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5 . H+ wk W4 .SW ' giilwi ifiisiw gk? 5? 15 ikwifwwljwq Qi? ii rmkfiLLWS4gMGSf5fff3'U kv ij 'Vi oi Lpw Q.. WAS E45-v-' 7UM4-xtc e S2E,,,e,.,Wq., -- fo-'-'WU'-' 4 3- MMP f'9'Wu'vLN': vagfg, QW CY -VV G x . uJ , AMW-9-'9x, 3: A W L13 5 M My ,MQ W Ysxnsm-J Q j,,,,,,,,.,,,, Kyiv guwvv- '5QxMj5Y"9k-1 'WW' W w-MJ94"Vl7J'P mi? if Yvwmis' ff""MWM' L-f'c,'f-EK 1'- 95 . ". R-'-.nhl rx?f'i Q35- Em if? . ',.l,,- :.,51,. :I S x. ' Q .ui I , : gt 'xi ' :sf"'YK-L . I ,- FE .,,' T.- ,'5 4 -nj. lx-,. 54. 1. ' 5 x fi. 5 , 136-' uv L. 2:31- Y?- va' jrsf:-v yy, lv: . '51 E iii, Jxzrn. ,U - .A Jgf ,f.,' 'f,-I 1 ' C 7? L':f",, ,INA I. ' ' V X, :fl , 51 .fl '. 2' 'f Y ., . ' .1 -un.,-A-,. vp ,V I ,,.- rw ., I v yy ' Y xx A ---.W-,-' . .4', , , I v ,- Y. y . A , W ,, x ' v , - iv, , 4. "' . 1 i- t , , - X .U 5 1 . . , "N- 5 X.. E ,. W -. , ff ' 'L K. N. l ' Q . .A . -. . .1 1 - 41, , ,'x V-4: 3, x , an 1 1 5. p.. x f , x., ,f, .-v- ,'-Q. y X 54 .-. .xy 4' ., I - I ns. fi an X f 1 -X ,h. , .fy 1 L 1 1 , - , 1 " 'x 2-3' . XF, ,J X 1 C' X w ., vm-pg, .1..-f V 1 ,x ,e ,. V . -x. x ,,',, .mix K 1" gl. g .AJC - 1. . s ' v I z A fir A , -. y H 4 H X, 1 34 , r: v, 1' - ' all 'A 'f if , K I f . 'Y . l ku., 'v ,HI- . - vi ', r A QQ.- , I 'gk5.A ' -Hzlnfmjfsfzl , " ' 4 ,A V - t E .'l 1 . V . ' ' , ' v i! Q 1- v ,. A , -':, , J' .V 1 ' , f' If . 6 :X ,'lIs.:gL'- A y s' q g-gf lk .L .Vg .: 1.f,Pflc2E. , H ,Lf ' fi. ,T N 1 f. - T' 1 l , I v X-X UI' ,I K V' n -.vs 'Q X, .fe w r I V ' x mu. , , .AI - f., . , ' st, V -' 4 n- -dv r F ' X - .1 1 ,J ,Q 4,v .kr '15 - -Nw .f.- ,1 -. , , 4: ,. 3, sa ,gaif 1...- ! 155- .X x J 1-. . ..,,4. is .f m . . Xa gif. 13'- 4, . S ,J ' 1 1 5-'. fi. X I I '- ,Q , , .V- AL L wwf . ,T .-F I rr, ., Lx, 1. ,ur-1-var ,., .ibn 5' rw. Ik' -- A .JA LG. ,r',. .ALI-3,1 4. ':2, . ,if fx if N, 5,,,V.1. .fc , va.: JF T23 '-,,.: V., ., ,fm-, ,w-A-'QA . . 'fran fm .., V. SV 4. .r ' . xv ,1 ,l ' ,L J - -.H if , rfi' H pf . uw, Hw- iii' Q' 11. fri'-lwigf' 3- -fy ,-1-'ani ' ., 'Ho , N V ,"'!'L,a i,-,J -6. .-, ly! -0' ' :IF 3 - S9311 6, V - "" . . -- t',.f',f1',,quf , 'QT'-1 2- vi- . .i . 'L ' .Q 4'-4.2.1--'T' 'Tg -a 1, ,1 19- - ,' ax -F' ,-. V, ',s' ff ffl-J. .-az-if --A .'- .f,.'A:.. ' .:r:- ,1. , .N - ft Q5-1 , ata '. , W " " , .xv ., . , .v-P r A WE J- gi, 1 ?.l:ffi2nf' 1 A fi -1: f , .W , 7 13.7.57 1 ri- . , ffl ":,?fw,f 1.1 Ag ,L f -'ri . - -. --.-- J -...,. '.,,' " V 7? , , 'iff V h .Ld Q va' L95 M' . -9, HF ,gs-K ' '.,Ye1...' 47 '- Hu' -. 'YQ -. .1 'Pb' r .' 'g' .. iifw N N4-.L :- -x 'NF '31-5, F We ,fi ' 4'3- 1--4 F.. g fa T as 'N-J A f V ' J- gqlw ., -. Hr , -5-4.5. 'rf 11 W1 1-el"-my '9 195 , A X . 4? LEKT 4- 'ill'- 'ff' , W.: ,i , ,- x fu . wh W A . y- n . ' -A '-' 19 X1 -. ae rr f- -- ..1,.,.-. I A qilffgy-vv 'sig-Q 1 x., if-Q -,, A '55 . -.- ' .ly D r J .5 A .jx I. -ms. 5 n'S. ,sm nu Qi 6' 1 5 f' 'u in ' Q52 '4 Ti-IE All ERI Cf N 1945 I ' rj, i , ., ' gg Qfgsz X N"""f' 14... k it . ""' K ui, Z Q if-1, A W- Hx Jw- V., ,Q X M K W gwfgsggpgfi . ,:,gi,, 1 kqviyji ' F Q 3' HQ J, .. . : 4g"'iJf53L2 Q' x'l ' A 1 ' x' X M, Ntqvl V M 'QQ-A -, ' -:-'W Q. ' . -1 Q as M if fa, 2- 8 S? Q , L- If - U , M ,ww W if m . f:,.kgaffW. P , -. Y xi ,, :kiwi 'f' -Wm,-. X W , .V . h: W, V . ,fuk-fm, V 1 Q 49,5 f.. J pass 51" V: . 4, ' ':,:.,ffM X -3 ffifgjfgigiq-,ffm - L--aff' fx. 1 ww Many of our classma+es are in all parTs of The world, fighTing To insure and preserve The lofTy ideals on which This greaT counfry was founded. They iealously defend The freedoms and opporTuniTies gained by our forefafhers in Their quesf for These same American ideals. They are safeguarding our righfs-The righT To search for knowledge, To make The mosf of our opporfunifies, To worship God as we see fiT, and To keep an efernal faiTh in men by seeking a world-wide brofherhood of man. Knowing +ha+ daunfless spiriT and high courage such as Theirs will live forever, we honor Them for Their heroic acTions, Their forTiTude in baTTle, and Their deaThless pur- pose To preserve our American herifage and To gain peace and securiTy in a beTTer and happier Tomorrow. To you, our fellow sTudenTs, who have gone To fighT for freedom and liberfy in a more glorious America, we proudly dedi- cafe This American. Paqel in: ' -T A' --- DEAR OLD A. F. HIGH Dear old A. F. High, Yes, we will love you fill we olie, Your banners bright of Red and W Will be a beacon ihrough 'rhe nighl. Dramalic arf, and ball, and lrack, We always bring The honors baclc. We gel 'rhe pep, We gel The ihrill, From A. F. l-ligh School on lhe hill. "Rah, Rah, Rah." Page4 hiie We, ihe Seniors of l945, pay Jrribuie 'ro Principal Jesse M. Wallcer and 'ro our clevoied faculfy, who, wirh Mr. Walker are our 'reach- ers, counselors. and friends. Through lheir wisdom and good judgment They have pro- vided many faciliiies for our educafion and recreafion. We ihanlc Mr. Walker and ihe members of fhe faculfy who have nurrured us. carried us fhrough our clilficulries, lislened 'ro our rroubles, and have encouraged, direciecl. and advised us in limes of success and of failure. For rhe fine characler Jrraiis, ihe oursland- ing leadership, 'rhe firm foundaiion for cirizen- ship Jrhey have furnished us, and ihe guidance which will lead us 'ro higher ariainmenis, we saluie our principal and laculiy. K JESSE M. WALKER Principal CHARLES B. WALKER E. RAY GARDNER LUTHER GIDDINGS EARL HOLMSTEAD KENNETH J- BIRD v' Page 5 I ZETELLA PRICE LA VERE J. WADLEY LYNN WEBB GEORGE C- SCOTT VELMA SHELLEY OPAL ISOM LEO NELSON MARGARET HANSEN LORNA WATKINS DON C. OVERLY FERRILL SORENSEN NORMAN B. WING LYDIA HOGAN JAMES W. PHILLIPS ALBERT B. ALLEN 'IS THEDA HENKE ALVIN J. TUESCHER DORTHY HUNTER ELMO HANSEN HELEN PARKER Pageb 3'l'UDI-ENT GOW ERNIILEPIT HAROLD GREENING DON TREGASKIS BONITA WHITE Program Chairman KARMA VAN WAGONER Secrefary and Treasurer Chosen by us lo lead our school Through a successful year, 'rhey have complelecl fheir faslc. Always forlhrighl, diligent and compelenl, They have done 'rheir job well. Bolh we and lhey have become beller cilizens Jrhrough lheir efforls. Page 7 Nuf f' - w J Q , x F' ,A 1 Q 5 '1'4ii1f 'zf.4- S . ' q Pk .M-dlfyf Class Officers EUGENE FERGUSON BOYD BENNETT Presidenl Vice Presidenl MAURINE EDWARDS JACK LEE Secrelary Program Chairman SENICRS We are leaving American Fork High School wilh a cer- lain leeling ol reluclance . . . lor leaving means saying goocl- by lo all lhe carelree hours we have known here. ll means leaving our sluolies and school aclivilies. Il means seeing our classmales scallered lo all parls ol lhe earlh. ln saying good-by, we wanl lo lhanlc lhe school ancl lhe lacully, nol only lor preparing us lo lake our places as uselul cilizons ol lhe communily, bul lor giving us high ideals by which lo live, and lor selling up goals lor us lo allain. We wanl, also, lo wish you who lollow aller us as lull a measure ol happiness here as we have known, and lo caulion you lo cherish your school clays unlil you, loo, say "Good-by." Page 9 ny 'Nc' I Vffwykll if 2 1 SHIRLEY ALLEN Always expecting the unexpected JEWELL BECK What's life without mm MARY ANDERSON PM A ,wav-'M tg V, . in. ' , . . .QM ,pf- Ax merry as the clay is lang 'QQ' JANICE BELL Our new friend from Wasliington a laugh? -y,.- V A V Ohh ., ff LELL 1 A I' .-JV' ...W E ,I DONNA BLACKBU RN She begins with her usual joke X' N VERLAINE BREWER She ever uinfuiex herself to .facts Page I0 a, ,, TED BARRATT He pleases the ladies around him BOYD BENNETT Ship ahoy! 'UM DALE BROWN He talges what the world gives and asks no more R LORNA BATEMAN A feminine girl fuli of fun JOHN BENNETT Eat, drink. and be mefry for tomorrow we die Es. V CQLORIA BROWN B A daughter of debate KAY CARLISLE Rejoice, young man, in thy youth We I.. BARBARA BURCH She will laugh herself to death FRED BUHLER wt A ,V '," I love neither wine, Nf': I A women, nor song I X J., ',,e X I -X - w w Y "R .. ' 5 I ' - lv A , K A - i vii, fx ,gi ik . ,U V 1 FRANCES ci-IADWICK 1 Her love is light from 'L It , V' :Q heaven Q V JUNIOR CHILTON " N0 lady is so fair as mine . ,S .5 .Q , JAMES CHESNUT All I care to know is that I am a human being VERN CLARK All men of action are clreamers MURDIN CLEMENTS It is work which gives flavor to life RALPH CRYSTAL l was innocent myself once, but live and learn Paqe I I INA MAE BROWN Some day wedding halls will ring I f ' ANN CLARK A quiet girl, with a quiet way RUTH CRYSTAL She lives not as she wishes, but as she can MAURINE EDWARDS She knows the value of a kind word aa J ' g' NORMA DEAN God loveth a cheerful giver FAYE DUNSDON The world is never too full of good Lhmgs .fyx CARMA GERBER The first step to self lenoufledge is self trust RAOLA DRAPER School, worlq, and jagli ---what a busy glrll HAROLD GREENING He observes his opportunities LUCILLE DEVEY Srmlmg and qu1et this gurl rom Alpme Page I2 'WW EUGENE FERGUSON A hard beginning mulges a good endmg RAY GREENWOOD Duty culls, country Clmms DON DICKERSON Once a friend, always a friend 'Q ELLA GRACE Love conquers all! wb' 'W' LOIS HANKS Love is the fulfilling of the law ,pls 45 LA VON HANSEN Never a dull moment wlth her '42 'W' MARILYN HOGLUND She hnds her joy -. s, rn houlqs f jf -'Q' D ,Q , It I "- Q W e Vjfj':fl " I J - ,, V , A I rx ,fa . , ' U.: ff , I Ib" ' J ' PAUL JONSSON The man who mventenl worlq made one big mistake , lr Qmwq V-fr" ' 5 Q . noN HEALEY Good health and good sense are two of lifes greatest blessings VE LOY HEALEY Gay is her laugh ,X I , ,s WILMA HUGGARD , I, .59 my -'gr 1 She hopes for success 5, --Hr ,K and fame IYL39' ' l I . , , J' fi I iffii ! , fat " . all YI' LLOYD IVERSON ' 'A What would the g1rl.s Y ' do wxthout him? Q 55 ,iam JANICE LAURSEN Wlzat would we do witlzout her? EVELYN M. WIMMER With this rung 1 thee wed MYRON JONES A friend to all who know hmm' wh? Page I3 JACK LEE Wfvrlq makes the world go round ROMA JONES Wlhat is better than hxndnessl 12:31 CHARLES LITTLE He is fearfully and wonderfully made wi FAYE MARSH Patience can conquer tlle world PAUL MECHAM Handsome is as handsome does -dnl' FRANCIS Mukooci-4 A man of mari, tl1at's musucally mc med STANLEY MCALLISTER Only deeds give strength to life me -in-nf lvuwf k"'NN-Q.. DONN MILLER A sense of lmmor 'mid a pleasant dispo5mm1 NINA NIELSEN .She has a pleasant sense of humor WAYNE McDA NIEL God 'made meg therefore let Him pass me as a man LLOYD McGEE He is merry and wise GLEN MILLER Admired by all BETTY MOUBRAY Energetic and vwacious Ik' TRACY NICHOLES I am a citizen the world O i f li"-if x 1' af, A -5 Z LUCILLE OKEY Rich in good Page I4 works , y' WAYNE O'NIEL WVIIOSC seruzce 1s Derfeft ,freedom NAPINA PHILLIPS Shes full of fun and jrone LORRAINE ROBINSON A quiet and gentle gxrl fl-Lulu., 'WWE' . -rg, LA PREAL PARDUHN Smgs away sorrow and casts away care '9'3"Q BETTY PULLEY Through thzs life she ww go ever on KENT SEARLE I shall be satisfied YOMIKO WAKI Shes always tuilhng to Iend a hand PI I l V 'of' I if fa I an I :JIM RENROD A he low with p nahty plus MI! ' I ARLENE PETERS A winning sm1Ie goes jar ff fl Ali BLAINE RICHAN Everybodyk pal + N DICK SEASTRAND WI1at wlsdom can Sou find Page I5 GENIEL ROBINSON The dxjficulty of life ts me choice l. that 1s greater than habbmess? DEAN SHELLY An honest mans word is as good as hm bond VERNON SHEPHERD Ah, sweet is vourh why. SHIRLEY STORRS Enough work to do and enough strength to do it I ,a ERLIN THORNTON Wliatcver she does, she dues with all her might BARBARA SMITH A man is always better than a book DALLAS STRONG Bly foolish parents taught me to read and write ,ww Q ,I ff Hiyk E GRACE THORNTON Ornament of a meek and quiet spi1it BONITA WHITE I :mild not live, without my imagination! RULON SMITH I do not care one straw GEORGE STEGGELL He makes the most of all that comes and the least of all that goes JACKLIN TRACY His words are few Page I6 WILLIS SPAFFORD Let come what may ,urn 'bw JUNIOR STRONG The sky's the limit 3 ff.. I if BERT WRIDE Happy am I, for I am free CLASS OFFICERS MERLIN SHELLEY LA RAINE McGEE Presidenf Vice Presidenf JOY GREEN EVELYN BECK Secrefary Program Chairman We. fhe Juniors of l945, feel fhaf a successful school year has been complefed. Our class has been progressive . . . highly socialized . . . congenial . . . sponsors of fhaf mosf oufsfanding social evenf, ffhe Prom. We have sfriven fo uphold school fradifions . . . have held many offices in school organizafions . . . are proud of our junior boys in fhe service of our counfry . . . and we look foward fhe Seniors for inspirafion and foward nexf year when we shall advance fo fhe rank fhey now hold. Page I7 Doris Aulf Howard Adamson RlCl1dI'Cl ASHJY Helen Bailey Rober+ Benneff Alfa Barrall' Richard Benfon EVelYn Beck Aflall' Bromley Cleo Beclc Boyd Clark Joyce Benneff Shirley Berg Dee Crandall Page I8 Rufh Bird Davis Devey ii , if 56 if' A Phil Green LaBeIIe Boley Bob Greenwood Lois Bouiier Keiih Haag Barbara BFOWF1 Paul Hansen Elaine Brown Anceil Hafch Lois Bowers g Joyce chadwici i Max Huggard Page I9 Qw Rolene Chilfon Mac Jensen ef. 56 J - V mglifliy X, XX J , ia 'K 1 K 5 J l J JV? Orlin Johnson Jewel Chipman LaRaine McGee Ann Clowerg Dick Mlfchell W Dora Dean Don Neil Beth Faddis Glen Nelson Delores Fehlberg QQQWQQQQQ Beef Jann Page 20 5 Helen Gardner Jay Ovard gg PAf '53 I YQ if 'K 1 Bill Peferson Gladys Granf Weslon PraH Joy Green Rhees Ririe Anile Harvey Dick SCQH Joyce Housion Merlin Shelley Mariam Humphries l X . Q uf l Lois Hunfing Carl Shipley HWQQNE Page 21 Rae Marie Jerling Bernell Smi'fl1 Morris Smiilw Melba Kirk Norma Leursen Janice Madsen Don Sfeele Lillian Marshall Elaine Mecham Eugene Sfeffin Jackie Miller Ediil-, Pawlowski Edilh Phillips Presion Taylor Fay Rouncly Page 22 5 6 Calleen Robinson Floyd Terry 56 Kafhryn Saxfon M e Jean Sclwrieber Don Tregaslris Dorolhy Slice 6555559 l-4 Grande TBVFY Vera Slwoell Jean Snyder f-'M y i f1Q-..,,,g ,, Karma Van Wagoner Dora Whilely Edward lledl Tullle MYFOY1 Walker Shirley Williams Paul Winborg Page 23. 6' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Q X PAUL PETERS GLADYS CHRISTENSEN Presidenl Secrefary ROLAND MADSEN RICHARD WILDE Vice Presidenf PYOVTI Chaifman The year I944-45 has been a period of happiness for i Ihe Sophomores. When we enrered high school iasI Sep- Iember, we were 'Full of enlhusiasm and eager Io do our parlr for Ihe good of our school. We fell Ihai Ihe Juniors and Seniors welcomed us, and we have pu+ Ior+h grear efforls Io make Them proud of us. r Our class has been well represenled in Ioolball and in baslcefball. In music, dramalics, debaring, and school as- semblies, Sophomore 'ralenl has found expression. We feel Ihalr we have made an excellenl beginning. II has been a year of joyous experience. Our hope is 'ro achieve even i more as Juniors and Seniors Ihan we have done as Soph- F 5 OITIOFGS. I An ANN ABEL ROBERT BAKER LOUISE BECK FRED BENTON SHIRLEY BECK Page 24 my Snphomofmzi, LELAND sen-seas A, f ,111 SHIRLEY BROWN ' ' I 2 LU ELLA BENNETT ' EDWARD suuxen LOLA BENNETT MARILYN BROWN COLLEEN BENNETT ELMER BUHLER AG' BEVERLY BERG BOB CARSTENSEN BEVERLY BIRK SHIRLEY CHESNUT SHIRLEY BIRK GLADYS CHRISTENSEN MM CAROL BOLEY LUCILLE CLARK KEITH BOREN -up if 'T' LA VELLE CLEMENTS ELAINE BOLEY 1 IZ-QI' 5,-L BARBARA comma I fx- 19 , L.,, I J S I YL E L I If 1 IDONA BOWERS DAN BREWER LYLE DRAPER ROBERT DREW Page 25 fwmx HK., ' BOB DIMICK Snphnnwnm, I JEAN FREDERICK Q, VERNIS HANSEN ' ' BOB FROELICK I - ELDON HANsEN JUNIOR GARLICK E . I Q I WARREN HARRIS gig if? 3 , 'I' Alf .X MARY DALE GRIFFITH EL - ' LEON HAaTsHonN Eji,j5" I 7 LUTHER GIDDINGS ? JULIA HEAPS LUANA GREENWOOD DICK HOLMSTEAD Huem GREENLAND FRED HOUSTON f . RICHARD GREENLAND g I SHIRLEY HYDE t WI LMA GOULD JACK JACKLIN FRANK GRIMMETT JULIA BETH JOHNSON A ,:, E N IM , . . :Ig2'z5 wM. E. LELAND ESTHER QLENNA FAE MAY HALES HAMPTON JOHNSON JORGENSON LARSEN Page 26 5Dph0mDh2L -as If fl r 5.1 '54 2 1 f' f qt y., Vmy 4, 7 Q ff ' ff' RICHARD SALLY MERCER MERANDA R , LURIS LAMPH THERON MILLER RUBY LEE RUSSELL MICKELSON DEAN LEWIS HELEN MOUBRAY LUCILLE LEWIS ELMO MU RDOCH ARTHUR LUND JEANNE MYERS ROLAND MADSEN DALE NASH LOIS MAKIN DOUGLAS NICHOLES TOM MARSHALL LA MAR NIELSEN JIM McMEEKIN STANLEY NELSON ZEE MEDANIEL RICHARD POWELSON PAU L PETERS Page 27 V ' 'I I-ff 4 Q9 M I Q. .V , I L, ,-.. M y 'hr JED GLEN PRITCHETT PULLEY I gy A I4 1 fx L I ik 'Khkar 'B A 2 N Q, If ,452 I f'0fg": , jnplwnwfwa, M, , HELEN REIMSCHIISSEL I mf. 4, GENIEL THORNTON O HELMET REIMSCHIISSEL . f cLEsTON TORREY 9 'V fi A9 . R , y i: MARY LOU ROBINSON I I RUTH THOMPSON ,, -I., ELAINE ROWLEY I, V' I LA RAE TRACY I V, JAMES SEASTRAND .,,. E I '5 MERRILL VARNEY 1 ' P ELAINE SINGLETON III L1 I A RICHARD wILoE m. . f 4 JUNE SLATER .- WILMA WAKI Q23 'A J KENNETH SHOELL 1 KENNA WHITE JJ.,-..,,,gj 4 , .h -pox ,If--mv, QE qv I, I5 ,, sf E 4' R .5 ,K I LOIS STEWART I f M V, ,.,. A A- Ibvq A A JAMES WILLIAMS ,,, I A L , ,,1 I DALE STEWER I ' A I I-A I I NORMAN WING A I I -I 'R E1 L I . L I .Lf - 1 I, ff. QMTX COLLEEN STRONG MARY WOOTTON DONNA THORNTON MELBOURNE WHITBY Page 28 JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT BODY OFFICERS PFSSICISDI ........,........,.................,.............. Myron Dean Vice Presideni ,.......,,.,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,, L ela Mae Adams SGCFGIGFY .....,....,..........,........,......... Siephen Seasirand Represeniaiivesz Ninih ,,A,,,,,,.,,,.,,,, Geraldine Pem-Od Eighfh .......................... Elaine Dean Sevenih ...........,.... Connie Robinson Program Chairman .....................,........., Phyllis Larson Program Commiileez Eighih ,.........A.,,,. June Williams Sevenih... ,........ LuJean Bowen NINTH GRADE As Ihe biggesi lillle sludenls of our school we have iusl compleied a year which finally prepares us 'ro become ihe Iiiilesi siudenis in Ihe greai senior division. For us This year has been one ol happy experiences and subsianiial progress. We have noi only begun many fine friendships, buf we have laid firm 'ioundalions for our scholaslic growlh in Ihe years ahead. We look forward wiih eagerness Io becoming Sophomores and hope Ihal' we can add 'fo Ihe good name of "clear old A. F. I-Iigh." Page 29 11 2 i V,LA, ,,.., , my .P NINTH GRADE Malcolm Beck, Duane Beck, Dermonf Bell, Marilyn Bin ns, Richard Blood, Earl Brown, Thomas Brown. Elsmore Bush. Carl Chipman, Richard Cook, Mary Lou Devey, Joan Ellison, Louise Elmer, LaDean Healey, Ramona Hunsaker, Keifh Huggard, Mary Ann Johnson, Joan Knighf, Phyllis Larson, Warren Miller, Elden Myers, Geraldine Penrod, Roberf Procior, Paul Richardson, LaRae Sager, Clea Searle, Joyce Singlefon, Paul Sleele, Kennefh Taylor, LaRae Tidwell, Marilyn Vacher. Erlene Van Wagoner, Kay Walfon, Glen Wagsfaff, Be'Hy Jean Waki, Carma Lee Whiieley, Helen Wilson, Evan Wride, Eldon Reese, J. R. Adams, Belly Anderson, Chloe Benneii, Joan Boley, Glen Burgess, Vern Chrisfensen, Margref Condor, Shirley Crooksion, Marva Crosby, Elroy Cunningham, Joann Curfis, Morrell Dean, Nelda Durranf, Vicfor Eckles, LaRae Francom, Lorraine Francom, Ross Everson, Venice Jones, Ar+ Laycock, Tiiella Mayne, Colleen McGee, Kennefh Niel, Elaine Nelson, Una Nielsen, Dennis Newman, Marilyn NuHall, Ralph Phillips, Faye Roberfs, Sfanley Robinson, Barbara Smilh, Keifh Smifh, Virginia Sfeggell, Helen Tucker, Donna Turner, Joyce Brown, Delores Sfokes, Jay Bell, Joyce Bell. f , ' K iwleiggag ' ' 4, wwmnw-,qua NINTH GRADE Galyn Blackburn, Jean Boley, Kelvin Brewer, Jess Bromley, Douglas Burch, Wanda Chadburn, Louise Chad- wick, Thomas Chadwick, Richard Chipman, Connie Chrisfiansen, Gerald Cropper, Myron Dean, Ka+hleen Devey, Paul Durranf, Melvin Frandsen, LaRae Gardner, Belly Jean Gerber, Calvin Giddings, LaRae Granf, Shirley Green- wood, Ora Haich, Kaye Halsfrom, Don Hun+er, Fern Jones, Mirian Marshall, Marilyn Meranda, June Moubray, Rich- ard Moyle, Joan Nielsen, Ruih Pawlowski, Jack Phillips, Curfiss Smilh, Maxine Smiih, Emanuel Spencer, Lesfer Thorn- ion, Ronald Smith, Quen+in Whife, Sherman Chrisfensen, Don Chadwick, Lois Baxier, Ross Beck, Howard Bowers, Don- ald Conder, LaDene Conder, Wayne Croolrsfon, David Forbes, Leland Gray, Junior Hall, Roberf Hayes, Roberf Healey, Richard Julian, Clinfon Marsh, Ralph McDonald, Paul Miller, Roy Mills, Glen Nielsen, Roberl' Noyes, Lee Parker, Ralph Praff, Richard Siebel, Glade Shelley, Ernell Thayne, Virginia Sabey, Mariorie Mayfield, Janef Sfreef. Page 30 Them fhings are 'reefh O9 A A Qxaie ba' N96 06 X 9 . , .QQQO ay, now Tha1's my boy 'l'ha'l' did fhai' Caughf in fhe lurch The day as over QL-,I you gweef kldS! my 6 ox I V X Tha+'s our coach 6 O f7dGf-fu! 9 U7 , 3 or "Mess hall" Page3I H's been quife a while 6X 6 R QY xx' 3 xife Big-fime' 6' Q,-J, fger Q! 'QQ fs A 1 .Nice back! Sfream' ' ' 035 1 'fr'-f 4' .E Il Jimmy 'r e Kid n. ois One U PAN Bi S Three Y Guess who7 I 'Dyer GIRLS Francos Chadwick, PresidenT Cleo Beck, Vice PresidenT Lorna Bafeman, STunT Chairman PEP CLUB One and all, shorT and Tall, Those Pep Club girls have helped in bringing vicTory To American Fork High School during The I945 baskeTball and TooTball season. WiTh TheiralTracTive red dresses and Trim whiTe shoes. They made a very preTTy picTure as They wove Themselves inTo paTTerns and welcomed oTher schools wiTh all The spiriT of young, enThusiasTic members. Under The able leadership of Frances Chadwick, PresiclenT: Cleo Beck, Vice President and Lorna BaTeman. STunT Chairman, The club has experienced a successful year-despiTe The eighf o'cloclc pracTices. Members are: Shirley Berg, Dora Dean, Alfa BarraTT, BeTTy Moubray, Nina Nielsen, BeTTy Pulley, Lucille Devey, Jew- ell Beck, Evelyn Wimmer, Norma Dean, Lorna Baleman. RuTh Bird, Lois BoulTer. Lois Hanks, Geniel Robinson, Jewel Chipman, Joyce HousTon, VeLoy Healey. Marian Humphries, Dora Whifeley, Helen Gardner, Lorraine Robinson, Jean Snyder, Jackie Miller, Barbara Brown, BeTh Faddis, Melba Kirk, Delores Fehlberg, Lois Bowers, Dorofhy STice, Rae Marie Jerling, Joy Green, Ella Grace, LaPriel Parduhn, Napina Phillips, Frances Chadwick. Advisors: Miss Hunfer, Miss Price. Noi in piclurez Ann Clowers, Colleen Robinson, Carma Gerber. Page34- This year we have had cheer leaders of whom we are proud. In fheir smarl red slacks, They have led our school lriumphanlly in cheering our ieams on To viclrory. Their charm and vivacily have broughi praise from visifors as well as from our own s+uclen'rs. 1 13 , J we A when W my ROLENE CHILTON JANICE LAURSEN JANICE MADSEN Page 35 f"lk. Y? The Associaled Girl Srudenrs lA.G.S.l is a new organizafion on The high school campus lhis year. The purpose of This organi- zalion for senior high school girls is lo sponsor girls' aclivilies. Under lhe leadership of Lapreal Parduhn, President Shirley Berg, Vice President Madge Jones, Secrelary, and an able board ol direclors-lvlary Anderson, Elaine Brown, Geniel Thornron, and Lucille Olcey-The group parlicipaled in a roller slcafing parly, swimming parly, and sponsored The Girls' Day acfivilies. LES FEMMES CLUB The Les Femmes Club, an organizalion ol senior girls, malces ils appearance in The American Fork l-ligh School This year. The purpose of lhe club is 'ro promole friendly relalions and cullural bellermenf among senior girls. fwff fm 'mf- saw? 6' l J. 5. 5. Q'-Q Officers Mary Anderson, Presidenf Janice Laursen, Vice Presidenf Donna Blackburn, Secrefary Members: Janice Laursen, Lucille Okey, Lois Hanks, Geniel Robinson, Frances Chadwick, Norma Dean, Ella Grace, Maur- ine Edwards, Evelyn Wimmer, Janice Bell. Wx' , Woof . ' t W K mm. f.,, W ,, lb qi , A Q l 'Q 1' , W1 Jig 1 1 any Ol-9 . 1 95 inf +566 4:9 wwwhv- W-V W' 6: Cx Wow' , 0x0 i:'1fX Mkwv., A - Ja 0 2 If VJ fy, Qi. !: , gli ,.,. , el f- . 6 f ' A Q 3 if 5 JP K A W i :fu I ' QR: f ' 'fi P? X4 3 fl W? Wu-is X Tha+'s Us, Who? Page 37 ' BOYS Jnntbnll DespiTe a Tew losses, we herald This as a mosT successful TooTball season. l-lard worlc in pracTice sessions and a never-say-clie spiriT in The games was eviclenT in our aTTaclc. BeaTen on The scoreboard buT never in spiriT, our Team was Truly a crediT To The school. hr.. JUNIOR STRONG AThleTic Manager Page 39 I II-Iuclcl Riqhf End VERN CLARK I-Ialfbaclr PAUL PETERS IPe+eI JOHN BENNETT MERLIN SHELLEYW II-Iecforl IOHOJ Cerner I-Ialfbaclc wiLLis smrrono iwauyi STANLEY McALLISTER CMUQQSI Taclcle KENT SEARLE Ichubl Tackle MYRON WALKER Ilshl Guard DICK SEASTRAND IShoogI Guard FRANCIS MURDOCH IFinnI SCORES American Fork O Payson 6 American Fork I2 Pleasani Grove O American Fork O Provo 27 American Forlc O Lehi 27 American Fork 6 Spanish Fork O American Fork O Lincoln 28 Coach Leo NELSON ' INeIsI ' Fullbaclc EU GENE STEFFIN lS'reIfI Halfbaclr JUNIOR CHILTON ISoonerI Fullbaclc DICK SCOTT lScoIIyJ Line KAY CARLISLE fMuscIesI End ROLAND MADSEN lBudI Cenfer RALPH CRYSTAL ' lFisI1I 46'aAAQt6alL Winning second place in lhe "B" division of The shale iournamenf is The dis+inc'r and coveied honor 'rhese boys arlained. Their superb ieamworlc, speed, and fine sporlsmanship gained lhem share-wide recognilion. Alfhouqh an off nighl' lcepl fhem from being siaie "champs," fhey have broughf disfincfion 'ro our 'rown and school. We are proud of our I944-45 baslcefball learn and ifs coaches. Standing, le'H 'ro righ+ basl:-John Benneff, Gene S'ref'Fin, Paul Pefers, Ken? Durranf, Sian McAllisfer, Vern Clark, Charles Li'Hle, Junior Chilfon, Don C. Overly, Merlin Shelley, Dick Seasfrancl. Page 4I Preseason 33 Jordan 25 Bingham 27 Jordan 30 ' ' 26 Bingham 39 27 ' ' 63 23 Tlnllc ........ Wesl H ....... Tmhc ........ Moab ...,,... Wesl H ....... n Jalal .Scofma SCORES FOR SEASON Tournameni' A. F A. F A. F. ....., 39 Della ........,. 33 A. F A. F A. F. ...... 55 Murray ...... 42 A. F A. F A. F. ...... 28 Wasalch .... 42 A. F A. F A. F Season 24 B. Y. High 39 P. G. ....... . 30 Provo ...... 54 Lehi ......,. Lincoln .... 45 P. G. ....... . B. Y. High 45 P. G. ....... . 56 Lehi .......... Of such an impressive record any school in lhe slale could be proud. Wilh no relurning velerans This year, Coach Overly has done wonders wilh The boys, and, wilh some of The fellows below helping lhe few velerans who will relurn, he has his sighls sel on I946 for anolher crack al lhe crown. Page 42 jfmclf, E . 3 5 H: 4 sz A. F. lraclc 'reams are always among llwe besl in flue slale. Even llwis year, in spile of losses To lhe armed forces. Jrlmese looys brouglfr in more lhan 'rlmeir share of The glory. " M . Y I ia cffrafi... - - Y K-212,--,:. S5 f ' J fl .HH - y 1 Page 43 J. J. H. Fred Buhler, Melvin Day, Davis Devey, Kennelh Hunler, Paul Jonsson, Richard Mifchell, Jack Peck, Keni Searle, Rulon Smifh, Eldon Slrasburg, Paul Willis, George Sfegall, J. R. Adams, Frank Bailey, Ross Beck, Jess Bromley, Douglas Burch, Glen Burgess, Carl Chipman, Don Chadwick, LeRoy Cunningham, Richard Chipman, Shermon Chrisfensen, Wayne Crooksfon, Tom Chadwick, Merrill Dean, David Forbes, Melvin Frandsen, Roberi Hayes, Junior Hall, Roberi' Healey, Don Hunfer, Ar? Lay- cock. Clinfon Marsh, Warren Miller, Dennis Newman, Kenne+h Niel, Jack Phillips, Bob Pierce, Eldon Reese, Sianley Robinson, Kennelh Pulley, Keifh Smilh, Lesfer Thornion, Lyle Draper, Elmer Buhler, Coy Eskelson, Warren Harris, Clifl' Heaps, Zee McDaniel, Theron Miller, Woodrow Smi+h, Sianley Goode. Presideni, Fred Buhler: Vice President Rulon Smifhg Secrefary, Richard MiTchell, Treasurer, Paul Jonsson, Reporfer, STanley Goode: SenTinel, Warren Harris. F. F. A. The American Fork ChapTer oT The FuTure Farmers oT America was organized in l93l and is an acTive parT of a naTional organizaTion of Tarm boys who are sTudying vocaTional agriculTure in The many high schools oT The UniTed STaTes. This chapTer is valuable in ThaT iT gives boys wiTh a common inTeresT in agriculTure an opporTuniTy To meeT as a .group and To developsleadership in The ranks OT rural people. This year The members oT The chapTer have conTribuTed To The war eTTorT by The producTion oT Toed, The collecTion of scrap, and The purchase of War Bonds. Qver Three hundred OT iTs associaTe members are serving in The armed Torces oT our counTry. T - Page 44 Working? Name i+, you can have if A. F. Washwoman Leisure Momenis You men, you! The Bannisfer Kid Time on My Hands Woof Sforrs Peek-a-boo! Page 45 I2. "Bu'r we call H' home I3 'KQV-1 ,v'lh,,l:jj 2 f I0. Sfill ai' i'r . "Smileawi'1ile" . Oh, come now! f 25.1. jr 'W T or W'-' y fs V - Q it T y T R? Fi K i - A I ' k,x' V, WAYNE O'NElL GLADYS GRANT DEAN SHELLY EVELYN BECK THEDA HENKE Presidenl Vice Presidenl' Secrelary Reporfer Advisor 1 k A ' i I , W e i , Y as V, 6 rir, ,V ,Z I ig, tmp- I N 'Ye . -ref 5? , i 'AAE your ii EEE AAV Q fEEE s W i 1, .Ass T l A EL , B- a T 'A A bases Av 'Tl W':a+f'-"9', 5 g L . K9 ' In s 33 . t i i ' 1 My , , s A B A J- . y In , f- , ff iz F 'a' 4' EV, an T? sd' Jvfii' , 41? i .fy . D E , ' ' f f :kkk K 4 V if N ' Q 47' gs, X ,QD . , - . 54,, . jj 1:37, may , Qfifx, , y , Y KN qbqb .1 V' , 45- y, A l K - . ig ' 4 4 Firsl' row--Helen Gardner, Phil Green, LaBelle Boley, Tracy Nicholas. Shirley Berg, Rhees Ririe, Janice Madsen. Second row-Jay Ovard, Mar- iam Humphries, Bob Greenwood, Joy Green, Myron Wallrer, Lillian Mar- shall, Morris Smilh. Third row-Elaine Mecham, Bernell Smilh, Dora Dean, Keilh Haag, Alla Barralf, Bill Peierson, Rolene Chillon. Fourfh row-Le- Grande Terry, Ediih Pawlowslci, Don Tregaskis, Karma Van Wagoner, Boyd D' lr W'ld . Fiflh row-Louise Beclc, Richard Mer- 1 'W nf Benneff, Janice Laursen, ic 1 e Mk? cer, Calleen Robinson. Slrivinq always 'ro promoie more and l::eHer'enler'rainmenl in lhe field oi drarnalics, Kappa Della Alpha has added a greal deal lo our speech deparimenl. This year "Girl Shy" was successfully presenled as the annual K.D.A. play. A lhree-acl play is lhe yearly proiecl of lhis organizaiion, ihe proceeds from which are used for lhe purpose of iproving lhe speech deparlmenl. ls.D.A. is a worlhwhile and energelic orgarrizafion, working always for lhe bellermeni of our school. Page 47 Bndhvum Klub DON TREGASKIS DEAN SHELLY ELAINE BROWN President Vicelgresidenf Secrelary and Treasurer 'Kr Advisor .3 6 we jg, Z have Q 12' i iii fi' V7 Firsl row-Joy Green, Fred Housfon, Gladys Chrisfensen, Berf Wride, Janice Laursen, Willard Peferson. Second row-Edilh Pawlowslci, Jay Ovard, Jewel Chipman, Bob Greenwood, Vern Clarlr, Erlin Thornfon. Third row-Howard Adamson, Rufh Bird, LaPreal Parduhn, Joyce Housfon, LeGrande Terry, Lorna Baleman. During lhis year lhe Beelhoven Club has endeavored lo accomplish ils aim of seelcing ioy and inspiralion from The lives and worlcs ol lhe greal musical composers. Our accomplishmenls of The year, in addilion lo our regular meelings, are Chrislmas carolinq, a social for rhe boys in 'rhe service, and one of lhe mosl oulslancl- ing assemlolies of lhe year. I+ is lhe hope of every member lhal our club will become a grealer facior for educalional and cullural growlh in lhe life of American Forlc High School sludenls wifh each succeeding year. Page 48 K. J. BIRD Qi. A Y . L A. 9' 73 if , a K' 'Zi fm f is Vi? ff x if Q M A . , ,,Et3 , Yi 3 1 i Q Jim mmm! aww aww, LUCILE OKEY KAY CARLISLE FAYE DUNSDON Presidenf Vice Presidenf Secreiary Firsl' row-Tracy Nicholes, Lucile Ohey, Kay Carlisle, Faye Dunsdon, Dean Shelly. Second row1lim Penrod, Joy Green, Lloyd McGee, Rae Marie Jerling, Richard Ashby. Third row-Richard Mifchell, Myron Walker, LaBelle Boley, Rhees Ririe, Mr. Giddings, Advisor. This socieiy is nafional, and +he siudenis who are members are above rhe average in scholarship. They are sfudenrs who have wanled +o reach The highesf goal, The club endeavors noi only io develop higher slanclarcls in scholarship, buf lo bring oui 'rhose Trails fha? will make beiier ciiizens. All sludenis who sfrive To do iheir besr are eligible for This socieiy. Page 49 Y Hilarious from beginning lo end was This year's annual school play, "And Came lhe Spring," a comedy in lhree acfs. Wilh an oulslanding porlrayal of every parl and 'rhe excellenf direcfing of Miss Theda l-lenlre, lhis play ranks as one of Jrhe mosf successful ever produced in our school. Midge l-lar'rman,,, Elliof l-larlman u,,,,, ,, Virginia Harirnan ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, Mr. l-larlrnan ,,Y,,,,, ,Y,,,,,, Mrs. l-larirnan ,..,.,,,,,,,, Carollyn Websler Y,u,.., Buzz Lindsey s........ Keilh Nolan ,,.,.,,,,, CAS , Delores Felloerg Dick Wilde .Louise Beck Wayne O'Neil Gladys Granf .Calleen Robinson ,Eugene Ferguson ,,.,,,Don Tregaskis T Edna, ,...,, ,Y,,.,. R ae Marie Jerling Clancy ,,u,,., ..,,.,.,,,, T racy Nichoies Alan, .,,,., , ,YY,,, Richard Ashby Gabby YY...s, ,,,,,, B everly Berg Freddie ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, P hil Green Direcjror YYY,.... .... ,,..,. Sludenl' Direcior-Dean Shelly Bus Page 50 Ghrisline ,,,,,,,.s,, ,..,,,.,,.,.,.. R uby Lee Mr, Fields ,.u,,,,, ,s,,.,,s, J ed Prilchell Mrs. Fields ...,.,Y,.,.,ss,,,.,,,,. ,Yu., L ucille Olcey .,u,......,,,,Theda Flenlce iness Manager-Richard Mercer MEM Shen Karma Van Wagoner Rolene Chilfon .Wayne O'Neil .Gladys Grani' ,....,...Joy Green C A S T Oke ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, P hil Green Barbarav, .... Tom ,,,,,,,,,,,,., A,,..,,. T racy Nicholes Birdie ,.....v.w...,v,w. w..v........ Asma AAA,,,,.,,,A,,A,,,, ,.,.,,,,. S hirley Berg Mr. Arsdale A.., Dean Marlow ,A,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,, R hees Ririe Aunl' Caroline.. Peaches .,.A,.,,,,.. ...... J anice Madsen Silvia ..,,,,,,,,, Allred ...,... .,,,,,,, D ean Shelly Chuclc ,.........,,,Y.. Srudenr Direcfor-Louise Beclc .Ancell l-larch This year's Kappa Della Alpha selec+ion was "Girl Shy." Gay, indusfrious. lrighrening, idioric, and +o+ally never-+o-be-forgoflen momenfs were all experienced bolh during 'rhe rehearsals and rhe performances of our annual play. "Girl Shy" is an exciling lasf-moving and enjoyable comedy. Each aclor Truly porrrayed a definire "charac+er" alrhough we mus+ admir fhar The P. G. casr was a liHle aslounded af our new version of lhe fhird acil. Hals off ro Miss Henlce and fhe K.D.A. for anorher iob well done. Wifh parf of rhe proceeds from Jrhe play a new microphone was added 'ro lasr year's gif? of a public address syslem. The remainder of fhe money has been ser aside for 'rhe purchase of somelhing more desirable alfer lhe war. Anolher feafher in The K.D.A.'s cap. Page 5I 0 l Howard Adamson, Lorna BaTeman, Flora Mae BarraH, Louise Beclr, Shirley Beclr, Elaine Brown, Joy Green, Vernis Hansen, Shirley Hyde, Rae Marie Jerling, Ruby Lee, Jeanne Myers, Calleen Rob- inson, Vernon Shepherd, Dorofhy Sfice, Kenna WhiTe. Our high school orchesTra, Though small, has accomplished much This year. Through The unceasing eTTorTs oT-iTs members and Their leader, ouTsTanding programs have been presenTed boTh aT school and in The communiTy. High praise was given The orchesTra Tor iTs work in The disTricT spring TesTival and iTs parT wiTh The ladies' glee club in The l.aTona ConcerT AssociaTion's program. Shirley Allen, Howard Adamson, Roberf Balmer, Cleo Beclc, Lorna BaTeman, Boyd BenneTT, LaBell Boley, Lois Bowers, Carol Boley, Rulh Bird, Edward Bunker, Vern Clarlc, Ralph Crysial, Gladys Chrisfensen, Jewel Chipman, Befh Faddis, Bob Froeliclr, Bob Greenwood, Luana Greenwoo 1, Helen Gardner, Aniia Harvey, VeLoy Healey, Shirley Hyde, Fred Hous+on, Joyce Housflon, Mariam Humphries, Leon HarTshorn, Lloyd Iverson, Ruby Lee, Janice Laursen, Jenny Lee, Jeanne Myers, Richard Mercer, Roland Madsen, Russell Mickelson, Evelyn M. Wimmer, Francis Murdoch. Warren Monson, Douglas Nicholes, Jay Ovard, LaPreal Parduhn, Willard Peferson, Jed Prifoheff, Mary Peck, Fay Roundy, Blaine Singlelon, Mae Jean Schriber, Arlo Shelley. Vernon Shepherd, Dean Shelly, LaGrande Terry, Don Tregaskis, Berl Wride, Phil Green, Leland Belhers, Bob Carsfenson, Earline Van Wagoner, Joyce Single+on. The pep and paTrioTism oT The band is unsurpassed. AT games and oTher school evenTs our colorTul band always appears To supporT The acTiviTies. Their enThusiasm and sTirring music spur us on To do our besT. We are proud OT This organizaTion and iTs able leader, Mr. Bird, Tor The impressive way They have upheld our sTandards. OFFICERS COLOR GUARD FRANCIS MURDOCH . . . Presideni' Beverly Graff Calleen Robinson VERN CLARK .... Vice Presidenf Elaine Brown Ann Clowers JANICE LAURSEN . . . SecreTary Rolene ChilTon Janice Madsen Page 52 gm was Mary Anderson, Rufh Bird, ldona Bowers, lna Mae Brown, Lois Boulfer, Elaine Brown, Cleo Beck, Colleen Benneil, La- Belle Boley, Rolene Chilfon, Ann Clowers, Norna Dean, Maurine Edwards, Beverly Graff, Ella Grace, VeLoy Healey, Lois Hanks, Esfer Johnson, Roma Jones, Julia Befh Johnson, Madge Jones, Glenna Fay Jorgenson, Janice Laursen, Jenny Lee, Janice Madsen, Lyle Mayne, Lois Makin, Lucile Okey, LaPrealParduhn, Edifh Pawlowski, Napina Phillips, Mary Lou Robin- son, Calleen Robinson, Helen Reimchiissel, Geniel Robinson, Shirley Sforrs, Gloria Sforrs, Lois Sfewarf, Erlin Thornfon, Bo- nila Whife, Wilma Waki, Mary Wooffon, Sarah Ann Rogers. LADIES' GLEE This year has been a complele success for lhe Ladies' Glee. Beauliiully rendered numbers speak well for lheir fhorough rraining. Their radio program and 'rhe programs lhey have given in assemblies were greally enjoyed. These girls presenl lheir music in a manner lhaf bespeaks lhe ideals and clharacler for which 'rhey sland. John Bennefl, Richard Benfon, Fred Benlon, Dale Brown, Carol Boley, Ralph Chrisfensen, Vern Clark, Leo Cleghorn Dee Crandall, Norman Connelly, Murdin CIemen+s, Roberr Drew, Donald Ellislon, Ray Greenwood, Frank Grimmeff, Ken- nefh Hunrer, Lloyd Iverson, Luris Lamph, Arihur Lund, Roland Madsen, Tom Marshall, Sianley McAllisier, Francis Murdoch Douglas Nicholes, Blaine Richan, Glade Roberis, Dick Seasfra nd, Ken? Searle, Eugene Sfeffen, Carl Shipley, Willis Spafford, Junior Sirong, Floyd Terry, Eugene Ecker, Merrill Varney, Melbourne Whifby. Kenna While, Dell Wilde, Adair Bromley. MALE GLEE Nolhing can fill our hearls wilh lhe desire lo sing and live as well as our Male Glee. Their haunfing melodies greef us lirsf lhing in ihe morning and keep us happy The whole day lhrough. Their songs prove lheir diligenl work and cooperalion wilh 'rheir leader, Mr. Bird, and lheir joyful singing proves 'rheir inferesl and love for Their arf, Page 53 SDE ATE' l h e or r in . J r l , Y q.,: S f q l if r e l irlil 'A.i. - 5 ,L ,f 'w f ,Q l Q A, V, . Mr- Glfldlngs Rheose Ririe Wayne O'NeiI Tracy Nicholas Advisor Dean Shelly Richard Wilde Presfon Taylor Richard Ashby Bernell Smith Jams: Seasfrand Luris Lamph Luther Gidclings A , fk i Picfure: of v if V Leo Cleghorn Q ' and is ,P Phillip Clak ' -4 V ...,, unavailable. Csrma Gerber Fred Benlon Leland Hamplon l Deba+ing in A.F. has been one of The more prominenl aclivifies of +he school. These sludenls can usually be counfed on lo argue 'rheir way info or oul' of some prefly Hgh? sifuafions and gain some recognilion +o The eflecls of fheir abililies. Only one complain? has been heard-lhere are no+ enough girls in 'rhe class. 4 Page 54 X "Shine On, l-larvesl Moon" BOMA WHHE JUNIOR cHiLToN Senior Hop Co-Chairmen We shall never forger lhe greafesl evenl of fhe fall ol I944-our Senior l-lop! Wilh "Shine On, Harvesr Moon" as our iheme, if couldn'+ help being 'rhe shining success if was, and we do mean shining. Remember our moon? The gilded cornsiallcs, pumpkins, and blue sfile added 'rouches of real harvesl lo our Hop: and rhe blue, blaclc, and gold color scheme gave if an armosphere ol romance. Over I+ all, our golden harvesr moon shone brighfly-bur remember how fasl if disappeared when 'rhe crowds garh- ered? Weren'r we exciled when 'rhe slrains of "Shine On, Harvesf Moon" began 'ro play, and girls in Jrheir beaulilul formals came over Jrhe lillle bridge To meer parlners in lronl of lhe moon, and Jrhen sirolled down lhe hall in an unlorgellable "l'lopenade"? The orchesira was good loo, wasn'l il? We give 'rhanlcs 'lo all 'rhose who worlced so hard lo malce our l-lop a success-io Miss lsom and Mr. Wadley lor 'rheir suggesrions and helpg To ihe Hop Commirlee lor Jrheir hours of planning and work: lo rhe Senior class for irs enihusiaslic help. Wilhouf your cooperaiion we could noi have had such a suc- cesslul Hop! We shall long remember "Shine On, l-larvesl Moonul Page55 " ' A PJLOITL HAWAIIAN SUNSET lil-lawaiian SunseT,i' The romanTic Theme chosen by The Juniors Tor Their annual Promenade, made This social eve-nT a special success. Dreamy music, a gorgeous sunseT, and The colorTul baclcground lenT an aTmosphere ol gay romance ThaT The dancing couples will long remember. Advisors were Miss Zelella Price and Mr. Ferrill Sorenson. The Prom CommiTTee was headed by Rhees Ririe and Gladys GranT as co-chairmen. -Ky., -. K T! Page 55 When school began lasl aulumn We were in a dreamy haze, From lazy summer daze When Jrhe cool crisp days broughl energy To our lelhargic brains We decided +o gel busy On The Forkaslens remains. Lucile was chosen ediior The slaff was picked, and so, When reporlers all were chosen OKEY . Thai was iusl a menlal hangover L , Edilof Edifor We snooped around +0 locale news, We sighed for inspiraliong And as +he deadline crepf up close, We worked wifh desperalion. Each issue meanf worry and work for all, Buf il' also meanf laughler and fun, And The salisfied, rosy, confenled glow Thal' comes from a job well done. And now 'rhe lime has come To go- We cannof help buf sigh, We never knew how we loved if all Till we had 'ro say Goodbye! The Sfaff Reporlers af Work Page 57 UCXLE We yelled "All righf, kids, le+'s gol' K LEE AM EI I CA N This year The sTaTT is diTTerenT. ln The hope oT malcing The yearboolc more represenTaTive, we abandoned The idea oT The TradiTional yearbook sTaTT and accepTed conTribuTions Trom every inTeresTed sTudenT. Many oT These conTribuTors are represenTed on This page. They range Trom Sophomores To Seniors wiTh very liTTle TaculTy inTerTerence. Even Then, wiThouT The perseverance oT Carma Gerber, The unTiring devoTion oT Dean Shelly. The aTTenTion To deTails oT Wayne O'Neil, The arTisTry oT Richard BenTon, and The pinch-hiTTing oT Tracy Nicholes, There would have been no yearbook. BuT in Those lasT weary hours when The Tired Tall by The wayside, iT was Janice Laursen, Paul Mecham, Dean Shelly, and Wayne O'Neil who reTused To quiT and sTuclc iT ouT unTil The lasT line was Typed and The lasT picTure placed. Theirs was ThaT lasT "big heave" ThaT Tinished The.iob. I. ' -:Q Q 1, 9 4 JUNIOR DONN ,.,L UTHER JR. YOMIKO HELEN JAN 1' MR. GIDDINGS and MISS SHELLEY owen. SHELLY eensea LOLHSE f"',l"l" PAUL D r Tl' RHEES JOY Tracy -'HM 1 . x . MISS SHELLEY MR. GIDDINGS The admirafion and apprecialion of all involved in +he making of fhis yearbook go 'ro fhese rwo fine people. Though 'rhey would give all honors 'ro us members of The slafl, we wouldlike if known Jrhafr wirhoul lheir unfailing aid This yearbook would nor have been possible. -W. O. FRANCES o'NeiL GERBER BENTON X VERLA Remember? Sfop, Please! I w ' '17 PreHv Kid Guess Who? Tl l, .C Z H 4 Y z Alcafraz Wallring Up Gylb ,F Uh? W x for Our Team We Alpine Kids! ' 1 l ff, 'K "' W A Swell Guy 3 l Loolring for Somefhing TI1,-1+ Hahdlome Oh, Joy! LQ, I 'el l'm Max, See! Red-Headed Brufe Blue Bug and Masfer wi? Y XL 53 O 5 6,41- 9 2 , E W Q i li 'f 'God granls liberlry only 'ro Those who love I+ and are always ready fo guard and defend il." Daniel Websfer GLEN MILLER FRANCIS MURDOCH STANLEY McALLISTER BOYD BENNETT Page 6I Um 43044, 'gy is-f , "7'H-an 'Nur I JUNIOR WILLIAMSON DICK SEASTRAND DON I-IEALEY DON MILLER GLADE ROBERTS RAY GREENWOOD DALE BROWN WILLIS SPAFFORD DARRELL CROOKSTON EDWARD HUNSAKER Page 62 'ISCHOOL 'PLHY " '99 4 "gYy-So'La- i xi 6 0' 8 og iw? Liifif :Q U!!! 1257" JL Y!! " L 'Tug 1- u L A. A 400 "'f' if is J limi H 4 P H -fr- lilfl li ' rr M ' " T , HUM -I yi eg il' U S iiTTllllf, 2, 24 -6- 0 ll illlil lun l ullll IIIZIP 'Ill I Illlll I ' ,L l'L'I'4Kl'lu' elif 2 'ff ll' ,, ll lll gl, .Vx Bron In Assn-war' .SepTember I4-Come on, lcids, don'T lreep The Teachers waifing. Those invifing doors have been opened once more Tor The year I944-45. CerTain premonifions Tell us ThaT This is going To be a mosT evenfful year. Sepfember I5-Our TirsT real day of school and already The Teachers are giving us piles of worlc. Oh, well, iT loolrs as if someone is nap- ping already. SepTember 25iA few sore spofs and a losf appef Tife were The resuITs of The K.D.A, iniTiaTion. The new members really earned Their way info This organizaTion: Raw liver is SO delicious. OCTOTJSY-Our firsT preseason game was a main evenT because iT made us realize Thaf our Team is The besf Team ever. Ocfober 26-Oh! you Sophomores. go wash ThaT lipsficlc off! The shorT slrirfs and rolled-up panfs legs really became a onerday fashion hiT. How did The Seniors expecf The Sophomores To gef acquainTed when ThaT onion and garlic aroma is so breafhfalring? Never mind, Sophs, you will be mighTy Seniors some day. OcTober 26-On This same evenfful affernoon our firsf season's foofball game was played wifh P. G. No quesTion as To The ouTcome of The game, of courseg if was our vicfory. OcTober-Our firsT reporT cards were given ouT. For ahfew days aTTer The deliqhfful evenT a few sTudenTs iusf wouldn'T siT down. November-Place: Senior l-lop. George ScoTT: "lT's so clarlc we can'T see anyThing." Junior Chilfonz "Who wanfs To see anyThing?" November 24-Thanksgiving vacafion consisTed oT a Two-day leave from school. Oh, Mom, bring on The casfor oil. December I7iThis nighT was one of Thrills and unexpecfed happenings as The KDA. presenf- ed Their annual play, "Girl Shy." Even P. 6. commenTed on our originaliTy. December-The day of parfing was one of sad' ness as Boyd Benneff leff for The Navy. We will miss his jolly greefing buf look Tor his refurn. December 24-Ouf for Chrisfmasl Hurrah! Well, even Those Three days will be heaven. January 2-FirsT day of school for The New Year and only Tour and a half more manfhs To go. We all resolve . . . oh, heck, whaT's The use? January 5-We played our firsf season baslceTbalI game and came ouT on Top wiTh 34-25 score. Whaf a Team! The Pep Club also made iTs successful debuT. LasT, buf noT leasf, was The Pep Club mascof which made iTs grand en- Trance. January ISHB. Y. High School musT have had The luclr. for The game really should have been ours. The one-poinT difference was in Their favor. January 26-HaTs off To The Taculfy for one of The besT assemblies of The year. Many unknown Talenfs were broughf ouT in "The Wedding of The PainTed Doll." There were laughs and songs galore. February 2-Once more we played our old rivals, Lehi, in baslreTball. The vicfory was overwhelm- ing as we scooped Them righf under, Page 63 lei ' Dffyx .Q5 cxlff 3 'Pere .ZZ KEAWA nr? li' 1 M .nf 2? : - . li . A Mi! A. W 'F'ien.o DAY75' .'-'-:C 5 1 . si ,J N . X I 'GgnpuA'rloN" 04 ll. H ' . FT Jr,:"3 'tif 9 1 gb: , -'ff' I -W 1' A E ll J D ' ff I A , 129 A11 .-:fl A. Ji. aisTmx-was Da? "' 74 1 4 A lb. - H 2' A --- I ?' I -n . r -' I I 'fri V ff I' ' .1 at FT-KST DHX SQHOOL- . R fe i, ' 'Ds - I dug! 1! y xX .18 E! HNOm3r gl MORE SoP'Il.lNr1'm'rloN" 7367 oOT5lZL 6,9175 " 'ff X5 se S Qi., I 016' February 28-The szhool play was a complete success. "And Caine lhe Spring" presenled lasl-moving momenls wilh laughs and excile- menl all lhe way lhrough. March 2-For weeks alTer lhe B,Y.U. Assembly The school had a new lheme song. This was a mosl unusual program, l Once again we losl The game lo B, Y, High by one poinl. We are slill going lo lhe laur- namenl or 'lbuslf' Our leamis delerminalion has proved lhis. March I3-New members were inilialed inlo lhe Nalional Honor Sociely. By all resulls lheir admission was really earned. ll seems lhaf some people iusl didn'l know when lo cry. March l5, I6, I7-Welre all lo lhe slale lour- namenl wilh lull conlidenre in our Team. Our learn delealed Della lhe lirsl day and Murray lhe second day. We walched our Team wilh pride as lhey won Tame and recog- nilion among all lhe lane. Wilh lheir close leamwork, il is no wonder lhey won second place. March 2leOur orcheslra look parl in a dislricl leslival where all the high school orcheslras combined lo make one huge orcheslra. March 23-The Juniors dream ol lhe besl Prom yel became a realily. Their "Hawaiian Sunselm presenled a broad and beaulilul lheme. Even lheir assembly was somelhing oul ol lhe ordi- nary. March 29-30-Speech lournamenls are always ex- ciling, especially this one which presenled real compelilion. They couldn'l hold us down, even Though They lrlecl hard. we came back wilh second place. April Zfhrancii. Murdoch, Willis Spallord, and Slanley Mcfhllisler lell lo enler our armed lorres. We wish lhem a sale relurn. April 4-A munical lyceum number was presenled by our orcheslra and ladies' glee. Ol course, il was successful. April 6, 7-Speech lournamenl al B.Y.U. Our deparlmenls bring back lhe honors again. April I2-Our school and nalion mourn and The world is saddened al lhe news ol lhe dealh ol Presidenl Roosevell. April 20-l'Aren'l you boys even gelling ready yel7" This was lhe common queslion lrom lhe girls on Girls' Day. This was iusl lheir chance lo gel even. May 7-The high school slands deserled as lhe kids go lo Lincoln lo bring back lheir share ol lrophies as well as good sunburns on "Field Day. May 9 The communily resounds as lhe bands lrom lhe dislricls have Their annual leslival. Ma I0 Tor once in a year, The school was peaceful and quiel Why? The Seniors had laken oil lo Granile Flal. May I6 Amid laughler and'lears, lhe Senior, say good by lo all lheir old haunls and com- panion Their place will be lilled by lhe Jun- iors a lhe mighly Seniors leave, They leave behind lhern anolher happy, compleled school year and have belore lhem a lulure ol hope. M Y Yi.. . g IX 1, . 1 A ,le 9 2 ,Z s AW . 'F7gsrKefhR1'C'JlA'P" Txhv? QMS T 45? 6-ff.. 'Z Q. JW Xvr Qs-X gig l ff' llllb qt ae - Samoa Hap SHINE' ouhhxvzsrffvwv J wa? Z . :xn- "PEP- c Lua MASCOTN CFUDDLEQMX I ---. ...-, ---- I. Mel Wl'ldlIS he doing, anyway? 6 I Oh, Frankie! Le+'s see. now guy puls up wi+l1! The boresum foursum V Commg fl1rougl1-we hope! W P 'ii' ma, , T " 'fu' , " ST 'lm , Y y LLL,lLA L, W W ru, 1 ga g.. , , V' .JJ We +hree, and +l1e hmes we ve .,. A 4 h d. ' ' M ' is P6Cl4 mule Where e'er you wallc ap if , N M r E f W I , ng ' is , 1 I l yl K ea:-rf ' if Our loyal 'Friend Clem See you in . Lnfe from a disfance u na Before llaey +oolc off rf-K LFHIS 5-'IRS ' W . V HILLHP-'CLARK 1 Digg?" Nefsgicie ,M i Q ff 2Q mz1- 1 , Y 9 f -wwf" fl ' , :"':::::::: I - ' gf L f Iiizzzssssr .A - q gg' J' HT ll , .,.. QL U 'XA MA.: NHAT'SOME Q To 'I TEACHERS 4 1 A if-JOHOLQEI 'X Z X' 'THE MAN-5AID25f1fLE 4 AW J ORPHANAGE J.f.577foNa-- """ "QM, 'W f f AGA AE' K 7 1 ling Il 1512933 9 A THE- v GUNS WHO- , JUKE' . ,. 7752 AER 1 ,, 'QW TWO ' VOCA LIZ E R5 fg,,0QqgLeAs P ' ff LL 1, -. . ,X y S , X Ang: Emrgg 'THE .. ,fivjf 'THE M 50055 R00 N DRur1nER5c 1 , Daw SHELLY 5' LP .,, 1 4 uf .- ... -Q .- v. E ll ' E ., ' Z Q ilu es . f 5 Moab mr: SPECIAL Sk- ff' I N I 'A NAYNALK' 1 0 2 i "'rx-ns YEA is - i . ,, 'v Q ' ' 0 ' wir' -HAIR Do's gig ,,N,m,,,1, 035 f -' lkfv-'Uv-T . 7 7 7 +YPe my moufhl Hum 'F , 4 ,rg In search of somefhing? T. Dorsey Wine-WOMEN-Song Qi 5 ill W4 Who reads books? PreH'y aufo Resfing? The wolves are coming! Scared SHN GC ,HM ,L .VU , K roy, V H323 .. Lovers Lane Golly, we have more fun! " ' Il And she speaks. Thar s my boy c Q0 Oc? we O are look forward NVQ ' HQ. ,. if 1 .Q H s Woo-sum 'rwo-sum Music lovers X Smlxhxng Me we Need anyfhing be said? IN IIXEIXXO QI AIA l i "How pure a+ hear? and sound in head, Wilh whal' divine affeciions bold Should be +he man whose Though? would hold An hour's' communion wifh the dead." -Tennyson American Fork honors fhefmemory of Jrhose valianl alumni who have given 'rheir lives in lhe service of lheir counlry lo furlher lhe cause of democracy. Page 72 l FOR SEVENTY-TWO YEARS THE PECPLE OE CENTRAL UTAH HAVE FOUND IT CONVENIENT AND SATISEYING TO SHOP AT A COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE, WHERE THEY COULD SECURE THE a. '.'., 'gi "BEST OBTAINABLE OF EVERYTHING IN MERCHANDISE" CHIPMAN MERCANTILE COMPANY AMERICAN FORK, UTAH PQ73 N YOU BUYER IT AT PENNEY'S IT'S RIGHT! ' I 'r II' ' IINI PRICE . . .IN QUALITY . . .IN STYLE 1 'E i IT PAYS TO ' I SHOP AT PENNEY'S H U M P H R I E S Congratulations. G d t I F L O R A L ra ua es E251 YOU WILL ALWAYS BE WISE TO FLOWERS FOR ALL GRADUATE TO OCCASIONS! PEP 88 GASOLINE km' AND A A VICO MOTOR OILS Courteous, Efficient Service Phone 78 . Dan Hindley. Prop. "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS EAST STATE ROAD M9255 Y Metropolitan Lite Insurance Company of New York ' ALVIN E. MONSON, Rep. RADIO AND ELECTRONICS SALES AND SERVICE D-z The sooner you plan your future the better your future 1 G' will be Phone 0271-I State Road WASATCH SERVICE We Carry the Finest Line of STATION Diamond Rings and Watches WASHING AND GREASING an ,,-z Amber Boulter Operator and Proprietor C. D. STRANGTIEWELER AMERICAN FORK, UTAH CONGRATULATIONS KEN'S AUTO PARTS SENIORS OF 19451 5 .3 We En,o Your PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Patrlnige Dependable Service INN 59 East Main St. American Fork, Utah ,- AMERICAN FORK MARKET Maid O'Clover Dairy Products Produced in Utah County 8 MILK-BUTTER-CREAM QUALITY MEATS W" Cmd MUTUAL CREAIVIERY GROCERIES Manufacturers and Distributors ge 75 1' f . ,, SATISFYING SERVICE .UNEQUALED QUALITY I' P- Iack's Body and Fender Shop COMPLETE RECONDITIONING I ' ' 1,5 '1 5 CAF-Er' Electric and Acetylene Welding-Auto EL, 4 4 Painting and Radiator Repairs W e .Qpprueciafiaf Your . i'7a:",IoOQG eliitc S' Q I American Fork, Utah Phone 83-I . g A . . A. 19, Z .A 4 , Gunther gggefiheiqi works o. P. SKAGGS Controziiiirijt Qfentilating Quality Merchandise Heatingl'lA,ir Conditioning 13... f. ' Complete Service on Oil Burners, ,Furnaces Stokers -. Efficient Service Tender Meats RAY C. BEERS, Prop. , . 'S :jx A? Ohran Construction CUNGRATULATICNSI C0mPf1nY ALPINE PUBLISHING General Building Contractors C o M M E R c I A L BR P P I N 'r E R s PM BUILDERS or Phone 213 EXCEPTIONALLY FINE American Fork HOMESI Utah Page 76 O W L IN N TIMPANOGOS Is Headquarters MQTQRQ ANY for A VAMENIQAN FORK A BETTER SANDWICHES -A Q 1- A' COLD DRINKS ' CHhV3SMf! f CONFECTIONS DEYXLL1E,gj5 'R S 24'H011l' Service Wheel Alignmerit Q. Batteries .fcigefgked EQ 'j,,-"xb1ferlTaul Iob., LA VERLE STEWART GEORGE E. JONES Q f Manager Manager ,M 'Wil P E95 Compliments of THE UTAH BANK NOTE CO. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH . PUBLISHERS Pg77 GAMBLE'S STORE individually Owned ond Operated "THF FRIENDLY STORE" Glen Saunders. Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF MOSS CAFE .av American Fork City RED STAR FLOUR uk FOR: SATISFACTORY RESULTS w QNSIST ON RED STAR FLOUR GRIFFIN BAKERY Home-Mode Breod Like Mother Mcxkes lt Our Rolls, Cookies, Cakes and Doughnuts MAKE LUNCI-IES AND DESSERTS MORE TASTY! D. T. R. COTTAGE TEA ROOM .,-z AND MARKET Le! Your . . . Where Friends Meet Friends . . . Home Furnishing Problems Be B., our Problems Open ond At Your .Service Our Fumishings Are Exclusive Anytime! Q THORNTON DRUG ROBINSON 5: SONS 3 CONFECTIONERY CANDY SOFT DRINKS Quick. Smiling. cmd Satisfying Service! .90 Bring Your Prescriptions to Us A Good Place to Meet Your Friends Page 78 SAVE YOUR SMOOTH TIRES AND HAVE THEM RECAPPED ALPINE MOTO i COMPANY' Gt Authorized Ford Dealer FIRESTONE O. K. TIRE SHOP Home and Auto Supply Store COMPLETE SERVICE ON ALL CARS We Repair Anything Made of AMERIEQN F031 UTA? Rubberl one All Work Guaranteed! PEOPLES STATE ANDERSON'S B East State Road Tel. 342 OF ' AMERICAN FORK U E51 McCormick-Deering Farm Equipment Intemational Member of the Trucks INSURANCE CORPORATION COMPLETE Resources Over Two Million Dollcxrs SHOP SERVICE 9 THE SYZYLE SHOP 2 S' 1 4: American Fork Cold Storage ' and I..ADliiQS READY WEAR ' BEAUTY SHOP lzlx-CEL--CES CQSMFTIQ 30 SOUTH lst WEST LII-LIE as Bsssm. A y 'Q' Phonl' 340 1 Sterling Fox. Manager A 11 . 32 9' I " R 5. L GEMRAL REPAIR CORNET'S SHOP 5 5. 10 s'roRE General Repairs V Q. Us ' -.4 r'f'Bla.cksri1ithing an Qeylachine Shop AMERICAN FORK "f:"l"'+, Welding UTAH T '-xx.. - 1 O OUR STUDENTS! We have appreciated your business. We will strive to render you our best efforts in the future ....... If your feet trouble you see us for relief .... Moral D. Steele, Mgr. STEELEVS STORE CTl'1e Friendly Storel American Fork Nursery LEONARD I-IOWES, Manager Growers of All Kinds of Nursery Stock Landscape Gardening Our Specialty BOLEYS, INC. Ring No. 4 and Get Your MEATS AND GROCERIES ALL QUALITY Foons F P age 80 -1--.y ,, -V el .- -.- DELUX SHOE t t ELLISQIE cm2A:NEns t R EPAIRING . e 1 sta I t t t it rf W - , A ii' All BEP1'TERe,fGLBAN1NG Work I ' ,AT Y iff A Guaranteed LOWE! -apfiifgsv Best ff- Material S532 ' Used ,- Phone ALQQ t Q, , Americgn Fgrk i, ' t JV UtCIh 1? 4 Q . We 45 if X v 0042 ,452 H77 150419 if 4 4 C71-'fVmf rwoaow mf mfmfmff if W,4,Pf!ME AWD 7ffP0!fGlf' 775 cafvrfwmvf YEAR! JF P5155 um Powsn s. nam co. CQMPLIMENTS OF TEXACO SERVICE 'L 1? sis. IDEAL? P ora SERVICE IH. , DQS I' ' A irgxl 4, ,-gr I In gk' iff. rg' " ,w I' B-RCAIEWAY STUDIOS vi.. ' I' ' h G. E. Peck, Mgr. 'SF' . , - , , , ,I 1 it... 71.1 . 'J '-., , I C., ' 'WF-'c,:oMPLETE LINE OF FRAMES AND I MOTION PICTURE EQUIPMENT ' CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES 2nd Floor-45 E. Broadway Phon Portrait Photographers for Yearbook 5-1884 3 Page 82 f qi-+1'i,' 4, ' VKYL' , K , ,iz- gfgyy A ,,,, . ALM-I' IN IXEMOI A M "BUT ihough his voice is siienf, his courage is nof spent his iaifh is noi exfinquishedf' Page 83 Freedomof Speech Freedom of Reliqon Freedom from lUan1' freedom from Fear -1 . it 'xi ,' 'X-,N ,, '-vi . ' T ..-5, VV. 1. 'qv XII... 4'-'Ll..?',i5'f2l's "'u:. .td , 1.3-K ,lx .. ig- 1 1 .1 -2. ' .v , l' . 'Tv I P . ,Qi f.."'.. A ' r QM" '. . 4, 5 1 -5 ' ' W, .. 1 N ., ' --'- I 4'a5i"'1 Q d ' '.. -' Nt. , . ,. 4 z .. , x ... 4 ., ,., .V . 1 U'-. 1.2. - xp A . .lf J.v- V., 4 . i N H, gi. . -T" V ,."-' .. -. -- ,-: . ...V H 3s,f 1 Y if -'Q . . -.P . B . 4, . x F. - I. .x-.,,, ,,., f K I, fl . . ,-v I ,?-- ..e' K. 1 ' 1 '1 V ' ' 1, . - 1 "' . A 1,- 3" - ,U . .- T-- f 4,1 .1 ,. ,. .4 , ' -1 ' -- ' w .1 T .., . -1 1 Q", . ,A V. xii?--. . g- .. 1 4- - -.ff--,' ' ,-A . 1.0. , 1. .1-,, 1. ,.',. -:A M-.--,f ,r fr V 1- xi- at H.,.,f'. 4 . 'x-Mae. ":.47- ,. 'A ' .. A.-.f.g1:V: 'N ff - if 3- -W.- Q V"'rf-':S"iL'i.fEvf aff' .' Q el' ... fs- 1 ,, ,, f.,.- . f . .. --J' -7' ' .' :.'a' p"1'- ' 'L' - . '-51,5 1 11.4-.1--.vgffrf , in t - -. - , ' -'nga sf?-ff-' . . 1 ' ' -Q2 . 1 a- . u --. . .V " , , 3 ,waz .. A W., L . ,I :A+-. 'Q-" 'fwr vt? '- 5'r" 1'f-'Af ff - ., 11'-1 ,, , .- , 'qw , , , z - .n .V ,Lx-ng r?W'g,'9' F' ' 9' - -,F-"iz 'wr 'f T 4 , .: f-1 ,,- , '- 4 w v--- fx ' - J iq liiy Q1 ,- -: 1' 1.1 ' - 4- - ,HL u rl 5 . H -- 1 .1 --P f 5- ,. - V, - ' - 1 f, 4".rf 'V q A ' ' "A" 3 'J 5 ' h V V Ia ' 5 -izifjff ' , 'fs ' nu -,T--, 4 ' n u L ' ' L 1 E . I ' I' 41- 1 355?'f'Q z ' 1 - - ' 1 ' A , ? 13-,Qi gm V, X1 A' V lui 1 ' I V . jf V , A 53 N ' 1 .- v, Diff f ' 5 2 . A , -1 4 ',A 0 iii, ,' J, l . ,, ,, ',,4P'7fzQZtO-H+ A 27 J . '1' ' -4 1' i ' I ' I I A A U 1 4 1 A f J ,-21' 1 X. ff f ,ff WM .f, 1 1 ' . ' ,- " 1 , Qfvl- 'Mfg vi LD! ' I 'V A '1-. ., ,hx 1 V fy P , ' ' 4 , . 1 " J -x Sd f 'li , ' .Q Q M' -k ' ' V 1244 , '14 tv In 4' i' i ' ,. ' Af- L94 fm 1? ' H ZX 37' M Y . J l W , S N O - V -t . :ff ,ffflk - . f, v J - f , V ,f .fl ,-,J f . f ,LQW f , z 235,75 x Q X . i 4 U V f kj , -, C ' 41177 ' ' I H .J 'A 4 i ? L r 1 . ,, 'f '7' 1 Pi ' i51i.,,f 'ff 45" 71'-' 1 . , .51-af' , A, 7 " ' fl. 7,5 , , l A ' B" Q, Y ,sq ' ,-'LSA 1 , 4' . z .2 5 , vw Q: gp .gm X m ' V-in J . 'ff - ' 1 . :all f -4- N .- ' N , ji- v 1 1? J' wi 14:11 T I .i fe -'1 64 'Z . 4 Ji . - -e 'fi VV , ," I ' " V fn' ' , I f. ' -. " .---, -4 ' U-1 . , g, , .-A, . ,., X -.1.. ,V .w ,. . XL, ...i- .. f -V f , " - , -4 ' , g , ,V- A ' -1-ji Q1 5.1-. .L fl X, 9 wif 1fJQ ,3-v-'vw-gg XV! ' ,, K , i x E 3"-. G ,P ,.4Q,0f,,4U62,f,44,.1p,Q,,,,,WWWU31 A r AA . Alof ' 'fat A f LUCK! A41 ,pa'ffVQ-f'44"lf,ffn1,v. K4-1,-J'ca,.fLV , ,. ' AAA! u - ' lbw, .ZZ'?,,2M.f,f.f,fJ2424L3,f.-11 ' -l Q ' , - , ,1 ,,, - ' A ,fM' .,C,gm2,.i fwiiw. GLW-Q ,M 'ann ' . WW- f+1-f'1'W-9m'If':' l"'jk' ,gig

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American Fork High School - American Yearbook (American Fork, UT) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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