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, 'A xVf VA: 4 U ,WMM I W7 W , , QL! 3? fy? W JW MQWMJM 5 W V 1 iv ywwwww '. f""'f'wM7br1wfJ4f4'7'f"" Cifdfgd ,,,.',,,f,. df-227 Z J HQ? M W9f 2,?gf,Wfi2ffiffg f7,f 2ZW?Qg1ggWfffWifgw3 ff5ff Qy Ei K wk WfiWkWMQ f f?W W A ff ,ZgM4Q 3GM W Uk Wligmfiy Q SX A X 4 gmw aww x W5 ?MfJ?? Q MQQELEJ1 L ,DVB X - WL i0f 93 Jw QM 55 W O I Ng W jjgfy Nlkiipgw W W kg X 1 EVZONE 1961 1. 'X AMERICAN ACADEMY KIFISSIA THE IIEIIORIES WE ALL HAVE OF THE AMERICAN AC IDEIII THE SENIOR ROOM AND BALCONY. TH11: FIELD AND THE GANIES VVE PLAYED. RAIN OR SHINE, THE HUTS VVITH THEIR UNPREDICTABLE STOVES AND THE LEAKING ROOFS, YIANNIS7 STORE WITH ITS SUP- PLY OF MUNCHABLES NVITH VVHICH IVE FORTIFIED OURSELVES BETNVEEN CLASSES. OUR SLIGHTLY MES- SY LOCKERS FILLED XVITH COMIC BOOKS AND UNE- ATEN LUNCHES, AI.L THIS IS SOON TO BE A PART OF OUR PAST. NOT ONLY FOR THE SENIORS BUT FOR ALL OF US. NEXT YEAR THE NEW! HIGH SCHOOL INILL BE COMPLETED IN HALANDRI AND THOSE OF US IVHO ARE STILL IN GREECE IVILL BE IN CLASSES THE- RE. FOR THIS REASON THE EVZONE STAFF IS AT- TEMPTING TO PRESENT XYHAT THIS SCHOOL HAS MEANT TO US ALL IN THE. .. I 9 6 I EVZONE i I DEDICATICDN As Junior class advisor, sponsor Oli the Student Council and House 11, and a teacher that we all at some time or other have had or will have, she is an important hgure in the school. Her guidance was invaluable in planning the .junior-Senior Prom. She assisted the Student Council in arranging the wonderful school trip which we all so thoroughly enjoyed. Her devotion to the Athenians through thick and thin has kept their spirit high at all times. For these and for the many other things, too numerous to mention here, that she has done for us this year and in past years, we gratefully dedicate the 1961 Eyzone to MRS. HEPP. 4 w1 .. .V I am happy to take the opportunity of addressing the class of I96I . Not only is the elass the largest to graduate, but it is the last. The Senior class of 1962 will graduate lrom the new school at Halandri. I feel however that, as old as this Academy may be, and with all the difficulties involv- ed, you will have benefitted from your stay with us. You are all prepared to go on to further studies in America and Europe, and we wish you luck in your work. Remember the time spent with us here, and ifit is ever possible, return to see us again. Good-by 5Good luek. OUR SUPERINTENDENT Alf. GLENN GRA JV T FACULTY .. SENIQRS ..... JUNIORS ,... SOPHQMQRES FRESHMAN .. CLUBS ..... SPORTS .... FEATURES ADVERTISING TABLE OF CONTENTS 4, -L- - ,Q f + X y 5 r C9 Wfl'X Xi V ,L 4-1. X X K V, , I I M - .A xx N-I XX ff'-4 SZ ? 1 W H gleam KL FACULTY Mr. Pctcr Arthur graduated from Now Collcgc, Oxford with a ' Bachelor of Arts. Ht' teaches math, and this year he helped to direct thc- English play, Jlrzzlroclex and the Lion. Kliss lilizalxith liravos 1'CCvix't'tl ln-r Bnrfzzflor gf Allmic in Klusit' Education from Montana Statt' Univerbity. Shi- tlid post-grafluatc work at tht- L'nix't'rsity ol' Southvrn Claliftrrnia. 'l'l1isyt-mslit' taught typing during ac'tix'itic's hour. aggr- 'WN 8' . .Q ,td--v w YYl2lIlIllS Christolilakis runs that popular storv known Yiannik whivh stalls pcnvils. notebooks. lilt't'llt'X, anrl. most important. foorl. H0 also ll-c-els tht- lizufnlty ancl acts as an intcrprc-tvr. . Klr. Stcvc Cooley gI'3.ClLl2l.lCCl from Cornell Ltnvcrstty with a Ba- chelor of xlrts and rvccivt-cl his ,llavifr :gf Avis altvr post-graduate it 1 K - - - Q-jf work. He tt-aches lungltsh anal Mathcmativs. ' ' A lVIr. john Dorlis who teaches French, received his Doeteur es Lettres QPh D. French Literaturej from the Uni ' versities of Paris and Rennes. .! iw t 1 il I f ,if 4 X If ' I V . ,4 , W' ,f li 4 'UA fff WI cf' Wd ,lf fi l Mr. Nicholas Georges studied at the University of California, thc University of Paris, and in the University of San Francisco for his Bachelor of Science. He teaches French and Geography. g t ff ll' , l T .J fy cl .U x V C-J if 1 l T L J' q Q.. Flxl' 'E .fl .lf it J T it ..wl,f'f M" vv, ' J l J I ' l" - A . ls Li il . I L, PF' - v af if Q V' if rf IV, L L.. VV i ,ij -M' Mrs. Phyllis Hepp studied at New jersey College for Women and New York State College for Teachers, re- ceiving her B. A. She teaches Ameri- can History and Government. This year she sponsored the Student Coun- cil and the Athenians' hir. lWichael T. lylango studied at Mr. Phillip Kornad received his Ba- Springfield College, receiving his Ba- chelor of Arts in Philosophy and Phi- c'helor,s and Nlasteris Degrees. He lology from Hamburg College. He taught Russian during Activities pe- teaches German. riod this year. it y W Y' G., 'f 4' 2, ' .x Q4 i 252 .. i L3 f i?jz sz .: lX4issQIz1yne lN1ansf-if-lcl visilcfl the Kra- clc-my this year and much Io thc stu- clcnts' Clclighl assisted with a Class flur- ing hm' stay in Alhvns. Mr. NI. Xicholsc-n rm-cvivccl his rhelor ol' ,Xrts with Honors from ljnivcrsily ol' lVlClbournQ. Ha' also Diploma of lfclncation. Hi' tea English and this ycar hv Clin-civil rlmfles and flze Lifm. Nlr. Chris Psornas stnclicfl at the Uni- vcrsily of Portland and thi' Orvgon State College- lor his ll. Sc. H0 tcaclws Biology and Klgcbra. Milf Nw lla- tht has cha-s 4111- F7 ,S AV' ' Vg .C .N X slu- Xcadrmy Ht' Nachos is an oflirial member oi thc Hcllvnic Organization of 'l'rac'k and Ficlcl Coaches. Nlr. Conslan ilivcl at thc ol' Physical F Physical Education agicl swimming traincr ancl Mrs. lilizahelli Papanivolaou siuclivcl at Nainhan College in Camhridgv. rvccivccl hor B. .X. ancl her KIMX. Shr- fvarhcs llnglish, Latin, and .Xncicnl Crm-ek, and sponsors thc Latin Club. 'Y 1. 'S Q xx Nliss Helen Rizou, the librarian. wceiwicl hw li' A' in Edumisaon and lvlrs. Sophia lrigas attended Norwich her BIUX. in Library Seienee lrom Flo- rida State University in Tallahassee. Nlr. David X'VeitZman received his H. A. from the University ol' Chicago and did post-graduate work at Har- vard and George XN'ashington Uni- versity. He teaehes Seienee and Che- mistry. and this year sponsored the lfvzone. Nlr. Xikos Stavroulakis studied at the lfniversity ol' Nlichigan, the Uni- versity of Notre Dame, and the Uni- versity ol' Oxford, receiving his B. A. and NI. .X. He teaches lVorld History. Advanced History, Aclraiieecl English and Freneh. LM Commercial College in Norwich, Con- necticut. She has been a great help to Mr. King and is liked by all at the .Xmeriean .'Xeademv. Nlr. James Yeros received his B. A. from Colorado State College of lldn- eation. He teaches Nlathematies. ,fb LU V' 0 9 you iff he M Qffalw 1 I r-' L A , .?.,L 'Y 3 pn Dear Xlr. ST,-1I'ROL'L.llt'l.S'. You have been our sponsor lor three years. noxv. and most ol' us have taken some ol' your courses. llnonly in home room we have known and respected you. Your ideas. given leave by our regard lor you. have walked through our minds and lel't no structure unchanged. Lilie would probably be boring lior you il' no one gave you a good light on some issues. but all in all. you have changed us a good deal. Your students have liolloxved you. tripping and distracted. but never regretting the milestones passed. and usually willing to go tumbling alter you. lt has been beneficial for us to go banging around in your intellectual wake. and to consider it the best oliall possible modes oltravel. 'l'hose ol' us who agree with some of' your ideas have been gratiliecl to hear them clearly expressed. and those who disagree with most of them have learned ztxlpf they hold their own views and not others. Wle write this because we donlt think that sort ol' thing happens very olten. Because you took us seriously, we took you seriously. No one but an old child, or a young adult. whiehe- ver way you consider it. can understand the importance ofbeing taken seriously. You carved us up re- gularly into bitcsize souvlaki pieces. you scewered us on scholarly agruments. and you stopped at nothing to promote our eventual wellare as you saw it. This year. we have oliten sat in the senior room alter the three o'eloek bell has rung. talking. absorb- ing the exhortation to raise money which ends a normal senior day, or just too numb to move. On such occasions you have shouted. in a calm way of course. 4eXll right now. Gola And now that we are really going. for many of us it has been you that interrupted the examined life. the one worth living. We thank you. Sir. 'l'he Class ol' 1961 ilbalbullbulmlL:w!Le-ali:-4lL1nl1:11llb1llllull'-'nHHnI1'1l1fHl4'wHHll4-wllhnllf-ll m'1f1l'q1l1LwU'HwLwwvdlbsllfllllblIlH1I1H 1I'H1IfH1IFL-IUH1!l':f1Il111lb1 !lbsIlbul clllo work is human: to bv lazy. clivincn. Garyls quirt looks arf- oftcn clccieving... olcl pro at pulling pranks... car0frc'v na- lurc... nc-at flanccr... procrasti- nation plusl... nicknamrcl ulliv Grubv. GEORGE .'lPPI.1iTOA FRICSHKIAXZ CYirginial sornouokicz QYirginiaJ l1i'NIoR: i.XITlL'I'IL'2lll siisioilz Trojan Araclvmyt if lil jill iiflliiliw I my 'Vw . , ,U M9 IW STEPIIICX 1z'L'GIi.YlC I-lL'STI,Y 1-'kiisnxiixxz Cllialto jr, High, Calift Intramural sports. .Xnnual- Ncwspapvr. Srliolastim'-.Xthlctir Ixttcr. SOPHORIOREZfS2J.1l Bvrnaclino High. Calillj Intramural sports. Ilramatics. -IVNIOR2 Lk.Xfl'lGflC2l.ll .Xradernyy Trojan, Intramural sports. Varsity Basketball. Volleyball, Softball. SliNIORZXI.P.fISl scnrl. Pri-s. fzncl svnrl ..., Stuclvnl Council, Frcncli Club. Yarsity Baskrtball. 44l"rif'nclly to all. but laitliliul to onrw. Stew- is wcll-known... popular with all, vspccially Doclir... good sluclcnl... enjoys all sorts oloutcloor sports... Calilornia is his home state. il 1, 4c'l'hc- worlfl looks brighlvr .'lI.f1RTI'I11 jI1'A.N' BERG from behind 21 smilizv Jean... an lVIissy.,. good at all sports... loxcs horses... alwziyfa interesting and fun LO br' with. CHRISTINA LESLIE BITTIHVG FRI-1sHMAN: QFalls Church High, Yay F.H..X. S0l'llOBIORECSpE1HiSl'l Club, Iniernalional Club, Junior Honor Socimy. KIIQNIORZ fA1nc-riczm .Xradc-niyl livzonc Stall' cp SENIORI 'Trojan K jan' , X21 -I .K ' x- 9 1 wx I typo, dyfoxfih fp 4790? ' Ly' 'yy J . 7 A 0 0 O 'Q Q N' ff yiffjijb G ji-J -52:2 X! CL' QL l Q fx . . -,,A 9 ,W df' Q W 512 A4 K J' hx 5: Q1 ' N F QQ' 0 RI L05 -W -VO .M Q: bb fx X Jogyfx QU: 1 5' AOQJ A M57 XV CIO IW XQZJUE Sq my fX in m mf! GV any ,H U Ly FRESIIMAN: ISL Mz1ry's .Xcaclernix Md., Sov1ioMoRlc: Killa-nn Avaflcniy. Ga.l Latin Cluh Ji.NIoR: Cfllvnn Acaclvmyl Pan Aincrican I,c-zzgiic. lf'.B.L..X. ioth Lcgion, Latin Club. Qlizllw Clhurch High, Yum miexioizz Q.'X1Ul'Yll'211l .Kc-aclcmyy Sparian, Intramural sports Clicwrlr-ziclvr. l'lx'zonv Softball Tvznn. cilking a woman is 21 clifhruli trade since it ronsisls ol' clval- ing with mmm. Drmure... Qgoocl sluclvni... likes to road lnotc's?'1... climplvs... likvs Urctvcv... partial to Zcus and li1mily...wcll likvcl by ull. 4cXN'hc'1i 21 girl ccasvs lo blush. shi' has lost thc most pown-rful charm ol' bcziutym Lots of housv spirit... prctly smile... can neu-r maki- up lic-r mind... frivnflly L0 vvc-ryoiic. RVSSEL1, BOHEIA1 .lli-IRI' j.1.,Y11' BITTLYG FRESI IMANZ SOPI IOMORICZ JUNIOR: '1l'x1oR: sicxicm: grains Church High, va., F.H.iX. rf .vin i L i M ' l D X l J, ,lf Spanish Club. International Club. ,fit uf' 3 l C.Xrncric'z1n .Xcacli-myy 'l'r0-ian 49 , I C.Xmm-riran .Xcacli-myl Trojzui A fig J! AJ! "eil 3 livzone Stall JUL IMP L. It ' ' 1 . 1' 1 4' nj If Uj My iw", V by 'jflf' fi 721 'ws V , 4. . pf ,. KV! xg fi 4 'q M' ,ffl Q' ,. V X f uf" 3 ' Q , ' fl F f' , e If f" Lf' . .1 , Lf - 1. , f 1, . - . , , ff' , . A ,- ..f' . ' " my s 4 - 1 1" ,J I 4 V X pi A I L fyw U 3 aj J L V1 Ili LM I W X 4 W i J l wi fl by v.. l fl' V r gi M41 L11 ga! M 4 'f If 1, R ,.v ' ful! L V 1 1 ff' wb, . 5 lf!bV1' ff 0 J if 'iNv JA Af gf U AQJVV .1 1 FRIQSHMAN: l'.vXiiChoragc. .Xlziskal Ski Club. Varsity Riflc ii-am. SOPHONIOREZi:XIllCY'lC21Il .Xraclcrnyl l71'4'1u'li Club, Xlalh Club. IIUNIORI Frm-ncli Club. Math Cllub. SLLNIORZ lfrviicli Club. Rvzonv Stull, Spartan. U ulfyou can wzistc- an zilhirnoon prolitably. you liawc ln-arnccl to livmw. Russ. alias Butch, alias Boli- unl:...vnj0ys camping. hunting. fishing... tours thc ilva market with the gang... plains to go into Lhv sc'i'x'ic'i- zillvr linisliing' liigli school. ffffiwff 7 f lf lif U ANTHONY' AI. CA PSA S KI S FRESHNIAN: tiXmerican Acaclcmyl Trojan Capt. Student Coun- cil, Chairman for school trip, Basketball, Evzonc photographer. SOPIIUNIORICZB3.SkCIlJ2l.ll Studcnt Council, Evzone photographcr, School trip Comm. Jrxtok: Student Council Pros., Chairman for Prom School trip comm.. Varsity vollcyball. Evzonc photographer. st-QNIOR: Student Council Pres. fist senml lfrt-nch play Evzont' photographcr. tiny.. jay ,Q,, -5.1142 Cb. KJ Maru,-.yy.. .ff Lac, M535 4 D LOL -vyg: 70-SA C-,,,,e-I uv-f"1-' 674V-A vf Lp. gn-4.a.Af ,Arc -ODS CDLJ fl tal-lis only fault is that hc has ' - nonws. KM , Z Tony... a long time vctcran ' at .-XA... onc of thc intclle- :M ctually inclincd... always rcady ' to lcncl a helping hand to a C'i"""L V TWH ' worthy causc. thc worthicst being the Senior Class, of ffcffx- 'fo 4-2-1 K3 ,MA coursc. -'rvzf e CA HAR ULA CON S TAN TAI? IS IVRESHNIANZ tJXmc-rican .-Xcaclemyl Spartan, French Club. soPHoMoR12: French Club, lkiusic Club JLTNIORI French Club. livzone Staff. Wlorld .Xlfairs Council. stcNtoR: French Club, Evzonc .'tal'l', Frm-nch play. . ML! , 1 Y-Wulf!!!-ff . 'ff' 1 ' f duff W ' , A ?' 1 'V 1 l l .L . ,. .I 17a . l .fl 7 f ff? f ww? l f S 44A citizcn ol' thc world yn a W' ' friend to allv. W J ,, l Rula... quite' a linguist... al- ways laughing and chccring up l ., gloomy days... a busy bee. L' K li, whcthcr acting in thc Frm-nch 0 f' A 4 play, washing Cars for thc Sc- ' J V I nibrfllass orjust bring friendly. M My tu A .ff 1 f Q. .fa L 1 QV X t, 'f I j 271112 A-J L 1 Jwtl W ,wf'Z.,wf WL tw SW 44Sht' has 21C'l'1lt'X'l'Cl sticccss who has livecl well. laugh often and lovvrl muchnv Lev. a harcl hut toujours vlivrr- Iul workvr... popularity plus... goofl stuclvnt... quit-t hut nvvcr shy... a true' through. 1.ARR1' 1JLlf1.N'lZ 1".flRR,fI R FRICSHMANI SOPI IOMORE1 JVNIURI SENIURI l -fi Q5 CDSECD M35 O .pf JP 2,5-f l,.'lL'R.l ER.Y.S'T ifkicsi-ixi,xx: llicolt- Privt--Stn-. Marina l"r.l sovnowxoiuzz !'.Xrnc-rican ,-Xtzatlt-myi Spartan Frcnch Club. Choir. livzont- Stall. JVNIOR: Svc. olijunior Class, l"rcnCli Club. Math Club. lixzo- nc Stall. Svc. ol' Scfnoir Class, Pres. ol' lfrt-nah Club. Stuclvnt Council tznfl svmj livzonc Stall. Fcnvh Play. SENIORI fQ-bx..z4,7f1f X ffffi, C Cf.. 1' , kkfk-z4,gQY,f A ,7 ,,,9iQqJ41.eQ, X-4,76 Jahxovoc-,Z-1 6 " ' 's-fLK,4,L,.yX644,X7 in tg ,faakapgf Q4 V "L-gnc I 5zL,c,4.4ffL, Kliriy fQ,16L.Lx Qrrgb X. -are f V! C , J, lf 0 4 LA!! L?L' ' 'C--'Q ' 2 aft, .LQMAEUKCJ off! lacly through and ggbdfl Qfq if zfciffgf ,fdfl-QV, XG, ll fpcxyc , XCALZ. 4, Cliararlii Amvrican Socit-ty. Pakistani Varsity Soil ball. Varsity Baskctball. tllarstow Union High. Calilla Y. liassball. C.Xmerit'an .-Xvaclvinyl Varsity Basket-ball ancl Soft- ball. Y.l'. -Iunior Class Intramural sports. Intramural sports. Spartan. Varsity Basketball. Cf, Sfjxn 'Tiff ,Jr ' 44Plt-zistirt' belort' toilw. X Apprcciatcs a good laugh... likt-cl by all and ont-. fa spt-cial oncl... asset to tht- school and R tht- Spartans in sports... plans to attcntl collt-qc in tht- Mid- xvvsl... fonsitlvrs lclaho his home. 44'l'hc only way to Conquer temptation is to ycilcl to itn Nicknamcfl alloy Boyvma ftlll-fleflgecl Flirt... thinks Vir- ginia is thc' earthly blueprint of' lwaxpcn... pranlistcr... Often says cc'l'hc're's nothing the matter with mc, with me. with mc...n--a true xtatvmvnt! PIETER RICILJRDS If If FRI-1sHx1.xN: QC 'cr lo upon' ncc Coursv, Brazil . so1fnox1oR1a CA c 1 'adv yl forts Q JUNIOR: S S, Y ' 1 f 4 sEx1oR: . rts, 'Z Sl . Fr 'li ' 1hL tbl PM 'lg l ll le 'X 1 ' H N V A . X1 ilu L W lim U' rf. wilt? FRESHM.-xx: C'Xokm-svillc High. Yam llancl. SOPHUMORICZ lX'Vashington and Loc High. Vam JUNIOR: C.Xmvrican ,'Xr'aCl4'myl liaskcthall tcztm. 44Nc'x'e1' put oll' till tomorrow what you can put olli till thc clay alitvr as wcllnw PCM' voinhiiit-s brains and looks... a cliligvnt procrastilia- lor and avid ll07IIl'IL'IlI7,f-bIlI'7'0Zli':'I'.. an ztutliorily on popular rc! corclsn, clon't lvl his fsomvti- mc-sl quivt mannvr clccvive you. 7 f kv MQXMX N QQ- O Q 5 Upbg Aff TO. VI CLA IR If G R UNEN'1"EI.1JER mi-zsi-imfxxc Clfrankfurt High, Gerd G.A..'X.. -lr. Rtffl Cross Rvp. Home-room Svc. Drama Club. Bridge Club Prt-s. SOPIIONIUREZiX'V2.Sl1II'IgIOl1 and Lee High. Vz1.U Bt-ta Club. Phn- man Rtip., Homcroom Trcas. .1L'N1oR: C.Xmt'riCan .Xa-aclemyl. Athvnian. Student Council. livzone .Xss,t, ECI. SIZNIORI Stuclc-nt Council Sc-C.-'l'reas. fist sc-mjb Girls' Squad lmaclur, Softball. Iivzonv. 4fShc proves that gcntlvmen prclbr blondcsvw. Her cheery personality adorns Room IQ... always wt-ll dr6sA sed, ancl oooh that, ligurvl... popular with onc and all... is poli smart... enjoys lill- to the hilt. D.1 I 'ID .-ILLEX HL'GI-IES FR1asHMAN: CW'ollc-slvy Jr. High. Massm Track. llrarnatics SOl'lIONIyREI CXVcllcslt-y High, NIass.b Varsity Wrestling learn JI'bi'l'Q.Q. tC0ncorcl High. Xlass.y Varsity Indoor Track Team J' t.Xmt'rican jX'aClcmy,J Spartan Intramural sports sFNiQ : Y. P. ofl. 0 ior Class, Intramural ' orts. Varsity Baskvtball. 7.19. of Stu ,nt Counc and scfm.y . b . 'i I Qgistliiitft fa CTEJK Sk. MQ' iwf 4fI'ht- world knows nothing ol its greatest mt-n.w Nfx A popular. casygoing, good Q-j looking guy... plans to study moclicintv alltvr high school... Nl XC? an arclvnt Spartan. a grvat Q . ,T assvt to house anfl school... partial to Panama though his homo is NIassachus0tts. rcShe's little but so's dynamitcv. cglackie, the kidv... calls Texas home... great dancer... full of fcSparky Spartan spiritab... another lX4issy... loads of Fun. jACQ,U15LIJN'E HLLYE FRESHMAN: QW'ayne, New jerseyy jA CKL1 QNZN' E L .fl I A 'If A 'I D D ifRRsHMAN: QSan .Xntonioj Pep Club. Cheerleader. sovnoxfioiufz CLalon High. Oklaj Pep Club. Drama Club, Olhcc SIQXIORZ w juxiok: Club. Pep Club. Drama Club. Ofhcc Club. Prom Commit- tee, Girls' Sports. f.Xmcrican .Xcadcmyp Drama Club. Spartan Cheer- lcadcr. Ullivc work. Prom Qtieen. .tffwy Ml? SOPHOMORE: QAmerican Acadcmyb Trojan Girls' Squad Leader. JUNIOR! Prom Committee, Girls Squad Leader SENIOR: fEngland-American A-Xcademyb French Club. Evzonc Stall, Tea Club. 44lX1anner. not gold, is a wo- man's best ornamtntvv. jackie. an old lricnd to ANN... spent first serncstcr in England.. Qflad to sec hcl' back... brought back a slight accent... prrfsidcnt Ol' thc Fun. Fun, Fun Club! BILL IE l"RA,fVC,'I.S' l.1fPCZ1"1t' FRI-LSIIXIANI fYirgiuia,l Drama Club, Xcwspapcr Reportcr. Hall Patrol. Class Y. P. .I.R.C.. Stuclcut Council All. soPuoMoR1c: CX'irginia9 .IVNIURZ ICorrcsponflt-m'c Courscsq s1aNIo1:: K.'Xm0ric'an .Xcaclcmyl Trojan 44Hcr hair was long. lu-1' loot was lightnv Ycpl Billic-ls hc-r ren! uamv... sopbistzlcatiou plus... Ll ballrrl- na with charm aucl grarc... stuclious... quict but always lxrivuilly aufl swvvt. JIEROPI .lI.'lRlf0GI.'l,NfVIS' tfklesllxmxz C.Xmt-rivau .Xcaclt-myw Drama Club. lutratuural SIJOFIS. scwtioxtoktaz Drama Club. lntramural sports. 'l'r0jau staxmk: Drama Club. Frt'uc'l1 Club l"z'uuc'l1 Play Intramural sports. QQZZXMZ , O V xy J 4 ff I L' M634 Z! X X65 3 27,424.44 ,Zi kicker , . fog! - f ffwod-Qi! A7 Lj,5E75ww!xw ax mvtlt- mm t-11 M- ttflt V and ziafwff , D ,QW flf.1llLQt2X-'tflfwiilillg-1 QAM I ftwifm Elf-',1't1i-'.'..Al?LllE11' 3iliLi1EgfgW,.."i?5fiQ 21 t't'L't1 l to ltlzllcl. iiga f- czfqf7?!, ,fedff O -ff X f , F CL,1L'1J1f D. . QfR1D1fT11 IRESHNIANI Cu J a Llub Bislxctball and Bisrball in A Lot rm 11. A i, ii gi' in ftlfw ' SOPHOMORIZ: tliawton I-Ii . .54 ' IIUNIORI Photograpl i ,l , 44Somc think thc world is made for frolic and so clo Im Arrivvcl from Oklahoma :luring thc yt-ar... a camera Friend.. free and easy... a real ladies' man... blonde' hair is thc envy of thc- girls. SENIORZ t.fXm0riC'i .Xciclemvl .-Xthvnian SHELLISF GE.,NEIf'IEI'15 ,lIL7S.S'1fR FRESHMAN: Clfrankfurt High, Ccnj Stutlcnt Council, Journa- lism, Photography Club. SOPHORIOREZfPX'OCl1iX ,'Xriz.j Clcc Club. C.'Xmc'ric'an .Xcaclcmyl Frvnch Club, Athenian. JUNIOR: Frm-nch Club .-Xss't lid ol' Iivzone. SENIOR: Frcnrh Club Evzouc- Staff. tc'l'hcrt' are a ll-W things which never go out ofstylc and a fb- rnininct woman is one ol' thcmrv. Beautiful rc-cl hair... cnjoys rr-ading... always sccn with a rost' in clcr hancl... lovely rlothvs. to match thc girl. LERIE Pnl RA VAS 44Laughing kccps rnc alivcv. Our most racc-nt addition to thc Senior Class... enjoys cloll volvcting. swimming. shorsr- hack riding, and sports in gt'- nvral Qhvr Lucky Housvlj... hopes she vnjoys her stay with us as much as wt- vnjoy having hor. If1JtY,-'1 L0l'1SE PAUL l"R1iSI-IRI,-XX I SOl'HOMORl'1Z A1nN1oR: sicxioia: CYirginiai LX'irginia-.XinL-rican .Xcaclvmy Evzonf- Stall, French Clluh. Xthvnian. llvzone Stall. Y f IJ JK 1' N X If ,7 , j ' , 4 .i w 4 I 1 of 4 ut J rj . U , V l of ' ' 3 ff 1 x M u ,,- I, 1 as J 1 ' YJ A t R. f l x V If 1 J' I it U .J '51 Q 'K .UA RINA I FRESHMAN: sovHox1oRi-1: j1'x1oR: SHNIORZ flidwin Dcnby High. Nlichm tliclwin Denhy Highh. Jlhcssaloniki International I-light lfntcrtainmcnt Committee, Sportsl tlhessaloniki International High-Amcrican Acaclv- myl Sec. ol' Senior Class, Chairman oliliazaar, Chair- man of Sc-nior Class Danvc and Hallowvcn Party. c4Hc'r heart is likv the moon. thcros always a man in itw. Bonnic or tflloiniiliulvv... can usually bc found prowling around with .Xnita... alwayx lrivnclly... her pvt peevv and hohhy all-in-one: you gucssml it-boys! GTO bccomc a grcat gentleman it is necc ssary to hc' a great ras- Calwv X frundly guy with a xx onclvrlul st-nse of humor... tnjoxs camping abovc all else. excl pt pc rhaps girls... his homo, X irf mia would like to attcnd Colle gt thtrc-. TERHE1. IVA RB U R TON REES 1' WZJMZCIMJ' .M 4,5 1fREsHMAN: QStratibrfl jr. High. Va.l solfrloxiokliz QXYashington and Lvo High. Ya. JUNNJR: C.'Xmt-rican Aczaclcmyl X: .Xh21' . . j s xlib-JZQAQLL A0H?.!Mn-,bn fwfaafmf M MM!! QZKAA Qffif 7 EMU? 4 W Zi Z1 ,ag Q? X OZ M41 4 f. x, GP ORG! REGAN f CSCots Collcgv, Australiaj Intramuralioorts, Var sity Rugby and Cricket. ' Intramural sports, Varsity Rugby and Cjicrlcct. f.rXmcrican Acaclcmyb Athenian. Nlath Club. Frvntih Club. Photography Club. Stuclvnt Council, Frctnch Club. llvzonv Staff. W f 4cLill' is too scrious to take seriouslyw. L,.Xustralicvn... 441 bog your par- donw is his favorite cxprnwssion... a regular genius at mathema- tics, physics, and chcmistry... vnjoys collecting stamps phos' tography. and shooting. 4 4cWhat the country neecls is a good Eve-cent cigarv. Hails from Oregon... great Ni- xon fan... likes skin clixingn. always seen on his motor scoo- ter twith a particular passen- gerl... plans to study political science at a college in thc US. RIEDFR WII,L1A!l'I SCHFLI., jli. FRESHNIANI SOPHONIORFZ Jtrxlouz sr.NioR: Viillialnsburg Junior High School. .'X1'llDgIO1l. Ya. RODNE1' .XIITTON ROOF FRESHMAN: Cfiresham Union High School, Portland, Oregonp President of FFA Club. junior Varsity foot hall. SOPHOMOREZ tSan Diguito High School, Encinitas, Caliiornisy FFA Club, Tennis Club, Skin Diving Club. ,jL7N1oR: tAmerican Xcaclemyl, French Club, Intramural sports. SICNIORZ Intramural sports, Athenian. .42 ' 1 4 ZZ-ft , 7 C ffj M5655 fl X K M x A ri N l JHIVV I t I Football team, Boys, Cooking Club. x ' v',y ,Aj fXN'ashington and High School, Arlington. Ya. K W f l" Edison High School, Tulsa, Oklaj. , t ,U 5 fAmerican Academyl Student Council Represen- ' ,l t ' ll ,N V . VY- ' tative, Vice-President of Junior Class tSeconcl Se- 1 it all NJ xl fll L 1 mestcrl. X Wu X M ' MW l Student Counsil Rrepresentative. Athenian. X 35' 4 'M i X jj WW t Wf l ' X X M, NN Sf t WW K U 1 N fx L l t A a ,wks p Sorry, We e0uldn't make him sit still long enough to take a Picture !! l 4c'l'he flcvil is a gentlcmann. Always saying such things as aeeeyaahhhw or 441-Ta-a-aaaaaaa ha-aw... center of attraction ol any party... favorite expression is cclainlt Kiclclin' ya, mann... rumored to have quitea singing voice... noted lor his regular participation in the fcgang's orgicsw. fn ' ' l QQX smile is thc whisper Oli a laughvg. Plays thc piano... intcre- sted in studying law... quic-t, swcvt and fricnclly... dresses nircly. IRENE P. SIAPERA S spapvr Stall. soP1xoMoR1f:: CAmm-rican .Xcadcmyl JUNIOR: Trojan sizxioizz I4'RFSI'INl.-XNI QKQ-lly High School. Chicagol Student Council. Nuw- .N"ICOL.f'1S LOUIS S TASSINOS IFRFSHMANI SOP! IOMORFI .ILTNIORZ SENIOR: CClobbs -Ir. High, Flag Clcc Club. Nc-wspapcr. fl'ensacola High, l"la.l Scribblcrs Club. . Qfieorgia lX4ilitary Academy, Cal Gold Eagle .'Xward. Glee Club. Newspaper. -Iunior Literary Society. Ql'ensaCola High, l"la.J Futurc DOCtor's Club. Scrib blcrs Club. Tec-ns Against Cancer Soriety Prvs. fAmQ riran .-XcaClcn1y.'l. Milk' is bctwevn jest and Carncslvv. ,X reccnt arrival from Flori- da... a quiet goy... with Cool Mtvrcc-iles... aftm' graduation hc plans to study medivinv... slightly mustir... 44The laughter of girls is among the delightful sounds of' the carthaw. Steve... over whelming perso- nality... loves AUX. so much that he Visited us again this year. for post graduate work. FRESIIMANZ sovncmokuz JI 'N1oR: sismokz TRIANTA FILL OS SAA! TEISLE PRIQSHNIANZ SOPHONIORICZ .IUNIORI SENIORI Wt gt X N vs, Q' tPsychiko Nlodern Lyeeuml. Y. Basketball Y. Baseball. School Bank and Combo, Class 'l'rea. Capt. of-I.Y. Basketball and Volleyball. Class Yiee- President, Student Council Representaive. School Band and Combo. Capt. of Varsity Volleyball and Basketball Class President. Vice-Pres. of Student Council. School band and Combo. f.Xmeriean Aeademyi Intramural sports. Spartan Boys' Squad leader. SS S S TEPHIQN S T1 L1 ANU UD15 S fEgypt1 Boy scoutg Crieketg Soccer. tligypti Soccer. Manitor. lfeneing f.Xmcriean .Xcademyl French Club Pres. Photogra- phy Club, livzone. Staff. PosT f9RAIJL'A'I'E - XYORKS .-X..'X. 1961 Evzone Staff. Y. P. Xew Parva. .Nt y ,JAVA MQ? of S , V V . N 5 fx 1 X95 XX X EJB Y dxgpx L ,js Lf! fx, 03 Q1 xii? ,R Jf JJ. , K ff Lyfib X412 O 0 so yyy,. fe y y ff . ar t M ,f as cct f of 44NVith the help of a doctor ht may yet reeoverv. Terry... can always be heard... has lots of house spirit Libr the Spartans. ol' eoursell... one ol' the vLonley Rebelsw... happy- go-lucky..ex-l"loridian...partial to girls. 44Eyes of pure woman, whole- some stars of loves. Very talcmted, especially in art and music... loves to talk... always eheerlul... big brown eyes... nice clothes... one of the lucky ones who makes good grades without much eflort. NICHOLAS N711 IU E S VA S S IL PA ULA jANIi T0 WRT FRIQSIIMAN: QPlatte City High School, NIo.J Pep Club, journa- lism, FHA. Chorus, Girls' Basketball, Freshman Play, Debate Club. SOPHOMORE: fl-Iighland Park High School, lll.l Chorus, Creative Arts Club, Intramural sports. JUNIOR! Homcroom Secretary, Intramural sports, Chorus. SENIOR! CAmerican .Xcademyl Intramural sports, livzonc stall, Trojan. A f I '41 ' 1 k'XR5x,5- R Saga is-an C5985 Tud- KBUCRA. CSX ivxrxkfw Dxfk Ons-fx C32-Livx. X FRESHMAN: fAmc-rican Acadernyj World Aflairs Council French Club, lfvzone staff. soPH0MoRE: lX4ath Club, French Club, Spartan JUNIOR: Dramatics Club, lklalh Club, French Club SENIOR: French Club. Evzonc Business Manager 44Bewarc' ol' quietncssw Old-timer around Athens. but considers New York home... speaks fluent Greek... knows Athens and Piraeus insidcout... often seen twirling his Qrworry bcadsw... enjoys tape recording and messing around with ra- dios... would like to attend col- lege in New Jersey. 44.X trustworthy goy with a twinkle in his cy:-vw. Chris.. good student.- good st-nsc ol' humor... a Convert to black socks and an ivylcague hair-cut... usually found on the Soniorhalcony or in thc Scnior room, guarding against trospassing lowt-rc'lassmt'n. CHRISTOPHER JY. VISHER FR11:sHw1AN: ti'Xmerit:an ,-Xcaclc-myi so1fHoMoRl-1 : JUNIOR: Homeroom President siixlou: Class Prcsidcnt. Yrarhook Pliotograplwr. lfrcnch Plav. PA,lIEl.:1 Mfr-IRFIELD 1fRbLs1-MAN: thlarylandg Editor of school nc-wspaprr. Literary magazine staff. SOPIIONIORICZ Literary stall magazim- -ILJNIQR: t.Xmt-rican .Xcaclemyb Editor ol thc dt-ceased td-loom, the Parca. SENIQR: livzonc' stall writer, Xthcnian. Nou' ljarea Drama- tics Club. Latin Club. Tca Club. 44NVomcn arc mcant to he lo- Vcfl, not unclorstoodvu, Pam... an intvllectual... evcn has a scholarship to provt' it... favorite pastimt' is arguing - anytimv. anyplace. on any su- bjcct Qbrzwt' soull... 4c,X woman is one of natu rels agreeable blundersw. HerC's a sweet old fashio- ned girl... new this year... a Florida fanatic... interestecl in people Cmalesl'l and viee-x'crsa. WILLIAJI EIl'l.N' IVELCH BARBARA PRI-zsnxifxxz SOPIIOMOREI juxxoiz: sEx1oR: FRHSHMAN: Q.Xkron, Ohioj Drama Club, Projectionist Club. so1'HoMoR1':: CBuchtcl High School, Ohiol Dramatics JINQNA I'17HITli-D15 RISIO Qlfwishop Kloore High School, Orlando, Fla.y Chcering squad, Band CTitusville High School, Fla.,l Band. Cheering squad, Nlath Club UNM. .Xssissi High School, Pittsburg. Pa.j Dramatics C'llitusx'illt' High Sehooll Band, Latin Club, Yollcy- ball team, Basketball team. Band, Latin Club, Yollcyball Team, Basketball 'l'eam, Baseball Team, Beta Club Cflverseas Sehool ol' Rome, ltalyl Orchestra, Chering, .Xsiatic Culture Club. Choir, Italian Club, Dramatics Club Orchestra, Asiatic Culture Club, Dramatics Club C.f'Xmerican Aadcmyl Athenian. C' F, . vw , if J I J , MJ , 7 ' - . . Q ,V 1 ' 'l X . Q A l, . 'T' uf-C Q, ,, ip, JUNIOR: fiXmeriean ,Xcaclemyj President of the -Iunior Class flirst semcsterj. SICNIORZ Trojan NQLMIQLJQLQ. Xllmlfiwf'-C Mafxwxwdwet ltlQ33J2,JuwsA'UN JS-,fk..L..-2 -fvv-9' Lam AIUNLJXA J u,..Lu W Q? 0.43- fj ,Jw ,gtQ"wJW todd QJAAAA, 44'l'he teachers' pest. the stu- dents' jcstw. 44I.ittle Wlilliev... OLIIA tallest senior... puts his French to good use... expected to acsplit for Nlempliisvw any clay now... al- ways readywith a witty com- ment, ,HI ,gi iw 2 6 fi! gil , uf' A Ji- 0 VF' 7 lift' K fn. ,QV ,, 1' ' 4 ff f , wif Z5 Q W if Lf' 110 1 JJ 0 lj A PETER Tl-1SH ANICSTOS' S ' FRESIIMAN: t.'Xrnt:ric'a11 .fXc:aClt-myl Intramtuul Sports SOPIIONIORICIIIllI'3H"Il1I'?ll Sports. Yliojan. V "" ' -IVNIORZ Intramural Sports. 3 SFNIORS Intramural Sports. W. ,J ul-le who lacks timv to play. lacks spirits. Pets... a rvlorrnc-cl Dlavbov... lilies s Jorts and voocl at tlicm too! 1 l , l . s . 1 speaks Cfrvvk i'lucntly... lrirnclly and fun-lowing... aclroit at playing' pranks. E' . .- j,fl.lIES C.'O.N".S'T.-l.VTI.N"E IJROULIAS FRi4,sHM.xx: CKongwa-liuropcan Svhool. 'fanganyiliab Junior Yarsity Soccsfr. Rugby. Horkcy. and Boxing. ln- tramural Sports. ""i SOPIIONIOREIX'2LI'5lly Soccvr. Rugby. Hockey. and Boxing. ln- tramural Sports. jtxiokz t.Xmcrican Acaclsmyi Intramural Sports. Varsity Vollvyball. SPNIOR: Intramural Sports. Varsity Yollvyball. Trojan. 44'l'livrc's a niadnt-ss to his metliodv. ' . , . . . it Jimmy... a Circck-British student. at .X..X. sincc 39... spvaks both Grt-Ck and linglish fluently... an arflvm soccer playcr... vnjoys most sports... plans to join thc British Navy alter graduation. as . ' aw P11 TRICIL-fl ANN GREEK 1-'RiesHxmN: CPanama City. Flaj Homeroom Prcsicltwr Sccrctary ofllocktit Club. i1i1'txZ1S1lI'l'I' offilef' Club. Cllt't'1'lC21ClLxf, Captain ol' Baseball and Volleyball Teams. SOl'HONlORl"Z tAmrrican .Xvaclvniyj Homcroom 'l'rsasurCr. JIINIORI Newspapvr staff. si4.N1oR: tMox-ed to Kansas City. M04 44.X spirited witli bvromvs licr naturew. 44l'm going to Kansas City. Kansas City here' I coincwv... usually found working in thc' ollicit... Glylada cfBus Nlaniaw. VERONICA .U I C HE L15 C0 0.1113 ES 1'R1issHMAN: fAmerican .Ncademyj French Club. Music Club. Intramural Sports. soenovioRu: French Club, Intramural Sports. Junior: Intramural Sports. sicxuoiz: Athenian. 4fXN'hat better makes an ambassador than a friendly nature and a good hearty Ronnie... hails from South Africa... graduated in December and left for England... missed by her many friands... hobbies include swimming azz. and aintinfr. D7 5 PROPHECY: CLASS CDF 1961 .Xs we enter this beautiful reunion party given by lyliss Laura Ernst, career girl and famous hostess, she introduces us to her distinguished guests, members ofthe class of G1 from some little schoel in Greece which they refer to as the Academy. Famous band leader Terry 'l'eele is leading his combo and the room is filled with the music of such old favorites as 44The Battle of New Orleansv and cdjlease, hflrf Custerw. Reider Schell, playboy and vetinarian-21bout-town. is talking to Jacqueline Kline. intellectual at large. about the Good Ole Days. NIiss Klinefs magnihcent erlnine stole making a strinking contrast to Sehell's deep tan and his green velvet jacket. Beautiful redhead Sheley NIusser is attempting to get through her entourage of eligible bachelors to say something to old friend Rula Constantakis who has just become engaged to the new President ol' Panama. Suddenly the lights are dimmed and soft music begins to play: who should pirhouette across the room but Billie Lepsyck, prima brlllrrina. .Xliter her performance, amid storms of applause, Dr. Chris Yisher, Head of' the Iyledical Department of the Peace Corps, and conhrmed ladies' man comes forth to drink cham- pagne out of her slipper. Wfealthy president of the Space Suits Ltrl., Steve Austin, if telling a group how to win friends and to influence people, though none of them seems to have an inferiority complex, exactly. X'Vho's the little chick sitting on top of the piano? NfVhy, it's Bonnie Paul, female expert on military allaires who knows more about the Sixth Fleet than the Admiral. Musical Irene Siaperas is sharing a joke with lXlarina Poravas. and undoubtedly the two of them will be found at a stylish taverna later on tonight with a couple of eli- gible fzallifczzrin. And there's Rodney Rook, expert skin diver and world traveler who has been diving for the fabulous treasure olli the coast of Brazil. He playfiilly fishes a handful of pearls out of his pocket to show to George Regan, the tall and distinguished .Xustralian scientist. who does not seem to be awed. He pulls a formula out of his pocket and explains to Xlr. Rook that he can make pearls, so why go diving for them Q' Nick Stassinos is listening with his customary interest and sympathy to the tale of woe told by Dave Hughes, medico. about how it hurts the doctor's conscience to make such piles of money. Dr. Hughes is called out fbi' a few minutes to move his airplane which was parked in the way of arriving guest XIr. Stra- vroulakis as he Hew in by Nlagic Carpet. it 1 fi jackie Kidd, the blonde who waysent by Kennedy to teach has joined the group around Chcgtina Bitting, who edites the cover-girl. Night-club owner Nick Vassil is reclining on a sofa who are following him, seeking jobs at his chic night spots. He with the manager ol' Olympiakos, jim Droulias. the Iron-Curtain countries rock and roll. magazine Ingeuzfe and is also its prettiest and being ted grapes by two chorus girls ignores them to discuss old acquaintances The lormidable stag line includes that bright wit Wlilliam Welch. who is much in demand for conver- sation-type radio shows, and his straight twho can also pull otl a wise-crack if the occassion demandsg, Gary Appleton. They are both dressed in the lattcst lvy League styles, button-down socks and casual sweaters reaching to the knees. Cary greets new arrival Claude Nlcrideth who explains that he is late be- cause he was working on his newest engineering project: a suspension bridge across the Atlantic. Petite Paula Towry, a social worker among the unfortunate rich, joins them to ask who the young man is who has been found in the swimming pool in full evening dress. It turns out to be none other than Count Steve Stylianoudis who landed there when some joker dared him to walk on water. U Butch Boheim, recently returned from a safari in Darkest Athens, is listening to Tony Capsaskis, sac- count oflitc on Mars. lVIr. Capsaskis explains that one side of the planet is a scorching desert and the other a large ice-cap, but hardy Tony Capsaskis has already organized the planet and become President ofthe Martian Republic. Handsome Pieter Ege, the Man in the Blue Demin jeans, is engaged in a vivacious conversation with the fair Meropi Makrogiaiiis who has argued every lawyer out of court in her choosen profession. She pauses to clarify a technical point of law to Miss lNlary Jane Bitting who has just received a parking ticket. lN1iss Nlakrogianis, opinion is that the ollicer wanted to get to know lovely Nliss Hitting and eouldn't think of any other way to do it. Bliss Toni Gruenfelder, graceful and lively as ever. is flashing the baby-blues in the direction ol' Terry Rees, that All American Boy who was sent to Russia to demonstrate All .Xmeriean Boyishness. Barbara VVhite, homemaking editor of Seventeen Nlagazine, is asking her hostess for the receipt tor Cosmic Cookies. which she plans to use in her lcature article called eHow to Feed a Young lntellectualw. Newly-wed .lean- nic Berg listens in on this domestic chat while her husband. tall and military. hovers around ,lean and flicks specks off his immaculate gold braid. . Dashing Pete .Xnestos has just dashed in the door. having run all the way from Klarathon. and amazingly he still looks as fit as he did in 1961, in contrast to his dissipated classmates. He trips over a black-stocking leg whose owner cotlghsaand hands him a pamphlet on the Power of Negative Thinking. This toot. it turns out. belongs to Nliss Pamela YVarlield xvho is attempting ot finance her latest book by buttering up rich industrialist Roy Davis, the most promising organization man to come along in years. And over therc in the corner. towering over everyone is handsome Larry Farrar, who has just replac- ed Tab Hunter as Hollywood's top star. But what's this? NVho are all these white-coated men? MAH right, people, make-believe time is over. Into the strait-jackets, back to the cellsw. .Xnd ofl' they go. at the sun sets over the Nlcditerranean. each to his private padded apartment, to dream ol' the clrear--'dem'--folcl Academy. ff. SENICDR WILL I. STEVE AUSTIN, leave the resistance to Nlr. W'eitzman's corruption to all those weak-willed elfri- day-nightersbs. 'N-X 1, KYEAN BERG, leave my American Government book to Bozo and Skijump. I. CHRISTIJVA BITTIJVG, leave my hfth period study hall to Smoky Greene. hoping he will enjoy it as muohgas I have: and also a soufliakia to Panama. I, ,llARl"' jAJVE BITTIJVG, leave locket 86 to Rosie Farrar, knowing she will enjoy having it all to her- self. 1, RUSSELL BOHEIJW, leave all humming rights in lVlr. Nicholson's class to -lim lfinclley. 1, TONY' CXAPSASHIS, being ol' sound mind, leave nothing behind me. 1, RULA COfV'.S'TAfV'T.flKIS, leave the answers to the Spanish lessons to Smoky Greene. I, JIMZVIT' DROULIAS, leave all my soccer talent to future estarsn ol' the gameg and all other tfearthlyw possessions of mine. I, PIETER EGE. leave my allinity lor soccer Loilim Buckey, my knowledge of reeorcls to Diana lVliles and the ability to do the day after tomorrow what neednlt be done tomorrow to any one who wants it. I, LAURA ERJVST, leave Rasomon and all my troubles. I hope. I. LARRY" EARRXIR, being ol' sound mind 2' leave all the noise-makers offirst period to the next year's Senior English class. TOJVI GRUJVEJVFELDER, leave locker Q3 to anyone who wants his head bumped three times a day. I, DAVE HUGHES, leave nothing behind because l've heard you can take it with you. I, JJlC'K11f KIDD, leave my energy to Sheron Johnson and my fondness of term papers to Harold Graeey' KYACKIE KLIVYE, leave the school flat. L I, BILLIE LEPESTK. leave a toe-shoe to Klr. Stravroulakis. I, IWEROPI NIAKROGIANIS, leave all my tourist memoirs to hflonsieur Dorbis, and all my tcwisenessww to hir. Stravroulakis. I, CLXIUD ATERIDETH, leave all my knowledge of Physics to Nlr. .Xtthur and a thimble to hold it in: and to Nlr. Nicholson, a little peace in first period English class. I SHELLEI' rlIL'SSER, leave Oscar Yenetzie to anyone who will care lor him as l have. 1, BOJVIE PAUL. leave all my .-'Xmerican Government tests and the Sixth Fleet to Anita Nlorsman. 1, ,MARUVA PURAVAS. leave all Senior worries to anyone mad enough to except them. I, TERRY REES. being ofsound mind, leave all rights as Senior cake sale ccassisfaneew to Xlr. Stavrou- lakis. I, GEORGE REGAJV, leave my suite in Kolonaki and my fabulous fortune to hir. Stavroulakis. I, RODJVET ROOII, leave to Karen Childs, my lhvorite subjectflinglish. :nd Nlr. Nicholson to boot. plus one new high sehoolq to hlrs, Hepp I leave Taxation! for good! I, IRENE SIAPERAS1 leave' my locker- sans lock to Lhc thicl' who kept atc-ailing my lunch. 1. TERRY TEELE. bcing ol' souncl rnincl. lvavc my clvbating seal in Nlrs. Hcppls Amrrican Govcrnmvnt and American History classvs to anyone who thinks that hc can out-talk hc-r. 1, RAULA T0 IVRT. leave' the .'Xmc'rican ,Xcaclcmy to my sislvr for two more ycfars: ancl my sn-at in Hrst period English class to anyllunior girl who is brave enough to takc il. I, JYICII1' VASSII., leave my shoe-rag to Click-Click. 1, PA.W WARFIELD. leavf- the lost spirit of .Xlcibiaclis to Steve Economy. I, GARY' APPLETON QBig Appl, ROT DAVIS CU. SJ, REIDER SCHELL CHOI Rocksj, and PETE PAT- TON. lc-avc for the Wifst Inclivs, taking our chaotic orgies with us. I. BILL WELCH1cavc-.ll 1 l High Svhool Clonliclonlial xl wani to lively, 14Plcasi- rxfusc mv lingzilisbv MWCWWMQ J -mg? Mggfwf W QW? Jil UL QBTZQMM d WW Qfviffwwigw W5 W? ' w!,L l k A A l',,f wiwm l M WL --M -1 J f J . i w if' WWE' L 4 mf '9"W"'2" F Val, 1-'I ,AN X fl W w M1 bw f wi. W W w MF' l Q' 4 W gi? ff 4 W pa Milgfffv J 5 4 if f 'gf EQ? T LM ff? Wgccvcfe,-Tn, 2 MN? pb A 1 X ' V CW WW iff 10 gf Y WWW O f NA Eifwllmlfxlgil-211157 lL2gJgL5WI'1l'wlI1I1wl1'Y1H11lIWIIQWNQ T UwuCdgg3f145?T,YJ5'C7!KQ of , I . H! lH Lf EQ51jLL-fQlww1LA'?qQPignlNLjHi?E1QlQlLw'QlL1QlgjQulgLI iw!! ml 1 ,, W, DIC 11 BRIT7 ON clcxlllsli vspccially 111 nglish 1 Rommo 'll Nam... rcacly to Jarllclpau ui mxtlimg .. lull ul' HAREJVJIFFOI, Tlflf. a cull' lil' rcdhi-acl full of freckles... pm pvc-vc-l'l1ysic's... always in-at... swc-1-L and full of lim and vitality, I 1 lN 711' li uls l om Virginia... lro an alhlnllr Latin' in ew- CAROL IQLLIOT, pixie cut and pug nosc can only bc Carols.. honrst. intclligcnt and thoughtful... wonder- ful lyricnd. ,.- as T6- gg 5 1 ..,, . was ROSA FARRAR. absolute RIO'l'l... wlicrc- thc' lun begins, you,ll find Ro- sict... activtr Spartan... sinutrc and undrrstanding. BILL HEBIJEV. or Cifk-Clicks... 4 tftgiti ,V if gym! lf' W welcome backl... rrtu absvncc' in New Oftvn with 5 talcntvd lamccl for his avfcfi t, siz1sm fx lor soccer, his vhverfuln ' nd hi' Cireck brothcr. 44Klats-Klats .... Qlx' ix of Hydraw. G: YE X .QXX f if PATRICIA HIJBB1?1.tN'ujan... tru- if, ly sinccrc and dependable... ood stu- ' dent... active in school activities, mom- N ' , bnr of Fronch Club and livzonr' Stalli.7XX A 1 ' DORIS I1'ILPATRIC.'If, sweet, hear- ,. JL twarming pcrson... always hclpiiil... 70, if X I , . studttnt... Trojan and full of c-nvrgy... ' whvn sho left hmvr hvart stayct with us. Studvnt Council rcpr0sentativc'... goot UI lj flgy t lf W MW jA,lIES HNICIJQRIZOCKER, .-Xtlicnian ...artivc in sports... warm personality with suddvn outbursts... a :lass flown... also a Casanova. ALIIJV HOLE. his hobby is tcgirlsw Qwhy not QU... an assvt to thc' .Xthcniansm enjoys all sports... prvsident of thc Ju- nior Class... helpful... Cxctfllent stu- dent... ambition-to become- a doctor. PHI LLIS LL'C,'OlVIf,',Z, vvry activex Spartan... good stud:-nt, too... friendly and trustworthy... enjoys baseball, diets ffl and cxercising... sorry to scfr hvr leavv. AJVTHEA .NL-l.,iYlfS. Spartan... a sweet and happy person with an infeetious laugh... hobbies: musie. dancing and reading. .WAJVT .MA VROLEOJV. 4aOh lX'Iannyw... old timer at .XM-X. active in sports. school activities and HOMHWVORK... pleasant sense of humor... inviting laugh. l -' ii f f f li ff f fl fl Vyflyyf Ll IAM ' . V fl J ' Mi X Mya! QAAWV if I l7oH..t .i1.f1cq I.5'A,A1C.. mo- Val .Ja .Qw', js ter... asset to the house with those ex- g 'Ji W vellcnt grades... studies Latin and lo- il Q1 'lid V f JJ' res it... enjoys stamp Collecting and ft Vyffx star studxing. 'Wy . I J t . il.YIT,'l ,lI01fS.lI.'l.Y. a quiet and help- ful redhead with ttnexpeeted pep... seen reading often... member ol' the livzone Stall and Sl'.XR'l'.XNS... en- joys swimming. liorseback riding and hand. x xx? 1 S.-1R1llI JIIRTLE. fabulous persona- Q Vx lit f... full ol' Iau hs... a real eharaeter. . X... 3 S - NX ' 3 hut always sweet and kind. t 2 3 3 x " " ' 5 x Y X KX i 'X xl l' Xl l XX Xl ,UILIJRIQD P1iTT1iRSO.N. Millie... t N ll preiers .Xthens to France where she X ll- last lixed... short and Cute... always Ji XX smiling... member ol' House lll. GRliGOR1'PE'fS.-IS. Greg... new to the .Xmeriean .Xciaderny this fall .... full olllillx., ready lor almost anything- anytimel... eomnionly known asctlfrow. STICPHAJVIE S'fRAUS'S. Stevie... ano- ther old timer at AUX... an aura. of pep. energy and spirit surrounds her... at wonderllul lrienfl... Vive President Oli the .Iunior Class... President of the Latin Cltth and on tht- Evlone Stall. PERRY' .S'I.'ilI.lllfRS. one oii the tal- ler members ol' the .Iunior Class... Southern drawl... participates in Athe- niznt sportsn. good sense ol' litnnor. PENELOPE TSAOUSOPOULUU, or 44Lopyw... enjoys most everything but football... quiet and friendly... Greek born... fluent in many languages. LEE WALL, a loyal Spartan... popu- lar... plays thc guitar for thc ccLonc-ly Rcbelsrr... active in sports... loves La- tinl? J!.'1C.'fiiB1TTJx'iER, better known as ccsit up -Iackv in Nlr. Yeros, rlass... mischievous and ready lor anything active Spartan, enjoys all sports... plays the guitar for the 44I.oncly Rc-belsw. j0HNBOW1f.N, a new addition to the American Academy as ol' this year... quiet and shy... artive in the school production. Allrlrndex and lfzz Lion. fwe'll sec' more of him l.atter.j JLW BUCKET' hails Irom Idaho... plenty of house spirit for the Spartants... plays on all their teams... likes to bowl... trxeellent student... played tht' Count. alias 44Pere Noelw in the Fri-ncli play. ZOE CHIA.'1'IlS loft the .Nmeriran .Xrademy early this year... faithful .Xthvnianm talkative gal... everyone was sorry to see her leave. DIL'-LN! COJVTO old timer at the .'Xc'ademy... hails from New York Cboy. that accent1...lox'cs pranks ...dark and handsome... cverybody's pal. PAJVOS DR.-ICOS, a Xen' York jvstcr... enjoys frolic' tespecially in English classy... best pianist around... int-mber of the famous 44l.onely Rchelsvb... speaks Greek and l'll't'llCll llurntly... ready lor fun. j1.lI F1WDLl:'2i loves lo talk. arguv Qesperially in linglishj... l'ull of pep... took part in the Latin play... Trojan... plays the clarinet for the 44Lonely Rehclsw. 1W.flliI.1lNJVIf GRAY lc,-ll Greece during tha' Christmas vacation Ihr Franc'c'... lrccklecl redhead with a hap- py-go-lucky personality... sorry to see her go. jUl1.fV PASP.f'lR.'11iiIS. that mathvxnatical wizard... olytcin seen in the library studing twhat willpowclw... ol' Greek extraction. x7O.Y l1f'AR.N'1fR hails lrom l'c-niisylvania... a loyal .Xthenian... hohhies include hunting and hshing... always seen screeching around rorncrs in a red volks-bus. Gab session, The lincup. Hey, I thought it was a mire! ballot! mqqu, .mm .wymv mm-Q www mme Q, "'Q..,.U,...aPlllQ I ..,, , 1-annum, 3 ..:i.,A .11-www .Xnolhcr point for Dodic-! S21 sae M L Ev, ' -1 1, 43,314 , w i . , x S w I K 4 Xxicxllffb fh""'QD f is ! llfives-g i ' 5 :Dx M-xi 1 ikp--1---K 'I W T' :TMLP Q Q , Ty i J 'JU H I P1 U 1 K X 7?-.Q 4 N! Y N 'ff X EWWWH il Wtllwlllamgmw qmqlllq lllqmq 'Hqlllql Uwzq Wm U I Em I H HIL. WHII1. Wllhilh HIHIIIL' mLIl,lHlI!Hll'Hli!Hlil Emilia Mali! I "WI CARL BELL. known to all as ccskipww... loves to talk and his favorite class is study, hall. RUSTT BRITTON. a blue-eyed Trojan likes all sports... very friendly... favorite teacher-Nlr. Sta- vroulakis. 1. r ,. 1 .'tf': f 3 is t ' .UERID ABEBE, a wor- thy Spartan... quiet. easy- going guy. jOI-UV ,'lI.L1f.'V can alw' - ys be heard eornin Y py- ik ' felclf Q, HARR1' AJVESTOS. an asset to the Spartans... attracts the opposite sex... plays the guitar or tries. RICHARD BARI-1A.lfI or 44Diekicw joined us a little late this year... hasa fri- endly smile for everyone. ..7Z ., ff? X5-f J'-" LUKE BETOS hails trom South Carolina... says lit- tlc but everyone likes to have him around. jACIf BURKE. a 'l'ro- who hates girls who, don't act them selves... enjoys all sports. espeeially skin diving. VELIOTA BOUKIAS, a very serious student but lively... loves her home Country. Greece. 87111 I B U Rlflf . a good Trojan... a very clever sense of humor. JEFF B0 VVEJV, a net comer this year... a sh guy but lots of, fun t have around. KA THI' DAGONES fa vorite passtimes are ska ting and basketball... plan to he a asseeretary. . i- . X t is? .. 1 it YG'3Q?Ifz?i Yfitziifuis W ' Wiiimi - as-Q" Y- -f'i'ff5-flfi-5 Qfsifi . . . lf: 1 ,. . Y... jzqtsgget ,,.,.,.M,,,N -14. 1,-...Q-gs ' in it 'i 'fwiii .iz:K2?,1zi:-B2 KV . 5 ' inte 'nu-. t ,-fi W if-it t GRETCHE.Y ECE. tht- Qirl with hc- big brown 4-yvs... lovcs parties ancl thc show. LORETTA ELLIOT. .X Virginian... loyal Athi'- nian... lavoritc- pasttirnv is swimming. hopes to lat-rome a nursc. 'D 1' 4 ocb L sill a 1 us in ur I1 , S L Y-I 'v 993' f Sl S . ' .y K5 wig- thi pla, ng lbotball... j K 'tlgziiff' him back. ni? 02 Q. Q . IE Glfl POI'- - jj? . l'S, .X qi ic K irl who fume ' om . 'v s lcsia this ' 'f . x 1' vu, 'Qs' n or .1f1ARC.'liLLENE GRA T. Marcy, an avicl lan of mal0s.,. favoritc subxjccts- English and Biology... lvft in .January for l'lf21llCt'. BEIEIQNIJT x701l.NSO.N", c4Buc'liyv. ffthv Kiclv. says somrthing about vvvryth- ing... likvs cars, Virginia and liun, fun. linnl S.HOIt'EY' GRISENE, VVC still wonder how hc got his name... a wvlfome addition to tht- Soph- morv class. S H If R OJV x70 I'1.NSO.N, This gal with tht- sparkl- ing vyvs loves Pizza. par- tic--s and good tiinvs. JOHJV HICIIS, .Mhcnian from Colorado... pct perf- vc-loucl-mouths... hopes to bc-come an engineer. Wif1l'JN"E HIDD. at sharp Cliaractcr with 21 great pcrsonality Quitmi a Romeo this aliutclw. KAZIXWIERZ jE,ZIOR- SHI, a swell liltlc guy.. known for his athletir abilities. AGNETA KLUIJT, flui- Ot, smart. and niu- to all... wt-ll likrcl anfl rcspcrtvcl. JJ ljsxg ,Lf 0 of , r ,M mn K RICHARD IJOLH, ano- lhvr gre-ai hall player Irom thcf Kolb clan. 1l'.f'lTH1" ,UCL l.S',flAC, wcll likvcl, clcpvnclzllmlc girl... always willing to help, lJI,'l.,Y.-l ,lI11,1iS. zu lricncl- ly girl. hails from Eng- lzinfl... lilies rollm-fling rm'- vorcls... pm pvvvv- bc-ing iolfl what to clo. ROBIX vYl1'l,S0.Y. Ili this Clzllifornian isnll talking. lufs trying io... lhvoritv 1uaslime-skincliving. Nlfll, PAITTUX. thc lvl- ,lI.f1Rl1i PEf1RSU.Y. 21 AHRE PS,'lRlfI.l.IS. .Xl- loxx wilh thi' intriguing good clrc-sscr... ambitious ways sw-n playing socvvr voivv... thc go-go lzoy adcliiion to the sm'hool...z1ims Lo ha- ll Yaulica ol' Slnflvnl Cfouncil. always looking lor liL1l1.Engi1im-1'. llllflll' S.fl,YD.lIlil'l:'R. .l1.l1JI.l S.-ll'ITS1fI'. Pa- PHIL SCj1'1i-l1:'1"1"ER. 'l'ro- RL'TH REEIDER. lfricnd- ly 'l'ro-jan... lovvs Urn-1-c'c'.. likcs liorscback ricling and voin Collecting. HRIGITTE S1:'1.l,'lfE, lri- vncllyn. honor sluclvnt.. an var lor luilguugvs. 'l'ro'z1n.,. en'ox's rookinw' nama... sunnv Jvrsonzxli- lm... from ll1'llllSVlY?l!llZ1... l l .' . a . X .l. . :yn lslolxxcoinn-21u'11cxl1c'1'. ty... smart... hclplul zill ann to ln'c'oxnn- 21 seen'- lhis :incl Univ, tool lzwy. X f Ki .P-J Q - A f - V! K 'X .v Nl l -,,-ff I! f gl k - h if N N if ' N L7 diy! ,MART STOfX'Alf. funloy- ing... rclbrrcd to as 44Sto- ncyw... great ont' for writ- ing notvs. PHILIPPA l4fARFIE1.D lovvs clothes and with that blondc hair anything looks good... frm-qucfnts the Senior Room... loves par- tics. ANGELO SIAPER.-l S, loyal Spartan... industrious. GEORGE .5'IGAl,,fl.S'. Ht-'s usually laughing and al- ways willing to c'oopc'ratc'. GEORGE S7YJl.lI1fS, la- xforitc class-World Histo- ry... notc-d lor his smilc-.,. loyal Trojan. CHRISTOPHER STIER, Kit... tall. blue Cyvd. blond ...Calitbrniam notvcl tor his swimming ability... sw- ell guy... the flame ol' many a gii'l's czindlr. l,I.NDfl TO WRl'. Known as 44Penguinw to hor frm-inds ...lun to bc with. JILRRIA IVARJVER nvw to thc' .Xvadeiny this year me to us from Pennsyl- vania... nice- lirllow to havf' around. CHAN I"ISHER. Good stu- drnt... cnjoys an occasio- nal argument in Alge- bra or Geomvtry class. 1111 THI' VVEHEL gocs by a numbvr ofaliases... NVob blew is always on thc go ...a wonderful personali- ly. .. ugh ' ,::' '-'::.:: 1: -2'f:S:2g - QQE- -f--- , tgjttjv . Qfwxljlfl .tilt . ia DEAUETRIOS BRJLYDITSOS, olilvn Callvcl 44Dc-mowv... clrcsscs well... artivc in school sports, HAROLD BRIGGS, llanny hails irorn Oklahoma... likes gutii-vyccl girls and lootball... pct pc'c'x'r-l2iiglisli,.. has a knack ol' grtting into Cvc-rylhing. HARRY CUSTIS. a new arrival... who's middlc' name is rnischivf. DAVID DAI,TO.N, loyal Giant fan... from San l"ranCisc'o.,. has a goocl radio voir? las cvcryhody on lius 6 knowsm .... Trojan... clislikvs Gromctry. jL'DI FARICAR. ont- of thc best girl athlnlrs he 1'i-, .. always.livr-ly and hill ol' Fun. RICIIJIRD 1"RATTO.,N'E. would hc first in linv for a homework strikr -... seems to bf- quite a Roma-o. PETER KO TSONIS. Hcrc-'s just thc boy who roulcl you loo dillk-rent rcasons why not do your homt-work. .UART LAPSAS. shi-'s found with Judi Farrar. a very pleasing psrsonality. ,VA TALIE LA VVRENCE. 'l'hc litllc gal who lovcs to dance... 44Natsvv is always on tht- go. j.'1.lIES SUJVDERIJIND. HC Cnjoys sports and is a faithful Spartan. lVILLIA,lI PIPER. Bill comes from Tc-xas... all-rounfl atlivlvtc... valuable on thc Spartan loam... lilirs Frvnrh ancl Italian lbocl. If xt C J , . ix! X ,fl ' PQ-jx Dt for lf Cf f :O ff -X Q4 .L V f if is M J' Q -70 35 S37 C" ,gi -r V1 AQ, . - f . k . V C nd , V X I, Q " Q f NTXX X. g1..4f , , - - ox Q J' N N, of Q .ff .of V Us 1 5 I IPX- ,X .X f f' h X' V -if gf X - Lf XJ 1,9 , .JJ , jg 13 Finn- him a quarlrrl Go. .Xlht-nians. . V Q, !' ' fa 3-V g ' .- I, 1 lxyk-. in 44 , 'P V A ,.b, M. diy gif U X ' 115 -V V qX'K.q 'Q AL 1 llfflfllllllll ff! ju if , xg H 7 yi 3 1 f:ff f26 ' !ff 'f HM! 9 F m'iQ9Kfq'xiY- ff ff ff 'le' Usa . ' 1 , ' fi 5 F959 , 1 1Qj fii'f . Qi - 1 i f"j1"jj1'. Vyr' 'lf' ' , I n V P37 f"-,,T5" 'iq , -- ' - ., v , f l Elf z nv-9' " PP ' 1 QQ f:2"f'? T L55 '53 L ' T' 'irx "'h7? A 0? L -J? N -F'--r" 1 . "' f,,m4L. 1,47 1' gall' V unix-Yi' f Y i '- I, in LY1'fw11'1fHHFHQQHMQIHIIHIHH l'Hrl'H41'H1llH1l'HllfzwllmrlmlnqmmxqgnL,,W1H,1fH,g1H,1 m5,1L5 VIVIAN ALLEN, a true Georgian with ttthatw accent... enjoys swimming and Geography CHU... devoted Tro- jan. KAREN' AJVDEIYSON' arrived in Ala- nuary for a short stay... loves horses... Californian... hopes to become 21 poet or an artist. TARA AVERT, an asset to the Athe- nians seholastically and athletically... quiet fat timesj... loves to tease. WILL1Ai'l'I BELLNOSHI. or ccliillyn 4,10 but a champion basketball V . , player... comes thelieve it or notj from iz s il Q if i gf KW s 2 is 'X ' 'I r Wagga: EEE N BOB BERG, lrom way down South in Georgia... easy-going except when annoyed by Randy CATHEICIXVE BLISS, or c4Toushyv... always saying fcI'm sorrylv... an enthu- siastic member of House H... excel- lent grades. .'lIIC1'1.f1l. ISOXT.-'1. or 4cIX'Iikew... new- comer to .X..X .-X. this year... collects stufled animals... enjoys riding on the hack of' motorbikcs. LLYDA Bl'SS hails from Texas... infectious smile... labulous clothes and a personality to match. SL'SA.,V COLLLYS arrived late this year... likes to dance and collect mo- ney Cwho doesn't?'l... wonderful per- sonality and brains tool. RA 1'-.lIO.Ni1J COL IVELI.. or 44Kipw... an old timer in Greece Q4 years to be exactl... enjoys school. especially Science class. COJWVIE COJVDOJV, a perky brunette lrom Galilornia... an avid Athenian rooter... enjoys Science fbrave soullj NICK CONSTANTAKIS is always on the field participating in sports... Col- lects coins and stamps. JWART' COOPER. claims Virginia as home... excellent student... pet pee- ves: fortune tellers and moochers. v Texas. L 5 if 4 if 1:fl..'f7'K - K lj ' . . , . - . 'ti -s ig,-:Qt we , is X ygs g: .HL A s ts. Str . ... 1 - FSE? is xresss X, 1 'YQ 'ix We 3' A 54 1 Q 155 gg 5 A 51.2114 Q3 spits- ks DAVIS, CHERTLaChery enjoys most everything... especially horsebackid- ing, dancing, bike riding and cooking... only dislike: being teased. DRA WHORJV, ALICEf that drawl marks her as a Texan... an ardent Athe- nian... favorite subject: English per- sonality plus. EGAN, DONALD --44Donn... great one for laughs... loves girls and hates books... wants to be a brain surgeon Qbewarefy. FEELET, BARBARAfpretty Athenian ...likes horses, records, movie stars and sports... Gym is her favorite subject. ' 14 at gr Wi? if if v E 5., ff' .se 'gg if giig t f ' , FOLMAR, VVILLIAM-44Billv... calls Alabama home... enjoys popular with the girls... enjoys swimming and OH! that daneingl... left in December. GRUEJVFELDER. JILL-- 44l.ittle Gu- Venw... from Virginia... a barrel of fun... loves bowling and baseball... po- pular .-Xthenian. especially with the boys. HAILE, llIICl1AEL -- 4cXIikew... sup- plies the Ibod for the Algebra class... enjoys swimming, baseball and foot- ball... pet peeve: school! Cmutual lim surel. HAUVES. OWEJV- never at a loss for words... goes in for languages and goofing off... a born prankster... only pet peeve: teachers. HARZWOJV. jA.NISfCalilbrnian... fa- vorite subject: French tmais ouij... Trojan, enjoys all sports, especially baseball. HOBBS, GRzlIGvca'llexwv Chome state maybe?Q... cut out to be a politician... enjoys acting and singing fa budding Elvisl. HOVVARD, STELLA- enjoys music and swimming... pet peeve: being teased... loft AUX. in Feburary for lin- gland... all were sorry to lose her. jO.NiNOPOULOS, JOHN'-short guy, poli smart... an authority on anything from toothpicks. .VIII-IIE LEAVITT has a head for H- gures Qwhich kindj... plans to become an engineer. .WTRA XLIAXPVELIJ, Blyra collects notes. reeorcls ancl movie magazines... enjoys eating Cespccially hamburgers and lrenchfricsy. LEE .lIlLLER. oliten licarcl sav- W rl L f rm H. QL Fi X 3 VVILLIAA1 REEDER. Bill or Dean... House lll... plays basketball... Stu- tlrnl Council... good sense ol' humor. .flN'THO.Yl' REES, 'l'ony... quite an athlete... many points for House l with honor grades... lienclish laugh. jO1'1.'Y RILEY. oth grade rfflliarlie Browns... excellent stuclent... a big smile. enjoys a good time... interested in clt-signing. is planning his own home. OAELEJV SCHELL. cute gal, clothes to match... she has a txvin tguess who Ti.. enjoys all sports. FORREST SCHl1"E.YGLES. ctrtlstys... interests inclucle model building and geology... real athlete... a goocl sense of humor... a cute guy fjust ask any girll. FR.fl.NH SCOFIELD, cdlattv... can always be depended upon for a nice worfl or two or more... one of the most loyal Spartans we have. GEORGE l4fHITA'El' SETTO,N'. a budclingjunior scientist... calls Pennsyl- vania home... loves skin diving... clislikes homework Qwho cloesn't.'J Llfffli SPEARS. a Southern belle lrom .'Xrkansas... likes Clothes, people, records. claneing ancl parties... favo- rite school subject is lunch... always thinks the bcsl ol' people. 4cPowv... callfd Qcthc Dumb Blontlw we know shc-is an honor student. I-VILLIAJW JIUNDT, Bill or ullolly- xvooclw COh those shaclesb from Cali- fornia... enjoys baseball. Science ancl SLEEPING task him about Geogra- phy1'l ROBERT PA TTERSOJV, Bobby... Spa- rtan... likes to play baseball... talka- tive in class, especially Science. AJVNA TATSIOS. a loyal Spartan came to .X..X. last year from Frank- furt: Germany... likes records and swimming... this gal's a whizz in En- glish Class. DIJVA TZUR, new to the .Xmeriean Academy this year... hails from lsrcal... hobbies inelude painting, singing and reading History and Biology are Dina's favorite subjeets. PETER VALDEVELZ. Pete likes sports, especially baseball which he plays lor the Spartans... quiet guy who's also a sports authority. ROGER lfVAli'ELA.W. nicknamed Red Cwonder whx'?J seems quiet but when heis mad-bewarel... all around good student. CORIJYVE WOODS. 44Kinv... tall. blond and mischievous... gives everyone the impression sheis an angel... a good Sltl- dent... hails from Nlassechusetts. STEVE WOOD, Steve likes dancing. girls, pizza, and all kinds ol' parties... his hobby is weather observation... he is a member of House II. DAVID PVEDLER, this Trojan likes electronics... junior seientist... lavorite sports are swimming and track. DAJWVT VVALL. GIDZIIIIIBD... ealls South 44Carolinavv home, ol' c' peeve is Qcstuek upvw Seniors Qjust wait till he's onej... a good student... hopes to attend the .Xir Force Academy. DEJWVIS ZEVITAS, this Bostonian is quiet and a good student... a loyal .-Xthenian and a baseball fan. CATHERINE AJVTLE, Cathy... al- ways laughing or elowning around... loyal Spartan and good at any sport. JWAURISICAF RITTNER, 4cNIow, a eute Spartan... gets good grades... always looking for liun fshe finds it. tooll. DEJWVIS EARRAR. quiet guy... has a kind word lor everyone... Spartan... a great helper for any cause. EDGAR FRANKLIN. ffliddiev... a born tt is 1 ts riding son dnin w tu skiing 'inc maxlx urn girs KYEAJWVE HUGHES. usually heard sayin 44l3ut S1r'w a lutint lauyti who could nm a c ist on lool s alone lox ll lroj in CHRIS KEUCHLER. new in .'XthenS. Chris enloxs lootball dlslikts homuxork and ttathers Cnormal'l x7ON IfO.ZA1fIS. new arrival lrom Los Xngtlos Junior math init tirpans bitxtltsi enjoys sports tnd colletun knnts jEANNETTE KRONBERGER. tgleanv lrojan tnjoys cl tnemg partits and SCHOOI ' tthstt s dilferenll hobby is stamp Collecting. FRAJVCESLAPPAS, 44Fran or Franki vw Spartan lrom Xngmia likes boys danein and swimming 1 pctx snails... ambition: to become a model. 3292 se 34 M ff U 48457 Alu' est-cc qua- c,esL?v will N Q Ni' 3 vk Q, lg I 3 Q sg Z, i Sf! l Q Latin Lahorm-rs SXFLS and Laughs . 1--5 - . K 7 J 1 Xw 1 1 gf m K f " .. sp 1' 51 'X 5 . f, I y , . , 4. gf Y vi r f 'Q Q, ' 'L--Vi-+-Nl?-L-1-,, ' CLUBS +-..' - ia-S . N-A -A 1,,,,.,. -fn. W fw ' .,.. ' ' 1 ' 2 ' T., .A W l S ' STUDENT CCDUNCIL Aux 1 Sf'c'011d Scmcslcr EVZCJNE ,W f ll Sponsor. Mr. Weitzman ly . Ml NP Photographersfrfony Capsaskis, George Regan, Chris Visher XQYFV gp fl? gil Business Manager-Nick Vassil W Layout Editor-Patty Hubbell, Pam Warfield. 0 Art EditOfaPau1a Towfy Q9 M is Sales Manager-Kathy Webel Staff. Toni Grunenfelcler, Marie Pearson, Rula Constantakis, Pamela and Philippa War- bielcl, Bonnie Paul, Sheron johnson, Laura Ernst, Corinne Woods. Steve Stylianou- dis, Anita Morsman, Marina Poravas, Shelley Musser, Phyllis Lucowicz, Toushy Bliss, Inez Pilk. ,- - K iw .,k,,,., N I VM Q 3 , V ,W of-' -'-me lk THE FRENCH CLUB This year the French Club has been very active under the guidance of Mr. Dorbis. Two plays were presented: 44ViVe la Musiquerw, a very successful comedy which was done for the elementary school, the P.T.A., and the high school, a short Christmas play elses Deux Peres-Noela added to the holiday spirit ofthe school. Meetings were held every Thursday. The program included films, records, lectures on various French customs and all other aspects of French life. President: Laura Ernst Sec-Trcas: Patricia Hubbell LATIN CLUB The Latin Club has just begun this year but it has offered a great deal of amusement for the students. A very humorous skit 4cAndrocles and the Lionv, was presented for Chris- tmas. The Icles of March were observed-with fear! The Roman Forum gave us a taste of real Italian pizza!!! Also an archeological trip to Corinth and Epidaurus was made. DRAM!-XTICS CLUB The Drarnaties Club has devoted all its energy to the production of George Bernard Shawls 4cAndrocles and the Lionw presented May Io-12. We hope next yearls production will be as well done as this-Good Luck! aww MISSY CLUB The Missy Club was created by a group of girls whose purpose was fun and companion- ship. It grew to include regular visits to needy orphanages in Athens, and a money drive in December for these places. We are proud of their accomplishments and sincerely hope they will serve to encourage other such groups to do the same in the future. President: Jackie Kidd Sec.-Treas-Rosie Farrar House Senior Junior Senior Junior This TRQJANS - l-louse l CaptaineTony Capsaskis Boys, Boys, Girls' Girls, year, Squad Leader-Steve Austin Squad Leader4Rusty Britton Squad Leader4Doris Kilpatrick Squad Leader-Janis Harmon the Trojans got off to an early start by placing Erst or second in all ofthe intramural activities. Our scholastic achievements also helped strengthen our lead and by mid-year we had twice as many points as the second place house. The Trojans may also take to their credit the winning ofthe Food and Clothing Drive. lNith report cards, Field Day and Spring intramural sports ahead of us, however, we feel we are well on the way to our lirst house championship. VVC are especially indebted to our House sponsors for the assistance and encouragement which they have given us this year. ATHENIANS - House ll House CaptainaAlan Kolb Assistant House Captain-Stevie Strauss Senior Boys' Squad Leader-Manny Mavroleon Junior Boys, Squad Leader-Richard Kolb Girls' Squad LeaderiToni Grunenfelder The Athenians may be House H but we arc second to no one. The memories of past years at the American Academy are crowded with the rotting corpses of defeated Trojans and Spartants fbless themj left behind in the grand massacres by the glorious Athenians. This year, as usual, we will earn the most house points because of the superior intelle- ctual and physical development which so distinguishes us from our would-be opponents. But, have heart ye honorable Trojans and Spartansg there will always be next year. . . SPARTANS - House lll House Captain4Lee Wall Assistant House Captain-Dave Hughes Senior Boys' Squad Leader-Terry Teele Junior Boys' Squad Leader4Iner Pilk Girls, Squad Leadereliathy Webl House III has always been the 44House of Athletesv. We have demonstrated this by winning Field Day for the third consecutive year. Spartans are first in leadership, scholarship and friendship. Many of our members hold both class and Student Council offices. The Spartans have their own cheerleading squad which is always on hand to boost the morale of the Spartan squads. Although we are trailing the other houses in total points, we are still strieving to win Hrst place. If spirit alone were the measure, we would be assured of victory. L n fix lj 1 ., K V , My JW K Q-if wf w N K .5-' SPORTS It's a .... ...... H IT!! 44VVind - 130' west velocity - I3 mph. Speed of ball - 87 mph. . .ww FACULTY SOFTBALL A M E Guess whols new at baseball. Supcrboy does it again! I FO TBALL 44GO Jimmy, Go In 1 Ia 2, 3, hikcg and here starts thc game! Pete docs it again! Charge! W'ho0ps ! 4.1, was-'W M rw Q Y Roach for the Sky' Don'tjusL stand there, do something! Will he make it? VARSITY BASKET- B A L L Pctc eludcs Athens College. F A C U L T Y VOLLEYBALL E A M EE- Mr. Grant Nlakes a return for the terriue faculty team. The student team makes another point. A moving example of the action in the Faculty Volleyball Game. Get it over, gal! ,WN ELD DAY t 161 Guess who won I 5 4a.......-um! RAW? ine eww X w'N3fk is ISRMSKQBNF Close call. . . Let,s get going! mgmnk 3 A v ' 5 5 4 QQ M 1, g if if , A 1, 4,3 1' - ww f V . ,S WW- ., we f ., - .,-, A gf um 511-,w - 1: ,,.,, a X-N W Gel those spikes out of there! Heads up! Hcavc Ho! Pant, pant! ump fbr joy ?. Whce! I made it! NM Flying eh? Stomp out insects! Sand! I need more sand down there! 44Where's the Hre, Dave ?w Look at that toothpick go! Welcome to Field Day! Nothing like a bunch of hefty girls I ' w 4. V 2 I l H I , 5 5 In 5 l , .cfig ' Q , , ' I L " , - V, " k Visf. ,f fi kg , , Q f ff X . V ,Wi 5 ,. . .- , ,S , A ' ., , 4 Q is '14 Q few --ff -5' H "- 1 P : ---- i ' WMI wg. W Qgx 'wg z'f.pfMwQ'1H 'f " X ,f.,:f.:-',.... V -: Yr rt ' vt X . , vw iv . . -mlm -. - . f ff- -- wmv vw-W ff ,V 1 M., Mi, 2, ws, 'f':,:'.-:'3,:-'sg M ww, , M my - M N. i..:f,f.1'u-.W .... A- 4 , A, me , " TWM 4' V ..v. M. fi- ' Feet first! if A teachefs work is never done. Enough practice. Now letas play. Caught A VP' 5 if 1 x f Q Q N ff N K2 E xxx 5 M xl X XXXNER QQ, F E A T U R E S g ,.f, Fixing -, ffyfw 1. amw' .GM Mnlmluwspz Mfmk ...l WIVE LA MUSIQUE 5 E a D0-RC-Mi-Fa. . . Sol-La-Ti-Do! L01 mc' out of hcrcl A1 La 44Br0omv df' ma Tame. Befbrv and Aflcr. LES DEU PERES OELS La Farnillc' 44-Il' suis lv vrai Pitrc Xbcll QThc REAL thingj. E132 Sing along with Panama. I-2 Chet-Cha-C1121 MISC!-ELLA CONGRATULATIONS J F K' VVHERE WAS CORSO? GOOD LUCK TO OUR MONSIEUR DORBIS ON HIS APPOINTMENT' MR. YEROSfHAS DENVER ACCEPTED YOU YET? LITTLE LOUIS NOVV SAYS QMAU-MAUM THE GANG AT ORFANIDES IS BREAKING UP BUT GOIJNELAS IS GOING STRONG. FROM THE SENIORS YIA SAS Drink a toast in cough syrup And hand my gnarled ash-stick down Leave an address for my love For I am leaving this here town. Hug me with your eyes, good friends. Pack my hunk of bread and cheese. Arm me with a derringer And H11 my heart with anti-Ireeze. fTIFF Little Mr. Stuck-up! SCHOOL -STRIP? gin- Cha-Cha-Cha! A little gambling here and there. 44Put your head on my Shouldern. ccPrimrose Lancvv Grin and Bear it! They even look like tourists Now Mr. Ycros. .. Yiannina or Bust We had one thing on our side-the good weather! After getting everyone and everyth- ing on the bus, we made our hectic departure. Everyone has their ups and downs and our biggest down was on the left rear sideAa flat tire! A little organization got us on our way once more. We took the ferry from Rion to Nafpaktos where we settled ourselves for a longf?j nights sleep. In the morning, wc continued on our journey to Yiannina. We were on the road all day, and late Saturday night we arrived in Yiannina Qwho says sitting isn't tiring?j The following day we went to Metsovon where the natives found us very interesting and loved those Kodak cameras! Dinner and dancing was the message for Sunday night, and the mousiki. . .! Monday saw us at the caves. . . they never had it so bad! And those 133 steps, gad, what atmospheric conditions! Monday night was a repeat performance of dinner and dancing at a local taverna, with Mr. Markotsoglou as the main attraction and Mr. Yeros as his die-hard understudy. We beat the sun on Tues- day by arising, half asleep, at 4:30 in the wee small hours of the morning. On the way home, the hum of the motor was drowned out by the snore of 40 exhausted tourists. With Joe Faussett leading the chorus, cramped in a jump seat. The marathon was over, Joe, who had done a great job of keeping all the boys awake for the previous four nights, was out! In spite of misfortunes, we made it home by 9:00, and a good time was had by all. THE QUEEN AND HER COURT T H E P R O N1 .2 v, ' MRS. HEPP. AND HER JUNIOR PRINCESSES WITH QUEEN JACKIE I COULDIVE DANCED gf ALL NIGHT S I CONGRATULATIONS FROM HER ESCORT AND HER BROTHER fx ww l' rf' is ESA-M xx Vw 1. E gkgf Wh .Qqg9""g,,5 , ww-nlff' MAN! Wagga fl THE GROANING TABLE OF VICTUALS 44BILLIEw OF THE BALI School! VVhat's htisl? Something ncwl? ' ...G , X X fa v if 1 ' 4 'rf ., . SQ f ff f-1. Pi' N - ..,. ,, ,bg -:- 913 . N -w 5 f F '--N..--U wx S The backward look King and Queen X Nixon or Kennedy? NP 4' avg gym ii' H 5 ii vi mg 2 g an Camera shy? M 1 F 1 1 L Q AM 44They,rC not gonna put this in the yearbook, arc they!?v Wfhy so glum. Toni? 44Nothing! Don't you dare say nothinglw 4cComC on, man in Z-zz-zz-zz-zz-zz 44Good to thc vcry last dropw 'Wi A continental air .,..,....- 44Wipe that smile off your facclw From 4cVivC la Musiquevw 44Duh!w Wfhatas this, work? ? ? 44Miss Rizou will hear you! Shiv SNAPS AROUND SCHOOL THE ROMAN MARKET F THE SENIOR BALCONY-A POST GRADUATE APITUDE AND TWO UNDERGRADUATE POSES ANDY TAKES A TONGLE LASHING ANDRQCLES AND THE LIGN -THANKS TO UNCLES MAX, PETER, NICK, AND Q.B.S., AND DEAR AUNTIE ELIZABETH MEG IS CHICKEN I . xi 0,5 , V' Subd' M, QFEROVIUSE gy Ajvxgjf MAVROLEON u MAKES ANOTHER 'XNMQPPO qi!! A CONVERT . Sf bww HE? Eff E W THOSE CHEEKY CHRISTIANS! WELL, THE LIONS ATE him! 5 I LAVINIA HASS THE CAPTAIN VVRAPPED AROUND HER SWEET LITTLE FINGER GAESAR SOUNDING OFF AGAIN HOW DOES OUR SCENERY LOOK? I This is our man without a class john Bowan, who began as ajunior, but found he had enough credits to graduate. For this reason we were unsure of where to put him, and when all the arranging of pictures was done, we had no room with either class. But we could hardly leave John out. John, the boy who took Hydra by storm, John, the scurvy Christian in the English play, John, the soothing influence on the seniors, dependable, fun-to-be-with john. S0 we include his picture here at the endgbetter late than neverde-and add to it our mental candid shots: .Iohn suffering happily from Hydra sun, John mulling philosophical points in Advanced History, John on his birthday ffor hels a jolly good fellowlj Q Particularly, we wish John luck in the future Cas we do to all the seniorsj and quote a remark made on that famous trip by one cool-cat senior to another: 44Bowen will rule the world when you and I are sweeping the streetslv THE FUTURE LIES AHEAD '15 'x XJ if ,Qkffxvc CC, LXZQYCLZA-ff'L" X ff ?4f4Ja4,7Z-4 Z-,ff - Abigail 'liz :J V45 PC2541 Zwbfg, !Q45C,C-fd ZUYWQJ W - 4Lf XO y :M QC! PG-4L.7Q f !,f57Qf Cc. kj fa-fcJf4fezA4c.,Q, ji!-71.1 IAQ, ZQ9-O-cfcfzjb 4 WJ W7 WJ 9.1.4 - .1412-vke., Aww ,gc ??Q XJ 014 We M v U AKKMVCZAMM, C-734af,L,Qce Q ' nfl-1,4-4gL,o'rf.ZfL641-f y,Z7Z'Q.,j'Z,Q,c44.fll'vL' ioezaaif - , - by 9 - ,Li Q54 7 ,, f:0z.z4ecfc'1-541, milk.. fSid4c,4evLf ' -- MV? 56-14-'Q - A A? yiwaj? 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S-nufqi, Adil? 41, 2'-avg Q ,ZLML , , Q O , ' . ' ke 514-'LMA LCA Cfafcft.-4,g,. -,QU-6, mc-vzavgfdf, ,nic L x We bg ,,Lf,C,fu'jf4x, N-rl-cfQ,r.0:1 5' xvj3,,0 P7Za"7""'C'G'L-44,Z'5 tj Je 'Z' ' ffff Jfmknx fc! 64 0za,qJE.f JG M7-Xue, 5'-e4oQ..z4,,tgLg4,J Zngzta If Zi'li12Ae9J -A Q L ' ' D Lf. 4, Lf' K V 4 a ' Q I N 37614141-vfvcavgf , in Q A S f c2w2iLnlq,2f-QL,!LMf3 53 l iq l H ' Lm1JZ"'7"6Y"M f'jfz4'Lcbcf di? QZKZLL f ' 4-C, Q . L-44-'-f,e44f lang, v S Y K ny' b . 411, HQ, ,teal f jf' wnfc, ZQ14j,,c3Z,,g DSL! pvc-d J,-avg! jf HECK- ,QLM ' ,Za ,214-1 5414 167 'D ,pcznc xj S1 .- ,f fi'-Q-z,,Q 2,f,W9,,,,f 25546 kQ,Q.,,Cz,,M4, ,MQ F' 7 Z f 32 'P K l 612,70 ' Lag' ALL4' fa'f""'a'4"'Lf7"'U 'SK .ncffdlfz :?C""u"'c'a4'U Zak, 'bot' cz"g'LQu7"'q' wUMAQZZ0CA!E tio 6Cff5'!'-a.4,pZf'2'f,a,44fe.,e,f -4664 - C b'4'If'f-Z If 'E-v,4,,fpU 0 ,9 61,7211 QAQL! 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And that's some- thing every man would like - very, very much indeed ! .New faster shaving: 240 ad- .New easier shaving: A new ,, A, . . - ' J-2-f ditional shaving openings - streamlined shape that is -F W " providing a 40910 increase in more comfortable in the V " " ' F, fi shaving area - plus a motor hand. 1 'V Q " ' giving 2506 more revolutions , ,, ,, I F! pe' setond .New Instant Press ,. Blow Q rf L5 . 2 1 ' 'Z ZZ" cleaning, ,QX Ely, V N l hav'n :the n - . . ' Big "A" ' "i Qlyilgigzls poimgned SEZ- .New two-fone styling with q its Q I stretcher. plus de combina- contemporary look' Y ,:'f" .. tion of slots and holes XX' H , ez ' enables the blades to get f ' " right down close! PHILIPS THE PHILISHAVE 'JET A PHILIPS PRODUCT You're in the world's most experienced jet hands on Pan Am You pay no more to fly Pau Ani, yet included in your ticket is Pan Am's priceless extra: experi- ence. Pan Am offers you 325 years of leadership in international avia- tion , . . more million-mile pilots than any other airline . . . the largest Heet of over-oeean jets. And Pan Am has flown more international jet passengers than any other airline: over 1,25IU,LI0l.I. Why not join them? And now, Pan Am serves cle- lieious hot meals on -Hainbou' Economy Flights. Youlll enjoy such entrees as Veal a l'Aneienne, Beef Bourguignon, Seafood Nan- The finest food at low jet fares-yours on Pan Am tua, Scallops Poulette, Breast of Chicken Bercy, Trout Meuniere, or Beef a la Mode. Also availa- ble for your enjoyment is a com- plete bar and wine service, See your Travel Agent. Helll be glad to make your Pan Am reservations and take Care of 1,- .. . inany details at no extra cost to you. For reservations and informa- tion on jet Clipper service to li-I cities on 5 continents, call your I. - lrziyel Agent or Pan American. ti Venizelos Aye, Athens. Tel, ISI I-047, IS12-695. N ,asap--b11x'1x X , ..,g.:g. vw 2'-' . .... . A .-,. , ..-.. s :,.:.:W, f -V H 1 ,Q-:-.1 - H . . -' ,L-..:531::,3,. -., ' ..... FIRST ON THE ATLANTIC QF FIRST ON THE PACIFIC FIRST IN LATIN AMERICA FIRST 'ROUND THE WORLD WORLD'S MOST EXPERIENCED AIRLINE X J A PASSENGER ANCIENT AND MODERN IQRMMEQEW YORK JEWELLERY courlesy of your flight were un- surpassed. Everything was do- ne to make our trip comforta- ble and enjoyable .... . . . service, personnel and 'WHO E.ZOLOTAS X'OUC,OURl1S'l'IOL' ST. N UNIVERSITX XXI DONORS Photograph token during o KLM OCVB 'light From the moment he takes your coat your KLM steward is caring for your J jg: comfort. Need cigarettes? Magazi- ittsi L yi nes? Refreshments? I-le'Il fetch X f ff Mr 31 Mrs HARRY HIONIDES them. His job is to please you. ij? L Ziyi' Q y y. M g L I , M, Thom Why KLM Royal Dufch gf 'iff Rh SL Mis ALAN XXARFIELD Airlines have Q world-wide W Mr se Nlrs RICHARD DOW reputation for really friend- ,,,,,,5,,o,,, W V VI. INFZ PH K . i -.X ly ., K LM ? . XXI'5't'D"m't?F.?.T..'Z.i'iZ1Zl'i2lOn AU BON TON world T vel Agenl or nlunu KLM Otlucc Conslilulion SQ X I Tet 30.756- 7 48 M I KLM Sincerely yours! ZONARS AMERICAN EXPRESS I CONSTITUTION SQUARE ATHENS I KOLOKOTRONI SQUARE SALQNICA o ARISTOTELOUS SQUARE EXPERT WORLDWIDE SERVICE ON f Travel +1 Trafzsporfcztiofz f Banking GENERAL AGENTS EOR TI-IE NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVELLERS CHEQUES ACCEPTED WI-IEREVER YOU GO CONVENIENT AS CASI-I - 100 OXO SAFE built by de HAVILLAND and powered by ROLLS - ROYCE Q Pure iet flights at a cruising speed g of 854 km. p. h. Q Specially designed soft reclining chairs Q Meals that are masterpieces FLY , f 0 YMPIC Amway: Ol' OLYMPIC AIRWAYS I I ff' . , l CX N , , YD ' wr F 5 ' H ,f CIDCIDQDGFQD x X WxxxxxxxkQ l'i'!1l fx 1 ,-,,,..-f-- 1- V,,.,-1-' 'OAOI Xaipovvou T6 VCUTIIJO QPCXYYIT6! AAAd p6vo h voncolcupd yvwpigel T6 puorncb 1ou! KOYZINA I 1 U A A lboipvog peydhog, paycipepcc Xuplg Kbno, dvero Kai oixovopauo. Oaynrb payelpeptvo pi Kirpal H ohcoyivexd oog Bd Cnyomion mv oixoyivcso oimo- vcwv ouoxeuclav mg IZOAA, Won oXe6ucjoTqKE XICI VO npoypc1Torro1fqor1 TO Overpo prdg Kcmorepng Cmfqg! IIUAA FIPQTH EAAHNIKH BIOMHXANIA AEKTPIKQN ZYIKEYON L4 AIDN i REGULAR DEPARTURES FROM ATHENS Every Tuesday and Thursday ALEXANDRIA - CAIRO By supra vuscoum Every Friday and Sur1day C A I R O av comm-sc Every Sunday R 0 M E av comer 4C FOR INFORMATION! CONSULT YOUR TRAVEL AGENT OR ZAVITED ARAB AIRLINES 10, OTHONOS STR. TEL. 53.575-6-7 WNITED ARAB AIRLINES Congratulations and the best of luck to the graduating class of 1961 from the entire cast and crew of KIT HAPPENED IN ATI-IENSPP EASTMAN COLGR - CINEMASCGPE An A.P.l. 20th Century Fox Production Filmed Completely in Greece. Starring Jayne Mansfield - Costarring Trax Colton and Nico Minardos and lntroducing Greek Actress Xenia Under the Direction of Andrew Marion ' Breakfast in ATHENS NEW YORK X Dinner in With the wonderful 1:1-vowmv BRITANNIA the comfortable, silent ond fast aircraft ISRAEL AIRLINES First class Cwifh sleeper? and Economy class. INFORMATION FROM YOUR TRAVEL AGENT or of 3MetropoIeos street, Tel. 30.626-24.005-Athens I Aicxol dnb 57Lov 'rbv u:6ap.o Yld 57tov 'rbv x6cp.o. 0 Kloicolwh nal ikoccppd ILOUULMII. 0 "Oleg oi 'E7t7vqvmeg 61:1-cuxieg. 0 Poi8LoYpap.p.6cpwvoz, tzayvryrocpwva, -:clude-rr. I 1- MAPTEN O. ITKEZAP AI-IOKAEIXTIKH ANTITIPOZQHEIA AIZKQN: Q 21 AQTUQ I' un? I ,tx KO, R E C-0 R 0 S NIKH2 2 cEVC1VTl 'rozXu8popeIou Euvrdygarogj T'q7t. 21-574 AMIIIBIIIEIIIIL. THE MASTER . PIECE OF THE G R E E K TOBACCO CO PAPASTRATOS MARVA ITT Y TRAVEL BUREAU 3, HERMES STR. - ATHENS PHONE: 20-383 K CABLES DINAR Air - Sea - Railway Ticket Service PLEASURE TOURS Cruises - Hotel Reservations TOURIST AGENT OF AMERICAN ACADEMY OOIOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The direct line Athens-Switzerland Immediate connections to all Europe, North and South America Direct lines to the Middle and Far East information available by all Travel Agents and SWISSAIR 4 Stadium Street, Athens Phones 31.871-2-3-4-5 99571 fAirportJ WEEKLY SAILIIVGS FROM PIRAEUS FOR Naples - Genoa - Marseilles - Beirut - Alexandria - Limassol Port Said SIS IONIA 1 MIS MASSALIA SIS LYDIA MIS MEDIA Starting August I, 1960 ITALY - GREECE Garjeriy service AHS EGNA TIA Brindisi - Coifu - Igaamenitsa Patras APPLY TO YOUR TRAVEL AGENT HELLENIC MEDITERRANEAN UNH vxfvxfv xfvx,-Of, fAAA, vvVVVvvv INTRODUCES WW ATHENS EIRUT FOR THE FIRST TIME W? IN GREECE WEEKLY 5555 X FULL DAY TIME DIRECT FLIGHTS MXTHENS - nlsmur OR INFORMATION AND BOOKINGS' CONSULT VOUR IATA TRAVEL AGENT OE MIDDLE EAST AIRLINES. HERMOY STREET, 12 TEL Sl 84D-34.4?4- 15336 L-'1E -Qui 4 NxMM,XMNv,WxMANVWJ WAGONS -LIT COOK TRAVEL AND SIGHTSEEING BOOKINGS TO ALL DESTINATIONS BY: AIR, SEA AND RAIL o A T H E N S 6, Philellinon Str. - Phones: 29-O06 81 34-705 THESSALONIKI 1, Venizelou Str. - Phones: 77-746 OLYMPIC BEACH - at Kyllini Loutra SAND-SEA-SPORTS Enjoy the life in an open air Hotel. Bungalows - Villas - Tents Entertainment 2 Night-Club - Cinema - Horse Riding Very low prices For informations: OLYMPOS TRAVEL 81 TOURIST BUREAU 4, Jan Smuts, ATHENS Cable aclflress : OLYIVIPTOURS ATHENS Telephonrs z 27-541 - 304078 f 34-493 Tx QOTOVDACDOZ THZ AM rOv BAZIAEOZ I fJ78Qg5pl7C KANADI1 2 'HP LE'?'C'wi ARTISTIC PORTRAITS Developping - Printing and Enlarging section for coloured and black and white films and prints'. N S2 'S O S . lx. -in STADIOU STR. - A T H E N s - 'lF1L. 21-+72 BEST HAND - MADE SOUVENIHS OF GREECE GREEK - POTTERY: VASES, WALL- PLATES HTC. FINEST CRAFTSMANSHIP FROM ALL PARTS OF GREECE SILVER AND COPPER WORK OF THE LOC.-XL ARTISTIC ITEMS HAND-EMBROIDERED DRESSES POST-CARDS ETC. ob' oi! SP In all seasons, in all climaies, in all cars, amazing New Mobiloil Special lubricales and pro- if ' . PM 'lecls Ln All-ways. ff 'wi L. ' - . ' 0. 4' ,, 156 O2.?"'f f x E www ,.2 r 'N f' ,fl :Sf 351 7227 , Vg 1 - '- 1 G ANASTASSIADES, SONS 6: Co GEJNERAL PASSENGER AGENTS ATHENS 6 VENIZELOU ST. TEL. 623-OIWS sfs cfA TLANTICQQ the new 18,100 ton Liner - 800 passengers - airconditioned throughout. -f Fast and regular service Piraeus,'New York. cfAcesv One Class Service Regular sailings from Piraeus to New York via Naples, Marseilles, Genoa, Leghorn and Barcelona by the QEXGALIB URv and MEXE TERQQ Express Service Itabr-France and Spain to .New York by the 30,500 ton Liners MNDEPENDEJVCEA and cfCONS T1 TU TI ON it Frequent excellent connecting services by land, sea and air to Italian and French ports Q' crnbarkation. Transit assistance provided. COMMERCIAL UNION ASS. GO. LTD. 24, CORNHILL LONDON E.O. 3 CAPITAL Q 1OO.OOO.OOO NATIONAL INS. GO. OF GREAT BRITAIN LTD. GLASGOW. LONDON AND OVERSEAS INS. GO. LTD. LONDON. LIGENSES Sc GENERAL INS. GO. LTD. LONDON. INSURANGES AT LLOYDS. THROUGH GLANVILL ENTI-IOVEN INSURANCE BROKERS. LONDON. INSURE YOUR PROPERTY 8a LIABILITY. THROUGH. THE OLDEST INSURANCE OFFICE IN GREECE "PLYTAS,, lNsuRANcEs ESTABLISHED IQOO 22 STADIOUM STR.H 4 KARAGEORGI SERVIAS STR- ATHENS QTELEPHONES: 30-981 Y C12 LINESJ Y V YQ? Q e v- Y Prinled by F. Constantinidis 6- C. Mfichalas Sf0ll Pemzazoglou - Athens - Phone: 324-263 FASTEST JET SERVICE Athens-New York . SX TWA now offers the fastest Jet service between Athens and New York. TWA Superlet flights leave on Mondays and Saturdays for Rome and then non stop for New York. No other airline can match the Jet speed, comfort, convenience and luxury of this ser- vice. Book through your travel agent' or call TWA direct: 30.965 FASTEST TO AMERICA THE SUPERJET AIRLINE THE ONLY AIRLINE FLYING TO, WITHIN SAND ACROSS AMERICA Wgwff y 5953 5 WF? fgffkigfbfwf my Qf Q, Qgiggiggw w H3330 Q Q95 -- ECQQXQQQ, fyrigwsimjcwf 5 Rxfiiw fg M31 Qggwy 5 QA 5, v LIN . M ' YJ - K ,ix4 Q SQ QQQWQX-Q D Q1 sxgxe MASQ 'gf QQSQXNM XQQKMQBQ- 23.3505 UQQX New Ewa Sw, as-xp. - img? LENS: LXQKS kg SWS XVS 'YKQLJXN Q5 -QX9-f QXQLX... X535 N LQQQ X xwis

Suggestions in the American Academy - Evzone Yearbook (Athens, Greece) collection:

American Academy - Evzone Yearbook (Athens, Greece) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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1961, pg 6

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1961, pg 98

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