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AUTEQICAU Chnlstlan COu,ECpG 2808 soum SHERIDAN ROAD - TULSA - OKLAHOMA 74129 C In--W We 2555 I Zag ?410 9 ' QAM xaififvf 1, dw' f male of contents Faculty, Administration, Staff .... Organizations Sports . . . Student Life . . Academics . Classes . 5 page 9 page 25 page 41 page 51 page 68 page 72 6 ehicatiuu Within the silence of his noble frame, there burns an eternal fire of devotion to God and the preservation of His truths. His steadfastness in the face of opposition - his encouragement through the hours of disappointment, and, always, his quiet humility in the light of victory - have been to us all an example of Christian fortitude and love. Few know of the instrumental part he has played in the foundation of our school and our ideals, fewer still have given their applause - so with greatest respect and admiration, we gratefully dedicate the 1973 TO RCH BEARER to. . . . 39. ussell rum 7 'lil W N' ' -. 2 It U if -' o Vfx , -Qi 55 ,Q no . 'X X x X' Ww- AXX X' XX ' xx , 'YN XXX xxnt Q ' X N: 'Xi x Mxkb N, NN XX Q j 'X' X ww Q. , 4 I XSXX .UL ! 'gy' ,y'Ntf,'x ff 'f .HG ".,, g,1, ' ,f'x1-Y., r ,1,ff f. gf E f- my 5 4,1 Aw ff ,A Q! 511' sf M f, ZW 'F f W H fglif, 8 " 'f 1f, S N Mm l Adwwivig HUGH 7 7' 7 FEBBNQBE-HL ,XETQP QSQXQAS Vzfp W, wi ly dw- X, F '51Quf Q, Mx X A ,!f,jXX 1' A y. k fy N 1 W: W W N W W .AR 'ul 'M XB, gl xx K 'N WW NL 5 XX IIQW ' nywgm IN! '. , qi, W X I WW x rw V K Y vr KY S1359 um M i ..,,,,-, 1 -. , ' U , OEDENCH .A , ,, I .V I xvt, yin' 1 wyfv ff ,A,,, . R - . f ' 9 X 4 V - , 1 X' , . 0 Z L a message fnom the pnesioent Mrs. Billy James Hargis Dr. Billy James Hargis Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ! Words fail to express the gratitude l feel in my heart for the students attending American Christian College who display leadership ability, for our staff of dedicated administrators and professorsg and especially for our family of supporters across the United States. We must never betray our God-given responsibility to preach the Gospel - the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ - and to defend America which we believe is God's greatest nation under the Living Son! We fail our Lord far too often but He is ever ready to forgive our human mistakes and errors in judgment. However, we could never forgive ourselves nor expect understanding from our Heavenly Father if we betray our Divine calling of standing in the gap for God and country during these troublesome times. We recognize our goal as a Divine responsibility to save America and not contribute to its destruction. We will get out of life what we put into it. If we're willing to make the sacrifice and follow that "inner voice of Divinity" without compromise, we will indeed accomplish much towards saving this Christian American Republic. We must ever look to Jesus as the "Author and Finisher of our Faith." We must make ourselves available to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit for great things. We must think along the lines of greatness and achievement for the glory of God and for the preservation of the American dream. Ours is a great challenge. We are more than conquerors through Christ. We shall realize all of our stated goals if we but keep our eyes on Christ and keep alive the obsession that God has chosen us as leaders. W awe A messaoe Enom the VICE -DRGSICEHI Rev. David A. Noebel "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a Workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth." lll Timothy 2:15l Although many times students feel there is little scriptural admonition to study, Pau'l's advice to Timothy is simple and instructive. We are to study to be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks us for a reason of the hope that is within us, with meekness and fear. ll Peter 3:15l As Christian young people, I believe God would have us to be well-rounded emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually to meet the challenges and opportunities of the day. The world is sick in many ways, but especially spiritually sick. Our souls have to be fed on God's Word and ways to meet this vast, challenging, problem. Therefore as Christian students, we should buy the time, wisdom, and knowledge the Lord has provided in instruction, such as American Christian College, in order to be part ofthe answer to the world's ills, instead of part of the problem. "Don't let the excitement of being young cause you to forget about your Creator. Honor Him in your youth before the evil years come, when you'll no longer enjoy living." lEcclesiastes 12: 1, Living Biblel l 11 abmlnlstnatlon Dr. Billy James Hargis, President N4l5g'!klghvv-- sw I fx Nm Dr. Russell Grow, Administrative Dean Rev. David A. Noebel, Vice-President 12 facult Dr. Roger Hebard, Bible Rev. David A. Noebel, Bible James Unruh, Government 13 Albert Holland, History 4 W l 1 Frau Dr. Gertrud Wasserzug, Bible l Mrs. R. E. Neighbour, Bible Charles Nussbaum, Accounting Dr. M. C. Williams, English 14 Dr. Barney Ryan, Math Dr. David Williams, Education any 4. A Philip Sorge, Physical Geography Dr. Russell Grow, Education 15 aim. "N-.. Dr. George Small Psychology William Wan Travis Snyder East Asian History Physical Science TL Dr. William Wheeler German, Literature 16 Bob Goodwin, Choir, Voice Rau Elmore, Organ and Piano Harrell Canning, Control Room Techniques . gf Q f .. ,Y - ff 5 xx 4 Y , X. , it 5 ., y-.m....M,.m., ,ii Ken Downing, Harmony, Music Literature Dick lVlacKeen Student Director, Health, Physical Education W., M., .,,,,.., 'WNEC' im. Bob Reed Dr. David Williams Director of Admissions Registrar Z . wwf , MN 1 A,,wW1x ' it' mx Mrs. Solomon Mattar Dean of Women staff Fleda Durkee Receptionist 18 Bob Cox Cook N-0.2 Betty Rex Bookstore Manager L -.-' 2 -,..i 35:2 . 1 4: ,.' .jj-25, . ...., :E "'. - Y :na-' I 1 N ,.: jg-gif. 'Y 9 ,ti ,Lil MQ- as g mi, g QM 'NN 979: Buel DeShazer Tom and Bitsy Hollingsworth Maintenance Dorm Managers Hia X E LaVoyce McQueen Assistant Registrar 2 5 19 . " BGARO of Qeqemzs T. W. Switzer Dr. William Ward Ayer Ray Bate Dr. W.O.H. Garman Robeft Lee Shotts J- Dun Gordv J WE THANK THESE, OUR REGENTS, FOR THEIR CONTINUED PRAYER AND SUPPORT 20 ff" 'sw i'., Herbert Hamlin Tom Anderson General Clyde Watts B. L. Humphreys Wade Googe General Edwin A. Walker Dr. Milton Cutchen Francisco Bolton Not Pictured: Dr. W. Orville Mayfield 21 Where there is Faith, There is Love. Where there is Love, There is Peace. Where there is Peace, There is God. Where there is God, There is no need. DO CHGICG BUF I0 RISE ADC Bllllb The Nellie Dean Arts and Science Building will be the new administra- tion building. It is located south of the Cathedral and will house the new Chapel, offices and spacious classrooms. The L.E. White, Jr. Memorial Radio and 'Television Building also is located behind the Annex. lt will house the long-awaited KBJH-FM Radio, Television Studios, and their offices. The Richard B. Moran Memorial Field House is located behind the Annex and houses the new modern gymnasium and cafeteria. UNNNNNNNNNNZNNNNNNNNNS N N N Q. N "2Q N N N N N N 3 J NSEQNRN ,,WmvHM , NNN '5gn.- f N I N NN NNN NA Jf ANN, NN UNMN N1f,.N,,JN f N NN WN N ' NNN N' N 3 NNN ,NNN -1 i N k JN! N NWN! NN NN N NN NN N NN NNNN NN N ' NN 'NNNNNNN N NN NN N N NNN my 15:4 K NV NN N MIN MNN XN N u N X NL ' Q N! xx 1 NNN N N' N ' M NNN V NI! 'HN ,N If NN NNW, ,N fN5NNNNNNNNgN, N N5 N NNW NNNNN"NNNfiNNWNjf N N Y f NNN N NN NNNNN N-NN ,NF :N N NNN NN N N N N,N NNN. NN N N NNNN NN NNN N NNNNNNN N 1 N' N NNN N N N NN ENNN ,N NNNN N N NNN SN N H NN , N NNN , -1' NNN NNN N N Q X N NN NN Y N 'N V. N N NN BNP N NNNNNNNN N ' ' N ' N NNN ,'2"!, X N N N N ,ft ' N N ' NN-NN N N . N NN NN N N 'N N N N :N N "N "NNN N N Q. N NN N NN N V IN I K N N N WNN IN Q NN , X NNNNNN N X R. N NNN'Nl,N N N NN NX I: K N NNNNN NN N N N NNN N N NN ' NN NNXNNNNNN NN NN VNNNNNNN NN NN NN NNXNN NNNr NNN NN N N NNN' NN N 'N ' NN AN NNN NNNN,N NN' N'NNNN NNNNNN N N NNNNNXN XNNN JNNNNNQQENNNNN- N NNNN N NN' NN M 'NN NNFNNHNNNQQQQNNHNNNNN N N N N NNN N'?f7N-42.55NNNNNENff, :N N' ,N N- N N NNN N NN N'NN l NN NN N NN N'N QNN N 7ill-:ig'l'ff,f?'.'2lJ1 I -' 1 1' N A P NNNNN NNNNNNNN ,NNN N N ' N' 9 N N N- N NfNNNNN N N N NNNNN X! N NN NN N N V NN N NHNQNN N N! N 'AN N Beth Williams Secretary Janice Gudeman Treasurer Ken Kemper Chaplain We, the students of American Christian College greatly rejoice this year because of our beautiful experiences with Jesus Christ. The divine call which leads students to A.C.C. resulted in a spark of enthusiasm and joy which brought each of us closer to the Lord and each other. We are grateful to our parents, friends, and supporters for their earnest prayers, for we realize that prayer not only changes things, but individuals. We read in James 5:16... "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." Recognition of the presence of Jesus Christ was emphasized above all else in every activity of American Christian College this year. Colossians 3:17 was the guideline in which we proceeded . . . "and whatever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him." On November 17, 1972 the past president of the student body, Ray Shockey, encouraged us to maintain the family spirit and continuing fellowshipping through prayer, for and with the administration, faculty, and fellow students. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES - Paul Sher man, Diane Dederich, Starla Hodges, Debbie Conrad, Karen Pitts, Robbie Marble. SENATE - Dave Nebergall, Karl Edwards, Wayne Buller, Tom Powers, Dan Sidebottom. Our Christ-centered activities this year started with an unforgettable Love Story. We went to a Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, which portrayed the atonement of our Lord and Savior, through his death, burial, and resurrection. The Thanksgiving Banquet was a blessing to each of us Dr. Hargis reported on our missionary work around the world. His final note was expressed so beautifully as recorded in I Thessalonians 5:18. . . "ln everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ concerning you." ln order for the college to expand next fall, we were in need of three new buildings. In the endeavor to get them, the student body pulled together in Spirit and in Truth. A 24 hour prayer vigil was organized and the students continue to pray that God answered our prayers and we now have three new beautiful buildings. We Student Government lin partl - Debbie Conrad, Starla Hodges, Karen Van Zile, Jim Lawson, Janet Ayers, Ruby LaFoIlette, Charlie Hart, Shirley Davis, Tom Powers, Wes Dunbar, Dave Dock, Dave Nebergall, Karen Nelson, Terry Linsteadt, Dave Angel, Paul Sherman, Elden Smith. We had a rewarding year, the outreach to others was a never ending task. Visiting nursing homes, local churches, and an endless number of things increased our love for the priceless gift of Jesus Christ and a deeper communion with one another. Spring being the time for DBBUTY and the lovelier things in life, the student body continued their trend of singing and witnessing for our Precious Redeemer. We participated in a Salvation Army function where we presented the joy and love of Christ to a countless number of families. On behalf of the student body officers and the entire student body of American Christian College, I want to thank our President, Dr. Hargis, Vice-President, Reverend Noebelg Dean, Dr. Grow, and all of the members of the staff and faculty for their love and devotion which will help us become better servants for our master. We pray that we will be able to forever abide by the principles you have taught us. God has blessed us with a beautiful year. Love in Christ, fd W Wayne uller A.C.C. Student Body President, 1973 29 yeamsook staff 30 yew Book Dr. David Williams, Faculty Advisor staff WZ' r www Bonnie Hargis, Editor Carla Muhs, Assistant Editor 31 DAVEY KIEBEL Faculty, Staff, Administration Section Editor Photography by Dan Blake and Joe Brock Dedication by Louise Marchese Q6 KARL EDWARDS Organization, Sports, Choir Section Editor Assistant - Starla Hodges Art by Diane Dederich Layout by Kaylene Kemper Student Advisor - Jay Butler ROBBIE MARBLE Student Life Editor Assistant, Sandra Peterman DIANA MORRIS Academic Section Editor Assistant, Charles Friend MARILYN HAYNES Class Section Editor the "all-amemcanv kios 72-73 ECIIIOD i 4 l 5 3 Left to Right, Bob Earl, Doug Gard, Carl lVliller, Charles Friend, Kaylene Kemper, Dan Sidebottom, Billy Hargis ll, Bob Goodwin lchoir directorl, Carol Schmied, Alan Kemper, Debbie Andress, Davelyn Kiebel, Diane Dederich, Diana Nlorris, Teresa Dickens, Jerry Powell, Gayle Nelson, Jim McReynolds, Thom Hickling, Terry Harter, Janice Gudeman, Louise lVlarchese, Elden Smith, Vince Markel, Bonnie Hargis, Joe Brock, Sandra Peterman. "A L!:AMERIC AN" i IDS The "All-American Kids," American Christian College's concert choir, has had another busy and enriching year. This year, the twenty-four students chosen for the cast of the "All-American Kids" were awarded full scholarships, including room, board and tuition. Our first two weeks in September were very, very busy. We had to tape four weeks of television programs, there was a new tour program to learn, and we had a new cast. About half of the cast was in the All-American Kids for the second year and three for the third year. Our first tour started September 15, and lasted a week. We began in Louisiana, traveled into Texas, then returned for performances in Oklahoma. Our crowds were small but we gained many new friends. Dick lVlacKeen was our chaperone for this tour. As soon as we returned we started learning many new songs for our television program and our weekly singing on Sunday at the Church of the Christian Crusade. 34 i V' V, up is, Local performances for civic and church groups provided us with a new outreach this year. We sang special patriotic and Christmas programs for women's clubs, Kiwanis, Lions, and American Legion Posts. We even had the opportunity to sing at the Appreciation Dinner for retiring Congressman Page Belcher. These local efforts provided a way for us to let the people of Tulsa and surrounding communities know about our new college. After a short Christmas vacation with family and friends, the All-American Kids returned to Tulsa to begin a month-long, Coast-to-Coast tour. We started in St. Louis, Missouri, worked our way to Florida through snow, ice, bus trouble, mud and more bus trouble. From Florida we headed west, stopping in Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, and California. Our only stop on the way back to Tulsa was in New Nlexico. There were many, many new learning experiences on this tour, and so many people were so nice to us in so many ways. They took us into their homes, planned special banquets, and befriended us in countless other ways. lt left us all tired but . . . most of all . . .thankful for God's many blessings and care on our long tour. lVlr. and Nlrs. Billy Opie were our chaperones for this tour. Once again we were back to work as individual students . . . plus television taping sessions, singing at many local civic and church meetings, learning new music, singing in Church on Sunday . . .and studying for tests somewhere in between. A remote television crew came to our campus for three days in February and we filmed a "special" television show, as well as our regular weekly programs, thru April. F A new effort to acquaint people in our five-state area with American Christian College started in March. Every Thursday and Friday evening we put on our two-hour musical in towns within a 200 mile radius of Tulsa. The crowds were not as big as they had been in Indianapolis or Phoenix or some of our stops in California but we were pleased with the interest shown in the college and the many new friends to whom we were able to present "our" message. Our job as "the" part of American Christian College most observed by outsiders is not an easy one. But in these days when our country is in such turmoil, we can only remain enthusiastic about our message: "Christ is the hope of the World" and "America is God's greatest nation." It was discouraging at times, but these experiences will stay with us through all of life, and we will never know until we see Christ face to face how many lives were touched or led to Him through our efforts. Yours in Christ J I Carl Miller, President Happy birthday, Dan iJohn 3:3l. Dan Villanueva, Vice-President Pictured right: Bob Goodwin, Director of the All-American Kids, Carl Miller, President 35 If ff television pmme um , - gl? V . fyy 3 fq,w:feg,,wf, :W vgaffsiwjxss ws I gf? fi, X Watch me!! Cheese!! 36 Take 5? Performing in the Christian Crusade Auditorium. A learning experience full of zeal and enthusiasm i 37 Pastor Opie WW The Touring Chaperone?! -J' K' MWWQQW N., ,Z ffm Aff as :M Excedrin Headache No. 666 O U X x Rehearsal can be such a joy!! 'Lili You go first, we'lI follow! 39 " 1 H-I an ad. My S4 Q if , A in Elegance you can afford. vu. fam 40 X If 'xxx GT 9 H' 6 I I I . . D L A J I7 I X X, I K II I III ,QI III'L1IIf . III I I '!I'3,?1IIIlfI,,I'IIII. .IIII Iwi VV IIIgI II I' I-.I III II I IIIII I WI-IIII'If,'f WIIIII I +I - fI'IIIIII'II'. 'II' fIII"IIII,II,IIIIII III I If I I ' I I III II II III II IIIIIIIIIII I III I I . -,II I III I I ,II ,I III II -,H I 'IIUIZI I If . III IIIIPI 13' ,' III'r 'IfI'I I IV "III U' 'H' I I I I f, II? :I+ II: II I, IIIIIII I I' If I If If NI Mar IW QIQMR1 WgIIjII!I,lII,5EI MEJIIIEII I?I is I If My I I I If I I I III II ,II I IIII I I , I" ', I 1- NI-A' f' ,I' 'INII ,I 'gf '..I. I'l,, I. f' I I I I" IN 'I I I' r 'III FII III VI' I 'I gillIIffIi IIII'I'IIf N4 I II IIIIIIIJH 54. ,,1hI I' I ,VIA I Y I I ,I I, IIMII , I I , I,',I.' Ij I"f 'I . I, , ' 'I' III ' 4 II ,I"l IH III I My Ku. I All ,Ll I II I I in I ,' I I I I, 'Wg ,Ill I. i I I I- -, ,I I I I , I ' I .,II i I I ,J , I VH II , Il , M. ,I .H,fIIxII, I! , 'III I III' 'III I I If III 'II III' I I 'HI II" I l,n1I II -'I 'I I IIIIIIL IIIII IIIIIIII' 'II"III 'I'IIIIIIIIIIIII III' 'IIIIII 'III IIIII' .IIIII IIIII II ,I I' I I ,IIIII ' III III II III ,U IIE I III I I IIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ If I I I I , I I I I ' f MIIWI5, III' III II I . II -I, , 'I I If I . ff IIII IIIIIIIIIMI ,I I 'IIIIII I IIIIII,,IIIII, II' I II III, II 'IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIII II III IIIIIII I ,Il ily HJ I a'II I pu I I f "I I II 5 --:VA II'f I VIII II' -.I lyjwa gylpw I , IIV, I -I .II If .II I I'II'4'I,I I II 'I,I,I. 'hw l'rr , , X WIII IIII 'I. II 'II' IIIIII IIIIWI I IJ, :MW H' IN ' 'Il' In III Hd IIV' I A I'-,Ia I1!"4l! " III If I v I IIIIIILI' I VII l I , V I I 'i"gf 1 I I I ,I '1 ,I . II ,IIIIILM I I I Top, left to right, Manager, Al Audet, Ray Netherton, Bill Ouitmeyer, Robert Earl, David Wing, Doug Gard. Bottom, left to right, Philip Martin, Harley Biggs, Wayne Buller, Wesley Dunbar, Jim Harrison, Dan Villanueva. American Christian CoIlege's 1972-73 season embodied the school's first intercollegiate basketball endeavor. These games were played with the expressed desire not only to increase the scope of the college's program but to provide a more effective medium through which the gospel of salvation, available through Christ, could be propagated. Among the more fulfilling aspects of the season was the opportunity afforded to each of the players to serve as exemplary Christian youth. The season's highlight was a second semester surge in which A.C.C. was victorious in three out of four games. The team was surprisingly successful despite a lack of experienced players. The basis for an increasingly rewarding effort has been well established. ACC Claremore ACC Bacone ACC Seminole ACC St. Gregory College ACC Bacone ACC O.l.C.C. Southwestern ACC OCS ACC Midwest ACC Midwest ACC Bethany Nazarene ACC BNC J.C. ACC Seminole ACC Bartlesville W.C. ACC Claremore ACC Hillsdale F.B.C. ACC Hillsdale ACC St. Gregory College ACC B.W.C. Team captain Wayne Buller and Bill Ouitmeyer vie for a rebound. Dr. Hargis: A leader in many ways 43 Bob Earl on the rebound for A.C.C C GEIHGACGRS Bottom left to right. Debbie Houtchens, Alice Davison, Linda Nlahaffey. Top, left to right. Starla Hodges. interested fans view "Crusader" action. Carol Schmied 45 l hockey One ofthe hard fought hockey games! 46 Team captain David Angel BASEBAH 1973 First row, right to left, Coach Dick lVlacKeen, Phil lVlartin, Charlie Hart, Wayne Buller, Paul Vllesolovvski, Karl Edwards. Top row, right to left, David Nelson, Ken Kemper, Tom Spires, Jim Harrison, David Wing, Doug Gard, Ray Netherton, Jim Lawson, David Angel. f 'Arif' As -'WX ' , ,A"'AwV .N ' ' Rip it off, Ray! 47 Hum-Babe ...W M E 9 1 Here goes nothing boys!" AND MORE BASEBALL! I got it! 48 BO uno 1 . vu 'E' Q Bottom, left to right, David Nebergall, Tom Powers, Jim Lawson, Middle, left to right, Jo Ann Carter, Debbie Andress, Linda Conkleg top, left to right, Ken Kemper, Duane Hollis, Mark Harper, Phil Martin. f af' Q gm ,,,: .2 5 xi Sa 2 Q, X4 Q 49 'Q' -...... Ice skatmq 'sf , , 3, , ,Ji - -ea:a:s::a5a5a5a:a5g -,qw , 2 ff Q f . " ' f '-I .J '4 N We W x " if ' ' 0 W" ., W .....,. 1 . Nil :,.Q x 4 in f E P Psalms 133 Q, W l 3 ww W as QW? 50 Q Q5 ,. V N I .,- K - X bl Q v Q X ,A 1he f4llm,, G V 1 , lx W 2 w .4 ts 335 y , l W , X K X 5, 'Nix vs -r V,'!is-if- if 1 Yi 'W MWQLQQ4. gf X , v , , 5!,.'x,'1,f A S S13 If J V 1', ". ' '41 f'4?1W Wi W ,M l X u., W ,f N MN gf I 'pl ' f , mfr' fl, - - f- ,fi f ':J'f'1?'fm i gihlgaig "za, y ?:,.'gH.xx ' " Wx '1'ffl2, fmme4 1 i!QQ4i?5w f A lm f 'rp -MQ, ?giiEQ3:'11jjb wuQ.. W!X416lQ?Sl' f , 'V F L I fan W if - V e821 v' 15 f i, f1f 'z' ' EPM 4 ' W, lv 43, H ' '- , ! X ' fi 1 '7 'xi J ' JK ' ' M K V911 I ff- , 1' X ' X l '31 1' .. .,'- G" f ' ' '13, Y ' 1591 rlyx 'Jw bfi N l I R! 'A.mttA,:t,'.r.g3m W ,A M1 ,4 Q 1' , 1 ig ,Y xp lf? :same wfffw ffl Wf ff p f w X 'WLM Y v WT 1f'14! ffn2 e f-rf'-' ff li I 4, Dv!! H, xy Xu! r N N L ffhnsgdg? f WI 1 we pm x91 W Ia It My I QW I I Vik ' '- MH M 115 "H 'fx , ' ' f ' f ' 7p, , QW 1wW'f k'S lt- .sf I 9 ' "K my wr NLC, "Q X N Qimix I I' 1 gf Q ,, K xr ' Y .J f ' ?fZg:.i'Wi f vw .i-,a5,,a.:g 5: In gf , 4 , X W 4 ,IM N , qxvh ' M, any QW yuh, IV 1 F ' , I . A ' W , I ,,. , ,My ,Q ,f ji n ., , v ' r 'fm In Y U I, 'E r'1 "r ,, 47,4 1 A N At the beginning of each school year a reception is given by Dr. Hargis to welcome the faculty and college students 53 i 54 ,av N 7 1 Goes ham 55 Y W m:f1!Efu'?FF"' f 57 Y "BEANS AGAIN!" Mmmmmmm . . . Bob has done it again." Praise the Lord anyhow I'm back for thirds. . . fourths?" 5 "Kisses, Kisses, Kisses 1 k Darn that dryer!" "BiIly Gudeman" I fl I 'E E Genuine imported Arabian Vampire Bat Comm llf "Letter writing is Chinese torture! "Ohhhhhhhh . . . My fingers hurt! 61 Mmmmm! Cherry flavor." "Pig-in-a-Blanket" Power to the Pope "What are YOU looking at?" HDD you have to? 2 5 5 I His romeo days are over." "We're twins." 63 y "f'f' 'H' Y Y Bai' Hello I m Father nature." "'Rip- - - if off!" I can't read - too much noise! "The wrath of God is upon you." fri! la 1 Q-. N. li "Gee, I've always wanted to ride a rooster." "Say, do I know you?" Uncle Billy wants YOU!" "Arabic taxi service." 2 65 'For Me?" s Mel A: wff'f2""' QV y "Is my slip showing, Sonny?" "It's the only way to play." "Meet Oscar!" M fv A. , M, f K' - 1 v -: T ""' 51322-iilw ' 4' ,. ' ,R . ,. , 523' i The following is a summary of attributes, compiled by the 1972-73 ministerial students of American Christian College, which they have felt make up the "Ideal Preacher" of American Christian College. The American Christian College preacher must be called by God. He must be an example in personal and private life of the way of Christ. He must preach the Word of God, the Holy Scripture, not man's word. He must believe in the Bible as Godls complete revelation for man. He must love mankind and love God. He must study hard to prepare for the ministry: "Study to show thyself approved unto God ..."II Timothy 2:15 He must live for and serve Christ. He must be led and guided by the Holy Spirit. He must be for Christ and loyal to his country. He should be clean and neat in personal appearance. He should be willing to go any place in the world to serve Christ. He should be non-denominational, a follower of the Scripture, not ofa man-made system of worship, church organization or administration. Below are the men who have accepted Godis call and have dedicated their lives for the full time Service of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. Diego Abich Duane Hollis Ray Allen Carl Komanapolli Al Audet Greg McKissick Dan Blake Jim McReynolds Simon Blatchley Jerry McKinney Joe Brock Read Morrison Wayne Buller Rick OWS165' Jay Butler David Schmidt Garvin De Shazer Dall SldebOtt0IT1 David Dock Elden Smith Robert Earl Sing-Tuons Tai Karl Sl.l1'l'll'1de1' Masih Billy James Hargis II James Harrison Harold Hobbs Thomas Chacko Robert Varner Paul Wesolowski X A M5150 Q ye 505, fi 5 'Ni x jigs! I.: 4 , ' ' ' 1 , Y 'x 1 U' . . 'L G PBM 31, S-25' " HSQMX f 1 Q , iff M if Q Q O 5 ' "Wikis 1, - , .ff -. N. .as .V , X :5f"i5S5?w5' V L., X Qu , , ,-...'1L'-T.-.'a.'ii , 43 MQ?" L- L4 A ?:rrfry-W-, Ff .- firm- .f , ,Z--ffat-Wirvnnulruzvv 1 -- ,, Y 412 W I si.--f 101111 12I1'771af'iT,,,,-li ""H'i111!-Haduuih .- - V , Q 1 D- Q .w N.-gf - ,-. ' " ,As if Q ai N ' K' ' - -A-QL ,, l ' 2? ff 4 X- x - , -Q QA JW' I 'Y ff? W 14-,z"iTX"-4 f I WW f 2 - nigga, 4-1' Af-. ' . ',?f4l-74 4 X "'Q.' , Y -13546- '-" " -i , D fy 2., ,, :.,..,-,M --ri ,,,- -- N Qs L9 -,eff f 4E4.!g1.Y.Lu4i5'4,f73i1hTn, Z'U4g:79E2r1Z:'x 4:ill1l11144-!f1 is 4 W 'dw' f 't'PTvrv' --, 44'7771'47"WF l "f-5YH7ii""" 'f?'TP?'- k 'Y QNX' K 'X 3wQ.fc,f p.WyLv114'W111a,-7" :Q lldagz,-HIHFL-Z--T. ,-, -.LVQ111liqgZ5 .M 1 fv Q ,ef 'A - T .Q "nf 3. --g..4 'ww f ,-L g A-, X ,y . 1-'FZ QW IMYH4'-2222 ASYQXQ QS 1' if 'rf -- I - " --7 0 rw'-?:--,,L- if r',- ,,, ,Eg-at..---Tr ' Q 3 Q? .-,RQ-Q 'Yq5,5F01H ,mn ',w-fQl'q 7m " 'T ' - 1'-n, -f---I 4 '-x , -L, 1 .L V f 4I ' ' - b- , , ,, AQ. Ummwam1:m:Tanfz,7fE4.iuy5?1Jmm: fi ""i"' 4-A4 ' - -T." 'L-l?':' - 1 fri' ff ,-f --.1-1 .S""5 - " 1 .ff ' if mm .mmmmm-...f mn LUNUlh3lUl .M .. . .rung 'g f 'Y -,.. ,TT-7.7 Q.:-Q ',:'T,-J-- --H ' 1 , T ...... .,n.: ""f " mm1u1mmuinw'Hf' ACE adam ELC Dl2GSlDGl11I'S DODGE Roll oeaws list 1left to rightl Thom Hickling 13.471 Steve Caughill 13.251 Ruth Berthold 13.501 Diana Morris 13.751 Al Audet 13.801 Davelyn Kiebel 13.401 David Nebergall 13.861 Sandra Peterman 13.001 Carla Muhs 13.401 Sing Toung Tai 13.651 1not shown1 Simon Blatchley 13.751 Garvin De Shazer 13.211 David Dock 13.601 Billy Hargis 13.571 Gerda Krediet 13.881 We Ray Netherton 13.201 Sue Rinard 13.861 Robert Varner 13.351 69 1Ieft to right1 Diane Dederich Karen Nelson Martha McCracken 1not shown1 David Avery Tom Spiers Paul Wesolowski Beth Williams fall semesten 1972 peclal S Sak I2 Second semester started with a "Spiritual Life Crusade" led by Dr. Guy Duffield, February 4-9, 1973. Dr. Duffield is pastor of the Angelus Temple, Los Angeles, California. He is known as one of America's greatest pulpiteers because of his knowledge of the Holy Land. He has written the best selling book on the Holy Land for tourists, "Tourists' Handbook of Bible Lands." Before each evening preaching service, he gave a slide presentation on a part of the Holy Land, including Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Petra, and Nlt. Sinai. The slides and the preaching seemed to flow together because the accounts of the Bible became more real. Dr. Walter H. Judd, a onetime medical missionary to China and United States Congressman for twenty years, spoke at the Preachers Convention in April. As Congressman, he served sixteen years on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and in 1962 was voted by his peers to be one of the five most influential Congressmen. He is noted for his political foresight, having warned against selling strategic materials to Japan long before Pearl Harbor. lVlore recently, he has shown concern over the new China policy. The Reverend Raymond de Jaegher, a Roman Catholic priest and authority on Southeast Asian politics, spoke here December 7-8, 1972. Speaking both evenings, he gave a full explanation of the Vietnam situation and the prospects for peace. A close friend of South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu, he went to Paris to advise the South Vietnamese delegation at the peace talks following his stay in Tulsa. -an ,.s.,,s,,.....1 M The Gospel Crusaders - a gospel quartet from the Tulsa Area. 71 1 1,21 1 1 S6 111 X A ly 1 -xx i x 1.7 ' ., 1, x W ,I VIQQ 5. X X 32,1 1,1 699 X 11 if I ,Vik 7Rx "1 1 ,I 01 N ' I X- 'sl . 1-1 J! J J 11 11-V 1 - . ,1.,f4f.f-9? mv- , -Q1 1 . 1 -1 W ,. - , 9 , - , - "'5:f'x-1" - - ' 18,9 53:1 1 ' 92 - J . -f ' . .. 1 X W1 , '-""" o 1 9 n 'xX- ul IIIN mn, f - Q XFN! X 1- hifiwi Y fo' 11 o IM!-' ul' - 11 fhm R' Q U' 5 ' 59'-iggbiw ' -9 :Mr-'Q Nw! 19-Yfirsaa 3 -1 , 'U X 1 V4 1 1 ' ,, N11 . U 5- 1111 af D " ., 1 ' 1 ffliflk- ' 9'9"51?575? ". 1 '1 ' , fy. N49 XL' lx, xiffv '25 I N1 11 A "fi ' 'M 4- "-' N111 cf ii-,,,,,-1 .2 Q, 1111 l 111111 WF-1541 1 rw 1' 1 1 1 ., 1, 11111 11a1 1111 1:1 11, 1wf1.,11:l' 1 K 3:6 I 1 1 1 1' '2".,' .utr f.,' 1. , 153091 ' 11g.", 1 I :i x Q ' 'VJ 655 1' 11 YQ 2:"'f2?,1'1f"' 1 , 'I li' A 1 ,W .: E K r , fn, W , W 1 1 1' w. we .. Q 5' J ' gf x KK '1f1'i1yfll'7,l""M I' N 1171 1' 1 ' "W --1 1 1"' 1" W ' 11 J Y' W 'F 1 1 1 ,1 , -, I , A-.,., 1. 1 ,. ,, ,J 1,11 11 fl , Q11 fr - - - 115, Af' c1'11f, ,WIC 1 ' 'ff H356 Q gy' . 1 I ' , 111 ,nf W ' 1' , . 1, . 1 111,191 ,ng lv 11 11N ,W Y . N 11 ur , ,1 .1 1 1 11 11111111111 111 1 1 ,1 1 1 N L1 . 11' H, l 61 1 1. 11119 ,, 1,1"7 , 'N1 ' J 'WM 'Hill 11 1- . ' ' 1 ' V nf l 11,1 11- 5. 1.1 131 1 I 1 1111 1 1 1 1 P1 1611 1 1 1 1 1 '13 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 ,1,11'-' ' , W ff" , " ff 1' 1 1 , 1-1 I 1 11 A ,. A1 11 T 1311 1 111, 11 1 W ' 'T1" 11w " 1 1 ,1 '11111 11 M 6 'fwf vinl' W 1 1 MIN I W' 1' Nxt? IL I +1 u 1 51' W 11111 twill ' , 'A I 1 11 1 11 xii 1' 1 Tf Q 1 11 11 I 1 1 IJ' 1 V11 HW. I1 ,W 1 11 1 A xii U , 1 1 K I Y , 1111 x Y1 1 - jf F 21 1 ' K X 1,5 1 1 . 1 , 1' 1 -1' 11111 .1 11 1M1 1 11 31 11M' 1, 1'1iQ11 - 1 1111111 ,ij -1111 j! mm 11 7 f 'Tlx luv '.7,. H., ,,,-yrl f- -F - f' " ' 11 fx - 1 ' X 1 ' if fi !1V m'11'N w ' XXX AX I W 11 g N President Thom Hickling Secretary Ruby LaFoIIette fu hman class offlcens Vice President Jim Lawson Treasurer Joyce Nelson Gabriela Abrigo Deborah Andress Charles Andrews Christine Campbell Jo Ann Carter Debbie Conrad Steve Caughill Alice Davison 75 Linda Conkle Teresa Dickens Dave Dock Wes Dunbar Karl Edwards Nancy Fike Charles Friend 76 "Can I wear my feathers when I sing the part of Pontius Pilate?" Billy James Hargis II si ' ,.- Bonnie and Billy get an early start in the fight against communism. Jim Harrison 77 Tom Hart TGVVY Haftef Starla Hodges Duane Hollis Debbie Houtchens Alan Kemper will do anything 78 to get a girI's attention. Alan Kemper Ken Kemper James Lawson Gerda Krediet 79 Ruby La Follette C'mon Iet's do the laundry! I haven't got a thing to wear!" Linda Mahaffey Angelica Makepeace 5 1 K! 1 Clayton Makepeace Vince Markel John Nlarchese Surrinder Masih 80 Diana Morris Carla Muhs "What do you mean is my hair color natural? 5 Greg McKissick Sherrie McKissick Rebecca Nebergaul David Nebergaul Dave Nelson "I thought for sure I left the train parked around here someplace." Gayle Nelson 82 Joyce Nelson Nabil Nofal Gayle doing what she does best. Jerry Powell William Ouitmeyer UW Chako Thomas Mariamma Thomas Shawna Thornton Leslie Thornton relaxing in the Student lounge. Rebecca Walsh President, Davld Angel Vlce President Doug Gard sophomone class offlcens 86 Treasurer Elden Smith Secretary, Peterman David Angel Gary Blevins Ruth Berthold Joe Brock 87 V Garvin DeShazer Robert Earl Cindy Elrod Roy Emmons Doug Gard "Hello, my name is Doug Gard and Bonnie believes cleanliness is next to godliness. l'm an All American Kid!" Bonnie Jane Hargis "Ray Elmore, eat your heart out! Mark Harper Charlie Hart W 90 "Look Ma, no hands!" Marilyn Kay Haynes , Q r Some things just come natural for a guy! Thom Hickling Bobbie Kaylene Kemper Ha' Hobbs Carl Komanapalli 9 1 f r Terry Linsteadt r .iffsvfa we , Q was 1-rl xsqz fw A W Roberta Marble nf' Robbie talking to baby Wan while Mrs. Wan looks on. 92 Phil Martin Ray Netherton Sandra Irene Peterman Karen Pitts "All right you guys, keep your hands off Shirley! Tom Powers 93 Eld en Smith Billie Spiers Si: Tuong Tai Robert Varner Dan Villanueva gunna' 'ww 94 An All-American Kid in the making Jumolz class offlcens n Nels Treasurer, Shirley Davis 3 F' 95 Diego Abich Luis Acevedo June Achenbach Janet Ayers 96 Shirley Davis Janice Gudeman "Hey there,Thweetie" William "Kemp" Kemper 97 Louise Marchese Carl Miller Read Morrison Martha McCracken X35 iair' f . ,a if me X Karen Nelson "Hey there big boy, 'Wanna go swimming with me?" i 98 Karen packed and ready for another year at A.C.C. Rick Owsley Ted Pearson "Anyone for a pig roast?" 4 Dan Sidebottom Tom Spiers 99 Kathy Thompson Beth Williams Karen Van Zile Paul Wesolowski 100 Kemp and Kaylene are still smiling even after one year of marriage. 3 X sg .1 rx, K .eff , its kim i X 4 , A ' ,gr .55 fv J - ,ffl -s f fb I A- Q 1 z 9 9 1 9 " - 3 41 X - X . I x w 1 1 X K lg X X ' ,XX PL LL XX? "X,,!m'f'f'L SENXUPE '75 Ray Allen . X "No, Diane, you can't be excused from choir today!" "C'mon, Jay, act like you know what you're doing. They are taking a picture." AI Audet Dan Blake Wayne Buller Future preachers of America? 103 Jay Butler Crusading preacher from the West 5. MW., "You may all be wondering why I called you here today . . ." Mrs. Hargis, always smiling in spite of it all. Diane Dederich Jim McReynoIds Sw! yan., ' . , -- , -1 4. Jigs . rw? 'fr Yfvfsif sw iff 7 mf I arm if -WQK' fi: 1, fgffrfssfi - ' ?r'xg,,, "-I -W2 wie P XT wwai 3 bm QPF harm' :Ng 49 .. 411"T,,?-iiiff Freshman class president on his throne. Ray Shockey Bonnie, Jay and Sandra visit Mexico bm., f iw "It's not a motorcycle helmet but it will have to do for now. Che-e-e-e-ese l Not Pictured Avery, Sue Avery, Dave Biggs, Harley Blake, Erlene Brown, A.D. Bradley, Mary Buck, Rena Dale, Etta Jean 107 Harrell, Greg Kiebel, Davelyn Little, Pat Montgomery, Kathy Pedigo, Bose Shaddox, Linda Quitmeyer, Gene Wing, David hmstlan Gnu aoe L.R. Rex General Manager Ruby White Haywood Kelly Dr. Hargis' Executive Assistant Development Department 108 Julian Williams Jess Pedigo Research Department David Livingstone Missionary Foundation Bob Davis Television Department 109 Charles Secrest Associate Evangelist Bob Suarez Annex Manager Gerald Pope-Editor, Christian Crusade Weekly Abich, Diego, 1503 S. Jamestown, Tulsa, Okla. 74115 Abrigo, Gabriela, El Salto 2685, Santiago, Chile Acevedo, Luis, 1531 E. 31st St., Tulsa, Okla. 74112 Achenbach, June, P.O. Box 72, Hardtner, Kan. 67057 Allen, Ray, 4209 S. 105th E. Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 74145 Andress, Deborah, 5325 E. 31st St., Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Andrew, Charles, Box 314, Greenwood, Ind. 46142 Angel, David, 7096 Hillsboro St., San Diego, Calif. 92120 Audet, Albert, 97 Vanden Noort St., Putnam, Conn. 06260 Avery, David, 6251-D East 38th, Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Ayers, Janet, 534 W. New Hampshire, Osborne, Kan. 67573 Berthold, Ruth, Route 2, Bruce, Wisconsin 54819 Biggs, Harley, 7104 East 5th Pl., Tulsa, Okla. 74112 Blake, Daniel, Route 1, Homestead, Okla. 73745 Blake, Erlene, 2664 Downer Pl., Eugene, Ore. 97401 Blatchley, Simon, Box 17175 Hillbrow, Johannesburg, S. Africa Blevins, Gary, 8923 East 3rd Pl., Tulsa, Okla. 74129 Bolinger, Mary Ann, 6927 East 19th, Tulsa, Okla. 74112 Brock, Joe, 205 Devon St., Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Brown, A.D., 5765 East 30th PI., Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Buller, Wayne, 1409 East 55th, Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Butler, Jay, Box 14315, Phoenix, Ariz. 85033 Campbell,Christine, 44252 N. Fork Dr., Kaweah, Calif. 93237 Carter, Jo Ann, 1019 West 7th, Spokane, Wash. 99200 Caughill, Stephen, 717 N. Water St., Watertown, Wis. 53094 Conkle, Linda, Route 1, Box 276, Jefferson, Wis. 53549 Conrad, Deborah, 3 Winfield Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. 80906 Dale, Etta Jean, 4548 South Gary, Tulsa, Okla. 74115 Davis, Shirley, Route 4, Box 738, Broken Arrow, Okla. 74012 Davison, Alice, 1212 Merritt Dr., Malden, Mo. 63863 Dederich, Diane, 168 Cypress Shores Dr., Mobile, Ala. 36609 DeShazer, Garvin, 3243 S. 122nd E., Tulsa, Okla. 74108 Dickens, Teresa, 9712 E. 13th PI., Tulsa, Okla. 74128 Dock, David, P.O. Box 13, Denver, Ind. 46926 Dunbar, Wesley, 2939 Santa Carlotta St., La Crescenta, Calif. 91214 Earl, Robert, Route 3, Box 321, Panama City, Fla. 32401 Edwards, Karl, 1542 Foothill, Santa Ana, Calif. 92705 Elrod, Cynthia, 608 Chase, Wichita, Kan. 67213 Emmons, Roy, 19714 East 1st Pl., Tulsa, Okla. 74188 Fike, Nancy, Route 1, Box 194, Sarcoxie, Mo. 64862 Friend, Charles, 1802 Rankin Dr., Independence, Mo. 64055 Gard, Douglas, Route 1, Box 222C, Bargersville, Ind. 46106 Gudeman, Janice, Route 4, Box 25, Winamac, Ind. 46996 Hargis, Billy James, 6641 E. 60th Pl., S., Tulsa, Okla. 74145 Hargis, Bonnie, 6641 E. 60th Pl., S., Tulsa, Okla. 74145 Harper, Mark, Route 2, Washington, Ill. 61571 Harrell, Greg, 1741 S. College, Tulsa, Okla. 74102 Harrison, Jimmy, 3016 Brookline Dr., Mobile, Ala. 36609 Hart, Charles, 2039 Naismith Dr., Lawrence, Kan. 66044 Hart, Thomas, 2001 N. Mingo Rd. No. 702, Tulsa, Okla. 74116 Harter, Terry, 3014 Sansom Ct., Milton, W. Va. 53563 Haynes, Marilyn, 11015 Modesto Dr., St. Ann, Mo. 63074 Hickling, Thom, 675 Camelot, Apt. 8. Collinsville, Ill. 62234 Hobbs, Harold, 4402 S. 41st West Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 74107 Hodges, Starla, 2005 Mt. Werner Ln., Colorado Springs, Colo. 80901 Hollis, Duane, 125 W. 5th St., Holdrege, Neb. 68949 Houtchens, Debra, 602 Solano Dr., Colorado Springs, Colo. 80906 Kemper, Alan, 707 West Walnut, Coleman, Tex. 76834 Kemper, Kaylene, 1111 E. 60th, Apt. 416, Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Kemper, William, 1111 E. 60th, Apt. 416, Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Kemper, Kenneth, 6219 E. 28th, Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Kiebel, Davelyn, Box 117, Monticello, Minn. 55362 King, Lance, 4619 E. 59th St., Tulsa, Okla. 74135 , Komanapalli, Carl, "Ebenezer", Narsapur, AP, India Krediet, Gerda, 30332 S. Norwood, Tulsa, Okla. 74114 La Follette, Ruby, Route 4, Box 48, Galesburg, Ill. 61401 111 Lawson, James, 7910 Smyrna Rd., Louisville, Ky. 40228 Linsteadt, Terry, 2631-A East 38th, Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Little, Pat, Box 32, Melvin, Ky. 41650 Locklear, Lonnie, 471 S. 37th W. Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 74107 Mahaffey, Linda, 2081 N.W. 82nd Terrace, Hollywood, Fla. 33024 Makepeace, Angelica, 1019 E. 60th, Apt. 517, Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Makepeace, Clayton, 1019 E. 60th, Apt. 517, Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Marble, Roberta, 7930 Dewey Ave., Omaha, Neb. 68114 Marchese, John, 6228-A East 36th, Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Marchese, Louise, Route 3, Box 234, Edmond, Okla. 73034 Markel, Vince, Route 1, Box 153A, Nova, Ohio 44859 Martin, Philip, 6320 E. 32nd St., Apt. H, Tulsa, Okla. 74145 Masih, Surrinder, India McCracken. Martha, 1324 Cheyenne, Richardson, Tex. 75080 McKissick, Greg, Tulsa, Okla. McKissick, Sherri, Tulsa, Okla. McReynolds, Jim, P.O. Box 888, Brandon, Fla. 33511 Miller, Carl, 2818 N. Greenfield, Phoenix, Ariz. 85006 Morris, Diana, 8619 Sagebrush Ln., San Antonio, Tex. 78217 Morrison, Read, 4 Independent St., Rowley, Mass. 01969 Muhs, Carla, 2338 S.E. 145th, Portland, Ore. 97233 Nebergall, Rebecca, 136B-5G, Ft. Hamilton, N.Y. 11252 Nebergall, David, 136B-5G, Ft. Hamilton, N.Y. 11252 Nelson, David, 4905 E. Madison, Fresno, Calif. 93727 Nelson, Gayle, 461 E. Idaho, St. Paul, Minn. 55101 Nelson, Joyce, 461 E. Idaho, St. Paul, Minn. 55101 Nelson, Karen, 4905 E. Madison, Fresno, Calif. 93727 Netherton, Ray, 1713 S. 3rd St., Broken Arrow, Okla. 74012 Nofal, Nabil, P.O. Box 20088, Jerusalem, Israel Owsley, Richard, 404 S. Grant Ave., Sand Springs, Okla. 74063 Pearson, Ted, P.O. Box 122, Hammond, Ore. 97121 Pedigo, Rose, 1540 E. 55th Pl., Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Peterman, Sandra, Route 7, Box 413, Dothan, Ala. 36301 Pitts, Karen, 4159 S. Beau Terra Dr., Mobile, Ala. 36618 Powell, Jerry, 507 Strange St., Saraland, Ala. 36571 Powers, Tom, 5928 Bertram Ave., Baltimore, Md. 21214 Ouitmeyer, Gene, 6309-D S. Madison Pl., Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Ouitmeyer, William, Las Cruces, N.M. 88001 Reinhold, Carol, Route 1, Box 53, Gillett, Wis. 54124 Rinard, Sue, 555 Phelps Circle, Mountain Home, Idaho 83647 Rojas, Maria, Chile Schmidt, David, Box 5929, Kowloon, Hong Kong Schmied, Carol, Route 6, Watertown, Wis. 53094 Linda, 6318 E. 32nd., Apt. H, Tulsa, Okla. 74135 Shaddox, Sherman, Paul, Box 52, Greenleaf, Idaho 83626 Raymond, Route 1, Box 48, Marion, Tex. 78124 Shockey, Sidebottom, Dan, Box 96, Cope, Colo. 80812 Smith, Elden, Route 1, Jefferson, Wis. 53549 Solomon, Michael, 2603 East 3rd, Tulsa, Okla. 74107 Spiers, Billie, 3211K W. 40th, Tulsa, Okla. 74107 Spiers, Tom, 32112 W. 40th, Tulsa, Okla. 74107 Tai, Sing-Tuong, Malaysia Thomas, Mariamma, 4945 S. Boston Pl., Tulsa, Okla. 74105 Thompson, Kathy, 415 W. Main St., Greenwood, Ind. 46142 Thornton, Leslie, 2513 N. Xanthus PI., Tulsa, Okla. 74114 Thornton, Shawna, 688 Sharon Valley Rd., Newark, Ohio 43055 Upchurch, Wade, 11608 E. 35th St., Tulsa, Okla. 74145 Van Zile, Karen, 11412 Jellico Ave., Granada Hills, Calif. 91344 Varner, Robert, Route 1, Benedict, Kan. 66714 Villanueva, Daniel, 316 N.E. 4th St., Pompano Beach, Fla. 33060 Walsh, Becky, Route 1, Box 273, Hampstead, Md. 21074 Wesolowski, Paul, 1543 Chowkeebin Nene, Tallahassee, Fla. 32301 Williams, Beth, 2096 N.W. Catawba Rd., Port Clinton, Ohio 43452 Wing, David, 701 N. Sheridan No. 39, Tulsa, Okla. 74115 AUIZGQRADHS 0? 9 U a may K W 6. I-vw"v'99Qi W' a an E 4 .n M 'M Q' 5,4 NA if ,ie 5 -snu- i,.. ,J 1 :FS ll

Suggestions in the American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) collection:

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