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X I ffff 1 , fre' fig TORCHBEARER -A4 W' F 1. i fi at -xv!! Q:-xg a. -ex-'21-9" ' 'Riff -fefv' ,Ai :-:1:g-:,: ,fy -. 5- . : --:QQ x. ' ' Z A ! 5 a',':i.'.f4.1 ::-- :::l::::::::!2HII!I.lllII fig 5 i F-g,1:'F -1':"?-'2Zfgfa2,5.:2ssi 25 an 'ouqzgfkfifiiiiffiia r - 59, '-.. - ,ulwieg s rg ,Ys:i, ..a,.-gi f -. -?aM,fI7' ff 1 :. : ff rf' fn f : fy Qs 22 2 5' 2? 552525 2'-f'! ""2f "' ' '-Z5' 2552? i W, , . Ag A ,ff W fi 25 , an IX ,Legg yy ll egw-eta: ga . 'fir-22? Z5 9 1: 1 - ,552 1 Q19 Ut aiguu Vw 2808 South Sheridan Tulsa, Oklahoma Today I Learn, Tomorrow I Lead." "...and be ready always to give an answer to every man that askefh you a reason of The hope that is in you with meekness and fear." I Pefer 3:15 TABLE GF CONTENTS Page 1 Title 3 Theme 4, 5 Table of Contents 6, 7 President's Letter 8, 9 Dedication 10, 11 Memorium 12, 13 Dean's Letter 14, 15 Vice-President's Letter 16 Administration 17, 18, 19 Faculty and Staff 20, 21, 22 Museum of Art 23, 24, 25 Board of Regents 26, 27 Student Body President's Letter 28, 29 American Christian College Choir 30 College History 31 Poem 32-54 Class Pictures 55-58 Sports 59-66 Student Activities 67-70 Work Students 71 72 Christian Service 73, 74 Hub of Christian Crusade 75-78 Fountain of Youth 4 "I place the cross first and underneath it the flag." General Gibson President McKinley added: "That is not too high for the cross and never too low for the flag." "The cross is the place where the history of human guilt culminates, where the pur- poses of divine love are made eligible, where the maiesty of God's law is vindi- cated, where God's hatred of sin is ex- pressed, where the serpent's head is bruised, where the fountain of salvation is unsealed, where the darkness of eter- nity is eradicated. "To this great cross which was a goal of the heart of God from all eternity, the Flag of our nation yields supremacy and exaltation." Anonymous 5 To the Students of American Christian College: It is a ioy for me to write this letter. American Christian College-the result of a Divine Vision-has completed a magnificent first year. Just as God willed the founding of American Christian College, you came here because He led you here. Without your gracious help, we could not have accomplished what we have in making American Christian College a Christ-centered, conservative college with leadership emphasis. For a number of years God has been working on my heart, and also on the heart of David Noebel, to establish an accredited Christian, conserva- tive, liberal arts college where youth leaders could be trained to save America. How grateful I am that He was working on your hearts as well. These things didn't iust happen. It was all the direct will and design of God. If, in the future, we continue to reach the same caliber of students we have had this first year, American Christian College can well become the most important new educational institution of this decade. I thank God daily for sending you to us. Join me in my prayer that new students coming our way will be the same devoted Christians and stal- wart Americans that you have been, and that God will use us all for His glory in the saving of our Christian America. Yours for God and country, Billy James Hargis President, American Christian College V- Y' . . 1 9 ul SEM 52' 8 Q N 5.5 . s 5.59 DEDICATICDN Behind The scenes of every producTion There is on orgonizer -one who Tokes core of oll The "liTTle Things" ThoT moke The overoll picTure move smooThly. Such o person is never seen buf olwoys There. The sTudenTs of American Chrisfion College ore honored ond proud To hove can individucul of This quolify: The one person To whom we con oll come wiTh ony problem no moTTer how smoll, one who is olwoys prepored for ony emergency, one who con onsvver ony quesTion, ond who hos sfood up for us whenever we were righT. When o person such os This comes olong iT is difficulT To express cn proper "Thc1nk you" in The feeble words we hove in our vocobulory. We hope iT will suffice for us To dedicciTe The 1971 TORCHBEARER To...Ruby WhiTe. 's 6 -! IN MEMCRIAM L. E. "Pete" WI-IITE, JR. I have lost my oldest partner. L. E. "Pete" White, Jr., who has been by my side as person- al manager and public relations director for nearly 20 years, was called to be with the Lord on Friday morning, September 25, 1970. Pete and I had dinner together the night before his most recent and 'Fatal bout with cancer. This summer, he was with me at The Summit, in fact, he was always with me. He was never further from me than a telephone. Directing all my rallies, conventions, suppers and press conferences, he was as essential to me as my right hand. I really didn't think I could make it without him, but I guess God saw differently. Thank God, Romans 8:28 still holds true: "Ancl we know that all things work together for good to them that love God." As I write this, I have twin emotions overwhelming me: Sadness for Pete's aged mother, for his wife, Ruby imy executive assistantl, and for their grown sons, Pete and Chris, a lawyer and a Lieutenant in the Air Force, respectively. And gratitude to God for allow- ing me to share Pete's life and talents. Goodbye Pete...we fought them did your best to keep the press honest about me and to honestly communicate to the nation what we were doing. You were rough on me at times, but I needed that, too, for no man gets so big that he doesn't need counsel and warnings. But, you were always there. You always thought I would drop dead of a heart attack, so you protected me. It was you we should have worried about. We saw what God could do with a dream. You were a good press agent, here, now you have graduated to my press agent in heaven. L. E. "Pete" White, Jr. was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1919. Reared in St. Louis, Missouri, he graduated from high school in 1936 and from the University of Mis- souri in 1940. In 1948, he formed his own advertising agency. He was founder and president of White Advertising Agency, Inc., and ot W 8. W Advertising, Inc. He was current president of the Tulsa Chapter, Public Relations Society of America. He was active in the Tulsa Press Club, Tulsa Tennis Club and a member of the Tulsa Ad Club and Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. 'J'-5:41, LE-,1?i?i5 'LK ' ' x.,-V - Pai 1 A , Dear Students and Friends of American Christian College: The American Christian College came into being as a result of the vision of Dr. Billy James Hargis. He saw the need for a college, soundly Christian and patriotically Ameri- can, dedicated to the training of leaders who will carry on in the best Christian and American traditions. In addition to our national program, an increasingly important role is being played in Asia and Latin America. This is made real for our college students through students from South America and Asia, and through the orphan homes in South Korea, India, and Mexico, maintained by the missionary division of our organization. Then there is the "Christian Crusade Weekly," with its new offspring, the "Christian Crusade Weekly" published in India. The student at the American Christian College is involved in the affairs of the world on a Christian basis. Seminars are held in Israel so that our students may see and hear the good news of Christian salvation in the places of its origin. Our college concert choir, in its first year, has achieved an enviable reputation for excellence through its coast-to-coast performances. Life at American Christian College is a truly great adventure in Christian learning and living. Come and ioin our student body, have a part in reconstructing our national life and the life of the world along Christian lines. Sincerely, ll' lbo-uf' H. Russell Grow, Dean L 'lgiyf Dear Students: "Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ." As we look back over the school year which has lust closed, l'm sure we are all aware of the numerous difficulties, heartaches and even failures which were experienced. As human beings we are all subiect to infirmi- ties of various sorts. We see, I hope, our immaturity in many areas. Be- sides, our imperfections are doubtless greatly magnified as they are proiected upon the backdrop of the high Christian standards of our school. But in and through and out of all these discouragements, God has brought us forth in triumph. I believe that our entire student body will share with me the conviction that God has given us many victories during the school year. Progress has been made. There has been a growing up into Christ in all things. Eyes of the understanding have been enlightened. The exceeding great- ness of His power to us has been experienced. The whole armor of God has been proved in our conflict with the enemy. It is my prayer that we may all go on to greater victories for our Lord Jesus, and that we may never have our vision of Him dimmed by the counterfeits of the world, the flesh and the Devil. God bless you-Go with God. 4 Yours in Christ, M V7 David A. Noebel Vice-President ADMINISTRATION it ' 'F' i ,l V I f I BILLY JAMES HARGIS, LL.D. H. RUSSELL GROW, LL.D. DAVID A. NOEBEL PFGSICISHT Administrative Dean Vice-President LL.D. Bob Jones University A.B. Northeastern State College A.B. Hope College A.M. University ot Nebraska Milwaukee Baptist College Ph,D. University of Nebraska Graduate Study LL.D McKendree College University of Wisconsin University of Tulsa LONNIE REX ROBERT J. REED ROBERT WORTH Business Manager Director of Admissions Director of Student Activities B. Music Oklahoma City University B.S. Bob Jones University B.S. Cedarville College u tl i l H. RUSSELL GROW, LL.D., Dean Business A.B. Northeastern State College A.M. University of Nebraska Ph.D. University of Nebraska LL.D. McKendree College MARY CLAY WILLIAMS, Ed.D. English A.B. Randolph Macon College M.A. Columbia University Ed.D. University of Tulsa FACULTY . x X A 1 GEORGE D. SMALL, Ed.D. JAMES L. PRINCE, Ed.D. Psychology History B.S. Kansas State College A.B. Northeastern State College M.A. University of Kansas M.S. Oklahoma State University Ed.D. Columbia University Ed.D. Oklahoma State University 113 DAVID A. NOEBEL DORAH E. GROW Bible Applied Science A.B. Hope College A.B. Northeastern State College Milwaukee Bible College M.C.E. University of Oklahoma Graduate Study Graduate Study University of Wisconsin New York University University of Tulsa Southern Illinois University FACULTY RAY ENGEL ROBERT E. GOODWIN Physical Education Vocal Music B.S. Northeastern State College B.M.E. University of Tulsa Graduate Study Northeastern State College '--ui RAY ELMORE Organ and Piano A.G.O. A.T.O.S. WILIAM W. L. WAN Librarian B.A. University of Hong Kong M.S, University of Hawaii M.L.S. University of Oklahoma i BARNEY RYAN, Ed.D. Mathematics B.A. University of Tulsa M.A. University of Tulsa Ed.D.University of Tulsa BETHEL DeLAY Library Consultant B.S. Northeastern State College M.S. Oklahoma State University B.L.S. University of Denver STAFF uv' JL, , i J i T 3 , o , B TOM AND BITSY HOLLINGSWORTH JUDY DICKSON LINDA CANNING Dormitory Managers American Christian College Tutoring Secretary HARRELL CANNING Radio Technician . T, 'L ,M i X' , ,- U T RUBY WHITE BUEL DeSHAZER MRS. DOROTHY HEADRICK Director of Public Relations Maintenance Kitchen B.A. University of Missouri Seledrions From The ArT Museum ABRAHAM OFFERING ISAAC Francesco, Covcliere Trevisoni 1656-1746 "THE HOLY KINSI-HP" Guiseppe Moria Crespi 1665-1747 J. Dun Gordy b 1 Herbert S. Homlm -iii B. L. Humphreys Y J X. Brig. Gen Clyde J. Watts Robert Lee Shotts T. Wayne Switzer Administration, Faculty, Fellow Students and Friends of American Christian College: I have despaired of writing a letter to fit this occasion for one simple reason, that reason being, that volumes could not contain the scope presented, the dreams revealed, the purpose and design unveiled, the fulfillment and ac- complishments realized during this first year at American Christian College. Without exception the students of American Christian College felt God's call in making their decision to attend college here. We realize that along with opportunity and privilege comes responsibility-to God, to our country, and to ourselves. We feel as did an early New England settler, William Stoughton that, "God sifted a whole nation, that He might send choicer grain into the wilderness." Being chosen by God from among over 3V2 billion people to perform His work here is a great honor but entails an even greater responsi- bility. We came to build, to learn, to search for truth, to revile and defeat Satan by means of the Latin inscription found on our Coat of Arms-"ln Hoc Signo Vinces." It is our steadfast aim that in the coming years when speak- ing of the present perils threatening us we can add a postscript composed over 2,000 years ago by Julius Caesar, "Veni. Vidi. Vici."-I came. I saw. I conquered." Through Christ our Victory, K My Ray Allen President, Student Body BCDARD CDF REGENTS Moi. Gen. Edwin A. Walker Brig. General Richcurd B. Moron . .-lr. ' Dr. W. O. H. Gorman Mr. B. F. Taylor Tom Anderson Dr. Wllllcum Word Ayer Roy Bctemc Roy BenneH fax ffi Dr. Milton Cutchen Wode D. Googe American Christian College opened its doors for its first student on September 14, 1970, but the planning of the program of the college dates back several years prior to this opening date. The idea for the college has been a long-standing dream of its president, Dr. Billy James Hargis, who has felt that there is a definite need for an institution at the college level which would inculcate those same ideas and ideals which form a foundation for the Church of the Christian Crusade. No institution of higher education can be fully understood apart from its philosophy, purposes and obiectives. American Christian College has recognized this from the beginning and in all of the preliminary planning has attempted to see that the curriculum which has been de- veloped, the administrative organization, the selection of the faculty, the admission policies for students, as well as other educational experiences provided for both stu- dents and faculty, conform to the basic philosophy of the institution. The obiectives of the American Christian College are both spiritual and academic. Spiritually, we seek... -to create assurance that God is the Creator and Ruler of an orderly universe, -to point lives toward Jesus Christ, resulting in ethical and moral fitness, -to demonstrate that man's spirituality is the center of his education, and that learn- ing is a lifelong process, -to train leaders in Christian education, Christian ministry, and Christian well-being, -to help each individual arrive at an understanding of himself, his fellow man, and true reconciliation to God through faith in Jesus Christ, thus enabling man to become fully mature, "thoroughly furnished unto all good works." CII Timothy 3:i7D Academically, we seek . . . -to promote the understanding of human personality and behavior, as well as the physical and biological elements involved in our environment, -to develop the esthetic and cultural patterns of living, -to train leaders in business administration, and to provide a sound academic foundation for all phases of economic endeavor, -to encourage vocational efficiency, adequate communication, appreciation of our American society and the historical processes which made it possible. The American Christian College-strongly Christian and proudly American-seeks to develop Christian leadership and to assist man to achieve harmony with God and with his fellow man, enabling him to become increasingly free and increasingly pro- ductive as a Christian and as a citizen. The Search Do we ever reach the point Where the road meets the sky? There is no point, There is only the search. What will we discover at the end? Ourselves again, but changed. Taking hands, Wanting to understand Lessons our books and teachers never taught Meeting, Talking, Touching, And from the silence of aloneness, Moving together, Observing, Challenging the unknown, Wandering through life's mysteries, Asking questions, Questions yet to be answered. Searching, Standing alone. Alone, yet in a crowd, Fighting to be A part of it all, To become totally human, To become ourselves, Considering the experiences, Seeking the truth, Our lives are built upon it, We find the answers, The answer is God. Companionship, The love in a held out hand, Truth, The correspondence with reality, Freedom, The knowledge of truth, Identity, The soul searching to find itself, Peace, The inner quieting of a troubled mind. What will we find at the end? Ourselves again, but changed. -Royce Rex Luis Acevedo Santiago, Chile Psychology Luke 11:10 Old Rugged Cross Roberi Ray Allen Route -7953 Box 552- Abilene, Texas Ministry Romans 8:28,38,39 Testament of Freedom Halleluiuah Chorus 'is Albert Audet 115 Wilton Road- Westport, Connecticut Business Il Thessalonians 2:15 Jesus Saves Lory Appleman 2045 Goshawk Street- San Diego, California Missionary Psalms 23 They Will Know We Are Christians Janet Ayers 534 West New Hampshire - k Osborne, Kansas Music Romans 8:38,39 I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked I xnpki ,Y .Nw W V w I uf.. ww . 11: -' -n , .i , rf- I . .MQQ ' -iw, .LJ ,Maur Foy Baker RR 9951 Box 59- Billings, Montana Business Psalms 25 Each Step I Take Gary Blevins 8923 E. 3rd Place Tulsa, Oklahoma Business Admin. Matthew 5:9 Blessed Assurance Dan Blake Route 9991 - Homestead, Oklahoma Ministry Proverbs 3:5,6 There Is Joy in Serving Jesus W , Wayne Buller 3917 East 28th Street Tulsa, Oklahoma Ministerial I John 1:7 O, How I Love Jesus! Jim Booth Riverdale, Georgia Bible Business -fiu3'?qm'i'1V54'.9."+ii' ', Jkh .. ,c kj 23.1,-' "'-' . ,. J- if' ' 'iff : , , ,.i- J , ,L i 1 i 1 i i Dianne Carter 5713 East Second Street- Tulsa, Oklahoma Business I Corinthians I3:12,13 Had It Not Been For Jesus N Terry Cox Route 5, Box 117- Coushatta, Louisiana Christian Education I John 2:17 Jesus of Calvary 4 1. ll ii-iii. . , A1 . X,-Q ,M , W Carol Frakes 2421 Norih 129 East Avenue Tulsa, Okla. Business Philippians 4:13 Living for Jesus Billie Engle 4701 Shawnee- Amarillo, Texas Religious Education John 1O:27,28 Where No One Stands Alone - ? if ' ,.i ' :tt . A ix. A3 Ni 1 '1 'L 'ri7"im nf,-Iago, A '3T'f11' L-'gif I wif fi xiii,- .'. :, . Jennifer Goodwin 9515 South Canton Tulsa, Oklahoma Music Matthew 7:12 Whiter Than Snow ....,.g 5' z Q tsl V . 1 ,,,.w X, A fu1EQ5MQ:til!U.if Sally Grant 147 Oakhurst- San Antonio, Texas Law Matthew 7:1,2 Jesus ls Coming Again Janice Gudemon RR 4754, Box 25- Winamac, Indiana Missions Romans 5:1-11 By and By Mike Grieshcuber 1917 D.N.E.- Miami, Oklahoma Ari Luke 1:37 Saved, Saved, Saved . -1.11 'wa "M ' Q- gig-:N.,5 1 , Bonnie Hargis 2423 East 37 Street- Tulsa, Oklahoma Christian Education Romans 8:31 God Will Take Care of You Harold Hobbs Tulsa, Oklahoma Bible William "Kemp" Kemper 707 Wes? Walnut- Coleman, Texas Romans 8:28 You'll Never Walk Alone A.. Li .- ,il-lj. . 541.1 .l 11 Q-1'-lil 1.-.,. 512. -: '1 +- X 2 - li F. 'J -'l 'L Steve Julius 313 West Grant- Greentown, Indiana Christian Education Matthew 7:7,8 Exodus Deborah Lucas 12328 East 26 Street Tulsa, Oklahoma Christian Education Psalms 23 How Great Thou Art Louise Marchese Route 9993, Box 234- Edmoncl, Oklahoma Christian Education Hebrews 10:36 Amazing Grace Peter Michaelides 2445 Bryn Mawr Avenue Chicago, Illinois Biology John 8:58 BeThoven's Sixth Symphony 1 l ,: ,,.--fi! -4-,,-,.,- 1, he Sfeve McDonald Box 443- Plecisani Valley, Iowa Christian Education Phillippions 4:7,8 Beefhoven's Fifth Symphony Carl Miller 2818 North Greenfield Road Phoenix, Arizona Christian Education I Timothy 4:12 Living for Jesus f .nf- Read Morrison 4 Independent Street- Rowley, Massachusetts Pre-Law Phillippians 1:20-23 Wonderful Grace of Jesus Rickey Owsley Box 323 - Millbrook, Alabama Ministry Romans 8:31 l'll Tell the World Thar l'm A Christian mx., - - N, lt, . ,f jk? Angelica Orge Makepeace Tulsa, Oklahoma Bible Luke 11:9 My God and I . ' v Ted Pearson Box 122- Hammond, Oregon Pre-Law Ezekiel 33:6 Amazing Grace 'vi Susan Peden Box 956- Sfanfon, Texas Elementary Education John 15:16 Living for Jesus NN.,-,X Ann Radulski Providence Hill Road- Atkinson, New Hampshire Christian Education Psalms 37:39 God Will Take Core of You Meta Pope T805 Shadovvlawn Street Jacksonville, Florida Christian Education I Corinthians 5:17 Living for Jesus T' .ui Royce Rex 6628 South Florence Ave.- Tulsa, Oklahoma Psychology Proverbs 6:20-22 My God and I .gf Janet Sandsfronn Box 145- Plaza, North Dakota Christian Education Romans 12:9 I Believe in a Hill Called MT. Calvary Tom Spiers Route 42 Box 406- Millbrook, Alabama Physical Education I Corinthians 3:23 Wayfaring Sfranger Kathy Thompson 41515 West Main Sfreef- Greenwood, Indiana Business Proverbs 3:5 God Will Take Care of You W' f Y-:rw ":'Qaif-f-:-f--- 1 -:is '-LE i, uu- P' ,1i"b. ,Q'-' -. , , K 5 ,-, Ni., WL i"iF.i.!f--1 i g-.1-in ,. , -,ia .i -1 153' 'rffii . 7.5-' i?1q-Lf'-'l-,r f' ,imgfx-Sl, 'EQ 'S '3":H I-L-J 'Laffy ll' I ' i ' 5 vt' mf'-gf I, ,, .X,i5u',,., Ar-rg ilf-H351 vp i ,V ij,-'51,-'V . f ln' 9,5 .ann 4-'rv' -f f 1- ji V' ' .. '1 l ":iil 4 ! i i All an fi - 1 i ' ' - Sieu-Tang Ting Sibu-Sarawak, Malaysia Christian Education I Came Here To Stay IP' z nik, Wil-gfjfP7-I 'A TEM 1. J 1 'if '--Q' 'ii . ' . I -4 Roy Walker 450 Camille Street- Alexandria, Louisiana Phillipians 4:13 Karen Van Zile 11412 Jellico- Granada Hills, California Christian Education Romans 1:16 I Believe Kris Watson 1 107 West Westcott Visalia, California Christian Education Romans 12:12 Sweet, Sweet Spirit Paul Wesolowski 1543 Chowkeebin Nene Tallahassee, Florida Bible-Ministry I Peter 4:11 Halleluiuah Chorus Karen Wharton 11711 N.W. 71h Avenue - Vancouver, Washington History-Christian Education Romans 8:28 Amazing Grace SPORTS NZ we AGL' ACL' I 55 First Row-Tom Spiers, Roy Allen, Steve McDonald, Paul Wesolowski. Second Row-Mike Grieshcuber, Dan Blake Wayne Buller, Sieu-Tang Ting, Peter Michoelicles. Coaches-Ray Engle and Bob Worth. 55 SPIKE They got another one! lt's good i L J.'x Jump bull Battling for the Championship 58 THE MASTERS Ping-Pong Team Student Activities Where'd it go? My mind is made up-don't Favorite pastime! confuse me with the facts! All the time?!? 1- . . Rattlelooskil i . . K' . --t -1,-., ,- i - ,V ' fax-A ': V- , Q l, Y i- ir? il: . I . A pit, 7 'W ' ' 'I-. ' w 3 ire 5 No Comment! Chocolate cupcakes?!? Who's gonna eat whose queen??? 59 i Peaceful Co-existence?!!? J, ,EL-1 Don'T slip on your las! banana peel! Don'T blame me I voted Wallace! 60 M .. . ,W . . ,VA -- 1 l n f Anybody won? somethin' I love Stinky! from Gif-N-Go'?? l l love fo Tell The story! l Nl 'l 3 f n 1 -ff a gl HM10.'LllVE5 .. ..' ... -'ir 1 l 1 I- l' ' , 1 , H Y ,V A' ' "' -W ,, ' . -L:z': '.... Y -Y k-' VY U, ' ' " '- -'ivy Tl , .. Our home away from home! lirli'-il?" . . fgyxg: 1.131 J 5 1... .' f "-1'!:--' W 1 YL?" . "'. ' ' 43. - ,J Q M' l A I H L, A , i 4 i - FY ' . ,gi I i w , W , A Q ' - ...- - 1. , 1' Superman and . hlsl lmlhful Is that ci chicken leg Brlllo Pad down there? 4 Q' i,.v:sr , ,li H4 WH F ,A ni warm M qu- R ' "ixff',ji. F -ii7"i',. Z ".f-3'-,, ' J1'.V "t'-. "hi-11-,.xh.3 i ff r ,P5gj?5+Qi:1,, ' ..,.1.,5 2 ,IJ . V' ' . fl b- .f x ' ri ,, ,wah " -i' '-fg-. fc. mp-592 14: 'hz'-'m -' 5 . .f 1, - uf. -tGf.zL F1 Y Rickey! Christian Crusade Orphanage No. 8??? The fleet feet team? Did someone say girls? ga The Alamo-where The American dream lives on- And if was happy! N. E 2221 aff 15 if 9 24 .- Honeymoon Haven with hot and cold running roaches! 4.5 "PFS-vw..p,, , ' ' f-fiffb-is-,,.'.-,P",.rf1 -r ,F 4 ' ' f..J,'. fi l 7 i f' iQ Oops! Guess if wasn"r The men's Anybody have a needle and room after all! thread? 5 .ww-J . 1 ,..5.y Two of our loveliesf Ladies! Our hostess with the mosfesf! fi., Give him cn half-nelson, Bonnie! 'E' No tip-No bog! T3 Will it melt before You know when I get if to Visculicl? fl-,gf begf does To me. Soy cnohh! Did someone soy iunch?! 64 Rickey who? YOU FREAK! --9 . I "Boys on one side-Girls on the other." r 159 ll Oohh - how grr-oss! Is that Jen behind those Foster Gronfs? 1-.2373 1 H 1 A l fl! 3 Nil fyls A "Love is only for the old, young, ond middle aged." W1 l Ellen WHO? P. z Is that B.J.H. wearing C.M.'s pcmts?? Don"r soy "con'f" to me!!! Oo-together-OO f 7 F' .- ' si he. ha. .l x So you did n'f have cn ladder huh?!? FTE. Comfy Comfy!! Here I am- Who? Q night on You lucky people!! the bus won'T do! I'r's in The back on the left! . ' . -- ', " . 'v In ' -A Look Mo! The Devil made me do if!! Work Students ff!! Sue Peden ond Billie Engle l i 4 g3.f:,1-- E. ' l ' I-. 2365, jig' A l""'l?iy'.D1g!'. Z 1. f, f , , , . .l'7ljiF ,In ' Fig - ' ' .W--?"'z:' ' '- lll- '15-gi, , - .14 ,bfi ,-.ll lr: V . Tfj-3 :L A.. W ,15- .4' 5 -'VN :eff l"-Q' 1, Steve Julius Mailing ix-, Shipping Janet Ayers Newspaper !', Karen Wharton Newspaper l l 5 A , .V 5 . Fciy Baker Public Relations Angelica Orge Shipping Karen VonZile Shipping Luis Acevedo Shipping lk Evelyn Smith Library Dionne Carter Church Secretory Tom Spiers Printing IT-Q - ily. mp i' f,--- ,..A,V 5 Z .9 Janet Scndstrom College Secretary Wayne Buller Carol Frokes Bookstore s Kitchen Ted Pearson Bonnie Hargis Research Public Relations Steve McDonald Bookstore gmac!! Mike Grieshober Art Sieu-Tong Photographer Christian Service J. Q 0 A 5 U 'J' AW: ff., .v - . . Left to Right: Ray Allen QPres.Jg Janet Sondstrorn QSec.Jp Ted Pearson QV. Pres.Jg Janet Ayers fTreos.Jp Rickey Owsley fChclplclinJ. T 2' 1 --str, I, cle. ' vu f The Hub of Christian Crusade N Haywood Kelly Director of Stewardship Charles Secrest Associate Evangelist l l l Gerald Pope Editor Christian Crusade Weekly Torn Hollingsworth Pilot Julian Williams Director of Research Jess Pedigo David Livingstone Missionary Foundation Fountain of Youth -1 Av 1 JI I Kemp Kemper ...r ff' Don Blake Lory Appelmcm f , f M W ' F ' , .. 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Suggestions in the American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) collection:

American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 31

1971, pg 31

American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 63

1971, pg 63

American Chrsitian College - Torchbearer Yearbook (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 64

1971, pg 64

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