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 - Class of 1953

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Bw i S Q 1 3 '25 'f'f'm'i1'!- 'I'i'.'f:"TlfN9"'5r '-'nr Q -f 1 ' ' -1 'f..x 1 ,-4 . ' 5 K TV qu ' . 1 .5'ff+'f, -"if-. -. 4 'w'7':fk".k . 4 fx' urf.f'EC :.W' 'z-1'Qz15Lxx3. f ,.4B!l.1.vvnJ3z!i': d:f'3,1fx fbi' dk, mf.75"'1'.f.?'f?':f tif ' .,:'3'f'ef'fin" A ii I i f I fffw W Ez, .226 N235 WN? 3 fgfigi-Eirf xi .ww 535 '11, 3 if 5,5 if X 'H -52 iigxigubw vi? 6 iifxflz Simi :sy E giifigs is iii? R N XMSSQ Q Q X xx - .L,,,. P, KM, ,v, .H:,.,.- ,,- . , .,, ., ,, , -ff, , ..-,Q- bil . -'iq' -AJ., n 414 .- ,t-- L-,,: ,,,n..' V, . V -IQ' n 'L , -, the 1953 2111161102111 Cu-lCmlitm'S Imlwzlm- ,IUIIIISUI1 :md IA-1zL May Leu Itllsimws Alzulzlgm-1' Iwry hwzlm .X1lX'iS1'!' Clan-1-1 K. 1:!'UXY!l 1'lxotog'ru,p11y 'l'Im1'11w1mn'1 Slunliu l'ulvlis11u1' Allvim- 1'll1vl1S1I1ll2 lfnh!ll11Lll1X -1- I 'jgxfff Locjf , f' ,f Af.. J' fffff x ,f' Affy , 'E ,,f f, 1 I .f f ff f' . fff ffffrf 1 ,,,, ,fyfff ' ' . if X . f ,f. - , ,Q 'fl f' ,,,f ff!! W7, :nys fdlfffif fpbid K ,W f ,fggf X, -' ' X441 x,Q1,.Zv7'y29fpf!1t7 , If fqgyf YKXAL ff' ' .,f X . N-Lf, 7, V ,-- -A gf nacirema I am Nacirema, the little Caveman, who Came here to A. F. High quite a While ago. The school was very small then .... hut now you should see it. One improvement after another was added until it has :almost everything. If you want to see just what I mean, I suggest you look a little farther into this book We now Call "The Americanfl I'm sure you'1l recognize the things I saw at AF High during this present school year. -2- ,pu 1 VE :st sittin' G. Littlc pals 11, Irimmin' the uve T. 'Fe-11--slmunf 12. 1-rats-In N. lli, you guys III. I II4-rv I 1-mm-I EL 1,4-ft. right. . . Nm- Ulm- llullo S1-ssiou llv. 011, my -3- .Ml Q z Ji' 5. -3- 5+ , 4. Ms, ' .W ME vf st .lzxm-L I Luv-Q ,,. V1-llising' IH-p5mh-Ill administration x EL ,l Nacirema agrees wholeheartedly with all of the studentbcdy: Our principal and 'faculty mem- bers have nurtured us, helped us through our difliculties, sympathized with our many problems, and, above all, -encouraged us and advised us in times of success as well as failure. We owe our undying thanks and gratitude to th-em for their cutstanding leadership, their fine character traits, and the guidance they have given to lead us :2ucc'e:5s1'u1iy through these past school years. -4- Q s x - V K- .W ,fa--f-EW A43 glwH?.4.,g:y - ,. l 2 fxwt f .'.:. .Xt A X . K if uni i-wTf"3Q"y5::1. V , A idk . A -5- f nn. Jesse M. Walker To Principal Walker: I know that in my Caveman style I won't be able to thank him sufficiently for being what lic is and has been to the students. llc has lcd them through happy, successful times and through adversiti-es, never doubting their ability to solvc their own problems. To them he really is a PrinciPAL. -6- V-he er-.Wea A . L. N .K Q. Charlie plays a big part in the Cavemen's school. To him the students look for counsel and advice. He is ever ready with an outstretched arm and an open mind in helping them solve their problems. It can truly be said of him: "A good companion is he that helps in need". Charles B. Walker -7- ' :UQ MTW ff W1 Wig eg W AWK e M g A M h Benjamin K. Pearce A ta t C1 k Speech E Nelson N A t orman B. Wing M th t Lyd H g D C O ly Lb Ply 1 Ed t 8 1-ur-"""" Arlo Shelley LaVere J. Wadley Mathematics Business Ferril M. Sorensen Wanda W. Jorgensen Social Science Homemaking Betty McTague Elmo Hansen Physical Education English -9- ffl- ff-f,j4--cfxei g : no l I .wim- Ila M. Mortenson Clark K. Brown Commerce English Kenneth J. Bird Earl Holmstead Music Social Studies Margaret Hansen Leo B. Nelson English Physical Education -10- IQ Q - qgf.ff7,,,laIZL3 7fN1fs'7l' ' Alvin J. Teuscher Velma Shelley History English Jean A. Fugal Albert B. Allen General Science Agriculture E. Moyle Parker Madge H. Tuckett Industrial Arts Homemaking -11- ,MN IQ Jewel C. Murdock James W. Norton Office Clerk Mathematics Richard I. Ricks George C. Scott Journalism English Fred Richards Luther Giddings Biological Science Physical Science -12- cooks ,mv .wf'5faW Sir' R RT of f Q . , e4 H .gl-Us . 0 V g ' Majj A 'WL-fi' 2 itll: VW' .mn SX is .iii iv W ans ' 'EK 11' .v ,lg Left to right: Ruby Clayson, Pearl Woffinden, Thelma Taylor, Maude Briggs, Myrle Saxton. custodians Left to right: Ralph Roberts, Hap Varn-ey, Ray L-ee -13- ' student council -. 'X X, .ff-Z' 1 l 1 Cx? N President Vice-President Neal Mortenson JoAnn Scholes Secretzlry Donna Richards , g 'z' -,-1,53 s f I 1 ng , Ws Nfisffg 5 'W- ,awww F Business Manager Ronald Turner -14- vw P1'0g1'2'L11l Chairman Annette Carter room representatives Does anyone realize just what the student council does for us? Some students pull a face and say, "Those lucky kids get out of class all the time." But have you ever witnessed a meeting? Problems of the school and the studentbody are carefully discussed, under the leadership of our competent officers, to de- termine what is best for us. 7 X 'XX This student council brings democracy into our schools. Without it the students would have no voice in their school government. We wish to express our gratitude to this organiza- tion for th-e fine work they are doing. SSRN Standing, left to right: Annette Carter, Ronald Turner, JoAnn Scholes, Neal Mortenson, Donna Richards. Seated: Myrna McGee, D. R. Brown, Ronald Long, Wayne Neil, Gordon Bennett, Jerry Chadwick, Louise Duffin, Coll-een S. Fowler, Nadine Royle, Jesse Wagstaff, Kathleen Beck, Pearl Thompson, Deanna Grant, Lorene Cleghorn. -15- 'lx 4'x mv 4' 'C"7 ,,,f. Pffa ,r .4 , ' . v VV I 2. Q Vx, V4 ,,5 ' I, Almmmxunxn. I.. I A ..,, YI-s,M:1ln111:1 J, 'I'Iu-' uma: Hut UI' --'ml 'Z, I"I1--II illl' Ill-Ink N. 'l'I1x'1-1-Nunn I. I.iIlIn- gill .L Vxllnllu-Iiglll T-. I,illIv I-my IH. ,M-ting: III. xxvilllillg I. I mn Imp lx, -15- V' lx 1- 1-Inzlngwl .Xll smilvs Sllwrly I":Ii1'ie-s Mrs. llznym- xxl1'll -Nil II-flu . Lzullws. M,i W M,fl'? , .,. X, f 'JNL' M M ff JW MQ, Wfiflfiijf M W7 We ff Nxt XX , Xi i ' f' I Q glw wwybfif' f Q W W M W Q ' 0, WJ ,MJ M121 QM , 9- 1 ,0 ,ff if S gwjfff 4, f Ni.: T? Q Q gf iMM w l5 ff-3,1 if Ii iris: EQ ' mgfg XR M1 'f i " "" ""' 01+-A yum-mm I 4, class officers President Robert Smith, Vice-President Myrna McGee, Secretary Jean Day, Program Chairman Carolyn Pul-Oy O class advlsers .Y ' Madge H. Tuckett and James Norton -13- enior all AIARLUW I4l4INNlC'l"I' MARTHA HOICLSUHICR RONALD 'PVHNER MAlill,YN liARR.X'I"l' .X quiet main is the vsseiu-e .X pulished imlividllzll with am Nothing' E'lldLll'0S but persmml Ilitz-Zlig.1m-law sh ai ll lm hor nl' sw-urily, wisv. ilmh-i'st:l11clilig.: heart. qualities. guide. .fix ,pdl 'T' CARULYN l'l'I.l.lCY BONNIE C. B1-INNETT GRANT ROBINSON I,ail1lCANlf1 JUHNSUN Thi- wnrlsl is never too full Her true luv e she hath Small girl's delight. She is VVlll'llly of her life. vf md things. inund. "Q-R' FRANVIS Alb,-XMS SHllil.l'1Nl'1 l'llillS'l'I'1NSl'1N liIllGN'I' MILNIC THAI .XNIIIGIISON A happy-pro-lllvky fn-lluw who Nl'X't'l' :L mlull Illlllllt-'Ill wlimi llv liiiows wlizil lim- w:1llls.:lll4l 'l'ln- skfs this limit lives for eaiuh day. shifs airuuml has what it takes to get it. -19- enior " , f 'Q - sf' ' '43 5 " If 1 , ,J ,. it-2 , X . . Q :- X .o vw- . JHI,l'.I'1N 1llLAN'l' IPHN l'.Xlil.lSl,l'1 SlllIll.l'IY RUHINSUN ILXN 1llll'Il'1Nl..XNll K l1'HlIi'l''ll'4'JlllSl'lll-il!'I'lll'Jlll- Quin-t minds 1-zuinnt ln- por- l :nm the- rnzistvr uf my fzltv: .X ph-uszmt Ik-lluxx' lu lu- :uul illI1'lli1,.:'1'lll'l', pl'-xl-ml wr I-l'l2ill1'lll'1I. llusse-ll, tlu- 4-uptzxin ul' my zlrullllll. soul. ,px Z' XVAliNl1'K .XILX MAH XX' PAVI. NIGNVMAN Al.Xltl:l.XN Gulllll-I liis worst ln- lu-4-ps: XYliy slmulll ilu' mlm-vii llZlX't' Th- usx-ful wlu-11 thou live-st. Sin- is:xs1li,L:nil'i1-nl:xml lun-ly luis lu-sl ln- givvs. :ill llw gmnl time-s? :ix l:t'l'lllllX'l'll'S Moonlight Sonata. f-Q '13 's.....g ICl"l'll MHSS .IHSSIG W.X4lS'l'Al"I' .LXNIUIAI .IHIINSUN M.Xlill.YN n'1llrlvlNG'I'ON X I'ri1-ml lu :ull wlm mmm- "Vis ilu- mimi llunt nmlu-s Live. lun-, :mel lvzirn. 'I'ln- In-sl mum-s in small 'nr waxy. ilu' lnuly l'li'll. 11114-lizxgl-s, -20- enior ri L'.XIll..X IIARIJY I,lfIl,A MAY LEE RA YMONIJ C. ADAMS tll,l'INlLX XVALI. N111-nw-ss 44111114-s I'I'Ulll just It talk:-s :111 artful hand to .X ge11LIe111z111 i11 eve-ry VV2lj'. Ns-vm-1' :L wn1'1'y 2lll1I IIUVUI' IlllXYIllf.2'. draw 8. HIHH. 3. cure. SI' 'il 6 IR N..-nr KT GLEN t'llNI2lCll IPIXIIQ LEE RHONE XVARI1 IXIQ-llUN.XI.ll MAIIILYN lIl'RIi.XN'l' Sill-11vv Iv1'i11,:s 1'if'lws. .XII angel is hard to resist. I11 wit ilIlkI Illlllllll' he will ,x 111114-L und true I-l'I0lld. c-341-91. 'lv 'IQ I X - GI-IIl.XI.lP .IUIINSHN SII.XIiI.I'Il'IN ASHTON IGI1l'I.XN0Il HIUJXVN . -. VUY SIVAIN ' Ilis pl1ilns.1pl1y vt' lin- is . ix ml.-1,1..,l girl that. has 'IM gain IIIOI1' k11qwluLIg1- xv-1 uw-ll yulll' part: ilu-ru SUIIIIYI. ' X ' I' , lmppiness for Ilel' hubby. lxqr gplh , - ,ull your lmnwr lies. ' N ' ' . - 1 ' ' . ' 4 ' ' .1 I . s- Q ' . . K . I: N U V X E . 1 1 .N . l .v . . sh .. J ,. X x - I , P I , 1 ' , ' s. ' T - - I , X ' ' 5 1 1 , ' x " . xx Q I - ' . A21- , . v 1 1 , 'dd senior li fs if -., if 1lI,Hlll.X 1llii'1l4INl+I G.XYI,l-IN IIOILINIDRAKIG lf'.XYl'l ll.XMI"I'HN li. lt. HIUPWN A frim-ml with an shy. Syn-wi is tim PSSUIIIJQ' of .Xilluirm-d in-vzliisu SIIG is l':X't'l'XllliIlL2' t'llllN'5 il' only il nw-sl-in-nl llJllllI'1', vivlury, vffivim-iii. mam will wuil. 455 DONNA iiIl'IiAlllbS .IHN INIICILXNILX MYll'I'l,l'1 BIORRIS ILXIIIAICNIC HRYNIGII lull:-Ilign-lime. Ins gum! wail that nmlu-S 'I'Ilv4l4-1-xl is llw mam. Silviim- is an truv fl'il'llll that Quaiiitle-s ul 4-:npznlnllty :mil ll1'X'l'l' lvctralys. ' liuh-in-mlvlivv nn- livrs. SIIIILLIGY HAI-I .XILXAIS NUHMAN MiI.l,I'l'l"l' M.Xit1l,XilI'I'I' l'.-XWIADXYSKI RUUNI-DY 1Illlif'i"iN XYin-in she- smilvs, it wnuws Ililigi-l1i'v is tin- nmtiwr ul' 'I'o imvi- an l'rin-mi is lu iw mm, XYit :ind ii1ivllig:,4-livv airm- ,,.,,,1 1,.-,- hem-t, g-mul fm-tune. quite an 1-ulubiimliun. -22- 1 N X x enior Cb' JANICE SPAINHOXVER IUCNEIC Cl-l1l.'l'ON J.-XY PHILLIPS llci' frionilsliip lives in the llzliiving foe-t :intl smiling' cyvs Strung' ul' lmmly :ind of min hearts Of us all. ninke pt-uple cnjoy hcr. d. CA KMA SMITH .Inst kiiuwiiig lim' is gl, plcusure. PJ MX YQ .llYl.l.X S'l'lil'llC'l' DENNIS IIAYUEN IHYRNA. MCGEE fllllillll NIICLSICN Sonic day wctliling hulls llc finals his joy fruni living' A quict littlc girl with :L l tnkt- what tht- wnrlll privc-s will ring. from tiny to day. wguicl. Iittlc wily. und nmlw thc must ul' it. l.nI1l'INl'I IRXIIK All'illl'II. IGVANS Xvlllli is In-ttcr than An artist :Lt heart will fi kindness? perfection. ,Jie TZAIIHAIIJX fllll+ll'lNl.lXNlJ First vmiics 4'llZLl'2l4'lOl', thx' ucliicvenient, then success. ..23- .HMM Y Sl I I-1l,'l'4 IN n 'l'ln- pri-sl-nt is thc unly linic you own. senior ill! .ll-IAN ILXY IUlN.Xl,ll S'l'R.XSIil'Kll YHIMX JOHNSON SHl'1lilill,I, HANSICN Shu- raw-ks Ihr wh:ll is fills: II1- vmuqlu-l's with Silvm-1-. 'Vu know hm' is tu luvn- hvr. Hx- Ill'Yt'I' lrmlhh-s 1l'lHl .md Irma till lrmnlvlv lruulvlvs him ,,.f af MI-1ll1Nl.X l'l:ln1"I'1llL Kl'INNl'I'l'll l'll+1litIl4I l,Ul'lSl4I Irl'l4'I4'lN X'.Xl'4lIIN MYICHS .X 'luivl 1'h:n'm :uml :n snhlh- .X wisn- lllilll nmkm-s num- np- N1-:nlnvss mul lull-nl nn- ,x mill lnngm- lllIlkl'llI x N-nfw UI' lnulm-r. IurY'lllllili1'Slll1lIl ha- Vimls, manly' zu smznll hurl 4-I4 h--V. min- In-ml, All-IILX IIVNSAKI-Ill IIHHIS IIHI,lNIrlI.XKlfI .Xl,l.I-IN l'IHilS'I'l-INSICN MARY I,l'IlbNIl.XlilP'l lglzin-lnvss is In-1' pl:-uszulll .xlllllil'l'lI hy :ull hm-wfzxllrw nl' 11111-lligm-In-4' will hx- his gllhhu XX'-wk gin-s t'laux'm' in lilm muy. wuwl, ah-ml, mul sg-usv ul' llHIllUl', -24- XXX X senior lXl IIA Y, lVll,l,Mlllll'l Ulllilll l'l'I'l'l'1I1SUN Hlll.lN lVl'IllSUN llil-INN KIUNSHN X pn tty uill is liliv- Q1 nwlmly. YlVlll'i1bllS is tlu- wursl lu llzippim-ss is will-rv llw ll:-r muwil- fills -' will-1 lux- N 111-sm-rilw ln-V. In-url is. willl hi-ly, ll XNl'I'l"l'lC Ml'Il'll.XBl l'IlbXY.Xlllm l'.X'l"l'l'IllSUX CAROL ll. l'l'l,l,l'IY Nl-I.Xl, 3lHll'I'I'INS4 x Nllllll' will gm yum an milv lll- is wisl-, sl-lwlui'ly, :xml .X maui is ln-ltvr tllzln zu llis ll-mlwlslniy. lluzmlltl. N -u lww, lim zu kiss will pu-I lrzuufpuil. I-only Ill-'IH' llilll Hlvill- xl ll lmm--. P fill 'Pl Nlfli Xl"l"l'.Xl.I. SIl.Xlll.I'INl'I llI'I'K'IlllAI .l.XNll'l'I II. MAYNIC lTrrNNll-1 IIICNXITII XX ll ll lull- willmul al lilllillf Sin- smile-s willi lu-1' vyvs. Lou- :xml I llml llln- wil l,il'w ix nl--lux' will-ll Null to will. ixmlw it lI1.ll waly. -25- 1 I eniors Rl,Xl'Ii I"4lIllll'SII l'.XliIiHI,l, S'l'UKl'IS l,z1ll.XI'I IMXIISICN ll.XI,l'I lllll'Il'INlNlI 'IM klww luim is In In :ull lluings I will flu my 'l'l11' vlm-li ul' Iifv is XV4PllIItl llzlppy :ut Nuwli: lllQ'l'l'j' ll .upplwwizllv llilll, IWSI. l'lll "ll4"'- l'lflY- fllCIl.XI.Il .XILXMSHN f'.XKllI.l.lC XYll.X'l'll.XI,l, MUIIIIIS l'l'I.I.I4IY l'Il,I'I,XNUll lll'NKl4lll X lzmgln an -lzuy' km-ps lrmllvll- lvimplvx llml 4-:ll1'l lm llis :lllvlnpts aww- :always .X 1'lIZll'IlIlllQ.2' girl with Huuy, vnu-1-1-mln-xl, Sll1'l'1'FHl'lll. smill- fm' 1-V1-l'5'u1lv. that ddr lll'Il.l'IN Sl'llMl'IIl, KI'IN'l' ILXY l'.XIl1ll. S'I'll0Xtl ,l1lYl'I4I MlI,l,l-Ili ,X lu-1-ll :xml :llnullxlivsnl llllllll. lliwlu ln- is nt' llmllulll :xml ll'-1' lll'I'SUll2llllX' Slllll1'H willl l,:1lxgI1 will: life- :llnl il IN xxvuwl, lln- llI'llllIllIl'j ul' llu- sum. il liiml Vtvlllllillllllll. -26- 'enior I:HIiI'1It'I' SMITH CHRIS UIIAIINVICK t'Ul.I.ICl'ZN S. IfUWl,l'1Ii HAH, I'I'I.l.I X XYIIQII wismlmn 4-am you t'imI .X lIlIi1't IIOLIVK is richer Iizimvim-ss is in-l't'w'tm-II wha-in 'I'i'll1- Imppine-ss I-mmx with limi ig --rm-'iii-r tlizui Imp- lllaui ai crown, ll is slmrcil. masking ulln-rs Imp plllvgf' T5I'Il7I..XII I-R.Xl'1III'I'ON GARY ADAINISON k'l,IFI"UIiIJ MAIISIGN .IIGIIHY I'.XIiIll IIN Ilvi- tru-mllv NH n'm'Ili4'1I IW Ilvl' limp iiiv is uv- IFS uiwe to have the ability Ge-ntlvnmn by nzitiirc, Ili- Imuws tin- pnlim ix lI1lL I'IzlsIiimJ.' lu tukc Iifo as it comes. I1'al1lHIupuplllzllily. ' f'II.XliI.l'IS I1IMI'l"i' .IIBIMY VIIAXYSUN .X Iwuwiwl maui that In-urs It may Iw life-, Imul I Ion- il. his wisdom wisely. 'lv c 0 4 I I' ,J T 1 if ,vw 2.1-I JC.. . .QW -.7 . 171 'vw ,' ., . D , ., , x 'V -'V ,Qi 5 I?-4 . 4 N,-3, D " 'f,"'. Q , K, I , QVQU Q. ,. . i 'fa X e ' K N' gn , t , ' B V' ,gli -, 1 vm, Q ,, I Q- ' ' sv nf - W f 5 ' . Ifi' T M xx v x L Ihwwn shwqdlfj H LutvQtInnh'slyIvs II XYWHIVV lwQIvT N Xrlfluss T. SvVmHll1hHdw Su IZ llvf 5. XYl1:lI 1: v:ul'.' l.,. rvvllt' I IMHV ml! it HvuHM -wnnvrl .L Uklulfu HL Sludyin:T -28- W-62 'Milf' if '45 N x - rj. I 1 5' r 'C ga 1 . x - ,Nh .Vi N A f O X I kd, ,X xi N-' WMI, Z W4 if fl' A 'x M X Q I . 1 'XX 'gf I W H u -W 'ff' ' F-55 X "As 1. X j u n i 0 1' s X L , x ff class officers Presid-ent Eldon Huntsman, Vice-President Maryl Ingersoll Secretary Phyllis McDaniel, Program Chairman Carma Greenwood. class advisers George Scott and Margaret Hansen -30- Q 'xx ' x fs: ,.. I 5 fi, ie, 1 l':xuln Skuusn-n l,4-lzlnd Stl'2lSlDlll'j.f IQZIUIIPG-'ll Bvvk Kenne-th Amlursun l':u'1n:L GH-mxwmul Luc llun-kwulter Gayle Croxukston Dee Brown Carla. Beck Vernon Bair juniors X. , ,Q V: ,Q ..," aff' ,af , ' E '-Q N -T3 . sk x ,l E . M ,W E :Tix Us :Ng . '42-' , 'R - , . -., ,,. ., , . Q ,. -W--'ff' s.- .lwlm lhwm-1'i4lg'm' Myrtlv .It'llSl'Il f:Ul'llllll llzu'x'ett t'au'ul fin-4-llwmul filly HllIllIDlll'it'S .ny I,u, Mau- Iiriggs Pam! 'l'zlylm' I'm'ti:L liinghauu Marlin Um-1' Vvurl 'I'l1umpsuu livlll llnbiusuu l3lll'llilI'1L Lee Kan' XYu1ker Marilyn Raunsay Ulami lJ111'1'zu1t -31- 5 1 1 :P 13 ,, X 5 vigg Q e 1 :L x'-:Y Nlzwiv Iiuwnlam XX-rl Al1lllllt'H'S, fillllblyll Stix-e Kay Mitzmi liill'L'll llLu.:',L::ud -nsln' Ma-1-laaun lk-ggy Fox lim' livauls Kzxlhle-vu Muyh- .lny llnumly 'UV' 47- junior 'Tv 'T W plz" .9 1? K W Z ' -174 il 7 ig ,fn 63 Q n'k1'lnipln:11l 1'nl..I llcwl-1-rw Illuim- Slum-lls-5' Vail .Irvin-S XYill:l1'1I Ilvups lunm lim- ll.-111-iv .I-lv Imp' Xlzakin lh-ruIali11cA1yc1's Weslvy Sykes .lm-:un-llv Alvrvffx 11-:ml l':n'lu-1' In-:mv Imxmy 4'z1lv:u1 Vance .Xrle-nv llzlrris l.u1'ry llzlusvu -32.. 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Robin Hood-lum -47- L.-' gif XJ' Apr 'ff . 9 1 wifi!! ff' M ww? MMM! n I f 'I-V14 . .wfZ.q'.1 Q.-Alf' fx. 4? ff, fy. ' .. ,IA b f. 75' 0' f gm W f W 5' f I WQVMP WWW WWML' ff MWX M W M ljf J 'Z M ,WW x, S X pep club Officers Carol Strong, Vivian Hunter, Ruth Moss, Sharlene Ashton, Dixie Rhone, Doris Holindrake, Mary Monson, Lela May Lee, Carolyn Chadwick First Row: Marilyn Coddington, Nadine Royle, Merma Proctor, Louise Duffin, Marcia Noyes, Jolayne Buckwalter, Sharlene Ritchie, L'Dean Okey, Vivian Hunter, Carolyn Chadwick, Joyce Miller. Second Row: Janet Nielsen, Ruth Moss, Camille Wrathall, Carla Hardy, Darlene Bryner, Marilyn Durrant, Sharlene Ashton, Dixie Rhone, LaRae Larsen, Marlene Laycock. Third Row: Carol Strong, Carolyn Pulley, Janice Spainhower, Sherlene Christensen, Janet Nuttall, Marrian Goode, Doris Holindrake, Mary Monson, Irene Monson, LaDeane Johnson, Lela May Lee. Advisers Betty McTague and Wanda J orgenson -49- ' L ken1Df+y b- Xv . Q .fl 5. "W ,' 'r Mt Guy H P WGS , xg' K iw X K AV' gl.-rl Mlx , N 2.42 4, . ' , V Y 'XNQ 5 ' Ki x A , 7 Chn5CMdw"Ck "'q i G -nin D077 CRY' lI'5,E: j 3 DH I8 ree 9 , k .fi 'Z If, in , ,sk YL, .xt . 5 X , Q Xi I 'v5'1f5 . G-gyfen Hdmdm ke j X 777"lfoT7 Forbmsh ' I M. 1" E5 .7 H 'WPS u 11 ,S , fy J Y p i . K X 4 1 A 1 I, ,:,. .,,, I y Q f Q 'f i:- ' Lq,, 1 A , m if m Q A Hen 'PieT'c e A .,,. .A ' R ' , Robe SHN" '5 E ! " s f 1bb q fn Hhygfd Sch0fe5 A Q X x' S Boyd H07 fimd k xx-4 fx ' f-mf Q CHPf A Q Lew A X . H Conch I-COB Nelson , 1 mmf B01-if 2 yr .2 , L X Lee 0'7Le" ,X F X ., Tiifix' ff' . 5 Lowry 5 Sfrnsbury i X 5 Jer fs, HRTISEYI if DOIHY7 Hyde' r v - "J: ' CWM ff X e 71 e LAUL r' Se n E Nacff ma ,x 1 af? y L59 pf1s'H,P5 nh. football fi sp, S? P"'rV1l" l l li rv?" First Row: David Hansen, John Beveridge, Vaughn Beck, Nick Walters, Gerald Goetz, Robert Jorgenson, Ronald Long, James Buckwalter, Larry Ovard, Tex Savage, Albert Bowen, Andrew Shelton, Harry Devereaux, Harold Jeppson, Larry Storrs, Second Row: Coach Leo B. Nelson, Lorry Hansen, Gaylen Holindrake, Chris Chadwick, Leland Strasburg, Robert Smith, Lee Phillips, Boyd Hoglund, Dolan Hyde, Jay Phillips, Milton Forbush, Third Row: Odell Nielsen. Mack Chipman, Lee Buckwalter, Don Carlisle, Guy Humphries, Jerry Chadwick, Mackey Boley, Harold Scholes, Dale Greening, Kent Day, Eugene Laursen, Willard Heaps, Glen Smith, Kenneth Pierce, Coach Don C. Overly. SCORES American Fork ,, 25 North Sanpete American Fork . . .. , 7 Pleasant Grove American Fork ,, , . . 14 Payson .,.. , , . , American Fork ,.i,,,, ,,,,,, 0 Lehi A . 2 0 7 . , . ,. 0 American Fork ....... .... 2 B. Y. High 22 1 25 American Fork ....... ....,. 0 Springville American Fork ,, ,.i,.. 13 Lincoln cheer leaders Janice Johnson, Renee Chilton, Jolene Grant, Jeanette Mecham Sophornores Joyce Penrod, Rosemary Morrell, Shirley Fraughton, Janice Wing -53- U 4 -6 A. CA- Y O -LL- Q.. C0 M- 4 'D 5 QQ S 3' 'No o V5 Q- C0 .C UI -P O L, AJ . 'J AME i X Q , x . I f ga xx Y N Ll ff' is hu S F Q ,,,,-- f W1 .I ' VY, ,N .,-3 S' ,nf W 3 4 ffwi-.,,"5 ofvrs haw 9 w Owfewfak rv 9' 0 -I-' 5 4 L A ?" if 42 fuer-7 ails' f o 0-2 .wif Yu XM G, F M4 O ..'-U--O ,gf i Ciox.-HX like ...v- -1 cf Nl' Cel s WM x 'ws 53 Q r J fi fifzm boys' track l,a5l 'J " " ' S First Row: Coach Leo B. Nelson, Kent Day, Mack Forbush, Don Carlisle, Dolan Hyde, Milton Forbush, Eugene Laursen, Lee Buckwalter, Glen Conder, Merlin Walker. Second Row: Jesse Wagstaff, Raymond Adams, Lee Phillips, Leland Strasburg, Willard Heaps, Glen Smith, Dennis Hayden, John Beveridge, Jerry Chadwick. Third Row: Vaughn Myers, Mackey Boley, Guy Humphries, Jimmy Shelton, Odell Nielsen, Boyd Hoglund, Harold Scholes, Calvan Vance, Paul Newman, Ron Turner, Robert Smith. girls' track 9 , J .,,, , 1 :, , lf 1 ' 4 ,Q I -i f ' ",. . , , - - af e .Li 'J , ada J YV e is , J , , 5 l1'c , J. .,Q: . . fs x x .QA First Row: Connie Dean, Leanna Cahn, Lynne Anderson, Marilyn Scholes, Sally Gaisford, Carma Miller. Second Row: Loye Brown, Barbara Wagstaff, Carol Dimitt, Donna Peterson, Elaine Greenwood, Patsy Pate, Ada Bennett. Third Row: Carrie Jane Robinson, VaNetta Adams, Lola Healey, Diane Hall, Myrna Ault, Cleo Harris. -56- basketball Sophomore Team First Row: Manager Arlan Greening, Wayne Binch, Leo Reimschiisscl Gene Laursen, Paul Varney, Coach Leo Nelson. Second Row: Guy Humphries, Vaughn Beck, Gordon Bennett, David Sorenson, Mack Chipman, Harold Scholes, Merrill Bateman. coaches Coaches Don C. Overly and Leo B. Nelson American American American American American American American American American American American American American American Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork League 57 Pleasant Grove 39 Lehi . 49 B. Y, High 53 Carbon ,, 44 Lincoln 57 Pleasant Grove 67 Lchi 60 B. Y. High 34 Richfield 58 Lincoln Tournament 65 Beaver 43 Wasatch . 43 Spanish Fork , 39 Union V , J X x va kv-u-Ii! Gfee, 2 J! 5.1, 6 wi -Z4 3 06' v . ,Z 4 P'lerr4H X Bateman 53 ,, 'fjcfvf X6 J ,vi Z XQ :ww ' VQTWQJMQZO F N 'j -4,6 mmf M Z-ffQ 'L' .xx KA Ron TLLUXCV ggvfbin if E Nackg EJQWQ'-x K-1 f, R QA 3 , 4. N W X Don Coac BX Over 'tl Km Pierce Jen' 55054 Hoaluifld I Ji w. S m--"""' L .AMX -X Jerry pdrcfuhn Elton 'Sj- was-l Abe! baseball First Row: Donell Francom, Larry Storrs, Wayne Binch, Guy Humphries, Gene Laursen, Dale Greening, David Young. Second Row: Jerry Parduhn, Harold Scholes, Paul Taylor, Paul Varney, Mack Chipman, Mackey Boley, Kenneth Pierce, Coach Don C. Overly. tennis , ee e en n,ee - M -7 i First Row: Coach Richard Ricks, John T. McNeill, Elton Abel, Jerry Parduhn. Second Row: Kent Walker, Grant Robinson, Neal Mortenson, Merrill Bateman. 450- REQ? First Row: Marilyn r Anderson, Marilyn Second Row: Meda Anderson, Irene Row: Ca ie Hunte posture parade z , s Merl Joyce Penrod, Carma Miller, Kathleen Royle, Lynne nna Peterson, Sally Gaisford, LoAnn Bowman. l Dimitt, Myrna Searle, Barbara Pulley, Marian Deanna Grant, Connie Dean, Josephine Johnson. Third Beverly Bateman, Marilyn Tuckett, Ada Bennett, Deanna Deon Pulley, Carol Briggs, Lorene Cleghorn. 'N X 13 xa M - ? E E5 35 .J , Qi, if D Xi X Q 1 R iv Eg f .2 5 ii Q '. , NN X36 Tw 3-Q 2-'S XX YY pp 1 is . 5 N P . Y I 3 4 x 91 YN r X fi? 'X 1? if N X QQ - -. 1 ,- , :- activities 1 i 0 O , ii, i i 0 N " eff J, o QO'i C3 UU Go . ' I " . ' 1 , ' o r. J U 0, Q ,Z Q 4 z , .f 4. x Q, - 62 future farmers of america ZS IS ,JV .314 First Row: Paul Nerdin, Kent Feutlierstone, Morris Pulley, Calvan Vance, President Jesse Wage staff, Vice-President Allen Christensen, Secretary Mack Wagstaff, Reporter Kent Day, Foy Swain. Paul Newman, Raymond Adams, Charlie Greenland. Second Row: Joe Rae Makin. Dan Green- land, Norman Millet, Marlow Bennett, Milton Forbush, Gary Adamson, Mack Chipman, Nick Walters, Bryan Johnson, Francis Adams, Craig Mortenson, Chris Chadwick, James Hardy, Clark Chadwick, Douglas Bair, Advisor A. B. Allen. Third Row: Jack Connelly. Blaine Shelley. Rex Wagstaff, Gerald Adamson, Mack Forbush, Vaughn Myers, Dennis Carlisle, Max Brown. Delbert McDaniel. Gaylen Holindrake. Fred Wagstaff. Chris Anderson. Fourth Row: Marvin Crofts, Richard Stoker. Kay Mitani, Vernon Bair, Ray Oki, George Nishimoto, Wesley Chidester, Grant Parker. F'.F.A. Officers . Numan Judging Team Allen Christensen Jesse Wagstaff Adviser A. B. Allen -63- President - Jesse Wagstaff Vice-Pres. - Allen Christensen QM Secretary - - Kent Day ew Treasurer - Calvan Vance Reporter - Foy Swain Adviser - - A. B. Allen A 1 3 l Q l senior hop "island of paradise ' 99 .AF X-XVI 'Y--J" A.. g X Vw ,g""N. Ez: "' 1 .. .. a.aMmn,: ' - F' , ' pg 4w.3 . ,QF 'Twas the night of our Hop and all through the gym, Stillness prevailed 'till the dance did begin. Decorations were hung in the gym with delight In order to make it a beautiful night. The stars in the sky and the moon up above Helped fill the evening with romance and love. The green palms were swaying with the music, it se And the silver moon o'er blue waters beamed. Marrian and Paul, our chairmen supreme, Made it possible to fulfill our dream. The boat was anchored at the edge of the sea The waves were whispering tenderly. Joleen, Odell, Janice S., and Ron Janice J. and Bob sang the "Pagan Love Song." And after viewing with awe the wondrous scene, The seniors realized that this was their dream. Stories would be told of their Paradise Isle, emed, And in their memories it would live for a long, long, while! -64- .K .Q MMD 7.1,,..,:.JLfJc..i. ' OAJU'-G-it me FJ I!l..J.Hgm,,,6fiL WMJW- 4eJSM,a.A'J wwf wwf "Come with me where moonbeams light Tahitian skies." "And we'11 cheer each other, with a PAGAN LOVE SONG!" f-65- Y, Hop Co-Chairmen Paul Newman Marrian Goode X nl 1- In--an I'1-ww!--lv! Nlzu IM.: Hun-Im MII .I.nlx1-.- .lululusfm S.-I-1'-t.ux l..ulu-.m1- .Il-Im 'lu 114-pull--I kappa delta alpha Qs 4 V N Alu . lllh-II lvl-laguna v I Vpnrwl IL l'lllllN ' illslrla-luv ,Xslllull ' l'1-:nl 'I'ln:unpxml , 'B .Is-.111 lizlx la-:lisp IHll'I'in .lzml-I Xultall Alznrvm IZ--II X mls: ,I-nlmsml 1,1-lan Klux I,m I 4 X ,xv- K1 -66- i 5' X -M Nu-.. 'Q u A x ? Ji 'fd' 'TIT k.d.a. pla 66 99 ladies in retirement Cast Ellen Creed - - LaDeane Johnson Lucy Gilham - - Pearl Thompson Leonora Fiske - Janice Johnson Albert Feather - - - Foy Swain Louisa Creed - - - Renee Chilton Emily Creed - - Martha Hoelscher Sister Theresa - - Maryl Ingersoll B. K. Pearce Adviser and Director Jean Day Student Director -57- 1 I 1 l F.F.A. Sweetheart "Put your pennies here, only a penny a vote," was the call of the FFA and FHA club members as the big moment of their dance approached. Finally, after three days of battling it out, the cute sophomore, Marilyn Scholes, was chosen as representative. As attendants were Jo Ann Scholes and Ada Mae Wild, two of the school's most deserving girls. OUR SWEET Girls' Day King Finally after all these years a boy is going to be represented in the queen's section. Chosen in a Girl's League Meeting was D. R. Brown, one of the most liked boys in this school. He was chosen for his dependability, personality, and looks. No one could have filled the bill better. As the knights, attending our king, are Paul Newman and Dale Greening. 953 -IEAIQTS Valentine Sweetheart In February the Forkaster pub- lished a paper expressing their views on their perfect Valentine Sweetheart. She has the red hair to go with our hearts. She is petite Merma Proctor, the belle of the ball. Her lovely attend- ants are Louise Duffin, with her sparkling personality, and Janice Spainhower, the songbird of A.F. High. These girls will always hold a special place in our hearts. Homcoming Queen Lovely Ada Mae Wild, our Homecoming Queen, reigned su- preme over the annual alumni dance. Chosen by the football team, this pert little miss is their favorite one. Though small in stature this gal has an awful lot of punch behind that five feet. This dance and its queen will long be remembered by the stu- dents, as well as the alumni of American Fork High. american sweetheart The proudest moment in any gir1's life is when she is chosen for the honor of being a queen. Dixie Rhone, chosen by the students of A.F. High, had the happiest time of her life as, roses in hand, she was proclaimed as the American Sweetheart. As her attendants were Carolyn Pulley and Bonnie Bennett, two of the lovelies of this school. -70- school play -5 ' 1 seventh summer CAST Angie ., Sherma White Jack George Abel Margaret Joleen Grant Lorraine Sheriene Christensen Jane LaRae Nelson Margie Marjorie Gordon Kitty Lynne Anderson Mrs, Morrow Leia May Lee Mr. Morrow Jesse Wagstaff Art Robert Smith Tony Dennis Hayden Fitz Eldon Huntsman Director B. K. Pearce Assistant Director Louise Beck Student Director John Richards Stage Manager Rodney Griffin -'f1- junior prom tenderly When the juniors picked their prom co-chairmen they were thinking right in choosing Marcia Noyes and Kent Robinson as the leaders of their most im- portant event of the year .... The juniors worked very hard to turn the gym into an atmosphere of the "Old South," and success was theirs with the direction of their able co-chairmen and advisors. -"12- "The Evening Breeze caressed the trees, Tender1y" Weigh, I can't forget how two hearts met, Prom Co-Chairmen Marcia Noyes Kent Robinson Breathlesslyu is Mqhsi-:Ft is . Egg S'1O,... EEESQ, 555323 ggi, 'EE mg-gal-4E0.-Q Sb, rigid 56, momgg ip-l"' p-4 L4 ggifgnig an EIERSL' ggqgiasg QEF'-35:5 'E 5550252 EE Egg? is mglsf M5555 seq E w Q- sg, fi 2 Us ziwiawf 8 EAQESEEQ Wamiii ii:-git ,Q 9' Eiiggngi Q E '35 Eighth his A5525 55 355522522 S 5253453 C .Q QMS?-' Co' 'gs 332255 mf- a.. E2 'U S 3 E 'E can 4 s-Q - -H gigggc Hag Efli'-EEEQE C 53522515 as 'Q 2325552-E 5 E082 :Sa 25 :ABQ 2 'D gag? E' 3:1 A4 5552: +95-4'5-'Ev-1 ta Scan: g can 5, 'J' : eg Em 3- 5 6 E E xll Color Guard lllxl Irultm 4, 2Ll'l'i2lIl llmulv 3 I-,lm-n lflillll vizm lIlllltl'I' 1-rlvnv 1'l1l'isl1-11:41-lx Iul:lym- l:llK'kW'illl1l high school band Officers I'x'e-Quin-111 Yiwv-I'1'csi1le11t S1'1'l'l'l2ll'Y I7iI'l'4'll Ilnluq-1-1 smith .luyvu Millor Il-umm Ilia-llzmls li. .l. limi Twirlers lnllve-ll 5. lwrwlvl' VIIU1' Uhiltuu I1-un lla-lmammlullm llzlrlvm- UVYIIUI' national foren ic league ,O .Xnm-ttv Unrter .In-rry 1'1ll'4llllll1 Icmlm-y llriffiin .lam-L Nielsen Van-ulyn Cllzulwivk Imrlene Smith Graml Robinson Marilyn Sm-holes .lm-nn H4-lmzmdollur Jessi- XV:lg'sl:Ll'f .lunif-1: Dean .li-:un-ite Mercer Joleen Grant I H -1.1'g.:'y F4 r x Q' Nancy Brady Leamnu. Calm Craig: Mortensen Renee Chilton Dezunm. Grant lfoye Brown Carol Robinson Merrill Batern Lll George Eleanor Brown Foy Swain IPLI1 lug 4 Lrul I1 Pu V Ulu-ri Peterson Robert Smith President Vive-l'resident .Mlviser Yi-:il B-Iortvnson Blurtlm lim-lsr-lim' llntln-r Gicldin PH: f""f" WL' Wil' 21 Q'-4'5Ff'1?N"'b' -7q'V'p"'f1 national honor ociety ffl L"-1.-' President Vic-e-President Mnry Monson Mau-key Boley B2lI'b2Ll'2L L86 Jesse NV:u.:stz1ff Carol Strong Carol IJ. Pulley Adviser Allen Christensen Sf-vrelnry Hepresenta.tive Luther Giddings BiLl'lJ2l.l'2L Bailey liairhurzm Greenland l,elaL Mae Lee Merlene .lolmson .lnluyno Foy Swain Merrill Bateman liuvkwztlter Yolu Johnson Joleen Grant Murtlm lloelsvlier Jean Day Kent Day David Sorensen Muryl Ingersoll -'1'1- 'W . fig vis ' ,KQWM Neal Martens-on .Izmir-e D. Mayne Jerry Clizulwick Hztruld Svlioles lflleauior Brown 1.ulJeau1e Johnson ladies lee ii.. , ,Lilac . .......ii......, ,iiL-,,, ,,,, ,L eeet M ,J p F, ,anne eemm. erjwoyqgwwp f' f . 'Q -, 'Qs .b 'Y but First Row: Miriam Franeom, Marlene Laycock, Rosemary Morrell, Joyce Penrod, Shirley Fraughton, Darlene Bryner, Elaine Greenwood, Ila Saxton, Carrie Jane Robinson, Marilyn Dur- rant, Second Row: Darlene Smith, Kathleen Beck, Louise Duffin, Louise Beveridge, I.aRetta Adams, Carla Beck, Roberta Street, Julia Street, Dorene Hampton, Sherma White. Meda Forbes, l.aDeane Johnson, Third Row: Aecompanist Irene Monson. Carroll Stokes, Glenda Wall, Deon Pulley, Carol Dimitt, Diane Hall, Geraldine Myers, Joyce Davis, Virginia Gibbany, Loye Brown, Shirley Clements, Rae Evans, Marilyn Tuckett, Marrian Goode, Jean Helmandollar, Patsy Pate, Fourth Row: Sharlene Ritchie, LaRae Larsen, Carol D, Pulley, Janice Spainhower, Sherlene Christensen, Beverly Devey, Kay La Mae Briggs, Karen Huggard, Carol Roberts, Camille Wra- thall, Marilyn Ramsay, Virginia lligley, Janice Johnson, Pat Jones, Janet Nuttall, Colleen S. Fowler, Vivian llunter, Marlene Pawlowski, Renee Chilton, Merma Proctor, Director K. J. Bird. male glee ,.- 5 H ti! , - L 9,1 ..t . Q er,, . V1.1 A 5, F1 lf? ia First Row: Dick Proc-tor, Virgil Steggell, Clifford Madsen, Albert Bowen, Eugene Laursen, Jon Meranda, Roger Taylor, Milton Terry, Dan Vacher, Kent Featherstone, Second Row: Brent Milne, Wayne Allred, Allan Cunningham, Wallace Drew, Morris Pulley, Paul Nerdin, John Beve- ridge, Calvan Vance, Kenneth Pierre, Sherrill Hansen, Frank Watterson, Third Row: Aeeom- panist, Joleen Grant, D. R, Brown, Odell Nielsen, Gaylen Holindrake, Milton Forbush, Jack lieighley, Douglas Larsen, Andrew Shelton, Kay Mitani. Francis Adams, Director K. J. Birdl Fourth Row: Robert Smith, Dale Greening. Ronald Turner, Orlen Iverson, Norman Millett, Raymond Adams, Ward Iwleljonald, Jimmy Shelton, Vernon Bair. girls league Senior Officers Dean of Girls Cheri Peterson and Jean Day Margaret Hansen Junior Officers Sherma White and Pat Jones President Sophomore Officers Carol Strong Carol Dimitt and Joyce Penrod -79- orchestra Z , M ' in 2 t f 2 Ma, i l z , 3 i , : v- 1 W-M N Q::.,e..i4.:: 5-,....,W.. m...1 f-+- x ms amwwsr. .4 , Y ' 4 Left to right: Jolayne Buckwalter, Wilma Homer, Robert Pawlowski, Carol Jean Molascon, Dali-ne Mayne, Elaine Cnidester, Brent Roberts, Myrna Morrell, Colleen Durrant, Myrtle Jensen, Barbzira Gres-nlancl, Sally Clements, Barbara Bailey, Director K. J. Bird, Kent Roberts, Enid Wilson, Sharon Hyde, Mary Monson. CZIVQITIQH CZIDQFS Q4 '-I! 'NJ D. R. Brown and Martha Hoelseher -g0- beethoven iv-Q -.Q-fr Vice-President Donna Richards, Secretary Jolayne Buckwalter, Reporter Marilyn Barratt, Kay Walker, John Richards, D. R. Brown, Joleen Grant, Ronald Thomas, Beverly Bateman, Paul Anderson, Joyce Miller, Mary Monson, Kent Robinson, Beverly Devey, Merrill Bateman, JaNae Batchelor, George Abel, Ruth Moss, Elton Abel, Barbara Lee, Glen Smith, LaRae Larsen. Adviser K. J. Bird, President Robert Smith. -31- american Co Editors LaDeane Johnson sf' vi Lela May Lee Q Adviser Clark K. Brown Business Manager Production Manager Foy Swain Joyce Miller ZX I First Row: Ada Mae Wild, Carma Greenwood, Marilyn Hunter, Pearl Thompson, Carol Blood, Marilyn Tuckett, Janice Wing, Sherlene Christensen, Carolyn Pulley, Doris Hollindrake, Glenda Austin, Second Row: Ja Nae Batchelor, Mary Leonhardt, Helen Schmuhl, Jean Day, Janice D. Mayne, Renee Chilton, Dixie Rhone, Janice Johnson, Marrian Goode, Third Row: Shirley Hug- gard, Sherma White, Connie Dean, Loye Brown, Lorene Cleghorn, Barbara Wagstaff, tAbsent from picture, Grant Robinson, Ralph Lee, Paul Anderson, Dan Greenland, Carol Strongm N 1 future home makers of america S l i YI' W? x rl- f,11f. . ,104 'f O s f . J.-w Af A .,au .vp '- P-4, x , President Mary Leonhardt, Vice-President Carolyn Chadwick, Secretary Elaine Greenwood, Reporter Ada Second Row: Muriel Evans, Higley, Third Briggs, Merla . xl' . - . ..0-ravi l, 1 - .I - 1 -ff- bf If 1 4,,f.,. ,H . " f- f1l0'. . a 1 - - - .Jrfn xi .4 P """ffnXfl K, !rx.- . If 4 f . .1 "H ' IC Mae Wild, Lorene Cleghorn, Janet Nielsen, Helen Schmuhl, Irene Monson, Carol Robinson, Sharlene Ritchie, Gloria Greene, Myrna McGee, Karla Hardy, Julia Street. Barbara Wagstaff, Marilyn McCormick, Lynne Anderson, Virginia Row: Louise Frandsen, Arlene Harris, L'Dean Okey, Marjorie Gordon, Carol Beck. 01,0 Lf, y fb 4 ,ll . 'XJ' , ,I vin 'n - fry' -1 . , ' Inf 1 o "' ""f,'rv 1 A n - , Y T14 zxvxd ti , ,rpg I Q , 41, ,. I JV , 4 . qf 4 . ,Y- iffff 'nf' ' lldfj' 1 ' 1. ' ,': i In vm, ,' i -ff 'ff- ' -,aff 1 .4 ,-.A-f . fry- in .UM ' ' sf f 5 N- H J , X 3 , ' , , 1 .7 '- ' . ' f 4 V - , fffvfff-"' , Club Officers President Mary Leonhardt, Vice- president Carolyn Chadwick, Secretary Elaine Greenwood, Recreation Chairman Lorene Cleghorn, Reporter Ada Mae Wild. forkaster Co-Editors Joleen Grant Jeannette Mecham 5 Adviser h Richard I. Ricks Foy Swain Vivian Hunter Jean Day D. R. Brown Lela May Lee Martha Hoelscher Annette Carter Staff Members Gordon Bennett, Rodney Griffin, Jean Helmandollar. Vernon Bair, Eldon Huntsman, Dixie Rhone, Carolyn Chadwick, Shirley Hoggard, Mary Monson, Maryl Ingersoll, Berna Dee Henrie, Carol Roberts, 1Absent from Picture Pat Jones! -84.. I like it Fight, Team! Mmmmmm. Say Ucheese. This is how! Awright, you 1: 7. Oo-la-la 8. 6 ! ! ! 9. Very good. 10. Yeah! 11. Poor Batchelor. guys. 12. Music Maestro, ?????? Say Mah." Now what? Big Ron. Yea Faculty. Yer 'jist sayin' that. Tm rebarrassed. Are we down hearted? Who, me? Charge! ! Swing yer pai'tne1'. Little Grass Shack. Pep C1ub??? representative girl I Jean Day Joan, Whose scholastic ability is unsurpassable, was chosen by the senior class to represent them at their graduation. Her radiant personality, quick thinking, and dependability will well represent the Class of '53. .36- representative bo Neal Mortensen The Seniors chose Neal as representative boy because of his great lm-zidership qualities und dynamic personality. Outstanding in scholastic und CXTIL1-CL11'l'lCullll' activities, he has held the admiration and esteem of his fellow classmates. -37- Name F1'ancis rhllktllli-I Rayniond Adams Shirlcy ltao Adams Gary Adamson Gerald Adamson Torn Anderson Sharlcne Ashton Marilyn Barratt Ilonnle Bennett llonnle C. Bennett Marlow Bennett IJ. Il. Brown Eleanor Brown llarlene Bryner Eleanor Bunker Ilon Carlisle Chris Chadwick Renee Chilton Allen Christensen Shcrlone Christensen .Ilmmy Clawson Marilyn Coddington Glen Conder Jean Day Kent 'Day Charles Dimltt Louise Duffin Marilyn Durrant Muriel Evans Mack Forbush Beulah Fraughton Colleen S. Fowler Marrian Goode .Ioleen Grant Gloria Greene Dale Greening Tiarhara Greenland Ilan Greenland Rodney Griffin Faye Hampton Shcrrlll Hansen Carla Hardy Martha lioelscher llcnnis Ilayden lloris llolindrake senior horoscope Always seen 8th Grade hall In his little "ez" blue car Enjoying life YVltl1 the boys YVith Dennis Combing his hair With a comb With Ruthie Burnin' around Showing her rings In Lehi Blushing Studying Just looking XVith Dan Running away from girls Driving a truck Laughing in the hall Showing off In Jack's car XVith Beulah Beeping her horn Making the grade Getting A's Expressing his opinion Wltlm that certain red-head Eating Getting embarrassed Filling her pen In the hall YVith Jimmy Sneezlng XVith the boys With Jeanette Studying Between two girls In the library Wvlth Eleanor Eating Wlieaties Chewing gum Driving around XVlth Mary Being nervous Sounding off Over-eating Ambltlon Mayor of upper Slolvovia Chemistry teacher Stenographer To be a man Manager of a burlesque show Jet pilot Soloist at Carnegie Traveling executive's secretary Anything but a soda jerk Have a family To get married Taxi-driver To get an A plus To go to BYU Model housewife Play football Bachelor Be a 2nd Betty Grable To drop the first H-bomb Hair stylist Admiral Manager of Cook's Ice Cream Olympic track star School teacher Army's quarterback State official To be a. Mrs. Sunday School teacher Nursing Mayor of Highland Keeping house Good cook Dancer Live ln Lehi Secretary Pitcher for N. Y. Yankees Member of Utah Symphony To graduate 2nd Will Rogers To write 200 W.P.1tI. To travel Learn to swim Lawyer USAC Co-ed Marrying her dentist -g3- Peek Into the future Alpine bus driver Operating a towing service Model for bathing suit Singing waiter Making super deluxe sundaes Dairy farmer Bottling Mascara Page turner for Grant Johannasen Lady jaller Teaching "Juniors" Alpine goat herder Editor of Esquire Replacement for Mr. Giddings 'Pwirler for the Navy Band Making baby diapers Shoe shine boy Bouncer for the Pink Elephant Lounge Missing St. Peter at the gate Clark Gable's stand-in Policewoman in P. G. On KP Running old maids' home Breaking molecules U. S. senator Running a bookle joint Temperamental millionaire Singer with Tommy Dorsey Secret agent for F.B.I, Car hop Cow milker Professional basketball player Manager of Brooklyn Dodgers Boy's counselor Replacement for Miss Hansen Psychologist The Lone lVolf Professor Chief cook and bottle washer Replaeing Hack Miller Horse doctor Selling Bulcks Running Lonely Hearts club .Xmericafs top bofokie Heda Hopper's substitute Finding spider "webbs" Name Gaylen llolindrake Ronnie llutchings Meda llunsaker Orlin lverson Gerald Johnson .lanice Johnson Lalleane Johnson Vola Johnson Lallae Larson Ta-la May Lee Mary Leonhardt Clifford Madsen Janice D. Mayne YVard McDonald Myrna McGee Jeanette Mecham Jon Meranda Joyce Miller Brent Milne Norman Millett Irene Monson Myrtle Morris Neal Mortenson Ruth Moss Vaughn Myers Paul Newman Odell Nielsen Janet Nuttall .lerry Parduhn Lullene Park Edward Patterson Margaret Pawlowski Cheri Peterson Jay Phillips Kenneth Pierce Merma Proctor Carol IJ. Pulley Carolyn Pulley Gail Pulley Morris Dee Pulley Dixie Rhone Donna Richards Sharlene Ritchie Grant Robinson Shirley Robinson senior horo cope Always seen Hugging the radiator ? '? '? Being late Gazing at lla In his jalopy Giggling Dramatizing Being nice Flirting Getting upset Eating in shorthand Doing anything Doing her lessons Front row in assemblies Being Sweet With a smile for everyone In the Sophomore hall Cracking corney jokes Carrying two horns Making the grade In her father's car Poking along Talking to Mr. VValker Smiling Thrilling the girls Fooling around Showing his muscles Goofing off With Juniors Playing ball Here and there Reading Giggling In Gerald's car In Mr. VVa1ker's office Looking cute Talking about her baby WVith Earl Being studious 'Being quiet Cheerful Getting scared Fluttering her eye lashes Teasing Miss llansen Thinking Russell Ambition Second Frankie Laine Navy Admiral Most anything Owner of Peoples State Bank Own a Cadillac Raising little comedians Miss America Helping others Torch singer Slcetching a certain "P.G. 'er" The 64 dollar question To be taller To graduate Great American lover To be with Kale To join the Johnsons It's a secret Editor of Looney Tunes Own his own grocery store It's hard to tell Concert pianist Nurse Speaker of the House Stenographer ln the movies Collect money To be "Miz Universe" lnvent a no-study class To be a "star" Learning new things To have a good time To get all A's To have "one" job Head mechanic for General Electric To travel Foreign correspondent To have more kids Mother of six Secretary Settling down To use those twinkling feet Debutante Grande Ole Opree 'Tennis star Marriage -89- Peek Into the future First man on the moon Official deck scrubber Football referee Superintendent of Alcatraz Garage mechanic Running a boys' camp in Alpine First woman President Einstein's little helper Modeling nylons Replacement of Jon XVitcomb VVoman wrestler Ball coach A successful wife Owner of Tracy's Service Station Vitamin distributor "Universe" editor Bachelor Relief Society President Gold prospector Owner of Utah Oil Disk jockie Operating a cat and dog hospital Tennis Champ Lady card shark Adviser of the "Cougaretts" "Valentino" llenpecked husband Ford salesman Grave digger Flying jets Happily married life Lady on the flying trapeze Entertaining servicemen Proof reader for a newspaper Pin l'p Boy Bubble dancer Elephant trainer A Toni girl .litter-bug champion Advertiser for Lux Toilet Soap Professional Own a flea Paint brush Ape man in Slave driver weight lifter circus maker the movies l 1 Name Always seen Ambltlon Peek Into the future Ilelen Schmuhl Saying.: "Fuom" Second Florence Nightingale Shoveling coal for the county hospital James Shelton VVith one girl or another Invent bones that d0n't break Undertaker Carina Smith NVith Meda Demonstration of non-smear China. salesman lipstick llobcrt Smith On his way to Salt Lake Pro-football Pretzel twister Janice Spainhowcr Being sweet To sing Lady barber Carroll Stokes Around Nurse 'Ponsll inspector Ronald Strasburg In Highland Farmer Forest ranger Julia Street XVith a Tooele sweater on Marriage Counselor Superintendent of old folks home Carol Strong Out of control To be Doris' sister-in-law Sword swallower Laura V. Fillmore VVith E. J. Successful wife Ambassador to France Foy Swain Strolling in late Sports editor Alarm clock mfg. Ron 'l'urner On Grant Ave. l.ehi's coach Hermit Jesse VVa4.:stat'f XVinning' a contest Farmer, naturally Graduate from Sing-Sing Rex NVagsta.ff On the radiator Bishop of Highland Candy store owner Glenda XVall Getting excused Hash slinger Tuenall manicurist Leo XVarnick Dodging girls Policeman Owner of a harem Ada Mae lVlld XVith a boy To grow taller Fat woman ln a circus Camille NVrathall Absent from school Stand-in for Jose Iturbi Worm trainer x ' Q .4d4JQ6f44m"' 6 .QD QQW 2 WM! , . " 0 J r 0, l .N 7 MJ 5145 in-a Me, 0 . 3 l 0 0-571 If M Q aff Q 1 , i 5 I! ' M 'f of -7015! f o . 4 . if 5 x e , Z I 2 N . X 1 ' f MA! - 5 . ' cj if J ' . , 9 ' . 5 0 ' 0' irkf-08 ,,a,-qdiygv 'f'1AL. flfl' J , 'fl,4l,2' . Wbye, you guyslifv fl ffrwfw' pwmjwf we e we 32113 fIJ.fYVlJLk'j To 25,2-J ff-12 QV! .AZY4 9'b1f12 fl gfvgd KVM'-Q 4fQQflfff'l . f X gif, V- .fag 'Magi .4,lff,,,7 J ' A 1 WMV A K L .J 11410 +0 ,lf 73 fcLz,4!LCil,af4fl ffevm-Mhz Mai' fl fvvlfq XL5. ,V OIL 041 IAA 'O-QYQQC ,904 XYLV I Q FZ? J, , F I V . Qodfffffx -I 0-Lkg , N-2Q, 'L g 5 'f,f'x.fg - ,L .." D fs - V A V' 4,7 1 ' J N J 'pure' alba! 0'vLf-' J VU 'ci ff -KK We , another school year has assed and the "Migh Seniors" of '53 are ready to graduate. It's been a long, hard climb to the top and a few have dropped out on the way, but the majority have made it and accomplished much. There are many memories of 1952-53 that you will want to cherish always in your hearts. Football, basketball, the hop, prom, school and club plays you'll want to remember. We, your yearbook co-editors, would like, with this book, to help keep those memories forever burn- ing in your hearts. v . v We want to express our appreciation to Nacxrema and everyone in the studentbody who helpedlto make this book a success. We hope you will enjoy it as you read it now, and continue to enjoy the "American ' through the year. K It's been real, ft I - . Mix ' vfllf fvhayy " "L'k""Gk'k!'.z.XN X6 I ' v If PWZK, . L g , 'rgfgq C.a,,.N,, ,ivy-ff 1 ' 17,701 ,gfp ,cfcfrilk - , - ,,! tl I E V' LFLC ,I -913 ?.l,YfA70,,1'l-A - I uf W autographs if 4 49 .Ma 32270 . X29 - .4 -44QIK .1 ff ZA ,,?'j',mm f'1l??12. W ywgwmdo MMM . , . Am! IZ ,N 4a"'f'! Qfffff-fe ff K QfA.mA'f'.,Z,fZ,,'7,,,,,' mt' 'W 06+ ya-4'f?,-dawg, ia ! -5-'ffbldawuu . jig' AbMa"?"6'4"f J :ff ,A SWA. Wi. I, - I V . . . N .,. VY., 4. ...M gb- -- ',,,'1.-nfifg .. A3 v 4 - 1 X ,I . . . J A ,gpg-A vi '- 1' K ' 1 .' 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Qt f2i'iJ422fjf4f jjj M1f2J4"MM 76 . wwwcw . wwf lendbg tment Store f'2f5 . ff 5' WWJAZW With Everything in Merchandise 1 THE HOME OF FAMOUS NATIONAL BRANDS Popular in Price Outstanding in Quality Use the Convenience of Q Cncnrge Account CHIP IA ' ffflfazip ',,, ia' ,, A ' , iqihlfvoi 9 f ' Wm CWM QfgfMjf55f21a, , from fax - ii? W 164 American Fork, Utah i i n QP W Wiwfiiiim if ni , Alpine Publishing Company Wm 0MMERClA '9 s, MH WMA - PUBLISHER gfllyn f b 15- ' f , . K' ff if iffy Wifi 73 ' - Qi gvx .4 . . . , ' X ' K ' 4' xx ' C f KE Q ea , V SV f X' , X Q in PANOQOS'MCfI'OR c . 1' 'FX 'xi f I' " Q, Q' f i MM f -- X 5 RQ YQ' Q - v j KCPQEVRGLETB RN wx 0 ' ' XA . XE- v . a service you Q 5- X ' - Q can always X A' KCSZVS .sig dependon! if VM X' ' 'A .' , 'Qt' XCOTXIQ' Main and Centerfl 4 K 9 R43 XTINYQ x X' ' X X' Q8 -f ' Vxfx ' N Qi X Plgone-93 H Q ' ix- WN ' WX' A u nn ffoisw a ug? co X -Xl xx ixAmericgg1FfSNtW Utah X x KL K F V, . 3 V' x . fu E X , -3 42 xx V N YQ Q 'X k V . A R, BLSYHEBQ + f'i f 'W i ,- 3 A Q -3 fx ww-X Q . 1 hh T go X Y" T- K ' " X K- Q f ic. A H55 'swyfax f: V. L ZQT KM P ,wr mf Q PQJMXHCHRIGS :LQgAi.S L, , - 5 ' Q" X OMPANY' 5 x ig 1gfQ14lh,x- M,iTLU -5 1,-2 il TEM' t' Q2 N5 Qi 6605 LLICK ' fm 'L ' -- XV: N, Q-X 32' Q K, - K- C y.. SN Q, 5 XX: I lu 5 N l li rw A gd ,.zSg3QOWQS 5? V32 m 30 4, 5 X ,4 xx - erwsorssfo 5. , X5 Bx - 1. I K W I ri f .Q A3 ' li Qi A' K 'A "QW w' Flbwersf' X f VN . ercan FiGEk, Utah F A Y ix - A X X Qin 2 1 E Z r .X xr -is NA :J 8 ' y. f. X. iz p L2 ' T-Q it -Q ' X K 7 V Tfxx 1 dll 'Q' Y-QQQ' X ,w,'MNeRTx Q Q '41 fe,-4 XR C' Q. ' Q ' xxx .NX B 2 Z X - X 5 i Ns O 4,21 X gui gli Q ' -' .' fy -, - .J V-1 fr, x . . : , lf, ai , Vg ,, Q., 1 xx o WSWS M5525 S M E? 5 E Q of gg who X ' n me ES u ouy e Q S 1? Lifffzzgiy f 5 0 Eff if ' QXEORNWOOD untfo Phone 404- can Fork, Utah 193 East Main Am .can Utah ,S iors of 1953 X . e is the window of th +5 ul, ndicating the Heart 5 LATIO Home ii ig: 4? SONGRATULATION ood Luc From fr N X EDMAC t TA FL R ILL ARCTIC CI 1 ast Nor h Pho 32 Eddie ' Lela if E M3 Q Y 1 gs M - gui, 15.2 4! fl ,fair 5 7 J wr riff ' X v 1 Lv f,,,1,L1,,f7fE4- n"ff4, J, if I C' ' U X- ' X lR.,.14f,4-nf ,5 g K J c I-TKT . "fu fy? .E W ',m., W WU , R JL VU . COP'4fGRATEJLATIOfqSiYEf7 , . A I 'J -. 511144. ,g,,t,'j4, 0 V!". I 4 'N , 7' in pf 47 FrQli57K'1I" 21t"A- if C A E for!! if K fr I. wx 1 . fy K .V . 0116 fM .fu 'R ff J , JV f 90 ,M L f A,, f WVR di 5 ,a Q , WM. THORNTON DRUG ' ' R ff ,fa .f WW My I K ' Ph 3 J ff ff' f ,R WL gQ'IJ1gQ41 4-50 J flied yu K f . I . , I ,l.. I 'V THE FRIENDLY PLACE 1 , " TO MEET I R U f fl , I . in g ,. J fJgM49r'f'4! -' 'W ' f' J Nj! 'A fd ,WR ,Elf 'f' W Q X 26 M ff 'ff f L 4 I X r,.V 7Zf1.f!fif." X ,IW ff!!! l , X R P N' EY, N ELLlsoN CLEANERS X R ' , T Quay, Y Q S Arrnoveo iz A X E R T' SANITONE ngrat er1ca K SE!!!-ge Aj! N S O 5 f . ' 0 if N . R, 4-8-and I ' X Sh egnb s Ni YQ' fbf- ,J- X 5 I on . "J ' af orkfu of RER .N RE S 'f"W J u R 'R RRR, R gm f - A Q U x I 'fx . 1 ' ,V .v M , ' . . I ' i-41 I ,1 -V 1 ' .' I . I , L L , ' ' GRQTQLATTGNS r , ,ysehiofybf '53,!. ' f 'Y v 1 .VL I 'Af ' r At' 1 1 'y L- 1 1 1 V ' x .V 5 " " 4 1 . V199 Tu5NER,waNQ, , , A , g v 4. x f. ' "Your Frje , Intefmcmfionqlq ' 1 ,n . ,I fu J' If 6 7' I " V! J w 1 I 1 1 fy 41" " J, 1 f ,I j 7 If JJ I ,af I! in Y! I J A L an K XJ yy- J' wt' J J! I' ff' ' ' 1 7' I ff , f M J ,ff M 2' ' J ' If M xv J! f I N ,ff , f' , W Q v Oy LL I 4 If J l U' AD WP ff"i2 lRK's'DRlvE',u4'N' 1" fa ,fl W 53 J lf, f r Jr V - . ' 'uf f - ' . f -r l Drfvfjglzt and 'jog' yours Las ' 'I I J 'jx MJ .. A ' 3 !' ' ffpn r . ,1 J ' 1 - ' ' A I If j 5 , 'XV rf A',mer1can'El5rk, UQ J L ' A Jyknu eat thejplest r ,J I L. . j ' 'J' -I , I 1 I I' ,. F I 2 'V ! r I ' ".' IM .7 X ilk, 4 '7 H V' 5. ' Pnone F42 ' L., O M, UTQH P," , n 'yn' 1, Q if x M Q I , 4 A J ' J ' . ij ,ALf93", k -' 1 f 7 I I fu ? J. x X 7- . Ll P l l 1 f' i If " 7' :P a Im I it 1 ! 'K D ' L V l I I Xl I f I Aww I V IJ ,L ' - V14 .LU A ' Vljyfv JV I 5 ' I I I' L. L J r.f , l. 'I fl' o ' - fx A506 COfW'QvrotuUUtio'u4's ' 1'A!Mfx,5f' ' ' VJ , if I Ya J ,. 1 1 1 CQMGRATULATIO f O in yr . .W J ygfflgest WfShes to -Sf! Q M gb w'The ,Id53YGro51,gd'f2s " JJ! 11053 oft Jr ,NV X 'ff .4 ' , f I I! We ' vie all he stude 1 Q ," ' uf from S YL In 'and Qggfme nwd' f with rybfmk and i facilitifsf V qq ,, ff , Ja .1 ' if If u PEOP,L.ES 'XSTATPXBANK , A llwfffrmber of .ml Depogig ,V Ixryxrance Corporaticfim ., I A11 acfqgunfg' insured up to-5f0,000.00 American Fork, Utah agrjijih swgfrgsfyorrf ' U J jgbinpdlior "HQj3O" Hamburgers V4 , fJ We Appreclate Your Patronage YN. Moke o Dote with Dove tor Complete Cor Service DAVE STEWART'S SERVICE STATION - Egg: ic ic ' E. N. Webb J EWELER - OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined . . . Glasses Fitted Diamond Rings Watches, and the Best of everything in the Jewelry line. THE GIFT SHOP Lehi, Utah elsif? Best of Every 1 to ll of Yo THE TI JEWEL - I P Here you can get e best doggofne Diamond deal you ever saw! MGH MARKET "Though you only spend a dime, We give top service every time." SAVE while you spend-we give S8zH Green Stamps Mox ond Helen l-lorper Pleasant Grove, Utah Phone 5761 T0by's Produce-"Form Fresh Fruit" Pleasant Grove, Utah Phone 3203 GREETINGS To all our old and new friends. Enjoy a first run show 'at the STAR-LITE DRIVE-IN THEATER in American Fork Leon and Marie Cartwright Proprietors Congrotulotioris from BURGESS MERCANTILE Groceries, Dry Goods, Be'nnett's Paints, Hardware, Lockers and Locker Service Alpine, Utoh QQ. Ny? X K A KET cr ' ro erix-Meet 'u ' i if GH LAND GROCERY our miles north of American Fork on the Alpine Road Gosoline, Oil, Groceries ond Confections Best of wishes to the CLASS OF '53 Best of Luck ond Thoriks for Your Porronoge Stop and Shop anytime. We'11 advise you on any car deal. HALSTROM USED CARS American Fork, Utah 598 E. State Road Phone 36 It Poys to Shop ot McNElLL'S MARKET Vegetables - Groceries Meots Phone 417 85 East 4th North Good Luck, S 'ors W R 'f From i 'S AM2Rltf75N'FQklQQ is, snosgnorxg Shoe Repairing if B C ' s ,X N' W 'X x Y fSucc:ess ond Good Luck Q, Are the Wishes From ,K xxx X 'Q XT B LVA'S BEAU fs XSALO ' I . :5Men's, oys'ai'5i i 5 ix' SHOES I X sy Q - Q B Benway Q EcgSmitlR ,X Y 3+ Pf10"e16 W A N2 A C A 4 VX- 1 X .Q N Rx K, Q XJ R X QXVF 1145 o it I OV GY qui Xe egg T nks for ou Potronoge N ana X :S J i T 3 gems 'S N4 - x Complime X of S' x N N X 3 STEVQMUEDO :QS ig j 'CELNTER sw T SHOP i ' Center Streetz:American Fork, Utah Phohg- 78 me Fork, Utah i U 9 ' Xi' K' -J 3 " if XF G' STACK X Tx f Nix X 'uv' X X 3 -- Xxx A K X NX A X' 'xi .Z fi'-'Once l ' 4, is I .I - 33 VW diss? Any BOLEY'S INC M M ,f:.MaaLwr1 vYour Friend1yimrd gX ' ,X t xxx ' 6 rc.ALPINE Moroskkugi Harold Holley, Gene a1Xxa E'-N ax S .X 3 ,U 55 Mm mimi? . 190 E.Main St.,American rm Q I 'i' A 34,96 PHONgEfI Phone 124 - R X- E. al ' ' Qi Qi it We A 1 A I vii 5.vX ' N C N5 N? ,gliopgs x E X Gra -'53 NS ON MABGS X B 'N NX 'W l TAYLOR DRUG ,gc K at artcl Groceri X I 27 East Main Phone 82 lsxmgr an Fork, Utah .X to ix I ix GARREWS MARKET we Friendly smiiowi x Xi I Meats - Vegetables Staple and Fancy Groceries an "I.G.A." Store American Fork, Utah Phone 122 CHRISTENSEN'S TEXACO SERVICE The Best Friend Your C'ar Ever Had! GRIFFIN BAKERY Homemade Bread Fresh Daily For private parties, Banquets, Choice snacks, or Exclusive dining, Cakes decorated for all occasions Make it PAR ' AF E Phone 68 19 East Main ORQCM? UEAH M ff 5 FQWFQV5 my Six' a cfm INN 4 SHES rx " ' V I' Sf WL, TQWL WW ,L MVS? dy . ,ffl TA L 's l.G.A. MARKET wh' Wkie h epififes 84 Westmain P ne 375 W T if f f X li' Nhpplyia h 'I Yay? MIN . 0 fmfffbj i l X 'llli v EQQNG TU A :ONS J Bwhts P T the CSgc f 1953 S 5CV'DT0'W EVUQ S 9g B wEBER'sQv5 LR? STORE 0 R9 ' telie Phi? ts ality Fir tfgervice A1 y T A a xi 06? Q I ' I N! .,': - . X Q ' I Rx xv : X R up ul ESS , Gian Tulotions, Seniors N ' is ' S s ROUSE-REITZ X i ce e e :ce X Ek S .,, A plio Ce P -W Q b ai Nelf-Service Store ' Ameri n or l S 5 XH or,gcQ9o1 1 I . . ix NIEBUHR ' am . WFQN STATION ,w! yFpr0ug 0 ing M' W T mf nofr- MW"meW x Q GAS STATION d M s Wee Super Service R533 ' X 3 ' ,ab . Z XC 8? fri Q X A C? ff 'Qc cg ici: tif L Lf' 5? fi . 1.2 I P 3- 5 L- .xr , f H Q X 3 BEST WISH ES F. Ci- ,Q -Q .weiafe evvffe-eiffw assist yffiiy K from if et f fx 'Yoh tkieqqad to 'f K Zi Aj .2 Ccx 7- ki Q rc fcf Cc K,,SUCQESS'ff- ' X, . C C ' K- i C ELECTIZONJC5-fl? HX P L ig,lHAii'MqN cox 4 e' H1 n' 'f' CT Television Soies ond Service tzogfl K . Girgigriigeaegx 55 Cf 86 West Main, Am. FonkFX,Phone HZ? Zm6f1C, - A ,Phjne 5K J X' . XC CA 5 , rg' JCC L- ,. 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American Fork, Utah xx f ish ng ar 11 exclu ve Phone 433 f f"K , 5132 M h0n0 r STUDEBAKER J ' -X 1 , N I J M F ' 1 MM ,uf r Mr W M ' n If ijjflfl fb gfvrwxgse firms supported ,HJ rr our Yeorbook- Let us support THEM! 1 1 rr pf ff KV" l r v 7 , ' X W ' . 1 , . - X ,K X ' .' 5 'V fail: fffcty C- 1 fx 1' 'Uahlf 1 Kg' -'-' 1 " ' f XL C ' NC' M I X -, ' In fx 1551 qt' Z A Q' T ,LQ C5-x ,HQIIQ L fl-ful ij.,-I f 1,.,, jiblf , L, ,, ,X w MQAK' A Z fa w . f f f, rcs' 1 on-rffff Y6wfeL'f"7Q f f . ' ' 1 ,J ff 1 Jfflnif K Y! L X I7 .-5'-1' fx 1 "ff Lxrzfxg if -' ! f'k4!4"7 j KK' f If I V , I f .f r 4 e ff ,J s L . 71,11 7' Cfk M I I X- . Q!! f Q' 2 ,fl V kfty If ' l , ll LV p ,A A A , 1 4 , xCr1ggCv7 ff QVC ff! .I Cfv-,Vx f K -if!! f ef ' '. 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