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mp-JE., ,.,, ,..,,..,,. - 5 Q1-Ju Q9 ,lg,,,,,,.,,44l.,.. :f.,4,W f' JM aww My JWKWJVMWQL 4.5 5 N l,,, . A4 ' 'jZ4j,,o0'a4J ,"'Zf7'J,Q,.,2ffw17 ,QMMMf .M -aw ff'-WwfA'q'A"J,e,,'37.'r 3 Qi..-9,542 fZ,vl--Cb' fn ti'-x.jg,., "" 2 E "M" QQ" OAQLM4 S WM f'f""'f"""'9 Awww Q Q,-,A,6,z . , ' , , fwfww Mm? efg,M.d,w-ffm'-MW . 3 BJ 'SPA Q at Qd,mL'b,! Z 'Q'q' M W 77wfW49w7?01J f ., . . f is EY W XX C . uk XX X BQ is S as v I i5f ,E gX. Q xg M 2? in X554 X gem X -' Ex A 35 Q s X w?XfQ . wwgb eh S X3 X , XT Q xx 'gf N 3 iq N 3 X5 'Nfl 54 NS 'fi ii - W w .. xx J N xx w 15 B Q- 9, K as X A Nw W' Xa 1. -.X 1 1. '-' 5 Q X,XNQ,.q, ' -JEX- QNi'x QW? XNXQXJSQQ x Ei Q Xibdfu L f A 7X MWTLXM XR Qs, WW W M f' ff . ffl? Wfhbffwf ZW ZMJWX My E, Vj,f,Mf WM! Mflwbf Sw MQW 'N 6, 'Q if AM, W ,ff'f'r,w f .ff ' f , 1' fs fm! may My W fb WWW W Mm , f . K-5 Jw MW ff fi UTY ly My dpwgpx M pwg,AM f I A, Cx A W 1- 1 Q ' . V . .l x X ICM 'al Q15 .1 . -K1 .' L - 1 X 1 K in JWP XX? A XC x VW' L Lck A IN Xe D QXX 'X vb X J K x J X 0 r, Y NL LN' 0 N Y .WV -Q W ,il X w M xN L K 1 LD xr' .1 'X U x J , WN QV favs 5 'J x K 5 YK K 'x Z dpi? 'I 1. XV J Q' lx .J5 Lx I - Lf 2 J X129 ' X -li VW J VM 21 l X H7 5 V .NIJ Xiwfl K7 X1 XTNJ: If QPU' - ' I L 'yay ' I , 1 f,LAJf7 ' 1 , I L ,f,4f2f J A .3 if , , fffg ' YALL fu ,ff -Z I ,, ' I ,, .2K4l774,l,y1.?-l',Lif f IV! l ,lvfl "' Q I fzkgw . , ' fififff 1 N4 I ,f r 71114110 , 4 A 7 4 1. 1 F 's , J" . ai E, xiii Zf4r4LL5L, 4 f Il L In ffl ,Z 1 f 1 ? 'Q LL l? V ' QQ ' ftf L,Jf,ff LW u 'bxx Zu Z w1Qf' AA,4 , . K. A u I I ,fl X 5 I M 7 Jw 1 :f Qflzflf L Q sf Q2 xQ N3 35553 335 N25 W 5S W?1Q RSE N 'N My I 5-I 4, .,,g, gv X4 Aq'F7dxXKS YT S XS. if R QQ- Pi' K xg?-iz f . 7 hv ' ip I EECL at 0,3 145 Zgkmmf IEIEXRIIO T Iz:fg.?WfJ,H 2 ' 4,.,.,,..,m,wg?.....i4-5-WP! 1' 9 EDITOR - EmI'Na:o.?EAN MYERS ASSOCIATE EDITOR - - BERNICE GARLICK BUSINESS MANAGER JOYCE BIRK ADVISER - CLARK K. BROWN PUBLISHER ALPINE PUBLISHING COMPANY J rg -- '. x,.. J' Q' 1 1 , , -4 I 'J , 1 J ' 7 ,. Brat Oblh A. ZF. Eigh Dear Old A. F. High, Yes, We will love you till we die. Your banners bright of red and white Will be a beacon through the night. Dramatic art and ball and track, We always bring the honors back. We get the pep, We get the thrill, From A. F. High School on the hill! -2- ., an-V -f SY 5 v nfvvggm 4 -. -sw , ,e , 4 'J . I . .qw W..-N-X vi . P . x Q s , ' N Q 1 . 1 'M fgflf W x . A V ., any fi ' Q U rw N '-n."sN 4 ' Q A .1 ' w n -..Q Qi was as 5 ,J X N X 'x 1 . X Ng x . xx f 1 1'L.fx,7C'!, fix' s- X A ff' N1 xi-M, XJ X-SVT' xxia A 'iQ V9 N 3 5 K at 'VT Ani 1 ,X Wk V LCC E1 l XS Qs 'sxfwffzvxfllw N N, X K S. X x , X. X NMR ,' s I , U , . .RY X N. W ,4- Here with footsteps padded by th-e falling leaves We 'enter into a realm of autumn time. We, the students of American Fork High School build memories that We will cherish throughout our entire life. While treading the rustling grass, our eyes search 'The Golden Horizon." Q U,1ijV',f7f' ff+v+V"1f.,a?f'f54?""ff'ff"' Q WW fj'1f2f3:f-'ff 1,13 Ahminiztratiun Principal Jesse M. Walker As the end of the school year approaches, it is natural for us to look back on the y-ear's experiences and to contemplate on how well we have spent th-e year. If we have done our work regularly, and with reasonable care and accuracyg il' we have been positive in our attitudes toward worthwhile activities of the schoolg if We have been helpful to our friends and fellow classmates, then the experiences of the past school year have been both profitable and satisfactory to us. In addition, we will have done much to equip ourselves to live successfully in the period which follows our high school days. Good traits of culture, good working habits, true loyalty and depend- ability, are characteristics so much needed in the world today. These we can obtain in school. Principal Jesse M. Walker -6- It has been my good fortune to Work with youth for a long time. I have tried to be sympathetic with and understanding of them and their problems. I hope that they are able to feel my interest in them is sincere and genuine. Assistant Principal Charles B. Walker -7- illarultg Ila M. Mortenson Commerce Fred Richards Biological Science Don C. Overly Physical Educatib E ' l Madge H. Tuckett all-H0 mstgie ,Eh 'O if S x TQ . Social SC19 Home Economics Evan Nelson Art X Us f 1 A teacher is known by his students! American Fork has long been known for both its outstanding students and faculty. Our teachers are always interest-ed in all our little problems--such as wh Y and how we can get so many "D"andy marks. I Fork High School, truly admire and respect each n all sincerity, we, the students of American one of our faculty advisers. We feel it an honor to have the privilege of learning under their leadership, and helping us maintain the high standards for which our school is distinguished. fi? Shannon F. Holmes Dramatic Arts Velma Shell y' ' ' , Clark K. Brown - z English , Engllshm ' Helen Fulkerson W 4 Physical Education 'jj My s ML 'fd AM t lf ' VNQ F C I, F I X I ' ia Hqga . ' Librari n 1 1 ' fl i F x -9- iliarultg Alvin Teuscher History James Norton Mathematics Leo Nelson A- Allen Physical Education Agriculture Margaret Hansen English Sylvia Pulley Clerk Norman B. Wing Mathematics La Vere J. Wadley Business Luther Giddings Physical Science Jean A. Fugal General Science Wanda W. Jorgensen Homemaking -11- 3Har111Ig F1 14' Laura B Nlelson Physlcal Educatlon May Larson George Scott Asslstant Clerk Engllsh Moyle Parker Elmo Hansen Industrlal Arts Enghsh Ferr111 M Sorenson Soclal Sclence -12- Qlnnkn 8: Gluatnhians Thelma Taylor, Ruby Clayson, Dee Mecham, Pearl Woffinden 'and Maude Briggs. Their clock-work efforts in preparing Well-balanced meals will never fade away in our memories. HAP VARNEY and RAY LEE Were always scurrying to keep the building in order. We truly appreciate their deeds of kindness. -13- Svtuhrnt Qlnnnril M, 'TTS VICE P16S1C1611t Kfnthleen Buckw'11te1 1 y J President Jerry Pulley I Socrretfn' Business Manager P1'OgI'8.111 Chzurxnan Y Jeanette Mechznn J. Moyle Joleen Grant -14- llnnm llrprrarniaiiura Members include: President Jerry Pulley, Kathleen Buckwalter, Joleen Grant, J. Moyle, Vard Swain, Donald McCormick, Glen Varney, JoAnn Scholes, Carolyn Pulley, Mary Leonhardt, Janene Moyle, Pat Jones, Lola May Lee, Jean Helmandollar, Boyd Hogland, Douglas Mayne, Larry Miller, Robert Wagstaff. Svtuhrnt Qlnunril Our school has been growing by leaps and bounds! And, as in the case of all those who want to better themselves, we have established a representative student council this year. The members are elected by the student body and they take charge of anything that comes up unexpectedly. This student council works along with our student body officers and our faculty to smooth out any difficulties that may arise. We sincerely appreciate their -efforts and feel proud of them in their task of revising our constitution. We hope that American Fork will continue this excellent work begun by our first and finest student council. -15- x" xt- 0 "Img hvrla nf IH E" We, the senior class of 1952, should be proud that we belong to such an organization. When we look back on our senior year and see that one stray lock of bleached hair, or think of that very embarrassing moment when the teacher criticized us in front of our current heart-throb, or we wondered just why we couldn't get algebra just as well as Einstieng we will understand just how wonderful the life of a senior, especially in American Fork, is. Our senior class has always been the first to go ahead and try something different. We have the -energy of youth and the knowledge bestowed upon us by our teachers. With these two things combined with an open and willing mind we embark on life. :IANtGNl'I lxl1J'Ylil': .l.XNl'I'I' Slll+Il.'l'0N LOU JEAN Hlfllili .Xu liitvlligt-tit 1 rl with .X t'lI2lI'lIllllg' ztllttt'en1t'ut ot' 'Phe fairest gzirtlt-n in he-I' IlIllll'lll' ztbllitit-S. style :tml faisltimi. looks, :tml in In-1' tniml llic XX' isest lumlis. 4 ltblt I X. HHUXVN IIICICID XXLXKIN .IARHGS MAY INIIIUTIIY Sl IINII III X taint tismn' ot' ztmusc- Ht- hats the gift ol' th-vp, XYlt:tt'm'v lu- dm-s, is alum' Mztniivr, not ,gold is mom mint is on his lips. tiatrk, silenve. with so mitch eztsv. in him :nfs ,211-attest Q'll1lHVNlllt-'ll alone it is iiatturztl to plt-else. -17- "Big hrrlz KI.XIll,I'1XI'1 S.XI1I'lN IQICRII XY.XIiI M.XIlIl,YN RII'Ii'II.XM 3II'fI.I!.X IIINiI.I'1Y I'mw:1u:nII:Hl-l I Inu-'xx ll . ., I'1n1p!-- .uw In--I vlm-I' :nl I'm 1mI-mIy':- I'1--nl, Ivul I 1':lll XYIII-In sin- Ilml pznsru-1I, it Im glml .uml I slum II... :n.I-Inn Immlx :uni In-zll plzly llu- pznrl. rf-1-rm-II Illn- Iln- 11-:using ul IAM :QM wi :I ll--II, I-mgllisilv Inulsiv, I,I-ZXYIS ll.XIlIlI'l'l"I' NI.XIlY I HI' .XXIII-IIXSHN II4rl'4lI,.XS MAYNIG RUSS Nls'll1vI.I'1S X IIIZIII uillu IIIIISII' ill luis I"l1II HI' I'1llv .mvl Vrwvliv, If-mv, I,iI'1-wzlxIn-x'1'1'll1v:ll1IIulu- l'm 11 IIIIIIIISUIIII' num, but ml. In- -vm sin: nn-Isl :mx :MIM mx Um I-un Many I,-vu. l.uII1-11 '4t'l'IllllSI5'. I'm :I :ny Il,.,4,.iy,r,-- :III- -13- Senior Class President Kent Walker an 'Q vi: XRS' I..XIlIlY MII,I.I'1Ii In Iris IIN-ss lu- is always Ilvlll. xxlllx :I pm-l's-nlzlllly II1:lt IS Imrml In In-ul. nf 1952" MARY V.XliNl'IY SHIRLEY RICHARDS KATHLEEN MARY Iil'l'I'Il l'I'I.XY lu this world shv'll gn fair, lim' step is IllllSlt'I her laugh BUCKYVALTER lmihty :tml pt-titv, hlushin with Ilv pt-isniiztlity :ts high is guy. She likes the song, but she mul swf-vt. :is 21 st:li'. likes the singer better. KALIG SMITH .IICSSIC l.l+Ilf1 CULLINGS GIJIGNNA JEAN MYERS l'Hl,l,l4IlGN HOLICY .X ,uullamt mam is ttlmvu ull I looked into his eyes :uid Always litirrying :xml svurry- Alun has his will, hut wmnun wurtls, rt-:ul the question. ing Rll'llllIltl, She is one of IIZIS hi-1' wzty. the best gals we've found. HARLO l4l'It'KS'I'RANlv SIIIRLICY l4AII,lf1Y YARD SXVAIN l.lCll,,x .I-ICNSEN X handsmm- mam whit has at Shi- is pretty. shi- is fuirg lie is wise, sclmlztrly, :uid .Xlwziys ztppemiliig' hhtht- :inc way with the trumpet. Just one wairniiig' 'Buys' trzunluil. 1-TPIY, UPVEI' without Z1 kind Iiewgiref' wmwl to say. -19- 3 "Mig hvrlz '-Q' A ' 1 YN ' x lll4'll.XllIn l14x'I'SUN Sill-Ilil. All'l't'lll4II.l4 4ll,Alblf1 SUIHGNSHN l,l'1lt1rY l..XliSl'IN llv is 41 Lzsnh- nl' ll-nsiln.: YV1'I'1' slnw- fsnnn- hm- will nt- l'Ix'n-rytliing' 4-mm-s il' nnly zu llv pq:-ts his sm-nsv :nhl nun- mvrrirm-nl, lzxin. l-'nr hm- hns stnlly un main will wznit. sm-nsv sn niixml up. ln- s-nn'l thi- hranin. 11-ll whivh is whivh. ,4- AI.XIll,IGNlC lllNlll,l'IY li.X'l'lll.l'Il42N l'llll,l,l1'S 4- is 4-vu-V prvlly, lllll n4-V4-1' ll:-1' sniilv- heath 4'llIll'lll, this plunnl. gnlzls-n-llziiru-ll C0-cd. lil'l'.X ll.X'l'l'lll'IIl lh-nnly :lnll n sung.: hiul in :ni irln-:nl 4-nnnhinzllimi. Vice President Shirley Richards -20- .IHYUI-I llllXVl,l'1Y Full nl' fun illltl inisx-hivl' too, lining things Sll1'4illQ.Illl ln ilu. ll.Xl.l'll SMITH ltznlph likes ln tm-:isv thu girls znnl :ull snvh things, lhlll wlwn il vnlnn-s lu lmskq-lllnll .llhf tllnl's thc- spurt of lilll,L2S: 4 nf IH 2' Nlllil'II'1N NV.XGS'I'.XFF Glilllltllfl R. HROXYN GURIJON S'l'RASl!l'RG LYNN JHIINSUN .X1-uyn-fl-In-:ulwith I'ris'mllylh'ink 11 0 1- p thu 1-up nl' A sense of humor amid :L l'I:nin living.: :nul high think- ll'2lllS. lilmwlodgc. pil-usaint disposition. ing: 1ll'l3 thc- lwnuty ull' thu guoil, .Xl,ln'lG CI.l+ZMl'lN'1'S LA Rl+Il,l.E HATCH DICK GIBBANY .JOHN EVANS A l'llf-'l'l'flll l'llllIlf0lliLIll'8 he- His smile is full of mischief. I :nn happy, I atm free. XVhy Ile hats his wztguii hitched tu mln-ns an good heart. zn'en't ull content like me? at star. 'fi lb.XlllilCl,l. l'HNl1lGli l!lC'l"l'Y liI'NKl,l-JY KAY XVILSON llwlil-lll'l' WMlS'I'.Xl4'lf lrignity and paitil-:iw :lm in .X pretty lass, with smiling Thi- main whu hlnslu-s iswmvl l'+l Iilu- in ln- lmsht'nl, but his luulcs, e-ya-S. . . . She can tPl1 you :ilwzlys il brute. the girls wun't lut Illtl. your wlntt's and why's. -21- 66 Ifiig hrvln -.-,. -uv-.-. .., ..,- ,... ....-,. ,.... ,..,,, i i .XI,l..XN I"llILI!I4lS f'I.YIPI4I STIIONII .I. MHYLIC RUSH M.Xllll-I MAKIN 'Xlx' tire-'re I'ix+-ml, . . . Nvw Ill- puts his Sllllli1'F Ull that ,Xll llnf w1vrlml'x il slum' :xml Siu- smile-s willl lwr n-yn-s ulu-vu' is ilu- Imp nl' my :ilu-lf. :uni 1-H1111-s lu svlmul I :um its llI2lllilL11'l'.'."' l In 1-Inj-fy lximsn-ll'. x I'.Xl'I, l'llH1"l'Hli I'I.XIll.Il'INlC IIHHINSON DIANE XY.XI,Kl'Ill llll'll.XHl1 l5.X'I'lC wmv ix il trunk I'1'i--ml Ilxill Shu- vmll-I sing.: lhv SZIVZISQUA XYill1 hm' sunny dispusiliull Sllww-ss is ilu- 1H'1l11ll4'l ul' un. xl-r Iwll':l5S. 111-Qs Amt ul' :1 Iwznr. slum- wxulnl 14-:ul am vxpmlitinu. I:lilI1I'1ll striving. Secretary Nola Carhsle I'.XIlI,l'ZY IHGNNIUN XYI15' tukn- lifv su svrimlsly Y1-11 ll4'X't'l' :Lvl out 111' il zlliw-. llIlXNK'1lB:, nf IH E" KENT XY,Xl,KlCR .IIGRKY l'l'I,L.EY CRAIG .IMFFS l'.X'l'liI1'l.X S'l'0KlCI! ,X !'llill'Zl4'U:'l' of IIIZIIIY Virtues, NYG :Irv alll eyvs when he is .X mam ul' m:u'k, wh-lr is YVith lln- vnivc ut' at sung'- umwn :md aulmirod by ull. prorwxlt and :LII memory mln-llevttlzxlly lllf'llll1'4l. Irirsl, l':lL has kimlnt-ss in when hm- is 243110. t'Yt'l'j' wcml. 1 .Il'l'II. ANIJIGRSICN UARUI, IJLTRRANT MICLVIN li0l'NlbY NULA t'.Xlll,ISI.lfI nlilll wants but little here It's nit-41 tu lbe11:Ltul':llWl1cl1 Iluppiness is 21 gift that 14ll2l.l'Illlll2.2' 111141 x'iv:u'im1s is In-low. he-'s not su hard to nm-'s ll2lllll'1lllY nice, nature givcs us. mn' lll'llllt'llt' sn-1-1'ctzt1'y I'rml1 plt-asv: Hut wumam Clmlvss gllyillc, lu-1' little hezlrtl wants every- thing: she sees. LICNHIIII lllll-Il-INIUXNIY lll'Illllll.l. BECK ALMA Sll.Xl"l4'l'1li llnll lll"I'l'IIlN1IS I 1lnn't wart- how lull I lm. linsily nmvn-ml to gztivty' zmml TH-1'I'a4vtiu1l is tho seam-t nf I nlmft vznrt- for girls, hut for thvu tho wnrltl looks up lilllglltef. Sll1'1'vSS. l'Yf'lI Niiliilfill l"1lllS- In llltf. -23- Q' "Mig hvrlz MAN NIGII, LYMAN lil llhlull CLAIM Wl+II5S'I'l'IR l!ll,l, LUNG vs-1' Imllhlvs lmulhln- till 1'llill'5lL'll'I' is ax nlianmnul that Ho finals his joy in livillp High 1-rm-tml lImup.:l11s sout- IIHIUIIG' lwulrlf-s him. rn-1':lLc'l11-s on 1-V4-ry stone. frmn xluy tu dau: Q-41 in Lhv lu-:u't wt' n-ollrtosy. I 1 I lx!-IYUN IYMIISON KAY l:Hl,lCY KIRK IDINIUK iw IHY 'l'l'1l'Sk'lllGli H1 lun-s ull girls :mal vx- XYIN-n we- lin-, lvfs live- in Ilv ln-lu-t'il:-1 luimsvll' that .Xvt wvll yuur part: ilu-rv pul-4 tlu- saum- in re-turn. w-luvvr, fm' whm-11 vvv'rv duzul aluoth guml to utlu-rs. ml ilu- mmm- lips, wa-'rv de-:ul :LII uver Program Chairman Lou Jean Bell -24.. 5 Ill I ICA IEONYMAN I,m'v is liku tho ll1t'1lNh'S Pvawxmn- has tu gn through it nf IH E" .Xl"'l'UN NVRIIJE SHIKI, OKIGY KICNNIIG YOVNG IZICIIXIUIG'K lh-r siiiiln- is only a. fraction A rm-all Irish SQ-use ut' liunim. llc has pit-zlsziiil wit :tml Xl'ith zu wimiiiig Il1'l'SlPllillllX nl' hui' 2llIl'ill'lillll. lfvvvs :l tiim-ly jukv. :uni pri-tty smilv .,,. this Hvi'tii4't', at we-ll-likt-sl gui. lll'II.UliES l,l'lI'l'NlCR PAIIUI. l'. I"RAl'GllTON CAROLYN BROMLEY ILXVIIW HlC.Xl.I'ZY Iiiyinq-ly 1311, mul niust di- .x sweat smile with twu Hare is :L spirit deep :tml ,Xlwaiys expt-4-tim: the' um-x viiwly fuir, dimples tu tuvk it in place. clear, ai, friend we love and not-tml. nevvr t'ezu'. l!I.AlNlC llYl1l'I EVGENIG SANDS DONALD Mt-UORMICK l'1l:l.l4INl'1 Slllllillllllli l'Iiiiluwt-il with l i I' 4- and .X l'lll'0l'flll lzul, with never :L Quit-t. subtle svnse of huninr, Slit- is pre-tty tu walk with vmplizisis. worry or :L vate. keen inte-lla:-t. ntliletic zibili- :tml witty to tulle with. ty-NYhut more could one ask? -25- "Wig hvvlz X .IUYVI-I IIIIIK l.XNl1'I-I XV.XI,Kl'Ill l'I.1.4.Y ILXNSIGN I.XlllllI-I NYlll'l'l4I X maxim-n nf sw...-1 :md A mmh-rn girl wills hip: Sho has both irlitiuliw- mul Ill- :rw-:mln-II1 nut, yvt tlwrm- Ilvl lul :ns zu first Hlll'llill,f.'f In-Hwy: 1-51-S mul il IN'I'F1lll- lln- Iuzlills lu 1'ill'l'Y il out. livs l'HIlYl'I'S2lli0lI in his vyvs. lull zulnlx luiw- In-1' size. HAY .XNIIHILSHN .XI:l,.X llMI,IGY 1Xl.XIUl.XIlI1I'I' S'I'l11ll1llGI,I. HUIQIHDN L'HNNI4Il.l,Y I Inu- lu IIIIIHII. , , , I luva- .X pznmgun nl' illlalllgiblc I,:11lg:l1 with li1'4- :xml it is ,X litllw- IIIIIISUIISU mm' :mul In Ilxw-." vinlzm 1 him! urlnpzuliuxl. UIPII is rulislwml Ivy ilu- In-st ul IIIUH. "Early to bed, Early to rise." -26- l'.X'I'SY NURSE Sin- tlml slmwq-ll: In-rsm-Il' I'l'il'll1HX, filuh-ill l'l'i0!lt1S. nf IH E" IiCS'I'l'IIt IIICAIJIGY KATHRYN VANCE JEAN HOXVICRS XYl'II.lwUN KI'I'k'IlI'IN Hu' that is slow to IIIHJCI' is Shv like-s to laugh. she likes l ilun't know nnu-h Zliblllli IL is wurk whi1'hp.:iVn's Iiluvm In-llvr than thv Illif.Z'illX. lu tm-uso, nut pzxrtiuulzu' and wang but 1 Iiku to he in 2ll'!l'1S. lu IiI'1-. vusy lu ph-use. LYNN t'l'R'I'lS DAN MOSS GERALD XVIIIGIVI' JIMMY GRAY NYh:ll's all this hustlv, hustle. Hauidsuino 3' e t friendly. Swift as ai shzulow, short us A :nun ul' HIJIIUIIIOHS :muh-s mul lnxrry? 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Q. -,, ur S' W lf 1' '3:5'2c'y 9 ,, - A '. Q: L-I .- - ' I .'l' Q, - 1 ' F- ' ' o "n '. s '. - A, :f 'Z ' u x ' f V A A If is. 4 jx I. I' 4 f V- .xsvq Q Ky' ., I .ervfx+:2-fssfea'af:1:sfAxv xx 1' illrvahmvn JUNIOR HIGH CLASS UFFICICRS President Gareth Wootton Vice President Arlan Greening Secretary Enid Wilson Program Chairman Carol Dimitt Seventh Program Chairman Joyce Skinner Eighth Program Chairman Carol Scholes , Ninth Program Chairman Beverly Bateman ,- mlm-li Imrre-n Ililllllltflll .IQ-:nu lflvuns Mvrlyn Cmnlf-1' Slnau-.ln Slmusc-n I.won Ullinlvstvx' Palsy Parte lliggs lhmllm lh-nm-it lNlarl1-nv Puwlowski llivk l'rm4lm' :Xl1ll'l2lll .Xmll-rson ltill XX':n1'11ivk I.:n lim- Nelson lv null Ixzunm-om In-nv Ulnipnmn Ulmnil- In-:ln All-llzn lfnrlws llvilllllil 1:l'2llll Kalllull---H lluylv lilxlh-ln' lAll'SUll I ulmu 1 l,IIlll'j' .Xllll SUAZISIPIIIALQ l:l'Yl'l'lj' llillvlllilll llzmwlnl .Il-ppsmx Mzurilyn 1Nlvl'or1ni1'k IH-gay .Xml Al-'.Xt'l'lw Imvi-I Young' -44- xg 'Y if 92" S' X x . 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Gerald Goetz 4'r:Li,:' Murtc-nson lvizmu Hull Wlwin Riding Yirgixlizm Higlcy Il:-lf-11 Nishimoto Erihirnn 5 2' J,,,,M4HuI.,,64gf Ge' V . 4 -fZ'ca,,1.1 if-my an ,ft i , . , Z mn , GRIDIRON When the American Fork Cavemen galloped out onto the field, a roar of pride echoed through the entire crowd who saw them play football- Real football. We saw brilliant plays executed with precision. We saw ends and backs, guards, tackles, and centers--each of whom could have been a star by himself-work to- gether so smoothly that we were conscious always of the team. "They made the touchdowns, we made the noise!" Football Scores Visitors Am. Forl 33 Provo 0 20 Spanish Fork 7 0 North Sanpet-e 34 12 Lehi 18 0 Pleasant Grove 20 19 Springville 16 24 Payson 7 31 Lincoln 0 2 Wasatch Acad. 19 ilinnthzlll Kay Wilson Jack Clawson I lonalll Mi'ljtll'lHil'k Blaine Hyde Robert Smith he-Von Iverson Purley Ben nion Kent Iinckwultel' Ilan Neil Yard Swain Co-Captains Kale Smith Kirk Dimick ..49- Hnnthall Coaches Leo Nelson Don Overly -50- lpkhrn .limmic May Lnrrio XVhitc Kay Holey Russ Nivllulus IH-:ul I-'ral1u.:I1tmx Kale Smith Kirk Ilimivk Wendell Skuusen Huln-rl Wzmstuff Shirl Ukvy Ilurlo Hevkstrund Kent lluy Glhrvr Elmhvrz Q l xi W we xx . if . Ngkbl 4 .,.,, QSgg2i?xfx5f X y ' ' l is is t Dan Moss Craig J effs Glen Varney Kent Walker Marcia Noyes LET'S YELL! Annette Carter ketball seasons. -51- Vivian Hunter Kent, Craig, Dan and Glen gave out-and encouraged the student- body to 'give out' with them throughout our football and bas- "Ma hr iflnuvliwt N-xnxx if.,-, xwv 'X . - ,KI -., 4.4. J .. 00,1 ,Rf HOP CO-CHAIRMEN Dick Eate: The success of our Hop itself tells the story of how much leadership and hard work was put forth by Dick. He put in many long hours and was truly the motivating force be- hind the scenes. Betty Dunkley: Whenever there was something to be done, Betty was always right there willing to do it. She was on the job full time even to the last detail, and through it all she still remained her usual attrac- tive self. sv A -fsfe5g5"f"'f' e93.,fi3jf" .1 4 -Z ' -' ight nf Ihr lgrzu' We can never forget our Senior Hop. It left memories so fond and dear. -53- A dreamy band. . . a beau- tiful hall. It was the "Loveliest Night of the Year!" Ilomccoming Queen Janet Shelton ignmrrnming Um Alumnl CGVUQ Home? -54- "Shins 0Bn Lqarnwt nun" Sweetheart Mary Varney . ,V-' Attendant Attendant Ada Mae Wilde Nadine Royle e ,, as These attractive Sweethearts reigned over our successful Harvest Ball. -55- My 1 H3111 M W My ffmm' f 'F NNQL -qt. YR: I - firm L7 fa- QM c 0 Aff. 70 0,55 H9 y g, A 0,94 -X . Zfiiy-2, Yixkkxi' 220 pig jk qw' G MMM! iffy? '0wwmw-'- W J fd! g C 752 2565 df-2 16 V. Irr Through myriads of crystal flakes we watch the sunrise. Winter has brought with it 'a host of miracles, the dawny forest of snow-laden trees, tiny lightning marks the frost left on the lake ice, shimmering icicles on our roof, and above all else a stillness that soothes and rests. x 1 . w K Q4 'X X l Q N 1 x Y 1' I ' 'N l X X I ' s X A . N h X x A N X I t K x . 1 C :- . x . 3 v x atinnal Ennnr Svnrivtg I'r+-sim-Int Vim--l'n-sidm-Ill Se-1-rn-tzu'y Alma: Sl1:ll'l'L-r l.uu .lcam Hell .lunivu xvlllktil' Repurter Adviser Num Uurlisle Lutlxvr Gidnlings 3 I,:n In-:mo .luhnsun K1-nl XY:llkc-1' th-m'gv ll. 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Mzlrle-no Subcy lXIzu'gy Gurdon Luis Sllilllgllll l'l2ll'1iL'llL' liubinswun Mary Lou .luvl .Xmlersun .xudersou -63- atinnnl illnrrnnir 71' raguv OFFICERS President - Jerry Pulley Vice-President Janice Walker Secretary - Neal Mortenson Reporter Charlie Dimitt Adviser Luther Giddings Marcia Noyes Carol Devey Annette Carter George Abel Rodney Griffin Peggy Fox Janice Dean Jolene Grant Cheri Peterson Earliene Robinson alinnul Ellnrrnair Eragnr Jgsse Waggtaff Rose Marie Makin Vard Swain Marlene Hindley Merrill Bateman Kemie Waki Fgy Swain Carol Robinson Bill Long Janet Nielsen Charles Dimitt Jeannette Mercer Jerry Pulley Kent Walker Neal Mortenson Lou Jean Bell zlfk , ' ll, l ? lr: ' ....Y 7 .pn sm ur J 4 Martha Hoelscher Marilyn Mecham Janice Walker Juel Andersen -55- illuturv Ellarmrva Adviser: A. B. Allen. Members: V-erl Matthews, George Nishimoto, Vern Matthews, Blaine Shelley, Creed Strong, Calvan Vance, Kennie Young, Robert Hall, Grant Parker, Ross Nieholes, L-ee Buckwalter, Ronald Strasburg, Lyman Buhler, Glade Sorensen, Raymond Adams, Mack Forbush, Parley B-ennion, Vaughn Myers, Elvis Adams, Edward Patterson, Jesse Wagstaff, Wesley Chidester, Gordon Strasburg, Larele Hatch, Lester Healey, David Healey, Melvin llarris, Kent Buckwalter, Kent Day, Mack Chipman, Joe Mecham, Vard Swain, Larrie White, Thomas Devey, Robert Wagstaff, Kale Smith, Allen Christensen, Allen Forbes. '2lSlll'1'I' St-ww-t:11'y l'r1-simleni X'it'1-fI'n-siwln-lil lleport l 'lll'l?-l4'lIS4'll 'l'lwx11:ls lla-V4-5 lin wrll NV1lJ4s1:ll'l' l,ill'l'X NYlIitv Yzlrml Sn X 1 I , 4 v'se' A. ll, Allen -66- nf Amvrira 15241 Qlluh President - - - Nola Carlisle Vice-President - - - Janice Dean Secretary and Treasurer Janene Moylc Reporter - - Mary Lou Anderson Stunt CommitteexLou Jean Bell, Janice Johnson, Joyce Birk, Juel Andersen. Dress Committee-Janet Shelton, Peggy Hansen, Camille Wrathall. Adviser - Wanda Jorgensen Members: Kathleen Buckwalter, Kathryn Vance, Lou Jean Bell, Janice Walker, Diane Walker, Marilyn Mecham, Rita Hatcher, Juel Andersen, Sherlene Christensen, Darlene Bryn-er, Marilyn Durrant, Carol Devey, L-ela Lee, Carol Strong, Joyce Miller, Barbara S. Pratt, Carolyn Bromley, Dolores Leitner, Louise Duffin, Dixie Rhone, Shirley Richards, Afton Wride, Nola Carlisle, Patsy Morse, Colleen Boley, Mary Lou Anderson, Camille Wrathall, Mary Beth Peay, Bernice Garlick, Shirley Bailey, Janet Shelton, Carla Hardy, Doris Holindrake, Sharlene Ashton, Glenna Jean Myers, Mary Varney, Joyce Birk, Janice Dean, Renee Chilton, Joleen Grant, Jeanette Mecham, Janice Johnson, Laura Van Wagoner, Peggy Hansen, Janice Spainhower, Janen-e Moyle. Earliene Robinson was absent when picture was taken. Advisers Helen Fulkerson Wanda Jorgensen ,1-fm M 0,253 -mww Q Vs .....,.,'-unsung .......,u-57? Iii lj .. ,. ,Nm ik W Q E 5.3 -.. ...V-WYE , ,., -f-wif I5 1' 3 Lgigh Svrhnnl 'MEIHII Officers President ------ Larry Miller Vice-President - - - Colleen Boley Secretary - - - - Janet Shelton Director - - - K. J. Bird Our snappy and colorful band proved to be I A ll TT' C - 'Illlllf.,.,,- millig' l' if "'..-'-2 kl zlw 112' ff ek. ,aff . an outstanding organization. K??.eg?rrd ll f N-f-'vw ICAN COLOR GUARD Colleen S. Fowler, Jean Helmandollar, Renee Chilton, Darlene Bryner, Betty Dunkley, Janice Walker, Joleen Grant, Shirley Bailey, Mary Varney, Marrian Goode. -59- 5 L mls, -rv mr- ,,,, 4, gEx...v,v.M ,I nga 651925 -Q n v 5 M .fx MM, xxxx ,, xxw., .M .xXXxx, ,w,,wQk l Ladies' Mole -'70- Gbrrhratra MEMBERS Lewis Garrett, Betty Mae Dunkley, Mary Varney, Jolayne Buckwalter, Mary Lou Anderson, Carol Jean Molascon, Barbara Gre-enland, Donna Richards, Joyce Birk, Marilyn Hunter, Irene Chipman, Irene Monson, Colleen Durrant, Brent Roberts, Shirley Richards, Kathleen Buckwalter, Glenna Jean Myers, Paul Anderson, Barbara Lee, Ronald Thomas, Robert Smith, Marilyn Tuckett, Barbara Bailey, Mary Alice Monson, Harlo Beckstrand, Kent Robinson, Nadine Royle, Marian Anderson, Director K. J. Bird, Carolyn Walter, Ja Nae Batchelor, Dan Moss, Enid Wilson, Shirley Bailey, Paul Pawlowski. This group is truly an example of the finer things in life! The members feel they owe their success to the untiring efforts and encouragement of their director, Mr. Bird. 41- Director K. J. Bird Amvrimn '91 Editor Associate Editor Glenna Jean Myers Bernice Garlick 1 . C . :E , F I I L! K ,. - - A . i Q .'f r Ab' .I Q ,B -A.. m-.f5 Adviser Business Managers Art and Literary Staff . J If B- -ky M V. In V Y Lou Jean Bell, Janice Dean, Kemie Clark K' Blown Bflgle' Lgggly lltflilfltgh Waki, Mary Lou Anderson, Lela Mae Lee, Pat Stoker. PRODUCTION STAFF, SALESMEN, TYPISTS Alma Shaffer, Peggy Hansen, Shirley Richards. L:1De11ne Johnson. Carolyn Bromley, Janene Moyle, Kay Walker, Glen Smith, Shirl Mitchell Craig Mortcnson, Pat Morse, Barbara S. Pratt, Kathryn Yaiice, Connie Dean, Nola Carlisle. o illnrkantrr Editor Associate Editor Colleen ' Boley Diane Walker if-,f HW! Business and Exchange Staff Advisers Feature Writers Dan Moss, Marilyn Mecham, LaVere Wadley Peggy Hansen, Juel Andersen, Dolores Leitner, Glen Varney. Margaret Hansen Lou Jean Bell, Shirley Bailey ART, TYPISTS, CIRCULATION Patsy Morse, Douglas Mayne, Lola Mae Lee, Alma Shaffer, Betty Dunkley, Barbara S. Pratt, Kemie Waki, Muriel Evans. Robert Wagstaff was absent from picture. Srhnnl Idlag "A C059 of Spr1nQT1rne" CAST Shirley Bailey - Joan Abernaker Foy Swain - - Bob Parker Sherl Mitchell - - Mr. Parker Afton Wride - - Mrs. Parker Louise Duffin - - Betty Parker Olani Durrant - Dickie Parker Marilyn Mecham Gwen Anderson Jerry Pulley ---- Eddie Lela Mae Lee - - - Louella Craig Jeffs - - Mr. Abernaker Shirlene Christensen - - - - - - - Mrs. Burnswick Shirley Richards - Mrs. James Mary Lou Anderson - Mrs. Hill David Healey - Plainclothesman LaDeane Johnson - Miss Bright Student Director LeRoy Larsen Amvrimn Snnrvthvart Second Attendant Kathleen Buckwalter Carolyn Bromley First Attendant Joyce Birk Eazkrthall Coaches Don Overly Leo Nelson Captain Donald McCormick Dean Fraughton C? F Merrill Beck Gaylen Holindrake Robert Wagstaff Douglas Mayne Ralph Smith Clyde Strong Ronald Turner Kirk Diinivk -75- AD' Mnakvthall Sophomore Teom 617153 fill guy Mud x Nun Girls' Teom -77- Ak .V - WW W ,0?A'f'S,Q'FQf'X3y. pdwy 9 U 1' J ' vw .Af y TAL' Up ,BA wif ff af FAN!! J Mi, 'ix Q Eff A Q K Sigli gg T egg ' S x . X X . Y I Q gg r N- U ing 1:1515 1, ?' x X' K 'ly-E ,.- .-X , , 2 -"' S Y lx Xl X X . wiksl C . S 17 ' If if 7122 X X x . 'X ' X ' N S ,I x W X x x . l v '77 'V! za K 979727 M, ' w lt A ww W I- 5 np- , ' x. XJ . Y- 5 1 S' ' . 4" ' x Q 2 The Way of The WorlQ,,1 xc Oh, where are the playnmhqee or yesterday, C The fellows we knew atQ?f school? M, f Oh, what has become of the studious one? And where, oh where, is the fool? Oh, what has become of the orator, Whose passion was to recite? And the bashful kid who could speak no piece Unless he succumbed to fright? Oh, what has become of the model boy Who was always the teacher's pet? And where, oh where, is the tough young nut, The one we can never forget? The studious one, so we have been told, Is driving a hack these days: While the fool owns stock in a bank or two, And a railroad that always pays. The orator that we knew so well Is clerk in a dry goods store, While the bashful kid we knew, has been In congress ten years or more. The model boy is behind bars For stealing the neighbors cow. And you ask what of that tough young nut? Oh, l1e's the bishop now. , J. W. Johnson W ll YS X Ill N' tg , x N , L X -. r, , . . gl ,xxx 72' Y f? r , N , . X N, ., - l ' ' v I l , Xl ' x trwtxwrkfi Rnibigiff' l r . P R .VX .. ,, . 'X. 'X ?XgXgFgN ' in , Ml, U, 1 RE? ive is ml tg Q. X X l l ell S r - rx T m s .XY ttwifg gg NRXSXQQNNXQX alll if vhs b5gK Q Qt 5 mx I. - A Q l x X Mirln 'ilraguv V7 ADVISERS Wanda W. M81'g'ZlI'Gt Hansen Madge H. Tuckett Jorgensen -80- li. E. A. Idlag Celeste - - Sheldon Harley Jules - - Mrs. Oakley - Mrs. Gillette - - Eugenia Bowles Amelia Gillette Newton Cooper Doctor Cameron Paula Bailey - Specials - - "Drums of Deothn CAST - - Laura Van Wagoner - - Robert Wagstaff Kent Walker La Deane Johnson Kathleen Phillips - - - Afton Wride - - Juel Andersen Glenn Hunsaker - - Sherl Mitchell - Carolyn Bromley - Larry Miller Adviser Shannon F. Holmes Student Directors -Q! ' Carol Durrant Kathryn Vance .g1. 'gtairmag tn' ' SCS, PROM CO-CHAIRMEN Renee Chilton Robert Smith -32- In I hr Svtarzi' The Junior Prom, a gay delight, Left memories so true and bright. Such a special dahce we Ca.h"f forgetg "Stairway to the Stars"-The best prom yet. -83.. T253 Qrprrnrntatiuv CEM Au KATHLEEN BUCKWALTER lntvlligcncn X... .... lVlusicully inclined . . . Initiative ....... Vivacious ....... Truly un all around representative girl! 1 lirprvnvntatiur Mn KENT WALKER Industrious ....... Sense of humor ....... A perfect gentleman ....... Dependability ....... The Seniors' choice to represent the class of 52. rt 4 Erark L - I-K - ' 'fx 2 Q Q e at ji :EMA Mi L N' 'K A xg NX' Q ignuturr Marahv lin----nn-lll""" ' X ERIGAN FORK E w A u .v,' ,,.......... -86.. N 23290 X ' Eazvhall QQ ' P1111i5 9 Q A A NNx'Nua .SL ...wwnmi-' -37- NAM IC l'1l.YlS .Xlb.XlN'lS .ll'l'Il, .XNIPIGICSIGN MA RY l.1 Il' .XNIVIGRSON l'.X'l' 'I'. .Xl'S'l'lN HlIllll.l'lY li.XIl.l'IY ll.XYIIl HAKICII lPll'K llA'l'I'I Alll,l'IN lll'Il'K 5ll'lllllll.l. lll'Il'K lI,Xlll,H lIl4Il'KS'l'll.XNll l,Ul' .ll'I.XN l1l'II.I. l'.Xlll.l'IY IIIGNNIUN .l1lYl'l'I lillili .Xlil..X l!Ul.l'IY l'UI,l.I'1l'IN li1,ll,l'IY KAY liUl,l'lY .UCAN HHXVICRS Illll-IA liHXYlNl.XN VA IU ll,YN l4liUMI.l'1Y lll'l4llllll'l A HICHWN HICHIUII-I H. IHCUWN K.X'l'lll,I-IICN lil'l'KXYAl.'l'lSl!. lil'1N'I' l5l'1'KXVAl.'l'l'IR LYMAN lZl'lIl,lCli NUI..X l'.Xlll.lSl,l-I .'Xl.ll'l'I K'I.l'IMl'IN'l'S .IICSSIIG l.l'Il'I ll. t'Ul,IllNGS lPAlllll'II.l, UUNIDIGII GHICIIHN 1'uNNI'1l.l.Y LYNN 1'l'll'l'lS 'IWIHMAS lwl+1VI'IY KIRK llllxllllli lllu'Il.Xlilr IJOTSUN I2I4I'l"I'Y MAE lvl'NKl.lf1Y 4'.XllHl. Ivl'llRAN'l' JOHN EVANS ,Xl.I,l-IN l"0lllHCS UAIQUI, l'. l4'liAlfGll'l'UN lvlf1.XN l4'Il.Xl'1lII'I'UN l!l'IllNll'I'I 1:Alcl,ll'K l.I'IWIS 1:.XRlllG'I"I' lvIl'K HIHHANY JIMMY GICAY l.l'INUlllr mll:I41l'1NI,,XNlm m'.XllI, ll.XI.l-IS .IIN II.Xl.l. Mnrnnrnpr AIAYAYS SI'1l'lN ll2lVlll4L2' fnn 'I'1-:im'llinp.: yllllllfgvl' lmys Slightly lurnly Gmail lliltlll'1'll Making' 1-yvs Ilxiving lrnvk NYurkim: hzlrml At Nzmliunzml flnairml llla-4-tings Vlziying' luislu-tlvzlll Slmwing nfl' I-Zv1-ryvvI11-x'i- .Xt Linvnln XYm'kinp.1' lnlrml ut Moss? .Xl k'mlk'S Gi-lting' Miss llzinson ont ul' 1-lass lfriving his "l'hevie" flnl uf vluss XX'ilh that ul' gang' of mine XYith ai wli!'i'c-will hzih' style XVinning' in trzwk Ill-ing' illlm-lligvllt lla-lping' utlu-rs .XI l.chi XYilh Gmwlnii l'llllPk'llll5.1' money lmnkinp.: prm-lly NVl'iting lu hvr hnhhy XV:iu-llillg' thi- tx-:ini In-ing.: qnic-t .Xt thx- lnuvim-s Slllllflllll' S1'll'Ill'0 .Xl llnsm-lri:il'y's Iluving l'nn l'llljlPYlllp1' lifv lVith li2llllll'1'll XVith .Xlnm XYi!h that 1-vrtziin girl llriving' the- l'll'1Lll2.2'lllHll :into 'l'1-lling l-u-n-g stnriz-s lYilh an wolli-go nmn XYilh an sum.: in his lmzlrt XYith tha- Xllllllfljt-Il' set living: hive XYilh his In-:ul in thi- vlonds lillllllllg wi-ight Chnl with his wifi- .K1XIlll'I'lON l':ii'px-iitel' llrunmliv au-lrvss l'lllll't'lll'y 1-xp:-rt live ax good wife lvlilflj' gg lllllllUllRlll'b' Sm' llle wurlal 3l1ix'r5' il rivh widow lluvv ai gum! time- Om- of Ulmm-k's huys ll1'UluglSl Spf-4-vii inujm' Sonzitm' Ill-nlnl zissistanil Sn-1-rs-tzu'y RYI' Student 1':u' cleulex' NYAQ' l,ie-nlenzlnt To ln-urn zlhunt history llmno slesigllvl' All-stale true-k stan' lim-llel' thu world Dietitian Mm-m-llainic' l"2ll'lll0l' llnyer fur lllll'5.2'l'SS Mew. 414-L xnurricd Iluvv :L fznnily Ga-L ,Vs in gym lfzirlnei' Muviv slau- S1-in-ntist l'rul'1-ssimmzll SllUl'lSlIlilll Typist lim-vlnliniiist Sm-4'i'otz1l'y Gu tn 1-oll1'gv Own Il Studs-banker Mmlvl Wife llany vullf-go hziskelhull liYl' vocal llie ill the St'l'X'll'P uf gg Wu Svttlv slnwn llelp others Own u l'2ll'lll un llighlznul l.x':ll'll lu vmlli .Xmllnirzil ..88- l'l'II4IK lN'l'U 'l'lll'I Fl"l'lTlll'1 1inil1linp.:' ll hornu Night vlnh alzulvc-r Missing: St. Pvter :it the gali- ln thv NV:lV0s Pmxxisq-Iiixp: girls Elevtrim-izul 'llt'lllllt'l'Zllll9lll.Zll millionaire .loin the Navy HYI' haxskethznll stair llrzivm- mliggvi' Rzuliu ,Xllll0llllt'0l' Snap lmx 'Ul'2lt0l' Sw-mul llvlln llnppor lNl:n'rp' her hnss XVlnning' ai srlnvlawsllip Rislmp nl' First NVaxrll On KI' Swlnml tc-zu-lim-r liainyain Qin-en Owning' il new lfmwl 4-onvcrt Inventing' ai no-study school Rlllllllllil lleznfs plzu-e l'si-ml 1-zu' ilvzilcr Rlzxiiaigilig: :L dairy Own ai store in l', G. llunsi-wifv lleippy lllZll'l'lt'll lille ltuys' vmniselur Own ai l'lll1'lil'll raxnn-h Si!-in for Silont nmvivs lh-plan-1-lm-ilf for Mr. Gimlmlinpls Filizs-n ul' lliglllznul Appwviaitnl' nl' finv url. .Xnntln-r .lorry IA-wis Mr, lV:lllw1"s Sl'l'l't'llll'y lVm'king' fm' Slml'l'm-r N Cu. Fan-ul Sulesmzni XVziiting for llov Stlwy-lvlliiig 1-uaivli ' l'. S. Naval Aw-:ulvlny S1-vra-tm'y Fznnmxs sinp.:er Stair ul' the' Metropolitzui Mayen' t'4-n1in,:' rluwn tu earth Un an dn-t Chivl' mink :insl bottle wzislivr NAME RUlilCR'l' HALL PICGGY IIANSEN VICRNA RICTII HARRIS LaRl'ILLIi IPATCH RI'l'A I'IA'l'CHER IIAVIIJ HEALEY Ll'IS'l'l'IR IIIGALEY LYIARLIGNIC IIINDLEY MICLRA HOOLEY GLENN HUNSAKER ROR lll"l'CI'lINGS RLAINE HYDE IJICVON IYERSON CRAIG JEFFS LICILA JENSEN LYNN JOHNSON SIIICRRIL KARNER IVICLIJON KITCHEN LeROY LARSON MARVIN LAYCOCK IJOLORIQS LI'lI'l'NI4IR BILL LONG REED MAKIN ROSE MARIE MAKIN .IIMINIIE INIAY IJOVGLAS MAYNE IION MeCORMICK MARILYN MECHAM LARRY MILLER SIIERL MITCIIELL PATSY MORSE DAN MOSS .I. LIOYLIS .IANIGNIC MOYLE Ml-ILA INIOYLE GLIGNNA .IIGAN MYERS DAN NEIL ROSS NICIIOLISS SIIIRL OKEY LARRY 1-'ACE EIIXYA Rl! PATTERSON MARY RETII PEAY KA'l'Ill.I+IEN PHILLIPS BARBARA S. PRATT l'Al'L 'PIIOUTOR .IICRRY PVLLEY ignrnarnpv AIAVAYS SEEN XVitI1 the boys l"raetieing Being friendly 'leasing people liriving the "Creeper" In his Kaiser XYith Lalielle lflashing her diamond XVith a different boy Late! Ilere and there Out of ehemistry Feeding the girls a line I'-ying of hunger Being gay Making model airplanes In the hall Being quiet Giving others gr helping hand Studying eoinmereial law Carrying her horn Debating Sleeping in Giving cute llelping his Keeping an Running aw: llaving fun class readings father eye on Janice ly from girls Ci-at-king eorny jokes Getting A's I"ass-ing high on type tests Playing tennis lroing the right thing l Iappy Being feminine IVorking on the yearbook Flirting with girls lVith .Ia Nae Laughing at Eugene llelivering papers ln Alpine Blushing XYith Carol YYith "I'iekles" Ont ol' t-lass Being a good studentbody pres. AMIEITION Farmer Oollege grzuluate Clothing teaeher A set-ond Arthur Murray Get to sehool on time Own a car Re what he isn't Be one of the HiLlltICfOk'k,S Model Show RaNae the world Author Play football Religion major at BYU To marry a good c-ook Nurse Pilot Floor walker Druggist XVhite-eollar worker Garage meehanic In the Utah Symphony Lawyer Like Mr. Holmstead AIIIIPOI' Highland farmer Basketball star Missionary Live in Provo .Iaek Bennie's writer Shakespearian autor Typist XVinning the ehanipionship Sue-cess Physit-al edneation teacher t'alit'ornia resident Interior deeorator Learn how to whistle To graduate Meehanie Newspaper editor Mayor of Alpine Typist llair stylist Good 1-ook Most anything Honor student at U. of U. .cggg i I'l'Il'IK INTO 'l'lIl'I l4'll'I'lIRIC Mayor of llighland A seeond Miss Hansen Ruyer for Chipinan's Live in Alpine Buying a helix-opter Ag2,'l'IL'llIllll'6 expert KVoi-king at Geneva. 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' , Featuring '- North-'western Fried Chicken- Plat-e 85 Dinners 51.10-31,50 shrimp 90C-51.10 BRIGGS' PHARMACY Prescription. Drug Store Chili Parties Children's Parties TWO Registered pharmacists Phone 351 ' CONGRATULATIONS! From A11 of Us at WM. THORNTON DRUG Phone 3 THE FRIENDLY PLACE TO MEET It is Our Sincere Wish That the pictures we have taken for this Yearbook will bring you many memories throughout the years to come. We have 'enjoyed making your acquaintance and want to be your friend in the future. THORNWOOD STUDIO 193 East Main American Fork, Utah WWA Wi lit cw A EST , A CONGRATULATIONS M K J From - T ea..-1 0 ' KEN's AUTO PARTS 1' ' ! s ' lf. cpm jxmlf 59 East Main Phone 77 O1 6 l American Fork, Utah pi W 'th I7"i'f "9 . . A APPLIA A' "A ' HALsTROM's Excellent Service GOOD USED CARS Better Appliances Phone 27 16 East Main Amerlcan Fork' Utah I 598 East State Road Phone 83-J American Fork, Utah TRI-STATE LUMBER CO. Better Materials for Better Building Planning Financing HUMPHRIES FLORAL COMPANY Good Luck to Seniors of '52 American Fork, Utah Phone 26 "Say it with Flowers" jpg pump fu, www!- M Zffg, EMM, ':.:. U l ' AMER FIRE DEPARTMENT GRIFFIN BAKERY I-Iomemode Breod - Fresh Dolly Cakes decorated for all occasions efeiafings mg THE Best ragent 9: 4' xv Ei. Make a date with D e for Compilete Car Service DAVE STEWART'S Phone 68 19 East Main ofM"'v"""5 . .. W' Congrcigloiions df ac M F W,urid.l1PJ,,,7,,,7 Best Wishes QQJQL 'ro the Closs of 52 ave .f further educ or CHINA CITY CAFE C4089 H . d .n 7 A21 ff in e 2 Famous for an-J A D' s Special Part - ,gym , W - of M Banquets 06 I LA ,,E., O ' AMERICAN and CHINESE FOOD WHWH IOWv W I effjffy YQ if 2321+ ? jf OMPJJY' T Af' , CONGRATULATIONS Q, ' J A ' .diff from . 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PULLEY adies Distinctive Wearing Apparel 6 50 East Main Phone 25-J American Fork Utah American Fork' Utah Congrgtulcmws Congrotulotuons V To Closs of f Ng 44. ku American Fork High CROWN CAFE N I Jirffnkx N , 1 4 1,11 ,rfff 'l , fiwr I I RH .X if '. a f 'FJ . L N1 V' Q A o or pl R 5 North State-Orem, Utah qui yi! limi ' sip cf! Phone 9820-J1 N xx For School or Private Partie ' cw Hoqcp Hfffnb ,ge gs ,H fd I x i lid I 1 X11 ' Ig. I K :T We Agree' ie E551 ti gexm 2 K r og, X-dfffxcl 'fd' J ,JY 1 'I ' ' J X lf' P twig A ' A . lg Aff , 'WA' if x 'Isl . L t X , , - , x -V K" --Ak ff' 2 ART DYE'S it xv-SLICQQSS I . . r ,W . -e'Qfe'wwgrw1SwS ffgmfe' . -' THE-ONE-sToP-sToRE k M it I N H T ' L.-A 'n,'-1 'll A Soda Pop-Beer-Ice Cream-Ice '. I A K -' Delicatessen Foods-Fruit , 1 Phone 161-W x I 4 Vegetables ' 3 u K-,' X: V V . . 454 East State Road Phone 349 Nw , 'T xf - Q. x J -S ELLlsoN CLEA!IERS , J XL V We alpmvliv if if :S Cl'GllSTENSEN'S TEXACO f. 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GOOD LUCK IT PAYS TO Snow From AT Tittensors' P E N N E Y , S RAY-D-ANT CLEANERS Better Merchandise Delivery Service Repairs V :VlA1te1-ation Friendly Service Cf' . -X 1 ' N' ll . N X -1 xl N, ., ,UV W 1 ,P ' m ., J ' I-1"' it, if? fc' Q' HU JMU 7.31 xx! ,gy 1 ifr,3r,Jiy ff mg' JF .yd rp X 1 'i f KU Rilo 'J N twang if I f ',X 111' ,JJ ' 4 A ir ,N qi fly Lf 'N .gig0?n9xO01l,n1QnOm3 WSJ 051' MA G U N T H E R ' s KLM XVI' M AN A ' HASXPKTT BUILDERS HM' MW Hemmg SUPPLY COMPANY "Everything in- Bui-lding Material" Phone 404 American Fork, Utah Air Conditioning Gas Appliances American Fork, Utah A2600 f-faou,J1,u,. f' fffbu Ofrv. fuC'AJ,, I If jipx! Pj . E J 01' 'e 'We' 'AV' ' r? - -'5'e'hio -P A 'J " f - ff I f ' - x-,Lyy W9 f Hfi19pQC2f ' cow NY va! M17 ,JJ WMV wmv-J 7 -PL Phone 417-W 85 East 4t Heakiqhirtgfiior School Supplies . . , ' W X Y F xg ' N . evxy1gJ W'-ffka-.. Jf A . . fJf,QZQ,f,,!04.q, n Vg S ff . ,p,,iEO9iF' um. 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Suggestions in the American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) collection:

American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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