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I 1 1' H M! ' 1 ' H E,-V ' mm 4 ' Y Z n wr W A I , 4 L 7 1, ,- -kg, 1 Q' , .. wfseg, -.Q,:1v?5' - -6 yu , 4 Y -JN -f"'ffw' f' E ,- ' .lift 4+ ft" 4 A . , X , 19? 5 ?,,..4:,',, . 5- . :C-f:2 ' ..f.-3'T- , :r.gS.L,, -- ehinatinn He's a man who started with a dream and made it a reality by the simplicity of his faith, and his refusal ever to accept defeat. His ministry, that now encompasses the world, not only wages a war against evil and injustice, but restores one's faith in God and hope in America. He's hated and loved, despised and admired, rejected and honored: but beyond the reasoning of man, the evidence of truth remains in the fruit of his hands. Of all the words that have ever been Written of him, it perhaps could all be summarized by the sight of a once starving little orphan, who now not only has food, but someone to love him. And so we too, students of his continuing vision . . . American Christian College . . . with much love and gratitude for the sacrifice our President has made, do humbly dedicate the 1974 Torchbearer to . . . rjgillp Eames Jlaargis cumsrs CHURCH CHAPEL FACULTY F STAFF ADMINISTRAT ION A MESSAGE ERQM Tl-IE PRESIDENT Greetings in the Name of our Lord! At last, our dream of a four-year accredited liberal arts college on a beautiful new campus, built without federal or denominational assistance and dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, is a reality! Not only are we graduating 27 seniors this year in our first graduation class, but we have burned the first mortgage on the campus of American Christian College. ln four years we have built a 33,500,000 campus and kept our promise to the Lord and to His people . . . not to accept federal funding or denominational support. God has done an exciting thing here on the campus of American Christian College these past four years. To every student who has stayed loyal to me and my dream during these past four years, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will ever be indebted to those of you who have shared my vision and faithfully served as my co-worker in building this Christ-centered, pro-American college. Undoubtedly, this has been the most exciting year in the history of our school, however, we can expect even greater things in the days to come. lVlay God bless you as you go with God. Qu-4 f Billy James Hargis President it limi lf? 'EA-. FMR 'i " f.-HQ A MESSAGE RUM THE ICE-PRESIDE Dear Students: As we approach the end of the school year it is proper to reflect over our past spiritual victories and defeats. The Apostle Paul certainly made such an appraisal of his life and said once, "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed: we are perplexed, but not in despair: persecuted, but not forsaken: cast down, but not destroyed.' lll Cor. 4:8,9l lf we as students fail to realize that campus life is really no different than city life or country life or missionary life or any other type of life, we are merely fooling ourselves. All living entails energy - physical and spiritual, and no living is without its ups and downs. Camp us life does not automatically guarantee anyone "instant happiness." Happiness is the result of being in a right relationship with God and one's fellow students - and this isn't always easy even for Christian young people. And since this is the first graduating class of American Christian College, perhaps, for future years' reflection, one dictum should be noted: if you have not been able to live the kind of Christian life you desired over the past four years, there is a good chance you will not live the Christian life you really desire over the next 40 years. What we are in embryo we are in life and college life is still part of growing up. Or as someone put it - as the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined. Therefore, it is my sincere prayer and hope for all our students and especially for the graduates that over these four years you have at least learned one thing: how to live - with Christ, with others and with yourself. And for those who still need help, read, meditate and practice Philippians 2:1-5 and Ephesians 5: lf. Sincerely in Christ, ' David A. Noebel 4 , l BOARD OF REGENTS Lilian Van Nort Francisco Bolton T.W. Switzer Ray Batema Dr. William Ward Ayer Dr. W.0.H. Garman WE THANK GOD FOR OUR REGENTS A F OR THEIR CONTINUED PRAYER AND SUPPORT. . . ,. W fawivgaf V, B.L. Humphreys Dr. Milton Cutchen General Clyde Watts General Edwin Walker ' Robert Lee Shotts 1 L H X, r yr VN V - ,1 - 'W U ,w W K A , I X H J' ,. , W U w M. ,,, , N ,. M H w V M lv Wade Googe Herb Haniin Russell F. Cockrell Not pictured: Dr. W. Orville Mayfield S.K. Yee INIST TIC I 2. w t N ,-I N- 1 . We ' ' if Nm, F I , , jr ,, I f jx 1 VY, , , if Q ,J 1 . i W 'E 'W ' iw as fig , M f if- .1 ,.g. ., .- 1. - ' ' 4 . ":..i' -A Lv 2, Dr. Billy James Hargis, President Dr. David A. Noebel, Vice-President Matthew 25.'40 Acts 17 Dr. Russell Grow, Administrative Dean "We are divinely led. " Proverbs 3:6 'ii 7 'iffsi if W' - ' . "lf" 345+ 'Ei ff 7-fe, 'Fri ----- ' f . ,-" ,Pew 71'- w ra ,M -21 hee , 1, 5 1.3, fa gf.. ' f 1' 'hifi' el ' In m7i',b.A D ll 1-. sp- -4-r., -,.-, fag f, J - . .T iw A '.-4-.- -- vi -1-f iQ s "" FACULT , ww 'H if w wits- www. 'YY f " ' ' . - , ve- 1 1 - ,fe . ,h af! ,QQ 3 'fn V ,R - -- -4 -. -.ip f-li ' L " 1 ..-25:54 ' X Q ., lggig ', k - 'fugg 3-3 H . fjupfma In - ,- , V- A: 4 ,A in 5-,gg 2451" ,V ,,2, I 'QF gf ia - , g ag K-.vv V - .A-.i jig s 3,311 " ,Q gag' 1 , J JL 1, ryb- . '-- . , wilt: f og? ' Nw n , my ,. -Q eww' - -2 1 1, me , ,J-, -- as .H .S V4 X, ,lm E G i R R .,.g,gY M 'YH 4-,W "NI ' ' ' A V' ' F1 Mo. Nm R., ' K xx ' X iii?-T.. 2 , me J i "Je .....Y.i3... if if e, fi . :.: .,-,, A,.,. - .,, zz, . 1 , , Robert Goodwin, Choir DY- NLC- Will5amS. El19liSh 5,- he . ,.L1.4. Yi, ' -gr.-A -J 1 Dr. George Small, Psychology Dr. Russell Grow, Education Dr. Barney Ryan, Mathematics Dr. David A. Noebel, Bible 1 7 Marilyn Olsen Music Dr. Jose Hernandez Political Science FACU LT Y Connie Karlak Drama Dr. Roger Hebard Theology r i Frances King Mary Kay.Rose Physical Education Biology Negial King Intramurals, Physical Education Charles Nussbaum Business N , E David Moncrief Dr. James Unruh Communications Political Science I .1 , in 'iii ' 1 1 ' 'f w - n Y! if 4 ll' Mm rl , ., William Wan Head Librarian Dr. David Williams Professional Edu tion Dr. Philip Sorge Dr. William Wheeler Science A Language, English i Dr. Gertrud Wasserzug Mrs. R.E. Neighbour Bible Bible F ll ,V 1 'vi ' koi Albert Holland George Hauser History Head Coach v ' N'LwQiZw,."'1 ,sisifwi if m wg: W fe m ww W mi? , C l O U if 'A H4 Y. W fe- A ' F Q E - ,. srl E V u ff. W . -Q ,F ,-. I mf f"2.4w Qw ,, 4-NA 123' --X W 215:62 'I "U F-,'L'-Lf' ,A 1 fl,-.W J .gJ,. :Eff Q I M Q f-Ezlggif. i , .. , . J'4 M Egaf 1 -1-my , 1-,L vm NW ' Xu. A f W i -A Fil I 1 9'-Qt a mv : sb A' "Ei fig, "9 I 1 ' l I 1 ' X W F I, W W :.: .W . . H Dawg , swf' 1',.. ' X.-A 23 - . Q, -. 32?f'waa1,1ie5'2vfaQra, wg, , g -' ' . fm N ' E ' EFF-?i?lZ5gZaif 1'1 I ', -1 4 ,Q b . A , . .l:, Q,,e .:,:.:.E. . ... ,! . A, . 'X ,Wi I Libglavfg .I P: , ,.. 4, I , , I m H H 5, lv -Q: , ltr: - 3- 4 , Al LT-,fiiff ' J? , - V mx' ' V, , H1 fG"'9W"?5f5f '-.Y - 1 ' '-112 , .5w'11H"l :N wvggiiqgg y .z H L, H ,H Wmulu Mfr!! Mmm xv ,Q iw, . m,.,,1?i2..NggjI.f Mn H ,- H,l"'wN:1N ,. p1Wx,,,-,fl2xS6u.5gg' ,g , Vswmm Y my HH X8 4 I H: ,Q -Q5 'x Q 24 Q- I 'EL - i sl' STAFF Dr. David Williams Registrar N is , WH , Sf , I 1 13... ' '+i"t 'W nv-W-"f'W f -QT, . 1 W- 1 uw M Y uw - :gg - vu ff --E - if , m 1 ui, .9 , l xfiesifi, m ' if "Mm H H fa g aa, ., 411, . Tom Barclay College Accountant LaVoyce McQueen Secretary Gary Cundiff Billie Spiers Admissions Counselor Secretary I Jeannette Austin, Word Processing Jay Butler Rena Buck Director of Student Activities! Secretary Pastor William Opie Chaplain, Dean of Men Betty Rex Bookstore Manager Friday Night Visitors Minerva Mattar, Dean of Women W 'L , I A x N , . F :J J. -HH-J' E' an - . R unqll' ' -ri LL K i i ,..1xdl'L7L ' Chef Ron Miller Chef Jerry Howard Fw ! V 16" mmm ,H ,, " 5' A V wi lx E.B., French Buel DeShazer Building Engineer Maintenance Engineer l973 OUR CAMPUS 'NO CHOICE BUT TO AND RISE BUILD I 1 , . Q- , . ., ,.-4 H Iv, - v N mil , , Richard B. Moran Field House Nellie Dean Administration Building IQ74 OUR CAMPUS THE L. E. White Communications Center- MORTGAGE KBJH Studios BURNING f Bookstore and Library 30 fl 43 ik XF il-G 9? 5? 433 7 .CZ 1 ZX' gg 19 Q A 'V .. ,g? L - - YB if 257 W Q -Paz f :MQ X ' RT lgirgx X X - ,-' 'I ." 5 Q, .'. ,hr :Axw -,. X :' -3 :.v "7ffo'X'1-T' X H hi:-1if?l. .i"J"Q ' ' A "N I1 .r.murmmmaimTTRmnrmim1hai ' .. if L i gllmngmirrmwiihllmyjjlllmumrmrsrwfqfgnrllmllnuv ., 5153.2 1 -4 2-2: 'ff-A , '-5 1912-74 Ammucmv cmusrmm COLL ECE STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT memcan CHRISTIAN college Dear Students, Staff, Administration and Friends, The conclusion of the fourth school year at American Christian College brings to my mind many unique things about our school that set us apart from all the others. Some of them are obvious, but others only those who attend school here will probably know. The obvious things that set us apart are a small student body, personal attention from the staff, the fact that we take no federal aid at all, and our stand for Christ and country. There are many things about A.C.C. that perhaps the casual observer would not notice, such as our "family spirit" between not only the students, but between the faculty and the students - between everyone at A.C.C. - it's really beautifull Fellowship with one another has been the ingredient that has made this year so successful. We have had more opportunities for Christian service and fellowship this year than ever before. Duane Hollis, the student body chaplain, and Rick Barker, his assistant, organized weekly services for the elderly at local nursing homes that our students would participate in as preachers, teachers or musicians. They would be there to comfort and pray with the nursing home residents. Nightly devotions were held in the college chapel and morning prayer in the cafeteria under the supervision of Duane and Rick. These meetings, along with the special revivals and regular church services laid the spiritual foundation among students on campus. Many of the dorms met in prayer together regularly and because of this, the harmony between dorm mates made school more enjoyable for everyone. Student government played a bigger role than ever in the activities of the college. They organized the first Homecoming Game and Banquet. We won the game and the banquet was a smashing success. A special musical presentation was presented for the students by "The Living Sound," a contemporary gospel group with an evangelical missionary outreach. lVlrs. Billy James Hargis made a rare appearance as a public speaker, encouraging us all while Doc was overseas surveying the missionary operations of Christian Crusade. In late April, Student Government sponsored an Awards Banquet to honor outstanding athletes, scholars, and faculty members. American Christian College was represented in the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature by delegates from our school, funded by the Student Government. At O.l.L., we were able to influence student leaders from almost every college and university in Oklahoma for our conservative and patriotic ideals. The House and Senate of our Student Government sent letters to local newspapers expressing student opinions on important issues. The Student Court settled the few disputes under its jurisdiction that came up during the past year. Next year as the Court's duties are expanded, it should become a much more active branch of government. The president of each class coordinated social, spiritual, and fund raising activities for the respective classes. Each president did an outstanding job for his class and they were invaluable as assistants to me in student body functions. The newly chartered Conservative Club offered another opportunity for students to get together and also to learn about issues facing conservatives today. Each meeting featured a special guest speaker, who presented the issues on such topics as abortion, drug abuse, the Equal Rights Amendment, and Sensitivity Training. Under the leadership of our College Vice President, David Noebel, the Conservative Club kept interested students informed. Some of our students ministered as pastors, assistant pastors, youth directors and ministers of music in nearby churches. The "All American Kids" had several opportunities to sing in the Tulsa area and always made friends for the college. But the "All American Kids" are not the only students who use their musical talents for the Lord. A group of singing girls, who call themselves "The Reflections," sang this past year for local churches as well as our own. Wherever they sang the audiences were impressed lvisually as well as audiblyl. A few students sang and played in quartets or served as pianists for local congregations. This provided invaluable training to young Christians called to His service, and also helped to spread the word of our college. The Crusader Basketball team energized the student body with their enthusiasm and talent. In our first year of true intercollegiate competition, they gained recognition for their outstanding ability throughout the Southwest. Under the superb coaching of George Hauser, the Crusaders set a new single game scoring record for the state of Oklahoma. Next fall Coach Negial King is beginning the Crusader Baseball program that we hope will be as successful as our basketball team in promoting our college and the principles upon which it is founded. Last fall marked the beginning of the loudest voice spreading the news about American Christian College to our community. That voice is KBJH-FlVl. With 100,000 watts of stereo power, our college radio station spreads a booming Gospel in word and in song throughout Northeastern Oklahoma. Specializing in sports, news, community service and religious programming, KBJH attracts a wide listening audience and introduces them to A.C.C. and its associated ministries. In the sports department, Gary Blevins, a student of all four years, keeps Tulsa informed on sporting events, local, national, and international. As "The Voice of the Crusaders," he broadcasts all the Crusader Basketball games and also covers the local baseball team, the Tulsa Oilers, for KBJH. Many sporting fans will be reached with the gospel of Christ through the influence of KBJH. Student disc jockeys Carl Nliller, Dave Angel, Dan Villanueva, and others play inspiring gospel music for our audience and gain valuable career training while at college. Our community service programs such as "Talk of Tulsa" and "Good Neighbor Guide" make friends and listeners of thousands. All in all, this has been the best year in the history of American Christian College and l'm sure that next year will be even better. As by God's grace we continue to grow and improve, l have no doubt that American Christian College will become one of the most outstanding small colleges in the nation. The Lord has already blessed us with a fine Christian administration, faculty and staff of the highest academic calibre, a new and modern campus, a complete new library, and some of the finest students in the world. l'm confident that He will continue to bless us and lead us as He wills. As prayer for our college is offered to God from every continent in the world, we grow stronger and more able to stand in the fight for Christ and against the forces of the Antichrist. I would like to thank everyone who made this year as student body president possible for me. First I should not forget our Lord Jesus Christ, for without His grace l would be lost and could do nothing. Next l would like to thank all of the supporters of Dr. Hargis' ministries and all those who keep this work before God in prayer: the administration, faculty and staff of American Christian College, whose assistance and guidance was invaluable - especially Jay Butler, to each student at A.C.C. and all the support they gave, last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Dr. Billy James Hargis, for without his faith and vision this school would not exist. Please continue to pray for American Christian College, because Christian young people, prepared to stand for righteousness, are the only hope for America, save our Lord, Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! Love in Christ, Thom Hickling fvilltlw JER RY POW E LL Vice President BONNIE HARGIS Secretary ' fy 1 A I . lit, l E ,!, ' fr' - iff IJ 4 ' g Jwvmun alll lm Rxknllm I Illl 5 llWlILlN'lUIH1WME!lI mm f--1 radii W llll I I mlm l "I ll I-I-IW lr . .- Le, ' ,K , e ,mm -1 -.. ' .A w 1 131195 'r Z ' " V"1'w'w',, ihxwff' Q . 1 M. .,,, .1-qqyy. Fii 1'f?TIE ll M.. HW W MN' 1 ,,.!iEEl J., 91.5,-'xy Il i - W-N Wii .::I'f5lFf7:A,T:',I A .. I--fI,v'::,'Ff"',',, A , ?:fgfgwQQfmQ1r,gm, In M.---.,ns-:fry ,. ,yn-qwwff wif-"TTL ' "' a If JsQ2 ,,'gff'L" x'L""E5'E' . T.F'I771E'- l:'Li1?f, ' - a?giij jl?4 1 . 5? jgggi z l, ' .'f11 HN TTS" - lu ,gn ,um W, Q mx, 1r,.,,...-,Y ,. 1- - r I ,-fr ,mi ' H ww H 1 : H ll E ff or 'H-414 Y- I y E' R L '- tip T I Af 3 ' H ".' ' . gg3 I g ef 1 .C 1 ' . -1 -T' nv'- -5-Zak' XMI - , l ull A.'C.C." .1 f l. if : :' ' '. l 4:1135 ' if 'rl' ii, JOYCE NELSON Treasurer 9 h lFirst row, left to rightl Tony Jeffrey, Thom Hickling, Joe Brock. Second row Jerry Powell, Joyce Nelson, Carl Miller, Bonnie Hargis, and Jim Lawson. THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL RE V. P. DUANE HOLLIS Chaplain s 4Mn1m M-y"w,Eu11LXfgi3.l fnullh -- 4HIll1llvLE2-4 1 ss-w'i'f us M fmmmmmmm l .sV ,,5 vl-KX X i 1 "M "Preach the 5 i MN- 5 -x M L . Hssnufxim. , ' 'WN W Fx My word. yum I' -' Q . ' VN EA '1MnlH11?V's., be instant N fi. . xii ' - is nn season, ' TS -asia I ,, I 1 II Li m! out of season, . . . M ll -il'-IV f ll Timothy 4:2 Q ll, wi E l jf f -O ' . . I Will '51 .... ., .Q w w lfl jl ar.. - s.1 j 'fL rf A f imnwilu 'H :IR , -by-X- R gf:-12: EXE-2 -51 is D i. :wa ,2 -.E 5 E P -nfyiq-1 . V ' f, - -22.14 ,. .-.-3,57 V em' ' : -1 7-1 " Af fs: -' f:-15' f-- T" :..": If f f - ix -QEXZW if xxx Mx! -.-1-C f,f'N..f N XXX i -vff'xXr N ' "TM ', - N pun is Wlliillls H 96 fr" R xi N SVR! gym E 'fx E X - A sss- gi L - s. R X I V " kss, A X l l - Z A Eff Gfgyffi- N N - U? y ' A L... 2, 2: in X' ssss is W W . fs' A - 1-w,.,'ffsH ., y, H H Ms. RICK BAR KE R J Assistant Chaplain nw, sz, msnm Qszsw. gif. During the '73-'74 school year, the spiritual outreach of American Christian College grew considerably. A bus ministry was started through the students of the college. This ministry influenced countless young and old people alike, providing regular transportation to over 20 young people so they could attend services of the Church of the Christian Crusade. Students also started regular services for' five nursing homes, three every week, and another two on alternate weeks. This was possible only through the enthusiasm and faithfulness of the five nursing home leaders: Rick Barker, Albert Lipscomb, Gerda Krediet, David Dock and Gary Douglas. It's been a blessing to both the elderly people of the homes and students of the college. Also during the year, under the direction of Albert Lipscomb, a children's story hour was conducted for many weeks in a nearby apartment complex. And, under the direction of Jody Marchman, a witnessing booth has been set up at Southroads Mall in Tulsa, where students have had the privilege of witnessing for God and Country. During the Tulsa State Fair, students went out through the midway in teams, witnessing for ten days about the joy of the Lord. Numerous campaigns of witnessing expeditions, with personal contact with the public, have been blessings for both the students and those with whom they came in contact. Students have also found out what a wonderful experience it is to grow in the Lord on a daily basis. Thanks to Rick Barker, Co-Chaplain of the student body, devotions have been held five times a week at 7:30 a.m. And, of course, countless ones have been blessed in the evening devotions, conducted every evening at 9 olclock in Christ's Church Chapel, thanks to a nucleus of faithful students providing the dynamics of the spiritual power on campus. -eu1lQ,4,0,,,4,Zf-Q47 Rev. P. Duane Hollis Chaplain, American Christian College ,ff .ia T. if 1 T, First row, left to right. Louise Marchese, Bonnie Diehl, Kathy Thompson. Second row, Dave Nebergall, Dan Sidebottom, Bob Stears, and Jerry Powell. THE SENA TE Much has happened in Student Government this year. We have seen a great deal accomplished. The Senate enacted some twelve bills during this entire school year. The major ones were a resolution asking the United States not to ratify the Genocide treaty, a resolution asking for a later curfew rule on special occasions. Also passed was a resolution on our student lounge, a resolution regarding senior exemptions from finals, and a resolution regarding the energy crisis. These are just a few of the major bills which have had the most effect on student life. This year in the Senate, we have kept accurate records of bills and attendances for future student reference. The attendance this year has been tremendous. In some 30 meetings, we have failed to have a quorum only four times. All in all, the Senate has been very productive this year, and we thank God for all those Senators who, along with Jerry Powell and myself, worked this year. Respectfully in His Name, Boa STEARS x President Pro- Tempore 40 AMERICAN CHRISTIAN H CCLLEGE Eli: AE First row, from left to right, Shirley Davis and Diana Morris. Second row, Charles Friend, Robbie Marble, Elaine Rymer, Ross Hardin, Polly Smith, Linda Mahaffey, Norma Wall and Jerry McKinney. THE HOUSE OF CREPRESENTATIVES The ten members of the House of Representatives held weekly meetings at which current political issues and school problems were discussed. Legislation was passed dealing with both areas. Several joint meetings of the House and Senate were called. Patterned after the American system, our student body government has provided an educational service in acquainting students with the mechanics of our Federal Government. Eight students were given the privilege of representing American Christian College at the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature fO.I.L.J where they, along with delegates from other Oklahoma colleges, represented the voice of Oklahoma 's collegians. Last but not least, I would like to say thanks to the House members for their devotion and faithful support. Sincerely in Christ, ' 777 C JERRY McKlNNEY Speaker of the House 41 i ' m rn ' . -- 2 , m 'N ' I A ' Qi A ,,-.1:2: li all-'gi-1-iii! 5' S' 5' . .51 ,. .1. 4 .,,,--, .H ,ug , gi, v ai. .gi-istif 322 722572 ga ' , a EE S r-'lim 4 513 'f nil mzrm Emi O DER LHEJ 5: ,' - 2.'f '-.1 5: ' ' - 'ii X 1 125. iz mu ' ,lll.::1ll ml From left to right, Allen Kemper, Tim Duskin and Dan Villanueva THE COURT OKLAHOMA IN TERCOLLE QIA TE LEQISLA TURE X' Lawson and Brent Lee. lSeoond semester "74"l 1 ' 1--F-3 , . ,.- 'X 4.14 ,Lf -' .- s , 'Y' . img? H ,f XYS-.1 From left to right, Jim Lawson, Thom Hickling and Jerry McKinney. lFirst semester "73"l The 1973-74 school year flew by swiftly before our eyes, and now has become a fond memory to share with our friends and loved ones in the future. Certainly one of those memories of "the good old college days" will be the time spent by six young men who participated in the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature. The fellowship among neighboring colleges leven though liberal to the corel proved to be a rewarding experience due to the Christian attitude applied by the American Christian College delegates. A spirit of love reigned supreme among our delegation toward other Representatives and Senators. And without a doubt, it can be said that the students and principles of our college were represented well on the House and Senate Floor. We are all thankful for the opportunity to serve the college in this capacity and we thank God for the wonderful state of Oklahoma and for what it means to us. May God bless the future students who are active in 0.I.L. that He might grant them the wisdom to represent HIS college well. President, Sophomore Class 1 2 W 2 T From left to right, Bob Stears, Dan Villanueva Jim FRE HMA CLASS OFFICERS Sitting, left to right, Priscilla Poulos, Treasurer: Sue Wheeler, Secretary. Standing, Tony Jeffrey, President: Albert Lipscomb, Vice-President. OPH O ORE CLASS OFFICER Left to right, Terry Harter, Secretary: Jim Lawson, President: Debbie Conrad, Treasurer. lNot pictured, Dave Dock, Vice-President.l 44 VH I-6, , I OR ' 3' , 4,-., K ..,: . .:,. . I- ,.,.:,.,. Q VL Y- V ' ' - .1 2: V' ' .. ' ",b, H I cu is - " -:.,.A:. A - ,, .:,...-ar. ., f , ..,'.a wh:-:.g: . gn. ...: ,i zi l 1 I . - i , 'Z ' '11 R r r ' H -' 'gi , ' , i,Q'1"g,Bj qw... ., N ,. ,,,, . - V A . - ' ' -W if wasp, , 1 , 3 V .,, . V . V is ' or - R 3 I . ,er-11.2-r ' , 1 I '5 3 f!6, Jg il , ' . Q Ji l 'Egg .53 fe ' H " , 4 Ri H 'fel if L A 9 r W frail N F CLASS FFICER r , 1 Left to right, Larry Friese, Vice-President: Joe Brock, President: Sandra Peterman, Secretary: Shawna Thornton, Treasurer. + 1 I TASK ' T1-X "' 'A' -a ?F3f?fi' gzip". . tal"-19 m3'?'E45 ?.31ff:i7v "f , orrr Aa.. T -. e .Q isa ' 25,4 ,f- . ., 2 , I R i A K T73-b 4' -ffifly f. 5 ' if f ew? ,' V wg., '--M ' 1, fx -ig!k,i,,Qj3.,u,,.:f- ' .,5,f'+ '1 i f -f -4,7 3-.ia.1:pi4ggr,: ' Y .V , ., :., , T ee OFFICE S . T ' - ' - , , .ef . -3:1 iii of L ge. "'7':'-Y if 1 wif rg M . 31? ale wa I e- W' ,, , ' .' sp- rj-g,,Z5'fi'2---Q f el' J . f . T ' "' T, . A F. T 'aeifffiilfig if V. ff' 'f - -S .1 A " , Tv. " 'A - 1 , iff ? I ,is-s lr' 'UI' fe gs 'Nz' A nennnn 1: a. , -A Left to right, Janice Gudeman, Treasurer: Martha McCracken, Secretary, Karen Nelson, Vice-President: Carl Miller, President. 45 YE EBOOK STAFF Back row lleft to rightl Phil Martin, Albert Lipscomb, Jim Lawson, Dave Dock. Second row: Larry Friese, Marilyn Haynes, Martha McCracken, Joni Andrew, Joni Nunnaley, Elaine Rymer, Sheryl Jones, Karen Nelson, Robbie Marble, Linda Mahaffey, Karen Van Zile. Front row: Ruby LaFolIette, Bonnie Hogan, Connie Fiegal, Nabil Nofal. .A 46 MARTHA McCRACKEN Editor 4.4- MARILYN HAYNES Assistant Editor 'W ' 'Q MARTHA AT WORK ' ' Tl-IE ART DEPARTMENT Without Them There Would Be No TORCHBEA RER .QW 'Q LAVONNE THOMAS ll ' 1. , .f'NuNS'.N 1753, YM 1 ' ' , Lai 1 ' u ,lr , X MARILYN POSES FOR OUR PHOTOGRAPHER Wffiifgs 'wi 'sy' QS- NABI L NOFAL Photographer T A ' 33:1 1 uwa- , 5 5 Thh x WAYNE BASS 47 BILL JAMES RGIS' LL-AMERICAN KID -74 Back row, left to right - Billy Hargis II, Ricky Luke, Ross Hardin, Bob Stears, Tony Jeffrey, Bill Crider, Harold Watkins, Dave Dock, Rik Crider, Dan Sidebottom, Dan Villaneuva, Bob Goodwin. Front row, left to right - Bonnie Hogan, Kaylene Kemper, Norma Wall, Terry Harter, Janice Gudeman, Amaui Craft, Connie Fiegal, Elaine Rymer, Sue Wheeler, Louise Marchese, Teresa Dickens, Sue Frusher, Bonnie Hargis, Joyce Nelson and Gayle Nelson. "An Evening nl Patriotism and Praise" 48 THE KIDS SINQ "oALL6LUIA" '-C. ' Q. " Nw U K' ' Hu? F" , ' ' - 5 V A N .V .N t , ,gf N H Q , QAND "YANKEE CDOODLE CDANDY' DAN SIDEBGTTOM DAN VI LLANUEVA, President BOB GOODWIN, Director Vice President "Jesus answered and said . . . And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me." This year once again, the "All American Kids" have "lifted" the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ in our 1973-74 tour program of "Praise and Patriotism", first, as always, through praising the name of Jesus Christ and second, by honoring our country, "God's greatest nation under the living Son." This year's program features Bill and Gloria Gaither's "Alleluia - A Praise Gathering For Believers" and "You,re A Grand Old Flag" featuring the solo work of our very own BJ II in his role as the late, great George M. Cohan. This year in addition to preparing and video taping music for our nationally televised program, the "All American Kids" have submitted their time and talents to the preparation of our 1973-74 program by performing locally here in Tulsa, originating at the Cathedral of the Christian Crusade and climaxing at a performance at Parents' Weekend February 22, 1974, at which time we were so proud to have our parents on campus for a very special performance just for them. Judging from the response received from the performances of the "All American Kids," directed by Robert Goodwin and Dr. Billy James Hargis, our president, the spiritual and patriotic impact will far surpass any program thus far in our history as we perform in 72 cities this summer for our supporters all over America. As a choral unit, we believe of one accord that the Lord will use us in a mighty way as we submit our talents and become vehicles of a revival that will touch America this summer. It is our goal always to "lift" the name of Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and tell our nation that "America is God's greatest Nation." On behalf of the cast of the "All American Kids," I wish to thank Dr. Billy James Hargis, American Christian College, and all its supporters for the opportunity and honor to serve our Lord, our country and our school in this manner. In Christ, Dan Villanueva, President A . v , 1 f . 3 e ,Q Q, of A . ,. y ., v i i . ,l . , , . h 1 1 ,, xg . 1 . . .I ,Java '-X! W qw: , ' 9 ' 'W :::-: -.' VVAKVVV W ggi .Ei E, I 5 I Q .3q.m. l W e -:- - e i'--a in Qwxjyw' gm HI A' is-, e ' P qi l f 0 Q !"4 ,nb WD QQ i 5 4 xx -.. fx 'IN A 'I 5, a, aillii-as L IU' E fs 'T .. -1 J i i J "Every time you're late, you have to pay a quarter." - .-Y, -.-,..-...U ---- L- -- "Just one more time, Kids." Does anyone know what song we are going to sing?' This is what really goes on at the television station! The 4 Musketeers? W: e ' - 77-14 -is --- f - ZIP "You're a Grand ole Flag" 51 u' 5o'- -H "0 ew". " RQ .pvc .X- Bob, Clayton and Donna made our TV shows possible. Y .-,.-,+,. Q ,lm....L,.,.i? iii. -fl JQQLL., A Sitting pretty. Klss me you fool' N Jesus Chnst as stall the Kung of Kings' P? 2-I "God gave the Song." "I BeIieve." "AlleIuia." "The longer I serve Him, the sweeter He grows." e "I believe in a hill called Mt. Calvary." G 'NL gli, 3 I' W is A ,Y iw H412 e fi 11 .mfg 'w - wi! . V l JL lim -, l ' 'aviiik H 1. L rfb, 2 . fl 5 A 1 ge L ' ' ' 1. , J "L ' 3 is ' 'gi b I ... f k f i Q 5 I 3,5 I 5 A 3, ,, 1 si 5 . ,e:5f:5- -' 5 H A ' f ' 5, ' 3 5 . 4 14 5:5355 ' 'R J M , ' "" . , 5 :" " mir 'I U v ' X -- E ' Q . - - ui .1 ,I--I1 X ' HP.. 4' X' . - ' ' F .YL j A 5 ? I4, , I :hx E - ,.v1,i Q'1 5 I sg . , . V r H H H A . 'rj-,M - Q., fl- .1 -' I I . .' 4' 'P -W fl A1 im Ze- ' ' - , Q Q .. . .. . H' ' 3 J Pa H f we Because He Lives. . in 1 'ml gg f 53 Q l M Billy danges llafgis' "A1l- nlgric n" icls ff r ACADEMICS PllESlDENTl'S ' HONOR ROLL Back row: Albert Lipscomb, PoLay Cheng, Janice Gudeman, Martha McCracken and Billy Hargisll. Center row: Beth Williams, MoMei Kwok and Karen Nelson. Front row: Doug Morr EA N'S LIST 1, 1, 4' f ho' ' sei in Y in--. , I vt' , ig Q: Above, Left to Right: Back row, Surrinder Masih, Jamie Cruz, Charles Friend and David Nebergall. Second row, Norma Wall, Debbie Houtchens, Debbie Hurley and Essie Bailey. Front row, Rick Barker and Sing Tuong Tai. r' ' "P Y ,- ..., li W Xe, F1 , - X .5-. . , , "7n,fg,ff, 1 , , A 15- 5 i 3 ' V-gn - 'i -- - .. 'I AZN:-:E:I" " W,.,g V Iii ii 1 ' a,,,J'l A4 F fin- D N A i ' , ' W ir ' I ' W " 5 ifi rs - V 1 i ' --J if ' "" . ---- ' lt? 1 , .. ' -'lg , el a , if ' ' 'P wi 4 by Q 3 '1 a- fa fi ., gfii-irsff' 'ffjlfr f . - Below: Back row, Dan Villanueva, Jerry Powell, Bob Earl, Wayne Buller, David Angel and Joe Brock. Front row, Carol Schmied, Connie Fiegal, and Ruby LaFollette. . 57 ii- an in wr WHO'S WHO-- l973 -74 MARTHA Mc CRACKEN BETH WILLIAMS DIANE DEDERICH ECIAL EAICE R John Rousselot lcenterl and John Rogersjoin Dr. Hargis in the dedication of the Nellie Dean Building. Mrs. Moran applauds at the conclusion of Strom Thurmond's speech, at the dedication of the Richard B. Nloran Field House. Fulton Lewis speaks at the dedication of L.E. White Radio Building. Pastor Richard Wurmbrand . . . representing thousands of Christian Martyrs behind the Iron Curtain today, spent two days on the American Christian College campus in late winter giving a firsthand account of his 14 years of "Torture for Christ" before he came to America from Rumania. He is a longtime friend of Dr. Hargis and Christian Crusade. ,l f"" I Brother Andrew tells of his experience smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain. , sfifg if if ig-7 ' at , .. Mrs. Thomas Leach gives ACC Moody Junior High visits ACC and students a lesson in etiquette. 60 Mrs. Leach teaches Brent Noebel the proper way to attack a steak. CALVIN PERKINS All-Star A ' f-,gf-, - ..,2'W"'9""-Z, 2 I 1 -E Ki 5, H Ndi1uzw I, ag Y N Q 1 0 JAMIE CRUZ 62 Q REGGIE WALTERS THE HAWK" KEN KEMPER .,...,.w B0 DILLINGER PHI L JORDAN sy-fp WAYNE BULLER DOUG GARD RETURNING LETTERMEN PHIL MARTIN BOB EARL "YOU ARE TO DO AS I SAY!" DAVE ALVARADO LARRY FRIESE CALVIN PERKINS "JESSIE JAMES STARTS SHOOTlN'!" h " Q ' A JOHNNY TURNER DAVE BALEZENTIS "PRAYERS WILL BE ANSWERED." COACH OF THE YEAR .flal R l. DAVID WING, despite the fact that illness caused him to drop basketball before the end of the season, made a significant contribution . . . on the scoreboard, to the team's morale, and more particularly to the unity of the team. When they learned he would be unable to play for the remainder of the season fand they did not know if he could ever play againl, the entire team worked harder to fill the gap caused by his absence. David is a 6-3, 185 pound guard from Tulsa. He led A.C.C. scorers during his first season with them, even though he appeared in only 15 games. MOST POPULA R MOST REBOUNDS CALVIN PERKINS "BIG BOB EAR L" MOST POINTS JOHNNY TURNER BIG "E" A WA RD LARRY FRIESE fl' -A 5 r W vi WMV W 4 ,sg 3 4-"i", ew' 1 A V ul H M? KY Q55 A v ,frzwh Q 'wi' ., . ...wx MOST DEDICA TED LARRY FRIESE 69 E w E - 5 , v f ' 5 , .,, , . .,. , . . . . ., ', I. nf .l v " '.- , 1, Q H ' 'fi' " 'ssl' -4, Almost always . . . Happiness is A Coaching a winning team for proud Coach Hauser. 70 JOHNNY TURNER AND PHIL JORDAN CO-CAPTAINS F wwf -,,L, Y .. . ' 'J' - K 1 H53 : , on -'f' 1' s , V ., M' - ,rw-, X-,Y . , . H11 V , R-E T f r .34 ' f, , 1 ,AA 2 P 'H N ' ,. ,. W f - 2' T v ' 7 u 'Q 7' 1 'C i ' . . ' g 1 ' R 4:19 A N - ' i A 6 N-1 -fiN R R R- N H ' King! N Q X N N M - g ' E -il 9 ,, , ' Q' .. 9 QA , 792' , fa 'iiyfra ,uv .,yL,:,3. 17642 lifii V9 'R . X , 4 ' x , ' ' .L E Q' , , 'S , , x N :fl -xx s ' im.: :gs IQ if P' ' s fy ' . Y1 f - X- ' A ', 4, 'Zz - 'fr V .7 in K gf, N M 5' R. R is -L 3 -'ff 'L A ' ' ET -Y Au . E .- r' x, , M QE- Q, ,fa if I jeff! ,, 72 .... md ' ' V V 1 Qigz rvyuxxx b ' wffllv "N In v 3 95: I ,, . 'xxx W RR Fl VV IQ, V E H' N NNN, A M E - - .Q,.,, ..N. 5-1 - , 'X STARLA HODGES, Co-Captain N NICEY TODHI KOONTZ MRS. FRANCES KING, Sponsor DEBBIE HOUTCHENS, Captain Af L T: ' A - J E E E A A ROSALYN JORDAN, Advisor CHEE LEADER 1 L: V : V fx J - f if-9 ' if A if' N A , 35:-.1g,:'.'H 5 1 ,:Lai'f'r55i.x! if la' -' ivan V- . It .M . 4 yu. T ,Ad-Juv' I ' ,wi lb- Y F E j'?.'5,'lH'Qf! ' .5-11'3 N E LINDA MAHAFFEY POLLY SMITH STAR KIRKLAND CAROL scHlvnED 73 , ,MV .. V.i2f:4,j!i?,-gig ggf - il. ., -, , Y ,, - 1,. :, ', -,ZWA - -- .- T6 'H .s.5.:f,, "'A ww-E ",' -L' -new-1 ,,""1E H U as l'P ' 3531- ft mx, Q- '-fsqgf, " " "Y E 2" , 5, 'Q 2.13 is ' ' , R+ W,Y!., , '11 xo x .gg-H-QQRQN A. K V -, V "Q, gg Qiwmsw 11 74 W. I ...J 1 .". f oe - r 74 1 - LQ f h e , if But I wasn't at practice! ggiale ggilnbie, now what .Mu Half' .1 "' A 35:1 f h 5 .3 Q VA lguessthat wasn't the 31:55-mf ' U right way-huh? ,in , .......-4 ifu. . ia-. i . Larry's my name, cheerleading's my game. Cheerleaders at their peak. "' ,,:.,aQ A Y , , a ' W :-.f-4.L,f'Qie gf ., M. W .-r- 5.1-,rm N N ' 15,1114 -lvwagnw, 7 "f'f.',W?LiQ ' , :H : -'-" H ' 4 ' i -Ykbgiifiifzzi . TW ' N2 l-ff e A 5 . - e he ee r ' Egg, 7 f 2 Q, 0 Q I gyfg "fm F 3 :Q , aff? 3 55 if .gg r L i- :sf 5 A - I never thought l'd be a pin-up girl! 75 -W W " 'LKUM1' " X 'W . ' 1 - U. H' "' H N , ., . . 3.-1 'E ' Y Q ' Ls.: .1 :,.,-L 3,5-a:::' rf- - 1 1 f Tai Y f , im I9 -74 CRUSAD R BOWLI NG FIRST PLACE CHAMPS Top row, left to right: Phil Martin, Jim Lawson, Steve McDonald. Bottom row, Dave Nebergall, Wayne Lutton. We'll see who gets the last laugh. Dave rolls another "gutter duster." Qi 1 -Lin .,!. , k .., .,..,,.-...--v " 3 2 x 14y 2 oops! Back to the drawing board. What! Another split? mi All for one and one for all. 9 Strike maybe - pucker power, always! - 55? , , 'isgei ' The "OId Man" goes for ten big ones TENN S :w 111111' 2 N' 1 1 . 5 , 1 , ,Y V11 1 ' ' ' . ,Q 1 1: -. Vg 1 1 -V -- ' 78 CLASSES 5. 1 'l 1 U' I K , f 1 KEN qw Y 1 1 -M 11 .Q- x .V ,,.. -Q - 1 Ag,141221:wq:,Q3,:1,3-523.51311-. 1 1. 1 F I 1 ff.:1E5E5,1.tE 1, M J w vu ihnhx.. 1, , 1 1U T' ' 1 , 111 11, X f11 '11 11 111111 1,1 1 fa 1 11 N 1 ,mr me , 1 - N :MS 11- -11 14 1 1 1 1 1 J ..,,, I . 1"11'1111 ,G THIS ONE IS GOING OVER OR ELSE. THIS IS SURE HARD WORK I Crfivc' READY ANYTIME YOU ARE. WHAT A FOREHAND! an ATE CLASS -, - . ,xi t - V ,545 Y, '1-1 ,K - - .lj 4. W, rf H , '- Y Aw.. - '. ,sm-,1:vn., , l 'XX "1 Y Q: E ' wx N w- H ' , ,,',vmu1'-ww Sung. ' P , . n fl A n - ' W V- ,As - XX lg ,-" 1, 2, 3, l. . . UHHHH! Closer than a double edge. 5...- Garvin takes it like a man. He really has Elaine trained well 80 GYM NASTICS - RINGS Rick makes it look so easy. Y? mv N' H' Q ' -wx wx: Ll1J1u2 J, , 4, N. .i w HW Wwiwrgiv Q w w ,w'Yt5zwew' lvglzigigfl, , H M M 1 mfr X N ' ' V. mlm H w N 11, 4" 1 vw M M241 52 ,li H309 in There. ROSS! Okay, now what do I do? 41... CRUSADER SPIRIT AMERICAN CHRISTIAN COLLEGE FIGHT SONG American Christian College, we are all for you, Three cheers for the red, white and blueg Crusaders in the fight for truth and liberty, To keep our church and country free. We shall stand for the right and lead the way Through darkest night unto a better day Let 's wave the flag and sing of victory and fame By this sign We conquer in Christ's name. STUDENT LIFE Z PRESSION S IQ74 gr, fr' .M , if '. sVi'15".f4 -3.1, w-- 1 1 ,N 'g4"".. ly! , 0' 1 www ' 4, .- sa , w 1 3 I ' N , Q, 1 fy J f ' 4 W1 x W, Lf A-.1 171 1 1 I, X , . 1 - S .P is 1 ' ' 1 f , iw X A' .ak fly.: If ,, ' ,' 15314 'P -- H' W.. , 'Q A. ,, ,,,, Fl':'3". l,..v , ,vu . 4 xy Wwe 'J W n x in xp SB 'WJ ,Z U-N f 3 . , Ei 'fisf' RH 52511 T 'Mi 4n..-.. , 2 H mf 1' if ' ' . 'ibffgszww 'w H :A 1, X , W, , .,, .,.,,,,y.y ,..X,,3., , , HHMWM X ww ,, B , . ,.,, gf ,J2e'HTi"'- A., F E , games. -" Y in ,- p ,. 1 H A E Q- 'hpi 84 W A qs ,... .4,, W .xr aww-. Ah. 5,4 asia., :Q -" - ,-,A . Y 5 4 ','w , 'WS' f ' . i1'pg,gml'7 ' s 1, ,i' 'u 'Qf'4'2H'-',-g.' '. -.2 - .1 . ' i ' ' i- .ri in ' ' s . f., A A W .' ' . jaw 12' f' ' A iEf:g5 eff-: QV -fx Jr -V1 1 'pie I :iff f ff : 5 "W-4 -rx ff f V, , Q Q' . , .. J, W W fa rr, ,gp-' ,Wy 1w'WfEMfTT , WM., ki E AMERICAN TI-fRIS'EiANii T LLEGE HOME, SWEET HOME! LOOK INTO STUDENT LIFE 85 11, 1 wx X One day isn't enough at the farm! FOOD, FUN, AND FELLOWSHIP! H DECISIONS, DECISIONS! Sv A IPB- ,' 3 Bob, is that on your diet? A1115 . , 2' -. Foreign food? ., . -.W Y mf keg A' '- J . ,,... 4 .,- ' -G 4 v 4, - - - L......-To I 4. Jim, why did you suggest this place? X. 16 I I I T Y . I . ,, ..,1, xgn I V X, . , - I 1' J' I I , 4 1 , -. 5 . .I ' I I , Q S A I,-N. X P-' , Ve Eg. iff' 4- I - Love that service. 87 l'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN. SMILING FACES. SUMMER BREEZE WHO SAYS lT'S TIME T0 STUDY? WHERE BOB LEADS, SHE WILL FOLLOW. in If , 2 an "lS THAT YOU, GARY?" TH E LATEST FASH ION IN HOSPITAL ATTI RE. WATCH OUT' JOYCE HAS GOT HER THINKING CAP ON! 11.-. Elm "KAYLENE, YOU CAN'T GO OUT IN PUBLIC -EQ fx ff, V12 DRESSED LIKE THAT." ' .I J uw ..fW. ' I H . SNUG AS A BUG IN A RUG. - 1' 5 . I EW 32:64 A A W.: DAN, CAN'T YOU GET IT CLEAN? 90 'wig If iff' DIANE IS THINKING AGAIN. MUSIC TO IRON BY? f .,.. , 3 oH, No, THIS couLD BE DANGEROUS' A FRIEND THAT STICKETH CLOSER THAN A BROTHER? K.P. AGAIN AND DISHPAN HANDS! i . ' -' 'im " mm-.1 E5 2 - - -i -2- , . .b. . ,. You.-. AS HERB WOULD SAY: "GlVE 'EM THE AXE, THE AXE, THE AXE!" E i 5,4 "HEY, WHAT'S GOING ON DOWN THERE?" FRINGE BENEFITS IT'S NABIL AGAIN "SMlLE!" HE'D SHOOT ANYTHING THAT MOVES. HAPPINESS IS A NEW FOUND SISTER. , RAYS OF SUNSHINE FROM KOREA EEE UNCLE TONY RIDES AGAIN! if ' "GO GET'EM, TIGER! The couple that prays together, stays together. SHARING CHRISTAND OUR COLLEGE AT THE MALL.. . ,ge ,. 'H my M L 11 N 'rv Information about ACC, Sir? ,ak JG? The "Kung Fu" Club?? 96 "I caught ya', Coach!" "Some ice pack! Reality Radio!! Inspection! SURPRISE! Happy Birthday, Jay! 3' -, H 5, X 5 t uw :J 'I 1 w m n E 5 , V -fa , ' ,lg 2 K 3 Q V y 1 5. ' F L ri I Qu 3 ff dk .55?g.5:5:5:5E,.' .f - .V '1'-.f"' ' N - .,..,.,.,.,. LV I wg 'L um J-iL5J'.,.,' H ,giiWM3..,,, Z? ,f , .Jigga-.L.i...a. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Mattar! Are we tidy? "Way to go, Skippy." 9 'sf 117' Tomv AND Boa, HAMMING rr UP oNcE AGAIN. THE TRICYCLE CHAMPS QUENCHING THEIR THIRST. 98 m 1 , w w NME , ..M-" Q . ' ' .I ' ' LINDA, WHEN WILL YOU EVER LEARN? WATCH OUT, BRENT, GARY IS ON THE LOOSE AGAIN. STUDENTS TAKE 0 VER CHAPEL AND THE RESULTS ARE . . mr--?:.5'2f!TLfT':v.-Tcl iii:--1 V K-'f73fITlf'-f'i3',,. W"Z'f '-' fy wtf Z1 41' N I E' 1' 1 31, '- 1- - ' ff- '2- ,.g ' H-,..f, , . V , ,. 4 . iX.,f"'..T, -5 ,' ' . 1- ".,-.ff , 1 1 , RE, 4 ' ' ' ' I' , N-I , , l,, "Yes, Gary, win that be an?" , --fi? 5 No, Thom, we can't sing "HEY JUDE"! "Oh, what song are they playing? ,-,'l 14, Y ONE OF THOM'S EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES? AREN'T YOU GIRLS A LITTLE OLD TO GO TRICK OR TREATING? CHRISTMAS VACATION AT LAST! I. V. M! . II , F I . , 4 SOME PEOPLE HAVE REALLY GOT TEAM SPIRIT! Q if gg SURPRISE, CARL! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY AGAIN .... X f ,,, ,,, I I I Q -egw , T NZ., , ' ,af I ' f' fs: I E X . ,. V ,, , , M M , I ,ww-'w, i E EEEI I ,I I HW 5 She can't miss a class WHAT'S UP, DOC? for a game of tennis! ma affix ROSS ON THE HOT LINE TO 3031 M. E QALL INA DAY'S WORK! 11 A i li? 102 Marilyn adding some last minute touches o m ' ake an angel even more beautiful! "And our Avon Special this week Is all this really necessary? , . S . V ' Q -MY X , T Ml VA ' L , 'l f 'll iig I TH E HOMECOMING BANQUET "Boy, am I ever full? A-I 1 DoN'T LET A cl.ouD TAKE THE suNsHlNE AWAY. THEY WERE THRILLED WITH GOD'S LOVE. As I get older the boys get taller . . . National Advisory Board Members taking a tour. Reggie and Mr. Rex, a "soul shake.' Doc practices lPeter 5:14, "Greet ye one another with a kiss of charity." FIRST NN AL HOMECOMING l974 ff-'-4 , . A , Ei X , ,,w :5?sw""L ., 51 , T H , .0 ":lEfl.'f'5f2' 'Q' " ' ' ' 1 i '-.6155 'N' ' " " ,eIf.'7 'wav' ... ' K ,-Mi, ,igrw V , ,-..f D - - T :L L - 'L A A ups-s misss J -5- v-'---' w,,..,,- - ,- ' - I Q ''firi-11,'5.f'!L:fjf.i-'EWfP."'l ' Y ' 1 f 211+ '1L11i+z2':w'f 1 . . W . - .. lluu gi, .V y . . Freshman Class Elaine Rymer and Duane Hollis Wendy Forster and Billy Hargis Connie Fiegal and Dan Villanueva Junior Class Sandra Peterman and Joe Brock Shawna Thornton and Terry Pierce Bonnie Hargis and Bo Dillinger CANDIDATES AND ESCORTS Sophomore Class Linda Mahaffey and Tony Jeffrey Marilyn Haynes and Jody Marchman Terry Harter and Bob Earl Senior Class Louise Marchese and Carl Miller Martha McCracken and Albert Lipscomb Janice Gudeman and Jerry Powell ui 5, 1 I Q2 1? Y Q -av Nd WHO WILL IT BE? II ' I ,Wff ' 'A', OUR PRESIDENT, THOM IN ACTION! IKIISFIDCRS SO YOU'RE MRS. HAFIGIS! t I :VICTOYY Connie Feigal with Escort Dan Villanueva FRESHNIAN MAI DEN JUNIOR MAIDEN Sandra Peter man with Escort Joe Brock SOPHOMORE MAIDEN Terry Harter with Escort Bob Earl SENIOR MAIDEN Martha NlcCracken with Escort Albert Lipscomb QUEEN S ATTENDANT Louise Marchese with Escort Carl Miller " 4' 'M 108 HOMECOMING QUEEN Janice Gudeman with Escort Jerry Powell JESSE JAMES, THE AUCTIONEER AT WORK! THE BID FOR NORMA IS RISING! WHO WILL BE HER MASTER JAY OR TIM? 109 FRESHIVIAN CLASS SUPPORTS OUR KOREAN ORPHANS WITH A "SLAVE SALE" AND A "SLAVE DAY "WHERE'D YOU GET THOSE BIG NECKLACES?" 1 - ks, ' 1. .HWY 'V ' "l LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF THIS!" 110 "I HATE TO ASK BUT, WHAT'S NEXT, JODY? I I PSYCHOLOGY STUDENTS SPEND A DAY AT H ISSOM. DFI. SNIALL, DID SOMETHING EMBAFIRASS YOU?" WHAT DO YOU THINK, CLASS? 111 T FIRST L DIES' TEA MRS. OPIE SERVES KAREN. ' ,W-.. "al, 4. . '1- 'L 'S .4:. A 5 1 -:fi uw' Qgyflmavfdfmwawywyazfhfhfnf QlfZ6Z1M!ZOW04 9 f7QpZ97f mmfnfvayawynafdrhlhwrmzn QWfZAeJ f Zfylgwyeawfinfeafaf FROM THE FIRST LADY. Diane and Beth remembering a few funny happenings. MRS. HOWARD TWILLEY SPEAKS ON "BElNG A TOTAL WOMAN." T12 , --1 ' 1.1 1 Appreciation to David Noebel. Awards were given. Carl fUl'l'liSh9d the hUm0l'- Bonnie put it together V: Roses were given to the senior girls. And more Awards! A' NURSING HOME and BUS MINISTRY EACH WEEK STUDENTS WENT OUT TO ONE OF FOUR HOMES TO SHARE CHRIST WITH OUR OLDER FRIENDS. 9 - ., . W ,, 1- NELLIE DEAN, A FAITHFUL SUPPORTER OF ACC, IS VISITED BY THE STUDENTS. "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the Kingdom of heaven." lMatthew 19:4 7l Albert Lipscomb bringing the message at one of the homes. 115 eff-7' 1'I6', ww' v w 1 ' ' U' gg' , gi E55 1 Ll FE IgE?-f'w'f? E,-.. fiigg -. ig aff, ,, i - M qi 4 ' ' mji'Ti'ZTf"'T' I 3 4 W ? -A I Eniwfl ' S: hm . . ,, I-.M '16 . '11 ff! K ' . .wat 1 n uw w .. .. , L . 1 H ,H X N . ,. Z ww 1 kb' rh- AMERICAN CHRISTIAN COLLEGE 13-IES 118 of CLASSES FEES AN CLASS FFICERS TONY JEF F R EY President ALBERT LIPSCOMB Vice-President PRISCI LLA POU LOS Secretary SUE WHEELER Treasurer JONI ANDREW DAVE BALEZENTIS ESSIE BAILEY PO-LAY CHENG AMAUI CRAFT RIK CRIDER JAMIE CRUZ BONNIE DIEHL CHARLOTTE DOUGLAS is vi I , V is J, , If fc . .1 'S 531 - , g., Y, r -wi he , . -V fun -A fs' 4 ,M1 gf bi. f . .N '- q QI ., -., f -4116 'K .- -H FQTZ J Nf ,..1.,,,f.J,fV:1' - .vggz gfrfi--l GARY DOUGLAS TIMOTHY DUSKIN WENDY FORSTER .2 - f . Ain 1 if sy -E MARLYS GEIVINIER BRENT GIBSON CHRIS HANSEN W H m ul" N ROSS HARDIN JANICE HARRIS BONNIE HOGAN N x 1 DUANE HDLLIS ANITA HOUTCHENS DEBBIE HURLEY JESSIE JAMES TONY JEFFREY SHERYL JONES KEN KEMPER STAR KIRKLAND DOH BONG KIM M0-MEI KWOK BRENT LEE DANNY LEWIS DAVE LEWIS T W L ALBERT LIPSCOMB RICKIE LUKE JODY MARCHMAN MATHEW MATHAL A DOREN MICHAEL DOUG MORR HOWARD MUNIZ NABIL NOFAL JONI NUNNALEY PRISCILLA POULOS MARIA ROJAS ELAINE RYMER TIM SHEETS DEBBIE SMITH POLLY SMITH BOB STEARS KIM TAYLOR NICEY TODIHKOONTZ CARLOS TORRES JOHNNY TURNER NORMA WALL REGGIE WALTERS HARCLD WATKINS SUE WHEELER ae? .mx YVONNE WOODIN CARL KONIANAPALLI SURRINDER MASIH ,Q ww' : 5:- .,,.?...g- J M, ummm w H A H 'S 1 I5 5 -, QW 1 , W :Ji ,K I X -'J ' I' W1 ff J 1. A4 1 u ., F, 'ti . ,I ' U rw r 9 . .s ., we .1 .,' .E5f55g55:,25:,.rf"1. fr 33, ,. Ml. is "" " J" 61 1 IV' nm H .45 7 9 1' m 1 g F GF 1' , m M P A X ,f I F 1 N , 1 X " all 'z ,mu V -Q 4 3 1? V' -15 A 5 f ,age ' A , D' wi ea, " ,R 1 U 'gmxlm-nfgw V 1 fo -.. 5-9 -,-. .'-vt? S PHOMO E CLASS UFFICER JIM LAWSON President TER R Y HARTE R Secretary DEBBIE CONRAD Treasurer DAVE DOCK Vice-President AJ-Q tl?-' 129 V -Y 1 GABRIELA ABRIGO GARY BLEVINS STEVE CAUGHILL I L DAVID CLOUD DEBBIE CONRAD BILL CRIDER L P L TERESA DICKENS BO DILLINGER DAVE DOCK WES DUNBAR CHAR LES FRIEND SUSAN FRUSHER 1 I Y KARL EDWARDS BILLY HARGIS JIM HARRISON TOM ILIART TERRY HARTER MARILYN HAYNES THOM HICKLING STAR LA HODGES DEBBIE HOUTCHENS ALAN KEMPER GERDA KREDIET RUBY LaFOLLE'lTE JIM LAWSON LINDA MAHAFFEY DIANA MORRIS ! I I CARLA MUHS BECKY NEBERGALL DAVID NEBERGALL GAYLE NE LSON JOYCE NE LSON TE RRY PIERCE JERRY POWELL DAVID SCHMIDT CAROL SCHMIED all i -Y' NAOMI SEWANGO BILLIE SPIERS LESLIE THORNTON fl 1 fi .W X 4 SES C JU ICR CLASS FFICER '-wifa-MW Q' my . QL LARRY FRIESE SANDRA PETERMAN Vice-President Secretary JOE BROCK SHAWNA THORNTON President Treasurer JUNE ACHENBACH LLAAALL DAVE ALVARADO ,3,' JOE BROCK GARVIN DeSHAZER SHERYL EZELL LARRY FRIESE DAVID ANGEL BOB EARL DOUG GARD BONNIE HARGIS MARK HARPER KAYLENE KEMPER ROBBIE MARBLE PHIL MARTIN RAY NETHERTON SANDRA PETERMAN TOM POWERS DAN SIDEBOTTOM SING TUONG TAI SHAWNA THORNTON BECKY WALSH 1 ROBERT VARNEH DAN VILLANUEVA fr, if y ii' 1 ..-. Q H Q if af. 1 SE ICR CLASS FFICERS fix RM' F711 JANICE GUDEMAN Treasurer MARTHA McCRACKEN Secretary CAR L MIL LE R President KAR E N N E LSON Vice-Preside nt if. E-E' a g it LUIS ACEVEDO RAY ALLEN RICK BAR KER DAN BLAKE WAYNE BULLER 140 MRS. ETTA JEAN DALE SHIRLEY DAVIS JAN ET DeCOCQ JANICE GUDEMAN JOHN TIMOTHY MALLIPUDI LOUISE MARCHESE JERRY McKlNNEY MARTHA McCRACKEN CARL MILLER READ MORRISON KAREN NELSON RICK OWSLEY I TED PEARSON TOM SPI ERS KATHY THOMPSON CHARLES VANDIVER KAREN VAN ZILE mc:s?,C,1g'm vi, W? ORIGINAL STUDENTS PAUL WESOLOWSKI BETH WILLIAMS , .... --'47 W ' 26 ,,,... , O V7 urs: V- 4 , ,i 1. , ,W I MLM? THE CLASS OF 1974 DR. GROW, our inspiration BACCALAUREATE P' TEEN O4 .LQWE LI, L PFW-HEEL T OUR FACULTY SMILES, SMILES, SMILES ONE LAST TIME CLASS IQ74 Back row lleft to right! Ted Pearson, Carl Miller, Luis Acevedo, Wayne Buller, Rick Owsley, Dan Blake, Read Morrison, Jerry McKinney Front row Karen Van Zile, Shirley Davis, Janet DeCocq, Louise Marchese, Karen Nelson, Martha McCracken, Janice Gudenun, Diane Dederich, M.J. Timothy Not Pictured David Avery, Al Audet, Jay Butler, Jim McReynolds, Kathy Thompson, Etta Jean Dale, Beth Williams, Paul Wesolowski, Tom Spiers DU TIC - PBIL 30. l974 Carl presents the senior class gift to the Following a short word of gratitude and school - the Alma Mater. Dr. Hargis receives explanation by Martha and Karen, Janice the plaque with the words of the song on presents Dr. Hargis his scrapbook compiled behalf of the school. by the senior class. Dr. Hargis gave the commencement address. Dr. Wheeler presents Who's .Who In American Colleges and Universities to Beth Williams, Martha McCracken and Diane Dederich. C NEERMHNG DEGREES DR. HARGIS, DR. PEDIGO, DR. KELLY, DR. NEIGHBOUR, DR. NOEBEL, DR. ROGERS, DR. SECREST Luis Acevedo receives his degree. CHRISTI CRUSADE L.R. REX General Manager CHAR LES SECREST Associate Evangelist 5 5 . " il14 ' ' 3 WJ' L E HAYWOOD KELLY JESS PEDIGO Director Director Development Department David Livingstone Missionary Foundation it GERALD POPE Editor Christian Crusade Weekly V. , -May KW' ,,,gs..,, at B L ,rg-,... JU LIAN WILLIAMS Research Director Wal? ' - - ,. :a v If-. I 'W 1. - - SJ F ' ' 5 ' , "N: . "' . -1-I i,IY.,,..- .-,, R,,.fJY,:., M- . f,- -. , ,. ,, - , , A , , ' -. ,W .,,,.,g E-4 f:..xa,gg .5 . '- 1 mf- V we -I , 1 I.. we xl, .fee I R UBY WHITE Dr. Hargis' Executive Assistant BILLY OPIE BOB SUAREZ Visitation Pastor - Annex Nlanagel' College Chaplain Abrigo, Gabriela, El Salto 2685, Santiago, Chile Acevedo, Luis, 6329 S. Madison, Tulsa, Okla. Achenbach, June, P.O. Box 72, Hardtner, Kan. 67057 Alvarado, David, 5893 J. Central Ave., Portage, lnd. 46368 Andrew, Joni, 500 South Cedar, Kellyville, Okla. 74039 Angel, David, 7096 Hillsboro St., San Diego, Calif. 92120 Austin, Jeanette, 712 N. 96th E. Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 74115 Bailey, Essie, P.O. Box 971, Laurel, Mont. 59044 Balezentis, David, 3899 Eliza St., West Mifflin, Pa. 15122 Barker, Rick, R.R. 3, Box 173, Kingman, Kan. 67068 Bolinger, Mary Ann, 4131 E. 41st Pl., Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Brock, Joe, 205 Devon St., Spartanburg, S.C. Brown, Jasper, 228 Young St., Tulsa, Okla. Buller, Wayne, 1409 E. 55th, Tulsa, Okla. Burnside, Jerry, 6615 S. Lewis, Apt. 239, Tulsa, Okla. Caughill, Stephen, 717 N. Water St., Watertown, Wisc. 53094 Cheng, Po-Lay, 1A, Austin Road, 3lF, Kowloon, Hong Kong Cloud, David, 1503 Bobolinis Dr., Washington, Ill. 61571 Conrad, Debbie, 3 Winfield Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. 80906 Craft, Amaui, 4301 Baumhaver Dr., 8 Mile, Ala. Crider, Rik, 7625 E. 21st, Colony Club Apts., Tulsa, Okla. 74129 Crider, William, 1320 Sealy, Alvin, Tex. 77511 Cruz, Jaime, 154 Ermin Garcia Cubao, Tuezon City, Philippines Dale, Etta Jean, 4548 S. Gary, Tulsa, Okla. Davis, Donna, 5344 E. 35th Pl., Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Davis, Shirley, Flt. 4, Box 738, Broken Arrow, Okla. 74012 DeCocq, Janet lAyersl, 8141 E. 16th, Apt. 107, Tulsa, Okla. Dederich, Diane, 168 Cypress Shores Dr., Mobile, Ala. 36609 DeShazer, Garvin, 11501 E. 28th Pl., Apt. H, Tulsa, Okla. 74145 Dickens, Teresa, 9712 E. 13th Pl., Tulsa, Okla. 74128 Diehl, Bonnie, S. 68 W. 12977 Camilla Dr., Hales Corner, Wisc. 53130 Dillinger, Robert, 619 Duq, Blvd., Duquesne, Pa. 15110 Dock, David, P.O. Box 13, Denver, lnd. 46926 Douglas, Charlotte, 774 Cardinal, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80911 Douglas, Gary, 744 Cardinal, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80911 Dunbar, Wesley, 2939 Santa Carlotta St., La Crescenta, Calif. 91214 Duskin, Timothy, 1007 Mountfort Ct., S.W., Vienna, Va. 22180 Earl, Robert, Rt. 3, Box 321, Panama City, Fla. 32401 Ezell, Sheryl, 7581 Benedict, Dallas, Tex. 75214 Feigal, Connie, 205 Lakeview St., Fairmont, Minn. 56031 Fickle, Gail, 105 West 9th, Owasso, Okla. 74055 Forster, Wendy, 11 Beswick St., Queenstown, South Africa Friend, Charles, 1802 Rankin Drive, Independence, Mo. 64055 Friese, Larry, 117 Buckeye St., Woodland, Calif. 95695 Frusher, Susan, R.R. 3, Jetmore, Kan. 67854 Gard, Douglas, R.R. 1, Box 2220, Bargersville, Ind. 46106 Gemmer, Marlys, R.R. 2, Lutton, Nebr. 68979 Gibson, Brent, 5480 Argyle Way, Riverside, Calif. 92506 Gudeman, Janice, Rt. 4, Box 25, Winamac, Ind. 46996 Gulew, Star, 22 Bullock Ave., Barrington, R.l. 02806 Hansen, Chris, 6206 E. 36th, Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Hardin, Ross, Rt. 2, Box 742, Crestwood, Ky. 40014 Hargis, Billy ll, Box 977, Tulsa, Okla. 74102 Hargis, Bonnie, Box 977, Tulsa, Okla. 74102 Harrell, Greg, 1741 S. College, Tulsa, Okla. 74102 Harris, Janice, 5818 E. King St., Tulsa, Okla. 74115 Hart, Charles, 2001 N. Mingo Rd., No. 702, Tulsa, Okla. 74116 Hart, Tom, 2001 N. Mingo Rd., No. 702, Tulsa, Okla. 74116 Harter, Terry, 3014 Sansom Ct., Milton, W. Va. 25541 Haynes, Marilyn, 11015 Modesto Dr., St. Ann, Mo. Hickling, Thom, 2834 S. 66th E. Ave., Tulsa, Okla. Hobbs, Harold, 7623 E. 21st, No. 103, Tulsa, Okla. Hodges, Starla, 2005 Mt. Werner Ln., Colorado Springs, Colo. 80901 Hogan, Bonnie, Rule, Ark. 72673 Hollis, Duane, 4317 E. 51st St., Apt. 423, Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Houtchens, Anita, 602 Solano Dr., Colorado Springs, Colo. 80906 Houtchens, Debra, 602 Solano Dr., Colorado Springs, Colo. 80906 Hurley, Debbie, 1216 Highland St., Columbus, Ohio 43201 James, Jesse, 3021 S. Norwood, Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Jeffrey, Tony, 303 E. First St., Fairmont, Minn. 56031 Jones, Sheryl, 3201 S. First, Broken Arrow, Okla. 74012 Jordan, Eleanor, 2230 S. Gary Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Jordan, Philip, 6244 E. 36th St., Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Kemper, Alan, 707 W. Walnut, Coleman, Tex. 76834 Kemper, Kenneth, 6219 E. 28th, Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Kim, Doh Bong, No. 179-10 Hongje-Dong, Sudae Moon-Du, Seoul, Korea Komanapalli, Carl, "Ebenezer" Narsapur, A.P. W.G. D.T., lndia Krediet, Gerda, 3033K S. Norwood, Tulsa, Okla. Kwok, Mo-Mei, 1304 Hibiscus House, MaTau Wai Estate, Hong Kong LaFollette, Ruby, Rt. 4, Box 48, Galesburg, lll. 61401 Larsen, Samuel, 9712 E. 33rd, No. 202, Tulsa, Okla. Lawson, James, 8004 Huntsman Trail, Louisville, Ky. 40291 Lee, Brent, 418 Grant, Crookston, Minn. 56716 Lentz, Beverly, 1312 S. Jackson, Apt. 4, Tulsa, Okla. Lewis, Danny, 1912 W. Harle Ave., Anaheim, Calif. 92804 Lewis, David, 3308 S. Gordon Ct., Overland, Mo. 63114 Lipscomb, Albert, Rt. 2, Box 205, Foley, Ala. 36536 Luke, Rickie, 3207 Belmont, Apt. 210, Metairie, La. 70002 Mahaffey, Linda, 2081 N.W. 82 Terrace, Hollywood, Fla. 33024 Marble, Robbie, 7930 Dewey Ave., Omaha, Nebr. 68114 Marchese, Louise, Rt. 3, Box 234, Edmond, Okla. 73034 Marchman, Jody, Rt. 1, Flovilla, Ga. 30216 Martin, Philip, 11521 E. 25th Pl. Apt. G, Tulsa, Okla. 74129 Masih, Surrinder, N. lndia, 1-E Baird Ln., New Delhi-1 Mathai, Mathew, clo M.C. Joseph, 4309 Gaston, No. 209, Dallas, Tex. McCracken, Martha, 1324 Cheyenne, Richardson, Tex. 75080 McKinney, Jerry, 711 E. Jones, Milford, Ill. McKissick, Greg, 3137 D S. 98th E. Ave., Tulsa, Okla. McKissick, Sherri, 3137 D S. 98th E. Ave., Tulsa, Okla. Michael, Doren E., R.R. 1, Bryant, Ind. 47326 Miller, Carl, 2818 N. Greenfield, Phoenix, Ariz. 85006 Miller, Ronald, 3419 E. 13th St., Tulsa, Okla. 74112 Morgan, Aaron, Rt. 1, Box 437, Catoosa, Okla. 74015 Morr, Douglas, 608-C Thunderbird Ct., St. Louis, Mo. 63017 Morris, Diana, 8619 Sagebrush Ln., San Antonio, Tex. 78217 Morrison, Read, 1113 Ashley Dr., Lynchburg, Va. Muhs, Carla, 2338 S.E. 145th, Portland, Ore. 97233 Muniz, Howard, 6429 S. Newport Apt. 3, Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Nebergall, David, 2219 N. 34th St., Lawton, Okla. 73501 Nebergall, Rebecca, 6324 E. 32nd, Apt. G, Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Nelson, Gayle, 461 E. Idaho, St. Paul, Minn. 55101 Nelson, Joyce, 461 E. Idaho, St. Paul, Minn. 55101 Nelson, Karen, 4905 E. Madison, Fresno, Calif. 93727 Netherton, Ray, 1713 S. Third St., Broken Arrow, Okla. Nofal, Nabil, 125 Christian Quarter, Jerusalem, Israel Nunnaley, Joni, 13019 LeFloss, Norwalk, Calif. 90650 Owsley, Richard, 305 W. Toledo, Broken Arrow, Okla. Perkins, Calvin, 1420 S. Trenton, Tulsa, Okla. 74120 - 151 Peterman, Sandra, Rt. 8, Box 12, Dothan, Ala. 36301 Pierce, Terry, 3603 Mayflower, lndianapolis, lnd. 46241 Poulos, Priscilla, 4429 Windsor, Dallas, Tex. 75205 Powell, Jerry, 507 Strange St., Saraland, Ala. 36571 Powers, Tom, 5928 Bertram Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21214 Rojas, Maria, 1998 Catamarca, Santiago, Chile Rymer, Elaine, 5480 Argyle Way, Riverside, Calif. 92506 Schmidt, David, P.O. Box 5929, Kowloon, Hong Kong Schmied, Carol, Rt. 6, Watertown, Wisc. 53094 Serwanga, Naomi, Uganda Sheets, Timothy, R.R. 1, Star City, Ind. 46985 Sidebottom, Dan, Box 96, Cope, Colo. 80812 Smith Smith 1 Debbie, 236 Grant St., Fredericktown, Ohio 43019 , Polly, 2135 Sonecrest Dr., Lancaster, Pa. 17601 Smith, Sara, 302 Elm, Catoosa, Okla. 74015 V Spiers, Billie, 3211M W. 40th, Tulsa, Okla. 74107 Spiers, Tom, 3211K W. 40th, Tulsa, Okla. 74107 Stears Robert, 7525 Sundial Terrace, Sarasota, Florida 33581 Sweeney, Charlotte, 8833 E. Admiral Pl., Tulsa, Okla. 74115 152 Tai, SingTuong, Malaysia Taylor, Kim, 4213 Maintree Ct., Fairfax, Va. 22030 Thompson, Kathy, 2611 E. 15th, Apt. 4A, Tulsa, Okla. Thornton, Leslie, 2513 N. Xanthus Pl., Tulsa,.Okla: 74110 Thornton, Shawna, 688 Sharon Valley Rd., Newark, Ohio 43055 Timothy, M.J., Beulah, Tanuku, A.P. lndia Tohdihkoontz, Nicey, Box 505, Ft. Defiance, Ariz. 86504 Torres, Carlos, 5518 Nueva Extrenadua, Santiago, Chile Turner, Johnny, 3245 Larkwood, Louisville, Ky. 40212 Vandiver, Charles, 3808 E. 39th, Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Van Zile, Karen, 374 Corte Maria, Chula Vista, Calif. 92010 Villanueva, Dan, 509 N.E. 12th Ave., Pompano Beach, Fla. 33060 Wall, Norma, Rt. 13, Box 480, Olympia, Wash. 98502 Walsh, Becky, Rt. 1, Box 273, Hampstead, Md. 21074 Walters, Reggie, 4135 W. Tenth Ave., Gary, Ind. 46406 Watkins, Harold, 614 S. Fourth, Dayton, Wash. 99328 Wesolowski, Paul, 1543 Chowkeebin Nene, Tallahassee, Fla. 32301 Wheeler, Sue, R.R. 3, Milford, lll. 60953 Williams, Beth, 5822 E. 35th, Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Washington, Delton, 2519 E. 10th, Apt. 17, Tulsa, Okla.'74104 UTOG PH 1 We ll 'f ,f I I H W3 ,' ffl ,V 115 15 1 I . ,,,-. I QGG - I .A PRES. ' WIS V nuvmM.wILL " V 5 f . IIQISILIIIIQA V' I- Q, II'IIzII CAIICI , ' 'om was JRAUBRARYQ ' I , l iz ' za MI I V m r A ' I 1 t5,r:L.j1, Q., . . ' - V . if I Lf L.-L.',x',gglrf, V 'J .' i3:bSTT5Qf.lEi?'V' ' " ' .AV irfw.d1V':5,f " ' "f" IBS,-35Q:YH1I1?5fTI:': 'V V A ' 1 ' 'L -.,.f'.-f'?1'n-?1.I'w '. ,.g , . V , fi'i3?97f9i"flV'1'f.. 1 ' If-3I4g'gg3A'Hh4g':vH:fv1 1, V ' 11134-ff 5 ' V7 'TT I 1 5 I VA- :-jjizivif. Afiqfgsutl 1' ' ,I,f,f-l l ltxl giiflrfzr, 'I ,xx 4 ' I .X F I If .P 'L ..,'f I. II Li ' fy I, , A . I f'-'II I I I, V zz I I . IK xg-5 . . I A , , 73 Y' Q. , ' X , N, 1, k' Cn x ..,s, .f,. 'F 1 sf v -. ,Q ,,-f,.:1 rtvyrg-161 ,Z . 1. I. 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Suggestions in the American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) collection:

American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 32

1974, pg 32

American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 75

1974, pg 75

American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 69

1974, pg 69

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