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Ambridge High SchoolI t£4e Ui ty. t 949 ?49 Time: Place: Setting: Prologue: Act One: The Year 1949 .. Pennsylvania Ambridge, henn Ambridge High School The curtain rises and the drama of the year 1949 as recorded for us lives once more The Setting The Directors of the Year 1949 The Administration and Faculty As We Were Scene I: We Were Sophomores Scene II: We Were Juniors7 Settiaa Ambridge High is filled with drama. All about us there is action, and this action, of which we are essentially a part, will in a large measure determine our future. The background for this drama is the High School and personages responsible for its continued success. To capture this setting the Prologue presents familiar faces, which in the years to come will be more and more important to each cf us as we try to recall our high school days. DOiect te — S —rfcCmitfoatctot and ? ic6cCtu For every great star and for every great production there must be equally great directors. From experience gleaned through the years of learning, from knowledge absorbed from the experiences of others and from the years of dealing with one’s fellows, the directors pass on to their understudies the best that the years of practice have endowed them. We present the Directors of the Year 1949 at Ambridge High School, the Administration and Faculty. — 9 —Dr. N. A. Smith Sujhe'iiHteKcleKt We recognize in our Superintendent an unusual talent for sensing the need of developing and enlarging the public school system. Under his wise leadership we will continue to attain high standards of academic achievement. I D iecto-r ( urxccuium Dr. Benkert’s office is concerned primarily with evaluating the course of study and results of instruction. Although his job is of the utmost importance and consumes much of his time, he is seldom too busy to give his support to any worthwhile project. Dr. Joseph M. Benkert — 10 —‘P'Unccjial As Principal of our High School, Mr. Serene comes in close contact with the student body. An understanding of young men and women and their problems makes him a wise counsellor and admirable leader. Mr. Michael F. Serene Voc ztion z( Directon Mr. Taggart supervises the vocational program and handles the problems of the extension school. Although his chief concern is vocational education he is alert to everything which might strengthen and enrich our school academically. Mr. L. R. Taggart — 1Mr. E. S. Blanarik Mr. J. Bufalini Mr. E. Caputo Dr. J. V. Direnzo Mr. F. Duzy Mr. G. Haskell Mrs. M. Leiper Mr. J. Majcher OFFICERS President .................... Elmer Blanarik Secretary Mary R. Leiper Vice-President George Haskell Treasurer Frank Duzy In grateful acknowledgement of their interest and endeavors in behalf of the students of Ambridge High School, the staff of the 1949 Bridger takes this opportunity to express their appreciation and to wish the Board of Education even greater success in future endeavors. FINANCE COMMITTEE Mr. Frank Du y, Cha irman Mr. Joseph Bufalini Mr. John Majcher BUILDING COMMITTEE Mr. George Haskell, Chairman Mr. Frak Duzy Mr. Joseph Bufalini EDUCATION COMMITTEE Mrs. Mary Leiper, Chairman Dr. James Direnzo Mr. George Haskell BETTER RELATIONS COMMITTEE Dr. James Direnzo Mrs. Mary Leiper Mr. John Majcher GROUNDS COMMITTEE Dr. J ames Direnzo, Chairman Mrs. Mary Leiper Mr. John Majcher ATHLETIC COMMITTEE Mr. Joseph Bufalini, Chairman Mr. George Haskell Dr. James Direnzo SUPPLY COMMITTEE Mr. John Majcher, Chairman Mrs. Mary Leiper Mr. Frank Duzy SINKING FUND COMMITTEE President, Mr. Elmer Blanarik Secretary, Mrs. Mary Leiper Treasurer, Mr. Frank Duzy — 12 —i rnmirni The many records needed for each past, present and potential High School student call for efficient organization. Ten capable secretaries devote themselves to this task. In the Superintendent’s Office, the duties are ably performed by Miss Esther Bauerlein, Miss Dorothy Izak and Miss Irene Kaminaski. Miss Louise Serak, assisted by Miss Jean Troup, serve the Principal’s Office. The Junior High Office which works closely with the Senior High Office is in charge of Mrs. Sophie Michalik. Miss Sarah Bartolo and Miss Eleanor Jula attend the functions of the vocational office. Sarah Bartolo Eleanor Jula Esther Bauerlein Irene Kaminski Alberta Davie Sophie Michalik Ann Evans Louise Serak Dorothy Izak Jean TroupALMA ADAMS B.S. in Education Typing I SARAH ADAMS A.B., M.L. French I and II Spanish I ETHEL ALTHAUSER A.B., M.L. English IV GEORGE AXTELL B.E. Vocational electricity Light and Sound FAC U LT Y MICHAEL BELEY B.S. Industrial Arts Mechanical Drawing I ROSE BOGOVICH B.A., M.Litt. World History TWILA BOVARD B.S., M.Ed. Geography American History Historical Club JOHN BUDIMIR B.S.. M.Ed. Business Economics Assistant Football Coach Community League Basketball Intramural Boys’ Committee — 14 —JOHN E. CHAPALA B.S. in Education Driving Senior Class Advisor ERSIL T. COSTELLO B.S. in Education Distributive Education Finance Director Finance Committee Bleacher Squad FRANK W. DESANZO B.S., A.B. English III and IV Yearbook Dramatics Coach Assembly Director MARY DUFFY Lict.B., M.A. Latin I, II, III Chairman Language Dept. Sophomore Class Advisor IRMA EIBECK A.B., M.Litr. English III KATHERINE FORCEY A.B., M.Ed. Algebra I Solid Geometry Trigonometry Chairman, Mathematics Department Sophomore Class Advisor YOLANDA GIAMMATEO B.S. in Education Bookkeeping I and II BURDELL GILES B.S. in Education Library Science Junior Class AdvisorWILLIAM GORDON Auto Shop VIRGINIA GRIFFITH A.B. Spanish II World History Journalism Silhouette Sponsor Senior Class Advisor KATHARINE HABERLEN B.S., M.Ed. English II Junior Class Advisor JOSEPH F. HLISTA A.B. Biology Senior Science Football Coach Junior High Bnslcerhall LEONARD HORSMAN B.S., M.Ed. Biology Aeronautics I THOMAS HOSKINS B.S., M.Ed. Related Drawing Advisor for Drawing Department JOSEPH JOHNSON Machine Shop JOHN KOKOSKI B.S. — 16 — Boys’ Hygiene Assistant Football Coach Boys’ PatrolROSE KOZAK B.S. in Education M.Ed. Secretarial Practice Shorthand II Typewriting III Head of Commercial Department Typing Advisor for Yearbook Typing Advisor for Silhoue:te JOSEPH LOMBAR A. B. B. S. in Elementary Education M.Litt. World History Junior Class Advisor Assistant Track Coach RUTH LUTMAN B.S. Art Art Club Illustrative Advertising HELEN MALLOY B.A. English II Consumer Economics Usher Committee Football Ushers Girls’ Pcitrol FACULTY MICHAEL MALINICH B.S. Wood Shop Industrial Arts MICHAEL MATTUCH B.S., M.Ed. Plane Geometry Physics Student Senate Sponsor L. HERBERT McCAUGHTRY B.S. Related Mathematics MARY MARGARET McKEOWN B.S., M.Ed. Shorthand IELINORE MERMELSTEIN B.S. Typewriting II Bookkeeping II ELLA NICHOLSON B.S. Home Economics ROBERT PALMER B.S. Chemistry Senior Class Advisor Basketball Coach RUTH M. PARSON Supervisor of Vocal Music Madrigal Club Boys’ Glee Club Mixed Ensemble Senior High Assembly Music FACULTY JOHN PIPER Ed.M. Algebra II Attendance Records LAURA JEAN RICE B.A. Music Glee Club Junior High Assembly Junior High Chorus KATHRYN ROSS B.A. M.Litt. English II American History LEONARD ROTHERMEL B.S. M.Ed. Related Science Related History Golf CoachMAURICE RUBENSTEIN B.A. Boys’ Physical Education Athletic Director Varsity Foorball Coach HAZEL RUSSELL B.A. M.Litc. Problems of Democracy Sponsor, National Honor Society GENEVIEVE SETTINO A.B. M.A. Related English LYSLE SHAFFER A.B. M.A. English III Public Speech Sponsor Concessions Committee Forensic Director MARIE SMITH B.A. M.Ed. American History Co-sponsor, National Honor Society JOSEPH SNYDER Machine Shop Semaphore Squad MARCELLA M. SPAHR B.A. Girls’ Physical Education and Hygiene Girls’ Intramurals Yale-Princeton Leaders’ Club Girls’ Assemblies VETOLD W. SPORNY B.S. M.Ed. Director and Supervisor of Instrumental Music Junior High School Concert High School Band Assembly Music Foorball Band Minstrel Show Gym Exhibition Parades Annual Band Concert Class Play Music — 19 —NATHANIEL STEINBERG M.Ed. B.S. Physics Chess Club JANET SWAYNE B.S. Vocational Home Economics General Home Economics Director of Home Economics Department MYRTLE TREMBLEY B.S. M.L. English IVR EDITH YOST B.S. Physical Education Hygiene Cheerleaders’ Sponsor Gymnastic Club FLORENCE RECHT B.A. M.Litt. Related English Literature JEAN C. FISHER School Nurse DR. R. J. GING School Dentist DR. N. R. NADLER Sch ool Physician MRS. A. LLEWELLYN School Nurse — 20 —1 U U L T'Ve ‘WereL 2{ ene S yfrAo HO na The dramatist, finding himself face to face with the necessity of peopling his play with characters who will impress his audience as living, breathing human beings, and not as mere automatons responding to the strings he pulls, has been greatly rewarded by casting us, the sophomores of 1949. It is true during our first few rehearsals” of September, 1948, we lacked those little quirks and mannerisms, virtues and vices, which make a class unique in the eyes of the audience. However, for what we lacked in experience, we made up for by revealing exceptional talent on the stage,” the Ambridge High School. During this act, we contributed much to our Alma Mater, on the gridiron, and on the basketball floor. We also exhibited much talent in other activities, such as band, orchestra, dramatics and journalism. After electing our class officers, we really were on our way to great triumphs. We feel sure that the future will prove that we have made up for all our shortcomings for the sophomore year.Row 1: Bill Adrian, Donna Alberts, Richard Albright, Delphinc Alviani, August Antonini, Ralph Aquilera, Victoria Amota. Row 2: Margaret Andrus, Jeanne Balo, Marge Bankow-ski, Joseph Baron, William Bard, Betty Barkovci, Bill Barnes. Row 3: Ethel Barnhart, Ray Bathurst, Peggy Bear, Dolores Belak, Jack Bell, Faith Beike, Rose Marie Bezuska. Row 4: Shirley Bixler, Marianne Blazier, Barbara Bobby, Jenny Bogosian, Betty Bologna, Vivian Bosh, Betty Brandt. Row 5: Beatrix Bratton, Joan Bremmer, Emil Brutout, Thomas Budjaneck, Richard Bufalini, Vincent Bruno, Richard Canonge. Row 6: Augusta Capenos, John Chiaverini, Josephine Clark, Beatrice Coates, Hurshel Ackles, Kenneth Bender, Nellie Collins. Row 7: Theresa Colella, Elmer Colorita, Richard Connolly, Joe Corbin, Dolores Costanza, Preston Covert, Marie Dacko. Row 8: Hilda Davidson, Lavonda Davis, Mike Deep, Patsy De Marco, Betty De Marco, Angelo Di Pietro, Evelyn Dobson. Row 9: Donald Drummond, John Dub. Thomas Dun-myer, William Durniak, Earl Edwards, Marion Essek, Dale Emmett. Row 10: Edward Frederick, Nita Foster, Bernice Ford, Sam Finch, Robert Garbinsky, Joan Garner, Jean Genovese. Row 11: John Georgiadis, Violet Getz, Louis Giallo-renzo, Lucy Giallorenzo, Josephine Giovenazzo, John Governo, Steve Gref. Row 12: Robert Gross, Rudolph Guerrieri, Tony Guido, Mary Ann Gula, William Gutch, Steve Guzo, George Gudzan. 23 — Row 13: Richard Harmatto, Michael Handzes, Charles I faushelter, William Hcranic, James Hill, Paul Hrinko, Betty Hricik. p p (fire riiei'firr 1 }, r $lr o Mi a ,W Vij £ If • ? i. f S h? M, Row 1: Irene Hronas, Nancy Hunt, Joanne Huston, James Ickley, Gloria Iorfido, Patricia Jackson, Joan Janicki. Row 2: Albert Jones, Louise Jones, William Jones, Mcrna Jones, Virginia Jula, Richard Kasper, William Kopchek. Row 3: Lamest Kemena, Barbara Kelleher, William Kelly, Mitch Kempisty, Jack Kerr, Jo Anne Klak, Richard King. Row 4: Leonard Klodowski, Phyllis Knetyk, Kenny Knouse, Pete Kohut, Carroll Kohler, Joseph Koermas, Robert Kolokowski. Row 5: Michael Handgis, Donald Kroll, Frances Kordas, Dorothy Kos:, Sally Kremmel, Bob Kostial, Eunice Kranstien. Row 6: Mark Kubiak, Katherine Kuncio, Phyllis Kutala-kis, Lois Kuntz, Richard Knestaut, Sandra Kyros, Michael Laba. Row 7: Gerry Laman, Josephine LaScala, David Larabee, Betty Lazar, Wanda Leeznar, Stanford Levin, Richard Lewis. Row 8: Chester Kedzierski, Elaine Leppert, Mary Alice Lockwick, Bert Lucas, Charles Lutz, Lucy Longo, Edward Luketic. Row 9: Jack Marr, Brian McCarthy, Robert McCollim, Richard McFarland, Gloria Mack, Mary Madonna, Vincent Maggio. Row 10: Audrey Mahoney, Lois Mahoney, Nancy Mal-lery, Irene Manalakos, Helen Manos, Eugene Marotti, George Marovich. Row 11: Anna Mattie, Evelyn Mauk, James Mauk, Earl May, Tom Mianowski, Ray Mickey, Edward Miketa. Row 12: Tom Miller, Marjorie Miller, Frank Milnick, Linda Montemayor, George Moranz, Bob Morgan, Jeanne Morgan. Row 13: Bill Morse, Eleanor Morse, Peiirl Musloe, Mike Mizenko, Ed Mihalow, Robert Harmotto, Adam Mizenko. Row 14: Dorothy Niznik, Joan Neisneck, Edith Neal, Toni Narrish, Marion Nardo, John Osick, Eugene Ondrako. SOPHOMORE — 24 —Row 1: Richard Ochman, Theodore O’Brien, Jay Puf-finburger, Bill Pugliani, LeRoy Profata, Bruce Prince, Alyce Pickette. Row 2: Margaret Pezzello, Aliena Petkash, Norma Per-suitte, Mary Perry, Anthony Pecoraro, George Paul, Earnest Patricelli. Row 3: Yolanda Papasodero, Isabelle Papantonio, Joan Palladini, Richard Parra, Mildred Paich, David Raymer, Jack Regelman. Row 4: Robert Richards, Elaine Richardson, Rosemarie Rinaldi, Nancy Riley, Clara Rrttleman, Doris Robbins, Eleanor Robinson. Row 5: Richard Robertson, Barbara Robinson, La Donna Rogers, Beverly Romigh, Mike Roppo, Russell Philips, Jacob Ryzowicz. Row 6: Joseph Scurnopoli, Reed Scheppy, Dolores Shu-lick, Gabriel Sacco, Connie Seagren, Frank Senk, Steve Serdensky. Row 7: Pete Sezenias, Donald Schneider, Frank Schleiter, Deane Schuster, Sam Signorelli, Anna Sinchak, Robert Sinkovich. Row 8: Sam Sancilli, Beverly Smerigan, Edith Smith, Doris Smith, Ken Smith. Manford Smith, John Smith. Row 9: Bernadette Sekanich, Marion Hrinko, Richard Sovich, Anthony Spagnola, Raymond Staniski, Charles Stadnik, Betty Stasney. Row 10: Kenneth Stewart, Roger Stewart, Russell Stewart, William Stonfer, Roberta Storar, Richard Strama, John Stranko. Row 11: Louis Strohm, Michael Stuban, Jack Sweitzer, Anthony Surowiec, Dorothy Snyder, Dale Tarquinio, Murry Tamers. Row 12: Frances Telesz, Kathryn Sepella, Mildred Tow-cimak, Nick Tzefakis, Emmanuel Lucia, Florence Va-gais, Richard Venneri. Row 13: Rose Marie Veronese, Richard Vargan, Mike Vernak, Mary Villella, Helen Villella, Florence Vitevich, Albert Teny. Row 14: Frank Vlaisic, Sylvia Paolini, Florence Vogel, Edward Wagner, Carl Walter, Nick Walko, Sam Verna-kovich. ©1? ®iK'? J£ f | 1 te, °i° © e f ft 1 f ! 4 r ftj m m s. i tQ.e, r. m :p o.a ft t ©It; ©j SJ S It ) o r J $ C LASS — 25 —Row 1: Virginia Walter, Joseph Washcak, Connie Wensel, Phyllis Wcrk, Alfred Wielechowski, Sara Mae Weil, Prentice Williams, Leona Wisneski, Andrew Yeager, Jane Young, Juanita Young, Anne Zagar. Row 2. Stanley Zak, Robert Zappie, Irene Zawoysky, Angeline Zondos, Frank Zupanic, George Zurow. CAMERA-SHY Eileen Adler, Robert Bailey, Dorothy Beining, Jean Benkert, Shirley Bixler, Barbara Bobby, Clyde Boring, Agnes Boros, Howard Boros, Carol Brown, Irene Capetaides, Pete Capetaides, George Churchin, Roxie Cosranza, Phyllis Cress, Steve Cukovich, Sam Davanzo, Hetyn DiLizo, Lillie May Edwards, Linda Eshenbaugh, Thomas Eyerly, Shirley Finatri, Anne Fran-goine, Sylvia Furness, Joe Gazda, Vincent Gennaro, Sonia Goodman, George Harmotto, Teddy Harper, Donald I Little, Melvin Hemming, Naomi Hendon, Joseph Hochevar, John Hoko, Marie Holman, Ted Homjak. Richard Hudak. Leon Jasler, George Jesky, Fred Kaminski, John Karaffa, John Karas, Floyd King, Leroy Klinsic, Richard Kopczak, Wil- SOPHOMORES liam Kuharsky, Richard Kurg, Edward Lang, Harold Lewis, Teddy Lewan-dowski, Doreen Lockhart, William McCartney, Frances McCray, Anne Martin, Robert Masketti, Philip Minnicci, Lois Morgan, Dari Musgrove, Irene Nazarevich, Arthur Neil, John Neville, Vincent Ombres, Gregory Pappas, Robert Parkinson, Mildred Presto, Charles Price, James Quinn, Betty Rengowski, Barbara Renner, Mildred Rodriquez, Robert Safran, Rose Sarkisian, Lois Sarver, Margaret Scherme-horn, Harry Schoolitz, Patty Sherman, William Smith, Robert Span, Jerry Spinelli, Leroy Stanford, Greta Thompson, Michael Vinsky, Donald Wagoner, Katherine Weiling, Richard Yevak, Paul Yoos, Frank Zassick. — 26 —‘THate ALBERT JORDAN ’36 JOHN KUNIEWICZ ’36SCENE II 7$ere pouU tA L The stage is set. The overture is coming to a close and here is the story of our Junior year. With gay, bantering spirits, vve entered the portals of Ambridge Senior High School on September 2, 1948. We were Juniors!” After becoming acquainted with our sponsors Mr. Lombar, Miss Haberlein, and Miss Giles, we elected our officers, Ted Pszybys-zewski, Eugene Kokoszki, Eileen Mercan-dante and June Yee. Then we began to work. Our huge repertoire of accomplishments and endeavorings featured the Junior Class Play and the prom. Ted Pszybyszewski (Smith) our President, showed himself to be a natural on the cross-country and track team, while Bernie” Janicki was high scorer of our basketball team. Ten of our classmates made the National Honor Society. Having completed a successful year, we are now to become Seniors, a very serious minded occupation. The second scene was a success. Will we be able to contribute as much to the third and last scene of our drama?Row 1: Lorraine Altuater, Richard Alvania, Lewis Alviani, Lorraine Arthur, Marian Azich. Dorothy Bilanich, Patrick Ballard, Antoinette Balo, Eileen Biker, Beverly Barnes, Richard Barto, Velma Barto. Row 2: Lucille Bartolomucci, Betty Bechak, Mary B.'lis, James Bell, Gust Bellas, Gay Bennett, John Basalyga, Peter Betley, Anne Bizic, Steve Bobak, Albert Bobby, Susan Bogosian. Row 3: Florence Bohman, Joseph Bologna, Frances Bombiani, Anne Bonavita, Theresa Bosh, Richard Boschetto, Joan Brandt, James Brown, Marlene Brotout, Lewis BufaJini, Marguerite Bufalmi, Alfred Burzese. Row 4: Joan Cafrelli, Lujan Campbell, Joseph Cardinale, Lucia Cardinale, Sally Carrico, Nita Carnivale, Jean Carter, Dominick Catanzariti, Joseph Cherenko, Arlene Ciccone. Carole Cole, Edward Collins. Row 5: John Cooper, Jack Cooper, Andrew Comchoc, Athena Corey, Martha Creese, Irene Butrey, George Dahama, Alex D’Alessandris, David Davie, Evelyn Davies, Marie Davie, Nancy Davis. Row 6: Frank Didonato, Robert Delts, Janet Diachiac. Theresa Ellen Ditz, Wilma Ditter, Garnet Dixon, Jean Dodaro, John Domansky, Robert Dornak, Paul Dreyer, Theodore Dub, Norma Jean Edwards. Row 7: Edward Egerman, Mary Jane Elko, Irene Romaniak. Sally Erwin, Charles Eskew. Irene Falkowski, John Fardo, Ann Lou se Ferencz, Margaret Fisher, Jane Ellen Flemm ng, Marion Fulton, Norma Furness. Row 8: Rose Marie Gagliardi, Charles Gallagher, Maudie Gaunt, Joseph Gilbert, Elsie Glatz, Emma Gozar, Jane Graham, David Granitz, Richard Frey, Dolores Grguras, Michael Gulish, Alice Halcin. — 29 —Row 1: Gale Hamilton, Jo Ann I Ianger, Joann Harrigcr, Joanne Hartenback, Luther Haseley, Harold Hendrickson, Donald Herbein. Row 2: June Heiber;, Anne Hoggard, John Hoko, Geraldine Hollein, John Homzak, James Hornyack, Rosemary Hovanec. Row 3: Frank Housley, Harold Huston, Andrew Ihnatko, Ralph Intrieri, Joanne Ivkovich, Darrell Jackson, Bernard Janicki. Row 4: William Janicki, Theresa Jarzynka, Diana Johnavitz, Ernestine Johnson, Alex Jones, Roddie Jones, Rose Josapak. Row 5: Jack Karnavas, John Karagianis, James Kazakas, Edna Kempa, Richard Kephart, Robert Kerr, Theresa Kierdak. Row 6: John Kisaday, Olga Koblik, Eugene Kokoski, Thomas Kolar, Vivian Kolder, Edward Kotalo, James Kotalo. Row 7: Gloria Kroen, Wanda Kubicki, Regis Kubit, Joan Kuzma, Harriet Kyros, Charles Lamb, Clarissa Larabee. Row 8: Patricia Laughner, Diane Lewis, Mary Ann Les-ondak, Wilda Lightman, Natalie Lugowski, Jack Macko-vich, Alex Magurah. Row 9: Emily Mahoney, John Maker, Betty Malay, Jean Marr, Joan Marr, Nancy Martin, Rachael Mata. Row 10: Mnry Mattie, Amelia Maetucci, Richard Mayer, John Mazur, Stephanie Mazur, Andrew McClure, Dave McClure. Row 11—Duncan McCombie, Harold McConnell, Margaret McMillen, William McStay, Clarice Meadows, Joseph Mehanko, Dorothy Menosky. Row 12: Beverly Mcnsch, Eileen Mercadante, Helen Mihalic, James Mihaloew, John Miholoew, Dolores Mi-halsky, Helen Mihovich. Row 13: Beatrice Mitchell, Joe Molchan, Albert Monaci, Paul Montell, Mary Mantzaris, Jack Moratis, John Mosura. JUNIOR — 30 Row 14: Shirley Musgrave, Harry Nardi, Dorothy Nau-gle, Earl Naugle, William Niznik, Madeline Niaros, Dolores Nitkulinich.Row 1; Catherine Olcxsovich, William Orlowski, Samuel Ombres, Wilma Openbrier, Ernest Orler, Donald Ostrow-ski, Elizabeth Oswald. Row 2: Dorothy Paich, Ernes: Painter, Wilma Paliani, Dolores Palladini, Mario Paladini, Rose Pania, Tony Pasco. Row 3: Gloria Pastelak, Richard Paton, Margaret Patterson, Don Patricelli, Barbara Patrick, Susan Pehon, Lois Percival. Row 4: John Petula, Helen Prasko, Elvira Presto, Marjorie Preston, Jo Anne Pribulsky, Rose Pszybysewski, Rosamond Richards. Row 5: Rhoda Robertson, Helen Rodio, Robert Roman-ski, Arthur Roppo, Maribel Ross, Johanna Rossi, Gloria Rotolo. Row 6: Arlene Rubenstein, Albert Russo, JoAnn Saba-tini, Alice Sabol, Rose Savie, Dan Scarpiello, Norma Schmidt. Row 7: Frances Scurnapoli, Audrey Shaffer, Mona Shaffer, Dorothy Shaffo, Beverly Shearer, Robert Simoni. Pauline Slamenick. Row 8: Glen Snodgrass, Harry Snyder, Pa:ricia Sonnie, Isabelle Spasaro, Carolyn Stelzig, Irene Stepanik, Robert Sterrett. Row 9: Vernon Stevenson, Stella Stoloski, Pat Storer, Paul Stranko, Marge Striffler, Helen Suchy, Irene Sudik. Row 10: Margaret Sudia, Betty Shuflay, Helen Tabin, Stanley Tabin, Clyde Thompson, Virginia Tkatch, Dorothy Tylosky. Row 11: Anna Ulbrick, Ted Ulinski, George Vagiones, Guy Villela, Fawn Virgin, Jean Vulgris, Jackie Wagner. Row 12: Bill Walko, Loretta Wojtkowski, Alice Wan-disch, Roger Morrison, Nick Watash, Boh Weil, Barbara Wentz. Row 13: Ella Myrtle Werling, Audrey Wessel, Dan Wilson. Dorothy Wilson, Don Wilson, Phyllis Woods, Helen Woods. Row 14: Ed Woloshuk, Ray Yardic, Irene Yedgenak, June Yee, Betty Yesnick, Pauline Young, Stanley Za-1 inski. k $ m W • .x: t. f i 1 Av T O H 0 0 i a eio 0 uk 0 k 0 0 (A £8 f r‘ IJ 1? Ilf IP ». . ' i V ; p f. o o « 1 CM P N elje C LAS S — 31 — fj A, Q Row 1: Steve Zalenski, Frank Zassick, Janet Zehnder, Frances Zelechowski, Harry Zelechowski, Gertrude Zubic, Eleanor Zugliani. CAMERA-SHY JUNIORS Dolores Beck, Lillian Bcnnis, John Bucci, Robert Braddock, Robert Cairns, Franc.s Eckert, Richard John Eckert, Delma Edwards, Eleanor Ford, Marion Foster, Edward Frederick, Robert Gray, William Gula, Rita Mary Haefner, Norman Hanevich, Gerald Hartle, Edward Hodak, Edward Iocca, Virginia Klein, Fred Kohler, Robert Konarski, Lorraine Kostas, Joe Kowal, Paul Kozel, John Kusnirak, Edward Lang, Chester Lcdzierski, Charles Lemon, Mike Liptak, Betty LoefFler, Rudolph Loschiavo, Gloria Losco, Edward Luketic, Joe Mar:in, Claire Mc- Laughlin, Fdward Mihnlow, Harold Maffet, Roger Morrison, Margaret Nardo, Eugene Narrish, Peter Orler, Sra Orlowski, Barry Oswald, Dominic Palumbo, Anthony Pclic, AI Pisano, Connie Potter, Osel Price, Ted Pszybysewski, Thomas Punjock, Leonard Rich, Carol Robinson, Jerome Ro-senberger, Joseph Sasinovich, Joseph Selly, Henry Sepella, Wilber Serack, James Shumsky, Richard Snodgrass, Raymond Soergel, Agatha Sonnet, Gloria Speer, Joseph Tusick, Charles Vanderbord, Rose Veronese, Alex Wagurak, Roy Weaver, Gloria Wil-loughbey. — 32 We 'Warded and Stayed One an education Co tea'iuiuy Co coor6 and Ccoe toyetder.'We 'ytyaet Cun ,,, Cun The year has not been all work, nor has it been all play. Both have their parts in making 1949 as we remember it. There were opportunities for many interests covering a wide range of activity. Suggestions for many inspiring programs were derived from the contacts made and ideas gained in our club and committee meetings. As the curtain rises on scene one, we see ourselves as we worked and as we played. S' MADRIGAL CLUB Row I: Amsler, Ferdinan dus, Panutsos, Blackford Miss Parsons, Quiroz, Bel las, Knouse, Gutch, Bur zcsc. Row 2: Jackulic DeFedericis, Firich, Wilk cs, Boyd, Shoostcr, Price Sprock, Dozier, Shulick. BOYS’ GLEE CLUB Row 1: Stranko, Boyd Serak, Shulick, Dozier Miss Parsons, Sprock Burzese, Price, Firich, De Federicis. Row 2: Kisiday Shoosrpr, Zielinski, Wilk es, Walko, Fardo, Russo Parra, Jackulic, Mat thews. MADRIGAL CLUB The Madrigal dub of Ambridge High School consists of 45 selected voices under the direction of Miss Ruth Parsons. This choral group assembled every Thursday morning for rehearsal and preparation for special programs. On December 5 the mixed ensemble participated in the Elks Memorial service. On December 16 they appeared before the Junior Women’s Club of Ambridge. Other engagements on their calendar included Vesper Services at the Bid-well Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh on Sunday, December 19. The following Monday, December 20, the Mixed Ensemble sang at the Rotary Club’s Christ- mas party for the crippled children. The customary Christmas caroling through school corridors was continued this year. Highlighting their musical programs was the annual concert held on March 1. Several members of the group maintained noticeable recognition by being selected to participate in The Midwestern Chorus held at Greenville, Pennsylvania. Much credit is to be given Regina Burzese, pianist, for her fine accompaniment with the Madrigal Club for the past two seasons. Officers of the organization are: President Alex Firich, Vice President Robert Boyd, Secretary Mary Bellas, and Treasurer Mary Panutsos. — 35 —GIRLS’ CHORUS 'C FIRST SOPRANOS Row 1: Ferdinandus, Panutzos, Carnivalc, Pri bulsky, Dulick, Flemming. Row 2: Kopczak Madonna, Pastrick, Felix, M. Presto, Di-Marzio Row 3: Kymetic, Matta, Malay, Lesondak, May er, Fouse. Row 4: Beck, Piani, Amsler, Jer man, Jula. Row 5: Lockwick, Finatri, Knouse Travoli. Row 6: Vogel, Miller, Sezenias, Pap pas, Popsodoro, Beeler. SECOND SOPRANOS Row 1: Saludis, Matucci, Paterson, Miss Rice, Dodaro, Josapak. Row 2: Mazur, Rupic, Mi-hoch, Mornnz, Dishauzi, Hanger, Bartolomucci. Row 3: Klak, Patrick, Kotas, Gagliardi, Halcin, Paliani. Row 4: Gozur, Romanak, Lesondak, V. Jula, Preston, Ulbrich. ALTOS Row 1: Klein, Yee, Yesnick, Kroen, Mercan dante, J. Oswald. Row 2: Lecznar, Hunt, Laugh ner, Rotondo, Dunn, Farrar. Row 3: Iorifido Robins, L. Mahoney, Zubic. Row 4: Werk, K Jula, A. Mahoney, Storar, Kyros. Row 5: Marr Nairos, Belas, Ciccone. Row 6: Presto, Woods Kempa. Row 7: Serak, Vagias, Giallorenzo Zondos, Edwards.Ii It 11) G E R STA F F Xr SENIOR STAFF Row 1: Prokopovirh. Cole Valvanis. Butchers, Madonna, Babyok, Farrar. Row 2: Bosanac, Donino, W. Oswald, Wagner, Dunn, Dishauzi, Yee, Saludis. Row 3: Klein, Hanger, Maruna, Kopczak, Bellas. Row 4: Caplan, Pastrick, Volpe, Moranz, Humenic. Row 5: Magis, De-Federicis, Ferderbar. ADVERTISING STAFF Zelinski, Bellas. Werk, Krauzen, Dunn, Farrar. YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Grugras, Kroen, Corey, Beechak. Row 2: Yee, Butchers, O'Connor, Lesondak, Fleming. Row 3: Carnevale, Austin, Klein, Fergadis, Kopczak. Row 4: Pribulsky, Yedgenak, Rossi, Shaffer. Row 5: Hanger, Bolimos, Kempa, Elko, Montemayor, Rosinsky. Row 6: Barkovci, Costanza, Bailey, Janicki, Arthur.FOOTBALL PATROL Nardi, Marsh, ShafFo, Davis, Simonovic, W a I k o. Robertson, Span, Boshetto, Bentley, McStay, Lamb, Moratis, Di Donato, Dahma. BOYS’ PATROL Walko, Barnhart. Jim Cooper, Jack Cooper, Sloppy, Perci-vale, F i r i c h, Russo, Fardo, Miller, Mar-otte, Nardi, Simonovic. Kasper, Hall Gud-zan, Dcmpisty, Mo-sura, Yee, Mr. Koko-ski, D Donato, Kop-chick, Mattia, Kozcl, Hochevar, Hanevich. Davis, Serak, Sasino-vich, Stranko, Gaudio, Mazur. GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB LJnder the excellent sponsorship of Miss Rice, the Girls’ Glee Club, consisting of 89 members, met every Tuesday morning. Their participation in the Annual Vocal Concert was outstanding and Fred Waring’s arrangement of All the Things You Are,” which was sung by them, will long be remembered. The club officers were Kay Jula— President, Helen Fouse—Vice President, and Ruth Hanger—Secretary-T reasurer. — 38 —FOOTBALL PATROL The football patrol is composed of boys who give their time to the school to assist at the football games. Though these boys receive no material credit for their pains, they have the satisfaction of a job well done. They report to the games a half hour early and take up their respective posts. The sponsor of this group, Mr. Chapella, states that the new fence around the field has helped the boys considerably in performing their duties. We give here a written vote of thanks to the fellows of this honorary organization. BOYS’ PATROL The boys’ patrol, which is well known around the school, is made up of boys who are interested in safety, willing to work, and are responsible. Under the competent direction of Mr. Kokoski, their sponsor, they patrol the street crossing in front of the school, the entrances to the parking lots, and the 8th and 1 1th Street crossings. To gain a letter, they have to do this type of work for two years, one of these being their senior year. Beside their regular duties, they run the parking lot during the football games and sponsor the dances after the games. All in all there are forty-four members, twelve of these being seniors. As a record the patrol can point out that there have been no serious accidents as long as they have been organized. This is certainly a very notable record. — 39 —USHER COMMITTEE Row 1: Pat Laughner, Gloria Kroen, Athena Corey, Cre Larabee, Dolly Kovacevic, Margie Preston, Lois Barnhart, Anna Mindek, Wini Oswald, Norma Foster, LaDonna Rogers, Louise Volpe. Row 2: Arlene Ruben-stein, Carole Cole, Shirley Musgrave, Mary Ann Moranz, Betty Lou Ball, Miss Malloy, Millie Mamu-la, Ann Dirdo, Dolores Pastrick, Geor gianne Dunn, Mary Bellas, Ann Bizic. STAGE ELECTRICIANS McConnell, Frey, Niz-nik. Goerman, Lash-iavo. Torhan, Barrett, Fleming. SEMAPHORE SQUAD Mr. Snyder, Penczak, Whitehair, Kotynkie-wicz, Scheer.USHER COMMITTEE The Usher Committee is made up of twenty Senior high girls who act as ushers for plays, concerts, and similar events of Ambridge High. The committee also furnishes ushers for other community projects held in the school auditorium. Miss Malloy sponsors and directs the activities of this group. STAGE ELECTRICIANS The stage squad is that unseen group of boys who work back stage during the assemblies and during all the high school productions. Although they are never noticed, they would certainly be missed if not around. These boys handle all electrical work connected with the stage. They take care of the lighting effects and repair all equipment such as the spotlights, footlights, curtain lights, and the house lights, with Mr. Axtell as their very efficient instructor. These boys have to serve two years for a letter. It is only proper that the fine work of this group be acknowledged. SEMAPHORE SQUAI) The semaphore squad for the year ’48-’49 was composed of boys from the machine shop. Under the capable direction of Mr. Snyder, they helped us keep an accurate record of results on the gridiron. — 4GIRLS’ FOOTBALL PATROL Fulton, Pastrick, Dis hauzi, Vallcrio, Ball Batz, Foster. Oswald Dunn, Moranz, Min dek, Blackford, Barn hart, Miss Malloy Preston, Cicconc, Dir do, Felix, Kopczak Gatta, Zelinsky. GYMNASTICS Row 1: Olson, Blackford, Majetic, Erwin, Perris, Dishauzi, Min-dek, Krauzen, Werk, Dulik, Bellas, Babyok. Row 2: Rarz, Kucaba, Cole, DiMarzio, Ko-vacevic, K u n z n i a r, Burry, Felix, Kopczak, Moranz, Ceasar. Row 3: Walter, Bisco, Mer-candante, Mihalsky, Mahoney, Presto, Butchers. Barnhart. Row 4: Sudia, Young, Hartenback, Hoggard. Row 5: Miss Yost, M Her, Robbins, Stor-er, Preston, Laughner, Wilson, Bogosian, Bru-tout, Shaffer, Leson-dak, Morse, Krones. ART PUBLICITY CLUB Row 1: Johnson. Mit chel, Oswald, Wagner Oswald. Kos as. May or. Row 2: Sovie, Hei bert, Mattie, T a b i n Zappie, Tylasky, Dir do, Baker, Bolimam Row 3: Yee, Mrs. Lur man, Miketa, Murdza Row 4: Barto, Merri man, N a r d i, Mauk Row 5: Boyd, Dionise Barnhardt. Row 6: La qucrio, Moyur, Hern nic, Eskew.GIRLS’ Ten Senior girls and ten Junior girls make up the Ambridge Senior High Girls’ Patrol, sponsored by Miss Malloy. The captain of the patrol for 1948-49 is Shirley O’Connor, assisted by three lieutenants: Wini Oswald, Dolly Kovacevic, and Marion Meinert. The patrol very competently guards REFRESHMEN One of the hardest working and least known of the school groups is the Refreshment or Football Concessions Committee under the direction of Mr. Shaffer. This committee of thirty-five girls has charge of the sale of refreshments, including ice cream, pop, candy, hot dogs, etc. at all home football games, served from four booths back of the PATROL the safety of the students in the school corridors between classes. The Girls’ Patrol is one of the most active clubs in Ambridge High. Among their activities this year were an initiation banquet, a very successful formal dance and during May they entertained with a tea at which mothers of the members were honored guests. T COMMITTEE stands and in the bleachers. These girls also sold approximately 14,000 football programs during the 1948 season. Incidentally this season’s Ambridge High football programs have been considered among the most beautiful in western Pennsylvania. Orchids to this committee who so unselfishly serve their Alma Mater by faithfully working at every game and seldom were able to witness one. GIRLS’ PATROL Row 1: Valvanis, Mei ner:, Kovacevic, Mam ula, Miss Maloy, Far rar, Oswald, O’Con nor, P a s t e r i c k, R Hanger. Row 2: J Hanger, Zehdner, J Oswald, Musgrave, U1 brich, Rubenstein, Ar chur, Balo, Schmidt Azik. REFRESHMENT COMMMITTEE Row 1: Robins, Hal-cin, Matucci, Beeler, Lesondak, Romanak, Cole. Row 2: Zondos, Barkovic, Bogosian, Lascalla, Malay, Miho-vich. Row 3: Beck, Harris, Campbell, Elko. Row 4: Balo, Pri-bulsky, Carnevale, Collins. Row 5: Edwards, Bechak, Lock wicke, Janicki. — 43 —STUDENT SENATE To improve student relationships and to represent the student body whenever student government is possible in the activities of our school is the high aim set by our Student Senate. This organization consists of all homeroom presidents. Meetings are held once a week on rotating days and periods, and the discussion is carried on according to parliamentary procedure. Under the skillful sponsorship of Mr. Mattuch and the capable leader- ship of its officers, President Joe Sestile, Vice-President Betty Klein and Secretaries Jack Kar-navas and Louise Volpe, this body has sponsored some of the most successful activities of the 1948-49 school term. Included in these are the Sophomore Reception, the Activities Dance and dances after the various football games. They also have visited other high schools and acquired ideas which aid in making our Student Senate one of the best. Row 1: Ed Miketa, Marotti, Knousc, McFarland. McClure. Row 2: Furness, B u t r e y, Barnhart, Ombres. Farquahar. Row 3: Caesar, Brotout, Hu-menick, Kovacs, Mor-anz, Miketa, Lind. Row 4: Stewart, Zaw-oisky, Mallery, Pszy-byezewski, B u r z e s e. Row 5: King, Mihalic, Karnavas, Kotynke-wics. Row 6: Sestile, Hanievich, Haseley, O'Brien, Petula, Ko-hut, Hoko. Top Row: Klein, Sestile, Mr. Serene, Mr. Mattuch, Barnhart, Karnavas. — 44 —FORENSICS This year’s interscholastic debate and speech activities have been co-ordinated under one general heading—Forensics. The year’s events began with a debate and speech clinic sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh the latter part of November. Almost the entire squad attended this clinic. The first real highlight of the season was the Pennsylvania Student Congress held at Mt. Mercy College in Pittsburgh in December in which five local students participated. Vera Valavanis, this year’s debate squad captain, was voted the second best speaker of the congress and her reward was a beautiful silver medal. On March 8th, several members of the group were the main participants in the Beaver Valley Junior Town Hall radio program sponsored by station WBVP and originating from the Ambridge High School auditorium. In addition to many other Saturday tournaments throughout the months of January through April, the members of the Ambridge Chapter of the National Forensic League participate in the N. F. L. state championship debate finals held at Geneva College as well as the county, district and state championship contests in both speech and debate. The question for debate this season is—Resolved: That the United Nations Be Revised Into a Federal World Government. SPEECH Walther, Rubenstein, Woloshuk, La man. Smith. DEBATE Row 1: Dunn, Farrar, Valavanis, K c r z a n, Kremmell. Row 2: Le-venc, Woloshuk, Hcr-bein, Komar.ATOMIC ENERGY COUNCIL Row 1: J. Oswald, Kroen, Grugras, Val-vanis. Row 2: Lewis, Mihack, Fouse. Nair-os, Vettorazzi. Row 3: Mihaloew, Ditz, Yee, Mr. Horsman, J u I a. Row 4: Betley, Cooper, Snyder, Mihaloew. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Row 1: Fouse, Vetto razzi, Moranz, DiMar zio. Row 2: Farrar Jula, Humanek, Ka zakos. Row 3: Komar Herbein. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Row 1: Karagianis, Spiros, Bufalini, Cas-bons, Agrecy, Mr. Costello, Smith, Richardson, Zugay, Feenstra, Verdu. Row 2: Scurno-pli, Knestant, McFarland, Prasko, Mantzar-is, Hillaire, Mihovich, Wrotncy, Creese. Row 3: Porkoris, Wright, Varkovis, Tcny, Dctar akis, Glas, Preciavalli, Zassuk, Johnson.ATOMIC ENERGY COUNCIL The Atomic Energy Council, whose object is a better understanding of the atomic theory and discussion of current developments in the atomic ASSEMBLY During the course of the year, the Assembly Committee, appointed by the Student Senate, organized many successful assembly programs. Their various tasks consist of announcing speakers, lead- field, is enjoying the third year of its organization under the sponsorship of Mr. Horsman. COMMITTEE ing the flag salute, assisting with devotions and selecting programs for our assemblies. This committee was under the supervision of Mr. Desanzo, our assembly director. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Distributive Education, now firmly entrenched in our curriculum under the direction of Mr. E. T. Costello, is enjoying another successful year. It is offered to Seniors only and affords these students an opportunity to attain knowledge and experience in the retail field while still in school. This cooperative program combines experience in selling and non-selling departments in Ambridge stores with classroom work. Students enrolled in the course attend classes in the morning and work in the afternoon. — 47 —FINANCE COMMITTEE Row 1: Ycc. Cooper Rotondo, Pana ia Young, Valvnnis, Ko vacevic, Prokopich Mercandante, Mich och, M. Yee. Row 2 Colclla, V o 1 p c, J Young, Babyok, Ma runa, Sudia, Pchon Carrico, Ditz, l augh ner, Cumashot, O'Con nor. Row 3: Fousc Niaros, Jula, Bosh Manos, Koutlakis, Vo tovich, Kline, N. Ma donna, M. Madonna NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row 1: Miss Smith, Theresa Hnath, Babyok, Burzese, Fergadis, Yee, Frosh, Butchers, Gutch, Caesar, Belas, Mrs. Russell. Row 2: Geist, Arthur, Bolimos, Barnhart, Oswald, Fouse, Hanger, Austen, Caplan. Row 3: McCarrier, Humamk, Storar, Smcrigan. Row 4: Butry, Kovaceviec, Klein, Wagner. Row 5: Knouse, Amsler, Rub-enstoin, Vagionis. Row 6: Plofchan, Polidora, Erdelyan, M i h a 1 i c, Sterrit. Row 7: Brandt, M a u c h 1 i n e, Nites, Chcrenko. Row 8: Jerry Farquhar, Joe Far quhar, Parra. Row 9: Gamble, S m e d I e y. Bishop, Haseley, Pszy-bysewski. Searpiello. Row 10: S h e r b a, Squires, Willis, Magis, Price. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the National Honor Society is the ambition of every boy and girl upon admission to the Senior High School. This year Mrs. Russel and Miss Smith have worked together as Co-sponsors of this organization. In the first step of organization, the grades of each student were checked through the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth years for evaluation purposes. Only those in the upper fourth were eligible for membership. Next, the upper fourth was rated for service to the school. The quota established here was forty points. The third factor considered was leadership. Students were given points for participation in school activities. Fourth, the faculty rated the character of each student as one, two or three. In the last step, the total number of points made by the student were added and then each was ranked again from highest to lowest. The upper fifteen percent of the Seniors and the ten highest Juniors won the coveted distinction of being invited to become a member of this National honorary fraternity. Installation services were held Thursday, February 10th, at 1:25 P. M. — 48 —NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SENIORS 1. Paul Squires 2. Wayne Bishop 3. Betty Klein 4. William Magis 5. Marsha Yee 6. Dolly Kovacevic Joseph Farquhar 7. Ronald Gamble 8. Winifred Oswald 9. Paul Sherba 10. Lois Amsler 11. Doris Geist 12. Jerry Farquhar 13. Roger Mauchline 14. Arlene Knouse 15. Joetta Butchers 16. Edna Wagner 17. George Mihalic Barbara Kowacs Vera Valavanis 18. Barbara Ann Ceasar 19. Louise Volpe 20. Theresa Hnath 21. Margaret Storar 22. Kathryn Fcrgadis 23. Paul Erdelyan 24. Lois Barnhart 25. Louise Caplan 26. Mary Ann Zajac 27. Doris Adams 28. Emanuel Nites 29. Jacqueline Smerigan 30. Richard Kuny 31. Mary Austin 32. Joan McCarriher 33. Lillian Vagianos 34. Lawrence Weber 35. Vincent Polidora 36. Dolores Babyok 37. Robert Brant Regina Burzese 38. Lawrence Smedly 39. Richard Price 40. Joseph Sestile 41. John Parra 42. Julia Gutch 43. Max Willis 44. Matilda Humenik 45. Elizabeth Bolimos 46. Mary Bellas 47. Ruth Hanger 48. Elizabeth Frosch 49. Helen Fouse VOCATIONAL SENIORS 1. Henry Kotynkiewcz 2. Andrew Kovacs 3. Robert McLaughlin 4. George Plofchan 5. John Kirish JUNIORS 1. Daniel Scarpiello 2. Joseph Cherinko 3. Theodore Pszybyszewski 4. Luther Hasely 5. Arlene Rubenstein 6. Lorraine Arthur 7. Irene Butrey 8. June Yee 9. Robert Sterret VOCATIONAL JUNIOR 10. David Davie HONOR SOCIETY Vice F Secretary Treasurer □ OFFICERS President Joseph Sestile Jen Paul Squires Louise Volpe Joetta Butchers Sponsors lazel Russell M ss Marie Smith Colors Blue and White Flower Yellow Chrysanthemum — 49 —MAKE-UP COMMITTEE Row 1: Betty DiMarzio, Kay Jula, Helen Fouse, Mary Rose Mihoch, Gloria Farrar, Mary Vettorazzi. Row 2: Don Her-bein, Edward Woloshuk. MAKE-UP COMMITTEE A small group chosen from the dramatic classes serve on the makeup committee. These people are on hand for all stage productions of the school year. This work requires a high degree of skill and training and is one of the committees whose work is very important although they receive little recognition. v. — 50 —STAGE SQUAD Row 1: Edward Woloshuk, Edward Mickey. Row 2: Philip Porto, Ray Mickey, Donald Her-bein. STAGE SQUAD Under the sponsorship of Mr. Desanzo, a small squad of boys, from the junior and senior classes were trained to operate the stage apparatus and to set up stage scenery efficiently. These boys were behind the scenes for all assemblies, the junior class play, the gymnastic exhibition and the various other major productions of the year.Under the direction of Mr. Taggart, the vocational students of Ambridge High School help to keep the wheels of industry and education rolling smoothly. In their course of study, they have their choice of five shops; Machine, Wood, Auto, Drafting, and Electric. Through the guidance of Mr. Snyder and Mr. Johnson, they learn the fundamentals of machines. This course of study provides them with an excellent foundation for engineering or a metal occupation. It also teaches them precision. In the wood shop, supervised by Mr. Malinich, the boys learn about house construction and the building of furniture. These boys generally make the stage scenery and they also do repairs on woodwork in the school. Mr. Gordon, teacher of the auto shop, first gives his students a six weeks course in the fundamentals of auto mechanics and then they apply this knowledge to the repairing of cars. Mr. Hoskins teaches Related Drawing to all the vocational students. He is advisor to the Drawing Department and he is the head drawing teacher. In his course, the student learns the principles of engineering, drawing, and blue-printing. The vocationals know that this subject is not the easiest one in the school. Mr. Axtell, who has charge of the electric shop teaches the boys the fundamentals of electrical work and how to apply their learnings in repairing the electrical equipment—in the school andin handling the stage lights for the school production. In the mathematics department is Mr. McCaughtery, who may be quoted as saying he teaches plain old math.” However, the students in his classes know that plain old math” can be difficult at times. Mr. Rothermel teaches the related science of the vocational department. Under the instruction of Mr. Rothermel, the Sophomores are taught the history of industry, and the story of our factories from the time of the Revolutionary War. The Juniors and Seniors are given a course in physics as it is related to their shopwork. The Vocational English Department is in the hands of Miss Recht and Miss Settino. Miss Recht, who came to Am-bridge High School at the middle of the year, has charge of teaching Related English Literature to the boys and the Related English grammar is capably taught by Miss Settino. The Industrial Arts teacher is Mr. Michael Beley who also teaches Mechanical Drawing. The vocational boys spend their first two weeks of the month in one of the shops and the other two weeks they study related subjects in the classroom. Distributive Education is under the capable supervision of Mr. E. Costello. In the office, along with the director, Mr. Taggart, one will find Miss Eleanor jula, and Miss Sarah Bartolo, the secretaries. 7Ve '%acL Oun Sfxnfo The greatest kind of Drama that can be produced has action, excitement and romance. This is our sports. The practices are long and tiring but the results are lasting. We have the spirit to go out and do our best for tire students, public, and ourselves. Satisfaction is gained when we know the plays are a success. Our reward is a healthy mind, a strong body and a will to win. Each and every act is important in football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, golf and countless others. All must be a success to make the play a hit. Much depends upon the director and the actions. Only when the drama is over can we relax and look back on a hit performance.THE TEAM Row 1 : Plumb, Mihalsky, Shulick, North, Harris, Serak, Chop, Gaona, Russo, Weber, Monzi, Pribulsky, Sprock, Dozier, Mihalic, Sinchak, Dolinski. Row 2: Mr. Hlista, Mr. Budimer, Comshoc, Weil, Huston, Ostrowski, McCarthy, Stanisky, Bufalini, Adrian, Mosketti, Pecoraro, Kohut, Sweitzer, Mr. Rubenstein, Mr. Serene. Row $. Patricelli, Stewart, Hrinko, Orler, Gilbert, Kasper, Edwards, Gasperic, Kisiday, Harmatto, Manager. Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge 1948 SEASON RECORD 45 Moon Twp. 0 ...... 41 Vandergrift ..................... 7 32 New Brighton .................... 0 34 Beaver Falls 0 20 Aliquippa 6 14 Rochester 19 19 New Kensington 25 35 Erie Catholic 21 39 Windber 19 279 97 — 55 —FOOTBALL ★ AMBRIDGE 45, MOON TWP. 0 Scoring viciously in every period, the Bridgers lifted their 1948 grid season with a crushing 45-0 victory over a visiting Moon Twp. aggregation. Sam Bombiani opened the point-making with a 71-yard sprint for the first tally, closely followed by Jay Pribulsky’s 41-yard jaunt around right end. Kenny Stewart (who tallied three times), Bob Mosketti, and Bill Adrian, all sophomores, added to the touchdown parade in the one-sided contest. I ★ AMBRIDGE 41, VANDERGRIFT 7 The one, two, three punch of Sam Bombiani, Jay Pribulsky, and Willie Dozier netted the locals a decisive 47-7 win over the Lancers. Dozier pounded the Vandergrift defense for scoring runs of 47, 11, and 31 yards, while Bombiani hit pay-dirt twice on long jaunts. Pribulsky added the last touchdown on the 11-yard trek around left end with Captain Pete Russo tacking on three conversion attempts.'MR. RUBENSTEIN Coach MR. HLISTA Assistant Coach AMBRIDGE 34, BEAVER FALLS 0 With the Bridger linemen blasting the Tiger defense, Ambridge displayed great midseason form in downing a previously undefeated Tiger eleven. Center Bob Gaona set up the first score, blocking D’Achille’s punt on the eight-yard line. Sam Bombiani then streaked through to the TD. Pribulsky, Sprock, Dozier, and Huston added the remaining six-pointers, while Dozier and Russo converted four extra points. ★ AMBRIDGE 32, NEW BRIGHTON 0 Meeting a determined Lion eleven, the Bridgers poured it on during the last three quarters to waltz to a 32-0 triumph. Shifty Jay Pribulsky notched three touchdowns on runs of 68, 37, and 7 yards, with Dozier and Bombiani collecting the other two on jaunts of 65 and 28 respectively. AMBRIDGE 20, ALIQUIPPA 6 The locals unleashed another terrific ground attack to notch their fifth consecutive win over our traditional rivals from across the river, the Aliquippa Steelers. Judgie” Bombiani crossed the last stripe twice, his second tally coming on a punt runback as he took Cable’s kick on his own 35 to streak 65 yards through the bewildered Quips. Fullback Willie Dozier put the game on ice with a fourth quarter score, his sixth of the season.AMBRIDGE 14, ROCHESTER 19 As the old proverb goes, All good things must come to end,” and the Rams turned the trick, knocking the Bridgers from the select unbeaten class with a stunning 19-14 upset. Counting through the air lanes, the Rams drew first blood on a 45-yard play, only to have the Garnet and Gray go a step ahead on Bom-biani’s 14-yard touchdown and Dozier’s extra point plunge. Down to the last second, the boys of Coach Rubcnstein were never counted out, with Sprock and Dozier teaming up to score seven more points, only to fall one touchdown short of their mark. ★ AMBRIDGE 19, NEW KENSINGTON 25 Before a packed stadium of over 10,000 fans, a visiting Ken Hi eleven took a hard earned 25-19 win over the locals. The Kensters notched three quick scores in the first two periods to take a 19-6 halftime lead, Jay Pri-bulsky tallying for the Bridgers. Jay again scored at the beginning of the third canto to cut the lead to 19-12 but on Russo’s ensuing kickoff, New Kensington’s Giordano raced 93 yards for the marker, salting the game away. Ambridge then drove from their own 13 with Dozier plunging for the final score. AMBRIDGE 35, ERIE CATHOLIC 21 Back on the victory trail, Ambridge trounced Erie Catholic for No. 6 in the win column. After a 14-14 first half deadlock, the Bridgers tallied twenty-one points in the final two periods for their margin victory. Dozier led the scoring with three touchdowns and two extra points while scatback Jay Pribulsky scored two six-pointers. MR. JOHN RIBARAMBRIDGE 39, WINDBER 19 Although behind 19-12 at the half, fighting spirit notched the locals a hard-fought 39-19 triumph over Windber in the last contest of the season. Dozier and Pribulsky ended the season in a blaze of glory, each tallying three touchdowns to end one-two in county scoring. Dozier raced 45, 15, and 4 yards for his and Jay streaked 34, 32, and 30 for his scores. The Bridgers comprised an enviable record of seven wins and two losses, and with a little help from Lady Luck” it could easily have been nine wins and no losses. Fighting heart and spirit such as displayed by Coach Rubenstein’s Gridders this season may not be seen for many a year. ★ Eighteen departing seniors have worn their Garnet and Gray togs for the last time. They are Captain Pete Russo, A1 Serak, Bob Harris, and Carl Weber, tackles; George Sinchak, Joe Dolinsky, and Larry North, ends; George Mi-halic. Bob Mihalsky, Frank Chop, and Bob Monzi, guards; Bob Gaona and Bob Schulick, centers; Sam Bombiani, Jay Pribulsky, Willie Dozier, George Sprock and Andy Plumb, backs. — 60- p r t d d [ D VARSITY SQUAD Row 1: Tom Punjock, Joe Sestile, Jay Pri-bulsky, Kenny White-hair, John Mazur. Row 2: Mr. Rubenstein, Norman Hanevich, Bernard Janicki, Bob Harmotto, Mr. Palmer. RESERVE SQUAD Row 1 : Richard Pat- terson, Robert Kostial, Pete Kohut, Don Os-trowski, Bob Mosketti, Tony Cheverini. Row 2: Bob Bailey, Earl May. Jim Hill, Ray Stanisky, George Harmotto. — 61 —VARSITY BASKETBALL Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Ambridge Donora 32 Vandergrift 46 Monaca 29 Leetsdale 49 Sharpsville 39 Central Catholic 41 New Brighton 27 Central Catholic 45 Leetsdale 34 Vandergrift 40 New Castle 34 Sharon 40 Farrell 32 Ellwood City 35 Beaver Falls 34 41 42 37 58 37 35 43 41 70 38 37 34 46 40 29 24 Aliquippa 46 64 New Castle 41 34 Sharon 65 38 Farrell 42 48 Ellwood City 44 36 Beaver Falls 28 22 Aiiquippa 56 Coach Bob Palmer once made a promise that his 1948-49 hoopsters would show much improve- Won 11 — Lost 1 1 ment over the previous season record, and improved they were! Never once did the team know they were defeated until the final whistle, and such spirit and strength is indicative of Ambridge teams and their coaches. The outlook for next year is bright, with quite a few lettermen returning. Captain Jay Pribulsky, Ozzie’- Sestile, and Kenny Whiteh air will he lost through graduation, but their fine play and teamwork will never be forgotten. AMBRIDGE 41, DONORA 32 A visit to the smoky city of Donora opened the 1948-49 season for coach Bob Palmer’s boys. Triumphing easily the quintet was led by diminutive Kenny Whitehair, who tallied fourteen points. AMBRIDGE 42, VANDERGRIFT 46 The Vandies came out on the long end of this one, handing the Palmermen their first defeat of the season. Bernie Janicki led with 20 scores followed by Whitehair’s 14.AMBRIDGE 37, MONACA 29 Ambridge proved to be very rude guests, jolting Monaca by a 37-29 score. Janicki and Bob Harmotta combined to chalk up 30 of these points. AMBRIDGE 58, LEETSDALE 49 The Dalers made it three out of four for the Bridgers, falling to a 58-49 setback. This game marked the start of a new series of sports relationships between the two schools. Janicki hit the hoop for fourteen points. AMBRIDGE 37, SHARPSVILLE 39 The Garnet and Gray lost a heartbreaker, dropping an overtime tilt to a rugged Sharpsville five Outscored 23-12 at the half, the Bridgers displayed terrific fighting spirit in knotting the score, only to lose in the extra period. Bob Harmotta plunked in 13 markers. AMBRIDGE 35, CENTRAL CATHOLIC 41 A much taller Central aggregation topped the locals with a belated fourth quarter rally, 41-35. Bernie Janicki notched 14 points in a losing cause. AMBRIDGE 43, NEW BRIGHTON 27 With ten players getting into the scoring column, Ambridge walloped a visiting Brighton team 43-27 for win number five. Pribulsky, Harmotta, and Whitehair shared 24 tallies. AMBRIDGE 41, CENTRAL CATHOLIC 45 Hoping to avenge a previous defeat, the Bridgers staged an uphill battle, only to lose out in the final canto by four points. Joe Sestile and Bob Harmotta kept the Palmer-coached boys in the game with some beautiful set shooting, while Captain Jay Pribulsky was high man with 13. AMBRIDGE 70, LEETSDALE 34 Racking up their highest point total of the season, Ambrige waltzed to an easy 36 point margin over the Dalers. Janicki led with 13 markers, as Pribulsky, Harmotta, and Hanievich each had 12. AMBRIDGE 38, VANDERGRIFT 40 In one of the most thrilling games witnessed here, the Bridgers lost a nip and tuck contest to Vandergrift High, Miles Willard scoring the gamewinning bucket with a few seconds left to play. Aggressive Kenny Whitehair dropped in nine fielders and two fouls for a total of 20. AMBRIDGE 37, NEW CASTLE 34 In the opening game of the WPIAL section play the Bridgers handed the Red Hurricanes” of New Castle a close 37-34 defeat after trailing in the first three cantos. Captain Jay Pribulsky led the victors with twelve tallies. AMBRIDGE 34, SHARON 40 With Sharon the attraction, the locals lost a tough, hard-fought 40-34 game. Center Bernie Janicki led all scorers with 18 points. AMBRIDGE 46, FARRELL 32 Traveling to Farrell, Ambridge returned with an easy 46-32 victory. Jay Pribulsky and Bernie Janicki each chalked up 13 markers. janicki HARMATTO PUN JACKAMBRIDGE 40, ELLWOOD CITY 35 The Garnet and Gray basketeers added another digit to the win column by defeating a visiting Wolverine quintet. Final score: 40-35. AMBRIDGE 24, ALIQUIPPA 46 That old saying The Indians bit the dust” didn’t stand true in this case, as league-leading Aliquippa handed their Bridger hosts a 46-24 trouncing. Bernie Janicki, 6’2” center, managed to hit the hoops for 11 counters. AMBRIDGE 64, NEW CASTLE 41 Center Bernie Janicki stole the show in this tilt, scoring a record breaking 34 tallies on 14 field goals and six charity flips, by far the highest effort in Section III, and established a modern scoring record for Ambridge High. It was the fourth win in seven tries in league play. AMBRIDGE 34, SHARON 64 Showing a complete reversal of form, the Bridgers were handed a 65-34 setback at the hands of the Sharon Tigers.” Pribulsky and Janicki each had nine tallies. AMBRIDGE 38, FARRELL 42 With neither team ever being ahead by more than five points, Ambridge took one on the chin in overtime, 42-38. AMBRIDGE 48, ELLWOOD 44 Back on the victory trail, the Bridgers led all the way in defeating their Wolverine hosts by a score of 48-44. The team clicked superbly and Pribulsky poured 16 counters through the hoop to take the honors. AMBRIDGE 36, BEAVER FALLS 28 Ambridge avenged a previous defeat by the Orange and Black, posting a decisive 36-28 victory, and also clinching third place in the league standings. It was the final home appearance of the Garnet and Gray. AMBRIDGE 22, ALIQUIPPA 56 The undefeated Indians of Aliquippa were last on the Bridgers’ schedule, and a long, tough schedule it was. The Quips jumped to a big lead and were never headed, thereby going into the sectional playoffs. Janicki took scoring honors with 9 points. RESERVE BASKETBALL Ambridge 14 Donora 20 Ambridge 31 Vandergrift 26 Ambridge 30 Monaca 20 Ambridge 33 Leetsdale 17 Ambridge 40 Sharpsville 24 Ambridge 18 Central Catholic 24 Ambridge 29 New Brighton 30 Ambridge 40 Central Catholic 31 Ambridge 26 Leetsdale 24 Ambridge 43 Vandergrift 16 Ambridge 18 New Castle 39 Ambridge 33 Sharon 36 Ambridge 25 Farrell 26 Ambridge 31 Ellwood City 20 Ambridge 27 Beaver Falls 23 Ambridge 29 Aliquippa 24 Ambridge 26 New Castle 35 Ambridge 29 Sharon 31 Ambridge 36 Farrell 33 Ambridge 32 Ellwood City 33 Ambridge 38 Beaver Falls 26 Ambridge 31 Aliquippa 46 Won 12, Lost 10Ralph Intrieri, Paul Sherba, John Protenic, Mr. Rothermcl, Bill Hladio, Teddy Dub. GOLF Mr. Rothermel’s 1948 golf team took second place in the very strong Section III of the W. P. I. A. L. West View took the W. P. I. A. L. team championship.The regulars listed in the order that they held on the team were John Protenic, Paul Sherba, Teddy Dubb, Bill Hladio, Bill Walko, and Ralph Intrieri. All those named above are back for the 1949 season and great things are expected of Coach Rothermel’s boys. Ambridge High 1948 Golf Record Ambridge 8 Vi Sewickley 6 Vi Ambridge 6 Avonworth 9 Ambridge 1 West View 14 Ambridge 8V2 Moon Twp. 6 Vi Ambridge 14 Beaver Falls 1 Ambridge 10 Sewickley ............... 5 Ambridge 9 Avonworth ............... 6 Ambridge 0 West View —.......15 Ambridge 11 Moon Twp. 4 'Ambridge 12Vi Beaver Falls 2 Vi Non-Section Matches SHFRBA INTRIERI HLADIO DUB PROTENICRow 1: Charni, Harris, Scheer, Mr, Adams. Row 2: Loshiavo, North, Whitehair, Janocha. Row 3: Pellegrino, Tomana, Kubit’ Prevost, Manager Windham. Row 4: Orlowski, Fausti, McKee' Jarnicic, Seaman. Row 5: Mathias, Ferderbar, Kosis, Janicki. BASEBALL Sparky Adams’ first year as diamond coach was a success as the Bridger nine came through with a formidable record of seven victories and five defeats. The majority of Coach Adams’ squad were first year men, and the team reached a new high in the number of wins that a Bridger team has registered in a single season. BEAVER FALLS 9, AMBRIDGE 2 The Bridgers opened the ’48 season on a sad note as the Tigers copped a 9-2 decision. Larry North led the hitters with three safeties, scoring both runs for the losers. LEETSDALE 3, AMBRIDGE 0 Held to one hit in an abbreviated five inning contest, Ambridge received its second loss at the hands of a scrappy Daler nine. The tilt was called because of cold weather. I ROCHESTER 8, AMBRIDGE 4 The Bridgers garnered but two hits as the Rams defeated them in a league game. Bob Kosis led the home boys with a round tripper. ALIQUIPPA 13, AMBRIDGE 8 Although Bouncin’” Bob Harris had four hits, including a homerun and a triple, a veteran Quip team squeezed out a 13-8 victory on their own field. MIDLAND 3, AMBRIDGE 7 Mike Scheer pitched a four-hit ball to give the Bridgers their first victory in five starts. Harris led the hitters with his second round tripper of the year. BEAVER 2, AMBRIDGE 7 The locals chalked up another one as Jim McKee twirled a neat two hitter. North slammed out three hits in four trips to the plate to take slugging honors. MONACA 0, AMBRIDGE 6 Stan Orlowski just missed the Hall of Fame as he threw a nice one-hit shutout against the Indians. North again led the batters with three safe knocks. ALIQUIPPA 8, AMBRIDGE 2 The Quips stopped Ambridge s victory string at three with a hard earned 8-2 win. Harris banged out a long circuit clout to raise his total to three for the season.ROCHESTER 2, AMBRIDGE 4 Jim McKee stopped the Rams with six hits to even the series with the valley boys at one each. Bob Kosis smacked out a homer and a double in three trips to the plate. MIDLAND I, AMBRIDGE 18 The Adamsmen rapped out sixteen hits with Fausti and Bender each having three safeties to lead the onslaught. Stan Orlowsky was the winning hurler. BEAVER 2, AMBRIDGE 5 Bob Harris banged out his fourth home run of the season as the Bridgers defeated Beaver behind lefty Mike Scheer’s three-hit pitching. MONACA 0, AMBRIDGE 12 Jim McKee tossed a neat one-hitter against the Indians in the season’s finale as Harris connected with three for three and McKee himself chipped in with two timely basehits. CROSS COUNTRY The Ambridge High cross country team coached by Mr. Piper and paced by Teddy Pszybyszewski won seven and lost one of their meets in dual competition. The Bridgers held victories over Wilkins-burg, Canonsburg, Beaver, Central Catholic, Aliquippa, W. P. I. A. L. champions New Castle, and Penn High. Their lone loss was handed to them by Mt. Lebanon. In the W. P. I. A. L. meet the Bridgers placed fourth. Teddy Pszybyszweski finished fourth, Glen Snodgrass placed seventh, and Richard Gross was the nineteenth to pass the finish line. In the state meet which was held at State College, the Bridgers placed second. They were led by Pszybyszewski as he placed a close second among the best runners in the state. Snodgrass was sixth, Chudicek was twelfth, Gross was fortieth, and Clark was eighty-fifth. Members of the squad included Captain Walter Chudicek, Teddy Pszybyszewski, Ted Clark, Glen Snodgrass, Gay Bennett, Charles Gallegher, Richard Gross, James Brown, and Bard. Row I: Marlin Kriss, Walter Chudicek, Guy Villeila, James Brown. Row 2: Glenn Snodgrass, Gay Benner, William Bard. Mr. Piper. Row 3: Charles Gallagher, Ted Clark, George Dahma, Richard Kenny, Andy Kovacs, Johnny Doman-sky. Row 4: Ted Pszybyszewski, William Mc-Stay, Delbert Kovacevic, Charles Niven. Row 5: Charles Rowley, Charles Thompson, Gregory Pappas. Row 6: Robert Gross, Marvin Barnhart, William Binder. (A.wse, TRACK TEAM Row 1: Niven Mgr., Erdelyan, Hr nko, Stewart,, Mosketti, Pszybyszwski, Bennett, G. Snodgrass, Sezan-ias, Gross, Plumb, Dutko, Mgr. Row 2: Mr. D. Piper, Barnhart, Gaudio, Bender, Heravic, Kriss, Hasely, Kolakowski, Granitz, Huston, Bishop, Vilcl-la, Mr. J. A. Lombar. Row 3: Chudicek, Bur-zese, Pappas, Jones, R. Snodgrass, Brown, Palidora, Marovich, Clark, Zak, Weber. INTRAMURAL SPORTS COMMITTEE Row I: Jerry Farqu-har, Mr. B u d i m e r, Christ Kazakaos, Jon-ny Jackulic. Row 2: Bernard Komar, Paul Giammeria. Row 3: Jim Napolitan, Alex Firich, Jack Lind. Row 4: Max Willis, Joe Farquhar, John Pro-tenic, Kenneth Johns, Tom Dionise. TRACK The Garnet and Gray tracksters enjoyed a successful season during 1948 and with fifteen returning lettermen on the squad this year Coach Piper wasn't too disheartened with the loss of Captain Rich Rytel through graduation. Rytel compiled the best record in the history of Ambridge High. Undefeated in the mile run, his victories included first place in the Mansfield relays and State Championship meets, in addition to all the dual and triangular meets. Also running the 880-yard run, Rytel triumphed in all but the Mansfield relays and the State Championship meet in which he placed a very close second. The distance medley relay team composed of Ted Pszybyszewski, Walter Chudicek, Robert Gross, and Rytel, set a new record for this event in the Tri-State Track Coaches indoor meet at Schoon-make Hall at South Park. As a team, the Bridgers placed sixth out of twenty-two competing schools. The Junior class, led by Willie Dozier who won the 100 and 220-yard dashes, broad jump and high jump, captured the interclass meet. In the interscholastic competition, the Bridgers were victors over Aliquippa, Sewickley, East Palestine, and Coraopolis, while losing to Canonsburg and Penn High. — 68 —LE A DE RS’ CLU B Candidate for membership in the Leaders’ Club are checked on the requirements and approved by the sponsor, then voted on by the members. The formal invitation in the fall is a solemn candlelight ceremony. The officers elected this year were as follows: Millicent Mamula, President; Marian Bosanac, Vice President; Joetta Butchers, Social Chairman; and Ruth Hanger, Secretary. At the initiation, officers discussed the standards which must be followed by each member. These standards are Leadership, Fellowship, Friendship, Honor, Loyalty, and Scholarship. YALE-PRINCETON Long before March rolls around, the Am-bridge High School girls are looking forward to the Yale-Princetcn” game. Every year since 1932 this outstanding event has been coached by the girls’ athletic director, Miss Marcella Spahr. Black and orange are the colors worn by the Princeton Tigers” while the Bulldogs” don costumes of blue and white. Hard-working managers were Betty Klein, Dorothy Gatta, and Diane Lewis. These girls addressed over 600 cards to former players cheerleaders and managers and attended to the many other details necessary to staging the big all-girls’ affair. YALE-PRINCETON Row 1: Kost, Pekar-chik. Row 2: Black- ford, Troup, Szafaryn, Winarchik, Gapinski, Peiricko, Olson, Bosanac, Fulton, Yawors-ky, Mercandantc. Row 3: Klein, Martin, Hangar, Smith, Miss Spahr, Mrs. McPherson, Arnett, Bufalini, Butrey, Lewis. Row 4: Marshall, Prisiaz, Bologna, Maker, Bellas, Fouse, Agrecy, Krones, Du-lick, Belis, Dunn, Zu-bic. LEADERS’ CLUB Mazur, Krones, Shuf-flay, Mamula, Paste-lak, Bosanac, Kuzniar, Butchers, Blackford, Fulton, Metelsky. Martin, Gatta, Miss Spahr, Miss Yost, Felix, Dirdo, R. Hanger J. Hanger, Virgin, Dofner, Olson, Lewis, Bilanich.CLASS LEADERS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Joe Sestile President Louis Volpe Secretary George Mihalic Vice-President JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS June Yee Ted Pszybyszewski Richard Boschetto Eileen Mercandante T reasurer President Vice-President Secretary SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Nancy Riley Vice-President Eugene Marrotti President George Moranz Treasurer Mildred Tofcimak Secretary JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS — 72 — Mercandante, Yee, Pszybyszewski, Boshetto Towcimak, Riley, Marrotti, MoranzSILHOUETTE EDITORS Dunn, Klein, Miss Griffith, Pasrrick, Rotondo, Woloshuk, Caplan, Boschetto, Humen-ick, Moranz. SILHOUETTE STAFF Pappas, Bellas, Saludis, Madonna, Valavanis, Sezenias, Panaia, Kremmel, Yedgnak, Furness, Corey, Rubenstein, Benkert, Cardinelli, J u 1 a, Watch, Foster. Ferdebar, DeFediricis, Scar-piello, Nardi. SILHOUETTE The Silhouette, the Ambridge High School monthly publication, has for the 24th year received favorable comments. Due to increased costs the paper has been limited to four pages, but several six page editions have been printed. The Silhouette staff and Miss Virginia Griffith, sponsor, are members of the National, Columbia, and Pennsylvania Scholastic Press Associations, and the Quill and Scroll. This year the circulation reached approximately 1000. Homeroom representatives distributed the Silhouette to the students and the advertising staff took care of our advertising copy. The newspaper editor, Betty Klein, won second prize in a journalism contest sponsored by the Suchard Candy Company and received a portable radio. — 74FACULTY STAFF Sponsor Miss Virginia Griffith Typing Director Miss Rose Kozak STUDENT STAFF Editor-in-chief Betty Klein Assistant Editor Edward Woloshuk News Editor..............................Louise Caplan Boys’ Sports Editor Bernard Komar Girls’ Sports Editor Dolores Pastrick Humor and Feature Editor Georgianne Dunn Exchange Editor Ardythe Rotondo Circulation Manager Richard Boschetto Advertising Managers Charles Knoedler Richard Kaleugher Typists Matilda Humenik Proofreaders Gloria Farrar Kay Fergadis Mary Ann Moranz Athena Corey SILHOUETTE ADVERTISING Row 1: Dirdo, Foster, Jula, N. Foster, Rodgers, Mihock, Dulick. Row 2: Martin, Ku-bicki, Panaia, Tabin, Cardinal, Metelsky, Stazney. Row 3: Dinatto, Woloshuk, Bosh-etto, Knoedler, Kaleugher, Jim Mihaloew, Frey Jack Mihalow, Nardi. SILHOUETTE REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Knouse. Rubenstein. Manosky, Madonna, Kopc zak, Caplan. Row 2: Sarki-san, Panaia, Benkert, Krem-mel, Barnhart. Row 3: Furness, Hronas, Essek, Dulick. Row 4: Brotout, Moranz, Mi-iteta, Ditz. Row 5: Woloshuk, Boschetto. — 75 — S dct yi - ?n - Working with engravings and dummies (the inhuman kind), is not a new feature in the life of Bridger Editor William Magis. In fact, it has been a part of his daily routine since his sophomore year. Just who is to blame for the articles is yet to be discerned. However, be certain that the greater part of the praise (or blame) for this Bridger can be laid on him. We of the staff have learned to rely on Bill. We certainly will miss him next year. If anyone ever had financial worries, it was the staff who handled the dwindling supply of yearbook cash. Here is one staff that was constantly hounded” by the inflationary trend. Whether it was advertising copy or subscription campaigns, they were behind it, wondering if enough capital could be earned to pay the increasing expenses. No doubt the knowledge procured from these trying tasks will prepare them well for the future. A1 DeFedericis and journalism have been bunking together for a long time. Shortly after entering the Senior High he became vitally interested in the sports program, and particularly in the detailed accounts from the daily paper. Thinking that perhaps there was some organization in the school that could use his special ability for sports writing, he joined the Bridger staff. After serving his apprenticeship during his sophomore year, he emerged a full-fledged Bridger editor in his junior year. This year we were fortunate to find Joe Ferderbar who helped lighten Al’s load. The Bridger Staff regrets the loss of these fine writers. They will be hard to replace.Editor-in-Chief William Magis LITERARY STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Senior Class Editor Louise Volpe Junior Class Editor Marsha Yee Sophomore Class Editor Ruth Hanger Girls’ Sports Editor Betty Klein Boys Sports Co-Editors A1 De Federicis Joe Ferderbar General Classroom EditorsJoetta Butchers Elizabeth Bolimos Typists Marian Bosanac Mary Prokopovich Kathryn Fergadis Hilda Bartosh Mary Ann Zajac Art Staff ........... Edna Wagner Wini Oswald Mary Dinino Subscription Managers Circulation Managers Advertising Managers Pauline Felix Kathryn Kopczak Bessie Saludis Dolores Pastrick Georgianne Dunn Gloria Farrar Dorothy Dishauzi Naomi Werk FACULTY STAFF Yearbook Sponsor Mr. Frank W. Desanzo Typists’ Advisor Miss Rose KozakOne of the highlights of Ambridge High activities is the scarlet and blue uniformed Ambridge High School Band of one-hundred pieces conducted and instructed by the popular leader, Mr. Sporny. Besides furnishing appropriate music for many other school activities, the band is a featured and popular attraction at Ambridge High Row 1: Krauzen, Storar. Barnes, Bear, Canonge, Richards, B. Smerigan, Jones, Fulton, Schmidt, Burzcsc, Ccasar, Cardinale, Durn’iak, DiMarzio, Kuntz, Jones, V. Barto, Palko, L. Rinaldi, Prince, Gutch, Ryczwicz, Meadows, Mench, Suchy. Row 2: Romigh, McCombie, Wilson, Himmc, Karnavas, Vagiones, Waslo, Musgrave, Musgrave, Venneri” nc n°’ $°bertson V. W. Sporny, Kremmell, Kubicki, Rotalo, J. Barto, Costanzo, Dutko, Donnelly, J. Smerigan, Getz, Bucci, Mack. Row 3: Sherba, Serdinsky, D. McClure, Zehender,football games, where they entertain the huge crowds not only with lively and popular tunes, but many clever and original marching formations. The main attraction of the band’s busy schedule is the annual public concert usually held two evenings in April, when a lengthy program of classic and popular numbers is presented under the baton of the maestro, Mr. Sporny. Falkowski, Mack, Suchy, Krauzen, Romigh, Scurnopoli. Scarpiello, Pournarus, A. Bufalini, Rich, Wilkes, Polidora, Kotalo, A. McClure, Ombres, Kuny, Iocca, F. Bufalini, B. Rinaldi, Hull, Mazzetti, Kowalsky, Young, Martin, Neville, Fitz. Row 4: Scurnopoli, Chesmire, Mauk, Gamble, Price, Tomana, Orlousky, Maykuth, Bishop, Egerman, Cooper, Slviani, Morris, Antonini, Sloppy, Marovich, In-trieri, Herbein, Hasley, Smith, Hanevich, Zalenski, Selley, Squires, Hamilton, Montemayor, Falkowski.THE FIRST ANNUAL ART EXHIBIT In the spring of 1948 the Fine Arts Department of the Senior Women’s Club sponsored a high school art exhibit. They secured the Laughlin Library Auditorium and offered prizes for different types of pictures. Art students arranged and hung the exhibit under the supervision of Mrs. Ruth Lutman. Over three hundred pictures were exhibited. Mr. Reid Hastie, Art Instructor at Pitt University, Mr. Virgil Cantini, a Pittsburgh artist, and Mrs. John Davis, Aliquippa High School Art Instructor acted as judges. Over one thousand people visited the exhibition. It was so popular that several town organizations requested that it be held over for a week longer than the two days scheduled. The Women’s Club voted to sponsor an Annual Art Exhibit to be held the second week in May each year. GYMNASTIC CLUB EXHIBITION Original costumes and scenery—special lighting effects—and music with that certain rhythm, enhanced routines and skill of the performers in the Annual Gymnastic Exhibition. Miss Imogene Yost directed the 1949 edition of this all-girl show. Shiny top hats and canes, light blue sailorette outfits, varicolored raincoats and umbrellas, long, graceful ballet costumes, and evening gowns lent variety and color to the dance specialties. Gymnastics performed on the horse, parallel bars and mats in two-piece white suits with brief over-skirt of green. Alice Perris and Dorothy Dishauzi were co-captains and Dorothy Gatta, manager of the club. — 81 —(fya iCafA. s4ecat From Frazil, where the nuts come from” Presented by the Junior Class January 21 and 22 BRASSETT (a college scout) Don Scarpiello JACK CHESNEY Don Herbein CHARLES WYKEHAM Andrew Ihnatko LORD FANCOURT BARBERLEY Edward Woloshuk Luther Haseley KITTY VERDUN (Spettigues ward) Mary nn Lesondak Gloria Kroen AMY SPETTIGUE (Spettigue’s niece) Helen Woods COLONEL SIR FRANCIS CHESNEY, BART Jack Kamavas STEPHEN SPETTIGUE (solicitor, Oxford) Harry Nardi Jim Mihaleow FARMER (a college scout) .............. Jack Cooper Peter Betley DONNA LUCIA D'ALVADOREZ (from Brazil) Arlene Rubcnstein ELA DELAHAY (an orphan) Beverly Mench Athena Corey MAUD (parlourmaid) Garnct Dixon STAGE CREW Paul Dryer, Stage Manager, Richard Barto, Assistant Stage Manager, John Mihaleow, Property Manager. DIRECTOR Mr. Frank Desanzo Row 1: Dixon, Lesondak, Lewis, Kroen, Mensch. Row 2: Woods, Ombres, Rubenstein, Corey. Row 3: Cooper, Jim Mihaloew, Hasely, Betley. Row 4: Scarpiello, Kamavas, Jack Mihaloew. Row 5: Nardi, Woloshuk, Ihnatko, Herbein. — 82 — 1 J u 7(Je 'Detxzited fteczu 4iij destinyAfter twelve short years of fun and happiness mixed with diligent labor, we, the ’49ers, look ahead to the future. Our pleasant memories turn back to our sophomore year. We elected Paul Erdelyan, President; George Mihalic, Vice President; Mary Ann Moranz, Secretary; and Frances Batz, Treasurer. We did not permit ourselves to be looked down upon as the “greenies” of the school, for we made necessary contributions to every extra curricular activityj The upper class-men officially greeted us with open arms as the Sophomore Reception. Our class advisors, Miss Adams, Miss Smith, and Mr. Desanzo, guided us wisely and assisted us in attaining our goals. In our Junior year, we were hosts at many exciting events. We re-elected Paul Erdelyan, President, and George Mihalic, Vice President. Frances Batz moved up to the position of Secretary and we chose Joe Sestile to handle our money problems as Treasurer. Fourteen members represented us in the National Honor Society. We were guests at the Junior-Senior Christmas Dance and were hosts at the annual Junior-Senior Prom, in which we danced to the music of Johnny Jay. Take It Easy,” our Class Play was presented with a double cast, in order to give more students a chance to participate. Our Junior Class was the first to execute such a plan. Ambridge was host to the Mid-Western Band in which many of our Juniors participated. We were represented also at the Mid-Western and All State Orchestras. To lead us in our last and greatest year, we chose Joe Sestile, as President; George Mihalic, Vice President; Mary Ann Moranz, Secretary; and Louise Volpe, Treasurer. The position of President of the Student Senate was handled by Joe Sestile. This year we welcomed the Juniors at the Junior-Senior Dance. They, in turn, were hosts at the Prom, our last school social function. We had gained recognition as editors, captains and leaders of all school activities. Much was achieved in the fields of music and debate. We sent two members to the Student Congress. Vera Valavanis was chosen the second outstanding speaker at this event. We had eighteen seniors on our football team. Football captain, Pete Russo, was picked as a member of the All-State Team. Jay Pribulsky was captain of the cagers. Although our numerous activities kept us busy, we still retained our standards in scholarship. Fifty-eight seniors became members of the National Honor Society. Joe Sestile was made President of this group. He was assisted by Paul Squires, Louise Volpe, and Jo-etta Butchers. With such able sponsors as Mr. Palmer, Miss Griffith, and Mr. Chapala, we had a very successful year. Now that we are leaving the portals of Ambridge High, we look back fondly upon our school life. We shall always cherish those memories as we go on to adult life. We will always be grateful to our parents, our teachers, and our friends who have done so much to make our high school years so meaningful.Adams Agrecy Amsler Arthur Austin Babyok Babyok Bachor Ball Bologna Barnhart Barnhart Barrett Barrickman Barto DORIS ADAMS—General Swissvale High, Glee Club, Girl Reserves, Chorus, Homeroom Officer. VIRGINIA M. AGRECY—Distributive Education Book Club, Gymnastic Club, Vocal Concert, Intramural Sports, Mixed Chorus, Yule-Prince ton Cheerleader, Homeroom Officer. LOIS AMSLER—Academic Glee Club, Madrigal, Mixed Ensemble, Vocal Concert. THOMAS ARTHUR—Academic Astronomy Club, Intramural Sports, Track, Student Senate, Homeroom Officer. MARY IRENE AUSTIN—Academic Historical Society, Yearbook, Soccer, Yale-Prince-ton Reserves, Vocal Concert. DOLORES BABYOK—Academic Art Club, Gymnastics Club, Finance Committee, Yearbook Staff, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer. ROBERT BABYOK—Academic Art Publicity Committee. JOE BACHOR—General Football Patrol, Intramural Basketball, Iniru-mural Football. BETTY LOU BALL—Commercial Madrigal Club, Art Publicity Club, Gymnastic Club, Yearbook, Usher Committee, Junior Class Play, Homeroom Officer. AGNES BOLOGNA—Commercial Glee Club, Basketball, Concert. LOIS BARNHART—Academic International Language, Gymnastics Club, Silhouette, Usher Committee, Student Senate, Home room Officer. MARVIN BARNHART—General Art Club, Track, Intramural Sports. GEORGE BARRETT—Vocational Stage Squad. ERNEST W. BARRICKMAN—Commercial JAMES BARTO—General Boys’ Intramural, Band. T’ke netting ka been e tab£i ked?HTke ckanactenA. kaue keen intnocfiuced Bartosh Batz Beech Beeler Belfiore Brelek Bellas Clark Burkett Besick Bevard Bisco Bishop Blackford Boggs HILDA ROSE BARTOSH—Commercial Yearbook. FRANCES BATZ—Commercial 1 Gymnastics Club, Volleyball, Usher Committee, Homeroom Officer. ELMER EUGENE BEECH—Academic Intramural Sports. JUANITA DOROTHY BEELER—Academic Art Club, Girls’ Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Program Committee, Refreshment Committee, Vocal Concert. JAMES MORRIS BELFIORE—Commercial Intramural Basketball. Bowling. HELEN BIELEK—Commercial Girls’ Glee Club, Football Patrol, Concert, Soccer. MARY BELLAS—General Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Silhouette, Mixed Ensemble, Vocal Concert, Yale Cheerleader, Volleyball, Basketball, Gymnastics Club, Yearbook, Usher Committee. BEN CLARK—General Intramurals, Baseball, Homeroom Officer. KENNETH BURKETT—Commercial JEAN BESICK—Commercial Advanced Typing Club, Sqftball, Volleyball, Girls’ Chorus, Homeroom Officer. PATTY JEAN BEVARD—Commercial Homeroom Officer DOROTHY BISCO—Commercial Girls’ Glee Club, Gymnastic Club, Girls’ Chorus, Program Committee. WAYNE BISHOP—Academic Band, Track. ELSIE BLACKFORD—Commercial Leaders’ Club, Madrigal, Gymnastics Club, Basketball, Volleyball, Mixed Ensemble, Soccer, Vocal Concert. THOMAS BOGGS—General Checkers Club, Football, Patrol, Intramurals. — 86 —LILLIAN BOGOSIAN—Commercial Program Committee. ELIZABETH BOLIMOS—Commercial Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Football Patrol, Yearbook, Silhouette, Mixed Chorus. MARIAN BOSANAC—Commercial Leaders’ Club, Finance Committee, Junior Red Cross, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Yearbook, Yale-Prince-ton. DOLORES BOSH—Commercial GEORGE BOTSKO—Academic Chemistry Club, Intramural Basketball, Cheerleader, Intramural Football, Boys’ Gym Team, Homeroom Officer. WILLIAM BOWAN-Academic KENNETH BOYD—General Art Publicity Club LUELLA BRANDT—Commercial All-Star Mushball. GEORGE BROWN—General Football Club, Track, Reserve Football. EVERETT BRYANT—Academic LILLIAN BUCK—Commercial Checker Club. ALBERT BUFALINI—Academic Midwestern Band, Band, Orchestra, Band Council. CLEMENTINE BUFALINI—Distributive Education Home Economics Club, Soccer, Mushball, Yale-Princeton, Vocal Concert. JOETTA BUTCHERS—Academic Art Club, Gymnastics, Leaders’ Club, Atomic Energy Council, All-Star Mushball. All-Star Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Yearbook Staff, Finance Committee, Girls’ Intramural Sports Committee, National Honor Society, Homeroom Officer. REGINA BURZESE—Academic Madrigal Club, Boys’ Glee Club, Mixed Ensemble, Band, School Pianist, Assembly Committee, Gymnastics, Vocal Concert. Bogosiati Bo I imos Bosanac Bosh Botsko Bowan Boyd Brandt Brown Bryant Buck Bufalini Bufalini Butchers Burzese Oun mood! kaue been mefodtaamatic, — 87 —comic, Randall, Caplan Cardinali Carey Carroll Casabona Catanese Ceaser Chemsak Chismire Chop Chudicek Clark Perciavolle Cooper Covert LOUISE CAPLAN—Academic Historical Society, Silhouette News Editor, Junior Class Play Committee, Forensic, Intramural Basketball, Yearbook. ANGELINE CARDINALI—Distributive Education Typing Club, Silhouette, Soccer, Mushball. JOHN JOSEPH CAREY—Academic Intramural Sports. ARTHUR CARROLL—Academic Intramural Sports, Student Senate, Homeroom Officer. VICTORIA CASABONA—Distributive Education Girls’ Glee Club, Vocal Concert, Refreshment Committee. FRANK CATANESE—Academic BARBARA ANN CEASER—Academic Gymnastic Club, Literary Club, Speech, Band, Midwestern Band, Bowling, Homeroom Officer. JOHN ANDREW CHEMSAK—Academic Photography Club, Art Club, Intramural Sports, Bowling. DONALD W. CHISMIRE—General Chemistry Club, Astronomy Club, Junior Class Play, Midwestern Band, Orchestra, Band. FRANK JOHN CHOP—Vocational Football Club, Varsity Football, Track. WALTER CHUDICEK—General Checker Club, Football Patrol, Intramural Sports, Track, Cross-Country Captain. JAMES CLARK—Academic CONSTANTINO PERCIAVOLLE— Distributive Education Boys’ Patrol, Chess Club, Checkers Club, Intramural Sports. JAMES COOPER—Academic Boys’ Patrol, Finance Committee, Intramural Sports, Patrol Captain. JOHN COVERT—Academic Football Club, Chess Club, Baseball, Varsity Football, Track.BEULAH MAE CREESE—Distributive Education LOIS CUM ASHOT-—General Typing Club, Finance Committee, Vocal Concert, Silhouette, Intramural Sports. DELORES M. DAVID—Academic Girls’ Chorus CHARLES THOMAS DAVIS—Academic Boys’ Patrol. MARIO D’ALESSANDRIS—General ALFONSO DeFEDERICIS—Academic GEORGE DETORAKIS—Distributive Education Intramural Sports. BETTY LORRAINE DIMARZIO—General Girls’ Glee Club, Assembly Committee, Band, Band Concert, Vocal Concert. GLORIA LOUISE DiMARZIO—General Glee Club, Intramural Sports. MARY ANN DININNO—Commercial Checker Club, Yearbook. THOMAS WILLIAM DIONISE—Academic Chess Club, Intramural Sports, Publicity Committee, Homeroom Officer. ANN DIRDO—General Leaders’ Club, Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Vocal Concert, Finance Committee, Silhouette, Art Publicity Committee, Usher Committee. DOROTHY DISHAUZI—Commercial Gymnastic Club, Glee Club, Usher Committee, Yearbook, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer. MARY JANE DOBSON—Commercial EVELYN JANE DOFNER—Commercial Leaders’ Club, Intramural Sports, Usher Committee. Creese Cumashot David Davis D’Alessandris DeFedericis Detorakis DiMarzio DiMar io Dininno Dionise Dirdo Dishauzi Dobson Dofner ancijjui and! triableT lou?, u e kai £ annitf£ i Dolinski Donnelly Dorogi Dozier Drobnak Dulick Dunn Dutko Erdelyan Erwin Farrar Farquhar Farquhar Feenstra Felix JOSEPH DOLINSKI—Academic Football Club, Varsity Football, Intramural Basketball. LYNN DONNELLY—General Band, Assembly Committee, Makeup Committee, All-Star Mush bn 11 FRANCES DOROGI—Commercial Junior Class Play, Usher Committee. WILLIAM E. DOZIER—General Madrigal Club, Boys’ Glee Club, Mixed Ensemble, Varsity Football, Track. ELEANOR DROBNAK—Commercial Club Committee, Usher Committee, Assembly Com-m.ttee. Finance Committee, Gymnastics, Girls’ Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Silhouette, Homeroom Officer. PATRICIA JEAN DULICK—Commercial Glee Club, Gymnastics, Usher Committee, Silhouette, Intramural Sports, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Homeroom Officer. GEORGIANNE DUNN—Academic Glee Club, Gymnastic Club, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Intramural Sports, Vocal Concert, Usher Committee, Junior Class Play, Silhouette Editor, Yearbook, Student Senate, Assembly Committee, Homeroom Officer. MICHAEL DUTKO—General Golf Club, Orchestra, Band, Midwestern Band, Intramural Bowling, Intramural Basketball. PAUL ERDELYAN—Academic Biology Club, Track, Intramural Sports, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President, Homeroom Officer. ELIZABETH LOUISE ERWIN—Academic Gymnastic Club, Literature Club, Attendance Distributor. GLORIA FARRAR—General Book Club, Forensic League, Instramural Sports, Silhouette, Make-up Committee, Yearbook, Girls’ Patrol, Atomic Energy Council, Glee Club. JERRY FARQUHAR—Academic Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer. JOE FARQUHAR—Academic Student Senate, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer. MIRIAM FEENSTRA—Distributive Education Typing Club, Chorus, Homeroom Officer. PAULINE FELIX—Commercial Glee Club, Gymnastic Club, Leaders’ Club, Assembly Committee, Vocal Concert, Intramural Sports, Yale-Princeton, Yearbook.JOSEPH FERDERBAR—Academic Bowling Team, Intramural Basketball, Patrol, Track, Varsity Baseball, Silhouette, Yearbook. PEGGY ANN FERDINANDUS—Commercial Madrigal, Girls’ Glee Club, Mixed Ensemble. KATHRYN FERGADIS—Commercial Advanced Typing Club, Glee Club, Yearbook, Silhouette, Vocal Concert, Football Usher, Volleyball, Junior Class Play Prompter, Club Officer. ALEX FI RICH—Academic Boys’ Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Club Committee, Mixed Ensemble, Vocal Concert, Intramural Sports, Mid-Western Chorus, Boys’ Patrol. THOMAS FLEMING—Vocational Electric Shop Club, Stage Squad, Minstrel. CHESTER FLICK—Vocational DOROTHY FODEROUSKY—Commercial Homeroom Officer. NORMA JEAN FOSTER—General Girls’ Glee Club, Usher Committee, Football Patrol, Finance Committee, S.lhouettc, Intramural Sports, Make-up Committee. HELEN FOUSE—Academic Glee Club, Atomic Energy Club, Dramatic Club, Photographers’ Club, Madrigal Club, Intramural Sports, Yearbook, Finance, Assembly Committee, Yale Cheerleader. Vocal Concert, Junior Class Play, Girls’ Usher, Homeroom Officer. RONNIE FKANQIONE—General Intramural Sports. ELIZABETH FROSCH—Commercial Typing Club, Vocal Concert, Atomic Energy Council, Soccer, G ris’ Chorus, Gym Exhibition, I lome-room Officer. SHIRLEY MAE FULTON—Commercial Madrigal Club, Leaders’ Club, Yale-Princeton, Intramural Sports, Junior Class Play. RICHARD GABRIEL—General Handicraft Club, Homeroom Officer, Vocal Concert, Intramural Sports. RONALD GAMBLE—Academic ROBERT J. GAONA—General Football Club, Checker Club, Varsity Football, Boys’ Intramural Sports, Track. Ferderbar Ferdinandus Fergadis Firich Fleming Flick Foderousky Foster Fouse Franquione Frosch Fulton Gabriel Gamble Gaona at tke jjinafie Wc heme come to the cuntain ALEX J. GARCIA—General Boys Glee Club, Field Club, Vocal Concert, Intramural Sports. THOMAS GATEHOUSE—Academic Intramural Sports DOROTHY ROSE GATT A—Commercial Leaders’ Club, Gymnastics Manager, Yale Prince ton Manager, Beaver County Exhibition Manager, Intramural Sports, Usher Committee, Silhouette, Homeroom Officer. GREGG GAUDIO—General Silhouette, Track, Patrol. DORIS GAYNOR GFIST—Commercial Choral Club. MICHAEL JOHN GEREGA—General Chorus, Intramural Sports. PAUL M. GIAMMARIA—Academic Intramural Sports. JOSEPH GENE ULIZIO—General CHARLES EDWARD GLAS—Distributive Education Boxing Club, Chess Club, Minstrel, Vocal Concert. JOHN LEWIS GOERMAN—Vocational Stage Squad. FRANKLIN J. GREENWALD—General Publicity Club. CHARLOTTE GKOSDECK—Commercial Silhouette. EDWARD GRUSZCZYNSKI—Vocational Minstrel. Garcia Gatehouse Gatta Gaudio Geist Gerega Giammaria Ulizio Glas Goerman Greenwald Grosdeck Grouszczynski Gudzan Gutch MIKE GUDZAN—Vocational Patrol, Minstrel. JULIA GUTCH—Academic- Madrigal Club, Girls’ Glee Club, Mixed Ensemble, Silhouette, Vocal Concert, Midwestern Chorus, Homeroom Officer. — 92 —MIKE GUZAN—Vocational Golf Club, Machine Shop, Reserve Basketball, Minstrel, Machine Shop Foreman. BILL HLADIO—General Golf Club. FLOYD S. HULL—General Band, Orchestra, Boys’ Patrol RUTH CAROLYN HANGER—Academic Girls' Glee Club, Leaders’ Club, Yearbook, Girls’ Patrol, Mushball, Volleyball, Junior Red Cross, Soccer, Yale-Pinceton, Bowling, Debare Squad, Vocal Concert, Usher Committee. ROBERT JAMES HARRIS—Academic Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Intramural Sports, Track, Homeroom Officer. MARILYN HARRIS—Commercial Book Club, Photography Club, Program Committee. CHARLOTTE HEIBERT—Commercial Program Committee, Basketball, Glee Club, Soccer, Gymnastics. MARGARET HELEN HERRMANN—Commercial Finance, Mushball. BARBARA ANN HILLIARD—Distributive Education Chorus. DOROTHY JEAN HIMME—Commercial Band. THERESA HNATH—Commercial Girls Chorus, Mixed Chorus. BERNICE STELLA HORAK—Academic Vocal Concert. ALEX HORCHAK—Academic Intramurals. GEORGE HORCHAK—Vocational Minstrel, Intramural Basketball. MATILDA J. HUMENIK—Commercial Typing Club, Assembly Committee, Silhouette Typist, Student Senate, National Honor Society, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Homeroom Officer. Guzan Hladio Hull Hanger Harris Harris Heibert Herrmann Hilliard Himme Hnath Horak Horchak Horchak Humenik. In a tkouc ktjjufi mood!. — 93 —Todtaty L oun. (Pfay Iorfido Jack 11 lie Jarnecic Jerman Johns Johnson Jones Jula Kalcugher Kanakis Karagianis Karamarkovich Kotynkiewicz Kozakos Kirschler VIRGINIA IORFIDO—Academic Girls’ Glee Club. JOHN JACKULIC—Academic l Madrigal Club, Club Committee, Golf Club, Boys’ Glee Club, Junior Class Play, Varsity Cheerleader, Mixed Ensemble, Vocal Concert, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer. JOSEPH JARNECIC—General Mechanical Drawing Club, Blueprint Club, Baseball, Intramural Basketball. ELLA MARGARET JERMAN—Commercial Glee Club, Typing Club, Yearbook, Atomic Energy Council, Vocal Concert, Beaver County Gym Exhibition. KENNETH JOHNS—Academic Intramural Basketball, Baseball. JAMES S. JOHNSON—Distributive Education Boxing Club, Checkers Club, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football, Patrol. EILEEN JONES—Academic Band. KATHERINE JULA—Academic Glee Club, Atomic Energy, Dramatics Club, Silhouette, Yearbook, Soccer, Mushball, Junior Class Play, Finance Committee, Vocal Concert, Activity Committee, Homeroom Officer. RICHARD KALEUGHER—Academic Silhouette. ALEX KANAKIS—Vocational Stage Squad, Silhouette, Minstrel, Football Patrol. APHRODITE KARAGIANIS—Distributive Education DANIEL KARAMARKOVICH—Vocational Vocational Football, Minstrel, Auto Shop Foreman. HARRY KOTYNKIEWICZ—Vocational Semaphore, Minstrel, National Honor Society, Homeroom Officer. CHRIST KAZAKOS—Academic Astronomy Club, Chemistry Club, Assembly Committee, Track, Vocal Concert. LOIS KIRSCHLER—Commercial Girls’ Glee Club. — 94DOROTHY LOUISE KERZAN—Academic Field Club, Astronomy Club, Speech, Debate. EDWARD KLAK—General Intramural Sports. BETTY KLEIN—Academic Leaders’ Club, Glee Club, Speech Club, National Honor Society, Finance Committee, Assembly Committee, Yearbook, Girls’ Patrol, Chorus, Vocal Concert, Homeroom Officer. ELIZABETH KNESTAUT—Distributive Education Glee Club, Refreshment Committee, Intramural Sports. CHARLES KNOEDI.ER—Academic Glee Club, Biology Club, Junior Class Play. AGNES ARLENE KNOUSE—Academic Glee Club, Madrigal CItih, International Club. Silhouette, Vocal Concert, Mixed Chorus, Homeroom Officer. MARION KOCZWANSKI—Academic BERNARD KOMAR—Academic Photography Club, Intramural Sports, Debate. Silhouette, Assembly Committee, Vocal Concert, Homeroom Officer. CATHERINE J. KOPCZAK—Commercial Glee Club, Gymnastics, Usher Committee, Yearbook, Silhouette, Softball, Vocal Concert, Homeroom Officer. HELEN KOSARICH—Commercial ANDREW KOVACS—Vocational Vocational Football, Minstrel, Boys’ Patrol, Cross-Country, Track, Assistant Shop Foreman. DOLLY D. KOVACEVIC—Commercial Gymnastics, National Honor Society, Girls’ Chorus, Finance Committee, Girls' Patrol, Intramural Sports, Honor Roll Committee, Yearbook, Usher Committtee BARBARA ANN KOWACS—Academic International Club, Historical Society, Junior Class Play, Intramural Sports, Assembly Committee, Student Senate, Silhouette, Honor Roll Committee, Homeroom Officer. GEORGE KOWAI.SKY—Academic Band, Midwestern Band, Intramural Sports. EDWARD KOZAR—Academic Astronomy Club, Intramural Football. Kerzan Klak Klein Knestaut Knoedler Knouse Koczwanski Komar Kopczak Kosarich Kovacs Kcvacevic Kowacs Kowalsky Kozar cWe cine. caAt in tke Head — 95 — ta e oun BETTY JANE KRAUZEN—General Gymnastics, Band, Yearbook, Homeroom Officer. RICHARD ZAKE” KRAWCZYK—General Checker Club, Intramural Basketball. PHYLLIS KREPPS—Commercial BERTHA KRONES—Academic Leaders Club, Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Yale-Princeton Cheerleader, Homeroom Officer. RICHARD THOMAS KUNY—Academic Band. BILL KUBICK—Vocational Checkers Club, Chess Club, Intramural Sports, Shop Foreman. HELENE MARIE KUCABA—Commercial Cheerleader, Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Gymnastics, Vocal Concert, Intramural Sports. WILLIAM KUNDRAT—General Chemistry Club, Varsity Basketball, Student Senate, Homeroom Officer. SALLY ANN KUZNIAR—Commercial Leaders Club, Gymnastics, Intramural Sports. KATHRYN LANGER—General Dramatics Club. STEPHEN M. LANIEWSKI—Vocational Intramural Basketball. HOMER LARIMER—General MARY LASCALA—Commercial Krauzen Krawczyk Krepps Krones Kuny Kubick Kucaba Kundrat Kuzniar Langer Laniewski Larimer Lascala Lavelle Lenhart HARRY LAVELLE—Vocational Checker Club, Chess Club, Intramural Sports. TOM LEHNART—Academic Photography Club, Art Club, Intramural Sports, Publicity Committee. — 96JOHN WILLIAM LIND—Academic Handicraft Club, Intramural Sports, Chess Club, Baseball Manager, Football Manager, Student Senate, Assembly Committee, Junior Red Cross, Homeroom Officer. LOUIS A. LOCKHART—Academic Boxing Club. PALMA LONGO—General Vocal Concert, Intramural Sports. WILLIAM MAGIS—Academic Chemistry Club, Student Senate, Junior Class Play, Art Publicity Committee. Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer, Yearbook Editor, National Honor Society. IRENE DOROTHY MAJETIC—General Gymnastics, Intramural Sports, Cheerleader, Vocal Concert. MII.LICENT MAMULA—Commercial Leaders’ Club, Gymnastics, Finance Committee, Girls’ Patrol, Usher Committee, Honor Roll Committee, Yearbook, Mixed Chorus, Intramural Sports, Club Officer. IRENE MANTZARIS—Distributive Education BETTY MARUNA—Academic Finance Committee, Yearbook, Intramural Sports. GEORGE L. MATHEWS—Academic Madrigal Club, Band. RICHARD MATTIA—Academic Boys’ Patrol. DANA ANTHONY MARSH—Academic Dramatics Club, Assembly Committee, Junior Class Play, Intramural Basketball, Boys’ Patrol. ROGER MAUCHLINE—Academic Junior Red Cross, Band, Silhouette, Homeroom Officer. VERNON MAUK—General Boxing Club, Art Publicity Committee, Band, Intramural Basketball, Homeroom Officer. MARY ANN MAYER—Commercial Art Club, Glee Club. ROBERT MAYKUTH—General Gymnastics, Band. Lind Lockhart Longo Magis Majetic Mamula Mantzaris Maruna Mathews Mattia Marsh Mauchline Mauk Mayer Maykuth (But tomonnou? . . . ? — 97 — We moi)£ out onto Mazzctti McCandlcss McCarriher McFarland McFarland McKee McLaughlin McCracken Meinert Manowsky Mercadante Mesko Metelsky Merriman Mihalic AUGUST LAWRENCE MAZZETTI—General Dramatic Club. Mixed Chorus, Band, Stage Committee, Assembly Committee, Junior Class Play, Homeroom Officer. | LESTER McCANDLESS—General Boxing Club, Intramural. JOAN LOUISE McCARRIHER—Academic Historical Society, Junior Red Cross. HOWARD McFARLAND—Vocational. IRENE McFARLAND—Distributive Education Dramatic Club, Silhouette. I AMES McKEE—General Checker Club, Baseball. ROBERT WAYNE McLAUGHLIN—Vocational MARIAN THERESA MEINERT—Commercial Advanced Typing Club, Book Club, Girls’ Patrol, Usher Committee. MILDRED MANOWSKY—Commercial Beaver Valley Gym Exhibition. LOUIS MERCADANTE—Academic Field Club, Cross-Country. Intramural Sports, Track. CHESTER MESKO—General DOROTHY METELSKY—Commercial Leaders’ Club, Intramural Sports. DAVID MERRIMAN—General Art Publicity Club. GEORGE MIHALIC—Academic Football Club, Varsity Football, Student Senate, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Vice-President. — 98 — HOWARD H. McCRACKEN—AcademicVIRGINIA ANNE MIHALOW—Commercial Yearbook, Gymnastics. ROBERT MIHALSKY—General Football Club, Varsity Football, Track, Intramural Basketball. MARY ROSE MIHOCH—General Literary Book Club, Glee Club, Vocal Concert, Usher Committee, Finance Committee, Dramatic Club, Intramural Sports. ANN MIHOVICH—Distributive Education EUGENE MIKETA—General Intramural Sports, Student Senate, Art Publicity Committee, Homeroom Officer. ANN MINDEK—General Intramural Sports, Gymnastics, Art Publicity Committee, Homeroom Officer. NANCY MADONNA—Academic Handicraft Club, Intramural Sports, Finance Committee, Yearbook, Junior Class Play, Silhouette, Homeroom Officer. DAN ANTHONY MONTEMAYOR-General Chess Club, Band, Orchestra, Student Senate, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer. ROBERT MONZI—General Football Club, Varsity Football, Track, Intramural Sports. MARY ANN MORANZ—Academic Glee Club, Gymnastics, Assembly Committee, Yearbook, Usher Committee, Silhouette Proofreader, National Honor Society, Intramural Sports, Student Senate, Homeroom Officer, Sophomore and Senior Class Secretary. WILLIAM MOSURA—General Boxing Club, Intramural Basketball. LOUISE MARIE MOURADIAN-Commercial Typing Club, Glee Club, Usher Committee, Refreshment Committee. MICHAEL MURDZA—General Art Publicity Club, Checker Club. ALICE MUSGRAVE—Academic Band. Mid-western Band, Orchestra. ALMA MUSGRAVE—Academic Band, Mid-western Band, Band Council, Orchestra. Mihalow Mihalsky Milioch Mihovich Miketa Mindek Madonna Montemayor Monzi Moranz Mosura Mouradian Murdza Musgrave. Alice Musgrave, Alma lancfren ktacfre. — 99 — an evenTA kat kcme T e Ucanncd? Napolitan Nobile Niven Olson Oswald Nawrocki Nites North Orlousky Palko Nielsen Nites O’Connor Oslick Panutsos JAMES A. NAPOLITAN—Academic Reserve Basketball, Intramural Sports JOSEPH NAWROCKI—Vocational EVELYN NIELSEN—General Refreshment Committee. DOLORES MARIE NOBILE—Commercial Glee Club, Girls’ Chorus, Homeroom Officer. EMANUEL NITES—Vocational MARCIA NITES—Commercial Finance Committee CHARLES NIVEN—Academic Cross-Country Manager, Track Manager, Homeroom Officer. LAWRENCE HENRY NORTH—Academic Football Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Base-bail, Intramural Basketball. SHIRLEY ANNE O’CONNOR---------------Commercial Yearbook, Silhouette, Intramural Sports, Girls’ Patrol, Finance Committee. ESTHER IRENE OLSON—Commercial Leaders’ Club, Yale-Princeton, Gymnastics, Intramural Basketball, Usher Committee. THOMAS ORLOUSKY—General Photography Club, Band, Orchestra, Intramural Sports. ROBERT W. OSLICK—Commercial Art Publicity Club, Checker Club. WINIFRED OSWALD—Academic Historical Society, Art Club, Girls’ Patrol, Usher Committee, Aft Publicity Committee, Junior Red Cross, Yearbook, Silhouette, Homeroom Officer. ELNORA PALKO—Academic Band. MARY PANUTSOS—Commercial Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Yearbook, Intramural Sports, Junior Class Play, Vocal Concert, Mixed Ensemble, Club Officer. — 100 —CORA PAPPAS—Academic Glee Club, Silhouette, Vocal Concert, Homeroom Officer. JOHN PARRA—Academic Astronomy Club, Intramural Football, Football Reserve, Club Officer, Homeroom Officer. BILL PASTELAK—Academic Football Club, Latin Club, Football Manager. DOLORES JEAN PASTRICK—Academic Typing Club, Glee Club, Girls’ Patrol, Silhouette. Yearbook, Usher Committee, Vocal Concert, Intramural Sports. MICHAEL ROGER PATRICELLI—Academic Chess Club, Basketball Manager, Football Manager, Intramural Sports, Debate Squad. Junior Red Cross. Vocal Concert, Homeroom Officer. FRANK PELLEGRINO—Academic Varsity Baseball. LEONARD PENCZAK—Vocational Chess Club, Semaphore Squad, Intramural Sports, Minstrel. ALICE LORRAINE PERRIS—General Gymnastics, Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Intramural Sports, Mixed Chorus. GEORGE PLOFCHON---------Vocational Machine Shop Foreman. ANDREW PLUMB—Academic Football Club, Varsity Football, Track, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer. JOE POCORUS—Distributive Education VINCENT JAMES POLIDORA—Academic Orchestra, Band, Mid-western Band, Track. DOROTHY PRASKO—Distributive Education Glee Club. JAMES PREVOST—Academic Photography Club, Track, Varsity Baseball, Vocal Concert, Intramural Sports. JAY PRIBULSKY—Academic Football Club, Chess Club, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Track, Varsity Baseball. Pappas Parra Pastelak Pastrick Patricelli Pellegrino Penczak Perris Plofchon Plumb Pocorus Polidora Prasko Prevost Pribulsky Mow kcitfe u £ perit oun. yean ? — 101 —(Wkat cfloeb tke utune koM? Price Prokopovich Proienic Puff inburger Quiroz Roby Richardson Rinaldi Rinaldi Robinson Rosen Raskovsky Rotondo Kupik Lias RICHARD PRICK—General Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Band, Mixed Ensemble, Junior Class Play, Vocal Concert. MARY PROKOPOVICH—Commercial Typing Club, Finance Committee, Yearbook, Homeroom Officer. JOHN WILLIAM PROTENIC—Academic Golf Club, Intramural Golf, Minstrel, Mixed Chorus, Homeroom Officer. DONALD PUFFINBURGER—Academic Chemistry Club, Atomic Energy Council, Intramural Sports, Boys’ Patrol. DOLORES JANE QUIROZ—General Madrigal Club, Mixed Ensemble, Intramural Sports, Book Club, Atomic Energy Council, Club Officer. JOHN RICHARD ROBY—General DOLORES RICHARDSON—Distributive Education ROBERT A. RINALDI—General Band, Intramural Basketball. LOLA A. RINALDI—General Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Gymnastics, Band. Band Concert. Vocal Concert, Assembly Committee, Handicraft Club, Intramural Sports. GERALD ROBINSON—Academic Field Club, Junior Red Cross. VIRGINIA MAE ROSEN—Commercial Book Club, Photography Club, Glee Club, Yearbook. GEORGE RASKOVSKY—General Checker Club, Intramural Spprts ARDYTHE ROTONDO—Academic Speech Club, Glee Club, Silhouette, Intramural Sports, Finance Committee, Vocal Concert. LILLIAN RUPIK—General Glee Club, Checker Club, Vocal Concert. RUSSELL LIAS—Vocational — 102 —ALBERT RUSSO—General Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Boys’ Patrol, Vocal Concert, Intramural Basketball. PETE J. RUSSO—General Football Club, Boxing Club, Art Publicity Club, Varsity Football Captain, Track, Intramural Basketball. DOLORES RYGALSKI—Distributive Education Art Publicity Committee. LAWRENCE SANTRY—General Boxing Club, Intramural Sports. BESSIE JO SALUDIS—Academic Glee Club, Astronomy Club, Usher Committee, Silhouette, Yearbook, Assembly Committee, Atomic Energy Council, Junior Class Play. ANN SARKISIAN—Commercial Handicraft Club. Advanced Typing Club, Silhouette, Yearbook, Finance Committee. DONALD SCHIFFOUR—Academic Intramural Sports. FRED SCHMIDT—General Checker Club, Intramural Sports. CATHERINE SCURNOPOLI—Distributive Education Glee Club, Refreshment Committee, Intramural Sports. DOROTHY LEE SEELY—Academic Homeroom Officer. ALBERT SERAK—General Football Club, Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Mixed Ensemble, Varsity Football, Track, Intramural Basketball. MARGARET HELEN SERAK—General Glee Club. Intramural Basketball. DANIEL SEVIN—General Boxing Club, Track. ROBERT SESSIE—General JOSEPH SESTILE—Academic Boxing Club, Football, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Intramural Sports, Student Senate, Homeroom Officer, Sophomore and Junior Class Treasurer, Student Senate Secretary, Student Senate Recorder, Senior Class President, Student Senate President. Russo Russo Rygalski Santry Sal ud is Sarkisian Schi flour Schmidt Scurnopoli Seely Serak Serak Sevin Sessie Sestile Tke to tke-ke u£ tion — 103 —manty, naani monc and! HELEN SEZENIOS—Commercial Glee Club, Silhouette, Vocal Concert, Intramural Sports, Checker Club. ROBERT RICHARD SHAFFO—General PAUL SHERBA—Academic Golf Club, Band, Band Concert, Homeroom Officer. ROBERT SHULICK—Academic Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Football Club, Varsity Football, Track, Homeroom Officer. JOHN SIMUNOVIC—General Boys' Patrol, Semaphore Squad, Intramural Sports. GEORGE R. SINCHAK—General Football Club, Varsity Football, Track, Intramural Basketball. JAMES JOSEPH SENDEK—Commercial HERBERT A. SLOPPY—General Field Club, Boys’ Patrol, Band, Junior Class Play, Junior Red Cross. DOROTHY A. SMITH—Distributive Education Historical Society, Yearbook, Refreshment Committee. ELIZABETH SMITH—Academic JACQUELINE SMERIGAN—Academic Band, Midwes:ern Band. HELEN SPIROS—Distributive Education FRANCES SPOSARO—General Handicraft Club, Personality Club, Vocal Concert. Sezenios Shaffo Sherba Shulick Simunovic Sinchak Senddc Sloppy Smith Smith Smerigan Spiros Sposaro Sprock Squires GEORGE SPROCK—Academic Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Mixed Ensemble, Football Club, Varsity Football, Reserve Basketball, Track, Intramural Basketball. PAUL SQUIRES—Academic Chess Club, Photography Club, Band, Midwestern Band, Student Senate, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer. — 104BELVA STANCE—Commercial Intramural Mushball. JAMES STEWART—Vocational Checker Club, Chess Club, Intramural Sports, Minstrel, Homeroom Officer. PEGGY STORAR—Commercial Band, Soccer. NORMA STROHM—Academic JUNIOR STUMP—Academic ANN SUCHY—Commercial Band, Intramural Volleyball, Gymnastics, Band Council. WALT SUROWIC—General Minstrel, Vocal Concert. CHARLES SWAIN—General Checker Club. ESTHER SWAIN—Commercial CHARLES SCHI WERTZ—General JOHN TADDY—General Checker Club, Intramural Sports. ROMEO TENY—Distributive Education M nstrel, Mixed Chorus, Intramural Basketball. CHARLES THOMPSON—Vocational RICHARD J. TOMANA—Academic Band, Midwestern Band. Intramural Sports, Varsity Baseball, Bowling. JOE TOPOLEWSKI—Vocational Minstrel. Stange Stewart Storar Strohm Stump Suchy Surowic Swain Swain Schiwertz Taddy Teny Thompson Tomana T opol« w iki unit be an ttfenedl — 105 —We nou? ace tke jjutune, Torhan Travoli Tylosky Vagianos Valavanis Valloreo Venncri Verigood Verdu Vettorazzi VilleIJa Volpe Wacht Wagner Walter GEORGE TORHAN—Vocational Stage Squad. MARIE TRAVOLI—General Madrigal, Glee Club, Make-up Committee, Orchestra, Dramatic Club, Vopal Concert. DONALD TYLOSKY—Vocational Shop Foreman, Semaphore Squad. LILLIAN VAGIANOS—General Junior Classical League, Intramural Sports. VERA VALAVANIS—Academic Atomic Energy Council, Historical Society, Club Committee, Junior Red Cross, Silhouette, Yearbook, Girls' Patrol, Assembly Committee, Debate Squad, Speech, Dramatic Club, Finance Committee, Club Officer. Debate Squad Captain. ADELINE VALLOREO—General Gymnastics, Club Committee, Assembly Committee, Intramural Sports, Usher Committee, Vocal Concert, Mixed Chorus. JAMES VENNERI—General Boxing Club, Orchestra, Band, Intramural Sports, Mid-western band. Homeroom Officer. ROBERT VERIGOOD—General Checker Club, Intramural Sports, Student Senate, Homeroom Officer, Qub Officer. MAI 1LDA G. VERDU— distributive Education MARY VETTORAZZI—Commercial Glee Club, Vocal Concert, Junior Class Play, Assembly Committee, Dramatic Club, Silhouette, Gymnastics, Yearbook, Atomic Energy Council, Photography Club, Club Officer. VICTOR VILLELLA—Academic LOUISE ROSE VOLPE—Academic Art Publicity Club, Finance Committee, Usher Committee, Silhouette, Junior Red Cross, Yearbook, Student Senate, Volleyball, Homeroom Officer, Senior Class Treasurer. WALTER F. WACHT—Academic Band, Orchestra, Silhouette. EDNA WAGNER—Academic Art Publicity Club, Junior Classical League, National Honor Society, Yearbook, Homeroom Officer, Club Officer. FRANCES WALTER—Commercial Glee Club, Gymnastics, Girls’ Chorus, Vocal Concert. — 106 —SHIRLEY ANN WALTHER—Academic Madrigal Club, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, National Forensic League. CARL WEBER—Academic Football Club, Varsity Football. LAWRENCE WEBER—Academic Junior Red Cross CHARLES WEIL—Academic NAOMI FAYE WERK—Commercial Glee Club, Atomic Energy Council, Gymnastics, Yearbook. KENNETH WHITEHAIR—Vocational Athletic Club, Checker Club, Reserve Football, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Semaphore Squad, Intramural Sports Committee, Minstrel, Shop Foreman, Homeroom Officer. JOHN WILAMOWSKI—Academic Boxing Club, Intramural Basketball, Cross-Country, Reserve Basketball, Boys’ Patrol, Homeroom Officer. RONALD WILKES—Academic Madrigal Club, Boxing Club, Glee Club, Band, Mixed Ensemble, Mixed Chorus. MAX WILLIS—Academic Art Publicity Club, Track, Intramural Sports Committee. Student Senare, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Officer, Club Officer. SOPHIA A. WITKOWSKI—Commercial MARSHA YEE—Academic International Language Club, Glee Club, Madrigal Club, Finance Comm.ttee, Yearbook, Atomic Energy Council, National Honor Society, Homeroom Officer. MARYANN ZAJAC—Commercial Silhouette, Yearbook, Homeroom Officer. JAMES ZASSICK—Distributive Education Handicraft Club, Intramural Basketball. ROSE ZIELINSKI—Commercial Yearbook, Madrigal Club, Usher Committee, Homeroom Officer. STEVE ZIMNOWOCKI—Academic Boxing Club, Intramural Basketball. Walther Weber Weber Weil Werk Whitehair Wiliamowski Wilkes Willis Witkowski Yee Zajac Zassick Zielinski Zimnowocki tke uncertain utune, utaii jinc . — 107 —tkat £ack bean kiA Ziolkowski ' ug.iy ADELINE ZIOLKOWSKI—General Mixed Chorus. ANNE MAE ZUGAY—Distributive Education Art Publicity Committee CAMERA-SHY SENIORS ROBERT BOYD—General RICHARD CIRKA—General LOUIS D’ALESSANDRIS—Vocational ALBERT DEANE—Vocational i WILLIAM ENGLISH—Commercial DOROTHY GASPERSIC—Commercial JOHN KIRISH—Vocational CLARENCE McCAULEY—General EDWARD MICKEY—Academic SAM MRAOVICH—Vocational WALTER PIETRZYKOWSKI—General PHILIP PORTO—Academic MICHAEL SCHEER—Vocational ROBERT SNYDER—Vocational ROBERT VUKOVIC—Distributive Education PAUL WASLO—General CLAIR WRIGHT—Distributive Education JEAN WROTNY—Distributive Education 108 —ett TPtetftQnttUK know not what the future hath Of marvel or surprise, Assured atone that life and death God's mercy underlies. I know not where His islands lift Their funded palms in air; I only know cannot drift Heyoud His love and care.” I cannot say, and I will not say That they are dead, they are just away IVith a cheery smile and a ’wave of the hand They have ’wandered into an unknown land And left us dreaming how very fair It must be, since they linger there. And you, of you, who the wildest yearn For the old-time step, and the glad return. Think of them, faring on as dear, In the joy of there, as the love of here. Think of them still as the same, I say They are not dead—they are just away. Margaret Bankowsky — 109 you are Cordially invited TO VISIT OUR HOME — The picture of our building tells only a part of the story. What is inside means more to you. And—you must see it to really appreciate just what it all means in Quality Service for you. We have: MORE THAN TRIPLED - - - The Service Space EXPANDED..................The Parts Department INSTALLED COMPLETELY NEW EQUIPMENT for Lubrication Motor Analysis Electrical Service Mechanical Repairs Wheel Alignment Washing and Polishing Brake Service Radiator Repair COME IN SOON . . . for service, or just to look us over. WE NEVER CLOSE — OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK. We'll Be Looking For You. LARIS MOTOR SALES 26th Street Duss Avenue Phones Ambridge 1904-2348 AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA — no —FORTY-NINE YEARS HAVE PASSED since Ambridge High School first began the work of educating young Ambridge citizens. Forty-seven years have passed since your school gave diplomas to the four seniors who made up its first graduation class. Throughout many of those years Ambridge High School and the Spang-Chalfant Plant have worked and grown together in pleasant association. Each year more and more AHS graduates have chosen Spang-Chal-fant as the company in which they wanted to begin their careers. Spang-Chalfant expanded and grew with the help of these young men and women. Today many of our 2500 people at Spang-Chalfant have sons and daughters at Ambridge High School, some of them among the 367 students who arc expected to graduate this June in the largest graduation class in history of the school. We hope that we may continue to welcome more and more AHS graduates into the still-growing Spang-Chalfant organization We hope that increasing numbers of you will recognize Spang-Chalfant as an organization big enough to move around in— and up. SPANG-CHALFANT DIVISION OF THE NATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Spantr-Chalfant. with another plant in Etna. Pa., is a division of The National Supply Company, which is one of America's leading corporations. Other National Supply Company plants are located in Toledo and Springfield, Ohio; Torrance, California: and Houston. Texas. In addition. Nntional Supply has district offices in 60 cities and operates 100 supply stores, which make it the lnrtrest manufacturer of oil field machinery and equipment in the entire world. — Ill —Ambridge's Only Complete Laundry Service —The Original— Half Hour Laundry Service 1008 Merchant Street Ambridge 1204 FAMILY WASHES - DRY CLEANING 2 Day Shirt Laundry A Well-Known Jewelry Store and Gift Shoppe with Gifts for All Occasions HARTSTEIN’S 377 Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA The Sherwin-Williams Co. 660 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PA Artist's Supplies Paints - Wallpaper - Kemtone COMPLIMENTS OF Morton Chevrolet, 1 nc. CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS Sales Service ★ 19th and Duss Avenue AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 1577 — 112 —Compliments TO CLASS OF 49 ★ AMBRIDGE LINCOLN MERCURY COMPANY 2198 Duss Avenue Phone Ambridge 857 (6ull j tubiu Fine Portrait and Commercial Photography • 4 1 7 Fronklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PENNA. Aliquippa, 1982-J Congratulations to Class of 49 from WARDLE DRY CLEANERS Melrose Avenue AMBRIDGE, PENNA. MYTINGER AND COMPANY 570 Merchant Street Phone 335 ★ HARDWARE MARTIN BRAUN TAILOR (Quality) CLEANER Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing - Altering Phone 460 813 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES - SPORTING GOODS - BOOKS - STATIONERY NOVELTIES - MODEL AIRPLANES AMBRIDGE NEWS DEPOT EDWARD F. DRAKE, Prop. 451 MERCHANT STREET AMBRIDGE, PA. h c cfatisfaction 926 DUSS AVENUE ftDCi EgZ M look for HW« i«al on your Rock of Ages monument or marker. It identifies all Rode of Ages monuments AUTHORIZED DEALER |3carl IFashimt Ladies’ Rcady-to-Wcat 527 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Air-Conditioned jor Your Comfort Dodge Plymouth WAGNER FRASER Motor Cars and Trucks • 996-1002 Merchant Street Phone 23 AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Save now—Prepare for the future • Ambridge Building and Loan Association 292 Fifth Street • Plan for a College Education HESS ATLANTIC SERVICE Corner of Sixth and Duss AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 9680 Congratulations to SENIOR CLASS from ECONOMY BANK of AMBRIDGE AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA — 114 —STUDENTS ATTENTION SAVE $5.00 ON YOUR SCHOOL RINGS Your Local Jeweler Will Always Save You Money SCHOOL JEWELRY MADE TO ORDER We Can Duplicate All School Jewelry and Save You 25% SAME WEIGHT ’SAME DESIGN ’SAME KARAT COLD OUR PRICES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LESS KRAUSS JEWELERS 546 MERCHANT ST. AMBRIDGE, PA. BEN MAURO COMPANY SHARMAN BUICK CO. STUDEBAKER SALES and SERVICE Wo • 81 7 Merchant Street Better Buy Buick AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA 1320 Merchant Street Phone Ambridge 619 AMBRIDGE, PENNA. Phone Aliquippo 1051 «.Shiflet StuJio Club Groups Portraits :: IV eddmgs MEMBER 454 Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA KATC H E R'S BALDWIN PIANOS Maytag Washers - Frigidaire RCA, Zenith, Admiral Television Sets ★ 694 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA — 115 —FRANKLIN AVENUE ALIQUIPPA, PA. -K Naomi Werk and Betty Jane Krauzen are shown above admiring a lovely sweater they have discovered in the Junior Dress Department. —- 116 —Congra tu la tions and BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE TO THE Class of 1949 -K -K -K Wilkens Jewelry Co. AND THE Wilkens Amateur Hour EVERY SUNDAY ON WCAE—7 to 8 P. M. 605 Merchant Street — Ambridge, Pa. fFor When the Occasion Say It with Flowers Ambridge Auto Wrecking Co. AUTO GLASS ★ NEW AND USED AUTO PARTS KITTY’S FLOWER SHOPPE • 323 EIGHTH STREET 2805 Duss Avenue Ambridge 1478 Phone 147 JACKSON’S SHOE STORE Ambridge Wall Paper Co. 834 Merchant Street Phone 2080 HOME OF BUSTER BROWN SHOES ★ 543 Merchant Street WATSON STANDARD PAINTS AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA — 118 —GUTOWSKI’S BAKERY Compliments of 517 EIGHTH STREET 699 MERCHANT STREET 566 FRANKLIN AVENUE AMBRIDGE LUMBER AND BUILDER SUPPLY CO. 1025 MERCHANT STREET 2700 Duss Avenue • AMBRIDGE, PA. Wc Specialize in Party and Wedding Cakes REESE BROTHERS WELDING “Let Voffue Flatter Your Figure99 Electric and Acetylene - Portable Equipment n General Auto Repairing - Body, Fender Work 1 601 Duss Avenue The VOGUE LINGERIE SHOP 346 Franklin Avenue AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA Congratulations to the Class of 49 from the District 20 C I O - U. S. W. A. PHILIP MURRAY — 119 —Do you wont to be well dressed? Then be sure to shop ot the The Stork's Nest 1? THE STORK’S NEST H MRS. MOE RUBENSTEIN 632 Merchant Street McCABE FUNERAL HOME ★ 546 Maplewood Avenue AMBRIDCE, PENNSYLVANIA Phone 880 G. C. MURPHY In the Hqart of AMBRIDCE'S SHOPPING CENTER ★ 561-65 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA In the Heart of Aliquippa WILSON BROTHERS FURNITURE COMPANY Wilson . . . Another name for Good Furniture 224-226 Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA ★ Telephone: Aliquippa 900 or 2095 ★ MOVING STORAGE K. R. WAGNER C. ROY KERR Phone Ambridge 800 or 845 VALLEY REALTY COMPANY “Insurance Service Since 1904” James V. lorfido, Mgr. Ins. Dept. Real Estate - Insurance - Bonds Notary Public 506 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA WETHERILL'S PAINTS AND VARNISHES MICHAEL’S Paints - Oils - Varnishes Tubes - Phonographs - Radios - Appliances Phone 2599, 329 Franklin, Aliquippa, Po. — 120 —Congratulations from Dailu (Jlttrscn ★ Publisher of the Silouelte and the Junior High Crier Congratulations to the SENIOR CLASS ★ HOWLEY STUDIO WM. H. WALL’S SONS Feed - Seeds - Fertilizer ★ 507 Eighth Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA VALLEY HAT SHOP • HAT CLEANING DRY CLEANING SHOE REPAIRING All Work Guaranteed • Phone Ambridge 1238 447 Merchant Street Ambridge Tel. Amb. 1933-34 AMBRIDGE AUTO PARTS 1 130 Merchant Street Mike Roth Ambridge, Pa. Compliments of 653-655 Merchant St. AMBRIDGE, PA. — 121 —Congratulations ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ A. R. C. H. SNYDER, Inc. — 122 —Compliments of American Bridge Company CHURCH STREET MARKET United News Cigar Store GEORGE F. HARRIS Walter Panek Where Satisfaction Is Guaranteed ★ 1601 Church Street 610 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PA. AMBRIDGE, PENNA. Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Successful Future to the class of Compliments of 1949 Z. JURKOWSKI ECONOMY FURNITURE CO. Justice of the Peace 440 Merchant Street - 123 Autenreith’s Dollar Store 519 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA RENO ELECTRIC CO. ★ 1006 Merchant Street High Quality Merchandise At Lowest Prices AMBRIDGE, PA. Davidson’s For Taxicab Service Call AMBRIDGE TAXI CAB CO. FOR SMART THINGS TO WEAR 397 Maplewood Avenue AMBRIDGE, PA. AMBRIDGE, PA. Amb. 70 and 9420 After dial system has been connected Call 3010 Sincerely yours — This aircraft hangar will be warmed by radiant heating—a type of heating pioneered in the United States by the A. M. Byers Company A “RADIANTLY” HAPPY FUTURE Because many Dads of Ambridge High School students are key men in the A. M. Byers Company “team. ' we welcome this opportunity to wish you —their sons and daughters—a radiantly happy future . . . . . . and to tell you some of the interesting things Dad is doing with us. He’s helping to produce the Byers wrought iron skelp for pipe used everywhere in the much talked-about radiant heating systems for business buildings, homes and industry ; for the magical snow-melting systems built into driveways, sidewalks, aircraft runways and roads; for countless other kinds of piping . . . . . . and the wrought iron plates, billets, bars, staybolt iron and the alloy steels, for new and old uses pioneered and developed by this old-yet-young Byers team. A. N. Byers Company ESTABLISHED 1864 — 124 —Compliments of LOUIS CAPLAN MILLEMAN’S PIANOS - FURNITURE - GIFTS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ★ AMBRIDGE ELLWOOD CITY J. A. TIMNEY ELECTRIC CO. LET US PLAN YOUR KITCHEN NOW General Electric Appliances Tappan Gas Ranges Phone 30 612-614 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA Congratulations from STANLEY FLOWER SHOPPE SINCE 1905- The symbol of quality on wiring systems and fittings for every conceivable requirement. national Electric PROOUCTS COR PORATION AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA TODAY, National Electric is the world's largest producer of electrical roughing-in materials. — 125 — Coaches Are Available For Special Trips of Groups and Parties R. E. STETTLER SONS, Inc. CALL • Ohio River Motor Coach Co. 430 MAPLEWOOD AVENUE Congratulations • STANGL’S BAKERIES 1307 Merchant St. ★ 528 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PA. AMBRIDCE, PA. ★ 1210 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PA. JOHN BARKOVIC, owner IN ALIQUIIPPA IT'S BARKY MOTOR SALES EXPERT BODY AND FENDER WORK PAINTING AND SERVICE 287 Fourth St. Ambridge, Penno. TEPER’S FOR FINE JEWELRY Franklin Avenue ALIQUIPPA, PA. TODD MOTOR SALES Compliments Willys Cars - Trucks - Jeeps J. C. PENNEY COMPANY 1725 Main Street ALIQUIPPA, PENNSYLVANIA 1015 Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA ★ Merchant Street AMBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA — 126 — A steelworker once accidentally let a pair of tongs slip through the rolls of a steel rolling mill. The tongs were ruined but the steel in the tongs was improved. That accident gave birth to the Cold Finished Steel Industry,—a process where steel is worked without heating. Cold Finished Steel can be made harder, more solid in structure, free of all surface defects, true to size and shape, bright and beautifully polished. Every phase of your daily life is bettered by its perfection. Not an automobile, train or airplane could operate without cold finished shafting and parts made from cold finished steel bars. Not a machine Unj in your own Ambridge plants could operate ... not a typewriter .. . telephone . . . radio . . . washing machine or ironing machine would serve as they do today without this finer steel. Even the knobs on the door handle j of your family car are cold finished steel—-one of thousands of parts and “gadgets” j which are produced by the millions on automatic machines from bars of cold finished steel. Right here in your community is one of America’s leaders in the cold finished steel industry— WYCKOFF STEEL COMPANY . Perhaps your father , brother , sister or other relatives work there. Perhaps some day you, too, will earn your living helping Wyckoff Steel produce this finer steel so essential to the modern way of life. Wyckoff Steel congratulates you on completion of one of your most important phases of life— high school —with the message that full production throughout industry is the answer to better living for every American.“EVERYTHING IN PHOTOGRAPHY” MYRON-RONALDO STUDIO 702 MERCHANT STREET AMBRIDGE, PA. — 128 —

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