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§ I 1fc r % s h i merican ArthenS , Cy caa em reece iiiiiiii 1 Ifinu: m m ifti i Jhe phusicat element A — classrooms, the, etnptu corridors, and that sh a du S p ot un der the trees-- in a he up the exterior face hi tin own as a hi ah School. i Jet more , m u c n more aoeS into tn hi n e m an in a of tn is vera Special ana important wau of life. J h e eddential elements is people • . • teach erS . . . S tu den ts . . . uninnni fl is durina the hi ah School uearS that a i n e man s c nooi u we the students are auided bit our teachers to observe. . .and question. . .and beain to realize our own dreams. l V e find our certain star and towards it we aim. J 5ome kiak ickoolS find tkemdeived in faraway placed. . . ArtkenS, Lji ancient center of civilization, of- learnina. We draw Prom our environment and link tke nadt witk tke future reece-- jsr nil . Vf • - ' i M « i« ft I r U li e high School is not limited to one people. JlioSe from all over the world are found there. . .bringing different ideas, .sharing. . learning. . .understanding 10 MfEllSMLJJ V: 11 r i s m tv . ■« ; w . r m it x • i tt 11 •;•; ' " X L V m • «4j JU, X owar » , «.,,. " m w n ' UM N m i iM « ■■■» ii»wiiiM» OaLL of i on ten ts rdv erti J em en 1 5 i }a r 148 S 5 fspppr ■ Ayr- FfTfFF E rTiBBwr ' -it rFFFTrili m fftt FF " ! I : TMl AtldeticS u rri cu I u in paac 16 Jr a an I z at ion 5 paae 122 p a a e 13 2 « » JP V n acre I a SSm en J5en ior$ Annior rfiqh ,a 9 e 88 3 in a en i rJ- if e P a 9 e 100 — Xr teacher. . .does not bid u on enter li is house of wisdom, but leads uou to the threS h o I a of u o u r own ■ I " m ind. - - y abriel w if? ran ( urricu la m 17 Ardminidtration - (Enforces J cnool J- oiii 7 Dr. Roy F. Blake, Superintendent. Dr. John Dorbis, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction. ft Dr. John Bridgman, Curriculum Co-ordinator, and Mr. Carl Schackow, Director of Community Relations. 18 Atca clem u f- rin clp a I $ Mr. Marshall — knows everything that goes on in the school . . . always with a sympathetic ear . . . " Alright now, let ' s get to class " . . . " Where are you supposed to be? " . . . never missed a basketball game . . . " Mr. Mclnroy, would you write my college recommendation? It ' s due in three days ... " . . .college catalogues . . . advice from our counselor . . . choosing the RIGHT college— is it possible? . . . Mr. Marshall with his friendly smile. and i oundetor Busy in the hall- -could it be about the yearbook? " Glad to hear the great news, Jim. Mr. Mclnroy pauses for a moment from transcripts, schedules, and student col- lege problems. Miss Priles utilizing her free period to find supplem entar y material for her classes. Mr. Frey discusses " The Glass Menagerie " with Seniors. (L.nathli - ground a I ion of -U-i earn in a 7 Freshman English— GREAT EXPECTATIONS , . . not four more years of this? . . . Shakespeare? The name sounds familiar . . . " Who said that grammar is FUN? " . . . endless lists of vocabulary . . . " A short story test tomorrow? — but I still have nine to read! " . . . Junior worries— GRAPES OF WRATH and MOBY DICK . . . panels on CRIME AND PUNISHMENT . . . " .After you have read TURN OF THE SCREW for the tenth time ... " ... " PROJECT! " . . . class discussions — learning the inner thoughts of others and iden- tifying with characters in books . . Mr. Viny, Junior English teacher, directing his play, " The Wizard of Oz " . Mr. King, a familiar face at school, in his junior high class- room. Mrs. Dontis, Mrs. Cardell, and Mrs. Nicholou instill desire to learn in younger English students. Mrs. Sand calling the role in Sophomore class. oLctn 9 u a a eS J eiiS to I ' In ii erst an din 7 (J " I ' m cette the easiest one annee. " . . . C ' est froid ici, in the . . " For monsieur. " to sit? " school! " the love for a gentleman grammar — everyone ' s pitfall . " Nous avons taeaucoup de travail of Mike! " . . . Sorbonne exams . . . " You zombies! " . . . " Is that any way futile attempts at authentic accents . . . college acceptance parties in French class sending tapes to North Carolina " Who taught you how to say THAT in French? " wonders Mr. Angelonidis. " C ' est Monsieur Dorbis qui vous parle, " begins our French IV teacher during a taping session for sister school in States. Mr. Dimitsas, Mr. Angelonidis, Dr. Dorbis, Mrs. Papatassos, Mrs. Deligiorgis, Mr. Pisanias, Mrs. Manglivera, Mr. Johnson, and Mrs. Sommerville discuss teaching techniques during a meeting of language department. jMrs. Papatossos enjoying a Spanish conversation with students. 1 1 1 at hem cities - decisis for eJLoaicat Jhinhii la Algebra and the beginning of many late nights over the books . « . " Can you see that? " pleads poor Mr. Arthur to his befuddled classes . . . " I thought this was just going to be a TRIGONOMETRY class " . . . " I never thought we would be doing this!!! " . . . Mr. Yeros — " Geometry is the spice of life " . . . Whatever happened to that gorgeous Miss Isoceles?? . . . Who would ever think that a 5 out of 25 would be a C!? ... " But I studied, sir " . . . " My homework? My homework??? Oh, yes, the funniest thing happened to me on my way to ... " ... Who ever heard of the whole back row getting the same grade on a test? ... I KNEW how to do that problem ... " Mush brain! " . . , UMMMMM-uh ... I don ' t understand . . . problem day on Friday warns Mrs. J Christakis. ' — m Mrs. Illitch and Mrs. Aravanis smile at antics of their Junior High students. Mr. Arthur making the best of it out in the huts and, as usual, keeping his Trig class in hysterics. Mrs. Christakis discusses graphs with her Algebra II class. Geometry teacher, Mr. Yeros, refuses to accept Miss Kundratis ' theories on excenter. . ' , ' ■ ' ' Science - (Experimentation and Ujiscoveri J General Science ... a peak into what will come . . . Biology , . . " I ' ll never be able to dissect that . . . I can ' t even bear to look at it! " ... " I don ' t under- stand why I can ' t get chemistry, Mrs. Allsebrook " . . . balancing equations . . . " Be careful with those balances! " . . . " Now open your books " . . . Physics experiments in the hall . . . Mrs. Kotsonas watches students proving the laws of physics. Miss Terpsidou and Miss Betts help inquiring biology students Mr. Dorris, biology t eacher, poses questions to his class. Smiling Mrs. Allsebrook per- forms experiments for chem- istry class. 23 J ocial J tuciieS - iv(cin Jliroiiqli the y r, aeS Discovering events in history which reveal patterns of the future . . . those dates . . . memorization . . „ aching to read . . Stavie ' s room hands and pages of lecture notes books those off- the -subject discussions in . . Great Books — a course in Life current events learning the workings of our government . . . " Man is not civilized unless he has studied history. " . . . Fine and Brown ... term papers . . . " But I assigned that chapter three weeks ago! " . . . " When I was in Massachusetts . . . " enthralling and revealing moments in Psychology Mr. Haskell preparing material for his psychology and American History classes. Mr. Stavroulakis, history and Great Books teacher during one of his many interesting discussions. tf«, Si«» Mr. Miller corrects papers be- fore his history class begins. History and government teacher, Mrs. Rous dur- ing senior trip to fleet. Mr. Gibson and Mrs. Demetral conduct current events discussions for junior high students. ' BSK! LJtIier (LsJentiaU J- liuSical Cducati on " Do I HAVE to dress out today? " . . . five times around that FIELD? . . . aching muscles . . . " But, it ' s too cold to go outside! " . . . Mrs. Malevres referees volleyball game. (ISusineSS (La u Mr. Malkotsoglou wonder- ing what to do with his gym class while it snows. tit cation Mrs. Anastas dictates to her short- hand class. WuM, Building basic skills . . . those awful timed writings . . . " What? Mistakes? . . . " Are you going to collect these papers? " . . . " Ready? " " WAAIITT! " . . . " Practice sets due TOMORROW " . . . proving totals ... " I can ' t get it to balance. " . . . Gentlemen . . . Dear Sir . . . " Well, I didn ' t want to be a sec= retary anyway. " . . . Jlrt Mrs. DeMertgis after 99% of her typing class handed in errorless papers. Mr. Keyzer and Mr. Johnson during band practice. Mr. Handell and Mr. Piladakis offer advice to art students. ( Librarian IP! kill Mr Ml " " n arse %W Mrs. Fousekis checks card cata- logue for some befuddled student. Mrs. Brewer makes another entry in her book. J r a n dp orati on Hercules Mihalopoulas checks number of passengers on school buses. J3ooL St ore Always ready to be helpful, jonn unrisLuIilalcis anc Vincent Zahras (Audio-visual) relax while waiting for more students. student S to re Mr. Malevras, ready to meet needs of hungry students. Secretarial Staff Chris Bafaloukau, Secretary to Counselor, and Rena Sarzetakis, Secretary to the Principal, during a typical day at school. Tika Vlahou, Secretary to Superintendent, Kathy Papachristopoulas, Community Relations Secretary, and Zoi Vatikiotis, Receptionist, busy at work. K ustociian John Dritzas checks with Mr. Marshall during school dance. L a J liter - Arc count ant Irene Dede checks the figures with John Kikas " You wouldn ' t . . . dare Stavie decorating his Christmas door yes . . . Christmas. Ssracuuii Jjrunnl ' ?J ' This little piggy went to Which twin used the ToniT ■ — rS -, m ftwoKMttu m hkswkkitoh " Ah ... Ah ... Ah ' What will they have me doing next? " Not another yearbook picture! " " They lock- ed you out of WHERE? " ' How could you? " ' jromiSeS " Q I Jr nave i to keep j Arna miles to ao before y Sleep. Jtna mites to ffo before V Sleep. S e n io r Lti add 31 Jerry Browning, President Connie Balides, Secretary Offlc erS Tolie Sand, Vice-President Colleen Mulcahy, Treasurer tattimmmmmamaatacmxaaiamBmewBiat KATHERINE JULIA ALLEN Kathy Miami Florida Chorus 1; Modern Dance 2; Drama 3; House Games 4. ALAN AUGUST Augie Titusville, Pennsylvania Woodworking 1,2,3; Draft- ing 2; Art 1,2,3,4. CONTANCE JOAN BALIDES Connie Long Island, New York Class Officer 3,4; Year- book 2,3; Editor 4; DoDo Staff 4; National Honor Soc- iety 4; Junior Beta Club 1; Tennis Club 1; Student Council 4; Prom Princess 3; House Games 2,3,4. MICHAEL ROSS BREWER Mike Claremont, California Softball Team 1 ; Football 2 ; SOPHIST, News Editor 3; Editor-in-Chief 4; House Games 3,4. SUSAN C. ANSCHUETZ Sue Washington, D. C. French Play 2; Junior- Senior Play 3; Asst. Di- rector 4; Student Council Representative 3; Treas- urer 4; National Honor Soc. Yearbook Sales Mgr. 4. LEONA AVENELL Munich, Germany Band 1; Junior Classical League 1,2; Pep Club 2; Yearbook 4; House Games 4. CATHERINE EVELYN BENTLEY Cathy Southampton, England Red Cross Club 1; Spring Carnival Comm. 1; French Club 2,3; Dramatics Club 2; Saint Paul Society 2; Chess Club 3; Girls ' Basket- ball Team 3; Girls ' Soft- ball Team 3; House Games 4. VICKIE LYNN BREWER Claremont, California House Games 2; SOPHIST, Business Manager 4. 33 m -r. I m M RANDY EUGENE BROOKS Monroe, Georgia Yearbook Photographer 4; SOPHIST, Photography Ed- itor 4; National Honor Soc- iety 4. KATHLEEN BROWN Kathy Hyde Park, New York Cheerleader 1,3; Drill Team 2; Pep Club 2; FTA Secretary 2,3; Girls ' League 2, 3; Newspaper 3,4; Yearbook 4, Editor 3; Girls ' Basketball Team 3. GERALD L. BROWNING Jerry Lawrence, Massachusetts Class President 1,2,3,4 Varsity Basketball 3,4 Letterman ' s Club 4 Athenian House Captain 3 CAROLYN ELIZABETH BUCKLEY Pasadena, California Spanish Club 3; 4-H Club 2,3; Riding Club 4. DIANA HELEN CHRISTIE ANN SAMUEL CUSTER CONSTANTINE PAUL DANTOS GREGORY DEANE Athens, Greece Chorus 1. Sam Ke nnett Square, Pennsylvania Track and Field 1; House Games 2,3,4; Yearbook 4. Dino Conway, New Hampshire Glee Club 1,2; Dramatics 2; Baseball 1,2; Intramural Sydney, Australia Debate 2; Military Cadets 2 skiing 2; Soccer 2; House Games 3,4; Intramurals 4. 34 MSK-SM»«aWt«S«« CHRISTINE DELISTRATY Chris Washington, D. C. Cheerleader 1,3,4; Class Representative 2,3; Piano Club, Secretary 2 Orchesis, Vice-Pres. 2 Lettermen ' s Club 4 Variety Show 2; Musical 2 3; Coordination Council 2 National Honor Society 3,4 Glee Club 3; Yearbook 4 JOHN DREHER San Fransisco, California Varsity Football 1; House Games 2,3,4. MARYALYCE CONSTANCE EBERT Mae - Connie Seattle, Washington CYO 1,2,3; Sodality 1,2,3; Library Club 3; Art 1,2,3; Yearbook Art Editor 4; Drama 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2. LINDA FRANCIS San Francisco, California GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Cheerleader 3,4; House Games 3, Captain 4; Let- termen ' s Club 4; Year- book 4. REBECCA JO FRICK Becky Huntingburg, Indiana GAA 1,2,3; Girls ' Softball 1; Girls ' Hockey 2,3; Follies 1; School Plays 2,4; SOPHIST 4. KAY GEORGE " K " Chicago, Illinois GAA 1; Varsity Tennis 1; Forum Club 1 ; House Games 2,3,4. MATTHEW GEORGOPULOS Matt Detroit, Michigan Electronics Club 1; Glee Club 1; Varsity Band 1,2, 3.4. Orchestra 1; Yearbook Photographer 3,4; News- paper Photographer 3; School Play 2; Choir 2; House Games 2,3,4. MARIE IRENE GOODYEAR London, England House Games 1,2; Greek Club 3; French Club 4. CHRISTINE HALCOUSSI Chris Alexandria, Egypt House Games 1,2,3,4; Newspaper 4; DoDo4; Film Club 1. DONALD J. HAYGOOD Don Paris, France House Games 1,2,3; Art Club 1; French Club 1; Chess Club 2. BENGT JAHNMATZ Stockholm, Sweden Jazz GRAFTON H. JENKINS, JR. Jenks Washington, D. C. Field Day Winner 2,3; Trojan House Captain 4. JACQUELINE R. HALL Jackie Ganesboro, Arkansas JAMES JACKSON Jim Melbourne, Australia JOHN B. JAREMA Washington, D. C. House Games 1,2,3,4; Yearbook Art Staff 2; SOPHIST Business Mana- ger 3, Managing Editor 4. MARY KALIONDZOGLOU Constantinople, Turkey JANET KEMPER Fairfax, Virginia Yearbook Art Staff 4; SOPHIST, Sports Editor 4; Powder Puff Game 4; House Games 4. YEOTA LIYEOS Lansing, Michigan House Games 1,2,3,4. MARTIN LOPEZ, JR. Kobe, Japan House Games 2,3,4; SCA Representative 1. MARION J. McDERMAND Mimi Chicago, Illinois FNA 1; Pep Club 1; Folk Singing Society 2,3; GAA2, 3; De Todo un Poco 3; House Games 4. HELEN LEVENTIS Penny Washington, D. C. Drama Club 1; House Games 2,3,4; French Club 4; Yearbook 4;Intramurals 4. ELIAS LOGOTHETIS Louis Detroit, Michigan Class Representative 1; French Club 1; Varsity Soccer 1,2; Varsity Foot- ball 2;Lettermen ' sClub2; Class Treasurer 2; House Games 3,4; Dramatics 3. AVRAAM LOUCAIDES Johannesburg, South Africa House Games 1,3,4. Sports 2. ROBIN ANN McDERMAND Chicago, Illinois Latin Club 1; Pep Club 1,2, 3; GAA 1,2,3; Swimming Team 2; Church Fellowship 2; Yearbook 4; Dramatics 4. 37 ' - : NICK MAVROGENIS Piraeus, Greece Sports 1; Dramatics 1,4; Intramurals 1,2; House Games 3,4. LYLE MILLER Wenatchee, Washington Sports 1,2,3,4; Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Football; House Games 4. JO ANN MOTZ COLLEEN MULCAHY Jo Washington, D. C. Ojima, Japan Intramurals 1,2; Drama Film Club 1. Club 2; French Club 2; House Games 3,4; Prom Princess 3; Yearbook 3, Senior Editor 4; SOPHIST 4; Senior Class Treasurer 4. JUDY ANN MULVIH1LL Sioux City, Iowa Pep Club 1; Dramatics 1; House Games 2; Year- book 4; Office Assistant 3. MARTHA E. NIEBUHR Marty Houston, Texas Band 1,2,3,4; Baton Corps 1,2; Music Club 1; Chorus 1; DoDo Staff 4. YUKIKO OHSAWA Yuki Tokyo, Japan House Games 2,3. JEANETTE PALMVIG Roskilde, Denmark House Games 4. 38 THEMIS PASALIS Tammy Cleveland, Ohio French Club 1,2,3; Intra- murals 1,2,3,4; Class Council 2.3; Y- Teens 2,3; Yearbook 4. ELIZABETH ANN PETRUCCI Betty Norwich, Connecticut Block B Club 1,2; Basket- ball Team 1,3; Yearbook 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 2,3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Newspaper 3; Intra- murals 4. ADAMANDIOS LEONIDAS POLEMIS Andy- Athens, Greece Class Treasurer 1; Vice President 2; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; House Games 3,4. VASSILIKI POLITIS Vicki Athens, Greece Ski Club 2; Yearbook French Club 4. Waltham, Massachusetts National Honor Society 1; FHA 2; GRA 2; Archery Club 1,2; Tennis Club 1, 2; House Games 3. ANITA MARIE ROPKE Jersey City, New Jersey TOLAND SAND Tolie Berkeley, California House Games 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Var- sity Basketball 3, Junior Varsity 2; Varsity Softball 2; Class Vice President 3, 4; Student Council Rep. 3; Spartan House Captain 4; Lettermen ' s Club 4. PATRIS HELLAS SPANOS Pat Brooklyn, New York House Games 1,2; Junior- Senior Play, Assistant Di- rector 3; DoDo Co- Editor 4. 39 NANCY TALBOT Chicago, Illinois International Club 1 ; News- paper 1; Glee Club 1; Pres- ident, Y- Teens 1; Sports 1, 2; Concert Choir 2; Cham- ber Choir 2; House Games 3,4; National Honor Society 4. CYNTHIA JEAN TATE Summit, New Jersey House Games 3,4; Corin thian Captain 4. EUGENIA TRUPOS Ginny Johannesburg, South Africa Hockey Team 1,2; Tennis Team 1,2; Gymnastics 2; Year book 4; House Games 4. LORETTA TALLIOS Retta Elmhurst, Illinois JAMES WILLIAM THANOS Jim Gloucester, Massachusetts Class Vice President 1; Snowball Prince 1; House Games 1,2, 3; Student Coun- cil Rep. 2,3; Student Coun- cil President 4; Varsity Softball 1,2,3; Varsity Basketball 4. LINDA SUE TOWSON Dayton, Ohio Chorus 1,2; Dramatics 1; Biology Club 2; FBLA 2; Pep Club 2; Office Assis- tant 3; Yearbook 4. JOHN TZORTZOUDAKIS Cedar Rapids, Iowa Boy Scout 2,3,4; Little League Coach; Senior Life- guard; Baseball Team 3. WTiTFnmTinMMIMIIIIIMIMimMlfiiiiiiiiMiaiM ANTHONY CHARLES VALENCOURT Tony Milwaukee, Wisconsin House Games 2; French Play 3; DoDo Staff 4. BUDIMIR VUJOVICH Buda Belgrade, Yugoslavia House Games 2,3. Pensi-Cola, Florida Dramatics 1,2; Pep Club 1.2; House Games 3,4; Yearbook 4. LEITZA M. GOULD Birmingham, England Choir 2. CHRISTINE VASSILOPOULOS Cairo, Egypt Yearbook 3; P. E. Assis- tant 3. JUDITH PENELOPE WALLER Judi Carshalton, Surrey, England Opera Society 1,2; Choir 1, 2; Hockey Team 1,2; Lit- erary Magazine 2; News- paper 3; Junior-Senior Play 3. EVI ZOUKIS Michelle Alexandria, Egypt House Games 1,2. ANGELA PILALIS Angie Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Class President 1. Senior J 5uperiati p ued Wlott ynteitectuai Patris Spanos Mike Brewer b, Wittiest Linda Francis Lyle Miller Besl 4fi- 4rounJ 1% I Colleen Mulcahy Jim Thanos g Wost Respected Avraam Loucaides Becky Frick 43 d est Jjre5Sed Kathy Brown Jim Thanos Grafton Jenkins Janet Kemper Best Tolie Sand 1 f iXHM-Cx.j-svortci g Wost Met ' I to Succeed John Jarema Connie Balides cJLoohin Q Susan Anschuetz illlost ( IciSS niriteci Chris Delistraty Jerry Browning Senior herein booh 46 " Duh, what ' s so funny? " i « Why didn ' t you enter the " legs " contest, John? ' This is for last week and this is for ' A Hard Day ' s Night. " 47 " Do I really look like that? " UfaEHi " Oh, no! Not another English panel. " Y ' ; - 1 They ' re all in a rush, huh, Becky? Friendly advice. Seniors smile to the bitter end. Seniors assist in Christmas delivery. ' No, it ' s this way, John. " Must be a puzzling problem for Andy and Chris. Industrious seniors on their way to the huts. " Trig test . . . Trig test . . . Trig test . . . " ' PLEASE! Your finger is in my eye, " said Robin. Who could think at a time like thisl There goes another proud senior. sS Four fine physics friends. What ' s the big attraction, girls " Seniors on the go again. so " Come on, Jerry. Your ' s is in there somewhere. " iis» i|.r ■ | f Seniors playing the role on shipboard. Jackie, what would Dennis say? S » ■■■ft MaryAlyce socializes with underclassman Cunningham. Senior boys dominate the " Mr. Legs Contest. 51 Diligent seniors deck the doors. The first senior to get accepted at college. Hustlers, is that how they do it on T.V.? 52 im.vr.-. Look who ' s trying to control air polution! - i. a ' Are you kidding me? " 53 What are you smiling for, Betty? ' Oh, Francis. Seniors may go, but the dogs remain. " Class? What class? " What ' s my line? " Tsk, tsk, tsk, -- Betty! It ' s not that hard, is it Jim? 54 You ' re lucky if you get a box on your head! Connie even told the sailors " Our yearbook will be the greatest! " ' . W g- 24.0LC ru JUT » " " MM " " My WHAT ' S showing ' ; Santa ' s little helpers. Is it all that bad. Susan? 55 " What have they got that I haven ' t got? " The face that launched a thousand ships. Look up, l ook down, look all around " Come on, Jo Ann, put some life into it. 56 Anything -- anything but work! ' Boy, what a way to go. " Put up your ciukes, guys. ' Will you please get off my feet? ' It ' s a hen party, nosey! ■- J " And would you believe I ' ve got a cold? " What ' s in the SOPHIST now? " Exercises anyone? One, two; one, two. . . " " Sam, I hate to tell you, but there ' s no heat. 58 ' Bye. Nothing ' s that funny. tf »». ' .VJih. ' .-I ' ajJW.VU MZW -M illnue down th u5 don t ladt forever and we mudt the corridors of tomorrow-- tomorrow-- J OCIC lea rn au we J omorrow we derve, Jsn I lie future we lead. Ulndercli a55men 61 mmmm mmmam w ' mm ■ . , President Patty Leight Vice President .... Nancy Anschuetz Secretary Karen Poling Treasurer Lesly Dales yfi ' i ior K tci JJ 62 fcUUKtoli ' J lt tt ' nM Marina Aivaliotis George Alexander Allen Alexiades Nancy Anschuetz Judy Baldwin Christine Bartells George Basle William Bass Timothy Bellas .Jonathan Bowman Roger Briggs Dan Bringolf Vicki Bromiley Nancy Byers Kay Caouette Juliana Crane Williams Cunningham Lesly Dales Andrea Dantos Jose Deguchi John Fowler " Migraine headaches . . . tired blood . . . wish I had a piece of bubble gum. " 63 Robin Gass Catherine Gatski Diana Georgiopoulos John Gertos Linda Girdner Christer Goransson Joanne Granecki Linda Hall William Hallam Micheal Hamilton Steven Harrington Daniel Hennessy foolli t lion a lit S and actions " Say, haven ' t we met somewhere before 64 Monty Hernandez Vilma Hijanides Winifred Hodge Cheryl Holt John H rones Alexander Issaris Pamela Johnson Athanasios Kalpouzos T lj F- af A fti lT Marinos Kappatos George Katsanos Helen Kleopas Marie Knight liane us for Hie future. Bottoms Up: 65 Jerry Krometis Nicolas Lagonik Bruce Lavorgna Georgina Lee Patty Leight Scott Mclntyre Steven McKinley Peter Mack Virgil Martin Billy Moustakas Vivianne Nahmias Henrietta Neophytos Mark O ' Connor Tea Paida William Parquette Norma Passage Rodney Pearson Susan Peterson Linda Pherigo Karen Poling Dimitri Politis Deguchi ' s study habits win again. " Pat did what " a sawuimw ranuntfEmuiNzitfl «■ u.n Gary Potashnick Deanne Poulos Christine Kendall Donroy Robinson Helen Rocos Daphne Rodini Charlene Rohrmoser Niki Russell Aisha Sabri Ian Sammut-Smith Matilda Schwartz Girmy Short Mary Short Carmen Siewert Mariane Sinaheris Rebecca Sparling Helen Spartalis Freda Stamatos Jane Steen Johanna Stephen Leslie Stoudt Susan Suslian Olga Taros David Tate Tom Tavantzis Paul Velletri Basil Vlahopoulos Caroline Whitton 67 " Wonder what Lesly would do if I put a spider on her desk? " ' Say that again. " Spider? Where? 68 " If you hit me one more time UtCUtlL« MmUniHraXHTMJBU ll ' Doctor please, some more of these. . . " A boy after Mr. Viny ' s heart. ■: " No, it ' s not a wig! ' " I really don ' t know which side is ours! ' 69 President . . Vice President Secretary- Paul Cokenias George Habicht Treasurer David Helgerson J )onliomore i la.55 70 Thomas Adang Andrew Alexiades William Basil Anne Bentley n SHt l Bessie Arroyo Joanna Arslanoglou Brian Blenis Brand Bowman Chris Arvas Jerrlyn Barnes Harry Bousbourelis Gregory Boussios Thomas Barr Linda Bartholomew Molly Bridgman Ann Bringolf Willi each Sundown comes a new horizon, brinaina f ort h hn owl eel i ae to nS. . . 71 ' Third year in a row I haven ' t caught anyone! ' Connie Browning Georgina Bultzo Judy Candela Scott Cardell Richard Carlton Norman Cathopoulis Peggy Christensen Tasia Christon weeciina oat the ianoran ce mm id, 4S Paul Cokenias Bruce Corson Jeanette Cowan James Crisp Robert Crowe Ralph Cruz John Cunningham Thomas Cunningham Peter Curcio Linda Dambassis Elizabeth Davis Louis Fasulis Cindy Fitzgerald Jerry Floratos Fred Fotis Christine Franghides Lynn Robinson, winner at the Sadie Hawkins Dance didn ' t worry about his " long " hair. t licit oft en can J eS p a in . . . Wendell Garner Michael Georgaroudis Vera Gerakaris Denise Girardi Herbert Goulden Dale Grant George Habicht Stephen Hallarh Gordon Hein David Helgerson David Henry Linda Hernandez Basil Houpis Wanda Hubbard Artie Iliopoulos Sandra Israelson Peter Jason Karen Johnson Pauline Kampitses Debra Karambelas " P. E. finally caught up with me. ■in ore enriched with each new grain. " Now look who he ' s dancing with! ' " Is that a hint the Web ' s crummy? Sandra Karst Jeanne Kemper Tia Kontanis Diane Krawczyk Nancy Lane Claire Lambrou Toula Limberis Michael Logothetis Alicia Natividad Timothy Nicholas Dina Nohos Victoria Mack ten we it no lonaer be Hie C taJJ of 6 9 ' Who, us? UP $m M r - % H • v ' J ■Db. jrift M ' HH t • tBP m ' mf .;■;.,. - JwKmBB - J if :: ' ' JBH i.fe Emmanuella Manganans Viola Markos Martha Maroulis Diane McLane Richard Marshall Jerome Mau Lloyd Millar Samuel Miller Tim Miller Janice Moulding Rosemary Moylan Diane Oberst Atesh Oktem John Olwine Stig Palmvig Margaret Papadopolos " They ' re for the birds. hKUlMKl.-UUlX-in -we 1 1 remember all I lie leSSonS So divine, not boohs So much as the memories it hold So dear. . . . we ' Well, she said that he said. Angeliki Papaharalambous Don Payne Edward Powers Dennis Quinn Neil Ranft Janey Reeves Lynn Robinson Sandra Rosenthal Amal Sabri William Sammons Linda Sanchez James Seferis Gertrude Sherman Phyllis Soldo Anthony Soward David Sparling tl -1 Jkv« Nick Stroghilas Robert Sturgess Jill Swaidner Lindsay Tartre Ann Taylor Susan Taylor James Thomas Ellie Tragakes James Truett Thalia Vassil Maria Vlahopoulos Georgia Vrahnas , I Nancy Young Karen Weise Thalia really caught the humor in that tale. vliicli will come to uS with the lapse of ma nu 11 ears. ■-Maria Vlahopoulos ' Hey, since when have I been dating her?!! ' 7Uf Mi ' You guard; I ' ll pull the switch A study in motion. Basil puts it in for two points. President Missy Leight Vice-President Al Byers Secretary- Treasurer . Betty Mack Zrrednman L la jj 80 Maria Abouyannis Roger Adams Jeannette Amorganos Brian August Jorjanne Barnes Curtis Bartholomew awi Carla Bass Thomas Bass " Which hand do vou want? ' Jlie Jul tire tihe a horizon bold 3 man if stories uet untold. Cynthia Batten Kathryn Bean Rhonda Blenis Borka Bogdanovic William Bone Julie Brinkerhoi ' i ' Catherine Brooks Michael Brunt Alton Byers Demetrios Caldis Sunny Cannon Pamela Cavadias 81 Angela Christon George Christopoulos George Cocorelis Debra Colonna Romeo Corsini Fay Coutroubis Stephanie Dantos Damon Delistraty George Demetropolis Rebecca Dildy Stephen Dixon Elizabeth Dodson Elizabeth Drake Ailene Ellis Kay Fagan Stephanie Francis Lucinda French Leonard Gant Robert Gass Gerard Gendron Peter George " And a one, and a two, and a live each daii for what it brinas - hnowledae, experience, di reams. Alex Georgopoulos Sandy Gerakaris Betty Giouras Gail Goulden William Hall John Halsey Peter Hatzifotis Kathy Herrin Paul Hodge Diane Holt " By Monday those skirts should be below the kneel ' 1 • • " Folks, while in Mecca, drink a glass of milk every day. " Iris Kampitses Louie Kampouris Stephanie Karahalis Nora Kent Chris Kjos Bruce Kimbel Tony Kleopas Donald Koehler Kathleen Krawczyk Linda Kuminski Piril Kustaloglou Kalistraty Lattos Patricia Lavin Kathryn Lee Missy Leight t ' I ' ll huff. . I ' ll puff . . and I ' ll . . . " Linda Lewelling Ted Lopatkiewicz William Lord ' Do you think he ' ll see me under here ' ■ Betty Mack Jacqueline Manch Petros Mantas Kathryn Marcy Dean Markadakis Michael McGee 4- ■ «l A v fj f Ik " I " ■ " K. W. ™ 0m r H , j ' ' With these new h orizonS a head, we qo atone. So not to be lead. Shelley Mclntyre Suzanne McKinley Henry Mee Doris Meryn Effie Mihopoulos Robert Mulvihill Theresa Mulvihill Juri Nagai Guy Nathan Nick Nicolaou George Nielsen Charles Noblit Robert Northrop John Olige Peter Papadopoulos Aft f Geoffrey Parker Steve Pherigo Jennifer Poling Peter Poulin Erin Psarellis John Rakas Mark Randell Sherry Richardson Steven Riggs Michael Sadler David Saffel Lu Saylor Douglas Sexton Edward Siegers Artie Smith Bonnie Snyder Ann Stamatos George Stavrakis Kathleen Sullivan Bruce Talbot ■ ' .. Did someone just tell a funny joke, Missy ' . ' ' Don ' t worry, I ' m not going in. i m ' Tell her she ' s good; she ' s been there for thirty minutes! ' i " What ' s that, NO Great Pumpkin ' : Jur K lciSS of 70 holds incinii a storu ol those who tl Succeed and no on to qtoru. Dwaine Tate Barbara Theodore Lynn Tracy Nick Tragakes Janice Truett Helen Trupos Terry Tsiropoulos Katherine Valsamakis Helena Violaris Lindsay Waddell Robert Wippich Sandy Vass Efstratia Viras Linda Voutsinas Gela White Steven Wilson John Winn liana Yishibi Gus Zaharopoulos Phillip Zaneteas Shelley Mclntyre l Ue work now to pave tne waii to our future. A u trior hr i a li 89 President Terry Karst 2nd Vice-President Deborah Upshaw Treasurer . . James Nass Secretary Kathy Pauli Secretary Brenda Bailey Vice-President . . . Maria Tsouderos An n ior htiq li KyijricerS 90 JklKrftWfc t fc 5j H% .ff 1 1 ftlpk £5 {? J© C- ft i i Ljradi Demetra Adams Richard Adang Theresia Adkins Bertrum Adkins Marvin Allen Lona Amorganos Jeil ' rey Arbogast Brenda Bailey Vicki Basle Karin Bergers Madalene Besco Yvonne Beyelia Lloyd Biggers Linda Bonnell William Bozikis Tom Bridges Debra Bromiley Frank Browning Tony Cacoliris Eleftherios Caldis Norman Caouette Lyndon Childs Diane Cokenias Martha Cokenias Robert Consigli Jean Crisp Mark Cutis Walter Dallis George Dantos Bruce Deane Christopher Devol William Dildy George Dixon James Drevis Meta Drown Mila Drown Dorothy Ervin Andrew Floratos Debra French Margaret Gancevic Joann Garner Michael George ' If I leave now, they ' ll never know 4ft ft Maria Gertos Mike Giouras Kenneth Goransson Cynthia Goudis Liliana Grubisic Steve Hellmann Nick Hodge Phillip Hopkins Aft© Mary Horan Catherine Jackis Darko Javorski Robin Jenkins Stephanie Joannides Donald Johnsey Patricia Johnson Scott Johnson Terri Johnson Francois Joubert Frances Joyner Charles Kalbach Nick Kapatos Anna Karahalis Nick Karambelas Terry Karst Martha Kearns Mary Khlentzos David Kimbel Gilbert Kingree Nico Konialides Michael Kontanis Paul Kreger Robert Lajeunesse Teresa Lavorgna Audrey Lee George Livingston Constance Lord Paulette Ludwig Robin McGoon Donna McLeod Julia Macris Bill Maltas Barbara Marshall Phillip Mau Liana Mavrellis Emilie Megas Poppy Michalos William Miles Charles Miller Sandra Miller John Milton Jerry Munger James Nass " Hmm . . from? " . who can I borrow ten lepta i j I " Hey Joe, is your head caught in your hood again? " Tony Nicholas Richard Noblit Vicki Northrop Donna Pacific John Papadimos Donna Paparizos Joseph Pasquarello Michael Patterson Susan Perry George Petrucci George Pirpiris Angelica Polemis Sandra Potashnick Michael Prow Bonnie Reeves Alan Roseman Athena Sakelos Randa Salameh Lee Sand Mary Saray Robert Sessions Eric Sharpe Ursula Shockley Leeland Siewert Jed Swaidner Shirley Swinson Cindy Tallios Mary Thanos ft d ' And they ' re oft ' ! ' Harry Tiras Viesta Townsend Joseph Trippet Maria Tsouderous Vivan Vasilikos Gail Venzke Elaine Vickers Catherine Vosniades Rachael Weinstein Aspie Zonars 93 Sharon Allen Sara Anscheutz Anna Anestos Koula Anousas Jim Arvos Theresa Ast Vickie Austin Timothy Barnes ' The receptical in front center is for scraps! Seventh Ljrcidi .( . Mb Oa A++i T ' | " : ; f™ 5 W JR Susan Bean Stephen Bentley Pandora Bethea Greg Bishop Debra Bonnell Emily Bridgman Barbara Brown Charles Brown Yvonne Brown Bradley Browning Dennis Browning Bonnie Buice Leslie Cardell Betty Chialtas Anthony Christo Chris Cleveland William Cloutis Larry Deal Stanley Diniaco Michael Donaldson Gaye Downing John Drake Alexander Exarchos Perri Fairchild Eugene Fidler Elizabeth Fisk Gary Folk Harry Forney Liliana Gancevic Nicholas Goudis Denise Greer Eva Hanson Heather Harper Effie Hatzifotis Julie Hawkins Norma Hawkins Christopher Heffelfinge Mike Helman Thomas Henry Ann Hill Radica Hinic Constantine Irakides John Issaris Patricia James Maria Kampitses Katherine Karakondis Peter Kazaros Steven Kingree Sara Leight Linda Livingston Kosmas Lorandos Robert Manning Vasiliki Marcon Roy Martz Thea Mc Clannan Elizabeth McGee Diane McMulleh Hans Mellberg Judy Michas Don Millar Butch Mobley Phillip Mohundro Cheryl Moore Dean Mousakiotis Nita Munger Catherine Myers Marlene Nichols Stellan Nielsen Caroline Olwine Mike Olwine Martin Osburn Alda Panos Dino Paulakis Kathy Pappas John Parrino " Come on, let me Hip you just once! ' But Mr. Marshall, I just finished cleaning it! ' A; i 95 4. i Kathryn Pauli Constantine Pavlakos Paul Perkins Ruth Pherigo David Phillips Theodore Poling Ursula Powers Mark Preston Richard Pullium Russell Radcliffe Rodney Rathbun Bonnie Reeves Kirk Roane Debra Roberts Michael Salameh Carolene Sanchez Charlene Sanchez Mike Schwartz Mark Sessions Vicky Smith Roderick Spearin David Stanton Deborah Steinbach Jody Swaidner Jan Swanson Kathleen Tolleson Paula Towson Deborali Upshaw Claudia Vellet] i Stephanie Vyrros William Waddell Diana Wynn J-toin eroom f .enreSen latii eS 1 to r: Bert Adkins, Nick Karambelas, Martin Osburn, es Nass, Terry Karst, Martha Cokenias, Vicky Smith, Mary Ann Iloran. 1 to r; 1st row: Larry Deal, William Waddell, John Parrino, Jody Swaidner; 2nd row: Michael Patterson, Romona McClaunan, Bonnie Buice, Debra Roberts, Sally Leight; 3rd row: Patricia Johnson, Maria Tsouderos, Donny Johnsev, Brenda Bailey, Debra Upshaw Iff II ■ llf ' If ' W 96 Stephanie Joannides Mary Horan Maria Tsouderos junior {Jarditu (cheerleader A Diane James Brenda Bailey Theresia Adkins Sharon Allen Dke WizaJ of O. left to right, 1st row: Linda Bonnell, John Parrino, Debra Bonnell, Perry Swaim, Alda Panos, Holly Preston, Mark Sessions; 2nd Row: Connie Lord, David Vitanovitz, Sandra Miller, Robin Jenkins, Leslie Cardell, Dean Mouzakiotis, Judy Michas, George Dantos, Martha Kearns, Stephanie Vyrros, Dimitri Politis, Daphni Rodini. Cast of Characters Dorothy Leslie Cardell Toto ......... Dean Mouzakiotis Scarecrow Robin Jenkins Tin Man David Vitanovitz Cowardly Lion George Dantos Wizard of Oz Dimitri Politis Good Witch Connie Lord Bad Witch Stephanie Vyrros Attendant Judy Michas Attendant ........ Sandra Miller Glenda the Good . . . Martha Kearns Munchkins ....... Debra Bonnell Linda Bonnell, Perry Swaim, Alda Panos, John Parrino, Holly Preston Guard at the Gate . . . Mark Sessions Director Mr. Viny 98 J li e da uA that ma hi US h cinn u m a lie uS ?? w i Se. Aolin VtHaSefield student c Llft 101 Jhe blear (jSeqlnS with student Council (elections Intensive week of campaigning . . « election margin close . . . winning candidates: President-Jim Thanos; Vice-President- George Alexander; Secretary-Linda Girdner; Treasurer-Susan Anschuetz . . . Senator Joseph S. Clark . . . seniors pose questions . . . Vietnam . . . Foreign Aid . . . thought-provoking comments . . . and if elected, I Dogpatch . . . marriage booth gals round up guys . . costume contest Sophomores enjoy their success He blackmailed me into it. i ii f i i n w »« »■ Important UldltorS. . . Senator Joseph S. Clark, Democrat from Pennsylvania. ' Look into my eyes. " MfrMP urn " . . .ana the Uraaitibnal S aale htawhins eJjan ce. " But Mike, they ' ve been at it for ten minutes! " Senior jirl5 L hatlenae Aunior Ljirls in f- owcier I u ff ■football Kjcime. . . Frills and lace . " ■ Glamorous cheerleaders spur the teams on to victory. Olie Score Wa6 0-0 The Hustlers . . . Gr-e-e-e-at! A men can sMcademu — Ar 1 1 inter J J onderland f December . . . winter finally arrives with that white delight . . . " Is that really snow? " . . . " Watch out Mr. Viny — those flying snowballs! " . . . Deck the doors . , , seniors intensify the holiday feeling with gay decorations . . . school comes alive with Christmas spirit . « . " Silent Night, Holy Night " . . . assembly inspires the glorious feeling of Christmas ... at last vacation . . . and we move into the new year . . . student L ouncil roved J licit y hrisl men id a Jime of K tivina. . . Paul Cokenias distributes clothing while John Jarema looks on. Jose helps pack clothing for needy children. Mr. Marshall gives with a smile. 107 Christmas 1966 r J r Deck the Doors winner . . . door? ■ 1 and if you ' re good I ' ll give you a big The American Embassy glistens after the snow. student L ounclt ponJorJ i arnivai oLJa nee ' Mr. Legs " is crowned by Colleen. Game booths and prizes . . . sponge throw . . . revenge on Student Council members . . " My hair is dripping wet " ! ... cake walk . . . lucky number wins . . . dart throw . . . " Aim at the balloon — not ME! " . . . French cafe ... " I want deux hot dogs et une coke " . . . Mr. Legs contest ... " I can ' t go out there in shorts — my legs are too hairy. " . . . the guy who gets the most money wins . . . " Psst... gimme all the money you got tonight " . . . moment of truth arrives . . . crowned — Jerry Browning . . . everyone dancing . . . music by the " Zoo " . . . profits go into Izmir fund . . . happy night! . . . Patty Leight bears the brunt ol . 110 Senior J rip to the Zrieet ip Ssrriendly milei (JSrina VlHemorieS of J4i otne Don ' t worry, Evi, Mr. Arthur won ' t give you anymore secant problems. Mr. MillerandMrs. Rous, joining in the fun, dance to the music of the sailor band. " Who did you say looks funny? " The Web Afcaciemu cJ-an cerS vS uracil it u J ina J ona y ? v Lancers challenge faculty . . . " Ding- dong ding dong Lancers beat the King Kongs " . . . " MR. VINY-- give back our pompoms! " . . . teams battle to 29-22 score . . . victory for the King Kongs . . . " Hey, that game must ' ve been rigged! " . . . After- wards a dance . . . music provided gratis by the " WEB " . . . money used for sending team and cheerleaders to Izmir . . . a n J tli en we were in Jszm if February 7, 1967 ... long awaited day . . . Student Council, basketball team, and cheerleaders fly to Izmir, Turkey for conference and tournament . . . " Do you think this plane is going to make it? " . . . chape rones: Mrs. Alls ebr ook, Mrs. Malevres, Mr. Dorris and Mr. Yeros begin seven days of ... fun? . . . arrival at Izmir . . . meeting new kids . . . staying in friendly homes . . . field trip to Effosis-an unearthed city . . . " This place is amazing-it ' s so huge! " . . . reception for Student Council members . . . basketball games in Ataturk Stadium . . . " You mean we have to play two games in one day? " . . . beating Izmir by two points in overtime . . . " We ; re the Lancers, couldn ' t be prouder " . . . going to movies and parties on school nights . . . luncheon for Student Council members at Effos Hotel . . . dance at the teen club . . . shopping at Konak, the flea market . . . " Do you sell beer can suitcases here? " ... " I want to get a fez, a suede coat, a... " . . . banquet for basketball teams and cheerleaders . . . eating, talking, laughing . . . Virgil Martin chosen for All Star team . . . Lancers receive third place trophy . . . day of departure . . . bus to Cesme . . . filling- forms, stamping passports . . . ferry boat to Chios . . . making endless peanut butter sandwiches . . . " Hey, Mr. Dorris, how about another one! " . . . back on Greek soil . . . familiar smell of souvlaki . . . sailing on the " Adonis " . . . up most of the night . . . talking, laughing- finally sleeping 5:30 A.M.- the boat docks . . still dark! " home . . . happy . . . " But I can ' t get up yet, it ; s . . . bus takes each person everyone is exhausted . . . glad to be back l M i? It ' s a bird, it ' s a plane, it ' s ... a basketball? Peggy Leight, the Lancer ' s mascot. ' We gonna win Virgil? ' Yeah! " 117 Touring the ruins of Effosis. " Could it be cashmere? ' §R,-| I V f i Pat . . . John goat Who swal lowed the goldfish? but we got home anyway! I IrmMWMiifiimBi o3en iweeinean ancerS bu the Varsity basketball er Wis ciom m on n ts li I Hi willi Hie stars. zen - in n a v arbou id J r aanlz at ion 123 student K ouncit Election speeches . . . casting ballots . . . delegated responsibilities . . . meetings on Tuesday after school . . . doughnut sales . . . Student Handbook . . . money donated to charter National Honor Society . . . heated discussions . . . humorous comments from George . . . compromising issues . . . under- standing from sponsors Mrs. Allsebrook, and Mr. Yeros . . . Carnival Dance . . . sponges thrown at Council members . . . fund raising for Izmir . . . Christmas clothing drive . . . de- livering packages to villages near Halkis . . . different facets of school life dis- cussed at Izmir conference related to studenty body in assembly . . . " Our student council has much more freedom than Izmir ' s or Ankara ' s ' " Council presidents from the Academy and sister school in North Carolina visit one another . . . school rings ... a hard working student council . . . Council members report on Izmir Conference. George Alexander expresses his viewpoints at Izmir. 124 Delivering Christmas packages near Halkis. Jim Thanos, President, addresses student body. 1st row, 1 to r: Paul Cokenias, Nancy Anschuetz, Patty Leight, Sue Anschuetz, Mrs. Allsebrook advisor, Missy Leight, Linda Girdner 2nd row: Tolie Sand, George Habicht, Al Byers, Jim Thanos, Jerry Browning. 125 n ew Spa per pap The SOPHIST . . . frus- trated writers . . . head- lines and captions . . . game scores . . . pictures . . . editorials . . . con- troversy . . . advice from Mr. Haskell . . . dead- lines, deadlines, deadlines . . . proofreading . . . distribution problems . . . informative paper . . . Charlene Rohrmoser; John Jarema, Managing Editor; Mike Brewer, Editor- in-Chief, and Mr. Haskell, advisor, discussing the latest SOPHIST. 1st row, 1 to r: Be cky Sparling, Vickie Brewer, Janet Kemper, Becky Frick 2nd row, 1 to r: Fred Fotis, Colleen Mulcahy, Ted Lopatkiewicz, Peggy Christensen, Tom Cunningham. Not pictured: Kathy Brown, Stephanie Francis 126 Jli e e-JjO Jjo Student Magazine . . . re- lates feelings on world af- fairs, as well as the more abstract concepts . . . ar- ticles, essays, short stories and poetry . . . draws from all parts of the globe . . . under guiding hand of Mr. Stavroulakis . . . ex- tremely significant title . . . purpose — to furthur under- standing among you n g people, the future leaders of tomorrow . . . •Jj|(|jf|f||| 1st row, 1 to r: Helen Leventls, Andrea Dantos, Martha Niebuhr, Karen Poling, Winnie Hodge 2nd row, Jerry Browning, Tony Valencourt, Christine Halcoussi, Connie Balides, Mike Cleanthis, Jim Thanos Jlit 1st row, 1 to r: Juliana Crane, Nancy Talbot, Patris Spanos, Amal Sabri 2nd row: Judi Waller, Tom Cunningham. Id H.: ' •II - ■ i era ru r ll laaazin Skepsis — Greek word meaning thoughts . . . student contributions . . . original writings . . . first time in school history . . . under supervision of Miss P riles . . . pur- pose — to capture the imag- ination of the reader . . . 127 l Jearbooh S taff " Buy your ' Evzone ' yearbook NOW!!! " . . . Saturday meetings . . . hard- working staff . . . planning preliminary dummies . . . transferring to final copies . . . begging, borrowing, stealing pictures . . . " The dead- line is on Wednesday, the deadline is on Saturday " . . . Shipment made on Monday . , . Advisor, Mrs. Anastas, what would we have done without you?. " I may look disorganized, but I really do know what I ' m doing " . . . tension . . . completion and one big sigh of relief . . , Kathy and Peggy: If you only knew then how hard it would be to check those names. Bill and Scott: If you only knew then how many times you ' d have to do your preliminary dummies. Lesly: If you only knew then the Saturdays you ' d be spending at school. Mrs. Anastas: If you only knew then the nights you would spend going over the book. Connie Balides, Editor; Chris Delistraty, Activities; Nancy Anschuetz, Jr. Layout; Lesly Dales, 7 8 Layout; Colleen Mulcahy, Sr. Layout. 2nd Row: Bill Cunningham, Sports; Peggy Christensen, Sophomore Layout; MaryAlyce Ebert, Art; Susan Anschuetz, Sales; Scott Mclntyre, Sports. st row: Judy Mulvihill, Sales; Janet emper, Art; Diana Georgopoulcs, (ds; Andrea Dantos, Sales; Kobin lcDermand, Sr. Layout. 2nd row: haron Winecoff, Sales; Linda , ' owson, Sales; Eugenia Trupos, ales; Helen Leventis, Sales, Copy. Connie: If you only knew then how long it would take to check each page. i } Stephanie: If you only knew then how to work that gadget. Colleen: If you only knew then the hours you would be spending on the yearbook. 129 i latlonat rrotior ociet ' First year initiated at the American Academy . . . selective membership based on the four cardinal principles: scholarship, leadership, character, and service . . . impressive induction ceremony . . . speeches given by Mr. Marshall, Mr. Mclnroy, advisor, and officers . . . lighting the candles of knowledge . . . initiation of an honor roll . . . Athenian Chapter . . . Chris Delestraty, president, speaks at the Induction Ceremony. 1st row, 1 to r: Susan Anschuetz, Betty Petrucci, Connie Balides, Becky Frick, Linda Girdner, Patris Spanos, Chris Delistraty, Nancy Anschuetz, Margaret Papadopolos, Lesly Dales, Juliana Crane, Patty Leight 2nd row, 1 to r: Scott Mclntyre, Steve Hallam, George Alexander, Nancy Byers, Evi Zoukis, Nancy Talbot, Paul Cokenias, Dimitri Politis, Randy Brooks " II srren en C tu b French films . . . lectures . . . expanding knowledge of France . . . comparing French and American teen- agers . . . 1st row, 1 to r: Eugenia Trupos, Christine Vassilopoulos, Betty Giouras, Linda Boutsinas 2nd row, 1 to r: Mr. Angelonides, advisor; Alicia Natividad, Vice Presi- dent; Helen Leventis, President; Linda Dambasis, Secretary-Treasurer. CU ertnen J C i JJ L lub Exercise brain . . . helps to learn patience . . . develops powers of concentration . . . check mate . . . Rod Spearin, Harry Forney, Scott Cardell, Jody Swaidner, Phillip Mohundo, Advisor, Mr. Dimitsas. 1st row, 1 to r: Chris Delistraty, Lesly Dales, Patty Leight, Tillie Schwartz, Margaret Papadopolos, Jeanne Kemper, Jose DeGuchi 2nd row, 1 to r: Jim Thanos, Lyle Miller, Bill Sammons, Bill Hallam, Tolie Sand, Don Robinson, Virgil Martin, Tom Adang, Gordon Hein, Jerry Browning, Ken Marshall. Not pictured: Linda Francis, Mrs. Malevris, advisor. Composed of letter holders of various sports, cheer- leaders . . . mon- ey making organi- zation . . . bake sales . . . Lancer buttons . . . goal: Izmir tournament . 131 I II r; • n i oLona daud of praclic or in a the roar of victoru or I he silence of defeat. ariHJMfij Jltkteti a 133 Virgil Martin- -Forward Jose DeGuchi-- Guard Don Robinson--Center 134 m ► Coach Dorris Jim Thanos Lyle Miller Tom Adang Gordon Hein Willy Sammons Joanne Granecki " A Scout is trustworthy, loyal . . Tillie Schwartz " Just you wait ' till half-time, refl ' Linda Francis " You ' d never believe what ' s inside these pom- poms! " rr ein in a uS win Margaret Papadopolos " Oh no, he missed another lay-up! " Lesly Dales " You mean I missed the game? " Peggy Leight " C ' mon Bill, shoot awready! " Patty Leight " You put your right foot in, you put. LANCERS COME THROUGH SEASON WITH GOOD PERCENTAGE! Lancers 46 Controllers 53 Lancers 76 Air-ops 53 Lancers 61 Mac 44 Lancers 53 Navy 64 Lancers 51 Mission 40 Lancers 48 Maintenance 23 Lancers 37 Det. 25 39 Lancers 38 Supply 44 Lancers 49 2140 34 Lancers 62 Flight-ops 50 Lancers 59 Navy 58 Lancers 50 Mac 47 Lancers 67 PMG 3.8 Lancers 47 Supply 68 Lancers 48 2140 53 Lancers 18 J-Vs ■ 19 1 4. %% V ' We ' re the Lancers, couldn ' t be prouder . . . " ' Another win . . . Man, WE ' RE THE GREATEST! ' Bill Hallem reaches up for another two points. d !Sf Hands up for VICTORY! HOUSE ■ T J l k28 1 9 ] 691 ¥ | 603 ¥ i 506 1 ¥ i ' GAMES v nro j aims Trojan House Captains Senior: Grafton Jenkins; Helen Rocos Junior: Steve Riggs; Peggy Christensen Eighth: Nick Warren; Terry Karst Seventh: Dennis Browning; Sally L eight Spartan House Captains Senior: Tolie Sand; Patty Leight Junior: Ken Marshall; Margaret Papadopolos Eighth: Donny Johnson; Jean Crisp Seventh: J. Perkins; Julie Hawkins Athenian House Captains Senior: Alex Issaris; Colleen Mulcahy Junior: George Habicht; Paula Kampetsis Eighth: Bill Maltas; Martha Kearns Seventh: Mike Olwine; Sarah Strachen Corinthian House Captains Senior: John Tombros; Linda Francis Junior: Lynn Robinson; Missy Leight Eighth: Lloyd Biggers; Brenda Baily Seventh: Mike Schwartz; Jan Swanson CORINTHIANS 145 -53BI SABERS r They ' re off! CROSS COUNTRY RACE Al Byers wins. I ASJT-y- %JR i— -4,«,rf .; j . Wffi? wn aa™ JJ wkim dd Cd : !id !■•»•» • f " « - ' M ahHlt »; A lit - M .) J ■Jfc-;3- : S4 duer lis ernents 149 WITH COMPLIMENTS NATIONAL CITY BANK Partners in progress around the world Athens Othonos 8 Piraeus Akti Miaouli 47 150 AIRWAYS TRANSATLANTIC SERVICES TO THE U.S.A. up £ jfan. L THE MOST MODERN EQUIPMENT DAILY FLIGHTS ATHENS - NEW YORK NON STOP and via ROME PARIS XQZSd 151 kalypso - bungalotel, arkitsa 94 Miles north of Athens, on the National Road to Salonika U.S. Greek Management Three Categories Bungalows Self - Service Restaurant Snack - Bar American Bar Stereo Dance Club Private Beach Minigolf - Volley-ball Watersports Mobil Gas Station The International vacation resort for the young. Full board from $5 per day - XA: 10% discount For reservations call: INTRACO (HELLAS) LTD, ATHENS: 985-211 COMMERCIAL UNION ASSURANCE Co., Ltd. 24 Cornhill, London E.G. 3 capital £ 163,000,000 NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF GREAT BRITAIN, Ltd. Glasgow LONDON AND OVERSEAS INSURANCE Co., Ltd. London LICENSES GENERAL INSURANCE Co., Ltd. London I UNION VIE D ' ASSURANCES Paris L ' UNION I. A. R. D. ASSURANCES, PARIS Insurances at Lloyds through GLANVILL ENTHOVEN INSURANCE BROKERS Insure your property and liability through THE OLDEST INSURANCE OFFICE IN GREECE " PLYTAS,, INSURANCES ESTABLISHED 1900 4 KARAGEORGI SERVIAS ST. - ATHENS (telephones: 230-981 — 12 lines) 152 always buy at the PAPPAS E S S : THE WORLD ' S FIRST CHOICE 153 ROME, LONDON, BEIRUT, TEL AVIV, ISTANBUL, ANKARA, NICOSIA... ANO THROUGHOUT EUROPE. Fly BE A BEA ' s network of services flies you to Rome, London and on to the great cities of Europe, as well as all over the Eastern Mediterranean. Make the most of BEA ' s fleet of magnificent Trident and Comet jet-liners. Enjoy every moment of your flight and savor standards of personal service and hospitality that are world famous. When you fly from Athens - make sure you specify BE A. For full details and reseravations, contact BE A, 2 Amalias Avenue (corner of Othonos Street), telephone 222.521. BRITISH EUROPEAN AIRWAYS 154 155 SOL ' S GREEK GIFTS-FURS 2 Locations 1 Across from the U.S. Forces P.X. - Commissary 2 Near the Officer ' s Club in GLYPH ADA In both stores you will find a large variety of gifts and furs at the lowest price and excellent quality. SOL ' S -- THE LEADING STORE AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Ask for a free mail order catalogue Please Write to: Or Call: SOL ' S (S. Goules) 919803 Galaxia - Evridamados 919757 T405 Athens , Greece Compliments of ENCYCLOPEDIA AMERICANA EES CONCESSIONAIRE JujWla 3vwce ■»»»»» ' »i 156 Welcome to our America We can help you everywhere -we know the USA best Come visit this land of ours with us. Let us show you our teeming cities and bustling towns, our silent mountain forests, our vast rolling plains and sweeping shores. Let us introduce you to our countrymen. You ' ll feel at home with them - and with us, too. You travel TWA the whole trip. On all our transatlantic jets, and on selected U.S. flights, you enjoy StarStream Theater (optional at a nominal charge). Wide-screen movies by Inflight Motion Pictures, plus a great variety of stereo-hi-fi entertainment! Call your Travel Agent or TWA. To, within and across America, we serve you all the way ! . Welcome to the world of -st£ Service mark owned exclusively by Trans World Airlines. Inc Trans World Airlines 157 i | CwiqwttlatlOMS front • Officer Olives 158 Surprising Amsterdam WHY ALSO YOU SHOULD FLY KLM KLM was born in 1919. So KLM had 48 years to perfect its efficiency and service, more than any other airline in the world. KLM was born in Holland. That ' s another advantage. The Dutch are known to be careful, punctual, thoroughly reliable people. So is KLM. From Athens KLM can fly you direct b fast DC -8 jets to Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok, Singapore, Cairo and many other important destinations. Carefully, punctually, dependably. Because KLM is Dutch. With a reputation Of being the most reliable airline in the world. From friendly Amsterdam, KLM ' s network, with 275.000 unduplicated kilometres, the second largest of the world, fans out to cover all six continents. 40 weekly KLM flights across the North Atlantic make Amsterdam the ideal steppingstone to the USA and Canada. KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES 1, Syntagma Square, Athens Tel. 230.756-7-8 KLM ATHENS HILTON Tel. 720.201 ext. 243 KLM HELLINIKON AIRPORT royal dutch airlines. Tel. 981.530, 981.237 159 FURS HELLENIC mTATHiAMS 27, MITROPOLEOS .STR-TEL. 235.078 ATHENS - GREECE Its easy to choose an airline once you ' ve got the word. The word is experience. World ' s most experienced airline 6 Venizelos Avenue, Athens, Tel: 612-695, 611-047 VEV VtVl ' ALEKTOR,, — 160 Compliments IJiM 161 Manufacturers of various types of Flexible Rigid plastic packaging. APCO (HELLAS) supply the requi- rements in plastic packaging for the great majority of the largest concerns in Greece, as the leading plastics industry in the country. APCO (HELLAS) industrial s a 73. PINAEUS STREET MOSCMATOM ATHENS i » [ f . ( CABLE ADDRESS ELLAPCO - ATHENS TELEPHONES 483 681 - S Si ■ ■ - , vft HnHKHHnHHBnHI 162 MANOS TRAVEL SYSTEM ovLcLLinoM-,? jAUj OHS us - 3rcccc IB :2c 24c t 221- 57 FOR TOURS CRUISES TRAVEL IDEAS AND INFORMATION FOR YOU OR FOR THE FRIENDS THAT YOU ARE EXPECTING LET US HELPYOU ENGLISH AMERICAN BOOKS JOHN M. PANTELIDES 9. A.MERIKIS STR ATHENS Tel. 623-6-3 The Yearbook Staff wishes to thank MR. EBERT MR. PILADAKI5 and MR. and MRS. DE MERTGIS for their generous help. - PHOTO AKQZLO ■ ■■■•■■■■■-■■■■■■■ UiPrOCtyTCUS £7 ATHENS H TEL 632-197 Uhe past lies behind. I cm alitor us . . . the cherished memories . . . fears and Sorrows. V Jur hiqli School itearS have town oil So quichlu that we want to era, j o j , Uime. U4e wilt not listen and hearts are Sad . . . if el we harhen , fa . Sm ileS and our 7 or Uhe future lies beuond . . . vast and unknowable . . . invifinq uet awesome - our shining aspirations and dream S uet unfulfilled . . . r-JLife beckons to us . . . in a step forward and upward our- Afnd So we find Selves with the bitter tears of loss in our yeS, and the expectant ile of new lioriz 4 n Sm on our (ins :onS [ k ' ■ -. ' w j :, %yt i " i

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