradictory in poetry and karate subtlety and controversy yet essentially consistent in his laughter and humor his pursuit of scholastics his care and concern for those who will remember him as a friend an entertainer a scholar and a captain I, Paul Gutterman, will. .. oh! the wisp. IVAR GUNDERSGN He is like an explosive ready to be discharged ready to be appreciated ready to be developed and molded into an effective and well-rounded person Oceanography track and folk and rock for a turbulent personality who still finds time to appreciate the finesse of classical music and humanities and writing He is rebellious but one who moves to expand his mind and knowledge and who wishes to stand out individually l, lvar Gundersen, will not leave Thea willingly. Sv' 1 X .N-,Ili S. Le" . - 1 r .. 4 I HILARIE JOY HEATH Unobstrusive and so unlike the loud people she dislikes She is serious and devoted with a like for boys like any girl her age and classical music and drawing She is not timid but a young woman who knows the woid and wishes to know it more It is modesty and kindness that make her liked by all but under that facade of child-like innocence lies a personality of depth and determination I,Hilarie Heath will my past twelve years at the American School to my brothers, Jody and John, and hope they enjoy them as much as I did. PAMELA JEAN HASSINGER She hates what is crass - those who are ignorant those who represent conceit loves to be happy and always will with devotion to that she loves from riding and cooking Dylan and the Beatles to Brud To be quiet but still well known is Pam Hassinger's person for within her lies an affection for life and a determination to be different like the Gonzalez and Weatherbee she admires but still be -liked for herself I, Pam Hassinger, will to my sister, Lynn, all the good times I had at the A.H.S x QQ: 1 fm 1 5 "I-"gil-M I 'L Q I, .3 t 6 iii? ' ., "' 'ff' "nh ffiazirowf 4 1 P ss ' ,HJ A ff' " ' is 5 5 vi" Q-e,.?..z gym-,gfllw SAMUEL HUNTINGTON HOBBS IV He is liberal and understanding and as controversial within himself as his political and artistic inclinations Music and girls ice hockey and football steak and hamburgers prove him not so detached and not so different as his abilities and talents may make him appear A well-informed mind as well as a versatility in his character makes him an element of contrast of deep thought where neither can be found l, Hunt Hobbs, will my 15 years in this school to fu- ture generations in hopes that they won't be indoctrin- ated like I almost was. 115EBoRA1-1 LYNNE HIRSHFIELD As a strangely exotic girl who almost slinks into one's range of experience she is different and renown for originality and subtlety But beneath that aura of vampish femininity is a fun-loving individual who finds in dancing drama and art music and hammocks the ingredients that make her energetic and as colorful a character as the clothing and speech with which she is identified ln surroundings that may be dull and banal she is that spark which changes all and adds a touch of life and living I, Debbie Hirshfield, will my bee ring to Marcela Basail, a sandwich to Harriet Spilk. my Dinalpina to Louise Cobb and the wax in my ear to Alfredo La Mont. MICHAEL JQHN HORNEY Not yet mature but still mischievous and imaginative as a child There lies within him a search for the truth a need for rebellion a desire to like and to be liked Bowling and pool eating and meditating and the colorful and ingenious movement to be different are part of one whose artistic and political attitudes are as controversial as his own person Yet he does not lack in wit and philosophy and the spirit which makes him different but likeable rebellious but acceptable l, Michael Horney, will Debbie Hirshfield to Lucy Climent to Sandy Zorrilla. OLAP ANDREW HOFF He is yet unmolded but with the potential to excel and be versatile and good in all he does From playing basketball to teaching history and expressing himself artistically to being friendly and more important yet a friend he is material for success There is guitar and rock and blues and an ambition to teach And although he must learn and wants to learn and will learn the desire to share knowledge and kindness with all makes him unique and great l, Olie Hoff, will all the good times, friendship, and love I have received here to the whole school. To Nan I give a pair of contacts and love. 4110! f "' f kr .-,.w A ,fr 5 -.nb . f Us 'K-. wifi DAVID STIRLING JEFFCOTT He is modest and quiet yet he stands above a raucous multitude with a special devotion and responsibility unpossessed by his peers Baseball and football camping and the outdoors and a love for books make him universal but still special He is a scholar and a philanthropist a friend and yet a critic But above all he is a pleasure to work with to be with and to know l, David Jeffcott, will the many experiences and all the knowledge accumulated in government class to Joe Pier. LAURIE LYNN JACKSON To want to be important is to be just so And she is that importance for herself and others Important in knowledge like an outstanding student Important in intimacy like a close and faithful friend And important in femininity like the woman she is with a woman's taste for designing and decorating and cooking and being feminine Important in kindness in an interest in charity and teaching and to learn and share She is important for a courage to stand alone and important to be herself ,l, Laurie Jackson, will my abi- Iity to talk people into doing things to my sister Donna, may she have as much fun with it as l did. FRANCINE JONES Always frank always sincere unlike the fake people she hates There is within her a recognition of reality and the courage to face life be it hard or easy Night clubbing and tennis sky-diving and skiing Mexican traffic and jazz appeal to her as one who is active and fun-loving but skeptical She is calm and collected but well-thought and ambitious with an openness for all and a determination to take her far I, Francine Jones, will my height to Polly Ogden. JANET LYNNE JOHNSGN Artistic as off-beat and yet well adjusted to face life and still be happy There is a love for complicated problems which stimulate her abilities and open-mindedness singing and dancing and above all drawing and painting She is as kind as she is talented Her entire self is like one multi-colored multi-patterned design full of the variations and diversity which makes it exciting I, Lynne Johnson, will my Adam and Eve creation to Mr. Franz. ,f A-A xg, "es, j l if Q ,Q L' ,, p N if Y. 9 Ks all . r v g , l Wie J -t . file ill sniff' mule MARK EDWIN KENNEDY Sophisticated man-about-town - the Cosmopolitan whose refined tastes and masculinity almost set him above all But within a seemingly gilded shell there exists a down-to-earth considerate and kind young man simple enough to play football and like fig newtons and be with the boys and listen to jazz Attractive and intelligently calculating But the gold weave of quality does not hide a true simplicity and frankness l, Mark Kennedy, will my abi- lity to steal the pepper to lvlrs. Rodriguez in hopes that she can run the Snack Bar at a profit. .RICHARD ROBERT KAUFMAN Talkative vivacious governed by emotions which make him interested and concerned but strangely inconsistent for one who wants to work with mathematics and teach in the rational manner But he is' frank and insistent and determined and one who has combined successfully a satisfying high school career with athletic ability and interest and spirit Those as honest as he are often not understood but with that honesty comes rejection of defeat I, Richard Kaufman, will the Junior class, Miss Cherney and all of my old Time magazines. -llfill 75 LEE ROGER LICKERMAN Ouiet but still sensitive and open to response There is a like for sleeping and loafing reading and poker pop music and Gonzalez He is often unknown often unseen but in reality he is kind and simple and a good friend who in his subdued nature is still loyal and understanding and generous to all persons I, Lee Lickerman, will my pet peeve to Ralph Kernback. BRUNO KRAKOWSKI Like a mischievous little boy he laughs he plays and does the funny things a little boy would do And he thinks like a little boy who hates haircuts and likes bowling and is lazy Avoiding tests and sneaking swims and there is a carefree attitude of little-boy indifference He will grow up to assume a man's responsibilities but like a little boy he will always laugh and play I, Bruno Krakowski, will head- aches to the Mejoral company. DAVID MURRY LIPSTEIN Tastes as exciting as his clothing - Shankar motorcycle racing and just having fun and being active and noticed Psychology and mechanical drawing and Gonzalez form that which makes school exciting to a rebel who would prefer spending his time on girls and music and just being himself and being different which makes all the difference I, David Lipstein, will never again fill in dumb question- naires like this. DUNCAN MCIVER LILES Sincere in thoughts Attention in learning While lost in his daydreams Unobtrusively constructing cars while absorbing the pulsating beats of the Grateful Dead Ambition - to live comfortably in Mexico Admiring Mme. Dauchat's proficiency if not Lowering his handicap His unique friendship will remain in minds long after the graduation bells Have toiled l, Duncan Liles, will my curly l0CkS I0 any Junior who wants them. as ' 5 igflhii' it x wi 2 ls. X 4:1 4 Qifif r Spa is i 5 E KATHLEEN MARY LQNNQUIST She sets forth a quiet gayness a fresh and clean way of being despite an ambition to be an extrovert But her person is already to be admired as one who works with devotion and responsibility and patience As one who loves sports and soft guitar music and an informal classroom with Weatherbee and Orozco Far hidden beneath a layer of sweetness and innocence lies a young woman full of ambition and eager to learn and strong in character l, Kathy Lonnquist, will go back to Nebraska. xg li' if " 'rl li if . f 'G' n 'I Q?-1 J 311 ill: .-. 'm. 'fl v. nv- LAURA MARTHA LOCKETT A soft drawl A flowing cascade of blonde hair A quiet girl with imposing tastes - a hate-for moody people an ambition to be famous a love for Mexico There is something frivolous in her and something intellectual and something else that makes her feminine and delicate And it is all compiled into that which makes her admire the individuality of Gonzalez and the roughness of football and the electronic sound of the Beatles She is representative of her age of an age of confusion A and rebellion and yet she stands firmly above that around her. I, Laura Lockett, will all my most wonderful times experienced at the A.H.S. to my brother Gordy, in hopes that he will be able to say that his best times were spent in the A.H.S., like I can. L 'r ,- ti-if-r.., ig, N if l L ,wifi Q 554:55 N - 3 5 ' . 11, z,'V'.' , -- J., " 4 if Eu.. 4' I . 1- 'lr' I Ry m -.ll-5 'sit v 5. gg' In ht' Q - ,4 7 , ...Lai ' if fr- . ,mari .tt ..-..f.?.f.- get is K X ELIAS MANSUR TAWILL A liberal and open mind of an intellectual he possesses Politics and books for the thinker Hate for social prejudices for the idealist Chateaubriand and night clubs for a refined taste All is compiled into a sophisticated and intelligent individual who finds his satisfaction in debates and free thought to approach the truth - he wants to spread and share. I, Elias Mansur, will my unfinishing arguments to any - body who's lazy enough, the rest l'll take away with me. I Hdfiitfigg ..I.3i:'1' lv . 3' f1!zf"is""' CHRISTINE FRANCES LOVE She kindles the warmth of others to match her own for she is merry and humorous yet a truly devoted friend Seriousness rarely comes to her yet she does not lack in insight and emotion She is active from athletics to journalism to the essential behavior of one so gregarious There lies within her a hope to be happy and yet nothing else but that can evolve with one who knows not sadness I, Chris Love, will my lovely Forum position to some lucky Junior. ff? HENRY RCBERT MAZAL He has an electric personality which is bright and visible to all He is more than friendly - he is devoted and kind A thinker a sharer a realist and an idealist - all molded into the boy with spontaneous gaiety an interest in sports and cars baseball and jazz and just having fun and sharing fun He is unique in his generosity in his desire to be happy and make happy and brighten up a subdued world I, Robert Mazal, will my ability to eat a lot to any - one willing to get sick. JAMES VICTOR MARTINS Quiet yet concerned He is calm and devoted and hardworking with a drive to achieve perfection in his interests of oceanography and drumming and sports Jazz and classical music - an interesting combination of extremes within a person who is an interesting combination of contrasts and ideas such as those he admires and studies in philosophy He is understanding but above all one who tries to be a friend to all I, James Martins, will Bob Noth a special friend of mine. 'C' 53 4 XXX.: TERRY MCGUIRE Withdrawn and quiet but not afraid to be himself and himself alone Mexican art and Mexican food horseback riding and swimming are interests in one alone in his way of being but not inconsiderate or unapproachable He is casual and fun-loving with a natural optimism ambition and determination in facing the future and its challenges l,Terry McGuire, will my smoking spot to any junior. SUSAN MARY MCGEE Blue eyes which twinkle and throw upon others the attitude of frivolity and gayness But far within there lies ambition and intelligence and devotion and generosity Active as she swims and dances and enjoys journalism and yearns to travel And yet she is meditating and deep in person who hates those unlike her in sincerity and kindness - Such elements in one are unique and precious I, Susan McGee, will the long hours spent in Journalism to the next executives: and all the Senior lollipops, candy canes, and pep buttons to the class of '69. 'ln L SUSAN LYNN MERRITT Like a little girl she is gay Intended subtlety with a dye of ingenuity and with a little girl's fantasies to be a captain on a ship Like a little girl she is ambivilent with a love for classical music and motorcycles and driving and walking with someone There is quiet consideration and rowdy happiness in her - in a girl lost in the swiftness of skiing and swimming and involved in that which is romantic But like all little girls she has grown into a woman l, Susan Merritt will my fruitful years at the A.H.S. to all the underclassmen. jAMES RICHARD McMlL LEN He is one who with determination and fortitude will overcome those barriers set before him and become as great as any man Jazz is his music soccer and skiing his sports and psychology his class And there is an ambition as different and unique as he is -- to cook or work with electronics But no matter what his field or where in a huge world he will do and be the best possible for he is the best possible I, James Mclvlillen, will my books to my sister. ,ff K A ir 'I - I. , f' 5 yu", 1. iv ir-. ,,.4:'b5g-ss- ..,,i. 'gi' RAQUEL ELENA MGRLET The masquerade is unsuccessful for she hides beneath the bells and beads and colorful clothes a young woman desperately in need of affection and security There is a child-like urge to appear detached and free - to want to run through fields of golden daffodils to want to be alone in self-thought and in artistic creation But in reality she is simple and plain and sweet - searching for understanding and willing to be a friend and be friendly and to be appreciated for what she really is I, Rocky Morlet, will will a will to will a will. SUSAN BETH MILLER Uncommon in tastes and uncommon in qualities and friendship Pickles and peanut butter basketball and swimming reading and drawing yet unfeigned and so different from the affected ones she dislikes She is an unobtrusive -- a quiet girl who is sweet and mild and far from artificial but still fun-loving and human and one so special that friendship with her is not just special - it is priceless I, Susan Miller, will my left- over raffle tickets to the next Acapulco-bound Senior girls. s i ' I.. . 1. . c, ' u . . ,V s. s LILLIAN GAIL NICOL Sweet and gentle Quiet and passive but serious in all her pursuits and appropriate attitude for her hobby - that of writing ln her is that colorful flair underlined by love of music enjoyment of Gitanerias devotion to horseback riding Sincerity a love of truth a candid frankness that alienates no one but draws unto her people and friends I, Lillian Nicol, will my ability of being absent to David Jeffcott. MICHAEL DON MUZNY An outgoing personality fun-loving and amiable A gentleman but more so a real friend who will endure with devotion and loyalty all that tears and hurts friendship Simplicity natural and unsophisticated and universality in tastes as for reading and traveling and relaxing Yet rare are men who possess-his virtues and rare he is among men I, Don Muzny, will to Joey Garciagodoy, with fond memo- ries my right thumb. 'a-' Vat i +L w , 1 i iff' . Qf! 4 ,yn :rf X. CARLO ALESSANDRO NOVI Artistic and individualistic and knowledgeable as one who yearns to create and improve Painting photography and modern music and meditating He is one who appears unapproachable in his self too splendorous to be real too talented to be tangible But he is understanding and kind and calm unlike nervous and exciting people he dislikes and differs with the strong beats he plays and sports he enjoys He is unique but not superior for he is a friend l, Carlo Novi, will my sandals to any barefoot student. SALVADOR NGRMAN With not a care in the world With not a serious thought in his head he sings he drinks he eats he dates Likeable fun to be with for his wit and humourous outlook on life are contagious Untroubled with problems or worries he merely overlooks any difficulties and enjoys life l, Salvador Norman, will not will anything to anybody be- cause Tudor will censor it. A ,YT A ff 1 Rt V, ., If ALEXANDER O'BRIEN Humor itself is incarnated in him - in one who can laugh with others and at himself and always share with others that humor and love for fun but more important vet his devoted friendship Food and girls Acapulco and modern music Tiddledywinks and ping pong and American History are only part of the conventional side of one with imagination and love of clowning who can laugh and share laughter and who despite personal sorrows can work to make a happier world l, Alexander O'Brien, will my pet grizzly bear to Joanna: Lancaster. LARRY ALAN NYENHUIS A drlfter with no particular ambition no ties or attachments but one who believes in thinking for himself and being himself Hunting and track soul and modern music Italian food and a hate for barbershops form his life - a life for the present susceptible to change for the future Yet he thrives on friendship and is a friend marked by devotion modesty simplicity and subtle humor l, Larry Nyenhuis, will my piece of twine to Harriet Spilk. Q? ' 1--""' We-rf iff I CHERI ANN OQUIST Active and aggressive but sweet and understanding reflecting herself in a desire to travel and work and always have fun Fake people are her peeve who cannot hold that frankness she does and yet as a woman there is tenderness but it is almost lost in the mischievous grin and the quelling giggles of the little girl she still is -- and little girls need not grow I, Cheri Oquist, will my ability to get past the cop without a pass to the under classmen who like to skip and to all the people who work so hard in the office trying to find those who skip. LAURA GCHQA ZENTENO Vivacious and sincere and always searching for challenge which is her entertainment She is sharp and witty with an ambition to hold a diplomatic post to continue studies to be successful and more important to find continual happiness and bring happiness Opera and concerts economics and a flair of mischief in a determined personality in one who waits solemnly but still has fun today She does not fail to appreciate life yet she does not take it seriously and remains objective and fair l, Laura Ochoa, will my ability to skip to Ma. Antonieta Diaz de Cossio. Jil' ' o ,fffr .' 'Ja '-' nl .- - ff, ,- fifuf' ,., ' DAVID STANLEY ORR Intelligent yet sociable he can argue a point yet still be pleasant he can study diligently read avidly plan to be a doctor or major in Biology a PhD in Biology and still look at girls play football like cars enjoy friends' company An asset to any group for beneath his quietness are innovating ideas definite opinions and an amiable character I, David Orr, will this will to anyone who will will a better will than l will will. PATRICIA ORDONEZ Serene and serious devoted and determined is she as one who prompts recognition and admiration with an iron will and strong mind and character But beneath a hardened shell lies a person whc loves baroque music yearns to live a long happy life and indulges in the romance of literature and in capturing beauty in photography Academically prominent she stands awaiting her fulfillment of a complete and well-rounded person I, Patricia Ordonez, will my 2-minute record of getting to school in the morning to whom- ever can break it. 5 i l PATRICIA ANN PALM ADRIAN HENDRHIT OSKAM VOORDUIN I Ability in mechanics - interest in cars and model building but more important an ability to make friends and be a friend Soccer and basketball pop music and samba girls and parties and just having fun makes him versatile in pursuit of intellectual artistic and emotional fulfillment He is quiet and gentle and not often heard or seen but not mediocre and as active and energetic as his interests I, Adrian Oskam, will my ability to smoke in school for three years without having been caught once, to Jody Heath who might need it. 'Ng' Reserved and quiet with a timid sort of femininity which makes her as sweet and attractive as she is There is a love for music and cars swimming and horseback riding and a desire to study anthropology and continue to be happy forever She is simple in her likes without eccentricity and without aggression and within her passive nature she is a truly devoted friend l Patsy Palm, will myself to the school next year. l 1 x Q-at nv' NM, n-v JESSICA PENA RUIZ SANDOVAL She is unaffected yet she wears no facade and pretends not but is true and sincere There is an ambition to travel to get married to read more to have fun to swim and ride and enjoy movies and pop music But above all there is seriousness in intention and ambition and an earthly yearning for life and the glories and enjoyment of it And there is a desire to make the most of the present - to be happy and to be loved l, Jessica Pena, will Adolfo to myself. .IUA NAMARIA XOCHIPILLI l'ARRIiS She is a long-haired beauty sharing both athletic as well as intellectual pursuits with a remarkable ability to swim and a hope to be a brain surgeon Seafood and piano Orozco and Rodriguez horses and biology make her serious and yet fun-loving There is a carefree attitude a hate for loud people a love for the casual and the unbounding and she is free l, Juana Parres, will my ability to get out of school and class anytime l want and my wonderful and beautiful years at the AHS to my sister and wish she can enjoy them the way I did., Ar-ff if ' -'diff mf 1 .fic-. .K Z 1' f' I I JI, ' p"5,..ff! , Pi ew ref' RICARDO A. PICARD VEGA He is easy to please yet strict with himself governed by a strong will a strong mind and a strong character There is an ambition to be successful and great and make money and to travel and be with women He is refined 1 and impressive in his sophistication yet not cold and alienated With him comes a strange simplicity involved in kindness courtesy and amiability I, Richard Picard, will get out! FRANK PEREZ Different and artistic But still kind and a friend to all Music is his whole being - playing in the Karpet enjoying the Byrds achieving perfection with a guitar Water-skiing and Acapulco English with Weatherbee and listening to the music he loves and plays characterize his casualness his love of fun and his search for constant fullfillment I, Frank Perez, will my long hair to Mr. Tudor. JA . ,PFIJ c . , c : 5523! " 1 4 c A .. iff J' i 1 1 K sxmw y - . 1 'V ik 'V I 2 . . 5 I .. 4 , , - . . in X i fx ly qi Q. I- 'V 1,422 My I - ,fy O J, , 535' .A .SW Zim' N22 'J 2' "5 YH! -i 1' CARLOS PROANO ACCINEEI A man of the world who has seen much of it and who hopes to see more through traveling alone His tastes are international for he likes Canadian girls Italian food French night clubs His outstanding ability lies in playing tennis a sport he has mastered and excelled in He is an independent person and will surely succed in life with no outside help l, Carlos Proano, will my ability to play tennis to Enrique Schon, who will neve be as good as I am. 92 I' MONICA MARIA THERESA PILZ CSIO A scholar who is quiet and passive yet who possesses that which is rare among her peers - a sell-made and strong mind Just as she devours books she reads into the character of her fellowmen and looks at them for what the A simple outlook on life - to be mature widely read vastly traveled But more so determination to be herself and that alone l, Monica Pilz, will my grades in Spanish with Mrs. Rincon to Sue Gehrke. . i l ' 1 l v is '.4 y are F 4 'li wif e Q JAMES JOHNSTON RATTRAY 1 Reality he must face yet not as forcefully as to ignore room for improvement A potential philosopher and economist he is ' who enjoys friendly people and yearns to feel life and be lively Horseback riding and skiing and popular music make one whose tastes are as active as his person and one who will get out of life more than he put into it l, Jim Rattray, will my ability to live and laze off to Charlie. CARLOS EDUARDO RAMIREZ VILLANUEVA Fun-loving and carefree with thoughts of cars and mechanics soccer and track and the gay rhythms of bossa nova and regional sounds Yet he is serious - serious in an ambition to exercise a mechanical ability and to look forward into the future with hope of being a successful businessman He is gay and unbound but within him lies the want and need to be happy and make others the same I, Carlos Ramirez, will my la- ziness. ilu. 'Ui "z DAVID O. RGCHA He appears wild and impulsive but beneath a mask of action lies a character of intelligence and wisdom and sensibility Oceanography girls and cars gourmet dishes and psychedelic sound Humanities and skiing mingle in him the aspects of any boy and those of one who is really very different He is an explorer intent on getting out of life all that he has put into it I, David Rocha, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Tony French. YVQNNE RENCHER Femininity and sincerity she radiates from big brown eyes Insincere people she hates and for an active and easy-going person as herself she wants to be rich to own a motorcycle and to race constantly and still be the girl next door - dating socializing The Fontanella and hold that subtle flair of off-beat character and independence l, Yvonne Rencher, will the millions of pesos our class left to this non-profit organi- zation. Pt i,. DIANNE LOUISE ROGERS TJ if .Im 5 ANDREA JAY Ros Exotic but within her lies the domestic calmness of a woman who looks forward to marriage and children As she paints and writes and creates she shares those interests of a conservative woman who knits and sews but she is conforming but a lover of strong minds and self-made minds and shows love for tranquility and acceptance and consideration - maybe because they are all her t ' tt1'9l-f-M x - 1' 1' . - N' . 'A' Nik :ff l . issues I, Andrea Ros, will my happi- ,' A ness to anyone who wants Qt. - . I She is one who likes people and tries to excel in friendship and kindness There is an ambition to teach and the mundane desire to be liked by all and to be surrounded by all Yet within her is a daydreamer and an idealist who searches for truth and happiness just as she hopes to give it Music and writing Weatherbee and Gonzalez lend to her creativity and yearn to be great and good and more important to be happy I, Dianne Rogers, will all my forged notes and gum to who ever may enjoy them as l did J. 3 l . K if WILLIAM MARSHALL SABIN Quiet and considerate as a deep thinker who helps mold people Withdrawn but then not so as a lover of Acapulco and girls Intellectual but then not exaggerated as one who enjoys the complexities of economics but finds the roughness of football challenging and gratifying Mature and devoted but then not entirely developed as one who wants to encounter desires to meet is determined to succeed in all challenges and work and who will be great and kind and happy I, Brill Sabin, will my sym- pathy to all underclassmen who are obligated to remain here any longer. DONALD SAVAGE ROSS Imagination and humor and talent make a not-so-quiet all-so-different person whose interests range from the music of Zoo's Menagerie to collecting baggage locker keys to discussing the Republic of the Upper Volta Strange he is in his not strained but obvious self-made person - a bright mind ha deliberating reasoning but always a humorous manner Laughter and jokes though cannot disguise a forceful seriousness and interest in living which makes him undefeatable and uncomparable I, Don Ross, will my Right Guard to Dee Dee, "Come on up" to Joan, and the Ou- gadoug River to who- ever can find it. 3' ROBERT HUNT SANDS Carefree and easy-going but not lacking in the depth that gives one the liking for Tchaikovsky and gourmet food A driving ambition to be a mechanical engineer and deal with his main interest for cars although there are girls and Acapulco and sports He is level-headed and soothing in his sincerity and calmness I, Bob Sands, will all my excess weight to Ray Patuel and Dennis Walsh, and my car, "The Green Hornet", to the guys when Tony French graduates - i,e. 1982. DUNCAN SALMON Well-traveled and well-learned versed in language and art as well as gifted in imagination and creativity He is a mixture of conventional as well as the unconventional - one who desires to own an ice who dislikes long hair who loves to eat and sleep who enjoys pop music He is an intellectual as well as an artist a friend as well as critic And yet he has the potential to be anything and be it well l, Duncan Salmon, will my ability to mix unknown che- micals to the next C.B.A. class. S' i Z 43, il' ,. CFBBTTI cart Y .IAN WILLIAM SENTEN Ouick and sharp he cuts with humor and intelligence He is sincere in his own conservative way and an individual with true courage and sincerity An extrovert who likes quiet girls A rebel himself who hates false rebellion An intellectual who finds in strong music a tempo to match his temperament- strong and devoted Imagination and fantasy creates the exceptional person he is and yet he lacks not in pragmatic acceptance of reality and responsibility I, Jan Senten, will my Senior privileges to the Tibetan Hangnail Prevention Fund and the next 12 112 graduating classes. t li k'3 I LINDA SCHON GRITZEWSKY She is a figure unlike many One who can laugh and love and rebel simultaneously and for this she is admired Where one can cite her main characteristic as constantly getting in trouble one can also cite as her main quality a sentimentality and sympathy uncommon in her peers and play tennis and talk but she is more ' than that She is an imposing figure a large athletic girl whose desire is to teach rj is for she offers a rare gift I called friendship gi Dx -. I, Linda Schon. will my W it enjoyableand pleasant visits , x x M gf 45, with Mr. Tudor to my beloved 1 . 5. "" brothers Enrique, Benito and 43- I - ,. I Patricia. '11,- Q s l-1 XX mv , 7 tm! Qi---Q I 7X I1 MRANZYIQ-lil 'jfsgifxkf , 'JJSN' vi, 13, '-Ffci1gdf2ff??fN:f X.-l DENNIS PATRICK SHEEHAN Outstanding in size and appearance - huge and strong and loud But in reality quiet and skeptical thoughtful and understanding In the character of an intellectual there is humor and love for debating and ambition to enter politics But there is likewise a quiet side which looks forward to the informality of Spanish class and the stimulating calmness of the world He is big for thought and meditation but gentle and kind l, Dennis Sheehan, will my accident-proneness to anyone who needs it and the messes l left in the lab to next year's CBA seminar. J 1 EDWIN ROBERT SERRANO A dislike for talkative people and he is quiet but not dispirited Ambition to be a chemical engineer to uphold interests in baseball and football model building and rock music Despite a collected facade there lies within one who enjoys the informality of Wilson the color and action of Gitanerias and good food Silence and calmness prevails over him and with them an unquenchable idealism l, Edwin Serrano, will my Beatle records to my sister. bl tjiilr' X A .SRQMMH H 2-"tg: ELAINE LEILANI SUNRAY Ouiet but outspoken Hidden abilities and tastes but always depth in person - a lack of which she hates in others Openness to others in that she may become a teacher and share her thoughts and values with others She seems conventional in her taste for Italian and Chinese food for bowling and swimming and playing a guitar yet deep inside there is an esoteric value acquired from world-wide travel and appreciation of the finer things like classical music and French She is a contradiction in herself but a pleasant one I, Elaine Sunray, will a lot of thanks to the teachers l have had, during the past six years in the A.H.S., for what they have taught me. DENNIS SMALL A cornerstone in any human organization who stimulates thought and understanding through controversy through friendship An admirer of simplicity yet a lover of complexity and challenge with bridge and economics and books and writing There is within him a search for depth and truth and an ambition to avoid that which represents the artificial and the superficial he is not unapproachable in his uniqueness but still close to the mundane yet not too close to accept blindlv and lose a thriving idealism I, Dennis Small, will go un- bounded: leaving only my worn- out Converses to Alphonse and F. and "Oh, Wow!" and an ankle-wrap to Captain Crunch. 1, hx, Fifi? misfit.. 1 fo - .. . 5 . Shin "RE 3" ' 'nm 2 w A . .i pi. 1 ,, ,Pi s 4 l ,ai .--sn. .i X 551. 'S 'r 3' li, si. 2 -., " 'gn 'r -. , v, " ,.1, : 4 . i f DAVID WARREN THOMSON He is diligent in his pursuits although perhaps too detached from the real in his search for an identity and for knowledge There is Chemistry and cars cycling and golf classical and rock music and a combination of extremes and opposites to make him entirely different and entirely alone in his way of being But he is affable and courteous and in his manner of facing a world alone he is someone of honor I, David Thomson, will my four loaded chem lockers to Mrs. Gutterman so that she can restock the lab. JOHN PHILLIP SURMAN Life as it comes Carefree unconcerned with the present and wary of the future A quiet detachment with a dislike for arguments yet a taste for discussion Thoughts of lazy days and Christy spanning the globe in his new yacht playing tennis or golf under a hot soft sun An intense dedication to anything deserving his time working on Eliot or listening to jazz or relaxing under a cool shade He will graduate in a world into which he will enter a man self-made I, Phil Surman, will all of my adventures in the "Elliot" to Bob Feldmann. +6 fr . BJARNE TOKERUD Colossal in his freeness -- in an unbounding attitude towards life and living with an ambition to achieve no more than happiness and love and justice and peace Almost ephemeral with so much kindness and yearning for calm without the hardness of greed and selfishness He transcends the physical world through silent meditation through yoga through love - nothing more than to be a complete man I, Beany Tokerud, will my Yoga to Mr. Weatherbee. CHARLES LEWIS THCRNBURG He is a subdued personality not illuminating strongly but not at all unbright He is not meek but strong He is not forceful but still inquisitive with a yearn to continue study and research and. a desire to be the best possible He is ambitious but not imposing or infringing upon others Track and football pop music and hunting seem incongruous with as peaceful and quiet a person as he I, Chuck Thornburg, will be glad to go to college. ' flare' 1 l t l I .Kwai gift? :- ,,f if ' , ffgty lt M QEQE? il - 93 ' is 4 ' Q' ,. pf it i f H if gag 'IT i , , - Riggs? - , - ' 4 J" . 'I' S X if. ,v t o W fly ,.,-ig. :ill S, ' ' 'Q QTQIQH 3 Lu ADRIANA VASQUEZ A vivacious blonde fun-loving yet absorbed in intellectual pursuits as to finish a successful college career But there lies within her the domestic ambition to be married and have many children And like any woman of her she enjoys talking and drinking coffee listening to classical music and ballet and parties But her greatest asset exists in being a friend and helping those close or far and being kind and dedicated to each and all being I, Adriana Vazquez, will my ability to get out of school daily without being caught to Toni Diaz de Cossio, Alfredo LaMont, Miriam Camhi. l ROSEMARIE VALENT E Mischevious still As a little girl who loves sneaking out and being with boys and finds in music be it rock or classical the beat and melodies suitable to her multi-faceted character There is an unattachment about her Yet she is a friend and helpful and understanding despite a facade of frivolity Fun and gaiety i make her but she is not affected in her way nor does she carry herself within anything other than sincerity I, Rosemarie Valente, will all the good times and cool par- ties to my brother. , 4, KJ: 1 - -- f.' fd, .-" 'rt' "f If , ,mf .,-ff 103 p1ww . .' 4 ' 3122:- I V . ,- -um, i f 5. ,- Z' '::' '. 'wt' , , 1. ,U ,,-.,, - ,.. .. . , u 5, ,. 5 , .1 . , .gut .ugh .. -' fl... .--ur... MARIA LUISA VERGARA With a laugh she greets the world and all are happy with her for her gayness and carefree attitude are contagious A sincerity that is so much more attractive than the hypocrites she dislikes An ambition to be a horseback riding champion and a mother An ability to paint and excel in sports A talent for sociology and curing anyone's blues are all her and will continue to surround her with friends I, Maria Luisa Vergara, will my ability to skip two periods daily without being caught to Anita Solares and Diane Goslinga. ESPERANZA VELASQUEZ MARTINEZ DEL CAMPO Not easily deceived for she can distinguish right from wrong Not a blind follower but a possessor of an interrogative mind that seeks answers through experimentation Yet she thrives to be happy and make others happy and always share a bubble of laughter Boys and clothing volleyball and hiking music and reading make her versatile and prepared to challenge all Not a dull person but one of many virtues preparing for a happy life l, Esperanza Velazquez, will my ability to skip and not be caught to Martha Gottfried. 5.5 FEDERICO VON BORSTEL Well-traveled as well-learned in all fields Open-minded as well as respectful Baroque music a hate for conceit admiration for Gonzalez star gazing and billiards make him as universal in his experiences He appears unmotivated and uninvolved but within him is a constant dedication and a yearn for learning and knowing more and more about his world l, Federico von Borstel, will to Joanna Lancaster my abi- lity to go through school without doing anything. ROGER VILLAREAL GONZALEZ There is a sense of ambition where there is a desire to enter politics and be great and admired as he is now Flying hunting and driving - excitement and energy for one so restless and masculine as he But the surface does not hide an intelligence and discipline and respect and the open heart of a friend which he offers With him will come success as he has combined the emotio to create a unique person I, Roger Villarreal, will my ability to drive safely to Max R. Tudor. r AL ft aa? nal extremes 9 fi gl 151: of .1 1 jf .TERRY WEISZ' Vivacious and talkative persuasive and appealing as a girl no one can dislike for her humor her generosity her fun-loving nature and her light but realistic outlook on life Her ambition is to marry and be happy and to travel and know more and more just as she yearns to continue her studies Tennis and soccer collecting flowers dancing and opera make her as diversified as in her talents and abilities I, Terry Weisz, will all the wonderful times l had in this school to: Toni Diaz de Cossio. Lilia Robles, Marcela Basail, Lucy Climent, and Camila Koenig. N DEIRDRE M ARY MARGARET WALSH Temperamental but not unable to be a friend and be understanding and kind to everyone Basketball and volleyball are the active pastimes of an active girl as bridge and baking focus on the femininity and domestic qualities of one who could never be just simple and quiet but energetic and opinionated Where she dislikes hypocrisy she is frank and sincere and where she dislikes naivete and ignorance she is ambitious and willing to learn and be special But to be special is not hard for one like her who already is I, Dee Dee Walsh, will my temper to my brother Dennis in hope that he will keep up the Walsh tradition in the Hall of Fame. - ' dv-. . . r if 4 f MARY SYLVIA WILLE Sophistication and graciousness within a woman A of extreme femininity and sensuality with the desire for good living and romance -- a flair for the artistic with a talent for painting and an appreciation of jazz and blues and the imagination of a young woman who yearns to be free - to own an apartment and a St. Bernard or to sit in a dimly lighted living room with someone special But above all to be herself - ' that special combination of grace and thought I, Sylvia Wille, will all my forged notes to Mrs. Tessada. May she use them to her advan- tage. ft' ANNETTE WEITZ An extrasensory perception that can tell her when to laugh and when to be and share in seriousness not rude Never bold but a truly affable character who enjoys humor and dislikes hypocrisy and lying Reading and dancing volleyball and swimming complement a never affected and always true person She avoids those vices that could never be hers and moves instead to make the world as happy as she I, Annette Weitz, will my happy hours and good teachers to my brother Robert and my sister Norma. all 107 MARK YCUNG He is a perplexing personality - intellectually inclined quiet and reserved but equally as fun-loving sociable and free Well-traveled as well-learned and well diversified in interests from golf and tennis to Bruebeck and reading He is withdrawn but not apathetic He is quiet but not dull His person is a misrepresentation of himself for he is characterized by hidden qualities and a secret way of being l, Mark Young, will the class of 1968,to be soon for- gotten, knowing and hop- ing there will never again be one like it. HERZGNIA YANEZ It is not non-conformism or rebellion which makes her different but a desire to think for herself and be herself and accept that which is fitting and fair in a challengeable world Simplicity from a practical approach - plain but imposing clothing that breaths her style Classes - philosophy and history which sharpen a sharp intellect Sports to satisfy an active soul And a yearn for people to live with and think with All means and ways exist within her and she is beyond doubt a special person I, Hershey Yanez, will the Great Pumpkin to those who doubt or disbelieve. .pr-' . 'Y tx 8,5 SANDRA LOUISE ZORRILLA Reserved but definitely outspoken a professor of a self-made mind who loves drums and pop music reading and humanities and dislikes people who unlike herself are too aggressive She is an imposing character tall and attractive and striking physically as well as personally She is proud and hard to know but once one penetrates into her self she is the closest and truest friend I, Sandy Zorrilla, will my ability to get embarrassed to Bunny Englander. f --'skitrxiw , MARTHA QHESLER ZGLLER Unlike anyone else in her ability to lead to teach and learn to give and take but more important to be a faithful friend She is frank and outspoken but always energetic with a will of iron which cannot be destroyed or weakened She is strong but beneath her outward appearance lies a sentimental and sweet person who finds walking in the rain or being with someone special as great a gift as the challenge of life which she has met and taken in both hands and molded into what she desires for herself as well as others I, Martha Zoller, will Sylvia to Lorrie in hope that he will will me Harry: to Kath, Deed, Chris, Cheri, Lynn, Don, Den- nisgand Hunt l will my temper. lil V .1-',. ay 7 1:5135 I . 7, L yffkpffif- ,fp r I r if I 3 , qi' . a' I, ' 'fgfgr-flirt .M ff l: ou' J f:i.nzi'i""' 'P' 109 HALL OF F V . A f 'e X H Q ' x' - sg: X ,uw T-' '-0' 'I ,X G., 'h . 3 5 Q I , 2, l F 1 ,L , Q M -swan I wx 'f-Ii?-'gg , pg 'f ggf-.9' 'L u.,l-' ':2'1'li-11' 43 . if , , f, fyxt.:-',Y5', , .r-ha.. .qs N ., my ', n-.4- ' V . 4 V, ' X, T , , it f , . wr-57 - . Q XL,Ai1'f " . .- 4 J R x. V . W 'f' . H, -4 'R U- g-"'5'yA63- Wifi-" ' -..-4g5viui'v11W .lem-"Wi" A , ,V J- -Q '.'i2Q7'S'1 .iviif 'V I' ' A Q, - 'I' Q A A,iT"v. L ' ' -'Wx' - 'v 1 1 '1. ' -, S M ' ' if J - -A '- f P. .'- ' f 4- ,.,'. . Y: . I - ' A s,4 f, . ' ' Q . 5- 1 t ff 5 " '- L ' 'Wi U els 1 1 A75 . . I ff: ,- 0 7 MR. TUDOR C H ERI OQUIST gl , 5 Yi Q gk 4 , . . A .Q ..,n , .4 I Q s nf S is J Nc P 4' I V A f ,L . .. gy- , -Ti 4 SUSAN MCGEE MARK KENNEDY MOST POPULAR 13 ALWAYS SKIPPING BEST DANCER Phil Surman Jan Senten - Laura Ochoa Debbie Hirshfield BEST DRESSED BEST LEADER Joel Barranco Bill Sabin Karen Doehner Martha Zoller -..,.-4' no-"""' BEST LOOKING BIGGEST FLIRT Bill Sabin Chris French Andrea Ros Cheri Oquist CLASS CLOWN CUTEST ' - Mark Kennedy Alex O Bnen Susie Merritt , - "' '- ' :-...,.- 44. ,. 'A AA- ., '10, A f K ,MS Yi' w 1 q H ,, V.. , .- f, l N MQ. 5 5,1 - 5 .17 F ' NW. T'-5. ix M , lg lf. Q, -L35 1' EA if f X .. A1 WE, Q TJWH, L A- "1'1V?"fzJfi rx 'MJ V 1 f 4, L ' I f .fx ,. , 5 ' xA'p,Q' ', ': .ml ,', , , f- -J- , . 1 . ' ,1 x 'z gi 1., vs . .4 v ,V Vu , 3 H 1 . . , ,dia , Q 413: f-1 " wffkl-f-3-if A gf lf' ,ft jd.,-nw. -.s X . .px M ul H Y- ,X at gif?- ". -X A M X1 s M .N -.1 . K2 -f ,fpf ., , ai, .x QAQLK 1 sf. 'l 4 . 16, rf .f' Q Y 5747. ffm " 'Ai , if ex- p 5 K, 'IH , 4.1 . ,www ,z ju A, K, :P wr MOST ATHLETIC MOST COURTEOUS Paul Casanova Richard Picard Kathy Donohue Marianne Covo O -af? MOST CREATIVE MOST INDIVIDUALISTIC Carlo Novi Dave Rocha Lynne Johnson Sandy Zorilla f!""f"!"l"'!E5 . i .naar ,W -E . 'Lt' 'N 4 I i ,' .Q W 9 ' N4 . Y sit!! X P: K ... "i 2 . ' ,T p I . S n. Q S 7--9, is v 1 I u 3 ,pc "J" 'V P-1,8 1 I X'-, .4 Q My .gs in-ramjm 1: . , ,i,,Jb,,,,tq2 , 1,4 7 4 S ,3 'R 2' K N . - , -'feng . V .-' T T if i - ' if . pp. ..,,. V kk V: 114 ' MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Dennis Small Ann Ferry MOST SINCERE Manuel Escalante Pat Briggs W- -1 T?l9a.l'f97?5'i' A' Surg, I 'Y 'Iliff' ' . 3 xx .. Kar 1 l .1--. , 'L wa -Wad' .HAH 5 ' O lui MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Olie Hoff Martha Zoller 44 . 1 l X x MOST SOPHISTICATED Mark Young Laurie Jackson MOST STUDIOUS MOST TALENTED Dennis Sheehan Hunt Hobbs Patty Ordonez Erica Brach MOST TALKATIVE MOST VERSATILE Roger Villarreal Don Ross Cyndy Cayco Susan McGee x f - RQ gtfxjx FK, fgvrkl ' V V:.gf2j1.g,g ', 1 5 y A, 'rf A 5334 ,El vs Q v- niagvj' 7 ' f 7 'X 1 'ffggfafy 3 1, , " 'fl T le !:""'5,'fxf F T K . an N X: it . . 'fe N gs , ,sr 3 xiiiit A xl if . ' - ,155 Q 4 ""'Q'HF""' 4 5- I ,C-I 4 lg Q QUICKEST TEMPER James Rattray Dee Dee Walsh SHORTEST GIRL-TALLEST BOY Dennis Sheehan Karen Bishop "Nav 5' ' 1 " 4 ' ' Vai: 2-S ' W - - ""',s1'... - ' '1 QUIETEST David Jeffcott Hilarie Heath TALLEST GIRL-SHORTEST BOY Manuel Escalante Marianne Covo M. , ? - . -an-' I 4 UTE T BABIE z T -13'-'-.ifvf 'Gnu P' , V -,sf Q ra ,Qs-Af qmg a K . vw M f "lf-,-1---.. AMW '. ' 'e7"fx- f',g'3i..v..": ff- ,Q ,ff -, K . Lge: saggy , J V' ur , V - wgzf, . -' -1 ' K 1' ' Chuck Thornburg: "And this is my Kathy Lonnquist: "Aw, I had this contest smile of confidence." in the bag." i- ' 1- -V S - k .' ' -.D - ' ' S' . 'y' ...arf-.y A , X ' -A v .v Dennis Sheehan: "Small Fry." "" V ' -' Q44 La ' , Bob Sands: "l wonder if they will let me wear huaraches to graduation?" ura Lockett: "My hair will never reach my knees!" ,, -. , A if iz . V f V ' ig- 4 QI . fi , ill' ,-T - r " In 1 -1 1 V .4,, I "A l - H ' I Dee Dee Walsh: "Now do I look like D ' V f A Davld jlefffzotti Yov d never the irritable TWG?" Duncan Salmon: "ls the world believe I got Ouietest, round flat ,H would you?" Kathy Donohue: "Oh Dennis, shut up before l rumble you!" '- , 1 4 . ... f --....a,..- .-...a,., .4 gf l Dennis Small: "Anything you say mommy." -gil of 4' r . u g iii, fi , 1'3'7:"?-" '51 33311.-1" I '. -, . ' f- ' ':'51 " F' 'P .. ,' -,r . ' -. - gg v. ,-.A--" , 'frfffz yy, - . x 15 k-JT - 'I . gi, -' 0 D , 3 - . 1-flu. ' l .1 . "gym l G l Karen Doehner: "Hermann did, did he?" l19 L Adrian Oskam: "l'm the monster from the Black Lagoon." "" A " l Vs' Wai Sandy Zorilla: "Who wants to 5 . -!Q'!!h-EV! U, - 4,1 be my first patient?" Q K ' 4, . ' A S I' L N 4: at ,glam-11 st-.1 1 sf! K4 'A ' '....!3 W. J f esegi WA: -"Q, QT-"-v " 1 goo fy-Qi fa g V . 0. A+- .. .Q ,l i ,, ' j . u-4+--5' H . -rf-H ' gg ,Q -'ei 1 g , g , vi ....-+5tc:z,g:,'f-Q-s-4:4 I Q " tl url -Nfl Hunt Hobbs: "Hold that pose 'M ' 1 x , while l get my camera." -C, tg, , ,ss "' lun- WL , I ' . ' ' A ' ew! .f w'f' MM Jmmiwifflvt , e 33 QA s. Connie Cutting: "l don't want to f' 4' -if "In-' wear shoes or socks." gl . Q' , -1 1 Yvonne Rencher: At least " ' 5 L gf If I'm prepared for these , lr- l. l . afternoongshowers?" 1 l as f'a1'wb,f5 as i' Andrea Ros: "Would you like some sand?" Dianne Rogers: "Personallyl , , I HH , think all of them should Mark Young: "Nothing like a cool Mana Iiiusa Ver9ara'7,, ey' 'S 120 and could." drink on a hot day" ' my tum yet' " 4 as 1 nne Gomez: "Shhh. .. I've got him in here." hi 1 I ! '. ,Q ,L ,X K i r, U-X by - ' Tm! " Qi? Laurie Jackson: "Of course I'm sophisticated!" Dave Rocha: "Where's my bottle?" , Carol French: "Hunt, don't you dare!" I L " A 1 rl.. i 4 .W 1 P 5 Chris Love. Is this F' f F ?ll . 1 - Z ll I Martha Zollerx "lf you say one more word or e mum Da:iILlp?te'n Dey qfm t , ,, pt in you hands! I I! throw my sandbox at you! 121 - ,,, 3 , 'i', ii " , i .. I fU5 7 'r "' . Cbx , 11 Y l 1 ,.- l I - A., 5. 2 . E N C It X S ff i f , .A - . ...s, -fl . -s. ,- . 3 3 .Akt M., --..,,,.,w ,nk M . L . X F Q ei ' -I i ,W .. .11 U n ' 4if"f "NN -Q. , . Q ' if wsziiasafsisgs Pat Briggs: "Why can't I cook in the kitchen?" .ww Q i 'rf ffxfifi 3? Q "' Josie del Rio: ",gAy, que paso con mi pie?" ,, if - 'l ' u vi , ' - X A u 9' ,, 1 1 xiii ?"4-.4 , w..j:5'3'g 'y "-"M ,.- JJ. ilyg-j . 'L,, -'rx rl.. . T' 1 . ' 1 Qulqa fu. , -9 J q2, ,,r-ag, . :JM -Q 3 A Fgnxgxkx rm intl Q Charlie Baumann: "Get me " " SQ outta this chair!" l 4, Q is Q59 QM., A R , ,gk ...A "Yin, e Q . , i . r , 1 . :.- l.b. fi A, K fn... Q L -QKV h V 6 in 1 E 5 ,Q Q' k X is " 'iw . ,,, . -3-gg . Carlos Ramirez: "Poncho ' ey la IIanta." , , b. ,lg M A., 2 gf' Q I , A fe of w sf A. yr 0 li 3 5 aA.i . -I '1 ,. 3. Af 'M -1 4:4-ssiv ,'ri,' .M A "' lv S - hx- ,,. Q if f is Q .: . -Q .Q 5 sub xr -'Q 'sf-. gl 1. , -- , L. K -agp r - . .- 1 f , 'Q' K, , 5 "'u?'t Q, ' ei M i qiifflk .1 MM V MMP! ' .:-Et I vb Ek' Rl I . - ll , if " e ' N Jessica Pena: lm ready. - i ' J' Cheri Oquist: "Who, me a flirt?" David Om MBU? fhis is my 122 best profile. "Where's my bowling baIl?" Ngx t 5 af' Lynn S' 5 ,,,,.,,.fwmf-v ,,,.:-.1911 I-lilarie Heath: "Ahhhh, security. Jan Senten: "Amherst, here I come! s wi viii! an ,ey. a V' 4 t 5 I yligf JimAConnoIIy: "And this is my Sunday suit." Bruno Krakowski: ,,.qi' 4' n . i 1:11034 U Ax I " Om., 1' an is t it if FX ' , Q ,.ti aggffkff 4 s :ME . , J- X' - X . W, - 'ks Gonzalez: "That's a good idea: lets 90 fell TUd0f-" Beany Tokerud: "You look more interested than I so why don't you graduate?" 'l I alfa A . , , 5 X r . . Q' 2 . V if 0 4, fi? A 3 ,ll .K ,tlfl J ' 1 'f A' ' ' 'J .rl fy 1' y " Lynne Johnson: "But I can't sing with my mouth full' 'V' K 5' iifggf s ' V V9 4 ' , , . ,- 'r' - ' V ii 'Q V- 2'-P ' .. . sz. .sl afgyi- '--1 -,.,,.""1 .' ' 1 sw fn. -.. . .Y if I. x,- 4, Q' .offrsfh ,xdir A Ax .A.r.f:34':: 3"'e..,,..1..g:".4g Don Muzny: "Three popcorn balls for these young ladies, please." A Tl, Q l 3 Q 4 I 'ut' IH l fx . It ' 3 'life fi 'f X' ' " 1' """' ::NkMF"'.sL.1"f' - 1 if ' W JY y.v..r I l ' 1..5ap..,4A 5' ,AVQTM X . ,tw 1 v ,, Olie Hoff: "I wonder if the coach .iAk',,gprg"' ,LI L ,- K M ff..',!::,'fA', ,Q . would mind?" "' fj :i,3t' '-"ht, ,,,. N- fight' ,.'T':fF , -,,. af- ' .,'..-v4' , Martha Fortunato: "'I hate to let people see my face." Q, ' pf as fi , ' ' X M eo.: 0 - '42 kwa' MJ' ', ,Q Q x... 'gt' U j'.fg,pgg 1l7'fif'1.!x iff. ' ,Q igimywyttlt , ,-ws?!i'w-,ff . H 5 ,?..lVm 4 ,mo V . V . v ' ' l" MFA x . ' xr e . X 1. Wickie Martins: "What kind of a banana 124 is this anyway?" Susan McGee: "Why can't we have the Prom at the Castle?" rf? NT 1 Chip Gehle: "lVlarbles? No, guess again." Bill Sabin: "Members of the faculty, students and friends.. . Edna Fuentes: "But I really can swim." ri 9 u Svlvia Botifoll: "1968 126Olympics here I come." 4' pq 4 ,Q I M .5 ,, Y V M rw A up is I Gale Brown: "How do you like this new French bikini?" ,,-f -.eff :Simi-5 ,W 1... f,,- - , . , , M if ,, -f. A, K - -5 Ulgvy, W ffiffvf 3, Q., , i-'E 'av 4 l E122 Y , an-4' Mike Horney: "Me a sculptor? Ha,ha,ha! Lillian Nicol: "Us? Look-alikes?" Qgfnfv 'aa :.., " ,. ,.,- 'ft 14 ' Vloleta Galan: "Are you sure Chris French: "We graduate Y0U'fe MV- Hefner?" in only forty-six days." Juana Parres: "Everyone's invited to my house for breakfast after the Prom. Ann Ferry: "You want to bet I Dave Thomson: "I'II be the won't be a Fullbright Scholar?" youngest Eagle Scout yet." 128 my ' . W or .P N C , . Nellie Benjamin: "I wish I had my pigtails back." f Ai I ' il . ,M V I Rosemarie Valente: "I disagree, I think we should skip now." ,1 . 4"""x, Jim Rattray: "I've always wanted to be a beach bum." Ellas Mansur: Why cant we graduate tomorrow?" Erica Brach: "I was 4-auf an early flower child." Linda Schon: "Ha, I just made a good guess." -1 l Mirian Camhi: "lt itches." puff W 5 . 'fsiifill l 2:53 K 5 . D' Q y u Carlos Proaho: "Donde esta mi camisa?" I Elise Fuss: "I'm sick of candy appIes." 129 1 I fe l- 'Q 9 9 fa it 'si :ii . l , A, i iff' K PJ- I . K x at 0 't 4 'TK' Patty Ordonez: "l'll never study more than eight hours a day." Joel Barranco: "Who says I'm not the Best Dressed?" Jack Feldman: "My car run out of gas? Ha!" l 1 l i Q . V f i A ' I x ts t , g I i 'ijza s sr . Sylvia Wille: "Am I convincing as the Paul Gutterman: "The next Shy type?" 130 Valentine is to. . .ima W 1 'N ' .sv we 1. 'V we x at y, r as Q, if ' K ,Tu Q. . 2' N I , Gilbert Ancira: "My Judo finally paid off." Esperanza Velasquez: "l was in the 950!0 fewer cavities group." M QQ? T If iy' 'sgsgiif ' X Richard Kaufman: "This is one of my secret exercises for basketball." OLD TIMERS if Iwi. v vu P www K .fa-in Erica Brach Marianne Covo Karen Doehner Kathy Donohue Jack Feldman Chris French Edna Fuentes Hiiarie Heath Hunt Hobbs Michael Horney Laurie Jackson David Jeffcott Lynne Johnson James Martins Laura Ochoa Pat Ordonez Juana Parres Jessica Pena Yvonne Rencher Dianne Rogers 68 1 S Adriana Vazquez Esperanza Velazquez Annette Weitz Herzonia Yanez Martha Zoller SPOOK TINY EL MANOTAS JO Track 8. Field Il-IV' - F h Cl b l,lI3 Eootfmall lllll-IIVI: Essence Ilg gpmard' Bgirgcaall ll: T,-ack 3' ow ing , Q Drama Club IV. I ' F' I Ill- L Letterman's Club Il-IV. Boy HI' Ie d ' ' ettermans Club lllg Bowling Il CH UCKLES Basketball IV. VIKA Anahuac IVp Forum lVg Science Club lllg Volleyball lllg G.A.A. Ilg Pompettes II. I KABISH SLIVER Anahuac IV: For- um lVg Senior Play Tech. Illg 2Q2,25tf,:f,T,b,,:"l Basketball IV: Volleyball H: Service Org. IV. G.A.A. llg Pom- pettes lllg Bowl- ing IV. 7 - . l , KIKA THE POOH BRIGGSEY Jr. Honor Society lp Anahuac lllg Essence ll: Impres- sions lp French Club ll,IIIg German Powder Puff Foot- ball lll, Bowl- ' llI,lV. club lll,lVp Chorus "ig IV: Arts Festival III, lVg Service Org. ll-IV. Basketball llg Sr. Play Tech. Illg Softball llg Pom- pettes lI,lllg La- crosse l,IIg Band l,llg Sr. Honor Society lVg Bowling lVg Entered Ill. GALE Sr. Honor So- ciety Vice-Pres. Ill, IV: Essence Editor Il: Senior Play Tech. III: Girls' State Illg French Club Pres. Ill, IV: Span. Club ll. MIRI French Club lllg Span. Club lllg Volleyball l-lllg Squash I-lllg Bowling l,llg Music Club I-lllg Guitar I-IV. FE?-x l Basketball llg Track 8. Field l,llg Softball Hn, ARMANDO Track a Field Il,lIl. BIG DADDY Presidential Physical Fitness Award lllg Track 8. Field I-IV: Foot- ball IV: Letterman's Club lll,IVg Yoga Club IV: Swimming Team Il. 133 N .A ,Z l, 'x . g -, . - S 4 K C .. ' n. sill' X ,A , 'el H. ff. 'Z '-A74 '. ,. . -.1 . . .. ' g "Ng .V DAVID Span. Club ll-IVg Colt 45 Club Il- IV: Wrestling Illp Entered IV. MARIANNE Junior Class Sec.: Jr. Honor Society Ig Sr. Honor Society III, lVg Girls' State lll. 134 CYNDY Class Office Ilg Science Club lVg Softball I-lllg Volleyball Ilg Arts Festival IVg Entered IV. LOOUITO Baseball ll-IV: Football ll, Illg Soccer ll, Ill: Water Skiing Cham- pionship III: Bowling IV. JIMMY Entered IV QP' 'Y' .-4.. 4"fvni"'s :Ftrs -uv I CONNIE Chorus l,llg Bowling III,lVg Service Organiz- ation III, IV, MARY Psychology Club III,IVg German Club IVg Class Pres. I: Best Citizen! Ip Skiing Il-IVg Tennis IV: Math 8 Computer Club lVg French Club IVg Entered IV. - LARRY Bowling IV. 'ir fl...- """ .AV S- JOHN Van Nuys Mirror IIl,lV: California Scholarship Feder- ation ll,lll: Student Council III: Entered IV. JO Jr. Honor Society I: Sr. Honor Soc- iety IV: Essence Il. WI ANN Officer I: Writing lll: I, Special Jr. Acad. Science Arts MANNY Span. Oratory IV: Track 8. Field I-Ill: Letterman's Club IV: Arts Festival IV. KAREN Sec. of the Soph. Class: Vice-Pres. of the Jr. Class: Anahuac Editor IV: Forum IV: Perpetual Apple I, Il, IV: German Club I. Girls' State Ill: Bowling IV. JACKIE Eng. Oratory I: French Club l,ll: Bowling Ill: Service Org. IV. KATH Anahuac lll,lV: Forum lll,lV: Eng. Oratory I: French Club l,ll: Basketball and Bowling I-IV: Track and Volley- bal I-Ill: Powder Puff Football Capt. III: Soft- ball l,lI: G.A.A. I,Ill: Cheerleader I lCapt.J, ll,lV: Letterman's Club I-IV: Flint Olympian Games III: Athletic Award I-IV: Soccer III, IV: Field Hockey IV: Arts Festival IlI,IV. ANNIE OAKLEY Jr. Honor Society I, Sr. Honor Society III, IV: Anahuac IV: Forum IV: Eng. Oratory I .- Ill: Scholastic Achiev. Award III: Arts Festi- val Ill,IV: French Club llI,IV. 135 MARTHA CAROL 7 ,, EDNA Student Council I-lllg Trapazoid Il, Illg Galaxy Ch I d IH. Illg Regent Scho- Anahuac IVQ For- O leer 'ml if dub larship IV: NMSAT um IV: German Club Span. Oratory I-IV IIWIPUP ' 'Ep III: French Club I,IIp Track 8. Field French Club I-Illg '. ' rm? Clom' III: German Club l,II,IVg Football Chorus IVg Volleyball glflee I,-D ass I, in Span. club ll-IV: Lenermaws I-lllp Twirlers Lug CI 'Elm-E I-IV: G.A.A. I-Ill: club I-IVg Bowling Span. Literary club II 'Vu ' n e Cheerleader Illp lII,lVg Arts Festival ' Soccer II, Illg De- III,IV. bate Club I, Ilp Archery Club I, Il: Entered IV. ELISIE FUZZ Perpetual Apple IVg. Math Club I-III: Basketball III: Future Teachers' Club Il, lllp Pep Club Illg Entered IV. 136 GOHDITA Span. Oratory IV: Volleyball I-lllg Pompettes II. cl-HP Boys' State Qlllg Football I,III,IVg Letterman's Club III, lVg Baseball IV: Bowling III. GFIANDMA Basketball IV .U .-.V-I--5 . MARK Entered IV. GOMIE Class Officer I: French Club III: Chorus I, II: Track 81 Field II: Pompettes III: Letterman's Club I, llp Sr. Honor Society IV: Bowl- ing IV. SPEEDY S.C. Pres. IVg Anahuac lll,IVg Forum III,IV, Editor IVQ Jr. Honor Society Ig Sr. Honor Society III,IVg Essence II Editor: Impressions I Editor RASCAL PAUL P A IVI Yoga Club IVg Arts Festival III, IV. Jr. Honor Society Ig Sr. Honor Society lII,lVg Pres. IV: Fresh. Class Pres.: Arts Festival lII,IVg Essence Ilg Boys' State Ill. Powder Puff Football Illg Bowling Ill. 5 V- 'e 5.i,.r.j' , 2 gi - . . I . 'VSA v' V. ' .5 V 1-tai i Y , ,. T 7 - 'i 'V Y F rn! . ' Q YOLY Senior Class Treas 3 Track 8. Field I, Ilp Soccer II-IVg Volleyball Il, III: Service Org. IV. .c Wil dp Il HIL Jr. Honor Society Ig French Club llI,lVg Drama Club IV: Bowling IV: Perpetual Apple IV. 137 ,uf - - ..,, ' V .L ,yi - , I-'V' ,. tagfvzi .- .1 3 ' "JN .C 1 . ..x if ' A f , 1 .2- S- ro 1 -sl 1' .rf --V.,-s .. I I. I . V af f E f ka-4' ! APPLE Arts Festival IV: Entered IV. . , ., ,II . I 's - - i' . l ig, I'1l"' ' " 'M 4A . 1' f-sdJ.w I z.. M: , ,, .za J. .P A . X . fm- j':v7' , Y, , rn., if ., fl ,Wa -Q ,I , .,'.,- 41. ... f' ni: as A , ,L 4, ,' . .muses 1 N W ,, N 1 Y: ,ia JL ' - n K I .Q W ,l W .J fl .4 v ' Q 6 .a V 4- . . -'fr KN- ' :Q n , .K " 4 , '11-if - . ff. . I ' ' "' FRP' LAUFIIE LYNN Sr. Honor Society III,IV: Anahuac IV: Forum IV: Scholastic Achiev. Award II: Eng. Oratory III: Chorus III, IV: Arts Festival III, IV: French Club I-IV: Math Club III. 138 X . I I I . . .lt s - ,Q 3 . ,, , Q Q .. L 4 -4 .. NIL.. if is I 'L wif 'N ,F hi. it ' X' J 2 " JV 4 r . A 'f'...f klax .n 1 U .rs fl at JUVENTINO Fresh. Class Pres.: Jr. Honor Society I: Essence I,II: Boys' State III: A Christmas Carol IV: Creative Writing I,II: French Club I,II: Track 8. Field IV: Football I-III: Athletic Award II: Judo Club I,II: Yoga mug IV: Arts Festival . I -Q, nf- OLIE S.C. Vice-Pres. IV: French Club II,III: Basketball II-IV: Football IV: Letter- man's Club II-IV. anal V: Y. A I A . I . in all -'W 'f KI 1 I I, . f , 1 t N I. ,Ln H. .I . 3: . Andwgg - cm.,,,Q,t 17. v.,,?58'lK' . I x - Q Y u. 'vhmfwsa ,A Q .Te 5 I A - 1 f , rf-a t . by .. ww w i v, A 'K 1 .jr , K , . " , - EL INDIO MANUEL Span. Club III: Judo Club III: Yoga Club IV: Arts Festival IV. DAVIE LYNNE FRAN Sr. Honor Society III,IV: Baseball I:Bowling IV. Pompettes I,II: Span. Literary Club III: Chorus III: Perpetual Apple IV: Arts Festival III,IV. Span. Club II: G.A.A. Il,III: Drama Club III,IV: Speech Club I-IV: Tennis II-IV: Student Control III, IV: Campinelle III: Perpetual Apple IV: Eng. Oratory IV: Entered IV. n f' , , ,. ,ur 'vq ggi? Q 0. Z5 , Q T .ti Q '- F sl. . 4, KMA JZ l - ' I .J -X . l 4 . A f KAUF THE WHIZZ BRUCEY LEE Sr. Honor Society Track 8 Field gl' W5 German I-IVg Football Soccer I-lVp , vb "" 'V' Math l-lv- Lenermans Bowling l-lv- BaSk?fba" " Sift? ESE' Club ll,lVg Wrestling Basketball l. Bowlmg HMV' e 3 ' ' l-lllg Bowling u,lv. terman's Club l-IV. DUNCAN PETE LAURA KATH Scoopette Ill Hi Scribbler IV: Essence ll: Pow- der Puff Football lllg G.A.A. IV: Cheerleader lAlt.J lllp Girl's Club IV: Mask 81 Wig IV: Bowling Ill.- Class Officer l,lllg Span. Club Pres. lllg Science Club III: Basketball Ill: Soft- ball lg Volleyball Ig Cheerleader lg Pep Club Il,IIlg Chorus ll Entered IV. 1 139 N ---Q5 I 1 LQ-f5I f -Y CHRISTOPHER ROBIN ELBIE wlckie Forum Editor IV: Anahuac IV: Basket- ball IV: Pompettes I: Letterman's Club III,IV: Powder Puff Footballl Bowling III,IV: Swim- ming III: Arts Festival III,IV: Flint Olympian Games IV. Span. Oratory IV. Anahuac IV: Forum IV: Track 8- Field I-IV: Basketball ll: Letter- man's Club III,IV: Football III. MAGOO Senior Class Sec.: Anahuac Editor IV: Forum IV: Latin Award Il: Girls' State III: Powder Puff Foot- ball III: Cheerleader I: Chorus I: Pep Club ll: Bowling Treas. III: Sr. Honor Society IV: Arts Festival IlI,IV. 140 x x it-M X TERRY DICK Entered IV. Qxggegifyy-al ml I BOB Baseball II-IV: Basketball I: Letter- man's Club lll,lV. SUSIE CREAMCHEESE Class Officer II: Scholastic Achiev. Award I, II: French Club III, IV: Ser- vice Org. III, IV: Bowling I. SUE ROCKY MH. BOO FIKA Span' Club HH: Essence ll' POITI- Forum IV- A Christmas Baftketlml.lg,iaE1cQm' PSUSS ll Arts FBS- Carol lVg'Eng. Oratory French Club ll,lIl. Fgfutfsmlv tival lll.lV. III: Bowling III. SALLY Baseball Ill, IV: Letterman's Club Ill,lV. CARLETON Senior Class V.P.g Boys' State lllg Creative Writing IV: Sr. Honor Society lVg Arts Festival Student Coordinator Ill, IV. LARRY Hippo Baseball N, A Christmas Carol IV Basketball Illg E':g5tQ'jt0'Y 'i B0W""9 'V' writing l,ll. 141 ,A LAURA German Club III: Span. Club Ill,lV: Club Lite- rario IIl,IV: Basketball Ill: Volleyball III. CHER Class Officer Ill: Anahuac Editor IV: Forum IV: French Club lll.lV2 Powderpuff Football III: Cheeleader III: Pompettes l,Il: Letterman's Club ll - IV: Bowling I - III Pres. IV. r 4 -.3 - ADRIANO French Club Ill: Basketball I: Track 8. Field I: Bowling Team I-IV. 142 amz. , x i v is C u . is """T?" PATTY-O DAVE Jr. Honor Society l: Sr. Honor Society III, IV: Span. Oratory Il: S.A.C. IV: Math Club Science Club I: II,IIl: Arts Festival III, IV: Eng. Oratory I-Ill: Scholastic Ach. Award I. Bowling ll,IV. rw ll PATTY POCAHANTAS English Oratory Con- test I: French Club I,II: Span. Oratory IV: Chorus I: Pompettes French Club I-Ill: l,ll: Letterman's Club Pompettes I. I-IV: Judo Club ll: Swimming I-IV: Flint Olympian Games. JESSIE Span. Oratory ll-IV: Creative Writing ll: French Club ll: Chorus ll-IV: Volleyball Il,lIl. p -'v'5"Q1C1 FRANK MONIN MONICA Track 8. Field II: Chorus III,IVg Arts Festival Ill. Wrestling llg German Club III, Sr. Honor Society IV. IV. U.. 1 I L ,A ' I 'al 1 .xv , , y., . CARLITROS Span. Oratory Ilg French Club III: Track 8. Field I-IV: Football III,IV. 1, . RATS Yoga Club IV. ' , "tif '1 1 se A " .V 11- V, . O ,f W fv. I :'.'f,g V . 'tra' , AUDREY French Club I,II: Science Club Il Chorus IV: Pompettes I,Il. .. . if hr' Qtyg.. .lag ': I' J ,- ranze. gg ,n -an ..J-1, tal mal ff I' CARLOS Athletic Award I: Tennis I-IV: Flint Olympian Games III. IU! A. Q 1 , 4 .5 1. Ugtii Q! Q V ?y' I f ,- ' 3 .Jn DAVE Wrestling I, 143 ,W ff .. .twig-,tape ' " 1.--1.1.5,-smff', wr ' ,ei 4, ' ..:-,pn--T V . f I ., , .Q-. gn 1 F ,fr ' 'f,n1.!3fw' un r ,: A I 4.4 f,g1:gg.n.,,:i3, f ,Q . - ' i '.-' yi, 'L U f-1 'T-ig '7 . g " 7 'I . W I 1 of -: in f?Z,.,i3Sf1 -3, I .I ' .f 1 V 'A gum ww I V A ' " Q, v X nn ,fi Wu-I Ig 9 . vw!! X I J 1 V ,iii any ' ' 'nn ' 'L ' " I- ' A PF : Ti f ' if-2 ...An : 2'-I-.rv 'iff' -W N ,,, ,,,, f- -in eww, 'Q My -I : ,h cp -is R T """ i. :unix . M 1 I by min! 5.1 . f' 35: :il-'fy my l SN , .Nl Q, r ,, A . V. We A ', "WSW, Q 51 5 1 "" , .J ,.: Q, ,1,5?,,, J 5-Jig-A4r'p,. I I HJ , , 4, Q r, DI ANDREA ZOO FLEX Jr. S.C. I Pres.: Soph. Class Pres.: SC. lll Treas.3 Jr. Honor Society I V.P.: rama Club Iv- Scholastic d gr. Hoguor Society IV: ' D Achievement Awar Sr. Honor Society IV: oys' tate III: C ffhfffmf fffol IV- ug French club Boys' stare in: Dinkit Lertermaws Club ll. 0 ev fn. om' III: Sr. Honor Ill: Yoga Club IV: A,-ts Pres., IV: Football III, peffei 'I ' e"P9' Society IV: Festival IIIJVI Captain IV: Track 8. Field 'ua PPG 'V- Bowling nl. Eng. Oratory III: lafu FISH Sr. Honor Society IV: Boys' State III: French Club I: Wrestling Only' CHUBBS French Club Il: Basketball l,II: Wrestling II: Tennis I,II. Forum IV: Anahuac IV: Essence II: S.A.C. Chairman IV: German Club III, IV. Lll.l Span. Oratory I-III: French Club I-III: Science Club Ill: Tennis I-IV: Volleyball I-III: Flint Olympian Games III,IV. TIROLOCO Chairman of Career Day: Bowling IV: Forum III, IV: A Christ- mas Carol IV: The Miracle Worker IV: French Club ll-IV: Eng Oratory I: Photo Club III: Chess Club III, ED Span. Oratory IV: Span. Club IV. 4-Z -W9 4 1 .4 -ll E w if 1 . , 1 I I ' ' if-.4 ' -4- I-IIT ' ."lfn il , get FD-cu' 5,51 ... I Q 'ii DENNIS Eng. Oratory IV: Science Club III: Chorus IV: Debate Club Il,lll: Chess Club I-lll: Entered IV. TENNIS BALL Jr. Honor Society I: Sr. Honor Society III,lV:' S.A.C. IV: Scholastic Achievl I-III: Eng. Oratory I-IV: Span. Oratory I-IV: Creative Writing I-IV: Math Club III, Pres.: Baseball III: Basket- ball l,lV: Bowling I-IV: Letterman's Club I-IV: Arts Festival llI,lV. LANI Bowling IlI,lV: Span. Club IV: Service Org. IV GONNY DAVE CHUCK BEANY-COZO Sr. Honor Society IV: Drama Club l,Il: A ah I Football ml Span' Club LH: Pgrpetgglllkpple IV Bowling III: Science Club III: T k 8 F- ld IV. Arts Festival m,lv. Math Club Ill: me 'e 1093 C'Ub 'Vi AWS chess club l-III: esfwal "UV- Biology Club l,Il. ROSE MARIE GUEHA French Club lg Volleyball I-lllg G.A.A. I,llp Club Literario lllg Letterman's Club Ig Flint Olympian Games Ill. French Club ll: Math Club llg Volleyball I-lll. ESPE Flench Club I-Illg Volleyball Ilg Basket- ball lll: Club Literario II. NENA French Club Ig Volleyball l-lll- c.A.A. i,ug Flih m Olympian Ga 'C GS HOG FRED Yoga Club IVQ Arts Festival Ill, PCYPBW3' APP'e 'Vi IV. DEE DEE Anahuac IV: Forum lVg Essence llg Basketball l,lVg Track 81 Field l-III: Powder Puff Football, Co-Capt. Illg Volleyball l,llg Field Hockey II,lVp Soccer lll,IVg Cheer- leader l,IIlg Letterman's Club l-lVg Vice-Pres IVQ Bowling lll,lVg Flint Olympian Games IV: Arts Festival lII,IV. TERRY French Club pw 'hs .I R s L1 PINGUIS TIVA HERSHEY MAC Class Officer I: Jr. Honor Society I: S . O t IV: ' Ceggtivdainlming IV: Forum IV: Anahuac IV: Rfr'g'::ttg,lfl1,:"' French Club III,IV: SDSU- Club Ill: U I Wlestling III: ' French Club I-III. Science Club III: P0mP9fTeS ll? SGVVICP Wimstonian m. Math Club Il: o.A.A. Org. IV: Perpetual Drama Club IH: II: Service Org. III, APPIG IV- Chess Club mf IV: Bowling IV: Arts Festival IV: Entered III. B - USH SANDY Pres. of Jr. Class: Pres. of Sr. Class: Sr. Honor Society III, IV: Girls' State III: Anahuac IIl,lV: Forum III,IV: Basket- French Club lll, ball I-IV: Soccer lll, IV: Pompettes Ig IV: Volleyball I-III: Bowling ll.lll. Field Hockey IV: Bowling II-IV: Powder- Puff Football III: Let- terman's Club I-IV: Arts Festival III,IV: Service IV: Cheerleader . I f' ,IJ-:" in I -Digi-1 H. get us .a ' 4 'TTYST1' 1 .. "',f-,f' k 2' 1 1 . I. ,r 1 ' fo vrgn, -Q K .5 Aflgk, ..X1a5k5.. fy- v ., . 'A vrd' il A xx 1 1' ,ll Q- 3 'fp-J " 'vw .3 iw Af. g Q"'N-4.1:-. N' ' --tin-1 . ' Q 1 W- uw H ' ' '-6? 559' X: X' ,gn 1' n ig ' .fy l F' -. , 'jlgl :M . W '- 1 ...,, - , 53 ' ' we 15 .ae Q 'E -EH E, I N 1 ' I ff' ' ' 'T' 'M "" w ' -!"'.5' ali- " -fi' ' 3' '77 ' ' s f - E -Nu " -'-ffQ'1:1, 'Q . A f' ' N V ' .P-"5-13 A I Argjvw -.gif .1fn,..,g,, ,XIX ' A -.Z ' ' M , .4 v VL. , J"""'L.-, . L .E 'J'-T" ' . ' ,F ' N 7 A N I 4, 'my E ' P glfq. 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' 'i K - 5 4, 315- 4. 1 a'rvf 'F1-'-of Malinda Bfffings Richard Bolin Robert Bradford Gloria Babani Q Q' C' Diana Barrera , ,sry Licha Becerra Judy Brandon J Melanie Buckner , X Eddie Chambless gs oan Christopherson ff Lucy Climent 'pgs .- Vip. f . Ss .sis Louise Cobb s A Lucy Calderon Marge Calderon Vicki Carlson .xr 'I U .KF 4? . ' -7 ' C . Q . A I , I, infix 3- i 1 2 l 'lt 1 , hex . Nl " C 1:-9555 25 i' :J-"""' - f Lainie Collawn Christina Coto Charles Cutting Ana Maria Castro Claude Chauvet M s st Tom Clark Neal Clinton :lff Lynn Cybulski 155 K' M . ",' is -gg K, Steve Davidoff s3'S3'fi5'v'Rf-. Manuel de la Llata 1'- FU? Toni Diaz de Cossio --'l X1 1-:7 Ernie Durazzo ' l 4-5 l fn l . ' - , ff ' I l I Chris Englander 156 O e 4 I fx 2 ' Hal Q - x "' Q lj . f ji l I !1 Hermann Davo Claire Dawson Jackie De Haven Johanna de Kanter 'R Fidelia Falcon I v V 'cv , l l l S is x ,D X4 ,X Margarita de Orellan Margarita Domingue as X ,UH I 'C , .. Qx Pat Edelen Denise Farina Bob Feldmann Debby Feldman Richard Fis 1 0 9 W N Paul Franks , K f . 4, ' .- dllllli X fill . , .0 X ls x - Q Laurie Garcia - nxfla Susan Gehrke ti Chris Flick Candy Fly Bonnie Ford Margo Franks I I Tony French I' vs 5 Bob Garza Y1.x'4 Q fu" s A lil.. v. Ronald Goldfarb Bedelia Gonzalez Norma Guadalajara Cassandra Haas Warren Hastey Adriana Hobbs 157 'Y Jo Hoereth YI Mike Jenkins 'T .rf -I, 4Q M . lx J Joan Kent J E ii i 5 J uammy Koenig .9 . iff:- '1'-i Kate La Montagne i 158 as --:,.L,k 5 1 'Lorrie Hogg Donna Jackson Rick Jakins Debbie Jeffers .ii xi 3' 1' 'Q A it W 2, iii '- ei' wg-e. fi an Z1 Christy Karll f I f fu- x A E, 5 X11 i A ig Us Ralph Kernbach ' .f Alfredo La Mont YU Sharmon Lampley Joanna Lancaster Randy Lawlace Joan Leary 4.1 Joe Lerner Paula Magner i 1 f . Memo Margolis V11 4 : A A Nancy McGee Kay Meyers A ia ' '1gf j V Q -:r 14 Y 0 Wi' 5 X- X X Ana Levine Suzanne Lezama Hai-po Lindhnltz W r i i i Xxx ia is A" by ff Chrissie Long is Marcia Marfiak ff?" ,, I. . A l N v i 1 thy ' 'X Isaac Massry Diane McKeighen 1 . Leesa Miller Ron Miller Mike Monk Juan Jose Montano 159 Hannelore Muller . 5 - -1. Q I 1 Maria O'FarriII 1, ' " - 2 i 5 A Steve Ojalvo XTN' rw 'V .aug -v J Ray Patuel 1 1 A . 1 ag 's J Y Pam Polak 160 4 'Tx T ii, v1 I X Kathy Munro Fiadames Munoz Linda Myers 417 Q' A 'V ri A P' Doreen Pool Lynn Prairie Richard Rahn Maria Luisa l Jackie Nave Polly Ogden Steve Ortiz 'Q ip? 'Pat Plunket 'v '27 Q Brian Ray Brian Rishell Lilia Robles Martinez Rita Rolfes Q i S. Jackie Romney 1- fr - S , 4. ,ga . 4 sax N is A it 1' ' ' xi ' V v A ,ng ' 4-:af .vw-r 1. Af. if, ' K S , I .5-'z'.1.+ r' 9, -e.m.- ,- R 1 fzfr fig-'Vif r - W ' " 'Q "' .1-- , r- , R - 'S N I ' 3 S , w X 1, IIS? 'Mr Ben Sands Q' --f-1"'U " . ' ' Raquel Saucedo 1 09 K ' - Johannes Schiefer Chris Schneider Diana Serrano . Susan Shore Francisco Romero Mike Saltzberg Lillian Saucedo Jan Scantlebury . 4'- vf ' xx Steve Skirrow 161 Ray Snider Richard Titus 1' is g555fI'f'1 : ,,.4 -I Ed Trimble -' i W Alfredo Uruchurtu ' ' .Q ,. . t,.dA , . , it I Judy Wagner 162 Harriet Spilk X . P . img 1 Y Ron Spjut Diane Stanton Dennis Walsh ,.. X "- , ,W P-hillip Weatherbee Diana Welbanks . 2 K R .. f Gary Stutzmann Bruce Toole Eitan Tsacher f I s X Rafael Villaiane Judy Whyte A H Bill Wichtrich John Wisner ,WW MN asm? tc. mwy 1 'NI " x 5- 1 E 4 -X, tg. . :L ,T 5 -gym fkhw ' K "'f"" vi wx, Q, M , Qm, ' J- Q pf if y.xfw- r - 7' A G A . '10 ww 1 ff tw- . . ... x f. :Agia x Sam Wonderly . x . 5' Q ' V'-aff .sry ,Y -x gsm EH! , "ff N "K K, , ff fmvp ,gv'f7 If .-' Slsiflgf' is ef',,1 . ! Q i. A, ...M 225-rw ff fl S xxlll. 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"-.ll K X xl Willa Waon'er Thea White -C .f William Yakoubian 177 FRESHME Where the meadows form l an intricate mosaic of green r and the huge rocks split and.snarl there spills forth i a jet of platinum water strong and loud i and undefeated 'ETX ' " 'fn . :JY N , , X I-ff 15 1,9 ,a - . 1 4 v IJ' U 3: Q . ffl ' E4 N, - 'J ' Q 2' r -' A ' O if 3 - . l ,- Q Q4 F "'s'- ' A' 5' 1 -1 ! J Y' Q Qi 1. Q f f Q- 4 V' Q .. . ,MN lx 1 .1QA , .A .1 ,L ,. 'vii " 'or .gt 'W 1. - f .-9 , ' Z.-'.'. 4- ' Lx Z 1 Q, -,1.,.- Wg, 1, ' l: ..v,, 4 4 'X X. " wf'1's NT fag. 12, 31 ",V -, i :JF , I . A ' -72 ,zaj -' Q, ' ff' Wi 2"-' ,- '. ' . 'QQ ,xi "" :N . ' qfsk-an-"".'f. ' ' . 5 ,?w,tVJ mn , IQ, -Q, J ,- 4. -Tk - rr h I .1 Q.,... uhA If-' f 1. if ,. A x . f ' ' " 4- 1-.uv "' ' J . x..tQ,A Q.-xg' U 5 - fx . "f"l - -AN, , r'- I I'- . '4 l . "QP , ' ' . . 1 ' - 'A K . ,.'iv' ' 5 Q- ' T -Q,. , . fl - u- ' Y p Q33 -1"Q" ' 2' R nJ",', . 'fx -aff. .ww f .1 . 1 l Y. 5 ...'!. - ' Q' . T! X 4 s.'Q . 4- . t' , . L. 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OROZCO 0 COUNSELLOR Y uf K H, I . "I:- 1 MISS PIERCE Q, SPONSOR 180 .B -I X :gr ,rl - ... .-. ,....-,-u1 n ,O aw i 4 uf'-,y v , -,, - 1 ., .........., ww . q 4 - '4 bv- .,., , ' .f 'wut ' Jn-. .W , A9 nth. V I J 1 " I fl 'Qwv I 1 ,f-,4 2 I f . ff , -, " w f ff .'?'Uf1" ' , ff , ' ft gif f 'J gif ' 3 J ff. -' f. f, if . 1 A ,,.'1 'x' ' ' A A Y , Q K 4' VA 1' N , I -fi ' c' f' . 4 Xl - . ' ' 'V' ' 31 .J ' f I 5397 ' x '9 ' Q' , 1 ' , 1? f I ""'4jY" .1 - 5:5 M . 1 af if if .f f , 4' , fp j 'I ff' Z' Q -11, ' 11,5 , WL, KP uf ' - ' W 'F' . ff -1, ' .ff vw-Y" 'Y Jg ig' fi - 'viii , ,A ,. . ,1 45-443: It bg ual: L14 1 , ,. If F V ,,, M. hu---A-...Q ' MOST PGPUL M E u f f Alberto Abreu Eduardo Alcocer 1 i ,'i Paula Allphin 5327 Maria Luisa Anzaldua Ray Artiano 'vs f za ,. if i- Hichard Augustine i Maria Amezcua I , - B' I 2 V .u fr B, L 56 '73 " ix , -A2 X, AI Barich' Tomlyn Barns Alfonso Barrera Mariann Baumann i 182 in., Frances Anders -L Naomi Arrequln N-r Messod Attias Ted Banning fC' 5' ,, E Richard Bazely ws. I d.'fz5b -" A i no ' A I K x ir F .-:T-2, ...T-.:.."-SQA -4 I .. Ti -4 fi' Y Hans Beimler' Marian Blair 'Q l ev ,M it-1-"5" Jill Breese i s 'A1 ':' ' -f .qi 35 nu Chris BEM -nl .nl l 1.1-od 1' '9 2 15 Todd Butler Guillermo Calderon Alberto Camacho Shawn Bennett Vicky Berdecio Monique Bevis Silvia Camhi Laura Bills T? B-ruce Bradford , . -1' Annette nruwn 'V Q-1? Svlvia Bustamante . ', Silvia Campos 183 QQ S X Bob Chltty 'NJ 5, Randy C1lnt0n Bob Collawn llx N? wr""9 p+.,f Soobong Cho: Steve Clark Tuna Clark V Pnlar Cllment 44' David Cobb Sal y Cordell Steve Cornely Stanton Chrls Cox ff' Z' Robert Crow Martha Culebro Karen Cuttmg Carl DAcosta Lnesbeth Daeme 184 Q , f A rr - I ' . f Y Q4 N 3 t , -sv o " ' U E rf. r 'Q -f Qflimmv Q' J ' I o r , Fx t C w K! X ll if 2 XA QQ .i ' Q ., , K QZWI4 V F Q I xii? , V xv W 4 A C e rv ff of it A qu Xrflh. x-,X Q Q 'h ,f . ty- fz i ' , :W of 1 9 1 f A t '14 li I fy, I , K. I 72' g I C A i n mf. f- f U -v R 7' -1 .. J, ' 'C-' 0 1 . 4 X ff' f I "T Jalan. . t X 5. NJ Q I W K J -A 1 ak , Y' r 'T 1 ' , C -Q: 1 ' X V, ii 4 t F Gidy Daemen Julie Dunn Ake Ericsson John Ferry John Foarde ln '11, John De Amicis Billy de la Pena Marianela de la Torre Connie de la Vega ea, Riehard Fox w lu xr. 4 l Q .-:Si -V . ' ' NU" 21' A James Eatman 45,7 . J, ik , J S Eric Feldmann lb , , !, A I I Bob Fly 'I xx, . Q 1 .ls e- Mark Frankel Margaret Franks Julie Frederickson 185 - X HA, J - - -w CX Q J I John French val 'Gaiibeca . x, , f.. a, ' in 1, i , . Q P Ki XX K1 X '1 '3'-ix? Frank Gehrke David Goldfarb L 1,9 ' . J 5 Martha Gottfried 186 r' G C E Julie Frohmader John Gaither Lillian Galindo . it 1 Bruce Granick Leslie Granick Arturo Guadalajara Marion Gua Jose Raul Garza Pat Gehle N 3 i l .il lr ,ft 'C " b . s' QQ? A 1 ,J Mem'-1 k?3' -i n 'X A Marion Gimbel Phyllis ,MV L F- fs G " ft K ' 1 I ". sf 111 Ruben Hernandez Steve Hammel Rebecca Haynie Rick Heinzmann Albert Hernandez 4v-v 1 - Lorna Hogg I .,., E. U ,, ft - . ir ,. ' Nigga-, ' K A A ' 2 'Q iqbgkiit "V Nancy Hoereth . v , . Q . a iz an E 'X Barbara Holz , flew ' ifffz Tom Hotchkiss John Jauregui W t QI? '- 1 W' Elizabeth Johnson fi it ' . , Y X. ' M f ' J 1 X Swank: K . ggllgi N Q 5? 4 Na, . 4 '56 - it 5? f I' A ,,:' ? sw , X ' " t 'Ext 33-L. E' P -X' e 'N' 5 Kristy Johnson ,U F ff "'f"rf 1' 57 Anne Jenkins 5- Tom Johnson Arthur Just Brian KSHSSI 187 ,r,, X. ,. Kristen Key 'WX Eric Kraus ,,, ,,f' W Linda Lickerman Julie Koenig Lupita Koestinger Sonia Kosak 4-5- ", i x Kenneth Kraemer Sally Lawlace . fu ' 1 :Q 1 .Yi 5 'L a x ,, fly, A 1, 5 .0 , , Barton Long Marva Lopez Eva Loya 0 L rnagq, N I K 4 1 5. I Q uv X an X , L qi! E. lr- ' K UFS . M 'lv 'Q Todd Mac Gregor Carlos Malamud David Nla 188 Ilison Sara Mansur Elliot Margolis James Maroney ,, U, 3.46 5 'V R- ? 55 5 x i x . Y l i N Jeanette Meyerink MX ix. 4 Marijke Molander Ben Monterie in I rs 2 t' A X , r ,ff David Myers John Marshall Patricia McCiuown XJ, fa w 1,14 CD ID D Q. is 5 CD 2 pi. , A , f f Q 'ln X 5 g x 5 4.4 G CD :'..L,.... , . :nga x -L - Betty Monk -'li Roberto Montiei f ,f f ' ' H . Q S . 5 5- I. qs- , , -s A H 1 V uatfii a V X ' .'.'-1 l AN ' ' . Z :H 'fl VK' F I I h I I ,ll , A In 'Ns TJ I e.'1A,.h:, I A ., " ., ,i g, J l Q 11. A- I . gl, ij.-gfffg-'ff v img ,J ,. J ff, lil we if :mf Linda Naelapaa Marcos Navarro Julie Nave Octavio Norman 189 . 'sv 1 , ,rin xy f .X XX lil , V 2 Bruno Novi Carlos Olaguibel Rolf Olsen Diane Onken . ' Wg. 1 4. Henry Oskam . rf Elena Parres Brent Peck H! Sallv Piernick 190 l l ,H ' 5 li ii .QQ 1 4 i -ix 5? -.4 Christy Poza Donna Rahn Mark Rishell Erland Ortiz Darlene Palau r .A V ap fn' ., - Ti. Timothy Pauling Dave Perelli Hedy Robertson David Rodgers ago A ' fi Beatriz Salcedo X 1 ' , C A aa? A X 'P r '4 A ,,..-.5 ' 4,.pS'i: is " f wil Enrique Schon liqx Leslie Smith f1'55if'jtf1 9 " N fy in 'z M , S i i i I s i Kathy Spedale Gail Rodrick Cindy Rolfes Bruce Romero Suzanne Spjut T V" nf"'M ff Y ..-Q12 ' -, h -. .,, I y 1 L" f.l. fc? .if 'i 2 Robert Swaine Ruth Tacach Becky Rosales Mark Schaffenburg Irene Serrano .54 ,Wig J L. , Q Francisco Solis Todd Teichman 191 PD 'Al 4-P' Edward Thigpen Brian Toole Patricia Urroz Richard Urroz Ricky Van Sant nr fun , Monique Velarde N 1 lb ' 2 2 se p ,7 ' :"ji 4- ci Q l. 5 gy?-.:.4' ri' W M, 44 ' 'iff' W 9' ' Q 31: tw' . PA 'fi I 1 ' Nleljiq ii .W ,vb K . 'vit -I9 L . , f Q ,gtg , J ' , f lf .iii Graciela Villalobos W 2 " 4 .3 Stuart Vogel janv ,Q Et. Q V W A i- ..- Thalia Wachter Nancy Walsh 192 ,, ' 4, .'? it 1 4.' y,-rl li.'G:"-Z."-1.1! Tony Watson lt 1 I .5 'Sv 5, ' A .J 1 ti Joan Weinman 4-g Ray Vernon Alma Vizcarra FQ Alida von Rabenau f J", I ,'- .1 X . , .L H . -il. 'l ' 'i 1' LS W' Douglas Williams Mark Williams -6' l 11 i A Mark Wurtzel Qqr.4ctxx1r:r,.:.-if -. v . +2 flfmi r ff 1.4-..v-4. 'af ie , -iv 4 N Fred Zoller x ,. X' rr- gl . ax I A I lf, f my , N n' L , V ri " fill' ,Q ' i I il JL' '. Gail Wurtzel -6 AC Beatriz Zarzuela , 3 0'-.' WP' I 1 l Greg Zwernemann 193 194 HG URS A building as majestic as the stone which bears its weight and stands as a symbol of the greatness unseen and intangible but existent N . .1-f' ,,' if .Lx If- AMBASSADCR3 UP QL WILLIAM MARSHALL SABIN This award is granted annually to the Senior boy who has excelled in the qualifications of leadership, scholarship, and citizenship throughout his high school years. The cup is presented to him by the United States Ambassador to Mexico at the class commencement exercises. 196 AMERICA EQIC AWARD ,fill The Senior girl who best exemplifies honor, courage, scholarship. leadership, service, and com panionship is awarded the American Legion Award for young women by the Alan Seegar Post of Mexico City. The Alan Seegar Post of Mexico City deems this honor on the Senior boy who best exemplifies the qualities of honor, courage, scholarship, leadership, and service. RCDBERT A. AYUSO I ..., MARTHA ZOLLER Mi U 11,-A WL hmmm "'tl."iws. .PSF 197 VALEDICTGRIA 4-4.40 DENNIS SMALL The Valedictorian Award, 'sponsored by the Phi Betta Kappa Association of Mexico City, is presented to the Senior who has attained the highest scholastic average among his fellow classmates throughout the four years of high school study. 198 SALUTATCRIA 'lx 1' A I 1 4 . A ' ' r , if Q41 f sy?-,'1.f,-,'.c-.v Ai- 1 ,ui .Jw--"' ' ANN LYNN FERRY , a utatorian Award is also sponsored by the Phi Betta Kappa Association. It is awarded to the Senior with the second highest schol- Iastic stand' ' ' mg in his class. .A.R. AWARD This award is granted to the most outstanding Senior girl, by election of the Senior class, who exemplifies honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism. it is awarded an- nually by the Mexico City chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. SUSAN MARY MCGEE DARTMGUTH AWARD The Dartmouth Award is granted to the most oustanding Junior boy who is se- lected by tenth and eleventh grade teachers, the high school principal, Junior class sponsors and the counsellor. 5'-..p gurl xX . 0 : st X A RANDY LAWLACE C HGLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT n I BILL SABIN ' WIS, ' ,sk 1 RANDY LAWLACE MARK SMYTH A QF .7 ' :vii S' 5 1 . S I 7 GREG ZWERNEMANN AWARD SENIORS JUNIQRS SQPHQMQRES FRESHMEN ANN FERRY BONNIE FORD KATHY RUDD 5 BECKY ROSALES PRI CIPAL PECIAL ACHIE EME T AWARD ...X ,-is 'Y' Y 2 This award was instituted for the purpose of giving recog- nition to those members of the Student Body of the American High School, who in the opinion of the high school principal, have served the school as well as their fellow students beyond the call of duty. PAULA ALLPHIN Freshman Class Officer Athletics KAREN CLARK Sophomore Class Officer Pompettes Officer 531.13 Wit .1 BX L- , rs-A '- g-"Ew'JlR'S' l W iirb. 1 KAREN BISHOP' Senior Journalism l f . "ii . ' ll IL 4wnf71:,+tfsfr KAREN DOEHNER Senior Creative Writing Journalism Executive Sociology EDDIE CHAMBLESS Junior Athletics Journalism Executive Student Council Officer -x A . K r if 1' . . K: B ,T ANN FERRY Senior Journalism Salutatorian 4 . . wt' x . .WR I x ' . .y t .,: Q, it 4 1 'Z lkik-wi - x l A , .1923 s , IN, , t W9 in .iff 71 .A l LYNN GONZALEZ Senior Journalism Executive SAC Creator Student Council Officer RICHARD KAUFMAN Senior Athletics KATHY RUDD Sophomore Class Officer Pompettes 5 - DONNA JACKSON Junior Class Officer Drama POLLY OGDEN Juniors Cheerleader Letterman's Club Officer , J I rn" ' lu' " mi RON SPJUT Junior Athletics Journalism 1 . of E ills: ' 3 ,JK , ' LAURIE JACKSON Senior Journalism Office CHERI OQUIST Senior Bowling League Officer Journalism Executive Legal Permissions JULIE VAN DEVELDER Sophomore Class Officer Creative Writing Drama BOYS' AN 1967 SECOND ROW: Carlo Novi, Bill Sabin, Hunt Hobbs, Bill Gehle, Susan McGee, Don Ross. FIRST ROW: Martha Zoller, Gale Brown, Marianne Covo, Linda Mahr, Paul Gutterman. MISSING: Karen Doehner. A if , cw uf? 5' 'f ' i3-' I ul ' ' " j gg - ' NEW MEXICO if I 1- ihv xx 0 . as , 3 , ,A egg 1 so 1 I Karen Doehner Linda Mahr Bill Gehle Don Ross , I I, O, I 'fdffv ' , N- , LOUISIANA -QAQ "f"W' L1 5. 'W Susan McGee Martha Zoller Duncan Salmon Hunt Hobbs f ,lifamzs ' Z, ' ARKANSAS Bill Sabin Paul Gutterman 204 GIRLS STATE 1968 l SECOND ROW: Juan Nlontano, Ronald Goldfarb, Bob Feldmann, Richard Rahn, Al Allphin, Ron Miller, Eddie Chambless. FIRST ROW: Nancy McGee, Leesa Miller, Ron Spjut, Randy Lawlace, Alfredo Uruchurto, Joan Kent, Donna Jackson. MISSING: Vicki Carlson, Bruce Toole. Selected students of the Junior class, whose qualities of leadership, citizenship, cooperation, and loyalty are exemplary, are chosen to participate in a student goverment organization where their individual aptitudes concerning government are put into practice directing a model state government in a particular university ofthe United States. Sponsored by the American Legion, this project takes an average of ten students a year to diverse institutions in the southern United States, in order that they may learn the fundamentals of democratic government. t 'Ne BEST SENIOR ATHLETE '4 rf 5 n, i. fi E AF ANDREW HQEE KATHLEEN D0 BASKETBALL AWARDS Most Improved Player Olaf Hoff .. M., V? ...L. Cliff Gehrke Most Valuable Player Cliff Gehrke Captain Dennis Small ALL STARS ,rf r, ' Ji. 5 , .I ' A if X Ron Spjut 1 100!o Award Richard Kaufman John Jauregui FGOTBALL AWARD Most Valuable Player Mark Kennedy 's VARSITY .., f w i Most Improved Player Paul Casanova .- N I 42' ,ik ff., f N . Best Defensive Player Best Sportsmanship Ben Sands Ron Spjut i 'Most Valuable Player Eddie Chambless Best Defensive Player Bob Gibson JUNIOR VARSITY Raul Martinez X Q Z gn.: Best Sportsmanship John Trejo Best Offensive Player Mark Kennedy Captain Bill Sabin Best Offensive Player Bill James W Eddie Chambless INCESS CHNOLOGICO 3 e Dee Walsh RINCESS ECHNOLOGICO 3 alinda Bivings FGGTBALL CGURT II' lr 4' , il .V A 1 L? S JI -A VARSITY QUEEN I . TEPEYAC 1 Cheri Oquist JUNIQR VARSITY vi PRINCESS YAOUIS Elise Fuss N QUEEN TEPEYAC Polly Ogden PRINCESS VOCACIONAL 3 Chrisry Karll PRINCESS TITANES Christy Karl PRINCESS AMADO NERVO Karen Clark 209 r U 1 on , . Debbie Feldman First Place RT ' . FZ' . 3, 1-I . .K . . ,, . qi' . . 4 I K J ' PT' , ' w i. fl wiv: "- '1iffis,f.'T' S 2" 'hi 'J' A. infv-gg' , 35,4 Ki , ,Q ff A 'gf x ""' ' G X 'Q V W r v " gi. 'tl H' SQ 1 'N W ' 4: . 4 . " yn. r 'JY X ,x l 5 X H' IJ' :ar " .' 1 ,-., - W--4 - 2. '- V. . 4:82 D.-gi?Hi:iH,x.f: . 1 fl ' v - ' 7 -.f'I.'Q"' ,iff I ,R e 51:1 ,T Yi Liga .K . L, ..,.--an Ann Levine Frank Perez Second Place Second Place Mike Second Place Third Place Pop ,fu- Dennis Diego First Place Horney Lynne Johnson Pastel Water Color Francisco Romero Second Place Dianne Rogers First Place ' , - 1' 4 3 !.iff,hri?w ?., ,Pia ii 5 I . 44? , jf r k dif i h if I 4, Marianne Covo Third Place Carl Kravetz First Place General l Felix De Rooy First and Second Places O Sculpture Drawmg iiffff- ' fs QF . l an ' nal F Q af Mike Horney First Place M. ,, V l Y if , Ann Levine Second Place Diana Welbanks Third Place 4 ,L , ,,,A is IM, we gaze: -5 ., , l Joha , sm 1 Beany Tokerud Second Place nes Schiefer FirstlPlace l l 1 AN C Individual Cynthia Cayco Adriana Hobbs Cali Hobbs First Place Second Place Third Place Group l y l Polly Ogden and Co. Adriana Hobbs and Co. Nancy McGee and Co Second Place First Place Third Place Original Non-Original A-Tl' A ii' QI e ' , :TQ N- 4 ' Donna Jackson and Co. Susan McGee ' ' F Second Place Second Place, I iii Martha Zoll r and 1 .eff-2 ' 'A ,ff . Pg . ,,,, N 7. N 1. -T if .Li 1 it S -M A Q ' P- 52 - S 31,354 X A ee , , 'A 1 -F-S ..Q14f.?' 4 ' ' i ' ,L g SALT s - X' .1 f Ji I 3 ri' X . Hunt Hobbs and Co. Q i Mfr wj . ig Dennis Small and Co. First Place ' 1' T 9 f so First Place l Melissa Patterson and Co. Chris Flick and Randy Lawla Third Place T Third Place Pantomine .. ,N Peter Kernbach Sylvia Wille l Johannes Schiefer Second Place First Place I Third Place Lynn Cybulski Second Place MUI FO1k gi I, 'SSN . i ' CUZ: , 4. 'iii 4 A Q, sr? 4.3. A ' l P 1. -I Q- 1 .. r Q 'A' N H541 ' ,f 3 , ,Akin Chris Frenchjn-M Third Place Don Ross, Debbie Hirshfield, Paula Magner and Erica Brach Mike Saltzberg Dennis Small. First Place Third Place Second Place . Classical COMPOSITION i , INTERPRETATION Bonnie Ford First Place Mike Mehl ' ' ' Second place Paul G-utterman F1551 Place Sylvia Wille Lynne Johnson Third Place Third Place D- "1 Bonnie Ford Second Place fam W Ann Ferry Third Place HF 5 I I I I Experiment 21, I-1 3? Mike Mehl Hunt Hobbs, Val Second Place Wickie Martins First Place Bands I I I I I I Q 2 I A XL 35353: I 5 I P r, .M J -I ' - ' 3' 'rf . 1 -- 2-ij 'Y I ,. fi, :y i f f ,. -.,'2,.f" X 24,51 bl, ,' - Nm il .A If ,ri , ' 5 .gm .L K. ' lr f W ar' . ' 2 f , . , .f'--ff' .mu-. . -: . x W I -. 2 in , , . 'Q Sl., n. - r ' 5 pw-f. 'P' '-,-' f5s:lzffra""z. - 4. , I X -' - .I ,-. -Z r. 'r.n1..w-:,5.a:h,4,,Qig.-N , ' f:L.5""':FE'-iZ.5f'?: 'I ,ffl M " -N I , .f,,,y -. - . A 5,-tl-E A I Zoo's Menagerie First Place I I I I David Mallison Third Place U2 0 r ,gi K. J.. . M -M Us Qig, 'ts . A' I I The Stem First Place .IW 'Wi im., Photography BLACK ANo wl-me COLOR Hunt Hobbs Second Place . 1.4 ,- ' X: 5 A A' In v -an fa 5 , ' ii 'M ag X J., .4 A J, -1 I ,.Y.....A I , ,.,.. .. N., B Q - 1 f f'-I, L' 1 ' . ,. - ' . 'N .. . 1, .N . . ' Y X Hunt Hobbs Second Place A ' f'f px. I .1 I r ,. ,. o i Carlo Novi Bruno Novi First Place First Place Leopoldo Kram Hunt H0bbS Third Place Third Place F1lms Expenmental Forms il Pat Plunket Don Ross First Place First Place .JN fx Manuel Escalante First Place 4 O l Q V L Roger Villarreal Second Place 1 . 4 " Hunt Hobbs and Martha Eddie Moore Dennis Small Third Place First Place First Place l L . if ...--'-"' , Beany Tokerud First Place Anne Emrich Lynn Gonzalez Beany Tokerud First Place Second Place ' SPA I H URATGRY 1? Elias Mansur First Place "lmplacable" X ,ai . .n Q , -b. K-f+',:'lv"' . Qfi ' 'fxwzg . AM. x Wx - -413 Phyllis Goldstein lrma Gonzalez Second Place Second Place "Silencio" "Andrecillo" 219 .. JV?" Poesia reserve P - 'jlirip flfi' fr if 'x Ji, l ' , .X I . , ri ll u 1 3 09' Dennis Small Second Place T Juanita Third Place "Preciosa y el Aire" --paquiton Y i 4, fi fl: N 'Q ,y Jill 2 X, ,X v I a eg r v 1 ix I far , is f 5 1 3513 If QR., QQ .gif 'E if , V if Qs: 220 Carlos Malamud Bertha Mar Third Place Third Place Volveran las Oscuras Golondrinas" "Que Solos se Quedan los Muertos Discursos sq '1 Elias Mansur Elena Parres First Place FlI'St Place La Responsabilidad Humana ante la Libertad" "La 'lnfluencia de Maestros sobre Alumnos 1? Manuel Escalante Second Place "Evaluaci6n Real de Ia Democracia" 221 Discursos 222 l 1 I . fl l N 1: 1:-1 2 3 Miguel Ramirez Eduardo Klcocer Second Place l Third Place "Che Guevara y las Guerrillas en Latino America" "El Metro" Gloria Babani l Third Place Third Place "Revivir en NahuatI" "Amar" Lucienne Calderon Historietas I . 4 ,fx 5' fir. .-g R -gb 5 Lupita Koestinger First Place "Los Vendedores y el Anacoreta" ,- S pac , ' l Q5 -1.451 1 x. x ,N Sie Lucienne Calderon Cristina Coto Second Place Third Place Amanecer" "Las Tres Misschohete" 223 T 5 A Historic-:taSl ' . I A 4 , -me - Darlene Palau T Third Place El Ascenso de Ariel Buencuerpo" Claire Dawson Third Place X. Sara Mansur Third Place "EI Veneno de la FeIicidad" I., V A ,ff 1 . ,- E ., , . , . i ,. 5 , in - , .c- ffxx Claude Chauvet Third Place "La Velada" "Jonas" GRATGRY CO TEST Persuasive . effigy 1 ' -39. . ,f',, I -5 NY. ,., ,m - . x v5 Fran Jones -First Place "Let Our World Live" i uw 1 Dennis Sheehan Eric Kraus Second Place Third Place . Sm'oking, Yes or No" "Support Our Castro Government in Cuba 225 A- . W Dramatic Juanita Garciagodoy First Place "Persecution, Assassination" l 12. 1 P , l r E144 r-1 E I . 4, . ,K V . 1 , H+: I i .A -I ' I l i l I 1 I Dennis Small Claire Dawson Second Place Third Place Glass Menagerie" "Night Watch" Poetry X l Dennis Small First Place "The Hollow Men" zlg ii, John Foarde Second Place , ,1- :l'l'l so , Jf , 1" if f' f -if -up -H: ll' vu - 1 -4 3 1, I i "1 s ll 'Ali fn' ,n?hf. Cheri Oquist Third Place The Revenge" "Love is a Special Way of Feeling" 227 i Humorous i i 4 iPi.ynn Cybulski l First Place "So You Can't SIeep" f . 'T : 'X o U T + I Judy Wagner Fran Jones Second Place T Third Place Run, Mother, Run" "The Skin of Our Teeth" i American Legion Speech Claire Dawson First Place "Suffrage" Sv 'IS' 2 Ev. xx . X-li Marcia Marfiak Randy Lawlace Second Place Third Place Trial by Newspaper" "The insurance of Domestic Tranquility 229 To ou Mr. Tudor for innumerable lans and ro Y . ' P P ' grams for us, for often risking your own position to give us a little bit more and make this school a little bit better, and for standing constantly as firmly as the image we will always carry of you. i LEG FRANZ To you, Mr. Franz, for enlightening our paths with the light of your friendship and counsel. 230 1 1 5 " as-7 ' l l .Q-pr A MAX TUDGR i i l ' l l I l l I i Zi zrb A ,t hx . J, K J 4 t 1 V SHARGN GARCIA To you, Mrs. Garcia, in apology for inevi- tably leaving your greatest wishes unfulfil- led, yet in recongnition of the fact that through our attempts we have come a step closer to b.eing that which you would want us to be. ELLEN GQNZALEZ CLARK KIRKPATRICK To you, Mrs. Gonzalez, for always being there when we most needed you. , LX To you, Mrs. Tessada, for your constant care and attention which so many of us overlook but which we do appreciate and for which we are thankful. WITH To you, Mr. Kirkpatrick, for toughening us, teaching us, and showing us how to apply the value of sportsmanship to the biggest game we'll ever play - life. GIL WEATHERBEE To you, Mr. Weatherbee, for showing us the essence of existing as individuals in a world we will soon face with the fortitude you instilled in us. LGVE . I I 231 .NI it 1 I l W ff ' fl' A A H' 4 , . 4 Y I -1 ' Z ' -+I' I 3 "aff 1, if 60 I ' A 0 4 ,XE PY., . i ANAHUA ED DR EDITDR KAREN DOEHNER CO-EDITOR , CHER1 QQUIST SUSAN MCGEE BUSINESS MANAGER PHQTQGRAPHY 1 1 5 ! ,r S S gf A '9 A j A X. EDDIE CHAMBLESS A RCN SPJUT SPCNSQR MRS. GARCIA 'i STAFF ' KAREN BISHOP l . A 3' Honors 1 -'g il' f 5 Photography A wi E Layout " ooo, K N 'i' , L. XF- ,g'yx.Q,..,, ,X if xlyr, 1 ld' .,9t"nN le 5 KATHY DONOHUE Extra Pages Student Life Layout YOLANDA GONZALEZ Ads .":. '- J 1 , -se. , ii . "lr N ifrff! Sli LM: ,tl CHRIS FRENCH Ads Layout vi S' w-3' . 'WO llf'E,-,f"'xQ','i of-,.-rs,-'ttf 'Nfl'-' 9442 V l ffflP'?fgri2ggfl'i if ANN FERRY Accountant Secretary Sales Ads Layout ,fr- fi 1' 'U If I . . - .f 1' ,gavfffw 122, U,-' iw rtfwffovf LAURIE JACKSON Organizations Color Photos Calendar Bulletin Photography Ads Layout HERMANN DAVO Athletics Photography Layout Charlie 6' 167. fp A. 1 'v of 'dflfdl rfirffisliiififwnff, LYNN GONZALEZ 1 Copy-Coordinator Layout 5 . 1, p . A lt' 15.433 . ,fy X va 'Q . " 'I 41 fwfr 'i .. ,4l- .4 RAY PATU EL Ads Layout DEE DEE WALSH Publicity Supply Manager- Layout CHRIS LOVE Student Life f K I BILL SABIN Seniors Layout ,. X 6 L' I' ! 3 . , I f P :wig s 7214, fultr' ui lv BRIAN RAY Photography MARTHA ZOLLER Faculty Photography Ads Layout WICKIE MARTINS Business Photography DIANE STANTON Secretary Ads Layout 4 ' ' ,ff 3:11 ' V k N- ' sua it 1, E- I . Niki? ' EDITORS LYNN GONZALEZ Q CHRIS LQVE ' FQRUM ASSISTANT EDITCR SPONSQR I I REJN' SP JUT MRS. GARCIA 9 .NR 61331. b KAREN BISHOP Writer Photography 'S' t.3fi'itBeiisS1.1.xY.-I KATHY DONOHUE Fact-finder as I WICKIE MARTINS Fact-finder Photography BILL SABIN Fact-finder Writer STAFF gf EDDIE CHAMBLESS Writer xi :- Y. I I ANN FERRY Fact-finder Writer 6 9 if R SUSAN MCGEE Layout Writer DIANE STANTON Writer I .. I 84 , an I , 4' HERMANN DAVO Writer Photography -rf' CHRIS FRENCH Fact-finder I I 1 RAY PATUEL Fact-finder I I 6 ii I I fdki DEE DEE WALSH Fact-finder Writer Layout KAREN DOEHNER Writer 'A 557 Qui 5551? LAURIE JACKSON Fact-finder Writer Photography i ci BRIAN RAY Fact-finder Photography J A I Qt , tg XJ ,K 1 . :N N. -. CLK, 'l. MARTHA ZOLLER Fact-finder Writer Photography Layout JACKS-0F-ALL-TRADE I ' A - , 8 lvl l S-SNZQR5 ' 'MH SEHDZENE 'mfs' -1 . .Ld 5 s- T fi 1- :-f. , :yj1A In N STUDE T COUNCIL , , W W 'Y ' N NAT.IONAL PALACE' J J? L- 4 if Lf . . 1 . . W rl Q " f A E' fl 1 ftxl' 4 Q.9V'2i4., 1 1 ggi ' ML? th '. 'Ce 2' , ' 'wvx QQ, vp -X ' 1" M, H., f..-,dif f PRESIDENT LYNN GONZALEZ OLAF HOFF N N f' w f t 13 in Qi ., -4 R V rar ' 1 N SPONSOR A MR. FRANZ N W 1 M1 .I N . di I R1 Nm IL 'K "f:QTl ' A I 1 SECRETARY TREASURER NANCY MCGEE EDDIE CHAMBLESS E F -7 f" 3' ' R 414053,- WDP' v' lfL'.' fit-ng-QA SENIORS 'N Q I V J Qaxs-.x.. ... c'.I3:l'fI PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT MARTHA ZOLLER CARLO NOVI JUNIORS 4' !-- C I PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT DONNA JACKSON AL ALLPHIN SOPHOMORES ,Q id Jn. ' 2 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT JOHN BISHOP JULIE VAN DEVELDER FRESHMEN . 1 " ' " 1 v rig? I I dvi PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT PAU LA ALLPHIN BILLY DE LA PENA ! I' -PHY n. -I. SECRETARY SUSAN MCGEE ij SECRETARY LEESA MILLER SECRETARY KAREN CLARK F SECRETARY 27' 7 .v C.: 5 . X fill-x.-A rf? ,M TREASURER YOLAN DA GONZALEZ , 437 Sv- TREASURER RON MILLER TREASURER KATHY RUDD U TREASURER DARLENE PALAU BRIAN KENSEL Q. STUDE T ADVISORY COUNCIL DEPARTMENT OF J USTICE The Student Advisory Council, the student judiciary committee of the the the the .AJ Q? .VK SPONSOR MRS. GARCIA i i AHS, is a newly formed organization with a purpose of advising High School Principal on disciplinarylrpolicies and actions within student body. Although autonomous, he SAC is affiliated with Student Council which acts as its Secretariat. V l CHAIRMAN BILL SABIN w ef? if Q B l SPONSOR MR. TUDOR l l l l l Dennis Small, Betsy Munro, Joanna Lancaster, Nancy Bills, Mr. Tudor, Bill Sabin, Patty Ordonez, Jackie Nave, Viviannei Attias. l l l l ATIO AL H0 CJR SGCIETY PALACE OF FINE ARTS One of the few selective organizations within the AHS is the National Honor Society. Its membership is formed by an elite group of scholasticallv outstanding students whose participation in other school activities is equally as important. Its projects include an extremely profitable Valentines' Assembly and a student directory. be A ' Q A A, Q ' X SPONSOR - , A PRESIDENT vlcE-PRESIDENT MRS' GUTTERMAN SECRETARY TREASURER PAUL GUTTERMAN GALE BROWN JOAN KENT PAT PLUNKET ,',5,ry-vlv'v' ' ' r ' . 'I . ' W -I I 4 N I A I sf THIRD ROW: Richard Kaufman, Gale Brown, Vivianne Attias, Sylvia Wille. Hilarie Heath. Lynn Gonzalez, Doreen Pool, Donna Jackson, Nancy McGee. Ricardo Picard, Ron Goldfarb, Alfredo Uruchurtu, Dave Orr, Andrea Ros. Carlo Novi, Paul Gutterman. SECOND ROW: Chris Flick, Randv Lawlace. Joanna Lancaster. Don Ross. Josie Del Rio, Marianne Covo, Anne Gomez, David Thomson, Duncan Salmon, Susan McGee. FIRST ROW: Claire Dawson, Jackie Nave, Joan Kent, Pat Plunket, Patty Ordonez, Pat Briggs, Laurie Jackson, Ann Ferry, Phil Weatherbee, David Jeffcott, Bill Sabin. MISSING: Dennis Small, Martha Zoller. SERVICE ORG MONUMENT TO One of the largest groups in school is the Service Organization which branches out its activities in many ar as. Besides charity work, such as its Medcap Program which su plies Vietnamese civilians with medical aid, and volunteeer work at Fat er Wasson's Orphanage, the group works with the Snack Bar staff at selling food as well as food tickets. A newly organized project is that of cultivating and selling rabbits in small towns in southern Mfexico, from which the funds will go to Father Wasson's Orphanagel TIG li - ! TREASURER MARCIA MARFIAK ff I, l I . Y .. I . , PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT MRSVALERO SECRETARY DIANA WELBANKS JOAN KENT TONY DIAZ I DE cossio 244 THIRD ROW: Mrs. Valero, Hilarie Heath, Ste e Davidoff, Diana Goslinga. Fidelia Falcon, Anita Solares, Miguel Ramir z, Larry Wellman, Roberto Calvo, Jorge Salas, Carl Gonzalez. I SECOND ROW: John Luna, Connie Cutting, Dennis Diego, Erica Brach, Chris Love, Lynne Gomez, Pat Freemon, Stephen Hayton, Linda Myers, Pat Plunket, Patty Ordonez, Yolanda Gonzalea. FIRST ROW: Yvonne Rencher, Diana Welbartks, Elaine Sunray, Toni Diaz de Cossio, Dee Dee Walsh, Martha Zoller, Cheri Oquist, Judy Brandon, Ana Calderon, Marianne Covo, Hershey Yane , Marcia Marfiak, Joan Kent. MISSING: Anne Agather, Anat Arad, Lichi Becerra, David Campbell, Ben Candland, Frances Cuvi, Maggie de Orellana, Denise Farina, Debbie Feldman, Richard Fis, Susan Gehrke, Ron Goldfarb, Rick Heinzman, Bertha Martinez, Elizabeth Marvin, Mike Mehl, Susi Merritt, Betsy Munro, Don Muzny, Marlene Pastrana, Brian Ray, Dianne ogers, Karen Sander, David Silvan, Alfredo Uruchurtu, Willa Wagner, Sjlvia Wille. I FRENCH CLUB 5 FRENCH CLUB The French Club strives to achieve knowledge of France and her people, and to create a healthy and enlightening cultural exchange. The group attends lectures, shows films, and organizes entertainments and luncheons for the general student body of the AHS and itself. , L as Z L 1 X . gglsigg, I , SPXJNSOR 0" A 'A M DAME DA HAT PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT UC SECRETARY TREASURER GALE BROWN JOAN KENT DENISE FARINA DEBBIE FELDMAN 'iff xl' THIRD ROW: Allyson Grover, Peter Wall, Jorge Salas, Marion Guajardo, Bertha Mar- tinez, Hilarie Heath, Bonnie Ford, Denise Farina, Toni O'FarriII, Vicki Carlson, Fran- ces Aguilera. SECOND ROW: Betsy Jeffcott, Elizabeth Marvin, Carl Kravetz, Debbie Feldman, Anne Jenkins, Patty Gehle, Tina Clark, Christy Johnson, Luis Ramirez. FIRST ROW: Pam Heinzmann, Sam Wonderly, Laurie Jackson, Cheri Oquist, Susie Merritt, Jan Senten. MISSING: Gustavo Artigas, Jody Beatty, Gale Brown, Ana Calderon, Claude Chauvet, Lainie Collawn, Chris Flick, Carol French,Julie Frohmader, Norma Guadalajara, Pedro Gutierrez, Gaby Janovsky, Joan Kent, Alfredo La Mont, Kate La Montagne, Rosario Miranda, Lillian Nicol, Cliff Oliver, Donna Rahn, Mario Luisa Ramirez, Hedy Robert- son, Anita Solares, Eitan Tsacher, Alfredo Uruchurtu, Sylvia Wille. GERMA CLUB " ' fr E, ,. 5 - riff' li K' M I I GERMAN CLUB I I The cIub's main purpose is that of Iear inghthe German language through the customs and people of the land T roughout the year, the organization borrows movies from the lGerman Embassy, attends lectures, and carries out various luncheonsl for the purpose of cultural exchange. I ,. 'tw ' -J x"I 15 ', '- I ' " ' P.. , 5 , . I "-If T J I rf'3j61g? 'VM 1 ,, -I PRESIDENT SPONSOR , N , fffizl ,- -A ' ERICA BRACH MADAME DAUCHAT -I I fmfb'-3 VICE-PRESIDENT , SECRETARY-TREASURER JOAN KENT I DIANA WELBANKS S if grill W IIA ivsfgg 1 X Y J l :gf - l gil . w.,, . yyqmm -In I I THIRD ROW: Diana Welbanks, Anita Solales, Sharmon Lampley, Mark Young, Monica Pilz. SECOND ROW: Bob Feldmann, Richard Rahn, Richard Bolin, Jody Heath. FIRST ROW: Richard Kaufman, Diana Goslinga, Rosa Heiblum, Erica Brach, Joan Kent. I MISSING: Danny Mota, Bill Sabin. , SPANISH CLUB O SPANISH CLUB To acquaint students with the cultural aspects of Mexico is the purpose of the Spanish Club, a small organization within the AHS. The group regularly sets out to visit cultural sights of Mexico City, as well as organizing luncheons at Mexican restaurants. SARA ' FgESlDENT SPONSOR U fx," ' HN FOARDE MRS. mNcoN vice-PRESIDENT sscnemnv-TREASURER Jopv BEATTY NIGEL MCCARTHY THIRD ROW: Arthur Just, Dennis Sheehan. SECOND ROW: Betsy Jeffcott, Brent Peck, Joan Weinman, Gaby Janovsky, Kristene Key, Janet Cochran, John French, Tim Pauling, Ken Deemer, Bruce Bradford, Robin Ray. FIRST ROW: John Foarde, Jody Beatty, Nigel McCarthy, Mrs. Rincon. MISSING: Michael Wirick, Brian Ray, Chris Cox. Todd McGregor. I I Hs CHORUS CONSERVATOFIY OF The AHS Chorus has lent talent as well as pleasure to school functions and to charity functions outside of normal school curriculum. The Chorus recently appeared at the Social Security Childrens' Hospital to sing Christmas Carols. presented the AHS with a delightful prelude following the Dnama class' Christmas play, and sang in the March Arts Festivalw fy' , O y 1' , 3 ,iq ' K1 Q 49-.1 A n gf' I 5, SPONSOR SPONSOR K A E I RRIESIDENT Q VICE PRESIDENT MRS' FLOREEN REV' ARY TREASURER JOE PIER BETH MCMILLEN I BETSY JEFFCOTT ANNE AOATHER THIRD ROW: Mrs. Floreen, Rev. Herbranson,f Vicki Carlson, Yolanda Gon- zalez, Allyson Groover, Nancy Hoereth, Jo Hoereth, Doreen Pool. SECOND ROW: Gidy Daeman, Steve Stanton, Mary Louise Franks, Willa Wagner, Chrissie Long, Betsy Jeffcott, Madeline Pastrana, Kay Meyers, Pat Edelen, Elizabeth Marvin. . FIRST ROW: Marge Calderon, Joe Pier, Liesbeth Daeman, Lorna Baird, Pam Heinzmann, Beth McMillen, Anne Agather, Kate La Montagne, Nellie Benjamin. j MISSING: Jessica Peia, Linda Roath, Dennis Sheehan, Bruce Toole. Y DRAMA CLUB INSURGENTES THEATRE After being dissolved last year, the Drama Club once again was organized upon the demand of AHS students. Comprised of close to fifty students, the club presents plays for the school as well as the general public. Its last work was A Christmas Carol put on in December, and soon it is expected to present another play for the AHS. Y' I SPONSOR MR, MARTINEZ fu THIRD ROW: Melissa Patterson, Betsy Jeffcott, John Bishop, Pam Heinz- mann, Janet Cochran, Connie Cutting, Hilarie Heath, Sylvia Wille, Julie Van Develder, Julie Frederickson, Alex O'Brien, Joan Weinman, Gale Brown, Richard Bazely, Dianne McKeighen. SECOND ROW: Jo Garciagodoy, Julie Eckenwalder, Cheryl Bachman, Randy Lawlace, John Foarde, Cliff Oliver, Mike Apollonio, Don Muzny, Ann Emrich, Lynne Johns-on, Steve Stanton, Kay Meyers. FIRST ROW: Mr. Martinez, Brian Ray, Mike Saltzberg, Joanna Lancaster. Monique Valery, Donna Jackson, Lissa Hunt, Dianne Rogers, Marcia Marfiak, Julie Dunn, Jan Senten, Ernest Balleste. MISSING: Jeff Winsor, David Campbell, Larry Nyenhuis, Harpo Lindholtz, Diana Welbanks, Kris Lonnquist, Tom Hotchkiss. PERPETUAL APPLE The Creative Writing class, a number of diverse students, forms the staff of the literary magazine. This year's publication, the Perpetual Apple included the foremost in AHS talent, not only in prose and poetry in three languages, but also in photography and art work. Hunt Hobbs Cliff Oliver Fred Von Borstel Julie Van Develder Dianne Rogers Elise Fuss Marcia Marfiak Hermann Devo Herzonia ymgez . Lynne Johnson Hilarie Heath Janice Scantlebury MlSSlNG' , , J Karen Doehner Gloria Babam ,jackie Nave 0 Judy Casanova Bjarne Tokerud Miss Covo 25 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB TOURIST TAKING PICTURES This small group sets as its goal the ability to take accurate photographs while discussing photographic techniques and taking instruction from Mr. Blanco. The club occasionally works with other AHS organizations to contribute its work while learning at the same time. 1 SPONSOR PITESIDENT vicE-PRESIDENT MR' BLANC0 SECRETARY TREASURER LEoPoLoo KRAM STEVE HAYTON PHILLIP OJALVO DAVID THOMSON SECOND ROW: Eric Kraus, Barton Long, Dave Thomson, Hunt Hobbs, Bjarne Tokerud, Michael Wirick, Dennis Sheehan, Richard Hahn, Leopoldo Kram, Dave Orr, Greg Zwernemann. FIRST ROW: Marcos Navarro, Eric Feldmann, Silvia Campos, Eva Loya, Mr. Blanco, Melanie Buckner, Jackie Nave, Susie Merritt, Claire Dawson, Carl D'Acosta. MISSING: Stephen Hayton, Philip Ojalvo. l SCIENCE CLUB MUSEUM OF NATURAL HlSTO,RY ' The Science Club is a s II ma group of students who desire to'in- crease the interest in science among the students of the AHS The group sponsors field trips, lectures, and carries out experiments. Its largest, and by far, best-met activity isits annual Science Fair carried out in the Spring. aw , , f , 5 ,J , sf .I QI. :N 'Q i - .I ', inks R , SPONSOR T A fx PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT MR' BLANC0 , SECRETARY TREASURER MONIOUE VALERY STEPHENHAYTON, DAVID THOMSON DARLENE PALAU THIRD ROW: Steve Wright, Carl D'Acosta Mr. Blanco. SECOND ROW: Rick Van Sant, Barton Long. FIRST ROW- Darlene Palau Eva Lo a S'I 'T . . Y , ivia Campos, Fred Zoller, Eric Feldmann, Marcos Navarro. T MISSING- Monique Valery Dave Th . , omson, Stephen Hayton, Greg Zwer- nemann. l MATH CLUB AZTEC CALENDAR ln its second year of existence, the Math Club continues to provide an opportunity for its constituents to pose and answer questions they find novel and challenging. The club's aim is to interest its members in mathematics by treating problems out of the general classroom's scope. ' .air t 5 SPONSOR CO-SPONSOR MR. FRANZ MR. HARRIS SECOND ROW: Mark Smyth, Steve Ortiz, Charles Baumann, Cynthia Cayco, Richard Picard, Robert Ayuso, Phillip Weatherbee, Richard Fis, Mauricio Arditti, Fidelia Falcon, Patty Ordonez, Alfredo Uruchurtu. FIRST ROW: Mr. Harris, Mr. Franz, Richard Kaufman, Richard Bolin, Bruce Toole, Richard Rahn, Steve Ojalvo, Memo Margolis, Dave Thomson, Ron Goldfarb. UNIVERSITY STADIUM students whose athletic to this organization. The group concentrates its efforts on aiding the athletic program eaters and jackets rIIIion for their athletic The Letterman's club is comprised of awards have admitted them membership while also purchasing letters, trophies, s' for those members who are given recog achievements. Y is ' iiliir' T L SPONSOR PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT MR' WEATHERBEFE SECRETARY BILL SABIN DEE DEE WALSH POLLY OGDEN S CLUB TREASURER LYNN PRAIRIE TI- ark Ke ,, , . ., . L . susa , saau L .. --....-. ,-.-..-on, Lynn Prairie, Marty Baddeloo, John Mars'hIll, Nancy McGee, Bob Noth. SECOND ROW: Bill Sabin, Christy Karll,IaBill Gehle, Ben Sands, Polly Og-den, Al Allphin, Bob Feldmann, Bill James, Olaf Hoff, Phillip Curlett, Steve Casper. I FIRST ROW: Hermann Davo, Dee Dee W Ish, Dennis Small, Ron Spjut, Harriet Spilk, Kathy Donohue, Chris Loxl, Ray Patuel, Cheri Oquist, Phillip Weatherbee, Steve Davidoff, Richarp Fis, Memo Margolis, Lorrie l Hogg, Martha Zoller. MISSING: Gibby Ancira, Paul Casanova, :Bjorn Lind. l l BOWLI G LE GUE EL BOL POLANCO This year's Bowling League bettered the accomplishments of its three predecessors. as it continued to provide almost eighty students the opportunity of engaging in an athletic and social activity they all enjoy. SPONSOR SPONSOR MR. KIRKPATRICK MISS LARA T PRESIDENT TREASURER CHERI OOUIST KATHY DONOHUE THIRD ROW: George Cevasco, Rosa Heiblum, Lee Lickerman, Joe Lerner, Jan Senten, Hector Urroz, Connie Cutting, Doug Vann, Jody Heath, Judy Brandon, Adrian Oskam, Bruno Krakowski, Rick Jakins, Jill Miller, Lynne Gomez. SECOND ROW: Carl Kravetz, Bruce Toole, Doug Bolin, David Orr, Richard Rahn, Jim Connolly, Dennis Walsh, Ray Patuel, Gary Stutzmann, Dave Castro, Frances Aguilera, Jody Beatty, Rick Bolin. FIRST ROW: Bob Crow, Ken Kraemer, Elaine Sunray, Chris Love, Dennis Small, Dee Dee Walsh, Kathy Donohue, Cheri Oquist, Mark Kennedy, Chris French, Pat Briggs, Karen Doehner, Hermann Davo, Hilarie Heath. MISSING: Karen Bishop, Chris Cox, Tony French, Anne Gomez, Larry Nyenhuis, Andy Robin, Ben Sands. SENICDR VARSITY CI-IEERLE DERS L-1v1'9'," - - "!"'Y!"'! lllll!!! KATHY DONOHUE CHRISTY KARLL NANCY MCGEE may 1 IFJ Ill 1 CAPTAIN I CO-CAPTAIN POLLY OGDEN I LYNN PRAIRIE ' -4 I ZV ' 'FJ I - 5. ,. V, ,Ir - I 'I I ' I QQ cg I " Q 1 'Z 3 Q-, Af'-551 11 'Q . 1 In if 0 35 s ,Q ff' A4 ' if I , . 2 1 I -" A ,1 4 :Mya -' fa, wig fy E 'T' .A .,'-mf g. ,. , , H-,' rf '-',",2'1L" .,.. . 'vb'-..: :nf n., N , - ,.-54 . -C .I -fm:1g'.g- gi A .9-QQQZQ ' 5- Q,J,- - f -hwif. gy "1. "9" 'Q .Q-J -.," .1 ,lv N. ' :KW '. A . 4 -2 w -" n..:r' F' I. . . 1-YY :A r.. 1.:,.- .Fx " , ..,, -N ,Q . , I -I 1 ni Y 'A ab' , .- q,.Qw.,,,. Y.. 99413 x , , ..R,-. ' 'ff ALTERNATE HARRIET SPILK 256 ' -11 CHEERLEADERS JU 1011 ARSITY ,,,..--v I I V 'E I 5 N4-,.1','f' 31-177 n 1 ' fx ' x If IJ ... JJ X' .. S Ill... gn: .. -"" X 1 L g' I . L A . FB. ' ' A L .T A ILM' . I . . . nw: My T 5 ann . .L , 1. .." 'E 2. ,, ., f' X. ' 'TLTQSTEAQ-3'Skfv 'I H V ,f-11:1 .I 9 " 1.-.I51!A4'9 " ,uso -' X' . - 1 .- 15:-.... .1 K . .. . , . . :Z-1 CAROL COLE I "1 --wwe ..-- ,M :AA HI -f mill Ill, ,I ' - .-.. A. x' . new II' I I 1 SUZANNE SPJUT LC VICKY DUGAND JILL MILLER W I 45' 1 Q : -4 11?- . I ' 'WI f 5' ...EEE 'W "I Q r luxe' ' -3,1 9-M71 1 " , l-,4 f E Y 'ml II , I I .Q -'. ' 1 5. .. ,. 30 I 'M' I ' r I . ,. .. CAPTAIN CO-CAPTAIN ROSA HEIBLUIVI DEBBIE TROST - jafi ALTERNATE SALLY PIERNICK R+ arf' if POMPE 'W DANCE OF THE OUETZALES A truly devoted and hardworking grou is the Pompettes, formf. by twelve underclassmen who cheer and gerform singing routines at games. The girls also help organize special athletic events and provide for entertainment as well. Th ir assistance proved invaluable during the Torreon Weekend ans the Bear Bryant Banquet. SPONSOR ' CAPTAIN MRS- GONZALEZ CO-CAPTAIN KAREN CLARK JENNv Moons SECOND ROW: Jenny Moore, Tina Clark, Kathy Rudd, Kris Lonnquist, Marcia Morales. FIRST ROW: Frances Aguilera, Nancy Wille, Karen Clark, Lissa Hunt, Frances Cuvi. MISSING: Kerry Hastings. 258 I I WE'RE THE CHAMP a X4 '51 L . . f ! W fy y.. 'JN WL 259 ATHLETICS A strain for action A cheer from a wild crowd And a film of dust Permeates the otherwise colorless air And someone runs And someone jumps And few forget These deeds now memory -VM .---V---.W Y- ------0 '-f' 'Y -- -- - - f ' X X , Q 1 .-. - I, X f -V ,X -- - N- - -.. X-, X X . -La - wQ7:- M' 'A' , f Q'-iii' 3 -V 'Af x ' gm ' . '---f-x","'fg'- 'V 'l , - ,J-es, , " 15-,,X. Q g?"'-1- -x . ' -1 -1' ' . ,-J,,.g- X- 2 , I M --N. , ' gr- 4-NX ... 1.3, uc. 4- ' '- , ,, , V ., ,X ' fx.9' V , -- . 1 ' .. ' - 7 ' X -" 'X - X7 .YW 1Lx'!'fX, ' T - 4-I sL'X 'Qi v., 2- W .L 1 .' iY ' 1, - ' ,. " - ' " -'xg Xt S4-- 'f -' 'Y' Sf' "' vo , . ' XXX Q - A - an 5 . ', X t pn-1 4' , N" . k 9 .1 -.Q-' "- - X - ' - -M-. X, ,.- 4 v ""- f. - N, wr- .- 231: "'1:.-,' -s ' , s "'- Q - Q 9 ' ' ' , .A : N, X ' 1 Y-5 ' ' F " ' 5 ,- 9 K ' X X ..2. X XXXXX - - 'v X- 41 x K ,,?', wg' . -X Q ' 'un ' ' sX X X , - ,-,-Qt, W, ,-fi, -, -V-, - . Lg, . 'Az' 1 - 3 1 +-1.4- Q 4- - -A , ' .:- , ' -- . . 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' 4 ,S :fs Q,--M . ,I-L A V in .,.A XX - XX.,,.:.iX .,,,'.a,X:,.,,4"' -- ,X XXXXJXXXX -'- f ll ?'X, ,.XXXX ANN X '1 - X ., " ' "rd" -' 1, 'S44 4, .N 3, X . 1 . - 1 - - - +-':p':C:Nf. Z. ,+P . ' ' '-4 ,X 4 Q 1-0 ' , 4- . ' ' 0' .." ' .-1 Q . ' -f - 4 f' - , , --- X V X .XX,,,,r 7-3 ,Q , ,XX X- f- -N .X. .XXX 4-X 1 ,.-un, A . ,-.,. . K A - ' g"-.X :,,'- f ,R ""' '1 36"f"'--1 X 771,71-an.. . 'ia X -bv -"',L -- X -" 2" ' Q. ' , , ,.r F 1 .4542 .Xt - A,,.,- -,,, X-A A ' , A- . F '--L'-f,'f 'jp -. --, X my , -" X :- X , X 1 . ' -"N . ,-'- - , , X X, W- X X ., , mph xX X :TX SXXXXX' f - XX- -2 LX .- ' ,X 1 :gs- ., NL--c' . A, fp 1 - . .' . N-.N , QXX ,t,,, .t X L. 5 ,Q ...Xu-Xulf1","? f"? W' I Q V ff x .4 1 Y " y 0 1 . . If , , x t g Q Q f .A Af' ' MVN- , 1 , 1' "" - I' . -'-uau.usX ..,,,,,,, X X X X f MM I ' :nr I R u X J 'Q- VARSITY FCGTB LL Head Coach Trainer Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Captain :Q t -" -X 5 4 " L. , ,.,, S' r- -S ' X. ff- 35. N" - .i i . 'Na ,i C' '::x S " L -, n, ' Mr. Diaz ,Li 5 5. , f, ' l . Mr. Contreras Mr. Marshall Mr. Kirkpatrick Bill Sabin 2 WINS 1 LOSS 'W , S fg ii-.. T 2-, THIRD ROW: Dave Marshall, Hermann Davo, AI Allphin. SECOND ROW: Bill Sabin, Coach Diaz, Coach Marshall, Olaf Hoff, Ben Sands, Eddie Chambless, Sam Won- derly, Ray Patuel, Ron Spjut, Paul Casanova, Bob Ramey, Bill Kirkman, Bill James, Eddie Moore, Carlos Flami- rez, Dennis Walsh, Coach Contreras. FIRST ROW: John Marshall, Mark Kennedy, Phillip Weatherbee, Isaac Massry, Bill Wichtrich, Charles Cutting, Gilbert Ancira, Chris French, Bill Gehle, Bob Feldmann, Chris Scown, John Trejo. 263 l ,, . 1 w ,xx JW- r H -- 1. I -. .' ,, 1-Hd 1 3 722 ,il 11 - J, Q.,,aba fr 5 ' A ii r or 3' s .-- ,- r 1 W "- ' irrr d' 1 Q xxvg 2 1 ll- John Trejo 1501 Eddie Moore 1551 Denrlis Walsh 1561 Center Center Center Sophomore Sophomore Junior 1 J 1 in J 1 'K' lv' A if , A i 'L Pdf 'rg Ei ,555 '32 EN T "" H Y N wfw'r1?W. V N 1 ' ' X 'ff' , I 1 Y Krug, 'gg , . I 5 w M xt, ' 1.1M WQWAW MM x M i"il,'ll"r"Nr 11+ . rrr' """' A , 1 Issac Massry 1571 Ray Patuel 1601 , Bill Kirkman 1621 Guard Guard Guard Junior Junior Sophomore 5 " 5 ' Tic,-1. . N M .......,l H nf 3 Charles Cutting 1541 Guard Junior J , - -A 1 '1f3f'Ji'efE-I ni -w I , .11 'fi :vC11i,if!,' ' H :Ll A "i W, W , ,H Wf'f,, M 'ill 1 ,,,, 1, f ,M I Y Q . N it J J, X 1 M NIV, .. 5 3,-,u WK, ' lf 1' 'V f , , ,meg M, .. -1, 1 4' ' .- . 'S ' V' , - in 1 M15 l., ., ' ' ,-. WV' ,,,1'1',' 'Vi' ' -- ll- . M51 Nw ei-if 1 IWW 'lr i A 5 ' " A , arf 1 JWJJJ U , ' V""UZ1lUl' ',. ' J, ' flgli M A ' A Q , 1 1 ui " 1 - 1 31.1.41 1 . ., - . , rm, Chris Scown 1631 Guard Junior ,1,,,.. ,,. 1 1, ,.xh., mm I ,h ,X,. ..m ,,i,,,, , , y W A N f m F1 . .-I n. 4 f ' 1 ' - ' ,,. Q ' 1 5 Sq B Av ,A - B "9QQg,'-tw' 1 K - ' ' gs p lg. lx Q A .i? TAl "xr A 1'5?' .L ' X l , It I . , A . TH' 1 AJ - 5 I I 5 5 rf? ks '?'Q"'--'Y on in 7 7 ,x " 1 gi L 614' 0 5' E I 1 Lv. ,K 5' ffixi 3- ,J I . l. X W , i ." .4 A A57 A JN-..,nl, 9 M -N yy in 1 .Xing 5 V Q J y A V- 1 YQ Q V. ,IL ,. Q.: . 1 1 1.1 has ,SF Q ,I jx , VI.-r ',J,l,,,!- av 1 511! 1- -fa .' in ff 'Ss-W 51.111 ff!-Q 'H f ' 'aafffflrk .ss 'X ' 4' . ' ' K gf Q." 1' . ff' ,ix 9 JK - V 1 - L' L' in Z V" 21"-ul .H 'A ,... 4 N 731:35 'j , . an 1.2. 1. X W ' ,E api. . ' -B Q .M 5 , . 11 1 , S , r M-'nm ' ,rfkr 'fn I W 1 . Ben Sands 1641 Bill James 1321 Sam Wonderly 1701 Bill Wichtrich 1731 Guard Tackle Tackle Tackle Junior Sophomore Junior Junior " 'v ' 1, f! X 'zf 'Lgg 1 .a - 5 x. ,WV I 11- ' B 4. 4, vh : i, . lui. N X. , Su 1 , K t , 1 , X W' ' I if fe ' 'X 'J far, r..-K-f Q-LQ Q '... we N' I . 23 ' - Z9 - v 4 ' F' an I Olaf Hoff 1761 Bill Gehle 1781 Paul Casanova 1381 Al Allphin 1841 Tackle Tackle End End Senior Senior Senior Junior 265 Bob Feldmann l86J. Hermann Davo 1881 Sabin i121 Ron Spjut i481 End End Junior Junior Junior Phillip Weatherbee i101 Dave Marshall i461 Wingback Wingback Junior Senior 266 Fullback Junior ' i Kennedy i221 Eddie Chambless U11 Quarterback Junior , 3 " ..-. 4' 3 " .lf 'f""'5J'M?Sff'N"MW"LV' 3- 4 N. ,V -fcr1.j1'.IE4k5,u.,,.:3,i, A, ,' so - .e , -,3,,,,. , -r . , .- i , . as V ffl ' qv-f M -M M-, i ' A TQ "HW':l'M' T5-W nlfY,r',li:ifZ,ll'7i'fN'ii ' , W' Qf' X L... ,-O, 'C , K 'qghs gh 43,'!rL.,ir! Q l ,V yr uk-J, f - 1 'f'l...., , sl? 4A J' 'i ' ' .. i ,bf , W, 'lJy5!f.5f: , Q f xml. M Q, N it ' N 'i,isi1-mgilgf J , A , X ' A ' .. pn -2 ,mf-,N 'A -. f ' . 7 ff-1, A ,gi y -!I.fy'NlQ',.f ' 2 , QV w A- N Q 1 g..A,,ixg,, Q '.,g,.r. W , ' A if if l qw l i all lirlir-lwinlrf X, 5 .k .:V,,:i,qi4"f'-- Qa'Mw,l,Llr,J - ' -. .g -A , W 1 A ' 1 xi w 'vw jjftk-f Sigur ,ax-0-5' 'A X 'rg' dl Wlisqfj , -W , . r , fl ei:'21ffi:ri:Qw if is A V K in-.V V i L 5?.ty1U1.1,' an 51,1 mails- gr- I: If rx l - W ' zz "' "f 'S 's"iiQ1v. -fifve-'iw 3 'K Q FLM , ' 5 S 'Zlwi ,,. fi- 'Tiff will A ' " ' Will il V Q ' N75 Fr v , aiu., 4 - E,f:Yl,4-,iw qawniilinf ., lm K I , ' . ':' 111- .A ' ' 7' 1 A' " 'N' l 1. . 3' , ,af , . .1 , .V ,M r 5 - 1 - W i K 5-tfxlfwi-Mg, 35' iWrgf,'Z,E::rQ3" Nfhnirfh Mm - Jim W. Bob Ramey l14J John Marshall l28l Chris French 1691 Gilbert Ancira 171 Quarterback Quarterback Linebacker Safety Sophomore Freshman Senior Senior S 'F i q Q' ' - ' if S, , HT ,. ff i . . ,. Allyn W , fi M 1 55:1 'ifff?J8 I5- A ' ' - ff' K 53. V56 ,Qs I 'V S 'iw V 'S ' 5' N I J,3.,,,.,.,.x . vw wa . I 1. X aff..- 91 x v' , i 5 4 dr Y M., . 5 -x X -- - -- fe f ' 3 " Q T , .0-. U S 4-16-rf W 1 S , Carlos Ramirez l40JA Safety Senior 267 BEARS TRIP TECH 3 6-0 Sabin recovers his own fumble on AHS 47 yard line for , a five yard pick-up. Halfback Kennedy i221 side steps Tech tackler as he scrambles 22 yards to set up the only AHS score. 1 l X- 555, i 'K' 'A Q if f I lv 'Liu Vg l f, 3' Al' 1 M. - ., A ,yri W , fr if W K-f QW-Y 1-212 ffflli.. 'Sf .Q M... -, QQ3,5,,5qfg,'',,fit....13,5g,f.-,,fa,1i3?bZW?.t is -. A... .. .Fair.5.i 'W,.:v'.-Q QMS Q -rf. , ..g2f.f'-si'g5.wywc.a7Wk3E2', 1,5,,ff.' , 49' , ywgyps na, .3.,ggf3,5,,'frXggEvsQ5?.Q5m r T A we-in T. refines- .m...m1.., Outnumbered Bear linebacker Ron Spjut i481 slows Tech Q ball carrier while Sands i641 turns in for the kill. T 268 Marshall 1461 hog-ties Tech fullback on sweep. The Bears began their first Varsity foot- ball season, after a long absence of nine years, with a 6-0 victory over Tecnologico Tres on Friday afternoon, August 25. The deciding factor in the Bears' vic- tory was their rock hard defense. From the opening kick off Tecnologico Tres went absolutely nowhere, and the Bears took over at the opponents' 40 yard line. On four quick plays, aided by halfback Mark Kennedy's 22 yard burst, the Bears were in the end zone. Quarterback Eddie Cham- bless plunged over from the one yard line for a Bear six-pointer. The conversion at- tempt failed and thus concluded all the scoring for the day. The Bear offense lost its momentum and could not muster another successful drive, partially due to fumbles and inter- cepted passes which stifled any sustained movement. On the other hand, Technolo- gico Tres' offense was completely dominat- ed by the merciless Bear line. A fourth period downpour seemed to liven the action, at least for the spectators. Although all Bear offensives were quench- Bears penetrate Tech line to throw the backfield for a three yard loss. 7 s ,,,f"a, '- ' 1 5 an .X , . Wm, L 'End Bob Feldmann C861 bobbles Chambless Wingback Dave Marshall i461 sideswipes Tech halfback aerial. for small yardaoe. ed, Technologico Tres was not at all both- ered and materialized two serious threats. one of which ended on the Bear five yard line. A staunch Bear goal line stand, aided by the sloshy field conditions, preserved the AHS six point victory margin. is ' I 1 ,f 4 . .A'h,'!f Q5 il :' . - ..- -,gug-V1v4. "L r-f r' ,ig.,3-.3-.':?-+f- ..,,'l2",5, 1-- , - K. AV- - ' Mpeg. q:,,,,,,. , , 6 " "lt's a little late fellows," comments fullback Sabin U21 as his long yardage is nullified by a clipping penalty. 1- A 'f x Q' . '- '- H T . ffm i K 'Q' T w, ,I 4 ,.. . 1 ' ' ,Wi 2 'l 45 up 1 a s 1'1f,,, End Al Allphin i841 prepares to cut off at T' 113 Tech 3 quarterback on attempted option run. F irr ?f Q 4 A ' '? fm' " N A 2, - D' ', . 1 lf ask., x ' Ty TECH 5 o 0 o o o ig - EP- r r A. H. S. 6 0 0 0 6 A f -M - -.,r, On a quarterback sneak, Uhambless plunges through a hole made by Walsh i561 and Patuel 1601. Ancira l71 moves up from safety position to slide Tech halfback into the fourth quarter loblolly and save the AHS victory. 269 ,-Q BEARS HIP TITA 3. ' QQE7, ' Ali , ,nuvuun'n'-IF'-.EM A ' C1 ff - I .., 3 ,,s......t new-fvgewomfnv , - H J - A- - 'H'---J ...A -vE1i........ ...Jw W, . z.-my 'T ff, Q- .f--1-L-4,v,e,.a:gs,g.-fi. gg .1396 W.. .M ffwwnw A . 55, it L , ' 1' ,,. 7, 3 I I' - - 'M' '2' - . V l J. , . 1' ., 1 f A gh All -al nl 1 . . 1 ,. - an - -2. - .1 IQ -2 J . , 'J , u - K 't':,g..JC'-'mf ,jx v D 1 R .j fi A -w . N Y 4. . f , Mzbrkt ., bv . --Q ' " H7 - . 'T' 1 'r-fzfeg-21: "P" 1.-. -f-1 - ' 1- -fl - , . - W iff-.,.- Y i is.553,:Qi-f, , 137-if M y ' if - Q-4 ,lf ti? :X -'Rfk - 'EF wfefkii .fg,,y, -. ..-- '..'1-,ss:.ie9,.g'f1:: .,I,fZQ.'.. :Ti , . - . 1 . - 1. .. Q.,-.. -4-7""' - 1 - -1 Jai .gn-Q . " f. '- P ' :ti x-S "--f i '1 " '75 " ' Guard Chris Scown 1631, tackle Olaf Hoff 1761, and end Bob Feldmann 1861 make a wedge in the Titanes' line for koncoming Kennedy 1221 'Kennedy 1221 bulldozes into the Titanes secondary for an eight yard gain. , . 1 , A f , A , 1 ...-. . , -U . -.1-1' ' ' C-1'fi3i,:tffjf'f,' 1 - Y ,' , Qi..- g.1,..-- , . 5, ,, 035- -'tv-,::,...Z . 1 A 'f-gg+ss',g',5Q- 1' " ,L -5.,, ..,t. A . A I , -,L N 441. 'V' - ,, , , -- 'n IJ.-QPfF-A Q lk - '. 1 'h' 5 - I ,. 1- ,Q 1 - V .4 'f' ' A . - jislf' . 1 A L 1' 1 if -.1 gl as . 1. . ,,- vi, A if , ' as1rs,,gg,w-1-Q, -1, -5 ,- 1 f 1. -5 1' -' '- - A x ' 'A ' . 'n...:..-. .: 'A - .11 .mY-J:f-- 2 1 ri mr. --. .. .A ., 1 . . wus. . M .f .. ' ',--'-f-w-4w'- fri.-'f-...s . 1.2. ' 'mm U ji: , .IFZJ-e'Wify . 5 fr: Q " T 'X ' . fx fi , -Fm. Q-:gr h Q 1-J' Q... - 5 'L--sw Lrf .- ,fiiirfi , -, c- ' -f . . 4 - -.uw ,.f..4v,1:.'.,m 'gun-fwcg. wcf"'?' 3'l""4Q , . -Q:i,fi,,.,1.., - '. - A Af 4 ,,,..,.f 4.5, 6.31. . - . .5 , - , --Q , rv , , 1 . ,- xp. ,N -..,- Q- , .x 1..+-1-1,1 5137? ., xx. . qs. fa: 4---if-.l,. sigav A I R 3,923.6 5 ,22 , s.. wig' ' sc' " -.ul . "QM-MQ ' Q. ".f1'1"" -1 ' "' 7. 45"-1 .wif 1 - ,. . " Q 4 'f v .f A r U11 H3 A 1 -A 91.42. S. W' r ' f " .1 Xt 1 v . I 1 , .1 - K Ag' I ,A c ul , 3 1 ai V " ks fa 4. , sy-'Y gr .f 1 fm. 1- E -1 Quo? , Q vu E . - 1- ' " iff"'51'v31+-'Q'-lF"1-3 ' s -1 e r .5 1' ':7...fFi .-.f-1f1t..1-.f5'1Ft':, 1"A,.I:'fzf?-1. .ww 2 .-T..:+:? 1 1- Titanes open the second half as they kick off to the Bears. 270 Spjut 1481 finds daylight in the center of the Titanes' line. With a second half rally the AHS Bears came from behind to overcome Club Tita- nes 16-6 on Saturday morning, Septem- ber 2. The Bears were complete masters in the first half, as the offense was moving all over the field, except into the end zone. Fumbles, penalties, and dropped passes prevented a Bear score. Mean- while, Club Titanes took advantage of an AHS defensive error and scored on a 14 yard pass. The conversion attempt failed, and the half ended with the Titanes ahead 6-0. At the beginning of the second half the Titanes threatened to run away with the game as they drove immediately to the Bear two yard line. Just in time, the AHS cdefense: woke up and stopped the Titanes' goal line thrust. Deep in their own territory, the Bears turned potential tragedy into the most spec- tacular play of the game. Tackle Chip Gehle scooped a Kennedy fumble out of the air and rambled 66 yards, to be downed inside the Titanes' twenty yard line. Un- fortunately, the Titanes' defense stunted the Bear explosion. When the Bears resumed possession of the ball they steadily moved it down field with the help of penalty yardage. They cashed in on Kennedy's 12 yard run for pay dirt. Quarterback Chambless pass- ed to wingback Dave Marshall for the two points and the AHS led 8-6. Chambless 1111 struggles with Sabin 1121 he rambles around end for long yardage. Kennedy 1221 causes Bear havoc as he scores the tying six points. With momentum, the Bears drove 80 yards in the fourth quarter for the determin- ing touchdown. Chambless connected on a 34 yard aerial to Bob Feldmann, and fullback Sabin climaxed the drive with a two yard plunge. Chambless passed to Marshall for the conversion, and the AHS walked away with a 16-6 victory. l 1, ...N ,t,c T ' at l. Q A -gf 4. "1 Qs i .i .xr p gig? 'rp f"'1y , 1 -' V1 , 's,g.1ff- Fullback Ron Spjut 1481 two-steps while waiting for tackle Bill Wichtrich 1731 to take out Titanes' obstacles. A. H. S. Feldmann 1861 nabs a short pass and out- distances the Titanes for a 34 yard gain. TITANES06006 008816 Fullback Sabin 1121 is smothered after a plunge for short yardage through the middle. Chambless 1111 runs the option as Kennedy 1221 opens the way. '39 Sabin 1121 takes hand off and lines up behind blockers Kennedy 1221, Scown 1631, and Patuel 1601. Gehle 1781 opens a hole for Sabin 1121 who deposits the ball on the five yard line. 271 TEPEYAC HAU TS BEARS 32-0 4 - EX Barns- U- u , 'Y r S A . i X . '+ Q l ff, , I W, .1 Y' Q elf A ' Thirty yard Chambless Iob slips through FeIdmann's l86l 1 N1 arms. Uwhtlcw, . , f ' 5 1 N Y. . 'D' .l.Q1' ' ' ' " Y FT 4 M321 1. K , .1 , 2 e SR: - - T sf .. 8 - 3: '56, '- lf' 5 i i UZ V 'ity' a I l- Y , V . in Kennedy i221 looks for running room in tight Tepeyac line. If-1 S78' X his '......!,, . sway, W I . 0- sb' , 5 f"""l'1'-f' it -ew:-if I 5 ckle Bill Gehle i781 lunges for Tepeyac carrier while Spjut 1481 puts on the for short yardage. I After a slow first half, Colegio Tepeyac lcame back strong in the second to pound, lout a 32-0 victory over the AHS Bears on fSaturday morning, September 9. The Bears' excellent defense held the lhighly touted Tepeyac offence scoreless ,in the first quarter. Unfortunately the ,Bears had little reserve, and the defense lbegan to wear out. The Tepeyac Friars abruptly scored in the beginning of the second quarter with their patented 40 yard punt return that left the Bear offense dumb- founded. The conversion attempt failed but the Friars had drawn first blood. A few minutes later halfback Andres de Wit dove over for the second Tepeyac six- pointer, climaxing a 43 yard drive. Again fthe conversion failed and Tepeyac led at l l l l l l i l l l l l l half time 12-0. On the first play of the second half, quarterback Chambless was thrown for a 23 yard loss and fumbled the ball. Imme- diately Tepeyac capitalized with a touch- down and a two-pointer, and the Bears found themselves with a 20 point deficit. To their credit, the AHS did not roll over and die at that stage. However, they were too worn out to keep up the contest. Tepeyac's fourth touchdown came after an 80 yard drive, climaxed by De Leo's 22 yard jaunt. Once again the extra point try failed. Anciraulil is bottled up at the line of scrimmage for ihe hero of the day, our punter, Hermann H0 QBII1- l Davo 1881. 272 'E?'Wv'e.1,- ' ' age 1 " r R if S fr f H-'Elf' Q 2 X- 4 Q W AL Hia., 3 1 , , 47-H' G ' L with a charging Tepeyac guard 1651 twists to change his field position' meet another Tepeyac threat. l-our AHS linemen French 1691, Wonderly 1701, Sands 1641, and Patuel 1601 vainly attempt to snag touchdown bound Tepeyac halfback. In the fourth quarter, halfback Kennedy fumbled a Tepeyac punt on the Bear 18 yard line, and the Friars immediately drove in for their final tally. The conversion was unsuccessful and the game ended the AHS 0, Tenevac 32. Chambless 1111 whirls for a pitchout to fullback Sabin. 5 S " i j 5 1 ff"WY"'?l'f"1 Q f ' f V 9 'F V' -a 3 X9 X 11.59 a , mi ' ,r 6Gtif-.figj ' , Q 'I 3 V. .W VA I j'f1ly!ffllf?.m.n' , " cf 'L ,,. .. M Tepeyac quarterback stiff-arms defensive I W . B Q - '. Bear Bob Feldmann 1861, as he proceeds 1 1 . , ' 1' 1 ..., on a thirty-two yard romp. '52 111, 1 n jff"7f' v ,,,.a,r ' -' 2 1 if V- 411' 1' -' fir TEPEYAC o 12 8 12 32 - 1 , KV A , .Ml 'mr,h'.T 5 Lin' N -im .27 5 K I T-A ,M A. H. S. 0 0 0 0 0- La A Chambless' aerial is batted away by Tepeyac defense. 5 1 1 1 Kennedy 1221 bogs down in Tepeyac line. Tepeyac end wrestles ball away from Kennedy 1221 on the Bear 18 yard line. 273 JU ICR ARSITY Head Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach are Assistant Coach Trainer Ili ,,.-4 Ll , , ,g ,N M My W ' 4 .W , Q I J I bar' h Mr. Miller Mr, Marshall Mr. Bennett Mr. Contreras 2 WINS 3 LOSSES Captain Eddie Chambless .35 !."....v' LQ "1" IFi'3.x2?.'z1"- 1"':fvIhrT' ,, .. . I , , f. . ... ,. .. THIRD ROW: Coach Marshall, Phillip Weatherbee, Gary Stutzmann, John Trejo, Issac Massry, John Marshall Bob Curlett, Bill James, David Giffin, Sandy Cobb, Coach Bennett, Coach Diaz. SECOND ROW: Steve Beimler lmanagerl, Eddie Chambless, Flay Vernon, Charlie Cutting, Al Hernandez Raul Martinez, Bob Fly, Brian Rishell, Beto Abreu, Jose de lalGuardia, Bob Collawn. FIIEST FIDIW: John Moore, Hans Beimler, Steve Casper, Bob Albiol, Bob Gibson, Craig Wooley, Steve Clark Jo n Bis op. MISSING: AI Allphin, Bob Feldmann, Lorrie Hogg, Ray Patuel, IDennis Walsh. 274 I i Freshman Sandy Cobb 1831 pegs Yaquis' play before quarterback can hand off the ball. The AHS Bears began their Junior Var- sity football season with an 8-6 victory over Club Yaquis, Saturday morning, Feb- ruary 17. The Bears dominated the first quarter with their aggresive running game, al- though they were unable to score due to numerous penalties. Offensive second chances were provided by the fierce Bear defense which forced the Yaquis into fourth down punting situations. In the second quarter, the Bears finally cashed in on a ten yard end run by quarter- back John Marshall. Chambless went the same route for, what proved to be, the deciding two points. Two intercepted passes by linebacker Bob Gibson frustrated Yaquis' attempts to sustain a drive in the air, thus ending the half with the Bears on top 8-0. The AHS offensive lost steam in the third quarter while the Yaquis pumped passes through a weak spot in the Bear secondary. Early in the fourth quarter, the opponents clicked on a 49 yard pass play which deposited the ball on the AHS three yard line. The Yaquis plunged over for a six-pointer. The AHS defense tightened and the two point attempt failed. Fighting the clock, the Yaquis success- fully recovered an onside kick. From the Bear 45 yard line the Yaquis drove, via the air, to the Bear eight yard line before the AHS defense could stop them. Preserv- ing their two point lead, the Bears ran out the clock. YAOUIS 0 0 0 6 6 A.H.S. 0 8 0 0 8 BEARS EDGE YAQUI Quarterback MarshalI's drive for the Yaquis' goal line proves fruitless. ti Flip ' 1 i f H? Eh""r',,.g,"gq' Q 3: n Q: Fullback Chambless l22l leads four Yaquis players into their own end zone for the deciding Bear two-pointer. 275 OC. WRAP BEARS ip. xg 1. . . ,Ll A X . .., . w . 4 -wks., N , . .., - 4' v.-.1 ' ' lu., M- , . ,. -Freshman Steve Clark i301 hauls in a touchdown pass despite two Voc. 3 contenders, only to have the play nullified by an offsides penalty. re' 7 ' ' Arr.. ,. gv BW-rr! ' f 49 l L 4 l ' i MZ... wgn Bob Gibson i121 tucks in the kick-off and lines up behind blockers Jose de la Guardia i321 and John Marshall for a 5-yard return. . 'fig A V Defensive end after long yard 276 .--, .1 :3 .A . V, 1 ' 4. 'X . ,fs . 'M ' .9 . fix-i 5 vb-j' V' 1 .Pr-5 .1 i at 1+ rw 1 .5 . Chambless l22l downs Voc. age. lg. 3 halfback i Z . . . V N 9 -. 1 f if fs 'f - .-4 4 ! - w - , 'xv Q V .' l Q ' 1 i Yu! l i 'ul' :H l I Halfback Gary Stutzmann IQOJ wards off Iunging Voc. 3 tackler for,long sideline yardage. Taking advantage of AHS mistakes, Vocacional Tres defeated the Bears, 30-6. on Saturday morning, February 24. Defense was the name of the game in the first half, as both offenses were stymied by rugged defenses. The Eagles received the first real break in the game as Victor Ruiz returned a punt 37 yards. Five plays later the Eagles scored on an off-tackle play from the four yard line. The extra point attempt was broken up, leaving the score 0-6. Fired up, the Bears roared back, taking possession of the ball at the Eagle 31 yard line. This time the Bears drove all the way as Marshall climaxed the drive passing to Stutzmann, from ten yards out for the only Bear touchdown of the day. The con- version failed and the half time score was 6-6. The second half began with Vocacional Tres kicking, off to the Bears, with what seemed an ordinary kick off. Yet, as the ball trickled into the end zone, no one downed it, and an Eagle lineman pounced on the ball for an easy score. Suddenly the score was 6-14, and the Bears never recovered from the shock. Vocacional Tres took full advantage of the situation, and the next time they qot the ball, they drove all the way for a tou'ch- down in ten plays. The conversion made the score 22-6. The final score came in the last minutes of the game as an Eagle lineman inter- cepted a Chambless aerial and coasted into the end zone. The extra points boosted the score to the final 6-30 tally. voc.3 o 6 16'l 8 Tao' A.H.s. o 6 o o 6' que- . A lb'- .,,x Q th 'igif' UA K . 1 A f 4 ,, lv' .. 4 fa uf . . 4 '41 rf: L X i 4 .'.na-0-Q Yaquis quarterback on attempted end run is run off the field- at the line of scrimmage by Bear defenders. The AHS Bears inflicted total defeat on football newcomer Amado Nervo on Satur- day morning, March 2, with a devastating 62-0 score. The Bears scored eight times with seven conversions on the nine occa- sions they had the ball and rolled up 419 yards on the ground. The scoring marathon began immedia- tely as Stutzmann coasted in from nine yard line for the first touchdown. Haltback Stutzmann repeated the feat once again by whirling left end for 19 yards and another score. The next tally came when the Bears blocked an Amado Nervo punt and recover- ed it on the 13 yard line. Stutzmann rambled around left end from the nine yard line to bring the score to 24-0. Gaining the ball again, quarterback Marshall spun around left end from ten yards out for a 32-O half time lead. The Bears' first score in the second half came by Bob Gibson's 25 yard touch- down run. Chambless climaxed the next AHS drive with a 43 yard journey for a score, after Hernandez had intercepted a pass at the Bear 41 yard line. The Bears drove 80 yards for their next tally, culminated by Marshall's three yard plunge. Before the game could end, Gibson, playing fullback, scored with a ten yard glgrgst, that raised the score to a decisive AMADO NERVUST- o o o o o A. H. s. .16 16 16 14 62 BEARS PLASTER AMADO ERVO Q,',.p'ir Bear defender downs Yaquis' runner for short yardage. .. 'Mr' x- - Hungry Bears, including center John Trejo 1501, linebacker Jose de la Guardia, and Steve Clark l30J battle for blocked Amado Nervo punt. ii ,,...Lf...i....,i - ff-4-nd? Wi? l v I' gn af tl . Aw. ' Er, , ' 1 r " l fb T T 'Lf-i'l' B Y '..4 1 ' ' kgs A ,EA .v -f l in "LL .- - - - M - ' , ,,,. - as f- f- ' Quarterback Marshall makes one of the many Bear first downs with five yards to spare. I 277 I l l I l TECH. F SURPRISES BEARS 1 l 1 l l .- -. MNA! 'JI 1 3 1 -Us .' Q:-ste - ' 4 4 ' l 'im "ax in ,Q Ah g ' f , 4 1,1-3 -..'!.".,f.l'i-'83,-1-h.-'-f N- 1 " 'f cr ,..-1-v..-sg. gl -" j , , - t 1 AI Hernandez 1211 paves the way for an up the"'-middle 1 drive by fullback Eddie Chambless 1221. , Bear line obviously gives way, as quarterback John 1 Marshall 1201 is swamped by the Tech 3 line. l ---f f 1 l l I l l l Tech 3 halfback 1411 tries unsuccessfully to jig between four Bear defenders - John Trejo 1501, Raul Martinez ' 1751, Eddie Chambless 1221, and Al Hernandez 1211. 278 Tech 3 safety 1111 valiently attempts to bat touchdown pass away from end AI Allphin 1731. A novel and rugged defense plus a spectacular 80 yard punt return for a touch- down was the winning formula as Techno- logico Tres edged the AHS Bears 14-8 on Saturday morning, March 9. Receiving the kickoff, Tech Tres march- ed down the field to the Bear 45 yard line where they were stopped and forced to punt. Safety Al Hernandez tried to catch the ball while running, but the ball unfor- tunately bounced into the hands of an op- ponent. With this break, the visitors power- ed their way into the end zone for their first touchdown of the day. The conversion attempt failed and the score stood 0-6. The AHS came roaring back and, on a well-planned drive, they crossed the goal line in the second quarter by way of a five yard pass from Marshall to Allphin. Marshall swept right end for the two point conversion, and the AHS led 8-6 at haltime. Neither team could get their offense going in the third quarter. The decisive point in the game came early in the fourth quarter, as Ricardo Villa picked up an AHS punt on his own 20 yard line and broke two tackles on his way to an 80 yard touch- down romp. This time the conversion was successful, and Tech Tres led 14-8. With the help of fullback Lorrie Hogg, the Bears moved all over the field in the last minutes of the game, but were unable to score due to costly penalties. This seemed to kill the Bears' spirit as more penalties pushed the AHS away from the goal line. The clock ran out before the Bears could muster the necessary points. TECH 3 6 O 0 8 14 A. H. S. 0 8 O 0 8 ""-e-.Q-uinvefll.. 4- . Q.. X-,I . - Feldmann wriggles away from Tepeyac safety 'nan for first Bear score against Tepeyac in ghree seasons. The Friars from Colegio Tepeyac gave a very convincing display of their power and of their fame of being Number One in all of Mexico by drubbing the AHS Bears , 56-14, on Saturday, March 16. The Friars wasted no time as they consistently fed the ball to their excellent halfback, De Leo, who scored their first touchdown of the game along with the g two extra points. 'V Tepeyac's second score came on a beautiful 67 yard touchdown pass to San- chez. Capitalizing on the resultant Bear frustration, Tepeyac recovered an AHS fumble and managed to score again to lengthen their lead. ' The second quarter was similar to the first, as the Friars continued to use their successful running game. They scored three more times on the ground, and the first half ended with Tepeyac ahead 40-0. The AHS Bears, amazingly enough, came into the second half an entirely new team. Discarding the unsuccessful run- nin ame Marshall assed to Feldmann 9 9 - P for a 20 yard touchdown maneuver. The conversion pass to Allphin was good, and the score read 8-40. With their spirits high, the Bears renew- ed their push. Marshall combined his run- ning and passing plays to lead the AHS to a second score on a 30 yard pass to Stutzmann in the fourth quarter which provided the Bears with their 14 point moral victory. Tepeyac coach Father Arcenau immedia- tely rushed in his first team which promptly scored the last two touchdowns of the game and left the score at 14-56. TEPEYAC 16 24 O 16 56 A.H.S. 0 0 8 614 x " . ' ,fn-"-4'.. '., 'sz -4, 'ft if-'M BEARS SCORE C TEPEYAC at! 4 111231-' V,i.i"fF'w .-E 1 - 5'-1' , 'ff-.1 .ai .fl-+C: 1 5 -.9 ff!-- "' nj? G 'Y cA.,'-S"'1i'gi-N 7. 53" 1 . , - .54 yi., ,Sf Ayr?-,'lvs,Y. 'rfb Ex N. . s JI K '4" ". 1 I I 'ig' s . f i i if 2' ' Q A ,J 3 ,b . h , o ..1..i- - . 'U ' . f I r ' .A 4- K ' 1 1 - - - . '. wha L- -. H", ,a ... .e ln . ' , ,, 1 " g u .- - Wingback Bob Gibson l12J looks for running room between the omnipresent Tepeyac defenders. A ,I ' , . 1 . , A J, ' , . ' I - -. .H s . . . - .fr ' ' ii Bear defenders, Gary Stutzmann 1401, Bob Curlett I71l, lsaac :Massry l60J, and John Marshall 1201 breach the gap on Tepeyac back. .S - Il' End Al Allphin exhibits the second half Bear amunition that projdjuced fourteen points - the short quick pass over the mi e. 279 .' iFhr?I'f6S1 F- X 11 Y ww if' 4 4, :- NF , . 1 s y. X. UI. w , A ' 4 1, . 5' Q' 551+ 1 3 u DICK!!! I. wi. ,, L: gg, if 1 'f W' is if 1 ., , 1 'Q-' 3, . 'H ' MM ,. , K ...-u-I W5. .--1 A ...ab 1? a as 2 I X 5 , - F-Af,-H 1- . ..', ARSITY BASKETBALL Head Coach wt B Q :fx Manager ,L 5 Captain A ,2 we . 2 Mr. Kirkpatrick M, Ray Snider Dennis Small 9 WINS 9 LOSSES ECOND ROW: Ray Snider IManagerJ, Bob Ramey, Warren Hastey, Tom Clark, John Jauregui, Al Allphin, ob Feldmann, Olaf Hoff, Coach Kirkpatrick. IRST ROW: Cliff Gehrke, Dennis Small, Ron Spjut, Richard Kaufman, Lorrie Hogg, Bob Garza, Charles aumann, Frank Gehrke. 281 l E EMERITO . DE LAS AMERICAS , Center Al Allphin l21l, while blocking Segura's set shot, collects one of his 65 fouls for the season. l l l l l l l l - 2 Small, upon receiving a l bounce pass from forward Jauregui l11J, hooks for al two-pointer. l l l l ll ll iShifty Benemerito guard Grada U21 slips past full-court zone-pressing Bears Kaufman l8l, Spjut 1101, and Hogg l5J. A highly experienced and seasoned Benemerito de las Americas team dealt the AHS Bears defeat in the first two games of the season, on December 8 and 9. ln the first game, Bear inexperience glared on many occasions as they lost a 53-64 decision. The following night, in a highly disputed game, the AHS was edged 62-64 despite a last second sinker by Bear Nick Ortiz who was the ace shooter in the first game. The referees nullified the two points by claiming that it happened after the final buzzer Revenge for the AHS came toward the end of the season on February 23 as they grabbed a 77-67 victory thanks to the excellent teamwork and the shooting ac- curacy of Gehrke I21 pointsl and Jauregui 120 pointsl. The real heartbreak came on Saturday night, February 24, when Bene- merito nipped the AHS 83-84, despite Gehrke's 29 points, in one of the highest scoring and most thrilling games of the season. I AHS BENEMERIT lDecember az 53 64 'December 9: 62 64 February 23: 77 67 Fast break finishes with Spjut's T101 driving lay-up. EFebruary 24: 83 84 l I-Offie H099 ISD Bob Harney l6l, Dennis Small in Guard Guard l Guard 282 Junior Sophomore , Senior Warren Hastey's free throw registers three digits in lights -- 100 points-an AHS record. The AHS Bears traveled to Torreon, Coahuila the weekend of December 15 and 16 for their first out-of-town athletic en- counter in nine years. They racked up their first two victories of the season against the Colegio Americano of Torreon. In the first game, the Bears had some difficulty in adjusting to the floor condi- tions, as indicated by very inaccurate shoot- ing. However, the 77-70 victory showed the Bear adaptability, as center Olaf Hoff led the Bears with 17 points. The follow- ing night the Bears repeated success with a 59-48 tally that guard Dennis Small's 17 point accuracy and the rebounding of Lorrie Hogg helped to achieve. With the return visit of Torreon to the AHS the weekend of February 16 and 17, the Bears completed the four game sweep with two more victories. The Bears took the first game with the low 47-33. However, on the following night, the Bears smothered Torreon 101-40. Guard Ron Spjut led the scoring marathon with 17 points. The improvement in the team was obvious, as all players gave equally brilliant performances breaking "100" and estab- lishing a new school record. COLEGIO AMERICAN DE Despite being fronted by Torreon's Peabody l41, Allphin 1211 gets off a high- post jumper, as forward Cliff Gehrke 1221 crashes the board. TGRREO Bob Feldmann l131 and Tom Clark battle an enemy guard for possession of a loose ball. AHS TORREON b 5: 77 70 are r ggggmbgi 15: 59 48 6'2" Olaf Hoff 1151 dominates the boards, as guards February 16: 47 33 Small 171 and Spjut i101 set up for their bread-and- February 17: 101 40 butter fast break. ' Q ll.. t if .4 .QQ E ' . .. 8' ffl ' I ,Q A :A A 1 " ,W 7 . . 1 . 'f ' A Richard Kaufman 181 Bob Garza 191 Ron Spjut i101 Guard Guard Guard Senior Sophomore Junior 283 E 1 CUMS Hassey C101 antici- pates two point result of Gehrke's set shot as he idly observes the trajectory, CE TRO N IVERSITARIO MEXICC Allphin, leaping well above CUM defender Ponce 1151, tips in a rebound to widen the scoring gap. John Jauregui 1111 Tom Clark 1141 Forward Forward Freshman Junior Forward Lorrie Hogg 151 screens guard Vargas 1131 and sets for a defensive l , You Forward Hoff tips a jump ball to awaiting iDennis Small 171 to set up a Bear basket I i L A very aggressive Centro Universitario lMexico team managed to break even with the AHS Bears in a series of four l games played in the AHS gym. l With some good teamwork, real hus- l tling, and sharp shooting by forward Cliff iGehrke, the Bears swept the first two games, played on successive nights, Jan- l uary 12 and 13, by 48-31 and 45-40 scores. iThanks partly to the fouling out of one of lthe key CUM players in the first game, lthe Bears were able to run up the greater lmargin of victory, However, in the second lgame, CUM was more cautious but unable lto fluster the maturing Bear five. i Unfortunately, the second set of games lplayed two weeks later were in complete contrast. CUM, still aggressive, had spot- lted and capitalized upon some Bear weak- lnesses, despite a clutch performance by Gehrke. The AHS' low percentage of rebounds and completed shots were defeat- ling factors in themselves. The respective 35-40 and 32-38 scores, however, were not lindicative of last minute Bear rallies which Ifailed. E AHS CUM l January 12: 43 31 l January 13: 45 40 5 January 26: 35 40 1 January 27: 32 38 l Olaf Hoff 1151 i Forward l Senior l Allphin battles Patria's Alatorre 1141 on the Bears' offensive board, as Hoff 1151 moves into release position. In the most, astounding upset of the season, the AHS Bears nicked Instituto Patria in their first encounter, on Tuesday. January 16, but lost the second time, thus splitting the two game series. Patria had a highly-rated and tall basket- ball team. In the previous year this team had won the Catholic Schools' champion- ship and had come in third place in the city tournament. However, the Bears soon tarnished their lofty reputation with a 39-38 thriller. Forward Cliff Gehrke culminated his high-hitting by scoring with a beautiful lunging lay-up with four seconds left on the clock and thereby gave the AHS a well- merited victory. The Bears overcame their height and age disadvantage as they grab- bed more rebounds, thus monopolizing ball control. Revenge for Patria came Thursday night, as superior height and guard Lombera's 28 points proved too much for the AHS. Patria played an excellent game and was obviously prepared for any possible AHS upset, as indicated by the 48-53 score. AHS PATRIA January 16: 39 38 January 18: 48 53 STI TUTO PATRI Patria's Facha 191 gains offensive rebound as Bears' Hogg 151 vainly struggles to screen out both Rovzar 181 and Carmona 171. Patria captain Rovzar 181 is aided by coaches Kirkpatrick and Marshall after being fouled on a lay-up. Bears huddle for clutch time-out instructions as they trail 37-38 with 25 seconds remaining on the clock. x-. - -. A .- -, f. , 4. - . .,, , . E f .' ' Cliff Gehrke 1221 Bob Feldmann 1131 Al Allphin 1211 Forward Center Center Senior Junior Junior 285 Center Allphin, driving neatly behind La Salle's de la Concha l11l, pops in an easy lay-up for a tally. Taking advantage of their greater height and experience the Eagles of the Univer- sidad La Salle defeated the AHS Bears three of the four games played. The first two games were played on February 1 and 2 at the La Salle gym, noted for its excitable crowds. La Salle won 62-51, despite an early AHS rally led by high scor- ing forward Cliff Gehrke that shocked the Eagle fans. In the second game La Salle indicated that they were prepared for any AHS surprise as they rolled to an apparent- ly easy 46-33 victory. The third game, played at our gym, on Friday, February 9, was a repeat perfor- mance as the Eagles rode on their expe- rience and height to a painless 43-34 vic- tory. In the final game, Saturday night. the AHS Bears turned the tables and shocked La Salle in a tremendous 65-33 victory. The Bears played one of their finest games of the season, dominating the boards, causing many turnovers, and relying on high-point man Richard Kaufman and uncontrollable Cliff Gehrke for offen- sive action. NIVERSIDAD LA SALLE in rx: Guard Baumann Guard Small l7J pushes a wrestles Car enas l9l for jumper past Macias' l7J possession, s Gehrke and outstretched hand, Allphin l21l , ove in to- assist. ' AHS LA SALLE February 1: 51 62 February 2: 35 48 ' 7 February 9- 34 43 6' de la Concha U11 easily bats ball away from 5'8" Ron February 10: 65 33 Spjut l10l. ' I ad" v . as Frank Gehrke i101 Charle Baumann l1 2J Warren Hastey l4i Guard Guard Forward Freshman Senior y Junior 286 S TOURNAME T Bear guard Spjut l10J stuffs driving Benemerito forward Nava l6'l as he vainly attempts to score on a lay-up. ,, A 'Q'q.f1f j .f . . f ' ' -- if ,re1.':'-'Q' A 553'--1 t.. Karate-chopping defender Tom Clark l14J unsuccessfully attempts to deflect an easy jumper by Grada l12J. The American High School held its second Annual Invitational Basketball Tournament March 1 and 2. La Salle, Benemerito de las Americas, and CUM were invit- ed to play a round-robin tourn- ament with the AHS Bears at the host's gym. The first game pitted La Salle against Benemerito in a nerve- wracking game that went into over- time. With the support of a tre- mendous Mormon crowd, Beneme- rito eked out a two point victory in the final seconds. ln Friday night's second game the AHS Bears tasted revenge a- gainst CUM, as they nabbed a very decisive victory, 58-45, much to the joy of the student body. The following night, the previous losers, La Salle and CUM, battled through a thrilling overtime. In the end La Salle pulled out a close victory and third place in the tour- nament. Immediately following this game. the championship contest between Benemerito and the AHS was held. In an excellent and exciting game, the Bears finished on top, 76-72, and thereby copped the coveted championship trophy. The Bears exhibited true championship cali- ber, as, led by leading rebounder and high scorer Gehrke, they con- trolled the boards and shot excel- lently the entire night. 11 The Bears and the spoils. W L AHS 2 0 BENEMERITO 1 1 LA SALLE 1 1 CUM 0 2 Bear forward Jauregul 1111 battles Benemerito's Segura 151 for a defensive rebound as Gehrke screens out Nava l14l. 287 l STUDE TS FLU I M,,Qlf, S: sf.-.-J 35514 Vg fl r- la . '5 N ' -V' . - Q.. -s, -gn 'I f r - - we nm: - .1 , f so-ajggr f.,5,xfQnf? , . 1 -x :f ,. Evswwwswgfvwelsfr lixv fFW'e Z m .,4 . V . Q , g g Ax ,A -f z 'rf' ra at Q T ' - f f- .,l. Q Sri u Q L J wxlfif 5 1 ' ' f , i A-. ' ras ttf ' - 'if"'Kic ,ue.Ne V2 , As Gehrke dribbles off into the distance, Diaz H and Miller trail in the dust. Meanwhile, back at usually Pfepafes for 3 "eb0Und-H the ranch, Small and Bennett take two to tango. Kast patiently observes and tolerates Hoff rebounding antics. This year's Student-Faculty game found a fine Senior team completely dominating a pick-up faculty squad by a score of 41 to 17. l The Senior team, led by five Var- sity veterans IHoff, Gellrke, Bau- mann, Kaufman, and Smlalli took the lead from the very beginning and held it throughout. High scorer Dennis Small, with 24 points, pilot- ed the student attack and was aided by seniors Kennedy, Casa- nova, Martins, Appolonio, and Nyen- huis in a successful victory drive. The faculty team was led by coaches Miller and Kirkpatrick, with ten and five points respectively, and supported by professors Kast, Frohmader, Monod, Contreras, Diaz, Bennett, and of course, Max. Yet even their vast experience and know-how proved insufficient in view of the Seniors' excellent con- ditioning and superior coaching. 4 lfi . 'Nm f , Mr. Kast, when waiting for a free-throw, one "Back to back, belly to belly,1" Hoff easily bats the ball away from an agonizing Frohmader, I xy il. ., .il 7 29-1. I u 51 . J . l V 1 l F . 'Y-, 4,751 .nu ji 1 .. 41 , ' '1 -5 D K' "Bill, you take over for a while, l'm pooped," says "l fouled Miller? Y0u're One T0 talk. Allphinlf' Kirkpatrick as the Seniors move down court. observes Small heatedlY- FACULTY 41-17 i 2 nz. . IU ICR VARSITY LL-STARS ,it The Junior Varsity program, designed X Solely on the basis of performance as and coached by lVlr. Clark Kirkpatrick, spot- Y- indicated in the six-game round-robin t0ur- lighted the principles of total participation nament, Sixteen of the thirty participants and building towards the future Varsity ,bs " were selected for the all-star team. team. H' The All-Stars constitute the Junior Var- The 1968 Junior Varsity selection was sity, and represent the AHS against Tepe- chosen through a pre-season intramural , y8C.C0l6Qi0 C0lUmbi-land the otherteams competition. s ' ,. participating in the June inauguration of Basketball coach Kirkpatrick opened the the new gym at Benemerito de las Ame- intramural program to all boys interested Kirkpatrick I'iC3S- in playing, Two weeks of practice and The most able and willing of the Junior conditioning weeded out the more Undedi- Varsity will combine their experience with cated players. The thirty remaining ath- that of the returning varsity lettermen to letes were grouped into four teams: the form 3 YOUVIQ bUT Well-Pfimed V3"SifY Celtics, the Lakers, the 76'ers, and the Squad fOr 1968-69. The purpose was to Warriors, with experienced players as cap- give 8XP6rienCe and poise to the under- tains and Varsity lettermen as coaches. 9"-Hdu-QTGS in PYGPHYEWOH fOr next YGHVS Varsity. gr ' ' wg. y. -- ,L,4:,j-- '. 2- v-Ov, it I mae sweet, ,oi at st ,,, ,. It . I XJ I . . is 'Qi M. XJ X Q , g 4' gi , f I 'XD "5"f.-i: 'i-ep' ".' J was ' i 4 I , I ' S A l 1 as' ' w ., 1. 2 - I 1,1 .Q 1,-4'-4 , law' , 1. . ' c - 'Z-U ' -I ., 'Jr' Prix -W Wait--" "WWI, in ' ,.. I n 5 u fb 5 r , ,,,.,,, wb Z "' ,:4- 'f'-'K Q N t '-- 'M kt' ii" gi' g B It 1 I-4: L ... M' uk ,ir h ' ss. l I, A Y bwlvsix I 'J I I - I ' B ' l'-5. 4? ti M a , Q I ' X E .ff me Q " " c "it it - :QL I 1. , 4. THIRD HOW: Tom Clark, Ernie Durazzo, Frank Gehrke. Ernest Balleste. SECOND ROW: Warren Hastey Bob Augustine Ray Snider Bob Bradford Dennis Walsh. FIRST ROW: Bob Garza, Messod Attias, Craig iNooley, Ken'Wagner, Jorge Horgacitas, Eddie Chambless. MISSING: Carl Haynie. 289 l Tom Clark Cliff Gehrke Captain Student Coach Between 2 Clark swishes a jump shot. FIB Brent Peck, Ken Wagner Crai l bal Wooley. ' CELTICS ie ability to hustle and play clutch basket- provided the necessary ingredients for a chafmpionship Boston Celtic season, as they drop ped only one game to the Los Angeles Lak- s indicated by the statistics, the Celtics ersiby one point. too, most of their victories by small margins. Thel winning formula was the fast breaks and aleqtness to enemy errors of guards Craig Wo Tom ley and Ken Wagner, the rebounding of cenlfer Ed Trimble, the ball-handling of forwards Joh Eig poin Clark and Flay Snider, and the back up of Foarde, Bruce Granick, and Brent Peck. th-grader Craig Wooley brought credit and ts to Cliff Gehrke's Celtic five as he snatched 71 points during the season an.d second placka in League scorers. Celucs Opponents April 20 34 Lakers 28 April 26 38 Warriors 34 lVlay1 4 38 76'ers 35 May 11 37 Lakers 38 May 13 37 Warriors 34 May 15 37 76'ers 36 l Brian Toole, unmolested by battling Ray Snider, peek reaches vainly to deviate Laker shot.Y gets off a jump shot. 290 l 1 l l SECOND ROW: Brian Toole, Steve Casper. FIRST BOW: Warren Hastey, Ernie Durazzo, Jorge Horgacitas. MISSING: Bob Bradford, Andy Robin. LAKERS The Leagues strongest team on paper, Warren Hastey's Los Angeles Lakers, failed to materialize until late in the season, losing two of their first three games and ending.the race in third place with a 3-3 record. Although the Lakers lacked experience, with the exception of Varsity veteran Warren Hastey, they had a distinct height advantage, as forwards Ernie Durazzo and Warren Hastey and center Brian Toole posed serious threats on the boards. Late-comer guard Jorge Horgacitas and Warren Hastey tied for third place League scorers with 68 points each. Speed was furnished by guards Bob Bradford and Andy Robin and forward Steve Casper. The deterring factor for the Lakers was a lack of offensive interplay. Lakers Opponents April 20 28 Celtics 34 April 26 41 76'ers 29 May 4 44 Warriors 45 May 11 38 Celtics 37 May 13 48 76'ers 51 Mav 15 62 Warriors 41 st Jorge Horgacitas pushes in two of his 68 season points. . 3 I r ' I Warren Hastey Bob Feldmann Captain Student Coach Durazzo steps ball out. Durazzo sinks a two point set shot despite hungry Celtic defender, Ed Trimble. 291 .Q L 1? 'Bob Garza Richard Kaufman Captain Student Coach Dennis Walsh charges past uard Bob Augustine 9 for a lay-up. i 5 'fs'-Za.: ,mms .A 'i M ,"'f"""v-an f E xl is lit? 2 Attias is out-distanced by Durazzo for the tip. 292 ECOND BOW: Dennis Walsh, John Groel, IRST ROW: Messod Attias, Bob Garza, ichard Augustine. MISSING: Al Barich, Robin Ray. 76'ERS Although Bob Garza's Philadelphia 76'ers occupied the League cellar with five losses and one win, their record is a poor indication of th teams's caliber. Of the .five losses, the mgrgin of defeat in the four games with the 'two top teams was of three points or less. Forward Bob Garza led the League in scoring with a total of 80 points. Forward and guard Dennis Walsh furnished the 76'ers with versa- tility and the height necessary for rebounding. Th consistency of forward Messoid Attias, the sp ed of the Augustine guards, Bob and Richard, an the back-up of Robin Flay, John Groel, and AllBarich should have spelled victory, However, the difficulty seemed to be the coordination oflall of these ability at the right time. l 76'ers Opponents l A ril 20 29 Warriors 30 A ril 26 29 Lakers 41 4 35 Celtics 38 11 31 Warriors 33 13 51 Lakers 48 15 36 Celtics 62 pre-season practice, forward Bob Garza: SECOND ROW: Ernest Balleste, Carl Haynie, Frank Gehrke, Eddie Chambless. FIRST ROW: Isaac Massry, Brian Kensel, Tom Johnson, Arthur Camacho. WARRIORS Student coach Olaf Hoff's San Francisco Warriors copped second place in the intramural League despite their beginning the season as the dark horse. The scoreboard lighted thanks to forward Frank Gehrke and captain - guard Eddie Cham- bless who was, with a total of 61 points, the League's fifth highest scorer. Defensively, center Carl Haynie and forward Ernest Balleste, delivered the ball to the bread winners. The bench, consisting of Arturo Camacho, James Eatman, Tom Johnson, Brian Kensel, and Isaac, Massry, although inexperienced, provided the necessary depth for a sustained effort. Warr1ors Opponents April 20 30 76'erS 29 April 26 34 Celtics aa May 4 45 Lakers 44 May 11 33 76'ers 31 May 13 34 Celtics 37 May 15 41 Lakers 62 Forward Tom Clark bags two easy points for the Celtics from the freelthrow line. 3 W f Eddie Chambless Olaf Hoff Captain Student Coach I. 'Teammates Balleste and Gehrke work together in practice for Gehrke's driving layup. L ""?1',f .' I y.a N, Q Q v .nb h g I ' mai. ' . 1, , . I ,. 1 . f Q Guard Eddie Chambless climaxes quick break for a two point lay-up. 293 '01 Il 9'-. ..,, 1 , u -Q gnu, ASEBALL Ron Splut W Mr. Miller 5 WINS 2 LOSSES Roger Weatherbee I 5. "gl A A ,l lllnmll :wg W ll ROW: Phllllp Weatherbee, Ruchard Kaufman, Bob Ramey, Bob Feldmann, Greg Zwernemann, Brian oach Miller. Sally Norman, Ron Spjut, Charles Cutting, Marty Baddeloo, Ray Artiano, John Trejo. Dennis Diego, Carlo Gonzalez, Steve Hayton, John Jauregui. 295 af- fv . ,Lei ,V ,I if 5 Aa- A-1 ,. 4 u A xv-4' ' " l , - .1 Vi' .,.,. y - o P - Half". , I W K w. . f x - 1' . QQ' ' -, . . ' 3 - ..- , ."x"r'.- , ' 1 U. G, . L ,, .. . .-. . . Y W jfs'-N, ' ,. 5 ,W ,, ' , ' 4+ i 'Q Marty Baddeloo Charles Cutting Greg Zwernemann Bob Fiamey Catcher Sophomore ff 5 1 i 53: I , '47 .K t Q :,' John Trejo Pitcher, Third Sophomore ' , r ,c Catcher Catcher Pitcher, Third, First Junior Freshman Sophomore --- .. , , C ' . V , ..- A ' John Jauregui i Ray Artiano Dennis Diego Pitcher, First Second Second Freshman J Freshman Sophomore ,Rf Y, , - u - i .x s -Q i. , 'K-. , N ii- A W Y H U Q J . 53' " J .P J ' 4 ' ' V n-.U Carl Gonzalez Phillip Weatherbee Richard Kaufman Sally Norman Second Shortstop Third, Second Left Field Sophomore Junior Senior Senior Ron Spjut Center Field Junior l i,......:,w1tT-. .,,, PQ-., rss' 4:12 ' ' 1 3 if, . ' Ngif:,'f?vi - Zi g V :xLj.L.QM:-l'9Lii3 J R . ' fi" - -,X . vf 1 . YJ up 'f 555, . - '. - N- . kr' QQ. M SV" . 1, M 41' ' V ' '. , , 'is 'M ,. Z ' -38 ' Steve Hayton Brian Rishell Bob Feldmann Center Field Right Field, Third Right Field Sophomore Junior Junior Y l l Jauregui strikes out another - if f ' ' A .. l . 5. . g ' John Trejo nabs grounder MQgeLnaei:":g'nth?fJS ready to Peg EARS CLIP PUMAS 7-6 The first game of the baseball season, held Wednesday, April 24. found the AHS team coming from behind to pick up a 7-6 victory over the Aztec League Pumas. The Bears had dominated the contest until the fourth inning, when they held a 5-1 lead. In the bottom of the fourth, starter Jau- regui's control problems brought on reliever Bob Mazal, who in turn was unable to contain the Puma rally already underway. Bob Ramey, however, was able to put out the fire, as he struck out two men in a row. Three pitchers, six walks, and one hit later, the Bears trailed by one on the scoreboard. ln the top of the fifth the Bears managed to ring up two more tallies, from which stage the nowtight Bear defense was able to hold the line. Big bats for the day were winning pitcher Bob Ramey, with two for three at the plate, and left fielder Sally Norman, who was also good for two hits. Q -, -In .-.N f-7-Q ,-,. Y V. - giflp A' X- A 1 'W Hay Artiano looks for a connection, only to be walked by the Aztec pitcher. .J EARS T TCPPLE romeo T 7-6 The second game against tne Toltec League Jets resembled a double header, as it took the Bears sv f,-' ,. fourteen innings and two days to carve a 7-6 victory. On Friday, ' ' . April 26, the seventh inning con- . Cluded with 3 5'5 Score On a fain' Coach Miller keeps a trained eye on starting pitcher Bob Ramey drenched field. Therefore, the game was scheduled to continue on T May 1. The Jets held victorv in their gloves with a 5-3 lead and two ...cwf ,-,,- Q.. .sawmill Bear outs in the drizzling seventh M Y . ,Qi . U an and final inning. However, Charlie ,i?'4"H W'1?"t"" ' fgI,fk"1','Q-E -i Cutting's grounder to short netted 5 i ...ul the Bears two tying runs, as the Jet shortstop overthrew first. ., g ,- The game resumed the following T Wednesday with John Jauregui as- ' suming Ramey's hurling duties. Both teams scored in the ninth . inning, but the game then remained I .f scoreless until the bottom of the '- fourteenth. At this point third base- man Ramey walked, and shortstop - Phil Weatherbee tripled him home .5 1 'll- f fn nv- for the winning run. , Q f-- -xt -gg, Jauregui's shut-out pitching and " " - - the slugging of Weatherbee and J Ramey provided the sufficient mo- rnentum for ViCf0"Y- Cutting rounds third Jauregui extends for a fast ball Center fielder Ron Spjut slugs a grounding single to left field. 299 x . B BEARS ' ,W k'g'::"Q gg-f,3g f .j IQ . . llc' '-. '5-2-1 :34 if fs f APACHE 's 4-1 The AHS Varsity baseball team extended their season's record to three wins and no losses with a 4-1 victory over the Apaches of the Second baseman Ray Artiano attempts to cut-off Aztec grounder. Aztec League. 'A'- , - 4 A' . ww.. '23 1 1' f- 4 Q3 A -1 fr ,M A A major defensive factor in the victory was John Trejo's proficient pitching. ln seven innings he allow- ed only two hits and struck out eight opponents. The Bear outfield and infield exhibited virtually flaw- less defense, committing but a single error. Bob Ramey and Sally Norman once again paced the Bear offense, each belting a timely double to bring in the other four Bear hitters. With the game well in hand by the third inning, Coach Miller turn- ed the game over to the Bear sub- stitutes, who accounted for the in- : , crease and preservation of the AHS A - wpqfjfgi - , f A victory margin. Ramey cashes in on one of Pitcher Trejo Iobs a high slow his doubles as he tags third ball to Apache hitter. , on his way home. ll""" 1' ' will xg. ..,,, F 2 r 51.2, Jauregui 300 x , mm, X. ., takes a big lead-off .,. l P '14:nsn-.L t-:,- , -' -Q ,ra .qw ,- 5.-NAP., ?fYg.f?g,gi5.J.w HIRE: y ,, 1- 55,45 L.. ,Y '45, . J 5 ..-,w,.,54. .A . , ,eil --"'5f,sffSJ-'r-,Af . g 13V A ,JS K - - . 5-4-,I tg' K of first in anticipation of left fielder Sally Norman's hit. BEARS UPSET U. OF . 5-4 4-2 The AHS Bears baseball team swept a two game series with the University of the Americas Volun- teers on May 8 and May 10. Led by winning pitcher John Jau- regui, the Bears nipped the Vols in the first game by one point, 5-4. Jauregui struck out 14 and allowed only five hits in seven innings while he drove in the winning run in carrying the Bears to victorv. The Bears also drubbed the Vo- lunteers 4-2 in the second game, led by winning pitcher Bob Ramey. The University of the Americas scored their two runs in the second and third innings to take a 2-0 lead. Yet by the fifth inning, Vol pitcher Harry Hjerpe was tiring, and he let the bases load up. Two hits and two walks off of Hjerpe gave the Bears their four runs and the victory. Playing third base in the other University of Americas encounter John Treio taqs out husltinq Harry Treio follows through on his first base run. ,W R LL-STARS 1 9152, -aw' A I , file - i r? fag" . , ,. , , ' , Z ' 1, ,L-W. leg' J "T -vifffifi, - -fr.-,,3u.a' Catcher Charlie Cutting attempts to instruct and calm fatigued Bear pitcher, Bob Fiamey. lib' . A . . ...L TW ,tw ... i 2 The picture of a frustrated coach. I l 1 L .sIyN' CRUSH EARS 10- 12-4 On May 15 the Bears ended their season on a 5-2 note, as they drop- ped a double header to the Aztec All-Stars. The first game ended in defeat, as the Bears were unable to main- tain their early two run lead. Starter John Trejo's inability to find the plate, coupled with the absence of all relievers except Ramey, led to the ten run All-Star total. The All-Stars provided a repeat performance in the second game. By this time Bear morale was too low to muster the concerted effort necessary to effect a split, and the burden of cooling off a hot All-Star rally again fell upon Ramey and Trejo. The Bear defense played its role, as error upon error allowed the All-Stars to capitalize on their hits for scores. In search of a fresh arm, Coach Miller called on left fielder Sally Norman to go to the mound in the top of the sixth. In the bottom of that inning a late Bear rally proved insufficient in closing the seven run scoring gap, and the Bears lost 12-5. Ramey belts grounder to short as Weatherbee and Trejo warm-up. -I. i' ,,,qvv-4-Ari Fr .L 'I"vvifS . I I, I V X I I f sf , I ,af 'Rl' ff I V.. I I I ur., .r. rr-' I I fr I I I 7 ., r, fg X.: O li' . - , i Hi TRACK FIELD Coach 1 WIN 5 2 LOSSES I 0 In the two scheduled track meets A 753' ' ten events. The Bear versatility this year, against Tepeyac on April 0 was indicated by three firsts in the 19 and against Patria and Tepeyac , x field events javelin, hlgh jump, and on Tuesday, May 7, potential, con- 1 broad jump - and four firsts in ditioning, and improvement promis- I , t, T, the track category - the mile, the ed an olympic future for the AHS. P vg gglfefr 880, the 440 and the 220. However, The Bears dropped the dual meet v the Bears lacked the depth to take to Tepeyac by a 48-67 margin, de- Mr Benaeff the point-valuable second, third and spite seven AHS first places in the fourth places. APRIL 19 TEPEYAC VST A.H.S ll ll 67 48 MAY 1 TEPEYAC vs Q A.H.S. vs PATRIA B ss so 15 C 76 57 11 131 93 24 ll n TOTAL J?" ' .1 ' f' T Kill -J, l ,.., 41 'l 'i,'A'f, A f 8. 4' 43 fi if ' 'Qgff 41,1 ' :fer 1 f J A J-" ' ' 4 r ' QEV1' - , ,, .m---M -W--5 'W ef-Q SFCOND ROW: Ben Sands, John Moore, Al Camacho, Bob Curlatt, Johannes Schiefer, Bill James, Bob Gibson Al Allphin, John Wisner, Chuck Thornburg, Coach Bennett. FIRST ROW: Paul Casanova, Wickie Martins, Steve Oialvo, Pedro Gutierrez, Lorrie Hogg, Mark Kennedy Chri French, Manuel de la Llata, Phil Ojalvo. 1 -.14 Sophomore Bill James twirls a first place discus in the 16-and-under cateqory .M ' 55-Ma .-, 1 - " Casanova slips baton to place 4 x 100 relay. - u 5 . ig 5, , wi i r ' L ' - .P ., A ,gfgy I Q" . ..-f-. ' , ' " Libr, : A' , .1 ' .. . - . . -5'- ai i iw'-, ,. 9 .J- ,'-" -Q At - ,ff Bob Curlett virtually laps mile contenders, de la Llata in the Bears' T , .'3il'l'i7 ' . TI- The younger set, Bob Gibson and Lorrie Hogg, prime for 100 yard dash. With the division of participants into age groups in the Patria-Tepe- yac-Bear encounter the Bears were able to concentrate more of their talent in one group and thus humil- iate their arch rival, Tepeyac, 56-55, in the 16-and-under group. The Bears only took five firsts of ten categories on this occasion, but they gained essential points with six seconds and four third places. Bear strength was concentrated in the field events, with firsts in the discus, high jump, and shot put. However, the Bears made up for their loss of first place in the 220 and the 880 with seconds and thirds in other track divisions. In the 17-and-older category however, the AHS team's slimness, as opposed to Tepeyac's depth, resulted in a 36-76 loss, while Patria scored a mere 10 points. Wi th only six par- ticipants the AHS commendably managed three firsts, four seconds, and two thirds. IOl..lg- ' Pedro Gutierrez hurdles over 1.70 meters to tie for first in the high jump. John Wisner clocks a 4:12:5 mile against second place Patria runner. A I 'A it . ' . x l , 1 , , N . . , fl, -4 '--P' fx' A 'V' -gg' ' ,- '-'gf , , ., .. - .r' .,:vv H '-. '-' As.. - ""f"'i' , . .,.,,.-,-.-.,',,1 ?..g.4.t - . K lb. sm--Q. lisvgzxl. ,t f 4, lffvw ', .'l' V' ., .-.1-f,-w., .. . M.---,ox-, 20 , ,, '-Ni , . ' U .. It I " " kan Eighth grader Bob Gibson cushions his second place 5.07 meter broad iump. Ben Sands heaves the shot 10 47 meters for a tri-meet first. 305 ug 5.-AI High jump artist Johannes Schieffe-r clears 1.65 meters for first place Taking fourth place inithe'1'00 yard dash. Manuel de la Llata comes closest to Tepeyac and Patria speedsters. Wickie Martins cocks for his third place 31.66 meter iavelin throw. i 1 1 l 1 l Kennedy takes a broad jump first? l The major weakness of the AHS team lay in short distande compe- tition, such as the 100- ard dash and the relay. Sophomo es Giffin and Ojalvo, Juniors Allp in, de Ia Llata, and Hogg, and Seniors Ken- nedy and French handled the middle distances while the more' resistant Curlett, Moore, Ojalvo, Thornburg and Wisner controlled th: distance l shot put events, Al Camacho Bill James, Wickie Martins, and Ben events. In the discus, j velin and m Sands managed to do inate at least two out of the three Sopho- mores Pedro Gutierrez a nd Johan- nes Schiefer generally found them- selves competing agai st each other in the high jump, while, Paul Casanova, Bob Gibson and Mark Kennedy' alternated hondrs in the broad jump. Bennett's 1967-68 track? team will continue to sport the same variety of talent next year, with 113 return- ing members. l l l Kennedy pushes to overtake Tepevac's Sands follows through on first place Pliego in the 220. his first place spinner of 306 28.34 metersl l .1 -.,. mn-.- ,. nl Sands receives first hand-off from Al Senior Mark y Allphin in their 45.4 second relay. Allphin and Hogg sweep 440, but Hogg receives a technical disqualification. With his javelin prone, Bil' James prepares for his ' second place lance. If W 'TN In-A li I '11 N I ' iv ' an W' 1 umtfv -u 'Q OCCER Coach 3 WINS 5 LOSSES Thanks to the enthusiastic sup- port of members by underclassman, the scope and activities of the AHS soccer team were greatly expanded during the 1968 season, and a similar development can be anti- cipated for 1969. The team consists of five Freshmen, seven Sopho- mores, five Juniors, and one Senior. ln preparation for the League season, the Bears warmed up with several practice games against Mr. Contreras competitive non-League school. The 1-4 pre-season record is a reflection of the experimentation with positions and experience which led to the 3-3 regular season and a place in the League finals. The four losses were to Don Bosco I1-51, Columbia I1-31, graduates of Prepa 8 10-21, and Modern Ame- rican IO-1l. The only victory was the fourth game 3-0 decision over Prepa 8 which indicated the Bear MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH A.H.S A.H.S. A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S A.H.S progress. T PEYAC 1. U. M. COLEGIO MEXICO P TRIA P EVOC. 6 UMARRAGA SECOND ROW: Raul Nava, John Gaither, Raul Garza, Alex 2 1 1 2 0 1 1 Q m2?15,t.A - . , A-y,Mggt,s..f gif.: ' WS E349 P T 't- tl.i1?-vilfiafffs X - 'fm " .1 'fi r, Patrick Aguilar, Johannes Schiefer, Robert Calvo, Rolf Olsen. FIRST ROW: Felix Speer, Steve Davidoff, Bill Margolis, Tsacher. MISSING: Bruno Krakowski, Leopoldo Kram, Alfredo La 308 , Leslie Smith, Larry Wellman. co Solis, Luis Ramirez, Aake Ericsson Eita Goalie Johannes Schiefer Tsacher looks-relieved as Patrick Aguilar has just a goalward ball. Opponent goalie prepares to boot ball out of his territory. The first official game of the season was played on the AHS field against Tepeyac on Tuesday, March 5. Although the Bears do- minated the Friars, controlling the ball the majority of the time, they were unable to clinch their drives with scores. Roberto Calvo netted the only Bear goal of the day. while Tepeyac capitalized on the posession of the ball and the Bears' first game jitters for their two goals. Visiting the CUM turf on March 8, the Bears lost a technical 0-1 decision. Arriving five minutes late, due to transportation, the referees awarded the one point victory to the 1967 champions, CUM. Utilizing the occasion, the teams scrimmaged for thirty minu- tes, and the Bears faired well, con- sidering expectations. On Tuesday, March 12, the potent Colegio Mexico invaded the AHS Columbia goalie smothers goal tending Bear kick. Forward Roberto Calvo advances into enemy territory, Raul Nava and Tepeyac forward bump knees tor ball control. maneuvering for one of his goals of the season. Halfback Eitan Tsacher argues over the referee's decision. 309 l l l l l l u A ' - t r is t t ' . Carlos Ramirezdtakes ball ou o ear erri ory, as Haul Garda Luis Ramlrez and Roberto Calvo move moves UP to ai - , in to intercept misplaced enemy boot. Goalie Patrick Aguilar, moves to kick the ball out of scoring range. Smug opponents return to the field after half time relaxation L5'lU , ..., c, ,., , ,,,- .. . ' gr " .v .V i -fixes!-ff'-...v-X f A, .- ,.,, 6, -Hd.. IVA' . 1, -3 a5,,.,:. , ....t, . ,.. i W- sa .N ' 2. f-Lt.,,t . , fl:--ff i at ' . , ..,-- -'lwriq-atffi 1, -ai grounds only to be set back and give the Bears their first Victory by a 2-1 score. Junior Alfredo La Mont was responsible for both AHS goals. In the first half hel comple- tely outmaneuvered thel Mexico to place a beautiful kick inlthe nets. A passing combination oflforwards La Mont and Margolis accounted for the first half point.l Roberto Calvo deposited the one lAHS goal Eetgiveen the posts in the second a . , With a 2-3 record, the AHS went into their last game, lon March 26, against Zumarraga playing for a position in the League finals. Only a Bear victory could assure them of accompanying Colegio Mexico, CUM, and Tepe' ac in the playoffs. With Zumarragla sharing similar stakes, the gamye proved to be quite tense, heated, and at times contested. However, the Bears triumphed in the clutch with a 3-2 score. La Mont accounted for two of the goals and lCalvo for the third. I . , N- :-.. ' A - ....g,, Q ,,.., ,A . , ,,.. E Y l an 1, K in ."".""' Johannes Schiefer makes attempt to assure the "O" on the score 1 board. I I 5 Roberto Calvo and Raul Garza climax passing drive with Calvo's well-placed goal. 'Y"l,.- :H-.rv ' -n . .-,. - . ,',...' Uolegio Mexico halfback finds himself in a bevv of Bears. FIELD HGCKEY 0 WINS Although the girls' intermural program has yet' to pick up the steam of the male program, infor- mal encounters in basketbal and soccer and a formal field hockey season constituted the 1968 female athletic competition. The field hockey competition was instigated and scheduled by ath- letic director, Mr. Kirkpatrick, and organized and coached by Miss Parsons in hopes of following up on field hockey training of the physical education classes. The major problem in the three games played was the discrepancy in age and experience of the AHS girls and their competitors. Coach MISS Parsons Captain, Debbie Turok 3 LOSSES The first game, on April 20, against the Club Feminine de Field Hockey de Mexico, indicated the girl Bears' future. They had been organized for one week, and they were playing women between the ages of 18 and 35 with up to eight years of seasoning. The evi- dence was the girls' ignorance of more than the basic rules, their inability to penetrate the rock-hard defense, and their poor condition- ing. The one AHS goal of the season was made by captain and forward Debbie Turok on a penalty bully. The 1-3 defeat was gracious considering the situation. SECOND ROW: Miss Parsons, Kathy Munro, Madeline Pastrana, Marlene Pastrana, Willa Wagner, Dee Dee Walsh, Kathy Donohue, Vicky Dugand, Betsy Munro. FIRST ROW: Stephanie Sopkin, Jo Hoereth, Martha Zoller, Cheri Oouist, Sue Ellwood, Debbie Turok. The second game was more devastating, as the second place Canadian team from the University of British Columbia, mutilated the Bears 17-0. In an attempt to avoid a greater margin than the halftime score of 0-9, the Bears shifted valuable forwards Kathy Donohue. Vicky Dugand, and Betsy Munro to guard and halfback positions, since the majority of the action was defensive rather than offen- sive. The score doubled despite these precautions, and the use of what appeared to be five goalies at a time. The final game, on Thursday. May 19, at the Magdalena Mixhuca. was a rematch against the Club Feminine, however, the Bear per- formance was not the same. The two previous games had obviously provided the Bears with an edu- cation and experience. Although they dropped their third consecu- tive game 0-4, the Bears showed more poise and potential. Field hockeying Bears clank sticks to launch their game. Wu, .1 .. 1, . ff 1 rt, Betsy prepares to whack ball to Cheri Oquist while Canadian defender interjects her stick. ,4- ribs 4-.397-.,f. rt, v-we qu s.s...y- -M -, Martha Zoller and Vicky Dugand combine for a scoring drive which was halted within twenty Munro with her vision slightly obstructed, attempts to out distance opponents. X, S 'rg Forward Kathy Donohue and Vicky Dugand attempt move thi ball through the impermeable defense. FLI Twenty-six of the more athletically inclined American High School students made the annual trip to Flint, Mi- chigan for the Glympian Ga- mes between July 22 and August 6 of last year. A rather prosperous athletic future for the AHS was indi- cated by the 33 places taken by the AHS representatives - fourteen firsts, eight se- conds, three thirds, three fourths, and five fifths - and the fact that more than fifty percent of the team were Sophomores or younger. Of the seven most qualified stud- ents, whose trips were spon- sored by the State department, five were underclassmen. Fur- thermore, all students were copping honors in all areas. ln the field events, the girls dominated, with Senior Dee Dee Walsh taking first in the shot put with a 29'11" toss and Ana Calderon with another first in javelin, while Marian Blair and Ana participated in the discus and broad iumD. Maria Luisa Anzaldua trains for her competition... qin rummy. Martha Gottfried winds up for discus toss. Track and soccer competitors, Bill Wichtrich, Dave Giffin, Carlos Ramirez, and Bob Curlett l nf? l Ana Calderon, launches a high flying discus. The Bears took a number of honors in the track division, but never first. The contes- tants included girls, Maria Lui- sa Anzaldua, Marian Blair, and Connie de la Vega, and boys, Bob Curlett, Manuel de la Llata, David Giffin, and Bill Wichtrich. The net competition belong- ed to the Schon family as Linda, Enrique, Patty and Tito walked away with seven first places and nothing lower. ln the water sports Debbie Turok took first in the 100 yard back stroke and breast- stroke, setting a 1:1512 record in the latter. Tommy Wood also took honors in the but- terfly. The AHS girls, Lynn Prairie and Chris Love, swept the diving category in their respective age groups. The soccer team, composed of Roberto Calvo, Manuel de la Llata, Jorge Dominguez, Raul Garza, Alfredo La Mont, Alejandro Malo, Raul Nava, Carlos Ramirez, Luis Ramirez, Paco Solis, and Bill Wichtrich. exemplified the Mexican na- l tional sport as they carried T away the soccer category, win- ning all their games. TUDE T LIFE The challenge of life Is to laugh and cry share and give and still be willing to repeat it and continue to yearn without regret r X 'A1 s w . y W ' Q V nw v 1 -. 1 M-'Z Xl 1 ,ww ,. "T'-iff," A , AE, .f,fu, Nr 4. .. . l M',f,frCj ' '.'v" 1 N 1,L,u.s.,Qf-.f - - H.. ' - ' if LjfE'3?gQ:i.X1, W . "Ji V, GW TL? .. A lf- 'J5".3, .fx-1? .241 'C - .U.1.,.w.:-'.' 'A u vu P ' ' ' 'Iii' 'T ' 1 1, I U. . V - I V 1 , , ' .V , ,rv L' '. I'-Pi ,vjx 1' . .-4 ' .32 . - .wk .i iz. fb ' ,11-:f ,W ff , ..+., M1 k ,Lt , ,. , A- ,'s"' :H 1+ A, .5 -,L x- 'JJ4 T ..., ,.-1. A A ima I 1 , ' , . 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FASHION SHOW JUNIOR-SENIOR PICNIC ARTS FESTIVAL "Lorrie baby, come back! I'm your little Martha." "Maybe if I make a mad dash to the . ggg'nf2'?Y Wont "why didn't they ren me what ' it tasted like before l bit into lt? l 318 l ,SENIOR SKIP DAY "And if I ever see another Anahuac pliego again. . AHS VS TEPEYAC "Our beauty treatments are unlque, as we wlll demonstrate on Mlss Donohue." ARTS FESTIVAL "He cheated" ' Oh, no, the keys are stuck! Maybe lf I humm..." "I never thought Karen would write STUDENTS vs FACULTY me a 'Deaf Jvhn'-' T "'Come on, you guys - JUNIOR-SENIOR PICNIU Max Wants The ball!" "Well, If Alex 0'Brien can do it., so can l." 1 iv-di-M A - 1 1 .,. .li QF . . if ,V , 1' 5,:"r,, . . V r, ws' 1 4 lj f' T9 V 31 - I V .F V' ' . -A. V .P1 .- - ION V x x , V .r .V 35 4 ' " QQ. . , .1 Y,1xF-Ik, V . :- , fi? x i.. .,-'-- ' bc. "gy, . 1, V ., I . qv: ,-14, K Ffgli ' ' 114. 5 .1 1" Q91 F533-' 452319:-V 1 v fx- 'l -5 x V , xg, -. 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'f 705..73-cV,4-C,-1.1-2!g1Z'fWV. x'3a'?fI5'Y51f"'-'-"MTW Jw! VST' Sf- LV' V. - 4 Q . V A STUDENTS VS FACULTY Sabotaged! Glue on the ball." These Seniors get me nauseated. "The,first day of school is bad enough without those darn Anahuac photographers running around." "My mom always said I was cute enough for the movies." JAMBOREE Oh, no, here come the first graders who tore Ben's shirt off. Throw the ballons and RUN!" 321 SPORTSNIGHT 1 I. -X O Y "And then the big, bad wolf said... i "Excuse me, but which one of you 1 gentlemen is the real Max Tudor?" l i I -,. "Whaddya mean we're going in the wrong directioih? We've gotten three touchdowns over there." 1 SADIE HAWKIN'S DAY i TEPEYAC BONHRE "Hey, no fair, hes ..v..---.,, .. --.,-..-.- ,-..- ,, dribbling it." I'l just die 322 Z 5 GRADUATION is "This is going to be the most unusual graduation anyone ever attended." COMPUTER-DATE DANCE , . . V . JST ' pg s -ig: ' lf ' 3115311 2' v 2 :?'ff5lt"-'Zf"5 V Ni f A I L .' ff:-1 3 ' - - 'M' ,QQ b 4 lfiitvf, 9' fi Y ' YE. ' , J, 345. F U -x-j- Q .Q-x 9xw X' x 5 . Q 4 i at 5 th I M In ,al e wil X - x L ' - A "Hey Eric, how'd you like to grade "All right, Willa, now that these papers ?" you've seen him - should I tell him l'm his date or sneak out the back door?" l ,, f 1 1 f A Q. .K ,.x,,,,,-,x yffgg V R., ga., . tb ,,1,,.,, SC. 3' .wir h. , . 5 QW . T .,,gf,5sxs.S" , 49 "l don't know, Arnold, do you really think CBS would underwrite them?" "My, Juana, you sure have grown." JAMBO'REE "This pizza does taste a little funny and they have been playing 'cutsey and pastey.' You don't suppose. . .?" 323 F Am akwfewfm ....,Q..,..., M, M- ix ml W.: 0 Q 'HH cumo :TY mm' "Maybe it's what's left over from the hamburger meat." "But Lynn Gonzalez couldn't have won the Ambassador's Cup!" 1 . an l fx. si " in .Q -It 'F ,J ', ' S lil ' A Y L3 kxizfjii i 5 -.- i ' , ' - .. , .3 . "':i gf"-'-wffm-1 . 'l ' ' , .., A f- , - . - V . if: i ,-- " 1 ii 411' . L. N - ' Q ww x ' 131' 5, ,,j,L',k.g.-. "Yeah, the line is kind of long, but maybe they'll have popcorn inside." "Looks like some Senior class officer doing a rain dance." is f . J .f . In .K 1 , i V' 5 A :T ei 1 : - 41 5 'l .f - it I I Q .4-,Q ! . L J. 3 .. ' ' H- "F ..:' L . ' f ' 5' l Z. 'tg 'iz ' if 'Q ' rw 's-H. Q if ' V r ', A xt' . g-HQRVK 1. T-. v A r ' 'Q F1 X. wan- . ,. r ' -- s, r...:f- an "Whaddya mean our play was postponed? We've worked six weeks on it." Spjuty completes his 38th Charlie Chaplin film. . .but wait a minute... if I gave him a five-peso bill, and the pizza cost S 3.25 a slice. then l'm missing. . .ARGGHH these journalism kids are always out to make a fast buck." 325 ' ru Q , .5 19 Q 1 .V S" 1 f . i v, . , -, h A , na'-wgzcf . u N ' W' ' "' 1 :-5"' ,. " , -x:7J..a, ,gy es- , , .-.. R. , , , . ,,-5 "',,f3E.1f:Z.Iz1"'i1'If' ' we- ."'fu::WN'..h"f' -- Q., f 5' 'Wi "If l land in the mud again, I just know they'll laugh." JAMBOREE "Hey, look at Bozo. .. oh, t AHS VS TEPEYAC ' .A .""'94i.Q X f ,M-'Q' , - I -az "A Tepeyap player on the ground-how curious." ' . 4"': 33 i "Wow! A topless!" l l l no - it's Mr. Tudor." "Did you see that dreamy new student teacher?" 326 "l believe Garcia is right. He's taking five periods of journalisrln too many." l l i I l l l l SITAR TIME .59 1' Uweu' I see that the "Without a beard, he's no fun." general male concensus about me today is positive." Dm-F "Double, double, toil and trouble, Fire burn and cauldron bubble." The grass is always greener on the other side. "McGee, couldn't we try sunning on the grass?" "Oh, no! Olie and Nancy had another fight, are fighting, are going to have a fight...?" FRIE HIP thi .g- X 1 Q 1 1 " A W 1A f M . ' - f , 1 !'1"i4N 1 . n 'I iris: Z 4 F' , " M ' , N pq' f Q " ' M H l X 1 ww: wir 1 R I y . Y N U, fl!! 'l-NJ 1 5 if uf ga way., -. ,. w aff: -'. 'K I , wry..-,:,.,wq1q,fa:L +14 'QDBQA-13' W fd W . nv, rw , 4- zz- , 1- - ' Wf'f13!2i?5'W'37" 'F1?v1'g9"52ff3:i ' A ..,,,w 3g :,,: 7 ,, uh. ,:Qw1g,lW,1.1-1, '4"' pw ! ,.!'3,1v .g, v.h....3E . L mx ' ' Jig: M ,,, Mr: ' 511' A if 1,4 , my :K X v Mm, 1 2 1' M " W'ifaf5imig 1 im W, ' 1 H'IV'331,M 5'i?3751,1i ,N '1-i'JF:f V 1 "' i1K'1wa.:'nr - Hlf, I nf 11. ., af-.+ i. -H' 'fret 1' ' V 1 51?-",' I -T , 5' Q 1 W 'AW' N" " " " ' " 17 'E ' f'.7Fr?'e?:l '3Kf2'5I. l . . , ,, ,, .A S.!':"wF:.17' ." - . 4 1 A A V .,gw .,.'H5 , ,L-1.45 Aw. s I 5' . '?:,.". ' A 5 ,T TEPEYAC BONFIRE af Just a minute Joel. whim l put my bridge "Oh, Gomie, you offend! back in pIace." B. 'hug Our hero of the day." "You mean Seniors finally get Snack Bar priviIeges?" "Now that journalism is through with the 'Gone Show,' they can capitaiize on us." STUDENTS VS FACULTY "I don't know, Mr. Tudor, the cheerleaders look rather disturbed with our cheering." Q ,piv- ,. K4 Q K - A r f, Y " - 1 ' ' ' 4, ' ' . . tyfw . .wtf . 14 s C2 "This is just one of my extracurricular activities 329 n JOURNALISM TEA A "Y -MJH.. 9 I agree, the tea does taste a bit like glue." l "These men become so gallant at the ' strangest moments." "Just subtly pass the takes it." "Who told you l was allergic to feathers?" SENIOR SKIP DAY 4 bill down the table and see what sucker 1 l l l l l .1 "Bobby's so possessive with lmy lollipop." l 330 i l f "Tell the Anahuac photographer to beat it." "l'm a little bored today. What you say if we take over the Principal's office and hold him captive?" "And when she's not "Maybe the Ringley Brothers need another sideshow." looking, I'll pour it down he' back-" JUNIOR-SENIOR PICNIC FLINT am 1 Smiling? Because We only "This is the last time I chaperone a class picnic." eighty-six more hours on the bus." OLD TIMERS "These Communal headaghgs, l "Now that our strength lies in numbers Iet's have a mass class cut and see if we all get mass suspended." 331 :K - gf- I r 'mils 'J WJ., .WSL 1? 1 ,Q 1 V-45 rv . " ', X '-r ei," ' K V :fx ' V P, f V '. U' , ' u " f ' ', , ju' ,K 4 M , 4 ,-, , 3, ' . .1 Z, - , ' V J ig: . fam -4 , , , Ez.-gm. I, 'fb , ' f rl Q-v "'::'i'fl'-' gf' 'Cf Q.: , '- 1 1 .L w, " . Eli!-5. 3. Qim , Q1- 4 Y J' -X .. ak? '. 1 3 4 T v .x l VP, ' "-Xu: - , I -n 541 Pas Q A 3 '1 ' .11 sf- I . ,, . ,X v ,ua wg I , A V X . 4 5 V V4 fy 49 5 f H 1 mx' Y' Y-, , 3 .... J-- I - K x? 3 1 ' ' my f A8-A . ,kv xx 4 i AW Y I ,nk ,.. s 4 - ' A '1- 1 fa, n ""' ... ICI? 'fx ,ff 2 -' ' ,V "' .. - wg a - w me -4 'X A-A . 1' , X. ,wx ' N , !'J.' ,iw ' E . Kp 1,q , - J 'L E Q 3, wx . fl! ' NN i ? I I' ' ' Aff' Y ,M ' I 'Q Ex . I . 5' 1: h V , PFW' N A i pm Q V5 msg 6 , l f 4 fi ,, . Qi: ' lw Q ' Q 4 Q Q11 1 swf- .N -+9 1. if. , ' "W T' V4 ' - 'Qi ' . 5 df' -..jg i' wr ' Q' r 4, X , , 4, '- , .1 Ll, x, mx A, w 1' 1 - G 1 -, s ,ft 2 6' R' '5' A , . . A I U x 5 ,, Q Y, :Q L! :Qi fn 3 ' isp' ' 'QLSF01 .1 l-A A . . 'X P. Q 'x X" me , on ,f i ' K ' 4 2' . . my i 4' . If I V I . , A ' ' X1 ! 1 E? M qgx I i BAKE SALE Q1 , "Hey, Zoller! When you finish your laundry, join us "I swiped it." in our bath." .JUNIOR-SENIOR PICNIC "i wiih she'd hurry up and cut it." "Chabacano paletas simply FASHION enthrall me." JAMBOREE "lf I hurry the runway and h rry "Buy me one of Uncle Hermann's back, maybe t ey "ls this for the pizzas, Mom." won't notice i'm yearbook or your missing the bloomersf' personal collection? 334 1 i I , 5511133 "Donohue? Oh, she's just exercising her muscles." "I passed!" VALENTINES ASSEMBLY "Did you know that Blondy's coming home in three weeks?" HONORS ASSEMBLY 417 'fa f k LVL "I would have pinned it on "And it says here that you've been drafted." he" but lm embarrassed- . an - POSADA-RAFFLE "Well, l must add that I did win a AI10Th6V Anahuac SUCCGSS- gold medal for my sponge cake. ,. even if it did soak up everybody's gastric juices." 335 H K . 'if Q .wg EJ if i Carlo and Andrea . - x , ,qv Hal, " r' -IW'-1' ' ,j'2ii Davw and Nancv Phu and Chrmty F4 3 'J- 4 'uf fm . V M J I 'I , E E 2, , ' Nj 'I 5 5 3- Ray and Paula Mike and Debbie I John and Lissa I ,-:Q nr..-up-.,.... ? xii? c E-' 1' A Q A :rg b Z' F' ' Brian and Donna Hermann and In Karen f., ., A. ' ' Q" , '- gw Q. 11 9' it i . . A ,. 1 'r 914' t1:i,'?Pi""' ' a 5-V ' .f- 4 ' 3, A 1 . -1 . r V.. arf. f fe If L 4 715 'T 4 i -i,. F N- . ' ff, A ' . , A 5 ,,..,. 4 3. f""1.'4 John and Vicky f J Wag-f - - q:a.,f',, ,Q . if ,Q wL'2 Q glqii -?r,. 1. 2 , 2 V 'V i""':Q' Mr. Tudor and Lynn ?',1f'?P --fs' A rg an , , b Jw ,A ,E 3 in 5 E 1 Y 46 . S -Xu Y .-vc. il ..,,.. TY ' g . K A ' 1 ,J if ' . 1- I . 5 J 5 I I A gl : F, Q b y V ' YL :QQ I ttf 71 1,, ' M ff" r-yu N 4 V ' 5' A " T w" N' , Q y -I U: jf 1-ff , ,. Tf'1Q4f,, '. 4 ' : V, 5 fall: W f I 4 4- ev 5 "' if if ' up , Q H- J Don and Joan , Olle and Nancy Ron and Susan 337 3 Jan and Hilarie Sally Fran Don and Judy Larry and Leesa Gibby and Mimi ,Paul and Chrissie lvar and Thea Dave and Laurie Chris and Elise George and Kathy Ray and Susan 38 i 414 Santa Claus and the Little Alf and Rosemarie i Eddie and Debbie Mr. Kast and Mrs. Tessada Joel and Chris Chip and Sylvia Bob and Carol Mark and Debby Mr. Frohmader and Mrs. Orozco Dennis and Janine WYVN Pedro and Madeline Lorrie and Martha Eddie and Karen fi- 5 ??????????????"7'7" "sas wx -1 Q lg . f Q ag- tw C' 'Wk 4 N ne I ef." ' ,, .313 XA Q11-H0 'XJ Q ,, -,,,.. It n 1.4. ' QL:-7 I . ff?--1 if .. J .Fa Galax' A . an . v- " TQ , ' ,. . y 5' K 3'-kv' 3, fi., Q Jeri. . xfa"'L"N? AV' - ,- uv A D ,512 ' L -,if ig a . 5' I AQ' x +-. fl 'Q if ' W' if . 44. 1. 1 .-I J' A , .4 x' to - wihim.. "But then on the other hand, Bush, we could have the graduation on the football field and the Prom in the gym." "Hmmm. .. l'm wanted in room 310 between periods. . . "Oh, great! They're getting up and hmmm"'H leaving. Maybe we'd better switch to the can-can." JAMBOREE FASHION SHOW lf I "Hold him back, kids. He's vicious!" "Oh, go tease "lf French Frohmader's d0esn't stop whiskers." laughing. . BEAR BRYANT NIG HT 1 l l "The tacos? They're delicious. . "Should we venture forth?" - 1 F .ff "Look, kid, I your glass has No. we don't 't help it if little less. 11,4 .L. - . -' T Laylt 'P V 4- si F "Yeah, Paul, they say it's great for the skin!" 342 "Oh, that h :L 3 U' c 'l an cn T' exchanges. h . Q- .1 'iw Q. Fai .W T' si' A6 . ,. ,Y if "He didn't look at me!" "And now you can tell Gonzalez that if she wants one more Forum article, she can write it." "I knew this wasn't a chocolate paIeta." it f f' . l I X V ' Q' Will' 'fi 1 A , V will i ,, . s -X f . - V , ' 1 4. , it V ' f' I V' M. ' g ff' j is 33'---."fQ5'iw . 3 . 5 . . ..4 "Mrs. Garcia always has the most interesting journalism classes." ,.-1 .e. ,. A . v Q A - 1 "Now, if Mr. Tudor, asks us what we're doing, tell him we're tied-up in school work... heh, heh."' X Olie-baby, come to my loving arms." JAMBOREE "These shuttle-flights to Acapulco are getting crowded. 5? ls T'2.fll'Efll'AQ '4 . . 3 .Y H W- at -.f:r.1.r.- . If Lil: "They've got a point there "Really, Mr. Tudor, these locker raids are getting out of hand." Clark- D0 YOU think YOU can get a team together next week?" 343 Q RITY Afwf ww ' V ,. f 'SQL lk. za. " wk' A 512: M , 4 r .QQ -.5 .aww I., fiifiwfisixi Q fb Rf A P JN' Q' qw 1 "Bw, Q gi ' , 'Q Q H 'P f 1 1 A Q fri' 52.7 - ' A , E Q Q lj ' ,fl ,, . A M E3 :fn I A - " Q," 11 '. M . ,f - ' - - ff Z 5242 2 ,. , . , ff 'xt' '1 53,35 , .2 ,- x W, .,, , 5 v . .r ., V:-H ln t N "I don't wanna FASHION SHOW w. .Rfk . ' to J . m 1 1 3 Q 4:43 Q K, V so--F 2 ' .1 , -4 . . 'vu 1' Q a "Me, a social climber?" x,?f. X say anything, , ,qv N .N . f -3 but... SADIE HAWKlN'S DAY 'N "To think that only my hairdresser knows for sure..." f. t 4 .4 .A Q if-a ' KL ' L 4' o,'ef in 1. t m , H -L, . 1 5' 'lQ , 1. savvy.-.,. 5' 5 s - '- W Nr- 'G . V, kc. Lg if-'Ni' .,, liter, ,ill , 1 35,9 , . V W , . "'li,f 5 " ' . .N W.. , , ,, - -Q.,,,.,, . - .fm ..,. ' .-za' 3-,L r,, "Lorrie and Martha broke up!" ,. 1. 1.4 - 4, v. Q JAMBOREE md-fEF.',31"'."C.. ff Z. "They call me 'stud'!" "You want that l should pop this in your face?" 345 'il JAMBOREE 'fr fig! "Me? I'm just a bundle of joy!" "A smiie a day..." 7 ,-f" ,Q i fffutf ,v,i'i"2'f' you -r .fi ,f ',LL ' L11 'p.5',i?i i . ,... Q, , yt ..K,-.2i,'1,lj,5iQ-r .ggrlgtpsi I i I fy 1 B-, -, -ff lil' 5' -E 55 "3 i Q - "Psst! Move your left wrist." Hurry up, Tony, and change your "We don't have Journalism today." Pants- CHAIR-IN -S this "Mr. Weatherbee, this is not our idea of an appropriate Arts i Festival sculpture." 346 Nr-'I "And what happened to what's-her-name?" . FASHION SHOW ri xi I 1 is "I wonder. .. is it true blondes have "How I wish I'd "Oh, Alfie, your throne more fun?" been born a boy." suits you so well." COMPUTER-DATE DANCE JAMBOREE "Gee, we have the same number... "Will it hurt, Dr. Patuel?" do you suppose that means that..." HONORS ASSEMBLY N f1w9vffevf,yf',W'.Qf -ga ., - .. , .:Y.J,t,, ,, W ' , 1 by, 'yi,,,'5r'.i" " 'I' 'w':'rl- ' ff. ff-'fbi-t" . . y. 51 env? .1 r,1.m,,,i ffl , 'M A 1 - '- 1 rr 'Vs ' ,. 1. fs ,- KL 5' U , If ' ' 2 v ' IQ 'I - 51 ' M ' ' I wr! Pie ,,, A 1 1 if . .M .A- -. ,W I j'15:3'i'- ff g 44 E. V . ' -s:.1R'.Z34 " '. I ,. , .f-'-W 'V' x Q ,s , -ww, . A ,A , . M wi , 4. I The Triumverate escorts Mr. Franz "I attribute my fame as a Yankee bat-boy to l1I my good looks, l2J my appealing personality. . 347 I -,f 5 Q A N x ,U , ,C aram- W., M. N, r ' P-fw H , . , A .I 'igf Q' -K 5 .V , R , . ,Q X . , 5 6 A 8 'v 1 'Ta ,,,,,, z...,,....-- Quia 'V 1 1 'H . ' " J -' ' X , v,Q . '.,. 1 x.-- . ' L N . W . 5" f ffm ." 5 'fgfgff ' 'K " 4- 'Qw Q ' 1 .f M sf N 'X - V' 'gf.,,- , . , Q K x w, ,Q fx,,q,A . g- ,Ll f. Q. f 3 Y , - + . -4-1 ,. y Qi +.. 5-1-13:4 N X ' - S 2.1 ."'?1-N 4' V.. JA H . 4 7, 'ok f. uh' ' -'Q 'YEL ' 'ls W. . A A ,-'Ik , - y 4 ' I, k . - ' , . ,1 . 4 1, . . H' .5 1 'V , '. .D . t - ,, - '. I A4 as r T ' ' 'W' ' V t A 41 sv I .L fy, 'yfgzv l' Jr . .F fb. 4 1 S ' 1 4 Q vw W sn, - . -.s - - . , ' x 3 1 F 4 1 , Q v , , 6 A 14 , - ., ' N - ' , a . , . 4 f . .1 . . V - -, a ' ' 1 lr -1 , ' . , ' , " . its. ' ' Q 'Q ov ff' Q- , . Ll' "'r,,k " A . - ' ' . J' 'Cf . , 'DVA " - . ts , - I.-' u T" -AM ,.1, .A S, ,. L, ug., Q ' - 4 5. A w ' ,fi fo v 4 J .. " . Q .NI ff, Mk . f 45 5 N-3 a. 1 . ' .' x - 'Q ' I 5. I --. " . f 1 N - ' ' - "evra" fu ' M - " . A W , - :. , ' ., .' f N . v 1.4" n- 1 ', 4424" 7, -A ., ' . " H, , N " - - , n 1 V -2 ,.,, f. ,W L ..,' 2-s'gc,f,, 1 ' .' -,. u ' . M, . ' ' " ,X 0.9 4 ..' 'T . ' '..' " Y , . 4' ' A ., v . 4 AN : x ' 5 V' . sq 4, , 8 I '.4 2 v t'.'- ,, l .H . xv in 2. x -I ' " - X N -"1 PQ-2 'lf:1""' f' "5.,+ ' 'kr L . ,' ". ., 41 ,A-A fs lj.. .., -. " A-3.1" ---' . , '- - N 1 , , wt , ag 7 l x I. x W. V L-V .4 Y l D H-. Q '.. f. L - . i. 4 .fd U . - v " N' ' gag MIL., ..',.'d , ., .fir .. , f' I" K. 1 gg- kj ' '54 ' -'xr 'vw I 'U 4 J- " ,if -A f , no A 1 5, ,l -,I ' m' q . ' 1 ,Q si, -, ,.k . 5- .H ,N, 1. -1 -X , A x ' s , v , . . ' Nw 1 -5 -' 5 . ' - - . .' 4 X L .- I' t bv. a'.,vH14 .-. 'N ,"' A R - " ' . , ', fx, 1 5 . Li T , V . ,H bg ' .. . . 1, - ' ' " . Y -if xi: A 'A '- -' .4-.4 ' 'AL-, . . ' , ,g'j'a- -rm J f f 6 N. 'ry K . " X 1 v- E' 'go K 4 Tw 'Jr-.-T . -v , '5 -va W , ' K '. JN '. .L " ' Y - f-, -.. 1-N-:A l A" 1- -'.f f, ffm. sw- -- ,. X gf -,, , ' M . . V.. , -1, 1-,U '-V. xx ' F J gr .lf '?""..'. ' , "'Yi.:' '-'15".',.-aff ' -, ' '- 1' . st Us 1 - m--W . . , h-g-,, 1-1.-, wx, R+ -Q A , -. ,AS u.S'.-.', 1, ,. , -. - A, au 1 5 .4 :AM '54, wiv. 5 x'o,.r AA, .4 I -mf -'QNX .,," i',..'. i,Q ' ,. . s-1 ' . X , - , . ' 1 A Q , 15 "l 7 , in se E A 4' 4? ,ff.x.'1 . 4. . '-iva' -'v I V' 5 4 ,X ' ,fi V " ' '. n , , V - 44.55 ul Y 1 U 14 f' 'Gwi- '9 ' s J 1 W 1 .- W I -.on ' f 1,11 95' 4wf,i+ Q h ,af w. 0 uyiw' iff 41 2. 2 -I p r '."u 1 ' r 2. SN 0.1 YD H-. - , vb -ff -1, xl! . , . sv. 5 , . . rf- ly' f ,'.' ' R1 "fy 1,5 . , - - 'H-,. 4.,.,:f 'Q f 9 v 1-, - if .1 'I , ' . v 4 tgirl' 5. KA Q A Q s . .ss, .Q' , A . A- - 1 ' Y w' .3 xr , , x ' ' QM' ' ' "5 ' "' ' ' lbw." 'cw Q'S- ' 'NX' S y' 3 i I x - W X - v A ,'- ' - 1 . 1 A ' N, 'W i ,-' X .df i " w N' ' . Q 'KX 'A X T' ' s L 'Y ' ' "A " KAR 'UNN a "ix "f . 72 -4 'Mp 'Q 4 , - - 'Nada' -X '7""'." . , , , X y- . -- ," . -. ' -, , P f " xl, .1 , V-s Ja - 4' f .. V s A L 9 '-'why , 4 N 5 A -' Y-G, if .. . ' Q . -. , , ,-1. , , . - , .SX ax . wg' ' , 7 - , ' 1 'J 1' X Nyf!+"' A 1 xf 3 N '- . 'Q ' 1' 4' ' JH", "A +V r ""L.- "H"Wsf --51'1?f "Yes, the first day of school is always a little dreary." "No, Mr. Tudor, she's just part of the display - the Perpetual Apple worm." "lsn't anybody interested in an excursion to Ouagadougou. . , cheap?" "l don't know, Gil, l think it should have more coIor." "Look, you play football, and I'll play Tarzan." , 'Ep 'v. ff'.-QW" "She had a hard day, trying to pass his exam." 349 class." "Would Russ please hurry with the cards?" Well it looks like an old lunch do we dare?" "I hear the Senior Class is planning to hijack bus 26 for Acapulco." SITAR TIME I am the Guru of the AHS." "But I do get more for my money with the economy size." CHEERLEADERS R R 'M iii L. "Well, it was so big, and I caught it only with a light-feather lure." "Wow, it looks like the Administration building will be finished before 1969." "If he takes one more step, l'lI throw my grenade and take off for the fox-holes." "Yes, Lynn, I do believe the tardy bell rang." 351 RPR qs, X' AXA "ff - 1 Q ' ' ,Ara 4: Q fl"'7'f1' f' ff X, ,3.,g, ,fE3??g?, 4 ' 1- - i. ,-'-sr- '11 '- - V, Q , ,. ,iw v A in r AKC, 5. W ' .-:1,, vi - .." 'Q 'jqm' 'N ,.'1 K Q. il , " 'Y U ,- .gff-g V' K1 ,i .55 .'f,:,,Z',-1, Ls K . 5 4 H 1 5 7' mfs -2 L A L , x'Sf?59Qgf ., 2 H ,gk Q , 6- A 4- Q W xii Q, 1 4 w ,A f J" z ' :jg 2 -' E, 'Q t ,s f 4 ., In ' kg: . ,sw J jf - L- . D Q ,F ' . 1 A 3 N3 Y.. ' ff , 1 ' ? Q P , kg' I I K I A ' - 2 . N , , , X W. ,r A , w lk.: 'Q 1' Q K P , SQ'-1 I Ya ,L V' gr! fin. -1 .7 ' ,XJ A f -Ry ' L . , - A X, gm' 1, , t ,-A., ... -4 ' 4 .'-'if f' Q ' P - "5-31 mst .5 V, x . Qi, .T V ,. Q 2' 1- my . , -F - 3- Qu w QL. fue. K", M ,f - ,-, . ' "S . ','.Tw ' -. .., - Q -,Vg 4 QW 'P-M .Q bfi' '- 1 "":f FY! ,IX Fixx? 5' J ...M 1 My .2 'IV ii, f 1 'L K 615,55 A 5 '1 .-in 'r' ' X A J -' I I, . ,A 4 . , A, Q ,, ,, ,Q c, if "I Q JK in . N . Aw-11 SY 7 QMS" Q? .V V Q, A ,sf -wig : :UW , v qw V I-PW'-' W aw .- wg' A S' , . S ' A 4, X' 1 V k ,app iw.:-. COTTON CANDY DAY T "Look kid, one more crack like that, and you'II have the candy in your face." it's required reading for English." JOUHNAUSM TEA STUDENTS vs FACULTY iii' Mrs. Garcia sure looks surprised. .. shes never seen "Oh, Oh, here comes that before." Hoff kid." O - 3 2'?f1" is my mug shot." "It might be... no, it couIdn't "Get that worm AWAY possibly be. . from me." COMPUTER-DATE DANCE l JAMBOREE . ' ' Joh no' not You H "Chicken Little must be right. I see a chunk of sky falling right now." "Why, look. lt's the roving photographer." l "Wow, .. it says here I'm romantically linked to. . l "Drop dead!" l l i l A HALU PARTY in l wg. Wx, w ' , K L , '- , N, nf i . W' I f I Q ,.. al if Q l'z'Al ' 1 fl at L r v tx 1 y ff-Qlff i Kc y J' "No, Henry, it's not a b the l Az, ' bass fiddle." " . I'II ' l tllllgatzcglg,-tvhe door see if we can get past ..YeS' Fd Say the Cokes are a bit gaseous," 354 'That Clearasil really cleans ip your complexion." f "No pushing, I get to go next."' MacDonald had a farm. . .' FASHION SHOW I You just smashed me in the nose." "The deepest river' the highest mountain. . "Personally, I find pink lace much more attractive." THE OTHER CINDERELLA l No, my dear, I'm sorry, but you can't have the carriage tonight. 359 H. :QS f,,. STUDENTS VS FACULTY T' "Now, let's give Mr. Frohmader a big hand for this fine display of agility!" lTEPEYKC BONFIREI 13' -, , fl V. ,, ' ,xr ., A ,A Q . 4 t5S1'?9QHr ' Yam 33713 v-4? . v -xr s.. "Mr. Tudor, the Tepeyac coach reported that one of his players didI1't board the bus after the game on Saturday." HONORS ASSEMBLY .TI :" K ' , I 'X S fi . L if M-wi--suv -I - i ly 5 " T 1" Q: X if . is . "T 1. T4 +-'- 1 v 'v - """f 4 ,wt ir' x . . I 'lg 1 A Using: S ' 0 f 1 .ig :rs A ' Q? ' ur -L 6 J 'N'-" "A"', A 'mga I i :vii "Look, there's Annie Fannie and Tennis Ball - what a charming couple!" HALL PARTY "Mrs. Garcia... it's 10:00 P. M., m'am, and uh. JAMBOREE. F 3352! llimlll Ill lll"' ll llllll Ill Q F . X94 'le H T ,, 'S A N r Lp 1 "She loves me, she loves me not. . 1 .V f X. 1 ,I ' al 'C- A ...Q I A. -f - BEAR BRYANT NIGHT - I Hier'-nqmwf 2 I "Nice seeing you again, Hoff. Where's the Mrs.?" -we Ta 1 .VII 9 LI 5 ,A em 3 f 5 JUNIOR-SENIOR PICNIC ' ' 'X'4'f" ' I . e if 'fa Z 'Qi . xfv, -...,, V- , . -g N 3 -,. me - - ' "Oh, no-the pools empty!" ,. Q sg 'J ff, . I s P .A X lf l 3 ,a' f f :zu jf,- - -QIIQAQJA' , . I ,I ,, ,,, 'I 'if' fl ,I Y. fr '43 Q ,ffm ' 1 1 .. "So the yearbook isn't ,gonna "And please. Gbd. let US "Max wants you come out, huh?" Win. SENIOFI SKIP DAY T if J, y .,.e ,N 4 '-HAQ - if - , il - Us i,x YQ u-JI vis , 5 ,, I ' 'R mV 1 . y,yo,, Nay I A I IY2 fe I.. ' Agia 'M .Ni I ' N , I . X V - in V sz 5 Q . 'ff I I if I' A 1 Xi! S ,W , . , - L 5 - I . . jk, II ' as y "Of course, I support Gene. ' s 523 I Don't you think I ought to if Wm. H, s ' know what's good?" , "Hold back the girls, pIease." l TEPEYAC BDNFIRE "Well, it was a nice high school building while it lasted." SADIE HAwKiN's DAY NEW ADMINISTRATION BUILDING. "The new Senior lounge? You're kidding!" "Whaddya mean let go? lm caught! ATHLETIC AWARDS ASSEMBLY ,Q ,Q is E E Q . "Now, Spjuty, don't forget to give it back after the show." -1 CHEERLEADING TRY OUTS "Over here, boys!" JOURNALISM TEA + za fn! "lf you think you can make me retire with a rocking chair you're nuts! l want a gold watch." I 363 ADVERTISEMENTS BEST WISHES to the CLASS of 1958 Kodak Mexicana, Ltd. Calzada de Tlalpan 298O.. Tel. 49-35 60 Nlcixico 22 D F 1 ' t 'm 90019 rg 2151, 957' Q7 'Wo 04" 4906? lakh! GE M P' J" S JKGENIUSES would rather fight than flunk 'Su 0131 2:05 'Cow 260019 W0 01 6003, We 9:9 5 '9 a ,h,60'2f494,. - I 0 Q-'49 0600- do 0, fl, fp 4770 '90 'ff' GENERAL ELECTRIC, S. A. DE C. V. celebru sus 71 uios de servicio en Mexico SHERWIN Munn PAINTS CQNGRATULATIQNS TO THE CLASS OF 19658 Gia. Sherwin-Williams, S. A. de U. V. 3 Si hay algo nuevo baio el Sol. Q I 1 DODGE gg L i L Q' ' SHIRLE Y C O UR TS L -L 1 M gg as LL' ' X SHIRLEY coums Q SULLIVAN 166 2 ' 'LL 82 O l SKl3ILU12QS,E3nZ.35. Q , D D D G E :S Q h rley Courts has the best food. tud nt we As residents of Mexico City, you have the right to an unusual opportunity. Our offer to visit the United States from coast to coast for only S 220 dollars is limited to residents who live 100 miles from the U.S. border, which means you. Since you're under 21, you can travel half fare if accompanied by an adult, fTell your mom and dadj. Take advantage of 5-X f S TUCSON W ANTONIO MEXICO CITY 'll' ' " S a 'S' FRANCISCO- CHICAGO Sz OAKLAND X rom onus L ..,, . .,.. ,2,2 Z M .,., A ..:: 4,.,A,: :i . ,.,. A2,i .,.:: , I Z ..:.,:1::A,.:,:1::.:2A,. --':" "A:' EEW DEEEEEEIVIEZWZQ ,EEiVEi E : Z 1k:Vl.IA I ,.15:5f5f 5 ff- 411' ,,'s.1,1'1l'1V22'f1 3 iff ,:Ag agj i1-2 gig illzl "f't' gg .,2' fix: '111 31i'ff:: '2'2f':A: '1-- '-'- -V" A ' " 9 1 Q A,ll, 555521fg5iig5sqg:5f551isa-fiffzfirrfffffis-fei. EI sabor ave 523212333 PERS' Io meiximo gm R SSA No lfwfwlf-'A"P-PP,7l566HerhnenM' ' f 1 .1.El, ,:::1 :,:,i , A,:, 5- Most memorable of Mexico City disasters was the earthquake of 28 July 1957, which tumbled the Angel of Independence, caused 600 million pesos worth of damage and claimed 54 lives. L if 1 o more earthquakes? Some day we may eliminate earthquakes altogether. In the meantime, Mexican research shows the world how to live with them. l ,,.,., , I gear ' . 4 '-3 Y--me .r . a f ' Y. - .1fI'IH! ii "in ' iii' " Ti 1 A " M. A - 1 I , " I 2 ' - M " L R J. ,V " A Fl- ' ,F " 4 ' .. ' .WW E K lp I xt. In soft alluvial soil, deep under San Francisco Bay, a four-mile tunnel will soon offer rapid east-west transit. Tests to determine whether the tube could resist full-strength seismic tremors were made at the National University of Mexico. l It is said that Mexico has the world's largest earthquake laboratory-Mexico City. And that if a building can be made to stand in Mexico City, it will stand through the end of the world.i So it isn't any wonder that the Engi- neering Institute of the University of Mexico should have a special' Depart- ment of Seismology. ' Or that the -city of San Francisco should recently send to thisl depart- ment, for testing, a model ofl its new underwater tunnel. The tests were per- formed on the Institute's room-sized vibration table, and resulted in design modifications, now being incorporated by San Francisco, that willlimprove the safety of the finished tube. It isn't surprising, either, that some of the world's most original ideas for coping with earthquakes should have been developed in Mexico. The highly successful Torre Latinoamericana, floating on its hydraulic foundations, has already inspired a dozen similar buildings. ' One of the latest ideas is to, cushion a building on two thousand steel bal- ,. ,ilIiiM rv 1 af!! W , ,, V - I -. g,,,,A x 4' ' ' Rf null I l . IW' ,A Deslggfgugzg fjjffjjitigpgiif K T'U-I.ICICIIIC-Ol'POO'l.lllllllllIU'li I which iwould abs?1b shock ' I , ', I , -I . .1 . A waves rom any irection. g My X, 7 I. .. f, ,r V !,'!,,,5 loons - and this idea is actually being tested now by Ing. Manuel Gonzalez Flores, one of Mexico's leading authori- ties on earthquake-proof foundations. Or maybe, some people believe, we should go to the root of the whole problem and attempt to eliminate earthquakes altogether. If we can catch an earthquake while its pressures are still forming, then maybe -. so one such argument goes - we can explode a few atomic bombs underground to shake up the earth's crust and relieve the pressures harmlessly. Whatever eventually comes of all this speculation, one thing is sure: that Mexico will have played a leadership part in the research and study that will have made progress possible. The Ford Motor Company - and its dealers, for that matter - have noth- ing whatever to do with any of this. But Ford is vitally interested in the future, and in any kind of Mexican technology that will make that future brighter for all of us. This advertisement is for everyone who shares that interest. Represented by its dealers in 115 cities of the Country Z QQ' f"" I til! I-Q5 'vii I. A 9 ZQCQNGRATULATIQNS TO THE CLASS OF I 1 9 6 8 FROM YOUR FAVORITE STORE I ASESORES DE 6-ffm G! 1965 . Nu Jb n A5 A 5 70 ACTUARIES AND CONSULTANTS IN EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PLANS I Restaurant "TEXAS" SIERRA LEONA CON M NTE LIBANO SUPERHAIVIBUFIGERS Eat Six - Win 3300 SEFIVICIO A DOIVIICILIO BARBECUE HOTDOGS HAIVIBURGERS TACOS ICE CREAM PIES QCTCC ,E QQ? QQSEYQSQQT CYS? -EY' 855 For a colorful vacation Fl Braniff's Color lets To San Antonio, Dallas, New York... and many other cities in the U. S. Your vacation begins the moment you step aboard a Braniff International plane -- which is anything but plain. The interiors were designed specially to give you a more comfortable, relaxing flight. Braniffs hostesses, in exclusive Pucci designs, offer you the best in international cuisine. Incomparable service that you will enjoy... and remember. Next time you fly -- fly Braniff, Americas most colorful airline. See your travel agent for full details, or call Braniff. i W T if DUAL 90... Elegancia para su coche i Garantia para Usted! La DUAL 90 es Ia unica Ilanta garantizada por su fabricante contra toda clase de percances en ciudad o carretera. Esta garantia es otorgada por GENERAL POPO por escrito, sin limite de tiempo ni kilometraje. Compruebe que la Iujosa Ilanta DUAL 90, ahora con nuevo diseno de hombros redondos y perfil mas bajo, se cuida sola... iy cuida de usted! DUAL 90 - i SIMBOLO DE CATEGORIA ! ,'ll POPO 'UT' --- ll -2 CQMPLIMENTS OF VV , to "La Casa de los Tozpetesv tt l The f1nest gas ranges ill made in Mexico are equipped with Q3 COVO Y CIA., S. A. gg valves and thermostats 38 ti? manufactured in F, C t, this country by me mpg mgs gg since 1928 W i li HARPER-YVYMAN DE MEXICO, GUANAIUATO 232 S' A' de C' V' Near Insurgentes 23 ti? C ' d ' Na' 3124- Na 'P d 25 61 so za 84 - 29 33 47 - 42 333 Juarez, Edo. de Mexico Phone: 27-82-35 BE ST WISHE S 3 or 6 if ""' or ggi tl tt RADrof15eo Kc. 559 X your local station covering all big 929929929 hear sports 5 Mexico City's 24 hour English Language Radio Station E 3 V It P RADKN1550 Kc I3 Bucareli 109, 3er. Piso Telsz 46-05-68, 46-87-70 6 An affiliate of Radio Programas de Mexico Mas y mejor Comida de Ia Agriculture... mf. r 1 . Y MVx 'S , 5 h NX A.-fs 1 I r lmrlx 1 .', I ,is 1 fr X ' 'a .K-.f Kb ' .S . I - N I -- - - ,J ,X 1 pf , , I ,xg nmavua I Ailnmavera C Q , x X I. . - ,- aa- :S-'g . - - ' - - 5- -: 3 'X '- I La constante labor de investigacion que realiza Anderson, Clayton en Mexico y los Estados Unidos, esta dirigida a ayu- dar al agricultor a producir cosechas mas abundantes y de mejor calidad, asi como a desarrollar productos alimenticios mas nutritivos para una poblacion siempre en aumento. I Alimentos cientificamente balancea- dos para aves y ganados, asi como ase- soria tecnica sobre la forma de mejorar yaumentar la produccion de carne. Ieche y huevos,son los Servicios que Anderson, Clayton proporciona a ganaderos, agri- cultores y porcicultores del pais. I Una gran variedad de productos en los que se combinan Ia apariencia, aroma y sabor agradables con cualidades nutri- tivas, son elaborados en las plantas de A C C O S A en Monterrey, Mexicali y la Ciudad de Mexico. La linea que se ofre- ce al publico consumidor incluye produc- tos tales como aceites, margarinas, hari- nas preparadas para reposteria, dulces, postres. . . Cuando usted necesite productos de Ia mas alta calidad, busque el simbolo cle calidad que garantiza Anderson, Clayton 81 Co., S A. ,-., .Xwi 'mA" tan natural C0319 su cut1s To whom will they take rlwe now? ff 1 li' N hw ,, 4 w L.z,r.:4 1 f, '. - , fgiii - l l l ' 1, 2 X N l N .ex-'. 5, , 1 Q is 8 l .ffifi 8 l 1' l is 3 , .4 .r , l 8 l 8 l An apple for the teacher... l ii a way of offering your friendship. 33 To whom will you offer itl now that Q ll you're going to a new school and a Q E335 fb E. : S sz. 2 Sn. Q- N P1 :- Q S, xr: ... Q 9 an s Q- O : P4 Pk :- N new life? Be choosy about your Q3 brand names ofthe prorlucls you use. Q 1 e . I rcsciw rico, xxx i Q , U Q . P Q1 fl 0 fl l W "G:-,gfkgg W l 1 DE M xlco, s. A. os c v Q CALZGDA ERMITA-IXTAPALAPA 557, MEX, 13, D F l W :Zi '32 .3 R T3 '22 ll 24' 3 ll H 3 l E3 . 3 2 R il 2 2. QI GIMBEL S A ANQS Z mmm ummm W5 FK 'Z Sm EQQGQ.-.34 6'9w X FEFIFIETEFZIA Y HE FZFAIVIIENTAS " v 4' IVIAGLJ NAFIA Y EG 'IPC' . V I I L, . ,wwf fe' fx --v-pn 11' yffggi we 'X .-Q , if-S' ,7 Lug. :M 'A "x 1 , I. 2' ' I K LJ W' nhmff J X 1 4 A ' .T -s 1' ' . 1 -1. CDN 15 . -, O ..x 0 5 ' 'P O no Oo N U-9 -f 'UQ V N , Oo Q . U X -xt rn .l ' ' U3 'x X cn .U E l U1 .A ., U1 C t f '91, ' z 9 9 164 0' , wi ' if 'fra 1, Q, C if ,YC , "lin ne L o ', Vg, O O15 'Qs' ,Q 'goto' 'Tyr' QS' ',' In U1 Na. I' i 0 Q , 52.10. ,y 0 'ova xx 0 Q mr. 44 Q 9. x'f.o" ', X 0. H Te.. 4 o,' oh Q?:.. 90, QQQ. Q94 . Q0 'fl i S NY.. 3' .ha ..s , 0 . fly' 0 'ol ..-., ,',, sh ' 1 . at '50 . Q sl. -1 Q. , of, "J, .Q .-3,3 N. -'. vv he FD '1 ' 6' "-:. '!'I'... 'A nl 'moag Q is NCQ y H -, AJ E ul xo g 3 -ll . FD 5 'QQ 1:4 S. 'fr Q2 5 H 3 Ln NEETQIT. y .Qi y 3.39, 2 Z i gm Fiygoag 5'w '92 3 5 117 K 5 SX inf 5 . 12 i Q A 'cr . bw Q , nw S H- li 5 J g .E 3 Q . lc Q Q - A5.5 WE EXTEND OUR SIN CERE 33 s:35ia5SE13e53aa2b3ae.22e-.ze as 6? E H ffm o o 23"-3 -n H 2Q'If-+G: ..,OfE53's1'fD OCD' un 550323 fp"13'CD r-o-. '-' gg Eg98m2 :s E2 5 cm CD nL3S.a5355E53 -516 New vcr" L1 53:x3:x3+53 -4 E ' -1 A 7 rs : BF S :. : E. I a-0 re I E 2 : -. E fe 1 ' v fe E. r: :s n Q C .1 'B I.: 11 af. fl 3 X1a1i'1!1', iwix-I Izx 4 nmlscrx 'I Idghm l9llNI4.1 Il oi ia? 'R G '4 2 R 2 2 A 2 A A 52 0 A 162 1 b the tall. I 4 S l 1 l R I o 1 Take on thae world.Take off on Pan Ami' You'll a RESERVATIONS stewardess who's from Paris. Or Punta del Este,lor Papeete. You'll get a pilot who's been around the A ND world the way most people have been around the block. INFORMATION And you'll get a feeling for flying you just didn'tl have . . before. Just call a Pan Am'ETravel Agent or calll T1CketGOff1Cel 'olggforma Pan American World Airways. Then take off for 612316-60lCCs' anywhere in the world. On the world's most l 66-26-O0 experienced airline. l Clipper Cargo Pan Am makes the going great. LaQg?S,E,?,gl'E l l g Coca-Cola le da mais sabo comhcom , por eso, en estas fiestas, siempre hay mais alegria, con Coca-Cola bien fria. A4 r a Ia vida rehesca en grande J REG S S A, No. 4595 'A" PROP. P-PP-B FC 0 E M ELANESE MEXICANA EN LA OLIIVIPIAD EI senor Pablo Jean, director general de Celanese Mexicana, muestra una prenda hecha de Crolan al arquitecto Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, presidente del Comite Organizador de los Juegos Olimpicos. Abaio: otra escena de las conversaciones entre los dirigen- tes de Celanese Mexicana y los del Comite de los Juegos. Hechos relevantes daran caracter peculiar a los Juegos de la XIX Olim- piada, programados para celebrarse en Mexico en Octubre proximo: Se trata de Ia primera vez en que un pals de habla espanola realiza este magno evento. Ha correspondido a Mexico revivir en toda su plenitud Ia traclicion he- Ienicag desde enero,se ha iniciado la realizacion de la Olimpiada Cultural y de Ia Paz, conjunto de manifestaciones artistlcas de alto nlvel que habran de prolongarse durante todo el ano de 1968 y complementaran el caracter humanista de las competencias deportivas revivida en los tiempos modernos por el Baron Pierre De Coubertin. Los actos que forman parte de esta Olimpiada de la Cultura compren- den veinte manifestaciones diferentes que corresponden a las activi- dades mas destacadas del hombre en los diversos campos oe Ia ciencia, la tecnica, las artes y las letras, Forman parte de ellos, espectaculos cle calidad lndiscutibleQ entre otros, Ia presentacion del Ballet Real de Cam- bodia: del Ballet de Ia Republica Tartara: la Orquesta Halle, de Man- chester: Ia Filarmonica de Checoslovaquiag la Orquesta de Musica Antigua de Bruselasg Ia Orquesta de Camara de Praga: el Grupo ll Nlusice: Ia Orquesta de camara de Moscu: y la Orquesta mas antigua de Europa. la Gewandhaus de Leipzig, Alemania Oriental, Tambien habra una muestra de Ia pintura universal y seran exhibidas obras como una coleccion de pinturas de Paul Gaugin. las dos "lVlajas" de Goya: una exposicion de arte galo, con objetos que datan de 500 anos antes de Cristo: un original de Turner, el famoso pintor ingles, y la joya nepalesa Ilamada "El Nacimiento de Buda": asi como muchas piezas de arte mast Otro hecho, en fin, que dara pecullaridad a los Juegos Olimpicos de Mexico, es el cuidado con que se preparan los aspectos relacionados con Ia moda, El Comite Organizador de los Juegos de la XIX Olimpiada. selecciono con minpciocidactla tela que servira para confeccionar los uniformes de los oficiales y jueces del evento. La tela escogida esta hecha con una rnezcla de Crolanak la fibra poliester de Celanese, y lana. Fue escogida en virtud de su gran resistencia al arrugamiento, su tersura excepcional, la tirmeza de sus colores, Ia per- sistencia de su forma, etc. De este modo. Crolanx es Ia fibra que se utiliza en la Olimpiada. No es el anterior el, unico uso que se dara a esta fibra. De Crolanx, en efecto, estaran hechas las banderas de los Juegos, y de las naciones participantes en ellos, que seran colocadas en las instalaciones depor- tivas y culturales en toda Ia ciudad de Mexico. En vista de las peculiares caracteristigas que yse requieren en las telas para banderas. la hecha con Crolan fue sometida a rigurosas pruebas de resistencia a la intem- perie, mismas que paso satlsfactoriamente, Durante la celebracion de los Juegos se efectuaran cliversos desfiles de modas, en que los estilos mexicanos en prendas para dama y caballero seran dados a conqcer al mundo. Celanese Mexicana tiene a su cargo la organizacion y desarrollo de tales eventos. como tambien ha tomado bajo su responsabilidad asesorar, en materia de tecnica textll. a los expertos modistas mexicanos en la realizaclon de un rebozo -prenda tradicional de Mexico- que sera adornado con rnotivos olimpicos. l XM. R. de Celanese Mexicnnri. S. A, THE MOST IMPORTANT ASSEMBLY LINE... Graduation is perhaps one of the most memorable events in your life. .. the doorway to new achievements, new res- ponsibilities. a new mode of life, where years of schooling, possibly far away from home. have better prepared you for your chosen Iife's work. No idea, no product can ever be better than the people who create it. We believe this at Chrysler Corporation. That's why Chrysler is in the field of higher education. At Chrysler Institute of Engi- neering, selected graduates from top engineering schools earn advanced degrees. While going to school, they also work with experienced profession- als on Chrysler's Engineering Staff. lt's not easy to earn advanced degrees at Chrysler. Standards are high, just as you find en- gineering standards are in all products by Chrysler Corpora- tion. PLYMOUTH. DODGE. CHRYSLER. IMPERIAL. DODGE AND FARGO TRUCKS SIMCA. SUNBEAM. AND MOPAR PARTS. 45 CHRYSLER M INTERNATIONAL s.A. E S Q 1 -4 li' i Z 1 gl l-- Z 8 I-1'l "Un 'O S "' 1 O- 3: 1 C """ cb 3 E -I fn ... cf: If 5 55,4 ! I .0 lfsxjl- A' 'W ' 4 j . s F5 ,9 f Y B' ' Si -U G ii 'B Z 5 35, EE a complete line of good-grooming pro- , R077Z6Z725 ducts for students who care about their E rf ,.,. ai 3 3 23.2 Q is 3-sn 5.9-CD 'U 5994 0 mn 53 1, -'-h C 1 , 4 CD 2 W SD 9. 3 fb 3 sn Q QQ! SD S. na 3 5 3 Q- '-5 :rg 0- 2? 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Eontalez Mi Elllmbllili and, ol course A659 I r A T X? .-9 f wwww' '21 SU O Z 5 "' "" Af' . 'Q'Q" k "'A'E" Ty HENRY S. DABDOUB, S. Q r A 11 AND AFFILIATED COMPANIES T iw W Q i 5? A sa 2 9 A jf i Congratulate T A the Class of 1968 T . mf , ,nw . Vg, ,, -' A-fq k S CONGRATULATIONS A w A Q ERV14' HIMU1El..FAR , g l A TO THE , R TA A A S8 MPXKQ ta 1 1.-,gm 1 . s- A ni M N N S511 LQNFJIYARXCVA 64 GRADUATING CLASS T A Aff fn. A f 5 WY Mmvfjo' D' A'Q f A 1 IAQ . fzifrvv A 1 9 6 3 A A 1 I f I 3 Q X Ai I qwzx, W .N A ' 'Up .' 77 Q' I Y 'f"' Af, N V DISTRIBUIDORA DE IMPRESOS, S. A. A QQMariano Escobedo 218 Mcixico 17, D. Hg 3 fa 8 TEL. 45-6645 5 , - wk X RAY'O-kq 0 iY qud duende! C '70 424 4' Congratulations to the Glass of 1968 from BECTIIN, DICKINSON DE MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V Manufacturers of Medical and Surgical Instruments. S E Q S 'S E Li 8 5 S Q. 'S S S X S ' i .- ,, X as Jininlil p i3m:ANiu,s.A. lnsurgentes at San Angel 48-04-75 wi ,A Landscaping and remodeling of gardens 1' i I ' I I 1 lil. Trees, shrubs, plants, lawns if 55 Indoor planters our specialty I is is is I rs is is is s A F I 9 Q I ICGQNGRATULATIQ NS ' TO THE CLASS OF j I E3 l l i 2 I 1 9 6 8 I I ' I I ff 8 I FRQM y I, I I . n I I I I I I I 2 I I 8 Q . PUBLICIDAD Q I 1 I I 9 ij L Tree care, pruning, feeding and surgery Q CD! is Q 3 I 2 5 ' I iw- hemicnrl I I l i Q WHEN DID You CHECK voun BRAKES? CI I' If WI ' 5 I y 3 I I Q 71 I ' 1 f Q I if S 9 3 I ' Can you afford second best cf whenlyour life is number one Q , ,Il AMEIBICAN BRAKEBLOK brake lining in the best in I it is lor you and your loved ones lb I Q 4 , , A. Q ' 3 Ask fpr AMERICAN BRAKEBLOK Q Mexioo's No. 1 safety brake lining Q K3 Abexllndustrial, S. A. Q Q 1 63 Poniente 128 N9 679 ' S In Colonlia Industrial Vallejo wg Mexiflo 16, D. F. , Si I . n in I n ALLIED CHEMICAL LATIN AMERICA CORPORATION E3 I A is PASEO DE LA REFORMA NO. 76-501 Q- MEXICO e, D. F. I3 I Lnnmmgaseszpemazszszeaazazmmgasesi s"E3SEEiZSiSSfSESSiiEES5iS5i3SiGj I r 2 Sl 2 2 Q is X NUfV6 lnfD0BLE AGUILA NYLON 1 Toclzas Ins Ilnnlns narecriun lgluales, Ahora ya no. L11 nu:evz1DOBLE AGUILA Nylon se clestaca ZlSll1lDlC vista. Nungjunu llunlu tiene lu suprerna ulegmuzm y lu esneczlzncular lnelleza cle su cloble cam lmlumtzl con wax my luv mg-H' 101 4' W 4' Sw.-NAk.xiMAll 1i....,. ul. M, . 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I A 1 Y ' now called 3 WMAN and his 3 0RLD'9 Don't miss fabulous Expo '67, now called '6Man and his World", a dazzling spectacle which has enthralled more than 50 million visitors. Starting in May you can visit dozens of sparkling pavilions displaying the arts and sciences and industries of Europe, Asia and the Americas. Fly Canadian Pacific to Montreal, heart of the old- world French culture of eastern Canada. Our 64 years of experience on land, on sea, and in the air are behind our special talent for serving you and :pleasing you... better! Ask your travel agent to book you on. CANADIAN PA CIFYC AIRLINES I to Europe, the Orient, Australasia, North and South America, or phone 46-95-40. I Maj C' fl'?f2 K 1001 usos en el hogar ---fl 1' REYNoLDs ALUMINIO ' H S' AT' . ' APARTADO POSTAL 26 TLALNEPANTLA, EDU. DE MEXICO 5980 5 x a.1s.a.1a no 3,3 3.333335-,sa no :sa 55 3:4 3.3 Congratulations to the Graduatmg Class of Q 1 9 6 8 nf From The X2 CONTINENTAL XHILTON COMPLIMENTS OF WESTINGHOUSE n ELECTRIC CO., S. A Pan American Insurance To the Class of 1968 Best Wishes C ' ' NQCQfC'Q'CCNC'Q 'C'i'?CC'CiYCiQ21Cx?CQ'C CY- CCQYYQNC 'ZYCQCQ CCY-QNC2"C'CC K CCCCYK QYKY-EY: 55553553 155 55 9- -UH O 5: on 'DL' 30 1 gb' 352. SUB 5-,Q 62" 3-4 0:7 wro PM 45' 23 U3- 95 rt: 52 CLI 33' J- gre U7 Wm UO O21 7255! 53' dm goo gl fl o U-. :a 20 ous' 2... coo 1- ever designed. Only 535W long, 515 ox. fully loaded with 105 staples. Works like a charmg quick, easy, lroohlo-free. Converts to stapling plier by simply removing detachable base, features convenient staple remover. 5155 ga One of a complete line of Bostilch qoallly slaplers no-.v available through your local stationer and ofllce supply store. Order today. 1555551551 Q33 5 if? QT? l ll gf SS S5 me dawg Emi fios END? 23:5 WEE as :gl ZAUW 92:0 a'6'CD 031' 5-HB0 ww: Tl pm -1 953 CD-tom Q' E Q50 2' 9 -4 329' 'co Se? "-.5333 C9 ,f if N Q !:-.N 5 X 2. I 3 " ' 3 4 Q 2 2 2114 S - lo , L ' Q qw m O Q Aff? - y Q I Q a 1+ 1 on fn A O Nu x z '-5 Q E 5 2 22 1276622 Q62 X BJ-T Goodrich X EuzKAl:n T 5, --- MM autopista 770 jk The Tough Breed of Tires 'J for the Herd Drlvmg Man SEE YOUR B F GOGDFHCH EUZKADI DEALEF? TODAY if tl fi if 23 8 W 3 222 til Rl G L I ti IIAIvIsuRc.o 12a fl ii Q The Smartest Restaurant in Town gg French - International Cuisine Q I Music at Night - Open from I to TI Q Tel. 25-68-62 Mexico, D- F- 2 28-17-89 K. ' EQ Darw Borzam Q E8 ACAPULCO-RIVOLI 4-oo-64 Q cosTERA MIGUEL ALEMAN QLook1ng Pleasant Ki Q R El R E3 e cannot, of course, all be handsom Q22 l3And it's hard for us all to be good: We are sure, now and then to be lonely, And we don't always do as we should. A 98 I To be patient is not always easy, I if To be cheerful is much harder still, But at least we can always be pleasant, If we make up our minds that we will. T And it pays every time to be kindly, Although you feel worried and blue, If you smile at the world and look cheerful, The world will smile back at you. W ll? R Q Q R tg So try to brace up and look pleasant, No matter how low you are down, Good humor is always contagious, But you banish your friends when you frown. W8 RELIANCE DE MEXICO, S. A. FQ MOTORES ELECTRICOS INDUSTRIALESR' l l Courtesy I. TE. STOCKDALE aAssocIATEs A :L T: zz t , T T T I 5 T: H T2 if T T 2? I 8 A C'6C'6i'QC'?CCE'C?CL'CGTC6QE"6E'?g R I ti 3 Insurance Agents R ii 3 . 8' Q HYDUR SAFETY IS OUR BUSINESS" if 3 l 8 R R R 8 2 . 25 fi , 3 ,Tels. 11-35-D5 25-ee-38 R I 8 A . v C'Q'lTY'QTCiQTC'JCS.Y. CCQY LY. YCCCC CC"?C'?C CY. QYQYT RNC I ' . ui ,Qi , 8 23 LET Us HELP You GET STARTED. Q WElWILL BE GLAD TO DISCUSS YOUR Jos 3 FUTURE WITH YOU "SIN COMPROMISOH 23 l Col' de' Vane: Pfglgprfgrilez 43-37-75 li L '1 I ,f'lf1i2:,EIl-' p T S r Ire c I C I 222 S r It L I A T I ph 62 74 52 i' c r v 4 Ioa Eq f i G.-Ii' oprl? 35-07-684 Tl h F2 T For full-time employment. l E, www is-ami. the mark of distinction... LO GI THE WORLD'S MUST HONORED WATCH... possesses an inimitable quality that gives your 'if-rsonality that distinctive touch. Automatic 0 Calendar o Shock-Proof Water-Proof. SEE IT AT YOUR .IEWELERS f 52'52Q,f:...s.f 3aMw27-JAWIDF www W NS' E 2 H 33 3 8 3 H 9 22 3 2 5 Q 3 3 Q Gur best Q 2 W1ShCS for 2 5 the Class 2 of 1 9 6 8 Q Q E Q 2 5 2 Sears Roebuck de M6xicQ, S. A. de C. V. 'XX . 0 , . -' 'f f '5 ' N. , X Q 3 , 7, . 4AA.", ,. 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A 8 ,Q 'IIN' f 33 OR MAYBE A LUCRATIVE CAREER II, . gg I AS SYSTEMS ANALYST OR PROGRAMMER? g ,III L '- I R 2 f Af W ' TIN A 3 . fi' ,III I' I4A'x1X4?N I Q a fl I 0 ' I if I " ' , 1' I IffIH1I EIMS ! L V ' 0 Q Q B Q O O O Oo 3 Q " gm an A 5 2 I 0 0 0 I o f I -22 Zi fl, I Q ' o o ' W AI 3 2 Q 0 o I 3 I 221 . O O I If 'EE ' C' f 5 Z OED D 0 o A 0 0 I -S X 'T X x ' ' -"'-- -"f 7 B2 -W I 0 --I 3 'E f I '22 2 Z Z 3 I A 2? f Z- 2? 6 Q W 27 I ' ?,?4 f Ig 0 Q 75 Q A 'Q X 8 ' Q :I ill- gi 2 ll A Q 3 ' ' Q I 'X IIIIIIII 2 I 53 IN ANY CASE WE HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO YOU 5 DROP AROUND FOR A CHAT. 8 . I R 39 DATA MEX S A If 3 0 0 :Q TONALA 112-59 PISO MEXICO 1, D. E. KP 322 BETWEEN CHIHUAHUA AND ALVARO OBREGON Q -gg TELEPHONES: 25-14-40 .IR 11-19-37 I Ax km Mx 1 M uw M E tm Ax M AM M vw AN RM MN W my MW N xx Mx Wx N My kk 3 Rx QW MEET YQUAT mx MM xx xx hw AN E QRJLXVS SA to the 5 071 mlm 761 Cong Ss xi E W Hi P5 23 81 81 W 234 Q Zi E 292 9 W 2? 25 Qs Q E 22 82 W W 9: U 55 Cla ml? W mb Q5 Q Y I 1 Thb Official American School BEST WISHES Photographer 38 12 i 2 is r S QTO THE GRADUATING CLASS? Y QF 5 ESI UDIO Tonnss Ktongratulates The Class 2 For duplicates of class pictures COURTESY OF Q i Telephone 12-40-36 PLASTICOS MOLDEADOS g SFRX'C'0 01' VM gg Madero 27 Desp 3 1 Q oorvncluo - . f Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Zoller Pasale Borda Best wishes to the grbzduaztmg class Q of 7968 i Q 5353335 Tjgzer SQ ss i E 33 K3 is Z 2 2 8 Z Q Z 8 Q 8 iw i , 4, i E53 yi 8 52 I x My M ww My ww ww M www MW M RN WW WN 2 M Wx 145 ongzafulafiv 6 'M ld M D5 am 221 ,mm C 53 5 EZ X? E W 51 gf 8 gf, Q W g, yi W 25 8 93 Q2 K3 W Z3 W3 3 X? 9 5 68 19 Il. O. fl ilf II?WUlNlll2N' lf U Nl KO Qfw 3 3 tis' Q 83 8 3 8 E3 S 53 2 E45 Q R 23 63 T53 F3 3 SR 3 R fx' ' I "f""" E 'QS 'N' if "' "iiQS " x' x X3 E 2 Q 5 9 9 at Q 3 3 c: Q m E gg -l 2 2 EECDZ Q 3 Rfizg W 0 X I W Ii m Z ' E 5Ec:S Q m W I! Q CJ Q ,aiific 9 'Emi 8 2, es? 5 Q U Q? 5 2 AUTIIIIIIDW IIITDIIZADO E l'Tl -1X0 so .Q ' 553 QI 3m3 .ix CD m4-P, 5500 wo-3 To J, 3505 ggzg P 5 :245 bg , ta, , Q- 2245 Zn-'Q 9 25 3-43 ops' U1 mmwwsmxmm S 2 8 H E 8 2 Z 8 8 2 Z 8. 3 5 5, 3 Q 3 . 3 3 . v ' SERVICIO Y REFACCIONES VIADUCTO MIGUEL ALEMAN No 55 KEntre Vertlz y Nmo Perdldoj EE 5 I I . I, I, I, I I I -I' I ,II I I n I I, I I, I I, I I I, I I, I I I3 IQ I I gd EL BOL, S. A. IUANACATLAN 152 MEXICO, D. F. SINCERELY CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF '68 FOR COMPLETING A MILESTONE. EL BOL, S. A. EL BOL POLANCO IUANACATLAN 152 vAzQuEz MELLA 315 MEXICO, D. F. MEXICO, D F EL BOL . INSURGENTES EL BOL NARVARTE HERMES zs MEXICO, D. F. EUGENIA 1664 Maxlco, D. F. ALL BOWLING CENTERS ARE EQUIPPED WITH AMF AUTOMATIC PINSPOTTERS EQ E - - -iiSiEi - I ESTE USTED TRANQUILO, ASEGURE E 5 Z ' ,, Z G I I F 2 f 5 X III? U' m W A gif E 1 1..Y..i,'y7 I W 51, 1 I m Z cz 4 Q .. 11 5 3 S - .4 F, E lFundada en 19241 Plaza de Ia Repliblica 55 MEXICO 1, D. F. Nuestra experiencia de mais de 42 aios Ie garantizari gg 9 buen servicio. II SEGUROS DE: 8 INCENDIO, MARITIMO Y DE TRANSPORTES, AUTOMO- VILES, FIOTURA DE CRISTALES. ROBO, EXPLOSION DE CALDERAS, RESPONSABILIDAD CIVIL Y RIESGOS PRO- 8 FESIONALES, ACCIDENTES Y ENFERMADES. gl Teldfonoz 46-27-85 Direccidn Cablegrdficaz S o 3 3 c P? 3 Po -'l o CD ll P o :'- E HI 5 2 O EC QE O Z cn m CD cr: ID SSE I I I Ia I I II I AE I I II Exclusive Distributors for , , ATLAS CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES8 QMEXICO, S.A. In.. E 3. : so i o P U 1 F: fn P ki -P W W 95 in EW A O W NI 9' 'P 'P CD N C7 N U GD N 5 0 Q. U 71 S 7 E 2 'TI x I + E 7, 'U O -I C n 3' S- 1' 3 5 3 '11 C 9 X I I I I I I I I I I QQ 325-86-74 T515 AQUAREX AQUANITE AQUAFLOW EXPLOSIVES DYNAMITE CAPS Fuses RESINS AND PoLYoLs AND SURFACTANTS EXPLOSIVE EMULSIFIERS ACCESSORIES ACTIVATED CARBON CHEMICALS I III III ISI' I II, I ., I I Q N A. I3. MCKEE DE MEXICD. s. A. DE 13. v. INGEILIIIEROS - CONTRATISTAS - FABRICANTES 33 FOOD S E I' II I CON RATUL II I 1 mv 'I l G ATIONS I I Q fbuezican Schvvfs 1968 ' :V I wg -EIBNITZ14-DESPACHO 905 -K K MEXICO 5, D. F., MEXICO I I I I I I gf Congzatulafions to the QRADUATING CLASS 1 9 6 8 FROM TEXTILES NIORELOS, S. A. DE C. V. NIADERO 20 Q Qi E ii 5 E? ki R? 22 81 8, 8? 5 ff. R? M 8. kj. 8 5 8, 8 M M M M WYJVJVJVVJVJUGVUVVVVUPUyd,ydDov!ydgvvydawU9J9VpU9Wvu9vuuwnUuuwUwwwwwmWvMuovvuowwwpvwvwrwwuwwwrwvuuuuuuvwwwuggguo N M Q C M M Q mr 0 M S M N A T F K X U S Q N Q B Q x E M C N x Q H 1 N L X A M E M M A M M P H M M M W M G M Q N M C W A 2 M W W W Y w Cafe Oro I Cafe Pronto I Cafe Maxwell House' I Flan J ell-O, Gelatinas J ell-O I Sopas Rosa Blanca I Consome de Pollo Rosa Blanca I Caldo de Gallina Rosa Blanca I Ablandador de Cames Rosa Blanca I Kool-Aid lTang I Miel de Maple Log-Ca bin '1 General Foods de Mexico C so IIQ Ol ul umco Poniente 116 No. 553 Mexico, D. F. +I I I l Inf THE "NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE" NOW AVAILABLE IN MEXICO ENTIRELY NEW AND ALPHABETICALLY Q COMPLIMENTS OF L ARFIANGED li 810 . . . new content, new format. 8 gg 5 CURRICULUM ORIENTED... keyed to the elementary N I school curriculum in every major subject area. AND U CONTROLLED ITEADABILITY... every article written ff l with the readability of young people in mind relating 53 ' 8 grade level to subject matter. ' MORE FULL-COLOR PAGES. . . than any other children's encyclopedia. ,E , I0 R ii Q 23 MORE ILLUSTRATIONS... over 22,000-with e ratio of AND one illustration for every 281 words: 13,700 in color. E3 8,2 f OVER 1,200 CONTRIBUTORS. Q2 g QQ 0000 0.000000 000000, CIA. IMPuLsonA MEXICANA DE gg .Ill 4 ff 03 OVER as,ooo INDEX ENTRIES. 0 ALMOST 1.000 MAPS, 90010 in color. 5 INDUSTRIAS GENERALES' S' A' 5 For further information call 33-36-08 or see us at Tonala NT 121-sth. floor. ' I 73 PRICE-ESCOBARSZ CAMPBELL in A ' ff f 0 lPlAlllllUNS Q 8? 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Paz, for continually picking up after us in the Publications Office. Mr. Bennett, for accompanying us through an all-nighter and for his cooperation throughout the year. Mrs. Sands. for her help with the Posada Raffle and the Jamboree. Mrs. Davo, for her pizza recipe. Mr. Garcia Aguirre, for putting up with us. AND Gerardo Mendoza Jorge Villalobos Garay Angel De Mendoza Velazquez Guillermo Martinez Alvarez Luis M. Granados Joel Melo Camacho Antonio Reyes Normandia Aurelio Briseno Garcia Jorge Martell Ramirez For putting the yearbook out. 154 'YW 5,4 H' ,Q I Us O 109 , 'H . Q ' ' -vi nd . -l ""a:1w0v0'l if' ' N, Al 4 ' .fl 'fa' ' Q4 ' , ' ' A' 7 HV X ' D ,, 540 M if U ,K H ' t A z ' Q. , P EJ A 1 . 0 Q 4 w W :rl ' . ' 1 Q' ' .YQ an V 'M hi X A. ' 'U I-. av o Q ' U 1? 'J' ' is . ' b A ' ' on .f i . P 0 . ja 2" ' Q ' ' . ' ' h ' 'I' . if . 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Suggestions in the American High School - Anahuac Yearbook (Mexico City, Mexico) collection:

American High School - Anahuac Yearbook (Mexico City, Mexico) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


American High School - Anahuac Yearbook (Mexico City, Mexico) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 362

1968, pg 362

American High School - Anahuac Yearbook (Mexico City, Mexico) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 29

1968, pg 29

American High School - Anahuac Yearbook (Mexico City, Mexico) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 403

1968, pg 403

American High School - Anahuac Yearbook (Mexico City, Mexico) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 409

1968, pg 409

American High School - Anahuac Yearbook (Mexico City, Mexico) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 30

1968, pg 30

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