American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT)

 - Class of 1958

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American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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f-19,539 V HN 1-Af ' .sw L .f Y I f 'W 2+h ' fM Y Ay !2551h.4'fff! , . . . zI'Z"f,,,,""',,L jf? ?ffM Wwhwp Q W l 52? .fjfbf AMW' 127241 "Ella-v',,6fe,4fw' f' I M mU Ww WMM f ya ww ,fa l?3Sj3:"0 gZ.3fMQ'2?2 zifwwwff 1MMU L WW Aw 4 ,ZLL p,g4,,cJ YAV4 ffm,-QQ' l, is , x 5 t. X i-f 1' 4 'V 165' -All .Q , 1:2 F , I A -M---'fl . ' V . - ,i:. 'f. t 1 : 3 H- + BPQOYQ - ' 5 f Q . jj Q . 50 A f eff W 5ff5ififwi2?f2,giMjg?fvfQ3?j542f Mfiiffffif f'l1WQjifNf,,lf PQ Wyfffw ff W M M VWMM aywfwwfgffgyyge W ffmjfwpff 1'-?Wfi W ff wwf M WJQBMW UM WWWMM fgggw 3 b Q WjjZf5'?W' f S . ' M, ff! ...TQ 'E iA' - - -' . ' . N f A ' u ' 1131 rig"- Q Tlgfd, J r- 1 : 1 ', . , U ' V, 'w 64,11 I -, l A' Q'- fx. ff, V, I 9 N . V . ,h 5 ,3 4f .' ff f 1r f b'FV1'..A Q- If ff f , A 4 G + ' 1 if gf . 0 - , . 'A' 1:5 I . I A , , :L . I his-af. rr' . i Mk, V. :K 1 X 1 - r , . - , iti l ,ry 1- : f W .W ,,.- fi - . ' .l Td"X'!'L h IM ' .fig '...4iM A -4.--la-'G , XJ WJ ' 5 5 ,LMC Ja ,-mx QM,-, , fM,,,. NJ M30 7 24 ff' Q-..,fA4..z4, ,mf Z M 7'-M W' QW' M' 2Z'9'WA ' M M ' fn-JMJ4 A-A fluff M 'OM' 'g E,2',:: ,f gf , V , ,ow , , , , Z Q ,,,,,,,,.-MJ x """ V ' 1 J "nad" ,iii W M MW M My W1-MMM 470,-ffl V ! W A ,,..1,,,,,,..,a-4.4K A106 jd A Zta g,,,,,,,f 264114 J'-lx'-'MGI Q.f4-41' wwufjfmwpw I ? 1 J' Z ' . Jaw ,awe "'W"'9 4' , 9 QL 1 ' , W ii 1 M ' ' Xlfw- Q Mm 4,,,,...,,l,, ,LM MM f"4Q-WJWJQUMA i., X Ly . X tfxpgis :fri yea O X f- ' PRESENTING THE 1958 Nb DEDPCATION To the walls of American Fork .... fl, KX- sandstone or brick,i,adobe or lumber, cut in Q A sacrifice, icemented by endurance and faith. these walls lies our story. They represent our youth - our golden age. They are the sand and sun of a hsnd ...X Biskfff Q years and a thousand students. They are the joy angssutbgxesgll the tears and failure. cThey are the hope for the future.QThb,y lgld 1 within their foundations the formula for peace. It is for usim Mail she ever be as strong as her walls: Their strength, measureg X xsthegniritti behind them' their , years, numbered by the students they Slrsdtkredfxthelir x s. capacity, extended to all who seek brotherhood. May Amerixankjbtks 1 X X L V xy ' i walls stand in protection to good, as a barrier to evil 'N "Wm T' k x 'JO Tay N., QQ Q l 31 ix, 5. q fra. Cl N if Q 1 x FNM X 4 I X x . lx o- xy - fx MW11 WM if x . 0 5x iQQJED2jr o1dAg?!qgh MJ 1121 Vfi rfl g . 1i5?iE'Hfb qxsfjijw 5551931 my 'l my em hi ' My 'ff Z 'J '11 1 ,JM11 a ' W 155' C W 1f,ff,,Jf11 HQ! gh A 11 111591111 JM 1 my 6 ai a andtfra - , ,h E+--Aw M ff 4 1114 YB' 1 IJ, X W onorj ack. , 3L3 P W1 pep, J gf U fy? j I e get the thrill, S GMI? From AF. High School on the mu. Q 'Q 'f 11111 I Q 4' X' J J P -.1 'V J - - 1 xx -N-Q1 1 ' -. 4 4 X E , T 1 fx 2 1 ' "3" .W w.,,,..Wm., M " - was AW 4. ., Mn ' : Q xi .M ., cf I .1 'Wi K fzgii fn,f.1.'g T? f ,L , e1fKf,f,:1 ,+ , .,..v,..- , 1 6 Y L .., ' AQNNQ lfwf es ,,,,ww 4 V alxgi ff ff 1359 A Q W ,MA7,Swfi'- ff :C W , " www- f e .15 ,fr I vi These walls hover over those common occurrences such as female students fainting while dissecting small animals in the biology labg the ever-lasting grinding of some car in the mechanic shop, and oh, yes, those explosions letting acid fly in the chem labg the long faces of girls who have proved to both teacher and self that they are not homemakers. The gymnasium walls hold many sorrows and joys. They can only hope to tell of all the emotional excitement created by the ball games played on its floor. They resound with fervor preceding the school song. The campus is small and humble, but we treasure each and every particle of it. So it is that we will always remember the things which have happened here, as will the walls remember and keep as their deepest secret all of our fondest memories. ru! H ? v 4 jgffnjwfj? B In jblf ,ff ff' Lxfjb' x 1 X17 ,bu bl M QW ff , ff ff XM? f J JL gy? 1? W, , f kj LM, aljjjwf A if f WW ,T A L M, jk! wwf ,, W' 7755! J? 1 A lf? " I X A .J V, Vi' yczfwj in ff! fy I W7 L! J, "7 fn f VJ 7-f if' Wff'f' ' 4 7 I ff-Q X jkxff f If 3' l ll X A ,w . , x J .4 JUNIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL Don C. Overly SENIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL Charles B. Walker is L! I Albert Allen jzwj Albert Bailey AI-dena Beck Agriculture Business Physical Education F A C U L T Lowell Bennett Clark Brown Mathematics Y English Willard Devitt Elwood Fogte X HiSf0I'Y Mathematics X J F 1 Elmo Hansen Margaret Hansen can uga . Mathematics Ellgllsh EI1g1lSh A C ....,.. ......, U if L ' l Merrill Hardy x is T Physical Education Theqla Holindrake Grant Ingersoll Douglas Johnson English Social Science Geography 10 Emil J 01165 Wanda Jorgensen English Homemaking , UQEVXM i Um Hifi? :WM A W9-J .N cy 'A EQ Q ,fwfsmaiiifffoeifffi C Pg ffl- 0 U 3 '72-,EQ ag- ff L L an W ie T i?fZ9?93Qjg..f'2Qg?2,ff QC D, scifi? I Y ffw xl Evan Nelson Moyle Parker Art Industrial Arts 11 Don McIntosh Physical Education 1 Leo Nelson Physical Education Fred Richards Biological Science any fw-QAM! Richard Robinson George Scott Arlo Sheney Glee English General Science F A C U L T Velma Shelley Y English L f u X fi U ,Lf u W J Ferrill Sorenson Dean Steineckert Alvin Teuscher World History Band Driving 12 Madge Tuckett L. J. Wadley Evelyn Wright Hom ivin Business English Zuvvx fqjmvj , Q M 6, C i is im' refs WQMMQ wah J. N. Washburn Engli ' Lydia Hogan Mabel Hansen Virginia Beckstrand Librarian Office Clerk Office Clerk 13 SENIOR HIGH EXECUTIVE COUNCIL PRESIDENT Ronald Inouye SECRETARY Doris Smith VICE-PRESIDENT Arlene Beck BUSINESS MANAGER Kent Angell PROGRAM CHAIRMAN Wilma Homer JUNIOR HIGH EXECUTIVE COUNCIL PRESIDENT Calvin Madsen VICE-PRESIDENT J. H. Parduhn PROGRAM CHAIRMAN SOI1dI'9. Howa SECRETARY Donna Inouye Swat:-ml: Svutt 'I'iLt1-11su1', Iromtlny A111l01':4u11, Su1ul1'2L Huwu, 4'z1lvi11 Al2UlSt'll, J. H. 1'z11'd11l111. lhu1111:1 1114111514 STUDENT COUNCIL Swzltwl: llG'li-'ll l"lllkPl'SUII, xvlllllil l'ln111e1', Doris Smitll, ,Xl'lt'Ilt' Her-k, Runulll I11011yv, Kent Angell, S:111sl1'u 'lil't',2ZlSlilS. A1111 F111111111111, 'Filliw ,X1lzu11s, Sl:1111li11f.:': I'1'i11c-ipznl l'l1z11'l+1:-1 lxvllllit-XV, lM1'ntl1y 'l'l1u111:1S, .MlVisu1' f1l'2llll lll,LZl'l'Sllll, lNlil'l2lIll lmy. Nuzlll XV4ml- lun. 411-1':1I1l 4Xllll4'l'SUll, fill-'ll Hzlllilluy, l':l't'llT.lJ2lVlS,1i9lll NllllllllE'l'. l'41'11vc- l'll2lllVVll'k, SlH'I'lll1fll1 H2ll'l'1S, I+'1':111k l:4'lllll-'ll. Mau-li Sl1!l'l'S. liuhluy VV:1l1.421's. lftllllllff lJlll'fl'X, .Iwyvv XV1'ig'le5', M:11'ily11 Kz1wz1kz1111i. - ,. . .... .le1'1'y 14111-1111, Miko 'I'z1ylu1'. Stz111mli11g: .lv1'1'y l':tlVV1lI'4lS, lhlll Hve-rly, lin-1111etl1 lievk, ll1lllQlilS .lui111sn11, Yi1't111' Ht'l'l'k'l'kl, G1-1'z1l1l l,lvwvly11, rllllllllf' 31111111-. k'l:1111li:1 Hush, 4'w1111i1- Ullllllllilll, 'l'+11'1'y .X1'1'l1ilvz1lsl, l'2ltFj' Small. Stmxln-5' Smith, Y:1l llzlmil- 11111, Milan- H1'1rw11, ,lim llllllllllilll, Jxlllillltlil, 'l'1'11jiIlu, lmwl-ll Ifwllllvll, l'2ll'Hl .Xllll Mills. 16 Bill Finney Program Chairman D H Bruce Chadwick Hop Co-Chairman f W arlene Anderson op Co-Chairman Zuma fc 554-L Jw Paul Beckstrand What wisdom can you finf that is greater than this Linda. Lee Manners, not gold, ar Women's greatest adorn ment. Jerry Barratt He never troubles troubl till trouble troubles him. NOIIIIS. RObiI1SOI1 Dimples cannot be over looked. Glen Halliday He knows what he wani and has what it takes t get it. Sylvia Beer When she smiles, it come from her heart. Davis Knight What would the girls c Without him? Sandra Tregaskis Live, love, and learn. LeGrande Smith True goodness springs fro a man's own heart. OR Glena Rae Pinkerton zr lips form the essence love. Carl Devey . all things I will do my ist. Judy Chavis xarkling are her eyes and 'ight is her smile. Gene Frier gentleman by nature. Anita Brown fe is merry when you ake it that way. Jack J eppson man of worth, yet shy 1d unassuming. Marsha Davis smile for everyone is her fecialty. Allen Smith 1ere is mischief always his eyes. Kent Angell woks, intelligence, and a zshing smile make the nal touches to a fine Laracter. David Kaneko Wit and intelligence a quite a combination. Johna Vee Pulley Her long, black hair ai dark eyes depict a gracioi lady. Tommy Hansen Rich of thought and Wol Tillie Adams Full of fun, life, and laughter. Larry Vest Why should I Worry ai work myself grey? I'm no hurry for the judgme day. Arlene Beck She laughs in spite of lo' and loves in spite of al DeLy1e Flack A good disposition is great gift in life. Roberta Morlock The World is never too 1 of good things. Alan Anderson His talent on the sax w someday be on Wax. OR Launa. Duffin small image with a. per- ct form and face. Frank Brown appy am I for I never orry. Karma Huggard man is better than a wok. Mike Corfield good athlete, a great iend. Jeannine Curfew rue happiness comes from ,aking others happy. Max Haag keen and analytical mind J We find in this man. Dale Carroll he present is the only me you own. Paul Kirkpatrick 'hat would the world be are without girls? Darlene Kay modern girl with big, Town eyes, and a. person- .ity twice her size. Kent Schmidt All mankind loves a lover Elaine Andreason Silence brings riches. Kay Allred A sense of humor midst : pleasant disposition. Doris Smith First comes character, the achievement, and then suc cess. Gary Wood I take what the world give and make the most of it. Naomi Terry It's nice to be natural whe one's naturally nice. Kent Mulliner A little nonsense now ar then is relished by the be of men. Ivan Johnson His words are few, but h thoughts are deep. Don Overly Oh, Why must life all lab be! P OR Ilene Harding ie face is oftentimes a ue index of the heart. Ronald Inouye rong of body and mind. Royce Branning mthing endures but per- nal quality. Martin Nielsen nall girl's delight. Melisande Sorenson er Winning Ways will Win ar praise. Jim McMillan le sky is the limit. Bob Wyler 'hat's life Without a ugh? Robert Mallison nall in stature, but big spirit. Joyce Wrigley we conquers all. fr ,rr We D wa ,Wolff aggre- pidfpwnw' vp-W v+- X Lara-,W - he .WWF Mark Allen Honor lies in honest toil. Linda Pawlowski A hearty laugh from a sweet girl. Newell Curtis Men are born to succeem not fail. Wilma Homer 'Tis good will that make intelligence. Bud Pate Self confidence is the fin step to success. Dalene Mayne In this World she'l1 go fx With a personality: bright as a. star. Jerry Lee Value lies deep within. Sandra Konold She's just as we like her. Richard Preston Why should the devil ha all the good times? OR Linda Osborne appy at work and merry , play. Roger Gurney ever a dull moment when 2 is near. Robert Norton nowing him, who could elp but like him? David Earl , may be life, but it isnt ow. Billie Joy Chadwick pretty girl is like a lelody. Harry Boley love to live, and live to uve. Susan Hutchings he seeks for what is true nd fine. Merrill Myers Sis attempts are always Jccessful. Diana Brown friend to all that come er Way. Gary Carter You have to look up to hi1 in many Ways. Aloa Rogers An angel is hard to resis Arlen Matthews It is work which gives flavor to life. Carol Wagstaff I love tranquillity and solitude. Bruce Gordon He finds his joy from livir from day to day. Brenda Wasden Love is just around thi corner. Ross Hunter A quiet man is the essen of security. Roxie Clements Laugh with life and it is kind companion. Neil Christensen A man of few Words. OR Louise Harris e is yours to live as you ly. Don Healey task given to him is a lk Well done. Lorna Baldwin od things come in small zkages. Merrill Warnick may be life but I love it. Carol Shelton ve and I had the wit to ig we drew a circle that lk him in. Max C3.I'SOI1 r leading men are fol- rers of a principal. La Mae Hampton ould not live without my agination. Kay Harward : good deeds are known few, but they number ny. Joyce Hollien thing great was ever lieved Without enthus- m. THESE ARE OUR SENIORS 30 , 4 -1 1' X N if I Lf- 1 W ,fljvf I . A ,.n 5 ' A , C117 ' .V f V f",' H ,. W Q 614, I 7,0 . H in LL W if 4 q,'1f.f'L-bn V Glfu i,:f'77' . f wv ' nf' f, ,R ' ,' AJ-J n I3 Lf' 3 !',3iQf'5 + , 1 n Lai' fav " ,L .waz mp iq 1 LA I 'F H 5 1 I Ci A fx AL V " " . ' .V if -L 'ln - rv L' . fff 'J ,,.-f n Ln N, V f- H V, 'X U Q L LL 454.3 Q, L 1 4 U I bf 1.1, lr L .X ff' ,1'W" ' 0 .C-7 Lk L 57 f K1 G " Q 59' AX 1"-'14 P 'E . A .,.,. X jx 'lf i ' uf VMU, ' AJLL, W U f' Fx -f'1AH1,,-1" , L, C 5 .,- 4 If Rose Ann Hansen Program Chairman 4" 3744? N fy K 7 f We 24,40 ,Zi-44,J ,fanczz za-3 C JAWL A ff ' N cdauv f , 1 194 'f'0f'G0fVtff' " ' f ff'-L ' L6 vwlggy yer-.fu nn? lj 7 1 f ,ad Wfawffffuoaacdfdfa 'Z 'i'Lg,, ' " 7 " gnc, .JIZQ x 4 ,lil fu fa , ,dafwfwfzzvv ,Z 'W 1 , A , Kent Boley ' ' 74 W n n 5' V f Prom Co-Chairman A ZW! n U W ' , n 1 I 1 hill MJ Q .fM5?fLf,JyaG, , 52475141 71 X TW fc' dnb! " Q g,mff5'Wfww W GJ f fafiwwff 1 a L Jean Hamilton fn 33 Y Prom Co-Chairman Kent Hanson Shannon Webber Jerry Fraughton Lois Johnson Jerry Armstrong David Bateman Ronald Cook Peggy Lee Judy Durrant Brent Davis Sonya Varney Dale Smith Sharon D6V1tt Orville Day Susanne Moyle Michael Strong Chris Baddley Mark Wagstaff 35 Carol S. Schmidt Wesley Dalley Janet Andrews Wayne Pack Karen Mills Jerald Wadley Annette Moyle Lloyd Carson Tom Phillips Bonnie Brown Fay Clements Robert Searle Glade Goodliffe Robert Nicol Linda Alldredge Grant Wanlass Dorothy Devey Ray Higley Jackie Crawford Hazel McDan1e1 Robert Evans 36 Bonna Burgess George Allred Lynn B. Carlisle Glen Paxman Ruth J ackhn 37 Robert Bate Jolene Evans David Milne LaVar Duffin Laraine Smith Kay Clements Wayne Arnoldus Joan Ashton Dee Boren Joan Cornell Michael Pritchett Marjorie Draper Earl Hindley June Rhone Charles Greenland Glen Hansen Louise Anderson Steven Hansen Ernest Dean Frank Woodcox Sharon Desmond 38 4114: Jimmy Miller Leon Munk Fawn Phillips Anthony DeMarco Pat Sunderland .wir . 39 Raymond McKinney Evelyn Strasburg Bruce Brown Lyle Devey Howard Park LeEar1 Healey Ronald Bennett Arcona Eskelson Steven Beagley Helen Swain Howard Schmuhl Erma Marble Theron Jeppson Mary Ann Gray Hazel Snyder Phillip Cave Lewis Johnson Sandra Healey Deanna Beck Gary Rackman 40 Lynette Crotts Secretary Judith Fehlberg Program Chairman 4- 1 if 5 s ' c Marsha Hunter Mickey Miller Gwen Steele Larry Christiansen Billy Sykes Judy Turner David Hansen Connie Stringham Marilyn Kawakami Melvin Prisbrey Dennis Tittensoz' Mivlldel Bl'0m19Y Carolyn Limb Jay Hall Sheila Hoover I-K F"""' Arnell VValker Ann Schaumburg Mike M0C'o1'1niPk Helen Dunkley Louise Olsen Kaye Chadwick Ben Rominger Irene Merkley Barrie Rowe Mary Ann Bell Bonnie Ross Lynn Hzlrdillg Jim Chadwick Louise Scott Jane Adams 47 E X s z 1 Pat Carson Kenneth Brown Donna Somers Lionell Austin Judith May Michael Bringhnrst B2ll'lliLI'2L Scott 48 Lou Ann Buck Elwin Johnson lf12ll'Ul2L Hntzinfler Rose Marie Culms David I,uycm-k Mary Lou Lund Donald Duukley Pnnnie Rusivk Jo Ann Buckley Linda Smith Robert Mattinsnn Ann llcwlsvluer VVil1izLm Penrod Spent-er Southwick Rhea Norton Mux'g'zu'et Batemzui Lowell Austin Kent Runolfson Demi Smith Donna Higley .lusly Davis Ruby Trujillo 11211-0141 Clements 49 if 34 YW gm 3 N Q 55i1?iQ KX g xg AE Q iii, 33 QHQQM Tfgcbiq 5 351, Q A ' Q! 9335 ii? N - Ri A TSE? jig E5 Q-fi wie Q41 Carolyn Norman Maxine Grant Cheryl Larry Vernon Crystal Evans Greenland Nicol Mead Rhodes Fraughton Linda Robert Marie Blair Diane Jean Searle Gurr Sorensen Keown Johnson Crandall Steven J Kaye Janice Edward Donna Reid Gordon Friday Merkley Zunich Darling Greenland Pamela Harold Kathy Ronald Ann Bobby Fox Roberts Corfield Broomhead Miller Hayamizu Connie Ronnie Judy Wayne Nancy Wayne Connie Jacklin Pulley Strong Mail' Strasburg Strong Hansen 54 Mary Ellen Mike Margo Larry Sharon Dennis Mary Clements Transtrum Allen Hutchings Pro-vtor Guse Buckwalter Beverly Frank Billy Colene Mike David Beagley Gordon Pulley Thompson Brown Francom Karen Dennis Lily Kay Jmelle -' P3-tficiaf Crawford Earl Vance Robinson Hllggiifd Peck Kim Ruth Gerald Helen Wilford Gladys Vlfrigley Coates Llewelyn Chipman Day Heaton Kaye J. H. Claudia Larry Karma Reese Julia. Healey Pa rd u lin Bush Searle Steggell Myers Mills 55 Ruth David Cheryl Tommy Joan Larry Randy Coates Gray Bailey Loader Jonsson Higley Eatough Terry Linda Alan Carolynne Jane Susan Draper Walters Thompson Nelson Scholes Bowen Kenneth Carol Ann Jolene Lamar Sharon Melvin Crookston Bush Leitner Culmer Mylers Provost LeEar1 Lloyd Marielen LeRoy Dennis Alice Terry Robinson Wadley Evans Morelli Wilson Marsha Asa Leilani Jackie Sandra John Sharon Wootton Draney McTague Hollien Scott Nay White 56 Irene Tommy Ann Robert Chirlyn Gerald Elizabeth Greenland Allred Arnold Young Galetka Clements Pulley David ' Rosalie Linda. Reed Norma .Tay Greenwood Jorgensen Kelly Bair Wride Taylor Van Karen Vance Ella. Marie Sondra J anae Osborne Mecham 'Bentley Mayne Howa Hendrickson Larry Marsha Sh umway Barratt Steven Carol Calvin Charlotte Carson Chavis Madsen .Ieppson Erlynn Gary Joyce Charles La.Rain Jan Dyanne Robinson Fountin. Jensen D0 ne ' ' w y Baldwin Storl s Laursen 57 Patsy Charles Lois Janet Brent Beverly Robert Small Williams Hales Strasburg Bateman Privett Pulley Burdell Joyce Phillip Diane Michael Karla Smith Alldredge Anderson Austin Taylor Jensen Carol Ann Ann Charles Howard Donna Kent Mills Christensen Greene Gurney Masterson Brooks Karen J ay Karen David Terry Robert Joan Coward Healey Cunningham Dalle59 Archibald Pinkerton Christensen XX MX QM uf X x X W , J ,C f V XJ J r X I X, xx X xg V X XJ J ' X 1 X, XJ .il if .V X X X r Q F' -, J so . yu N V X Q ,V nw X, N5 J A XA X y, X X X f 35, Cv J ix N NN Y 59 CJ w or - 'Q A is 'f J N N r Nl 5 OV K YV X' 'N -X' XC ,X my X 5 'll A-X F Qix XJ B Y N - l 1 N NE' U Nl' N' A W f x nl l s M be NEW V u X ' K .X F- Q ' A V if A X' vii' J N, Cf' Q-E5 Q3 -,X jx 4 K +C " - -Q X - bd 'lx xx X Atv V kj Q N rxx Q in 'X J Nil x Q xQ K Qu rs V 34 X 'A X Q X - XJ V ,A -. N sf lbs Xxx VX-fx N 5 X' V N xl , B X ' Y Q, ,N AJXNQL is 5 X- r Ne Valoy Boswell Secretary Karen Jensen Program Chairman we www , , x WMO! M! Jag Mme f WW aff, ff A X' if " ,ZMLM LQ l'77fCf effizaf W wzmv X 8 T H G R A D E Rod Mar Jean John Mller Ca! olyn Gary I IHIOYPALIX Howes Nancy Lee Branning Carlisle Sherri Bruce Hansen Chipman Robert Max Mulliner Carson .Terry B1 en t Egge tt Hem sen Larry Val Evkles Hamilton Melvin Evelyn Andersen 'l'he1'ninpq Larry Merlin Street Driggs 62 Joe Lorna. Davis Crawford Steve Kathy Stoker Durrant Stanley Sharon Smith Brown Rhea Jackie Turner Clements Joan Elwood Davis Stevens Fred Elaine Roberts Anderson Dale Jennie Lou Hunter Durfey Shirlev Kenneth Woodruff Kay Quilter Jones Dee Ann Kay Hanson Goode Carolyn Eddie Burgess Robinson H0-ney Monson Dan Kathleen Carter Bringhurst B111 DIXIE Ku kpatrlck Fehlberg TOIHYIIY Suzanne Riley Garrett 63 Mary Kay Jerry Nielsen Brown Steven Linda. Hunter Hunter Elvan Marsha Street Gardner Michael Margene Robinson Buck Kathleen David Devitt Brown Douglas Charlotte Cornell Morlock Sally Merrill Gm y Slater Ronald Artalee MiAffee l oth Nancy Robert Wagstaff Read Yvgnne Kenneth Baldwin Sorensen John Colleen Anderson Runolfson Edith Torn my Hansen Fowler 64 Lin Lynn Allen Wamick GUY Robin Richards Hansen Susan Carl Overly Hackford Jerry Trudy Boren Anderson Glade Anna Lou Parduhn Hall Dennis Sterling NVood VV00tton Y1Ck1 Harry Stowe Manning Cathy Kay Ivins Wanlass Lynn Cleora Buren Adams Marsha Boyd Hellewell Reynolds Richard Linda Hansen Storrs Don Barbara Bair Smith Ronald Susan Box Larsen 65 Lynne Robert Arnoldus Huntzinger Donna Albert Inouye Schmuhl Charlotte Omar Paxton Stubbles Jeannine Allen Jorgensen Sgmel-5 E., Kent JaNae Ohran Brown Gary Charlene Campbell Carson Wanda Larry Lxmb Devey Paulette Lloyd Richins Hansen Karla Clifford Andreason Cooper Lael John Pulley Clark Lynn Kay Darling Hardy Carol Paul Earlyn Roy Colgrove Kawakami Clements Roger RNS We irgiailsigai Qu 5 T Cfiijli gg Ewa all Q1 N iferiigs 66 7 MOM glJpQ,f 71jzf g1a,0L,1 7.M,Z JQLCQL flflfvifgfi f ' fZ72Qiff45fQ'fMf 'Z CLQLJLJ Q uf , Zawya! 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Myrna Dailey Craig Wrighw Susan Benne Jerry Morell Bonnie Bark Robert DeMe John John Charlotte Jerald Carolee Larry Valeta Larrabee Westerlund Potter Conder Eatough Williams Turner 70 'A Robert Boren Tommy VVi1ma, Wasden Ritchie Robert Scott Susan Clark Larry Phillips Marcelle Stringham Don Abel Connie Chipman 1 Robert Wright Cheryl Lee Beck Robert Harris Kent Carroll Shui-on Earl Kenneth Fowler Ruth Bateman Eldon Sumsion 'ilyn Kirkman ri Lyn Brown 'y Kaye Hatch lin Wrigley 1 Strong 'y Nielsen Dixie Elsie Stephen Ann LeRoy Joyce Linda Cole Higley Harward Curfew Llewelyn Christensen Barratt 71 titty . 04,411 .fkanf rv yfwnwwyj .uf . 94,474 , 4,0-Q, 'A.g, fx. Judy vem ,Led Holindrake Snyman Bobby Wi " 0 g ' Marcia G r 0 'E 'bu M .Af-gfu-f 'A E, ,U , xl LVM! X91 ic 1ael Cal Il X60 X6-'E ' EJ ' Cariel Masterso Carl Wanlass 0 ,W- E2 5 1 44"-46. JG 4 061,20 Lynn Be 1ett a. Ie ffee IL I Grant Park Karen bay Max Smith ff X144 Linda Coates Kent Lewis Lynette Soho Larry Darling .Io Lynn Shel Randy Baten Patty Ann Dean Kay Roger Bonnie Clifford Ernegt Molascon Evans Green Colton Keowu Ygung Hoggard '72 Carol Hatch Geneal Chris Matthew Wanlass K steen Hansen J A, Orrin Russell l R-ffVLZ LW" 54,511 A. if . ,A . 5 M j4w,,,,.f ,41Jf6'L.lf04'- " n 1f5H,f1f1,f 991414-'ff F1 'tl 550 V .xl A I n ' I My ,k , 411, ' lf 9 f"'Je6"Zf. .414 IJ- ', V Klfivlfi' 1610546 I ' Z ya Vflqiane 'Fhorntw "'f'1 LJ! ,f Aff! L' nfiZ1 er fc' f ' Offwf wt -Lf wwf! ,v I gay? f , ' ' Nancy Miller 4 64 eafffvfw-f-P Marhn M W , Amanda Trujillo L gy!! arr Tafoya l QM L Jerry Phillips da. Beck er Brown ta Dean Crotts n Nerdin ricia Gurr Fidler Carol Jean Richard Nao ma Eldon Ruth Betty Jen eal Welpb Anderson Thurston NVatkins Stewart Hayes Phillips '73 W VV M K Ray Dale Klrkman Pack Qffywjglll N r dDu Don Qustin Jim omer X, Alvin Fulkerson Janice Hales Lloyd Laycock Judy Herrera Vaughn Robinson Susan Sunderl: Stephen Myers Sharon Burges Jay Healey Joan Keller Keith Hall Carma. Bruce Merrilly Ada Roberts May Terry Johnson 74 W nf E QM ? i7 N if SPORTS FOOTBALL The grandstands are empty, the goalposts torn down, and the noise has died away. Thus ended another football season at A.F. Another team has come and gone, satisfied that they tried their hardest and proud to have participated. Congratulations must go to Dave and Ron, as tremendous football players and top captains, and to Leo and Mac for their fine coaching. Records show a 4-4 season with wins against Wasatch Academy, Coalville, B.Y. High, and Uniong and losses to P.G., Lehi, Uintah, and Murray. The juniors fought hard all year long and will have the team next year that will take the Cavemen all the way to the top. 4 - , W, First ww: Runnin .X!'lYlStI'Hllj.Z', Lynn Iflvzllvy, llennis 'l'iltm1sw1', Shi-rm lIzu'x'iS, lfvlll Svhmimlt, Hun lnnn5'O, lmve lizmvkn, .lay 'I'z1ylm', Mvrlin lh'ig'p4's. Mivllsu,-I l'ritv'lu-tt, Immun Mnnk, 'l'um Sv-lmles, l1ll2ll'lt'S Ilzlrrisnll, Sew-mul ww: .lim Mvlllillzln, liwllt lmvis, Ilvnnis lflll'l'k'j', l"l'2lllli Cnlrus. ,leSs S1-Htt. I,elC:1.l'I llvzllvy, Kent Hanson. llzxls- Smith. Maxx l12ll'Sllll, Imn Aslltun. Muxl'I1ipn1zl11, Maxx Jllllilll. Phil llvzul, l:2ll'k row: Crlzlch lm: Ne-lsun, Hun Vmwla, Pillll Kil'kIlEltl'l4'1i, Gary lizlvlmmll, lhllm lX'lun:-10114 llill lf'inm-y, f'l2Ll'1i A114-n, lAifll'2lllllP mith, lluwzuwl l':u'kvx', Pe-tl--r Mnrdm-k, Gary 1'2ll'tf'I'. lllznrli Allun, lmvis Knight, Mvrrill Myers, Peter Srl 'mln-S. Ilzlle 4':1l'1'nll. l1llEll'll Ilun Mvlntush. 13 Fll'!4l 1-uw: 'I'fvnm1y llHSIl2llll. Lynn ll2lI'tllllQ', ll2lylll'hll4l Ilm-lcl'm'ml. liuhvrl Malt il,-wmavl 1-nw: llumlll llillvlllilll. lin-nt llr'Yllf, Man-li Simms, Iinh Ilmm-V, lllllllllj' llwlm In-nnis 'l'ittm-nsm: Kvnt lin11nll'svnx. lmwn-ll Vzxlnlwl-ll. 'I'hh'1l row: llnn Mwlntusll, XUSIIII. lil:-n XVHLLIII, Alike'A1"l'1rl'Illl4'li. Alu- Ilulll-,xg lmn N1-lsun, XVz1vmJ Mvllslnif-l, zlrris, lwn NMSUD. l 77 insun, Mir-li illswll, Hvlxllql Sft'X'v l'1lm'h Gnrv Fvzln Millvr. ,Xmh--rslnm, nun Xll . . n-n SLm'ling,g Q lr A Gary Carter Peter Scholes LeGrande Smith Frank Cobus End Fullback Guard End Dennis Durfey Bob Monson Don Ashton Davis Knight Quarterback End End Halfback Ronald Inouye Co-captain David Kaneko Co-captain 78 Q' 5 wg 4 bag an Gary Rackman Clark Allen Halfback Tackle Howard Parks Dale Carroll Center Quarterback XRS, - . x- ' . .,.. l Y T Max Julian LeEar1 Healey Fullback Tackle Bill Finney Brent Davis Tackle Halfback Kent Hanson Peter Murdock Center Tackle Don McIntosh Coach Leo Nelson Coach With only one returning letterman, Coach Don McIntosh has done a won- derful job with the material he had. Severely handicapped by a lack of height and experience, he put together a team that in other years would have gone all the way. BASKETBALL Although a 2 to 8 record does 1 seem one to talk about, the A.F. Cavern are not downhearted by any means. P season wins over Bingham, Murray, a Orem are no mean feat for any tea but the Cavemen didn't do so v against the teams turned out by Regt Seven this year. llnrris. linynmml Ilau-klhuwi. Svvmul ww: Phil .Xxnlm'smx, Ulymlv IIL-rrsrzn. Gary llzu-kmzm. liwmuhl Fm N111 1'll1l In-ml, llzlrrb' limi.-5-' lmn Un-1'ly, Mike- N11-t'm-lmmivic, liulr Mwmsvm, Run Uuulc, Iwtex' Svimlvs, Sll1'l'lI11ll1 lIl!'l'iS. Milu- K'-n'I'i0l4l. K4-nt .X.HLlk'1l, IN'llIliS lvlsrfey, f'lHH'll l1rvnlVI1-llltosh. Flxsal ww: Iv.-Amis Iklmwvlli, llilly Sylu-s, 'Fummy IN-!Fll?liIl, Imlm- Smith, l1lYllPl'lll'l-6NA'. Huh llumvr, Su-rli if- Iimwvlxllvy, ,lim Vlmsulwivk, Mivhzlel l'l'it1'1ll"ft, Halle XV:1gstuff, l.eoNels1m. 82 GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ',-- . 1 , IE II, I , I I I 1 A 3 Q ,:..., 3 A g QE . if i I I I II " I I sf gx M V -h. tg K F U1 1 gs I 3 wg- In 15 A I ...,: f 'if 1: fb SL f-if .1 ' ,J 412111, ,, 6' 7 N' - 2 7 . 12 -3 . 'V I A -A V. , , www First 1'uw: Killt-'II .Iv11Se11, L'2lI'IDI AXIIII Filgklll, I,1111is11 UISQ-11, I,i111I:1 Smith, Mz11'iI1'11 Kz1w:1k:1111i. .XIIII l"1':111v11111. Il'Illg1 NI111'l1l0, Billie L'I1z11lwivk, 01111111 XY:1gstz1f'I', :XIIII lC1Iw:11'1Is, 4':1111Iy11 I,i111I1. .I111I,x' XYiIs1111, I'tPIIIlil 8111111-rs, I'1l:1i11e1 X111I1'e11s1111. So1'1111rl ww: .XI'4IOIIiI Be-wk, A1lvisf11': I'a1t U11,1s11111, I1i:1111- I'11lI1-y, J:1111-111- II:111111sI1i1'1-, 3I:11'i1- A111111-z1s1111. I.11uise- S1-1111. Sz1111I1'11 May. .I111litI1 Fe-I11I1e1'p,g, Sl1e1'1'y S1-I1l1lg+-I, Kz1,x' l'I1:11Iwi1'k, Nz111111i 'I'L'I'I'.V. Fay l'I1-111v11ts, .l11l1111 IG1':111s, IAIII :XIIII IIllI'I'i, l,y11ett1- I'1'11tts, l,:1IXI:10 II:1111l1I1111. IIrI2lI'j' 421111. 'I'I1i1'1l 1'11w: l'111111i1- Mull, M:1tI1:1 I,11111.1, I'I1111tzi117.:'+l1'. Mz11sl1:1 TI1111t01', M:11'y ,In M11IIi11e-13 ILIIIII .I,11'kli11. ii111111111:1 XVIII-s, M:11'l1-111121St11I1III1-S, Iiny IIIl'I'lIQ'IlIS, Cz11'11Iyx1 IIILIt'Yhk'I!. .Indy I"'I2lI'I'i. INI2lI'j' l.4111 IAIIIIII, tlwe-11 Stu-If-. Iiuln-1't11 Alm111u1'Ii. .1111-kia I4I'2lVVI'UI'lI. WRESTLING Immun ,.,,M,,W,.,1 "i1st 1 vw: I 21111-El 1710111-11ts, Ili:-1111141 Gm-iz, Ilf111z1I1l I1111l1x'1-, I1-1111 AIIIIIIK. IIIz1xC:11SI111, KUIII II:111sw11 II11w:11'1I II'lI'Ii i.lI'V .XHLL'1-II- SH"1fH1I WWI INN N+'lSf111. ISTl'V1'l1 II2lIl5Sl'II, XYz1,x'111- ,X111ol1lL1s. BIZILIQ Alle-11 Slvvv V111-I11':111 Iluvii Ii11i,LgI1t. gI9Yt'Il HvigI1I1-v, ISBIIIIHII Jus' 83 Av Wk fm ,r M: ,A nv- ., 7 8' ,K .af gk I f me , fi! + ,5,:,,,,w BASEBALL ISI ww: Milfs Cllrfield, Clark Allen, Ray Hllvkflvrl, Dennis Mzvreili. XYYAYDQ Baines, Le-Earl Healey. Q1-vmnl ww: l,e-my Hnlxler, Hurry Boley, Frzmk Biown, Bob Rnsivk, Sharm Harris, Bill Finney, llqln U51-lly, 11-tm' Svlmles, lwlzu' Storrs. Ronnie Armstrong. 86 TRACK First mw: Dennis Nelson, Peter Sn-holes. Mike Pritvlne-tt. Max Cnrsun, Cll2l'I'lPS l-Izixwison, Ril'llHl'Ki Goetz, Gary Ra:-kman, Kent Boley, David Kan?-ko. Sevnllfl rnw: Gary Angell, IVPLIII Kil'kpzLtric'k, Max Julian, Ronald lnouye-, Ric-hard HlllltZiI1g'2,'9l', Davis Knight, Frank Cnbu:-:, Gary XVuod, Noall VVoottun, LeGramle Smith. Lehlarl Healey, Leon Munk, Gene Frier, Leu Nelson. Auf l -V ., Q X 5 ff ? H' ,mc W 3 Q ' . N Ng 6 N Rim, ' ,T 4 9 l..,. . . ,X ,X 1 1 M ig x .g.1: ,,. , I, '2. .. .. ,. ..., , 11-5 - ' sf ' U il V lx, A-W, . .1 - H ' 'W 4 ,J,,L"'k' 3 . 551544 i.w,,w., ,ll L- 1: i'IJ'.giw R ,MLMQ -'31 NWN W f 'M 1. i,':1Q.LZTW' 87 TENNIS First row: Mau Chipman, Jimmy' Cimfiwick, Kent Schmidt, Robert Monson, Don Overly, Richard Monson Thar Hmismi. Sei-mul 1-nw: Giade Goodliffe, Normai Young, Phil Read, Howard Schmuhl, Peter Murdovk Roh Bare, Don McIntosh. 88 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL .,fE, ,. I Plwt row: Bull Hznlvzxmizu. .Iulm 'I't'lIS'Ill-'I'. Ialvixl lim-y, I,1ll'lY HIIIIIIPS, Semumcl row: Lloyd Robinson I'I11l1m .Xmln-xsmx. I'I1lwzu'4l ZIIIIIVII, Grunt Ni:-ul, I E1 YF-Izyk dmc Inst Ibm: Kelp- flumlc-. Irwnnis XVUINI, ICUIIIIPIII BIPIISUII, Mika- IIUIIIIISUII, Stepln-u ll11rx'zl11t. Se-1-mul l'HVV 7 my I',x.m'11, Bobby Read, Jimmy Devemux, Jimmy Mfmre, 1It'IVIIl.5ll1It'l'Slll1, II2il'l'y lvlamllillg, Imn Beal PEP CLUB 9uny:L Yauwxvy 4 hzxrlutte lmrso Xnn If'1':1m-mn In-zlnniv .Xlwl 1 IIHSQA .Xnn Haxnwn Ronnie Russ Jr-an liillililtllll .index LPG- Ann .Xndn-151:11 She-rry Uzunplwll Ne we .dr Russ' Ann Hansen. X'it'l'-1H'l'SiI1PIltQ llezmnu Rum-k, x'0pfn'tex'3 Ann Sl'll2llllll1Hll'iJf,. Ss-1-re-t:1x'yg Linmlu Iwo, president. Lzlnnu lil SllZillllll' IN H n,, un ng, ll '-1, -,M ls., , ,. M -315:-j Vzlnmlylx lIl4lllY+' i'unniv Ilusivk IAZIIIZL l'cJtersm1 lbvunnu, He-vk 2lI'22ll't'I HZIIPIIIZII1 llvllim' Smwansmx .Xmi1'e'zL Vullcy Elaine Skinner nh Karen 'I'v11 llm-nv Hsu' ,dll -if 'six 'll'ilYIl K2lXN'?lli2lllli Marry ,Xml 134-ll 1411 Ann lim-li I,2!l'2liI1P Smith , . F -2 122: 11. m lm 1 H msen In MX nu Burgess Ima Horner Sl'llklllI11h1l!'f.f n Fulkersun 1 fs-41 M. B2 2 PEP CLUB Ann XVl1itlwy Juan l'Ul'l1E'H ,,., as 'wk ,: I ,,,. 1 -:- ' 5 NI' Qi? ,- X If Luls .Iulmswu I4'l1vIivl'1-wtts Sllillllllill XX'e-Ivlver l'lull'lutte XYI1itIvy Kzlre-11 -1151111241111 I4m'1'z1izm+e Carlisle Pat Sunderland 551 Luis 1'2ll'k l'm'n1I .Xml Fagan i. JUNIOR HIGH PLAY THE BLACK GHOST CAST Mrs. Heywood Marsha Wootton Mandy Heywood Jane Scholes Jill Heywood Karla Jensen Sugar Karen Angell Dean John Foulger Buzz John Gray Teuscher Harry Melvin Provost Peggy Connie Hansen Brenda Marielen Wadley Pete Tom Allred Play under the direction of Theda Holindrake 92 T , 5'V25kW'z W a1fmTm..? EEN f - E 35 3 ,, Q new M .vh,m.....,,,,,,, 'I er? A if 3 K M -ff Q LVM Yi Q fb ,, ::,a, Q33 324' N, x if if V4 Eff 5' 255555 EBB TIDE P1'OY'I16fU2L41? 1' ww-111111111411 I u um' S111 lbllx S Illilll r w - elm-' I-,rent lbzlvis. Suzzmm- Muylv, Vvtn-1' Svlmlvs. Luis .1-vlmsun. liusss-ll 'l'imlwe llfllllll In 4 ix i!rm-v Uliziflwivk .lulmgl Vw- l,llHl'Y Iivlen Swain J. N, XV:1:4l11v11ri1 l'1'Q-sinh,-iii Yivv- l,l'l'Si1lPllt 'I'i'f-aisliwi' ,XliX'iFIlI' 762 'HUB dwarf NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Il Swlizuiiiilmrg Mark .Xlii-in urilyn Kziwukaimi .luyvv Hullivn lmvis Knight Miriam Huy Iiill Fium-y Xvilillil lloiuvr Ruin-rt Marxism Tie-110 ilziiwiilig' Jim Chzulwim-k Doris Smith Put Fish Fzirul IH-vk Orvills- lmy Uziiwlyii Iiiuuj Nuzill XX'uutt4n R050 Ami lin 12011 Illisivk Mzirgn- I lrzipn llmiulwi Inuuy Ilizinzx llruwi' Kent Mullins NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY :Lx llzuu: lnrlru Konuld rulrl VVzulle-y mn Uvefrly xrium llay mln Lee ark Allen u'g'e- llmpm' uve Ulmdwivk ual Rugers I1 Rusivk lene Bevk en Halliday rlene .'XIlllk'l'SlT11 H10 Gmulliffcf mu Yvs Pulls-y ku I'1'itc-hett 'Fill Smith Vilh- Daly Hum Huzuvm' 43' llmxsllrl lmnlyu Kp-11t Mulli llzivid Kzmeku Ilulre-rt Nurtrm L'2ll'47l xV2l,2f!-ltllff Arlo Slwllvy l'l't'Si11UIlf Vivo-l'1'f1sic1f'l1L S0vret:lx'y ,Xmlvisur ,Mmm .105 Xian AXIldt'I'S0ll Glzuh- Gondliffef Geraldine Anderson Dean Steilxeckewt 1-'1-usidmxt XYil'9-l'I't'Sil1f-'llt Sec-1'etary Advisor Aw AFV .Iolm XVulk91' SZIINIFGI 'l'reguSkis BEETHOVEN Sherry Svillvgel Jenn Hamilton lmlene Mayne Lylwttv Urutts Ann llnelsvllm' Slmnmm XV0l1hex Ellen Svlmles lloruthy llevey Uurol Pevk Rose Ann Hans? Sillldfit Henley VVilnm Homer Mzmrslm Huntm' IJ2ll'lt'll9 Andersu .Inlma V99 Puller 2 5 Ronald Inouye Ilene Harding HONOR STUDENTS Doris Smith David Kaneko Mellie Sorenson Mark Allen Glen Halliday Wilma. Homer 1 'f is Xi, -4' W ,"J.Jn M , mg, ,xmq--V 4 Aw - ' ' 4 Lx ffm I., vc. ,Max if ,Q g if vi 9' ,-4 'S :- 1 U :E 5 E E' b. TJ S w as .. ,-- 6 E Lf' .- O O Z. I1 cu M QJ ? Y P- Q, 2 C9 .4 2 ,-4 fi E ad 5 rd U ua E , 'Ii P1 55 G F5 ua ua C 5 E 5E y. r - m A rf ... U1 .LC O O J bi : X - 2 Q, 'U r: P r 'C 1 '-: P 1 .J U-4 D3 3 is C 1, 9-' L5 'U P Z5 fx -4 2 if an if r f- .E M QI :E GJ U1 lf. L-4 L-4 :J w v-4 5 O m C. ua PU 5 'T CU 2 Q2 +-a 1 E .LG 'lf : C2 Q. fu r-4 A b. 2 5 Cu I .1 5 +5 4- E 1, : E U 5 H- E IJ U2 O ul 412 C .- : z 4 5.14 an Tri , r r : S Q J H as I E CQ c E z: ca CZ TZ 41 PM C C 4 :: 17. U uf Aa., f' +-4 af 1 Ca .- A E E1 E H ED Q 9 U 1 U ?5 'J .5 w EV +-I ID +1 GJ C :C '1 2 n-4 6 : f: 'G :E 5 C ,, 1 J E we rd v--4 C' GJ C ri 5 o 3 I-C 11 Z Q A ,-'11 C .4 If. f- C H I 5. Pi E Q1 A P4 if If r .5 cu Z 6' 1 Q4 'Z W A r-1 :I : 5 y. E U 45 :E .J F- I Ir 5 Q, F v. rd f-A Q 5' ,- GJ x : 514 21 Q1 2 C L1 In 3- Ga m H 4 C 15 51 E ai : LT. -4 Q 'J ': COLOR GUARD ST rvww' Allllj' .XIIII Ilv-ll. lim-If-11 .XIIII I"LlIk1'ls4rl1, llrrmiv liffxs. .lvzlnlw Alwl. S4-wnml V1 'Z ' 'Q l'lIlkv11wll. .XII4-luv llw-li, XYiIm:1 ,lv-sm Ilzlmlllexu. liws-f .Xml IIJIIKSUII. JUNIOR HIGH BAND mu f.!-nn lin .Z ....A , . ,. 3 DVHA I R, , ,. 3 QL ,A ,Om,W,,,,N J W I VAVAQ A qukp A N,.Mq,X, R R M .,.,. , . A,,,.A..,. ..,. , ,.,,,.,, :li O 4mAV 2 O , ,K get R VT , ,. 1 . Z ' 'Q , ,gf he i R 1, i E A je? K E 7 ' K Y K ', 2 22 5 1 v .' .15 N X R 2 f ? , - Q i f 5 gl Q W 2 Ts R V ----- PM-W V MM ,. .. A lf! lllfl I4-xv: Kim XX'1'i:Iv-lv, liluil' K1-wwlx, liwssuliu- .l1Il'Lg"llr'lln. .I+-:ln 1'1':ll1mI:xll, 1'lir'I'm'4l Yllllllgl, II:-lvl: Vlniplllxll IVKIIIHS XX'-rw-I. Iiauy liwhilww-ul. .lI'I'I-X' Digg--ll. Vlillwlwl wmlwng S1-1-:uni ww: Iizlllyx Ilxnwaxllt, Kzmw- fllllillll I1 qllilll',lHYg"MS1MI, VJIIMA XX'riulwI. .Um .Xlilllwy 1':l1'w1 .XIIH KliI!s. Nlsuxiw S4111-llrwll, I"I::ynIt'I1:l1lsv-y. Mila-X I.:e1's Iummy' Itilwy, llwlvlyv lmy. Slzxlulwy Slllilll. lirln-w Xlzym 'I'Mi11l 1--mi Sllzlrufn Blyw-rs, .IIIIIX SIIWVIIH. .Iimmx If-Ye-1'ullX, I,:l1lA' Slwllf-1'1'. Ilfvln-V1 l'i11kvl'lwll, Iialx' UJWII. "HUM XVIWQIII. IlHll:lI4I Mw.Xl'I'4-4-, .IQIY 'l':U'l'v1', 4.2I:14I. I'n4Il1lm. 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Suggestions in the American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) collection:

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