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jps®s®ooas bridger 1972You Have A Right To Be Here Go placidly amid the noise haste, remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly clearly; and listen to others, even the dull ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain bitter; for always there will be greater lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. I Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity disenchantment it is perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield joy in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, not less than the trees the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. and whatever your labors aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. CONTENTS Introduction Personnel Student Life Academics........... SENIOR 3Be yourself 4Go placidly amid the noise and haste9Speak your truth, but listen to others11Whatever your labors and aspirations . . . keep peace with yourself 12I l I . ll : : i' muu !. r ! Jl H Personnel TAKE kindly the council of the years.ALMA ADAMS: Typewriting I. II WILMER J. ADAMS: American History. JAMES DONALD ANDERS: Reading. 8; World Cultures. 10; Tennis Sponsor GEORGE BARTH: Mechanical Drawing: Athletic Director. EDWARD W. BARTOSH: World Cultures. JOSEPH PAUL BEDNAR: English II. ROBERT R. BEZUK: World Cultures; Economic Geography; Assistant Football Coach. VICTOR J. BIANCHI: Algebra II; Varsity Basketball Coach. ELAINE MARY BRUBAKER: English II Dramatics I. JOHN I). BUDIMIR: Economics; Student Council; Awards Assembly. JOHN HALL BUKANISH: Bookkeeping I. II. BURDELL G. CAMPBELL: Library Science; Library Club. LINDA KAY CETTO: Girls’ Physical Education 7.8,9,10; Girls’ Gymnastic Team Sponsor; Girls' Intramural Sports Sponsor. JOHN E. CHAPALA: Auto Theory: Auto Safety Driving. LEONARD J. CHIAVERINI: Physical Education 11.12; Hygiene 11,12; Assistent Football Coach; Assistent Track Coach; Building Patrol Sponsor. STEPHEN J. CHOLEVA: Algebra I. JOANN MARIE CICCONE: Art 7,8,9; Art I; Usherettes. HARRIET R. DERRY: Chemistry; Senior Science. FRANK W. DESANZO: English IV; Journalism I. II, III; Yearbook Sponsor. JOSEPH DOLINSKI: Fundamentals of Math; Fundamentals of Algebra. EDWARD F. DRAKE: Bovs Physical Education JOSEPH WILLIAM DRUZISKY: Reading 7; Pa. History; Civics; Bowling Sponsor. IRMA El BECK: English IV; Themes. JOHN G. FALTENOVICH: Biology. 16 MR. Sutter accepts a gift given to him by the senior class in appreciation for his help and assistance with the Homecoming. AMBRIDGE coaches tensely watch along the sidelines as the Bridger defense tries to halt a Hopewell scoring attempt.Faculty Teachers Participate in Many Activities Throughout the year teachers participated in various activities and social events. The Bowling League supplied a Wednesday evening of pleasure at Economy Lanes. A Spring Banquet of the Association sponsored by the A.A.E.A. was held in May. Many teachers sponsored activities in which students participated. Due to the merger, Mr. Bartosh, Mr. Bednar, and Mr. Preston were transferred from Baden-Economy to Am-bridge and Mr. Dolenski from Harmony. New teachers at Ambridge were Miss Cetto, Mr. Kouvolo, Mr. Matey, Mrs. Ogrizovich, Miss Paniccia, Miss Pie-trandrea, Mrs. Pitts, Mr. Stevenson, Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Wolbert. DURING the LaSalle game, the (acuity plans strategy to beat the seniors. CONSTANCE M. F1RICH: Home Economics. ROBERT H. GILMORE: World Cultures. RAYMOND C. GORDON: Automotive Mechanics; Chrysler Plymouth Trouble-Shooting Contest . VIRGINIA D. GRIFFITH: French I.II: Spanish III.IV; Journalism; Silhouette. DONALD G. GRUNDY: Art I.IIJII; Drama All School Plays; Thespians. JOHN S. GURNEY: Instrumental Music; Junior High Band Director; Assistant Band Director; Brass Choir. WALTER L. HEITZENRATER: Industrial Arts I; Metal Shop; Assistant Football Coach. JOHN RICHARD HERTNEKY: Vocational Electric Shop; Stage Lighting and Sound Squad Sponsor. EDW ARD HOLLINS: Senior Science; Biology; Junior High Football Coach. LEONARD A. HORSMAN: Biology; Finance Committee Sponsor. ANGELUS LENORE IWANCZYK: Shorthand II; Office Practice; Business Machines; Football Program Sponsor. DAVID PAUL KIELBOWICK: Seventh Grade Science; Senior Science. ALAN MICHAEL KLAICH. Seventh and Eighth Grade Mechanical Drawing; Mechanical Drawing; Industrial Arts Club Sponsor; Junior Class Advisor. HERMAN J. KOCHANOWSKI: Eighth Grade Science; Senior Science. OLGA M. KOLCUN: Home Economics J,II.Ill; Home Economics’ Department Chairman. MICHAEL WILLIAM KOUVOLO: Pennsylvania History; Civics; Junior High Football Coach. STELLA LAZAR: Girls’ Hygiene; Red Cross Youth Club Sponsor; Yale-Princeton Cheerleaders Sponsor. RICHARD S. I.EBEC: Library Science; Golf Coach; Junior High Basketball Coach. KRISTINE LEONARDO Seventh Grade English; English. A.J. LUKACHEK: Social Studies; G.B.T. 17MRS. Campbell indexes all the new paperback books that have just recently arrived for the senior high school library. SCHEDULING all of the athletic events of the school, Mr. Barth spends hours making all the necessary arrangements. STANLEY B. MALECKI: Vocational Machine Shop; Vocational Director; School Service Sponsor. FRANK JOSEPH MAROCCO: Boys’ Hygiene; Physical Education; Varsity Football Coach. JOHN G. MATEY: Russian I and II; US. History. JOHN S. McCREADY: German I, II, III; Volleyball Coach. MARY MARGARET McKEOWN: Typing I. BARBARA F. MILLER: Home Economics. PRISCILLA HELENE MOLCHEN: Home Economics I, II, ffl. WILMER ANTHONY MULIK: Business Law; General Business T raining. HELEN MELEDIN NAWROCKI: English I. ROBERT C. PALMER: Chemistry; Advanced Chemistry. FLORIANA PANICCIA: Spanish I; Italian I, II; Spanish Club Sponsor. FELIX It. PERSI: Plane Geometry; General Math NAOMI PETERS: Home and School Visitor; Nurse. RAYMOND PFEIFER: English II; Sophomore Class Advisor; Baseball Coach. DARLENE THERESA PIETRANDREA: Spanish 1. II; Spanish Club Sponsor BERNARDINE MARIE PITTS: Latin I and II. ROBERTA MICHELE RANDALL: English II and IV. MARTHA RAPSO: Personal Typing; Notehand; Typing I. JOHN M. RUSSELL: Auto Theory; Auto Driving. MICHAEL E. SAGE: Seventh Grade Math; General Math; Junior High Basketball Coach; Varsity Football Statistician. 18SOME women faculty members leisurely enjoy a lunchtime chat. ROSE MARY SETTINO: Ninth Grade Home Economics; Home Economics 1. ROSEMARY SHENOT: English IV; Themes; National Honor Society Sponsor DORIS ELLEN SHERMAN: Geometry; Algebra I and II. BEVERLY G. SHRIVER: English II and III; Junior Glass Advisor. RAMON ELLIOTT SOLERO: U.S. History; National His-torical Socict v NATHANIEL STEINBERG: Physics; Advanced Physics; Chess Club and Tearn Sponsor. DAVID RUSSELL STEVENSON: Eighth Grade Math; Algebra I. ANN STOLAR: Head Nurse. JOSEPH J. STRANGES: Social Studies; General Math; Student United Notions Sponsor. PAUL EDWARD SUTTER: Problems Of Democracy; Homecoming Sponsor; Latin Club Sponsor. THOMAS T. TEDESCO: Calculus; Trigonometry; College Prep Math; National Honor Society Co-sponsor. EMILEO WILLIAM TOLFA. Senior Marching and Concert Band; Instrumental Music; Sponsor of Stage Band, Dixieland Band, and Majorettes. LINDA TREANTAFELLOW: English III; Varsity Cheer leaders Sponsor; Pep Club Program Sales Committee Sponsor. RUTH MARY TROLL: Music: Junior High Chorus Sponsor. SUSAN LINTON WEEKS: English IV; Public Speaking; Future Teachers of America Sponsor; Forensics Sponsor; Senior Class Advisor. ALEX M. WHEELER: Senior High Industrial Arts; Wrestling Coach; Co-sponsor Industrial Arts Club. THOMAS B. WHYLE: English III. WILLIAM J. WIEGEL: Industrial Arts. MARLENE WILSON: Chorus; Ensemble; Music Appreciation; World Cultures. JOHN WILLIAM WOLBERT: Applied Math. THERESA ELLEN WYLLIE: Psychology Sociology; Economics-Problems of Democracy; National Honor Society Co-sponsor. DON A. YANNESSA: Economics; English; First Assistant Football Coach; Headhunters Club Sponsor. K. IMOGKNE YOST: Girls’ Physical Education 11 and 12; Yale-Princeton Sponsor; Girls’ Intramural Sports; Leaders’ Club Sponsor. JOHN ZAHORSKY: General Business Training; Distributive Education; DECA Club Sponsor.School Board New Problems Face Merged School District Providing a quality education for the student in terms of curriculum and scholastic opportunities was the primary duty of the Board of Education. The board of the newly merged district set procedures to unify the boards from all three districts. Nine members represented the district, with advisors that served on committees. Specific business dealt with the renovation of school, problems of the school district, and other long-range plans of the board. Eleven committees worked on various phases of the educational program. The main project of the program was the revising of the curriculum to fit all three school districts. The faculty and administration worked on this during the monthly inservice meetings. MRS. Felk and Mr. Cunningham pause for a moment during a board meeting. DURING a monthly meeting, Mr. Ujevich explains a facet of administrative policy to Mr. Kosis and Mr. Jackson. MhMBbKS of the school board test out the seats in the renovated auditorium. 20MISS Zondas, Dr. Harris, Mr. Jerman, and Mrs. Felk view the new gymnasium. MR. Cunningham, Mr. Kosis, and Mr. Mann inspect the renovations which have been made in the chemistry lab. SCHOOL BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Ujevich, Mr. Steinberg. Mrs. Felk. Mr. Cunningham. Mrs. Karas, I)r. Voehko, Dr. Elliot, Dr Harris. Miss Zondos. Mr. Peck. Mr. Mann, Mr. Duplaga. 21Administration Staff Initiates In-Service Days In order to fulfill the primary function of educational administration, stimulation and coordination, the administrative staff has tried many new learning avenues. In-service Programs have been initiated with the goal of updating and developing curriculum and improving the quality and method of instruction. The Student Advisory Committee and the Interaction Committee meet with members of the administration regularly to help identify and rectify school problems and establish school policy. All these things and more present the blueprint for a better educational system at Ambridge. Mr. Milo Ujovich takes time out for a conference with senior. Jeff Fink. Mr. Duplaga, Assistant Superintendent, talks over the problem concerning the publication of the 1972 Bridger. 22AS principal of the school, Mr. Wyllie must do a great deal in order to keep everything running efficiently. REPRIMANDING students for skipping classes is just one of the many duties Mr. Preston must perform each day. DR. Paul Vochko is Superintendent and Mr. Stanley Du plaga is Assistant Superintendent of the merged school district. 23Guidance and Curriculum Departments Aid, Guide in Studies, Careers IN the guidance office, Mrs. Pavlik types out the monthly guidance bulletins. Throughout the year the Guidance Department was a center of activity, administering various tests in conjunction with local and national programs. Students with scheduling and career problems found three counselors who were always ready to listen and offer advice about applying to colleges and securing financial aid. This year’s curriculum, under the direction of Mr. Duplaga, was carefully planned to help new teachers and enable students to obtain the best education possible. As a supplement to classroom studies the Curriculum Department maintained a wide selection of audio-visual aids including tape recorders, projectors, and mimeographed materials. AFTER Mr. Mattuch deposited money in the finance office Mrs. Croner writes out the necessary receipt for him. 24MRS. Pavlik, Mr. Prusick. Mrs. Albright, and Mr. Chapala look over the rankings of the four hundred and ten seniors. MRS. Milanovich. Mrs. Batakik, and Mr. Munk work in the business office. 25Secretaries and School Service Groups Group Performs Invaluable Services MISS Stolar, the school nurse, administers the hearing test to a student as part of her physical examination. 26WHILE working in the main office. Mrs. Derochis and Mrs. Townsend take a moment to surprise Miss Serack with her Christmas gifts. BETWEEN classes “Luigi” takes the opportunity of empty second floor halls to sweep them clear of the debris. EACH day the staff of cafeteria workers prepares and serves nutritious lunches to the students and teachers. 27Student Life Don’t COMPARE with others there will ALWAYS be GREATER and LESSER persons than YOURSELF.First Day Delayed till Sept. 8 Renovations Continues New P.A. System . . . Beeps instead of Bells Cross Country Afternoon Football Games Lunch Permits Junior Class Ring Orders Getting in the Groove Juniors Driving College Applications MIKE Matika intently watches as the defense struggles against Hopewell. 3Q DESPITE the rainy weather. Sue Antonini continues to practice driving. JO ANN Brown and Roxanne Jahoda clean the lockers in preparation for the opening of school on September 8. MEMBERS of the cross country team. Rich Dschuhan and Roger Kowal spend many hours jogging to get in shape. F.T.A. members keep busy selling refreshments at football games. 31MISS Stolar. the school nurse, records Alex Springer’s heighth and weight as part of his physical examination. 32 PETE Antinopoulos, Renee Gaona, Larry Frangione, and Kathy Konarski wait for the winners to be announced.Juniors Grow into Big, Bad Seniors Senior Players Speak at Pep Assemblies Dat Millon Wins Again!! Yearly Class Elections Held Senior Elections Go to Second Ballot National Historical Society Initiation Third Annual Homecoming “Where Do I Go?” Rain, Tears of Joy, Victory “Students, Please Act Like Adults!,, MICHALENE Burka. Denise Poling, and Janet Dennis brave the rainy weather to eat their lunch across the street. COACH Marocco introduces Jerry Clark to say a few words at the assembly- 33JUNIOR high students go to the nurse’s office to get the blood lipid test which was administered in November. MRS. Shenot, the supervisor of the English department, presents Linda Fingitore the English Achievement Award. KAREN Branowitzer and Marianne Segeleon pause from their duties as usherettes at basketball games to chat. 34THE yard in front of the high school building becomes a winter wonderland during an early November snowfall. VOICE of Democracy winner, Kathy Majetic, shows her essay to Mr. Chapala. DURING the .Junior Class candy sale, Karin Boiardo turns in money to her homeroom representative, Sue Antonini. Jeannie, Candy, Helene — Junior Miss Pageant Teen-age Victory Dance — but No Victory Achievement Award — Linda Pingatore Junior Candy Sales Seniors Help with Blood-Lipid Test Snow but no Snowballing Leaders Club Initiation Thanksgiving Favors Basketball Season Passes 35DURING the Christmas play presented by Mrs. Brubaker's class. Debbie Beck watches as other characters perform. TWO former Ambridge students inspect the Santa Claus constructed by Mr. Wheeler’s industrial arts classes. SHORTLY before Christmas, all the students are in good spirits including this sophomore in his study hall. Nancy Osso Day Try-outs for “Damn Yankees” Preparations for Mistletoe Ball “Hope I Get Asked” Christmas Plays Caroling in the Halls Christmas Tree in Lobby “I Got Asked!” Towers Get Decorations from AAHS Wood Shop But no snow! “Color My World” 36MK. Grundy, the faculty director, listens to one of the students try out for the school play, “Damn Yankees.’’ THIS tree displayed in the senior high library is just one of the many decorated in the school at Christmas. A junior high student gets together with other members of the band to practice traditional Christmas carols. 37AMBR1DGE Area students travel to WIIC to compete against Wilmington. 38 BOB Hovanec, a member of the senior class, gets measured for his cap and gown in preparation for his graduation.Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Saturday Night at the Legion Juniors Win Battle of Wits Students Faked Out — Take Exams Anyway Cap and Gown Measurements Group Pictures in Gym?? Hope Rogic — Miss Quarterback Doug Saylor — “Just think he's only a Sophomore” Yale-Princeton Try-outs Report Cards Ruin Weekend ALTHOUGH the group pictures were taken in the boys’ gym. the students didn’t seem to mind the surroundings. DOUG Saylor, sophomore star, passes the ball to teammate Tony Staryxzak. ATTORNEY Walke crowns Hope Rogic “Miss Quarterback’’ at the banquet.Senior Guys Awakened by Armed Forces Assembly Slippery Rock Honors Band “Please Buy a Yearbook” PARC Convention Interaction Dance Hopewell — a Loss Seneca — a Win The Section The Arena The State??? “Jesus Christ, Superstar” “Damn Yankees” Mr. Applegate, Lola, Joe Hardy MIKE Yerega plays Gino Perogi and Larry Frangione plays Mr. Bianchi in a basketball skit at the pep assembly before the Hopewell basketball game. MEMBERS of the Interaction Committee discuss the Valentine's Day Dance. 40MIKE Prokopovich and his fellow teammates line up for a foul shot during a section game with Beaver on the Ambridge playing court. SLIPPERY ROCK HONORS BAND — Len Murray, Fran Bartolo. Charlene Past rick. Marsella Esseck. AMBRIDGE forges ahead to stay in the final minutes of the Seneca Valley game, making the Bridgers the Section 6-A champs. 41NHS Induction Prom is Finally Here Royal Ridge . . Jaggerz . . Three Rivers Blues Seniors — Only 20 Days Cramming for Last Minute Tests It’s Almost Over Now Preparation for Commencement Last Minute Good-Byes Diploma in hand, we’re on our way To Ambridge High We pledge our loyalty throughout all eternity . . . MEMBERS of the senior class rise to sing the Alma Mater one last time. FIVE couples enjoy themselves at the 71 From held at the Flying Carpet. 42AT a home baseball game. Rich Dunn connects with the pitch and slashes a single between first and second. MARY Iwnskowycz transcribes a letter as part of her final semester test in her business machines course. 43 •to t ■ t VAcademics ENJOY your ACHIEVEMENTS as well as your PLANSTWO students seek the aid of Mr. Pfeiffer, sophomore English teacher, as to whether their report is correct. 46 DON Sabato, a member of the sixth period themes class, discusses his rewritten composition with Miss Eibeck.English TIM Blanarik, a tenth grade student, rccieves some much needed help in » grammar assignment from Miss Randall. DEBBIE Kerecman, student in Mr. Whyle’s English class, prepares to give a speech on a controversial topic. Students Study Various English Courses One of the major objectives in the English department this year was to improve the student’s writing and composition skills. At all grade levels students were assigned numerous themes in conjunction with this goal. In addition they studied the basic grammar text in their respective classes and also concentrated on vocabulary and book reports. Teachers used tapes, slide projectors, and microfilm equipment to help develop the students’ interest in the various courses. College-bound seniors were given the option of scheduling a double period of English and themes in place of the English IV course. To enforce their understanding of English literature, all seniors studied works of famous authors such as William Shakespeare. AFTER Miss. Eibeck given the assignment for the day, -Jim Palmer’s facial expression contorts to show disbelief 47ART students Dean Gerazounis and I.inny Soldressen add snow drifts to the window panes at Santa’s Headquarters. 48 CHORUS members Spcros Ncforos, Louise Prince and Chris Sproull look over a new musical score for the concert. GEORGE Palmer. Janet Emery and Chuck Matevich quietly enjoy one of the albums they hear in chorus classes.Fine Arts Courses Cultivate Many Artistic Talents IN Mrs. Brubaker's drama class Donald Sabato recites a monologue from a play while his classmates listen. Modern music techniques and a new music teacher were the sparks of enthusiasm in the choral department. The students were excited with the idea of singing many different types of musical compositions. In dramatics students were busy finding methods of expressing the individual self. Pantomines, play excerps, and monologues were only a few of the ways in which students were able to show their artistic feelings. The classes also attended a play entitled “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” at Geneva College on Nov. 19. To fulfill the course’s purpose, public speaking students composed original speeches on many topics. Some of them also entered speeches in the “Voice of Democracy Contest.” MOLDING clay in Mr. Grundy’s art class. Pam Dout finds an exacting craft in which she can express her talent. 49DIANE Kokoski, Hop Rogic. and Donna Lukachek discuss child care as the other members of the class take notes. Gym and Hygiene Students Participate inOutdoor Sports Mr. Marocco. head coach, attempts to make a football play clearer for Mark Chiaverini by illustrating it. Outdoor sports were emphasized in the gym classes during the renovation at the beginning of the school year. The boys’ gym classes participated in dodgeball, basketball, calisthenics, and football under the direction of Mr. Drake. Miss Yost’s girls’ classes played tennis and softball. Miss Cetto added variety to her junior high classes with soccer and kickball. The boys’ hygiene classes studied the skeletal system and learned the names of the various bones. The development of the unborn baby was the main topic of discussion in Mrs. Lazar’s senior girls’ classes. Her junior classes learned how to administer first aid. Sophomores reviewed factual cases on the causes and effects of venereal diseases. 50TWO teams of sophomore girls get together during their gym period to play a fast-moving game of volleyball LEAFING high into the air, a sophomore boy volleys the ball over the net as his opponents wait in expectation. A gym class consisting of sophomore and junior girls attempt to complete a se- IN the senior high library, Bill Gnjatovich uses one of the ries of strenuous exercises before engaging in a game of basketball. many reference books to finish his hygiene report. 51Languages Studies of Culture Enhance Courses IN German class, Jo Ann Peters points out a German city for Mr. McCready. Miss Paniccia said the objective of the foreign language department was “to broaden the scope of understanding between languages and cultures.” To do this she used visual aids in her Italian and Spanish classes. Miss Pietran-drea’s students utilized tapes and cultural sessions to increase their Spanish knowledge. Miss Griffith used floor talks, games, and movies in her French and Spanish classes. Students from Mrs. Pitts’ classes visited Buhl Planetarium’s Latin Festival on March 4. Russian students learned the relationships between language and culture from Mr. Matey. Mr. McCready familiarized students with the German language through dialogues and conversations. 52 MISS Paniccia reads a paragraph in Spanish to her students as they hurriedly try to translate it into English during a test.DURING one of the Spanish Club’s meetings. Miss Paniccia passes out a popular candy from Toledo, marzipan, to the club members. PAM Bellas and Patti Bilanich begin the task of decorating the bulletin board in their Latin class with mythological figures. 53Library Modern Equipment Eases Researching Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Campbell, our library ran smoothly and efficiently. Despite its limited space, the library added many new selections while retaining its wide variety of reference sources, periodicals, and books. This year 290 new hardback books were added with topics to suit any taste. Titles ranged from New Directions in Health Education to My Darling, My Hamburger. To aid the students in note-taking and to enable them to acquire illustrations, our library added a copy machine. Also added were six microfilm machines and three projectors. During the first two weeks in Nov., the Library Club sponsored a Book Fair. SENIOR Elaine Petkash attempts to find an interesting novel which she will later speak on in English class. JOHN Spinosi uses the new film strip projector in the library to gain much needed information for a report. 54IN Drivers ’ Education class, Bob Bradley and Bill Turney study a map to find an easy route to their destination. CYNDEE Poumaras demonstrates the proper procedure to change a tire, just one of the many things juniors learn in their drivers education class. Driver’s Education Films, Speeches Add to Course Under Mr. Chapala’s and Mr. Russell’s instruction students were taught auto theory and safe auto driving. In the classroom students used various driving textbooks including “Sportsmanlike Driving” to help them in their understanding of the basic principles of operating an auto. Students viewed several movies such as “Signal 30” as a suppliment to the course. They also listened to speeches given by Mayor Pa-nek and a Pennsylvania State trooper on safe highway driving. Through the generous donations of automobiles by local car dealers, the students had an opportunity to get some practical experience behind the wheel of a car. 55Math Several Teachers AssignedNew Courses Mr. Bianchi helps Patty Rilanich find the co-ordinate of a point in question. With Mr. Piper’s retirement last year the math department had two different geometry instructors. This year Mr. Persi and Miss Sherman drew the assignment of sharing the teaching load of this course. Because of the merger, Mr. Dolin-ski, who formerly taught in Harmony Township, was transferred to the high school to teach the fundamentals of algebra. Mr. Choleva took over the job of teaching Algebra I classes. Also, one new teacher, Mr. Wolbert, was hired to instruct the fundamentals of math courses. Both trigonometry and calculus students had the chance to solve complicated prohelems on the calculator in Mr. Tedesco’s room anytime they had a free period. 56 RICH Wozniak and Patty Michkofsky seem perplexed at how to use a compass to solve a difficult geometry problem.TINA Kouvaras and Judy Brutout go over a problem with Mr. Dolin ski in one of his Fundamental Algebra classes. WILLIAM Cabal, Algebra I student, works out an equation in an effort to express the answers in terms of “x' TWO calculus students. Diane Kokoski and Chuck Reich, aid one another in solving problems on the calculator. 57JOE Ricciardi. industrial arts student, clamps glued blocks together in the first steps of making a bowl. KATHY Westover, Linda Walden, and Val Hudak learn how to bathe a child. PENNY McVay, Home Ec. I student, quickly tries to finish her slack suit. 58MEMBERS of Mr. Heitzenrater’s morning wood shop class try to complete the crafts they have been working on. MECHANICAL drawing teacher Mr. Klaich gives a few hints to Mario Cafarelli and Richard Lipinski. Practical Arts Girls Learn Art of Homemaking Freshmen girls began their homemaking course by baking cookies. They later received instructions in sewing and phases of tailoring such as good fabric taste and color coordination. The senior high school homemaking courses were geared toward teaching fundamentals of good home management. Home Economics I dealt with such areas as meal planning, etiquette, and use of household appliances. Homemaking II learned the proper way to do laundry, planned parties and experimented with the preparation of foreign foods. Homeaking III dealt extensively with topics such as dating, marriage, child care, and gourmet cooking. At Christmas time industrial arts classes’ projects were displayed in front of the school. INDUSTRIAL arts student Rich Doffin skillfully operates a lathe in shop. 59JOHN Yope takes advantage of his free period to solve an unknown in lab. Science Students Enjoy Work in New Laboratory A dramatic newness characterized the science department this year. Along with new laboratories and more equipment, came an added emphasis on scientific theory. Visual aids such as film loops and single concept films were added to make biology classes more interesting. Extra lab work and stress on Methodology became a part of chemistry culture. In physics classes, students became acquainted with optical benches, linear air tracks, and many other technical devices. With all the changes in the science department this year, students found manymore outlets for their interests both in laboratory experimentation and academic theory. bU LONG hair does not hinder Jerry Ciccone as he adjusts the microscope for a good view of some microorganisms.AS their experiment for advanced physics class. Rich Kozi-gar and Bill Boring try to prove a basic principle. A series of movies on the reproduction of various molds and fungi are viewed by the advanced biology classes. KATHY Majetic appears to be baffled by the procedure to follow as she attempts to solve a physics problem. 61Social Studies Students Study Ways of Life To discuss the current problems confronting our society, students in P.O.D. classes gave oral reports on the topic of their choice. Throughout the year they studied the effects of pollution, communism, and crime. By participating in discussions on magazine and newspaper articles, psychology students kept up with the newest advancements in this field. In their American History classes, juniors learned about the Vietnam and Korean wars. They developed an understanding of the town’s heritage as they reviewed the Harmonite Society’s settlement in Old Economy. Economic students had an opportunity to understand the stock exchange. They feigned investments for three weeks to determine their profits. THIS realistic gallows is only one of the many projects turned in to Mr. Solero by American History students. DURING one of his lectures on the effects of World War 11 on the isuropeMn countries. Mr. Bezuk casually indicates the map of England and France. 62MR. Bartosh helps out students Michelle Shutka. Chuck Karas, and Maureen Deutsch in an informal discussion. NANCY Yaniga, .Joe Pazeracki, and Donna Willis seemed quite amused by an unusual article brought in by a psychology student for class discussion. 63MIKh Kowal uses the drill press made available to him in the wood shop to complete his project. In Mr. Gordon’s auto mechanics class Tom Adams checks the differential on one of the other student’s cars 64Vocational Shops Use Newly Purchased Equipment CHECKING the ball bearings, a vocational boy gets first-hand experience. Soaring technology and a spiraling drop-out rate have increased the importance of our high school vocational departments. The basic aim of the shop programs was to prepare young men for employment in some craft. Ambridge shop students had a great deal of new equipment to work with this year. Mr. Gordon’s auto shop purchased a new wheel balancer and tire changer, in addition to an electronic tuneup machine. The electric shop ordered advanced teaching aids on motor control. During the year Mr. Malecki’s machine shop acquired a 12-inch engine lathe. After graduation many of the shop students entered technical schools to further their knowledge of their chosen skill. 65NADINE Midzianowski watches Mike Bellas as he shows her how to multiply on the adding machine in bookkeeping. Commercial Varied Courses Benefit All the Students TYPING student, Debbie Ranish, carefully completes her business letters. “Ambridge has very up-to-date commercial equipment,” said Miss Adams, head of this department. New typewriters, both manual and electric, and a mimeograph machine were purchased this year. The bookkeeping classes enjoyed the use of a new calculating machine. Courses in bookkeeping, typing, and notehand were geared for the student considering a college or trade school. The general business course offered freshmen a good start in the commercial program. Courses such as office practice and business machines were practical for the students. After completing these courses, they had grown accustomed to actual working conditions which aided many in gaining employment. 66TYPING II students hope to improve their typing skills and proficiency by taking daily timed writing tests. SENIOR girls in the commercial program practice on the adding machines as part of the business machines class. MR. Mulik explains divorce procedures and various laws in Pennsylvania as members of his sixth period business law class listen attentively. BEFORE beginning the typing assignment which he was just given, John Guido rechecks the margin settings.Organizations Many PERSONS strive for high ideals and EVERYWHERE life is full of heroismBand Band Holds Three Concerts During Year Besides marching in various parades the band held three concerts this year. On August 26th the band marched at Kennywood Park in the Fall Fantasy Parade. Along with other area bands on Veterans’ Day the band marched in the annual parade from Beaver to Rochester. The day after Thanksgiving, November 26th, they helped welcome the Christmas season in Ambridge with the Santa Claus parade. Together with the chorus the band held two concerts. The first was the Yuletide Festival held on December 21. The second was a Pop Concert performed on February 25. Their final concert of the year, the annual Spring Concert, was presented on April 28th. To help meet the band’s various expenses all the members sold candy between Thanksgiving and Christmas. DIXIELAND BAND — ROW . P. Antinopoulos, M. Nestor, F. Napoleon, S. Bry-linsky. ROW2: Mr. Tolfa, R. Hlista. T. Springer, R. Paolini. G. Kowalsky. ROW3: S. Bezuk, L. Murry, G. Ciccone, B. Sniady. ROW4: M. Burnell, J. Affcltrangcr, K. Hacker, B. Spieler. D. McClure. BAND - ROW I: S. Pastelak. M. Nelko. F. Spagnolo, T. Yeager, D. Sirko, J. Emery. L. Hrycyk, D. Pcsolyar. ROW2: N, Briola, P. Antinopoulos. M. Chalin. C. Shaffer, T. Lise, D. Kirish, lasinski, J. Ber-cik, K. McGeorge. ROW3: T. Tyro, R. Grguric, A. Palmer, J. Anthony, R. Weishaupl, J. Mariani, C. Roman, R. Chupka, C. Lcwandows-ki. K. Gennaro. ROW 4: M. Chalin, R. Macurak, B. Stahlman, A. Black, M. Georgick. C. Guido. D. Bard. B. Spieler, E. Colella, D. Fel-inczak, C. Evans. ROW 5: M. Nestor, F. Napoleon, G. Shevchik, J. Saylor, D. Smith, L. Rosenberger, K. DeBerry, G. Ries. S. Brylinsky, B. Bradley, M. Guzan, E. Roginski. ROW6 Mr. Gurney, R. Tempals-ki, M. Esseck, B. Krokonko, .J. Raymer, K. Slobodian.COLOR GUARD — D. Drewnowski. L. Fitzpatrick. K Polas. BRASS CHOIR - ROW 1: S. Hyre. J. Brylinsky, S. Bezuk. L. Murry, G. Ciccone. HOW 2. G. Kowalakv, R. Paolini, P. Aloe, T. Springer. ROW 3. C. Pastrick, J. Michael, V. Pastrick, J. Kremmel. ROW 4: M. Ksseck, K. Hacker, D. McClure. S. Bufalini. BAND — ROW 1: N, Roginski. S. Hopta, A. Mistovich, M. Fitzpatrick, M. Scisciani, C. Hearns, J. Mazzetti, C. Rudy. ROW 2: C. Pastrick, J. Michael. V. Pastrick. D. Smith. T. Gagianas. J. Edmondson, M. Nelko, VV. Prusick. L. Derochis. ROW 3: S. Bezuk. L. Murry. S. Hyre, B. Sniady, M. Spagnolo. P. Zawoskv. G. Ciccone, J. Smith, J. Brylinsky, M. Shomin. ROW4: C. Angst, L. Felinczak, M. Belsky, N. Glasser, D. Rotolo. J. Rainaldi. L. Kastriba, J. Kremmel, T. Rigano. F. Bartolo. ROW5: T. Springer, VV. Bard, R. Paolini, G. KowaUky. P. Aloe, J. Fitsko. G. Braddick. F. Certich, M. DeLuca, C. Frankiewicz, S. Bufalini. P. Fitzgerald. ROW 6: J. Affeltranger, II Hlista, R. Ur-banik, M. Marotti, B. Mutterspaugh. D. McClure, K. Hacker, Mr. Tolfa.Cheerleaders and Majorettes Girls Raise Money to Purchase Uniforms VARSITY CHEERLEADERS — TOP TO BOTTOM B I-oedding..] Kundrat. P. Kachur, P. Miloszewski, C. Voegel, D. Beck, K. Bianchi, P. Carrera, J. Bucu-ren, J. Prokopovich, V. Klavin. In addition to performing at football games, basketball games, and pep assemblies, the cheerleaders and majorettes spent many hours raising money to purchase new uniforms. The eleven cheerleaders held bake sales and car washes and sold booster buttons to earn the needed money. In order to buy their uniforms the majorettes held several car washes. Under Miss Treantafellow’s sponsorship, the cheerleaders traveled to the Civic Arena to cheer at one of the Pittsburgh Condors basketball games on December 17. Both groups practiced many days after school in the halls in order to perfect their various routines. WI TH the helpol eleven senior boys, the varsity cheerleaders arouse school spirit at the last pep assembly. 72MAJORETTES — FIRST ROW: Head Majorette K. Konarski. ROW Guidos, M. Sovich, E. Garbinsky. L). Barto. 2: P. Michkofsky, K. Mercadante, S. Aquino, C. Nesbitt. ROW3: M. 73DECA Students Taught All Aspects of Business ALICE Hittie checks out a customer as part of her job as a cashier in Zayre. Forty senior students who were under the direction of Mr. Zahorsky were employed in area stores. Some of these stores were located in the Beaver Valley Mall, Northern Lights, Quaker Valley Shopping Center, and the Ambridge Business District. Students studied all phases of merchandising in the classroom. They reported to their job training stations in the afternoon or evening. As part of the course, students also visited manufacturing plants and distribution centers. DECA sponsored a swim party, a trip to Seven Springs in January, and a banquet which honored parents, employers, and school personnel. nECA — HOW I V. Torhan, R. Blasko. D. Kopchick, P. Bucuren, M. tie, D. Elchin, R. Ray, K. Szuchy, S. Kisio, F. McCormick. HOW3: Soholewski. D. Kenstler, B. Racioppo..). Michael. I). Domitrovich. E. M. Evans. R. Hurt. B. Sutton. B. Kedash, G. Boudros. D. Foltz. J. Pride. HOW2: W. Hosack, D. Scheer, B. Christner. L. Lubic, A. Hit- 74 Rykaczewski, T. Janicki, F. Rosenberger.ATTENDANCE AIDS - ROW 1: S. Scherfel, J. Ingros, P. McVay, K. Westover, K. Pisano, M. Pitts, L. Pitts, D. Mustio. ROW 2. N. Perris, A. Mackovich, H. Mann, M. Tylosky, K. Zivic, D. Mayer, B. Ambrose, M. Solomich. ROW3: S. Bouril. E. Serak, S. Powell. B. Sto lieh. M. Strano. C. Stachowicz. S. Harvie. (' Noflrry, R. Maslunik, T. Lubic. Attendance Aids Students Help Keep Attendance Records MICHELLE Strano. an attendance aid, checks the list of early dismissals. Twenty-seven students of the junior or senior class helped Mrs. Peters and Mr. Adams in the attendance office this year. These attendance aids, twenty-one of whom were girls, checked in students who came half a day and checked out students who went home with a nurse’s excuse. During homeroom period each day, they collected the attendance cards from homerooms then made a list of the absent students. During the day they collected the teachers’ class attendance slips. In this way students were checked to find out if they skipped classes. In addition to their daily work, the attendance aids also helped type the daily attendance reports and the homeroom cards for each month. 75SPANISH CLUB ROW 1: B. Crafton. M. Kowalski, J. Schell. G. Shumskv, T. Gaona, J. Cassidy. K. McGinnis, C. Hudson. H. Jamery, G. Braddick. C. Guthrie. T. Sisley, N. Rossi. M. Dahma. ROW 2: K Konitsney, V. Guido, C. Narkevich. K. Kiddy. M. Kurash. S. Wall, D. Schmidt, K. DiXinno. D. Costanza, C. Berecek. M Grzybowski, P. Welling. F. Homziak. D. Piltz, P. DeMarco. K. Tokatch, K. Wheeler. P. Carrera, N. Rossi. ROW3: Miss Pietrandrea, B. Bridgen. J. Krof- chick. J. Mogyorosi, E. Proakis. L. Powell, D. Offen. B. Hissam, S. Weidinger. C. Lewandowski. S. Shvach. J. Zukowski. J. Wood. D. Dominick. C. Soboloskv, L. Musi, Miss Paniccia. ROW-t: P. Mozes, L. Rosenberger. G. Chinchilla. B. McEvoy. P. Guidos, B. Skotl, J. Bellas. C. Silkroski, Y Klavin. A. Bucuren. M. Kulianos. P. Bellas. S. Haskins, M. Deulsch. M. Shutka, L. Rhawu, K. Kascak, B. Morton. Spanish Club “Circulo” Interests Underclassmen MISS Paniccia passes out marzipan.” the specialty of Toledo, to members of the Spanish Club ut u meeting. Students who enjoy Spanish Culture get together with Miss Paniccia and Miss Pietrandrea and formed the Spanish Club. The first meeting, held September 23, 1971, had a very successful turnout of over one hundred. Meetings were held during activity period or after school. Officers set dues at one dollar per year. Meetings were conducted in both Spanish and English. During the meetings movies and pictures of Spain were used as visual aids. Activities planned by the club were a Christmas party and a field trip to the city of Pittsburgh. 76Future Teachers of America Members Earn Money for Teachers’ Tea FTA member. Don Sabato. works the concession stand at a football game. In order to provide the club with money to give the annual teachers’ tea, the Future Teachers of America operated a concession stand at our five home football games. This year the club added pizza to the menu, along with the usual assortment of soft drinks and snacks. To gain practical experience in the teaching field, members of the club were assigned as teacher aids. Each student performed various tasks for their teacher such as putting up bulletin boards or typing out assignments on stencils. At the Teachers’ Tea in April retiring teachers received Golden Apples for their years of service. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA - ROW I M. Smigielski. T. Staryszak, D. Sabato. P. Antinopoulos, J. Smigielski. ROW 2: C. Raven. F. Bartolo, M. Esseck, J. Emery. L. Derochis. N. Briola. P. Connor, .1 Aloe, D. Kokoski. S. Kennedy, J. Kundrat. ROW 3: Mrs. Weeks, D. Juriga, N. Yaniga. R. Gaona, D. Cribbs, V. Karat. D. Kon-itsney, M. Broz. J. Syka. D. Henger. ROW t: J. Bennis. M. Chalin. J. Duke, C. Pastrick, S. Pastelak. E. Petkash. D. Strano. M. Ulizio. B. Bilanich. C. Dennerlein. 77Finance Committee, Program Sales Girls Sell Tickets, Programs At Games PROGRAM SALES — ROW 1: S. Aquino, J. Venneri, B. Ambrose. C. Burton, N. Aloi, J. Pugliano, M. Ulizio, M. Pitts. R. Pisano. T. Kou-McClure. J. Aloe. J. Bennis. ROW 2: V. Hudak, M. Segeleon, M. varas. J. Kundrat. Broz, F. Bartolo. B. Bilanich. D. Kokoski. C. Oennerlein. ROW3: P. FINANCE — ROW 1: J. Fedorko, M. Manos. C. Raven, J. Syka, J. Bennis. ROW 2. C. Koprivn, T. Curley, B. Croner, D. Kerecman. K. Majetic. ROW 3: M. Novak, J. Nadzak, S. Antonini, I. Lucas, B. Pyrch. L. Baiardo.LIBRARY CLUB — ROW I: D. Hathaway, J. Venneri, C. Homnack, ka. B. Chaykowsky, B. Kramer. P. Lamish. L. Rhawn. M. Dcutsch. C. Mrs. Campbell, N. Livitski. I). Ranish. J. Strojek. ROW 2: M. Shut- Pisano. Members of Club Help Out in Library SCIENCE CLUB - ROW !: S. Bezuk. T. Knapp. R. Bozigar. ROW2: B Boring, J. VVuycik, L. Fisher, R. Markvan. Ambridge High School students once again began a Library Club under the direction of Mrs. Campbell. Their meetings are held Monday after school with the main purpose of improving the library. A paper-back book sale held Nov. 23-27, raised money to help pay for a new copying machine. Members helped set books up on the four new shelves acquired in the library. All library work is voluntary and members can come in at anytime to work. During Science Club meetings, demonstrations on different experiments were shown. Pamphlets were available for the Sky Lab Project. Members who filled out a form were required to do an experiment. Twenty-five finalists were picked and the winners received a trip to Washington. 79INDUSTRIAL ARTS — ROW I: J. Blanarik, D. Johnston. J. Fink. R. Cybak, B. Gnatovich, T. Keith. D. Gintner. B. Bajek. D. Heitzcnra ter. B. Witowich. Mr. Wheeler. ROW 2: Mr. Klaich. H. Bogati, F. Slobodian. R. Measel. S. Keith. F. Neisnack. J. Clark. M. Matika, D. Sabato. F. Sacco. M. Shomin. ROW3 J. Balak, K. Shoup. J. Stojan, J. Markvan. S. Lubic. M Muftulin. J. Ricciardi. J. Brynczak. J. Ivan-cik. D. Firich. D. Wuycik. Industrial Arts Club Club Makes “Santa Claus” for Towers MR. Wheeler demonstrates a lathe for his Industrial Arts class students. Under the co-sponsorship of Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Klaich the Industrial Arts Club performed many services for both the school and the community. During their industrial arts woodshop classes the members made various useful projects. This year their major project was the making and assembling of two sets of Santa Claus and his reindeer. One of these was displayed in front of the school while the other was donated to the elderly to help decorate the Ambridge Towers. They also made a ticket booth used at basketball games. The boys donated both their time and money to make these projects. 80Building Patrol Patrols Prevent Congestion on Stairways In order to prevent congestion in the corridors and on the stairways building patrol members held open doors during passing periods. About five minutes before the end of each class, members left for their respective posts to turn on the lights and open the doors. Three building patrol members were stationed at each post while two captains supervised each floor. At the end of each year, about a month before the seniors leave, Mr. Chiaverini chose a new group on the bases of their reliability, trust-worthiness, and academic standing. AT her hall post on the second floor. Diane Kokoski chats with Kathy Kuny before all the students change classes. BUILDING PATROL — ROW 1: T. Knapp. Smith. R. DeMay, B. Gnatovich, B. Homich. M. Prus, C. Reich, P. Antinopoulos, R. Mark-van. ROW2: J. Bennis, J. Saylor, D. Konitsney, L. Rainaldi, D. Kokoski, D. Sirko. D. Lukarhek, D. Kerecman, S. Antonini. D. Andrus. ROW3: J. Venneri, K. Kennedy, S. Guerrieri, J. Berry, R. Mikush, J. Syka, P. Bevilacqua, N. Yaniga. G. Steinberg. D. Pcaolyar, M. Novak. C. Evans, D. Ranish. ROW4. N. Livitski, J. Vito, M. Nelko, R. Nowa-kowski, C. Homnack, J. Aloe, K. Hayden, L. Derochis, J. Duke. N, Briola. P. Farringer. B. Skiba. 81Latin Club Mr. Sutter Takes Over Sponsorship DONNA Lukachek discusses the scheduled meeting with other club members. For the first time in the history of the club, the Latin Club was sponsored by someone other than a Latin teacher. Mr. Sutter, who teaches Problems of Democracy, took over the responsibility of sponsoring it. Among the club’s activities this year was the observance of the Roman Fertility Festival, which is celebrated every February. In March, the club sold various posters. The main purpose of the Latin Club was to strive to maintain an interest in Latin language and history. Officers this year were Debbie Sirko, President; Mark Prus, Vice-President; Donna Lukachek, Secretary; Fran Bartolo, Treasurer; and Nadine Briola, Censor. 82NATIONAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY — ROW 1: C. Dennerlein, B. Bilanich, D. Kokoski, N. Salopek, M. Stoner, S. Kennedy, D. Konits-ney, V. Karal, M. Ulizio. ROW2: J. Kundrat, I). Lukachek, J. Bennis, J. Aloe, M. Chalin, F. Bartolo, L. Dcrochis, M. Esscck. N. Rriola, J. Fekorko. ROW3: Mr. Solero, D. Sirko. J. Saylor. M. Broz, D. Strano, K. Konarski, R. McDanel, J. Salopek, J. Sheleheda, A. Kisiday. National Historical Society Members Discuss History’s Events, NANCY Salopek sells popcorn in the lobby at lunch for Historical Society. Promoting interest for the events of the past has been the objective of the National Historical Society. To stimulate such interest the club held various discussions at their periodic meetings. At these sessions, members had the opportunity to exchange their thoughts about American History. They also speculated about the future and found parallels between the present and the past. In September, initiation was held for the new members. Each was assigned a character out of history and required to research him and portray him in costume for a day. The high point of the year came in mid-April when approximately forty-five members of the society attended the Harrisburg Historical Convention. 83NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW 1. L. Derudiis, J. Duke, K. nis, J. Saylor, P. Antinopoulos, N. Perris, A. Kisiday, B. Bilanich, L. Hayden. D. Johnston, P. Connor, F. Bartolo. ROW2: D. Konitsney, Rainaldi. D. Kokoski, S. Pastelak, J. Emery, N. Briola, J. Aloe. ROW3: J. Ben- National Honor Society Tutoring Service Started to HelpStudents Officers — Pat Connor, Treasurer; Judy Duke, Secretary; Keith Hayden, Vice-President; Dave Johnston, President. Students rated highest in scholarship, leadership, character, and service were inducted into the National Honor Society during its annual Induction Ceremony in April. They received points from evaluations made by the teacher review board as the basis for membership. This year’s officers were David Johnston, President; Keith Hayden, Vice-President; Judy Duke, Secretary; and Pat Connor, Treasurer. They worked with Mrs. Shenot, NHS advisor, to offer special services to the student body and the community. Tutoring services were offered to students needing help in then-subjects. Another service was a canned food drive for the community. 84Thespians Students Present “Damn Yankees Due to the renovation of the auditorium, the Thespians were unable to present their annual dramatic production. “Damn Yankees” was presented in March in a brand new auditorium. Under the direction of Mr. Grundy, tryouts for the play were held in December. Starting after the Christmas vacation, the cast began rehearsing in the evenings after school every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Some of the Thespians, although not in the play itself, performed invaluable services such as creating sets, designing costumes, and acting as make-up men. THE drama class performs “The Runaway Presents” for the seventh graders. NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY — ROW 1: D. Papasodero, M. Guidos, L. Rainaldi, P. Kachur, J. Emery. ROW 2: J. Watach, D. Kerecman, J. Smith, M. Nestor, Mr. Grundy. ROW3: M. DeBona, J. Kink, D. Sabato, S. Neforos, B. Wall, .J. Pugliano.LEADERS CLUB — ROW 1: L. Rainaldi. M. Segeleon, K. Branowitz- Miloszewski, H. Rogic, M. Stoner, N. Yaniga, R. Freisleben, B. Meer- er. ROW2: K. Majetic. L. Derochis, B. Ixiedding, J. Saylor, K. Kuny, do. ROW 4: L. Sutton, J. Brylinsky. J. Xadzak. S. Antonini, D. C. McClure, J. Syka, Miss Yost. ROW 3: C. Bianchi, B. Croncr, P. Kcrccman, S. Bufalini, B. Pyrch, L. Hrycyk, D. Pc olyar, E. Serak. Leaders’ Club Members Assist in Conducting Class MARIANNE Segeleon drives in for a layup as one part of her skills test. According to Miss Yost, Leaders Club is a two-way organization. It “gives girls an opportunity to display leadership” and at the same time is “very helpful to me as a teacher.” Through the year members took role, gaves tests, and refereed ball games. At a dinner on November 17, two-year members formally inducted 22 new members. The dinner also celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the Leaders Club and Miss Yost’s birthday. Miss Marcella Spahr, the founder of the organization, was guest speaker. Initiation in school, which took place November 18, centered around the theme “Olympics.”Student Council Council Co-ordinates Various Activities “To provide training in the principals of democratic government is one of the main purposes of the Student Council ’ said Mr. Budimir, sponsor. This year’s Student Council conducted many activities. On November 4, Starvation Day, students donated money to be sent to UNICEF. Students also contributed to the Nancy Osso Fund on December 16. The Horizon Room of the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport was the site of the annual Mistletoe Ball held on December 22. Officers this year were: Mike Krol, President; Rich Dunn, Vice-President; Cathy Bianchi, Secretary; Larry Fran-gione, Treasurer; and Andy Kisiday, Sergeant-at-Arms. Mike Krol hands an ornament to Joe Stojan, who decorates the top of the Christmas tree, as Gary Sage works below. STUDENT COUNCIL — ROW I: R. Benkowski. E. DeMailo. J. Tun-tas, G. Spolarich, K. DePasquale, M. Prokopovich. P. Hertneky, W. Kowalski, B. Wall. ROW2: J. Prokopovich. B. Skoff, M. Grzybowski, M. Dziedzic, K. Denardo, C. Bianchi, P. Miloszewaski. P. Ferringer, S. Antonini, M. Guidos, J. Syka, H. Rogic, L. Pitts, M. Matika. ROW 3: M. DeLuca, P. Michkofsky, D. Carrol, B. Burton, J. L«ssyk, J. Mihalik, M. Belsky, M. Guzan, B. Yaworsky, K. Hayden. D. Johnston, L. Frangione, T. Krol, R. Dunn. ROW 4: B. Protenic, S. Jones. P. Slobodian. F. Gagliardi, D. Solomich, N. Rossi, M. Nestor, D. Sa-bato, N. Perris, G. Sage, F. Firich, J. Sheleheda, A. Kisiday. 87Student United Nations Club Represents Greece At Convention DEBBIE Kerecman types out her report on the United Arab Republic for SUN. Representing Greece and Haiti, Am-bridge High delegates introduced resolutions and argued cases before representatives of other schools at the large assembly March 10-11 at Webster Hall in Pittsburgh. New members began by writing research papers which determined their position at the SUN conventions. An instructional assembly at Churchill High School on January 22 gave club members experience in parliamentary procedures and in voicing their opinions. Ambitious members sold candy to defray costs of the New York trip which was planned for late March. SUN - ROW 1: D. Bajek. B. Troeger. K. Hayden. P. Hertneky. K. Majetic, C. Pastrick, K. Slobodian, M. Prus. ROW2: J. Edmondson, V. Pastrick. J. Kundrat, B. Bilanich. C. Dennerlein, M. Ulizio. M. Esseck, N. Briola, L. Derochis, J. Bennis, J. Emery. F. Bartolo, C. Evans. ROW3: V. Valler, J. Stouffer, S. Bouril, B. Stolich, B. Croner, T. Curley. B. Pyrch. I. Lucas, L. Hrycyk, G. Steinberg. M. Novak, D. Pcsolyar, P. Bellas, C. Lewis, M. Kulianos. ROW 4: S. Hopta, B. Meerdo, D. Kerecman. L. Smelko, J. Mazzetti, V. Klavin, D. Ranish. B. Skiba, P. Bamhart, P. Ferringer, M. Deutsch, J. Billik, S. Robbins, D. Costanza, K. Wheeler, S. Bosnak. 88USHERETTES — ROW I: K. Slobodian, V. Valler. K. Kennedy, L. Smith. D. Jiriga. P. Morrison. D. Palichat. ROW 2: L. Birciw, F. Homziak, P. Wachtel, K. Derochis, K. Ferencik, D. Konitsney, M. Broz, D. Paczak, C. Evans, S. Bouril. ROW 3: J. Edmondson, K. Uhemik, L. Piontek, K. Raymer, K. DiNinno. S. Harvie, B. Skiba, D. Schmidt, D. Koban, K. Makowski, M. Papasadero. D. Costanza, ,1. Aloe. J. Strojek, S. Strano. ROW 1: L. Sutton. B McEvoy. S. Ilopta, B. Meerdo, M. Nelko, J. Vito, P. Ferringer, P. Barnhart. L. Krol, K. DiNinno, P. Bellas, J. Billik. Usherettes Girls Provide Useful Service for Public MARIAN Broz, President of the Usherettes, hands Andy Lucas a play program. During the year the usherettes performed many services for the public. They ushered at football games, band concerts, and the play. Four sophomores were chosen to help at the National Honor Society Instillation. They also had a bake sale at the Sher-win Williams Paint Store in Ambridge on November 25. With the money they raised they bought mums for the senior members of the club for Homecoming. This year’s sponsor, Miss Ciccone, chose thirty new sophomore and junior members at the beginning of the year. This brought the total number of the usherettes up to fifty-five. 89TONY Rigano contemplates his next defensive move during a chess match. Chess Club Club’s Members Comprise Team Meeting Tuesdays after school, the Chess Club welcomed students interested in playing chess. At the meetings, members developed their playing skills by challenging each other to chess games. Mr. Steinberg ranked members according to their ability shown by the results of the weekly games at the meetings. Joe Winwood, Mark Prus, Jim Lebda, Rich McDanel and captain Tom Knapp, made the chess team and competed in the Inter-scholastic Chess League. For ten weeks, beginning in January, the Bridgers played one match weekly. In their first two matches of the season the team was victorious. CHESS CLUB — ROW 1: J. Winwood. M. Prus, J. Lebda, R. McDanel. ROW 2: D. Rigano, T. Knapp, T. Rigano, Mr. Steinberg. 90 JOE Winwood, a member of the chess team, puts the opposing player in check mate.DEBATE CLUB ROW 1: D. Koban, S. Bouril, M. Prus, C. Ravpn, .1 Salopek. D Ranish. ROW2: M. Esseck. N. Prokopovich. J. Quinet, D. Ri-Kano. B. Troeger. R. McDanei. Debate Club Various Topics Argued At Meetings Basic debating principles and procedures were topics which began debate club meetings early this year. After new members became oriented in these methods, they began taking active part in debating. In January, members selected topics for debates and researched them using school reference materials. At monthly meetings, two and four man teams presented debates on current topics of interest such as air pollu tion, drugs, and recent political issues. Members not participating judged these debates on the basis of which team did the better and more correct debating. Interested non-members also attended these meetings at the invitation of the club members. These monthly debates served as a guide to help students in understanding proper debating procedures in college. 91 CHERYL Raven and Mark Prus look over the mulcrial they have gathered before debating the issue of drug abuse.JUNIOR RED CROSS — ROW I. J. Venneri, D. Gaughenbaugh, H. Hopkins. C. Silkroski. V. Klavin, K. Loverich, J. Billik, F. Rogic. L. Rainaldi. M. Guidos. J. Aloe. M. Allen. C. Fastrick. ROW2: C. Sta-chowicz. D. Paczak. L. Davanzo. S. Patterson, S. Robbins, J. Ryka-czewski, D. Costanza, W. Soska, C. Berecek. M. Kulianos, K. Wheel- er, S. Wall. M. Homiak. ROW3: L. Piontek, W. Waslo, L. Smith, B. Stolich, J. Stouffer. L. McCombie, B. Cobert, M. Koban, K. Powell. D. W'eber, P. Bellas. S. Strano. HOW 4: K. Uhemik, P. Freed, R. Caputo, L. Rhawn, J. Johnston, M. Stoner, M. Ulizio, T. Colella, K. DiNinno, G. Pastrick, S. Hopta, S. Pastelak. Junior Red Cross Youth Perform Many Community Services Fine records of community service were set this year by the Junior Red Cross Club. The 173 members spent time making favors which were distributed to hospitals and children’s homes on holidays. The club members also assisted the elderly at the Ambridge Towers on the first and third Saturday of each month. The girls helped them with their laundry, did odd chores for them, and occasionally gave them a party. This year the Ambridge Red Cross Committee selected Leslie Rainaldi and Faith Rogic to represent their school at the youth development center at Grove City College. At this meeting they discussed ways to improve conditions in their community. CINDY Bezuk helps members of the Junior Red Cross make favors distributed to New Brighton Red Cross Center. 92Bulletin Board Girls Post All Current Events Keeping the students informed about all the current career and college programs was the main job of the bulletin board committee. Under the supervision of Mrs. Albright they kept their respective bulletin boards posted with the latest information received about scholarship services, career opportunities, and college pamphlets or information concerning school activities. During their free periods the guid ance helpers assisted the counselors in many ways. Their duties ranged from writing out excuse slips to cataloging new college bulletins. JEANNE Pugliano and Marilyn Guidos put up the outdoor bulletin board GUIDANCE HELPERS AND BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE W. Soska. J. Lucas. Mr. Chapala. ROW3: V. Phillips. J. Fedorko. S. — ROW I: W. Waslo, C. Raven, M. Segeleon, S. Powell, R. Iwaskew- Aquino, T. Rizzo, M. Deutsch, J. Bennis, Mrs. Albright, ycz, J. Duke. ROW 2: S. Phillips, H. Rogic, P. Connor, D. Lukachek. 93DISTRICT CHORUS — Janet Emery. Speros Neforos, Ray Measel, Chuck Matevich, Richard Joy®, George Palmer. MRS. Wilson’s third period chorus class practices daily in preparation for their upcoming Christmas concert VOCAL ENSEMBLE — ROW 1: K. Perciavalle, B. Bilanich, M. Burnell, R. Maslanik, F. Bartolo, L. Morrisette, J. Emery, B. Smith. ROW 2: Mrs. Wilson, G. Palmer, C. Matievich, J. Syka, H. Rogic, B. Cartwright, R. Graham, C. Sproull, B. Meerdo. ROW J: R. Mattem. T. Frantz, P. Miloszewski, R. Measel, R. Markvan, D. Pfeiffer, M. Gutch, L. Sutton. ROW 4: R. Joyce, J. Winwood, J. Petrina, S. Turn-ball, R. Kristufek, R. Dietz, B. Sperduti, S. Neforos. 94CHORUS - ROW R. Mattern. W. Sestile, G. Palmer. K. Shoup. S. Turnbull, C. Matievich, S. Neforos, B. Smith. J. Petrina, K. Percia-valle. D. Pfeiffer. J. Winwood. ROW 2: Mrs. Wilson. M. Gutch, J. Fedorko, J. Treantafellow, D. Gazda. M. Mindek, B. Bilanich, F. Bar-tolo, D. Tucker. M. Shutka. M. Deutsch, P. Costanza. S. Haskins. K. Karas, L. Jantsch, C. Sproull. B. Meerdo, R. Graham. ROW 3: M. Burka. R. Maslanik, N. Midzianowsky. P. Miloszewski. R. Harris, S. Macurak. S. Mitchell. J. Emery. D. Chester, J. Syka, K. Gross, R. Britton, B. Tate, L. Fuegi, B. Rinaldi, B. Malinowski, I). Dominick. C. Lewis. ROW 4: L. Morrisette, L Sutton, B. Kriatufek, H. Rogic. D. Cruise. S. Sheesley. D. Woods, B. Harsch, P. Pletz, J. Vito. D. Koban. P. Bilanich, B. Cobert, P. Welling. D. Mattern, B. Mitchell. ROW.5: R. Joyce, R. Measel, J. Weber. R. Dietz, F. Spruill. M. Burnell. B. Frynkewicz, T. Frantz, T. Tyro, A. Hlozek, B. Sperduti, R. Markvan. B. Cartwright. K. Ferencik, M. Iwaskewycz. Chorus Mrs. Wilson Organizes Choral Groups Under the direction of Mrs. Wilson various vocal groups were organized. The chorus presented two concerts together with the band. On December 21 they sang at the Yuletide Festival at Baden-Economy Junior High. Later, on February 25th, they performed a modified version of the rock opera “Jesus Christ, Superstar” during the Pop Concert. A few days before Christmas they entertained classes by singing carols in the halls. The newly-organized Vocal Ensemble sang for many community functions including a concert at Rochester Mental Hospital and at local women’s clubs. Six members of the chorus attended District Chorus at Shenango. CAST OF JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - George Palmer. Lynn Morrisette, Chuck Matievich, Scott Turnbull, Dale Pfeiffer, Bob Smith, Mark Burnell, Kenn Perciavalle, Speros Neforos. 95THERESA Druzisky, Silhouette photographer and THERESA Druzisky, Nancy Aloi, Barb Chaykowsky, and Nancy Yaniga discuss a reporter, rewrites comments from a “Silhouette recent edition of another school’s newspaper in order to get new ideas. Asks . SILHOUETTE REPRESENTATIVES - ROW 1: K. Dacko. P. C. McClure, M. Manos, C. Pastrick, K. DiNinno. W. Waslo, J. Ven- Michkofsky, C. Stachowicz, B. McEvoy, S. Hopta, R. Perri, T. Dru- neri, R. Chupka, C. Evans, R. Freislcbcn, P. Miloszewski. ROW3- L. zisky, C. Pisano, .J. Lucas, M. Deutsch, E. Sankey. ROW2: M. Broz, I ehn, D. Sirko, K. Savie, D. Ranish, R. Markvan.Silhouette Staff Works Daily to Produce Newspaper DURING Journalism class Lynn Kedzierski and John Pushak edit an article. During the fourth period everyday the fifteen members of the Silhouette staff worked diligently to publish a monthly newspaper. Yearly subscriptions were sold for fifty cents each in the homerooms by the representatives. Miss Griffith sponsored both the staff and the representatives. Stories in the paper ranged from factual sports articles to personal commentaries on the problems in today’s world. According to the editor, Nancy Yaniga, the staff received more comments on the public opinion poll in each issue than any other feature. This year two of the papers were published, complete with pictures, by a local printer. In addition to putting out the paper during basketball season the staff sold programs at our games. KAREN Dacko and Torn Knapp pause for a minute to share an amusing story. 97 AFTER writing his football article about the New Castle game. John Duke checks his work to correct mistakes.KATHY Kuny revises her article in order to comply with layout requirements. WHILE taking portrait pictures. Carol Dennerlein and Sue Kennedy check the list of homerooms yet to come. YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVES - ROW 1: C. Homnack, J. Emery, F. Bartolo, J. Bennis, R. Gaona, B. Bilanich, C. Pastrick, K. Konarski. ROW2: L. Rhawn, S. Cords, C. Berecek, B. Malinowski, E. Serak, B. Pyrch, I. Lucas. ROW3: J. Tuntas, J. Smith, T. Knapp. K. Zuk, C. Mauldin, D. Carroll, F. Homziak, D. George. ROW 4: B. Wright, M. DeLuca, P. Carrera, D. Kerecman, L. Hrycyk, S. Bufalini, H. Rogic, T. Rizzo, J. Pugliano. 98Yearbook Staff Members Perform Specific Jobs Early last June the yearbook journalism class began their preparations for production of the 1972 Bridger. During the summer the staff prepared a skeleton outline of the hook, drew dummy layouts, and solicited for ads. In September Mr. Desanzo, the faculty advisor, lectured the new journalism students on the fundamentals of yearbook production. Next, the homerooms selected representatives who collected money for subscriptions. Throughout the next months the staff wrote articles, headings, and captions for the book. With the help of professional photographers and Dan So-lomich, the student photographer, all the needed portrait, group, and individual pictures were taken and then cropped to fit layouts. AS part of his job as the yearbook photographer, Dan So-lomich schedules pictures for the academic section.• V Nurture STRENGTH of SPIRIT to shield you in sudden misfortuneFootball Bridgers Defeat Five Opponents Ambridge’s season opener brought disappointment to Bridger fans when the Hopewell-Ambridge game ended in defeat. Because the Bridgers could not seem to get moving, the final score of 28-6, did not show great hope for future games. On September 18 those fears changed to hopes with a win over the New Castle Hurricanes. The Hurricanes, last year’s MAC champions, received their first loss of the season from the Bridgers. The Bridgers also scored their first victory over New Castle in six years. A halftime score showing the Hurricanes in the lead 7-6 told that this win would not be an easy one. However, a turn of events in the second half brought Ambridge its first win of the season with a final score which read 20-14. FOOTBALL COACHES — FIRST ROW: Walter Heitzenrater, Don Nick Homziak, Abe Deep, Bob Kouvolo, George Barth. Albert Kagga-Yannessa, Frank Marocco, Len Chiaverini. TOP ROW: Bob Bezuk, zini, Ebby Hollins. 102HOPEWELL Viking Tony Dorsett fp-abs Mike Prokopovich’s leg attempting to prevent the gain of the first down. Football Cont. The South Hills Catholic game involved the magnificent performance of Ambridge’s Jerry Clark who scored three touchdowns for the Bridgers — one rushing, two passing. The third quarter score of 13-0 more than doubled in the fourth quarter which led to a final score of 27-0. Beaver Falls deadlocked Ambridge in the following game. Two quick touchdowns early in the second quarter put the Tigers ahead. But, in the second half Ambridge took over the game. Bridger ground gainer Mark Jones broke through the center of the line for a spectacular 45-yard run. Neither team scored in the fourth quarter and the final score remained 20-20. SENIOR wide offensive receiver Jerry Clark leaps high into the air for a pass during the Hopewell football game, but the ball eludes his outstretched hands. DEFENSIVE safety man Jerry Clark wrestles down another trapped Farrell Steeler.HEAD Coach Frank Marocco goes over some plays with one of his Bridger linemen. Andy Lucas, during practice. QUARTERBACK Mike Prokopovich fades back to pass to one of his receivers during the Youngstown-South game. MARK Jones. Ambridge halfback, runs into trouble while five South Hills Catholic defenders close in on him. 104Bridgers Show Balanced Offense, Defense A perfectly thrown pass zeroes in on Jerry Clark waiting in the endzone. Ambridge’s third win of the season was a game with the Sharon Bengals. This victory was the reward for an outstanding display on Bridger defense. Playing on Sharon’s field, the Bridgers were able to stop the Bengals offense four times. Ambridge added two more touchdowns to a 7-0 halftime lead in the second half. This led to the final score of 19-0. At the Ambridge-Youngstown South game on Saturday, October 15, the Bridgers had a lead of 20-0 going into the locker room at the half. Early in the third quarter Ambridge’s fullback Mike Matika was injured with a broken collarbone. This injury followed a fine 28-yard run which helped to set up the Bridgers’ fourth touchdown. Halfback Mark Jones contributed to the final score by making three of Ambridge’s six touchdowns. The final score read 44-24, making the Bridgers’ record 4 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Ambridge Opponents 6 .... Hopewell . . 28 20 . . New Castle 14 27 South Catholic 0 20 . Beaver Falls . 20 19 Sharon . . .. 0 44 Youngstown-South 24 23 . . Ell wood City. 0 7 Butler. 19 14 Farrell 15 0 Aliquippa . 14 AFTER receiving a Mike Prokopovich pass, Don Hare is dragged to the ground by three New Castle defenders. 105Injuries to Team Hurt Bridger Machine BRIDGER Headhunter Mike Matika is tackled and then surrounded by Hopewell players after gaining a few yards 106 HOMECOMING spirits dampened when fullback Mike Matika had to he assisted off the football field after he broke his collarbone on a 28-yard run. Despite a number of penalties, the un-yielding defense of the Bridgers brought in another victory, this time over Ellwood City. Penalty calls set the Bridgers back three times on scoring attempts. However, the Ambride defense held Ellwood City to only 33 total offensive yards. Jerry Clark, Mike Prokopovich, and Mark Jones were responsible for the Ambridge points scored. Mark Jones made the final touchdown previously set up by Jerry Clark. This brought the final score to 23-0 in favor of the Bridgers. The second loss of the season occured in a Friday night game at Butler. Don Hare and Mike Prokopovich highlighted the game for the Bridgers, however, with a 74-yard pass-and-run play. Many penalties and fumbles contributed to the low score on the board. The game ended with Butler ahead 19-7. Pass interceptions and fumbles plagued Ambridge in the Farrell game.VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM - FIRST ROW: J. Clark. T. Keith. K. Kurash, A. Kisiday, J. Fink, W. Nlihalik. B. Witowich. L. Hughes. W. Barnes, A. Lucas, M. Matika. J. Pszeracki, M. Krol. ROW2: M. Prokopovich, L. Bucci, K. DePasquale, M. DeBona. M. Milanovich, T. Rimsky, D. Hare, M. Sinchak, P. Sacco, J. Tedesco, M. Dobrin, T. Czerwin- ski, F. Spruill, M. Kusnir, E. McCoy. ROW3: E. Lucas. M. Kaunert. J. Lessyk, M. Kowal, J. Kisiday. B. Marcink, M. Jones, J. Niaros, B. Burton, P. Andrews, R. Lucente, S. DeBona, E. DeMilo. ROW 4: C. Saunders, J. Tuntas, M. Guzan, W. Kosis, R. Jamery, J. Dziack. M. Chiav-emi, L. Hasson. Although out team moved into the lead in the second quarter 14-9, the visitors returned in the third quarter and surpassed that score. On the final play of the game, Mike Prokopovich threw a pass to Jerry Clark but the ball was intercepted just as the gun sounded. A final score of 15-14 marked Ambridge’s third loss. The final game of the 1971 season was against Ambridge’s long-time rival Ali-quippa. Led by the running of Jerry Clark and a key run by Mike Prokopovich, the Bridgers moved from their 36 yard line to the Indians’ 21 in nine plays. However, this was the only serious Bridger threat. The final score was 13-0, Aliquippa. Ambridge’s 1971 record of 5-4-1 combined with last year’s 9-1 season marks the first time in 14 years Ambridge has enjoyed back-to-back winning seasons. COACHES Marocco and Yannessa dejectedly watch the action of the Hopewell game as Coach Homziak calls the press box to discover a Viking weakness. 107SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS ROW ONE: B. Witowich, L. Hughes. M. Krol, J. Clark. ROW TWO: J. Pszeracki. A. Lucas. -J. Fink. M. Matika. ROW THREE: B. Mihalik, A. Kisiday, B. Barnes, T. Keith, K. Kurash. MARK Kusnir and Bill Witowich listen carefully to Coach Marocco’s instructions for their big New Castle game. WHILE his teammate Mike Milanovich watches and prepares to block for him. Don Hare brings down a perfectly thrown pass. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL In their first game of the season the junior high Bridgers traveled to the Baden Economy Junior High School field to play. They were successful in their attempt to defeat the Comets, winning the game by a score of 14-6. In their next game, the Bridgers took on the Hopewell Vikings. The Viking defense proved to be too much for the Bridgers and Ambridge lost by a score of 8-0. Playing Center in their next contest, the Bridgers fell behind and lost the game by a score of 16-12. At Midland the offense failed to put any points on the board and the Bridgers lost their third straight by the score of 6-0. In the final game of the season the Bridgers were able to defeat the team from Western Beaver, 12-0. COACH Hollins explains an offensive play during one of the many practices of the junior high football team. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL - FIRST ROW: C. Orler. B. Hamilton. N. Pisano. J. Curley, F. Gagliardi, J. Majectic, D. Costanza. T. Smelko. ROW2: P. Cunnard, P. Nazarovitch. J. Morsillo. J. Matika. I). Solom-ich. R. Cybak. J. Mann. L. Stanasolovitch. ROW3: T. Gaona. J. Hele-brand. T. Gulish, C. Villella, R. Ford. K. Gross, S. Bitchey, D. Seigler, F. Bands. ROW 4: K. Jimerson, M. Gilbert. R. Stranko. M. Antonini. A. Shaffer. R. Hladio. M. Guzan. R. Sivy. ROW5: D. Bajek. manager. T. Toth. R. Monzi. E. Strano. R. Topolski. J. Dirdo. D. Frynkewicz. J. McCue, managers. 109Basketball Young Team Improves With Every Game Coach Bianchi’s 1972 Bridgers began their season with a victory over the Monaca Indians. Ambridge led Monaca throughout the game until the final four seconds when Monaca tied the score. However, the Bridgers won in the overtime, 64-58. Ambridge’s second straight win occurred in the following game against Sto-Rox. Doug Saylor and Tony Stary-szak helped bring the Bridgers from behind to win 70-63. Another win was added to the Ambridge record when Beaver Falls met the Bridgers on December 7. 63-60 was the final score. The Bridgers suffered their first loss of the season in a game with Monaca on December 10. Ellwood City triumphed over Ambridge on December 14. DAVE Firich sinks an easy lay-up as two Seneca players watch helplessly. DESPITE the defensive efforts of two Beaver players, Mike Prokopovich maneuvers to the basket for “two.”AFTER gaining control of the rebound, Doug Saylor look downcourt for a teammate to whom he can pass the ball. COACHES AND MANAGERS HOW 1: R. Andarsik. M. Sradomski. HOW 2: T. Lemon, Coach Bianchi, Coach Pc truny, W. Kowalski. Team Captures Tourney Title In the Midland game, Ambridge recorded a third loss making their record 3- 3. The Leopards overcame an Ambridge lead, winning 62-50. The Uniontown Boosters Tournament occurred during Christmas vacation and started with a game against Fox-Chapel. The Bridgers won this contest which earned them a place in the championship over Valley High. Doug Saylor and Tony Staryszak were named to the five-man all-tournament squad. Farrell was next on the schedule. The Bridgers triumphed over the highly rated unbeaten Steelers. This victory of 55-45 brought the Ambridge record to 6-3. Bridgers scored their seventh victory on January 7, in a game with Moon. Outstanding scorers in this game were Staryszak, Parsons, and Saylor. GARY Sage tries a jumper from the left side during the Hopewell game. 111COACH Bianchi gives some encouragement and words of advice to his team during a timeout at a Sharon game. BASKETBALL SCORES Am bridge Opponent 64 Monaca 58 70 Sto Rox 63 63 Beaver Falls 60 55 Monaca 58 50 Ellwood City 58 50 Midland 62 65 Fox Chapel 61 69 Valley 57 55 Farrell 45 88 Moon 64 75 Beaver 48 63 Hopewell 62 63 Sharon 71 92 Seneca Valley 59 68 Aliquippa 56 47 Farrell 64 62 Moon 60 92 Beaver 67 55 Hopewell 63 49 Sharon 50 73 Seneca Valley 70 65 Aliquippa 55 I r™'’chAMKp;TrBslLL“Fa r«rs' ° Say‘°r- “ C°Sta Za °W2: J' Kloffen8tein U Bartu' T- G- SaKe. M 112GARY Sage and Tony Staryszak take down the net after the Seneca game. LEN Parsons jumps with a Beaver player to start the second half action. Bridgers Win Section Six-A An easy win over the Beaver Bobcats followed on January 11. The final score was 75-48. Ambridge met the Hopewell Vikings next. This Bridger win brought section title hopes much closer. In the final four seconds Gary Sage’s two foul shots won the game for Ambridge. The final score was 63-62. An exhibition game on January 18 with the Sharon Bengals ended in defeat 71-67. The following win on January 21 over Seneca gave the Bridgers the Section 6-A lead. Mike Prokopovich led the scoring effort with 17 points. A substantial win over the Aliquippa Indians followed which put the Bridgers alone atop the section. The Bridgers had to come from behind for this win. Farrell, next on the schedule, took the lead at the outset and stayed ahead until the final score of 64-47. In an exciting game at Moon, Tony Staryszak sank two foul shots in the last six seconds to win 62-60. The Bridgers win over Beaver, 92-67, clinched at least a tie for first place in 6- A. Hopewell delayed the Bridger quest for the section flag by defeating the Bridgers on February 11, 63-55. The Bridgers were defeated in a close contest against Sharon on February 15, 50-49. On Friday, February 18, the Ambridge Bridgers clinched the section 6-A title in a close 73-70 game over Seneca. The Bridgers ended the regular season with a win over Aliquippa by the score of 65-55.Basketball Playoffs Six-A Champs Lose to Titans at Arena STRETCHING for the rebound, both Gary Sage and a Shaler player miss it VICKY Klavin intently watches as the Bridgers strive to tie the score. Spring-like rain fell outside the civic Arena, but inside, where Ambridge contested Shaler in a first round playoff game, both teams fell victim to ice-cold offense. A first quarter of off-the-mark shooting ended with the score still in single digits, Shaler 7 and Ambridge 4. During the first two periods, the ice just wouldn’t crack for either team, and at halftime, Shaler led 18-11. Bridger fans waited hopefully for the team to come alive, but that night it couldn’t respond, Shaler still led, 30-23, as the final period opened. In the fourth quarter, the bizarre freeze locked Ambridge while Shaler broke off for 20 points to win, 50-29. 114COACH Petruny, Coach Bianchi, and Dave Finch watch on in distress as the Bridgers fall behind at the Arena. JUNIOR forward, Mike Prokopovich, drives past a Seneca defender in an attempt to score points for Amridge. DURING the game at Seneca Valley, Doug Saylor attempts a driving layup 115JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM — ROW 1: T. Sisley, R. Jamery, M. Jahoda, B. Yaworsky. ROW2: B. Turney, T. Rutkowski, M. Carney, D. Moran, G. Kleemook. Junior Varsity Basketball Bridgers Begin Season on Winning Note Junior Varsity Bridgers began their 1971-1972 season with two wins at Monaca and Sto-Rox, respectively. Their first setback of the season was on December 7 when Beaver Falls defeated them 43-44. The following Monaca game also ended a loss, 42-40. On December 14, the Bridger JV’s won 58-49 over Ellwood City. January 7, Moon defeated Ambridge 48-44. The Beaver game was their fourth win in nine games. Ambridge also came out on top in the Hopewell game 60-50. Aliquippa was no match for the Bridgers in a game on Jan. 25. In the final game of the season Bridger JV’s closed the season with a substantial 71-42 win over Aliquippa. MARTY Jahoda prepares to sink a foul shot during the Seneca Valley game. 116JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL — ROW 1: J. Smart, R. Jahoda. K. 3: D. Smith, L. Stanasobvich, J. Matika, J. Moreillo, J. Tumley. E. Leach, M. Bochak, J. Meschanko, D. Costanza. ROW2- D. Solomich. Bianchi. R. Ross, D. Sipple. B. Jimmerson. K. Jimmerson. Coach Sage. ROW Junior High Basketball Bridgers Chalk Up 12-6 Season Record DURING a Junior High Basketball game Mike Tumley tries to sink a basket. Junior High Bridgers, under coaches Sage and Lebec, average a balanced 12-6 record for 1971-72. The most exciting and most hard fought win was in a home exhibition game against cross-town rival, Hopewell. The regulation game ended a tie 35-35. In overtime dramatic action was seen in the final 12 seconds when Ray Ross stole the ball and made a pass underneath to Dave Sipple for the winning two points, 38-37. The best section game was when the Bridgers defeated New Brighton, eventual co-champs of Section 19. This home game was a come-back victory of 46-39.Baseball Bridgers Win Six Under New Coach In his first season as Ambridge baseball coach, Ray Pfeifer led the Bridgers to a 6-5 record. On April 13 Ambridge opened the season at home with a 7-4 victory over New Castle. Ellwood City shut out Ambridge 5-0 on April 15. Rich Dunn’s three-hit pitching guided Ambridge to a 5-0 win over the Quips. The Bridgers were defeated by Beaver Falls, but scored an exciting extra inning victory over Hopewell with a run in the eighth. Ambridge lost to Beaver 4-0 and New Castle in May. On May 15 Gary Sage’s two key hits helped Ambridge defeat Aliquippa. Eight runs in the first inning powered the Bridgers to a win over Beaver Falls. Ambridge lost to Ellwood City and then to Hopewell in the final game of the season. WHILE straddling home plate, a Beaver player awaits Dunn’s first pitch. BASEBALL TEAM — FRONT HOW: G. Cap, J. Nawrocki, B. Floro, Hladio. G. Sage. ROW 3: P. Trojan, T. Klinsky, A. McClennan. B. T. Miller, M. Knafelc, R. Rygalski, B. Piltz, V. DeBona, R. Dieter. Marcink, D. Firich. ROW2: Mr. Pfeiffer, D. Johnston, F. Vincent, J. Salopek, R. Dunn, B. 118UNEXPECTEDLY Marty Knafelc makes a sacrifice bunt, enabling his Ambridge teammate to score a needed run. Ambridge BASEBALL Opponent 7 New Castle ... 4 0 . . . . Ellwood City . . . 5 5 Aliquippa 0 2 Beaver Falls .... 8 6 Hopewell 5 0 Beaver 4 0 New Castle 3 4 Aliquippa 2 8 Beaver Falls ... 2 4 . . . . Ellwood City . . . 3 0 Hopewell 5 119 DAVE Johnson tags third base heading for home plate in an attempt to score during the Hopewell contest.GOLF TEAM: Mr. Lebec, J. Kocherzat, B. Gnjatovich, B. Hovanec, J. Wuycik, L. Lehn, S. Kusnir, R. Cybak. Golf Team Ends Year Third in Section Ambridge’s golf team wound up the 1971 campaign with a 7-4 record, finishing third in Section 7. John Wuycik, Bob Hovanec, Bill Gnjatovich, Steve Kusnir and Rich Cybak, all seniors led the squad this year. Ambridge opened the season on September 13, picking up a win at Hope-well. Cold and rain cancelled the third date on the schedule, an away match against Cornell. In early October, back-to-back losses took the edge from a record which had been sharpened to 6-2. The season closed with a resounding make-up victory at Cornell in which three golfers, Bill Gnjatovich, John Kocherzat and Steve Kusnir, shot scores in the 70’s. IN preparing for the upcoming season. Rich Cybak practices his back swing at the country club golf course. 120CROSS COUNTRY — ROW .1 Rlanarik. R. Kowal. T. Knapp. T. Schmidt, R. Dschuhan. G. Kleemook. B. Wall. J. Shumsky, M. Sra- Sobota, J. Smith, J. Watach. ROW 2: B. Boring, J. Stranko, K. domski, Mr. Chapala. Cross Country Team Finishes Best Season in Years TOM Knapp and Tim Sobota attempt to overtake Jim Palmer during a meet. Ambridge’s cross country team had its most successful season in years, losing only one of seven dual meets. Coach John Chapala’s team opened the season with a home victory over Monaca on September 7. Seven days later. Am-bridge defeated both Beaver Falls and Riverside. Tom Knapp finished second for the Bridgers and teammate Tim Sobota was third. Ambridge scored two more home victories over Quigley and Rochester. On October 5, the Bridgers participated in the Beaver Falls Invitational. Knapp, Jeff Smith, and Sobota finished fifth, sixth, and seventh respectively. Ambridge defeated Cornell and Ali-quippa before suffering their lone loss at New Castle. Roger Kowal, Rich Dschuhan and Knapp represented the Bridgers in the W.P.I.A.L. meet at South Park on October 21. 121LONG before the track and field season begins, Jeff Smith gets into shape by running at the Country Club. AFTER a tiring workout on the field, Tom Knapp takes a couple of extra minutes to rest and catch his breath. TOM Knapp and Rich Dschuhan begin early in the year to improve their technique for the upcoming relay races. 122Track and Field Bridgers Post Successful 4-2 Season Although their three-year winning streak was broken, the Ambridge track and field team posted a 4-2 record. Coach Dwight Piper’s squad defeated Beaver and Beaver Falls in March before their undefeated streak was snapped by Hopewell. Ambridge dropped a meet to Seneca, but downed Aliquippa and New Castle. W.P.I.A.L. high jump champion Roger Kowal and defending javelin champion Tim Keith led the Bridgers in the field events. Gary Jones and Keith Kurash paced Ambridge in track events. Kurash set a school record in the 440, placing first in the District Qualifying Meet. The Bridger team placed second in this meet. DURING a meet at home, the contestants line up on theTennis Team Rallies and Wins Half of Games Four returning lettermen, backed by a half-dozen newcomers, formed Am-bridge’s 1972 tennis team, coached by Mr. Anders. Last year’s team wound up with a 4-8 record, losing its first six matches but coming along in the second half of the season to win 4 of 6. Tennis season opened in early April and closed in late May. Our four returning lettermen were Ken Polas, Jeffrey Smith, Clair Welling, and John Wrot-ny. They were backed by Denny Kirish, Ed Kuhni, A1 Rab, Paul Slobodian, and Dan Solomich. GEORGE Cottagers member of the tennis team,practices after school to perfect his skill for a match. TENNIS — ROW I: J. Yope, E.IWelling, F. Slobodian. ROW2: K. Folas, J. Smith, J. Wrothy, J. Bowan. 124YALE PRINCETON — ROW 1: L. Fitzgerald. K. Felix. ROW 2: N. Fedorko, J. Coreo, L. DeNardo, P. Fitzgerald. B. Ostrowski, S. Kuny, J. Lively, V. Gasowski, S. Costanza, L. Mace. P. Felix, E. Waskiew-icz. ROW3: p. Gryzbowski, J. Brylinsky. M. Sovich, I). Karas, Miss Yost, Mrs. Lazar, L. Pitts. D. Kerr. K. Branowitzer, J. Nadzak. ROW 4: M. Ross, M. Prentice. A. Garko. S. Nadzak. S. Kennedy, K. Skoff. D. Stewart . ROW 5: D. Tucker, J. Ingros, S. Aquino, I). Cribbs, R. Freisleben, L. Derochis, J. Ondovcsik, R. Gaona. B. Pyle, C. Kowalski, M. Marich. Yale-Princeton Game Changes to Boys’ Basketball Rules Cheerleaders and team members of previous years were invited back on March 24 fur the 41st Annual Yale Princeton Girls’ All-Star Basketball Game. Girls participated in basketball intramurals in December, January, and February to develop their skills, team work, and playing ability. On this basis, twenty top players were selected and put on two evenly balanced teams. This year the rules were revised to resemble boys’ basketball. Instead of the usual girls’ six player per team, it was changed to five. IN the first quarter. Karen Branowitzer drives in for an easy two points during annual Yale-Princeton Game. 125THE wrestling team’s coach. Mr. Alex Wheeler, watches as one of his wrestlers quickly pins down his opponent. DlthtT --- PIN En ■’ JOE Pszeracki bursts through the sign “Go Get Em Team” put up by the wrestlers prior to the South Fayette match. TOM Gross attempts to counter a tight-waist as he tries to maneuver his opponent into a firemen’s carriage. 126 Wrestling Three Wrestlers Win M.A.C. Titles JOE Pszeracki tries to get his opponent in a figure-four bar arm pin. Despite inexperience in the lower weight classes the Ambridge wrestling team continued to show improvement, winning two meets. Coach Ales Wheeler’s Bridgers placed three individual wrestlers in the M.A.C. Championships. Ambridge lost four consecutive meets until they notched their first victory over Wellsville, Ohio. The Bridgers only other win was in December over Freedom. Bridger heavyweight, Senior Joe Pszeracki was undefeated for the second consecutive season and was the Middle Atlantic Conference champion. Ambridge’s Dan Gintner and Jeff Smith were M.A.C. Champions in the 180 and 145 pound classes, respectively. MIDDLE ATLANTIC CONFERENCE CHAMPS - Joe Pszeracki, Jeff Smith, Dan Gintner. 127WRESTLING — ROW 1: V. Antipow, S. Glasser. M. Bell, B. Freed, A. Barlamas. M. Bichey, P. Diener, S. Musgrave, G. Winglet, S. Bich-ey. G. Sivewright. ROW 2: M. Mesko, K. McGinnis, M. Foundos, C. Guthrie, T. Botsko, M. Gilbert, E. Kanakis, E. Lucas, I). Jones, J. Pisano. R. Pszeracki, T. Gross, P. Zawosky. ROW 3: A. Kisiday, J Pszeracki, R. Benkowski, C. Hudson, J. Smith, M. Schweikcrt, B. Bajek, B. Kehoe, M. Kolesin, D. Gintner, P. Suchy, F. Smith, G. Fredericks, J. Kisiday, J. Foundos, C. Gress, Coach Wheeler. DAN Gintner struggles to counter a single-leg takedown. UNDEFEATED Joe Pszeracki traps his opponent in a bar arm chicken wing. AN unidentified Ambridge wrestler has his South Fayette opponent in a double arm lockup which constitutes a neutral position. mRazimnm JIM Pisano and his opposing South Fayette wrestler await the refer ee’s signal to begin at the start of the second period. DURING one Bridger wrestling meet. Chuck Hudson is trapped in an inside ankle-ride, tight-waist hold by an opposing matman. 129IN preparation for one of the four dual meets, Mickey Za- DURING practice, Mike Papantonio performs an “L” on the parallel bars, winski practices his “scissors” on the side horse. Besong Advances to State Competition TOM Besong holds an “L” in the T-cross” position on the still rings. The Bridger gymnastic team recorded a perfect 4 and 0 record while competing in its first year of W.P.I.A.L. interscholastic competition. At home the team, consisting of Tom Besong, Mike Papantonio, and Mickey Zawinski, defeated Beaver 86-53. Other wins were over Shenango, Altoona, and Beaver. Tom Besong was outstanding, winning the WPIAL Section I All-Round Championship. He was also the champ on the high bar and the long horse vault. In WPIAL Championships he placed third All-Round and third in the high bar. By virtue of his WPIAL wins, he was eligible to compete in the PIAA Western Regional Championships on February 26. At this meet he won the high bar competition and placed third All-Round. This enabled him to attend the PIAA State Championships on March 4. 130Gym Team School Has Both Girls,’ Boys’ Gym Team MISS Cetto, girls’ gym team sponsor, spots a gymnast on the parallel bars. This year, for the first time, Am-bridge Area High School had both a boys’ and a girls’ gym team. These teams, grouped under WP1AI. rulings, competed during the gymnastic season from December 15 to March 1, participating in league meets. This year, the girls’ gym team was coached by Miss Cetto. They practiced regularly in the Anthony Wayne Gym. The girls’ gym team held meets with four other high schools and performed well in their second season. The boys’ gym team, coached by Mr. Meddock, had a very good season for their first year. Boys’ gymnastics concentrates on free exercise, vaulting, parallel bars, and the rings. Both teams attended Invitational Interscholastic Holiday meets during Christmas vacation. GIRLS GYM TEAM — ROW 1: M. Strano, S. Rich, P. Karhur, S. Kennedy. M. Grzybowski. ROW2: R. Loedding, J. Kundrat, K. Savie, B. Tate.Intramurals Girls, Boys Compete in Various Sports BADDEST Dudes member keeps track of his team’s scores at Economy Lanes. Girl’s sports were open to any sophomore, junior, or senior who was interested. Volleyball was held 3 days a week after school. Soccer followed in November. During December, January, and February the girls participated in basketball. The season closed in May with softball. Girls had to participate in 2 3 of the practices to get a credit toward an award. According to Mr. Druzisky, “Everyone enjoyed bowling this year!” The students bowled after school. Boys’ intramurals consisted of basketball twice weekly, Tuesdays and Fridays after school. At the end of the season, the two best teams had a playoff. INTRAMURAL BOWLING — ROW 1: R. Monzi, J. Susan. J. Rain-aldi. S. Neforos. J. Saiopek. M. Yerega, L. Frangione. J. Fink. I). Sa-bato. ROW2: P. Costanza. K. Perciavalle, V. DeSimone. M. DeLuca. G. Steinberg. B. Gnatovich. J. Palmer. T. Knuvaras, M Pitts. L. Rainaldi. M. Horniak. Mr. Druzisky. ROW3: B. Fedash, S. Cords, T. Guyer, T. Curley. B. Croner. D. Kerecman, K. Majetic. R. DeMay, D. Truskowski. F. Vincent, R. Pisano, J. Petrina. K. Westover. D. Pap- sodero. P. Neisnack. ROW 4: P. Hertneky, S. Bufalim, K. Skoff, J. Nadzak, S. Antonini, L. Baiard, B. Hallisay, B. Wall, B. .Marcink. J. Bowan. P. Trojan. B. Chaykowsky. K. Polas. ROW5: T. Druzisky. C. Francone. K. Kellinger. S. Bouril. J. Brylinsky. D. Koban. E. Scrok. D. Gilberg. A. McClellan. B. Bradley. T. Belis. M. Milanovich, M. Chiaverini, R. Ryan, R. Metelsky. 132VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS — P. Fitzgerald, J. Syka, P. Miloszewski, B. lx edding, M. Segeleon, K. Kuny, M. Chalin, J. Brylinsky, S. Hufalini, J. Nadzak. TIM Sobota blocks Rich Ropon’s aim as he scores two points for his team. PATTY Miloszewski guards an opposing teammate in an intramural basketball game. 133AMID opposing team members, Leslie Rainaldi tries to get rid of the ball. 134ClassesSENIORS: Aloe — Carpenter •Josephine Aloe Kathy Alushin Barbara Ambrose Peter Antinopoulos Susan Aquino Donald Bacion LOUD applause and a warm welcome greet Coach Marocco as he crosses the field to the microphone for a rousing pep talk. William Bajek William Bard Walter Barnes Frances Bartolo Michael Basalyga Gary Bauer Assembly Rings Out William Beech Michael Bellas Ronald Benedict Roger Berkner Joette Berry Jacqueline Bennis 138William Boring George Boudros Randall Boyt With Senior Voices THE smiling faces of Jim Palmer and Debbie Beck reflect theenthusiam always present at our pep assemblies. Patricia Bucuren James Bufalini Michaelene Burka Richard Cantalina Frank Caratelli Susan Carpenter 139Jerome Clark Kenneth Cobert Russell Coleman Nancy Connolly Patricia Connor Paul Costanza SENIORS: Chalin — Emery i Margaret Chalin William Chalupiak Janet Chambers Janice Chambers Barbara Christner James Cipriani Seniors Exchange Coats, Ties in Lobby DAVE Johnston and Larry Frangione adjust their ties before sitting down to have their pictures taken for the yearbook. Deborah Dempsey Carol Dennerlein Janet Dennis Lucy Derochis Vincent DeSimone Kathleen Dewar 140Richard Dunn Richard Durf Richard Eberst John Echement Donna Eichin Janet Emery Just Prior to Taking Pictures in Library THE yearbook photographer poses Larry Frangione while Dave Johnston observes. 141Seniors: Esseck — Guidos Marsella Esseck .Jay Evanko Mark Evans Lisa Eversole Eugene Falloretta Joyce Fedorko David Felinczak Karen Ferencik Steve Ferencek Jeffery Fink David Firich I orraine Firkaly JEAN Pugliano and Marilyn Guidos change the outdoor bulletin board in order to announce coming events at Ambridge High. Close Class Election George Fitzgerald Larry Fitzgerald Patti Fitzgerald 142 John Foundos Lawrence Frangione Jayne FreshwaterSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Larry Frangione, President; Keith Vice-President. Hayden, Treasurer; Hope Rogic, Secretary; and David Johnston, Puts Well-Chosen Seniors Into Office Dean C.erazounis Daniel Gintner Diane Gobbo David Good Lawrence Graham Marilyn Guidos 143SENIORS: Gutch — Iwaskewycz Majorie Gutch Kenneth Hacker Lois Hammerle Robert Harris KING Ken Perciavalle and Queen Kathy Konarski reign over annual Homecoming festivities. Robin Harris Eugene Harrison Deborah Hathaway Judy Hatton Keith Hayden Daniel Heitzenrater King, Queen, Cheerleaders Contribute Loo Hendrickson Richard Hendrickson Diane Hcnger David Hicks Alice Hittie Robert HIadio Anthony Hiozek Kenneth Hoffman William Homich Gary Homiak Michael Homiak Warren Hosak 1441971 HOMECOMING COURT: Urn Pitts, Nick Jankiewicz, Marlene 1970 Queen Gayle Conover, King Frank Sangermano, Renee Gaona, Pitts, I.arrv Frangionc, Queen Kathy Konarski, King Ken Perciavalle. Pete Antinopoulos. Janet Syka, Nick Rudenko. Excitement to Homecoming Ceremony Paul Hosek Valerie Hudak Jacqueline Hudicek Larry Hughes Dan Humphreys Steven Hyre Marsyl lacohucci Peter Ignatovic Janet Ingros James Ivancik John Ivancik Mary Iwaskewycz 145Donna Janicki Theodore Janicki Nicholas .lankiewicz Chester Jessee David Johnston Donna Juriga Patty Kachur Virginia Karal Brenda Kehoe Timothy Keith Sue Kennedy ¥ Diane Kenstler Andrew Kisiday Sandy Kisio Donald Klesser Thomas Knapp Diane Kokoski Michale Kolesin Seniors Honolr Parents, Cheerleaders, FOOTBALL players, cheerleaders, and parents are introduced prior to the game.THE band and majorettes perform and march to the music of one of the rousing numbers, “Make Me Smile”, in their repertory of popular and modem selections. Kathy Konarski Deborah Konilsney Michael Krol Linda Kubia Debra Kopchick Raymond Kosele Christine Kouvaraa George Kowal Roger Kowal Gary Kozlowski Band, Majorettes, Football Players Steve Kusnir Bill Kwiatanowski Carl Lamp Denise Landfried James Lebda Thomas Lemon Susan Kuga Renee Kuhni Jeanne Kundrat John Kunich Kathy Kuny 147ANDY Kisiday, Janet Svka. and Ray Sevin finish decorating the Christmas tree. Senior Student Council Members Trim Linda Lesack Myron Lewicki Barbara I oedding Anthony Lubic Loetta Lubic Andy Lucas Bill Lucas Joseph Mackojc Susan Macurak David Lusty Donna Lukachek Ronald Markvan Gregory Manis Helene Mann Marianne Manos Terry Marion 148Charles Matievich Michael Matika Deborah Mayer Colleen McClure Frank McCormick Ross McCoy BEFORE hanging ornaments on the tree. Rich Dunn and Keith Hayden have a difficult time deciding which ones to use. Christmas Tree in Lobby in December Ray Measel Walter Mihalik Roberta Mikush Cheryl Messia Judith Miller Joan Michael Beverly Mitchell Richard McDaniel Pamela McVay John Michael Roberta Micochin John Mehno Stephanie Mitchell Charles Moore Gary Morgan Richard Mouradian Steven Mozes Debbie Mustio 149Michael Muslin Kevin Myers Frank Napoleon Jackie Naugle Spiros Neforos Paul Neisnack Vanessa Nesselrode Metro Nester Linda Ober George Ory Donna Paczak George Palmer JUNIOR and Senior students gather in the junior high library activity period to listen to a representative from Penn State University talk about his school. James Palmer Mary Jane Palumbo Repr es ent at iv es 150 Susan Pastelak Charlene PastrickSTUDENTS listen to a college representative discuss his school in Mr. Chapala's office. Jo Ann Peters Elaine Petkash Sell Their Colleges During Visits to AHS Walter Piontek Judy Pisano Roxanne Pisano Lorrie Pitts Marlene Pitts Kenneth Polas 151.Joseph Pszeracki Jeanne Pugliano David Prokopovich Mark Prus Barbara Racioppo Leslie Kainaldi Richard Hajter Cheryl Raven Ron Ray William Raymer Counselors Help Students Formulate DISCUSSING his plans for the future with Mr. Chapala, Dean Gerazounis puzzles over a difficult application. Charles Reich Kathy Reszetylo Susan Reuss Sharon Rexroad Joseph Ricciardi Anthony Rigano 152 Domenic Rigano Thomas Rizzo Toni RizzoScott Robinsky Faith Rogic Hope Rogic Edward Roginski Karen Romonsky Rich Kopon Frank Rosenberger William Rozday Nicholas Rudenko Victor Russin Joseph Rykaczewski Donald Sabato Plans for The Future John Scheer Susan Scherfel Mark Schweikert Joseph Salopck Nancy Salopek Janet Savior 153 PATTY Bevilacqua utilizes the guidance office's catalogs. George Shevchik Michael Shomin Kenneth Shoup Edward Sippel Deborah Sirko John Sisley Tom and Annie Return to 1972 Prom to 1971 PROM COURT — HOW I Nancy Cokrlic, Queen Ann Garko, HOW 2: Richard Losco, Elbert Yaworsky, Terry Nicastro, and Tony King Tom Applequist, Paulette Felix, Irene Lipinski, Anita Petrow. Kyrargyros. 154 SENIORS: Segeleon — Strano Ray Sevin Lanny Shaner James Sheleheda Kathy Sevin Marianne Segeleon Patrick SehnkeDave Slavic David Smedley James Smigielski Michael Smigielski Dawn Smith Robert Smith Crown King, Queen Robert Sniady Michelle Sobolewski Tim Sobota MILTON Blazakis. Jim Droz. Mike Lench. and Sue Curiiiuek enjoy a memorable night at the Flying Carpet on April 30. Michelle Sovich Florinda Spagnolo Jeffrey Span Roberta Sperduti Christine Sproull Michucl Stanislawski Anthony Staryszak Donna Stewart Joseph Stojan Mary Kay Stoner Debbie Strano Donald Strano 155SENIORS: Strobel — Zivic PARENTS and friends watch as the ’72 senior class files into the football stadium prior to the May 31 graduation ceremonies. Linda Strobel Paul Suchy Edward Sulkowski Larry Swain Susan Swegel Janet Syka Graduation Marks Kathy Szuchy Karen Tcmpnlaki Pete Thoodorous PaulThompson Valerie Torhan Janet Treantafellow David Truskowski Scott Turnbull MaryTylosky Mary Lee Ulizio Gary Unsworth Ruth Urbanik Jo Ellen Venneri Fran Vincent Candy Voegel 156Ronald Vrabely Lynda Walden Elaine Waskewycz Robin Watson Dianne Welling Kathy Wes lover Donna Willis Joseph Win wood William Witowich Richard Wozniak Russell Wright Don Wuycik End of High School Life for 410 Seniors THE seniors listen to a speech given by their classmate. John Wuycik Nancy Yaniga Michael Yerega John Yope Steven Yurkovac James Zbrzezny Gary Zehnder Bradley Zielinski Karen Zivic 157JUNIORS: Adams — Edomonson Tom Adams Bill Adrian Nancy Aloi Donna Andrus John Antolic Susan Antonini Joseph Bacon Karen Baiardo Lorraine Baiardo Jeffrey Balak Sherry Barilaro Pamela Barnhart Debbie Barto Vincent Bartolo Melvin Battaglia David Baumbach Barbara Beadnell Debbie Beck Domenic Bedolotti Thomas Bel is Connie Renamati Rich Benkowski Joanne Bercik Thomas Besong Ken Bezuk Cathy Bianchi John Bilo Andrew Bires Diane Blanchard Howie Bogati Sandie Boshak Sherry Bouril Jeff Bo wan Robert Bo wan Robert Bradley Coreen Brown Joanne Brown Jodi Bryl inski Steve Bryl inski James Bucci Sandra Bufalini Paulette Burton JUNIOR girls declare themselves the victors after scoring the winning touchdown. 158Hilton Butler Barbara Cannon Jerome Cap Barbara Carey Cindy Carlisle Bonni Cartwright Judy Chalupiak Barbara Chaykowsky John Chaykowsky Joni Chervenka TIME OUT” is called in the game for Juniors to argue an unfair play. Juniors Picnic, Relax at Economy Park Doreen Chester Mark Chiaverini Lois Clarke Alice Clayton Elaina Colella Robert Corbett Sheryl Cords Kenny Costanza Ivan Cowles Roberta Croner Terri Curley John C wynar Tom Czerwinski Mike DeBona Mike Deluca Kerry DePasquale Richard Detz Teresa Deutsch Karen Dewar Nancy Dickson Karen DiNinno Dave Doty Margret Doughty Pamela Dout David Drewnowski Jacqueline Drewnowski Rich Dunn Janine Edmondson 159JUNIORS: Evans — Mackovich Carol Evans Linda Farrar Raymond Fedorko Charles Fennell Margaret Ferringer Linda Fisher Kenneth Fleeson Nick Foundos Lorraine Francis Robin Freisleben Patsy Frank Kathy Freshwater Joseph Friel Karon Gadzda Sandy Gagliardi Elaine Garbinsky Archie Giammaria Donald Gil berg Elaine Gill James Gintner Ix)is Grabinski Before Grid Game, Juniors Take PSAT Rhonda Graham John Grandovic Carl Gress Gary Gress Robert Grguric Mary Grillo Gary Gross Thomas Gross Sharon Guerrieri Robert Gulish Teddijo Guyer Mark Guzan Robert Hallisey Don Hare Joan Harvan Sarah Harvie Bryan Hayes Jack Heisler Andrea Hcllwig Ronald Hendrickson Paul Hertneky Harry Hideck Lynda Hlaris Charlotte Homnack Suzy Hopta Mark Hrabczuk Lorraine Hrycyk Edith Hurley Steve II ko Rosemarie Iwaskewycz Roxanne Jahoda David Janicki David Jankowski Terry Janosik Gloria Jasinski Janice Jasinski Phillip Jezewski Debbie Jones Mark Jones Connie Jurkowski Chuck Kaczmarczyk Maria Kanakis 160Peter Kappas Janet Karolak Colletta Katterson JUNIORS receive their 1973 class rings on December 17. Lynn Kedzierski Sandra Kehoe Steven Keith Karen Kennedy Debbie Kerecman Dennis Kirish Joe Kisiday Thomas Klinsky Debbie Klodowski Allen Knapp Debbie Knoll Diana Koban John Kocherzat Kristina Kolesin Cheryl Kopriva Wally Kowalski Janet Krestal Robert Kristufek Louis Krofchick Richard Kubia Ronald Kubia Kathy Kuczynsky Mark Kusnir Kim Leach Becky Lazzaretti Joseph LeCerf Rdward Lechok Larry Lehn Sam Leopardi Diane Lesser Karl Lint Theresa Lise Nancy Livitski Debbie Loedding Rosanne Loedding Georgette Loschiavo Renee Losco George Lubic Thomas Lubic Irene Lucas Ben Ludovici Mary Maccaglia Ann Mackovich 161JUNIORS: Macurak — Pcsolyar Juniors Pursue Their Various Interests Richard Macurak Robert Macurak John Maher Kathy Majetic Marcella Maker Robert Marcink Nancy Marr Greg Mashensic Donna Mattem Alan McClellan Rory McCoy Ruth McCoy Randy McCracken Barbara McEvoy Cathy McGeorge Arthur McKissic Dale McNally Betty Meerdo Cathy Mercadante Ron Metelsky Nadine Midzianowsky Mike Milanovich Peggy Miller Sheila Miller Patty Miloszewski Annamarie Mistovich Lynn Morrisette Anna Marie Moskes BARB Pyrch, Debbie Kerecman, Sandy Pellegrini perform a song and dance as part of the Leaders’ Club initiation as Hope Rogic. senior member of the club, watches. 162By Taking Part in Sports, Organizations DON Hare, Mike DeBona, Mark Jones, John Niaros and Pete Sacco listen intently as one of their tri-captains, Joe Pszeracki. recites his original victory poem. John Moskorisin Cindy Moslen Shelley Mozes Leonard Murry Scott Musgrave Myra Musulin Janet Nadzak Margaret Nelko John Niaros Wallace Nixon Cheryl Notarianni Marilyn Novak Archie Novosel Becky Nowakowski Lorraine Ordons George Paleos Leonard Parsons Virginia Pastrick Diener Patrick Joe Pavkovich Donna Pcsolyar 163SUE Antonini collects money from Jr. class candy sales. Sandy Pellegrini Vera Phillips Jeffrey Pit arc Thomas Plese Deborah PI ess Joseph Pocorus Denise Poling Cyndee Poumaras Susi Powell Dolores Pride I .noise Prince Raymond Probst Mike Prokopovich Noreen Prokopovich Emily Proul Class Officers Help Walter Prusick Barbara Pyrch Janet Quinet Albert Rabovsky Dana Racioppo Dennis Ragland Cindy Rajter Deborah Ranish Kathleen Ravmer Sandy Rich Rebecca Richards Gordon Ries 164 ROBERT Gulish eats lunch with his friends in the cafeteria.JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Betty Meerdo, Secretary; Don Hare. President; John Tedesco, Treasurer; Kim Leach. Vice-President. Sell Candy to Earn Money for ’72 Prom Neil Ritter Theresa Robertson Rick Roman Lori Romano Arthur Rnppo Chris Rudy Michael Russin Thomas Rutkowxki Regis Ryan Peter Sacco Clayton Saunders Debbie Savie Scott Schames Michael Scheer Debbie Schmidt Michael Schwartz Laura Selley Elaine Serak Carol Shaddock Cynthia Shaffer Ronald Shuffer Anthony Shahen Stanley Shea Roxanne Shrum Michael Shutka Mark Sinchuk Robert Sippel Beverly Skiba 165JUNIORS: Skoff — Tyro Enthusiastic Juniors Decorate Store Kathy Skoff Dale Slavik MikeSlivka Kathy Slobodian Paul Slobodian Lucille Smelko Davette Smith Jeff Smith Jeffrey Smith Linda Smith William Smith Christine Sobolosky Linnie Soldressen Dan Solomich Marilyn Solomich Robert Soltis Alan Sopko Sue Sovich Robert Spak Robert Sperduti Frank Spruill Mike Sradomski Cindy Stachowicz Vernon Staving Gloria Steinberg Robert Steuber Jeff Stewart Barbara Stolich Joni Stouffer Joseph Stranko Michelle Strano Linda Strella Janice Strojek WHILE painting a Christmas scene on the window of a vacant barber shop, Lorraine Baiardo helps make this store a part of a whimsical fantasy. 166Windows at Christmas for the Merchants SECOND-year art student. Janet Quinet. carefully puts the finishing touches on a Christmas angel which decorates one of the local stores. Rich Sumrack Margo Susan Linda Sutton Richard Swanson Richard Swarlis Sandra Swarlis Edward Szpak Robin T addy John Tedesco Michelle Teny Lynette Theodomiw Debbie Townsend Theodore Townsend Robert Troeger Diane Tucker John Tucker William Turney Terry Tyro 167JUNIORS: Uhemik — Zielinski Throughout Year Juniors Participate in, Martv Uhemik Cindy Urda Valerie Yaller Richard Vanyo James Varhol Diane VilleUa Edward Wagner Bill Wall James Ward Janet Vito Gail Vogan Wendy Waslo Joe Walach Penny Weber Ramona Weishaupl James Welling Tim Welsh Roy West berg Richard Winkler Dean Wozniak Don Wozniak Bonna Wright Brenda Wright John Wrotney Brian Yaworsky Terri Yeager Peter Zawosky Jeff Zielinski 168Enjoy Different Facets of School Life FOOTBALL players, Mark Chiaverini, Don Hare, and Mike DeBona, watch the cheerleaders perform Mr. Touchdown”. RORY McCoy amuses himself during an activity period by watching two girls put up a Christmas bulletin board. 169 MARILYN Novak, an aid in the superintendent’s office, answers the telephone as part of her everyday routine.THREE boys stop and talk for a minute amid the clutter of the renovation before they return to their seventh period class. Renovation Confuses the Sophomores Steve Aciemo Antoinette Adams Cindy Adams John Affeltranger Mary Allen Susan Allman Wally Alushin Richard Andrascik Pete Andrews Joanne Anthony Judy Bachor Sam Bailich Cynthia Baker Michael Balego Alex Barlamas Dale Barto Sue Barto Virginia Bartola Joyce Batch Darryl Bates Nancy Battaglia James Bechtold Ernest Beck Mike Beeley Martha Belchyk Donald Bell Robert Bell Gayle Bellas 170Jerri Bellas Pam Bellas Mark Belsky Zane Bennett Cindy Berecek Annette Berkovic Mike Bichey Patty Bilanich Joeie Billik Laurel Birciw Tim Blanarik Pam Bobich Joseph Bock Bill Bofinger Kathy Bohinsky Donna Bologna Allan Bordeaux Thomas Dorga Thomas Botsko Shirley Bowman Karen Boyd Ruth Britton Debbie Brobeck Judy Brutoul Donna Buccilli Jill Bucuren Bob Bufalini Joyce Burka Mark Burnell Bradley Burton Jean Cafarvlli Mario Cafrelli Cheryl Cain Karen Calderonc Charlene Capp Regina Caputo John Curifo Kenny Carlisle Michael Camey Darlene Carpenter Ed Carpenter Phyllis Carrera AT the beginning of the year, sophomores watch as the large, empty hall is transformed into a new auditorium.SOPHOMORES: Carroll — Gardner A large, enthusiastic crowd cheers the team onto victory. Richard Corn ray Gary Cook John Cook Ralph Costa Debbie Costanza James Costanza Roxie Costanza Bob Cramer Donna Cruise Judy Cruise Pam Cvitko Chuck Cvitkovic Brenda Cwyner Walter Czerwinski Karen Dacko Michael Dahma Marcia Damo Lyla Davanzo Debbie Davis Linda Dean Kim DeBerry Joyce Debogovich Sam DeBona Gary Decubellis Mary DeLuca Ed DeMailo Nick DeMantis Karen Derochis Denise Carroll Dean Casello Joseph Cassidy Da' id Catanzarite Frank Certich Janis Chehovits Kerry Chehovits Diane Childs Debbie Christopher During Assemblies Theresa Chronister GregCicone W'endell Clawson Betty Cobert Theresa Collela John Constantino 172Leslie Dempsey Lanna Dempsey Kathy Denzel Maureen Deutsch Kim Dinnino Domenic DiPietro Debbie Domenick Theresa Druzisky Don Dugan Beverly Dugos John Duke Gayle Durf John Dziack Tanya Kdwards Anna Eliou Rich Eslick Jim Essyk Molly Evans Jerone Fabanich Casmir Falkowski Ralph Farkas Sophs Try, but Fail, to Outcheer Seniors ENTHUSIASTIC smile on Phyllis Carrera’s face reflects the spirit of the Sophomore crowd at last pep assembly. i Larry Feenstra Frank Fioravanti Mary Fitzpatrick David Foltz Chris Fontana Karen Francis Cindy Francone Thomas Frantz Gary Frederick Patti Freed Fred Friel Robert Frykewicz Ix rraine Fuegi John Fullard Stephen Fur is Ida Gagliardi Kim Gallik Cindy Gardner 173SOPHOMORES: Gennaro — Kopac WENDY Waslo and Linda Smith take advantage of the new and more liberal dress code in practice at Ambridge High School. i Toni Gennaro Donna George Cathy Gerazounis James Gerazounis Cathy Geriak Robert Giamaria John Gido Dennis Gilchrist John Glasser Joy Glomb Marcie Golden Robert Gomersall Marie-Claude Graef Barry Grafton Sandy Griffith Kathy Gross Donna Grunzda Marge Grzybowski Mark Guerrieri Patricia Guidos Kathy Gust Chris Guthrie Mark Guzan Anita Hanie Richard Harrington Brenda Harsch Susan Haskins Louis Hasson Mike Hasson John Hatton Ray Haynie Cathy Heinz Marianne Hellwig Larry Hendrickson Pat Hicks Steve Hlista Debbie Hoffmaster Frances Homziak Otto Hoover Paul Hoover Heidi Hopkins Michelle Homiak Mary Anne Hrusko Ronald Hubbard Barbara Huchel Eleanor Huracsek 174JUDY Chalupiak. Nancy Marr, Janice Jasinski and Karen Kennedy take a couple ot minutes to talk about the day’s happenings after lunch. Girls Easily Adjust To Pants Year ’Round Sue Hudicek Charles Hudson Reggie Humbert Virginia Ingram Derek lvanchan Lancelvanchan Marty Jahoda Ron Jamery John Jan os tows ki Leslie Jantsch Cathy Jesaee Joyce Johnston David Jones Richard Joyce Charles Karas Karen Karas Boyd Kardash John Kamoski Karen Kascek Larry Kastriba David Knunert Donna Kazil Lee Ann Kazil Kathi Kellinger Mark Kellinger Georgene Kendra Bruce Kenner Nancy Kesow Cheryl Kingerski Vicky Klavin Gary' Kleemook John Kloffenstein Mary Koban Steve Kokan Carolyn Kopac 175SOPHOMORES: Kopac — Moore Sam Kopac Jack Koppel James Korb Alan Kordas Wade Kosis William Kosis Sue Koty Michael Kowal Michael Kowal George Kowalski Thomas Kowalski Robert Kownacki William Kramer James Kremmel Vicki Kremmel Mark Krizan Linda Krol Karen Kubic Mike Kuga Maria Kulianos Edward Kunhi Eileen Kuny Rnhie Kuny Jill Kurash Marilyn Kurash Susan Kusnir Karen Lambert Paul Landfried Peter Lamish Curt Larson John Lessyk Cyndie Lewis Richard Lipinski Karin Loverich Jon Lubic John Lubic Edward Lucas Jennie Lucas Richard Lucente Gary Ludwin Keith Ludwin Sharon Luketic FRAMED by the chemistry rooms door, a diligent student conducts experiments with supersatuation of solutions. Using Renovated ChemJoseph Lyons Judy Mace Karen Makowski Beverly Malinowski Anthony Manini Carol Manis Victoria Manolakos George Maravich Joe Mariania John Marustak Donald Mason Denise Mathews Ronald Mattem Lynn Matzie Joan Mauk Cyndi Mauldin Joanne Max Joanne Mazzetti Charles McCandles Robert McCollim Lynn McCombie Thomas McCoy Roger McCracken Steve McGeorge 1 ISA THIS student uses the newly renovated chemistry lab to perform an experiment. Lab Proved a Challenge to Sophomores Keith McGinnis Robert McHenry Renee McKissic James McMahon Debbie McStay Penny McVay Donna Melnyk Debbie Merlino Debby Merriman Michael Mesko Patty Michkofsky Jeff Mihalik Edward Mihalo Sandy Miller Michelle Mindek Linda Minerd Robert Miskulin Milena Mistovich Diane Mitchell Michael Mlay Betty Moore 177SOPHOMORES: Moore — Schmidt Debbie Moore Dave Moran Pam Morrison Elizabeth Morton Deborah Murray Lester Murray Linda Musi Debbie Musulin Larry Mutschler William Mutterspaugh Donald Naugel Andrea Naworczynski Mary Ann Nazorovitch Mark Nehilla Cindy Nesbitt Cindi Neville Bernadette Novak Samuel Oprisko Carolyn Ord Linda Owens Natalie Palichat Anita Palmer Paula Palmer Ronald Palini Mike Papantonio Marlene Papasodero Sherry Parker Lynn Parkinson Debbie Parsons Don Patrick Sharon Patterson Stephanie Pavlik Mike Peerson Rosetta Perri Cheryl Phillips Doreen Piltz Lorraine Piontek Chris Pisano James Pisano Patty Pletz Renee Pocorus Carmen Polito DAWN Weber, Sophomore Vice-President, discusses with a student the money raised by magazine sales for the prom.Magazine Subscriptions Increase Treasury Richard Post Kathy Powell Lydia Powner Terry Price Joyce Prokopovich Betty Ann Protcnic Emil Proul Ralph Pszeracki Cheryl Puckett John Pushak Patricia Ready Linda Rhawn Linda Rhone Annette Riccio Jeffrey Rinaldi Rebecca Rinaldi Susan Robbins Rochelle Roberts Dan Robertson Denise Rodgers Nancy Rnginski Ann Roppo Betty Rose Nick Rossi Barbara Rudakewich David Rudakewich Helen Russell Millie Russell Barry Ruth Kathy Rygalski Joanne Rykaczewski Barb Sabutinc Len Sadowy Arthur Salada Eamcstinc San key Virginia Savage Douglas Saylor Dawn Schmidt Kevin Schmidt 179SOPHOMORES: Schwartz — Zukowski Large Size of Class Enables Sophomores Ken Schwartz Marie Scisciani Kevin Sehnke Donald Sessie William Sestilc Mary Beth Shapach A1 Shapen Sandy Sheesley Yvonne Shelkons Jim Shell William Shingleton Jay Shumsky Michelle Shutka Cindy Silkroski Terry Sisley Gary Sivewright Virginia Skapik Rebecca Skoff Loretta Slavik Don Slingluff Jim Smith Nicholas Smrzlick Vickie Snelson William Soltis Sharon Sonnie Cindy Soska vVendy Soska Patti Sovich Michael Spagnola Bob Spieler John Spinosi Joseph Spinosi Gary Spolarich Thomas Springer Carter Spruill Gail Spuganich Barb Stalhman Gary Staving Randy Stavings Michelle Strano Joyce Striegel Keith Stumph Dennis Szymoniak Judy Tabin Beth Tate Vincent Testa Brian Thompson Karen Tokatch 180to Make New Friends Throughout Year Mark Tomaszewski Dennis Toney Thomas Topoloski Mark T rautmun Kathy Tressler James Tuntas Drew Tuaick Cat hy Uhemik Shirley Varlichi Dave Venglass Lydia Villella David Vito Alan Voynik Rebecca Vucetich Patty Wachtel Cindy Wagner Sue Wall Paul Walters Mark Wanchick Regina Wasko Paula Waslo Joy Waugaman Dawn Weber James Weber Pam Welling Karen Wheeler Dave Wilson Jayne Wood Debbie Woods Karen Yocum Marsha Young Sandy Zak Michael Zawinski Phyllis Zdziarski Carolyn Zehnder C.eorge Zentichko Carol Zorrow Ken Zuk Jo Ellen Znkowski 181182 Debra Abraham Pat Aloe Sam Aloi Cindy Angst Pamela Baker David Bajek Debby Bard Mike Bechak Mark Bell Patricia Bennet Mary Ann Bezuk Alice Black Isabelle Boudros Gary Braddick Barbara Bridgen Maureen Brunner Stephen Buffalini George Bungas Richard Cafrelli Clifford Campbell Wayne Cantanzarite Angelo Capuzzi Coleen Cassidy Kathleen Cassidy Anna Marie Castellon Mary Chalinski Joann Chaykowsky Gloria Chinchilla Rose Chupka Jerry Ciccone Barbara Conforto Jonelle Connolly David Costanza Debbie Crise Cindy Crispcn James Curly Robert Cybak Patricia D’Ambrosio Ron Deceder Patricia DeMarco Kim DeNardo Richard Doffin Dan Donald Mary Ann Dziedzic Edward Dzubak Joe Edwards Leon Felinczak as aDIANE Miller and Barb Shutka work on their garments. Sharon Fisher Joseph Fitsko Maureen Flannery Robert Ford Clare Frankiewicz Barbara Fredrick Bill Freed Donald Frvnkewicz Bill Gabal Tom Gaona Ted Gagianas Frank Gagliardi Frosh Get Chance to Make New Friends Susan Gaul Kim Gcnnaro Melony Gcurgic Michael Gilbert Giles Grabiak Mary Beth Gray Judy Grezogorek Cheryl Guido Victoria Guido Bob Hamilton Eileen Navalance Cindy Hearns Joseph Helehrand John Hellish Joseph Heuler Richard Hladio Rudolph Hlista Beverly Hissam Jerry Hitt Tracey Howard Rick Humbert Richard Jamery Steven Jones Emanuel Kanakis Daniel Karas David Karas Andrew Kamavas Christine Kascek Karen Kiddy Debra Klak Elizabeth Kolemun Karen Konilsney Bridget te Komecki Mark Kowalski Julianne Krofchick 183William Krokonko Deborah Krol Sharon Lambert Glenna Lee Emil Lench Cheryl Lewandowski Deborah Lewandowski Edward Light man Breck Macdonald Bert Majetic Joe Majetic Mike Marotti James Matika Muriel McClellan John McCue JUNIOR High cheerleaders gather in the hall Debbie McCullou8h prior to leaving for an away game. Ninth Grade Class Officers Help to Get Mark Mikulich Janet Mogyorsi C.eorgiann Morel li Samuel Momingstar Barbara Morrison Pamela Mozes Beverly Murray Cindy Narkevich Paul Nazarovitch Mary Ann Nelko Harry Novick Debbie Offen Debbie Ondrako Joseph Ondrako David Orsag Novina Palladini Darryl Palmer Worley Parnell Paul Pasternak Linda Pelic Vesna Perkovich Thomasine Perri Nick Pisano Freddi Pitaro Paul Pless Darlene Pletz Paulene Plovock Barbara Powell Linda Powell Elaine Proakis Lydia Ragland Sonja Rapchak Rosemary Rich Elizabeth Rodgers John Rodriquez 184FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Majetis, Frank Gagliardi, Secretary. President; Steve Jones. Vice President; Vicki Guido. Treasurer; Frosh Involved in Senior High Activities Douglas Rotolo Barbara Homan Cheryl Roman Louise Rosen berger Ray Ross Jennifer Russell Cathy Rygalski Dennis Sabina Robert Savant Karen Savie Linds Schmetzer Mark Selley Brenda Shaffer Glenn Shumsky George Skrrintis Jim Skenotis Barb Slappo Karla Slobodian Thomas Smelko David Solomich Cyndie Sopirak Tom Sposaro George Stringer Susan Svach Robert Tetupulski RickTopolski Michael Torhan James Tumley Carl VUldla Douglas Wuguruk Susan Weidinger Jeffrey Yeager David Zalenski Charlotte Zeitler Gary Zychowski 18bAdvertising Exercise caution in your BUSINESS AFFAIRS, but let this not BLIND you to what VIRTUE there is.NIVEN’S AMERICAN STATION Twenty-fourth and Duss Avenue Ambridge, Pennsylvania SEE all the latest model Dodge Chargers RT's at Valley. VALLEY DODGE Tenth and Merchant Streets Ambridge, Pennsylvania SOL’S supplies all your hardware and recreational needs. SOL’S STORES 526 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania RAIN or shine. 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HARRIS 326 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania 201TAYLOR MILK COMPANY Duss Avenue and Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania Telephones: 266-2050 or 266-2051 In Pittsburgh call 766-1500 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1972 “CONGRATULATIONS . . ... to the Ambridge High School Class of ’72 . . . and welcome to the world. The Robertson Co. has been here for over 60 years building jobs and the economy of countries . . for people ... in more than 20 countries around the world. We wish you well, and we are glad that you are coming to join us ... in helping to build that better world. The H.H. Robertson Co. Ambridge Division 2021972 Senior Activities A JOSEPHINE ANNA ALOE: Academic; National Honor Society 11,12; National Historical Society 11.12; Building Patrol 11,12; Usherettes 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Junior Red Cross 11,12, Secretary 12; Future Teachers of America 11, 12; Student United Nations 11,12; Football Program Ad Sales 11,12; PARC 11,12. KATHY LYNNE ALUSHIN: Commerical. BARBARA CAROL AMBROSE: Commercial. PETER CHARLES ANTINOPOULOS: Academic; National Honor Society 11,12; Band 9,10,11,12, Varsity 10.11,12, Dixieland 11,12, Dance 11,12, President 12; Building Patrol 11,12, Captain 12; Pep Club 10,11,12: Intramural Basketball 10. 11,12; Latin Club 10,11,12, Treasurer 11; Student United Nations 10,11,12; Future Teachers of America 11,12. SUSAN MARIE AQUINO: Academic; Yearbook Representative 10,11,12; Librarian 12; Chorus 9; Bulletin Board Committee 10,11,12; Class Treasurer 9; Homeroom Secretary 12; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 11,12; Girls' Intramural Sports 9; Junior High Cheerleader 9; Future Homemakers of America 10,11. -B- DONALD DAVID BACION: Vocational. Stage Lighting Squad 11,12. WILLIAM EDWARD BAJEK: General; Junior High Football 9; Industrial Arts Club 10,11,12; Wrestling 10,11,12. WILLIAM KERMIT BARD: General; Band 9,10,11,12, Varsity 10,11,12, Pep 9,10. 11,12. WALTER C. BARNES: Academic; Build- ing Patrol 11,12; Football. Junior Varsity 10, Varsity 11,12; Basketball, Varsity 10, Intramural 11.12; Track 10,11; Baseball 12. FRANCES MARIE BARTOLO: Academic; Yearbook Representative 9,10,11,12; National Honor Society 11,12; National Historical Society 11,12; Band, Varsity 9, 10,11,12; Activities 9,10,11,12; Librarian 11,12; Chorus 12; Program Sales Committee 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Secretary 12; Girls' Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12; Latin Club 9,10,11,12; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12. MICHAEL A. BASALYGA: Vocational. GARY THOMAS BAUER: Academic. WILLIAM ALLEN BEECH. Academic; Chorus 9; Student Council 9; Intramural Basketball 9. MICHAEL ZACHARY BELLAS: Academic; Pep Club 10,11,12; Industrial Arts Club 10,11; Junior Varsity Football 10; Intramural Basketball 9,11.12. RONALD JOSEPH BENEDICT: Academic; Homeroom Treasurer 9; Football, Junior High 9. Junior Varsity 10; Intramural Basketball 9,10,11,12. JACQUELINE BENNIS: Academic; Year book Representative 9,10,11,12; National Honor Society 11,12; Student Council 9; Building Patrol 11,12; Program Sales Committee 11,12; Finance Committee 10. 11,12; Pep Club 11,12; Homeroom Prcsi dent 9. Secretary 10,11; Junior Red Cross 10,11.12; Latin Club 10,11,12, Tribune 11; Guidance Aide 11,12; Student United Nations 11,12; Future Teachers of America 10, 11,12. ROGER WALLACE BERKNER: Distributive Education. JOETTE MARIE BERRY: Academic; Building Patrol 11.12; Pep Club 11. KEN and Lynn go over one of the songs from the play “Jesus Christ, Superstar.” PATRICIA MARIE BEV1LACQUA: Commercial. Building Patrol 11,12. STEVE JOSEPH BEZUK; Academic; Band, Varsity 9,10,11,12, Dixieland 10,11, 12, Dance 10.11.12, Activities 12. MARY ELIZABETH BILANICH Academic; Yearbook Representative 11.12; National Honor Society 11,12; National Historical Society 10,11,12; Varsity Band 10; Chorus 12; Program Sales Committee 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Treasurer 11,12; Student Unit ed Nations 10.11,12. President 11; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12, I-a tin Club 10,11. MARK E. BLAHO: Academic; Varsity Band 10,11; Chess Club 11,12. JAMES MICHAEL BLANARIK: Academic; Homeroom Vice-President 11. Treasurer 12; Intramural Basketball 11,12; Track 10, 11,12; Cross Country 10,11,12; Industrial Arts Club 10,11,12; Varsity Volleyball 11; Student United Nations 12. ROSEMARY ELLEN BLASKO: Distributive Education; Gym Aids 10. WILLIAM JOSEPH BORING: Academic; Chess Club 11; Homeroom Vice-President 12; Intramural Basketball 12; Track 10,11, 12; Cross Country 12; Latin Club 10,11,12. GEORGE N. BOUDROS: Distributive Education; Pep Club 12; Intramural Basketball 9,10,11,12. RANDY JOHN BOYT: Academic; Science Club 9. RICHARD ALLEN BOZIGAR: Academic Latin Club 10. KAREN MARIE BRANOW1TZER: Academic; Program Sales Committee 10,11,12; Pep Club 10,11.12; Leaders Club 11,12, Secretary-Treasurer 12; Gym Aids 9,10; Yale-Princeton Player 11,12; Inlrumural Sports 9,10,12; Guidance Helper 12. PHILIP DARNELL BRATTON: General. Intramural Basketball 12. NADINE SUE BRIOLA: Academic, Band 10,11,12, Activities 11,12: Building Patrol 11,12; Usherettes 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Homeroom Secretary 12; Intramural Sports 11.12: Latin Club 11,12, Censor 11,12; PARC 11,12; Football Program Ad Sales 10,11,12, Stu dent United Nations 11,12; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12, President 12; National Honor Society 11.12. MARIAN BROZ: Academic; National His toricul Society 10,11,12, Treasurer 12; U»h erettes 10,11,12, President 12; Pep Club 10, 12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Bulletin Board Committee 10; Silhouette Representative 12; Student United Nations 11. 12; Future Teachers of America 10,11.12; Intramural Sports 9,11; Latin Club 10,11.Senior Activities AT the first basketball pep assembly of the year, the Dixieland Band entertains the crowd by playing the theme from the movie “Shaft” as part of the program. PATRICK LYNN BRUDNOCK: Gen oral. JOHN BRYNCZAK: Business; Pep Club 12; Industrial Arts 11. PATRICIA GAIL BUCUREN: Distributive Education: Yearbook Representative 10. 11,12; Chorus 10,11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; DEC A Club 11,12. JAMES L. BUFALINI: Academic; Homeroom Vice-President 9; Latin Club 9,10,11, 12. MICHALENE BURKA: Commercial; Chorus 10,11,12; Intramural Sports 10,11. 12. — C — ROBERTINE LYNN CAIN: Commercial. RICKY MICHAEL CANTOUNA: General; Track 10; Wrestling 11,12. FRANK C. CARATELLI: Academic,Track 10; Wrestling 11; Bowling 10. SUSAN LYNN CARPENTER: Commercial; Chorus 9; Pep Club 9.10,11,12; Gym Aids 9; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11; PARC 11; Record Club 9; Library Aid 9. MARGARET MARIE CHALIN: Academic; Yearbook Representative 9,10,11,12; National Historical Society 11,12; Band 9, 10.11.12, Activities 9,10,11,12; Student Council Sergeant-at-Arms 9,10,11,12; Chorus 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Leaders Club 11.12, Vice-President 12; Gym Aids 9,10; Homeroom Secretary 9. Treasurer 10; Junior Red Cross 12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12; Future Teachers of America 12. WILLIAM TOM CH ALUPIAK: Vocational. JANET LEIGH CHAMBERS: Academic; Finance Committee 12; Pep Club 12; Junior Red Cross 11; Girls' Intramural Sports 9.11. JANICE LYNN CHAMBERS: Academic BARBARA ANN CHRISTNER: Academic; Pep Club 10,11. JAMES A. CIPRIANI: Distributive Education; Band 9,10; Chorus 9,10; Building Patrol 11; Attendance Aids 11; Chess Club 11; Finance Committee 10; Gym Aids 9. JEROME CLARK: General; Football, Varsity 10,11,12; Basketball, Junior Varsity 10,11, Varsity 12; Track 12. KENNETH WILLIAM COBERT: General; Intramural Basketball 9; Track 9; Wrestling 10,11; Industrial Arts Club 10,11. RUSSELL LIVINGSTON COLEMAN: Academic. MARK VINCENT COLEY: Distributive Education; Track 9; Wrestling 11; Industrial Arts Club 11. NANCY LOUISE CONNOLLY: Distributive Education; Attendance Aids 11; Pep Club 10,11,12. PATRICIA ANN CONNOR: Academic: Yearbook Staff 11,12, Advertising 11. Representative 10,11,12; National Honor Society 11,12, Treasurer 12; Student Council 9; Usherettes 11; Pep Club 9,10.11.12; Gym Aids 10; Bulletin Board Committee 11,12; Homeroom President 9, Treasurer 11,12; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12, Treasurer 12; Future Homemakers of America 10,11; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9. PAUL VINCENT COSTANZA: Academic; Student Council 10; Chorus 9,10; Football, Junior High 9: Basketball, Junior High 9. Intramural 10,11,12. DENISE MARIE CRIBBS: Commercial; Pep Club 10.11.12; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 11,12; Future Teachers of America 12. SALLY ANN CRONER: Academic; Na tional Honor Society 11,12; Chorus 9; Attendance Aid 11; Booster Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Secretary 10,11; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9; Junior High Cheerleader 9; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12; Student United Nations 10,11,12; School Play 9,11. RICHARD PAUL CYBAK: Academic. Student Council 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 12: Homeroom President 9, Vice-President 11, Secretary 10; Junior High Football 9; Basketball, Junior High 9. Junior Varsity 10, 11, Varsity 11; Baseball 12; Golf 11,12. -D- GUY D‘ALESSANDRO: General. DAVID J. DEBOGOVICH: Academic. RONALD P. DEMAY: Academic; Student Council 11; Building Patrol 11,12; Chess Club 12; Homeroom President 11, Vice-President 10,12, Secretary 9; Intramural Basketball 12; Track 10,11,12; Cross Country 11; Guidance Leader 9; Future Teachers of America 11. DEBORAH LYNN DEMPSEY: Commercial; Pep Club 12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,12. CAROL ANN DENNERLEIN: Academic; Yearbook Staff 11,12, Business Manager 11,12; National Historical Society 11,12; Building Patrol 9: Program Sales Committee 12; Pep Club 10.11.12; Homeroom Treasurer 12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 12; Future Teachers of America 11,12; Chorus 9; Class Play 9; Student United Nations 11, 12. JANET MARIE DENNIS: General; Newspaper Representative 10,11,12; Attendance Aids 11; Pep Club 10,11,12. LUCY ANN DEROCHIS: Academic; National Honor Society 11.12; National Historical Society 11,12; Band 9,10,11,12, Ac tivities 11,12; Building Patrol 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Leaders Club 11,12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Vice-President 9; Yale-Princeton Manager 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10,11,12; Future Teach ers of America 10,11,12, Vice-President 12; Student United Nations 10,11,12, Treasurer 11; Program Ad Sales 11,12; PARC 11, 12; Latin Club 10,11. VINCENT ANTHONY DESIMONE: Academic; Football. Junior Varsity 10, Varsity 10; Intramural Basketball 11,12; Intramural Bowling 10,11,12. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH DEWAR: Academic; Girls' Intramural Sports 10,11. DONNA MARIE DIGIOVINE: Commercial; Pep Club 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 11,12. DIANE LUCILLE DOMITROVICH: Commercial; Chorus 9,12; Pep Club 10; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,11; PARC 11. 204WILLIAM R. DOUGLAS: Vocational. RICHARD ANTHONY DSC HUH AN: Academic; Homeroom Treasurer 11; Intramural Basketball 10,11,12; Track 10,11,12; Cross Country 10,11.12; Varsity Volleyball 11; Wrestling 10. CHARLENE ANN DUKE: Commercial JUDITH SUE DUKE: Academic; Yearbook Staff 11,12, Eciitor-in-Chief 12, Advertising Staff 11; National Honor Society 11,12, Secretary 12; Building Patrol 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Bulletin Board Com mittee 11,12; Homeroom Secretary 10,11, Treasurer 12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 11. 12; Future Homemakers of America 10; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12. RICHARD ALLEN DUNN: Academic; Homeroom President 12; Junior High Football 9; Basketball. Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, Varsity 11, Intramural 12; Baseball 9,10,11,12; Industrial Arts Club 10,11,12; Outside Bulletin Board 11; Student Council 12. RICHARD DURF: Distributive Education. -E- -F- EUGENE JOSEPH FALLORETTA: Vocational. WILLIAM BASIL FEDASH: Distributive Education; Junior High Basketball 9. JOYCE ANN FEDORKO: Commercial: National Historical Society 10,11,12; Chorus 9,12; Finance Committee 10,11,12; Pep Club 12; Bulletin Board Committee 12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9.10,11,12. DAVID WALTER FELINCZAK: Academ ic; Band. Varsity 9.10,11,12, Activities 9, 10,11,12; Latin Club 9.10. STEVE ANDREW FERENCEK: General. KAREN ANNE FERENCIK: Commercial; Chorus 12; Silhouette Representative 10; Usherettes 10,11,12; Homeroom Treasurer 10; Girls’ Intramural Sports9,10,11,12. JEFFERY ALLEN FINK: Academic; Chorus 9; Student Council 9; Homeroom Treasurer 12; Football, Junior Varsity 9, Varsity 10,11,12; Basketball, Junior High 9; Intramural 9,10,12; Track 9,12; Bowling 10, 11,12. PATTI A. FITZGERALD: Commercial; Yearbook Representative 10,11.12; Band. Varsity 9,10,11.12, Activities 9,10,11.12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Booster Club 11,12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Treasurer 10; Yale-Princeton Player 10,11.12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12; Leaders Club 12. LAWRENCE FRANCIS FITZPATRICK: Vocational; Band 12. DAVID LEE FLORIK: Academic. DOUGLAS LEE FOLTZ: Distributive Education. ELAINE MARIE FORD: Commercial; Finance Committee 10,11; Pep Club 10. JOHN FOUNDOS: Vocational. LAWRENCE ALLEN FRANGIONE: Academic; Student Council 11,12; Chorus 11; Pep Club 12; Class Vice-President 11, President 12; Homeroom President 12, Vice-President 11; Basketball, Junior High 9, Intramural 10,11.12; Varsity Cheerleader 12; Intramural Bowling 11,12. JAYNE ELLEN FRESHWATER: Commercial. RICHARD DENNIS EBERST: Vocational. JOHN CHAUNCEY ECHEMENT: Vocational. DONNA MARIE ELCHIN: Distributive Education. JANET CAROL EMERY: Academic; Yearbook Representative 11,12; National Honor Society 11,12; Band 9,10,11,12, Activities Westminster Honors Band 10,11.12; Chorus 9,10.11.12, District Honors Chorus 10,11,12, Regional Honors Chorus 10,11,12; Pep Club 11.12; Gym Aids 10; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Play Committees 11; Future Teachers of America 10,11, 12. Historian 12; Student United Nations 11.12. Treasurer 12; Band Pre-game Soloist 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10, 11.12. MARSELLA ROSE ESSECK: Academic; National Historical Society 10,11,12; Band 10.11.12, Pep 11,12; Fencing Club 10; Debate 11; Gym Aids 10; Brass Choir 10,11, 12; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12, Secretary 12; Student United Nations 10, 11.12, President 12. JAY JAMES EVANKO: Academic; Chorus 9; Intramural Basketball 12. MARK EVANS: Distributive Education; Band 10,11, Activities 10,11; Tennis 10. LISA DON EVERSOLE: General; Band 9, 10,11,12; Silhouette Staff 12, Business Manager 12, Reporter 12; Program Sales Committee 11,12; Usherettes 12; Pep Club 10,11; Student United Nations 12; Spanish Club 12; PARC 11,12; Biology Lab Assistant 12; Girls’ Track Team 9. DAVID ALLEN FIRICH: Academic; Student Council 10,11,12; Pep Club 11,12; Homeroom President 10,11.12, Vice-President 9; Basketball. Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, Varsity 11,12; Track 12; Base ball 10,11,12. LORRAINE T. FIRKALY: Commercial; Pop Club 10,11.12; Booster Club 10,11,12; Homeroom Secretary 11; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Future Homemakers of America 11. GEORGE EDWARD FITZGERALD: Vo-cational; Gymnastics 9. DURING the Am bridge-Beaver Falls football game. Mark Jones is surrounded and then tackled by several Tiger players. DONALD JOSEPH FRIEL: General. -G- JESSICA REDELL GAGLIAKDI: Commercial; Record Club 9. ANDREW’ JAMES GALL: Academic; Track 9. RENEE LYNN GAONA: General; Pep Club 10.11,12; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 11,12; Yearbook Representative 12. DEBORAH ANNE GAUGHENBAUGH: Academic; Pep Club 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12. DIANE MARIE GAZDA: Commercial: Chorus 9.10.12.Senior Activities RAYMOND CHARLES GAZDA: Voca- tional. DEAN GERAZOUNIS: Academic DANIEL JOSEPH GINTNER: General; Wrestling 10,11,12; Industrual Arts Club 10,11,12. DIANE SUSAN GOBBO: Commercial; School Newspaper 9; Homeroom Treasurer 11,12; Pep Club 10,12; Gym Team 10; Gym Leaders Club 9; Future Homemakers of America 11. DAVID A. GOOD: Academic; Student Council 9; Homeroom President 9; Foot ball. Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10; Basketball, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, Intramural 9,10,11,12; Track 9,10,11.12; Crosscountry 10; Baseball 10. WILLIAM M. GNJATOVICH: General; Football. Junior High 9; Intramural Basketball 9,10,12; Golf 10,11.12. LARRY R. GRAHAM: Vocational. HENRY GRZYBOWSKI: Vocational; Industrial Arts Club 11. MARILYN ANN GUIDOS: Academic; Student Council 10,11,12; Majorette 11.12; National Thespian Society 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 9,10; Class Secretary 9; Homeroom President 10,11,12, Secretary'9; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12, Vice-President 12; Junior High Cheerleader 9; Latin Club 10.11.12; Guidance Aid 11,12. MARJORIE MAE GUTCH: Commercial; Chorus 10,12; Pep Club 10,12. -H- KENNETH GEORGE HACKER: Academic, Band 9,10.11.12, Brass Choir 11.12; Fencing Club 9,10; Debat e 10. LOIS ANN HAMMERLE: Commercial. ROBERT C. HARRIS: Vocational. ROBIN COLLEEN HARRIS: Academic; Student Council 9. EUGENE L. HARRISON: General. DEBRA LOUISE HATHAWAY: Academic, Pep Club 10,11.12; Booster Club 10,11, 12; Debate 11; Junior Red Cross 11; Girls’Intramural Sports 9,10; Library Club 12. JUDY RUTH HATTON: General; Chorus 9; Pep Club 12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9. KEITH HAYDEN: Academic; National Honor Society 11,12. Vice-Ih-esident 12; Student Council 9,11; Building Patrol 11. 12; Class Vice-President 9, Treasurer 12; Homeroom President 9,11, Vice-President 10,12; Debate 11; Football Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10; Track 9,10,11; Wrestling 11,12; Student United Nations 11,12. DANIEL J. HEITZENRATER: Academic; Football. Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, 11, Varsity 10,11; Intramural Basketball 9, 10,11. LEE ANDREW HENDRICKSON: Voca-tional; Science Club 10; Homeroom Treasurer 10. RICHARD DALE HENDRICKSON: Vocational. DIANNE CAROL HENGER: Commercial. Pep Club 11; Future Teachers of America 12. DAVID RAYMOND HICKS: Vocational. ALICE JUNE HITTIE: Distributive Education; Future Homemakers of America 10; DECA Club 12. ROBERT A. HLADIO: Academic; Attendance Aid 12; Homeroom Treasurer 12; Football, Junior High 9; Basketball, Junior High 9, Intramural 10,11; Baseball 10,11; Golf 10. ANTHONY EDWARD HLOZEK: General; Chorus 10,11,12. KENNETH CRAIG HOFFMAN: Academic; Band 9,10,11, Varsity 10,11, Activities 10.11. Brass Choir 10,11; Football Manager 9. WILLIAM ALAN HOMICH: Academic; Building Patrol 12; Pep Club 10; Intramural Basketball 11,12; Track 11,12. GARY WILLIAM HORNIAK: General; Band 10; Pep Club 11. MICHAEL K. HORNIAK: Academic; Band 9; Chorus 9; Intramural Bowling 10, 11,12; Latin Club 10. WARREN M. HOSACK: Distributive Education; DECA Club 12. PAUL HARVEY HOSEK: General; Stage Lighting Squad 11,12. ROBERT MICHAEL HOVANEC: Academic; Student Council 9,12; Pep Club 11, 12; Homeroom President 9,10; Basketball, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, Varsity 11, Intramural 11,12; Baseball 10,12; Golf 11,12; Volleyball 11,12. VALERIE J. HUDAK: General; Usherettes 11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Homeroom Treasurer 11; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Future Homemakers of America 10,11. JACQUELINE ANN HUDICEK: Commercial; Pep Club 12. KERRY LEONARD HUEY: Academic. LARRY EVANS HUGHES: Academic; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, 11, Varsity 10,11,12; Track 10,11,12. DAN L. HUMPHREYS: Academic; Band 10.11, Activities 10,11; Silhouette Representative 10. STEVE L. HYRE: General; Band, Varsity 10.11.12. Dixieland 10.11,12, Dance Band 10.11.12, Activities 10,11,12. 206 DENISE Mathews takes a few minutes in the library to reflect on the morning activities and her present assignment.I- MARSYL RENEE 1AC0BUCCI: Distributive Education: Chorus 10; Attendance Aids 11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 9.10; Junior Red Cross 10; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12. PETER IGNATOVIC: Academic. JANET MARIE INGROS: Commercial; Attendance Aids 11,12; Homeroom Treasurer 10,12; Yalc-Princcton Cheerleader 11, 12. JAMES B. IVANCIK: General; Intramural Basketball 9,10; Industrial Arts Club 11, 12; Play Committee 11,12. JOHN B. IVANCIK: General; Chorus 9; Pep Club 12; Industrial Arts Club 11,12. MARY ANN IWASKEWYCZ: Commer-rial; Chorus 9,12; Building Patrol 9; Usherettes 9; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,11. -J- DONNA LEE JANICKI: Commercial; Pep Club 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 11; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10. THEODORE JAMES JANICKI: Distributive Education. NICHOLAS WALTER JANKIEWICZ: Academic; Homeroom Vice-President 11, 12, Treasurer 10; Football, Junior Varsity 11; Intramural Basketball 10,11,12; Track 10,11,12; Cross Country 10. CHESTER C. JESSEE: Academic; Intramural Basketball 9; Cross Country 10. DAVID JAMES JOHNSTON: Academic; National Honor Society 11,12, President 12; Student Council 10,11,12; Silhouette Representative 10; Building Patrol 11,12; Pep Club 12; Class Vice-President 9,12; Homeroom President 11, Vice-President 10,12; Basketball, Junior High 9, Intramural 11; Track 10; Cross Country 11; Baseball 11; Varsity Cheerleader 12; Varsity Volleyball 11,12. LORRAINE JOYNER: Commercial. DONNA L. JUR1GA: Academic; Chess Club 11,12; Usherettes 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Treasurer 11; Girls' Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12; Cheerleader Manager 9; Latin Club 10,11.12. -K- PATTY ANN KACHUR: Commercial; Homeroom Vice-President 10,11; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10; Cheerleader. Junior High 9. Varsity 10,11,12; Gym Team 11,12. VIRGINIA ANN KARAL: Commercial; National Historical Society 10; Chorus 9, 10,11; Finance Committee 10; Pep Club 10; Junior Red Cross 10. BRENDA SUE KEHOE: Commercial; Future Homemakers of America 10,11. TIMOTHY KEITH: Academic; Student Council 11; Homeroom President 11; Football, Junior Varsity 10,11, Varsity 11,12; Track 10,11,12. SUSAN LEIGH KENNEDY: Academic; Yearbook Staff 12; National Historical Society 12; Program Sales Committee 10, 11,12; Usherettes 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 9,10; Homeroom Vice-President 10; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 11,12; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12; Gym Team 11,12. DIANE MARIE KENSTLER: Distributive Education; Chorus 10. COACH Bianchi pauses during a pep talk to the students before the Hopewell game. CRAIG ARLF.N KF.PHART: Vocational: Auto Shop Foreman 12. ANDREW JOSEPH KISIDAY: Academic; National Honor Society 11,12; National Historical Society 10,11,12; Student Council 12; Class Secretary 10; Homeroom President 12, Vice-President 10, Treasurer 11; Football, Junior Varsity 10.11. Varsity 11. 12; Cross Country 10.11.12; Wrestling 10. 11,12. SANDRA SUE KISIO: Distributive Education. 207Senior Activities DONALD EDWARD KLESSER: Academic. THOMAS JOHN KNAPP: Academic; Silhouette Staff 12, Boys' Sports Editor 12; Building Patrol 11,12; Fencing Club 9,10; Science Club 11. Secretary 11; Chess Club 9,10,11,12, Team 10,11,12; Homeroom Treasurer 10; Track 9,10,11,12; Cross-Country 9,10,11,12, Tri-Captain 12. DIANE LYNN KOKOSKI. Academic, National Honor Society 11,12; National Historical Society 10,11,12; Building Pa trol 11,12; Program Sales Committee 11.12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Leaders’ Club 11.12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Treasurer 12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10,11,12; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12. MICHAEL S. KOLKSIN: Vocational; Wrestling 11,12. KATHY ANN KONARSKI. Academic; Yearbook Representative 10,11,12; National Historical Society 10,11,12; Student Council 10; Majorette 11,12, Head 12: Pep Club 10,11,12; Homeroom President 10, Secretary 11,12; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Play Committee 10,11. DEBORAH ANN KONITSNEY: Academ ic; National Honor Society 11,12; National Historical Society 10,11,12; Chorus 9; Building Patrol 11,12; Usherettes 10,11.12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Homeroom Treasurer 10; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12. DEBRA ANN KOPCHICK: Distributive Education; Chorus 10,11. RAYMOND J. KOSELE: Vocational CHRISTINE KOUVARAS: General; Pep Club 10,11,12. GEORGE STEPHEN KOWAL: Academic; Fencing Club 10; Play Cast 10; Wrestling 11. ROGER MATTHEW KOWAL: Academic; Chorus 10; Basketball. Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10,11, Intramural 11; Track 9, 10,11.12; Cross Country 10,11,12. GARY WAYNE KOZLOWSKI: Distributive Education; Play Committee 10. MICHAEL J. KROL: Academic; Student Council 9,11,12, President 12; National Thespian Society 11; Building Patrol 11,12; Class President 11; Homeroom President 9, 11.12, Vice-President 10; Football. Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, Varsity 10,11,12; Intramural Basketball 11,12. BARBARA JEAN KROMMES: General. LINDA A. KUBIA: Commercial; Chorus 9; Pep Club 10,11,12. SUSAN MARIE KUGA: Academic; National Thespian Society 11.12; Attendance Aid 11; Science Club 11; Finance Committee 11.12; Pep Club 10,11; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Treasurer 10; Junior Red Cross 10.11.12. REHEARSING for the play, “Damn Yankees.” Janet Emery and Metro Nestor pause to listen to Mr. Grundy's directions. RENEE EILEEN KUHNI: Commercial. Pep Club 11,12. JEANNE KUNDRAT: Academic; Yearbook Staff 11,12; National Historical Society 10,11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; ('lass Secretary 11; Homeroom Secretary 12, Treasurer 11; Cheerleader, Junior High 9, Varsity 10,11,12, Co-Captain 12; Student United Nations 11,12; Program Ad Sales Committee 12; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12; Gym Team 11.12, Co-Captain 11,12; Chorus 9; Girls' Intramurals Sports 9. JOHN V KUNICH: Vocational. KATHY LYNN KUNY: Academic; Yearbook Staff 12; Silhouette Representative 11,12; Program Sales Committee 10,11.12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Leaders Club 11.12; Gym Aids 10; Girls’ Intramural sports 10, 11.12. KEITH ANDREW KURASH: General; Chorus 9; Football, Junior High 9, Varsity 10,11,12; Basketball. Junior High 9, Intramural 10,11; Track 9,10,11. STEVE MICHAEL KUSNIR: Academic; Football, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10; Intramural Basketball 10.12: Golf 11.12. WILLIAM JOHN KWIATANOWSKI: Vocational. -L- CARL JOHN LAMP: General. DENISE GAYLE LANDFRIED: General; Future Homemakers of America 10; Gvm Club 10,11. JAMES DAVID LEBDA: Academic; Chess Club 10,11. THOMAS RICHARD LEMON: Academic; Pep Club 12; Homeroom Vice-President 11, 12; Basketball, Junior High 9, Junior Varsity 10, Varisty 11,12, Intramural 11,12. LINDA M. LESACK; Commercial MYRON L. LEWICKI: Academic; Student Council 10; Pep Club 12; Homeroom President 10; Varsity Football 10.11,12; Intramural Basketball 9; Wrestling 10,11, 12. BARB ANN LOEDDING: Commercial; Pep Club 11,12; Yale-Princeton Player 11, 12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10,11,12; Cheerleader, Junior High 9, Varsity 11,12, Co-Captain, 12; Gym Team 9,10. ANTHONY LUBIC: Vocational. Chorus 9: Intramural Basketball 10,11,12. LORETTA L. LUBIC: Distributive Education; Pep Club 10; Gym Aids 10; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9; Future Homemakers of America 10,11,12. ANDY LUCAS: Academic; Homeroom President 12. Treasurer 11; Football, Junior High 9, Varsity 10,11,12; Wrestling 9. 208 JOSEPH LUCAS: Vocational.DAVE Moran leaps up to sink a basket during the junior varsity game with Ellwood City. Im j WILLIAM N. LUCAS: General; Silhouette Representative 10,11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Baseball 11,12; Booster Club 11,12. DONNA MARIE LUKACHEK: Academic; National Historical Society 10,11,12; Silhouette Representative 10,11,12; Building Patrol 11,12; Fencing Club 10; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Secretary 10,11; Cheerleader, .Junior High 9; Student United Nations 11,12; Guidance Helper 12; Latin Club 10,11,12, Secretary 11,12. DAVID PATTERSON LUSTY: Academic; Student Council 9; Newspaper 9; Intramural Basketball 11,12; Track 9. -M- JOSEPH MACKOJC: Academic; Intramural Basketball 12. SUSAN ANN MACURAK: Commercial: Chorus 9,12; Pep Club 10; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9. GREG N. MANIS: Academic; Silhouette Representative 10; Chorus 9; Pep Club 12; Homeroom Vice-President 11; Intramural Basketball 9. HELENE KAY MANN: Academic: Attendance Aids 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Homeroom Treasurer 11; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12. MARIANNE MANOS: Commercial; Silhouette Representative 10,11,12; Finance Committee 10,11,12, Secretary 11,12; Leaders’ Club 12; Gym Aids 10; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10,11,12. TERRY L. MARION: Vocational. JOHN SCOTT MARK VAN: Academic; Industrial Arts Club 10,11,12. RONALD MARKVAN: Academic; Chorus 9,10,11,12; Silhouette Representative 10. 11,12; Building Patrol 12. RUTH NADINE MASLANIK: Academic; Chorus 9.10.12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11; Girls’ Track Team 9: Gym Team 9,10. CHARI.ES JOSEPH MATIKVlCH Gener al; Chorus 11.12: National Thespian Society 10; Debate 10; Football, Junior High 9; Intramural Basket hall 9,12; Creative Writ ingClub 10. MICHAEL RAYMOND MAT1KA: Academic; Student Council 9,10,11.12; Class President 9, Vice-President 10; Homeroom President 9,11,12: Football, Junior High 9, Varsity 10,11,12; Basketball. Junior High 9. Junior Varsity 10. Varsity 11. Intramural 12; Baseball 10; Industrial Arts Club 11,12. DEBORAH JEAN MAYER: Commercial. COLLEEN EMMYNETTE MCCLURE: Commercial; Chorus 9, Silhouette Representative 10,11,12; Fencing Club 10; Program Sales Committee 9,10,11.12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Leaders’ Club 11,12; Gym Aids 9,10; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11, 12; Future Teachers of America 10; Future Homemakers of America 10; Yale-Prince-ton Reserves 11; Sophomore All Stars 10. FRANCIS BURTON MCCORMICK: Distributive Education; Gymnastics 9. ROSS LAWRENCE MCCOY: Academic; Pep Club 12; Basketball, Junior High 9, Intramural 9,10,11.12; Baseball 12. RICHARD JAMES MCDANEL: Academic. National Historical Society 10.11.12; Fencing Club 10; Chess Club 9.10.11,12, Team 10,11,12; Debate 10,11,12; Student United Nations 10; Creative Writing Club 10. PAMELA K. MCVAY: Commercial: Chorus 9,12; Pep Club 10. RAYMOND STANLEY MEASEL: General; Chorus 10,11,12. JOHN F. MEHNO: Academic; Yearbook Staff 11,12; Chorus 9; Homeroom Vice President 9; Intramural Basketball 9. CHERYL LYNN MESSIA: Commercial; Student Council 10; Pep Club 10,11,12; Homeroom President 10; Girls’ intramural sports 11,12. JOAN C. MICHAEL: Commercial. JOHN C. MICHAEL: General; Band 12. Activities 12; Pep Club 12. ROBERTA JEAN MICOCHIN: Academic, Silhouette Staff 12; Usherettes 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12. WALTER M. MIHALIK: Academic; Football. Junior Varsity 10.11, Varsity 10,11; Intramural Basketball 11; Volleyball 11. ROBERTA LYNN MIKUSH: Academic; Building Patrol 12; Program Sales Committee 12; Pep Club 10,12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Secretary 10; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10; Future Homemakers of America 10,11.12; Student United Nations 11,12. 209Senior Activiti es JUDITH ANN MILLER: Academic; Year book Staff 11,12, Advertising 11. Yearbook Themes 12; Program Sales Committee 12; Pep Club 9,10,11.12; Bulletin Board Committee 11.12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9; Future Homemakers of America 10.11.12; Library Club 9. BEVERLY LEE MITCHELL: Commercial: Chorus 9.10.11,12; Pep Club 11,12; Girls' Intramural Sports9. STEPHANIE MITCHELL: General. Pep Club 10,11,12, Future Homemakers of America. CHARLES EDWARD MOORE: General. GARY MICHAEL MORGAN: Academic: Attendance Aids 11; Fencing Club 10; Chess Club 10,11; Track 9. RICHARD MOURADIAN: Academic. STEVE DANIEL MOZES: General; Track, DEBBIE LYNN MUSTIO: Commercial: Chorus 11,12; Pep Club 11,12. MICHAEL STEPHEN MUSULIN: Academic; Chorus 9; School Newspaper 9; Pep Club 10,11; Homeroom Vice-President 10, 12; Intramural Basketball 9; Industrial Arts Club 10,11,12. KEVIN LEIGH MYERS: Academic. -N‘ FRANK NAPOLEON: Academic: Band 9. 10.11.12, Dixieland Band 12. Dance Band 10,11,12; Homeroom Vice-President 9. JACKIE LEE NAUGLE: General; Silhouette Staff 11,12, Reporter 11,12; Pep Club 9; Future Homemakers of America 10. SPIROS NEFOROS: Academic: Student Council 11; Band 9. 10; National Thespian Society 11,12; Pep Club 12. Junior High Football 9; Track 10. PAUL JOSEPH NEISNACK: Academic; Track 10,11,12; Latin Club 10.11,12. VANESSA ERMA NESSELRODE: General: Student Council 11; Pep Club 10,11, 12; Class Treasurer 11; Homeroom Vice-President 11. Treasurer 10,12; Future Homemakers of America 10,11, Sergeant-at-Arms 11. METRO NESTOR: Academics: Band 9,10, 11.12, Dixieland 12, Dance Band 10,11,12; Chorus 12; Homeroom President 11,12, Vice-President 10; Basketball 9. THOMAS EDWARD NIZNIK: Academic. Chorus 9; Attendance Aids 11; Fencing Club 10; Pep Club 10; Intramurals 9. -0- LINDA JEAN OBER: Commercial: Gymnastics Club 9,10. CONNIE LYNN ORLOWSKI: Commercial: Chorus 12. I GEORGE JOHN ORY: Academic. -P- DONNA MARIE PACZAK: Academic: Usherettes 10,11,12; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Homeroom Secretary 10; Junior lied Cross 10,11,12; Intramurals 9; Future Teachers of America 11. GEORGE MICHAEL PALMER: Academic: Chorus 11,12; Intramural Basketball 11, 12; Track 11,12. JAMES PATRICK PALMER: Academic: Chorus 9; Pep Club 12; Class Vice-President 9; Homeroom Secretary 12. Treasurer 11: Basketball 9,10,11,12, Intramurals 9.10, 11,12; Latin Club 10,11.12; Baseball Statistician 11,12; Basketball Manager 9; Creative Writing Club 10; Intramural Bowling 10,11,12. MARY JANE PALUMBO: General: Pep Club 10,11,12; Future Homemakers of America 10,11. DARLENE PAPASODERO: Commercial; National Thespian Society 11,12; Attendance Aids 10; Program Sales Committee 10,11,12; Gym Aids 9,10; Homeroom Treasurer 12; Junior Red Cross 12; Girls’ Intra mural Sports 9,10,11,12; Future Teachers of America 12. SITTING on the desk in the outer office, John Yope waits to go in to talk over a scheduling problem with Mr. Preston. JULIUS R PARISI: Academic: Track 9,10, 11,12. SUSAN MARGARET PASTELAK: Academic: Band 9,10,11,12, Activities 9,10,11, 12; Pep Band 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12. CHARLENE L. PASTRICK: Commercial: Yearbook Representative 10,11,12; Band 9. 10,11,12, Brass Choir 11.12. Activities Band 9,10,11,12; Silhouette Representative 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Junior Red Cross 11, 12; Homeroom Treasurer 9; Future Teach ersof America 12. WALTER MICHAEL PCOLAR: Academic: Track 10,12. KENNETH JOHN PERCIAVALLE: Academic; Student Council 9; Band 10, Dixieland Band 10, Dance Band 10; Chorus 11, 12; Pep Club 12; Homeroom President 9; Intramurals 11,12; Track 11,12. DAVID JOHN PERCY: Academic; Track 9,10,11,12; Cross Country 10; Science Club 9; Hunter’s Safety Club 9. 210NICK PERRIS: Academic; National Honor Society 11,12; Student Council 10,11,12; Attendance Aids 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Booster Club 10,11,12; Homeroom President 11,12, Treasurer 10; Debate 10; Latin Club 10.11.12; School Plays 10.11. JOANN PETERS: Academic; Pep Club 11, 12. ELAINE PETKASH: Academic; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Secretary 10,11; Ad Sales Committee 12; Future Teachers of America 11,12; Student United Nations 11,12. JAMES JOSEPH PETRINA: Academic; Chorus 12; Pep Club 12; Intramural Basketball 10,12; Varsity Cheerleader 12. LYNNE PETRUSHA: Academic; National Historical Society 9; Pep Club 9; National Thespian Society 11. LARRY R. PETULA: Commercial; Volleyball 11,12; Bowling 10,11,12. DEBBIE LEE PFAFF: Commercial; Chorus 9,10. DALE REYNOLDS PFEIFFER: Academic; Chorus 9,12. LINDA PINGITORE: Academic; Guidance Leader 9. WALTER PAUL PIONTEK: Academic; Building Patrol 11,12; Debate 10,11,12; Secretary 12; Future Toachors of Amorica 10,11,12; Intramurals 12. DONNA PISANO. Distributive Education; Chorus 9; National Thespian Society 10,11; Pep Club 10; Booster Club 10; Girls' Intramural Sports 9,10,11. JUDITH LYNN ANN PISANO: Commercial; Chorus 9,12; Silhouette Representative 11,12; National Thespian Society 11, 12; Pep Club 10.11.12: Program Sales Committee 12; Gym Aids 10; Junior Red Cross 11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10, 11,12; Creative Writing Club 10,11; Attendance Aids 10; Intramural Bowling 12. ROXANNE PISANO: Commercial. Attendance Aids 11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Girls' Intramural Sports 9,10,11, 12; Future Homemakers of America 10. LORETTA JEAN PITTS: General; Student Council 10,12; National Thespian Society 10,11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Leaders' Club 12; Gym Aids 9,10; Homeroom President 10,12, Vice-President 11; Yale-Princeton Player 11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12. MARLENE ANN PITTS: Academic; Student Council 11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Booster Club 12; Program Sales Committee 12; Gym Aids 9,10; Homeroom Vice-President 11,12; Junior Red Cross 11.12; Girls' Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12; Yearbook 12; Bowling 12. KENNETH STEPHEN PULAS: General; Band 12; Tennis 11,12; Bowling 10,11,12. DEBORAH JEAN POWELL: General. Future Homemakers of America 10,11. ETHEL MARIE PRIDE: Distributive Education; Chorus 11; Silhouette Representative 11; Girls' Intramural Sports 10; Concert Chorus 11. DAVID PAUL PROKOPOVICH: Academic; Homeroom Secretary 11; Football. Junior High 9, Varsity 10. MARK ROBERT PRUS: Academic; Building Patrol 11,12; Chess Club 10.11.12; Team 10,11,12; Student United Nations 11.12, Parlimentarian 12; Latin Club 10.11, 12, Vice-President 12. JOE STANLEY PSZERACKI: Academic; Student Council 9,10; Homeroom President 9,10; Football 9.10.11,12; Track 10,11, 12; Varsity Wrestling 9,10,11,12. JEANNE MARIE PUGLIANO. Academic; Yearbook Representative 10,11,12; Chorus 9; National Thespian Society 11,12; Program Sales Committee 12; Pep Club 10,11, 12; Homeroom Secretary 12; Junior Red Cross 11.12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10, 11.12. -R- BARBARA JEAN RACIOPPO: Distributive Education; Silhouette Representative 11; Pep Club; Gym Aids 9; Volleyball 11. LESLIE ANN RAINALD1: Academic; National Honor Society 11,12; Student Council; National Thespian Society 10,11,12; Building Patrol 11,12; Program Sales Committee 11,12; Pep Club 10, 11,12; Leaders’ Club 11,12, Social Chairman 12; Class Vice-President 9; Homeroom President 9,10; Junior Red Cross 10, 11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports; Junior High Cheerleader 9; Future Teachers of America 11,12. RICH CARL RAJTER: Distributive Education; Chorus 9; Silhouette Representative 12; Attendance Aids 10. CHERYL JANICE RAVEN: Academic; Student Council 11; Chorus 9; Pep Club 10, 11,12; Gym Aids 10; Bulletin Board Committee 11,12; Homeroom Vice-President 10,11; Debate 11,12; Junior Red Cross 11, 12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12; Finance Committee 10.11,12. Vice-President 12: Debate Club 11.12. Vice-President 12; Future Teachers of America 10,11.12. RONALD RAY: Commercial; Yearbook Representative 10; DEC A Club 11,12. WILLIAM JAMES RAYMER: Vocational; Stage Lighting Squad 11,12; Industrial Arts Club 10. CHARLES F. REICH: Academic; Yearbook Representative 11,12; Student Council 11; Silhouette Representative 10; Building Patrol 11,12. KATHY L. RESZETYLO: Commercial; Chorus 9,12; Attendance Aids 10,11,12; Pep Club 9.10.11,12; Gym Aids 9,10; Bulletin Board Committee 12; Girls' Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12. SUSAN MARIE REUSS: Commercial; Chorus 9; Pep Club 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12. SHARON KAY REXROAD: General JOSEPH M. RICCIARDI: Academic. Pep Club 12; Homeroom Vice-President 10; Intramural Basketball 9,10,11,12; Cross Country Manager 11; Industrial Arts Club 11,12; Stage Crew. KEVIN RAY RICE: Distributive Education. ANTHONY DOMINIC RIGANO: Academic; Band 9,10,11.12. Dance Band 12; Chess Club 10,11,12, Team 11,12; Intramural Basketball 9,10,11,12. DOMINIC CARL RIGANO: Academic; Chess Club 9.10,11.12; Homeroom Trea surer 9,10; Debate 10,11.12, Vice-President 11; Intramural Basketball 9.10,11,12. IN wood shop class, Mario Cafarelli and Ben Ludovici sand down lumber for their project.Senior Activities THOMAS RICHARD RIZZO: Vocational; Stadium Squad 11. TONI ANN RIZZO: Academic; Yearbook Representative 10,11.12; Bulletin Board Committee 10,11,12; Homeroom Vice-President 10; Latin Club 10; Future Homemakers of America 11; Cheerleader. Junior High 9; Chorus; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9. SCOTT ANDREW ROBINS KY: Academic. FAITH C ARM ALENA ROGIC: Commercial; Chorus 9; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Secretary 11,12; Junior Red Cross 10.11,12, President 12; Girls' Intramural Sports 9,10.11.12; Gym Leader 9; Volleyball Team 9. HOPE T. ROGIC: Academic; Yearbook Staff 11,12, Photographer 11,12; Chorus 9. 10,11,12; Building Patrol 11.12; Silhouette Representative 10: Pep Club 11.12; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12; Bulletin Board Commit tee 10,11,12; Leaders’ Club 11,12; Gym Team 10,11.12. EDWARD FRANCIS ROGINSKI: Academic; Band 10,11.12, Dance Band 10,11, 12. KAREN JOYCE ROMANSKY: Commercial; Yearbook Representative 9; Future Homemakers of America 10. RICHARD W. ROPON: General; Intramural Basketball 9,10,11,12. FRANK J. ROSENBERGER: Distributive Education. WILLIAM RAYMOND ROZDAY. Academic,; Track 12. NIC KOLAS RUDENKO: Academic; Silhouette Representative 10; Homeroom President 11. VICTOR JULIUS RUSSIN: Vocational. JOSEPH PAUL RYKACZEWSK1: Distributive Education; Industrial Arts Club 10,11. — S — DONALD ALLEN SABATO: Academic; Student Council 10,11,12; National Thespian Society 11,12; Pep Club 12; Homeroom President 10.11.12; Basketball, Junior High 9, Intramural 11,12; Cross Country 11; Future Teachers of America 11,12; Industrial Arts Club 11,12. GREG JOHN SACOULAS: General GARY MITCHELL SAGE: Academic; Student Council 12; Homeroom President 12, Vice-President 10; Basketball, Junior High 9. Junior Varsity 10. Varsity 11.12; Track 10; Cross Country 10,11; Baseball 11,12; Volleyball 10. JEFFREY STEVEN SAGE: Academic; Intramural Basketball 12: Baseball 12. JOSEPH DAVID SALOPEK: Academic; National Historical Society 11,12; Pep Club 12; Baseball 10,11,12; Golf 10; Varsity Cheerleader 12. NANCY SALOPEK: Academic; National Historical Society 10,11.12, Vice-President 12; Silhouette Representative 10,11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10,11,12; Future Homemakers of America 10,11,12; Debate Club 11,12, Treasurer 12. JANET MARIE SAYLOR: Commercial: National Honor Society 11,12; Band 10,11. 12. Activities 11,12, Secretary 12; Building Patrol 11,12; Leaders’ Club 11,12; Gym Aids 10, Junior Red Cross 11.12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10,11,12. DEBBIE LYNN SCHEER: Distributive Education; Chorus 11. JOHN M. SCHEER: General; Intramural Basketball 10,11,12. SUSAN SCHERFEL: Commercial; Attendance Aids 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10,11,12. MARK D. SCHWEIKERT: Vocational; Chorus 9; Newspaper Business Manager 11; Pep Club 10,11,12; Basketball 10; Wrestling 10,11,12. MARIANNE J. SEGELEON: Academic; Chorus 10,11,12; Program Sales Committee 12; Usherettes 10,11,12; Pep Club 12; Leaders’ Club 11,12, President 12; Homeroom Secretary 11; Junior Red Cross 12; Yale-Princeton Player 12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10,11.12. PATRICK JOHN SEHNKE: Vocational; Chorus 9. KATHY ANN SEVIN: Academic; Chorus 10,11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11,12; Gym-leader 9; Volleyball Team 9. RAYMOND F. SEVIN: Academic; Pep Club 12; Homeroom Vice-President 12. THE varsity cheerleaders encourage the crowd to cheer the team onto a victory. 212LANNY ROY SHANER: Vocational. JAMES MATTHEW SHELEHEDA: Academic; National Historical Society 11,12; Chorus 9; Pep Club 11,12; Homeroom President 11,12, Vice-President 10; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Track 11; Baseball 12, Statistician 10; Building Patrol 9. GEORGE STEVEN SHEVCHIK: Academic; Band 9,10,11,12, Dance Band 11, Activities Band 9,10,11,12; Junior High Football Manager9. MICHAEL VINCENT SHOMIN: Academic; Band 10,11,12. KENNETH EDWARD SHOUP. Academic; Band 9; Intramural Basketball 9.10,11, 12; Industrial Arts Club 10,11,12. EDWARD SIPPEL: Academic. Intramural Basketball 10,11,12. DEBORAH JEAN SIRKO: Academic; National Historical Society 11,12; Band 9. 10,11,12; Silhouette Representative 12; Building Patrol 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Girls’ Industrial Sports 9; Latin Club 10,11,12, Sergeant-at-Arms 11, President 12; Student United Nations 10. 11.12. JOHN E. SISLEY: General; Track 9,10,11; Candy Sales Representative 10. DAVID GEORGE SLAVIK: Vocational; Stage Lighting Squad 11,12. DAVID EDWARD SMEDLEY: Academic. JAMES ANTHONY SMICIELSKI: Academic; Homeroom President 9,10, Vice-President 11: Intramural Basketball 11,12; Future Teachers of America 10,11, 12; Silhouette Representative 12; Student Council 10. MICHAEL JOHN SMIGIELSKI: Academic; Chorus 9,10; Pep Club 12; Homeroom Vice-President 11,12; Intramural Basketball 11; Future Teachers of America 10,11,12. DAWN MARIAN SMITH: Academic; Band 9,10,11,12, Activities 12. ROBERT ALAN SMITH: Academic; Chorus 9.10.12, Ensemble 12; Class Play 9. ROBERT LOUIS SNIADY: Academic; Band 10,11.12, Dixieland 11,12, Dance 11, 12, Activities 11,12; Vice-President 12. MICHELLE STEPHANNIE SOBO-LEWSKI: Distributive Education; Future Homemakers of America 10,11,12; DECA Club 11,12. TIMOTHY JAMES SOBOTA: Academic; Homeroom Secretary 12; Football 9; Track 10,11,12; Cross Country 10,11.12: Bowling 11,12. MICHELLE ANN SOVICH: Commercial; Activities Band 11,12; Majorette 11,12; Chorus 9; Attendance Aids 10,11; Pep Club 11,12; Gym Aids 10; Bulletin Board Committee 11; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11, 12. FLORINDA MARIE SPAGNOLO: Academic; Band 9,10,11,12; Pep Club 10,12; Student United Nations 11,12. JEFFREY PAUL SPAN; Academic; Student Council 9; Chorus 9,10; Junior High Football 9, Varsity 10,11; Intramural Basketball 10; Track 9.10,11.12; Class President 9. ROBERTA ANN SPERDUTI: Commercial. ALEX SPRINGER: Vocational; Chorus 10. CHRISTINE ANN SPROULL: Academic; Band 9; Chorus 11,12; Usherettes 10; Pep Club 10; Homeroom Secretary 11. MICHAEL GEORGE STANISLOWSKI: Academic; Chorus 9; Baskethall 9, Intramural 9,10,11,12; Track 10,11,12. TONY STARYSZAK: Academic; Homeroom Vice-President 10.11,12; Basketball 9,10,11,12; Future Teachers of America 11, 12. DONNA MARIE STEWART: General; Chorus 9; Silhouette Staff 11, Feature Editor 11. Reporter 11. Representative 11; Gym Aids 10: Homeroom Secretary 12. Treasurer 10,11; Yale-Princeton Cheerleader 11,12; Girls’Intramural Sports 9,12. JOSEPH E. STOJAN: General. MARY KAY STONER: Academic; National Historical Society 10,11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Leaders’ Club 11,12; Homeroom Secretary 10,11; Future Homemakers of America 10,11; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10,11,12; Play Committees 10,11; PARC 11,12. DEBBIE ANN STRANO. Academic; National Historical Society 10,11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Play Committees 11,12; Student United Nations 11. DONALD ALLEN STRANO: Academic; Band 9; Intramural Basketball 9,10,11,12; Industrial Arts Club 10,11,12. CHERYL Notananni spends the morning of September 21 busily helping the company representatives take junior ring orders. KATHY ANN SZUCHY: Distributive Education. LINDA JEAN STROBEL: Commercial; Girls’ Intramural Sports 11,12. PAUL DANIEL SUCHY: Vocational; W'restling9,10,ll,12. EDWARD PHILLIP SULKOWSKI: Vocational BRUCE FRANKLIN SUTTON: Distributive Education. LAWRENCE LEE SWAIN: Academic. SUSAN MARIE SWEGEL: Commercial. JANET SUSANNE SYKA: Academic; Student Council 10,12; Chorus 9,11,12; Building Patrol 11,12; Finance Committee 10,11,12, President 11,12; Pep Club 10,11, 12; Leaders’ Club 12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom President 10, Vice-President 12, Secretary 9; Future Teachers of America 10,11, 12; Play Committees 11,12. -T- KAREN SUSAN TEMPALSK1: Acadcm ic; Yearbook Representative 10; Xutional Historical Society 10,11,12, President 12; Chorus 9,10,11; Silhouette Representative 10; Finance Committee 10,11,12, Vice-President 11; Pep Club 10,11,12, Gym Aids 9,10; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Girls’ In tramural Sports 9,10,11; Future Homemakers of America 10,11,12; Play Commit tees 9,10,11,12. PETER G. THEODOROUS: Academic. PAUL EDWARD THOMPSON: Distributive Education; Audio Visual Aids 9 VALERIE ANN TORHAN: Distributive Education; Chorus 9; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,10,11. JANET ANN TREANTAFELLOW: General, Chorus 11,12. 213Senior Activities PAUL WALTER TROJAN: Academic; Chorus 11; Fencing Club 10; Pep Club 12; Homeroom Treasurer 10; Football. Junior Varsity 11; Baseball 11,12; Varsity Cheerleader 12; Creative Writing Club 10,11; President 10,11. DAVE L. TRUSKOWSKI: General; Intramural Basketball 11,12. SCOTT E. TURNBULL: General; Chorus 10,11,12; Intramural Basketball 9,10. MARY ELIZABETH TYLOSKY: Academic; Attendance Aids 11,12; Pep Club 10,11.12; Student United Nations 11; Play Committees 9.11; Yearbook Staff 12; Chorus 9; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9; Building Patrol 9. -U- MARY LEE ANNETTE ULIZIO: Commercial; National Historical Society 11.12: Program Sales Committee 10,11,12; Pep Club 10; Junior Red Cross 10.11.12; Student United Nations 10,11,12; Future Teachers of America 11,12. GARY LEE UNSWORTH: Vocational. RUTH A. URBANIK: General; Band 9.10, 11,12; Activities Band 9,10,11,12; Drum Captain 12; Chorus 11; Pep Club 10,11,12. -V- JOELLEN VENNERI: Academic; Silhouette Representative 10,11,12; Program Sales Committee 12; Pep Club 10,11,12; Booster Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 10; Junior Red Cross 10,11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 9,11,12; Creative Writing Club 10; Record Club 9. FRAN ANTHONY VINCENT: Academic; Pep Club 11,12; Intramural Basketball 11, 12; Track 12; Baseball 11,12. CANDACE ANN VOEGEL: Academic; Building Patrol 12; Pep Club 11,12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Secretary 12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10; Cheerleader 11,12. JOE DONALD VOLPE: Vocational. RONALD VRABELY: Vocational -VV- LYNDA ANNE WALDEN: Commercial; Pep Club 9,10,11,12; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10,11. ELAINE MARIE WASKIEWICZ: Academic; Chorus 9; Pep Club 10,11,12; Gym Aids 9,10; Homeroom Vice-President 12; Yale-Princeton Player 11,12; Girls’ Intra mural Sports 9,10,11,12. ROBIN KYLE WATSON: Commercial; Chorus 10,11,12; Program Sales Committee 11,12; Pep Club 10,11,12. DIANN LINDA WELLING: Commercial; Pep Club 10,12; Record Club 9. KATHLEEN JANE WESTOVER: Commercial Attendance Aids 12; Pep Club 10, 11.12; Homeroom Secretary 10, Treasurer 11; Girls’ Intramural Sports 10,11,12; Yale-Princeton, All Stars 10. Reserves 11. DAVID THOMAS WHITE: Vocational. DONNA JEAN WILLIS: Academic; Chorus. JOSEPH WILLIAM WINWOOD: General; Chess Club 11, Team 11; Chorus 10. WILLIAM PAUL WITOWICH: General; Football, Junior High 9. Junior Varsity 10, 11. Varsity 10,11,12; Basketball. Intramural 9,10,11,12; Track 11,12; Industrial Arts Club 10,11,12; Outside Bulletin Board 11, 12. RICHARD PHILLIP WOZNIAK: Academic; Football, Junior High 9, Varsity 10; Basketball. Intramural 9,10.11,12; Track 9. RUSSELL ALLEN WRIGHT: General; Chorus 9, Football, Junior 9; Intramural Basketball 12; Industrial Arts Club 11. DONN RUSSELL WUYCIK: Academic; Homeroom Vice-President 9; Industrial Arts Club 11,12; Play Committee 11,12; Baseball Manager 10,11,12. JOHN MICHAEL WUYCIK: Academic; Basketball, Junior High 9; Intramural 10. 11,12; Golf 10,11,12. -Y- NANCY CAROL YANIGA: Academic; Silhouette Staff 11.12, Editor 12, Typist 11. Reporter 11; Building Patrol 11.12; Pep Club 10,11.12; Gym Aids 10; Homeroom Secretary 9.10.11; Girls’ Intramural Sports 11; Yearbook Representative 10; Hall Patrol 11,12, Captain 12; Future Homemakers of America 10,11,12; Plav Committees 10,11. MICHAEL JOHN YEREGA: Academic; Chorus 9,10; Pep Club 12; Homeroom Treasurer 12; Baseball 9; Gym Leaders 9; Varsity Cheerleader 12. JOHN ROBERT YOPE: Academic; Tennis 10,11,12. STEVE MARK YURKOVAC: Academic; Class President 9; Football. Junior High 9. Varsity 12; Raskethall. Junior High 9. Junior Varsity 10,11, Varsity 12; Track 9; Industrial Arts Club 10,11,12. -Z- JAMES JOSEPH ZBRZEZNY: Academic; Student Council 10; Building Patrol 10,11; Chess Club 9; Pep Club 10,12; Class President 10; Homeroom President 10; Intramural Basketball 12. GARY D. ZEHNDER: General. BRADLEY THEODORE ZIELINSKI: Academic; Homeroom Vice-President 9. Treasurer 12; Basketball, Junior High 9, Intramural 9,10,11,12. KAREN ANN ZIVIC: Commercial; Chorus 9; Attendance Aids 12; Pep Club 10; Booster Club 10; Gym Aids 9; Future Homemakers of America 10. CAROLING in the halls, the chorus entertains the school at Christmastime.Appendix A — A — Abraham, Debra — 182 ACADEMICS — 44-67 Aciemo, Steve — 170 Adams, Miss Alma — 16,66 Adams. Antoinette — 170 Adams, Cindy — 170 Adams, Thomas — 64. 158 Adams. Mr. Wilmer — 16. 75 ADMINISTRATION - 22-27 Adrian. Bill — 158 ADVERTISING — 186-202 Affeltranger. John — 70, 71, 170 Albright, Mrs. Louise — 25, 38 93 Allen, Mary — 92 Aloe. Josephine — 77, 78, 81, 83.84. 89.92,138 Aloe. Pat —71, 182 Aloi, Nancy — 78, 96, 158 Aloi, Sam — 182 Alushin, Kathy —138 AMBRIDGE SAVINGS AND LOAN — 194 Ambrose. Barbara - 75, 78, 138 AMERICAN BRIDGE — 196 Andrers, Mr. James — 16, 124 Andrews. Pete— 107, 170 Andrus, Donna —81, 158 ANGEL AND KERCHNER — 192 Angst. Cindy — 71, 182 Anthony, Joanne — 70, 170 Antinopoulos, Peter — 32, 70, 138, 145 Antipow, Victor — 128 Antolic, John — 158 Antonini, Mark —109 Antonini, Sue — 30, 35, 78, 81, 82. 86.87. 132, 158, 164 Applequist, Tom — 154 Aquino, Sue — 73, 78, 93, 125, 138 ARMCO — 197 ATTENDANCE AIDS — 75 — B — Bachor. Judy — 170 Bacion, Donald — 138 Bacon, Joseph — 158 Baiardo. Karin — 35, 158 Baiardo, Lorraine — 78, 132, 158, 166 Bajek, David - 182 Bajek, David — 88, 109 Bajek. William —80, 128. 138 Baker. Cynthia — 170 Baker, Pamela — 182 Balak. Jeffrey — 80, 158 Balego, Michael — 170 BALLAY HARDWARE - 192 BAND —70-71 Bailich, Sam - 170 Banks. Frank 109 Bard. Debra 70. 182 Bard. William —71. 138 Barilaro, Sherry — 158 Barlamas. Alexander — 128, 170 Barnes, Walter — 107, 108, 138 General Index Barnhart, Pamela — 88. 89. 158 Barth. Mr. George — 16, 18, 102 Barto, Dale— 112, 170 Barto, Debbie — 73, 158 Barto, Susan — 170 Bartola, Virginia — 170 Bartolo. Frances — 41, 71, 77, 78, 82. 83. 84. 88. 94. 95. 98. 138 Bartolo. Vincent — 158 Bartosh. Mr. Edward — 16, 17, 63 Basalyga. Michael — 138 BASEBALL -118-119 BASKETBALL, JUNIOR HIGH - 117 BASKETBALL, JUNIOR VARSITY —116 BASKETBALL. VARSITY 110,115 Batakik. Mrs. Florance — 25 Batch, Joyce — 170 Bates. Darryl — 170 Battaglia. Melvin — 158 Battaglia. Nancy — 170 Bauer. Gary — 138 Baumbach. David — 158 Beadnell. Barbara — 158 BEAVER VALLEY PIANO CENTER 182 Bechak. Mike — 117 Bechtold, James — 170 Beck, Deborah - 36. 72. 139. 158 Beck, Ernie — 170 Bednar. Mr. Joseph — 16, 17 Bedolatti, Domenic — 158 Beech, William - 138 Beeley, Michael — 170 Bell. Donald — 170 Bell. Mark — 128, 182 Bell. Robert — 170 Bellas, Gayle — 170 Bellas, Jerri — 76, 171 Bellas, Mike — 66. 138 Bellas, Pam — 53, 76, 88, 89, 92, 171 Belchyk, Martha — 170 Belis, Thomas — 132, 135, 158 BEL-MARIA RESTAURANT — 192 Belsky. Mark —71,87, 171 Benamati, Connie — 158 Benedict. Ronald — 138 Benkowski, Richard — 87, 128, 158 Bennet. Patricia — 182 Bennett, Zane — 171 Bennis, Jacqueline — 77, 78. 81, 82, 83. 84, 88, 93. 98. 138 Bercik. Joanne — 70, 158 Berecek. Cindy — 76, 92, 98. 171 BERGER UPHOLSTERING — 192 Berkner. Roger — 138 Berkovic, Annette — 171 Berry. Joette — 81, 138 Besong. Thomas — 130, 158 BEST JEWELERS 194 Bevilacqua. Patty — 81. 139, 153 Bezuk, Cindy — 92 Bezuk. Kenneth — 158 Bezuk, Mary Ann — 182 Bezuk, Mr. Robert — 16, 62, 102 Bezuk, Steven — 70, 71, 79, 139 Bianchi, Cathy — 72, 86, 87, 158 Bianchi. Ed — 117 Bianchi, Mr. Victor — 16, 56, 207 Bichey, Michael — 128, 171 Bichey, Steve — 109, 128 Rilanich. Betty — 77. 78. 82. 83.84.88. 94. 95.98 Bilanich, Patricia — 53, 56. 95, 171 Billik, Josephine — 88. 89. 92. 171 Bilo, John — 158 Birciw, Laurel — 89, 171 Bires. Andrew — 158 Black, Alice — 70, 182 Blaho. Mark — 139 Blanarik, James —80, 121, 139 Blanarik. Timothy — 47. 171 Blanchard. Diane — 158 Blasko, Rosemary — 74. 139 Blazakis, Milton — 155 Bobich, Pamela — 171 Bock, Joseph — 171 Bofinger. William — 171 Bogati. Howie —80. 158 Bohinsky, Kathy — 171 Bologna, Donna — 171 Bonadio, Mr. Louis — 27 Bordeaux, Allan — 171 Borga, Thomas — 171 Boring, William — 61, 79, 82, 121,139 Bosnak. Sandra — 88, 158 Botsko, Thomas — 128, 171 Boudros, George — 74, 139 Boudros, Isabelle — 182 Bouril. Sherry — 75. 88, 89. 91. 132, 158 Bowan, Jeffrey — 124, 132, 158 Bowan, Robert — 158 Bowman, Shirley — 171 Boyd, Karen 171 Boyt. Randy — 139 Bozigar, Richard — 61. 79, 139 Braddick. Gary —71,76, 182 Bradley. Robert — 55, 70. 132, 158 Branowitzer. Karen 34. 86, 125, 139 Bridgen, Barbara — 76, 182 Briola, Nadine — 70. 77, 81. 82, 83.84.88, 139 Britton, Ruth — 95, 171 Brobeck. Deborah — 171 Brown, Coreen — 158 Brown. Jo Anne — 36, 158 Rmz, Marian — 77, 78. 82. 83, 89. 96. 139 Brubaker. Mrs. Elaine — 16 Brudnock, Patrick — 139 Brunner. Maureen — 182 Brutout.Judv 57.171 Brylinsky. Jody — 71. 86, 125. 132. 133, 158 Brylinsky. Stephen — 70. 158 Brynczak. John 80. 139 Bucci, James — 107, 158 Buccilli, Donna —171 Bucuren, Jill - 72, 76. 171. 179 Bucuren, Patricia 74. 139 Budimir, Mr. John — 16,87 Bufalini, James 139 Bufalini, Robert — 171 Bufalini, Sandra — 71, 86. 98. 132,133. 158 Buffalini. Stephen — 182 BUILDING PATROL —81 Bukanish. Mr. John — 16 Bungas, George — 182 Burka. Joyce — 171 Burka, Michaelene — 33, 95. 139 Burnell, Mark — 70. 94. 95. 171 Burton, Bradley — 87, 107, 171 Burton, Paulette — 78, 158 Butler, Hilton — 159 — c — Cafarelli, Jean — 171 Cafarclli, Mario 59, 171, 211 Cafarelli, Richard 182 Cain, Chervl — 171 CAIN CHEVROLET 191 Calderone, Karen — 171 Campbell, Mrs. Burdell — 16, 18,54,79 Campbell, Clifford — 182 Cannon. Barbara — 159 Cantalina, Ricky — 139 Cap, Gary — 118 Cap, Jerome — 159 Capp, Charlene —171 Caputo, Regina —92,171 Capuzzi, Angelo — 182 Caratelli, Frank — 139 Carey, Barbara — 159 Carifo, John —171 Carlisle, Cynthia — 159 Carlisle, Kenneth 171 Carmack, Sue —155 Carney. Michael 116, 171 Carpenter, Darlene 171 Carpenter, Edward 171 Carpenter, Susan 139 Carrera. Phyllis 72, 76, 98, 171,173 CARROTUD CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC —193 Carroll, Denise — 87,98. 172 Cartwright, Bonnie — 94. 95, 159 Casello, Dean 172 Cassidy. Coleen - 182 Cassidy, Joseph 76, 172 Cassidy, Kathleen — 182 Castellon, Anna Marie— 182 Catanzarite, David — 172 Catanzarite, Wayne— 182 CENTRAL RADIO AND TV — 199 Certich. Frank —71, 172 Cetto, Miss Linda — 16, 17, 50, 131 Chalin, Mary Ann — 70 215Index Chalin, Margaret 70, 77, 83, 133, 140 C'halinski, Mary — 182 Chalupiak, Judy - 159, 175 Chalupiak, William — 140 Chambers, Janet — 140 Chambers. Janice — 140 Chapala. Mr. John — 16. 55, 121, 152 Chapala. Mr. Walter — 25, 35, 38,93 CHARLES MEN S AND BOY’S STORE — 193 Chaykowsky. Barbara — 79, 96 132. 159 Chaykowsky. Joann — 182 Chaykowsky. John — 159 (’ H KERLEADERS — 72 Chehovits, Jan is — 172 Chervenka, Joni — 159 CHESS BOARD — 199 CHESS CLUB —90 Chester, Doreen — 95, 159 Chiaverini, Mr. Leonard — 16, 81,102 Chiaverini, Mark — 50, 107, 132, 159, 169 Childs, Dianne 172 Chinchilla, Gloria — 76, 182 Choleva, Mr. Stephen — 16, 56 CHORUS —94-95 Christner, Barbara —74, 140 Christopher, Deborah — 172 Chronister, Teresa —172 Chupka, Rose — 70,96, 182 Ciccone, Gregory — 70,71, 172 Ciccone, Jerry — 60, 182 Ciccone, Miss Joann — 16,89 Cipriani. Jim — 140 CITIZEN PRINTING CO. -193 CITY PLUMBING AND HEATING — 193 CLA1RMONT CLEANERS — 193 Clark, Jerome — 33, 80, 103, 105, 106,017, 108, 140 Clark, Lois — 159 CLASSES - 136-186 Clawson, Wendell — 172 Clayton, Alice —159 Cobert, Betty — 92.95. 172 Cobert, Kenneth — 140 Cokrlic, Nancy — 154 Colella. Elena — 70.159 Colella, Theresa — 92,172 Coleman, Russell — 140 COMMERCIAL — 66-67 CONCLUSION - 224 Conforto, Barbara —182 Connolly. Jonelle — 182 Connolly, Nancy — 140 Connor, Patricia — 77, 84, 95, 140 Conover, Gayle — 145 Constantino, John — 172 CONTENTS - 2 Contray, Richard — 172 Cook, Gary —172 Cook, John — 172 Corbett, Robert — 159 Cords, Sheryl — 98, 132, 159 Corso. Jackie — 125 Costa, Ralph —172 Costanza, David — 109, 117, 182 Costanza, Deborah 76, 88, 89, 92, 172 Costanza. James — 172 Costanza. Kenny 112, 159 Costanza, Paul —95, 132, 140 Costanza. Roxie — 172 Costanza, Sandra — 125 Cottage, George — 124 COVE TIRE SHOP — 192 Cowles, Ivan 159 Crafton, Barry — 76 Cramer. Robert — 172 Cribbs, Denise —77. 125, 140 Crise, Debbie — 182 Crispen, Cindy — 182 Croner, Mrs. Iola — 24, 26 Croner, Roberta — 78, 86, 88, 132. 159 Croner. Sally — 140 CROSS COUNTRY — 121 Cruise, Donna —95, 172 Cruise. Judy —172 Cunnard, Paul — 109 Cunningham. Mr. Richard — 20,21 Curley, Jim — 109, 182 Curley. Terri — 78,88, 132, 159 CURRICULUM - 25 Cvitko, Pamela —172 Cvitkovic, Charles — 172 Cwynar, Brenda — 172 Cwvnar, John — 159 Cybak, Richard - 80,120, 140 Cybak. Robert — 109, 182 Czerwinski, Thomas — 107,159 Czerwinski, W’ally — 172 — D — Dacko, Karen - 96. 97,172 Dahma, Michael — 76, 172 DA-MAUR BEAUTY SALONS — 200 D’Ambrosio, Patricia — 182 Damo, Marcia 172 Davanzo, Lyla — 92, 172 Davis, Debra —172 Deane, Linda — 172 DEBATE CLUB —91 DeBerry, Kim — 70, 172 Debogovich, David — 140 Debogovich. Joyce —172 DeBona, Michael — 85. 107, 159, 163, 169 DeBona. Samuel — 107, 172, 179 DeBona, Vincent — 118 DECA — 74 Deceder, Ronald — 182 Decubellis, Gary —172 Deep, Abe — 102 DeLuca, Mary —172 DeLuca, Mike — 71, 87, 98, 132, 159 DeMailo, Edward — 87, 107, 172 DeMantis, Nick— 172 DeMarco, Patricia — 76,182 DeMay, Ronald —81,132, 140 Dempsey, Deborah — 140 Dempsey, Leslie —173 Dempsey, Lonna — 173 DeNardo. Kimberly — 87, 182 DeNardo, Laura — 125 Dengel, Kathy — 173 Dennerlein, Carol — 77, 78, 83, 88. 98, 140 Dennis, Janet — 33, 140 DePasquale, Kerry 87, 107, 159 Derochis, Karen - 89, 172 Derochis, Lucy — 71, 77,81,83, 84.86,88, 125, 140 Derochis, Mrs. Nancy — 27 Derry. Mrs. Harriet — 16 Desanzo, Mr. Frank — 16, 99 DeSimone, Vincent — 132, 140 Detz, Richard — 159 Deutsch, Marlene 88, 93,95 Deutsch, Maureen — 63, 76, 79, 96,173 Deutsch, Teresa — 159 Dewar, Karen — 159 Dewar, Kathy — 140 DICK HUNT FORD - 190 Dickson, Nancy — 159 Diener. Patrick 128 Dieter. Richard — 118 Dietz, Richard — 94,95 DiGiovine, Donna — 141 DiNinno, Karen 89, 92, 96. 159, 173 DiNinno, Kim — 76,89 DiPietro, Dominic — 173 Dirdo. John — 109 DITO’S BAR — 193 DIXIELAND BAND —71 Dobrin, Michael — 107 Doffin, Richard — 59, 182 Dolinski. Mr. Joseph — 16, 17, 56,57 Dominick, Debra — 76,95, 173 Domitrovich, Diane — 74, 141 Donald. Dan — 182 Doty, David 159 Doughty, Margaret — 159 Douglas. William — 141 Dout, Pamela - 159 Douglas, William — 141 Dout, Pamela — 159 Drake, Mr. Edward 16, 50 Drewnowski. David — 71, 159 DRIVER S EDUCATION —55 Droz, Jim — 155 Druzisky, Mr. Joseph 16, 132 Druzisky, Theresa — 96, 132, 173 Dschuhan. Richard —31, 121, 141 Dugan, Donald — 173 Dugos, Beverly — 173 Duke, Charlene— 141 Duke, John — 97, 173 Duke. Judy — 77.81,84,93, 99. 141 Dunn. Richard — 159 Dunn. Richard — 43, 87,118, 141, 149 Duplaga, Mr. Stanley — 21, 22, 23,24 Durf, Gayle — 173 Durf, Richard —74, 141 Dziack. John — 197, 173 Dziedzic, Mary Ann —87, 182 Dzubak, Edward — 182 — E — Eberst, Richard — 141 Echement, John — 141 ECONOMY BANK OF AMBRIDGE— 194 216Index ECONOMY LANES-199 EDDIE’S ARCO STATION 198 Edmondson, Janine — 71, 88, 89, 159 Edwards, Joseph — 182 Edwards, Tanya — 173 Eibeck, Miss Irma — 16. 46, 47, Elchin. Donna —74, 141 Eliou, Anna — 173 Elliot, Dr. Roland — 21 Emery, Janet — 48, 70, 77, 84, 85, 88, 94, 95,98. 141,208 ENELOW SHOES - 189 ENGLISH -46-47 Esseck. Marsella — 41, 70, 71, 77, 83,88,91, 142 Essek, James — 173 Kvanko, .Jay — 141 Evans, Carol — 70, 81, 88, 89, 96, 160 Evans. Mark — 74, 142 Evans, Molly — 173 Eversole, Lisa — 142 — F — Fabanich. Jerome — 173 FACULTY - 16,19 Falkowski, Casirair 173 Falloretta. Eugene — 142 Faltenovich, Mr. John — 16 Farkas, Ralph — 173 Farrar, Linda — 160 FECKO, MICHAEL P. — 192 Fedash, William — 74, 132 Fedorko, Joyce — 78, 83, 93, 95, 142 Fedorko, Nancy — 125 Fedorko, Raymond —160 Feenstra, Larry — 173 Felinczak. David — 70, 142 Felinczak, Leon - 71, 182 Felix Paulette — 125, 154 Felk, Mrs. Julia — 20, 21 Fennell, Charles — 160 Ferencik, Karen — 89, 95, 142 Ferencek, Steve — 142 Ferringer, Margaret — 81, 87, 88, 89, 160 FINANCE COMMITTEE — 78 FINE ARTS - 49 Fink, Jeffrey - 22, 80, 85, 107, 108.132, 142 Fioravanti, Frank — 173 Firich, Mrs. Constance — 17 Firich. David — 80, 87, 110, 112, 118, 142 Firkaly. Lorraine — 142 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION — 189 Fisher, Linda — 79, 160 Fisher, Sharon — 183 Fitsko, Joseph — 71, 183 FITZGERALD AND SYKA FUNERAL HOME —190 Fitzgerald. George — 142 Fitzgerald, Larry —142 Fitzgerald, Patti — 71, 125, 133, 142 Fitzpatrick. Lawrence — 71 Fitzpatrick, Mary — 71, 173 Flannery, Maureen — 183 Fleeson, Kenneth — 160 Floro, Robert — 118 FLOWERS BY NATALIE -192 Foltz, David — 173 Foltz, Douglas —74, 142 Fontana, Chris — 173 FOOTBALL, JUNIOR HIGH - 109 FOOTBALL, VARSITY 102-108 Ford, Elaine— 142 Ford. Robert — 109, 183 Foundos, John —142 Foundos, Nick — 128, 160 Francis, Lorraine — 160 Francis, Karen — 173 Francone, Cynthia, — 132,173 Frangione, Lawrence, — 32, 40, 87. 132, 140. 141, 142, 143. 145 Frank, Patsy — 160 Frankiewicz, Clare — 71, 183 Frantz, Thomas —94, 95, 173 Frederick, Barbara — 183 Frederick. Gary — 128, 173 Freed, Patricia —92, 173 Freed. William — 128,183 Freisleben, Robin — 86. 96, 125,160 FRESHMEN - 182-185 Freshwater, Jayne —142 Friel, Donald — 143 Friel Fred — 173 Friel. Joseph — 160 Frynkewicz, Donald — 109, 183 Frynkewicz, Robert 95, 173 Fuegi, Ix rraine — 95, 173 Furis, Stephen — 173 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-77 — G — Ginter, Daniel — 80, 127, 128, 143 Glasser, John—71. 128. 174 Glomb, Joy — 174 Gnatovich. William — 51, 80. 81, 120, 132 Gobbo, Diane —143 Golden, Marcie —174 Gomersall, Robert 128, 174 Gordon, Mr. Raymond — 17. 65 Grabiak, Giles — 183 Grabinski, Lois 160 Graef, Marie — 174 Grafton. Barry — 174 Graham, Larry — 143 Graham, Rhonodo 94, 95, 160 Grandovic, John — 160 Gray, Mary Beth — 183 Gress, Carol — 128, 160 Gress, Gary — 160 Grguric, Robert — 70, 160 Griffith. Sadie — 174 Griffith, Miss Virginia 17. 52. 97 Grillo, Mary — 160 Gross. Gary —160 Gross. Kathy — 95, 174 Gross. Kenneth — 109 Gross, Thomas — 126. 128, 160 Grundy. Mr. Donald — 17, 37, 85, 208 Grundza, Donna —174 Grezegorek, Judy — 183 Grzybowski, Margaret — 76, 87,131.174 Grzybowski, Pat — 125 Gabal, William — 57,183 Gagianas, Ted — 71, 183 Gagliardi. Frank — 87, 109, 183. 185 Gagliardi, Ida — 173 Gagliardi, Sandra — 160 Gall. Andrew — 143 Gallik, Kim — 173 Gaona. Renee — 32, 77,98, 125 143, 145 Gaona, Thomas — 76. 109,183 Garbinsky, Elaine — 73, 160 Gardner. Cindy — 173 Garko, Ann — 125,154 Gasowski. Vickie — 125 Gaugenbaugh, Debbi — 92, 143 Gaul, Susan — 183 Gazda, Diane —95, 143 Gazda, Karen — 160 Gazda. Ray — 143 G.C. MURPHY’S-192 Gennaro. Kim — 70,183 Gennaro. Toni —174 George, Donna — 98, 174 Georgick. Melanie — 70, 183 Gerazounis, Cathy — 174 Gerazounis, Dean — 48, 143, 153 Gerazounis, James — 174 Geriak, Cathy — 174 Giammaria, Archie — 160 Giammaria, Robert — 174 Gido. John — 174 Gilberg, Donald — 132, 160 Gilbert, Michael — 109, 128, 183 Gilchrist, Dennis — 174 Gill. Elaine -160 Gilmore. Mr. Robert 17 Ginter, James 160 Guerrieri, Marge 174 Guerrieri, Mark 174 Guerrieri, Sharon — 81 GUIDANCE - 24 Guido, Cheryl — 70, 183 Guido. John — 67 Guido. Victoria 76, 183, 185 Guidos, Marilyn — 73. 82. 85, 92,93, 142, 143 Guidos, Patricia — 76, 174 Gulish, Robert — 160, 164 Gulish, Thomas — 109 Gurney, Mr. John — 17, 70 Gust, Cathy — 174 Gutch. Marjorie — 94. 95, 144 Guthrie, Chris — 76,128,174 Guyer, Teddi — 132, 1G0 Guzan. John — 109 Guzan, Mark — 70, 87, 107. 160,174 GYM-HYGIENE 50 01 — H — Hacker, Kenneth — 70, 71, 144 Hall. H. B. Dr. 192 Hallisy, Robert — 132, 160 Hamilton. Robert — 109. 183 Hammerle, Lois — 144 Hanne. Anita 174 Hare. Don - 105. 107. 160. 163, 165, 169 Harrington, Richard —174 Harris. W. A. Dr. — 21 Harris, Robert — 144 Harris, Robin — 95, 144 Harrison. Eugene — 144 Harsch, Brenda — 95, 174 Harvan. Joan — 160 Harvic, Sarah — 75, 89, 160 Haskins, Susan 76.90. 171 Hasson, Ix uis 107, 174 Hasson, Michael 174 Hathaway, Deborah — 79. 144 Hatton, John — 174 Hatton, Judy — 144 Hayden, Keith — 81, 84, 87, 88, 143, 144. 149 Hayes. Bryan — 160 Haynie, Ray — 174 Hearns. Cindy — 71, 183 Heinz, Cathy 174 Heisler, John — 160 Heitzenrater, Daniel 80. 144 Heitzenrater Mr. Walter 17. 102 Helebrand, Joseph — 109, 183 Hellwig, Andrea 160 Hellwig, Murimmc 174 Hendrickson, Larry — 174 Hendrickson, Lee 144 Hendrickson, Richard — 144 Hendrickson. Ronald 160 Henger. Diane — 77.144 Hertneky. Mr. John — 17 Hertneky, Paul — 87. 88, 132, 160 Hettish. John — 183 Heuler. Joseph — 183 H. H. ROBERTSON CO. — 217Index 202 Hicks, David — 144 Hicks. Patricia — 174 Hideck. Harry — 160 Hissam. Beverly — 76, 183 Hitt, Jerry — 183 Hittie, Alice — 74. 144 Hladio, Richard — 109, 183 Hladio, Robert — 118, 144 Hlaris, Lynda — 160 Hlista, Rudolph -70, 71, 183 Hlo ek, Anthony — 95. 144 Hoffman, Kenneth — 144 Hoffmaster, Debra 174 Hollins, Mr. Edward — 17, 102, 109 HOME SUPPLY COMPANY — 195 Homich, William —81, 144 Homnack. Charlotte — 79, 81, 98. 160 Homziak. Frances — 76, 89. 98, 174 Homziak, Mr. Nick — 102, 107 Hoover, Otto — 174 Hoover. Paul — 174 Hopkins, Heidi —92. 174 Hopta, Suzy — 71, 88, 89, 92, 96. 160 Homiak. Gary 144 Homiak. Michael — 132, 144 Homiak, Michelle — 92, 174 Horseman. Mr. Leonard — 17 Hosack, Warren — 74, 144 Hosek, Paul — 145 Hovanec. Robert — 38, 120 Howard, Tracey — 183 Hrabezuk, Marc — 160 Hrusko, Mary Ann — 174 Hrycyk, Ix rraine — 70, 86, 88, 98. 160 Hubbard, Ronald — 174 Huchel, Barbara — 174 Hudacsek, Eleanor — 174 Hudak, Valerie — 58, 78, 145 Hudicek. Jacqueline — 145 Hudicek. Susan — 175 Hudson. Charles — 76, 128. 129,175 Hughes. Larry — 107, 108, 145 Humbert. Reggie — 175 Humbert, Rick — 183 Humphreys, Danny — 145 Hurley, Edith — 160 Hyre. Steven —71, 145 — I — iacobucci, Marsyl — 145 Ignatovic, Peter — 145 II ko, Stephen — ICO INDUSTRIAL ARTS —80 Ingros. Janet — 75, 125 145 INTRAM URALS — 132-135 INTRODUCTION - 1 IRON CITY DISTRIBUTING CO. — 192 Ivanchan, Derek — 175 Ivanchan, Lance — 175 Ivancik. James — 145 Ivancik. John — 80, 145 Iwanczyk, Miss Angel us — 17 Iwaskewycz, Mary — 43, 95, 145 Iwaskewycz, Rosemarie — 93, 160 - J — Jackson. Mr. C. Robert 20 Jahoda, Martin — 116, 175 Jahoda, Robert — 117 Jahoda, Roxanne — 30, 160 Jamery, Richard — 183 Jamery, Ronald — 76, 107. 116 Janicki, David 160 Janicki, Donna — 146 Janicki, Theodore — 74. 146 Jankowski. David 160 Jankiewicz, Nick — 145. 146 Janosik, 'Perry — 160 Jantsch. Leslie — 95 Jantsch, Leslie — 175 Jarostowski, John — 175 Jasinski, Gloria — 160 Jasinski, Janice — 70, 160, 175 Jerman, Mr. Philip — 21 Jessee, Cathy — 175 Jessee, Chester — 146 Jezewski, Phillip— 160 Jimmerson, Burwell — 117 Jimmerson. Kevin — 109, 117 JOHN S. DUNN, tax collector — 195 Johnston, David — 80, 84. 87, 118, 119, 140, 141. 143. 146 Johnston, Joyce — 92. 175 Jones, David — 128, 175 Jones, Debbie — 160 Jones, Mark — 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 160, 163, 205 Jones, Steven —87. 183, 185 Joyce, Richard - 94.95,175 JUNIOR RED CROSS - 92 JUNIORS - 158-169 Juriga, Donna — 77. 82, 89, 146 JURKOWSKI BEER DISTRIBUTOR-193 Jurkowski, Connie — 160 Kl Kachur, Patty — 72, 85, 131, 146 Kaczmarczyk. Charles — 160 Kalcugher, Linda — ICO Kanakis, Emanuel — 183 Kanakis, Marie — 160 Karal. Virginia — 77,83, 146 Karas, Charles — 63, 175 Karas. Daniel — 183 Karas, David — 183 Karas, Debbie — 125 Karas. Karen —95, 175 Karas, Mrs. Mary — 21, 193 Kardash, Boyd — 175 Kamavas, Andrew — 183 Kamoski, John — 175 Kascek, Christine — 183 Kascek, Karen — 76, 175 Kastriba, Lawrence — 71, 175 Katterson, Colletta — 161 Kaunert, David — 107, 175 Kazil, Donna - 175 Kazil, Lee Ann — 175 Kedzierski. Lynn — 97, 161 Kehoe, Brenda — 146 Kehoe, Robert — 128 Kehoe. Sandra — 161 Keith, Steven 80,161 Keith, Timothy 80, 107, 108, 146 Kellinger, Kathleen — 132, 175 Kellinger, Mark 175 Kendra. Georgene — 175 Kennedy, Karen 81, 89. 161, 175 Kennedy, Susan — 77, 83, 98, 125, 131,146 Kenner. Bruce — 175 Kenstler, Diane — 74, 146 Kerecman. Debbie — 47, 78. 81. 85. 86, 88, 98, 132, 134, 161, 162 Kerr, Darlene — 127 Kerr, William — 161 Kesow, Nancy — 175 Kiddy, Karen 76, 183 Kielbowick, Mr. David — 17 Kingerski, Chervl 175 Kirish, Dennis 70, 124, 161 Kisiday, Andrew — 83, 84, 87, 107. 108, 146, 148 Kisiday, Joseph — 107, 128, 161 Kisio, Sandra — 74, 146 KITTY’S FLOWER SHOPPE — 192 Klaich, Mr. Alan 17,59, 80 Klak. Debra 183 Klavin. Vicky — 72, 76, 88, 92, 175 Kleemook, Gary — 116, 121, 175 Klesser, Donald — 146 Klinsky, Thomas 107, 118, 134, 160 Klodowski, Deborah — 161 Kloffenstein, John 112,175 Knafele, Marty — 118. 119 Knapp. Alan — 161 Knapp, Thomas 79, 81, 86, 90.97, 121, 146 Knoll. Deborah — 161 Koban. Diane - 89, 91,95, 132, 161 Koban, Mary —92. 175 Kochanowski, Mr. Herman — 17 Kocherzat, John — 120, 161 Kokan, Stephen — 175 Kokoski, Diane — 38, 50. 57, 77,78,81,83, 84, 146 Kolcun, Miss Olga — 17 Koleman, Elizabeth — 183 Kolesin, Kristina — 161 Kolesin, Michael — 128, 146 Konarski, Kathy — 31, 32, 73, 83.98. 144, 145, 147 Komtsney, Deborah — 77, 81, 83,84.89, 147 Konitsney, Karen — 76, 183 Kopac. Carolyn — 175 Kopac, Sam — 176 Kopchick. Debra — 74, 147 Koppel, Jack — 176 Kopriva, Cheryl — 78,161 Korb, James — 176 Krodas, Alan — 176 Komecki, Bridgette — 183 Kosele, Raymond — 147 Kosis, Mr. Robert — 20, 21 Kosis, Wade— 107, 176 Kosis, William — 176 Koty, Susan — 176 Kouvaras, Tina — 57, 78, 132, 147 Kouvolo, Mr. Michael — 17, 102 Kowal, George — 147 Kowal. Michael 176 Kowal, Michael 64. 107, 176 Kowal, Roger — 31, 121, 147 Kowalski, Carol 125 Kowalski, Mark 76, 183 Kowalski, Thomas — 176 Kowalski. Walter 87,161 Kowalsky. George - 70, 71, 176 Kownacki, Robert - 128, 176 Kozlowski, Gary — 147 Kramer, Bill — 79, 176 Kremmel. James — 71. 176 Krestal, Janet — 161 KRISTUFEK AGENCY - 191 Kristufek, Robert 94, 95, 161 Krizan, Mark — 176 Krofchick, Julianne — 76, 183 Krofchick, Louis — 161 Krokonko, William —70, 184 Krol. Deborah — 184 Krol. Michael — 87, 107, 108. 147 Kubia. Linda — 147 Kubia. Richard — 161 Kuhia, Ronald — 161 Kubick, Karen — 176 Kuczynsky, Kathy — 161 Kuga, Michael — 176 Kuga, Susan 117 Kuhni, Edward — 124. 176 Kuhni, Renee — 147 Kulianos, Maria 76, 88, 92, 176 Kundrat. Jean — 72, 77, 78, 83, 88. 131, 147 Kunich, John 147 Kuny, Eileen — 176 Kuny. Kathy — 81, 86. 133, 147 Kuny. Robie — 176 Kuny, Sherry — 125 Kurash, Jill — 176 Kurash, Keith — 107, 108, 147 Kurash, Marilyn — 76, 176 Kusnir, Mark — 107, 161 Kusnir, Steve — 120, 147 KUZMA’S BOOK SPORE -195 Kwiatanowski, William — 147 Kyrargyros, Tony — 154 — L — Lambert, Karen — 176 Lambert. Sharon — 184 Lamp, Carl — 147 Landfried. Denise — 147 Landfried. Paul — 176 LANGUAGES —52-53 Lamish, Peter — 79, 176 Larson, Kurt — 176 LATIN CLUB-82 Lazar. Mrs. Stella — 17, 50, 125 Leach. Kenny — 117 Leach. Kim — 11,165 LEADERS’ CLUB —86 Lebec, Mr. Richard — 17, 117, 120 Lebda. James — 90, 147 Lee, Glena — 184 LEE’S SHOPPE - 192 Lchn, Lawrence — 96, 120 Lemon, Thomas — 147 Lench, Emil — 184 218Index Lench, Mike — 155 Leonardo, Mrs. Kristine — 17 Lesack, Linda — 148 Lessyk, John —87, 107, 176 Lewandowski, Cheryl 70. 76, 184 Lewandowski, Deborah — 184 Lewicki, Myron — 148 Lewis, Cynthia — 88,95, 176 LIBERTY LOAN - 192 LIBRARIES-54 Light man. Edward — 184 Lint, Earl — 160 Lipinski, Irene — 154 Lipinski, Richard — 59, 176 Lise, Theresa — 70 Lively, Judy — 125 Livitski, Nancy — 79,81 I edding, Barbara — 86, 72, 133, 148 Loedding, Rosanne — 131 Losco. Richard — 154 Loverich, Karin — 92, 176 L AND S AUTO SERVICE -201 Lubic. Anthony —80. 148 Lubic, John — 176 Lubic, Loretta — 74, 148 Lubic, Loretta — 74, 148 Lubic, Thomas — 75 Lucas, Andy — 89, 104, 107, 108, 148 Lucas, Dr. Michael — 200 Lucas. Edward — 107, 128. 176 Lucas, Irene — 78,88,98 Lucas, Jennie — 93,96, 176 Lucas, Joseph — 148 Lucas, William — 148 Lucente, Richard — 107, 176 Ludovici, Ben — 211 Ludwin, Gary — 176 Ludwin, Keith — 176 Lukachek. Mr. Albert 17 Lukachek. Donna — 50, 81, 82, 83,93, 148 Luketic, Sharon — 32, 176 Lusty. David — 148 Lyons, Joseph — 165 — M — Mace, Judith — 177 Mace. Linda — 125 Mackojc, Joseph — 148 Mackovich. Annie — 75 Macurak, Richard — 162 Macurak, Robert —70. 162 Macurak, Susan — 95, 148 Maher, John — 162 Majetic, Hubert — 184 Majetic, Joseph — 109, 184, 185 Majetic, Kathy — 35, 61. 78, 86,88. 132, 162 Maker. Marcella — 162 Makowski, Karen — 89, 177 Malecki, Mr. Stanley — 18, 65 Malinowski, Beverly — 95, 98, 177 Manini, Anthony — 177 Manis, Carol — 177 Manis, Gregory 148 Mann, Helene — 75, 148 Mann, James 109 Mann, Mr. Walter — 21 Manolakos, Victoria —177 Manos, Marianne — 78, 96, 148 MAPLE RESTAURANT -200 Maravich. George 177 Marcink. Robert — 107, 118, 132, 162 Mariam, Joseph —70, 177 Marich. Melanie — 125 Marion, Terry — 148 Markvan. John — 80 Markvan. Ronald 79, 81, 94. 96, 148 Marocco. Mr. Frank — 18, 33, 50, 102, 104, 107, 138 Marotti, Michael — 71, 184 Marr, Nancy 162, 175 Marustack, John — 177 Mashensic, Gregory — 162 Maslanik. Ruth — 75. 94. 95, 148 Mason. Donald — 177 Matey, Mr. John — 17, 18,52 MATHEMATICS — 56-57 Mathews, Denise 177, 206 Matievich, Charles — 48. 94, 95,149 Matika, James 109,117 Matika, Mike — 30. 80, 87. 105, 106, 107. 108, 149 Mattem, Donna — 95, 162 Mattern, Ronald — 94. 96 Matter, Ronald — 177 Mattuch, Mr. Michael — 24 Matzie, Lynn —177 Mauk, Joan — 177 Mauldin, Cynthia — 98, 177 MAYNARD’S. JEWELRY 192 Max, JoAnne — 177 Mayer, Deborah — 75, 149 Mazzctti, Joanne — 71, 88. 177 McCandless, Charles — 177 McClellan. Alan — 132,162 McClellan, Muriel — 184 McClennan, Alan — 118 McClure. Colleen — 78. 86. 96. 149 McClure, David — 70, 71 McCollim, Robert — 177 McCombie, Lynn —92,177 McCormick, Francis — 74 McCormick. Frank — 149 McCoy, Rory - 107, 162, 169 McCoy, Ross — 149 McCoy. Ruth —162 McCoy. Thomas — 172 McCracken. Randy — 162 McCracken, Roger — 177 McCready, Mr. John — 18, 52 McCue, John — 109.184 McCullough. Debbie — 184 McDanel, Richard — 83, 90, 91, 149 McEvoy, Barbara 76, 89, 96, 162 McGeorge, Kathy — 70,162 McGeorge, Steve — 177 McGinnis, Keith — 76, 177 McHenry, Robert —177 McKeown, Miss Mary — 18 McKissic, Arthur— 162, 177 McMahan. James 177 McNally, Dale 162 McStay. Debbie —177 McVay, Pamela — 75, 149 McVay, Penny — 58, 177 Measel, Raymond — 80, 94, 95, 149 Meddock. Mr. Dale — 131 Meerdo, Betty — 86, 88, 89. 94. 162,165 Mehno, John — 149 MELLON NATIONAL BANK — 191 Melnyk, Donna — 177 Mercadante, Cathy — 73, 162 Merlino, Debra — 177 Merriman. Deborah — 177 Meschanko, Jim —117 Mesko, Michael — 177 Messia, Cheryl — 149 Metelsky, Ron — 132, 162 Michael. Joan — 74, 149 Michael, John 71, 149 Michkofsky, Patricia — 56, 73, 87,96,177 Micochin, Roberta — 149 Midzianowsky, Nadine — 66. 95.162 Mihalik, Jeffrey-87. 177 Mihalik, Walter — 107, 108, 149 Mihalow, Edward — 177 Mikulich, Mark — 184 MIKUSH APPLIANCE SERVICE - 199 Mikush, Roberta — 81, 149 Milanovich. Mrs. Magdalena — 25 Milanovich, Michael — 107, 132, 135, 162 Miller. Mrs. Barbara — 18 Miller, Diane — 183 Miller, Judy — 149 Miller, Peggy — 162 Miller, Sandra — 177 Miller. Sheila — 162 Miller, Tom — 118 Miloszewski, Patricia — 72, 86. 87, 94.95, 96. 133, 162 Mindek. Michelle — 95. 177 Minerd, Linda — 177 Miskulin, Robert — 177 Mistovich, Annamarie — 71, 162 Mistovich, Milena — 177 Mitchell, Beverly — 95, 149 Mitchell, Dianne — 177 Mitchell, Stephanie — 95, 149 Mlay. Michael — 177 Mogyorosi, Janet — 76, 184 Molchen. Miss Priscilla — 18 Monzi. Ronald — 109. 132 Moore. Betty — 177 Moore, Charles — 149 Moore. Deborah — 178 Moran, David — 116, 178, 209 Morelli. Georgiann — 184 Morgan, Gary — 149 Momingstar. Samuel —184 Morrisette, Lynn — 94, 95, 162, 203 Morrison. Barbara - 184 Morrison. Pamela — 89, 178 Morsillo, James — 109, 117 Morton, Elizabeth — 76, 178 Moskes, Anna Marie — 162 Moskorisin, John — 163 Mouradian, Richard — 149 Mozes, Pamels — 76. 184 Mozes, Shelley — 163 Mozes, Steven 149 Mulik, Mr. Wilmer - 18, 67 Munk. Mr. Edward — 25 Murray, Deborah — 178 Murray, Lester — 178 Murry, Leonard — 41, 70, 71, 163 .Vlusgrave, Scott — 128, 163 Musi. Linda — 76,178 Muslin, Michael 150 Mustio, Debbie — 75, 149 Musulin. Deborah — 178 Musulin, Myra — 80, 163 Mutschler, Larry — 178 Mutterspaugh, Barbara —71 Mutterspaugh. William — 178 Myers, Kevin — 150 MYTINGER CO. 192 — N — Nadzak, Janet — 78, 86, 125, 132,133, 163 Nadzak, Sue — 125 Narkevich, Cindy 76, 184 Napoleon. Frank —70, ISO NATIONAL HISTORICAL SOCIETY—83 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY —84 NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY —85 NATIONWIDE, DANIEL HELKOWSKI 193 Naugle, Donald - 178 Naugle. Jackie — 150 Navalance, Eileen - 183, 184 Naworczynski, Andrea — 178 Nawrocki, Mrs. Helen 18 Nawrocki, John 118 Nazarovitch, Mary Ann — 178 Nazarovitch. Paul — 109, 181 Neforos. Speros 48. 85. 94. 95, 132, 150 Nehilla. Mark — 178 Neisnack, Paul 80. 132.150 Nelko. Mariann — 70,81, 184 Nelko, Margaret — 71, 89, 163 Nesbitt. Cindy — 73, 178 Nesselrode. Vanessa — 150 Nestor, Metro — 70, 85, 87, 150, 208 Neville, Cindy — 178 Niaros. John — 107, 163 Nicastro, Terry —154 NIVEN’S AMERICAN STATION - 188 Nixon, Wallace — 163 Notarianni, Cheryl — 163, 213 Novak, Bernadette — 178 Novak. Marilyn — 78, 81, 88, 163, 169 Novick, Harry — 184 Novosel, Arthur — 163 Nowakowski, Rebecca —81. 163 No wry, Constance — 75 -o- Ober, Linda — 150 Offen, Debbie — 76, 184 OFFICE PERSONNEL -26- 219Index 27 Ogrizovich, Mrs. Donna 17 OHIO VALLEY LUMBER -200 OMBRES ALTO SALES 192 Ondovcsik, Jane — 125 Ondrako. Debbi — 184 Ondrako. Joseph — 184 Oprisko, Samuel — 178 Ord, Carolyn — 178 Ordons, Lorraine— 163 ORGANIZATIONS - 68-99 Orler, Carl — 109 Orsag, David — 184 Ory, George — 150 Ostrowski, Barb — 125 Owens. Linda —178 -P — Paczak. Donna — 89. 92, 150 Paleos, George — 163 Palichat. Nadine — 89 Palichat. Natalie — 178 Paladini, Novina — 184 Palmer. Anita —70, 178 Palmer. Darryl — 128, 184 Palmer. George — 48. 94. 95. 150 Palmer. James — 47. 132, 139, 150 Palmer. Paula — 178 Palmer. Mr. Robert — 18 Palmero, Jim — 121 Palumbo, Mary Jane — 150 Paniccia. Miss Floriana — 17, 18,52, 53, 76 Paolini, Ronald — 70, 71, 178 Papantonio, Michael — 130, 178 Papasodero, Darlene — 85, 132, 150 Papasodero. Marlene — 89. 178 Parisi, Julius — 150 Parker, Sheri — 178 Parkinson. Lynn — 178 Parnell, Worley — 184 Parsons. Deborah — 178 Parsons. Leonard — 112, 163 Pastelak. Susan — 70, 77. 84. 92, 150 Pasternak. Paul — 184 Pastrick. Charlene — 41. 71. 77, 88. 92, 96, 98. 150 PASTRICK’S — 198 Pastrick. Virginia — 71, 88. 92, 163 Patrick, Diener — 163 Patrick, Donald — 178 Patterson. Sharon — 92. 178 Pavkovich, Joseph — 163 Pavlik, Mrs. Mary — 24, 25 Pavlik, Stephanie — 178 Pcolar, Walter — 151 Pcsolyar, Donna — 70. 81. 86. 88. 163 Peck. Mr. Robert — 21 Pelic. Linda — 184 Pellegrini. Sandra - 162, 164 Perciavalle, Ken — 31. 33, 94, 95. 132, 144, 145, 151, 203 Percy, David — 151 PERLMAN JEWELERS — 192 Perkovich, Vesna — 184 Perri, Rn etta — 9G, 178 Perri. Thomasine — 184 Perris, Nicholas — 75. 84. 87, 151 PERRIS, DR. NICHOLAS -192 Persi, Mr. Felix — 18, 56 Persson, Michael — 112, 178 Peters, Jo Ann — 52, 151 Peters. Mrs. Naomi — 18, 26, 75 Petkash, Elaine — 54, 77, 151 Petrina, James — 94, 95, 132, 151 Petrow, Anita — 154 Petruska. Lynn p 151 Pemla. Larry — 151 Pfaff, Susan — 151 Pfeiffer, Dale — 94, 95, 151 Pfeifer, Mr. Raymond — 18, 46, 118 Phillips, Cheryl —93, 178 Phillips, Vera — 93, 164 Pietrandrea. Miss Darlene — 17,18, 52, 76 Piltz, Doreen — 76, 178 Piltz, Robert — 118 Pingitore, Linda —34, 151 Piontek. Lorraine —89. 92. 178 Piontek, Walter — 151 Pisano, Christine — 96, 178 Pisano, James — 128, 129, 178 Pisano, Judith — 151 Pisano, Nick — 109. 184 Pisano. Roxanne — 75, 78, 132, 151 Pitaro, Freddi — 184 Pitaro, Jeffrey — 164 Pitts. Mrs. Bemardine 17, 18.52 Pitts, Loretta —5,87, 125, 145, 151 Pitts, Marlene — 75, 78, 132, 145.151 Plese, Thomas — 164 Plesh, Paul — 184 Pless, Deborah — 164 Pletz, Darlene — 184 Pletz. Patty —95, 178 Plovock, Pauline 184 Pocorus, Joseph — 164 Pocorus, Renee — 178 Polas, Kenneth — 71, 124, 132, 151 Poling, Denise — 33, 164 Polito. Carmen — 178 Post, Richard — 179 Pournaras. Cynthia — 55, 164 Powell. Deborah — 152 Powell, Katherine — 92, 179 Powell, Linda — 76, 184 Powell. Susi — 75,93, 164 Powner. Lydia — 179 PRACTICAL ARTS — 58. 59 Prentice. Mary — 125 Preston. Mr. David — 17, 23 Price, Terry — 179 Pride. Delores — 164 Pride. Ethel —74, 152 Prince, Louise — 48. 164 Proakis. Elaine — 76, 184 Probst, Raymond — 164 Prokopovich. David — 152 Prokopovich. Joyce — 72, 87, 179 Prokopovich. Michael — 41. 103, 104, 105, 106. 107, 164 Prokopovich. Noreen -91, 164 Protenic, Betty — 87, 179 Proul, Emile — 164, 179 Prus. Mark — 81. 82, 88. 90, 91. Prusick, Walter — 25, 71, 164 Pszeracki. Joe — 63, 107, 126, 127, 128, 163 Pszeracki. Ralph — 128, 179 Puckett, Cheryl — 179 Pugliano. Jeanne — 78, 85, 93, 98, 142, 152 Pushak, John — 97. 179 Pyle. Betsy — 125 Pyrch, Barbara — 78, 86, 88, 98, 162, 164 -Q- Quinet, Janet — 91, 164, 167 — R — Rabovsky, Albert — 124, 164 Racioppo. Barbara — 74. 152 Racioppo, Dana — 164 Raggazini, Albert — 102 Ragland. Dennis — 164 Rainaldi, Jeffrey — 71, 132,179 Rainaldi. Leslie — 81. 84 . 85, 86, 92, 132, 134, 152 RAINBOW’ PALETTE — 195 Rajter, Cindy — 164 Rajter, Richard — 152 Randall. Miss Roberta — 18, 47 Ranish, Deborah — 66, 79, 81, 88,91,96, 164 Rapchak, Sonja — 184 Rapso, Mrs. Martha — 18 Raven, Cheryl — 77, 78, 91, 93, 152 Ray, Ronald — 74,152 Raymer, Jean — 70 Raymer, Kathleen — 89, 164 Raymer, William — 152 Ready, Patricia — 179 Reich, Charles — 57,81, 152 Reszetylo, Kathy — 152 Reuss, Susan — 152 Rexroad, Sharon — 152 Rhawn, Linda — 76. 79, 92, 98, 179 Rhone, Linda — 179 Ricciardi, Joseph — 58, 80, 152 Riccio, Annette — 179 Rich. Rosemary — 184 Rich, Sandy — 131, 164 Richards, Rebecca — 164 RICK DENNY’S BAR - 193 Ries, Gordon — 70, 164 Rigano. Anthony — 71,90, 152 Rigano, Dominic — 90. 91, 152 Riley, Marshall — 184 Rinaldi. Becky — 95,179 Ritter. Neil — 165 Rizzo, Thomas —152 Rizzo. Toni — 93, 98. 152 Robbins, Susan —88, 92, 179 Roberts, Rochelle — 179 Robertson, Daniel — 179 Robertson, Theresa — 165 Robinsky, Scott — 153 Rodgers. Denise — 179 220Index Rodgers, Elizabeth — 184 Rodriquez. John — 184 Rogic, Faith —92, 153 Rogic, Hope — 43, 50, 86. 87, 93, 94,95, 98, 143, 153, 162 Roginski, Edward — 70, 153 Roginski, Nancy — 71, 179 ROMA RESTAURANT — 193 Roman. Barbara — 185 Roman. Cheryl — 70. 185 Roman. Richard — 165 Romano. Lori — 165 Romansky, Karen — 153 Ropon, Richard — 133, 135, 153 Roppo, Art — 165 Roppo, Ann — 179 Rose, Betty — 179 Rosenberger, Frank — 74, 153 Rosenberger, Louise — 70, 76, 185 Ross. Marilyn — 125 Ross. Ray — 117. 185 Rossi, Nick — 76, 87, 179 ROTH. HAROLD L. FAMILY — 193 Rotolo, Douglas — 71. 185 Rozday, William — 153 Rudakewich, Barbara — 179 Rudakewich, David — 179 Rudenko. Nickolas — 145, 153 Rudy, Chris — 71,165 Russell, Helen — 179 Russell, Jennifer —180 Russell, Mr. John — 18, 55 Russell. Milly — 179 Russin, Michael — 153, 165 Ruth. Barry — 179 Rutkowski, Thomas — 116, 165 Ryan, Regis — 132,165 Rygalski, Cathrine — 179 Rygalski, Cathy 185 Rygalski, Rick — 118 Rykaczewski, JoAnne — 92, 153,179 Rykaczewski. Joseph — 74 — s- Sabatine, Barbara — 179 Sabato, Donald — 46, 77, 80, 87,85, 132, 153 Sabina, Dennis — 185 Sacco, Peter — 80, 107, 163, 165 Saccoulas, Gregory — 153 Sadowy, Len — 179 Sage. Gary — 87, 112, 113, 118, 153 Sage. Jeffery — 153 Sage. Mr. Michael — 18. 117 Salada, Art — 179 SALA’S QUAKER STATE — 192 Salopek. Joseph —83, 118, 132, 153 Salopek, Nancy — 83, 91, 153 Sangermano. Frank — 145 Sankey, Eamestine — 96,179 Saunders, Clayton — 107, 165 Savage, Virginia — 179 Savant, Robert — 185 Savie, Deborah — 165 Savie, Karen —96, 131, 185 Saylor, Douglas — 39, 112,179 Saylor, Janet — 70, 81, 83, 84. 153 Schams, Scott — 165 Scheer, Deborah — 74 Scheer, John — 153 Scheer, Michael — 165 Schell, James — 76 Scherfel, Susan — 75,153 Schmetzer, Linda 185 Schmidt. Dawn — 76, 89. 165, 179 Schmidt, Kevin — 121, 179 SCHOOL BOARD — 20-21 SCHOOL PERSONNEL — 14- 27 SCHOOL SERVICE GROUPS — 27 Schweikert, Mark — 128. 153 Schwertz, Kenneth — 180 Schwcrtz, Michael — 165 SCIENCE —60-61 Scisciani. Marie —71, 180 Segeleon, Marianne — 34. 78, 86.93, 133, 154 Sehnke, Kevin — 180 Sehnke, Patrick —154 Seigler, Dewey — 109 Selley, Lora — 165 Selley, Mark — 185 SENIORS — 138, 157 Serack, Louise — 27 Serak, Elaine — 75, 86, 98. 132, 165 Sessie, Donald — 180 Sestile, William — 95, 180 Settino. Miss Rose — 19 SETTINO. GENEVIEVE, Esq. — 192 Sevin. Kathy — 154 Sevin. Ray — 148, 154 Shaddock. Carol — 165 Shaffer, Albert - 109 Shaffer, Brenda 185 Shaffer, Cynthia — 70,165 Shaffer. Ronald — 165 Shahen, Anthony — 165 Shaner, Lanny — 154 Shapach. Mary Beth — 180 Shapen, A1 — 180 Shea, Stanley — 165 Sheesley, Sandra — 95, 180 Sheleheda. James — 83,87. 154 Shelkons, Yvonne — 180 Shell, Jim — 180 Shenot, Mrs. Rosemary — 19, 34.84 Sherman. Miss Doris — 19, 56 Shevchik, George — 70, 154 Shingleton. William — 180 Shomin. Michael — 71. 80. 154 Shoup. Kenneth — 80. 95, 154 Shriver, Mrs. Beverly — 19 Shrum, Roxanne — 165 Shumsky, Glenn — 75. 185 Shumsky, Jay — 121, 180 Shutka. Barb — 183 Shutka, Michael — 165 Shutka. Michelle — 63, 76, 79, 95. 180 Shvach, Susan — 76 SILHOUETTE — 96-97 Silkroski, Cindy — 76, 92,180 SIMON INSURANCE - 192 Sinchak, Mark — 107, 165 Sippel, Dave 117 Sippel, Edward — 154 Sippel. Robert — 165 Sirko, Deborah — 70.81.82,83, 96. 154 Sisley, John — 116, 154 Sisley, Terry — 76, 180 Sivewright, Gary — 128, 180 Sivy. Robert — 109 Skapik. Virginia — 180 Skeriotis. George — 185 Skeriotis, Jim — 185 Skiba. Beverly — 81, 88,89. 165 Skoff. Kathy — 125, 132, 166, 180 Skoff. Rebecca — 76. 87. 180 Slappo, Barbara — 185 Slavik, Dale — 166 Slavik, David —155 Slavik. Loretta — 180 Slingluff. Don — 180 Siivka. Michael — 166 Slobodian, Karla — 70, 185 Slobodian, Kathy 88. 89. 166 Slobodian. Paul — 80. 87, 124 Smart. Joe —117 Smedley. David — 155 Smelko, Lucille — 88. 166 Smelko, Thomas — 109, 185 Smigielski, James — 150,77 Smigielski, Michael — 77, 155 Smith, Alpheaus — 128 Smith, Dana — 117 Smith. Davette —166 Smith. Dawn — 70, 71, 155 Smith, James — 71.81. 180 Smith, Jeff - 5, 98. 121, 124. 127,128, 166 Smith, Linda — 89.92. 166, 174 Smith. Robert — 94.95.155 Smith, William — 166 Smrzlick, Nicholas — 180 Snelson, Vickie — 180 Sniady. Robert — 70, 71,155 Sobolewski. Michelle — 74. 155 Sobolosky, Christine 76, 166 Sobota. Timothy — 121, 133, 135, 155 Soldressen, Michaline — 48, 166 Solero, Mr. Ramon — 19,83 Solomich, Daniel — 99. 124, 166 Solomich. David — 87. 109, 117, 185 Solomich. Marilyn — 75, 166 SOL S STORES — 188 Soltis. Robert — 166 Soltis, William — 180 SONNETT AND SIROCKY -189 Sonnie, Sharon — 180 SOPHOMORES - 170-181 Sopirak. Cynthia — 185 Sopko, Alan — 166 Soska, Cindy — 180 Soska, Wendy — 92.93.180 Sovich, Becky —125 Sovich, Michelle — 73, 155 Sovich, Patti — 180 Sovich. Susan — 166 Spagnolo. Florinda 70, 155 Spagnola. Michael 71.180 Spahr, Marcella —86 Spak, Ed — 65 Spak, Robert — 166 Span, Jeffery 155 Sperduti, Robert — 94, 95, 166 Sperduti, Roberta —155 Spieler. Robert — 70, 180 Spinosi, John 54, 180 Spinosi, Joseph —180 Spolarich, Gary - 87, 180 SPORTS — 100-135 Sposaro, Tom 185 Springer, Alex — 32 Springer, Thomas — 70,71, 180 Sproull, Christine — 48, 94. 95. Spruill. Carter — 180 Spruill, Frank — 95,107,166 Spuganich, Gail —180 Sradomski. Michael 121, 166 Stachowicz, Cynthia — 92, 96. 75. 166 Stahlman. Barbara, 70,180 Stanasolovich, 1-ou 109,117 Stani9law ski, Michael — 155 Staryszak. Tony — 39, 77. 112, 113, 155 Staving, Gary —180 Staving, Randy —180 Staving. Vernon — 166 Steinberg. Dr. Alter — 21. 192 Steinberg. Gloria — 81, 88, 132, 221Index 166 Steinberg. Mr. Nathaniel — 19. 90 Steuber, Robert — 166 Stevenson. Mr. David — 17, 19 Stewart. Donna — 125. 155 Stewart. Jeffery — 166 STEWART’S HARDWARE -192 Stojan, Joseph — 80. 87. 155 Stolar. Ann — 19, 26, 32 Stolich, Barbara 75, 88, 92, 166 Stoner. Mary Kay — 86, 83, 92, 155 Stouffer, Joni — 88. 92, 166 Stranges. Mr. Joseph — 19 Stranko, Joseph — 121, 166 Stranko, Steven —109 Strano. Debbie — 77,83, 155 Strano, Donald — 155 Strano, Ed — 109 Strano, Michelle — 75, 89, 92, 131, 166, 180 Strella, Linda — 166 Striegel, Joyce — 180 Stringer, Geroge — 185 Strobel, Linda — 156 Strojek, Janice — 79.89, 166 STUDENT COUNCIL - 87 STUDENT LIFE — 28-43 STUDENT UNITED NATIONS—88 Stumpf, Keith — 180 Suchy, Paul — 128, 156 Sulkowski. Edward — 156 Sumrak, Richard — 167 Susan, John —132 Susan, Margo — 167 Sutter, Mr. Paul — 16. 19,82 Sutton. Bruce — 74 Sutton, Kenneth — 165 Sutton. Linda — 86, 89, 94, 95. 167 Svach, Susan — 185 Swain, Lawrence — 156 Swanson. Richard — 167 Swarlis, Richard — 167 Swarlis, Sandra — 167 Swegel, Susan — 156 SWOBE AND DEANE PONTIAC-BUICK - 194 Syka, Janet — 77, 78, 81, 86, 87,94, 95, 133, 145, 156 Szymoniak, Dennis — 180 Szpak, Edward — 167 Szuchy, Kathy — 74. 156 — T — Tabin, Judy — 180 Taddy, Robin — 167 Tate, Beth —96,131, 180 TAYLOR MILK COMPANY — 202 Tedesco, John — 107, 165, 167 Tedesco, Mr. Thomas — 19, 56 Tempalski, Karen — 156 Tempalski, Robert —70, 185 Teny, Michelle— 167 Testa, Vincent — 180 THEME —2-13 Theodorous, Lynette — 167 Theodorous, Pete — 156 Thompson, Brian — 180 Thompson, Paul — 156 TIC-TOC DAIRY BAR - 193 Tolfa, Mr. Emueo — 19. 70. 71 Tomaszewski, Mark — 181 Toney. Dennis — 181 Topolski, Kick — 109, 185 Topoloski, Thomas — 181 Torhan, Michael — 185 Torhan, Valerie — 74,156 Toth, Tony — 109 TOWCIMAK FUNERAL HOME—193 Townsend. Mrs. Lilan — 27 Townsend, Theodore — 167 Towsend, Debra — 167 TRACK AND FIELD 122-123 Trautman. Mark 181 reantafellow, Janet — 95, 156 Treantafellow, Miss Linda — 19, 72 Tressler, Kathy — 181 Troeger, Robert — 88, 91, 167 Trojan, Paul — 118, 132, 134 Troll, Miss Ruth — 19 Truskowski, David— 132, 156 Tucker, Diane — 95, 125, 167 Tucker. John — 167 Tuntas, James — 87 , 98, 107, 181 Tumball, Scott — 94. 95. 156 Turney, William — 55, 116, 167 Tumley, James 117, 185 Tumley, Mike — 117 TWIN MOBILE HOMES. INC. — 189 Tylosky, Mary — 75, 156 Tryo, Terry — 70,95.167 -u- Uhemik, Kathy-89,92, 181 Uherik, Martin -j— 168 Ujevich, Mr. Milo — 20, 21, 22 Ulizio, Marylee — 77, 78, 83, 88,92. 156 Unsworth, gary — 156 Urbanik, Ruth —71. 156 I'rda, Cynthia — 168 USHERETTS — 89 — V — Valler, Valerie — 88,89, 168 VALLEY DODGE - 188 VANCE’S AUTO SERVICE -190 Vanyo, Richard — 168 Varhol, James — 168 Varlichi, Shirley — 181 Venglass, David — 181 Venneri. Jo Ellen — 78, 79. 81. 92,96,156 Villella, Carl — 109, 185 Villella, Diane —168 Villella. Lydia — 181 Vincent, Fran — 118, 132, 156 Vito. David — 181 Vito, Janet — 81,89,95, 168 VOCATIONAL - 64-65 Vochko, Dr. Paul — 21, 23 Voegel, Candy — 72, 156 Vogan. Gail — 168 VOGAN STUDIO - 188 Voynik, Alan 181 Vrabely, Ronald— 157 Vucetich, Rebecca — 181 — W Wachtel, Patricia — 89, 181 Wados. Cynthia — 181 Wagner, Cynthia — 181 Wagner. Edward — 168 Wagurak. Douglas 185 Walden. Linda —58, 157 Walko, Attorney Joseph — 39 Wall. Susan 76,92,181 Wall, William — 85, 87, 121, 132, 168 WALL’S FEED STORE - 192 Walters, Paul — 181 Wanchik, Marla — 181 Ward, James — 168 Waskiewicz, Elaine — 125, 157 Wasko, Regina — 181 W’aslo, Paula — 181 Waslo, Wendy — 92, 93, 96. 168,174 Watach, Joseph - 85,121, 168 Watson, Robin — 157 W’augaman. Joy — 181 Weber, Dawn — 92, 178, 179, 181 Weber, James — 95. 181 Weber. Penny 168 Weeks, Mrs. Susan — 19, 77 Weidinger, Susan — 76, 185 Weishaupl, Ramona — 70, 168 Welling, Diane — 157 Welling, James — 124, 168 Welling, Pamela — 76, 95, 181 Welsh, Timothy — 168 Wenglik, Gary — 128 Westberg, Roy — 168 Westover, Kathy —58, 75, 132, 157 Wheeler, Mr. Alex — 19, 80, 126-127 W'heeler, Karen — 76, 88, 92, 181 W’hyle, Mr. Thomas — 19 Wiegel, Mr. William — 19 Willis, Donna — 63, 157 Wilson, David — 181 Wilson, Mrs. Marlene — 17,19, 94,95 Winkler, Richard — 168 Winwood, Joseph — 90, 94, 95 157 Witowich, Bih — 80, 107, 108, 157 WMBA - 198 Wolbert. Mr. John — 17,19.56 Wood, Jane — 76,181 Woods, Debbie — 95, 181 Wozniak, Dean — 168 Wozniak, Don — 168 Wozniak, Richard — 61, 157 WRESTLING—126-129 Wright, Bemice — 98 Wright, Bonna— 168 Wright, Brenda — 168 Wright, Russel — 157 Wrotney, John — 124, 168 Wuycik, Donn — 80, 157 Wuycik, John - 79, 120, 157 Wyllie, Mr. John — 23 Wyllie, Mrs. Theresa — 19 — Y — YALE-PRINCETON - 125 Yaniga. Nancy — 63, 77, 81, 86. 96, 97, 157 Yannessa, Mr. Don — 19. 102, 107 Yaworsky. Brian —87, 116, 168 Yaworsky, Elbert — 154 Yeager, Jeffrey — 185 Yeager, Terri — 70, 168 Yerega. Michael — 40, 132, 157 Yocum. Karen — 181 Yope, John 60,124,157,210 Yost, Miss Imogeue 19, 50. 86, 125 Young, Marsha — 181 Yurkovac, Steve - 157 — z — Zahorsky, Mr. John 19. 74 Zak, Sandra — 181 Zalenski. David — 185 Zawinsky, Michael 130, 181 Zawosky, Peter — 71, 128, 168 Zbrzezny, James — 157 Zdziarski, Phyllis — 181 Zehnder, Carolyn — 181 Zehnder. Gary — 157 Zeitler, Charlotte 185 Zentichko, George — 181 Zielinski, Bradley — 157 Zielinski, Jeffrey — 168 Zivic, Karen — 75, 157 Zondas. Miss Angela — 21 Zuk, Kenneth — 98, 181 Zukowski, JoEllen —76, 181 Zurow, Carol — 181 Zychowski, Gary — 185 222Appendix B Yearbook Staff Judy Duke Editor Production Assistants Carol Dennerlein Business Manager Denise Carroll Dan Solomich Photographer Sharon Guerrieri Judy Miller Copy Editor Jeanne Kundrat Pat Connor Copy Editor Irene Lucas Kathy Kuny Copy Editor Linda Musi Sue Kennedy .. .. Copy Editor Sandy Pellegrini Debbie Kerecman Typist Barb Pyrch Janet Nadzak ... Typist Hope Rogic John Mphno Sports Editor Bill Rozday Robert Troeger . . . Sports Editor Gloria Steinberg Mr. Frank Desanzo Advisor Mary Tylosky Acknowledgements The staff of the 1972 Bridger wishes to express its appreciation to the following for their inspirational and material contributions to this annual. PHOTOGRAPHY Harvey Beer COOPERATION Miss Serak 441 Merchant Street Ambridge Area High School Ambridge, Pennsylvania Harry Frye Doug Groesbeck American Yearbook Company Rudy Schunk THE BEAVER COUNTY TIMES ENCOURAGEMENT School PUBLISHING American Yearbook Personnel The many Mr. George Stewart Advertisers Representative 223 Therefore be at peace with God . . . With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams it is still a beautiful world. 

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Ambridge Area High School - Bridger Yearbook (Ambridge, PA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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