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JXinittecn-liundrml Sixty amuGEtt l ublisbi’il by I he si mien is of A inbrillyi’ Uiyh School - ® l i bri11yi’. I u. 3THERE WERE CLASSES OE CULTURE AAR LEARNINGEXTRA-TVRRHIVAR EVENTS WEKE REEASVREABLE AAR ENTERTAININGWE COMPETED WELL LX LXTERStHOLASTH SPORTSl)r. Howard Squires SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Joseph Zcrilla U'iih Mr. Joseph Bucka Dr. Leo Taggart ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT l orirt 10 f Dr. Joseph Benkerl CURRICULUM DIRECTOR Mrs. Mary Leiper Mr. John Graham Mr. Ihaddeus Nawrocki Education Mr. Joseph Hlista ASSISTANT PRINCIPALI fit lli iifori o » v. ' t llorf(r .v Proverbs 24:3-4 Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established; And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with nil precious and pleasant riches. 12t To you. Miss Althouser, we dedicate this book for the years of service, guidance, and devotion you have given to Ambridge High School. For this we will remember you always.Lvarninij thrimfjh ALMA ADAMS Typing WILMER ADAMS JOHN BARNER American History Theatre GEORGE BARTH MICHAEL BEI.FY WILLIAM BENOIT BETTY BIRES Mechanical Drawing Industrial Arts Art Algebra ROSE BOGOVICH World History I'WILA BOVARD Library Science JOSEPHINE BROGNO JOHN BUDIMIR JOHN BUR WISH JACK BURNS WALLER CARTER JOHN CHAPALA Typing Economics Bookkeeping Mathematics German Auto Driving WALTER CHAPALA FRANK DESANZO EDWARD DRAKE MARY DUFFY IRMA EIBECK ESTELLE FAUSOLD Metal Shop English Physical Education Latin English Home EconomicsPHOEBE FEI.K CONSTANCE FI RICH RAYMOND GORDON Russian Home Economics Automotive Mechanics VIRGINIA GRIFFITH French JOHN GURNEY Instrumental Music JOHN HER INEKY LEONARD HORSMAN WILLIAM 11 RON AS ANGELUS 1WANCZYK Electric Shop Biology English Shorthand AMELIA KARNAVAS English HERMAN KOCH A NOW Ski Science JOHN KOKOSK1 Hygiene OLGA KOLCUN Home Economics ROSE KOZAK Shorthand PETER KLLIk Polish FRANCES LESNICK JOSEPH LOMBAR CLARA LORICH ALBERI LL KACHEK RUTH LU'l''MAN FERN McCUNE Music Problems of Democracy Science American History Art MathematicsMARY McKEOWN STANLEY MALECKI MICHAEL MALINICH Typing Machine Shop Wood Shop ELLA NICHOLSON Home Economics I HO MAS OSSO Spanish REBECCA PALMER Physical Education ROBERT PALMER Chemistry ESTHER PIANTANIDA Italian DWIGHT PIPER Plane Geometry JOHN PIPER WALLER PRUSICK LAURA RICE KATHRYN ROSS LEONARD MAURICE Algebra Mathematics M usic English ROTHERMEL Science RUBENSTEIN (ieneral Business 1 raining 16 MICHAEL ROSE SETT1NO SEBASTIAN Home Economics Physical Education LYSLE SHAFFER ROSEMARY SHENOT English Englishthvir itiivivi DORIS SHERMAN Mathematics MARIE SMITH American lliston AI.FADINE SNYDER English MARCELLA SPA HR Hygiene YE I OLD SPORNY Band NATHANIEL JOSEPH STRANGES STEINBERG Social Studies Physics MARC.ARE I SULLIVAN Reading EHOMAS IEDESCO Trigonometry MYRTLE TREMBLEY KATHRYN TROLL English English RUTH TROLL Music MILO UJEVICH Biology PAUL VOCHKO WILLIAM WIEGI1. World History Industrial Arts W ILLIAM WILCOX JOHN WYLLIE I HER ESA WYLLIF IMOGENE YOST Mechanical Drawing Pennsylvania History Civics Physical Education 17ESTHER BAEUERLEIN PEGGY BUDRIS NANCY NilMAN PAT SALIGA Keep SHIRLEY SALIGA SHIRLEY BETHEL ROSE PATRIZI PAT SOVICHDELORES JONES JOSEPHINE SCUNDI LOUISE SERACK FRANCES MIKULIK KAY BRUICH MAE PERSUITTE ROSS COSENTINOWe Study Mu t unitevithe activitiesStudent Council Members of this organization are elected from the student body. It is an organization for the purpose of expressing the wishes of the students. OFFICERS Larry Green Bill Gust Marian Rizzo Steve Simko Gary Rick leyFinance Committee With accuracy and good business judgment, the Finance Committee helps to sell and collect tickets at many of the school functions. Historical Society One of the high honors at Ambridge is that of being selected for membership in the National Historical Society. Members arc chosen on the basis of character, leadership, and cooperativeness, and are the students who excell in history.Under the direction of Mr. V. W. Sporny, these cooperative students did a splendid job this year. Their many presentations during the year brought a great deal of enjoyment to all of us. ursitfj AMarvhintj Huntl DRUM MAJOR Dave Sporny Laugniin Memorial Free Lihmrv 11th Street and Mapi. AmbriOge, Pennsylvania idvms MANAGERSThe band had the pleasure of experiencing a presentation on television and performing at a band show at Baldwin High School.Senior Madriyal Although their performances arc not as frequent as some of the other school organizations' performances, the weeks of preparation spent in bringing this fine voca 1 group to perfection are always evident in their presentations. Junior Mtulriyui ® v goo 27Secretarial Practice Students who take a commercial course and who wish to broaden their knowledge of the business world are members of the Secretarial Practice group under the direction of Miss Kozak.iiuihling ! utn l Members of the patrol are responsible for the regulation of traffic during class changes. They also help to collect tickets as our assemblies. Buys' Pntrnl The boys’ patrol regulates traffic at dismissal and during fire drills.Britlyer Sponsor. Mr. Dcsanzo. pointing out type to staff member. Lydia Sokol! Yenrljook typist: Pat Yarosh. These students are a few of the people who worked very hard to produce a yearbook which would give a vivid picture of our school and its many functions. Many hours were spent in identifying the pictures, writing copy, collecting money, laying out the dummy, proofreading, and doing the many other tasks necessary to the completion of a book. Staff members. Carol Baker and Rita Winiarczvk. deciding on a layout. 30IWirfiooA' Mtcpi'esentatires Much of the success for the I960 yearbook can be attributed to the efforts of the representative staff. Their job is to sell the bridger and issue receipts. Yearbook 1 deer its iny Staff These students solicit ads front local businesses to help finance the yearbook and reduce it’s cost to the students.Chess Club Students who are interested in the game of chess can enjoy it and learn to master it under the direction of Mr. Steinberg. The five best players are chosen lor the team to compete against other schools. Leaders9 Club l he girls in this club are chosen lor their skill in athletics. They are Miss Yost’s aids in the gym classes and arc leaders in the inti annu al sports events.Th f«ughoutGym Aids These students help Mrs. Palmer during their gym periods. Staye Anil Elect rival Squad The preparation of the stage and the care of all electrical equipment is taken care of by these boys for the programs held in the auditorium.i utu Driviny These students are taught to be alert and cautious drivers. Uebuto ivutu Members of this activity arc taught the fundamentals of debating and are prepared for inter-scholastic debates. Stump dub These are the students who collect stamps and exchange them at their meetings.A. A. J. C. C. The Am bridge Association of Junior Curriculum Club is an association of sophomore, junior, and senior girls. The purpose of the club is to further the understanding of curricula. The girls also serve as aids in Dr. Benkert’s office. Booster t lub M utM ol I he members of this patrol usher at the football games and decorate for our pep assemblies. I 38I she re ties A few boys who cxccil in chess participate in intcr-scholastic chess meets. Many evenings are given up by these girls to help make our high school ac-tivities successful. Chess Team Mieti Cross €o mb cess ion Refreshments arc sold at the football games in order to raise money for the Red Cross by these students.Fencing Club This is one of the newer activities of the high school, it has attracted many of our students. I rug runt Stiles Cnnttniiiee At our home football games, these students sell programs. The proceeds are used for traveling expenses of the Debate Team.ilutletin Board Committee The bulletin boards throughout the school arc decorated by this committee. They do a fine job. Attendance .1 ids These students help the office keep check on tardy students by collecting the attendance cards every day.JSfationul Honor Society This society is composed ol students who best meet the qualifications of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. About six per cent of the junior class is selected for membership. Junior Keil Cross This club prepares favors for hospital patients and servicemen and sends gift packages to disaster areas.Canteen I 10 in ntiH Much of the work for the Saturday night canteen is done by these students. They prepare the gym for the dances and play the records. National Mionor Society Concessions One of the services of the National Honor Society is the N.H.S. Concessions. They have concession stands at our football and basketball games. The proceeds go towards awards for seniors.AMBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL NEWSPAPER tudente j i .. • Nation- ™ ,p Qualifying en at 9 a.m., Tues- i oe eligible for the test, Am- ridge High School students must The Siihauetie Staff . in her fresh ..ore years, where a varsity cheerleader chosen Freshman Queer Kay Kay loves music to sing, so naturally she i ber of the Ambridge Hi Madrical Club. She is al tive participatin', bi girl I If Kay is Ine lucky -the Miss TEEN contest Associate Editor News Editor Feature Editor Exchange Editor Secretary Boys Sports Editor Nancy Carevic Barbara Phillips Linda Laykish Lorraine Kosela Sandra Ehrenwerth George Funk ind Honors ? Seniors enipr's Choice" was the title ie halftime show for the Am-ge-Farrell game, ich to the surprise of the sen-nember.s of the band, their es .. ead over the loud-ke 44 hey were thanked Ir. Sporny for their three s of service to the band. Sen- ceive a trip to Hollywoi , she will have a guid through the movie ca ■ meet all the stars. I The winner will also complete Lane Sweethe robe, a stereo phonogra record library Girls Sports Editor Art Editors Photographer Joetta Borga David Sawchak, Donna Sirinck Merrill Bowan BUSINESS STAFF Sponsor Typing Director Virginia Griffith Rose Kozak The Exchange Post or planning mrjl Lkmiova in in 11 school and college, Dr. Serene observed. Alter the .est. each participating student will receive an interpretive folder that reports individual test results for comparison THE tge coa . Our A 1119 tat IUIMI UJ Asm ve Saw Osso’s dream of an ext rent coach has just given his pi made the first team. Our the news, ran to the teleph coach in pursuit. He dialt Mrvni T marlp I p; mcan hardly m u Silhouette p ber 25. i Repor On Dec Coach Tom Osso w... .. ime Is stmas dleligh ient Council ii School has sc Mistletoe Ball r-A ■jT Silhouette iiepresentutives J Am ( TT - j Ambridge Tues - VM — At the advent of the les toss and burn trying to arh, Tom Osso, is no except ak attempts to illustrate Co tall basketball superstar. nomcna the word that he 1 upcrman, jubilant on heari le in the main lobby with o the phone and exclaimed, “Hi, for the ball is Candlelight." Th m, where, the da is going to be d and gold color nchak and his o ngstown, have b furnish music i will last frorr t. cidey has beei cuairman of n Roppo as rn committee harge of in on directing immittee, J harge of pi 11 at the he« ee tickets had the time ol nation. La I $2 each o raise ary plan’ lerway, ur bak Ki. -j. i2 — Shar-»eo. 16 — at New Castle: —me ag- Feb. 19 — Farrell; Feb. 23 — at ivridgers of Ambridge. Ellwood City. 20-0, in their traditional battle Reserve Games: 6:45 p m Var- sitv Games: 8:15 p.m. ivjai Mem Selected For Mid-We 45 ho Eleven members of thSophomore Chorus The main purpose of tile sophomore chorus is to prepare students for future choral work.Junior Vursity Cheerleaders Sandy Kedzierski Andrea Lancy Dorothy Hasely Carol Novak Sarah Flora Varsity Cheerleadew's Darlene Lang Carolyn Roppo Marlene Lang Barbara Hawn Janet Zaluski Carolyn Zeryn Lorna PalmerSenior Thespians Members of the Thespian Troop 1032 participate in all phases of dramatics, from unseen backstage endeavors to acting. This organization was organized in 1951 and since has been presenting the best plays possible to the public and the student body! Senior ( lass Play AH, WILDERNESS Cast Nat Miller Merrill Bowan Essie Carolyn Roppo Arthur Robert Wytiaz Richard Joe Obuchowski Mildred Helen Neft Sid Davis Myron Skrabut Lily Miller JoAnn Polito David McComber Dave Sawchak Muriel Stephanie Karolewski Hello Grace Gall Wint Selby Larry Sasadcusz Nora Jane Saunders Bartender Paul Palitti Salesman Bill Gust Tommy Jerry Gianoutros Director — Mr. BarnerJunior 1 lass May ANASTASIA Cast Vlad Simosko Bounine Bob Skrabolok Chernov John Yeager Petrovin Jeanne Lagana Anna Carol Ludwig Empress Jack Lester Prince Paul Cynthia Bacon . Varya Barbara Capp - Charwoman Kenny Hopkins Sleigh driver Judy Brown Livenbaum Untie re lass The pit ns 49• ffftfof Si n ioi Six eager girls are awaiting the announcement . . . who will he queen? King. Regis C.iainmaria rom Queen. Marv nnLaugWm Vtorpbrieft Free 41th 'Street and - MapIgwooG. ' '%wXid»t. 'Pennsy1 bQ03Mike Mi ha lie Halfback Steve Simko Tackle Fwtbull ROW I: R. Vukovocan. I . Melnick. E. Kmit, F. Fedorko. 1). Snielko, T. I’anck. J. Konvaras. IV Skonicc ny. B. Braddick, I, Rochn, F. Matins. ROW 2: L. Valentine. C. Rcsanovich. T. Mann. L. Chiaverini. I). Hogue. I.. Panaia. J. Wetzel, R. Cirignano. J. Varkonda. G. Knopick. ROW 3: M. Bober. M. Mihalic. T. Polos, G. Rickley. J. Hallas. F. Klages. V. Aquino. R. Hlista. W. Wynn, I’. Albright, Coach Sebastian. ROW 4: M. Burke. D. Grimm. S. Simko. K. Towcimak. L. Smith. R. Shimrak. J. Evans. |. Simko. P. Kisidav. I). Serene.Guard Gary Rickley Halfback ■ s. James Evans • Denny Melnick Quarterback 1939 Season Mr. Sebastian Coach Managers Jerry Shalayda Eugene Dominico Donald Ludovico AMHR1DGE 48 ERIE STRONG VINCENT () Scoring with comparative ease, the Rridgcrs showed speed and versatility. Lcn Chiaverini showed his running ability and Dennis Mclnick dis played tremendous passing skill. The second touchdown came after a 27 yard pass from Melnick to Chiaverini. AMBRIDGE 13 NEW CASTLE 20 I he game with New Castle is one that Bridger fans will find hard to forget. New Castle made the first score early in the first quarter. Then the game settled to a give and take until midway into the second quarter. New Castle was forced to kick from their 40 yard line. The kick was blocked and a few plays later Gary Rickley went from the 9 yard line into the end one. In the third quarter Ambridgc was forced to punt, and Melnicks kick was blocked. New Castle got the ball on the 47 y rd line, and went on to score. New Castle quickly scored again. Chiaverini caught the kickoff on his own 15 yard line, and raced 85 yards to score. Ambridge made a great bid to tic the game, but with less than a minute to go one of Melnick’s passes was intercepted. AMBRIDGE 26 ALLEGHENY 7 Again the Bridgers showed a splendid running attack, scoring the first touchdown with less than a minute gone in the game. Bill Braddick took the opening kickoff, and raced 85 yards for the touchdown. After this, the game settled down to a routine one. The Bridger backfield, along with the great defensive work by Steve Simko, put on an impressive show. AMBRIDGE 12 BEAVER FALLS 6 No one will forget the great display of defense in the game with Beaver Falls. It was the third quarter before Ambridge broke the scoring deadlock. In that period Fred Fedorko recovered a Beaver Falls fumble on the Beaver Falls 6 yard line. From there the Bridgers went on to score. Beaver halls quickly tied the score. In the fourth quarter Jim Hallas threw the Beaver Falls ball carrier for an 11 yard loss, forcing Beaver halls to punt. Ambridge scored the winning touchdown with 58 seconds left to play. AMBRIDGE 14 SALEM 0 Fine team work on the part of Ambridge added another victory to 54Fred Fedor ka Guard David Grim Tackle ' Walter Heit etirater End In their record. Scoring on two long drives, one 66 yards and the other 92 yards, the Bridgers showed spark. The first score was in the second quarter. The second score came after a hard hitting Ambridgc line forced Salem to fumble as they were about to score. AMBRIDGE 0 ELLWOOD CITY 7 Rain and fumbles were heart breaking to Ambridge. Ellwood City scored on a long run from scrimmage in the opening minutes of the game. From then until the fourth quarter only one other scoring threat was made. In the fourth quarter Ambridge had two opportunities to score, but fumbled both times. AMBRIDGE 0 BUTLER 12 Running by Len Chiaverini and Garey Rickley was not enough to overcome a strong Butler defense. It wasn’t until the third quarter, when Butler scored twice, that Ambridge lost heart. AMBRIDGE 6 FARRELL 33 A pass from Dennis Melnick to Jim Hallas in the dying minutes of the game accounted for the Bridger’s lone score. Intercepted passes told the story. We will all remember the pass that Farrell intercepted on the Bridger six yard line, which led to the second score of Farrell. AMBRIDGE 0 ALIQUIPPA 20 Although they lost, all who saw the game with Aliquippa agreed that it was the best performance of Ambridge all season. The play that scored Aliquippa’s first touchdown fooled all who were watching the game. On Aliquippa’s second touchdown try Ambridge held. All in all, it was a game in which the score did not indicate the excellency with which the losers played. SUMMARY 1959 was a year of thrills and disappointments for Ambridge. It will be hard to forget the 85 yard touchdown runs by Braddick and Chiaverini. As we watched the first game we all thought we were going to have a winning team, but subsequent games proved dillcrent. None of us will forget the “mud bath” at Ellwood City in which only a break allowed Ellwood City fo score. Press Box Announcers Larry Green Ronald Ankowski Merrill Bowan Frank Gonchar 55Fifty-four candidates reported for pre-season practice Before game briefing. Over the fence — adds spice to watch ing. l ine | ros| e is study play. Fating was fun during training season.Discussing training camp procedure with parents. blocking practice everyday. Mr. Sebastian demonstrates at Quaiterback Club. Opening of pre-season practice session. Bon fire before Aliquippa game.Junior High ROW 1: W. Gradek. M. Galvan, J. Oscgucda. R. Berry, D. Drake, C. Reszctylo, L. Laughlin. R. Lcnda. E. Mastrean. ROW 2: R. Veres, J. Knafelc, A. Berry, T. Stronko. D. Smith, R. Taylor, J. Mushinski, R. Beighlcy. R. Rochn, N. Madera, J. Sippel. ROW 3: Mr. Kokoski, D. Smarsh, F. Antonini, M. Albright, D. Crago, J. Aspiotes, T. Zelesnik, A. Curry, T. Kirchler, B. Vandervorl, G. Joyner. R. Evans, Mr. Chapala. ROW 4: R. Davis, H. Joyner, C. Cirignanio, J. Zcranik, P. Sarar, D. Cochenour. P. YVanchick, A. Kouvolo, C. Lyons, R. Marsh, W. Kotchko, R. Oshop, J. Hrusko. Mam .ry.7.f St u tui iit»t‘t rti Midland 16 Ellwood City 13 Beaver Falls 12 New Castle 33 Aliquippa 7 Ambridgc Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge AmbridgeHOW I: M. Shclahcda. K. Todd, 1 . Evans. B. Kuhcl, J. Bucka. ROW 2: Mr. Wyllie, P. Kisadav. L. Panaia. R. Brokos. J. Murphy. B. Shields. I . Lulkovich. Mr. Osso. Varsity itaskrihall Although the Ambridge High School basketball season was disappointing, Ambridge Ians need not be ashamed. These boys displayed good sportsmanship and played to the best of their abilities. And like all good sportsmen, the Ambridge High School basketball team shouldered their disappointments. Some of these boys played their last year of high school basketball. Mike Shclaheda, Ron Todd, Don Evans, Bob Kuhel, and Jerry' Bucka will graduate this year. We wish them luck in their future basketball careers. I ursiit ROW I: J. Zerilla, C. Matushak. F. Klagcs. A. Bartolo, M. Karas. ROW 2: Mr. Wyllie. G. l)i Minico. B. Skon-iccski, 1). Rosenstcel. B. Shields.Season's iioconl Am bridge 37 . - Beaver Falls 81 Anibridge 41 Aliquippa 70 Ambridge 35 - - Sharon 56 Anibridge 55 New Castle 76 Ambridge 45 . . Farrell 84 Ambridge 55 Ell wood City 51 Ambridge 58 Beaver Falls 72 Ambridge 62 - Aliquippa 72 Ambridge 57 Sharon 79 Ambridge 55 - - New Castle 74 Ambridge 48 . Farrell 55 Ambridge 58 Ellwood City 70. iih mi' Hifjh Husk »t bu li Most of these boys have hopes of playing for the Ambridge Varsity Basketball Team. All of them worked hard during the last season, each learning techniques and developing his abilities. Under Coach Sebastian they learned to work as a team. And although they didn’t get many honors, it gave them encouragement to play in the future for Ambridge teams. ROW I. I). Talc, C. Farrar. I. Aspioics. V. Gradck. I. Zcranick. A. Marlinea. A. Battaglia. ROW 2: F. Antonini. G. Joyner. T. Stranko. G. Babich, R. Beighlcv. A. Berry. J. Knafelc, Mr. Sebastian. ROW 3: R. Kuhel. R. Tountas. R. Buffalini. H. Joyner. J. Ncstcr. 1.. Fancy.Mius€»buli Our baseball team, coached by Mr. Adams, enjoyed a very successful season and finished second in Section 6 competition. ROW I: J. Siinko. I'. Tabinowski. J. Raymer. 1.. Panaia. f. Sheleheda. R. Brokos, Mr. Adams. ROW 2: B. Kotarski. B. Kuhel. 1). Mclnick. R. Spear. J. Durish, J. Hallas. ROW 3: R. Meyer, K. Kmit, B. joy, F. Mages. J. Murphy, B. Kennedy, T. Granderic.HOH- 1: B. Braddick. B. Wynn. S. Simko. J. Bilyk. J Sovich, F. Antonini. J. Kokoski. J Such). B. Kairy. 1 Jacklci. K. ROW 2: lh"KiMdayRj.'Roman. D. Grimm. G. Rosiak. G. Smith. L. Sasadcuss. J. Ayres. VV. Marsh. P. Fletcher. G. Miller, j. ROW 3: R.hllBrioiaJ.' G Rkkley, R Shimrak. B. Rapp, E. Hallas. T. Chapala. K. Towdmak, N. Hanich. R. Kudra. H. Serene. L. DcMacio. 6. Nierryman. Mr. Piper, Mr. Chapala. Truck The 1959 track and field team enjoyed a fairly successful season. They defeated Aliquippa for the first time in several years and broke even in the rest of their meets. The 1960 team this spring will be built around the following lettermen: Tom Chapala in the discus and javelin throws; Bill Braddick in the high hurdle, low hurdles and brood jump; John Ayres in the mile and half-mile runs; Larry Sasaduesz in the high jump and hurdles; Dave Grimm and Dick Shimrak in the shot put; Garey Rickley in the javelin and relays; and Paul Fletcher in the 220 yard dash and relays. The team will compete in W.P.I.A.L. championship meets and with district schools.The cross-country team won meets in competition with Wilkinsburg, Hopewell, Mercer, Coraopolis, Aliquippa, and Fort Cherry. They lost to Cannonsburg, New Castle, Mt. Lebanon, and North Allegheny. John Ayres is captain of the team, and placed high in most of the meets. Steve Waslo, a senior, and Alan Novak, a sophomore, were also high scorers in the meets. Other lettermen were Kenneth Crain, Kenneth Matejka, Charles Affeltranger, Joseph Phillips, Gary Miller, and Fred Pfaff. George Funk was senior manager of the team. ROW 1: Mr. Piper, K. Matejka, K. Crain, K. Pfaff, J. Ayres. 5. Waslo, G. Miller. A. Novak. ROW 2: J. Panutsos. B. Ricciardi. J. Kokoski, L. Druzisky. J. Phillips. T. Murry, J. Bilyk, C. Funk. ROW 3: B. Kokoski. G. Barth, G. Fauscr. R. Kudra, T. Bartolo. R. Seaman. E. Carter. L. Dcmacio.1 Vi -IV' iirr' oii Thv Yale-Prinrclon All-Star Basketball Gann- is played each year in March at the end of the girls' basketball intramural program. These enthusiastic players are encouraged by the iormer players supporting them with then-many cheers and those ol the other girls of the high school. Intriimurul Sit flint ( humpsROBERT YV. ANDRUS Vocational. MARY ANN ANTINOPOULOS Academic, Building Patrol, Madrigal Club, Homeroom Officer, Concessions. ELIZABETH T. ANKOWSKI Commercial, National Thespian Society, Madrigal Club, Girls’ Sports. Booster Club. FLOREE J. AQUINO A cademi c. Cross Country, Track, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Bowling. At thv tjear9s end GEORGIAN A ABRAHAM Commercial, Fencing Club, Finance Committee, Girls’ Sports, Football Usherettes. RAYMOND BERNARD ALSKO General. MITCHELL ABRAHAM, JR. Academic. Intramur a I Bowling. VICTOR M. ANDREATTA Academic, Intramur a I Bowling. PATRICIA ARGENTA Commercial. Girl s’ Sports. BETTY JEAN BAB1CK General, Booster Club. JANET MARLENE AUGUSTINE Academic, National Honor Society, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Leaders’ Club, National Historical Society. CAROL EILEEN BAKER Academic, National Honor Society, Yearbook Editorial Staff, Yearbook Advertising Staff, Girls’ urt tilth In DENNIS HAROLD BAKER Academic. DONNA LOU BARTO General. SHIRLEY ANN BENNETT Academic, Intramural Basketball, Usherettes, Booster Club. MADELINE CAROL BISCO General, Booster Club. SHIRLEY EVE BARR General, Glee Club. EDWARD BARTOSH Academic, H o m e-room Officer. RONALD JOSEPH BERCIK General, Madrigal Club. STEVE BITCKO Vocational. JOSEPH I . BECEK Academic, Band. Activities Band. National Historical Society. DAVID VANCE BELL Academic. Madrigal Club. JOHN KENNETH BAUER General, Intramural Bowling. NANCY JANE BELICH Academic, National Honor Society, National Historical Society, Homeroom President.iukr truth us many CAROL ANN BITSKO Commercial, B a n cl, Activities Band, Madrigal Club. NICK G. BLAZAKIS Academic, Madrigal Club, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer, Intramural Bowling. GREGORY JOHN BITSKO Academic, Band, Activities Band, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball. GEORGE WILLIAM BLISHAK A c a d e m i c, Chess Team. LOIS MARY BOOK Academic, Leaders' Club, Madrigal Club, National Thespian Society, Intramural Bowling. BONNIE M. BOVA Commercial, Intramural Bowling. 70 1 JOETTA EILEEN BORGIA Academic, National Honor Society, Leaders’ Club, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Junior Varsity Cheerleader. MERRILL BOWAN Academic, Nationa Honor Society, Year book. Business Man ager, Press Box An nouncer, Nation al Thespian Society. MICHAEL J. BOBER Academic, Football, Madrigal Club, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball. JOSEPH THOMAS BOD ALEC Academic, Intramui al Bowling. MARION LEE BOEHM ELEANOR MARIE BOHMAN Commercial, G i r 1 s’ Sports, Madrigal Club, Booster Club. Academic, National Honor Society, National Thespian Society, Madrigal Club,iif nioriV.s o om uciivilios MICHAEL L. BURKE General, Football. PENNY LOU CAIN Academic, Senior Band, Madrigal Club, National Thespian Society, Girls’ Sports. CONNIE MAE CAMPBELL Academic, National Honor Society, National Historical Society, Madrigal Club, m Vice JUDITH ARLENE CAPP Academic, G i r 1 s’ Sports, Canteen Committee, Junior Red Cross, Chorus. ALETHEA K. BUCKA Academic, National Thespian Society, Senior Band, Intramural Bowling, Year-b o o k Advertising Staff. JEROME JOSEPH BUCKA Academic, Basket-ball, Baseball, Intramural Bowling. JOSEPH A. BUCKA, JR. General, Intramural Bowling. WALTER H. BUCKA, JR. G c n e r a 1, National Thespian S o c i c t y. Band, Canteen Committee. JOSEPH WALTER CAPRIOTTI Academic. HAROLD LEE CARTWRIGHT Vocational. NANCY ALLYNN CAREVIC Academic, Silhouette Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Activities Band, Madrigal (Hub, National Thespian Society. NICK MICHAEL CASA BONA Academic, Inlianimal Bowling. 71JEAN MARIE CONSTANTINO Commercial. JUDITH ANN CONTE Academic, National Honor Society, Band, Attendance Aid President, Debate. CARMEN JEAN COSTANZA General, National Thespian Society, Intramural Basketball, Booster Club, Intramural Bowling. SANDRA LEE COTTAGE Commercial, Madrigal Club, G i r 1 s’ Sports, Booster Club. Olfl flPOlbiitt fJ4UW €K%. GILD A LENORA CASALE General, Yearbook Advertising S t a £ f, Building Patrol, Silhouette Feature Staff, Girls’ Sports. LYNDA JEAN CHOP Commercial, Madrigal Club. JANICE KATHLEEN CHAPALA Commercial, Madrigal Club, Homeroom Officer, Girls’ Sports, Booster Club. RENEE HOPE CIRKA Commercial. Madrigal Club. JUDY ANN CRISSMAN LOUIS E. CRUISE Vocational, Intramural Bowling. ANGELO JOSEPH DARES General. ALLEN c; Academic, Manager, Bowling. DALE Baseball Intramural Academic, T r a c k, Bowling, Basketball Football, Intramural Intramural CURRYour ss s rrnrf homoiror i LaVERNE ELDEN DALE Academic, Chess Team, Chess Club, Homeroom President, Student Council. HAROLD W. DAVIS General. LINDA A. D’AMBROSIO Commercial, Homeroom Officer, Booster Club, Intramural Basketball. MARY CAR MILO DeGENNARO Commercial, Madrigal C 1 u b. Booster Club. SHIRLEY JEAN DiMARZIO Commercial. RODNEY JOHN DIXON Vocational, Electrical Stage Squad, Stadium Light and Sound Squad, Intramural Basketball. LAWRENCE CARL DININNO Vocational. VERONICA LOUISE DOBROSIELSKI General, Madrigal Club. JOHN JOSEPH DeLACH Vocational, Stage Squad. SANDRA LOUISE DeROSE General, Football Usherettes. PHILIP J. DcMAILO Academic, Dramatics, Madrigal Club. Fencing Club. JoANN MARIE DiMARZIO Commercial.and of our nnuny frirnds. FRANCES M. DRUZISKY Academic, Studem Council. Booster Club, Girls' Sports, Football Usherettes. CAROL ANN DUNLAP Academic, National Thespian Society, Attendance Aid, Intramural Bowling. LUKE WILLIAM DRUZISKY Academic, Homeroom T rcasure r. Boys’ Patrol, Cross Country, Intramural Bowling. ESTHER DZIABIAK Commercial, Y a 1 e-Princcton Player, M a d r i g a 1 Club, Booster Club. SUSAN IRENE ELLIOTT Academic, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Usherettes, Finance Committee, Yearbook Representative. RICHARD VICTOR ERVIN Academic, Basketball, Madrigal Club. FRED ALLEN ENGEL Vocational. KATHY M. ESLEY Commercial, Student Council, Homeroom President, Madrigal Club, Building Patrol. 74 JOSEPH DENNIS DZUBAK Academic, Intramural Basketball. JOHN W. EDWARDS General, Intramural Bowling. ZACHERY ECONO.MOS Genera 1, National Thespian Society. SANDRA F. EHRENWERTH Academic, National Honor Society Vice President, National Historical Society, Attendance A id, Finance Committee.KATHLEEN JOY FARKASOVSKY Commercial, Booster C 1 u b, Usherettes, Girls’ Sports. FRED JOHN FEDORKO Academic, Varsity Football, Madrigal Club. I n t r a m u r-al Bowling, Intramural Basketball. EUGENE NICHOLAS FEDORKO Academic, Madrigal Club, Theatre, Intramural Bowling. TOM M. FERENCEK General, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball. We also remember CAROLYN E. ESPEY General, Program Sales Committee, Booster Club. JOHN G. FALTENOVICH Academic. JAMES EVANS Academic, Football, National Honor Society, Homeroom President, S t u d e n t Council. SHEILA MARY FAR All Commercial, Booster Club. MARY ANN FERRENCE General. SAMUEL G. FETCHAK General, Intramural Bowling. NORB FERRENCE Vocational. JOHN A. FETCH IN Academic, Band. 75MARGARET JOAN FROLA Academic, Student Council, Fencing Club, National Thespian Society. GEORGE J. FUNK Academic, Silhouette Sports Ed., 1 n t r a. Basketball, Madrigal Club, Cross Ctry. Mgr. PEARL PATRICIA FUEGI Commercial, Madrigal Club, G i r 1 s' Sports, Booster Club, Red Cross Club. PAUL M. FURIS General, Basketball Manager, Golf. the before hotiiiatjs. JUDITH LEE FIRICH Academic, Booster Club, Gymnastic Club, Madrigal Club, Finance Committee. FRANCES M. FITCH Commercial, Yearbook Advertising Staff, Madrigal Club, Booster Club. JUDITH KATHERINE FLEMING Commercial, Madrigal Club, Yearbook Advertising Staff, Usherettes, Booster Club. PAUL R. FLETCHER Academic, Track. FRANK ANDREW GAGUZIS Vocational. GRACE GALL Academic, Band, Activities Band, Homeroom Officer, Nation al Thespian Society. ELIZABETH GALA Commercial, Usherettes, Booster Club. SONIA MARIE GALUSCHAK Commercial, Leaders’ Club, Building Pa trol, Madrigal Club, Girls’ Sports.decaratiny far iha Aiistlvtaa Kali THERESA MARY GARCZEWSKI Academic, Madrigal Club, Girls’ Sports, Booster Club. LINDA JANE GILES Academic, Finance Committee, Student Council, Booster Club, Homeroom Officer. STEVEN RAYMOND GAZDA Academic, H o m e-room President, Golf, Student Council, Intramural Bowling. RICHARD LEE GINTNER Academic, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Bowling. KATHLEEN RAYE GREGG Academic, Madrigal Club. ROBYN C. GULENTZ Academic, National Thespian S c i e t y Vice President, Attendance Checker, Madrigal Club, Booster Club. JOSEPH DAVID GRIM General, Football, Track. WILLIAM MICHAEL GUST Academic, National Honor Society, Class Officer. Homeroom Officer, National Thespian Society. FRED LOUIS GLATZEL Vocational, Lot kn Repair. DOUGLAS GREATHOUSE Academic, Band. Intramural Bowling, Activities Band, Fencing Club. BERNICE GOZUR Commercial, Madri gal Club, G i r 1 s’ Sports, Booster Club. LAWRENCE H. GREEN Academic, National Honor Society President, Student Council, National Historical Society, Press Box Announcer.unit vuroliitif in thv hulls. RICHARD ERNEST HAMMOND Vocational, Madrigal Club. MARY HELEN HAR I'SWICK Academic, Madrigal Club, National Thes pian Society, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports. NANCY ANN HARBUTIAK Academic, Girls Sports, Booster Club, Program Sales (Committee. Madrigal Club. GEORGE S. HASKELL General, Band, Chess Club. ROSEMARY HLOZEK Academic, Usherettes, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports, Intramural Bowling. JERRY L. HOMICK Academic, H o m e-room Officer. ELAINE HOLOVACH Academic, National Honor Society, Building Patrol, Finance Committee, Football Usherettes. PEGGY JOYCE HOMZIAK General, Intramural Bowling, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports. CAROL ANN HEDZIK Commercial. JOHN RICHARD HENDRICKS Vocational. WALTER L. HF.ITZENRATER Academic. Football, Intramural Basketball. JOETTA L. HERTNEKY Academic, Gymnastic Club, Yearbook Representative, Booster Club, Finance Committee. 78A Iter the holidays anti semester O LUCILLE ANTIONETTE IERVASI Commercial, Madrigal Club, Finance Committee. ROBERT E. JOY Academic, Baseball, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball. ROSE MARIE JAKUBIK General. KENNETH SCOTT JUNG Commercial. PATRICIA JEAN HUCZKO Academic, Homeroom Officer, Finance Committee, Madrigal Club, Booster Club. DONALD MELVIN HUNT Vocational. FRANCES MAY HUFFMAN Commercial, G i r 1 s’ Sports, Fencing Club, Intramural Bowling, Music. LINDA LOUISE HUNT Academic, Leaders’ Club, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports, Madrigal Club. MARLENE ANN JURASKO Academic, Madrigal Club, I n t r a m u r-al Bowling, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports. STEPHANIE SYLVIA KAROLEWSKI Academic, National Thespian Society, Attendance Checker, Silhouette Staff. MARY ANN KARAS Academic, Leaders’ C 1 u b, Usherettes, Madrigal Club, Canteen Committee. BETTY LOU KATCHER Commercial, B a n d. Booster Club, Girls’ S port s, Homeroom Officer. 79test feitetved tlu vovai ROBERT G. KIERDAK General. DOROTHY ELIZABETH KING Academic, I n t r a-niural Basketball, Intramural Bowling. ROBERT J. RIGGINS, JR. Vocational, Intramural Bowling. JOANNE DOR lTIY KIRISH Commercial, G i r 1 s’ Sports, Booster Club. WILLIAM RONALD KEBER Vocational. Stage Squad, Boys’ Patrol, Intramural Bowling. PATRICIA ANN KERECMAN Commercial, Madrigal Club, Booster Club, Canteen Committee, Girls’ Sports. RICHARD JOHN KLOBUCAR Vocational. CECELIA ANNE KNAPP Academic, Yearbook Advertising Staff, Girls’ Sports, Student Council, Homeroom President. JOHN ANTHO.W REISER Vocational, Cross Country, Track. JEANETTE BEATRICE KEY Academic, Madrigal Club, National Thespian Society, Fencing Club. ROBERT J. RLUZ Academic, National Thespian Society, Band, Fencing Club. LARRY D. RNOUSE Vocational, Madrigal Club.and band concerts MARJORIE ANNE KOHUT Academic, Madrigal Club, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, National Thespian Society, Homeroom Officer. JOHN T. KOLOSKI Vocational. CHESTER JOHN KONITSNEY Vocational. S h o p Foreman. PEGGY RUTH KOPP Commercial, Rand. BETTY JEAN KRAWCZYK Academic, Finance Committee. RUTH ANN KROL Commercial, Madrigal Club, Rooster Club. DARLENE JOY KRIZAN Academic, Leaders’ Club, Madrigal Club, Usherettes, Gymnastic Club. RONALD G. KRONER General, Madrigal Club, Basketball, Intramural Bowling. LORRAINE KOSELA Commercial, Nation al Honor Society, National Historical Society. ANN KRAMER Academic, Yearbook Editorial Staff, Yearbook Advertising Staff, Football Usherettes. BERNIE KOTARSKI Commercial, Baseball, Intramural Basketball. MARGARET SUSAN KRAUS Academic, National Thespian Society, Madrigal Club, At tendance Checker, Debate.unit thv €'lass plutjs. KATHLEEN ELEANOR KRUZELOCK Commercial, Cheerleader, Madrigal Club, Homeroom Officer. ROBERT ANTHONY KUHEL General, Basketball, Baseball. MARGARET JEAN KUBEK Academic, Yearbook Representative, Girls’ Sports, Booster Club, Homeroom Officer. ELAINE KUTUFARIS Academic, A t t c n d-ance Checker, Booster C 1 u b, National Thespian Society. DELLA MARIE LATSHAW Commercial, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Bowling. STANLEY LELEWSKI. JR. Academic. LINDA LOUISE LAYKISH Academic, National Honor Society, Band, Building Patrol, Yearbook Advertising Staff. CAROL ANN LESTER Commercial, Leaders’ Club, Silhouette Representative, J u n i o r Red Cross, G i r 1 s’ Sports. DARLENE VERONICA LANG Commercial, Varsity Cheerleader, Leaders’ Club, Gymnastic Club. Girls’ Sports. RONALD ALAN LARRICK Academic, Madrigal Club, Intramural Basketball. MARLENE MONICA LANG Commercial, Varsity Cheerleader, Leaders’ Club, Gymnastic Club, Girls’ Sports. TERRY LARRICK Academic, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball. 82A.s the year passed by PENNY MAY LIPINSKI Commercial. BONNIE LEE LOCKHART Academic, Madrigal Club, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports. RICH LOEDDING DAVID JAMES General. LOSCO Commercial. DONALD RICHARD LEVATO Academic. CHARLOTTE LYNN LIGHTNER Commercial, Madrigal Club, Booster Club. DONNA JAYNE LEWIS Commercial, Glee Club. ROBERT G. LINDSEY Vocational, Shop Foreman. FRANK LUKETIC Academic, Cross Country, Intramural Bowling. KATHLEEN ANN McCLIRK Academic. JOHN FRANK LUKOS Academic, H o m c-room Treasurer, Intramural Bowling. WALTER GERALD McELHANEY Vocational. Locker Repair. 83JOSEPH ANTHONY MAGONE General. BARBARA JEAN MAHNICK General. WILLIAM MICHAEL D. EDWARD MAMAY MANINI Academic, Intramur- Vocational, al Bowling. thv Yuic -tprinc€ iipn yum RONALD N. MACCAGLIA Academic, H o m c-room Officer, Madrigal Club, Intramural Basketball. SANDRA LYNN MACKINTOSH Academic, National Honor Society, National Historical Society, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader PHYLLIS JEAN MACHUGA General, Booster Club, Usherettes. VIRGINIA LEE MACRO Academic, Madrigal Club, Intramural Bowling, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports. GEORGE MANOLAKIS Vocational. SYLVIA MARY MARINO Commercial, Program Sales Committee, Booster Club, Intramural Softball. MAREENA MAY MARICH Commercial, Finance Committee Treasurer, National Thespian Society, Booster Club, Usherettes. JOANNE LEE MAROTTI General, Yearbook Representative, Booster Club, Girls' Sports, Intramural Bowling.und truck meets came. ROBERT JOHN MARR Academic. JOSEPHINE REGINA MATAKOVICH Commercial, Band, Junior Red Cross, Silhouette Reporter, Madrigal Club. WAYNE R. MARSH Academic, T rack, Madrigal Club, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball. CAROLYN JEAN MATHEWS Commercial, Yearbook Representative, Homeroom Treasurer, Booster C 1 u b, Madrigal Club. MARY LYNN MAXWELL General. MICHAEL J. MEDIANOWSKY Vocational. MARGARET ANN MAYDAK Academic, National Honor Society, Yalc-Princeton Manager, Leaders' Club, Madrigal Club. DENNY MICHAEL MELNICK General, Baseball, Football, Intramural Basketball. LYDIA MARY MATHEWS Academic, Attendance Checker, Madrigal Club, Usherettes, Football Usherettes. PRUDY M. MATZIE General. DENNIS M. MATTIJCH Academic, Madrigal Club. KATHRYN MAUK General, Yearbook Advertising.IYimi oWoim tho Junior-Senior CAROL JOAN MERCADANTE Commercial, Madrigal Club, Intramural Bowling. JoANNE MARIE MICHALSKI Academic, Madrigal Club, Finance Committee, Girls' Sports, Usherettes. JAMES LAWRENCE MERRELL Vocational. MADELINE CAROL MIHALEK Academic, Intramural Bowling. Madrigal Club. MARILYN A. MODRACK Commercial, G i r 1 s' Sports, Intramural Bowling. ROBERT A. MONTAGNA Academic, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball. MICKEY A. MIHALIC Academic, Football. GALE MILLER Academic, Band, Madrigal Club, Booster Club. PATRICIA ANN MIHALIC Academic, B a n d. Building Patrol, National Thespian Society, Madrigal Club. GARY MILLER Academic, Track, Cross Country, Intramural Bowling. GEORGIAN MOSKAL Commercial, G y m-nastic Club, Madrigal Club, Usherettes, Girls’ Sports. HARRY E. NAWROCKI Academic, Fencing Club, Intramural Bowling. 86prom front which tco hu vc PATRICIA ANN NIESNACK Commercial, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports. RONALD ROY NIKLEYVICZ Academic, Boys’ Patrol Captain, Intra-mural Bowling, Track. KENT C. NIVEN Academic, Band. Activities Band. SANDRA NOVAK Academic, Majorette, Leaders’ Club, Gymnastic Club, Madrigal Club. HELEN I. NEFT Academic .National Honor Society, Leaders’ Club, Yearbook Representative, Program Sales Commit tee. SALLY JO NELSON Commercial, B a n d, Activities Band, National Thespian Society. i JOHN JOSEPH NELKO Academic, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Bowling. ANN MARGARET N ESTER Commercial, Student Council, Intramural Basketball, Usherettes, Booster Club. AUDREY LOUISE OBRIEN Commercial, Girls’ Sports. JOHN M. OMBRES Academic, Madrigal Club, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball. JOSEPH A. OBUCHOWSKI Academic, Band, Activities Band, National Thespian Society. LOUISE DRUS1LLA OMBRES Academic, Madrigal Club, Leaders’ Club, Pep Assembly Announce!, National Thespian Society. 877 nis iu treasure. PAUL V. PALITTI Academic, Football, Yearbook Representative, Track, Intramural Bowling Captain. NOR ALEE PALMER Commercial. DANIEL CARL PALMER General. JOHN R. PERCIAVALLE Vocational. NANCY EUGENE J. KATHLEEN OSEGUEDA OREND Vocational. Commercial, Booster Club, Madrigal Club. JOHN RICHARD OSHOP General. PHOEBE JEANNETTE OSTRANDER Commercial, Band. RANDOLPH STEVEN PERICH General, Intramural Bowling. DOLORES MARIE PETCASH Commercial, Intramural Bowling, Junior Red Cross, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports. JANET MAE PERSUITTE Commercial. EDWARD S. PETERS Academic, Varsity Basketball, Intramural Basketball.7 k duffs were slippiny btf FERDINAND WILLIAM JOSEPH WERNER PFAFF PFEIFFER Academic, Cross General. Country, Track. CAROLYN LEE BARBARA PFOFF ELIZABETH Academic, Madrigal PHILLIPS Club. Academic, Y a 1 e- Princcton Player, Silhouette News Editor, Leaders' Club. MARLANE VICTORIA PLEVELL Academic, Madrigal Club, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports, Junior Red Cross. JoANNE LOUISE POLITO Academic, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Gymnastic Club, Fencing Club, National Thespian Society. GLORIA JEAN POCHYBA Commercial, Yearbook Representative, Usherettes, Madrigal Club, Booster Club. MARY ANN PONEVAC General, Booster Club. Madrigal Club. JOSEPH CARLETON PHILLIPS, JR. Academic, Track, Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Fencing Club. DENNIS F. PIPCHOK Vocational. JEAN ROSELLA PINOTICH Commercial, Fencing-Club, Intramural Bowling. FRANCIS D. PITTS Academic, Chess Team, Madrigal Club, Intramural Bowling.umi vooii c'untv the lonff MARIE ANN CINDY POST POSEGA Academic, Majorette, Commercial, Build- National Thespian ing Patrol, Finance Society, Homeroom Committee, National Thespian Society. JENNY PRIMEGGIA Academic, Booster Club. CAROLE LOUISE REED General, G i r 1 s' Sports, Booster Club. NITA MARIE RIDENOUR General, Madrigal Club. Officer, Madrigal Club. MI LUCENT KAY PROSS Academic, Y a 1 e-Princeton Cheerleader, Leaders’ Club, Madrigal Club, Concessions. £ A CAREY LaMONTE RICKLEY Academic, Football, Track, Student Council Officer, Homeroom P r e s i-dent. JOSEPH A. RINALDI Academic, Madrigal Club, Basketball, Intramural Bowling. PATRICIA JEAN RAGOZINE Commercial. ROBERT JAMES REDMOND Vocational, Intramural Bowling. EARL W. RAMER General, Intramural Bowling. WILLIAM P. REEBY Academic, Chess Club. 90CLYDE RICHARD ROSE Vocational. DIANE RUB1C Academic, National Thespian Society, Madrigal Club, Booster Club, Usherettes. BARBARA ANN ROSENBERGER Commercial, Band. JUDITH A. RUDEK General, G i r 1 s’ Sports, Booster Club. utvuitiwl Hutrn uurt ut umi MARIAN JOAN RIZZO Academic, Y a 1 c-Princton Cheerleader, Student Council, Booster Club President, Madrigal Club. GERALDINE ANN MARIE RONCZKA Commercial, Girls’ Sports, Booster Club, Intramural Bowling, Madrigal Club. KATHLEEN ROBERTSON General, Booster Club, Program Sales Committee, Yearbook Representative, Silhouette Reporter. CAROLYN ROSEANN ROPPO Academic, Cheerleader Manager, National Thespian Society, Student Council, Girls’ Sports. THOMAS ALEX RUSKO RUNOVITZ Academic. General, Madrigal Club. SANDRA ANN RYKACZEWSK1 Academic, Madrigal Club, Girls’ Sports, Red Cross Concessions. MARIK SARNACK1 Commercial. 91JEANETTE PAULA SCARFONE Commercial, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports. RUTH M. SCHLOSSER General, Yale-Prince-ton Cheerleader, Madrigal Club, Yearbook Advertising Staff. CATHY ANN SCHEEL Commercial. CAROLE LEE SCHULLER Commercial, Girls' Sports, Booster Club, Intramural Bowling. i then graduation exercises. LAWRENCE J. SASADEUSZ Academic, T rack, Cross Country, Intrant u r a 1 Basketball, Homeroom Officer. JOHN DAVID SAWCHAK Academic, National Thespian Society, Booster Club, Madrigal Club, Silhouette Art Editor. JANE SAUNDERS National Honor Society, Building Patrol, Madrigal Club, Homeroom Officer. PAUL JON SAWCHAK Academic, Band, Activities Band, Chess Club, Intramural Bowling. LcROY LOUIS SEBASTIAN Academic, Bovs’ Patrol. SANDRA LEE SEGER Commercial. FRANK H. SERENE Academic, Student Council, Yearbook Sports Editor, National Historical Society, Boys’ Patrol. GERALD PAUL SH ALA YI) A Academic, Football Manager, Madrigal Club, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball.Antiilst tin r onfusion JAMES LEE SHANER Vocational. RICHARD ). SHIMRAK Academic, Football, Basketball, Track, Intramural Bowling. MICHAEL L. SHELEHEDA Academic, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball. Madrigal Club. SANDRA LEE SICHAK Academic, Leaders’ C 1 u b. Gymnastic Club, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, G i r 1 s’ Sports. MYRON 1). SKRABUT Academic, Silhouette Editor-in-Chief, National Thespian Society President, Homeroom President, Goll. CAROL LEE SLINGLUFF Commercial, Booster Club, Homeroom Officer, Madrigal Club. Girls' Sports. DELMAR RICHARD SLAPPO Vocational. Intramural Bowling. SI EVE B. SLIPKO Academic, Boys’ Patrol, Intramural Basketball. Chess Club. STEVE ROBERT SIMKO Academic, Football, Track, Homeroom Vice President, Intramural Bowling. DONNA LOUISE SIRINEK Academic, Yale-Princeton Player, Leaders' Club President. SARAH JEAN SIMPSON Commercial, Madrigal Club, Finance Committee. THOMAS ANDREW SKONIECZNY Vocational.ami vxciivmvnt tw manufjod HELEN LOUISE SMI I II Academic, Band, National Honor Society, National Thespian Society, Boost e r. Club. LESLIE GERARD SMITH Academic, Football, Basketball, Madrigal Club, Homeroom Vice President. JOHN FRANCIS SMITH Academic Madrigal Club, Intramural Basketball. Intramural Bowling, Homeroom Secretary. MARY LOUISE SMITH Academic, Madrigal Club, Junior Red Cross, Usherettes. CAROLE JEAN SOVICH Academic, Y a 1 e-Princeton Player, Girls’ Sports, Booster C 1 u b. Intramural Bowling. JEROME M. SOVICH Academic, Track, Intramural Bowling. DIANA SUE SOVICH Commercial, Madrigal Club, Finance Committee. RICHARD ALLAN SPEAR Academic, Baseball, Intramural Basketball. ELAINE ANN SNYDER Commercial, B a n d. Activities Band, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Madrigal Club. LYDIA JEAN SOKOL Academic, Yearbook Staff, Dramatics, Silhouette Staff, Chess Club. THOMAS DAVID SNYDER Academic, Madrigal. Club, Intra. Basketball, Intra. Bowling. MARY ARLENE SOLDRESSEN Academic, National Historical Society, Finance Comm. V.Pres., Homeroom Officer. Student Council 94to study or o.vyiiii.v unit DANIEL J. STARK Vocational, Intramural Howling, Intramural Basketball, Locker Repair. GARLAND RICHARD STRETCH Vocational. JANICE MELANIE STOUFFER Academic, Leaders' Club Secretary-Treasurer, Finance Committee, Booster Club, Madrigal Club. JANICE SUNDY Commercial. MARY LOUISE SPINELLI Commercial, Madrigal Club, Intramural Bowling, Junior Red Cross. JEAN STACHOWICZ Commercial, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports. DAVID I). SPORNY B a n d, Mid - West Band, Homeroom President, Drum Major. PATRICIA ANNE STANOVICH Commercial, Madrigal C 1 u b, Girls’ S port s, Yearbook Representative, Fencing Club. NICK SYSN General, Intramural Bowling. CAROLE ANN SZYMONIAK Commercial, Attend ance Checker, Finance Committee, Junior Red Cross, National Thespian Society. ELEANOR MARIE SZUCIIY General, Madrigal Club, Program Sales Committee, Usherettes. DORIS JEAN TAYLOR Commercial. Mtfdri-gal. 95sufj fjipini-bfj in frit mis RAYMOND PAUL TIMCHAK Vocational. ROBERT E. TOKARSKI Academic. RONALD ALLEN TODD Academic, Varsity Basketball, Madrigal Club. CAROLE L. TOMEI General, Madrigal Club, Booster Club. DAVID PAUL TEDYS Vocational, Machine Shop Foreman, Locker Repair. DORIS C. TESTA Commercial, Madrigal Club, Usherettes, Booster Club, Intramural Bowling. GEORGE EDWARD TOM LEY Academic, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Bowling, Madrigal Club. NANCY JO TOWCIMAK Commercial, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Leaders’ Club Vice President, National Thespian Society, Booster Club. WENDELL RAY TENNEY General. ROBERT R. TIDMORE Academic, Band Activities Band. KENNETH M. TOWCIMAK Academic, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Intramural Basketball. ANI)R 1A TROYAN Academic, Leaders’ Club, Girls’ Sports, Madrigal Club, Gymnastic Club.Our uppnrt iOl DOLORES IRENE TRZCIANKA Commercial, Homeroom Treasurer, Junior Red Cross. ELIZABETH ANN TUSICK Commercial, Finance Committee, Fencing Club, Girls’ Sports, Football Usherettes. RICHARD DANIEL TYLOSKY Vocational. ALLEN LEE URBAN General. VICTORIA VARRONDA Commercial. RONALD PAUL VOLPE Academic, Intramural Bowling. JANET MARIE WEIDINGER Commercial, Booster Club, Girls’ Sports, Usherettes. STEPHEN WASLO Academic, Chess Club, Cross Country, Intramural Sports, Track. RUTH ELEANOR WEIL Commercial. GEORG I ANN URBAN Academic, National Honor Society, Girls’ Sports, Student Council Concession, Attendance Checker. NORMA BERNADETTE VI SOKE Y General, Chorus. M ARY PLAIN I-URICK Commercial, Madrigal Club, Glee fi THOMAS ALLEN WHITEFIELD General, Intramural Howling. FLOYD A. WINE Vocational. PATRICIA LOUISE YAROSH Academic, Yearbook Typist, Girls’ Sports, Intramural Howling, Rooster Club. CLIFFORD G. ZIELINSKI Academic, Band, Activities Band, National Thespian Society. 98 orW finuUnj IRENE JANE WILCZYNSKI Commercial. RITA MARIE WINIARCZYK Academic, National Thespian S o c i e t y, B a n d, Yearbook Staff, Building Patrol. MARLYNE JOYCE ZALUSKI Commercial, National Honor Society, Yale, Princeton Player, Leader Club, Junior Varsity Cheerleader. JoANN ZIMNOWOCKI Commercial, Intramural Bowling, Chorus. STEVEN H. WITOWICH HELEN MARIE WOJTKOWSKA General, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Bowling, Madrigal Club. WILLIAM WOJTKOWSKI Academic, Homeroom Vice President, Homeroom Treasurer, Madrigal Club, Boys’ Patrol. Commercial, Fencin Club. WILLIAM ROBERT WYTIAZ Academic, | u n i o (Mass Presiden Homeroom President Student Council, Na tional Thespian So cietv.JAMES F. ZINKHAM Academic. JOHN MIKE ASPIOTES Academic, Intramur-al Basketball. CHARLES EMIL AFFELTRANGER Academic, Cross Conn try, T r a c k. Chess Team. DONALD LEE EVANS Vocational, Varsity Basketball. € lass Oftfiv€ rs JAMES A. II ALLAS Academic, Football, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Vice President. S ni prs AW CHARLES FRANK JOSEPH DAL ROGER WILLIAM FAUTH KOCH BIGRIGG General. Ti ac k. Vocational. Slioj Vocational. Foreman. Locker Re DAVID H pair. JOHN 1). BURNS KENNEDY General. Commercial. Intra- ELLEN JANE mural Bowling. PLOFCHON ARNALDO Commerc ial. CARDINALE ROBERT O. Academic. KENNEDY FRANK W. Track. General, Cross Coun- RANDA try. Vocational. LEONARD JULIUS CHI WERINI MAR 1 IN M. ROBER 1 K Academic, Football, KNAPP RUCK Voc ational. Vocational. JAMES CONNOLLY MICHAEL L. Academic. RUDICH CGeneral. GEORG 1- I)eC NI() JOHN EVER1 1 1 Vocal ional. SIM NCI Voc at ional.. ii n iin‘ i iitss ROW 1: Alice Adams. Patrick Albright. Douglas Alderman. Janice Anderson. Sandra Anderson. Ronald An drus. James Angclidcs. Ronald Ankowski. ROW 2: Nancy Anschutz. Thomas Aquino. Victor Aquino. John Ayres. Alan Babich. Cynthia Bacon. William Bailey. Phyllis Ball. ROW 3: Elaine Raranyk, Charlie Barnhart, Roland Barnhart. Robert Barszey. George Barth. Linda Battaglia. Lois Beeinan. Robert Renkowski. ROW 1: Joseph Bil k. Robert Bittner. De-lores Blanarik. Glenn Blank. Herbert Blazier. Louis Borgia. Bernard Borman. Victor Bouril. ROW I: William Braddick. Peter Brasko. Carol Bre inski. Raymond Brokos. Rita Brokos. Judy Brown. Linda Brown. Olive Brown. ROW 2: Jack Brudnock. Lorraine Buczek, Patricia Budinko, Jeanette Budkey. Roger Budris. Elvira Bufalini. Elizabeth Burskv. Eleanor Burzesc. ROW 3: Elizabeth C’alderone. Ro nald Campbell. Barbara Capp. Ellen Cardinale. Jane Carmack. Linda Carmack. Joseph Casalxma. Louis Catalina. ROW 4: John Cclich, Thomas Chapala. George Cheran. Carl Christman. Anthony Cipolla. John Clay. Judy Cobourne. Martha Cooper. ROW 1: Sharon Crowe. Ronald Cunning ham. Frank Cutrona. Ronna Davis. Marie Deluca. Leslie DeMacio. Albert DeMarco. Leonard Dobrosiel-ski. ROW 2: Regina Dobrosiclski. Marcella Don ina. Eleanor Dorz. Michael Dubick. Gary Ditda. Ralph Dunlap. Ronald Dunlap. Carl Durham. ROW 3: David Dzubak. Joanne Economas. (.loria l-.gidi. Marjorie Engle. Dolores Eppley. Kathryn Fausold. Louis Ferrand, John Fetchak. ROW 4: Joseph Hschck. Bonnie Fisher. Albert Fitzgerald. Sarah Floro. Bruce Foringer, Carol Frederick. Jay Frederick. Michael Frynkewicz.•Muniipr ( ROW I: David Fulton. Diana Galizia. n-drca Gall. Richard Garcia. Nancy Get . Marie Giammaric. Rathe Gideon. Alan Gilbert. ROW 2: Ronald Gilbert, Frank Gonchar. Jean Goodwin. James Gowden, dam Gradrk. Dora Gray. Martha Gregory. Edward Gross. ROW 3: Judy Gross, Len Gutowski. Barbara Gu .yk, Alfred Hacker. Jeannette Halcin, Thomas Dallas. Christy Hallein. Samuel Hammer. ROW 4: Nick Hanich, Tony Ha pick. Andrew Harris. Michael Harris. Dorothy Haseley. Darlene Higlcy. Carole Hilliard. Karen Hills. ROW 1: Robin Hills, Mary |o Hogan. Robert Holland. Fred Hollein, Jack Holman. William Homjak. Ken neth Hopkins. William Horniak. ROW 2: Mary Huczko. Joseph Hudasck, Robert Jamiscn. Raymond Janicki, Benny Jamosik. Paul Jones. Steven Jasapak. Charlie Joyner. ROW 3: Michelene Jula. Donna Jung, Christine Kalabrokos. Ronald Karimovich. Rosemarie Kaunert. Ruth Keefer. Geraldine Kensinger. Richard Kingas. HOW 1: Paul Kisidav. Robert Kitzinillcr. Robert Klinsic Edward Kmil. Carol Knerr. Theodore Kokolis. Thomas Kolodziejczyk. a n c v Komlos. ROIl' I: Frank Kosela. John Kowal. M ron Kowalski. William Drachala. Virginia Krenicr. Margaret Krithin-ithis. Judith Kronstain. Florence Krostein. ROW 2: Marian Krupa. Marilyn Krupa. Ronald Kudra. irenc Kuhn. Raymond Kuntz. Winifred Kwiatnow ski. Phyllis Lagana. Diana I.alich. ROW 3: Andrea Fancy, Robert Fanciers. Ronald Fanga. Robert Fanicwski, Christine I.aris. Kathleen Fawrencc. Martin l ease. Barbara l ego. HOW I: Marie Fclcski. Irenc Fcnda. George I-esak. John I.ester. Kathryn Fc-wandowski. C.athy I.ewis. Karen Fewis. Joseph Liehdzinski.. ii aa a an i lass HOW I: Jcri) Lipinski. Brent LuCarric. Michael Indian. Donald Ludovico. C arol Ludwig. Thomas Ltd-kovich. John I.uppi. Sandra Mac-caglia. HOW 2: Annette Macurak. John Magnone. Joseph Makowski. Nor in.i Mala). I liomas Mann. Richard Markovich. Donna Marr. William Marr. HOW 3: John Marlin. Mar Margaret Mas lanik. Mary Ann Matakovich. Kenneth Matcjka. Ray Matlern. Barbara Mauk. Nancy McCablc. Lvelyn McCartney. ROW 4: F.milv McCoy. Donna McKlain. James Mc Farland. I liomas Mc Namara. Fleanor Me Feck. Mary McPhilomy. O'Dell Merrvman. Frances Mesko. HOW I: Judith Michalski. Karen Medzian owsky, Bernadette Mihalic. Theresa Mihalic. Marie Mihalow, Albert Michalsky, James Miller. Robert Mitchell. HOW 2: Patricia Mohn. William Monning. Bernard Montell. Man Jane Mor-ell. Ronald Morris. Matt Moskal. Gcorgiann Mourovic. James Mur-phy. HOW S: I liomas Murry. Patty Mushinski. Ken Mytinger. Gloria Narhesky. Joan Natko. Mary Nawrocki, Fred Nelson. Richard Nemthik. HOII 4: Doris Nesselroad. led Ncstcr. Patricia Olhrys. Pauline Ondrako. Linda Osecpieda. Mcrriann Ose-queda. Eleanor Otrhalik. Lorna Palmer. HOW I: Larry Pania. James Patrician.Janies Patrick. Eileen Para pot. David Paw-loski. Marie Pa anita. Richard Berkovich. Rolland Peterson. HOW 2: Shirley Petkash. Fail Pfaff. Karen Phillips. Karen Phillips. Kenneth Planner. Lorraine Pochyba. Jackie Polujan. Terrv Pol hard. HOW 3: Jay Pollock. Bernice Powell. Natalie Prus enski. Dwight Puckett. Sandra Pnryear. James Kahovsky. Ruth Reinard. Charles Kcsanovich. HOW 4: |ean Rihar. Florence Rich. Louisa Ries. Marlene Rohinsky. Bonnie Robinson. Ronald Kosinsky. Janies Roth. Carol Russo.Junior f inss ROW 1: Richard Sabol. Kenneth Sage. Athena Saltidis. Samuel Samangv, Robert Santarelli. Ronald Santilli. Ronald Savukas. Carol Schell. ROW 2: Robert Schietrome, Clayton Schcit-cr. Richard Seaman. Mark Selt cr. Donald Scmonik. Martha Scpella. Harry Serene. Richard Shaffer. ROW 3: Shirley Shanayda. Geraldine Shea. Ronald Shemo. Elaine Shulic. Thomas .Shuimvay. John Simko. Valdimir Simoska. Josephine Skinner. ROW 4: Robert Skrobalak. Robert Slavik. Douglas Slingluff. Gloria Sloppy. Albert Smith. Janet Sofranko. Mary Spolarich. Robert Stasny. ROW I: Dennis States. Ruth Stawski. Henry Stein. Carol Stephen. Richard Slew-art. Richard Storar, Suzanne Stra-ma, Gloria Strum. ROW 2: Carole Sudia. Paula Summers. Colleen Sysyn. JoAnnc lackac. Jack Tate. Joe Tate. Richard Tranter, Sandra Trehar. ROW 3: Lyle Iurnball. William Cnsworth, Harry Yagionakas. Larry Valentine. Marlene Valiga. Kay vandervort. John Vargo, John Vargo. ROW 4: Michael Vcnanzio, Elaine Vernon, Carol Yiores. Janice Visokcy. Mary-rose Vita. Diane Vukelic, Saliy Walgus. Gerrelynn Wall. ROW I: Anna Waslo. Barbara Watson. Sue Waugh. Judy Weaver, Roberta Wel er. Janet Weil. James Welling. Bonnie Welsh. flOII 2: Gave Whoric. George Whorral. Jeanne Wilc vnski. Mary Jean Win-gard, Dorothy Witowich, Robert Wolicki. Donelda Wozny, Larry Wright. ?OIL 3: Ronald Wrotny. Joanne Wuycik. William Wynn. Janet Wytiaz. John Yeager. John Yeager. Donald Yoho. Mary Louise Yurkovich. ROW 4: Dorotln .accagnini. Patricia Zajac. Lli abeth Zeglinski. George Zeran-ick. Carolvn Zcrxn.Sfppti »in or ' ( lass ROW 1: James Adams. Alfred Arnold. Ronald Bachor. Victor Hankow ski. Joanne Barbe, Gerry Bar-kovcici. Pat Barnhart, William Baron. ROW 2: Dorothy Barszcz. Anthony Bar tolo, Janice Bayorek. James Bdealota. Rita Bedaloto, Nina Bcd yk. Diana Hcgly. Joseph Benedict. ROW 3: Margaret Bennett. Barbara Bib kit . abeth Bish, Alice Blasko. Beverly Bissen. Steve Bober. Karen Boehm. Edward Bowers. ROW 4: Gary Bruce. abeth Buchanan, Thomas Bticka. Robert Bud inko, Margaret Bufalini. Marianne Bukanish. Ronald Burnett. Allan Cade. ROW 1: Roljert Caldarell. Cheryl Campbell, Dora Campbell. Kathy Campbell. Nick Capatidcs. Edward Carter. Kerry Cavett. Ernest Chidester. ROW 2: Linda Christy, Ramo Cirgnano, David Cirka, Joyce Coleman. Nancy Comchoc. Thomas Cop-enhaver, Rose Cross, Russell Curry. ROW 3: Daniel Cvitkovic. Edward 1)'-Abate, Karen Danniblc, Sylvia Daine. Patricia Davidson, Shirley Decker. Charles Deiter. Melvin Delaney. ROW 4: Patricia Dengel, David Denison. Andrea Denisuik. Joseph DcVinccnt. Ruth Dezura, Floyd DiNinno. James Douglas. Diane Dunmcyer. ROW 1: James Durham. Gary Dzubak. Linda Eakle, Susan Eherwerth. Paul Elliott. Stephanie Evanit-sky. Gwendolyn Evans, Mollie Fair. ROW 2: Jerome Farrar, Gary Fauser. Myra Feduska. Robert Fennell. Mary Kay Fezar. James Finch. Cathy Flanigan, Stana Fornal. ROW 3: Carol Forney, Mary Furis, Mary Genovese, Jerry Gianoutsos, Hayes Good, Frank Gorup, Patricia Gowden. Nancy Grabel. ROW 4: David Gusky, Robert Hall, Penny Hamilton, Sandra Han-ich, Carole Hanlow, Karen Han-shaw, William Happ. Barbara Hawn.Stpp i ofii ori' Class ROW 1: Bernice Hayes, Sandra Hazinski, Joann Helbeig, Larry Hcssert, Mary Ann Hcssert, Dale Hlista. Richard Hlista. Walter Hlista. ROW 2: Arlene Hlozek, Carolyn Hoko. Shirley Holland. Diane Holmes, Patricia Homziak, Shiela Hors-man, Mary Lynne Horstman. Carol Hough. ROW 3: Michael Hrecek, Virginia Hu dak, Michaclcnc Husak. Denny Jackson. Donald Jakubik, Bernard Janicki, Vicki Jones, Mild-dred Jonanovich. ROW 4: Diane Jung. Lois Jung. Karen Jurasko. Valdean Jurowski, Gerald Rather. Margaret Kaercher, Michael Karas. Andrew Kat-rineez. ROW 1: Sandra Kedzierski, Patricia Kel ley, James Kellinger. Fretl Klag-es, Jack Klein, Robert Klemen, Jack Klcnik. Ellen Kline. ROW 2: Walter Kluz. Thomas Knapp. James Knat . Mary Jane Kober. Reggie Kokolski. John Kokoski. Chuck Roman. Kenneth Rood-rich. ROW 3: Frank Roplets, Norman Kosis, Leslie Kotouch. Jo Ann Kovacio, James Kouvaris. Michael Krach-ala. Carol Kubicki, Ann Kulchv-ski. HOir 4: Lois Kulfan, John Kulik, Gus Kwdis, Henry Kwiatanowski, Robert Lamb, Mildred Larson. Elaine Latka, Richard Laughlin. ROW 1: Dorothy Lego. Catherine Ix-v kulick, Dorothy I-ojek. Ronald Lolli. Jack Losco, Kenneth Lu-Caric. Mary Lou Lyons, Patricia Majetic. ROW 2: Fred Mai ins. Marcia Lee Mann, Michael M a rich. Allan Marino. James Matejka. Richard Matter, Clyde Matuscak, Caroline May-dak. ROW 3: Judy McAllister. Frank McCartney, Charles McClirk, Suzzane McCrory. Carol McFarland, Paul McNally. Charles Melnick. Nancy Mercandante. ROW 4: Linda Metzger, Patricia Med-zianowsky, Carol Mihalic, Milan Mijatov, Jean Minnick, Michael Mitro. Donald Moody. C.aroly Moore.Sitph inn i r Vi ass noII I: Paul Moses. Darlene Mosura. Diane Murshelz, Marlene Mut-terspaugh, James Mutz, Michael Nelko. Donald Nelson. Karen Nesbitt. ROW 2: Barron Nesselrode, John Nico-lellos. Alan Novak, Carol No vak. Sandra Novak, Joseph Novotny, Mariann Obuchowski. Loretta Olbrys. ROW 3: Frank Oscqucda. Judy I’aar. Richard Pallidini. Jack Palmer. Edward Palse. Margaret Palusel-li. Thomas Panck. Richard Peck. ROW 4: Diane Perlawkowski, Effie Per on is, Eugene Perricelli, Joseph Petroski. David Phillips. Catherine Pierce. Donna Pirasko. Marie Pisano. ROW 1: Cynthia Pitts. Barbara Plof-chon. Ted Polas. Donald Pop-wich. John Polachek, Alan Powell. Angela Presto, Donna Pyle. ROW 2: Joseph Rabosky. Shirley Reid. Robert Ricciardi. Ronald Ricci. Gail Rittleman. Mary Lou Rit-tleman. Robert Robinson. Louis Rochm. ROW 3: John Roman, Victor Roman, Gloria Rose. James Rosenbergcr, David Rosenstecl, Ralph Ro-tonde. Katherine Rudich, Frank Rusko. ROW 4: Madeline Russak. Pauline Rus-sin. Joan Sabo, Edward Salva-dori, Charolcttc Sandor, Judy Savukas, Fred Scheel. Gloria Schickilone. ROW 1: Donna Seger. Leora Seifer. Karol Shannon, Peral Shannon. James Shields, Kay l ce Shields. Joyce Skiba. Bernard.Sknoieczy. ROW 2: Sigrid Slingluff. Dan Smelko, Betty Ann Smith, Coralee Smith. Robert Smith. Frank Sobota. Dale Solomick, Stanley Sowinski. no If 3: Kathy Sporny, Sandra Springer. Thomas Standish. Dennis Stef-anacci, Jack Stein. Roscann Stiblo. Jerrilvn Stouffer, Esther Stranko. ROW 4: Michael Stranko, Eli abeth Strel-la, Edward Strugalski. Joseph Suchy, Robert Symcs. Michael Syrko. Rose Szymoniak. Joann Tabinowski.Soph itnt »rf f loss RO W I: ROW 2: OH' S: Won' 4: William Taylor, Kathy Thurk ins. Shirley Tkalch. Charles Travis, Cliff Trehar, Dan I rein hath. Linda Troeger. Thomas Tucker. Mildred Turansky, Kileen Valentine. June Vanderbord. Margaret Varccha. John Varkonda, Joe Vitovich. John Vlasic. Rich Vukovcan, Sandra Urda. Eugene Walzak. Connie Waugh -man. Robert Weber, Arlene Weil. Edward Welling. William Wentz. William Wentz. Frani Wester-man. James Wetzel. Mary Lynn-Westovcr. Karen Wilfong. Edward Williams. Sandy Wenzen-ried. Sandra Witowich. ROW I: Edward Wolf. Stephanie Wolo-shyn. Gilda Woods, Andrea Wrotny, Patricia Yosler. ftobert Zalewsky. Janice Zaluski. Stanley Zdziarski. ROW 2: Earnest Zebrowski. Alice Zcranick. Tom Zeranick. James Zcrlla. Harry Ziliam. Carol Zima. Richard Zugliani. Lloyd Huey.FrvshMnun Class ROW I: Fred dams. William Adams. Terry Alberts, Mike Albright. Richard Anschutz. Mary Ann Amonetti. Josephine Aspiotes, Gene Babich. HOW 2: Geraldine Bajek. Richard Baker, Frank Bartolomucci, Ryan Beighley. William Bcndlock. Dari Berkncr. Bob Burny. Marlene Biamcucci. ROW 3: Sandra Boggs. Robert Borza. James Botsko. Janice Botsko. Janice Bova. Joe Brczinski. Eric Brinson. Sara Buchanan. Sandy Bucka. ROW 4: Phillip Caloryone. Bob Campbell. Ronald Capp. James Card-inale. Shirley Chehovites. Madeline Cindrich. Christ Cirigano. Dale Cochenour. HOW I: Walter Conti. George Costanza. Charles Couher, Judy Cress. Dorothy Cross. Allen Crowe, Mike Crauan. HOW 2: Linda Cruise. Harry Curry. Phyllis Czarnecki. Emojean Dailey. Shirley D’Ambrosio. Nick De-Cannio, James DeLisio, Terri DcLuca. ROW 3: John Dobrosielski. Joe Druzisky. Barbara Echsment. Donna F.lle-go, Joe Facciola, Dennis Fair. Sandra F'alloretta. Carol Farar. ROW 4: Linda Fausti, Shirley Fauth. Arlene Fehar. Stanley Fornal. Steve Gagliardi, Judy Gaudio. Jo Anne Gilbert. Ed Gilsko. ROW I: Chris Goebel, Darlene Gombeski, Thomas Gonchar. Walter Good. Walter Gradek. Ronald Greenwood. Loretta Gulish, Ernestine Gumbeski. ROW 2: Tony Hartswick. Barbara Has-pcl. Wendy Hawn. Joyce Hayes. Patricia Hays. Joe Himes. Kathy Hills. Carol Hlista. ROW 3: Mike Hodovuns, Pal Homjak. Millie Hoinziak. Janet Hood, fay Hrusko. Barbara Hudlock. James Huey, Judy Huffman. HOW 4: Candy Huml ert, Margaret Irwin. Frank Janicki. Nonna John-avitz. Edward Johnston. Gorden Joyner. Marlene Joyner.Freshataa Class ROW I: James Jula. Bill Karas. Walter Karda. Kathy Kastler. Irene Kastronis. Kenneth Kieth, Dorothy Kenstier. Dolores Kerccman ROW 2: Maureen Kilheeny. Penny King as. Jean Kinney. Terry Kirschler. Gary Klesser, Jean Klesser. Carol Klein. Jay Knaflcs. ROW 3: William Kokoski, Nancy Kolacar. Gerry Koman. Mary Ann Konits-ney, William Kotchka. Bcvercly Kotis. Betty Ann Kotys, Alex Kouvolo. ROW 4: Richard Koury, Emily Kozar. Stephen Kristefek. Gabriel Ku-lik. Sue Anne Lacher, Aurelia Lagrotteria, Betty Jo Lahue. Bob Lawrence. ROW 1: Nobile Lawrence, Janice Lease. Bob Lenda, Joann Leopardi. Marlene Lockhart. Carol Losco. Eileen Lyman. Charles Lyons. ROW 2: Diana McCauley. Colleen McCoy. Don McCracken. Sandy McCracken. Carol McFarland. Gu-dyn McKee, Ed McPhilomy. Norman Madcrk. ROW 3: Richard Mahowski. Bob Mark ovski. Alan Marlika, Tony Ma-roski. Duane Marti. Ronald Marsh. Joyce Ann Marustak. Mary Mathews. ROW 4: Roth Mattum. Rebecca Mauk. Nancy Mercer. Ronnie Michkof-sky, jane Miller. Darius Moss. Connie Mosura. Helen Mowry ROW 1: Bill Murphy. John Mushinski. Edward Neiman, Candy Nesbitt, Sally Niehinke. Lawrence Nobile. Shirley Novak. Joseph Oscqueda. ROW 2: Elizabeth Otrahalik. Vincent Patrick. Ronald Pattuson. Donna Patton. Janis Pawlack. Dorothy Pawloski. Denny Peck. Susie Pennell. ROW 3: James Pet rides. Kathy Petroff. Joan Pfaff, David Pipchok. Marie Pipihock. Marianna Pitts, Dave Planner. Francene Please. ROW 4: Lorraine Popik. Ben Post. Jim Probsdorfcr. Margie P r o s c o, Ruth Pruczcnski. Ronald Quinn. Ronald Ranter, Roger Rapp.Freshman Class ROW 1: Bill Razinski, Peter Riccardi. Donald Richards, Karen Richards. Rita Rittleman. Melvin Rizzo, Terr)- Robinsky, Bob Roehm. ROW 2: Darlene Rotolo. Theresa Row hawf, Nancy Rudich, Joseph Ros-sich, Tom Russin, Peter Sarar. Harry Schaeffer. Robert Schrcy-cr. ROW 3: Nick Scmonik, Olga Sepella, Michael Serene, Imogine Scvins. Charlie Shaffer. Margaret Shaffer. Roy Shelly. Nigel Shrews-l crry. ROW 4: Wayne Shrewsberry, Marcedes Sichak, Tony Siegel. Mary Sim-ko. John Sippel. Clara Skarpon-zos. Fran Slappo, Richard Slip-ko. ROW 1: Norman Smallridge, Donald Smarsh, Jim Smetanko, Dennis Smith, Rich Smith, Mary Lou Sovich, Gerry Spchar, Tom Sproch. ROW 2: Duane Standish, Lois Stanfield, Evelyn Stange, Mary Stcfaniak, Linda Strclla, Judy Stewart, Cathryn Stoffel, Tom Stranko. ROW 3: Elaine Strecker. John Syzmoniak. Michael Tarquino, Nancy Taylor. Robert Taylor, Frank Te-lerz, Bob Terrence, John Thompson. ROW 4: Karen Tidmore, Geraldine Tom-ley, Ron Torrito, Phillip Tra-pold, James Travis, Bill Trehar, Bob Vatulervort. Kerry Vargon. ROW 1: Robert Veres, George Volaric, Henry Volpc, Nancy Waber, Ronald Wagner. Tom Wagoner. John Walgus. Philip Wanchick. ROW 2: Kathleen Wargo, Tim Weber, Tom Wel cr, Dough ton Welling. James Welsh. Roger Wentz, Jan Whitcficld. Nonna Whitcficld. ROW 3: Gayle Wimmersburger, Janet Wogan, William Wojtkowski, Judy Young, Frank Yurkovac, John Zalinski, John Zeranich, John Zuk. ROW 4: Richard Zwibel.•Junior Class Officers Elaine Vernon, Secretary; Patty Zajac, Treasurer; Judy Weaver, President; Tom Chapala, Vice President. IllCongratulations and Best Wishes For a Successful Future to the Class of 1960 WILKENS Headquarters for Diamonds Watches Jewelry on E.Z. CREDIT 112 605 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania MACKINTOSH INSURANCE AGENCY Congratulations to the Class of 1960 General Insurance Eat at MILLIE'S 1200 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania Telephone CO 6-2309 where we All have fun. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS GUTOWSKI'S BAKERY CO. 517 Eighth Street and 699 Merchant Street 648 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania Ambridge, Pennsylvania Phone: CO 6-3080 Phone: CO 6-1539 We Specialize in Parly and Wedding Cakes STANGL'S BAKERY Congratulations Seniors From Quality Baked Goods VALLEY REALTY COMPANY SALOPEK'S MARKET J. A. TIMNEY Groceries and Meats ELECTRIC CO. The Home of Good "Let us plan your kitchen now.” Things to Eat 268 First Street General Electric Appliances Tappan Gas Ranges Ambridge, Pennsylvania Phone: CO 6-3070 612-614 Merchant Street 113 Ambridge, PennsylvaniaROSS PLUMBING SUPPLIES OHIO VALLEY LUMBER CO. 319 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pa. CO 6-3020 328 14 Street Ambridge, Pa. A complete line for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries — known for cpiality, style, and dependable service. Lumber, Paint, Hardware Millwork and Service Compliments of SOL'S STORE 633 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pa. For Continued Success EGERS LEADING JEWELERS i DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY Congratulations and Compliments To You Graduates JACKSON'S SHOE STORE Home of 528 Merchant Street 406 Mill Street Ambridge Coraopolis Pennsylvania Airstep Buster Brown Life Stride Nunn-Bush Roblee Pedwin AMBRIDGE HARDWARE, INC. Lawn and Garden Supplies Cochran Paints Peat Moss, Fertilizers 114 Keys Made 536 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania For Rent — Floor Sander, Belt Sander, etc. Insecticides Paints WM. H. WALL'S SONS 507 8 Street CO 6-5400AMBRIDGE GREENHOUSES FLOWER SHOPPE •198 Elm Road Ambridge, Pa. CO 6-6144 "There Is No Greater Tribute Than a Gift of Flowers" THE KRISTUFEK AGENCY Established 1904 Real Estate Insurance Specialists 405 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, Pennsylvania Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Class of 1960 JOHN W. SOLDRESSEN REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 1308 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pa. Phone: CO 6-1639 JOS. AND GEO. TIMCHAK Shoe Service and Hat Shop New Shoes 941 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania □ 3%s | m jjk i! The Finest in Beauty Care for the Discriminating Woman COngress 6-5438 MITCHELL BEAUTY SALON 712 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania Specialists in Hair Shaping, Styling and Permanent Waving THE VENGER SHOP Ambridge, Pennsylvania Distinctive Dress for Smart Women CO 6-5240 (Tlir (TlllIM CAMBRIDGE'S HOMETOWN DAILY NEWSPAPER" With All The News of AMBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES 115In AMBRIDGE for... FORTY YEARS Wyckoff Steel is very proud to have its largest and finest plant located here because Ambridge has what it takes. Here we have good people to work with, plenty of room for our plant, for fine housing, for better schools, for churches, for parks and play areas and wonderful stores—everything that can make a community great and pleasant. It's your job to help make these finer things develop. This company brings well over a million dollars every year to you in payrolls and provides the livelihood for over 1200 people in Ambridge. Other companies of all types located here are providing a similar income to this city. Your job is to make that income work for your own benefit by putting it to use right here in Ambridge. You can have finer streets and bigger schools and better homes and churches and stores. You can do it by putting your income and your heart to work on building a better Ambridge. Wyckoff Steel will continue to provide its full share of support. Let’s make Ambridge Great! y Uus% (Wyckoff steel company 116Best Wishes from ECONOMY BANK OF AMBRIDGE 500 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Compliments of H. K. PORTER COMPANY, INC. NATIONAL ELECTRIC DIVISION Ambridge, Pennsylvania Because many Dads of the Ambridge High School students are key men on the A. M. Byers Company team . . . WE WELCOME THIS OPPORTUNITY TO WISH YOU-THEIR SONS AND DAUGHTERS-GODSPEED AND GOOD LUCK IN THE YEARS AHEAD A. M. BYERS COMPANY Established 1864 America's Oldest and Largest Producer of Wrought Iron Products and a Growing Producer of Quality Stainless and Alloy Steels 117Congratulations to the Class of 1960 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 from PAUL'S BAKERY from TAYLOR MILK CO., INC. Duss Avenue and Merchant Street Ambridge, Pennsylvania 511 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pa. MR. MRS. PAUL Pics Cakes 2152 Sheffield Road Aliquippa, Pa. BRADDICK Cookies Congratulations from Best Wishes j. c. penny co. 6 and Merchant Streets PENNY'S CASH MARKET Ambridge, Pennsylvania 701 Merchant Street COngrcss 6-1586 VALLEY STUDIOS For Fine Camera Portraits BRlDLS-WLDDlNGS-CHlLDRLiN COMMERCIAL WORK 304 Merchant Street, Ambridge 118 Clifford Clark, PhotographerMickey’s Flower Shoppe Adasiak’s Barlamas’ Luncheonette Mike’s Market Mark’s Parts Company Stanley Flower Shop Carrera Paint Wallpaper Company Robert K. Hamilton Repine’s Dairy Store PATRONS Ambridgc Pharmacy Lee’s Shoppe Majestic One Hour Cleaners Robert Stewart Hardware Charles’ Sterling Service Ombres Auto Sales Tick Tock Luncheonette Sterling Sewing ‘Beaver Valley’s Most Interesting Store” KRAUSS JEWELERS “Famous for Diamonds” Best of Wishes SALVATI'S SHOE SHOP 309i4 14 Street AMBRIDGE, PA. Ambridge, Pennsylvania All Repair Work Done in Our Store Shoes rebuilt like new Shoes dyed any color Everything for the shoes but the feet. BRIDE AND DEB Formals for All Occasions Coordinates and Accessories 468 Merchant Street COngress 6-0767 Congratulations From BALLAY HARDWARE General Hardware Paints — Varnishes 631 Merchant Street COngress 6-3260Here the units of National Supply's Electronic Data Processing Unit are shown in their approximate position. Operator, at console in center, monitors and controls operations. Facing him. in semi-circle, and elsewhere in room, are tape units that transmit information within the unit. Other equipment includes: central processing unit, that processes information, calculates, and makes limited decisions: card readers, that transfer information from punched cards to tape: card punch, that transfers information from tape to punched cards; printers, that transfer information from tape to type; power unit: and control units. In an Age of "Electronic Brains'' It Pays to be a Little Smarter There is a machine at National Supply's Pittsburgh headquarters that is really remarkable. It gobbles up information at a rate of 1,200 twelve-letter words per sedond. It adds or subtracts 8,400 five-digit figures, or multiplies 1,250 five-digit figures, per second. It can type enough words for a 300-page book in 12 minutes. People sometimes refer to this machine as an "electronic brain," but it isn't. It can absorb information, and feed back information, and "make logical decisions,’’ but only in accordance with predetermined instructions. It cannot think for itself. This fact is of significance to every Ambridgc high school senior. We arc living in a marvelous age, in which men have harnessed the atom and sent rockets to the moon. We can expect even greater achievements in the future. But each scientific advance increases the need for people trained to think. You have learned a lot about thinking in your education to date. You will increase your thinking powers — and your opportunities, as well — if you go on for higher education. Ambridge Plant THE NATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY Subsidiary of Armco Steel Corporation Armco Steel Corporation is offering a four-year college scholarship each year in the Ambridge community. For particulars, ask your high school advisor or write to our Industrial Relations Department. 120

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