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' 3 A Y If x n S EE 2 S35 :-:-:I-1-:+:-:-24-:-:-'--w 4.-.'.g+2:-'rx 55:555-f,,.,.g.,. ,.,.g.'.,-.uc4.':-,- .4.-.'.-:-:-:-:wuz-' x 3ci.5:-:rx-g.g.f.:.5.::4:-.-L .+.-:ask-:Q A '5:22f+:':-:':-:5:215':- :3:3:5EEf:Q'3:3fE5: 'zz-3:5-: 1:5 4- , -. -, -, X iS2523E:2f:f:2:S5I: C33Z7:3:3:C:Q2fS:5i:23: '-:-:-:.:':4:-:1:Ig:g:fg:::-:gg :safe X R ND Nw .MW3 M M X 19129 'MWQM my MQ fl QSYWQ X We I3l'2JJ2flt'l lb S-I0 tQG axe.:-lean 1946 Published by THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS of AMERICAN FORK HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATION LIVING Life is fha? we mighl live. Noi merely exisfing, buf living. Life is +ha'r we mighl learn, For in wisdom is safisfacfion. Life is +ha+ we mighf work, For work creafes responsibiliry. Life is Thar we mighl do. For doing is characler building. Life is +ha'r we mighl progress. For progression is success. If we will bur allow, life sows a field. broad and vasr. filled wifh opporluniiies 'rhal can be reaped wilhoui cosl. Yes. life holds sorrow and unhappiness as well as joy: buf wilhoul l'he confrasl. we could never know The 'rrue feeling of happiness and inner sarisfaclion. Living is fhe feeling of belonging and of being needed, and each upward sfep on rhis conlinuous ladder brings us closer lo our ulrimafe goal. Our school ideals help us To advance 'ro higher levels of living, sincerely and honesily, each experience playing i+s par'r in our advancement Truly-Living is an Arr. ,f f-- cf I ,f M 1 Q, ,- If ll , 144m in JA tration f Mf xf J Zj,JW, X Z0 if X f 7 JW J J .:1iE -. RX bk Qi Cr QRS' if. E SX LX-i ABN lx qkwi 4, 'F' xx xii 'R 'int Lili 'R RN MAX -5:5555 X ' 72 1- f X-1 u V QN-5, 5,15 fiixnq QE Ex I JESSE M. WALKER Principal When we view in refrospecf our high school days. among our fondesi' recollecfions' will be Those of Mr. Walker, our principal, and our devofed faculfy. Years from now when we +urn The pages of our memory looolc, we shall find indelibly wrilfen on ils pages Jrhe faces of lhose who have given us so much help and encouragement To 'rhese 'reachers who have always inspired The loesf 'rhaf is in us, we give graleful fhanks. They will never be forgoffen. We shall always marvel af fheir palience and wisdom. We mus'r prove To 'rhem 'rhaf 'rheir efforfs have no? been in vain. Ji' X. Q fb ' ,Li AZ! VL, fwfv . Eb- KENNETH J. BIRD Music " f JAMES NORTON Mallwemalics flaw' auf, PHILL O. SMITH Hislory " I, 'ffl if ALVIN TEUSCHER Social Science Wu VELMA SHELLEY English HELEN PARKER Secrela ry FACULTY HANSEN I:nglnsl'1 53,51 My W --Q BETTY McTAGUE Plwysical Educalion KATHERINE WEEKS Domesfic Science if RAYMOND BAILEY Seminary LUTHER GIDDINGS Science N fix H" x ALBERT B. ALLEN FRED RICHARDS Agriculfure Physical Educalion T-1 'r . . I A LYDIA HOGAN Librarian JAMES W. PHILLIPS lnduslrial Arfs '31 E ,R c u L T Y :YJ :while fx is Ie-'nv' ELMO HANSEN English Q B"'M.M"' EARL HOLMSTEAD Hisfory LEO NELSON Physical Ed ucufion FERRELL SORENSON Science GEORGE SCOTT English LA VERE J WADLEY Business E. RAY GARDNER Seminary CHARLES B. WALKER Mallwemalics-Supervision xx I nj A QS NORMAN s. wme F' JW Mafhemafics X .M fl. lkf' XE ll X. dl Q3 R- A EVAN NELSON WANDA WINN Speech Domestic Arf X mil xx, ii STUDENT GOVERNMENT RHEES RIRIE DICK SCOTT FAY ROUNDY Sfudenl Body Presidenf Vice Presidenr Secralary and Treasurer GLADYS GRANT DON TREGASKIS Program Chairman Business Manager Capable, efficient eager +o please, our s'ruden'r body officers and sfudenl cabinef have served us well. Under lheir able leadership in guiding acrivifies, we have enioyed a 'rruly successful year. wvf 1 f w 1, ' 1 .f f -24 f f f Q4 6 W ff' X5 f m WM V: ..,,.,f Q, V V,f ,fQ7' if,f. , I K , . fr , ,M 7 f . ,J X ,:,,,-Mw ,Af w J , A Z? AMW X 7 J x A,A,A fl p -. " 'E , -XX , X 7 f 7 g d . ff ' mu Fog 'A an, I .J SENIORS The years we seniors have speni in ihe American Fork High School have been happy. ioyous years. Filled wiih ac'rivi'ry, rich in new ex- periences, 'rhey have broughf us sieadily loward our goal. They hold many memories which we shall never forgei. Proud are we of +he achievemenfs of our many +alen'recl classmaies in such fields as debaiing, dramafics. music, baske+ball, and o'rher aciivi- 'ries of +he school. They have added much To our enioymenr and our growfh. To our school and i'rs siandards our class has given i'rs suppori and ils loyaliy. Now. as we go oui info 'rhe broader fields of life, may we and ihose who follow us exiend ihose loyalfies 'ro meel The larger needs and sfrive always 'ro build lives wor'rhy of our ideals and aspiraiions. MORRIS SMITH Class Presidenf BOYD CLARK JEWEL CHIPMAN SHIRLEY BERG Program Chairma "You do no+ have fo fight, you do no? have fo sfruggIe. you onIy have Io know." A-nf DORIS AULT Lover of books and BEANS. ADAIR BROMLEY "Happy am I, for I am free." EVELYN BECK "Laugh with Iife and if is a Irind companion " ROBERT BENNETT A friend 'ro all who Icnow him. CLEO BECK "I believe fha? God creafed me To be happy." MELVIN BOWMAN "The Ionger I Iive Ihe more my mind dweIIs upon fhe wonder of Ihe worId " HELEN BAILEY FuII of fun and froIiC. RAY BEAN "The Iirsf and bes+ vicfory Is Io conquer self." F05- , poll V pvgtfsuarzs fi' LABELLE BOLEY Beaufy and a sonq-bird- who could ask for more? ALTA BARRATT "Life is merry when you make II IhaI way." FLORA MAE BARRATT , DEE CRANQML A friend wEIh a shy, reserved I'I'5 words are ew' nafure. X i i mwiibj, .. i 4 ii SHIRLEY BERG "To have c friend is lo be one." 46 BOYD CLARK "l was innocenf myself once. buf live and learn." RUTH BIRD Who could be happier lhan 0 Bird? , L!1v-4J- Y,.,r'e' I If L J gfuvvvb i T "uh ' 9-ffffl wiv! I -WSW ", f'7iFl'f4j I 5 '01 I ,7'N"' Q , SVI A ywivii 'ff 'J ,ill-""' Hr nw' ,ff ff If", -l Q "iil1f'f"" if 7'iiff"'3 ' f9'R:Mi ' -.if I-1.1 Cb Ji. fi' X f :-ff' ' M 5 ..1- ' ,S rlwfw- jjwlfff yy ,k, 6 IQJN ' pLI u Fvrrjs fy yi, f 1 .,,g,x,,Li.w R' 42,111 I W I . , . ,a V, . , .1 , - m Mr? J xx if , G I , ,, W ' Y J, A ii - it ,I .fl 1 I 1 , 'M if ' ,. ' J 5' A I f , I ,T I I I V, Y i 5' V. , la! i 1" . rn.. .,,. r ,, 1:4 W -A - en - '--f--i V 51 fi s ' I-le who reaches 'rhe lop does more Ihan is required of him." W. Morris. BEVERLY G. BROOKS A man is always beffer Ihan a bool: I-'ler life would be complele i+h a ad PHILLIP CLARK FAE CARTER Vivacious is our new friend from Provo. ELAINE BROWN r io. a piano, and DAVIS DEVEY "Never do fodoy 'rhaf which you can do fomorrow " ROLENE CHILTON "I live on Ihe sunny side of lhe slreefq shady iollcs live on Ihe o+her." BARBARA BROWN MELVIN DAY "So is il now l arn a n'ien.' JEWEL CHIPMAN II's nice +0 be nafural, when one's rialurally nice. KEITH DU RRANT "Sinceri+y is one of the Iirsf "l fhink I mighf recoyer milesfones along The road fo by and byf' succes..." F F01 ., ,null 5 hyqvgsfnuare ly JANICE M. CHILTON "Love conquers all." NORMAN CONNELLY "All l care fo know is fha? l um a human being," JOYCE CHADWICK "Silence is a lrue fhaf never be+rays." DOLORES FEHLBER6 Her being lovely is a duly. DON ELLISON Live and lhinlr. BETH FADDIS She is worfhy of her life. PHILL GREEN "We live in deeds, no+ years." HELEN GARDNER "Give lo lhe world 'rhe besl' you have and lhe lsesl will come back To you." 'sy ROBERT GREENWOOD Who could help liking him? Q GLADYS GRANT Whal is lile wilhoul a laugh? PAUL HANSEN Capable, independent and reserved. DORA DEAN JOY GREEN A dreamer lives forever The world is never loo full ol good lhings. CII' 5,5 lmgguu Qr X JOYCE HOUSTON Dainly and rhylhmic, our Diccolo player. ANCEL HATCH l shall be safislied. ANITA HARVEY Full of knowledge and good. MAX HUGGARD The more a man is educafed fhe more if is necessary for Ihe sfafe fo insfrucf him. Why worry 'rhe slafe? LOIS HUNTING A quief liifle girl wiih a quief lilfle way. KENNETH HUNTER "Work gives flavor Io life." RAE MARIE JERLING "'Tis good will Thai makes inielligencef' ORLIN JOHNSON " 'Tis no? loo lafe +0 seek u newer world." rw .fi MELBA KIRK "Live. Love, and Learn." MAC JENSEN "I am fhe masler of my Ialef' Shirley is The caplain of my soul. VYONNE KUMMER A quief and lrue companion. MARIAM HUMPHRIES LA RAINE MCGEE Glad of life because if gives Thoughfful, kind, and always her fhe chance lo love and willing 10 lend 3 hand. To work and +0 play and 'ro look af lhe slars. RICHARD MITCHELL "The vicfcny of success is won when one gels The habit work." JACKIE MILLER V " 'Tis The arfful hand Ihal dr a man." RICHARD MURDOCK Edison wasn'f Ihe only greal' scienfisl. LOIS B. MARROTT "I looked inlo his eyes and r The queslionf' WARREN MONSON l'll 'fake her as she comes. EU foil I . 0'0" s l APPg:DuFfI sad GLEN NELSON Why should ihe devil have all fhe good limes. ' LYLE MAYNE Lover of idle hours. 3 ELAINE MECHAM Our whole life is like a play. DON NEIL A quiel and subdued nalure. ROLAND NELSON LILLIAN Her fr hearts of us V' xt by gl W3 ,gl ix 1 Q ,fr JUNE McLANE She smiles wilh her eyes. Q "Now is The only 'time you own. BELVA MILLER Flashes a sweel smile lo every- one. JAY OVARD Eel drinlc and be merry and lo- morrow we'll have some more. NAOMI PATTERSON "Quief minds cannol be 5 plexed or Irighlenedf' JACK PECK "Pe-rfecl I call Thy plan: lhal I was a man." I vo" !"f'l?5Iu"'5 as f WILLARD PETERSON "Handsome is as handsome does." EDITH PHILLIPS Whal' is beller lhan ldndness7 FRED ROBINSON An all a round good fellow. MARY LOU RUPPEL A head full of love. RHEES RIRIE Our qreal lhouqhls, our qreaf fhe lrulhs of our life eave us." SARAH ANN ROGERS Some day wedding bells will EDITH PAWLOWSKI "'Tis belfer fo sing wilh lark in the sky lhan +o croak fhe frog." FAY ROUNDY "ln all fhings I will do my best" R.Kg:THnRlLN 55.:C?e?sCTglfs on CALLEEN ROBINSON rn o er I , -- - - . her loes, she shall have Dan wher- forecerlllmg OI beauly IS G Icy ever she goes. CARL SHIPLEY "The deed is 'the man." VERA SHOELL One who Icnows how io friends and Iceep lhem. ELDON STRASBU RG He who laughs - IasIs. GLORIA STORRS "The clock of life is wound bul once." EUGENE STEFFEN Every man's life is a fairy lole. JEAN SNYDER Happiness is her hobby, MERLIN SHELLEY Admired by all-a good afhlefe- a qood friend. DOROTHY STICE A smile will gel you 5 mile or Iwo, bu? a Iciss will gel you home. DICK SCOTT "l'm a handsome man, buf I a gay deceiverf' F01 ' ,- II 'nP'2E3Iii'f5 C r We SUE TOKUNAGA Dimples fha? can? be over MORRIS SMITH An All Slaie man wilh a mind of his own, DON STEELE .MAE JEAN S. WILKIN "Boller Iafe than neyerf Swing and sway-and she won Jerry. PRESTON TAYLOR "Honor lies in honesf fail. FLOYD TERRY Sleep hafh nfs own world FOR ' , prucgxgrgfr : ill GK' .T I Q iw nv- djlvn 1' for fhaf world MYRON WALKER Our leading men are followers SHIRLEY WILLIAMS Never a worry and never a ca re as lonq as she has Mac LE GRANDE TERRY ever give up DON TREGASKIS "Firsf oo'mes Cha acfer rhen a principal FUSAKO OKUMURA A keen and analyhcal mind HOWARD ADAMSON When love and slcill work ro exped' a rnasferplece PAUL WILLIS l'll 'rake wha? fhe world gives and ask no more. Achievement then Szccesef' X ,N LIN ,XL .li , Q K . 'i N x N CAROL WERNER One foday, anofher one +o- mdrrcxvl. How does she do if? N N 4 NORMA LAURSEN Gay is her laugh. KARMA V. ADAMSON "Love and I had 'rhe wif fo wing we drew e circle fhaf fool: him in." 'I Afler 'rwo years paclced wifh sludy and aclivify, The Juniors sland poised on 'rhe fhreshold of lheir final year and loolc info 'rhe fuiure wirh aniicipalion. Aciivilies of lhis group have been many: class parfies, swealers and fhe un- 'iorgelable Junior Prom. To l'he sophomores of This year we be- quealh lhe happy heriiage of ihe juniors: ancl To fhe seniors, whose place we shall fry 'ro fill, we wish success in iheir climb foward higher goals. Mary Ann Yeifer Mary Wooffon James Williams Richard Wilde . Kenna Whife Wilma Wali A d ' Fred Housfon n ww Wlgnell Presidenf Joy Ann Wesf Melbourne Whifby Norman Wing Donna Thornion Clesfon Torrey Genie! Thornton Ruth Thompson Merrill Varney Roberf Taylor Lucile Terry Leon Sforrs La Rae Tracy Shirley Brown James Seaslra nd June Slaler Lois Slewarl Blaine Slngleion Kennefh Shoell Colleen Slrong Lulher Giddings Vice'Presiden+ Helen Reimschiissel Helmuf Reimschiissel Mary Lou Robinson Richard Powelson Paul Peferx Engelberl Pawlowskl Sfanley Nelson Dale Shiner Elaine Rowley Jed Prilcheff Glen Pulley Dale Nash Bob Carsfensen Douglas Nicholas Lois Mahi aj' Qrrif Qnfffvfjgf Russell Mickelson Elmo Murdoch Sally Meranda Secretary and Treasurer Eula Fee Laughlin Zee McDaniel lf. Theron Miller Ruby Lee Arfhur Lund Jennie Lee Dean Lewis May Larson James Markham Roland Madsen Luris Lamph Heinz Leonhardf Tom Marshall Julia Befh Johnson Eldon Hansen Leon Harishorn . Esfher Johnson Julia Heap: Arlhur Hansen Jeanne Myers Program Chairman Huber+ Greenland Vernis Hansen Shirley Hyde Leland Hampfon Donna Green William Hales Richard Greenland Billie Hoglund Luana Greenwood Junior Garlick Emily Gubler Frank Grimmeh' Coy Eskelson Jean Frederick Glenna Fae Jorgensen Bob Froelich La Vell Clemenls Ralph Chrisfensen Louise Beck Prom Chairman Bob Dimick Laura Beih Brown KSU? Dvrrdhl Barbara Conder Leo Cleghorn Lucille Clark Elmer Buhler Gladys Chrislensen Lyle Draper Shirley Chesnuf Roberf Drew Glen Draper Shirley Birk Shirley Beck Dan Brewer W . Beverly Birl Marilyn Brown Lu Ella Benneff Richard Mercer Prom Chairman Edward Bunier Carol Boley Elaine Boley Roberi Baker Leland Befhers Beverly Berg Keifh Boren Joyce Black Ann Abel .127 :MX . ,3 Q ,nw 4 ix t z,,M . . , x w. ' w H S ' 4 sqm - 'A 'uv il k-" 4 5 , ,. a 1' W ' - 2 X y , - K' -Q 2' 6 A' 'P' 4 f, Q4 ' l V"" W ,Q T, M A: , , 1- A ,, Jw, 5.5 m,:,k W. ' wx " x wi L is z 'F' Lg, ,fi . E 3,225 6 'A 1 my 4"0f.. N ,' W . ,fx iiigfgegggll X 553 iwgigifigxiilg i1Q?i5s?g 513235552 iglwpgwgggiig X W 3 gwwfixlii? 3 SM sl 535W SX xw Q S ii N Y 5 WS? Q Mika SW WWWSEEF X3 k .W XX ! x 1 x' if QMNQQ S312 3 gw 3 ix W mi CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD CHIPMAN RONALD SMITH Presidenl' Vice Presidenf BETTY JEAN GERBER Secrefary EARLENE VAN WAGNER JQANN KNIGITI1- Program Chairman Dance Chairmen We. The sophomores of I945-46. feel Ihal we are 'raking our firsl big s'rep 'foward manhood and womanhood and 'foward con- quering 'rhe problems of Ihal' new phase of our school career. We have iusl' slepped 'From a small pair of shoes info a larger pair: and The palh we Iread. as we conlinue our Iwo remaining years of high school. will malce us ready 'ro Ialcte our place in I'he world ouI'- side of our school. i The juniors. seniors, and Ieachers of American Fork High School. we Icnow, will help us malce Ihe final s+ep a successful one. B,++y Elsmore Anderson Bush DerMonl' Connie Chrisfiansen Bell . . Margaref Ross Beck COHJGI' FTC Rh Jgan Curtis G'Yl" :" V Lo., hgh, Blackburn V i. " ' ' k VQ. I JoAnn Thomu ' Boley Chadwick --11 1 ll x l Shirley Duane Beck Croolslon Earl Joyce Brown Ball CMO, Kelvin Benneff BNVOI' 501 Jean Carl loley Chipman .lay Bell 'W-an Kafhleen A.. Davey Marilyn Richard Binns Chipman I'f9 yeany, QM' ww My 5, if Egg Y i x lpllsql xl r ,Sherrua LV' Xp 'NeHa iwidipeng F 4 Y V X l zylzzfg Durranf Elroy Cunningham Vern Chrisfensen La Rae Francom Louuse Elmer Richard Cool: Donald Condor WMS My wig' Ellnson Belly Jean Gerber Junior Hall Myron Dean Ora Halcln Lois Gordon Calvin Giddings Paul Durranl La Dean Healey Lorraine Hamilfon Melvin Frandsen Kaye Halslrorn David Forbes Ramona Hunsa lrer The Mayne Richard Moyle Roberi' Hayes Colleen McGee Eldon Myers Phyni. Larsen Fern Jones Mary Ann Jonsson Lee Parker Vivi an M. Nielsen avr Q1 Joan Nielsen Don Hunfer Marilyn Meranda Kennelh Neal Jack Phillips Venice Jones Jess Bromley Mar va Crosby Una Nielson Richard Julian Ralph Phillips Joann Marilyn Knighf Nuffall Searle Emanuel Spencer Glade Shelley Jane! Sfreef Curhss Smlfh Vir inia 9 Sfeggell Joyce Snngleion Paul Sleele lverson Barbara Smillv Kelfli Smllli Kennelh Richard Seibel T"Yl0" 'iw D' V W P2 H fi 07" Ap if 4 We ' La Rae Tidwell Jack Wilson Ted Tokunaga Earlene Van Wagner Glen Wagsfaff Marilyn Vacher Helen Tucker Maxine .Smifh Key Walron Vicfor Eckles Donna Turner Ernell Tluayne Q5- IN MEMORIAM Roberl QBobl Procfor Helen Wilson Clinlon Marsh Ronald Smifll Ellen Luke Belly Jean Walni Ari' La yeock Marian Marshall Evan Wride La Rae Gran? Arnold Larsen Kei+l1 Haggard Eugene Pickering JUNIOR HIGH OFFICERS WALTER BOWEN, Presidenf FRANK NICHOLES, Vice-Presideni' BETTY JEAN NELSON, Secrefary ZOLA BENNETT, Program Chairman We, Ihe freshmen, eagerly awaii' 'rhe faII when we can become a parI' of 'rhe senior high schooI. During 'rhe pas? Ihree years, we have been preparing for Ihis Iime, Iceeping our goal ever before us. Our hope is IhaI' our accompIishmen'I wiII add sfrengih 'fo our schooI. Beverly Bowers Fern Adams Nolan Olson Florence DeMarco Clive Jorgensen Naomi Adams June Williams Mary Ann Wanlass James Hindley Jerry Pace Raymond Benneil' Billy Mowers Clarence Peierson La Mar Drew lla Sfrasburg Fern Day Cleo.i Bafeman Riia Sorenson Eva Young Donna Crooksion Lewis Dade Barbara Faddis Carl Dickerson John Lee Saxion Joy Rae Sabey Befsy Robinson Alan Birk Margarei Morion Louise Boley Lloyd Wrighf Janice Chadwick George Durranf Phyllis Cleghorn Belly Dimick Jo Ann Hicks Nadine Monson Connie Prilchefi Del Mar Fraughfon NINTH GRADE Helen Garlick Max Adamson Wallace Beck Wendell Sfrong Le Roy Griffin Marilyn Devey Nan Rae Healey Eva June Chamberlain Del Hampfon Waller Bowen Virginia Clemenfs Joyce Neal lla Greening Barbara Clark Dean Adams Don Berg Samuel Sfrong Glade Sfeiner Max Smifh Joan Carlisle Charles Kleinman Don Bean Reva Hunsaker Wanda Larson Elaine Dean Ca lleen Nicholes Alene Murphy Don Peferson Dolores Pulley Clara Mae Chadwick Val Sforrs Cecil Parker Floyd Vesf Dean Morfenson Mark Grani Delberl' Hogland Jack Long Charles Reardon Glen Julian Maxine Binch Marie Miller De Wayne Walfers Lova Bennefi Jo Ann Karren Zola Bennet? Anna Mae Milchell Jimmie Winburg Sfandford King Dorcie Rogers Edifh Moss Bob Nelson Clifford Laycock Shirley Sievens Doroihy Larson Maurice Gibsen Lela Mae Adams Machiko lwaki Don Barrafi Rufh Wagslaff Wilma Ellison Dell Schrieber Myron Briggs Nau+alia Eskelson Lola Mae Smiih Ralph Anderson Ronald Clemenis Virginia Small Lynn Harris Earl Pulley lllilllllnlinuug..-V rrrr is 3 ,A iff' r rr me , Under flue Willow Tree. 6. Flying Leap. 7. Lafesf Twosome. 8. Plwofographer. 9, Righl on flue Ball. IO, ff I fi' 'Murad V' Ac.lver+ising Pepsodenf. Wl'1a+'s +l1e Fragranf Odor? Debale Class. Whaf Now 7 "Head's 'In'." rf' 315. ve?-5 M., fisffff' I 'vii 44,1 ' ' 'ff'-' Y I ,ayii , ff' ?9f',f" I 'gg ,,f,44',, ' f , ' 1 '1 1' " ' ,nw , -1 b ' K ftqifry ' -Q., I. I ' f 11'-: few Q ,fir 4551 ' ' 1'4! 7-z M' X 1'.,f ' -Nia -1 -'R . 1? L and hg- -va fwhd- K .435 . V I A ,.4. jif!52x',g-Q3 ,L w , x V Wt. . hiqgghl I ff? jim' 1 V A ggj,.,g1...x . - . Hip, rw S ,rj ak, W" nv. .., 'Hg' 'HN' 1,5 3 u s WMM, .1 ',d'.4.,,Q,. Sw tw . f., -xr- .,. 1 mf ' 1- MA' CNN f VAN , 3' N-A' ' R , X J' "' QJPW W' xi. 4 ,iw- ' + 'fffl' if Y -Xe., Mfffwr V- f Nw,.,f4M ,325 JL ' - ,-,'N.r NY Q x . Y '.. - ff' z??+1f'Z W ., 4 3 - ,405 f J In "2:....,.,, if I 5 e 0 5 Qu- -' 4 '- ' . - sq' f an H we A . x '.4,g9,w K 7 . --,. 5 ,LM V, 5, , . ..,, X W ,, Af, ak A '. K . 1. Y if -, X . . . 'N 'fn--. ' 'YT 'U F " N' A - w -L' ,, W Q15 ,V ' wg 1.r"g.DjM:' K! , , f" ,L , , -,"v3s1r,"g5k. A f 3,4 A "J 7 1 Q-""PQ'f'?.'!"E4 .iw l fk"M .JTMQ ' 5, 75 ,Q 'Tw - . - , ,gf f As . i f ? me ,A.,q' lf X' 0'j"'fffw 4..!3f1, ' 4, ...J . P -is 5 . ,' -M fp' 2-142A 1 h'h, f..,,, "" X, 1 . 2 ,. SY: -.dw-wirfg " "'Tx"'w Qfiif - M 51' i,1i' w fl L Qf , f, 4 ' ff 'K 39" '44 . iv- . .,"' A my 6? 5' k i ,agar K - - ,qw vx Q" . . 3' 1 -'pf 152' 34 J'-f-3' ':" 'X . f W ig: Y f- ! 4 7 i 1 : FOOTBALL EUGENE STEFFEN FuIIback LEO NELSON FRED RICHARDS Coaches MERLIN SHELLEY I-Ifdfback DICK SCOTT I-Ioifback KENT DURRANT End PAUL PETERS Quarrerback MORRIS SMITH TOM MARSHALL WARREN MONSON Guard Tackle HaIIbacIc ELMO MURDOCH LUTHER GIDDINGS BOB DIMICK Carver End 61-'Nd DALE STEINER Taclde - . of ny A M MW ff' if - 7 if if - A s .1 rr f L - 7 1-'T f' f -mwi g,,Eai,i ,"', Ln,L ,,, l JL: J r y r 1 F ssrr , ' gg ygy , s . A T v L i r . L:,L ' V 4, , ,. g, .X . . ,F ,, 25 FOR SEASON Pre-Season A. F. ,,,,A I3 Bingham ...,Y...,,,.,,,,,. 0 A.F .Y,,,, .. I3 Spanish Fork ,A.,...,,, 0 Season A. F.,, A,.,. L4 Pleasanf Grove .... .. 0 A, F .A,A,,,,, 7 Lehi ,.,,.Y,....,,,, ...,,, 0 A. F .,,YA.... I5 Springville ,Y.. .. 0 A, F .,,.,,,,, 6 Lincoln .....Y. ..,.,. 2 0 A. F ....,, 7 Provo ,,...,...... ..... . I2 A. F .,,., ..,. 4 5 B. Y. High ,.........,... 0 To These gridiron baillers, a sincere lhanlcs for upholding fhe Cave- man lradilion of sporismanship and fair play during lhe looiball season of l945. Championship honors were nol fheirs in 'rhis season of play, yef lhey look viclory-or de-leaf-in 'rheir sfride. Always They came back wifh 1'ha+ characferisfic hard fighiing, never-say-die Cavemen spiril. May il ever live on. You and your playing have been a greal' assef To our school. 'X 3' BEETHOVEN cLuB r ol music. +he Beelhoven Club members ve SUCCGSSTUIIY upheld Jrhe slaridards and high idea of The club and 'rhe school lor The lwenlielh J, 5 Gladys Chrisfensen Richard Ashby Louise Beck Mary Peck Roberf Greenwood Ruih Bird Russell Mickelson Jed Prifche++ La Belle Boley Kay Waliofl Fay Roundy Joan Ellison HOUSTON JOY GREEN MR BIRD Vice Presidenl Sec.-.glary Advisor lriving lor beller underslandinq and appre- af KAPPA DELTA ALPHA 255'- fu.. N' K Ng, Firsf row: Bob Greenwood, Dick Wilde, Evelyn Beck, Dora Dean, Helen Gardner, Mr. Nelson, Melba Kirk. Second row: Gladys Granf, Roland Madsen, Anile Harvey, Richard Mercer, Calleen Robinson, Ken Taylor, Alia Barraff. Third row: Kay Wallon, La Belle Boley, Rhees Ririe, Rolene Chillon, Phill Green, Joan Knighf, Jay Ovard. Four+h row: Belly Jean Gerber, La Grande Terry, Beverly Berg, Morris Smifh, Helen Bailey, Don Tregaskis, Joy Green. Fif+h row: Jed Prifchell. Erlene Van Wagoner, Myron Walker, Louise Beck, Junior Garlick, Janice M. Chilfon, Fred Robinson. Sixfh row: Karma V. Adamson, Shirley Berg, Willard Peferson, Miriam Humphries, La Rae Gardner. Dramalisls . . . comedians . . . characler aclors . . . all rhese are developed in 'rhe speech club of our campus. This club endeavors lo give Jrhose inleresled in dramalic arf opporlunilies lo express Themselves and lo srudy lhe works of 'ralenled people. The meelings promole sociabiliry, good-fellowship, and an apprecialion of The drama. ,.. KAR' Q., ' J 5 A X A -3' N K N X. me Xrxx X x. Q T S ,fs iQ L i 'x Q " DEBATE ,rf Firsf row: Donna Green, Beffy Jean Gerber, Dick Wilde, Richard Seibel, Calvin Giddings, Elaine Brown, Mr, Giddings. Second row: Mary Ann Yefler, Junior Garliclc, Jed Prircheff, Richard Ashby, Joy Green, Richard Mercer, Presfon Taylor. Third row: Kelvin Brewer, Leon Harfshorn, Luris Lamph, Russell Mickelson, James Seasfrand, Rhees Ririe, Leo Cleghorn. Noi in picfure: Lufher Giddings. Even rhough boih fun and work malce up rhis class, ifs members are coniinually srriving for be++er and more correci speech habils, along wiih learning io keep up wilh world affairs. Our class has parlicipaled in many aclivilies in which we have been boih winners and losers, buf we shall always appreciaie Jrhe valuable experiences we have gained from Xralcing parl. A V l 1 xi X , 1 Exif! , I u , , ,, lw'f , ' 1 i X i ' i ix' V X, ,if f i , 5' l T N- ,, v U I 1 C ily J i , v LV X 'J 59 ,cl ,i1f0ls1ATioNAL HoNoR socierv -' K J xy x -f X ,fy X s BELLE BOLEY RHEES RIRIE JOY GREEN MR. GIDDINGS PresidenT Vice PresidenT SecreTary Advisor f-X Firsl' row: Richard Ashby, Rufh Bird, Howard Adamson, Louise Beck, Don Ellison, Jewel Chipman. Second row: Gladys Chrisfensen, Lufher Giddings, Befh Faddis, Roland Madsen, Anifa Harvey, Richard MiTchell. Third row: Myron Walker, DoroThy Slice, Helen Gardner, Rae Marie Jerling, La Rae Tracy. NoT wiTh group: Norman Wing. N. l-l. S .... These Three leTTers sTand Tor The uTmosT in learning- NaTional l-lonor SocieTy. This socieTy has Tour ideals: Service-To Their Tellow men, Knowledge-Their besT To improve condiTions among Their Tellow men: Scholarship-To Tind new ways To improve condiTions among Their Tellow men: Leadership-To help Their Tellow men along The paTh To Th-aT ulTimaTe goal . . . everlasTing peace. Their aim is To do Their besT To carry ouT These Tour ideals, ThaT we mighT have a beTTer school Today and a beTTer world Tomorrow. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE 1 ll ll 1 ll Jud nd Frie szh We srend firmly a pasr if yeigrs. + se boys have been The r ili . has noi b en in va . Againsi ve r ed 'ro b oufsfarbiin speakers wea Their blem s a sign o pride ndqhappiness of rn in ihe uimosi e of on' f fhe four! freedoms x qxh 4 df is eec K in QOFF RS agen Tak . . . Presiden+ Dick Wilde . . Vice Presiden+ Luris Lamph . . . . Secrefary Rhees Ririe . Lu+her Gicldings . . Direciors Debdfe Winners Exiemp Winners 46 RUSSELL MICKELSON, CALVIN GIDDINGS. RHEES RIRIE LUTHER GIDDINGS WAR BOND QUEENS ANNA MA PHYLLIS C,-EGHORN Will you buy a vicTory bond Through The high school Tor The bond drive? 'l'haT was The quesTion asked many American Fork ciTizens as high and junior high sTudenTs sTrove To puT Their classes over The Top. Each class was in compeTiTion wiTh The oThers. The class buying The mosT bonds was allowed To selecT The bond queens Trom iTs membership. The ninTh grade purchases Tar exceeded The goal seT and The amounT purchased by any oTher class. The drive was an ove h ' rw elming success. Q51 -RW X Ni. 4? . '14 5' E' Q N W , ,Ilan !l'liQ,ggQ' - A Q :Y 4' Q 'N Qelifeg ' I' mr MENS' N-It -' s:.af4""'M at 'a'S!xJ,Q.t.' 'A Q.- "- --un., gm flu as K- . iw 4,2 v sw M Tl .Q 'mug r" will Q 7: 2.5 Wln ter X I 5 Q 'Y G 1 ss gi 5, ,nf XA: Q MERLIN SHELLEY Guard League PAUL PETERS ' Forward ' EUGENE STEFFEN Forward ROLAND MADSEN DALE 5TEpN5R Forward Guard VVasaIch .,,d, . ,d,,,,, . Wasafch , , ,Y,, Murray ,,,,Y,,,, ,....... Springville ,..,.......... Bingham .w,,..,,,,,a,,i... Norfh Summii ...,,,,. Granfsvllle ,. ,,.,.,,,, .. B. Y. High ...,,,,,,,,,,, Pleasanf Grove .. Lehl .,,,,, ,, ....., ,. Lincoln ,, B. Y. Hugh ,,,,, ,,,,A . . Pleasanf Grove ..,i,. Lehi , , , , . Lincoln . . ..,,, .A Granfsvllle g BASKETBALL scones Non-League I7 A. F ..., 39 28 A. F .,.,,,.,. 29 I7 A. F ...aa 39 34 A. F .,,. .,... 6 I 42 36 28 A.F.,,, .45 25 A.F .,,, ,... I6 A.F .,d.. Games 30 A. F ...,.,.,. 38 25 A. F. , ..., . 37 28 A. F., . ... 59 I2 A. F. , ,.., . 42 26 A. F. ,.,,, 29 4I A. F. ,.,.,,., 50 29 A. F. ,..., 5I 27 A. F .,..,,,.. 59 Tournamenf Games Manh . ..,,, ..,..,,..,,,., 2 6 A. F .,,.,,... 50 Dixie , ,,,.,,, ,,,,,... 2 5 A. F .... .,... 5 4 3 Bingham ..,.... .,,..... 3 I A. F ..,....,. 46 38 A. F ......... 37 MELBOURNE WHITBY Cenfer KENT DURRANT Cenrer MORRIS SMITH Guard FRED ROBINSON Forward ELMO MURDOCH Guard X BASKETBALL TEAM Firsl' row: Melbourne Whifby, Elmo Murdoch, Dale Sieiner, Leo Nelson, Coach. Second row: Fred Robinson, Eugene Sfelfen, Roland Madsen. Third row: Merlin Shelley, Morris Smifh, Keni Durranf, Paul Pelers. In The second successive allempl lo gain lhe Class "B" Slale Bas- lcelball Championship, 'rhe Cavemen were denied lhe honors by a lasl- minulre foul pifch. I+ is lrue lhalr A. F. beal Granlsville in non-league play by a sizeable score buf when if came lo Jrournamenl play, somelhing iusl didn"r cliclc. ln spile of lhe loss ol firsl place, lhese fellows had plenly ol honors: eighleen slraiqhl wins, Shelley and Durranl on lhe All-Slale firsl leam, a new record for scoring in lhe lournamenl-89 poinls for four games- sel by Durranl. in league and lournamenl play a lolal score of 538 poinls, as compared wilh 339 for 'rheir opponenls. They have made a line record, and we are all proud lo be lheir associafes. CHEER LEADERS ..4 x . 1 1. .Q sw" ROLE FRED HOU oN Boa NE CHILTON Jmici CHM GREENWOOD "WhaT do you say?" shouT The cheer leaders, as They lead us in a rousing cheer Tor The Team. Rolene ChilTon, Janice ChilTon, Fred l-lousTon and Bob Greenwood gave Treely oT Their Time and energy To encourage The players on The TooTball and baslceTball Teams. WiTh The help oT These able leaders, The sTudenTs spurred The Teams To vicTory many Times. PEP CLUB 1 v Fronf row: Lois Sfewarl, Sally Meranda, Delores Fehlberg, Belh Facldis, Helen Reimchiissel, Carol Boley, Luana Greenwood, Vera Shoell, Jackie Miller, ldona Bowers, Jean Snyder. Back row: Barbara Conder, Joy Ann Wesl, Laura Befh Brown, Shirley Beck, Lola Bennelf, Emily Gubler, Lucille Clark, Jeanne Myers, Joyce Chadwick, LaRae Tracy, May Larson, Shirley Hyde, Marilyn Brown, Joyce Black, Jean Fredericks, Esiher Johnson, Louise Beck, Faye Carler, Barbara Brown, Beverly Birk, Vernis Hansen, LuElla Bennelf. We sincerely appreciale lhe conlribulion made lo our school by lhe girls of The Pep Club. Their smarl uniforms, lricky lormalions, abundanl energy, and unlimiled enlhusiasm have added color and spiril To our games. ' From 'rhem we caughl a school spiril which uniled us all in whole- some lun and good fellowship. 0 ZMIOF rl 0 ter in -+- an O E 'U C fU +- V7 CD U7 L 2 U7 .+- 3 FU LD TJ qymnas um. 1 O .C U U-,vi .C E' .C CD .C "'lD -..C 'X-F -E U 02 Dru -.E -6-L .Cqy .QP CCD CD fo 'UC -O0 'I'U LL... 3 CT, Om GJ U U 3 V7 3E g 232 rv 241 :E EW an EQ . f O-f-2 01 3-C3 C .945 g LT... -9341 C .E fo? .59 3,91 15 - '3.C -+- ' QIQV' Q56 gb ou'-O 09 fUro E309 mms 'U 95+ S 11:0 mm? 5 C-go iz E353 Q C13 -8599 W, 'O '5'. 5694? +.- o--+ -fo Q-C3-gt 'S-.Em 2-3 :Noi '5-S imh O 7:52 -C3 'S-30 ez, 'U 'U -+-+- BBQ LC :PN tv.- 'Oro g QQ 1 -O- ..C-'cTJQ.L"- P-E fi - if of GJ..C C .Cow O I-Z an DDM TDIZILACIIIC O-C"1GI'I'T1EI'1 C N OW RD NF FIA SQ I. 2. 3. 4. .,,W Pose pre++y. Oh, come now. Whaf a Chevrolet McGee's Chariot Ear fhe onion. Veronica. The pause fo refresh. Jusf a Twosome. Our Seminary. g WOW ! ! l Shelley's car. La+es+ fhing. Erernal +hreesome YEAR BOOK STAFF JOY GREEN GLADYS CHRISTENSEN YxEx,LTd Edifor Assisianl Edifor MR. G, SS 5 DOIN YM Psdaksev 'iQ'v,ke Gs f' Work. worry, and yes, Tun loo. wenl' info lhe making of This book along wilh long hours of checking and rechecking and checking again. Yes, +here's work. and lois of ir, buf none of il could have been accomplished wilrhour The help and cooperalion of our principal and facully. Our sincere apprecialion and Thanks go 'ro all who helped in any way. Their willingness and cooperaiion made lhe load lighler. Especially our Thanks 'ro our advisers who made 'this American possible. S T A F F Joy Green . .I ..... Edilor Joyce Bell . Gladys Chrisiensen . Associaie Edilor Jackie Miller . . . Paul Hansen . . . Business Manager Vernice Hansen . . . Arfisrs Presfon Taylor . . Rae Marie Jerling . Lufher Gicldings . . . Pholographers Joyce Black . . . Elaine Brown . . . Senior Ediror Mary Lou Rupple . Louise Beck .... Junior Edilor Shirley Beck . . . BeHy Jean Gerber . Sophomore Ediior Kenna Whiie . . . Feafure Wrifers Mac Jensen ...... Carfoons Lois Hun1'ing ...... Typisr Jewel Chipman .... Rolene Chilfon Richard Murdock . . . Horoscope Dick ScoH' . Yearbook Sales Managers Miss Shelley and Mr. Giddings ..... Advisers FORKASTER STAFF i is moms Auu HELEN GARDNER F9529 Edgfor Assisfanl Edilor MR' W ,MSS XA Aol We are leaving you-our dear old Forlcasler. lf we weren'+ sure +ha'r genlle and capable hands will manage you nexl year, we would be more reluclanl lhan we are lo leave you. Many hours we have spenl worlcing-preparing you for lhe prinlers. We haven'l minded lhe worlc because our paymenl has been 'rhe happy smiles on lhe laces of lhe sludenls when you were dislribuled among lhem. We are gralelul 'ro you for lhe enioymenl' and experience you have given us. You are a credil' lo lhe sludenls of our school. Our gradualion will separale us, buf we shall never lorgel you. STAFF A Doris Aull . ..... Edilor Helen Gardner . . Assislanl Edilor Presfon Taylor . . Business Manager Richard Ashby ...... Sporls Jewel Chipman ..... Fealures Miss Hansen, Mr. Wadley . Advisers Marian Humphries, Melba Kirlx, Paul Hansen ..... Typisls Gladys Granf, Rhees Ririe, Joy Green, Doro+hy S+ice, Befh Fadclis, Geneil Thorn+on . . Reporlers Er FUTURE HOME MAKERS OF AMERICA Joyce Blaclr . . . Presidenl Connie Prilclmell .... Hislorian Donna Turner . . Vice Presidenf Nadine Monson . . A. Leader Kafhleen Devey .... Secrelary Donna Croolcslon . . . Reporfer Eva Young ...... Treasurer Miss Weeks and Miss Winn ....... Advisers The Fulure Home Malcers of America Clulo is a new organizalion on lhe campus. All girls from ninllm lo lhe lwelflh grade who are faking Homemalcing are eligible lo join. Our moHo: Toward New Horizons. Our Aim: To promole Home Economics, develop leadership, and malce befler cilizens. f I Our able officers and advisers have lead 'rlrme club lhrouglw a succfss- u year. Joyce Blaci, Donna Turner, Ka-llmlean Devey, Eva Young, Conslance Prifchall, Nadine Monson, Mary Ann Wanlass, Donna Croolsfon, Clara Mae Chadwick. Delores Pulley, Beverly Bowers, Behy Robinson, Joy Rae Sabay, Colleen Nicholas, Helen Garlick, Wilma Ellison, Fern Adams. Adviser! Kaflmryn Waals and Wanda Winn. FUTURE FARMERS CF AMERICA Richard Mifchell .... Presidenl' Melvin Day . . . Secrefary Warren Harris . . Jack Phillips . . . . . Treasurer Kenneih Hunier . . Vice Presidenis Richard Chipman .... Reporfer Howard Adamson . Jess Bromley ...... Senfinel F. F. A. lFu'rure Farmers of Americal is a nafional organizafion wi'rh chap+ers in every s+a+e. The primary aims of +he associalion are 'rhe developmeni of agri- culiural leadership, cooperaiion and cifizenship. Of Jrhe seven hundred boys who have been members of our chapfer ,lhree hundred iwenly- seven served fheir counfry during The pas? emergency. Howard Adamson has been awarded ihe Siale Farmers Degree, being lhe Jrweniy-firsi member 'ro merif 'rhis honor. During 'rhe pasf year chapier members have exhibiied ai several sfock shows. conducfed 'rwo assemblies, a radio program, and have pariicipaied in o'rher ac'rivi'ries which upheld 'rhe ideals of ihe naiional organizaiion. Members: H. Adamson, E. Bulher, N. Connelly, M. Day, D. Durranr, W. Harris, K. Hunfer, M. Huggard, H. Leonhardf, Z. McDaniel, R. Mikhail, J. Peck, H. Reimschiissel, E. Sfrasburg, W. Smifh, D. Adams, M. Adamson, R. Bennefi, W. Back, L. Dade, B. Davey, L. Drew, R. Gaisford, L. Harris, C. Jorgensen, L. Kummer, C. Laycock, R. Mills, J. Phillips, B. Pierce, K. Pulley. S. Robinson. L. Tllornion, D. ima. 59 INQUIRING EDITOR "Wh'y have The Pyrenees lv1ounTains been in The news This pasT week?" was one oT The quesTions ThaT came Thick and TasT aT eighT exciTed boys and girls Thursday, February 28, I946. The occasion was The "Inquiring EdiTor" program on currenT evenTs presenTed Trom our sTage. The eighT exciTed sTudenTs were La Belle Boley, Gladys Grant AniTa l-larvey, Mary Lou Ruppel, Rhees Ririe,-PresTon Taylor, Richard Ashby. and Paul Hansen, who had spenT The preceding week reading every available newspaper in preparaTion Tor The quiz. No one realized unTil The acTual reading was begun, how much eTTorT is needed To absorb The mosT imporTanT TacTs Trom a dozen newspapers. The sTudenTs were divided inTo a boys' Team and a girls' Team. ATTer a halT-hour oT quick Thinking on The parT oT boTh groups. The boys won wiTh TiTTy-eighT poinTs. while The girls ran a close second wiTh TiTTy poinTs. Transcribed in an assembly period on ThaT day, The program was presenTed over KDYL on SaTurday. March 2, I946. SCHOOL PLAY CAST "A Girl, A Guy, And A Gob" Coffee Cup . . Warren Monson Sfephen . . . . . Rhees Ririe Dof . . . .... Louise Beck Cora . . Delores Fehlberg Officer . . . Richard Murdock Ed . . . . . Richard Wilde Pankingfon . . .Beffy Jean Gerber Mrs. Grange . .' . Geraldine Penrod Cecilia Grange . . . LaRaeGardner Miss Merney. . Miss Higenbofham Mofher . . . Pokey .... Pigeon . . Usher ...... Assisfanf Manager Messenger . . Abel Marfin . . . . Helen Gardner Julia Befh Johnson . . . Rufh Bird . Fred Housfon . Carol Werner . . Joyce Bell Russell Mickelson . . Kay Walfon . Jed Prifcheff Evan Nelson ............ Direcfor Joy Green ......... Sfudenf Direcfor This gay comedy, "A Girl, A Guy. and A Gob," proved fo have whaf if fakes fo be a success in presenfing bofh laughs and drarnafic momenfs when fhe quickened acfion held The affenfion of fhe audience. The whole casf and direcfors, foo, will never forgef fhe fun and confinual work, for many hours of affer-school and nighf pracfices were puf info fhe play fo puf if over. Congrafulafions on a swell iob complefed by fhe casf and fhe able direcfor, M r. Nelson. huh? A ,l I. Washerwomen of cleanup day. 2. ln be+ween acfs. 3. Faculiy dunces 4. Whaf now? . fig N.. s ,af-ef Guess who? Ready-made dishwashers. Sophomore hicks. Coun+ing chickens before hafched. 1 bn 9 Q ' 1 .'v,,f. I . , ,iv , 'A " 0- 1 a'l.kxy Ju X. I 1 vo N . ,,, ' ,: , , fic 1 20M 'FYR Qxjgg' '. 0-if-: 1. Qnswfl-'vw an 4 f - o o R ,ag 355,01 F, uw. ' 5 ,Aviv 5 , , - I Y 0 x1:w?9Q'l?f1LWf2E' QM .f. X ' 'Wwe f94ii5Y5'WQ ' , ' W yi? "J:'!' e. f1-1 f Y fav BAND Members: Howard Adamson, Carol Boley, Cleo Beck, Elsmcre Bush, LaBelle Boley. Der Mon? R-Il, Joan Boley, Edward Bunker, Glen Burgess, Rufh Bird, Roberl Balmer, Louise Beclx, Chloe Benne'H, Marilyn Binns, Gladys Chrisiensen, Sherman Chrisfensen, Donald Conder, Jewel Chipman, Vicfor Eckles, Beih Faddis, Rober+.Froelich, La Rae Gardner, Luana Greenwood, Helen Gardner, Bob Greenwood, La Rae Granf, Shirley Hyde, Joyce Housfon, Fred Housfon, Miriam Humphries, Leon Harfshorn, Anifa Harvey, Fern Jones, Joan Knic1'1i, Phyllis Larsen, Ruby Lee, Jeanne Myers, James Marlrham, Roland Madsen, Russell Micllelsen, Richard Mercer, Douglas Nicholes, Jay Ovard. Mary Peck. Jed Priicheii, Willard Peierson, Geraldine Penrod, Fay Roundy, Blaine Singleion, Joyce Singlefon, Arlo Shelley, Mae Jean S. Williin, Clea Searle. Curiiss Smifh, Don Tregaskis, La Grande Terry, Kay Wallon, Evan Wride, Mary Lou Ruppel, Arnold Larsen. WhaJr's Thar awful raclcei ihai lceeps junior high siudenis from iheir siudies? l+'s iusi 'rhe band ai ii again. I+ has added 'ro The pep and spirir oi lhe school and ihe iown. Composed ol sixiy-Jrhree hard-worlcing members, ihis organizaiion enreriained on several assemblies, displaying musical appreciarion hard +o equal. I+ pariicipaied in ihe music feslival for region ihree, April l9, and presenied a conceri in 'rhe Lyceum series al lhe Jrabernacle. BAND OFFICERS COLOR GUARD La Grande Terry ....... Presidenl' Bev'-'lY G- Brooks Howard Adamson . Vice Presidenl' Haan? Broznwl Jewel Chipman . Drum Maior Do,-g+hy Sfice Calleen Robinson -6' ORCHESTRA Members: Howard Adamson, Rulh Bird, l.ouislBecl, Elsmore Bush, Flora Mae Barralf, Joan Ellison, Bells Faclclis, Joyce Houslon, Rae Marie Jerling, LeRoy Mills, Jeanne Myers, Sally Meranda, Calleen Robinson, Dorolhy Slice, Kennelh Taylor, Marilyn Vacher, Kenna While, Billy Hales, Larry Ruppel. Slrains ol beaulilul music drilled Through lhe halls as our high school orcheslra diligenlly played lhrough 'rhe school year. Successful concerls and leslivals were lhe culminalion of lhe unceasing ellorls pul lorlh by Hs members and clireclor. f"'l 6 -4 anim ' 5 LADIES GLEE Carol Boley, Shirley Brown, LaBelle Uoley, Rulh Bird, Idona Bowers, Barbara Brown, Cleo Bccl. Gladys Chrislensen, Lucille Clarll, Rolene Chillon, Janice M. Chilfon, Delores Fehlberg, Eefh Facldis, Luana Greenwood, Joyce Housfon, Kay Halsfrom, Julia Hearzs, Ramona Hunsalmer, Glenna Fae Jorgensen, Julia Befh Johnson, Mary Ann Jonsson, Lyle Mayne, Nina Nielsen, Edilh Pawlowslii, Georgia Lou Pelersen, Rulh Pawlowslci, Calleen Robinson, Mary Lou Robinson, Dorofhy Slice, Gloria Sforrs, Rufh Thompson, Carol Werner, Lois Hunling, Vernis Hansen, Mae Jean S. Willrin, Colleen Bennelf, June McLane, Mary Ann Yelfer, Beverly G. Broolms. Accompanisl, Elaine Brown. Direcfor, Kennefh J. Bird. 7 The Ladies' Glee, 'rhrough ex- aclinq and persislenl ellorl, has developed inlo an excellenl sing- ing organizalion. The girls show unusual inlerprelalion, lone qual- ify, harmony and rhylhm. We are proud ol Jrhe accom- plishmenls of lhe chorus. Their music has broughl pleasure and enioymenl lo all who have heard Them. MALE GLEE unsung Members: Howard Adamson, Richard Ashby, Leland Befhers, Adair Bromley, Glen Burgess, Franl: Bailey, Galyn Blackburn, Ross Beck, Roberf Bennell, Norman Connelly, Vern Chrislensen, Ralph Chrisfensen, Dee Crandall, Kenf Durranf, Roberf Drew, Morrell Dean, David Forbes, Frankie Grimmell, Kennelh Hunler, Roberf Karren, Luris Lamph, Dean Lewis, James Markham, Elmo Murdoch, Torn Marshall, Dale Nash, Glen Nelson, Ralph Prall, Glen Pulley, Merlin Shelley, Floyd Terry, Melbourne Whifby, Max Huggard, Dell Wilde, Roberi Healey, Clyde Peferson. Kenna While, accompanist Mr. Bird, adviser. Noihing is more lhrilling lhan lo hear a group oi fellows singing beauiiful chanrs of close harmony. The cooperarion and fellowship rhis group gains is a valuable asser io 'rhem and lhey will never know how much lheir happy singing adcls To lhe lives of oihers. F0 unior 00M on the "9 nci mw- 50 IO W fo -QC cv ':""O T25 Bow L0- cu-o .tg Q24- -CC 4-.- -O- :E -Dow fm gf 3'O fl 35 'Us -ES ou 3.0 L- -0- IJ. -QC 3 OV- .SCD -.Ei o- Cuv +93 o ,,,. rfo foo: -0-0 L orc 9 .CQ +- C an be U7 L- sfa n and OO VU Hue H- O 'U C JL L. 'cu .C 4- C dise F6 pa ri ff' H- O Cf! VI LU O Q3 .C -+- 1+- O U5 -+- L fU CD .L in Hue Iive SVSF W OH 'rhe Mo 1: O UW C 5 c YU F3 GU CO-ChGIFm KAFDCFR DD I-IA DIP II Cf' IDI ICC Q A POSTURE PARADE Fronf row: Wilma Walri, La Rae Tidwell, Thella Mayne, Marilyn Vacher, Marilyn Nuiiall, Cleo Searle, Ramona Hunsaker, La Rae Francom. Baci: row: Befiy McTague, adviser, Fern Jones, Kayla Mae Halsirom, Elaine Rowley, Mary Lou Devey, Mary Peclx, La Rae Sager, Joyce Houslon, Mary WooHon, Donna Turner, Mary Ann Johnson, Faye Roberrs, Barbara Smifh, Mary Ann Yeffer, Joan Nielson, Helen Wilson, Phyllis Larson, Marilyn Meranda, Joyce Singlefon, Joan Knight Joan Boley, Ruby Lee. i1 1 GIRLS BASKETBALL Firsl' row: Joyce Black, Geniel Thcrnfon, Helen Reirnschiissel. Second row: Le Dean Healey, Shirley Hyde, Belva Miller, Belly Mc- Tague, Lois Malin. Elaine Boley. Third row: Mary Ann Johnson, Anila Harvey, Shirley Birh. , if "MAC" TRACK TRACK Firs+ row: Norman Wing, Junior Hall, Russell Mickelson, Philip Clark, Roberf Baker, Paul Willis, Rob rf Drew, Luiher Giddings, Jr. Second row: Fred Housfon, Eugene Sfeffen, Sherman Chrisfensen, Billy Hoglund, Roland Madsen, Melbourne Whiiby, Leland Hampion, Helmuf Reimschiissel, Roland Nelson. Third row: Leo Nelson, Coach, Richard Murdock, Ronald Smifh, Keiih Smifh, Bob Dimick, Dale Sieiner, Morris Smi+h, Paul Durranf, Paul Pefers, Elmo Murdoch, Merlin Shelley. TENNIS TENNIS Richard Ashby, Myron Walker, Dan Brewer Ken Taylor, Elsmore Bush, Der Moni Bell. .eg qu- My . , Y A Calvin Brewer, Leon Harfshorn, Jed Prifcheff, STILL SERVING WESTON PRATT DARRELL CROOKSTON JUNIOR w1LuAMsoN R NX f Sr rsh fx There are some of our boys who are preserving our peace abroad. TX XXX They have foughf qaflarmfly and won. T Now fhey have anofher job . . . Jrhaf of mainfaining Ihe vicforygerxirg T X They have won. - X' U f yy, fy X T ,K PAUL wnvaeae G'-ADE ROBERTS EDWARD HUNSAKER REPRESENTATIVE GIRL . . Friendly . . . Cooperafive ANITA HARVEY ...lnfelligenf . . . Ambi+ious . . . Truly a Represenfafive REPRESENTATIVE BGY . . . Conscienfious . . . Energefic PAUL HANSEN ...lnfellecfual . . . Loyal . . . Represenlrafive in many fields SL In i ll yhg Mull a ,.. 4 fn of had Pruptlf fv' P21 h a L L 3-15. em" vii , SCHOOL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER I0--Regisfrafion day! The cli- max of a wonderful vacafion and a delighfful summer. Wi+h brighf shining faces and fhe dirf washed from behind our ears, we regisfer for anofher year. SEPTEMBER Il-The firsf day of school. Ev- eryone's ready and raring fo go. Today marks fhe sfarfing poinf for anofher year of fun and new experiences. SEPTEMBER 'N'-Pre-season foofball games fofal fwo-wifh bofh vicfories for A. F. SEPTEMBER 24-We begin foiling in fhe fields for a half day. OCTOBER, THE MONTH OF BROKEN LEGS Lisf of casualfies: Douglas- Nicholes, Ronald Smifh, Theron Miller and Leon Harfshorn. OCTOBER 4-Sophomore inifiafion. Need we say more? None of us will forge? fhis day when fhe sophomores became full-fledged members of fhe senior high. They really earned fhis fifle, wifh onions and all. OCTOBER 5-Our firsf season game wifh Provo was excifing buf disappoinfing. We losf, I2-7. The sophomore inifiafion dance affer fhe game helped fo liff our spirifs and proved 'ro be very successful. OCTOBER I6-The girls are all organized. lBoys, ou'd beffer wafch oufll Officers were elecfedi wifh Miss Hansen and Miss Weeks as advisers. The Girls' League sponsored a very enjoyable assembly. NOVEMBER 24-Thanksgiving and a fwo-day vacafion. Hurrah! DECEMBER 7-"Win+er Wonderland" was fhe fheme of fhe Senior Hop fhis year. And if is a fheme mosf of 'rhe seniors won'f forgef. They'll be humming fhaf liffle song for many a year fo come. DECEMBER I0-A very inferesfing person visifed us foday-Salom Rizk. He gave us a very inspirafional Talk and fold of his ex- periences and fravels. DECEMBER 2l -23-Chrisfmas Pageanf. The Ladies and Male Glee Clubs sfaged a very beaufiful Chrisfmas pageanf, which really added fo fhe spirif of Chrisfrnas. DECEMBER 23-Did we really rafe fhis year or were we so frying fhaf fhe feachers decided fo dismiss us so fhey could resf up? Well, eifher reason makes no difference as long as we have a vacafion. JANUARY 4-Our firsf league baskefball game indicafes fhaf we have fhe besf and fhe sfrongesf feam in fhe disfricf. JANUARY ll-Granfsville af A. F. was liffle one-sided. Who would ever have dreamed we would meef fhese same Cowboys af fhe fournamenf? vig ff 9 a good pracfice game, buf fhe score was a I x J' JANUARY I6-Skafing parfy af The lake. Affer fhe ice was broken and fhe parfy gof sfarfed, we had a swell fime. JANUARY I8-Pleasanf Grove and A. F.- af P. G. Did you ever see sardines in a can? Well, fha+'s fhe way A. F. specfafors looked af fhe P. G.-A. F. game. Buf whefher we crowded in or nof, we won fhe game. JANUARY 2l-Bombs Away! Whaf an ex- cifing day-or was if? For fwo liffle fellows if mighf have been fun, buf fo fhe resf of us, if was a serious maffer. JANUARY 27-Lehi Game and Bow Tie Dance. Our firsf game wifh our old rivals was quife a bif in our favor. Afferward we puf on our dark glasses and wenf fo fhe "Loud Bow Tie Dance." Mary Peck and Frank Grimmeff came up wifh a couple +ha+ iusf abouf blinded us. l guess fhe name "Frankie" and bow fies iusf nafurally go fogefher. JANUARY 3I-The school play, A Girl, A Guy and A Gob, was an oufsfanding evenf. Hafs off fo fhe casf and fhe direcforl FEBRUARY MONTH F . O CUPID Cupid worked overfime His marriage lisf: Jean S. Wilkin. Kafhryn S. Procfor. Lois B. Marroff SCHOOL CALENDAR FEBRUARY II-N,H.S. IniTiaTion. ATTer a Trying week oT bowing and Taking orders Trom a "goaT masTer," Ten new iniTiaTes were re- ceived inTo The socieTy as Tull-Tledged mem- bers. FEBRUARY I3-Day aTTer The Gold and Green Ball. Everyone moping around school Today wiTh his eyes halT open. Guess "The day aTTer The nighT beTore"' always aTTecTs us ThaT way. FEBRUARY I5-P. G. Game and SweeThearT Dance. AnoTher vicTory over P. G. Tor The Team. Our sweeThearTs who reigned over The dance were: "DuTT" and Dora, Roland and Vernis, and Ross Beck and LaRae Francorn. MARCH I-Lincoln Game and Beard Grow- ing ConTesT and Dance. We smeared Lincoln wiTh a score oT 59-27. The wesTern dance aTTer, wiTh Levi's and all, ended The beard growing conTesT. McGee and SeasTrand came ouT on Top. P. S. DurranT had Three whiskers. MARCH I, 2-Weber Speech TournamenT- a Time where anyThing can happen and usual- ly does. Such Things as geTTing chaperones sTuck beTween Tloors, waving arTicles Trom TiTTh sTory windows-all in all, a wonderful exper- ience. MARCH 8-Everyone Turned ouT Tor The Pep Rally beTore The TournamenT. The band played, The Team was driven around on "Gov- ernor" Ririe's car, and a successful dance was held aTTer. MARCH I3, I4, I5, I6-Big Times aT The TournamenT-long Taces, sad hearTs, big Tears, and sad sacks all aTTended The mourners' as- sembly aTTer The TournamenT. Talks, musical numbers, and cheering Tinally broughT back Those long losT smiles. MARCH I8-Invasion oT The yo-yos. MARCH 2I, 22-Our represenTaTives aT The disTricT speech TournamenT made a very good showing by Taking TirsT and second in exTemp. and second in debaTe. Also placing: play casT, reTold sTories, and readings MARCH 27-LasT reporT cards - Some oT The brighTesT mornings can end up wiTh dull- esT aTTernoons. APRIL I-April Fool's Day-JusT anoTher day oT luck and Tool lay, Trying To keep my wiTs, conTrolling my TTTS, while waTching my car advancing up The hill assisTed by "PuT," Morris and Bill. -E. Ray Gardner APRIL 5-0rchesTra FesTival. A colorTul ren- diTion oT orchesTra was given by The schools oT The disTricT aT Lehi. APRIL I2-Junior Prom. DespiTe predicTions To The conTrary, The Junior Prom was held as scheduled. BeauTiTul decoraTions, charming girls, and manly Tellows made "Dancing on The Moon" an ouTsTanding success. APRIL I2-STaTe speech TournamenT. APRIL I9-Band FesTivaI. The band parTici- a regional aTTair aT Springville. paTed in Bands, bands and more bands. We are proud oT our band and can always say iT's absoluTely APRIL 26 27-InviTaTional MeeT. A. F. was represenTed in Provo by boTh girls and boys Track Teams Today and a good showing They .W 1, gx T, TG se cayxi SQA ah i 2 A ,5 , F Tops. al Q H216 . A -1 . I I 20 5 1 made. Also, we had The posTure parade march This year. MAY I-Ladies and Male Glee FesTival aT Payson. MAY 3-Girls' Day. Once more The Teminine populaTion oT The school Takes over. MAY I0-"Senior SluTT Day." This is The day The seniors Take a day oTT and head Tor The lrills. ATTer a very sTudious year, They've earned a holiday. The resT oT The school enjoys one quieT day. MAY I7--DisTricT MeeT. We piled inTo our liTTle old ialopies Tor The lasT Time This school year To go To Lehi Tor Alpine Day. MAY 24-Well, so long, dear old A. F. High, Tor anoTher year. For some oT us iT's goodbye, buT To more oT us iT's iusT so long. We'll all go our ways, never TorgeTTing The many pleasures we've enjoyed This school year oT '45-'46. g , Drnvlulfnu 1157 nl' 7 g X ' .x .f T ., 3 "5 7. 75 NIVH WHO'S WHO HOWARD, ADAMSON KARMA ADAMSON RICHARD ASHBY DORIS AULT HELEN BAILEY ALTA BARRATT FLORA MAE BARRATT RAY BEAN EVELYN BECK CLEO BECK ROBERT BENNETT SHIRLEY BERG RUTH BIRD LA BELLE BOLEY MELVIN BOWMAN ADAIR BROMLEY ELAINE BROWN BARBARA BROWN FAYE CARTER JOYCE CHADWICK ROLENE CHILTON JANICE M. CHILTON JEWEL CHIPMAN BOYD CLARK PHILIP W. CLARK NORMAN CONNELLY DEE CRANDALL MELVIN DAY DORA DEAN DAVIS DEVEY I KEITH DURRANT DONALD ELLISON BETH FADDIS DELORES FEHLBERG HELEN GARDNER BEVERLY G. BROOKS GLADYS GRANT JOY GREEN PHIL GREEN BOB GREENWOOD PAUL HANSEN ANITA HARVEY ANCEL HATCH JOYCE HOUSTON MAX HUGGARD MARIAN HUMPHRIES KENNETH HUNTER LOIS HUNTING MAC JENSEN RAE MARIE JERLING ORLIN JOHNSON MELBA KIRK VYONNE KUMMER ALWAYS SEEN In Howard Nelson's Orchesfra Playing praciical iolces In fha chemisfry lab. Behind a pile of books Teasing Faye Having fun Sfudying Wifh Doris Filling orders Laugh-ing every place Being a genfleman As parfy chairman Beafing "Sfinky" Singing or arguing Nof home Crooning Wifh shined shoes Af Lincoln Wifh Helen B. In class Dancing Washing diapers In fhe office Jusf living, "and how? Wifh his lunch pail "Pulling" around Day dreaming Helping Elden Flirfing On fhe go Feeling "good" Wifh Bonnie In fhe cemelery wifh Richard Neaf as a pin Wrifing arficles Sleeping Wrifing fo Junior Willing and helpful Wearing a haf Enioying himself Going places Thinking Working for money Good nafured Well?-i- Dodging Befhers Doing chores Romancing Doing fhings for Shirley Doing 4-H work Being quiel' Working for Mr. Wadley Noi falking THEIR AMBITION Supporfing Karma Be happy, healfhy, and wise. A mad scienfisl' English feacher To become a morfician Mafron of an orphanage Sfenographer Seminary feacher Lady wresfler To see Harry graduafe A farmer Docfor in an orphanage A housewife. affer fwo years of college ' A famous singer Hafch's assisfanf Manager of fhe Ufah Celery Co-op Coach's boss Painfer Nofhing A dress designer A good dancer Dress designer A wife Noi' much of anyfhing The 64 dollar quesfion A seaman firsf class Surveyor A bishop Janifor of an orphanage Mayor of Alpine A quiz kid A sailor Secrelary A successful woman Scripf wrifer Evel'yn's manager Dramafic feacher Secrefary A bishop Big shof in business Elecfrical engineer Physics feacher To be a soldier lno choicel Nof a soda ierk Well ?1- A privafe secrefary Archaeologisf A child psychiafrisf I+'s a secrer A Home Ec. feacher Slore clerk Secrefary A beauly operafor OUR CONCLUSION Orchesfra leader Where fhere's life, fhere's Karma Maybe he will be She will be She'll gef him, dead or alive A psychiafrisf A librarian Taxi driver Propriefress Presidenf of Relief Sociefy Picking apples A sailor's wife A housewife. afier one year of college Sampler of Glade's chocolafes A mail clerk af Kress's A barnyard Sinalra Down on fhe farm An arfisl' Somefhing A housemaid She is Model for leg make-up A business woman Censored Afhlefic manager af Nofre Dame A gob l-lisfory feacher A seminary feacher A waifress A iudge Running Duffy's Tavern A clofhes cleaner Piano feacher Cosmefic clerk Cupid al a marriage bureau Raise liffle Bobs Jack Benny's compefilor Edifor of Looney Tunes Manufaciurer of Adam hafs Coclcfail mixer A research scienfisf Congresswoman Dog cafcher She's in good shape Two deep subiecfs Grear Scoff! A man's woman Ag. feacher A kindergarfen 'reacher A marine A mender of nylons A chimney sweeper Lumber dealer A home demonsfrafor WHO'S WHO NORMA LAURSEN LILLIAN MARSHALL LOIS B. MARRATT LYLE MAYNE LA RAINE McGEE JUNE McLANE ELAINE MECHAM BELVA MILLER JACKIE MILLER RICHARD MITCHELL WARREN MONSON RICHARD MURDOCK DON NEIL ROLAND NELSON GLEN NELSON JAY OVARD NAOMI PATTERSON EDITH PAWLOWSKI JACK PECK WILLARD PETERSON EDITH PHILLIPS RHEES RIRIE CALLEEN ROBINSON FRED ROBINSON SARAH ANN ROGERS FAYE ROUNDY MARY LOU RUPPEL KATH RYN S. PROCTO R JEAN S. WILKIN DICK SCOTT MERLIN SHELLEY CARL SHIPLEY VERA SHOELL MORRIS SMITH JEAN SNYDER DON STEELE EUGENE STEFFEN DOROTHY STICE GLORIA STORRS ELDEN STBASBURG PRESTON TAYLOR FLOYD TERRY LA GRANDE TERRY SUE TOKUNAGA DON TREGASKIS MYRON WALKER CAROL WERNER DELL WILD SHIRLEY WILLIAMS PAUL WILLIS ALWAYS SEEN Ushering aT The Cameo Remember? As a housewife WhisTling aT soldiers AT The creamery WiTh earrings on As a No. I Talker Taking parT in aThleTics WiTh ThaT man Wifh The F. F. A. ln Trouble In sTaTion wagon aT Chipman's Fooling around Admiring The Birds Behind The 8-ball Making up crediT STudying Helping her moTher NoTicing Things AcTing his age Singing The song, "ldaho" As our speaker and debaTer "Pan"ing around Living like he's going To die Tomorrow Engaged Teasing. buT we like her Being nice WaiTing Tor Dan GeTTing a kick ouT of life Apple polishing Dribbling along AT The UTah Oil AT The show Apologizing To Elaine Telling a ioke Eafing To grow big Wishing As whisTle baiT Any place . . . any Time. Teasing The girls Taking picTures BuT, beTTer known as "Moose" AT I2I N. 3rd E. Smiling Among The girls As a good kid Making eyes aT boys CaTching up wiTh June As PeTe's one and only Running The mile THEIR AMBITION A man or else Unknown To love Weldon Happy housewife Women A dancer TeleType operaTor Gym Teacher An arTisT Engineer ElecTrical engineer A husband Barber shop owner A husband, aTTer Two years of college CaTTle and horse rancher Play boy TypisT A greaT singer Undecided A piloT WhaT all girls hope SociologisT ManufacTurer of poTs and "pans" To work like he's going To live forever Married Nurse PianisT No choice Good housewife To geT married To make The college Team Bus driver SecreTary Coach A good skaTer To Tind cars Learn how To play pool Toe dancer Blues singer Sheep herder To become a lawyer ChemisT A greaT drummer A pharmacisT EdiTor of Esquire To be a TaTher To be married Choir leader Wife oi a marine Band leader OUR CONCLUSION ElevaTor operaTor Hair sTylisT She does OperaToroT a popcorn machine A dairy Tarmer A Traveling saleswoman Bubble dancer A Sunday School Teacher A decoraTor of The opposiTe sex A TuTure farmer CheT in Boley's Cafe Hair dresser Piano Tuner A husband, aTTer one year of college. DelegaTe To The UNO A lighT-hearTed guy A rich widow She has a mind oi her own O. K. Man on The flying Trapeze Grow poTaToes Governor Model Tor Jergens loTion Bank presidenT ManuTacTurer of ThermomeTer's A nurse in a caT and dog hospiTal A senaTor A housewife Raise a Too+balI Team Tobacco aucTioneer If he goes. he will ShorT sTop for The discus Cook aT The mess hall in A. F. High Make The Army Team She's psychic Owner of S+eaIe's Shoe STore He'll Take over Mina's Dine and Dance place Dean of men Torch singer A giggling ,sound eTTecTs man A commenTaTor Lawyer aT Alpine Gardener aT The STaTe Training School A hard worker A woman's man Teacher aT A. F. High School A wife Alpine sTreeT cleaner She'Il gel' by JaniTor of A. F. High School MVN. 1 P I Whaf have we here? 6 Ninfh Grade speech par+y. 7 Breaking ground for new seminary. 8 Whaf +he hurf? 9. Jus? fwo mugs. IO. Q' e.r ,heb nun p rgl h' 51"-1 Sophomore +echnic Love and effecfion l'm speechless. On parade. Jus+ a mix-up. Affer a hard day. 7. Nice looking car! Singing in fhe laaih +ub. 8. A. F. Speclalors. Pep Club iniriafion. 9. Nin+h Grade cheerleaders. Brigham Young. IO. Could +his be married life? Posing. ll, School Flag. Foo+ball field snowed under. I2. Freshmen baskerball leam. Hjgigfograplca if X fx vf iifjwjibifyfyf gf WVf 5? ff Q Sf Q 0 of iff? GW gQ.,3i7jVfQ1AX'f Mjwf 5., 81 14atogl-472114 -G MYdWw64 7,,,,v.ZW441v4!6:,4.,,L,.J, ' ,wwcx JJQMAW f? L' Cenfral U+ah's Complefe Depar'rmen+ S+ore I I L I "FOR 73 CONTINUOUS YEARS, THROUGH GOOD TIMES AND BAD, CHIPMAN MER- CANTILE COMPANY HAS SERVED ITS CUS- TOMERS WELL AND FAITHFULLY." "RELIABLE BRANDS FROM LONG ESTABLISHED MANU FACTURERS GUARANTEE ANY CONSUMER NEEDS.' "HOME OF EVERYTHING IN MERCHANDISE" CHIPMAN'S American Fork, Ufah Fea+uring "NEW FREEDOM" GAS HOME APPLIANCES Tappan Gas Ranges Smifhway Waier HeaI'ers Payne Floor Furnaces Lennox Furnaces W GUNTHER SHEET METAL CO. 3I Norfh Firsf Wesi' Telephone 607 FREE HEATING ESTIMATES ALPINE PUBLISHING HUMPHRIES FLORAL COMPANY Iv as She will enjoy a beaufiful corsage Commercial for gradua+ion from , HUMPHRIES Prln+ers "SAY IT WITI-I FLOWERS" We Q5 PHONE ZI3 AMERICAN FORK, UTAH Telephone 200-W ROY'S MARKET SPOT W GROCERIES MEATS FRESH VEGETABLES Quick, Courreous A+ fhe Click of a Swifchl REDDY KILOWATT IS ALWAYS THERE TO SERVE YOU! Service Elecfricify Cosfs So LiHle PATRONAGE ALWAYS APPRECIATED and wg Does So Much ROY J. BROWN - Manager' Urah Power 81 Llgh+ Co Robinson 8: Sons' ART DYE'S CQNFECTIONERY COTTAGE MARKET HEADQUARTERS EOR 535 CONFECUON5 WHERE FRIENDS CANDY MEET FRIENDS SOFT DRINKS 9 W . Open and A'l' Your Service OPEN mo A. M. TO 2:00 A. M. Any Time! I , .1 BOLEYS, INC. 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