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' NA'A ,, ., , ,, W- wry . ., .. . . , A ,, , V. A., A. . .L .. M ., , , N ., 1, H -Xf2 f'11-rs-Hy.. 3' - -a.,. ' ' - ' . . X , ' 'f , 4 we N., - W. M .. ..,.4. -..,,,., ,.,..x..,.L, , ,. M ,L -,..... WW. ljmqg., ,, ,,-d...q........W,,. ,,.,n.,,,M..,,.,. .. A--WHA. . A THE DIRECTUR XQAN A04 Q ls...-avg ge 0 S sl-5 I-1 'S' N 5 Q x American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service, Inc. 229 Park Afoenue South New York, New York SEPTEMBER 1975 W l 2 DEDICATION T 0 D11 Samuel Feinmdn, we, the Members of the September 1975 Class dedicate this Edition of THE DIRECTOR. Class Advisors Message I if 5 , . A l . , , i ' ' .'L 1: - ., L NE? f 5 K , f Adieu my friend adieu FROM YOUR CLASS ADVISOR Oh, wad some power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us. And departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time. ln the last year, we have seen you as the dapper and the slovenly, the timid and the aggressive, the frightened and the arrogant, the dedicated and the fellow- travelers, the mature and the iokesters, the loyal and the self-centered. And that's what I learned in the school. How can we forget the platform shoes, the bangs, the excuses for dungarees, the cowboy shirts, the come-and-go goatees, the Afro combs, the poured-in slacks, lunch at Pete's, the new fathers, the unpronounceable names, the clattering heels, the male hair-brushes, the appeal for seat raising, the luncheon near the latrine, the checker-board pants, the early morning mirror coiffures, and the port- able seat-pads. As we look back we remember the Puerto Rican yarmulka, the Smith Brother's beards, the paisons, Santy Claus, the stripped forelocks, Smiley and Smiley Junior, the dead pan, the combina- tion of fat and muscle, the fat lwith no musclel, the clique supremus, the clique moderatus, and the clique infinitesimal. Then too there was the loser, the all-day diner, the safari kid, Irish himself, the meeter and greeter, the sexy senior citizen, the dissenter, mustache wax, marcelled hair, the three comedians, the lavender pant-suit, Beau Brummel, mumbles, the peroxide kids, the omnipotent oracle, the silent one, and the kidney-stone kid. We must not forget the father confessor, the loner, fatso, the weight-lifter, the self-adorer, the Philly courier, the reverend, the bulging waistline, the hallway-hiker, the cynic, mono, New England Frenchy, the bean pole, the midget, the falsetto hummer, the knitter, the judge, the blow-hard, the teach , the campus companions, the open-mouth gum chewer, the president's glamor-aide, the black- eyed politician, Medusa's locks, the Pro Print messenger, the gypsy, the president's shadow, the style setter, and the lowered-head babbler. As you go out into the world l want you to be as great a person and as true a professional as l know you can be. 4 J. Sheridan Mayer President fs Message liiifi 4 ,,.s Ilia The Man of Real Excellence The great Chinese philosopher Meng Tzu, who lived in the third century before Christ, wrote that the man whose sole pursuit is pro- fit and advantage can be ruined by a bad harvest, but the man whose sole pursuit is excellence cannot be confused by evil times. The man of real excellence improves others in many ways. Some he transforms like rain in season, for others he brings success to innate capacity, for some he provides answers to questions, and others derive benefit in their own way. These are the ways in which a man of real excellence improves other people. To act without knowing, to do things as they have always been done without understanding, to engage in an activity all one's life without really appreciating what it's about and how it relates to other things .... that is to be lust one of the crowd. John McAllister, President 5. Dean's Message 5 1 PROFESSIONAL GROWTH Some weeks ago I had the privilege of attending an excellent seminar sponsored by the Metropolitan Funeral Directors Association. It was a real pleasure to get reacquainted with many American Academy Mc Allister Institute alumni whom I had not seen in quite a long time. But, the most gratifying part of the entire experience was to find a very sizeable group of recent alumni, not only in attendance, but actively participating in the program. Their contributions to the quality of the seminar were truly outstanding. To those of you who will soon be graduating, I can offer no better advice than to emulate this pattern. Become involved in your funeral service associations at the local, state and national level. Be an active participant. And, accept the responsibility of providing leadership Whenever the opportunity presents itself. This can be a maior contribut- ion to your continuing professional growth and the advancement of funeral service. In all of your future endeavors, you take with you the high hopes and best wishes of the faculty. Otto S. Margolis, Dean 6 X '1' -Q1 John Mc Allister, President Otto S. Margolis, Dean Anatomy Chemist-ry in iii NN fuk AR L.. DOFOTIWY Mayer Anne Davis Director of Admissions Registrar 8 . . , , A, .,.,.,,, ,,,,,..i. , L . 4 A, ie .. ,ni ,J U , ..... , , Y ,. ,, , ,,,, Mildred Gelman J. Sheridan Mayer Secretary Restorative Artg Cosmetology Frank J. Pokorny William A. Tari Microbiologyp Public Health Funeral Service Principlesg Restorative Art Assistantg Funeral Service Counseling 9 Emanuel Bund Richard J. De Luccia Morfua-ry Lawp Public Health Law Embalming ff, ' '2f1:aC::f,.,x. . . Mc,..v1,., . V, , a an K f u f Q :-. , c laa i , xl, , Jigs W if Pl' -wi, ff N--. 2,5515 me Samuel E. Feinman Louis J. Fellowes Pathology Funeral Service Principles Practical Embalming .l Ikram UI-Hassan Louis V. Moscafo Microbiology Laboratory Business Law Arnold Steiner Emanuel Weinerman Pgyghology Accounting w4 Steven Schawaroch Marcus Gray Chemistry Practical Embalming Michael Rosenberg -If Practical Embalming . cr cafalc i Emergency Care l llllt l x. 1 A .... William F. Flooks Franklin A. Roth Practical Embalming Practical Embalming 12 L A 5 , I A r 1 Class w1c1y'i':'g, . --,- I v,,, ,,., . W, X Presiden ts It was indeed a gratifying experience to serve as President of Section AB at A.A.M.l., although stress and strain sometimes accompanied my efforts to get what I thought was best for the class. These periods of discord were usually preceded by meaningful and educational situations. l encourage all students to continue to learn, both through study and experience as they leave A,A.M.l. Let this be only a cornerstone to a great future in funeral services. I would like to extend a special thanks to our advisor, who made himself available to discuss with the class various ramifications and the many directional routes to proceed from and to. l am also thankful for the inspira- tion given me by the entire faculty and staff of the institute. John T. Campbell President Section AB As President of Section CD, it is a pleasure for me to extend my sincerest congratulations to all of my fellow classmates. All the experiences of the past year will become the memories that all of us will cherish and hold close to our hearts forever. During the past year we graduates have worked together, matured together and had fun together. We have been a unity. These memories will make our mutual efforts all the more meaningful. Upon looking back on the past year, I wish to thank my fellow officers for their help in coordinating the vari- ous class activities. The cooperation and guidance from the faculty, together with the participation from fellow classmates has made the year memorable. Without the work of all of us nothing could have been accomplished. The knowledge and experience we have gained in the year we have spent at AAMI have prepared us for the future. With that behind us, I sincerely extend to the graduates all the happiness, best wishes and success the future holds for us all. Thank you, Ronald Quintana President Section CD I4 John D. Abbafe Dean A. Alexander gil -35 R0berT K, Ayres Edward E. Bailey I5 RUTI1 J- Beck George E. Booker Bellevue Christmas Party my 1 5 .un QU' - W: rooo e rre- fx rrrr H fri r,re f rre ,, i , ,.., GVGQOVY J' BfadY Robert H. Brant I6 ,f M Steven H. Brendli Sherard D. Brown Dennis W. Bundy Edward J. Cahill, Jr i7 Hi, SQ t Ji, ig V. , , Crispy tg . .- ,,,,.e, , Sy., k,kk . C q ii? V J ,, ,W - , : ,.- ,L .M-,rein 7. my ,M . . In Clifford E. Callwood John T. Campbell President Sec. A-Bg Yearbook Committee i , S if -5 E 352721 . Enrico T. Caruso Ralph E. Celio Bellevue Christmas Partyf Sec. A-B Historian I8 ' I -. H A ' 5 f- A Q '- za. I , 1 ' V, W Joseph L. Charily Bellevue Christmas Party Louis V. Ciuccio, Jr. Sec. A - B Vice - President, Bellevue Christmas Party Christopher Cibelli Pefer J. Coffrini 'Sm Q fl! , , , -5','f32Q!51,-551, ,wgff ' if'35f W 'ei-Q Sydney Cooper Joseph A. Courtney Pefer R. Cronauer Steven Della Monica 20 Y? l , 5, ' 'flnsfii J?-3 .mem Qgiemmgrfff ' RQ ,,.,,, ,gb H A Frederick J. Didyoung Marguerite A. Fell wiv I X . 'Lu FK j,.5,,, fffly 4 1 rfffwigfwm ' fr We-f 1 ' if fffiiiiyf 3 ff gm'? yeg'i1,W'r 1 ' Q' . , I A 11 , 1. Q ' , N? :- ,, Gerald M. Fine Cecil W. Frith 21 K v I 4 z Joseph M. GBIZSYGIWO Stephen N, Gam' Deborah A. Goetschalckx Jon R. Gorman Seq, A- B Secretary: Yearbook Photographer Student Council Secretary 22 .wif 1 V 1 -7 --3. ,QF -s L 7 ' X lf ,Q Q 5. e3,1p'lgdV we S , 1, F 1 is -, ,,,, K V, - ' f lf ,wk ,M . Y K, -M . 5 L55 ag? 4 Y sf ,ff ltr fl - as fewf- Qfiyu lw -ff fi :-. , ,QQ 5 2, v. ll l , H if Q ,Q X ls l 2 f 2 2 l E ll 1 Clayfon E. Grant Roberf F. Guida Webb D. Hallman Joanne B. Hawkins Bellevue Chrisfmas Party 23 Frank H. Hughes, Sr. Teresa C. lnielisano 'QB Anthony L. JinwrighT Eugene H. Kain, Jr. 221 Roben' E. Kanapaux Kevin G. Keena 441, John R. Knapik Lawrence T. La Bella 25 John G. Lang Sec. A- B Treasurerg Sfudent Council Presidentp Bellevue Christmas Party: Yearbook Committee Huberi T. Layton Bellevue Chrisfmas Parry John D. Laughrey Roberf J. Lombardi Peter M. Lukas Clifford T. Lutz wif- ,fa - V ' 3 ' 5199 T.-ff. Ymrfaff mai' ':: L5 L V I S xlyi L LL f 1 H S X e - George T. Luffrell Ferdinand L. Madden, Jr 1 a . Lai, me f x:,. William J. Marchand Lawrence Mc Elvarr Sec. C - D Vice - President, Yearbook Committee 'Hn-of Robert H. Mc Glynn Thomas M. Mc Goldrick 28 Marylu Moloney Debra S. Monsolino Sec. C- D Secretary Vincent J. Morgan Kent Moyer 29 W .-2ggy:4Qas:fsf2i , 4,26 V, 'Q K, fpw--2. 29? ' VZ?-1fQ?3T?35 :E,Li5f1.I ' W 5 5 ,Sa k-I 57 524 go. V Ji Q SS. W. S ,K QW Vicforia Y. Murrell 'Msg .J , 1? . 3' Felix E. Norman so! Ronald P. Nadolny .. jf? H e g. 5 1 :gt :Hgh , A :g -. :gg-,. ,,.. 05147 1:15:11 Lfxg . ,Q.:yJ::::::f ::::553Pf::, ' :,33..,, -,,..., g3::....,:. . . , .S ,..,, 1:1 -,pl A--.I2 2'f'Zfi1.,,. . 1 -4'-r'-2.1 fS::::E:- - 1 ' - 41'-.1:-Xian 'ff'.::::::5b Q::.'I?f?-1 4..,,....,.y P-,,.,-l--.g.g, 1. . . g,....,, wwf.,-frf-.:v, :,f.'.'. .1-::....,,-'g,,..,.+ gg,-gy-,,1f,g.v23g,.3, f :,,,f,f,j.,..:::: ..,...,,,- X.,-v, w'a ' .4 ,U-v. - .. ,gf 'SQ -.qQu,'vg.g.g.g A f,'.jg,'.'Q,q-.2'a,,.-Ujr: 1, ,, 1, Q .v 4 .1 11 ' fn-n, Xw'.' -'XML K 'fl ',',f4,', ' ...Hunan w.-11,,3Q.5fg'Z-Ln yy ,','.'.y,'.'f,1,,''jff,,.n..,,ff 3l '1.v ,nf ,.',-j,g.g,v , 15,2 313, af, ,,..nn,, ,pu Iv f,',, ,.g,-,,,-N X ,1...g,. fp. .4,.,,,f-n1,,,u Xl- '1i i1'ivI'Z'2 '. 'f .'.'- .'.'f'z'E'Uwmnw . fL,w,.+,,'.f.f,+- , 4 1 -,f, . 1, ...f-yxmxfff N 1,2-Q,-g,vpg.1,1 ,ct 34,3 -,ga 4g.,.ufvf,,,,u, .n f M'-',1x'1'11'f'1-'z 4ff, f'4 ziiffflxszaiin mu! 1Av,x,m.- 1 ,,4g ,.- S. -1 . , 'mm .,ix1f:,.1,-1.1, ,'.-433 .A , .rg . ..,,.,.,t Mug: 11--.,,2t-..,,,.+,,1,.j.1,v af, .34-, ,Agn .5 ...nn-7 anim, ibwfrf-.,..fiw.-ufA-1 13.2 nw- - f '?f. 'iivm John O puda, Jr. i fb I 4 sw M was 'g ai 3' V -e P' -2 2' He .. Y ' WV' a 'V ,iii !:':'1f: H Q V JT W. W f , 'F 'fi' fl 7 we : L 9 ,QP f-kiwi, 4151-Egg -Y 4 Y fl E5 5 Q, 'J ai? 2 , M2 535 '13i2'25iQj gigi -' 5 ri. 'E 1 ' Q 0 - as James J. Ouelletfe William D. Parsons Yearbook Editor - in - Chief Ronald Quintana Sec. C-D President, Yearbook Committee Allan J. Raffay Yearbook Business Manager ar 'Q Kenneth J. Rau Al... ' Leonard C. Ricks W en A+ NUCIWBSI VV. Rinaldi Eulalig Rodriguez Sec. C- D Histo-rian iw waning., Hugh G. Rone Vernon Rowe TOI'ti J. 5COrdf3TO Terrence J. Shannon Sec. C-D Treasurerg Student Council Vice - President 33 15,W11xi?Tmq Q W WWW ffsjf f ' K iw ' - , . sw J J -1 ,Q Y S James T. Simmons Frank J. Sinatra Yearbook Business Manager James F. Smallman, Jr. Robert N. Smith 34 William F, Siiefel Vincem' L. Strano Eric D. Strickland Timofhy J, Sullivan 35 Anthony S. Tenga Robert T. Tinsley Charles A. Toniuk Bruce Van Tassel Yearbook Photographer 36 ' ls, 'MSM Yngwwmgr W 4552. Q l 35.25 ff' 36233 l 'sl ii if egg 'K is Gary W. Visneski Judy H. While Mary C. White James E. Wilson Bellevue Christmas Party .- W1 me yi --ff, , , 4 Ryan. . fe ,V 3 Q I . , ,, 5 nigga, x K f swa? Bennie M. Williams Royal Willie :QQ 'hlig John Winckowski l as 'K T53 37 fu fx I 'wx '4 wg 4 may fxkf -4 fi .msg N,--1 1.6- ff , ,W ..-N K fiiv-1 nf , xx, T he Year At last the day must come when we must bid a fond farewell to the school which has become so much a part of our lives. Naturally, we are quite happy at the thought of entering our profession, but we also regret that we must leave the school where we enioyed so many days. Our year at A.A.M.l. began on the 16th day of September 1974 with a week orientation. Many new faces filled the empty seats of the lecture rooms and unfamiliar smiles were being shared as friends were being made. Also within the initial week, the administration and seniors welcomed us with the traditional party. Handshakes, many smiles, and plenty of beer helped our class form the kind of unity we enioyed through the rest of the year. Midway through the first quarter, temporary class officers were chosen. By this time, we were well into testing which was followed by first quarter finals. During the second quarter many hours of planning and work brought success to our annual Children's Christmas Party at Bellevue Hospital, and the Student-Faculty Christmas Party. After a ten day holiday recess, our class elected a very fine group of leaders as permanent class officers. Then came a fierce winter storm which closed the school for an afternoon. With examinations once again through, we formally closed the first half year at A.A.M.l. With yearbook planning, the third quarter rolled around quickly, causing a feeling of graduation that spread through the class. By the beginning of the fourth quarter, the yearbook was nearly ready for the publishers. With great pride we decided to dedicate our book to an outstanding and inspir- ing gentleman, Dr. Samuel Feinman, our Pathology instructor. As the countdown on the board reached the one-day mark, the main concern of the class and administration was the National Board Examination. lt is hard to say good-bye to the institution, the guiding faculty, and the many, many fine stu- dents who have been such a vital part of our lives during the year that was .... Best of Luck, Enrico T. Caruso Historian - Section A-B 40 that was .... I imagine that we weren't any different than any of the other classes. The school had been functioning since T935 and we were about the 75th graduating class. A good group .... some came down from Maine, up from the Carolinas', through the tubes from New Jersey, from Harlem, Penn- sylvania, and of course Brooklyn. The names were wonderful: Marchand, Ouellette, White Uudy and Maryj, Royal Willie, Didyoung, Winckowski, and Frank Sinatra. Quintana played drums, Moyer logged, McElvarr was a crossword puzzle freak, Van Tassel was a black belt in karate, and Mary Moloney had eight children. During the year Rodriguez's wife had their first child, the Smiths' had their second, both Rone and Wandy were married, and Parsons slipped the question and got engaged. Will we forget .... Sinatra fainting in a blood typing class, Nadolney's appetite, Gant's scrubb- ing technique in the prep room, Morgan's boots Kwith tapsi, the day of the Great Fire, and Lombardi's stones? Will we forget .... the day DeLuccia got really mad, McAllister's second quarter final on the vascular system, unitary compounds, Treponema Pallidum, and organic chemistry? With all its drudgery and pains, it was a good year ..., one which none of us will dare forget. May this be the beginning of an interesting and rewarding profession! Best of Luck, Eulalio Rodriguez Historian - Section C-D 41 Q L Q ,, 1 B 1 4 I 5 I 4 1 1 x I I i l l YEARBOUK STAFF Back row left to right: John Lang, Al Raffay, Jim Simmons, Jon Gorman, Joseph Charity. Front row: Bill Marchand, Ron Quintana, Jim Ouellette, Editor, John Campbell, and Charles Toniuk. .r.r.:.,.::1iii:iiQg5..,' Vg M-:rv .1 Yltuff A C, ,s,i ,f.t's' 'T1Qlif,, Qi 43 KY! STUDE T CCUNCIL X Left To right: Debbie Goefschalckx, Louis Ciuccio, John Campbell, John Lang, Marylu Moloney, Bill Marchand, Toni Scordafo, and Ronald Quintana. .ab ,, A, .V Junior's do you have anything To say? D0 We hear 3 proposal? 1... 'Z aku. Motion Carried! 44 wwf-my-wi was I W , ff K M , N-it 2,33 5 5 J Q, 3 I' 3 v Section AB-Left to right John Lang Treasurer, Debble Goet schalckx, Secretaryg John Campbell President Louis CIUCCIO, Vice President. .I r ,, 5:4 if' 5 , BK. RSP If W -'Pm K .E ,kv f fir' I nfiwf - - - -- Section CD-Left to right: Biil Marchand, Vice-President Tom Scordato, Treasurerg Marylu Moloney, Secretaryy Ron Quintana President. TE 'X 5 - 'f Drunk? Oh, Not me! Wait until tomorrow boys. THE MAIN EVENT! Whaf a Crew! Dottie, you did it again. 47 Boys, it goes like This .... B U r r r r p!! Q ' 3 1 I - 'V- 'mf,gg.,. Q Q Qi i ' 5 g my S f fox. al TQET .I -,, 2 I.. of : . Nasa l-' Q fi fi i ' f 7 X .X . , ff -i vi 5 wg 1 ,, gy Q Q y sa A.A.M.l. Drinking Team. 5 ow Whaf do you mean I wasn r invited? VVho's got This round? 48 The Canon of Ugliness ? '? Vm The boss Q! Frank Sinatra: I did it my way! J If 1.1 Get me another ripple. Take me baby, l'm yours! 49 321, ,S UE., i--f 153, f ,, ii: 'M 5 1 ' x - f, ,, -. -k,: .. , MSW QU . A -Q, 4: 5 .df W Wi :-- HEL S Q ab Bellevue Chri tmas Part - Ns ' ,155 twig . it x ,,.., Q di Q 5 fix 1 if Q , 5 2 Q fm., 'E xv 45 W 50 R 4 A' f fy , . .. L W A 7 F I wish J.S. were here. 11 E , - W, : ' :Af ls that you Billy boy? glfd' :KL I am The wizard of A.A.M.l. Three parts gin and one part vermoufh. Genfleme 51 n, This is not a bar room! Now This is the way to mix a Martini. Does she, or doesn'f she? .KI 4 . S my ,S Tm 3 -... Eat and lef eat! Buffalo Bob and The Peanui Gallery! i Qi Q 1 M . A ,gg was in 2 f i na 41. S 1-9 it -L 5.12533 5 L, .. I: -f-:. 4-9- x vi-Q W Psss .... WhaT's nexif, Chip? I wish l had hair like Thai! 52 Pro-Prinf W INSTANT CDPY CENTER EXACTA Judy, what are you doing later? Bartender, lust one more. ?-'93 V P' V I' 1 Just coffee, buf wait fill lunch! Chris, lust smear it Together. 53 2 W' V ,. .. , , A,kL, A M wma GOOD OLE PETE'S 54 .pw 1 -we XA f, K .gg W wg V1 6 x S 4nd, if 5 - X 4 M qs ,.. W1-1. 5 , .pg . e , 3: 53, W fi 5 ' J- .pi-Q. . xy, AQ , , 3 ,ff 1 2 32 , L1 ww . L Y ' H if' J Q ,f'f7 . 5 ' ' i g, 'Ju ,-h, X . .. M i E , fy sg, .1 . s .. MTV 9 55 Late again, Dr. Grant? r Jus? Think, Three To go. Gruesome twosome. Chapter iijg All The Questions Number 43 - True.- 56 fl The State CBundJ vs Moscato -4 A jf. Q. 4 R s L 5 e e : e s , it 5 K A Ykkr an n V P' 6 ....m., I love siudenfs that study. Please underline Droplet Infection. First Aid is. .. 57 L me , we , jf -,gf nfxxrvfw 1, 'e , . -y 'N 'I sf' 'S , Q 'F' ' .- -: 9 ff . L e I 32 951, A Mr ' v' -,f- A I,--wb , A f , . . . W x K , L, www., . A , .f 'X 'ik ? . W - f ,sf- ' sua-nu sw I. -53' ff syyu s ff ASR 1 9 v 6 1 -Ve NN-s --,,a:,...,,, f , 'f ' y is-...- r LX it , ,, ii' J' yi fy f yr if Ea ,Q il! as wk K iv' Ywiflswif' ' Ify as 6 It K I.: ' :'.-. f:,,,,, . Yes, may I help you. Tari says . . 2 of f ss? N 'fox' ai' 'vi if 3 y . Four down is gangrene. ff F ii? Now Gentlemen, IeT's see! 58 'x N. McGlynn, I'm serious . ru. 6' if Qg k N In -.,,.w- 'S ,Q g J Mix if ei F, in wiv Nr 59 312581 ,:Q: 5 if : .3-'R+ . f, -: L i X F 'ibn-r Why didn'1 I study? K 535, ff v 5 Q ff ' fr- sf The key to that Test is wrong. Keep your eyes on your own paper! Wild Bill hits the Table. I may loe old but I'm GOOD, E Q Me --. A we in ..Y Naam.. Z Moe, Curley, and Larry. YoU're insubordinate! Aliphatic or Aromatic? Attilla the Bun! You could have done better than that. Cough up the money Quintana! Is this the Pelvic Girdle? Grief, grief, and more grief! And here's SIMONS Gorman, wake up! 61 In 3 1 Unbelievable but true! Thank God, one hour 'ro go. The F Now To achieve variegated coloring. ace is Five Eyes Wide. Dick Dilution 62 I' o . o x 5 bd ff i lif- i 'R . i m. :1 a by M y X -,h A ' W W an if' ' . ' it ..ka L Why Me? Close, but not exact. You may have the floor, Get the key right for Sec. C-D. We have to stop meeting like this. ' J +-if ,M FS: 'f' 1 1 You get a zero for participation. Aren't you supposed to be in class? -mf' . i t eieoye 4? iw ml? A ,- A.A.M.l.'s Hall of Fame. Get Me Two Copies. Right Casket, Wrong Body. 63 Why aren'f I informed? i The quiet ones. Morgan! I warned you at the beginning of the Third quarter! imihi , Thank God for cheat sheets. Meet you at PeTe's 64 U M erci .21 Tous In grateful acknowledgement and appreciation, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all those people who played an integral part in the production of this book. First of all, to all those students who sold ads or in any way contributed to the finan- cial success of this book, I would like to offer my thanks. I would like to thank all of our sponsors who bought ads or contributed in any way to help defer the expenses of this book. Secondly, I would like to extend my gratitude to the publisher of this book, the Abigal Press, especially their manager, Mr. Vincent Romano, who played a large part in piecing together the editor of The Director. I I would also like to thank the administration and staff at A.A.M.I., especially our faithful class advisor, Mr. J. Sheridan Mayer who was a tremendous asset to the whole class throughout the year and especially during the months we worked on this book. Last, but not least, I would like to personally thank those students who volunteered many hours in order to prepare this book for publication: John Campbell and Joe Charity, our photographers, Charles Toniuk and Jon Gorman, and our competent business managers, Jim Simmons and Al Raffay. I would especially like to acknowledge Ron Quintana and Jim Simmons for the long hours and painstaking labor which they volun- teered. Without their help this book would not have been a reality. To all these people, and all others whom I might have inadvertently omitted, I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Sincerely, James J. Ouellette Editor, The Director - September i975 65 OUR WARMEST GOOD WISHES to the FALL 1975 CLASS from THE STAFF AND FACULTY of the AMERICAN ACADEMY MCALLISTER INSTITUTE 6 SCORDATCTS 80 Wagaraw Road Hawfhorne, N. J. 07506 Phone 427- 1440 Sullivarms Funeral Home T. J. SULLIVAN JEWEL SULLIVAN Directors 1200 Oak Street Columbia S. C. Ph. 779-4850 81 791-9784 67 Congratulation to Anthony .linwright JORDAN FUNERAL HOME Wilmington, North Carolina 28401 Prop: Mrs. Daisy F. Jordan Manager: William Chestnut 919 762 - 2441 SH ELLEY'S COFFEE SHOP 225 Park Ave. South New York, New York 212 533-0900 PERRY FUNERAL HOME, Inc, 118 Union Ave. Lynbrook, New York Since 1825 ORLANDO FUNERAL HOME 261 South Street Oyster Bay, New York MlCHAEL J. ORLANDO 516 922-7441 Andrew K. Coffman Funeral Home, Inc. Q13 40 East Antietam Street Hagerstown, Maryland 21740 Roy J. McNamee, President C3011 739-1444 A. P. Williams Funeral Home Q13 1808 Washington Street Columbia, South Carolina 29201 Leevy's Funeral Home, lnc. Q13 1831 Taylor Street Columbia, South Carolina 29201 . P. Holley Funeral Home QXL 2469 Senate Street Columbia, South Carolina 29205 Pearson's Funeral Home ilk 1325 Park Street 'Columbia, South Carolina 29201 252 - 1939 A FRIEND Rinaldi Funeral l-Iome Q13 425 Belmont Avenue Haledon, New Jersey 07508 f201D 278 -2144 Franklin Funeral Home 81 Staff CIS Newport News, Va C8041 245 -3302 Complimenfs of Crowe's Funeral Homes, lnc. SAMUEL A. CROWE, President ,JA 9 - 2200 Central Office 107-44 Sufphin Blvd. Jamaica, N. Y. Office l4l-04 Rockaway Blvd. SouTh Ozone Park, N. Y. Silverton Memorial Funeral Home ROSEMAUR INTELISANO, Manager 2482 Church Road Silverton, Toms River, N. J. 255 - 6363 Serving All Faifhs lnrelisano Funeral Home RUDOLPH INTELISANO 109 Howe Avenue Passaic, N. J. 472 - 9393 Non-Secrarian 70 Telephone 884 - 6100 Riverdale-on-Hudson Funeral Home Raymond R. McGlynn Director 8K Owner 6110 Riverdale Avenue at West 261 st Street Riverdale, N. Y. 10471 Tel: 963 - 5263 SINATRA FUNERAL HOME Inc 315 South Broadway Yonkers, New York John Sinatra Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra, Jr. Member NFDA Lewis 8. Carey Funeral Home JC: 312 West Main Street Boonton, New Jersey 07005 Eugene T. Carey, Mgr. Good Luck JC? Edward J. Cahill, Jr, From: Mother and Father Oravitz Funeral Home 329 38-40 North Jardin Street Shenandoah, Pennsylvania 17976 Area Code C7171 462-9333 Member: N.F.D.A. Berks Lebanon and Schuylkill Counties Funeral Directors Assoc. Best Wishes and Success to Leonard Ricks JC: lvory Funeral Home 1210 North 59th Street Phila., Pa. 19151 12151 472-8379 Best Wishes From The Officers 81 Membership of Local 1034 I. B. T. 221 Park Avenue South New York, N. Y. 10003 Phone 931 -9200 931 - 9201 Throgs Neck Apothecary ll Ltd. 4041 E. Tremont Avenue Bronx, N. Y. 10465 BERNARD ADELSTEIN, Business Representative Kenneth Murawski Theodore J. Toniuk EVergreen 9 - 4170 - 1 John Smolenski Funeral Home, Inc. Chapels Available in All Localities LEON P, KLEMENTOWICZ, Director 1044 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. 11222 42121 777 - 2274 JAMES W. ROSSO, Inc. FUNERAL CHAPEL LOUIS R. VlSlNTlN, Licensed Manager 188 Bleecker Street New York, N. Y. 10012 J. Leroy Chariiy Funeral Home Route 2 Box 33 Charles CiTy, Virginia 23030 48045 829 -2464 True Sympathy Expresses lfself Thru Sincere Service Besr Wishes Frorn The Class of March 1976 73 JOSEPH J. MCGOLDRICK FUNERAL HOME West Avenue 8. Cedar Sfreet Jenkintown, Penna. 19046 215 TU 4-0800 Best Wishes ARTHUR J. SMALLMAN JAMES F. SMALLMAN Funeral Livery Brooklyn, New York 212 ST 8-6546-7 H. T. LAYTON 8. SON Home for Funerals 102 South Main St. Woodslown, N. J. 08098 609 769- 1515 THE DYNAMIC DUO Cong raTulaTions F om NATION!-Xi CASKET COMPANY The WorId's Leading Full-Lin Casket Manufaciurer Fluids -f Vaults -- Sundries Since 1878 The Champion Company w?x Springfield, Uhio 45501 6 Congmtu lations. . . Q so Q. 2 5 52 And Q . 33 cd T g,, Good Wishes er M2410 f QN- 'l'I O '1 Your QW W' 5' n 'I CD on 'L' . 3 LQ 5 V Success F f, In 37 xy The 57 J, Funeral N X Profession N 51 co U o o. co CD O 3' cn 3. 0 fl 0 o 3 'o DJ :s N4 The World's Most TrusTed Name in Embalming Chemisfry Cambridge ' Chicago ' Fort Worih ' Los Angeles ' Toronto 77 Nladden's Funeral Home James Funeral Home CID Henry J. James 81 ldona S. James, Directors 30172 - 32112 North Street, Kingston 932 - 1955 - 6 JC: and 37 Union Street, Montego Bay 952-0211 87-89 Fayette Street When the toll ot lite is ended perth Amboy, N.J. M A D D E N ' S , Must berecommended Hlllcresl 2-0700 O'CONNELL'S Phone 46095 227-0078 Robert B. Earle Home For Funerals Manage' tx, McCann Funeral Home 706 Route 9 QI: Bayville, N. J. 08721 l201J - 269 - 0300 James H. O'Connell, Jr. Owner-Manager 122 West Church Street Blackwood, N.J. 08012 C2125 992 - 2000 Hirsch 81 Sons Funeral Directors 329 1225 Jerome Avenue Bronx, N.Y. 10452 347 - 0840 Pichi Funeral Home CHESTER J. SKIBA CID 105 Main Street Stanhope, N. J. E. Lee White Goldsteins' Funeral Home Funeral Directors, lnc. CID cxn 628 Market St. at E. 23rd St. Paterson, N.J. 07513 42011 279 - 9888 - 9 With Dignity and Reverence 6410 N. Broad St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19126 C2151 WA 7-5800 Jack Goldstein, Supervisor FRANK E. CAMPBELL The Funeral Chapel, Inc. 1076 Madison Avenue New York, New York 10028 212 BU 8-3500 Park Abbey Funeral Chapel 1430 Unionporf Road 125 Norfh Avenue Bronx, New York New Rochelle, N. Y 212 TA 3-5015 914 NE 2-8400 79 1555! Wi5he5 in the 615155 af 9511! '75 80 Allied Technical Service Company Air-Conditioning - Heating Industrial - Commercial Service - Sales 171 Atlantic Street Hackensack, New Jersey C2011 343 -3313 To Ronnie Quintana Congratulation CID Anthony Scibelli 81 Son Funeral Directors 770 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, New York 10011 C2121 388 - 1140 Tri-Boro Livery Service, Inc. 'LID 10-25 46th Road Long Island City, New York l2121 729-6700 Lehigh Coach 81 Auto Company, Inc. JC 511 East 116th Street 75 Years of Livery Service C2121 534 - 2034 -35 Congratulations Ronnie Q. King's Funeral Home, lncorporated 00 as From Johnny Chester, South Carolina and Mikado Restaurant Charlotte, North Carolina 21 West 39th Street New York, N. Y. 10018 385-5578 Collins Funeral Home, incorporated Q19 714 W. DeKalb Street Camden, South Carolina 29020 432-3636 Plank Casket Company Frank B. Plank 81 Sons QI? 4738-42 Market Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19139 215 GR 2-4540-47 Sisro Funeral Homes, Inc. JOHN J. SISTO 3489 Easr Tremont Avenue Bronx, New York 10465 TY 2-2102 ME 5-9585 82 Lfvugrafulafinu in the gal! Hass '75 The Lloyd I-lorne, Inc. Funeral Directors 214-43 39th Avenue Bayside, Long Island, N. Y. Phone BAyside 9-2420 John S. Possenriede James M. Scott President Lic. Mgr. Unity Funeral Chapels, Inc., Your Loved Ones Deserve The Best Modern Chapels with Efficient and Courteous Funeral Directors Chapels in MANHATTAN - 2352 Eighth Avenue fat 126th Streetl BROOKLYN - 1406 Pitkin Ave. Cnear Ralph Ave. 8m Eastern Pkwy.1 BRONX - 1018 Prospect Avenue Cat 165th Street! Also .... the Newest and Most Modern Chapel in the BRONX - 2456 Webster Avenue Cat 188th Street! To reach any of these in Your Hour of Need Call 666 - 8300 84 To Ronnie SQ Class of September, 1975 Congratulations PETE'S TAVERN Italian Cuisine 129 East 18th Street CCor. Irving Placei New York, N. Y. 10003 GR 3-7676 THE TAVERN O'HENRY MADE FAMOUS Established 1864 O. H. Smith 8. Son Funeral Home 3007 Chestnut Avenue Newport News, Virginia 23607 Phone Day or Night Notary Public Phones: Bus. 538 - 0520 Notary Public WAdsworth 6 - 6565 - GEORGE L. JONES Lic. Undertaker and Embalmer 455 Lenox Avenue Between 132nd 81 133rd Streets New York, N. Y. 10037 Res. 538 - 3355 ROWE FUNERAL HOME M. Vernon Rowe Director 13 Martin Luther King Avenue Morristown, N. J. 07960 BROWN'S FUNERAL HOME 122 Plainfield Avenue Plainfield, New Jersey LOUISE F. BROWN 201 756-4241 Congratulations to Dennis Waples 81 Waples Funeral Home 822-24 Kaighn Ave. 502 York Street Camden, N. J. 08103 Burlington, New Jersey 609 963-2275 609 386-0368 Arthur A. Waples, Jr. 8. Gretchen B. Waples Funeral Directors Compliments to the Class of September, 1975 THE EMBALMERS SUPPLY COMPANY 25 Ford Road Westport, Conn. 06880 For All Your Chemical Needs And Porti-Boy Machines Congratulations to Ronnie Q CLARK SHOP-RITE 1184 Raritan Road Clark, New Jersey 07066 201 381 -2025 256-2427 JOHN OPUDA, Inc. John Opuda, Pres. COMMERCIAL BUILDERS CUSTOM BUILT HOMES Old Rifle Camp Rd. Mailing Address West Paterson, N. J. P. O. Box 93, Garfield, N. J. For a new way to look at Caskets, contact: I-I. BATESVILLE Batesville Casket Company, lnc. A l-IILLENBRAND INDUSTRIES COMPANY Congratulations and Best Wishes 1975 Graduates Best Wishes to the Fall i975 Class Boyertown Burial Casket Company Boyertown, Pennsylvania Louis V. Ciuccio Gerald M. Fine Licensed Funeral Directors Serving the Pennsylvania and Greater New York Area 47175 562-0181 l2I2l 236-58l3 7 ,,, , On the Paul Revere's Tavern 81 Chop House Route 3, Box sos Adrien Barbey, Proprietor Phone 829-5152 QI: Gilfielol Baptist Church Charles City, Virginia 23030 Rev. Harry F. Washington, Pastor Dea. R. E. Crawley, Chairman of Deacon Board 81 Clerk Lexington Pike at the 48th New York City PLaza 1 - 1776 Crossing The end of all learning is to know God, and out of that knowledge to love and imitate Him. John Milton 617 ,Mmenfs fff ,4 Zrimd as PATRONS The Gleeson Mortuary Torrington, Conn. 10.- Louis J. Fellows New York, New York -.01 John A. Daigle Funeral Homes Serving Northern Maine East Main Street Fort Kent, Maine .-O1 Ray's Barber Shop 665 Southard Street Trenton, New Jersey 10.- Mr. 8. Mrs. James Ross 249 Bernard Street Trenton, New Jersey 10.- Mr. 84 Mrs. Larry Jones 25 Lamont Ave. Apt. 5 Trenton, New Jersey 08619 io.- Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl David 84 Karrissa 2 Primrose Fords, New Jersey 08863 ..o.- The Degeronimo Family T855 East 12 Street Brooklyn, New York H229 -01 Tony Ruda 488 North Beverwyck Road Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey .-O- Reverend 84 Mrs. Andrew Johnson 84 Anthony 5479 Germantown Pike Dayton, Ohio 45418 89 PATRONS Mrs. Leola Campbell 84 Dorothy P.O. Box 443 Norlina, North Carolina 25963 ,oi Mrs. Shirley Townes 84 Daughters .l9l7 Lakeview Avenue Richmond, Va. 23220 10, Mr. 84 Mrs. Eluster Fields ill Grafton Avenue Dayton, Ohio 45406 To.. Mr. 84 Mrs. Chester Togno 7 College Road Netcong, New Jersey ,O- William A. Torresson Jefferson Twp. High School Oak Ridge, New Jersey ..o- Mr. William C. Storch 97 Hillside Road Sparta, New Jersey -O- Tuttle Funeral Home 50 Nelson Street Dover, New Jersey To.- Oscar's Mortuary Funeral Directors and Embalmers P.O. Box 609 New Bern, N. C. 28560 -O1 Hankins Funeral Home 4075 Haverford Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. 19104 .-O1 Anthony J. Forgione 57-4l 224th Street Bayside, N. Y. H364 90 BOOSTERS Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Marshall Linola A. Lewis Mrs. Rozalia Toniuk Mr. 8. Mrs. Ray Laszczych Mr. 84 Mrs. Henery Nitkowski Cherry Mrs. Helen Murawski Mrs. Mary Pietkiewicz Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard Toniuk Mr. 8. Mrs. Timothy Murawski Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert R. Sweigart, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Herbert H. Hentschel Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert Shaw Deborah L. Hentschel Thank You Mike anol Tot Mrs. Olga S. Rattay Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles V. Ratfay, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Michael Meolenski Congratulations Victoria Murrell Bruce Van Tassel Michael Rinaldi Anthony Tenga Gene 8. Lois Perry Robert Tinsley Mr. Alvin L. Wilks Morgan The Pirate Raolo's Variety Store Mrs. Eva Brant Armstrong-Davis Funeral Home, Inc Jim, Ronnie, Allan, Dumas, John 9l BOOSTERS Mr. Charles Finch 81 Tina ldaughterl Annie Marie Simmons Mr. 81 Mrs. Darnell Campbell Barbara Stoebe Mrs. Helen Brendli Mrs. Elizabeth Baumgartner Mr. 81 Mrs. James Brown 81 Family Mrs. 81 Mrs. Steve Womack Diane l-lutton Mrs. Mattie Way Mark DeShazor Pro- Print Copy Center Crystal Cleaners Robert Lombardi Mr. 8K Mrs. Edgar Ouellette Grace 84 Buddy The Five Q's Dominick Vaccaro Artie's Cate of Mulberry Street DiPalo's Dairy Store Caruso Fruit Exchange Anthony Palermo Mr. SQ Mrs. Joseph Hage Mr. 81 Mrs. Travis Bundy Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles E. Boone Burnice Campbell, Esq. John Gillio Florence - Mori Mr. 84 Mrs. Hugene Roberts Mr. 84 Mrs. Lorenzo Stephens Mr. 84 Mrs. James Durham 81 Tracy ldaughterl Mary Alice Durham Mr. 84 Mrs. Shepherd Stephens 92 NC BIGAL RESS cf 5 A X:mXrmQe?5E5 wfgigff' X - - ff-wif XX X zq Msmfimwv ,HW mfsswQiXi4? .Gf.XM,Q new wag1Xg,,1fMiXXXwXamXX9XXw,XXXXX XXXW www, XS? , ,fXw,XX,' ,HN,X,X,1glQfQXXXX,,gQii,wgm,gmmQ4i,,533-aging, 21511, Xwzmifs -157 at ,wwmkwaw WLXQXA saw- wsmgxmzfwmumAdxgasmxxfsqis Qvaiiswgiks Yi? XX -X Xamwgllivggg-ffmww-XM SX u!2X,,,Qff -mj:mwmXmS?XgXw, ms1ffz:XX,X ww XXXCSMXW -X ,Xz X new X -Xqsgm sXXXXXXX,X,QfS -Xjqwwmw' XMQXQXXXXXXXQXXXQ XWXGBXXXX -1' XSEXQQQXXX 1 W ,www , f,,5XsifXXXgX,g,f7i :X Xgur2mmXyFv1MeeXgaXXXXisX fffMiA1wEi3g5fS8f1w- ' H5115 if wiv-fnfsggf X2Smw.9wwSv: YWQXQXXX 2552323154533 ?2SEY:5E 3,67 7?af32,,gS5':15Q r+sgmi2f!HiMw Ani' 15,2 .gf my , ,fwggia fxiisgwgi fx QWXYX 3 XXXQ ,an awavff WXWSJV WXXXXX. 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N gez-:PWM X X X, X ,.,Xs,ifw.fXsi'svezwgwzif ,Msm1.sX:4QX XXX-f f W rf f' K' . 600 QZIZY 855 8 X L 93 ABBATE, JOHN D. 58 Mayfair Ave. West Hempstead, N.Y. ALEXANDER, DEAN 227 Fishel Ave. Riverhead, N.Y. 11901 C5161 727 - 3573 Reginald H. Tuthill F.H., Inc. AYRES, ROBERT 815 Murray St. Avenel, N.J. . Werson F. H. BAlLEY, EDWARD E. 750 Knappock St. Bronx, N. Y. C2121884-3715 BECK, RUTH HAWKE 44 Green Street Woodbridge, N. J. C2011 634 - 0264 Greiner F. H. BOOKER, GEORGE E. 80-17th Ave. Paterson, N. J. C2011 279 - 2044 E. Lee White F. H. BRADY, GREGORY J. 179 Crown St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 11225 Charles J. Brady F.H. BRANT, ROBERT H. 35 Buckram Rd. Locust Valley, N.Y. 676 - 1619 Orlando F. H., Oyster Bay, N. Y. BRENDLI, STEVEN A. 371 Richmond Blvd. Lake Ronkonkoma, L. l., N.Y. C5161 588-3481 F. Daniel Moloney's Lake F.H. BROWN, SHERARD D. 3424 Kingsbridge Ave. Bronx, N.Y. 10463 C2121 796 - 7936 Marcus Jackson F. H. BUNDY, DENNIS W. 50 High St. Mullica Hill, N.J. 08062 C6091 478 - 4338 Waples F. H. CAHILL, EDWARD J., Jr. 2157 Homer Ave. Bronx, N. Y. 10473 C2121 931 -5338 CALLWOOD, CLIFFORD E. Chappaqua, N. Y. Collins F. H., Camden, S. C. CAMPBELL, JOHN T. 4 Tulip Dr. Apt, 3-G Fords, N.J. 08863 C2011 225 - 1085 CARUSO, ENRICO T., Jr. 5123 Lexington Ave. Pennsauken, N. J. C6091 663 - 9370 Falco F. H. CELIO, RALPH E. 2226 85th Street Brooklyn, N. Y. C2121837 - 6518 Moscarelli F. H. CHARITY, JOSEPH 1... Rt. 2 Box 33 Charles City, Va. 23030 829-2464 J. L. Charity F. H. ClBELLl, CHRISTOPHER 220 Cold Spring Lane Bridgewater, N.J. 08876 C2011 725 - 1369 CIUCCIO, LOUIS V., Jr. 34 Garber St. Old Forge, Pa. 18518 C7171 562-0181 Joseph Salerno F. H. COFFRINI, PETER J. 58-26 83rd Pl. Elmhurst, N.Y. 11373 C2121Hl 6-8593 COOPER, SYDNEY 301 Lincoln Dr. Asbury Park, N.J. 07712 COURTNEY, JOSEPH 6400 Glenmore Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. 19142 C2151 729 - 8336 McGillin F. H. CRONAUER, PETER R. 44 Floral Terrace Tenatly, N.J. C2011 568 -4334 DELLA MONICA, STEVEN 134 Bay 13th St. Brooklyn, N. Y. C2121 331-6387 DIDYOUNG, FREDERICK J. 1733 Portland Ave. West Wyomissing, Pa. 19609 FELL, MARGUERITE A. 27 W. Oak St. Shenandoah, Pa. 17976 C7171 462-4231 Oravitz F. H. FINE, JERRY 7201 Bay Parkway Brooklyn, N. Y. C2121236 -5813 FRlTH, CEClL, W. ll P.O. BOX 342 Hamilton 5, Bermuda Cecil W. Frith F.H. GALZERANO, JOSEPH M., Jr. 7160 Glenloch St. Philadelphia, Pa. C2151 624 - 0425 Galzerano F. H. GOETSCHALCKX, DEBORAH ANNE 3859 East Tremont Ave. Bronx, N. Y. 10465 Sisto F.H., Inc. GORMAN, JON R. 815 W. Marshall St. Norristown, Pa. 19401 C2151 275 - 7959 Bailey Chapel GRANT, CLAYTON E. 448 Springfield Ave. Newark, N. J. C2011 243 -5644 GUIDA, ROBERT 142-03 Booth Mem. Ave. Flushing, N.Y. 11355 C2121 461 - 5963 Guida F. H., Corona, N.Y. 94 TUDE HALLMAN, WEBB D. 11 S. Worthington St. Westchester, Pa. 19380 CliFFord E. DeBaptiste F. H., lnc HAWKINS, JOANNE B. 1640 Federal St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19416 C2151 389- 3217 James L. Hawkins F.H. HUGHES, FRANK H., Sr. Rt. 1 Box 191 Moyock, N.C. Graves F. H., Norfolk, Va. INFANGER, DANIEL 69 Reimer St. Somerville, N.J. 08876 INTELISANO, TERESA C. 87 Bay View Dr. Green lsland Toms River, N.J. 08753 C2011 255 -6363 lntelisano F. H., Passaic, N. J. Silverton Memorial F. H. Toms River, N.J. JINWRIGHT, ANTHONY L. Rt. 3 Box 372 Wilmington, N.C. 28401 C9191 256 - 2426 Jordan F. H. KAIN, EDWARD H., Jr. 524 Redman Ave. Haddont1eld, N. J. 08033 C6091 795 - 0579 Robert J. Blake F. H. Collingswood, N. J. KANAPAUX, ROBERT E. 76 W. Shore Rd. Denvil'e, N. J. 07834 C2011 627 - 9586 Lewis 8. Carey F. H., Boonton, N. J. KENNA, KEVIN G. 62 St. Augustine St. West Hartford, Conn. 06110 C2031 523 - 7396 KNAPlK, JOHN R. 215 Cypress Dr. Bayville, N.J. 08721 C2011 269-4298 O'ConnelI's Home for Funerals LA BELLA, LAWRENCE T. 7 Francis Ave. Trenton, N. J. 08629 586 - 1964 Chambers F. H. LANG, JOHN G. 136 Sequams Lane East West Islip, L. l., N.Y. 11795 C51612669-0516 LAUGHREY, JOHN D. 1 North Broadway Pennsville, N. J. 08070 Laughrey F. H. LAYTON, HUBERT T. 102 S. Main Sit. Woodstown, N. J. 08098 C6091 769- 1515 H. T. Layton 81 Son Home for Funerals LOMBARDI, ROBERT, Jr. 5 Grandview Blvd. Derby, Conn. 06418 Spinelli-Malenba F. H. DIRECTORY LUKAS, PETER M. 94 Woodlawn Ave. Deer Park, N.Y. 586 - 4970 Mangano F. H. LUTTRELL, GEORGE J. W. 240 Concord Rd. Aston, Pa. 19014 C2151 494 - 3424 White-Luttrell F. H., Aston, Pa. F. H., Ridley Park, Pa. LUTZ, CLIFFORD 7 Innis Ave. , N.Y. 11779 White Lake Ronkonkoma C5161 588 - 9501 MADDEN, FERDINAND, Jr. 30172-33172 North St. Kingston, Jamaica 952 - 0211 Madden F. H. MARCHAND, WILLIAM J. 258 Prospect St. Torrington, Conn. C2031 489-4104 The Gleeson Mortuary NIELVARR, LAWRENCE W. 48 Oriole Ave. Media, Pa. C2151 566 - 7451 GoIdstein's Funeral Directors MCGLYNN, ROBERT 121 Bretton Rd. Yonkers, N. Y. 10710 C9141 969-6627 Riverdale on Hudson F.H. MCGOLDRICK, THOMAS M. 507 West Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. 19046 884-0161 Joseph J. McGoIdrick F.H. MOLONEY, MARYLU 132 Ronkonkoma Ave. Lake Ronkonkoma, N.Y. 11779 161588 1515 I5 - F. Daniel McIoney's Lake F. H. MONSOLINO, DEBBIE 1438 Olrnstead Ave. Bronx, N.Y. 10462 C2121 597 - 5828 I Cha el, Inc. Park Abbey Funera p MORGAN, VINCENT J. 159-44 Harlem River Dr. New York, N. Y. 10039 FarIey's MOYER, KENT R. 31 Margaretta St. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 17972 C7171 385 - 0295 MURRELL, VICTORIA Y. 58-43 Manon St. Philadelphia, Pa. C2151 842 - 3098 Andrew Nix F. H., Inc. I NADOLNY, RONALD 68-08 Bell Blvd. .Y. 11364 F. H., Brooklyn, N. Y. y Bayside, N 1 224-9353 Lloyd F. H., Inc. NORMAN FELIX, E. Hart St. 81 Evergreen Brooklyn, N. Y. C2121 362 - 1930 Esteban F. H. OPUDA, JOHN, Jr. Old Rifle Camp Rd. West Paterson, N.J. C2101 256 - 2427 Kugler F. H. OUELLETTE, JAMES J. R. F. D. 9991 Box 25 Van Buren, Maine 04785 2071 868 2787 t . Thibault F. H. Van Buren, Me. Me. John A. Daigle F. H., Ft. Kent, PARSONS, WILLIAM D. 93 E. Beverly Pkwy. Valley Stream, N.Y. 11580 C5161 872-8536 Perry F. H., Inc., Lynbrook, N.Y. PIERSON, MARK New Castle, Delaware 328 - 2313 Gebhart F. H. QUINTANA, RONALD 5601 Blvd. East Apt. 15D w York, N.J. 07093 West Ne C2011 854 - 3893 RAFFEY, ALLAN J. Drakestowrt Rd. Long Valley, N.J. 07853 C2011 584 -5882 RAU,KENNE1'H J. 38 Meadowbrook Ave. Eatontown, N. J. C2011 542 - 2649 Robert A. Braun Home for Fune RICKS, LEONARD C. 6472 Milton St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19119 C2151 927 - 2723 Ivory F. H. RINALDI, MICHAEL W. 144 Indian Trial . J, 07508 rals North Haledon, N C2011 427-7578 Rinaldi F. H. RODRIQUEZ, EULALIO 630 St. Nicholas Ave. .Y. 10030 New York, N C2121 286 - 4660 Benta's F. H., Inc. RONE, HUGH 370 4th Street South Amboy, N.J. C2011 721 -6299 'ce Home The Gundrum Serv: for Funerals ROWE, M. VERNON 13 Martin Luther King Ave. Morristown, N. J. 07960 Rowe F. H. SCORDATO, TONI J. 409 High Mountain Rd. .J. 07508 North Haledon, N C2011 247-4596 SHANNON, TERRENCE J. R. D. 9151 Box 325 Temple, Pa. 19560 929-9764 Robert E. Bean F.H. SIMMONS, JAMES T., Jr, 204 Hunterdon Ave. Senell, N.J. 08080 C6091 468-0370 SINATRA, FRANK 315 South Broadway Yonkers, N.Y. 10705 963-5263 Sinatra F.H., Inc. 95 SMALLMAN, JAMES F., Jr. 1225 Avenue R 11229 Brooklyn, N. Y. C2121 627- 1777 SMITH, ROBERT N. 12 Linden Place Warwick, N. Y. Lazear-Smith F. H. STIEFEL, WILLIAM E. 2 Oak Court Mickleton, N.J. STRANO, VINCENT L. 105 S. Bancroft Pkwy. , Delaware 19805 Wilmington 654 - 5043 Spicer-Mullikin F. H. STRICKLAND, ERIC D. 1301 E. 4th St. Winston-Salem, N. C. C9191 722- 1141 R an F. H. Winston-Salem, N.C. Y Strickland unt Airy, N.C. IIVIOTHY J., III Strickland F. H., Mo SULLIVAN, T 1206 Oak St. Columbia, S. C. 29204 C8031 779-4850 Sullivan F. H. TENGA, TONY 1157 - 40th St. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218 C2121 854 -7783 TINSLEY, ROBERT 124 E. Pomano St. . 19144 Philadelphia, Pa C2151 843 - 1203 Freeman Hawkins F.H. TONIUK, CHARLES 200 Green St. Brooklyn, N. Y. 11222 C2121 383-9532 VAN TASSEL, BROCE 313 Skyline Dr. Ringwood, N. J. C2011 835 - 3242 Richards F. H., Inc. VISNESKI, GARY Maple Lane Tunkhannock, Pa. WANDY, STEVEN N. 570 Westminister Rd. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 C2121 284-8480 Kingsway Memo WHITE, JUDY R.D. 9152 183-A Englishtown, N. J. C2011 446 -6848 WHITE, MARY C. 628 Market St. Paterson, N. J. C2011 279-9789 E. Lee White F. H. WILLIAMS, BEN 396 Montgomery St. Brooklyn, N. Y. C2121 493 -6790 Armstrong-Davis F. H, WILSON, JAMES E. Little Heath-The Garrison ' bados St. Michael, Bar West Indies 60453 E. Lee White F. H., Paterson, N rial Cltapepl, Inc. .J THE FUNERAL SERVICE OATH I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR BY THAT WHICH I HOLD MOST SACRED: That I shall be loyal to the Funeral Service Profession, and just and generous to its members, That I shall lead my life and practice my art, in uprighteousness and honor, That into whatever house I shall enter, it shall be for the benefit of those bereaved, That I shall obey the civil laws, That I shall hold inviolate all professional confidences, And that I shall be faithful to those who place their trust While I continue to keep this oath, may it be granted to me to enjoy honor, in my life and in my profession, and may I be respected by all men for all time. 96 inm

Suggestions in the American Academy McAllister Institute - Director Yearbook (New York, NY) collection:

American Academy McAllister Institute - Director Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 25

1975, pg 25

American Academy McAllister Institute - Director Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 27

1975, pg 27

American Academy McAllister Institute - Director Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 99

1975, pg 99

American Academy McAllister Institute - Director Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 60

1975, pg 60

American Academy McAllister Institute - Director Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 21

1975, pg 21

American Academy McAllister Institute - Director Yearbook (New York, NY) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 55

1975, pg 55

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