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■r " " l .ty .f J ' - J f ' M -• ' " j,- - 1984 American Falls High School 254 Taylor Street American Falls, Idaho 83211 Table of Contents Introduction 1-6 Freshmen 6-13 Sophomores 14-21 Juniors 22-29 Seniors 30-41 Homecoming 42-48 Activities 49-59 Organizations 60-73 Sports 74-91 Senior Week 92-99 Administration Faculty Staff 100-110 Closing 111-115 Ads 116-126 1 (4AcUA cuit e Sat t i( ciA eocene cUtA me aC «t tAc «« IN SESSION FRESHMEN OFFICERS ADVISERS As the frightened freshmen, we entered this school. Right away we learned of the high school ' s rule: Seniors are the studs and freshmen are the squirrels. And all the older boys are after the " New Girls. " Our Spirit reaches many miles long. And we are always anxious to cheer our team on. Our fund is growing bigger and bigger, And by the end of the year it will be a big figure. At the beginning of the year, we were scared and unsure. But as we leave in May we are absolutely secure. Our freshmen year has been fun and exciting. But our sophomore year we ' ll go in fighting. Freshmen Class of " 87 " CLASS OFFICERS: Robyn Russell, President; Kristie Miller, Secretary Treasurer; Maren Burgemeister, Vice Presi- dent; Sandy Rowlan, Girls ' Representative; Randy Hawes, Boys ' Representative. ros BEST DRESSED Stephanie Walters and Peter Miranda MOST OUTGOING Sandy Rowlan and Randy Hawes TARZAN AND JANE Kristi Miller and Lorenzo Martinez MOST CHEERFUL Robyn Russell and Chad Barney Shannon Adair Cheree Ankrum Barbara Bell Maren Burgemeister Vickie Castillo Kirk Adkins Zane Bailey Garr Bischoff Eric Burtcher Jenifer Cavaness Mindy Alber Penni Baird Steve Boles Christie Cameron Troy Chipps Kristin Allen Greg Barker Tami Bott Reggie Carlson Jason dinger Lisa Allen Chad Barney Paul Bowers Raul Castillo Sheldon Cluff Troy Coles Sonny DeLeon Maggie Espindola Jennifer Frankum Andrea Haskett Susan Combs Elizabeth Delgado Nikki Evans Sheila Erasure Randy Hawes Kimber Cope Russell DeRoche Tony Evans Holly Fuger Shayla Hellickson Lance Countryman Kelli Edlefsen Daren Fehringer Dean Glascock Mike Hobbs Kim Crumley Sharon Emerson Zulma Franco Dara Hanley Lee Honeycutt Angie Huber Mike Kelley Landa Mariselda Stephanie Maxwell Kristie Miller Toddi Hubert Amy Kendell Heidi Larson Jay McCulloch Tim Miller Tim Jones Brian Koontz Jeff Leen Diane McNamara Peter Miranda Robbie Lockridge Steve McOmber Shane Montross Matt Lords Charles Miller Susan Moorehead ? 10 Angie Mottishaw Kim Peterson Sandy Rowlan Malynda Short Brad Stanger Marty Nichols Monica Poole Robyn Russell Janelie Smith Barbara Stark J. Brock O ' Daniel Tiffany Reaves Shane Schvaneveldt Troy Smith Julie Stocking Brian Orr Nelda Reyes Jeni Schwarz Stephanie Spangler Gina Stratton Craig Permann Mark Rienstra John Severe Amy Sparks Ray Taylor 11 Melissa Teller Stephanie Walter Wendy Westover Tonya Wilkes Jeff Tillcy Kristine Warren K. Lynn Wetzel Jody Williams Lance Tilley Kari Welch Tony Wheeler Ryan Wood Russell Vollmer Trevor Werenka Sherri Whittier Jeff Wynn Cindy Wall Jennifer Wesenberg Layce Whitworth Teresa Yancey Not Pictured: Cliff Blair Harvey Castaneda Rigo Cruz Ricky Dawson Don Day Michael Evans Eric Hutchinson Terrill Isaak Alma Martinez Victor Martinez Lorenzo Martinez Carl Michael Shawn Pitman Suprena Russell 12 Tails you lose! F F A R B E U S 1. H M U E S N Hey guys, this is serious business! WV Second to none! (Troy C.) I don ' t get mad, 1 get even! (Jeff W.) Hey! 1 think high school is gonna be kind of fun, after all! 13 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS AND ADVISERS .m VS - SOPHOMORE OFFICERS AND ADVISERS: President, Shawna Hammond; Vice Presi- dent, Shawna Alber; Secretary, Brandi Roy; Girls ' Representative, Heather Hovorka; Boys ' Representative, Mickey Lakotos; Adviser, Connie Rowland; Adviser, Bob Brulotte. The class of ' 86 started the 1983-84 school year as big sophomores. The excitement of the new school year lasted throughout Homecoming Week. We took fourth place for our efforts. Later in the fall, we tried a money making project. Selling the Sun Catchers added $500 to our account. The sophomores were totally awesome during " Beaver Week. " Winning the spirit stick and a number of dress up days helped out. We received 1st place in overall points. No wonder everybody says sophomores are better than ever! 14 SOPHOMORE FAVORITES MOST OUTGOING Greq Wiles and Gina Heinson BEST DRESSED Eliazar Delgado and Shawna Alber TARZAN JANE Scott Wright and Charlene Fehringer MOST CHEERFUL Adam Taft and Aimee Schvaneveldt 15 Mac Adkins Shawna Alber Edie Allen Darel Anderson Tara Anderson Filbert Archuleta Chris Arms Kit Armstrong Charles Bammcrt Lisa Barclay Toren Bell Michelle Bennett Lance Bcthke Michelle Bitton Alan Bollschweiler Janice Brown Shaunda Buffi Jennifer Cagle Cindy Campbell Michelle Carlson Steve Carter Jerry Castenada Mary Combs Christie Cook Jeff Corrington 16 Tony Crombie Darin Dahlke Eliazar Delgado Robin Denver Mary Ann Eliasen Mindie Evans Charlene Fehringer Aimee Fowler Shawna Funkhouser Bridget Gates Julie Gay Luci Giesbrecht Matt Greenrod Melanie Hahn Shawna Hammond Heather Hansen Bobbi Harris Casey Harris Rick Harmison Gina Havlicak Dora Haynes Gina Heinson Heather Hovorka Bryon Howell Ruth Hunt 17 Debbie Hunter Ken King Mickey Lakatos Mike Leen Kevin Mathews Shane Hunter David Kress Mike Lambert Mark Leslie Melanie Mayer Robert Isaak Tim Kress Jondrae Larsen Natalie Leyshon Molly Miller Bryce Johns Scott Kucza Brynen Larson Tre Mason Tassie Miller Kim Johnson Dan Kuta Tawna La ' Saint Kris Mason Dan Morrison Grace Morton Stacey Peterson Sylvia Reyes David Schultz Danny Sprague Shane Nelson Michele Phillips Jeff Roberts Aimee Schvancveldt Michelle Stalker Barbara O ' Brien Jackie Pierce Brandi Roy Stephanie Smith Russell Steel Mike Parke Kim Prcstwich Jarah Runner Jon Spanton Tyler Stirling Lilly Perez Brian Rast Todd Schelske Rodney Sparks Vince Stirling 19 Adam Taft Desia Wasia Bobby Wilkes Mandi Taylor Wendy Wasia Bruce Winder Clifford Tesheep Wendy Weaver Scott Wright Brad Stocking Aaron Tindore Kim Whitnah Shawna Zacharias Not Pictured Gary Capell Robert Eames Tom Swanson Ron Turner Greg Wiles Launa Zahn Michelle and Robin " Hear no evil see no evil. " 20 (Mac) Where are my binoculars!? (Stephanie) Let me play football too. SUPER SOPHOMORES (Jane, Gina, Mandi, Wendy) That ' s right, we bad. m (Greg) I ' m from AF High. (Ken and Scott) Talking it over. 21 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND ADVISERS Top: Class Advisers: Mr. Hovey and Mrs. Coman Bottom: Class Officers, Front: Mark McOmber, Vice President; Dana Girvin, Secretary; Brad Hammond, President. Back: Burt Fehringer, Boys ' Representative; Jodi Houk, Girls ' Representative. The class of ' 85 would like to thank Mr. Hovey and Mrs. Coman for being our advisers two years in a row. We appreciate all the help and support they have given us. The Junior class has been busy building up their funds for future activities. They sold chocolates for the third consecutive year, and donated $100 to help buy the facul- ty jackets for Christmas. 22 TARZAM JANE Justin Kuttler and Maggie l lartinez p III! IIINI 1 1 ' i ' • i ' llll iiUAiy iii .u.ii ii.,u 1... A II mill mil nil V o R I T MOST OUTGOING Burt Fehringer and Janice Fehringer MOST CHEERFUL Wendy Linscheid and Charlie Woodworth BEST DRESSED Mat Hovorka and Lesa Breding 23 Cindec Adair Frances Bernal Lesa Breding Nick Carlson Toni Corsini Alan Anderson Dean Bischoff Mike Brower Jason Carney David Eliason Shelly Anderson Steve Blankenbaker Jim Brown Jesse Castillo Mike Espindola Lisa Armstrong Julie Bottroff Misty Burry Darin Cole Burt Fehringer Annette Beitz Marc Bowers Janneece Bybee Kammille Cope Chris Fehringer 24 Janice Fehringer Dan Gunter Darin Haskell Jodi Houk Margie Jackson Tony Fehringer Fawn Halstead Russell Haskett Mat Hovorka Bob Jones Neil Fuger Shawn Hamilton Darrin Heinson Toby Huber Scott King Dana Girvin Brad Hammond Kim Henson Tamby Hubert Michele Kopp Rosie Grischkowsky Beth Hanley Janet Hensley Trudy Hunt Rob Kress 25 Justin Kuttler Janna Martinez Janie Merklcin Debbie Noble Debbie Wetzel Wendy Linschied Maggie Martinez James Montross Eileen Osborne Buddy Phelps Stephanie Lords Vernon Mason Calvin Muzzy Debi Parris Tracey Phelps Ross Lusk Mark McComber Debbie Newport Inez Perez Kim Phythian Tim Mankee Regina Mclander Richard Neu Pam Petell Fritz Quinn 26 Lisa Ruschetti Jerry Smuin Kirk Thomson Kevan Weaver Royce Savage Jacki Sparks Jim Tilley Frankie Welch Kevin Rhead Lindy Schroeder Chris Taft Javier Torres Wendy Williams Julie Rowe Troy Schwarz Trudy Taylor Brad Vollmer Randy Wood Brett Ruff Stacy Sheard Casey Thompson Jodell Ward Charlie Woodworth Not Pictured Jesus Castillo Greg Gould Tracy Harmison John Hobbs Jamie Lish Verlene Mosho Joe Perez Thomas Robinson David Russell Adriana Simms Robert Simms 27 Dana and her disturbing growth Mark is just waiting for recess. They ' re Juniors and proud of it. The latest victim of the A.F.H.S. Flasher I I dare you to throw that grenade. JUNIORS MOVING ON 28 12 YEAR SENIORS Front to Back, First Row: Jackie Cameron, Kris Kugler, Roger Workman. Second Row: Pat Woodward, Kenny Williams, Mark Pavek, Bill Brulotte, Troy Lish. Third Row: Marc Arms, Ron Swanson, Kristine Hayes, Tammy Sprague, Dan Bauer. Fourth Row: Vicki Weerhcim, Robert Simms, Leisa Briggs, Kendra Yancey, Teressa Permann. Fifth Row: Richard Permann, Mike Hayhurst, Matt Barrett, Grace Pierce, Gwen Zahn. Top: Justin Corbridge, Bert Mathews, Karen Nichols, Annette Batterton, Gr eg Olson, and Mike Henesh. 29 30 Tercssa P. 31 SENIOR OFFICERS ADVISERS Bottom Boys ' Rep — Mike Hayhurst Advisers Pat Chase, Chad Grobcr Not Pictured: Girls ' Rep — Angie Oertle Top Vice Pres. — Alan Carlson President — Bill Palmer Sec. Treas. — Ruth Welch 32 Marc Arms Dan Bauer Todd Burry Vern Armstrong Matt Barrett Annette Batterton Scott Boyd Leisa Briggs Christine Burt Darwin Cagle Bill Brulotte Pat Cagle or A 1 9 8 4 Jackie Cameron Alan Carlson Marvin Castillo Joe Combs 33 Pete Combs Justin Corbridge Deanna Daniels Cindy Duncan Mike Frasure Monty Funk Lunette Garland Dawn Girvin Debbie Greenrod Todd Hall Holly Hansen Holly Hanson Kristine Hayes Mike Hayhurst Mike Henesh Kris Kugler 34 Beckie Kuta Angela Leen Laurie Lehman Pam Michael Lynn Misenhimer Pauline Moldenhauer Joanne Leslie A Troy Neu 1 9 8 4 Karen Nichols Teresa Nowland Angle Oertle Greg Olson 35 Bill Palmer Mark Pavek Richard Permann Teressa Permann Grace Pierce Rick Prestwich David Privett Debbie Privett Emma Renfro Staci Roberts Stan Rowlan Kerrie Severe Darren Smith Kenny Smith James Sprague Tammy Sprague 36 Chuck Strom Toni Welch Robyn Wood Ron Swanson Wade Ward Kyle Wetzel Evan Wiese Pat Woodward Roger Workman Not Pictured John Campbell Edward Christy Tammy Dawson Troy Lish Vickie Weerheim Ruth Welch Ken Williams Kendra Yancey A 1 9 8 4 Gwen Zahn Kevin Zimmer 37 v s S n r-t-k- DEAR ABBEY DEAR ALBERT Dawn Girvin Todd Hall CHANGED THE MOST IN HIGH SCHOOL Mike Hcnesh Robyn Wood CRUISERS Dan Bauer Grace Pierce 38 ■ 6? || 14 WITTIEST Pat Woodward Angie Oertle (NOT PICTURED) FIRST TO MAKE A MILLION Mike Hayhurst Tammy Sprague MOST LIKELY TO BECOME A MOVIE STAR Mark Pavek Teressa Permann HAPPY GO LUCKY Pat Cagle Debbie Greenrod 39 SENIOR Bottom to Top: Marc Arms, Drew Lusk, Todd Hall, Emma Renfro. Tammy Sprague Lunette Garland Second Row SrLn ' stfn r " ' " ' m n ?f ' d ' P ' Woodward, Bill Palmer, Cindy Duncan. Third Row Dan Bauer 5 an Carlson, Stan Ro ' an. Matt Barrett, Grace Pierce. Fourth Row: Kenny Smith, Pat Cagle, Mike Frasure Greq Obon n2f.rr " H " V ' . ' . " ' - ' ,1 ' ° " ' " " ' " S - ' Gree " rod. R obyn Wood, DeannaDanid Tammy Dawson. Standing: Todd Burry, Daren Smith, Chuck Strom, Vern Armstrong, James Sprague 40 CLASS Bottom to Top: Kerrie Severe, Toni Welch, Holly Hansen, Dawn Girvin, Kendra Yancey, Scott Boyd, Mark Pavek. Se- cond Row: Laurie Lehman, Beckie Kuta, Debbie Privett, Annette Batterton, Lcisa Briggs, Gwen Zahn, Teressa Per- mann, Richard Permann. Third Row: Angie Leen, Jackie Cameron, Christine Hayes, Christine Burt, Bill Brulotte, Vicki Weerheim, Mike Hayhurst, Roger Workman. Fourth Row: Staci Roberts, Kris Kugler, Ruth Welch, Joanne Leslie, Holly Hanson, Troy Lish, Troy Neu, Robert Simms. Fifth Row: Joe Combs, Pete Combs, Teresa Nowland, Bert Mathews. Standing: Karen Nichols, David Privett, Kevin Zimmer, Rick Prestwich, Ken Williams, Darwin Cagle, Kyle Wetzel, Paul Anderson. 41 mi mis t 42 I I I 43 Floats on Parade The theme for the 1983-84 Homecoming was the Best in the West. 1. The Seniors took first place with their float of a beaver riding on a football, with their theme, Best of the West woven on front. 2. The freshmen took second place with the Beavers stomping the Eagles. " We ' ll have a stomp ' em Good Time " was their theme. HOMECOMING ROYAUTY 1983 « r ' ' - 3. The Juniors took third place with a card-playing beaver saying " Don ' t Gamble with the Beavers. " 4. The Sophomores received fourth place with a beaver riding off into the sunset of their float. " A Beavers Gotta Do What A Beavers Gotta Do " was the Sophomores ' theme. Front Row: Freshman Attendant, Kristi Miller; Homecoming Queen, Emma Renfro; Senior Attendant, Tercssa Pcrmann. Back Row: Sophomore Attendant, Aimee Schvaneveldt; Junior Attendant, Jodi Houk. 45 You ' d Better Smile When You Say That, Pard! Melanie — Wonder Woman Strikes Again! Numero Uno! 46 • HBtS a - . i 3| a 1 ' HHH ■ " . 1 P 4 ■ ■V J — . ,, -» a 1 B 1 1 H »r. . Z Z 2« E .- — . feSfefetell 1 ■ IV UBI ' fl 1 ri 1 1 1 ■ Which Way Did They Go?! 47 Bill And Scott — Should I Stay or Should I Go?! 48 Jeff, Greg, and Robert — We ' re the ORIGINAL Beach Boys! This year ' s Homecoming Week was filled with many fun ac- tivities. The theme for homecoming this year was " The Best of the West. " Homecoming week started off with a pep assembly and the dress up day was " Come as You Are! " At noon, the A-Club had a slave sale. On Tuesday, the dress up day was " Hats and Sweats " and the noon game was an egg toss. Wednesday ' s dress up day was " A Day At the Beach " and the three-legged race was the noon game. For Thursday, the dress up day was " Western Day " and at noon there was an eating contest. The Snake Dance, Bon Fire, and the 2nd an- nual Battle of the Bands completed the day. On Friday, the completion of Homecoming Week was " Big Red Day. " There was a pep assembly during 2nd hour follow- ed by a volleyball game at 10:30. At 11:30 there was a parade and at 6:30 the football game against Marsh Valley started. Homecoming Week ended with a dance after the game. Overall, the classes took the following places: Seniors, 1st — Freshman, 2nd — Juniors, 3rd — and Sophomores, 4th. NEW CLASSES A R T Art was taught this year for the first time in four years. Three Art I classes were taught and 55 students were in- volved. The highlight of the year was an art show held on May 22 and all of the art students participated. There were 95 entrees in the show. This year the American Falls High School offered Computer Science for the first time. The class focused on programming and word processing. Next year students will be able to take both Computer Science I and 11. In ad- dition the Apple Worms Computer club was formed and will also be going strong next year. Computers at AFHS have made a great start and will con- tinue to grow in the future. c o M P U T E R S 49 SOUTH PACIFIC -Ji This year ' s musical was " South Pacific. " Several American Falls High School students spent a weekend on a tropical island in the Rogers and Hammerstein play, " South Pacific. " Based on the " Tales of the South Pacific, " by James Michener, the story takes place on an island in the Pacific during World War II. According to Drama director Mary Roundy, the con- flict centered around love overcoming prejudice. Major decisions involved marriage set against the backdrop of the war. One romance centered around Lt. Joseph Cable, played by Evan Wiese and Liat, a young native girl, played by Stephanie Lords. The other involved a French planter, Emile De Becque portrayed by Dan Gunter and military nurse Ensign Nellie Forbush played by Michele Kopp. Other roles cast Julie Rowe aj Bloddy Mary and Jim Tilley as Luther Billis. Music was under the direction of Ross Gedeborg with accompanist Kendra Yancey. Art work and Advertising were done by the High School Art Club under the super- vision of Kim Dockstader. My Honey bun!! Is this what you .nean? Julie doing Dan ' s make-up. 50 ' To be or not to be Ms. Roundy : i -Nvy %: " Happy Talk " Mr. Gedcborg Juli e Rowe, Dan Gunter, Evan Wiese, Stephanie Lords 51 SKI CLUB Row 1: Mindy Alber, Kristin Allen, Maren Burgemeister, Kimber Cope, Julie Stocking, K. Lynn Wetzel, Kevan Weaver, Robert Isaak, Russell Haskett, Mike Hayhurst, Stacy Sheard, Dawn Girvin, Russel DeRouche, Tonya Wilkes and Tamby Hubert. Row 2: Lisa Barclay, Sheila Frasure, Michelle Bennett, Christie Cameron, Stephanie Walter, Jane Pavek, Kammile Cope, Mark Pavek, Angela Leen, Jackie Cameron, Shane Montross, Mickey Lakatos, Lesa Breding, Matt Hovorka and Robyn Russell. Row 3: Burt Fehringer, Lisa Armstrong, Fawn Halstead, Bobby Wilkes, Grace Pierce, James Montross, Steve Blankenbaker, Greg Wiles, Michelle Bitton, David Kress and Mike Kelley. Row 4: Jim Brown, Wendy Linscheid, Darin Haskell, David Eliasen, Brad Ham- mond, Tim Tilley, Marc Bowers, Troy Chipps, Shawn Hamilton, Mike Brower, Nick Carlson, Justin Kuttler, Shawna Alber, Jason dinger and Toby Huber. Jodi thinks she ' s a real pain in the neck! Can we print that Kendra Yancey I ' m ready Gwen Zahn 52 Three little maids from school. Angle Oertie, Pauline Moldenhauer and Tam- my Dawson, Oh, the pain of it ail! Amy Kendell We really are important! Bill Palmer, Tammy Sprague and Greg Olson. 2) Who says this is the seniors! Did anybody notice? Above: Michelle Bennett. Left, Row 1: Shelly Anderson and Michele. Row 2: Rosie Grischkowsky, Pam Petell, Bobbie Harris and Melanie Mayer. 53 JUNIOR MISS The 14th Junior Miss Competition was held April 14, 1984. The theme was " Circus On Parade. " The thirteen contestants were judged on youth fitness, poise and appearance, creative and performing arts, scholastic achievements, and judges interview. Winners were: Annette Beitz, first in Rotarian Award and first in ticket sales; Wendy Linscheid, Spirit of Junior Miss; Stacy Sheard, Fashion Award, Kraft Award, and Second Run- ner Up; Kammile Cope, Youth Fitness Award, Creative and Performing Arts Award, Second in Sponsor Award, Se- cond in Ticket sales, and First Runner Up; Lesa Breding, Revlon Award, Sponsor Award, Scholastic Award, Poise and Appearance Award, and Power County Junior Miss, 1985. 54 Stacy Sheard Lisa Armstrong Maggie Martinez Regina Melander Julie Rowe Wendy Linscheid Kammile Cope Michele Kopp Lindy Schroeder Annette Beitz 55 PROM ROYALTY, Front Row: Queen, Angic Oertle; King, Mark Pavek. Back Row: Junior Prince, Darren Hcinson; Junior Princess, Jody Houk: Senior Princess, Teressa Permann; Senior Prince, GregOlsen. .ywimodt The 1984 Junior Senior Prom was held on April 28. The colors pur- ple and pink were chosen to compliment the theme, " Almost Paradise. " Purple and pink streamers made up an attractive solid ceil- ing, as a mirror ball was suspended from the center with the lights reflecting as it turned, creating a romantic atmosphere. Music was pro- vided by 95 Alive, which included their newest light show and lastest tunes. The committee, headed by Kristine Hayes, put in many long hours in order to make the annual event a success. The evening was highlighted by the announcement of the royalty, which was as follows: Angie Oertle, Queen; Mark Pavek, King; Gregg Olson, Sr. Prince; Teressa Permann, Sr. Princess; Jody Houk, Jr. Princess; Darrin Heinson, Jr. Prince. During the dance, refreshments of punch and chocolate no-bake cookies were offered with Annette Beitz in charge. Many came to enjoy the lovely evening of fun and excitement. The Tuxedos and Long Dresses made this the picture perfect event. 56 f- af ' adi Se Jf 57 W " 198 • i Hall Decorating 1st Place: Seniors 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place: 4th Place: Juniors Sophomores Freshmen SaSESi Sophomores (High Water, Punk out) Freshmen (Slob, Bag Day) Juniors (Hat Shades, Sweats) Seniors (Wrap ' em up and roll cm over. Toga) Poster: Spirit Competition Scavenger Hunt Student Council Sophomores Seniors C I a ScavenQer Hunt. i V 1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place: 4th Place: Sophomores Seniors Freshmen Juniors 170 pts 165 pts 105 pts 95 pts ACTIVITIES Left: Poster Contest Top: Dress Up= Bridget Gates. Cindy Duncan Bottom: Hall Decorating FM 59 (j;i ?-x:C ■iPPi " 60 € e A N I Z A T I € N S i 61 ANNUAL STAFF Front: Editor, Leisa Briggs; Advisor, Mrs. Wiese; Dan Sprague. Back: Alan Bollschweiler, Advisor, Mrs. Dockstader- Tracey Phelps; Michelle Kopp; Debbie Greenrod; Vicki Weerheim; Lisa Ruschetti; Bridget Gates. At the beginning of the year the Annual Staff opened up with three returning members, and they welcomed seven new members in. This year the Annual Staff members met after school and on some occasions at night to put the book together. The two advisors were Mrs. Wiese and [.. Dockstader who put in a lot of their time and effort to keep everything running smoothly. This year we thought that we would make the book a little different by enlarging the annual with eight more pages. We also took on a new Publisher — Taylor — and the man behind this was Mr. Taylor Publishing (Allan Toennis). Before beginning this new school year, some of the members attended a summer workshop at the home of the Bangles, ISU. This was given by Taylor Publishing Co. The Annual this year was made up of a lot of different talents which made this book a special one to remember. En- joy it, because we did! Editor: Leisa Briggs 62 DECA Front: Lunette Garland, Angie Leen, Jackie Cameron, Teressa Permann, Kris Kugler, Michele Kopp, Nick Carlson, Mat Hovorka. Second: David Privett, Jim Brown, Mr. Hovey — Advisor, Angie Oertle, Lesa Breding, Julie Rowe, Burt Fehringer. Third: Leisa Briggs, Tammy Sprague, Jodell Ward, Dana Girvin, Stacy Sheard. On March 29, 16 students left for Moscow. The trip was long and tedious, with Jodell Ward, Dana Girvin, Tammy Sprague, Leisa Briggs, Lunette Garland, Angie Oertle, Nick Carlson, Burt Fehr- inger, Lesa Breding, Mat Hovorka, Teressa Per- mann, and Jim Brown all trying to learn the " Rodeo Song " to sing for everyone in Moscow. There were also the calm ones, like Angie Leen, Michele Kopp, and Mr. Hovey (for the most part) who just wanted a little sleep. Julie Rowe and Stacy Sheard spent the trip cramming for their election speeches. Overall, the conference turned out well, Julie was elected Idaho State Vice President and Stacy was elected State Secretary. Tammy Sprague placed second in general merchandising and Burt Fehringer placed second in Entereprenuership. OFFICERS: President, Teressa Permann; Vice President, Angie Oertle; Secretary, Leisa Briggs; Treasurer, Lunette Garland; Reporter, Jodell Ward. 63 O.E.A. Sitting: Gina Havlicak, Michele Phillips, Kristine Hayes, and Maggie Martinez. Second Row: Molly Miller, Bridget Gates, Kim Whitnah, Lisa Barclay, Lindy Schroedcr, Toni Welch, Shawna Aber, Pam Patell, Advisor — Dorothy Michaelson, Vicki Weerheim, Shauna Hammond, and Cindy Duncan. Top: Debbie Newport, Michelle Bennett, Rosie Grischkowsky, Janice Brown, Teresa Yancey, Bobby Harris, Jondrae Larsen, Aimee Fowler, Shawna Funkhouser, Natalie Leyshon, and Kendra Yancey. OFFICERS President — Kristine Hayes, Secretary — Toni Welch, Vice Pres. Vicki Weerheim, and Historian — Pam Patell. STATERS Molly Miller — Typing I and Proofreading. Kendra Yancey — Type III and Job Interview II 64 Top, Left to Right: Bert Mathews, Mickey Lakatos, Kevin Zimmer, Kenny Williams, Marty Nichols, Edie Allen, Ricky Prestwich, Kevin Mathews, and Calvin Muzzy. Bottom: Jason Carney, Lynn Misenhimer, Jenifer Cagle, Tara Anderson, Sheila Erasure, Darwin Cagle, Mindy Alber, Kit Armstrong, and Richard Permann. Top: Andrea Haskett, Mindy Alber, Sheila Erasure and Tassie Miller. Standing: Marc Arms, Russell Haskett, Drew Lusk, Ross Lusk, and Mike Frasune . Bottom: Chad Barney, ftyan Wood, and Greg Olson. rfil- ' ,v7 " y ' R O D E O 65 ART CLUB Row 1: Susan Moorehead. Chris Arms - President, Kit Armstrong, Mrs. Dockstader - Adviser, Bridget Gates in " T ' p ' ? f ' " , ' c " ?°o ' ' • ' " " ° ' " ' ' ' M y Combs, K. Lynn Wetzel, Kim Prestwich - Vice President. Top: Robert Issak, Sandy Rowlan, Evan Wiese. S C I E N C E C L U B Row 1. Grace Pierce Susan Moorehead, Chr.stine Burt, Kristine Hayes. Molly Miller, Bridget Gates, Mary Ann Eliasen. Row 2: Mike Hayhurst, Richard Neu, Bill Brulotte, Scott King, Neil Fuger, David Eliasen Mr UietlenDach — Adviser. 66 Row 1: Stacy Sheared, Jodi Houk, Cindy Adair, Mike Hayhurst, Wendy Linschied, Kristine Hayes — Secretary. Row 2: Dana Girvin, Bill Brulotte — Treasurer, Grace Pierce, Annette Bietz, Lesa Breding, Kendra Yancey — Vice President, Darin Haskell, Matt Hovorka. Row 3: Scott King, Burt Fehringer, Lunette Garland, Tammy Sprague — President, Jim Tilley. Not Pictured; Pat Woodward, Rob Kress, Mrs. Rowland — Adviser. CLUB BOYS: Kenny Williams, Robert Issak, Scott Boyd, Brad Stocking, Greg Wiles, Mike Henesh, Matt Hovorka, Justin Kuttler, Shawn Hamilton, K. C. Thompson, Wade Ward — President, Mike Hayhurst, Ross Lusk, Kevin Rhead, Tony Corsini, Burt Fehringer, Mark McOmber, Bruce Winder, Mike Brower, Ron Turner, Kirk Thomson, Todd Hall. GIRLS, Row 1: Heather Hovorka, Shawna Alber, Shauna Hammond, Jodell Ward, Kammile Cope, Dana Gir- vin, Grace Pierce. Row 2: Tracey Phelps, Lesa Breding, Wendy Linschied, Emma Renfro — Vice President, Janice Fehringer — Secretary Treasurer. Top: Mr. Aldous — Adviser. 67 PEPORTER jj l g Row 1: Grace Pierce. Row 2: Dawn Girvin, Shelly Anderson, Holly Hansen, and Tammy Sprague. Row 3: Michelle Kopp, Pam Petell, and Ton! Welch. Row 4: Advisor: Pat Chase, ' Rosie Crischkowsky, Melanie Mayer, and Aimee Schvaneveldt. Row 5. Bobbi Harris, Tracey Phelps, Janice Fehringer, and Leisa Briggs. Row 6: Mike Henesh. Q U I z K I D S BMRru n Z ' K ' . ' " ' l ' ' - " T. ' ; " ' P t Woodworth, Tammy Sprague, and Annette Beitz. Row 2: Bill Brulotte, Kristme Hayes, and Mike Hayhurst. Row 3: Advisor: Connie Rowland. 68 BOYS ' AND GIRLS ' STATE Row 1: Mike Hayhurst and Bill Brulotte. Row 2: Bill Palmer, Scott Boyd, and Evan Wiese. Row 3: Burt Mathews, Drew Lusk, Alternates — Dan Bauer and Mike Henesh. Tammy Sprague was originally chosen as one of the delegates to Girls ' State, but was unable to attend. As first alternate, Kendra Yancey attended along with Kristine Hayes. They left on June 19 for a fun-filled week at Northwest Nazarene College at Nampa. The boys left on May 29 for a week at Boise State University and the state capital. Bill Palmer was selected to attend, but was unable to, mak- ing it possible for Mike Henesh to go instead. The purpose of boys ' and girls ' state is to learn about the government process. They were divided into cities and counties, and they elected officials for each as well as for state of- fices. The delegates learned how to write bills and tried to get them passed. Guest speakers helped to make this a very informative week. Row 1: Debbie Greenrod. Row 2: Kristine Hayes and Kendra Yancey. Row 3: Tammy Sprague. 69 1h V ?H c ' ' Anderson, Bridget Gates. Row 2: Sheila Frasure. Aimee Fowler, Michelle Ben- nett, Jod, Houk - Secretary, Vicki Weerheim - President, LesTBr dl Vice President Lisa Barclau Maren Burgemeister, Janelle Smith. Row 3: Charlene Fehringer, Jeni ScLarz, " ayes, Stephanie Teresa ' Yanl K l ' pH r ' " ' ' u,k " " -r " " ' " ' ° ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ° ' ' ' R .n RusselL Kimber Co e Ifht h ' f tv, ' ' " " U ' T o " ' ' " ' " " ' ' ■ ' - ' " ' ' A ' b - R°w 5: Shauna Hammond. Shawna Alber, Shawna Funkhouser Heather Hansen, Brandi Roy, Bobbie Harris, Michele Phillips. Row 6- Jennifer p ' Icred ' asIcntSS ' - ' Atse ' " ' " ' ' " ' " ' ' ' - " ' -- -- " - SbOE?1 Kendall rriR.NF ' ' t ' S ' ' P ' " ' ' " McNamara, Barbara Bell. WHkes SAXOPHONFS rh 7 Mil " Bollschweiler, Brian Rast, Lisa Armstrong, Molly Miller, Tonya .o riinn. RaS.t m c ' ' " ' ' ' V ' " " ' ' " ' ' - Secretary. BASS GUITAR: Julie Rowe TUBA- Jason Clmger. BARITONE: Quinn. TROMBONES: Lance Tilley, Robert Isaak FRENCH HORNS Jen W Js TTutplTS r ' ' p " " % ' ' ' p ' ' f ' " ' ' !; J " " ' " ' " 9ie Motfshaw, Tracy Harm.son Greg H.,! p M S- Mark Pavek -- President, Herbert Mathews - Vice President David Schultz Mike Hayhurst, Russell Haskett, Sheldon Cluff, Calvin Muzzy, Robert Wilkes. 70 SPIRIT CLUB INDIAN CLUB Row 1: Jennifer Cavaness — Secretary Treasurer, An- nette Beitz — President, Bridget Gates — Vice Presi- dent. Row 2: Kristine Hayes, Molly Miller, Susan Moorchead. Row 3: Lisa Armstrong, Jim Tilley, Paul Bowers, Dawn Girvin, Lance Tilley, Marc Bowers, Cindee Adair. Row 1: Andrea Haskett, Aaron Tindore. Row 2: Russell Haskett, Maggie Martinez. Row 3: Clifford Teesheep, Mr. Schreiber — Advisor, Abby Ramsey. Not Picctured: Marvin Castillo, Ed Christy, Margie Jackson, Janna Mar- tinez, Guster Jackon, Ricky Dawson, Vicki Castillo. H P Row 1: Sheldon Cluff, Darel Anderson — Treasurer, Brian Orr — President, Shane Schvaneveldt President, Steve Boles. Row 2: Tim Jones, Scott Kucza, Trevor Werenka, Brynen Larson. Vic. L U B 71 o g o o :2. o mo. o =r j DO ro D- 3 .a 5- at p X : i 5 (t) ft) -, ro i. € " § g o ro 2 -,-, ci- 1 D ro cu o r " = -■ 01 to 3 2 H i ? s;- ro 2. ro -1 CQ op 2 o - C 5 - n m - c j c J •o a. o -■ a. D 3 O -f - 3 r 3D S o .mo o ' (t 9: S =rcr 5-ro ro-S " r-TDDD2 3 o 3 01 § § a- i-r, H e? 0- :r- Q. o § - oT O O (U H D- -I o Q. " P3 O- r ° Br o 5 ' -P ro ro CD ? = a- ro « 5 - g " - a2-° oT - 03 oi g 5 ? (tl o 00 IX p a( l TO ' rS a- r— 3 g- Jo N ? ro ' (t) Z I ■S ™ C D 15 -1 P N -1 0) i. =: 01 m ex rt) 72 " . . n Oi» A. ' S » w ■ J - « I i ?9.iv Mr ' C -. ' .Si 5 10 a) . 0) - c !5 I U § DC g co.h C D) .a 0) aT I- o ' - - • ■? - -t: 5 b i:2 -o CO J -o a. o o 2 HZcQ :K CO 2 w CO ' ° s I 2 = S E : cj K J 2 c = w — w rt3 t« ft) wi •5U - CO - « c ' C (n o 5 1 C (0 c O w- (T3 V. 3 t. ra (0 CD ' 7 - -; ( o o a) k22 c (O t: !:: o - . . - - 5 CQ (13 o - JS t3 O f : - -CO " c: S2 c .2 « c ,CQ r DC .5 : v O - - ' I CO cQ o ' «5 ' c m " a» ' - ' 2 v- (T3 - C - - o - o r- " " 3 DC DC CQ ai o a) -C c -D o a) -c S 3 c- ' c S! DCiCCQ XX$ 1| JUT f € 12 75 CHEERLEADERS MATMAIDS In Jul y of 1983, the American Falls cheerleaders and mascot attended a funfilled week at the USA Cheerleading Camp In Logan, Utah. The week consisted of learning cheers and routines. A.F. cheerleaders received the ex- cellent, two superiors and a spirit ribbon. They also received a superior trophy. Mascot, Debbie Greenrod, received two excellents, one superior and brought home a spirit stick. The cheerleaders continued this spirit throughout the year. 1. Dawn Girvin — Yell queen 2. Toni Welch 3. Michelle Stalker 4. Pat Chase — Advisor 76 VARSITY 1. Kammile Cope 2. Gwen Zahn 3. Debbie Greenrod — Mascot 4. Robyn Wood 5. Janet Hensley 6. Jane Pavek 7. Aimee Schvaneveldt 8. Janice Brown 9. Wendy Weaver 77 Front: Robin Denver, Kris Kugler, Lunette Garland, Emma Renfro, Janice Fehringer. Back; Coach — Sheri Johnson, Mgr. — Annette Beitz, Brand! Roy, Jodell Ward, Gina Heinson, Grace Pierce, Coach — Barbara Brown. V O V. L L Y B L e ' " Front: Mgr. — Beth Hanley, Julie Stocking, Bobbi Harris, Sandy Rowlan, Stephanie Walter, Shauna Hammond. Back: Coach — Sheri Johnson, Robyn Russell, Kimber Cope, Shawna Alber, Heather Hovorka, Tracey Phelps, Coach — Barbara Brown. Not Pictured: Wendy Linscheid. 78 CROSS-COUNTRY « « » Front: Molly Miller, Janelle Smith, Michelle Stalker, Launa Zahn, Jeri Shwarz, Michelle Bennett. Back: Coach — Mike Hovcy, Eric Burtcher, Justin Corbridge, Tony Corsini, Herbert Mathews, Troy Chipps, Mark Rienstra. Not pictured: Kris Mason. 79 FOOTBALL JR. VARSITY Row 1: Shane Schvaneveldt, Steve Boles, Brock O ' Daniel, Ryan Wood, Steve McOmber, Mac Adkins, Dean Glascock, Jeff Wynn, Shane Montross. Row 2: Lance Countryman, Chad Barney, Tim Miller, Kirk Adkins, Mark Leslie, Toren Bell, Ron Turner, Filbert Archeluta, Sonny Dcleon, John Severe. Row 3: Mickey Lakatos, Tony Evans, Brian Orr, Brian Howell, Russell Steel, Scott Kusza, Greg Wiles, Lance Bethke, Alan Bollschweiler, Daren Dahlke, Jeff Roberts, Assistant Coach — Chad Gruber. Not Pictured: Head Coach — Gary Aldous. FROSH SOPH FOOTBALL Sep 7 Open Sep 14 Snake River Away 5:00 Sep 21 Decio Away 4:30 Sep 26 Shelley Home 4:00 Oct 5 Marsh Valley Home 4:00 Oct 11 Butte Home 6:30 Oct 18 Malad Away 4:00 Oct 26 Aberdeen Away 4:00 80 Row 1: Jim Brown, Rob Kress, Troy Schwartz, Steve Carter, Mark Bowers, Mike Espindola. Row 2: Coach — Gary Garland, Frank Welch, Kevin Weaver, Bill Palmer, Mike Hayhurst, Scott Wright, Kirk Thomson. Row 3: Richard Neu, Scott Boyd, Wade Ward, Matt Hovorka, Mike Henesh, Justin Kutler. Row 4: Todd Hall, Burt Fehringer, Pat Cagle, Bruce Winder, Shawn Hamilton, Mark McOmber. V A R S I T Y O VARSITY FOOTBALL Sep 2 Butte Away Won Sep 9 Aberdeen Home Won Sep 16 Kimberly Away Won Sep 23 Preston Away Lost Sep 30 Marsh Valley Home Lost Homecoming Oct 7 Soda Springs Home Lost Oct 14 Bear Lake Home Lost Oct 21 Shelley Away Lost Oct 28 Snake River Home Won o T B L L 81 GIRLS ' VARSITY BASKETBALL Shawna Alber Janice Fehringer, Emma Renfro. Dana Girvin, Jodell Ward. Sandy Rowlan, Shauna Hammond, Jeni Schwarz, Kris Kugler. Coach — Gary Garland. 82 J.V. BASKETBALL This year, the Girls ' Basketball teams were coached by Gary Garland and Kim Dockstader. The Varsity team had a good start, beating such teams as Aberdeen, Burley, and Snake River, while the JV team came out strong in the end, winning three of their last four league games. Both teams improved greatly over the season, and with only two seniors leaving, they have great potential for success next year. Front: Robin Denver, Launa Zahn, Kim Whitnah, Tanya Wilkes. Back: Maren Burgemeister, Teresa Yancey, Julie Stocking, Stephanie Walter, Coach — Kim Dockstader. 83 R. V A R B S A I S T K Y E T B A L F L R S H Front: Tim Kress, Mike Leen, Brad Huse, Vince Stirling. Robert Eames. Back: Tom Swanson, Charles Bammert, Gary Capell, Scott Kucza, Greg Wiles, Adam Taft, Brad Stocking, Coach — Al Busby. Front: Lance Countryman, Craig Permann. Clifford Blair, Raul Castillo, Troy Smith, Chad Barney. Back: Coach — Dclon Huse. Jeff Leen, Greg Barker, Steve McOmber, Tony Evans, Tim Miller, Manager — Trevor Werenka 84 VARSITY Mat Hovorka, Wade Ward, Kirk Thomson, Bruce Winder, Shawn Hamilton, Darrin Heinson, Mike Brower, Burt Fchr- inger, Mike Henesh, Jim Brown, Justin Kuttler Coach — Gary Aldous. Dec 2 West Side Away 53 56 Lost Dec 8 Malad Home 54 51 Won Dec 9 Aberdeen Away 63 33 Won Dec 15 West Side Home 37 45 Lost Dec 16 Shelley Away 54 74 Lost Dec 22 Aberdeen Home 88 41 Won Jan 6 Preston Home 55 47 Won Jan 11 Burley Away 43 83 Lost Jan 13 Marsh Valley Away 69 67 Won Jan 14 Shelley Home 58 71 Lost Jan 19 Burley Home 70 62 Won Jan 20 Snake River Home 77 76 Won Jan 27 Soda Springs Home 71 52 Won Jan 28 Bear Lake Away 80 56 Won Feb 3 Preston Away 73 58 Won Feb 4 Marsh Valley Home 62 67 Lost Feb 9 Snake River Away 68 82 Lost Feb 10 Soda Springs Away 61 63 Lost Feb 17 Bear Lake Home 57 55 Won Feb 18 Malad Away 61 64 Lost 85 A-2 CHAMPIONS iiOi ...1 «i ShrL pf mIup ' r " ' " " l " ' " m ' • ' ' ' ' o " " " ; " " ' ° ' " ' • ™ B ° " ' Wade Ward. Kirk Thompson. Back: Burt renringer, Mike Brower, bhawn Hamilton, Br ' " -j r ■ . . „ .... i " Bruce Winder, Darrin Heinson, Greg Wiles. The Beavers captured their first district basketball championship in 17 years (since 1967) with an in.pressive 52-40 win over the Marsh Valley Eagles. It was a winning season for first-year head coach, Gary Aldous. The team was comprised mostly of juniors with only two seniors playing. The support and spirit of the A.F. fans was great. State Tournament was held in Pocatello at the ISU Minidome. There the Beavers played in three games. They beat Bonners Ferry in the first game 57-56. Then they faced the defending state champions, the Rigby Trojans, and lost 59-46. The final game was against Burley where thev lost 67-66. It was a great year for the coach, the players, and the fans of American Falls. Coach of the year Gary Aldous 86 A.F.H.S. WRESTLERS Bottom, Left to Right: Ron Turner, Bobby Wilkes, Ryan Wood, Greg Reagan, Shane Schvaneveldt. Second Row: Matt Greenrod, Kevin Weaver, Jon Spanton, Rod Sparks. Third Row: Jeff Reagan, Russell Steel, Ross Lusk, Bryan Howell. Standing: Coach — Dahlke, Darin Dahlke, Lorenzo Martinez, Scott Wright, and Coach Brulotte. American Falls High School wrestlers have improved throughout the years. The wrestlers worked very hard all during the season with the help of their coaches Kirk Dahlke and Bob Brulotte. Many supporters came to the matches and cheered on the team with the help of the matmaids. Making it to state were Ron Turner and Lorenzo Martinez. Ron recieved second place in his weight class at districts and Lorenzo made it to third place at districts and won his match in the wrestle-off. Therefore, they both went to state representing American Falls High School. There are many memories in all the wrestlers minds that they will cherish forever. They made it through a great season and are hoping for better seasons to come. Varsity wrestlers determining their match. 87 G I R L S ' T R A C K m § MM t} First Row, Left to Right: Janelle Smith, Jeni Schwarz. Second Row: Kim Whitnah, Kris Mason K Lynn Wetzel, Sheila Frasure, ' ' Grace Piercef Diane McNamara. Third Row: Janice Fehringer Miss Brown, Michelle Stalker, Kelly Ediefson, Michelle Bennett, Sandy Rowlan, Lisa Barclay Emma Kentro, Maren Burgemeister, Dawn Girvin. Fourth Row: Dora Haynes, Lisa McGraw Lisa Allen Cheree Ankrum, Deanna Daniels, Julie Stocking, Kammile Cope, Adrianna Simms The Girls ' Track team had a very good season this spring, plac- ing third in the SEIC track meet and third in the District track meet. Seven girls also qualified and com- peted in the State A-2 track meet in Boise. These girls are Emma Renfro, K. Lynn Wetzel, Mary Ann Eliasen, Kelly Ediefson, Maren Burgemeister, Kim Whitnah, and Janelle Smith. 88 First Row, Left to Right: Robert Isaak, Brock O ' Daniel, Toren Bell, Billy Palmer, Todd Hall, Kirk Thomson, Pat Cagle, Eric Burtcher, Mark McOmber, Bert Mathews. Second Row: Darwin Cagle, Steve Carter, Vince Stirling, Tony Evans, Steve Blakenbaker, Ken Williams, Wade Ward, Scott Boyd, David Eliasen, Brian Orr, Coach Garland. Third Row: Scott Kucza, Greg Wiles, Brad Stock- ing, Calvin Muzzy, Richard Neu, Justin Kuttler, Mike Henesh, Shawn Hamilton, Mike Espindola, Burt Fehringer. gfl i ' B O Y S ' T R A C K The Boys ' Track team had a very successful year, winning all of their track meets including Con- ference and District champion- ships. Top point scorers were Steve Blankenbaker, Brad Stocking, and Wade Ward. Twelve team members qualified for the State Track meet in Boise. These were Mark McOmber, Greg Wiles, Wade Ward, Kirk Thomson, Steve Blankenbaker, Mike Henesh, Todd Hall, Ken Williams, Justin Kuttler, Brad Stocking, Shawn Hamilton, and Burt Fehringer. 89 G O L F Mickey Lakotos, Frankie Welch, David Kress. Eliazer Delgado, Adam Taft, Pat Woodward, Mike Leen, Vern Armstrong, Rick Prestwich, Shelden Cluff, Troy Coles, Jeff Wynn, Shane Schvaneveldt, Trevor Werenka, Darrin Heinson, Marc Arms, Bruce Winder, Tom Swanson, Greg Barker, Chris Fehringer, Charlie Woodworth. There were five people who qualified for the district and state meet. They were Pat Woodward, Tom Swanson, Mike Leen, Charlie Woodworth, and Greg Barker. The team captured the district championship and finished ninth over all in state. The individuals shot: Pat Woodward 92, Tom Swanson 87, Mike Leen 90, Charlie Woodworth 103, and Greg Barker 90. The state meet was: Pat Woodworth 84, Tom Swanson 85, Mike Leen 103, Charlie Woodworth 90, Greg Barker 93. Front Row: Kim Cope, Robin Russell, Tamby Hubert, Jane Pavek, Heather Hovorka, Kris Kugler. Second Row: Janice Brown, Angie Leen, Kristin Allen, Gina Hienson, Brandi Roy, Stephanie Walters, Shauna Hammond. Third Row: Troy Chipps, Troy Smith, Mat Hovorka, Steve McOmber, Toni Cor- sini. Coach — Mr. Hovey, Mark Pavek, Jeff Leen, Darin Haskell, and Jim Brown. In districts the American Falls Tennis Team took the one and only championship. The awesome people placing were: Jim Brown, first in boys ' singles. Mat Hovorka, first in boys ' doubles with his partner Darin Haskell; Angie Leen with Kris Kugler, first in girls ' doubles; Tony Corsini and Gina Heinson, second in double mixes; Tamby Hubert too second in girls ' singles; Mark Pavek, fourth in boys ' singles; Jane Pavek and Heather Hovorka, fourth in girls ' doubles, and Troy Chipps and Kim Copy, fourth in double mixes. In the state tournament, Gina Heinson and Tony Corsini finished over all fourth in double mixes. T E N N I S .J Jk ML 90 A T H L E T I C A C H I E V E M E N T ' ' ' 1. OUTSTANDING ATHLETE IN EACH SPORT: Mike Henesh, Football; Ron Turner, Wrestling; Sandy Rowland, Girls ' Basketball; Pat Woodward, Golf; Wade Ward, Boys ' Basketball; Mike Hayhurst, Football; Steve Blankenbaker, Boys ' Track. 2. FOUR YEAR LETTERMENE: Scott Boyd, Emma Renfro, Grace Pierce, Kris Kugler, Angle Leen. 3. OUTSTANDING GIRL ATHLETE: Kris Kugler. 4. OUTSTANDING BOY ATHLETE: Scott Boyd. 91 FUTURE JOB HOLDERS W 6fNlors " gr N JMch Out A TcrlcA Kerri Leyshon Teressa Permann, Leisa Briggs, Angic Oertle Toni Welch, Vicki Weerhiem Kendra Yancey 92 SENIOR DRESS-UP Tami Sprague, Holly Hansen Dawn Girvin Mike Hayhurst T. Sprague, L. Garland, L. Briggs, A. Oertle 93 VALEDICTORIANS G R A D U A T I O N Kristine Hayes Mike Hayhurst Kendra Yancey Commencement Program American Falls High School American Falls, Idaho Processional Pomp and Circumstance, Elgar The High School Band, Director Ross Gedeborg ' " vocation Rev. Bob Foster Assembly of God Church Honor Fifty Year Graduates Bill Brulotte Student Body President Musical Number ' -Through the Years " By Kenny Rogers Kris Kugler Dave Privett Evan Wiese Angle Leen Troy Lish Kristine Hayes Accompanist Valedictory Address Kendra Yancey (Past) Kristine Hayes (Present) and Mike Hayhurst (Future) Musical Number. " Friends " , By Michael W. Smith Deborah D. Smith Tom Welch Gwen Zahn Tammy Sprague Dawn Cirvm Leisa Brigg , Angie Leen Holly Hansen Lori Mayer Emma Renfro Introduction of Speaker Bill Palmer Senior Class President Speaker Mr. Steve Selcho Presentation of Class Mr. Kirk A. Brower, Principal Presentation of Diplomas Mr. James Mayer Chairman Board of Education Alma Mater Senior Class of 1984 Accompanist: Benediction Stake President )ohn Hoybjerg Recessional Pomp and Circumstance, Elgar The High School Band, Ross Gedeborg C L A S S O F 8 4 94 SENIOR PARTY " 84 " This year ' s senior party was held at the Pocatello Court House Fitness Center; 37 total seniors attended the wild time that was ahead. Many activities were planned for the group. Many guys were involved in a hard game of volleyball as others were more interested in the weights. (Girls were also on the agenda) Girls and guys got involved in the active sport of racketball. A few of these were: Scott Boyd, Pete Combs. Jackie Cameron, and Angle Leen. The girls were more interested though in a Jane Fonda workout tape the sport center offered. The Hydro-tube was opened for all to use at 10 pm. to 12 midnight which everyone took advantage of. After some of the activities quieted down, there was a room with videos to watch. Hot tubs were a lso available. A few of the girls decided to have their own little party as they splashed each other in the above 100 degree water. Gwen Zahn was the first to enjoy the tann- ing booth set up for the girls, as Teressa Pcrmann looked on in envy, as she awaited her turn. There were some games set up by the advisors that you could win prizes from. A board with baby pictures was set up and numbered so that you could guess who each person was. If you guessed correctly you won a prize. Door prizes were also drawn every hour so everyone had a chance to win. The first person to win was Justin Corbridge who won a mini sewing kit, which everyone got a laugh out of. Food of all kinds were placed out so everyone could enjoy them. Chips, Crackers, cheeses of all kinds, hamroll-ups, dips, and drinks of all types to wash it all down. The chaperones sat and watched all the fun. Everyone was relieved that graduation was finally over and they showed it by having a great time at their party. Basking in the morning sun! 95 c L A S S % 96 o F 1 9 8 4 97 AF SPIRIT 1. Richard Neu and David Eliasen. 2. Janice Fehringer and Burt Fehringer. 3. Mr. Aldous and Shauna Hammond. 4. Kristine Hayes. 5. Mike Henesh. 6. Michelle Stalker and Kim Whitnah. 4ir3 98 Take a look at Me NOW! " Not another tooth!! " ' You want a what?! " ' Mom said it wasn ' t going to be easy! " " Say that again, but with a smile on your face! " A J - " I never did learn to walk! ' " AAHH! No More Cornflakes!! " 99 100 101 STUDENT COUNCIL Sitting, Left to Right: Sandy Rowland, Randy Hawes, Mickey Lakatos, Mike Hayhurst, Angic Oertle, Wendy Lindscheid, Lesa Breding. Standing: Heather Hovorka, Bill Brulotte, Mat Hovorka, Kirk Brower, Jodi Houk, and Bert Fehringer. AFHS PRINCIPAL Kirk Brower STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Bill Brulotte 102 S B VICE PRESIDENT Wendy Lindscheid SBSEC. TREAS. Lesa Breding S B ACTIVITY LEADER Mat Hovorka SENIOR Mike Hayhurst SENIOR Angie Oertle JUNIOR Bert Fehringer JUNIOR Jodi Houk ) SOPHOMORE Mickey Lakatos SOPHOMORE Heather Hovorka FRESHMAN Randy Hawes FRESHMAN Sandy Rowland REPRESENTATIVES 103 Top: Principal Kirk Brower Bottom: Secretary Kathy Scherer The best way to describe my first year at A.F.H.S. would be as a " learning experience. " Learning my duties as secretary and trying to keep the office running in an orderly fashion are, of course, very important: but if I were to make a list of my learning experience, I ' d have to include the following items: 1. Learning to " tolerate " Rock music. 2. Learning to answer the phone, write admits, answer the intercom, and hand out report cards or prom pic- tures — all at the same time!!! 3. Learning to never to lend out my scissors, stapler or tape — especially during Beaver Week and Prom Week. 4. Learning some new excuses for missing class, for ex- ample: " My Hacky Sack was up on the roof. " 5. Learning what a Hacky Sack is!!! But probably most important, I ' ve learned that the students today really haven ' t changed from what we were like, except that they have more opportunities and more pressures, and as a majority, they handle both ex- tremely well. I look forward to getting to know all the students at A.F.H.S. better and I hope you ' ll be patient with me as I continue to " learn. " PRINCIPAL SECRETARY Well, you ' re " out there on your own " now! It ' s great to be " footloose " and " nobody ' s gonna break your stride. " Don ' t forget, " you ' ve got a friend here at AFHS, if you ever need one. Best Wishes, Kirk A Brower Kathy Scherer 104 SUPERINTENDENT SCHOOL BOARD When you take out this annual many years from now it will remind you of the many good times that you had while attending American Falls High School and some of the not so good times. You will be reminded of your friends and classmates that have gone their separate ways. Many will reflect on what they would have done different or what they could have done better but these thoughts should only be for stimulating new thoughts about what you can do now and in the future to make this world a better place to live. What you accomplished during the time period that this book represents is im- portant, but it is history. What you do from that time on is what is important to you and to those that you come in contact with. I challenge you each time you look at this annual to set at least one new goal and then immediately start to accomplish that goal. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and remember that American Falls High School is better because you were there. Richard Kugler Superintendent Richard Kugler Superintendent Lois Cluff, Lynn Thompson, Maria Bethke, Jamie Mayer, Richard Kugler, Loren Huse, and Klaren Koompin 105 FACULTY Mr. Winters Mr. Schreibcr Mrs. Haeger M ■| f - B r " i J l ) I ■■.v .:■; ■ L- JHI Mr. Hovey Mrs. Michaelson 106 Mrs. Teshima Mr. Baguley ENGLISH Mrs. Chase I..i . Mrs. Dockstader ( Art) Mrs. Schou Ms. Roundy Mrs. Rowland 107 Mr. Gruber Mr. Olson Mrs. Coman M A T H Mr. Aldous Mr. Dahlke Mr. Yancey Mr. Gedeborg Miss Critchley 108 Mrs. Hunter (Aid) Mrs. Kranning 1 L Mrs. Montgomery Mr. Bollschweiler Mr. Dicffenbach Not Pictured Mr. Jackson Mr. Brulotte Mr. Garland 109 COOKS AND CUSTODIANS Vera Wallace and Head Cook Carolyne Woodward Dwight Phillips (Night Shift ) Not Pictured: Phil Aguirrc, Jim Phillips, John Robinson, and Mike Hunter. 110 ACHIEVEMENTS STATE DRAMA WINNERS: Pam Retell, Julie Rowe, Dan Gunter, Diane McNamara, and Ms. Roundy — Advisor. Tii ARTISTS OF THE YEAR: Soph. Casey Harris, Jr. Tony Corsini, Sr. Holly K. Hansen. Not Pictured: Most Improved Deanna Daniels. ■.. ' f ' OUTSTANDING MUSIC STUDENT: Kendra Yancey. EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR: Pat Chase. Ill HICH S, : When the class of 1934 graduated, they left a newly built addition to AFHS, the main building, as we know it today. Fifty years have taken their toll on this building, yet the memories of good times and the promise of more in the future, still remain. The class of 1984 leaves AFHS on its golden anniversary and will now take their place in the past with hopes of many more happy years to come to AFHS. 1934 GRADUATES, Above: Marie Campbell Chap- man, Margrie Wilson Gross, Francis Classen Ewing, and Darrel Rowe. Right, Front Seat: Helen Jasmin Kress. Back Seat: Ellen Adkins Hawkley, and Wanda Orders lorgensen. 112 With changes come improvement. And improvement has cer- tainly hit AFHS this year. To get off to a great start, we got a new football coach, Mr. Garland, who led the team through a winning season. And, of course, no one could forget our undeniably superb basketball team, who, with the help of our new head coach, Mr. Aldous, took the district championship for the first time in 16 years. A new organization came to AFHS this year to cheer all our athletes on. The Spirit Club added excitement and support in all the sports events. On the academic side, AFHS welcomed computer classes led by Mr. Winters. Art classes also found their way here taught by Mrs. Dockstader. With the help of eleven very talented people, this book, once a jumbled mass of plans, pictures and names has been turned into your Beaveronian; one 1 hope will hold enough good times and wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Sincerely, pUSfijj rcfgs; Editor 113 tHCt C ic deacUff ( it €M. 114 eoM «to44A ieCfi ppte. . gu: . H 115 ROGER ' S CAFE Mgr. Mel Chipps 220 Harrison 226-9591 RON MILLER Dentist ■ in II r ) Sage Hillcrest 226 -2976 A ROBERT B. TAYLOR O.D. Optometrist 213 Idaho St. 226-2785 MR. G ' S GOLDEN . FRIED CHICKEN 616 Fort Hall 226-5951 II D lacdTlme 850 Pocatello Ave. 226-7211 i A W FAMILY RESTAURANTS Owner: GEORGE and V. R. HASKELL Idaho Oregon Trail 226-5071 116 ROBERTS HOUSE OF MEMORIES Owner: DARWIN PEARL ROBERTS Open by chance or appointment 233 Idaho St. 226-2353 171 Whitman % CARDINAL 2 Groceries Bakery, Deli Mgr. J. Farnsworth 281 Idaho St. 226-2501 . , -Peoatelto fdahir- CocaC: la Co m pany 1003 N. Main 232-0762 BOYD ' S BUILDING SUPPLY 155 Van Buren 226-2011 502 Lincoln 226-7271 117 ' ' l«.i E; ' ;i The brightest light in the world is inside your head. IDAHO POWER s j ELECTRIC Come to us for all your Electrical Problems 113 Harrison 226-2450 220 Idaho St. 226-5084 THE PARTS HOUSE ED EVANS FLOYD EVANS KEVIN STIENLICHT 870 Pocatello Ave. 226-5008 For the Best Tires JACK ' S TIRE SERVICE 201 Harrison 226-2236 R B DRIVE-INN S. Frontage Road Box 44 226-2127 118 «w Dan ' s Pump Service Well Drilling - Pump Systems Domestic Irrigation DAN NEU, Owner P.O. Box 190 Fairground Road 226-5059 PILLSBURY GRAIN ELEVATOR 404 Whitman 226-2747 POWER COUNTY Customer Created and Controlled Since 19 - •- " " " " trnW 9 30 Farmers Working for Farmers 138 Elevator Ave. 226-2422 CHRISTIANSEN IMPLEMENT For your John Deere Sales, Service, Parts S. Frontage Road 226-5001 We apply to all of your hair care needs 262 Idaho St. 226-5245 MODE O ' DAY We Specialize in Lady ' s Fashions 222 Idaho St. 226-2449 119 WIL B. PACHECO D.D.S. FAMILY DENTISTRY Congratulations Seniors Parkview Shopping Center 502 Tyhee 226-5345 THE FLOWER BASKET 235 V2 Idaho St. 226-5622 DAVIS FURNITURE (t==ir=il 170 Idaho St. 226-2147 MORGAN ' S Department Store Fine Apparel 254 Idaho St. R UCIAIM ' S PHOTOGRAPHY Call Us for Your Special Occasions Dances, Senior, Family, Weddings 226-7206 360 Jefferson FALLS DRUG ¥ % C » : " l»» -f. ' ■A .. Jt±t Idaho Fort Hall Ave. 226-5237 120 JERRY ROWLAN 253 Harrison 226-5265 FIRST SECURITY BANK First in Intermountain Banking and Financial Services 246 Idaho St. 226-2384 For News of Beavers and Beaver Boosters The Power County Press American Falls 226-5294 174 Idaho St. ; . Lanes Cafe Rne Dlnifxp and Family fftierttirvnent 152 Harrison 226-2815 SHEARD AGENCY INC. Insurance 223 Idaho St. 226-2309 FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Salutes The BEAVERS FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE CALL CURT COMAN OR BOB COX FARM INSURANCE 226-5066 435 Lincoln American Falls, Idaho 121 u RALPH WHEELER ' S 524 Tyhee Congratulations Class of 84 226-2411 ARTS MACHINE SHOP Harrison Oregon Trail 226-2017 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS MACHINE SHOP SERVICE ROBERT N. WETZEL — Owner 241 Harrison 226-2381 Built tough to be gentle POTATO HANDLING EQUIPMENT Doui3le L Manufacturing P.O. Box 597 American Falls, Idaho 226-5592 226-1250 122 OREGON TRAIL J GUN SHOP Buy, Sell, Trade, Pawn r " m " 527 Oregon Trail Guns, Ammo, Fishing Tackle Quality Products at Quality Prices 226-2424 BAUER CHEVROLET turn Of DCtllCNCE OLDSMOBILE 235 Roosevelt 226-2431 Qv cle artmg FALLS LAUNDRY 221 Harrison 226-5104 LAMB WESTON INC. P.O. Box 489 American Falls, Idaho 226-2301 123 R G POTATO Rt. 1 Box 335 226-5069 COUNTRY VIDEO Home Electronics DOUGLAS O. DeVORE 176 Idaho St. 226-7960 TRIPLE K CUSTOMS 226-9640 125 Whitman ELECTRIC MOTOR JJ REilNOIHG. INC. J 130 Harrison 226-2226 sC L " mASSEY FERGUSON S. Frontage Rd. 226-2421 - fif " ' Congratulations 1984 Graduates From BORAH CONSTRUCTION 374 Fairway Drive 226-2775 124 POWER COUNTY IMPLEMENT GMCTRUCK COACH 238 Roosevelt 226-2611 Best Seeds by a Dam Site » , 355 Oregon Trail ,, 226-5171: MR. PETROL ' S PANTRY 2 180 Harrison 226-2199 A ' SHANNAS FLORAL AND GIFT 563 Forthall 226-2377 CARPET DRAPES VINYL BILLPARRIS 235 Idaho St. 226-9622 BRIGGS AND HENDRICKSON W. Frontage Rd. 226-5911 125 Patrons CLIFTON MOTEL EDMOND ' S T.V. APP. Special Thanks to: BACH PHOTOGRAPHERS AND TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. INDIAN SPRINGS NATATORIUM SW of AM. Falls 226-2174 SONNY ' S SERVICE CENTER For great Automotive Care 870 Pocatello Ave. 226-7226 WEERHEIM EXCAVATION 525 Grant 226-5024 WOMEN ' S FASHIONS 206 Idaho St. 126 AUTCeCAPHS 127 our iv 128 ■ m mmsm g f- . l sr ' j... ,. r v -v , 3 V ! V. ' ' 6 y(. . .V " . ,; yx - ' , 7 ' -V- fV. ' w Q ym iffii Biu iffl maammm

Suggestions in the American Falls High School - Beaveronian Yearbook (American Falls, ID) collection:

American Falls High School - Beaveronian Yearbook (American Falls, ID) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 70

1984, pg 70

American Falls High School - Beaveronian Yearbook (American Falls, ID) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 130

1984, pg 130

American Falls High School - Beaveronian Yearbook (American Falls, ID) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 62

1984, pg 62

American Falls High School - Beaveronian Yearbook (American Falls, ID) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 95

1984, pg 95

American Falls High School - Beaveronian Yearbook (American Falls, ID) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 101

1984, pg 101

American Falls High School - Beaveronian Yearbook (American Falls, ID) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 43

1984, pg 43

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