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 - Class of 1952

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, ,. 1 ' '5?,.,, K Q-. A 3 4 U' 'X we I W Qi xx 4: .gf . 1 X MX in 7 S Q zf V . ...i , Ci- . , -4,-A' I blk P A 5' I My 4: .Y , 1 .gg 5 Ag. - .5 5, ' xi ,':"' . ' .M 7 g '.,, 0. XAQ ty A 1.-1 1 iz A bf ef ' ff A gem 2 " if 5 S 53-fx. ' 'D -as 1. Q X fr ! L 1.94, X1 "K S. fl Q ,uf . K sn ,, AMBRIDGE HIGH CHO0L '-f1:95'a ..". k i 'm -Q A n 5 'X , V Q H 'W' 5 Q af' 4 'ew' X N f A -Q. ' 'H . , 4 . Q ,N M : Y ix " ' 4' v " A ' - -f 1-.1...Y, 'E ' qrf'-w ig' -ig.. ' Sv'- '9p...fQ L A fv' Q FQ! 11 ffizrff' . 'X x V7 L., VM, xsxxkxwi.. IX R A -N 1 A ' , z Q- , 'f fi'- nf - "' ,-- ' - f A an . ' .. 4 4 g if ' is .f ,' 2. vf ex ' 'Y,,' " , , , m or A .. , X A ,wad fi nlxjkv I M: .J n V'l:.5r 5 X qw 1 A- -4. if Q - X - N 1.1 15 xx 1kXx..L L g L Y 'V qi. X " xi . I rf ,.4 - "- V K Y in L Q '9 - v V A il , A ' ,x 1 P L Ati , s. .' 6 K 1. , x ' Eg 5 -v 4 ' ga Q W ' "' S - W . 1 , , x LV .gl 5 812.1 3 gg X. I y jk ' ug ' " 4' -4 . f S N ' ' '-Egg' V rf x J fl? xx V . 34' ' 'V 'VH 1 Q 2-L 1. ,T :Qi AAL i A i 4 N x N Q 1 Q' . 4 L-C , gag A 5 'IX A ? , .x 1 'lv H ' A Q K. cl Q l 3 dh . QL KN A. E -E . " ,G ,,, V 7 -x 3, as-gk ,L f ,, I -f' 552 - .v , J fl .g V I' RQ., P H i t"V'xWXi1 T ' Y' YE' T Q -. : g W ' I sl A A g 54 ' I an Q 3, ag gt , . X . 1 - - t , f M W x ' xx x: Af ' Qi., 1 537' 4 x g -6. ' 1, t M Y- 5 'I' wb- L , ' " 'W .X if A, 3 i , x k L f '3A. , M , x , 6 - g ' A ty 'N 1. ! QP L x Q 4' , 1 NQ ' 'N ,Q s 'E 1 4. F : 1 6' i V J' 5' A 'Lt M 1 Evers.. AX L if , V '?"'P":! ,my is I. f, ,v If I K :K M . I s me "'4' ' ' ' . fe ,, , ' "'-ml-,' -. - I 'V ' , 5 - 1 we-ff Q Au"'dl" M' -'hsiik i K , , . H- - u ff ., ,4 ,lv 4 fGf F 9? my . Ii.. J. f, '- rf A Al! Ij:.::g.-'J Aff , J, x:,-gina.. . ' ,h ,. - ' x ' 1- . ',. y 1 , -- -3 ' P19 . " ,, ' ,, 9' Q f I ' I ,I 2. V , 1, 4 , 5 'K A 4 A I V. ,Pf45f ' 1 X 5 ' ,Q f 4 , 1, I I. Lo -1 If . . 9 'LL I ,K ,ka r cs 1 i I' ' . KL N .3 4 X it 'xi . jr-v ,gf- ff' ,,f .,.wjj,. 4 'S Q fi' x . 55,2 if - 4 1- - . kfy . 4.-i .. ,V , 3 ,gi , , , 1 Q I N V 2, O 5 ,g. ,.4 .mwa- ifi, .fw- J s . H,.,,wv. , 8' I ,, ,zu Q --N: , -1 ww ,mf , W. ! r 5, 2 '36 5 v 1. W ,,w 7' M. fi, 52921 .,', 4 1 f, . 4 Q , N, "is, K QQW0-:Q I fe ,ff ' QM M V, :gm 7753? ff ,ff- ', -1 x, Yi .za 4.-,Q 'i Ll Nr" Q.. PROLUGUE ALL ABUARD Our yearbook thas year wall take us on an excursnon an Excursuon through educatuon Ltke the raver boats of old we will travel along the route of study work and play whnch we have enloyed thus past school year As a travel bureau helps you choose and plan your trnp so our admlnlstratron develops and guudes us an our course of study A planned curriculum IS the map which we follow rn order to reach our desrred goal a better lute through educatron We students as the passengers have a great opportunuty to obtarn the most from this excurslon Thus opportunity guven to us to learn and appreciate the essence of free educatuon rs one we should treasure above all others The development of the Along wlth studles go actlvltles So as entertaunment on shipboard we fund many and varied extra curricular actlvltnes These go hand ln hand wuth educatnon so as to develop a well rounded socaal lute an which all learn to work and play together rn harmony and productnvnty On thus voyage our semors are the departmg passengers soon to leave the boat to go on to bugger and better thungs They reluctantly bud farewell to the Brrdger boat of leornung and vow never to forget their many loyful experuences there The Freshmen Sophomores and Junuors prepare to board the boatand unsuccessuve years to take the places vacated by the Sensors To them the best of luck and may they remember the Sensors and thus strnve to uphold and surpass the hopes and asplratuons of those who leave thus year 3 0 U I I -,, . . I . I I I I . . mind and spiritof our youth today, is the development ofabetterworld---tomorrow. ' I I I I I . . . ' I I I "l Y H' I gfw 'Q ff -8843! P' ff: As 2 I I . I Y A?" 3 2 2 1 , , A ffm' 2 I ' mv ' 22 I .4A, A fi 5' ' V+ ' I .Eli ro me OLD ECONOMITES WHOSE IDEALS AND PRINCIPLES MADE oun coMMuNnv AD ,I M MONUMENT TO THE PIONEER SPIRIT OF EARLY -.I PENNSYLVANIA. A ,M , '?"iv.42 ' Imran' - , 1 EI I a L -r E X 4 ' LF "' 5 .wxk 5? F s" ' '11- , U, I. If ,41- UPERINTENDENT DR. HOWARD G. SQUlRES Dr Squires although cornporotnvely new un thus offuce hos proven has cbllltyos o cop oble leoder He keeps the wheels of our school system runnung smoothly and effncnently Hrs encouragement an our pep rneehngs and os sernblues os nn our other school octlvltles shows hrs keen Interest an our student body PRI CIPAL DR MICHAELF SERENE Thus man urges us to do our best an every thang He has Interest In the school ond nts octlvltles as usevndenced by husottendance at all events othletacor cultural mwhnch we partlclpote 4 .Hn 6 . . I V I .. I I A r te - - , . I7 1 T I I l I tk ' . - . 0 - . . 'K ' . . . . ,Fd Q . , , Y ' u ' 'ups' A ' v lnl TUUENT CUUN ULLUR DR WILLIAM BINING As student counsellor Dr Blnnng comes In close contact wnth the student body and guades of young men and women and thenr problems makes hum a wnse counsellor and admirable leader VUCATIC AL DIRECTOR Mr Taggart has supervused the actnvmes of the vocatnonal department slnce l940 Under has able gundance and competent leadershnp our vo catnonal department has developed unto one of fnne reputatnon Mr Taggart also supervuses the actuvuty program of our school 7 UIRECTUR UF CURRICULUM DR JOSEPH BENKERT Dr. Benkert s influence has been stamped with nndeluble Ink ln our character Hrs everlasting patience and understanding have won our hearts I XX. l Q N 1 I . , them to thesr desired career. An understandung llllllllll OF ED CATIO The members of this board are those who have made our school not iust an institution for learning reading, 'riting and 'rithmeticl but a place where each student can learn to meet life squarely, train for the future, and become a better citizen of tomorrow. J Mr. John S. Majcher Mrs. Mary Leiper Mr. Joseph Bufalini Dr. James Direnzo J Dr. Edward Laskowslci Mr. Thomas Garland Martha Kluz Mrs . 'V 'xx Mr. Eugene Caputo 'I v 1. -1 Lf ,. 5 .. -Y-.Y fu- 4 MISS BAEUERLEIN Superintendent Office IRENE KA MINSKI Superintendent Office MARGARET STRIFFLER Superintendent Office LOUISE SERACK High School Office IRENE HRONAS High School Office ROSEMARIE BEZUSKA High School Office ROSE SARKASIAN Director of Curriculum DOROTHY METELSKY Finance Office BETTY BRANDT Nurse's Office 's Office rs X-715 M4o""" ? Alma Adam I' pewrrtrn Bury Brres Algebra L: WrlmerJ Adams Cures Q'- Rose Bogovrch World Htstory Ethel Althauser Engllsh IV Twrla Bovard 4... GeorgeC Axtell JOhnC Barntr Voc Elec Shop Harry E Frnk Jr Amerrcan H lstory Se rence awp- Q Ersrlle Costello Frank W Deganzo Dlstrlbutlve Ed Drama World Hlstory Edward F Drakt bym Health Hygle e La tm Mary L Duffy Englrsh I ea John D Budrmrr Economrcs 9 Irma Elbeck Englrsh III George Barth Ind Arts Math Jack V Burns 7th Grade Math k' Mrchae1Beley Ind Am K John E Chapala Auto Drrvtnb 9th Grade Gen Math 4 'n Estelle S Fausold Home Economlcs Muss Griffrfl'1's slxfh perrod Spcmsh Class seems fo be responding well 10 as -v. , l ' K m ' Vll A . K be 4-1 sql. ia : V up ' I all l 1 A ' 9 ' 1 5 X 'JVV fs 352315: A '4fT ,. , "M fs. 5 3 A I ' ,t g C .SY M 5 .Q 3, Q7 fc' A Y- F' if f '-1 M ' L ,gi f Q ' J f J ,Q J K hs A ,. Q , 'vi t . r 'l Xl J J V g m D ia 4. 3.6 . - 'N ,, -1 1 f 1' , 'dl 1 'Y "' ' , H A 7 X E- 1 J. l ' I 'ln Q C' Katherine Forcey Algebra II, Solid Geometry, Trig. ,f.,. G 1 it , xlaX".i S Thomas E. Hoskins Rel. Drawing, Mech. Drawing, Algebra I K Stella Lazar Health, Phys. Education I Q c bv' Z If A " Yoland Giammatteo Virginia Griffith Katharine Haberlen Joseph F. Hlista Bookkeeping IMI Spanish II, French English Il Biology I 8: II X 9- .- "" 'i fl I , , A ez. . ml, 1' ,, " " ' :S ' H I A 5 , F i s F . X I I - I 1 . Peter I. Karakitsos Samuel Keusch Elinore B. Mermelstein John M.Kokoski Eng. , Math. Mech. Drawing Typewriting I Sc II Boys' Hygiene v . Q I SS:-' . ,W .WZ t 'fm Helen Hodges English I Q. 5. up 1 ! Olga M. Kolcun Homemaking I, II, 85 III ,J 22 Leonard Horsman Biology Rose Kozak Sec. Practice Joseph A. Lombar A.J. Lukachek Ruth Lutman Fern McCune Mary Margaret McKeown World History Am. History Art Special Class Shorthand I. EC- Geography Miss Trembly's class hard of work. 11 Joseph Montozzr Musto Esther M Prantantdo General St renee Maur tce Rubenstem Gen Busrness Con tance Morellr Home Economres 1. DwLg.,htF Prper Algebra I .4 ocracy wif Q? Ella H Nreholson Thomas S Osso Home Economrcs Spanrsh I S.: II Soctal Sctences ls John H Prper Walter! Pruslck Algebra II Setence Health Rebecca Palmer Jr l-hgh Ltbrarx Florence Recht Rel Eng Rel Ltterature Robert C Palmer Chem Brology Phys Ed Ruth M Parson Vocal Musrc lg 1 wiv Laura Jean Rrce Leonard H Rothermel Musrc and Mustc Phystes Chem Hrstorv Theory Hazel Schermerhorn Mlchael bebastran Rose Marte Sett1no Lysle P Shaffer Marte C Smtth Russell Phys Ed Home Ec Jr Eng Publrc Am Htstory Problems of Dem Speech FACULTY Mnss Giammcfteo 's bookkeepmg class m sessuon 12 . P 'I E .E , ' . :Me 517 y - h , . x K-'F' ,lp - l lf ff f Q' "' 3 I sh . .1 L4 ' AQ' I Q , , ,,f, , ,' J li, Q y , V L,.- . . iff A y Q Q , --'J-f-ff K, A u - s vs- Fx . . 4'- ' 1 . 4 I P v ,X X A . f . jx, ' I ef , r r , , H P .gf t Q ' . l Y ii' x . ' Q - .., Mn M ' ri ,j fl V - X , f ' lk L A' c Marcel1aM Spahr Vetold W Spomy NathanielSteinberb JohnB Stonis Josephj Strangjes Myrtle Tremblq Joseph Snyder Shop strumental Music Biology Jw 1 X Imogene Yost Mary Zawasky Ruth Troll MaryM Tunney PaulR Vochko Willraml Wiegel Music Jr HrghEng Pa History Ind Arts Phys Ed Math Reading TEACHERS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR Machine Shop Latin German Auto Mechanics Vocational Carpentry Plain Geometry Related Math and History ROSEMARY MQCROY Art KATHRYN ROSS IIELEIX. M NN EISGIZRBER CALVIN FULMER CLAIRE GUNDERMAIN WILLIAM T GORDON MICHAEL MALINICH IR M M MATTUCH L IN MCCAUGHTRY English II Eng, ish I II FACULTY Dr Benkerf with his experimental class 13 'f' ff ' s ' I E fa. 1 .R A ,l. A V K ,F -. N - V I vw L V V wx :p ll, , if V Ap 3 ,F 'Fx 1 'ILL ' H gf' . . 6' , I ,, Y , 4 1. I V . X fa I -1 e i . 'A I I X Voc. Machine Girls' Hygiene Director ol In- Physics, Sr. Science Library: Science Georgraphji, Math English IVR 4 1 G, 3 , ' '45-if 2' I '-, , V A :f tw' N ,vii ' " ' X 'i ,r Ur 'Q x Q. ' ' ' rf . I 5 all Y ' v A 1 . r - A - ,lf , Dr. Butchers is shown examining a youngster's teeth while the proud mother looks on. 7 I Dr. Gaydos helps keep them healthy and happy. als-ly , . K M-,Md Miss Stolar is interviewing a young mother Maintenance men hard at work trying to keep the temperature up. The cafeteria has gotten a good start. RITA ANTHONY Commercial Tardy Checker, Concession, Girls Glee Club CHARLOTTE ALSKO Distributive Education DOMINEC AMATO Commercial Boys' Patrol, Golf Club. NORMAN AMSLER Academic PETER R. ANDREWS Vocational Stage Squad, Intramural Sports. MICHAEL ANTONETTI Academic Intramural Sports, Baseball. NORM A ANDERSON Commercial Silhouette Representative, Girls' Glee Club ANGELA ANGELIDES Commercial Gymnastic Club, Jr. Red Cross. ROBERT ARNETT Academic Band, Silhouette Staff, Thespian Society His torical Society. ROBERT ARTHUR Academic Band, Boys' Patrol. ZENAIDE AVERSA Commercial Silhouette A dvertising, Usherette AGNES AZADIAN Distributive Education Tardy Checker, Girls' Glee Club RICHARD BAGINSKI Distributive Education MARY ANN BALICKI Commercial Silhouette, Speech Club. -DENNIS BANKS Academic Band, Assembly Band. .si f 4 I ?D'a X 'U' A-is QP' YV1 1 I I in Q F3 fg, 'ian a-' Leaders Club, Silhouette, Intramural Sports PEGGY BARD Academic FRANCIS BARLAMAS General Band, Boys' Patrol, Intramural Basketball BEVERLY BARRICKMAN Commercial Yearbook Typist. DONALD BARTO General LILA BERKOWITZ General Band, Assembly Band BERNARD BENDER Vocational MARY EDITH BENEDICT Commercial Girls' Glee Club. MICHAEL BILO General WILLIAM BINDER Academic Bank, Track, Cross Country. MILDRED BIONDA General Urherettes, Editors Training Club, Junior Clan Play. JAMES BLAZIHI Academic Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Sports. WILLIAM BOBAK Vocational Baseball, Mlmtrel, Intramural Sports. MARGARET BOGOSIAN Commercial Program Committee. WILLIAM BO!-IREN Academic Intramural Sports, Golf Club, ALAN BORROR Academic Bueball, Intramural Spam. Art Club ELSIE BOSCHETTO Academic Leader's Club, Silhouette Staff. BRADLEY BOWAN Academic KATHLEEN BRYAN General GEORGE BUBEN General JOYCE LORRAINE BUFALINI General Girls' Glee Club, Gymnastics, Silhouette. LOUIS BUFALINI General Band, Intramural Sports. MARY ANN BUFALINI Commercial Majorette, Princeton Cheerleader, Gymnas tics. EDWARD BURAK Vocational Football, Minstrel, Intramural Sports. ROBERT BURAK Vocational Football, Minstrel, Intramural Sports. MARGARET BURCH Commercial EVELYN BURZESE Commercial Band, String Ensemble, Intramural Sports. GAIL BUTCHERS Academic Girls' Patrol, Yale-Princeton, Leaders Club Gymnastics. PEGGY BYERS Academic Silhouette. WILLMETTA CAMPBELL Commercial Band, Assembly Band. GLORIA CANDROS Commercial Madrigal Club, Girls' Glee Club. EN ORS LEROY CANONICO Vocational Stage Squad Intramural Sports, Minstrel SYLVIA CAPRIOTTI General Speech Debate Silhouette, Football Usher SIIG HELEN VERONICA CASA LE Academic Silhouette, Usherettes SAM CATANESE Academic Bank, Track, Cross Country Bowling, Assem bly Band, Band MILOS CHURCHIN General Intramural Sports JOHN CIPRIANI Academic Patrol MADALINE CIRKA Commercial ODILE CLERC Academic Silhouette, Yearbook, Volleyball MAXINE COATES Commercial Refreshment Committee, Concert Chorus LEONARD COPUS Vocational Minstrel, Golf Club, Airplane JAMES CORETTI Academic Band, Silhouette, Boys' Patrol. GEORGE COREY Academic Football, Track, Class Officer RICHARD CHAPALA Academic Band, Cross Country. WALTER D'ALLESSANDRIS Vocational GEORGE DAVIES Vocational Minstrel. JOAN CURKOVICH Distributive Education Girls' Glee Club, Football Usherette. CAROLYN DAVIS Academic Gymnastics, Yale-Princeton, Junior Class Play. MIKE DEGENNARO Academic Varsity Football, Chess, Glee Club, Intra- mural Sports. PAULINE DELAI General Band, Softball, Refreshment Committee. CHARLES DICKSON Academic Boys' Patrol, Band, Activitie Band. ROSEMARIE DININNO Commercial Yearbook Representative. CORA ANN DIXON Commercial Gymnastics, Yearbook Representative, Refresh- ment Committee. PAUL DGRANSKY Academic Intramural Sports. PAT DRUZISKY Academic Student Senate, Girls' Patrol, Yale-Princeton, Gymnastics. HELEN DUDENICH Commercial Silhouette Staff, FRED DUNN Academic Assembly land, land. HARRY EDWARDS Distributive Education MARY ANN ENDROTT General Girls' Glee Club. ANTHONY ESSECK Academic Band, Assembly Band, Chess Club. EDWARD EVANS Academic Band, Patrol, lowllng. fir- Ex Q? 1-'s if if fig' 'sa a '13 it 5... I .,s.,,.: . , 'rv ' . .ts V - 1 X SYLVESTER FALKOWSKI Vocational Minstrel. VICTORIS FALKOWSKI Commercial Concessions, Gymnastic Club. DOLORES FARAH Dtstributive Education CONSTANCE FEDUSKA Academic Student Senate, Madrigal, National Honor Society. TED FELK Academic Historical Society, Cross Country, Track. NICK FETCHIN Vocational Minstrel. THOMAS FOLEY General ROBERT P. FOLINO Academic Track, Band, Bpys' Patrol. MARTHA FORD Academic Girls' Patrol, Madrigal Club, Historical So- ciety, Usherettes. JAMES FREED Assembly Band, Band. WILLIAM GABAL Vocational GolfClub, Minstrel. MARTHA GABOR Academic Gymnastic Club, Football Usher, Speech. DONA LD GARTNER Academic Silhouette, National Honor Society, Historical Society. GENEVIEVE GATEHOUSE Academic Leaders' Club, Band. ANNA MARIE GAYDOS Distributive Education ENIURS IRENE GAZDA Commercial Debate, Speech, Art and Publicity. DONNA GILLIGAN Academic Gymnastics, Softball, Basketball. RICHARD GLAS Commercial NANCY GOERMAN Academic Historical Society, Jr. Red Cross, Finance ROBERT GOURLEY Academic Basketball, Student Senate, Track. FRANCES GRADEK Academic Gymnastics, Jr. Class Play, Silhouette. ELLIOTT GREENBERGER Academic Band. STEPHAN GREF Academic Yearbook Staff, Silhouette Staff, Thesp Society. LILLIAN GROSS General Girls' Glee Club. PATRICIA GROSS Distributive Education ELEANOR GULA Commercial Girls' Glee Club. BETTY LOU GURCIC Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Jr. Red Cross. MARY ANN HALICEK Commercial Gymnastic Club, Speech, Usherette. NANCY HARTENBACH Academic Speech Club. WILLIAM H. HARTENBACH Vocational KS f gi-y L-1' 1 W' he-1' 8, ' tv A I f 1 . 3 :Q A 1' fa.. if A fu as , V X Q5 1 .hr 'is qu, .f Y: I 'i' ,WJ . fu-I . 1'?"""-nr '42 , 5 l 69" ENIURS JOAN HARTLING Distributive Education Gymnastic Club, Speech Club. PATTY HARVATH Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Speech Club. WILLIAM HECK Academic Football, Track. CATHERINE HENDRICKSON Commercial NORMA HENDRICKSON General Girls' Glee Club. IOANNE HERTNEKY Commercial Leaders' Club, Football.Usherette. EDWARD HILL Vocational ANN HIMME Commercial ' DOROTHY HOKO Distributive Education Girls' Glee Club. ROBERT HOOD Academic Band, Patrol. WILLIAM HOVANEC Vocational JOAN HRINKO Commercial Gymnastics, Leaders' Club, Girls' Sports RUDOLPH HRVOICH Vocational WILLIAM HRVOICH Vocational RICHARD HUDACSEK General Baseball. E IORS MARY ANN I-IUDAK Commercial ROBERT JANICKI Academic Debate, National Honor Society, Band, Thes- pian Society. ALEXANDER JANIS Academic Track, Cross Country. JOHN JONES Vocational Minstrel. CHARLES JOHNSON Vocational Track, Intramural Sports, Hunting and Fishing Club. GERTRUDE JOHNSON Academic Concession Committee, Girls' Sports. IRENE KANAKIS Commercial Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Yearbook, Finance. JAMES KAZIL Academic Football, Basketball, Track. EDWARD KUBIT General Boys' Patrol, Intramural Basketball. RICHARD KENNY Academic Football, Track, Cross Country. MIKE KEPICS Vocational RICHARD KMIT Academic Football, Intramural Sports. WALTER KOCZERA General Madrigal Club, Historical Society, National Honor Society. JOE KOHUT Academic Football, Student Senate. RICHARD KOKOLSKI Distributive Education Bowling, Golf Club. 4 'S l limi 2 it :fm X , ti A 4 U SE IOR DAISY KOLAR Academic Thespian Society, Historical Socie Honor Society. EUGENE KOPCZAK Vocational Minstrel, Intramural Sports. RICHARD KOSELA Vocational Intramural Sports, Minstrel. WILLIAM KOSIS Distributive Education Intramural Sports, Golf Club. JOE KOSTAIL Academic Intramural Sports. GREGORY KOSTAS General Band, Cross Country. DELBERT KOVACEVIC Academic Student Senate, Intramural Sports STAN KROL Academic Track, Intramural Sporu. ALLAN KRISS Academic Football Patrol, Student Senate. MARLIN KRISS Academic Cross Country, Track, Intramural Sports MARGARET KNOPICK Commercial Usherette, Homeroom Officer. HELEN KUHARSKY Commercial PAUL KUNDRAT General Football, Basketball, Track. STEVE KUZNIAR General Band, Assembly Band. PETER KUTULAKIS Academic Madrigal Club, Historical Society National Honor Society, land. DONA LD LANIEWSKI Academic Historical Society, Boys' Patrol, Yearbook Rep- resentative. CLARENCE LANSBERRY Vocational ANDY LAZORISAK Academic Basketball, Silhouette staff. DOMINICK LEOPARDI Vocational Intramural Sports, Minstrel. PAUL EUGENE LESANDAK Commercial Editors Training Club. ROBERTA LEWIS Commercial Chorus. SHIRLA LEWIS General Finance, Concession Committee. ROBERT LIVITSKI Academic Football, Track, Varsity Football Club. LORETTA IOANNE LUKETIC Commercial Madrigal Club, Gymnastics, Yale-Princeton GEORGIANN VERA MA LETIC Academic Silhouette, Intramural Sports, Girls'Glee Club. NELL MAMROSH Academic Historical Society, Silhouette, All Class Play FRANCES MANKO Academic Student Senate, Cheerleader, Historical Soci ety. MARTHA MARTIN Commercial ROBERT MARTIN Academic Track, Football. LOLA MARZIO Commercial Gymnastics, Girls' Glee Club. 8'- E553-' mm, I QQ . yf R, y A' 9 f I -1 ,. . ea. E". 3 QA 'V KV, fi' 4 7 SE l0R EMANUEL MATHEWS Academic Boys' Patrol. JOYCE A. MATHIAS Distibutive Education Gymnastic Club, Debate, Speech CONRAD MATTER Academic National Honor Society, StudentSenate, Year- book Staff. ANDREW MATZIE Commercial Boys' Chorus, Madrigal Club. GLADYS MOURADIAN Distributive Education Madrigal, Gymnastic Club. JOHN MAYER Academic Assembly Band, Band. SHIRLEY McLAUGHLIN Commercial Finance. MAUREEN MERRIMAN Commercial Assembly Band, Band. SHIRLEY MEYER Academic Yearbook Staff, Homeroom Officer, Historical Society, Leaders Club. GREGORY MIHALIC Academic JOHN MIHALICH Commercial Art Publicity. CAROL MILLER General Girls' Glee Club. HARRY MOORE Distributive Education MILTON MORATIS Academic Football, Baseball, Basketball Manager. VERLIE MORRIS General Art Club. ELSIE MORRIS Commercial Girls' Glee Club. JOAN MORRISON Commercial LORETTA MUHA Commercial Madrigal, Girls' Glee Club, Usherette. DORIS MUSGRAVE Academic Patrol, Princeton Cheerleader, Madrigal. BETTY NADZAK Commercial Class Officer, National Honor Society, Stu- dent Senate. BARBARA NARDI Commercial Silhouette Representative, Madrigal, Mixed Ensemble. RICHARD NAWOCZNSKI Vocational Minstrel, Intramural Sports. RICHARD NICGORSKI Vocational Minstrel, Intramural Basketball. KENNETH NIELSON General Bowling, Intramural Sports. ALICE OSTRANDER Distributive Education Tardy Checker, Concession Committee. CATHERINE OZENICH Commercial Girls' Patrol, Yale-Princeton, Speech Club. RAY PALMER Vocational Electric Squad, Intramural Basketball, Min- strel. RITA PALMER Vocational Girls' Glee Club. RICHARD PALSHAW General MARY PAOLANTONIO General Gymnastics, Ir. Red Cross, Bowling. l fy. fl Si' rlufegi .aux 1' X- Y.:- W iw? GEORGINE PAPANTONIO Commercial Girls' Glee Club. KATHERINE PAPPAS Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Finance Committee, Usher- ette. DONALD PASCARELLA General Art Publicity Club, Checker Club. MARY PASCO Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Jr. Red Cross, ANTHONY PAUL General Homeroom Officer. ROBERT PARASIDER Academic Intramural Sports, Chess Club. JOSEPH PAVLOKOVICH Academic Baseball, Orchestra, Boys' Patrol. CHARLES PELESKY Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Basketball. ROCCO PERCIAVALLE Academic Band, Intramural Sports. JOSEPH PERUSIC Academic Junior Class Play, Thespian Society, Football Patrol. DONALD PETKASH General Art Publicity, Golf Club, Intramural Sports. TOM PLASKO Academic Student Senate, Class Officer. STEVE PLEVEL Academic Intramural Sports, Boys' Patrol. ELAINE POLITO Commercial Silhouette Representative. DOLORES PRIVOL Commercial Yale-Princeton, Leaders' Club, Girls' Intra- mural Sports. E IOR FRANK PUSHAK Vocational Minstrel. SHIRLEY QUAIL Commercial Refreshment Committee NANCY REES Academic Band, Madrigal, Silhouette staff Historical Society. SHIRLEY REESE Academic National Honor Society, Madrigal, Silhouette Staff. LOUIS RHODE Vocational DELORES RIBAR Commercial Speech, Usherette, Gymnastic JOSEPHINE RICCI Distributive Education NEIL ROBERTSON Academic Band, Intramural Sports. AUGUSTINE RODRIGUEZ General PATRICIA ANN ROSS Academic Speech, Silhouette, Debate. NANCY ROSS Commercial Finance. BETHEA ROWLEY Academic Usherettes. ADAM ROGINSKY General Band. MAFALDA RUSSO Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Typing Club ROBERT SABONYA Academic Varsity Football, Track. MARIA SALUDIS Commercial Gymnastic Club, Homeroom Officer. MARGARET SANTO Commercial Finance Committee, Girls' Intramurals, Art and Publicity. LAURA JO SASADEUSZ. Academic Gymnastic Club, Leaders' Club, Girls' Intra- murals. ROSE MARIE SCARPIELLO Academic National Honor Society, Historical Society, Silhouette. ELMIRA SHAFER Commercial Football Usherette, Yearbook Typist, Girls' Sports. IOAN SHAFFO Academic Thespian Society, Silhouette Representative, All Class Play. DORIS JEAN SHANDICK Commercial Girls' Patrol, Usherette, Homeroom Officer. RAY SHUMSKY Vocational Minstrel, Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Basket- ball. CHARLES SKORUA Academic Track, Cross Country, Glee Club, Student Senate, Chess Club. HELENA SMITH Academic Band, Assembly Band. MARCELLA SMITH Commercial Cheerleader, Yearbook Representative. TOM SMITH Commercial JOHNNY RAY SMITH General Band, Assembly Band. WILLIAM SMITH General Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Sports. PETE SMOLINSKI Vocational E l0RS GAIL SNODGRASS Commercial LONNIE SOLLEY Vocational Minstrel. MARIANNE SPEHAR Academic Madrigal, Usherette, A11 KAT HERINE STA KIS Academic Dramatics, Madrigal, Vocal Ensemble LAWRENCE STREMBERSKI Vocational Intramural Basketball. ELIZABET H STROC K Academic Mixed Ensemble, Madrigal Club Finance Committee. SHIRLEY ANN STUBBINS Commercial PrincetonCheerleader, Gymnastics Usherette Band. DELORES SUBER Commercial Band, Finance, Jr. Red Cross Assembly Band Glec Club. DOROTHY SUDIA Commercial Girls' Glee Club. DAN SUMROK General Band. JIM SUTTON Vocational JOHN TACTAC General CHARLES TAIT Academic Track. NYLA TELFORD Commercial Girls' Glee Club. KAT HRYN TESNOVICH D istributive Education All Star Basketball, Gymnastic Club ,AZN 'ATI 'P 19 .1.. i it 'DQ ,ga -Q. .J Qs-a tn.. 'N-wx' inf: ir- tv 'Mg l? A-. 5 . 'gt'-' i , 'gil 7 SE IOR BETTE THOMAS General Silhouette, Madrigal, Gymnastic Club, Glee Club. SHIRLEY THOMPSON Academic Band, Assembly Band GERALDINE TOME1 Academic Glee Club, Silhouette Representative, Jr. Red Cross, Usherette. DELORES D. TRAMMELL Commercial Yearbook Representative, Mixed Chorus. JOAN TRUMBETAS Commercial Girls' Sports, Refreshment Committee, Orch- estra. GOLDYN TURCIC Academic Patrol, Gymnastic Club. WILLIAM TYRO Commercial Golf Club. RUTH ANN URDA Commercial SOPHIE VAGIONIS Commercial Girls' Glee Club. EUGENE VALLECORSA General Band, Assembly Band, Mixed Chorus. PHYLLIS VASQUES Academic Band, Assembly Band, Yale-Princeton Cheer- leader. ANGELINE VASILAKIS Commercial Girls' Glee Club, Ir. Red Cross. HAROLD VAUGHAN .QV Academic Football, Intramural Sports. LOLA VEGA Commercial Mixed Chorus, Usherette. JOE VERNAK General Band, Jr. Red Cross. FRED VIGNOVICH Commercial Madrigal, Yearbook Typist, Mixed Ensemble, Homeroom Officer. MARCUS VLASSAPOULOS Academic Chess Club. KAY VON MOOS Commercial Usherette, Homeroom Officer. EILEEN WAGNER Academic Silhouette. GREGORY WASLO General Intramural Basketball. IRENE WASLO Commercial Madrigal Club, Girls' Glee Club. DICK WEXL Academic Track, Intramural Basketball LEON WORK Vocational Minstrel, Hunting and Fishing Club. CHARLES L. WERNE General Track, Art Club. LARRY H. WESCHE General Cross Country Manager. ELEANOR WESOLOWSKI Vocational Girls' Glee Club. MARY F. WHEELING Commercial Silhouette Representative. GLENN WHITEHAIR General Basketball, Basketball Club. WILMER WHITMORE Academic Varsity Football, Intramural Sports. FRED WILLSHIER General Bowling, Intramural Sports. 6 Yin RONALD WILSON Voca tional Cross Country, Intramural Basketball JOAN WINZENRIED Commercial Jr, Red Cross, All School Play MILDRED WORY General CATHERINE WROBLESKI Commercial Band, Intramural Sports, Gymnastic Club EUGENIA YEDGENAK Commercial Madrigal Club, Silhouette Representative WILLIAM YERZYK Academic Football, Intramural Sports. RAY ZAKOVICH Commercial Baseball, Patrol, Basketball, I LAWRENCE ZALENSKI Vocational HAROLD ZEHNDER Academic MARY ZERA NICK Commercial Silhouette Representative, Gi STEVE ZIELINSKI Academic Cross Country, Track. DOROTHY ZIMMERMAN Commercial Usherette, Typing Club. MARIE Z UNIC General SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR WALTER ADDISON HENRY MICKY Distributive Education Vocational DOLORES CREESE Minstral, Intramural Basketball. Distributive Education SAM OPRISKA JOSEPH DIRDO Vocational Vocational Minstrel, Track. Minstrel, Intramural Basketball. ALBERT OTRAHALIK JOHN DISHAUZI Vocational Academic DAN ROWLEY Madrigal, Band, IntramuralSporrs Academic THOMAS ECKERT Boys' Glee Club, Intramural Sports. Vocational SKIP SIEHL Cross Country, Track. Academic JOHN KROYNIK Varsity Football, Basketball, Homeroom Officer Vocational Stage Squad. fi .9 '54 - Y, is ff' If yswifm , ,J ., L SECTION II-A FIRST ROW: Richard Jula, Ronald Lew- is, Bill Potter, Robert Squires, Joseph Kotula, Jerry Parker, Doris Muhalick, ChristBalatsaukas, RudyCouichoc, Fred Burak. SECOND ROW: Miriam Costan- za, Mary Lou Mellott, Mary Rose Slapp, Chas. Davis, Patricia Irwin, Dolores Horniak, Jeanette Mattzie, Carol Rice, Chas. Hcibert. THIRD ROW: Rosanne Lintio, Francis Kappas, Betty Holland, Doria Trayan, Donna Cappriotti, Georgia McKenzie, Alice Horak, El- eanor Juhn, Marietta Yakobik. F4 fi 13 C, 0 SECTION II-C FIRST ROW: EmilDeSantis, August Brogno, Lee Phillips, Harold Jacobs, Nicholas Stef- aniak, Richard Wacht, Robert Mack, Ralph Ciper, Stanleywojtkowski, Nata1eVillella. SECOND ROW: Carole Ruminski, Vera Ann Krokonko, Larry Kirschler, Jerome Kemp- isty, KennithSmutko, Erwin Ronczko, Ste- phenTyma, Robert Psinka, Demetra Kallas, Gloria Riley. THIRD ROW: Va1eriaRotondo, Joanneliasnic, DonnaKaufman, IrisFarrar, Joanne Petrosky, Dolores Semon, Marlene Neiman. SECTION II-B FIRST ROW: EdSmigielski, Adamjanicki, John Polka, Eugene Blako, Joseph Lorek, Tom Regllfly. Phillip Folino, Mike Agrecky, Eugene Bowan. SECOND ROW: Margaret Hnath, Herbert Stein, Dan Ja cobs, Bill Standish, George Duda, Gus Selvas, Dan Na vala nce, Anita Erwin, Dol Smuch. THIRD ROW: Marion Fulmet, Barbara Gault, Veronica Sllviak, Cathie Marks, Florence Smith, Dixie LeeBallard, Emma Moruna, Char- lotte Kairy, Ann Sudia, Genieve Montemayor. 1 SECTION II D ,9,: FIRST ROW Anthony Crissi Roy Percival Richard Vandenbord Arthur Helbig Blane Capenos Albert Harsch JonJacklet George Garner Richard Rossick SECOND ROW Helen C um m i ngs Harold Weil Edward Rosemair, William Yeager, Jack Gallagher, WilliamSheaffer, Filmore Shepler, Frances McClain. THIRD ROW: Viola Bartolomucci, Barbara Rossick, Joan Romanski, Marlene Kelly, LindaMiller, Jeanne Glatz, Angeline Villella, Peggy Acheson. SECTION I I -F FIRST ROW: Robert West, Mike Sepella, Stuart Mc- Coy, Lewis Napolitan, Donald Kerr, Sam Johnson, Robert Hood, Wayne Swihart, Keith Salter. SECOND ROW: Rose Musloe, Betty Cameron, Elvira Alexa , Barbara Steuban, Mary Ann Choick, Margaret Vinsky. THIRD ROW: JoAnnRygalski, Cecilia Mazutkewicz, Carol Huston, Mary Zervos, Helen Gaza, Katherine Prokop, Mariann Berkner. 42" SECTION I I -E FIRST ROWg WalterFinch, Walter Nadzak, LeoGallaghcr, StanleyWilliarnowsl-ci, Rich- ard Adasiak, Michael Rotrianiak, C a l v i . Cook, John cihy, David Walther, William Todd. SECOND ROW: BobFurness, Raymond Masal, Barbara Wyllic, John Ba ue r, Earl Cohen, Alvin Gross, Lester Paul, Eugene Hrynewich, Ed Palko, GailCh'isty, Cecilia Kneiss. THIRD ROW: Nancy Shep herd, Elaine Hall, Jean Nestor, Pat Rafter, Betty Dudenich, Delores Giammaria, MarieTor- rito, Anita Stefancci, Georgette Rotole. 3 SECTION Il-H . FIRST ROW: Paul Reese, George Nitkuli- nich, Dennis McCoy, George Wronosky, Carl Cardinali, John Sostarich, John Gomersall. SECOND ROW: Eugene Mc Cullough, Herbert Lukachek, Virginia Dubensky, Jean Kubicki, Joan Timney, Rose Marie Guzyk, Lorraine Morgan, Jean Pelesky, Miss Ross. THIRD ROW: Joan Rich, Betty Latka, Gloria Perusic, Pauline Zagar. Evelyn Petkash, Mary Julia Petula, Marjorie Gala, Phyllis Lolli. SECTION II-G FIRST ROW: Bill Kostankewich, Arthur Gilbert, Ted Schmitt, James Morsillo, M itchell Farah, Edward Kopczak, Georgelieech, Earl Stadnik. SECOND ROW: Patty Fetcho, Evelyn Sedlock, Frank Budjanic, Donald Phillips, Betty Guzan, Marilyn Dixon. THIRD ROW: Mary Catanzarite, N80r1'li Anglemayer, Irene Homjak, Mildred McNally, Ann Smith, Anita Bevacus. 35 1 SECTION II-I FIRST ROW: Bill Smith, Alex Prokop, Jim Drexler, Fred Willshier, Mike Dal- ey, Homer Henkel. SECOND ROW: An- ita Stellato, Eleanor Snyder, Dorothy Cowell, Gloria Henden, Connie Barn- hart, Marlene Wanderlick, Miss Trem- bly. THIRD ROW: Pauline Pezzillo, Dorothy Vargo, Dorothy Boyd, Nancy Robbins. Q? SECTION it-K FIRST ROW: Pete Manoleras, Matt Vuc- inic, Vince Panaia, Gus Bizic, Ronnie Martin, Ronnie Wilson, John Tackac, Sam Laba. SECOND ROW: Betty Salva dor, Joanne Hanlon, Jeanne Hanlon, Marilyn O nd r a k o, Betty Fennel, Rosie Escoto, Marie Quiroz, Ena Measel, Miss Eibeck. THIRD ROW: CarolStewart, MikeDetor- akis, Frank Pascarella, Pete Sposaro, Wayne Beeman, Norma Barto, Lois Brandt. 'i SECTION II-J FIRST ROW: Edward Witkowski, Joseph Shuflay, Joseph Roman, Ed- ward Evans, Edward Baloga, Daniel Willis, Richard Tkatch,Charles Jena. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Jacklet, Judy Day, Barbara Candros, Robert Liven- good, Russell Horner, Margaret Smith, Amelia Azich, Mary Jane Schoolitz, Mrs. Nicholson. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Stranko, Patty Bramble, Mary Gallagher, Phyllis Bishop, Beverly Stanfield, Sherry Moore. al 9 2 43 on ,, E ' .J SECTION II-L FIRST ROW: Thomas Garret, Daniel Hyranovich, Jack Shepherd, Andy Sovich, James Barcasky, Eugene Ol Brien, Ronald Naugle, William Carey. SECOND ROW: LucilleSav- eno, SallyTedys, Helena Vukelic, Janet McClure, Mary Ann Kolar- chik, Barbara Losco, Barbara Fred- erickson. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Ko- tula, Shirley Glatz, Judy Janicki Shirley Yeager, Vera Privol. 4 kb, in ., -s ,. , :ii i gL:.,L: ffaifw, L' "ii, ' ' fx' if -l...l" SEC TIOF. 7.3-A FIRST ROW, Mary ,Xnn lloko, Janet Kirsch- ler, Hu.ihConlan, Geor51ianRaboski, Bernard K otn l a , Carl, John Enilernaw, Will1ati1St'liETiidt, l.illia.1Yxlatria. SECOND ROW: Donald Uliaiski, Patricia Sovich, Wal- ter Nesko, Daniel Ball, John Dnnlan, Jean Knhicki. Eleanor Za at , Stella Olbris, James Dnnn, Donald Chohoxitz, John Charitonuk, Daiiiel Wory THIRD ROW: Ioan Sinovich, Carol Kokoski, Rose Marie K ec k, Patricia Knopich, Alfred Dahrna, Robert Forringer, Florence Klak, Mary Guido. Loretta Cush- manf Margaret Longnecker. SECTION to-C FIRST ROW: Loretta Navalance, Shirley liovanec, Patricia Morse, Graydon Ad- ams, Charles Zickfoose, Roger Strauss, Austin Sullivan, Peter Tretiak, Patrick Mihalic, Carol Ca mpbe ll. SECOND ROW: Joseph Openbrier, Naomi Von Moos, William Dilvlarzio, Betty Dos- talik, James Durbin, Robert Kuzma, CarolNeuber, VioletSmith, JohnJones Lester Vogel, Phoebe Felk, William Dunmyer, Rose Schichilone, Mr. Hos- kins. THIRD ROW: George Byers, Effie Krystallis, Carol Lindley, Nelle Louise Direnzo, Anthony Saludis, John Geffel, Connie Bendlock, Mary Pappas, Dolores Tomaszewski, Shirley Watkins. J 57-. ,, Y' Hu' nil .r 12:1 A x Gir- SECTIOIN to B FIRST ROW Ann Lorek Roberta Campbell Frank Bos anac Donaldmiketa AlexanderLanga Frances Wojt koxv ki Nanci Taddx SECOND ROW Barbara Jarne vrc Patricia Smith Frances Falk Marv Ann Ihnatko Joanne Frederick Sandra Boggs Donna Payne Mr Mattuch THIRD ROW Ruth Robinson Jon Freed Stanley lxiosura Johntxavalance Jacquelinefingelides Eu ene Must SECTION IO-D FIRST ROW: Harry Molchen, Riilhafd na. SECOND ROW: Oragene Malay, Joe Berkovic, Joanne Brandt. lf vw Bukoskey, Steve Sofranko, Donald Orend, Dalton Hammond, William George, Robert Mowry, William Kem- Rose Galuschak, Voctoria Kopriva, John Yedgenak, Elaine Syrek, Vincent Sino- vic, Eugene Sestile, Jack Fardo, Nicho- las Diachiac, Bernice Weber, Patricia Wagner, Charlene Kepics, JoAnne Ross, Helen Mindek, Miss McKeown. THIRD ROW: MaxineMcClain, Georgia Kefa- las, Angela Caldarelli, Joellyn Coch- enour, Arlene Sylvester, Johanna Kole- sar, Lucille Merante, Joanne Pisano, MIT!! sl i ' trr r I SECTION lo-F FIRST ROW: George Yanko, Chcstcrtiarret, Rob- ert O'Connell, Donald Kerr, Ronald McCalliQter, William Powers, Edward Lipinski, Dennis Ferbas, Ronald Rotondo. SECOND ROW: James Snnon, Elizabeth Funk, Lorraine Bndkey, Mike Geriak, Betty Carol Conti, Donna I'ICIlLIfICI'4SOIl, A IbL'l'I Brandt, Jane Wojtkowski, LorraineStelzig. THIRD ROW: Cecilia Sarnacki, Frances Dornbrowski, Audrey Davidson, Edith Woten, Camille DeStef- ano, Virginia Babyak, Janet Glatz, Leonard Gagliardi. nf lX is d in r r rw-iti r . ,AIIND CIN. , it 2' 0 o 2 el 5 e yn K, ' 3, Irene irczak, ar jr ooxcr, ' c ' m onald lreniice, oanix "a a oi, ry, in 'esicki, if vi 'a vin". THIR R' 1 ean inzernan, . icia Kalahokis, . :ry . r-, rrva Olixcr, Corn a Car inali, Naorni n - wion, fancy Synief, l:IIreCorilnrnrin, Mary Hoover. a it L57 Qhlili It --...n.,,4-J , I I' I 'io-.I I e-.'.- SECTION Io-H FIRST ROW: Blanche Galant, Joseph Kopp, Sam Gagliardi, Richard Larrick, Carl Virevitch, Jack Bab- yok, Milton Trapold, George Kocak, Richard Hua- tead, DelorisRosenst-eel. SECOND ROW: Helen Ger- iak, Patricia Morris, Lillian Delach, Sylvia Serak, Ann Kasper, Carole Hnk, Patriciawojanie, Suzanne Mc Millen. Joann Hedzik, Jean Marre O'Connor. THIRD ROW: Ronald Venneri, Theodore Marr, Janice Smelas, Nancy Billingslea, JoanJones, Nancy Lear- ish, Myrna Morris, W ill ia m Barlamaa, Anronerre Trma. ..,- I I IIE qt il SECTION IO CI FIRST ROW: Williarn Brio, Shirley Lahner, Jack Sinnrok, Miki Vany o, Alberi Wallace, Nick Cicrrnanob, Joe Parra, Charlw Sovieh, Peter Veselich, DorothySwekoski. SECOND ROW: Mar- gery Dale, Toni Karr, Dennis Panl, Mike Zeranick, Roberta Aliko, Mar, AnnBowan, LoreitaSichak, Carol Kes- ner, Ruth Foringer, Janice Ostrowskr, Mari. AnnMcL3ixern, William Zazwerf bky, Janief Flesh, Barbara Pic-ta, Miss Adarns. THIRD ROW: Andrew Sapp, Donald Prentice, Patricia Beernan, Therefa Rnsno, Oeorgelxliciiiletti, Roh- ert Oaks, RobertFirich, Donald Bacorn, Shirley Hendriekbon, Josephine Floro, Doria Manrz. ..... D-, , la i- Q 1 Q 4 1. ..... .,, ' I . i v-4 . i . wards, Rita Wolicki, Elizabeth Farkas, La- ROW:Fred Samsa, Irene Kuhni, Janice Keefer, Betty Skocich, Carol Chapala, Mildred Moore, Marjory Mihalic, Gladys Flesher, SECTION Io-I FIRST ROW: Frank Fleming, William Albright, Charles Shapert, Raymond Haushalter, Irvin Jacobs, Harold Dun- lap, Leonard Lojek, James Hamilton, Robert Rutkowski. SECOND ROW: Nancilee Nag' Ferne Rebarick, Nancy Raymer, JohnKrawczyk, Richard Lugowski, Joseph Vanyo RobertBalik, HarryPlumb, Charles Elko, Thomas Swartz Norman Shoup, Rose Marie Budimir, Elizabeth Lazorisak, THIRD ROW: Fay Benedict, BettyAnnKnouse, Mary Graig Virginia Guido, Leah Foderousky, Loretta Senkevich, Mar- tha Karr, Lynnea Larson, Robert Baker, Lea Mancinctti Frances Fergadis. v v IIZII r rfb ' 2 Qi x SECTION IO-K FIRST ROW: Marilyn Foster, Richard Jones, Gt-orgcKuchtjak, Alexander Aldrian, George Waslo, Lewis DeLizi0, Richard Tempalski Peter Pawlack, Annette Morse. SECOND ROW: John Binder, Joseph Roppo, Dorothy Mann Sylvia Slemberski, Arlene Martin, Nancy Ed- f p Verne B a r n h a rt, Gi orge Karnavas. THIRD Nancy Gray, Ida Bevacqua, Richard Fennell. u-1 I1 HH HQ 1 rw F' ' 'v 50095 maint OUT 'K SECTION 10-1 FIRST ROW: Richard DeAngelo, Sam Fer- nandez, Jack Kopriva, Robert Hartman, Peter Sprock, Nancy Hey ma n, Donald Metzger, Rudy Kuhel, Wesley Gatehouse. SECOND ROW: LaudyRadwanski, Patricia Young, Justine Shramko, Barbara Kobsik, RoberrRusnak, Joyce Double, Sylvia Mor- row, Helen Ann Phythian, Lillian Striffler, Jack Mulraney, Louise Kohut, Jean Bova, Allen W i l l i a ms. THIRD ROW: Richard Sickler, Richard Barnes, Charlene Plevel, Arlene Lindley, Eileen Simon i, Harold Pasrrick, Elaine I-lerko, Doris Holmes, NoreenDixon, Marie Baiard0,RalphWo1fe. Students find a wealth of in formation and reference material in our Senior High Library. SECTION 9-B FIRST ROW: Irene Zervos, Nelda Schermerhorn, - unugg MichaelHallas, AnthonyMariotti, Wayne Lind- sey, John Prasko, George Swierz ek, Eugene Q SECTION 9-A FIRST ROW: JosephZugliano, Norma Ball, Stanley Prokop, William Nielson, TheodoreBlishak, Henry Thompson, Theodora Kostoglow, Theodore Fober, John Bzubak, James Rotondo, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hodges, Robert Connolly,CarlDobrosielski, Steve Koman, Gerald Long, Fred Sterrett, Paul Mikaylo, Kitty Kurtyka, Louise Aspiotes, CarlBarto, Charles McLaughlin, Samuel Pitts, Doris Hanlan. THIRD ROW: Franklin Ricci, Robert Schenk, Louise Mam- ula, Marianne Varkonda, Arlenewilson, BettyFor- man, Betty Waybright, DorisDavidson, JoanneBuz- an, Josephine Casale, Walter Salvati, Nancy Yanko. .gym :Q 'fl 5-5 ts fp Wezork, Paul Villela, Richard Katterson. SEC- OND ROW: JamesChristnet, Stanley Lewandow- ski, Richard Vasques, John Shumsky, JackBarto, Larry Bufalini, Patricia B tch, Theresa Torhan, Lucille Kowalski, Nancy Skopinski, CarolSwain Donald Smith, Edwin McMillin. Richard Bialo- rucki, Mr. Barner. THIRD ROW: Nancy Double Richard Snyder, Nathaniel Hendon, Marie Ross Patricia Gula, Marion Amsler, Elizabeth Angele- meyer, Alice Kuntz, Elva Lightman , Robert Baranyk, Carmen DeRose. I Students find the walk between classes refreshing cmd it enables them to chat briefly with their friends. 'I SECTION 9-C A Matter, Donald Urban, Howard Miller 4 Q i ' gi ll FIRST ROW: Robert Grand, Keith Kerns Charles Dunn, Mitchell Herring, Albert Olzinger, George Welch, Anna Mihalik George Karal, Carane McKinley, Bertha Wojtkowski. SECOND ROW: Helen Figel , I DorothyWalgus, Jacqueline Marine, Mary I AnnFigel, RachelBramble, Janet Mottern 1 John Varecha, ManualSacoulas, Michael H Fezar, Orysia Galadza, Olga Kowal, Mar " garet Miles, Louise Puffinberger, Mrs Lazar. THIRD ROW: Frank Tabin, Martha Yee, ThomasMack, RobertSedlock, Ann ' , Fennell, Peggy Budris,Cecelia Beck, John surjtiox 9-D FIRST ROXNX Vincent Viscuso, Theodore Carodisky, Claudia Meslfovii-ti, Peggy Blazier, PhyllisKotula, Robertlilodowski, Alxizi Nlancinetti, Frances Johnson, Loretta Ludwig, Norma Burzese, SECOND ROW: Patricia Ripple, Martha Karaffa, CharlesBrown, Ralph Bitsko, Gordon Davidson, Donald Leson- dak, Victorwaligora, Robert Rosiak, Edward Schatz, David Manges, Mr. Vochlro. THIRD ROW: Daniel Dempsey, Harry Crane, Joan Keins, Barbara Bittner, Ruth Zehender, Shirley Walker, Sylvia Morrison, Joanwildinson, Marie Longo, Stan- ley Trycianho, Eileen Griffith. SECTION 'J-F FIRST ROW: Dale Fauser, Marlane Conrad, Doris Preston, Joseph Kaminsky, Raymond Hull, Jose-phLoschiavo, DonalsOslick, Mike Semonik, Thomas Stewart, PhylissKubinski. SECTION 9-E FIRST ROW: Sarnuelliungo, Robert Ston- fer. JohnDodaro, RobertAdasiak, Edward Park, JamesShowranko, WarrenCapenos, Joseph Gruszczynski, Bradley Grandovic. SECOND ROW: Mary Lou Fetchin, Joan Slappo, Genevieve Leriotes, Judy Smelas, llubert Weys, Joan Warren, Richard Pas- carella, Philip Mathews, Ronald Kelly, Paul Gross, John Gaydos, Laurel Brutout, Steve Simsko. THIRD ROW: Elaine Urban, Philomena Teny, Alla Leopardi, Lillian Scherrnerhorn, Ruth Abbott, Elizabeth Bogosian, Barbara McKee, Paul Poulas, LoisHarbison, MargaretBevard, Josephine Genovese John Strike John Olbrys SECOND ROW: Carol Geffeler, Dolores Stankowicz, Narita Gilson, Eugene Metal- slci, James Gilligan, William Fuegi, James MeCarriher, Robert Fletcher, Donna Flem- ming, Jean Condi, Mr. Weigle. THIRD . ROW: Richard Shandick, Lawrence Kosis, Gary llelnibreek, Mary Vlakos, Evelyn Jones, Peggy McCoy, Elaine Freed, Elme' Gilchrist, Norma Pisano. :J SECTION 9-G FIRST ROW: Carl Spencer, Robert.Tom- aszeski, James Cvitko, John Pierson, Don- ald Blackford, Louis Boykins, Joseph Gal- ietti, MichaelLongo, Iames Payne, Rus- sell Ra ns haw , SECOND ROW: Samuel Sherba, Mary Sarver, Joyce Blackford, Gladys Payne, JerryPollock, Joseph Was- lo, Carl Lucus, Joan B irc iw, Maryane Carrodus. THIRD Row: Melvin Poling, Sally Ferbas, JanetEsseck, Herbert Zieg- ler, Elinor Vaughn, Diana Rajter, John Smigielski. SECTION Q-I I N 51' CPE' SECTION ry-ll FIRSI' ROWg Edward Manlf, Richard liahert Rayffhop, Stephen Honijak, Robert Speer V3L13.IIlAl'IlOld, Charles Kolrnthalc, Meye Klein, Robert Gross. SECOND ROW: Mr Kent-h, Jeanne Lridden, Patricia lhgowsl-ti Dorla Nulph, Joanne Gray, Arlene Harper Paul Gault, Regina Geskovich, Vanyce Dunn Diane Austin. THIRD ROW: Patricia HedLik Juanita Moody, Richard Meslxo, Elaine Mor gan, Madeline Sponralr, AlireBiema, Harry Wcay er, Maureen Sylor, Anthony Lswrlclil William Barrickrnan. FIRST ROW: JayWhitehair, DoloresGulish, EarlFagan, HowardFinegan, James Sloppy, Robert Shoup, James Burak, Garmella An- tonucci, Ronald Peltz, Mary Ann Zeranick. SECOND ROW: Jack O'Rourke, Lucille Pro- kop, Fanny Bolirnos, RogerBarnhouse, Low- ell Thompson, Roberrshrum, Thomasweid- inger, Barry Baird, Ralph Mucci, Lillia n Guzan, Marolyn McCandless, Antoniette Masal, Miss Settino. THIRD ROW: Eugene Polito, Naomi Ward, Mary K a r ag i a n i s , Fritz Sheppler, Clara Bla Z a k i s, Eleanor Miles Norma Jean Wolz, Dennis Kempa, Darley Kniess, Nancy Richards, M a r i l y n Marr SECTION 9-J FIRST ROW: Gloria Stanovich, Richard King, Alexander Churchin, DannRees, George Vogel, Kenneth Alberts, Pete Sweitzer, John Pushak, Ray Rodriquez, Joan Mol- inaro. SECOND ROW: Helen Wesolowski, Pearl Jula, Donna Jean Johns, Eileen Oslick, Lillian Paul, France Zalewski, DorothyDonnermeyer, Shirley Marcus, Patty Valleno, Kay Reeder, Velma Levin, Miss McCrory. THIRD ROW: Paul Standnick, Nancy Blasko, George Petricko, Joseph Wesolowski, Lewis Grammaria, David Edwards, PeteBizic, Roy Kenny, Richard Losco, Richard SECTION 9-K FIRST ROW: John Toth, Alfred Ackles, Theodore Janis, James Hallaman, William Manjak, Robert Antolini. SECOND ROW: Joyce Peters, Elaine Hovanec, Sandra Adamovsky, Jean Lintio, Patricia Potter, Frank Mish, Rose Himme, Louella Sutter, THIRD ROW: Earl Cow- ell, JamesCairns, ErancesFeduska, Nancy Novak, Don- ald Perlakowski, William Wheeling. Kelleher -....l....i" M- .. Grandma gives some advice . Dramatic Action. "The Maestro" Mr. Stonis instructs Future librarians. Leading the band. Dainty Dancers. Entertainment is assembly A wifeiy admonition I ff Q Scholarship Leadership Ser vice and Character earn their reward in every school The tional Honor Society provides for outstandi ng students the distinction they deserve 90,34 7,0 So Q I Z 5 .4 P f gfiffff FIRST ROW Betty Nadzak NancyRees Rose Scarpiello 'ff Daisy Kolar Connie Feduska Shirley Reese SECOND ROW Robert Janicki Peter Kutulakis Thomas Plasko Conrad Matter Donald uartner f? ff' ' Xlllllll Z THE THEsP1AN socuarr if FIRST ROW: Mr. Desanzo, Tom Miller, Mr. Taggart. SECOND ROW: Gail Christy, Marion Essek, Bette Stasny, Bob Furness, Florence Vitovich, Ioan Garner, Shirley Meyer, Jean Genovese, Daisy Kolar, Sherry Moore, Barbara Robinson, Joan Palladini, Tony Parrish, Eleanor Morris, Irene Zawasky, SallyKremmel, La DonnaRodgers,MarianneBlaziar, BillNeville. THIRD ROW: David Walthers, EdithSmith, Catherine Kuncio, Shirley Williams, Shirley Finatri, Roberta Storar, Mildred Bionda, Joan Shaffo, Bob Janicki, Robert Arnett, Cecelia Krieiss, Bill Bard, Chuck Lutz, Stephan Gref, Eugene Blako, Jack Bell, Phyllis Kutulakis, Donald Gartner, Bill Standish, Harry Schoolitz, Ray Masak, Joe Perusic. .'l'.. ... .-......-.. .. .... .... ......... .... ..... ..-............-.... ............ .....-..-..................-. .. ....-.--.. STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate, made up of the presidents of I-ff-'-' each home room, is the representative government of -if-f our students. The purpose of the Senate is to help solve school problems to the satisfaction of both students and faculty. Meetings are held regularly under the sponsor- f' ship of Mr. Mattuch. STUDENT SENATE OFFICERS Bob Scbonya Frances Manko Tom Plasko TUDE T E ATE FIRST ROW Franceslwlanko PatDruzrsky Emmatwlaruna Donnalclendrlck son BettyDosti1ak Carolefjhapala ConnreFeduska Kay Von Moos Pearl Jula Marian Amsler Barbara Pleta Nancy Symes SECOND ROW Mr Mattuch Allen Kryss B1llCorey Ray Chop Eugene Sestlle John Bauer John Pierson Harold Pastrrclx Sam Pitts Leonard Goglrardl THIRD ROW George Corey Vince Panama Dick M611 Alex Langa Bernard Rotula Ed Kopczak Delbert Dowacew ic Charles akorrja ..... I I ' r.......-Z...- . .. . ...... .......-.-............. .. .......... . .- .......-.....--..... ..... .... -..--.........-........... -... . . -. ...........-.............. . . . . . ...u ........ . - ...- .... . .. -- ..... ... - . . .....-us. . ..... ..... ...- .... ... .---.... . . ... -..-. ..... ...... ...- ..... . -.... .--. . ........... ...- -... . .....-... . . ....... ..-. .. ..... . .-.. .... . ...... ...s ............ - ...- . .. . .. .... .... . ..... ... ...- .. - . . . ......... ..... .........- . ..... .. . . .n-s -. . .- -.........-- . --........-.... ... ....... ...... ...........-........ ............-...-. .-.... ...-. ...... -. . . . ........- ................... ..................................-.... ........ .............................. . . - ......... ......-.....-.............. - ' - .................-.................... ' ' ' ' ...-.................-.............-... ' ' ' ' ' ............................. .......-. I I ' D ' . A 5 . ......-................................ ' f ' . . ..-.............-................. ' ' I ' ' ' - - ----..........---.. ..-. ..-....... I v ' ' ' .-............'...- .........'..'.'.'.'.'-'.'.'.'.' ,s V ' 'f ' " - ' ....-....................... .........., . 1 . y A . V - .................................... 1 - ' ' 11 "K , j 6 Q' '24 m :,:' I F' wry S-' Hs.-1 Co-editors .Stephan Gref, Shirley Meyer Sponsor . , . Mr. Frank W. Desanzo Typing Advisor. . . Miss Rose Kozak Advertising Manager .... Iris Farrar Art Editor ..... Connie Feduska Typists ...... Elmira Shafer, . . . . . . Beverly Barrickman, . .Fred Vignovich Txgnyxo. O .QXWX qv- KX, 5X5 vow ' XX6 O OX-Q' Svcowi' CO0 , by T 5 KO Q I c ,L fi PX ' 995 SQACON X Rf Q: CD S Gigi 2 9 'Y ' ,, . XNQSS, X C E NO ,AQQOVVLXVVK XS ox 05 51 R ,pil QJQCE6' YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVES BRIIIGER T FF Early September brings thoughts of football games, pep assemblies, and other enjoyment to anyone except the Bridger staff. They are already busily scheduling pictures, soliciting, collecting money, and planning the general layout. W ' 'Q ADVERTISING STAFF -'ll , YEA r UUA-lngf, SIQHOUK EDITO Ek 1,rjCx.MC RS ,' Ll' s SIC-llhall Cfcf, I I '11 xi- They've got Rhythml The theme forthe seventh annual Vocational Minstrel Revue was the "Gay Ran- chero". All dances and rou- tineswere conducted with only boys in the show. Sponsors for the production were Miss Stel- la Lazar, Miss Laura Jean Rice, and Mr . Frank Desonzo. Q 2 I K l VOCATIO AL - f ee-'2 MINSTREL Mexican Hat Dance . I7 Minstrel Triofeaturing Eugene , Dunn, Harry Schoolitz, and Sam .mnkm i,,f,f-,, til-L I A gl go f ' . 'Q - " ,' 5' ', A in r '- L A - J 1, 5' 1 5 7 1 , ' .,, Q54 w V,s,. Vrankovich. si, 6 bn ,254 , ru ' . . . 1 ' " KIA .iq ' L. FX V i' l P Melody time at the Dude Ranch. K ENDMENg Carol Kolar, Harry Schoolitz, Eugene Dunn, Sam Vran- utorj, Ed Burak, Bill Kopchik, Pete Sezanias, Joe Baron. fi 4 Y E r lcovich, Norman Dugan Qlnterloc- Ylll O O.- - Faculty Comments On School Changes sou all know. there vias ri :ez lu:,i::.,rr5 rhnnee in the :fhool Hlzh School 'lb A - 'em of aiu lr -i",f-rlil taculrr :iiexrhriw ur: ti rx-xx sgwiein. Dr siiviii- - lh rlriritgt' has alien students .i rholre 'i j-ui: varllvr Students :nity flume 'lrzx mlirfe .iltti any lurr-l,:1 l,r:.- :iliuv lhvg uri-li Nu.: German. livin French and Slzluzi-h .ni- 1: iriso .und nr-.ian ' hi ern-rice Th:- fa N We Q L' H ' Y Q 3 1- A f tt f 601,15 5 l A "The Silhouette," Ambridge High WSRHMI. .HMUI J, Q... School 's monthly publication, endeavors to In ' ' Q' present to the students a well rounded pic- ture ofall school events. News and feature All stories highlight each publication. .-Xnrbridee Below .irc listed the uprinui hle in all sud:-rits :n inni- rz with or without algebra of ns-vi sssrein .rl ecliicarinrl yrwniili-s for tht- rit, ut bop' nrirl mile' uxni mtg. on ttf un- annul lhv 'r xx :.ilr'rt1'rin will prwnlrii- hot lun- Pictur'-d :thun- Q ini rm- nn,-'fi..1i .tr -in su- rfwtivs-d mam 4 li s thu liao 'int nr :win ,inn 11.1 -'ml Wir api-rm 415 F i. futile nl Arvilyrtriul- Sizzle :nos 1' 1 'iw 'incl'-me :nn mlm ,irlirirzrziuu 1 Q" '. H! he' c'1ilvrr'i'i.i. Ihr' rwun-lrnxr I . 'N '- ' 'A s, RZ pr-unix inn up ftiini-n-in-ii, 'rn.- multi- , , L N mu I -- 'tes buh! ml: lx urlrlcr um' runringvrxurir rmw I , ,U 'f' " X' ' '-irlh Ilr Brnino in ilmrlgn' ul the V'--"'-'--" ,gn ' Hanriall ' "Ni lelyibllf in Buck' county' xnir! .uw Pmtzrzirii, thi- nnlitucie and 10113 IL. ll-sting and nlsu ilu' lullcivivllp :xork with the furuzn- ur'nd'.rnrPV' led Tin-se rr-rnarks by Dr Serene sum 3,-ry up the ni-XA conditions hhut here nrt' i of . . . . 1 Y. .219 "" "l"m"'ll Of Som' fmlll ff-slr Clerc SECOND ROW Conrad Matter Helen Dudenrch Angela Vasrlakis Betty Lou Gurcic Harold ,Ly be-rs MIZL F'.Shnffr-r 'l think the ' ,N ,,,,,,,,I M,,,,,, ,N ,H lm, ,,,,,, Jacobs Stephen Gref THIRD ROW Miss Griffith Pete Kutulakrs Walter Koczera Donald Gartner was 'sir' :rr frivrn trend. xvrj, pr'uur'cesixe ' James Cofettl Mr- Sw-ll.l Lnznle-'Al Lhl- prose-zgi ::iur:'e"'. Y is a hull unitn-irig out. 1llf'1' .iller D ik sew! 1 t r to nblr xtinn or 'ml indent a .nf Dr. 'n- 'ret ,AJ X juli R fl L ill W nearfuturr' Mr Erin Ir ga December 'Vlonari Home -lluport Curtis iUehi ll lik that it denim e lrod of selectme nur iienhei 1 rr mphph Name gym ' L is rucedure, .tri i -sf Q-inner su mits the n.iini-N . -'Sr High Basketball tarm- it is defrnrtlx to the Har Bmck Aww -si r-nan Basketball Ford City--Home Helen I-lodges r. checks the rerorde WPMU Ansscmhly. The Mar- udcntp .rho he thinks wxuiilrl quali- e ' no hrfrhr 1 sr hum, for rnenibcrship Z x 'xr "', s .Ir Buriizxzlr. A e been de fl candidates. and an "9 :AP ll Game 'trnns 'minor is i unix fin tudents wuplred roi member C :HHH lin J N Hodges ix rr. uridrrided as to whrrh students should b- chosen or rv were not selec irzlerfsiotl in a .ic some ' Ihe frr:' nr Conrad 'vlnttvr Dasrd Walthers Perf-r Kutulakrs Bradley Bowan .. Marv Pasco . Vlr Kimber Tomms Hughes Lncle Stanley . Li-ggirt Frazer Sue Barrington 'ilcox Leslie leswr is nn, FIRST ROW: Shirley Reese, Nancy Rees, Nell M a mr osh, Elsie Boschetto, Rose Scarpiello, Odile . : , ' , ' ' , ' , 1 ' Z I I I 7 l I 1 V 'Etc tlour, ' s dfwiderl ,ir lr lxn' will ll lnlufr. I AA 'I' -V 1 U V , A I tri- rni-win: ro follow ini- lor-:ner -I--Sr. Hieh Basketball Gruw' l ': ' , .f .5 . i. Q X I i X U , 17 ship in the lr' L ' rlul Mrs V ' v - it p e i ,ln eni 5 ' ' 2 I U' A b 'll lm I C llnb but shi 1 l ' tt ' in hi rl o 11 C 1 is tep X N In al N rmzicrjxxte in The first pro by the freshnze play on Ocbob SOIL-I-learled the-re'wrll be for 'fhruiksgnrr In Deccrnber long Chir-rm the i-ost it K r-lub is ' one p 'wr-i r s bf'- 'mn linppy N 9 f ' luurl. some are bad struts, and bobby mx iurrlets, curly lock- ri .ind our you find llenibei-N of the other lurid liousi-is hllirk suede shoes nhrr: this inoili-r :trim Ls found A lixipp-. Julh hunch ut uluwris nrt, gi-veils gray. and blue- Ka Ly Fuller mond lrrrlgc escort SILHOUETTE WRITERS FIRST ROW: Katherine P a p p a s, Nancy Shepherd, Daria Troyan, Nell Mamrosh, Betty holla nd, Wir- nil- Elaine Hall. SECOND ROW: iam Kosta nza, Shirley Meyer, Nancy Rees, Betty Strock. THLRD ROW: Lynnea Larson, Gail Chris- ty, Eileen Wagner, Doris Mus- grave. FOURTH ROW: Georgiann Maletic, Cecilia Kneiss. i: . sp ,r Hunting and Fi-hu: by sri 1-reunite Speech Club, :he Club. in ized lnrx-' Jlr in ern nl vd b" Mir- llubx :en to rlubw Club. d thi' :sure-rl r Rvrl Misa i :inrl Club Hubbi Cum' 'i All : -ru- :index 'eil l.7'. msrir-s . . .me the L Cla: -,rorzsoraeci M: 5li.1.fei X neu- Rule i.nricr the -pmzsnzslnp fi: Mn'- tllsh Clubs orulirziuci .ur llxe 9tl: 10th. 11lh,alK1 l2rn aznrli-e .ire the Chess Club. cmuhr-ri bg M: Siena- bcig and thi: D:,l-.: ff Club sponsored by M: nd Review Bridgers Defeutedp FIRST ROW: Jean Nestor, Dolores Giammaria, Betty Dudenich, Anita Stefanacci. SECOND ROW: Georg- Xb l M H M l Nl i lit Nutr-inlii-r 5. 1051 'I'lIlf Xll.Il1Jl'l1'l"l'lQ l 1 i llllli BRIDGERS ELIMINATE RIVI-lLS FRGM ALIQUIPPA E, V Lions - Viffnrif SILHOUETTE REPRESENTATIVES SEATED: Marlene Conrad, JoycePeters, Vera Krokonko,ShirleyReese, Nancy Gray, Rachel Bramble, Gloria Stanovich, Anita Stefanacci, Patty Bramble, Nancy Symes, Joan Berchieve, Viola Bartolomuccl. STANDING: Anita Stel- lata, Jeanette Mattzie, Eileen Wagner, Eugenea Yedgenak, Elsie Boshetto, Lorretta Ludwig, Carol Huk, Mary Ann lhnatka, Norean Dixon, Clara Bozakis Nell Louise Direnzo. sronrs IN suonrs A Publications of this newspaper are produced monthly. Four ages of delightful rea ing are enjoyed by all. ' 'RNIYRXIA 11l.'l1 i X .ll Ar. , vm , 1 . l,',' -Z. fir. ' 11.1 rw-, 1. R fR055CQU'llRY ".::,.i,. 'I l-' '. .,t 1 - l wil ll in f ll., K i, 1 -f, X .' .i...l1'.e f 'Ili l, -.IN 1- Ircl ' '-'xx I1 l I im, in ul riiniii- .if l l l Y-frli i:,,l.i ll l.,i! V 1 is ilu' ii 1 1. ... ,- , -ls, . g ,ff nw SILHOUETTE ADVERTISING V - iann Maletic, Betty Guzan, Helen Dudenich. - A '- ndff?-gl R.- ' lvl, X All of the classes were re- presenfed in this successful pro- duction of Moss Hart and George Kaufr'nan's Broadway stage play. The casf, under the direction of Frank Desanzo, gave their final performance on November I6. CIASI' II bl IQIIIN I 1.11: 111141'11r1L-LI, I'rg1111'1'- Grglduk,Du11LQ.1rl11cr, Ifrcd Sapp, 104111 w 1 1II s111rI R11 ur, ,Ia11Q1TxI1CII:1rL, I3oI1Ia1111I1. SIQCOND I2OWg SIUIYIILIII I I1 1dI ri. .1.1, D,1v1d IVLIIIIICTS, Cfo:1111cTxIz1Ilcr, ITIL' K11t11IaI41s. 101111 GEIIIIGE WA HI GTIIN SLEPT HERE" 31:8 :V L. .1510 iff Y WILL IT EVER STOP RAININC5? RESTORING TI-IE HOUSE TO ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION , ,- I mx. J' .1 14? ,Q ' - as-, .Ur .1 56 I 'fx I . 5, L III '..J "A LITTLE HO NEY " "A Little Honey", a hilarious three- act comedy by William Davidson, was presented by the Senior Class. In the cast were many Thespians as well as some new performers. .- Lx CAST FIRST ROW: Harry Schoolitz, Phyllis Kutulakis, Edith Smith, JeanMorgan, Marion Essek, Mr. Desanzo. SECOND ROW: Dick McFarland, Bill Neville, Mari- anne Blaziar, Shirley Finatri, Irene Zawasky, Joan Garner, Tom Miller. "OUR MISS BROOKS" The hilarious two-act comedy, "Our Miss Brooks", was presented by the Am- bridge High School Thespian Society Troupe lO32. This play written, by Stephan Gref, was part ofthe initiation in which forty- one members were welcomed. CAST FIRST ROW: Don Gartner, Sherry Moore, Bob Arnett, GailCliristy, Cecelia Kneiss. SECOND ROW: Marion Essek, I-larry Schoolitz, Shirley Meyer, David Walthers, Stephan Gref. "ADAM'S EVENING" This comedy-farce was resented by the Junior Class of l95l . The roles were mostly character parts and providecliexcellent opportunities for demonstrating acting ability. Mr. Desanzo did an exceptionally fine iob of directing this unusual comedy. CAST Pete Kutulakis, Mildred Bionda, Joe Perusic, Connie Matter, Catherine Stakis, Bob janicki, Carolyn Dawis, Frances Gradek, Rose Scarpiello, Don Gartner. ,, . M 43: -Q -, if 4- W I- as ' AV' 5 'X M ' Grnrs' GYMNASTIC CLUB I r y I if - , A Fmsr Row- Eivua Alexa Gen if! Q vii . 'I' . , Q 8 , ,LV D , Gatehouse, Carolyn Davis, Gail ' I .4 , . Butchers, Pat Druziski, Loretta , A A Sasadeusz, Loretta Luketic, Joan wg Q ' J 'x Hrinko,Cathrinewrobleski, Shir- ley Reese, BettySalvador, Marie Quiroz, Ruth Foringer. SECOND J ROW: Mary Walters, MaryGuido AlicicaKalabakes, Donna Payne fix Gerry Pastalak, Frances Dombra ski, Bcttylriolland, Viola Bartal- amucci, Carol Huk, Irene Kuhni Rose Escoto, DoroloresGiammar ia, Jean Nestor, Delores Suber, Dorothy Sichad. THIRD ROW: Charlene Plubill, Lorraine Stel- zig, DorothyMan, Gladys Fletch- er, Ioan Sinovic, Ianet Duncan, DoloresSeman, Roseann Linteio, Phyllis Lolli, BettyCameron, Es- ther Bombiani, Barbara Frederick- son, Ginger Monternayor, Rose Heck. f- -' ,g ,, -- 45' ' TYPING CLUB FIRST ROW: Irene Gazda, Marilyn On- drako, Georgine Papantonio, Ann Lor- ek, Catherine Ozenich, Shirley Thur- kins, Florence Smith, CarolCampbell, Lorrain Morgan, Evelyn Rogers. SEC- OND ROW: Eva Measel, Dorothy Hoko, Victoria Falkowski, Ann Himme, Do- lores Rosen, Sylvia Serak, Roberta Al- sko, Rose Schlione, Johanne Kolesar, Mary Palontonio, Joan Morrison, Mi- falda Russo, DotothyZimmerman, Miss Giammatteo. THIRD ROW: Sandra Boggs, Evelyn Petkash, MaryZ.eranick, Eleanor Snyder, Mary Ann K res ch i, Donna Cappriotti, Rose Ga luschak, Georgia McKenzio, Loa Mancinetti, LaVerne Barnhart, Louise Kohut, Mar- garet Santo, Angela Caldarelli. -Nas' LEADERS' CLUB FIRST ROW: Joan l-Irinke, Elsie Boshetto, Gail Butchers, Genny Gatehouse. SECOND ROW: Shirley Meyer, Joanne Hertneky, Carolyn Davis, Betty Nadzak, Peggy Bard, Delores Privol, Pat Druizisky, Laura Sasa- deusz, Connie Feduska, Loretta Luketic. THIRD ROW: Marjorie Dale, Betty Cameron, Mary Ann Stranko, Iris Farrar, Connie Barn- hart, Miss Spahr, Miss Yost, Elaine Hall, Vera Krokonko, Dorothy Kisiday, Marjorie Mihalic. FOURTH ROW: Ladle Radwanski, Marie Quiroz, Betty Lazorisak, Rose Heck, He1enKnopic, Ruth Foringer, JoAnn Pesano. 'F-3 rlfikh -1 9 BOYS' GYMNASTIC CLUB FIRST ROW: Don Kerr, Charles Heibert, Steve Bur- sky, LeonardGagliardi, ElSrr1egalsky, Stanley Wil- amousky. SECOND ROW: Vince Simonac, Eugene Sestile, Sam Gagliardi, Ted Schmidt, Joe Shulay, Albert Harsh, Charles Sevens, Dick Nicgorski. CHESS CLUB FIRST ROW: Jerome Kempisty, Richard Lansberry Ray Masal, John Shumsky, Charles Helbert, Her- bert Stein, Danny Jacobs, Marcus Vlassopoulas. SECOND ROW: Richard Hustead, Mr. Steinberg, Ted Marr, Ed Kopczak, Joe Perusic, Harold Jacobs, Erwin Ronczka, Louis Rhode, Robert Squires. ng 'Q .M - A . A . -. Q C ax 0' -Q ,l . nn, 'IW an . il 'P AERONAUTICS CLUB SEATED: Brograna, Sofranko, Odi1eC1erc, Martha Gabor. STANDING: Engleman, Mack, Churchin, Metzzer, Mr. HOISBU18 Il . . 'Sl ,. -,, I Q1 :S 14. YP jvntvw' fn- -v-f EN 1 I H lf L 1 fr , 'wif ' I gm, ,ar 1' N I2 I , Q Q f 15:4 43' 'vw B V 1 -C pd ', o 4 tn GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Brandt, Rich, Salvader, Stefanacci, Srellata, Gauet, Rowley, Gurcic, Rotola, Juhn, Kisiday. Simoni, Cameron, Quiroz, Rees, Pezzillo. SECOND ROW: D. Sudia, Pappas, Horak, L. Miller, A. Sudia Haseley, Shepherd, Granitz, Rotondo, McClure, Mattzie, Merman, Boyd, Yakobik, Troyan, Glatz, Rice Stakis. THIRD ROW: Miss Rice, Torrito, Wanderlick, Scicholone, Guzan, Wyllie, Kowell, Anfhony Giammaria, C. Miller, Morris, Telford, Thompson, Malettic, Reese, Shoup, Dudenich, Iargo, P. Moore Rlborich, Kanakis, Russo, Vagonis. FOURTH ROW: Knauss, Kefalas, Bartolomucci, Thomas, Bowan, G. Candros, Barnhart, Mindek, Alsko, B. Candrow, Vasilakis, Kellas, Morse, Jurczak, Dubensky, Manko Herlneky, Dixon, Seman, Musgrave, Vega, Gula, Muha. 1 1 n BOYS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Jim Romigh, Earl Cohen, Jack Shepherd, Fillmore Shepler, Charles Heibert, Ray Masal, Sam Gagliardi, Russel Horner, Eugene O'Brien, Walt Koczera. SECOND ROW: Miss Rice, Dan Willis, Bradley Bowan, Jim Blazier, Eugene Hrynewich, Don Laniewski, Bill Powers, Joe Perusic, Mike Romaniak, Gerry Parker, Andy Lazorisak, Rich Iula, DonGartner. THIRD ROW: Conrad Matter, Calvin Cook, Ray Zakovich, Stanley Wilamowski, Eddie Evans, JoeKotu1a, RayShumsky, Richard Nicgorski EddieBo1oga, Peteliutulakis, Andrew Matzie. 999 ' 9593? 'gfiigfaia an Q QQ MADRIGAL CLUB FIRST ROW: Betty Strock, MarianneSpehar, RoseScarpiello, NancyRees, Loretta Muha, Don Gartner, Mar- tha Ford, Doris Musgrave, Conrad Matter, Ann Sudia, Walter Koczera, Fred Vignovich, Ray Masal, Eugene McCullough, Shirley Hendrickson, ConnieFeduska. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Sudia, Gloria Candros, Eugenia Yedgenak, Loretta Luketic, Irene Waslo, Shirley Reese, Miss Rice, Miss Parson, Betty Thomas, Dolores Se- man, Iris Farrar, Carol Rice, Kathryn Stakis, Jeanne Glatz, Linda Miller. THIRD ROW: Charles Heibert, Earl Cohen, Jack Shephard, Andrew Duda, James Romigh, Joseph Perusic, Edward Evans, James Hoskinson, JoeKotula, Michae1Romaniah, Georgewronosky, Eugene Hrynevich, Gregorykostas, JohnJu1a, PeteKutu1a- kis, Andrew Matzie, Fillmore Sheplar. MIXED ENSEMBLE FIRST ROW: Loretta Luketic, Shirley Hendrickson, Marywheeling, Martha Ford, Loretta Muha, Eugenia Yed- genak, Nancy Rees, Patty Shafer, Betty Strock. SECOND ROW: Jim Romigh, Walter Koczero, Irene Waslo, JoanKasnic, Miss Parson, Barbara Nardi, MarianneSpehar, Rose Scarpiello, Mary Pasco. THIRDROW: Conrad Matter, Edward Evans, Andy Lazorsiak, Don Laniewski, Joe Perusic, Delbertliovacevic, Pete Kutulakis, Andy Mamie. A 39755. X min 5 .-rs "4 a 'la -I ,ag ,if 4 Q Q X yay !! W .. ,Z ,I N uf' X fb MQ. - 'L ff'- ' 'rf .I I X Af""usr,, - - Y V L if -I i 1- .f.......... 1 , -.-L , anal 11' "HA ' ' Ti'-T ' ,, ', 3 W., fs ' 'E 1 .3 x fx ......... --f f 0- a- 4 'mar l l ' ?" L Rf 1 , 1 p - '-' ." " 1 , 'T ll-----..', ,.Q.-QE ,!v'S ' 'c "" -' W3 ------ .4-w" Af , 5.1. '4'l"t.a-X 2 JY. M------:S 1,2 ,govt va,-1: --3 ' J I ' -i Q' ,.g .4. :4 Q .4 -' e If . x ' Mad e 53 A 'V X ' . .J in -.g4.-un---- ':- , ' I .,,,,,,,, , M- .l QA ' ' east.: 72436 K- Q: 'E sw if lk IA AMA nf 1 s " AA -,.- 4' .,. -T"""' if,wf?2??FQ,d f4' ' aw? v fw,fwfxv?wf5v,fz -f W? E' -------- iff' miie-ffifr 'i1 f 55WiE.??'i-1 X f "w" w' xvf"w 'g'w"Xg'fi, k A vdlriql "P "W '!"','f"-' -9-5 AV ' Um 'Y 'SPY B! 'fi ,X 'Fi Q xL...4--. T , , , an N MYLIUU KW f4-'L uxnumsmn v ,. .A ,, ,--,,-,,,.,-, 5 USHERETTES FIRST ROW: Lucille Savino, Peggy Acheson, Judy Day, Marianne Choich, Helen Gaza, Marlene Kelly, Dory Shandick, Lola Vega, Shirley Reese, Rose Scarpiello Shirley Stubbins, Martha Ford, PatDru2iski, Gail Butch- ers, Doris Musgrave, Mildred B i onda. SECOND ROW: Frances McClain, Carol Rice, Rhoda Hasley, Betty Hol- land, MarieTorrito, GeorgetteRotolo, Dolores Horniak, Veronica Sleviac, AliceHorak, Barbara Wylie, Marlene Wanderlick, Beth Rowley, Kay Von Moos, Marianne Spehar, Dorothy Z. i mm erm an, 11-eng Sai-kison, Donna Capriotti, Georgan McKenzie, Mancy Shephard , Pat Moore, Marlene Neiman, Emma Maruna. THIRD ROW: Ann Smith, LoisBrant, Paulinellezzillo, Vera Krokonko, Elaine Hall, Frances Kappas, Marietta Yakolic, Carol Granitz, Rosanne Lintio, PatBramble, Louise Poulas, J0anneKasnic, Betty Latka, Helena Vukelic, EvelynSed- lock, Mary Gallagher, MarilynOndrako, Anita Stelloto, Betty Cameron, Dot Kisiday, Irene Homjak, Marianne Kolarchic, Janet McClure, Barbara Loslfo. YA? . A. 5 SECRETARIAL PRACTICE FIRST ROW: Shirley Quail, Gloria Candros, Doris Shan- dick, Irene Gazda, Delores Ribar, Betty Lou Gurc ic, Shirley Stubbins, Loretta Luketic, Dlrothy Sudia, Beverly Barrickman, Joan Hrinko, Catherine Hendrickson, Zen- aideAversa, MargaretBogosian, Katherine Pappas. SEC- OND ROW: Miss Kozak, Helen Kuharsky, C a t he r in e Wrobleski, MadalineCirka, Angeline Vasilakis, Rita An- thony, Mary Ann Ha licek, Helen Dudenich, Kay Von Moos, Ruth Ann Urda, Delores Suber, Victoria Fa lkowski, Eugenia Yedgenak, Mary Ann Balicki, Irene Kanakis, John Mihalich. THIRD ROW: Fred Vignovich, Cora Ann Dixon, Evelyn Burzese, Wilmetta Campbell, Roberta Lewis, MaryPaolantonio, NylaTelford, CatherineOzen- ich, Mary Benedict, Sophie Vagionis, Joan Winzenried, Elmira Shafer, Joanne Hertneky, Joan Trurnbetas, Mar- garet Knopick. ,mi iv :nfs FINANCE COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Irenelianakis, Anita Stellata,NancyShep - herd, Nancy Goerman, Betty Strock, Pauline Pezzillo. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Kisiday, Rhoda I-laseley, Kay Pappas, Shirley Meyer. THIRD ROW: Lucy Saveno, Con- nie Barnhart, Ann Sudia, PeggySanto. STANDING: Mr. Horsman, Marlene Wanderlick, Barbara Wyllie, Shirley Geatz., Shirla Lewis. :ri i I STAGE SQUAD KNEELING1 Mickey Sabastian, JarnesBar- casky. STANDING: Edward Kopczak, Jer- ome Kemoist ', Eu tene Blako. i T in BEHIND THE SCENES OF GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE FIRST ROW: Jerome Kempisty, MaryAnnChoick, Rose Marie Musloe, Rose Searpiello, Anita Stefannachi, Peggy Bard. SECOND ROW: Pete JT'-2 Kutnlakis, Ed Kopczak, Nancy Shepherd, Vera Krokonko, Va leria Rotondo, Marlene Wonderlick, Kathrynlwlarks, Barbara Wiley. THIRD ROW: Betty Dudenich, Anita Stellato, Frances Manko, Shirley Reese, Florence Smith. FOURTH ROW: jairnes Simon, Dolores Semen, Walter Finch, Joe Kolarchik. FIFTH ROW1 Eugene Hryweniwich, Jim Barkasky, Walter Koczera, Anthony Paul. Mr. Barner sponsored this group, R344 tel LIGHTING SOLAD tt rtolir Ki Itte Andrew: Lero Canonico Roy Palmer LIGHTING SQUAD JoeRoman, LouisRhodes, John Kryna lc Steve Tyma, Wayne Beeman, Geo. Gar ner. BOYS' PATROL FIRST ROW Chrrstner Shepherd Jacobs Herbert Reese Sostarrch Arthur Folmo Amato Sovrch Pavlokovrch S Gaglrardr SECONDROW Mr Kokoskt Zakovrch Romanrak Evans Perusrc Lanrewskr Kubrt Drckson Kutulakrs Wel lrs Jula Koczera Sevm THIRD ROW Crprrom Tropold Rossrck Ronczka Kotula Boykms Stefanrak Kozel Math ews GIRLS PATROL FIRST ROW Dorts Musgrave Dons Shandtck Pat Druzrsky Rose Scarptello SECOND ROW Elsre Boschetto Carolyn Davts Gall Butchers ConnreFeduska Genny Gatehouse Betty Strock Shrrley Reese THIRD ROW Janet McClure Marlenewanderltck Dorothy Ktsrday Joan Trumbetas Erleen Wagner FOURTH ROW Nancy Shephard Betty Cameron Patty Bramble Ann Sudta STANDING Marty Ford Betty Nadzak JudyDay l.otsBrandt Darla Troyan Vera Krokonka Frances Kappas Rhoda Hasley Rosanne Lrnteo Catherme Ozenrch Anrta Stellato Amta Stefanaccr Goldyn Turcrc JUNIOR RED CROSS FIRST ROW Barbara Rossrck Maxtne McClaln Betty Hol land MrssRoss Pattylrwrn MaryLouMellott Beverley Bar rtckman Dorothy Sudra Joan Brandt SECOND ROW Carol Stewart PattyRoss DemetraKa1las AngelmeVr11ella Rrch ard Rossrck Joan Petrosky Antta Stefanaccl Frances Mc Clam JoanneKasnrc MarrettaYakobrk 1eanNestor THIRD ROW CarolRlce BettyDudenrch Ioan Sostarlch Paul Reese JohnGomersall IreneJurzak Caro1eRumLnsky NancyGoer man Dolores Suber 66 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - , I , . . . . . , , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 . . , 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 .4- -95 .Ah '44 fha' FOOTBALL USHERETTES FIRST ROW: Helen Gaza, Janet McClure, Catherine Pro- kop, Gerry Tomei, Martha Ford, Gail Butchers, Rose Scarpiello, Anita Stelloto, Marlene Neiman, Jean Nes- tor. SECOND ROW: Jeanette Mattzie, Pat Morris, Pat Shafer, Judy Day, Joanne Hertneky, Anita Stefanacci, Betty Guzan, Rose Escoto, Valeria Rotondo, Vera Kro- konko, Carol Rice. THIRD ROW: Marie Torrito, Joann Brant, Maxine McClain, Joyce Doub1e,.Justine Shramko, Louise Kohut, Barbara Kopsic, Janet Kirschler. CONCESSION COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Donna Cappriotti, GeorgiaMcKenzie, Em- ma Maruna, Kathryn Marks, Mary Lou Mellott, Mary Rose Slappo, Mary Kopriva, Angela Angelides, Pat Har- vath, Iris Farrar. SECOND ROW: Shirley Quail, Marion Fulmer, Dolores Smuc h , Betty Holland, Camille De- Stefant, Charlottekairy, FrancesDombooski, Anna Mae I-Iimme, Bette Thomas. THIRD ROW: Joellan Cochenow, Rita A nthon y , Nancy Heyman, Patty Wagner, Peggy Acheson, Jeanne Glatz, Joan Trumbetas, Victoria Fal- kowski, Shirla Lewis, Daisy Kolar. BOYS' FOOTBALL PATROL FIRST ROW: Mack, Zakovich, Arthur, Amato, Gazliardi, Jacobs, Christner. SECOND ROW: Pania,Wi1lie, Peru- sic, Folino, Kubit, Laniewski, Kotula, Romaniak. THIRD ROW: Kutulakis, Kempisty, Heibert, Ciprioni, Ronczka, Boykins, Sovich, Shepherd, Stefaniak. HISTORICAL SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Pheobe Felk, Nancy Rees, Shirley Reese, Martha Ford, Betty Nadzak, Daria Troyan, Rose Scarpielli, Nell Ma mrosh, Nancy Goerman, Daisy Kolar. SECOND ROW: Marie Torrito, Walter Nadzak, Ted Felk, Robert Arnett, Frances Manko, Judy Day, Shirley M eyer, Janet McClure, Betty S trock, Pete Kutulakis, Boblanicki. THIRD ROW: Mr. Budimir, Joe Kolarchik,Harold Pastrick, Jack Shepherd, Bill Corey, Conrad Matter, Irvin Jacobs, Bob Squires, Don Laniewski, Don Gartner. CANTEEN COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Phyllis Lolli, Judy Day, Betty Nadzak, GailButchers, Frances Manko, Emma Maruna. SECOND ROW: Sherry Moore, George Wrono- sky, Anita Stellato, Patty Bramble, Rosanne Linteo. THIRD ROW: Mr. Barner, Miss Trembley, Joe Perusic, Dennis McCoy, Mr. Fink. ART PUBLICITY SEATED: Toni Karr, Doris Troyan, Sylvia Jacklet, Odile Clerk, James Plesh, Walter Koczero. STANDING: Eileen Wagner, Mike A DIOHSI tl, Sherry Moore, Shirley Re e s e, Mrs. Lutman, Connie Feduska, Joe Perusic. DEBATE FIRST ROW: Sylvia Valavonis, Betty Strock, RoseScarpiello, Donna Cap- priotti, GeorgiaMcKenzie. SECOND ROW: Ioycelvlathias, Nancy Symes, Charleneliepic, Marie Lorrito, Vera Krokonko. THIRD ROW: Jack Engle- man, Harold Jacobs, Pete Kutulakis, Bob Janicki, Walter Koczera. SPEECH FIRST ROW: Dolores Smuch, Nancy Symes, Sylvia Valavanis, Georgia McKenzie, Donna Cappriotti, Joyce Mathias, Georgiann Maletic, Mary Lerves. SECOND ROW: Barbara Wyl- lie, Charlene Kepic, Joanne Hartling, Connie B a r n h a r t, Kathryn Marks, Marie Torrito, Rose Scarpiello, Betty Strock, Vera Krokonko. THIRD ROW: Marion Fulmer, Walter K o c z e r a, Harold Jacobs, Pete Kutulakis, Jack Engleman, Robert Ja n i ck i, Nancy Shepherd, Patty Ross, Mariann Berk- ner. HUNTING AND FISHING CLUB FIRST ROW: Harved Weil, Matt Vucinich, Harold Dunlap, Albert Orahalik, Burak, Leon Work, Alex Lango, Alex Aldrian, George Kucht- jak, Basoliga, Ronald Martin. SEC- OND ROW: William Yeager, Bradley Bowan, Mike Agrecy, Don Biddle, Mike Antonette, Kosis, Gus Buzic, Iacklet, Dovicevic, Rich Larrich, NormanAmsler, Mr. Hoskins. THIRD ROW: Lonnie Solley, Rappo, Shum- rok, Lee Phillips, Roszba, Harold Zehnder, Pascudnik,Charles Johnson. JU lllli- E IOR Pll0M Toward the beginning of spring, everyones attention turns to the Prom. Gowns and suits are assembled in gay quantity and flower shops are left pleasantly unoccupied of their floral masterpieces. The crowning of the King and Queen climaxes a wonderful evening of fun and entertainment. Gloria Mack and Richard Kasper won the coveted crowns at the Prom of T951 . Then the happy couples leave to attend the gala Post Prom Party. All in all, the Prom is a perfect end to the school year. D1 SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Marcella Smith, Barbara Fredrickson, Roseanne Linlio, Dolores Giammaria, Frances Manko, Patricia Bramble. JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Eileen Freed, PeggyJoMcCoy, JaniceDunn, Frances Feduska, Patsy Santo, Pati Vellano. FIRST ROW: Dolores Giammaria, Frances Manko, Patricia Bramble. SECOND ROW: Barbara Fredrickson, Roseanne Linrio. THIRD ROW: Marcella Smirh. ,...---u I Eileen Freed, Peggy Jo McCoy, F r a n ces Feduska, Janice Dunn, Pali Vellano, Patsy Santo. 1' 7 vxwfx, .vw- v . . . .,g.4w,.,,' ' gg. grsazjff - f .fr --.3 , 4,5 xr.. :u?'f5q-1'rjffjQ? V- ' .. ' I- , , .Q ' 4, , an' V 'mt A , A 'RE REATIO ABUAIID -fa' in , I I 1 "-" 'rlfim' fw- A'+i-- N t T' Q Y- I-GIHTY Tilhixf' T Ti P T T T wpiv i' ' ,PA T i T 'I 5 1. T I' I' if T 'I I I' ,. V' Y- Q J' J' I, 'H A , . r A 4, D ' ' 1 P f-px '-551 Q0 'I N I. l :. . ,g pr l l' V f'r0-3115: TF 1 ' ' - ,Nt " 5. -v.. , , Q V ' ' 11.1, Av - ' V .fx -,, f -. 1 , , "' ,- "0 'tv V v M is Q.. J- QW. Iv ,J jg. a ' , 4 A 5 - 4 lm X " Rx ' .jqpfs , 'gg' TV PX-Y I g 1 , .A i i , , V' Tl - w 'v-A, r T--.,.1 , F- f .. r Y f J 0 1:-1. rf F, Ff- 2-5..'1, u L' 4- v-.IM . Y" Ifilll Tl H Q " v-v iw- 7 - 1-v f T ,U K- MV' T I, T .'A Kv- - f-'17 f 7' '- P F' ' V- V " 'U'-. HT x Nu -an N ls 'V Nag .as ,bv P nK, is 3 x ""Px sw! r X A - I V Q- , C' Qnzf- f- ,f 'w"F' 7 V V fi P' r I F' ,. X x On Sw! W A Yuma? fn' K., . "5 I 5 S 1 3 . 4. Q 1 n " I 5 ill wg dl III qi Q I 1 f 4 F' ' V Q rw 1 ' .' 4. V" 1 F' , P- .-I J ,J , N V Y' 1' Qr f v Q V"?s. . X We x rv T YY? M536 Tefffff, re Edward Burak Robert Burak George Corey Tackle Tackle Halfback T95 lbs. T88 lbs. T60 lbs. Michael DeGennero FUUTBALL PLAYER TODAY Gwm "' I63lbL William Heck Halfback T65 lbs. 5.1-.-. .m-,. .-. .M .., .wx .,, "Whimpy" Whitmore skirts around the IO yard-line before being brought down by an Ellwood City tackler. Ambridge later went on to be eliminated from the W. P.I.A.L. Double A competition by virtue ofa 6-6 tie. An attempt by Ambridge's George Corey to break up what appears to be a completed pass play. Guard Bob Livitski pre- pares to meet the receiver. James Kazil End T70 lbs. Richard Kmif Tackle I63 lbs. 2 VTP? 52 v I HEAD COACH MR. MICHAEL SEBASTIAN FIRST ROW: James Kazil, Edward Burak, Mike DeGenrxero, Tony Bufalini, Chris Balatsoukas, Robert Burak, Paul North. SECOND ROW: Rudy Comchoc, Wilmer Whitmore. John Hom- jak, George Corey. VAR ITY FO0TBALL Rudy Comchoc and Steve Budimer The l95l Arnhridge gridiron eleven, marked hytremendous spirit, overcarnea startling weight .,' .5 A deficit to end the season with a very impressive record. Under theexperienced guidanceof Coach Mike Sebastian, who made his debut as chief Ambridge mentor, the Bridgers triumphed' in six out of their nine scheduled grid battles. A . th. New sfagmonpm. which an lflhifffltfi 'lf' nearly wan in the last seconds, had some 'conf solution in the realization that itwas anonleagve team. i ,ff - A ElIwoodrCity and North Catholic handed the team heartbreaking ties of 6-6 and I3-I 3 respect- ively. Despite these facts, there is onlyone which canapply taourgallant warriors of the garnet and gray-Hats offll 6 6 SEASON'S necoao ' Tarentum ' 6 Ambridge Har-Brac l 2 Ambridge 2'l New Brighton 25 Ambridge 2l Befiver Falls 7 Arnbridge , 26 Vandergrift 6 Ambridge Alicpippa r 6 Ambridge 'l2 Euwqpd dr 6 Amhri M i oc s er m rn Erie St. Vincent 7 Ambri 20 North Catholic l3 Ambridge ..,g-A - , ' .,,,aeew"'. t-LOW 59.9.55 fs 'A 4. . 1 ,,x1'x',sx-V f - lu ,feplv - O .Q K P I- Q Ugggi O Q A 4" -ini. lf' 'Hg ' -' V ' - , -1,-14, ,' ' V .1 if so . e -v ' 4 s ' ' 'r 'J .Q 6 '1+'.,l.-"foe, 2573 egrwr-f: f ef' i. ' A- ,gif -gp N. .'s,,e. 1, --,..1gs,4.,,,,g5E,,-'M' ,as-L In t lclsfvdm A 'Ag 5- xi' I 5.-Ji' W ,ks I I 'JA 1 5 . 1' ---.,--f. .' -. .i'-15-51,11 1 ww. , .- Q W -If . Pfi?1ff?'i, wS R Je, ,b 'k ,gr '- 7 ' 5 " .9 "ff A .ir ,ul If ,Q 325 -ff I n ,iv 1' , vm. ,N , Y. 1 V-.I PJ, V' . . ifhde A- eff: fs, 'L' if? f' J , :"'gf' "', .dbg P , gf' ' r,v:fQ.'F" ,.-1. if,,e. 451426. A ,A gl ' ' ' T "' e f' f l' I sift.. L 0 ,.l?ii"l!' 9. 7 qc' . l ' f GJ' 4 . sv wt., Q y -,wwigqseiy pu? 1 V -A, 'lf , Sfufffk'A,.s.-1'ipf"':w'J.::-55s. r -11 " ' ' " ' 1' ' " '-'iz i'A""""' X., ,. lla: 'V' Sw lam f..?f'ji4ff 1-'Q E! K., R .bs 45. 1 . 5 ' L , Ll, E 1 f" 'fl I B fn 8 Ralph Ciper played both fullback and halfback position for Am- bridge during the '51 season and made an impressive showing with his hard driving power. Fleetfooted half-back Frank Bombiani gave the team that added burst of speed. Bombiani still has another year in which to show the fans thatspeed and determination are essential factors in win- ning ball games. Y The eleven men pictured above were the starting lineups for the Bridgers in most of their games of the I951 season. Guards: Joe Kohut, Rt. art Sobonya, Center: Tom Regney. Tackles: Robert Livltski, Jim Marsillo. End: James Siehl. Backszwilmerwhitmore, Rudy Comchoc, John Homjak, George Corey. END: James Kazil. Many other Bridger gridmen also saw action. Pictured are the very reliable replacements that gave Ambridge the added strength when needed. First Row: James lfloskinson, Edward Bural-t, Michael DeGennero, Tony Bufalini, Chris- topher Balatstukas, Richard Kmit, Vince Panaia. Second Row: Steve Budimer, Ralph Clper, William Yerzyk, Frank Bombiani. 1 k - Adams B he gsk of co ban coaC1l- wume' ,spar Y addmomox M2665 base Br 1636 Caseixsgnservei 'S the Bt H13 Mr. P-da 82 me . each of be wmv aPP"'n1fnfj baswbau' t aC VAR Flrst Row: Sam Johnson, Glenn Whitehalr, Walter Nadzak, Vince Panala. Second Row: Coach Adams, James Kazil, Michael Far- rah, Robert Gourley, Regis Laughlin, Andrew mzorlsak, Edward Bologa, Milton Moratis, Manager. ITY BA KETB LL BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1951 -1952 Dec . 4 Ambriclge Monaco 7 Ambridge Har Brach 11 Ambrldge Ford City 14 Ambridge Sharpsville 21 Ambridge Swissvale 26 Ambrldge Kittanning 27 Ambridge Midland Jan . 2 Ambridge Rochester 4 Ambridge Sharon 8 Ambridge New Castle 11 Ambridge El lwood City 18 Ambriclge Butler 22 Ambridge Beaver Falls 25 Ambridge Aliquippa 29 Ambridge Sharon Feb. 1 Ambridge New Castle 5 Ambridge Ellwood City 8 Ambridge Farrell 12 Ambridge Butler 15 Ambridge Beaver Falls 19 Ambridge Aliquippa Regis Laughlin with his 25 rebounds ln the Beaver Falls game broke the rebound record formerly held by George Moranz, former Bridger star. Robert G Center Guard W iw W ourley James Kazil Forward Edward Bologa Forward Sam Johnson Regis Laughlin Center Michael Farrah Center Waiter Nadzak Guard si' Vince Panaia Forward Andrew Lazorisak Guard Glen Whitehoir Guard -4 f 2 ,.r 7 154, Y f .f""-'J Jig? O --.wj 5 if uf 5 S . fy Eggs ffl Strahler of New Castle falls in an attempt to prevent Ed Jim Kazilflghts for a rebound with New Cast1e's Strahler. Bologa from shooting. Laughlln drlves ln for a left hand hook shot, followed closely by Woznlckl of Allqulppa. Markovich flol and Bologa U71 await re- bound. sv 1 1 4 K' if 4 ,. ,T , JI I 1 . 47 , ,x ia' ,K . S a-: an ' 'sn 'c ff .- Q-1 - --9. . ,-me ,. v in -.LA na na X . it 2124 fivftl 33 x I fr lb J' QA! L .J JU l0R '-r First Row: A. Ackles, R. Keczmer, J. Whlte- hair, P. Villella, R. Peltz, T. Weidinger Second Row: A. Mancinetti, G. Swierczek, J Hallaman S Prokop S Homjak in-1 . J Xfv First Row: Semouk, Mihalic, Gal- etti, Kocharian, Mulraney, Gilli- ga-n, Burak, Villella, Homjak, Peltz, Swerczyk, Prokop, P. Gross, Klinchak, Benlock. Second Row Churchin, Chop, Firlegan, Speer Arnold, Sweitzer, Basalyga, John- son, Kresciki, Loschiavo, Dodaro Hallaman, King. Third Row:Baves Zugliani, Campbell, Kaminskl Poulas, Ludivico, Morsillo, Mat tuch, Shourank, B. Gross, White hair, Guido. ,nv N - Ronny Peltz and a New Brighton Junlor High player await a rebound. v 1 n BA EBALL The Ambridge High School baseball diamond proved to be the setting for numerous, closely-played contests. During the season, the Ambridge nine triumphed in five of the ten scheduled league games. The team, coached by Wilmer "Sparky" Adams, experienced several close defeats by one and two- run margins in theirquest for the coveted section championship. Although the team was dominated primarily by seniors, many juniors and sophomores streng- thened the team and furnished valuable replacements. First Row: Comchoc, Nadzak, Budlmer, Johnson, Borro, Pascarella. Second Row: Pav- lakovlch, Pugliano, Kasper, Prince, Hrlnko, Stewart, Morgan. Third Row: Vucinlc, Hochevar, Covert, Waschak, Adams, Lurabee, Pecararo, Bathurst, Moratis. , ,W , ,, .-1 ' --h "..L'. .TW 'ffl--LM.Q ifix- 'L 'IT2 VM 791- we-4 ' fx , """' TTL-.1 "'L2 -is T...1ii AY K G' - " 'L --A---.......,.,-.- .""j1jQ4 f--5-,. .w.,,I'g,," , 1. ""' is--vgfv, N--'---, .. ,W ,G ----.Wu . .,.. -,. A . .M 1 -1'-e-if .A --.--.J....,-5 , v-,Y jfZ'f"fi':-A"""::-'--rn-,W -9, , ' --.-.......-........,.L.,,..4 , ' "' ' ,..-.nur 'L-In z., 4: ff:,fvwq-g-bf-A-Q-- 3 ,M TI f,A.,, - ' ' ............-......-.....2 4 ,wlzw wp "H, - Y - - .4-.c--if 16: ,,- 'V , WN-.---was V ,-f 1.5 '21-"L PJ. 4 , -M ffm 'A 'Z' ' - -Fmngtauzignxig U :,.......-f X, K , . ,,,-..--..--.0 -- I . , QM, X ,, , M, , . -..- . Vu A -v K gf, I R .4 1 3 ' N- ff-,e::v--avr - 4 . M V4 A Q 'f W K at QW ! gf' QR - . wx , " 2 4'-k ff X 5 . . t . if If 12 S ,.r Q, 'Q N 4 K, X, H2413 Klip' f ' VG X I X A" A-2 J' wh it o ..r ' 'A - ', --"T , . , 5 ...,,,,,, , V - 44 Y ,lf 3, .. ff . V, 3 I ,S A . ' I ,. - A .1 x , M- - f .1 4 g 1 .v , :' dl ' - - 'L ' ' -.E -, , ,bl 3 E! . f . A 4 2 3 ! - T" s-fin A . A .,.. 3 2 , , ' ,..,, 4 TRACK y 2 QAWSQI .L First Row: Kriss, Jacklet, Livitski, Gross, Ciper, Jones, Kenny, Felk. Second Raw: Mr. Piper, Harsh, Gagliardi, Gourley, Martin, Binder, Skorija, Corey, Napolitan, Third Row: Willis fmanagerj, Presto, Kundrat, Bizic, Morsillo, Zak, Homjak, Folino fmanagerj. Fourth Row: Kelso Qmanagerj, Strauss, Bursky, Ronczka, Krol, Hoskinson, Catanese, Tait, Phillips fmanagerj. TRACK AND FIELD TEAM The track season of l95l was one of the most successful season 's that an Am- bridge High School team has ever experienced. The team opened the season by mdlsing 0 very good showing in the Tri-State Coaches Indoor Meetat Schoonmaker Hall, South Park. Ambridge won first place in the first BeaverCounty Track Meet held in twenty years. They also placed first in the district qualifying meet held at New Castle. Another accomplishment of the l95l team was winning first place in a 5-team meet with Aliquippa, Coraopolis, Sewickley and McKees Rocks. Bob Gross, captain of the l95l team, placed first in both the mile and two- mile races in all of these meets and Bob "Zeke" Livitski won both the l00 and 220 yard dashed in these meets. Bill Jones another star ofthe team was aconsist- ant winner in the 440 yard dash. Although those three stars will be missed on the i952 team, another strong team is expected this spring. George Corey and Charles Skoriia have been chosen co-captains of the l952 team. Both boys are two-year letter men and are expected to make good leaders. I!! ag! gl Gus Bizlc, Robert Kundrat, Stanley Zak James Marsillo. Ralph Clper, Wllllam Binder, George Corey, William Jones, Robert Livirskl. AHB? Sl YALE First Row: Glorialorfido, Florence Vagias. Second Row: Angeline Zondos, Doris Rob- bins, Midge Toweimak, Betty l-lricik. Third Row: Phyllis Vasques, Audrey Mahoney, Iris Farrar, Nancy Robbins, Dolores Privol, Shir- ley Finatri. PRI CETO First Row: Joan Janlcki. Second Row: Patri- cia Druzisky, Bernedette Sekanick, Gail Butchers, Sylvia Furness, Marjorie Miller, Third Row: Barbara Robinson, Connie Barn- hart, Genevieve Gatehouse, Loretta Luketic, Lois Mahoney, Carolyn Davis. Joon Jcinicki recovers the bcll Undecided" Tough work "Aloha" Finale GYM A TIC EXHIBITIO "Charleston" "Baby, lt's Cold Outside Nice Style Little Hollanders Wee-Wee ,.,.K,MY- A X GOLF The Ambridge High School golf team completed their I95I season by winning eight while dropping only two matches. The team went on to take second place honors in Section Ill of District 7. The regular golfers were William Gabal, John Dub, Frank Schleiter, William Durnvak, and Tom Mizonik. Bridger Bill Gcbal won the W.P.l.A.L. individual golf championship and finished fourth in the P.l.A.A. championship match held at State College, Pennsylvania. William Gabal Arthur Helbig Thomas Mizonik GOLF RECORD Ambridge II If2 Avonworth 3 If2 Ambridge I3 If2 Sewickley I If2 Ambridge 3 West View I2 Ambridge 9 If2 Moon Twp 5 If2 Ambridge I5 Bellevue 0 Ambridge I3 Avonworth 2 Ambridge 8 If2 Sewickley 6 If2 Ambridge 6 If2 West View 8 If2 Ambridge II If2 Moon Twp 2 If2 Ambridge I5 Bellevue 0 93 ,J-2,.15.,::,i.-it t 5 5529i-5 . 7 1... if . - , .utr '. 4- -- ki 3 4'-b 'lf , ,W sk I 1 4,,,1,, W. Jn N13 1 2 scare. evening . l2. Ambridge gridders entered the big game with Aliquippa as I2-6. of our victory over pep assembly . the Histoiical fight a ds to Ive 2 is , M i'..-rl ' W V 4 l'4aiwei3.wAf.-ffl.-swf fl if W FT' Fi? it -it 5 1 'X I Qgiig v,,m,,.otx-lp Ag ni lu: ,. S if ,.. wx, QM. H, H Q' ' 'ugxiiffv' "sf -.'Q-Elf'f,M.tfFsfgf,g'Qr . gg , S2 -UWB, were fr 43 ,wfE-ifumzin-12-Q e ss ...W MWA lfbfqislgfk W0'iv9f?"? J-rfll' x , x 5 .. f J , FA Ab! ixiywf ,L A Q, 0 fiom o lfgldbxld ' ' Qfvti, Fdllss-Ilfiihrxx L , ,-1-R whim? ,X f' ,.x'K ,dl R, W Q. I ' C N W Q ' 7 v 4 I . , .. , 4. .lu Ax ' r' Qwasife ieceived by the student bod'y. victorious s L' C f Play. Most beat Erie student hvghl ughted the Trfnburitzan Concert held at the assembly was presented by the a novel pep assembly climaxed the irva bali ing assemlsfy of the se n. auditorium. , Legion and the Madigal assemblies with the fa lty x . the first Student Congress of the Qu football season with North Catholic WI i ', ..,' Q is from smoothl y ,T Q - '-W 'A paid assgmblyi' r than ever, ggi presented-Madrigal 8144.. l DARQ52 , , , K 4. iahfi 1 62. Q' an f'jj iii Qian if K Lx team traveled to'.New Castle for an . Talent Night rang bell for fap entertainment. I4. Did send her that Valentine today? - 2l -23. Milf pr ration e d in a very successful 29. T 4' ior ms prov i yhexcellemacting game. ' 1 .e , went to post prom fund. ' Q i v Vocal Concert I-known play "Arsenic . i ,M rrlr i ' t 1 chief-i'a2n nw Acad-my D. Tiger and game is l .K 1' '.N.. A '- QA 5210. Ragart ca 'A iinl Oh jwell, only two more g2lr. The I Department went all out in one A 2 iust realizg' h 'thereoeren't many them. APRI " - v i ga, y ton-Nworltifiw A :shed wonderful made the tour. I0 abe lifts asfassembly we were ,gf ice in scpl after a short rest f 4yNat,ion'dl Hanolliocie y Installation. of the most looked-forward to events of the Stiff competition at the Debate finals held in ,Qi MA ,.R'P9 iialong if , V a :YV hard to school ff e l . 4 , L ' ...wkfp ,- mf, ' f ..h, A HJ?" - all-lv iliirlqgf' Q 36 'ls A H1 .V '1 . fsgi,+3+ g,.fafgf:'f 'lem if F343 f f x, .1',,-,v e 'mi fm u4w41+:1f3',fffQzz' M" 25 H fr- fii"f5g3'fE,1, - mf jf t " Assignment By lnvltntlon Thats rlght by lnvltotnon Anybody may try lt no one has to THERE ARE APPROMMATE LY lnsert Your Estnmate famllles In Ambrldge each lnvung wt than the prrncrples of Llberty and Justnce churches with each congregatuon worshupprng as nt belneves wnthout fear schools where students are equlpped to lead con structlve not destructtve luves agencnes and socnetues to help the unfortunate borough offrcrals elected by popular vote of the people small busmesses caterrng to the needs of Ambrodge people for goods and servuces heavy lndustrres part of the slnews of the natlon and provldlng gainful employment and opportumty for thousands Correct answers 4400 famllres l9 churches ll schools 3 agencies 2l borough OfflCIGlS l75 small busmesses and 9 heavy Industries If your estrmates are reasonably accurate In eachlnstance you al ready have a balanced apprecuatlon of Ambrldge They constltute the framework of your home town ln actuon they are Ambrrdge and to the degree of your partlclpatlon they are YOU We at Spang Chalfant are proud of our rdentrfucatton wlth the rndus trial lute of Ambrldge and the people of this communnty We brnng the above considerations to your atten tlon because whether or not Am bridge contunues to grow an the fu ture and become an even better place rn which to luve depend un great measure on the sense of re sponslblllty and lntegrnty you brnng to the affairs of this communlty PA G CHALFA T Ambrndge Pa l I O 9 0 QQ 0 0 0 90 sooo o 0 11 v .. . . .. . . ..... , .... I I . Q-can I - . - . I . . . . .... . .. ..... I . . . ..... . . . . . .... .. ! . ' . .. . r I 1 I I I . . . . . . . . . . . I . . . . . . . - - ' I . . . . . I .. . . . . . . ... . . . 0 no 0 a u . E ' I ... . . , . 'L N ATI U N A L euacrmc PRODUCTS SINCE 1905 'Ulu The symbal of quczhty on wumq sys ems cmd ht tmqs for every con cewable requmre I I ment E O pave national Electric Plvoucfs CQRPORATOUN AMBRIDGE PENNSYLVANIA A N D TODAY Nat orc E e tr1c1s me w r d S largest prodl, er of eIeC trlcul L1Qh1I'1Q1D mcztemcds I - Imn I MII S C CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 52 from H H HIIBEHTSUN EU EW-1-P S 9 1' School and Office Supplies Sporting Goods Model Airplanes AMBRIDGE NEWS DEPOT Edward F Drake Prop 451 Merchant Street Ambrldge P Congratulatlons an Good Wlshes To the Class of 52 BRAND AND BRISTOW 'QPHNTIAU A TIMNEY ELECTRIC CO Let Us Plan Your Kitchen Now General Electnc Apphances Tappan Gas Ranges Phone 63070 612 614 Merchant Street Ambridqe Pennsylvania LANEY SALES 61 SERVICE Phone AMbridqe 65008 YOUR DE SOTO PLYMOUTH DEALER 201 Merchant Street Ambndqe Pennsylvania REFRIGERATION ENGINEERING 658 Merchant Ambrldge Pa Cr0Sley Gnd Admlral Home pllances and T V Use our service dept' COACHES ARE AVAILABLE FOR SPECIAL TRIPS OF GROUPS 6 PARTIES CALL OHIO RIVER MOTOR COACH CO. PH. AM 6-2110 43 MAPI.EWOOD AVENUE Complumenfs of the DARI MART 601 Beaver Road Phone AM 6 9743 rf" FRANK I DUDZIK IEWELER Expert on Jewelry and Watch Repairs 314 Sth Street Ambndge Pennsylvumo TERNER S Mens Wear and Sportmg Goods 503 Merchant Street Ambrldge Po MYTINGER AND COMPANY 570 Merchant Sine! Phone HM 6-0310 HARDWARE ELECTRICAL SUPPLE SPORTING GOODS Comphments of MODEL DAIRY COMPANY Mnlk and Dcnry Products The Mtlk of Supenor Ouchty Phone AM 6 0710 2700 Duss Ave Congratulations to Class of '52 from WARDLE DRY CLEANERS Melrose Avenue Ambridqe, Pnnsylvania yxkwfk ' X I . jk, 5 X M- Cold F1I11ShCd Steel I 'nggx' ' af ,A az vital product f smce 1700 B C KWMKN 11' My ' 110' 'vrfmh-' X... he flrst hxstorlcal reference to cold hnxshed steel dates back to 1700 BC when the Assyrxans and Babylonmns hammered fine strtps of cold steel mto a Hat w1re form to make cham armor Rudolf of Nurem burg ns credlted wtth mventmg the flrst wnre drawmg plate for duel nn 1350 A D French history records a drawn steel wnre product made by Rnchard Archal nn 1500 whnch was called El d Archal or F11 de Rxthard The first Amertcan reference to the cold drawmg of steel mto the form of wnre concerns a process developed m 1775 by Nathamel Mxlcs nn Norwich Conn Once lxmnted to wire sxzes thc mtroducuon of power equlpmcnt has made possxblc the productxon of cold dr twn steel ln many addmonal forms mcludxng large b1rs and shapes WYCKOFF STEEL COMPANY estxbhshed smce 1919 has conttnuously used the most advanced methods of cold hmshmg steel and has specnaltzed m the producnon of cold drawn round square and hexagonal bars wade Hats special bar shapes and machine shmfnng Products such as these made rxght here m Ambrtdge have played 10 nmportant part m maknng Ambrxdge known round the world for precxsxon cold fmxshed steel products CH stoncal dnt: from S L Goodale Cbronolon ol I o d St I, Second Edu on. Penton Publmsh ng Co 19317 WYCKOFF STEEL CDMPANY mst mmonu smut sultomc rmslulcn ao nn. some modern products using Cold Flmshed Steel Qf fix 1,31 2 l f-1- 0 XJ L l i ET Qs.. if l Q ,, ,.... 0 o , , 1 .thx . gun '.5T2T:?5i?::. 2' P' --W-'---:f::':xF - 'U-""'r' u Gm uv-H. W 'nun-ny, .Alun pu-gn' I ' r.'."""' .E.'!.111L15'-Txmmi' IIIL D' A . u- "' 1. -Megfqf 1 I Lv . ZHJLI. ' 1 'I lffs :I I I I -1'.L,', E: : yaigiig I ' -.1 . . 1 ' ' P .:.1::ix' 1 Z - :f o o :I Tryk: 'f , , , , , N ' ' -1' -,' . a 1, vl m 4 , If , ,Ln -, 1. 125333 "7 K, l,l1 l Q: nlllfgn I 6, l Hi- 1' ' '--fm' S311-rdf '- tl 1 lm ' . n . . tm ' lj ff " '. 'QQHPHIH H 113159 , HHH I., In ' nm I, 'fra 'r . ' 'b HHN-s I I '1 'll ' Ugg: ln1,.. . . . . . - 5 . . fl ., . . ' X ' N u n I n u ' , .- t . w , , . . . . I . . . , Q 1 ' . ' 1 ' 2' . . A , IIQJ . . . , . . . -. lp Q - - f rr 1 . I V I I r . . , h Y V . , . . . S i ' 1 . . , r rl an zz 'i ' i -. N-.1 I LONGRATULATIUNS ND BEST WISHES POR A SULQILSSI' UL FUTURE h CLASS OF 1952 WILKENS JEWELERS The Sponsors ttf Wllkens Amateur Hour to t e C 605 Merchant Street Ambridge, Pa. WM H WALLS SONS FEED SEEDS FERTILIZER 507 Eighth Street Ambndqe Pennsylvama Corsages Weddings Floral Decoration: Funeral Designs AIVIBRIDGE GREENHOUSES ND FLOWER SHOPPE PEARL FASHION SHOPPE LADIES READY 'ro wi-:AR 527 Merchant street Ambndqe Pennsylvania Air Condiuoned for Your Comfort MCCABE FUNERAL HOME 546 Maplewood Avenue Ambridqe Pennsylvania AM 6 5140 STROCK MEMORIAL WORKS 925 Duss Avenue Look for this seal on your Rock of Ages monument or marker. It iden- tities all Rock of Ages monuments. " THE FABRIC CENTER Yard Goods Patterns Accessories Knitting Yarns 519 Beaver St. 750 Merchant St. Sewickley Pa. Ambridge Pa. GUTOWSKI S BAKERY 517 EIGHTH STREET 699 MERCHANT STREET 566 FRANKLIN AVENUE AM 6 3080 We Specxahze m Party 6 Weddmq Cakes KATCHER S Baldwm Ptanos Maytag Washers Frtgtdatre R C A Zemth Admtral Telewston Sets Dumont GE TV Sets 694 Merchant Street AMbndge 6 3170 Ambndge Pennsylvamu Comphments LARIS MOTOR SALES YOUR me DLY FORD DEALER 25th Street GS Duss Avenue Ambndge Pennsylvanra WE NEVER CLOSE Conqratulatlons and Best Wxshes ior a Successful Future to the class of 1952 ECONOMY FURNITURE CO 440 Merchant Street Umted News 6. Clgar Store Walter Panek 'k 610 Merchant Street Ambndge Pennsylvcmxa Compliments of T. T RAY PHARMACY 1400 Duss Avenue ir t ,. ot .-: 'A .ry Compliments of AMBRIDGE BOWLING ALLEYS 9l4 Merchant Street Ambriclge, Pa. Compliments of TAYLOR MILK COMPANY Duss 6. Merchant Phone AM 6 2050 Ambndge Compliments ot M. F. LIEBERMANN AND SON Sheet Metal Work PENN SWEET SHOPPE 501 Merchant Street STATE LUNCHEONETTE 721 Merchant Street Fountcnn Servrce Home Made Candy Fresh Drnly Ambndqe Pennsylvama Success and Happlness to the Gracluatlng Class of 52 FISHER S Ambrudge s Newest Clothlng Store JACKSON S SHOE STORE 543 Merchant Street ti.- "" ' Qiifnil vpn A. 1 Q "VU St l' 5' as b 53, me wife, M, ,g J For Women For Chuldren f" For Men t X 'S ....f.4.ns9-NP NAM - ' , Pa. d . qk u I . , - , S f .- A ' ' ,,. .' V -l - ...M I , ' v :A nl :YJ -,R , 31 L. Y V - -1 I , 1 P v ' f' . ' a - . ' .X 1 ' Y Y .. .. Q Af lwfn --- 1 ' 4 Ek Q 1 . Lx . , t I 5 I ., ' A t l K 1 . - ' J? ' - Y l ll . ul.. Hysv' 1 v,'1' A ' ' Q ' . ' 1 :-. , ' 3 7 Q 'I n ., ,I .. .J , , Q . D In , , Q. . 2 iw 5" f A Q, . Dy- -' ' 1 : 5' f :Wg " . 5 , , , V J . 1 .3 t ' N ' . K 'Q - '-x, '3 ' , f I 1 K ' V 'H Rf ' , . if -. ' I 1 f , L , ' A ' ' X-1 gf -1 , 1 , ,,m, .3 nu, 'ljc .t - in mis .dl , fp xy a Huff. ' V f , vt ,OVW ' , A ' -, "w'w1'f4m.Q.,, '....,geH-i. ,t,e 4 1 lt . .. A A tllc PAl.KO'S MARKET "Quality Meats and Groceries" 806 Eight Street Phone AM 6-4294 Phone AMbrudge 6-2150 FITZGERALD AND SYKA FUNERAL HOME The Funeral Home of Personal Service 833 Latimer Avenue Ambrldge Pennsylvania Congratulations from PEN NEY S Where Smart Students Save on Smart Styles Shop at G C MURPHY COMPANY e Frnendly Store Merchant Street Ambrrdge Pennsylvanna GUIUSOH S FOR SMART THINGS TO WEAR Ambrxdge Pennsylvamo 144 791 'gg tr WAGNER 5 KOLAKOWSKI e of Fr erdl ,I e C DIAMONDS WATCHES TEWELHY Expert Ja ch R pa r At Reasonable P xces 812 Duss Ave II ' ll I I D ' ' Th 1 l 7 K W The P1612 1 t x S rv: e' H' 5: U I ' Q-.Nf V X . 9 i I 2 ' - lx' T . r Congratulations to the Sensor Class from ECO OMY BA K llll AMBRIDGE Congrotulohons from THE DAILY CITIZE Esfobl :shed l904 Publnshed nn Arnbrldge for Ambrlclge VI5ll our New Modern Home 930 40 Glenwood Avenue Ambridge lNexf to Hugh School Stadium, Phones 6 3330 I 2 3 SEARS RRERUCK AND C0 AMERICAN BRIDGE CRMPANY Because many Dads of Ambridge High School students are key men in the A. M. Byers Company "team". . . .. WE WELCOME THIS OPPORTUNITY TO WISH YOU - THEIR SONS AND DAUGHTERS - THE VERY BEST OF LUCK FOR THE FUTURE... . . . . .and to tell you some of the interesting things Dad is doing with us. He is helping to produce the Byers wrought iron skelp for pipe that is saving U S lndustry millions of dollars every year because of its ability to resist corrosion The notch fracture specimen shown at the leftlllustrates the unique fibrous structure of wrought iron Tmy glass like threads of slllcate slag are distributed through hugh purity Iron Each thread Isa defender that halts corrosive attack bringing longer life to piping Wrought Iron is also made into plates bars staybolts for new and old uses pioneered and developed by the old yet strong Byers team IAN- Established 1864 W353lliOn BYEII Cllllllllll Y TWINS TRAILER SALES Eighth and Latimer Ambndge P House Trailers for Every Purpose Payment Plan Like Rent li THE SHERWIN WILLIAMS 13151 COMPANY 660 Merchant Street Ambrldge Pa Artnst s Supplnes Paints Wallpaper Kemtone MORTO CHEVROLET I The most Beautnful BUY of all 19th 8. Duss Avenue Telephone AM 6 3380 Ambrldge l, Pennsylvania l 5? F55 M. fsjfl GP A Q Q VV Il S HNHDT GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND EXCAVATUR 0 0 C 312 Duss Avenue Phone AM 6-25 Ambridge, Pennsylvania S 1 xlzlwo IX 225 X Slain ANSAS IX I lx OPEKA K ,ff X 'r Yeas AND C0 'Nc M X L. v .IA- .. Mx f, 000 " w -X' loco. , ' H-. ,, , 4' K ,rnv1X" 9 ,'K 4' ,.:. 1 H4 X ' O 1. I A an .0 Q ca. 000999 . ' 'Ono fx .....l:.. n a 000 ., 9 ..' S eg E WBRIDGE HIGH SCHOUL k W . 1- x I 5 .. , g I fs: Ns? Qg ' X Atv 2 1 V. -I: V ki .x f Xi Km, Y X- 1 W .,.. T' ' Ar V fx Nix! X WA' " ' ., , if , gs 2 q 542: Q,-1 51 xii aff E if 2 Y ' N , 4. I 1 M ri . 1 'fn 1 . u 'Ei' E- X' x 'tiki z ' L i , K A s . if-Y x., 1 44. ' -5' Th - . '. -4 ' : 155'--4. LTX-, 5 5' in b - 1-. 7 K 1 g A - n K few " is ffzgigg . I 5. . tvs 4 Ex 22? ar VN ' 12. 16-, A " 4 .4 ' , . Q '5 F li, I Qg: Q ,,, ay . g , ' .Xi x ,V ,w -TL nf .L ff ,. ,K fr ,I INV, .f A - T 1-' Q . ..., .JMR -mm, - . . Y F .i a ,, , A 1.1, ,N .Vx I Q. Z Q.. .N 7 i I ' L . J 6 ff A T' vo. J r 4.5 - 'A '. ,J- Q? 'Q N-.M 1 t ' 'Li v x ' mf ...Q A ,g e . I -L 'Ru i ff A vt ,. m ",1.Mtx..5 '. - M 4. x. , W. .w. fig if , ' H, aww NG 1 ,-f4 s 4 ,x .fi ,V , W " -f , V g z il I 'D ' in ' A b g Lf,V , 1 w ' fy-.. "QU me a l'5"s' A F

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