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fffgy 'I Aifffxffiww M21 W I ' ' Jw, f' ,ffff ff ff ffijflfiffffqfpfigfi fvff ,ff ff' f fd!f"f6ufJ,9'jQ'5ZQ5 ff ff ' W LP ff' if J WWI 10 ff! Wm fig? ff!!! JQWW ff W ff! MJ, W ff, if Mffffff QW' fifff2f '4f545g gif f7 L ,f ' 2, fiWW Qifffk f , f W4 , X614 Cfffd W if ' 21 We K 9 I M, fi, QQZQQWWM WQMJZZV my Q ,K ,diff f0 32, Wpffjfwdff kwa WWW ze .Wd ffjfgfifjf SEQQQQMWW JT gf '7' ff . Q m,9",- Mgffff,-4, fyymfmwf Vik! W Wfiffqfw if M ,if W? A V iw QWWQQWWWW ffwfffff ffjff G W5'fXff2??iMwQ5fQff 1ffj6,.ffrA6 - MQ MMQQWWMQM KM! 9,553 gf if W Wfffffffif AMERICAN FORK HIGH S , , ,ff- H aff' ERESENTS ' . , K A MM A f www VM ' J N V W Wfwf . M EW M Q2 gg! mffum QW ya -51 V -ff .ff WW? SE' KK 1? 'Y Q1 cj EDMNM ----- LEE ANNE co I 1? 11 ASSOCIATE EDITOR ---- JEANNE T' Q ,g 7 , A E 4 A 1 C131 B Ma ' 'ff fy MJ' JEAN, N USINESS MANAGER - - - 0 ' Aff at I MT 'Y ADVISE? - - - ' on A . FSA- Jg3glUBLISLI-Eg' - ALPINECLSIBLISH Nlg Coy? JY win MM xx ,wax X, ,ar , , A 164, , -1 3: ii 'Li "EJ-sa QKIWM fwgfwwf -E iq 6: J Dufgk ,ff ' U "iii, Lp N. N 'L' " M W ' ff v:Ww19M U A INA FAYE CHIPMAN Britt "We cannot say, we will not say That she is deadg she is just away. With a cheery smile and a wave ofthe hand She has wandered into an unknown land." H1111 "Think 'cf her faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Hereg Think of her still as the sameg we say: She is not dead-she is just away!" CONNIE COWARD Qlnntvnta FACULTY CLASSES ACTIVITIES SPORTS fw- Yr' Sf: X V3 ,E 'W-f'? a B s in - ,.w h J N Eliarultg As trees are the crowning glory of the plant World, spreading t h e i r branches out in beauty, yet forming protection against the ele- ments of the earth-so the faculty is to our school, spreading its influence and knowledge into the lives of the studentsg thus giving them a substantial founda- tion and the inspiration to carry on. ,ff HL! xl 7 V I H" ' 1' ' x Tuft, J li, 8.5" ad R X . 1 jf My ri ff N X 'W ik :V ff '.' 4 9 2 Ui , 1 -fi , fi XO' ff, wg L Q j 7.2 J W, Sffm Wxqfflffffj 'las 1 , aua. ..Q,,,f N' mme JESSE M. WALKER, PRINCIPAL lx . fl Like the sturdy oak our assistant p r i n c i p al always stands, ever ready to give 'a Word of advice and a helping hand. As the majestic pine tree spreads its protecting branch- es, so Mr. Walker spreads his influence throughout our school life. Idealistic in rnan- ner, he gives freely his Wis- dom and experience. CHARLES B. WALKER Assistant Principal Elkmrultg Don C. Overly Shannon Fuhriman Madge H. Tuckett Luther Giddings Physical Education Speech Homemaking Physical Science 1 LaVere J .l Wadley Sylvia Pulley Moyle Parker Business Clerk Industrial Arts Evan Nelson Ila M. Mortenson Leo B. Nelson Art Commerce Physical Education -9- Eliaruling Albert B. Allen Margaret Hansen Ferrill M. Sorenson Agriculture English Social Science A K. J. Bird Laura B. Neilson Elmo Hansen Music Physical Education English Earl Holmstead Lydia Hogan Norman B. Wing Social Studies Librarian Mathematics -10- Affila iliarnltg 51.127 ,gf-? ?,.J..,,9 49" XL., ,L '7 11: , Clark . Brown May Larson James W. Norton A470 124444. v ,L 5,940-av. glish Assistant Clerk Mathem I - - . f' Alvin J. Teuscher Wanda W. Jorgensen Jean A. Fugal History Homemaking General Science ,. ,.... - I X la YM A J gmfsgib ,I 'N ,B 1 ' x Fred Richards Velma Shelley ,George Scott Biological Science English English ' -11. Qluatnhiztna .,---""""'..' Y-xo .TWQXE Earl Larson Ray Lee Sw we nfs Ruby Clayson, Edna Parker, Thelma Taylor, Pearl Woffinden, Jennie Gordon -12- Sftuhvnt Mnuvrnmvnt Km. S X '.::1:::CZ:.-5-. QW President . . . C ., A . ,, .. Vrce Pres1dent Buslness Manager John val Wagouex Mazie Nash Calvin Monson Secretary Program Chairman LeeAnne Coates Carolyn Bromley STUDENT COUNCIL .xr ,Q X . .X -13- Sputum There comes a time in the life of a young tree when it sends its roots a little deeper into the rich soil and starts looking up- ward to new heights. The senior class of '51 likewise is looking forward to new horizons. This fun-loving group has filled the years with outstanding leadership and sparkling activities. This year is the end of a happy school life and the beginning of a new exper- ience .... Farewell, school- daysg hello, adventure. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS MONTE LEE President JANICE CHIPMAN Vice-President LaRENE B. DREW Secretary JEANNINE WINTER Program Chairman CHARLES ORR Student Representative CHARLES EDWARDS Hop Co-Chairman fAbsent from picture, D-cris Laursen, Hop Co- Chairrnanl. ey, 'w1,..,, ,A I six K ' W la' X ,. xb Nun. rx i S Ss '!'x"w1- R Svvninrn 1 Nvivvll K. lieveyf lltlll lvle-s'l1zt111gNVl1:Lt 11:1 XVUH Phillips-- liolvort Clviiimits - Czirul Huultei' 7 A Num-1' 11, dull lllUl"I1Ollt wisllmn t'21ll you final 'l'1'11e hzippiiicss uonies A gun-nl dispositiuii sweet pe1's111mlity hes with Niuky llt5iL1'. that is Ql'l'9ZLlGl' than with making others will tztkc at maui far. cle:-p within, ll2llbIi1llt'SS. l1z1p11y. lmle S1iill1lQl'-1UUSil' Shirley Layvovk - XVZIYIIQ Rosemzui-He l4llz1i11e Steele - lle1' t'l1z11'lvs I'1llXV21l'dS - 1'iLll 11111110 l1i11ts im- Juy, health, and is lllllSll'2l1lY i11oli11e1l luvc is as at light Gif-:it 2Li'lliE'V8lll8IltS part. friehllsliip true. :uid :ui all LL1'OLl11Ll I'1'Ulll the stairs. 1-111114: l'1'u111 f3'1'0LU- Cf' ' glnml lk-lluw. f0I't. 0:11111 lim-kst1'z111nl .X thing' of lbtilllltj is at joy 1'u1-ever. 'I'v1l S t 1' 01 ll gg' 3 .X srmmlli 111111 stead- fast 111 i 11 tl, gentle I,ll0llg'lltS and 1-tthii llm-sires. Sliernin Luo Smitlv- Vzm I3lll'g0SF'Cl1P8T- Leolu IVl?lYY1VI2lTlUl"l', A fe111i1ii110 girl S T111 :mel 1-miipetent, a not guild, is w0nin.1i's smiling and sweet. lezulvr respom-ted by g'1'Pz1test 2ld0l'llIll9llt. all. -16- Swninrn X-T27 R, -alle 0? if 'l'im Clmdwim-k - Uzrrnut Grunt-Love Donald Gray - Sin- Lee Anne Coates- Robert Abel-A pri lilessecl is he who will conquer all ob- cerity is Z1 virtue: VVhatever she does vate life is all his has founml his work. stzlvles in the end. stezulfztstness un ac- she does with all her joy. 1-oxnplislnnent, might. Colleen llowztrtli - Robert Johnson - Loraine Brown -- Eldon Haag-Heisa. JoAnn Chzulwir-k lining' things you like Everything Comes if Success a, n d f a. m e scliolzu' and a. good I- in ll her mind a to :lu with lots of a num will only wait, come to those who one. pen flow choice b1tS friends on hand. try. of Wisdom. Margarete Svhauf- fele-Two clear and happy eyes are hers, for they look over the stormy years to :L peaceful, secure future. Roy Harvey--at man Edna, Fae Hansen- of worth, yet shy and Here is a gentle soul, unassuming. quiet and consider- ate. -17- .. 'Sk 'Q J -L , . Q .5 5 :, 'x James B e a n - 'Hill'b2Ll'il. Buckwalter Scholarship and man- -She finds her joy ,hood are the first in music und books. aims of education. ', . l I -4 A 1 J f" ' '-"ff, D-' .. Y,'4g, N, ,, - gmff' if 1, C L 4 f M 1 fr , Svvntnrz, , I , I ,1 44 lj' rf 3144.-f s ,V ,x". Tfafr . . . L., fKf'z2?!f X 14 i' yn, ,..5 ,ff4Q 6,1 QQ f , K7 I V1- Gleuda AbelfLaugh l'zl1Vi11M01is0l1aFi1'St ,lr-zum lluelsvlier - Riclizlvml Uliipmzui A' lllllai Mau- llull -- A and be merryg better 1' 0 Ill 0 s l'1liLI'il,L'tCl', Life is iiwrry when .X fi-xx' wvll vlmsvn nimlvi-n girl with lmig the world with a ill eu :u'l1i0x'Qme11t, you lllilktl it tl1:Lt wuwls will tukc ai lvwrwli e-yvs :ind ai song. Llicu success. way. maui fair. ll-l'l'ti0ll2llllY twivc lim' SIZP. Anjole flllZllllllliI,l1.- l.9121lldTgl'lf.l'Q'SA--'Fl19l'C Mzlrlfhenv lflmwly f Nvzll Mzittlivws-'l'1'1u' Culll-ell Moss --A A Dark und spairklliig is misc-liivf iii his Simw-i'it5' is um- ut' vuluvs liv llmlp with- VYiSt'2lll1lllllllUl'Stlllltl- QLTS her Qyes, bright oye, but also friend- the first lllllt'SUJIll'S in. ing: lwzxrti slw is is her smlle. liliess in his IHLIIIIIGY. zxlmig the 1-mul to lilu-ll, hy alll. FUUUCSS. llomizi Mele Slwplierd Iiwziiu B1Ul'l'iS-'A-XYIIX .lu.Xim Mow-vi' -- An Nt-il Uznrlislv 7 A .lvaumiml XVinlx-r - --Great love letters Hllllllltl the devillizlvv artist zlt lwzirt will little mnisn-use now lllzul lm' Iifo lh04'2lllSx' :Lie Written to great :ill llie gwud times? fiml IlPl'1-Ql'Il1lll in lim' :mil tlwii is rolislicwl it ::ix'c-s li it 1' tlw Women- work. l-y tlw lu-st uf men. rlizlm-0 lu luvc, in work. in play. -18.. ,, tu 4, zfff,ff V 1.1. -4v'f'2,L.4l-Zig' ' 1,3 .521 144, 'if .df f J -4 4116! 'inf x. ' M . ' ' iff, fi - . Pmnrn x,- "I .,' ' V, mfr, I 41- 4 -1 R- 1 I I 11 k L 4 f N7 . ,cg ,S Ri 104 X NwX X Imwi-ll L'ml'Ls-s-l have ZUIIHL ,Xstle:-l'ors-uu- Nurmun .luhnson - H2lI'll1ll'2l.lUllllS0llf'l'0 .luniur ll1ll'l'lSf1Nl1lll' lu lziughg l love to zility spznrlilcs in her lim- nizikos the world IIZIYQ' il, friend is to ly airv his wnrcls :uni livi-, on-s. friendliness in llI'l2.Z'ill.l'I' with his hu unc. ways. her smile, sung. S! Lim Ville TllI'llt:'1' - Kennvtli Smith - C in 1' ol Simmons - Merrill l'ulley--Hon- Bl2ll',LZ'Pll0 .XGZIIIISOII-4 Shi- km-ups tliiligs on Ilaippy :ini I, for I ilzmugli with life :uid nr livs in honest toil. lim' wrirv is likv the thi- 111ux'e---is:lllz1nti- iluirl like to worry. it is :1 kind coin- hruuk's swm-1 sung. dune for quietude. piuiion. ""..2-E fv- X l.m-v XY:1Ik1-r -- XYilh Sliirh-y thx-vin---llci' llvmlnl .lulizin -3 lie .i2lllll'0 Cilllllllilll - liamivl Pulnwr g lla: firm- in his hozirt and fwrni is hr-Qiuty: her is ai mzln of strength .Xvliievcnwnt 21,11 ll has ai lie-uri nl' honor inusiv in mu-h hand, smilie is joy to be- in mimi and body. sm-vvss are goals we and an. tongue Of hold. would all like to at- truth. tain, -19- Sputum 11111111 A111l1'e11s1111 - 1i11y11e XYYllll2l111S7llB .1111111it11 St1"1111g'-lt's 11111'1'e11 Hayes 7 A lVl2ll'llY11 Miller-S1114 S1111 l12l,S feeling that is 141111111-, 1112 is shyg 2LlVV2lXS 1111-e to s11y llllill 111111111e1' but il 11111st 1114 seen to 1114 is l1t'2ll'ff6lt 111111 espe- 11111114 is 111is1-liief i11 s 11 111 Q t 11 111 g 111 EL 111'11v11 lllilll g desir- 111p1'e1-i11te1l 111111 w111111 Viilllb' UU9. lliS BYU. t'1'iv11111y way. 1111111 111111 t1'11stw111't11y. liguwn s1111 is 111l111i1'- e . 1 1111111111 G1'iffi11 -- I Monte Lee -A XV1111t .1119 A1111 Stukex'-All lilillllt' .1111111s1111--He 14111111111 H2l1lSPll -- A 11111k1a 111c most of 1111 XX'Ul1l1l the girls do things bow to 11e11u- 1111s 1116211421111 wit illlll 111111-t 111111 111111 1-11111- t11111 1'11111es illlll the wi1111111t 11im'? ty. loves EL timely joke. 11111111111 is 11111' new least of 11.11 that goes. t'1'i1-1111. .1111'k '1'11yl111' -Y For l'111 31111114 sA 11:1111-- t1111s11 w1111 111113111 1111121 ing' Sll2LlTC, 1111 1111115414 111v1-, 11115 w111'11l is gnyg 111 11111111t, 111 wide. startle, Lo wuyluy. 1191 ,M N11:1l S11 V11 1.210 -ff GW lXIy1-rs ff- As 11111911-1111 Sl11li1-sr-ellis 'l'l1!J111.l'l1lf11l, kin 11, l1lt'1'lX Q15 1111-' 1l11y is 1111115' is 1':1s1 i11 il 111111 21lVV2Lj'S willing to lllllg. lllillllj' 1l111lll. 11-1111 11 l111111l. -20- Sputum .I'ei'1'y li. Pratt - A manly form at hex' sidf- sho saw, :ind joy wus duty, love was law. Nnrinun XVillizunson 71fll0VVl9Cll.Z'P is sul-- 1-ess only when Well- used. Ray Kita-l1enANei er ai sinner nm- sziini pq-rlizlps. the very b 0 s t vhzips, llowzird Iiurrant - th- Naomi '1'l'il.l'Yi-SOITIC ii niodest answer and Quiet minds cannot but ' un- ' :iir shnv v' 4- p Q- 1' p I 0 X e d or Ll C-illl S hu li of wise and good as she friglitened. is fziir. .I"Qg hx A KA' Maizie Nash-Sho is Ronald Hyde - He Martha limi Seibel- Paul 'l':1yl0r-A0har- Marilyn Pulley-Joys friendly tn e-veryone finds his joy in living Personality, initia- nvter 0-f many vir- so lil'ii-Tilt :md U93-11tY :md loved in return. from day to day. tive, intelligence: tues, known and ad- mir will find vontent- who could ask for mired by ull. ment everywhere. more. .vim -1 if -is .luyvv K'l'00kSt0ll -A Nurnmn Ilosking - Re-tty Nelsmi - ,X Charles Orr-Happy I:iNyl0 Millet' - What is he-ttor than l'll take what the liglitnt' luuglitei- dim- is he who finds his Gln-4-i'y thoughts of kindness and love? win-ld gives and ask pled in her cheeks. gmil and pursues it. fun and froliu are daily in my heart. ll0 lH0!'e. -21- Svvninrn Y' Doris Laursen - Her June D u n s d 0 n - Lynn Mecharn A In- Jeanne Stewart - charm and poise win Good things come in telligence, wit, love Give to the World the many friends, tiny packages. of many. best you have, and the best will come to you. Duaine Crofts-Small My a Karma. Barratt-Her LeGrande Beck-He in stature, but big in good de e ds are who is slow to anger spirit. kno-W by few, but is better than they number many. mighty. John Van Wagoner- In scholarship he heads the list. He has the brains we others missed. La Rene B. Drew - Richard Thornton - The sparkle in her A wise man knows eyes brings out the best when to hold joy in marriage. his tongue and when to speak. -22- 'F .g Q A 3 W 33 s 'lf -- whiff f we ws - Thar she blows! kms The seniors, best friend That's twc too many! Ouch! ! Where ya goin'? Zluninra This year has been filled to capacity with studies, fun, and excitement. As we look upward through the branches of this stately school tree, we find our- selves anticipating e v e n greater adventure, more in- teresting s t u d i e s, better leadership, and h i g h e r achievement. We are practically there. It seems almost a sad oc- casion to leave our com- fortable branch that has sheltered us for a year, but every junior is looking for- ward to inheriting the pow- er and glory of the top- most part 'of the school tree-the senior year. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS HARLO BECKSTRAND President LEE VACHER Vice-President BETTY DUNKLEY Secretary DIANE WALKER Program Chairman KAY WILSON Representative MARY VARNEY KALE SMITH Hop Co-Chairmen 1 111 is :Jim I Q xv fe, ,M s Q 3 5 . 'Q N-...M 'iffw f 5 y.. '- x. ""?" .M JK.. -un: -. I x 4 7 n 1 " f ' S Q XY,s NN A Af X lu ,fxx X' 1 .- I! 'i,7'f . Mx 2 .fi x v 3 :xnxx I k 6 , N , .M . A I X x W f iff . NX xx , ' 1 , L 'A if ' ' sg 'Q " . 1 4' f 1 N Q Ss. f I nf Afbrgbgb 4'Ql:j.i 2 , ' 1 , . R J F ' . . -1 C. 'K . ' J I 5 A. . , M ,.,.. ' - - Q Lf X Vg it X. L . x-Q x V..-W av 31 sw 1. Q gl 1 , 5 , .X Qitqw x 1 !- x--- -- Fl-un "X" ' 152.4 ,ref M 1 X ' N" K 4 . 1 A 'SVN Lk 5 ' S 'X ' N E A . Q .. if Q k X 'N sf ' 'N . Zluninrz Arla Boley Dean 'Fl'2LLlfIlltOI1 Carol Penrod Lee Vuvhel' Betty Dunkley Janet Shelton .fuel Andersen Clyde Strong Bonnie 1', Grant Purley Bennion lizllpll Smith Mary Hella Peay Kirk Ilimick Mary Lou .Xl'ld6l'S0ll I.zu'ry Miller lNI2ll'g1'ill'Ot Steggell Ilivk Gihbuny lvlurlene Subey Gmwlon Connelly Glem1zL.le:u1 Myers Dau MOSS Culygl Dux-ra,nt Koss Nil-holes Uunnie llzmson Kent Walker -25- Zluninra .lay Moyle Noreen Vlfagstaff llnvid Healey .Toy Fox lexus Qxlllltf. Colleen Boley Paul Proctor Junene Moyle Elvis Adams 1 Ilene, Srlnelber I llnn .Im alll M0Cormick mn S. Iverson .linnny Gray 1:6 Diane NVz1lker Gerald XVright Rhea, Rowman Arlen Beck Kemie NVzLki Gomire R, Brown liutln-yn Vance Richard Dotson Patsy Morse -27- nigh lmrroll Conder Alum Shaffer Lynn Curtis TNJAJQJY 1' Wmjfwa WW- fwjgrmugn, 'i Ol' AL ' fa Mr' 11 x" X si "X . w S J N If L oi Q Hx n K L, ,Illia MA K, Marlene Hindley Devon Iverson Mela Moyle Robert Hall llogiglas Mayne Ruse Marie Makin Shirl Okey Rita, Hatcher i ,J '6 3 J L rw X, Q J x Lou .lean Bell llarlo Ben-kstrand Patricia Stoker Craig Jeffs Shirley Richards Glen Hunsaker 151l.!'llill'LL Spufford LeRoy Larson Nola. Carlisle -28- WWW, if Dorothy Rogers Kent Buckwulter ,- .,..... ,. ,,.. ,. 1 Y, kb My M L2-1:9p:::":f.""E::' 2 - X ,W 'X R J H iii , wars? 6 1 fflxwif i , -4' :i ii . Sherrill Karner Kathleen Phillips Peggy Hansen Glade Sorenson Bill Long Kathleen Buckwalter Zluninrn Q qw- XVQ-ndoll Skonson Marilyn Mechum George A. Brown Patty 'Forrey .linnniv May Iitxllllltl Young Afton VVride LQ-nord Greenland .Innive XV:xlker Glen Vzxrney Tb, f-'g fs vi! lk Uluir XVebster Opal Clements Blaine Hyde 1-Iarliene Robinson S1111-I Mitchell Shirley Bailey lmvid Baker Mary Varney Lester Healey X'6I'l11L Beth Harris Jerry Gujsford Joyce Birk Dick Bate Dolores Leitner Marvin Laycock -2Q- awww M . JG' .--.1-!ff- " 1 V 7 If fx" V I KA, -A , :' 7 nf if' 1 MW MM, Elnninrz J W4 X W ,,ff'4 M ZWJMWWL, 14, ' M1 1 X fffi"',' 1 'jf' .f' " ' " I 1- - gxffxf f'-V f f V"- -yyfffz yuan A Kale Smith Carolyn Bromley Robert Nvagstafijd fmt .JKIYJ 'A rbi . , ' 1 - , 1 Mizz 10541 gy!! 6 .ff W F P. ' fu jf fb 514 'Dj lf. .JCL K DWR of :yn fZ47f. Z2 I .'f',ff flwdf M ,LJM5 Qzeaf- WWYB N044 - ' fWQ ,fffff ,f'2'!'f,. P- jzwlio in . W f GUM 0 am ' mmam-J?M. Q ,. ,,,,4,,, .454 ff! ww WMQ 3' 2?5N 5, 'Sq n 5Q afpiff?Q9 Vi , . 92414-4,L0f. 554'-J' 7 'f540: A , . J afar? wx. Zfffff' twdfv fv ' 4 , ' 'f 2771- affix H' "Z?,'A4' X f vfwl, 7f, Jliflfl l'f 4 ,. . ff-' .. ,y,.f- - ' " U X . V, ' Xfltjffff'-fC2!'!1! . v V , I Kay!!!-ffff, .fffvf ffl- 012: -ffff. A -'-'Li' if-74 ' L X 'V . , "-J' l '41-aL.. ,f'.1M,i I 0 . gr A I .X . u E xr 'cv 1- 3- L-.of m .I lfhllridf lfgvii 5 mfg 3 ii S QSQQQSQSQQ iw iw g., i Y iq X We're big girls now 5 X O The juniors' best friend- Q Q! Well, we'l1 be juniors next year. i 1 , i Things look better this Way! -31- X At ease! 1 5. qi 1 N n 5 Qnphn- mnrw Digging their roots in and looking upward to sen- ior high prestige, the stu- dents in the class of 1953 have become an important part of oar school. As the smallest branch on the school tree, they have made an excellent showing and are ever advancing toward a richer life. As young sprouts they have left many impressions, and as they grow, they will leave many more .... Welcome to high school, sophomores. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS NEIL MORTENSON PI'6Sld6I'l.lJ DAVID STREET Vice-President J EANETTE MECHAM Secretary LAURA ANN VAN WAGONER Program Chairman RONALD TURNER Representative RQ! ::i"i"'l 545-ii 'sQU3'dSf r "3"'l"! 'liiwl "i""l"'3 Jw mQ 1" V 2. GAA Y .rylegugggk wMvN+v-r A 'rams .Aww-.Q .. .A , . ....,.,, ..., . F m W -wa M wg mf Kms ww vw? ...Q--...wash .sq Nw k. ., .lv ......,....,., k 3 xx xxx Q5 X k'f'W fxaelxfii W7 Q - ' s ff 1- vw- . U v , .,: P3315 .-lag: ... 531 ,ay ..,.w..,v....., .... .. M... M,..,....,...M I! hw Q- N' Wil :S WS Q :1r:... is 52 .. . fx -nw-...N .. .xi 6 wwwvg . ,.,,x . X 1.4 m ....,. . im... www .,, 'KST I ..11.mfl If .fhr l.nR:Le Larsen .l im Cluwsnn M953 X Silk? Q1 593 ESQ Kim 3 X nphnmnrva V fl UNV' flfj Karla SIGIDIIUIISBII lfun 1il'66'lllll3.Z' Bzirlmrzl l1l'0UIll2Lllti llzllu UrI'Ul'llillf.2' Renee Chilton Iimmzilcl 'I'urnvr lluris llolimlrzlku Lehi Lee Sliirlvy iitlllillSllll Norrnzln Millelt Doris 'Fillwell Urlin Iverson Juliet Spuinlmwul- Luo XV21l'llii'k Louise Duffin .lay Phillips Uixio Rhone .Im-k YVil1izuns Myrtle Morris Darlene Bryner Clifford Madsen ldlvainur Brown Nyle Doyle llfmnie Bennett Kent Day Sharlene Ashton Don Carlisle Janet Nuttall ..34- C'ullev11 Slllf.Z'lE'l0l1 Allen Clmristmlsen 1.11131-zulu .lulmssm Dun Grooulzlud .lzmive .lulmsun .lzxvk Ulalwscm Fzlmlyn Pullvy Bl2ll'I'l2lIl Goode Neil Mmiensun Sl1iVlem- Ulmristense-11 .lm-zuwtte Mem-lmm Rodney Griffin Myrna M4-Gale XVPSIQ-y llugpgzlrd 1ut'!'lIl2l I1l'lH'tOI' ,Srnphnmnrrs SQ :ww M 1- ,, Q 1... Carol 1'm'ter Gzmylen llulindralke Uzxrrul Stokes Grow Pulley 'ul-In fl., fl .lorry l':u'dulm t':u'nl Iwvey .luleen Grunt .l12l.lll'1L Ann Yun Iwurris Pulley .lzlnivn Dean Cll2ll'I6S Dimitt lllcwln, llunsuker Manx Hull Muriel Pace NV:1goner Nlztrilyn lburrzint Glen Conder Marilyn Cumlmlillgtoll lbuzlne VVilsnn Elezumr Bunker Ililylllkjlld C. Adams .Iziniue Strong Ada Mae Wilde lklury Leonhardt Kenneth Dunn Ilonna. Ricllzirds ll, R. Brown Slum-lene Ritchie Francis Adams Glenda Wall Snphnmnrrzf 1 I X . Hlltll Moss N Brent Milne Beulah 1"l'2l.Ug1ltOl Robert Smith yy Carol Strong L A Gail Pulley Grant Robinson Gloria Green l IA -36- Wsffxf' frlyfm Czwln Hardy ff, Vaughn Myers ' I. Margaret Pawlo-wsk? I I Rex VVagstaff rl. A s , l ' P K Ml fgfyywqyff Qxivuphnmnrrg , Q P My ' ka ,Mx Shirley Rue Adams i ' 0 , 'id Street ,lf- llu Dean Parks Duane Odell elsen M flu, 1 1 y fjjlq J! 'f ly ' , Asp' Hampton f ' 'Al Sherrill Hansen i X Bonnie Crofts of X . fir! rf-N' f Tv Mzxrtlm lloelscher Key Pittman Marilyn Bztrratt Jimmie Shelton .lulizi Street xxvil-Vll Mclloiiald Irene Monson Tom Anderson ,lnlin Meranda. .lean Day Uzunille W1'z1thz1l1 Cheri Peterson Gerald Adamson .Iuyve Miller Cilflllll Smith Gary Adamson inth Cbrahv JUNIOR HIGH OFFICERS President - - Harold Scholes Vice-President - Myrna Searle Secretary - Lorin Marsh Program Committee- Carolyn Walter Marilyn Scholes Helen Beckstrand FIRST ROW: Gary Bennett, Wayne Binch, Olani Durrant, Marlene Greer, LaVon Ingram, Carol Barnes, Kay Jones, Marlin Beer, Marvin Bell, John Beverage, Vernon Bair, Kenneth Anderson. SECOND ROW: Jolayne Buckwalter, Beverly Devey, Barbara Bailey, Kay LaMae Briggs, Karen Huggard, Joy Roundy, Janet Nielsen, Arlene Harris, LlDean Okey, Blaine Nash, Bruce Walters. THIRD ROW: Gordon Garrett, Carol Greenwood, Pat Jones, Joan Dickerson, Ruth Biggs, Carol Roberts, Vivian Hunter, LoWana Kummer, Roger Taylor, Wallace Drew. FOURTH ROW: Paul Anderson, Elton Abel, Stanley Adams, Vaughn Beck, Merrill Bateman, Lee Buckwalter, Gordon Bennett. FIFTH ROW: George Abel, Wesley Chidester, Glade Durrant, Mary Alice Monson, Marilyn Ramsay, Mackey Boley, Jerry Chadwick, Kent Featherstone. SIXTH ROW: Paul Skousen, Barbara Lee, Maryl Ingersoll, Carolyn Walter, Mac Chipman, George Gardner, Tommy Ferrill. -38- inth Ctrahr FIRST ROW: Ronald Thomas, Ike Wagstaff, Carol Clements, Ilene Jackson, Joy Robinson, Clarene Terry, Blaine Shelley, Billy Hindley. SECOND ROW: Lynn Pulley, Wesley Wagstaff, Carolyn Finneran, Gayle Crookston, Marie Bowman, Lorraine Webster, LaVerne Thornton, Betty Jean Conder, Carl Thompson. THIRD ROW: Merlin Walker, LaVel Pulley, Shirley Hoggard, Marleen Laycock, Joyce Luke, Naomi Evans, Clea Mae Thornton, Nina Jo Mecham, Calvin Vance. FOURTH ROW: Harold Scholes, David Sorenson, Carolyn Morton, Geraldine Myers, Carol Blood, Richard Pulley, Creed Strong, Kent Robinson, John Richards. FIRST ROW: Vern Matthews, Irene Dunn, Jean Helmandollar, Carla Beck, Karen Strayer, Carma Greenwood, Nadine Royle, Dolores Day, Ray Oki, Verl Matthews. SECOND ROW: Grant Parker, Sherma White, Pearl Thompson, JaNae Batchelor, JoAnn Scholes, Marcia Noyes, Annette Carter, Peggy Fox, Carl Lewis, Dolan Hyde. THIRD ROW: Willard Heaps, Boyde Hoglund, Cline Hatch, David Hansen, Crosby Mecham, Phil Phillips, Kay Mitani, John T. McNeill. FOURTH ROW: Carl Neil, George Nishimoto, Eddie McMillan, Phyllis McDaniel, Bonnie Mc- Daniel, Kathleen Beck, Kathleen Moyle, Darlene Smith, Guy Humphries, Junior Huggard. FIFTH ROW: Leland Strasburg, Carolyn Chadwick, Ann Christensen, Carolyn Stice, Carol Ann Robinson, Leonard Green. -39- N K4 N f. :H-,W X 3 .. -, X X X WW H Q ggi, pig BXXX-STA RL 5' lf' w...,.' iwiivi Em K' Sw N' -QCMV ' Q, fgq i t 1 4?i?3?iiii?,'e-If ., gf! , ww W- my .i X , Q, -vw, I. v W-HW V 'K Xwmm X.,.X,, W f.p,,,, WM-u ws V"Qx ry? x L ' 5 my if, ,ij Ay fgiagw-'XC jg L It X fXw!..Xwmyi:g3 .O E155 I K NM t-r-M f L: Xi N-Gp Xa x Y Q ' X.: 5h 'Q ' ,ff 5 ff .X , gf 573: l- W, ' , 4, g uk 1 5 Nrwigyn -- "?:L yr' 'Eg HgV5fH.', 1 hk'f1a,' .f Y gf 0 yf 'Q 'Wg A-'A 4 mv wr: I 'Rn 2, ' ,LT pf , 5 ' W -nfgi 1111 , h,, wa ' in .. r A Xa . 1 1.1. -.r . 1. 335.534 ' ' Xsdf-g 5 Y. N J' V., I NA? mi A be A s f X vi, kv: X "K " 5 X ' P34 X ' '- Wiki. fm my f 'il.i ggq ..-' ' ff-'QL fav X X if-Q, X b?Q:f 511 X '?' Iv':l1TXXXXx W X +1+51:fX f 1 4 Q --l KX liggg g X X X ix - , W 'Urn WV 'im 'USER , 4 W Q M tv r ,X P 'Ji 5 ' Fw 31.-uf. X , -f' , in ,,.,.: Z , ,X 'M x ' " X Q V 65" ' N . f' 4' X 3 , X - 1, . . K - W 5 Aisgznfg A 8 1 t ' X""v"sJ Nt As.X New ' -1 ' J 1 "'i"w,i,x S15-V gf' 3 if 5 fy - ' b X . .X 9 nk' ' F x W-1'L,"W1P"N'IRH: f XA f--X X A K i'1w,X1f Qqfbw wa .N 4 ,XM A X , 1,0 gy: X' P A zifi' 'ff Q f V y 35 1 X' X M S W N ' Q 'Inf-1, .gh 5' XX ry Ii' N, M gm TWA V- Q , 'Q fi? fa-Y. f 'Wx 5 l h A 'vp vlxwgisl MS AT.. .X A M E,-11 41-wtf X'-A NX, ,X X ' 9, .,,,z.:, Q.: X .X :X-. XM W, ,aw ,f fx. 'fy ,X , LAT' MK., A X, , ,. , I . A --- X... H MX -2-XX is X ,X ,X , P 'si . if M X U 3"'i'f?'f:.-Y N539 'QM-. X my .p w K' X .lvl ,way L- fs!-1 'N' A256 .JWQQQ ' 'VK '7'fi'. f ,- ws A .1 14 , 3 .IW fi is xks.-X ,WX ff .wf X15 X-"fX5615" f '-4 fx-fprf X I t.'i"Q'kff' Y"X'V"5'lEy 'i 4, lyfw kd,W,M L ,Nw fymmq .,a-RM...-+ . avr X, . N, w X . ,X ,hi 4- If ,X ' sk f ,f -, if Xf, fb' .4 ff VP -iv-M ' gmt X -wwkkl H ig QXXLAW wg 'Q-,,p-iff- I ,X 'Q ,Avwi ff -M. 4-vw Vwgv w f-'V' ' W w wx L, mg -4'g?Qx,1'f3k X : ,Hrs ,Qi X M ,Xa-LQX 5,.LA-HW ff qf , X, 'L x , X .4 , , X. L 4 ,. X? X, , it wp, ,N,,, X .R QW S qs 'gs if 5 fww 'S 0 1 R 1, J' JYI, 1 im 4 an 1- az -, In z W' 1 My fs-J K :KX 5 i 4 W 4. FF' M . A 'af ., f' ax E. . s ' B 'Se' f VUQ h1"'1i! ff, 2 F X ' . J if S, 'I' wx -Q. i' . Q1 A 4, ? ffii 1 . ' 'l -'23 sgk, Wg Q . ,f was 'saw INN. awp- s .5 x xfqk S l X x , x fy X? S 'S 'gm V . 2 lg ,tn 5 1, 4 g 'I t 5 gh ,Q 15 x .0 -4' :pu i ' ' 'Ss'-xx' Q 'L i yi Amrriran MAIN STAFF SALESMEN LITERARY STAFF 21:35 gfgEbrKarma Barratt' Sherl Mitchell, Jean Naomi Tracy, JoAnn Chadwick fAbsent from picture, Glenna Hoelscher, Kay Walker Lou Jean Bell Jean Myersl ADVISER BUSINESS MANAGERS Clark K. Brown Monte Lee, Kent Walker EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR Lee Anne Coates Jeanne Stewart -42- Effnrkantrr FEATURE AND SPORTS REPORTERS BUSINESS AND REPORTERS CIRCULATION STAFF ARTISTS AND EXCHANGE ADVISERS A LaVere J. Wadley, Margaret Hansen EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR Betty Nelson Martha Lou Seibel -43- 15211 Olluh President - - Naomi Tracy Vice-President - - Nola Carlisle Secretary - - - LaNyle Miller tAbsent from Pictureh Reporter - - - Marilyn Miller Stunt Committee - Betty Nelson Mazie Nash Lou Jean Bell Pat Milne Dress Committee - JoAnn Chadwick Peggy Hansen FIRST ROW: Martha Lou Seibel, Marilyn Mecham, Lou Cille Turner, Connie Hanson, Ella Mae Hall, Lou Jean Bell, Kathleen Buckwalter, Betty Nelson, Doris Laursen. SECOND ROW: Mazie Nash, Lee Anne Coates, Jeannine Winter, Juel Andersen, Bernice Garlick, Afton Wride, Shirley Bailey, Mary Varney, Shirley Greene. THIRD ROW: Earliene Robinson, Nola Carlisle, Shirley Richards, Joyce Birk, Peggy Hansen, LaVon Phillips, Marilyn Miller, Pat Milne, JoAnn Chadwick. FOURTH ROW: Carma Grant, Jeanne Stewart, Carolyn Bromley, Naomi Tracy, Dona Andreason, Colleen Boley, Patsy Morse, Dolores Leitner, Marilyn Pulley. fAbsent from picture, Colleen Moss, Glenna Jean Myers, LaNyle Miller, Mary Beth Peay. 's N Nl Yr' ' l ,S , YW V 'tex-.. V 4 Q - , x if , V l 'X ' 2 ' 1 Y X. Cixi its .lk X' cs' 3 d Q X A ' xl 1 w r J 4 I ,, 3 -l . . Q Q 14 S 4 BJ :X . J K 1, Q- Q l A w , 'A .l his W ' is f M'VlSl'3IlS -fy Q if 3 v ix N ' ' A "X Laura li. Nielson Wanda XV. Jorgensen ' . v Q i V L 3 'Y S .Y V ll 5 X-'44- -" x y xr - ' lf' I , 1 A A 1 R NX N. V 'ix .X ,J Girlz iflvagur President Vive-President Secretamry Repm tex Iiavon Phillips Janice Walker Doris Holindrake Peggy Hmnsen GIRLS' DAY TEA Adviser Style show Adviser Tea Adviser Mm',:'ui'e-t Hansen Wanda VV. Jorgensen Madge H. Tuckett '-.. SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE Karma Barratt JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE Mary Lou Anderson SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE Dixie Rhone TEA COMMITTEE Donna Griffin, Marleene Hardy, Carol Boulter, Patsy Morse HGD111' Hvrg 0Bmn" ' or 1' f 71' 'o ' gr....w'avW sw3wS'JvW"'4F lf ,J ff I K A"'r-V I I H ' A p 8 ,,,v Half' Q, ' X, V ,Yi lx 'N V x 'S-s -ll .,-.. If, , is November 22, 1950, will be remembered by the seniors as one of the most important events of their school days. A billowy ceiling with roses tucked here and there, magic music, lovely fairies, and an enchanted castle transformed the gym into a Magic Land the seniors Will never forget. , A . N 1 , K .va I U if V' I av". tl K W2 .. ',x.-' 'Lt' A-,X ,..., IN ',. A 1 'O 4 .. "Ly-. T".ig,., . . 4 'i .I trim U f I n.k! I ', ,P ff v CO-CHAIRMAN DORIS LAURSEN Her ambitious spirit and fun- loving nature made the task even more pleasant. -46- 5 K - Ng ff -. Carrymg out the theme Magic Land" and "Our Very Own," the seniors made their tradltional dance a success in every way the crowd, the music, and the decorations made it a most CO-CHAIRMAN CHARLES EDWARDS His co-operation and ability helped to make the senior dance the success it Was. -4'7- Hllagir Mann" iGz1i1i25 C5122 e ff: -M3 - A fgwgmwwefgiaii feieeiwwmexwisiiggvfr Qeisgw M ' , A , i XM, W N 5. .... , A 1 ' i ffm, ww-V " s 9 l E S 9132112 M199 af' CAbsent from picture, Colleen Moss, Accompanistr -43- String 3 nzrmhlr .wifi -ff T-eve-fra-l.,'f . ,fmgfffesvwrwwmm-vw, f A wi-,N-m4Xi,f,,.,.r,.R-Lfviig .,,... .L 2 ' ' 7' - 5 ' fe Zfiwz a . H- S r N 'IRE 4 , M1 jg. L T V 1 FSSJQQVSSEQ C5 g - +2 xfxggik wnmwE+ 'X 2 L 3 VMgggfQ A Swgmiwba S354 f 5 3 3 X AE gf., , I V 43 K K 2 i .,. Q if 3 mn Q 5 ,...,,-..,,Wf....w.....,.,..., xX.Q .m,,,.-r N 1 ,www-M-M Nw-my-Maul .N -4 ph ' MEMBERS: Lewis Garrett, Betty Dunkley, Kathleen Buckwalter, Shirley Richards, Jolayne Buzkwalter, Ilene Jackson, Dale Skinner, Jinrmy May, Irene Monson, Barbara Greenland Odell Nielsen, Mary Varney, Barbara Bailey, Marllyn Tuckett, Mary Alice Monson, Shirley Bailey K. J. Bird, Director. .n"""" Director K. J. Bird -49- I! .X X 'S -O xrxxxx H-NNRWR N -. ,W-my-sh ,-fn X 5 .5 N1 ef ae Larsen, aR gton, L Coddin arilyn ett, M Benn nie OH , B Birk C9 ndrake, Joy Holi ean, Doris D C6 Jani arlisle, Moyle, Nola C He 3 Jane ROW GH dersen, A11 An alter, Naomi Tracy, Juel kw , Barbara Buc .-e C O m E N E L12 Ps: gm CD SI U2 if 92 11: O P1 w Q .H C CS Pu a E2 O CJ N . E CD Q Z QJO L 43 UD N 'D L: GJ E cd 5.5 'EQ as D4 9: 5-4 L. KD '1 is-4 U-4 3 'C CJ .Q o Qi 5053 gmgo cd CD05 :YS +2 rn UD GS 5,5 CL! E D4 C Za 9 .. cd CD OFSC. n, Patsy M CD CD EE 'Elf ..-4 Sa.: U10 Tap' E3 KZ CDO cr: ..-4-r-4 QS will GJ 7Q 23 was me is Qi!! 5s S-A 23 2.11 CSP UCS , Jerry aursen, K ce Mil ' L L-4 CD .-a Chipma y Teuscher, Dor1s 0 CL Ja Moss, D ::. o '1 5 LD u .H G H. CD c O QD as 53 :E IP . Q 132 ,,Q Em Eg ,JO WD-3 in 0.1 wus O72 E2 2.2 und Dm LE UO m Q amggmieva UD EBCD 0 05.2 nj 5 E4 333552323 rnmmoaornwqi X741 rH fag, , W 0 r we . , .,r sr...MQ.t. High Srhnnl Earth I 6 5 , 5 K. J. Bird, Director OFFICERS: Margene Adamson, Fred Richards, Diane Walker. . se--si-'i z :..-:t:-a1:-:- ' if-1 4 H .. L ,. ..... ..-.,.,.. r.r. .. ,... WW, My l .. - ,... :ww 3 ' "e" frr"" r' """ wlrew-W-vm: ,.i.-........, Es K I .. 'ip . z .,m+mw..w,:raaaiMN,v N fa COLOR GUARD: Betty Dunkley, Mary Varney, Janice Walker, Shirley Bailey, Marrian Goode, Carol Beckstrand, Bernice Garlick, Darlene Bryner, Jeanne Stewart, Neal Savage, Drum Major. -51- Amvrimn Smwrthvanri Joe Ann Stoker ntinnal lqnnnr Snrirtg .X1lViE:Gl'. l,I'L'Sidl'llt Vive-Presialvnt S1-1-nw-lzlry Ih'pm'l1-1' I 1lll1l'1' 'IIIUIIIILYS 1.1-v .Numa l'uzItPS lmlzlml llvisgs IQIIVIIIII I!:u1'1'zllL .lvzllmlw Sh-wzlrl ' ' saga: f K K , irlvy I:il'IlIll'dS Cl'LLiQ.1' .luffs AIEIVIIHI I,u11 S-kilml ,IJIIIIPS llvzm .lvzm lim-ls.-Iwi' lzmim- XY:1lkm' Hvtty llunkloy llmu-,uv llxmwll In-11 ,I1-nn U1-ll .Xlmzu SlmI'I'v1' In .Um Chzulwivk Nlmrlos Um' IA-1-lu Many .lulm Yam XYIIQIIIIOI' l':nt Milw- I xml l:CL'liSlI'illld Calvin Munson ldhlmx .llililg l::u'lm1'a1 Hlll'kNV2l1tCl' QAIN4-111 fmwnn gn-lump. Nmrnznn XYilliillHS01lJ -53.. 1 Mvvihnurn Qlluh Adviser lwesident x'it'0-i"l'OSifi9lli S01-x'0tzu'y liepmfer K. J. Bird Nvanl S2LV1lf.2'U llivk Rate lizltlllevu l'!m-kwwlltel' llvttx' Nvlsnm lwggy llunsvn L mil Wav Janice Dean Fred Hivhzmrds Nzmmi 'l'r:u'y Glen Yuruey Glenna .loam Myers Monte Lee Sllirley Ril'i12ll'liS l'zLrol lleukstxund llizme xxyilikfll' Robert Smith 5 2 EE.. 'I-2711 1 g 1? ' ' 5322 afgij''f'f:i'i.,::.fE.mi . ,,,J Sam ' ""' 'V W ::::gi55:f5a5.a5ag' :5:::5 :5.: ,,.., M.. 5535 ji . Sf! " Jffiviz' ' .lozunxine YVirlter Uzllvill Nlmison .lzmire Cllipman Colloen MOSS Lewis Garrett Mazie Nash J Ulm Van Yxfvilgljllfll' Shirley Bailey -54.. 7 I' atinnal Jlnrrnnir Lwgnv ,Xml l,1:tI1n-1 ' Gislmlings lill2ll'll'S Orr .lnA1111 visvr Prvsislefnt Vive-l' resident Secretary Reporter L'hzulwif'k Eldon Hung .lorry Pulley .lull-on th Nw 'Ui' ef 13 Al A Vuml liovkstrzrlld N1-il lvlurteuson l4:Jll'lll"lll-' Rqbiyjson lhm lklcvluml .luuive Dean Ulmri l'utc1'sun lflvllllil, .loam Myers Clmrlvs Ifllllltt I5Ul'lS I,:xux'sc11 Loraille Brown lXlurlvm- Szrbey lmlaunl Briggs .Iuuive Walker Ruse Marie Makin Alalrllm, lluelsl-her Folleen Howarth Calvin Monson Glenda Abel QAbs011t from group, Dohuy Tcusclxerj -55- oi 'wwf c Adviser 1'1'osirlPnt Vim-0-I'resiclent SQi'l'Pt2Ll'Y Reporter Sllzmmlsm Fnllrimzm 110119011 Moss Naomi 'l'1'zu-y Connie Hanson lflldun l-lzlalg' .Inel Andersen Kzrtllryn Vance Glenn Hnnsukex' Mzlziv Nash Fred Rivllzlrmls linxe M11 Betty Nelsnu llulwrt xV2lg'Stilff Collcen l"l0VN'il,I'tll Carol lJnr1':u'1t lmris IAllll'SPll Ulmrl Im:-zlillo Brown Slnrln-y Cree-ne .Tc-rry Pulley l'c-MJF' IIQHISHH HlQ'11HH 9l"1"' NYWS .lnlln Yun XXYZIQLUIIUI' Uullw-11 Holey l'm'ulyn Brmnlvy .l. Moylv ,leunnnnl XV1nte1' Lon .luun Bell Leland Briggs JoAnn Chadwick .liLLll1l6tfl1 Phillips Joy F. Makin Malkin os Ury' KAPPA DELTA ALPHA lull Villn- 'l'lll'llE'l' Shirley llzliloy l':1lvi11 Nmmson l'2ll'0l Simmcms Ulm -lVlO1'll2Llll Monte Lee -l2llll4't' fqllllllllilll lim-nl NY:nlk1-1' .lsmil-0 xV2lllU'l' lklzlrilyll Pulley zu'lvm1 Szllmoy lmlmws lmituel' Maury lletll Peay l12ll'1'y Miller Mzlrilyll Necllaln -57- 09211211 Sviztrran Q' X sis . .lm Peggy Hansen, John Van Wagoner, Glenna Jean Myers, Don Mecham, Lou Jean Bell, Charles Orr, Jo Ann Chadwick, Kay Wilson, Sherl Mitchell, Colleen Boley, Martha Hoelscher, Janice Dean, Martha Lou Seibel. Absent from Picture, Glenn Hunsaker. 'H Q 5 5 if 5 f v--fy ,,Q , l, ,... 3 Iz, Q X rx . if like Director Student Director Shannon Fuhriman Eldon Haag SCHOOL PLAY Mrs. Gyurkovics - Katinka Gyurkovics Ella Gyurkovics - Sari Gyurkovics Mitzi Gyurkovics - Terka Gyurkovics - Liza Gyurkovics - Klara Gyurkovics - Colonel Radviany - Lt. Michael Sandorffy Lt. Franz Horkoy - Baron Gida Radviany Toni Teleki - - - J anco ---- Cost Glenna Jean Myers Jo Ann Chadwick - Colleen Boley - Peggy Hansen - Lou Jean Bell Martha Hoelscher - Janice Dean Martha Lou Seibel - - Kay Wilson John Van Wagoner - - Charles Orr - Sherl Mitchell - Glenn Hunsaker - Don Mecham Q i . la "GD 11? 's Vit 5 1 ah ight" 53i is t- , l 1 f" P' -1-Nt cl FIRST ROW: Calvin Monson, Doris Laursen, John Van Wagoner, Janice Chipman, Colleen Moss, Monte Lee. SECOND ROW: Janice Walker, Marilyn Pulley, Rose Marie Makin, Charles Orr, Dolores Leitner, Don Mecham, Kent Walker. Absent from picture, Eldon Haag. Director Student Director Shannon Fuhriman Lou Jean Bell Don Cutter Wing - Priscilla - Lady Macbeth John Alden Mr. Hyde - Dr, Bunn - Lucille Marcy Mrs. Kluck - Gertrude Finch Mrs. T. Ashingt K DA PLAY Cost on Finch DCD1'CSSlOI1 - ' " Artemus Burke Danny Siletto John Van Wagoner - Don Mecham - Colleen Moss - Doris Laursen - Monte Lee - Calvin Monson - Kent Walker Janice Chipman - Dolores Leitner - Janice Walker - Marilyn Pulley Rose Marie Makin - - Eldon Haag - - Charles Orr "Emil Emilia 51 The Junior Prom, one of the big dances of the year, was a most memorable occasion. PROM CO-CHAIRMAN MARY VARNEY -50- hr Svunavt ll Y' vfg-A 6 '1 X -b-jo. X . - ,Lug-sxk. Xg..t-.5 X X .yckciit-: N 1-Ji x'XK'xm 'x ,1l,glg'L,, 4 , 'Q gl' gg' .- ' Q., ' .4-QQ.: 'V kocgi rw., - mi- 'Wi Nw w5.,: 5-' Nw. ",.4-MJ 'v',Qy N KH ,-1' V QL 1 QQ," V 4-QW ' .41 1 s I ,""K' The combination of a beautiful tropical setting and the lovely promenade made a perfect evenmg PROM CO-CHAIRMAN KALE SMITH -61- Qrprvzwntatinr CEM Lee Anne Coates Qivprvnvntatiuv Eng John Van Wagoner .Gi FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Neal Matthews, Lyman Buhler, Ross Nicholes. Thomas Devey, Jess Wagstaff, Gaylen Holindrake, Robert Johnson, Grant Robinson, Van Burgess, Blaine Johnson, Neil Carl- isle, Robert Wagstaff, Jimmie May, Vaughn Myers, Gordon Strasburg. SECOND ROW: Lynn Mecham, Richard Thornton, Tim Chadwick, David Street, Robert Smith, Junior Harris, Jerry Pulley, Melvin Harris, Melvin Roundy, Larry White, Blaine Hyde, Elvis Adams, A. B. Allen, Instructor. THIRD ROW: Paul Leonhardt, Boyde Williams, Max Graff, Wayne Roseman, Eugene Stokes, David Healey, Lester Healey, Morrell Adams, Glade Sorenson, Ronald Hyde, Robert Hall. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA v-lr,g...g-Pt-5-Y + J Hzaig - ,, x C FE , 3 ff FIRST ROW: Marilyn Pulley, Carma C. Millar, Shirley Robinson, Lou Jean Bell, Glenda Abel, Margarete Schauffele, Doris Laursen, Barbara Johnson, Loraine Brown, Afton Wride, Joyce Birk. SECOND ROW: Barbara Buckwalter, Ella Mae Hall, Juel Andersen, Mary Varney, Diane Walker, Elaine Steele, Leola May, Karma Barratt, Geraldine Myers, Colleen Howarth, Earliene Robinson, Carroll Stokes, Eleanor Bunker, Beverly Devey, Joyce Crookston. THIRD ROW: Donna Griffin, Carol Boulter, Rose Marie Makin, Lee Anne Coates, Gloria Green, Dolores Leitner, Patsy Morse, Barbara Spafford, Carolyn Pulley, Carolyn Bromley, Advisers, Wanda W. Jorgensen, Madge H. Tuckett. -54- . k 5 . 5 Swim ,af aww Ak .y May I have a bite? 6? Y an if .1 , That old gang of ours. Muscle Men What a team! fifty qui' . 'xx ,,?' ' 'L "" - . ' 4 ,we N., if .. k W...-' '- Q w if av n K f - Two bumps on a log. -55- K- f W . Maxx , Us., 'N + Q 5 is 1 3- -'-- . Q.: Q Q I 1 ,x K X G " ' K 9 ,, 1 ig Q Q V Q , W 5 N f 13 , L awww 2 V ,fi y Q ' f T t 'Q .y X 2 2 4 3' A 4- :N ,, A,.,,A,. 5 if 'IL :Q x Q . X 'fl A 'S ' ng V .,,, ..' 1 7 g 1 W - E In Q' , I, 'X-,K l we ' iw , gh k 'V ' 1 L ,,.,x i , M A kb, af' J . F AQ W ,,!' x"""- h md L gi K, x . its X A gg Ha f gig . b ,Q,,. 3 Vlbblu qu 4 WM Qsag, 4" M 5 il x sv ,, N Q35 ZSPEQSETS if 'SEX' S Q 5 -ikkz W, gs. at 4 if x Q A Q ix M X K. xml-gud . Q N1 61 - M 55 NEI-ll.. SQVFXGE Jomv vnu QA E 'z 4 f'7EtRu.L. BECK gk RAY Kvfcn-nE.N ' L' AK ,W A GMM 'DEAN f,: A NONSON mxavqwvow CAPTAIN VAN BuRGE,s5 TZALPH SMVU-X I x 'Dow ,ig-' K G 9 COACH Dov-1 Overzn. . ,fm V091 715205 Y' Y , ,V .I , v , A 'iff' x . N --PA :-... , ".' 3 v , .:.' g f '--V 2 sl A R 'X Q x -Q . A A . L X ff ' ii.. .L M S -M W K Q ...'2 I ,..,.,.,: X? - v Q A ell I gi ' , I ' 'ii 32' . -'A" i" 2 M' 2 ., - 25 X. X -'H 1 l PN 5 ' if " ' , ,,--..:., 2? " 5 in W 3 if L" ' . 1 Q35 ff .,,: 5 :"" 95 -ff 3 'EL 1 , A-.-- 'I gf.: 1-,, 5. .Qfl.5,. ri- ', A ffl X 515 ' g af A, Ag,-, aj f .-'- QQ 1 Svnphnmnra Ir Q 'Q iw. Q?"-.5 4,3 FIRST ROW: Coach Leo B. Nelson, Douglas Mayne, Clyde Strong, Merrill Beck, Dale Greening, Jimmy Clawson, Team Manager Norman Johnson. SECOND ROW: Robert Wagstaff, Kay Boley, Odell Nielsen, Key Pitman, Gaylen Holindrake, Don McCormick, Jerry Parduhn, Kirk Dimick. American American American American American American American American American American PRE-SEASON Fork 44 East 33 Fork 43 West 40 Fork 45 Bingham 34 Fork 50 West 32 Fork 48 Provo 31 Fork 38 Bingham 28 Fork 44 Wasatch 24 Fork 36 Provo 28 Fork 41 Spanish Fork 37 Fork 40 Wasatch 37 American American American American American American American American American American American American American TOURNAMENT Fork 33 Cyprus 18 Fork 39 Cedar City 33 Fork 56 Monroe 58 Fork 42 Park City 32 -69- SEASON Fork 49 Pl. Grove 27 Fork 42 Granite 41 Fork 40 Lincoln 33 Fork 52 Lehi 32 Fork 50 B. Y. High 31 Fork 61 Pl. Grove 33 Fork 46 Lincoln 30 Fork 57 Lehi 31 Fork 44 B. Y. High 19 O 1 ' Co-Captain Calvin Monson C0-Captain Max P1811 e Kirk Dimick Cllarles Edwards Eugene Stokes Dean Frauglmton Darrell Hayes Neal Savage .luhn Van VV:1groner Iron Mvt'm'mis'k Rnflwrt VV:u.:'st:1fI Junim' Harris Gerald Julian Robert Smith Blaine Hyde Ray Kitchen 3 , J . , el ,, A Q4 A pf nxfpybj ','k 'Z . A1 w. -iff-"A 'B h nut all 1 M, 2 American American American American American American American American Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork Fork N E X S X Q so XC QR E S 5 SX X sconms N Nix A Ek 27 Wasatch 4 Q , 24 Provo 'N Q 33 B. Y. High xo 23. R E 37 Pleasant ove NRO . yy 7 Lincoln 6 Q Xt' 28 Springvil T2 ,B W Q 21 N t 0 Lglrih Sag? e 12 'S Sk P 'Y S V1 QQ is X EL Ss mx N 'B N -71- 6 Qlhfggvljgnhrrs sr? - 4 ME- -1 f A 'QAR5 swab'-ML f M' - wlflflli Q of K Q L X W 9' , il, 'NX 'i Ez -Q gm .ce Chlpman Carol Beckstrand C i M J am arol Simmons The cheerleaders are as necessary to the spirit of the school as the sun is to the life of a tree. Their will to Win, combined with grace and perfect precision, helped the teams on to victory. Janice Johnson Renee Chilton Marrian Goode -72- Z- rn xg SQ. W .Q er X MX45 . W X-Umi SK vw Q N. , 52. .. as :IQ X N X i H l ii? x 2 i 1936 ss W, is , lr rp A xg, Q X H of ii Mug Lfianrhall ' :lla vvwwpw fe'-pry ,,.Qv.L5,gLTi5q'k"'M"""" 4 n- + , 'P -, v x b w. ww .-1 , Wi -my-ww-'WPA EIIQB, wP1111i5 3 ww-W ,mgmmw A , .,2,,. .QV V9'. ' KYEVQKN J W' f MN CEU15' 12111115 as 3 ww. 4 . Qslirii' I +A. Q .,+ Qi , F., . .++ Q + ,nmgf :Firm f I H -74- ,ai W 1 P EMM QM , W 7 ,, wwf Girlz' Eankvtha X 19? I ffm- Girlz' Efrark -75- linnturr Harahra W4 515 HA .Ay YI, igh School Students: which high school days h V 'y your lives always be full of that genuine happiness .ff X ii If lA,M"" .DWL x i ,fx JV . ESF ss' :LP 'f ms? Egxximgs .kj F or To T A eaN11PMAN,ss A M Q fs ,RF 11 i A wi is Q S 'E '55 Fiji R Dependable since 1872 'S X: fi Q Dhgpa AmericanF k Utah E iq X ,- X X E sexi? s 5 avg N :Q .X S ' X 33, Q3 ,QD xx Q 5 x i. X 'ESX igfgefiiiwi S-'N if s A Q i Bi 3-XX ii kb X is K f if T24 Digi is iixgff R X " N - Q Qi is -77- XX 'Wx A XS S , ya mx" Y . X . I I, ,-fy' 1 v ' wtf . .4 rf ,Q - 9 . ,4.q', . ., , V I I .ll ' . f ' . "f'f.f'f',L' vi 'Y .'f',- 6 , ffm. A1 fu ,alps jjcj 51,546-1,54 .km JH: .1 , yn? - ' - - w -' ' +- 1,1 f A Q 1. , 1 . W Q. Q. vxflf Q ,ffl fair. ',f,!'lf' l J..-fi! 'I , f. ,2.-4X9-ztgfsdllv 4 ly: . X 9 K t, .4!Jc,4,J.,. 1. .,,fW,l, .41 . ,ll , K ' 1 f ,gfwfflf Ji!-f' gy, f ,J . ,ff . 0 ' . 11 Hgraii 5 I f . 1 -,. .4 ...4 .....--o -0 ' ' '1- MM 7LQ,L,lQJ" "' 2g4,,2.z,A.W13:,'.,Q,wf.w. Qfzu 9,-,,g,,4,,,,5,. -o ,GQ cQ1,46, f?7Tfl f24za,12c4. 1659010 M2 O A " I 4..f47.f,,f,.M, ,MMM - f5:.,,,,,,.44.a. , Af ,f'4f.,,,fW,,Qff"W5'f"f'.,,A.,f,,f,: if Mg, , -ff3M,5"M',4,- Wm 4, ,L -frfrz, ,cgbaoh J,f waQQ1 4x4g953,j,M7,wc4gLWQ ""Z4'Z3,?f'4'Af""""fVMf'M' QMJQM-Mfw 9440 .fQ,?p4,,0d,,q,44a,ddw6.,ZwcZf7aau,c5Dg5a,,,, Gnu x.,afm-zl,,,, ya fa , ww4hJyw- faywmaiufiwb Macaw., AWA749 soma--74.u.0,,.,,44,aM.,A. 5 I- , ' Aim, f,,f. 1z't, -u.f.,L, ? :Wav c44ok4-ou-4.-744-'?44f'W4-44. C,?1fafn,?4frv-Q 7 'I ' I ' fw,JMwMMM Q M ' X J wc441..:fA,6Q,44a-'-' ,gi ,-1.5:-1' ff! fda.. ,nfl--fff iff A . m hw.. HW df-'uf .fm 0Lllff'f'9.zk'ffQ' J" ! Wi? , A ,wadyady ffgnfxfm-dba ? '?"'f"'..Hv,Hvd,,y,,.4Z74. 1 'L'J"""' f ,4 ,,,JtAo,,,4,L4.4Q,v01,4,aJK tu 5544f6' . MMJ fwwfwiwf ,, f,,,,,,.l .W J -WOM? 472 .,af,a4f,f. J s f ' ' , , , ,o4Q4,,,g91. .Q 724 604445 -" 547,-' 5' ' .AQWAQM4 - Vgzaawbgb. 7 W Wo' . " .H - -78-lj '. " 5' " "' ff- -. ,, . ' ' "1 "' I' 7 " 4'1" , . I ,..! , ,. g , ,4 .lg ll' .,V JK, Agia 1 Jw' ' f4'S'x-x-'.",f'-,4 Q , , , l . ' 'ff' "1 is ' A n.'f4'f""j!!'u,"n "qif,1fg r,JL.a1 ' 'Q Qwvwuf- Antngraphg X Svminr IQHIHZIHUP ROBERT ABEL MARGENE ADAMSON DONA ANDREASO ZOMA ASTEL KARMA BARRATT JAMES BEAN LeGRANDE BECK CAROL BECKSTRAND CAROL BOULTER LELAND BRIGGS LORAINE BROWN BARBARA BUCKW VAN BURGESS NEIL CARLISLE K ENDA ABEL il TIM CHADWICK ANICE CHIPMAN HARD CHIPMANI ROBERT CLEMENTS LEE ANNE COATES DUANE CROFTS LOWELL CROFTS JOYCE CROOKSTON NEICELL DEVEY LaRENE DREW JUNE DUNSDON R Jo ANN CHADWICK CHARLES EDWARDS MAX GRAFF CARMA GRANT NALD GRAY Singing Studying Rushing to Office Practice With Jerry Carrying a. comb Working for A's 'Clowning with the boys Flirting In a DeSoto Being quiet In Lehi Going places Getting 100 in tests Playing basketball Driving his Chev. Debating Shoveling coal Talking to the boys Avoiding girls Throwing the javlin Working on the yearbob Never in school With Janet With Marleene ln the library Collecting money gDriving the red beetle Playing baseball Raising Banties Laughing With his arm around a Taking shorthand HOWARD DURRANT Keeping out of trouble I HIRLEY GREENE DONNA GRIFFIN ELDON HAAG ELLA MAE HALL EDNA FAE HANSEN GLEN HANSEN HARRON HANSEN RLEENE HARDY JUNIOR HARRIS Y HARVEY DA RELL HAYES JEAN HOELSCHER NORMAN HOSKING COLLEEN HOWARTI-I RONALD HYDE BARBARA JOHNSON BLAINE JOHNSON NORMAN JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSON GERALD JULIAN RAY KITCHEN Setting doughnuts ut of class ttudying law oing things for Shi 'l ling around tx ying English tudying law 'In the Sweet Shoppe In Cook's Playing basketball Talking Studying shorthand alking Pearl to class Sewing With the girls Teasing people Enjoying life Saying one word n his convertible t going to school JOHN LANDRUM DORIS LAURSEN VVith the boys Being friendly AMBITION Northwestern student Atomic scientist Secretary at Geneva o own a blue Ford T ephone operator se Secretary of State Sailor College graduate eautician Mldldnaire To swim the English Channel To travel To beat Monroe Mechanic College co-ed Truck driver tah freshman aseball coach To hold the javlin record Farmer ll'raveling executives secretary 'l'o own a grocery store VVife of Albert Loch Model housewife To own her own home Mail clerk Foreign correspondent To be a N. Y. Yankee Command an ocean liner Navy career To find 3, girl friend Mechanic 'l'o work in a bakery minary teacher College student Telephone operator To be a jockey Business College Secretary Another Babe Ruth To inherit a fortune A traveling salesman Good cook Manager of Harold's Club Newspaper reporter Arctic explorer To work at Hillfield Flying saucer pilot Editor of Looney Tunes To go to Alaska To retire Basketball coach To get out of school Beautician PEEK IN THE FUTURE Chorus girl Mathematics professor In the F. B. I. Driving a blue Ford Model Nurse Bishop of 5th Ward Admiral Miss Utah Hair stylist Soda jerk Metropolitan Opera star Solo flute in a symphony All American star Sheriff of Alpine L. D. S. Missionary Ranch owner Home Economics instructor Casanova Second Luther Burbank Faculty member at A. F. Forest ranger Living in P, G. Doing good deeds Alpine Relief Society president Model for Halo Shampoo Airline stewardess Mail clerk at Wards Second Yogi Berra. Prize fighter Resident of Alpine Principal of A. F. H. S. In Earl Carroll's Vanities Happy and contented Alpine Stake president Si-hool teacher Owner of a flower shop Clown in a circus Librarian Shorthand teacher Bank president Contractor Movie star Phys. Ed. teacher :XFIYIY bugler Clerk in Penney's Bishop of Highland Ward Selling television sets Stand-in for Jimmy Durante Writing joke books Turkey farmer Lawyer Commentator Gold miner Hair stylist for M. G. M. M I ,Y .A O T L' I L AR NH L S ,E 1' A' I ,HAM v ME 1 A I R I NYL4Vl AER MARILYN MILLER PAT MILNE CALVIN MONSON DVVAINE MORRIS COLLEEN MOSS GNVEN MYERS MAZIE NASH BETTY NELSON CHARLES ORR ANJELE OUZOUNIAN DANIEL PALMER MAX PIERCE LaVON PHILLIPS JERRY PRATT MARILYN PULLEY MERRILL PULLEY FRED RICHARDS VVAYNE ROSEMAN NEAL SAVAGE MARGARETE SCHAUFFELE MARTHA LOU SEIBEL IFONA MAE SHEPHERD CAROL SIMMONS DALE SKINNER KENNETH SMITH SHERMA SMITH ELAINE STEELE JEANNE STEVVART JOE ANN STOKER EUGENE STOKES .IVANITA STRONG TED STRONG MASON TAFT JACK TAYLOR PAUL TAYLOR RICHARD THORNTON NAOMI TRACY LOU CILLE TURNER JOHN VAN VVAGONER LEE VVALKER CHRISTINE YVARNICK BOYDE YVILLIAMS NORMAN WILLIAMSON JEANNINE WINTER f' I - ' it iikivvninr Lqnrnsrnpv ALVVAYS SEEN Being shy Playing te is Her there O rking king in 4-H iggling In male glee Drawing posters Sewing Out of class Selling popcorn Iwlixing Inalts .Poking along Driving his car Slightly tardy XVilling and helpful Vifriting letters VVorking on the Forkaster In a plaid jacket YVriting home XVith Karla AMBITION To work In the R. O. T, C. To become 6'4" Missionary To teach 4-H Treasurer in a bank Second Walt Disney Dress designer Manage the Rich estate Doctor Interior decorator Receptionist College football star Auto racer Freshman at the U. English teacher Model B. Y. U. student Author To go to B. Y. U. To own his own plane Second Frank Leahy PEEK IN THE FUTURE A success Governor of Utah Taxi driver Editor of the Tribune President of Highland Primary Lonely Hearts Club president Getting what he wants Fashion artist Housewife Doctor's receptionist Decorator of homes Modeling .lantzen sweaters Waterboy at the B. Y. U. Model for Beautyrest Elevator operator Business woman Dean of women Editor of Seventeen Tobacco auctioneer Missionary President of United Airlines Manufacturer of alarm clocks In sports Ushering Managing the budget NVorking in F, H. A. Asleep VV ith the band Around In athletics VVith friends In Chip1nan's Planning the future Smili Playi Hg ng his violin In his jalopy VVith Maki Vi'ith VVith VVith Good YVith Read VVith long hair ng clothes a sparkle in her eye beautiful hair a different girl natured a smile ing books his wife Big time operator To make good gravy Opera singer To be a man President of the U. S. Carpenter B. Y. U. team member Commercial artist Like Miss Hansen Texas war bride Business College To To be better own a garage Hair stylist One of the Andersons To plan a home To be what 1'm not Life guard To go around the world To work at Geneva To work with the Indians To get a job Clothes designer Happy, contented wife Dancer Marine Tennis instructor In Navy band Band leader Happy and carefree Business woman Ilousewife Newspaper editor Orchestra conductor Pilot Songwriter Raising chickens Psychiatrist Cover girl Second Arthur Murray A success Fuller brushman VVriting Indian stories Supporting a family Playing baseball Reading llriving a "Willie" Having fun In school affairs VVith a song in his heart Thinking Doing a little of everything Managing affairs Planning Programs A. C. student To go to college Be a typist at Hillfield Stenographer College graduate Skier To travel Farmer To wo1'k at Hillfield Apartment with the girls Basketball referee Farmer Private secretary Famous On Horace Height Talent Show Second Frank Sinatra Clerk at Sprouse-Reitz Plumber Selling Buicks Singing on Television W I'?ff'fI'Cf ,U ' VH E C 'F IAQ s Mp? jiW !?HoP M HUMPH Es FLORAL ,LJ nvisi t Ha1f g J! 0,534 ed S oes f 2 Z, I AL IIVORWGUARAN ED '63, XV grind LFE ' Ph e 1 -W 10 East Main , fly' PSQIMUI CIP WW -P an fl! W it my Ly, ilwbrfix y 9 C -'iq' W NIELSEN'S APPLIANCE W W - L VI3'mi0fS0f'51 ' , I - by W Ili' EXCe11en IZSJG' jx' px' L e er lancesdv X , ' 0 Ph Q 27B TWA ULN 0, 'D Oygsabgmt Qxlrlowers, Om II awxgyfpg A Y CB V X 'U I G . I 'nl A E C I CONGRATUEEATIQNS ty Lwlf M B in 'c Qi , ww ' R ,X Q v R3he K 5 fl I "Better Materials jg'-Grgggeiof Q51 5' B Er as I h D E' kffqgfl if . L C el' lll, Ing I . N Y Sw Ax PLANNING CDEXV,EY'SiMENf"SWPP.I Ni! FINANCING - X NI? Qs S NJ ICN I fx k AMERICAN FORK Q 0 N ofgSrIfat VY.ear1ITgXP3:aPare1 Q3 Ph 26 Q x ,' Q SEZ-P51 NSY? M RQ. Egg 'Xf A XQ if Q"-'Q:wf7j4,,,, , , 'L-J -:K ,k,q 0h?fmf1?T'i' BEST WISHES .4 ',,y6uA?lJ ,LJ V," ,CCW Vg . W7 ,LJ be-M"'EP4f""' . '50 " --iffflf' V ' X C KJ from "YH vfg-fill-.1 !.:,4fgf4-1'-v.X4f - R Selffsefvjgjtofe, TAYLOR'S l.G.A. MARKET W , 1 , Headquartersior -School Supplies 84 W. Main Phone 365 X, Jdflffffff-' K X 4 R -Q E , J., if A ' s GRIFFIN BAKERY V! RE A Homemade Bread-Fresh Daily 'X' y e al hi wir A ' 4 rd re -Q' UW' o-' Cakes Decorated for all Occasions in ' S I Phone 68 19 East ff 00 3 My I . WQ ww-RWM yflfq5'fpf'Qf UW M . r e l fU . Nm .. Kc A , s , A ORNWOOD srumo www wwf! Raw QE Potraits "Everything in Building Material" 4-0 A ' -. We ings ,G ii? . Telephone 404 American Fork A EEA my ' b P' res y pri 1 fy il We If "' QQ . AX. 564 we -83- E yd 1 A I, 'vd P I 1 ,C f'Xz'A6g ' 9 'ff fl Ii 'tw f , 1 "2 ..J. 'f'iONE1ff?!a FOR GOOD QUALITY c""'7 if if aK'!lfi6?f1hdivl,f'1f'j'if nj SHOES Sz CLOTHES jx ' f fyalf JV if ffffihf 1t'wfiWZEg1pRbwLAu o12w! if ., STEELPS STORE nlllfik V. 14, C9 D Fine Merchandise fyfuf. eglugk lag? ' d ix " x Courteous Service wx? ju ,' 5 gf ' 0' I pi!! A GOOD LUCK ,md to AAL ,Quy-Qugew, . , Wad S - Seniors of 1951 464. FIHTA ' Lv, . ' I . 1 . - If .5 Woivzqwg e-:-- .:-' I ,lu ,ch from f c. D. STRANG , , S JEWELER Lad R awi'J?L " CI, I ,. 1 f 7- he mm ol' 6 Um WMU ' f , ii I 'Sh Q bdsm iw WMM UMMMSWSQ. E ' 1 t ,AJM7 - V V, ,O , PW 0, W1 50 ff! KM74WQ7KE3 HgT1fLl'Lf54? ' 0, 5 IAQ4-'Jpzffdl , 'Q..Y-.JL ggtgyfb Ovv' Afvf- ' ' . ' F I It Pays to op ' STAR FLOUR MILLS ifefywf-hgfrhymewygf, , ALL do f ff J, V4 if - 4200 f f' f' rS!PENNEY'S'7 dwfff M ,' ft, I ff!,1,U1J': . n 147 East sth North Phone 32 ' M1 we Awfywfyerchandise Friendly Service ,A 0 if lr. .2 0 N 3 ft 3- -'45 lk ,Q A on A Qs. G ,140 f'1'94".4f "I fn- if - we cv 1530:-gr, Wfyja C NG 61Fj! T R L TIQ . N1 g U Class er La f ,ff g J 4 . fjibbfw' A' i if WA! u if-f Q 'ufgiekqkcb f W ' fy I 0 f W!! V f fi! 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Suggestions in the American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) collection:

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