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AWE ' 1 'D 24,5 X eg U X x K. Q? XOFOUG' 4 O Q 6 A 'XSD Q Uh Q Npnw Q 1 f X QO1gQ bfcxgjx Q YQ I UD A aff? xp X gy , S ff: xi xii xy . ufV7f3,, 5 R tt:-W 6 X 4 fp 4 X 5 V ,-jx!! lun -..- l 2 'Q 314, if X X " 5 64 QW U f4 1 VX Nkgq' Un 'rl xv, i-va' X I 3 , 'K , NE! x Hx ."hw-lJv Yvb, ,i.,v.e3.,,M , Q t I V A.. l'.- Q ,v..,, r-Z:-,,,,. 4 V! .V t 4 . 4, ,,,i VI, , V - -' :f , ' ' Z-Q' wh- . 6. B fi 51 'q 7 1 .nf-1 I , sn 1' ,L 1 Q- 1 '1,.', . ' .-L ' V. a, 1 . 2, x, i, 'fx QP jf - fzwk E593 RQ? .wwf E Qi L3 f HAS flaw, od E Y i IRR I J in 'fax MQ Z gl X'.. bib 'Q 5554 I Q ' ' , . . 3 M n,,,.'f . N. 4 ,, K, , , . . Student Life ..... Sports.......... Organizations .... Administration . . . Stualentbody ..... After School Hours 154 1 r 8 American '70-I '71 ,American Clark Schoal American Start, lltah i 8 32 52 76 88 lh hdby no MUN ES in-ur .nmv 2 FMA-f,..: will w This year as we registered we were met by many faces. Students, teachers, administrators, cooks, and bus drivers all were present in abundance. Some of these people were familiar, others unknown. Some were filled with anxiety over the coming year, others with confidence. We reacquainted ourselves with old friends, made new ones and remembered those not present. Beverly Morlock, Editor, Debra Harvey, Co-Editorg Evan Nelson, Advisor. W 3 . 4 Ihr, wg., X.. - i Q l S 5 X ' s x..QM .wt- . S . :Eg E, - - As the year progressed we saw our friends in widely varied attire. The tall furry hats of the band contrasted with the hard smooth hats of the football players. The girls had hair down to their waists or neatly cropped in a shag. The boys' attire ranged from levis and a T-shirt to a wild tuni tie. i ,ng S s ,gbj ,+ I .... in f Q. 'I w K , if - ,! ,pw 'S' . 5" ' . I V -ff izzzgfv f A, 1.qzf'H1,ii2f-fr' - -L ,- . -, . w, . w V 1 '- P' ,'1'a-3 ly.. , A 5 fi' ' M Y ' mx,-E: xr ugzzf img '- up ,V ... ,v 71 3-w V 'f W W, I 1 1' ef af , ,,, x 5, fit!! , .. 4 N w ' .r 4- 5 3 ' Q , 'H .' ' , , I-ff. ' Q iifr.-,Av 4 xp any V , LQ' -S" 'V '11 1' 1 ,p ' 'M-f - "n'i7f' ffir- ,fx Fam-2. .4 fi J A-Lgiwifli. ,wJ f MA 1 is 'F V N pl, r ,As g 4, Q' r ,f,'Ak2j.u"gjf:5LI X. I . -U QW: - M Q ff' ,gw ixfupw N fi-4... 'X'-JM Q, f QM I a V! W1 f-F. ., i iw gi f ' .Q-'rl Ig, 'fu , .Q Q ir, ' V , ,pf ffl' . ng ff 1. " ,-5 f',i,NP 1-P 1 'if .'i"1+' ef" p ' 'Sp . tn s 0 ,aff -, ' -A' ul' ,- K Wa ' 1 0 P if s V . 5 K q'-. 'cf 'vffd 'K 'V 'ff f is J . 4 ,..,.....-14 Although the dresses and hairstyles told the fashions of our year, the faces told the story. No fashions or hairstyles can express the joy of beating Orem nor can they tell the sorrow of graduation. They can't express anticipation of a coming dance nor can they show that feeling for a special person. Only faces can tell our story of our school and its kaleidoscope of faces. oo?-1 mm-M 1 ww .. M A NNSMNMM 'L wil, , Q.. .X - X- 1 in . . ., . Mg,,, 'msX ' . ,..,,N9mXNY K - A mf S :s.f 1: N W w X . - 5. .:. . 1 X N S S X QNX ix . S f -xgg , . -X SE K - Q .. .-E, 2 wir: X Q5 . ,,7y7,, 1 fudm LW We're from A. F. And we couldn't be prouder. Our studentlpocly fportrayed the enthusiasrnand spirit ,felt throughout the season. We participated in various activities and our emotions were expressed by cheer- ing, crying and yelling? We're from A. F. land we couldn't be prouder. If you can't hear us now we'll yell a little louder. l 3 l l vibe fi wwf' x-,. M f s 0 ff 5 r ww Wfinbf' 1 4 Wisif iI:EQQbfe- :FW IQ-iffb 3-345. ff' f A ,-favw fudmfs Kffuru d I5 My I7 Q0 ln late August the school swarmed with 855 students, 286 Sophomores, 283 Iuniors, and 266 Seniors. These first days were marked with the usual activities, registration, renewing old acquaintances and the like. Dissatisfied students flooded the coun- selors with requests for transfers to different classes. We held home room elections, which formed our student council. For the first year vending machines, and all their implications, were introduced. We stuffed our stomachs with candy and our minds with knowledge. We were determined to have a great year. Kavcmcu ,4 6 lip The Dons tried but they couldn't stop the rushing, blocking and passing of the mighty Cavemen. The lunchroom was decorated in spanish decor to set the mood for the day of the game. Also, they served tacos so we could "eat up Spanish." 12 ,wwf I1 ow-.mi The Sophomores produced one of the more witty and original floats The football players kept their minds on the game while the rest for the parade through town to the pep rally. of us cheered and screamed. Queen Karie and her attendants appeared during half time activities. Homecoming was climaxed by the game. Only those attending can imagine the thrill, excitement and suspense of this game. Our hopes for State were high and we grew more confident as the game progressed. The game ended and we were ecstatic at the win. Yet, we were a little sadp this was the end of Homecoming '7O. 13 31 9 lleen Hansen Karie First Attendant Queen Christine Terry Second Attendant ffomecvmiug Ocfzfbcfr 3, 1971 Homecoming '70 was a big success with many activities, in- cluding: Carnival fliissing Boothl, Parade, Pep Rally, and a Bonfire. Then on Friday we had our as- sembly, immediately followed by the game when victory "DONNED" on us. lfVe concluded our homecoming as we danced to the music of the Gents. X I . 295,11 Assemblies Were 014 U15 Jlfl mfs The Pep Assemblies were really on the move. They spirited the studentbody and the team into a high peak of enthusiasm. The cheerleaders, whose task it was to plan these assemblies did a fantastic job. Not only were these assemblies interesting but they got the entire school involved. The spirit was kept high this year by the tem- perature gauge during football season and by climb- ing the ladder to State during basketball. The team was shown by these assemblies how solidly the studentbody was behind them. Glenda, like the other five cheerleaders, jumped and kicked to urge the studentbody to greater school spirit. l Mr. Pehrson was just one of the many ex- cellent pep speakers we had during the year. "--fy xXx Even the teachers got into the act. A group of teachers, led by our famous Mark Farrer f3rd from rightl got the studentbody involved by leading fhe famous Yell' Hey' Loman Our Aspirit temperature was continually being read by the giant thermometer. The Pep Club supplied not only yell power, but they performed many original and cute ' marches. 17 ,Cifflv Mary lzmes "Little Mary Sunshine" fMary Pottsl .... Kate Carroll Capt. "Big lim" Warington ......... Cpl. "Billy" Jester Nancy Twinkle. . Fleet Foot ....... . Ryan Spafford Roylen Griffin . . . . . . . . Iill Robinson . Larry Kasper Chief Brown Bear .... . . . . . .... Linda Gauger YOUNG LADIES: RANGERS: Tom ....... Bobbie Brooks Hank . . . . . Bruce Block Buster . . . Merrill Smith Pete .... ......... R oy Iensen Tex . . . .... Robert Kirkpatrick Slim ...... .......... R andy Blackburn Others ......... ................ B rad Collins Dan Bishop, Stan Wiscombe Blanche ........ Maud ..... Mabel ..... Cora ....... Gwendolyn. . . Henrietta .... Others .... . . . Laurie Depew . . . . Nallene Read . . .... Linda Hall ........MaryAllen . . . . . . . . Nora Kay Thornton LeeAnn Depew . . . . Iill Smith, Barbara Grindstaff Cheryl Nielson, lane Davis 18 ,ao-" Roylen sang while the rangers marched. Many hours ot work were put in to make the setting the best. Make-up does wonders tor Doug. The musical was really great this year. "Little Mary Sunshine" opens as a group of rangers led by Big lim hunts for the deadly Indian, Yellow Feather. Mary Potts, the heroine, is a blood relation to this same Yellow Feather. Romance, chills, and laughs were in store for the remainder of the play. U15 Kainmaker Kecvived Praise CAST H. C. Curry .............. Roy Iensen Noah Curry .... .... L arry Kasper lim Curry ........ . . . Merrill Smith Lizzie Curry fFrij ........ Ianell Barker Lizzie Curry fSatl ........ Iill Robinson File .................. Ryan Spafford Sheriff Thomas ..... Robert Kirkpatrick Bill Starbuck . . . .... Roylen Griffin 20 The school play was a huge success. "The Rain- makerf' by N. Richard Nash is a play that states, "you are what you think you are." When the Rainmaker comes to the Curry home, all are a bit skeptical. Gradually, he convinces everyone that he really is a rainmaker not just a con man and that if you believe in something it really can happen. The play was enjoyed by all and was performed superbly. A 21 Santa, alias Sherlin Man- , ning, tries to find the spirit of Christmas. flssemblic Prmfide Snfcrfaiumenf The school year started off with the Hello Assembly. Then, the alumni participated with the students in the Home- coming Assembly which has been tradition at A. F. High. October brought the Halloween Assembly. A favorite act was the wild tour-de-force in ghoulism with Dalyn Green- wood as Pangin, lared Cornell as Bill Claude, and Horace, the school's biology skeleton, was the special guest star. The Christmas Assembly featured Santa who paid the High School a special visit to find the real meaning of Christmas. Enter- taining on the Patriotic Assembly were the radio show, featuring the news, weather, movie stars, photographers, Aunt lemima, Lemmon sisters, and a choral group, and the pie on Abraham Lincoln's face, not to mention the mess on the curtain. Tryouts were held, and the traveling assembly went to Payson, much to the pleasure of the Payson student- body, and we were entertained by the Payson students. Sharon Foulger presented a dramatic dance routine during the Homecoming Assembly. Gwen lohnson, Colleen McTague, and Cheryl Chestnut gave up summer pleasures with the return of school. Six Christmas dolls sang for the Christmas Assembly. Cheryl Nielson and Garth Anderson dance after Carbon victory. After Game Danna Were Victorious Scwivr Hap Was 2S'u'ifi14g First row, left to riglif: Arlene Smith, Linda Gauger, Ian Holmstead, Cheryl Nielson, l.eeAnn Depew, Lorena Pratt, Pam l,amoreaux, Angie Good- litte, Vickie Beighley, Glenda Greenwood, Patsy Mecham, Bobbie Io Burns, Vickie Warenski, Pamela Durrant. Serorm' row: Brent Shelby, Brad Col- lins, Kirk McDaniel, Kendall Adamson, Bob Kirkpatrick, Steven lorgensen, lerry Varney, lohn Heiner, Don Brown, Mark Karren, Mark Walker, lann Vasey, Dennis Hall, Ronald Thomton, Randy Ferguson, Secret Zone q HOT' CO-CHAIRMEN: lerry Varney and Shannon Savage. On November 25, 1970, the Senior Hop was held. Since this was the senior's last dance the class went all out to make it the biggest dance of the year. Starting the day was the assembly where a shy librarian finally admits that she has a "Secret Love." Finally the dance started and all the work was ended. The decorations, based upon a Spanish style setting, were in red, white, and black. The Seniors performed the Hopenade to the haunting strains of the theme song, "Secret Love." The Senior Hop was a dance that would always be remembered by all who attended. I JI Kmfcffcs Dunne 270 'J Have' Dream rl Chairmen and committee heads for the Pep Club Formal- Center: Pam Durrant. Back row, left to right: Nancy Burch, Connie Sorensen Wendy Duncan, Denise Allridge, Rebecca Smith, Kristine Anderson, and loye Gaye Hadlock. "The Pep Club Formal was beautifull" This exclamation was heard from all who went. The theme and song, sung by the Cavettes during the floor show, was "l Have Dreamed." The decorations were particularly striking and fit in well with the mood of the evening. The ceiling, done with napkins, gave the dance a dream-like appearance. The mural was a beautiful river scene, and the colors of gold and green set off the mural and the dance beautifully. The chairman for the dance was Pam Durrant. The committee heads in charge of the pictures, mural, band, and the decorations on the walls and ceil- ing, were Nancy Burch, Connie Sorensen, Wendy Duncan, Denise Allriclge, Rebecca Smith, Kristine Anderson, and loye Gaye Hadlock. The dance was held December 12. 26 Entrance to the dance announced the theme of the formal The ceiling of napkins enhanced thc dreamalike atmosphere. Heed Seleef Preferred ,Mele This-Xyear, the Cavettes and the girls of American Fork High chose three out- standing young men as the most prefer- red. Chosen for their friendliness and character were Max Ditlevsen, seniorg Kerry Christensen, junior, and Mark Sykes, sophomore. Also, it was most fitting to choose Bruce Bean as the most admired for the fine character he has displayed. Left to right: Kerry Christensen, Max Ditlevsen, and Mark Sykes. A Bruce Bean Most Adniirud 27 ' - V ' . ,. it .,,,. ,Q E Yunivr Hass Fresmfs f' Chez 710 cf" wwf mg A 55, 9 K . i K K if I ,E 'W at ,NS 'll' 1. ..:.-'Z 3 THEME SINCERS-Bark row, left to right: Stan Wiscombe, Kent Warnick, Gary Cray, Craig Broadbent, Steven Dean, Billy Allen, Ken Ras- mussen, Kerry Christensen, Bob Baldwin, David Durfey, Brook Richan, George Frandsen. Front row: loye Gaye Hadlock, lanet Parker, Martha Robinson, Laralee Beck, Lori Peterson, Iolene Durrant, Colleen McTague, Annette Miller, Linda Walker, Ianet Coodsell, Rebecca Smith, Anne Richards, Iullee Matthews, Denise Allridge, Sandra Tolman. April 2nd was a day to remember, for it was the Junior Prom. The colors consisted of purple, pink and silver, which made some elaborate decorations. The assembly was written and directed by Colleen McTague. It was one of our best assemblies. The dance started at 8:30 and ended at 11:30. The theme of the Junior Prom was Thee I Love. The advisors who helped and assisted were as follows: Stan Reid, Sandra Ferrin, Brenda Bensch, Venda Castle- berry, Tom Crittenden, Annette Glenn, Gene Ingersoll, Evan Nel- son, Moyle Parker. The lunior Prom was a never to be forgotten affair. PROMENADE CO-CHAIRMEN: Linda Walker and Vard Pulley. V PROM CO-CHAIRMEN: Colleen Hanson and Stan Wiscombe. 29 Saphvmvre Slide Huge Success Friday, March 19th was the night of all nights for the class of '73. It was the evening of the Sophomore Slide. That night, the girls' gym was transformed into a wonderland of pink and red with the theme of "Hello, It's Me." The co-chairmen for the dance were Miriam Nash and Sandy Nicholes, the advisors were Ferril Soren- son, Theda Holindrake, Davis Knight, Don Mower, Mark Farrer, Roy Pehrson, Jay Allen, I. Von Bennett, and Wanda Iorgenson. The Slide Assembly was written by Roanna Roundy, Sophomore Program Chairman. SOPHOMORE SLIDE CO-CHAIR MEN: Miriam Nash and Sandy Nicholes. 50 ra, gfgwlg az--4 Left to r1ght:RaNae Bamey, lst Attendantg Arlene Smith, Queeng Colleen Hansen 2nd Attendmt The FFA Royalty was chosen in March by the FFA Club. Seven girls were in competition where they each baked a cake and performed a talent number. The club officers then chose the royaltyg Arlene, RaNae and Colleen. These girls then entered the state competition where they represented the American Fork FFA Chapter. Here they modeled a dress and Arlene Smith took 12th place. Kvyzzlfy Klzvscn Ky Klub f-2 ,K 2,4 ffm .Vi'K 1 Q MF,,f 'Qu . fa 4:-,Q Q. V' A ? 1132 Ima, 9 ki Y7f'f"f7W 4 x, as ' P ' 5, A CZ, . Vw, , " mwlf uf , V ,KU yffig 'LQ ' V W . ,, -' 'KU' , . M AV A 4 Q4 12 K - ' K "q, f wg ,A . ' 5 - ' . ' W4 Lv , f . 2,55 fi ff' W "of - W zz' ' ,. - A ff V ' A 3 M, , - 'aw - ' f QM W f Lk -ff M51 ., M A . ,f , L g , Y Lg 'fa ' 12 1 wk W s M J, 5 ' X I 44 wr ' v f A 1 , b 4' 1 V Q X W Q ' ,, ' , ' M Q H if N fi M ' . xg. Q 1, , JW , iffy f ' . K' ' w l fx M '22, xi,N!fi3Q-31 gui - w Y X E M933 N31 ,gf ku wgdf Y Maxx wir H . N , ,,, f , ,w 4 i . , wg I- K K ,Nw H j' g y g ff -T 1 if -. , 'Hsu K ff. L el , 1 K W.. .iff H , X parts Our high school was filled with the wonderful world of sports. During the year our school participated in many different areas: football, basketball, baseball, track and field. These sports let us release all of our excess energy and cheer. Also, from these competitions between schools, we learned school pride. We learned to hold our head up high in the face of defeat and how to be good winners, too. 39 ylflffbllff I9 O- I Front row, left to right: Ray Maxwell, Martell Gray, Mike Ritcha, Randy Ferguson, Mark Hegerhorst, David Durfey, Gilbert Anderson, Doug Wilson Stan Wiscombe, Mark Walker, Craig Broadbent. Back' row: Gaylen Veater, David Olsen, Kirk Magleby, Kirk McDaniel, lohn Sagers, Allen Alex ander, Doug Richards, Calvin Wimmer, Gary Cray, Dave Spainhower. American American American American American American American American American Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork VARSITY FOOTBALL .....53 Uintah... ....7 Provo... ......26 Lehi...... ......2O Orem...... .. 7 Springville... ......2O Spanish Fork.. ......27 Pleasant Grove.. .. ,, . .27 Carbon .... -. . .. O Paysonqi. CUACHES-Left IO right: Carl Ingersoll, Thomas Crit tenden, and Davis Knight. CO-CAPTAINS: Ray Codding ton, and Louis Strasburg. We Were Alma I U16 5 Front row, left to right: Bruce Bowen, Paul Kitchen, Louis Strasburg, Ray Coddington, Mickey Rogers, Blake Buhler, Vard Pulley, Dean Sabey Monte Conder, Adrian Alldredge. Back row: Blair Baker, Bob Baldwin, Glen Crawford, Gary Watkins, Kim Fox, Richard Greenwood, Steven Dean Bill Allen, Michael Shelley, Dale Chidester, Dennis Parker. At the first of the year, A. F. Cave- men weren't even ranked in the papers. At the end of the season, A. F. had six wins and two losses. The Cavemen beat Lehi, then Orem in shutout games, and Mr. Farrer ate his six year old cupcake. The Cavemen lost a real heart breaker to Payson which knocked them from first to third place in the region. "Seldom do you see such a fine team as A. F. sitting on the sidelines when state tournament competition rolls around. The Cavemen truly had a fine football club," Joe Watts commented. Next year, the Cavemen won't sit on the sidelines, they'll take state! 37 Szfplz Win Cifle- H015 Zludefmfedv Row one, bottom, left to right: Randy Barratt, Gary Philli s, lack Young, David Lewis, Alan Coojaer, Crai Wing, Mark Fowler, Eddie Howell, Max Strasburg, Paul Sagers, Coach Mower. Row two: Coach Kitchen, Roy Greenlan , Hylee Evans, Steve Rushton, lim Dean, Kenny Shortt, Gavin Christen, Tom Karren, Sandy Nicholes, Paul Brady, Craig Adams, Mark Crawford, Ted Davis, Wes ley Whitby. Row three: Robbie Robinson, Sherlin Manning, Mark Hales, Cody Fraughton, Chris Nicholes, lay Murdock, Kent Levin, Robbie Strasburg, Steven Iverson, Tim Hall, lon Varney, Kevin Bullock. Am Am Am Am Am. Am. Am. Am. ' SOPHOMORE Fork ...... 50 Fork ...... 25 Fork ...... 27 Fork ...... 44 Fork ...... 47 Fork ...... 39 Fork ...... 46 Fork ...... 50 FOOTBALL Provo .... Lehi ..... Orem ..... Springville . Spanish Fork .... Pleas. Grove Carbon .... Payson . . . 6 6 O O 14 14 7 14 39 Ha kvfball TEAM MEMBERS-Row one, left to right: Ferril Sorenson, manager: Ierry Varney, Blake Buhler, Michael Shelley, Bruce Bowen, David Durfey, David Spainhower, Stan Wiscombe. Row two: left Webster, Glen Matthews, Randy Mott, Bill Allen, Don Brown, Steven Dean, Vard Pulley. Row three: Coaches, Thomas Crittenden, Carl Ingersoll, Robert Eckles. American American American American American American American American American American PRE-SEASON GAMES Fork .... 56 Mrlrray , , Fork .... 68 Clearfield. Fork .... 50 Bingham . Fork .... 58 Davis .... Fork .... 74 Iudge .... Fork .... 55 N Roy . . . Fork ..., 52 Viewmont Fork .... 68 'Highland . TOURNEY GAMES Fork .... 55 Weber .... .... Fork .... 61 Viewmont . . . . . . . The basketball team took honors this year. Mr. Inger- soll, his tirst year as the basketball coach, led the team into state competition. The team and the school chuckles about the Spanish Fork Game, where the game was stopped for about ten minutes to look for a lost contact lens: and at the State Tournament, everyone remembers the big technical Bruce Bowen got on him. But the play the school will always remember best, was the long shot Steven Dean made at half-court to tie the A.F.-Orem basketball game in a close chiller. After all that work, it's a shame we weren't able to beat those Tigers! We are proud ot our coach and the team for their hard work and honors they have brought to our schoolg and we are looking forward to another great year in '72. SCORES American Fork American Fork American. Fork American Fork American Fork American Fork American Fork American Fork American Fork American Fork American Fork American Fork American Fork LEAGUE GAMES Provo ...... Carbon ...... Spanish Fork. . Springville .... Payson . . . Orem ........ Lehi .,....... Pleasant Grove Spanish Fork.. Springville .... Carbon .... Provo . . . Orem .... a . '25 A . . Cram IV. BASKETBALL TEAM MEMBERS-Fro f I fit ' h .T . n row, el 0 rig t' im Hall, Allan Cooper, Randy Barratt, lon Vamey Max Strasburg, Mark Hales, LaMar Carroll. Second row: Sherlin Manning, Tom Karren, Barry Durrant, lim Dean Craig Wing, Gary Doyle, Stan Wiscombe, manager. Buck row: Vard Pulley, Randy Mott, left Webster, David Spain hower, Mi e Shelley, Bob Eqkleg, coach. Am Am Am Am Am Am Am Am Am Am Am Am Am. Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork SCORES IV LEAGUE GAMES ......51 Provo..... ......46 Carbon.... ......56 Spanish Fork ......S3 Springville. ......70 Payson..., ......61 Orem... ......65 Lehi....... ....55 P.Grove... ......54 Spanish Fork ......58 Springville. ......52 Carbon.... ......5O Provo... ......53 Orem... Svphvmzf 6 gil kefb ll Umm Front row: Iames Dean, Alan Cooper, Ion Vamey, Randy Barratt, LaMar Carroll, Tom Karren, Thomas Crittenden, coach. Back row: Sherlin Manning, Craig Wing, Max Strasburg, Tim Hall, Mark Hales, Barry Durrant, Gary Doyle. Donkey Day Top: The donkeys walk out on the floor. Left: Are you a transfer student? Ride 'em cowboy. Come on Bell. Teachers and students mounted their trusty donkeys to match wits, strength, and determination in a nip and tuck battle. The donkeys came out on top, then the faculty with 30 points, and last but not least the students with a close 28 points. The members of the faculty team were: Carl Ingersoll, Mark Farrer, Bob Eckles, Davis Knight, Paul Kitchen, Robert Gappmayer, Jay Allen, and Marvin Gardner. The student team was: Max Ditlevsen, Brent Shelby, Gil- bert Anderson, Allen Alexander, Bryan Miller, Ray Coddington, Doug Richards, lim Bills, Gary Watkins, and Dave Olsen. Wrestling SXQEUK 6195? Front row left to right Dale Chedister David Olson, Paul Kitchen, Martell Gray, Neil Cook, Lonny Lundin, Roger Bennett, Mike Kanno, Monte Conder Dennis Cook Dennis Reimschiissel Coach Gappmayer. Row two: Richard Greenwood, Ray Coddington, Cody Fraughton, Steven Ault, Craig Broadbent Mark Hegerhorst David Griffiths, Steven Iverson, Robbie Strasburg, Craig Shields, David Grindstaff, David Lewis, Hylee Evans. Row three Herman Dixon Glen Crawford Bemell Taylor, Sandy Nichols, Kendall Strong, Mark Crawford, Kim Fox, Paul Sagers, Kenneth Short, in lg X . fi: Floyd Griffiths, Paul Brady, Wesley Whitby. Coach Gappmayer along with the two senior co-captains, Mike Kanno and Louis Strasburg, led the team in this sea- son's competition. They represented our school well in region four. Those who wrestled in the state meet were Monte Conder and David Olson. 46 Ku em!! N: ex .,, f t Row one, left to right: Roy Pehrson, Monte Conder, Bob Baldwin, Allan Cooper, Sherlin Manning, Tim Hall, Craig Wing, Max Hales, Kim Fox. Row two: Ferril Sorenson, Blair Baker, Ierry Vamey, Cary Gray, Randy Mott, Blake Buhler, Gary Watkins, Bryan Miller, Dennis Parker, Allen Alexander, and Sandy Nicholes. Strasburg, Mark Calvin Wimmer, is 1 "" E i to S 'S ., XX 2 k ' N. R' K i . . ' Q X .- if A L --wwf We Ne., E '- 500 The Golf team, under the direction of Paul Kitchen were, row one: Kent Johnson, Brad Robinson, David Iensen, David Briggs, Michell Thompson Row two: I. T. Thompson, Kerry Christensen, Ron Harvey, Mark Karren, Brent Halstrom. Crank Row one, left to right: Adrian Alldredge, Stan Wiscombe, Ray Coddington, Doug Wilson, Mickey Rogers, Kirk McDaniel, Mike Kanno, HyLec Evans. Row two: Dennis Reimschiissel, Mack Faddis, Bobby Anderson, Richard Greenland, Roger Bennett, Dean Sabey, Glen Crawford, Eddie Howell, Scot Brady. Row three: Vard Pulley, Kenneth Rasmussen, Mark Fowler, Gaven Christen, lohn Sagers, Gilbert Baxter, Daniel Bradshaw, David Andrews, Roy Greenland. Row four: Howard Healey, Alan Pulley, Dane Spencer, Paul Sagers, Craig Shields, Mike Ritcha, Craig Chesnut, jeff Webster, Don Bahr. Row five: Coach Mark Farrer, Mark Sykes, Bobby Strasburg, Cody Fraughton, David Lewis, Kennith Short, Mark Craw- ford, Steve Iverson, Coach MacNiel Ogden. EH Q . f - . . -, . 1 - Q ! -: s'. ..g3iWi:ieX'o'f'-wt.. F e. 1 cg... . i li N. Krazy fuels in Wimming Craig Chesnut swam for American Fork under the direction of Mark Farrer, his coach. He did very well in the swimming meets against tough competition. At Murray, he was edged out by another swimmer to take in the 200 meters freestyle. At Cottonwood, he took first in the 50 yard freestyle and the 100 yard backstoke. Tennis TENNIS TEAM-Left to right: Bill Allen, Steve Dean, Paul Terry, Curt Howes, LaMar Carroll, Ion Vamey, Craig King, Bob Eckles, coach. Girls'6rfr14,vefifi1fc' Sparfs s ii ,L Sh S 1 4 WH 'Q gs . Q 535. S .R 5, A , 'ix g 3 S ' as K QV , xi A A A A A 'f xl 'gg- in QQ A -Qs if 5 if x ' QQ xx X. W f wg i Q, E kft N N In 5 X M .,,,.,s A ,,,, as as JF," Qs 'vw- "+' www X R 992 5 I SN s W' e WS X I I 2 X 3 Q A A . 'fx i V' ' Q is ' s l f S FMwt: Q Q fx Q 5 Lkkrk K Q Q' I ' . ' , 8 A 1-'TEE X K ann X X ga K ig! Y 'fig' SZ X' if . I fi 4 S Q ff . I x 59 4 ' - is.. 0 gaui fztizw i Organizations, although not directly connected with the six hour school day, have a very important part in the school. It is in these clubs that all the activities really take place. Parties, initiations, banquets, midnight decorating detail at an athlete's house are all part of club life. li. 53 First row, left to riglit: lanell Barker, Sherie liurninghani, Cindy Ferguson, Kathleen Wagstaff, lane Shelley. Secoml row: Kristine Walker, Barbara Grindstatf, lennie Beal. Tliiril row: Merrill Smith, Brenda Bensch, advisor, Kerry Buckner, Doug Wilson, Colleen McTague, Brad Collins Roylen Griffin, loyce Larsen, Daniel Bishop, Dixie Magleby. The Drama Club was Very active this year. During Home- coming they had a booth selling ties. This group also put on several programs for the English classes comprised of readings. Many from this group were in the musical, the school play and the one act play. First row, left to riglit: Christine Shelley, I.aNan Pulley, lill Robinson, Lorry Myrup, Patricia Sykes, Debbie Gunther, lanet Thomas Marlene Bair. Second row: Iill Gordon, Mardene Millward, Pam Edwards, Ianice Greenland, Trudy Marcon, Sandra Sumsion, Lee- Ann Depew, Susan Terry. f-'l..T5. lLne llalr l.17a Belmont Lori Peterson, lennle llml, lill Black lill lxobinson l.orry Mvrup l1nctCoodsLll lullcc Mnhuxs fliird rot Wilton Manning Carl Harper, llrent Shelby, Craig King, Steve l'owler, Mark Karren, George Frandsen, Daxid Spainhowcr Mike Shelley lohn Heimr Curt Howes, Bob lialdwin, Kristine Anderson, Davis Knight, advisor. first rot It ft to right Kim Grant, Sandy Nicholes, lay l.. Beck, Mike Ritcha, Cary Chrlstenstn, Scott Ducraux Stroud rou Mar . . . ,, , . The Debate Club was top rate this year and the record shows it. This group traveled all over the state and captured several titles and honors. The debates this year were on the subject of pollution. All the debates were based on this, but the students won or lost the match by the manner in which they presented their case. So along with gaining knowledge they exercised their speaking skills. First row left to riglit lim Huggard, Bernell Taylor, lay Rhodes, Alan Spencer, Dane Spencer, loan DeYoung, lolcm Durrwnt Dtnisc Allridge Charlette Spencer, Linda Cauger, Shannon Savage, Cwenn lohnson,GiniC1oodsell. Third row: Mr. Chrdmr student tmchtr Paul Terry D R Gardner, Cathy King, Colleen McTague, Colleen Hansen, Meri Lu Preston, Kirk Magleby, lohn I ambcrt lam Tay lor Maury Miller Blakc Buhler, lared Cornell. Kneeling, left to right: Lorry Myrup, Gail Brierly, Greg Hampton, Alan Spencer, lay Rhodes, Gayle Bishop. Second row: Stanford Reid advisory Christine Shelley, Connie Lewis, Pam Holindrake, Laurie Wood, Moma Larson, lan Turner, Lena Greymountain, Annettt Terry This year the Spanish Club was involved in many activities which added extra enjoyment to everyday school life. The opening social in September was con- ducted by the students who went to Mexico during the summer. They showed films of themselves in Mexico and told the many new experiences they enjoyed. The club prepared a Mexican Dinner of Tacos, Enchiladas, and a beverage for their activity in October. The American Fork High School Indian stu- dents presented an Indian Culture Night in which they displayed many everyday objects which showed the native sense of art. At Christmas time, they enjoyed a social where games, refreshments, and White Elephant gifts were enjoyed. The January and February meetings were combined into a festive evening at the El Azteca where they were joined by the Richfield l-ligh Spanish Club. They were entertained by a live Mexican Combo during dinner. The closing social included the BYU drama, 'ilVlan of LalVlancha" and dinner. The Spanish Club officers were Royce Shel- ley, president, lay Rhodes, vice-presidentp Annette Terry, secretary. ,wzztish gfllb Zaurus Lfulfurc Smivr Girls Serve Zmzmuuify Front row, left to right: Loretta Mills, Peggy Saxton, Bobbie lo Bums, DiAnn Hutchinson, ludy Maddox, Patrecia Parker. Second row: Trudy Mar- con, Lorena Pratt, Helen Pulley, Iulie Rhodes. Third row: Maurine Blood, Sandra Ferrin, advisor. The Senior Girls' Association is a service and social organization. These girls served both the school and the community. They sponsored a record hop in Decem- ber with Mr. Farrer as Disc lockey. The proceeds from this dance together with donations from the student- body helped the Senior Girls' Association become a Sub for Santa and provide Christmas for a needy family. They also had an International Foods Party and a Christmas Party. Closing the year's activities was a girl's choice Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. The officers were: Loretta Mills, president, Laurie Bishop, vice-president social, DiAnn Hutchinson, sec- retary-treasurerg Iulie Rhodes, service. 57 Hufure ffomemakers and Efarmer The Future Homemakers of America worked "Toward New Horizons" by developing skills in various activities such as a costume party, a Christmas breakfast, films, and a Homecoming float and booth. The officers this year were: Iolene Durrant, Marian Biggins, Debra Harvey, Rebecca Smith, Connie Lewis, Iulie Matthews, Iody Buckner, and ad- visor, Renee Porter. The Future Farmers of America joined the FHA officers in planning a party and a dance sponsored by the two clubs. Mr. Cfappmayer and officers Paul Kitchen, Ion Ionsson, Doug Richards, Steven Ault, Phil Hall, Joel Adamson, and Ray Coddington led the FFA in various activities, such as a Hal- loween dance, the State Fair, a banquet and choosing the FFA Sweetheart. Several members were able to attend the State Convention held in Salt Lake City. mp , , FHA OFFICERS-Left to right: Iody Buckner, Marian Biggins, Iolene Durrant, Rebecca Smith, Mrs. Porter, advisor: and Debra Harvey cook up a great year. First row, left to right: Diane Harvey, Patrecia Parker, Colleen McTague, Iill Robinson, Hedy Liebelt, Christine Shelley, Elizabeth Hansen Carlin Coombs, Iulie Bangerter. Second row: Kathleen Wagstaff, Iulie Rhodes, Christine Smith, Carol May, Ianell Barker, Sandra Sumsion Ianet Anderson, Kristine Walker, Laralee Beck, Anne Richards, Annette Miller, Marilyn Wright, Dixie Magleby. 58 learn kill First row, left to right: Boyd Kitchen, Lonny Lundin, Gary Brems, Phil Hall, Brad Bateman, Adin Hcaps, loc Heaps. Second row: Fred Chadwick, Dave Olsen, Ray Coddington, Steve Ault, Mark Hegerhorst, Paul Kitchen, Mike Kanno, Mr, Gappmayer, advisor. First row, left to right: Lynn Bennett, Kendall Strong, Scott Proctor, Kim Cook, Kevin Burningham, Russell Waller. Second row: Ron Anderson, lay Robinson, Martell Cray, lon Ionsson, Kelly Eastman, Lee Searle, Randy Anderson. fudmfs lferzrn 1511 iness 'W W .e V , DECA CLUB MEMBERS-Front row, left to right: Danny Sherwood, Steven Nielson, Ken L. Beck, Ross Herrera, Brad Ohran. Sec- ond row: Patsy Mecham, Ann Slater, Christine Shelley, Steve Iorgensen, Lena Greymountain, Connie Green, Annette Terry. Third row: Kenny Mayne, Gilbert Anderson, Larry Kasper, Nyla Christensen, Doug Robinson, Ryan Spafford, Roylen Griffin, Arlin Davis, Steven Edwards, Willard R. Devitt, advisor. DECA, fDistributive Education Club of Americal used the practical application of S Nm economic ideas. Students attended class each day to learn the theories of our economy and our place in the trade of the world. Members of DECA wrote research papers on the var- ious phases of America's manufacturing. Stu- dents were placed in jobs at various business establishments in our community and were dismissed at two o'clock each day to go to work. DECA exemplifies the new trend in ed- ucation to teach practical subjects and pre- pare students for life. . ptpr I A Q ii, .-465' 60 Skills COE MEMBERS-Front row, left to right: Lorraine Bileen, Wendy Duncan, Terri Robinson, lane Taylor. Second row: lVlacNeil Ogden, advisor, Laura Whitby, Helen Pulley, Beverly Morlock, Kerry Buckner, IaNene Spencer, Ann Reese, Gwenn lohnson, Merrill Smith, Co-operative Office Education is where students are placed in actual office situations. This program, combined with an Office Prac- tice Class, teaches the students office skills. These students work during and after school and are paid for their work. Many of the students in the program are planning to enter the business world and this program is beneficial for their future. Not only do they learn office skills, but they learn office pro- cedure and manners. 61 fudmfs Achieve Gaels NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS-First row, left to right: joy Day, Ilene Adams, Laralee Beck, Annette Miller, Ann Shortt, Susan Larson, Shannon Savage, Ian Smith, Terri Robinson, Lorraine Adamson, Second row: Iane Taylor, Cwenn Iohnson, Barbara Iensen, Marlene Bair, Alan Spencer, Craig King, Carl Harper, Claire Rinehart, Sherwood Cook, Bruce Bowen, Iohn Lambert, Royce Shelley, vice-president, Kirk Magle- by, president, Arlo Shelley, advisor. NHS MEMBERS+Firstro1U, left' to right: Patricia Sykes, Debbie Gunther, Linda Gauger, Ianell Barker, Debra Harvey, Iolene Dur- rant, Diane Harvey, Patty McKinney, secretary, Marilyn Wright, Nancy Burch. Second rowg Kate Carroll, Helen Pulley, Beverlv Morlock, Paul Terry, Mark Walker, Colleen McTague, Ferril Sorenson, David Holindrake, Iohn Sagers, D.R. Gardner, Bruce McDaniel. n FUTURE PHYSICIANS MEMBERS-Front row, left to riglitr Christine Shelley, Nancy Burch, Patty McKinney, Sandra Tolman, LaVon Terry, Lorraine Adamson, lane Davis. Second row: Ian Smith, Linda Hall, Beverly Morlock, Iolene Durrant, Colleen Mc- Tague, Anne Richards, Merrill Smith. Tliird row: Sherlin Manning, Scot Brady, Ted Davis, David Lewis, Roy Greenland. Under the direction of Arlo Shelley, advisor, and Kirk Magleby, president, the National Honor Society members tutored many students in different subjects. This program let the tutors learn as well as the students they were teaching. The NHS held two initiations this year. To be eligible a student must be carrying three academic subjects and have a B average. The National Honor Society is based on four words: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Before a student is permitted in the club he must exemplify these four characteristics. The Future Physician Club, under the direction of Carl Ingersoll, is made up primarily of students interested in medicine and related fields. This provides an excellent insight into these fields and gives the students a chance to see medicine in practice. Throughout the past year the group has been involved in many activities. They went on a tour of the University of Utah Medical Center and the State Training School. Highlighting the year were several lectures given by doc- tors practicing in Utah County. The social part of this group was filled by many fun and exciting parties. FUTURE PHYSICIANS MEM- BERS-Front row, left to right: Cathleen Buhler, Melba Stras- burg, Ilene Shepherd, Marian Biggins, Debbie Gunter, Terri Robinson. Second row: Craig Adams, James Reimschiissel, Mark Walker, Dean Sabey, Joel Adamson. Third row: Brad Col- lins, Allen Pulley, Alan Spen- cer, Claire Rinehart, Brook Richan, John Sagers, president, Craig King. 63 Lfrflzfr Gun d Pre tinted COLORGUARD MEMBERS Front row left to right: Ianeen Boren, Barbara Molyneaux, Iillene Beer, Susan Andrews JoAnn Iep pson Pat Allred Second row LeeAnn Depew Valerie Chipman, Shauna Durrant, IaNene Spencer, Carolyn Faddis, Cathy King Third row Pam Lamoreaux LeAnn Parker Marlene Bair, Kerry Buckner, Ianice Greenland, Gay Beck, Ellen Croft. The Colorguard, under the 'direction of Gene Ingersoll, advisor, presented the colors at the games and pep assemblies. The colorguard was well repre- sented this year by dedicated and enthusiastic girls whose pride in our school started the games out right. These girls practiced many hours to make their marches come out right. Working especially hard this past sum- mer, the colorguard marched in thirteen parades along with the school band. This group was one of the most active and enthusiastic groups and continually per- formed its job well. . afar COLORGUARD OFHCERS-Left to right Iillene Beer, section leader: Barbara Molyneaux section leaderp Ianice Greenland, vice president Carolyn Faddis, secretary: Marlene Bair, his toriang Shauna Durrant, president. Hazfcffes 514ferffzif1 ,Ili Center: Lori Peterson. Left to right: Mari Lu Preston, Layna Cuymon, Kate Carroll, First row, lefr rg right: Lilli Rowe, Lavon Terry, lone Susan Larson, Loretta Mills, Marilyn Robinson, Trudy Marcon, Laralee Beck, MCTague, Charlegfg Spencer, Second row: jean MC- Rebecca Smith- Tague, Sandra Tolman, Connie Sorenson, Ioye Gaye Hadlock. Left to right: Marilyn Wright, Connie Lewis, Christine Shelley, First row, left to right: Patty McKinney, Pam Durrant, Second row: Iullee Matthews, Wendy Duncan, Carlin Coornbs. Kristine Anderson, Barbara Iensen, Diane Harvey, Iolene Durrant, Dorian Bailey, Debra Harvey. 66 .Half Uma' Top: Marsha Murdock. Left to right: Debbie Nielson, Mary Ann Robertson, Martha Robin- son, Lorena Pratt, Annette Miller, Anne Richards, Ianet Parker. The Pep Club boosted the school's spirit in many activities. The Cavettes, dressed in their cute uniforms of red and white, marched with the band during Homecoming using red, white, and blue streamers. They also did routines using the jazz ensemble and drums. The moods varied from the Real West, to the Roaring Twenties, to a patriotic march with the Pleasant Grove Pep Club. They also did a unique march in the dark using fluores- cent gloves. The officers, Marsha Mur- dock, presidentp Lorena Pratt, vice-presi- dent, Martha Robinson, secretary, Annette Miller, historian, Janet Parker, and Debbie Nielson, pep committee, Anne Richards, and Mary Ann Robertson, dress commit- tee, and advisor, Ardena Beck, made a successful year for the group and AF High. 3 S N . ,n . i C5 1 K - 3 9 - Center: Karen Carroll. Left to right: Nancy Burch, Iill Black, Ianet Ander- son, Denise Allridge, Elizabeth Hansen. Cavettes play Cowboys and Indians. ,4,4 and Ski Klub MEMBERS OF GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-First row, left to right: Sherri Fugal, Anna Begay, Karen Carroll, Ann Slater Loretta Mills, and Ioan DeYoung. Second row: NaDeane Parker, Laralee Beck, Elizabeth Hansen, Virgie Coochyumptewa, Sue Kelly Rebecca Barratt, Charlotte Wimmer, Rosanne Buhler, Melba Strasburg, and Gayle Bishop. Third row: Susan Larson, Dorian Bailey Ilene Adams, Ioy Day, Miss Beck, advisor, Sylvia Brady, Teresa May, Trudy Marcon, Marcia Anderson. The Girls' Athletic Association is for girls interested in sports. This group is involved in such sports as softball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, bowling, gymnastics and track and field events. This group also had several parties during the year. The first party involved the mothers of the girls. The officers were: Ann Slater, president: Loretta Mills, vice-presidentp Karen Carroll, recorderg ,Ian Smith, secretaryp Ioan DeYoung, reporterp Anna Begay, senior representativeg Sherri Fugal, junior representativeg Gayleen Kan- eko, sophomore representative. The Ski Club was a newly organized club this year. But even though it was new it had a large following of ski enthusiasts. Although this group is not directly connected with the school, its members proudly represent the high school while on the slopes. 'Officers were: Craig King, president, Kate Carroll, secretary, Liza Belmont, treasurer. Were Sports Minded SKI CLUB MEMBERS-First row, left to right: Virginia Goodsell, Cathy King, Irene Chadwick, IoAnn Ieppson, Denise Allridge, Kate Carroll, Merrilyn Hellewell. Second row: Steven Fowler, lohn Lambert, Paul Terry, David Holmdrake, Ron Harvey, Craig Adams, Kent Iohnson, Ted Davis, Mark Sykes, Kerry Chipman, Scot Brady, and Dane Spencer. SKI CLUB MEMBERS-First row, left to right: Karen Larson, Susan Black, lane Davis, lane Taylor, Shelly Halley, IaNene Spen- cer, Ann Reese. Second row: Richard Greenwood, Brent Shelby, Keven Stonebraker, Bryan Miller, Larry Singleton, Bobby Grace Richard Nash, Kent Wamick, Ray Maxwell, Kevin Pace, Louis Strasburg, Steven Iorgensen, Craig King, Klein Houston. 1? effcrmm Were Avfive -ff LETTERMEN CLUB MEMBERS-First row, left to right: Ieff Webster, David Durfey, Mike Shelley, Steven Dean, Billy Allen, David Spainhower. Second row: Doug Wilson, Randy Mott, Vard Pulley, Don Brown, Glenn Matthews, Calvin Wimmer, Stan Wiscombe, Richard Greenland. Third row: Gilbert Anderson, Blake Buhler, Iohn Sagers, Ray Maxwell, Ierry Vamey, Dean Sabey, Gary Watkins, Kim Fox. Fourth row: Dennis Parker, Bruce Bowen, Bob Baldwin, Roger Bennett, Dale Chidester, Mike Kanno, Paul Kitchen, Neil Cook, Ray Coddington. Fifth row: Doug Richards, Mark Karren, Ferril Sorenson, Curt Howes, Bryan Miller, Craig Broadbent, Allen Alexander, Gary Gray, Kerry Christensen, Craig Chesnut. LETTERMEN CLUB OFFICERS-First row, left to right: Gary Watkins, sec- retaryp Doug Wilson, president, David Durfey, vice-president. Second row: Tom Crittenden, head football coach: Robert Eckles, assistant basketball coach: Mark Farrer, track coach: Carl Ingersoll, head basketball coach. 1 Hlzzfrusrs Snug Chair First row, left to right: Lorraine Adamson, Brooke Sagers, lanea Ince, Carla Goggins, Iudy Maddox, Marlene Bair, Cheryl Nielson, Shan- non Savage, Glenda Greenwood, Pam Lamoreaux,lgoAnn Ieppson. Second row: Barbara Grindstaff, Pam Christensen, Angie Goodliffe, Lori Holmstead, Iolene McDaniel, Sherrie Fugal, obin Cobbley, Iulie Bangerter, Ian Holmstead, Linda Gauger, Rachelle Adamson, Mary Ann Robertson, Cindy Ferguson, Alice Williams. Third row: Vema Cooper, Susan Kenney, Cheryl Louder, Lori Peterson, Pam Durrant, Nallene Read, Valerie Chipman, Janet Goodsell, Roxene Colgrove, Elizabeth Hansen, Debra Murdoch, LeeAnn Depew, Barbara Molyneaux, Carlene Wagner, Sally Sisson. Fourth row: Richard Saunders, lay L. Beck, Kenneth Rasmussen, Kendall Adamson, Kirk McDaniel, Bob Kirkpatrick, Steve Dean, Stan Wiscombe, Kent Wamick, Mark Walker, Gilbert Baxter, Dennis Hall, Ron Thomton, Iann Vasey, Randy Ferguson, Brad Bateman, Charles Fadely, advisor. Absent: Bruce Block, Sherry Devey, Dalyn Greenwood, Iohn Heiner, Vicki Warenski. The ACappella Choir was one of the formed a large variety of music, popular, best American Fork High School has had in madrigals, patriotic and master choruses. years. They have performed in many con- Some of the songs performed so well by this certs during the school year. To name a few: chorus included titles such as thesep "The the Fall Concert, Christmas Concert, Jazz Last Words of David," "Both Sides Now," Concert, special PTA programs, Region IV "The Power of Music," "Light Everlasting," Festival, and the Spring Concert. "Yesterday," and "Rock-a-My-Soul." The ACappella has studied and per- v Hearts Ou! ll X ,Aff P A Front row, left to right: Peggy Saxton, Lois Hansen, Ieanette Humes, Sue Pate, Tammy Gaster, Mary Ann Searle, Carolyn Clark, Iulie Pate, Ieryl Able, Carol Ann Evensen. Second row: Sheri Strasburg, Ianet Bezzant, Vema Adams, Patty Davis, Donna Cardon, LeAnn Wilkinson, Carolyn Anderson, Carrie Roberts, Cathy Meranda, Cydne lnce, Doris Crookston, Ianet Greening, Iono Mason. Third row: Gary Maddox, Kevin Devey, Randy Conner, Ross Herrera, Tom Herrera, Richard Nell. Absent: Kim Allgood, Irene Archuleta. Iamie Ball, Phyllis Bateman, Paula Deveraux, Vaughn Gardner, Iulie Hall, Phil Hall, David Laursen, Tony Meryhew, Greg Nash, Billy Neil, Karie Ostergaard, Mark Sargent, Ricky Warenski, Brad Wilkin. The Chorus did less singing in public than the ACappella, but did a very fine job in the Christmas Concert and the school concerts during the year. They have been studying a wide variety of types of music which has added to the enjoyment of the members and school. ,Mu ic Department BAND MEMBERS-First row, left to right: Susan Larson, Connie Sorenson, Iocelyn Shelley, Tom Priday, KayLynn Larson, Deborah Sherwood, Janet Richan, Roanna Roundy, Shirley Devey, Anita Steiner, NaDeane Parker, Iay L. Beck, and Ieryl Abel. Second row: RaNae Kitchen, Pam Evenson, Wendy Withers, IaNae Beck, Heather Devey, Lora Tumer, Ilene Shepherd, Brad Rob- inson, Harold Smith, Dennis Cook, Floyd Griffiths, Brook Richan, Grant Bangerter. Third row: Barbara Parker, Paul Brady, ,lohn Sagers, Jimmy Goff, Dennis Hall, lay Murdoch, Debbie Kerr. Bradley Collins, David Griffiths, Scott Rees, Robbie Strasburg, Iim Dean, Mark Sykes, Marc Palmer, Keven Shafter, LaVon Terry, Robbie Walton, Charles Fadley, advisor. The band is actually three groups in one. During the sum- mer months they are formed into a marching band and perform in many different parades all over the state, the highlight of which is the big "Days of '47 Parade" in Salt Lake. During football and basketball seasons a portion of the band is involved in the pep band. This group plays numbers for the studentbody to cheer to. Combining these two groups forms the concert band. This group had several concerts during the year and traveled to the ele- mentary schools to spark future musicians. 74 Swelled The orchestra, though small in quant- ity, is large in quality. The orchestra performed for the school musical and did an excellent job. They also received a trophy from George Frandsen for a job well done. ORCHESTRA MEMBERS-First row, left to right: Linda Hall, Lorraine Adamson, Rebecca Smith, Merrill Smith. Second row: George Frandsen, Colleen Bair, Carol Ann Evensen, Charles Fadley, advisor. The Jazz Ensemble was com- prised of several students who were willing to spend extra time before and after school to practice. This group presented for the first time a jazz concert during the winter. lt has also participated in several assemblies and concerts. IAZZ ENSEMBLE MEMBERS-First row, left to right: Iames Boren, Claire Rinehart, Iohn Sagers, Paul Brady, Mark Crawford. Second row: lay Murdoch, Craig Shields, Steven Iverson. Third row: Kerry Chipman, Grant Bangerter, Harold Smith, Bradley Collins, Brook Richan, Bruce Block, Kevin Shafter, lay L. Beck, Charles Fadley, advisor. hymn- , X KAI 5 " 5 E N, , x X 4 S ,f M q.,Q K X y, P . -kfvf. if f , .Sf .w2f3,NN.,.f. . .,, N X, .. Wm: -.Qs-L N., fx A Twwig? - M .kkk ..,.- . fy, . . , . . . V5 mgfiggfi-ff . K .N ' is A if .. V g.. , -1 Q. 5. l-'N' .5 Q. ..zf3i..., X'g,Q..k X. if L iw Q x Z ' m:.g.,.A, -ww-1 g 39' 7 , -1 - , . -- wk' 'mfg 'ex .3 .ix Www. .. . . K, f-fa ' Y .xx ,kms-V4,gfQ.g?5,. 5 'I-3' viiuffi k'xL14'i5' . l X . , , mm 3' ff 53 3 f .5 S. 5. Kill we .ff Z- .K S lr f As I look back upon the school year we are com- pleting, I am sincerely pleased with all that has been accomplished by our studentbody. It becomes a yearly challenge for each group of students to keep up the traditions of excellence set by previous students. A careful analysis of the accomplishments of this year shows that this studentbody has met the challenge in full measure. In many areas of endeavor, we have excelled beyond my expectations. I sincerely hope it means as much to each student to be a "Caveman" as it does to me. I have come to love this great school and studentbody very much in the two years I have been principal. I have many op- portunities to compare our school with others. These comparisons always make me grateful to be associated with this fine studentbody and staff. I congratulate our Seniors especially for their leadership and for the maturity they have shown. I also wish each of them well as they graduate and urge them to continue to take pride in having been a stu- dent at American Fork High School. I look forward to next school year with great anticipation. Sincerely, Con H. Brady Principal I am proud to be associated with American Fork High School. In my estimation, a person would have to go along way to find a studentbody more dedicated to achieving in all areas-scholarship, sports, music, speech, and drama, or any other worthwhile activity, than the students at A. F. High. I congratulate the students for past achievements and exhort them to continue their good work in the future. I am very glad to be a part of American Fork High. Sincerely, Elmo H. Hansen Assistant Principal Adminisfrafian .r s g .5 'I E 'N tt Serzfcs Salim! ,mmf Sitting: Mabel Hansen. Standing: Margaret Sykes. The counselors were the problem solvers of the school. Students went to these three people with problems of all kinds. They helped Seniors toward their future life and registered the Sopho- mores and Juniors for the coming year. The secretaries were always ready with a friendly smile and a desire to help. With the in- stallation of the candy machines these two ladies were always swamped with requests for change, but they were always friendly and pleasant. Sitting: MadgeTuckett. Standing: Ardena Beck, George Pederson. 79 8 Students Were Caught fnglish Brenda Bensch Venda Castleberry Sandra Ferrin Elaine Gordon Theda Holindrake Davis Knight Roy Pehrson 0 153 Seizure ,lay Allen Bob Eckles Carl Ingersoll Arlo Shelley jlflafhfmafzcs V. K. kQ,:Lk,J:x.bQ,'.h,r r . K Philip C. Ainsworth I. Von Bennett Don Mower Mark Farrer Driver 's Sducalirm and Home Scouamics Students 17 earned flgriculfurv and Slwp Music and Aff 4 Charles Fadley Evan Nelson Renee Porter Hisfrfry Tom Crittenden Willard Devitt Roland Oliphant Stanford Reid Business Annette Glenn MacNeil Ogden Physical Sdumfirw Special Sdumfizw Weldon Kitchen Dean Steineckert Zlbrarzan N 8 Staff Made' life Sasier The cooks offered us a meal at a price we could afford. These meals were good and even though we complained, we realized that there are few other places where we can buy a complete meal for only thirty cents. The custodians provided us with a clean place in which to spend six hours. They always had a ready smile and were willing to help. The job of cleaning up after eight hundred students is a big and thankless one. To complete the trio were the bus drivers. These men conveyed us to and from school and on many field trips. This group of dedicated people provided us with a pleasant en- vironment in which to learn. X !asf ' A Seated: Sylvia Robinson, Lela Smith. Standing: Letha Hansen, head cook, Ople Jacobs, Geri Pratt Seated: Ioy Chidister, Marie Thrasher. Standing: Juanita Ellison, Beverly Yocum, Bonnie 6 Shelton. algal U L' lf!" mln Hlll ffgrfggifl gli li W XX il CUSTODIANS-Left to right: Merrill Beck, Eldon Miller, Andy Pederson, Ellis Parker, head custodian, Ierry Iacobs. t.-- L W 1 94 N-musammnwnw BUS DRIVERS-Left to right: Earl Matthews, Carl Pack, Reed Thompson, Burke Heaton. V Sflifflz- gffggfifg-Yf" ' L. , N , lpfiiwifsma jAEf,g:gg, 5 W , ' Pu.:-w-.-1 4 1'gZ.fv'h . , fiL?gaf2igi5eQ'.gi .X ' .ggefg .1- , f I A fs Q' Q 1 'M I f N ff I Q r ,. 5 fy S if i K, .Nik , , 3 -yt. ' Q TE Ea T 4 Z Q T1 fifi? ,ik ,ii-.4 . x fi X if L k , V f. I.-gp N.. ff,-fffmwvf 7:wm,f:.f:-V 4- -1-if N- Q 4. , .N :N . 3 mM,h 11.1 .gif -.ww 15? Q ,QV K , ,W ,3sm,.2 . 525112 , 05595353 if f if' - 1-'Ri 1 J 1 2 f A l1 A N f , . N. 4 l if 1 2 n Q , . Y' 3 t Q rs 3 N Q 1 fi 'R Q 'u .4 f 6 LH M Y N ziiuxix . - ' wk 1 gg, ., Q 1 1 w O -sw: i 12 . Sk 1 1 if I 1 uv' , if Sfudcufbady The studentbody is the school, without them there would be no school and no activities. We have really been active this year. We have sup- ported our teams, clubs, dances, and officers. The studentbody is comprised of three classes held together by a common love of the school. For a studentbody and a school to be strong it must be united, for a divided studentbody is no school. 89 , , 'Q noe oe aoc oo ace, oo asa wgegoc 71 ,qw Q? 4 fi K .. ff' ,x Y-pg . Q 5, 2 .5 '. - L 'S 1 v 7 u ax L L e 1' Q' if lane Taylor, secretary, Cwenn Iohnson, historian. The Executive Council also consists of Iane Taylor, secretary: Gwenn Johnson, historian, Linda Gauger, program chairman, and Brent Shelby, business manager. As secretary, lane has written home room discus- sions, sent out monthly calendars to teachers and various interested groups, and keeps up correspondence with other schools. Gwenn, as historian, has assisted lane in her work, and has also compiled a history of the activities at American Fork. Linda, program chair- man, has been in charge of directing and writing the assemblies presented before the studentbody. Brent, as business manager, was responsible for various dances and the raising and lowering of the flag. l-le also had the job of keeping the marquee up to date. Brent Shelby, business manager, Linda Gauger, program chairman. 9 First row, left to right: Bryan Miller, Kent Wamick, Kim Fox, Iohn Sagers, Brent Shelby, Ioel Adamson. Second row: George Frandsen, Paul Terry, Gary Gray, David Durfey, Cheryl Chesnut, Pam Holindrake, l.uAnn Hamnett, Rachell Adamson, Shelley Iacobs, Gay Beck, Gwenn Iohnson, Shelley Halley, Linda Gauger, Ian Holmstead, Karen Carroll, Iane Davis, Angie Goodliffe, Marian Biggins, Iane Taylor, Iim Bills, Elmo H. Hansen, advisor: Alan Spencer. Third row: Kirk Magleby, Steve Rushton, Ion Vamey, Gary Doyle, Steve Fowler, Steve Jorgensen, Ierry Vamey, Bruce Bowen, Richard Nash, David Olsen, Kim Tumer, Lane Christensen, Marlow Manning, Allen Alexander. The Student Council functions asaminiature House girl's school dress, a score clock for football season of Representatives for the studentbody. These students and sponsoring different dances. are elected by their home rooms to represent them in The success or failure of this program depends upon the governing of the school. Many things were discussed the willingness of the studentbody to get involved in in student council. At times we discussed slacks for the problems and pr0i6CtS ofthe SC11001- Sfudenf rfuncil Q0 ern Patriotism, Uzemf of Hays if Left to right: Craig King, Ierry Varney, Allen Alexander. Absent: Paul Terry. Girls' State was one of the most interesting and rewarding weeks of my life. All of us have a definite part in the future of our country because we will have the opportunity to vote in the next few years. We need to un- derstand our duties as citizens of the United States. At Girls' State we leamed , the proper city, county, and state govemmental procedures and how to put them to use. At the end of our week at Girls' State we had gained a greater feeling of dedication and respect for our country and its flag. 'amd Girls' State Boys' State purports "to educate our youth in the duties, privileges, rights, and responsibilities of American Citizenship." It is wholly a plan for training in the practical aspects of government. It is functional in that applications of the principles of dem- ocratic government are made in every possible way. The Constitution and the statutes of the State of Utah are the pattems from which the fundamental law of The American Legion Boys' State has been developed. Boys' State should be thought of as being a myth- ical 51st State with a constitution, statutes and ordinances constructed by its citizens to govem themselves. Left to right: Angie Goodliffe, Wendy Duncan, Mary Io Barratt. 95 Glzeerlmders flrvused Pep Ian Holmstead Head Cheerleader Vickie Bexghley Arlene Smith Mary Io Barratt I Glenda Greenwood Lori Holinstead SiZZL!NG -zlbz ,,2i, Cheering us on to victory, our cheerleaders were dedicated and determined to do their job. These girls were judged by impartial judges and picked by the studentbody. Although many times the odds were against us, we pulled through with an easy victory because of enthusiastic cheer- leaders and studentbody. These cheerleaders spent their extra time preparing posters and making new skits or yells to spur the students on. We owe a lot to our cheerleaders this year. They've done their best to make the 1970-71 school year the best year ever. fudmfs Were Quizzffd MEMBERS OF THE YOUNG AMERICANS-Left to right: D. R. Gardner, Shannon Savage, Paul Terry, and Kirk Magleby. The Young Americans, advised by Willard Devitt, beat Payson and lost by a close margin to Bear River. These students were quizzed in the areas of English, science, history, and math. These stu- dents also participated in High School Challenge. ln this bowl they beat West, Cyprus, and Lehi High School and are so far undefeated. They will meet the other undefeated schools later in the season. ,-at-Q is 'vb ly' INQUIRING EDITOR MEMBERS-First row, left to right: Iullee Matthews, Kathy Whiteman, Laralee Beck. Second row: Richard Greenland, Craig Broadbent, Alan Spencer. Three boys and three girls competed against each other in the Inquiring Editor Program Saturday, April 3rd. These contestants read and studied the Trib- une Newspaper for one week, then they were quizzed on the pictures, editorial cartoons, comics, quotes and news stories appearing that week. Their advisors are Davis Knight and Tom Crittenden. 97 Debate Sfezfers Slfeelleei l . h : S D I D. R G dn B tshelby Cral King Kirk Magleby Paul Terry Iohn Lambert Mark Karren Car l-althilpeigzgidfzitrgiuvialhyigirig, Eli5lg:r:McTaguealoletiie Dfrliant Shannon avage Illl R0b1r1S0n lane Taylor Kathleen Mayne This group of students was selected to go to State in Forensics. It was here that they participated in many differ- ent fields such as Legislative Forum, Oratory, Radio Speaking and many other areas of public speaking. Al- though no one placed, our school was well represented. These people did a very good job and made a grand show- ing for our school. 98 fudmis Were Kewarded One student from each high school in Utah met at Camp Williams and went to classes concerning govemment and mili- tary strengths. During the week stay the students also had many recreational activities which in- cluded fighting a large brush fire in the Oquirrh Foothills. I went to New York as representative of the Utah Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America. Seventeen girls represented Utah at this conven- tion. The convention was held in Iuly of 1970. The theme of the convention was "Dare of the Decade." It was held in the New York Hilton. Members of FHA from each state in the United States attended. After the convention the members of the Utah delegation went to Washington D.C. for a tour. We stayed there four days and visited such places as the Capitol, Washington Monument, and Arlington Cemetery. The entire trip was fun and educational. ffcfmfr Students Seated, left to right: Patricia Sykes, Peggy Cooper, Loraine Adamson, Iane Taylor, Iill Robinson, Laura Whitby, Ian Smith. Standing: Ann Reese, Craig King, D. R. Gardner, David Holindrake, Kirk Magleby, Paul Terry, Ierry Vamey, Beverly Morlock. 100 ,4cl1im'df!igl1 Gm! Seated, left to right: Maurine Blood, Linda Gauger, Gwenn Iohnson, laNene Spencer, Patty McKinney, Pam Durrant, Mary Ann Robertson, Kate Carroll. Standing: Debbie Gunther, Patrecia Parker, Marlene Bair, Royce Shelley, Bruce Bowen, Max Ditlevesen, Bruce McDaniel, Shannon Savage, Helen Pulley, Dixie Brown. The honor students were those students who had enough perseverance and initiative to maintain a grade point average of 3.67 or higher over the course of seven semesters. From this group of thirty-eight seniors, six were chosen to be representative students for graduation ceremonies. 101 Sterling clmlzzrs filter Kamp fzfmn -UB K.-A Front row, left to right: IaNene Spencer, Business Linda Hall Homemakmg Iill Robmson Speech and Drama Kate Carroll Art and Arts and Crafts. Back row: lay L. Beck, Music D R Gardner Social Sciences Paul Terry General Scholarship Kirk Magleby Science Absent: Shannon Savage, English and Literature Royce Shelley Mathematics The Sterling Scholars are chosen by the different departments on the basis of outstanding achievements. In the semi- finals the students presented portfolios and had personal interviews with judges. On the basis of this judging four students were chosen to participate in the final competition. These four were: Jay L. Beck in Music, IaNene Spencer in Business, Linda Hall in Homemaking, and Paul Terry in General Scholarship. These finalists had a chance of win- ning cash prizes and scholarships. 102 E Bruce Bowen Bruce has served in many leadership positions during his high school years. This year he served as Senior Class pres- ident and he was a member of the National Honor Society. He was also a member of the football and basketball teams. Gwenn Iohnson Gwenn has gained many honors in her high school years. As a Sophomore she served as the Sophomore Class Secretary. This year she served as Studentbody Historian. She has also participated in Debate, Extemp and Oratory. She was a member of the National Honor Society and Pep Club. -ct Kirk Magleby Kirk has accomplished many things in many different areas. He was National Honor Society President, National Merit Finalist and a Sterling Scholar in the area of Science. He was active in Debate and Forensics and was a member of Young Americans and High School Challenge. Patricia Sykes Patricia has had a very active high school career. She was a member of the high school band and a member of the pep club. This year she was the editor of the Creative Writing magazine, a member of the Drama Club, Future Homemakers of America, National Honor Society and Future Physicians Club. Keprcseutafive Royce Shelley Royce has attained many accomplishments in high school. He was a Sterling Scholar nominee in mathematics. He recently pre- sented a math paper at the Intermountain Iunior Science and Humanities Sympo- sium at the University of Utah. He is presently servin as president of the Spanish Club ang vice president of the National Honor Society. Iane Taylor Iane has achieved many leadership po- sitions during her high school years. As a Sophomore she was the class program chairman. As a Iunior she served as Pep Club Vice-President. This year she served as the Studentbody Secretary. She was also active in Forensics, participating in contemp., debate, and oratory, and a member of the National Honor Society. fudcnfs Speak Af adzmfizw 10 1366 FORKASTER IOURNALISM. STAFF MEMBERS-Left to right: Paul Terry, editor: Diane Harvey, co-editorg Mrs. Elaine Gordon, IOURNALISM STAFF MEMBERS-Left to right: Kent advisor. Bresee, Tony Meryhew, Carl Harper, Jared Comell. The "Forkaster" in past years has received honors that few other high school papers can boast of. This year has been no exception. Our paper has the right mixture of news, editorial comments and humor. Staff members were prob- ably the busiest students in the school first period. Iour- nalism incorporated the talents of several classes. They needed the writing skills of the Creative Writing class, the energy of a gym class and the finger dexter- ity of the Art class. Students looked forward to Friday aftemoons when the paper was distributed, and read it with relish. The Iournalism Staff worked long hours during and after school, and put out one of the best high 4 school papers in the state. IOURNALISM STAFF MEMBERS-Left to right: Dalyn Greenwood, Marian Biggins, Darrell Hayes, Ray Strong, LeeAnn Parker, Kathy Whiteman, Ianell Barker. IOURNALISM STAFF MEMBERS-Left to right: Dan . Penrod, Vickie Beighley, Darrell Hayes, Dennis Elton. 104 Blake Buhler Iournulism Stuff Member Kzwtizfrf Writer Publi had glyph CREATIVE WRITING CLASS MEMBERS-Front row, left to right: Ronald Coleman, Dalyn Greenwood, Pam Sorenson, Ian Howell, Robin Cobbley, Alice Williams, Terri Robinson, Pam Lameraux, Lorena Pratt, editor: Carol Webb, Blame Clements. Back row: Beth Evans, Annette Terry Cheryl Nielson, Nallene Read, Larry Kasper, Valerie Chipman, Francine Hancock, Terri Myrup, Iared Comell, Richard Adamson, Danny Sher wood, lay L. Beck, Carl Harper. Venda Castleberry Creative Writing Advisor The Creative Writing class had some of the top writing talents of the school. Students learned the skills of good writ- ing techniques. The classes were awak- ened to many of the small things in life, objects that hitherto were seldom noticed by people. Mrs. Venda Castleberry, ad- visor, had students read good literature, poetry and short plays to see the differ- ent writing techniques of the great writers. Students had fun publishing and assem- bling the Glyphs magazine, which was called "Collage" CREATIVE WRITING CLASS MEMBERS-Front row, left to right: Nancy Hall, lillene Beer, Iulia Niel. Second row: Kate Carroll, lane Taylor, Connie Lewis, LaNan Pulley, Marla Clark, Patricia Sykes, editor: Iulie Rhodes. Third row: Kathleen Mayne, Karie Ostergaard, Gwenn Johnson, Sherrie Cook, Gary Christensen. Fourth row: Allen Alexander, Louis Strasburg, Delores Hansen. Fifth row: Dan Penrod, Dennis Elton, Kevin Pace, Kent Bresee, Ray Maxwell, Guy Withers, Duane Nielson. 106 ymrbnzfk Staff Kccvrds ff! tary Of Being on a yearbook staff is a tireless and often thankless job. Only one hour during school is in- volved but countless hours, before and after school, are behind the book. This year we would like to give special thanks to Devey's for the loan of the tuxedos for the Senior boys' pictures. We chose "Kaleidoscope of Faces" for this year's theme, because we all felt that this represents our high school and its students. Left to right: Beverly Morlock, editor: Dalyn Greenwood, bus- iness managerp Debra Harvey, co-editor. Bottom row, left to right: Nancy Hall, Liza Belmont, Connie Green, Lynn Street, photographer. Top row: Ron Coleman, photo- grapher: Iared Cornell, Iohn Adams, sports editor, Sally Sisson, Hs- lfmr ,.,.-.. ..-'Al K ,KQ V 'J mi? ,asc- X ,S it gk 4 a ' N- R+: , ws- . .. "D Msg .. A sggfmpqagfd., 'Q'-f I . X tXh editor: Laura Whitby, senior editor: Meg Griffiths, sopho editor. Absent: Kris Ann Hicks. fo Evan Nelson Advisor Q A x, '70 M ON , r QXQL X Q 5 A900 Q52 Oo QQ' um .J -"-'J gy? PZ ULD Yi m 43 Coon 33 4' Ugl- ,X Qmmcg, SENIOR OFFICERS- Left to right: Craig King, vice-president: Linda Hall, secretary: Bruce Bowen, president: Kathleen Mayne, program chairman. i5?E5:?,,-.!3,fw.e ,S5?.f1 ?2e3L EEl? We N, ,,.. Qffff, A I ' i C Q 1. , ' ' V11-1s'1s1sR11sx,.1t'st ws" -. ::-',:w:::WE:?iEE5i1E: S i if-23291-' fn'-I aw .-7-sf, K K ' iwfgi we - . A Shirley Abbott Cindy Adams Iohn Adams Ion Adams Kendall Adamson Loraine Adamson Richard Adamson Scott Adamson 108 Allen Alexander Kim AllgO0d in Val' Anderson Susan Andrews Don Bahr Marlene Bair nanny Bradley Bateman Marianne Bateman Bruce Bean lay L- Beck 'ik g li . Cathy Anderson Gilbert Anderson Michael Aston Steven Ault RaNae Bamey Mary Io Barratt The class of '70-'71 was a class of workers and achievers. We achieved many goals and did many things during our brief stay in school. As Sophomores we had a very successful Sophomore Slide with the theme song, "You Showed Me." As Iuniors there was a chance to grow and achieve even more. We achieved in many different areas and won many contests. During this year the exciting Junior Prom was held, where the Juniors danced to the theme song "Almost There." Our Senior year was an exciting time. Some Seniors welcomed graduation day with gladness, while others with nostalgia. As seniors we started many new fads and made many records. The Senior Hop, "Secret Love," was a huge success. This year was a time of feeling old and wise. It was a time of looking forward with enthusiasm and looking back with pride and regret. Laura Whitby Senior Class Editor 109 Ken Beck rl!- nf Lorraine Bileen Bruce Block Rex Bowers Don Brown lillene Beer Anna Begay Vickie Beighley r i x Nil, :swf in B iii .. iki AVO rm 'r q ...Nw ,ff xi' NN 1 F Iim Bills Laurie lo Bishop Raymond Blaney Fe X B f xi .l -erm az Maurine Blood Janeen Boren Bruce Bowen B 9" , , em' f J:-s"""j Goldie Bowman Mike Briggs Dixie Browm Caylen Brown Kerry Buckner Kim Buckner Seuirfrs We 5 Hr fzfizfe Blake Buhler Nancy Burch Kristine Butler Bobbie Io Bums Kate Carroll Carol Chadwick Kent Chamberlain Craig Chesnut Valerie Chipman Gary Christensen Lane Christensen Marvin Christensen l , wtf? 1 ff ef , 5 I veg 4 ' Q , 2 f ,,,, W ll M M-,Q F it ' Nyla Christensen 1, ,Mg Patty Christensen Marla Clark Michael Clements Robin Cobbley Ray Coddington Roxene Colgrove Monte Conder ' t L' max' Q K Blaine Clements Ronald Coleman Bradley Collins Dennis Cook , ig C . g ss , L ' K fs . i . live. " -5, :sf f. I . Q of ,N - 1. wars, f Stewsiiia Sherrie Cook David Coombs 'ii ff it l lx X f , q Ai A M ,ggi If Wifzfea S L if 'tvs :Q f . Q -.., E! Xi s bf Iared Cornell Peggy Cooper . ,,s:.,..i,,f,'f,4i, f--, .. . , I ,,.. n,., ., fr., ,K f - E, 'f in-LWB! ji ,, Y A Qi, is , f . X il' -'W- - , L wax 'g 4 DE LeeAnn Depew lean Davis My fs. IV' -rv' 'T' Max Ditlevsen Herman Dixon Pam Durrant Shauna Durrant li? if ,T Dennis Elton Leonard Fackrell Brent Davies QQN? Kevin Devey i Wendy Duncan 01" gs-foe' Pamela Edwards ,. f '?5 W we .n w-is 5' z KL ,Qi I if -.Li . Q L 4 ' if iz! U 5 A X ,. I ., L ,h Carolyn Faddis flaw xi lane Davis -. iiiii I " Dix 1 -. i Q 'z iq-1-3--rid E . , .2 flfixxf e- -. f . Sherry Devey Kevin Durrant Steven Edwards K' T? Randy Ferguson Steve Fowler Chris Fugal D.R. Gardner Linda Gauger , . ,nf f 'iff' Carla Goggins Angie Goodliffe Robert Grace Kim Grant Qui' Nd' Connie Green Ianice Greenland Dalyn Greenwood Glenda Greenwood 4J"""""!av Lena Greymountain Roylen Griffin Barbara Grindstaff Debbie Gunther IF-Qi "ian fl W? WF wwf' P 1 :si e i Becky Hall Dennis Hall Linda Hall Nancy Hall NV f Shelly Hal e Alan Hampton Scott Hampton Francine Hancock T3 ,paws 4 lain . Delores Hansen Lois Hansen Carl Harper Darrell Hayes bf 578 wr we squqn Adin Heaps Iohn Heiner Ross Herrera Kris Ann Hicks -Quan 'nn' cninrs Dcwflzfped Many kill ff ,., Curt Howes 'iqhr 'Y ,,. Shelley Huggard i i ' FS Ah '- . Loren Hyde Janea lnce Gwenn Johnson N 'Nh fqs. 1 5 ' A N Jon Jonsson w:.5,,,i1 Kathryn Johnson Steven Jorgensen ,-.-.. ,P Jeanette Humes DiAnn Hutchinson Clyde Jacobs Barbara Jensen ,.,.., W . Xa xg iii? ., S , ., . . .4 if .A . 1 - .. K - i.3,.-fsiifefifg. 5 C .gt H SS' sw 4 W X 4 1 A sz ,, if N 1 ff Er Qt ik ,w wid? ,, . sf i dvi., ,YP 4 A .sf A i .... 4 W Kathy Jones Connie Jonsson J' . lx x Q96 fv,, 31-we . Mike Kanno Mark Karren we 'un- N98 Larry Kasper Preston Kay Debbie Kerr Craig King Robert Kirkpatrick Paul Kitchen John Lambert Pam Lamoreaux dig ' X X i 2 M., r .,,...,.,i QQPX QQSSQYEN ,mx as--X Xxx we 'iw' mar' x David Laursen Connie Lewis Hedy Liebelt Ben Lowe 'Q--f-wer' ,Safe Jewel Luttmer Iudy Maddox Kirk Magleby Marlow Manning Senior Gwenn Iohnson developed her typing skills, Mary Manning Trudy Marcon Lane Marshall Glenn Matthews W K E Ray Maxwell Lawrence May 1 Kathleen Mayne Bruce McDaniel l Kirk McDaniel Patty McKinney Patsy Mecham Bryan Miller B 5 2 1 s I Maury Miller Loretta Mills Leland Mitchell Barbara Molyneaux nw-Q ' R '-fWP3N21s,R 5' 'ill-75. :-riifilf' :-'.: ., i5if352ir?5S1 F- I 'fvffV'2r3 ' ...--a ----t is 2 4+ Q X Ni X 9 s eeei - gawk 5.31 ' H 353. :,-1 Beverly Morlock Debbie Murdock Marsha Murdock Terry Myrup C Richard Nash 7 Billy Neil Iulia Neil Mike Neil Steve Nielson Frank Nelson Kenneth Nelson Cheryl Nielson 2 . 'K' Duane Nielson Gary Otterson VT? David Olson Brad Ohran Karie Ogtergaard f Q31 Y- , Q' er" Kevin Pace Dennis Parker Patrecia Parlcer K K it Qiuuxf J 'AX W' , . ,jar I Dan Penrod Elaine Phillips Kenneth Pierce Lorena Pratt , -I Seniors crammed in last moments of study. W? 1""N"' Nallene Read Ann Reese lf Q fd' 'K if up 3 i i lah! NL X A Q ' ' .Q kewl " . g , Claire Rinehart Mary Ann Robertson Q A L q,-, Qifglliix V 7' M gs K' if , 'A X i K ' " . MM Terry Robinson Barbara Rogers xrem Helen Pulley 9 Mm LaNan Pulley Ep- 'Us 'P no i "is 1 s Q , NX' Julie Ann Rhodes Doug Richards .N N ,Q ssse R ' if fs if-iii -.ii Air u ,J f ' fix s F. i g K 'f n i . -,A xr 'snr Qi' i ,. ii 4 inks X . - Y z,,. -. , Y Douglas Robinson Jill Robinson QUE -:mv .mf---, Mickey Rogers Greg Russon ibn! :w,,..v U95 '94 . 44" V -vw- 'S-NSY' Dean Sabey Brooke Sagers Iolm Sagers 11,3 JUN 'Aw ""'Qigg,, Peggy Saxton Kent Seals Lee Searle wk' W, ,et S 'F' :ink '09 'NIINQP' Ninn' Christine Shelley Danny Sherwood Royce Shelley Shannon Savage Brent Shelby Qu! wana Ann Shortt YR lay Sisson Ann Slater Arlene Smith Ian Smith S' ZW M395 ls 21" Gb 'N Merrill Smith Ferril Sorenson Pamela Sorenson " Ryan Spafford S X 75 Z ' . Q ig --, by J K E ...y :kk J :Y Y S it Q IaNene Spencer Louis Strasburg Gordon Strong Patricia Sykes if ix-f fx' 5 R+ ,rg z " EITXK ls, , int 3 X Q5-.R fl? U ew, X . K, N Q, 1 5 aa ia r I 5 , Eg + lane Taylor Annette Terry Paul Terry Mark Thompson MW V .. S. ii.i 5 T - '1"'Tv 'H' -nl"'31.5 Xi S .ri as alfa Q 'SE' X Q my N is Ronald Thomton Ian Tumer Kim Tumer ' lerry Vamey ILHX' ,I .,... ar f""" Iann Vase GHYIHU Veafef Russell Waller Iamie Waller Y ia? Mark Walker Vicki Warenski Seuio s Were 9rie14d!y - .- . Y 'fri' X. +g'51v- is 'sail-Sheff: .ar-"' Carol Webb Laura Whitby Farrin Wild Brad Wilkin 4- ENMQ R R Q Q l i W MRWNW W 5 5 X ig? 5 gag X K Y ' 1 1 s fi 1 S .... E Vfiwxw A 1 Larry Wilkinson Alice Williams Doug Wilson Guy Withers YQ' sw- 'mb 'fa-'X ,Q W1"""'!!" Calvin Wimmer Sheldon Wolf Wayne Yocom Keith Young Ion Zimmerman We .Qw"5 Kent Wamick Roy Iensen Janet Goodsell Colleen McTague President Vice President Secretary Program Chairman Ilene Adams LaCincla Adams N Q. If, '- Vema Adams Ioel Adamson Rachelle Adamson Denice Allridge Pat Allred Billy Allen Adrian Alldredge Garth Anderson A Ianet Anderson Kristine Anderson Marcia Anderson Mike Anderson ,5 L5 . me it of X S X X X N if is mf? 'tr' ' a Qszr Sf Q I :, h . i N A ' ff m I K ,wq we-1,-' l 5 ML Randy Anderson Bob Baldwin Jenny Beal Liza Belmont Irene Archuleta Iulie Bangerter Gay Beck Roger Bennett Colleen Bair Sue Barber Laralee Beck Jay Bennett Blair Baker Ianell Barker Bonnie Bell janet Bezzant junior We 5 014 U16 Wlvzfc ss 3 A Marian Biggins Boyd Blackwell Kim Billings Dale Boren Martin Bird Ricky Bowers Iill Black Sylvia Brady Kent Bresee David Briggs Craig Broadbent Alan Brown loye Gaye, like many Iuniors, spend a lot of time hitting the books. N 2'- ,- N N . , S 3 JF i an if f, 1, S . if 3 2 ' 5. , ,ii J? X A I f JA Q? 0 A Erin Brown Cathleen Buhler Curtis Burch Q SheRie Bumingham IoAnn Carlson Karen Carroll X of A is if v if ssalefek rs. 1-- fy N NASH-. ,Q" as .an 15. 'A mf? 55, ., h S ggi '1Kb. ..., ,,,, .,,, C . ,-'- --.. ,1 f Q2 H:- H-Qivlnn Donna Carson Dale Chidester Carolyn Clark Neil Cook Robert Connani Daleasa Chadwick Kerry Christensen Suzanne Collins Sherwood Cook Glen Crawford Fred Chadwick Pam Christensen Verlinda Coochise Carlin Coombs Ellen Croft Irene Chadwick Dawn Christofferson Kim Cook Vema Cooper Terry Croft N23 if V s i ll X ,Q S 5? ,H f 2 - 'f' e, X, ' Q... . , so 2. A . ti 3 1 7 A my b e X Q8 X K wing 2 x 5 1 ' Q I Ioy Day Debra Davis Steven Dean Ioel Despain ,ya S' Mike Deveraux Scott Deveraux Duane Devey Ioan DeYoung N : ,IS N k K. -5 -D-,i :gig , A '.,--' Q ,:,',. - D R i h t 3 3 .i f -X k 11 . it ' f ,--L f fill 3 ik I David Durfey Jolene Durrant Kelly Eastman Dineen Edwards 5 -1. 2.:?af,j ' - - , . R i i E Eg , . Q N K xl kg 5 N x NX ,tt ifgif in .K 8 X S ,A -4- E K 'N 3 Q 55 r 1 5- Y 1 1 " 3? 1 2 ' 'J X 'Q as Q vt Cindy Elmer Beth Evans Carol Ann Evensen Diane Ezell Cindy Ferguson Marilyn Fitzgerald Kim Fox George Frandsen x, Mike Fraughton Sherri Fugal Louis Garrett Tammy Gaster ef ws .66 a ll kt Q SSG XG X N Kay Gates Gary Gray Richard Greenwood Vonda Goodwin Martell Gray Floyd Griffiths Ginnie Goodsell Peggy Greenland Alan Grindstaff Ianet Goodsell Richard Greenland David Grindstaff junivrs Were Spirited. .. Layna Guymon Ioye Gaye Hadlock Brent I-lalstrom Phillip Hall wily Tahnia Hall Colleen Hansen LuAnn Hamnett Elizabeth Hansen iii. 822. 35-, -Q 4,41 Leslie Martin The Juniors enthusiastically took part in pep assemblies, Homecoming, clubs, plays and sports. The Junior Prom was the biggest dance of the year. The decorations were elegant and it was a huge success. 'We were led by marvelous officers, they did their best to make the greatest year ever and to lead us to greater enthusiasm. We've had a good year and we are glad to have been a part of the great Junior class. A good word to describe our class is enthu- siastic. We put one hundred and ten percent into all of our endeavors and activities. We're glad to have been Juniors but we are looking forward to when we will become Mighty Seniors. We will strive to work to- gether, promote enthusiasm,.and make 1971- '72 the greatest year yet. Sally Sisson 130 Junior Class Editor C S 132- Gene Hansen Steven Hansen Debra Harvey Diane Harvey Annette Harward Alese Healey Joe Heaps Mark Hegerhorst 69? tm Q . Sd .X -'ff ft ,. I Q it, S I fi . ig-if ligggjgis il sf Sei X is TQ ,A ' 5 is li 6 :-, it gf, K ,:, . J Jeff Heinz Lori Holmstead Jan Howell Kim Howell 'W 'Quiz agus-.. MW' SX .t 'S' s nv-' G Q P f ' t t rib, v Q Q l nik , fit is f lo- L ,L 4 Y is ,QQ QI 6 .still 1 'oe L Mike Howland Tom Hunter lim Huggarcl Cindy Hutchings Patricia Humphries Roy Iensen Ricky Hunter JoAnn Ieppson -s ix- 'X Q ii. .W K ix ,L Q 3 .t i Brad john Sherrie Iones Vickie Iohnson Susan Kenney Rod Jolley Cathy King RaNae Kitchen Dean Kleinman Tommy Kummer Susan Larson 6 3 we .gf n 5 47"- Ioyce Larsen Dan Lewis Joel Leitner Ruth Linclow -'ras if 'U f g L U 1..: qbg X M-r .pk YT' 'X McDaniel McMullen Mark Long Kurt Manning Cheryl Louder Iullee Matthews Jerry Lund Iim Maxwell Lonny Lundin Teresa May Annette and Vard find time to converse in the halls. 'Y 7-f iQ ffflh lean McTague lone McTague Craig Mecham Dan Mecham Shirley Mecham lames Memmott Tony Meryhew Annette Miller Mr. Knight, like many other teachers, finds time to help individual students. S. 1 l L 5 .tx ,, t. X ' 3 A 1' 3 I. gen t o 1' ,lt l Nancy Miller Susan MUfd0Ck Bob Nilsson Cindy Morse Brad MVT'-IP Debbie Nielson Randy Mott R0l-Wffa Noyes Greg Nash Qf ii -- l-- Marc Parduhn Ianet Parker LeAnn Parker NaDeane Parker Q Sue Pate Lori Peterson Vard Pulley lay Rhodes Blaine Patterson Susan Pittman Scott Rees Anne Richards Dan Peck MeriLu Preston Dennis Reimschiissel Brook Richan Rebecca Peters Scott Proctor Iames Reimschiissel Debra Richan ,funirfr Wm' hflzusizzsfir David Richins Mike Ritcha Larena Roach Iay Robinson ml' LA- Marilyn Robinson Martha Robinson Lilli Rowe Richard Saunders Mary Ann Searle Sally Sisson Iohn Sellars Craig Smith Mlke Shelley Debra Smith Larry Singleton Dennis Smith wi' . 173 5 Xb 54 k R XS f we - T 521 ' . 5 bln 7, in 1 o Sz i N . K gX?: Y il ' '-,. , . 'iff X . XS Mark Smith Rebecca Smith Connie Sorenson David Spainhower 135 s tag ' S 5 MW "WWII Y' 1 W 3 kqh P is K M t KA T if fir - ii Y V .Q E W:'J3"' ww...- ev'- NK' Alan Spencer Richard Strain Charlette Spencer Carla Stratton Larry Stagg Lynn Street Kevin Stonebraker Kendall Strong Ray Strong Bernell Taylor Karen Taylor LaVon Terry 40' 49, ei, Kim Turner Sandra Turner Mike Tripp Brad Vest Bruce Trexler Susan Terry Sandra Tolman We Arc' U15 Q mf, x .C is-Q-t QS , an K J, ::-1 9 4 D I' I , , lt - QR ' KT' I 2 Q J Q D, bzbz ""' ww l X 5 ta R r gg V Q N in If 'x zlf ' David Walker N Ricky Warenski Randy Watson Kathy Whiteman Larry Walker Kent Wamick Daniel Wayne Ed Wycherley Linda Walker Mason Wamick David Webb Danny Wight Rita Waller Gary Watkins Jeff Webster Stan Wiscombe frilly fzzuiv 5 Kathy Workman Ricky Workman Marilyn Wright Stephen Zimmerman Ieryl Abel Craig Adams I'Lene Adams Christine Allen Bobby Anderson David Anderson Ianeen Anderson Iulie Anderson Kathy Anderson Ronny Anderson David Andrews Paul Aston Kelly Austin Svphvmores Had Sp 'r 'I ' ' 3,- ll' l 1' Q, , fi? .f M .- '- . WNW? SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS-Front row left to rzght Cheryl Chesnut, Secretaryg Stephen Rushton, Vice-President Buck row Gary Doyle, Presidentg Roanna Roundy, Program Chairman vw, -QW! .ping Q. Q 5 I ,Ji , 5 Chadette Bailey Keith Bair Susan Bair Floyd Baldwin Grant Bangerter Randy Barratt Rebecca Barratt Deri Beck IaNae Beck Kim Beck Bessie Begay Elsie Begay Vicky Bills Rebecca Binnall Renae Bird Daniel Bishop Gayle Bishop Susan Black Randy Blackburn Scott Blackburn lames Boren Debra Bowen Daniel Bradshaw Paul Brady Qu., E!" K - , . 5 , M Q, . c , B 5 mil f A f W N S We came from the Iunior High, young, energetic, hoping to learn a lot of new things and to become a part ofAmerican Fork High School. Compared to the Iuniors and Seniors, we look small, but we hope to become like them. We took part in school clubs, activities, sports and assemblies. We elected a great set of class officers who presented a fantastic Sophomore Slide with the theme of "Hello, It's Me." We also helped arouse spirit and enthu- siasm at pep assemblies and sports events. We have had a fun and successful year and we are looking forward to our year as Juniors. Meg Griffiths Sophomore Class Editor 139 Scott Brady Gary Brems Gail Brierly Bobby Brooks Karla Bryant Iody Buckner Roseanne Buhler Kevin Bullock Iolene Burgess Kevin Burningham Donna Cardon Scott Carlisle Dan Chamberlain Cheryl Chesnut Ioe Chipman Kerry Chipman Gavin Christen Patty Christiansen Debra Clements Keven Clements Phillip Collins Virgie Coochyumptewa Sapho mas' Were , C . S W at ' he ed G i M c'ii it Q Q f t ime C i . SWB 'sv - -I Cathy cook fg : fl W Alan Cooper Ralph Comell 140, if at X if it ""Q1TT5 Diligmf Wrfrk er Roger Cornell Mark Crawford Doris Crookston Pat Davis Ted Davis Iens Day lim Dean Reed Dean Paula Deveraux Heather Devey Shirley Devey Mike Devitt Gary Doyle Kevin Draney Beverly Driggs Barry Durrant Marilee Durrant Sharlene Ellison Gilbert England HyLee Evans Pam Evenson Larry Ezell Mac Faddis Colleen Fagan Ann Fenn ,, is ,. v . . -. 1..Ssf-- My ,,5,,Q..i i.,..5 x 3 s I-3? ta.: at .N ' Q X 'exp Mark Fowler Mark Francom Cody Fraughton Iimmy Fraughton JoAnn Fraughton Clay Gasser Iimmy Goff Glade Gordon Jill Gordon Danny Graff Don Grantham Cathy Gray Kim Greene lanet Greening Roy Greenland vplzzfmvrfs learned Ste hen Fletcher P Kathy Fatheringham Ioel Fillmore ,f 13-4 ,EK l.aVina Gre mountain rn' fu Y David Griffiths Meg Griffiths Mark Hales Iulie Hall Tim Hall LaRie Halley Greg Hampton Glen Hansen Tim Hansen Pam Hanson Ron Harvey Howard Healey Karl Healey Kim Heaton 'url .M K gf-' ' f K Qi ffl K ., , X -W if G e,. HS: ,vm-""53" .5 lla ,e glya i Rf: . Ei " ' K . X 5, X SES 1 f .Q J 1 ,A ?P gr' V ' f .fx ea e wwf. K Xian jk- 'S if ,flu . , Nix f':3"-3:5 ,W NN- A. x i, K if , his ff X iii P A G. . ' 5 ' X eeza if R ' ' ,ii A i me : . - . " Qi .. i it-" X 'li ' U 3: K 3:2552 .i,1-- S kg I .. +91 , Q f X 55 X f X ll 3 f se fi XS Merrilyn Hellewell Lynn Hight Mike Hindley Pam Holindrake Eddie Howell mi l I if may Cynthia Howland H. A . , Valerie Hunter I z A Danny Hutchinson ' 'U' Donna Hymes - . Cydne Ince IV'-"X Bonnie Ingram Steven Iverson U , Raymond Ivins X Shellie Iacobs ""'4 David Iensen - ff I Kent Iohnson 4 I ' Nila Iohnson .7 if 5 I X 'FSS at L Ngmrxkg- Q 9 I A5 75. M Ierry Iones Caylene Kaneko rw- Tom Karren Debra Keller 144 R' I fi ivy, I X ,B ya an ,f I sit? ,tt X3 Q11 Q NN I NI QW? Wm 'V it k 9 Y. flliixx rr T if I-. X N 5 .. ,, x K fl' 'X -fe i E F 2 SSP' if? X R ii li Q Y S ' " A if Q,-. -.fffaifi ,gt if 5, Q v it Q- K sf! I tu, 4 sf l CU" x r S -ff, ',. ', -N-mf K tal Sue Kelly Boyd Kitchen Kenneth Larsen Moma Larsen Kaelynn Larson Karen Larson Doug Laycock Karren Levie Kent Levie David Lewis lim Lindow Patricia Luttmer Gary Maddox Dixie Magleby Sherlin Manning sa 1 X X I K L xl it - f rflffm 'Nix ,. . L, gy' 3 ergs Q. 4. -lg -,5171-1, - 2 4 ag-Dfw A . .a-vflffa l 0 Q I K -.S in-Q I 5 Q Ei - K si 1 5' ' 1 r Q 3 1 .s K - xx is X As: f Qs. 435 X is lg' A ii NX Brent McDaniel Caren McDaniel Susan McDonald Mary Sue McMillan lono Mason George Mayne ki! N , ii M 45 ,X X Q5 L P c 9 0 ' '- Has - as K 4 ss 4 is il ,-,.. , EEL as 3 SX ' 1 X . 12 i E ' eq l g E-'Tai A fc:-"' j' Wim yn.. j Q M-as E1 1 2 L I i Sa fy 0 Q eb' 5 N "W fn 145 Gene Meeks Donald Meryhew Mardene Millward Brad Morris Iay Murdock Stephen Murdock Miriam Nash Sheila Niel Richard Nell Ann Nelson Chris Nicholes Sandy Nicholes Marvin Pack Barbara Parker Iulie Pate Denise Peterson Gary Phillips Carol Pierce Cindy Pinkerton Tina Powell Tom Priday Allen Pulley Lynn Reese Mark Reimschiissel Ianet Richan 146 Renee Richards Carolyn Riebeck Carrie Roberts Melanie Robertson Brad Robinson Claire Robinson Robbie Robinson Teri Ross lill Roundy Roanna Roundy Steve Rushton Paul Sagers Brad Schear Brent Schear Kim Schultz Kevin Shafter Christine Shelley Diane Shelley Harold Shelley lane Shelley Jocelyn Shelley Ilene Shepherd Deborah Sherwood Craig Shields Kenny Shortt sw? . 'E S X -QT ,N 4' in --Y 'Q A , ' K . 5. ek W ,No 41: . f ! ff Q K Q, .::.:' F E- iff i. S I Ei? 1 Were Energetic N A' M5 i QA ,,. W... .Q in ge Z SX ,R C x 3 A 14.K 73 1 i rig, 'wx -v3.7 Stix 'lla f KA -1 ., Q' fx I Glenda Thurston 4 "gulf ' I it if X G we vit is x 3 ii' Y ..., Qi dx ,.... . W! in ' N 5? ' -Ti if . K - ,eff W.. ES ! M ff., vw M 5 f K X K' .3 E ,W 5 Q Q iz .av ,X . 'Tu+"", F 1 .. l x - . t X fl? if K . M X Z ' "' T ' 5 sf v ass al- - . ft- V g is K X EM X ... . ., 3 Q5 3, x , ,. si Kevin Slater Christine Smith Harold Smith Dane Spencer Mark Steele Anita Steiner Terry Stowe Max Strasburg Melba Strasburg Robbie Strasburg Sheri Strasburg Debra Strong Mark Sykes Sandra Sumsion Christine Terry Ianet Thomas ,lames Thompson Mitchell Thom son P Mike Thomton Nora Kay Thomton 'S Vickie Tucker Becky Tumer Lora Tumer Ion Vamey Royce Veater Kathleen Wagstaff Kristine Walker Gisele Walters Robbie Walton Bonnie Wanlass Mike West Wayne Wetzel Wesley Whitby LeAnn Wilkinson Charlotte Wimmer Craig Wing Wendy Withers Laurie Wood Elizabeth Wright Grant Young it Q. In Wlemzfriam In all things there is beauty. The beauty of Sorrow is Ioy, The beauty of Dark is Light. And so it is That the beauty of death is Birth. . -Beth Evans J 1 1 1 fader 100,108 SENIORS Abbott. Shirley 108 Adams, Cindy 108 Adams, John B. 106, 108 Adams, Jon 108 Adamson, Kendall 24, 72, 108 Adamson, Loraine 62, 63, 72, 75, Adamson, Richard 105,108 Adamson, Scott 108 Alexander, Allen 34, 70, 90, 92, 93, 105, 109 Allgood, Kim 73,109 Anderson, Cathy 109 Anderson, Gilbert 34, 60, 70,109 Anderson, Val 109 Andrews, Susan 64, 109 Aston, Michael 109 Ault, Steven 59, 109 Bahr, Don 109 Bair, Marlene 18, 54, 55, 62, 64, 72, 101, 109 Barney, RaNae 31, 109 Barratt, Mary Jo 93, 94, 109 Bateman, Bradley 58, 72,109 Bateman, Marianne 109 Bean, Bruce 23,109 Beck, Jay L. 55, 72, 74, 75, 102, 105, 109 Beck, Ken L. 60, 110 Beer, Jillene 64,105,110 Begay, Anna 51,68, 110 Beighley, Vickie 24,94,104,110 Bileen, Lorraine 61, 110 Bills, Jim 90, 92, 98,110 Bishop, Laurie Jo 110 Blaney, Raymond 110 Block, Bruce 70, 73 ,75, 110 Blood, Maurine l8,57,101, 110 Boren, Janeen 64, 110 Bowen, Bruce 35, 62, 92,103,108, 110 ' Bowers, Rex 110 Bowman, Goldie 110 Briggs, Mike 110 Brown, Dixie 101,110 Brown, Don 24, 70,110 Brown, Gaylen 110 Buckner, Kerry 54, 61, 64,110 Buckner, Kim 110 Buhler, Blake 35, 55, 70, 104, 11 l Burch, Nancy 22, 62, 63, 67,111 Butler, Kristine 111 Burns, Bobbie Jo 24, 57,111 Carroll, Kate 18, 62, 66, 68, 101, Christensen 102, 105, 111 Chadwick, Carol 111 Chamberlain, Kent 111 Chesnut, Craig 50, 70, 111 Chipman, Valerie 64, 72, 105, 111 Christensen, Gary 55, 105, 111 Christensen, Lane 92, 111 Christensen, Marvin 111 Christensen Nyla 60, 112 Patty 112 Shelley, Christine 58, 121 Davies, Brent 113 Clark, Marla 105,112 Clements, Blaine 105, 112 Clements, Mike 112 Cobbley. Robin 72,105,112 Coddington, Ray 34, 35, 59, 70,112 Coleman, Ronald 105,106,112 Colgrove, Roxene 72,112 Collins, Bradley 18, 24, 54, 63, 74, 75, 112 Conder, Monte 35, 112 Cook, Dennis 74, 112 Cook, Sherrie 105,112 Coombs, David 112 Cooper, Peggy 100, 113 Cornell, Jared 55, 104, 105, 106, 113 Davis, A1'lin 60 Davis, Jane 14,63,69, 92,113 Davis, Jean 113 Depew, LeeAnn 18, 24, 54, 64. 72, 113 Devey, Kevin 73 Devey, Sherry 73,113 Ditlevsen, Max 23, 101, 113 Dixon, Herman 113 Duncan, Wendy 22, 61 , 66, 93,113 Durrant, Kevin 113 Durrant, Pamela 24, 66, 73, 101, 113 Durrant, Shauna 64, 113 Edwards, Steve 60, 113 Edwards, Pamela 54, 113 Elton, Dennis 104, 113 Fackrell, Leonard 113 Faddis, Carolyn 64,113 Ferguson, Randy 24,34, 72,113 Fowler, Steven 55, 69, 92, 114 Fugal, Chris 114 Gardner, D. R. 55, 62, 97, 99,100, 102, 114 Gauger, Linda 18, 24, 55, 62, 72, 91 , 92,101,114 Goggins, Carla 72,114 Goodliffe, Angie 24, 72, 92, 93,114 Grace, Robert 69,114 Grant, Kim 55,114 Green, Connie 60, 107, 114 Greenland, Janice 54, 64, 114 Greenwood, Dalyn 73, 104, 105, 106, 114 Greenwood, Glenda 24, 72,941,114 Greymountain, Lena 60, 1 14 Griffin, Roylen 18, 20, 54, 60.114 Grindstaff, Barbara 18, 54, 72, 114 Gunther, Debbie 54, 62, 63, 101, 114 Hall, Becky 114 Hall, Dennis 24, 72, 74,114 Hall, Linda 18, 63, 75, 102,108,114 Hall, Nancy 105,106,114 Halley, Shelly 69, 92, 115 Hampton, Alan 115 Hampton, Scott 115 Hancock, Francine 105,115 Hansen, Delores 105,115 Hansen, Lois 73,115 Harper, Carl 55,62, 99, 104, 105, 115 Hayes, Darrell 104,115 Heaps, Adin 58,115 Heiner, John 24, 55, 73, 115 Herrera, Ross 60, 73, 115 Hicks, Kris Ann 115 Holindrake, David 62, 69, 100, 115 Holmstead, Jan 24, 72, 92, 94,115 Houston, Dain 115 Houston, Klein 69,115 Howes, Curt 50, 55, 70,116 Huggard, Shelley 116 1-lumes, Jeanette 73, 116 Hutchinson, DiAnn 57, 116 Hyde, Loren 116 lnce, Janea 72,116 Jacobs, Clyde 116 Jensen, Barbara 62, 67, 116 Johnson, Gwenn 55, 61, 62, 91, 92, 101,l03, 105,116 Johnson, Kathryn 116 Jones, Kathy 116 Jonsson, Connie 116 Jonsson, Jon 59, 116 Jorgensen, Steven 24, 60, 69, 92, 116 Kanno, Mike 59, 70, 116 Karren, Mark 24, 55, 70, 99, 116 Kasper, Larry 18, 20, 60, 105,116 Kay, Preston 116 Kerr, Debbie 74,116 King, Craig 50, 55, 62, 63, 69, 93, 99, 100,108,116 Kirkpatrick, Robert 18, 20, 24, 72, 117 Kitchen, Paul 35, 59, 70,117 Lambert, John 55, 62, 69, 99,117 Lamoreaux, Pamela 24, 64, 72, 105, 117 Laursen, David 73,117 Lewis, Connie 56, 66,105,117 Liebelt, Hedy 58, 117 Lowe, Ben 117 Luttmer, Jewel 117 Maddox, Judy 57, 72, 117 Magleby, Kirk 34, 55, 62, 92, 97, 99,100,l02,103,117 Manning, Marlowe 117 Manning, Maiy 18,117 Maroon, Trudy 51. 54, 57, 66, 68, 117 Marshall, Lane 117 Matthews, Glenn 70, 117 Maxwell, Ray 34, 69, 70,105,118 May, Lawrence 118 Mayne, Kathleen 99,105,108,l18 Mayne, Kenneth 60 McDaniel, Bruce 62, 101,118 McDaniel, Kirk 24, 34,712,118 McKinney, Patty 62, 63, 66, 101,118 Mecham Pats 24 60 118 Spencer. JaNene 61, 64, 69, 101, 102, 122 Strasburg, Louis 34, 35, 69, 105, 122 Strong, Gordon 122 Sykes, Patricia 54,62.100, 103, 105, 122 Taylor, Jane 55, 61, 62, 69, 91, 92, 99, 100, 103, 105, 122 Terry, Annette 56, 60, 105, 122 Terry, Paul 55, 62, 69, 92, 93, 97, 99,100,102,104,l22 Thompson, Mark 122 Thornton, Ronald 24, 72, 122 Turner, Jan 56, 122 Turner, Kim 92,122 Varney, Jerry 24, 25, 70, 92, 93, 100, 122 Vasey, Jann 24, 72,122 1 - Y - 1 Miller, Biyan 69, 70, 92,118 Miller, Mauiy 55,118 Mills, Loretta 51, 57,66, 68,118 Mitchell, Leland 118 Molyneaux, Barbara 64, 72, 118 Morlock, Beverly 61, 62, 63, 92,100, 106, 118 Murdock, Debra 72,118 Murdock, Marsha 67, 118 Myrup, Terry 105,118 Nash, Richard 69, 92,119 Neil, Billy 73,119 Neil, Julia 105,119 Neil, Mike 119 Nelson, Frank 119 Nelson, Kenneth 119 Nielson Che l 18 24 72 105 ll9 Veater, Gaylan 34, 122 Walker, Jamie 73, 122 Walker, Mark 24, 34, 62, 63, 72,' 122 Waller, Russell 59 Warenski, Vicki 24, 73, 122 Webb, Carol 105, 123 Whitby, Laura 61, 100, 107, 123 Wild, Farrin 123 Wilkin, Brad 73, 123 Wilkinson, Larry 123 Williams, Alice May 72,105,123 Wilson, Doug 34, 54, 70,123 Wimmer, Calvin 34, 70,123 Withers, Guy 105, 123 Wolf, Sheldon 123 1 YY 1 1 1 1 Nielson, Duane 105,119 Nielson, Steven 60, 1 Ohran, Brad 60, 119 19 Olson, David 34,59,92,119 Ostergaard, Karie 73, 105, 119 Otterson, Gary 119 Pace, Kevin 69,105,119 Parker, Dennis 35, 70, 119 Parker, Patrecia 57, 58, 101,119 Yocum, Wayne 123 Young, Keith 123 Zimmerman, Jon 123 JUNIORS Adams, Ilene 51,62,68,124 Adams, LaCinda 124 Adams, Verna 73, 124 Penrod, Danny 104, 119 Phillips, Elaine 119 Pierce, Kenneth 119 Pratt, Lorena 24, 57, 67, 105,119 Pulley, Helen 57, 61, 62, 101, 120 Pulley, LaNan 54, 105, 120 Read, Nallene 18, 72, 105, 120 Reese, Ann 61, 69,100,120 Rhodes, Julie Ann 57, 58,105, 120 Richards, Doug 34, 70, 120 Rinehart, Claire 62, 63,75,120 Robertson, Mary Ann 67, 72, 101, 120 Robinson, Doug 60, 120 Robinson, Jill 18, 20, 54, 55, 58, 99, 100, 102, 120 Robinson, Terri 61, 62, 63, 105, 120 Rogers, Barbara 120 Rogers, Mickey 35, 120 Russon, Greg 120 Sabey, Dean 35, 63, 70, 121 Sagers, Brooke 72, 121 Sagers, John 62, 63, 74, 75, 92,121 Sargent, Vicklund 34, 70 Savage, Shannon 25, 55, 62, 72, 97, Adamson, Joel 63, 92, 124 Adamson, Allen, 1111 Racheiie 72, 92, 124 ly 35, 50, 70, 124 Allred, Pat 64, 124 Allridge, Denise 22, 55, 67, 68, 124 Alldredge, Adrian 35,124 Anderson, Garth 124 Anderson, Janet 28, 67, 125 Anderson, Kristine 22, 55, 67, 124 Anderson, Marcia Sl, 68, '125 Anderson, Randy 59, 125 Archuleta, Irene 73, 125 Anderson, Michael 125 Bailey, Dorian 51, 67, 68 Bair, Colleen 75, 125 Baker, Blair 35, 125 Baldwin, Bob 35, 55, 70, 125 Bangerter, Julie 58, 72, 125 Barber, Sue 125 Barker, Janell 20, 54, 58, 62, 104, 125 Beal, Jennie 54, 55, 125 Beck, Gay 64, 92,125 99, 101,102,121 Saxton, Peggy 57, 73,121 Seals, Kent 121 Searle, Lee 59,121 Shelby, Brent 24, 55, 69, 91, 92, 99, 121 Shelley, Royce 62, 101, 102,l Sherwood, Dan 60, 105,121 Shorrt, Ann 62,121 Sisson, Jay 121 Slater, Ann 51, 60, 68,121 Smith, Smith, Smith, 121 Arlene 24, 31, 94,121 Jan 62, 63,100,121 Merrill 18, 20, 54, 61, Sorenson, Ferril 62, 70, 121 03,121 63,75, Beck, Laralee 51, 58, 62, 66,68 Sorenson, Pam 105 Sorenson, Ray 121 Spafford, Ryan 18, 20, 60, 121 96, 125 Bell, Bonnie 125 Belmont, Liza 55, 106, 125 Bennett, Doug 125 Bennett, Jay 125 Bennett, Lynn 59 Bennett, Roger 47, 70 Bezzant, Janet 73, 125 Biggins, Marian 55, 63, 92, 98, 104 126 Kim 126 Billings, Bird, Marty 126 Black, Jill 55,67, 126 Blackwell, Boyd 126 Boren, Dale 126 Bowers, Rick 126 Brady, Sylvia 51,68, 126 Bresee, Kent 104, 126 Briggs, David 126 151 vlyrup, Broadbent, Craig 34, 47, 70, 126 Brown, Erin 126 Brown, Alan 126 Buhler, Cathleen 63, 126 Burningham, Sherie 54, 126 Burch, Curtis 126 Carlson, joAnn 126 Carroll, Karen 51, 67,68, 92,126 Carson, Donna 127 Chadwick, Daleasa 127 Chadwick, Fred 59, 127 Chadwick, Irene 68, 127 Chidester, Dale 35, 47, 70, 127 Christensen, Kerry 23, 70, 127 Christensen, Pam 72, 127 Christofferson, Dawn 127 Clark, Carolyn 73, 127 Collins, Suzanne 127 Conner, Randy 73 Coochise, Verlinda 127 Cook, Kim 59, 127 Cook, Neil 47, 70, 127 Cook, Sherwood 62, 127 Coombs, Carlin 58, 66, 127 Cooper, Verna 72, 127 Cormani, Robert 127 Crawford, Glen 35, 47, 127 Croft, Ellen 64, 127 Croft, Terry 127 Davis, Debbie 128 Day, joy 51, 62,68, 128 Dean, Steven 30, 35, 70, 72, 128 Despain, joel 128 Deveraux, Mike 128 Deveraux, Scott 55, 99, 128 Devey, Duane 128 A DeYoung, joan 51, 55, 68,128 Durfey, David 34, 70, 92, 128 Durrant, jolene 55, 58, 62, 63, 67, 99, 128 Eastman, Kelly 59, 128 Edwards, Dineen 128 Elmer, Cindy 128 Evans, Beth 105, 128 Evensen, Carol Ann 73, 75, 128 Ezell, Diane 128 Ferguson, Cindy 54,'72, 128 Fitzgerald, Marilyn 128 Fox, Kim 35, 47, 70, 92,128 Frandsen, George 55, 75, 92, 128 Fraughton, Mike 129 Fugal, Sherrie 51, 68, 72, 129 Gardner, Vaughn 73 Garrett, Lewis 129 Gaster, Tammy 73, 129 Gates, Kay 129 Goodsell, janet 55, 72, 124, 129 Goodsell, Ginnie 55,68, 129 Goodwin, Vonda 129 Gray, Gary 34, 70, 92,129 Gray, Martell 34, 47, 59, l29 Greenland, Peggy 129 Greenland, Richard 35, 70, 96, 129 Greenwood, Richard 47, 69, 129 Griffiths, Floyd 47, 74, 129 Grindstaff, Alan 129 Grindstaff, David 47, 129 Guymon, Layna 66, 129 Hadlock, joye Gaye 22,66, 129 Hall, Phillip 58, 73,129 Hall, Tahnia 130 Halstrom, Brent 129 Hamnctt, LuAnn 92, 130 Hansen, Colleen 31, 55, 130 Hansen, Elizabeth 51 , 58, 67, 68, 72, 130 Hansen, Gene 130 Hansen, Steven 130 Harvey, Debra 58, 62, 67, 106, 130 Harvey, Diane 58, 62, 67, 104, 130 Harward, Annette 130 Healey, Alese 130 Heaps, joseph 58, 130 Hegerhorst, Mark 34, 47, 59, 130 Heinz, jeff 130 l-lolmstead, Lori 72, 94, 130 Howell, jan 105, 130 Howell, Kim 130 Howland, Mike 131 Huggard, jim 55, 131 Humphries, Pat 131 Hunter, Rickie 131 Hunter, Tom 131 Hutchings, Cindy 131 jensen, Roy 18, 20,124,131 jeppson, joAnn 64, 68, 72, 131 john, Brad 131 johnson, Vickie 131 jolley, Rod 131 jones, Sherrie 131 Kenney, Susan 72, 131 King, Cathryn 55, 64, 68, 99, 131 Kitchen, RaNae 73,131 Kleinman, Dean 131 Kummer, Tommy 131 Larsen, joyce 54, 132 Larson, Susan 51, 62,66, 68, 74, 131 Leitner, joel 132 Lewis, Dan 132 Lindow, Ruth 132 Lloyd, Ricky 132 Louder, Cheryl 72,132 Lund, jerry 132 Lundin, Lonny 47, 58, 132 Manning, Kurt 132 Meanning, Milton 55 Matthews, jullee 55, 66, 96,132 Maxwell, jim 132 May, Teresa 51,618,132 McDaniel, jolene 72, 132 McFarlane, Clarke 132 McMillan, Kim 132 McTague, Colleen 54, 55, 58, 62, 63, 99,124,132 McTague, jean 66,133 McTague, jone 66, 133 I F H Ritcha, Mike 34, 55,135 Roach, LaRena 135 Robinson, jay 59, 135 Robinson, Marilyn 66, 135 Robinson, Martha 67, 135 Rowe, Lilli 66, 135 Saunders, Richard 72, 135 Searle, Mary Ann 73, 135 Sellers, john 135 Shelley, Mike 35, 55, 70, 135 Singleton, Larry 69, 135 Sisson, Sally 72, 107, 135 Smith, Craig 135 Smith, Debra 135 Smith, Dennis 135 Smith, Mark 135 Mecham, Craig 133 Mecham, Dan 133 Mecham, Shirley 133 Memmott, james 133 Meryhew, Tony 73, 104, l33 Vliller, Annette 58,62,67, 133 Miller, Nancy 133 vlorse C thia 133 .1 yn Vlott, Randy 70, 133 Vlurdoch, Susan 133 Brad 133 Smith, Rebecca 22, 58, 66, 75, 135 Spainhower, David 34, 55, 70, 135 Spencer, Alan 55, 58, 62, 63, 92, 96, 136 Sorenson, Connie 22, 66, 74, 135 Spencer, Charlette 55, 66, 136 Stagg, Larry 136 Stonebraker, Keven 69, 136 Strain, Richard 136 Stratton, Carla 136 Vlyrup, Lorry 54, 55, 56 Nlash, Greg 73, 133 Nlielson, Debbie 67, 133 Noyes, Roberta 133 Parduhn, Marc 134 Parker, janet 67,134 Parker, LeAnn 64, 104,134 Parker, NaDeane 51, 68, 74, 134 Pate, Sue 73, 134 Patterson, Blaine 134 Peck, Dan 134 Peters, Rebecca 134 Peterson, Lori 55, 66, 72, 134 Pittman, Susan 134 Powell, Kim Preston, MeriLu 55, 66, 134 Proctor, Scott 59, 134 Pulley, Vard 35, 70,134 Rasmussen, Kenneth 72 Street, Lynn 107,136 Strong, Kendall 47, 59, 136 Strong, Ray 104,136 Taylor. Bernell 47, 55, 136 Taylor, Karen 136 Terry, LaVon 63, 66, 74, 136 Terry, Susan 54, 136 Tolman, Sandra 63, 66, 136 Trexler, Bruce 136 TriPP, Mike 136 Turner, Turner, Kim 136 Sandra 136 Vest, Brad 136 Wagner, Carlene 72, 136 Walker, David 137 Walker, Larry 137 Walker, Linda 137 Waller, Rita 137 Warenski, Rick 73,137 Rees, Scott 74, 134 Reimschiissel, Dennis 47, 134 Reimschiissel, james 63, 134 Rhodes, jay 55, 56, 134 Rhodes, Ann 134 Richan, Brook 63, 74, 75, 134 Richan, Debra 134 Richins, David 135 Richards, Anne 58, 61,63 Warnick, Kent 69, 72, 92, 124, 137 Warnick, Mason 137 Watkins, Gary 35, 70, 137 Watson, Randy 137 Wayne, Daniel 137 Webb, David 137 Webster, jeff 70, 137 Whiteman, Kathy 96, 104, 137 Wight, Danny 137 Wiscombe, Stan 18, 34, 70, 72, 137 Workman, Kathy 137 Workman, Rick 137 Wright, Marilyn 58, 62, 66,137 Wycherley, Ed 137 SOPHOMORES Abel, jeryl 73, 74, 138 Adams, Craig 39, 63, 69,138 Adams, j'Lene 138 Allen, Christine 138 Anderson, Carolyn 73 Anderson, David 138 Anderson, janeen Anderson, julie 138 Anderson, Kathy 138 Anderson, Ronald 59, 138 Andrews, David 138 Aston, Paul 138 Austin, Kelly 138 Bailey, Chaddette 139 Bair, Keith 139 Bair, Susan 139 Baldwin, Floyd 139 Bangerter, Grant 74, 75, 139 Barratt, Randy 39, 44, 139 Barratt, Rebecca 51, 68, 139 Bateman, Phyllis 73 Beck, Deri 139 Beck, jaNae 74, 139 Beck, Kim 139 Begay, Bessie 139 Begay, Elsie 139 Bills, Vickie 139 Binnall, Rebecca 139 Bird, RaNae 139 Bishop, Daniel 18,54, 139 Bishop, Gayle 51, 56, 68,139 Black, Susan 69, 139 Blackburn, Randy 18, 139 Blackburn, Scott 139 Boren, James 75, 139 Bowen, Debra 139 Bradshaw, Daniel 139 Brady, Paul 34, 47, 74, 75, 139 Brady, Scot 63,69, 140 Brems, Gary 58, 140 Brierly, Gail 58, 140 Brooks, Robert 18, 140 Bryant, Karla 140 Buckner, Jody 58, 140 Buhler, Rosanne 51, 68, 140 Bullock, Kevin 39, 140 Burgess, Jolene 140 Burningham, Kevin 59, 140 Cardon, Donna 73, 140 Carlisle, Scott 140 Carroll, LaMar 44, 50 Chamberlain, Dan 140 Chesnut, Cheryl 92, 138, 140 Chipman, Joe 140 Chipman, Kerry 75, 140 Christen, Gavin 39, 140 Christiansen, Patty 140 Clements, Debra 140 Clements, Keven 140 Collins, Phillip 140 Coochyumptewa, Virgie 51, 68, 140 Cook, Kathleen 140 Cooper, Alan 39, 44, 140 Cornell, Ralph 140 Cornell, Roger 141 Crawford, Mark 39, 47, 75, 141 Crookston, Doris 73, 141 Davis, Pat 73, 141 Davis, Ted 39, 63, 69,141 Day, Jens 141 Dean, James 39, 44, 74, 141 Dean, Reed 141 Depew, Laurie 18 Deveraux, Paula 73, 141 Devey, Heather 74, 141 Devey, Shirley 74, 141 Devitt, Mike 141 Doyle, Gary 44, 92, 138, 141 Draney, Kevin 141 Driggs, Beverly 141 Durrant, Barry 44, 141 Durrant, Marilee 141 Ellison, Sharlene 141 England, Gilbert 141 Evans, Hy Lee 39, 47, 141 Evensen, Pamela 74, 141 Ezell, Larry 141 Faddis, Mack 141 Fagan, Colleen 141 Fatheringham, Kathy 142 Fenn, Ann 141 Fillmore, Joel 142 Fletcher, Steve 142 Fowler, Mark 39, 142 Francom, Mark 142 Fraughton, Cody 39, 47, 142 Fraughton, Jim 142 Fraughton, Jody 142 Gasser, Clay 142 Goff, Jimmy 74,142 Gordon, Glade 142 Gordon, Jill 54,142 Graff, Danny 142 Grantham, Don 142 Gray, Cathy 142 Greene, Kim 142 Greening, Janet 73, 142 Greenland, Roy 39, 63, 142 Greymountain, LaVina 56, 143 Griffiths, David 47, 74, 143 Griffiths, Meg 107, 143 Hales, Mark 39, 44, 143 Hall, Julie 73, 143 Hall, Tim 39, 44, 143 Halley, LaRie 143 Hampton, Greg 58, 143 Hansen, Glen 143 Hansen, Tim 143 Hanson, Pam 143 Harvey, Ron 69, 143 Healey, Howard 143 Healey, Karl 143 Heaton, Kim 143 q Hellewell, Merrilyn 68, 144 Herrera, Tom 73 Hight, Lynn 144 Hindley, Mike 144 Holindrake, Pam 56, 92, 144 Howell, Edmund 39, 144 Howland, Cynthia 144 Hunter, Valerie 144 Hutchinson, Dan 144 Hymes, Donna 144 Ince, Cydne 73, 144 Ingram, Bonnie 144 Iverson, Steven 39, 47, 75, 144 Ivins, Raymond 144 Jacobs, Shellie 92, 144 Jensen, David 144 Johnson, Kent 69, 144 Johnson, Nila 144 Jones, Jerry 144 Kaneko, Gayleen 144 Karren, Tom 39, 44, 144 Keller, Debra 144 Kelly, Sue 5l,68, 145 Kitchen, Boyd 58, 145 Larsen, Ken 145 Larson, Morna 56, 145 I Larson, KayLynn 74, 145 Larson, Karen 69, 145 Laycock, Doug 145 Levie, Karren 145 Levie, Kent 39, 145 Lewis, David 39, 47, 63, 145 Lindow, Jim 145 Luttmer, Patricia 145 Maddox, Gary 73, 145 Magleby, Dixie 54, 58, 145 Manning, Sherlin 39, 44, 63, 145 Mason, Jono 73, 145 V May, Carol 58 Mayne, George 145 McDaniel, Brent 145 McDaniel, Caren 145 McDonald, Susan 145 McMillan, Mary Sue 145 Meeks, Gene 146 Meranda, Cathy 73 Meryhew, Donald 146 Millward, Mardene 54, 146 Morris, Brad 146 Murdock, Jay 39, 74, 75, 146 Murdock, Stephen 146 Nash, Miriam 146 Neil, Sheila 146 Nell, Richard 73, 146 Nelson, Ann 146 Nicholes, Chris 39, 146 Nicholes, Sandy 39, 47, 55, 146 Pack, Marvin 146 Palmer, Mac 74 Parker, Barbara 74, 146 Pate, Julie 73, 146 Peterson, Denise 146 Phillips, Gary 39, 146 Pierce, Carol 146 Pinkerton, Cindy 146 Powell, Christine 146 Priday, Tom 74, 146 Pulley, Allen 63, 146 Reese, Lynn 146 Reimschiissel, Mark 146 Richan, Janet 74, 146 Richards, ReNee 147 Riebeek, Carolyn 147 Roberts, Carrie 147 Robertson, Melanie 147 Robinson, Brad 74, 147 Robinson, Claire 73, 147 Robinson, Robbie 39, 147 Ross, Terri 147 Roundy, Roundy, Jill 147 Roanna 74,138,147 Rushton, Stephen 39, 92, 138, 147 Sagers, Paul 39, 47, 147 Sargent, Mark 73 Schear, Bradley 147 Schear, Brent 147 Schultz, Kim 147 Shafter, Kevin 74, 75, 147 Shelley, Christine 54, 56, 60, 63, 66 147 Shelley, Diane 147 Shelley, Harold 147 Shelley, Jane 54, 147 Shelley, Jocelyn 74, 147 Shepherd, Ilene 63, 74, 147 Sherwood, Deborah 74, 147 Shields, Craig 47, 75, 147 Shortt, Ken 39, 47, 147 Slater, Kevin 148 Smith, Christine 58, 148 Smith, Harold 74, 75, 148 Smith, Jill is Spencer, Dane 55, 69, 148 Steele, Mark 148 Steiner, Anita 74, 148 Stowe, Terry 148 Strasburg, Max 34, 44, 148 Strasburg, Melba 51, 63, 68, 148 Strasburg, Robbie 39, 47, 74, 148 Strasburg, Sherie 73, 148 Strong, Debra 148 Sumsion, Sandra 54, 58, 148 Sykes, Mark 23, 74, 89, 148 Terry, Christine 148 Thomas, Janet 54,158 Thompson, James 148 Thompson, Mitchell 148 Thornton, Mike 148 Thornton, Nora Kay 18, 148 Thurston, Glenda 148 Tucker, Vickie 149 Turner, Becky 149 '1Hirner, Lora 74,149 Varney, Jon 39, 44, 50, 92, 149 Veater, Royce 149 Wagstaff, Kathleen 54, 58, 149 Walker, Kristine 54, 58, 149 Walters, Gisele 149 Walton, Robbie 74, 149 Wanless, Bonnie 149 West, Mike 149 Wetzel, Wayne 149 Whitby, Wesley 39, 47, 149 Wilkinson, LeAnn 73, 149 Wimmer, Charlotte 51, 68, 149 Wing, Craig 39, 44, 149 Withers, Wendy 74, 149 Wood, Laurie 56, 149 Wright, Elizabeth 149 Young, Grant 149 Young, Jack 39, 149 ,, ............-...WM-A . ,M ,. .,,,,.Y .,.,,,..- ,... ,....,,.- .N ..-Q .Awww 1-4 NM,,,:..,,,,,..f-- ,,..-V-....,.v .un fork -ww.. F: sf 1 T., is-ff 't 1 ,lifter alma! ffcfur The ads are examples of all the many business places where after school hours can be spent. The numbers and varieties of merchandise is limitless. Take time out to visit them, enjoy yourself and buy. , -T 155 I K . M 45 is s , ui Q ' wr -A-is we is 9 . 1 NDF' Q if E52- '1 Q 156 Cfhzpmans CHIPMAN'S at 6 West Main in American Fork has merchandise to satisfy all your wants and needs. Whether you're looking for men's or women's fashions, furniture or household appliances, Chipman's is the complete shopping center. is SALT LAKE MUSIC COMPANY at 1343 South Main, has only the best in musical mer- chandise. We carry brand name pianos like, Knabe, Chickering, Steck, Weber, Hardman and VVinter. Select from Bach, Buescher, Olds, Armstrong, Vito and LeBlanc band instruments. We also have Allen Organs and a large selection of sheet music and small goods and accessories. so--.,x "You never grow too old to buy your gems and watches at READ'S IEWELRY 8: GIFT SHOP at 11 West Main in American Fork. Take a tip from an old man like me and stop by for any occasion at any age." .FW Diamonds are truly a girl's best friend at BULLOCK 8: LOSEE on Provo's University Avanue. But don't just dream about diamonds, come in and let us show you our large selection of diamonds, silver, perfumes, watches and gifts. 3 For the latest in fashions, shop AUERBACI-I'S at State and Broadway in Salt Lake City. Our name has become a symbol of courteous service, high quality merchandise, and a pleasant atmosphere for shopping. ORRI-l.ElGH'S at 77 East Main in American Fork, is the number one wig center in north Utah County. We invite you to try on our large assortment of fashionable wigs. Remember you can don a new personality with our wigs. BURGESS MERCANTILE in Alpine, not only beckons friendly citizens from the nearby neighborhood to make a trade, but welcomes you to come in, no matter where you come from. A.: TIMP VALLEY FLORAL at 54 East Main in American Fork can decorate your life with beautiful floral arrangements. Let our flowers, cheer a friend, offer condolences, apologize, congratulate, celebrate special occasions, in fact, for every occasion, send flowers. THE BANK OF AMERICAN FORK at 33 East Main in American Fork is where the money's at-your money. Checking, savings and loans are just a few of the many services the bank offers. Come in for service with a smile. 53.45 LEHI BAKERY at 172. West Main houses the world's finest baked goods. Come in and sample our mouth watering goodies including cakes, pies, doughnuts, breads and rolls. 9 ,flufrey lgrzffhers lncarparafed After seniors graduate, they look back upon gradua- tion night with nostalgia. They realize that this was the tuming point of their lives. Before this time they were happy-go-lucky and care- free members of the school. But after this one night, many of their classmates will never be seen again. Their carefree life is gone and they must make important decisions regarding their futures. It's no wonder that these seniors have such ,fond memories of graduation. After all, this was the last time they were members of their high school. Many of you will graduate soon and we want you to have the best possible memories of graduation. AUTREY BROTHERS INCORPORATED at 4530 South 2995 East in Salt Lake City has caps and gowns to make this oc- casion unforgettable and your memories lasting. We are not only a drug store, but something more. We carry gifts too. So for gifts or medicine, shop at SMITH DRUG COMPANY at 24 West Main in American Fork. 160 9 , l comsssseus 1 CORLEISSEN CAFE at 690 West State Road in Pleasant Grove was tailor made to fit the tastes and appetites of the selective citizens of north Utah County. Come over to JACK Sr JILL BOWLING LANES on East State Road in American Fork and see how fun it is to bea partofthe bowling game, a great American sport. This beautiful girl is rather low on gas! Whether she's right here at home or half way across the country, she swears up and down that she'll walk all the way to GRANTS AMERICAN OIL SERVICE at 77 West Main in American Fork. 161 f C 'I GI 'S i E . y JY? I I n pi Q 1 8 GORDON'S STUDIO at 60 East 3rd North in American Fork is where the finest equipment is used to make your photographs memorable. CONOCO SERVICE STATION at 290 East State Road in American Fork services your car with a friendly smile. Drop by any time for a fill-up or a tune-up. ALPINE PUBLISHING COMPANY at 66 West Main in American Fork is the home of the Citizen, that fine weekly newspaper which goes into the homes of scores of families in north Utah County. BROADBENT'S at 128 North 100 East in Lehi has the widest selection of goods for all your needs and wants. , .-1 I I t, . I - 162 The Hadlocks are proud to welcome you to STAN'S SHOE STORE in American Fork. lt's a fine family store with friendly service and the latest in foot fashions. They also repair your shoes at a low cost with quick and proficient craftsmanship. U-SERVE GAS in American Fork stays open long hours because they like to give their customers a fair chance at American Fork's lowest priced gas. "Bio isfa u-senvs poll.. urs: . . Sli! EIEIIE N News I K, j 1 P XY S , J. HATCH JEWELRY at 33 West Main in American Fork boasts the official school ring of the American Fork High School Cavemen. Come in and try one on, we'll give you a perfect fit. GOODSELUS MARKET at 85 East 400 North in American Fork is the store you've always been look- ing for, with service to please you. tt. L t my 163 Qffadldllncj ' ff-""'Qx,1 TRI-CITY MOTOR COMPANY at 190 East Main in American Fork is the home of the latest Fords. Drive in one of this year's new cars and see for yourself how luxurious a Ford can be, at a low price you wouldn't believe. fy 5' MM ff gf.: NJN! '. K' lg M ,' , A mama rmfifrxf ggyqpggg :- rf .nz an ummm 'mm BULK 'vflltl 'JWVS 91 30' OT Zi!" Vtifrlkl TQ QM iix' The ARCTIC CIRCLE at 496 East State Road in American Fork has remodeled to help serve you more efficiently. Come and try our tummy tempting delights. Remember when you had to use a back breaking wash- board? And you couldn't even get your clothes clean. Well, now it's all changed. At ELLISON CLEANERS at 139 East Main in American Fork we use the most modern equipment to assure quality cleaning. GREENWOOD CARPET at 560 West State Road in American Fork has mountains and mountains of quality carpeting reaching up to their balloon floating in the sky. ERMA'S HOUSE OF BEAUTY at 574 East Main in American Fork is the parlor the ladies go to who want to add a little glamour to their lives. Try us sometime. We'1l give you just the right touch of beauty, a secret only Erma knows. iilllllmlixf q y Q-sagittal! T 11 img! T itllliie ll': T' Eli T Z1 illllaij!r11y11fIl.1i T M- .i i A E g ' "o'i " , -- 'Q' ' ! ,' "' """'-"' " v sway 9 7 East Main - American Fork kwsrrw-f-M--' w EN .f""t."e .h ' " ,Q ' 1-li' M it., K Wi '-I - r- -f . 4 3 fe? nxm'i'n sf.. I. , . , . , I gl N - , 1 ,1' ' " V A ' ' 1 4,4 .M a. :wp -.5 ,- CQMMUNITY Towel' A 5600 No. uNlvERslTY AVE. A I I y PRESS az.-N z f ga... 5 f Paovo, UTAH 84601 553532 U ualiiy Yearbook Q- -. gg ,hw e " Ya' exe- , li. Era as K 1' .N Q? 13 X, 2 Q S gi , yi 051334 M Qing . 1 ' I, wg.. x v M., X 1 I I er Produdion I-IALSTROM MOTORS INCORPORATED AND MARINE at 598 East State Road in American Fork is the home of American Motors: Iavelin, Gremlin and Hornet. We also have Crestliner Boats and Mercury Motors. fa- if-fi.. V. .- ii' -wx s s'te-' f 'i,iS ?jl5igfi5- .-.L.kL I I? 5 I Elf , 5 - -Liv S .'--"t 5 - if I . ti 'irt-srs I I set ff 166 DURFEY DRY CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY at 45 West Main in American Fork is Utah's number one dry cleaner. Bring your clothes in to have that extra special service that we always give. I Do like Kathleen Mayne and stop by THE WIGI-IT Whether you're a ski enthusiast, a big or small game HOUSE at 1East Main in American Fork and look at our hunter, a tall tale fisherman or a weekend camper, shop beautiful clothes. When you gaze into the mirror, you'll at ROBlNSON'S SPORTING GOODS COMPANY at discover how elegant you can look with our fashions. 44 West Main in American Fork. i For the latest in hair styles and all beauty needs come BRADSHAW AUTO PARTS at 67 West Main in to IO'S FASHIONS at 98 West Main in Lehi. American Fork is the king of the underhood. Tell the gang to come on down and get their parts at Bradshaws. The big boss'll be glad you did. 168 T rw GENE HARVEY CHEVRCLET SALES AND SERVICE at 1 West Main in American Fork introduces you to the most handsome car-the Chevrolet, still America's most luxurious low priced car. Sw 5 W 1 3 1 so 2 H, W I QQ Don'tletthecoldgetto you. Let GUNTI-IER COMFORT AIR at 31 North 100 West in American Fork, heat and IVINS' SELF SERVICE AND CAR WASH in American cool your home for year 'round comfort. Fork is a unique business. We are pleased to be the only service station that washes your car and fills your tank. ICI Whether you're looking for a posie for your gal or a beautiful flower arrangement for mom, come to LEHI FLORAL at 235 North lst East. ll PINKERTON MEATS at 34 North Merchant in American Fork is where the chops and steaks taste and smell as delicious as they look. Our slogan is "Serve the customer with nothing less than the very best." 170 QQ l n 2 .. 5 . K. . Y A ls ttf.. 3 . Linda and Angie are delighted with their selections from I. C. PENNEY COMPANY at 42 West Main in American Fork. For the latest in fashions at prices you'll love, shop at Penney's. BELVA'S BEAUTY SALON at 397 North lst East in American Fork was not built to cause envy between twin sisters, but if you look closely at the twin on the right you will see how she longs to look like the twin on the left. Yes, Belva's makes all the difference in the world. . ui- C. L. YOUNG APPLIANCE Sc FURNITURE CO. is the happiest store in town. Everyone who goes there walks out happy because he has bought a brand new sofa, bed, rocker or G. E. appliance. if .. Q3 Mmmmmmmmm, good, Mmmmmmmmm, good. Everybody at HENNY PENNY FRIED CHICKEN at 306 West Main in American Fork is saying Hmmmmmm, good." After the first bite of delicious chicken, you'II be saying it too. .ag V REAM'S FOOD BARGAIN ANNEX on East State Road in American Fork is where a shopper's dream comes true. Compare our low prices and have a -Ream's dream. I7I ,..r.--. . -T.. TT x V2.1 - . Q ,.,,5.,.r, I p MARVIN'S MOTOR PLAZA at 151 East Main is the I place you'll want to get your next car. And you'll want , to keep it gassed up at MARVlN'S 66 SERVICE ,, . STATION at 106 East Main in American Fork. AMERICAN FORK NURSERY at 324 East State Road is a fine place to go for all your gardening needs. Walk through our gardens sometime and see our fine selection of imported shrubs and trees-something to make your garden beautiful. ALLEN'S DRUG 8: FOOD FAIR at 455 East State Road CHRISTENSEINVS DEPARTMENT STORE at 56 W9Sf in American Fork is a smart store for smart shoppers Main in American Fork invites you to drop by and let who Want to buy the best and save. them show you their unlimited selection of shirts, pants, blouses, and many other items. Christensen's prices are low. Shop Christensen's and save. I MARKO AUTO PARTS at 63 East Main in American Fork has parts to fit all cars. Drop in and let us help you with your car's needs. When your needs are financial, see the folks at GROVE FINANCE at 69 East Main in American Fork. For Bunnies-Easter Bunnies that is-or a wide selection of gifts and hardware, shop at SPROUSE REITZ COMPANY at 53 West Main in American Fork. For extra special service, with prescriptions, gifts or emergency items, come to TAYLOR DRUG at 27 East Main in American Fork. 173 ".. 'l 'LI-L 'ln' In 9 I-R 'Q li? 'flu au... 'D My 1- . -' ff -Bu? X., .- -,i-- Q. . .- '..1- 1 gt . X QU.. :yi 'i . - s . ,X . .-.. J X '4 2.if.' -.fe 1 , ' ' .' A , , Y , . R V . P 0 . ' qv 9 1- li.. " N 'G'-k!.v?,,'giC JY' pw ' I., fi. . ,, . N NJ- ., N I . ' lux rx' -E A -- "1 . . nf i , . L . N ..., . I 4 ' .4' H ' . 4 x . 1 ....!1 ., X . - I. .perl ,. .. l 4 h W: I I K ,l ,. . . if -'r fs ix ffllilii. - X 1 0 I: 47. .' V '. "' 45. LN. . x R .,. -xx. .1 -X sq- ' N. -I f - . ,hx L ,LH l . ,ly A I L. fowl. qgixth Jil' HB5 GN. rib ft l - ' 1 f- 1, , .aa N. wa , , 1- - . . f ' . . : w X . I 1' ., . : vfiflf- Q' lin xg 1 Ll' ,fp A '- I ' ' I N-J. ' ', . L I .- .' "3 A . ,f i "Y, .,.f"j'1 .Y'E47i.'. ' 1- "-t-.A 1 'li . U ' 'xl ,, A Q r 1, i.yX- 3 lu x 'f dw . ' 1 ' - ,ws 'z . .i A Y. fxtfl f -Y I: 'if E 1. "" you s was tit Neil. X uit ostopc ol .iu's, i . 'UQ -, tx - x - .ia ki lwoiiist' is high st hool. VNK- tint ' hi: .1 hrivl tlmrcc years 'i 3' . 'Q ' N 'V .mtl during this timc wt- svn' laws, 'l.i' .intl otluwwisc, I ' . 'if lj 6,-, 4. . . . . " . 1 4 ' vi I 7 foining .ll1klt,Z,0lI1g,l.llIgl1lIU1.lI1llKTYIHX,Sl10tlllT1jl .intl whispciv ,Q ' QUJ' s - . , - x - IIHL. lN't' grow to lovt- tht- sthool .intl uvvn nioil' unporhint I. 1 QQ -'. Q . .. , . thu pcoplv in it. - i '- - . , , K "' V . -.5 ' ' lo th.mlx .ill thoat- rvsponsihlc toi' this hook would lu- f , 'J yu, ' ' f impos,s,ihlc, hut l do own' .i hig th.inlxs to my stall, liut most Xi , 4 A Q Q 4 ' important .1 thanks to you tht- stuclf.-nthotly, tor without you K ' 5' this hook would not h.ivc hm-n powsiblt-. N, I So now thc is L-ruling .mtl l .im growing .i hit. rclutf , , - . 1 f to lu.ivc high school .incl my tiivmls. XL-t I .im uigcr to , , nwvt lifos liuturc clmllcngt-s, l thinlx of gratliiation not .is ' A tht- 1-ntl, hut instcacl the beginning. ' , X" ' Bt-vt'i'ly Morloclx liclitor 1970. '71 - 4 3:4-'S . WX W- Qfazfc, 'Z 'Sql ' Qaffw 2, A 263 QW-Q if M y W J M Mk f f ' wgfwiij M JW ,jf M ' .7460 iff , W jim M fbfcw V W3 if fic? Wzjgll? Rf GN' Jw my I 700 QA ALQJ7 x ,007 I Q WM if ww W Wwygww fwksiiwww Ln S625 ,out VQM LDQQVX QK OAOQA .QQ-,QWA Oxvxci ok BRE MQXQQQ . 1. ,- 443 wwgp, QW B0 CLK, L30 W UQ-QSLQ., QAKA7 ogxgfs 0xQ,cm1q vxfgx 'flfxse gYQ,+ QS ox. KOkffQ.C9Q..fl CSR 0 PMQ,vx Ck 1 OQK Qi ASQ Q 5 QI-km Wkg K Q, K0 czfqvwfa ex -QQ1 Gvxclu n h , LO rm QP , w JM . f' WQy , , . 5 3 Vg, ,J W A ' V 'fi aff ' 1ixi Q VW! p Wwggvggyilwi wwf UW V Wi Wpww N A QV as X0 by My '22?4gQ ykgg 5? 35 gif' 5 R 52 g?VaEg?a2fag eg gg ' Qfa ag' Ng kffx XX, EGM? Q x X J HUMHW 9 UWA alum, 2 4 X - .NI TF, ku . V Xx U bw QS AFM pcm 9 QQ vw M f ,Q J C1736 i ob ,J Q U -Q!-1 ,S is aw, CL, x 'f' E , . 7 X 7 .lj ff! . ,f,6,fg,,, My jf? if X 'X pf aff' 7141 4' "Cf: A f 5' Z' AQZTJ -, r. . W Jlffl I wf' bffbs, E Ali! Lif,.Js Lift' "-f r n X fr ,fs K.. I ' iz' fi Q fe WUQ W , fi ' 'V .1 F , ., ,. f' f Q M ,fy J X ,,gjQ.5,5j,.fi,-' ffljwvff J, T ,fix I 5 H " " '-' ' 1"7' V' -' ' 'Wi , Ll F :fs ,iff OJ Ui Q ,M 5 , :W W A M JL 5 w 3,vgj12jS.f' Q A V wi L f' 43. X, . -fa Q "A Q, f . "J b , 9-og-Nga A Q, . r f A-ZZ Sci! -X, J Q . Z M sm M ' R Q: ,TA .M at M xx i L N. WW fflecdaaaij 4, .1 , X. ' ,N vwwiw ' N .,-:fy C W- MJ .J ' 3 ' . ' ' Q1 "', M + .3 Z , Q Fff3""gf'i:Pig ,Ll '- - .5 iff, Nr- ' ' I , VN, M. E Y E M vm,,,Q- ,.-X, , W -Vx--.ri -..Q-fsiexg , Q,,,,j.q ., 3 x b W ,,w,, : ffffwjfwfff 3515? XF! 'haha C55-if 92 C XC? 9? XG C' 53 wf io - Tie 51, Q-P, 63, - J ,Q 'S v f , ,.k -, , .' 5 x. .,-X X -- .Wh '-...Eli X L Q ,xlfl W Xf A , I2 fa f xi. ,-,N gg Q, 5,4 J nl 'ir J ,I ,TNQ 1 ,. - 1 W in- fx , LL, 'N' ,Ef5 Cf f I, 1 , x . , X X .NT XATL, l, V rl :J N ,. N Ab wif, S Q-K Q ' 5 QUQF 'Sf . 5? li? ix!-4 1 Q fy! Q, -it if Xvp A Nw. ff.-7',Zjf' I VKX J, Tyla ax f , fjpf M , My ' X17 'My . V Rf 4 wifi l ? 17 I , 1 Af ' fv A L J wQ KX -25 CI' A X if x mf YJ ld? xy. X5 In J LCV' RQ! ,v 4 X ,V x N4 XNQ S Lx . V KQV X75 Qi KS! fx Rf X 5 , N M Br X' f Nw 3 A 5 ' A N W' L' U .QV L X N X ,! K x, w A J I KJ , TJ 69 F" ' LSP f Q N xx Y NJ 1 X X' 'W J 1

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American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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