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  THE 1074 BRIDGE K Published by The Yearl ook Staff of Ambridge Area High School Volume XXXVII 12CONTENTS Introduction...................................................1 Personnel......................................................6 Academics.....................................................18 Student Life..................................................42 Organization..................................................56 Sports........................................................90 ('lasses.....................................................128 Seniors......................................................158 Advertising..................................................198 Conclusion...................................................224 345PERSONNEL PERSONNELMR. MILANOVICH, principal, gives student secretary Mary I)eLuca dictation. SEVERAL Board members check plans for Ambridge School District evaluation. 8ADMINISTRATION 1973-74 Is School Evaluation Year Mr. Milanovich was senior high principal this year. Mr. Zoeller was assistant principal in charge of activities which took place throughout the year. Dr. Preston, returning from studies at the University of Pittsburgh, was also an assistant principal. He took charge of discipline. Detention hall after school was instituted. Students who were tardy without a reasonable excuse were assigned to detention for one day. The system was effective in that it greatly reduced the number of students who were tardy. A new computerized report card system was used. Grades were sent to Community College of Beaver County and recorded on report cards bv computers. In preparation of renovation in the high school, junior high students were sent to Saint Stanislaus’ school. Mr. Sage was head teacher there. DURING an outside pep assembly. Dr. Preston, this year’s assistant principal look.' interested as he watches the activities, while the students enjoy fresh air. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL, Mr. Zoeller, take a pause from his busy work. 9SCHOOL BOARD Board Gives Go Ahead on Senior Lounge SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS-Seated: Dr. Woodford Harris. Mrs. Julia SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS-Seated: Mrs. Mary Kugel, Mr. Robert Flek. Standing: Mr. Richard Cunningham, Mr. Robert Jackson. Bucci, Standing Dr. Roland Elliot, Miss Angela Zonods, Mr. Robert Peck.GUIDANCE COUNSELORS—Mr. Walter Prmick. Mr. Walter Chapala, Mrs. Lucille Albright. GUIDANCE COUNSELORS, Mrs. Albright, and aid Janis Chevotis go over some of the paper work involved in keeping the guidance office functioning. GUIDANCE OFFICE Guidance Departments Gets New Counselor GUIDANCE AIDS—Row 1: S. Robbins, L. Rhone, R. Brit tan. L. Piontek, J. Miss Josephine Brogno joined the guidance staff as the fourth counselor. She graduated from the University of Indiana, Bloominton, Ind. and received her master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to her duties as counselor. Miss Brogno was a Member of the Governor’s Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Beaver County Area. The guidance office was expanded to include Room 230. Miss Brogno and Mrs. Albright shared offices in this room while Mr. Chapala and Mr. Prusick remained in Room 228. A career information center was set up in Room 230. Through the guidance department, a seminar on drugs and alcohol was held on April 16 for parents and the community. The Drug Committee hosted students from Aliquippa who were interested in forming a drug committee in their school and vis-isted five county schools to discuss formation of drug committees. Chevotis, Mrs. Albright. 11FACULTY Teacher’s Tasks Aided by New Materials ALMA ADAMS—Typing 1.11 DONALD J. ANDERS-11th grade World Cultures. Tennis Coach VICTOR AQUINO-Problems of Democracy, l river Education. Asst. Wrestling Coach, Soph more Class Sponsor GEORGE BARTH—Athletic Director. Mechanical Drawing EDWARD W. BARTOSH-Psvchologs. Sociology. Student United Nations sponsor ROBERT BEZUK—American Cultures. Asst. Football Coach. Economic (ieographv. VICTOR J. B1ANCH1 - Algebra II. Varsity Basketball. Coach ELAINE MARY BRl'BAKER-English II Dramatics I. Y E A. Co-Sponsor JOHN BUDIMIR— Economics. Finance Director JOHN HALL BUKA NISH-Bookkeeping. I.II. General Business Training BURDELL C. CAMPBELL-Librarian. Lil rary Club JOHN EDWARD CHAPALA—Auto Theory-. Auto Driving, Track and Cross Country Coach LEONARD J. CHIVERINI—11th and 12th grade Hygiene and Physical Education. Asst. Football Coach. Asst. Track Coach. Building Patrol Sponsor STEPHEN J CHOLEVA-Algebra II. Fundamentals of Math JOANN MARIE C ICC ONE-7th. 8th. and 9th grade Art. Art 1. Usherette Sponsor WILLIAM DAVID—9th grade General Metals 12HARRIET R. DERRY-Chemistrv JOSEPH DO LI NSKI-Fundamentals of Algebra. Algebra I EDWARD F. DRAKE-Boy’s Physical Education, Grade 9 and 11, 9th grade Hygiene JOSEPH W. DRUZ1SKY—Reading, Bowling Sponsor ELSIE ESSEGK—9th grade General Math, Fundamentals Of Math. Applied Math. Girls Basketball Coach. Junior Class Sponsor. Prom Sponsor JOHN GERALD FALTENOVICH-Biology CONSTANCE M. FIR1CH—7th and 8th grade Home Economics ROBERT H. GILMORE-World Cultures RAYMOND C. GORDON-VICA Chib Co-Sponsor, General Motors Club Sponsors VIRGINIA D. GRIFFITH-French l.II. Spanish 1I.III.1V DONALD G. GRUNDY Art I.II.III. Thespians Sponsor. All School Play Sponsor JOHN S. GURNEY—Junior High Band Director, Brass Choir. Asst. Senior Band Director WALTER L. HEITZENTRATER—Industrial Arts I. Football Coach. Mechanical Drawing. 7th 8th. and 10th grade. Intramural Basketball JOHN RICHARD HERTNEKY-Vocational Electric Shop. Stage Lighting Squad. Stage Souding Squad BARBARA HOI DEN-Ghemistry Y.I f V Sponsor WILLIAM E. IRION-American Cultures. National Historical Society Sponsor ANCELUS LENORE IWANCZYK-Shorthand II. Office Practice. Business Machines, Ambridge Business and Professional Women’s Club Curls of the Month Sponsor CLAIRE M KENNEDY-Math 8. Algebra I DAVID PAUL KIELBOWICK-Physics, Chess Club Sponsor ALAN MICHAEL KLAICH-Mechanical Drawing I.II.1II. Industrial Arts Club Sponsor. Outside Bulletin Board Committee Sponsor. Industrial Arts Department Chairman CHERYL KLEEMOOK—English l.II. Junior High Cheerleader Sponsor. National Honor Society Sponsor OLGA M. KOLCUN—9th grade Home Economics. Home Economics I.II.III. Home Economics Department Chairman WILLIAM MICHAEL KOl'VOLO-9th grade PA History. Civics. 12th grade Problems of Democracy. Junior High Football and Track Coach LINDA LANIEWSKI-9th grade Hygiene and Physical Education.lIth grade Physical Education. Girl’s Gym Team Sponsor JAMES LASALLE-7th grade Social Studies. 8th Grade Science. Amateur Radio Club Sponsor STELLA LAZAR—Girls’ Hygiene, grade 10,11.12; Red Cross Youth Club Sponsor RICHARD S. LEBAC—Golf Club Sponsor. Junior High Librarian JEFFREY LEHMAN-Physical Science KRISTINE LEONARDO-7th grade Reading. English A.J Ll'KACHEK-7th and 8th grade Social Studies. 7th grade World History. 8th grade American History STANLEY B. MALECKI-Vocational Director. Vocational Machine Shop, VICA Club Ca Sponsor HE1EN MANN—7th and 8th grade English FRANK JOSEPH MAROCCO-lOth grade Hygiene and Physical Education. In tramural Basketball. Drug Committee Sponsor. Head Football Coach. Interaction Committee Sponsor JOHN G. MATEY’-Russian I.II. PA History. Civics ELIZABETH JEAN MATTUCH-Public Speaking. English II. Y E A. Sponsor. Concessions Stand Committee Sponsor MARY MARCARET MCKEOW N-Typing I Personal Ty ping CAROL MILOSZEWSK1-English l.II. Yale-Princeton Cheerleader Sponsor. Junior Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor PRICILLA MOLCHEN-9th grade Home Economics. Home Economics I.II.III W'lLMER A. MULIK-Business Law. Criminal law HELEN MELEDIN NAWROCKl-English 1 13FLORIANA PANICCIA—Italian 1,11. Spanish II. Dept. Chairman, Spanish Club aiKl Italian Club sponsor FELIX PERSI-Geometry, Algebra II. Freshman Class Sponsor RAYMOND PFEIFER-English II DARLENE THERESA PIETRANDREA—Spanish I.II. Wrestling Cheerleader Sponsor, Spanish Club Sponsor BERNARDINE MARIE PITTS-Latin I.II ROBERTA MICHELE RANDALL—English IV, Senate-74 Advisor. Homecoming Sponsor, leadership Workship Sponsor, Senior Banquet Sponsor MARTHA RAPSO—Personal Typing JANE LAURA RITCHEY-Cerman I.II.III. (German Club Sponsor JOHN M. RUSSELL-Driver Education MICHAEL E. SAGE—7th and 8th grade Math. Algebra I, Junior High Basketball Coach THOMAS SANTRY—ISES I. Math 7, Junior High Football Coach ROSEMARY SETT1NO—9th grade Home Economics. 7th and 8th grade Home Economics ROSEMARY SHENOT—English IV. Themes, National Honor Society Advisor DORIS SHERMAN-Geometry, Algebra II BEVERLY G. SH1RVER- 11th grade English RAMON ELLIOT SOLERO—American Cultures, Contemporary Issues, Battle of Wits Team Sponsor JEROME SOVICH—General Biology, Advanced Bio logs PAUL EDWARD SUTTER—Problems of Democracy, Business Law. Mistletoe Sponsor, Student Senate Co-Sponsor THOMAS T. TEDESCO— Calculus, College Prep Math. Trigonometry, Computer Concepts, National Honor Society Co-Sponsor EM I LEO W. TOLFA— Marching Band. Concert Band, Bridger Brass. Brass Ensemble, German Band, Woixlwind Ensemble, Instrumental Music 14LINDA TREANTAFELLOW—English III. Pep Club Sponsor. Program Sales Committee Sponsor. Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor RUTH TROLL—7th, 8th and 9th grade Music, Junior High Christmas Chorus Sponsor SAMUEL WAGNER—English II. Business English ALEX WHEELER—Senior High Industrial Arts. Head Wrestling Coach, Wrestling Pep Club Sponsor THOMAS B. WHYLE-English III WILLIAM J. W1ECEL—Industrial Arts MARLENE D. WILSON-Mixed Chorus. Concert Choir. Music Appreciation. Music Theory. Mixed Ensemble MAJORIE ANN VVINDISCH—World Cultures, Newspaper Sponsor. National Historical Society Co-Sponsor 1MOCENE YOST-Girls' Physical Education. 10th and 12th Yalc-Princcton. Girls' All-Star Basketball game, leaders’ Club Sponsor. Intramural Sports JOHN PAUL ZAHORSKY—D.E.C.A. Club Sponsor, Distributive Education, General Bsincss Training MONICA ZDZIARSKI-8th grade Reading JOSEPH ZERILLA—Substitute Teacher, Study Hall Monitor 15School Service Groups Personnel Are Vital To School Operation School service groups which include secretaries, janitorial and cafeteria personnel and attendance office aids are one of the most necessary parts of school life. This year Miss Yurkew was appointed the new head of the secretarial department. Among her many duties are making sure office processes keep running smoothly, and taking care of all public address announcements. The attendance office controls all phases of enrollment and attendance in the school. Handling over 200 absentee phone calls a day, along with various kinds of paper work, it is in charge of the attendance records of all the schools in our district. CAFETERIA PERSONNEL—Row 1: D. I.ukctic, D. Cain, J. O'henik, N. Vucanic, S. Katninccz. Row 2: L. Spenelli, M. Konitsncy, H. Dmuclawski. MRS. YURKEW, our school's new head secretary, and Mrs. Braddick check over some of their completed paper work. 16ONE of the school’s secretaries perforins one of her daily tasks which in chide the running off of tests and schedules for teacher and office uses. School Nurse. Mrs. Stolar. administers proper first aid techniques by washing and bandaging Gary Klee mock’s infected finger as he waits patiently. 17 BETWEEN classes, when hallv are quiet one of our many janitors. Mr. Kacher. sweeps the lobby.ACADEMICS ACADEMICSEnglish Teachers Broaden Student Interest in English Literature Giving each student the opportunity to express himself through written work and speeches was the purpose of the English Department. Students acquired a better understanding of how communication is important to them throughout their lives. During the year, plays, superstitions, fables, various short stories and poems were read and discussed. To be able to relate these compositions to everyday experiences was up to the pupils. Filmstrips, records, and cassette tapes were used in the classroom frequently. Besides the basic text, anthologies, magazines, and newspapers contributed to learning. Teachers used the methods of class instruction which thet felt suited the students’ interests. They offered encouragement with writing and also found it necessary to review principles of grammar. IN Miss Randall’s English IV class Stephanie Pravlik and Rosetta Perri examine the various workable parts of a small Ixjx camera and flash. 20 MR. WHYLE reads a student’s composition to his junior English class.KAREN MAKOWSKI, Karen Boyd, John Dziack, and Greg Ciccone discuss Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tale. MRS. BRUBAKER’S class listens attentively to the day’s lesson. 21MR. SUTTER conducts a discussion of the student bill of rights with his seniors. MISS WINDISCH presents a current events film to her class. D. COSTANZA listens, amazed in her Problems of Democracy class. 22CINDY SOPIRAK asks Mr. Gilmore to explain a puzzling aspect of the energy crisis. Social Studies History classes are diversified with new ideas In required history courses, current events as well as past events were discussed and studied. Mr. Gilmore and Miss Windisch used films and magazines to make students aware of world happenings. Seniors in Mr. Sutters Problems of Democracy classes reported on controversial topics. Mr. Budi-mir’s and Mr. Aquino’s Economics classes “bought” stocks and watched their progress. Elective courses offered this year were Contemporary Issues and Psychology. According to Mr. So-lero, “Contemporary Issues in definitely a course for the student who wishes an in depth study of world problems.” Mr. Bartosh employed the use of experiments to enhance classroom lectures. ED DEMAILO and Dave Kauncrt watch Tim Blana-rik work his way through a maze. 23AS Debbie Kostolich records data. Dawn Boykins examines slides under a microscope. Science New Equipment Builds A Better Department Projects involving newly purchased equipment supplemented learning in the science department. An environmental chamber allowed biology students to observe plants and animals in their natural state. A self-pacing 1SCS Level III program was initiated in freshmen classes. Mr. Kielbowick used the Project Physics text in his physics classes. This method allowed students to work at their own rate. New teachers in the department included Mr. Lehman and Miss Holden. PHYSICS students work with geiger counters. 24IN Mr. Lehman's class, Ralph Pszeracki and Dale Zehnder cut paper in order the construct Mobius strips. Laugtilin Memorial Free Library 11th Street and Maplewood Avt Ambridge, Pennsylvania 15003Math Branches of Math Prove Challenging to Students Traditional teaching methods and classroom procedures were employed in the mathematics department this year. One new program was added. Calculus students interested in computers had the opportunity to explore this interest in a newly established mini course on computer programming. In actual practice students used a programmable calculator. Mr. Tedesco, department chairman, stated that he hoped more calculators would be purchased so a regular course in programming could lx? added. SENIOR calculus student. Rich Andrasick solves problems using a calculator in Mr. Tedesco's class. MR. PERSI turns to answer a student’s question concerning cancellation in multiplication problems.STEVE HEARNS ponders the graph of a slope-intercept equation being drawn by Mr. Bianchi in an Algebra II class. MR. TEDESCO stresses a point in his explanation of the angle addition formulas in his fourth period trigonometry class. JUNIOR Dave Schutt ponders different ways of solving a difficult problem involving the eight fundamental indentities.SOPHOMORE Spanish III student Sue Brabson attempts to BARB FONTANA, Lizanne Astorino and Terri Fran-break the swinging pmata. cone play scrabble in Italian. I I Foreign Languages Students Relate to Many Different Foreign Customs Miss Paniccia, Italian and Spanish teacher, chaired the foreign languages department this year. Audiovisual learning methods were popular with most teachers. Newly purchased filmstrips gave students a cultural background of the country in which their chosen languages are spoken. Games, played in the various languages, aided students in increasing vocabulary. At Christmas many classes sang carols in the halls. German and Italian clubs were organized this year for students who studied those languages. 28 FOR the class, Paul Semites and Theresa Mesko name parts of the body in German.ANDREA CHINCHILLA translates a sentence which is written in Russian script on the board. CLAUDIA KEENAN indicates articles generally associ- RITA COLELLA answers Tony Toth's questions ated with Mexico and her people. about a Roman aqueduct. o' 29Vocational Students Use the New Three Cycle Vocation Program Due to the emphasis on a practical education enrollment in the vocational shops greatly increased. As a result the administration found it necessary to add a third cycle to the present two. Cycle C students began their school day with the fourth period, attended classes until the seventh, and then attended their respective shops for a three period class. Students enrolled in automotive studies were given more practical experience bv working on fellow students’ cars. Electrical shop students were taught the basics in electricity and electronics along with fundamentals of test meters, wiring, repairs, and the use of various hand tools. Working in a well-equipped machine shop, students had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge enabling many of them to obtain jobs prior to graduation. FOREMAN L. Kastriba. M. Ruga, and M. Trail -man work on electronic bread board.MR. MALECKI checks senior Bobby McHenry’s progress on techniques using a shaping machine. IN electrical shop, seniors, Dominic DiPietro and Mike Mlav, work on a three phase motor control lx ard. L. MUTCHLER, V. Cramer, and T. Topoleski smile as a screw won't loosen. 31STUDENTS in office practice type a shorthand dictation which they have taken. 32 IN office practice, Lynn Parkinson and Deh Murray transcribe dictations.TYPING her drills studiously. Betty Lou Cochran TYPING I Students, Marlene Somar and Maria concentrates on her lesson of the day. Rodriguz begin their timed writings. Commercial Commercial Students Learn the ABC’s of Business This year the commercial department was one of the largest in the school. All courses offered at Am-bridge were comparable to those offered at business schools. Subjects offered in this field include: business math, general business, Typing I and II, Shorthand I and II, business machines, office practice, consumer problems, and business law. Enrollment in the personal typing classes was doubled this year. The personal typing course was similar to Typing I except it centered mainly on the things a college-bound student would have to know. Besides the rise in the number of students taking these courses, the commercial department purchased some new equipment. This included new typewriters, both manual and electric, electronic calculators, and a new copier machine. LYNN PARKINSON uses her skills by transcribing a letter in shorthand directly from her notes.LIBRARY Library’s Resources Used by Students Over five hundred new books—mysteries, fiction, and non-fiction were purchased this year for the senior high library. In addition to the books bought, filmstrips and tapes on all subjects were ordered. Last year a video tape machine was loaned to the library. Mrs. Campbell, the head librarian, had ordered one for library use. Producing sound and picture on tape is the purpose of this machine. New magazines dealing with the zodiac and sports were added to the many periodicals in the library. Members of the Library Club aided Mrs. Camp-liell in her work bv filing books in alphabetical order and repairing damaged volumes. SENIOR, Cindy Wagner, uses the card catalogue to find some needed information. 34 MIKE MESKO looks for a current events article in the morning Pittsburgh Press.TWO students from Mr. Chapala's sixth period prepare for on the road training. DRIVERS’ EDUCATION Trooper Demonstrates Reaction Time Many juniors found that information gained in drivers’ education aided them in becoming more proficient drivers. Laws and rules for better driving were taught in drivers’ theory. In addition to books and movies, a depth perception machines was used in the classes to measure a student’s ability to judge distance In October, a state trooper presented an assembly to all juniors, a movie on traffic deaths was shown in the auditorium followed bv outdoor demonstration of braking reaction time. Two student volunteers were tested to determine their reaction time. Many student acquired experience driving with Mr. Russell or Mr. Chapala during the second semester. Some students drove after school with Miss. Yost. Driving classes were also offered during the summer months.GYM AND HYGIENE Gym and Hygiene Builds Minds and Bodies Physical and mental health and social and emotional problems were discussed throughout the year in boys and girls hygiene classes. Senior bovs and girls were brought together to listen to guest speakers talk on subjects concerning family and married life. Movies, Filmstrips, and slides aided in the study of these topjcs. When the weather permitted bovs and girls gvm classes went outside for track and field, soccer, and softball. Girls also learned skills in archery. Indoor sports consisted mostly of basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and gymnastics. Skills were taught and students were periodically tested on them. Skills and team work were then put together in playing of games. SENIORS listen unenthusiastically to a lecture on marriage without anv response. TWO students fight for the ball in a game of kick-ball in one of the combined sophomore-freshmen classes in the l oys’ gym. 36SOPHOMORES use their newly learned skills at a game of soccer in gym class, as teammates stand by watching the action. 37 HYlflENE classes, comprised of sophomore students view aii educational movie on the cause and cure of veneral disease.Practical Arts Practical Arts Teach Various Skills Girls enrolled in home economics classes learned basics of food preparation and nutrition. They also received instruction in clothes care and sewing. With each new unit, girls in food classes often made dishes which were prepared bv methods learned. Students in clothing classes were required to make a garment from a pattern. A speaker from the National Organization of Women presented an assembly to the home economics classes. In addition to learning basic design and architectural drafting, students in Mr. Klaich's mechanical drawing classed learned to silk screen and to use the air brush technique. In Mr. Wheeler’s shop classes, students crafted objects from wood. Kings made by the students were contributed to wrestling pep club to be sold. LANCE IVANCHAN does some lathe work on his project in Mr. Wheeler’s wood shop while Dave Wilson observes his progress with interest. MB. KLAICH assists four senior students in air brush drawing techniques.JUDY RICHARDS consults instructions before sewing an outfit. SOPHOMORE Jamie Matika. does a delicate sanding operation using the drill press for a final nine-weeks project for Mr. Heit t rater’s wood shop. HOME EC STUDENTS, Sue Musgrave, prepares a mixture for making candy apples for a Halloween party enjoyed by the girls in Miss Molchen’s class. 39STUDENTS. J. Kloffenstein, H. Crundza, P. Vallecorsa, and S. Wilson pantomine pulling a rope in their Dramatics class. FINE ARTS New Talents Used by The Students Mrs. Mattuch, Public Speaking teacher, taught classes totaling approximately one hundred twenty students. Some students participated in the “Voice of Democracy” and “Veterans of Foreign Wars” contests. They also presented daily morning devotions over the intercom. Teaching art. Miss Ciccone commuted between St. Stanislaus and the high school. She said that she tried, . . two and three dimensional work. in her classes. In addition to classwork, Mr. Grundy’s students sent work to the Baden Junior Women’s clubs, the Spring Art Show at Old Economy, and Scholastics at Kaufmann’s. For Christmas, three plays combined by narration were presented bv Mrs. Brubaker’s drama classes. Various plays were presented throughout the year and students had opportunity to produce, direct and act. 40 SENIOR, Laura Mazur works on a svatercolor |)uinting for a project in Mr. Crundv’s Art 3class.FIRST year Chorus students listen to Mrs. Wilson’s instructions while humming their pitches during third period rehearsal. SENIOR Art student Mary Anne Hrusko puts finishing touches on the backdrops for the school play, putting art skills to work. SENIOR art student. Bob Buffalini, does his part by painting exit signs on the walls in the halls and over doorways in school.STUDENT LIFE n m:vr life® ,SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL llt Street and Maplewood Avt Ambridge, Pennsylvania 15003ORGANIZATIONS ORGANIZATIONSATTENDANCE AIDS-How . ft Cintner, ft Huffalini. K. Dininno, S. Yo-kun. How 2: ( Klvemook, D. Krepps, I). Juntx-ha. P. Cassidy, M. Beeley. UVIl.niNC; P TKOL—Row I M. Deutsch, h. McComhie, K. Yokum, C. Pisano. K. V c n£o . S. Pravlik, J. Johnston. C. Warner, D. Merlino, L. Musi. C-. .urovv. How 2: E. Kuny, I.. Stavik, J. Prokopovich. P. Guidos. L. Rhone, . Hrusko, P. Cvitko, C. Gcriak, T. Oruzisky, T. Gcnnaro. M. Mistovich, S. lluuicek. How 3: P. BeUas, S. Wa , V. Kremmei, P. Carrera, J. Mazzetti, J HiWik, C. Cain, H. Britton, D. Amisladi, P. Baker, K. Gcnnaro, D. Costanza, Row . K. Tokatch, H. Chupka. C. Homan, K. Kramer, M. Esseck, L. Kuhni, S. Musgrave, J. Kurash, J. Burka, T. Homziak,). Mace. BUILDING PATROL JAUDIO VISUAL RADIO AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB—Row 1: Mr. Lebec, M. Waligoria, F. DeLuca, J. Johnston. Row 2: S. Pucci, R. Churchand, G. Kowalski. 59 AMATEUR RADIO CLUB-Seated: Mr. R. LaSalle. B. Spak. Standing: B. Mat .ie, M. Kellinger, E. Proul. F. Gomolck. G. Falkowski.ENSEMBLE—M. Cafardli. L. Musi. R. Aquino, R. Jovc-e. B. Ilarsch, J. Wilson. B. Kardasz. A. Kon, |. Schulick. S. Brabson. J. ilookins. R. Costanza. DISTRICT CHORUS—L-R: S. Kukctic. R. Joyce. B. Harsch. J. Hopkins, L. REGIONAL CHORUS-R. Joyce,' B. Ilarsch. Musi. « CHORUS—Row 1: T. Johnson, I). Cameron, C. Paul, I). Vohar, L. Toinas-zewski, I). Cruise. R. Costanza, B. Ilarsch. Mrs. Wilson, I). Woods. C. Po-lito, J. Wel er, M. Marotti, M. Papantonio, D. Row 2: J. Wilson, S. Mus grave, M. Cafarelli. J. Bucuren. J. Hopkins, 1). Kuppinger, A. Kon, M. Burnell, T. Frantz, S. Brabson. L. Musi, S. Luke tic. B. Cross. Row 3: J. At-feltrangcr, R. Wargo, R- Aquino. B. Zalenski, D. Dschuhan, D. Cade. B. Kardasz. Row 4: C. Lechok, V. Tyma. L. Smith. R. Smith. A. DeMacio. R. Mat tern. B. Sestile. B. McCollim. R. Joyce. R. Wilson, J. Shulick. CONCERT CHOIR—Row I: T Johnson, S. Bowman, K. Karus, L. Toni as-zewski. P DeMarco. B. Dugos, J. Burka. L. Jantsch. S. Sonnie. A. Kon. B. Ilarsch, I). Woods. Y. Shelkons. K. Love rich. J. Kursh, S. Haskins, B. Tate, K. Frantz. B. Novak, K. Speer, K. Cassidy. Row 2: I). Kuppinger, J. Tallin, S. Luke tic, L. Musi. J Striegel. S. Musgrave. J Lucas. J. Bucuren. L. McCombie, C. Spniill. P. Vallecorsa, J Weber, D. Costanza, B. Sestile. R. Mattem. C. Pugliano, K. Kramer. 1). Rodgers, V. Hoak. T. Flanigan. T Musi. Row 3: C. Rvgalski. M. Mindek. P. Dunlap. D. Schwartz, D. McStav. C. Zvonar, B. Malinowski, R. Tackis, A. DeMacio. M. Stewart. B. Zalenski. D. Dschuhan. B. Frynkcwicz. J Hopkins. A. Martin, R. Nelson, J. Gr e-gorke, C. Cassidy. C. Lechok. K. Cross. Row 4: J. Wilson. R. Wargo. N. Kokoski. C. Homich, C. Capp. S. Sheesley, S. Barbson, D. Cruise. T. Frantz. R. Costanza. I.. Szafaryn. D. Kaunert. D. Vohar. C. Paul. R. Wilson. R. Joyce, B. McCollim, R Gout ray. S. Oprisko. A. Casetellan. C. Nar-kevich. C. Rowlev. Piano: M. Burnell. 61V.I.C.A V.I.C.A.-Row 1: M. Shingleton, C. Gross, R. Waugman, K. Parsons. L. Hendrickson, T. Supe, J. Palumbo, C. Krivagc. Row 2: T. Contina, B. Soltis. B. Sivy. D. Parks. C. Vilclla, K. Speilman, T. Unsworth, S. Antolik. Row 3: L. Kastriha. A. Manri, R. Harrington. T. Kowalski, B. J. Vanderbord. I.. Sulkowski. B. Striffler, , C. Shillinberg. Row- 4: S. Fullard, R. Freed, G. VVargo. S. Ondrako. D. Douds, R. Crundza, E. Barlow. V.I.C.A. V.I.C.A.—Row 1: R. Tetrick. S. Deane, M. Nehilla. T. Kunicb. S. Solomich. S. Patterson. T. Contenta, B. N'ieeenke, D. Ivanchan. K. Sutton. M. Cahill. Row 2: C. DoI)ius. A. Pffiefer. F. Gomolek, D. Chism ire, S. Allman. D. Ka-leugher, J. Peters. D. Kasil. L. IIalbr(K)k, J. Fullard. Row’ 3: R. Hen- drickson. K. Haynie, M. Grasak, B. Baugher. B. Muttersbaugh, E. Proul. G. Hawronsky. B. Brandis, B. McHenry. Row 4: B. Mack. M. Antonini, L. Sul-kowski. I) Waguiak, D Karas,C.Guthrie, i D. Dipetro, l Bates. R. Cropper, J. Maier, G. Skeriotis, J. Cook. 62INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB—Row 1: Officers—J. Morsillo—V.P.. M. Za- Lipinski, M. Kowal. D. Hudak, N. Glavser, J. Ankiewicz, H. Carrodus. B. winsky—Pres., J. Duke—treas.. D. Patrick—Sec. Row 2: J. Rinaldi, D. Ro- Connor, J. Uhemik, Mr. Alan Klaich. Sponsor, tolo, E. Dzuhak, C. Eadie, R. Hlista, R. Robinson, A. Karnavas. Row 4: R. D.E.C.A. D.E.C.A.—Row 1: V. Semonich. S. Allman, C. Phillips, S. Lubert, B. Ko- Haskin. D. Muslin, C. Zcntichko. now 3: Mr. J. Zahorsky, T. Price. D. wnacki, F. Friel. Row 2: B. Sabatine, K. Schwertz, S. Krcstal, G. INirf. S. Foltz. L. Kazil, M. Kol an, B. Cwynar, M. Nazarovitch. «3Spanish Club Annual Fiesta held by the Spanish Club MISS PIETRANDREA familiarizes Spanish I students with common Spanish nouns. Under the sponorship of Miss Pietrandrea and Miss Paniccia, Sherry Couper; president, Cheryl Jazwirsky; vice president, Sandy Hanshew; secretary, and Patty Pugliano; treasurer served as Spanish club officer. Students enrolled in Spanish II, III, and IV' classes were invited to join the club and explore the customs and cultures of Spanish-speaking peoples. At Christinas, through the efforts of various committees, the members combined their talents and held a fiesta in the Spanish tradition. According the Miss Paniccia, “The students are speaking better and their attitudes toward Spanish are better’ . SPANISH CLUB Rowl: Miss Pietrandrea. K. Bavsinger, C. Connelly, K. O’Neill, C. Pastelak, C. Hearns, I). Burnett. I). N’eesc, K. (Xso, S. Ko-ukounaris. L. Hosack, S. Jakubowski, Miss Paniccia. Row 2: M. Grabiak, S. Plovock, K. Honziak. L. Burka, B. Wiegel, A. Cryzbowski, S. Hanshew, C. Martin. E. Kalabokes. D. Janocha. B. Bowan. B. Roman, T. Musi. D. Parks, Row 3: A. Pyle, A. Polichichio, S. Tokatch. T. Santry, I). Flanigan. E. Johnson, F. Borga, I). West, F. Krol, C, Zazwirskv. Y. Barlamas. E. Smelko, C. Call, V. Colon to. 64ITALIAN CLUB-Row I: K. Conollv. P Costan a, R. Varlichi, B. Fontana. I . Cercone, B. IX Culx-llis, K. Calderone, M. Scisciani. Miss Fanicca. Row 2: R. Aquino, L. Asterino. T. Frant-one. J. Papasoccro, V'. Guido. C. Cvitko-vic, L. Mazur, J. Cafarclli. L. Davanzo. Bow 3: S. Furis. I.. Slavik. M. Cafa-relli. K. Kurash, D. Caputo, J. Gagliardi, R. Pcrri, G. NVhitchair. S. Sheesley. M. Greek Row 4: M. Pema, C. Aloi, B. Ciallorenzo, S. Polacek, V. Testa. L. Giallorenzo, L. Musi. S. Catalueci. B. Vucetich, G. Ross. R. Monzi. T. Colella. D. Casello, G. Rufalin, L. Smallis. S. Napoleon. K. Black, F. Romano. ITALIAN CLUB Italian Club Hosts Visitors From Italy Marie Scisciani; presient, Jean Cafrelli; vice-president, Teresa Colella; treasurer, and Marv Cafrelli; secretary were officers of the newly organized Italian Club. Miss Paniccia was sponsor. In December, Alberto and Pirkko Nardi, visitors from Italy, gave an informative talk on their country—its culteres, customs, and people. Meetings held before Christmas generally dealt with the preparations of a Christmas party. At the party members sang Italian Christmas carols, and saw a filmstrip entitled Bifana. They also enjoyed refreshments planned by the foods committee. B5 TAMMY COSTANZA listens to Mr. Nardi, as he talks about his life in Italv.GERMAN CLUB German Club Sings Carols at Christmas Organized this year, the German Club was open to all students of German II and III. Officers were Vicky Klavin; president. Bill Cabal; vice-president, Anelise Gierlowski; Treasurer, and Maurice Rodriquez; secretary. At monthly meetings, in addition to regular club business, members saw and heard movies and recordings about Germany. They also sang German folk songs. All members assisted in writing a club constitution. A Christmas party planned bv Miss Ritchey and the students was held on December twentieth. PRESIDENT Vicky Klavin and Maria Rodriguez, worked on naming the new club. GERMAN CLUB—Row 1: K. McClure, C. Lecliok, P. Baker. 1). Segeleon. Strojek, A. Gierlowski, M. Rodriguez, 1). Burton, C. Berecek. I). Moran. I). Silkroski. J. Strobel, Miss Ritchey, K. Kowalskv. J. Ju .wa, II Hopkins, Row 3: S. Paczak, A. McCoy, J. Cilberg, C. Len, S. Wesche, L. Deutsch, B. V. Klavin. Row 2: C. Blaho. P. Kubia. T. Mesko. A. Kon. J. Lucaric. L. Manetic. M. Mesko. J. Karnoski, B. Cabal. K. Kowalskv. PEP CLUB Pep Club Instills Spirit in Students PROGRAM SALES—Row 1: S. Johnson. P. Kubia, P. Costanza. L. Star-czak, R. Townsend. Row 2: V. Kreininel. K. Tanev M. Bclchyk. I.. Parkinson. T. Gwinn. 1). Burnett. L. Gill. 1.. Deutsch. Row 3: D. Millie. M. | amo. S. Sonnie. K. Kcllinger, K. Boyd. P. Watchtel, J. Mace, K. Derochis. Row 4: N. Kokoski, 1). George, S. St ratio, J Mazzetti, C. Manis, k. Di-Ninno. I). Jainery. L. Giallorenzo. I). Shiffour. Row 5 M. DeLuca. J Bel las, C. Silkrowski. M. Kurash. P. Lubic. M. Costanza. M. Kacharian, C. Cords. PEP CLUB SENIORS—Row 1: R. Pocorns. P Bellas. D. Schmidt. W. Soska. C. Yoktiin. I.. McCoinbic. G. Spuganich. M. Deutsch. 1- Parkinson. S. Ibidicek, M. Belchvr, K. Karas. L. Dempsey. Row 2: B. Tate, J. Proko-povich. D. Dominick. P. Michkofskv. P. Carrera, B. Skoff. A. Roppo. M Kurash, . Posano, V Kreininel. J. Lucas. K. Bohinskv. S. kot . V Pali chat. L. Deane. Row 3: V klavin. D. Mclnvk. C. Manis. M Mao, S Strano. C. Cord. K. DiNinno. J. Mazzetti. k Kcllinger. P Bilanich. I) Mathews. D. Carroll. D Bologna. J Mace. C. Zeimer. K kubick. M Dan to. D Nes bitt. S Haskins. Row 4: C. Soska P Welling, k Derochis. P Wachtel. k Bovd.S. Sonnie. C. Silkrowski. L. Piontek. L. Krol. C. Capp. S Miller. I. Musi. M. Evans. R. Caputo, B. Han . Row 5: D. (..eorge. M DeLuca. J Bellas. J. Johnston. P Cvitko. k. Dengel. P Hicks, E. Kuiiy, C. W agner. B HtK'hel. T Gennaro. C. Zurow. I Cagliardi.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Society Sponsors After School Tutoring Miss Kleemook became the sponsor of National Honor Society tins year. The group was previously sponsored by Mrs. Shenot. Students exhibiting qualities of scholarship, leadership. service and character were nominated for membership and voted on by faculty members. Of those nominated, twenty-three were admitted to the society of induction ceremonies in April. Members volunteered after-school time on Mondays to tutor students in need of help in academic subjects. Dues of one dollar were paid bv each member. Rosetta Perri was elected president by fellow members. Other officers were Sue Robbins; vice-president, Pam Bellas; secretary and Tom Springer; treasurer. JOYCE PROKOPOVICH, a memlter of the National Honor Society helps Will Waslo with one of his difficult Algebra problems in the after—school tutoring program. NATIONAl HONOR MX II n Row I I) Su lor. 1 Bmm. R Petti, P t.iirtrw. ( Silkrowskt. P Michkofsky. klavm. K I'henuk. T. Springer, how 2: | K k.u rmski. S Rohhms. P BelUv T Dmciskv, J. Prokopovich, K Tokatch. L. Rhone. L Musi Row 3. J. Billik. D. Weber. K. Gust. J Ma -xetti. N. Roginski:THESPIANS—Row I: K. Dengel, K. Zuk, T. Borga, V. Czerwinski, T. Shoelace, . Rossi, 1. Kellinger, C. Polito. D. Costanza, Row 2: L. Dempsey. J. Livitski. I). Woods, P. Freed, B. Harsch, L. Musi, A. Kon, T. Sisley. Row 3: J- Wilson, T. Johnson, E. Sovich, S. Sonnie. K. Di.Ninno, V. Shapik, P. Carrera, E. Kuhni. Row 4: M. Crabiak, L. Deutsch, N. Palichat. M. Hnisko, B. Buffalini, C. Stronge. THESPIANS Dramatic Talent Used in New Performances Thespians, sponsored by Mr. Grundy, presented two productions. The first, on November 15 and 16, was ‘The Greeks Had A Word For It.” Mr. Grundy wrote and directed the play. Phyllis Carrera as “Aphrodite,” Nick Rossi as “Adonis,” ami Terry' Sisley as “Oleon” portrayed major roles. On March 14 and 15, Roger’s and Hammerstein’s production “The King and I” was presented. This was one of the biggest productions ever attempted by Thespians. Brenda Harsch and Mark Guzan played the roles of “Anna” and “the King,” respectively. As a fund raising project, Thespians sponsored “old time” movies in the high school auditorium on January 24. They also visited the Nixon Theater on October 3 to see “Godspell.” ft) IN “The Creeks Had A Word For It. Mark Kellinger takes a flving leap over a misplaced sack, while lovers Terrs Sisles and Maureen Detitsch stand by looking unconcerned.LEADERS’ CLUB Leaders’ Club Girls Held Play Nights Kathy K el linger was elected president of Leaders’ Club. Jill Kurash and Molly Evans were elected vice-president and secretary-treasurer, respectively. Joanne Mazzetti chaired the social committee. Miss Yost sponsored the group. Initiation was held on November 21. New members dressed in costumes and did a dance to the tune of “Hello Dolly.’ They were officially admitted to the club at the induction banquet and ceremonies on November 19. leaders' Club members assisted Miss Yost in gym classes by refereeing games and taking care of equipment. They sold stationery to raise funds. On February 5, a Play Night” was held. In addition to Leaders’ Club members, girls from Quigley and Quaker Valley were invited to attend and participate in several indoor sports. KlNl FRANTZ and Julie Haymond perform their initiation song and dance routine during Mrv Lazar's. Senior girls first period Hygiene class for Leaders’ Club Day. LEADERS’ CLUB—Row I: J Kisidav, S. Barto, M. Evans, J Kurash, K Kellinger. J. Ma .zetti, 1). Mathews, T. Cole 11a. Bow 2. V. Guido. S. Miller. J Johnston, P. Waslo, P. Bilanich, M. Kulianos. B. Protenic, K. Dengel, Row 3: M. Ceorgick. L. Miller, D Klak, M. Evseck, J Prokopovich, P. Bel- las, V. Krcmmcl, L. Krol. J. Billik, M. Bclchyk. Row 4. D. Neese K v . B. Binder, ]. Wood. R. Colellia, P. Ready, D. Weber. C. Gust lb gu'sk, 70F.B.L.A.—Row 1: B. Kosis, M. DcLuca. D. Hudson. K. Vhcclcr. D. Morgan. D. Mcrriman, C. Soska, J. Cafarelli. F. Homziak. Row 2: M. Person, L. Slavik. D. Dominick, K. Tokatch, I). Merlino, R. Roberts. C. Zehnder, D. Mams. J. Mazzctti. D. George. Row 3: C. Geriak, B. Hare, M. Darno. M. Young. S. Koty. C. Cain, J. Zukowski. D. Murray. Row 4: C. Franc-one. C. Durf. D. Christopher. P. Hicks. P. Waslo, D. Bologna. V. Ingrain, M. Belch vk. F.B.L.A. F.B.L.A. Sells Tom Watt Showcase Items Mrs. Ogrizovich sponsored Future Business Leaders of America for the second year. Officers were president, Cindy Francone, Vice-president, Joyce Johnston, secretary, Virginia Ingrain, and treasurer, Pat Hicks. In the fall as a fund raising activity, the group sold “Tom Watt Kits.” “Letters from Santa“ were distributed to local children whose parents phoned requests for them. On December 21, members went Christmas caroling in Baden and Ambridge. Several members planned to enter competition at the Regional Conference on April 2. They also planned to attend the F.B.L.A. State Leadership Conference, May 5-7 in Lancaster, Pa. A senior trip to Washington, D.C. was discussed. MEMBERS of F.B.L.A., Jonelle Connolly and Sharon Sonnic. listen to the instructions on selling the various items that were contained in their Tom Watt Showcases.SENIOR I SHERI .I 1 ES—How 1 K. Uhemik—K. Kellinijer. 1.. Birciw. J. Mace. K Tokatch. C. Capp. Row 2: S. Kotv. L. Piontck. J Kurash. J. Billik. E. DiNiiino. C. Silkrowski. Row 3: N. Palkhat. F. Homziak. J Rykac- zowski. I). Weber. P. Bellas. K. Makowski. Row 4 P. Wachtel. C. Ccriak, L. Musi. L. Krol, V. Krcinincl. M. Papas xlcro. VSIIERETTES Usherettes Keep Miss Ciccone sponsored Usherettes and was assisted by officer Marlene Papasodero, Linda Krol. Charlene Capp, Fran Homziak and Mieki Kowal. To raise money for clnb activities, the girls held a bake sale at Penny's and a dance at the Anthony Wayne gym. In addition to ushering at football games, they worked at open house, the Christmas concert, school plays, graduation and other events. A picnic was planned to be held at North Park in May for all members. Seniors received engraved pins as momentos of their years of service. School Affairs Orderly USHERETTE OFFICERS—Row 1 F llom iak—Secretary. M Pa|Mvxlero-Presi-‘lent. C. C pp-Vice-President. Row 2: M. kowal—Servant at Anns. M. Esseck-Treasurer. 72SENATE Senate Brings a Change to Ambridge High This year at Ambridge, a new student government was formed. It replace Student Council. Five members were chosen from each class, ninth through twelveth. To run for office, those interested were required to obtain a petition of signatures from 5-6% of their class, conduct a one week campaign, and make a speech to their respective classes. The student body voted for candidates in their class in November. Choosing Miss Randall and Mr. Sutter as sponsors, the Senate conducted leadership workshops in November and January to familiarize students with plans for the year. They also visited area schools and met with the school lx ard. Mr. Sutter assisted a committee of senators in writing a constitution. JUNIOR Senator Dave Schutt checks names off on homeroom section sheets as Cheryl Birciw casts her vote for student Co-ordinator. Senate's addition to school government. Kehoe. T. Francone. D. Deiter. T- Costanza. S. Johnston. Row 4: K. Williams. F Mi ieorj»e. P Pletz. P. McEvov. J SlotxxJian. 73 STUDENT SENATE—Row 1 J. Cido. S. Robbins. S. DeBona. 1.. Birciw. M. Carney. Row 2: C. Shuinsky. M Sacco. D. Schutt. M. Bechak. Row 3: J.CHESS CLUB Mr. Kielbowic Is Chess Club Sponsor Mr. Keilbowic sponsored Chess Club. He succeeded Mr. Steinberg who took sabatical leave. The club met once a week. During meeting members played each other in intra-club competition to determine the five best players. These five completed against other schools in the eight scheduled matches. Tom Napoleun was team captain. Other nieni-bers were Jim Uhernik, Tom Springer, Jeff .Vligalik and Tom Frantz. The team belonged to the American Chess Association. Among the teams against whom they competed were Moon, Beaver and Hopewell. In the first two matches they defeated Beaver and Moon. (.'HESS CLUB memlier Josephine Gagliardi bits her lip while she studies the hoard, taking pains to see every angle of play and to make her move a worthwilo one. CHESS CLUB—Bow I M. Hahich, 1). Sittig. T. Guthrie, B. Jurkowski, S. Paczak. Row 2: J. Uhernik. S. Wilson, B. Wasdi. E. Beck. J. Gagliardi.NATIONAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY—Row I: P. Nikoevicz. N. Kokoski. A. Black. J. Chaykowsky, C. Narkcwich, M. Da mo. K. Tun t as. l. Evans. Row 2: M. Ruttner, L. Rowlee, B. Roman. C. Iluchel, S. Pac .ak. C. Paste- lak. S. Luketic. M. Fitzpatric. Row 3: L. Lowalsky. S. Furis. C. McCandless, J. Kreminel, D. Bajec. G. Kowalskv. NATIONAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY Society Promotes New Interest in History Mr. Irion and Miss Windich sponsored National Historical Society this year. The group was previously sponsored by Mr. Solero. The group had an increase in membership. Most of the new members were sophomores. To be admitted to the society, all new members had to come to school dressed as historical figures. To raise funds for club activities, the group held a bake sale. On December 14 a Bob Hope movie was shown in the high school auditorium. A field trip was planned for the spring. Officers elected by N.H.S. members were Molly Evans, President, George Kowalskv: vice president, Mary Kay Fitzpatrick; secretary, and Alice Black; treasurer. 75 SUE VILLELA. Anita Cozad. Carol Huchcl, Megan Ruttner, Patty Nikicwicz, and Becky Roman sing an initiation song as a Historical Society inemBerslup requirement.INTERACTION COMMITTEE—Row I Mrs. Albright. I). Burned. B. Fontana. R. Chupka. L. Masson. Mr. Morocco. Row 2: A. Martin, P. Cos- tanza. M. Dahina, A. Palmer, I). Smith. Row 3: C. Spruill, L. McCombie. K. (Carlisle. I). Saylor, R. Ross. DRUG INTERACTION New Guidelines Set Up By Committee DRUG COMMITTEE—Row 1: J. Palumbo. C. Shiffour, S. McGeorge, J. Lessyk. L. McCombie, C. Spruill, M. Sacco, V. Sacco. Row 2: Mrs. Al- bright. R. Ready, N. Roginski, C. Gust.JUNIOR RED CROSS Girls Help Senior Citizens in Ambridge Members of the Junior Red Cross donated much of their free time helping elderly people in the community. They visited the Passavant Home and the Towers. On Saturdays members spent time cleaning house, running erands or doing other favors for residents of the Towers. For holidays throughout the year the girls made favors for hospitals and homes in the area. On February 8, a skating party was held at North Park. Mrs. Lazar was sponsor and with the help of the officers planned activities including the Mother-Daughter Banquet. This year’s officers were president, Rita Colella; Secretary, Cathy Applequist; Treasurer, Pam Baker. RED CROSS members, Rost Wachtel. Kim Spear. Donna Amis tadi, and Kathy Applequist earn extra credits by making favors. JUNIOR RED CROSS—Row I: J. Mazzetti, M. Kulianos. L. Parkinson. V'. Kremmel, M. DeLuca, K. Dengeh D. Mathews. M. Graeg, K. Tokatch. E. Sovich. K. Applequist. D. Amistadi. R. Colella. Row 2: R. Roberts, C. Zeh-ndcr, C. Zurow, T. Gennaro, I. Gagliardi. K. Uhernik. A. Elion. L. Birciw, P. Carrera. J. Prokopovich. V. Klavin. S. (Griffith, I.. Sarver. R. Wachtel. K Speek. Row 3: T. Colella. D. Carroll. R. Britton. M. Mistovich. C. Capp. P Wachtel. B. Rudakewich. K. Makowski. M Darno, T. Druzisky. P Baker, J. Zukowski. Y.E.A. Y.E.A. Tutors at Anthony Wayne School Mrs. Brubaker and Mrs. Mattiich co-sponsored the Youth Education Association Y.E.A.. Theresa Druzisky, president; Kathv Kellinger, vice-president; Donna Ainistadi, secretary; Kathv Dengel, treasurer; and Toni Gennaro, historian served as officers. The group ran a concession stand during home football games to raise funds. They also tutored elementary school students at Anthony Wayne to gain first hand experience of their intended profession. A teachers’ tea was planned for May 2. On Felv-ruary 26, several members visited the campus of Westminster College. Y.E.A. members sell refreshments during foot-ball games in order to raise much needed club funds. Y.E.A.—Row 1: Mrs. Brubaker. B. Buffalmi. T. Gennaro. D. Ainistadi. T. Schmidt. Row 3: K. Tokatch, E. Kuny. I . Bilauich. I). Mathews. K. Ma- I)ni .iskv, K. Kellinger, J. Prokopovich. S. Varlichi, Mrs. Mattuch. Row’ 2: kowski. F. Ilom .iak. K. Boyd. P. Carcrra. J. Billik. K. DiNinno, L. Piontek, T. Golclla. K. Derochis, D. 78OUTSIDE BULLETIN BOARD—Barry Grafton, Susie Fedorko. Gary Staving. BULLETIN BOARD STAGE LIGHTING BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE—Miss Ciccone, D. Palmer. A. Priche nello, F. Sepella, C. Luciovici. 79 STAGE LIGHTING CREW-Row I: J. Mason. D. Mason, K. Chehovits.T. Stipe. Row 2: J. McClellan, G. Hawronsky, F. Gomolek. rBAND Band Worked for Disneyland Trip Through much practice and preparation the Ambridge hand became one of the best bands in Ambridge history. Time devoted during the summer and during the school year proved worthwhile. The marching band performed at the Christmas Memorial and Veteran’s Day parades. They also displayed concert formations during half time at all football games. The German Band played at the Dankfest. At basketball games, the Bridger Brass performed. In May, the band went to Florida to participate in a festival at Disney World. They raised money for the trip by sponsoring a movie, and a dance. GERMAN RAND—Row 1: A. Vasilakas, M. Spagnolo, L. Paolini. Row 2: K. Kowalsky. G. Kowalsky, F. Ccrtich. Row 3: D. McClure R. lilista. BRASS CHOIR-Row 1. J. Gurney. J. Palmer. C. Frank icwicz. M. Elion, T. gianas. Row 3: G. Kowalsky, R. Paolini. F. Ccrtich. M. I la Rich. M. E. Ziol- Gagianas. Row 2: D. Sivy. G. Ciccone. M. Spagnolo, J. Rowley. M. Ga- kowski. 1). Word. Row 4: F. Butry. J. Kremind. D. McClure. 80BRIDGER BRASS—Row 1: M. Burnell, L. Paolini. 1). Piotrowski. B. Petro, Certich, T. Springer. R. Paolini, C. Kowalskv. C. Ciccone, J. Curifo. M. R. McCoy. A. Vasilakas, T. Novak, K. Kowalsky. Row 2: M. Hahich. F. Spagnolo. J. Rowlev. I). Iry, J. Petroff, (;. Paul. R. Hlista. I). McClure. BAND—Row I K. Cennaro, J. Mazzeltf. M. Scisciani. C. Kaseek, G. Blaho S. Palavros. C. Jasinski. D. Patterson, M. Muttersnaugh. M. Stoloski, K. Ko walskv. V. Maola. A. Pyle. E. McClure, C. Smith, J. Kremmel. J Palmer. J Maschack, F. McCeorge, Row 2: G. Morelli, D. Shanholtz C. Guido. M Chat in. O. Lcwandowski, G. Whitehair, M. Romeo, A. D'Angelo, M. Oluj ich, D. Ulizio, A. Prichincllo, I). Vallecorasa, 1). Laris. J. Narkevich. A Gross, D. Bard. K. Tuntas. M. Gido; C. Martin. Row 3: C. Roman. R Chupka. C. Frankiewicz, K. Kowalsky, J. Mariani, S. Kirsh, A. Palmer. J Battaglia. M. Loughinan, S. Affeltranger. C. Pelic. B. Kowalsky. M. Hotel lini. V. Antipow, L. Felinczak, M. Torhan, A. Schriver, J. Rowley, J. Bo gulski. Row I: P. Welling. C. Kowalsky. F. Certich. R. Paolini, S. Hearns, 1). Pcolar, M. Burnell. B. Oprisko, I). Word, S. DaVanzo. T. Novak, L. Ziolkowski. F. Ross. M. Spagnolo, J. C'arifo. G. Ciccone. D. Sivy. M. Ga-gianas. M. Belsky. Row 5: T. Springer, L. Paolini. A. Vasilakis, J. Bohetich. (i. Braddick, M. Hahich, R. Dalessandris, J. Schell. J. Fitsko. R. Croppc r. B. Pitro, D. Piotrowski. K. DeBerry R. McCoy, L. Rosenlrerger, D. Rotolo, M. Perna. Row 6: S. Affeltranger, R. Hlista, B. Krokonko, M. Cozad. M Marotti, A. Ammon, I). Budjanec. T. Dcwson. K. Homziak. J. Rayrner, D. Caputo. F. Butrcv. D. Mazzetti. T. Sivy, M. Elion. T. Gagianas. D. Prusick. D. McClure. L. ilalhnxjk. J. Kremmel. L. Kastriha. SIWRESTLING PEP CLUB-CHEERLEADERS Wrestling Pep Club Formed This Year Vickv Kremmel was captain of the wrestling cheerleading squad which also included Sandy Miller, Bev Murray, Candy Hearns, and Tainmy Costanza. Bake sales and a sale of comb sets helped the girls raise money for uniforms. They also sponsored a dance at Anthony Wavne gym, and sold red and white Bridger hats. This year a wrestling pep club was formed. Members of the club performed a skit at the wrestling pep assembly in December. In addition to regular matches, the cheerleaders attended the M.A.C. tournament at Hopewell. WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS—Row 1: Tammy Costanza. Captain Vicki Krem-mel. Rev Murray. Row 2: Cindy Hearns, Sandy Miller. WRESTLING PEP CLUB-Row 1: M. Costanza. P Lubic, J. Papasodero. Row 2: P. Kubia. R. Varlichi, L. Staryzak, J. Skorija, S. Tokatch. L. Smallis, M. Shuster, C. Cords. Row 3: C. Ferndandez, Y. Barlamas, K. Homziak. P. Hlorzck, L. Smallis, D. Casello, D. Deeds. P. Costanza, C. Columbus. Row 4: M. Ricci, J. Kremmel, K. Curry, R. Krol, M. Lang, P. Rosemeier, S. Hyrc, C. Dewar. Row 5: C. Huchcl, R. Caputo, P. Bell. D. Sovich, D. Flanigan, C. Kremmel, L. Salada. F. Krol. C. Zazwirsky. C. Jula. 82MAJORETTES Girls Accompany Band on Florida Trip Lead by captain Patty Michkofskv, the majorettes performed at football and basketball games and several local parades. Other members of the group included seniors Pat Guidos, Marv Fitzpatrick, Cindv Nesbitt, Debbie Dominick, Junior Rose Bongiovanni, and sophomores Nadine Pali-chat, Sallie Pfaff, and Francine Kasper. To raise funds, the girls held a bake sale, a raffle, and a shopping spree. Their sponsors were Mrs. Buk and Mr. Tolfa. In May the majorettes accompanied the band on a trip to Disney World, Florida. MAJORETTES Fatly Michkofskv. Francine Kasper, Nadine Palichat, Mary Kay Fitzpatrick and Cindy Nesbitt do a routine at halftime during the Ellwood City game. MAJORETTES—Row 1: Captain Patti Michkofskv. Row 2: (.indy Nesbitt, Debbie Dominick. Row 3: Rose Bongiovanni, Marv Fitzpatrick. Row 4: Nadine Palichat. Patty Guidos. Row 5: Francine Kasper. Sallie Pfaff. SENIOR majorette Patty Guidos twirls to the music of Sweet Georgia Brown during halftime at the game against Blackhawk. S3JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS—L to R: B. Fontana, M. Kacharian, D. Miketa, S. Napoleon, K. Kramer, J. Wilson. CHEERLEADERS Junior Varsity Cheerleaders are Chosen For the first time, junior varsity cheerleaders were chosen. They cheered at J.V. football and basketball games and pep assemblies. The squad attended Duquesne University cheerleading camp, August fifth to ninth. In competition with other schools, the girls won the Spirit Stick and Spark Plug Award. Through bake sales, they raised money for uniforms. Kathy Kramer was captain. Varsity cheerleaders chose no captain. A different senior lead the squad at each game. At Seton Hill cheerleading camp, the girls won the Spirit and Most Outstanding Squad Awards. At Christmas, the cheerleaders donated over one-hundred dollars, collected from students and area residents, to Children's Hospital. LINDA KUHNI and Ken Zuk lead a cheer during a pep assembly. 84JUNIOR HIGH CHEER LEADERS-Top I to r: J. Kautcher, M. Skorija. V. Guklo, S. Manos. Bottom: K. Lit inger C. Bates D. Jamcry, J. SlolMxlian. 85 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Row 1: L. Kuhni, K. I) .iak, J Prokopovich. B. Tate. V. Klavin. P. Carrera. Row 2: K. Zuk, C. Polito, C. Fontana. R. Boro. I). Davlor. T. Borj»a, W. Czerwinski.LIBRARY CLUB Library Club Keeps Order in Library Sponsored by Mrs. Campbell, the Library Club was primarily a service group. Its members willingly performed various tasks in the library. During activity periods and study halls, members often reported to the library. There, they signed out books, catalogued books, and assisted students in finding research materials. There were approximately twenty members who elected senior Bill Kramer as president and senior Pete Lamish as club treasurer. LIBRARIAN Barb Huchel signs out a book for Debby Wasko in the senior library 86 LIBRARY CLUB—Row L E. Konakis, B. Jasczak, S. Palavros, T. Edmondson, M. Rhone. Row 2: R. Iliadio, P. Lamish, B. Kramer, I. Livitski, B. Hu-ckel, K. DeBerrv.SILHOUETTE—Row I: J. Jamis, T. Druzisky, B. Buffalini. A. Kalalx kes. N. Rossi. Row 2: J. Melnyk. K. Schaffer. R. Caputo, L. Rhone. R. Perri. Row 3: T. Winston. J. Ciccone, J. Duke, J. Pushak, J. Uhemik. SILHOUETTE Silhouette Informs School of Current Affairs “Getting the student body interested and involved” was the idea of this year’s Silhouette newspaper. To generate this interest. Miss Windisch, the new sponsor, made several changes in the format. Most obvious was the difference in length; it went form an average of five pages in the past years to approximately fourteen pages this year. To raise funds for the extra pages the staff sold programs at the basketball games. Their hard work paid off, as editor-in-chief Theresa Druzisky pointed out that sales of the bimonthly paper averaged five hundred copies. Added to the staff were seven typists and two photographers. Included in the paper were more photograph, thirteen editorials, horoscopes, sports and student government news, poetry and general interest items. LINDA RHONE carefully puts jw es of the freshly printed Silhouette in order. 87 YEARBOOK Yearbook Staff Works to Meet Deadlines YEARBOOK—Row 1: K. Korol. C. Geriak, S. Johnston, K. Callik. D. Car- DeMacio, I). Vohar. Row 3: J. Fabanich. D. Vito. R. Vucctich. L. Musi. P. roll. N. Marie. Row 2: M- Bcelcy, B. Smith, J. Hayiuoml. J. Contray. A. Flajnik, T. McCoy, N. Rossi. 88JOELLEN CONTRAY, Litula Musi and Paula Flajnik decide on group picture placements for the organizations. DAVE VITO, photographer, captures the action at a basketball game. JULIE HAYMOND identifies portraits and makes a list of names.SPORTS SPO RTSFOOTBALL Aliquippa Victory Highlights Season By defeating Erie Tech 21-12. the Bridgers broke a six year opening day jinx. Junior back Kevin Gwinn scored the first touchdown in the opening quarter on a 38 yard run. In the second period, end Bob Gatehouse took a 54 yard bomb from quarterback John Dziak into the end zone. Brad Burton put the final Ambridge score on the board with a 39 yard run in the third quarter. Jim Curley kicked the points—after on all three occasions. Erie’s two scores came in the fourth quarter. The Bridgers had no chance to build a winning streak as they dropped a 27-0 decision to Butler in the second game. A powerful Butler team which did all its scoring in the first three periods stymied the Ambridge offensive attack. Two touchdowns by Burton gave the Bridgers a 13-0 victory over Ell wood City. Burton, who gained 146 yards in 16 carries, and linebacker Sam DeBona teamed up defensively to stop the Wolverine offense. Missing a field goal attempt late in the first half, Ambridge played to a scoreless tie at Sharon. However, Coach Marocco felt that his team accomplished a moral victory. Statistically the Bridgers outdid their opponents, gaining 184 yards to Sharon’s 49. Ambridge allowed New Castle to score only once, but it proved to be enough for the Bed Hurricane to put a damper on their hosts’ homecoming activities. The Bridgers played a very strong defensive game led by Sam DeBona and stopped New Castle drives twice in the second half. In the sixth contest of the season, Ambridge bounced back and with two touchdowns by Burton and two extra points by Curley defeated Hopewell. The Bridgers scored on a 75 yard drive, highlighted by a 57 yard run. BOB GATEHOUSE receives a short pass from John Dziak during the second half of the Ellwood City contest at Ambridge. SENIOR, Brad Burton is helped off field by trainers Abe Deep and Vince Savcnik. 92LETTERM EN - Row 1: J. Morsillo, S. DeBona. P. Andrews. How 2: R. Lucente, B. Burton, R. Jamery, T. Riley. MANAGERS: Chris Fontana, lx u Hasson, Carter Spruill. QUARTERBACK Carl Orler looks down field for an open receiver as Brad Burton fights off a would lx? tackier in their final game.SENIORS, Sam DcBona and Frank Firovanti viciously hit an El- Iwood City hack and hold him as lineman Rich Lucente looks SENIORS Ron Jaincrv and Dave Kauncrt on rest as the offensive team takes the field. SENIOR quarterback, John Dziak. scrambles to evade Ellwood City would be tackier. 94 ERIE TECH defender dumps running back. Mick Pisano at the scrimmage line.FOOTBALL Morale is High Throughout Season SOPHOMORE Kevin Kimborough runs back a punt while an Eric Tech player attempts to tackle him. SENIOR fullback. Brad Burton, picks the hole made by the Ambridge offensive line. off tackle by Gwinn. DcBona intercepted in the fourth quarter and in seven plays from 35 yards out Ambridge scored their second and final six-pointer of the game. From the first touchdown in the opening minute of the game to the final buzzer, the Bridgers battled unsuccessfully to score against a tough Beaver Falls team. The end results was 33-0, Beaver Falls. Despite showing strength offensively and defensively, Ambridge couldn’t get it together to defeat Farrell. Dziack passed to Gatehouse in the fourth Quarter for the Bridgers only score, but Farrell had already crossed the goal line twice. Before a large Senior Day crowd, Ambridge defeated cross-river rival Alliquippa, 21-7, in the season finale. Taking a five-yard pass from quarter-back Garl Orler, Tim Grant scored the first Bridger touchdown and Curley added the extra point. Rich Lucente scored next for Ambridge. When Dave Kaunert hit Quip QB Bill McConnell the football was knocked from McConnell hands into the air. Wasting no time, Lucente grabbed the ball and, covering 48 yards, took across the goal line. Curley converted for his second extra point of the afternoon. Along drive near the close of the fourth period set up the final Ambridge six-pointer. Burton raced 51 yards, deep into Quip territory, but the Bridgers couldn’t convert on the one yard line. Aliquippa took possession, But Frank Fiorvanti intercepted and ran 25 yards for the score. Curley kicked the final point. The Bridgers performance was spurred bv the fact that they played the game for senior linebacker Sam De-Bona. DeBona, who was recovering from knee surgery, taped a “pep talk for his 95FOOTBALL Bridger Defense Strengthens Team teammates and according to Coach Marocco, “That tape was a big part of it. It was the clincher.” Several Bridgers gained post season honors. Wade Kosis, Hon Jamerv, Jim Gerazounis, Rich Lu-cente and Pete Andrews received M.A.C. Chono-rable mentions. Frank Fiorovanti and Dave Kau-nert were named at the second team defense. Sam DeBona, Jim Morsillo and Brad Burton were named to the first team offense and defense. DeBona and Morsillo were named to the W.P.l.A.L. All-Star team. And Debona was also named to the P.I.A.A. All-State team. Burton and DeBona received Big 33 nominations. DeBona took the highest honor when he was named to the U.P.I. All-American team. VARSITY FOOTBALL 1973 Ambridge 21 Erie Tech Opponent 12 0 27 13 Ell wood 0 0 0 0 14 0 Beaver Falls 33 6 Farrell 13 21 Record: 4-4-1 96 JUNIOR wingback, Kevin Gwinn, unsuccessfully attempts to get a first down, which would have put Ambridgc in field goal range, to hold the lead.FOOTBALL COACHES-Row 1: I). Heitzcnrater, R. Bezuk. L. Chiave-rini, F. Marrocco. Row 2: G. Santry, G. Berkley, W. Kouv-lo, A. Ragazzini. VARSITY’ FvjOTBALL—Row I: DeMailo. Grant. Pisano. Rosso. Johnson. Costanza, Gwinn, Rosso, Monzi, Corso, Racippo. Row 2: Lueente, Alnshin, Guzan, Jamery. DeBona. Firovanti. Burton, Kosis, Dziack. Kauncrt, Andrews, Gerazonnis. Row 3: Riley, Brownlee, Martin, Mudriek, Morsilio. Gagliardi, Maver, Gatehouse. Baker, Marcink. Row 4: Stonfer, Majetic. Shuster, Curley, Fleeson, Orler, Villella, Adrian, Neese, Baker. Row 5: So-lomich, Matika, I,eopardi, Dornack. Bobich, Joseph. Monzi. Vild. Row ft: Shuster, l agatta, Scnules. Banks, Gulish, Levengood, Saylor. Palmer. 97JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL Junior High Football Team Breaks Even Ambridge junior high gridders posted a 2-2-1 record this season. In the first game, they defeated Seneca 22-12. Halfback Kevin Kimbrough put two touchdowns on the board and quaterback Bill Tun-tas added a third The Bridgers nearly turned a 0-0 tie with Black-hawk into a victory when Jim Huwar scored a touchdown on an interception. However, the play was called back on a penalty. Though tied 8-8 at the half, Ambridge dropped a 22-8 decision to Aliquippa. Bob Kaminski scored and Kimbrough added the two point conversion. In the fourth game, two touchdowns by Kimbrough and another bv Tom Ilallisey gave the Bridges an 18-4 victory over Hopewell. In the Final contest of the season against Beaver Falls, Lou Boykins scored on the kickotf, but Ambridge came out on the short end of a 16-6 score. The Ambridge defensive line proved too strong in their third down attempt and this opponent was forced to punt JUNIOR HIGH F(X)TBALL-Row 1: J. Saunders. J. Whitchair. A. Morri-sette, C. Kimbrough. I.. Boykins. R. Creavar, I). Boustead. D. Mazzetti. Row 2: F. DeLuca, P. Shearer, J. Heinz, T. Edwards, R. C'hurchin. L. Boykins, T. Hallisey B. Tuutas. K. Kimbrough. E. DeBona, B. Kaminski. Row 3: D. Marsh. D. Sokolwski. I). Stanosolovich. J. Strojek. E. Strano, R. Roberts. S. Pucci. D. Baker. J. Huwar. M. Kedesco, C. Lamb. T. Kisiday. R. Cryzbowski, A. Shaffer. 1). Lucas. 98GOLF TEAM-l-r: G. Gross. B. Borkowski, N. Glasser. R. McCracken. P. I bonus, I). Wilson, V. Colorito, F. Dishong. J. Antkiewicz. GOLF TEAM Colorito Places in Sectional Qualifier SENIOR golfer, Norman Glasser, uses a wedge in his attempt to chip his way wit of the hunker onto the green at the Amhridge Country Club during the 1973-74 season. GOLF 1974 AMBRIDGE OPPONE 0 Moon 16 15 Comell- 1 2 A von worth 14 2 Montour 14 9 Sto-Rox 7 16 Cornell 0 115 Sto-Rox- 4.5 0 Mowi 16 6 Montour 10 3 Avonworth 13Track Track Team Wins Five Consecutive Meets In 1973 the Ambridge track team had a good year. They picked up five wins before losing the final two meets. Freedom, Beaver, Ellwood City, and Aliquippa fell to the Bridgers while Hopewell and New Castle were victorious. At the W.P.I.A.L. Championship meet in Baldwin, Mark Tomaszewski, placed first in his heat of the one hundred yard dash. However, an injury prevented him from advancing the competition. Mike Kowal placed first in the pole vault and javelin Previously the team ran local opposition, but in 1974 they moved into a new M.A.C. conference which included Butler, Sharon, Farrell, Elwood City, New Castle, Beaver Falls, Aliquippa, Hope-well And Beaver. As his fellow teammates. Jim Morsilio. looks on. Senior Wade Kosis illustrates the correct way of how you shoot the shop put. SENIOR. Mike Mesko lands in the sand trap after an attempt at the long jump event. POLE-VAL’LTER, Mike Kowal. tries to pass the 12 foot mark in the M.A.C.' meet.SENIOR. Mark Tomaszewski puts all effort forth to try to l)eat his opponent in the 220 yard dash. JUNIOR track team member, Ron Parisi, gathers all his strenghts in attempting toexeede his previous distance in javelin throwing, one of the field events. SENIOR Chuck Hudson tries to clear the high hurdles at a meet with New Castle while some of his fellow student watch and others urge him on.CROSS COUNTRY TEAM—Row I: C. Crabiak. R. Smith. C. Dobbins, S. rcnzo, H. Hladio. C. E. Neville. M. Cafarelli, Mr. J. Chapala. Aloi, E. Dzubak. D. Sippel. Row 2: B. Cardamon. D. Petroskv, B. Gale- CROSS COUNTRY Juniors Lead 1973-74 Cross Country Practicing many long hours the 1973-1974 Cross Country team turned in an 8-3 record. They defeated Wilkensburg, Quigley, Aliquippa, Beaver Falls, Center, Rochester, and Moon while losing to Hopewell. Monaca and New Castle. In a tri-meet with Beaver Falls and Riverside, they placed second. Runners on the varsity team were juniors Sam Aloi, Chester Dobbins, Rich Hladio, Giles Crabiak, and Ed Dzubak and sophomore Bill Giallorenzo. Alio, Dobbins, and Hladio were the most consistent of the Bridger runners, often placing in the top five. The junior varsity runners were Ed Neville, Bill Cardoman, Jim Briola, Dave Sippel, Dave Pet-rowski, and BOB Krol MEMBERS of the Cross Country team S. Aloi, C. Dobbins, G. Crabiak. E. Dzubak, and R. Smith take a few practice runs around the track in preparation for a coming meet. 102TENNIS TEAM Tennis Team Looks Toward 1974 Season TENNIS TEAM—Row I: L-R. B. Mitchell. M. Kozad, M. Guzan, J. Duke. Row 2: L-R. Mr. Anders. B. Sivy. D. Casello, P. Slolxxlian, D. Kirish. DEAN CASELLO returns an opponent's serve with an overhand shot.BASEBALL-- R Corbett. RowT vi I Dz'ak’ B Burt° ’ B Marcink. J Gerazounis, B. Z Mr. Espey, IX Leopardi, S. Kowalsky. B. Adrian. J. Cido, I). Patrick, J. Wipple. Row 3: P. Ilertnesky, T. Beilis, B. Turney, D. Barton. J. Baker. M. Bechak, Mr. Cradic. BASEBALL New Manager Sparks Team When weather was unsuitable, it was possible to find the Ambridge Baseball team practicing in the gvin to the tune of rock music. Coaches Espey and Cradek used this technique for conditioning Opening the season against New Castle, the Bridgers dropped an extra-inning heartbreaker. Getting off to a shaky start, they lost several close games in the first half of the season. But the Bridgers picked up the slack and won four of their last six games. Knocking two contenders out of the race. Ambridge closed the season with a respectable 6-6 record. Hopes are high for 1974 season to Ik an outstanding one. 104 BRAD BURTON watches his chance of reaching first base vanish as his pop fly hangs overhead.SENIOR Bob Marcink clcarlv beats the throw from the outfielder and awaits the umpire’s call IX) PATRICK one hands it on a high flv !)all to his right field position. 105YALE-PRINCETON Row 1: E. Serak. J. Prokopovich, P. Milozewski, 1). kcreceman. J Nadzak, Miss Yost. J. Bryl inski, I). Poling, M Novak. B. Perch. M. Evans. Row 2: S. Buffalini. I). Barto. I). Klak. M. Belchyk. J. Ku-rash. Miss Piontck. Mrs. Milozewski, 1). Murray, E. Protonic, B. Skoff. J. Kisaday. B. Sadowy. Row 3: D. Dominick. T. Meerdo. K Makowski. T. Curley, k Bairilaro. K. Skoff. K. DeNardo. S. Varlichi. C. Silkroski. S. Prav-lik, P. Bilauich. Row 4: J. Jolmston, R. Freisleben, B. Binder, Mascots: A. Cagliardi. L. Guido. YALE-PRINCETON Princeton Wins Climax of Intramurals In the forty-second annual Yale-Princeton game, Princeton defeated Yale by a score of 28-20. Jody Brylinski was the Princeton captain and Janet Nadzak was the Yale captain. The game was played on Friday March 23, 1973 at 8:(X) in the senior high gym. Molly Evan and Denise Poling were high scorers for Princeton with five and eleven points, respectively. Sandy Buffalini, Pat Miloszewski, and Elaine Serak each picked up four points for Yale Tryouts were the last week in February. Twenty girls were chosen and divided into two teams of ten each. They voted on captains for the teams. According to Miss Yost, “Yale-Princeton is the climax of the intramural program.” Girls who participated in three-fourths of the intramural activities were eligible to try out. 106 P MILONVZESKI and D. Poling for a reliomid in the Yale-Princeton game.GIRL'S VOLLEYBALL Girl’s Volleyball Team Has a Good Season SENIOR. Robie Kuny gets under the ball hits it up over the lied fur a point. Closing the season with an 8-5 record, the girls’ volleyball team was coached by Mrs. Donna Pfief-fer. In Section II action, they broke even with a 5-5 record. The girls defeated New Brighton, 2-1 and 2-1 and Quigley, 2-0 and 2-0, Losses were to North Allegheny, 0-2 and 0-2, and North Hi-ls, 0-2 and 0-2. They split with Rochester, 2-0 and 1 2. In exhibition games, they scored victories over Beaver, 2-1 and 2-1, and Quaker Valley, 2-0. The junior varsity team enjoyed a winning season, posting a 9-1 section record and a 2-0 exhibition. Their only defeat was to North Allegheny, 1-2. Wins included New Brighton, 2-1 and 2-0. North Allegheny, 2-1, Quigley, 2-0 and 2-0, North Hills, 2-0 and 2-0, and Rochester, 2-0 and 2-0. Beaver and quaker Valley fell victim to the Ambridge team in exhibition games, both by a score of 2-0 GIRLS VOLLEYBALL-Rim I: R. Kuny, J. Kurash, B. Skoff, D. Weber, Sadowy. Row 3: S. Fcdorko. K. Homziak. K. Kiddy. J. Belchyk. M. Evans, I . Waslo. Row 2: C. Amoroso, L. Pelic, V. Tesla, j. Kehoe, S. 107GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Girls’ Team Takes Section Crown In their first year of competition, the Ambridge girls’ basketball team took the W.P.G.A.L. Section 2 championship. Miss Esseck coached the team. Posting a 9-1 section record, they defeated Rochester, 33-30, in the opener and picked up five consecutive wins; New Brighton, 38-33; Monaca, 68-12; Center, 67-27; Beaver, 43-41; and Rochester, 41-22. In the next contest against New Brighton, they dropped a 37-32 decision and went on to defeat Monaca 42-19; Center, 42-20 and Beaver, 46-31. On February 26, the girls traveled to Mars High School to face Sto-Rox in the first round of the W.P.G.A.L. playoffs. A heavily favored Sto-Rox team crushed the Bridgerettes’ hopes and defeated them, 64-39. Molly Evans was team captain. Jayne Wilson was captain of the junior varsity squad which posted a 7-3 record. MOLLY EVANS is pushed out of the play as Debbie Murray fights for a rebound. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL—Row L M. Georglck, I). Klak. 1.. Pelic, ginski, M. Evans. K. Kellinner. M. Belchyk. J. Prokopovich. Row 3: J. John B. Sadowv, K. Kiddy. J. Kisidv, Row 2: Miss Esseck, D. Murray. N. Ro- ston, B. Skoff, B. Protcnic. 108GIRLS’ GYM TEAM Bridger Gym Team Gains More Experience JUNIOR, Karen Savie, does her routine on the uneven bars, one of her best events. ON the lulanee beam, Laura Snyder shows strenght in performing a hand stand split. Mrs. Laniewski, coached the girls’ gym team. They posted a two and three record, defeating Beaver and Union, and losing to Rochester, Shenango and Beaver Falls. In their six team section they finished third. Junior Karen Savie was team captain. Other members were sophomores Laura Snyder, Sharon Wesche, Karen Kowalsky, and Amy Pyle, and freshman Lori Trapp and Diane Beaman. Karen Savie proved to l e one of the team’s strongest competitors in the uneven parallel bars and all-around events. On the uneven parallel bars she was undefeated with a season high score of 8.4, and placed tenth at the individual regional qualifier, Laura Snyder was a high scorer for the team on the balance beam. GIRLS' GYM TEAM-Row 1: D. Beem. L. Snvder, A. Powell. K. Kowalsky. Row 2: K. Savie. S. Wesche. L. Trapp 109INTRAMURALS Student Gain Skills While Having Fun GIRLS SOFTBALL-Row 1: 1). Fill .. S. Miller. S. Barto, A. McTighe. R. Wargo, J. Wilson, Row 2: A. Black. J. Chavkowsky, R. Golclla. K. Frantz, K. kcllingcr. I). Mathews. Row 3: 0. Murray. K. Boyd, S. Musgravc, T. Colella. Many sports were offered in the intramurals program this year. Both hoys and girls were given the opportunity to participate. Eighteen teams competed in the hoys basketball intramural. There were ten teams in the junior division and eight teams in the senior division. They competed within the division and then held playoffs among the division leading teams. U.C.L.A., a senior division team, won the championship Girls’ sports included soccer, volleyball, softball and basketball. Playoff were held for volleyball and softball. The annual Yale-Princeton games climaxed the basketball intramurals, Both boys and girls enjoyed l)owling at Economy Lanes. Steve McGeorge was elected President of the bowling club. Betsy Protenic and John Constantino were elected vice-president and secretary, respectively. The juniors were the most successful lx)wlers. KENNY CARLISLE blocks Ken Zuk during a game of intramural basketball.SENIOR girls intently play powerhouse volleyball during intramurals SENIOR BOWLING-Row L F. Ready, B. Protenic, J. Mazzetti. K. I)c Druzisky. C. Franc-one, I). Boh insky, S. Miller. Row 3: I). Catanzarite, B. ngel, S. Barto, K. Powell. Row 2: K. kellinger, M. Kulians, D. Mathews. T. Kois, L. Sadowv, ]. Esseck, B. Ruth. M. Belsky. K. Schmidt. IllWRESTLING Two Bridger Gridders Place in Section In fourteen matches, the varsity wrestling team posted a 5-9 record. They defeated Ell wood City and Avalon twice each and Aliquippa once. Captain Norm Glasser and teammate Chris Guthrie, both seniors, were the most consistent wrestlers on the team. Glasser had a 12-2 record while Guthrie went 9-4-2 on the year. Pete Andrews, Garv DeCubellis, and four vear veteran Alex Barlamas also wrestled for their final season as Bridgers. In sections, post-season individual competition, three Bridgers placed. Sophomores Frank Shuster and Bob Foringer each placed third in their respective weight classes. Glasser took fourth place in his class. Coached by Mr. Aquino, the junior varsity team wrestled to an 8-6 record. BOB TENY trys desperately to work his way out of a hold by a new Castle grappler JUNIOR VARSITY WRESTLING-Row I: K. Cross. B. Crabiak. R. Cain. Grvzbowski, T. Sutton, B. Kowalsky, N. Robertson. M. Teredsco, B. M. Sestile, S. Hamlin. T. Sivy, C. Rich, B. Freed, V. Pisano. Row 2: R. Cvitkovic, M. Gilbert, M. Vieerdo, P. Savic, E. Yce. B. Coital. Mr. Aquino. 112BOH FOR1NGER gets two points from the referee for a takedown against North gate. VARSITY WRESTLING—Row 1: Mr. Wheeler, Coach, C. Guthrie, A. Bar-lamas, N. Glasser, B. Fowager, T. Guthrie. F. Pisano, K. Murray. G. Si-verwright, M. Mesko. M. Cafarelli. Row 2: O. Murray, B. Teny, G. DeCu- bellis, S. Comersall, P. Cunnard, R. Knoll, P Andrews, G. Frederick F. Shuster, I). Sutton, R. Monzi. J. Shulick. I). Martin, Mr. Aquino.MIKE RACIPPOP manages to place his Avonworth opponent into a half-nelson. BOB TENY is tleclard the victor iver his op|X)sition from South Hills Catholic, SOPH MORE, Frank Pisano get points for pancaking out of a Quigley opponents hold. 114CAPTAIN Norm Glasser is on his way to a fvpoint pin against South Hills Catholic. 115 COACH Wheeler and Assistant Coach Acjnino look helplessly as an Amhridge wrestler loses.A loop-off is performed on the skle horse by senior gym team member Mike Papantonio. 116 IN order to achieve full difficulty, Brian Kowinski works scissors into his routine.BOY’S GYM TEAM Bridgers Break Own State Scoring Record The Ambridge boys’ gym team extended their undefeated string to forty-three meets while outclassing their Opponents in the Slippery Hock Invitational and winning the Secion III title. They also captured the W.P.l.A.L. team championship and broke their own state scoring record with a team total of 158.82 points. In post-season individual competition, the Bridgers compiled an impressive list of achievements. Nine gymnasts—Mike Papantonio, Mickey Zawinsky, John Basalvga, Darrell Kirschler, Larry Besong, Dave Kandrack, Brian Kosinski, Terry Stumpf, and Pat Besong—advanced in their respective events in the sectional qualifiers. Kirschler (floor ex), Zawinsky (high bar), and Papantonio (p bars and rings) took firsts in their events. John Basa-lyga captured all-around honors. In the W.P.l.A.L. Regional Qualifier at Rochester, seven Bridgers advanced. First place medals went to Kirschler (floor ex), Zawinsky (high bar), and Papantonio (p bars, rings, and all-around). Basalvga, Kandrack, and both Besongs advanced in their events. TO show flexibility in his floor exercise routine, Darrell Kirschler performcs a split. 117 MICKEY ZAWINSKY, senior, executes a difficult stahlter on the high bar.First place medals went to Kirschler (floor ex), Za-winsky (high bar), and Papantonio (p bars, rings, and all-round). Basalvga, Kandraek, and both Be-songs advanced in their events. Six first place medals were awarded to Ambridge gymnasts in the P.I.A.A. Western Regional Meet at Norwin. Zawinskv won on the high bar, Kirschler on floor ex, and Papantonio on p bars, side horse, rings, and all-around. Basalvga and both Besongs also advanced. Ambridge then moved to the P.I.A.A. State Gymnastic Championships at Cumberland Valley High School. All Ambridge gymnasts placed in their events, and took a total of fourteen of thirty-five possible medals. Pat Besong placed fifth on side horse while his brother Larry took third on the rings. Mickey Zawinskv took second on the high bar and teammate Darrell Kirchler placed third on vault and second on floor ex. Mike Papantonio took five medals which included fifth on high bar, third on p bars and side horse, and second on rings and all-around. In addition to placing fourth on floor ex and p bars, and third on all-around, John Basalvga was the 1974 PII.A.A. side horse state champion JOHN BASALYGA, sophomore gymnast, displays form in performing a split. BOYS’GYM TEAM-Front: Darrell Kirschler. Kneeling: Larry Besong. Fat Kandraek, (loach Meddock John Basalvga. Besong. Standing: Mickey Zawinsky, Terry Stumpf, Mike Fapantonio, IX 118TO Rain momentum, sophomore Larry Be-song throws a Riant dislocate on the still rings. TERRY STUMPF. working for perfect form, practices a dangerous giant swing. DAVE KANDRACK uses strength and concentration to hold an “L” on the rings. Three Bridget's were named to the National High School Gymnastics Coaches All-American Team. Papantonio received the honor for all-around and rings, Zawinskv for high bars, and Kirschler for floor ex and vault. Several school records were set this vear. Papantonio set records for all-around (50.6 points) and rings (9.05), also held bv Larry Besong. Papantonio was one of five gymnasts in P.l.A.A. history to score fifty points all-around. Kirschler set records on floor ex (8.95) and vault (9.00). Kandrack shares the vault record. Basalyga’s records include side horse (8.75) and career team points (886.37) 119VARSITY BASKETBALL Bridgers Return To Section 3-A Action In their first three games, the Brigers gained three easy victories. In the opener against Allegheny, Ambridge scored 84 points to their opponents 58. Doug Saylor took scoring honors with 23 points. Saylors 32 points led the Bridgers to a 71-54 romp of Fifth Avenue. Ambridge ended their home exhibition season with a 74-45 rout of Central Catholic. Traveling to Monaca, the Bridgers suffered an 82-64 loss to the Indians. The team’s high scorer was Saylor with 17 points. Despite Saylor’s 20 points Ambridge dropped a 64-63 heartbreaker to Midland. High scoring by Mike Persson, Dale Barton and Savior aided the Bridgers to an easy 85-37 win over Freedom. Ambridge closed the exhibition season with a 4-2 record. Defeating South Hills Catholic, 51-48, and Laurel Highlands, 62-55, Ambridge won the New Castle Invitational Christmas Tournament. Saylor was voted Most Valuable Flayer and also received the Hustle Award as the player “who displayed the most desire to win.” With the Bridgers down by four points in the third quarter, guard Doug Saylor takes a hand off from forward Mike Persson as a Sharon player attempts to steal the ball. BASKETBALL MANAGERS: Sam Aloi. Mark Belsky. Don Frynkewicz 120 AM BRIDGE’S Marty Jahcxla. number 24, anxiously watches as Bridger guard Carl Orler looks toward the key for an open teammate to pass to.VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Row I: L-R E. Bianchi, D. Sippel. M. Jahtxla, D. Saylor. R. Ross. C. Orlcr. Row 2: L-R D. Smith. D. Moran, M. Persson. J. Tumley, I). Barto. EXECUTING good form, junior guard Ray Ross fires a jumper from the top of the key. On January 2, the Bridgers opened the season in Section 3-A with a 68-51 loss to to Farrell. Saylor and Persson scored 18 and 10 points respectively. Next the team traveled to Sharon and face their second section defeat with a score of 69-55. Saylor. Persson and Barto scored in double figures in the losing cause. At Butler, the Bridgers picked up their first of four consecutive section wins with a close 50-48 victory over the Tornados. Marty Jahoda and Saylor scored 16 points each. Dale Barton took top scoring honors with 20 points and the Ambridge team took a 69-55 victory over Blackhawk. 121COACHES: Mr. Bianchi. Mr. Petrunv TOWERING above a Blackhawk player, Dave Moran shoots a two pointer. DANA SMITH. Ambridge forward scores with a reverse lay-up. AFTER receiving a pass from Dana Smith, Marty Jahoda drives through the tough Cougar defense.SENIOR Marty jahoda at temps to block a lay-up by a Blackhawk player. Elwood City fell victim to the Bridgers next. Savior connected for 20 points as the Bridgers picked up a 66-51 victory. Persson, Barto and Saylor scored in double figured and helped Ambridge to a 55-39 rout over New Castle. Closing out the first half of the season, at home, the Bridgers pounded Beaver Falls 72-56. Tied 32-32 at the half, Ambridge poured it on and outscored the Tigers 40-24 in the final sixteen minutes. High scorer Mike Persson collected 20 points for the home team. In the first game of the second half of section play, the Bridgers lost 45-41 at Farrel. Saylor turned in a 17 point effort. At home Sharon edged the Bridgers, 58-57, in the next contest. Dave Moran and Doug Saylor shared top scoring honors hitting for 14 points each. Ambridge had little trouble picking up victories in the next four games. They downed Butler, 73-54, with Saylor and Moran scoring 21 and 17 points, respectively. At Blackhawk. the Bridgers outscored their opponents, 66-48. Saylor, Moran Jahoaa and Barto scored in double figures. Easily routing Ellwood City 84-60, Ambridge picked up their seventh section victory. Saylor put in 19 points, and SURROUNDED by four Farrell defenders senior guard Doug Saylor releases a shot. 1973 VARSITY BASKETBALL AMBRIDGE OPPONENT Exhibition 84 Alleghany 58 71 Fifth Ave. 54 74 Central Catholic 45 64 Monaca 82 63 Midland 64 85 Freedom 37 New Castle Tournament 51 So. Hills Catholic 48 62 Laurel Highlands 55 Section 3-A 51 Farrell 68 55 Sharon 69 50 Butler 48 69 Blackhawk 55 66 Ellwood 51 55 New Castle 39 72 Beaver Falls 56 41 Farrell 58 57 Sharon 58 73 Butler 54 66 Blackhawk 48 84 Ellwood City 60 81 New Castle 47 65 Beaver Falls 77 123SENIOR guard. Doug Saylor releases a jump well against a Blackhawk- JUNIOR guard Ray Ross looks inside as Cougar player as their students watch their team lose in their new gym. he makes a cut for the basket. BASKETBALL Bridgers Win New Castle Holiday Tourney Persson, Barto, Jahoda and Dana Smith each collected double figures. In their final home game of the season, the Bridgers handily downed New Castle, 81-47. Five Bridgers—Saylor, Jahoda, Moran, Barto, and Smith—scored in double figures. Saylor led all scores with twenty. Traveling to Beaver Falls, Ambridge dropped their final section game, 77-65. Dave Moran was high scorer for the Bridgers with a 22. The Bridgers, playing in Section 3-A for the first time in four years finished the season with a 9-5 section record and a 15-7 overall record. 124DALE BARTO, forward, lays in a shot over Sharon defenders while Dave SENIOR forward Mike Persson hauls down a Moran and Mike Persson look on at a home game in the Bridgers “Pit.” rehound well over opponent from New Castle JIM TURNKEY, number 35, and Dale Barto, number 33, try to thwart a Blackhawk player's attempt for two. 125JUNIOR I UGH BASKETBALL Junior High Wins Section Championship Mr. Sage coached the Junior high basketball team to a 9-1 section record and a section championship. Overall they were 15-3. The Bridgers scored exhibition victories over Quigley, Baden-Economy, Ell wood City, and Butler and loses to Beaver and Western Beaver. In section action they defeated New Brighton, .54-47 and 39-20, Riverside, 31-30 and 40-23, Black-hawk. 44-43 and 63-56, Freedom 64-63 and 62-36, and Center, 37-31. Their only loss was to Center 37-31. Freshman Joe Morski, Lou Boykins, and Jim Meshanko led the team in scoring throughout the season with Morski being the highest scorer. Other freshman on the team were Bob Kaminski, Pat Shearer, Tom Zgainer and Bill Tuntas. AM BRIDGE High School guard, number fifteen. Ken Leach makes a fast break from the opposing Blackhawk team to make a layup and tie the score. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL-1 to r: Assistant Coach-Mr. Petninv, Tom Zgainer. Bob Kaminsky. Bill Tuntas. Tom Hallisey, Lou Boykins. Joe Morski. Jim Meshanko. Pat Shearer. Tom Cvitkovic, Head Coach-Mr. Sage, Kneeling: Managers-Jack Johnston. Ed Strano.JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL J.V. Team Faces Rough Competition NUMBER 22. Jason Whithair, number 44. Tom llalisey. and number .12. Bol) Kaminski, scramble for the ball during the last minutes of the game. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL-1974 AMBR1DGE OPPONENT 64 Allegheny 36 .38 Fifth Ave. 43 71 Central Catholic 43 59 Monaca 45 55 Midland 65 42 Freedom 51 44 Farrell 43 49 Sharon 43 40 Butler 52 56 Blackhawk 47 44 Ell wood 40 .54 New Castle 46 .50 Beaver Falls 36 38 Farrell 36 64 Sharon 35 52 Butler 39 81 Blackhawk 39 81 Ell wood 52 59 New Castle 51 51 Record 15-5 Beaver Falls 45 JR. VARSITY BASKETBALL-Row 1: R. Ross, E. Bianehi, K. Leach. B Delisandro, D. Barto. Row 2: L. Maytic. J. Tumley, D. Sippel. J. Malika. C. Orler, C. Hertnekv, Manager-Perceville.UKDEROiASSMEN UNDERCLASSMENFRESHMEN: Affeltranger—Kimbrough Freshman Class Becomes Involved in Class Affeltranger, Steve Alessi, Vince Aloi, Cathy Alsko, Anthony Angus, Scott Antipow, Victor Bartolac. Fran Barlow, Dennis Bates, Chcrvl Berkovic, Steve Billik. Scott Boustcad, Denise Boykins, Dawn Boykins. Lou Brandis, Maria Briola, James Brown, Robert Browne. James Budjanec. Dave Butler, Rick Campbell, Tish Caputo, Dorn Carlisle, Karen Carpenter, Sue Cassidy. Michaelene Cassidy, Sandra Chavers, Debra Chinchilla, Andrea Churchin, Ron Cichoski. Kathy Colista. Frank Connolly, Ed Crispen, Kathy Cupp, Kathy Curry, Keminy Cymbalak, Nick D’Angelo. Angela Davanzo, Sam Debona. Ed Deede, Debby DeLuca, Frank Dimond, Bill Dugan, Norman Edmondson, Tami FRESHMAN Senate: P. McEvoy, J. Slobodian, P. Plesh, K. Williams, F. McGcorgc. Edwards. Cynthia Eslick, Mary 130Studies and Many Extracurricular Activities Farley, Helen Fedorko, Dave Fedorko. Mary Firkaly, Ellen Flanagan. Hon Frederick. Debby Frederick. Donald Cagliardi, Joni George, Linda Giallorenzo, Leah Gifford. Patty Giles. Kathy Gorman, Greg Graef, Yvette Cross, Andrew Crzybowski, Ray Guthrie. Tim Hakawcyzn, Mike Halbrook. LuAnn Hare. Judy Hatcher. Natalie Heinz. John Hermes, Matt Hill. John Hitt. Bobbie Hladio, Mary Hlozek, Pam Holman. Gary Hrabczuk, Mike Huey. Kathy Huwar, Jim Jahoda, Kim Jamery. Darlene Janicki, Marlene Janicki, Vivian FRESHMEN in Mrs. Nawrocki’s English I class find the presence of a photographer very interesting. Jarzynka. John Johnston, Jack Joyner, Roberta Juriga, Joe Jurkowski, Robert Kaminski, Bob Kappas. Andrea Karolak, Nancy Keenan. Claudia Key, Helene Kimbrough, Karen Kimbrough. KevinFRESHMEN: Keppel-Shaffer Assemblies and Demonstrations Enrich the 132 Keppel, John Kirish, Susan Klacik, Kathy Kostolich, Debbie Kot, Frank Kowalsky, Bob Kremmel, Judy Kristek. Keith Krol, Rhonda Krol, Robert Ku ma. Bol) Lamb, Charles Laris, Dean Latham, James Laughman, Merle I azzeretti. Lisa Leopardi, Jeff Lehn, Carl Lewis, Bill Litizinger, Karen Loprich, Karen Loschiavo, Carmen Ludovici. Cindy Ludwin, Cindy Lundy, Charles Macie, Dave Martin. Diane Maschack, Cathy Maschack, John Mashenic, Becky Manjak, Natalie Mazzetti. David McClure, Kathy MeCombie. Sandy McDade, Virginia McCeorge, Fritz Meckling, Kathy Meckling, Rich Meshanko, Jim Mike. Kim Miles. John Millie. Sherry Mish, Francis Mitchell. Brian Mogyorsi, Bill Mollo, Mary Ann Morningstar. Jerry THE “Great Debate was one of many assemblies held for students for the purpose of supplementary studies.Traditional Classroom Learning Procedures Morsillo, Mona Murray, Ken Mustio, Bol) Muttcrspaugh, Mary Nad ak. Judi Narkevich. Judy Nazarovich, John Oliphant, Cheryl Ondrako, Diane Oprisko, Brian Palmer. Deidre Palmer. Judy Panek, Karen Pastrikas, Tom Patterson. Diane Pazzanita, Jim Pazzanita, Pete Pecoraros, Lou Petkash, Debby Petrie, Melanie Pietrvkowski, Marie Piotrowski, Dave Plesh. Pam Plesh. Bill Powner, Bret Princhinello, Tom Pucci, Sergio Ravmer. Theresa Rhawn, Phil Richards. Denise Ricker. Linda Rol erts. Bill Robinson. Karen Roehn. Betty Jean Romeo. Mary Romigh, Janet Ross. Larry Ross, Ginny Rotellini, Mark Rusnak. Carolyn Salx)l. Debby Salmloskv. Karen Savie. Phil Sepella. Florence Sesti. Andrea Sestile. Mike Shaffer. Albert 133FRESHMEN: Shaffer-Zychowski Freshmen Prepare for High School Years Shaffer, Sandy Shayka, Ron Shearer. Pat Shingleton, Donna Simon, James Sivy. Thomas Skorija, Mary Slohodian, Joyce Slobodian. Judy Smallis, Leah Stachowicz, Karin Stanisolovich, Dave Stashick. Bob Steuber, Otto Stranko, Paula Strano. Ed Stringer, Dave Strojek, John Szpak, Joanne Temperante, James Tedesco, Mike Thiele, George Townsend, Renita Tuntas, Bill Tyler, Mike Urguhait, Bob Vallecorsa, Dan Vogan, Scott Volosh, Alexis Vucetieh, Charles Wuycik, Daria Williams, Kitty Whitehair. Glenn Wcnglik. Rita Weidinger, Terry Weaver, Diana Ward. Jack Waligora, Mark Yeager. Randy Zeitler, Arlene Zgainer, Tom Zychowski. Joan SOME interesting item outside draws the attention of Skip Mattem and Rich Kuny. 134SOPHOMORES: Aciemo—Brooks Sophomores Encounter Many New Experiences Aciemo, Frank Adrian, Karl Allman. Stephen Amoroso, Charlotte Antinopoulos, Penny Antonini, Mark Aquino, Richard Astorino, Lizanne Badamo, Mario Baker, Karen Banks. Frank Baran, Cyndi MICHELLE HANDZ waits patiently as John Coronna compares his math homework answers with hers. Barlamas, Yvonne Barlow, Ed Barto, Dan Basalyga. John Batch, George Battaglia. Janet Baugher, Bill Bean. Ken Beck, Jim Beck. Ronda Beeman, Rich Belchvk. Julianne Belich. Carla Bel is, Paula Bell, Dorcas Bell. Pam Berton. Deb Besong. Larry Be .uk, Cindy Biauchi, Chris Bionda, Rich Black. Karen Blaho. Cretchen Bobetich, Jeff Bobich, Nick Bohinskv, Gary Bon .o, Larry Borga. Janice Borkowski. Becky Bowan. Becki Bovt, David Brabson. Sue Braun, Sharon Brobeck. Ken Brooks. Charles 135SOPHOMORES: Broz—Ganter Members of the Class of 1976 Adjust to SOPHOMORE Senators arc from left to right: row 1—Dave Deiter, Sallv Johnston, row 2—Terri Francone, Pam Costanza, Janice Kehoe. Broz, Larry Bucci. Bob Budjanec, Tom Bufalini. Gary Burka, Laura Burnett, Debbie Butrey, Frank Cafarelli, Man.' Caferelli, Toney Cahill, Mike Canonge, Carole Cappabianco. John Capriotti, JoAnn Carifo, Hugo Carrodus, Harry Casello, Darlene Cassidy, Patty Cassidy, Tim Catalucci, Sue Coley, Grant Cercone, Pam Cochran, Betty Colella. Christine Coller, Debbie Colorito, Bruce Colorito, Louis Colorito, Vince Columbus. Carol Connelly, Christine Connor, Brian Contenta, Tim Contenta. Tom Cook, Jeff Cords, Candy Corso, Bill Costanza, Margaret Constanza, Pam (xmstanza, Rick Cozad. Anita Cropper, Corine Cruise, Ken Cvitkovic, Bob Cybak, Sam 136Busier Schedules at Ambridge High School BETTY Bradford and Sandy Hanshew use free time of the end of the period to do the geometry homework given by Miss Sherman. D'Allessandro, Bob Davies, David DeBacco, Tony DeCubellis, Bonny Deiter, David DePietro, Elizabeth Dcutsch, Loreen Deutsch, Paul Dewar. Cindy Diamond, Robert Dickson, Karen Dirdo, Jon Dobias, Michael Dornack, Kevin Douds, Dennis Doyle, Maureen Dripps, Diane Dryer, Mark Dschuhan, Dan Duke. James Dunlap, Rich Eadie, Greg Eichin, Joe Eliou. Mike Eppich, Mary Erdlen, Harry Farkasousky, Robert Fernandez, Carla Ferringer, Charles Fisher, Denise Flannigan, Debbie Fontana, Barb Ford, Sue Foringer, Bob Francis, Gary Francone, Terri Frioni, Mark Gabauer, Diane Gagliardi. Josie Gall, Charles Ganter, Tim 137SOPHOMORES: Gaona—Kay Enthusiastic Underclassmen Take an Active Throughout the Year Gaona, Kim Geriak, Dave Ciallorenzo, Bill Gitlo, Mary Gilberg, Judy Gill. Ixila Ginter, Bernadette Clas, Chuck Classer, Bob Comersall, Heidi Grabiak. Marita Craef, John Grasak, Mike Gregory, Leslie Gross, Bill Gross, Ken Grundza, Bill Gryzbowski, Anne Gulish, Tom Guzan, John Gwinn, Toni Halbrook. Leroy Hall, Kelly Hall. Bandy Handzes, Michelle Hanshew, Sandy Harrington, Darlene Harsch, Dave Hartenl ach, Erin llartig, Rosemary Hartle, Julie Haynie. Keith Hedzik. Julie Heiser, Judy Helebrand, William Hearns, Steve Hernande ., Louis Hertncckv. Christopher Hicks, Dialu llluhany. Andress SOPHOMORE, Cindy Lucas buys a bus ticket for an away foot ! all game in Sharon, from Mr. Budimir. Hoffman, Eric Holinda, Faith Homziak. Kathy Holzbach, Mark Hooton, Donna Hoover, Chris 138Part in the Many School Events Occurring Hopkins, Cary Hopkins, Vicki Homiak, Janice Hosack, Laura Houston, Bonny Hrechun, Dan Hronas, Nikki Huchel, Carol Hunt, Richard Huppenthal, Eric Hyre, Sue Illig, Susan Ingros, Valerie Ivanchan, Neal Iwaskewycz, Michael Jahlonowski. Bol) Jahoda, Bol) Jakoboski, Estelle Janicki. Ron Jankiewicz, Ed Jansinski. Cheryl Jimerson, Kevin Johnson. Elizabeth Johnson, Terry Johnston, Sally Jones, Cindy Jones, Leslie Joseph, Regis Joy, Kevin Jula, Christy Jung, Richard Jurcak, James Jusczak. Bernadette Juzwa, Joanne Kacharian, Mary Rose Kalal okes, Evonne Kalabokes, Pam Kaleugjier, Don Kaleugher, Vicky Kandrack, Dave Kappas, Maria Karasko, Diane Kardasz, Bob Kasper, Francine Kassell. Dave Kastriba, Terry Kay, Tim 139SOPHOMORES: Keams-Nicgoidd Students Become Aware of Aspects of Adult Kearns, Dave Kehoe, Janice Kelly, Rich Kenny, Paul Kenny, Therese Kerns, Jerry Kesow, Mike Kirschler, Darrell Klaus, Brian Knoll. Rich Kopac, Mary Ann Kopriva, Rose Kosinski, Brian Koukounaus, Stephanie Kowal. Yvonne Kowalski, Cindy Kowalsky. Karen Kowalsky, Ken Kownacki, Debi Kremind. Cindv Kripcak. Frank Krizan, Kathy Kroczck, Jerry Krol, Fran Kroupa. Debbie Kubia, Pam Kubia, Patty Kuharskv, Ann Kunich, Tom Kuny, Rich Kurash, Kim Kusnirak. Colleen I mb. Jeff Lang, Michelle I rrick, Alan Larrick, Tim Leach, Ken Lech ok, Ted Lelak, Cindy I en, Cindy Lester, James Livengood, Bill JULIE Hurtle asks Celine McDade's viewpoint of the Water-gate case for a project in her science class. Losco, Russell Lubic, Bob Lubic, Paulette Lucas, Cindy Lucic, Karen Ludovici, Nancy Lyons, Linda Mace. Jeff Macurak, JerryLife Through Projects and Senate Elections RUNNING for a seat in the new Student Senate Carla Fernandez presents a speech to the sophomores. Madalinski, Donna Magnone, Denise Majctic. Jeff Manolakes, Jim Maoia, Vicki Mannura, Marsha Marr, Mike Morsilio, Mike Martin, Cheryl Manica, Beverly M slanik, Linda Matanic, Elizabeth Mathews, Jeff Matika, Jamie Mat tern, Clarence Maver, Shelly Mavtic, Lenny McCabe, Kim McClure, Elaine McCormak, Kathv McCoy, Annette McCoy, Rich McCullough, Fran McCullough, Patty McDade, Celine McKee, Sharon Meekling, Chris Meerdo, Mike Mesko, Teresa Mesko, Tom Meyers, Jim Miketa, Donette Miller, Carl Mitchell. Bill Mitro, Rich Monzi, Joe Monzi, Ron Murray, Lloyd Murray. Orlando Murtiff, Luann Musial, Karen Myers, Janet Myers, Joyce Napoleon, Sue Neforos, John Neville, Ed Nicgorski, Diane 141SOPHOMORES: Nichols-Sheesley Sophomores Find High School Helps Them LOU BOYKINS, number S3, catches a pass from Bridget quarterback, freshman Bill Tuntas as Kevin Kimbrough sets up a block. Ostrowski. Dave Paczak. Susan Palauros, Stella Palichat, Nadine Palmer. Mike Palumbo, Joe Paolini, Larry Papsadero, Julie Papinchak, Brenda Parks. Dave Parks, Dianne Parsons, Ken Parsons, Teresa Pastulak, Carrie Patterson, Shaun Perciavalc. Danny Pekarchik, Monica Perciavalle, Frank Percy, Tom Perna, Mark Peters. Jeff Petroff, Jim Pet row. David Pfaff. Sallie PisaiK), Frank Plctz. Francis Polacek, Sue Policichio, Ann Post. Ted Pugliano, Patty Pyle. Amy Ragland, Joyce Rajter, David Raymer. Jean Reda. Christine 142Mature and Accept Many New Responsibilities Rhone, Nancy Ricci, Mary Rice, Holly Racioppo. Mike Ricker, Debra Robertson. Neil Robinson. Lorinda Rodriqucs. Maria Roman. Becky Ronosky, Paul Rosemier, Patty Ross, Fred Rosso, Ron Rudar, Jeff Rudakewich, Klainc Rudek, Terri Rudenko, Eileen Rygalski, Mike Ruttner, Megan Sadowy, Bill Safran, Debbie Safranko, Marie Salada. Linda Santry, Terri Sarvv, Darlene Saylor, Matt Schams, Amy Schiffour, Cyndi Schimonsky, Terri Schriver, Allen Schwertz, Russell Seifer, Bill Semonik, Janice Senules, Paul Shanholtz, Debbie Shapach, Rose Shearer, Susan Sheesley, Bonnie Donna Lane March 20. 195R-October 16. 1973 SOPHOMORES Nadine Palichat and Francine Kasper perform to “Proud Mary. 143SOPHOMORES: Shillmgburg-Zioikowsld Sophomores Do Their Best to Do Well in School Activities Shillinglnirg, Cliff Shulick, John Shuster. Frank Shuster, Michele Silkrowski. Donna Sippel, JoAnn Skeba, Janice Skorija. Judy Slavik, Tammy Slivka. Michelle Smart, Joe Sinelko, Evelyn Smith. Debbie Smith. Otis Smolis, Lori Smr lkick. Robert Sneddin, Nancy Sofranko, Creg Solomich, John Somar, Arlene Somar, Marlene Sovich, Debbie Speelman, Keith Spencer, Donald Springer, Denise §porlarich, Debbie Sprott, John Stadnik, Carolyn Stadnik, Chris Stanasolovich, Tammie Stark, Sue Staryszak, Lucy Stcmbcrski, Kelly Stiles, Joyce Stoloski. Monica Stranko, Steve Striffler, Tammy Strobel. Janet Stuban. Michael Stumpf, Terry Sulkowski, Larry Sumko, Tammy JEAN1E RAYMER makes use of time during lunch, to complete a previous night's assignment. Susan, John Sutton, David Swarlis, Paul Synder, I .aura Testa, Valeric Tetrick, Randy Theodore. John Tokateh, Sandy Toney, GeorgeClasses and Get Involved in Activities Toney, Theresa Tucker, Rick Turner, John Tumley, Mark Tusick, Scott Ulizio, Darlene Unsworth, Tom Vandenbord, Charles Varlichi, Robin Vasilakis. Alex Vild. Mike Villela, Chris Villella, lairrv Villella, Sue Vlasic, Marlene Voynik. Janice Vronski, Natalie Vucetich, Barbara Vukovic, Mike Wagner, Jim Wagurak, Sharon Walker, Lewis Waskiewicz, Diane Waugaman, Richard Welch, Lisa Wells, Bob Wenglik, Gary Wesche, Sharon Wesolowski. Steve West, Debbie Wiegcl, Betsy Wilson, Bob Wisneski, Bruce Ward, David Wright. Beverlv Wright. Bill Yee, Robert Yurcina, Beverly Zaccagnini, Tony Zalenski, Laureen Zalenski, Robert Zazwirsky, Cheryl Zebrowski. Wendy Zimmer, Patty Zioikowski, Leon Hearns, Steve 145JUNIORS: Allen—Dawson Juniors Take Time Working for What They Allen, David Aloe, Patsv Aloi, Sam Alsko, Cecilia Amistadi. Donna Ammon, Art Andrews. Rose Antkiewicz, Jim Applequist, Kathy Bajek, Dave Baker. John Baker. Mark Baker, Pam Balogh, Natalie Bard, Debbie Bamo. Sherry Barlow, Doreen Battaglia, Jack Baumbach. James Baysinger, Kathy Bechak, Mike Belev, Dan Belkowskv, Barry Bell, Mark Bennett, Linda Bennett, Pam Berkner, Zaneen Bevilacqua, Femado Bezuk, Mary Ann Bichey, Steve Binder, Becky Bianchi, Ed Bilanich, John Bionda, David Bionda, Karen Birciw, Cheryl Black, Alice Blackburn, Jim Bosh. Ellen Bosh, Eric Bohatch, Chris Bongiovanni, Rose Borkowski. Bob Boyd, Bob Braddick, Cary Brandis, Brian Breck, Macdonald 146Desire and Striving to Do the Best in Everything Brisco, Joy Brooks, Rich Brownlee, Tom Bucuren, Gary Brunner, Maureen Bmtout, Larry Bufalini, Steve Bungas, George Byers, Laura Cahalan, Fat Cameron, Don Campbell. Cliff Camputo, Ray Carpenter, Debbie Cassidy, Colleen Cassidy, Kathy Castellon, Anna Marie Catalucci, Rav Catanzarite, Wavne Caul, John Cetto, Debra Chalin, Mary Ann Chaykowsky, Bcvcrlv Chaykowsky, Joann Chinchilla, Gloria Chism ire, Dan Choroszewski, Betty Christner, Bill Chupka, Rose Marie Collela, Rita Condit, Stella Connolly, Jonelle Contray, Joellen Coon, Jamie Corless, Sharon Costanza, David Couper, Sherry Cozad, Mark Crispen, Cindy Cunnard, Paul Curley, Jim Cybak, Bob D’Alessandris, Rop D’Amrosio, Patricia Danver, Margie Damo, Mary Ellen Dawson, Tom 147JUNIORS: Deane—Hoffman Juniors Find That School Life Brings Them Deane, Albert Delai, Kathy Deceder, Ron Demacio. Albert Demarco, Patricia lXmardo, Kim Detz, Diane Dinoble. Anthony Dishong. Robert Dobbins, Chester Dobias. Charles Droganjac. Mark IXincan, Lorraine Dykun, Jerry D .iak. Kathleen Dziedzic, Mary Ann Dzubak. Edward Edwards, Joseph English. Nancy Eslick. Jeanette Esseck. Mary Ellen Falkowski, Edward Fedorko. Susan Fercncik. Susan Fisher. Sharon Fitsko, Joe Fitz, Cynthia Fitzpatrick. Carol Flajnik, Paula Flanigan. Teresa Flannery. Maureen Fleeson. Gerald Ford. Robert Franco, Edward Frankiewicz. Clare Frankiewicz. Donald Freed. William Freed. Raymond Frantz. Kim Franz. Dale Fullard. Jeffrey Cable. Biil WALKING to their buses several students pause to converse with friends at the end of the school day. Caborko. Michael Cagliardi. Frank Call, Susan Caona. Thomas Garlitz. Karen Garko, Susan Gatehouse. Bob Gavinski. Valerie Cazda. JudyCloser Together but Keep Their Individuality Gicrlowski. Annelise Gilbert, Michael Goda. James Goinelak. Frank Gomersall. Scott Grabiak, Giles Gennaro. Kim Georgiek, Melanie JUNIOR Karen Savie concentrates on a difficult problem in her geometry homework assignment in order to derive the correct solution. Grant. Timothy Gray. Wanda Graziano, Deborah Gross. Rich Gnimlza, Richard Grzegorek. Judy Guerrieri. Rudolph Guido. Cheryl Guido, Vicky Gwinn. Kevin Habich. Martin Hacker. Scott Haelin. Laurie Halicek. Rachel Hanshaw. Ken Hartenbach. Ken Hartman. Al Hawk. Crecia HaymoiKl. Julie Hearns. Cindy Helderbrand. Joseph Hendnckvm. Bmce Hendrickson. Jeffrey Hendrickson. Roy Henger. Deborah Henisch, Debra Hettish. John Heuler. Joseph Higley. Belinda Hissam. Beverly Hitt. Jerrv Hladio, Rich Hlista. Rudy Hook. Vera Hoffman. Carol 149JUNIORS: Holinda-Mihalic Junior Work Hard to Make the Student Senate Holinda. George Hooks. Gerald Hopkins, Jeffrey Horuiak, Karen Howard, Tracy Hrechen, John Hronas, Phil Hryckowian, Robert Hudak, David Ingros, Joyce Jamery, Richard Jam is, Jo Ann Janocha, Debbie Kalabokes, Ann Karas, Dave Karas, Dan Karnoski, John Jessee, Stephanie Johnson, Tina Kellner, Charlene Kepphert. Susan Kiddy, Karen Kisiday. JoAnn Klacik, Thomas Klak, Debra Klesser, Daryl Knoll, Belinda Kokoski, Nancy Koleman, Betty Jo Konitsncy. Karen Kon, Andrea Kornecki, Bridgette Kosis, Jov Kowal. Micki Kowalski, Mark Kowalski, Steve Kramer. Kathy Kremmel, Jane Krepps, Darla Krithinitis, Cy Krivich, Craig Krofchik, Julie Ann JR. Student Senate: M. Bechak, M. Sacco, P. Cun-nard, G. Shumsky and D. Shutt.a Strong Successful Organization in Its First Year M. BECHAK casts his vote as I). Cetto and C. Sopirak supervise balloting. Krokonke, Bill Krol. Debbie Krupowicz, Cary Kubia, Bonny Kuhni. Linda Kuppinger, Darlene Lagatta, Tom Lambert, Sharon Lcchok. Cheryl Lechok, Dan Lee. Lisa I eopardi, Dominick Lewandowski, Cheryl Lewandowski, Deborah Livitski, Joan Lizak. Valerie Lockhart. Barry Lucaric, Judith Made, Nancy Majetic, Bert Majetic, Joseph Mann. Jamie Marcink. Cary Marotti. Mike Martin. Alvin Mason, Jeff Mauk. Betsy May, Janet Mayer, Denise Maver, Jim Mayer, Rich Melnvk, Janice Mercadante, Doug McCellan, Jim McCellan, Muriel McCulough, Debbie McDade. Ken McMahan, Cindy McTighe, Althea Mickey. Denise Mickey, Donna Mihalic, Eric 151JUNIORS: Mihalic—Rygalski Cheerleaders and Band Members Try to Mihalic, Karen Miker, Mike Mikulich. Mark Miller, lamrel Millie. Debbie Mitchell. Teresa Mogyorsi. Janet Morelli, Georgeiann Morningstar. Rantlv Morrison. Barb Morsillo. Jim Moskes. Diane Mosketti. Dareen Moric, Cheryl Mud rick. Greg Mnha. John Murray. Bev Musgrave, Susan Napoleon. Tom Narkevich. Cindy Navalance, Eileen Nazarovich. Paul Ncese, Debbie Neese. Jim Nelko. Mary Ann Nelson, Rita Nesbit. Jayne Novik, Harry O’Brien. Stephen Offen, Debbie Ondrako. Debbie Ondrako. Joe Orler, Carl Orsag, David Osso, Karla Painter. Rich Palladini, Novina Parisi. Ron Pasteur, Dave Paul. Greg Peel. Mike Pcllic, Linda Perkovic. Vesna JUNIOR band member, Kim Gcnnaro attempts to play her music for the Home coming halftime performance without reading her sheets.Instill School Spirit in the Student Body Rowles, Laima Rowley, Cheryl Rowley, James Rudolph, Mary Kay Russel, Jenny Rygalski, Katherine Ferre, Patsy Peteis, Drew Petrina, Juanita Petro, William Pest row, Diane Pettncr, Frank Pi taro, Fred Plesh, Paul Plovock, Pauline Poling, Paul Proakis, Elaine Prokopovich, Gayle Pruscik, Dave Pugliano, Cathy Ragland, Lydia Reese, Jim Rich. Rosemary Richards, Judy Ries, David Riley. Tom VARSITY Cheerleaders Vicky Klavin and Kathy Dziak express confidence in their team’s performance. 153JUNIORS: Sabolosky—Wasko Junior Class Makes Their Four Years Salrolosky. I orraine Sacco, Mary Sacco, Vince Sadowy, Becki Salopek. Steve Savie, Karen Scaffer. Kathy Scheer, Jill Scherfel, Mary Schmetzer, Lynda Schmidt, Lynn Schomburg, ('harlotto Schutt, Dave Schwartz. Donna Segeleon, Donna Seifcr, Terri Selley, Mark Sessie, Renae Scssic. Roy Sessie, Valerie Sesti, Sam Shaddock. Javne Shelkons, Sue Shuinsky, Glenn Shuster. John Shvach. Sue Sippel, Dave Sivy, Don Skcriotis. George Skiha, Bol Slappo, Barb Slobodian, Karla Smelko. Ton Smith, Barb Smith. Cindy Smith, l auanne Smith. Ray Solomich. Dave Somar, Wayne Sopirak, Cyndie Sovich, Esther Speelman, Sharon BOB GATEHOUSE leaps high for a long pass, but not quite high enough.Here at Ambridge High Memorable Ones Speer, Kim Spencer, I.x rie Sperduti, Lorraine Stanasolovich, Lou Stanislawski, Evelyn Stewart, Mark Stojan, Ed Stolich. Fred WHILE others in his chemistry class work individually Greg Mudrick turns to Melanie Georgiek for help in solving a problem. Stonfcr, Dave Stringer, George Strojek, Ixirraine Strugalski. Joe Stueber, Laura Suegcl, Karen Sylvester, Glenn Syrko, Patty Szafaryn, Len Tabin, Mark Tackas, Rich Tempalski, Bob Teny, Bob Tomayko, Greg Topolski, Rick Trohan, Mike Toth. Tony Tucker, Libby Tuntas, Kris Tumley, Jim Tyma, Tom Tyma, Valerie Uhemik, Jim Vallecorsa, Paul Venncri, Judy Villella, Carl Voegel, Kris Vohar, Don Wachtel, Rosemary Wagner. Karen Ward, Debbie Wargo, Rcnae Wasdi. Brenda Wasko, Debby 155JUNIORS: Waslo—Zvonar Class of 1975 Shows Pride in School Enthusiasm Waslo, Will Webb, Charles Weidinger, Sue Welch, Callie Weston, Mary Sue Wilfong, Linda Williams. Dave Wilson, Javne Wilson. Joe Wilson, Scott Winston, Tom Wright, Bill Wronoskv. Carol Yeager, Jeff Zalienski. Dave Zawronsky, George Zehnder, Dale Zeitlcr, Charlotte Zvonar, Cindy SO he can beat the last lunch bell. Mike Man-hurries toward the school. AN empty corridor proves to be a convenient place for junior Mary Scherfel to JUNIORS Joann Kisiday, Sue Fedorko, and Debbie Otto count can make a last minute check of her bookkeeping assignment. collected for the canned food drive. 156JUNIOR Anelise Cicrlowski pauses briefly to ponder a question on hei German test, as sophomore Teresa Mesko writes intensively. AS part of her job as an attendance aid. Pamela Baker checks homeroom attendance lists and records each absentee. GUARDS Ghip Muha Art Ammon drag Bacchus” Ted Gagianis of stage.SENIORSSENIORS: Aciemo—Boro Seniors Show Underclassmen That Getting Aciemo. Steve Adams. Antoinette Adams. Cindy Affletranger, John Allen. Mary Allman, Susan Alushin. Walter Andrascik. Richard Andrews, Peter Anthony, Joanne Bachor, Judy Bailich. Samuel Baker, (’indy Balego. Michael Barlamas, Alex Barto, Dale Barto, Sue Batch, Joyce Bates, Darryl Battaglia. Nancy Beck, Ernie I«0Involved In Student Affairs Can Be Enjoyable Beeley. Michael Belch yk, Martha Bell. Robert Bellas, Jerri Bellas, Pam Belsky, Mark Berecek, Cindy Berkovic. Annette Bichev, Michael Bilanich, Patricia Billik, Josephine Birciw, Laurel Blanarik. Timothy Blum, Jeffrey Bobich. Pamela Bock, Joseph Boffinger, William Bohinsky, Kathv Bologna. Donna Borga. Thomas Boro, Richard 161SENIORS: Botsko—Constantino School Spirit Gives Teams Motive for Winning Botsko, Thomas Bowan. Shirley Boyd. Karen Britton. Both Broheck. Deborah Brown. Susan Brunner, William Brutout, Judy Buccilli. Donna Bucuren. Jill Buifalini, Robert Bnrka. Joyce Burnell, Mark Burton, Brad Cafarelli, Jean Cafarclli, Mario C ain, Cheryl Calderone, Karen C'app, Charlene Caputo. Regina NAMES are printed on football helmets for the Senior Dav game against Aliquippa which was dedicated to Senior Sam DeBona. AT the Homecoming pep assembly before the New Castle game, the student Ixxly cheers spontaneously for the football squad. Carifo, John Carlisle. Kenny Carney, Michael Carpenter. Darlene Carpenter, Edward Carrera. Phyllis Carroll. Denise CaselIo. IX an Cassidy. John ('atanzarite. Davit! Certich. Frank Chehovits. Janis Chehovits, Ken Cheovits. Kern Christopher. lX boiah Chronister. Teresa Ciccone, Greg Clawson. WendeP Colei la, Theresa Constantino. John 163STUDENTS G. Sivcwright. V. Testa. B. Rossick. K. Schmidt are glad that the long school day has filially reached an end. Contrav, Richard Cook. Gary Cook, John Costan .a. Dchorali Costanza, Paulette Costan a. Roxie Cropper, Richard Cruise. Donna Cruise, Judy Cvitko. Pamela Cvitkovic. Charles C'wvnar, Brenda Czerwinski. Wally Dahma. Michael Darno. Marcia I avanzo, Lyla Davis, Debra Dean. Linda DeBerry, Kim Bel ogov ich. J vce If 4SENIORS: Con tray—Eliou Students Take Advantage of Sunshine DeBona. Samuel DeCubellis. Gary IVLuca. Mary DeMailo, Edward Dempsey, Leslie Dempsey. Lonna IVngel. Kalin Deom, Connie Derochis, Karen Deutsch. Maureen Diamantis. Nick DiNinno, Kim Di Pietro. Don mm Dominick. IX'bra Dni .isky, Theresa Dugos. Beverlv Duke. John Durf, Gayle D iak. John Elion, Ann DURING the 3rd lunch pcriixl. S. DeBona. J. Prokopovich, T. Blanarik. and B. Dugos spend time to get out and enjoy the sun.SENIORS: Esseck—Gross Talented Upperclassmen Combine Hard Work Esseck. James Evans. Molly Fahanich, Jerome Falkowski. Gasimir Farkas, Ralph Feenstra, l.arry Fioravanti. Frank Fitzpatrick. Mar Foltz. David Fontana. Chris IN the production. The Greeks Had A Word For It. Two lovers. Maureen Deutsch and Terry Sisley embrace and kiss affectionately. IftfiWith Pleasure to Make Two Stage Productions Cagliardi. Ida Callik, Kim Gennan). Toni George. Donna George. Thomas Ceru ounis. Janies Geriak, C.'athv Ciammaria, Robert KEN Zl’K. as Pan. speaks to the audience in an intnxluction to the 1973 all-school play. The Greeks Had Word For It. Gido. John Glasser. Norman Cloinb. Jon ('.olden. Marguerite Gomersall. Roliert Craef, Nlarie-(!laude Grafton. Barn (Griffith. Saiulie Cr«»ss, (-ary Cross. Kathv 167SENIORS: Grundza—Jones At Football, Basketball Games and Assemblies Grundza. Donna Crzybowski. Margie Guerricri, Mark Guidos. Patricia Gust. Gath) Guthrie. Chris Cu an, Mark Guzyk. Mark Hare, Beverls Harrington. Hu hard Harsch. Brenda Haskins. Susi Hasson. Louis Hasson, Michael Hatton. John Hellwig. Marianne Hendrickson, I.arr Hicks. Patricia Hlista, Steve lloffmaster, Debra Homziack, Fran CHEERLEADERS Beth Tate. Joyce Prokopovich, and Kathy Dziak urge the crowd to cheer and the Bridges to Keep on Pushing,.” 16SCheerleaders and Majorettes Back Teams SENIOR majorette Cindy Nesbitt performs to Peter Gun at the 1973 Homecoming football game against New Castle High School. Hoover, Otto Hoover, Paul Hopkins. Heidi Horniack, Michelle Hrtisko, Mary Ann Hohhard. Ron Huehel. Barbra Hudacsek, Eleanor Hudicek. Susan Hudson. Charles Humbert. Reggie Ingram. Virginia Ivauchan. Derek Ivanchan, Lance Jah Kla. Martin Jamerv. Ronald Jantsch, Leslie Jarostowski. John Jessee, Cathy Johnston, Joyce Jones. Alex 169SENIORS: Jovce-Laniish Many Planned Social Events Give Ambridge Joyce, Richard Joyner, Jcnnv Karas, Charles Karas. Karen Kardash, Boyd Kascek, Karen KastrilK.. Larry Katlerson, Lyman Kannert, David IN’ the library, II. Hopkins, and J. Prokopovich do research for their assignments. Ka .il, Donna Kellinger, Kathi Kellinger, Mark Kendra. Georgcne Kesow, Nancy Kingcrski. Cheryl Klavin, Vicky Kleemook, Cary Kloffenstein. John Koban. Mars Kokan. Stephen Kopac. Carolyn Kopac, Samuel Koppel, John Korh. James 170Students a Change From Daily School Work Kordas. Alan Kosis, William Kosis. Wade Kotv. Susan Kowal, Michael Kowal. Michael Kowalskv. George Kownacki. Robert Kramer. William B. PROTENIC. J Maz etti. and M Dahma sell tickets to the Mistletoe. Kramer. Vaughn Kreminel, Janies Kremmel. Vicki Krol. Linda Kuhick, Karen Kulmi. Edward Kulianos. Maria Kunv. Fileen Kunv. Rolne Knrasli, Jill Kurash. Marilyn Kusiiir. Susan launbert. Karen Landfried. Paul latmish, Peter 171SENIORS: Larson—Mihalow In Sports Bridger Athletes Work and Strive to Larson. Kurt Lossy k, John l.ipinski. Richard Lovcrich, Karen Lubert, Shirley Lubic. John Lucas. Edward Lucas, Jennie Lucentc. Richard Ludwin. Cary Luketic. Sharon Lyons, Joseph Mace, Judy Makowski, Karen Malinowski, Beverly Manini, Anthony Manis. Carol Nlanolakos, Vickv Maravich, Ceorge Nlariani. Joseph Mamstak, John Mason. I onald Mathews. Denise Slattern. Ronald BRAD BURTON asks Mr. Chiaverini about a play against Ell wood's wolverines. 172Develop Natural Abilities and Achieve Victory Matzie, l-ynn Mauk. Joan Mauldin. Cynthia Max. JoAnne Mazur. Laura Mazzctti. Joanne McCombie, l.vnn McCoy. Thomas McCracken, Roger McGeorge, Stephen McGinnis. Keith McHenry, Robert McMahan. James McStav. Dehbir Melnyk, Donna Merlino. Debra Merriman. Deborah Mesko. Michael Michkofskv, Patricia Mihalik. Jeffrey Mihalow, Kdward McCandless. Charles McClure, David McCollim, Rol)ert MORAN and Saylor keep their eyes on the ball, as Dana Smith receives a pass. 173SENIORS: Miller-Pisano Seniors Display Creative Talents Through Miller. Sandy Mindek. Michelle Mistovich, Milena Mitchell, Dianne Mlav. Michael Moore. Deborah Moran. David Morrison, Pamela Morton. Kli abeth Murray. Deborah Murray. Lester Musi, Linda Mutschler. Larry Mutterspaugh. Barbara Mutterspaugfr. William Nawoczynski. Andrea Nawrocki. Debra Nawroeki. Bussell Na arovitch. Marv Ann Nehilla. Mark Nesbitt. Cindy 174Plays and Concerts by School Organizations THESPIAN Mary llrusko paints decorative details on scenery, steps leading to Zues throne, for The Greeks Had A Word For It.” Neville, Cindy Novak. Bernadette Oprisko, Samuel Ord. Carolyn Orlowski, Hick Paliehat. Natalie Palmer. Anita Paolini. Honald Papantonie. Michael Papasodero, Marlene Parker. Sheri Parkinson. Lynn Patrick. Donald Patterson. Sharon Perri, Rosetta Persson, Michael Phillips. Cheryl Pilitz. Doreen Piontek. Lorraine Pisano. Christine Pisano. Janies 175SENIORS: Pletz-Schell Bridger Team Provides Plenty of Action And Piet , Patricia Pocorus, Renee Polito, Cannen Post. Richard Powell, Kathy Pawner. Lydia Pravlik. Stephanie Prokopovich. Joyce Protenic, Betsy Proul, Emile Pszeracki, Ralph Puckett, Cheryl Pushak, John Rainaldi, Jeffrey Ready. Patricia Rliawn. Linda Rinaldi, Bcckv Robbins. Susan A Blackhawk player makes a strong effort to score, but Dale Barto (32) puts forth an even stronger attempt to try and block the shot. 176Excitement for the Basketball Season Roberts, Rochelle Robertson. Daniel Rodgers, Denise Roginski. Nancy Roppo. Ann Rose. Betty Rossi. Nick Rudakewicli. Barbara Rndakwich, David Rnssell, Helen Ruth. Barrx Rygalski. Cathy Rykaczewski. Jo Anne Sahatine. Barbara Sadowy, Len Savage, Virginia Saylor, Douglas Schell, JamesSENIORS: Schmidt-Staving Senior Class Gets Caught Up in The Spirit ftilS Schmidt, Dawn Schmidt, Kevin Schwertz, Ken Scisciani. Marie Sehnke. Kevin Semonich. Val Sessie, Don Sestile, W illiam Simla. Michelle Silkroski, Cindy Sisley, Terry Sivewright, Gary Skapik, Virginia MB. GURNEY directs a Yuletide carol played by the members of Ihe Bridget Brass in the high school lohhv. during Christmas. Shapach. Mary Shclkons. Yvonne Shecslcy. Sandy Shingleton. Mike Slmmsky. Jav 178of Yuletide While Awaiting New Year Skoff. Beck Slavik. loretta Smr .litk. Nick Snelson. Vickie Soltis. William Sonnic. Sharon Soska. Cindy Soska, Wend) Sovich. Pattv Spagnolo, Mike Spinosi, John Spinosi. Joseph Spolarich, Gary Springer. Thomas Spniill. Carter Spuganich, Gail Staving. Gary Staving. Band) DAVID VITO volunteers some of his free time to assist in decorating and trimming the Christmas tree in the school's lol l . 179SENIORS: Strano—Zawinskv All Students At Ambridge Look Forward Strano. Michelle Striegel. Joyce Stumpf. Keith Tahiti. Judy Tate. Beth Testa. Vince Thompson. Brian Tokatch, Karen Tomaszewski. Mark Topolewski. Thomas Trant man. Mark Tuntas, James Tusick. Dress L'hernik. Kathy Varliehi. Shirley Venglass. David VAto, Davkl ovnik, Alan 180To the Prom As the Year’s Extravanganza Vucetkrh, Becky Wachtel. Patricia Wagner. Cindy Wall. Susan Walters. Paul Wanchik. Mark Wasko, Regina Waslo, Paula Weber, Dawn Weber. James Welling. Pamela Wheeler. Karen WiLson, David Wood. Jayne Woods. IX l»bie Yociun. Karen Young, Marsha Zawinskv. Mickev lf lSENIORS; Zdziarski—Zurow Seniors Treasure Memories of Ambridge Zdziarski, Phyllis Zehnder. Carolyn Zentichko. George Zuk. Kenneth Zukowski. Jo Ellen Znrwo, Carol AT an assembly Tom Borga and Wallv Czerwinski grimace as Phyllis Carrera smaks Mario Cafarelli in the face with a custard pie. IS2 CHEERLEADERS join their hands, forming a spirit chain, to lead in the singing of our alma mater at the Senior Dav Assembly.SENIOR SENATE MEMBERS-John Gido, Laurel Birciw. San DeBona. Sue Robbins, Mike Carnev. DESPITE a valiant effort bv Dave Kaunert the quarterback completes a | ass at the Homecoming game against the visiting New Castle Hurricanes. SENIOR cheerleader, Jill Bucnren w atches activities at an outdoor football pep assembly for the Senior Day game against the Aliquippa Quips. 1831974 SENIOR ACTIVITIES A ANTOINETTE ADAMS: General. CINDY JO ADAMS: Commercial. JOHN AFFELTRANGER: Academic; Rand, Varsity 10,11,12, Bridger Brass 10.11. Vice-President 12; Chorus 12. Mixed Ensemble 12; Spanish Club 10; Amatnre Radio Club 11. MARY ELIZABETH ALLEN: Academic; Pep Club 10,11; Thespians 11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11; Yearbook Representative 11; Silhouette Representative 10,11; Homeroom Secretary 10, Treasurer 11; Girls’ Intramurals 10,11. SUSAN MARIE ALLMAN: Distributive Education. WALT ALUSHIN: Academic; Football, Junior High 9. Junior Varsity 1 1. Varisty 11.12, ; Track 9. RICHARD S. ANDRASCIK: Academic; Basketball, Junior High 9, Junior Varisty 11; Boys’ Intramurals 10,12; Basketball Manager 10. PETER RICHARD ANDREWS: Academic; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varsitv 10,11, Varsity 10,11,12; Track 9,11; Wrestling, Varsity 12. JOANNE LORRAINE ANTHONY: Ac- ademic; Band, Varsity 9,10; Attendance Aids 11; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Student United Nations 11; Program Sales 12; Homeroom Secretary 11,12; Treasurer 12. B JUDITH LYNNE BACHOR: Distributive Education; Pep Club 9; DECA 12. SAM BAILICH: Academic; Bovs’ Intramurals 9,11; Track 10. CYNTHIA RAE BARKER: Com-merical; Chorus 9; Pep Club 9,10. MICHAEL THOMAS BALEGO: Academic; Football, Junior High 9; Bovs’ Intramurals 11,12. ALEXANDER BARLAMAS: Academic; Student United Nations 12; Chess Club 9,10,11,12; Latin Club 10; Homeroom President 9; Vice-President 10; Basketball, Junior High 9; Boys’ Intramurals 10,11; Wrestling, Varsity 9.10,11,12. DALE T. BARTO: Academic; Attendance Aids 11; Homeroom Vice-President 9; Secretary 11; Basketball, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, Varsity 11,12; Baseball 10.11,12. SUSAN LOUISE BARTO: Commercial; Chorus 9; Pep Club 10,11; Library Club 9; leaders’ Club 11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Girls. Intramurals 9,10,11,12; FBLA 11,12. JOYCE ANN BATCH: Commercial; Pep Club 10. DARRYL JAMES BATES: Vocational: Chorus 9; Football, Junior High 9: VIC A Vice-President 12. NANCY IRENE BATTAGLIA: Academic. ERNIE. RAY BECK: Vocational; Chess Club 12; Bovs' Intramurals 11,12; Baseball 12. MICHAEL EUGENE BEELY: Academic; Yearbook Staff 12; Boys’ Intramurals 11,12; Industrial Arts Club 12. MARTHA BELCHYK: Commercial; Pep Club 10,11,12; Leaders’ Club 11,12; Junior Red Cross 10; Program Sales 10,11,12; Silhouette Representative 10; Yale-Princeton 11,12; Girls’ Intramurals 10,11,12; FBLA 12. ROBERT BELL. JERRI LYNN BELLAS: Academic; Chorus 9; Spanish Club 10,11; Y.E.A. 10; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Homeroom Secretary 10.11,12; Silhouette Representative II; Girls’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12. PAMELA KAY BELLAS: Academic; Spanish Club 10; Pep Club 10,11,12; Building Patrol 11,12; Thespians 11.12; National Honor Society 11,12; Secretary 12; Leaders’ Club 11,12; Student United Nations 10; Usherettes 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Program Sales 11; C»iris’s Intramurals 9,10,11,12; Girls’ Volleyball 10,11,12. MARK ALAN BELSKY: Academic, Band, Varsity 9,10,11,12; Chorus 9; Student Council 10; Homeroom President 10; Bovs’ Intramurals 11,12; Track 10,11,12; Crosscountry 10,11,12; Intramurals, Bowling 12; Varsity Basketball Manager 10,11,12. ZANE RICHARD BENNETT: Vocational. CINDY MARIE BERECEK: Academic; Spanish Club; Pep Club 10,11; Student United Nations 10; Junior Red Cross 10,11.12; German Club 12. 184 ANNETTE MARIE BERKOVIC: Gen-eral; Guidance Helper 9; Y.E.A. 10,11,12. MICHAEL JOSEPH B1CUEY: General; Wrestling, Varsity 10. PATRICIA LOUISE BILANICH: Academic; Chorus 9,10;F.T.A. 12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Leaders’ Club 12; Student United Nations 10; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 11,12; Girls' Intramurals 10.11,12. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH BILLIK: Academic; Chorus 9; Y.E.A. 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Building Patrol 11,12; National Honor Society 11,12; Leaders’ Club 11,12; Student United Nations 10; Usherettes 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Cheerleader, Junior High 9; Program Sales 11; Homeroom Secretary 10,11,12; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 10; Girls’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12. LAUREL BIRCIW: Academic; Pep Club 10,11; National Honor Society 11,12; Student Senate 12; Usherettes 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10.11.12; Girls’ Intramurals 10,11,12; German Club 12. TIMOTHY MICHAEL BLANARIK: Academic; Homeroom Vice-President 10,11,12; Track 9,10,11,12. JEFFREY BLUM. PAMELA BOBICH: Academic; Spanish Club 11; Pep Club 10,11, 12; Usherettes 11; Junior Red Cross 11,12. JOE BOCK: Academic; Homeroom Vice-President 11; Boys’ Intramurals 11,12; Baseball 12. WILLIAM FREDERICK BOFINGER: Academic; Boys’ Intramurals 11,12. CATHY BOH INSKY: General; Program Sales 10.11; Homeroom President 9; Girls’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12. DONNA MARIE BOLOGNA: Academic; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Girls’ Intramurals 12; FBLA 11,12. THOMAS JOSEPH BORCA: Academic; Chorus 9; Thespians 12; Cheerleader, Varsity 12; Football, Junior High 9; Boys’ Intramurals 10,11,12. RICHARD CHARLES BORO: Academic; Cheerleader, Varsity 12; Basketball, Junior High 9; Boys’ Intramurals 10,11,12. Baseball 10. THOMAS JAMES BOTSKO: Academic. SHIRLEY KATHERINE BOWMAN: Commercial; Chorus 11,12; Pep Club 11. KAREN LYNN BOYD: Academic; Y.E.A. 12; Pep Club 10.12; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Program Sales 12; Girls’ Intramurals 10.11.12. RUTH ANN BRITTON: Academic; Newspaper, Assistant Editor 12; Typist 12; Business Manager 12; Art Editor 12; Representative 12; Art Club 9. JOYCE ANN BURKA: Academic; Chorus 11.12; Spanish Club, President 12; Pep Club 10: Building Patrol 11,12; Student United Nations 11; Junior Red Cross 10.11; Cheerleader, Junior High 9, Varsity 11; Homeroom Treasurer 10,11,12; Girls' Intramurals 10,11; Girls’ Gvm Team 9. Chorus 9,10,11; Pep Club 9; Building Patrol 12; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Guidance Helpers 12. DEBBIE ROSE BROBECK: Commercial; Student Council 9; Homeroom Treasurer 9; Girls’ Intramurals 9,10; Girls' Volleyball 9. SUSAN JANE BROWN: Academic; Pep Club 11,12; Junior Red Cross 11,12. MARK K. BURNELL: Academic; Band 12, Bridger Brass 10,11,12; Chorus 10,11,12; Mixed Ensemble 10,11,12; Chess Club 11. BRAD L. BURTON: Academic; Homeroom President 10.11.12; Football, Junior High 9, Varisty 10,11,12; Boys’ Intramurals 10,11,12; Baseball 10,11,12. C BILL HERBERT BRUNNER: General. JUDY L. BRUTOUT: Commercial; Pep Club 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 12. CHERYL ANN CAIN: Commercial Pep Club 9,10, Building Patrol 12: FBLA 12. DONNA MARIE BUCILLI: Commercial. JILL LORRAINE BUCUREN: Commercial; Chorus 10,11,12; Spanish Club. Vice-President 10; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Cheerleader, Junior High 9, Varsity 10,11,12; Homeroom Vice-President 11, Secretary 10; Girls’ Intramurals 9,10,11. ROBERT BUFFALINI: Academic; Y.E.A. 10,11,12; Library Club 9,10,11,12; Student United Nations 10,11,12; Vice-President 12; School JEAN EILEEN CAFARELLI: Commercial; Italian Club. Vice-President 12; FBLA 11,12; Curls’ Intramurals 10,11. MARIO A. CAFARELLI: General; Chorus 12; Track 10,11,12; Cross Country 12; Wrestling, Varsity 11,12. KAREN F. CALDERONE: General; Pep Club 11,12; Italian Club 12. CHARLENE MARY CAPP: Academic; Chorus 11,12; Drug Committee 9,10; Attendance Aids 12; Pep Club 1851974 SENIOR ACTIVITIES 9,10,11,12; Usherettes 10,11,12, Vice-President 12, Secretary 11; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Homeroom Secretary 10. REGINA MARIE CAPUTO: Academic; Pep Club 9,10,12; Junior Red Cross 10; Program Sales 12; School Newspaper, Reporter 12; Girls' Intramurals 12; Girls Volleyball 12. JOHN JOSEPH CARIFO: General; Band 9.10,11,12; Varsity 10,11,12, Bridgcr Brass 10,11,12; Pep Club 10. KENNY W. CARLISLE: Academic; Interaction Committee 10,11,12; Student Council 9,10; President 9,10; Basketball, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10; Boys’ Intramurals 11,12; Track 9,11.12. MICHAEL CARNEY: Academic; Basketball. Junior High 9, Varisty 10; Intramurals 11,12; Baseball 12; Student Senate 12. DARLENE CARPENTER: Academic; Pep Club 10. EDWARD MICHAEL CARPENTER: Academic. PHYLLISS ANN CARRERA: Academic; Spanish Club 10; Y.E.A. 11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Building Patrkl 11,12; Thespians 11,12; National Honor Society 11,12; Student Council 11; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Yearbook Representative 10; Cheerleader, Junior High 9; Varsity 10,11,12; Junior Class T reasurer 11. DENISE MARY CARROLL: Academic; Spanish Club 11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Student Council 10,11; Student United Nations 11,12; Junior Red ( toss 10.1 1.12; Yearbook Staff 10.1 1.12. Advertising Staff 12; Homeroom President 10,11,12. DEAN ANTHONY CASELLO: Academic; Chorus 9; Homeroom Vice-President 10, Treasurer 11; Basketball, Junior High 9, Intramurals 10,11,12; Baseball 10; Tennis 10,11. JOSEPH EDWARD CASSIDY: Academic; Spanish Club 10,11. DAVID CATANZARITE: Academic-Chess Club II; Homeroom Secretary 11; Intramurals 10,11,12; Bowling Intramurals 10,11,12; Secretary 12. FRANK CERTICH. JANIS JEAN CHEHOVITS: Commercial; Majorette 11; Pep Club 10; Junior Red Cross 12; Bulletin Board Committee 11,12; Guidance 11,12. KENNETH PAUL CHEHOVITS: General. KERRY CHEHOVITS: Vocational; Stage and Lighting Crew; Treasurer VICA; Bulletin Board Committee. DEBBIE LYNNE CHRISTOPHER. Commercial; Pep Club 9,10,11.12; Girls’ Intramurals 10: FBLA 11,12. THERESA MARIE CIIRONISTER. GREGORY ALBERT CICCONE: Academic; Band. Varsity 9, 10,11,12; Brass Choir 9,10,11,12; Bridger Brass 9,10,11,12. WENDELL WILLIAM CLAWSON: Vocational; VICA 12. THERESA LOUISE COLELLA: Commercial; Y.E.A. 11,12; Pep Club 10.12; Leaders’ Club 12; Student United Nations 11; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; FBLA 12; Italian Club Treasurer 12; Girls’ Intramurals 10,11,12. GARY W. COOK: Academic. JOE CONFORTO: Distributive Education; Football, Junior High 9; Basketball, Junior High 9. JOHN CONSTANTINO. RICHARD CONTRAY: Distributive Education. JOHN COOK: Vocational. RALPH COSTA: Vocational. DEBORAH LOUISE COSTANZA: Academic; Spanish Club 9.10; Pp Club 9,10,11,12; Building Patrol 12; Thespians 11,12; Student United Nations 10,11; Usherettes 10,11; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Program Sales 11,12; Homeroom Treasurer 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramurals’ 10. PAULETTE ANGELA COSTANZA: General; Chorus 10.11,12; Bulletin Board Committee 10. ROXIE I). COSTANZA: Academic; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Ensemble 11,12; Football, Junior High 9. RICHARD WILLIAM CROPPER. Vocational; VICA 12. DONNA JEAN CRUISE: Distributive Education; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Girls’ Intramurals 9; Girls’ Volleyball 10.11. PAMELA MARIE CVITKO: Commercial; Chorus 12; Y.E.A. 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Building Patrol 12; Girls’ Intramurals 10,11; FBLA 11,12. CHARLES CVITKOVIC: Academic. BRENDA ANN CWYNAR: Distributive Education; Pep Club 11,12; DECA 12; Girls’ Intramurals 11.12; Girls’ Volleyball 11. D MICHAEL DAHMA. MARCIA MARIE DARNO: Com-merical; Pep Club 9,10,12; Junior Red Cross 12; Yearbook Staff 9; Homeroom Vice-President 11; Girls’ Intramurals 9,11,12; FBLA 12. LYLA LYNN DAVANZO: Academic; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Italian Club 12. DEBRA ANN DAVIS: General; Chorus 11,12; Spanish Club 10; Pep Club 9,10. LINDA DEE DEANE: Commercial; Chorus 9; Pep Club 9,10,12. KIM RICHARD DEBERRY: Academic; Band 10,11,12; Library Club, Vice-President 12; Boys’ Intramurals 9,12. JOYCE MARIE DEBOGOVICH: Commercial; Chorus 12; Pep Club 10. SAM GUIDO DEBONA: academic; Student Senate Chairman 12; Home-room President 12; Football, Varisty 10,11,12. GARY JOHN BECUBELL1S: General; Wrestling, Varsity 11.12. MARY ANN DELUCA: Commercial; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10.11,12; Yearbook Representative 9,10,11,12; Program Sales 11,12; Homeroom Secretary 12; Girls’ Intramurals 11. EDWARD ALEXANDER DEM All O: Academic; Football, Junior High 9, Varisty 10,11,12; Track 9,10,11,12, Wrestling, Varsity 10. LESLIE DALE DEMPSEY: Academic; Pep Club 9,10; Thespians 11,12; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Girls’ Intramurals 9. LONNA GAIL DEMPSEY: Academic-Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11; Girls’ Intramurals 9. KATHY ANN DENGEL: Academic; Y.E.A 11; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Building Patrol 12; Thespians 11,12; Leaders’ Club 12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12; Bowling Intramurals 11,12. CONNIE L. DEOM: Academic. KAREN ANN DEROCHIS: Academic; Y.E.A. 10,11,12; Usherettes 10,11,12; Program Sales 12; Bowling Intramurals 11. MAUREEN JAYNE DEUTSCH: General; Pep Club 9,10,11; Library Club 10,11; Thespians 11,12; Student Council 10,11; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Bulletin Board Committee 20; Program Sales 10; Homeroom Secretary 9, Treasurer 10, Vice-President 11, President 12; Girls’ Intramurals 10. NICK GEORGE DI AM ANTIS: General. KIM MARIE DININNO: Academic-Attendance Aids 11,12; Spanish Club 10; Y.E.A. 10,11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Thespians 11,12; Student United Nations 11,12; Usherettes 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Program Sales 10,11,12; Homeroom Secretary 9,10; Girls’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12; Girls’ Volleyball 10,11. DOMINIC DONALD DIPIETRO: Vocational; Spanish Club 10; Boys’ Intra-murals 9; VIC A 12. DEBRA LYNN DOMINICK: Commercial; Band Librarian 11.12; Majorette 9,11,12; Chorus 9,10, Ensemble 10,11; Spanish Club 10,11; Pep Club 10,11; Homeroom Secretary 11; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 10,11,12; FBLA 12. THERESA SUSAN DRUZISKY: Academic; Y.E.A. 11.12, President 12: Pep Club 11; Building Patrol 11.12; National Honor Society 11.12; Student United Nations 11,12, Junior Red Ciikw 10,11,12; Silhouette, Reporter 10, Business Manager 11, Editor-in-Chief 12. DONALD DUGAN. BEVERLY ANN DUGOS: Academic; Chorus 11,12; Attendance Aids 11; Spanish Club 11; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Student United Nations 10.11; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Program Sales 11; Homeroom Treasurer 11,12; Girls’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12; Girls’s Gym Team 9. JOHN M. DUKE: Academic; Building Patrol 11,12; Silhouette, Reporter 10,11; Bovs’ Sports Editor 12; Bovs’ Intramurals 11; Industrial Arts Club Treasurer 12; Bowling Club 11,12; Bovs’ Tennis Team 11.12. GAYLE L. DURF: Distributive Educa- tion; DEC A 12; Junior Red Cross 10; DEC A Parlimentarian 12. JOHN DZIAK: Academic; Student Council 9; Bulletin Board Committee 11; Guidance Helpers 11; Homeroom Secretary 10; Treasurer 11,12; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varisty 10.11; Varsity 10.11,12: Baseball 11.12. E ANNA ELIOU: Academic; Chorus 9; Spanish Club 11; Yearbook Representative 9; Homeroom Secretary 9; F.B.L.A. 12. JAMES DAVID ESSEK: Academic; Basketball, Junior High 9; Intramurals 10.11,12; Bowling Intramurals 12. MOLLEY JEAN EVANS: Academic; Drug Committee 12; Pep Club 10,12; National Historical Society 10,11,12, President 12; Leaders’ Club 11,12, Secretary 12, Treasurer 12; Yale-Princeton 10,11.12; Girls' Intramurals 9,10.11,12; Girls’ Volleyball 11,12; Girls’ Varsity Basketball 12. F JEROME ALAN FABANICH: Academic; Yearbook Staff 12. CASIMIR FALKOWSKI. RALPH FARKAS. LARRY FEENSTRA. FRANK FIORAVANTI: Academic; Attendance Aids 11; Football. Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, Varsity 10,11.12; Baseball 11.12; Bovs’ Gvm Team 9. MARY CATHERINE FITZPATRICK: Commercial; Band, Varsity 9,10,11; Majorette 11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11; National Historical Society 11,12, Secretary 12. KAREN S. FRANCIS: Commercial. CINDY M. FRANCONE: Commercial; F.B.L.A. President 12; Bowling Intramurals 10.11,12. TOM E. FRANTZ: Academic; Chorus 9.10.11,12; Ensemble 10,11,12; Chess Club 11,12. GARY W. FREDERICK: Academic; Football, Junior Varisty 11; Wrestling, Varisty 10,11,12. PATRICIA ANNE FREED: Academic-Pep Club 9,10,11; Junior Red Cross 1871974 SENIOR ACTIVITIES 10,11; Homeroom Secretary 10, Treasurer 11; Curls’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12. FRED FRIEL: Distributive Education; Chorus 9. DEC A 12. ROBERT E. FRVNKEWICZ: General; Chorus 10,11,12. CHRIS FONTANA: Academic; Cheerleader 12; Homeroom Vice-President 9; Football, Junior Varisty 10,11; Football Manager 10,11,12; Boys’ Intramurals 10,11,12. DAVE A. FOLTZ: Distributive Education; Football. Junior High 9. STEPHEN ALAN FURIS: Academic; Chorus 9; National Historical Society 11.12; Italian Club 12. C IDA JOANN GAGLIARDI: Academic; Spanish Club 10,11; Pep Club 12; Junior Red Gross 12. KIM ANTOINETTE GALLIK: Academic; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Student United Nations 11; Student Council 11; Yearlxjok Staff 12; Homeroom Vice-President 10; Girls’ Intramurals 9,10; Girls’ Gym Team 9,10,11. TONI GENNARO: Academic; Chorus 9,12; Y.E.A. 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Building Patrol 11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; ('.iris’ Intramurals 12; Y.E.A. Historian 12. DONNA MARIE GOERGE: Commercial; Pep Club 11,12; Student Council 9; Yearbook Staff 10; Program Sales 11,12; Homeroom Vice-President 9; F.B.L.A. 12. TOM GEORGE. CATHY LYNN GERIAK: Commercial; Pep Club 9,10,11; Building Patrol 11,12; Usherettes 11,12; Yearbook Staff 12; Spanish Club 10; F.B.L.A. 12. JAMES GERAZOUNIS. ROBERT JOSEPH GIAMMARIA: Vocational JOHN ANDREW CIDO: Academic; Student Senate Vice-Chairman 12-Bovs’ Intramurals 10,11; Baseball 10,11,12. JOHN NORMAN GLASSER: Academic; Golf 12; Wrestling, Junior Vari-sty 10, Varisty 11,12. JOY LORRAINE GLOMB: Academic; Pep Club 10. MARGUERITE GOLDEN: General; Pep Club 9; Junior Red Cross 11; Building Patrol 12; Girls’ Intramurals 11. ROB GOMERSALL: General; Track 9; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 10. M A RIE-C LA IDE LOR R A INK GRAEF: Academic; Pep Club 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 11,12, President 12; Italian Club 12. BARRY WILLIAM GRAFTON: Academic; Band 9; Spanish Club 10; Industrial Arts Club 10,11. SANDIE LOU GRIFFITH: General; Pep Club 10; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Program Sales 10. GARY JOSEPH GROSS: Vocational; V.I.C.A. 12. KATHERINE ANN GROSS: Commercial; Chorus 10,11,12; Ensemble 11,12. DONNA LYNN GRUNDZA: Academic; Spanish Club 9,10. MARGARET FRANCES CRY-BOWSKI: Commercial; Spanish Club 10; Y.E.A. 12; Junior Red Cross 10,1 L Student Council 10,11; Cheerleader, Junior High 9; Homeroom President 9,10,11,12; Girl’s Gym Team 9,10,11. MARK ALAN GUERRIERI: Academic; Bovs' Intramurals 11.12; Baseball 12. PATRICIA JEAN GUIDOS: Academic; Majorette 12; Chorus 11; Spanish Club 10; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11; Homeroom Secretary 11; Girl’s Intramurals 9,10. CATHY MARIE GUST: Academic; Drug Committee 11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; National Honor Society 11,12; Leader’s Club 11,12; Student Council 9,10,11; Cheerleader 9; Homeroom President 9,11.12; Girls’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12. ALBERT GUTCH. CHRIS F. GUTHRIE: Academic; Vocational; Wrestling, Varsity 10,11,12; V.I.C.A. 12. MARK GUZAN: Academic; Thespians 10,11.12; Student Council 9,10,11; Homeroom President 9,10,11,12; Foot- ball, Junior Varisty 10,11. Varisty 10,11,12; Boys’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12; Track 10. MARK GUZYK: Academic. II BEVERLY ELAINE HARE: General; Band 9; Pep Club 9,11,12; F.B.L.A. 11,12. RICHARD HARRINGTON. BRENDA LEE HARSCH: Academic; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Ensemble 10,11.12; Y.E.A. 11,12; Pep Club 10; Thespians 11.12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Girls Intramurals 10,11,12. SUSAN CAROL HASKINS: Distributive Education; Chorus 10,11,12; Ensemble 11; Spanish Club 10; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; DECA 12, Secretary 12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Program Sales 11; Homeroom Treasurer 11. F.B.L.A. 12. LOUIS HASSON. MICHAEL HASSON. RAY EDWARD HAYNIE: Vocational. CATHY RAF HEINZ: Academic: Pep (dub 10,12; Junior Red Cross 10.12. MARIANNE HELLWIC: Commercial. 188LARRY HENDRICKSON. PATRICIA ANN HICKS: Commercial; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; junior Red Cross 12; Girls' Intramurals 9,10,11,12; F.B.L.A. Treasurer 11,12. STEPHEN II LIST A. Academic; Chorus 11. DEBORAH LYNN HOFFMASTER: Academic; Spanish Club 9,10; Y.E.A. 12; Pep Club 9,10,11; junior Red Cross 12. FRANCIS ANN HOMZIAK: Academic; Spanish Club 10,11; Y.E.A. 11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Building Patrol 11,12; Usherettes 10,11,12; Secretary 12; Yearbook Representative 10; Girls’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12; Homeroom Treasurer 11. HEIDI LEIGH HOPKINS: Academic; Spanish Club 11; junior Red Cross 10,11; German Club 12. OTTO LEROY HOOVER. PAUL R. HOOVER: Academic; Bovs’ I nt ra murals 11. MICHELLE SUSAN HORNIAK: Academic; Pep Club 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramurals 10,11. MARY ANNE HRUSKO. Commercial; Pep Club 9,10,11; Building Patrol 11,12; Thespians 11,12; Girls’ Intramurals 10,11,12. RONALD I. HUBBARD: Academic Boys’ Intramurals 11,12. BARBARA ANN HUCHEL: Academic; (-horns 9; Pep Club 9,10.11,12; Library C-lub 10,11, Secretary 12; Debate Club 11; Yearbook Staff 11; Girls’ Intramurals 11,12. ELEANOR LOUISE HUDACSEK: Academic; Junior Red Cross 10. SUE ELIZABETH HUDICEK: Academic; Pep Club 10.11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Program Sales 12. CHARLES BOYD HUDSON: Academic; Pep Club 10; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 11, Varsity 11,12; Industrial Arts Club Secretary 12; Boys’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12; Wrestling, Var-sitv 10.11,12; F.B.L.A. 12. REGINALD ALLAN HUMBERT: General. I VIRGINIA MARIE INGRAM: Commercial; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; F.B.L.A. Secretary 11,12; Girls’ Intramurals 12. DEREK IVANCHAN: General. J MARTY JOHN JAHODA: Academic; Football, Junior High 9; Basketball, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10,11, Vari-sty 10,11,12. RONALD EDWARD JAMERY. Academic; Homeroom Vice-President 11,12; Football, Junior High 9. Varsity 10,11,12; Bovs’ Intramurals 10,11,12. LESLIE GENE JANTSCH: Academic; Chrous 10,11.12. JOHN RONALD JAROSTOWSKL General; Bovs’ Intramurals 12. CATHY JANE JESSEE: General; Pep Club 10,11; Junior Red Cross 10,11. JOYCE JOHNSTON: Commercial; Pep Club 10,11,12; Building Patrol 11,12; Junior Red Cross 10; Program Sales 11; Homeroom Secretary 11. Treasurer 12; Yale-Princeton Manager 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramurals 10.11,12; F.B.L.A. Vice-President 11,12. ALEX JONES General; Bovs Intramurals 12. RICHARD LEE JOYCE: Academic; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Ensemble 10,11,12. JENNY JOYNER: Academic; Spanish Club 10,11; Y.E.A. 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12. K CHARLES R. KARAS: Academic; Student United Nations 12; Bovs’ Intramurals 9; Track 9,11; Wrestling, Varsity 11,12. KAREN SUE KARAS: Commercial; Chorus 10,11. 12; Pep Club 9,10,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11; Program Sales 12; Homeroom Secretary 9,10. BOYD MICHAEL KARDASH: Academic; Bovs’ Intramurals 10,11,12. KAREN KASEK. LAWRENCE JOHN KASTRIBA: Vocational; Band, Varsity 10,11,12; National Historical Society 11,12; V.I.C.A. 12. LYMAN KATTERSON. DAVID JOSEPH KAUNERT: Academic; Chorus 11,12; Thespians 11.12; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10,11, Varsity 10.11.12; Baseball 10. DONNA LYNN KAZIL; General; Pep ('lub 10; Girls’ Intramurals 10. LEE ANN KAZIL: Distributive Education. BOB J. KEHOE: General; Wrestling, Varsity 10.11. KATHLEEN ANN KELLINGER: Academic; Y.E.A. 11,12; Vice-President 11.12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Student United Nations 11.12; Usherettes 11,12; Leaders’ Club 11,12: President 12; Program Sales 12; (-iris’ Intramurals 9,10,11,12; Girls’ Varsity Basketball 12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12. MARK ANDREW KELLINGER: Academic; Chorus 9; Thespians 12; School Newspaper 9; Amateur Radio Club 11. GEORGENE IRENE KENDRA: General. NANCY ANN KESOW: Commercial; Chonis 12; Junior Red Cross 10,11; Homeroom Treasurer 9. CHERYL ANN KINGERSKI: General; Chorus 12; Pep Club 9; Junior Red Cross 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9. VICKY KLAVIN: Academic; Chorus 9: Spanish Club 10,11; Pep Club 10,11,12; 1891974 SENIOR ACTIVITIES National Honor Society 11,12; Student United Nations 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Cheerleader, Junior High 9, Varsity 10,11,12; Girls Intramurals 9,10; Girls’ Volleyball 10,11; German Club, President 12. GARY LEE KLEEMOOK: General; Attendance aids 10,11,12; Basketball, Junior Varsity 10; Bovs’ Intramurals 11,12; Track 10; Cross Country 10. JOHN THOMAS KLOFFENSTE1N: General; Basketball. Junior Hinh 9, Ju-nior Varsity 10, Varsity 10; Boy’s Intramurals 11,12. MARY KAY KOBAN: Distributive Education; Pep Cub 9,10; DECA 12; Junior Red Cross 10,11; School Newspaper Representative 11. STEPHEN LEONARD KOKAN: Academic; Attendance Aids 12; Boy’s Intramurals 11,12. CAROLYN KOPAC. SAMUEL KOPAC. JOHN KOPPEL. JAMES DOUGLAS KORB: Academic; Chorus 9,11. ALAN A. KORDAS: Academic; Thespians 12; Student Council 11; Chess 190 Club 12; Finance Committee 12; Audio Visual Aids 12; Homeroom Vice-President 11; Boys’ Intramurals 10.11,12. BILL ANTHONY KOSIS: Academic; Pep Club 10,11; Basketball, Junior High 9; Intramurals 10,11.12; FBLA 12; Bowling Club 12. WADE T. KOSIS: Academic; Chorus 9; Spanish Club 9,10; Homeroom Vice-Pesident 9,10; Football Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10,11, Varsity 10,11,12; Basketball, Junior High 9; Boys’ Intramurals 10.11.12; Track 9,10.11,12. SUSAN MARIE KOTY: Commercial; Pep Club 10,11.12; Usherettes 11,12; Homeroom Treasurer 11,12; FBLA 11,12. MICHAEL ANTHONY KOWAL: Bovs' Intramurals 9,11; Wrestling 9; Industrial Arts Club 12. MIKE JOSEPH KOWAL: Academic; Football Varsity 10,11; Basketball, Junior High 9; Track 9,10,11,12. THOMAS KOWALSKY. GEORGE KOWALSKY. ROBERT JAMES KOWNACKI: Wrestling, Varsity 10,11. WILLIAM MACDONALD KRAMER: Academic; Library Club 10,11,12; President 12; Track 9,10,11,12. VAUGHN KRAMER. JAMES EDWARD KREMMEL: Academic; Band, Varsity 10,11,12; Brass Choir 10,11; National Historical Society 10,11,12. VICKIE ANN KREMMEL: Academic; Building Patrol 11,12; Leaders’Club 12; Student United Nations 11; Usherettes 12; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Bulletin Board Committee 12; Guidance Helpers 12; Program Sales 12; Homeroom Treasurer 12; Vice-President 12; Girls' Intramurals 10,11,12; Wrestling Cheerleader 11.12: Captain 11,12. SHARON MAY KRESTAL: Distributive Education; Chorus 9; Pep Club 9; DECA 12; Building Patrol 11; Junior Red Cross 10. LINDA KROL: Academic; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Leaders’ Club 11,12; Usherettes 12, Secretary 11; Program 10,11,12; Homeroom Vice-Pesident 10,11,12; Girls, Intramurals 10,11,12. KAREN LEE KUBICK: Commercial; Pep Club 9,10.11,12; Thespians 11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11; Yearbook Representative 9; FBLA 12; Homeroom Vice-Pesident 11; Girls’ Intramurals 11,12. MICHAEL KUGA. EDWARD JOSEPH KUHNT: Academic; Thespians 12; Football, Junior High 9; Basketball, Junior High 9; Boy’s Intramurals 11,12; Track 9,10,11,12. MARIA KUI JANOS: Academic; Attendance Aids 12; Spanish Club 10; President 10; Pep Club 10; Student Council 10,11; Student United Nations 10,11; leader’s Club 12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Homeroom Vice-President 11,12; Girl’s Intramurals 10,11,12. EILEEN KUNY: Academic; Y.E.A. 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Building Patrol 12; Junior Red Cross 12; Girl’s Intramurals 9.10,11,12. ROBIE JEAN KUNY: Commercial; Pep Club 10,11,12; Leader’s Club 11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11; Cheerleader 9; Girl’s Intramurals 10,11,12; Girl's Gym Team 10; Girl’s Volleyball; Junior Varsity 10; Varsity 11,12. JILL KURASH: Academic; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 9,11; Building Patrol 11,12; Leader’s Club 11,12; Vice-President 12; National Honor Society 11,12; Junior Red Cross 10.11; Program Sales 11; Usherettes 10.11,12; Homeroom Secretary 10,11,12; Girls Intramurals 9,10.11,12; Girl’s Volleyball 11,12; Yale-Princeton 11,12. MARILYN LOUISE KURASH: Academic; Spanish Club, Secretary 10; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Student United Nations 11; Cheerleader 9; Homeroom Vice-President 9, Treasurer 10; Girl’s Intramurals 12. SUE KUSNIR: Academic; Pep Club 10,11,12; President 12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Program Sales 11,12; Home room Secretary 10. KAREN SUE LAMBERT: Commercial; F.B.L.A. 11, 12. PETER LARNISH. KURT LARSON: Academic; Student United Nations 12.JOHN JOSEPH LEESYK: Academic; Drug Committee 10, 11, 12; Drug Committee 12; Student Council 10; Homeroom President 10, 12; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10. RICHARD LIPINSKI. KAREN LOVER1CH: Academic; Chorus 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 12; Building Patrol 11, 12; Student United Nations 11; Junior Red Cross 10. 11; Cheerleader 9; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 10; Girl's Intramurals 10. 11; Girl’s Gym Team 9. SHIRLEY ALICIA LUBERT: Distributive Education. JOHN S. LUBIC: General; Drug Committee 10, 11; Bov’s Intramurals 10, 11. EDWARD JOSEPH LUCAS: Academic; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, Varsity 11; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 9, Varsity 10. JENNIE LYNN LUCAS: Academic; Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12; Usherettes 10; Junior Bed Cross 10, 11, 12; Bulletin Board Committee 10, 11; Homeroom Secretary 10, 11, 12. RICH DANIEL LUCENTE: Academic; Chorus 9; Pep Club 9, 10; Student Council 9, 11; School Newspaper Representative 10; Home Room President 9. 11. 12, Vice-President 10; Football, Junior High 9; Junior Varsity 10, 11; Varsity 10, 11, 12; Basketball, Junior High 9; Boy’s Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Track 9. BRIAN KEITH LUDWIN: General. SHARON JENNIFER LUKETIC: Commercial; Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12; Ensemble 11, 12; Pep Club 11, 12; National Historical Society 10, 11, 12. JOSEPH ALBERT LYONS: Academic. JUDITH ANN MACE: Commercial; Spanish Club 10; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Building Patrol 11, 12; Program Sales 12; Usherettes 10, 11. 12. KAREN MARIE MAKOWSKI: Academic; Y.E.A. 11. 12; Pep Club 9. 10. 11, 12; Usherettes 10. 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Homeroom Secretary 10, Treasurer 11; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 10, 11, 12; Girl’s Intramurals 11, 12. BEVERLY M. MALINOWSKI: Commercial; Chorus 10, 11. 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Student Council 10; Program Sales 10; School Newspaper, News Editor 12, Girl’s Sports Editor 12; Typist 12, Business Manager 12, Reporter 12, Representative 11, 12;.Homeroom Secretary 11, Treasurer 10; Vice-President 12; Girl’s Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Girl’s Volleyball 10, 11, 12. ANTHONY CHRISTOPHER MANINI: Vocational; V.I.C.A. 12. CAROL MARIE MANIS: Commercial; Chorus 11; Pep Club 10, 11. 12; Student United Nations 10; Junior Red Cross 10. 11, 12; Girl’s Intramurals 10, 11; F.B.L.A. 11, 12. VICTORIA MANOLAKOS. GEORGE MARAVICH: General; Intramurals 10, 11, 12. JOSEPH ALLEN MARIANI; Academic; Band, Varsity 10, 11, 12; Chess Club 10. 11; Bov’s Intramurals 9, 10. 11, 12, JOHN ROBERT MARUSTAK: General. DONALD W. MASON: Vocational; VILA. 12. BARBARA ANN METANIC: General. DENISE MATHEWS: Academic; Spanish Club 10; Y.E.A. 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Leader’s Club 12; Student United Nations 10, 11; Chess Club 12; Junior Red Cross 10. 11, 12; Girl’s Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Bowling Club 12. RONALD ROBERT MATTERN: Academic; C Chorus 9, 10. 11, 12. BRIAN VINCENT MATZIE: Vocational; Amateur Radio Club 11, 12; V.I.C.A., Treasurer 12. LYNN MARIE MATZIE: Commercial; Chorus 11, 12. JOAN ELIZABETH MAUK: Commercial: F.B.L.A. 11. 12. CYNDEE J. MAULDIN: Commercial; F.B.L.A. 11, 12. JOANNE M. MAX: Academic; Girl’s Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12. LAURA ANTIONETTE MAZUR: Academic; Pep Club 12; Junior Red Cross 11; Italian Club 12. JOANNE MAZZETTI: Academic; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Treasurer 12; Y.E.A. 11; Pep Club 10. 11, 12; Building Patrol 11, 12; National Honor Society 11.12; Student United Nations 10. 11; Leader's Club 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Junior Red Cross 10. 11, 12; Cheerleader 9; Homeroom Secretary 10. 11; F.B.L.A. 12; Girl’s Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12; Girls Volleyball 10, 11, 12; Bowling 11, 12. CHARLES WAYNE MCCANDLESS: Academic National Historical Societv 11, 12; Industrial Arts Club 11. DAVID KEITH MCCLURE: Academic; Band 10, 11, 12; Brass Choir 10, 11, 12; Bridger Brass 10, 11, 12; Thespians 11, 12. ROBERT JOHN MCCOLLIM: Academic; Chorus 12. LYNN ANN MCCOMBIE: General; Chorus 9, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Drug Committee 12; Thespians 12; Student Council 11; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Homeroom Vice-President 10, Treasurer 11, 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 11, 12. THOMAS A. MCCOY: Academic; Student Council 9; Yearbook Staff 12; Football 9. ROGER ALLEN MCCRACKEN: Academic; Golf 11, 12. STEPHEN JOHN MCGEORGE: Academic; Drug Committee 12; Building Patrol 11, 12; Homeroom President 9, 10; Bowling Club 11, 12, President 12; Baseball 11. 1911974 SENIOR ACTIVITIES KEITH JOHN MCGINNIS: General; Football 9; Basketball 9; Wrestling 10, 11, 12. ROBERT DAVID MCHENRY: Vocational; V.I.C.A. 12. LORENE ANN MCK1SSIC: Commercial. JAMES EDWARD MCMAHAN: Vocational. DEBBIE LOUISE MCSTAY: General; Chorus 11, 12; Pep Club 10; Junior Red Cross 10, 11. DONNA JEAN MELNYK: Commercial; Pep Club 9, 12. DEBBIE JEAN MERLINO: Commercial; Building Patrol 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 11, 12. DEBBIE LYNN MERRIMAN: Commercial; Chorus 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; F.B.L.A. 11, 12. MICHAEL ANTHONY MESKO: Academic; Football 9; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10,11, 12; German Club 12. PATRICIA A. MICHKOFSKY: Academic; Majorette 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; School Newspaper Representative 10; Homeroom President 10, 11. 12; Girls' Intramurals 9, 11, 12. JEFF JOHN M III ALIK: General; Student Council 10; Chess Club 11; Intramurals 10, 11, 12. EDWARD A. MIHALOW: Academic. SANDRA LEE MILLER: Academic; Chorus 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Leaders’ Club 11, 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling Cheerleader 11, 12. MICHELLE MINDEK: General; Chorus 10, 11, 12. ROBERT JOHN MISKULIN: Vocational; Attendance Aids 10. MILENA MISTOVICH: Academic; Building Patrol 12; Junior Red Cross 11, 12. DIANE MITCHELL. MICHAEL FRANK MLAY: Vocational DEBBIE SUSAN MOORE: Commercial. DAVID G. MORAN: Academic; Football, Junior Varsity 10, Varsity 10; Basketball. Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, Varistv 10, 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 12; German Club 12. PAMELA MORRISON: Commercial; Usherettes 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10. ELIZABETH JANE MORTON: Commercial; Spanish Club 10, 11; Pep (dub 9; Girls' Intramurals 11, 12. DEBORAH D. MURRAY: Commercial; Junior Red Cross II, 12; Yale-Princeton 11, 12; Girls’ Varsity Basketball 12; Girls’ Intramurals 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 11, 12, LESTER MURRAY: Academic; Football, Junior Varsity 10; Boys’ Intramurals 11, 12. LINDA MARIA MUSI: Academic; Chorus 9, 11, 12; Ensemble 11, 12, Librarian 12; Y.E.A. 10, 11; Pep Club 10, II, 12; Building Patrol 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11; Yearlx ok Staff 10. 11, 12; Usherettes 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Thespians 12; Girls’ Intramurals 10, 11; Italian Club 12. DEBORAH ANN MUSULIN: Distributive Education; Pep Club 10; Chorus 12; DEC A 12. LARRY MUTSCHLER: Vocational. BARBARA ROSE MUTTERSPAUGH: Commercial. WILLIAM JOSEPH MUTTERSPAUGH: Vocational; Band 9, 10; V.I.C.A. 12. N DONALD WAYNE NAUGLE: General. ANDREA LYNN NAWOCZYNSKL Commercial; Pep Club 9, 10. DEBBIE NAWROCKI: Academic; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Thespians 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12. RUSSELL JON NAWROCKI: Academic; Student United Nations 12; Yearbook Representative 9; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Wrestling, Varsity 11, 12. MARY ANN NAZARAVITCH: Pep Club 10; DECA 12; Library Club 11. MARK JOHN NEHILLA: V.I.C.A. 12. CINDY ANN NESBITT: Academic; Band, Majorette 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9; Y.E.A. 10. 11; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Student United Nations 10, 11; Homeroom Treasurer 10; Girls' Intramurals 9, 10, 11. CINDY NEVILLE: Academic; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12. BERNADETTE ELIZABETH NOVAK: Academic; Chorus 11, 12. O SAMUEL OPRISKO. CAROLYN ORD. RICK STANLEY ORLOWSKI: Baseball 11. P NATALIE ANNE PA LI CHAT: Majorette 11; Chorus 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; Thespians 12; Usherettes 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11. ANITA CENEAN PALMER: Academic; Band, Secretary 12; Interaction Committee 12; Junior Red Cross 12; Wrestling Cheerleader 12. RON PAOLIN: Academic; Band, Varsity 10, 11, 12; Brass Choir 10, 11, 12; Bridger Brass 10, 11. 12; Bowling 10. 192MICHAEL JAMES PAP ANTONIO: Academic; Ensemble 12; Homeroom Vice-President 10, 11, 12; Football, Junior High 9; Boys Gym Team 10, 11, 12. MARLENE PAPASODERO. SHERI CAROL PARKER: General; Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Librarian 11, 12, Ensemble 11, 12. LYNN MICHELE PARKINSON: Commercial; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Student Council 9; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Homeroom Secretary 9. DEBORAH PARSONS. DON GREGG PATRICK: Academic; Baseball 10, 11, 12; Industrial Arts Club 12. SHARON PATTERSON: General; Finance Committee 10, 11. ROSETTA PERRY: Academic; Pep Club 10; Building Patrol 11. 12; National Honor Society 11, 12, President 12; Usherettes 10, il, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Bulletin Board Committee 11; Guidance Helpers 11; School Newspaper, Typist 11, 12, Representative 10, 11; Homeroom President 11, Treasurer 10; Italian Club 12. MICHAEL JAY PERSSON: Academic; Basketball, Junior High 9, Varsity 10, 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 12. CHERYL ANN PHILLIPS: Distributive Education. DOREEN ANN PILTZ: Commercial; Spanish Club 10; Pep Chib 9; Girls Intramurals 10; Girls’ Gym Team 9. LORRAINE MARIE PIONTEK: Academic ; Spanish Club 9, 10; Y.E.A. 10, 11, 12; Library Club 11; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Student United Nations 10, 11, 12; Usherettes 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Guidance Helpers 12. CHRISTINE MARIE PISANO: General; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Library Club 11; Building Patrol 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Guidance Helpers 11. JIM R. PISANO: General; Thespians 11; Homeroom Treasurer 9, 10, 11; Baseball 11; Wrestling 10, 11, 12; Bovs’ Gym Team 10. PATTY JEAN PLETZ: Commercial; Chorus 9, 10. RENEE D. POCORUS: Academic; Attendance Aids 11; Spanish Club 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12. CARMEN JOSEPH POLITO: Academic; Chorus 9, 12; Ensemble 12; Attendance Aids 10; Thespians 11, 12; Football, Junior High 9; Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10. RICHARD DORSEY POST: Vocation..!; VICA 12. KATHERINE JANE POWELL: General; Thespians 11, 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 10. LYDIA MARIE POWNER: Commercial; Building Patrol 11, 12. STEPHANIE MARIE PRAVLIK: Academic; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; Building Patrol 11, 12; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 12. TERRY PRICE: Distributive Education. JOYCE ANNE PROKOPOVICH: Academic; Interaction Committee 10; Y.E.A. 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Building Patrol 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Student Council 9, 10, 11. Treasurer 11; Junior Red Cross 11, 12; Cheerleader 10, 11, 12; Homeroom President 10, 11; Girls’ Varsity Basketball 12; Yale-Princeton 10, 11, 12; Girls” Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12. BETSY A. PROTENIC: Academic; Chorus 9; Attendance Aids 11; Pep CMub 9, 10, 11; Leaders’ Club 12; Junior Red Cross 11, 12; Student Council 9, 10; Homeroom Treasurer 9, President 10; Yale-Princeton 11, 12; Girls’ Intra-murals 9, 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Gym Team 9; Girls’ Volleyball 9; Bowling Club 11, 12, Secretary 11, Vice-President 12; Girls’ Varsity Basketball, Timer 12. EMILE PROUL. RALPH C. PSZERACKL Academic; Homeroom Treasurer 10; Football, Junior High 9, Varsity 11; Basketball, Junior High 9; Boys’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 10, 11. CHERYL ANN PUCKETT: General; Chorus 9; Girls’ Intramurals 9. JOHN PUSHAK. JEFFREY M. RAINALDI: Academic; Band 9, 10, 11; Yearbook Representative 9; Boys’ Intramurals 11; Industrial Arts Club 12; Bowling Intramurals 10. PATRICIA MARIE READY: Academic; Chorus 11; Drug Committee 12; Pep Club 10, 11; Leaders’ Club 12; Student United Nations 10; Junior Red Cross 10, 11; Girls’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Volleyball, Varsity 11, 12. LINDA ANN RHONE. Academic; Library Club 11, 12; Building Patrol 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Student Council 9; Guidance Helpers 12; School Newspaper 9, 10, 11, 12, Representative 10, Reporter 12. BECKY RINALDI: General; Chorus 9, 10, 11; Pep Club 10; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 10, 11; Curls’ Volleyball, Junior Varsity 10; Homeroom President 11. SUSAN ELIZABETH ROBBINS: Academic; Y.E.A. 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11; National Honor Society 11, 12, Vice-President 12; Student Senate, Treasurer 12; Student United Nations 10; Usherettes 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10. 11; Bulletin Board Committee 10; Guidance Helpers 11, 12; Curls’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12. RACHELLE LYNN ROBERTS. Commercial; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Junior1974 SENIOR ACTIVITIES Red Cross 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 11, 12. DANIEL R. ROBERTSON: General; Pep Club 10. DENISE ARLENE RODGERS: General; Chorus 11, 12. NANCY ANN ROGINSKI: Academic; Band 9, 10; Drug Committee 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Cheerleader, Junior High 9, Varsity 11; Leaders’ Club 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Girls’ Varsity 12. ANN ROPPO: Academic; Pep Club 9, 10; Junior Red Cross 10, 11; Cheerleader, Junior High 9; Homeroom Treasurer 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 10. BETTY JEAN ROSE: Distributive Education. NICK D. ROSSI: Academic; Spanish Club 10; Student Council 9, 10, 11; Student United Nations 10, 11, 12; Thespians 11, 12; Yearbook Staff 12; Homeroom President 9, 10, Vice-President 11, 12; Football, Junior High 9. BARBARA RUDAKEWICH: Academic; Junior Red Cross 12. DAVID NICHOLAS RUDAKEWICH: Academic. MILDRED RUSSELL. HELEN ANN RUSSELL: General; Junior Red Cross 10, 11; Girls’ Intramurals 9. BARRY L. RUTH: Academic; Band, 9; Boy’s Intramurals 11; Track 9, 10, 11. 12. CATHY ANN RYGALSK1. JOANNE RYKACZEWSKI: Academic; Pep Club 10, 11; National Honor Society 11, 12; Building Patrol 11, 12; Student United Nations 10; Usherettes 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11; Girls’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12. S BARBARA LYNN SABATINE: Distributive Education. LEONARD SADOWY: Academic; Student United Nations 12; Boys’ Intramurals 11; Bowling 11. 12. VIRGINIA ANN MARIE SAVAGE: Academic; Junior Red Cross 10; F.B.L.A. 12. DOUGLAS JEROME SAYLOR: Academic; Band 9; Chorus 9; Interaction Committee 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Student Council 11; Basketball, Junior High 9, Varsity 10, 11, 12; Class Vice-President 9, Class President 11; Cheerleader 12. KEVIN SENKE: Academic; Drug Committee 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 9, 10; Homeroom President 9; Track 9, 10, 11, 12; Cross Country 9. 10, 11. DON SESSIE: General; Basketball. Junior High 9; Bovs’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Wrestling 11. JAMES FREDERICK SCHELL: Academic; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Bowling 10, 11. DAWN GAIL SCHMIDT: Academic; Y.E.A. 11. 12; Pep Club 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10; Girls’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12. KEVIN S(SHMIDT: Academic; Student United Nations 12; Track 9; Cross Country 9, 10; Bowling 11, 12. KENNETH A. SCHWERTZ: Distributive Education. MARIE SCISCIANI: Academic; Band 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 12; Italian Club 12; Girls’ In- tramurals 10, 12. VAL SEMONICH: Distributive Education. WILLIAM JOSEPH SESTILE: Academic; Chorus 10, 11, 12; Ensemble 11, 12; Football, Junior Varsity 11, Varsity 11; Track 10, 11, 12; Wrestling, Junior Varsity 9. MARY ELIZABETH SHAPACH: Academic; Pep Club 9; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 11; Volleyball 9. SANDY A. SII EES LEY: General; Chorus 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 12; Girls’ Volleyball 12; FBLA 12; Italian Club 12. YVONNE SHELKONS: Commercial; Band 9, 10; Chorus 11,12; Pep Club 9. 10, 11; Student United Nations 10; Girls’ Intramurals 9. 11; F.B.L.A. 11. 12. WILLIAM MICHAEL SHINGLE-'I'ON: Vocational; V.I.C.A. President 12. JAY MICHAEL SHUMSKY: Academic; Boys’ Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12; Cross Cross 9, 10, 11; Track 9, 10, 11, 12. CINDY SILKROSKI: Academic; Chorus 9; Spanish Club 10, 11; Pep Club 9, 10, 11,12; Usherettes 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11; Homeroom Treasurer 9, 10, 11, 12; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 11, 12; Girls’ Intramurals 10. TERRY LEE SISLEY: Academic; Spanish Club President 10; Thespians 11, 12; Guidance Helpers 11; Homeroom President 9, 10. 11,12; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 11, Varsity 11; Boys’ Intramurals 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11. 12; Boys’ Gvm Team 9. GARY SIVEWRICHT: Academic; Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12. VIRGINIA GAYLE SKAPIK: Academic; Y.E.A. 11,12. Pep Club 9, 10, II; Thespians 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11; Yearbook Representative 10; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12; School Newspaper Representative 10, 11. REBECCA J. SKOFF: Academic; Leaders’ Club 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10. 11; Student Council 9, 10, 11; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Homeroom President 10, Vice-President 11; Girls’ Intramurals 19410, 11, 12; Yale-Princeton 11, 12; Class Vice-President 11; Girls’ Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Basketball Manager 12; Girls’ Gym Team 9. LORETTA SLAVIK: Commercial; Building Patrol 12; F.B.L.A. 11,12; Italian Club 12. DANIEL SLINGLOFF. NICK M. SMRZLICK: General; Boys’ Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12; Track 9, 10, 11, 12. VICKIE LYNN SNELSON: General; Spanish Club 10. JOANIE MARIE SOLOMICH: Distributive Education; Pep Club 9; DECA 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9; Girls’ Gym Team 9; Girls Volleyball 9. BILL STEPHEN SOLTIS: Vocational; Y.I.C.A. Secretary 12. SHARON SONNIE: Commercial; Chorus 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Thespains 11, 12; Student Council 10, 11; Usherettes 10; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Program Sales 12; F.B.L.A. 12; Homeroom .Secretary 11. CINDY A. SOSKA: Commercial; Chorus 11; Spanish Club 10; Junior Red Cross 10, 11; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9; F.B.L.A. 11, 12. WENDY ANN SOSKA: General; Student United Nations 10; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Bulletin Board Committee 10; Pep Club9, 1(), 11. 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9. PATTI ANN SOVICH; Academic; Chorus 12; Girls' Volleyball 12. MIKE ANGELO SPACNOLO: Academic; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Brass Choir 12; Bridger Brass 10, 11, 12, President 12; Pep Club 9. JOHN C. SPINOSI: Academic; Boys’ Intramurals 11, 12. JOE SPINOSI: Academic; Boys’ Intramurals 11, 12. GARY MICHAEL SPOLARICH: Academic; Homeroom President 10, Vice-President 11; Boys’ Intramurals 11, 12. THOMAS EUGENE SPRINGER: Academic; Band 9, 10, 11, 12; Brass Choir 10, 11; Bridger Brass 9, 10, 11, 12; Na- tional Honor Society 11, 12, Treasurer 12; Chess Club 11; Bowling Intrainurals 10, 11, 12; Boys Intramurals 11, 12. CARTER LAWRENCE SPRUILL: Academic; Chorus 10, 11, 12; Ensemble 10, 11, 12; Drug Committee 10, 11, 12; Interaction Committee 10, 11, 12; Spanish Club 10, 11,; Building Patrol 11, 12; Thespians 11, 12; Audio Visual Aids 11, 12; Homeroom Treasurer 10, Secretary 11; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, 11, Varsity 10, 11, 12; Boys’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Baseball 10, 11. GAIL LYNN SPUGANICH: Academic; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Homeroom Vice-President 9, Treasurer 10; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 10; Girls’ Volleyball 11. SHELLY ELAINE STRANO: Academic; Y.E.A. 12; Pep Club 10, 11, 12; Usherettes 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Homeroom Treasurer 10, Secretary 11, 12; Girls’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12. GARY STAVING. JOYCE ANN STRIEGEL: General; Pep Club 12. KEITH STUMPF: General; Drug Committee 10, 11. KEN JAMES SUTTON: Vocational; V.I.C.A. 12. GEORGE SZYMONIAK. T JUDY ANN TABIN: Commercial; Chorus 11, 12. BETH MAE TATE: Academic; Chorus 10, 11, 12; Ensemble 12; Y.E.A. 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Cheerleader, Junior High 9, Varsity 11, 12; Homeroom Treasurer 11, 12, F.B.L.A. 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 10; Girls’ Gvm Team 9, 10, 11, 12. VINCE TESTA: Academic; Student Council 9, 11; Homeroom Vice-President 9, 10, President 11; Boy’s Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Track 9; Football 9. BRIAN GENE THOMPSON: Commercial. KAREN LYNN TOKATCH: Academic; Spanish Club 10, 11; Y.E.A. 11, 12; National Honor Society 11, 12; Usherettes 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 12; Cheerleader, Junior High 9; F.B.L.A. 12. MARK R. TOMASZEWSKI: Academic; Football 9; Track 9. 10, 11. 12; Homeroom Secretary 10, 11. THOMAS ROGER TOPOLEWSKL Vocational; Track 10. MARK THOMAS TRAUTMAN: Vocational. JIM MITCHAEL TUNTAS: Academic; Pep Club 10; Student Council 10; Homeroom President 10; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10; Basketball, Junior High 9; Boys’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Track 10; Wrestling 11. DREW DOUGLAS TUSICK: General; Drug Committee 11. U KATHLEEN UHERNIK: Academic; Chorus 9; Spanish Club 11, 12; Y.E.A. 12; Pep Club 9, 10; National Honor Society 11, 12; Student United Nations 10.1974 SENIOR ACTIVITIES 11, 12, Secretary 12; Usherettes 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12. V SHIRLEY LYNN VARLICHI: Academic; Y.E.A. 12; Pep Club 10, 11; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Cheerleader 9; Homeroom Secretary 11, 12; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 11, 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12. DAVID LEE VENGLASS: General; Track 9; Bovs’ Gym Team 9. DAVID JOHN VITO: Academic; Year-lxx)k Editor-in-Chief 12. ALAN ROBERT VOYNIK: Vocational. REBECCA ANN VUCETICH: Academic; Yearbcx)k Staff 12; Italian Club 12. W PATRICIA ANN WACHTEL: Academic; Spanish Club 10; Y.E.A. 10, 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 12; Usherettes 10, 11. 12; Junior Red ( ross 11, 12; Guidance Helpers 10; Program Sales 12; Girls’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Bowling 10. CYNTHIA ANN WAGNER: Commercial: Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Building Patrol 12; F.B.L.A. 12; Library Club 12. SUE WALL: Academic; Spanish Club 10; Pep Club 10, 11; Building Patrol 12; Thespians 11, 12; Leaders’ Club 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11; Program Sales 10, 11; Homeroom Secretary 10; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 10, 11, 12. PAUL WALTERS: Academic; Boys’ Intramurals 11, 12. REGINA WASKO: Commercial; F.B.L.A. 11, 12. PAULA MARIE WASLO: Commercial; Pep Club 9, 10, 11; Leaders’ Club 11, 12; Girls’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Volleyball, Junior Varsity 10, Varsity 11, 12. MARK JOHN WANCHIK: Academic; Chorus 9; Track 9; Baseball 10, 11; Bovs Intramurals 12. DAWN MARIE WEBER: Academic; Pep Club 9; National Honor Society 11, 12; Leaders’ Club 12; Student United Nations 10; Usherettes 11, 12; Junior 196 Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Yearbook Staff 11; Homeroom Vice-President 10, Treasurer 11; Girls’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Girls' Volleyball 11, 12. JAMES M. WEBER: Academic; Chorus 9, 10. 11, 12; Ensemble 10, 11, 12; Drug Committee 11, 12; Spanish Club 10; Interaction Committee 11, 12; Student Council 9; Thespians 12; Bovs’ Intramurals 10, 11, 12; Football 9; Basketball 9; Track 9; Homeroom President 9. PAM WELLING: Commercial; Band 11, 12; Chorus 10; Spanish Club 10; Pep Club 10, 11. 12; F.B.L.A. 12; Girls’ Intramurals 10, 11. KAREN MARIE WHEELER: Academic; Spanish Club 9, 10; Y.E.A. 10; Pep Club 9, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 10,11, 12; Girls’ Volleyball, Junior Varsitv 10; F.B.L.A. 12. DAVID E. WILSON: General; Boys’ Intramurals 9; Golf 12. JAYNE LEE WOOD: Academic; Chorus 12; Spanish Club 10, 11; Pep Club 11, 12; Leaders’ Club 12; Junior Red Cross 12; Girls’ Intramurals 9, 11, 12; Homeroom Secretary 10. DEBORAH R. WOODS: Academic; Chorus 9, 10,11, 12; Ensemble 10, 11, 12, Librarian 12; Thespians 11, 12; Girls’ Vollevball 11, 12. Y KAREN JEAN YOCUM: Commercial; Y.E.A. 10; Pep Club 9, 10, 11; Student Council 10; Student United Nations 12; Junior Red Cross 10, 11, 12. MARSHA D. YOUNG: Academic; Girls’ Intramurals 11, 12; F.B.L.A. 11, 12. Z SANDRA ZAK. MICKEY L. ZAWINSKY: Academic; Industrial Arts Club 12; Boys’ Gym Team 10, 11, 12. PHYLLIS ANNETTE ZDZIARSKI: Academic; Attendance Aids 11; Pep Club 10, 11. CAROLYN DENISE ZEHNDER: Commercial; Pep Club 9, 12; Junior Red Cross 12; Girls’ Intramurals 12; F.B.L.A. 11, 12. KEN ANDREW ZUK: Academic; Thespians 11, 12; Cheerleader 12; Homeroom Vice-President 10, President II; Track 9, 10, 11, 12. JO ELLEN MICHELLE ZUKOWSKI: Academic; Chorus 9; Spanish Club 10, 11; Junior Red Cross 10. 11. 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11; F.B.L.A. 12. CAROL LEE ZUROW: Academic; Chorus 12; Y.E.A. 11, 12; Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12; Junior Red Cross 11, 12; Girls’ Intramurals 11, 12.197SPORTS ADVERTISINGJerry Novekowskv (412) 266-5354 Big Sewickley Creek Road I Compliments of DICK HUNT FORD, INC. Hunt For Ford” KERR-BARTOLAC INSURANCE AGENCY 315 Fifth Street Ambridge, PA 266-8020 CHEVROLET CAIN CHEVROLET 1900 Diiss Avenue Ambridge, Pennsylvania 200TELEVISION PARTS CO. 1116 Merchant Street Ambridge, PA 266-7700 ED WAGNER AUTO WRECKING Foreign and Sports Car Yard 368-8831 American Car Yard 266-7200 Roland J. Barnhart—owner 530 Merchant Street 266-8960 COLONY CARPET CENTER STANGL’S OLD ECONOMY BAKERY AND CANDY KITCHEN A mbridge—Aliquippa—Baden 201CARPET GALLERY 718 Merchant Street 266-8168 PERCH’S CHESS BOARD Hot Dog Shoppe—Take Out Service 6.50 Merchant Street 266-1178 Dodge Trucks VALLEY DODGE VALLEY DODGE 1025 Merchant and Tenth Street Ambridge, PA 4194 Merchant Street Ambridge, PA CENTRAL RADIO AND T.V. 202AMBRIDCE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN. 506 Merchant Street Ambridge, PA SOL'S STORES 562 Merchant Street Ambridge, PA KUZMA LITERARY SERVICE Art and Craft Center Holiday and Party Shop 601 Merchant Street 266-7023 w NIVEN S VMERICAN SERVICE STATION Twentv-fourth and Dilss Avenue 203SERVE IN YOUR LOCAL Air Force Reserve AIR FORCE RESERVE ENCOURAGES YOU OPEN TO SENIORS AND GRADUATES TO CONTINUE Not only is the Air Force Reserve Non-Prior Service Enlistmen Program open to most civilians who are out YOUR EDUCATION . . . of high school, it s a also possible for you, as a high school senior, to join the air Force Reserve during your last year of school and attend basic training and technical school after graduation. ADVANTAGES Acquiring a marketable skill may well be the most important advantage the Air Force Reserve can offer, but there are also many other opportunities. Some of these are: You obtain your initial military training with as little as four months active duty. You will serve the remainder of your 6-year enlistment with an Air Force Reserve unit in or near your hometown. There will be a minimum disruption of your civilian life so that you can continue vour education if you desire. Promotions are made regularly depending upon your demonstrated abilities and time in service. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: RECRUITING OFFICE 264-5000 Ext. 237 911TH TACTICAL AIRLIFT Greater Pittsburgh Airport Pittsburgh, Pa. 15231 204 The Air Force Reserve has a liberal retirement plan.MELLON BANK N.A. Ambridge Office Duss Avenue Office Members: Federal Deposit Insurance Coropration T.B.O. WAREHOUSE, INC. 916 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pa. 15003 205LOOKING FOR SOMETHING? Self-insight, creativity, happiness. They’re all qualities that aren’t easy to find. But some suggest that you try pills, needles, and capsules in the search. Some of the last generation suggested materialism. It is unlikely that peace, happiness, and love can be found at the end of a long list of possessions, nor is it likely that they can be found at the end of a chemical reaction. Each of us must find his own answers. ARMCO V 206Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1974 For that something different in senior portraits casuals created by S. Pelaia of Studio Baden 600 State St. Baden, Pa. Phone 869-9281 S. Pelaia of Studio Baden, Beaver County’s highest award winning photographer. 207The Ambridge plant of U. S. Steel's American Bridge Division fabricated some 8,000 tons of structural steel for the Kittanning Bridge seen here being erected across the Allegheny River. American Bridge employees have the necessary skills to successfully complete major projects like this. Developing the skills to compete in modern industry requires a good education. Your high school diploma is a vital step toward building a successful career. AmerjcanB„dge 208To the Seniors . . . On attaining an important academic milestone, congratulations and best wishes in your future endeavors, from the 59 companies that make up The MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION of BEAVER COUNTYFRANK’S BEVERAGE CENTER Northern Lights Shopping Center Baden, PA FITZGERALD AND SYKA 233 Kennedy Drive Ambridge, PAALL STATE TRUCKING A Division of Pacific Intermountain Express Co. R.D. 1 U.S. 19 Evans City, PA 16033 Phone Criders Corners, PA (412) 776-3680 IMPERIAL LANES Route 65, Conway, PA 201 State Street Baden, PA BADEN HARDWARE AND PLUMBING 21 JIFFY MART FOOD STORES Congratualtions to the class of ’74 from 538 State Street, Baden 208 Sycamore Drive, Coraopolis 4750 Tuscarawas Road, Bever ABC FLOWERS Open seven days a week from 7 a.m.-12 Midnight Fast courteous service Fresh quality luncheon meats Reasonable convenience sotre prices, too Distinctive Flowers Weddings, Anniversaries, Funerals banquets, or other occasions Northern Lights Shopping Center Baden 869, 5100 1807 Duss Avenue Ambridge, PA BALLAY HARDWARE SALOPEK‘S offers a wide selection of hardware, paints, and electrical and plumbing supplies DUSS AVENUE MARKET Groceries—Meats—Delicatessen 266-0908 266-5100 212 Compliments of a Friend FRANK C. CARATELLI, AGENT DR. BRABSON BRUNSWICK BADEN BOWL 346 Ohio River Blvd. Auto— Life—Fire 869-4402 CHARLES MEN’S STORE Baden, PA 541 Merchant Street Ambridgc. PA LOUIS CAPLAN GROCERY CO. PEARL FASHION SHOPPE 527 Merchant Street Eighth and Merchant Street Ambridge. PA Ambridge, PA PAUL’S BAKERY, INC. WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 625 Merchant Street 722 Merchant Street Ambridge. PA Ambridge, PA ORISZKO’S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP ENELOW’S SHOES 577 Merchant Street 460 Merchant Street Ambridge, PA Ambridgc. PA WEBER’S DIVE SHOP INC. 153 State Street Baden, PA VAUGH R. ARNOLD Citizen Printing Company Ambridge. PA 266-3333 RICHARD AND JOHN SHIMRAK SIGNAL CONSUMER DISCOUNT CO. ISALY S QUIK SHOP Baden. PA 604 Merchant Street Ambridge. PA SALA S QUAKER STATE SERVICE OMBRES AUTO SALES AND SERVICE Fourteenth and Merchant Street Ambridge, PA 1111 Mcrchan t St reel Ambridge. PA ALBERT S. KUHNI TILE CITY FL(X)RS, WALL, CEILING 925 Fourth Street Baden. PA 424 Merchant Street Ambridge. PA SUNOCO, John M. Blazer, Manager LEE’S SHOPPE 501 State Street Baden. PA 619 Merchant Street Ambridge. PA WALTER’S BARBER SHOP PERLMAN JEWELERS 542 State Street Baden. PA 609 Merchant Street Ambridge. PA 213GENERAL INDEX -A- ABC FLOWERS-212 Abraham. Deborah ACADEMICS-18 Aciemo. Frank Acicrno. Steve— 160 Adams. Alma—12 Adams. Antoinette—160 Adams. Cindv—160 ADMINISTRATION—8 Adrian. Bill- 104 Adrian. Karl ADVERTISING—200 Affcltranger, John-61, 160 Affeltranker, Steven-81. 130 Alasko, Cecilia—146 Albright. Mrs.-76 Alessi. Vince—130 Allen. David—146 Allen. Mary—160 Allman. Stephen—62 Allman. Susan—150 ALL STATE TRl CKINC-211 Aloi. Cathy-95. 130 Aloi. Patsy—146 Aloi. Sam- 102. 120. 146 Alsko. Anthony— 130 Muslim Walt-97. 160 AM BRIDGE SAVINGS AND LOAN-203 Amistadi, Donna—77. 78, 146 Ammon. Arthur—81. 146 Amoroso, Charlotte—107 Anders. Mr. D.—12, 103 Anders. Rose-146 Andrascik. Richard-26. 160 Andrews, Peter—93, 96, 97. 113, 160 Angus. Scott—130 Anthony. Joanne- 160 Antiewicz. James-35. 63. 99. 146 Antinopolos, Penny Antipow, Victor—81. 130 Antolic, James—62 Antonini, Mark—62 Antonini, Sue- 180 Applequist, Kathy-77, 146 Aquino. Riehaid—60. 61. 65 Aquino, Victor-12, 112, 113. 115 ARMCO STEEL ARNOLD. PRINTING Astorino, Lizanne—28, 65 ATTENDANCE AIDS-58 AUDIO VISUAL CLUB-59 Austin. Phillip -B- Bather. Judy 160 Badamo, Mario BADEN HARDWARE—211 Bailich, Sam—160 Bairilaro, Sherry— 10f Bajek. David—35, 75, 146 Baker. Cindy—160 Baker. D.-98 Baker, John—97, 104. 146 Baker, Karen Baker, Mark-146 Baker. Pamela-66. 76, 77, 146 Balego. Mike-160 RALLAY HARDWARE-212 Balogh, Natalie-146 BAND-80 Banks. Frank—97 Barah. Cyndi Bard. Debbie-81. 146 Barlamas. Alex—113, 160 Barlamas. Yvonne-64. 82. 135 Barlow, Dennis-130 Barlow, Doreen—146 Bjlow. Edward—62 Barno. Sherry—146 Barth, George—12 Barto. Dale-104, 121. 125. 135. 160. 176 Barto, Daniel— 127 Barto. Debbie-100 Barto, Michael Barto. Sue-70. 110. 111. 160 Bartolac. Fran-130 Bartush. Edward—12 Basalvga. John—117, 118. 135 BASEBALL-lOl JR. HIGH BASKETBALL-126 | BASKETBAL1 127 VARSITY BASKETBALL-122 Batch. George—135 Batch. Joyce-160 Bates. Cheryl- 130 Bates, Darryl-62, 160 Battaglia. Jack-81, 146 Battaglia. Janet-135 Battaglia, Nancv—160 Battaglia, Patricia Baughcr, William-62. 1-35 Baumback. James-146 Bavsinger, Kathy—64, 146 Bcadnell. Holly Bean, Kenneth—135 Bechak, Mike-73. 104. 146. 150. 151 Beck, Ernie-74, 160 Beck, James—135 Beck, Rhonda- 135 Beely. Mike-88. 161 Bcem, Donna- 109 Beeman. Richard-135 Belchvk, Julianne—107, 135 Belchvk. Martha-67. 70. 71. 106. 108. 161 Beley, Pam—146 Belich. Carla-135 Bel is, Paula-1.35 Belis, Tom—104 Belkowskv, Barry- 146 Bell, Bob-161 Bell. Dorcas—135 Bell, Mark-1.35. 146 Bell. Pam-82. 135 Bellas. Jerri-67. 161 Bellas, Pam-67. 68. 70. 72. 161 Belsky, Mark-81. 111. 120. 161 Bender, Joyce Bennett, Daniel Bennett, Linda—146 Bennett. Pamela-146 Bennett, Zane Bentz, Randy Berecek. Cindy—66, 161 Berkner, Zaneen—146 Berkley—97 Berkovic, Annette- 161 Berkovic. Steve—130 Berton. Debbie—66, 135 Berton, l irrv—117, 135 Besong, Pat-117 Bevilacqua, Fernando—146 Bezuk. Cindy-135 Bezuk, Mary Ann-146 Bezuk. Roliert -12. 97 Biaiichi, Chris-135 Bianchi. Edward-121, 127 Bianchi, Mr. Victor—12, 122. 127 Bichey. Mike-161 Bichey, Stephen—146 Bilanich. John—146 Bilanich. Patty—67, 70. 78. 106. 161. LSI Billik. Josie-68. 70. 72, 78. 161 Billik. Scott-130 Binder. Becky—70, 106 Bionda. David-146 Bionda, Karen—146 Bionda. Richard-135 Birciw, Cheryl—73, 1-46 Birciw. Laurel-68. 72. 73. 77. 161 Black. Alice-75. 110. 146 Black. Karen-65. 111. 135 Blackburn. James—146 Blah... Cretchen 66, 81. 135 Blauarik. Tim-23. 161. 165 Blum, Jeff-161 Bobctich. Jeffrey-81. 135 Bobich. Nick-97. 135 Bobich, Pam—161 Bock. Joe- 161 Bofinger, William—161 Bogluski. Jeffrey—81 Bohatch. Chris—146 Bohinsky, Gary—135 Bohinskv, Kathy—67. Ill, 161 Bologna. Donna-67, 71, 161 Bongiovanui, Rose—146 Bonzo, Larry—135 Borga. Fran-64 Borga, Janice—135 Borga, Tom—69, 85, 161, 182 Borkowski, Becky—99, 135 Borkowski, Robert — 146 Boro. Rich-85. 161 Borys. Karen Bosh, Ellen—146 Bosh. Eric—146 Botsko, Tom—162 Boustead, Denise—98, 130 Bowan, Bccki Bowman, Shirley—162 Boyd. Bol»— 146 Boyd, Karen-21, 67, 78. 110, 162 Boykins. Dawn-24. 130 Boykins, Ixjuis—98, 127, 130, 142 Bovt. David—135 Brabson, Dr.-213 Brabson, Sue—28, 60, 61. 135 Braddick. Gary-81, 146 Braddick, Mrs.—16 Bradford, Betty—137 Brandis. Brian- 146 Brandis, Maria—130 Braun. Sharon—135 Breck. Macdonald-146 Briola, James—130 Brisco. Joy—147 Britton, Ruth—77, 162 Brobeck, Debbie—162 Brobeck. Kenneth—135 Brogno. Miss J. Brooks, Charles-135 Brooks. Rich—147 Brown. Robert-130 Brown, Susan—162 Browne, James—130 Brownlee, Tom—147 Broz, Larry- 136 Brubaker. Elaine—12, 78 Brunner. Bill-162 Brunner, Maureen—147 BRUNSWICK BADEN BOWL-212 Brutout, Judy—162 Brutout, laiwrence—147 Brvlinski. Jody-106 Bucci, Robert—136 Ruccilli, Donna—162 Bucuren, Gary-147 Bucuren. Jill—61. 162. 183 Bucuren, Paul Budimir, John-12 Budjanec, David—81 Budjancc, Tom Bufalini, Gary—65 Bufalini. Steve—147 Buffalini. Bob-69, 78. 87. 162 Buffalini. Sandv—106 BUILDING PATROL-58 BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE—79 Bungas. George—147 Burka, Joyce—61, 162 Burka. l aura—64, 136 Burnell, Mark-61, 162 Burnett, lX borah—64. 67, 76, 136 Bumett, Deborah-64, 67, 76, 136 Burton. Brad-92. 93. 95. 96. 97. 104, 124 Butler. Ricky—130 Butrey, Frank—80, 81. 136 Bvers. Laura—147 -C- Cade. Denis-61 Cafarelli, Jean-65, 71, 162 Cafarclli, Mario—61, 95. 102, 113, 162 Cafarelli, Mary Cafarclli. Richard Cafarelli, Tony-136 Cahalan. Patrick—147 Cahill. Mike-62. 136 Cain. Chcrvl—71. 162 CAIN CHEVEROLET—200 Cain. D - 16 Cain, Edward Cain, R.-112 Calderone, Karen—65, 162 Cameron, Donald-61. 147 Campbell, Burdell—12 Campbell, Cliff-147 Campbell, Tish—130 Canonge. (Parole—136 Capozzi, Angelo Capp, Charlene—67, 72. 77. 162 Cappabianco, John-136 Capriotti. Jo Ann—136 Caputo, Dominic—81, 95, 130 Capnto, Ray—147 Caputo, Regina—67. 82, 87, 162 Caratelli, Frank C.-213 Cardamon, William-102 Carisle, Karen—130 Carlisle, Kenny—76, 110, 163. 186 Carney, Mike—73, 163, 186 Carpenter, Darlene—163, 186 Carpenter, IX l bie— 147 Carpenter, Ed—163, 186 Carpenter, Susan— 130 CARPET GALLERY-202 Carrera. PhvUis-67,68. 69. 77. 78. 163 Carrodus, Harry-6). 136 Carroll, Denise—67, 77. 88, 163, 214186 Cascllo. Darlenc-65, 82. 136 Casello, Dean-103, 1(13. 186 Cassidy. Colleen—61. 147 Cassidy, Joe-186 Cassidy. John- 163 Cassidy, Kathleen—61. 147 Cassidy. Michaclcne—130 Cassidy. Patricia-136 Cassidy. Sandra—130 (Cassidy. Timothy—136 Castelion, Anna Marie—61. 147 Catalucci, Raymond—147 Catalucci. Sue Anne—65. 136 Catanzarite, Dave—111. 163. 186 Catanzarite, Wayne—147 Caul, John—147 Ccasar. Timothy CENTRAL RADIO AND T.V.-202 Cercone. Pamela—65, 136 Certich. Frank-80, 81. 163, 186 Cetto. Dclxirah-147, 151 Chalin, Mary Ann-81, 147 Chambers, Mary Chapala. John-12 Chapala. Walter CHARLES MEN S STORE-213 Chavers, Debra-130 Chavkowski, Beverly- 147 Chaykowsky-Joannc- 110, 147 CHEERLEADERS-84 Chehovits, Janis—163, 186 Chehovits, Ken—79, 163. 186 Chehovits, Kerry-163, 186 CHESS CLUB-74 Chiaverini, Leonard-12. 172 Chiaverini, Mr. 97 Chichoski, Kathleen -130 Chinchilla. Andrea—29. 130 Chinchilla. Gloria—147 Chismirc. Daniel-62. 147 Choleva. Steven-13 Chorcszewski, Betty— 147 CHORUS-60 Chrispen, ('indy—147 Christner, Bill-147 Christopher. Debbie—71, 163, 186 Chronister, Teresa-163, 186 Clmpka, Hose Maric-76, 81. 147 Churchin, Ron—98, 130 Ciccone, Greg-21.80.81. 163. 186 Ciccone, Jerry—67 Ciccone, Miss Joann—12, 79 CLAIRMONT CLEANERS Clawson. Wendell—163. 186 Cochran, Betty—33, 136 Colalella. Christine—110, 136 Colella. Theresa—65, 70, 77, 78. 110, 163. 186 Coley. Grant - 136 (alley. Wavne Colista, Frank—130 Collcla, Rita-29. 70, 78, 147 Coder, Debra-137 COLONY CARPET CENTER-201 Colorito, Bruce-137 Colorito, Louis—136 Colorito, Vince-64, 99, 137 Columbus, Carol-82. 137 COMMERCIAL—32 Condit, Stella—147 Conforto, Joe- 186 Conforto, l.oriaine Connelly, Christine—64, 137 Connolly, Edward-65, 130 Connolly, Jonelle—71, 147 Connolly, Richard Connor, Brian-63, 137 Conover, David Constantino, John—110, 163, 186 Contcnta. Tim—62, 137 Contcnta. Tom—62. 137 Contrav, Joellen—88, 89. 147 Contray. Richard—61. 164, 186 Cook, Cars-164. 186 Cook, Jeff-137 Cook. John—62, 164. 186 Coon, Jamie—147 Corbett, Bob—164 Cords, Candy—67. 82. 137 Corless, Sharon—147 Comack, Kevin Corona. John- 135 Corso, Bill-97. 137 Corso, John Costa, Ralph - 186 Costanza. David-97, 147 Costanza, Deborah—22,61, 69. 164, 186 Costanza, Margaret—67, 137 Costanza, Paulette—65, 164. 186 Costanza, Rick-137 Costanza, Roxie—60, 61, 164, 186 Costanza, Tammy—67, 73, 76, 82, 137 Con per. Sherry—64. 147 Cozad. Anita—75, 137 Cozad, Mark-81, 147 Cramer. Vaughn—31 Crevar, R.-98 Crispen. Vicky-130 Cropper, Corine—137 Cropper. Richard—62, 81, 164, 186 cross COUNTRY—102 Cruise, Donna—61, 161, 186 Cruise, Judith- 161 Cruise, Ken—137 Csomay. Rita Csomay, Susan Cunnard, Paul—113, 147, 150 Cupp. Kathy-130 Curley. Terry—106 Curley, Jim—147 Curry, Kemmy—82. 130 Cvitko, Pamela—67, 186 Cvitkovic, Carles—95, 164, 186 Cvitkovic. Robert—112, 137 Cvitkovic. Tom—126 Cwynar, Brenda—63. 164, 186 Cybak, Bob-147 Cybak, Sam—137 Cvmbalak, Nicholas—130 Czerinski. Walter—69,85, 164. 182, 186 -D- Dahma, Michael—76. 164, 171, 186 D’Alcssaudr. Robert- 127. 137 D’Alessandris, Ron—81. 147 D’Ambrosio, Patricia- 147 D’Angelo. Angela—81, 130 Danver, Margie—147 Darno, Marcia—67, 71, 161. 186 Damn, Mary Ellen—75. 77, 147 IXivanzo. Lyla-95, 164, 186 Dazanzo. Samuel—81, 130 David, William—13 Davies, David—137 Davis. Debra-164, 186 Davis, Jane Dawson. Thomas—147 Deane. Albert- 148 IXane, Linda—67, 165. 186 Deane, S.-62 DeBacco, Anthony—137 DeBerry, Kim-81. 86. 165. 186 Dcbogovich, Joyce-165, 186 DeBona. Edward-98, 130 DeBona. Sam-73, 93. 91. 96. 97. 165. 186 DECA-63 Deceder, Ronald- 143 DeCubellis, Ronny-65. 137 DeCubellis. Gary-113. 165. 186 Dede. Deborah—82, 130 Deep, Mr. Abe—92 Deitcr, David-73, 137 IX lai. Kathy—148 DeLuca. Frank-98. 130 DcLuca, Mary—8. 67, 71, 77, 165. 186 Demacio. Albert—61, 88, 148 Demaik). Edward—23,97, 165. 186 DeMarco, Patty—61, 148 Dempsey, Leslie—165, 187 Dempsey, Lonna—67. 69, 187 Denardo, Kim-106, 148 Dengel, Kathy-67, 69. 70. 77. 111. 165. 187 Denny, Debbie DeNoble. Anthony—148 Deom, (Connie—165, 187 IX’om. David DePietro, Dominic—31 IXPietro. Elizal eth- 137 Derochis, Karen—67. 78, 165, 187 Derry, Harriet-13 Detz, Diane—148 Deutsch, Loreen—66, 67, 137 Deutsch, Maureen—67, 69. 165, 166, 187 Deutsch, Paul 137 Dewar, Cindy—82, 137 Diamantis, Nirk-165, 187 Diamond. Robert—137 DICK HUNT FORD-212 Dickson. Karen- 137 Dimond, Bill—130 Dimond, Robert Dininno, Kim—67. 69. 72. 78. 165. 187 DiPietro, Dominic—62, 165, 187 Dirdo, John—137 Dishong, Robert—99, 148 Dmuchawski. II.—16 DoMrins, Hester—102, 148 Dobias, Charles-62 148 Dohias, Michael—137 Dolxish, Monica Doffin. Daniel-1.30 Dnffin, Jeanie—130 Doffin. Richard Dolinski. Joseph -13 Dominic, Debra—67, 71. 106. 165. 187 Dornack, Kevin—97, 137 Douds. Dennis—62, 137 Doyle, Maureen—137 Draganjac. Mark-148 Drake, Edward—13 Dripps. Diane-137 DRIVERS EDUCATION—35 Drever. Mark-137 DRUG COMMITTEE-76 Druzisky, Joseph—13 Duziskv, Teresa-68, 77. 78. 87. 111. 165. 187 Dscluihan, Dan-61, 137 Dugan. Donald—187 Dugan. Norman—130 Dugos, Beverly-61, 165, 187 Duke. James—137 Duke, John-3, 87. 163. 165. 187 Duncan, Lorraine—148 Dunlap. Richard-61, 137 IXirf, Gayle-63, 71. 165. 187 Dykon, Jerrv-148 Dziak. John—21, 92. 94. 97, KM. 1(6, 165, 187 Dziak, Kathy—85, 148. 168 Dziedzic, Mary Ann—148 Dzubak, Ed-63. 102, 148 -E- Edmondson, Tami—86, 130 Edwards. Cynthia—190 Edwards, Joe-148 Edwards, Tim—95 Elchin, Joseph-137 Eliou, Anna—77, 165, 187 Elion, Michael—80, 81, 1.37 ENELOW S SHOES—212 ENGLISH-20 English. Nancy—148 Eppich. Mary- 137 Erdlen, Harry—137 Espey. Mr.-104 Esscck. Elsie- 13. 108 Esseck. James-111. 166. 187 Eslick, Jeanette—130, 148 Esseck. Mary Ellen—70, 72. 148 Estennyer, Debra-72 Evans, Mollv—67, 70. 75. 106, 107 166. 187’ -F- Fabanich. Jerome—88. 166, 187 FACULTY-12 Falkowski, Casimir—166. 187 Falkowskl Edward-148 Faltenovich. John—13 Farka.s. (Cheryl-166 Farkas, Ralph- 166. 187 Farkasovskv, Robert—137 Farlev, Heien—131 F.B.L.A.—71 Fedorko. David-131 Fcdorko. Mary-131 Fedorko. Susan—79, 107, 148 Fcenstra, Larry—166, 187 Fclinczak. Leon—81 Ferencik, Susan—148 Fernandez. Carla—82, 137, 141 Ferringer, Charles—137 FINE ARTS-40 Fioravanti, Frank—94, 97. 96, 166 187 Finch, Mrs. Constance—13 Firkaly, Ellen-131 Fisher, Denise—137 Fisher. Sharon—148 Fitsko. Joe-81. 148 Fitz. Cvnthia- 148 FITZGERALD AND SYKA-210 Fitzpatrick. Carol—148 Fitzpatrick. Mary Kav-75, 83. 166. 187 Flajnik. Paula-88. 89. 148 Flanigan. Debbie-64, 82. 137 Flanagan, Ronald—131 Flanigan, Terry-61. 148 Flannery, Maureen—148 Fleeson, Jerry—148 Foltz. Dave-63, 166. 188 Fontana, Barbara—28, 65. 76. 84. 137 Fontana, Chris—85, 93. 166. 187 FOOTBALL. JR HIGH-98 FOOTBALL. VARSITY-92 Ford, Rol ert— 148 Ford, Sir - 137 Foringer, Robert—113, 137 Fowager. B.—113 Francis. Gary —137 Francis, Karen-166. 187 Franco, Edward-148 215Franconc. Cynthia—71, 111. 166. is: Frai cone, Teresa—28, 65. 73. 137 Frankicwicz, Clare-80, 81, 118 Frankiewicz. Donald-120, 148 FRANK’S BEVERAGE CENTER-210 Fran . Dale—148 Frantz. Kim—61. 70. 110. 148 Frantz. Thomas—61. 166, 187 Frederick, Deborah—131 Frederick. Gary—113, 187 Frederick, Kimberly—131 Fredericks. Gary—166 Freed. Bill-112. 148. 187 Freed, Patricia—69, 166 Freed. Ray mond-62, 148 Friel, Fred-63. 187 Frioni. Mark-137 Frvnkewicz, Robert—61. 166, 187 Fullaxl. Jeffrey—62. 148 Fullard. S.-62 Furis. Stephen—75, 95, 166, 188 -G- Gabal. William—148 Gabaucr. Diane-137 Gaborko. Michael—148 Gagianas, Theodorc-80. 81 Gagliardi, A.—106 Gagliardi. Frank—97 Gagliardi. Ida—67, 77, 166, 188 Gagliardi. Joni-74. 131 Gagliardi. Josephine-95, 137 Call. Charles-64, 137 Gall. Susan-148 Gallik. Kim-88. 167, 188 Ganter. Timothy—137 Gaona. Kimberly-138 Gaona, Tom—148 Garko. Susan—148 Garlitz. Karin-148 Gatehouse. Robert—92, 97, 148, 154 Gavinski. Valerie-148 Gazda, Judy—149 Gennaro, Kim-81, 149, 152 Gennaro, Toni-67, 76, 78. 167. 188 George, Donna-67, 71, 167, 188 George, Linda—131 George, Tom—167, 188 Georgick, Melanie—70, 108, 149, 155 Cer azounis, James-96, 97, 104, 167, 188 Geriak, Cathy-72, 88, 167, 188 Geriak, David-71, 138 GERMAN CLUB-66 Giallorenzo, Lee Ann—65, 67, 131 Giollorenzo. William-65. 102. 138. 167 Giammaria, Robert—188 Gido, John-73, 104. 167, 188 Cido, Mary-138 Gierlowski, Annelise—66, 149 Gifford. Patricia-131 Cilberg, Judy-111, 138 Gilberg J.-66 Gilbert, Michael-112, 149 Giles, Kathy—131 Gill. Uila-67. 1.38 Gilmore. Mr. Robert-13, 23 Cintner, Bernadette-138 GIRLS' BASKETBALL-108 GIRLS' GYM TEAM-109 GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL-107 Glas. Charles-138 Glaser, John Norman-63. 99, 113. 115. 167, 188 Glasser, Robert- 138 Clomb, Jov—167. 188 Gobal. B.- 112 ('.oda. James- 149 Golden, Marguerite—167, 188 GOLF—99 Gomelak. Frank-62. 79. 149 Gomersall. Bob-167. 188 Gomersall, Heidi—138 Gomcrsall, Scott—113, 149 Gomelek, Frank—179 Gordon, Raymond—13 C 'orman. (I regorv— 131 Grabiak. Giles-102. 112. 149 Grabiak. Marija-64. 69. 138 Gradic, Mr.—104 Graef. John-138 Graef. Mari e-Claude—95, 167. 188 Graef, Yvette—131 Gracg M.-77 Grafton. Barry-79. 167, 188 Grant. Timothy—97, 148 Grasak. Michael-62, 138 Gray. Wanda- 148 Graziano, Debra—148 Gragory, l-eslie-138 Griffith. Sandra—77. 167. 188 Griffith, Virginia-13 Gross. Andrew—81, 131 Gross, Cary-67, 99. 167, 188 Gross. Katherine—61, 167, 188 Gross, Ken-112, 138 Gross. William—61. 138 Gross, Rich—148 Grundza, Donna—168, 188 Crund a. Richard 62. 1 IS Grundza, William—138 Grundy. Mr. Donald-13 Crzegorek, Judy—61, 148 Crzybowski, Anne—64. 138 Grzybowski, Margaret—98, 112, 168. 188 C • rzybowski, Ray— 131 Gucrricri. Mark-168. 188 Cuerrieri, Rudolph-148 GUIDANCE-11 Guido, Cheryl—81, 148 Guido, L.—1 06 Guido, Victoria-65, 70, 148 Guidos. Patricia-83, 168, 188 Gulish, Thomas—97, 138 Gurney, Mr. John—13, 80, 81, 178 Gust, Caithv-68, 70. 76, 168, 188 (hitch. Albert-188 Guthrie. Chris—62, 113, 168, 188 Guthrie, Timothy-74, 113. 131 Cuzan. John-138 Guzan, Mark-97, 103, 168 Cuzan. Mark-188 Cuzvk, Mark-168, 188 Gwinn, Kevin-97, 148 Gwinn, Toni-67, 138 GYM AND HYGIENE-36 -H- Habich. Martin-74. 80. 81, 148 Hacker. Scott—148 Haenlin. Laurie-148 llacnlin. Scott—112 llalhrook. ljeroy-62, 81. 138 Halicek, Rachel-148 Hall. Kellv-138 Hall. Randy-138 Hallisey, Tom-98. 126. 127 llaiidzes. Michele-135, 138 llanshaw, Ken-148 Hanshew, Sandra—64, 137, 138 Hare, Beverly-67, 71. 168. 188 Harrington, Darlene-138 Harrington, Richard—62, 168, 188 Harsch, Brenda 60. 61. 69. 168. 188 Harsch. David—138 Hartenbach, Erin-138 Hartenbach. Kenneth—148 Hartig. Roseinarv—138 Hartlc, Julie-138. 140 Hartman, Al-148 Haskins. Susan-61, 63, 67, 168 Hasson, lz uis-76. 93, 168, 188 Hasson. Michael-168, 188 Hatton, John—168 Hawk. Crecia—148 Hawronsky, George—62, 79 Haymond, Julie-70. 88. 89. 148 Haynic. Keith-62. 138, 188 Hearns, Cindy—64. 82. 148 Hearns, Steve—27, 81, 138. 145 Hedzik, Julie-138 Heinz, Cathy-188 Heinz, John-98 lleiser, Judy—138 Heitzenrater, Mr. Walter-13, 97 Heldebrand, Joseph—148 Held)rand, William—138 Hellwig. Marianne—168, 188 Hendrickson, Bruce—148 Hendrickson, Jeffrey—148 Hendrickson, Larry-62, 168. 188 Hendrickson. Roy—62, 148 Henger, Debbie—148 Henisch. Deborah—148 Hernandez. Louis—138 Hertnecky, Chris-127, 138 Hertnecky, John—13 Hertnecky, Paul—104 Hettish, John—148 Heuler, Joseph-148 Hicks, Diane-138 Hicks, Patricia-67, 71, 168. 189 Higley, Belinda—148 Hissam, Beverly Ann—148 Hitt, Jerry—148 Hladio, Rich-86. 102, 148 Hlista. Rudv-63. 80. 81, 148 Hlista, Stephen—169, 189 Hlozek, Pamela—82 Hluhanv, Andrew-138 lloak, Vera-61. 148 Hoffman. Eric-138 Hoffman. Carol-148 I (off master, Deborah-169. 189 Holden, Miss Barbara-13 Holinda, Faith—138 llolinda, George-150 Holzbach, Mark-138 Homziak, Frances-71,78, 168, 189 llomziak, Kathy-64, 81. 82. 107, 138 Hooks, Jerry-150 Hooton, Donna—138 Hoover, Christine—138 Hoover, Otto-168 Hoover, Paul-169 Hopkins, Gary-139 Hopkins, Heidi—66, 169, 189 Hopkins. Jeffrey-60, 61. 150 Hopkins, Vicki—139 liomiak, Janice-139 llorniak. Karen-150 Horniak, Michele-169 llosack. Laura-64, 139 Houston, Bonny-139 Howard, Tracy-150 Hrechun, Daniel-139 Hrechen, John-150 Hronas, Nikki-139 Hronas, Philip-99, 150 Hrusko, Mary Ann—69, 169, 175 Hrychowian, Robert—150 Hubbard, Ronald- 169 Huchel. Barbara—67, 86. 169 Huchel, Carol—75, 82, 1.39, 145 lludascek. Eleanor—169 Kodak. David-63, 150 lldicek. Sue—169 Hudson. Charlcs-71. 101, 169 Humbert, Reginald-169 Hunt, Richard-139 Huppeuthal, Eric—139 Hu war, James—98 Hyre, Susan-62, 139 -I- Ulig, Susan—139 IMPERIAL LANES—211 INDUSTRl l RTs c l I H 63 Ingram, Virginia—71. 169 Ingres. Joyce-150 Igros, Valerie-139 INTRAMURALS-110 INTERACTION COMMITTEE-76 Irion Mr. William—13 ISALY’S QUIK SHOP-212 ITALIAN CLUB-65 lvanchan, Derek—169 lvanchan, Lance—38, 169 lvanchan, Neal-62. 1.39 lwanczyk, Miss Angelos-13 Iwaskewycz, Michael—139 -1- Jablonski, Robert—139 Jah xla. Kimberly—131 Jahoda, Martv-120, 121, 122, 123. 169 Jahoda, Robert-139 Jakubowski. Estelle-64, 111. 139 Jamery, Darlene-67, 131 Jainery, Ronald-93, 96,97.150, 169 Jamis. JoAnn— 87, 150 Janicki. Darlene—131 Janicki. Marlene-131 Janicki. Ronald- 139 Janicki. Vivian—131 Janeiwicz, Edward—139 Janocha, Debra—64, 150 Jantsch, Leslie-61, 169 Jarostowski, John-169 Jarznyka, John-131 Jasinski, Cheryl-81, 139 Jessee, Cathy—169 Jim MART-212 Jimerson, Burwell—139 Jimerson, Kevin—139 Johnson, Elizabeth-64, 139 Johnson, Terry—61, 139 Johnston, Jack—126, 131 Johnston, Jxce-69, 70. 106. 108, 169 Johnston, Sally—67, 73. 88. 139 Jones, Alex-169 Jones. Cindy-139 Jones. l cslic-139 Jones. Steven-139 Jones. Vickie Lynn-139 Joseph, Regis-97, 139 Joy, Kevin-139 Joyce, Richard—60. 61, 170 Jovncr, Jenny-131. 170 Jovner, Roberta-131 JR. RED CROSS-77 Jula. Christy-82. 139 216Jung. Richard-139 Jurcak. James—139 Juriga, Joseph-131 Jurkowski, Robert—74, 131 Jusczak, Bernadette—86. 139 Juzwa, Joanne-66, 139 -K- Kacharian, Evonne-139 Kacharian. Minni—67, 84 Kacher, Mr. 17 Kalabokes, Ann—87, 150 Kalabokes, Evonne—64, 139 Kalalx)kcs. Pam—139 Kaleugher, Don-62, 139 Kaleughcr, Victoria—88, 139 Kaminski, Robert-98, 126, 127, 131 Kandrack, l avid-117, 119, 139 Kap| as, Andrea—131 Kappas, Maria-139 Karas. Charles R.—170 Karas, Daniel—62. 150 Karas. David—62, 150 Karras, Karen—67, 170 Karasko, Diane-139 Kardash, Boyd—170 Kardasz, Robert-60, 61. 139 Karnavas. Andrew—63 Kamoski, John—66, 150 Karolak. Nancy—131 Kascek, Christine—81 Kasck, Karen—170 Kasil, D.-62 Kasper. Francine—83, 139. 143 Kassel 1. David-139 Kastriba. Lawrence-30. 62,81. 170 Kastril a, Terry—139 Kattcrson, Lyman—170 Kaunert, David—23, 61, 94. 96. 97, 170, 183 Kay, Tim-139 Kazil, Donna—170 Kazil, Lee Ann—63 Kearns, David—140 Keenan, Claudia-21, 131 Kehoe. Janice—73, 107, 140 Kellinger, Kathleen—67. 70, 72, 78, 110. Ill, 170 Kellinger, Mark-69, 170, 183 Kellner, Charlene—150 Kelly, Richard—140 Kendra, Georgene—170 Kennedy, Claire—13 Kenney. Paul—140 Kenney, Theresa—140 Kcphart. Sue Ellen—150 Keppel, John- 132 Kerecman, Debbie—106 Kerns, Jerrv-140 KERR, BARTOLAC—200 Kesow, Mike—140 Kesow, Nancv-170 Key. Helene-131 Kielbowick, David—13 Kiddy, Karen-106, 107. 108. 150 Kimbrough. G.—98 Kimbrough. Karen—131 Kimbrough, Kevin-95,98, 131. 142 Kingerski, Cheryl—170 Kirish, Susan—81, 132 Kirschler, Darrell—117, 140 Kirish, Dave-103 Kisiday, JoAnn— 70, 106, 150 Kisiday. Tom-98 Klacik, Cathy—132 Klacik. Tom—150 Klaich. Mr.-.38. 63 Klak. Debra-70, 106, 108. 150 Klaus, Brian-140 Klavin. Vicky—66, 68, 77, 65, 170 Kleemook. Cheryl—13, 68 Kleeimx k, Gary-17, 170 Klesser. Daryl-150 Kloffenstein, John—170 Knoll. Belinda—150 Knoll, Richard—113, 140 Koban, Mary—63. 170 Kokan, Stephen—170 Kokoski, Nancy—67, 74. 150 Kolcun, Olga—13 Koleman, Elizabeth—150 Kon, Andrea—60. 61. 64, 66. 150 Konakis, E.-86 Konitsney, M.—16 Kopas, Carolyn—170 Kopac. Mary—140 Kopac, Samuel—170 Koppel. John—170 Kopriva, Rose-140 Korb, James—170 Kordas, Alan—171 Komi, Krystyna-68 Kornecki, Bridgette—150 Kosinski, Brian-116, 117, 140 Ktims. Bill 71. 100. 111. 171 Kosis, Joy—150 Kosis. W’ade-96. 97. 171 Kostolich, Debbie - 132 Kot, Frank—132 Kotv, Susan—67, 71, 171 Koukounaris. Stephanie-61. 110 Kouvolo, William—13, 97 Kowal, Micki—72, 150 Kowal. Michael Anthony—63. 171 Kowal, Michael Joseph—100, 171 Kowal. Yvonne—140 Kowalski, Cindy—140 Kowalsky, B.-81. 112 Kowalsky, George—75, 80, 81, 171 Kowalsky. Karen-60, 104, 140 Kowalsky, Ken—66, 80. 81, 140 Kowalsky. Robert-132, 171 Kowalski, Steve-104. 150 Kowalski, Mark—150 Kowalski, Thomas—62 Kownacki. Dcbi-140 Kownaeki, Robert—63 Ko .ad, Mike-103 Kramer, Bill-171 Kramer, Kathy—61, 86, 150 Kramer, Vaughn—171 Kremmel, James—171 Kremmel, Vickie—67, 72. 77. 82, 171 Kremmel. Cindv-82. 140 Kremmel, Jane—80, 81, 82, 150 Kremmel. Judith—132 Kremmel, Victoria—70 Krcpps, Darla-1.50 Krestal. Sharon-63 Kripcak. Frank-140 Kristek. Keith—132 Krithinithis, Cynthia—150 Krivyanski. Mike—150 Krizan, Kathy—140 Krivieh. Craig-62, 150 Kofchiek, Julianne—150 Krokonko, William—81. 1.51 Krol. Debbie-151 Krol, F.-64. 82, 140 Krol. Linda-67. 70. 72. 171 Krol. Rhonda-82, 132 Krol, Robert—132 Krpicak. Frank—132 Kroupa, Debbie-140 Krupowicz. Gary-151 Kubia. Barry-66, 151 Kubia, Pamela—140 Kubia, Patricia—140 Kubick, Karen-67, 171 Kuga, Michael—30 Kuharsky, Ann-140 Kuhni. Albert—212 Kuhni, Edward-69 171 Kuhni. Linda-84. 85. 151 Kulianos, Maria-70, 111, 170 Kuncich, T.—62, 140 Kuny, Eileen—67, 78, 171 Kuny, Richard—134, 140 Kuny, Robie—106, 171 Kuppingcr, Darleme-61. 151 Kurasl), Jill—61, 70, 171 Kurash, Kim—65. Ill, 140 Kurash, Marilvn-171 Kusnir, Sue—171 Kusnirak, Colleen—140 KUZMA LITERARY SERVICE-203 Kuzma, Robert— 132 -L- Lagatta, Thomas-97 Lamb. Charles—98, 132 Lamb, Jeff- 140 Lambert, Karen Sue—171 I unbert, Sharon—151 Landfricd. Paul-171 Lane, Donna—143 I ng, Michelle—140 LANGUAGES-28 Laniewski, Linda—13 Laris, Dean-81, 132 Lamish. Peter-68, 171 Larrick, Alan—140 I.arrick. Tom—140 Larson, Kurt-172 I.asalle, James—13 Latham, James- 132 Laughman. Merle-132 Lauritzen, Linda—132 l.azar. Stella—13. 76 Lazzaretti, Lisa-132 Leach. Ken—126, 127, 140 LEADERS! CLUB-70 Lcbec, Richard—13 Lechok, Cheryl—60, 157 Lechok, Dan—1.51 Lechok, Theodore—61, 140 Lee. Lisa—151 IEEE’S SHOPPE-213 Ixhnran. Jeffrey-13 Lelin, Carl—132 l lak, Cindy—140 Len, Cindy—66, 111. 140 Leopardi, Dominick—97, 104, 157 Leopardi, Jeff—97, 132 Lessvk, John—76, 172 Lester, James—140 Lewandowski, C.-81 Lewandowski, Deborah—151 Lewis. William—132 LIBRARY-34 LIBRARY CLl B-86 Lipinski, Richard-63, 172 Litzinger, Karen- 132 Livengood, William—97, 140 Livitski, Joan—68. 89, 151 Lizak, Valerie—151 Lockard, Barry-151 Loprich, Karen—132 Loschiavo, Carmen—132 Losco, Russell—140 Loughman, M.—81 Loverich, Karen-61, 172 Lowalsky, L.—75 Lubcrt. Shirley-63, 172 Lubic, John S.—172 Lubic, Paulette—67, 82, 140 Lubic, Robert—140 Lucaric, Judy—66, 151 Lucas, Cynthia-138, 140 Lucas. Jennie Lynn-61, 78, 87. 172 Lucente, Rich—93, 94. 96. 97. 172 Lucic. Karen-140 Ludovici, Cynthia—79, 132 Ludovici, Nancy—140 Ludwin. Brian-172 Ludwin, Cindy —132 Lukacheck, A. J.—13 Luketic, D.-16 Luke tic, Sharon-61. 68, 75, 172 Lundy, Charles—132 Lyons, Joseph—172 -M- Mace, Jeff-67, 72. 140 Mace. Judith Ann-172 Macie, David-132 Macie, Nan—88, 151 Mack. Robert—62 Macurak. Jerry-141 Madlinski, Donna-141 Magone, Denise—141 Nlaier, James-62 Majetic. Bert-66. 151 Majetic, Jeffery—141 Majctic. Joseph—97. 151 MAJORETTES-83 Makowski, Karen Marie—21,72. 77. 78, 106, 172 Malecki, Stanley—13, 30 Malinowski, Beverly—61, 172 Manini. Anthony Christopher—172 Manis, Carol Marie—71, 67, 172 Manjak, Natalie—132 Mann, Helen—13 Mann. Jim—151 Mannlakos, James— 141 Manolakos. Victoria—172 MANUFACTURERS ASSOC.-208 Mao. Mary—Maola, Victoria—81. 141 Maravich, George-172 Marcink, Bob-104, 105 Marcink, Gary-97, 151 Mariani, Joe-62, 81. 172 Marmura, Marsha-141 Marocco, Frank-13. 76. 96. 97 Marotti. Mike-61, 81. 151 Marr. Mike-141 Marsh, Don-98 Marsilio, Mike—141 Marsillo, Jim-63, 97, 151 Martin. Alvin-61. 76. 97. 151 Martin, Chervl—64, 81, 141 Martin. Diane-113, 132 Maruca, Beverly—141 Marustak, John—172 Maschak. (-athy—132 Maschack, John-81, 132 Masliensic, Relx cca—132 Maslamk. Linda-141 Mason, Donald—79, 172 Mason. Jeff-79. 151 Matanic, Barbara-141 Matanic, Elizabeth—141 Matcv, John—13 Math-26 Mathews, Denise—67, 70. 77, 7s. 110, HI. 172 Mathews. Jeffrey 141 Matika. James—39, 127, 141 Mattern, Clarence—141 Mattern, Ronald—61. L34, 173 Mattuch, Mrs.-78 Matzie, Brian—172 Matzie, Lynn—173 217 Mauk. Betsy—151 Mauk. Joan—172 Mauldin, Cvndee—173 Max. Janet-151. 173 Mayer. Denise—151 Slaver. Jim—97. 151 Slayer. Rich-151 Slayer. Rochelle-Ml Mavtic, Leonard—127, Ml Slazur. I .aura—95. 173 Mazzette. Joanne—67, 68, 70, 71. 77. 81. 111. 171. 173 Mazzctti, David-98. 132 SkCalx Kim-Ml McCandlcv . Charles—75. 173 SlcClellan. James-79, 151 SfcClellan. Sluriel—151 McClure. I avid-80. 81. 161. 173 SlcChire, Elaine—66. 81. Ml McClure. Kathy—132 SlcChire. David-161 McColliiu, Robert—61. 173 SlcCombie, Lynn—61, 67. 76. 173 McCombie, Sandy—132 SlcCormack, Kathy-Ml McCoy, Annette 66. Ml SlcCoy. Ric hard-Ml SIcCov. Thomas— 88. 173 McCracken. Roger-99. 173 McCullough, Debra-151 McCullough. Fran-Ml McCullough. Patty-Ml Mcl)ade. Celine—140, Ml McDadc. Ken-151 SlcDade. Virginia SIcEvoy. Patrick—73. 130 McCeorgc, Fritz—73, 81 McCeorgc. Slark- 132 McCeorgc. Stephen—76, 110. 173 181 SltCinnis, Keith—173 McHenry, Robert—31, 62 Slclleiiry. George—173 McKee, Sharon—Ml SlcKeown, Sian -13 McMahan. Cindy—151 SlcSIahan. James- 173 SlcStay, Debbie—61, 173 SIcTighe, Althea— 110 Sleckling, Kathleen-132 Meckling, Richard—132 Meddock, Dale-119 Meerdo, Betty—106 Meerdo. Mike-112, Ml SI ELLON RANK 205 Melnyk. Donna—67, 173 Melnyk, Janice—87. 15| Mercandante, Dong—151 Merlino. Debra—71. 173 Slerriman. Deborah—71 173 Mervell. G.-81 Meshanko. James-126, L32 Mesko, Michael—34, 66, U3 j-3 Mesko. Teresa-28. 66. || | Mesko. Thomas-141 Meyers, James—Ml Michkofsky, Patricia-67, 6r 3 173 Mickey. Denise-151 Mickey. Donna-151 Mihalic. Eric-151 Mihalic. Jeffrey-173 Mihalic. Karen-152 Mihalow, Edward-173 SI ike. Kimberly-132 Miker, Mike-152 Miketa, Done!te-84. 14| Miktilich, Mark-152 Milanovich, Mr. Fred-8 Miles, John-132 Miller, Carl-141 Stiller. Laurel-70, 152 Sliller. Sandra-67, 70. 82. 110. 111. 174 Millie, Debbie—67. 152 Slillie. Sherry—132 Milozewski. Sirs.-106 Milozewski. Pat—106 Milozewski. Carol—13 Slindck. Michelle—61. 174 Slish, Francis-132 Mistovich, Milena—77, 174 Mitchell. Brian-103, 132 Mitchell. Diane—174 Mitchell, Keith—25 Mitchell, Teresa—152 Mitchell, William—141 Slitro. Richard—141 Mlay. Michael—31. 174 Mogvorosi. Janet-152 Mog orski. William—132 Molclien, Mrs.-13. 39 Mollo. Sian- Ann—132 Slonzi. Joe-97, Ml Slonzi, Ronald-65. 97. 113. 141 .Moore, Deborah— 174 Sloran. David-66. 71, 121. 122, 125. 173. 174 Slorelli, Georgiann—152 Morningstar. Jerry-132 Morningstar, Randv-152 Morrisette, A.-98 Morrison. Barl»ara—152 .Morrison. Pamela—174 Morsillo, James-93, 96, 97. 101 Morsillo, Ramona—133 Morski. Joseph-126 Slorton, Elizabeth-174 Moskcs, Diane- 152 Sioskctti, Doreen—152 Mouck, Cheryl Ann—152 Sludrick. Greg-25. 97, 152. 155 Sluha. John-152 Slulik, Wilmur—13 Murray. Reverb S2. 152 Murray. Deborah—32,71, 106. 108, HO! 174 Murray. Kenneth—113, 133 Murray, Lester Jr.-174 Murray, Lloyd—141 Murray. Orlando-113. Ml Murtiff, Luann—141 Musgrave, Susan—39. 61. 110, 152 Musial. Karen-Ml Musi. Linda-67. 68. 69. 72, 88. 89. 174 Mustio, Robert—133 Musilin. Deborah—63 Mutschlcr, Lawrence—31, 174 Mutterspaugh, B.-62 Mutterspaiigh, Barbara-174 Mutterspaugh. Marv-81. 133 Muttcrspau i. William-174 Myers. Janet—141 Myers. Joyce- Ml -N- Nadzak, Janet-106 Nadzak. Judi-132 Napoleon, Susan-65, 84 141 Napoleon, Thomas-152 Nardi. Alberto—65 Nardi. Pirkko-65 Narkevich, Cindy—61, 74, 152 Narkcvich. Judy—81. 133 NATIONAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY-75 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 68 Navalance, Eileen-152 Nawoezynski, Andrea—174 Nawroeki, IXbra—174 Nawrocki. Helen-13 Nawrocki. Russell — 174 Nazaroviteh. John—63, 133 Nazarovitch. Mary Ann—174 Nazaroviteh. Paul-152 Neese, lXbbic—64, 70. 152 Necse. “Jumbo Jim-152 Neloros. John—141 Nehilla, Mark-62. 174 Nelson. Rita—61 Nelko. Marianne- 152 Nesbitt, Cindy—67,69.83. Iff). 174 Ncsbit, Jayne—152 Neville, Cindy—175 Neville. Edward—102. Ml Nichols, Ted- 142 Nicgorski, Diane—141 Niehenke. Robert-62. 142 Niklewicz, Patty-74. 142 NIVEN S AMERICAN-203 Novak, Bernadette—61. 142, 175 Novak, Marilyn—106 Novak. Tim—142 NOVEKOSKY’S - 200 Novick, Harry-152 -O- Orlcr. Carl-93. 120. 121. 127. 152 Orlowski, Richard—175 Orlowski, Ron— M2 Orsag, David-152 Osso. Karla-64. 152 Ostrowski, David-142 O’Brien, Stephan-152 Oebling. William-85 Often. Debbie—152 Ogrizovich, Mrs.—33 O’Henik. 11.-16 Olipbant, Cheryl—133 Olujich, Michele—81. M2 OMBRES AUTO SALES-213 Ondrako. IX4»bie— 152 Ondrako. IXane—133 Ondrako. Joeseph-62, 152 O’Neill, Karen-64, M2 OPENING—1 Oprisko, Brian-81. 137 Oprisko. Samuel—61, 175 Ord. (Carolyn—175 Ord. William-142 ORGANIZATIONS-56 ORISKO’S FIX)WER AND GIFT SHOP-213 -P- Paezak. Susan-66. 74. 75. 142.145 Painter, Richard 152 Palavros, Stella-81, 96, M2 Palichat, Nadine-142. M3 Palichat. Natalie-67, 69. 72, 83, 175 Palladina. Novina—152 Palmer, Anita—76, 81, 175 Palmer, Deirdrc—79, 133 Palmer. Judv-27, 80, 81, 133 Palmer. Mike-97, 142 PalumlK), Joseph-62. 76. 142 Panek, Karen-133 Panniccia, Mi s-64. 65, M Paolini. l.arry-80, 81.142 Paolini, Ronald-80, 81, 175 Papantonio, Michael-61. 116. 117 119, 175 Papasodero, Marlene-72, 175 Papastxlcro, Julie-65, 82, 142 Pupiuchak, Brenda-142 Parisi, Ron—101, 152 Parker. Sheri- 157 Parkinson, Lynn—32. 67, 77. 175 Parks, David 62, 142 Parks. Dianne-64. 142 Parsons. Kenneth—62, 142 Parsons, Teresa—142 Pastelak. Carric-64. 75. 142 Pasteur. Dave-152 Pastrikas, Thomas—133 Patrick. Donald—63, 104. 105, 175 Patterson, Diane-81. 133 Patterson. Sharon—175 Patterson, Sbawii-62. 142 Paul. Greg-61, 152 PAUL’S BAKERY INC. Pu .zanita. Peter-133 Pcalor. David-81 PEARL FASHION SHOP Pec-ora ro, Lou—133 Peel. Mike-152 PEP CLUB-67 Perch. Barb- 106 PERCH’S CHESS BOARD-202 Perciavale, Daniel—142 Perciavalle, Frank-127, 142 Percy, Thomas—142 Perkovich, Vesna—152 PERLMAN JEWELERS-213 Pema, Mark 81,95, 112 Perri, Rosetta—20, 68. 87. 95. 175 Pcrsi, Mr. Felix—14. 26 PERSONNEL-6 Pervson, Michael—71. 121. 125. 170, 175. 177 Peters, Drew—153 Peters, Jeffrev-62. M2 Petkash, Debra-133 Petrie, Melanie-133 Petrina, Juanita—153 Pet row, David—142 Pet row, Diane—153 Petro, William-153 Petroski. Dave-102 Petruny, Mr. C.—122 Pettner, Frank-153 Pfaff. Sallie- 142 Pfiefer. Mr. Raymond—14 Pfeiffer, nton-62 Phillips, Cheryl-63. 175 Pietrandrea. Miss-14. 64 Pietrzykowski, Marie—131 Pckarchik. Monica—142 Pelic. (Charles-81 Pelic, Linda-106, 107, 152 Piltz, Doreen-110, 175 Piontek, lz)iraine-67, 72. 78 Piontek, Miss—106 Piotrowski, David-81, 133 Pisano. Christine—175 Pisano, Frank—113, 11 1 142 Pisano. James-175 Pisano. Nick-94, 97 Pisano. y.-67 Pisano, V.-112 Pitaro, Fred-153 Pitts. Bcmadinc-M Pitro, B.-81 Plesh, Pamela-130, 133 Plesh, Paul-153 Plevs, Williatn-56 Piet ., Francis-142 Pletz, Patricia-73, 176 Plovock, Pauline-64, 153 Poconis, Renee-67, 176 Polacek. Susan-65, 142 Palieiehio, Ann—64, M2 Poling, Denise-106 Poling. Paul-153 218Polito, Carmen—61, 69, 85, 176 P »st. Richard-176 Perri, Patsy—153 Post. Ted-142 Powell. Katherine-111, 176 Pawner. Brett-133 Pawner. Lydia-176 PRACTICAL ARTS—38 Pravlik, Stephanie—20, 106. 176 Preston. I)r. David—9 Price. Terry-63 Prichinello. Anthony-79. 81. 133 Proakis, Elaine-153 Prokopovich. Gayle-153 Prokopovich, Joyce—67, 68, 70, 78.77.85. 106. 108. 168. 176. 165 Protenic. Bettv—70, 105, 108, 110, 111. 171. 176 Pronl, Emile—62. 176 Prusick. David-81. 153 Pntsick, Mr. VV. Pszeracki. Ralph—25, 176 Pucci. Sergio 98, 133 Puckett. Cheryl—176 Pugliano, Cathy—61, 153 Pugliano, Patricia-64. 142 Pushak, John—87, 176 Pyle, Amy-64, 81. 109, 143 -R- Rac-ioppo. Mike—97. 114. 143 Radio, Club—59 Ragazzini, Mr.—97 Ragland, Lydia—153 Rajter, David-143 Ranee, Roger—143 Randall. Roberta—14, 20 Rapso, Mattha-14 Ragland, Joyce-143 Raymer, Jean—81, 143, 145 Raymer, Theresa—133 Ready. Patricia—70, 76, 111, 176. 194 Reda, Christina-143 Reese. James—153 Rhawn, Linda—176 Rhawu. Philp-133 Rhone, Linda—68, 86, 87, 194 Rhone. Nancy—143 Ricci. Mary-82, 143 Riccio, Annette—101 Rice. Holly-143 Richards, Denise—133 Richards. Judy—38, 39, 153 Rich. Gary-112 Rich, Rosemarv-153 Ricker. Debra-133, 143 Ries, David-153 Riley, Thomas-93, 97, 153 Rinaldi, Becky-194 Rinaldi, Jeff—63 Ritchey, Jane—14. 66 Robbins. Susan-68, 73, 176. 194 Roberts, Rochelle-71, 77, 98, 177, 194 Roberts, William-133 Robertson. Dan-el—164, 177 Robertson. Neil-143 Robertson. T.-112 Robinson. Claren-133 Robinson. Raymond-63 Robinson, l orinda-143 Rodgers, Denise—61, 177. 194 Rodrigvcy, Maria-33, 66, 143 Roehn, Betty-133 Roginski, Nancy-68. 70, 76, 106. 194 Roman, Barbara-64 Roman, Cheryl—65, 81 Roman, Rebecca-75. 143 Romeo. Mary-81, 133 Romigh, Janet—133 Ronosky, Paul—143 Roppo, LaVonda—67, 177, 194 Rose, Betty—177, 194 Rosemeier. Patricia—82. 143 Rosenbergcr. Louise-81 Ross. Fred-81. 143 Ross. C.—65, 133 Ross, Larry—133 Ross, Ray-76, 121. 124. 127 Rossi, Nick-69. 87, 88. 177, 194 Rossick. Richard-164 Rosso, Dan—97 Rosso, Ronald—97, 143 Rotellini. Mark—81. 133 Rotolo. Doug—63, 81 Rowley, Cheryl—61 Rowley, James—80, 81 Rowelle, Lavna—75 Ridakcwich. Barbara-77, 177, PM Rudakcwich, David—177, 14M Rudakewich. Elaine— 111, 143 Ruder. Jeff-143 Rudck. Terri-143 Rudenko, Eileen-143 Rusnak, Carolyn—133 Rullcll. Helen—177. 194 Russell, John—14 Rissell, Mildred—194 Ruth. Barn-111. 177. 194 Rut tner, Megan—75, 143 Rygalski, Cathy—61, 177, PM Rygalski, M ichael-143 Rykaczewski, Jo Anne-68. 72. 177. 191 -S- Sabatine, Barl»ara-63, 177, PM Sabol, Debra-133 Sabolosky, Lorraine—154 Sabolosky. Karen—133 Sacco, Mary-73. 76. 150. 154 Sacco, Vincent—76, 154 Sadowv. Becky—67, 106. 107, 108. 154 Sadowv, Len-111, 177, 194 Sadowv, William-143 Safran, Debbie-143 Safranko. Marie—143 Sage, Mr.-14. 126 Salada. Linda-82, 143 SALA S QUAKER STATE SALOPEK, STEVEN-154 SALOPEK’S—212 Santrv, Thomas-14 Santry, Terri-64. 143 Sarver. Linda-77 Sarvy, Darlene—143 Saunders, J.-98 Savage, Virginia-177, PM Savcnik. Vince-92 Savie, Karen-109, 148. 1.54 Savie. Philip-133, 112 Savior. Douglas-68, 97. 120. 121. 123. 124. 194, 173, 177 Saylor. Matt—143 Schaffer, Kathy—87. 131 Scharns. Amy-143 Scheerxjill-154 Schell. James-81, 177, 194 Scherfel, Mary—154 Schiffour, Cynthia-67. 76. 143 Schimonskv, John Schimonsky, Terry-143 Schmetzcr, Lynda-154 Schmidt, Dawn—67, 78, 178, 194 Schmidt. Kevin—150, PM, 178, PM Schmidt, l ri Ann Schmidt. Lynette—154 Schomburg, Charlotte—154 SCHOOL BOARD-10 Schiver. Allen—81. 143 Schutt, David-27, 73, 150, 154 Schwartz, I onna—61. 154 Schwertz, Kenneth-63, 178. PM Schwertz, T. Russell- 143 SCIENCE—24 Scisciani, Maric-55. 81. 178. PM SECRETARIES AND SCHOOL SERVICE CROUPS-16 Segeleon. Donna-66. 154 Sehnke, Kevin—178 Sehnke. Mary Seifer. Terri-154 Seiler, William—143 Scllcy. Mark-154 Semonich. Val-63, 178, 194 Semonik, Janice—143 SENATE-73 SENIORS-158 Senke, Kevin—194 Senulcs. Paul-28. 97. 143 Sepella, Florence—79, 133 Serak. E.—106 Sessie, Donald-178, PM Sessie. Harrs Sessie, Renea—154 Sessie, Ray-154 Sessie, Valerie- 154 Sesti, Amdrea—133 Scsti, Sesti. Samuel-154 Sestile. Michael-112. 133 Sestile, W illiam—61, 178, 194 Scttino. Rosemary— 14 Shaddoch, Jayne—154 Schaffer, Albert-98, 133 Schaffer, Brenda Scjaffer. Sandy- 134 Shanholtz, Debbie—81, 143 Shapach, Mary—178. PM Shapach, Rose-143 Sliavka. Ronald—134 Shearer. F.-98 Shearer. Patrick-126. 134 Shearee, Susan-143 Shecsley, Bonnie-143 Sheesley, Sandra-95, 194. 178 Shelkons, Susan—154 Shclkons, Yvonne—61. 178. PM Shenot. Ronemary—14 Sherman, Daris—14 Shillingburg. Clifford—62, 144 Shingleton, Donna-134 Shingleton. Mike-62, 178 Shingleton. William-194 Shoelace, Thy rone—09 Shriver, Beverly—14 Shulick, John—60, 61, 113, 1444 Shumsky, Glenn 73, 150, 154 Shumsky, Jay—178, PM Shorter, Frank—113, 144 Shuster, John-97, 154 Shuster, Michele-82. 144 Slmtka. Barbara-178 Shvach. Sue-154 Sicily, Terrv—69. 166 SIGNAL CONSUMER DISCOUNT-213 Silhouette—87 Silkroski, Donna-66, 144, 195 Silkroski, Cindy-67, 68. 72. 100. 195 Simon, Janes—134 Sippel, Dave—102, 121, 127, 154 Sippel, Joann-144 Sisley. Terry-178, 195 Sittig. Daniel—74 Sivewright. Gary—113, 164, 178, 195 Sivy, Donald-80. 81. 134. 151 Sivy, Robert—62, 103 Sivy, Thomas-112 Skapik. Virginia—69. 178, 195 Skeba, Janice—144 Skcriotis, George—154 Skeriotis, James—62 Skiba. Robert—154 Skoff, Kathy—196 Skoff. Rebecca—67, 106. 167. 108 Skorija, Judy-82. 144 Skorija, Mary—134 Slappo, Barbara—154 Slavik, Loietta—71, 95. 179 Slavik. Tammy—144 Slivka. Michele—144 SlolKxIian. Karla—154 Slohodian, Joyce—134 Slohodian. Judith-73, 130. 134 Slohodian, Paul-103 Smalis, Lori—144 Smallis, Deah—65. 82. 134 Smart, Joseph-144 Sinelko. Evelyn—64, 144 Smelko, Thomas- 154 Smith, Barbara-88. 154 Smith. Cynthia—81, 154 Smith, Debbie—144 Smith. Dana-76, 121. 122. 173 Smith. Luanne—61. 154 Smith. Otis-144 Smith, Rav-61. 154. 162 Smrzlick, icholas—179 Smrzlick. Robert- 144 Snedden, Nancy-144 Snelsou. Vickie—179 Snyder, laura- 109 Social Studies-22 Sofranko. Gregory- 144 Sokolowski, D. ms SOL S STORES—203 Solcro. Ramon—14 Solomich. David-97, 154 Solomich, John- 144 Solomid. S.-62 Soltis. William-62. 179 Somar, Arlene-144 Somar, Marlene—144, 33 Somar, Wayne-154 Sonnie, Sharon—61.67. 6). 71, 179 Sopirak. Cynthia—23, 151, 154 Soska, Cindy—67. 71. 179 Soska, Wendy-67, 179 Sovich, Debbie-144 Sovich, Esther-69, 77, 154 Sovich, Jerome—14 Sovich. Patti-179 Spagnolo, Michael-80, 81. 179 SPANISH CLUB-64 Speek, K.-77 Speelman, Keith-62. 144 Spellman. Sharon-154 Speer. Kin-61, 77, 155 Spencer, Donald-144 Spencer. Lovie—155 Sperduti, Lorraine-155 Spmelli. L.-16 Spmosi. John-179 Spinosi, Joseph—179 Springer. Denise—144 Springer. Thomas—68, 81 Spolarich, Debra—144 Spolarich. Gary—79 SPORTS-90 Sprott, John—144 Spniill, Carter—61, 76, 93, 179 Spuganich. Gail-67. 179 219Stachowicz, Karin—134 Stadnik. Coiolvn—144 Stadnik. Crystal—144 Stage Lighting Crew—79 STANGL’S—201 Stanasolovich, David—98. 134 Stanasolovich, IxHiis—155 Stanasolovich, Taininic—144 Stanislawski, Evelyn-155 Stark, Sasaii-144 Staring. Gary—79 Starvszak. Lucy—67, 82. 144 Stashick, Robert—134 Staving. Randy-179 Steml eiski. Kelly—144 Stueber. Otto—134 Stewart, Mark-61. 155 Stiles, Joyce—144 Stojan. Edward—155 Stolar. Miss—17 Stolich. Fred—155 Stoloski. Monica-81, 149 Stonfer, David—155. 97 Stranko, Paula-134 Stranko, Steven-144 Strano, Edward-98. 126. 134 Strano, Michelle—67, 180 Stricgel. Joyce-61, 180 Striffer, B.-62 Striffler. Taimnv—44 Stringer, Dave- 134 Stringer. Georige—155 Stobel, Janet—66. 144 Strojek. John-98. 134 Strojek. Lorraine-66. 155 Stronge, G.-69 Strugalski, Joe-155 Stul an. Michael—144 STUDENT 1JFE-42 STUDIO BADEN Stueber, Laura-155 Stumpf. Kenith—180 Stuinpf. Terry—117. 119. 144 SUNOCO-2i2 Suegel, Karen—155 Sulkowski. I.awrence-62. 144 Sumko. Tammy—144 Supe. Thomas—62, 79 Susan. John— 145 Sutter, Paul-14, 22 Sutton, David—113. 145 Sutton. Kenneth-62 Sutton. T.-112 Swarlis, Paul- 145 Synder. Laura-145 Sylvister, Glenn—155 Syrko, Patlricia—155 Szafaryn, Lenark-61, 154 Szpak. JoAnn—134 -T- Tabin, Judith-61, 180 Tabin, Mark-155 Takas, Richard-61, 155 Tanes, K.-67 Tate, Beth-61, 67. 85. 168. 180 T. B. O. WARE!!OUSE-205 Tedesco, Mike-98, 112, 134 Tedesco, Mr. Thomas-15. 27 TELEVISION PARTS CO.-201 TEMPALSKI. BOB-155 TEMPERANTE, JAMES-134 Teny, Robert-112, 113, 113, 155 Testa, Valeric—65. 145 Testa, Vince-180 Tetrick, Randv—62, 145 Theodore. John— 145 Thiele, (ieorge-134 Thompson. Brian-180 TILE CITY-213 Tokatch. Karen—68, 71, 72. 77. 78. 180 Tokatch. Sandra-82. 145 Tolfa, Mr. Emileo—15 Tomaszewski. Lynn—61 Tomaszewski. Mark-100, 101. 180 Tomayko, Greg-155 Toney. George-145 Toney, Theresa—145 Topolewski, 'Ibomas—31. 180 Torhan. Michael-81 Toth. Anthony—29, 155 Townsend. Linda—67 Townsend, Rcnita- 134 Trautman. Mark-30, 180 Trapp. L —109 Treantafellow. Miss Linda 15 Torhan. Mike—155 Troll. Ruth-15 Tucker, Elizabeth-147, 155 Tucker. Rick-145 Tuntas, James—180 Tuntas, Krissoula—75, 80. 81. 155 Tuntas, William-98. 126. 134. 142 Turner, John—145 Turnley. James-121, 125. 127. 155 Tumlcy, Mark—145 Turnley, Bill—104 Tusick, Drew-180 Tusick, Scott -145 Tvler. Mike-134 Tyina, Thomas— 155 Tvina, Valerie-61. 155 TRACK-100 TENNIS-103 THESPIANS-69 -U- Uhernik, James-63. 74. 87, 155, 180 Uhemik. Kathy-68. 72, 77 Ulizio, Darlene—81, 145 Underclavsmen—128 Unsworth. Tom—62, 145 Urguhart, Ro! ert—134 Uronski. Natalie—134 U. S. A. BASE PROCUREMENT OFFICE USHERETTES-72 US STEEL-72 V Vallecorsa, Daniel—81. 134 Vallecorsa. Paul-61 VALLEY DODGE-202 Vandenlxml, Charles—62. 145 Varlichi, Robin—65, 82, 145 Varlichi, Shirley—78. 106. 180 Vasilakis, Alexander-80, 81. 145 Venglass, David—180 Vcnneri, Judy-155 Vila, Mike-97, 145 Villella. C:arl-62, 155 ViUella. Chris-145 Villella, Larry—145 Villella. Sue—145 Vito, Dave-88. 89. 179, 180 Vlasic, Marlene—145 Voegel, Chris-155 Vogan, Scott-134 Vohar. Donald-61, 88. 155 Volosh. Alexis-134 Voynik, Alan—180 Voynik, Janice-145 Vronski. Natalie-111, 145 Vucanic, N.—16 Y'ucetich. Barl ara-88. 145 Vucetich. Charles—134 Vucetich, Rebecca—65, 88. 134, 181 Vukovic. Mike- 145 VIC A-62 VOCATION A1 -—30 V Wachtel, Patricia—67. 72, 77. 155. 181 Wachtel, Rosemary—77 Wagner, Cvnthia—34, 67. 181 WAGNER ED-201 WNER, Karen—155 Wagner. James— 115 Wagner, Mr. Samuel 15 Wagurak. Douglas-62 Wagurak, Sharon—145 Waligora, Mark- 134 Walker, Lewis-145 Wall, Susan—70, 181 WALTERS BARBER SHOP 212 Walters, Paul-181 Wanchik. Mark—181 Ward, Debra-80. 81. 155 Ward David-145 Ward, Jack-134 M argo, Gregory-62 Wargo. Renae—61, 155, 110 Wasdi, Brenda—74, 155 Waskiewicz, Diane—145 Wasko. Debra—86, 155 Wasko, Regina—181 Waslo. Paula-70, 71. 107. 181 Waugaman. Richard-62, 145 Weaver. Diana—134 Weber, Dawn—68. 70. 72, 107, 181 WEBER'S DIVE SHOP Welrer, James—61, 181 Weidinger, Terry-134 Welch, Lisa-145 Welling, Pamela-81, 67, 181 Wells. Robert-145 Weglik, Gary-145 Wesche, Sharon—66. 109. 111. 145 Wesolowski. Stephen—145 West. Debbie-64, 145 WESTERN AUTO Wheeler. Mr. Alex-15, 38. 112, 115 Wheeler. Karen-71. 181 Whipple, Jeffrey—104 Whitehair, Glen—81, 95. 127, 134 Whitehair. Jason-98 Wiegel, Betsy-64, 145 Wiegel, Mr. William—15 Williams, Catherine—73, 130. 134 Wilson. David—99. 181 Wilson. Jayne-60, 61, 69. 8-1. 110 Wilson. Mrs.-61 Wilson. Marlene—15 Wilson, Robert— 61 Wilson. Scott—74 Windisch. Mrs. Marjorie—22, 75 Winston, Tom-156 Winston, %Thomas-87 W'isneski, Bruce—145 Wood, David-61 Wood, Jayne—70, 181 Woods, Debbie— 69 Wright. Beverly-145 Wright, William-145 Wuycik, Daria—134 W'vle, Thomas-15, 20 WRESTLING-112 WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS-82 -Y- YA1.E-PRINCETON -106 Y E A. -78 YEARB(X)K-88 Yeager, Randy—134 Ycc, Robert-112, 145 Yocum, Karen—67. 181 Yost. Miss Imogene-15, 106 Young, Marsha-71. 181 Yucina, Beverly —115 Yurkew, Mrs.—16 -Z- Zalenski, laiureen—145 Zalenski. Rol ert-61. 145 Zawinskv, Mickey—63, 117, 119. 181 Zawirsky, Cheryl-64, 82, 145 Zdiarski. Monica—15 Zdiarski. Phyllis 182 Zebrowski, Wendy—145 Zehnder. Carolyn-67. 71, 77. 134 Zehnder, Dale-25 Zerillu. Joseph—15 Zgaincr. Thomas- 126. 134 Zimmer, Patty— 145 Ziolkowski, Leon-80, 81, 145 Zoellar, Mr. Frederick—9 Zuk. Kenneth-69, 61, 65, 110. 169, 167, 182 Zukowski. JoEDen-71, 77, 182 Zurow, Carol—67, 77, 182 Zvonar, Cindy—61 Zvchowski, Joan-134 Zaccagnini. Tony—145 Zahorsky, Mr. J.—15. 63 Zentichico. Georgc-63, 182 220BRIDGER STAFF I.iiula Musi........ David Vito.......... Joel len Con tray... Torn McCoy.......... Nick Rossi.......... Mike Beclev......... Jerome Fal)unich.... Paula Flajnik....... Julie Haymow!....... Sallie Johnson...... Micki Kou al........ Becky Vucetich...... Bart Smith......... Kathy Ccriak........ Mr. Frank Desanzo.... Production Assistants Dan Beley IX nist Carroll Allx rt DeMacio Kim C allik Cristy Jula Vicki Kaleugher Krystyna Korol Nancy Macit Don Vohar ................Co-Editor ................Co-Editor Chief Photographer ...............Copy Editor ........Graphic Arts Editor ..............Photographer ..............Graphic Arts ..............Graphic Arts .....................Copy ......................Copy ......................Copy ......................Copy .....................Copy Elizabeth I)iPetro— Finance ..................Finance ...................Typist ..................Advisor The 1974 Bridger Staff would like to thank: Vo-gan Studios, Administrators, Faculty and all Students who offered assistance in the production of this book. In Gratitude For His Years of Sendee The 1974 Bridger Staff Dedicates This Book to MR. FRANK DESANZO

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